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7 i: tiiii •t mt ii 7 «■ » r . Tormer Jmsevm e Jjahor t A Mfhnorial Met m w. iMf ' A Mhrary AdminisiraHon Pharmacy Jchoot of Music -JrfFTpU I I k y. •• -•... »»» ■ -» t_5 T» k j» jvfpas -IL 1 1 -fc W — ;£2aSi hiii A-» . nrsST ' w w mam A m M SSSSBSaaM 1:3 I ;i k bmJU t .iLk:d.kMk l -T tr- ym -t 3r: r L Ai::L-r3 r:-y»»sf»¥€P y rvii ' ' ;?.3 n Page 4 The NEBRASKA CORNHUSKER . M PUBLISHED BY STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA AT LINCOLN — I 9 3 7 Volume Thirtj-one Pag i Page 6 " NTEBRRSKfl has long been a pioneering state. Its magnificent state capital is acclaimed one of the architectural triumphs of modern times. The unicam.eral legislature, hailed as perhaps the major political experiment m state government in a century, is the outstanding feature of the year 1S36-37 for Nebraska. The first one-house leg islature in America for one hundred years, and the first non-political legislative body since the rise of the party system, the new Nebraska assembly first convened on January fifth. In its compact membership were forty-three men to guide the law-making fortunes of the state In recognition of this historic meeting of 1937, and in tribute to the ideal of good government which it represents. Volume thirty-one of " The Cornhusker " is dedicated to the following members: Ernest A. Adams, John Adams, Jr., Robert M. Armstrong, Hugh B. Ashmore, Frank J. Brady, Henry Brandt, Emil E. Brodecky, P. L. Cady, Swan Carlson, Earl W. Carpenter, Fred L. Carsten, John H. Comstock, Charles A. Dafoe, W. H. Diers, Lester L. Dunn, Tracy T. Frost, Harry E, Gantz, Leland R. Hall, W. F. Haycock, R. M. Howard, Roy W. Johnson, Walter R. Johnson, John Knickrehm, P. J. McMahon, A. L. Miller, L. B. Murphy, E. M. Ne ubauer, J. N. Norton, L. C. Nuern- berger, Carl H. Peterson, John B. Peterson, Harry L. Pizer, R. C Regan, John D. Reynolds, O. Edwin Schultz, Alois Slepicka, Allen A. Strong, Amos Thomas, Charles F. Tvrdik, E. M. Von Seggern, Charles J. Warner, Frank S. Wells, and Williams E. Worthing. vx V www msass I •PHE Forty-three Members Of Nebraska ' s First Unicam- eral Legislature Being Sworn In, With An Inserted Picture Of Senator George W. Norris, The Man Who Fostered The Non-partisan Organization. Pag 7 akt t- L i .ii jr-r-injr: r L : MklM li« t iXi TXI ia •EirxaE " i-if»-tni " - TABLE OF CONTENTS BOOK ONE The Year 1936-37 BOOK TWO Campus Views BOOK THREE Administration BOOK FOUR BOOK FIVE Classes Activities BOOK SIX Organizations BOOK SEVEN Athletics Page 8 M« _k.ti ZMNA.flVr%A. Ml J COPYRIGHT, 1937 EDITOR WILLIAM W. MfiRSH BUSINESS MflNflGER SIDNEY CARTON BAKER II ENGRAVED BY STATE JOURNAL ENGRAVING COMPANY ART WORK BY MORRIS GORDON PRINTED BY STATE JOURNAL PRINTING COMPANY INDIVIDUflL PHOTOS BY TOWNSEND STUDIOS GROUP PHOTOGRAPHY BY UNIVERSITY OF Nn RflSKA STUDIO SPECIAL PHOTOGRAPHY BY PAUL BRADLEY II COVERS BY THE DAVID J. MOLLOY PLANT XX v Page 9 A •Mdkdkdk k i m, ; ; Sr -- - - - ' :sr r i» f ?fff!!y sr-fF g: :u!. a i ji . w i BOOK ONE Page 10 - |i. «■ ■ r- ■ i»»« " » " k«r AJk% «J THE YEAR 1936-37 Pagm 11 I- SSa n-— i - - - L .ri- -!r ! ' ffy3g-:az-sr3r:3a III liimiMilMMi mi III yil ' r rillil The Coinhuslcer calander begins in the merry month of May. Ivy Day holds the stage and at the top we see two maids ot honor on their way to the throne. The Intersorority Sing brings out the Gamma Phi Betas all in white. Our May Queen ' s train bearer takes his job seriously, or so it seems. The partially filled row ol chairs and the space in the Mortar Board line tells us that we are in a tense moment o( finding and masking the new members. Helen Pascoe and Virginia Hiatt get a little closer to the cameraman befiM |,he " stops " them. The masked MtWar Boards lend an air of myslajv. ' {|| ' Marge " Soulders, Ivy pHi ' p ' t miit7 ' °° of |tilih$V.|||i Hna(tnt. |IHti )lmi caught lit Mrirl ' dr ,ghing sing to catch Mary,Yl ' .l!ttil yM ll ' l|, i Page 12 y yy f y ■!■■■■» I n quiot stream and a woodod glen can spell only picnics for a (ellah and his tnends It looks as it " Mickey " Dehner playfully tempts Pershing Hide ' s " Kernal " larmin to skip a class right in front of the " Drug " and every- thing Helen Fox. Pi Phi. may be looking for someone to come and se« her and then again she may be just posing for the " pitcher ' Jerry Hunt. Husker link ' s man about to send one down the fairway. More soft shadows and peaceful lanes. . . Spnng and a young man ' s fancy Passing out into the wide world, our grads to be, line up in front f}||! ' Wli Coliseum. and a bang- Ifflfttrtfllir •hr--M|rrK ' lay i " ' ,.ii ' ' ..ii ' l||i. Page 13 inmTm 9 r » if ' i iifP m ' ' ' Katlie Kuwait, DG, sorta looks like she is anxious to get back. D. X. and the Wild Hoss confer, fill but two of the seniors, who leave us, getting a spectator ' s view of late practice. Lyle Christensen " bailing out " to Bert Vickery, toothbrush, golf sticks, et al. fl strip of Nebraska ' s most prominent young man at a desk with two phones??? Jerry Milder drops in from Omaha for some more book " larnin. " The Phi Psis get a front seat for the afternoon parade. fl couple of our Tassels holding hands. Web Mills and friends might be selling tickets and then again they .miflhl " o - Just an illustration of hoil lb Frosh feels after going through||! the ' lliregistration en- tang!oriiiiViWr " wi indn ' BuW ' dream- ing about some good space flUdfs for ' " ■■ ' ' i.Hprhfl. Trt Delt ihr-ir iron ' hNS ' v " . ..i: ' .1 ' i ' I t. ' ii, Page 14 Actor Mueller stretching out in the property room to dream o! footlights and opening nights. Our cameraman stumbles on someone useing the library The Field Artillery set up some high pxjwered instruments in Came Belle ' s back yard. Our smooth band comes out in smoother white and red uniforms. The Ag boys whip up to the fCappa house in a new open job " What college are you in and where did you come from? " Yes. that good old institution of hour dances Eva fane Sinclair. Alpha Phi, takes Dick Kosman along when she goes to the reserve room. ,tT » picture of our coed studyina li ibout the fourth one, ' r- - Widener. Chi rn«]| f6 have a w. j absorbing some Bob Holland posttftg for on wSen Ihe canordBian Thoee Univerfllty Pldt ri fii i scenery rQqL:«Bt5 it can ea» ::ri ' ' ' 7M ?ag» IS ■■ ' - - -- ' ■. J---jri.--i.- i . -.- w r- ' t. Page 16 ■■2T-xcacjp Dr Condra and the Chancellor hav- ing a high time at the Homecoming party. Robert Taylor scores wiih a chance to talk to Cynthia Pedley. Ne- braska sweetheart for 1935-36 Some interested fan buys a program for the " Mizzou " game. fl bang-up card stunt at the Missouri game and home- coming finds the campus decorated with woeful tales of destruction lo our opponents The Carrie Belle Raymond. Sigma Alpha Epsilon and the Phi Phis help to stop traffic with their home- coming decorations The Innocents doing their " duty " j|t| ' ' ltjrmally telling the Missouri bo) tttaf ' H« hr-y, is again oiw$. fl flood aho ' - r boy on, iho- nm buf w. a : - ' .p : -b ■ . . ■ ,n : t 1. iStsnnu fw J 5 rr.i t riij p tn3it ci ant - jir il, " ' m " the game an an jte x;s Page 17 BB » ' - ' ■ ' " -■ " --- -- ' ' JL.L. T r .-i ' F.JLti.fJ:? f-i; Bill Marsh (Ye Ed.) swings his chair aside !o allow your cameraman to record the festive least with Nebraska ' s most beautiful gals. Business Manager Baker and friend Marsh topped off the evening by tak- ing the young ladies to the theatre, not for them to see, but rather for them to be seen. The orchestra pit rises with Sid at the con- trols and, the audience sees the candidates so they may vote for their six favorites. Inside the Temple with Heniy Remington showing the folks all the original beauty candidates. The yleferi are too interested, or are they? Colonel and Mrs. Oury follow every pl jy in the game. Col. Eager stands beside] Gov. Cochran qnd officers to review the flimistiea Parade. The firtillery Juniors mat with chin straps down. The band sets thtii cadence and tt e ' guiding hand Billy ' QuicUi rais s his balon , Gadol OllitJers get to Hdei all kinds ol hotste. The Tassels and the big i pg.. ' ' Stroighlon that line. " The color guardi dl|i| ie ftm r ' " !an Legion marches by. ■! ' I ' • ' Page 18 Stan Brewster gels oul and barks lor the Klub. Bnolher good card section with the Innocents directing. The Tassels are con- vinced that " Kansas Kant. " as well os every- one else. Mr Bernstein and his iellowmen. •-•■ cheerleaders. Yelkin, Ellis and Cardwell :-:d up SO the crowd can wish them well a week-end game awoy. Not Germany but the Tassels cheering lor the home lolks. This year Captain Ledwith. puts away his baton and takes up a guo (o direct the bond irom the sidelines " fl program. Mister? " H birds eye view ol the Inner stadium during the hall. Chat. Ledwith. Margaret Blauiuss. and Dotty Kulchor grab a torch and rally like everything. Ron DougJai gets the dope " Irom Biblo. Gollcr Reed likes tootball teo. and It ' s mvch easier to woleh than bt:t ' cheerleij«4»t. The cross-country boys ntatil oil The band gels a " braok ' Irom the cord section. Mora hiqh spots of crowds and sluft. Page 19 i ;:.iiz:;r — 2:r.2; - -iL-.ri- rfmfh ti Page 2: 1t3tE3EJJ P fP ' " ' • I I. ! 11 ._ L ' JlL ' ilil. J-.-LL ' ILIUl A group of girls at Raymond hall getting their dates lor the Mortar Board parly A birds eye view ol the parking situation on a snowy day in December fl cold scone at the corner sosh Nebraska ' s version of three men in a tub Characters getting their costumes adjusted for the tableau during the Military Ball Even the cold cant scare these three industri- ous students from school fl pretty silhouette giving a lecture or maybe even a scolding Margaret Harris and Mane Browo: luirtQ iondly at the Delta Gamm : ;ree wishing they were ki . ; :e Anderson Ian Lqii||UlWllltlliaUiia,MIlUll|Ultoiodel- » THJUoo 5t hard j-j it-Ukid Hall. ■ ' •; ' .I ' i.. Page 21 i iiml U iiiitlr: J Ruth Rapallee, Kappa, about to hit some poor deienseless creature with a snowball. The poor students walking between Sosh and Teachers College. Pat Lahr, Jan Lau, Kermit Hansen and Alice Anderson get snapped as they emerge from the " Cornhusker " office. Florence Mosher and her studies. " Yes, give us a coke and two straws. " The grunt and groan boys hard at work. Lloyd Card- well ready to let one go at the pins. " Well it is a httl ||| fHUrded, but we got to have foot to give, ||flrp Fifank Sears about " " feii yig ' fflilihS;;:::,,, ' W,i Page 22 flustin Monlz in lull Com Cob drns indulgu in a " inack " Bob Fulton linUhM Ih losl drop o( water? Howard Kaplan and dot give the cameraman a break while waiting lor their ord»r Ohi fl sleeping beauty Sig fliph and Sigma Nu freshmen In long underwear doing ardous wore on the held day Another bird eye view of the parkihg problem The library looks like an old castle Sig Alph-Sigma Nu field dny and H« frfj light Sue Hesbackr - - ski suit having a snow " I V I one. bu; Sig ' : ■ This stud- Neb Mill rejpecitui tone Page 23 r INTER- RATERNITY ' WsAT.EVt.FED.fe UHlCOllStUM V- mni and 4— tisgyfiT Ron Douglas and Jean Willis danc- ing in a corner at the Inter-lraternity Ball. Sam Francis and Jean Piper show the cameraman the latest thing in terpischore. The Chancellor, Deans and the Regents break ground lor the new Student Union Building. The pic- lure of the sign can tell you than we can. The site of the new Student Union Building after the houses had been razed. Pharmacy Building loomj jratner cold doesn ' t it? Barbara Hpsewaler hiding her dale incidQtHlV UWJ Hf Ubl|to be something J Page 24 - " -«- ' " ■•% Paga 25 11- TT Looking through the piano we see the lamous flnson Weeks who furn- ished, with the aid ol the Prom Com- mittee, the music for the Junior Senior Prom. Fred Kiechel must have some- thing in his hand that interests Marsha Ross. HauHng out the dirt for the Union building with Uncle Sam ' s help, fi tall shot of Marvin Romig and his many friends at the Prom. We can ' t be sure just why the flwgwan Business Manager, Chuck Tanton should be up there. " Look you brute, this man is taking out picture. " This couple musl have been porKuade 1 tr come out to Bert Hartzoll ' s " ;.ludio Elmer Dohrmonn looks as if be is " gel ting la lot of house " at the Prom. We aln ost iorgot to mention back up th« Rti(ja,that we are looking at the north entrance to EJr. Lyman ' s CfiS Ie on a cold day A.: .|.,l. «■ Page 26 . S BK. Wa don ' t know how we got two pictures of Sergeant Regler " pinching " the gals, but it is not a bad idea to impress upon you that crime does not pay. A lield day and some people are going to gather a freckle or two Down at the bowling parlors and Hazel Bradstreet recording her score n scene that may best be described OS general Betty Roland and Flora nibin in front of Sosh Marsha Ross stepping out with l l ' WUplah fellahs The first " m the sun and i real go- - ■■■. ' . the sw ropos will .■■aph Page 27 " -r • ■ r» i . - 1 . ' JL 1 p r r .•% fi : f t Everybody knows the gentleman m the corner. " Link " Lyman, Major Jones and " Brownie " hold a quick conference. Clothed in a lovely gown and a winsome smile Elsie appears as the " Goddess. " McGinnis and Yelkin pose for the camera because they are finishing their football careers this season. The " Rag " scores a hit with the April 1 edition. It was clever but in some placasjutffp ironical because it would takpl mpre than that to get Tv ror- cheers for only bid ,■ -■ nH to : the cIt: S.ian down jA , M Page 28 ? ? Sr j -i? t. . . y u, i.i w I. II l uii. .■.L. JLIL L Kermit Hansen. Harngon Cppenon and |o« Stephens still remaininQ in the individual compet along with some Minnesota and Iowa men at the Pershing Rille District convenl.on Tennis champion ot Carrie Belle Ray- mond Hall about to hit a hard line drive Lorraine Grant and date give us a big smile in their agarian attire Nebraska. Minnesota and Iowa Persh- ing Rille units and the band stand at attention on the mall This is some ol the filthy lucor that M ™!Jtjr so much about but no luck ,||no lb ing " vo ' y.lRta ' a good ■ ' " • ' ' and giVj tell Hall co« r.iiiK ' i : conas tor Iho Page 29 .H f . Page 30 BOOK TWO _Si2S M ma CAMPUS VIEWS Po9« 31 I J iJLSi Page U I ' J t 1 . — " J- " I mi II II •■■■-, -i x , rU - Xf Page 34 ' " ■■i Qi .,u i.-Si :t3C y i y yPr. . ' l Page 35 li-=r, .. :- ' Sr )f L 6cio ot f t t: -t :eySif Tjg cAo. a— ' 0£?- . fJL I I Ko- C 1 a ' cx c ' ? i ru v ' : aMy ' irt Aartcoi, , th,A ttiamtm OMc Qq. y a.cti£6A a ?fa£ Page 38 |l i t .M ki Page 39 ' .-. « ' ! r H BOOK THREE Pago 40 r ADMINISTRATION Page 41 :rs3rsi!: -3i " r i Page 42 • " THE Regents of The Univer- sity Confer on the Letting of the Contracts for the Stu- dent Union Building, Assisted by The Chancellor and L. E. Gunderson, Finance Secre- tary of The University. • •«» ' » I Paul, President rand Island vid City Thompson, West Point pkes. Omaha oe. Lincoln TERM EXPIRES January, 1939 lanuary. 1939 lanuary, 1941 lanuary, 1941 January, 1943 lanuary, 1943 Executive Finance Industrial Educotion Medical Education Property Student Relotions COMMITTEES Taylor, Stokes, Devoe Shaw, Devoe, Taylor Dovoe. Stokes, Thompson Stokes, Long, Shaw Long, Taylor, Thompson Thompson. Long, Shaw F. J. TAYLOR President Board of Regents BEFORE 1875 the University of Ne- braska v as governed by a char- ter under an act of the State Legis- lature. Since this date, a new state constiution has been adopted with a provision giving the University a place in the fundamental lav of the state. It also provided for the Board of Regents, the supreme governing body of the University. The board has complete charge of the Univer- sity and directs the policies of the institution. It has charge of admin- istration, including buildings and upkeep, disbursement of funds, and government over the student body, faculty, and curriculum. The Board has the power to choose the deans of each separate college who are subject to the rulings of the Board. The Chancellor, who is chief exec- utive officer of the University, is also selected by the board. He acts as the official medium to co-ordinate Key M f) Shaw Vr R C S oke.-; S D Lonj C Y Tliorrrsrn S the activities of the students and deans, presenting any problems which may appear and making recommendations to the Board for solving them. This year the Board dealt with tv o im.portant issues, the ratification of the new student union building plans and the appointment of Major " Dif " Jones to succeed Dana Bible as head coach. The Board of Regents is composed of six members elected from what were formerly the six United States Congressional Dis- tricts in the state, each member serving a term of six years. The President of the Board at the present is Frank J. Taylor. Each year in January a new executive head is chosen. L. E. Gunderson, finance secretary of the University, serves as corporation secretary of the Board of Regents. Page 43 i«u rP«H«wf« r .-. L ' . ' ■■ :: M THE GOVERNOR GOVERNOR R. L COCHRAN CUTIVE OFFICE iCtnroltx April 34tb, 1937. TO THE STUDENTS OF THE STATE UKIVERSITY: During Its seventy yeare of statehood, Nebraska has always recognized the education of its youth as the principal obligation of government. Our oeople have gladly assumed this responsibility not only for elementary education but for higher education as well. The contribution made by our State University during the past slxty-Blx years Justifies this confidence. We look to you students, both graduates and undergraduates, as the future leaders In our state, leaders In agriculture, business and the professions. In doing so, you will be upholding the fine traditions of the past. As an alumnus proud of his Alma " ater, may I officially contratulste the graduating class and extend greetings to the faculty and whole student body. Sincerel WALTER H. JURGENSEN Lieutenant Governor Page 44 THE CHANCELLOR CHANCELLOR E. fl. BURNETT TUE t ' MTi;n? rrT or vrni CEAXcuLoH • orrict UJICOUl To the Editor of the 1937 Cor Providing a liberal and well-rounded education that will enable future citizens to live satisfying nt useful lives and become engaged In vocations that contribute to the public Interest Is the great- est achievement that any university can contribute to the world. Colleges and universities arc provided for the education of enterprising students who wish to broaden their knowledge of the world and especially their knowledge of life, or social responsibility, and their effectiveness In Industry as well as to provide technical training In the various professions. During the pest year the University of Nebraska with Its Increased student body has contributed more than ever before to the solution of the ever present problems of social adjustments and growing responsi- bilities for the youth of Nebraska who are passing Into manhood and womanhood. Our faculty has been fully cognizant of Its responsibility In this field and has strlved In every way possible to assist students In their preparation for the future. Among the important tangible achievements of the past year has been the Student Union Activities Build- ing. This will be a service building devoted entirely to student affairs. Opportunity for student organiza- tions to meet In congenial surroundings under the stimulus of student leadership Is afforded here. New Influences developed through the Union building will bind University of Nebraska students Into one great family. Alumni who have grown Into this fellowship within the shadow of the Union will have a deeper appreciation for their Alaa Mater. Very truly yours. Mm- Chancellor PROFESSOR R. P. CRAWFORD Assistant to the Chancellor Page i ' n f ? m } m pm f A« »» fc» 4 4.i»»i,» r ' j» . DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIRS DEAN T. J. THOMPSON I Students of the University 1 Salutations: Recently I have had the privilege of visiting several of the old and distinguished colleges and universities along the Atlantic seaboard. These institutions are for the most part richer in tradition and history than the University of Nebraska. Yet there is ona respect in which it strikes me that the University of Nebraska is superior to all of thea, and that is in the general character of its students. Even though these institutions select their students carefully, I have never seen on their cajopuses a finer student body than we have. The students of the University of Nebraska are democratic, tolerant, and wholesone in their outlooks. In appearances they are clean-cut, fresh, and full of vigor. Their coun- tenances are open and frank. They are for ths most part unsophisticated and open-minde d and this makes then excel In teachableness. I count It a privilege to pay the students of the University this tribute. I m glad to be associated with them. Yours sincerely, t i . Thompson W. C. HARPER Assistant to the Dean A !l Page 46 DEAN OF WOMEN DEAN fl. H. HEPPNER DKA» rtP wOMWt THE rxivfrn To ths Worsn Students In the relat staff and xysalf have nttexDted to thesis that the c is to develop a w and that the rers of these students scone of our work oToblete. This 1 of the conceot of relationship of t lonshlo of xeiibere of ry with University woxen we build a nrofcraii uoon the rovlnce of the " nlverslty ell-balanced personality, onal and social rroblens are as Tuch within the as are their Intellectual nvolves a connrehenslon group living and of the he individual to the group. The student ' s chl to college should be t learning and an educat activities Tay be ftcou attend a college, but ' ' nlverslty currlculuit contact with trained t In college centers onl currlcular life -cust extra-curricular Inter ef reason for coning he desire to aco-jlre Ion. Training In Ired by those who do the advantages of a and the dally Inds rcy be found y. ■ ' our Intra- Iwayg su ' ersede y ur ests. i The processes of education are Intmntely bound up with the values we designate by culture. ' C ' ulture Is a syrbol. It Is lllce a iiuslcal chord, Tade up of various single notes. Its TeRnln la not In n sliole seoarable elerent. It is a harrony, a sut of balanced parts, and an expression of personality. " Slnc»rely, Dean of Wontin MISS ELSIE FORD PIPER Assistant Dean of Women Page 47 Ji «P COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE I i DEAN W, V , BURR 1 i L. Page 48 College of Agriculture Chans help to explain complicated iarm machinery. Weighing and classifying grain ■omptes. ft butter churn in the modern dairy Inspection and cutting fM ' ttt f and pork. ,||i ' ' | ft hne mare | ft j»»f || MOa atttbUa. Steair. .■■■:!■ milk be The r too gocj n.ninory u; none I V ' .i ' lMIIMI ' i. ' I, ' , Page 49 bi. wmmmmmmm hill ■■■ — ■ M t—fcM W l ( COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES DEAN C. H. OLDFflTHER Page 50 College of Arts and Sciences : ' m«n in physics laboratory imal display in Morrill Hall. rd lloor ol Morrill is, l(Moi«d lo 1 anisl an4 har medltl- • •odin • • " H ' bc«n prou J o! thla statu- 0«an lOidtutr M ' ■W ' l ' ::: ' • I . ' SJr% Page SI J ??T t» wi) w. . » ti» » t f « .t»»- mmmmmmmm m COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ; DEAN J. E. LeROSSIGNOL Page 52 . , College of Business Administration D«an LeRossignol at his desk Prolassor Rrndt in action Inside glimpse r?! »hr flJinsr, ' flccountirT la: Bus fld . Soeh. flceountmg r work. I ' .i ' , ' Page 53 t a M— ■iKJn ««pa«ppppiipvvBMPi v n. - •-« COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY DERM G. ft. GRUBB Page 54 m ' College of Dentistry The X-Ray machine certain tooth Smoothincr Plate ma Page SS SS j«HLim« jf i. -. mi COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ;i DEAN O. J. FERGUSON Page 56 „ ,,_, jt, , .t i ., ■ „ ., „ ,1 „ ' ■ f w v t stJi: College of Engineering Testing power m electrical lab Recording and controlling Compiling records of steoin power jIllL ' " " Repairing electric dvllqlno. Actual pro: ' ' --...-- . —-v- Control ix3 ering. fl metal lathe gooa into action. fldjubting steam power unit. Page 57 -• - ' - . J . . t L «- » COLLEGE OF LAW DEFIM H H. FOSTER i J Page 58 mm -X zr 3tr jca College of n would-be lawyer spends much time in the library. Dean Foster in his private ofhce. More law volumes and more re- Morch lor the student The study ol law requires comiort The downs! nlrs corridor in the t building. O- r low st ' jdettt brtoTs bock 0Oin» ot his cToistaotee III ' Ml ■!. Page 59 mmm gasffis: ±t , r- f r .-I 11 ■ 1 COLLEGE OF MEDICINE DEAN C. W. U- POYIITER Page 60 College of Medicine n class in nursing. Student nurses assist in the hospital ward. A study in lab ot the anatomy ol the brain Student nurses follow hospital rou- une. Conducting bosa! met( DolisTn tests. Operating th- machine. The fut . ward. Anatoifiy Inspcttirtgi. c aental cancer : i . , Page 61 ss f -mmM,M i4.r T:Ti ' J r- •.■ ' ' - COLLEGE OF PHARMACY 4 DEAN R fl LYMflN Page 62 •■• •aw-rp-Tg z:m t tM College of Pharmdcy Pharmacy includes a basic study oi biology Gamin? practical experience in the dispensary. Dr Deppen and student in the Health Department. Carelul weighing and idtWisbunding on delicate scales fl general view of the dr HI IWi penaary. Work with bacteria is impc j: a study al antiseptics Harmhii plont and arttmal organisms must be ' idilgtili " Page 63 r?«Pi4 lintT!T« tJL£ -Li ' ' ' " ■« ' r . • •-(-..• TEACHERS COLLEGE il ' ! DEAN F, E, HENZLIK Page 6 E3Uri Teachers College Turning out archery tackle in wood- working. Future instructors work with hne woods. Gaining experience tn teaching chemistry. |l|| " " " ' Typing in a secretofpal Ml Dean Hen|j|)il| l« ' ,. ,--, fi motoi i|ikv4h Windi tar " the hea;f| l|w% li- ' l ' H 9l|fj|l% ' ©1 ' TeacyW||Cbllsg- Putting the tin- turniture. ■! A ' Page 6S t ' ■ » - ■ 9» - r! ■ ,«.r f ■ r 1 ■• ••cor.rt •»» «•» - • n« rKora .•n »r taut th« «ld« •TO " ! h»»« -numfH) »r. -jnuiuwl " „.;,: To? t " •«»... " l«l school Pfe.. »..oe..t.oo. Ii. ftlr r»vor t fit l€f tt.tlMl of tlo ..r». l.H o . i » «io»l ••■ ' ' • " » offlcl.l » " ■■ «ttion of U.« T:.tri.. . fro.i A..ocl.tlon. It JU " -m lo, tl.. ••, fr... Jinn.r .fUb ..ok. l 1 • itorl ! roooofio . .m r.noMi o .li Tnl -bo »• " •°C " TllIh;,l jUm of l»3f to fr«»t»r •crl»»»i»iit. School of Journalism Work in typesetting lab. Schools periodical reading room. Reporters ' desk in Daily Nebraskan office. Director .Qayle C. Walker. Selling .Up ' the Daily Nebraskan. Genorpl,.vievf pi ' the jijpesetting lab. lab i ' ,|l| iljik li ' .ijjl.ltyUkfelting alker ' s ' l t|W to the Editor. Page 66 lL School of Music Goneral olfice of the School ot Music. Students get a chance at radio woric Instruction in voice. Director H B Klrt trick fl vioUn rocilal I -c -or K; ' kpatrick ' 3 letter fo the edito- Mr Wilbur Chenoweih. note In- structor angi cctnposer. 01 cctnposer. ' y .i ' n.iiM. in. ■., ' ., ▼• oowsvnd to you t n•« dolntr in tuiIc tr.«t •■etn»t froT th« nohool b ' Jlldlnt ' : -wrt nnd «or« Tocif " rou ly • ■ t • dny tM lr. to lan tban end th upstairs ■ir. i ' wa b r ' .n to oo«n. But vhAt you h nr to uoroarooaly li only ■ •« U o rt of tna cor.trlbutioa of th« Bcbool of Uu lc to the •tudvr.t Ufa on th« ck«pua. ou know it l« our itrbitlon tbroutfb th« Tsrlou -nialcal «ctlTltt«i on tti« oaarua to attract an avivr incraaclr.y Busbar of atudanta Into th«a« activltlai. Vhat ara thata actlvUiaa Vtll, thir la tta choral union that rfcyiucfla t » ' Vmmwltti or ao«a othar raat oratorio tr.9 flr»t a« ' »- •■t«T of aaob ymmg . partlclratios in t ' ti aoclaty la atbllaratlnt; and ctvaa aTcr tody vbo alD«a In It a aanaa of bavln . takan part iB Bovatr.lrg vortbvMl . , •• -avp a good ore oatra. If you ha a ri " y d in y ur blfb acbool d ya in orrr.aatra - r f r. ' i cm •bould tana y i raalf friiwn to •. • cr l ctora of thtta orcanliattona an ' l tt y «tll l " - ' i you ovar and ua« you If you ar t ' vyl •n ' uc ■. Tta orcraatra la doibf things avi cahtr. trlna and you vl ht ■• vail ro nltnt , TTrn a aln, th«r« la tt« yl«a ?! :(; in vieb y ' i j can ilnf •••• P r-« iil a to y-T r art a Crtntant, an- if you don ' t ■ ■•.•lally cae " Ta a witln ' llAl you can ■l-roat. Thla ' - " i, M to vaka an ln«tant a " " »»i»l to tha m»mv •rurrala of tfca frat rr itlai. Thara ara ««ny «UBlc»t averts banoanlng on tr.a oa«(Hja. All tr aa «r.( lueb aora in vualc la ymra al«o«t t ' T t ' a aaklB ProcrR.«s by tta Sehnol of " ' i u iraduat s an tha aplanlld artiat r»cit»ii by tha faciltjr am ffmlr y: ura. rarr pa wa ou» ■ t to t«»» a sloesr, and I auKicaat tela, ' lat ' a vai yabraaka as «»tl kbo«B for vualc aa It la for fo ' .tbalJ. If and « an this tlsa arrlvas, w» faal cor.fidar.t that Tusloai nroaparity v.ll ba antiraly around th« comar o» tba ca aT a of Katrsaka . ordially r I ' ift. fe g(rg£a £ ' Ac ,.r Page 67 rr?«p " t f - mm mtm liA, I f • r,- 70 AlusDl and ForT r st i ' enti; ' ■r.l»tr it» ztsnaloit »or is ao variert and r..Uvttlual that M»o«t •v.r, tMn, la r... vrry lay. It att»Tnta to efr»a ■» ry ora »• o :anno ' . ta»:a advantata of t ■■ rf, ' ;larly aMiaa chain, .-la of ec ' .u,-f t Icin. . It ««t. r.ila tta -a»n,n - T Katraava, aa wall At tie TOal dlacant lamia. li ' .r J.lT " K " " . ? ' " " " ' ' " • »• " ' • • ■- " » :• raii.!»raa to Iha atatt of labraaka 6,- rlr.i tt a Iiar.ancv ». ut«. tlon frr.ra, m rarr lr.t ■■iUlo aj.K-af.on t, th.-aa inilvM. ua.a a;,. ' o. inlt l. a t!.at ara .,!•. ' , r olatraaa bacau,,, „i t ' a .ai ' crary aonn.r ' .r ' ari.-loi,claa, i™l " I? " " v. " . ' - " ■ ' ■• ' ' ■l»«- " » t.tai-.alon Dlvlalor. la onhi,-tlr., r U " ( -t.ny can-art. At nraaant tiara ara .■ ?, Mth ar arr- Want of «.37 atM anla. T ' -ra ara alao ' n ' . . . atii ' y cai. ara, alth - 7 ra, inna. rn ' . " ItlaD to aarvlni cat-t In VarraaVa t ' ara ara ra, latrat lona In i " ,, ' , ' : ■; ' " ■ ' ' " " " ' . «r ar.a.a. " Irhltan, ' olora a, r.r-. » total of o,-? aia,.r.tary c-lraaa alona -ava tjan ' roi t ' o naa. f f " .-.-. af ' anta.»laafl rorraa-ondar., a ,- .,raaa ara iivad In t«nr ' •.r:-, ,n4 a»ai. in Alaava. s- tl nfrlca, an, ' a t.uttar of o- ' -r roraliTl coin ' rl a. Sa, f la yaar m ri ' -arrlaai! ...,h actool co ' .raa Mnl»r ir.-. nn l aalai of lmll»l.iii«l cant. r-ar.ty cooi.tlra 10 Kabraika T«liiialn S ' u.ljr car.tar Iiitlfitaa for nrtl tetchart, nth a r i titration of 141 au a.ta. " lara rra UW ' corraar«i,i «iica iluilaiia or. tia colla.a lava! - tla total fl.uro for the yaar, l Ick Ini-lociaa thcaa ' .atarM for all lynae of aducatlonpl aork, li l!Z7. . A. . , Dlraclcr Extension Division Cage on third floor of the Forme: Museum. Iniormation desk for the University Extension Division. Filing Room, with two filing clerks. Director fl. ft. Reed of the Extension Divisioi|||j " " l| Fil P rcjftin on thud Hoor of Former ' I Dii ecIor q c a hi;. :■ ::k in the Ex- i ' i) irteteion Dopartment s ' iFiles of examinations tor the Ex- l| ' l| Wn Seiyice. ,1 ' ||r ,|n|l| , l||, ' !■ jP t tiM Rse i ' s jyt| f llj||umn. and (tJfther sliidonts ' .1 ' I ' lifhs mailing rooip, and two mailinj clerks. ' ,;i ' l| l. ' l ' ll Page 68 Sftaito ILM GRADUATE COLLEGE DEAN F. W. UPSON Page 68-B Grddudte College Dr. Hamilton, noted professor of or- ganic chemistry. The outer ofiice ol the Graduate College. Experiments in small animals tlllt " " " plMrrmacology on Imporia; leum chi TOW ° " °:rii,, ' ' ii ' ,,i :i,.s: ' ' ii i ii ' ' ' i ' ' lii. Page 68-B A il ' iV .1 i ' C ' llS, ' ■::i;;v Bb b - STUDENT GOVERNMENT Page 69 M n?i?i!Mffi5s: Student Council OFFICERS President ARNOLD LEVIN Vice-president MflRYLU PETERSEN Secretary ELEANOR CLIZBE Treasurer WILLIAM MARSH Chairman of Judiciary Committee lEAN WALT FACULTY ADVISERS DR. EMMA N. ANDERSON PROF. EARL W. LANTZ DISTINGUISHED as the Student Council which brought plans for the Student Union Building to successful completion, this supreme governing body has set an enviable mark for activity and accomplish- ment. When the first ground was plowed under for the foundation of this long-anticipated student center, members of past Student Councils, as well as of the year 1936-37, were to be congratulated. Felicitations were offered for their proof of the efficiency and the value of a student organization which could fulfil the wishes of the body it represents. The heaviest student vote ever cast was recorded this year. The in- creased interest in extra-curricular activities added encouragement to the council ' s campaign for political reform. Their purpose was the elec- tion of worthy and capable campus leaders to prominent offices. In con- nection with the concern in activ- ities, the case of the Corn Cobs, men ' s pep organization, aroused discussion among the student body. Accused by the Innocents, senior men ' s honorary, of inefficiency, this group had to withstand criticism and trial by the Council. The result was the reorganization of the Corn Cob Charter, fln organizations commit- tee has been set up to review and to observe faults in all student groups. Delegates from this govern- ing body met with representatives of other Mid-Western colleges at Lawrence, Kansas, this fall, to dis- cuss vital college problems and to compare individual progress. In an attempt to provide this campus with the finest available orchestras, the University of Nebraska Student Council entered an association of colleges, formed for this purpose. Top Row: Bernstein, Schmidt, Bradley, Clayton, McMohon, Schroeder, Boehn ' . Third Row; Anderson, Yoder, Moron, Nelson, Bennett, Moseman. Second Row: Landis, Benjamin. Keefer. Bradstreet, Harvey. Newell, Hendy. Bottom Row: Wall, Marsh, Clizbe, Levin, Petersen, Lantz, Andersen. II Page 70 Student Council Virginia Anderson Don Boehm Dave Bernstein Genevieve Bennett Ted Bradley Eloise Benjamin Bill Clayton Elmer Dohrmann Sam Francis Eleanor Farrell Katherine Hendy Margaret Harvey Jane Keefer Frank Landis MEMBERS Leo McManon Margaret Moran fll Moseman Rosalie Motl William Newcomer Ruth Newell Winifred Nelson Charlene Omen Thurston Phelps fll Schroder Ed Schmid Gilbert Webster Betty Van Home Mary Yoder nnHE student forum program, a fea- 1 ture inaugurated by the Council last year, was successfully con- tinued this year. National problems, as the Supreme Court revision, were discussed and criticized, to foster interchange of opinion in the student body. Supervision of the Student Book Store was another Council duty. This University-owned project has entered its second year of exist- ence as an already indispensable cog in the mechanism of the Univer- sity, fl publicity committee has been at work publicizing campus person- ages and happenings. Through na- tional press services this group spread abroad school events of in- terest. Since its inauguration, the Coun- cil has been the co-operative me- dium between students and faculty. Rules and regulations concerning student customs, elections, celebra- tions, ceremonies, and special ath- letic competitions or contests not un- der the supervision of the Athletic Board are voted upon by this organ- ization. Thus every effort has been to increase and expand delegation of duties and enterprises to student groups in an attempt to secure stu- dent rights of self-government and regulation. Various committees de- velop and promote the activities of the Student Council, which is com- posed of junior and senior repre- sentatives of the various colleges, chosen by student vote. These mem- bers are to promote projects, and to widen the scope of powers which will be of true usefulness to the stu- dents ' needs. The personnel for the year 1936-37 has capably accom- plished this end. Looking forward with the Student Council is always to behold an interesting project. This is the constant extension of stu- dent activity, the objective to be ap- proached only with the complete confidence and trust of both the faculty and student body. President Arnold Levin Vice-presidenI Marylu Petersen Secretary Eleanor Clizbe Treasurer William Marsh Chairman, Judiciary Committee Jean Wolt Page 71 rrr- im Aikilil Ag Executive Board OFFICERS President LOIS ALLEN Vice-president ALBERT MOSEMAN Treasurer OGDEN RIDDLE Secretary ALTHEA BARADA Sponsors L K CROWE MISS LOUISE LEATON MEMBERS Loij Allen Althea Barada Genevieve Bennett Marjorie Francis Ear! Heady Earl Hedlund Donna Hiatt Raymond Hilton Vincent Jacobsen Albert Moseman Albert Nore Ogden Riddle THE Agriculture Executive Board became an active body organ- ized for the purpose of governing the College of Agriculture on March 20, 1929. The fig Club and the Home Economics Club jointly pro- posed the constitution and presented it to the Student Council for its ap- proval. These two groups also aided in the establishment of the organization on the College of Ag- riculture campus. The Ag Executive Board v as es- tablished to meet the need for a central body that v ould supervise and correlate agricultural activities. Since its establishment, the board has not only acted in its executive capacity over the various agricul- tural groups, but also, has super- vised all student elections on the campus. This year the organization has sponsored the Ag College " Mixers, " which are informal parties held at the student activities building, and are presented on a non-profit basis. These parties are similar to the All- University parties held on the city campus. A Valentine carnival was sponsored by the Ag Executive Board in addition to the regular parties of the year. The carnival in- cluded dancing and numerous games and competitive contests. Prizes were awarded to the winners of the contests and favors were dis- tributed to all. The membership of the Ag Execu- tive Board consists of two repre- sentatives from the student body at large, the presidents and secretaries of the Ag Club and the Home Econ- omics Club, and the two Agricul- tural College representatives on the Student Council. Top Row: Lealon. Nore, Hialt, Francis, Hoady, Crowe. Bollom Row Hedlund. Moseman, Barada, Alien, Riddle, Jacobson Bennett Page 72 « A. W. S. Board Dale Slips Elsie Buxman Stamp Sales Martha Morrow Point System Jean Walt Comhusker Parly Maxine Durand Freshman R. W. S. Marjorie Crabill Coed Follies Elizabeth Chorny Barb R. W. S. League flrdis Graybiel OFFICERS President BflRBfiRfl DePUTROM Vico-prosidenl MHRY YODER Secretary IflME BARBOUR Treasurer BfiRBRRfi SELLECK MEMBERS fill Activities Tea Dorothy Bontr Scrapbook and Office Veo LGui.:e M ' jr. ' .hall Publicity Helen Pascoe WHILE presiding at the fl. W. S. Court is a weekly duty of the Associated Women Students, it has many other functions to execute, as its very name would intimate, and high ideals in the personal conducts of co-eds are but one of its goals. However, this organization is judi- cial and law-making in many as- pects, creating and enforcing rules and regulations for a co-ed ' s campus life. Girls are called before the Court each week for violation of rules, judged, and given penalties in ac- cordance with the seriousness of the offense. A. W. S. has also just as watchful an eye on the extra-cur- ricular activities of women, who ac- cording to the Point System are al- lowed an exact number of interests. Through Freshman A. W. S., the so- ciety orientates all newcomers to campus regulations, traditions, and opportunities in activities. Of quite another nature is their sponsorship of the selling of some 20,000 " N " stamps by co-eds chosen from each sorority and dormitory. Through the Comhusker Costume Party, A. W. S. offers an opportunity for more campus harmony among women students. Comic strip char- acters v ere featured this year, and prizes, as v ell as favors for all, were given for the most beautiful, the most original, and most comic cos- tumes. Each spring, A. W. S. pre- sents Co-Ed Follies, in which soror- ities and various groups stage skits, and in which the Best Dressed Girl is introduced as the climax of a style show. Finally, A. W. S. each year offers a cup for the winner of the Sorority Sing on Ivy Day, last year won by Delta Gamma. A. W. S. is divided into six units: the As- sociated Women Students Board, A. W. S. Council, A. W. S. Court, the Advisory Board, Freshman A. W. S., and Barb A. W. S. League. Top Row Crabill Cherny Pascoe. Morrow. Durand. Marshall Bentz. Bottom Row Graybeil Barbour Yoder DePutron Spliotrlt Buxman. Walt Page 73 gHSSJTTT c »r Barb A. W. S. League OFFICERS President MARTHA MORROW Vice-president DORCAS CRAWFORD Senior A.W.S Board Member ARDIS GRAYBIEL Secretary ELIZABETH EDISON Treasurer FERN BLOOM Point Chairman ROWENA SWENSON Publicity Chairman CAROL CLARK Membership Chairman BEATRICE EKBLAD Intra-mural Chairman MARY BIRD Social Chairmen ADRIENNE GRIFFITH VELMA EKWALL Ag. Chairmen EDITH FILLEY LOIS LICHLITER TN THE Barb fl. W. S. League, un- • ' • affiliated women students have found a true medium for campus ac- tivities, fl major organization on this campus, although but four years in existence, the League has under- taken several new projects this year. The Board, which directs Barb Groups, sponsored social dancing, an activity formerly supervised by the Y. W. C. fl. This fall the point system was revised to encourage more participation in extra-curricu- lar activities, flfter members of the League attained thirty-five points, they were formally recognized at a tea given in their honor. While still encountering the diffi- culties of a comparatively new or- ganization, the fl. W. S. League, one unit in the Associated Women Stu- dents activities, has well fulfilled its purpose on the campus for unaffili- ated co-eds. It has proved to be a definite incentive for barb women. The League is governed by a board of twelve members, whose president is the senior barb member of the fl. W. S. Board. Members of the board are elected in the spring by unaffiliated women students, and they conduct the meetings of the Barb groups. Those who are unable to attend regularly may participate through substitutes, and are named associate members. Top Row: Ekwall, Blazkovec. Marvin, Reiser, Knickrehm, Bird, Grillith. Second Row; Filley, Emmelt, Miller, Blazkovec, Whitney. Eden, Eiche. Bottom Row: Ekblad, Clark, Graybiel. Morrow, Bloom, Crawford, Lichliler. Page 7. ' , -m Barb Interclub Council President AUSTIN MORITZ Vicepronidont BYRLE SHUCK OFFICERS Secrolary LEE NIMS Treasurer BOB SIMMONS Harry Adams Molvin Bierman Ray Blixl Howard Brunner Vernon Cameron Lloyd Corman Waller Crowley Rubin Denning Wyane Domingo Stanley Essman Vernon Gottula Denver Gray Bob Harrison Ward W Henderson Alvin Kleeb Dayton Klingman Bill Koros Oakley Larson Dan Leask Austin Morilz Lee Nims Albert Nore Lloyd Ough MEMBERS Leon San ' iera Victor Schwarting Byrle Schuck Robert Simmons Bill Slayton John Stuart Bob Weaver Weston Whilwer Ben Wicks Dean Worcester Mallard Worth THE Barb Interclub Council was established and put into opera- tion in April, 1932, in order to super- vise the activities of the many un- affiliated students of the University. Since its organization it has rapidly become one of the most influential and powerful organizations on the campus. The growth in power which this body has made has been so great that their activities include the supervision and direction of the greater portion of the Barb men at Nebraska. Membership in the Coun- cil is open to any Barb student who has been selected to represent a club or group of ten or more affili- ated men students. These clubs usu- ally range in membership from ten to twenty-five, in most cases, but a few of the groups have as high as fifty members. The purpose of the organization is to interest Barb students in extra- curricular activities through the or- ganization of Barb clubs under the direction of one central representa- tive body. This group also promotes the social life of the Barb students and also directs intramural sports between the clubs. The Council in- sures the Barbs of a better repre- sentation at the University political elections to the point that they are a controlling factor in every election. In intramural sports this year ap- proximately twenty teams competed in the various sports such as touch football, basketball, volleyball, and baseball. Aside from the intramural sports the Council instituted some all-Barb tourneys consisting of bas- ketball, volleyball, and rifle marks- manship. The Interclub Council co- operates with the A. W. S. league in presenting a balanced social pro- gram which includes numerous hour dances, all-Barb parties, picnics, and the all-Barb banquet. The work of the Interclub Council has been of great benefit to all Barb men and to the University in coordinating the activities of their men with those of the fraternity men. I Top Row Larson. Slayton, Denning. Cameron. Domingo. Henderson, Corman, Klingman. Second Row Nore, Whilwer, Senders. Bollcer, Weaver, Bierman, Kleeb Bottom Row Stuart, Worcester Shuck Morit7 Simmons Schwarting Gray JBt- " A? S f ■ f r ' 9 I t Page 75 ■3aBP5 Tsmsssr kJM r4i .KtfJ Bizdd Executive Board OFFICERS President ROBERT W. WILLIAMS Vice-president ROBERT I. flVERY Secretary MIRIAM BUTLER Treasurer KAY V. RISSER Sponsor JLEON O. SWAYZEE MEMBERS Robert Avery Miriam Butler James Gray Edward Markytan Kay Risser Helen Rosker Norman Shaw Quinn Scott Robert Williams SERVING as a student council for the College of Business fldmin- istration, the Bizad Executive Coun- cil maintains the traditions, directs this college ' s activities, and tries to develop closer relationships be- tween students and faculty mem- bers. The Council is composed of two representatives chosen from the Men ' s Commercial Club, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Chi Theta, Delta Sigma Pi, and the Girls ' Commercial Club. Each fall this governing body sponsors the Bizad Honors Banquet. This year the main address was on " Money " , given by Mr. McDermatt, Vice-president of the First National Bank of Omaha. This event also honors students in the College of Business Administration who have attained high scholarship in the pre- vious year. William Gold scholar- ship keys are presented to the ten sophomores who had the highest averages during their freshman year. Seniors with the highest ranking for a three-year period are elected to Beta Gamma Sigma. In addition, the Alpha Kappa Psi Citi- zenship award, the Delta Sigma Phi, and Phi Chi Theta awards are pre- sented. This year the Bizad Council has been instrumental in arranging for prominent business men to ad- dress students at convocations that are held monthly. Bizad Day, an- nual holiday of this College, occurs each spring, and features a picnic and a dance. Top Row; Roslcer. Markyton, Gray. Shaw Bottom Row Swayitee, Le Rossignol, Butler. Williams, Risser Hvery Pago 76 rfTI-g Tg r- Engineering Executive Board OFTTCERS ProsidenI LOWLLL MEWMEYER Vice-president HfiROLD HflFNER SecTolary-Treasuror ALBERT W SCHROEDER Morris Andersen Pete Burns Kenneth Clark Paul Gamlin Harold Hafner Donald Kuska Weldon McCormick MEMBERS Lowell Newmeyer Emanuel Olson John Passmore William ReichardI Herbert Reichert Dale Schmidt Leslie Tjaden THE Engineering Executive Board, governing body of the College of Engineering, was organized during the second semester of the 1928-1929 school year. It owes its origin to the clearly indicated need of a govern- ing body which could sponsor the various activities of the College of Engineering. Since its founding, the Board has served solely as an executive unit for the various organ- izations connected with the College of Engineering. The membership of this organiza- tion is automatically composed of the presidents and secretaries of all departmental organizations, the two Student Council representatives from the Engineering College, and the general manager of the " Blue Print. " Officers for the organization are elected by its members and meet- ings are called twice a month. The Engineering Board has as its most important activity the super- vision of Engineers ' week. This event is held shortly before the close oi the second semester of each school year, and it features displays that are representative of the nature of the work of the several departments in this college. The displays and exhibits are of an interesting charac- ter and are subjected to the ap- proval of the public during one eve- ning of Engineers ' week. The intra-coUege elections. The Engineers ' Bust, and all general meetings and convocations are under the direction of the Engineer- ing Executive Board. Top Row: E. Olsen, K Clark. Rader. Burns Second Row Passmore. Gamlin. Reichert, Tjaden. McCormick. Bollom Row ICusko. Hafner, L. Newmyer. Srhroeder, Andersen. Reichardt Pago 77 Ml l« JHHHUA. BOOK FOUR CLASSES Page 78 KPS3 N I O R Page 79 AiiM«4 -»-»»»i 4H i f i ;i 4«V44;rf; 4 c o R N U U S K R C L A S S Home y »; flCH, ANNA Milligan ARTS AND SCIENCES Comenius Club. flDKINS, ROBERT Norlolk LAW Delta Upsilon. ALDER, GENEVIEVE CLEORA Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES. ALEXANDER. J. CHARLES Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Sigma Nu: Phalanx: Alpha Phi Omega.. ,, ., X = fitEEisfnoi " Lincoln AGRICULTURE Economics Association ALEXANDER, ROSS JAMES Omaha ARTS AND SCIENCES Beia Thela Pi: Pershing Rifles; R O.T.C.; Scabbard and Blade; Greal Cathedral Choir. ALEXIS, CARL ODMAN Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Palladian Literary Society, Barb Council, secretary-treasurer. R.O.T.C., second-lieutenant. Executive Board, president. ANAWALT BUSINESS Sigma Nu; AMEND, HOWARD SAMUEL ' ' Lincoln = ' ENGINEERING Institute of Electrii Engineers. MORRIS Lincoln ENGINEERING American Society o! Civil gineers, secretary-treasurer; gineers Week Committee; Erig eering Execuitve Board; R.O.T. hrst lieutenant. ANDERSON, HAZEL CATHERINE Hastings BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Gamma, ANDREWS, DORIS Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Beta Gamma Sigma; Wm. Gold Scholarship Key. ANDERSON, RALPH Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Chi; R.O.T.C. ANKENY, CLAYTON J. Lincoln LAW Delta Upsilon; Pershing Rilles; R.O.T.C, captain. ARCHER, FRANCES PAULINE Sioux City, Iowa TEACHERS Alpha Omicron Pi. • ARMSTRONG, THELMA L. North Platte TEACHERS Y.W.C.fl.; Kappa Phi. • BAKER, HOWARD FRANKLIN Grand Island BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Pi Kappa Alpha. • BAKER, SIDNEY CARTON II Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Upsilon; Scabbard and Blade, Innocents; R.OT.C, major: " Corn- husker " , business manager; Uni- versity Players. ARNOLD, ERNEST III Lincoln LAW Phi Alpha Delta. BAKER, FLOYD RICE Omaha BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Chi; Pershing Rifles; Scab- bard and Blade, treasurer; Kosmet Klub; Senior Class, president, " Awgwan, " business manager. BALD. MILA M. Platte Center ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Delta Delia, • BALDWIN, WILLIAM Riverton, Iowa BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Tau Omega. Pago 80 BfiNNISTHR. H MflRIORIt: Lincoln ARTS AND SCICNCrS Alpha Omicron Pi: Co d Coun- ••For. rii id«nt. Student Council • BflRflDfi. flLTHEft C Hoaali nCRICULTURE Horn E conomics (Uaociation. pr»s- idant. H j HiKCutiv Board Mcrv- fary. Phi U iton Omicroh • BflUER. ERMfi RUTH North Plan TEflCHERS i,_i.. I .!. . I „ . . yi—iat Board. i -sals. V1C9- Chi. v)c»- [ ' :n ii( ' nt ri Mi t.pSllon • BfiUMflNN. DON DURKEE Doniphan HGRICULTURE |unior-S«nior Livv-Stock lud mg T«am. Block and Bridle, secretary. BELLAMY, ROBERT PAUL Cambridge BRTS OND SCIENCES BfiST " ' : ■ ; ' ' RGE T. BUSINI. .rHBTION Phi Delia Theta. preildenl. Inler- fraternity Council, roolball Man- ager BAUDER, IRWIN DARRELL Glenvil nORICULTUHE Farm Houie. Tri-K Club. Farmer ' ! Fair Board; Four-H Club, Alpha Zela BEGHTOL. ROBERT W Lincoln LAW Beta Theta Pi: Gamma Lambda. Great Cathedral Choir. BELKA, ROBERT Crete TEACHERS •N- Club. BENJAMIN. HARRY JOSEPH McCook BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BERGGREN, JEROME HARRY Scottsbluif BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION D lta Tqu Delia. R.OTC. BEYER. GEORGE W. A. Stanton ARTS AND SaENCES ishlivj H: i.-;: ScaW:3i and BENGTSON. JOHN WILLARD Bradish AGRICULTURE Alpha Zola: Tri-K Club. Varsity Dairy Club: Block and Bridle: Four-H Club; Coll-Agri-Fun Board, manager: Dairy Cattle Judging Team, Barb Interclub Council. BENTZ, DOROTHY E. Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Omicron Pi: Junior-Senior Prom Committee: " Awgwan " ; " Daily Nebraskan " , news editor: fl W S. Board: Theta Sigma Phi, secretary: Chi Delta Phi. BERTRAMSON, B. RODNEY Potter AGRICULTURE Farm House: Varsity Dairy Phalanx: Alpha Zeta. Club Btoda .b. .Hi: ; feoiD. BICKNELL. JUUA M Lincoln TEACHERS. BILBY. 4flRGAR5T Fairbury TEACHERS Chi Omega. R O T C sponsor. BISHOP. JOHN Lincoln LAW BLANCHARD. DAVID Lincoln flflTS AND SCIENCES Phi Gamma Delta Sigma Phi EpsUon. prevtdent. tnfor fraternity Council; " N ' Club BLftlR. LOIS LORRAINE Lincoln ARTS AND SCTENCES ai; ha Omicron Pi: Delia Phi De lia Orchos BLOOM. FERN VIOLA Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Pi Mu Epsilon. secretary; Y W C A , Nebraska Evangelical Club. Coun- cil of Religious Weltore: Barb A W S Board, treasurer: Co-Ed Counselor Board Y.W.C.fl sponsor BLUMMER. FRED CHARLES Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Tau Kappa Epsilon R.OTC Page 81 U ' A« f« |M ia4H«i IBSSSr i . ' « c o R I J H U S K E R C. A S BOGflRDUS, DOROTHY GRACE Aurora TEACHERS Kappa Beta,- Y.W.C.fl.: Classics Club. BOODLEMflN, NflDINE Deadwood, South Dakota TEACHERS BRADLEY, THEODORE D. Beatrice ARTS AND SCILNCES Sigma Nu, president; Innocents, sergeant-at-arms; Kosmet Klub; Corn Cobs, president 3; RO.T.C. Uoulenant colonel; " Comhusker " , managing editor 3; Student Coun- cil 4. Rally Committee, chairman 4; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Riiles, second lieutenant 3; Student Union Committee, co-chairman 4, HOSE, DOROTHY IRENE Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Omicron Pi. BRfllNflRD, MflRIflN JOY Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Chi Omega. BRION, RICHARD S. Ewing BUSINESS flDMINISTRflTION BRISCO, DORIS MflE Douglas TEflCHERS Belta Delta Delia. BROTT, PflTRICIfl York ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Alpha Theta. BROWN, ELEANOR G. Lincoln TEflCHERS Alpha Phi. BROflDY, ELIZABETH JANE Lincoln P ' ARTS AND SCIENCES vpelta Gamma; Big Sisters; Corn- BROWN, BESSIE Lincoln TEACHERS BROWN, JOHN A. Washington, Kansas PHARMACY Sigma Nu; Gamma Lambda; Phar- maceutical Club; Great Cathedral Choir. BROWN, GERALD EDWARD Kenesaw ENGINEERING A.S.C.E. BROWN, MARCELINE A. Lincoln BUSINESS flDMINISTRflTION flipha Chi Omega; R.O.T.C. spon- sor 4; Y.W.C.fl. BUTLER, MIRIAM M. Tecumseh BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Mu; Phi Chi Theta, president; Bizad Executive Council, secretary; Girls ' Commercial Club, treasurer. CflLEY, GAYLE DELORIS Springfield TEACHERS Alpha Chi Omega; Tassels; Y.WC.A, Cabinet; W.A.A. Council; Coed Counselor. BUXMflN, ELSIE RUTH Lincoln AGRICULTURE Alpha Chi Omega; Mortar Board, secretary; Phi Upsilon Omicron. vice-president; A.W S. Board; Farmer ' s Fair Board; Ag Y.W.C.A. CAMP, BERNflL ROY Aurora flKTS AND SCIENCES CAMPBELL, JOHN MILLER Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Tau Omega; Beta Gamma Sigma; " N " Club; Rille Club; Alpha Kappa Psi, CALLAHAN, BARBARA CATHERINE Douglas ARTS AND SCIENCES, JOURNALISM Newman Club; Young Democrats. CAMPBELL, ROBERT E. Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Band. CAPRON, nVELYM M Lincoln BUSINESS flDMINISTRflTION Y.W C n ; Coed Coun. ' ielor. Page 82 ■MH P 1 " P CARESS. EVELYN Lincoln nHTS ftND SCIENCES Voitalfl ot th Lamp. Coed Court ■•Ion: Y wen • CfiRPENTER. MflRGfiRET Lincoln RRTS AND SCIENCES Kappa nipha Thsta. Phi Tpallon D lta CAREY. HELEN R K«arn y BUSINESS fiDMINISTRflTION Pi B la Phi. Y W C n . Girli- Com- marclal Club. CHAIN. VIRGINIA Seward TEACHERS Kappa Alpha Thala Th»la Sigma Phi president Cornhusker " stall CARROLL. FLOYD D Mt Clat AGHlCULTUHi: Farm Houi . Alpha Z«la. Pernhlng RiIIm. Block and Bridles lunlor- Senior Uvoslock ludging Team: ACBC. preaideni CARROLL. THOMAS W. |r Lincoln LAW Phi Kappa, Interlralernity Council; Phi Delia Phi. CHANEY. G JACKSON St. loseph. MiMoun BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Tau Omega. CHAPELOW. DOROTHY IRENE Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Mu. Alpha Lambda Delta. Girls Commercial Club. Phi Chi Theta; Wm Gold Scholarship Key CHITTENDEN. EDWARD EVERETT Clatonia ARTS AND SCIENCES. JOURNALISM Phi Sigma Kapca; Pershing Rilles.- Scabbard and Blade. CLAUSSEN. ELMER L Lincoln ENGINEERING. CLIZBE. ELEANOR ANN Valentine AGRICULTURE Chi Omega: Mortar Board, Theta Sigma Phi. Chi Delta Phi; Student Council, secretary: Y,W C A , cabi- net; ' Rvgvan ' , atofl: Junior- Senior Prom ComEnittee. CONROY. HAROLD WILUAM Lincoln LAW Koppo Sigma; Pershing Rifles; New- man Club; Pht Del ' -i Phi CHOWINS, RICHARD DEWITT Lincoln ENGINEERING Phi Delta Theta; Sigma Tau; Alpha Phi Omega. CLINE, WILLIAM B. Omaha BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Tau Delta. COLLINS. MARGARET E. Stanton BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Phi. CONTRYMAN, GRIN Oshkosh BUSINESS ADMINISTRflTION COOK. MERLYN JOSEPH rranklin TEACHERS Phi Tau Theta; Wesley Flayers University Players, COSTELLOE. JOHN FRANCIS Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Fhi Delta Phi; Nebraska Law Bul- letin, editor. CRAWFORD, DORCAS Lincoln TEACHERS Sigma Eta Chi: Y W C.fl.: Coed Counselor, board; Barb fi.W.S. CROSBY. HORACE E Board North Platte LAW Beta Theta Pi; Gamma Lambda CRUISE. ELAINE MILDRED Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Iota Sigma Pi- Newman Club- Sponsors Club. CURRAN, JAMES CHARLES York LAW Phi Alpha Delta. Page 83 J 4 »;iA«i .» » - •mrne a c o R N H U S K E R CURTIS, WILLIAM HALL Arkansas City, Kansas ARTS AND SCIENCES Debate, flVISSON. MARY LUCILLE Falle City TEflCHEBS eta. DEGNER DANNATT, LILLIAN L. flinsworlh TEACHERS Mu Phi Epsilon, president; Howard Hall, president. DAVIS. VALEDA Lincoln AGRICULTURE Phi Upsilon Omega. Y,W CA LEONA ELEANOR Sterling RGRICULTURE Economics Club; Gamma Lutheran Girls Club, presi- DE PUTRON, BARBARA Lincoln BUSINESS flDMINISTRATION Alpha Phi; Mortar Board; Phi Chi Theta; ft WS , president 4, secre- tary 3, treasurer 2; Y.W.C.fl., treas- urer 3 4; Coed Counselor 2- VIRGINIA W Lincoln " BUSINESS flDMlNISTRflTIO DOTY BUSINESS DOBSON. MAREN ELLEN Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Alpha Theta DOUGALL, GEORGE M, RICHARDSON Liricoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Le Cercle Francais: Phi ionia, American Guild oi C DOUGLAS, RONALD CLIVE Crete ENGINEERING Sigma Phi Epsilon; " N " Club; Foobtall, EBY, OLIVE DELL Leigh ARTS AND SCIENCES, EAGER, GEORGE Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Beta Theta Pi; Scabbard ar Pershing Ritles. " N " Clul Kappa Psi. EMERY, CARROLL FRANCES Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Xi Delta; Y.W.C.A.; Pan Hellenic Council. C L A V » .12! ERICKSON, ELWIN F. Winside BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Pi Kappa Alpha; Beta Gamma Sigma. • ERNST, DWYANE D. Ong BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Acacia; Scabbard and Blade. • EVERTON, LOREN DALE Crofton PHARMACY Pi Kappa Alpha; Pharmaceutical Club, vice president; Phalanx. • EWART, ED Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Phi Gamma Delta; Y,M,CA, Cabi- net; Psi Chi, EVANS, H, LANDON Shubert TEACHERS EVERSON, PHILLIP M, JR. Alma LAW Phi Alpha Delta. " Nebraska Law Bulletin, " editor. FARMER, DOROTHY JANE Platlsmouth AGRICULTURE Y W,C A,; Ag Cabinet; Home Eco- nomics Association, FARWELL, FLORENCE LOUISE DuBois TEACHERS Alpha Chi Omoga; Kappa Phi; Y,W,C,A. Page 84 FERGUS E HflRLfiN Humboldt BUSINESS ADMINISTHATION Chi Phi • FERGUSON. RNNE flLICIfl Lincoln BUSINPSS nDMINISTRRTION GirU ' Coinm tcial Club. L» C icU Francais Club FOCHT. FERNE S Ironwood Michigan TEACHERS Pi Lambda Thala I • FONDfl. GfiRRETT Omaha BUSINESS flDMINISTRflTION Sigma Alpha Epstlon. pr««id»nt. H OT C . major. FINfiN. fiNNfi MARIE Wood Hivar TEnCHEHS Newman Club FISCHER. RICHARD OWEr: Valcnlin TEACHERS Pi Kappa Alpha. " N ' Club. Sludcnt Council, traaiurar. Track 3, 4; Football • FOX HELEN E Red Oak Iowa ARTS AND SCIENCES Beta Phi. YWCA. " Awgwan " . Univ»r»ily Players e FRANCIS. EVERETT EARL Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Thela Xl, Men ' s Commercial Club FRANCIS. HARRISON SAM Lincoln TEACHERS Si ma Alpha Epsilon. Innocents Society. vice-president. Student Council. " N " Club vice-president. Olympic Track; All-American Foot- ball. Phalanx. Athletic Board. X FREE. FRANCIS L. Sioux City. Iowa ARTS AND SCIENCES Acacia. Phalanx: Alpha Phi Omega. Pershing Rilles; R.O.T.C.. captain FRIEDMAN. LLOYD D Omaha ARTS AND SCIENCES Zela Bflta Taxi. Corn Cobs. Pershing Rtlies; Inferiralernily Council, pres- ident; aOT.C. captain, " Daily S ' ebraskcm ' ■ : InterfratetWly Board oi Controls. FULLWOOD. KATHERINE Wytaore TEACHERS. FRANTZ. GENE ARTHUR Friend LAW Phi Kappa Psi. FREISS, RUTH M. Lincoln TEACHERS Pi Lambda Theta; Sigma lota, president, Y.W.C.A.; Alpha Rifle FULTON. lAMES ROBERT Lmcolo BUSINESS ADMIMISTBflTiOM Kappc Sigma; Scabbard and Blade. Pershing RiMes; Alpha Phi C5mega. FUNK. ROBERT S Los Angeles. California BUSINESS ADMIN ISTHflTION Chi Phi, ICosmel Club Gamma Lambda, ' Daily Hebroskan ' busi- ness ir.anager; Stvdent Directory. editor, business mcmoge: Club; Panhellenic Council, FRITZLER, KEN CARL Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. LAW Ph: Sigma Kappa; Beta Gamma Sigma; Bizad Executive Council; Delfo Sigma Pi; Wm. Gold Scholar- ship Key; Phi Alpha Delta FULTON, DOROTHEA C. Lincoln ARTS ANr SCIKMCES. JOURNALISM Kappa Kappa Garoma, Theta Sigma Phi; Chi Delta Phi; " Daily Me- broekan ' ; " Awgwan " ; Paahsllenic Council. GALLOWAY. ROBERT M Omaha ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Alpha. ASM E GfiflRDE. FflCK FRED McCook BUSK.-r? ADMirnsTRATlON Beio O-imma Sigtoa GAMLIN. PAUL JOHN Nebraska City ENGINEERING Sigma Tau: A.S.M.E ; Engineering Executive Board. GARRISON. MAURICE RAYMOND Lincoln ENGINEERING Sigma Tau A S M T O R M L- Page 85 . -, £ -.■ ' ■ . CP.Jitt ilfPVPfR 4k|i«.»«) wr. c A Dehc ness 9 3 7 BEULflH M Ord TEACHERS Kappa Phi. GATES, DORIS BERTfl Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES. GflUVREflU. MARY Hastings TEACHERS GflTEWOOD, ALLEN JENNINGS Morrill AGRICULTURE University Players. GILLISPIE, MARGARET Falls City ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Alpha Theta. GOOD GOMEZ, LAZARO TIROL Manila, Philippines KENNETH JACOB Lincoln AGRICULTURE. ; ARTS AND SCIENCES, S- ' GORE, DOROTHEA MAXINE Lincoln TEACHERS Sigma Alpha Iota; Y.W.CA. GRAY, GEORGE Coleridge LAW Upsilon; " Cornhusker ' assistant; Pershing R.O.T.C. Band 1, 2, , busi- Riflesj GRAY, JAMES LESLIE; Coleridge BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Bizad Executive Council 4; " Corn- husker " staff; Men ' s Coramercial Club; R.O.T.C, Band 2. 3. 4; Delta Sigma Pi. GREEN, LAWRENCE ARTHUR Omaha. ARTS AND SCIENCES. Zeta Beta Tau; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; R.O.T.C, first lieutenant; Pi Mu Epsilon. GRIFFITH, ADRIENNE Omaha ARTS AND SCIENCES Barb A.W.S, Council; swimming; Tanksterettes, vice-pres- ident; Raymond Hall, secretary; Theta Sigma Phi, GREEN, WILLIAM DUTTON Lincoln. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GRONE, DONN EDWIN Lincoln ENGINEERING Chemical Engineering Society. HAFNER. HAROLD CLARENCE Bloomfield ENGINEERING Beta Sigma Psi; Chemical Engin- eering Society; Sigma Tau. • HALCOMD, LAVERNE H. Beatrice LAW Phi Alpha Delta. • HAMMOND, WILLIAM H. Lincoln ENGINEERING Gamma Lambda; Sigma Tau; AS. ME. HAMOY, ANTONIO E. Dapitan, Zamboanga, P. I. ARTS AND SCIENCES, JOURNALISM International Relations Club; New- man Club; Sigma Delta Chi. HALL, BEULAH BERYL Maywood TEACHERS Alpha Phi, • HALLET, CLARE ELAINE Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Zeta Tau Alpha; Alpha Lambda Delta. HANSEN, LEROY R. Norman AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho; Tri-K Club, secretary 3; Farmer ' s Fair Board 3; Coll-Agri-Fun Board 3, 4; Barb Council 2, 3. • HANSMIRE, RICHARD ARTHUR Reynolds AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho; Block and Bridle; Varsity Dairy Club; Four-H Club. Page 85 HflRDUNG. HflNNflH MARIE Lincoln RRTS AND SClENCtS D«lta Phi Dslla. HRRRIS. FRITZI flth ' inc Ti:ncMi:RS Kappa nipha Thata, R O.T.C . spofuor. HARRIS. EUZABETH LILLIflN Lincoln TF.nCHERS fi Lambda Thvla. Co«d Coun «lor. HftRRIS. MfiRGflRET Omaha ORIS AND SCIENCrS Delia Gamma; Vcdala ol the Lam. Co«d Coun«»lor: W R A . Sport.i Board HARRIS. RUFUS ALLEN Lincoln RHTS AND SCIENCES Delta Phi Delta HARTZELL. BERT HENRY Beatrice flHTS fiND SCIENCES Delta Sigma Rho Phalanx; Pi Mu Epeilnn. director. Polladian Literary Sociolv: Barb Council; " Corn- nuaker " . photographer HARTMAN. HARRIS C Wichita Kansas BUSINESS RDMINISTRHTION Commercial Club: ROT.C. cap- tain. HATTEN, MARIORIE MAE Lincoln ARTS OND SCIENCES Delta Phi Delta, president; " Rw- gwan. " art editor. HEINS, MELVIN E. Buskin PHRRMRCY Pharmaceutical Club; Student Council, 2. HEISE. HENRIETTA JOHANE Missoun Valley, Iowa ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Delta Delta. HENG, NORA RAMONA Nebraska City TEflCHEHS Delta Zota HEINZ, CARL F. Sutton TERCHERS Phalanx: " B " Team, Football R. O.T.C, captain. HENDY, KATHERINE North Platte ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Kappa Gamma: Psi Chi Student Council: Y.W.C.R., Cabi net. HERSHNER, JOHN D. Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION R OTC, captain. V HEWIT. HELEN FRAriCES Frleod c: : fiHTS AND scir ;cES ; Pi Beta Phi HILTON, RAMONA Omaha flCRlCULTURE. HOEGEMEYER, LEONfiRD G. Hooper RGRICULTOHE Alpha Zeta: Dairy Club. 1: A3 Qub, 1; TriK Club. 3: Block and Bridle Club, 2; " N ' Club Z. HOFF, ELMORE MARTIN Oniaha. BUSIN ' ESS ADMlNISTRflTION. HOLUSTER, WILLIAM GRAY Lincoln RRTS RND SCIENCES Alpha Sigma Phi; Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Kappa Delta, secre- tary, " Awjwan , managing editor; ■ ' Cornhusker " staff. HOFFMAN. lANET NELDA Norfolk TEflCHEHS Gamma Phi B«la: Vesr -r Choir.. 3 HOOD, DOROTHY INEZ Fort Crook TEACHERS Alpha Phi. HOPT, CARL ERWIN Lincoln RRTS RND SCIENCES •N " Qub. L Pago 87 Ijt T .V. ' . r ,t ht,. i.4.4 - ii. :4tii»%4 4- - i C O R N H U s K E R A ol 1 9 3 7 HOUSTON, ROBERT CARL Omaha BUSINESS flDMINISTRflTION Sigma Chi- HOYLE, EVELYN LUCILLE Beatrice PHflRMflCY Pharmaceutical Club; Kappa Epsi- lon. GEORGE M. Lincoln AND SCIENCES Kappa Siqma; Scabbard and Blade: RO.T.C, capiain; R.O.T.C Band. HOYT, BETTY Omaha ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Alpha Theta. w j; HUNT, GERALD RICHARD Lincoln .- BUSINESS flDMINISTRflTION Sigma Alpha Epsilon, " N " Clu fCosme! HUTCHINSON, Klub Spring Show: Goll . " ORVILLE MARVIN Lincoln BUSINESS flDMINISTRflTION Phi Tau Theta. HUSEMOLLER, LEOLA ARLENE Lincoln TEACHERS HUTTON, LUC Omaha TEACHERS Spanish Club; Kappa Phi; IflCKSON, MARClfl IRENE Omaha TEACHERS Alpha Omicron Pi. HUTCHINSON, RUTH ELLE3 Lincoln ? BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Zeta Tau Alpha. president; YW.C.A.: A.W.S. Counol; Girls ' Commercial Club: Panhellenlc Council, - .-? - HUTTON, ROBERT W. Lincoln " 55$$$ ARTS AND science: Phi " Delta Theta: Scabbot-a and Blade. Corn Cob. treasurer.- Inter fraternity Council: R.O.T.C. cap- " ; tain. JACOBS, ANN MARi: Lincoln TEACHERS Kappa Delta. JACOBSON, VINCENT C. Albion AGRICULTURE Earm House, president; Innocents; Phalanx; " N " Club: Block and Bridle: Student Council, S; Agricul- tural Executive Board, 3, 4: Varsity aseball, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 2, 3; Farmer ' s Formal Committee, 3, 4; R.O.T.C, captain. JEFFREY, NINA ISABELLE Waverly ARTS AND SCIENCES JARMIN, JOHN E. Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Upsilon; Nu-Med; Band; " Awgwan " , business manager, 3; " Cornhusker " , military editor, 4: Pershing Rifles, second lieutenant. 3, national commander 4; R.O.T.C., lieutenant colonel 4. JOBMAN, RICHARD LOUIS Gothenburg ARTS AND SCIENCES Lutheran Club. JENSEN, LYLE Big Springs BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Gamma Delta. JOHNSON, MARGARET B. Denver, Colorado TEACHERS Delta Gamma. JONES, GALEN A Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Sigma Phi: Pi Epsilon Pi: Phalanx: Nu-Med; RO.T.C, first captain; Cheerleader. JOHNSON, ANNA WILHELMINA Lincoln TEACHERS Classics Club; University Choral Union. JONES, KATHARINE ANN Fairbury AGRICULTURE Phi Upsilon Omicron; Omicron Nu; Home Economics Association, Farm- er ' s Fair Board. • JORDAN, WILMA RAE Valentine TEACHERS Delta Delta Delta; Kappa Phi; Y.W.CA. Page 88 -jfx_j ripi.« mmmm KftLIN. FRANCES R Siou Cily towa OHTS RND SCIENCES Si ma Delta Tau, prvatdont- y W C n . Coed Couiuvlor KEEFER, IfiNE B Lincoln RHTS RND SCIFNCrS Delia Df ' ' ' ' ' ■ ' " Councn Y W C fl ir Boord. R:. la KflLTENBORN. HOWARD S Waco nRTS ftND SCIENCES Comma Lombda. Pi Mu Epaiton: YMCn. vlc«-pr«id«nl. KEIM. VIRGINIA V Lincoln nCHlCULTUHi: Phi Upvilon Omicron, Omicron Nn Tamieli; YWCfl. Delta Omicron KEISER. ALBERT I Endert BUSINESS flDMINISTRRTION Beta Sigma Phi. ROTC. captain KELLER, VERNON G Elwood nCHICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho Rlpha Zeta; ns HE. KENNEDY, ROY Newman Grove LAW Acacia, president; Innocents, treas- urer Koamot Klub, secretary; Pershin? Riflos; Corn Cobs, vice- president. lunior-Senior Prom Com- mittee. Nu-Meds, president; " Corn- husker " , assistant business man- ager. e KERLIN. RICHARD GRANT Linwood ENGINEERING. KILE. CAROLINE Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Chi Omega, vice-president; Alpha Kappa Delta; VWCA. vice- president Great Cathedral Choir. Coed Counselor; Y W C A Cabinet. KING. PALMER Morrill LAW Phi KING. KATHRVN Hihance TEACHERS. KLAUSS, ANITA FAY Parltston, South Dakota ARTS AND SCIENCES Mu; Psi Chi; Chi Delta KLEEB, ETHEL FULIE Broken Bow ARTS AND SCIENCES KLEEMAN. HERMINE LYDIfl Austin. Texas ARTS AND SC1£NCES Sigma D«!ta Tou fllrha Koppc Dellci KNOLL. JASPER GEORGE Cooperstown J ' th Dakota BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ROTC KLEEB H. LUCILLE Broken Bow TEACHERS KLEIN, a KEITH Burt BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Chi Phi. KOERTING, BEBECCfl KATHRYN Lincoln AGPICULTURr Orehesis LANDIS. FRANK E Seward LAW Sigma Chi Phi Alpha Delta; Stu- dent Counal. Interiraternity Coun- cil Interfraternity Ball Committee; Student Union Committee; Greek Council, vice-president. LARSON, OAKLEY P Genoa AGRICULTURE ACBC. president; Varsity Dairy Club; Barb Interclub Council LARSON, RAY Lincoln TEACHERS Pi Kappa Alpha: " N u r » K r. R KURTH, MARGUERITE MARIE Lincoln fl--:. AND SCI: Page 89 l«»fi»M4. ' V kLiQrlAiiAAXi r .-» M U S }■: R A LARSON, RICHARD A. Newman Grove AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho, LASBY. MARY ROBERTft Chester TEACHERS Kappa Delta. LEAVITT, WILLIAM GRENFELL Doniphan ftpTS AND SCIENCES LAWTON. WINIFRED VIRGINIA Murdock AGRICULTURE Home Economics Club. LEE. PAULINE JUHL Lincoln TEACHERS LEININGER. VANCE ELMORE Fullerton TEACHERS. MUSIC Alpha Sigma Phi, Kosmet Klub.- Student Council- R O.T.C. Band, Interlraternity Council, vice-presi- dent; Com Cobs; Great CathedmLsS- " Ghoir. LESLIE, HELEN FRANCES Lincoln TEACHERS Alpha Delta Theta; Tassels; Clas sics Club; Coed Counselor. LEVIN, ARNOLD Rosalie ARTS AND SCIENCES Sigma Alpha Mu; Innocents Society, secretary; " Daily Nebraskan " , editor; Student Council, president; Junior-Senior Prom Committee; Rally Committee; " Awgwan " Ad- visory Board; Sigma Delta Chi; Pi Epsilon Pi; Candidate for Rhodes Scholarship. LIGGETT, DARWIN SLIGAR York BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Nu. LEHNHOFF. CAROLYN E. . Lincoln " pfiBTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Alpha Theta; Delta Omicron. LOHR, HARRY K. Columbus BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Upsilon. • LONGACRE, CLYDE EARLE Rising City LAW Nebraska Law Bulletin, contribut- ing editor. • McBRIDE, LEONA R, Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Phi Mu; University Players; Coed Counselor. McCAMLEY, MAX OTIS Papillion ARTS AND SCIENCES. Phi Tau Theta. LEVITCH, SAM Kansas City, Missouri BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Pershing Rifles; Phalanx; R. O.T.C, captain; Rifle Team; Rifle Club. LINDLEAF, EUNICE VIRGINIA Omaha ARTS AND SCIENCES LUCAS NADINE CHRISTABEL Fremont TEACHERS Phi Mu; Y.WCA, • MacFARLANE, MALCOLM MAIRS Omaha BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Delta Theta, McCLELLAN, TRUMA Edgar AGRICULTURE Home Economics Club; Coli-Agri- Fun Board. McCULLEY, JOSEPHINE Omaha AGRICULTURE Page 90 ,i si McDowell. BLrrv mry McGINNIS. KENNETH T Chadron Ord AGRICULTURE ARTS AND Sfirvc -. D lia Q omma. ROTC. sponsor Alpha Stoma Phi Nu- Med Phnlanx. " B ' • Baiketball t ' M ' !i i:i McFflDDEN. ELINOR • ,i,-.-r -■■minr McKflY. MYRTLE M Ph - Mu. Elgin pr- irm- TEACHERS • r Cotr Board. -.ov;;eia:y. ToaacU. Co«d e Coiin»»lor • MflCE. GLENN L Hastings McKINZIE. IflCK fl Lincoln Alpha Tau Omega. Phi Delia Phi BUSINESS flDMINlSTRftTION e fleocia. president; Scabbord and Blade. Porahing Riflei. Olpha Phi MflLLETTE. MfiRTIN I Om«ga Omaha • BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION McMONIES. HELEN LOUISE Alphn Trill Omega; Commorcia Club. Lyons FINE ARTS Alpha Phi; Delta Phi Delia. MflNN, KEENE EDWflR D-WELLES Scotlsblulf ARTS AND SCIENCES MfiHSFIELD. ELSIE Mf Lambda Chi Alpha Ong MUSIC Sigma Alpha Iota. MftRCY. HELEN RflE Lincoln TEACHERS Kappa Delta, Y.W C A MflRKYTflN, EDWARD D Clarkson BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION D«Ita Sigma Pi vice-president; Uni- vorsity Mans Glee Club, treasurer; Biiod Executive Council, Men ' s ComiEercial Club. Comenius Club. MflRSHflLL, filLEEN Douglas TEACHERS Phi Mu. vice-president; flipha Lambda Delta: Phi Chi Theta. pres- ident: Pi Lambda Theta: Blzad Executive Counc;: Y WCfi Cabi- net, vice president MflRTlN, ROSS Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRflTION Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Innoccr.ta Society; Kosmet K) ub business manager; ' Cornhusker jtolf 3. Alpha Kappa Psi; William Gold Scholarship Key; Beta Gommo Sigma. MftRTYN MflRKLEY, GEORGE St Joseph. Missouri BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Beta Theta Pi. MARSH, WILLIAM WILSON Fremont ARTS AND SCIENCES Beta Theta Pi. president: Innocents Society, president: " Cornhusker " . editor; Student Council, treasurer; Kosmet Klub; R O. T C . drum n-.ajor, 2. 3; Gamma Lambda, presi- iont 3; Co-chairman. Junior-Senior Prom Committee; University Players. MfiRTIM HARRIET ROSE Millard flORICULTURr Omicron Nu; Home Economics Ac- sociotion; 4-H Club. EUGENIA Columbu.s TEftCHEPS Kapjpa Delta SUSAN MERCHANT. EDYTHE Bradshaw TEACHFnS MAE MflTTESON, FRED Sutton EUSltiESS ADMIWSTHATIO Bsto Gamma Sigma; Phalanx ; ClL;b Commercial Club. MEREDITH. GEORGE WADE Omaha ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Tau Delta. MEYER, SARAH LOUISE Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES. JOURNALISM Alpha Phi: Chi Delta Phi; : - Sigma Phi; Vestals ol the Lamj W.A.fl. Council; Universtiy Players Page 91 ; (J. i- r ' - .% mM 4J..-.f ri ' f tip c sv o i t-l h N u s K c L ot 1 9 3 lUXR, MflRJORY B AGRICULTURE Ktjppa Kappa Gatmaa; W MILHflM. FOREST K. Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing RiUes. MILLER, DOLORES BARRETT Scotia TEACHERS Alphi Xi Delta; Y WC.A MILLER. JOSEPH EDWARD Cornmg, Iowa LAW Sigma Nu. ,ER- MILDRED M. TEACHERS ' hi Alpha; Tassels; Newraan Club. MILLER, ROBERT HOLBROOK Crete BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Beta Theta Pi: Alpha Kappa Psi, Lincoln TEACHERS Acacia; Phakjnx; H.O T C. MINNICH, CHARLES Lincoln ENGINEERING Delta Upsilon; AIE.E.; R Band, drum major 3, captain 4, stU ' dent director 4; Gamma Lambda secretary 2, vice-president ident 4. MORGAN, MARION Hay Springs AGRICULTURE Alpha Phi. MORGAN; " rfi ' DYS- " - " 7 ' £§fF Winnebago AGRICULTURE Delta Delta Delta; Omlcron K(i Y.W.C.A. MOSER, EVELYN Sabetha, Kansas TEACHERS MOSSMAN, CLAYTON W. Omaha LAW Chi Phi; Interlraternity Council. MOSTEK, JEROME LEWIS Duncan ARTS AND SCIENCES Newman Club. MOSTROM, JOHN O. Ceresco ENGINEERING Sigma Tau, president; fl.I.E.E.; W. H. Sawyar Scholarship. MUILENBURG, LOIS Sioux City, Iowa TEACHERS Alpha Xi Delta; Pi Lambda Theta. • NELSON, EVA LINNEA Creston, Iowa TEACHERS Y.W.C A. • NELSON, RUTH M. Oklahoma City. Oklahoma ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Phi, vice-president; Alpha Lambda Delta. MULLIN, MARIORIE FRANCES Falls City TEACHERS Kappa Kappa Gamma. • MUNGER, MARY JANE North Platte BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Pi Beta Phi. NEWCOMER, WILLIAM H. York BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Nu; Innocents Society; Pi Epsilon Pi, secretary; Alpha Kappa Psi; Student Council. NEWMYER, LOWELL Central City ENGINEERING Sigma Tau, vice-president; AS.C.E., president; " Blue Print " , editor; En- gineers Executive Board, president; Corn Cobs. i Page 92 S3« ■9 K» NICHOLS. W BUN Grand Uland flHTS flND SCITNCES Alpha Tau Om ga • NOBLE. LUCIEN LEEDS Lincoln TEflOIF-RS Nswman Club. • ODER. ALLEN DALE HaattnQt BUSINESS ODMlNISTRflTIOr, Alpha Tau Omoga Corn Col- . • OEBSER. ROBERT F Lincoln nOHICULTURE B«la Sigma Pai OBERNDORF, TRUMfiN C Lincoln BUSINESS nOMINISTRRTION Dalla Upallon. Innocanli. " Dally Nabroskan " , butlncaa manao r • OCKERMfiN. ELIZflBFTH Lincoln TEflCHEHS Sigma Alpha Iota • OlSON. CLfiRENCE F Wavarly nGHICULTUH: II. I ' M Gamma Hho. pfonuont R O T C . captain. • OLSSON. LOREN GATES Gordon LAW Phi Alpha Delia OSBORN, MARY EVELYN Pawnoo City ARTS AND SCIENCES Palladian. Alpha Kappa Delta. PALMER. lEANNE MARIORIE Ulysses ARTS AND SCIENCES Phi Mu president. Delta Omicron. treasurer Vestals of the Lamp, Mortar Board ROTC. sponsor, YWCA, cabinet: Coed Coun- selor. Tassels. W.A A , president; " Cornhusker " , Junior-Senior Prom Committee. PflRKER. ALAN D Hastings fIRTS ANT sc ' ' - " ' ' " S. FINE ARTS PAKES. MARIE LUCILLE Omaha ARTS AND SCIENCES PflSSMORE. JOHN E Lincoln EMGlNtXSli ' iO asms; EjC«CUtl»8 aoTC. j.resi.i cat " Week PEARSE, EMMft Columbus TEACH D» Alphi Phi. PETERSEN. MARYLU Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES. lOURNflLISM Alpha Phi. Theta Sigma Phi Mor- tar Board, Coed Counselor Board, Student Council, vice-president; Co-Chauman Junior-Senior Prom Committee; " Daily Nebraskan , news editor. PANKONIN. LESTER ELTEN Louisville BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Upsilon. PARKER, JOHN TRUMAN Central City ENGINEERING Beta Theta Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon Sigma Tau: Phi Lambda Upsilon Scabbard and Blade: ROTC lieutenant colonel: Student Council Engineering Executive Board. PAUL. CHESTER WILLIAM V 9s( Potnl LAW Sigria Pbi Kpsilon. Y, CYNTHIA Minden nhTS AMD SCtENCES Kappa Alpha Theta R O T.C.. sponsof: Nebraska Swcotheart. PETERSEN, ALTCE FRANCIS iiampton nOHiCULTUHr. : .neeriiig PETERSON. DORIS MAE Red Oak. Iowa BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Gamma Phi Beta: Phi Chi Theta. PETERSON. FLCHL;.CE E Lexington TEACHERS Kappa Phi. u r. R Page 93 «A4rv« «ur« AtiH«4t . U-f- T. r y . ' • PETERSON, HOWARD LOUIS Oakland AGRICULTURE Fann House; Alpha Zeta. chancel- lor- Y.M C.fl., president; Tri-K Club; 4-H Club. PETERSON, VERA MAY Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Delia Delta Delta; Delta Omicron; Vestals; Chi Delta Phi. PETZOLD, GEORGE W. Lyman BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ' ° ' ' PFLUM, WALTER W. Enders AGRICULTURE Phi Epsiion: " N " Football, 2. 3, 4. PETROW, HELEN JEAN Fremont ARTS AND SCIENCES Gamma Phi Beta. PHILLIPS, ELMER EU Chadion AGRICULTUK Club; PHILLIPPE, E. MARGARET Basin, Wyoming , ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Omicron Pi; Mortar Board; Tassels, president; Sigma Alpha lota secretary; director of Vesper " .W.C - - ■ Choir; Y.W.C A. Cabinet. PILSTER, RALEI Whitney AGRICULTURE Alpha Gamma Rho . RUTH MARJORIE Hastings, Iowa . ;5 BUS!NESS ADMINISTRATION ; Ipha Xt Delta; Alpha Lambda Delto; Phi Chi Theta; William Gold PIPAL, GEORGE H. Humboldt ARTS AND SCIENCES,. Chi Phi, Innocents: Kosmet . Sigma Delta Chi, Daily Ne braskan " , managing editor. PORTER, GEORGE M. Crawlord LAW Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta. PRITCHARD, WILLIAM LAWRENCE Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Gamma Lambda Nu. PRICE, MARIAN Newman Grove ARTS AND SCIENCES lOURNALISM Kappa Delta; Gamma Alpha Chi. RAPP, PAUL FREDERICK Omaha BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi. REDDISH, MARY RUTH Alliance TEACHERS Kappa Alpha Theta, Pi Lambda Theta, president; R.O.T.C, sponsor. • REED, FRANCES ANN Randolph TEACHERS Kappa Phi; Y.W.C.A.; Barb A.W.S.; Coed Counselor. REGIER, DEWEY J. Henderson AGRICULTURE • REICHERT, HERBERT MILTON Geneva ENGINEERING ASC.E.; Engineers Executive Board; General Manager Nebraska Blue Print. REED, RALPH Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Tau Delta; Pi Epsiion Pi Hille Club, 2; Cheerleader, 3; Club; Individual Big Six Champion. N " GoU Phi REESE, JEAN R. Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINIST RATION Chi Omega; Phi Chi Theta. • REID, KENNETH J. Pilger ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Tau; Sigma Gamma Epsiion. • REJCHA, ANGELINE A. Hallam TEACHERS Y.W.C.A. Page 94 mmmmm mtm wm RHYNOLDS. EDWIN W Lincoln Tf.nCMCRS Si ma Nu, " N " Club • RICHMOND. ALICE M Wt n«r TEnCHERS Alpha Chi Om ga. Pi Mu Epsllon • RISSER, MARY K Solina. Kansoa ARTS AND SCIENCES Chi Omaga • ROBB. lOHN fi Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Phi Kappa P»i. RIGGS. CHARLES RAYNOR Central City BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. B«ta Thata Pl. RISCHE, LOUISE EDNA Lincoln TEACHERS Alpha Chi Omsga • ROBERTS, lOHN MILTON Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Dvllci Up«llon. • ROHRER. ETHEL D Omaha TEACHERS Alphi Chi Omaga. HOLLAND. MARION RUTH Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Phi. Y W C A. SAFARIK. ANNE Dewitt ARTS AND SCIENCES SCHflCHT, ERMfl C. Cook TEACHERS, MUSIC Pht Mu. treosucer: Mu Phi Epsilon, secretacy; Y W.C.fl. ROSS, MARCIA Gibbon TEACHERS Delia Gamma. SAWYER, GEORGE P Torringlon, Wyoming LAW Delta Upsilon. Beta dent SCHMIDT, CAROL MARJORIE Lincoln TEACHERS (Upbo Omicron P.: H O T.C., spon- sor: Classics Club, vice-presiaent; Y.W C fl. SCHMIDT. HARRY DAVID WifiD«r ARTS ANO. SCIEKCES SCHEELE, ELMER M Lincoln LAW Sigma Psi; Corn Cobs; Stu- Publications Board 4; Varsity Debate Team: Interlraternity Coun- cil, secretary; Pi Sigma Alpha, president; Delta Sigma Rho. SCHMIDT, FRANCES LOUISE Wyjnore AGRICULTURE Heine Economics Association; Omi- eron, Nu; Phi Upoilon Omicron. SCHNEIDERWIND, WM. O. Omaha BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Gamma Delta: Phalanx 3. 4 Pershing Rilles 2: ROT C , captain SCHNEIDER. LOUIS L Lincoln ARTS AMD SCJEMCES Pl Kappa Alpha, Phalanx; H.O I C,. Coptoir,, GyxTinasMcs SCHNEIDER, VERA MAE Hallom TEACHERS Phi Mu; Si.qraa Eta Chi; X SCHOBERT, RUTH HELEN Spnngtield AGRICULTURE Home Economics Association; Ag Y W C.A. Cabinet, president; Alpha Lambda Delta: Omicron Nu; Phi Upsilon Omicron. SCHULTZ. WfLBUR fl, Seward ENGINEERING Beta Sigma Psi. secretary: A S M.C treasurer, RO.T C . second heu tenant; Sigma Tau, secretary. Page 95 d •H«f« ««««kN»ii4i v: i. 4: ii»M «i i i 5-1 C c R N H U S K C A SCOTT, OUINN H. North Bend BUSINESS BDMINISTRflTION Delta Siama Pi; Men ' s Commercial CJub. SEIFFERT, PAULINE Norfolk TEBCHERS Alpha Phi. SENIFT, GORDON STANLEY Lincoln LAW SEMIN, AGNES TERESA Brainord TEACHERS SHARRICK, ALFRED N. Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Epsilon. Sigma Epsilon: Scabbard and S;V. Blade. SHEARER. KATHERINE Omaha ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Alpha Th- ta, SHONKft. ELAINE Cedar Rapids, Iowa ARTS AND SCIENCES ftlpha Phi, president; Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Kappa Delta; Vestals of the Lamp; " Cornhuskerr " staff, 3, 4; Freshman Commission Leader, 3; Coed Counselor, 2; W.A.A. Sports Board, 5. SIDWELL, SAMUEL MILLER Kearney ENGINEERING Sigma Tau; Chemical Engineering Society. SITTLER, NINA LOUISE Anselmo TEACHERS Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Lambda Theta, secretary; Y.W.C.A. SHAW, NORMAN JAMES Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi; Bizad Student Executive JCouncil. SHELLENBERG, ROBERT B, Omaha ARTS AMD SCIENCES. -■ JOURNALISM -f fil;_ha Tau Oraeqa. president; 5 . nocents Society: Kosmet Klub, jrea- ideni; " ' Daily Nebraskan " ' busi- iionaQe: ; Scabbard _cjtid Blade, Pershin sflifle - ' SHRADER, BONITA Nebraska City TEACHERS SIMONS, IRENE W. Cherokee, Iowa ARTS AND SCIENCES -N- ' Club. 1 9 3 SMITH, ARTHUR H. Dewitt AGRICULTURE R.O.T.C., captain. SMITH, DOROTHY JEAN Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Alpha Thela. SNIPES, JAMES JOHNSTON Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES I ma Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Delta Chi. SOUKUP, ALICE Lincoln AGRICULTURE Kappa Delta, vice-president; Tas- sels, 3; Y.W.C A Stall; Coed Coun- selor, 2, 3; Cornhusker " Stall, 2. SLAUGHTER, ROBERT R Benton Harbor, Michigan LAW Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi. SMITH, HAZEL M. Lincoln TEACHERS SMITH, VIRGINIA ELLEN Valley TEACHERS Alpha Chi Omega; Sponsors Club, secretary; Y.W C.A.; Coed Coun- selor; R.O T C sponsor. SPENCER, JEAN WINIFRED Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Chi Omega; Pi Sigma Alpha; Coed Counselor; Y.W.C.A. SRB, ADRIAN MORRIS Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Pi Sigma Alpha, vice-president; Sigma Upsilon, secretary; Gamma Lambda, secretary; Comenius Club. Page 96 Sg - ' ?- it-iE-ii— »1 SHB, tLLfiN nun rrncuKHS lUpha Omtcron Pi. Olpha Lambda t)«lla. Pi Lambda Th«la • STEIN, GRETCHEN LUCILLE Edgar TEACHERS Kappa Kappa Gamma • STRUTHERS. RUSSELL M Craia LAW iska Law Bull«tin, OMOciato |«ll rson H Broady acholai- •hip SURBER. DOROTHY M Lincoln HHTS AND SCIENCES. lOURNOLISM STENTEN, WILLIAM F Lincotn BUSINESS nOMINISTRHTlON Sigma fllpha Epailon. HIpha Kappa Pal STOLL. SUSAN ELIZABETH Lincoln RGRICULTUHE Dslla Doha Delta • SVOBODfl, FRANK Burchard nCRICULTURE nipha Zvta Farmoc ' a Fair Board. Tn-K Club: Four-H Club. SWENSON. ROWENA Wausa fiRTS AND SCIENCES Palladian. Mortar Board, traaaurer. Co«d Couna»lor 2. 3; YWCfl Cabinet 2. 3. 4; Barb R W S. Board 3. 4. Pat Chi. TALLMAN, ROBERT HALL Creston. Iowa BUSINESS ODMINISTROTION Beta Thela Pi TEAL, LENORE Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Palladian. French Club, president VWCA: Vestals ol the Lamp llpha Lambda Delta, president Mu Phi Epsilon. THOMAS, MARION E Lincoln ENGIKEERING Phi Gamma Delta. Si jma Tau ' Rii.i: TRITT, MYRON Kuaball BUSINESS ftDMIMISTRATlON g. Phi Si rma Kappa. TAYLOR, ALMA ELLEN Exeter TEACHERS TEFFT, WARD Weeping Water ENGINEERING Sigma Tau. A.S.M.E. TIPON, BIBIANO PONCE Magsingal, locos Sur, P. 1. AGRICULTURE TUCKFR. JEAN FAY Lincoln TIACHERS 1 PanheJlenio Council Y WCfl. TURNER. ftLLEN Chicago. Illinois BUSINESS ADMINISTRBTiON Sigma Alpha Epsilon: " N " Cliib: Fcoiball; Baseball; R O T C . cap- tain. TURNER, ELTON ft. Uncoln BUSINESS flDMINISTRflTtOH UNZICKER, STANLEY P Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Kappa Psi. TURNER KftTHflRINE ANNA rhediord TEACHERS .•l.(ha Cbi Omoqa Y W C.ft. VANATTA, RUTH ALENE Randolph. Iowa TEACHERS Delta Delta Delta: Vesper Choir: ■ Awgwan- slaii: Y W.C A. VAN SICKLE, : Lincoln TEACHERS Kappa Alpha Thela 5; Ol Page 97 f -H f«M- l f i • i : mM4 4 -aU--«J c o R N H U S K E R C L A S S of 1 VAN SLYKE, RUTH Aberdeen, South Dakota ARTS AND SCIENCES Pi Beta Phi; University Players. VEITH : V{§ ; lUUfl ALICE : Lincoln " ;ns:- ■• TEACHERS Classics Club: University Pla VIRGINIA MARGARET Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Phi Omega Pi; Delta Phi Delta; Tassels; Panhellenic, president, sec- retary, VENABLE, CHARLOTTE LEE Cherry Valley, Illinois ARTS AND SCIENCES Iota Sigma Pi, president. VON RIESEN, HAROLD ;- Beatrice .. -vv;. AGRICULTURE Farm " fto ' use; Alpha Zela Club, WALLACE, ROGER W Lincoln ENGINEERING Sigma Tau 3. 4; A S,M.E. vice-president; Pershing R,O.T,C,, captain Tn-K ,. WAGGENER, JUNE C, : s. fldams S flND SCIENCES, MUSIC Alpha Chi Omega, Mu Phi Epsilon; Tassels. Coed Counselor Y W C ft Cabinet: W.fl.A Sports Board. lunior-Senior Prom Committee, Junior Attendant to May Queen WALLIKER, GEORGE F Cody, Wyoming ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Tau Omega. WALT, JEAN U. Lincoln TEACHERS Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mortal Board, president; Pi Lambda Theta Student Council, chairman Judi ciary Committee; A.W.S. Board, 2 3; Junior-Senior Prom Committee, Tassels 2, 3; R.O.T.C. Sponsor, " Cornhusker " staff, society editor WASSUM, ERMA E. Tekamah ARTS AND SCIENCES Nu-Med; Tanks tereltes. V ALLACE, WILLIAM H Exeter BUSINESS ADMINISTRATI Sigma Alpha Epsilon. RTS AND SCIENCES X ' Alpha Tau Omega. WAMPLER, LLOYD MYRON Lincoln TEACHERS Delta Tau Delta; " N " Club; Base- ball; Basketball, WEITKAMP, NORMAN E, Nickerson AGRICULTURE Farm House; Alpha Zeta; Block and Bridle; Universit y 4-H club; Junior Livestock Judging Team; Senior Livestock Judging Team; IDairy Products Judging Team; Meats Judging Team. WKKESSER, VERA ELIZABETH Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Alpha Theta; Alpha Lambda Delta; W.A.A. Cabinet. WERGIN, EDWIN Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WESTPHALEN, PEARL ELLEN Scribner TEACHERS WHITE, CLYDE C, Tecumseh AGRICULTURE Farm House; Innocents; Block and Bridle, president; " N " Club; Foot- ball; Prom Committee; Junior Live- stock Judging Team; Senior Live- stock Judging Team; Meats Judging Team; Junior Farmer ' s Fair Board. WESTHOLM, HAROLD W. Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WESTPHOLEN, FRANCIS Scribner ARTS AND SCIENCES. ENGINEERING WHITSON, DONALD Lincoln AGRICULTURE 4-H Club; Varsity Dairy Club; Poultry Judging Team, WIEBUSH, GEORGE W. Broken Bow LAW Palladian Literary Society. Page 98 Si U. i i» - lifcii S 1 WIL ' MER. DONALD N Omaha nHTS AND SCIENCES Phi Kappa P«l. proaldoni 4. Fool- ball, manager. Goll 2. 3 4, " N " Club: Corn Cobs • WILEY. CLARE C Imp«rial BRTS AND SCIENCES Phi Oonima Delia; Pi Epallon Pi Nu ' Mwta. Pubhealloiu Board WILLIAMS, ROBERT WARD Omaha BUSINESS fiDMINISTRflTION Buad Exvcutiv Council. pr«sld ntj D«lta Sigma Pi. president • WiaiAMS. VERN JOHN Lincoln BUSINESS HDMINISTRATION Theta Xl. R O T.C . eaplain. WINNETT, JANE BURR Eldoro. Iowa TEACHERS Kappa Alpha Thela. WILLARD, HELEN FRANCES Harllngton ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Chi Om«aa, " Awgwan " •lalf WILLIAMS. MARILOU K. Fori Morgan, Colorado TEACHERS Pi B la Phi. ROTC. aponior. • WILSON, CARROLL EUGENE Norlh Plan BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Gamma Delia: Mothodlal Slu- deni Council; Y M C A ; Phi Tau Theta WILSON, VERA A. Norlolk TEACHERS Alpha Omicron Pi; Orchesia; Tank- alerelles. «Pa WOLFE, HARRIET BARBARA Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Chi Thelo; Coed Counselor; Sigma Ela Chi. WRIGHT, HARRY C Scoltsbluft BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delia Tau Delta. YODER. MARY Lincoln TEACHERS Kappa Alpha Theta; Mortar Board. vico-preaidenl: Alpha Lambda Delia; Pi Lambda Thela: Chi Delia Phi; AWS., vi« president; W A A.. . ice-preside ni Student Council WISCHMEIER, AC CHESTER Lapel, Indiana ARTS AND SCIENCES Phi Tau Thela, Wesley Players, vice-president; University Religious Welfare Council; Methodist Student Council, president; ROTC Band. WOLFE. THEAOPLE Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Religious Welfare Council 1. 2, 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. freshman commission group leader 4; Coed Counselor. WRIGHT, I. HOWARD York ARTS AND SCIENCES Pi Mu Epsilon; Palladian; Y.M.C.A president. YORK, FRANCES BELLE Bameston ARTS AND SCIENCES, JOURNALISM Y W.C fl ; Rifle Team YOST. CARL R. Harvard BUSINESS fiDMINISTRflTION ROTC captain. Wrestling YOST, EUGENE B. Harvard BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION YOUNG, KflTHRYN G Sharpsburg, Iowa TEACHERS Kappa Delta; Y.W.C.ft. YOURD. ROLAND Lincoln TEACHERS u ZATTERSTROM. BETTY Nucla. Colorado ARTS AND SCIENCES. MUSIC Mu Phi Epsilon. ZIMMER. EVELYN N. Omaha TEACHERS Sigma Kappa; Tossela. ' tl ' 3 Poge 99 d ulMUL .SL «f«4« ,»M. . 4H»iv:k k:«iiiftMMi4.i kai M . -At . FLOYD BAKER Senior Class President UNDER the leadership of the pres- ident, the Class of 1937 sought sanction of a proposal calling for the permanent organization of the Senior class, for the election of a senior board to work with the presi- dent, and for revenue from the Junior Senior Prom. They hope, by this plan, to be able to carry out projects as a class body, including a stag dance in the few days be- fore graduation. ROBERT WflDHflMS Junior Class President THE Junior class, too, has ideas about permanent organization. Their plans, presented by the presi- ident, call for a student publicity bureau, to be run by the members of a Junior class board, and a fresh- man day, which may be worked in cooperation with the convocation now sponsored by the university. The members of the Junior class committee also ask revenue from the Prom. Page 100 J u N I O R Page 101 f.- ; - f f»f »«» 4 t--r c o R N H U K E R ABBOTT, ARTHUR JOHN Hyannis BUSINESS flDMlNISTRflTION Sigma Alpha Epsilon. C L A S S of 1 9 3 8 ADAMS, KATHRYN ELIZABETH Lincoln TEACHERS Ipha Theta. ABBOTT, BARBARA Lincoln ENGINEERING Architecture: Art Club; Y W.C A ADAMS, EVELYN MAXINE Ogallala BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Chi Omega AITKEN, THOMAS DAVID Tecuinseh AGRICULTURE F mn. ilouse;. Block .ojl l. ..Bridl " " M ' ALLEN, BETSY Lincoln TEACHERS Delta Delta Delta AMEN, PAUL JOHN Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Tau Delta; " N " Club; ball; Basketball; Baseball; Publica- cations Board 2. ANDERSON, MARARET ANN Osceola AGRICULTURE Phi Mu Home Economics AssociO ' tion; Y.W.C.A.; Vesper Choir. ANDERSON, VIRGINIA P. Omaha ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Alpha Theta; Student Coun- cil A W S, Board; Great Cathedral Choir; Theta Sigma Phi. AMOS, VIRGINIA ROSE Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Phi; University Players; Alpha Lambda Delta; Orchesis. ANDERSON, MARGARET E. Omaha BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Omicron Pi; Gamma Alpha " ' president. ANDERSTROM, DALE ALBERT Ashton ARTS AND SCIENCES Sigma Chi. BAINUM, ALICE GEORGIA Lincoln TEACHERS, MUSIC Alpha Chi Omega; Mu Phi Epsilon. AVERY, ROBERT J. Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Upsilon; Pershing RiUes; Rifle Club; Bizad Executive Council; Alpha Kappa Psi. BARGE, MARY JANE Lexington ARTS AND SCIENCES BARKER, HELEN MARGARET Pratt, Kansas AGRICULTURE Chi Omega; Home Economics As- BARBOUR, lANE Scottsblull ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Gamma, president; Alpha Lambda Delta, Vestals of the Lamp; A.WS., secretary, treasurer; W A. A., Council; R.O.T.C, sponsor. BARNEY, WARREN RALPH Kearney ARTS AND SCIENCES Sigma Chi. BARRY, JOHN H. Omaha BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Beta Theta Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Swimming 2, 3. Page 102 wwHmnmiiP BfiTES. MAY BELLE HuihvilU BUSINESS BDMIMISTRflTION Pi B«ta Phi BEEZLEY, WILBUR BARRETT Lincoln BUSINtSS flDMlNISTROTION D«lia Tau D»lto Borb Inlorclub Council, r ' oc vnt. Borb Council. Corn Cobs BERNSTEIN. DflVID Omaha BUSINESS flDMINISTHOTION Sigma Olpha Mu; Ptrshing Rillai captain. Corn Cobs. Iunior-S«nlor Prom Commilto . co-choirman. Cornhusker. " ossiitant buiinevi manager. Ch« rloadar. • BESTOR. LOIS Platlsmoulh ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Lambda Delta BELL. HARRY W Waverly OGRICULTUHE nipha Qamma Hho. • BENNETT. GENEVIEVE M Bellovtlle. Illinoin HGRICULTURE nipha Lambda Delta. Phi Upallon Omicron. Student Council. 3. Tat- mU 2. 3. Coed Counaellor 2 lunlor-Senlor Prom Committee e BLACK. ALICE Lakoside BUSINESS fiDMINISTRflTION Alpha Chi Om«ga; Y W C ft : Iroah man cabinet • BLAUFUSS. MARGARET I Omaha ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa ICappa Gamma. " Corn- husker staff. BOEHM. DONALD IR Grand Island ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Tau Omega; Kosmet Klub: Corn Cobs. Student Council; Uni- versity Players. BRADSTREET. HAZEL A Grand Island TEACHERS Gamma Phi Beta: A WS 2; Stu- dent Council 3: YWCA: Coed Counsellor 1. 2. 3: Physical Educa- tion Club. BRUNSON. GEORGIA P. Lincoln flGHlCULTURE Delta Zeta, Gamma Alpha Chi Home Economics flssociation. BURKETT, EDITH MARIE Wakeoney TEACHERS Mu Phi Ff-silon BOWMAN, BETTY Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Phi. Tankstereltes. BROWN, RICHARD S. Papillion ARTS ftND SCIENCES Sigma Alpha Epsilon; R.O-T.C, sec ond lieutenant; " Cornhusker " managing editor. BUNTING, JAMES MfiURY Lincoln AGRICULTURE Beta Thela Pi; Corn Cobs; Block and Bridle Club. BURNEY, WILLflRD WALES Hartington ARTS AND SCIENCES Pi Kappa Alpha; Com Cobs, In- lerfralffrnity Council: " Daily N«- braskan . news editor: Rally Com- mittee: Sigma Delta Chi. BURSIK. LESTER L. Ravenna BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Upsilon. BYERS, ADELE ELEANOR Mindan ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Alpha Theta, BYRD, MARION ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Kappa Gamma: YWCA. BYERS, PATRICIA Tremont ABTS AND SaCNCES Kcrppa Alpha Thela CAHILL. CATHERINE E. Lincoln TEACHERS YWCA: WAA. Sports Board Tassels; Coed Counsellor CAMPBELL. DOROTHY ANN Omaha ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Kappo Gamma. K Page 103 fciiJfcfU V rM t i t HH fs j 44 f- C c R N H U K R C L A S S of CHfllJDERDON, DfiRRELLK?, - Lincoln flBTS AND SCIENCES Corn Cobs CAMPBELL, JANET LOIS Omaha TEfiCHERS Delia Gamma: Coed Counselor; Y.W.C.B. CARDER DAVID TRUMAN Blbion BGRICULTURE Farm House; Block and Bridle; Varsity Dairy Club; Four-H Club; Dairy Cattle Judging Team. CHERNY, ELIZABETH V. North Bend BUSINESS flDMINISTRRTION nipha Xi Delta; Tassels 2; Coed Counsellor 2; " flwqwan ' staff 2; fl.W.S. Board 2, 3; V.W.C fi- Cabi- 2. 3, Commercial Club: Ph Chi Gold Scholarship Key CARPENTER, MARJORY E Hampton TEACHERS, MUSIC Mu Phi Epsilon. J LYLE CHRISTENSEN, Genoa BUSINESS flOMlNlSTRfiTlON Phi Kappa Psi; Corn Cobs, Wm Gold Scholarship Key. COLLAR, MELVENE CANDACI Creston, Iowa TEfiCHERS COOK, PHYLLIS CLAIRE Lexington RRTS AND SCIENCES Delta Delta Delta. :LAYT0N, WILLIAM GEORGE Grand Island PHARMfiCY Phi Kappa Psi. Student Council PubiicitY Committee; " fiwgwan " ■ ' Cornhuslcer " managing editor Junior-Senior Prom Committee KnTOacertilicqt. CluiK preside, ' - . AND Greeley, Coloiado BUSINESS ADMlNlSTHflTlON ' Theto Xi: R O.T.C COOVER, MAX Lincoln BUSINESS RDMINISTRflTlON Sigma Alpha Epsilon. COPSEY, HARVEY G. Broken Bow ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Sigma. CORMAN, LOYAL BOWER Edgar AGRICULTURE Block and Bridle; Barb Interclub Council; Junior-Senior Livestock Judging Team. COUFflU CELESTE ANNE Howells AGRICULTURE Y.W.C A,; Home Economics Associ- ation. DANN, FRANCES M. Beatrice ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Alpha Theta. • • CULLEN, GEORGE Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Tau Omega. DAUGHERTY, JANICE Omaha AGRICULTURE Kappa Alpha Theta, • • DAVIS, CAROLYN L. Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Chi Omega; Phi Chi Theta. DEVOE, MELBA Lincoln TEfiCHERS Pi Beta Phi. • • DAVIS, MARCELLE DOROTHY Hastings TEACHERS Pi Beta Phi DICK, E. MAXINE Wavorly BRTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Xi Delta; Y Page 104 1 DIERKS, RUTH LOUISt: Lincoln «HTS AND SCIKNCCS Pi B«ia Phi • DIERS. BILL Grvsham ORTS OND SCItNCrS Sigma Phi Cpailon POLL. DOLORES Fremont TEnCHFHS Delia Dalla Dvlla. Y W C R • DONLEY. EILEEN Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Dollo Gamma. Sicima Alpha lola. DIETRICH. LOIS McCook TEflCHEHS Delta D«Ua Delta; Y W C R • DOHRMfiNN. ELMER H Stapt«hur ( TEACHERS Theta Chi. N ' Club Football 7 3: Boaketball 2. 3. Baaoball 2 Track 2; Student Council 3, Simon Scholarihip 1 e DORT, DOUGLAS M Lincoln LAW Beta Theta Pi: ' N " Club. Swim- ming. e DOYLE. THEODORE P Curtis AGRICULTURE fllpha Gamma Rho, Football. Block and Bridle Club. Alpha Z«la ►S ' - .-- DUGfiN. WILLIAM EDWARD Campbell ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Upsilon. EASTMAN. DORIS Kimball BUSINESS RDMINISTHATION Delta Zeta. Tassels. Coed Counsel- lor Girls ' Commercial Club, presi- dent. Phi Chi Theta. EDWARDS. lOHN BENSON Lincoln ftfiTS AND SCIENCES Beta Thoia Pi. Si nna Upsilon. ' ■flw ' -jwan ' . editor. ELDRIDGE. HAZEL JANE Oraaha ARTS AMD SCIENCES •: - nipha Theta Grsat Cathe- dral Choir DURAND, MAXINE H Morrill ARTS AND SCIENCES Delia Delta Dello: Vestals ol th Lamp; AWS Board. YWCR secretary; Sigma Alpha Iota. EDISON, ELIZABETH Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Barb AWS ; Tassels: Coed Coun- sellor. EHLERS, DORIS ANNETTE Scribner AGRICULTURE Cood Counsellor; Home Economics Association; Y W C A EMBICfC IflMb. ! L.3i-el ARTS AND SCIEJ CES Delta Upsilon. ELIfiS, WffJ BtD T Wytnore 8US:i;ESS ftDMWISTHflTlON Bold Theta Pt; Kosmci Klub, " Comhuster " . iuntor edHor, FfiRRELL. ELINOR L tJI E Lincoln BUSINESS BDMlNISTRflTION Kappa (Uphc Theta H O T.C . sponsor; Coed Counscllo-; Phi Chi heta FAUSCH HfiROLD KENNETH FAWCETT. MARGARET E Omaha ARTS AND SCIENCES BUSINESS Sigma Chi FENTON, BOB B Lincoln ADMINISTRATION CaciTnTTiri Lcnnbdo. FICKLING. WILLIAM A Creighton ARTS AND SCIENCES Sigma Chi; ROTC. second tenant: " Awgwan " . o IJ u h Page 1C6 ' f f •! I • " flip? FINCH, HAROLD Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES ■REMfi ' fl5CiRiS fit David City TEACHERS. MUSIC Kappa Alpha Theta, FRANCIS, MARIORIE OLIV Lincoln AGRICULTURE Tassels: Ag Executive Board; Y.W C.A,; Coed Counsellors: Kappa Phi: Home Ec Board: Farmer ' s Fair Board. FINKELSTEIN, AARON Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Sigma Alpha Mu. HOWARD GENE Ogallala ARTS AND SCIENCES Sigma Nu: Intertratemity Council. „r„ FISLAR, MARY MARGARET Lincoln FINN, GLADYS Lincoln TEACHERS Phi Mu. Chi ARTS AND SCIENCES Omega R-OTC: Sponsors Club 2. Chi FLORY, HARRY D. Pawnee City ARTS AND SCIENCES Phi- Gamma Lambda: Band 1. 2, 3. FREDENHflGEN, MARJORIE Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Chi Omega: Alpha Lambda Delta GALLOWAY, GEORGE H. Lincoln ENGINEERING Sigma Nu: A S.CE.: ■N " Club: Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Team: Rille Team. Track GAVIN, MARY Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Gamma. CARD, ERNESTINE St. loseph, Mo. TEACHERS Delta Gamma. GAYLORD, YVONNE GRIMES Lincoln TEACHERS Sigma Alpha Iota. GEBBIE, lOHN B. Nebraska City ARTS AND SCIENCES, JOURNALISM Sigma Phi Epsilon: National Stall Pershing Rilles. GERNER, CLARENCE I. Crete ARTS AND SCIENCES Tau Kappa Epsilon. Gamma Lambda: Nu-Med: ROT C Band: Symphony Orchestra. • GOLDSMITH, CHARLOTTE A, Falls City TEACHERS • GORDON, lEAN ELEANOR Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Zota Tau Alpha: Alpha Lambda Delia Tassels; Panhellenic Coun- cil: Y.W. C.A. GISH, WILLIAM C. Beatrice ARTS AND SCIENCES Beta Tela Pi: " N " Club: Track GIST, lEAN Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Xi Delta; Y.W.C A.: Coed Counsellor: Tonksterettes: Archery Club: French Club. • GRAY, DORIS EVELYN Unadil AGRICULTURE Home Economics Association: Uni- versity 4-H Club. • GREEN, LUCRETIA W. Scottsblulf TEACHERS Pi Beta Phi: Sigma Alpha Iota: Y.W.C.n.; Panhellenic Delegate. Page 106 i.W .»JJlJg„»L . : si «« «PMIP . tfJ GREENE, RICHARD CHARLES York ENOINEEHING GRIFFIN. BfiRBflRfi lERN rullarton TEflCHEHS D«lta Gamma Spanish Club HALL. H DOUGLAS Lincoln BUSINESS flDMlNISTRnriON Kappa StQma. PorBhin 7 Ritt«n ROTC HALL. VIRGINIA FAYE Lincoln BRTS AND SCIENCES Phi Om ga Pi. Ta»»ls. Dalla Phi Dalta HAYNIE, HARRY R Lincoln BUSINESS ODMINISTRflTION Sicjma Nu. " Cornhusker " 2, nipha Kappa Psi. Pershing Rilles. na- tional adjutant, crack squad. HEDLUND, EARL C Chapp«ll nORICULTURE Farm House; ROTC, Pershing Rides, Inlerfraternily Council; Block and Bndle Club; Corn Cobs, treasurer; flg Executive Board; Meat Judging Team 3; Farmer ' s Formal Commiilee; Farmer ' s Fair Board. HELM, CHARLOTTE Lincoln RGRICULTURE Home Economics Cl-.ib GUND. C FRED Crawlord RHTS fiND SCIENCES Chi Phi HAHN. IRENE LOUISE T«cumi«h TEACHERS MflMMOND. IflCK HORTON Premont BUSINESS flDMINISTRflTION Phi Kappa Pm ' 5 ? HAYES. lANE Red Oak. Iowa ARTS BND SCIENCES Kappa nipha Thela Alpha HEANEY. INEZ L. Lincoln TEACHERS. MUSIC Omicron Pi; Sigma Iota IR ?m. 5 S$i HERSHNER. KATHRYN JUNE Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Ojnicron Unlversily Orches- tra; University Players Orchestra. HILDEBRAND. CHARLES York ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Upsilon HEIKES, GEORGE E Dakota City ENGINEERING Theta Xi; Sigma Tau; Chemical Engineering Society. HENKE, LOUIS Wray. Colorado ENGINEERING Kappa Sigma. HlffTT, DONNA DORIS Boatrice. AGRICULTURE Ttssc;s. Home Economics Asaocia tion, treasurer; Phi Upsilon Omt ' cion: Y.W-C.A Cobinet; flg Eicecu tive Board, Fanner ' s Fair Board u K i; HILL. ALETHEA Hastings TEACHERS Alpha Xi Delta HOLCOMB, MARIAN ELAINE Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Phi Delta; Palladion Literary Society HOLLAND. MILDRED ELOISE Lincoln TEACHERS Delta Delta Delta; Y.W.C.A. Cabi- net. Tassels. HILL, BETTY JAYNE Syracuse (WTS AND saENCES Coed Counsotef; YW.Ca. Q ' L A HOLLMAN, MARY CAROLYN Omaha TEACHERS Sigma Kappa, president; Kappdx Phi. president; Y.W.C A. Page 107 :rT ' rt 9 1 i m$4 i fm-ti t HOLMES, CLFllRE Rock Springs. Wyoming PHARMftCY Pharmaceutical Club; Kappa Ep- silon. i; K ♦; E p JACKSON, MflRTHfl LOUISE Lincoln TEACHERS Fhi Mu, Tankslerettes, president, Sports Board. W.A A JflCOBSON, CPiRL E. Tecumseh ENGINEERING Acacia. JEflRY, BflRBflRA Lincoln ARTS BND SCIENCES nipha Chi Omega, Y.W.C.fl., Freshman Cabinet. JENSEN, DON ALBERT Lincoln ENGINEERING Alpha Tau Omega. • JOHN, WILLIAM E. Elmwood BUSINESS fiDMINISTRflTION Delta Sigma Pi, KAUFFMAN, SARA ANNE Lincoln BUSINESS flDMINlSTRRTlON ' ■Ita Zela; Gamma Alpha Chi; Coed Counselor. Y.W C fl KELLY, MARTIN T. Grand Island BUSINESS fiDMINISTRflTION JEFFERY, WILLIAM S. Stiomsburg ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Sigma. JOHNSON, DELOS LESTER Newman Grove AGRICULTURE Block and Bridle. JONES, MARY ELIZABETH Lincoln TEACHERS Comma Phi Beta, Pan- Hellenic Council. KERL, DEAN MARTIN West Point ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Sigma. KERR, H HARPER Akron, Iowa ARTS AND SCIENCES ?SS3 f w mmA KIFNHOLZ. MfiRY LLIZflDETH Piotto. Soulh Dakola TERCHEHS Alpha Phi • KILBUCK. KflTHERINE HENRY Mood Riv r Or gon TEflCHEHS nipha Chi Om»qa: Co«d Counaalor; Y w cn KIN ' ; ( ' ■I nun c. Alpha Gomma Hho KUNGMflN. GLENN C Chappvll nORICULTURE Barb Council lnt»rclub Counci " Cornhuikcr Countryman " . bu i n u manogat; Four-H Club KOSER. DOROTHY C Omaha fiCRlCULTURi: Gamma Phi B«ta. Vesper Choir. Y WCfi V KOSMfiN. RICHARD Omaha BUSINESS fiDMINISTRfiTION Delia Upeilon: R O T C . second lieutenant. " B " team lootball KRfiSNE. MURIEL T Tremont TEACHERS Sigma Delia Tau; Coed Counselor 2. 3; Y W C A stall 2 3, Tassels 2. 3: " Cornhusker " . studio editor 3. Pally Nobraskan . ROTC. sponsor. KURTZ. RICHARD JOLLY Trenton. Missouri TrflCHFRS KOTOUC MARIE LOUISE Humboldt BUSINFSS ADMINISTRATION Kappa Kappa Gamma W A A Council, treasurer: Coed Counselor Y W C A Cabinet. ROTC spon- sor, Chi Delta Phi KRALIK. WM FRANCIS Weston LAW Phi Sigma Kappa; Corn Cobs KREUGER. LENORD Wallace ARTS AND SCIENCES. lOURNALISM Tau Kappa Epsilon: Debate: Corn Cobs, " Daily Nebraskan " : Delta Sigma Rho, Sigma Delta Chi. KUSKA, DONALD E. Fairmont ENGINEERING Engineering Executive Board. ASAE., president; Comenius Club LflDEGARD. THELMA C Sidney ■ nCHEHS :; Coed Coun- Y W C ft. LAPP, HELEN Lincoln AGRICULTURE MAY flllAa LARSON, ARTHUR WILLIAM .N ' ewman Grove J■. iGI EEf I ;G Gamma hho A S fl.E.. HOT ' " ' ;• LASHINSKY, ROSflLYi ' ; Lincoln ARTS AND SCILfiCES Sigma Delta Tau, Vestals ot Lamp, Alpha Lambda Pe.- :i Sigma Alpha. LEMMON, I. GRANT Fort Omaha ARTS AND SCIENCES D«lla Upsilon. Pershing Hifles. heulenant LARSON. DOROTHY EILENE Omaha BUSINESS ADMlNiSTRftTlO ), Aiphfl Xi Delta, president; Pcmlfel- en c Council prestdenl. ROTC. sponsor. vss - the LEFFERDINK, ELIZABETH R ' jaa nGRiCULTUfi[ Kappa appa Gair. rr;-: M. LEFTWICH JEAN ELIZABETH St. Paul flHTS AND SCIENCES Ki: pa Aiphn TSwfa. Iirst LINCH, W. HOWARD Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Upeilon; " Cornhusker " , c sistanl business manager LINVILLE, ELEANOR JEANNE Odell AGRICULTURE Coed Counselor; Home Econom Association; Y.W.C.A. u fv h C Page 109 _ _»I ' -V7. _i ' JT«J mam ,sil c o R H U S K E R LITTLE, IflMES D. Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Lambda Chi filpha; Corn Cobs; econd lieutenant. OCKE, JANE HELENE Omaha BUSINESS flDMINlSTRfiTION Kappa filpba Theia. Phi G i Thsjo. f -lOUKOTfl, MflMlE ROSE " ' Exeter TEACHERS Comeni c L A S ol LIVELY, HELEN MflE Wymore ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Xi Delta; Vesper Choir LIVINGSTONE, EMflRETTfl N. Martell AGRICULTURE Delta Zeta; Ganima Home Economics Y W.C.A. Alpha Chi, Association; McDowell, Virginia marie Hardy TEACHERS " i Alplia Delta Theta. presldeni Kappa Phi, University Chorus. McQuillan, prances e. Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Pi Sigma Alpha; Y.W.C.A. MABEUS, AUDREY M. Randolph BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Kappa Ph); Y.W.CA. MflGEE, BETTY LOU Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Alpha Theta; Tassels, treas- urer 3; Coed Counselor Board, vice- president, president 3; Junior-Senior Prom Committee; Panhellenic Coun- cil; Y.WC.A MflGEE. RUTH LOUISE Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Gamma; Sigma Alpha Iota, vice-president; Tassels; Student Council; " Daily Nebraslcan " Slafl, society editor; Coed Counselor. MAHAFFEY, RAY FRANKLIN Hamlet MflRR, JULIA M Norfolk BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION TEACHERS Pi Kappa Alpha. Kappa Phi. MAIOR, FRANCES Decatur MARSDEN, JOSEPHINE Lincoln AGRICULTURE ARTS AND SCIENCES • Delta Gamma. MARSHALL, FRANCES M • Arlington ARTS AND SCIENCES MARVIN, JEAN ALICE Delta Gamma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Coed Counselor; YW.C.fl. staff. • MARTZ. ROBERT RUSSEL ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Mu Epsi- Ion; Palladian, Tassels; Coed Coun- selor; Y W.C.A. Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MATZ, FRANCES LILLIAI Delia Upsilon. Kosmet Klub; Corn Cohs: " Cornhusker " Staff, trater- nit editor; Junior-Senior Prom Committee; Alpha Kappa Psi. Sioux City, Iowa TEACHERS Page 110 mm RZa M» MAXWELL. EDfl CLARE Si loawph Mtasoun BUSINESS nDMINISTHOTION Pi Bala Phi MEHLHflF, lEflN Suilon TEfiCHERS Gamma Phi B«la MILLER GRACE BERNfiDINE Omaha TEflCHERS y.wcft MILLS, DORIS MflRGflRET Lincoln ftGRlCULTURE D Ua Z«la. Kapa Phi: Horn Eco- nomics Club- MENERflY. MARY lANICC Council Blulla. Iowa TEflCHEHS Alpha Omicron Pi Mu Phi Ep«ilon: Y W C fi V..p«r Choir • MEYERS. HENRY Omaha ORTS OND SCIENCES D«lta Upailon. MILLS, WEB Omaha ARTS AND SCIENCES Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Kosmcl Klub Corn Cobs. pr«tid«nl. " Daily No- braskan " . assistant business man- ager. |unior-S nior Prom Commill • MILNE. GEORGE Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Upsilon. MINOR. RUTH ANN Medicine Hal. Alberta Canada ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Chi Omega Delta Phi Delta. Y WC A MONTGOMERY. MARTHA E Central City AGRICULTURE Delta Gamma: Home Economics Club MOONEY, PANSY Franklin TEACHERS Pi Beta Phi president MORITZ. AUSTIN H Nshowka BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ' ■ ' -..f-a Psi Inlerclub Coun- ;-?Dt, Corn Cobs, vtce- S:-dent Pubiicolion Soard: Barb Counol. MOSEMfl i. ALBERT H. Oakiani flaRlCUl.TL, ' HE; Farm House: ilipha 2e:a Bjock and Bridle Club Trt-K Club secretary- treasurer: Student Council ftg Executive Board. Four-H Club. secretary. Farmers Formai, c man oger. ' Cornhusker Countryman agnculture editor. Junior-SdDior Prom Committee. MONSON, PAUL Osceola AGRICULTURE Delta Upsilon. MOODIE, PLINY West Point LAW Delta Upsilon. MOORE, THYRA Minden PHARMACY Pharmaceutical Club; Kappa Epsi- lon. MORROW, MARTHA ANN Merna TEACHESS Alpha Lambda Delta; A WS Board. Tassels, secretary; Bcrb H W S Board, choirnsan; Co i Counselor; Tankslerettes. MOSKOVITZ, LUCILLE G. Omaha ARTS AND SCIENCES. lOUHNflUSM Y WC A. MULLIKIN. ALENE Chester TEACHERS Delta Delta Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta, Tassels; Y WC A . Freshman Commissions leader. MOTL, ROSALIE HELEN Mullen TEACHERS Chi Omega. Tossals; Y.W.C Cabinet. StLid«m CouncU. MULLIN, MARY EUNICE Blair TEACHERS Kappa Alpha Theta A W S. NAVIAUX, PHILLIP LOUIS Lexington AGRICULTURE Delta Tau Delta; Block ar. : R.O.T.C. u Page 111 i N h U K F; NELSON, WINIFRED M. Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Chi Omega: Panhellenic Scholarship Award; Student Coun- cil; Y.W.C.A, Cabinet, president: Coed Couneelor; Alpha Lambda Delta, president. NICHOLS, MflRGflRET Beatrice ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Gamma. % J}OOTZ, HAROLD ' Lincoln NICKLES, JEANNE Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Phi Delta; Art Club; Y.W.C.A jSS 5 uncoil. ireSSig Rifles, National.. Stall; filrha Phi Omega. %s. pVACEK, AGNESE CAROL Milligan AGRICULTURE Ifllpha Lambda Delta; Phi Upsiion Omicjon; Ag Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, secrclaiy; Home Eco- nomics Board; Coed Counselor. Alpha Y.W.C THEORfl E Wisiier TflCHERS Omega: " TcKsers. RO.T.C.. sponsor: Alpha Lambda Delta :; iSSf ■ OMEN, CHARLENE Red Oak, lowc TEACHERS Alpha Phi. OWEN, EDWARD FRED Omaha BUSINESS flDMINlSTRATION Sigma Alpha Epsilon; R.O.T.C.. second heulenont. PARKS, NEIL Ashland BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Sigma Phi; Alpha Kappa Psi A Palmyra TEACHERS, MUSIC ima Alpha lotu Y.W C A QRCUTT, ARLEH - Lincoln TEACHERS Alpha Xi Delia I OXNAM, PHILIP Omaha ARTS AND SCIENCES Beta Theta Pi: Phi Tau Thela PASCOE, PEGGY ELIZABETH Fremont AGRICULTURE Chi Omega; RO.T.C. , sponsor; Col-Agri-Fun Board; Home Eco- nomics Association. O, O ' - PATTERSON, REX C. Central City BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Beta Theta Pi. • PAUL, JAMES RICHARD Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Beta Theta Pi. PENNINGTON, JANE Wymore ARTS AND SCIENCi:S Alpha Xi Delta. Y.W.C. ft.; Tassels. • PENNYBAKER, ANNABELLE L. Kansas City, Missouri ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Alpha Theta. PAULSON, HUBERT OSCAR Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Nu-Meds; R.O.T.C. Band; German Club. PEERY, HAROLD A. Omaha BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Nu. • PETERSON, MAURICE L. Lincoln AGRICULTURE Faimr House; Tri-K Club; Four-H Club; Y.M.C.A. PETERSON, STANLEY S. Fremont ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Tau Omega. Page 112 ■ ■ .t-tlLJkJU-i«J " H " l l l mmmm .. PKIXPS. GUY THURSTON HHTS UN ' ' ■■■ ' " ' ■ •■■ ' ' • PLACE. GEORGE E Lincoln ORTS AND SCIENCES Mcacia Th ta Nu, i M«ds. pr«sid nl. Pvrthmg Hitl Cup. ' • arahip HwaiJ • PUGSLEY. WILLIfiM O G«no i BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Kappa Psi. • RAPflLEE. RUTH LEE Yankton. South Dakota ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Kappa Gamma. " Corn- husk.r ■; Y.W.C A. REED. MflRSTON Torrington. Wyommg ARTS AND SCIENCES Delta Upsilon REILLY. CHARLES EDGAR JR Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Beta Thela Pi. Pershing Ritles. P Y A . .TS PRATT. LILLARD E Himng City AGRICULTURE Farm Hous ; Poultry fudging Team : REDDISH. ROBERT OWEN Alliance ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Tau Omega; " Dally Ne- braikan " , newt editor; Cheer Leader. REDWOOD. ALICE MARY EalU City ARTS AND SCIENCES Delia Omicron. vice president, Y.W C A ; Groat Cathedral Choir REICHSTADT, PAUL RICHARD Omaha BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Nu. REYNOLDS, PAULINE Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Omicron Pi. RIDDLE, OGDEN C. Bortley fiGRICULTURE ■ . president; D. ice presi- Hoord. t ' " is- V M C ft ; Cofrihuiite: Sto: RIST. MARI r: Kurafcolit TEACHERS , rvita DoJkj Deltas ' -- t« man al ' RIPA, EVELYN DOROTHY Wilber TEACHERS ROGERS, ELEffiNbR ft Yorlc ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Alpha Theta ROBEBTUS, HENRY. IR, Bridgeport tS HMD SCIENCES C ' Plje I - - ' -t Th«!a Pbi, cs-- --ROSKER. yELEN CAR? Lincotb BV? ' " ' " ' ■••- " -■ ' ' ■•■• Phi C Execur A. ha Lord ROWLAND. BETTY Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Chi Omega: ROTC sponsor X ROTHF.RY. HELEr; MAY Omoho fihTS mt SCiLNCES SACKETT. WILLIAM Omaha BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Upsilon. SADLE. MARIAN ELIZABETH Lincoln BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Kappa Phi. AO(5 Page 113 - ,i m4 h i w f- » » (» BH " SflIN, DICK M. Olean, New York. ARTS AND SCIENCES Omega. SALTHOUSE, WIRT C. Salina, Kansas ARTS AND SCIENCES Beta Thela Pi. SANDERS, LEON HERNING Superior ENGINEERING fl.S.M.E.: Barb Interclub Council; R.OT.C. Band, Pi Mu Epsilon. SCHftPER, LUCILE flRLENE Broken Bow THflCHEhS ri OiQicron. , SCHMflDEKE, LESTER W. AGRICULTURE : Block and Bridle. SPflNGLER, JOAN Fremont TEACHERS Kappa Alpha Theta. STEENBURG, EDMUND fl. Aurora ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Tau Omega. Pago 114 M ■ - i, u n 11 ifeiji STEUTEVILLE, FLORENCF E South Stoux Cily TEflCHERS Alpha Xi Dalta Olpha Lambda D«ha PonhalUnic Council STEWftRT. LANSING Had Oak Iowa BUSINESS nDMINISTROTION STRINGER. BETTY LOU Omaha TEACHERS nipho Phi. Y W C . Orch.sia. • STUVE. GEORGENE Lincoln BRGRICULTURE Alpha Chi, Y W C A STEWftRT » ' fi " v pRisciLLn MCES I ' M.ri.,,u..;.M Kappa D lla W A A Council. O Council Y W C A STONE, lEftN Omaha TEACHERS D lta Z«la. praiidant. Coed Con ••lor; TauaU. Panhellonic Counc SUMMERS. CLARENCE E Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES. JOURNflLISM Phi Gamma D«lia; P«r»hing Riflo Ri(l« Team • SUNSTROM. HERBERT E Plallsmouih ARTS AND SCIENCES lOURNflMSM Delta Upsilon; ROTC., Ii«ul9nant. SWENSON, SfiMUEL ft. Wausa ARTS AND SCIENCES Dalta Upsilon. Nu-Mads. president Thela Nu. vice-president. ROTC Band. Gamma Lambda. Nu-Med News, associate editor. TfiNTON. CHARLES RAE Denver, Colorado BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Kappa Sigmaj " Awgwan " Staff business manager; " Cornhusker ' staff. " DaiW Nebroskan ■ Staff ■ Corn Cobs. VAN BOS SK, OL!V Lmcdfo flGRICULTORE Zela Tau Alpha. Tasr- Economics Associa ' VOGLER. JOHN R Scotlsblull ENGINEERING Phi Gamma Delta. A I E E ROTC. second lieutenant. Persh ing Rilles; Rille Club TINSTMAN, " flLLEN L. rairbury BUSt iESS ftDMJNISTRSTION ROT C . second Iseuti THYGESON, RUTH Nebrasia City AHTS ANO SCflENCES Kappa GamoJOi R O TO " Cornhuskat " " Staii VON BERGEN, DORIS Dawson BUSINESS flDMINISTRflTION Detta Delta Delta. Lincr ' n BUSINESS flDN ' Sigma Nu. Kor-me " ■ Junior Class Prosi i-.t, ' . L: :■ bate Cup. lunior-Senicr Committee Daily Nebrasic Slati. Corn Cobs. Page US ♦ Tt f « f f-MiM A ' WAGNER, WILMA Creston TEACHERS Delia Zeta; Panhellenic Elementary Club. Council; WALCOTT, JANE R. Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Kappa Kappa Gamma; Theta Sigma Phi; Tassels; " Daily Nebraskan " , news editor; Coed Counselor; Y.W.C.fl.; Junior-Senior Prom Com- mittee, co-chairman; Student Union Committee. WILLIAMS, DOROTHY S; Pcmi TEACHERS Alpha Chi Om a WEBSTER. FRED SHANNON Lincoln AND SCIENCES Pi; Theta Nu: " N " Club. WERTZ, JOHN D. Chappell BUSINESS flDMINISTRflTlON Sigma Nu. Vtdener, beI y TEACHERS Chi Omeao, WILSON, HENRIETTA MflE Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Gamma Phi Beta; Y.W.C.A. WINQUEST, KflTHRYN J. Holdrege TEACHERS Chi Omega; Tassels; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet. WOLCOTT, JONATHAN A. Denver, Colorado ARTS AND SCIENCES eta Theta Pi; Pershing Rifles; Lincoln Cathedral Choir. • WOODRUFF, RALPH S. Grand Island ARTS AND SCIENCES Chi Phi, ROTC. Band. " Daily Nebraskan " . YORK, HENRIETTA THERESE Scoltsblult ARTS AND SCIENCES Alpha Chi Omega: Delta Omicron. • YOUMANS, NEAL DELOS Minatare ARTS AND SCIENCES Sigma Chi WOOLF, RALEIGH Lincoln ARTS AND SCIENCES Sigma Alpha Mu. • WUESTER, BLANCHE Home, Kansas ARTS AND SCIENCES Chi Omega • YOUNG, DOLORES Lincoln AGRICULTURE Delta Gamma. • YUNGBLUT, JANET LUCILE Lincoln AGRICULTURE Kappa Delta; Sigma Eta Chi. Pacic llfi mma n mew BOOK FIVE ACTIVITIES - M ' M f ' M. ' 5S PUBLICATIONS Pago 118 PUBLICATION BOARD FACULTY MEMBERS PROF. G. C WALKER Chairman PROF. H E BRADFORD lOHN K. SELLECK PROF. H. A. BENGSTON PROF. I E. LAWRENCE STUDENT MEMBERS AUSTIN H MORITZ ELMER SCHEELE FRANK I KUDRNA MAKING a very generous contri- bution of $10,000 to the new Student Union building, the Stu- dent Publications Board recently at- tracted more attention to itself than ever before since its creation. Usu- ally its activities are merely of a routine nature, such as selecting students for major publication posi- tions, a duty given them by the Board of Regents some twenty- five years ago. This Board of five faculty and three student members has the power to appoint and to force resig- nation, if necessary, of the editors and the business managers of the three prominent University of Ne- braska publications, the " flw- gwan, " " The Daily Nebraskan, " and the " Comhusker. " It also has supervision over the editorial and financial policies, through the di- rector of the School of Journalism and a member of the financial staff. Representing the student body on the Board are one sophomore, one junior, and a senior, who are elected each year by popular vote. The five faculty members are appointed for an indefinite period by the Board of Regents from the faculty as a whole, from the School of Journal- ism, and from the finance office. Top Bow Moniz, Scheole, Kudrna Bottom How Prot Bradlord, Prof Walker Sol!»c!t Pro! Bongston, Page 119 atS.ef?A»t-ygJ i iH M M i !!!!!IIR fit x «6«» THE 1937 CORNHUSKER WILLIAM MfiRSH Editor EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-chief V ILLIflM W. MARSH Managing Editors RICHARD S. BROWN WILLIAM CLAYTON Senior Editors VIRGINIA CHAIN ELAINE SHONKA Junior Editor WINFIELD ELIflS Sorority Editor BARBARA SELLECK Fraternity Editor ROBERT MARTZ Administration Editors LUCILLE HUTTON BETTY VAN HORNE Women ' s Organization Editor PATRICIA LAHR Men ' s Organization Editor KERMIT HANSEN Index Editor ROBERT GANNON Military JOHN J Studio Editors MURIEL KRAS DON BOEH Women ' s Sports Editors ROSALIE MOTL JOSEPHINE RUBNITZ Men ' s Sports Editors PHILIP SOUTHWIC K MORRIS LIP? Assistant Managing Editors HAROLD LEDFORD EVELYN TAYLOR Staff Photographers STANLEY BREWSTER BERT HARTZELL GEORGE ROSEN Editorial Assistants RUTH RAPALEE EVA JANE SINCLAIR JANE SAWYER OGDEN RIDDLE RICHARD BROWN WILLIAM CLAYTON Managing Editors The " Cornhusker " has taken upon itself the task of recording the major events of 1936-37 for as many phases of univer- sity life as is possible to include in its limited pages. Each write-up, then, has for its main theme the most important event that particular or- ganization has experi- enced during the year. Little attention has been given to the past history of the organizations, fl change in the layout of the book has placed the pictorial record of the year first, for it is the prime purpose of the yearbook to act as his- torian for the year. Through these and other changes, the staff has tried to make Volume 31 an annual of interest to every student. Top Row. Jarmin, Hartzell, Hansen, Gannon, Riddle, Lahr. Third Row: Clizbe, Jensen, Sinclair, Rubnitz, Elias. Brewster, Hullon. Weyer Second Row: Krasne, Bernstein, Hosen, Hollister, Thygeson, Rapalee. Van Home Bottom Row: Selleck, Shonka, Clayton, Marsh, Brown. Chain, Martz Boehm. Page 120 aPV HV THE 1937 CORNHUSKER ESS STAFF Business Manager flRTON BAKER II usinoss Managers DflVID BERNSTEIN W. HOWRRD UNCH Advertising Managers STAN BREWSTER EARL CONSTABLE MAX HORN Circulation Managers FRANK COLEMAN DON MOSS ERIC THOR Butiineas Assistant! JOHN BECKER RAY BROWN LEONARD DUNKER lACK GELLATLY MAX LAKE HAROLD LEDFORD HARRY PROUTY RALPH REED SID C. BAKER Business Manager By the supplication of reader interest in the ad- vertising division of the 1937 " Cornhusker ' , the business staff has rein- 3ugurated a major change in this department of the yearbook this year. The improvement has been that of interspacing cam- pus activity predictions and cartoons among the pages of advertisements. The sale of space has been increased as a re- sult of the opportunities now afforded the adver- tisers in the greatly im- proved media. With the support of such organiza- tions as the Tassels and the Corn Cobs, the staff has established a record for the number of " Corn- huskers " to be published this year. HOWRRD LINCH DAVE BERNSTEIN Assistant Business Managers Top Row Lake. Gel ' atly. Reed, Beclcer. Ledford. Brewster. Second Row Coleman. Constable. Dunker, Brown. Thor, Prouty. Rnfor-. U u C, r f ' ' Hstem. Boker, Linch Mos ' i. Page 121 lmM. -- THE DAILY NEBRflSKflN NEBRflSKflN STAFF— First Semester Editor ARNOLD LEVIN Managing editors GEORGE PIPflL DONALD WAGNER Society editor JANE WALCOTT Sports editor MORRIS LIPP News editors EDWARD MURRAY ELEANOR CLIZBE HELEN PASCOE ROBERT REDDISH THE Daily Nebraskan, although controlled by the Student Publi- cations Board, operates under fac- ulty censorship, and is devoted to the purpose of serving the student body of the university. During the first semester, it took an editorial stand for increased fa- cilities, more instructors, a library, and reformation of university salary scales. In the words of the editor, " It chortled over the realization of the Student Union building dream; wept over the departure of instruc- NEBRASKAN STAFF— Second Semester Editor GEORGE PIPAL Managing editors DONALD WAGNER EDWARD MURRAY Society editor VIRGINIA ANDERSON Sports editor EDMUND STEEVES News editors WILLARD BURNEY HELEN PASCOE MORRIS LIPP lANE WALCOTT BARBARA ROSEWATER HOWARD KAPLAN tors for more lucrative educational fields; and was bruised over Pitts- burgh. " The second term amplified the quest for increased appropriations into a campaign, and sought to pro- mote the interests of the university through personal and publicity con- tacts in the senate. On the campus, it promoted discussions of the pur- pose of higher education, and na- tional issues through editorials, ex- pansion of the Student Pulse col- umns, and support of student forums. ARNOLD LEVIN Editor, First Semester GEORGE PIPAL Editor, Second Semester Fourth Row: Southwick, Englund, Steeves. Niemann, Moore, Griffin, Kaplan, Hopkins, DeBrown, Third Row: Dein. Rosewater, Zelley, Randol, ColHns, Driebus, Churchill, Osborne. Second Row Hill, Blank, Severa. Cocklin, Wicks, Gleason. Clark, F. Steutevitle, M. Steuteville. Bottom Row: Lipp, Birney, Waicolt, Wagner, Levin, Pipal, Pascoe, Murray, Reddish Page 122 TTTTl THE DAILY NEBRflSKAN BUSINESS STAFF Firm Somostvt Buaineaa Manager ROBERT FUNK nssistani Business Managers ROBERT WflDHfiMS WEB MILLS FRANK lOHNSON BUSINESS STAFF Second Somoilor Busineaa Manager ROBERT SHELLENBERG flsnislaril Buninoss Managers ROBERT WflDHfiMS WEB MILLS FRANK lOHNSON WITH change ol business man- agers at the end ol the first semester and the choice ol a new office for the business stall, the li- nancial administration ol the " Daily Nebraskan " has delinitely marked a new trend lor the year 1936-37. The sale ol advertising lor the paper and its circulation are impor- tant lunctions of this staff; however, the work is increased by the main- tenance ol a merchandising depart- ment. Introduced by the business administration was a rotogravure supplement to the paper, the Col- legiate Digest. In addition, an An- alysis ol Campus Markets is pre- pared as an itemized survey of stu- dents ' expense, fl mailing piece, ad- vertising the paper, is to be included this year. Student solicitors for " The Rag " receive both a salary and a commission. ROBERT FUNK Business Manager, First Semester Top Row: Severa. Howe. Hill, Uhn Bollom Row: Michael. lohnson. Funk, Wcidhams ROBERT SHELLENBERG Business Manager, Second Semester Pago 123 _3-!Lttr- J . f m ,} m fm 9 it m f it t9 5HHHB! L£ J_ upvr-» ■ m THE AWGWAN flWGWflN Exchange Staff First Semester HELEN WILLARD Editor Editor WILNA SICKLE LEWIS CflSS BILL WILLIAMS Business Manager Photographers FLOYD BAKER BILL CLAYTON JOHNSTON SNIPES Editorial Staff Business Staff Managing Editor BILL HOLLISTER FRANK KERSENBROCK CHARLES TANTON DICK McGINNIS Women ' s Staff Circulation CAROL CLARK DOROTHY BENTZ RUTH VANATTA HOWARD LINCH Circulation Manager IRENE SELLERS Art Staff Stand Circulation MARVIN ROBINSON Advertising Solicitors Cover Artist CHARLES TANTON LEROY HANSEN DICK McGINNIS EDMUND STEEVES BILL FLOTHOW Gore Staff HELEN FOX Editor ROBERT FENTON ALBERT KJAR Sigma Delta Chi Advisory VIRGINIA GEISTER Board BEVERLY WEAVER ED MURRAY FLORENCE MOSHER ARNOLD LEVIN RITA ALGER WILLARD BURNEY THE " flwgwan " has been the of- ficial humor magazine of the University since its organization in 1912. The publication is sponsored by Sigma Delta Chi, national hon- orary journalistic fraternity, and is issued monthly during the school year. Under the head of cartoonist-edi- tor Lewis Cass, the magazine re- ceived a considerable improvement in appearance, style, and illustra- tion. The publication assumed an editorial voice with the initiation of " The Editorial Whee " page, while two other columns, " We, the Peo- ple, " and, " Campus Mania " carried the burden of editorial comment, fls usual, the ' Gore " column main- tained its popularity and was ably abetted by a theater column, a campus calendar, and short stories. Several changes were made at the beginning of the second semes- ter when BUI Hollister took over the editorship. fl permanent puzzle page with a campus angle was in- augurated along with an " All Amer- ican Humor " page on which the best humor of contemporary college com- ics was featured. Candid camera shots became a definite department of the book. The magazine was made more representative of camp- us humor by drawing on a larger field of contributors and a larger staff. The business staff proved to be unusually competent in obtaining a large number of local and national advertisers. Many of the displays were enhanced by engravings and pictures, a motif which led to the creation of a more attractive fash- ions page and to local firms con- tracting to sponsor candid camera pages. Pago IZi ■ c=-» » « ■ TCaL. •■■ — — Editor WILLIfiM G. HOLLISTER Business Manager CHARLES R TflNTON Managing Edilor HELEN F. WILLflRD Assistant Editor FLORENCE MOSHER Associate Editor ARNOLD LEVIN Associate Editor HELEN FOX Fashions CAROL CLARK DOROTHY GREEN VIRGINIA LEA MURIEL WHITE VIRGINIA GRISWOLD Art MARIORIE HRTTEN CARL ORRIN VIRGINIA GLISTER LEROY HANSEN ROSALIE BREUER JEANNE NICKLES MERL SHOEMAKER Secretarial MARY JEAN WESCOTT FLORENCE FARWELL HELEN JENNINGS BILL WILLIAMS MARGARET MUNGER MARY ARBITMAN Exchanges MARY RUTH SIMPSON MARY JANE BARNES BOB FLORY THE AWGWAN AWGWAN STftFF— Second Samoslor Photographem BERT HflRTZELL BILL CLAYTON ADNA DOBSON Gore EUGENE WOODS WESLEY LIPP ORRIN MARCEY DELORIS BORS MARION KIDD BETTY HILLYER JEAN MEENTZ BEVERLY WEAVER JANET CALDWELL MARY ANNA COCKLE HELEN CATHERINE DAVIS BOB LEADLEY NADINE LUCAS ELLEN FUNDER RITA ALGER MARION MAGEE Business DICK McGINNIS Assistant Business Manager DOUGLAS HALL Assistant Business Manager AL KJAR JOE STEVENS THANE DAVIS DICK SPANGLER CARROLL GAREY TED DOYLE DENVER GREY JOHN MILLER LEONARD FRIEDEL BOB RAY Cass. Hollister, Baker, Tanlon Pago 125 i ' .! " " • »» ' " f«-«AI »««i4i f r t » 5 ' AA -.m| ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The fllumni Association office is campus representative for those 50,000 men and women who at some time in their lives have been students at the University of Ne- braska. In charge of this office is Ray E. Ramsay, secretary of the Association, whose job it is to keep Nebraska graduates in touch with their school. He is responsible to the alumni through their officers and directors elected annually by members of the Alumni Association. This Association is made up of former students wishing to have an active part in promoting the welfare of their University. Regular meetings of their local clubs help them to keep informed on the school ' s needs and problems. They receive the monthly magazine. The Nebraska Alumnus, and are mailed other publications edited in the office on the campus. At present the Alumni Associa- tion is in the midst of a campaign to furnish the new Student Union Building with $75,000 worth of equipment. In the campus office a nev edition of the alumni directory is being completed. It will contain the name and address of every alumnus of the University, and will be mailed to Association members. These are two of the projects de- signed to promote cooperation be- tween the University and her former students. As they are completed other opportunities will arise for the alumni and their University of Ne- braska to work together. The Alumni Association ' s purpose will be to open the door to these opportunities. Student Union Building Page 126 " " - ' ii ALUMNI ASSOCIATION George E, Grimes, ' 18, President Mrs Roy M, Green, 15, Vice-president Ray E Ramsay, ' 28, Seer ' - ' • •• ' iror Ralph L Reeder, Editor Omaha Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln RflY E. RflMSflY Secretar y-treasurer " The fllumnus, " official publica- tion of the fllumni Association, is published each month during the school year, and is sent to each sub- scribing alumnus. Every issue fea- tures interesting articles by and about alumni of the University. Commentaries on current events by members of the faculty, and articles about the campus and administra- tion of the University are usually found among the pages of the " fllumnus. " Close contact is kept with each member of the associa- tion, and through this medium the magazine finds itself in a position of ever having ample material to fill its pages. The financing of the magazine is handled through sub- scriptions and advertising, national and local. This year, the " fllumnus " published a supplement to the mag- azine. It took the form of a tabloid- size, four-page newspaper, and re- printed material from the " Daily Ne- braskan " and down-town newspa- pers pertaining to football games, and appeared each Monday follow- ing the games. Pags 127 f » ' ) «f»l f f rfJ .l» kA J«-. nil t_ L£.J_ .kt r,i NEBRASKA BLUE PRINT EDITORIAL STAFF General Manager HERBERT M. REICHERT Editor LOWELL NEWMYER Staii DICK DENNIS G. K. GILLflN I. L. KING H. fl. LflNGSTON FRANCIS LIBERSHAL PAUL LINDSTEDT JOHN MOSTROM C. H. MURPHY V. H. PAULSON W. A. SCHULTZ BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager EMANUEL A, OLSON Staif CHARLES ADELSECK BARTON BERG HAROLD BISHOP MARVIN DRAKE L V. GIRARDOT HAROLD HAFNER GEORGE HEIKES G. R. JAMESON LOUIS LUNDSTROM BRUCE WYMAN THE Nebraska Blue Print, maga- zine published monthly by the Engineering College, has had an en- viable reputation as a departmental publication. Not only has this re- view had the largest circulation in several years, but it received this year high ratings by national as- sociations of Engineers. Aims of the journal are to create contacts between members of the college and experience in writing for publications. Three articles, writ- ten by students for the Blue Print, were reprinted in the Science Di- gest. The staff has the opportunity to enter this year ' s national competi- tion for the T. E. N. Cup. This is awarded to the outstanding under- graduate engineering publication on the basis of excellence of editorials, scientific merit, and general compo- sition. fln extensive student and alumni subscription drive during the fall acquired information to be used as a key in the probable installation of a blanket tax in the Engineer ' s Col- lege. Top Row: Gillan, Lundstrom, Ltndstedt, Libershal, Berg. Second Row: Bishop, Schultz, Hafner, Langston, King, lameson. Bottom Row: Paulson, Newmyer, Reichert, Mostrom, Dennis. II t Pago 128 - " ■ " " ;: r a i PRAIRIE SCHOONER LOWRY C. WIMBERLY Editor EDITORIAL STflfT Editor LOWRY C WIMBERLY flaaociate Edilora rnCDCRICK L CMRISTENSEN PLflRL lOnN COSGRfiVC EDITH GROBMflNN MAURICE O lOHNSOn LOUISE PERRY MARTIN S PETERSON RUSSELL T PRESCOTT GRACE OWENS Contributing Editors GILBERT H DOANE LOREN C EISELEY Honorary Editors R P CRAWFORD I E LEROSSIGNOL JOHN G NEIHARDT THOMAS M RAYSOR ROBERT D SCOTT GAYLE C. WALKER BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager LYLE C riTCH Circulation Manager FLORENCE MOSHER THE " Prairie Schooner " is an out- let for literary work in the University of Neoraska and a me- dium for the publication of the finest writing of the prairie country. It has been the starting point of such important writers as Marie Sandoz, biographer; filbert Halper, novelist; and Helene Margaret, poet. Contributions to the magazine come from the world over; the majority, however, are from the Middle West. Regular features of the magazine are its Crossroads, a collection o! poems; Bibliana, a commentary on recent books; and the Ox Cart, an editorial column by Editor L. C. Wimberly. Nineteen thirty-seven saw the first decade in the history of the " Prairie Schooner " pass. The first issue ap- peared in the early months of 1927, and since that time the magazine has grown to average ninety-four pages It is sponsored by the Word- smith Chapter of Sigma Upsilon. national literary fraternity, and is published with the aid of the Uni- versity of Nebraska. Tl PFflFIE SCUCCUB nOTNOn TO HON t u ll piAsrtM. •«i(v.« LETTIH moM Hxr TAX ON nc HEUHS nicMA5 ttnuoom iMvimir PFflFIE SCUCCUB IC5T LLAVT. W » lHOAfl VISm tli llOMt TO» ' ' l LMNC« V Kt) IKJIUnO ALU ooTT »wn;. TTifa»AP»» T « coftowaojn »o t 5Tn J PFflFIC " SCFCCUfi PC K T C OM ni MARK Homo on n» i or. 1U«C» «AK£« IIAVINC rvtui. fucm sm cntu jwi OAV AT nc KACH PFflFIE SCUCCIIEF •.l.i« ' J ■ ( fwn () i»» Tf»» H«rt W,ife,wt • OwMrr TW Hwin rona TW Pnvto ScfnoMr Tx Yran Paqo 129 :je . Md.i2.t r « «.i I . . _C : M I L I A R Y Paoe 130 Military Department Staff Top Row Sims. Lewis. Schafer. Nelson. Holtman. Parker. Damon Second Row: Smith, Farris, Hough, Wood, Show, Grove, Richardson, McGimsoy. Bottom Row Philp. Green, Barkalow, Oury. Horon, Ayolle. Myers, COLONEL W, H OURY Commandant of Cadets DEPflRTMENTflL PERSONNEL COLONEL WILLIAM H OURY U S fl ,Ret MAJOR CHARLES E SPEER Infantry MAJOR R G BARKALOW Field Artillery MAJOR JOHN P. HORAN Infantry MAJOR JOHN U. AYOTTE Infantry MAJOR JESSE P GREEN Infantry MAJOR WILLIAM R PHILP Field Artillery MAJOR SELIM W. MYERS Infantry MAJOR JOHN A SHAW Infantry MAJOR WALTER A WOOD Engineers CAPTAIN C C HOUGH Engineers CAPTAIN WILLIAM R GROVE Field Artillery COLONEL F. A KIDWELL US A , Ret TECH. SERGEANT W. L RICHARDSON DE M L STAFF SERGEANT C F. McGIMSEY D E M L SERGEANT HOMER D FARRIS DE M L SERGEANT CARL E. HOFFMAN D E.M.L SERGEANT NELS M NELSON DEML SERGEANT REMOND SCHAFER DEM L PRIVATE Icl R B. DAMON DE.ML. PRIVATE Icl. JACK LEWIS DE.ML PRIVATE Icl AARON A LONG D EM L PRIVATE Icl. J. R. PARKER DEML PRIVATE Icl H. L. SIMS DEML PRIVATE Icl. WILLIAM M. SMITH . DEML MISS EVA LITTRELL .. Secretary THE permanent staff of army offi- cers stationed at the University of Nebraska forms the nucleus around which is built the entire system of military training. Two years of ele- mentary basic drill is required of men students which may be follow- ed by an optional two-year course of advanced training in military sci- ence. The advanced course includes a commission as a cadet officer and attendance in summer camp at Fort Crook for the Infantry and at Fort Riley for the members of the Field Artillery and the Engineers. Upon completion of the four years of train- ing the student is commissioned a second lieutenant in the Officers ' Reserve Corps. Colonel W. H. Oury, the Com- mandant of Cadets, is a graduate of the University of Nebraska. He served with distinction in the Span- ish-American War and the World War, and has done much to further the interests of the Reserve Officers ' Training Corps at the University. Page 131 • ' • JL ' f ' f , ..LX Regimentdl Staff Jarmin, Ernst, English, Drummond, Howard. Colonel, Commanding Regiment .- Lieut. Colonel, Regimental Adjutant Major, Regimental S-L Mojor, Regimental S-2 GEORGE EAGER . JOHN E. JflRMIN DWflYNE D. ERNST ...LOWELL ENGLISH Major, Regimental S-3 Major, Regimental S-4 CHARLES B. DRUMMOND OLIVER G. HOWARD GEORGE EAGER Cadet Colonel THE regimental Staff is composed of the the executive officers of the cadet regiment. It performs many- functions, having the greater share of tlie responsibility of the Military Ball, the annual social event spon- sored by the military department; the company inspections which cover squad, platoon, and company drill; the Cadet Officers ' Banquet, a traditional event at which many prominent guests are present; pa- rades, in which the entire cadet corps participates; and the annual Compet, in which individuals, pla- toons, and companies vie for honors. The regimental staff also aids in promoting interest in the military de- partment among the student body, creates and fosters esprit d ' corps in the regiment, secures harmony among the officers, and insures ful- filment of the duties of the various cadets. During inc lement weather, the staff held meetings for the cadet officers for instruction and review of tactics and command. The respon- sibility of success in any enterprise sponsored by the department is fixed with the staff in that each member has his designated and special duties to perform. The po- sitions on the staff are appointed at the beginning of each school year by the regular officers in charge of the department. Page 132 MM L. Sponsors Club Top How Skans, Anderson, Mocney. Cooper. Hewitt, Walcott. Bredthauer. neaion. Third Row Sloll. Brown, Willis, H. Pascoe, Heaney, Pulliam, Sellers, Thygoson. Second Row; Stava. Blair, flgncw. Van Home, Chapelow, Geister, Kotouc. Omen, Widner, Bottom Row. Holland, McDowell, Krasne, P. Pascoe, Bioady, Brackett, Doty, Lahr, Davis, Anderson. MARY YODER Honorary Colonel MARION ROLLflND Regimental Sponsor SPONSORS Regimental Sponsor Infantry Unit Sponsor Field Artillery Unit Sponsor Engineers Unit Sponsor First Battalion Second Battalion Third Battalion Field Artillery Battalior. Engineer Battalion Company A, Inf Company B, Inf Company C, Inf Company D, Inf Company E. Inf Company F, Inf Company G, Inf MARION ROLLAND lEAN DOTY JANE BRACKETT PATRICIA LAHR ELIZABETH BROADY BETTY McDowell MARCIA JACKSON IRENE HAHN MILDRED HOLLAND June Butler, Jean Willis Ruth Fulton, Marceline Brown Doris Andrews, Margaret McKay Eleanor Compton, Helen Hewitt Ruth Thygeson. Irene Sellers Betty Widener, Wilma Pulliam Betty Rowland, Edith Eason Company H. Inf Company I, Inf. Company K, Inf Company L. Inf Company M, Inf Company A, Erg Company B. Eng Company C. Eng Company D, Eng Battery A, F A Battery B, F. A Battery C. F A Hdqs. Battery, F Band, Freshman Varsity Pershing Rifles A Virginia Anderson, Charlene Omen Betty Magee. Inez Haney Marjorie Bannister, Dorothy Chapelow Jane Walcott, Patricia Scott Margaret Munger, Virginia Foster Betty Van Horn, Elinor Farrell Pansy Mooney, Marie Kotouc Susan StoU. Coral Schmidt Corrine Smith, Carolyn Skans Lois Cooper, Genevieve Agnew Mary Heaton. Jane Sawyer Dorothy Clark, Virginia Geister Holop Pascoe, Estelle E Bredthauer -Helen Catherine Davis Peggy Pascoe Muriel Krasne Page 133 i •. -vA - mmmit ♦ ' ■f « r t • (V V 1 I. Engineers Battalion Staff H H H H H H i i B H vnH B ' H H H H H " It H B ' H IP . K B H HI MIH 1 . iri r iK HP ' LiiL J H B H L_ - Ai " " CHv «. s B p - nn k mhm .. K H - rHU . l m kfl BBirBiBiiv aBi P PIflH i l BlflftW " ff fc lt ' y flijflF yB c Top Row: Fulton, Teeple, Jones. Bottom Row: Miller, Parker, Manion, McGinnis. lOHN PARKER Lieutenant Colonel ' T ' HE Corps of Engineers is one of • ' ■ the two new units which was authorized by the War Department for the University of Nebraska late in 1935. This unit is composed of a battalion consisting of a staff and four lettered companies. It is com- manded by a lieutenant colonel. This battalion has participated with the rest of the Cadet Corps in the annual Armistice Day parade and the Military Ball. Because of the lack of facilities and room, the unit has had to limit its training to drill and theoretical Lieutenant Colonel, Commanding.. Major, Executive Officer. .-. . Captain, Adjutant.. . Captain, Company fl Captain, Company fl Captain, Company B Captain, Company C Captain, Company D JOHN PARKER ... .WILLIAM C. MILLER RICHARD MANION GALEN lONES ORVILLE HUTCHINSON ROBERT TEEPLE JAMES R. FULTON KENNETH T. McGINNIS work. The basic training is similar to that of the Infantry. The basic engineers drill, study musketry, the automatic rifle, machine gun, sani- tation, first aid, map reading, and the international situation. The ad- vanced students study engineering as it applies to warfare, that is, building bridges, demolition, fortifi- cations, trenches, emplacements, and obstacles. In addition to this they have their drill classes in which they learn the various cere- monies and above all to be leaders of men. II Pago 134 ii Company A, Engineers «Lt I f f f f t t • f j ■ ■% 5 " 1 1 f f f f f .t •. ;f ;f. ..♦ f: f. Top Row Wolvin, Parris. Polorsen, Rahn, Oliver. Bogncr, Nau. Wiley, Lindholm. Witlmann, Kuska. Norris. Lyon. Sixth Row: Millon. Weddel. Ward, Kohler. Meixel, Lundgren, Nunns. Wilsoi, Sunderman, Floranco, Roach, Connett, Lewis. Parkinson. Filth Row Blecha, Silverman, Stewart, Buckendorl, Newburn, Smith. Wilson, Notlelmunn, Whitehead, Kaplan, Yalle, Sutton Miller, Michael, McCall Fourth Row Zepp, Tomes, Thompson, Ray, Roberts, Korllang. Cberline. Redman. Fauss, Kouba. Nor- gaard, Sinton, Upton, Townsley, Wallen, Trover. Third Row: Kiester, Kuehn, Sleinkrauss, Tilgner. Gruber, Maurer, Slogel, Schoenberg. Unzicker, Yordy, Knoell, Polly, Terry, Kalina, Reans, Prai, Second Row Starkey, Nourse, fldams, Dalton, Gaughan, Burns, Wood. Parker, lones. Hough, Farril. Johnson, Brawn, Rohrich, Douglas. Bottom Row Voss. Housloy, GanI, Michaelis. Zuick. Krejci, Smith. Planer, Patrick, Ray, Lumpkin, Kilmer, Munter, FIRST SEMESTER GflLEN JONES PETE BURNS CHARLES F. LONG JOHN ANDERSON JOSEPH ROHRICH BERNARD J, DALTON. OFFICERS Captain, Commanding Captain Captain Captain First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Sergeant SECOND SEMESTER ORVILLE HUTCHINSON PETE BURNS I F COLE RICHARD JOHNSON ELMER GAUGHAN JOSEPH ROHRICH J. ENSLOW PERSONNEL Sergeants Robert B. Douglas Neal E Starkey Gerald J Adams Robert W. Nourse Earl E Maurer Clarence R Kuehn Arthur D. Wolvin Jack N. Wilson Clifford E Thompson Arthur E Blecha Leonard J. Gruber L. H Buckendorf Corporals Lloyd E Fauss Donald G Housley Robert P Conett Eugene M Patrick Carter Gant Kirk B Florance Harold W Prai William B. Peterson John C Parkinson Roland D. Michaelis Charles R. Eberline Privates Norbert B Bogner Bernard J. Dalton Edwin C. Kalina Granum Kaplan William L. Kiester Floyd Kilmer Melvin W. Knoell Fred E. Kohler William F. Kortlang Delore L Kouba Anton J Krejci Norman Kuska Francis J. Lawler Donald L. Lewis Alvin T. Lindholm Frank K. Lumpkin Richard J. Lundgren Louis L. Lyon Clarence C. McCall George D. Meixel Lowell W Michael Clifford J Miller Don A. Million Ernest L. Munter Howard O. Nov Floyd A Newburn Ormond Norgaard Clifford F. Norris John F. Nottlemann Edgar D. Nunns Andrew Oliver David F. Olson Robert H. Parris Andrew Pattulo Will J Pilner Elvin M. Planer Percy B. Polly Edward D Powers Manford J. Rahn George H. Ray Wayne L. Ray Harry B Reams Kane H Redman David A Rooch Charles A. Roberts Russell E. Ryan Joseph S Schoenberg Dale L Schroder Robert K Silverman Waller Sinlon Philip W. Slagel Robert H. Smith Robert L Smith Walter Sleinkrauss Donald A. Stewart Howard Sunderman Bernard F. Sutton Richard M. Terry Irving J. Tilgner Reynold G. Tomes James R Townsley Jack O. Trover James R. Unzicker L R. Upton Dale H. Voss Floyd J. Wallen J. C Ward Joe D. Weddel Oliver S White Howard G Whitehead Ellon R Wiley Robert O Wilson Dale L Wise Marvin O Witlmann Irvin Yaffe Richard R Yoady Clarence L Zepp Alvin J. Zuck Pago 13S y T t f V, - rS-i r L • E L Li mm j-L - r »TS | Company B, Engineers Top Row Busacker, Berg. Harm, Crosson, Thompson, Van Nortwick, Beckiord. Olmsted, Rathjen, Lund, Mead, Ostwald, Spuhler. Fifth Row: Siemsen, Stuhr, Kraft, MacDonald, Bailey, Johnson, Willis, Glenn, Moody, Koskan, Bramel, Nelson, Watson, Waltz. Fourth Row Faytinger, Sedlacek, Pappas, King. Garrison, Powell. Malone, Hermanson, Yates, Brown. Cannon, Daub. Welte, Larson. Third Row: Hanson, Cochrane. Koch, Gembala, Davis, Slagle, Schwab, Eis. Goodman. Sove, Kyckel- hahn, Leisy, Calnon, Rogers. Second Row: Good, Kammerlohr, Kreischer, McGowen, Sampson, Toole, Zeman, Ward, Epp, Dyer, York, Horstman, Eshelman, Comstock, Bottom Row: Loetterle, Edwards, Richardson. Hearing, Manion, Clausson, Wood, Teeple, Hough, Robert, Anderson, Lasher, Phelps, Scott, Tiedeman. OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER ROBERT TEEPLE... ELMER CLflUSSEN JOHN ROBERTS RICHARD JOHNSON PHIL LASER HAROLD HEARING ARTHUR W. VOSS. . THOMAS M. EDWARDS Captain, Commanding Captain Captain Captain First Lieutenant ...First Lieutenant -First Lieutenant First Sergeant SECOND SEMESTER ROBERT TEEPLE ELMER CLAUSSEN JOHN ROBERTS ]. POPISIL PERSONNEL Sergeants Frank E. Phelps Frank M, Scott Frank R, Loetterle Elmer E. Glenn John W. Toole William J. Tiedeman Robert Larson Harold G. Busacker Martin L. Siemsen Corporals Harold J Daub Russell E. Ryan Edwin C. Sedlacek Nathan Kraft Walter S Spuhler Robert R. King Robert T. Moody J. W. MacDonald George A. Garrison Jess S. Goodman Privates Raymond C. Bailey Lawrence D. Beckord Glen V. Berg William E. Bramel Harold P. Brehm Robert C. Brown Jack F. Calnon Craigh Cannon William T. Cochrane James F, Comstock Raymond L. Crosson Tyndale E. Davis Doyle B Dyer Thomas M. Edwards Frederick G. Eis Arthur R. Epp Philip V Eshelman Richard D, Faytings Edward D. Gembala John I. Good Howard F. Hanson Paul W. Harm Donald L. Hermanson Dale E. Harstman Harold P. Johnson Donald K. Jones Harry W, Kammerlohr Paul H, Koch Paul F. Kaskan Pete Kreischer Donald Kyckelhahn Robert C. Lacalli Irvin O, Leisy Robert W. Lund Leo F. McGowen Thomas F. Malone Clifford Mead Harold R Nelson Wilfred M Olmstead Richard Ostwald Chris Pappas Ronald F Peterson Ernest H. Powell Herbert A Rathjen Merrell G. Rogers Harold R. Sampson Melvin G. Schwab Charles Slagle Norman W, Sove Ralph W. Stuhr Loren E. Thompson David E. Van Nortwick Allen P. Waltz Leroy G. Ward James R. Watson Howard Welte J Vern Willis Max E, Yates James A. York John A. Zeman Leo J. Zurouski Pago 136 I ' T i WDf » m n m. Company C, Engineers ° Su°kovaty. ' ' New5er ' l ' ' °Compb ' o ' ll ' ' ' ' ' ' ' °° ' " " ' ' - ' nilak. Heiborl, Growl, McGinn,., Anderson, Penrod. nith Row: Koskan, Lovorlon. Filipi, Hemr, Moyer, Owen, Collins, Tiplon, Mack. Polzold. Miller Hultquist ° " 1 ' „ " « ■ ' =f;« ' P ' " ™. Kolinan, Hum, Waugh, Yosl. Greenberger, Martin Farber Erick- son. nelson, uavis. ' Wh°.ord. " Ba ' b or, ' ' 7a ' Ji ' " ek ' ° ' ' " ° ' ' ° " - ' ' ' ' " ' " " ' ° " " " ' ° " ' " ' " = " « ' ' ' ° ' ' " ' ' ' " - " " 8 ° " " - • " whitmoTe, HardSn,,S)awlin|s° " " ' " " ° " " " - " " ' ° ' ' ' " " ' ' ' " " ' Q " ' " " ' = " " ' ° " ' T ' " " - ' B " dw.n. ' ° ' ' °R .rd7Tho ' ' r;i 3 " Han!y° Tupp ' ef M y. ' " ' " ' ' ' " " ' ' " " ' " ■ Schnoiderwind, Horan, F.l.on, Wood, FIRST SEMESTER JAMES R FULTON SflM FRANCIS LEONARD RASTEDE MARION E. THOMAS ELMER GAUGHAN MORRIS ANDERSON ARTHUR H NEWBERG OFFICERS Captain, Commanding Captain Captain First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Sergeant SECOND SEMESTER JAMES R. FULTON WILLIAM SCHNEIDERWIND FREDERICK WINELAND MARION E. THOMAS PERSONNEL Sergeants Harvey N. Skow William P Haney Jacob C. Ferguson J Allyn May John D. Penrod Leo A. Curtis Eldred L. Collins J. Kent Tupper Ralph Stalbaum Corporals Edward A Mack HoIIard C Moyer Paul A Owen Nick Kostas Robert Counce Robert H Waugh Gordon Tipton Merrill H. Rohrbough Robert K. Langson Privates Edward H. Anderson Robert D. Babson Robert D Bailey Warren E. Baldwin Robert E. Benner Robert J Braun Wilbert R. Brown Edward Campbell Jack C Campbell Earl L. Christensen Robert Cohen John A. Crowl William A. Davis Ezra Ditterline Eugene Doolittle Edward P Eiche John A Ellsworth Loyd R Erickson Wayne T. Farber Paul T. Filipi Henry Greenberger Homer Gwin Leopold D. Harding Ernest F. Heinz Jack C. Helbert Elwood A. Housel John F. Hultquist Marvin L. Hunt Ralph M. Ibata Adolph R Janecek Philip K. Johnson Charles A. Keel Emit Kolman Rufus A. Koerling Allen Koskan William E. Kuska Glen H Krueger Robert K Langson Richard A Leverton Stephen McGinnis Robert D. Mack Alfred W. Martin Leonard Miller Ted H. Nelson Arthur H. Newberg Kenneth O. Olson Francis C Paradise Earl E Petzold Melvin L. Plum Lyle B. Quinn Floyd F. Rawlings Darrell Sauders James B. Scanlon Daniel F Semlak Harvey Skow Robert T. Smith George J. Sukovaty Lester O. Trabert Leo J. Wachter Robert E. Whilford William B. Whitmore Arthur H. Yost Page 137 «A4id»«ti t itkmihi Company D, Engineers Top f.o-.v. Smith, Kleen. Dunlap, Dobbs. Bailey. Chnslensen. Cook, Lewis, Jamison, Ermand, lonas, Betzer, Daugherly, Johnson. Sixth Row: Libershal, Whiie, FuMen, Dowling, Jensen, Clausen, Chevalie, Graham, Barker, Brown, Hitchcock, Petersen, Frink, Hyde, Bake, Berning. Fifth Row; Forrester, Miller, Cadwell, Schellberg, Ericson, Butler, Hueftle, D. Mueller, Gnlfith, Goodale, Hormann, Jensen, Gustin, Davis, Boerdy, Craft. Fourth Row: J. Mueller, Mainey, Biegert, Jensen, Janis. Feldman, Cleaver, Hedges, Johns, Brown, Ehlers, Anderson, Downing, Coombs, Bngnes, Wise, H. Mueller, Third Row: Bacon, Kruse. Dorf, Gallehon, Barton, Barta, Heath, Cassell, Craft, Brehm, Geier, E. Mueller, Frulh, Baker, flit, Dininger. Second Row: Thurber, Gillespie, Harris, Nelson, Kavalec, Hutchinson, Horan, McGinnis, Wood, Cole, Howard, Inay, Gillan, Erickson, Brobst. Bottom Row: Donovan, Housley, Evans, Brownell, Barelas, Ba le, Harnly, Lien, Gibbon, Chittenden, Harlow, Bayer, Homley, Anderson, OFFICERS FIRST SEIVIESTER KENNETH T. McGINNIS- Captain, Commanding ORVILLE HUTCHINSON Captain .. J. FRANK COLE Captain SECOND SEMESTER KENNETH T. McGINNIS CHfiRLES F. LONG Morris Anderson FREDERICK WINELflND JOSEPH KflVELEC QUINTIN QUAY GEORGE K. GILLfl Captain LEONARD F. RASTEDE First Lieutenant H. BARTLING First Lieutenant - R. PARSELL First Lieutenant QUINTIN QUAY First Sergeant PERSONNEL Sergeants William G. Gillespie James F. Harris Erick G. Erickson John M. Brobst Julian W. Bacon Jay O. Richardson Jay W. Forrester Francis M. Libershal Willis W. Biegert John D. Smith Thomas E. Thurber Roland R. Hyde Corporals Gaylord Matzke Paul W. Nelson Donald W. Kruse William W. Berger Marvin H. Kleen Arthur T. Lien David E. Harnly Vearl L. Jensen Woodrow W. Fullen Keith M. Griffith Marvin L, Dorf Bruce J. Clausen Norman H. Miller Privates George C. Aksentoviritz Richard C, Alt Donald D. Anderson Philip C, Anderson Max H. Bailey Joy C. Bake Dean Baker Leonard M. Barker Norman Bordy Warren Bale John Barelos Sigurd M. Barklund Robert L. Barta Francis R, Barton James J, Bayer Robert Bernie George R Betzer Willis H. Brehm Adrian L. Brigner Robert Brown Wilbert R, Brown Robert W. Brownell Leo E. Butler Gains H, Cadwell Donald B. Cassell Eugene P. Chevalier Frederick M, Chittenden Myron A. Christensen Wayne C. Cleaver Wesley F. Cook John A, Coombs Charles F. Craft George P. Craft Melvin J. Daugherty Harold L. Davis Gordon A. Deiminger Donald E. Dey Ermand Sterling L. Dobbs Joseph R. Donovan Jack R. Dowling James D. Downing Harold D. Dunlap Harvey O. Ehiers Carl E. Enison Robert Evans Robert P. Feldman Keith J. Frink Carroll D. Fruth Jacob J, Geier Harold W, Gibbon Gerald K. Gillan Jess S. Goodale James M. Gallehon George W. Graham William E, Gustin George O. Hamley Loraine C. Harlow Hal Heath Winston H, Hedges Richard O. Hitchcock Harold E. Hormann Melvin J. Housley Kurt M, Hiftie Roland Hyde Gredon V. Jamison Eugene Janis Dwayne W. Jensen James B. Jensen Richard L, Johns Robert E, Johnson Donald J. Jonas Clarence A, Lewis Francis S, Mainey Derwick P. Mueller Emil L. Mueller Harley R. Mueller John W, Mueller Richard A. Petersen Don E. Schellberg Roland V. White Clinton M. Wise Page 138 • " .g — . ■ i,:AJba ■ef Infantry Regimetal Staff Top Row M Reynolds. W. Miller, Holland. Campbell Middle Row Reynolds. Taylor, C. Yost. Pavey. Norden, F. Bakei. Bottom Row. S. Baker, Fonda, Bradley, Mueller. Lieutenant Colonel, Executive Officer THEODORE D BRADLEY THEO. D. BRADLEY Lieutenant Colonel Major, Adjutant Major, Commanding, First Battalion Captain, Adjutant, First Battalion Major. Commanding. Second Battalion Captain, Adjutant. Second Battalion Captain, Adjutant. Second Battalion Major, Commanding. Third Battalion Captain, Adjutant, Third Battalion . Captain, Company A Captain, Company B Captain, Company C Captain, Company D Captain, Company E Captain. Company F Captain, Company G Captain, Company H Captain, Company H Captain, Company I Captain, Company K Captain, Company L Captain, Company L Captain, Company M ROBERT K EBY SIDNEY BAKER WILLIAM STENTON GARRET FONDA DONALD DOUGLAS PAUL BOGAN WALDEMAR MUELLER HAROLD DEITEMEYER W AYNE MILLER CARL R. YOST JOHN CAMPBELL KENNETH PAVEY CARL NORDEN MAURICE J. REYNOLDS DON TAYLOR ROBERT HOLLAND GEORGE HUGHES FLOYD BAKER PAUL BANDY CLARENCE SUMMERS VERNON GROVES EDWIN REYNOLDS The Infantry, up until last year, was the only branch of the service that was provided for in the R. O. T. C. at the University of Nebraska. The Infantry is the largest branch of training, and consists of twelve companies whose classrooms center in Nebraska Hall. The two years of basic Infantry drill include a study of musketry, the automatic rifle, ma- chine gun, first aid, map reading, and international problems. Leader- ship, advanced tactics, and work with the 37 mm. gun are, among other things, taught in the advanced course. Senior cadet officers from the Infantry are in charge of drill- ing the basic students of the En- gineers and the Field Artillery until next fall, when the present Juniors of these branches take over the work. Between the Junior and Senior year the advanced Infantry students attend camp at Fort Crook. Page 139 Vh t ■ • ■ r f r • II s . • 1. : t p • -- Ay Company A, Infantry Top Row: CrawJord, Palmer, Bcqardus, Gar.z, fllbrecht. Greenwood. Koock. Murray, Thompson, Enck- son, Meyer. Hoppe, Leilerdink. May. Sixth Row: McKeeinan. F. Anderson. Bolker. Johnson. Panter. Dillow, Sullivan, lawonski, Tyler, Rice, Bradley, Sterner, M. Anderson. Fenstermacher, Williamson, Gross, Lynn. Fifth Row: Singer. Sawyer. Beckwith. E. Anderson, Van De Burg, Wink, Mohler, Ivory, Somer, Daram, Spomer, Heacock, Prouty, Danielson, Grovert, Randall. Fourth Row Pierce. Kassel. Diers. Lawson. Boyes, Evinger. Youngson. Brown. Blessing. Miller. Grimm. Lake. Zatterstrom. Lockhart, Glen. Third Row Hollman. Anderson, Monovitz, McGraw, Olsen, Englund, Taylor, Grossman, Vickery, McGee, Egley, Stoltzman. Sieber, Van Norman. Second Row: Smiley, Bodie. I. Baker, Dworak, Mowbray, S. Baker, Ayotte, Myers, Farris, Miller. Knoll. Brummer. Molzer. Shackeliord, Willey. Bottom Row: Bruner. Stappenbeck. Swonson. Foster. Prochaska. Gould. Simmons. Bodie. Broody, Porter, Werjz, Lauridsen, Malmslen. FIRST SEMESTER WAYNE MILLER ROBERT MOWBRAY.. DELFORD BRUMMER... JASPER G. KNOLL JEROME H. BERGGREN JACK BOSSE JOHN L. DWORAK JOHN C. BAKER OFFICERS Captain, Commanding .. Captain. . Captain. Caplain Captain. . Captain Captain., First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Sergeant. PERSONNEL SECOND SEMESTER WAYNE MILLER ROBERT MOWBRAY DELFORD BRUMMER JASPER G, KNOLL SAM FRANCIS R. D. SHEPARD GERALD HUNT LEWIS MACKflY Sergeants Lynn Thompson Fred Bodie Robert J. Molzer George W. Shackelford Kenneth M. Gould Le Roy D. Willey Richard H. Smiley Thomas R. Pansing James S. Williamson Bert Vickery Corporals George Bruner George E. Goss Paul R. Wertz Robert G. Simmons Lloyd H. Swanson Richard Stopperbeck Harold J. Grovert Cyril D. Sterver John Hoppe James Lauridson Norman Bolker Robert M. Sullivan William D. Quinn Privates William Albrecht Donald L. Anderson Eugene Anderson Forrest E. Anderson Melvin Anderson John C. Baker Harry P. Beckwith Hubert Bogardus Richard C, Blessing Thomas Bodie Carle M. Boyes Paul L. Bradley Jeff Broady Charles E. Brown Lynn Chaffee Francis A. Crawford Alexander Damm Keith N. Danielson Harry S. Kiers Robert Dillon Ernest P. Grossman Fred Egley Merrill W. Englund Howard A. Erickson James M. Evinger Robert Fenstermacher Benjamine L. Foster Dale Ganz Herbert S. Garner Jack B. Glen Scott Greenwood Joseph S. Grimm Robert D. Heacock Hugo Hoffman Robert L. Ivory Florian J. Jawouski Myron Johnson Norris Johnson Robert L. Kassell Max S Lake James E. Lawson Allen J. Lefferdink Gerald Lockhart Millard McGee Wayne McKeeman Keith McGraw Robert Malmsten Albert May Waller Meyer Charles E. Miller Charles I. Mohler Albert W. Monovitz Raymond Murray Kenneth C. Olsen Robert L. Palmer Edward B. Pouter William Pierce George V. Porter William J. Prochaska Harry D. Prouty Raymond Randall Charles W. Rice Paul Roock Chester E, Ryder Frank A. Sawyer Fred C. Sieber Harold Singer Delmar Somer Waldemar Spomer Leslie H. Stoltzman Bowen E. Taylor Ralph W. Tyler Bernard Vandeburg Robert V. Van Norman David Wink Robert Youngson Leonard Zatterstrom Page 140 -- " ■ " Company B, Infantry Top Ro w; Bock, Kuncl, fiukerman, Chaney, Becker. Cramer, Thoenburg, Garvin, Hwlson, Higgina Lamb, Darwin. Filth Row Newburn, Richards, Lerager, Waller, Miller, Eglo, Epping, Bjodslrup, Scoll, Taylor, flndre son, Theobald, Driery. Bouehard. Wolle. Fourth Row Wilson. Kelly. Mather, Hubert, Fox. Fleetwood. Weaver, Lord, Bereuter, Collins. lones Woerner. Dunback. Heed. Third Row Stuart. Cody. Olt. Boeder. Fausch. Armstrong. Newman, fldams. Maixner. Vonman. Pier son. Coy. Harvey, Burback, Wright. Second Row Loveless. Hutchison. Wilkinson. Rees. Salem, Samuelson, lensen, McMahon. Deals Marquardl. Brust. Raber. Deines, Weinberg. Bottom Row Gaines. Brinkman. Peck. Duey, Shasteen. Ledbetter, Richardson, Yost, Davies. Myers E. Yost, Yodei. Whilaker, Smith Gabel FIRST SEMESTER CARL L YOST KENNETH fl DflVISON WILLIAM SCHNEIDERWIND ROBERT L DflVIES BERNARD DE MARS WALTER BLUM KURTH B NELSON LEVERN E. LEDBETTER OFFICERS Captain, Commanding Captain Captain Captain Captain. First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Sergeant SECOND SEMESTER CARL L YOST KENNETH A. DAVISON ROBERT L DAVIES LLOYD FRIEDMAN BERNARD DE MARS KURTH B NELSON HARRY LAPTOOK JOHN C FLANAGAN PERSONNEL Sergeants Robert Shasteen Bob Moose George Seeman Dwight Whitaker Charles L. Smith Dale F. Duey Everett Yost Richard L Peck Bud Yoder Corporals Edward Adams John L Davis Le Roy Clewman Charles G. Salem John M Richard Orville L Hubert Malcolm A Gable Eldo C. Blome Arthur D Raber Privates Warren F Alison William Andreson Richard Armstrong Clyde Aukerman Rudy N. Becker Robert Bereuter Robert M. Bjodslrup Linden Bock Gordon H. Bouchard Allan Brinkman Robert Brust Harry H Burback John D. Cady Don F. Chaney Clark C, Collins Charles Y. Coy Burt C. Cramer Willis A Darv in Claude Deals Stanley G. Deines Ralph W. Drury Deane J. Dunback Ralph W. Egle John B Epping Harold K. Fausch Robert L. Fleetwood Robert Fox Perry T. Gaines Edwin R. Garvin Dale W Higgins John D Hutchison Henry Jensen Donald Jones John P Kelly Adolph J Kuncl Vernon A. Lamb LaVern Ledbetter Arild J. Lerager David C. Lord Joseph C. Loveless Glen E. McMahon Robert McGuire Aloyse H. Maixner Roy Mansfield Dean Morquordt James D. Mather Kenneth Miller Bob Mease Eugene E. Neal Ben A. Newburn LeRoy E. Newman Beverly N. Ott Leslie Pierson A. Grant Reed Dale W. Rees Earl F. Roeder Charles F. Samuelson Robert Seeman Harold A. Scott Robert L Stuart Bayard B. Taylor Clement W. Theobald John C. Thornburg Allen Tibbils John G. Vanmon Alfred K. Walter Phillip H Weaver Joe Weinberg Robert S. Wilkinson Don Wilson Gerald Wolfe Otto Woerner Morris Wright Pago 141 1 ' ►-TT ' • • •♦«M « f lii.l » F r f • (V I Compdny C, Infantry 1 op How; Nelson, Davidson. Hutcherson, Moore, Nye, Thomas, Clark, Bohng, Herrman, Warbnght, Larson, Hiatt. Filth Row: Shirey, McCouley, Youngs, Deger, Hogs. Fahrenbruch, Brooks, Bomemecer, Hosburgh, Holtzingen, Drysdale. Carter Chandler. Fourth Row: Williams, Schram, Tromble, Dennis, Koch, Cooper, Sewell, Wright, Leeding, Underwood, Edwards, Whitney, Glover, Furr. Third Row: Mason, Peters, Larson, Maxwell, Sexton, Anderson, Ekwall, Trobough, Polage, Weidman. Malone, Ryan, Kemist, Jennings, Kingenberg. Second Row: French. Everett, Hawkes, Wages, Johnson, Berggren, Fredenhagen, George, Stanley, Ingram, Luke, Hlava, flrmbruster, Rand. Bottom Row: Deite-meyer, Bock, Ramey, Gilbert, Ayotte, Wittman, Hitchcock, Campbell, Hansen. Farns, Ernst, Blummer, Alexander, Nicholas, Frisch. OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER JOHN M. CAMPBELL Captain, Commanding.. THOMAS DAVIDSON Captain O RLO THOMAS Captain MILTON WITTMAN Captain. HAROLD W, HANSEN Captain.. HARRY A. LAPTOOK First Lieutenant GERALD HANSEN First Lieutenant GILBERT E, DEITEMEYER First Sergeant SECOND SEMESTER JOHN M. CAMPBELL THOMAS DAVIDSON ORLO THOMAS MILTON WITTMAN . . M. D. SCHWEGMAN GERALD HANSEN DALE SMITH PERSONNEL Sergeants Bob Ramey Don Gilbert lohn W. Bock Robert Frisch W. Van Alexander Everett Deger Justin Nickolas B. L. Burris Charles W. Shuey Corporals Chester A. Brooks Richard McClymonI Vernon Stanley Rex R. Chandler Roy Polage Roland H. Bornemeier Floyd French William E. Luke William A. Herrman Frank Johnson Privates Roy A. Anderson Allan Armbruster Leland S. Bergren John W. Bock Dean Boling Bob Burress Archie W. Carpenter Richard W. Carter Rex Chandler Ray H. Clark Edgar Cooper James Davidson Gilbert Deitemeyer Oliver Dennis Richard Drysdale Maurice G. Edwards Kenneth Ekwall Kenneth Fahrenbruck John Fredenhagen Houghton Furr Philip George Robert H. Glover George R. Hakes Richard E. Hiatt Don C. Hitchcock Dean Hlava Everett J. Hoge Kim H. Holtzingen James Hosburgh James Hutcherson William K. Ingram Melvin M. Jenning John E. Keech Fred C. Kiechel Terry L. Kemist Alvin A. Koch George E. Larson Harris Larson Earl R. Leeding Robert G. Malone Fred P. Mason Paul Maxwell Frank M McCauley Corwin Moore Robert Arthur Nelson Robert M. Nye Don Peters Owen Rand Lester J. Ringenberg Carrol Ryan Vernon Schiam Richard R. Sevenson Donald M. Sewell Donald C. Sexton Charles Shuey H. Grant Thomas James Trembly Carl W. Trobaugh Dale E. Tromble Everett G. Turney Robert E. Underwood Eugene N. Wager John M. Waybright Richard T. Weidman William E. Whitney Hugh Thomas William s Lloyd L. Wright Marvin W. Young Pago 142 J Company D, Infantry Top Row Richards. Seism. Matlson. lohnson. Close. Therien, Floodina, Meier, Jacob, Fallman, Simonsen. Graves. Gnllin. Jensen. Sixth Row: Livings, Adams. Scofield, Brodreck, Farrens, Brahmsky, Graf. Schlneter. Schmidt. Soars. Feehan, Porter, Meier. Gorman. Fifth Row Laughlin, Steele. Early. Btonn, Wilkins, Oxnam, Rosenberg. Hall, Decker, Bruner, Naughtin. Petersen. Neumann. Henrtckson. Fourth Row Kuklin. Becker, Townsley. Sholslall, Moon, Rodmore, Milder, UUiedoll. Venell. Newberg. Kearney. Irvin. Smith. Third Row Bonham, Southard, Mangold, Clark. Gantt. Fuehrer. Rawalt, Hadsell. Luke, Gaelh, HiU. Houston, Bstandig. Barles, Anderson. Second Row; Reynolds, Meyers. Richardson, flyotte Howe. Hughes. Pavey. Riggs. Free, Myers, Tullis, Brewster. Kleager, Tisdale. Bottom Row Stryson. Elder, Goetz, Morse. Grassmerck, Gary, Dalton, Taddiken, Coleman. West, Zidell, Rodgers. Kirshenbaum, Burney. FIRST SEMESTER KENNETH PflVEY GEORGE W. HUGHES RflYNOR RIGGS HARRIS HflRTMflN FRANCIS L FREE AXEL ALTBERG HUTTON L. HOWE HENRY F. MEYERS OFFICERS Captain, Commanding Captain Captain Captain Captain First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Sergeant SECOND SEMESTER KLN.-. ' ETH PAVEY RAYNOR RIGGS H. A. BROOKER BEN COOK HUTTON L. HOWE AXEL ALTBERG WALTER BLUM HARLAN D. BENTLEY PERSONNEL Sergeants Ernest O Tullis Stanley M Brewster Clyde L Kleager lames R. Tisdale Lloyd G. Sylvester George E. Meier Dwight Bonham Boyd W. Brown Marlin Reynolds Corporals J. Buell Naughtin Norris E. Flodine William D Groves Clayton I Hohnstein Irving Kuklin Howard C Johnson William A. Goetz George Richards Millard H. Rosenberg Thomas F. Luke Kirk R Rodmore Privates Bonnell H Adams Virgil E Anderson Raymond Baars Donald Bayles Delvan Becker Henry Brokinsky Frank Bjstandig Howard Bruner Gerald A Burney George M. Cory Glen W. Clark Gerald Close Frank Coleman Robert L. Dalton Murlin D. Decker John H. Early Bob L Elder Don Farrens John I Feehan Edwin J Fuehrer John H Gaeth Fulton S. Gautt Lynn C. Gorman Burket E. Graf George L. Grassmueck Robert O Griffin Neal B. Hadsell Robert E Hall Arthur M. Henrickson Arthur E. Hill James M. Houston Dean E. Irvin Henry Jacob Donald D. Jensen Allan A. Kearney Samuel M. Kirshenbaum Earl Laughlin Jerrald D. Lilliedall Waldo E. Livings Charles I Malec Edwin A Mangold Harold A. Mattson Duane Meier Julian Milder Charles R. Moon James Morse Carl A Newberg Robert Newman Philip Oxnam Donald M. Petersen Bill C. Porter Verne P. Rawalt John W. Rogers Richard E Schlueter Elbert Schmidt Albin Seism John Scofield Jack E. Sholstall Quinton L. Simonsen Bryce G. Smith Wilton E. Smith William S Southard Ellsworth Steele Paul S. Stryson Ronald Taddikan Frank P. Tallman Robert C. Therien Hamilton E. Townsley Irvin Venell Bill Wade Summer West Louis P. Wilkins William Zidell Page 143 -t-C A ' ' ' C • l Company E, Infantry «.!% Top How: Leuthauser, hugnes. Younger, Raines, Moore. Kiriey, Bond, Schoenrock, Doty, Glass, Stevens Sixth Row: Benson, Williams, MuUer, Dirks, Templeton, Miller, Boom, Munson, Pries, Newbold, Fuller, Livermore, Shaffer, Egger. Fifth Row: Johnson, Barker, Obermiller, House, Rippi, Brown, Irvin, Laughlin, Griswold, Clarke, Mason, Stuart, Cronk. Fourth Row: Kirk, Pittenger, Podany, Hiekman, Sokol, Ledford, Hart, Folsom, Smith, Romans, Griffin, Proffitt, Lien, Shirley. Third Row: Foltz, Morgan, Rosser, Morris, Voris, Mills, Schock, Alien, fllderson, Ridle, Holtorf, Fred- rickson, Ptlug. Second Row: Birch, Brown, Oelrich, Reed, Matschullat, Norden, Green, Shaw, Rathbun, Heck, Farris, Gish, Sain, Mousel, Nelson. Bottom Row: Tremont, Sadoff, Narguardt, Campbell, Emery, Wiles, Williams, Mastalir, Spealman, Pambrosky, Farrall, Coale, Burt, Bors, Crone. FIRST SEMESTER CARL NORDEN.. CARL MflTSCHULLflT LLOYD FRIEDMAN GRflDEN RATHBUN ROBERT HECK GERALD HUNT RALPH A. REED MARTIN W. OELRICK OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER Captain, Commanding CARL NORDEN Captain. CARL MATSCHULLAT Captain EMMANUEL HEIDENREICH . Captain GLEN C, AYRESS Captain ARTHUR J, ABBOTT Captain .-- .First Lieutenant JOHN N. DAVIS First Lieutenant R R. SKELTON First Sergeant .-. PERSONNEL Sergeants C. William Gish Dick M. Sain flshur M. Mousel William B. Williams Evelle Younger Harold M. Nelson Guy J. Birch John Brownlee Milton Mastalir Corporals Horlowe Clarke Vedder Stevens Leonard Dirks J. L. Laughlin Norman Lien Earl Fredrickson Hans I. Holtorf Clifford C, Livermore Earl Brovirn Harold C. House Privates Shirley Adams Cleo Anderson John Allen Galen Barker Robert C. Benson Floyd Bond Aaron Boom Julian Bors Joe Bunt Charles Campbell Burton V. Coale Woodrow Crone Raymond Cronk Selden Dombrosky Richard Doty Kenneth R. Egger Ember Emery Harold J. Farrall Larry B. Fenton John D. Folsom Robert E. Foltz Claron Fuller Waldo Furman Edsel W. Glass Roy fl. Griffin Joseph Griswold Edwin Hart Chester Hickman Bill W. Hughes Bob M. Irwin Robert H. Johnson Edward J. Kirby George H. Kirk Harold Ledford Norman Leuthauser Jack A. Marquart John E. Miller Robert Mills Arnold E. Mason Arlo Monroe Roland Morgan Donald A, Morris Donald E, Moore Wayne Mullett Donald C. Munson Vernon W. Newbold Irvine A. Obermiller Martin Oelrich William D. Pflug I S Pittenger W. C. Podany John B. Priest Roy Proffitt Max Raines Glenn A. Ridbe Doyle D. Rippe Warren L. Romans Robert J. Rosser Sam A Sadoff E. C. Schirmer Jack K. Schock Carl Schoenrock Thomas Shaffer Otis A. Smith Frank Snapp Leo J. Sokol Evan R. Spealman John Stuart Warren Templeton Frank M. Tremont Maxwell Voris Theo Williams Quentin Wiles I Page 144 tO. A Company F, Infantry Top Row Wads. Wendland. Abbott. Cecil. Schumacher, Moore. Ager. Austin, Mueller. Soukup. Oakley. Beezley. Dus. Sixth Raw Potsch, Thomas. Phillip, Roepe. Jackson. Lutlon, Weaver. Walters, Hyer. Baden Swanson Polsky. Ashby. Lammel. Filth Row Seberg. Colvert, Gleisberg. Stock, Milnar. Burlington, Welton, Druhe, Thrapp, Geesen. Rathbone, Anderson. Shaughnessy, Arrison Fourth Row Schropp. Heimers. Streim. Blome. SmaUdon, Ward, lellrey, Barrett, Walker. Stewart, Coy Moss, iCrause, Klahn. Third Row Launtsen. Kimmerhng. Souders, Morris, Curtiss. Marshall, Bergquist, Stern. Bornemeier, Weber. Moo.-e, Roemmich. Voss, Graham Second Row Case, Perelman. Richardson, Ayotte. Marchand, Bogen, Prohaska, Reynolds. Shepard. Flansburg, Mycs. Raser. Wilke. Wmthroub. Lamb- Bottom Row flUely, Kempthorne. Pock. SchnvoUo, Coll. CorkUl. lezl. Kreuscher. Hamilton. Wilkerson. Allqood, Tetheiow, Bennett, Pfeitl. OFFICERS HKST SEMESTER MAURICE I REYNOLDS CLARENCE F PROHflSKfl ROBERT D SHEPflRD PAUL L. BOGAN CLAUDE FLANSBURG I RUSSELL MARCHAND JAMIE E RETCHLESS lESSE W. RASER Captain, Commanding Captain Captain Captain First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Sergeant SECOND SEMESTER MAURICE F REYNOLDS CLARENCE F PROHASKA VERNON GROVES PHILL LASER CLAUDE FLANSBURG LLOYD R CARDWELL PERSONNEL Sergeants Harold Perelman Lloyd L Thrapp Ernest B Wintroub Grant A Benson Robert W. Case Marion I Slock Fxrest Wilice Kenneth B Lamb Lawrence O Barrett Corporals Donaid H Kellogg Garth A Moore Milton r. Weber Claude D. Lutton Randall H. Colvert lack S Geesen Dan Arrison Franklin Hamilton Willard Peck Vernon L. Blome Preston A. Polsky Privates Marais Abbott James H Ager Ted R. Allely Richard AUgood Elmer A. Anderson James H Armstrong Charles Ashby Howard C. Austin Harold Ayer Wayne F. Baden Neil Beezley Wilber Keith Bennett Harold D Bergquist Wayne Bornemeier James R Burlington Herbert M. Cecil Dor. O Corkill Donald E Coy Eugene H Curtiss Kenneth Druhe Charles F. Dus Floyd H Gleisberg Ben Graham Lloyd H Grimm Carter Gaither Richard Go(( Arthur Grovert Orlo Jackson James Jeffrey James L Jezl James Kempthorne Harry F. Klahn Weldon L Kimmerling John Krause Paul Kreuscher Carl Lauritson Harry Lammel J. William Marshall Leslie F. Menze Clifford F Meivar V illiam Lewis Moore Don Moss Robert Morris George P Mueller Donald L Oakley Dole I Peterson William Pfeilf Clayton L Phillips Melvin J Reimers Wilbur L Reimers Robert L. Roepe Jack Rathbone Herman F. Rohrig Robert E Roemmeick Leonard Schuelle George E Souders Paul Schumacker George C Schrapp George H. Seberg Harold Shaughnessy Ted R Smalldon Francis J. Soukup John Robert Stern Benjamin Streim Eugene W Swanson Warren Arthur Stewart Claude Tetherow Ivan D Thomas Harold H Voss Charles Wade Wilbur Walker Eugene C Walters Harold H Ward Robert Weaver Ted M Welton John P Weudland Curtis F. Wilkerson George W. Young Page 145 r- • » ■ f »}f «» l f f I4fc RHf _ »1 «_ • H I, I I. !SR Company G, Infantry f ♦ f -f 1 t Top Row: Dinsdale, Barnebey. Ball, Seidel, Holies. Nussbaun, Totten, Rassiter, McMillan, Kovanda, Guthery, Duncan, Brune. Sixth Row: Baldridge, Hoadley, Hansen, Schwarlzkopf, Brown letlrey, McCartney, Madgelt, Schroeder, Clark, Reichstadt, Sauer. Fiilh Row: Chatt, Perry, Nicholas, Ludlam, Wiedeman, Whalen, Fellers, Carlson, Pankonin, Luther, Gilbert, Schroder, Broyhill, Peterson, Zabel. Fourth Row: Luckhardt, Giflen, Ord, Maxey, Hdams, Couial, Cram, Heming, Johnson, Dobson, Bender, Bull, Tool, Conner, Brock, Thud Row: Rodgers, McQuillan, Hallgren, SchrofI, Steinouer, Worrell, Tomek, Wahl, Reed, Wekesser Anderson, Lyman, Trumble, Greer. Second Row: Wachter, McGinnis, Wegner, Pllueger, Hershner, Taylor, Hyotte, Meyers, Eby, Farris, King, Wymore, Retchless, Richter, Buchanan. Bottom Row: Shipps, Gather, Jackhoble, Morns, Wolf, Horn, Howard, Berry, Hendry. Gather. Van Home, Roy, Forney, Mack. FIF.ST SEMESTER DON TAYLOR - JOHN HERSHNER FORREST K. MILHflM ]. ROYAL KING E. A. LOETTERLE RALPH ANDERSON DONALD H. WYMORE TED L, PFLUEGER OFFICERS Captain, Commanding- , Captain Captain Captain First Lieutenant- First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Sergeant SECOND SEMESTER DON TAYLOR JOHN HERSHNER FRED G. BLUMMER lEROME H, BERGGREN DONALD H. WYMORE RALPH REED ED W, VAIL KERMIT HANSON PERSONNEL Sergeants Kermit R. Hansen lames C. Buchanan HoIIis C. Richter Charles Brock Robert Jelfrey George A. Rolfes Walter LackhardI Charles A, Bull lohn J. Wachter George T. Dinsdale Leonard Wegner Richard McGinnis Corporals August M Worrell Robert F. Conner Robert B. Hendry William A Kovanda Arthur T. Barnebey Theodore Nassbaum Wallace Totten H, V Ord Clair Rodgers lerome Stenaver C. Lovelle Van Horn Privates lohn F. Adams Oscar I. Anderson AUin Baldridge Louis C, Ball Le Roy M. Bender Henry W. Berry Rodney D. Brown Roy F. Broyhill William J. Brune Raymond E, Carl.son Leslie D. Carter Howard Gather Robert D. Chatt Rollo V. Clark Francis Couial John G. Cram Adna A. Dobson Bruce G. Duncan Arthur R. Fellers Robert W. Fleming Maurice Forney Roy P. Gotch Donald Giffen Frederick C. Gilbert Boyd M. Greer John M- Guthery Frank M. HoUaren Cecil W. Heming Sidney A. Hoadley Thomas C. Horn William W. Hughes Elmer Johnson Winston E. Johnson Vernon P. Koenig Earl Ludlam Walter A. Luther Charles W. Lyman Orlyn M. McCartney Keith C McMillan Thomas McQuillan Jock E. Mack Albert Madgett Frank S. Maxey Francis Morris Victor Nicholas Tom Noble William S, Owen Elwood C. Pankonin William D. Perry Lament Peterson Ted Pflueger Ralph Reed Robert Reichstadt Jack R- Rhoodes Richard Ross E. L. Rossiter Leonard Roy Edward K. Sauer Robert D, Slidel Dale L. Schroder Raymond Schroeder Gilbert Schroll Sam Schwarlzkopf linus L. Shipps Joseph A. Tomek Jean K. Tool Donald H. Trumble Carl C. Wahl Robert A. Wekesser Dean Whalen Gaylord H. Wiedeman Robert E, Wochmer Jean A. Woll Fred Zabel Page 146 TwwwmmmA Compdny H, Infantry Top How Bngner, Munslerman. Carlson, Calllhan, Bdon, Carbon. Thoene. Mowac lt. Hollzendorll, fUhburn. Brush Sixth Row nibertson. Johnson. Brown. Foster, Tanner, fillely. Fautenschlager. flringdale. Clarke. West- (all. fliherton. Eckhard. Becher. Filth How Naber, Wagner. McKee, Shellonberg. Fliesbach. Parker. Hastie, Heubner. Siehl, Hohnstein, Williams. Barth. Heiliger. Wipl. Fourth Row Gannon. Weiler. Stohlman. McDonald. Fate. Olson. Liggett, Simon, flronson. Condon. Schoenauer, McDermott. Carnahan. Stewart. Third Row Sleenburg. Shindo. Campbell. Werner, Cushing. Bailey, Brown, Kubicek. Turner, Carlisle. Cleveland, McDermand. Hodenbeck. Second How H. Milder. Richardson. Shaw. L. Green. Anderl. Berggren. Yost, Holland. Thrasher, Miller. Hansen. Rowand, Green. J. Milder, Kaplan, Bottom Row: Lord, Fisher, Wilkins. Marshall, Smith, Berg. Brown, Yoakum, Friedel, Coopersmilh. Clark. Calhoun, Margaret, nbrahams. HHST SEMESTER ROBERT HOLLflrM ' D EUGENE B. YOST GLEN THRASHER PAUL MILLER LAWRENCE A GREEN CHARLES F. ROWAND HARLAN MILDER OFFICERS Captain, Commanding Captain Captain Captain First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Sergeant SECOND SEMESTER GEORGE W HUGHES EUGENE B YOST VERNON K. ANDERL F, A LIMING HAROLD NEARING ORLANDO HORN .. G. E. WICK PERSONNEL Sergeants Jerome Milder Howard Kaplan Eugene Brigner William Abrahams Robert Gannon Robert Westfall Richard Munsterman lames Sherman Leiand V. Johnson Corporals Joe Klaus Ritchie Clark Lyle Smith Lee Liggett Charles Salem Dale M Bailey Otto Hueber Robert Carnahan Victor E. Shellenburg Jack S Fate Privates Mortimer Aden Charles Albertson Ralph E AUely Boyd E. Aringdale John E, flrouson jack W. Ashburn Harold D. Atherton Donald Barth Robert Becher Forrest Blood John E. Brown Paul F. Brown John H Brush Oliver H. Calhoun Bill Callihan Virgil Campbell Willard R Carlisle Charles L. Carlson Virgil Carlson Jack M Clark Charles Cleveland Robert J. Condon Leonard Coopersmilh Henry Cushing Richard C. DeBrown Emmett Eckhard Stanley Fischer Chester Fleisbach Arthur H Foster Leonard Friedel Thomas E. Hastie Vernon Heiliger Howard G Hohnstein Dale C Hollzendorll Robert W. Kahler Mervin J. Kolell Robert Kubicek Paul H Lautinschlager Roland Lord John S McDermott Robert W. McDermand Varle McDonald Jack McKee John Margaret Horace Marshall Harlan Milder Jack K Naber James Nowacek Wallace OBerg Robert B OKane Donald J. Olson Timothy Parker Fred L Rodenbeck Lyle Schoenauer Kenneth Shindo Jacob M Sichl Donald Simon Edmund Sleenburg Clarence Stewart Ellsworth Stohlman L John Tanner Clement Theobald Richard C Thoene Robert J Turner Paul E Wagner Frances B Weiler Alton Werner Dale W. Wilkins Henry Williams James H. Wipl Wayne Yoakum Page 147 . l.fl ' t ■ fff. i. . A1 »«l l ki iA.: ■ I -a Compdny I, Infantry Top Row: Simpson, Mowb:ay, Weaver, Kinney. Kozeh, Hagelin, V ill.am3on. Eisonilall. Hornbeigei, Johnson, Stilh, Howard, Phillips, Meyer. Sixth Row flUely, Landgren, Searson, Svoboda, Mason, Smalley, Forsberg, Dow, Boren, Shoemaker, Wochner. McCarty, Hendrickson. Fifth Row: Schneider, Miiligan, Floronce, Lighlloot, Thompson, Schuck, Crosbie, Oiler, Warp, Ryan, Graham, Woodard, Kuhl, Stewart, Jackson. Fourth Row: Pusateri. Saunders, Capron, Malone, Pittman, G. Hutson. Haworth, Turkel. Harris, Hall. Kubick, Steinberger, Schrag, Rice, Sorg, Mahlin. Third Row: Grant, Sisson, Campbell, Kinnie, Rainey, Bass, Weingarten, Tool, Elliott, Yost, Steinmeyer, Mohr, Nims, Predraore, Nemetz, Manley. Second Row: Schock, Detner, R. Hutson, Friedeback, Turner, Bradley, Myers, Farris, Baker. Alex- ander, Hartzell, Matieson, Harsch, Jacobs, R. Wolle. Bottom Row: Sweeney, Stuart, Heimer, Taylor, Shamburg, Johnson, Silken, Johnston, Williams. McDonald, Perry, Curtiss, Kuehn, Schwartz, Ekart, McKinley, L. Wolle. FIRST SEMESTER FLOYD BAKER ROSS J. flLEXFlNDER BERT H. HARTZELL ALLflN C. TURNER LELflND HALE JOHN C. FRIEDEBACH FRED MATTESON RICHARD HUTSON OFFICERS Captain, Commanding - Captain .Captain _. Captain ...Captain Captain Captain First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Sergeant. -- PERSONNEL SECOND SEMESTER FLOYD BAKER ROSS J. ALEXANDER BERT H. HARTZELL ALLAN C. TURNER FRANCIS L. FREE GEORGE A. DAVIS SAMUEL MOESSNER ED BIGNELL GEORGE BACON Sergeants Albert L. Detmer William E. Jacobs Roland L. Wolfe Leonard Harsch William T. Harris Leo Eisenstatt James M. McKinley Edward Phillips Evan Z. Hornberger George Steinmeyer George Svoboda Harry A. Searle Corporals Jerome W. Sorg H. Warren Tool Daniel S. Forsberg Leonard H. Harsch Robert E. Johnson Leo Turkel F. J Steinberger Konslant Kozel Donald Nemetz John E. Saunders Robert Kinnie Richard H. Hagelin George Hustson Earl T Sisson Privates James W. AUely Richard C. Barkes John Bass Albert G. Boren Kenneth Campbell John A. Capron Perry Castle James M. Crosbie Howard Curtiss Herbert V. Don Paul I. Ekart Ellis M. Elliott Frank W. Estes Ronald K. Florance Max D. Garrett Shirlec O. Graham Phil E. Grant Lyle C. Hall William P. Haworth Eldon A. Hennrickson Robert M. Howard Lowell W. Jackson Lawrence Johnson Warren E. Johnston Frederick W. Koch Harold T. Kubick Gerald A Kuehn John F. Kuhl Lynn L. Landgren Robert L. Lightloot Hugh W. McCaffrey Floyd R. McCarty Edwin E. McDougel Joseph M. Malone Howard R. Manley Judd Mason Leslie C. Meyer Burdette B. Miiligan Dean Mohr J. William Mowbray Jess L. Nims Royal A. Offer Ralph R. Perry Arnold C. Pittman Frank I. Pusateri James P. Predmore Robert F. Rainey Henry F. Resnick Walter H. Reusch Paul L. Rice Dick N Ryan George W. Schock Harold G. Shrog Harold T. Schneider Sherman Schwartz Edward G. Schuck Earl T. Searson Francis Shamburg Donald B. Shoemaker Nicholas Silken Alva A. Simpson Ivan E. Smalley Raymond H. Steinacher Nerval W. Stewart Myron E. Stith James Stuart William Sweeney Frank G. Taylor Theos J. Thompson Paul fl. Warp William H. Weaver John L. Weingarten Harry W. Williams Kenneth Williamson Robert Wochmer Lynn R. Wolfe Francis O. Woodard Ralph L. Yost Page 148 asB ■ ■L ' i.Tggg Company K, Infantry Top Row Monson. Browning. Barrett, Romigh, Strasheim, Knekeler. Warnemunde, Dunker, Miller, Elliott, McCulloch, Baumann. Klein Sixth Row Trembly, Sloup, Phares, Barr, Enyearl, Dowling, Squiics, Mcltord. Mordgren, Holl. Schneider, Dowding, Hulbert. Goetzo Filth Row Woltort. Glenn Horn. Freeman. Craven. Grubaugh. Spaulding. Kune, Zoesch, Roberts. Clark. Lynn. Ash. Meyer. Donley. Fourth Row. Simmons. Sleeves. Alexander, Pdams, Smith, Gait, Christensen, Baldwin, Krausnick. Anderson, Ayers, Gellatly, Demes, Joyce. Martin Stras. ' er, Hcger Third Row: Kroening, Flofhow, Tudor, King, Gather, Glass, Mallon, Grant, Linn, Hawks, Boeltner, Young, Cope Beniridge, Hermann, Polsky, Second Row Leadley, Slosburg. Ackerman. Shaw, Schwarting, Heidenreich. Meyer, Bandy, Summers. Williams. Swanson. Cnitendvjn. Green. Wolcott, Davis. Bottom Row Staven. Way. Holeman, Farrell. Ka.olan, Pearson, Morrell, Cordes, Wariield, Widman, Heller, Harold, Barnes. FTBST SEMESTER PAUL BANDY FLOYD R MEYER CLARENCE SUMMERS VERN I. WILLIAMS EMANUEL HEIDENREICH VICTOR SCHWARTING JOHN W SWANSON LEWIS MflCKAY WARREN ACKERMAN OFFICERS Captain, Commanding Captain Captain Captain Captain Captain First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Sergeant First Sergeant SECOND SEMESTER PAUL BfliJDY FLOYD R MEYER lOHN W SWANSON CARL DEITEMEYER JOHN FRIEDEBACH WILLIAM C CRITTENDEN JOHN DWORAK CARL ALEXIS WARREN ACKERMAN BERNARD JOHNSTON PERSONNEL Sergeants Ernest White William Davis lohnathan Wolcott Stanley Slosburg leff Warfield Lloyd Malashock lim Elmore Bob Leadley Roy K Barnes George Roberts Robert Flory Herman Polsky Corporals Bud Gather Don Glass Herman Thomas George A Young lack Meyer Pal Ash R D Zoesch William Flothow lames Simmons Edmund Sleeves Milton I. Sloup Privates Warren F. Ackerman Dale M Adams Garold Anderson Robert E Alexander Webster Augustine George K. Ayers Robert Baldwin Vincent E Barrett Carl C Barr Bill Bauer Paul E. Bauman loe C Beveridge Erven Boettner Raymond Brown Carroll S Browning Clifford K. Christensen Robert Clark Theo. C Cordes Laverne E. Cope John A Craven Ben Deines lack R. Donley Billie T Dowding Paul T. Dcwling Leonard Dunker William E. Elliott John R Eugeant Francis Farrell Richard O. Freeman Rupert L Flory lack C Gellathy Pat Glen Rod R Gudgel John Goetze Bruce R. Grant Richard H. Grubaugh Robert Gait Orval O. Hager Manley D. Hawks Raymond M Heilin Harland T Hermann Donald Hill Harry G Holeman William E Horn Max T Hulbert Richard O Joyce Earl Kaplan lames F King Ervine E Klein Elwyn Krausnick Alfred Krekeler Ray F Kroening Clarence C Kunc Richard H. Limm Charles S. McCulloch George C Mallon Robert H Martin Francis Mefford John Mercier Glynn W Miller Nelson P Monson August Morell Llewellyn E. Nordgren Allen H Pearson Roy R Petsch Charles H. Phares Robert H Ray Wesley W Roberts Philip Romigh Harold D Rundle Orin D Schneider Oak Smith Donald E Spaulding [oseph Stegner Robert S Squires Herman Strasheim Richard Strasser Lynn E Trank Joseph C Trembly David B Tudor Emerson V. Way Fred Warnemunde Charles J. Widman Walter C. Wolfert Page 149 mum I .1 ' ii • i 1 ' , . „ r ■• ' Company L, Infantry Top Row Evans, Emnch, Ulueiiholdt, Carney, Hamel, Chapin, Cowger, Pitcaithley, Mohr, Kava:i, Belders, Johns. Fillh Row: Dolling, Byers, Ross. Dowling, Rogers, Campbell, Rankin, Shors, Savener, Trout, Berger, Schewe, Le Gate. Fourth Row. Cleveland, Lyon, Remington, Beck, Brockway, Young, Rector, Zeliey, Letller, Gabus, Hook, Forsiing, Eglehotf, Sommer, Third Row; Potts, Bnggs, lanuiewiez, Honthorn, Graham, Spurlock, Spealman, Votava, Phares, Lewis, Barbo, Neujahr, Rohrig, Turner. Second Row. Miegel. Leavilt, Morgan, Wells, Kellow, Toms, Galyen, Zimmerman, Woofers, Johnson, Kunzman, Mapes. Kanda. Bottom Row Slurdevant, Tyner, McGeachin, Hough, Horan, Meyers, Davis, Frank, Farris, Marsden, Jones, McDowell. FIRST SEMESTER VERNON GROVES PHILIP EVERSON.. CARL W. DEITEMEYER GEORGE fl, DflVIS lOHN ENSLOW CLARENCE MEYERS BERNARD A lOHNSTON OFFICERS Captain, Commanding, Captain Captain Captain First Lieutenant First Lieutenant- First Lieutenant. -- First Lieutenant-. First Lieutenant... First Sergeant . SECOND SEMESTER CLARENCE SUMMERS LELAND HALE I, W. KNIGHT M. F. KNIGHT DON REARDON F. DUANE VANCE GERALD COURTNEY ROBERT McGEACHIN PERSONNEL Sergeants Warner E Marsden Robert L. McGeachin William R. Williams Charles E. Woolery Neil M. Jones Clifford M. Slurdevant Harry A. Tourtelot George G. Tyner C. Robert Weaver Don McDowell Corporals Robert L Trout Frances E. Doolittle Homer R. Johnson Rae H. Legate Gerald L. Lockhardt George N. Lyon Melvin C. Neujahr Richard I Savener Philip L. Southwick E. Richard Stake DeLon P. Turner George Uhrenhaldl Privates Joseph G. Barbo J. Delmar Beck George Beldens Jacques F. Berger Glen W. Briggs Charles E. Brockv ay Julian C. Byers Robert D Campbell Hal Carney Tom Chapin Leiand T. Clare Carl Cleveland George T. Covirger John E. Dalling Don Dowl ing Kenneth H. Eglehoff Roger A. Emrick Robert V. Evans Vernon W. Forsiing Charles H. Gabus James W. Galyen Harlan L. Graham John K. Hamel Ralph L. Hanthorne Melvin Janulewiez Newell D. Jenkins Robert F. Johns Bernard A. Johnston Sam Kanda Lucien C. Karon K. N. Kellow Richard Kunzman David L. Leavitt James Leffler Wendell L. Lewis James M. Liston Sterling Mapes Joseph M. Morgan Charles Miegel Gilbert S. Miller Richard P Mohr Edwin F. Phares Kenneth R Pensill Robert Pitcaithley Stanley R. Patto E. Clair Rankin Gordon Rector Albert F. Remington Harold L. Rogers Herman Rohrig Rex B. Ross Norman E. Scheive Edwin W. Shors Nolan B. Sommer Ernest G. Spealman Ivan C. Spurlock Jack C. Toms De Lon P. Turner George Uhrenholt Ben A. Vatava Dan W. Wells Glenn C. Wootens James S Young Osman Zimmerman Joseph Zeliey Page 150 ww W Company M, Infantry Top How Hiion. iCjar. reigion. Haas, Corn. Hichardson. Krazier, Gilian. lackson, Chain, joncs. Larson, Gleason. Crockett Fitth Row Koehnk«. Crowley. Woods, Peek, Boylston. Oral, Johns, Weber, Earnosl, Rezner, Lipscomb. Johnston. Spencer, Stevens, Shirey. Marms. Fourth Row Fuenmng, Enckson, Miller, Smith. Lechter. Borg. Klose, V irth, Thuman, Mullins, Goiter, Clay, Leonard, Walker, Cashen. Martig, Forburger, Third Row Frese, Hopkins, GnJfing, Doran, Nelscn. Elliott, Doming. McManiis, Lipp. Cutner, Folsom, McNish. Zetterman. Hornby, Harding. Second Row: Byers. Thompson, DeTow, Schlueter. Edgren, Dahlborg. Ripley, Samuelson, Bauer, Gabarron, Ruhter, Farrell, Houtchens. Fox, Dobbins. Bottom Row Cordner. Bacon. Howell, Richardson. flyoUe, Gness. Reynolds, Scott. Spencer. Myers, Besstre. Baer, Hicks, Fuenning, Galch FIRST SEMESTER EDWIN REYNOLDS DON F. GRIESS QUINN SCOTT LLOYD R CflRDWELL KEITH SPENCER DON C HITCHCOCK ROY K SKELTON lOHN HOWELL OFFICERS Captain, Commanding Captain Captain First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Sergeant SECOND SEMESTER EDWIN REYNOLDS QUINN SCOTT DON C. HITCHCOCK KEITH SPENCER LOUIS SCHNEIDER R C. LAWRENCE ROBERT SPOONHOUR FORREST E. WILKE PERSONNEL Sergeants George W. Bacon Rex W Bessire James Baer Paul Fuenning lohn D Anderson Paul I. Bstanding Emil Hanson Thomas Hicks Ted Codner Corporals Robert C. Alien Ralph H Gilian Lyie B Frazier Arthur I Feigion Lawrence D Grilling Loren lackson Carroll Dahlberg Herbert Henman William Hornby Morris Lipp Marvin C. Nelson Privates John E. Boylslon Ray Bauer Robert C Byers Russell M. Cashen Carroll M Clay Harry A. Chaim Bruce Corn James H. Crockett Walter J Crowley Harold I Davidson George W. Dean Philip H Deming Kenneth M Detour Donald W. Dobbins Thomas Doran John H Earnest Robert A Edgren Merrill L Elliott Warren S. Emerson Conrad Erickson Evan F Evans Maurice Farrell Morris E. Folsom Roger W. Forburger John G. Fox Harold H. Frese Gines A. Gabarron Roy P. Gatch Roland E Gleason Werner Goiter Laurence W. Gral Floyd Green Dwan P Green Robert J. Gutru Emmett Haas Junior Harding Frederick Hawkins Ralph Hopkins Stanley Hotchers Gordon Jones Dale M Johns Robert A Johnston Albert Kjar George Klose Francis Koehnke James Larson Patrick Leonard Harvey Lichtenberg Robert Lipscomb William McManus J Hammond McNish Louis Marms William Marlig Eugene Miller Robert Mullins Charles Peek Jack D. Rezner Lyle Ruhter John A Ripley Robert Samuelson Carl Schleuter Paul F. Shirey R James Smith Bill Spencer Thaddeus Stevens Jack Thompson Dean Thuman LeRoy Walker Robert Weber Bill Wade Arlo Wirth Mark Woods Val R. Zetterman Page ISI «AttfMiti .l Field Artillery Battalion Staff Pcc-l. Hobart. H ' JtIon, Olson, Tacobson, fldcms. FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER ALBERT PEARL . Lieutenant Colonel Commanding. RODNEY D. BERTRflMSON RODNEY D, BERTRflMSON Major Executive Officer ROBERT HUTTON Captain, Adjutant GORDON HOBART Captain, Battery Headquarter. " , VINCENT JflCOBSON Captain, Battery A . CLARENCE OLSON Captain, Battery ft JACK A McKINZIE Captain, Battery B. . SAM H, ADAMS Captain, Battery C ROBERT HUTTON Captain, Battery C CLAYTON ANKENY ALBERT PEARL Lieutenant Colonel RODNEY BERTRflMSON Lieutenant Colonel This unit was authorized by the War Department late in 1935. The regular artillery contingent consists of three officers and eight enlisted men. The equipment consists of a complete truck-drawn battery of French 75 m. m. guns. Such a bat- tery is composed of eight cannon and sixteen motor vehicles. The unit is housed in a new building on the campus at the College of Agri- culture, and affords ideal accommo- dations for student instruction. Five hundred is the maximum number of students which can be trained with the available equipment. This in- cludes all students taking basic and advanced courses. It is organized, at present, on the basis of one bat- talion consisting of four complete batteries. Students find the training exceed- ingly interesting because of its great diversification. The basic students are instructed to fulfill the capacities of cannoneer, truck-driver, tele- phone and switchboard operator, and operators of such instruments as range-finders, B. C. telescopes, etc. The advance students receive train- ing covering the actual preparation and conduct of artillery fire, with special attention to training in the development of initiative and leader- ship. They also are given instruc- tion in the operation and mainten- ance of truck fleets. This spring, the advanced students will drive the trucks of their own unit to Fort Riley, Kansas, for their summer camp of firing and maneuvers. It is no won- der that student interest is running high in this branch of National De- fense. Page 152 iJmAmA B ■li Headquarters Battery, Field Artillery Top Row Brodrick Knoche. Durne, Hoegormeyor. Selders, lohnson. Mccham, Troakle, Pitner, Quanio McClure. Nestrud, Hansen, Andresen, Sutton. Sixth Row; lones, Revnoldson. Lonnquisl. Snyder. Potter, Schmadeko, Smith, Buchanan, Wiecherl, Currier, Stuhr, Schobert, Robertson, Hockonbach. Braun Filth Row Kuper. Tlanagan. Hammond. Dodge, Wilson, Heim. Morgan, Carmichael. Plants, Westerholl, Sindl, Huenetold. Fourth Row Movrer. Hendrix, Baker, Swanson, Clymer. Shipman. Peterson, Fill. Martin. Endorl, McMillan, Spongier, Third Row Fidlar, Benn. Lambori, F Foral, Pahl, Mcfidams, Umberger, McGill, Essman, Bierman. Barrows. Ciowley. Second Row: Ginsburg. Zook. Webb. Bushman. Grove, Everton, Keiser, lacobson. Smith, Philp, Gray. Williamson. Rippteau, Diedrichsen. Johnson. Bottom Row: Burqe. Wendell, Gonuch, Melton, Klostermeyor, Oshncr, Woila, Doyle, Kainlorlh, Thomp- son, Giistalson, Stonebraker, Mizner. Hougland, Silver. Rousek. Davis, Richmond. Waldin, Mille I Forgl, FIRST SEMESTER VINCENT IflCOBSON ALBERT I KEISER ARTHUR H SMITH FRED C BLUMMER LOREN D, EVERTON LOUIS B BUSHMAN OFFICERS Captain, Commanding Captain Captain First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Sergeant SECOND SEMESTER VINCENT lACOBSON ARTHUR H SMITH LOREN D. EVERTON PERSONNEL Sergeants Elvin Diedricksen Loren Zoolc Wilford E. Stovebreaker Walter Williamson Denver Gray R L Webb loe lohnson Harry Ginsburg Victor McClure Darrell Rippeteau Richard Spongier O. R Stuhr Corporals Lloyd Schmadeke Lawrence I Treakle Louis B Bushman Darrel! L. Braun filbert T. Davis Joseph F Foral Harlan I Knoche Floyd I Mecham Harold M Mizner Maurice M Rainforth Frank C Shipman Verle R. Wendell Privates Andrew J Anderson Montee R. Baker (Gilbert Barrows Harold Benn Quentip H Bierman Bryce C Broderick Everts R. Buchanan Floyd E. Burge Don Carmichael Louis R. Clymer Howard F Crowley Ralph D. Currier Edwin A Dodge Raymond F Doyle lack R Durrie Reuben C I Endorf Stanley F Essman Ralph R Fitz John L. Flanagan Frank G Foral Ivan D Genuchi lessie W. Goble Milton O Gustafson Robert B Hammond John D Hansen Martin D Harris Roy M Harris Harold L Heim Merle E Hendrix Hugo O Hocgermeyer Richard A Hougland Charles A Huenefeld Verlin K lohnson Gordon H Jones Edward C. Klostermeyer Alfred Kuper lean W Lambert lohn D Lauer John H Lonnquist William W McAdams David P McGill Malcolm L McMillan A Hunter Marshall Don O Martin Donald L Mellon Glenn E Miller Melvin T. Mohler Herbert M Morgan Keith E Mowver Lome M Nestrud Harvey A Ochsner Robert E. Pahl Jerome L Peterson Will J Pitlner Roger E Plantz filbert fi Potter Frank K Quante Howard N Reimers Ganis J. Richmond Paul G Robertson Roy Rochenbach Edwin J Rousek Ralph E Schobert firchie fl Selders Leonard Silver Paul H Sindt Jay M Smith Wa ne B Snyder Philip S Sutton Kenneth V Swanson Elvin B. Thompson Glenn L Umberger Charles E Walden Lloyd H Westerholf firthur fi Wiechert Robert G Wilson Pago 153 itrr " - «4vi«»4et l t _i .i tftli L-JLf ' ' - .%...- Wf Battery A, Field Artillery Top Row Hoegermeyer, Smith, McClune, Johnston, Lynn, Buller, Brown, Detmer, Garnick, Barnobey, lohnson, Kuia, Meierhenry. Sixth Row, Regler, Knoflicek, King, Rahn, Christensen, Moore, Frisbie, Lyman, Marcy, Stuart, Schneeflock, Goodding, Moseman, Eichbcrgcr, Fiith Row: Hand, Layson, Gilna, Stout, Moore, Wake, Vehhng, Pleiifer, Dald, Schudel, Hansmire, Thor, Sever, Rolhweli, Fourth Row; Oman, Dreier, Edeal, Metzer, Cunningham, Jones, Rupp, Brinegar, Huebner, Johnson, Lux, Cartmill, Wells, Antes. Third Row: Theobald, Pelkey, Petersen, Vaughn, Munn. Hardy, MacDougall, Reinmiller, Hecox, Christensen, Farwell, Cook, Kreifels, flndiews. Second Row: Schroeder, Draft, Lancaster, Philip, McKinzie, Carroll, Olson, Bertranson, Hamilton, Grove, Salyards, Sanders, Wohin, Reynolds, Miller, Bottom Row: Hamilton, Medaris, Newberry, Hitch, Cook, Short, Cimlel. Mcintosh, Simms, Bevington, Stanek, Stafford, Whitney, Westcott, Smiley, Swan. FIRST SEMESTER CLARENCE OLSON FLOYD CARROLL JACK A McKINZIE ADRIAjNl LYNN HOWARD BAKER ROBERT HAMILTON . JOHN W. SALYARDS OFFICERS Captain, Commanding Captain Captain.. First Lieutenant First Lieutenant- First Lieutenant First Sergeant.. . PERSONNEL SECOND SEMESTER JACK A, McKINZIE FLOYD CARROLL ADRIAN LYNN HOWARD BAKER Sergeants Wilson Andrev s Ben C. Daft Robert Werth Dean Lancaster Willis G. Eichberger Waller A. Schroeder M H. Kreilels Alvin Christensen Paul Fidlar Theo Johnston H. C Reynolds R E Wolvin Corporals William G, Schneeflock Orvin Marcy L, I. Frisbie Ronald Cimlel fl Neil Dawes Clyde Gilna W J Hoegemier Clark L. Moore Harold M. Rahn Bernard M, Reinmiller Ralph B. Smith Russell Stout Privates Harold P. Aater Walker J. Barneby Eldridge Bever Charles E. Bevington Thomas E. Brinegar Rex W. Brown Lawrence Buller Clifford A. Cartmill Alvin Christensen L. V, Christensen Lawrence F. Cook William H. Cook Roger L. Cunningham A. Neil Dawes Arnold F. Detmer Harley N. Do!d August F. Dreier Dean W. Edeal John fl. Farwell Ivan F. Frantz Harold E. Garnick George V, Goodding C. Hamilton Neil W. Hand Donald R. Hardy Leo I. Hansmire Eugene Hecox Melvin R. Hitch Alfred A. Kuchner Herbert J. lohnson Wallace E. Johnson Willard F. Jones T. fl. King Louis Knoflicek Leonard M. Kula Richard K. Layson Ivan E. Lux Elbert R. Lyman Engaard E. Lynn Harlond A. McClune G. William McDougall William W. Mclntock Maurice E. Medanis Orvin S, Meirhenry Francis R. Metzer Paul E. Miller George E. Moore LaVern L. Moseman Albert Munn Mac E. Newberry Vincent F. Oman Robert D. Pelkey Lawrence Peterson W. R. Peterson Russell L. Pfeiffer Russell K. Regler Verne C. Reynuldson Robert L. Rothwell Robert G. Rupp James G. Sauders Harold L. Schudel Norris W. Short Howard F. Simms Wayne Smiley Francis D. Stafford Millard J. Stanek Wilfred Stuart George D. Swan Dale A. Theobald Eric P. Thor Marvin L. Vaughn Raymond F. Vehling Lawrence L. Wake Wesley E. Wells Lawrence D. Westcott Fred R. Whitney Julius E. Woita Pugo 154 • JilUf ' Battery B, Field Artillery Jlllllii ii : i L t. Top Row Selway. Boslaugh. Slinc. Rilidon, Wach, Glanlz. Koacock, Pierco. Heller. Worcetter Cheat Drelbus. Sixth Row Heminoton Bartz. Cooksley. Gousman, Cronk Evans, Salzman, Rippen. Stewart Thackor Peterson, Camp, Chapin. Filth Row Dixon, Weibel. Wertman, Rabeler. Godeken, Essam, Holer.ian. Harms. Maxwell Anderson Hush, Braasch. Cruise, Fourth Row Simpson, lelinok, Mautcr. Anderson. Irwin. Spears. Carlson, Van findol. Prollilt Derr Frei. Dunlap. Manderscheid, Skinn er. Third Row lohnston, Christensen. locobson. Ruge. Wrieth. Frazeur. Fiser. Roeser Sherwood. Fahrenbruch. Cushing. Gritzner. Sorrell, Ronne. Second Row McClurg. Epperson, Wilson, Robb. Philp. Shaw, fldams, Chittenden. Clino. Grove. Spurlock McNaughten. Schwartzman. Sherman. Lamperl. Bottom Row Young. McCorkmdale, Krebslach. Berg. Smith. Hamlcy. Arnold. Pappas. Hanson Mayno Rand. Tapper, white. FIRST SEMESTER SflM H ADAMS EDWARD C CHITTENDEN NORMAN I SHAW WILLIAM D GREEN WILLIAM B CLINE ELVIN A ROBB OFFICERS Captain. Commanding Captain Captain First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Sergeant SECOND SEMESTER SAM H ADAMS EDWARD C. CHITTENDEN NORMAN J SHAW WILLIAM B. CLINE HARRY A EPPERSON PERSONNEL Sergeants H A Epperson Lyman Spurlock John F. Mayne Pat C McNaughton Robert E McCIurg, Jr. Claude S Wilson Lauren Lampert Jesse T. Frazeur Orville C Hansen Charles Bartz Richard Evans Aaron Sherman Corporals La Rue S Sorrell Donald I Gonzales Alex W Rabeler Edwin F Wach Stanton E Selway Walton R Anderson Tom Cushing Lyie C. Gritzner Robert P. Ronne Jess Skinner Howard A Weibel C Edward Wertman Robert W White Francis H Wrieth Privates lames B. Anderson Max Arnold Leslie Boslaugh Ellis H. Brasch Lewis M. Camp Arnold E Carlson James E Chapin Lyle L. Choal Leo C. Coodsley Delbert L. Christensen Leonard W Crank Ray L Cruise John D. Demens Elmer E Dixon Donald H Derr John H Doran Robert R Dreibus Lloyd Dunlap Duane R Es am Robert C Fahenbruch Frank A Fiser Allen F. Frei Howard W. Gadeken Melvin N, Glantz Chester H. Gousman Hal Ford Halsted Ben W Hamley Fred J Harms J Gerow Heocock Raymond H. Heller John Haleman lames M. Hush O James Irwin Harry B. Jacobson Stephen J Jelinek Hugh R Johnston Raymond P Knebsbach William McCorkindale Clifford Mandersheid D Mauter Henry J Maxwell Ernest E Morris William A Pappas Kenneth S. Peterson Austin R Pierce Jonas A Proflitt James O Rard Fred K. Remington Alvin Rippen Ediwvn Rilzdorf Elvyn A Robb Edwin H Raeser Dan A Ruge Herbert Salzman Walter Savidge A Joe Schwartzman J Philip Simpson Jacques S Smith Dale A, Spears Frank E. Stewart Frederick K Stiner Glenn H Thacker Leo M Tupper Sherman Van Andel Dean Worcester Richard B. Young Page I5S « (i«» a Battery C, Field Artillery Top Row; Beins, Hall. Cummins, Denning. Hildebrand. Taylor. O Neill. Anderson. Heikal. Specht. Mcllraur. Malschullot. Blackburn. Sixth Row: Schroeder, Fiorance. Mertz, Thurlle, Loos. Smith. Barnes. Leinberger. Fowler, Furer. Wallace. V. Carter, Eriksen, M. Cartel. Koeloot. Filth Row Reil. Keller. Bixler. Thornton. Hokom, Fowler. Wiley, McRoberts, Peyton, King, Gnllith. Heyne, Kramer, Lord. Fourth Row Bnderstrom, Mann, Olson. Day. Becker. Almond. Campbell, Seide, Heilman, Ownes, Maxey, Clark, Rouse, Jones, Dennis, Oelkers. Third Row McHugh Choulder, Horak, Cameron. Hmton, Larson, Jones, Karnrath, Cheney, Niemann Woods, Hill, Birk, Snell. Hauschild, Miller. Second Row Hansen, Roland, Wilson, Ablott, Stephens, Ankeny, Hutton, Philp, Heinz, Hobert, Cattle, Knox, Anderson, Kudrna. Bottom Row; C. Haynes. Sire. Spehr, Hollman. Millard, Wagnei, Shumow, Kirschner. H. Haynes. Kullerge. Thomson. rmST SEMESTER ROBERT HUTTON I, CHARLES ALEXflNDER CflRI. F. HEINZ.-. CLAYTON ANKENY GEORGE F. HEIKES JOSEPH STEPHENS OFFICERS Captain, Commanding Captain Captain Captain First Lieutenant First Sergeant SECOND SEMESTER CLAYTON ANKENY CARL F. HEINZ GEORGE F. HEIKES PERSONNEL Sergeants Wayne L. Ablott Will iam M. Larson Doane Anderson John W. Cattle Fred Gund Frank Kudrna Eugene Knox Charles Hayne. " ; Edwin E. Wilson William Berg Hodson Hansen Aulton Roland Corporals Albert Blackburn Ray Gaymon Howard B. Jones William Griffith Robert Holland, Jr. Don Gwynne Harry H. Hauschild C Von Heyne Howard H. Hildebrand Howard J. Kommers John L. Loa. " , Fred H. Maxey Eldon Mcllravy Edwin Taylor Eugene M Woods Privates Kingley Almood Gustov Anderson John Barnes John Becker Russell Beins Charles Birk William Braden Gee Cameron Sidney Campbell Max Carter Victor Carter Francis Cheney Dennis Clark Chandler Cobb Harold Coleman Hal Cummins Frank Day Philip Dennis Reuben Denning Melvin Eriksen Kdwin Fiorance David Fowler Charles Fowler Edward Furer John Hall Harold Haynes Robert Heilman Milo Hejkal Clifford Heyne Moiris Hinton Kenneth Hill William Hoffman Lester Hokom Oliver Horak John Orr Jones Willord Kamrath Carl Keller Homer King Aidon Kirschner Theodore Koefoot Lcroy Kramer Kenneth Lord Wilmeth Leinberger John McHugh Kenneth McRoberts Wayne Matschullat Earl Mann Kenneth Millard Glen Miller Austin Mutz Harold E. Niemann Harold Oelkers Robert Olson Ed O ' Neill Lloyd Ough Bruce Owens Charles Otto Lynn Payton Harlan Rief Charles Ruthledge Ormand Schroeder Don Seidel Sheldon Shuman Eugene Sire Earl Snell Moryol Specht Otto Spehr Wesley Stowell Richard Thomson John Thornton George Thurtle William Wagner J. Russell Wallace Russell Weber Stuart Wiley Richard Wood Dean Bixler Fletcher Smith Edward Zahm Pago IS6 .1. -aai mm Top How Z :;-, ::-;-l--:.j, ,:_..--. ; .. ...., . V J_u. Ui. .:;-.j., Third Row Rulh. Kyckclhahn. McBelh. Parsoll. Hutchinson. Second Row Plluegsr. Dolby. Hndsnon. Sprout, Peterson. Toslor. Roltom Row Sirangmaii. Flmmon. Houqh. Thompson, King. Nuernberger Junior Engineers Junior Artillery Robert H flmmon Chester O Anderson Homer Bartling lohn H Bundy Richard Buttery Ed Campbell Thomas Cornell John Cramer Vernon Dalby Willis Foster Franklin Howard lames Hutchison lay King Russell Kyckelhahn Orin McBeth Bernard Niemann Howard Nuernberger Russell Parsell lohn Pease Merle Peterson Frank Phelps Ted Pilueger Joseph Pospisil Paul Rolfes Edward Ruth Truman Spencer Paul Sprout I Clyde Thompson Jack Tonner John Vogler Charles Zeorian Thomas flitken James Anderson Wilson Andrews Howard Austin Robert Beaver William Beachley Melvin Beermann Harry Benjamin Leo Bloom Harold Bookstrom Ivan Borman Arthur Boye Richard Brown James Bunting Frederick Carstens Harlow Clarke William Clayton Woodrow Crone Donald Cunningham Robert Daniell William Diers Glenn Elliott George Ellis William Gish Clare Glandon Fred Gund Jack Haarmann fldelbert Hartman Earl Hedlund Hugh Hiller Jean Jack Ernest Jaeggi DeLos Johnson Charles Jolitz Dean Kerl Edward Kirsch Harry Kivett Joe Klaus Richard Kosman Grant Lemmon Harry Liebers James Little Morrison Loewenstein Gordon McEntire Ray Mahalley Edwin Maxey Floyd Mecham Donald Megahan Claiborne Miller Paul Null Emanuel Olson Edward Owen John Pabst James Paul Lillard Pratt John Richardson George Rolles Robert Ronne Kermit Rosenberg Christopher Sanders Joe Snyder Lyman Spurlock Herbert Sundstrom Robert Thomas Edwin Vanden Bark Edwin Wahl Robert Werth Donald Westover Top Row Boye. fluslin. Wahl. Cunninghom. Snyder, Clayton. Ellis, Jolitz, Diers, Little. Liebers. Third Row Beermann. Bunting. Beaver. Sanders, Carstens, Miller. Pratt. Hitken. Thomas. Lemmon. Hitler, Maxey. Brown. Second Row Beachly, Sundstrom, Anderson, Loewenstein, Sourlock, Richardson, lohnson, Olson, Null, Darnell, Paul, Kerl, Kivett, Bottom Row: Westover, Rosenberg, Hedlund. Bloom, Owen, Haarmann, Benjamin Hartman Megahan laeggi, Vanden Bark, lack Pmo I =,7 A(i »«t l Junior Infantry f All :f f ._ gyS lpI Top Row: Deck. Miegol. Hansen, Stieiler, Skelton, Lipman, Thrasher. Third Row: Dolezal. Redlield. Knz. Bishop. Horn, Kerr, Gray. Second Row; Drenguis. WiUiams. Filch. Weber, fldams, Schwegman. McClonahan, Knight Bottom Row: Boehm. Frank, Nelson. Green. CuUen, Robeilus, Fickhng PERSONNEL Arthur J. Abbott Harry J. fldams Carl Alexis Gene Asmus Howard Austin Robert Avery Elmer Bauer Wilbur Beezley Frank Bennett filbert Benton David Bernstein Chester Bieck Ed Bignell Frank Bishop Fred Bodie Don Boehm John Bottorf Herbert Brian Herman Brooker George Burke All E. Burleigh Bud Gather Darrell G. Chadderdon Gayland Conn Ben Cook Max H. Coover William C. Crittenden George Cullen William Davis Waldo Deck A. L. Detmer Stanley Dolezal John Drenguis Leo Drennan Elvin F. Duerr William Dugan Ronald A. Eklund James Elmore Jack Elson Martin Erck William Farrens William Fickling Walter Fitch John Flanagan Eldon Frank Robert Frisch John Gebbie Donald Goggins Henry Gramann Fred Griffin William Gray Douglas Hall Robert Hansen John Hart Harry Haynie David Heinsheimer Ivan Hershner Orland Horn W. E. Hornby Ralph Hutton Charles Jordon Bruce Kenny Harper Kerr James Knight Milburn Knight Emanuel Kramer Robert Kriz Lawrence Lansing Robert Lawrence Top Row: Wynogod. Dugan. Cook. Place. Brooker, Erck, Stroud. Third How: Simmons, Thompson, Scott, Goggins, Hershner, Bignell, Mills, Sackett. Second Row: Chadderdon, Smith, Vitamvas, Schmid, Naviaux. Nootz, Bieck, Salthouse, Bottom Row V cbDter. Bee. ' ley, Taylor, Lansing Green, Vallery, D, Smith, Duerr. Hutton Liming. il Page 158 Junior Infantry Top Row: Va»l. Pierco. Pfeiier. Moyors. flbbclt. Moessner. Muller. Second Row: Kenny, Linch, Leymaster. White. Elson. Conn, Pollock- Botlom Row Tinslman, Crittenden. Ricky, Green, Wittmann, Van Horn. Farrons. PERSONNEL Glen Leymaster John Liming Howard Linch Lewis Lipman Walter McClanahan lames McClymont Robert Mehring Henry F. Meyers Charles Miegel Ralph Miegel Paul Miller Webster Mills Henry Moeding Samuel Moessner flshur Mousel Richard Muller Phillip Naviaux James Nelson Lawrence Nelson Willis Nelson Harold Nootz John Osborn Gus Peters LaVerne Pleiler Elmer Pierce George Place Gordon Pollock Donald Rearden John Redfield Charles Reilly Paul Rice Len Ricky William Ritchie Henry Robertus William Sackett Wirt Salthouse Edward Schmid Merlin Schwegman George S cott Frank Sears Dale Simmons Roy Skelton Milton Sklemicka Dale Smith Herbert Smith Robert Smith I D. Sorg Robert Stieller Willard Strangman Walter Stroud William H. Taylor Don G. Thompson Irvin Thrasher Alien Tinstman Bishop Toms Edwin Vail loy Vallery J. Duane Vance Max Van Horn Gerald Vitamvas George Vlasnik R. J. Weaver Ralph Weber Fred Webster Bernard White Gideon Wick Harry Williams Richard Wittman Byron Wood Charles D. Wynegar Top Row: Reilly. Brian, Alexis, Vlasnilc, Bennett. Bauer. Peters. Third Row Hctrt. Botlorl. Moeding. McClymonl. Osborn. Hall Second Row Toms. Gebbie. Wood, 1 Nelson. Coover. Lawrence. Rearden. Bottom Row Drcnnam. Haynie, Burleigh, Greo.n, McGrew, L Nelson, Wick, Lklund rSarS .J ' « ' ' 4 ' c j H l - £ IB pti I - .«.. .Jr ' W 1 Page 159 • r r • « I p. • i r .1 » Varsity Band Page 160 CHARLES MINNICH LYMflN SPURLOCK ALBERT W. SCHROEDER CLINTON STURDEVANT STANLEY A. MICHAEL OFFICERS Captain First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant PERSONNEL Eugene Atkins George W. Bacon Charles A. Bartz Ivan W. Bauer Robert W. Beghtol Ralph L. Biggs Dale Bonham Allen E. Bornemeier Lawrence S. Burke Cooper H. Butt William Butt Robert E. Campbell Irvin J. Chamberlain Robert H. Chambers Kenneth B. Clark John C. Collins Earl Constable Lloyd I. Crawford Horace E. Crosby Don E. Desjardien Frank J. Dudek Kenneth D. Eisenhart Wayne A. Enyeart Robert E. Fenlon Harry D. Flory Carroll L. Garrey Robert L. Gates Clarence J. Gerner William G. Gillespie Gilbert R. Golding James L. Gray Larry Greisel Robert F. Hager Donald F- Haley Warren P. Hammel Orville C. Hansen Harold D. Harmon Kenneth H. Heiliger Merle B. Heriford Charles V. Hinman Robert L. Howe Charles E. Hranac Bernard E. Ingram Donald E. Jeffries Howard S. Kaltenborn Myron M. Keim D, Keith Kinsey Arthur W. Larson Phil Kleppinger Eugene Knox Frank J. Kudrna Richard H. Leask William G, Leavitt Francis M. Libershal Robert R McCauley James E. McConchie Marvin J. Maher Raymond E. Matleson John F. Mayne Stanley A. Michael Charles B. Minnich Robert J, Molzer Russell C. Moore Richard J. Murray Frederick M. Nebe Charles A, Nestrud Charles H Norris Hubert O. Paulson Thomas J. Peterson Donald F. Pike Minor D. Plumb Ward H. Powell William L, Pritchard Donald L. Pyles Alex R. Rehrig Donald B. Robinson Leon H. Sanders Albert W. Schroeder Jack O, Scott Tasker B. Sherrill La Rue S. Sorrell Lyman D, Spurlock Adrian M. Srb Cyril M. Stuchlik Clinton E. Slurdevant Lawrence Swedlund Samuel Swenson Maurice Tatelmon Frederick P Thomas Charles W. Tolberl Warren A Trank James C. Welden Richard L. White Leonard J, Williams Emil Wolf ' Ralph S, Woodruff Edwin C Hayes Monte R. Baker Wayne Haverfield -iiur ' L — mim mmrmi Freshman Band »Xi S ly A VERx HOh , THE - dCORNVKERS Royal J. fllber Donald Anderson George W. Anderson Allan A. Armbruster Max Bailey Dean Baker Monte R. Baker Donald F. Bellamy Dale Berquist Robert A. Biniz Dean Bixder Wayne M. Bornemeier Julian Bors Ronald F. Brodrick Paul F. Brown Herbert M. Cecil Selden F. Dambrosky Harry S Diers Harold D. Dunlap Charles Dus Donald R. Ewing Richard D. Faytinger PERSONNEL Robert Fenstermacher Frederick C. Gilbert Charles Gabus Dale B. Ganz Holland E. Gleason Robert Glover Robert O. Griffin Lyle C. Hall Wayne Haverfield John K. Hamel Loraine C. Harlow Ray Harrison Manley Hawks Edwin C. Hayes Kurt Hueftle Don lensen Kenneth W, Kemper Alfred Krekeler Norman Kuska lames E. Lawson Allen Lefferdink Clarence A. Lewis Vance E. Link Richard Linn David Lord Charles W. Lyman Pat C. McNaughton Milton I. Mastaler Lowell Michael William L. Moore Clifford Mead George Milne Robert B. Omstead Earl Pelzold Bill Poole Charles F. Samuelson Norman Schewe Ormond C. Schroeder Nolan B. Sommer George H. Splittgerber Carl W. Trobough Eugene Whitehead Max Yates Gene Swanson Page 161 ■ f " ■ ' ■■ . Ndtiondl Pershing Rifles Top Row: Nootz, Epperson, Gebbie. Bottom Row; Eager, Littrell, Jarmin, Haynie. JOHN E. IflRMIN National Commander MAJOR W. A. WOOD, JR. Sponsor OFFICERS National Commander _ COLONEL JOHN E, JARMIN National Adjutant. MAJOR HARRY R. HAYNIH Publication Editor CAPTAIN JOHN GEBBIE Historian -- ...CAPTAIN GEORGE EAGER Aide to the Staff FIRST LIEUTENANT HAROLD NOOTZ File Cleric MASTER SERGEANT HARRY EPPERSON One of the oldest organizations on the University of Nebraska campus is Pershing Rifles, national military honorary for basic students in the Reserve Officer ' s Training Corps. It was founded in 1891 by General John J. Pershing who was then a sec- ond lieutenant and Professor of Mil- itary Science and Tactics at the Uni- versity. The National convention was held in Lincoln this year, and plans were formulated for the estab- lishment of an even greater organ- ization, fl new Seventh Regiment was created with headquarters at Page 162 the University of Missouri. It is be- lieved that this arrangement will aid in the expansion of the Society in that section of the United States where there are many prospects for new companies. The responsibility for the progress and development of the organiza- tion depends, to a great extent, upon the officers of the various companies. The National office attempts to co- ordinate the activities of the various units and thus secure a greater pres- tige in the military training of the Universities having Pershing Rifle units. This year National Headquar- ters is sponsoring a small bore rifle match for the Pershing Rifle com- panies. The winning team is award- ed a beautiful sterling silver trophy which it will keep until the match is fired the next year. The " Pershing Rifleman " which is the official organ of the Society is an important factor in maintaining the unity of the organization. It is published twice a year to promote the spirit of friendship and fraternal- ism that the Society desires to de- velop. TTrrrii tk h M Pershing Rifles Top Row Clark, niexander, Stephens, Dalton, Meier, Edwards, Boll. Selwar, Libershal, Coch.ane, Gillespie, Molzer. Filth Row Younger, Smiley, Sherman. Weber, McDermotI, Nourse, Harris, Thompson, Bodie, Lavohlin. Armstrong, Raser, Nelson. Fourth Row Hager. flshby. Zoesch. Tool. C. Wilson, McGeachin, Grimm, Taylor, Gwynne. Wolcott. Rosenberg. Svoboda. Wilson Third Row Hornberger. Toole. King. Birk. Grossman. Harris, fldams, Brewster, Joyce. McClymont. Naughtin. Pearson. Marsden. Griffith. Second Row: Tupper. Morse. Wo!l. Richler. Flory, Wintraub, Mayne, O Hansen. Ledlord. Williams. Knox. Rutledge. Davis. Bottom Row nblott. Epperson. Bushman. Oelrich, Place, Reilly, Meier, Bernstein, Lemon. Salyards. K. Hansen. TuUis. Pansing. Jeltrey. Captain DflVID BERNSTEIN First Lieutenant GRANT LEMMON Second Lieutenant, Treasurer CHARLES REILLY Second Lieutenant, Historian GEORGE PLACE First Sergeant JOHN SALYARDS DflVE BERNSTEIN Captain MAJOR S. W. MYERS Sponsor PERSONNEL Wayne Ablott Shirley Adams Robert Alexander Charles Ashby Louis Ball Grant Benson Tom Bodie Louis Bushman Robert Clark William Cochrane Robert Clark Leonard Dunker Harry Epperson Tom Edwards Bob Flory William Gillespie Keith Griffith Ernest Grossman Don Gwynne Orval Hager Kermit Hansen William Harris Zack Hornberger Lloyd Jeffrey Dick Joyce Gene ICnox Joe Laughlin Harold Ledford Francis Libershol John McDermott Robert McGeachin John Mayne George Meier Robert Molzer James Morse Buell Naughtin Robert Nelson Robert Nourse Martin Oelrich Allen Pearson Edward Phillips Harry Prouty Wade Raser HoUis Richter Bob Roland Millard Rosenberg Charles Rutledge Merrill Rohrbough Stanton Selway Irvin Sherman Richard Smiley George Svoboda Bayard Taylor Lynn Thompson John W. Toole H. Warren Tool Ernest Tullis Bert Vickery Bill Williams Claude Wilson E. E. Wilson Ernest Wintroub Jonathan Wolcott Jean Wolf Robert Zoesch Page 163 w 4rr ». Scabbard and Blade n||ii|pvn ifh v ' K P - H ll l fliPv ' HH p JVBf m%-mM V ' i -I ■ " M - - ' ?W- ' ! V- -tU K if i» " J-to l a H. l v ' JflHHV rS k ' « «n B B V .» A. 1e B « HUBidiflH »_ i ,t_t.: B 1 ■h ' ' ! Pl H ' ' Mrali ' ' wlHk ' if ' fft ' flH K ' ' « ' ' S| L ' ' mk9 ij jg j -j ; ' Jf Top Row: Milham, Norden. Campbell, Mueller, Bradley, Hughes, ftnderl. Second Row: Mowbray, Alexander, Eager, McKenzie, S. Baker, Ernsl. Boltom Row: Parker, F. Baker, Douglas, Pavey, Horan, Chittenden, Fulton. PERSONNEL Ross Alexander Vernon flnderl Floyd Baker Sidney Baker lohn Campbell Everett Chittenden George Eager Dwayne Ernst James Fulton Robert Hutton George Hughes Jack McKinzie Forest Milham Waldemar Mueller Carl Norden John Parker Kenneth Pavey Robert Mowbray Ted Bradley Donald Rearden Robert Teeple KENNETH PflVEY Captain MAJOR J. P. HORAN Sponsor First Semester Captain KENNETH PflVEY First Ueutenant DONALD B. DOUGLAS Second Lieutenant FLOYD BAKER First Sergeant EVERETT C. CHITTENDEN Second Semester Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant. First Sergeant EVERETT C. CHITTENDEN WALDEMAR MEULLER FLOYD BflKEK ROSS ALEXANDER Scabbard and Blade is a national honorary military fraternity com- posed of the outstanding men who are taking the advanced course in military science. The object of the organization is to further military achievement and develop a high standard among officers in the mil- itary service. The organization was founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1904 and now has 84 local chapters in Universities where Military Science Page 164 is included in the curriculum and a national headquarters in Lafayette, Indiana. The national office renders valuable service to the War Depart- ment and holds a national conven- tion every two years. This year the convention was held at Raleigh, North Carolina and 82 chapters were represented. The Nebraska chapter was found- ed in 1921 and has carried a lead- ing role in campus activities since that time. During the past year meetings were held on Wednesday evenings and the leading men in local military affairs talked to the active members about military ac- tivities. They also discussed with them the means of preserving and developing the essential qualities of good and efficient officers. The local chapter is indebted to these men for the advice and help they have given it. -T -» -1 .1. ' Phalanx Top Row Huiiu, Ciit:«faUtfa. Mintti. b iiiuiiiaoa, VVick. Second Row: Hart2all, Malleson. Schniderwind. Machulat. Enslow. Prohaska. Bottom Row: Alexander, Speer, McGinnis, Grove. Bogan. KENNETH McGINNIS National Adjutant CflPTflIN W. R. GROVE Sponsor OFFICERS Commander . PAUL BANDY Lieutenant Commander. WILLIAM C MILLER Adjutant GERALD COURTNEY Finance Officer PAUL BOGAN Historian DALE EVERTON Phalanx, a national honorary mil- itary society, was introduced on the Nebraska campus in 1934 as the second honorary organization for the advanced drill students. It was founded at the University of Illinois with the purpose of developing bet- ter officers and citizens. Phalanx en- deavors to accomplish this through co-operation, constructive criticism, and practice in military work. This year the National Conven- tion was held here and it was de- cided at that time to establish the National Headquarters at the Uni- NflTIONflL PHALANX OFnCERS National Adjutant KENNETH McGINNIS National Commander WILLIAM CRITTENDEN National Advisor MAJOR CHARLES E. SPEER versify of Nebraska with the idea of pursuing a more active program of training and the developing of the effeciency of its members. The activities of the local chapter of Phalanx consists of an officers ' party held in the fall, numerous stag affairs at which discussions of military importance are held, and an annual Spring party for members and their guests. This year Epsilon Morae takes pride in pledging and initiating thirty men to whom they can give aid in preparation for their Senior year of military training. Page 16S ' ♦ ' -H» »M »11 g H Ai »«l lJ mm. ±1 ± Lm_a t . ;. V V r - ' Rifle Club Top Row. P. Gran ' ., Faytinger, Un icktr, Wm. Mowbray, T, Bodie, Buttery, Reese, Thompson. Third Row: Williams, Jelinek, F. Bodie, Mueller, Forrester, Erickson, Dobbs, Bonham, Hartzell. Second Row; Taylor, J. Smith, Maser, M. Folsom, Roberts, Rathbone, Ptlug, Gambella, Ryan, Bonham. Bottom Row: Fenstermacher, flvery, Campbell, Speer, McGimsey, Cattle, Jack, J. Folsom, Dus. PERSONNEL H I fldams F. fldams C, Alexander R. E. Alexander Bob Avery G. Bacon I. G. Borbo E. H. Bauer I. Bayer Galen Barker D. Becker R. Becker R. Berning C. C. Birk Fred Bodie Tom Bodie C, P. Bonham D. P. Bonham Bob Bocher J. Bors D. Buttery S. Burklund J. Campbell C. L. Carlson R. E. Carlson Chamberlain Clawson R. H. Clark C. Cobb J. Crashie W. B Gushing B. Cochrane B. Dalton D. E. DeErmond B. I. Diers L. F. Dirks Starling Dobbs A. B. Downing K. H. Druhe C. F. Dus Tom Edwards Fred Egley H. A. Erickson J. Evingirt R. Faytinger J. Fargensen M. R. Ferris John Folsom M. E. Folsom Robert Fox F. W. Galyen Geo. Galloway R. P. Gatch Ed Gomhole J. Gusen L. W. Graf E. P. Grant D D. Gray D. F. Griess G. W. Hansen D. Higgins Hutchinson I. Jack lames Jeffrey Steve Jelinek R. L. Jeffrey R. D. Johnson Robert Johnson H. P. Johnson D. K. Jones E, Kaplain W. L. Kimmerling C A Keel J. King C. C. King B Kinnie P. Kreuscher G. H Kruger D. W. Kruse B. H. Harlzell J, C. Helbert E. Hendrickson C. C. Hough H. C. House L, D. Lampert R. Langson J C. Loveless R. Lundgren R F. Mahaffey Ed Moser W. Mortig E. Meyers D. L. Milton Bill Mowbray Bob Mowbray George Mueller B. McGeachin Robert McCowin li. G. McRoberts V. W. Newbald William Newcomer J. Notterman W. Oelrich E. M. Patrick V. Ponlson A Pearson R. Perkin Bill Petersen W. J. Pierce Art Robeir Jack Rathbone C, W. Rice P. L. Rice V. Rawalt P. Rolfs E. E. Robb Charles Roberts M. H. Rohrbaugh J Rogers A. Roland C. G. Ryan J. Salyards Ed Schmid Bob Schricker M. D. Schwegman R. Seidel J. Smith Irvin Therman J. W, Skinner C. E. Summers J. C. Shurlock B. E. Taylor William Taylor William Tiedman J. C. Thompson Cliff Thompson P. Thompson Bishop Toms H. W. Tool W. Templeton R. L. Weber F. Wilke H. T. Williams B. White A. E, Worth G. Uhrenhold Robert Van Norman A. H. Yost Bob Yost J. E. Bake R. E. Brownson L. J. Gruber Jay Forrester William E. Kuska R. R. Gudgel C. F. Craft W. D. Pflug L. Zepp John Cattle Jack Unzicker K. A. Miller Page 166 Gamma Lambda OFFICERS President Vice-proaidont Secielary Treasurer CHARLES MINNICH ALBERT SCHROEDER ADRIAN SRB LYMAN SPURLOCK PERSONNEL Gt ' orye Ducon Charles Bariz Robert Beghtol Dale Bonham Dwight Bonham Allen Bornemeier Lawrence Burlce John Carter Robert Chambers Kenneth Clark Erie Constable Horace Crosby lames Elmore Woyno Enyoart Robert Fenlon Harry Flory Robert Gates Clarence Gerner William Gillespie Robert Howe Harold Huestes Don Des Jardien Howard Koltenborn Keith Kinsey Phil Kleppinger Francis Libershal William Marsh Stanley Michael Charles Minnich William Prilchard Albert Schroeder Sam Swenson Lyman Spurlock Adrian Srb Leonard Williams Ralph Woodruff THE Nebraska R. O. T. C. band last fall, with its new uniforms and snappy drill, became the pride of every Comhusker and surely the envy of other schools. Gamma Lambda, the honorary fraternity or- ganized in the band, was largely re- sponsi ble for its transformation. In this fraternity resided the virtual leadership of the band. It hod been Gamma Lambda that first conceived the idea of getting new and more colorful uniforms for the band. It was Gamma Lambda that led in securing the uniforms and assumed the responsibility for the subsequent care of them. The fraternity was largely responsible for the reorgan- ization of the band whereby the band was divided into two parts, namely the freshman unit and the advanced and selected varsity band. Throughout the year, the interests of the fraternity were ever for the betterment of the band. It advanced many ideas for the fine and novel formations which won the praise of all who saw them. It made plans and arrangements for the bands trip to Lawrence to play at the Kan- sas game. It promoted a feeling of brotherhood among the members of the band by sponsoring an all-band banquet in the spring. This spring, twelve new men were initiated into the fraternity and en- tertained at an initiation banquet held for them at the Y. M. C. ft. The membership in the organization is selective, based primarily upon mu- sical ability and interest in the band. Consequently, there are numbered among its members the very leaders of the band. In fact all of the band ' s officers are members of Gamma Lambda. Throughout the year the fraternity had smokers and various other such functions at which there were usually speakers and discus- sions on topics of interest to a mu- sical organization. These activities, together with their common interest in the band, tended to develop a strong spirit of fellowship within the group. Top Row Kallenborn. Smith. Bornemeier, L. Gernor. Kinser. Bollom Row Bonham, Spurlock. Shrodor. Minnich Srb, Carter. Page 167 fi-„.- , ' _, _t_fl.j_t_L j g . .t : - ' ■ ' - ' T H A R T S Page 168 ' " " " ™ tii Kosmet Klub OFFICERS Preaidont ROBERT SHELLENBERG Business Manager ROSS MfiRTIN Socrelary ROY KENNEDY Facully fldvi.ier PROF E F. SCHRAMM Floyd Baker Donald Boehm Theo Bradley Winfield Elias Robert Funk Roy Kennedy Vance Leininger William Marsh MEMBERS Ross Marlin Robert Mariz Webster Mills Thurston Phelps George Pipal Robert Shellenberg Gordon Uhri ■pROM its founding in 1911 the Kos- • ' • met Klub, men ' s dramatic organi- zation, has fulfilled its original pur- pose of presenting a musical comedy with an all-male cast each year. The activities of Kosmet Klub have now extended to include the Fall Revue, which is made up of a series of skits presented by the fraternities and sororities, and the sponsorship of the Interfraternity Sing. The membership of Kosmet Klub is limited at the present time to fifteen men who ore chosen from the upper three classes on a basis of work done for the Klub during the year. The work created by the two shows is handled by a system of commit- tees headed by the Klub members. The " workers, " as the men aspiring to membership are called, are as- signed to the various committees, and through their work on these committees they show the Klub their abilities and talents. Top Row: Boohm, Moriz, Bradley. Phelps Second Row: Mills. Uhri, Elias, Funk, Marsh. Bottom Row: Leininger. Pipal, Kennedy. Shellenberg, Martin. Baker Page 169 iCo- a jc i Spring Show " DflR-NOTHING RANCH, ' the 1937 Kosmet Klub Spring Show, U was written by Herbert Yenne and directed by Joe Iver- Eon. The story is concerned with variegated life on a south- western dude ranch. Lynn McflUister is a charming young girl who has returned to her father ' s ranch and turned it into a dude ranch after his death and ultimate loss of money through poor management. Among the dudes who arrive to moke the ranch a com- posite picture of Eastern sophistication and Western ruggedness is a hair-brained, fluttering old woman, Mrs. Van Fleet, who has come to the ranch to recuperate from the nervous strain occasioned by her divorce. Things are soon complicated by the arrival of her former husband, Judge Van Fleet, who has also selected the ranch for his vacation. His interests are largely in a cheap little chorus, Lillian Ypres, who was stalled at the ranch while on her way with her partner to open a vaudeville act in fllberquerque. fl villain appears on the scene in the role of a fake half- brother of Lynn McAllister who comes to claim his share of the ranch. His claims are proved false mainly through the aid of Spud, the foreman of the ranch, who has taken up amateur sleuthing as a hobby. After this contingency is taken care of everything goes on serenely. cu jfof aJgjtxAyti tly-A i ' ' ' , Page 170 . 2 LAM£ ijuiA;f;T ffj L(HAAj, Itif ut-iHy iJ tuf UJL dJui CfuJt. Fall Revue THE audience at the annual Kosmet Klub Fall Revue, on the twenty-first of November, saw Louise Magee crowned Ne- braska Sweetheart Rising on a dais surrounded by mirrors which hid her from view, smiling she turned toward the audi- ence and descended from the platform. Miss Magee was escorted by Prince Kosmet, Sam Francis, to her throne beside King Kosmet, Bob Shellenberg. Members of Kosmet Klub in formal attire and actors and actresses in their garbs formed a large V which terminated at the foot of the throne where stood Cynthia Pedley, Queen of the Court and last year ' s Sweetheart During this formation the entire group sang " Sweet Nebraska Sv eetheart. " Of the nineteen competing groups the Alpha Chi Omega and the Hg College Cafeteria groups were presented with silver cups for presenting the best skits. Alpha Chi Omega ' s " Foot- ball ala Co-ed ' furnished a fast moving high stepping replica of Nebraska ' s 1936 gridiron squad. " Ag Cafeteria Cowboys ' was the Ag College Cafeteria ' s winning contribution, which gave the spectators a taste of songs from the great wide-open spaces. Other outstanding skits were the Kappa Alpha Theta ' s " College Then and Now, " Beta Theta Pis, " Le ' Skit Goin ' , Epi sode III, " Sigma Nu ' s " Cracked Squad, " and songs by th- Men ' s G ' .ee Club OM Uo CL au -liutoo L UyO l i u U(h(y ((t iUi . Pago 171 «:c« i i v_i wWW9 - i . f r m m L t. . ' L f ■• m ' I . I A tiM-rtaJf (a p.j ayLaynjC£ " yif Uci CUMrtJciiL University Players On October 12, the " first-nighters " witnessed the opening of the 1936-37 Players Season, which was to be one of the most successful of the twenty-one seasons that the University Players have had. The productions were under the direction of Miss H. Alice Howell assisted by Herbert Yenne. Charles Rogers, a new face in the Temple stage group, was in charge of executing all of the sets with the help of Don Buell. " Personal Appearance, " a comedy started the season. In this production June Butler played the part of glamorous Carole flrden; Margaret Carpenter appeared as flunt Kate, a sharp- tongued spinster, and Herbert Yenne appeared as Gene Tuttle, Public Relations Counsel. " Three Men On a Horse, " the second show of the season, opened on November 9. In this play Ray Ramsey plays the part of a greeting-card versifier whose ability to pick winning race horses leads him into surprising circumstances and to strange companions. The last play be- fore Christmas vacation was the the revival of an old folk play, " Rip Van Winkle. " Hart Jenks played the part of slow witted, blundering Rip. In this presentation the audience was mysti- fied by the elaborate scenery and colorful costumes. ' ftuL n UfA (j Q ' ' - - ' J " Sl oL c; Xp r o-- ( n. ' i. Page 172 PW P nnHVi ■V HWi ksu • uyCc M 6,c i ;t t JkscC £Z J -u. i.ajey: X,o- Lr r o- tJ I oJ!M ga t e : k£ 0£ te£l tJi. W - ' ' c - Of -4 University Players It may have been jusi a coincidence, but " The Night of January 16, " former Broadway " hit. " closed its week ' s run on the Temple stage that very evening. Margaret Carpenter played the role of the woman on trial for her life in a court- room battle which was decided by a jury, chosen from the audience. The week, beginning February 15, witnessed the presentation of " Lost Horizons, " dramatization of what might have become of the life of Janet Evans, young modern who iound it too complex. Vera May Peterson portrayed Janet Evans whose tomorrow is revealed in the ledgers of the Hall of Records of the Great Beyond, fl Fred Ballard comedy, " The Senators Husband, " closed the formal season. This Nebraska playwright has made the play three acts of fun about the social life of a woman senator. Under the direction of Miss Pauline Gellatly, the Children ' s Theater presented this year lour plays. In commemoration of the birthday of William Shakespeare, the Players consecrated the week, beginning April 23, to the production of three of the bards plays, " Hamlet, ' Taming of the Shrew, " and ' King Lear. " j X syf ' nQ- iu O ' yt CHoJUtiti sc£ 4iJl UjUxC fajL h - rSZaoM , Ai C c Ooy- Page 173 Men ' s Glee Club OFFICERS President NORMAN GUSTflFSON flccompanist EflRL BOYES Director WILLIflM TEMPLE MEMBERS John flronson John Baker Harold Brown fllvin Christensen Ritchie Clark Bernard Dolton lames Embick Martin Erck Earl Fredrickson Robert Frisch Paul Fuenning Norman Gustafson Herbert Hanthorn George Hawkes Vernon Heiliger Doran Hildebrand Howard Hildebrand Kenneth Hill James Kempthorne Don Megahan Corwin Moore William Moore Wayne Mullet Roland Nye Ralph Olson Alien Peterson Harold Phelps Harry Prouty Wade J. Raser Robert Ray Alfred Reider Charles Reilly Hollis Richter Charles Schmitt Clyde Shonerd Richard Smiley Paul Snyder Joe Stephen? Ellsworth Stohlman Thomas Thurber Jack Trover Edward Wertman Robert Westfall Everett Yost THE Men ' s Glee Club under the direction of William Tempel, in- structor in voice at the School of Music, has not only increased in membership to a point where it is now a formidable group in appear- ance but also has reached a high degree of ensemble singing which has distinguished it on the campus. Tills ye ' r the Glee Club has been the medium through which Wilbur Chenoweth ' s new university song, " Hail Varsity " , has been presented to the campus. The Glee Club made its first for- mal appearance at the Kosmet Klub Fall Revue and since then has per- formed in many places and in many capacities. During the basket ball season they were presented at the half singing " Hail Varsity " . Later they presented a program of male choral music at a Spring School of Music Convocation. The Club gave its spring concert at the Coliseum on March 21, followed by a three day trip through the central states and additional engagements locally. The Glee Club rehearses three times each week in preparation for its public appearances and member- ship is open to any male student of the University. Top Row: Clarke, P. Fuennign, Rector, Friscti, Johnson. Baker, Day, Tupper, King, Dinsdaie. Fourth Row: Aronson, Yost, Snyder, Meyer, Phelps, Scofield, Smiley, Moore, Hill, Brown, Hamilton. Third Row: Carlson, Thurber, Spencer, Stephens, H. Hildebrand, Dalton, Olson, Prouty, Raser, Walker. Second Row: Christensen, Hawkes, Beachell, House, Slohlmann, Hanthorn, Michael, Trover, Nelson, Richter, Mullet. Bottom Row Erch, Peterson, Fredricksen, Embick, Markytan, Gustafson, Heiliger, D, Hildebrand. Mock. Ray, Wertman Page 174 Varsity Debate OFFICERS Proiudont I LEO McMflHON Vice-president ELMER M SCHEELE SoCTOIary CfiRLOS E SCHflPER Treasurer EDMUND W HOLLSTEItl Sponsor PROFESSOR H fi WHITE Paul Bslandig William H. Curtis David W. Curtiss Aaron J. Finlcelslein Edwin fl Getscher Bert H. Harlzell Edmund W. Hollstein James R. Wins Lenord U. Kreuger J. Leo McMahon Carl W. Matschullat I Edward Murray MEMBERS Charles E Reilly Jr Carlos E. Schaper Elmer M. Scheele filbert W. Seeclc Byrle Shuck Bryce G. Smith Robert M Stietler Gerald S Vitamvas Robert Wadhams Ernest B Winlroub Ir ving Zveitel DURING the year various debate teams of the University of Ne- braska engaged in over thirty dis- cussions with other colleges. Chief opponents were the Universities of California, Chicago, Colorado, Mis- souri, South Dakota, West Virginia, Northwestern, Knox, Kansas City, Creighton, Marquette, Washington, University, St. Louis, and Missouri. High schools, luncheon clubs, as Ki- wanis and Rotary; professional groups as the Lawyer ' s Club, and radio listeners have made up off- campus audiences. The questions discussed in 1936-7 were government ownership of elec- tric utilities, minimum wages and maximum hours for industry, old age pensions, consumers ' coopera- tives, and the Social Security Act. Open forums were often held to of- fer opportunity for questions and comment. In addition, eight men en- gaged in two legislative assemblies for students, which were organized like legislatures in actuality. Altogether, more men participated in debatin g, and travelled more miles for contests, than in any previ- ous year in Nebraska forensic his- tory Delta Sigma Rho, national forensic society, for advanced de- baters, sponsored the Long Fresh- man Debate and the Intramurals on the home campus. Top Row Kreuger. Matschullat, Wadhoms, Curtis. Zveitel, Smilli. Second How Winlroub. Curliss. Slieller, Reilly, Bstandig, Finkelslein, Vitamvas. Boltom Row Schaper. Scheele. Shuck. White, McMohon, Murray. Hartzel. Page 175 C9 .. C «r . r . wf- Sigma Alpha Iota OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President President RUTH M. FREISS RUTH M, FREISS Vice-president Vice-president R. LOUISE MflGEE ELIZABETH OCKERMflN Secretary Secretary MflRGflRET PHILLIPPE MflRGflRET PHILLIPPE Treasurer Treasurer VERA KELLEY VERA KELLEY MEMBERS Baker, Constance, ' 38 Lincoln Byron, Harriett, ' 39 Lincoln Donley, Eileen, ' 38 Lincoln Durand, Maxine, ' 37 Morrill Freiss, Ruth, ' 37 Lincoln Gore, Dorthea, ' 37 Lincoln Green, Lucretia, ' 39 Scottsbluff Heaney, Inez, ' 38 Lincoln PLEDGES Gaylord, Yvonne, ' 38 Lincoln Harvey, Margaret, ' 38 Lincoln Olson, Janet, ' 38 Palmyra Kelley, Vera, ' 37 Wood River Magee, Louise, ' 38 Lincoln Mansfield, Elsie, ' 37 Ong Marshall, Vee Louise, ' 39. ...Arlington Ockerman, Elizabeth, ' 37 Lincoln Phillippe, Margaret, ' 37. .Basin, Wyo. Titler, Maxine, ' 38 Lincoln Pyle, Margaret Jane, ' 39..Wray, Col. Smith, H. Jane. ' 39 Shelton Tatro, Merlene, ' 39 0 ' Dell HP Top Row; Gore, Baker, Smith, Byron, Tatro, Durand. Second Row: Gaylord, Freiss, Harvey, Mansiield, Donley, Marshall. Bottom Row Kelley, flckerman, Pyle, Heme, Tiller. Pago 176 1 BEAUTY QUEENS Page 177 e ■ t . V .7 . F , m MISS MARGARET McKAY KflPPfl flLPHfl THETA Page 178 ■ . L . L ■ ■ ■ ■ mmm mmmmmm . i- . . t . i ,-«..««.- V • MISS MARY FISLAR CHI OMEGA Page 180 fmmmrm mrmmmmmmm i F ( • • ' -•«.- ,_ _ » • . » I . .- .. 1 « .« «. ■ r V ' . Page 182 MISS CHARLENE OMEN ALPHA PHI PVHMHP«II» mP«l 1 V H r ' ■ ■ 1 ■ ! ' ' • . j. ' ..r...i M « r vv Page 184 MISS CYNTHIA PEDLEY KflPPfl ALPHA THETA - -- --• " • V P V WtHHi III -. Ji - .-y- :%r: V 1 , , ,. I « « ' r V V ' wr- ■flgr MISS VIRGINIA SMITH ALPHA CHI OMEGA Page 186 V qpif qp«« «WM« . ,f $. ' m m I ' " . .: I « « £ . . « .. « « r . V Page 188 MISS JEAN DOTY DELTA GflMMfl zsaxazzs: ■ - ■ — I Mm m rr fi i ' i :- . -J, m- r m t ■ ' SOCIAL EVENTS Page 190 ' 1. " TT PROGRfiM Inlerlraternity Sing Ivy Day Oration Daisy and Ivy Chain Processional Coronation ol May Queen Ivy Day Poem Planting ol the Ivy Recessional Intersorority Sing Masking ol New Mortar Boards Tapping ol New Innocents Ivy Day ALfliRE BfthKLS May Queen CORONATION Day on this cam- pus refers to the annual presen- tation ol the May Queen and her royal court on Ivy Day. Last year, fllaire Barkes reigned as Queen, at- tended by Dorothy Beers, Maid of Honor, and her retinue of represen- tatives from the four classes. At- tendants were Theodora Lohrmann and Eleanor Neale, seniors; Jean Doty, June Waggener, Marjorie Ban- nister, and Dorothy Bentz, juniors; Louise Magee and Mary Ann Rosen- cians, sophomores, and Helen Pas- coe and Virginia Hyatt, freshmen. Flourishing the pages ' trumpets were Betty Magee and Katherine Hendy. Coveted for months before, the cups for first honors in the Inter- sorority and Interfratemity Sing were carried off by Delta Gamma and Sigma Phi Epsilon. The Ivy Day Ode was recited by its author, Mar- jorie Souders; whereas the Oration was delivered by John D. Wilson. In addition to the planting of the Ivy, the long Daisy and Ivy Chain Processional added traditional color to the setting. Ceremonies of the day were cli- maxed in the masking of new Mor- tar Boards by the former members who searched through the crowd of spectators for the prospective can- didates, and in the somewhat " rough-and-ready " tapping of the Innocents by their red-capuchined elders. Page 191 n ., £ • r V V -r - . »- ?I3P Military Ball COMMUTE Presentation J " GEORGE EAGER Decorations THEODORE BRADLEY Music and Refreshments SIDNEY BAKER DWAYNE D. ERNST Checking and Parking ALBERT PEARL RODNEY BERTRAMSON Tickets - JOHN JARMIN Publicity and Invitations GARRETT FONDA GEORGE EAGER Program and Purchasing of Invitations -..LOWELL ENGLISH MARY YODER Honorary Colonel THE twenty-eighth annual Military Ball, held this year on Friday night, December 4, officially ushered in the winter formal season at the University of Nebraska. The affair, which is sponsored by the Nebraska R. O. T. C, was attended by some three thousand people. The climax of the evening was the presentation of Mary Yoder as Honorary Colonel of the regiment. The presentation consisted of three tableau representing the aims of the R. O. T. C. which are " citizenship, courage, and patriotism. " The ta- bleau depicted scenes about the lives of Nathan Hale, Abraham Lin- coln, and other pioneer life. The hon- orary colonel was revealed when the large Cornhusker regimental em- b lem placed in the center of the stage opened revealing the coed chosen to lead the grand march. Louis Prima and his orchestra fur- nished the music. His famous trum- pet arrangements were the principle feature of the music. Page 192 1 Junior-Senior Prom Co-chairmen IflMT wni f " OTT, DflVT Br " ' " " ' ' " : fldverilsing and Publicity GrfJEVIVt BILL Ci.ri t I ' f.t Presentation ROSALIE MOTL, flL MOSEMflN T ' ckels MARIE KOTOUC, ROBERT MfiRTZ Chaperones VIRGINIA ANDERSON. ROBERT WADHAMS Orchestra BETTY CHERNY. WEBSTER MILLS ADRIENNE GRIFFITHS Prom Girl IN traditional manner, the Junior- Senior Prom, the night of March 6, closed the three-month formal sea- son on the University of Nebraska campus. For the 2,000 celebrating in the Coliseum, flnson Weeks and his nationally known dance band furnished the best in swing rhythm, the current musical form m favor. The long-anticipated feature oi the evening, presentation of the 1937 Prom Girl, was the high point of the successful affair. While spotlights turned on the stage, which was banked by ferns, fldrienne Griffith, a former Beauty Queen, descended down the length of a huge cane resting against a fop hat to be con- gratulated as Prom Girl by the junior and senior class presidents Robert Wadhams and Floyd Baker, the respective class leaders, then conducted the co-ed who was se- lected by tile votes of each attend- ing couple, through the crowd to renew the dancing. fl committee of twelve juniors, chosen by the Student Council, planned the party. Qualifications for members were: Six Student Council and six other juniors who had been leaders in the extra-cur- ricular world. Top Row: Wadhams. Bennett. Mo eman. Cherny. Mills. Bottom Row Anderson. Clayton, Walcotl. Bernstein, Motl. Mort:. Koutouc Page 193 M . m A tr «v.r w r " Farmer ' s Fair SENIOR BOARD CLYDE WHITE, Manager ELSIE BUXMflN RflYMONfl HILTON ELEANOR McFflDDEN DflRREL BflUDER FRANK SVOBODfl JUNIOR BOARD MflRJORIE FRANCIS DONNA HIATT PAULINE WALTERS MELVIN BEERMAN EARL HEADY EARL HEDLUND THE Farmer ' s Fair, managed by a student board, each spring pre- sents a panorama of the activity on the agricultural campus. This year the traditional order of the two- day program, which occurred May 7 and 8, was slightly changed. Substituted for the usual pageant was an Agricultural College Review which featured skits, two one-act plays, and entertainment by the Ag- ricultural College Chorus. RUTH HENDERSON Goddess of Agriculture fl horse show, with entrants from four states, opened the program of the Fair. While Oklahoma and Ne- braska played on the baseball dia- mond for a crowd of spectators, folk dances of six nations, offered by stu- dent groups, entertained others. Of no small importance were the de- partmental exhibits and carnival concessions, fl dance, the night of May 8 brought activities to a suc- cessful close. Top Row: Francis, Hedlund. Hiatt, Beerman, Walters. Heady. Bolton Row Svoboda, McFadden While, Hilton, Bauder, Buxman Page 194 i «» F " » mft Fdrmer ' s Formal FfiRMER S FORMfll. COMMITTEES Dccofalioni Chairmen. flL MOSEMON LOIS RLLEM EflRL HEDLUNU flLTHEfl BfiRHDn Publicity Chairmen. VINCENT IflCOBSON DONNfl HlflTT Prasantation Chairmen. GENEVIEVE BENNETT flL NORE Tickets Chairmen. EflRL HEADY MflRIORIE FRANCIS Refreshments Chairmen. RflMONfl HILTON OGDEN RIDDLE ELINOR McPflDDEN Farmer ' s Formal Queen THE annual Farmer ' s Formal was held this year on the night of October 30, at the Student Activities Building on the College of Agricul- ture campus. Some three hundred students, clad in wash dresses and overalls, danced to the music of Clyde Davis and his orchestra. The presentation of Elinor McFad- den as Farmers Formal Queen was the high spot of the evening. Elsie Buxman, attendant to the Formal Queen, turned the pages of a large Comhusker year-book, each page depicting important aspects of the year ' s events on the Ag Campus. On one of the pages, which was blank, moving pictures of last year ' s Farmer ' s Fair was shown. The page was turned and Elinor McFadden broke through the page that was en- titled " 1937 Farmers Formal Queen. " The Student Activities Building was decorated to represent the in- terior of a bam, with booths and stalls of various description placed around the sides of the room. Top How Barada. Heady. Hediund. Nore. Francis Bow Jacobsen. Bennett. Moseman. Pllen. Riddle. Hiatt 1 1 l»! ' ' i 1 1 1 vW • " ' t J k ' ►J? M ••..v-; - ;:; W • ' ? ' 1 m Page 195 !» «« t , £ rr K . -T TVT y . Interfrdternity Ball General Chairman MARVIN ROMIG Tickets DOM WEIMER Chaperons FRANK LANDIS Decorations HOWARD FISHER Orchestra HUGH ElSENHflRT Publicity ROBERT BUTTON Bernie Cummins ' Quartet THE annual Interfraternity Ball was held this year at the Uni- versity Coliseum on Saturday night, February 6. Fifteen-hundred people danced to the sophisticated rhythms of Bernie Cummins and his orches- tra. Walter Cummins, guitar and vocal arranger, and the Sophisti- cates, a trio of female singers, aug- mented the orchestra. The Interfraternity Council, spon- sor of the party, was represented by six committees in charge of arrang- ing for tickets, chaperons, decora- tions, orchestra, and publicity, un- der the supervision of Marvin Ro- mig, general chairman. The policy of the council this year was to se- cure the best possible entertainment for the campus as a whole rather than to make profits for the council. This year marked the seventh an- niversary of this traditional party, the only university function in which the Greek letter Fraternities on the campus combine their efforts to pro- duce outstanding entertainment for both affiliated and non-affiliated stu- dents. The regular coliseum decora- tions were used. Top Row: Landis, Fisher, Bottom Row tisenhart, Roniig, Wiemer Page 196 t !».VL=am« Mft Orchestra flLVIN KLEEB GLEN KLINGMflN ROBERT SIMMONS Publicity AUSTIN MORITZ BYRL SCHUCK OFFICERS ProMidonl BYRLE SCHUCK Vice-president flLVIN KLEEB Secretary Treasurer CARL ALEXIS COMMITTEES Oecorationc WILL REEDY CARL ALEXIS Chaperones BERT HARTZELL JIM RIISNESS Varsity Parties JEAN SWIET Miss Cornhusker SPONSORED by the Barb Council, the University of Nebraska Var- sity Parties provide entertainment for the campus during the fall week- ends. The Council is composed of representative Barbs elected each spring by unaffiliated students. Its purpose is to promote good feeling through social gatherings, and to bring good orchestras to the campus at reasonable prices. With the second Saturday of the school year, the Coliseum witnessed the first Varsity Party. Mel Pester and his band furnished the music for this first big social event. Fol- lowing the Indiana gome, October 17, Dan Colbumes rhythm-makers presided over another successful party. The Barb Council and the Barb Interclub Council co-operated to sponsor the first Cornhusker Hop of the season and in school history, after the Pitsburgh game, Novem- ber 14. Miss Jean Swift was then introduced as Miss Cornhusker. This presentation the Interclub Council hopes to make a university tradition. The Hops were created in an- swer to many requests for novelty and as an opportunity for more campus parties. The bands of Clyde Davis and of Shelton Sternberg played at succeeding parties. Top How Harlzell. Simmons, Riisness. Bottom Row: Moritz, Shuck. Reedy. Klingman Pago 197 F» V 1 -•■ J? m M r__ e Coll-Agri-Fun V I. ' " -aP " - Senior Members lOHIl BENGTSON, Manager LEROY HANSEN TRUMfl McCLELLflN Junior Members MflRGflRET PflSCOE, flssiotant Manager PAULINE WALTERS, Secretary ALBERT NORE, Treasurer Faculty Members MISS LOUISE LEATON MISS EDITH CARSE MR. L, K CROWE MR. A. W. MEDLAR Beerman ' s " Ag Rangers " COLL-flGRl-FUN, an activity on the College of Agriculture cam- pus, yearly presents a show featur- ing the students in that college. The Board thus attempts to create inter- est and give an opportunity for tal- ent in dramatics, music, and leader- ship. In addition to cash prizes offered for the best acts, Coll-flgri-Fun this year awarded a cup to the organ- ization, presenting the winning skit. The Agricultural Cafeteria Boarding Club with its " March of Time at the Agricultural Campus " won the deci- sion of the judges when the show ' s curtain finally went down this De- cember 12, at the Student Activities Building. " Evolution of Love " by the Farmer Operators merited second place, with LeRoy Hansen ' s " Chalk Talk " and Carroll Parey ' s German band taking highest honors among the curtain acts. Of the other acts, Beerman ' s " Ag Rangers, " a " Farm Sale, " and the " Man on the Street ' were prominent. The organization yearly adds some useful property for future shows in the Activities Building. The donation by the 1936-37 Board was a new spotlight. From its budget the organization contributes to the loan fund for agricultural students. Composing the Board are six stu- dent and six faculty members: The juniors, elected each spring by the agricultural students and the sen- iors, continuing their service from their election when junior members. The faculty advisors are appointed by the Dean of the College. Top Row: Medlar. Lealon. Crowe. McClellan Boltom Row Nore. Fascoe, Benqtson. Walters, Hansen Page 198 Commillos Chairmon GEORGE: PETERSON Rgricultural Engineering CHARLES CflRSTENS flppliod Mechanics BOB MULLINS flrchiloctural Engineering BILL REICHfiRDT Chemical Engineering MORRIS ANDERSON Civil Engineering EflRL OSTENDORF Electrical Engineering WILBUR SCHULTZ Mechanical Engineorina Pele Burns Kenneth Clark Elmer Claussen Dick Coleman Paul Gamlin Harold Hasner Donald Kuska MEMBERS Harry Lang.;ton John Mercier Charles Minnick Lowell Newmyer John Parker Herb Reicharl Roger Wallace Engineers ' Display Engineer ' s Week PETE BURNS ROGER WRLLfiCE OFFICERS General Chairman Secretary-traasurer EXHIBITION week for the depart- ments of the Engineering Col- lege is Engineer ' s Week, which this year occurred the first week of May. Each of the departments presents a display of its type of engineering, whether in the fields of agriculture, chemistry, mechanics, electricity, or architecture. Construction of the ex- hibits, as well as their demonstra- tion, is done by students, who thus have an opportunity to develop theory in practical application. Activities of the week are varied, ranging from a convocation, open to the public, to a Field Day featuring athletic contests and a picnic. Open House, at which time buildings are open for inspection, is supervised by both instructors and students. Awards to student engineers who have distinguished themselves in their fields and announcement of the staff of next year ' s Blue Print are re- vealed at the Banquet. The Committee for Engineers V eek is selected each spring at an election held within the college. If consists of seven departmental chairmen and ten general chairmen whose duty is to supervise the work of the committees. This election is conducted by the Engineering Ex- ecutive Board. Top Row Schullz. Holner Mercior Kuska, Clark. Peterson. Oslendorl Second Row Coleman. Gamlm. Reichert. Langston, Carstens, Porker. Newmeyer. Bottom Row McCormick, Minnick, Wallace. Burns. Anderson, Claussen Ei M . Bs Bk b B B Pago 199 ' ' ' ' ' » ' ■ 1 ••»». BOOK SIX ORGANIZATIONS Page 200 A J ' t m ■ - • — — •wm wiq»«p« p«fi 4P i FRATERNITIES Page 201 cv .T cr Interfr aternity Council OFFICERS President LLOYD FRIEDMAN Vice-president VANCE LEININGER Secretary ELMER M. SCHEELE Treasurer EVERETT CHITTENDEN MEMBERS flcacia IflCK McKINZIE Alpha Gamma Rho OGDEN RIDDLE Alpha Sigma Phi PAUL WnRtlER Alpha Tau Omega MARVIN ROMIG Beta Sigma Psi ELMER SCHEELE Beta Theta Pi RflYI. ' OR RIGGS Chi Phi CLAYTON MOSSMAN Delta Tau Delta ROBERT EBY Delta Theta Phi RONALD FLORANCE Delta Upsilon HOWARD LINCH Farm House EARL HEDLUND Kappa Sigma ROBERT TEEPLE Lambda Chi Alpha CARL SHIPLEY Phi Alpha Delta I LEO McMAHON Phi Delta Theta ROBERT HUTTON Phi Gamma Delta HUGH EISENHART Phi Kappa Psi DON WIEMER Phi Sigma Kappa EVERETT CHITTENDEN Pi Kappa Alpha JAMES TICHY Sigma Alpha Epsilon WEBB MILLS Sigma Alpha Mu IRVING ZVEITEL Sigma Chi FLOYD BAKER Sigma Nu IIOV RRD FiSHER Sigma Phi Epsilon JOHN BISHOP Theta Chi MILAN E. WISEN Theta Xi WILLIAM REICHARDT Xi Psi Phi DWIGHT LAND Zeta Beta Tau BERNARD WHITE Third Row: Riddle, Hedlund, Romig, Wagner, White, Baker- Second Row: Shipley, C. Mossman, McKinzie, Riggs, Zveilel, McMahon. Bottom Row: Landis, Bishop, Scheele, Friedman, Prol. Schramm, H. Eisenharl, Wiomer Page 202 mik Pdnhellenic Council OFFICERS Oiuirman KfiTE FIELD President DOROTHY LARSON Secrelary- treasurer MURIEL WHITE HDVISORY BOARD MH.S- W fl (Hnsr.H MRS SAMUEL WHITE MISS MARGUERITE KLINKER MISS HORTENSE ALLEM MISS RUTH HUTCHIMSOM DEAN AMANDA HEPPNER filpha Chi Omaga LOUISE RISCHE ALICE BLACK Alpha Delta Thota THEDfl CHAPOTON JANET M AUSTIN Alpha Omicron Pi ELLEN SRB PAULINE REYNOLDS Alpha Phi RUTH NELSON CHARLENE OMEN Alpha Xi Delta DOROTHY LARSON FLORENCE STEUTEVILLE Chi Omega MARGARET BILBY MARGARET PflSCOE Delta Delta Delta MARGARET MORAN BETTY VAN HORNE Delta Gamma ELIZABETH BROADY JOSEPHINE MARSDEN Delta Zeta JEAN STONE WILMA WAGNER MEMBERG Gamma Phi Beta MARY ELIZABETH JONES MURIEL WHITE Kappa Alpha Theta DOROTHY SMITH BETTY MAGEE Kappa Delta JEAN TUCKER MARY PRISCILLA STEWART Kappa Kappa Gamma DOROTHEA FULTON HELENE WOOD Phi Mu JEANNE PALMER EILEEN POWELL Pi Beta Phi LUCRETIA GREEN MELBA DEVOE Sigma Delta Tau ROSALYN LASHINSKY MYNA SLATSKY Sigma Kappa MAXINE WHiSLER BARBARA MARSTON Zeta Tau Alpha RUTH HUTCHINSON JEAN GORDON Top Row. M E. Jones, Austin. Chapolon, Powell. R. Hutchinson. Laschinsky Third Row Devoe, Gordon, Reynolds. Marshall. Srb. Stone. Green Second Row Black, Smith, Broody. Tuclcor. Omen. Slotsky, Nelson, Bottom Row Stouleville, Pascoe. Larson, Miss Field While, Rische, Romans, F Page 203 je xj -IMMJtt f ACACIA OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President JACK McKINZIE Vice-president DICK SflIN Secretary MARK OWENS Treasurer FRANK JOHNSON SECOND SEMESTER President JACK McKINZIE Vice-president DICK SAIN Secretary MARK OWENS Treasurer DWANNE ERNST THE LOCAL CHAPTER ON February 19, last, all manner of sophistication was forgotten at the flcacia Bowry Ball, and the Cornhusker ballroom became filled with gaudily dressed couples who danced to such musical resurrections OS " On the Sidewalks of New York " and " Sweet f-iosie O ' Grady. " Whirl- ing around the dance floor, in time with the hot jazz tunes, and hardly to be recognized in their bowry cos- tumes, were the very pillars of flcacia, including the treasurer of the Innocents, the secretary of the Kosmet Klub, the president of the freshman low class, of Theta Nu, and of another professional fraternity, a captain and several members of Pershing Rifles, the assistant business manager of the Daily Nebraskan, two majors and captains of the R. O. T. C. and two members of the Scabbard and Blade. The onlooker might have noticed among the colorfully dressed flcacias many who for their athletic prowess had made possible the win- ning of the Jack Best trophy in intra- murals. Page 204 IfTV °P " o lacobson. Kennedy, Ernst, Neimann, Chaim. Hornberger, Bailey, Simonson, Hicks Third Row: Sibley, Place, C. Meier, Free, McKenzie. Plock, Payion, Shirey, Roby. Second Row Coleman. F, Body, T Bodie, Groth, D Meier, White, Gulru, Sam Adakecic Bottom Row Chadderdon, Deines, Johnson, Miller, Spicer, Chase. Owens, Ranlcin. Larson MEMBERS fldelsack, Charles, ' 37 Hastings Chadderon, Darrell, ' 38 Lincoln Chase, Ronald, ' 37 Fairbury Ernst, Dywane, ' 37 Ong Free, Francis, ' 37 Sioux City, la. Groth, John, ' 37 Lincoln Hicks, Thomas, ' 39 Wilkes Barre, Penn. Johnson, Frank, ' 39 Cozad Kennedy, Roy, ' 37. ...Newman Grove McKinzie, Jack, ' 37 Lincoln Meier, Duane, ' 39 Lincoln Meier, George, ' 39 Peoria, 111. Miller, William C, ' 37 Lincoln Moore, George, ' 37 Lincoln Owens, Mark, ' 37 Lincoln Peterson, Edward, ' 37 Hampton Place, George, ' 38 Lincoln Plock, Marvin, ' 39. Lincoln Rankin, David, ' 37... Lincoln Redfield, Joe, ' 38 North Platte Roby, Marc, ' 38 Omaha Sain, Dick, ' 38 Clean, N. Y. Shirey, Fred, ' 38 Latrobe, Penn. Sibley, Bud, ' 37 Lincoln Simonson, Rae, ' 38 Broken Bow Smith, Richard, ' 37 Lincoln White, Richard, ' 39 Lincoln PLEDGES Almond, Kingsley, ' 40 Cozad Bailey, Max, ' 40 Oregon, Mo. Bieck, Chester, ' 39 Harvard Bodie, Fred, ' 39 Lincoln Bodie, Tom, ' 40 Lincoln Chaim, Harry, ' 39 Manson, la. Coleman, Frank, ' 39 McCook Deines, Stanley, ' 40 Randolph Garvin, Edward, ' 40 Lincoln Gutru, Robert, ' 40 Newman Grove Heuman, Herbert, ' 39 Seward Hornberger, Zack, ' 39 Omaha Larson, Harris, ' 39 Newman Grove Nieman, Harold, ' 40 Nebraska City Payton, Lynn, ' 40 Omaha Spicer, Fletcher, 38 Hastings Page 20S mm tm .. r ' Alpha Chi Omega OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President EVELYN ADAMS Vice-president CAROLINE KILE Secretary VIRGINIA SMITH Treasurer BEVERLY WEAVER SECOND SEMESTER President EVELYN ADAMS Vice-president CAROLINE KILE Secretary VIRGINIA SMITH Treasurer THEORA NYE THE LOCAL CHAPTER OUTSTANDING in this years achievements of Alpha Chi Omega was the winning of first place in sorority competition at the 1936 Kosmet Klub Fall Review. Twelve girls took part in the winning skit which was entitled " Football a la Coeds, " a song and dance version of the famed football tactics of Coach Bible and the Nebraska Var- sity Squad. In campus activities Alpha Chi Omega is represented by members in Mortar Board, the A.W.S. Board, the Farmer ' s Fair Board and the Sponsors Club, as well as the presi- dent of the Y.V .C.A. and an attend- ant to the Farmer ' s Formal Queen. Their twenty-ninth year on the Nebraska campus finds Alpha Chi Omega holding eighth place in Pan- hellenic scholarship ratings. Rush week this fall ended with the pledg- ing of fourteen new members to the sorority. Alpha Chi Omega ' s social tunc tions during the year included a formal dance at the Lincoln hotel January 23, and several informal fall and spring house parties. f PU Jk: Parjc 206 . i» ■ J » K ■d O ypv Top Row G Williams, Rohrer, McMahon. D Smith. Kimsey, Jelmek. Adams. Willard. Black. Brainard. l Rowland Fourth Row Jeary, Hendricks. Kelson, York, Spencer. Moullon, Osborn. Radcliffe. Robinson. Richman Leisy Third Row Buxman. O ' Connell, Bors. D Green, Turner, Rische. Kile. Harlan. Schneckloth. Jennings Second Row Farwell. L. Green. Cayley, Grandmougin, V. Smith., Minor. D. Wilhams, Weaver, Bullock, Drown. Bollom Row: Bainum. Kilbuck. Westcotl, Whitmore. Stuve. Nye. Hoppert. Stewart. Reed. Kovanda. lorgenson, MEMBERS PLEDGES fldams, Evelyn, ' 38 Ogallala Bainum, Alice, ' 38 Lincoln Black, Alice, ' 38 Lakeside Bors, De Loris, ' 39 Wilber Brainard, Marian, ' 37 Lincoln Brown, Marcelline, ' 37 Lincoln Buxman, Elsie, ' 37 Lincoln Caley, Gayle, ' 37 Springfield Farwell, Florence, ' 37 DuBois Green, Dorothy, ' 38 Hastings Green, Lucille, ' 39 Valley Hendricks, Margaret, ' 38 Lincoln Hoppert, Marian, ' 39 Lincoln leary, Barbara, ' 38 Lincoln Jennings, Helen, ' 39 Davenport Jorgenson, lean, ' 39 Omaha Kile, Caroline, ' 37 Lincoln Kimsey. Mary, ' 39 Lincoln Kovanda, loyce, ' 39 Exeter McMahon, Edith, ' 38 Lincoln Minor, Ruth, ' 38 Medicine Hot, Canada Bullock, Katherine, ' 40 Lincoln Grandmougin, Arline, ' 40 Lincoln Harlan, Dorothy, ' 40 Lincoln Jelinek, Joan, ' 40 Wilber Kilbuck, Katherine, ' 38 Lincoln Leisy, Edith, ' 39 Wisner Osborn, Mary Ellen, " 40 Lincoln Moulton, Dorothy, ' 39 Lincoln Nelson, Winifred, ' 38 Lincoln Nye, Theora, ' 38 Wisner O ' Connell, Mary Louise, ' 39 Sterling, Colorado Radcliffe, Kathleen, ' 37 McCook Reed, Dorothy, ' 38 Omaha Richmond, Alice, ' 37 Wisner Rische, Louise, ' 37 Lincoln Robinson, Phyllis, ' 38 Lincoln Rowland, Betty, ' 38 Lincoln Smith, Virginia, ' 37 Valley Spencer, Jean, ' 37 Lincoln Steuve, Georgene, ' 38 Lincoln Wagganer, June, ' 37 Adams V caver, Beverly, ' 38 Omaha Willard, Helen, 37 Hartington Williams, Dorothy Dee, ' 38 Ord Williams, Gwen, ' 38 Lincoln York, Henrietta, ' 38 Scottsbluff Schneckloth, Louise, ' 40 Lincoln Smith, Dorothy, ' 39 Deadwood, South Dakota Stewart, Betty, ' 39 Lincoln Turner, Katherine, ' 38 Thedford Westcott, Mary Jean, ' 40 South Sioux, Iowa Page 207 ALPHA DELTA THETA OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President President VIRGINIA McDowell VIRGINIA McDowell Vice-president Vice-president MflRGflRET THEOBALD MARGARET THEOBALD Secretary Secretary HELEN LESLIE HELEN LESLIE THE LOCAL CHAPTER THIS year, for the first time in the history of Zeta chapter of f lpha Delta Theta, a junior president was elected to serve the sorority for the following two terms. 1936, also, found the group with the same housemother who has chaperoned them during their entire fourteen years on the Nebraska campus. The end of fall rush week saw fourteen new members pledged to the chapter. Members of Alpha Delta Theta are active in the follow- ing campus organizations: Student Council, W.fl.fl. Council, " Daily Ne- braskan " staff, and the Coed Coun- selor Board. Alpha Delta Theta is also represented in Kappa Phi and Orchesis, honorary societies. Social affairs during the year in- cluded a number of teas honoring visiting notables, among whom were tile national president of the Feder- ated Women ' s Clubs of America, and the national secretary of the sorority, several informal parties held at the sorority house during the fall and spring, and a formal spring dance at the Cornhusker ho- tel April 10. Page 208 I %: . c 4 ]f f s: 1 ' ' p ' Y Top Row, G. McDowell, Chapeton, Guintia. Evelyn Copenhaver. Urnholt. Second Row: Eloise Copenhaver, Roberts, Codon. Austin, Reichart. Bottom Row: Troy, Talbot. Leslie, Lewellen, Theobald, McDowell. MEMBERS Austin, Janet, ' 39 Lincoln Chapton, Theda, ' 39 Lincoln Day, June, ' 39 Lincoln Leslie, Helen, ' 37. Lincoln McDowell, ' Virginia, ' 38 Hardy Talbot, Nadine, ' 38 Beatrice Theobald, Margaret, ' 38 Lincoln Uhnenholt, Edith, ' 39 Clearwater A A 8 PLEDGES Bachelder, Lucille, ' 40 Omaha Colton, Bobette, ' 40 Sioux City, Iowa Copenhaver, Evelyn, ' 40 Omaha Copenhaver, Eloise, ' 38 Omaha Christensen, fllthadene, ' 39... Norfolk Guinta, May, ' 40 Lincoln Lewellen, Mary Ellen, ' 40 Lincoln McDowell, Georgene, ' 40 Hardy Martin, Bernice, ' 40 Bellevue Martin, Jean, ' 41 Lincoln Nobel, Ivene, ' 41 Moline, Illinois Raichart, Mary, ' 39 Lincoln Roberts, Barbara, ' 40 Lincoln Page 209 • " ' V WW LI 1 ALPHA GAMMA RHO OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President OGDEN RIDDLE Vice-president EflRL HEfiDY Secretary MERLE PETERSON Treasurer RICHARD COLEMAN SECOND SEMESTER President OGDEN RIDDLE Vice-president EflRL HEADY Secretary MERLE PETERSON Treasurer RICHARD COLEMAN THE LOCAL CHAPTER T AST fall on the eve of the Corn- - ' — ' husker-Tiger homecoming game, a passerby would hove seen the fl. G. R. house cleverly decorated with a quartet of Comhuskers pull- ing hard on the tail of the Tiger, sing- ing " Hold That Tiger, " all under a huge " N " banner, draped with the Missouri and Nebraska colors. These decorations together with the fra- ternity ' s gala homecoming celebra- tions gave hearty expression at that time to the whole-hearted enthus- iasm that Alpha Gamma Rho has ever shown for collegiate activities. As an " Ag Campus " fraternity, its energies have been centered upon the activities of that campus where it is represented not only in every men ' s organization but also on the Cornhusker Countryman staff. This year it was represented on the " Aw- gwan " and " Cornhusker " staffs of the down-town campus, and was active in both intramural and varsity sports. In April it was the host to nine chapters at a district convention of the fraternity in Lincoln. Pago 210 a 1 Q o -f r 9 g f ),;; p. U ' , » ' . t ■ -% j KEY MEMBERS « P PLEDGES Top Row Hultquist, Pelicey, King, Tomiclc, Taylor, Pearl, Manory, A. Larson, Keller, Dold, Doyle, Riddle. Third Row Glandon, Thor, Dixon, Heady, Schmid, R. Bierman, Marcy, Nelson, Hansen, Bell, Theobald Second Row Brodericlc, Schudle, G. Bierman, Fausch, L. Hansmire, M. Peterson, Coleman, R Hansmire, E. Daft, Pilster, Mecham, Bottom Row: Shipman, Thacker, Olson, Cookeslay, Clark. Rousek. Darnell. Kuper, Smiley, J Peterson, R, Larson, Brown. Balfour, Vance, Graduate Nehawka Bierman, Glen, ' 37 Hastings Bierman, Russel, ' 39 Hastings Clark, Dennis, ' 39 Stapleton Coleman, Richard, ' 38 Stapleton Cooksley, Leo, ' 39 Broken Bow Daft, Ben, ' 39 Waverly Doyle, Theodore, ' 38 Curtis Glandon, Clare, ' 38 Wilcox Hansen, LeRoy, ' 37 Mindon Hansmire, Leo, ' 39 Fairbury Hansmire, Richard, ' 37 Fairbury Bell, Harry, ' 38 ..Waverly Broderick, Bryce, ' 39 Fairfield Brown, Rex, ' 40 Geneva Daft, Earl, ' 39 .. Waverly Daniels, Robert, ' 38 Stanton Dixon, Elmer, ' 39 Blair Dold, Harley, ' 40 Curtis Fausch, Harold, ' 39 Hastings Fitz, Ralph, ' 39 Lincoln Heacox, Gene, ' 40 Gothenburg King, Claude, ' 38. . Rushville Kuper, fll, ' 38 Nelson Larson, Arthur, ' 39 Newman Grove Mack, Ed, ' 39. . Fremont Mathis, fll, ' 38 Clinton Heady, Earl, ' 38 Imperial Hultquist, LeRoy, ' 38 Minden Keller, Vernon, ' 37 Elwood Larson, Richard, ' 37.. Newman Grove McClean, John, ' 37 Freinont Marcy, Orrin, ' 39 Rushville Olson, Clarence, ' 37 Waverly Peterson, Merle, ' 38 Blair Riddle, Ogden, ' 38 Bartley Shipman, Frank, ' 39 Nelson Thacker, Glenn, ' 39 Dawson Wall, James, ' 38 Eagle Nelson, Lawrence, ' 38 Curtis Pelkey, Robert, ' 40 Broken Bow Peterson, Jerome, ' 40 Newman Grove Reed, Arnold, ' 38 . Swanton Rousek, Edwin, ' 40 Sargent Schmid, Howard, ' 40 Curtis Schudel, Harold, ' 40 North Loup Smiley, Clee, ' 38 Seward Stanick, Millard, ' 40 V clthill Theobald, Dale, ' 40 Geneva Thor, Eric, ' 39 Stanton Tomich, Lawrence, ' 39 Bushnell Welsh, Palmer, ' 39 Seward Zepp, Bob, ' 40 Omaha Page 211 ALPHA OMICRON PI OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President President ELLEN SRB ELLEN SRB Vice-president Vice-president LEONA SHELBURN LEONA SHELBURN Secretary Secretary JANET SWIFT JANET SWIFT Treasurer Treasurer JEAN WADE JEAN WADE THE LOCAL CHAPTER AT THE 1936 Ivy Day celebrations Alpha Omicron Pi won recog- nition with one Mortar Board and two junior attendants to the May Queen. Presidencies of both Tassels and Coed Counselors, two of the five largest women ' s organizations on the campus, were held this year by members of the sorority. Among the activities in which other members of the group are rep- resented, are the Student Council, the fl.W.S. Board, " Daily Ne- braskan " staff, Y.W.C.fl., Vesper Choir, the Sponsors Club, and Uni- versity Players. Dorothy Bentz was awarded the Mortar Board placque, which is given to the senior woman who is most outstanding in scholarship and campus activties. Members of Alpha Omicron Pi are represented in the following honor- ary organizations: Sigma Alpha Iota, Pi Lambda Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mu Phi Epsilon, Gamma Alpha Chi, Iota Sigma Phi, and Sigma Delta Chi. On February 26, members of the sorority entertained at a formal dance, held at the Cornhusker hotel. Pago 212 " " K Mi iS.iJ ' 5 o 2l ? nipha Omicron Pi has no crest l Y " P R° Lippett, Hendricks, E. Smith, E. Srb, Funder. I. Wilson. V. Wilson, Morrow, Wade. Third Row: Swift, Herd, Meents, Tooey, Kryger, Reynolds, Heaney, Leisy, D. Archer. PuUiatn. Second Row Anderson. C. Smith, Compton, Bcntz, Phillippe. Benjamin. Kurth, Bannister. Prevost. Bos«. Bottom Row: Meneray, F Archer. Misch, Etlinger. Harmon, H. Srb, Pickering. Sweeney, D Smith, Bapp. MEMBERS PLEDGES Anderson, Margaret, ' 38 Omaha Archer, Frances, ' 37 Sioux City, Iowa Bannister, Marjorie, ' 37 Lincoln Benjamin, Eloise, ' 38 Lincoln Bentz, Dorothy, ' 37 Lincoln Bose, Dorothy, ' 37 Lincoln Compton, Eleanore, ' 37 Lincoln Harmon, Sarah, ' 38. Beatrice Heaney, Inez, ' 37 Lincoln Humphrey, Helen, ' 37 Lincoln lackson, Marcia, ' 37 Omaha Kurth, Marguerite, ' 37 Lincoln Leisy, Elspeth, ' 37 Lincoln Lippitt, Nelle, ' 39..Meadville, Missouri Lytle, Sarah Louise, ' 37 Benedict Phillippe, Margaret, ' 37 Basin Wvoming tlrcher, Dorothy, ' 38 Sioux City, Iowa Blair, Lois, ' 37. Lincoln Ettinger, Jane, ' 39 Omaha Funder, Ellen, ' 40 Omaha Hendricks, Mary Jane, ' 40 Julesburg, Colorado Herd, Elizabeth Jane. ' 38 Lincoln Kryger, Barbara, ' 40 Neligh Pickering, Roma Sue, ' 39 Lincoln Pulliam, Wilma, ' 38 Omaha Reynolds, Pauline, ' 38 Lincoln Schmidt, Carol, ' 37 Lincoln Shelburn, Leona, ' 38 fllma Smith, Cora Lee, ' 38 Omaha Smith, Doris, ' 39 Lincoln Smith, Elizabeth, ' 39 Omaha Srb, Ellen, ' 37 Dwight Srb, Hannah, ' 38 Dwight Swift, Janet, ' 38. Lincoln Tooey, Mary, ' 39 Lincoln Wade, Jean, ' 39. Lincoln Wilson, June, ' 37 Lincoln Wilson, Vera, ' 37 Norfolk Meents, Jean, ' 40 Omaha Meneray, Mary Janice, ' 38 Council Bluffs, Iowa Misch, Marjorie, ' 40 Lincoln Morrow, Jean, ' 40 Lincoln Prevost, Mary, ' 39 Lincoln Rapp, Virginia, ' 40 Omaha Sweeney, Mary Helen, ' 40 Lincoln Page 213 ALPHA PHI OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President ELAINE SHONKfl Vice-president RUTH NELSON Secretary VIRGINIA KENNER Treasurer PflTRICm JENSEN SECOND SEMESTER President ELAINE SHONKA Vice-president RUTH NELSON Secretary VIRGINIA KENNER Treasurer PATRICIA JENSEN THE LOCAL CHAPTER AT Ivy Day festivities last spring, two members of Alpha Phi were masked to Mortar Board and one of the senior attendants to the May Queen was a member of that sor- ority. The second place award in the sorority singing contest was won by Alpha Phi. During its thirty-first year on the Nebraska campus, Alpha Phi has taken a very active part in campus organizations. It claims the presi- dent of the A.W.S. Board, vice-presi- dent of the Student Council, secre- tary of the W.A.A. Council, a col- umnist on the " Daily Nebraskan " staff, and members of the Sponsors Club. The Panhellenic award for second place in sorority scholarship ratings was won this year by Nu chapter of Alpha Phi, and the Chi Phi Theta citizenship award was also received by a member of that sorority. Social functions presided over by the sorority during the year were several informal fall and spring house parties, and the annual formal dance, held this year at the Corn- hucker hotel January 8. Page 214 2 f 9 ? 9 j9 ' J a KEY MEMBERS PLEDGES Fop Row Bowman. D Andrews, Taylor. Meyer. Smith, McMonio3. Rehtmcyer. Jensen. E Brown. Cggors. Shonka. Fourth Row Seitjert. S;c!:le, B Brown, Peterson. Fuller. Nye. Hood. Morgan. Dickey, Mousel, Sinclair. Third Row S ans. Erickson. Pierce, Holland. Gleeson. Beatty. Collins. Nelson. Wcller, Bulfington Second Row: Poellet. Went:. Wilson, Ford, Stire. DePutron. Kienholz. Rohrhaugh. Hughes. K. Hall, Stringer, Bottom Row B Andrews. I Morgan. B. Hall, flmos, Kohr Patterson. Baker. Kenner. Omen, Slov ell Tracy. flmos, Virginia, ' 37 Lincoln Andrews, Doris, ' 37 Lincoln Baker, Phyllis, 39 Curtis Bowman, Betty, ' 38 Lincoln Brown, Bessie Belle, ' 37 Lincoln Brown, Eleanor, ' 37 Lincoln Collins, Margaret, ' 37 Stanton DePutron, Barbara, ' 37 Lincoln Dickey, Mary Elizabeth, ' 39. ...Lincoln Enckson, Theoda, ' 39 Lincoln Ford, Helen, ' 39 Omaha Hall, Beulah, ' 37 Maywood Davis, Dorothy Hood, ' 37 Lincoln Jensen, Patricia, ' 39 Deadwood, North Dakota Kenner, Virginia, ' 39 Genoa McMonies, Helen, ' 37 Lyons Meyer, Sarah L., ' 37. Lincoln Andrews, Beatrice, ' 40 Lincoln Beatty, Betty, ' 40 Blair Buffington, Barbara, ' 40 Crawford Eggers, Marie, ' 40 Omaha Fuller, Jacqueline, ' 40 Omaha Gleeson, June, ' 40 Seward Hall, Kathleen, ' 40 Maywood Hughes, Jean, ' 40 Seward Kienholtz, Mary Elizabeth, ' 38 Pierre, South Dakota Kohr, Yvonne, ' 40 Lincoln Morgan, Jean, ' 40 Hay Springs Morgan, Marian, ' 37 Hay Springs Mousel, Mildred, ' 38 Cambridge Nelson, Ruth, ' 37 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Omen, Charlene, ' 38. Red Oak, Iowa Patterson, Joan, ' 39 Central City Pearse, Emma, ' 37 Columbus Petersen, Marylu, 37 Lincoln Rehtmeyer, Barbara, ' 39 Omaha Rolland, Marian, ' 37 Lincoln Seiffert, Pauline, ' 37 Norlolk Shonka, Elaine, ' 37 Cedar Rapids, Iowa Sinclair, Eva Jane, ' 39 Omaha Skans, Carolyn, ' 39 Omaha Smith, Margaret, ' 38 Omaha VVeller, Alice. ' 38 Lincoln Wentz, Maxine, ' 39. Lincoln Noh, Vivian, ' 38 Clarkson Poellet, Doris Marie, ' 40 Coleridge Rohrbaugh, Betty, ' 40 Lincoln Sickle, Wilma, ' 39 Mitchell, South Dakota Stire, Phyllis, ' 40 Lincoln Stowell, Margaret, ' 40 Lincoln Stringer, Betty Lou, ' 38 Omaha Taylor, Phyllis, ' 40 Lincoln Tracy, Mary Elizabeth, ' 40 Omaha Wilson Mnrv Fronces. ' 40 Lincoln Page 2IS ALPHA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President VANCE LEININGER Vice-president KENNETH McGINNIS Secretary GflLEN JONES Treasurer EUGENE WOODS SECOND SEMESTER President DON WAGNER Vice-president DON GONZALES Secretary PAUL WAGNER Treasurer EUGENE WOODS THE LOCAL CHAPTER ON the evening of March 20th, 1937, the Cornhusker ballroom was transformed into a Hawaiian- like pavilion where, amid palm trees and to the tune of music of the Islands the Alpha Sigma Phi ' s, their dates, and guests enjoyed a most realistic and novel Hawaiian spring party. For the fifth time in the year, the Alpha Sigma Phi ' s were to be congratulated for their originality in their social functions. Among those of the fraternity who no doubt shared in the planning for this un- usual dance were many who had acquired prominence on the campus in such capacities as editor of the " Awgwan, " managing editor of the " Daily Nebraskan, " a member of Kosmet Klub, two prominent football players, three captains in the R. O. T. C, n ational adjutant and commander of Phalanx, assistant di- rector of the Cathedral Choir, and members of Pershing Rifles, Univer- sity Players, Alpha Kappa Psi, " N " Club, and varsity band. The group as a whole had been awarded a scholarship placque. Page 216 nJi»tl ±3. S. 9 9 9 jL T»-pY Top Row Parks. Stollzman. Hansen, Gonzales, Bornemeier, Wagner ■ " Third Row: Richardson, Pickell, Johnston Murphy. Jones, Cooper, Jacob, Gaines Second Row: Mueller. Palmer, Halsled. Wagner. Coolidge. Ledbeller. Hopkins, Graham Bottom Row McGinnis. Johnson. Hastie. Leininger. Smith. Hollister, SturdevanI, Woods. MEMBERS Bliven, Charles, Grad Dakota City Bornemeier, Omar, ' 38 Elmwood Gonzales, Don, ' 39 Elmwood f tS Halsted, Hal, ' 39 Omaha W W Hollister, William, ' 37 Lincoln «fi Jacob, Leonard, ' 38 Deshler Jones, Galen, ' 37 Lincoln Leininger, Vance, ' 37 Fullerton McGinnis, Kenneth, ' 37 Ord Mueller, John, ' 39 Lincoln PLEDGES Bradford, Russel, ' 40 Mitchell Brinkman, fll, ' 39 Lincoln Carey, William, ' 40 Homer Cooper, Leland, ' 38 Alliance Gaines, Perry, ' 40 Fremont Graham, George, ' 40 Omaha Haner, Gale, ' 39 Hastings Hansen, Howard, ' 40 Norfolk Hastie, Gene, ' 40 Lincoln Hopkins, Ralph, ' 40 . Lewiston, Mont Murphy, George, ' 37. Lincoln Parks, Neil, ' 38 flshland Pumphrey, Jack, ' 37 Chicago, lU. Richardson, John, ' 38 Eau Claire, Wis. Stoltzman, Leslie, ' 39 West Point Sturdevant, Francis, ' 37 Lincoln Wagner, Don, ' 38 Homer Wagner, Paul, ' 39 Homer Woods, Eugene, ' 39 Grand Island Jackson, Ralph, ' 40 Lincoln Johnson, Norris, ' 40 Fullerton Johnston, Robert, 39 Sterling Latham, George, ' 39 Lincoln Ledbetter, Verne, ' 39 Dakota City Palmer, Robert, ' 40 Fullerton Pickett, Thomas, ' 38 Sterling Smith, Jacques, ' 40 Shelton Timbers, Rodger, ' 39 Ohiowa Pago 217 ALPHA TAU OMEGA OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President ROBERT SHELLENBERG Vice-president KENNETH PflVEY Secretary MARVIN ROMIG Treasurer WILLIAM BALDWIN SECOND SEMESTER President GLENN MACE Vice-president DON BOEHM Secretary BOB REDDISH Treasurer MARVIN ROMIG THE LOCAL CHAPTER FROM points as far distant as New York City, Washington, D. C. and Cleveland, O., nearly one hundred alumni of Alpha Tau Omega came last fall to participate in a reunion sponsored by the class of 1911. fit a banquet given in the main ballroom of the Cornhusker Hotel, the chapter had the pleasure of hearing from one of the fratern- ity ' s charter members. Among those active members of A. T. O. who heard him speak were many who v ere active in campus life and activities. Included in the group were the Business Manager of the " Daily Nebraskan, " a member of the Innocents Society, the president and another member of Kosmet Klub, the Commander of and a delegate to the national convention of Scabbard and Blade, a member of the Student Council, an outstand- ing member of the University Play- ers, and several varsity football and basketball players, as well as those v ho were responsible for the win- ning of first places in water-polo. Class B basketball, and the basket- ball free-throw. Page 216 IM Jll n f o o ♦ ' : r: ik. M ' V ' V 7 o -J p , ,:;i p p q :: n o p a gi :!5 o ,a o f g . j . KEY MEMBERS %? ..TTTj PLEDGES Top Row Loadloy, Egloy. Chanoy. Campbell, Hoti, Mill-.gen. Eilswoith, E. Glass. Bushman Baldwin Nichols. Walliksr. Fourth Row; B. Baidwin, V. Shellenberg, Mo-ss. Laughlin, Homigh. Banh. Zook. R. ProKil, Pavey. Lompert. Younger. Ramey. Third Row: McCall Oder. Heacoclt, C. Wilson. Tupper, Davis. Weaver. Pelsch, Peterson Heard Davidson, fl. Prollit. Unthonk Second Row F Wilson. Wall. Malletle. Shimor. Jensen, Cullen. Clark. Flansburg. Boehm. Hamilton. Beacher. Reddish. Grey. Bottom Row: Howe. Moon, While. B. Shellenberg. Romig. Mace, Rogers. Mclnlyre. Smith. Sleenberg. D. Glass. Schock, Kani. Baldwin. Bob, ' 38 Riverton, la. Baldwin, Wm. C, ' 37 Riverton, la. Boehm, Don, ' 38 Grand Island Bushman, Ben, ' 39 Omaha Campbell, John, ' 37 Lincoln Chaney, Jack, ' 37 St. Joseph, Mo. Cullen, George, ' 38 Lincoln Davis, William, ' 38 Brock Egley, Fred, ' 39 Lincoln Flansburg, Claude, ' 37 Lincoln Friedebach, Jack, ' 37 Omaha Glass, Don, ' 38 Grand Island Hamilton, Franklin, ' 39 Lincoln Heard, Bill, ' 38 Lincoln Hoif, Elmore, ' 37 Omaha Howe, Bob, ' 39 Humboldt Jensen, Don, ' 39 Lincoln Kani, Phil, ' 37 Omaha Leadley, Bob, ' 39 Lincoln Barth, Don, ' 40 Lincoln Beecher, Bob, ' 40 Hastings Gather, Bud, ' 38 Lincoln Clark, Glen, ' 40 Livingston, Mont. Davidson, Jim, ' 39 Hastings Ellsworth, Jack, ' 40 Omaha Glass, Edsel, ' 38 Grand Island Gray, Howard, ' 38 St Joseph, Mo ' Heacock, Bob, ' 39 Omaha Lampert, Bud, ' 39 Lincoln Laughlin, Joe, ' 39 Grand Island McCall, Gerald, ' 38 Alliance Milligan, Burdette, ' 40 Scribner Moon, Bob, ' 40 Lincoln Peterson, Stanley, ' 3c . remont Mace, Gienn, ' 37 Hastings McEntire, Gordon, ' 38 Lincoln Mallette, Martin, ' 37 Omaha Moss, Don, ' 39 Lincoln Nichols, Bun, ' 37 Grand Island Oder, Dale, ' 37 Hastings Pavey, Kenneth, ' 37 Lincoln Ramey, Bob, ' 39 Lincoln Reddish, Bob, ' 38 fl ' lliance Romig, Marvin, ' 37 Alliance Romigh, Phil, ' 39 North Platte Shellenberg, Bob, ' 37 Omaha Tupper, Kent, ' 39 Lincoln Unthank, George, ' 38 Lincoln Walliker, George, ' 37 Cody, Wyo. Walt, Herb, 37 Lincoln White, Ernest, ' 39 Falls City Wilson, Fred, ' 38 Stuart Petsch, Roy, ' 40 Scottsbluff Proffitt. Alfred, 39 Hastings Proffitt, Roy, ' 40 Hastings Rogers, Harold, ' 40 St. Paul Schirmer, Carlton, ' 38 St. Joseph, Mo. Schock, Jack, ' 39 Falls City Shellenberg, Vic, ' 38 Omaha Sm.ith, John, ' 39 Livingston, Mont. Steenberg, Ned, ' 38 Aurora Weaver, Phil, ' 40 Falls City Wilson, Claude, ' 39 Lincoln Younger, Evelle, ' 38 Hastings Zook, Loren, ' 39 Lincoln Page 219 ALPHA XI DELTA OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President DOROTHY LARSON Vice-president BETTY CHERNEY Secretary IRENE SELLERS Treasurer FLORENCE STEUTEVILLE SECOND SEMESTER President DOROTHY LARSON Vice-president BETTY CHERNEY Secretary IRENE SELLERS Treasurer FLORENCE STEUTEVILLE THE LOCAL CHAPTER DURING Alpha Xi Delta ' s twenty- fifth year on the Nebraska cam- pus the outstanding accomplishment of the sorority has been in the realm of scholastic achievement, fit the Panhellenic scholarship tea this fall Alpha Xi Delta received tw o cups, one for fourth place in scholarship ratings, and one for making the greatest scholastic improvement last year. The William Gold scholar- ship award was also received by a member of the sorority. In student activities Alpha Xi Delta is represented this year by one member of the Junior-Senior Prom Committee, A.W.S. Board member in charge of Coed Follies, Y.W.C.A. vice-president, and members of the " Cornhusker " and " Daily Ne- braskan " staffs. Phi Beta Kappa, Chi Delta Phi, Phi Chi Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Beta Gamma Sigma make up the list of honoraries to which mem- bers of the sorority belong. During the year the sorority enter- tained at fall and spring house parties, and a formal dance at the Cornhusker hotel January 16. Pago 220 B wmm ' m mm ■9%- iV-WiWWPM - ' o ( f MEMBERS - « «eft PLEDGES V • ' — Vrv T " °P Row Rosowaler. L Olson. Trigg. Gist. Owens. Emery, Sellers. Kane Miller, Hickman, Nevin Second Row Gronquist. Chemey, Larson, Taylor, Muilenburg. Dick, M. Sleuteville, F. Sleulevilie, Hill, Pennington. Boltom Row Pierce. Cooper. Meier. Lively. Callan. Manchester, F Slueleville, ]. Olson. Magnusen Long Cherney, B etty, ' 38 North Bend Clinchard, Constance, ' 37 Balboa Heights, Canal Zone Dick, Maxine, ' 38 Waverly Cooper, Lois, ' 39 .Lead, South Dakota Emery, Carroll, ' 37 Lincoln Gist, Jean, ' 38 Lincoln Gronquist, Betty, ' 38 Lincoln Hill, fllethea, ' 38 Hastings Larson, Dorothy, ' 38 Omaha Long, Martha, ' 39 Custer, South Dakota Miller, Dolores, ' 37. Scotia Callan, Lois, ' 40 Omaha Hickman, Eleanor, ' 40 Lincoln Kane, Carolyn, ' 40 Lincoln Lively, Helen, ' 38 Wymore Magnusen, flrlene, ' 40 Oakland Manchester, Margery, ' 40 Omaha Meier, Doris, ' 40 Lincoln Muilenberg, Lois, ' 37 Sioux City, Iowa Olson, Lillian, ' 39 Omaha Orcutt, flrlene, ' 38 Lincoln Pennington, Jane, ' 38 Wymore Pierce, Ruth, ' 37 Hastings, Iowa Rosewater, Barbara, ' 39 Omaha Sellers, Irene, ' 39 Custer, South Dakota Sims, Carol, ' 39 Omaha Steuteville, Florence, ' 38 South Sioux City Taylor, Evelyn, 39 Lincoln Nevin, Rilla Mae, ' 40 Custer, South Dakota Olsen, Janet, ' 38 Palmyra Owens, Lois, ' 40 North Platte Steuteville, Fern, ' 40 South Sioux City Steuteville, Mary, ' 40 South Sioux City Page 221 BETA SIGMA PSI OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President ELMER SCHEELE Vice-president HAROLD HflFNER Secretary WILBUR SCHULTZ Treasurer ALBERT KEISER SECOND SEMESTER President HOMER BARTLING Vice-president MARTIN OELRICH Secretary HAROLD AUGUSTIN Treasurer ORVILLE HUBERT T HE mothers of Beta Sigma Psi, ■L honored at a banquet given for them on Mother ' s Day by the active chapter, must have been impressed by the record and personnel of that fraternity. Among those of the chap- ter whom they met at this time, were many who had acquired prominence in campus activities, including the secretary and the treasurer of Sigma Tau, the president of the Chemical Engineering Society and a member of the Engineering Executive Board, the senior member of the Publication Board, the secretary of the freshman law class, the secretary of the Inter- Fraternity Council, members of fl. 1. E. E., two staff editors of the " Blue Print, " two members of Persh- ing Rifles and one of the crack squad. The mothers had probably already heard through their sons of the fraternity ' s fall party at the Corn- husker, of its many other social func- tions, and that six of the group had gone to St. Louis in early February to attend a national convention. Page 222 WWt IfPY Vop Row: Hubert. Hainer, Osten, Seidel, Kammerlohr. Boye Kramer, Horman. R Hems. Sundennan Second Row: Eiiel, Gwynne. Otto. Ougustin. Deilemeyer. Banting. Oebser, Meixel. Oelrich. O. Heins Bollom Row: Oslwald, Keiser. Schullz. Scheele. Uehling, Jones. RoocV Bii-h Rosenberg. Oelkers 1 MEMBERS flugustin, Harold, ' 38 Kenesaw Bartling, Homer, ' 38 Winslow Boye, Arthur, ' 38 Ocheyedan, la. Dietemeyer, Carl, ' 37 Lincoln Eitel, Victor, ' 38 Lincoln Hafner, Harold, ' 37 Bloomfield Heins, Omar, ' 37 Ruskin Heins, Roscoe, ' 39 . Ruskin Hubert, Orville, ' 39 Upland Keiser, filbert, 38 Enders Oelrich, Martin, ' 39. Omaha Oebser, Robert, ' 37 Ponca Osten, Reuben, ' 37 Columbus Ostwold, Richard, ' 38 Omaha Otto, Charles, ' 39 Hampton Roock, Paul, ' 39 Utica Rosenberg, Kermit, ' 38 Albion Scheele, Elmer, ' 39 Lincoln Schultz, Wilbur, ' 37 Staplehurst PLEDGES Baach, Lester, ' 37 Staplehurst Goiter, Werner, ' 40 Osmond Gv ynne, Donald. ' 39 Omaha Hormann, Harold, ' 40 Malmo Jones, Donald, ' 40 Winnetoon Kommerlohr, Harry, ' 40 Kenesaw Kramer, Leroy, ' 40 Schuyler Meixel, Donald, ' 40 Thayer Oelkers, Harold, ' 40 flvoca Sicdel, Robert, ' 40 Seward Si;nderman, Howard, ' 40 Clarinda, la. Uehling, Vyrle, ' 38 Fremont Winter, Eldor, ' 40 Norfolk Page 223 ' • • - »■ BETA THETA PI OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President President WILLIAM W. MARSH WILLIAM W. MARSH Vice-president Vice-president RAYNOR RIGGS RAYNOR RIGGS Secretary Secretary JOHN EDWARDS JONATHON WOLCOTT Treasurer Treasurer JOHN PARKER JOHN PARKER THE LOCAL CHAPTER ON THE eve ol the marriage of the Nebraska Sweetheart to one of their number, the brothers of Beta Theta Pi celebrated that event by a special dinner in honor of the groom, fit this dinner, following the farewells, the chapter sang their fa- vorite of songs, " The Loving Cup. " While singing this song they passed the loving cup around that each brother mght drink from it. Among those that drank thereof was the president of the Innocents Society, the Editor and three staff editors of the Cornhusker, the Cadet Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major and two Captains of the R.O.T.C., treasurer of the Student Council and of the Athletic Board of Control, two mem- bers of Kosmet Klub, and several members of Peshing Rifles. No doubt this affair aroused in the minds of many present, memories of other events in the Beta year such as their formal dinner dance, their buffet supper, their participation in the Kosmet Klub Fall Revue, the win- ning of a scholarship plaque, of sec- ond place both in the intramurals and in the Ivy-Day Sing, and the en- tertaining of Charles P. Taft, dis- tinguished alumnus. I Page 224 I iMM mmM, Top Row Hazier, Hansen. M. rolsom, Rice. Cochran, Barry, Gish, Marsh, Weiton, Burlington, Kellogg. Bradley, Newsom, Heinsheimer, Begley. Third Row F Tallman, Broyhill, Goss, Miller, Patterson. Hosbjrgh. Tassie. Paul. Brov nlee. Chambers, de Brown, G. Souders. Parker. Doty. Second Row Bunting, ]. Folsom. Crosby, Atexander, Eager, Weingarten. Woolery, Gannon. Wolcoit. Riggs. Rohrbaugh, fl Souders. Reilly. flrmbruster. Bottom Row Webster. Salthouse. Weldon, Wachter, Sweeney, McQuire. Edwards. Broady. Beghtol Bass, Kiechel. R. Tallman. Elios, Dort. Oxnam MEMBERS i PLEDGES 8 Alexander, Ross J., ' 37 Omaha Barry, Jack H., ' 38 Omaha Beghtol, Robert W., ' 37 Lincoln Broady, Jefferson, ' 38 Lincoln Brownlee, John T. Jr., ' 39 Omaha Bunting, James M., ' 38 Lincoln Chambers, Robert H., ' 39... North Platte Crosby, Horace E., ' 37... North Platte Dort, Douglas M., ' 38 Lincoln Doty, Richard M., ' 39 Lincoln Eager, George, ' 37 Lincoln Edwards, John B., ' 38 Lincoln Gannon, Robert J., ' 39 Fremont Gish, C. William, ' 39 Beatrice Elias, Winfield T., ' 37 Wymore Hansen, Kermit R., ' 39 Omaha Howell, James G., ' 38 Albion Hosburgh, James N., ' 39 Lincoln Kellogg, Donald H., ' 39 Hastings Kiechel, Fredrick C, ' 37. Tecumseh Marsh, William W., ' 37 Hastings flrmbruster, flilen, ' 39 Cozad Armstrong, Robert, ' 39 Auburn Bass, John J , 40 Omaha Bradley, Paul, ' 40 Omaha deBrown, Richard, ' 40 Lincoln Broyhill, Roy, ' 40 Dakota City, South Dakota Burlington, James, ' 40 Creston, Iowa Cochran, William, ' 40 Lincoln Folsom, John D., ' 40 Lincoln Folsom, Morris E., ' 39 Closter, New Jersey Glover, Herbert, ' 39 Grand Island Miller. Robert H., ' 37 Crete McGuire, Robert L., ' 38 St. Joseph, Missouri Newsom, Robert L., ' 39 Hastings Nordgren, A. E. Lewellyn, ' 39 Waterloo Oxnam, Phillip, ' 38 Boston, Massachusetts Parker, John T., ' 38 Central City Patterson, Rex C. ' 38 Central City Paul, J. Richard, ' 38 Lincoln Reilly, Charles Jr., ' 38 Lincoln Riggs, C. Raynor, ' 37 Central City Souders, Allen E., ' 38. Nebraska City Sweeney, William T., ' 39 Lincoln Tollman, Robert H., ' 37 Creston, Iowa Tassie, Dallas, ' 38 Omaha Wachter, John J., ' 39 Lincoln Webster, Fred, ' 38 Lincoln Weldon, James C, ' 39 Cozad Wolcott, Jonathon A., ' 38 Denver, Colorado Goss, George E., ' 40 Hilo, Hawaii Hager, Orval, ' 40 Lincoln Krause, John, ' 39 Lincoln Raber, Arthur, ' 39 Mitchell, South Dakota Rice, Charles, ' 40 Omaha Rohrbaugh, Merrill, ' 39 Omaha Salthouse, Wirt, ' 38 Salina, Kansas Souders, George E., ' 40 Nebraska City Tollman, Frank P., ' 40. Creston, Iowa Weingarten, John, ' 40 Omaha Weiton, Ted, ' 40 Omaha Page 223 CHI OMEGA OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President LOIS ERMfl HlflTT Vice-president ROSALIE MOTL Secretary BETTY WIDENER Treasurer MHRIORIE FREDENHflGEN SECOND SEMESTER President LOIS ERMfl HlflTT Vice-president nLICE FRANCES PETERSEN Secretary BETTY WIDENER Treasurer FRANCES WEYER THE LOCAL CHAPTER AT IVY DAY festivities last spring members of Kappa chapter of Clii Omega proudly watched fllaire Barkes, last year ' s president of Mor- tar Board and member of their sor- ority, crowned as May Queen for 1936. On the same day another of their members was masked to Mor- tar Board. Entering actively in campus social life, Chi Omega entertained at many elaborate parties, including the cele- bration of the fortieth anniversary of Founders Day at a banquet at the University Club, followed by danc- ing at the Governor ' s mansion; a Christmas party for the children of Whitehall Orphanage; a formal at the Cornhusker hotel February 13, and several dinner dances and house parties. Members of the sorority partici- pated actively in student organiza- tions on both campuses this year, having members on the fl.W.S. Board, Junior Senior-Prom Commit- tee, Y.W.C.fl. Cabinet, W.fl.fl. Coun- cil, Coll-flgri-Fun Board, Sponsors Club, University Players, and " Corn- husker " , " Daily Nebraskan " and " flwgwan " staffs. Pago i26 2£S 2 2S2 c% ■ 9 ' irp " Y Top Row: Pyle, Winquist, E Clizbe, McKiernan, Peterson, Bilby, Malzacher, Gray, Stearns, Reese. Thud Row: Flory, Childs. Bowen, lensen, Fredenhagen, H. Pascoe, P. Pascoe, Widener, Meier. Moll Second Row: Davis. Card, Cushing, B. Clizbe. Hoalson. Barker. R. Houston. Fislar. Reece. Kruse Bottom Row: Deats, Weyer. Hiall. Kryger. Munger, E. Houston, Rissar, Spencer, Gillette. Young, Collins MEMBERS Bilby, Margaret, ' 37 Fairbury Bowen, Pauline, ' 39.... Lincoln Card, Dorothy, ' 39 Lincoln Clizbe, Betty, ' 39 Valentine Clizbe, Eleanor, ' 37.... Valentine Cushing, Margaret, ' 39 Lincoln Fislar, Mary, ' 38 Lincoln i Fredenhagen, Marjorie, ' 38. ...Lincoln Hiatt, Lois, 38 Lincoln Houston, Ruth, ' 38 Lead, South Dakota Gillett, Enid, ' 38 Lincoln lensen, Phyllis, ' 39 Neligh Kryger, Lila Kathryn, ' 30 Neligh Meyer, Frances, ■39... Lincoln PLEDGES Barker, Helen, ' 38 .Pratt, Kansas Chase, Dorothy, ' 40 .. Lincoln Childs, Jean, ' 40 Norfolk (xT!% Collins, Janice, ' 40 Lincoln Deals, Frances, ' 40 Roca Flory, Betty, ' 40 fllbion Gray, Amy, ' 40 Coleridge Hoatson, Elsie, ' 38 Hebron Houston, Edith, ' 40 Lead, South Dakota Motl, Rosalie, ' 38 Mullen Munger, Margaret, ' 39 Lincoln Pascoe, Helen, ' 39 Frem.ont Pascoe, Peggy, ' 38 Fremont Peterson, Alice Frances, ' 37 Hampton Pyle, Margaret Jane, ' 38 Wroy, Colorado Reese, Jean, ' 37 Lincoln Risser, Mary Kay, ■37..Salina, Kansas Spencer, Frances, ' 39 Lincoln Young, Marguerite, ' 39 Lincoln Weyer, Frances, ' 39 flinsworth Widener, Betty, ' 38 York Winquist, Kathryn, ' 38 Holdrege Knotek, Yarmi, ' 39 Ravenna Kruse, Mildred, ' 40 fllbion Larson, Lea Dee, ' 40 Hebron Malzacher, Joyce, ' 40 Neligh McKieman, Gladys, ' 40 Thermopolis, Wyoming Patten, Beth, ' 40 Lincoln Reece, Betty, ' 40 . Valentine Stearns, Harriet, ' 40 Fairbury Wuester, Blanch, ' 38 Home City, Kansas Page 227 CHI PHI ' -T ' tU. OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President BOB FUNK Vice-president CRfllG SPENCER Secretary lACK IMLER Treasurer CLARENCE PROHflSKfl SECOND SEMESTER President PAUL PETERSON Vice-president CRAIG SPENCER Secretary BUELL NAUGHTIN Treasurer FRED GUND THE LOCAL CHAPTER T HE curiosity of a hitchhiker might well have been aroused one morning last October when a long procession of cars, loaded with college students, and headed by a mechanical curiosity of great age and infirmity, sped past him on the way to Omaha. He did not know that these were Chi Phis on their way to welcome their national presi- dent and to be entertained at a luncheon that noon by the Omaha alumni group. He was unaware of the honor that was his for having been passed by the Editor and Business-Manager of the " Daily Nebraskan, " an Innocent, three members of Kosmet Klub, the Assis- tant Business-Manager of the " f w- gwan, " the secretary of Sigma Delta Chi, five members of Pershing Rifles, and others of importance on the Nebraska campus. He may not have known that this group had a skit in the Kosmet Klub Fall Revue, had won a scholarship placque and was to have a brilliant social season, characterized by two down-town parties, buffet suppers and joint alumni dinners in Omaha and Lincoln. Page 228 ' rl— 11. ... tb. fh Q p, Q ' M JLidi J% L fL C J pV Top Row; Rouse, B Spencer. K Wilkerson, Dai-gherty. Grilfin, Shackoliord, flrmslrong, Imler, Flory Third Row Kadavy. WoodrutI, Rider. Mcssman. Ross, Mullett, Funk. Uhn Second Row Magee, Olson. Tullis. Malscn. C Spencer. Klein. Lord. Pipal. Chi Phi has no cresl Bollom Row Robertus, Lyons. Gund, Peterson, McGinnis, Wade. Fergus, Naughlin. MEMBERS PLEDGES o Bruenig, Tod, 38 Leigh Dalling, John, ' 38 Lincoln Dougherty, Dick, ' 37 Omaha Doud, Lawrence, ' 38 Geneva Fergus, Harian, ' 37 Humboldt Flory, Harry, ' 38 Pawnee City Funk, Bob, ' 37 Lincoln Graham, Gordon, ' 37 Scottsbluff Gund, Fred, ' 38 Crawford Imler, Jack, ' 37 Nelson Kadavy, Dean, ' 39 Omaha McGee, Millard, ' 39 Omaha McGinnis, Dick, ' 39 Humboldt Mossman, Clayton, ' 37 Omaha Armstrong, Hall, ' 40 Belle Fourche, So. Dak. Giffen, Don, ' 39 Lincoln Greenwood, Scott, ' ' lO Nelson Griffen, Bob, ' 40 Superior Klein. Keith, ' 38. Burr Lord, David, ' 40. Port Washington, N. Y. Mullet, Wayne, ' 39 Superior Naughtin, Buell, ' 39 Omaha Olson, Bob, ' 38 Genoa Peterson, Paul, ' 38 Geneva Pipal, George, ' 37 Humboldt Prohoska, Clarence, ' 37 Omaha Rouse, Sylvester, ' 39 Oxford Schwenk, Clayton, ' 37 Harvard Shackelford, George, ' 38 Omaha Spencer, Craig, ' 38. . Gladewoter, Tex. Tullis, Ernest, ' 39 Omaha Uhri, Gordon, ' 38 Humboldt Woodruff, Ralph, ' 38 Grand Island Lyon, Nelson, ' 39 Nelson Matson, Guy, ' 38 Omaha Rider, fll, ' 37 Lincoln Robertus, Henry, ' 38 Bridgeport Ross, Richard, ' 40 Lincoln Spencer, Bill, ' 40....Gladewater, Tex. Wade, Bill, ' 40 Nelson Wilkerson, Curtis, ' 40 Lincoln Page 229 DELTA DELTA DELTA OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMEST President President MILfl BALD MILfl BALD Vice-president Vice-president MflXINE DURflND MflXINE DURflND Secretary Secretary SUSAN STOLL SUSflN STOLL Treasurer Treasurer ERMfl BfiUER ERMfl BflUER THE LOCAL CHAPTER KflPPfl chapter of Delta Delta Delta added twenty-four mem- bers to its ranks this year, its twelfth anniversary on the Nebraska cam- pus. Two of the fifty-three members are Mortar Boards, one having been president of Y.W.C.fl. in the fall; the other, national vice-president of Phi Sigma Chi, pep organization. Others who are prominent in activities ore members of the fl.W.S. Board, Y.W.C.R., Student Council, Sponsors Club, Sigma f lpha Iota, and the " Cornhusker " and " Daily Ne- braskan " staffs. To encourage high scholarship among its members, the group pre- sented an improvement cup to the pledge attaining the highest scholas- tic average, as well as a placque to the one judged the most outstand- ing. Delta Delta Delta entertained at a formal dance at the Cornhusker ho- tel on February 12, the date of their founding, as well as at spring and fall house parties. During the sum- mer of 1936, Kappa chapter was a hostess at the national fraternity convention, held in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Page 230 " •- ' - i ' V ' ' KEY MEMBERS PLEDGES A Top Row; Barnes, fllbey, Peterson, Ludwick, Cook. Burl. Kropt, Bav;er, Johnson. Bald. Reichardt. Fourth Row: M. Williams. Stoll, Wilson. Deilrich. Wadlow, Rist. Fields. Hysick. Wicks. Henn. Lake- Third Row Van Home. Mulligan. Moran. flUen. Rothery. B. Williams. Mallory, Morgan. Durand. Cannel Second Row, Holland. Schuler, Von Bergon. Enyeart. Jordan. Cockle. Doll. Neely. Brisco. McCarthy. Welch Bottom Row: Scudder. Piatt. Von Etta, Saulls, flibin, Restler, Smith. Knudtzen. Simpson, Keefer. LeMaster. fllbin, Flora, ' 38 Lincoln Alien, Betsy, ' 39 Lincoln Bald, Mila, ' 37 Platte Center Bauer, Erma, ' 37 North Platte Burt, Claudine, ' 39 Lincoln Cook, Eleanor, ' 37 Chadron Cook, Phyllis, ' 38 Lexington Doll, Dolores, ' 38 Fremont Durand, Maxine, ' 38 Morrill Holland, Mildred, ' 38 Lincoln Jordan, Wilma, ' 37 Valentine Keefer, Jane, ' 37 Lincoln Knudtzon, Frances, ' 38 Chicago, Illinois filvey, Jane, ' 40 Fort Omaha Barnes, Mary Jane, ' 39 Rushville Cannell, Audrey, ' 40 Gering Cockle, Mary Anna, ' 40 Omaha Dietrich, Lois, ' 38 McCook Enyeart, Lois, ' 39 Bellwood Fields, Sara, ' 40 Fort Omaha Henn, Mary Jo, ' 40 Lincoln Lake, Maxine, ' 40 Lincoln LeMaster, Jeanette, ' 38, North Platte McCarty, Anna Margaret, ' 39 Plattsmouth Morris, Eloise, ' 38 Blair Ludwick, Ruth, ' 38 Lincoln McClelland, Dorothy D,, ' 39 Corning, Iowa Moran, Margaret, ' 38 Omaha Mowry, Roberta, ' 39 Humboldt Mullikin, Alene, ' 38 Chester Neely, Elizabeth, ' 39 Lincoln Peterson, Vera Mae, ' 37 Lincoln Resler, Martha Rose, ' 38 Wauneta Simpson, Mary Ruth, ' 39 Lincoln Smith, Corrinne, ' 38 Lexington Stoll, Susan, ' 37 Lincoln Van Home, Betty, ' 38 Lincoln Williams, Betty, ' 39 North Platte Plot!, Frances, ' 40 Lincoln Reichardt, Anne, ' 40 Imperial Rist, Marion, 38 Humboldt Rothery, Helen, ' 38 Omaha Scudder, Frances, ' 38 Sumner Shuler, Virginia, ' 40 Omaha Vanatta, Ruth, ' 38 Randolph, Iowa Wadlow, Lois, ' 40... Lincoln Welch, Jane, ' 40 Lincoln Wicks, Priscilla, ' 40 Fremont Williams, Mary Lou, ' 38 Enders Wilson, Leone, ' 39 Dow City, Iowa Page 231 DELTA GAMMA OFTICERS FIRST SEMESTER President JANE BARBOUR Vice-presiflent MflRGflRET JOHNSON Secretary MARY GAVIN Treasurer MARGARET HARRIS SECOND SEMESTER President JANE BARBOUR Vice-president MARGARET JOHNSON Secretary MARY GAVIN Treasurer MARGARET HARRIS THE LOCAL CHAPTER AT THE Panhellenic scholarship tea, Kappa chapter of Delta Gamma was presented with the cup for first place in sorority scholarship ratings during the year. The wear- ers of the anchor placed second in the W.fl.fl. Intramural competition, receiving placques for first place in bowling, horseback riding, and ping pong tournaments. Their singing was heralded as " tops " in the inter- sorority sing contest last Ivy Day. On the morning of November 21, 1936, at the Kosmet Klub Fall Re- view, Delta Gamma hearts swelled with pride when Louise Magee was presented as the 1936 Nebraska Sweetheart. fit the Delta Gamma formal Janu- ary 30 at the Cornhusker hotel, one saw among the hostesses such not- able activity women as the fl.W.S. Board secretary, representatives of the W. fl. fl. Council and Sports Board, members of the Sponsors Club and miembers of the " Corn- husker " staff. Delta Gammas figure prominently in two honorary organ- izations: Sigma Alpha Iota, and Vestals of the Lamp. Page 232 «rr a.f! 0 V " PV °P Ro " Young. Hams, Nichols. Gard, Ross, Gnllin, Huwaldl, Marsdon. Homer, Williams Wernor. ■I»- I Donley, M Magee Third Row L R Magee, L F Magee. lohnson, Willera, Maly, finderson. Gavin, I Lau, Grant, Biower, Jones, Boldman. Brown Second Row: E Young. Davis. E. Anderson, White, Campbell, McDowell, B Lau, Doty, G Wallace. Meyer. Montgomery, Vasey. Bottom Row Lea, Hedstrom, Barbour. Marshall, Rehiaender, Smyth, V. Wallace, Wheeler, Davidson, Talbot, Seymour, Broody, MEMBERS ' at] PLEDGES Anderson, Hazel, ' 37 Hastings Barbour, Jane, ' 38 Scottsbluff Boldman, Frances, ' 39 Holdrege Broody, Elizabeth, ' 37 Lincoln Davis, Helen Catherine, ' 39. ...Lincoln Donley, Eileen, ' 38 Lincoln Doty, Jean, ' 37 Lincoln Gavin, Mary, ' 38 Lincoln Griffin, Barbara, ' 38 Fullerton Harris, Margaret, ' 37 Omaha Huwaldt, Catherine, ' 39 Grand Island Johnson, Margaret, ' 37 Denver, Colorado Jones, Ernestine, ' 39 Omaha Anderson, Elinor, ' 39 Holdrege Brower, Marie, ' ' lO Fullerton Campbell, Janet, ' 38 Omaha Davidson, Betty Jean, ' 40 Casper, Wyoming Gard, Ernestine, ' 38 St. Joseph, Missouri Grant, Maxine, ' 40 Onawa, Iowa Hamer, Patricia, ' 40 Omaha Hedstrom, Betty, ' 38 Deadwood, South Dakota Lau, Janet, ' 40 Lincoln Magee, Marion, ' 39 Omaha Maly, Mary Margaret, ' 40 Lincoln Marshall, Frances, ' 38 Arlington Lau, Betty, ' 39 Lincoln Lea, Virginia, ' 39 Fairbury McDowell, Betty, ' 37 Chadron Magee, Louise F., ' 38 Omaha Magee, Louise R., ' 38 Lincoln Marsden, Jo, ' 38 Lincoln Nichols, Peg, ' 38 Beatrice Hehlaender, Natalie, ' 39 Lincoln Ross, Margaret, ' 37 Gibbon Vasey, Virginia, ' 38 Beatrice Werner, Margaret, ' 39 Lincoln White, Martha, ' 39 Council Bluffs, Iowa Young, Dolores, ' 38 Lincoln Meyer, Barbara, ' 40 Omalia Montgomery, Martha, ' 38 Central City Seymour, Victoria, ' 39 Los Angeles, California Smyth, Virginia, ' 38 St. Joseph, Missouri Talbot, Nan, ' 40 Lincoln Wallace, Geraldine, ' 40 Lincoln Wallace, Virginia, ' 40 Lincoln Wheeler, Virginia, ' 40 Glenwood, Iowa Williams, Lucy Jane, ' 39 York Wittera, Mary Frances, ' 40-.Kearney Young, Evelyn, ' 40 Lincoln Page 233 DELTA TAU DELTA OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President President ROBERT K EBY ROBERT K. EBY Vice-president Vice-president EDWIN GEORGE EDWIN GEORGE Secretary Secretary PAUL ftMEN PAUL AMEN Treasurer Treasurer WILLIAM SflWTELL JR GEORGE ROSEN THE LOCAL CHAPTER nPHE job of keeping the Delt scrap book this year must have been a difficult one indeed. There seemed to be no end to the publicity that the Delts received for their achieve- ments in sports and other campus activities. There would necessarily have to be included in their scrap book, clippings concerning their representation on the Olympic team, the spectacular playing of their three football, three basketball, and four baseball lettermen; clippings to the effect that among the chapter ' s membership there were also the Big Six goif champion, and all university lightweight boxing champion, the president and another member of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, a Major and four Captains in the R. O. T. C, three cheerleaders, members of Pershing Rifles, of the " Cornhusker " and " flwgwan " staff, of the " B " team in football, of Alpha Kappa Psi and of the varsity band. The scrap book would also include mention of their large spring party at the Shrine club. Paqe 234 aK M ill f. Q TT-p ' Y ' °P " " ' i ' " ' Sawtell, Beeiley. Cram. Peed, Thompson, Clarke, Clino. De Mug ' Third Row George, Gollatly, Rosen, Tyner, Navious, Groves, Rainey, Nestrud Second Row Meredith, Wampler, Be ' ggren. Wnghl. Baumann, Well, Howell, Lund Bottom Row; Wilson, Borrjo Eby flmen, Anderson, Smith, Gray, Grossman MEMBERS flmen, Paul, ' 38 Lincoln Bauman, Paul, ' 39 West Point Berggren, Jerome, ' 37 Scottsbluff Cline, ' William B., ' 37 Omaha Christol, Gene, ' 36 Yankton, S. D. Eby, Robert K.. ' 37 Omaha George, Edwin, ' 38 Lincoln Gray, William, ' 38 Columbus Groves, Vernon, ' 38 Fort Morgan, Colo. Howell, John, ' 38 . Omaha Meredith, G, Wade, ' 37 Omaha Naviaux, Phillip, ' 38 Lexington Rosen, George, ' 39 Oakland Sawtell, William, ' 38 Omaha Thompson, Lynn, ' 39 Omaha Tyner, George, ' 39 Omaha Wolf, Emil, ' 39. Morse Bluff Wright, Harry, ' 37 Scottsbluff Yenne, Keith, ' 37 Fort Morgan, Colo. PLEDGES Beezley, Wilbur, ' 39 Omaha Berg, Barton, ' 39 Stella Bloom, Leo, ' 39 . Lincoln Clark, Rollo, 40 Falls City Cocklin. Robert, ' 40 Lincoln Cram, John, ' 40 Fremont Gellafly, Jack, ' 40 Lincoln Grossman, Ernest, ' 40 Omaha Kjar, Albert, ' 39 Lexington Lund, Robert, ' 40 Omaha McKinley, James, ' 39 Sutherland Maxey, Fred, ' 39 Bellevue Nestrud, flrden, ' 39 Omaha Parsons, Robert, ' 38 Lincoln Rainey, Robert, ' 40 Fremont Smith, Robert, ' 39 Wayne Wampler, Lloyd, ' 37. Lincoln Wilson, Dow, ' 40 Dow City, la. Pago 235 DELTA UPSILON OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President PLINY MOODIE Vice-president LEWIS CflSS Secretary DON CARLSON Treasurer GILBERT flUTRY SECOND SEMESTER President GEORGE SAWYER Vice-president BOB MARTZ Secretary HARRY EPPERSON Treasurer GILBERT AUTRY THE LOCAL CHAPTER AT dusk one evening last spring a strange horde descended upon the campus, a procession of cars, blocks long, with horns sound- ing full blast in hilarious celebration of a certain engagement. Many whom the Delta Gammas saw pass in this train were, in the next year, to figure greatly in campus activities. Two were to be Innocents; another, editor of the " Awgwan, " two were to become business manager and assistant business-manager of the Cornhusker respectively; one, president of Sigma Delta Chi; another, vice-president of Pershing Rifles; one was to become a lieutenant-colonel and two others, majors in the R. O. T. C. They saw a chapter pass that had but shortly before won third in the inter- fraternity sing and fourth in scholar- ship. Some girls who saw this fraternity pass were to be invited to dance to Anna May Winburn and her or- chestra at its formal dinner dance; to attend its traditional spring lawn party and the other events which were to color its social year. Page 236 f » Q 9 L , Ci ,.-i Q o . Cj Kk KEY t HA ' « tioo-»H J MEMBERS ¥ PLEDGES Top Row McDermoi;, Baker, Smiley, Ganz. H. hlildebiand, i ounuslroni, Obemaor; ni .nt y , i.atnDono, Neurenburger R Reed, Lipscomb, flutry, Berquist. Fourth Row: Roberts. Jarmin, Tyler, Lake, Milne, Lyman, Myers. Gant. F. Sawyer, tmbick. Nabity. Monson, L. lorgensen. Prouty. Third Row Carlson, Williamson, Swenson, Martz, G Sawyer, Luther, fldkins. Kosman Moody. Boitey, Sackett, Norden, Lemmon. Second Row Grimm, Lyman, Pankonin, Stephens, M. Reed, Young, Lohr, Drummond, Epperson, Razer, Druhe. Gray, Knox. Bottom Row: D, Hildebrand, Dugan, Dunker. Bursik. Linch, finkeny. Nelson, Colvert, Cass, flvory. Weaver, Lamb. Anderson. fidkins, Robert W., ' 38 Norfolk flnkeny, Clayton, ' 37 Lincoln flshby, Charles, ' 39 Fairmont flutry, Gilbert, ' 37 Omaha flvery, Robert, ' 37 Lincoln Baker, Sidney, ' 37 Lincoln Berquist, Bill, ' 37 Omaha Bullis, Dean, ' 38 Norfolk Cass, Lewis, ' 37 Ravenna Carlson, Don, ' 39 Lincoln Colvert, Raymond, ' 39 North Platte Drummond, Charles B., ' 37 ..Beatrice Dugan, William, ' 38 Lincoln Epperson, Harry, ' 39 ...Sioux City, la Gant, Carter, ' 39 Omaha Gray, George, ' 37 Coleridge Hildebrand, Doran, ' 39 York Hildebrand, Howard, ' 39 York Jarmin, John, ' 37 Lincoln Jorgensen, Don, ' 37 Omaha Knox, Gene, ' 39 McCook Kosman, Richard, ' 38 Omaha Lamb, Kenneth, ' 39 Calloway Lemmon, Grant, ' 38 Omaha Anderson, Ed, ' 40 . Omaha Bailey, Robert, ' 40 Lincoln Bursik, Les, ' 39 Ravenna Druhe, Kenneth, ' 39 Randolph Dunker, Leonard, ' 40 Lincoln Embick, James, ' 39 Laurel Lake. Max, ' 40 Lincoln Lipscomb, Robert, ' 40 Nebraska City Luther, Walter, ' 40 Cambridge Lyman, Bill, ' 40 Lincoln McDermott, John, ' 40.. ..Grand Island Linch, Howard, ' 38 Lincoln Lohr, Harry, ' 37 Columbus Lyman, Jack, ' 38 Lincoln Martz, Robert, ' 38 Lincoln Meyers, Henry, ' 38 Omaha Milne, George, ' 38 Lincoln Moodie, P. M., ' 38 West Point Nabity, Donald, ' 38 David City Neurenburger, Howard, ' 38 Wakefield Norden, Carl, ' 37 Lincoln Oberndorf, Truman, ' 37 Lincoln Rathbone, Jack, ' 39 Lincoln Razer, Wade, ' 39 Gering Reed, Marston, ' 38..Torrington, Wyo. Roberts, Jack, ' 37 Lincoln Sackett, William, ' 38 Omaha Sawyer, George, ' 37 Torrington, Wyo. Smiley, Richard, ' 39 Lincoln Stephens, Joe, ' 39 Clarinda, la Sundstrom, Herb, ' 38 Plattsmouth Weaver, Robert, ' 38 Lincoln Monson, Paul, ' 38 Osceola Ganz, Dale, ' 40 fllvo Nelson, Robert, ' 40 Omaha Nye. Robert, ' 40 Lincoln Pankonin, Eldon, ' 40 Louisville Prouty, Harry, ' 40 Lincoln Reed, Ralph. ' 40 Lincoln Sawyer, Frank, ' 40 Torrington, Wyo. Tyler, Ralph, ' 40 Lincoln Williamson, James, ' 39 Albion Young, Richard, ' 39 Mitchell, S. D. Page 237 DELTA ZETA OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President President JEAN STONE lEflH STONE Vice-president Vice-president SflRfl ANNE KflUFFMflN SARA ANNE KAUFFMAN Secretary Secretary EMMflRETTfl LIVINGSTONE EMMARETTA LIVINGSTONE Treasurer Treasurer WILMfl WAGNER WILMA WAGNER THE LOCAL CHAPTER THE twenty-seventh year of exist- ence for Zeta chapter of Delta Zeta found them living in a new home, situated at 2530 Q. They for- merly lived at 626 North 16th Street. It v as in this new house that Delta Zeta celebrated their biennial Rose Dinner, a formal spring dinner dance, late in the fiscal year of 1937. It is at this dinner that the annual publication of the sorority, " Ze Zeta Zephyr " , is presented. The new house was decorated to fit the occasions of the Hallowe ' en and Christmas house parties. Delta Zeta also entertained at an annual spring party, open to the public. Delta Zeta claims the vice-presi- dency of Gamma Alpha Chi, honor- ary advertising sorority, and mem- bers in Tassels, Phi Chi Theta, and the Panhellenic Council, fin inter- sorority standards program, which is supervised by the national organi- zation of Delta Zeta, was carried out by the local chapter this year. Page 238 ■II SUI . T t fTF. ' Y ° ° Stone, Wagner. Brunson, tCaufiman. Bottom Row Livingstone. Eastman, Mills. Pospisil, Heng. MEMBERS Brunson, Georgia, ' 38 Lincoln Eastman, Doris, ' 38 Kimball Kauffman, Sara flnne, ' 38 Lincoln Livingstone, Emmaretta, ' 38 Martel Mills, Doris, ' 38 Lincoln Stone, Jean, ' 38 Omaha Wagner, Wilma, ' 38 Creston PLEDGES Heng, Nora, ' 37 Nebraska City Pospisil, Lorene, ' 39 Colon Page 239 FARM HOUSE OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President VINCENT IflCOBSON Business Manager GORDON HOBERT Secretary DflRRELL BflUDER Treasurer CLYDE WHITE SECOND SEMESTER President VINCENT IflCOBSON Business Manager GORDON HOBERT Secretary DflRRELL BflUDER Treasurer CLYDE WHITE THE LOCAL CHAPTER A MID a long and wholehearted - ' applause a representative of Farm House went forward last spring at the Interfratemity Banquet to receive the huge scholarship cup which his fraternity had been awarded for the sixth co nsecutive year. Among the scholastic records which, for better or for worse, helped determine the final score, were the averages of two newly tapped members of the Innocents Society, the manager-to-be of the Farmer ' s Fair, the treasurer-elect of Corn Cobs, the average of one who was to be elected to the Student Council and to the Junior-Senior Prom Committee and of several who were destined in the coming year to be members of the N Club, the Farmers ' Fair Board, judging teams and sundry organizations on both campuses. The cup, awarded at that time, v as won by the largest membership in the chapter ' s history and by a group which has been very active in intramural sports, winning second place in football and rating high in many other events. Pago 240 ilMllll KEY MEMBERS PLEDGES V Top Row: Stout. Dunn, Gustalson, Sutton, Cunningham, Chnstenson. McAdams. Schmadeke. Baechel, Petersen, Glantz. Fourth Row: Fnsbie, Zahm, Smith, Radenbaugh, Cruise, Swanson, Petersen, lacobsen, Magdanz, Jacob- son. Walters. Third Row Pratt, Sanders, Petersen, Hobarl, King, Lowenstein, Jensen, i-ipp, Hayne. Moseman. flitken Second Row: Sadie, Davis, Von Risen, Andrew, Hedges, Weitcamp, Petersen, Sanders, Carroll. Hedlund, While. First Row: Reynoldson, Bertramson. Petersen. Giradot, Bauder. Carder, Lynn, Hiloway, Benn, Schmadeke flitken, Tom, ' 38 Tecumseh flllaway, Hubert, ' 38 Homer Andrews, Wilson, ' 38 Ponca Bauder, Darrell, ' 37 Glenvil Beachell, ' William, ' 38 Grant Benn, Harold, ' 39 Ord Bertramson, Rodney, ' 37 Potter Carder, Dave, ' 38 fllbon Carroll, Floyd, ' 37 Mount Clare Christenson, fllvin, ' 39 St. Paul Cruise, Ray, ' 39 Sidney Davis, lohn, ' 37 Syracuse Dunn, Wesley, ' 38 Purdum Frisbie, Lawrence, ' 39 Lincoln Girardot, LeRoy, ' 39 Pender Glantz, Melvin, ' 39 Kearney Gustafson, Norman, ' 38 Mead Hedlund, Earl, ' 38 Chappell Heyne, Clifford, ' 39 Wisner Hobert, Gordon, ' 37 Rising City Jacobson, Russell, ' 38 St. Edward lacobson, Vincent, ' 37 Albion King, Tom, ' 39 Albion Lipp, Wesley, ' 38 Franklin Cunningham, Roger, ' 40 Gurley Garnick, Harold, ' 40 Ord Hedges, Winston, ' 40 Indianola Jensen, Stanley, ' 38 Blair McAdams, William, ' 40 Omaha Peterson, Kenneth, ' 40 Sterling Loewenstein, Morrison, ' 38 Kearney Lynn, Adrian, ' 37 Minden Magdanz, Don, ' 38 Pierce Moseman, Al, ' 33 Oakland Petersen, Arnold, ' 37 Aurora Peterson, Howard, ' 37 Oakland Peterson, Maurice, ' 38 Lincoln Peterson, Rundall, ' 39 Grant Pratt, Lillard, ' 38 Rising City Radenbaugh, Don, ' 38..Grand Island Sadie, Byron, ' 38 Paxton Sanders, Chris, ' 38 Lindsay Schmadeke, Lester, ' 38 Bradish Schmadeke, Lloyd, ' 39 Bradish Smith, Dale, ' 37 Fairmont Stout, Lyndle, ' 37 Grant Sutton, Philip, ' 38 Minden Swanson, Carl, ' 38 Kearney Walters, Chester, ' 37 Grant Weitkamp, Norman, ' 37 Nickerson White, Clyde, ' 37 Tecumseh Zahm, Edward, ' 39 Spalding Reynoldson, Verne, ' 40 St. Edward Sanders, James, ' 39 Lindsay Stafford, Francis, ' 40 Paxton Stonebraker, Wilfred, ' 39 Neleigh Stout, Russell, ' 39 Grant Swanson, Kenneth, ' 40 St. Edward Page 241 GAMMA PHI BETA OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President MERCEDES DRATH Vice-president JUNE FOSTER Secretary THERESA STAVA Treasurer JANET HOFFMAN SECOND SEMESTER President MERCEDES DEATH Vice-president lUNE FOSTER Secretary THERESA STAVA Treasurer JANET HOFFMAN THE LOCAL CHAPTER GHI.:iv4fl PHI BETA began the year with a new housemother and sixteen new pledges. The sor- ority has entertained at a formal dance at the Cornhusker hotel Feb- ruary 22, fall and spring house par- ties, a Valentine Sweetheart dinner, and a scholarship dinner, March 12, honoring the pledge having the highest average. fit Ivy Day last spring the fresh- man attendant to the May Queen and one leader of the Ivy chain were members of the sorority. In campus activities during the year Gamma Phi Beta was represented by the Y.W.C.fl. secretary, manager of the W.fl.fl. rifle team, secretary of the Panhellenic Council, secre- tary of Estes Cooperative Associa- tion, members of Student Council, Coed Counselors, and Sponsors Club. The Gamma Phi Beta booth at the Coed Counselor Penny Carnival won first place. Honorary organizations to which members of the sorority belong are: Phi Chi Theta, Kappa Epsilon, Phar- maceutical Club, and Sigma Alpha Iota. iil Pago 242 L ' - -■ JLJEUJ n . A O f3 f :j ¥: r o t? 9 - f.J c J FV I ' op Row Nelson, I, Foster. Sleinbrecker, fiullz, Peterson, Besch, R, Hldnch. Tecjcer. Cory. Third Row Shader. Nou, Johnson, Hyatt, Harvey, Koser, D. flldrich, Wertman. Wilson Second Row: Kingdon, Hodgson, White. Hoffman, Jones, Dralh, Pickoft. Potrow. Slava Bottom Row Marshall, flllhands, Kovanda, Kennedy, Bruning. Pettil. Mehlhal. Bradstreet. Trenholm. MEMBERS flldrich, Dorothy, ' 38 Lincoln flldrich, Rachel, ' 39 Lincoln Bradstreet, Hazel, ' 38.. ..Grand Island Bruning, Mildred, ' 39 Crete Drath, Mercedes, ' 38 Herndon, Kansas Erickson, Helen, ' 37 Albion Foster, June, ' 37 Imperial Foster, Kathryn, ' 38 Imperial Hodgson, Madeline, ' 39 Lincoln Hoffman, Janet, ' 37 Norfolk Hyatt, Virginia, ' 39 FuUerton Johnson, Martha, ' 38 Rawlins, Wyoming Jones, Mary Elizabeth, ' 38 Lincoln Knox, Lillian, ' 38 Enid, Oklahoma Mehlhaf, Jean, ' 38 Sutton Peterson, Doris, ' 37.. ..Red Oak, Iowa Petrow, Helen, ' 37 Fremont Fickett, Ann, ' 37 Sterling Reed, flnnamary, ■38..Hoxie, Kansas Rohn, Detta, Graduate Fremont Simpson, Katherine, ' 37 Lincoln Stava, Theresa, ' 38 Lincoln Tecker, Maurine, ' 39 Naponee Wertman, Maxine, ' 39 Milford White, Muriel, ' 39 Lincoln Wilson, Henrietta, ' 38 Lincoln PLEDGES flllhands, Lorraine, ' 40 Lincoln Marshall, Audrey, 40 Lincoln flultz, Georgina, ' 39 Cortland Nelson, Marian, ' 38 . Blair ,__ Gary, Betty Ann, ' 40 Lincoln Neu, Velma, ' 40 Lincoln ' ' ' VX Dilger, Frances, ' 38 Omaha Peltier, Sally, ' 38 Lincoln t Harvey, Margaret, ' 38 . Lincoln Pettit, June, 40 Lincoln ■ y Kennedy, Carolyn, ' 39 Sidney Shader, Jeanne, ' 40 Lincoln Kingdon, Elna Mae, ' 40 Lincoln Steinbrecker, Mary Lou, ' 40. Lincoln Koser, Dorothy, ' 38 Omaha Trenholm. Jane, ' 40 Lincoln Kovanda, Helen, ' 40 Elk Creek Page 243 KAPPA ALPHA THETA OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President KflTHERINE SHEARER Vice-president JANE LOCKE Secretary ELINOR FflRRELL Treasurer CYNTHIfl PEDLEY SECOND SEMESTER President MflRJORIE CRflBILL Vice-president PFlTRICm LflHR Secretary REBEKflH OLDFflTHER Treasurer ELEANOR ROGERS THE LOCAL CHAPTER " " PHIS year marks the celebration ■ ' ■ of the fiftieth anniversary for Rho chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta. Theta ' s Mortar Board vice-president was presented as Honorary Colonel of the Nebraska R.O.T.C. at the an- nual Military Ball. Theta ' s Home- coming decorations won first place in sorority competition, and wearers of the kite placed sixth in this year ' s Panhellenic scholarship ratings. In intramurals they won third place, the twenty-six girls pledged this fall entering heartily in the competition. Kappa Alpha Theta ' s outstanding social activities were a formal dance at the Cornhusker hotel January 9, and fall and spring house parties. In activities Theta is represented by Senior and Organizations editors of the " Cornhusker " , society editor of the " Daily Nebraskan " , two A.W.S. Board members, two Student Council members, a Junior-Senior Prom Committee member, and treas- urer of the Coed Counselors. J! JL-lPUfl € J KEY ihpw r villi .. Lijicer. Chns!cnsen r-ni Mi;M:j:;i Kloolwood, Winnol. Farrell, fldams, Locke. Shock 1 avii.ion nnc vein Mnaa. Krum. Oann, Fourth Row Shearer. Van Sickle, McKay, Byers. Merkel. Reddish. Swisher, Foreman. Gallagher. Vogol. Pedley, Yoder. Magee. Pickell. Cook. Third Row Crabill, Morris. Martin. Hillyer, Goodwin, Dobson, fl Anderson, V Anderson, Husted, Ray. Davis. Owens, Grant. Willis. Beghtol. Second Row Wolcott, Wekesser. Van Patten. Hoyt. Hart. Walling. Dewceso. Scroggins. B. Clory. Chain, M, Clary, Brott. Hayes. Rogers, Mullen. Bottom Row: V. Smith. P Byers. Eldridae. D. Smith. Oldlather, Harris. Spongier. Leltwich Dougherty. Gillispie, Lohr, Doolittle, Abbott, Dutch, Lehnholl. MEMBERS flbbolt. Phyllis, 39 Hyannis fldams, Katherine. ' 38 Lincoln Anderson, Virginia, ' 38 Omaha Brott, Patricia, ' 37 York Byers, Pal, ' 38 Fremont Chain, Virginia, ' 37 Seward Clary, Betty. ' 39 .Sioux City, Iowa Clary, Margaret, ' 39 Sioux City, Iowa Cook, Jean, ' 39 Wausa Crabill, Marjorie, ' 39 Red Cloud Dann. Frances, ' 38 Beatrice Dougherty. Janice, ' 38 Omaha Davisson, Mary. ' 37 Falls City Dobson, Maren, ' 37 Lincoln Doolittle, Helen, ' 37 Sioux Falls, South Dakota Eldridge. lane, ' 38 Farrell. Elinor, ' 38 Fleetwood, Virginia, Foreman, Doris, ' 38 Gillispie, Margaret, Harris, Fritzi, ' 37 Hart, Barbara, ' 39 Hayes, Jane, ' 38 Hillyer, Betty. 39 ' 39 37 Omaha Lincoln Lincoln David City Falls City Alliance Kearney Red Oak, Iowa Lincoln Hoyt, Betty, ' 37 Lahr, Patricia, ' 39 Leltwich, Jean, ' 38 Lehnhoft, Caroline. ' 37 Locke. Jane. ' 38 McKay, Margaret, ' 39 Merkle, Maxine, ' 38 Magee, Betty, ' 38 Martin, Mary Ann, ' 37 Oldfather, Rebekah, 39 Pc-dley, Cynthia, ' 37 Ray, Barbara, ' 37 Reddish, Mary Ruth, ' 37 Rogers, Eleanor, 38 Shearer. Katherine, ' 37 Smith, Dorothy, ' 37 Smith, Virginia, ' 39 Van Patten, Dorothy lean. Van Sickle, Jane, ' 37 Vogel, Mary, ' 39 Walling, Mary, ' 39 Wekesser. Vera. ' 37 Willis. Jean, ' 39 Winnett, Jane, ' 37 Yoder. Mary. ' 37 Omaha Lincoln St. Paul Lincoln Omaha Lincoln Ankeny.Iowa Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Minden Hastings Alliance York Omaha Lincoln Lincoln ' 39 Lincoln Lincoln Omaha Fremont Lincoln Lincoln Eldora. Iowa Lincoln PLEDGES ♦ Anderson. Alice. ' 39 Beghtol Martha. ' 40 Byers, fldele. 38 Cassidy. Hortense. 40 Christensen. Marie. ' 38 Davis. Elaine. 40 Deweese, Barbara, 40 Dutch, Betty lane, ' 40 Gallagher, Patsy. ' 40 Goodwin, Frances, ' 40 Grant, Lorraine, ' 40 Husted, Mary Helen. 40 Kidd, Marion, ' 40 Lincoln Krumm, Isabel, ' 40 Neligh Lincoln Morris, Mary Margaret, ' 40 Minden University Place Des Moines, Iowa Mullen, Mary, ' 38 Blair Fremont Owens, Patsy, ' 40 Omaha Omaha Pickett, Virginia, ' 40 Lincoln Monrovia, California Ogallala Reed, Jean, ' 40 McCook Omaha Schock, Suanne. ' 40 Falls City Sidney Spongier, Joan, ' 38 Fremont Omaha Swisher, Dorothy, ' 40 Lincoln Lincoln Van Anda, Frances, ' 40 Fremont Lincoln Wolcott. Doris. ' 40 Weeping Water Page 245 KAPPA DELTA OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President MURIflL JOHNSON Vice-president ALICE SOUKUP Secretary MARY PRISCILLfl STEWART Treasurer KflTHRYN YOUNG SECOND SEMESTER President DOROTHY KLINE Vice-president ALICE SOUKUP Secretary MARY PBISCILLA STEWART Treasurer KATHRYN YOUNG THE LOCAL CHAPTER Ty ' flPPfl DELTA last spring received K the outstanding honor of win- ning first place in the W.fl.fl. intra- mural sports competition for 1936. They, also, received five placques for taking first place in soccer base- ball, Nebraska ball, basketball, deck tennis, and baseball. Among the prominent participants in women ' s activities this year, Kappa Delta claims the vice-presi- dent of the fig Y.W.C.fl., two mem- bers of the W.fl.fl. Council, mem- bers of Sponsors Club, and the Uni- versity Players. Kappa Delta was represented this year in the follow- ing honoraries: Gamma Alpha Chi, Theta Sigma Phi, and Delta Phi Delta. fit the annual fl.W.S. Costume party, two members of the Kappa Delta pledge class won first place awards for originality of costume, and another received honorable mention. The Kappa Delta formal, which has become traditionally the last one of the season, was held at the Cornhusker hotel February 27. The sorority also entertained at informal fall and spring house parties. ' ■ ' it He—- rt Ru m Page 246 =r OOf f. i c 1m e Q ) % JTP ' Y °P ' ' ° ' Hoimes, Manske. Federle, Jackson, Colder. Jacobs, Charnock, filice Soukup, Schick. Third Row Marling. Pease, Lasby. Iverson. Mariyn. Rounds. Stewart. Johnson. Young. Second Row: Butler. Ann Soukup, Fye. Pettil, fldams. McMa. sters. Schneiderwind, Hester, Youngblut. Bottom Row Price. Kline. Wilkins. L Marcy, Swoboda, Porter, Tucker, H Marcy, McCauley. Ripley. =t , =5= MEMBERS adams, Ruth, ' 39 Lincoln Butler, June, ' 37 Norfolk Colder, Morjorie, ' 37 Fremont Iverson, Dorothy, ' 39 Lincoln Jacobs, flnne, ' 37 Lincoln Jackson, Harriet, ' 39 Valentine Johnson, Muriel, ' 37 Sioux Falls, South Dakota Kline, Dorothy, ' 38 Lincoln Lasby, Mary R., ' 37 Chester McCauley, Lorraine, ' 39 Lincoln Manske, Mildred, ' 39 Lincoln Marcy, Helen, ' 37 Lincoln Marling, Kathryn, ' 38 Topeka, Kansas Martyn, Eugenia, ' 37 Columbus Murphy, Loretta, Graduate .. Omaha Pease, Dorothy, ' 37 Lincoln Price, Marion, ' 37 Newman Grove Schick, Marjorie, ' 39 Curtis Soukup, Alice, ' 37 Lincoln Soukup, Ann, ' 39 Lincoln Stewart, Mary Priscilla, ' 38 Beatrice Theobald, Georgeanna, ' 38 Lincoln Tucker, Jean, ' 37. Lincoln Young, Kathryn, ' 37 Sharpsburg PLEDGES Jharnock, Virginia, ' 40 San Diego, Caliiornia Federle, Maxine, ' 39 Harrison Fye, Marjorie, ' 40 Lincoln Hester, Mary Elizabeth, ' 40 Kokomo, Indiana Holmes, flmorette, ' 39 Omaha McMasters, Margaret, ' 39 Lincoln Marcy, LaVerne, ' 38 Lincoln Porter, June, ' 40 Lincoln Pettit, Letha, ' 40 Lincoln Ripley, Doris, ' 40 Lincoln Rounds, Tex-Ropelle, ' 39 Lincoln Scheinderwind, Esther, ' 40 Omaha Swoboda, Dorothy, ' 40 Omaha Wilkins, Winifred, ' 40 Haxton, Colorado Yungblut, Janet, ' 38 Lincoln Pogo 247 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA OFHCERS First Semester President BETTY ROMANS Vice-president IflNE SAWYER Secretary DOROTHEA FULTON Treasurer MARIE KOTOUC Second Semester President BETTY ROMANS Vice-president JANE SAWYER Secretary DOROTHEA FULTON Treasurer MARIE KOTOUC THE LOCAL CHAPTER KflPPR KflPPA GflMMfl began its 1936-37 season with the election of a junior president, the first in the history of Sigma chapter, and with a pledge class of nineteen members. Ivy Day celebrations saw a Kappa masked as Mortar Board president. Other honors received by the sor- ority that day were Ivy Day poet and one of the pages. fls outstanding figures in student activities on the campus. Kappa Kappa Gamma claims one co-chair- man and one other member of the Junior-Senior Prom Committee, three members on the Student Council, tv o members of the fl.W.S. Board, secretary and members of the Spon- sors Club, staff members of the " Cornhusker " , " Daily Nebraskan " and " N Book " , members of the Y.W.C.fl. Cabinet, the W.fl.fl. Coun- cil and Coed Counselors. Kappa Kappa Gamma entertained at fall and spring house parties, and a formal dance at the Lincoln hotel January 8. Members of the sorority are represented in the following honoraries: Vestals of the Lamp, Chi Delta Phi, Pi Lambda Theta and Sigma Delta Chi. ;?A r Page 248 lJ Jl 9 ■ ::ruii o Q ' ■? - 9 ' ■? ' 9 o C O " r ' KEY MEMBERS «« PLEDGES A Top Row Kutcher, Bennell. McLaughlin, Healon. Mitchell, Waugh. Dow, Ladegard, Walt Chamb«rs, Melz. Tourlh Row: Lawrence, Hesbacker, Rapalee. Blauluss, Rowe, Mullin, Glen, I. Campbell, Hopewell, Clark. Third Row Walcolt. D. Campbell, Kolouc. Rex, Fulton Hedge, Boyd, Krieger, Leilerdink, Romans, Kent Second Row Stem, Hughes. Newell, Selleck. Austin, Bartos Pugsley, Cummer. Sawyer. Hendy. Bottom Row Jones, Talhelm, Durland, Thygeson, Miller, Bell, Becher, Byrd, Moss, Newell. Bridge. Austin, Mary, ' 38 Lincoln Bartos, Dorothy, ' 39 Wilbur Becker, Dorothy, ' 38 Columbus Bennett, Clarissa, ' 38 Lincoln Bloufuss, Margaret, ' 38 Omaha Boyd, Louise, ' 38 Lincoln Bums, Pat, ' 39 Lincoln Byrd, Marian, ' 38 Omaha Campbell, Jeanette, ' 38 Norfolk Clark, Dorothy, ' 38 Columbus Cummer, Harriett, ' 39 flshland Dow, Mary Louise, ' 38 Omaha Fulton, Dorthea, ' 37 Lincoln Heaton, Mary, ' 38.. Omaha Hedge, Elizabeth, ' 38 Lincoln Hendy, Katherine, ' 37 North Platte Hughes, Mary Frances, 38 Omaha Johnson, Helen Jane, ' 38 Sidney Kotouc, Marie, ' 38 Humboldt Kent, Jean, ' 38 Des Moines, Iowa Kutcher, Dorothy, ' 39 Sheridan, Wyoming Bell, Jane, ' 38 York Bridge, Charlotte, 40 Norfolk Campbell, Dorothy Ann, ' 38 Omaha Chamber, Jean, ' 39 Omaha Durland, Peggy, ' 39 Norfolk Glenn, Dorothy, ' 40 Falls City Hesbacher, Sue, ' 39 Des Moines, Iowa Hopewell, Betty Jane, ' 39....Tekamah Jones, Frances, ' 39 Lincoln Lawrence, Mildred, ' 38 Buffalo, Wyoming Lefferdink, Betty, ' 38 fllma McLaughlin, Helen, ' 39 Lincoln Miller, Marjory, ' 37 Holdrege Mitchell, Mary Jane, ' 38 Council Bluffs, Iowa Moss, Betty, ' 37 Omaha Mullen, Marjory, ' 37 Falls City Newell, Ruth, ' 38 Omaha Rapalee, Ruth, ' 38 Yankton, South Dakota Romans, Betty, ' 38 Lincoln Rowe, Jeanne, ' 38 Lincoln Sawyer. Jane, ' 38 Pawnee City Selleck, Barbara, ' 39 Lincoln Stein, Gretchen, ' 37 .Edgar Talhelm, Ruth, ' 38 Crete Walcott, Jane, ' 38 Lincoln Walt, Jean, ' 37 Lincoln Wood, Helene, ' 38 Lincoln Krieger, Elaine, ' 39. Watertown, South Dakota Ladegard, Thelma, ' 38 Sidney Melville, Marjorie, ' 39 Broken Bow Metz, Jean, ' 38 York Newell, Jean, ' 40 Omaha Pugsley. Harriett, ' 40 Genoa Rex, Helen Ann, ' 40 Creston, Iowa Waugh, Elizabeth, ' 40 Lincoln Page 249 KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President President ROBERT BULGER ROBERT TEEPLE Vice-president Vice-president ROBERT TEEPLE RICHARD SPflNGLER Secretary Secretary GEORGE PORTER GEORGE PORTER Treasurer Treasurer DEAN KERL DEAN KERL THE LOCAL CHAPTER AND the Sippa Keg lay clutched to the breast of the lappa known as Lue — ! ' thus ended Kappa Sigma ' s novel, dramatic parody of " The Shooting of Dan McGrew " at the Kosmet Klub Fall Revue. Among the cast of this skit were many who had already received or who were to receive distinction for the parts they played in a greater drama, that of the campus life for the year 1936-37. The " Tappa known as Lue " was, in the second semester, to play the part of the Business Man- ager of the flwgwan, one of them had been cast to play the part of a varsity debater and secretary of the Corn Cobs. Three were then play- ing the parts of R.O.T.C. captains and members of Scabbard and Blade; one, the part of the Sopho- more member on the Publication Board, find all those participating in the Kosmet Klub skit together with their brothers who applauded in the audience were jointly respon- sible lor an honor that had come to the fraternity the preceding spring, the winning of a scholarship placque. Page 250 kll3l. IMd . 3fiS T Y ' °P " o Smilh. Collier, Kudrna. Ray. Moore, Spangler, Lowe. Teoplo. Tanton. Rolhwell. Third Row; Fulton. Flory. Copsey. Thomas. Bulger. Curtiss. R HoU, Porter. Ivins. Conroy. Second Row Jelirey. Weaver. Miller, Frodenhagen. D Hall. Craven. Englund. Dowling. Beltzer. Bottom Row Korl, Hughes. Kommers. Davis, Herjke, Cady, Hitchcock. Bignell. Mousel. Ki±0 MEMBERS Beltzer, James B., ' 39 Grand Island Bulger, Robert, ' 36 Lincoln Conroy, Harold, ' 37 Lincoln Copsey, Harvey G., ' 39.. ..Broken Bow M Curtiss, Howard, ' 39.... Hyannis Davis, Thane fl., ' 39 Hyannis " Fulton, James R., ' 37 Lincoln Hall, H. Douglas, ' 38 Lincoln Honke, Louis, ' 38 Wray, Colorado Hughes, George, ' 37 Lincoln PLEDGES Cody, John D., ' 40 Fremont Craven, John, ' 40 Osceola Devoe, Robert, ' 40.. Lincoln Dowling, Jack, ' 40 Lincoln Englund, Merrill, ' 40 Erickson, Clifford, ' 39... Tekamah v I v ..Stromsburg vT Flory, Robert, ' 40 Albion M Fredenhagen, John, ' 40. Lincoln V Gould, Kenneth M., ' 39. ..Broken Bow Hall, Robert, ' 40 ..Plattsmouth Hitchcock, Richard, ' 40. Lincoln Hoadley, Sid ney, ' 40 Lincoln Ivins, James, ' 38 Crawford Kerl, Dean M., ' 38 West Point Kudrna, Frank J., ' 39 Mullen Mousel, flshur, ' 39 Cambridge Porter, George M., ' 37 Crawford Spangler, Richard, ' 39. ...Plattsmouth Teeple, Robert, ' 37.. Denver, Colorado Tanton, Charles R., ' 38 Denver, Colorado Weaver, H. Lloyd, ' 38 Lincoln Kommers, Howard, ' 39 Hyannis Kommers, William, ' 39 Hyannis Lowe, John, ' 39 Mullen Miller, John, ' 40 Lincoln Moore, Donald E , ' 40. Oketo, Kansas O ' Kane, Robert, ' 40 New York, New York Ray, Robert, ' 40 Neligh Rothwell, Robert, ' 40 Hyannis Smith, Otis, ' 40 Ralston Thomas, Robert, ' 38 Casper, Wyoming Pago €51 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President KEENE MflNN Vice-president DERRILL STEVENSON Secretary IflMES LITTLE Treasurer FRANK GRIFFEE SECOND SEMESTER President DERRILL STEVENSON Vice-president ROBERT SCHRICKER Secretary IflMES LITTLE Treasurer WYNNE TOLBERT THE LOCAL CHAPTER WHEN the brotherhood of Lambda Chi Alpha returned to school last fall, they found their house quite different, having been completely refurnished. It was here, in this newly furnished haven of fellowship that they were to spend a most successful and eventful year. The initial event on their social cal- endar was a Halloween house party, to be followed by a homecoming banquet, by their traditional ball- room party at the Cornhusker Hotel on March 15th for which Anna Mae Winbum and her orchestra played. by two more house parties in the spring, and :n the last week of school by an alumni banquet. Among the brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha who lived at this house during the school year, and who were to enjoy the fraternity ' s social functions, were three varsity letter- men, a number active in the varsity band and glee club, many who were responsible for the fraternity ' s success in intramurals, and many participants in other campus activi- ties. Page 252 is aa tdk, _ " ;r iBb«i m 15 .9 f? T " PY ' °P Row M- Richards. G. Richards. Shipley. W. lohnson, Sloan, GriHee. King. Second Row: Stevenaon, Schricker, H. lohnson. Mann, Davison. Leltler, I. Richards. Bottom Row Tisdale, Ruebsamen. Walden. Totbert. Nelson, Allen, Little. MEMBERS Davison, Kenneth, ' 38 Wymore Gibbons, Robert, ' 37 Lincoln Gritfee, Frank, 38.. Marysvilie, Kans. King, Palmer, ' 37 Morrill Little, James, ' 38 Lincoln Mann, Keene, ' 37 ScottsblufI Plette, Fredric, Grad.Galesburg, 111. Richards, George, ' 39 Oregon, Mo. Richards, Mart, ' 37 Oregon, Mo. Schricker , Robert, ' 38 Lincoln Shipley, Carl, ' 38 .Long Beach, Calif. Stevenson, Derrill, ' 37 ...Oregon, Mo. Tisdale, James, ' 39 Fort Smith, flrk. Tolbert, Wynne, ' 39 Concordia, Kas. PLEDGES Alien, Keith H., ' 38 Lincoln Johnson, Homer, ' 39 Lincoln Johnson, William, ' 38 Hayes Center Lefller, Dean, ' 38 Hayes Center Richards, John, ' 39 Omaha Ruebsamen, Frederick, ' 38 ... Harvard Skelton, Roy, ' 37 Otoe Sloan, Garland, ' 38 Hayes Center Walden, Charles, ' 40 . Plattsmouth Page 2S3 PHI DELTA THETA OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President ALBERT MflUST Vice-president PAUL HART Secretary GEORGE BACON Treasurer DAVID DEAKINS SECOND SEMESTER President PAUL HART Vice-president DAVID DEAKINS Secretary MARK WOODS Treasurer GEORGE STEINMEYER THE LOCAL CHAPTER AT the climax of the traditional alumni banquet at the Corn- husker Hotel last spring, a mysteri- ous hush fell over a hitherto noisy dining hall, filled with some one hundred thirty-five alumni and ac- tive brothers of Phi Delta Theta. fill eyes were glued on the flicker of light in the silver bowl at the end of the room — a flame that was slowly eating up a bit of paper — the mort- gage on Phi Delta Theta ' s house. fls the last flicker died out and the last bit of smoke faded into the air, a triumphant cheer rose from the assembled brotherhood, expressing hilarity greater even than that which would be experienced at the fra- ternity ' s numerous social activities, including nine buffet suppers, fre- quent date-dinners, house parties, and a spring party held on the eve of the Junor-Senior Prom. Among those that scrambled for souvenir ashes of the mortgage were the drum-major of the varsity band, and a number who were to attend the district convention of the fraternity in Kansas City during spring vacation. Page 234 tznrrryi ii P Q % JL 5 ii JL Q i 9 9 ' ilk i %.4. Q n " 9 9 9 c TTX ' Y °P Row: Elliott. Gipson. Craft, Olson, Bacon, Chowins, Crowl, Babson. Third Row; Bennett. Roberts, Dcakins, MacFarlane, Klose, Woods. Steinmeyer. flndreson. Second Row: Gilbert. Bastian. Rector. Maust. Bald, Linn, Hiott, Ryan. Bottom Row Davis, Gelt, Hart Goetze, Hutton, Stuart. Smith Barnes, Myers. MEMBERS Anderson, Lewis R., ' 39 Lincoln flndreson, William, ' 39 Ploinville, Kas. y Barnes, Roy K., ' 39. Omaha . -•flfi. Bacon, George, ' 39 North Platte Qt Bastion, George, ' 37 Fairfield, la. •= - - -x Chowins, Richard, ' 37 Lincoln ' ' •7 Davis, lack, ' 38 Lincoln Deakins, David, ' 38 North Platte Elliott, Robert F.. ' 37 Beatrice Gipson, Donald F , ' 38 Omaha Hart, Paul, ' 38 Wakefield Hutton, Robert, ' 37 Lincoln MacFarlane, Malcolm, ' 37 Washington, District of Columbia Maust, filbert, ' 38 Falls City Myers, Carlisle, ' 37 Lincoln Nimocks, John, ' 38.. Lincoln Steinmeyer, George, ' 39 Clatonia Vogt, Kenneth, ' 37 Nebraska City Woods, Mark William, ' 39 Lincoln PLEDGES Babson, Robert, ' 40 Lincoln Klose, George, ' 40. .Missoula, Mont. Bald, Warren, ' 38 Lincoln Linn, Richard, ' 40 Lincoln Bennett, Frank, ' 40 Lincoln Olson, David, ' 40 Genoa Craft, Fred, ' 40 Aurora R ector, Gordon F., ' 40.. North Platte Crowl, fllvin, ' •IP Brule Ryan, William, ' 40. Tilden Gait, Robert, ' 40 Omaha Roberts, Charles, 40 Lincoln Goetze, John, ' 40 St. Joseph, Mo. Smith, Oak, 40 Lincoln Hiatt, Richard, ' 40 Lincoln Stuart, James, ' 40 Lincoln Page 255 PHI GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President RODERICK V. MUTH Treasurer JOHN VOGLER Recording Secretary HUGH EISENHflRT Corresponding Secretary HflRLEN ROBERSON SECOND SEMESTER President RODERICK V. MUTH Treasurer JOHN VOGLER Recording Secretary HUGH EISENHflRT Corresponding Secretary HflRLflN ROBERSON THE LOCAL CHAPTER IN its thirty-ninth year on the Nebraska campus the Lambda Nu chapter of Phi Gamma Delta added a credible page to its annals. In the same way in which the national fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta has grown throughout the eighty-nine years of its existence, the Lambda Nu chapter has grown similarly on the Nebraska campus. This fall, moving into a new house and en- larging its membership by a con- solidation with Delta Sigma Lambda fraternity, the chapter took a big step forward. The brothers of Phi Delta had this year a most enjoyable and eventful social sea- son, characterized by a formal party at the Lincoln hotel, a large spring party, and many house parties and informal affairs at the house. They enjoyed their usual success in campus activities, being represented on all the campus publications, on the Interfraternity Ball Committee and in various other activities. gaffl Page 256 • • - ■ u— :i f?j A -B c P (? 3 li dM irpV Top Row Easlerday. Putnam. Pclersen. Evans, Davenport. H. Eisenhart, Deck, Whalen, Von Seggern. OJUl Gorrelt. Wilson. Third Rovr Blanchard, Minier. Roberson. Muth, Harris, Larson, Hasty, Mastm, Summers, C Wiley, Graves. Second Row: K, Eisenhart. Drenguis, Schneiderwind, lensen, Vogler, Thomas, Sisson, Brown, Taylor, Grant, Bauer. Bottom Row: Young, Leigh, Housel, Horlan, Wagner, McGeachin, Burdic, Ellis, Ewart, S Wiley. MEMBERS A ♦ PA PLEDGES Blanchard, David, ' 37 Lincoln Brown, Forrest H., ' 38 Western Burdic, Darlow, ' 39 Omaha Davenport, ' Wade, ' 37 ' Valentine Deck, Waldo, ' 38 Lincoln Easterday, Dan, ' 35 Lincoln Eisenhart, Hugh, ' 37 Culbertson Eisenhart, Kenneth, ' 38 Culbertson Evans, Wesley, ' 39 Norfolk EUis, Norman, ' 38. Deadwood, S. D. Ewart, Edwin, ' 37 Lincoln Harlan, Derrill, ' 37 Lincoln Harris, Robert, ' 38 .Kansas City, Mo. Hasty, Robert, ' 38 Omaha Jensen, Lyle, ' 37 Big Springs McGeachin, Robert, ' 39 Lincoln Bauer, Elmer, ' 38 Lincoln Drenguis, John, ' 38 Scribner Grant, Phil, ' 40 Mitchell Graves, William, ' 39 Beatrice Housel, Floyd, ' 38 Kearney Ingram, Bernard, ' 39 Nelson Larson, George, 39 Lyman Leiah, Lewis, ' 37 Omaha Mastin, Paul, ' 38 Lincoln Minier, Pat, Graduate Oakland Muth, Roderick, ' 37. Milwaukee, Wis. Petersen, Lewis, Graduate Fremont Putnam, Gerard, ' 38 Lincoln Roberson, Harlan, ' 37 Rock Port, Mo. Schneiderwind, William, ' 37. .Omaha Strough, Rufus, Graduate Lincoln Thomas, Marion, ' 37 Lincoln Vogler, John, ' 38 Scottsbluff Von Seggern, John, ' 38 Wayne Whalen, John, ' 38 Kimball Wiley, Claire, ' 37 Imperial Wilson, Carroll, ' 37 Lincoln Young, James, ' 39 Kimball Sisson, Jack, ' 40 Cheyenne, Wyo Summers, Clarence. ' 38 Lincoln Taylor, Bowen, ' 40 Lincoln Wagner, William, ' 40 Omaha Wiley, Stuart, ' 40 Imperial Waldron, Clement, ' 40 Omaha Williams, William, ' 39 Omaha Page 257 PHI KAPPA PSI OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President DONALD N. WIEMER Vice-president J. LYLE CHRISTENSEN Secretary J. ROWLAND McCLYMONT Treasurer GENE FRflNTZ SECOND SEMESTER President DONALD N. WIEMER Vice-president I. LYLE CHRISTENSEN Secretary BERNARD JOHNSTON Treasurer WARD POWELL THE LOCAL CHAPTER IT HAS always been a familiar sight in the fall and spring of the year for those who walked past the Phi Psi house at noon to see the Phi Psis on the veranda greeting the passers- by. Among those seen on the ve- randa this year were three varsity lettermen, the senior football man- ager, and three assistants, a manag- ing Editor of the Cornhusker, two members of the Student Council, a member of Kosmet Klub, one of the Junior-Senior Prom Committee, one of the University Players, the presi- dent of the Pharmaceutical Society, and many others of importance in campus life. The fraternity was awarded a scholarship placque for fifth place among all fraternities. It has been highly commended upon its clever skit in the Kosmet Klub Fall Revue, and tied for second place in the Homecoming decorations. The chapter had a lively social sea- son, including many house parties and a formal dinner-dance at the Lincoln Hotel. Page 258 tait JL % A na r, Md A KEY MEMBERS PLEDGES Top Row; Madgett, Robertson. Viclcery, Phelps, Bnjst, Brush. Joyce. Liggett, Seemann. Hansen Third Row Glenn. Wieme.. Powell. Weaver, Armstrong. Moyer, Brian. Pugsley, Clayton. Cuihing. McClymont. Southwick. Second Row: Bauer. Redicic. Holland. Vv . Moose. Cleary. Buchanan. Yoder, Ball. McClymont, Perry, Kamrath, Irwin. Bottom Row: Johnston. Miller. Robb. Byers, Christensen, Stiner, Huaustine Hammond Bird Duda »on Boslaugh, Frantz. Ball, Arthur M., ' 38 Fremont Bauer, Raymond, ' 39 Lincoln Benton filbert T., ' 38. .Malvern, Iowa Boslaugh, Leslie, ' 39 Hastings Brian, Bert, ' 38 Columbus Buchanan, James, ' 39 Omaha Christensen, ]. Lyle, ' 38 Genoa Clayton, Wm. G., ' 38.. ..Grand Island Gushing, Tom, ' 39 Kearney Dudgeon, John, ' 38 Norfolk Frantz, Gene, ' 37 Friend Gruenig, Wm., ' 39 Seattle, Washington Hammond, Jack, ' 38 Fremont Holland, Robert, ' 37 Lincoln Johnston, Bernard, ' 39 Omaha Matteson, Raymond, ' 38 Sterling, Colorado Armstrong, Richard, ' 38 Minden flsmus. Gene, ' 40 Norfolk Ball, Louis, ' 40.. Omaha Brush, John, ' 39 Norfolk Bird, Wm., ' 38 St. Joseph, Missouri Brust, Robert, ' 40 Nebraska City Byers, Robert, ' 40 Fremont Cleary, John, 38 Grand Island Glenn, Jack, ' 40. Auburn Irwin, James, ' 40 Genoa Madgett, Alfred, ' 38 Hastings McClymont, J. Rowland, ' 38 Holdrege Moose, Robert, ' 39 Omaha Moose, Wm. C, ' 37 Omaha Perry, Robert, ' 39 Lincoln Powell, Ward, ' 38 Minden Pugsley, Wm. O., ' 38 Genoa Phelps, Thurston, ' 38 Exeter Robb, John, ' 37 Lincoln Robertson, John H., ' 38 Holdrege Seemann, George M., ' 39 Omaha Southwick, PhilliD, ' 39 Friend Vickery, Bert, ' 39 Omaha Weaver, Wm., ' 39 Exeter Wiemer, Donald N., ' 37 Omaha Joyce, Richard, ' 40 Lincoln Kamrath, Wilfred, ' 40 Columbus Liggett, Lee, ' 39 Utica McClymont, Richard, ' 39 Holdrege Meyer, Jack, ' 40 Omaha Miller, Robert, ' 40 Holdrege Redick, John, ' 40 Omaha Stiner, Fred, ' 40 Hastings Yoder, Byron, ' 40 Lincoln Page 259 PHI MU OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President JEANNE PALMER Vice-president AILEEN MARSHALL Secretary LEONA McBRIDE Treasurer ERMA SCHACHT SECOND SEMESTER President ELEANOR KELLY Vice-president EILEEN POWELL Secretary MARY LAURA BEAVERS Treasurer ERMA SCHACHT THE LOCAL CHAPTER AT THE 1936 Ivy Day ceremonies, Phi Mu proudly watched two of its members masked to Mortar Board. Active on both campuses this year, members of Zeta Gamma chapter hold presidencies of the fol- lowing organizations: W.fl.fl., Phi Chi Theta, Tanksterettes, Omicron Nu, Bizad Council, and Commercial Club. The most outstanding repre- sentation of Phi Mu in campus or- ganizations is on the College of Ag- riculture campus, where celebrations of last year ' s Farmers Formal found a member of their sorority reigning over the affair as Queen. Members of the sorority also hold positions on the Farmers Fair Board and the flg Y.W.C.fl. Cabinet, Ranking fourth in Intramural competition. Phi Mu won two placques for first places in individual sports contests. During this, their fifteenth year on the Nebraska campus, the sorority entertained at spring and fall house parties, a formal dance December 12 at the Cornhusker hotel, a Valentine date dinner, and a musicale tea, presented by the pledges. Pago 2Ca - amM Ifp " Y Top Row; Kelly, Korllang. Carlney. Klauss. Risserl, Buller. nnderson, Elmborg, Hoevel. Vaughn Third Row Finn, Lyons. Chapelow, Powell. Magher, Bllen. McBride. Cochran. Davie. Novacek. Second Row Johnston. Lindblad. Jones. Marshall. Schneider. Schwarting. Palmer. Gnswold, SchachI Lucas. Bollom Row Jackson, Burn, Honey. Bone. McFadden, Inhelder, Wenzlall, McHdams, Beavers. MEMBERS PLEDGES Alien, lona, ' 37 Fremont Bates, Dorothy, ' 38 Lincoln Beavers, Mary Laura, ' 39 Omaha Burn, Bonnie, ' 39 St. Edward Butler, Miriam, ' 37 Tecumseh Chapelow, Dorothy, ' 37 Lincoln Cochran, Doris, ' 37 Lincoln Davie, Lou, ' 37 Lincoln Deeds, Margaret, ' 37 Lincoln Elmborg, Loraine, ' 39... Omaha Haney, Mary Jane, ' 39 Lincoln Hoevet, lanet, ' 39 Lincoln Inhelder, Elizabeth, ' 39 Pierce lackson, Martha, ' 38 Lincoln Johnston, Virginia, ' 38 Lincoln Jones, Elizabeth, ' 39. Lincoln .Anderson, Margaret, ' 38 Osceola Bone, Dorothy Lea, ' 40 Beatrice Cartney, Mary Kathryn, ' 38 Lincoln Cremer, Virginia, ' 40 St. Louis, Missouri Finn, Gladys, ' 38 Lincoln ? " rey, Jean, ' 40 Lincoln Griswold, Virginia, 38 Lincoln Kelly, Eleanor, ' 38 Lincoln Klauss, flnita, ' 37 Parkston, South Dakota Lindblad, Kathryn, ' 39 Lincoln Mcfldams, Virginia, ' 38 Davenport McBride, Leona, ' 37 Lincoln McFadden, Eleanor, ' 37 Lincoln Marshall, flileen, ' 37 Douglas Palmer, Jeanne, ' 37 Ulysses Powell, Eileen, ' 38 Lincoln Risser, Kay, ' 38 Lincoln Schacht, Erma, ' 37. Cook Schneider, Vera, ' 37 Hallam Tyler, Jeane, ' 38 Lincoln Vandeburg, Grace, ' 38 Wilber Wenzlaff, Louise, ' 39 Lincoln Kortlang, Henrietta, ' 40 Lincoln Lucas, Nadine, ' 38 Fremont Lyon, Marcella, ' 40 Lincoln Magher, Maxine, ' 39 Fremont Novacek, Plgnese, ' 38 Milligan Schwarting, Ruby, ' 40 Lincoln Vaughn, Lois, ' 40 Gordon Ward, Ruth, ' 39 Omaha Pago 261 i - PHI SIGMA KAPPA OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President EVERETT CHITTENDEN Vice-president KENNETH FRITZLER Secretary KENNETH SCHROEDER Treasurer GEORGE BRUNER SECOND SEMESTER President EVERETT CHITTENDEN Vice-president MYRON TRITT Secretary KENNETH SCHROEDER Treasurer GEORGE BRUNER THE LOCAL CHAPTER ON the evening of March 12th, at the Lincoln Hotel, Mel Pester and his orchestra played for the spring party of Phi Sigma Kappa. It was one of the first down-town parties of the spring season and to the members of Phi Sigma Kappa it represented the beginning of a full spring calender of social events. Among the more important of the events that were to follow, was an impressive Founder ' s Day Banquet to be held in the latter part of March, and their annual Roundup Banquet which was to be held at the Shrine Country Club and to which alumni would come from several distant points. That the fra- ternity is not interested exclusively in social activities is fully evidenced by the fact this chapter ranked third among all social fraternities in scholarship during the second semester of 1936 and in addition received a Regional Scholarship Cup for having the greatest increase in scholarship of any chapter in the national fraternity of Phi Sigma Kappa. Page 262 ' A -f ' - ' sf ™ .r . . t yf ' Jki . i j M irrY Top Row. Oumn, Schroeder, Clausen, Biuner, Poch, Kralilc. Second Row; flllcly, M Chittenden. Fritzler, Tritl, Carlson, Swanson, Meyer. Bottom Row; Moore, E. Chittenden, Forshng, McKeeman. Kuska, Snyder. MEMBERS Bruner, George, ' 39 Loretto Chittenden, Everett, ' 37 Clatonia Forsling, Lawrence, ' 37 Kimball Fritzler, Kenneth, ' 37 Lincoln Harberg, John, ' 37 Springfield Kralik, William, ' 38 Weston Meyer, Floyd, ' 38. Lincoln Schroeder, Kenneth, ' 38 Fairbury Snyder, Joseph, ' 38 Fairbury Poch, Virgil, ' 39 Geneva Tritt, Myron, ' 37. .. Kimball PLEDGES flllely. Ted, ' 39 Kimball Carlson, Raymond, ' 40 Omaha Chittenden, Max, ' 40 Clatonia Clausen, Bruce, ' 40 Dix Kuska, Norman, ' 40 Colby McKeeman, Wayne, ' 39 Belgrade Moore, Garth, ' 39 Cloy Center Schaekel, Earnie, ' 39 Lincoln Swanson, Jean, ' 38 Grand Island Quinn, Lyle, ' 40 Fairbury Pago 263 PI BETA PHI Officers FIRST SEMESTER President PfiNSY MOONEY Vice-president MflRILOU WILLIAMS Secrelary EDfl CLARE MAXWELL Treasurer MARY JANE MUNGER SECOND SEMESTER President HELEN HEWIT Vice-president HELEN FOX Secretary JANET CALDWELL Treasurer EDA CLARE MAXWELL THE LOCAL CHAPTER THE presentation of Jean Swift as " Miss Comhusker " at the Barb Council party celebrating the Pitts- burgh-Nebraska football game was the high spot in honors bestowed on Pi Beta Phi for 1936-37, the year which marked the inauguration of the honor on the campus. Honor- able mention was received by the sorority for cleverness and original- ity in Homecoming decorations. In W.fl.fl. Intramural sports the wear- ers of the arrow won second place in horseback riding and received honors for basketball. Social activities included on the Pi Phi calendar were a formal dance at the Comhusker hotel February 12, a tea for the national officers, a Sweetheart dinner, and several fall and spring house parties. One of the sophomore attendants to the 1936 May Queen was a member of Pi Phi. Other positions in student organizations held by members of the sorority include posts on the Stu- dent Council, Y.W.C.fl. Cabinet, Uni- versity Players, and staff members on the three main puolications. rlmi Page 264 i K ■ J 7 % ITX ' Y Top Row G Nimocks. Ballanlyne. Dehner, Fetler. Lynn. Van Slyko, Barkalow. Gillan. Switt, Dickerson. • »- - ' Slalons, Hopkins. Third Row Clemans, Wilson, P. Greene, L. Green, Foster, Rogers, Stebbins, Williams. Gary. Rosewell, Gault, Petersen. Second Row: Cain, Fox. Hecox, Burke. Smith, Ormo, Caldwell. Dolphin, Dierks. Hewit, McQuistan. Scott Bottom Row: Maxwell. Zemer, Rickel, Mooney. Munger, Devoe, Bales, fllger, Johnson, Uridi), Yetter, Geister, MEMBERS fllger, Rita, 39 Lincoln Burke, Margaret, ' 39 Bancroft Cain, Patricia, ' 39 Lincoln Caldwell, Janet, ' 39 Lincoln Cary, Helen, ' 37 Kearney Devoe, Melba, ' 38 Lincoln Dierks, Ruth Louise, ' 37 Lincoln Foster, Virginia, ' 38 Lincoln Fox, Helen Evelyn, ' 38 Red Oak, Iowa Geister, Virginia, ' 39 Garland Green, Lucretia, ' 38 Scottsbluil Hewit, Helen, ' 37 Friend Maxwell, Eda Clare, ' 38 St. Joseph, Missouri Munger, Mary Jane, ' 37 North Platte Swift, Jean, ' 39 Lincoln Van Slyke, Ruth, ' 37 Aberdeen, South Dakota Williams, Marilou, ' 37 Fort Morgan, Colorado V ilson, Mary, Jane, ' 39 Lincoln PLEDGES Clemens, Virginia, ' 40 Lincoln Davis, Marcella, ' 38 Hastings Dohner, Eleanor, ' 40 Omaha Dickerson, Margaret ' 4n Holdrege Dolphin, Betty, ' 40 Omaha Fetter, Jeanne, ' 39 North Platte Gault, Joan, ' 40 Creston. Iowa GiUan, Vie, ' 40 Concordia, Kansas Greene, Phyllis, ' 40 Elmwood Hecox, Orvene, ' 39 Cozad Hopkins, Evelyn, ' 40 Lincoln Johnson, Kay, ' 40 Lincoln Lynn, Lorraine, ' 40 Falls City McQuistan, Jean, ' 40 Lincoln Nimocks, Gertrude, ' 40 Lincoln Orme, Betty, ' 40 Lincoln Petersen, Patricia, ' 40 Holdrege Smith, Virginia, ' 40 Topeka, Kansas Stolons, Maxine, ' 40 Lincoln Stebbins, June, ' 40 .Lincoln Yetter, Dorothy Jane, 39 Deadwood, South Dakota Zemer, Margaret. ' 38 Lincoln Page 285 PI KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President BERNARD B. SMITH Vice-president RAYMOND H. LARSON Secretary FRANK I LAWLER Treasurer lAMES R. LEFFLER SECOND SEMESTER President BERNARD B. SMITH Vice-president RAYMOND H. LARSON Secretary LOUIS SCHNEIDER Treasurer JAMES R. LEFFLER THE LOCAL CHAPTER ON THE night of January 30th, 1937, while a. shrill and icy wind swept relentlessly through the streets of Lincoln, the brothers of Pi Koppa Alpha, their dates, and guests, kept themselves warm danc- ing to the hot tunes of Mel Pester and his orchestra at the Lincoln Hotel. When only the Pi K fl ' s and their dates danced to a piece dedi- cated to them, the bystanders would have seen among those dancing, many faces familiar in campus life. Among those on the floor at this time, were two members of the var- sity football squad, one basketball star, a news editor of the " Daily Ne- braskan, " several varsity wrestlers, those responsible for the fraternity ' s success in intramurals, and many who were active in other campus activities. As they were dancing, no doubt the thoughts of many turned to other events on the fraternity ' s social cal- endar, such as their house parties, their many Sunday evening suppers and their annual Founder ' s Day Banquet in the spring of the year. Pago 266 T TTY ' ' " P oyr: Lawler, Lelfler, Anderson. Flasnick, Bolstad. Matteson. Horn. Hinton. Third Row: Smith. Baker, Rogers, Lockhart, Randall, Malmsten. Kverton, Schneider Second Row Erickson, MUham, Mahctley. Rapp. Tichy, Larson, Petersen. Boltom Row Eggle, Fischer. Moody. Beezley. Cavitt, Burnoy, Feltz. Stout, Ward MEMBERS Baker, Howard, ' 37 Grand Island Berge, Woodrow, ' 38 Lincoln Beezley, Neal, ' 39 Imperial Burney, Willard, ' 38 Hartington Cavitt, Howard, ' 39..Watseka, Illinois Decker, Richard, ' 38 Lincoln DeFord, Charles, ' 38 Lincoln Erickson, Elwin, ' 37 Winside Everton, Dale, ' 37 Crofton Feltz, Firmin, ' 38 Ogallala Fischer, Richard, ' 37 Valentine Flasnick, Don, ' 37 Omaha Galloway, Robert, ' 37 Omaha Hanna, Francis, ' 37 Valentine Haworth, Howard, ' 37 Lexington riorn. Bill, ' 39 Omaha Larson, Ray, ' 37 Lincoln Larson, Robert, ' 39. Omaha Lawler, Frank, ' 39. Paxton Leffler, James, ' 39 Omaha Lockhart, Gerald, 39 Lexington Mahaffey, Ray, ' 38 Hamlet Malmslen, Robert, ' 39 Fremont Milham, Forrest, ' 37 Lincoln Rapp, Paul, ' 37 Omaha Rasmussen, Jack, ' 38 Brady Schneider, Louis, ' 39 Lincoln Smith, Bernard, ' 3 Lexington Stout, Norman, ' 38 Casper, Wyoming Tichy, James, ' 30. Omaha PLEDGES s Anderson, Forrest, ' 40 Paxton Beveridge, Joe, ' 39 Sutherland Bolstad, Paul, ' 40 Valentine Deininger, Gordon, ' 40 Wauneta Dodd, Jack, ' 38 Gothenburg Hinton, fl rric; ' . ' .n StockviUe Moody, Robert, ' 39 Omaha Petersen, William, ' 40 Omaha Polly, Percy, ' 40 Wauneta Randall, William, ' 39 Omaha Rogers, John, ' 40 Lodgepole Tliumon Roaer ' 40 .Trenton Page 267 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON FIRST SEMESTER President GARRETT FONDA Vice-president JOHNSTON SNIPES Secretary STANLEY BREWSTER Treasurer JOE SHRAMEK SECOND SEMESTER President GARRETT FONDA Vice-president WILLIAM LUDWICK Secretary STANLEY BREWSTER Treasurer JOE SHRAMEK THE LOCAL CHAPTER IN 1913 a boy was bom in outstate Nebraska who was destined to be- come a football hero, on interna- tional track star, and what is more, a Sig fllph. Twenty-some years later, during 1936-37, he was to re- ceive an flU-flmerican rating as well as the Douglas Fairbanks ' award for iootball, was to lead the American Olympics team in the shot put; was to be tapped vice-president of the Innocents Society, serve on the Stu- dent Council and the Athletic Board of Control. During this year he was to enjoy in his fraternity a most ver- satile fellowship, including another Innocent, seven varsity lettermen, a managing editor of the Cornhusker, an assistant business manager of The Daily Nebroskan, two members of Kosmet Klub, a member of the Junior-Senior Prom committee, the president of Corn Cobs and of three professional fraternities. Lastly, he was to share the honor that came to his fraternity when it won a schol- arship placque, third in intramurals and first in homecoming decorations. Fago 268 •1 ? 1 . 1 A :-i ?. 1 -1 .lJi.9 .2 i 1 3 r. 3L 1 !i 1 - i. i i f Z :l.l 1. )l3. B .3 t KEY MEMBERS PLEDGES Top Row; Sirong. Mills, Snipes, Turner, Collins. Shaller. Waugh, Wallinglord Brookstrom, Flolhow. B. Duncan. Owens. Sixth Row: Colwell. Green. Wilke. Sears. C Duncan. R Ludwick. Beachley, Guthne, Hulcherson. Thornton. Shramek. Filth Row Gushing, Bodley, Williamson, Williams, Shaw. Morris. Pierce, Evans. Hnderson, Davies, Fourth Row: Fate, Martin, Stickler, Chrislensen Eklund, Brewster, Wineland, Edgren, Hbbott. Castle, Fleisbach. Third Row; Wallace. Farrens, Fonda, Benson, McCauley, Margaret, Kenny. Stenton. Wilkenson, Francis, Haney. Second Row Meyer, Hunt, Yost. Schock, Cobb, Hagelin, Braden, Romans. Coover, Upson, Luti. First Row Hoppe, Martin, P Brown, D. Brown. Sholstall, Haarmann, Strasser, Barkea, Gallup, W. Ludwick. Cummins, Reusch. Abbot. Arthur, 37 Anderson, Kenneth. ' 38 Beachley, William, 38 Bodley, Russel, 39 Bookslrom, Harold, ' SB. Brewster. Stanley, ' 39 Brown, Richard, ' 38 Castle, Perry, 39 Collins, John, 38 Colwell, William, 38 Coover, Max, ' 38 Cushing, Henry, ' 38 Davies, Bob, ' 38 Dein, Ray, Graduate Duncan, Clarke, ' 37 Edgren, Bob, ' 38 Eklund, Ronald, ' 38 Ellis, John, ' 37 Farrens, Williams, ' 38 Fate lack. ' 39 Flothow, William, ' 39 Fonda, Garrett. ' 37 Francis, Sam, 37 Gallup, Frank, Graduate Green, William, ' 37 Hagelin, Pete, ' 39 Haney, William, ' 39 Hoppe, John. ' 39 Barkes, Richard, ' 40 Benson, Grant, ' 40 Braden, William, ' 40 Brown, Paul, ' 40 Burruss, Robert, ' 40 Christensen, Roy, ' 38 Cobb, Chandler, ' 39 Cummins, Hal, ' 39 Duncan, Bruce. ' 40 Evans. Robert, ' 40 Fliesbach, Chester. ' 39 Guthrie, John, ' 40 Haarmann. Jack, ' 39 Hyannis Lincoln Lincoln Boseman. Montana Lincoln Lincoln Papillion Falls City Beatrice Lincoln Lincoln Hastings Utica Lincoln Broken Bow Lincoln ' 39 ' 38 Gresham Omaha Lincoln Lincoln Omaha Omaha Lincoln Alda Lincoln Lincoln Omaha Lincoln Omaha Omaha Omaha Broken Bow Omaha Blair Alliance Seward Broken Bow Lincoln Scotlsblulf Broken Bow Omaha Hunt. Jerry, ' 37 Hutcherson, Jack, Kenny, Bruce, ' 38 Ludwick, Bill, ' 37 Ludwick, Ralph, Margaret, John, ' 39 Martin, Robert, ' 39 Martin, Ross, 37 MausI, Bud, ' 37 Meyer, Walter, ' 39 Mills, Web, ' 38 Morris. Robert , ' 38 Pierce, Elmer, ' 39 Sears, Frank, ' 38 Shatler. Tom, ' 39 Shaw, Norman, ' 37 Shramek, Joe, ' 37 Snipes, Johnston, ' 37 Stenton, William. ' 37 Stickler, Harry, ' 38 Strong, Bill, ' 38 Thornton, Bob, ' 38 Turner, Allen, ' 37 Western Springs Wallace, William, ' 37 Williams. Harry. ' 38 Wineland. Robert. ' 38 Upson. John. ' 39 Lincoln Wellington, Kansas Omaha Lincoln Lincoln Pa.pillion Lincoln Lincoln Falls City Lincoln Omaha Fremont Shelton Omaha Spencer, Iowa Lincoln David City Lincoln Lincoln Omaha Great Bend. Kansas Lincoln Illinois Exeter Lincol.T Lincoln Lincoln McCauley. Frank. 40 Great Bend. Kansas Owens. Edward. ' 38 Omaha Reusch. Walter. ' 39 Lincoln Romans. Warren. ' 40 Lincoln Schock, William. ' 40 Falls City Shofstall. Jack. ' 38 Kearney Strasser. Richard. 40 Lincoln Wallingford. Lloyd. ' 40 Omaha Waugh, Robert. ' 40 Omaha Wilke. Forrest. ' 39 Beatrice Wilkensen, Scott, ' 40 Curtis Yost. Arthur, ' 40 Lincoln Page 269 SIGMA ALPHA MU OFFICERS FIRST SE 4ESTER President HENRY H SWflRTZ Secretary DflVID BERNSTEIN Treasurer IRVING ZVEITEL SECOND SEMESTER President HENRY H SWflRTZ Secretary DflVID BERNSTEIN Treasurer IRVING ZVEITEL THE LOCAL CHAPTER BE IT hereby included in the an- nals of campus history that in the year of 1936-37, Sigma Alpha Mu set an all time record among fraternities in its semester scholar- ship average. Be it further noticed that its excellence in scholarship did not outweigh its preeminence in extra-curricular activities as is evi- denced by the fact that among its members were the president and an- other member of the Student Coun- cil, the editor and a news editor of the " Daily Nebraskan " , the secre- tary of the Innocents Society, a co- chairman of the Junior-Senior Prom Committee, the Captain of Pershing Rifles, an assistant business man- ager of the " Cornhusker " , the head cheerleader, two members of the Student Union Committee, a mem- ber of Sigma Delta Chi, Theta Nu, and Gamma Lambda, as well as others of importance in campus af- fairs. The fraternity was also very active in intramurals this year, winning the handball championship for the sev- enth time in nine years of competi- tion. Puge 270 HHB TZpY Top Row Levin, WooH. Zveitel. Brown. Bernstein, Lipp, Second Row Ginsburg, Bordy. Finkelslein, Greenberger, Eisensladl. Yoliee, Turkel, Zidell First Row: Tatelman, Weinstoin, Green. Sadoll, Swartz, Goldware. MEMBERS Bernstein, David, 38 Omaha Eisenstadt, Leo, ' 39 Omaha Finkelstein, flaron J., ' 38 Lincoln JimL .. Goldware, David, ' 37 Omaha ' .W l ' i Green, Ervine J., ' 37 Norfolk ' -j Greenberger, Henry, ' 39 Grand Island Rosenstein, R. Henry, ' 37 Omaha Swartz, Henry H., ' 37 Omaha Tatelman, Maurice, ' 39... Omaha Turkel, Leo, ' 39 Lincoln Weinstein, Harry, ' 37 Lincoln Woolf, Raleigh, ' 38 Lincoln Zveitel, Irving, ' 38 Grand Island PLEDGES Bordy, IJorman, 40 Omaha Brown Rcivmond, ' 39 Kansas City, Missouri KronicK. Lioyd, ' 39 Sioux City, Iowa Sadoff, Sam. fl., ■40..Sioux City, Iowa Yaffe, Irving, ' 40 Omaha Zidell, V illiam, ' 40 Beatrice Page 271 SIGMA CHI OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President FLOYD BAKER Vice-president BOB HOUSTON Secretary lAMES BRER Treasurer FRANCIS COUFAL SECOND SEMESTER President FLOYD BAKER Vice-president BOB HOUSTON Secretary JAMES BAER Treasurer FRANCIS COUFAL THE LOCAL CHAPTER THROUGHOUT the year members of Sigma Chi were ever in the center of campus activity, be iton the center of campus activity, be it on the playing field, in the publication of- fices, or in the other centers of col- legiate life. Two of them acquired glory for their school and Sigma Chi by their extraordinary playing on the football field. Sigma Chi could, also, boast of having the all-univer- sity heavy weight boxing champion and prominent men on the track team. Among other members of this fraternity were the president of the senior class, the commander of Phalanx, the president of the " N " Club, the first lieutenent of Scabbard and Blade, the business-manager of the " flwgwan " , a member of Kos- met Klub, a national officer and sev- eral members of Peshing Rifles, and several captains in the R.O.T.C. The fraternity had a successful year in intramurals; its social season, char- acterized by a lormal dinner-dance at the Lincoln Hotel, a number of house parties, and the Triad in the spring, was most outstanding. Tugo 272 9 mm i k i P KEY Top Row: Cleveland, )ones, Jennings. MiUer. Cattle. Kemist, Goither, W. Moore, Yelkin, O ' Hanlon Letterdink. Fourth Row: T. Horn, C Moore. Kearney, Thomas. Geeson, Ridle, Butt, Youmans. Rahn. Ronne. Third Row: Jacobsen, Rees, Schneider, Barney, Hyde, Baker, flnderstrora, Coulal, fl. Simpson, Barbo. Second Row: Houlchins, Mack. Hamilton, 3irk, McHugh, Marquardt. Heacock, Kersenbrock. Fenton. Baer Bottom Row: McClarg, nnderson, Brasch, Ficklmg, Houston, Dworak. Searle, Ramel, P. Simpson, Landis, MEMBERS flnderl, Verne K... ' 37 David City Anderson, Ralph, ' 37 Lincoln Austin, Howard, ' 38 Houghton, Michigan Baer, James, ' 39 Omaha Butt, William A,, ' 39 Unadilla Baker, Floyd, ' 37 Omaha |s» iL ' ' , ' Coufal, Francis E., ' 39 Schuyler IZm Cardwell, Lloyd, ' 37 Seward Cleveland, Carl S., ' 40 Kansas City, Missouri Douglas, Donald, ' 39 Lincoln Dworak, John L., ' 37 David City Fenton, Bob, ' 38 Lincoln Fickling, Wm. A., ' 38 Creighton Gaither, William, ' 38 Lenora, Kansas Hamilton, Robert D., ' 38 Omaha Horn, Max B., ' 39 Hay Springs PLEDGES Barbo, loe, ' 40 Lenora, Kas. Barney, Warren R., ' 38 Kearney Birk, Charles, ' 40 Omaha Brasch, Ellis H., ' 40 Norfolk Geeson, Jack, ' 40 Seward 1 Heacock, Gerow, ' 39 Kearney , y Hyde, Roland, 40 Omaha V M fones, John O., ' 40 Seward Jennings, Melvin, ' 40 DavenpKDrt Jacobsen, Harry, ' 40 Greeley, Colorado Kenist, Terry, ' 40 Dawson Lefferdink, Allen J., 40 Lincoln Mack, Jack E., ' 40 Scottsbluff Horn, Thomas C, ' 39 Hay Springs Houston, Robert C, ' 37 Omaha Houtchens, Robert, ' 39 Greeley, Colorado Kearney, Allen, ' 38 Morrill Kersenbrock, Frank J., ' 38. ...Kearney Landis, Frank C, ' 37 Seward O ' Hanlon, William T., ' 39 Omaha Ridle, Goenn, ' 39 Superior Ramel, George, ' 37 Lincoln Ronne, Robert, ' 38 Lincoln Schneider, Harold, ' 39 Lincoln Simpson, Alva A., ' 38 Lincoln Thomas, Grant, ' 40 Lincoln Taylor, Charles, ' 35 St. Paul Yelkin, Virgil, ' 37 Lincoln Youmans, Neal D., ' 38 Minatare Marquardt, Jack, ' 40 Creighton McClurg, Robert E. Jr., ' 40 Omaha McHugh, John, ' 40. Sioux City, Iowa Miller, Burdette, ' 38 Lincoln Moore, Corwin, ' 38 Oregon, Missouri Moore, William, ' 38 Oregon, Missouri Rahn, Harold M., ' 38 Sioux City, Iowa Rees, Dale W., ' 40 Creighton Searle, Harry, ' 40 Council Bluffs, Iowa Simpson, Philip, ' 40 Lincoln Page 273 SIGMA DELTA TAU OFFICERS RRST SEMESTER Presideni FRANCES KflLIN Vice-president HARRIETT BYRON Secretary lOSEPHlNE RUBNITZ Treasurer MURIEL KRASNE SECOND SEMESTER President FRANCES KALIN Vice-president HARRIETT BYRON Secretary JOSEPHINE RUBNITZ Treasurer MURIEL KRASNE THE LOCAL CHAPTER THETfl chapter of Sigma Delta Tau started its twelfth year on the Ne- braska campus in a new home, situ- ated at 626 North 16th Street. The acquisition of this beautiful thirty- eight room house was the fulfillment of a long dream, and Sigma Delta Tau proudly exhibited it and her new pledge class of nineteen mem- bers at an informal fall tea, to which the entire campus was invited. Other social activities were a benefit bridge party to help to send a German refugee through Univer- sity in the United States, and a Spring formal, March 19, at the Cornhusker hotel. Sigma Delta Tau placed fifth in Panhellenic scholarship ratings. Members of the sorority are repre- sented in the following organize tions: Coed Counselors, Y.W.C.fl. Cabinet, " Cornhusker " , " flwgwan " . Sponsors Club, Nu-Meds, Orchesis, and the freshman Y.W.C.fl. Cabinet. Honoraries in which the group is represented are Alpha Kappa Delta, Gamma Alpha Chi, Sigma Alpha Iota, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Ves- tals of the Lamp. Page 274 " r- ; I Q o e J o -? TzpY ' P Row Kloeman, Hill, Sobel, Braverman. Emicin. Sherman, Beber, Schwartz. Davidson. Second Row: Perelman. R Hill, E. Krasne, Frank. Byron, Rubnilz. M. Krasne, Glazor. Bottom How Stein, Slotsky. Polonsky, Sveitel, Lashinsky, flrbiiman, Meyerson, Kalin, Ellman MEMBERS A PLEDGES © Byron, Harriett, ' 39 Lincoln Ellman, Martelle, ' 39 Des Moines, Iowa Kalin, Frances, ' 37. .Sioux City, Iowa Kleeman, Hermine, ' 37. .Austin, Texas Krasne, Muriel, ' 38 Fremont Lashinsky, Rosalyn, ' 38 Lincoln Rubnitz, Josephine, ' 39 Omaha Slotsky, Myna, ' 39 Sioux City, Iowa flrbitman, Mary, ' 39. Omaha Beber, Jean, ' 39 Omaha Beechen , Velma, ' 40 Sioux City, iowu Braverman. Eleanor, ' 40 Grand Island Canar, Gertrude, ' 40 Omaha Davidson, Louise, ' 40 Des Moines, Iowa Emlein, flnnabelle, ' 40 Sioux City, Iowa Frank, Muriel. ' 40 Omaha Glazer, Ethel, ' 40 Kansas Cily, Missouri Hill, Rose, ' 40. . Lincoln Hill, Selma, ' 40 Lincoln Krasne, Edythe, ' 40 Oakland Miller, Sarah B,, ' 40..Wall Lake, Iowa Moskovitz, Lucille, ' 38 Omaha Meyerson, Pearl, ' 40 Council Blufis, iov a Perelman, Alice, ' 40 Omaha Polonsky, Jeanette, ' 40 Omaha Schwartz, Pauline, ' 40 Omaha Sherman, Dorothy, ' 40 Omaha Sobel, Ruth. ' 40 Scottsbluff Stein, Mateel, ' 40 Sioux City, Iowa Zveitel, Selma. ' 40 Grand Island Page 275 SIGMA KAPPA OFFICERS nnST SEMESTER President MARY CAROLYN HOLLMflN Vice-president GENEVIEVE HOFF Secretary FRANCES BROWN Treasurer ELSIE lEVONS SECOND SEMESTER President MARY CAROLYN HOLLMAN Vice-president GENEVIEVE HOFF Secretary FRANCES BROWN Treasurer ELSIE JEVONS THE LOCAL CHAPTER THE fourteenth year of Alpha Kappa chapter of Sigma Kappa on the Nebraska campus began with the pledging of fifteen girls dur- ing the annual fall rush week. In campus activities the sorority is unique in having three officers of one campus organization. The pres- ident, vice-president, and historian of Kappa Phi are all members of Sigma Kappa. Other activities in which Sigma Kappa members are interested include Pi Sigma Alpha, the Panhellenic Council, and the " Daily Nebraskan " . The tempo of the times affected members of the sorority this year when they entertained at a " Swing " party held at their chapter house. Other social affairs at which they were hostesses included a Hal- lowe ' en house party and a formal dancing party at the Lincoln hotel on January 16. The Nebraska chap- ter of Sigma Kappa sent the largest number of delegates to the national biennial convention held in the sum- mer of 1936 at Troutdale-in-the- Pines, Colorado. Page 276 —- 1- • " -y 1 f I7 " PY Top Row Johnson, Schuck, Schuttloffel, Hollman, Henke, flva Lee, Haley- Second Row: McQuillan, Brown, Jones, Kohlscheen. Whisler, Meyer. Clayton. Bottom Row; Holt, fl Loe. Marr.ton. Picking, White. Zimmer, Fennoyer. MEMBERS 4 iinrrryT PLEDGES Brown, Frances, ' 39 Haigler Haley, Winifred, ' 37 Omaha Henke, Winifred, ' 39 Wray, Colorado Hoff, Genevieve, ' 38 Wisner Hollman, Mary Carolyn, ' 38. Omaha Jevons, Elsie, Graduate Clay Center, Kansas Kohlscheen, fllta, ' 39 flvoca, Iowa Clayton, Jannette, ' 40 Dubois, Wyoming Himebaugh, Ruth, ' 40 Hooper Johnson, Janeth, ' 39 Weston Jones, Wilma, ' 39 . Lincoln Lee, Annabel, ' 40 Brownlee Meyer, Marguerite, ' 38 Lincoln Lee, flva. Graduate Brownlee McQuillan, Frances, ' 38 Lincoln McQuillan, Willa-Claire, Graduate Lincoln Marston, Barbara, ' 39 Chadron Schuck, Loraine, ' 38 Lincoln Whisler, Mctxine, ' 38 Omaha White, Mary, ' 38 Lincoln Pennoyer, Eunice, 40 Crow Heart, Wyoming Picking, Louise, ' 39 Lincoln Ross, Loree, ' 38 Lincoln Schuttloffel, Emma Marie, ' 40 Walnut, Iowa Zimmer, Evelyn, ' 37 Omaha Pago 277 SIGMA NU OFFICERS nRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President President TED BRADLEY TED BRADLEY Vice-president Vice-president JOHN D. WERTZ JOHN D. WERTZ Secretary Secretary HOWARD G. FISHER HOWARD G. FISHER Treasurer Treasurer HAROLD fl. PEERY HAROLD fl. PEERY THE LOCAL CHAPTER fit the Sigma Nu Pig dinner, one of the most lavish formal dinner dances of the season, a huge four hundred pound roast pig was car- ried into the main ballroom of the Lincoln hotel on the shoulders of six colored waiters, where it was prop- erly dedicated and stabbed by the chapter president. Having been so dedicated, the pig was served to this jolly group amid revelry and dancing to the music of Dusty Roads and his orchestra. Among those gathered together with their dates at this traditional feast were two Innocents, the junior class president, the associate busi- ness manager of the Daily Ne- braskan, two student council mem- bers, a lieutenant-colonel, captains and lieutenants of the R.O.T.C, the National Adjutant of Pershing Rifles, four varsity lettermen, and many others who assume important roles in campus life. This group hod been among the most formidable of fraternities in the intramural competition, winning the Class A basketball crown and plac- ing in other events. Poao 278 MLMMll % Ml-ltlHItlk M KEY Top Row: Day, J. D. Weriz, Newcomer, Voss. Sleeves, McKee. Ryan, Bock, Thompson, Townley, P. Reichstadt, W. Mowbray. Fourth Row: Reynolds, Bingheimer, Austin, Svoboda, Bogardus. Poery. Manderscheid, Aden, Pierson, R. Mowbray, Boren. Lediord. R. Reichstadt Third Row: DeKlotz, Miller, C. Alexander, W. Smith, Liggett. J. Scott, Brown, P. Wertz. Simmons, Bradley, R. Smith. Tremont, Anawall, Second Row: Fisher. Deger, Atherton, G. Scott, Campbell, Nourse, Galloway, Haynie, McNish, Anderson. Samuelson, Gnilith, Rutiedge. Bottom Row: Zoesch, R. Alexander, Wolf, Dobson, Schmid, Thomas, King, Jones. Goodale, Adams. Hauschild, Wadhoms. MEMBERS Aden, Mort. ' 39 Sutherland filexander, Charles. ' 37 Lincoln Alexander, Robert, ' 39 Lincoln flnawalt, Aubrey, ' 37 Aurora Anderson, Robert, ' 38 Sioux City. Iowa Austin, Howard, ' 39 Lincoln Beck, William, Graduate . Charleston, South Carolina Bingenheimer, Jack, ' 39 ...Casper, Wyoming Blood, Forrest, ' 38 Lincoln Bock, John, ' 39 Greenwood Bogardus, Earl, ' 39 Aurora Bradley, Ted, ' 37 Beatrice Brown, John, ' 37 .Washington, Kansas Campbell, Bruce, ' 38 _ Lincoln Cruzan, Winston, ' 37 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Davidson, Thomas. ' 38 Casper, Wyoming Davis, George, ' 37 Deger, Everett, ' 39 Dobson, Adna, ' 39 Fisher, Howard, ' 38 Galloway, George, 38 Hauschild. Harry. ' 38 Haynie. Harry, ' 38 Hilsabeck, Bob, ' 38 Haverfield. Wayne, ' 39 Lincoln Fairbury Lincoln Ogallala Lincoln Syracuse Lincoln Kenesaw Sioux City, Iowa Jacobsen, Herald, ' 37. . Jones, Kenneth, ' 39 King, Robert, ' 39 Lawrence, Harvey, ' 37 Ledford, Harold, ' 39 Liggett, Darwin, ' 37 McNish, Hammond, ' 39 Miller. Edward, ' 37 Mowbray. Robert. ' 37 Munn, Everett, ' 37 Newcomer, William. ' 37 Peery, Harold, ' 39 Plimpton. Merrill. ' 37 Powell, Frank. ' 39 Reichstadt. Paul. ' 39 Reichstadt. Robert, ' 39 Reynolds, Edwin, ' 38 Schmid, Edward. ' 38 Scott. George, 38 Simmons, lack. ' 39 Steeves, Edmund, ' 39 Svoboda. George, ' 39 Thomas, Orlo. ' 38 Thompson. Donald, Vail. Edwin. ' 37 Wadhams, Bob. ' 38 Wertz, John D., ' 38 ' 38 ...Trenton, Missouri Lincoln Lincoln „.--, City. Iowa Lincoln York Lincoln Corning, Iowa Lincoln .. Lincoln York Omaha Glenwood, Iowa Omaha Omaha Omaha Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Chicago, Illinois Lincoln Linwood Casper, Wyoming Chappell Lincoln Lincoln Chappell PLEDGES Adams, Shirley, ' 39 Ogallala Aden. Edward. ' 38 Sutherland Anderson. James, ' 39 Lincoln Atherton. Harold. 40 Beatrice Boren, Albert, 40 Hastings Day. Frank. ' 39 Lincoln Deklotz, Edward. ' 38 Lincoln Goodale. Sam. ' 40 Lincoln Griffith. Keith. 40 Omaha Johnson. Miles. ' 39 Omaha Krause, Wayne. ' 40 Lincoln McKee, Jack. ' 40 Kearney Manderscheid, Cliff, 40 Sioux Falls, South Dakota Mowbray. William. ' 40 - Lincoln Nourse, Robert, ' 40 - Omaha Pearson, Allan. ' 40 Lingle, Wyoming Pilling. Joseph. ' 38 Ramsay, Jay. ' 38 Rutiedge. Charles. ' 40 Ryan. Dick. ' 40 Samuelson. Firman. ' 40 Scott. Jack, ' 40 Smith, Bob. ' 40 Smith. Wilton. ' 39 Taylor. Bayard. ' 40 Tremont. Frank. ' 39 Sioux Falls, Voss. Harold. ' 40 Wertz. Paul, ' 39 Wiebusch, Glenn. ' 39 Wolf, Jean, ' 40 Zoesch, Robert, ' 40 Omaha Omaha Herman Lincoln Franklin Ogallala Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln South Dakota Omaha Chappell Lincoln Lincoln ...Omaha Page 279 SIGMA PHI EPSILON OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President JOHN BISHOP Vice-president GENE ZUSPfiNN Secretary RONALD DOUGLAS Treasurer BERT DURKEE SECOND SEMESTER President RONALD DOUGLAS Vice-president DWAN GREEN Secretary GENE WALTERS Treasurer JOHN BISHOP THE LOCAL CHAPTER In the interfratemity sing, on Ivy Day, 1936, the song which was sung most splendidly was " The Brothers of Epsilon. " fls a result these " brothers of Epsilon " acquired per- manent possession of the Interfra- temity Singing Cup, having won it for three consecutive years. Members of Sigma Phi Epsilon en- joyed another triumph last fall, when they took first place in the annual, though unofficial, rushing contest, with a score of twenty-six. No doubt one of the points used by the fra- ternity in rushing, and which might in part have been the cause of its success, was that of its enviable record in athletics, having this year prominent representatives in foot- ball, basketball, golf, and wrestling. In addition, the rushees were probably informed of the fraternity ' s traditional Blue Party, and Kosmet Klub breakfast, find if the future could have been foreseen they may have been told of the fraternity s novel stunt in the Kosmet Klub Fall Revue. Page 280 " mm VrV Top Row: Gnswold. Dunlap, Gebbie, Carter, Durkee. Wenlce, Cole, Whitehead. D. lensen, Morris. " Scolield. Mastahr. Third Row Raslede, Adams, Kovanda, Gral, May. Rezner, M. lensen, Rawalt, Hartman, Diers, Spencer, Kyckelhahn. Second Row Cowhshaw, Wipl, C. Miller. Jaeggi. Durlee, Harris. Walters, Elliott, Ritchie, Brown, Barker, Bors. Bottom Row. Smith. Pleiil, Bishop. Green. L. Pllum, W Pllum Zuspann, M. Mille: Douqln. ' ; McCorkmrlalo E. Miller. MEMBERS fldams, Jerry, ' 39 Lincoln Bishop, lohn, ' 37 Lincoln Cole, Frank, ' 38 Aurora Cowlishaw, Howard, ' 38 Kemmerer, Wyominc; Diers, William, ' 39 Gresham Douglas, Ronald, ' 38 Crete Durkee, Bert, ' 38 Rock Island, Illinois Elliott, Robert, ' 39 West Point Graf, Lawrence, ' 39 Naponee Green, Dwan, ' 39 Lincoln Harris, Norman, ' 38 Jackson, Michigan Hartman, fldelbert, ' 38 Gresham Jaeggi, Ernest, ' 38 North Platte Jensen, Milo, ' 38 Denison, Iowa Long, Charles, ' 38 North Platte May, Ivan, ' 39 .Crete Morris, Burdette, ' 37 Fairbury Pflum, Lloyd, ' 38 Enders Pflum, Walter, ' 37. Enders Scofield, John, ' 39 Lincoln Walters, Gene, ' 38 Humphrey Wenke, Paul, ' 38 .. Pender Zuspann, Gene, ' 37 Goodland, Kansas PLEDGES Alexander, Van, ' 39 Concordia, Kansas Barker, Galen, ' 40 Pratt, Kansas Bors, Julian, ' 40 Wilber Brown, John, ' 39 Norfolk Carter, John, ' 39 . Omaha Carter, Richard, ' 40 Omaha Dunlap, Lloyd, ' 40 Tecumseh Durfee, Donald, ' 38 Pierce Gebbie, John, ' 38 Nebraska City Griswold, James, ' 40 Lincoln lensen, Don, ' 40 Wray, Colorado Kovanda, William, ' 39 Elk Creek Kyckelhahn, Russell, ' 38 Lincoln Lansing, Lawrence, ' 38 Lincoln Leuthauser, Norman. ' 40 Beemer McCorkingdale, Robert, ' 39. Omaha Mastalir, Milton, ' 39 Pierce Miller, Clifford, ' 40 Omaha Miller, Eugene, ' 40 Lincoln Miller, Norman, ' 39 Omaha Pfeiff, William, ' 40 Lincoln Rastede, Leonard, ' 37 Pierce Rawall, Verne, ' 40 Avoca Rezner, Jack, ' 40 Lincoln Ritchie, Robert. ' 38 McCook Koepe, Robert, ' 39 Beemer Savidge, Walter, ' 39 ...Wayne Smith, Fletcher. ' 40 Monmouth, Illinois Spencer, Truman, ' 38 Randolph, Iowa Swedlund, Lav rence, ' 39 Sterling, Colorado Whitaker, Dwight, ' 39 Lincoln Whitehead, Howard. ' 40 Tecumseh Wipf, James, ' 40 Mitchell Page 281 THETA CHI OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President WINFIELD HODGE Vice-president MILAN WISEN Secretary EDWARD KIRBY Treasurer FLOYD BOND SECOND SEMESTER President WINFIELD HODGE Vice-president MILAN WISEN Secretary EDWARD KIRBY Treasurer FLOYD BOND THE LOCAL CHAPTER THE Theta Chi freshmen this year were among the few pledges on the Nebraska campus who were not subjected to the horrors of " hell week " . Their upper classmen had abolished that institution, believing it to be both detrimental to the in- dividual and the cause of much ad- verse criticism towards fraternity life. Among these upper classmen were many of prominence on the campus, including one sophomore who had lettered in four major sports, three other varsity lettermen who represented the fraternity in track and baseball, and one who had received the highest scholastic average in the freshman law class for the first semester. The frater- nity competed in all intramural events and was especially formid- able in the soft ball competition. Its social season was an enjoyable one, climaxed by a spring party at the Cornhusker hotel on April 24th. Fre- quently throughout the year songs were dedicated to the fraternity over a network by an alumnus, Sammy Kaye. Pago 282 i i r 1 fy rti " O " 1 fT. Q -Q " i Q " - ' -1 TZpY Top Row Turney, Gaughan, Bond, Lautenschlager, Dohrmann, Wilkins. Wolcotl. Second Row Hodge, Comeron, Burdell, Vallery, Kirby, Thompson. Wisen. Bottom Row. Mainey, Swanson, Enckson, Ditterline, Fenton, Pteilter, Neujahr. MEMBERS ' Bond, Floyd, ' 39 Gresham Burdell, Charles, ' 39 Lincoln Ditterline, Ezra, ' 39 Babylon, New York Dewell, Bernard, ' 38 Fremont Dohrmann, Elmer, ' 38 Staplehurst Hodge, Winfield, ' 37 Danbury, Connecticut Kirby, Edward, ' 37 Lincoln Swanson, Word, ' 38 Lincoln Thompson, Ronald, ' 37. .Merrill, Iowa Vallery, Joy, ' 39 Plattsmouth Vandeburg, Franklin, ' 37 Lincoln Wisen, Milan, ' 38 Clay Center Wolcott, fllan, ' 37 Hebron PLEDGES Cameron, George, ' 40 Great Falls, Montana Erickson, Gerald, ' 39 Wahoo Fenton, Larry, ' 40.. Lincoln Gaughan, Elmer, ' 37 Lincoln Gudgel, Rod, ' 40 Gresham Lautenschlager, Paul, ' 40....Swanton Mainey, Francis, ' 39 Hastings Neujahr, Melvin, ' 39 Gresham Pteifer, La Verne, ' 38 Lincoln Stalbaum, Ralph, ' 39 Teft, Indiana Turney, Everett, ' 40 Swanton Wilkins, Louis, ' 40 Fremont Pago 283 THETA XI OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER Preiidenl WiLLIflM H REICHflRDT Vice-president WALTER P BLUM Secretary ALBERT W. SCHROEDER Treasurer GEORGE E. HEIKES SECOND SEMESTER President V ILLIflM H. REICHflRDT Vice-president WflLTER P. BLUM Secretary GILBERT GOLDING Treasurer GEORGE E. HEIKES THE LOCAL CHAPTER THETfl XI, composed almost exclu- sively of engineering students, has ever been dominant in the activi- ties of the Engineering College. This year was no exception. Among those that regularly crossed its threshold were many of the out- standing leaders of the Engineering College. Of the fraternity ' s mem- bership were five who had served or were serving on the Engineering Executive Board, the secretary of that board, the president of the Chemical Engineering Society, the president of fl.S.C.E., the president and another member of the fl.S.C.E. executive board, a member of the student council from the engineer- ing college, a member of Sigma Tau, two members of fl.S.M.E. and three members of Gamma Lambda. In addition to these activities the fraternity had a most enjoyable and eventful social season, charac- terized by a large spring dance, a number of house parties and month- ly stag smokers which took the form of either a rush party or a get-to- gether with the alumni chapter. Page 284 ssafi f ' r ' H « ( - r fc 1 iiili T7X Y Top Row: Heikos, MacDonald, Francis. Williams, Petzold. Deals. Bottom Row Kingery, Reichardt, Conn. Schroder, Rndersen. Schreiner MEMBERS Andersen, Morris, ' 38 Lincoln Blum, Walter, ' 38 Sheridan, Wyoming Conn, Gayland, ' 38 Greeley, Colorado Desjardien, Donald, ' 38 Lincoln Francis, Everett, ' 37 Lincoln Golding, Gilbert, ' 39 Lincoln Heikes, George, ' 38 Dakota City Isaacson, Warren, ' 37 Norfolk Kent, Kenneth, ' 38 Pawnee City Kokesch, Francis, ' 38 Lincoln Kingery, Orville, ' 38 Lincoln Petzold, George, ' 37 Lyman Reichardt, William, ' 38. Imperial Schreiner, John, ' 38 Lyman Schroeder, filbert, ' 38 Eustis Storer, Robert, ' 38. Lincoln Williams, Vem, ' 38 Lincoln PLEDGES Deats, Claude, ' 40 Lincoln Dreibus, Robert, ' 39 Grand Island Hall, Lyle, ' 40 Lincoln Kerns, Jean, ' 38 Lincoln MacDonald, John, ' 38 Tekamah Petzold, Earl, ' 40 Lyman Schwegman, Merlin, ' 38 Palmyra Wright, Lloyd, ' 40. Lincoln Page 285 ZETA BETA TAU OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President ROBERT STIEFLER Vice-president HAROLD SOMMER Secretary BERNARD WHITE Treasurer PHILL LASER SECOND SEMESTER President ROBERT STIEFLER Vice-president HAROLD SOMMER Secretary BERNARD WHITE Treasurer PHILL LASER THE LOCAL CHAPTER AMONG those that cheered most fervently last fail when Nebraska rallied against Indiana in the sec- ond half of that great game was a group which sat in the very center of the student section, the Zeta Beta Taus. Then, as always, they gave expression to the unbounded en- thusiasm which they had for all col- legiate activities. Their interest in campus activities was as evident by the extent of their participation in them as by the sincerity of their cheering. On the track before them was one of their number who served as cheer leader. On the varsity bench was another who served in the capacity of Junior Football Man- ager. In the section itself was the president of the Inter-fraternity Council, a member of the Inter-fra- ternity Board of Control, two mem- bers of the varsity debate team, and a news editor of the " Daily Ne- braskan " . Among other honors ac- quired by the chapter was the win- ning of a scholarship placque for sixth place among all fraternities. .9 i km 17T7Y " P How: Green, Stiefler, Pereiman, Fnedmon, Resnick, H. Kaplan, Schwartzman, Silverman. G. Kaplan. Second Row: Rosenberg, Jerome Milker, H. Milder, Becker, Klein, Winlroub, ]. Milder, Kuklin, Shumow. Bottom Row: Slosburg. Sherman. Friedel. White, Laser, Cohen, flckerman, Malashock, Sommer. MEMBERS flckerman, Warren, ' 39 Omaha Becker, Delvan, ' 39 Mitchell, South Dakota ■ )fr Friedman, Lloyd, ' 37 Omaha Og l, Green, Lawrence, ' 37 Omaha " f " Kaplan, Howard, ' 39 Omaha Kuklin, Irving, ' 39 Lincoln Laser, Phill, ' 37 Omaha Malashock, Lloyd, ' 39 Omaha Milder, Jerome, ' 39 Omaha Pereiman, Harold, ' 39 Omaha Slosburg, Stanley, ' 39 Omaha Stiefler, Robert, ' 38 Omaha Sommer, Harold, ' 37 Omaha Stein, Harold, ' 39 Omaha Wintroub, Ernest, ' 39 Omaha White, Bernard, ' 38 Omaha PLEDGES Cohen, Robert, ' 40 Omaha Rosenberg, Millard, ' 40. .. Omaha A Friedel, Leonard, ' 40 Omaha Schwartzman, Joe, ' 40 Lincoln Kaplan, Granum, ' 40 Omaha Sherman, Irvin, ' 40 Omaha l Klein, Ervin, ' 39 Omaha Shumow, Sheldon, ' 40 Omaha Milder, Harlan, ' 39 Omaha Silverman, Robert, ' 40 Omaha Milder, Julian, ' 39 Omaha ZETA TAU ALPHA OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER Presideni RUTH HUTCHINSON Vice-president flLYSE WILKE Secretary-Treaurer OLIVE VAN BOSKIRK Historian lEflN GORDON MEMBERS SECOND SEMESTER President RUTH HUTCHINSON Vice-president flLYSE WILKE Secretary-Treaurer OLIVE VAN BOSKIRK Treasurer lEflN GORDON Gordon, Jean, ' 38 .Lincoln Grone, Elizabeth, ' 37 Lincoln Hallet, Clare, ' 37 Lincoln Hutchinson, Ruth, ' 37 Lincoln Van Boskirk, Olive, ' 38 Lincoln Wilke, fllyse, ' 38 Lincoln PLEDGE Evans, lean, ' 39 Lincoln y ■w-pY Top Row: Wilke, Grone, Van Bosltirk. " - " ' ■ Bottom Row: Evans, Hutchinson, Gordon, Hallet. THE LOCAL CHAPTER THL new Student Union building, which has brought joy to the hearts of most of the campus, caused members of Zeta Tau Alpha some n-,easure of grief. When excavation began for the new building, it was necessary to tear down their newly acquired sorority house, formerly lo- cated at 1432 R Street, and since that time the sorority has gone homeless. Zeta Tau Alpha is still active, however, holding meetings at the homes of individual members, and, as usual, taking an active part in campus life. Last spring saw one of their mem- bers presented with the Panhellenic award for the highest scholarship rating in the junior class. Organi- zation of an alumnae chapter of the sorority at Omaha, Nebraska was also undertaken last spring. Zeta Tau Alpha entertained at a formal spring party at the Lincoln Hotel March 20, as well as at several fall and winter house parties. Members of the sorority are active on the Panhellenic Advisory Board, Tassels, and Alpha Lambda Delta. a.,0 :8B ■»m House Mothers lop now McOuire. Dugan Miiam,. ' Aick5 Hien ' ._ ' T,Te- r ;ncr, noa Third Row: Schmittel. Brown, Angle. Schiader, Smith, Bishop. Kuanneth, Pierce, Williamson. Second Row Harlan. Hyland. Fee, Marshall. Munshaw, Hill. Holyoke, Wiebusch. Peterroichael Bottom Row Boyles, Daniels, Phillips, Fowcett, Pelton, Bentley, Brown, Knapp. OFFICERS President Vice-president Secretary-treasurer MRS. J. W. BISHOP MRS CAROLINE PHILLIPS MRS. JESSIE ANGLE flcacia Mrs. W. fl. Brown Alpha Chi Omega. ..Mrs. J. W. Bishop Alpha Delta Theta Mrs. Emma Holyoke Alpha Gamma Rho Mrs. Eunice Wiebusch Alpha Omicron Pi. ..Mrs. Jessie Angle Alpha Phi Mrs. Leo J. Schmittel Alpha Taa Omega Mrs. Maude Aten Alpha Xi Delta Mrs. Ella M. Marshall Beta Thela Pi Mrs. I. S. Pierce Chi Omega Mrs. Carol Fawcelt Qii Phi Mrs. Melsana Daniels Delta Delta Delta Mrs. Paul Ream Delta Gamma. Mrs. Gertrude Adams Delta Upsilon Mrs. Caroline Phillips Delta Zeta Mrs. Gertrude Brown Farm House Mrs. Frances Pelton Gamma Phi Beta Mrs Ruth Wicks Kappa Alpha Theta ..Mrs. Myra Cox Kappa Delta Mrs. John McGuire Kappa Kappa Gamma Miss Louise Munshaw Kappa Sigma Mrs. Palmer Smith Phi Gamma Delta Mrs. W. F. Dugan Phi Kappa Psi ...Mrs. Gladys Gaither Phi Mu Mrs. Margaret Rea Pi Beta Phi Mrs. Jul Pelermichael Pi Kappa Alpha Mrs. Margaret Davis Sigma Alpha Epsilon Mrs. Sue Kuenneth Sigma Chi Mrs. Cora Bentley Sigma Delta Tau Mrs. Madeline Raer Sigma Kappa Mrs. Frank Schroder Sigma Nu Mrs. O. J. Fee Sigma Phi Epsilon Mrs. Dale S. Boyles Theta Chi Mrs. Anna Knapp Theta Xi Mrs. Anna Hyland Zeta Tau Alpha Mrs. Gurna Harlan Page 289 Carrie Belle Raymond Hall OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President flDRIENE GRIFFITH President flDRIENNE GRIFFITH Vice-president NINfl SITTLER Vice-president NINfl SITTLER Treasurer IflNE HOPKINS Treasurer IflNE HOPKINS Secretary MflRIfiN KflTHS Secretary MflRIflN KflTHS MEMBERS Wilma Betzer, ' 39 Lexington Elinor Brown, ' 40 Fairbury Marjorie E. Carpenter, ' 38.. ..Hampton lean Childs, ' 40 Norfolk Helen Closs, ' 39 Wymore Celeste Coulal, ' 38 Howells Vlasta Drbal, ' 40 Brainard Olive Eby. ' 37 Leigh Doris Ehlers, ' 38 Scribner Feme Focht, ' 37 Ironwood, Mich. Katherine FuUwood, ' 37 Wymore Edith Goldstein, ' 40. Manhattan, Kas. Elinor Hakanson, ' 40 Fairfield Sybel Haynes, ' 38 Omaha Bemiece Hill, ' 38 Omaha Ina Jackson, ' 38 Beatrice Helen Virginia Johnson, ' 39 Johnstown, Pennsylvania Eleanor Linville, ' 38 Odell Elizabeth McCrady, ' 39 Grass Creek, Wyoming Martha Elizabeth McGee, ' 40 Columbus Nancy Mahood, ' 38. ...Sioux City, la. Eleanor Moloney, ' 39 Omaha Maxine Marrs, ' 38 Omaha Vee Louise Marshall, ' 39... .Arlington Thyra Moore, ' 38 Minden Evelyn Moser, ' 37 Sabetha Eva Nelson, ' 37 Creston Francis Pattin, ' 39 Arapahoe Margaret Porter, ' 40 Creston Marcella Proskovec, ' 40. ...Columbus Alice Redwood, ' 38 Falls City Jane Rowley, ' 39. ...St. Louis, Missouri Margaret Saxton, ' 39 Omaha Ins Seibert, ' 40....Thermopolis, Wyo. Nina Sittler, ' 37 Anselmo Bonnie Spanggaard, ' 37 Wymore Caroline Thompson, ' 40.. ..West Point Grace Thompson, ' 38. Sioux City, la. Erma Wossum, ' 37 Tekamah Molly Wyland, ' 38.. ..Brooklyn, N. Y. Helen Young, ' 38 Stella Top Row Childs, Proskovec, I. lackson. Collar, Nelson, M. E. Carpenter, Young, T. Moore, Wassum, Rowley. Third Row Seibert, Hohn, Sittler, Closs, Drbal, Haynes, Linville, Marshall, Saxton, Moloney, Spanggaard. Second Row Focht, Moser, Brown, Marrs, Ehlers, Goldstein, McGrady, FuUwood, Wyland, Hakanson, Belzer. Bottom Row Eby, C Thompson. Mahood, Porter. B. Hill, Patton, G. Thompson, McGee, Coulal, H. lohnson. Redwood. n :»n - Q a ' : ' i C ' Q ' t id P. gc 290 Carrie Belle Raymond Hall leannetle flvery, ' 39 Edgar Mary Jane Barge. ' 38 Lexington Myrtle Bash, 38 McCook Lois Bestor, ' 38 Plattsmouth Beth Beushausen, ' 37 Loup City Esther Mae Brewer, ' 40 Callaway Marjorie Carpenter, ' 40 Syracuse fllphia Catania, ' 37 Omaha Margaret Clark, ' 39 Bartley Enid Coltrane, ' 40 Casper, Wyo Vera Graf, ' 37 Maronee Eleanor Greusel, ' 38 Omaha Eunice Halm, ' 39 Humboldt Loreen Harper, ' 38 Spencer LaVerna Hauschild, ' 40 Syracuse Gwendolyn Hurley, ' 40 Memo Kathleen Hyink, ' 38. Le Mars, Iowa Eleanor Justus, ' 40 Columbus Marian Koths, ' 40 Kansas City, Mo. MEMBERS Ola Kavan, ' 38 Clarkson Melva Kime, ' 40 flshby Lucille Lambert, ' 40 Palmer Gladys McKiernan, ' 39 Thermopolis, Wyo. Grace Miller, ' 38 Omaha Florence Mosher, ' 39 Omaha Lucille Moskovitz, ' 38 Omaha lanet Olson, ' 38 Palmyra Jane Pennington, ' 38 Wymore Peggy Pounds, ' 40 Blair flgnes Semin, ' 37 Brainard Helen Stanko, 39 Sheridan, Wyo. Leota Tonsing, ' 40 Syracuse Odette Wallace, ' 38 Hastings flnnetta Wendelin, ' 39 Syracuse Margaret Wittwer, ' 40 Cotesfield Alice Yaggie, ' 38 Stella Top Row flvery. Pounds, Bash. Halm. Mosher. Greuse;. Hurley. Coltrane. luslus. Third Row: Kalhs, M. Carpenler. Graf. Hauschild, Olson, Beushausen, Bestor, Yaggie. Pennington. Second Row Wallace. Wittwer, Stanko. Kime. Semin, Moskovilz, G. Miller, Tonsing, Barge Bottom Row Kaven. Wendelin, Hyink. Clark, Brewer. McKirnan. Harper, Lambert. Catania Page 291 Carrie Belle Rdymond Hall MEMBERS Genevieve flgnev , ' 38 Fullerton Ruth flrbuthnot, ' 40 Papillion Leona Brandes, ' 38 flvoca, la. Edith Burkett, B Gallah, Kas. Dorothy May Calkins, ' 40 Beatrice Caroline Clark, ' 40 Forragut Betty Clements, ' 39 Elmv ood HoUis French, ' 40 Concordia, Kas. fldrienne Griffith, ' 37 Omaha Lyda Gritzfeld. ' 37 Gering Orlene Haworth, ' 40 Parkman, Wyo. Berniece Hill, 38 Omaha Jane Hopkins, ' 38 Whiting, la. Helen flnne Hov ie, ' 38 Schuyler Lila Mae Jackson, ' 38 Beatrice Helen Virginia Johnston, ' 39 Johnstown, Pa. Charlotte Keithley, ' 40 Syracuse Marie Knickrehm, ' 40. ...Grand Island Elsie Mansfields, ' 39 ..Ong Frances Matz, ' 38.. ..South Sioux City Sarah Miller, ' 40 Wall Lake, la. Martha Morrow, ' 38 .Memo lean Osborn, 38 Sidney Phillys Person, ' 39 Wauneta Florence Peterson, ' 37 Lexington Deborah Phillippi, ' 39 Holdrege Shirley Potter, ' 38 Brooking, So. Dak. Rita Rist, ' 40 Humboldt Bonita Shrader, ' 37. ...Nebraska City Virginia Stalder, ' 40 Salem Mary Steuteville, ' 40 South Sioux City Fern Steuteville, ' 40 South Sioux City Doris Woodford, ' 39 ...Sargents Bluff, la. Eva Woodruff, ' 39 Memphis, Tenn. Top Row: Koch. Woodford. Woodruff, Potter, Brcindess, Hgnew, Shrader, M Steuteville, F. Steuteville. Third Row Matz, Peterson, Brbuihnot, Morrow, Haworth. Gritzleld, Burkett, Knickrehm, Keithley. Second Row L lackson, Phillippi, Pospisil, S. Miller. lohnslon. Person, Osborn, Clements, Howie. Bottom Row Risl. Calkins. Hopkins. Stalder, Hill, French Manslields, Clark, Grilfith. ti ir fh A € C fi.2!i£ Page 292 Lamia pi Howard Hall i sm 1 1 Top Row: Hartmon, Bogardus, Maheus, Luers, lones, Wicks. Bottom Row. Pitimon, Beat, Churchill, Steele. Luckey. Dannatt. Wilson Hall Top Row Beeson. Mercer, Knop, Pierce, Hoye. O ' Conner. Second Row: Detn, Schleiger, Jensen, Goetz, West. Bottom Row Reyman. Larson, Whitnoh, Butler, Conger, Rolfes. Pago 293 Rosa Bouton Hall 1 ( { Top Mv vJ- ' jiL ' .f.-i, i tr.- ial. Trautman, Shannon. Cronquisl. Second Row Pope, Griepenstrolc. Hansen. Swensen, Vming, McLlwain Bntiom Row tipf-.lim Middl ion, Fleming, Green. Hughes. HOWARD HALL Corinna Jane Beal, ' 38. ...Broken Bow Dorothy Bogardus, ' 37 Aurora Marjorie Churchill, ' 39 Fairbury Lillian Dannatt, ' 37 (President) flinsworth Esther Hartman, ' 37 Louisville Maxine Jones, ' 38 Belden Elizabeth Klaner, ' 37 Wayne Esther Luckey, ' 37 (Treasurer) Columbus WILSON HALL Betty Beeson, ' 39 Omaha Mary K. Butler, ' 40 Neligh Camille M. Conger, ' 39 Neligh Charline J. Dein, ' 39 Powell Jane P. Goetz, ' 39 Omaha Helen G. Hoye, ' 40 Wood River Birdean K. Jensen, ' 39 Exeter Marjorie M. Knop, ' 39 (President) . Atlantic, Iowa Helen L. Lxirson, ' 39 Mead Elizobeth L Mercer, ' 40 Big Springs ROSA BOUTON HALL Dorothy Anderson, ' 40 Paxton Edna Cronquist, ' 40 Genoa Rosemary Emmett, ' 40 Omaha E. Odette Fleming, ' 40 Morse Bluff Marjorie Graham, ' 40 Carson, la. Ardis Graybiel, ' 37 Neligh Ruth Green, ' 40 Fairbury Margaret Griepenstroh, ' 40. Dunbar Marjorie Hansen, ' 40 Lyons Hallena Horton, ' 40 Table Rock June Hughes, ' 40 (President). .Jansen Page 294 Ruth Luers, ' 37 Wahoo Audrey Mabeus, ' 38 Randolph Hilda Neihardt, 37 St. Louis, Mo. Irma Pittman, ' 39 Plattsmouth Lydia Robbert, ' 37 Riverdale Frances Steele, ' 38 Kimball Sarah Ann White, ' 38 Lyons Clarissa Wicks, ' 38 Hebron Evelyn Zimmer, ' 37 Omaha Helen O ' Connor, ' 39 (Treasurer) ... Fairmont Carol L Pierce, ' 40 Red Cloud Betty B. Reyman, ' 40 Tekamah Dorothy L. Rolfes, ' 39 Grafton Gloria M. Schleiger, ' 39 Sutton Maxine F. West, ' 39 Olerichs, So. Dak. Maydene R. Whitnah, ' 39 Beaver Crossing Eileen McElwain, ' 40 Archer Frances Middleton, ' 40 Brady Joy Pestal, ' 40 Fremont Patricia Pope, ' 40 Sutton Latha Shannon, ' 40 (Treasurer) Bridgeport Rowena Swenson, ' 37 Wausa Memo Trautman, ' 40 Red Cloud Irma Uehling, ' 40 Hooper Barbara Vining, ' 40 Seneca QP9 HONORARIES Page 29S INNOCENTS SOCIETY WILLIAM W MARSH President Members WILLIAM MARSH SAM FRANCIS ARNOLD LEVIN ROY KENNEDY TED BRADLEY CLYDE WHITE WILLIAM NEWCOMER SID BAKERp - ROSS MARTIN VINCENT JACOBSEN ROBERT SHELLENBERG GEORGE PIPAL TRUMAN OBERNDORF Pago 296 OFFICERS President WILLIAM MARSH Vice-president SAM FRANCIS Secretary ARNOLD LEVIN Treasurer ROY KENNEDY Sargeant TED BRADLEY ■ ■ -■ - ■■ V ' — ■ INNOCENTS SOCIETY Top How Mariiii. ;iholit.T4beig, BjiLt ' ;. iucoL-ot.. i ' ;t-u., ' ' bc::.dc;:. Bollom Row. Newcomer. Kennedy, Levin. Marsh, Francis, Bradley, While. THE Innocents, honorary society for senior men, were most ac- tive during the fall season when the thirteen members returned to school early to prepare for the annual sale of some 900 freshman caps. These red caps, bearing the numeral ' 40, were worn until Homecoming Day, at which time there occurred the annual tug-of-war between upper- classmen and freshmen, fls tradi- tion goes, the freshmen won, and could discard their caps. Further, in the interest of newcomers, the vearers of the red capuchins spon- sor a freshman convocation, at which new students are welcomed and introduced to the Nebraska campus. The Innocents appoint the cheer- leaders for the sports season from try-outs, with men with sophomore standing competing. To foster school spirit they plan all the foot- ball rallies and organize the card section, which is displayed at the games. Homecoming Day, the re- union of students and alumni, is one more of their activities, when they sponsor a Homecoming decoration contest, this year won by Kappa Alpha Theta and Sigma Rlpha Epsi- lon. The Innocents also sponsor Dads Day, with a luncheon at which the fathers of students are honored. fin instantly popular feature that this society encouraged for the first time this fall was the wearing of red feathers in hats or on the lapels of Cornhusker fans at football games. This has become a characteristic by which Nebraskans are identified at the games and at other stadiums. Feeling also that new school songs are ever essential to maintain school spirit, they popularized the song " Hail Varsity " , composed by two alumni, Wilbur Chenoweth and Joyce flyres. For the remainder of the year the Innocents set the standard for men ' s activities, much as Mortar Board does for the co-eds. They plan, with this other prominent organization. Ivy Day, best known of all campus traditions when they ' tap " , or initi- ate, a new chapter of their society. Page 297 MORTAR BOARD JEAN WHLT President Members JEAN WALT MARY YODE ,. ELSIE BUXMAN • [SON BARBARA DePUTRON MARYLU PETERSEN JEANNE PALMER ELEANOR CLIZBE ELINOR McEADDEN MARGARET PHILLIPPE JANE KEEFER OFFICERS President JEAN WALT Vice-president MARY YODER Secretary ELSIE BUXMAN Treasurer ROWENA SWENSON Historian ERMA BAUER Pago 298 RB MORTAR BOARD Top Row Phillippe, DePulron, Keolor, Palmor. McFaddon, Polorson. Boltom Row: Clizbo. Swcnson, Yoder, Wall, Buxman, Bauor. CONSIDERED the acme in women ' s organizations, Mortar Board, national honorary society for senior women, yearly takes its posi- tion OS the arbiter in co-ed campus activities. Its twelve members rep- resent the best in service, scholar- ship, and leadership, as chosen by last year ' s group from a list of thirty- five nominees. To further non-par- tisan activities. Mortar Board, in its resolution before the fall elections, stands opposed to political alliances among women students and organ- izations. Thus they hope to promote equality of opportunity for all such aspirants. To further harmony among organizations through the new Inter-organization Council, composed of women campus lead- ers and sponsored by this society, all conflictions are reconciled. This year the women of the Black Masque sponsored an Activities Conference for all interested uppier- class women. Round table discus- sions, led by speakers experienced in such problems, gave to future campus leaders a fuller insight into the extra-curricular sphere. This new project ' s success assured its appearance on future calendars. Mortar Board encourages scholar- ship with a tall tea, honoring all sophomore, junior, and senior women whose averages are above eighty, and acts in the capacity of sponsor for the freshman women ' s scholastic honorary. Alpha Lambda Delta. Perhaps its most widely recog- nized concerns are the annual Leap Year party, and Ivy Day. This dance, that some 500 couples at- tended, features a reversal of all time-honored social customs, the co- eds playing the roles of their escorts, even to the point of furnishing the wherewithal. Maurie Sherman and his orchestra were the masters of melody. Ivy Day, directed by this society, reveals the court of the May Queen, and features the masking of new Mortar Board members and the tapping of the new Innocents. Pag 299 Phi Beta Kappa OFFICERS DR. LOUISE POUND PROF. HARRY KURZ CLIFFORD M HICKS IflMES WflDSWORTH MRS fl W. WILLIAMS President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Historian S. V MEMBERS Dorothy Edith Bentz Mina Edith Bergman Fern Viola Bloom Eunice Ruth Bingham June Steffen Camp Eleanor Cook Elaine Mildred Cruise George M. Richardson Dougall fllma Carline Feldman Helen Madge Garnett Joy Cassie Hale Clare Elaine Hallet Harriet Helen Heumann lean Hoag Howard Stanley Kalten- bom Helen Lucille Kleeb Thomas Bryan Larson William Grenfell Leavitt flrnold J. Levin Edward Ross Martin Kathryn Lee Miller Ruth Maxine Nelson Mary Evelyn Osborn Carrie Elizabeth Peake John Milton Roberts Robert Eugene Rundle Mary Elaine Shonka Mina Louise Sittler Adrian Morris Srb Ellen Ada Srb Inga Rowena Swenson Lenore Teal Elizabeth Josephine Temple Vera Elizabeth Wekesser George William Wiebush Mary Elizabeth Yoder Page 300 Sigma Xi OFTICERS PROF H 1 KESNER PROK H 1 MflNTER PROK E N ANDERSEN PROF M G GflBfl PROF M H SWENK President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Counsellor Prot. R C fibbotl Dr. W C flckerson Dr. I E fllmy Dr. Emma Andersen Dr. Arthur Anderson Dr. Esther Anderson Dr. Kenneth Baker Prof Carrie Barbour Dr. E. H. Barbour Dr. M A Basoco Dr. N A. Bengtson Dr. A. L Bennett Dr. R R. Best Prof. T. A. Blair Dr. I. H. Blake Mrs I. H. Blake Dr. M I Blish Dr. E. I. Boschult Dr. W. C Brenke Dr D I Brown Dr L. A Brown Prof F S Bukey Chancellor E A. Burnett Dean W W. Burr Prof. I. B. Burr Dr. C. C. Camp Dr. A. L. Candy Dr. G E Condra Dr. S M. Corey Prof L K. Crowe Prof W L. DeBaufre C r H G Deming H. P. Doole Dr P. A Downs Dr F. L Dunn Prof C M Duff Dr. D W. Dysinger Prof O E. Edison ACTIVE MEMBERS Dr. H E Eggers Prof. M, I. Evinger Dean O. I. Ferguson Prof. T. I. Fitzpotrick Dr. Charles Fordyce Prof. C. I Fronkiorler Dr. M G. Gaba Dr. C. E. George Dr. Rebekah Gibbons Dr. T. H. Goodding Dr. R. W. Goss Dr. M. Grodinsky Dr. A. E. Guenther Dr. J. P. Guilford Dr. C. S. Hamilton Prof. I. W. Haney Dr. Chas. Harms Prof. L. I. Hathaway F A. Hayes Dr. B. C, Hendricks Dr. W. I Himmel Dr. B. L. Hooper George E Hudson Dr. A F lenness Dr. J. lay Keegan Dr. F. D Keim Prof. H. I. Kesner Dr T. A Kiesselbach Dr. E. I Kirk Dr. I S Latta Prof A L Lugn Dean R A Lyman Dr Eula D McEwan Dr A R Mclntyre Dr H W Manler Dr H H Marvin Prof C E Mickey Dr Sergius Morgulis Prof F W. Mussehl Prof. F. W. Norris Dr. Arnin H. Pagel Dr. Geo. L. Peltier Prof N. F Peterson Prof. T. A Pierce Dr. R. I. Pool Dean G. W. M. Poynter Raymond Roberts Dr. C. E Rosenquist Dr. C. Rubendahl Prof. I. C Russell Mr. R M. Sandstadt Proi. E F. Schramm Mr L. F Seaton Dr. L. V. Skidmore Dr T. T. Smith Mr. C. B Schullz Prof M H Swenk Dean T. I Thompson Dr. E H. Tyner Dr. H. M. Tysdal Dean F W. Upson Dr. L VanEs Dr. Otis Wade Dr. Elda R Walker Dr. Leva B Walker Prof W E Walton Dr E R Washburn Dr. I E Weaver Dr. Edith Webster Dr. W. B. Webster Dr. H. O. Werner Dr D D. Whitney Prof C Wible Dr C. C Wiggins Dr W. A Willard Dr. D. A. Worcester lohn Willard Bengston Rodney Bertram Berlramson Paul lohn Gamlin Robert Leslie Haynes ASSOCIATE MEMBERS William Gray Hollister Evelyn Lucille Hoyle William Grenfell Leavitt Rufus Ashley Lyman Lowell Newmyer Robert Eugene Rundle Wilbur Andrew Schullz Page 301 Alpha Lambda Delta OFFICERS Presider.: EVELYN TAYLOR Vice-president PfiTRICIfl CfilN Secretary IflNE ETTINGER Treasurer MflRTHfl WHITE ACTIVE MEMBERS Bale, Fay Bander, Ruth Belsiger, Thelma Burn, Bonnie Cain, Patricia Dahl, Marvel Ann Eden, Irene Eiche, Eleanor Etiinger, Jane Glade. Alma Hansen, Helen Istas, Helen Krupicha, Evelyn Lahr, Patricia Larson, Helen Lewis, Eleanor Nicholas, Lotus Patterson, Margaret Philipp, Deborah Saxton, Margaret Smith, Marjorie Slaley, Marian Taylor, Evelyn Thirkelson, Lotus Tookey, Virginia Werner, Kathryn Weyer, Frances White, Martha COLLEGIATE MEMBERS Amos, Virginia Andrewrs, Doris Barbour, Jane Bennett, Genevieve Berggren, Victoria Bestor, Lois Breuer, Rosalie Chapelow, Dorothy Cherny, Elizabeth Gushing, Morion Grace Dowling, Genevieve Fredenhogen, Marjorie Garnett, Madge Gillett, Enid Gordon, Jean Goss, Alice Graybeil, Ardis Grosvenor, Gertrude Hallet, Clare Johnson, Viola Johnson, Marjorie Keefer, Jane Kotouc, Marie Lashinsky, Rosalyn Leavitt, Gertrude Major, Frances Marshall, Aileen Marshall, Frances Alpha Lambda Delta, national scholastic honorary for freshman women, carries high the torch of knowledge among undergraduates on the Nebraska campus. With the Co-ed Counselors, this society gives aid as tutors to students. Evidently, it has encouraged high scholarship, for membership has increased four- fold, since its creation some six years ago. Top Row Morrow, Marvin. Leavitt. Goss, Sittler. Nelson, Mullikin. Stult. Grosvenor, Novacek. Fourth Row; Boesiger. Krupicka. Nicholas. Smilli. Nielsen. Tookey. Lahr. Therkelsen. Hansen. Larson. Third Row Dahl. Philipps. Reynolds. Andrews. Barbour, Gillett, Hallet, Lashinsky. Eiche. Marshall. Pennington. Second Row Istas. Cherny, Gordon, Eden, Rosker, Saxton, Bander, Graybeil, Rmos. Bottom How Keefer, Burn, Werner. Slaley. Cain. Taylor, Ettinqor, While, Kolouc, Teal, Miss Perry li ♦ 1-1 ! ! » t %AJ ■ f f- -1l«..M- ' .. fTnc 302 I m t — ' • riRST SEMESTER Chancellor HOWARD PETERSON Censor DALE SMITH Scribe VERNON KELLER Treasurer DONALD KILMER Chronicler FLOYD CARROLL Alpha Zeta OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER Chancollor HOWARD PETERSON Censor DALE SMITH Scribe VERNON KELLER Treasurer DONALD KILMER Chronicler FLOYD CARROLL Darrell Bauder Leonard Hoegmeyer- John Bengslon Rodney Berlramson Floyd Carroll Clilford Domingo Leroy Girardot LeRoy Hansen Vernon Keller Donald Kilmer Dayton Klingman Albert Pearl Howard Peterson Dale Smith Norman Weilkamp Hubert Alloway Melvin Beerman Theodore Doyle Donald Magdanz Albert Moseman Ogden Riddle H C. Filley ALPHA Zeta is a national honor- ary fraternity founded to pro- mote the agricultural profession and to create and develop high stand- ards of character, scholarship, and leadership, as well as a spirit of fellowship for its members. The first chapter of Alpha Zeta, the Townsend chapter, was founded at Ohio State University in 1897. The Nebraska chapter was installed on January 21, 1904. It is one of the most important organizations on the Agricultural College campus, be- cause only students who rank in the upp er twenty per cent of the class and who also show qualities of leadership and good character are T. H. Goodding MEMBERS Frank Svoboda Earl Heady Richard Jackson Richard Flynn SPONSORS A L Frchck eligible for membership. The mem- bers must be majoring in the agri- cultural college. Two meetings are held each month in Agricultural Hall on the first and third Tuesdays Speakers present talks to the group on topics which are related to agri- culture. A gold scholarship medal is given by the local chapter each year to the highest ranking freshman stu- dent in the college. They also spon- sor the annual Agricultural College Honor Convocation. The national organization publishes the " Alpha Zeta Quarterly " and the " Weekly Impetus " which are distributed to all chapters in the country. Top Row: Domingo, Riddle. Magdanz, Bertr amaon. L Hansen. Holgermeyer. Kltngman. Second Row Von Riesen. Girardot. Alloway. Weitcamp. Bengston. Heady Bollom Row: Beerman. Carrol. D. Smith, H. Peterson. Kilmer, Keller. Svoboda « % t • " " ' Page 303 BETA GAMMA SIGMA OFFICERS First Semester President DORIS ANDREWS Vice-president ROSS MARTIN Secretory E S. FULLBROOK Treasurer K M. flRNDT Second Semester President DORIS ANDREWS Vice-president ROSS MARTIN Secretary E. S. FULLBROOK Treasurer K M. ARNDT UNDERGRADUflTE MEMBERS DORIS fitlDREWS JOHN M CAMPBELL BARBARA DePUTRON ELWIN F ERICKSON KENNETH C FRITZLER lACK F GAARDE ROSS E. MARTIN FRED E MATTESON RUTH M. PIERCE GRADUATE MEMBERS MARY CATHERN ALBIN W. KLAIRE BOSSE FACULTY MEMBERS K M. ARNDT T T. BULLOCK R C. DEIN E S. FULLBROOK C. M. HICKS G. O. VIRTUE I. E, KIRSHMfiN MARIE LEMLY J. E. LeROSSIGNOL O. R. MARTIN KATHERINE K. SCHIEFEN C. D SPANGLER BETA Gamma Sigma, which cor- responds to Phi Beta Kappa in the College of Arts and Sciences, is the national honorary fraternity in College of Business Administration. Alpha chapter, on the University of Nebraska campus, has devoted it- self to the encouragement of high scholarship among the students of this college. The Beta Gamma Sigma Ex- change, national publication of this organization, correlates v ork of the forty chapters, acquainting them with the national work. Its circula- tion among active and alumni mem- bers furthers the fraternity ' s ideals in the promotion and reward for scholastic achievement, the ad- vancement of higher professional standards, and leadership by in- creased education. Known for its exclusive membership as an honor- ary fraternity. Beta Gamma Sigma has a superior rating, and is lim- ited to students m the upper ten per cent of the senior class who are chosen for moral character, busi- ness ability, and their promise of future leadership. A gold key, pre- sented at initiation, is the emblem of the society. Top Row; Erickson, Gaarde, Motloson, Campbell. Frilzler. Second Row Marlin. Spangler, Dein. LeRossignol, Arndt, FuUbrook. Bottom Row filbin Ltmly. flndrewr. Fiorccv DePution Page 304 aiA:. ■ ■s i Co-ed Counselors Board OFFICERS Pr«sldenl MHHIORIL BflMNISTER Vico-preaidenI BETTY MflGEE Secrelary and Treaaurer ViBOirno n rrrwoon MEMBERS Seniors Marjorie Bannister Ertna Bauer Fern Bloom Marylu Petersen Rowena Swenson luniors Dorcas Crawford Betty Magee lean Marvin Mary Priscilla Stewart Sophomore! Virginia Fleetwood Virginia Nolte TO freshmen wompn, the hundred Co-ed Counselors are the wel- coming com.mittee of the University of Nebraska. Friendship between all co-eds is this organization s aim and ideal, and the board ' s first problem is to promote harmony on the campus. The one-hundred representatives of this group, chosen by the Board, aid freshmen during registration week, fls a more formal reception of newcomers, the organization sponsors a party for freshmen women, at which time each is as- signed to a " big sister " , or Coun- selor. Freshman Hobby Groups, headed by student leaders, vary with the students ' wishes, and this year provide instruction in knitting. dramatics, charm, and the keeping of scrap books. Co-Ed Counselors give scholastic assistance with the cooperation of Alpha Lambda Delta Other activities that this Board of fifteen girls directs include a fall dinner for all women students, fls a money making project, the Penny Carnival is given each spring, fea- turing entertainment booths, decor ated and planned by individual so- rorities The Board also participates in one Vesper service, flll-Univer- sity Church Sunday, and the flU Ac- tivities Tea. The Board is composed of six seniors, four juniors, and two sopho- mores, elected each spring by women students. Top Row Stewart, Nolle, Crawford. Miss Piper, Bloom. Marvin. Bottom Row Bauer, Capron. Magee. Banister. Fleetwood. Scudder. Page 305 Delta Phi Delta OFTICERS President MflRJORIE HflTTEN Vice-president THELMfl KOHIRO Secrelary RUFUS HARRIS Corresponding Secretary KPTHRYN MARLING Treasurer IRMEL BUSH Social Choirman VIRGINIA LARSON FACULTY MEMBERS Lyda Dell Burry Kady Faulkner Morris Gordon Dwight Kirsch Louise Mundy Emily Moore Ramond Williams Ella Witlie ACTIVE MEMBERS Emily Allen Lois Blair Irmel Bush Jean Cornelius Virginia Hall Hannah Harding Rufus Harris Marjorie Hatten Elaine Holcomb Virginia Holley John Johnson Thelma Kohiro Virginia Larson Helen Lessman Helen McMonies Kathryn Marling Ruth Minor Jeanne Nickels PLEDGES Earl Boyes Theoda Erickson Virginia Fleetwood Gwendolyn French Margaret Hendrichs Gretchen Hinrichs Margaret Johnson ftrlo Monroe Carl Orrin Jeanette Osborn Helen Reynolds Chloe Sofsky Joseph Stegner Helen Tilden Bob Wolfe ORGANIZED but last spring, Psi chapter of Delta Phi Delta has gained recognition as the honorary fraternity for students in the Depart- ment of Fine Arts. To promote an interest in art among the layman as well as to develop and recognize potential ability are the established objectives of this youngest honorary on the Nebraska campus. Semi-monthly meetings have fea- tured lectures by members of the department and artists, interested in the encouragement of their profes- sion. Photography, the dance, adver- tising displays, town planning, and art galleries were topic subjects. In addition Delta Phi Delta sponsored several exhibits of work done by members and other artists, and participated in the Fine Arts Ball and the Costume Ball, which emphasized " Art throughout the Ages. " Top Row Minor. Holley, Veith. Harding. Blair. Second Row Holcomb, Gordon, Mundy. Kirsch, Allen. Williams, Cornelius. Boitorr How lohnson Hall Ham:; Hatlen Kohi-o Bush, roullcntjr. raae 306 Gamma Alpha Chi OFHCERS MflHGfiRET E ANDERSON VicoproiiidonI SflRfi fiNN KflUFFMOtl Sacrelary MHRIOM PRICE Reporter MURIEL KRnSNE Margarel E Anderson Dorothy Archer Betty Beeson Georgia Brunson Marian Davis Mary Jane Hendricks MEMBERS Sara Ann ICauiman Muriel Krasne Emmeretta Livingstone Marian Price Mary Priscilla Stewart GflMMfl Alpha Chi is a national professional and honorary ad- vertising sorority. The purpose of the sorority is to foster interest and to provide practice in advertising Epsilon chapter has conducted ad- vertising for local publication, and aided in publicity campaigns. Once a month a prominent alumnus in the advertising field speaks to the group about different phases of advertis- ing as a career for women. Two banquets are held annually, one to honor new initiates and officers, and one in honor of Founders ' Day. Initiation and pledging ceremonies are held twice each year, fl promi- nent alumnus of the Nebraska chap- ter is Norma Carpenter, the person- nel director of Miller Paines and national president of the sorority for the past two years. She is the ad- visor of the local group. To be eligible lor membership, a woman must be recommended by Professor F. C. Blood, the faculty advisor and sponsor, must have been registered for a course in ad- vertising in the University, and must receive a unanimous vote of the ac- tive chapter. Top Row Hendricks. Brunson. Archer. Slewarl. Slein, Beeson. Boilom Row Krasne. Price Anderson. Kauiman. Livingstone. 307 Mu Phi Epsilon OFHCERS President RUTH SIBLEY Vice-president LEflNORE TEflLE Recording secretary ERMfl SCHflCHT Corresponding secretary MflRGflRET BAKER Treasurer ULLIflN DflNNfiTT Historian JUNE WAGGONER MEMBERS Genevieve flgnew Alice Bainum Margaret Baker Eunice Bingham Edith Burkett Marjorie Carpenter Catherine Cox Lillian Dannatt Lu Ganzel Jane Hopkins Mary Janice Menery Erma Schacht Ruth Sibley Lenore Teal June Waggoner Betty Zatterstrom Mary Hall Thomas Faculty Advisor MU Phi Epsilon, national honor- ary society in music, is repre- sented on this campus by the chap- ter, Mu Gamma. Members are chosen from students having musi- cal ability and ranking in the upper twenty-five per cent of the junior class. In addition to meetings, mem- bers participate in musicales and two annual public concerts. " The Triangle " , a national publi- cation, offers more than local news to chapters. This society maintains a national club house in New York City and supports a settlement school of music at Chicago. It also contributes to the MacDowell Col- ony, a group encouraging musici- ans, at Peterbough, New Hampshire. This past summer the notional con- vention was held at Mills College. The music Panhellenic includes the three national music honoraries; Mu Phi Epsilon, Sigma Alpha Iota, and Delta Omicron. This group at- tempts to harmonize the activities of Nebraska students of music. Top Row flgnew. Cox, Bainum, Burketl, Bingham, Carpenter, Meneray. Bollom Row Zaiterslrom. Dannatt, Schachl. Sibley, Teal, Baker, Waggoner, Hopkins KJ .l I .W Page 308 Roy Bailey Harry Wesley Brown Carl Carlson Richard Chowin Paul Gamblin Harold Hafner George Heikes Glenn Jameson Jay King Kenneth Kralchovil SIGMfl TflU was founded on February 22, 1904 as a national organization, and was established on the Nebraska campus the same year. Sigma Tau is a national honorary engineering fraternity to which any junior or senior engineer- ing student is eligible. The organiza- tion now includes twenty-one chap- ters in the notional fraternity. The " Pyramid " is the official publication of the fraternity which is issued to establish a closer contact among the chapters. The purpose of the fraternity is to offer opportunities for fellowship Sigma Tau OFFICERS ProsldonI LOUIS LUMSTROM Viceprestdenl HARRY BROWN SoCTolary CfiRL CARLSON Treasurer THURMAN SIPP Historian GLENN JAMESON Arthur Larson Ivan Leymaster Paul Lindstedt Louis Lundslrom Richard Marion Fritz Mertin Clarence Mock Milton Nohr Lowell Newmeyer John Parker MEMBERS George Peterson Wilber Schultz Samuel Sidwell Thurman Sipp Norman Stout Ward Telt Marion Thomas Roger Wallace Kenneth Waugh Norman Whiston among engineering students, to pro- mote scholarship, and to be of service in furthering the engineering education of aspiring students. Every year the organization presents the O. J. Fee Award and the Sigma Tau Freshman Medal for the highest scholastic rating in the College of Engineering. R student loan fund was recently established by the group. In 1930, Sigma Tau was given the distinction of being the first honor society to receive full membership by the Association ol College Honor Societies. Top Row: H. Macy, Lindstrom, Larson, King, Sipp, G. Petersen. Whiston, Waugh. Mock. Third Row: Chowins. Thomas. Bailey. Lundslrom. Leymaster, W. Hammond, Tefft, Sidwell- Second Row Jameson. Betzer, Merttng, Stout, Parker. Humphrey, Brown. Garrison, Guenzel Bottom Row Mohr Ferguson, R. Wallace. Newmeyer Moslrom, Schultz, Hafner. Edison. Manic f t t f -f Page 309 f . f f tvt ? t Tcp new Taj-lc:, Carro!l, iacobson. Wo ciran. Eengsion. Heady. Third Row Remmiller. Carder, Stout, Schncker, Johnson. Smith, Hansmire. Second Row Bunting, Hedlund. Walters, Doyle, flitken. Swanson, Hoegemeyer. Bottom Row Saunders, Sutton, filexandei. Weitkamp, White, Baumann, Gorman, Lipp. Senior Judging Team Block and Bridle Club THROUGH individual competition in the judging o( stock, the Senior Judging Team is chosen from the Junior and Senior Class of the Agriculture college. This year ' s team is made up of Loyal Corman, Floyd Carroll, Clyde White, Norman Wiet- kamp, and Don Baumann. fllternatei lor the team were Chester Waiters and John Bengtson, the coach is M. fl. Alexander. Besides their campus activity, the organization makes several trips each year. During their judging work they have entered contests at Fort Worth, Texas, Kansas City, Missouri, and Chicago, placing as in order named second, fifth and sixth. They have competed against teams, representing twenly-five states of the union and one team representing Canada, during the judging season. THE Block and Bridle Club which IS a national organization, has been in existence for many years Each year during the International Livestock Exposition, the national meeting is held where delegates from the various states discuss methods of improvement and man- agement of the various clubs which they represent. The entire program of activities sponsored by the club aims to foster leadership and co-operation, and to stimulate the spirit of competition and sportsmanship. Membership in the Block and Bridle Club is limited, so candidates are considered carefully with re- spect to qualities of leadership and ability before being admitted into the club. Only sophomores, either majoring or actively interested in the flnimal Husbandry Department are eligible. Top Row: Bengtson, Walters, Carroll. Bottom Row; Corman, Baumann, Whito. Wietlcamp fliexonder Pijo 310 Top Row BruB«. H Peterson, Kilmer. L Peterson, L Hansen. Henderson Sadie Second Row Dunn. D Klingman. fllloway, Holgermeyer Svoboda Von Ricsen. Sutton. D Smith Bottom Row Benglson, Pilchor, Moseinan De Bouder, Riddle. Frolik. Mathis. M Peterson Crops Judging Team THE Crops Judging Team is spon- sored by the Tri-K C lub. This team competed at the Intercollegiate Crops Judging Contest at Kansas City on November 20, 1936 and also at the Intercollegiate Crops Judging contest at Chicago which is in con- nection with the International Live- stock Exposition. This was a two day contest which was held on November 27 and 28, 1936. The team consisted of Dale Smith Irom Fairmont, Frank Svoboda from Burchard, Ward Hin- derson from Hardy, and Ralph Bruse from Albion. The team was second at Kansas City and first at Chicago where they established the highest team score in thirteen annual con- tests The individual placings for this contest were Smith second, Svoboda third, and Henderson fourth, fill three had perfect scores in identification, tieing for first place. Tn-K Club THE Tn-K Club is an honorary agronomy club The organization was founded in April, 1931 and is the abbreviated form of Klod and Kernel Club. This group sponsors the Crops Judging Team which competes at Kansas City and Chi- cago and also the Tri-K Crops Judging Contest for all Agricultural College students. They strive to de- velop a spirit of fellowship and comradship among students and faculty members of the Agronomy Department This is accomplished to a great extent by sponsoring suppers with prominent guest speakers who talk on interesting topics which usually have some bearing on agronomy. Members of the club are elected from those men in the College o! Agriculture who have at least second semester standing and are majoring or are interested in agronomy. Svoboda D Hende on Frohk Page 311 Top Row. McFadden. Sponggaard. Pha:es, Movacek, Hialt. Second Row Wallers, Horan, Winlermale, Wehling, flrthaud, Barada. Bottom Row lones. Mauch. Buxman, Schmidl. Hilton, Bennett. Schobert. Phi Upsilon Omicron Omicron Nu OFFICERS President FRANCES SCHMIDT Vice-president VIRGINIA KEIM Secretary RflMONfl HILTON Treasurer FRANCES MAIOR President ELINOR McFflDDEN Vice-president FRANCES MAJOR Secretary HARRIET MARTIN OFFICERS Treasurei RUTH SCHOBERT Editor FRANCES SCHMIDT TO Home Economic students, Phi Upsilon Omicron signifies the national professional honorary which attempts to promote and ad- vance this profession. Activities of this society include a fall tea for transfer students, a mixer to encour- age friendship, a spring tea for hon- or students, a parly for members and their escorts, and a sale and ex- hibit of hand-woven textiles. ANY junior or senior majoring in home economics who is in the upper fourth of her class is eligible to become a tnember of Zeta chap- ter of Omicron Nu, national home economics honorary. The aims of the society are to recognize and pro- mote leadership, scholarship, and research in this field. Miss Mathilda Peters is the organization ' s faculty advisor. Top Row Ketm, DeCrow, lonos, Morgan, Bottom Row Schob ' »rt McF iddf n Miss P« 1e ' s, Major. Martii i k p. i 1 1 A. r V m S S f j F ' ■ . L -i p - - mjf - B Hh Sk m ' r-I ' 1 tr Wt ' 8 1 L. Jj Kv : ■■■■: ' ' -mM Page 312 Kl.iW J " ! ■ PROFESSIONALS Page 313 Alpha Kappa Psi OFFICERS President NORMAN SHnW Vice-presidenI ROSS MARTIN Secretary AUBREY ANflWALT Treasurer GEORGE EAGER MEMBERS Aubrey Anawalt Robert Avery George Baker John Campbell George Eager Norman Ellis George Frey Frank Gallup Edwin George Harry Haynie Floyd Housel Frank Kudrna Hammond McNish Ross Martin Robert Martz Robert Miller Austin Morilz Neil Parks Paul Rapp Norman Shaw William Stenten Stanley Unzicker AT New York University in 1904 the oldest professional commer- cial fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, was founded. The organization has grown until it is represented in forty-seven leading schools of com- merce in the United States. Zeta, the local chapter, was founded in 1914. The professional program of Alpha Kappa Psi for this year may be summed up under three heads: first, to aid in putting on college activities which include Bizad Honors Day and Bizad Field Day, second, to supplement classroom in- struction with practical knowledge of business through contacts with professional business men and through first-hand inspection tours; third, to encourage scholarship and leadership among all Bizad students by presentation of the Alpha Kappa Psi Medallion to a student selected by a faculty committee. This year, as in past, the fraternity makes an inspection tour of Omaha and Lincoln business institutions. To be eligible for membership a student must be working for the degree of Bachelor of Science in College of Business Administration and have an average of seventy- five. It is the hope of the organiza- tion that through this medium a group of serious, intelligent and interested students may become banded together. Top Row; Rapp, Haynie .Martz, Miiler, Campbell, flvery. Second Row: Moasel, Stenten, Unzicker, Frey. Martin, Parks. Bottom Row: Spongier, George. Ellis, Stiaw, flnawall, Dein. BK American Institute of Electricdl Engineers Chairman I V McCORMICK Vice-chairman RICHnRD T MflNION OFFICERS Secretary -Iroaauror LESLIE L TJflDEN Couniielor PROF LLOYD fl BINGHAM Howard S Amend Franklin T Anderson Thomas J Anderson Richard W Belzer Franlc Cole H Aimer Crawford G Ellsworth Dodrill Marvin Drake John H. Freed Ernest G. Guenzel Robert L Haynes Omar H. Heins Frank C Howard L L Johnson Dwight K [ones H A Langston Phill I Laser I W McCormick Richard T Manion Fritz Merling Charles Bell Minnich Clarence H Mock A Herman Mohler M. E Mohr John Mostrom E. Ostendorf MEMBERS George W ft F rnh-o Frank E Phelpn Knoland I Plucknett Russell H Porlerlield lames Henry Riisness Edward Schmid. [r. Thurman L Sipp Ransom D Sloyton Marion E Thomas Albert B Tollelsen. jr Kenneth B Waugh Bryce W Wyman THE Nebraska lo cal chapter of the Pimerican Institute of Electrical Engineers {fl. I. E. E.) was founded in 1908. This professional society for electrical engineers was organized as a national institution on May 13, 1884. Founded to promote both theo- retical and practical knowledge in electrical engineering as well as a clearer outlook on engineering work, the society has continually striven to acquaint students with the varied activities of the electrical engineer- ing field. To be eligible for membership, the applicant must be either a student or faculty member of the Electrical Engineering Department. Membership is obtained by apply- ing to the branch secretary or faculty sponsor. The application must then be approved by the branch executive committee as well as the national board of directors, f t the present time the national or- ganization has a membership of over 20,000 persons, 4,000 of which are student members. During the past year the Nebraska cnapter of fl. I. E. E. has conducted inspection tours through various electrical projects around Lincoln, has held electrical engineering dem- onstrations, and presented compe- tent speakers talking on subjects pertinent to the groups interests at their regular monthly meetings. Top Row Waugh, Mock, Sloyton, Johnson, Skow, Anderson. Langston, Howard, Nuerenb«rger. flmmon. Mohr Third Row Heins. Geiger. H. While, Plucknett, flmend, Schricker, Thomas, Tollefsen, Dodrill, Wyman, Riisness, Marchand. Second Row Solva. Betier. lones, Haynes, Freed, Minnich. Mohler, Wyman, Drake, Merting, Mostrom Bottom Row Olson. Ostendort, Guenzel, Edison, Norris. McCormick, Manion, Tjaden, Bingham. Porterfield, Phelps Loetterle Page 3IS American Society of Agricultural Engineer . OFFICERS President DONALD E. KUSKfl Vice-president RUSSELL KYCKELHflHN Secretary- treasurer PETER Y. BURNS MEMBERS Chester Anderson Richard Coleman Erie Daft Einar Dahl Willis Foster Lawrence Frisbie Leroy Girardot Curtis Johnson Dean Johnson George Keller Donald Kinch Arthur Larson Thomas Long Adrian Lynn Edward Mack Emanuel Olson George Petersen Merle Peterson Eugene Shaw Clee Smiley THE American Society of Agricul- tural Engineers was founded at the University of Wisconsin, Decem- ber 27, 1907. The University of Ne- braska has the distinction of being one of the first land grant institu- tions to receive a charter for a student branch. This branch of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers is one of twelve such branches located in institutions offering a professional course in Agricultural Engineering. The object of the society is to promote directly or indirectly the interests of the students in Agricultural Engineering, particularly as those interests pre- fain to their professional advance- ment and to the parent society. Membership of the society consists of honorary members, active mem- bers and associate members. At the present time there are twenty-four members. Meetings are held every second and fourth Tuesday of each month and are devoted to topics discussed by outstanding speakers, papers presented by students and current business. Each year the society exhibits a display in conjunction with Engin- eers ' Week, and this year sponsored two social parties on the Agricul- tural College Campus. Top Row Larson, Frisbie. Mack, Olson, D. Jotinson, Daft, Sanderson, C. lohnson, G. Peterson. Sttcond Row: Kinch, Dahl, nnderson. Foster, Kingston, Long. Giraidot, M. Peterson, Keller, Smiley. Botiom Row: Yung, Penton, Runnalls. Kycleeltiahn, Kuska, Burns. Smitti, Brunig. Coleman tXt -« f ? « f Pago 316 American Society of Civil Engineers OFFICERS MORRIS fi Vice-prosidonI CHftRLES CflRSTENS Secretary- treasurer HfiROLD TURNBULL Sponsor PROF. C. E. MICKEY Morris Andersen Roy Bailey Bob Bovard Marvin Brigham Gerald Brown Charles Carslens flllred Chase Royal Clark Elmer Claussen Keith Colwill Robert Connett Raymond Crosson Edward Deklotz Richard Dennis Clark Duncan Lloyd Fauss Kirk Florence Gerald Gillan Vernon Gottula Ronald Grubb John Garberg Lewis Henke Ray Kyles Donald Lamp Charles Landers Eugene Lee Harold Macy flUyn May Orin McBeth Claude McGonegal Stanley Michael Vernon Neprud Lowell Newmyer John Penrod MEMBERS Leonard Rastede George Ray Will Reedy Herb Reichert Bob Reitz HoUis Richler filbert Schroeder Kenneth Schroeder Ernest Sights Arnold Strobel Paul Sprout Jack Tonner Harold TurnbuU Frank Waggoner Norman Whiston Everett Widner THE Nebraska student chapter of fl. S. C. E., one of one hundred nine chapters affiliated with the na- tional organization, was founded in 1921 in order to extend the purposes of the society on this campus. Regu- lar bi-monthly meetings are held at which time some prominent civil engineer speaks or a lecture on an engineering project is presented by a student. In order to stimulate scholarship the society presents a slide rule to the civil engineer sophomore who, in his freshman year, maintained the highest scholastic average of all civil engineering freshman. Addi- tional activities and social functions include smokers, exhibits for En- gineers Night, and a banquet held in the fall and spring. Top Row; Reichert. Strobel, Florance, Reedy. Waggoner. Crosson, Widner. Bailey Third Row Gillan, Lee, Carslens, Lamp, Rastede. Schroder Whiston, Neprud. Gottula Second Row McGonegal. J. Karberg. Landers, Grubb, Sprout. Turnbull, Sights. May. Bottom Row Chose, Cowill, E. Claussen. R. Dennis. Newir.yer. M. flndetsen, Brigham. Kyles. G. Brown. f.4L S lit t Page 317 American Society of Mechanical Engineer OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President I E. PflSSMORE Vice-president ROGER WflLLflCE Secretary PAUL J. GflMLIN Treasurer WILBUR SCHULTZ Faculty Adviser PROF. fl. fl LUEBS SECOND SEMESTER President ROGER WflLLflCE Vice-president IflCK MERCIER Secretary PAUL J. GflMLIN Treasurer WILBUR SCHULTZ Faculty Adviser PROF fl fl, LUEBS MEMBERS G Bachman Bill Bacon Homer Bartling V7. B Berg Harold Brown Harry Brown L H. Buclcendori Gains Cadwell Edmund Carlson Richard Chowins V L Dalby T M Edwards lames Erb I Ferguson Urban Floor Donald Gaflney Robert Galloway Paul Gomlin Maurice Garrison G O. Hamley BUI Hammond George Hanthorn Charles Howe Henry Hal! Paul Humphrey lames Hunt H. H Jensen Richard Johnson Bob King P. H. Koch Ivan Leymaster flrthur Lien L. C. Lundstrom John MacDonold lack Mercier John Morrow Dick Oslwald Russell Parsell J. E. Passmore Donald Payne Harry Pearson T. S. Pollard Leon H. Sanders H. E. Sanderson John Schreiner Wilbur Schultz Ellis Smith F. E. Spencer Keith Struthers Ward left P. H. Thomas Kent Tupper V. Uehling Roger Wallace Richard Weiner Gene Whitehead TWENTY-EIGHT years after the foundation of the national organ- ization the University of Nebraska student branch of the fl. S. M. E. was founded, in 1931 the fl. S. M. E. re- organized the 1-8 student branches and made them a junior organiza- tion. The purpose of this move was to give the engineering student an independence in his profession, to acquaint him with the broad scope of his field through contacts with professional engineers, and to allow him to observe the operations of an engineering society. Meetings oi the society are held every month for the presentation of technical papers written by the student members and to discuss engineering projects with practicing engineers. Aside from the regular business meetings a number of social pro- grams and activities are conducted by the society each year. Engineer ' s Week, an industrial inspection trip to Omaha, a social party, and mov- ing pictures of industrial devices and mechanisms are included in the society ' s plans, fill students in the Mechanical Engineering Department are eligible to membership in the student branch of fl. S. M. E. Top Row Gattney. Lien. H. E. Brown, Lundstrom. Pollard, King, Sanders, Ferguson, B, Berg. Fourth Row lensen. Howe, Pearson. Hanthorn, Pospisil, Ostwold, Struthers, Dalby, H, W, Brown. Third Row Leymaster. Teilt. Smith. Hammond, Hull, Mercier. Tupper, t«Iairow, Bachman, MacDonald. Second Row, Schreiner, Galloway, Chow-.ns, Bartling, Schultz, Gamlin, Garrison, Humphrey, Whitehead, Koch Bottom Row Wetland. Luebs, Haney. Wolloce. Passmore, Bunting, DeBauIre, Slaymaker, Barnard, Page 318 wmmrn Chemical Engineering Society ProsidenI HAROLD HflFNER Vice-president MILLER SIDWELL OFFICERS 0 ' - " .r ' M ' jt PftUL LINDSTEDT Treasurer RICHARD H ' . ' -.r Charles fldelsack Harold flugustiri John Burch C H. Bull Leland C Cooper L H Curtis Bob Decker Frank Goodwin Henry Greenberger Don Grone Harold Hafner Hal Halsted C W. Haynes George Heikes Harold lohnson Richard Kerlin J. King Paul Linstedt Bud Lutz Francis Lockhart Bud Lutz Bill Marsh Hallard Moyer John Parker fi L Rehrig MEMBERS Bill Reichardi Marcus Roby Richard Rose Edward Ruth Irwin Shuti Miller Sidwell Philip Soulhwick Norman Stout Walter Stowle Clyde Thompson Wayne Weigeri Edwin Wn-.on FOUNDED thirteen years ago by a group of students interested in furthering a more binding relation- ship among chemical engineers, the Chemical Engineering Society has gained wide recognition for the encouragement it affords students pursuing this field. Besides taking active part in En- gineers ' Week demonstrations and exhibits, the society sponsors an annual Chemical Engineering award given to the highest ranking chemi- cal engineering senior in acknowl- edgement of his achievements. The organization which holds reg- ular meetings the first Wednesday of every month features prominent chemical engineers as its speakers. Although membership to the society is open only to Chemical Engineer- ing students, many of the meetings are open to the general public. The purpose of the organization is threefold: First, to provide a means for students to become better acquainted with the application of chemical engineering to industry; second, to encourage a spirit of co- operation and good fellowship among students of the college; and third, to promote chemical engineer- ing interests within the University. Prof. C. J. Frankforter, appointed OS faculty advisor in 1924 when the group was organized, has served in that capacity continuously since that time. Top Row Rose, Wiegert. Thompson, Buitch, Lindstodt, Rugustin, Roby. Schuck Second Row F Goodman, Sloul, Sfolle. Black, Curtis, Greenberger, R Decker. Cooper, Kerlin Bottom Row: Southwick. Sidwell. Grone, King, C I Franktorter, W, Reichardt, Hafner, Parker Page 319 DELTA OMICRON OFFICERS President RUTH DEAN Vice-president ALICE REDWOOD Secretary LUCILLE SCHflPER Treasurer MOLLY WYLflND National Honorary aPtron MR. WILBUR CHENOWETH Sorority Adviser MRS VIOLA ERICKSON Sorority Mother MRS. RYLE DANIELSON ACTFVES Ruth Dean Alice Redwood Kathryn Hershner Mary Tolhurst Helen V. Jackson Betty Van Horn Lila Mae Jackson Jane Welch Virginia Keim Molly Wyland Carolyn Lehnhoff Jeanne Palmer Sally Peltier PLEDGES Claralyce Davis Mary Elizabeth Kierholz Lucille Schapper DELTA Omicron, professional mu- sic sorority, was founded to create and foster fellowship, to de- velop character, to arouse and en- courage the appreciation of good music and performance among mu- sicians during their student days, so that the highest degree of musician- ship might be attained individually. It has since increased its scope to include the giving of material aid to needy and worthy students, and 4) other aims for the advancement of music throughout America. Theta Chapter was the first mu- sical sorority in the University of Nebraska and is the seventh oldest chapter in the national organiza- tion. There is also an active alum- nae group. Mrs. Edward MacDowell is a distinguished national patron- ess, and a studio has been built in the MacDowell colony for the use of the creative artists admitted to resi- dent membership. Delta Omicron has membership in the National Fed- eration of Music Clubs, and endorses and cooperates with the National Music Week celebration. In addition to two regular meet- ings each month, the local chapter observes Founders Day with a ban- quet and program. The national convention this year will be held at the Netherland Plaza Hotel, Cincin- nati, Ohio. The province convention was held at Denver, Colorado, dur- ing the spring of 1936. Top Row Jackson, Hershner. Wyland, Danielson, Johnson. Second Row: Van Home. Schaper. Pellier, Tolhursl. Lehnhoif. Bottom Row; Palmer, Dean, Enckson, Kienholz. Redwood. Page 320 i:a Delta Sigma Pi OFFICERS Headmauler OUINN SCOTT Senior Warden GEORGE DINSDflLE Junior Warden KENNETH GIFFEN Treasurer WILLIAM lOHN Scribe KENNETH ECKWALL Senior Guide FRANK TAYLOR Robert Algiers Richard Becker Galand Conn Earl Constable Willard Foster lames Grey Dale Halmburg William Harris MEMBERS Lloyd lefieries William Karas Harry Krapp Edward Marlcytan James Sedlocelc Waller Sellers Robert Williams George Young THE national commercial fratern- ity, known as Delta Sigma Pi, was founded on November 7, 1907 at the New York School of Com- merce. On March 1, 1924 the Ne- braska chapter was established for the purpose of promoting scholar- ship in the college of Business Ad- ministration. Delta Sigma Pi also fosters the training of students by practice and research in the various fields of business. The Nebraska chapter, one of the fifty-eight chapters of Delta Sigma Pi located at principal schools of business throughout the country, holds its meetmgs the first Wednes- day of each month. The chapter also sponsors monthly dinners at which prominent business men speak to the group. To be eligible for membership in the fraternity a student must have a scholastic ov- erage of seventy-five or more. " The Deltasig " is the official quarterly publication of the national fraternity. The Delta Sigma Pi scholarship key is given each year to the senior having the highest average in the college of Business fldministrafion. This recognition is ono of the high- est awards that a senior in that col- lege can receive. The key is also considered by the commercial v orld to be one ol the highest honors that can be attained by a commercial student. Top Row: Halmburg, Becker, Foster, lellery, Ekwall. ConElablc. Hlgier. Second Row: Markylan. Hams, Dinad le. Williams, Sodlacek. Gillen. Boltom Row Swayzee Grey, ScotI, lohn. flrndt Page 321 Home Economics Associdtion OFFICERS President flLTHEfl BflRflDfl Vice-president FRANCES SCHMIDT SENIOR MEMBERS Lois fiiien fllthea Barada Huldah Bennett Elsie Buxman Treasurer DONNfl HlflTT Secretary RUTH MflDSEN Emma Davis Elsie DeCrow Leona Degner Dorothy Farmer Raymona Hilton Esther Luckey Truma McClellan losephine McCuUey Eleanor McFadden Harriett Martin Gladys Morgan Helen Phares Lillian Rohwer Frances Schmidt Helen Wehling JUNIOR MEMBERS D rcthy flldric:. Margaret Anderson Agnes Arthaud Lois Baldwin Helen Barker Lois Behm Genevieve Bennett Madeline Bertrand Elinor Bignell Lucille Boiling Mary Carnahan Eleanor Chose Celeste Coulal Marion Cushing Doris Ehlers Marjorie Epp Marjorie Francis Vera Grat Dons Gray Eleanor Green Genevieve Hammar Charlotte Helm Donna Hiatt Hinthorn Bernetha Helen HoUoway Elizabeth Hornung Elvero: Johnson Kathryn Kilmer Cecelia Klemm Dorothy Koser Mary Belle Kuehn Winilred Lawton Eleanor Linville Emmaretta Livingston Rose Luckhardt Jeanette Martin Maxine Marrs Elizabeth Marshall Emma Mauch Doris Mills Martha Montgomery flgnese Novacek Peggy Pascoe Rachel Petersen Mary Phipps Naomi Richmond Clarice Ross Ruth Schobert Mary Simon Mable Soderholm Nila Spader Hannah Srb Margaret Tunberg Pauline Walters Sara Ann White Esther Wiechert Eula Wintermote SOPHOMORE MEMBERS Harriet Adams Rachel Aldrich Lucille Backemeyers Ruth Bauder Alice Beachell Jean Beber Elsie Bernasek De Loris Bors Bonnie Browrn Phylis Chamberlain Helen Christiansen K.athryn Cooley Lois Cooper lean Evans Edith Filley Ann Gersib Lois Giles Anna Belle Gill Fern Glen Geraldine Hall Carolyn Heist Mary Hitchman Janet Hoevet Marian Hoppert Ema Hormel Louise Jack Carolyn Johnson Genevieve Johnson Grace Johnson Elizabeth Jones Wyona Keim Joyce Kovanda Viola Krause Donna Lee Lois Lichliter Ruth Madsen Evelyn Millett Mildred Nash Mary L. O ' Connell Grace Pitcaithley Ruthanna Russell Marjorie Schick Betty Stewart Margaret Theobald Helen Thomas Marjorie Tye Dorothy Vedene Neva Webster Wanda White Marie Willey FRESHMAN MEMBERS Maxine Armstrong Lorrain Anderson Ruth Benn Eunice Berggren Doris Brooks Evelyn Brown Margaret Buhrman Dorothy Cassidy Katherine Coyner Edna Crain Maurine Dalton Esther Dean Dorothy Diedrichsen Edna DeCamp Velma Falldorf Sara Fields llimae Fielding Jean Flory Mildred Freeouf Mary Gilbertson Lois Hammond Evelyn Hannah Jozetta Helfrich Eleanor Hickman Cornelia Hunt Annabelle Hutchesen Pearl Janda Iris Johnson Marie Knickrehm Helen Krejci Ruth Kruse Mildred Kruse Leah Larson Alice Lideen Marie Lienert Anna June Lynn Mary McGavrin Helen McNeil Lucille McNiel Marjory Manchester Dorothy Marsh Irene Martin Elizabeth Mercer Lilia Meyerott Harriet Millbern Fern Nelson Velma Neu Virginia Ostergard Irene Pearson Charlotte Peckham Ruth Pitzer Margaret Randel Isabelle Roscoe Margaret Rosene Marjorie Runkel Ruth Saladen Leah Schichtman Esther Schneiderwind Eleanor Scow Gwendolyn Sellers Latha Shannon Peggy Sherburn Mary Smrha Lucille Soderholm Harriett Stearns Margaret Strain Ruth Swanson Elnora Thomas Margaret Turner Ruth Walter Lois Watt Frances Weides Alice Jean Weidman Frances Wolfe Isabel Woodward Bernice Zastera Sylvia ZochoU Top Row McFadden. Farmer, Peterson, Thomas, Hickman, Ham-nond, Gray, Srb, Pharss Third Row Holloway, Walker. Wintormale, lonos. Richmond, Spt ' der, Kilmer, Gill. Second Row Wallers. Keim. Heir.i, Chambeilain Benn-jlt, Kovanda. Badder. McCleeliam Botlom Row Francis. Russell. Mauch. Schmidt. Hialt. Madser.. I avacek. Bors Page 322 Kappa Phi OFFICERS P.- j..idu:il MfiRY CAROLYN HOLLMflN Vica-presidsnl MARY WHITr Recording Socrolary ETHEL MOOK Troa:iuror DflRLENE HANSEN Corresponding Secretary ENtD FRITTS Historian LORAINE SCHUCK Thelma Armstrong Eleanor Bell Beula Brigham Leona Cordray Valeda Davis Alice Mae Fancher Florence Farwell Marjorie Francis Enid Fritts Olga Gadekan Beulah Gates Belle Graves Ila Fern Hallstrom Darlene Hansen Harriett Harpster lennie Hearson Bernetha Hinlhorn Genevive Hoff Mary Hollman Carolyn Johnson Alice King Larson Margaret Legg Mildred McCormick Virginia McDowell Mary McVey Doris Mills Hiva Mills Ethel Mook Frances Ann Reed Helen Rice MEMBERS Mildred Rololson Marian Sadie Loraine Schuck Marjorie Smith Annabel Summers Maxine West Mary White Julia Whittaker Doris Woodford Dorothy Anderson Gretchen Ashenfelter Marietta Barcus Azel Bevans Eileen Campbell Alma Chmelka Helen Christianson Edna Mae Grain Maxine Crossley Helen Eighmy Anita Estes Isabelle Hester Emma Hormel Elizabeth Hornung Lucile Hutton Wilma Jordan Ruth Luers Marcella Lyon Audrey Mabeus Julia Marr Elizabeth Maxwell Elizabeth Mercer Virginia Ostergard Florence Peterson PLEDGES Madge Peterson Willa Reed Lotus Therkelson Maxine Thomas Marian Wilke ZETfl chapter of Kappa Phi, na- tional Methodist girls ' organiza- tion, annually outlines a program to be developed in their semi-monthly meetings. The theme this year, which was to forward their aims in religious training and social life, was entitled " Women Who Have Achieved ' . ' . Other Activities included a pageant, " Church of Youth " , and a tea in honor of national officers of the Women ' s Home Missionary Society. Top Row: M. Peterson. Hullon, The.kelson. Anderson Osle-gard. flmislrong, Gates. Chnslensen Fourth Row: Eighmy. Conger, Hinthorn. Luers. Crossley Sadie F. Peterson. Gadeken. Mabeus. Third Row Maxwell. Thomas. Mercer. Bevans Hod, Wilke. W Reed. Legg. Chemelka Second Row Rololson Schuck. Hornung. Smith, West. Brigham F Reed. McVey Bottom Row Francis. Honsen, Fritz, White, Hill. Hollman. Farwell. Mook. Johnson Nu-Meds OFFICERS HRST SEMESTER President GEORGE PLACE Vice-president FRED WEBSTER Secretary-Treasurer DUflNE MEIER SECOND SEMESTER President ROBERT HOLLAND Vice-president IflMES LflURIDSEN Secretary-Treasurer EUGENE KNOX MEMBERS Ki:igiley flUen Charles flshby Myrna flthey Wayne Baden Norma Baker Ester Bender Fred Blummer Norman Bolker Rosalie Breuer Robert Case Russell Cashen Lynn Chaffee Jean Chambers Gene Chism Ethel Chrisianson lean Clark Dorothy Cook Lloyd Dunlap Robert Edelstein R. V. Evans Vernon Filley Murial Frank LaVerne Gibson Elmer Glenn Max Gould Kenneth Hamel Mary Henn Richard Hiatt Carl H, Hildebrand Howard Hildebrand Don Hill V illard Hill William HoUister Robert E. Holland Zack Hornberger Marguerite Hornung Charles Hranac Virginia Lee Jorgenson Solomon Katz Robert King Edward Kirby Clyde Kleager Eugene Knox Theodore Koefoot Walter Kozel Kenneth Lamb Harry Lammel lames Lauridson Patrick Leonard Glen Leymaster Vance Link Richard Linn Estil McConchie Robert Malmsten Olga Marek Elaine Marrow Fred Moxey Duane Meier Ruth Merk Grace Millikon filbert Monovitz Austin Mutz Victor Nicholas Dorothea Noble Don Olson Edward Panter Hubert Paulson flUen Pearson Willard Peck Harold Perelman George Place Harry Prouty Clair Rankin Wade Raser Harold Redfern Dorothy Reed Katie Reimer Fred Remington Ilah Mae Rengler Martha Resler lohn Rogers Louis Sass Ed Schuck Milton Sherman Sheldon Shumow Betty Simon Garlund Sloan Wilma Smith Robert Squires Richard Stappenback Paschal Stone Fred Strandskov Stanley Stryson Bob Stuart Eugene Swanson Maurice Tatelman Robert Therien Erma Wassum Fred Webster NU-f4EDS was originally founded in 1894, as the University Medi- cal Society. In 1913, when the Col- lege of Medicine was moved to Omaha, the name was changed to Nu-Meds. The purpose of this so- ciety is to promote scholarship and provide social contacts for students who expect to enter the medical profession. The society, also, gives students some foresight into the field of medicine through first-hand experience of physicians and teach- ers speaking at the meetings. Nu- Meds sponsor Pre-Medic Day and a monthly publication, the " Nu-Med News " . Top Row: Filley. Lamb. While, fishby. McConchie. Raser. Paulson, Hill. Second Row Noble, Monovitz, Link, Hranak, Remington. Hildebrand, Wittman. MiUikan. Bottom Row: Francke. Meier. Lauridson. Holland Dr Wade, Place, Knox, Hyatt, Reiners, Christensen, Pago 324 aaaa !■ -I t-r . ' M Pdllddidn Literary Society Firat Tsrin ProsidonI GEORGE WIEBUSCH Vice-presidonI EVELYN OSBORN Secretary MARION STflLEY Treasurer WILL REEDY OFFICERS Second Tarm ' nl EVELYN OSBORN Vice-president CLIFFORD DOMINGO Secretary VELMfi EKWftLL Treasurer ROBERT HOLLAND Carl Alexin Clifford Domingo Kenneth Eckwall Volman Eckwall Eleanor Eiche Christine Ferguson Edith Filley Vernon Filley Bert Hartzell Robert Holland Glen Jameson Curtis Johnson Adelaide Laux Louis Lundstrom Princess Lundy Jean Marvin Estel McConkie Lydia Newel! Evelyn Osborn Jeanette Osborn Marie Piazza Grace Pitcaithley Will Reedy Doris Riisness Robert Simmons Marian Staley Beth Stilgebour MEMBERS Rowona Swenson Gladys Swift Lenore Teal George Wiebusch Dean Worcester Howard Wright Elinor Ackerman Charles Brockway Harold Buxton Evelyn Carlson Robert Chatt Beatrice Eckblad Burket Graf Ruth Green Jim Harrison Glenn Hedges Elaine Holcomb Wyona Keim Keith Kinsey Gertrude Leavitt Paul Lindstedt Don Martin Faith Medlar Orlyn McCartney Robert McDermond Robert Pahl Don Rice John Stuart Robert Stuart Warren Tool PLEDGES Ed Wilson Frances Woodard Associate James Rusness Milton Wittman THE oldest student social group on this campus, the Palladian Liter- ary Society has reflected the prog- ress of the university since its earli- est years when extra-curricular life radiated entirely from such literary societies. Palladian members maintain high scholarship and encourage active participation in campus activities. Weekly meetings at Palladian Hall, in the Temple Building, feature members with ability in music, drama, and writing. Annual con- tests in oratory, essay, short story, and verse are sponsored by an alumni group Banquets, parties, and picnics, add variety to the year ' s activities. A loyal alumnus whom Palladian is proud to honor is Professor F. A. Stuff, member of the Nebraska fac- ulty for thirty-five years. Top Row Riisness. ChatI, McCartney, McDermond. Carlson. Rice. Wilson. Brockway. Leavili. Holland. Fourth Row; Marvin, Swift. Buxtan, Hartzell, Ekwall, Worcester. Lindstedt, McConkie, Wittman. Fit- caithly. Stuart. Third Row. Piazza, Medlar, Teal. Hedges, Wright, Simmons, Woodard, Grot, Ferguson, Filley. Newell. Second Row Holcomb Ke:m. Aclcermann. Green. Ekwall, Lundstrom, Pahl, Harrison, Eiche. Eckblad. Laux. Swenson. Bottom Row niexis. Osborn, Stuart, Filley, Stilgekauer, Reedy. Wiebusch, Osborn. Staley, lohnson. Demingo lame on. Page 325 Pharmaceutical Club OFFICERS President DOYLE LEEDING Vice-president JACK GLEN Secretary ROBERT EVANS Treasurer ROBERT VanNORMflN MEMBERS Edward fldams John fldams Vernon flnderl Forrest Anderson Donald Earth Joe Bealty Harry Beckwilh Robert Bellamy Floyd Beranelc Harold Blevins John Brown Dean Bullis H M. Catlelt Robert Chambers James Chapin William Clayton Orval Cooley Seldon Dambrosky Floyd Davis Joe Dennison Margaret Dickerson Stanley Dolezal Lawrence Doud Mercedes Drath Robert Evans Loren Everton Louis Fink Robert Fox Irwin Friesen Herbert Garner Donald Gonzales Lynn Gorman Jack Glen Arthur Grovert Harold Grovert Roderic Gudgil Robert Hall Irene Halstead Adelbert Hartman Fred Hebard Carl Hedges Melvin Heins Richard Henning Rex Higgs Norris Hinton Claire Holmes Evelyn Hoyle Francis Hughes Robert Irvin Warren Isaacson Theodore Jackson Robert Jump Sam Kanda Frank Kersenbrock Howard Kommers Milo Kottos Elwin Krausnick Doyle Leeding Norman Leulhouser Olive Leuthauser Jarrold LilliedoU Clifford Long Robert McCouley Harold Monley Edna Martin Arnold Mason Donald Mathieson Kenneth Millard Otto Miller Thyra Moore William Murphy Perry Neely Donald Nevin Harvey Oschner Charles Patch Joseph Perkin John Peterson Floyd Rediger Eugene Robinson Janet Scroggin Iris Siebert Katheryn Simpson Eugene Sire Verne Smith Richard Snyder Margaret Spehr Ivan Spurlock Theresa Stava Raymond Steinocher Phyllis Stire Myron Stith Herbert Stuhr Florence Surber Ronald Taddiken Phyllis Taylor Otis Trier Bernard VanDeBurg Robert VanNorman Wilbur Walker Richard Wood Walter Ziegenbein THE Pharmaceutical Club includes all the students o! the College of Pharmacy. The purposes and activ- ities of the club are to increase the pharmacy loan fund, the organiza- tion of a trip to some prominent manufacturer of drugs and pharma- ceuticals, a picnic for incoming freshmen, the Pharmacy Banquet, a closer acquaintance between the students and the faculty members, and the sponsorship of Pharmacy Night. Top Row; Leulhouser, Hall. Ziegenbein, Rediger, Peterson, Perkin. Sieinacher, Kottas, Dolezal, Jackson, Hedges. Fourth Row Hartman, Hobinson, Krausnick, Goiman, Lilliedali, Wood, Spurlock, fl. Grovert, Bogardus. Friesen. Bellamy, I Pdams. Third Row Diclcerson, Mason, Maniey. Mathieson, Hebard. Kommers, Barlh, H. Grovert. Evans, Glen, Ochsner, Sire, O Leuthauser Second Row Stire. Henning, Van Norman, Drath, Hinton, Anderson. Taylor, E. Adams, Scroggins, SeibeM, Martin. Spohr. Bottom Row Pedlord, Wiblo, Mills. Bliven. Hoylo, Everton, Clayton, Lyman, Burt, Hoick. Smith, Ruddy. Pago 326 Phi Chi Theta OFFICERS Prealdent MIRIAM BUTLER Troar.urrr HELEN ROSKi H Recording Secretary RUTH PIERCE Corresponding Secretary BETTY CHERMY Miriam Butler Barbara Burl Dorothy Chapelow Betty Cherny Harriet Cummer Carolyn Davis Virginia DeTar Barbara DePutron Doris Eastman Eleanor Farrell Ina L Jackson Patricia Jensen ME 4BERS Inr. " Locko flileen Marshall Cornelia Matleson Geraldine Moore Margaret Patterson Doris M Peterson Ruth Pierce lean Reese Kay Risser Helen Rosker Ina Marie Smith Harriet Wolfe PHI Chi Theta is an honorary or- ganization for women in the Col- lege of Business Administration. A national commerce sorority, it has twenty-three chapters in existence. The society was established to pro- mote higher business training, and to encourage cooperation among business women. In addition to semi-monthly meetings, Rho chapter conducted a market research for the Towle Silversmiths of Newburyport, Massachusetts. Two annual ban- quets are held to celebrate Found- er ' s Day and Initiation. The chapter presents a national Phi Chi Theta key award each year to the junior woman in the college who has fulfilled the requirements in scholarship, activities, and lead- ership. Barbara De Putron was awarded the key this year. Qualifi- cations for membership in this or- ganization are: fl sophomore work- ing for a degree in Business Admin- istration, and to have an average of seventy-eight. Phi Chi Theta is a charter member of the Professional Panhellenic Association. Miriam Butler was sent by the sorority to its biennial convention at Portland, Oregon. Top Row; Burt, Risser, Locke, DePulron, Chapelow. Second Row Peterson. M. Patterson. Cummer, G. Moore. DeTar, Smith Bottom Row; Davis, Rosker. Marshall. Butler, Farrell. Page 327 Phi Delta Phi OFHCERS nnST SEMESTER Magister THOMAS DfiVIES Clerk HARRY P LETTON Tribune KENNETH VOGT Exchequer GLEN MflCE Historian CHARLES LEDWITH SECOND SEMESTER Magisler THOMAS DAVIES Clerk HARRY P. LETTON Tribune KENNETH VOGT Exchequer LOUIS PETERSEN Historian CHARLES LEDWITH MEMBERS Ben Anderson Frederick Berry Richard Bulger Charles Burdell Thomas Carroll Harold Conroy Thomas Davies B. Palmer King Charles Ledwith Harry P. Letton lack Lyman Glen Mace Albert Maust Pliny Moody Louis Petersen Jim Scott Robert Slaughter Richard Stines Francis Sturdevant Fred Taylor Edwin Vail Kenneth Vogt Herbert Walt FIRST national legal fraternity to be founded was Phi Delta Phi. Aims and objectives of its members, who are the jurisprudents of the fu- ture are to promote hi gher stand- ards of culture and professional ethics in school and in the profession at large, and to unite those working in the field of law. Members of the Bar, versed in profession, give lectures on legal work at the semi-monthly meetings of the local chapter. Discussions follow as an opportunity for prac- tice. Social activities include pic- nics and an initiation banquet. This year Charles Goss, Chief Jus- tice of the Supreme Court of Ne- braska, was made an honorary member. The majority of the fac- ulty members of the Law College also belong to Phi Delta Phi. The organ of the national society to local chapters is the official quarterly magazine, the " Brief. " To be eligible to membership, a student must have twelve hours credit in the College of Law and an average of not less than 72.5 per- cent. Top Row Bulger, Peterson. Letlon. Carrol. Slines, Scoll. Second Row: Moodie. Lyman, Slaughter, Sturdevant, Vogt, Conroy. Doltom Row Lcdwilh. Nulling, Foster, Cooimon. Davica !-cige 328 «HP HHST SEMESTER Prci.idenl GEORGE PLACE Vico-presidonl FRED WEBSTEP Secrelory-lreasurer MAURICE TflTELMnN Thetd Nu OFHCERS SECOND SEMESTER PrtjMcior.t CLfllR RflNKIN Vice-pronident JAMES LAURIDSEN Socretory-lreasurer MAURICE TATELMAN Kenneth Gould Howard Hildebrand Robert Holland Charles Hranac Clyde Kleager James Lauridsen Harry Lommel Vance Link J. McConchie MEMBERS Duane Meier Austin Mutz George Place E. Clair Rankin John Salyards Harry Stickler Maurice Tatelman Fred Webster THE initial founding of Theta Nu, national pre-Medic fraternity, at the University of Wyoming was soon followed by the establishment of Barker chapter on the Nebraska campus. The name of the local chapter was adopted in honor of Dr. H. D. Barker who was formerly a pre-medic adviser at Nebraska. Membership in Theta Nu is based upon general ability, personality, leadership and high scholarship. The new members are tapped at Nu- Meds banquet following the elec- tions. fit the annual Pre-Medic Day when the University Medical School at Omaha plays host to all pre- mcdic students, Theta Nu assumes responsibility for the arrangements. Being able to visit the medical school and its class rooms, dispens- ary, library, and hospital affords one of the most valuable experiences in the pre-medic training. The organization sponsors the publication of the " Nu-Med News, " professional bulletin of the pre- medic college. The promotion of professional interest has been the most notable accomplishment of the organization. Top Row Knox, Sherman. Salyards, Rankin. Meier. Holland. Webster. Second Row Goutd. Mutz Laundsen. Hranac, Hildebrand. Kleager. BoMom Pow Lamm ' I Link Wado Ta elm-iTi McConchie Pago 329 Varsity Dairy Club OmCERS President RODNEY BERTRflMSON Vice-president CLARE GLflNDON Secretary DONALD RflDENBflUGH Reporter DflVlD CARDER Sponsor PROF L. K. CROWE MEMBERS Eidridge Beaver John Bengston Ivan Borman Wallace Chaloupka Ivan Frantz Richard Hansmire Leroy Hultquist Winired Jacobsen Russel! Jacobsen Thomas King Harry Kivett Oakley Larson Richard Larson Wesley Lipp Morrison Loewenstein Lloyd Mecham filbert Nore filbert Pearl Hlvin Rippen Chris Sanders William Schneeilock firell Wasson Lavirrence Westcott Weston Whitwer THE Varsity Dairy Club, organized in 1915, is a group composed of those students who ore interested in the dairy industry. The purpose ot the club is to promote good fellow- ship among the Dairy Husbandry students, to bring interesting and practical problems before the group, to develop closer connections with the Dairy Husoandry Department faculty, and to solve, as a body, those problems facing the dairy in- dustry today. The Varsity Dairy Club had al- ways been one of the most active clubs in the university. It sponsors two mixers every year, annual dairy cattle and dairy products judging contests, the Dairyland Cafeteria, and many other responsible func- tions which help to build leaders of its members. This club also aids in the financ- ing and sponsors the dairy judging teams which represent the univer- sity in national competition. Every year the Cattle Judging Team makes a creditable record for itself. This year the team was represented at the National Dairy Show held in Co- lumbus, Ohio, and the Dairy Cattle Congress held in Waterloo, Iowa. Members of this club who have graduated and taken responsible positions in the business world have risen to the top. Top Row: Schneeilocic, Chaloupka, Mecham, King, Rippen, Hansmire. Third Row; Pearl, Larson, Jacobsen. Franlz, Jacobsen, Bonnan, Lipp, Sanders. Second Row Nore, Kivett. Bengslon. Loewenstein, Whuwer, Beaver, Westcott. Botlom Row Hultquisl. Wajsori, Carder, Glandon. Benrcmson. Radenbaugh, Prol L K Crowe, Larson 1 fJI f f t aqe 330 4-H Club OFFICERS Lfl VERNE PETERSON Vico-prosidont ESTHER WIECHERT Secretary ALBERT MOSEMflN Treasurer AGNES ARTHflUD Marie Amos Agnes Arthand Darrel! Bauder John Benglson Melvin Beerman Harold Benn Ruth Benn Eunice Berggren Elsie Bernasek Russell Bierman Libby Blazhovec Lillian Blazhovec Rex Brown Thomas Brunegar Margaret Buhrman Phyllis Burgess Dave Carder Don Carmichael Lena Christensen Katherine Cooley Roy Cruise Neil Dawes Elvin Diedrichsen Evelyn Ditlman Harold Fausch flnnabell Gill Lois Giles Fern Glenn Doris Gray Lawrence Gustafson Milton Gustaison Richard Hansmire Clillord Heyne Bernetha Hinthorm Erma Hormel Charles Huenefeld Pearl Janda Viola landa Genevieve Johnson Iris Johnson Ted Johnston Tom King Glenn Lingman Maybelle Kuehn Gene Lambert Donne Lee Lois Lichliter Marie Lienart Morrison Lowenstein Rose Luckhardt Harriett Martin Jeanette Martin Orrin Marcy Alfred Matthis Lucille Meecham Harriett Milburn Gladys Morgan MEMBERS Albert Moseman La Verne Moseman La Verne Peterson Howard Peterson Mary Ellen Petty Russell Pfeilfer Helen Phares Ruth Pilzer Margaret Randall Ogden Riddle Marjorie Runkle Bob Rupp Byron Sadie Leah Schlichtman Paul Sindt Milford Smith Nila Spader Millard Stanelc Betty Stewart Frank Svoboda Evelyn Thompson Eric Thor Marvin Vaughn Lawrence Weslcott Don Whitson Esther Wiechert Isabel Woodward Edward Zahm Top Row Rousek. Bnnegar, Phares, Bengslon, Wietkomp, Lipp. M Smith, Nash, Falldorl, Coolcgley. Fourth Row Gustafson, Gill, Lowenstein. D. Bauder, Carmichael, Randall. G. Klingman. Lichliter. Beerman. Rupp, Hueneletd, Fausch. Third Row Gray, D Whitson, Svoboda. Sadie, Domingo, T. Johnson, Elhers. Christensen. Thor. Mose- man. R Hansmire. Second Row Rjnkle. Kuehn, Morgan, Hormel. Sindi, Luckhardt, Spader, Bierman, Zahm, Beecham Dittmann, Glenn Bottom Row; Pelkey. Millbuin, Hoegermeyer. Bemasek. Groy. Mcseman. L. Peterson, Wiechert, Brthaud. Carder. Hoegermeyer, Stanek, Riddle Page 331 Sigma Delta Chi OFHCERS President WILLflRD BURNEY Vice-president ED MURRAY Secretary MORRIS LIPP Treasurer DON WAGNER Chapter Advisor GAYLE C WALKER MEMBERS William Bird Willard Burney Lewis Cass Everett Chittenden George Frey Lawrence Grilling Don Haley Antonio Hamoy Howard Kaplan Leonard Kreuger flrnold Levin Morris Lipp Ed Murray George Pipal Herb Sundstrom Don Wagner Gayle C. Walker Joe Zelley SIGMfl Delta Chi, since its found- ing at DePouw University, Green Castle, Indiana, has devel- oped into a professional journalistic organization of 45 under-graduate chapters in universities of the United States and 41 alumni chap- ters. Following a great expansion program last year to organize new alumni organizations in principle cities throughout the country, Sigma Delta Chi has entered into one of the strongest pieriods in its develop- ment. The Nebraska chapter, which was founded in 1915, has expanded its activities to include the sponsorship of a Gridiron Banquet in conjunction with Theta Sigma Phi. The enthusi- .asm with which the first banquet was received assures succeeding ones of even greater success. The fraternity also sponsored three spe- cial issues of The Daily Nebraskan on the occasions of the Nebraska High School Press Convention, the Nebraska-Pittsburgh football game, and the Nebraska State Press Con- vention. The society has continued its sponsorship of the " flwgwan, " humor publication, and the promo- tion of journalism on the campus. Undergraduate members are chosen largely from the junior and senior members of the School of Journalism; men of the greatest pro- fessional promise being selected. Each pledges himself to pursue journalism as a life vocation. Top Row Zolley, Froy, Wagner. Kaplan, Haley. Second Row Kreuger, Levin, Chittenden, Lipp, Sundsliom, Hamoy. Bollom Row Gnllim Bird, Pipol Cass. Burney, V alker Murray- Page 332 I . IW ! ■ - Pm . . Sigma Eta Chi OFFICERS Proaidenl MnnTHn leefers ViceproaldonI DORCAS CRAWFORD Recording Socrelary LILLIAN ROHWER Corresponding Secretary EUNICE SCHWEDHELM Treasurer VERA SCHNEIDER Chaplain NAOMI MENDENHALL Editor and Historian LEONA BRANDES Marshall lANET YUNGBLUT Fern Bornemeier Leona Brandes Betty Brown Bonnie Brown Dorcas Crawford Marian Hulfish Martha Leefers Margaret McMaster Doris Meier Naomi Mendenhall Sally Peltier Doris Ripley Catherine Roh Lillian Rohwer Gloria Schleiger Vera Schneider MEMBERS Eunice Schwedhelm Mary Sherburne Margaret Tunberg Wanda White Ruth Williams Harriet Wolfe Janet Yungblut SIGMfl Eta Chi, a national soror- ity, is composed of university women members of the Congrega- tional Church. Epsilon chapter at- tempts to promote religious educa- tion, church loyalty, and social func- tions. fit the weekly meetings, programs of a varied nature were presented, ranging from a study of the Ameri- can Negro to travel talks on England and India. The group also helps in editing their national magazine. Tra- ditional activities of the organization are a Founders ' Day Banquet, a pic- nic, distribution of Thanksgiving baskets, and a Christmas party, fl delegate was sent to the national convention at Lakeside, Ohio at which time the yearly program for chapters was outlined. To become a member the nominee must complete a course in Congre- gational history and Christian prin- ciples. This sorority endeavors to stimulate interest in the church through intramural sports, and so- cial activities. Miss Margaret Anderson is the group ' s sponsor. Top Row Wolfe. Sherburne. B. Brown, G. Brown, Scheiger, Brandes, Bornemeier. Second Row Peltier. Meyer, McMaster, Ripley, Wilhatn, Hulfish. Bottom Row Mendenhall Srhnoider, Crawford Lciters, Rohr Yuncrb lat S-hwodhelm Page 333 Sigma Gamma Epsilon OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President RUSSELl. BURNS Vice-president GLEN THRASHER Secretary-treasurer KEITH YENNE Editor DUflNE CLARK SECOND SEMESTER President KEITH YENNE Vice-president DUANE CLARK Secretary-treasurer HAROLD ANDERSON Editor ED VANDEN BARK MEMBERS Harold Anderson Russell Bodley Russell Burns Peter Damm George Davis George Galloway Gordon Graham Robert Hendrickson Eugene Lee John Maher Graysin Meade Ralph A Reed Henry Reider Harold W. Robbins George Rosen Oliver Scherer C. B. Schultz Alfred Sharrick Tliompson Stout Glenn Thrasher James R. Tichy Lynn Trombla Gordon Turnbull Edwin Vanden Bark Keith Yenne SIGMfl Gamma Epsilon is a na- tional professional fraternity for students majoring in geology. The Nebraska chapter was originally a local " Pick and Hammer Club " which became affiliated with the national society in 1917. National activities include the publication of a quarterly magazine, " The Com- pass " , o: convention every two years, and the furthering of a national society devoted to the advance- ment of geology, mining metallurgy, and ceramics. The local society has been very influential m the advancement of the scholarship among geological students and furthering interests in geology. The members have helped to build up a geological library in Morrill Hall which is a fme addition to the University as well as the geology department. Besides holdmg regular meetings the society sponsors lectures and open discussions in various fields of science. Prominent speakers are in- vited to give talks on their respec- tive fields. Sigma Gamma Epsilon also sponsors Geologist ' s Night in connection with Engineer ' s Night. Top Row Damm, Reider, Galloway, Moher, Andersen. Mead, Vandenbark, Rosen. Thud Row: Bodley. Lee Schultz, Reea, Scherer. Yenne, Robbins. Second Row Trombla. Hendrickson, Turnbull, Tichy, Sharrick, Graham, Stout, Davis. Bottom Row Bengslon, Barbour. Thrasher. Burns, Schramm, Lugn, Franklorter, Bell. Page 334 Council of Religious Welfare OFFICERS LULU B RUNGE Vico-pronidenI THEOPLE WOLFE Socrclary MILDRED L GREEN Fern Bloom Carol Clark Camille Conger Beatrice Eckblad Esther Harlman Edwin Hayes Herbert Jackson Eleanor Lewis John Liming Ernest Morris Richard Peck STUDENT REPRESENTflTIVES Frances Scudder lohn Sleinhaus Marion Slock Willard Strongman Gilbert Savery Virginia Tookey Marjorie Wiederspan Quinton Wilder Bill Williams Howard Wright THE Council of Religious Welfare exists on the campus to foster an understanding between religious or- ganizations, the faculty and, student body. Representatives from these three groups compose the Council. During Religious Emphasis Week, an important, traditional activity of this group, mass meetings were held featuring Dr. Harry N. Weimon of the University of Chicago as speaker, fl new activity that the Council sponsored during the sum- mer v as the Freshman Retreat for newcomers of the campus interested in religious problems. Each year a World Friendship Banquet is given to honor foreign students at Ne- braska; a spring picnic is held for Council members. Speakers, invited from different schools, spoke at the monthly meet- ings. Guests this year included Dr. William Steiner, of Iowa University, v. ' ho spoke on the immigration prob- lem, and Rabbi Isserman, of ot Louis, fit meetings, plans of the various committees are discussed, for each of the three groups has its own program in addition to Council activities. Top Row Forbes. Gaba. Feruson. R Peck, SpachI, Strangeman. Sleinhaus Fourth Row Hendricks. Rembolt, Rangeler. Conger, Wright. Stock, Tookey, Wilder Third Row Bloom. E. Hayes. Savery, Clark, Mrs Gerhard, t Harlman. B. Williams. C D. Hayes Second Row Rev Drew. Wiederspan. Eckblod, Scudder Lewis. Liming, Rev Savery. H. Jackson Bottom Row Rev. Erck. Miss Green. O. H Werner Wolle L Runge Rev R Henry Father McMillin. Rodenbeck. Page 335 University Y. M. C. A. CAMPUS OFFICERS President HOWARD WRIGHT Vice-president HOWARD KALTENBOnN Secretary AULTON ROLAND CAMPUS CABINET SlaHs The New Citizenship DAN WILLIAMS Personal Relations CHARLES ADELSECK International Co-operation LAZERO GOMEZ Re-interpreting Religion V ILLIAM REEDY Religious Welfare Council JOHN STEINHAUS Social Program EDWIN EWART N " Book RICHARD BECKER Boys ' Clubs DONALD RICE Correspondence LLOYD P. SWANSON AG CAMPUS OFFICERS President HOWARD PETERSON Vice-president LAVERNE PETERSON Secretary WILSON ANDREWS General Secretary C. D. HAYES Ag College Secretary V flRD BAUDER nc CAMPUS CABINET Staffs Race Relations GLENN KLINGMAN V orld Co-operation LEROY HULTQUIST Re-interpreting Religion V ESLEY DUNN Personal Relations DONALD MAGDANZ New Citizenship OGDEN RIDDLE Farm Ops. LAVERNE PETERSON FOR both the city and agricultural campuses, the program of the Y. M. C. fl. involves discussion groups for students and the promo- tion of student conferences in this region. The agricultural college division sponsors a Freshman Council and a recreational program of hobbies and creative leisure activities. The city campus organization directed many discussion groups, led by nationally known speakers, on inter-racial and international questions. Particular emphasis is given by this organiza- tion to the Christian life. This year a project of correspondence with a similar organization in England was begun in an attempt to follow out the ideals of the group, which has representatives through-out the world. Top Row Swanson. Sleinhous, Becker, Hayes. Bauder. Klingman. Second Row: Ewart, Rice. Reedy, Hultquisl, Magdanz, Dunn. Bottom Row Williams. Roland, Kallenboin. Wright. H Peterson. L. Peterson. Andrews. Riddle. Page 33 aaaaii 0 0 University Y. W. C. A. Cabinet OFnCEES Prosjd ' jnt IflNE KEEPER Vlce-pronldont CAROLINE KILE Secretary MflXINE DURflND Treasurer BflRBflRfl DEPUTRON fig President RUTH SCHOBERT General Secretary MILDRED GREEN Creative Leisure BETTY CHf:HIlY Conierence KflY HENDY Finance MflXINE DURflND Freshman Commissions CAROLINE KILE International Relations WINIFRED NELSON Membership JEANNE PALMER Membership ROSALIE MOTL Nebraska in China JUNE WAGGONER MILDRED HOLLflND COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Now Citizenship MARir: :■: r ' C Personal Relations ROWENfl SWENSOtJ Personnel KATHRYN WINQUEST Posters DORIS WEAVER THEODA ERICKSON Publications ELEANOR CLIZBE Project flILEEN MARSHALL LORfllNE ELMBORG Vespers FRANCES SCUDDER Vesper Choir MARGARET PHILLIPPE PERHAPS the oldest campus or- ganization is the University Y. W. C. fl. Membership includes women students, faculty, and alum- nae who practice its international, interracial, non-sectarian, and dem- ocratic ideals. New activities of the Y. W. C. fl. and Y. M. C. fl. are a staff on Per- sonal Relation, and Estes Co-op, in which members attend parties and thus make savings for the Student Conference at Estes Park, Colorado. The interests of this organization range from weekly Vespers, weekly discussions of current topics by staffs and commission groups; to lunches served daily at Ellen Smith Hall. Traditional events are member- ship and fi nance drives, teas, Ne- braska in China Bazaar, " Hanging of the Greens " Dinner, and the May Morning Breakfast. Top Row: Holland, Moll. Nelson, Erickson, Clmborg. Second Row: Phillippe. Kotouc, Scudder, Wtnquist, Swenson, Cherny. Bottom Row DePutron. Schobert, Keeier. Green, Kile, Durand. Page 337 Delta Sigma Delta OFFICERS Grand Master PHIL KLEPPINGER Worthy Master LEONARD IflCOBSEN Senior Page HENRY WEETH Junior Page LEON PETTINGER Scribe RflY KNHPP Tyler GEORGE WARREN Historian PAUL LAKE MEMBERS Fred Davie, Jr. William Guthman WiUard Hall Leonard Jacobsen Phil Kleppinger Ray Knapp Paul Lake Richard Mosgrove Leon Pettinger Werner Sittler Max Ward George Warren Henry Weeth PLEDGES Lorin flnderson Charles Bates Carryl Becker Karl Bruce lames Burlington Donald Carlson John Deines Harold Donley Harold Gallagher Dale Harm David Hazard Harry Scheflel Henry Zeig T ELTA Sigma Delta, professional ■ ' — ' dental fraternity, is national in scope, including some thirty-one chapters. Beta Beta chapter on this campus has been in existence some twenty-four years. Unique in the ad- ministration of this organization is the fact that it is the sole profes- sional fraternity governed by the graduate body. Top Row: Scheflel, Lake, Warren, Jacobsen, Bruce, Deines. Second Row Harm, Anderson, Ward, Carlson, Zieg, Pettinger. Bottom Row Mosgrave, Knapp. Davie, Guthman, Silllei, Kleppinger, Woclh Page 338 ; 2 Phi Alpha Delta OFFICERS |U ' .II .■•■ I VERNON CLEMflNS Vico-juslico r LEO McMahon Clerk CHARLES E CHflCE Treasurer and Steward LAVERNE H HflLCOMB Marnhall JAMES C CURRflN ACTIVES Ernest Arnold III. Alien W, Berkman Myron O. Bicicel Charles E. Chace J. Vernon Clemans James C. Curran Paul Eagleton Robert Eggert Phillip Everson, jr. La Verne Halcomb Frank Landis J. Leo McMahon Harry McMillan Richard S. Moses Loren G. Olsson John I. Munson Jack Price Carl E. Reier Robert Roscow Otto H. Wellensick PLEDGES Robert Armstrong Ralph Brandt Carlton Emery Kenneth Fritzler William W. Griffin Henry Haley Charles Herrold Edmund Hollstein Dwain Limprecht Emmet Morava Robert Nuquist Paul Pettygove Raymond Plummer Graydon Rathbun Robert Smith Cleveland Trimble WiUard Wilson Charles Woolery Although a national professional law fraternity, Reese chapter of Phi Alpha Delta maintains a house on the Nebraska campus and partici- pates in the Inter-Fraternity activ- ities. Objectives are to establish an exchange for matters of common in- terest to members and to foster friendship among members of vari- ous classes at the College of Law. Semi-monthly dinners at the house give an opportunity for closer con- tact with the active and practising attorneys of the state and vicinity. At the annual formal held at the Cornhusker the night after the Mil- itary Ball, Frances Perkins, Secre- tary of Labor, was the guest of honor. Other social activities of the year included two house parties and the annual P. A. D. stag dinner. Three " smokers ' were held at the house, and Founders ' Day featured a banquet at the Lincoln Hotel for active and alumni members. Top Row: firmslrong. Bickel, Munson. Everson, Nuquisl. Gurske. Third Row; Smith, Wilson, Gnifen, Haley, Arnold. Richards, Roscow. Second Row: Herrold, Fritzler, Limprecht, Reier, Olsson, Hollstein, McMillen. Landis Bottom Row: Curran, Chace, Clemans, Void, Orfield, McMahon. Halcomb, Moses. Page 339 Top Row. Pestal. Encson, Bogaidus, ftshentelter, Koser, Green. Second Row: Magnuson, Johnson, Lively, Neileman, Nevin, Meents, Morrow. Bottom Row: Osbom, Alien, Nelson, Ockennan, Phillippe, Vanatta, Charnock, Manery. Vesper Choir fit the weekly services in Ellen Smith Hall the Vesper Choir has been a regular feature for more than fifteen years. The twenty-five members, who furnish music at Ves- pers, are chosen by try-outs at the beginning of each semester. Di- rected by Margaret Phillippe, the choir has also presented special services at Easter time and at Christmas, and sung carols at the " Hanging of the Green ' s " dinner. Through the choir the Y. W. C. fl. gives an opportunity to individuals for self-expression in the presenta- tion of religious music. Freshman Cabinet For freshmen women who have shown exceptional interest in the Y. W. C. fl., membership on the Freshman Cabinet offers a knowl- edge of the organization ' s aims and a training for later service on the governing cabinet. Presidents and secretaries of freshman commission groups compose the cabinet which sponsors, in addition to the Christ- mas Vespers, several other services throughout the year. May Morning Breakfast, which honors the mothers of members, is planned by this group of eighteen. Other activities of the Cabinet included the collec- tion of toys and of clothing for a social welfare organization. Top Row: F. S:euteville, Grant, Schwartz, Eggers, Uehlinq, Potion. Second Row: Fields, Tracy, Malzacher, Osborne, Hughes, Wadiow, Meyerson. Bollom Row Plati, Griepenslroh, Green, Nelson, ICeeler, Henn, Brewer, Schneiderwind. Page 340 S BOOK SEVEN ATHLETICS Page Ml T Pago 342 A S ' ■ ' « - " ATHLETIC BOARD OF CONTROL OFFICERS Chairman PROF. R. D. SCOTT Vice-chairman L. E. GUNDERSON Secretary-treasurer JOHN K SFI.L.FCK MEMBERS PROF. R. D. SCOTT DEAN T. J. THOMPSON L. E. GUNDERSON L. F. SEflTON JOHN K. SELLECK D. X. BIBLE MflJ. LAWRENCE McC. JONES R. E. CAMPBELL G. W. HOLMES WILLIAM MARSH SAM FRANCIS Construction of Memorial Stadium in 1923 necessitated an administra- tive body to control all University athletic affairs and their consequent financial obligations. The Board of Regents created the Athletic Board of Control on January I, 1924 to meet this situation. Originally there were eight mem- bers, six of v hom were University officers determined by virtue of the offices they held, and two of whom represented related interests. Since 1 932 student representation has been accorded through a senior member of the Student Council and a senior member of the " N " Club. As the board is now composed, the University officers are faculty representative Professor Scott, chair- man of the board. Executive Dean Thompson, Finance Secretary Gun- derson, Purchasing Agent Seaton, Director of Student Activities Selleck and Athletic Director Jones. The latter tv o men are ex-officio mem- bers, Jones having replaced D. X. Bible. R. E. Campbell has been named by the University ' s Alumni Association, while G. W. Holmes is an officer of the trust company which issued the Memorial Stadium bonds. The Student Council and the " N " Club are represented this year by William Marsh and Sam Francis, respectively. The Athletic Board of Control, having provided financing plans for Memorial Stadium and the Coli- seum, now concerns itself with the inner workings of the athletic de- partment. Duties of the board in- clude changes in the coaching staff, approval of all athletic schedules and contests, maintenance of ath- letic plants and development and improvement of new practice fields and playgrounds north of Memorial Stadium. Top Row; G W Holmes. John K Selleck. R. E Campbell, D. X. Bible, Major lones Bottom Row L F Seaton, Dean Thompson, L, E. Gunderson. Sam Francis, W. W. Morsh Page 343 VARSITY COACHING STAFF MAJOR LAWRENCE McC. JONES, Athletic Director Football Coach- LAWRENCE McC. JONES Assistants - HENRY F. SCHULTE, W. H. BROWNE, ROY LYMAN, ED WEIR, JOHN WILLIAMS, LAWRENCE ELY, ADOLPH LEWANDOWSKI Basketball Coach W. H. BROWNE Assistants MORRIS FISHER. ADOLPH LEWANDOWSKI Baseball Coach Track Coach Assistants Two-mile Coach.. Boxing Coach Swimming Coach Tennis Coach Golf Coach Gymnastics Coach Wrestling Coach WILBER KNIGHT HENRY F. SCHULTE HAROLD PETZ, ED WEIR HENRY F. SCHULTE _ HAROLD MATHEWS JACK MINOR GREGG McBRIDE ..LAWRENCE McC. JONES CHARLES MILLER JERRY ADAMS SPORTSMANSHIP has been the keynote of all athletic teams turned out by Nebraska ' s coaching staff, and wherever the Cornhuskers go they are admired for this attri- bute that is drilled into them along with the fundamentals of the game. For seven years D. X. Bible guided the athletic department as athletic director and head football coach. The University of Texas made D. X. Bible such an attractive offer to come to Austin in a similar capacity that he turned over the athletic reigns to Major Lawrence " Biff " Jones at the start of this year. Only such a capable athletic figure as Major Jones could replace D. X. Bible without fear of lowering the high standards of athleticdom estab- lished by D. X. Bible, which have ad- vanced the Scarlet and Cream grid elevens into the national limelight. Roy " Link " Lyman, formerly with the Chicago Bears, professional foot- ball eleven, tutors the Comhusker linemen, Harold Browne serves as end coach and Henry F. Schulte, Ed Weir, Ixiwrence Ely and John Wil- liams complete the football coach- ing array. Coach Browne ' s basket- ball team rose to conference heights by tying Kansas for the Big Six championship, featuring a fast- breaking offense and a shifting zone defense. Oldest member in point of service on the staff is Henry F. Schulte, nationally recognized as a track authority and producer of championship Nebraska track squads. Youngest staff member is Jack Minor who directed the Husker swimmers to the Big Six swim cham- pionship. Charles Miller ' s gymnas- tic team made impressive showings in all gym tournaments it entered. fldolf Lewandowski, former Com- husker athlete, returned to the cam- pus as assistant football and basket- ball coach. Formerly basketball coach at University of Montana, " Lew ' s " addition to the Nebraska coaching staff will greatly aid in car- ing for the increased number of ath- letes and marks the first step in the athletic department ' s expansion pro- gram. Top Row Petz, Minor. Weir, Knight, Selleclc, fldams. Bottom Row Browne, lone:-. Schjlle Lyman, Bible. Page 344 Top How. McClymont, Wiomor, Haii. Athletic Managers Cheer Leaders TriE student athletic managers are present at all practice sessions and the home games, while only the senior manager goes to the out-of- town games with the team. These managers are in charge of the care and checking out of all the football equipment. The senior manager for the 1936 football session was Donald Wie- mer. He was assisted by Paul Hart and Rowland McClymont, junior managers, and six sophomore man- agers. Three of the six sophomore managers will be selected as junior managers; one of the two junior managers is then chosen as senior manager. These selections are made through an elimination method, appointed by the head coach before spring practice. For his efforts the senior manager is awarded a major " N " . THE cheer leaders are chosen each year by a committee of the In- nocents Society. For the year 1936- 37 Dave Bernstein was elected as Yell King, with William Pugsley, William Gray, Robert Leadley, Rob- ert Reddish, Galen Jones, Kenneth lones, Robert Eby, and Ernest Win- troub as his assistants. It is the duty of the cheer leaders to manage, in cooperation with the Rally Com- mittee, all rallies and games, both local and out-of-town, fl grou p of cheer leaders follows each migration. This year the Innocents Society purchased for the head cheer leader a three-quarters length, scarlet and cream robe, to be used in directing a yell from the middle of the playing field. This yell is accomplished with the assistant cheer leaders spotted around the track, and with the entire crowd, both East and West Stadiums, yelling. Top Row: Puqsley. Gray, Wintroub, Leadley. Second Row: Reddish, Eby, Bernslein, Jones Page 345 o o B A L L Page 346 ■ — — I VARSITY FOOTBALL pc ' «»l S .-3 m3- 1936 rOOTBnLL SCHEDULE Nebranka Oppononis ma at - Missouri at Lincoln 34 7 13 9 14 20 Novombor 7— Kansas at Lawronc© Novombor 14 — Pittsburgh at Lincoln Novombor 21 — Kansas Stale at Lincoln Novombor 28 — Oregon Stat© at Portland 26 6 19 40 32 14 D X BIBLE Director of Athletics First Semester MAJOR LflV REriCE McC JONES Director of Athletics Second Semester Climaxing several weeks of nego- tiations with University of Texas athletic officials who sought Ne- braska ' s Little Colonel as the new Longhorn athletic director and head football coach, Dana X. Bible called a meeting of the Nebraska athletic board of control January 23, 1937 to tender his resignation. The board was unable to do anything but ac- cept it, and with D. X. Bible acting in an advisory capacity, launched an immediate search for a succes- sor. The following Thursday, Janu- ary 28, the athletic board of control announced to a surprised Com- husker following that Major Law- rence McCeney " Biff " Jones had been engaged as the new Husker athletic head. Top Row Peters. Howell. Belders. Callihon, Dohnnann, Shirey, Hutcherson. B. Smith. Ellis. Founh Row Phelps, flndreson. Mills. Doyle, Yelkin. Brock. McDonald, H Brown Third Row Bauer. Hinen. Fisher. Bauman Ramey, Grimm. Hermann, Shindo Seeman Second Row Franks, Plock, Douglas, While, Richardson. English, Ray, Mehring, Ball Bottom Row Cardwell, Dr Deppin. Coach Schulte, Coach Lyman Coach Bible. Coach B- " wr. Cornell, Manager Weimer. Francis. Page 347 IOWA STATE Across the line, but out ol bounds. Nebraska ' s 1936 Cornhuskers convinced the sports world that they were destined lor a successful season and another Big Six Conference title as they humbled Iowa State 34 to on Oct. 2 in Nebraska ' s Memorial Stadium, with a record open ing game crowd of 28,000 in attendance. They confirmed pre dictions of another great team at Nebraska in 1936. Veteran Halfback Lloyd Cardwell demonstrated that the psuedonym " Wild. Hoss " was no misnomer by scoring three of the five Husker touchdowns, two on runs of 37 and 72 yards Fullback Sam Francis began his rise to national recognition and fill l merican honors in this opening game when he as- sumed the unaccustomed role of open field runner to make the longest touchdown dash of the season. He returned Poole ' s kickofi 97 yards straight down the east sideline to score. Another source of comfort to the Husker camp was the per- formance of the reserves sent in by Coach Bible during the latter part of the game. Not content to maintain the margin of victory earned by the first siring, they demonstrated their power by driving over the last touchdown, with flndreson plunging across for the score. Three ISC men gang up on Douglas. MINNESOTA ti hole was opened, but not reached. " The saddest words of tongue or pen are these, it might have been. " Such to all ardent Husker fans is the keynote of the 7 to defeat of the Scarlet at the hands of Minnesota ' s Golden Gophers on October 10, before a crowd of 53,000 in Minnesota ' s Memorial Stadium in Minneapolis. In the first half the most serious scoring threat was made by the Huskers. fin interception by Brock, and twenty-six yard run by McDonald, and a pass McDonald to Howell good for twenty-one yards put the Huskers on the Gopher twenty-one yard line. Three plays carried the ball to the Gopher fourteen, but the fourth down pass fell incomplete. Twice in the last half the Huskers made goal line stands and twice they moved out of danger to the twenty yard line after pass interceptions in the end zone, first by Howell, then by Francis. With but a minute to play, and a scoreless tie apparently cinched, Douglas punted to Wilkinson on the Gopher Iwenty- ive yard line. The Huskers, overly eager to smear Wilkinson were completely out-flanked when he lateraled to Uram, who swept seventy-five yards down the sideline to victory for the Gophers. McDonald threw him for a loss. Page 348 INDIANA Francis versus Hulfman. Cardwell gel loose against Indiana. Staging a desperate last half rally to win over Indiana 13 to 9 in a game played in Lincoln, October 17, the Cornhuskers reserved a place in footballs hall of fame by display of the bulldog courage that characterizes great teams. Midway in the first quarter Bo " McMillan s Hoosiers began a sustained march from their own ten yard line that ended in a field goal by Huffman. In the second quarter a pass from Huffman to Beazely brought the count to Indiana 9, Nebraska 0. During the second half the ailing Sam Francis, supplied the spark to set the Husker offense in operation. Early in the third quarter the Huskers took the offensive from the Hoosier forty-five yard line, with Howell and McDonald contributing thirty-one yards. Howell ' s pass to McDonald in the end zone resulted in Nebraska ' s first score. Francis ' con- version made the score 9 to 7. Late in the third period Nebraska began to riddle the Hoosier line with tremendous smashes, fln end sweep by Cardwell mode it first and goal to go on the Hoosier nine, and three plunges by Francis advanced the ball to the three. Howell passed to game Captain Douglas in the end zone, to give the Huskers a 13 to 9 margin of victory. The Cornhuskers cleared one of the highest hurdles on their way to another Big Six title when they conquered Oklahoma 14 to in the game that had been considered the crucial battle of the 1936 conference race The game was played October 24, at Norman, Oklahoma, before a crowd of twenty-five thousand, the largest ever to attend a game at Owen Field. Both touchdowns and most of the action took place in the first half. The only serious threat by Biff Jones ' Sooners came early in the second quarter when a Husker fumble gave the Sooners possession on the Nebraska fifteen yard line. Game Captain Ken McGinnis quickly dashed Sooner hopes, however, when he intercepted a pass to give the Huskers possession. Later in the some period Andrews out-maneuvered Sooner tacklers to gallop sixty-six yards to score the second Husker touchdown. Francis converted to give Nebraska a safe fourteen point lead. The Huskers ' margin of superiority was wider than the score would indicate, for they gained a total of 280 yards and twelve first downs against 144 yards and six first downs for the Sooners. Bible used twenty-five players during the battle while Jones ventured only three substitutes OKLAHOMA McL ' oaaid laterals to Douglas. Cardwell trails Francis and DoLigias. Page 349 MISSOURI Douglas plunges for the talty. Nebraska emerged from its third contest of the Big Six Con ference series with its record unblemished as the Cornhusker. defeated Coach Don Faurot ' s Missouri Tigers 20 to on Oct 31 The game was played in the Memorial Stadium before 27,000 spectators. The most spectacular and most discussed play of the game brought the second touchdown. Gus Peters, Husker guard, broke through the Missouri forward wall to intercept a shovel pass tossed by a Missouri back, and was tackled as he started for the goal, fls he fell he fumbled the ball directly into the arms of Paul flmen, Husker end, who dashed the remaining forty yards to score. Tiger followers contended that the ball was passed forward intentionally, not fumbled, and that the play should have been called back. The stalwart Missouri forward wall very nearly halted the Huskes running attack, and the Biblemen were forced to bring forth their entire repertoire of tricks to win. Significant is the fact that the two other touchdowns were made on passes, the first on a lateral, Howell to Douglas, the third on a forward. White to Plock, for only in the air were the Huskers clearly superior to the Tigers. 0V Sam found Mi. s line v ' jineiaDie, KANSAS Coach U. X. Bible permitted the varsity to play only a little more than one period in the traditional Jayhawker-Cornhusker gridiron contest at Lawrence November 7, before the all-im- portant Pitt game the following week. Nebraska ' s coach sent into the game the entire squad at one time or another. Final score was Nebraska 26, Kansas 0. Playing before the smallest crowd of the season and the coldesi, the Scarlet and Cream opened fire in the first period when Francis intercepted a pass. Four running plays resulted in Francis plunging for the tally. fin eighty-eight yard kickoff return by Francis for a touch- down was nullified by one Husker lineman who clipped on the ball, the play was called back. Johnny Howell, Lloyd Card- well, and Harris Andrews scored the other three touchdowns, Howell ' s score being his first during his varsity competition. The annual Kansas-Nebrasko: grid event enabled the Corn- husker coaching staff to look over the younger prospects on the squad, and alter the substitutes had won their spurs by playing three quarters of " heads-up " football, Husker coaches and fans were unanimous in acclaiming the sophomore and junior gridmen for their performance. Kansas U tries to stop Big Sam. Douglas stops one lor six points. Page 3S0 PITTSBURGH Pittsburgh scores on Nebraska. McDonald scores on Pittsburgh. The Cornhuskers lost their second game of the season when the mighty Pittsburgh Panthers clawed out a 19 to 6 victory in Memorial Stadium November 14. fit the first of the game the possibility of the first Husker victory since 1921 over the Panthers seemed good as Sam Francis rifled a touchdown pass to Lloyd Cardwell after the Wild Hoss " had swept end lor forty-three yards. It looked like Nebraska ' s ball up to that point, but a long pass, Stebbins to Urban, put the ball in the scoring position, and Greene smashed center lor a tie score. fl Nebraska fumble on the kickolf gave Pitt the ball, and Urban passed to Daddio for fourteen yards and three running plays terminated with a second touchdown just as timers gun ended the half. It was not until another fumble was recovered on the Huskers ' twelve yard line that the Panther ' s were able to pierce the Scarlet forward wall for their third touchdown, which came midway of the fourth quarter. The work of Sam Francis, who won his spurs as Nebraska ' s 1936 flu American largely in this encounter, was clearly the highlight of the game. Lloyd Cardwell had the Pitt defense worried all afternoon with his elusive end sweeps. Playing a brilliant offensive game, the Cornhuskers over- whelmed Kansas State 40 to in their last home game No- vember 21, before twenty-six thousand fans. In so doing they annexed the Big Six title for the sixth time in eight years, and in addition set an all time conference scoring record, mak- ing 134 points to their rival ' s 0. In the first quarter the Huskers scored after a sixty-seven yard drive featuring Howell, Francis, and Cardwell. Early in the second quarter the Wildcats fumbled Francis ' sixty-nine yard punt on their own nine yard line. Nebraska ' s recovery and Douglas ' sweep around left end resulted in the Corn- huskers ' second touchdown. The brilliant passing of Howell, McDonald, and Douglas together with Cardwells and Francis ' tricky ball carrying piled up three more touchdowns for the home team. The last counter came when Warren of K-State intercepted a lateral by Richardson, and then upon being tackled fumbled the ball into Cardwells arms, enabling the " Wild Hoss " to gallop ten yards to a touchdown which gave him Big Six high scoring honors. KANSAS STATE Kan a:; Slate leaned too tar | -S«fe Brock hit him low, Francis high. Page 351 OREGON STATE McDonald on an end-around. Winding up a spectacular football season under the tutor- ship of Dana X. Bible, a squad of thirty Cornhuskers made the long and scenic sojourn to Portland where the decisively de- feated Oregon State 32 to 14. In two minutes and thirty-three seconds Douglas and Card- well, in a series of power plays, brought the ball to pay dirt and it was with little trouble that Francis plunged for the tally Next Nebraska launched a short passing attack which ended successfully with a fifteen yard toss from Francis to McDonald. Sophomore Charlie Brock recovered Gray ' s bobble on the Oregon State seventeen yard line. After Johnny Howell had advanced the ball ten yards on a hidden ball play, Francis again passed to Douglas who eluded the Beaver secondary to score. The second period resulted in no scoring by either team. In the third quarter Howell passed to McDonald for a twelve yard gain, was replaced by Phelps who passed to McDonald for the fourth tally. Cardwell followed with a spectacular fifty- eight yard run for a touchdown. Final score was Nebraska 32, Cardwell scores on Oregon by air. Oregon State 14. ALL AMERICA Honors galore come to Nebraska ' s outstanding athlete of 1936-37— Sam Francis. During the early part of the summer, Francis easily qualified in the Olympic tryouts in New York with a 50 foot 4 inch throw of the shot put. fls a member of the American Olympic team journeyed to the Olympiad at Berlin where he led all United States shotputters in the finals and placed fourth in the worldwide competition. Barnstorming through Europe after the meet, Francis won the International Meet at Prague, British Empire Meet at London and other tournaments. At Prague he threw the iron ball 53 feet 1 inch. Returning to Nebraska ' s campus, Francis reaped more glory as the Husker ' s plunging, punting, and passing fullback. Fran- cis stood out in every grid battle and as a reward for his su- perior ability, he was honored by America ' s sports writers by being named on all All America honorary football elevens. Rated most valuable football player of the season, Francis was awarded the coveted Douglas Fairbanks Trophy after his fine performance in the East- ' Wost game. Francis started off the 1937 season with a number of record smashing feats. He set a new Big Six indoor shot put record with a throw of 51 feel 11 5-8 inches, new Texas Relays record of 51 feet 11 3-4 inches and new iCansas Relays record of 51 leet 6 inches. At the famed Drake Relays, Francis came through with a double victory — shot put and discus SAM FRANCIS All America Fullback Big Sam comin ' through Indiana. Cage 352 Page 353 Page 354 BASKETBALL Page 35S Varsity Basket Ball BflSKETBflLL SCHEDULE 1936-1937 Out-oi-town Games December 11 — South Dakota at Vermillion Nebraska 31 Opponents 33 December 26 — Loyola at Chicago 35 53 December 28— Western Reserve at Cleveland 41 35 December 29— Canisius at Buffalo 34 39 December 30 — St. Thomas at Scranton 42 41 January 1 — Temple at Philadelphia 27 43 January 2 — George Washington at Washington 22 41 January 9 — Missouri at Columbia. . 31 22 January 30 — Kansas State at Manhattan 41 38 February 2 — Kansas at Lawrence 22 27 February 12— Oklahoma at Norman 33 29 March 3— Iowa State at flmes 48 31 BflSKETBflLL GAMES 1936-1937 Games at Home December 19 — Montana U December 21 — Minnesota U-.. December 22— Ohio State U. January 16 — Iowa State U. January 18 — Oklahoma U February 15 — • Kansas State U.. February 19 — Missouri U February 27 — Iowa State U ebraska Opponents S3 29 32 45 31 40 50 48 24 23 33 34 37 21 31 NEBRflSKfl ' S basketball team, ably tutored by Harold Browne, rose to unprecedented heights this year. Minus the services of the crock Wahlquist-Whitaker combina- tion, Coach Browne worked inces- santly in an attempt to mold a cage quintet from a group of less experi- enced hardwood men. The Cornhusker hoopmen under- went an exhaustive eastern tour bumping up against such superior quints as Loyola, Temple and George Washington and met with little success. Returning to the Big Six confer- ence fold, the Huskers entered a spirited race for the championship retained for several years by the University of Kansas. To the pleas- ant surprise of Scarlet and Cream patrons and to the consternation of rivals. Coach Browne ' s floormen rang up a string of victories that placed them in a championship deadlock with K. U. Nebraska ' s half-ownership of the cage crown ended a score of years during which Cornhuskers have never annexed a basketball championship and indi- cated even greater prowess in the cage teams of the future. Top Row: Andrews, Fisher, Scoll, Richardson, Kovanda While, Williams. Second Row; Browne, Eby, Baxter, Grimm, Warner, Hale. Bottom Row flmcn. Parsons. Ebaugh. Sorenson. Dohrmann, Baker. Page 356 6-coujffv co u i o-fij A: ayn CL L ' ' - o u i a-t Tc kza Chyu 6 6- 1 foJyCa-cxAc -.Oi " - - . cUyt C ' .d y -■L 1 rW I f t ( H te (} M.cO C O-r tjaL - ' iaA tio tJi( ci,c0 4yC jL %i c Page 357 GOLF Gerald Hunt Gordon McEnlire Ralph Reed Eugene Zuspann Coach — Major Lawrence Jones TENNIS lohn Detrich Harrison Epperson Lloyd Friedman flntonio Hamoy Irving Kuklin Will Reedy BASEBALL Paul flmen Harris Andrews Howard Baker Ivan Borman Edward Chittenden Donald Cunningham Reuben Denning Elmer Dohrmann Robert B. Elliott Donald Flasnick Edwin George Clyde Gilna David Goldware Fred Hawkins Martin Dell Harris Leonard Hoegemeyer John Howell Jean Jack Vincent Jacobsen DeLos Johnson Ervine Klein Ed Sauer Lloyd Schmadeke Lloyd Stall Clemens Sundstrom Raymond Volk Lloyd Wampler Ernest White Coach— Wilbur Knight Page 358 R A C K Page 359 a rljeJ)- .a iALo cCct Jjzaxl 7 ' e.-S- cc f Jlo A -c- -ugt- z , Indoor Track II their sudtiesa on the indoor track is any criterion, the 1937 crew of Husker ' lcinder artists should give a brilliant account ol theiflp |mW|l«fwl|tpl|«)|lKloor season is completed. After win- ninr ' d«jr!tjibet3 ' «th ' ' Kahsas and Kansas State by the top- htr tudrgirts ol 79 2-3i ' m| 24 1-3 and 62 to 42 respectively, ' ' ' Hilflkgrs shattered iHejir oVfn all-time scoring record by four JlhtSiiri ■vy:inWing ' , the ' confer enoe indoor meet, as they amassed i " (cnal ol ; $0 (i ainte agairisl ' ' 30lifor Missouri in second place. March 6 in Missouri ' s Brewer field hous ..! ' ' ' • ' ■ " M ' l,, V I ' l ' li ! outstanding perfohwance of the meet was made by Sam Francis, who tossed the shot 51 feet, 11 5-8 inches, to eclipse the record ol 50 feet set by Hugh Rhea in 1932. Matteson, who won the mile run, and Cardwell, who won the 60 yard low hurdles, were other Husker first place winners. Evidence that Ne- braska had a well balanced team was the fact that at least one Nebraska man placed in each event. ' fiuJLo j ,: aoif .clcui4. MutMot€ Uj 4 uLtA 0 LJaf.cCa4 Pago 360 Oac - dje.n ,CaA :6uj tJ jOO( d cia ' TX- lX j lA :! faZa.c£ , (n p . " Outdoor Track Climaxing a season which included duallttHeiM victories over ' Kansas, Oklahoma, Kansas State, and Mianeibia, Coach Henry Schulte ' s 1936 track and field s||i{«MjO|ti«1t coptiired six first places to win the Big Six ConiarBode ' irgin of 71 1-2 to 56 over Kansas, the «jcand:j)lu , :;ol .;en won both dashes. Height wori,|»Jl|j3n yordl ' h| h, hi, rd- well captured the 220 low Francis led in the shot pu ;i ,,i i! Winning events in the Texas RelOiV , ,the |K«naa3, Ryays, and the Drake Relays, several Husker.i ' p fformers gainSd, national recognition. Francis, later to wiri ' a berth on the ' uJympic eam, won the shot put in all three meets, and in addition won the discus throw at Drake. Cardwell won the brood jump at Texas, and both the broad jump and the hop-step-and-jump Jt Kansas. The shuttle hurdle relay team composed oi Gish, Haight. Chapman, and Cardwell, took first place at Kansas, and Cosgrove tied for first in the pole vault at the same meet. - C cuc uU f (XlJ A y) ' aM , L a LcLu-iJ AzLoL i: Ut4. A t , Page 361 ATHLETIC ORGANIZATIONS Page 362 Tv T Proaidenl VIRGIL YELKIN Viceproaidenl SflM FRfiNCIS N " CLUB OFFICERS S«cr«tary ROBERT MEHRING S«rgeant-at-Arm8 FRED SHIREY Paul flmen William flndreson Harris Andrews Wilson Andrews Verl Athey Jack Barry Howard Baker Arthur Ball Robert Benson Robert Belka George Beyers Ed Bignell John Bishop Ivan Borman Charles Brock Robert Brown Lloyd Cardwell William Callihan Warren Calland John Campbell Kenneth Davidson Kelvin Deminy lack Dodd Douglas Dorl Ronald Douglas Elmer Dohrman Theodore Doyle Bert Durkee Jack Ellis Lowell English George Eager Floyd Eubaugh Dan Easterday Don Flasnick Richard Fischer Sam Francis Eldon Franks Perry Franks Benno Funken Floyd Gliesberg Robert Gibbons George Galloway Edwin George William V Glenn Charles Gibbs William Gish John Howell William Herrmann Neal Hill Richard Hagelin James Hutcherson Leland Hale Leonard Hoegemeyer Omar Heins Car! Hopt Ladas Hubka Gerald Hunt Robert Harrison Jene Jack Herald Jacobsen Vincent Jacobson John Krause Richard Leask Ray Larson Sol Levine Ralph Ludwick Lester McDonald Kenneth McGinnis Donovan McDonald Robert Mehring Gordon McEntire Robert Morris Robert Mills Fred Matteson MEMBERS Charles Mowbray Lawrence Nelson Edward Orcutt Robert Parsons Gus Peters Reed Pooro Marvin Plock Walter Pllum Thurston Phelps Lester Pankonin Ben Rimerman Robert Ramey Ralph Reed E. W. Reynolds John Richardson Fred Shirey Robert Stevens Clemens Sundstrom Lloyd Stall Clee Smiley George Seeman Harry Sorensen Lome Simons James Shafer Robert Thornton Jack Thomas Cleveland Trimble Allan Turner Fred Webster Clyde White Ernest White Lloyd Wampler Robert West Donald Wiemer Virgil Yelkin Eugene Zuspann Top Row Hems. Dorl, Hagelin, Barry, Ebough, Leask, Orcull, Doyle, Smith. Reynolds. Fidh Row Peters, Hoegemeyer, West, P Franks, Simons, Poore, Dodd, flmen, Howell. E. While ( ampbell. Fourth Row Williams. Ely. Funken. Reed. Jacobson, Stall. Hutcherson, Thornlon. Herrmann. W. Andrews Matteson. Zuspan. Gibbs. lack, Levine Third Row Dohrman. Wiemer. flndreson. Klaus. Fischer. Pankonin. Mills. Morris. George, Flasnick Sundstrom. Trimble. English, Bollorolf. Second Row Wampler. Funken. Phelps. H Andrews. Bauer. Ramey. Richardson, Marlin, McEntire, Webster. Smiley. Franks. Gish. Liemann. McGinnis. Plock. Bottom Bow Brock Deppin Cardwell. Jones. Mehring, Yelkin. Francis. Shirey. Lyman. Bible Douglas. ? " 3 Corn Cobs OFFICERS President WEB MILLS Vice-president fiUSTIN MORITZ Treasurer EflRL HEDLUND Secretary JIM IVINS MEMBERS William Beezely Don Boehm Art Boye Jim Bunting Will Burney Dave Bernstein D Chadderdon Lyle Christiansen Bill Crittendon Jim Elmore Mart Erk Bill Gray Fred Gund Paul Hart Earl Heady Earl Hedlund lim Ivins Bill Krolik Jim Little Bob Martz Web Mills Austin Moritz George Place John Schreiner Robert Wadhams Paul Wenke Pledges Stan Brewster John Brownlee Rueben Denning Mel Glantz Lawrence Graf Bill Graves Denver Gray Orville Hewitt Frank Johnson Howard Kaplan Frank Kudrna Frank Lawlor Morris Lipp Dick McGinnis Don Moss Clayton Phillips Virgil Poch George Richards Bob Simmons Phil Southwick Ed Sleeves Joe Stephens Paul Wagner Dean Worchester CORN COBS, local chapter of Pi Epsilon Pi, was organized in 1920. Since then its purpose has been to maintain pep in the Univer- sity and to foster school spirit. fls the major part of their activi- ties the Com Cobs attend all pre- game rallies in a body and form the nucleus of the activities. They as- sist at the football games and main- tain a designated cheering section for the members. Each year the or- ganization attends at least one out- of-town football game helping to make closer connections and more friendly feeling between competing schools. This year they made the trip to Lawrence, Kansas, to see the Nebraska-Kansas game. The mem- bers of Pi Epsilon Pi hold their an- nual dinner dance in the Spring. This year there was a reorganiza- tion of the Corn Cobs at the request of the Innocents Society, fl new constitution was adopted to meet the needs of the present situation. Top Row: Boehm, Glantz, Erck, Criltendon. Souders, Place, Simmons, Nimms. Fourth Row Gray, Schreiner. Elmore, Martz, P. Wagner, D. Wagner, Richards. Little. Worcester. Third Row: lohnson, Steeves. Hansen, Thor, Scholield, Brownlee, Gwynne Kreuger, Burney, Kaplan. Second Row Soulhwick, Lipp. Heady. Moss, Boye, Bunting, Barnes, Rosen, Malmsten, Peterson. Bottom Row Beezley, Bond, Malmslon, Bernstein, Moritz, Ivins, Hedlund, Tanlon, Bock, Collins. Page 364 President MfiRGflRET PHILLIPPE Vico-presidont ERMfl BflUER Secretary MflRTHft MORROW Tassels OFFICERS Treanuror BETTY MflGEE Notification Chairman lEftN MfiRVIN Publicity Chairman LOUISE MflGEE Phyllis Baker Ruth Bauder Erma Bauer Eloise Benjamin Genevive Bennet Frances Boldman Delores Bors Pauline Bowen Bonnie Burn fllphia Catania Phyllis Chamberlain Betty Clements Harriet Cummer Doris Eastman Elizabeth Edison Eleanor Eiche Beatrice Eckblad Edith Filley Virginia Fleetwood Marjorie Francis Jean Gorden Virginia Hall Donna Hiatt Janet Hoevei Genevive Holf Mildred Holland Virginia Hyatl Harriet Jackson Birdean Jensen Patricia Jensen Muriel Krasne Helen Leslie Betty Magee Louise Magee Eleanor Moloney Barbara Marston Jean Marvin Mildred Miller Martha Morrow fllene Mullikan MEMBERS Virgir.ij Noil ' -- Jane Pennington Margaret Phillippe Phyllis Robinson Barbara Rosewater Josephine Rubnitz Ruthanna Russell Margaret Saxton Mariorie Schick Selma Schnitler Marion Staley Theresa Slava Jean Stone Jean Swift Olive Von Boskirk Katharine Winquest Jane Walcott Evelyn Zimmer Virginia Geister TMMEDIflTELY recognized on the 1 campus are the members of Tas- sels, honorary girls ' pep organiza- tion, who appear every day on which there occurs an athletic event in their traditional red and white garb. This very active organization is a member of Phi Sigma Chi, a national group, which has a similar purpose, encouraging school spirit. Besides attending all athletic ral- lies, football, and basketball games in a body, their other activities in- clude the selling of tickets for the University Players, for Mortar Board, for the " Cornhusker " ; and ushering at university convocations and con- certs. Membership includes two girls from each sorority; five from Ray- mond Hall, one each from Wilson and Howard Halls; four from the Barb fl.W.S. League, three barbs, and members from the agricultural campus. Filth Row Saxton, Hyatt. Gordon. Bennett, Staley. Clements. Schnilter. Lesley, Russell. Fourth Row Winquist, Marston, Hod. Pennington Baker, Nolle, Moloney, Rubnitz. Bum, lensen. Chamberlain Third Row lackson, lensen, Zimmer, Hall, Walcott Robinson, Bors, Mullikin. Benjamin. Van Boskirk. Hoevet. Cooper. Second Row Miller, Filley. Hiatl. Cummer. Fleetwood, Bow en, Edison. Rosewater, Eastman. Slava. Catania. Bottom Row Francis, Boldman. Marvin, L Magee, Bauer, Phiilippe, Morrow, B Magee. I Stone. Eckblad Page 365 NEBRASKA HAS NO MINOR SPORTS Page 366 Top Row: Minor, Lcask . Krau8«, Stall. Bottom Row Ludwick, Thornton. Hagolin. lones. Barry. Dort. Swimming NEBRASKA S mermen, coached to near-perfection by lack Minor, emerged from the 1936-37 swim tank with only one loss — to Minnesota. The Gopher tanksters handed the Huskers a 49 to 35 reverse. It was all Nebraska in the other splash festivals. Carleton lost 47 to 27. Nebraska rolled up 63 points to Kansas State ' s 12. Iowa State held the short hand of a 53 to 22 deal, Grinnell bowed to a watery defect 55 to 20 and T exas, king of the southwest league, received a 44 to 31 defeat. Coach lack Minor ' s swim stars went on to win the Big Six confer- ence swim meet outright for the first time since 1930, easily outsplashing Iowa State, Kansas and Kansas State. Major lettermen are Jack Barry, Douglas Dort, Richard Hage- lin, Kenneth Jones, Ralph Ludwick and Robert Thornton. John Krause and Richard Leask were awarded minor letters. Wrestling COACH Jerry Adams Cornhusker wrestlers batted .500 this season winning four and tieing one of their nine encounters. Victories came from Missouri 20 to 8, Temple 29 to 3, Navy 16 to 13 1-2 and Iowa 15 1-2 to 14 1-2. On the other side of the ledger are losses to Kansas State 19 1-2 to 9 1-2, Minnesota 19 to 9, Franklin and Marshall 19 to II and Kent State 13 1-2 to 12 1-2. Iowa State and Nebraska tied 14-all. In the Big Six mat tournament the Huskers, suffering from a long east- ern tour, only placed fifth. Letter- men are Don Flasnick, Milbum Knight, Jim Knight, William Luke and Lome Simons. Minor letter win- ners are Gerald Adams, Ed Sauer and Carl Yost. Top Row Flasnick. Simmons. Yost. Sauer. Bottom Row W Kniqht Luke, fldams, I Knighl. Larson l( Hd y w L f kM " M lA w. 1 L. . J Page 367 Men ' s Intramurdls Touch football opened the annual men ' s intromurals compe- tition this year wi[|j, .nearly every Greek letter house on the campus participoimg in the robust pastime, ftcacia, winner ol the jack Best TttopiiV for the 1935-36 year, announced their in- tentions ot retaining the coveted award by annexing the mock footbaJJ sporl farm h?ousi i qame in second and Sigma Chi third.,; ' ' ' I ' Vi ' li ' ' |l ' |l ' |K fjljphci Tau Ojhe a ' llsHlaifhetil. their way to a championship in fne water pfWdl ' sbrife ' to lake over the crown worn by Phi Kdppa Pqi Ibs r yedr!i| SigtTwa fiilpbia Epsilon and Sigma Nu fol- Ipfw d, flfrtt iri,iSeqdr]id and thit d :pl a ;es respectively. Facing ,(J , ' $ii;(iiw :,ii( id|, Sigma Alpha Epsilon managed to win the al)|(;o riIJa)i!9|b, ' i|0qpcia placed second and Sigma Phi Epsilon | jii iti. ' i|i, ' l. Tha ' ihtVamurals rifle shDoi ' ' won last year by Delta Upsilon, attracted a huge throng this season as Phi Gamma Delta scored enough " bulls-eyes " to gain first place, Sigma Nu second and Delta Upsilon third. Basketball, always the favorite winter sport among the fraterniiies, brought carloads of amateur hoopmen to the coli- seum nightly. The cage experts from Sigma Nu successfully weathered the stiff competition in Class " fl ' to win the cham- pionship. Delta Tau Delta came out second best and Alpha Tau Omega third. Ar ' sljQcukc joo StF jyn -S ' maS7f Zl aA ' A ' Va k::Jt page 358 Men ' s Intramurdls Volley ball honors went to Phi Kappa Psi who replaced Beta Theta Pi as champions. Sigma Phi Epsilon ranked second and SflE placed third. Favorite pastime on the inlramurals calendar proved to be bowling, introduced last year. Delta Upsilon made a desperate to retain the championship here but the flcacia keg- glers upset the pins to take ovs iithe honor. DU placed second followed by Phi Delta Theto. ' , Alpha Tau Omega proved to be tops in foul circle shooting and won the basketball Itee throw. Hcacia came in second and Delta Upsilon and Sigma Phi Epsilotl tied for third. Sigma Alpha Mu had no trouble in disposing of a large ' .•.■-• d of lour- wall artists and subsequently laid claim on the sndball tournament which it has monopolized lor seven years i! of nine Second place SAE and third place Sigma Phi f ' p- ilon followed SflM in the final rankings !i, Beta Sigma Psi won. the horseshoe tourney with the tossers ' .r- ' m Kappa Sigma coming in second. With Softball, goll; ' , ' tennis and tracks yet to be completed. the race for the Ia«;1c Best Trophy is wide open flcacia, Sigma Nu, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Alpha Tau Omega are bidding strongly lor the 1936-37 title. Phi Alpha Delta won the Delta Sigma Rho debate gavel from the Sigma Alpha Mu debaters after the SflMs had retained the coveted gavel for three years. lAK s i cuidUM M t " -I Uu 7 ' 6-a A£a fu WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS Paga 370 W. A. A. Executive Council Pn.-..r.K-M, Vico-prcaidont Socretary Treasuror lEflNME PALMER MARY YODER MARY ELIZABETH DICKEY MARIE KATOUC Cabin Chairman and Concessions Manager RUTH FULTON Assislanl Concessions Chairman HARRIET JACKSON Point System Chairman VERA WEKESSER Activities Chairman PAULINE BOWEN Expansion Chairman IDELLA IVERSON Publicity Chairman BONNIE BURN Mimeograph Chairman FRANCES BOLDMAN " Cornhuslcer " Chairman. PATRICIA LAHR AIMING to " promote athletic activ- ity to the end of higher physical efficiency through participation in recreational sports activity, to create a spirit of good sportsmanship, and to promote health and an interest in sports, " the Women ' s Athletic As- sociation offers all women of the uni- versity a program of varied sports activity. The Council of the W.fl.fl. super- vises the work of the Intramural Board and of the Sports Clubs, fit an annual fall mass meeting a cup is given to the intramural group which earned the highest number of points in the competition of the pre- vious year. New activity of the organization this year is the awarding of two twenty-five dollar scholarships each semester to women worthy of the honor. Bases for the award are scholarship, participation in sports activities, and financial need. The W.fl.fl. cabin, located near Lincoln, was used during the year for or- ganization outings and entertain- ment, and it is always available for the use of all women students. Other activties of the group include the circulation of a W.fl.fl. Handbook among freshmen women and the management of concessions at foot- ball games. The Nebraska W.fl.fl. is a member of the Women s Division of the Na- tional Amateur flthletic Federation and of the flmerican Federation of College Women. It is through this national organization plus the local group, that the women of the uni- versity are offered the various sports which go to make up their large program. This program includes swimming, dancing, archery, tennis, rifle shooting, and outing activities. Top Row Bowen. Fulton. Jackson. Second Row: tverson. Wekesser. Lahr. Burn. Ho " rr. Row HirWov Pnlm r YnH ' V " Page 371 Top Row: Wertman, Huwaldt. fackson. SchicK. Bottom Row: Anderson Bowen, Riisness, Palmer, Griiiith. W. A. A. Sports Board W. A. A. Intramural Board THE Sports Board of the Women ' s Athletic flssociotion is comprised of those girls in charge of intramural sports and sports clubs. In its di- rection of various sports the Sports Board is, in turn, under the super- vision of the Executive Council of the W.fl.fl. It is the duty of each board member to arrange tourna- ments, schedule games, and be re- sponsible for the management of the sport. During the season for the sport it is she v ho calls meetings of intramural representatives to ex- plain to them the competition and arrange for games. The faculty ad- visor assists members of the Sports Board in determining rules for com- petition and in supervising tourna- ment games. TO keep every organized group on the campus informed and in- terested in sports activities, the W.A.fl. Intramural Board was formed. Its members, one from ev- ery organized intramural group on the campus, relay information be- tween the Council and Sports Board and the separate intramural groups, supervise the general sports activity of the respective organizations, and enter teams in various types of com- petition throughout the school year. There are, in all, some eight or ten sports in which these groups can participate, and for each sport, in its season, there is a supervised tourna- ment. The vice-president of W.fl.fl., intramural chairman, is also respon- sible for seeing that those who par- ticipate comply with the require- ments set by the Sports Board and Executive Council. Top Row: Baker, Magee. Kovanda. Glenn. Second Row; Steele, Anderson, Clements, Polonsky, Lichliter. Bottom Row: Bowen, White. Yoder, Palmer. Robinson, Jackson. Page 372 rtiiu(2tcJ.JLyvuf CXvu Uji l a cfJi ' Page 373 l«lkl.l.kLLL 0» NI6RAt " A To t.-«» «r la l«UtRc TMb: To brlnf ii-» t r,l» itd version of tfc« rrttical »r« of tfce ca rua la ■ rrvolation, for it no « »ra th» co«r i«ttoB of a r«ar ' taak, but it flvra to you your record of tb« •c ool yaar, I h v« verkad tb« antir yar lth tet ona DOint tn Infl: lo ii»»B tHa yaar fro« bacovlnit " tha lata achool yaar, that ia. to rublUt) ta th 460 Mfra. tAat -latarlal r,lcb alU anatl you t« racall your Ufa In the nmvaralty t««titr, tHrty, or forty ye ra fro« Boa. la (the t»eoty-fi»a »ore faithful cavbera of y otaff and I ; lat aa Bsaura you the ixib- lication of micb a Xioot ia £oi • otse- aji Job ' haw triad to rut a arything Into tba took . th«t t«lcn d tbara, arvl at tta a«a« tlca, raka it a book ttat yeu •111 ka«p aa your fulda to bat-«y-llfa-in-cellege-«ae. And to «ltt tbaae aiplenatory orila, I ' ll ]uat airlain tbst I «uat main, Combiiiker lntly ycura. Editor, 19S7 Page 374 €4 1 l VBKEIL UNIvtQtiTV Of ' NtbnA KA siMiOH A In a delusloned atat of Tlnd I ' m Trritlng thia erlirtle to inaut irata a claaalc — In being nble to B»rve aa « atoot;; for thn benefit of the thoiifandB who cheer for CORKMHSXraS. It hna been a fall iTpreaalon forrod unon hparaay. that the Bualnoea aid of the yearKjoW la piBvy, Let It ba known — there la no other roaltlon Tore tiring, more twrdenaoTO. »or« nelne- taklng and with a roro honeat rearonalbil Ity . TMa yeor ok la bvjllt to brlnn the fullneaa of the I ' nlveralty of Nobrnaka to the front— a t to eaueeie fro wnauapecting etudenta e wlte of filthy lucre. It la ao budgeted ae to serely pey for Itaelf. then you nutcheee your oory early In the fall and orgnnliatlona eld in fraying exreneae, It le all a purt of the ilnlirlied financial burden aaked of the etudent for their own product. In cloalng let Te leeve with you thie thought. ■Sotreday you will recall a epoi you oni-e experienced a nleaaant good fortune while at College — can It be that your eourca will be • C WiHliSKCT for the proud •esent of reflectlonT " Inevitable caeee will " lee and you ' ll eoproclete the fact that a record aele was vade of Cri(U;HU6KrH8 end thet the advcrtleing record will never be beaten for long year to coae. All tMa for you to»ed Onea who read forewer the crrviHTeittR of i9?7. ily they eervant (Z- -if. FORECAST OF CAMPUS ACTIVITIES Page 375 utstanding in NEBRASKA ANTII ■■•ATlXli Iho iioimIk of voiinji f4»lk f4»r r ? ' oar! i . . . roadv al all iiiiio)! . L i n r o I II fTlTl I FP L PATnF Nebraska Paga 376 ou DON ' T AVE IT. ' - Government statistics show that out of a given number of men 25 years of age, 85 per cent of those reaching the age of 65 are dependent on public or private charity. Contrast their ghastly existence with the happy retirement years of the few who have money to travel, to do what they want to do, and to live where they desire. Those few made definite plans when younger. They didn ' t gamble on a scheme; they selected an easy, systematic saving plan which guaranteed future security. There is no plan as easy, certain, and complete as life insurance. See your Bankers Life representative now. Be that one of the five. tubliihed m i s«7 BANKERS LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEBRASKA HOME OmCE LINCOLN OUR FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY YEAR Forecast of Campus Activities at the UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA Published by THE CORNHUSKER under the direction of Sidney C. Baker, Business Manager, lor the interest of students who are not fully acquainted with activities, their organization, purposes and benefits as they operate at the University of Nebraska. Cartoons by Edmund Steeves. Edited by " Pat " Lahr. CALENDAR OF EVENTS Freshman Day Parties for women students Registration for new students First semester classes begin University Reception — All student s — Morrill Hall —CLOSED NIGHT Freshman Convocation Tea for University Girls — Ellen Smith Hall Dean of Women and Staff Presidi ng fill University Church Night— CLOSED NIGHT FOOTBALL GAME— Freshmen— Sept. 25 Reception — Ag College students — Activities Building All University Church Sunday Girls ' All Activities Tea— Ellen Smith Hall FOOTBALL GAME— Minnesota— Lincoln— Oct. 2 University Players — Temple Theater FOOTBALL GAME— Oklahoma— Lincoln— DADS DAY —Oct. 16 First six v eeks reports College of Business Administration Recognition Ban- quet FOOTBALL GAME- Indiana— Lincoln— Oct. 30 International Friendship Banquet University Players v eek — Temple Theater Class Suspension — Armistice Day Celebration Coed Counselor Dinner — Armory FOOTBALL GAME— Kansas University— L i n c o 1 n— HOMECOMING— Nov. 6 Homecoming Party — Coliseum — CLOSED NIGHT FOOTBALL GAME— Iowa University— Lincoln— Nov. 20 Kosmet Klub Revue Thanksgiving Vacation — Allah! Allah! Military Ball— Coliseum— CLOSED NIGHT Second six weeks reports University Players — Temple Theater Mortar Board Party— Coliseum— CLOSED NIGHT " The Messiah " or " The Elijah " — University Chorus Christmas vacation begins and ends, so help me! Registration Second Semester for resident students University Players — Temple Theater Comhusker Costume Party for Women — Armory First Semester final examinations Registration for new students Second Semester classes begin Interfraternity Ball— Coliseum— CLOSED NIGHT Charter Day University Players — Temple Theater Coed Counselor Penny Carnival — Armory Junior-Senior Prom— Coliseum— CLOSED NIGHT First six weeks repxirt University Players — Temple Theater Page 378 Spring vacation — Ah! Spring and the Easter parade! Coed Follies — Temple Theater Orchesis Dance Group — Spring Recital University Players — Temple Theater Honors Convocation Second six weeks report Ivy Day College Days Farmers ' Fair Y. W. C. A. May Morning Breakfast Registration for Fall Semester for resident students Second Semester final examinations Baccalaureate Sermon Sixty-Seventh Annual Commencement CONTENTS CHAPTER I Student Government CHAPTER II Senior Honoraries CHAPTER III Publications CHAPTER IV School Spirit CHAPTER V Athletics for Women CHAPTER VI Scholastic Honoraries CHAPTER VII College of Arts and Science Activities CHAPTER VIII Agricultural College Activities CHAPTER IX Department of Military Science CHAPTER X Extra-Curricular Organizations CHAPTER XI Religious Organizations . . . from Fn ' shiiiun Day l« (!omiiuMU ' rm»Mil . . . you ' ll liinl l{iMl ;e " ' s ready to serve oii. Vie have the supplies vou need to make studyinj; easier, more effieient. And n»- have apparel to make -ollef;e days iiay. e hileralin :l Our merrhan«lise is prieed for the up-to-the- iiiiiiute eolh ' fie man and woman. Vi e invite you to shop here for our needs. f;ifl and luxuries. 3 iiiidli(i ( (Siiii©niis(ell C®. Page 379 FOREWORD " Coming events cast their shadows be- fore! " The shadows of future campus life have been cast. Their dies have been collected. These collections have been re- corded. With these records one may easily profit by the revealed events forecast in the following chapters. The old adage, " all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy " is well applied to University life. No one attends the Univer- sity without adopting himself to one or several of the splendid fraternities or clubs. These organizations are established for the purpose of furthering the social, political, and economic aspects of University students in a practical manner, rather than through theoretical principles expounded from a platform or graphed on a blackboard. " Let ' s play " is the phrase recognized by all stu- dents to break away from the inevitable routine created by educational theory. " Let ' s play " indicates the presence of the zero hour for " coking " . Playing might also be interpreted as a form of working on a proj- ect in some organization or taking part in a Kosmet Klub Show. The forecast is written to direct the interests of students into those organizations from which the may most naturally obtain a practical value in later life. In gathering the material that follows, it was necessary to go into the archives of every active organization and discover the achievements of the past, as well as inquire into the programs outlined for the main- tenance of each organization in the future. These programs are listed according to the nature and functions of each organization. When in Omaha — PASTRY SHOP 1617 I ' ariiaiii Si. Fine Pastries Suinhviclies Salads Fountain Drinks OLD ENGLISH INN 5001 Dodf.M St. Excellent Meals Courteous Service Friendly Folks Easy Parkinji Air-(]oiulitioiied piquqs C O h " l A ' " i WiUuir (Web) Joiies. U. of N. 1910 ' V. y-o 5ETTEP.CL0TME5 BETTER LIVING- CHAPTER ONE STUDENT GOVERNMENT STUDENT COUNCIL, the supreme legisla- tive, judicial, and executive organ of the student body. This student elected body ore looking forward to the completition of the UNION BUILDING, the brain child of AG EXECUTIVE BOARD, supervisor of stu- dent functions on the College of Agricul- ture Campus. The Board acts in a similar capacity on the Ag Campus as does the Student Council over all City Campus activities. Their bright lights will be a ADVERT SB. A COLLEQE " PUT MORE ' STUFr ON THE nALL every Student Council since 1931. Tholr efforts will be bent in the supervision of all Campus Activities carried on in the UNION BUILDING. It is the aim of the Council to establish better student gov- ernment without shady politics. successful Farmers ' Formal, a cheerful Christmas Party, and a feverish Spring Party. Incidental functions are expected momentarily. LINCOLN SCHOOL OF COMMERCE 5:ir l YEAR .4 Professional School of Business Traiiiinji for Hijih Sehool and College Graduates In Linci h at 14 H Sircfti: Page 382 I !• YOU CAN ALWAYS TRUST TO New Peak Value TO GIVE YOU THE MOST FOR YOUR MONEY SUITS— TOP COATS in Style-Tested Fashions for Young Men! $1750 and $2250 aw )t)l iif I ' ll li I I ' fi lhr ( fi iir rlotlii ' - to k nou tliat tli« s« luiniUoinrl} (:itlt r« l rldllif )Kt - :) spfriiil ili tinrtion Kirli in color — -injirt in -t lr anil ox r Mlinyl Ion;: m earing. KxporlU tailorr l in sin;:l( or douhlc f)rra «l( l nio lrls in plain or Kport harks. BARB A.W.S. LEAGUE has given impetus I : barb activities and, may the CORN- HUSKER add, a real opportunity for non- Greek coeds with ability. Its ambition is to be a medium of benefit between cam- pus events and members. Whereas, there is a point system to limit monopoly of A.W.S., operates under sex coed-cycles. This broad-cast service circulates on the ether waves of vision. The remote control of A.W.S. takes the form of an investigation bureau. Their responsibility is that of beating up members for the " Campused Register " . Numerous are the culprits that these sleuths bring into court each Friday afternoon. However, A.W.S. board mem- offices by one girl; strangely enough, this board has one which encourages partici- pation in campus (don ' t say politics!) ac- tivities. bers would be ruffled if no mention were made of their other responsibilities, which include Coed Follies, annual style skit show, Cornhusker Costume Party, and an Activities Tea for all coed Amazons in that whirl. PC199 383 Pags 384 i. BARB INTERCLUB COUNCIL evidently has lears thai unattihated men may lack work conducive to muscle building, for it has assured them of an intramural tournament as strenuous as any stevedore would choose for his leisure moments. Their hopes for the future center around arous- ing more interest among students in the Cornhusker ' Hops ' , so that admirers of popular dance bands may see and dance to them on this campus without having to twirl the dials of the radio or set the needle on the records of their favorite " swingsters ' . BIZAD EXECUTIVE COUNCIL represents the brain trust ' of students in the College of Business Administration. Most famous re- sponsibility of this group is Bizad Day, annual ' shindig ' of the college which each year threatens to surpass itself. Its inter ests also include production of the " Bizad News ' and a Bizad Honors Convocation which gives due credit to those that de- serve it. Its Cadwalladers Style (]omJbinsicL with. Quality FURS 129 So. 12th St. LINCOLN NEBR. Pag 38S BRANDEIS SsUfuLbuCL Con lcknimLTlobLh) Mary College DO VOr KNOW when- to riiiil dainty I ' rofks with t ' t ' iiiiiiiiir t ' l-ills? Chiiriiiiiig sport rrc- atioiis with just the ritrht air of casual smartness? And all those other d;ishiny: styles for ex- eitiiiK springtime oc- casions? IN OUR SECOND FLOOR APPAREL SHOPS, OF COURSE. -and Charley University DO YOl KNOW where j= ( • 9k »() find tlie classi ' St tics 4 jJ A. in town? The snaj)- i fljj piest shirts, the smart- k J ■ ■ ■ est |)ajamas, socks an l 1 fl " all those things you w. ; M need for that " .just V m right " appearance? Oi: M 1 IN OUR FIRST FLOOR MENS FURNISHINGS SHOP. COED COUNSELOR BOARD aims to dispel all the big ' bogies ' which may frighten freshmen women when they come down to Lincoln. By ' bogies ' we mean all false impressions and prejudices that rumor and the ' Rag ' might have given them, such as 12:30 nights and pin hangings. These Big Sisters not only see their new friends through the maze of registration but also entertain them at a banquet, which next year, girls, will be at good old Ellen Smith Hall. Add to this a portion of Freshmen Hobby Groups, and a Penny Carnival, and you have the Coed Counselors. ENGINEERING EXECUTIVE BOARD is an- other group that is fond of superimposing taxes on the students. (They are favoring an engineering activity tax.) These build- ers of bridges oversee all elections of the college to make them fair and square, plan Engineer ' s Week (watch out, you lawyers), and monthly convocations to bring to all those additional sparks of knowledge. Pa9« 386 ■Bi One Hundred Years Ago John Deere Gave to the World the Steel Plow Tm IMF year wav 1K.S7. Ihc place, drarnJ Denuir, Illinois. John Deere, the village blacksmith, hati been chailenfjed . . . His friend, Lewis Oanilall, had threatened to " go back liast if you can ' t build nic a plow that ' ll scour. " John Deere was worried, for well he knew that Lewis Oanilall ' s prt bleni was the problem of the bustling West. He had heard the talk of sturdy pi«»neers up and down the wagon trails. " It ' s the richest soil that lies outdoors, " they said, " hut no pluw ' ll ever turn it, once the sod is broken. " No need to tinker with the cast-iron and w M d plows brought from the Last, concluded Deere. Only a plow with a highly-polished surface could scour its way through this sticky soil. . , . . highly-polished surface, musetl the bl.itk- smith. Fortunate, indeed, that the sun shone brightly the morning John IX-cre went to the community ' s saw- mill to repair a broken shaft. Its brilliant rays bounced from the polished surface of a broken saw- blade into the alert eyes of John Deere. Wait . . . that ' s it . . . steel . . . steel for plows ... no soil could stick to that smooth surface. Day and night he worked, perfecting his great idea . . . building the plow of his dreams. Into the lield he took it . . . back to his shop for changes . . . out again and back again, until he knew it was right. A memorable day it was when, surrounded by skeptics and well-wishers, John l ;ere turned a clean furrow with his new steel plow. He had conquered the prairie soil ... he had given new hope to the pioneers of the West ... he had made possible the permanent settling tt( a great enipire. Now, Lewis Oandall could stay and farm his rich acres. • • • • • Little did John Deere realize that his name was to be burned deep into the history of agricultural prog- ress. Humble, yet proud of his workmanship . . . practical, yet with vision enough to sense the needs of the times, he built plows that set the standard of plow quality the world over. " I ' ll never put my name on an implement that hasn ' t in it the best that is in me, " John Deere once said. That was his ruling pride, the ideal which has guided the organization that bears his name today. Eleven great factories, building equipment for every farming operation . . . branch houses in every princi- pal farming area . . . thousands of dealers selling and servicing John Deere goods — these are the living, thriving monuments to the man who gave to the world the steel plow, one hundred years ago. John Deere Plow Co., Omaha, Nebr. Page 38 " BARB COUNCIL, governing board for all Barb activities, yearly supervises the Var- sity Parties held in the fall season at the Coliseum. Their especial desire is to bring the more pop ular in modern dance bands the High Monkey-Monks in the masculine sphere of activities. These thirteen men, each one a B.M.O.C, (Campus Big Shot), in his own right, dabble in almost every- to the campus. Their more noble goal is to maintain equality between the Greeks and the non-Greeks, fraternity and non- fraternity members, so that elections will not be scarred with re-echoing blows of the fraternities and the " barbarians " . CHAPTER II SENIOR HONORARIES INNOCENTS? from the day that they first receive red devils to wear under their lapels to the following spring when they roughly " tap " their successors, aim to be thing, but especially in the matter of school spirit, (which is quite a problem, they say). From rallies to Homecoming Day, we wager that if you looked for enough, that you would find on Innocent directing the maneuvers. STUDEBAKER HOLDS THE SPOTLIGHT THE HEADLINE CAR OF ALL NEW CARS IN E C O N O M Y . . . S A F E T Y . . . S M A RT STYLE Debrown auto sales CO. LINCOLN, NEBRASKA O IVI A H A , N E B R AS K A Pag 368 P GOOD REASONS why ROYAL is student America ' s ROYAL IS EASIER! Onlv Ko al has Tcuicli ( onirol . Only on a RoMil can V(iu instantly, visihiy match the key- tension to your own ex- act finger-pressure! ROYAL IS FASTER! HoNals famous .Acct ' lc- rtitin Ivpehar Action increases your speed. Strike the keys of the Royal easily, naturally — the response is instant. ROYAL IS MORE COM- FORTABLE! Royals I ' inder (Comfort Keys fit the fin(!er-tips! Non- glare, with white letters on hlack. they miniinize e c-strain. ROYAL IS MORE CON- VENIENT! i; cr%thin|( ' is scientifically central- ized " ! ou use each con- trol on a l (i al instinc- ti el ' — e en if -ou have never typed before! ROYAL IS STURDIER! The Roval I ' ortahle is built for a lifetime of service. The mechanism is protected throu)(hout by an exclusive method, against dust and dirt. ' These and many other amazing improvrmtnts add to your wrilimg pttasurt. STUDENTS! You cant beat a Royal Port- able! Perfect typinfi! Faster! Easier than writing by hand! It ' s your typewriter- handsome, modern! Designed, constructed to help you write well — quickly! Using a Royal Portable is simplicity itscH . . . Because, for many of you, your new Royal will be your first typewriter! And it ' s the sturdiest built of all portables . . . Because you ' ll use it for years to come! Choose notr from three models, e ach com- plete with a smart, all-weather carrying case. See these Royal Portables — try them at your nearest Royal dealer ' s store. OR — use the coupon below. The tforal Portahle ii made ama gHOranleed by the world ' s larfrti company devoted exetnupety to the manmlactmre at Ivpeterilers. Factory; Hartlord, Conn own ROYAL AHV you OWN r.pyrlk-liT, BUY IT ON EASY PAYMENTS! A tmall down pay- m« n — ond any Royal is yours fo us . Pay balance in amounts os liHI as 75c to $1.25 a weak. depending upon the model selected. The Royal Porfob e Deluxe — the portable with everyfhingl ROYAL - W PORTABLE U A y TOUCH CONTROL NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER COMPANY PhMt i-nsr IJI Ntrth tttk SlTKl LiiMli. Nckraikj now 1 can own a Quota libvral g nuin« tra««Mn Royii On vaay «MO«raf c« OM „ S«ri«l Number ... Mrrtr . . .... .. S Page 389 IIKMIIHE SCHOOI, l»APKHS JAMTOU SI l»PLIES PIAYGROIM) FOl II ' MKNT l DITOKIl M SI. TI (; TKXT HOOKS }y 1.I. in IH.ISIIERS I.IHRMIV BOOKS BLIS V.OKK AM) 1i: ( III.US Sl ' PPUES Oiualia School Supply Co. ' Ererytkittfi for Schools " () ' M T! . p:bhask For Over 50 Years The Evans has kept the students at Ne- braska looking spic and span. Whether the need be laundry or dry cleaning and whatever the garment. The . ' students know it will come back from the Evans the way they want it. 4 It-6961 .iiM.l.rir- m B CX %yWSm 0 Cleaners I.; 0 333 North I2ih Sim-.- I}m6 i tnn ' fuirnt f ' » thf i tirnftii YOUR LINCOLN SI ORE Shop (it Scars ami Savt ' I W luTf I ' rirfs are llivays Low and Qnalily Always High SEARS. ROEBUCK •AND CO. i(n I " O " St. Liiu-oln, Nel)r. Your Jewelry Reflects Your Taste Jewelry purchased at this store carries with it the guarantee oi style and quahty DIAMONDS— WATCHES— SILVER —CLOCKS and JEWELRY SARTOR JEWELRY CO. 1301 " O " St. Lincoln, Nebraska MORTAR BOARD, the answer to every activity woman ' s prayer, is what Schiapa- relli means to fashion experts, the " tops " in women ' s honoraries. They are terribly in earnest about the question of co-ds in political conspiracy for their own selfish ( OU ? K interests. It just isn ' t the thing done among demure girlsl Other perplexing responsi- bilities include teas and teas, an Activities Conference, and Ivy Day, which each year witnesses the coronation of that mystery v oman, the May Queen. Hiefresklng! You will look better, feel better, be better, when you put on your expertly cleaned and reshaped clothes — if we do it. - call - I5UTLER ' S CLEANERS M1679 One Day Service Ftt- -,-t i CA ' -Ti oud or.« =■ " = " ' ■, on e minute - ; °p,,udoi ,. - " ' ° Ids « ' ' t ' Oe P ' - " .LJ i Vvf ri fOR .t ■ ' i m % Page 391 §n. the Jail 3n. the Spring 9n tke Winter Leo Beck-Eddie Jungbluth and their Orchestra " Russ Gibson, " directing AS ALWAYS CAMPUS FAVORITES OfisiA. all ... . " 9Jtl. JthsL OjuihsidJbuDLJthaL maAcJL ihsL OfgaVu vi CHAPTER III PUBLICATIONS THE DAILY NEBRASKAN libels all, is rightly called the " Rag " , and sometimes deserves obloquy. Otherwise, we admit that campus life would not be complete without its daily appearance. Whether it prints the THE AWGWAN monthly publishes what their staff entitles a humor magazine. (Please note that we in no way verify their belief). Most widely read of its pages is the Gore Column, so called because whole truth and nothing but the truth, it matters not; for it daily captures important phases in university life and puts them down in cold print for posterity to read with awe and wonder. whoever is there found in black and white emerges with his character stained and sullied. This production also serves as an outlet for jokes cracked on other campi, and which should never be uttered again in the opinion of these authors. Page 392 QonxficduLcddonA. io ihsL QlaJkA, o 3 7 FIRST NATIONAL BANK NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE CONTINENTAL NATIONAL BANK LINCOLN CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION Page 333 American Printing Co. American Supply Co. FOR UNUSUAL PRINTING : Fine Letterheads, Exqiusite Booklets, Handsome ProgTams, Invi- tations and Announcements. Our Stocks, Types, Illustrations, Inks, Presswork, etc. are " Mixed with Brains, Sir. " ' Anirriffin frintina Pavs " 130 No. 19ih Lincoln, IVebr. THE CORNHUSKER yearly makes a big attempt to put out an annual that will rival all others. The staff has enough time to accomplish this, — one year. By the time that the reader has reached this section, he will have an idea of the book ' s worth. So, far be it from this staff to .give a critical analysis, something that would doubtless be useless. HERZBERGS 151V Uoii«li,, SirccI Omaha s exclusive stttrv fnr EI.I.Y iK i i{i:.ssi:.s GOTn. .M GOI.U STRIPK HOSE CAROLYN MODES KK (;SIIIKK COATS STl I)l STVI.IS sii;r,s() HATS And iiiiinj iillnT iiclvortiKccI in Iriulin magazines Page 394 FOR GAY WEEK ENDS IN OMAHA HOTEL PAXTOTV jV-v «• " Attractive Private Rooms for Sorority and Fraternity Parties Music at Lunch and Dinner in Main Dining Room Dancing Saturday Until 2 A.M. ALL PUBLIC SPACES AIR CONDITIONED Pago 395 I OK COKRECTNESS -ifi- YOITNG MENS CLOTHING -set D AMDSON-HANSEN CI.OTHIEKS 133 So. 13 B5678 w E SMART WEAR ky TOR WOMEN Vj " 12221324 O STREET College Shop First Tioor A store recognized for authentic fashions and dependable qual- ity . . . by the best dressed women of Nebraska. HARRINGTON REALTY CO. Real Estate Insurance Loans W ' ciriHiiliT II a prlvlliKP ii. Iiflp ymi with ymr reiil e«tHt ? pro! lcm8. Cr nsult us I Sharp Blcl; ., Lincoln, Nebraska Phone B-3277 30 YEARS OF SERVICE TO NEBRASKANS DO I ' . IIVHKINGTO R. K. HARRINGTON For Laundry and Dry Cleaning The Student ' s Choice — is — Globe Laundry B-6755 1124 L CORNHUSKER COUNTRYMAN springs from the heart of the College of Agriculture. Its monthly issues print news of interest to farmers and students, who came to Ne- braska to learn how the experts in the art of farming do it. This magazine has had an appalling growth since its origin, and we give it our support. THE STUDENT DIRECTORY is an impartial list, alphabetical, of all who enrolled in the University of Nebraska this year. Edited and managed by students ap- pointed by the Y.M.C.A., this little yellow book includes besides your ' moniker ' or ' handle ' where you came from, your col- lege, affiliation and class. GREEN ' S WALL PAPER PAINTS - - GLASS Artisrs SiipitlioK Gifts 1527 O Street Page 396 Capital Filling Station 17th " O " Streets OPEN ALL NIGHT B-6450 B-6450 NEBRASKA BLUE PRINT is in its thirty-sixth year of publication. It must have some merit or the Engineers would have cen- sored it long ago. (We have been told that these Engineers are antagonistic, nay bellicose). Anyhow, when the men who span the world with bridges and then stoop to slander the lawyers have any- thing to say, they print it in this magazine. (iiill Barher Shop JACK and (;kne holmes Holmes Kecrealioii Fiiniam at I61I1 Direct Wire on All S Jifrtinf: Kvrnts Billiard.-. r.u-k.-t Billiani. STUART LINCOLN ORPHEUM Lincoln ' s Favorite Theatres EXTENDS ITS COMPLIMENTS TO THE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS AND ASSURES THEM THAT OUR EFFORTS ARE CONSTANTLY MADE TO SECURE THE HIGHEST TYPE ENTERTAINMENT FOR THEIR ENJOYMENT JLOWKK arrai (;ements Crfillfil llr DANIELSON FLORAL CO. !.i(k Mr.-, I I ' JMMip H.22.U 1 |N( HI . HtK K Pag» 397 We have made candy in Lincoln for forty-two years. All of the art and science which enters into candy mak- ing has been developed and improved until today Gillen ' s Candies are the finest that can be found anywhere. From our years of experience in candy-making we have evolved for- mulas that delight the taste, please the eye, and cause that expression, " My, this candy is delicious. " Our aim is to always make better candy. This is constantly being done. Every year finds our line of candy better than the year before. GILLEN S BONEY " Goo J Oandy Makers " LINCOLN, NEBRASKA THE BIZAD NEWS, quarterly publication of the students of business, tells " who ' s who ' and ' what ' s what ' in their sphere of ac- tivity. The innocent man on the .sidelines would suppose that the groans of the students in the awful ' Biz Org. ' class would be sufficient to fill it from cover to cover. But, they who know say that other notes of interest wend their way into i ts pages. THE NEBRASKA LAW BULLETIN is pro- duced by the men who wear Homburgs and smoke those reeking cigars, the law- yers to you. Of course, in this publication, put out each quarter, the future members of the bar are in their more serious mo- ments, such as they rarely are except in those famous ' cram sessions ' , occurring once a semester. THE PRAIRIE SCHOONER is the cradle for those that always wished to be authors or poets. In addition to this burning desire to be a mighty wielder of the pen, those who have that inimitable stuff, called style, and some worthwhile thought to express can usually ' crash ' into the list of contributors. There are other qualifica- tions. Ask Mr. Wimberly, if you are inter- ested. Page Old S cidA, - Tkiv SAcudA, - Unds ' hadA. LET ' S MEET HERE! Perfect Service for Teas — Dinners — Dances Unexcelled Banquet Facilities 3iesiau.raais O arty Hloonns— Sleeping !J(ooms and 3allroom. ir -Conditioned " 0M4H4 ' S h ElCOME TO THE WORLD " Page 399 ABL€ J. }{. POLICK. Mgr. Phone B-2772 221-231 No. 14 VAN SAJNT SCHOOL OF BUSINESS In il forly- evenlh year «f cdiiralional and plaremenl service • • CO-EDUCATIONAL Day and Evening Summer classes will form June 7. July 5, August 2 • • VAN SANT PLACEMENT BUKEAU No fees lo employer or employed • • IO E C. DUFFY, Owner 207 So. 19tli Sirr.i JA-5890 OMAHA CHAPTER IV SCHOOL SPIRIT CORN COBS, the pep organization for men, this year almost faced the firing squad, when the Innocents accused it of in- efficiency. Although the Pi Epsilon Pi ' s, that ' s what they ' re called in national society, fell into the frying pan, they saved their constitution and have been given another chance to show their worth on this campus. May they arouse school spirit to the fighting pitch next yearl TASSELS, perhaps the most widely known organization, personifies feminine interest in the intercollegiate athletics. By their participation in rallies, ticket drives, foot- ball and basketball games, they have contributed much to the school morale. r " (Castle. Roper Matthews :. 11. Kori.K .so.NS B-6501 THoAjUcianA. -:- ClmJbulanaL Qualifications for membership include a pair of active legs (they must cover much ground), a never daunted spirit, and an undying persistence in salesmanship. Next year will find them on their toes and anxious to help again in all drives for projects of student benefit. Fag« 00 mODERn FERTURES make modern Cars You Need Chevrolet ' s New Hiqh- Compression Valve-in-Head Engine So good that it gives you both 85 horsepower You Need Chevrolet ' s New All-Silent All-Steel Body The first all-steel bodies combining silence with safety. You Need Chevrolet ' s Perfected Hydraulic Brakes The smoothest, safest, most dependable brakes ever You Need Chevrolet ' s Improved Gliding Knee-Action Ride So safe — so comfortable — so different You get all these features at lowest cost only in CHEVROLET FOR ECONOMICAL TRANSPORT ATION CHEVROLET DEALERS OF NEBRASKA, WESTERN IOWA AND SOUTHERN SOUTH DAKOTA. THE ONLY COMPLETE CAR - PRICED SO LOW Page 401 CHAPTER V ATHLETICS FOR WOMEN WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION offers to the co-eds an opportunity to develop their interests in sports. Its fuure appears to be as filled with activity as its past, in which the W. A. A. has managed stadium concessions, built a log cabin, and spon- sored an intramural program. When next fall rolls around, the directing Council hopes to promote a recreational program for both men and women, to assist in a program of athletics for high school girls, and to offer more ' Fun Days, ' or parties featuring mixed sports. Brawn and muscle are not so much their objectives as is a greater interest in sports as recreation in the students ' leisure moments. Oh, it ' s a far cry from the days of the fair damsels who went out for croquet in a great big way. CHAPTER VI SCHOLASTIC HONORARIES SIGMA XI received thirteen into its fold this year. Those honored have fulfilled the exacting requirements in scholarship and in original research. When the Nobel prizes are handed out in the years to come, these may be on the receiving end. Of course, our ability to prophesy has not yet been recognized, but time will tell. ALPHA RHO TAU is for the elite in the School of Fine Arts. Seniors whose schol- arship and proficiency with the brush or chisel meet the approval of the fraternity may pass within its portals. Pago 4C.. (jJhsm m, Omaha, disjisL CONANT 16th and Harney Streets 250 Rooms Rates: $2.00 to $2.50 Home of the WHITE HORSE INN SANFORD 19th and Farnam Streets 200 Rooms Rates: $1.50 to $2.50 Page 403 CLOTHES • COED at CARMAN ' S 16th and Harney— Omaha THE NEWEST FASHIONS dlwai AT MODEST PRICES PHI BETA KAPPA honored thirty-six gradu- ating members with arts and science re- quirements with their golden key this spring. If what the statistics say can be believed, the future holds for these, who are in the highest one-tenth of their class, the promise of a more successful life than for the average student. Sermonizing is not our purpose here, so . . . MOWBRAY-WINGO CO 246 No. 12th Lincoln, Nebraska Pags 404 , -- " «S| For Just a Few Pennies . Thai ' s all! rin- avrrafje fainil) spriid onh Irii |M-iiiiit for a nlioir ilay ' s Klt-clrir Service. S«)ni« ' l ' aiiiili«-s make lietler ii-e of Kleelrie Service and spend 20 nr 2. ' cent-, a day. ImiI ihe averajie fifjtiire is 10 cents . No single item in a family Itud et does so much, yet c )sts as little as ( lieap Electric Service. NEBRASKA POWER CO ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA each year has ini- tiated more freshmen women, indicating that the scholastic level has somehow risen. Qualifications for membership are IF I HAD A eoY rRIENJ HE COULD CARRY Y BOOK ' S- I r HE COULD iRUCk: short and snappy. All the young lady has to have is an average of at least 90. It is encouraging to think that next year there will be even more A.L.D. ' s, if pxist figures can be believed. rh« " .Moon M;iii old h:n ' uinclourcl ;;ra«U l ' " «»ri:€ ' l llirir kimulfil;:! ' •. m»ii Kilt a lot iif old Nflirii kii Dad- Say lhc can ' t forjjfl ll " .M M)n. THE IU:ST y(H{ I.LSS STEAKS and CHOPS or Just a Bite Homemade Ice Cream FKESH DAILY nnil Roy! Oh. Hoy: llhnt Sundaes! fi.i. s : : vof AT nil: . 1 » X BliCl COFFEE SHOP 1131 R St. Page 405 2626 No. 48th Street Phone M-3224 CHARLES ELCE SON IJNCOLN, NFIJUVSKA ( I i{ I II III) i,ii;i Mn i; oki{|M)i:hs I) rthi: S( IIOOL. (OLl.EGE A U riltIK lAltRARY WORK A SPECIALTY School Days are Kodak Days i AND WE ARE PREPARED TO SUPPLY ALL YOUR NEEDS IN THE KODAK LINE Kodak quality always maintained when we develop, print or enlarge your film. Either High Gloss or Velvetone prints at the same price. EASTMAN KODAK STORES Inc. 1217 St. " Sflv it u ' lth Floncrs ' ' ' — • V »l » ni NKs • voru IM.I. Sll{|. • ' (U K .SVMI ' ATIIY Untrrrr ynur thnltliht 1 oiri T.t rrtfi vxprvss it EICHE FLORAL COMPANY Unuv rs by li iff 1.31 1 .Sirrpi IMione H.6583 ALPHA ZETA yearly chooses sophomore men in the College of Agriculture to carry on its cause. But these candidates must have the prerequisites of a scholastic standing in the upper two-fifths of their ) class, character, leadership and person- ality. Not content with the selection of the ' cream, ' some may question this, of the sophomores, they present a medal to the highest ranking freshman. DELTA PHI DELTA is the baby of the honor- ary fraternities. Organized on the campus but last spring, this fine arts society has members among students with a high scholastic average and an interest in drawing and painting. Their ambition is to develop Art in the community. Lincoln may become another Greenwich Village, if you don ' t watch out. Pag9 406 ENGINEER ' S SUPPLIES ARTIST MATERIALS FOUNTAIN PENS BOTANY-ZOOLOGY LABORATORY SETS LOOSE-LEAF NOTE BOOKS and PAPER FELT and STATIONERY " THE LEADING CAMPUS STORE " COLLEGE SUPPLY STOItE S. G. RANCK, Proprietor FACING ADMINISTRATION BUILDING " 1135 R Street Lincoln, Nebraska 100.000 T i w AKW and 1 REFERENCE BOOKS NOVELS : 1 ' rm- W HOOKS DICTIONARIES RARE EDITIONS Cheapest Prices SCLVG AlO lGV Cheapest Prices BUY AT O CS COLLEGE BOOK STORES FACING CAMPUS STUDENT HEADQUARTERS FOR 23 YEARS Page 407 HUSKERS Who have the University at heart Dr. B. F. Schwartz 1020 Stuart Building Attorneys at Law MAWS KiJ. . bp:(;htol, 09 GLENN H. FOE, ' 21 J. LEE RANKIN, ' 30 ALTP:K E. NOLTE, ' 36 714 Stuart Building Dr. II. E. Flansl)urg, ' 07 1 1 5 Baiikt ' r !) Life Dr. E. J. Anjjle, ' 98 Dr. E. E. Angle, ' 18 903 Sh:ir| Building Dr. Arbor Mmijier. ' 13 10L Sharp Building The FAMOUS Has the Clothes 1109 O Street BETA GAMMA SIGMA elects from the top ten percent of the graduating class in the College of Business Administration. If high scholarship can be stimulated, f VA GOTTA 5ELF GO these members intend to encourage it. The society posts a plaque in Social Sci- ence, displaying names of all students ranking in the upper ten percent of their class. ' Two Friendly The atres VARSITY _ _ KIVA • Operated by WESTLAM) THEATRES, Inc. Page 408 GK. Mr VM) iioi i:l - In Ih It.M Ik-. I ' rop. ( llllll ' iM ' llllll • KiMiiiis Ucasoilillilc l ' rir« " ili«iii Diiiiirrs a Sprt-ially • I ' riii-t Thill I ' lriiff • LlfNCIIK. Corner • DIN EI{S uf Torllih :ind Q Strecu ORDER OF THE COIF is the P.B.K. of the College of Law. Not more than one- tenth of the graduating class is elected to this persnikity society, solely on the basis of scholarship. This is the honorary of the honoraries; the quintessence of the essence. Complimenfs of Olson Construction Co. Lincoln, Nebraska oiir Sliuleiil Supply STOHK V| |iro ' (l ScIkioI Supplies for ••v«T lIiiiv«T-il l)«-p:irtinriit Also a (! iiipl ' l ' l.iiu- of SlalioiKTj Foiinlaiii IN ' ns ( ff ice .Supplies l ' p-lo-(lale Liij;f:a;:e Office aiul Home Safes : LATSCH BROTHERS 1121 " O " Strort Siiue 1901 ( harWiA MODERN CLEANERS SOlKtl ' MM. I W KSTOVER 21st and G Streets Phone B-2377 Page 409 SIGMA TAU is the honorary for junior and senior students in engineering. This group picks with foresight those who look prom- ising in the field and who have the re- quired scholarship, that never needed qualification. CHAPTER Vn COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES ACTIVITIES PSI CHI, professional society for psycholo- gists, through its monthly meetings fulfills a definitely outlined program for the year. A new addition to its activities will be an open lecture meeting with a guest speaker in the person of a nationally known psy- chologist. Beyond the search for the reason why some people have queer minds and others have normal outlooks on this world, these members seek good fellowship among their professional acquaintances. Pd o 410 201 ysioAA. o Automotive Maintenance Experience Tins liiimlicr 111 ' yciil.s ii ' pri ' .stiils the riuiiliilicil tot;il years rxpffii ' iico nf the alltoiiint ivc scrvicf- nuMi of our or ;ani .iif ion. Thrsr iiicii i v aint ' d this fxpcrii ' in ' r t ' nim (Hlllcatinii .•iii«i . ' H-linl | r;M ' - t let ' ami liaM ' art ' ciiliil liicir r« ' s|Miii.sil ilit dm in sucli a niannt-r that today, as in tin- past, wi- ronl ' iilciitly offer to the car owners of Neliraska iii.iliv ;iT ii ' i ' S friMii )iii-h cnriic irenilillc lieriefits. An Engine Tune-Up is a definite sfep fo economy and efficient performance We are in a position to service the following units with genuine parts and accurate labor. Automotive Electrical Automobile Radios Batteries Brakes Briggs Stratton Engines Carburetors Fuel Pumps Lighting Systems Radiators Speedometers Carl A. Anderson, Inc. IGth Jones Streets Omaha, Nebraska " In Business To Serve You Efficiently " 1637 " P " Street Lincoln. Nebraska ORCHESIS, organization of women in the NU-MEDS, organization of pre-medic stu- physical education department is devoted to the modern dance as an expressive art. Real pleasure in the interpretation of the dance means much to the members, even more than technical dance require- dents, sponsors Pre-Medic Day for those interested in the Medical profession. All who some day want to say the Hippo- ments. Each spring recital has proved that succeeding years are witnessing a greater public interest in the modern dance form Guests of the club this year at the recital was the dance group of the Municipal University of Omaha. cratic Creed, or to become full-fledged doctors, may become members. Their banquets and meetings provide oppor- tunity for more than professional contacts among students of medicine. Pag9 411 QohnkjujJuihA. U)iih d Snafi IJDU Jinow H. P. LAC to LiiK- ' ilii r " rfnionl Fairliiir MU PHI EPSILON, honorary musical sorority, maintains a scholarship fund, which was this year increased by proceeds from a spring concert given by the violinist, Joseph Fortuna of the Eastman School of Music. Their hope is to encourage the development of musical talent and to dis- courage remarks such as " they laughed when 1 sat down at the piano " . CHI DELTA PHI. national literary sorority, selects its members on the basis of ability and interest in writing. The literary dis- tinguished of Lincoln and other parts furnish programs for these mighty wield- ers of the pen. Extra-special feature of their programs this year was the appear- ance of Derrick Norman Lehmer, a poet and musician of the University of Cali- fornia, who sang Indian songs which he had composed for the group. Page 412 CLASSICAL CLUB, while for students inter- ested in the classics, seems to be also concerned with social diversion. Their important annual event is the Saturnalia celebration, which is patterned after the old Roman custom of feasting in Decem- ber in honor of the pagan gods. Each year this club attempts to make the celebration a bit more realistic, and the banquet includes all possible transfer- able customs. In addition, members each spring present a series of Latin plays. Their aspiration is to develop more inter- est in those dead languages which are not so dead after all. IOTA SIGMA PL honorary chemistry society lor women, (Is there any field that the weaker sex will not enter?) elects mem- bers from chemistry majors who have an average of 85 or more. Teas and monthly meetings are the order of the year. Their hope is to encourage more women to enter this profession. If you male scientists are not careful, the girls will come in and " clean up ' your occupation, both in ban- ishing the strong-scented laboratories and walking off with all honors. Correspondence Study ojjers Opportunity for All S After graduation, what? Are you unable to attend college? Have you a job you do not wish to sacrifice? Are you financially unable to continue your education? Courses Available COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL ELEMENTARY LEVELS University of Nebraska EXTENSION DIVISION For Further Information Address A. A Reed, Director Station A Lincoln, Nebraska Pags 413 National Cash Registers are solving merchants problems throughout the world, wherever money and records are handled. New and improved systems are ready for your inspection on all types of accounting proble ms. t.uW or Write National Cash Register COMPANY M. D. NOLAN, Sales Agent Sales Service l( 2.» " I ' " Si. ({-.•i027 Lincoln, Nebr. SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON. national Geo- logical Research organization, has a most prepossessing title, but this chapter origi- nated long ago as a local " Pick and Hammer Club " . Majors in geology are eligible for membership, to attend the lectures, and to help with Geologists ' Night during Engineers ' Week. Members have helped to increase a geological library at Morrill Hall. Their ambition is to aid in advancement of members in social, scholastic, and scientific fields. THE NEW STUDENT UNION BLDG. Davis Wilson. Architects Poga 414 MOLLOY-MADE COVERS produced in a plant devoted exclusively to embossed and decorated products by an organization of cover specialists — represent the highest standard in yearbook work. Spe- cify " MoUoy " — it ' s your assurance of the best. ! I THE DAVID J. MOLLOY PLANT 2857 North Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois LE CERCLE FRANCAIS has like the French Club the desire to put into practical appli- cation what the student learned from his French Grammar, Monthly meetings and French films are sponsored by the club. Each spring two plays are presented, one by the faculty and the other by the stu- dents. 1911 1937 TWENTYSIX YEARS EXI ' ERFENCE IN TRUST SERM( E The First Trust Company of Lincoln, Nebraska Page 415 THE NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL OF MILWAU- KEE, WIS., IS A GOOD LIFE INSURANCE COM- PANY AND ITS AGENTS KNOW THEIR BUSINESS .... FRANK- LIN MANN, GENERAL AGENT, AND ASSOCI- ATES BARKER BLDG., OMAHA, NEBRASKA. Your Kodak Work gets expert attention through. Nepho Service I mwmmmm k NEPHO PhoioFlnishiitcr AT mOST DRUG STORES Nebraska Photographic Service 226 So. 11th Street Phone B-1943 COAL... For Any Heating System STANDARD COAL CO. 910 T Street Phone B-6336 LINCOLN, NEBRASKA SPANISH CLUB or EL CIRCULO ESPANOL gives to students of Spanish an oppor- tunity to " try their wings " in the speaking and comprehension of the language. By lecture the club hopes to explode the fal- lacy that people of Latin extraction do nothing but take ' siestas ' , attend ' fiestas ' , and drink ' tiquila ' . Next year, if there is sufficient interest, the club may sponsor Spanish movies. PLUS SHOE STORE STUART BLDG. 130 NO. 13TH ST. There ' s style aplenty in this exceedingly well-built shoe. PLUS— The com- fort and easy foot- ing that only Wright Arch Preservers can give you. M ARCH " 71 Lv PRESERVER SHOES FOR MEN EXPERTLY FITTED Page 416 ANNOUNCEMENTS-INVITATIONS Printing— Engraving— Proceis Engraving GRAVGS PRINTING CO. ■ " ' ' - ' ' ' ' ? ' r- - ' ' 1 ricolii, Nebraska SIGMA DELTA CHI. professional journalistic fraternity for men, numbers members chosen for their work on student publica- tions and scholastic standing. This organ- ization sponsors the publication of the Awgwan, Nebraska ' s humor magazine. Outstanding stride forward in the March of Time this year was its participation in the organization of a Gridiron Dinner, in which the faculty mocks itself and which threatens to become a prominent univer- sity tradition. lowers ' " ' " ' - ' - l i:il H-7()2I A larni- rarii-ty .it nil tinir .-lfivir iff — Any tint ' If iii ;in-%ti r r;ill .rtM iiliiiii«r l-. . Tl UUt Mill lr ' l Rose M ' II Moral C ' o. 12 1 SmiiiIi I. {ill JS= iz l.... II.. on N VI. I. M . Ill N U.«..r»rr lM lrfil like ' ' " ' ■ " ' " ' " ' • 1 " I ii IITinT I ' KiN mi; iuhhiis Quality Has No Substitute Eit.ibliihed Nineteen Nine GENUINE MEXICAN CHILr Acme Lunch-Chill Parlor I AMOl S MMK CHILI S,ri-4 ' (liili fnr l.xir Acil Slit I ' artY I ' rirrd at 20 - [n-r pint, . ' {. ' jr prr i|iiiirl. ' ». ' ■ prr luilf uatldii, .in l .S I . J. ) prr ualltiii. I )innf rx — i .iiiirjii- — aiiilv iflit . Op« ' ii SiiikImv! iiiMJ K iiiii(:s I.oailrr in raiicj I a«lr imd I ' lirly .Spwiallio ACMF BAKERY Open l T Kaj I iilil Mliliiiulit I.HK) ' • •• .Sirfot I ' Ih.m.- H-7R36 The Kellison Furniture Company is a privately owned small store where you can always buy tor less. Our operating cost enables us to save you money on anything you want in Furniture, Rugs, Floor Covering, Stoves and Washers Comp to us with your house furnishing problems )l K I R m I Is (. l( ) Kellison Furniture Company 208-212 So. 11th St. B4994 9aq» 417 CHAPTER Vm AGRICULTURAL CAMPUS ACTIVITIES PHI UPSILON OMICRON is for those girls with the domestic spirit. They make a real profession of this Home Economics. Teas and parties and sales of textiles are their life of the present. As for the future, we believe that if any girls will have a rosy one, they will probably have a full share of it. FARMERS FAIR BOARD directs that stag- gering job of staging the Farmers ' Fair. These twelve students each spring under- take the thankless presentation of their campus in review. Although for years tradition had held sway in the orders of this week-end festivity, this year beheld a reversal of custom. The pageant was banished and a show of skits substituted. Whether future boards will further alter the program of this activity, remains in the hands of the Gods. We only know that the present tendency is to simplify but introduce novelty. Well, the ' old order changes yielding to the new ' . HOST TO THE MOST IN OMAHA A. U.LEW- rf3 i - T Mdn ir Again and Again MEMORIES OF COIVIFOKT AND CHEERFUL SERVICE WILL URGE YOU TO RETURN IMiikc straight for the I ' .lackstoiu ' v.licii you arrive in (Miiaha ami tin ' .success of your isit is assureil. l ' ' ive minutes from tlu ' noise of (lowutown Omalia. " isit tlu ' diuinji ' I ' oom, the Coffee Slio|i anil llie con- irenial ( ha1tei ' lio. Lounjire. BLACKSTOI E UNDER SCHIMMEL DIRECTION Pa o 418 THE HOME ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION has big plans tor the year ot 1937-38. In continuing their mixers, convocations, and teas, they hope to further friendships and interests, and they aim to sponsor interest groups with other clubs on the subjects of Recreation, Dramatics, and Photog- raphy. Also, they have taken on their shoulders the task of planning a conven- tion for high school Home Economics clubs. Their other ' good deed ' will be the maintenance of their loan fund through which thirty-four students have already been aided. Ambitious they appear. Our hats are off to them. BLOCK AND BRIDLE CLUB goes out to pro- mote real scientific animal husbandry, which is to you, dear public, the best known methods in the care of animals. Members, who have had at least three ut ... ,f lC ' semesters of this study, promote a junior Ak-Sar-Ben, an Ag barbecue, and a stu- dent livestock judging contest. They are very serious about this matter and prob- ably the Fates will give them their wish, bigger and better pigs, chickens, cows, and horses. Page 419 UEHXKirS BOOTS TKEES Custom Made , • Belts SPURS Jffe DEHNER CO. 1 Iniiirpiirilliil Uiiiuliu, . ebra ka llir Biittir-Nul (Coffee i ' aiiiily of i»A TON (;aij a(;iikk co. INK BlILOVA SENATOR Yellow Gold, 1 7 Jewel .i. ' i.T.l Boyd Je elry Co. I2il. O Si. Lincoln. STANDARD MARKET SAM)L0VK;H BROS. W li«»I» al«- I ' rovisioners (iorii FfJ Meals Our Specially " Special I ' rices lo Frali ' rnilU ' s and Sororities ' ' 1. .3. O Sireet Pliones: B-6591, B-6592 DAIRY CLUB is also for the scientific angle of their field, which is dairying, including dairy products and livestock. Agriculture Week, mixers, convocations, even the management of the cafeteria, are some of their preoccupations. Well, if the public trusts them to plan their dinners, what CLATtPR can we say about it? Their future aspira- tions include more recognition for those students who have superior abilities of discrimination on the judging teams. Truly, we believe that one day everyone will be sponsoring contests, and no one will be eligible to enter them. (x)h£fL I L OmjohcL — VISIT DAVE ' S CLOTHES SHOP 1417 Farnam For Quality Style At Moderate Prices Page 420 ' oojcL (phiniim] 111 Ittnitomililr I ' rirr , luii- t Ih «iiIi«I i( ' )l or « r ilnn ' t Miinl Catering to Fraternities and Sororities 1111: I KA M phkss .MH S l ' !;iMIN ; 22. " S... I. (Ill lr.-.t n.onr U.2( 2 ' » UNIVERSITY 4-H CLUB is for the alums ' of 4-H Ciubs. These students advertise the university to the high school members of this very active organization. Their an- nual 4-H Week, sponsored by these ' alums ' , is but part of the propaganda for the school of the Cornhuskers. May their plans be fruitful, and may all the youngsters come trooping to this institu- tion of higher learning. (May it rest in peace). :hin,ss — SILN KK TheGift Shopof theW est LAMF ' S, I ' KTl l{KS. MlUUnUS China nn.l (.1 1-. for KRATKRMT .SOKiMUI IIOl . ' FlS Mi»ni»Kr.innMl I ' jillrrnt in an piillrrn lr ir Ml. OMAHA CROCKERY CO. «»M IL . LBR .SK.A New Deal Barber Shop HAIR CUT 35c 1306 " O " Street B-6154 ( !oiiipl«-l« LAUNDRY SERVICE laiiiily Btiiuilrs Harlirlor lliiiulirs ZORIC CLEANING Sii| rri«»r ( hialily () lorU ' Dry (ileaninp Call LAUXDRY r t n «■Il(l i ' laiiioiuloM 22II-J9 O Si. IMioiii l?7 ! " .- SULLIVAN TRANSFER AND STORAGE MOVERS— STORERS PACKERS Fire-Proof Buildings — Separate Locked Rooms — Your Goods Are Safe In Our Care • • OFFICES 301 NO. EIGHTH STREET PHONES B-2111. B-4444 LINCOLN, GRAND ISLAND, NEBR. - ge 421 CHAPTER IX DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE R. O. T. C. BANDS include the freshmen divi- sion and the advanced band. New spec- tacular cream-colored uniforms with red trim and plumed white shakos this year made the band a colorful feature at UNIVERSITY RIFLE TEAM is composed of the best marksmen in the regiment se- lected from members of the Rifle Club. Next year the team is prepared to com- pete against thirty-five other schools. The football and basketball games. (Without this band to support enthusiasm at the rallies and games, much of the school spirit would be lost.) club hopes to increase its membership to the three hundred mark, which is a defi- nite insight to the interest in this sport. The club has made possible trips of the Team to matches at other schools and to the Camp Perry competitions. OMAHA Where the open range meets the corn belt At Omaha, Western producers and growers of live stock meet the ( orn Belt and Eastern Feeders. The range man finds a ready outlet for his stock. The feeder finds a variety to suit his needs. Your commission man can serve you satisfactorily. Get in touch with him. He understands your problems. OMAHA LIVE STOCK EXCHANGE UNION STOCK YARDS OMAHA, NEBR.VSKA Paga 422 Filling A Vital Need in the Lives of Nearly 400,000 Men in 44 States . . . Sovereign Camp Woodmen of the World De E BRADSHAW. Pres. HOME OFFICES. OMAHA ASSETS MORE THAN $124,000,000 ! I ' n m t R. O. T. C. SPONSORS ' CLUB composed of sponsors lor tne various gradations of units in the regiment, is presided over by the Honorary Colonel and in ranking positions, the Regimental Sponsor, the In- fantry, Artillery, and Engineer Sponsors. GAMMA LAMBDA, honorary band frater- nity, selects its members on the basis of musical merit. Their goal is to increase individual efficiency in the use of musical Participation in the Military Ball, a Tea Dance for cadet officers, and the annual Compet exercises are traditional routine duties of these army - minded co-eds. (Their future appears to be secure, for how could the Army have a Ball without the co-eds?) I instruments and to foster the R.O.T.C. band. (It has long been our belief that every boy has had at one time or another the desire to belong to a band). The size of the band would verify our opinion. Page 423 N. nth St. REESE Holsum Hamburgers riimiicli iHir fIonr wi?- pii - llie nii est people in llic World— MV » rsTOMKRS. Medical Students Are invited to our store and inspect our complete line Microscopes Ophthalmoscopes Otoscopes Baumanometers Tycos Sphyg-momanometers B-D Manometers Haemacytometers B-D and Vim Luer Syringes Physician ' s Out Call Bags Office and Operating Gowns tSczZe SURGICAL COMPANY, Inc. Physicians ' . Nurses ' . Hospital and Sick Room Supplies Medical Arts Building. Omaha. Nebr. Phone ATlantic 5825 SCABBARD AND BLADE, honorary military society, promotes outstanding leadership. Members are selected upon recommen- dation of officers from students in the advanced division of Military Science whose average is 85 or above. The Mili- tary Ball and all military interests are their concerns. PERSHING RIFLES, national organization for basic students of Military Science, imme- diately signifies to the layman such scenes as the " crack " squad drilling at the Mili- tary Ball, or their white-clad company passing in review at parades. At a com- petition this spring which featured teams from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa, Nebraska ' s chapter was host. General Pershing, the founder, wanted to maintain a highly efficient drill company and a spirit of good fellowship among the men of the military department. Paja 424 Preserve the Present for the Future " f riginaiLty, personality, together with, technique contribute in making our portraits superior " TOWNSEND STUDIO 226 South Eleventh Street Paje 4Z5 PHALANX, another honorary military organ- isation, has its members selected from the Cadet officers with the objective to foster military preparedness. A national con- vention of Phalanx v as sponsored this PA ?AD£ -- REST CHAPTER X EXTRA-CURRICULAR ORGANIZATIONS (Too diverse to be classified) ALPHA KAPPA PSL professional fraternity interested m current events and economic problems, will assure our forecast that next year will witness their continued meetings which are made even more pro- fessional by business men, and its award year by the Nebraska chapter which hopes to make this campus the national headquarters. Their goal is to expand the society to include schools having com- pulsory military drill. of the Alpha Kappa Psi medallion to a graduating senior who ranks high in scholarship and service to the school. The club will make more inspection tours of business firms, as it did this year, in Lin- coln and Omaha. HC¥EL I INCCLN Home of Visiting Athletes, their followers and fans. IN |Mil;ir Pricrd coi I i:i-; siior and DliMXC; HOOM I ' opular (College |{( ' iidezvous TEN BEAUTIFUL DINING KOOMS For Private Parties 250 Excellent HcHtiiis SI. 50 Up ( ' ho»»»e HOTEL LINCOLN Lincoln ' s Host For Every Occasion Operated for Your Comfort by the EPPLEY HOTELS COMPANY E. E. " CAP " CLEMENS. Manager Page 426 CORSAGES TARl.E in:( ORATIONS FREY FREY i;-( )2Jt 1338 " O " Sir.-.i l!-h« 28 GRAin ATioy DOLQVEIS THE AMERICAN SOCIETIES OF ELECTRI- DELTA SIGMA PL proiessionai socieiy oi CAL ENGINEERS, CIVIL ENGINEERS, and of MECHANICAL ENGINEERS are in real- ity three distinct groups whose similarity in p rofession has caused them to be united here. Inpection trips, banquets, contests and awards will be activities of the College of Business Administration, fosters scholarship and training of stu- dents by research work. In addition to ) Vw., tf i«.« ' these groups next year. Their chief con- cern is to serve as an employment agency and to help in some way to place their graduate members. (According to Com- mencement speakers, we college students will need supernatural aid in finding a place under the sun when we receive our sheepskins.) their regular yearly program of programs, business tours, and parties, the club will next year sponsor a Faculty Dinner to which each member will invite a member of the faculty of this college. Page 427 QcUL lOohhuuL — Printing Party Invitations and Programs Social Stationery Wedding flnnouncements 236 North 13th Street Phone B-4500 C iAJL Owl Thw Lincoln Liberty Life insurance co. Jos. Albin— Sec ' y— Gen. Mgr. LINCOLN. NEBRASKA • • • TT cljj[inan Mortiiarv I2:i.i K Slropl Lincoln, Ncl ruKku INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL governs ' rush ' rules for men ' s fraternities and yearly presents an Interfraternity Ball. Unknown to many is the fact that the council presents trophies and plaques to groups high in scholarship. Members are earnest in their plea for a rotation of the many formal programs each year. This would give to the Interfraternity Ball a more favorable date in the school calen- dar. This problem of the schedule of formals will be a future issue. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL, composed of rep- resentatives from each sorority, works for the benefit of the co-eds. In its sponsor- ship of ' rushing ' rules, the group has a large-sized job. Due to changing de- mands, all large rushing parties will be banished this summer, and the fall rush- ing season will be lengthened from three to four days. (In all seriousness, we can think of nothing more exhausting than a sorority rush party. What courage this Council has]) Page 428 KAPPA EPSILON, professional pharmacy society tor women, is another example ol woman ' s invasion of man ' s once sacred domains. Registration in the college and a certain scholastic average is the pre- requisite for membership. Through vari ous social functions, the girls strengthen their claims for the right to be druggists in the real sense of the word. (Beware, you poor humans. These girls could mix up a fancy poison, put it in a pretty phial, and then forget to give you an antidote, if they didn ' t like you.) PHI CHI THETA ' S purpose is to secure a higher degree of business education among co-eds of the college of Business Administration. Sophomores working for a degree in this college and having an average of seventy-eight or more are eligible for membership. Each year when they award a key to the junior girl in the college who has the highest scholarship and is distinguished in character, they hope to have encouraged higher stand- ards in their profession. (Potential execu- tives, personnel directors, and top notch- rs in the business world, if you don ' t watch out!) .s« « Di ' lH-ntlahlf (Jiiiilily Meadow Gold in; rijiAM niKKSK Id riKU Mil K i :k Itriiiiirkiililr Krrnril of Sn ttninril rrvirr lt» llii- Troplr nf Liiiidlti Over ji I ' rrMMl .( Hi i-iir- iu: ri{irK cukxmiij ( »mi ' n Davis School Service W. T. DAVIS, Mgr. ' A Good Teachers Agency " Service from 1918 to 1937 643 Stuart BIdg. Lincoln, Nebr. Western Glass and Paint Company Incorporated ARTISTS ' MATERIALS 211-13 South 11th St. LINCOLN, NEBRASKA Po e 429 PHARMACEUTICAL CLUB, including all students oi the College of Pharmacy, will continue its traditional activities of a fall picnic for freshmen and a spring banquet NEBRASKA LAW STUDENTS ASSOCIA- TION integrates this school ' s activities and promotes friendship among the law- classes. Smokers, Law Day each spring, and Club Court Trials are their bill of 3 and dance concluding the Pharmacy Night Exhibit. Its primary concern will be to develop fellowship among members of the college. fare. In addition, this past year a room in the Law Building was redecorated and furnished, to which the organization wants to add more furniture and a num- ber of magazines. KEEPING PACE WITH NEBRASKA For fifty-three years the Union Stock Yards Company has played its part in the building of the State. Today as always, its plant offers to the live stock producers, a depend- able and efficient service in linking the ranches of the west, with the consuming east. UNION STOCK YARDS CO. . . OF OMAHA . . win You Slioiild Bii Your IMano fUjqkLTlow! l ' ilri-» urr thi ' lowcHt thi-y hnvc tx n for 20 ycnrii. Thrr I.M mi (|ii( ' itliin thai Ihoy will Incrrnxe t-nnfllHrrnbly In Ihi- rii-ar lutiinv Wo will accept your old piano at n liberal allowance In port payment, ond you con toke a» long a. ' i Ti yiarji to pay the balance. Steinway $885 In i ' liini ' Mt of the Immortnls Chickering S595 Oldest Piano In America. George Steck S495 The Piano Kichuid Wagner useil wheM he oompo.-icil his famous " Parsifal. " Story S Clark S395 Established 1857. Estey S395 Quality Award Winter $395 Largest Piano Manufacturers In Th- World SchmoUer Mueller S395 Factor at Home. Also Famous Makes of Studio Uprights S195 up II V tarry an fMrllrtil slarl, af ••otnl nsiil p ' uintts. 1212 O Street THE UUHJEfT ILKTfKM. MUSK HOUiC IN THE WEtT IJlunlll. ehraskn " N " CLUB consists oi wearers ot tne sym- bolic iron " N, " University athletes who have won Varsity letters in the various branches of sport. The objective of the club is to foster a closer fellowship among PALLADIAN LITERARY SOCIETY for un- affiliated students i as toKen on the cam- pus a major position of importance. Scholarship is of first importance to its I ' LL 6E A MAN OF LETrEf S AFTER THIS athletes. The members support student rallies and attend athletic events as a part of their interest in promoting school spirit. At the end of each sport season, new letter winners are initiated into the club. ...-rwl members, but a complex round of parties, and contests in oratory, essays, short stor- ie, and verse give member ample oppor- tunity to develop their talents. Pag» 431 USE Fairmont ' s Ice Cream and Dairy Products Tlic) " re l ' u lfiirizc(l lor our Proteclion THE FAIHMOINT CREAMEKY COMPANY l.inrolii, N«-l)rii Ua Phone M-2397 OUR PLUMBING REPAIR CARS are ciiiiipiit-d with a complete KtiX ' k of parts and tools to repair your plumbing STEAM AM) HOT Vi ATEK HEATING " 7 " »r»i y- oi r Ihmr Srrtice " Geo. H. Wentz, Inc. " Pliiinhrrs Milli a S l«•ll " i;i( 9 N Strrrt IM2« ;i A Complete Line PROMPT SERVICE PERSONAL ATTENTION . . . pIuA, . . . Guaranfeed Satisfaction F. S. MARTIN CO. Mine Representatives COAL and COKE OMflHfi, NEB. City Nal. Bank Bldg. Tel. AT.4404 KOSMET KLUB, men ' s dramatic organiz- ation, sponsors annually a Fall Revue, the Interfraternity Sing on Ivy Day, and a musical comedy with an all-male cast. The fifteen members are chosen on the basis of their work done for the Klub the previous year. The very canny members thus force all aspirants to work in order to reap their reward. Their chief interest is to perfect the caliber of amateur work. From " Bar-O-Ranch, " their musical of 1937, to — next year? McDonald Studio " For Photographs " GROUPS INTERIORS BANQUETS EXTERIORS 218 No. 11th Phone B-4984 Page 432 EARL WOODS (iriii nn MILK DEPOTS I , tn II! 1 1 » . Swcrl (imilll Hlllirr IVliik. . itl;t;;i- (;iirr .r. Iliitlrniiilk ;ill(l let " ( rr;iiii CHAPTER XI RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS COUNCIL OF REUGIOUS WELFARE, com- posed ol representatives trom the iaculty, university pastors, and student members of the religious groups, is concerned with the doily problems of the students. (There ore many when it is a question of housing, feeding and teaching more than 6,000 a semester.) Not only do the three groups Here ' s I o kiii ; At oiil To others, appearance is lh - first consideration In judging you! Well cared-for clothes pave the way to success Keep Up Appearances Have your wardrobiB taken care of by expert, re- liable cleaners. Peerless makes everything clean- able look like new. I ' EERLE 322 So 11 Gt ' o H Lemon B.6731 CumlAimcnts of The MIDWEST Lite INSURANCE COMPANY of LINCOLN, NEBRASKA Beachly Brothers riunu ' B-6337 V p Have Evrrytliiiij; in " Kal " lor oiir Parties. I ' iniio oi- (hilin .s COMi: ;V . ) LET VS SfC fl un Ben Heitkotter ' s IMlnllr »-l27;{ rmiiplctr I.iiic of Alcal. I " i»li and l ' ntilti° (!mlil ». w l)rliv« ' r I !. () () Strrrt Fo e 43J PRINTING 77ja ' s Our Iliisiness roriiial Bids Imitations Aiiiioiincenients Pi ' Oijrains Personal Stationery £dj 113 So. I I III Slr.M-t IMiiMH- It- 191 7 fiha anL Of all the thrilling memories of " bright college years, " the most pleasantly heart-warming will be the recollections of Long Distance conversations with the loved ones at homel The Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph Company work together as a Council, but also in three separate committees they carry on their investigations and make recommen- dations for action to other campus groups. Their ambition as a representative ele- ment of campus inhabitants is to promote ideals for living about which we often theorize, but neglect to practice. KAPPA PHI. national Methodist girls ' club, has as its objective the closer association of Methodist women on the campus. The club yearly outlines a definite program, which is published in a yearbook. The twenty-four chapters will meet in biennial Grand Council in June, 1937, at Troutdale- in-the-Pines, Colorado, when they will plan to further the best in social life of college women. WESLEY FOUNDATION represents the Methodist Episcopal Church at work among students in the University. Kappa Phi, Phi Tau Theta, Methodist College Men ' s Club, and the Wesley Players, dramatic organization of Methodist stu- dents, all co-operate to bring to the stu- dent of this faith the atmosphere of their church, though far from their home. fe apples on A FULL VS AN EMPfY H0U6E AND In conclusion to this chapter, may we state that there are even more religious clubs who have as their sole goal the greater welfare of the student, who in many cases is unluckily unconscious of the ' r interest in him. Pm« KV, Cad!HI0 4:NLtiVJ4:ll:H»II ii:i liniiil iKSS 1 ; Annual s rt Photo-Enqravinq ColDi-Plates Liihoqraphinq Printinq BoDkbindinq (olleqe HiqliSchool S Stale Journal Prinling Co. Lincoln, Nehr. t Pag 435 3 e wgwan " America ' s Foremosf College Monthly " Complete Monthly Coverage of the Campus $ 1 for 10 issues Issued fbe Fifteenth of Every Month " VV ' ILLIAM IIOIXISTER, EdiKir. ;m .K TANTON, Busincsh Mcr. STATION " A " LINCOLN, NEB. $1,000,000 Per Year SPENT BY NEBRASKA STUDENTS TAP This Large Market Through the DAILY i EllltASKAi UNIVERSITY Y. W. C. A. is active in provid- ing students with an opportunity to express their religious interests in various ways. Ellen Smith Hall is the scene for their activities which range from Vesper services to discussion groups on interna- tional affairs. Recent innovation has been the Estes Co-Op parties, whose proceeds help to send students to the Student Con- ferences each June at Estes Park. This far-reaching organization always seeks to further the Christian spirit on the Nebraska campus. It is well known as an excellent starting place for freshmen women inter- ested in campus affairs, in the sense of the extra-curricular world. UNIVERSITY Y. M. C. A. sponsors through- out the year conferences and discussion groups whose purpose is to develop the ideal of Christian living. Freshman Coun- cils have become regular groups for future years as a means to orientate new students into the work of the organization, which has student centers on both the city and the " Ag " campus. In the future a special secretary will be stationed on the latter campus to manage their in- creasing scope of activities. Plans next year will be carried out with more co- operation with the Y. W. C. A. The " Y " program also chalks up the memorandum to increase attendance at the Estes Park Student Conferences each summer, which are, according to them, ten days of real inspiration, directed by contemporary leaders of prominence. Four and 20 Blackbirds Baked in a pie, Make old time Gourmands Heave a lusty sigh. But for a really nice treat, We cannot tell a lie, Our delicious fancy pastry We are asking you to try. Wendelin Baking Co. Pag 436 THE LINCOLN NEWSPAPER Gives Hours More At ' H s — Is closer to you — Goes to press Inter — Covers locnl items LINCOLN JOURNAL Three sections of colored comics, enough comic sections so that three people can read comics at the same time, is an attractive feature Sunday. McINTYRE ORPHAN ANNIE DING CARTOONS DR. WIGGINS DAVID LAWRENCE MARK SULLIVAN WALTER LIPPMANN THE NEBBS EASY TO READ TYPE FROM CAPITAL CITY DAY EDITIONS NIGHT EDITIONS LATEST PRESS TIME = 33 «7 and so dear ones— F I M Page 438 PERSONAL INDEX The names ol all Hludonis rpgintcred in the Univcraily arc contained in the iollowing eighteen pages. li the name or picture oi any ol those students is on any page, the number ol that page is liBled following the name. ISO nn.l 03-1 Adams Rdams fldoRM Rdama. |oh Rdams. toh Rdams Rdams Goraid Harriot Ha— • }am«n L«on Milton Rdams. Margaret Huqhss Rdams. Pauline Rdams. Ruth Tdna Rdams . Sam H Rdams. ShtrloY Rdams. Theodore Frederick. RHf-i- ' k Charles Gordon r ' n Emil i M M -ner Earl Rditir;.- I ' ? n Laurene Rdkins. Robert W fleschbacher. Tohn E Reschbacher. Wm P Rger. lames H flgnew. Genevieve flnrens. leannelte Rttken. Thomas David Hkerlund. Frederick E Rkerson. filice Mane flksontowil2. George C Rlber. Royal John Rlbertson, Charles lohn Rlbertson. Fred William fllbin Floro Emma Rlbin Mary Cathern Rlbrechl. Erich R RIbrechI William . RIden. Chas D Rider. Homer Everett Rider. Genevieve C Rlderson. Cleo Edwin flldnch. Dorothy May Rldnch. Rachel leannelte flieiander. lohn Charles .80. RIexander. Joseph Bruce . RIexander. LB RIexander. Robert Emmet. . RIexander. Ross lames RIexander. William Van.. fllexis Carl Odman 80, fllfr-in W-rren Frank R , ■ jail ( • Ray f. 1 B ' ' T.:- ' 80 324 28 " 1-n |,1„ |f, 128. 205. 319. 336 279 147. 279 ao, 237 133. 145 292. 308 102. 157. 241. 310 138 161 U7 ?-7 m. 231 80 743 3?7 156. 165. .243. I6S. 322 279 ni:=.y Alien fi (i fi mien Rllen p f, fl...... Rllen. Rllen .=3 .-I. . Rlico Leone P ' sv Ann ■hy Lucile ■■•.y Pauline Gertrude R lone M I-Hn nnhur Harold 149. 163, 166. 279 .80. 148. 164. 22b _ 142, 281 149. 158. 197. 325 141 124, 125. 265 321 .41, 303. 311 148 147 MS. 263 102. 231 Hob Robe Rllgood, Ric,-. . flllhands Lorraine Victona flllpress. Henry flllred Rlmond. Kingsley Rlmquist Adrian L Alpers. Ann Margaret Rlpers. Esther Lorene Rll Richard Curtis fllibera Alex Edvard R ' ' ■ Kathenne IP ' , 261 144 102. 753 90. 195, 322 14i 243 fr ,5. 347 350 353 •■. ' 3rd Samuel h ■■ Lawrence Ma-garet Capron Rmgwert. J Burton Amfflon, Robert Hill 231 3IV3 102, IS7 AndwrBon 138. Zl 285. 22. 317 245 i r. l«- ' -..- f, rnw ' tf Otcar 157, 316 156 ■■ i i ' i 138, 161 140 294, 137, 323 237 ■ ' .or 711 - Aoff 144 ;t Edward 140, 267. 140 326 «lin T IIS : i V 149 19 WtUiam 161 :lyn Etta ,,r. ,„-=.,-,, 80 ?11 flndorson. Ilor Creighton lack Robert lames Burns lames O ' Connell John Donald Anderson. Anderson. Anderson 155. 279 157 151 Anderson, lohn William lis Anderson. Kenneth Edwin 269 7S5 118 flndoT-Ti -th;:; And. fln-i. And- .102. 102. 261. 213, 322 307 Andor on. Mar;o ilr.rici Rnderson. Mary Lorene Rnderson, Melvin Harry Rnderson, Melinda Nora Anderson, Oscar loseph. flnderson. Philip Carlton Ralph N Robert Louis Robert Wilson Roy Arnold Selma Bernardino Thomas J Virgil Arthur Virgil Eugene Virginia Phyllis 70. 71. 102. 122. 133, Anderson. Walton Robert Anderstrom Dale . Andresen. Andrew Juhu. Robert B William Henry _ 141, 255, Beatrice Doris 80. 133. Andrews. Harris Carlyle 349, 350. 354. Andrews. Norman Lloyd Andrews. Wilson Ellis... 154. 157. Ankeny. Clayton I 80, Antes, Harold Philip Rpgar. Sybil V Apperson, Sarah Virginia Arbitman, Mary . Arbulhnot Ellen Ruth n--h " - Porolhy A inces Pauline Boyd Ernest - Armstrong, hicr Armstrong. Hoi Anderson. Anderson, Anderson. Anderson. Anderson. Anderson. Anderson. Anderson, Anderson, Androson Andreson Andrews, Andrews, 140 146 139 .80. 146. 273 279 142 315 143 193. 245. 3r2 155 102 347. 348. 363 215 215. 302. 304 3567 358. 363 241. 336, 363 152. 156 237 . " ' 5 .:i2 80, 307 213 147 i;: 161. 225 145. 249 177 I«, •9 339 155 M ■ 1.1 H = h Pat iX ' r ' n HT» " :r, l4-- Rom ana Athey. Mv Athey. Vo very. )«a(,otlo Louise very, Robert ) 76, 102. 1 B 164. Btt-v ■ ■■ ' - - B- Ba , Bab ' n no[ • Baehelder, L , Bachman, Ci Bachman, Gera, i i.. .,ror- Baekdohl. LaVerne H Backemeyer, Lucille Ida Bacon. George William 148, 151. 160. Bacon, lulian Warren Bade. Gus A Baden. Wayne Franklin Baer, lor ' ,.-- Bcier. i ' Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Max Hur.ior Bailey, Raymond Znr Bailey, Robert Bailey, Roy Edward Bainum, Alice Georgia Bake, Ion Charles Baker, Constance Marian Baker. Dean Delbert Baker. F- ' •■ - lOO. 1 148, Baker. lom Baker, riuw i: i t : jnk 80, 154, Baker, lohn Cornelius- Baker, Margaret feanelte Baker Mary Louise Baker. Montee Robert Baker. Norma Miriam Baker. Phyllis B Baker Sidney Carton II 9, 18, 80, 121, L - Baker, Virgil Raymond. Bald, Mila Matilda Bald Warren A Baldridge Alvin Orvi, Baldwin. I Robert Baldwin. Lois Helen Baldwin, Warren F . : • Baldwin William C: : Bale, Fay Annette Bale, Vernon Elwoo-i Bale Wt •..-, Bt Ba Bo Ballanlyiie, i Ballantyne. L Bame ibo- Bn- Bn Ba:,..- Bannister .31 114 145 149 144 223 143 ■ 255 209 318 3Z2 318 138 324 273 147 138, 161 _ 136 137, 2X1 309 317 102 207 308 138 1E£ 176 13d 161 on 1- 273 314 267. 356 358. 363 140 174 308 161 ?24 365 |h4 i- i. «v 297 80 ?3n n John Bo- B.-1 B:i B B-. B ' . , . ..=e Kenneth Helen Mariorie 12 72. 81. ■i iT.i-„ r«-»-!--i 137 219 302 138 211 259, 347. 363 146 163. 259 165 133, 191, 213, 305 ill w, T?? 312 166 302 323 138 TO) 149 Bn 147 B-3 ■ " 4 B:i Bt ;1 - J B3-r,e " 324 Barney 363 Barney 154 156 231 149 . :i 273 Pag 439 ...149 ..145 ...149 Barr. Carl Cecil Barrett. Laurence Overlon Barrett. Vincent Emmett Barron. Paul lellerson — - — VEo Barrows Gilbert Arthur ,=;— i- " SV " 424 Barry John Harold 102.225.363.367 Barta. Robert Lester ' 3» Baneck Mary Clare . ... Barth. Donald Beniamin 147, ZI9, sa Bartlin,. Homer Uuis Wilharn.... . .-. ... | Barton. Francis Raymond i?2 Bancs. Dorothy Nell 249 Bartunek. Hope ,,„ Vi, Bartz. Charles Blbin. 155. 160. 167 Bash, Myrtle V ™ ■•?!i Boss, lohn Ir -..- . 148 Bostian, George Thurston 81. Zoo Bastron. Carl Richard - Bastron, Harry _. - - -• " " •• Bates, Charles Richard 338 Bates, Dorothy Helene :■ 261 Bates, Lois Ethel " • " Bates, Mary Belle 103 Bates, Raymond Ernest - Batt, Emma Lee - - Batz. Ruth Meta _ Bauder, Irwin Darrell - . 81, 194, 240, 241. 303. 311, 331 Bauder, Ruth Miriam - 322. 365 Bauder, Ward W 336 Bauer, Elmer Henry 158, 166, 257 Bauer, Enna Ruth 81, 230. 231, 298. 299, 305, 365 Bauer, Henry _ Bauer, Henry George Bauer, Ivan William 160 Bauer, Josephine Marie _ „ Bauer. Louise Lee Bauer, Ray Miles 151,259 Bouer, William 149 Bauman, Elsie Josephine Baumann. Don Durkee 81, 310 Baumann, Paul Edward .149. 235, 347 Baxter, Ray Merrill Ir - 356 Bayer, lames Jerome 138, 166 Bayles. Donald Dean 143 Beach, Perry Wordwcll Beachell, filice Violet 322 Beachell. William filbert Jr 241 Beachly, W.Uiam Lewis 157, 269 Beadle, Rowena Merle.. Beal, Cannna Jane _ .293. 294 Bean, Burwin Blain „ Beans, Rose Lorraine Beardsley, Marian Margaret Beatty, James Brazell Beatty, Joe Ray 326 Beatty, Betty Catherine 215 Beaver, Robert Irvin 157 Beavers, Mary Laura _ 260, 251 Bebee, Opal Mae - Beber, Joan Virginia 275, 322 Becher, Dorothy Bradford 249 Becher, Robert William 147 Beck. Joseph Delmar 150 Beck, William W „ _ 279 Backer, Carryl Matthias _ 338 Becker, Delvan T Jr 143, 166, 287 Becker, John Donald 121, 156 Becker, Kathryn Margaret Becker, Rudy Nick 141. 166 Becker, Ruth Rella Beckord, Lawrence Doyle ...136 Beckord. Orville Clinton Beckwith, Harry Paul 140. 326 Bedell, Margaret Bess Bednar, Valeria Julia Bedson, lane Amelia Bedson, Eugenia Pearl „ _ _ Beech, Donald Gilbert _ _ Beechen, Velma _ _ 275 Beennann, Melvin R 75. 157. 194, 303, 331 Beers, Lucile Gayle Boeson, Betty 293, 294 307 Beezley, firthur Neil „ 145, 267 Beezley, Wilbur Barrett 103. 158, 235, 364 Beggs, Walter Kenton Beghtol. Martha Vance 245 Beghtol, Robert Wood 81, 160, 167, 225 Begley, James F Bequin. Albert E Behm, Lois lean . 322 Behr, Russell Adrian Beins, Russell Rae. 156 Belders, George O. 150, 347 Beldum, LaVern WtUard . Belka. Robert „ 81, 363 Bell, Eleanor Mae 323 Bell, Frank James Bell, Harry William 103, 211 Bell, Jane Stewart . .249 Bell, Richard W Bell, Ruth Mae Bellamy, Donald Fordyee.. 161 Bellamy, Robert Paul 81, 326 Beltzor, James Buck 251 Benda, Eldon Frank Benda, Velda Elizabeth . Bender, Esther Elizabeth 324 Bender, LeRoy Monroe 146 Bender, Paul Jacob ,, Bengston, John Willard 81 1£8. 301, 303. 310. 311. 330, 331 Bengston, Ruth Jean „ Beniamin. Harry Joseph. „,„.........81, 157 Benjamin, Jane Elolse 70, 71, 213, 355 Benn, Harold William 153, 241 311 Benn, Ruth flrlene „..... ....,...._ 322, 331 Pa e 440 Banner, Robert Edvirin... ..137 ..249 Bennett, Clarissa May . Bennett, Frank H 158, 255 Bennett, Genevieve Melissa 70, 71, 72, 103, 193, 195, 302. 312. 322, 365 Bennett, Hulda Susannah 322 Bennett, Marjorie Ella _ - Bennett, Mildred Rhoads Bennett, Robert Raymond - Bennett, Wilbur Keith .....145 Benson, Grant flmes 145. 163, 269 Bensen, Robert Craig 144, 363 Bentley, Harland DeLoss 143 Benton, filbert T _... 158, 259 Benton, Ralph fi Bentz, Dorothy Edith 12, 73. 81, 124, 191. 213, 300 Beronek, Floyd Edward 326 Berauter, Robert Leslie - J41 Berq Glen Virgil 136 Berg! William Barton 128, 156, 235, 259, 318 Berge, Woodrow Louis 267 Berger, Jacques Francis - 150 Berger, William Walker ...Ui Berggren, Eunice Roberta 322, 331 Berggren, Jerome Harry 81. 140, 146, 235 Berggren, Leiand Schell 142 Berggren, Myrtle Victoria 302 Bergquist, Harold Dale _ „,„145, 161 Bergquist, Harold Holcombe. 237 Berkman, fiUen William 339 Bernard, Hilda Heloise ■■ Bernesek, Elsie Louise — 322, 331 Bernholtz. Velma Marie Berning, Robert Franklin 138, 166 Bernstein, David 16, 19. 70, 71, 103, 121, 158, 163, 193, 270. 271, 345, 364 Bernstein, Marjorie Emel Berquist, Martha Victoria Berry, Frederick Samuel Jr 328 Berry, Henry Willard - 146 Bertramson, Chrystie Mane Bertramson, Rodney Burtram 81, 152, 165, 192, 241, 301. 303 Bertrand, Madeline fldele 322 Besch, Lucile flllwyn ■■■■■■ Bessire, Rex Woodrow .........151 Bestor, Lois 103, 291. 302 Bettinger. Alvin K.. - ■■ " ■- Betzer, George R 138 Betzer, Richard Willis 315 Betzer, Wilma ftlice 290 Beushausen, Elizabeth 291 Bevans, flzel Ferguson 323 Beveridge, Joe Charles 149, 267 Bevington, Charles Eugene. 154 Beyer, Eldridge Dee - ■i-;-i5; Beyer, George W, fl - -...81, 363 Bickel, Lawrence George .... Bickel, Myron Overton 339 Bicknell, Julia Maryetta 81 Bicek, Chester Lloyd 158, 205 Biegerl, Willis Wilford 138 Bierbower, June Marie Bierman, Glenn Girard 211 Bierman, Helen Virginia ■-__ Bierman, Quentin Harm 153 Bierman, Russell Warren 211, 331 Biggs, R, Loren 160 Bignell, Edward Eugene 148. 158, 363 Bignell , EUinor Mae 322 Bilby, Margaret 81, 203, 227 Bindernagel, Louise Annette Bing, Leo " -■■ Bingenheimer, Jack Richard 279 Bingham, Eunice Ruth 300, 308 Binkley, Stephen Bennett Binning , Betty Mae Binlz, Robert firthur 151 Birch, Guy Julian 144 Bird, Mary lleah., 74 Bird, William James 332 Birk, Barbara flgnes Birk, Charles fllouise 156, 156, 253 Birk, Mary Jean Bishop, Frank 158 Bishop, Harold Morgan 128 Bishop, John L 81. 203. 280. 281, 363 Bishop, Ruth Irene Bixler, Dean fillison „ 156, 161 Bjodstrup, Robert Maynard _ 141 Black, filice fimelia 103, 202, 207 Black. V. Irene Blackburn, filbert Forbes 158 Blackslone, Clarence Harlan Blair, Eleanor Mable Blair, Lois Lorraine 81. 213. 303 Blake, Roberta Adelaide Blaker, Gertrude Genevieve Blonchard, Dovid S „...81. 257 Blanchard, Everett E Blatny, Eunice Blaufuss, Margaret Jane. 19, 103. 249 Blazkovec, Libby Rose -„„ 74, 331 Blazkovec, Lillian Anne 74, 331 Blecha, Arthur Elmer _ 135 Blessing, Richard Clayton „..._ - 140 Blevins, Harold Virgil „ 325 Bluen, Charles Watson Blixt, Rov Eloe _ 75 Bhzard, Eldon Charles Black , finnes Marie Blomr, Eldo Carl „„_ „ 141 Blome, Vernon Louis „ 145 Blooah, Charles Dlikpwama Blooah, Florence Gertrude Blood, Forrest Cliilord 147, 279 Bloom, Fern Viola 74, 81, 300, 305, 335 Bloom, Leo Henry 157, 235 Blue, Emery Lee Blum, Walter Philip 141, 143, 284, 285 Blummer, Frederick Charles....81, 146, 153, 324 Blunt, Dorothy B Bock, John William 142, 279 Bock, Linden Frederick 141 Bodie, Fred E. Jr 140, 158, 165, 205 Bodie, Helen Louise Bodie, Thomas McClure 140, 153, 166, 205 Bodley, Russell Ralph - 269, 334 Boehm, fidolph Don Ir 70, 71, 103, 120, 158, 159, 218, 219, 364 Boesiger, Thelma Pearl.. Boettner, Ewen Everett 149 Bogan, Jack Eugene - Bogardus, Dorothy Grace 82, 293, 294, 340 Bogardus, Hubert Earl - 140, 279 Bogen. Paul Logasa 139, 145, 165 Bogner, Norberl Bruno 135 Bohner. Ted V , Boldman, Frances Victoria .233. 365. 371 Boldra, Lowran Lowell Boling, Dean _ 142 Bolker, Norman 140. 324 Boiling , Lucille Rose - 322 Bolslad, Paul Frederick 267 Bolton, Bernice Floy r;;-;;™-;; -.; Bond, Floyd 144, 282, 283 Bone, Dorothy Lea ...............Z6l Bonham, Carroll Dale 160, 66, 167 Bonham, Dwighl David 143, 165, 167 Bonham, Marion Clarence Bonness, Orville Emery -■■. Boodleman, Nadine Pearl ...HZ Bookstrom, Harold R 22, 157, 259 Boom, flaron Morey ' 44 Booth. Beverly Clayton V00—07V Bore?: ' IxiZTc ::::::::::::;::::::;i48; 279 Borman Ivan fllbertZ 157, 330, 358, 363 Bornemeier, Allan Ernest 160. lb Bornemeier, Fern Virginia •=• " Bornemeier, Omar Emil ■■■■ " Bornemeier, Roland Henry - 1«1 Bornemeier, Russell W Bornemeier, Ruth Ella ; ' Vc " VeV Bornemeier, Wayne Martin 145, Ibi Bornemer, Omar Emil WAA ' " -™ ' ' ic Bors, Deloris Mane 125, 207, 322, 365 Bors, lulian 144, 161, 165, 281 Bortleld, Charles Frederick Borthwick, Anna - - — Boschult, Rolyne Dwight m ' ni ' i Bose, Dorothy Irene ■■?? ' oJo Boslaugh, Leslie 155, 253 Bosse, lack Fred ' 40 Bosse, W. K vrg Bottorl, lohn filbert Io» Bottorte , Lewis Madison ..■•■• Bouchard, Gordon Herbert 141 Bovard, William Robert 31 ' IZln. Sune ' ida::::::;:;::227r365:37i:i72 Bowers, Hazel firDelle Vno ' oVI: Bowman, Betty ' 03, 215 Boyd, Evelyn ■■■■ Boyd, Louise .. -icv ' OTi ' lRa Boye, firthur John 157, ZZ3, Jb4 Boyes, Earle Melvin 140, 305 Boylston, John Eaton jol Boynton, Portia Cecilia iii-iM Braasch, Ellis Herman 155, ili Brackett, Jane ludson icc ' " iso Braden, William C 156, 269 Bradlord, Russell Logan ........21 Bradley, Paul Lincoln 9, 140. ZZ5 Bradley, Roy W Bradley, Theodore Drake 70 71 82 139, 164, 169, 278, 279, 296, 297 Bradslreet, Hazel fiileen 27, 103, 243 Brady, Eugene Edward Bragg, lessie Alice -■:;; Brahinsky, Henry Joseph M " ' in7 Brainard, Marian Joy oi, Oil Bramel, William Elmer niH ' vn Brandes, Leona Mae 292, 333 Brandt, Francis Dean Brandt, Graydon William Brandt, Mrs. M. I —- Brandt , Ralph Frederick 333 Braun, Darrell Lewis 153 Braun, Robert John ' 37 Braverman, Eleanor 2 5 Brave rman, Karl Marx Bredemeier, Lorenz F •• " " Bredthaver, Estelle Eileen 133 Breeden. Melvin L Brehm, George G — ■ " •■■ Brehm, Harold Paul 136 Brehm , Willis Harlan 138 Bremer, Mary Jean Brendel , Richard Frederick Brenn, Elmer A. Jr Bresee, Floyd Edgar Breuer, Julia Etta •i-A;--;: -;,-:; ; Breuer, Rosalie Eva 125, 302, 324 Breunig, LeRoy Raymond ;■ S n Brewer, Esther Mae 291, 340 Brewster, Stanley Marshall ,; ■;,.i " ;,„. 19, 120, 121, 143, 258, 259, 364 Brian, Herbert filden 158, 259 Bricka, Maurice G -■■ " Bridge, Charlotte finn — 249 Bridges, Dorothy Gertrude Briggs, Elbert Allan ■,-••• Brigqs Glen Willis 150 Brigham. Beula Beverly 323 Brigham, Marvin Walter .317 Brigner, fidrian LeRoy , 138 Brigner, Eugene filbert 147 Brinegar, Thomas Elton 154 Brinkman Alan M«r l 1 ■ o| F '»c« I- Ml. 217 HV BuiUigh. Burn.,. . Burnvy. ' A II ' I C I C. c . C i c f fl n l Vlot9 M ; I!. I. IjJ. ill 161 249 334 H, ... Brook ' - Brook Brook Brook Brook ' q. ... Brown Brown Belly Ge- i P— ly M.-l. • Browr Br-w- q - ' , If ' : : Brown y Frar. - H Brown Go ' 1. ' . Brown Haro.:! t-.r ' ' ' Brown Harry Wosley Brown Tames Hedges Brown, toe Cleburne Brown, lohn Andrew Brown, lohn Edward Brown. Marceline A Brown. Paul fredenck Brown. Raymond Brown, Rex Wendell Brown. Richard Schaab Brown, Robert Brown Robert Clair Brown. Rodney Douglas Brown Wilbert Rhea Browne Colleen lane Brownell, lames Roberl Brownell Robert Wilbur Brownell Winilred Edith Browning Carroll Steven Brownlee. lohn Templelon Brownson Robert E BroyhiU Roy Franklin Bruce Karl Wayne Bruce. Willis Nels Brugh. Isella Elizabeth Brummer. Delford F Brumond, Helen Ruth Brune. William Julius Bruner, Donald L Bruner, George D Bruner, Howard Dale Brunig, LeRoy Bruning, Mildred loan Brunson Georgia Pa ' . : p- ■« 13 -, ' nh Elmer Hoborl • Philip h ■ j.. . an Lorena Bsiandmg Frank lacob Bslandig Paul Jerome Buchanan Everts Reed Buchanan James Coe Bucholz, Donald John Buckendort Louis H Bucklin Phyllis Dale Buehner, Elsa Margaret Buell, Dons L Bueli, Mildred Laurine B ' ifdnqlon Barbara Ellf n x-TTet Buls Maraaret Beriha Bundy John Henry. Jr Bunger Floyd J Bunnell. Jean Elizabeth Bunting, lames M Burback Harry " - -■ Burch Roberta L Burdell Charles Pi-dic Pa-low B i-T- F, ■■ i •; ;1T B .-lo-..; E .-.vr, V-T - t Burgess Phyllis Burke, George Burke, John Ch :: Burke. Lawrence c-- " - - Burke Margaret l.«iabeli Burket Maraaret S Burkett Edith Mane Burkey Erma Clara Burkhaltar. Phyllis Louu 140 144 IS, 290 322 257 n-,.y 317 318, 174 309. 318 Z " 32K M7 . ' 81 133 ;:ov ihi ,;i 3 1.19 :7i 154. 211. 331 103. 120. 157. 769 138 I3f; 137 138 11 ' i:i 138 149 141. 225 364 IfiS MA lib - ' in 1-in MR MO 262, 75 263 143 133 239, 243 307 311 147 141. 259 759 143 151 175 153 146 259 135 318 21 322, 331 250, 251 157 103 157 225 as. 310, 364 141 82 283 329 I ' 3 331 1S3 - U.} i i.. JU J 14. ' im 769 Z37 231 144 319 136 163, 219 17 ,38 ?93 794 .Rl ■ rr 160. 157 27,1 166 296. 299. 312. 322 325 m 745 150 ,175, 103 151 103 274. 245 259 249 275 11.,, 1 Bur« M . ■. ' limel Ct !iman, Loui .„tor. Jay Go- , Butler. June Eli ubeih Butler, Leo Erwin Butler Margaret Virginia Butler, Mary Jane Butler, Mary iCalhryn Butler, Miriam Magdolon ' Butler, Shirley M Butler, Sidney Reed Bull, Cooper Henry Butt. William Albert Buttery Richard Leo Buxman, Elsie Ruth 73, 82 194, 207, Buxton, Harold Frank Buzzard, Charles Richard Byers, AHele Eleanor Byers, Julian C Byers. Laura Patricia Byers, Robert Charles Byrd, Marion Byron, Harriott Loo Cadwoll, Gauls Holcomb 138. 318 Cady, John Dale 141. 251 CahiU, Belle Ann -v Cahill, Catherine Eileen 103 Cahill Fred Virgil Cahoon, Corinne Ruth Cain, Mrs Jennie M --- Cain, Patricia Ann 265. 3TO Colder, Mariorie Ann „» ,;,, Vir. Sjl Caldwell, Janet .20. 125. 264. OS Caley. Gaylo Deloris 82. 207 Calhoun. Oliver H 147 Calkins Dorothy Mae 92 Callahan. Barbara Catherine, 92 Callam, Neil William Callan, Lois Mae Si Calland Warren W ,.363 Callihan. Bill Earl 147, 347, 363 Calnon, Jack Fred iii ■ " H? Cameron, George W 156. 281 Cameron, Vernon Ellis 75 Camp, Bornal Ray 82 Camp June Stellen 300 Camp, Lewis Madison 155 Campbell, Bruce, Jr 279 Campbell, Charles Edwin 144 Campbell, Dorothy Ann 103, 249 Campbell, Edward B 137 157 Campbell Jack Chosio- 137 I63 Campbell, tanel Lois 104, 233 Campbell, Jeannelte Ruth 249 Campbell, John Miller 82 139 142, 164 219 304 314. 363 Campboll Kenneth R 148 Campbell Mary Eileen 323 Campholl Robert Duane 150 Camrboll Robert E 82. 169 Camrboll Sidney Willson 156 Compboll Virgil Merle 147 Canar Gertrude 275 Canarsky, Clara Louise Canarsky Rosa L Cannell, Audrey Gene Cannell, Mary Margaret Cannon, Craig W 136 Cappe. Julius Capron Evelyr ' ' 92 Car— — 148 Ca- 227 Co- 310. 331 °M " 19 U Ub b ' ili. 347. 348, 349, 3S0, 3Si 352 353 361 363 Ca r.,_ ,. n.:. 83 Ct Ca Car., .. 217 Carlisle, 147 Carlson 155 Ca- ' -- -309, 318 Crr 147. 166 Co 237, 338 Car, .... Carlson Cailson, 1 325 ,eii Maloch ;-d Frank Jean lay ( ■ Ci Ci c, c. c- i c €■, C-. C ; C ■ Ci Corlei Carter Carter Carter Carter Cn " -- C: C . Cu - Cary ,- Cary, ' ■ Cary, H Cosady Case, C-r-- ' ■ c c Co.,. . Cosseii Cossidv C-1- ' - C C ; Co ; , Gather, Mary Elizabeth Cattle, lohn Wood Caulkins, Alia Lowrea Cavill, Howard Hamilton Cecan. Lillian Lenoro Cecil, Herbert Myron Cecil. Jesse Bert Cecil, Teola Marion Cerovac, Rose Dons Chace Charles Emory Chadderdon, Darrell Gi- Challee, Lynn Dale Chaim, Harry Adolph Chain, Virginia Hall Chalk. Ila Chaloupka. Wallace lohn Chamberlain. Irvin Joe Chamberlain. Phyllis loan Chambers. Jean Laune Chambers, Robert Harmon.. 160. Champe. Mrs Flovia Waters Chandley Rex Robert Chaney. Dan Frederick Chaney. Glen Jackson Chapelow. Dorothy Irene 83. 133. Chapin. lames Edward Chapin, Robert William Chapin, Tom R Chapman, Florence Esther Chapoton, Theda Norma Charnock, Virginia Claro Chase. Alfred Lerov Chose, Dorothy Noll Chase, Eleanor Chase. Ronald Charles Chatt Robert Don Chavan Apposaheb R Cheney, Francis Julion Cheney. Ruih Cherney, Elizar« th Vit ' -- t Cheuvront, F " Chevalier, E ; Childs. lean Mjr.o Chism Carl Eugene Chittenden, E:lwa-i " ■.-. ' ■ " ■• 11 ■• r. . !.,. 2ai IV, r t i4i IIV 324 324 337 iOl. 3«.5 146 in. 158. 219 .Tse. IS 287 MS 161 .151. 205 i:t 120. 245 249, 324 167. 225, 327 142 141 83, 219 261, 302. 326 ns. 326 ISO 203. 209 247 340 205 MR 32S Chittenden. Chrr. " :i: ' c c- c- Ch - Chreslensen Chris lensen. Chri.; ' or, or, C c- Ch Chrislensen Chnslensen Chrislensen Chnslonaen Chrislensen Ch-. = ' ' -n.-.or ,■. c- c- C c- c Ch .■:. - . . - Cimtei Harnoid Hdoip Clare, Leland Tusothy 156 337 138 290 324 35S 263 323 1S5 S5 309, 318 : 24l 155 137 -e Mane . Lyle 11 • • 364 Konnelh Cli- ' -- 1 149 Leno V ■! 331 ».l-i--,o !..- .■.- ! 245 1 r 138 289 209 324 154 150 Page 441 l ' k Barbara — Clark; Corol Dorothy 74. 124, 12S, 335 Clark. Caroline Jane. |g. 2?f Clark. Dennis WjUiam - 56. 2U Clark Dorothy Mane IJJ. ' " ' f - -., -. , : ' .--.k.aih .- ' ' 1437219 147 324 160, 167, 199 77, .83, C. ; , -- :■ ' ■■: -•-■ Clark, lean -. Clark, Kenneth B Clark, Lealand ft Clark, Margaret fllme Clark, Norman Duane. Clark, Onn Ray Clark, Ray Herbert Clark, Robert Gilder Clork. Roberta Margarel Clark. RoUo Vincent Clark, Royal Sanlord Clarke, Harlowe Eugene Clarke. Ritchie Herbcri Clary. Betty Louise Clary, Margaret Elinor- Clausen, Bruce John Claussen. Elmer Leroy Clay, Carroll Malcom Clayton, jeannelte - - Cloyion, William Georgo....,.,...,.,... 70, 71. 104. 120. 124, 125, 157, Clear, Mrs. Mary D Cleary, John Francis Cleaver, Wayne Charles Clem. W. Jock Clemons, John Vernon Clematis, Virginia Way Clements, Betty Grace Clem. Willis I Cleveland. Carl S Ir Cleveland, Chorles Leroy Clinchard, Constance Eugenea.... Chne. William Burke Clizbe, Eleanor Ann .....; ... ;..- 70, 71, 83, 120. 122. 227, Clizbe, Mary Elizabeth Close, Gerald Ralph Closs, Helen Margaret Clothier, Raymond George Clymer. Louis Ralph Coale, Burton Vee Cobb. Chandler Cobbey, Mabel Snyder Cochran, Doris Cochran. William Thomas 136, Cockle, Mary Anna Cocklin. Robert Frank Cohen, Robert Cohn, Gerald Phillip .■■■■■■ Cole, 1. Frank 135, Coleman, Frank W Colemon. Harold Allan Coleman, Richard Neil Collar, Melvene C Collier, |ohn I Collins. Clark C Collins. Eldred Lowell Collins. Janice ft Collins. lohn Clark Collins, Margaret Eugenie Collins. Raymond E Collins. Theola Carolyn Collon, Bobbetia LoRue Colton. David Louis.. Coitrane. Enid Eileen Colverl. Ramon P Colvert. Randal Harold Colwell, William Earle Colwell, William Franklin Colwill, Kieth Compton Compton, Mary Eleanore Comstock, Cecil Wade Comstock, lames Floyd Conard, Elverno Clyde Conson. Robert John Conger, Comillo Mildred. — Conn, Gayland W 104, Connelly. Dorothy Lucille Conner, Robert Frederick Connett. Robert Paul Conroy. Harold William Constable, Erio M 121, Contryman. Grin. . Conway, Belly Rose Cook, Ben Frederick Dorothy I Elaine Ruth Eleanor Harold Charleb Cook, loan Frances Cook, Lawrence Flanderr. Merlyn Joseph Phyllis Claire Wesley D Wesley Frederick William Howard ..291 .142, 166 ...149, 163 .■.■.146r235 317 144, 157 147. 174 ..._ 245 245 138, 263 136, 199, 317 151 277 193, 259, 326 250 138 i;i539 265 292, 365, 372 150, 273 ..._147 521 .83, 155. 235 298. 299, 337 227 143 290 r;;::;;;;i;;i53 144 156, 166, 269 .;;;;i;zz26i 163, 166, 225 ,122, 125, 231 235 137, 287 199, 138, 281, 315 121, 143, 205 156 210, 211, 316 104 141 137 227 122, 160, 269 83, 215 .209 .291 ..237 .145 .269 317 133. 213 .136 Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook. Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cooke, Mildred Tommy.. Cooksloy. Leo Clillord Cooley, Kathryn Marip Cooley, Orval Wayne Cooliage, Donald Hen:y Coombs, John Rlden Cooper, Edgar O. . Cooper, Leiand Henry Cooper. Lois Kathryn Cooper, Mae Estella. Coopersmith, Leonard Jay Coopersmilh. Martin Brombough.. Coover, Max Henry _.. Cope. Laverene E Copenhaver, Eloise Maa Page 442 147 ,293, 294, 335 158, 285, 321 146 1?5, 317 83, 251, 323 160, 167. 3?1 83 143, 158 324 231, 300 257215 154 83 231 104. 138 154 155, 211 322. 331 326 7 " ii38 142 217. 319 133, 221. 322 ,..:77777:i47 .104, 1S8, 269 .._ 149 209 Copenhaver. Evelyn flnne - 209 Copsey, Harvey Gayle 104, 251 Cordes, Theodore Carl 149 Cordner. Ted Gilmore 151 Cordray, Leona Feme - „j23 Corkell, Don Osborn..._ _ -145 Corley, Robert Townsend. ■■-■ Corman, Loyal Bower 75. 104, 310 Corn, Bruce - - 151 Cornelius, Jean 306 Cornelius, Lee Henry...- - — vi Cornell. Thomas Russel _ - — 157 Costales, Julian Leon - -.- Costelioe, John Francis 83 Cottingham. Vivian Mary Couial, Celeste flnne 104, 290, 322 Coulal, Francis Edward 146, 272, 273 Counce, Robert Miles 137 Courlenay, D. Gerald - 150, 165 Courtnay, Charles James - Cowger, George Tallord - 150 Cowlishaw, Howard C 281 Cox, Donald W - Cox, Katherine 308 Coy, Charles Vernon 141 Coy, Donald Edward 145 Coyner, Katherine Rhea 322 Crabb, Jeanne Holladay Crabill, Marjorie Mae 73, 244, 245 Crable, Jack Benton Cradduck, Marjorie Katherine - Cralt, Charles Fred 138, 166 Crall, George Playlord 138, 255 Cralt, William Cecil Craig, Leiand William Grain, Edna Mae -322. 323 Cram, John Gilbert 235 Cramer, Burton C 141 Cramer, Harold Dean.. Cramer, John Wesley 157 Cramer, Lottie Estella Craven, John flndresen 149, 251 Crawlord, Dorcas Esther 74, 83, 305, 333 Crawlord, Francis filbert 140 Crawford, Lloyd Ivan 160 Creighton, Hazel Irene Cremer, Virginia 261 Crippen, Charis Dwayne Crittenden, William Clarks.„.149, 158, 165, 364 Crockett, James Henry 151 Crone, Woodrow W ,144, 157 Cronk, Leonard W 155 Cronk, Raymond Jay 144 Cronn, Cleo Carlton Cronn, E. Josephine Cronquist, Edna Vivian 294 Crook, Gena Lucille Crosbie, James M 148 Crosby, Horace Eugene 83, 160, 167, 225 Crosby, William Homer Cross, Ormand Francis Crossley, Basil Wayne Crossley, Maxine Louise 323 Crosson, Raymond Logan, Jr 136, 317 Crowell, Keith Neville.. Crowl, John fllvin., Crowley, Howard Francis Crowley, Walter James .. Cruise, Berniece Viola Cruise, Elaine Mildred Cruise, Ray Leslie Cruzan. Winston Vance. 137, 255 151, 153 75 83, 300 -155, 241, 331 .23, 279 Cuaresma. Ramon G Cuckler, flshlon Clinton... Cullen, George, Jr 104, 158, 219 Culwell, Esther Mae Cummer, Harriett Alien 249, 327, 365 Cummins, Hal Alanzo 156, 269 Cummins, Samuel James Cumro, Dean George Cunningham, Donald William 157, 358 Cunningham, Roger L 154, 241 Cunningham. William Richard Cupl. Joe Curran. James Charles 83, 339 Currier, Ralph D 153 Curry, Lela LaVerne Curtis, Leo Arthur 137, 319 Curtis, William Hall .84. 175 Curtiss, David William 175 Curtiss, Eugene Herbert 145 Curtiss, Howard Johnson. -148. 251 Gushing, Henry Edwin 147, 269 Gushing, Mae Margaret 227 Gushing. Marian Grace 302, 322 Gushing, Robert Leovilt Gushing, Thomas Caleb 155, 259 Cushing, William Benjamin .166 154, 211 211, 316 316 302 151 ,157, 318 Daft, Benjamin Charles Daft, Erie Landis Dahl, E. S Dahl, Marvel Ann Dahlberg, Carrol Richard Dahlstet, John Paul Dailey, M. Philomene Dalby, Vernon Lee. Dale, Romona Marion Dalling, John Edward ISO, 229 Dalton, Bernard Joseph 135, 186, 174 Dalton, Maureen Mary 322 Dalton, Robert Lorry - — 143 Dambroskv, Selden Frederick 144, 161, 326 Damewood, Barbara Damm, Alexander...- - — 140 Damm. Peter ...334 Damrow. Virginia _ Danek, Elsie Josephine Danek, Frances M Daniell. Robert Edward 157, 211 Danielson, George E Danielson. Keith Newall 140 Dankert, Richard Paul Dann, Frances M 104, 245 Dannals, Leiand E - Dannalt, Lillian Lucille 84. 293, 294, 308 Danner, Helen Edythe - Dappen, Theodore R Darlington, Meredith W _ _ Darlington, Winthrop William. _ __ Darwin, Willis Alien 141 Daub, Harold John — .136 Dougherty, Janice Rose 104, 245 Dougherty, Melvin James -138 Dougherty, Richard E _ - 229 Daum , John Andrew — — Davenport, Wade Edward - 257 Davidson, Alice Gertrude Davidson. Betty Jean _ — 233 Davidson, Harold James 151, 219 Davidson, James Arthur -142 Davidson, Louise Phyllis - .275 Davidson, Thomas Hayes 142, 279 Davie, Alice Lou — .261 Davie, Fred George ..338 Davies, James Arthur Davies, Louis T Davies, Robert Lewis 141, 269 Davies, Thomas M 328 Davies, Wayne J - Davis, Albert T 153 Davis, Carolyn L 104, 327 Davis, Catherine Virginia Davis, Elaine Wright - -245 Davis, Dorothy Hood 87. 215 Davis, Emma Rebecca 322 Davis, Esther C - Davis, George Albert 148, 150, 279, 334 Davis, Harold Leroy 138 Davis, Helen Catherine 20, 125, 133, 233 Davis, Horace Richmond Davis, Jack Bulord 255 Davis, Jay Sheldon Davis, John Leonard 141 Davis, John Norman 141, 244 Davis, Joseph Coleman Davis, Marcella Carol Davis, Marcella Dorothy 104, 265 Davis, Marian Louise 307 Davis, Smith - Davis. Tyndale Elwood - 136 Davis, Thane 125, 251 Davis, Valeda Grace 84, 323 Davis, William Arthur 137, 219 Davis, William Edgar 149, 158 Davison, Kenneth Allen 141,253 Davisson, Mary Lucille 84, 245 Dawes. Alva Neil 154, 331 Dawson, Alice Ivan Day, Frank Edmund 15 S, 279 Day, June- 209 Day, Paul W Deakins, David 254, 255 Dean, Esther Lucy 322 Dean, George Allen 151 Dean, George William Dean, Louise Ebelong Dean, Ruth -...,320 Deals, Claude Jr 141. 285 Deals, Frances Linn _ 227 Deaver, Lucille Louise — DeBord, Dorothy Jane deBrown, Richard Clair 122, 147, 225 DeCamp, Edna Jewel 322 Deck, Waldo Paul 158, 257 Decker, Morlin Dale 143 Decker, Richard K _ 267 Decker, Robert Arthur 319 Decker, Rudolph Frederick — DeCrow, Elsie Newhard 312, 322 Deeds, Margaret Ruth „ _ 261 DeFord, Charles Howard 267 DeFord. Darleen Defrain, OrviUe Donald Degenfelder, Richard Martin Deger, Everett Charles 142. 279 Degner, Leona Eleanor 84. 32 Denner, Eleanor Ruth 13, 265 Dein, Charline Josephine 122, 293, 291 Deinert, Hilda Sophia Deines, Ben 149 Demes, Jerre Ellen - - Deines, John Michael 338 Deines, Stanley George 141, 205 Deininger, Gordon 138, 267 Deininger. Lena C Deitemeyer, Carl William 149, 150, 223 Deitemeyer, Gilbert Edward 142 Deitemeyer. Harold Robert 139 Dejonge, Ella - Deklotz, Edward Joseph 279, 317 Delong, Neal Tyler - Delzell , Mark Wilson DeMarce. Anna Caroline J. DeMars, Bernard Stephen - — -.14l Deming, Kelvin ?63 Deming, Philip H _ 151 Denning, Reuben Henry 75, 156, 358, 364 Dennis, Oliver George 142 Dennis, Philip West 156 Dennis, Richard Robert 128, 317 Dennison, Joseph 326 DePutron, Barbara Louise 73 84, 215, 298, 299, 304, 327, 337 Derr, Donald Henry 155 Deslardien, Donald -167, 285 DcTar. Dorothy Troncst n„r.i, V,. ,.„, , :; .....I, Dudak Trank lo««ph 141 ' I ' .rm-in n ;4S ;s3 322 153, 331 ins ' .« IRl Di«n. William iar-.o . l.iS IS ' I -n .:8I Di»lnch. Loi» nilci:!- 1 ' .:31 Dillow. HpH " ' ' Dilg«r. Tr -;43 Dilton, Of Dillow. Ro- 140 Dinsdal . G«orge Thomai U 321 Dirks Leonard Fred 114 1S6 Ditterlm . Ej:ra 137, 283 Dittmann, Evelyn Mari .331 Diltmer. Ellen Ditzer. Martha O- -- - Dilzler. Marcia Dixon. Elmer E IS 211 Dobbir«. Donala . ' .... , ISl Dobbins Paul Dobbs. Starling Leroy 138. 166 Dobry. George Maynard Dobson. fldna Allan 125. 146. 279 Dobson. Maren Ellen 84, 245 Dobson. Ruth Dodd. Cecil Edward 267. 363 Dodd. Maraloe Odessa .. Dodd. Wendell S Dodge. Erwin August .153 Dodnll. G Ellsworth 315 Dodrill Mildred Edith Dohnnann. Elmer Henry 26. 70. 71. 105. 283. 347, 3S3, 3S6. 358. 363 Dolan. Leo F ..— Dold Harloy NeUon 154, 211 Dolezal B Doler-: «■ ' - -- - Dole.- Dole.-: 8 325 Doll I .... :..s ' • ' l Dolphin. Betty Mane S Chflord Eugene Domingo. Wayne Elwin Donley. Eileen Mane lOS, Donley. lack Raymond Donley. Raymond Harold Donovan. Joseph Richard. Doolittle. Frances Eugene Doolittle. Helen Mary Dopp. Irma Alice Doran. John Harrison Doran. Thomas Justin Dorl. Marvin Leroy Dort. Douglas McCready 106 225 Doty fean Carolyn o! •■ " • ' " " " " Doty. Richard Martin Doubt. Mary Olive Doud. Laurence fosepr, Dougall G R Douglas. Donald Baird 139. Douglas. Dorothy Ruth Douglas Marjorie P Douglas. Robert Bruce Douglas. Ronald Clive 19. 24 34, 280. 281. 347. 348, 349, 352. 353. Dow. Herbert V Dow. Mary Louise P w l -: WiHiom Thompson - . - ' [ . c w . ; n 5 Downing Doyle Jac Doyle. Rayr-. r : Doyle. Theodor- ' ove Kalhryn 176, ;5 233 149 338 138 137. ISO 745 .155 151 363, 191, .14, 138 387 733 225 i29. 84, 164. 326 300 273 135 350, 351. 148 249 149 15 " 302 138 138 251 149 166 153 U7 354 Drake, E H Drake. John Omar Drake. Marvin Emerson Drath, Francis S Drath. Mercedes Laura Drbol. Vlost-i nr.r. Dreibus, r Dreier, A; Dreier. A . Drenguis. , ' r.r. V.:.,;-:- Drennan Leo Druhe. K r.r - ' ' : H " r;-, Drummonn Drury W. Drysdals. 242. UB Ui 243. 326 790 17 .it. 237 141 142 n . p.- n . ' friiexando: rlwm H « Hazel 73 lu Ixinald Schuyler Ben Reld Durtse, Durkee, Durland Durr. Li Durrie. D i-. ' " ' Du ' Dull... . ...» Dworak. John Lewis Dwyer. Wendell A Dye. Lucius W Dyer. Doyle Bryce Dyer. Hazel Dyer. William Earl _ 281 280, 281, 363 249 153 166 ,45 .:73 136 Eager, George 18, 20, 84. 132, 164. Eager, Mari)ane Eagleton, Paul William Earhart, Eunice Florence Early, lohn Harry Earnest, lohn Henry Easterday. Dan C Eastman. Doris P Eaton. Elizabeth M Eaton. Margaret Mary Eaton. Sidney Ebaugh. Floyd Harold Eberhart. Inez Clara Eberline. Charles Robert. Ebert. Zelda June Eby, Olive Dell Eby. Robert Kendall 139, Ecclesfield. Betty Ann Eckhard. Emmetts Eddy. Willard O Edeal. Dean William Edelstein. Robert Arthur Eden Irene D Edgar. Earl Eugene Edgren. Robert Arthur Edison. Elizabeth Edlund. Louise Sylvia Edwards. Frances Mae Edwards. Francesan Edwards, lohn Benson Edwards. Maurice Gilbert Edwards. Tom Martin Fgan. John Robert Egger. Kenneth Richard Egger. Myra Isabel Eggers. Mane Adel Eggert. Robert Fred Fgfe. Ralph William Eglehoti. Kenneth Harold Egley. Fred Leonard Ehlers. Dons A Thiers. Glenn Pierson Ehlers. Harvey Owon Ehlers. Paul Leland Ehrenberger. Rose Anna Fichberaer. Willis George Eiche. Edward P Eiche. Eleanor M Eighmy. Helen Elizabeth Eis. Frederick George Etsenhart. Hugh W Eisenhari. Kenneth Dean Eisenstatt. Leo Eitel. Henry Gerheart Eitel- lohn Victor Fki- P- ' ' ■■ — Ek: Ek. Fk: o,.,.- Fk ' ; ne Esther Fk ! A Ekv. ■ ' — Ek- El • F! : Filer. H : Fill " " ; 192. 225, 314. 363 339 143 151 257, 3S3 105. 239, 327. 365 356. 357, 363 :z:iz: " " " i35 84. 293 202, 234, 235 345 147 154 ' 4 302 151. 269 105. 365 105. 22S 142 136. 163. 166. 318 144 , ' 1 ' . 3 in 339 141 J50 140, 165, 219 las 7 5n 322 138 ISt 137 74. 302. 325, 365 323 136 196. 202. 256. 257 160. 257 148 271 723 _ 148 I 325, 335, 365 r.v FK Elhs ..•--;- : Ellis, Helen Sarah EUls. lohn C -. 158, 269 142. 325 74. 325 143 105, 245 169: as 143 157 151 ■■58 255 149 157 1 I ■ I . L,.,.. . Eny«art Enyvarl Enyo 3rt Enyeart E-PP Epp iohn Hob«rl !enn«th RonaH LoiJi flrlenft Wayn flrnoM flbram W flfthur Richard Epp. Marion Loui « Epp«r9on, Harrison A 29. 155 Epping, John Richard Epplar, Frank Byran Erb. fames Harold Erck. Henry Erck. Martin Norman Erdmann. Claryce Edda Enckson. CIiMord ftrthur Erickson. Conrad Ir Enckson, Elwin F Enckson, Erick Gerald Enckson, G H Enckson, Helen Enckson. Howard fllfred Enckson. L R Enckson, Mary CharloT ' -- Enckson, Mary Theoda Erickson. Pearl Louise Erickson, Ruth I Encson, Carl Euaene Encson, Dona Lillian Ericson, Rachel June Enkson. Melvm Edward Ernisse, Harold f Ermand, Donald Ernst, Dwayne D Eshelman. Doris Elshelman, Philip vir.TT- Essam. Duano nay Essman, Stanley Fred Elstes. Anita .. Estes. Frank William.. Ettinger. lane Evans, Evan Franklin Evans. Herbert London Evans. Jean D Evans , John William . Evans, lunne .„ Evans. Lewis S Evans. Ray William Evans. Richard lohn Evans. Robert Edward Evans, Robert Ellsworth Evans. Robert Van- Evans. Ruth lean Evans, Stewart Harper Evans. Wesley H Everson, Philip M Ir Everton, Loren Dale Evmger, James Morns Ewart Edwin S Ewing. Donald P- Ewing. Helen Isa: Eyen, Michael Jos- Eymer, Pearl O. i ' .l ..( 221 144 .i. 251. 140 135. ISO. les 149 231 1W3. 167 136 322 358 141 318 20. 158, 174. 3S4 251 151 t4. . 304 138 283 243 ItO. 166 .137 15. 306, 337 340 138 132. 164. 192. 204 i-il 64 .?8. 322 155 1= 0. 269 138. 32S 32 4 326 166 336 Ifil -19, 289, 347. 3S3. 363 r Horry H Konn-th r. f F; , _ Faifiey La Folldorl V- F " ■ Farraii Harold lohn Farrar Marione Bell Fa---;. . -:-. Farrens, Wil Farwell. Flor ion ence L 322 K3 144 327 149 151 143 - 269 " 323 Potra 443 rar rell. lohn fl 154 Fate, jack Stanley 147. 263 raulkner, Katherine B Pauilcnor. Paul Warre: Fauquot, Ruth Viola FauSCh, Hnrr.i : ' :,.r,r.. ■: .:., 11, 331 Fauss. Lie. 135, 317 Fawceit. V ibeth 105 Fawkes, h: . ... . — :beth Faytinger, Ktchaia Dean 136, 161, 166 Feather, Glenn fllvin Feder, Natlda Federle, Maxine Evelyn 247 Feehan, John I 143 Feeney, Mary L Feese. George r Feigion, Arthur I : _ 151 Feldman, fllma C _ 300 Feldman, Cecil Starr „ Feldman, Doris Lucille _ Feldman, Robert Paul 138 Fellers. Arthur Roscoe 146 Fellman, Sara Dmion Feltz, Finnin Q _..- 267 Fenstennacher. Robert Clark 140. 161 Fenton. Laurence Bernard _M4. 283 Fenton Robert Bundy 105. 124. 160. 167. 273 Ferebee. Marion Francis Fergus, Ernest Harlan 85. 229 Ferguson, Rnne fllica 85 Ferguson, George William Ferguson, Jacob Clyde .....137. 166. 318 Ferguson, Julia Christine „ 325 Fernald, Herbert Byron Ferneou, Thomas Edgar .„ _ Ferris. John Bernard _ Ferns. Mary Catherine Ferns. Mitchell Richard ,_ 166 Fetter, Jeanne Beverly _ 265 Fichter, Edson Harvey _ Fickling, William Arnold _...105. 158, 273 Fidler. Paul Frank _ 154 Fielding . llimae _ _ 322 Fields, Sara Claire 231, 340 Filipi. Paul Timothy 137 Filley, Edith Creta -74, 322. 325. 365 F.lley Vernon Womer 324, 325 Finon, Anna Marie 85 Finch Harold M 106 Finegan, Elizabeth Jane , _ Fink Lewis Darwin __ 326 Fmkelsiein Aaron I .....106, 175, 271 Finn, Gladys Fae 106. 261 Finney, Laura Allen Fischer, Edwin B Fischer, Richard Olen. 85, 267. 347. 363 Fiser, Frank Allen 155 Fishbaugh, Robert Fender Fishbach , Robert H Fisher, Howard Gene 106. 196, 202, 278, 279 Fisher, Julia Vernon Fisher, Stanley 147 Fislar, Mary Margaret 106, 180, 181, 227 Filch. Lvle C 129 Fitch, Walter W 158 Fitts, James Walter „ Fitz, Ralph Raymond .153. 211 Fitzgerald, Francis Edward Flanagan, John Cain 141. 153, 158 Flansburg. Claude Colton,...- 145. 210 Flasnick, Don Joseph 27. 267. 358. 363. 337 Flasnick , Dorothy Jean Flatten, Wilbert _ Fleetwood. Robert Leonard _ 141 Fleetwood Virginia E 21. 245. 305. 303. 365 Fleming, Ellen Odette Fleming, James R Fleming. Robert W 146 Flickinger, Irma Mae Flie«bach Chestor H 147, 269 Flodino, Morris Elgin 143 Floor. Urban 318 Florence, Fdwin C . 156 Florance, Kirk B 135.317 Florance, Ronald K 148, 202 Flory, Harry Davis 106. 160. 167,229 Fiory, J»an 227. 322 Flory, Robert L 125. 149, 163. 251 Flothow, Max William Jr 124, 149. 269 Flynn. Richard H 303 Flynn, Viola May Focht, Feme Labii, .290 Fochl. Helen G Foe. Donald W Foe, Helene Mitchci! Fo ' »rBt, Geraldine Frances .. Follmer, Dorothea Florence Folsom, John David 144. 166, 225 FoNom Morris Ernest 151. 166, 725 Foltz, Robert Edward 144 Fonda. Garrett «=■ iw lo? ?fifl 269 Fleming, Fllen Odette 294 Fleming, James R r -n f. -t George 153 f ■. F 153 oger William-.. 151 !-, . ... .. A Ford. Helen Clair » 215 Foreman, Doris Ann . 245 r. ,— „, .. -,.„■.. 11, Cathuiii... i ' " ' J dgar _ 146 t ' ■ ... i i,, ,.,ian , ForroBler. (ay Wnohl, Forr.borg, Daniel Starr Forslina, Lawrence Alired Forr.hng, Vernon Wendel For mann, Karl Leslie Foster. Arthur Hubert Foster, Benjamin Lewis 13. 138, 166 148 263 150 ,147 -MO Foster, Evelyn June 242, 243 Foster, Kathryn Virginia. _ 243 Foster, Marcia Jane Foster, Margaret Charlotte Foster, Marjorie Mary Foster, Virginia Bealiice -106, 133, 265 Foster, Willard Hugh 321 Foster, Willis William 157, 316 Fouchek, Florence A Fouts, Katheryn Julia „ „. „ Fowler, Charles William „.156 Fowler, David Jr 156 Fowler, Jess Louis Fowler, Lyman Carpenter Fox. Cora fldell Fox, Helen Evelyn. 13. 85. 124. 125. 264. 255 Fox, John Garner _ 151 Fox, Mary Elizabeth Fox. Robert Joseph _...14I. 165. 326 Francis, Everett Earl 85. 285 Francis, Harrison Sam 24, 71, 85, 137, 140, 171. 269. 296. 297. 343. 347. 348, 349. 350. 351, 352. 363 Francis. Marjorie Olive _ 72, 106. IS4, 195, 322, 323, 365 Francke, Aldyth Elaine Frandsen, Emily M Frank, Carl L Frank, Eldon Davis 158, 353 Frank, Muriel Naomi 275, 324 Franklin, Helen Edna Franks, Perry LeRoy 347. 353 Franlz, Floyd Ivan 154. 333 Frantz. Gene Arthur ....85, 258. 259 Frazeur, Jesse Trumble - 155 Frazier, Lyle Benton _ 151 Frazier, Willis Everett „ Fredenhagen. John 142. 251 Fredenhaaen, Marjorie E 106. 226, 227, 302 Fredrickson, Earl Ralph 144, 174 Frednckson, Morton Theodore Free, Francis Lyons 85, 143, 148, 205 Freeburn, Robert Smith Freed, John H 315 Freeman, D, Evan Freeman, Jessabel Freeman, Richard Oliver. 149 Freeman, Ruth Irene Freeoul, Mildred Helen - -....322 Frei. Allen Frank ' .. _ 155 Freiss, Ruth M 85, 175 French , Ethel Adeline French, Floyd Holmes 142 French, Helen Gwendolyn „ 305 French, Margaret Hollis _ - 292 French, Velma Mary Frese, Harold Henry 151 Frey, Clarence V - Frey, George J .314, 332 Frey, Jean Elizabeth - 261 Frey. Theone Eunice Friedebach, John Edward 148, 149. 219 Friedel, Leonard Lester 125, 147, 287 Friedman, Lloyd David - 85, 141. 144, 202, 287, 358 Friedrich. C, Allan Friesen, Emil Waldo - _ Friesen, Ervin A _ 325 Frink, Keith J 138 Frisbie, I, Lawrence „..-154. 241, 316 Frisch, Robert K 142. 158. 174 Fritts. Enid May _ - 323 Fritz, Sylvia Elsie Fntzler, Kenneth Carl 85, 262, 263, 304, 339 Fritzler. Ruth E Frizzell, Emmitt Dale Fruth, Carroll D _ 138 Fry, Lucille Edna Fuchsberqer, Mildred Jane - Fuehrer, Edwin John „ _ „ 143 Fuenning, Charles Elias - 151 Fuenning, Paul „ _ 174 Fuenning, Sam Fullen, Woodrow Wilson - 138 Fuller, Claron Wayne 144 Fuller. Jacqueline 215 Fuller. Venabeth Fullwood, Katherine 85,290 Fulton. Dorothea Corinne 85. 203. 248 249 Fulton. James Robert, 23. 85. 134. 137. 164, 251 Fulton, Ruth F 133 371 Funder Ellen Marie 125. 213 Funk. Robert 85, 123, 169. 228, 229 Funken, Bernard B - „ „ 363 Furer, Edward D „.. .« 156 Furman, Waldo Gerald....- 144 Furr, Houghton „ !.!l42 Fye, Marjorie Ellen _ _ !1.,.247 Gaarde, Jack Fred 85, 304 Gabarron, Gines Anthony 151 Gabarron, John Josol Gobel, Malcolm Adam . 141 Gabos, Charles H 150, 161 Gaddis, Erla Rossa Gade, Dorothy Louise Gadeken. Arnold William Gadeken, Howard WjllarH 155 Gadeken, Oloa 323 Gaelh, John H 143 Galiney. Don Joseph 318 Gaines. Perry Thomas _ i 217 Galther, Carter H —145. 273 Gallagher. Harold Eugene ' 338 Gallagher, Pallclo _ 245 Galloway. George Harold _ 106. 166. 279. 334. 363 Gallup, Frank Edward 269. 314 Gait. Robert 149 Galyen, James Wayne 150. 166 Gamlin, Paul John 77. 85. 199. 301. 309, 318 GammiU, Homer Lee Gannon, Robert Joha - 120, 147, 225 Gant, Carter 121, 135, 237 Gantt, Fulton Shirley 143 Ganz, Dale Boyles ....140. 151, 237 Gard, Ernestine Alice _ 106, 233 Gardner, Frilla Fay Garey. Carroll LaVerne 125, 160 Garl, lames Russell Garner, Sydney Herbert - 140. 326 Garnett. Madge Helen 300, 302 Garnick, Harold Eugene 154, 241 Garrett, Max Dewitt -.-148 Garrison, George Alired _ 136 Garrison, Maurice R - 85. 318 Garvin, Edwin Ralph _ - 141. 205 Gatch, Roy Phillip _ 146. 151. 165 Gates, Beulah M 86. 323 Gates , Dons Berta 86 Gates, Milton Boyd Gates, Robert Leroy -160, 167 Gates, William Edgar - Gatewood, flUen Jennings -86 Gaughan, Elmer M 135, 137, 283 Gault, Marcia Joan 265 Gausman, Chester Harold 155 Gauvrean, Mary Augusta - 86 Gavin, Mary Elizabeth 106, 232, 233 Gaylord, Yvonne Grimes 106, 176 Gaymon, Ray P - 156 Gebbie, John B .106, 158, 162, 281 Gee , Hazel Eloise Geesen, Jack Sherman 145, 273 Geier, Jacob Jr - 138 Geiger, Fred Geist, Lucille Ida Geister, Mary Virginia....l24, 125, 133. 255. 365 Gellatlv. Jack C 121, 149, 235 Gembalo, Edward D 136 Genuchi, Ivan Duane 153 George. Edwin 234, 235, 314, 358, 363 George, Philip Tom 142 Gerber, Lester Werner Gergen, Mildred Mary Gerhard, Donald William - Gerhard, Dorothy Juanita Gericke. Lucille Alfreda Gerner. Clarence J 106. 160. 167 Gersib, Anna Louise - - 322 Getscher, Edwin August 175 Getscher, lone Earhart Getty , Norris Merle Geyer, Merle L Gibbon, Harold Warner 138 Gibbons, Robert G 253. 363 Gibbs, Charles Howard 363 Gibbs, Harold Russell - - Gibson, La Verne Evelyn - - 324 Gier, LaRue Barbara Giesken, Rita Frances Gillen, Donald Walter 146, 229 Giflen. Kenneth Stewart....- .til Gilbert , Don LeRoy „ 142 Gilbert, Frederick Carl _ 146,161 Gilbert, Lucy Rileen Gilbertson, Mary Kathryn 322 Gildersleeve , Helen Elaine Giles, Leona Munn „ Giles, Lois Ernestine 322, 331 Gill. Anna Belle 322, 331 Gill. Mary Elizabeth - Gill, Robert Kenneth GUI, Ward A GiUam, William Sherman Gillan, Gerald Keith 128, 138, 317 GiUan, Neomi Vie 265 Gillan, Ralph Hamilton _ 151 Gilland, Rex Lee Gillaspie, Howard Sheldon. Gillespie, Ru Ann Gillespie, William Grant 138, 160, 163, 157 Gillett, Enid June 227, 302 GiUispie, Maraoret E 86, 245 Gilna, Clyde Albert 154, 358 Gingery, Burneil Everett Ginsberg, Eli Horry 153, 271 Gipson, Donald Francis 255 Girardot, Leroy Vincent 128, 241, 303, 316 Girardot, Wayne Bernard Gish, C William 106, 144, 157, 225, 363 Gish, Ira Montgomery Gist , Bernice Roberta - - Gist, Jean „ 106, 221 Gist, Jeannete flrlene Giunta, Mary Thersa Glade, Alma Faye 302 Glandon, Clarence Elliott....- 157, 211 Glantz, Melvin Ned 155, 241. 364 Glass, Donald Anderson 149, 219 Glass, Edsel Waldo - - 144, 219 Glazer, Ethel ...275 Gleason Roland Edward 122. 151, 161 Glebe, Edna Agnes Gleeson, Marcia June 215 Gleisberg, Floyd Henry I ' i. 363 Glen, Jack Bollard _ 140, 259, 326 Glenn, Dorothy Marie _ 249 Glenn, Flmer Erwin - 136, 324 Glenn. Fern Ina 322, 331, 372 Glenn. Pat 149 Glover, Herbert Field 225 Glover, Robert Howard 142, 161 Godbey, Luther D Goering, Paul Frederick. ?:ige 444 r, Ian« PauUn Willnm fllN c. ■ Oic- 0-- H. I ' l fi i 1. ■f 1 . 1 ' ■ Geo-.! 1 Goodo Good 1 . Oood - Leonard Good: Goodv. . Dorothy Goo«, t ' iin fiihur Gordon, Tina Gordon nr, F}r-ir - Gordo ' ' Gord Gor Gorman Lynn C Gots. Atic« I Go» G«or9 Edward Goth. Francws Gollula. V.rnon Willard 75. 317 Gould, Kenneth Max UO 251. 324. 329 Grab«u«r. Genevieve Gral. Burket Eugene 143. 325 Grat Laurence W 151. 166. 281. 364 Grat Vera Ladora :91. 322 Gratred, Ladora Graham, Ben NeUon 145 Graham Ldna Jeanne Graham. George 138. 217 Graham, Gordon Lloyd .:. 9, 334 Graham. Harlan Lee ISO Graham. Kaihryn Louls - Graham Marione Mari ? 294 Graham. Shirlee Orby Ud Gramonn Henry 158 Grandmougin. Hrlene Loota 20 Grant. Bruce Richard 149 Grant. Lorraine Virgmn 9 245 Grant, Mary Alice Grant, Maxine - 31 ' Grant. Phil Edward !H i .S Grassmueck , George L 143 Graves, Belle Louise 323 Graves, William Dam- :-13. 257. 364 Gray. Amy Florence 227 Gray, Denver David VS. 125. 153, 166. 364 Gray. Dons Evelyn 106.322.331 Gray, George flrneM 86. 237 Gray Howard S 219 Gray. Hugh William Gray. James L 75. 86. 160. 321 Gray. William B 158, 235. 345. 364 Graybiel flrdis M .73. 74. 294, 302 Green. Dorothy Jane 125. 207 Green Dwan P ISl. 280. 281 Green, Eleanor Stuart 322 Green. Ervine I 27 1 Green. Florence Dutton Green. Floyd ft Jr 151 Green Lawrence Arthur 66. 147. 287 Green. Lucile M 207 Green. Lucreta W 106. 176. 203, 265 Green. Martha Watson Green. Ruth Evelyn 2% . 325 Green. Ruth Madeline Green, William Dutton - - ! ' - Greenberger Henry IV, ' . Greene, rhvllis Rae Greene Ricnard C Greenslit . Frank Stewart Greenwood, Scotl E M - . ' ' Greer. Boyd M _.. i l Gregory. Barbara F«li«c«... . Greisel. Larry B ' Greusel. Eleanor T Grieperulroh. Margaret Loui Gness. Donald F Gnlfee, Frank Philo Gnttin. Barbara lean i ' ' .? Gnttin. Fred lames Vj Gntlin. Minam Isabel _ _ Gnttm. Roy ftckley 144 Gnf m, Robert Owen 122. !43. !6I 229 Grifhn. Verneil E Gnltin, William W Gnthng. Lawrence Dai-r- i • GriMiih Adnenne 74. 86. 193. 290. 292 3 Grittith Kieth 138. 163. 7 ■ GriJtith. Ruth Uanelt Gritlith. William Alden 15 Griggs. Balice W Grimm, Joseph Sasek 140 Grimm. Lloyd H 145. 347, 35 Gnswold, James Junior . 144. 281 Griswold Marvin Grir-wol-- Vr inia Mignon riritztoL.i Ly ii Louise Grit,:ne: Lyie Charles Grobman Edith Groke, Anna Charlotte Grone, Donn E » . ; Grone Elizabeth Anita .-- Gronquist Betty Virginia Grosenback Ralph Ed Gross Ernest Grossman. Bessys I VI 1 -I Homer • nne. Donald Lrwi H Haack. Lyle Clinton Haarmann lack F Haas, E Glenn Hackman. Ray Carter Hackman. Wilma May Hadsell. Neal Burton Hatner, Harold Clarence 77. 86. 128. 222. Hagelin. Dons Ann Hagetin. Richard H 148. Hager. Orval Ora Hagor. Robert Frank Hagstotz. Hilda B Hanlor. Henry Hahn. Irene Louise Hahn Lowell Eri«t Hakanson. Elinor F Halcomb, LaVerne H Hale, Loland E. . Haley. Donald Frederick Haley. Henry D Haley, Winifred Lucille Hall. Barbara D Hall. Beulah B Hall. Geraldine Dorr ' Halt. Harold Douglcr Hall. Jack Robert Hall, Kathleen . Lyle Chester Robert Edwin Virginia Fayo ; ! II 1 ' ■! .11 na i,i. JM :),18 IM, aa I.T IV. 163, 223 157. 263 151 143 223, 309. 319 269. 363. 357 M 163. 225 160 107, 133 aye Willard Dale Hall Hall Hall Hall, Hatlet, Clare Elaine Hallgren, Frank M Hallslrom, Ila Fern Halm, Eunice Julia Halslead. Irene E Hoisted, Hal Ford Halverson, Norman Dale Ham, Wendell Elmer Hamel, John Kenneth Hamer Patricia B Hamilton Cashus Roy Hamilton, Cleo Darline Hamilton, Franklin Tye Hamilton. Robert Donald Hamley, Ben William Hamley, George Orlando Hirr.r-, T Genevieve R : 1 Warren Relier H ir.r-, r. 1 Jack Harton hiammond. tames F Hammond. iCathenno Horton Hammond, Lois Jean Hammond. Robert B Hammond William H Hamoy. Antonio T Hancock, Kenn- Hand Neal W Haney, James Haney, Mary }rir Haney, William Porter H-ir.k:r..- N ' l ' : ' Hansen H ' 3nsen 290 86 19 356. 3S3 160, 332 339 rn 86, 2IS 3?V 1S8. 251 215 2fl5 ii .1 1 6 10 . 30i 3V5 •w 288. 30D 302 146 123 291 326 217, 319 161. 324 233 154 145, 219 154. 2 ' 3 155 138 318 . 322 160 107. 259 322 153 86. 318 332 353 Hansen, LeRoy he -I Rob ' 154 2SI 137, 2S9 ;e,7 I ' 2 31)2 l 6 153 .r3 151 tn 137 IM Ij.ti ' js MccCune lulia Poy LI H H . H I H . H. Hi H : H. H ; H : i; : H ' : H I Ht Ha Harr,.-., Harria. " ' Harna. . ' ■ ' Harrtf, Morr, . Harris. Rob«r " Ham:-. St., V He H; He: Harrison Harrison Harr.i. ' T. ' ' Y Lloyd H-T ■■ ' i t? Hi : M H-: Han Hart Hart H; oerl H ; -r Angela Hj : ; IS Charles Hartmaii. Marguerite Ann Hartwich. Kermit Albert Hartzell, Bert Henry 87. 120, 125, 148. Harvey. J Leman Harvey, Margaret Jane Hossoftrom. John Hossenstab. Edna Bertha H: : T,-. H : ■■ H: H: h : ■ ■ H : H- H: Ha.....,.K. .. Havekost. Irr Hav»Hi.H V. H : H ; H : H: V. : H : H: H : Hayrrr Hayne? Hayn, - Hi H : H-: H: Hi H- H- H. H- H- »1 323 87 : 45 138 i33 158 IS . 293 87. 306 163. 321 325 161 148 245 144 364, 326 294 335 97 143 325 . ' 43 217 257 306 79 291 . 279 i4 174 .151, 359 149. 161 i4d 335 245 319 156 315 290 314 338 l ' = 273 219 361 213 219 323 138 r-j 249 326 144 ;m 211 Hansen Robert M H. H. H- H- H- H- H- H- -. ' . H- H- H H- :z. ;:: liv 134. 19S. 202. 24i, 310, 364 Hedlund. O Woodtow Page 445 325 138 160 147, 174 _..156 153 .137 .87 .322 Hi ' -J- ' trom Betty May - - — 233 Heers, Lois Virginia riq Het;in. Havmond Marvin - A i ' il Heidenreich, Emanuel Monty 144, 149 H.Ikes. George r { ' isi.lBirM 319 Heilig. Betty Ann - - - Heiliger, Hudson Harry Heiliger, Kenneth Herbert Heiliger, Vernon H Heilman, Robert John. Heim. Harold Lloyd Heinecken. Martin John i - i Heins. Melvin Ellis «i iiV 11 Heins, Omar Harold. 223, 315, 363 Heins. Roscoe Vernon. — -f " Heinsheimer Lester David ......... SB Heinz Carl Fredenck 87, 156, 165 Heinz, Ernest Fredenck Heise, Henrietta Johanc Heist Carolyn Ruth f " Heikal. Milo Frank - ' « Heilmanek, Emma Helen ,nn ' iii. Helbert, lack Cnltenden 13 , Ibb Hellrich, lozeita f " Heller. Raymond Haye ,m vn Helm, Charlotte Vesta 107, 3Zi Helm, Eslhermae Hembd, Berniece Hennelta - - Hembd, Elva Glendora ••• r- Heming. Cecil William •« Hemswonh, Martin Carl - Henderson, Lewis Hipsley ■■- Henderson, Ruth _. ii oTT Henderson, William Ward _75, 311 Hendricks, Lloyd flllan .. on, i Hendncks. Margaret Ruth 207, 306 Hendricks. Mary lane _ 213, 30 Hendnckson. Robert D 334 Hendnx, Merle Everett jW Hendry, Robert Benton 14b " • " ' ' ' ■ ' ' ' ' " " ' " " °. ' :°! " !7o:7i;- 87: 1917249; 337 Heng. Nora Ramona...- -.......... 87, 239 Henke. Louis Ir _ 107, 251, 317 Henke. Winilred Sarah ..- - ' ' Henkel. Christie Louis i»i— Sii • syK Henn, Mary )o 1, 324. 340 Henning. Richard Henry Jai Honrickson, Arthur M — 143 Hennckson. Eldon Arthur _ 148 Henry, Naomi R - Henthorn, Edward C - Hepperloy, Ira Willard Hepple. Laurence Milton ■■■■ Herd, Elizabeth lane 213 Hermann, Harland Thomas 14a Hermann, Willord W Hermansen, Marie Anna - —rix Hermansen. Donald Lewis 13o Hermsen. Frances Elizabeth -;_- Hernlord, Merle Baird .._.... 160 Herrman, William Adam 142, 347, 363 Herrmann, Lydia --■;• Herrold. Charles Morelield 339 Hershner. Won Raymond. ■,;s,—!52 Hershner, John Doyle - —..87, 146 Herren, Evelyn Rose - iv; -;;;; Hershner, Katheryn lune 107, 320 Hesbacher, Katherine Sue _ .23, 249 Heskett. Fred Wesley Hess, Grace Mae ■■■ Hessheimer, Eleanor Dorothy _ Hessheimer, Frances Lucille Hester, Isabelle Anne 323 Hester. Mary Elizabeth. — - 247 Heston. Grace Edna - Heuermann, William Walter ■■_■- Heumonn. Herbert Henry 205 Hewit, Helen Frances 28, 87, 133. 264, 265 Heyne, Clillord Von 156, 241, 331 Hiatl, Donna Dons :;;-«.;:;.•;;,„■■ „, .72, 107, 194. 195. 322, 312, 365 Hialt. Lois Erma 226,227 Hialt, Richard Esles 142,255,324 Hibberd, Mary Evelyn Hickman, Chester Harold ...144 Hickman, Eleanor Mable 221, 322 Hicks, Newton Frank iv; ■;ioc Hicks, Thomas Mason Bacon 151, 205 Hiett. Doris Lorraine Higgins, Dale Wilmer 141, 165 Higgins Sam Marty . Hiqgs. Rex Howard 326 Hilblink, Beulah lone Hildebrand, Herbert Carl 324 Hildebrand, Charles Doran 107, 174, 237 Hildebrand, Carl Herbert Hildebrand, Howard Hadden. 156, 237. 324, 329 Hill, niethea Theodoria 107, 221 Hill. Arthur Earl ' 23. ' « Hill, Berniece Evelyn 290 Hill, Betty layne 107, 292 Hill, Claiborne C Hill. Darrell Clillord Hill, Donald B 149, 324 Hill, Kenneth Waller 156. 174 Hill, Luvicy M -.. Hill, Orvis Ray ■■;■■■ Hill, Rose Mary ,™ -S5 Hill, Selma 122, 275 Hill, WiUard Nelson 324 Hiller, Hugh lames 157 Hillyer, Betty lane 21,125.245 Hillyer, Norman Richard Hilsabeck, Robert Bertrum 279 Hilton, Raymona Mayiney . 67, 194, 195, 312, 322 Himsbaugh, Ruth Gwen _ 277 Hinckley. Maddie Baker....- _. - Page 446 Hiney, James Howard _ Hinkson, Helen Virginia _ ..— Hinman. Charles Vaughan 160 Hinnchs. Theda Gretchen....- _ 30o Hinshaw, Hubert Henry , . .... ........™.. Hinthorn, Bernetha Joy — — 322, 323, 331 Hinthorn, LaVeta Alberta. ... ..... Hinton, Norris Everett lob. zb , JZb Hintz, John Herbert Hirmon, George Francis....- .■ ■• Hitch, Melvin Robert - 154 Hitchcock, Don Charles — -H? ' il! Hitchcock, Richard Ellsworth 138, 251 Hitchman, Mary Beth - — 322 Hlava, Dean Pershing ..— ...........14Z Hoadley. Sidney fl -251, 146 Hoag , lean - - 300 Hoog, Raymond -■■- Hoatson, Elsie Lpraine riA-w.nH, Hoberl, Gordon L 152, 240, 241 Hodge, Winlield Ruscoe 282, 283 Hodgson, Madeline Beatnce - 243 Hodtwalker, Dorothy Minnie....- Hodtwalker, Mildred Mane Hodtwalker, Ruby Lucille - - Hodwalker, Theodore - Hoeaemeyer, Leonard Casper ' .... 87, 30l 310, 311, 358, 363 Hoegermeyer, Hugo Otto 153 Hoegermeyer, Waller John Henry...... ...154 Hoevet, Janet Edwin - -iol, iii. Jb5 Hofl, Elmore Martin i - ■;;° ' ' il? Holi: Genevieve Flora 276. 277, 323, 365 Hoii, Homer Elvin Holl, Rosie Helen Hoflman, Donald Ray Holiman. Gertrude ■ ■ - Hollman, Hugo C ' 40 Holiman, Irene Martha -„ i,- Holiman, Janet Neida 87, Z4Z, Z43 Hoflman, Robert Lee ■•■■; Holiman. William John 15b Holimann, lola June •■•- Hoge, Everett Jay {« Hohnstein, Clayton James 14J Hohnslein, Howard George - 14 Hokom, Lester Henry - 15b Holcomb, Elaine M 107, 306. 325 Holdgral, Eunice Perle ■■.•- Holeman, Harry Gerald — 14» Holeman, John O - — 155 Holland, Mildred Eloise....l07, 133, 231, 337, 3d5 Holland, Robert Ellsworth Jr. .... 56, 324, 329 Holland, Robert William 139. 147. 259, 325 HoUey, Virginia Ellen 30b Hollister, Nathaniel Rogers Hollister, Pauline Marcella Ho ister, William Gray „, 25, 87, 120, 124. 125, 217, 301, 324 Holiman, Mary Carolyn 107. 276. 277, 323 HoUoway, Helen Dorothy — ;v,v oon Hollstein, Edmund William 175, 339 Holm, Myron Lloyd - Holmbeck, Margaret Katherine .■-.. Holmburg, Leonard Dale 321 Holmes, flmorette Georgia — 247 Holmes, Arthur Delphin - .. ....■-■.. Holmes, Claire Josephine - 108. 32b Holmstrom, Sylvia Hllreda - — ■-■ Holtorl, Hans John Jr - 144 Holtzendorll, Dale Claire 147 Holtzinger, Kim Harry 142 Holyoke, Edward Augustus ■■■■■ Hood. Dorothy Inez 87, 215 Homer, Vera Marie Hook, Marjorie Janette Hook, Melvin Ellsworth - Hooper, Jean Winilred - Hoover, Grace Vivian. — -■.■• Hopewell, Elizabeth Jane —249 Hopkins, Evelyn Helen 265 Hopkins, Jane Ruth 290, 292, 308 Hopkins, Ralph Kirk 122. 151, 217 Hoppe, John Leslie 140. 269 Hopperl, Marian Ruth.. —207, 322 Hopt, Carl Erwin — 87, 363 Horak, Oliver fldolph _ 156 Horan, Carrie Marshall — 312 Hormann, Harold Ernest ....138. 223 Hormel, Emma Elmina.. 322, 323, 331 Horn, Max Bion 121, 273 Horn, Orland Kenneth 147, 158 Horn, Thomas Carl 146, 273 Horn, William Eugene 149, 267 Hornbeck, Caroline J Hornberger, Evans Zack Jr 148. 163, 205,234 Hornby, Harry Irvin Hornby, William Edward 151, 158 Horney, William Holland Hornung, Elizabeth Elsie 322, 323 Hornung, Marguerite Frances 324 Horstman. Dale Edward 136 Horstman, Elmer Donald Horton, Hallena Odena 294 Horlon, Marjorie Elaine Hosburgh, James Nance 142, 225 Hotchers, Stanley 151 Hougland, Richard Allen 153 House. Harold Covington 144, 166 House, Lorraine Ida. . House!, Elwood Austin .. 137 Housel, Floyd Everett . 257, 314 Housley, Donald George 135 Houseley, Melvin lames 138 Houston. Edith Ellen - 227 Houston, Milton James 143 Houston, Robert Carl 88,272,273 Houston. Ruth Inez 108, 227 Houtchens. Stanley Robert 273 Howard, Dean Milton Howard, Frank Christian., Howard, Franklin Vngil Howard, Hazel Howard, Oliver Gregg Howard, Robert Melvin ..157. 315 .132 -148 Howe, Charles Frederick 318 Howe Hutton L - 143 Howl ' Robert Lee 123. 160. 167. 219 Howell. James Goll _ —•■225 Howell John .- 151, 235, 347, 348, 349, 350, 351. 352. 353. 358, 363 Howie, Helen Anne - 108. 2S2 Howland, Kenneth Lee Hoy, Harry Eugene Virn ' oo ' ; Hoye, Helen Genevieve 293. Z94 Hoyle, Evelyn Lucile 88, 301, 326 Hoyt, James Thomson ;,v;- -i?? Hoyt, Mary Elizabeth ;v.v,--J?- HI Hranac, Charles Eugene 160, 324, 329 Hubbard, Jean Elizabeth Hubenbecker, John Carl Huber, Alice Belle .....—- Hubert, Orville LeRoy 141, 222, 223 Hubertus, Norman John ---■■ Hubka, Lados Louis — -363 Hudson, Marjorie Louise .■-.-. Huebner, Allred Arthur 154 Huebner, Otto James ;„„■ 7! Hueltle, Kurt Max 138, 161 Hueneleld, Chartes Arnold 153, 331 Huenefeld, Evaline Maxine - ..-- Huestis, Harold D 167 Huilman, William Alexander. Hull, Clilord David - Hughes, Betty Hughes, Eloise Blanche — - Hughes, Francis 326 Hughes, Francis LeRoy Hughes, George Winwood ■i--:-i-v „,. 88, 139, 143, 147, 164. 251 Hughes, Jean Emily •™-v-?il Hughes, June Ruth 294, 340 Hughes, Mary Frances _ 249 Hughes, Merle Esther — Hughes, Russell DeWitt Hughes, Ruth Perle ■— ■ Hughes, William W — }11 Hulbert, Max Thomas - -..-149 Hulbert , Pauline Elizabeth — .- Hulfish, Marian Esther 333 Hull, Henry Elwin - —..318 Hull, Warren Woodro - .•-- Hullquistt, John Frederick ............137 Hultquist, Leroy Elgin 211, 330, 336 Hummel, Jenna Dee — - Humphrey, Florence Helen. - 213 Humphrey, Paul E 318 Humphrey, Verla Irene — - Hunt, Cornelia 322 Hunt, Gerald Richard v.r-;;i-;;- „.,„ . 13, 88, 140, 144, 269. 358. 363 Hunt, James Harold . — — 318 Hunt , Luella May - ■■— Hunt , Marvin Louis -13 Hunter, Armand Lee - Hunter, Jean fldair Hunting, Katharine Dean - Huntington, Emelyn D - - Hunton, Grace Virginia - - — -. Hurley, Gwendolyn LaVonne 291 Husemoller, Leola Arlene 88 Hush, James Merrill 155 Hustead, Mary Helen ... ........245 Hutcherson, lames Gaston 142. 269, 347. 363 Hutcheson, Annabelle Roberta 322 Hutchinson, Betty Elaine - Hutchinson, David Erwin Hutchinson, Orville Marvin ,__ 88, 133. 135. 138. 166 Hutchinson, Ruth Ellen 88. 203. 288 Hutchison, George W ••— Hutchison, James William 157 Hutchison, John David - 141 Hutson, George Harvey -148 Hutson, Richard Kenneth .............148 Hutton, Lucille Luding 88. 120, 323 Hutton, Ralph Lucas 158 Hutton, Robert Woodrow 88, 152, 156, 164, 196, 202, 255 Huwaidt, Cathenne Ruth 14, 233, 372 Hyatt, Marjorie Ellen, ., ■- Hyatt, Virginia Louise 12, 191, 243, 365 Hyde, Roland Russell 138,273 Hyink, Kathleen M 108,291 I Ibala, Ralph M 137 Imholl , Alma Marianne nUa ' nna Imler, John Gordon - 228, 229 Ingram, Bernard Everett - 160, 257 Ingram, William Keith _ 142 Inhelder, Eli.;abeth 261 Innes, James Boyd ; — Irelan, Burdge - - — ■■•.- Irvin, Dean Edward _ - ;;t-1o3 Irvin, Robert Mastin - 144, 32o Irwin, Nathan Bruce i ' cc " " QCQ Irwin, Oscar James 155, 259 Irwin, lames L - iiiic " " ' vi ' i Isaacson, Warren fl - 285, 326 Istas, Helen Rusco - 108, 302 Iverson, Dorothy Marie 247 Iverson, Idella 371 Ivins, James Rush 108, 175, 251, 361 Ivory, Robert Lee _ - 140 fohiMon, Melon Vlrglnto Jack. Dorothy Met ■l-lt Sin tM tir iM. »8 3M ock acka ocki ack» acks acka acka ocka acob acob acob acobs acob ' acob? ' ' acob acob- . ' [ acob:. 1 acob acob ' . acqu«s, LtlflS ' .o ....ij aeggi. Ern«at F am»a Ordella F otnes, Carl D«an amea, Robert Eugene omes. Roberta Mae ameson. Glenn Raymond G Verne ■ .-!-; M.-iM... ii 213 H 261 I4S amuon anda. r anda anec ' • MDivtn ti ns Jean !j :: E. .... 13, 20. 88. 120. Iaworski. Flonan Toseph... eary, Barbara etters. tohn Paul fettery. Tomes Hutchinson letlrey, Lloyd Robert fettrey. Mina Isabel leitrey, Wiliard Scott feltnes, Donald Eugene [elinek, loan _ lelin k. Stephen fohn jemison, Caroline Racha ' l lenkins. Deane Newell fenkins. Dora Hmelia ensen. Burdean ensen. Don Albert ensen. Don Dale ensen, Dwayne ensen. Ethel ensen. Harold W ensen. Henry Hartwig ensen. lames Bruce ensen. Litah Ruth ensen. Lyie ensen. Milo Miltor, ensen. Patricia C. ensen. Phyllis P ' - ensen. Stanley M ensen. Vearl LeRoy epaon. Leona Mane evons. Elsie .. ewitt. Ruth Elmma e2l. lames L irovec Don ] obman. Richard Louts oern, LucU© K lohansen. Norman John, Ruth E John. William E Johns, Dale Martin Johns. Richard Lincoln Johns, Robert Francis fohnsen Enka M fohrxson Mile« tohnson Pnna Wilholmma ohnson Carolyn F [ohnson. Claus iohnson Hv i- : fohnsr ' lohnso ohnsc- ohnson ohnson. ohnson. ohnson, ohnson, ohnson. ohnson, ohnson. ohnson. ohnson 1S7, 281 128. 325 138, 309 3 ' 22. 331 .331 137 .138 -150 132, 162. 192. 237 140 108, 207 144. 166 1 3 166. 321 88 .108 160 .207 155, 166 207 .■;2. 273 :.93. 294. 365 108. 219 143. 161. 281 138 A . 318 .138 88. 257 281 . ' .14, 215, 327. 3S5 - 227 241 138 i76. 277 145 108. 321 I5t 138 150 L ora L Earl Rober ' Ellery Kari Elmer Engeleen EIizab :»fh Elvera Louise Enola Maunne Esther Ruth Faye Leone Frank Lee 123. 142. . ohnson, Genevieve K ohnson, Grace Eliiabeth ohnson. Harold Paul ohnson, Helen fane .88 ■a, 323 316. 325 108 316 157 310 3S8 . 5n, 319 249 ohruon, ohnson, ohnson. [ ohnson ohnson ohnson ohnaon ohnson ohnson ohnson ohnson, ohnson ohnson Lu..:o;i L Lawrence Po ' i L iw »r; r, Ma gj.-ot I.: Martha L Mi-¥ I.— ) oscj; a Philip Konton ohnson. Raymond E ohnson Ricnard Dale. .. ohnson, Robert Ellwood.-. ohnaon. Robert Harold.... ohruon. Verlin Kenneth ohnaon, Viola laabelle ,135, Wrj 1 lone ohnson ohnaon ohnson. - y ohnson. A ' ' .riol ohnson, Wmaiuii Liiingwood _ ohnston. Bernard fl 149, ohnston, Hugh ohnston, Marjone M ohnston. Maxine Mao ohnston. Miles W ohnston. Philip Murdock ohnston. Robert fl ohnston. Theodore H ohnston, Virginia R ohnston, Warren Eh olitz, Charles Edward onas. Donald loseph ones. Chnsttina Amanda ones. Donald Jerome., ones. Donald Kenneth ones. Dwight K ones. Eleanor Esther ones. Elizabeth ones. Ernestine ones. Frances Clayton ones. Galen A ones, Gladys ones. Gordon Hart, ones, Gordon Lemin ones. Harold B ones, H F. . ones. John O ones, Katherine Ann ones. Kenneth Gilbert ones. Laurence L ones. Lola Maxine ones, Mary C ones, Mary Elizabeth ones. Noil Marshall ones, OrviUe ones, Wendell Mordocic ones. WtUard Foy ones. Wilma Leora Jordan. Arlone Dons ordan, Charles Albert Jordan. Wilma R iorgensen. Ada Mario orgensen. Alice Mariono orgensen. Donald J orgensen, Helen Margaret {orgensen. Jean Cathryn orgenson. Virginia Lee Joy, Carrie Belle Joyce. Richard O luakins Eleanor Laura lump, Robert Justus Eleanor Mary 147 ,:32. 233 .43 14U 140. 217 13 136. 166. 318 138 M« .. 153 .302 - 154 253 246. 247 146 150. 258. 25:) 155 . .92 279 15l! 2l7 154. 331 261 148 15; .138 .■no IC ai««l IM tin - ' .. 3 K lAA K • 143 K 1 131 K ' l in K Ki JOh K . K IM K : jn K- K- 14)1 Kc- Maurtne Y 141 ?73 136 .166. 315 261 312. 322 7. 1 249 88. 133. 135, 216. 217, 345 isi; 153 .156 156, 273 88 279. 367 293 294 108. 203. 243 150 154 zri, 323 158 88 231 ,:37 207 32« 149 163; 259 328 291 E Kaisot. William Kalin. Francos Rose " wski Heion Mary •Tiborn Howard Slanlr, m Kapion. Howard 23. Koaparak. Everall E 32. 364 ioti lama :nk loaaph ■ Varnon H KmI. C) Klhon K- ' K " K- K " K- K K- K- K. K. K. Kc, ., Kelley. Gienn Kelley. James Kelley. Vera L:.,.,. Kellogg, Donald Hoit Kellow, Kenneth N Kelly, Eleanor Kelly. James Kelly. John Pa ' nri Kelly. Martin J Kelly, Vera Kemtst. Given Rela Kemisl. Terry Kemble. Dorothy E Kemper, K Wayne Kempt home. James Kennedy. Carolyn Kennedy. Charles J Kennedy. Ina Mao Kennedy, V LeRoy „-8S Kenner. Virginia Green.. Kenny, Bruce MUos Kent. D Jean Kent, Helen Kent, Kenneth M Kenworthy, Esther Schmitt Kerl, Dean Martin Kerlin. Richord Grant Kernodle. Elizabeth Kerns, Jean Wilhemmgton Kerr. H Harper Kersenbrock. Frank Jose; Kess, Gorier. L Kessel. t- ' ' Kezer. C Kidd. M: Kiechel. Tr-jJ Cj: ey Kioner. Waller Kienholz. Mary Elizabeth Kierslad William J Kiester. William Lavorn Kilbuck. Katherine H Kildebeck. Orral Kile. Caroline ... Kilmer. Donald Mon- Kilmer, Floyd Dell Kilmer, Katnryn Elaine Kimboll, Georq z- iy Kimball, Rich i Kime. Melva !■ Kimmerlina. W-- Kimsey Mary Kinch. Donald M Kinch, Raymond Clan Kindig. Irene Ruth King. B Palmer 140 IM 156 316 Vj 141 16! 174 243 •E 167, 205. 296. 297 214 215 : ' 289 249 285 108 157, 250 251 qq 319 285 108. 158 ; 273, 325 320 135 207 337 311 135 322 Kina Cli.i Cla Ki: Ku ... Kk; ; Km J -.ay L,, . Km3 r hn Royal K;::l Kr-irvn B Kir ; Ki: K.: 291 166 207 316 .89. 253. 328 109 166 211 156 149 309. 318 146. 166 K.r. Ki- Kirc Kr. K.r. Kr. Kk Kk Kir . ' .-- ... Kirtley . ' Kivett. i: .41 ;fi6 128 124 .:83 157 156 143 ;v 330 Pag 447 f.ja: Miijert K-Iohn. Harry F Ktahn. Wimirod Elizabo Kloner, Elizabeth Ann- Klaus, loseph Lou 15. . Klauss, flnita Fay Kteager. Clyde Lewis. Kleeb. fllvin fldolph Kleeb. Ethel lulie Kleeb, Helen Lucille - Kleeman. Hermine Lydia Kleen, Melvin Henry Klein. Benjamin Keith Klein. Bernice Bosalie Kletn. Clance Madehne Klein, Ervine Emanuel - - Klemm. Cecilia Catherine Klepptnger. Phil Hathaway Kleven, Evan Victor Kline, Dorothy Pomer. Klingman. Dayton Lawrence — Klinijman. Glenn Charles 109. Klose. George Fredenck— Klcstenneyer, Edward Charle Klula. William Laurence Klum. Arlo Max Knapp. Harry Harper Knapp. Ray Mestre Knapp, Royce Henderson Knibbs. loseph Charles Kmclcrehm. Marie Elmma Knight, Charles Knight, lames Wesley Knight. Milburn Franklin „... Knight, Robert Lloyd Knoche. Harlan John Knoell Melvin Wendell _ Knotlicek. Louis _, Knoll, lasper George KnoUmann, Carl William Knop. Mariorie M Knotek. armi Elizabeth Knolts. Mabel Etta Knox, Betty Mane Knox, Lillian Mane Knox. W Eugene 156. 160, Knudsen, Rudoph fllvin Knudizon. Franc »s Susanna Knudtson, Franklin _ Knutson. Robert Leland Koch, fllvin Alexander „ _... Koch, Fredenck William _...„„.. Koch. G David Koch. Paul Harold Koch, Rowa Irene Koefoot, Theodore Henry Jr Koehnke, flnita Marie „„ Koehnice, Francis Claus _. Koehnke, Willis Howard Koenig, lames Hauptman Koenig. Vernon Paul _ Koerting, Rebecca Kathryn Koerting, Rulus fllexandar_...„„ Koertserofl. Nathan „..„..„... Kohiro, Thelma -...._..._ Kohler. Fred Emerson _ Kohlscheen. flita _. Kohr, Fern Yvonne Kokesch. Francis Norma Kolell. Mervin John- Kollmorgan. Herbert Louii .„ Kolman. Emil Kommers. Howard John Kommers, William Konecne lennie Carolyn Kopac Mildred Mane Kopeckv Helen Mane Kopp. Melvin Korbel, Sylvia Emma Korell. Keith Kendnck Koros, William fllexander . Kortlang, Henrietta Kortlang, William Fredenck Korlman Chris Robert Koser. Do-othy Catherine Koskan. Alien [amen Koskan, Paul Frank Kosman, Richard Eugene Kosmata, Marie Edith Kostlan. Calhryn Kostos, Nick „ Kolouc, Marie Louise 109. 133. 193. 248, 249 Koltas. Milo _, Kouba. Delore L Koutskv, Joseph John Kovanda. Helen Mane Kovanda, Joyce Lucille Kovanda, William flnlhor., Kovank, Miles Kowalski, Harry I ozel, Konstant IOC 151, 235 .145 _ 294 147, 157 B9. 261 i-n 324. 329 _..75. 197 89 89. 300 89, 275 138 ...89, 229 149. 287. 358 ...322 160. 167, 333 246, 247 .75, 303, 311 197, 331, 335 _ 151. 255 153 .338 74, 292, 322 150, 158, 367 150, 158. 367 .153 135 154 89. 140 .293, 291 _ 227 243 163, 237, 324 -231 _142 148 11367318 " i ' 56 " l24 146 89 137 .....306 135 -...277 .....215 28S _....147 137 .156. 2S1. 326 .....251 75 „....261 135 109, 15, 243, 322, 3 0 _. 137 136 109, 157, 237 .137 302, 337. 371 326 135 243 207. 322 281. 356 Kozel. Wallor Kozol, Konstanl Kroft. Nathan . . Ktalik William Frank Kramer. Emanuel Kramer. Joseph Kramer. Leroy Otto Krasne, Edylhe Krasne, Muriel Thelma 109, 120, I Krasser, Geraldino Nona Kratchovil. Kenneth Krause, Geraldine Krause. lohn Char:- Krause. Viola Rosidu Krause. Wavne Krausnick. Elwyn Leo Krebs. Richard Carl Page 446 324 148 136 .109, 263. 364 158 156. 223 275 33, 274, 275. 307, 365 3(19 ■ ■ ' . 225, 363, 149. 367 372 279 326 Krebsboch, Ftaymond Peace- Kreilels, Melvin H Kriescher, Pete Kreici, flnton lames Kreici, Helen Deloris Krelceler. Rtfred „ Kremer, Camilla Koch Kreuger, Lenord Ulysses Kreuscher, Paul Leroy Kreuson, C. Boyd „ Krewson, Harriette flnne -. Krieger, Elaine Hayes Krimoenis, Elsie ™ Krisl. Jean Antoninette - Knz, Robert Lee Kroening. Raymond Kronick. Lloyd George KropI, Helen Ramona Krueger, Glen Herman Krumm, Isabelle Louise Krumpus, Raymond G Krupicka, Evelyn Lillian -... Kruse. Don ald W.. .149, .155 .154 .136 ..135 ..322 161 ..109, 175, 145, 232 166 .249 .158 _149 ..271 .137. 138. 227, Kruse. Ruth Mildred Kryger, Barbara Mae Kryger, Lila Kathryn Kubert. Viola Rose _. Kubicek, Robert Stanley Kubick. Harold Thomas.. Kubick, Theodore Clarence Kudrna. Frank James 119. 156, 160, 251. 314, Kuehn, Clarence Raymond Kuehn, Gerald August Kuehn, Mary Belle -322. Kuenzii. Gladys Flossie Kuhl, John Frederick Kuitert. John Herman Kuklin, Irving 143.287, Kula, Leonard Marcellinus Kunc, Clarence Charles Kuncl, fldolph Joseph Kunzman, Richard Howe Kuper, Alfred Walter _ _ 153, Kuroki. Henry John Kurth. Marguerite Marie - 89. Kurtz. Richard Jolly , Kuska, Donald Eugene 77, 109, Kuska. Norman 135. 161, Kuska. William Earl 137, Kutcher. Dorothy Helen _ 19, Kutcher, Lettie Lillian „ „. KvGsnicka. Gerald fil Kyckelhahn, Donald Arthur - Kyckelhahn, Russell Harold 157, Kyle, Lura Ann „.: Kyles, Raymond George 166 .245 ;302 166 322 .213 .227 ,147 ,148 364 .135 .148 331 .148 358 .154 .149 .141 .150 211 213 .109 199 263 166 249 .136 281 .317 Lacalli, Robert Castle 136 Ladegard. Thelma Charline 109. 249 LaGant, Gerald _ „ 177 Lageschulte. Evelyn B. „ Lageschulte, Frances Eloise Lanr, Patricia Adele _ 22, 120, 133, 244, 245, 302, 371 Lahr, Woodrow Wilson Lake, Max Sanborn 20, 121, 140, 237 Lake, Maxine Sarah „ 231 Lake. Paul _ _ 338 Lamb. Kenneth Benger 145, 237, 324 Lamb. Vernon Austin 141 Lambert. Jean William 153, 331 Lambert. Lucille 291 Lambert. Mary Gladys „ Lambrecht. George Harold. Lammel. Harry George - .145, 324, 3i29 Lamp. Donald George 317 Lampert. Lauren David 155, 166, 219 Lamphere. Elizabeth Mae Lancaster. Dean Woodrow 154 Landers. Charles Ray 317 Landgren. Lynn Leroy „ 148 Landis, Franlc Echleman „ 70. 71. 89. 196, 273. 339 Lane, Albert Leslie Lang. Dwight Frederick _ _ 202 Langland. Harriett . Karl Langson. Robert King 137, 166 Langston. Harry Allred .,...128, 199. 315 Lansino. Laurence Plait 158. 281 Lapp, Helen May _ _ „ 109 Lapp. John Hamilton Coptook. Harry Atina „ Ml, 142 Larimore, Theodore Russell Larrabee. John Austin Larrick, Naomi Ruth Larsen, Eulalia Darlene Larson. Alice Kino 323 Larson. Arthur William .109, 160. 211. 309. 316 Larson. Barbara Mable Larson, Blanche Elizabeth " ,. ' . ' . ' . ' .. ' . " . Larson. Charles Marion Larson. Dora Edrinna Larson. Dorothy Eilene 109. 263, 220] ' 221 Larson, Eleanor Viola Larson. George Eugene .142 257 Larson, Harris Willard 142 ' 205 Larson. Helen Lucy 293, 294 302 Larson, lames fllbin 151 Larson. Leah Dee . . , 227, 322 Larson. Logan Earl Larson. Oakley Peter., 75, 89 330 Larson. Raymond Howard 89, 266 267 363 Larson. Richard Andrew 90 211 330 Larson. Robert John _ ' 136 ' 267 Larson. Thomas Bryan _...,„..... ... 300 Larson. Virginia Helen 306 Larson, William Maine 156 Lasby. Mary Roberta. _ _90, 247 Laser. Phil 1 136, 145, 286, 287, 315 Lashinsky. Rosalyn 109, 203, 275, 302 Latham, George Whitney 217 Latham. M, Elber „ LaTowsky. Leroy William _ Latrom. Vernon Marven Lau, Betty Burnham 233 Lau. Janet 21, 22, 233 Lau , Marie Laughlin, Earl LeRoy „ 143 Laughlin. Joseph Lyle 144, 163. 219 Laune. Ruth Jetlery Lauridsen. James ....140, 324. 329 Launtsen. Carl R 145 Lautenschlager. Paul Herbert .....147, 28J Laux. Ruth Marie Law . Charles Henry Lawler. Francis John. 135. 266, 267. 364 Lawrence. Harvey Jackson 279 Lawrence. Mildred Laurette 20, 249 Lawrence. Robert Cushman 151, 158 Lawson, James Edward 140, 161 Lawton. Winifred Virginia 90, 322 Layman, William Carl „ Layson, Richard Kent. 154 Lea. Verna Gayle - - _ Lea. Virginia Mae 125, 233 Leadley. Robert Allison..... 125, 149, 219, 345 Leask, Richard Hoffman .....160, 363, 36 Leask. William H Leavitt, Berton Jordan _ Leavitt, David Livingstone - _ 150 Leavitt. Gertrude Faye - 302, 325 Leavitt. William Grenfell 90, 160, 300, 301 Lechliter, Vern Marcus Ledbelter, Vern Everette _ 141, 217 Ledford, Harold Arthur 120, 121. 144. 163. 279 Ledwith, Charles Edward - 19, 328 Ledwith. Lucile _ Lee. Alva _ 277 Lee, Annabel 277 Lee. Brown - „ Lee. Clarence Lenard Lee. Donna Maureen 322, 331 Lee. Edward Eugene 317 Lee. Evelyn Morphet Lee, Minta Mae Lee. Pauline J 90 Leeding. Carl Raymond 142 Leeding. Doyle Wilbur _ ...326 Leefers. Martha Nora „ 333 Leilerdink. Allen ....140, 161, 273 Leiferdink. Elizabeth Maryan. 109, 249 Leflerdink. Theodore B Leffler. Dean Everett _ 253 Leffler. James Rueben ....150, 266, 267 Leller, Gerald Gearhart Leftwich. Jean Elizabeth _ 109, 245 LeGate. Rae Hendrix... 150 Leger. Rena Visalia Legg, Margaret Viola. 323 Lehe. Hubert James. Lehigh, Lois Genevieve Lehmann. Arnold Julius Lehnhoff. Carolyn Elizabeth 90. 245, 320 Lehigh. Lewis Ruthbin _ _257 Leinberger, Carl Wilmeth 156 Leininger. Vance Elmore..90. 169, 202, 216. 217 Leisy . Edith Christine 207 Leisy. Elspelh Mane _ 90. 213 Leisy. Irvm Otto Jr ....136 LeMaster. Jeanette Isabelle 231 Lemen. Genevieve Edna „ Lemmerman. Viola Mae Lemmon. Johnson Grant 109, 157. 163. 237 Lemons. Hoyt Leone Leonard. Eldridge „ „ Leonard. James Leonard. Patrick Robert _ _ 151. 324 Lerager. Avild John _ 141 Leslie. Helen Frances 90, 208. 209, 365 Lessman. Helen „ SO, 306 Lester, Clifford Felix Letlon, Harry Pike 328 Leuck. Donald Bruce Leuthauser. Norman August 144, 218, 326 Leuthauser, Olive Mono 326 Leverton. Richard Arthur 137 Levin. Arnold J 70, 71. 90. 122, 124. 125. 271. 296. 297. 300, 332 Levine. Sol _ _ 353 Levitch. Sam _ 90 Lewellen. Leland Bryce _ Lewellen, Mary Ellen .209 Lewis, Catherine Abigail Lewis. Clarence Albert 138, 161 Lewis, Donald Leroy 135 Lewis, Eleanor Jean 302, 335 Lewis, Mrs, Ethel M Lewis. Harriet Virginia Lewis. Jeanette Ernestine Lewis. John Kenyon Lewis, Norman Ridgeway „ - Lewis, Or VI lie Everett „ .-. Lewis, Patricia Ruth „ „ Lewis. Wendell Leslie „ 150 Leymasler. Glen Ronald 159. 324 Leymaster. Ivan Leslie 309. 318 L ' Heureux. Claire Delia Libershal, Francis Miesinger 128, 138, 160, 163. 167 Lichliler, Lois Marie 74, 322, 331, 372 Lichtenberg. Harvey Warren. _ ...151 Lideen. Alice Marie - 322 Liebers, Eleanor Chase Liebers. Harry Dean 15 ' Li«b«rft. I J tr : II i.. Ill «■ .• ' •) 1 ■ .Yl . l» •t Lin.i l.,r, ■ ns Llpp. Mor t 1 t • 1 11) ■A 1.1 I ' M 143 Mc Locke ' Loc K • Lo«t Lo«?- Lo«hcr. ?. Lo«w«rut Loh- H.I n» i .T.m i:r MC .iO. Tr,f f» I n 267 Loo:. •1 1 I3S I3S 281 30« 5?fi 31fi 90 153 L-:v " .. Lovell Low. Lowe, Lowe, Ruueli harry Ed Donald win V Lnwn Era n - • ' Nadine Y. Esther Chriiiabel Ha:el ihn. Ui 156 147 141. 16S 90, 125, 261 293 294 322 t22, 331 146 :)-3 3S7 711 .:. ' .:-.- ;k9 L . r. 1 1 h . Lult. Lul: L.x ;3 ; = . in iJ6 n5 166 :i-2S 146, 237 145 . 19 : ' t M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M.-- ,„. McCiurg hoben L Jr McCIymonl, lames Rowland 110. 159. to McCIymonl Richard LeRoy McConchie I Liiel 160. 32! McCorkir- • - ' • . -• ' V-!!i.-irn McCorn. MccCor- ;-ri«» M- ' " ■■ M 1 lo M M M M M..1- ■■■ !■ ■ I ' i 11. .11 ._i.:j::;»7i 1 McCubbin. Warren George McCulley, fosephine HeUn McCullock. Charles S McDermand Robert Wil McDermoti, John Swain McDanold, Edwin V-. ' McDonald. John W. McDonald. Lester P 347. j4o j43. joi, j ; McDonald. Verl. 11) ;m I ' . I . ! 14H 1 1 ' . .11 lao. 32b 315 323 290 McDowell. Belty May 91. McDowell. Don McDowell. Virginia Mane 110. 208. McEachen, Howard Donald McElwain. Eileen Ruth McEntire. Bruce William McEntire. Gordon W 13. 157. 219, McFadden, Elinor 91 194, ISS. 261. 2Sa. 299. McFarland, Adaline McTee. Tohn Lewis McGavren. Mary Grace McGeachin. James Killnr, McGeochin Robert I 1 163 McGee. Mortha Eli.- McG " " M:ll-ir-l Bla; M.- • : Park M H M M. McUor. 16. 217. 349, 146 .vin Towle Roderick J I. C i,io LaEayelte McGowen. Charlotte fi McGowen. Leo Francis McGraw, Keith LeRov McGrew. Carl loseFh McGrew E Uoyd McGuire. John foso-. McGuire. Robert Lz McHnT ' r. r,-iri« Eii M M M M M M M M M M M M M M .0 322 149 147. 325 ?V 163 148 118 J5J, 363 147 133. 23] 150 -209, 323 294 358. 363 322, 312 166, 257 290 140. 229 153 .:■ 91 353, 363 229. 364 W 317 136 140 .25 M Mab ua Ruiii Y Mfr ( ' ■■ ! , ' .; J J I J. Ma7 " - MnT- M I,-, Mahhr MlHo- ly Lo.j l!i- Ml. " Malm. M l J, . f ' h Michael : ort Gl«n M 1. :,. Malono hnmas Francis El»anor flnno 7-: r 334 160 283 141 219 149 IH : 1,: I:iy 273 156 Ma. ' gj. ' u: John Mario Roberto Fjicoba Mi-i-. -.-. ■ ,.• v» ,1i ' 31 . ' 7T ». ' 3 ' . ' 31 148 I ' , 32 141 .4. ' . 69 Ly. ' ..-.. Lynn Lynn, Lyon. Lyon, Lyon. Lyon Lyon, Lyon Lytic, Lylle, En; Lo:- : Bruce Channin Br ' ,: George Nelson ! Louis Le-oy MarcoUa tv:iT i ' ? Wilma I Robert Burnar ; Sora Louise. - !. ' . " M " M •■ M- Mt " N 301 207 V 3ih ,V22 154 1(1 : =■■■, M. ' ■ M • ' • ' : M . ' ' M ' M ■ M ' 1 . ' . ;si y ' - ■ y T-, U1 .3 ' . " i i , iio.e.-. L... ..i " • on Pot Cha-;»5 M 215. 305 l S. 161 Page 449 Marshall. Henry Russell . Marshall, Horace Greely_ Marshall. James WiUiain.. Marshall. Marvel Mary Marshall. Rayinond I MorshoU. Ruby Hileen.. 147 145 ._...73. 176. 290 _..203, 277, 365 151 137 Morshall. Vee Louise Marston. Borbara lane Martig. William Henry Martin. Bllred William Martin, fllma Elizabeth - -— Mortin. Bernice Mane - ;;;-sK? Martin. Don Osborn _....13.J. ia Martin. Edna Mane .—; ...-. .-i o Martin. Harriet Rose 91- 322. 331. 31Z Manin. leanne Elizabeth mm, Martin. leanette Blice ■J ' , JJi Martin. lulia Irene « Mary Ann ' ' Miriam Mat. ..91, 247 Marlin. Martin. Martm. Richard Moihc: iVd « i Martin, Robert Hardin. _....M9. 269 Martm. Ross " 9-°[g9 269; 297: ■S«;-304: 3 Martin, Veia Lucile - Martin. William Woodrow Martinsen. Robert Eugene Marts, Vera Caroline....- - Mortyn. Eugenia Susan. _. " " ' l.. " " ' m " :i93: 236:23f-3U:i64 Marvin. lean ftlice 74. 110, 305, 325, 355 Moser, Edward John ,Vi ' -ooc Mason. Arnold Ernest 144.326 Mason. Byron Howard - — ■■- Mason, Fred Phillip -}« Mason, ludd Arlington -140 Massie. Leila Elizabeth ................ Mastalir. Milton Joe 144. 161. Z8l Masters. Carl Francis - - -• - Maslin. Paul fi fji Mather, James Delmar _...M1 Mather. Elaine Gibbons - Mathers. Ruth Elizabeth - —■■-■; Mathieson. Donald Robert -Ko Mathieson. Rayinond Lee —..„....-........-.. Mathis. flllred Louis - 211, 311. 331 Matison, Robert Norwood ..... Matschullal. Carl William 144, 175 Malschullat. Wayne Emil " ioo Matson. Guy Melvin .. . . Malteson. Cornelia Elizabeth « ' Matteson; Fred C 91, 148, 165, 304, 363 Matteson, Mary Elizabeth..... - ivr-;;;;; Matteson, Ray Elmer ..-160, 259 Matteson. Richard William Mattison. Margaret Munger Mattison. Ray Harold Mattley. Chelys ■•■• " Mattson. Harold Andrew iiv,- iJ? Malz, Frances Lillian HO, 292 Matzke, Gaylord Berdette ;,;»■ ,,o Mauch. Emma Darlene - 312, 32Z Maurer. Earl Edward 135 Maus. Floyd Roy . . ..-..-.j. Maust, Albert -254. 255, 328 Maust. Irving C — fo= Mauter, Dan 155 Moxey. Edwin Morgan - - ' Maxey, Frank Snyder _..... ......146 Maxey, Fred Hants -156, 235, 321 Maxwell, Dorothy Josephine. — ..........._.. _ Maxwell. Eda Clare 111. 264. 265 Maxwell. Elizabeth Jane 323 Maxwell. Henry James 155 Maxwell. Lucille May Maxwell, Paul ' f May. Alvin R 140, 317 May. Ivan Alb«rt 281 Moy. lona ■■■- May. J ftllyn 137 Maylield. Charlotte Eloise. .155, 160, 163 334 .153. 157. 330 - 331 151 325 -125, 213. 340 - 149 157, 174 Mayne. John Francis- Mayne. Mary Ellen Meod. Clillord LoVerne Meade. Grayson E Mecham. Dale Kenneth Mecham, Floyd Joseph Mecham. Lucile Mary Medaris. Maurice Euaeno Medlar. Faith Boutelle Medlar. Sarah Jane .. Meek, June Louise Meents. Jean Eileen Melford. Francis Ellis Megahan. Don Milton .. Mehlhal. Jean Elizobelh 111. 243 Mehring. Robert R 159, 347, 354, 363 Meier, Donald T.. - Meier, Dons Mane 221, 333 Meier. Duane Alva H3, 205, 324, 329 Meier, Frances Mane _ ...227 Meier, George Edward — 143, 163, 205 Meierhenry. Orvin Smith - 154 Meixel. George Donald 135, 223 Mellon. Donald Lawrence 153 Melville. Marlorlo Elizabolh 2 3 Melvin. F ' orence Marior, Mendenhall. Naomi 333 Meneray. Mary Janice - ' - 303 Monke. Ralph „ ■-■ Menze. Leslie Fred 145 Mercer, Elizabeth Lucille 293. 294. 322, 323 Mercer. John Merchant. Edyihe Mae 91 M- M- W Meredith, Page 450 George. :or Roberi .1 Imrioen- ■n- V i i I ' M 318 Z " " ! Meriwether, Bonnie NaomL. Merk. Ruth Lillian Merkel. Maxine Merting, Fritz Messner. PhyUis Helen Metz. Jean Frances Metzer. Francis Roland — Meyer. Barbara Louise Meyer. Dale Henry Meyer, Floyd Raymond Meyer, Gretchen Louise Meyer. Harnett Josephine Meyer. Jack Frederick -149. 259 Meyer. Lesle Carl 324 245 309. 315 ZZZ!!!249 154 233 ;- " ;-149 ' ' 253 -148 Meyer. Marguerite Josephine — 277 Meyer. Marjorie Alma - Meyer, Mary Elizabeth - — Meyer. Pauline Marie Qi " " " oic Meyer. Sarah Louise ..91, 215 Meyer. Walter Ludwig 140, 269 MeyerotI, Lila Edna 322 Meyerott. Roland Edward rn " ii ' i Meyers, Clarence Everett.-.- 150, 166 Meyers, Henry Fremont HI, 143, 159, 237 Meyerson, Pearl Lorraine 275, 340 Michael, Edgar Tripp -.-.i-r—rA-i Michael. Lowell Wilbur 135. 161 Michael, Philip v™—;;;--; . ' ;; " ' , Michael. Stanley Austin 123, 160, 167, 317 Michaelis, Roland Dwight - -.-.135 Michaelsen. Darleen Ann — Michaud. Paul I - Mickel, Joy Margaret - Middendori. Delma Dorothy --■■ Middleton. Frances Elaine - 294 Miegel. Charles William -150. 159 Miegel. Ralph Edward..... - 159 Mielenz. Mary Luella Miers, Jackson Carlee - •■•;i--vv Milder, Harlan vy 1 W, Milder, Jerome Justin - 14, 47, 287 Milder Julian HS, 287 Milham. Forrest K 92, 146, 164. 2B7 Millard, Kenneth Edward 156, 32 Millbern, Harriet Alene 322, 331 Millen, Harold A - Miller. Mrs. Amelia Hamil Miller, Burdette Landon Miller, Byron Sloane Miller, Cecil Elmo Miller, Cecil Henry Miller, Charles Edward Miller. Charles Emerson Miller. Claiborne Von Miller. Clarence Wayne. ..273 -140 ..157 Miller. ' Clillord John 135, 281 Miller. Dolores B 92, 221 Miller, Edwin Tyler .............. Miller, Eugene Francis 151. 281 Miller, Florence Renna - Miller. Floyd - Miller. Frank Miller, Georae Robertson. ..- Miller. Gilbert S vc-}?? Miller. Glen W 149. 156 Miller, Glen Ernest 153 Miller, Grace Bernadine HI. 291 Miller, Grace Blylhe - Miller. Helen Lucile Miller, Howard Francis - Miller, Jean Eloise - - Miller. John Edward 125. 251 Miller, Josech Edward 92, 144, 279 Miller. Kathlyn Lee 300 Miller, Kenneth Albert - 141. 166 Miller, Leona Buckley Miller, Leonard 137 Miller. Marjorie AUene Miller. Marjory Bernice 92. 249 Miller. Mason Ferrell Miller, Maurice Winston - Miller. Mildred Marcelline 92. 355 Miller, Norman Howard 138. 281 Miller. Paul Edward 154 Miller. Paul Ford „ - 147, 159 Miller, Paul Tracy - Miller. Robert Holberl, 2S9 Miller, Robert Holbrook 92, 225, 314 Miller. Russell Roberts. Miller, Sarah Bonnie 275, 292 Miller, Slella Cox Miller. Vvola Walker Miller. Wayne 139, 140 Miller. William B Miller. William Charles 92, 133, 165, 205 Miller, William Otto 326 Mil let! , Fvelyn Margaret.... " . _ 322 Milletl. George Kenneth Milhgan. Burdette Byron 148, 219 M ' Unan. Horland Stieper M ' llikcn. Graco Elizabeth 324 Million Don Allen - 135 Mills. Dori ! Margaret Ill, 239, 322, 323 Mills. Lucille Maud Mills. Robert Franklin 144. 347, 354, 363 Mills. Web 14. 23. III. 123, 159, 169, 193. 202. 269, 364 Milne. George 111. 161, 237 Minior. Pat 92, 257 Minier. William Tom Minnich. Charles Bell 92, 160, 167. 199, 315 Minor. Jack Blanchard 367 Minor. Ruth Ann — Ill, 207, 30i Misch. Marjorie Anne 213 Mitchell. Adelphia - Mitchell. Dean St. Claire Mitchell. Jean — - ■•- Mitchell Mary Jane — 249 Mitchell. Ppv Claro Mitcnell, William fl Miyamoto. Geor le Mc.sami Mizner. Harold .Werle 153 Mlinar. Clillord Frank _........„..- Mock. Clarence Harvey - 309, 315 Moeding. Henry William — - 159 Moellering, Theodore Eric „..„_..._ Moessner, Samuel Frederick. _ 148, 159 Mohler. Arnold Herman 315 Mohler, Charles Irving - 140 Mohler, Melvin Thomas - 153 Mohler, Paul O - - .-.- Mohr, Dean McKinley 148 Mohr. Milton Ernest - - 315 Mohr, Richard Paul ISO Mohrman, Margaret Ellen - Molzer. Robert John 140, 160, 163 Monlrass. Ellen Elda Monia. Louise Elizabeth Monnich. Herman Frederick - — Monovitz, Albert William.... 140, 324 Monroe. Arlo Pepoon 144. 306 Monson. N. Paul HI. 237 Monson, Nils Paul - 149 Monteen, Julius Dale — - _...._...-.........-- Montgomery, Martha Elizabeth Ill, 233, 322 Moodie, Pliny Moore Ill, 236, 237, 328 Moody. Bob Houston 136, 267 Mook, Ethel Rose ; y;,-3?3 Moon, Charles Robert _ - 143, 219 Moon. Evelyn Maxine •- Mooney, Pansy .111. 133. 264, 265 Moore. Augusta - -• •■ Moore. Clark Lyle 154 Moore, Claudia March ■■■ -■-- Moore. Corwin Dungan 122, 142, 174. 273 Moore. Donald Edgar _ 144, 251 Moore, Evelyn Soil Moore. Frances Evelyn _ r.r ' o ' ,; Moore. Garth Albert -145, 263 Moore. George Enos 154 Moore, George Spencer 205 Moore , Geraldine Lulu 32 Moore , Joseph Francis - Moore. Nona lone - --- Moore. Russell Clark ..... -...160 Moore. Thyra HI. 290, 32d Moore. William Lewis-145. 161. 174, 259. 273 Moose. Conn William ;-;• - iirX Moose, Robert A -.—.... 141, 259 Moron, Margaret Ellen 70, 71, 203, 231 Morava, Dorothy Grace --■■ Morava. Emmett B. P 339 Morava, Victor Joseph - Morden, Paul E — ■ Morell, flugusi - 149 Morey, Pearle Jane - ;i--i™ -u v Morgan, Gladys Vesta 92. 312. 322. 331 Morgan. Herbert Merrill 153 Morgan, Jean - 215 Morgan, Jennie Amelia - .-..- Morgan. Joe McEmmert " " •■m ' oi? Morgan, Marion - 92. 215 Morgan, Maynard - Morgan, Paul Wesley - -■-■ Morgan, Roland Joseph - 144 Moritz, Austin Higgins ■.•■.; —iv;-— s... .23, 75, 111, 119, 197, 314. 364 Morris , Aleta Jane Morris , Betty Elnora --■■ Morris. Burdette Dill - 281 Morris, Donald Arthur..... 144 Morris. Eloise Margret Vci ' ' loc Morris. Ernest Edward 155, 335 Morris . Joseph Francis - -■ - Morris, Mary Margaret f45 Morris, Robert Allen - 6 i Morris, Robert Earl - 269, 363 Morrow, Elaine - - iiX- ii Morrow, Jean Jack 213. 340 Morrow, John Honey ■,—■■;;;,„ 3i? Morrow. Martha Ann -73. 74, 111, 292, 365 Morse, Ulrich James 143. 163 Moseman. Albert Henry..............-.....----.-. ,•■■■- ...70. 71, 72, 111. 193, 195, 241, 303, 310. 31 Moseman. LaVerne Louis - 154. 331 Moser, Evelyn Phyllis 92. 290 Moses, Richard Straham 339 Mosgrove, Richard Lee i:-v;;-vA-;—;v,v oo? Mosher, Florence Dorothy..21, 22, 124, 125, 291 Mosher, Glen Gaylord iiVitniL oai Moskovilz, Lucille Gertrude HI, 275. 291 Moss, Carmen Dee vxv-iin ' oiV. " oc5 Moss. Donald Maryott 121, 148. 219. 364 Moss. Enoz Elaine - Mossholder. Robert Lee vs; " v;on " nno Mossman Clayton Wilson 92. 229, 202 Mostek, Jerome Lewis vo;-;v,n ■oTc Mostrom, John Oliver 92. 128, 315 " ° " ' L. " °=° ' ' ,. " ?l ' ' lil7i26; " l93:226:227;i37 Molt, Hester Hilda - —;; Moulton. Dorothy ;v;--;vo- o?i Mousel. Ashur Michael 144. 159. 251 Mousel, Mildred Frances 215 Mowbray. Charles R°bY4V-m-165:279; 163 Mowbray, j. William 148. 166, 279 Mowrer, Keith Eugene - IW Mowry, Roberta Gail - loV, " oii Moyer. Hallard Charles 137, 319 Mueller. Derwick Paul 38 Mueller, Emil Lloyd ;-ic " }cS Mueller. George Peter. — 145, 16B Mueller, Harley Rudolph 138 Mueller. Irene Marian ;-io-sv Mueller, John W 138, 217 Mueller. Marcella -.VV-n ' Vi ' ; Mueller. Waldemar Martin 15, lo9. 164 Muhr. Gilbert qo onV Muilenburg, Lois ' " ' MulUr. Hw : M.:H,. W- . Nawkitk Virgini.i Pent SI . .. ■ My«rft. Paw Lwj«n« My rt. R«9ina Su N N ' ab«r lock Kelly 147 :3V 340 151 Ijh :»ews.. fc,a -• Newell Ly . Neirell Pe- Newell Ruth ..j ietr. Newlurk Marion Fern 7D, 71, 249 ■II 219 eke. lohn H 2JS 148 324 209 93 146 112. 215 305, 365 112. 159. 162 n9 144. 154, 23V Li»w»llyn Edwa ■-. Otto H 149. 225 Noraaa Norfin, rd, Ormand Lestor 198, 333 111 Loreno Kathryn Norns, Charles W inn Nor: IS, ChOofL FowIp: ns No-ris riva Lovina . - , 1 T Carol Li-icelo . t ' -. ,iii Ni.jr ■.»• j Nowacok. Jam©s Noyc«. William Knighf Nu«rnb«rg«r. Howarri Null. Paul Elton N ' lr n?! Fdgar Donalj ' : ob«rt Edge:!on Georao Thoodori Ny«. Bob. Nye, Rol : . ' ■ Th ' ' Ny-or M ■ Nywa,. I 135, 166 135. 163, 279 112, 261. 322 147 157. 237 157 135 339 146 rv?n 5!d LeRoy " ' ■■ Gordon redes Margaret :.e fllberl , : -man C Lawrence foseph Htv-v nihcrt Oakley Ob - Obr Obo Obern 1 O Bnen Ochsn« " Ock- Ock. OC O ' Conr.r- M ?.- n hlrlon ' Oder, Orlen Dale Oebsx- Prhr- r- " iA-i-k OelV- Oel- Ollc OGar Oqle. Ogle 142. 237 174 206. 207 145 M7 Jacob Jo Lwyli ? Olir, Olir. OUr 01»r Ol. ' 01.C 01»c OI»C 141 Olsc I3S Obc ou O.«on. Hocer: A. , Ol»on. Hob«rt fluj.s ' 44 297 153 " ■IB !9 .3 .3 .3 .13 :t3 . 135 161 136 140 ' 1 .11 J5 :55 17 324 57, 316 21. 291 1.17 156 229 QUofl, Wilbur Br ' un ' ):«t ;h t.. ' fon ' ■ : irn: c o f 215 IM . . . W. 306 c O c- c o- 1 ' - . 223 o O ■.rn ' 1 ' US c. Ow. -..,..! Owen. Lihei 2S9 Owen. Patncio 245 Ov ■■- ' -- " ' -• 13 Ov 156 o- Ow.-.,. ... .. ,. . ,. Owens. Mark Leonard Owens Wm S Oxnam. Philip Ozenbough, Don Wm . . . , .. Kj _j Pabst, lohn I 7 Pock, Louis Padrnos . Ma-. Pahl. Robert I ' 3 325 Pokes. Martr 1 99 Palmalier. h-t .■ Palmati er, Thelma roi, fanet Forbo- Palmer, Palmer, (eanne Ma 93, 203, 260, 261 Palmer, Robert L- . 371 140 372 217 Pangburn, M: Panconin, E1-a 143 Pankonin, Le Pannbacker. m 363 Pansmg . The. 140 Panska Heler, . Panter, Paper, Edward Go_ ;•_- Viola May ;i: 324 Pappas Chris 136 Pappas Cor, • Pap pes Wn-. 155 Paradise Fra: Parodise, Mary . ' . ' a.jjro: 137 Paradise, Wm George Park, Georae C.ri- Parker, mien 93 Parker, Cecil Parker, I:-.r.:. Parker, 3C9, 319 117 Parkmsc: 135 Parks. Frar.k Si Parks. Neil Clark Parr, Vivian Rose 314 Parns, Robert Hare 135 Parsell, Parsons Portinijt Russel . Robert C on Dr 318 V3 Partnox Gus- : Pascoe, Heler, , Poscoe, Margaret : " 93, :27 322 P 7- 318 326 r , Pc- Po Pa Pa ji Po ' .190 Pa- 343 Pa- 135 Pa- Pa Pa 93 Pa Pa 225 Pa Pa Pa Pa . ■i. 124 166 Pa Pi 218 219 318 MS 330 215 ■24 •18 . -. _. .- . . . nairh Hen--. T? Pearson Pease, Dorolhy lanr Poge 451 E.... :-i LoVerne... ram. Charlotte Coraline. ■son, Merritl Cecil- 157, 247 .....HI, 335 US. 324 322 i Cynthia Theodora :i;—i; -x.c: 17 94, 171, 184, 185, 244. 245 Peeit, Charles Onnlle iiA oiii iSi Peery. Harold fllexander -112. 278. 279 Peirce, Carol Laura Pekar, Ruth Lena ri ' I-oTT Pelkey, Robert De Vere oii-i o ' 333 P ltior Sallv 243, So). S S Penmngton, ' Oorolhy Iaiio.._-lI2. 221. 291. 355 Penr.oyer. Eunice - - ,x i ' .i Pennybaker, flnabelle Ue. ...- - 112, 245 Penrod. lohn Darwin JJ ' . • } ' Pentice. George Wesley flddiason. 315 Peowio, Frank Vohn-..._ — Pepoon. Lucile ..__ 275 .145, 287. 324 Peppmtller, Mildred Laura... Perelman, Alice — Perelman, Harold - Perina, Mildred Emily Perkin, Richard Joseph Ibb. sa Perrin. Dorothy Elaine Perry, John Edgar -. . Perry, Rolph Robert - 1 8,259 Perry, Wm Dudley 146 Persell, Kenneth Robert ■■■■- Person, Phillys Evangeline Z9Z Person, Richord Edwin — Pestal, Joy Elizabeth .- 294. 340 Peters Don Wright 142 Peters. Gus Stanley 159. 347, 350, 354, 363 Petersen. Alice Frances 93, 226, 227 Petersen. Allen L _ _ - ■ Petersen, Arnold Wilber... _- .241 Petersen, Donold Martin _ 143 Petersen, Edword Carl --- Petersen. Edward Harold - 205 Petersen. Eleanor CamiUe ;.. -, Petersen, George Milo — 309. 316 Petersen, Lawrence Bernard :. 154 Petersen. Louis Herman 257, 328 Petersen, Marylu .70, 71, 93, 215, 298, 299, 305 Petersen, Maxine Petersen. Nita Irene.- .-;.. Petersen, Patricia Alice 265 Petersen, Reye Ellen... Petersen. Richard A 138 Petersen. Rodney Allison Petersen. Ron Francis 136 Petersen, Wm Bernharl 135, 166. 267 Peterson, Allen Bernard 174 Peterson, Breto Barbara Peterson, Dale Irvin 145 Peterson. Dons Hermeda.. Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson .243 Doris Mae 93. 327 Florence Elizabeth 93, 292, 323 Grace Wilhelmia Howard Louis 94, 241, 303, 311, 331, 33B Peterson, Jerome Leadholm 153, 211 Peterson, John Ernest 326 Peterson, Kenneth Sam 155, 241 Peterson, Lamont Alexander 146 Peterson, Laverne Vincent 311, 331, 336 Peterson, Madge Arlene 323 Peterson, Maurice Lewellen 112. 241, 311 Peterson. Merle Henry 157, 210, 211, 316 Peterson, Paul Leland 228, 223 Peterson, Racheal Edna 322 Peterson, Roselyn Genevieve Peterson, Stanley S 112, 219 Peterson, Thomas James 160 Peterson, Ula Gladys Peterson, Vera May 94, 173, 231 Peterson, Walter Rundall 154, 241 Petrow, Helen Jean 94, 243 Petsch. Roy Robert 149, 219 Pettinger. John Leon 338 Pettit, June Vesta 243 Pettit. Letha Louise 247 Petty, Mary Ellen 331 Pettygrove, Paul Edward , 339 Petzold, Earl Elmer 137, 161, 285 Pelzold, George Walter 94, 285 Peyton. Lynn Curtis . Ploiler, Lo Verna Frank 159, 283 Plelll, William Henry 145, 281 Pleiller, Russell Leonard 154, 331 Pllueger, Theodore Loy 146, 157 PIlug, William Donald 144, 165 Pllum, Lloyd Arthur 281 Pllum. Walter Wm 94. 281. 363 Phares, Charles H 149 Pharos, Edwin Fredrick 150 Phares. Helen Francos 312, 322, 331 Phelps. Frank Earl 135, 157, 315 Phelps. Harold Robert 174 Phelps, Guy Thurston 71, 113. 169, 259. 347, 352, 363 Phelps, Harold Robert Philipp. Deborah Margaret 292, 302 Philllppo, E Margaret . . 94, 175, 213. 298. 299, 337, 340, 368 Phillips, Erna Margaret Phillips. Clayton Lioyd 145, 364 Phillips, Edward Eugene 148, 163 Phillips, Elmer Eugene 94 Phillips, Elmo Bryant Phillips. Era Fern Phillips. Robert M . Phipps. Mary Duane 322 Piazza. Mane Santina 325 Pickard. Willis Lloyd Pickering. Roma Sue 213 Pickett, Anne 243 Page 452 Pickett, Thomas Johnson Pickett. Virginia Lee Picking, Louise .... Pickrel, James Clyde Pierce, Austin Keith Pierce, Carol Pierce, Elmer Branch Pierce, Roland Oliver. 217 245 277 .293, 294 ..159, 259 Pierce! Ruth Marjorie 94, 221, 304, 327 Pierce, William Joseph... 140, 165 Piercey. James Lyle Pierson, Clarence Mellord — ■.- Pierson, Leslie Erwin 141 Pierson, Marvin Carlyle Pike. Fredrich Donald 160 Pilcher. Charles Edward _ -311 Pllcher, Shirley Elizabeth - Piilers, George Wyler Pilling, Evelyn Virginia ■■-■■■ Pilling, Joe Allan 279 Pilster, Raleigh Alfred..... - 94 Pinion, Jack Andrew Pipal. George Henry ...: 94, 124, 159, 229, 296, 297, 332 Pitcailhley, Grace Beaton 322, 325 Pitcaithley, Robert _ 150 Pitchlord, Georgia Rebecca f " ' " i " !.; Pitner, William James 135, 153 Pitsch, Elizabeth ■■■■■■ Pittinger, James Skaggs - 144 Pittman, Arnold Charles - 148 Pittman, Irma Frances 293, 294 Pitzer. Ruth Evelyn 322, 331 Place, George Edgar 113, 159, 153, 205. 324. 329, 354 Planer, Alvm Melford 135 Planlz. Roger Everett — 153 Piatt, Frances Elizabeth 231, 340 Piatt, Mrs. Harriett Thompson - Plats, Mildred Mane Plette, Wilber Fredric 253 Plimpton, Merrill L 279 PUth, Arthur Royal ;•;... Plock, Marvin C iarles 205, 347, 350, 354, 363 Plucknett, Knolcnd James — 315 Plum, Melvin Lloyd - 137 Plumb, Minor Day 150, Alice Louise -. Plammer, Raymond Eugene 339 Plummer, William Taylor _ Poch, Virgil 263, 354 Podany, Joe Constantine 144 Poeliot, Doris Mane 215 Polage, Roy Edward 142 Pollard, Eloise Elaine Pollard, Toft John - 318 Pol ley, Lillian Helnes - Pollock, Gordon Russell _ 159 Polly, Percy Bernard - 135, 257 Polonsky, Jeanetle Alice - 275, 372 Polsky. Hyman 149 Polsky, Preston Allen - 145 Polster, Raymond Gilbert — Poole, Floyd Robert - Poole, William Robert _..-161 Poore, F, Reed 353 Pope. Margaret Patricia 294 Porter. George Meredith - 94, 250, 251 Porter, George Vincent Jr 140 Porter, June Juanita 247 Porter, Margaret Lenore - 290 Porter, Bill Carlton 143 Porterlield, Russell Hill 315 Pospisil, Joseph WiUard 135, 15 Pospisil, Lorene Rose 239 Potter, Albert Andrevf - 153 Potter, Jack Conrad - _ Potter, Mildred Ellis , Potter, Shirley A - _ -113, 292 Potts, Stanley Ray - Pounds. Peggy Margaret Marie 291 Powell, Eileen 203, 260, 261 Powell, Ernest Harold 135 Powell, Eugene Frances Powell, Frank Sedgwick 279 Powell, Ward Hughes Jr 160, 258, 259 Power, Julia Agnes Power, Rosemary Eunice Power, Edward David -135 Power, Max Harry Prai, Harold Woodrow -...135 Prai, Lewis Pratt, Lillard Elmer... 113, 157, 241 Predmore , James Paul 148 Preece, June Arlene Price. John Weldon.,.._ - 339 Pnce, Manan 94, 247, 307 Price, Ruth Evelyn Priest, Frank Lester Priest, John Byron 144 Prilchard. William Lawrence 94, 160, 167 Prochaska, Elaine Charlotte Prochaska, Mildred Lee Prochaska, Wm. James 140 Prochaska, Wilma Mane Proctor, Helen Ruth Prolilt, Anita Margarettia Prolitt, Jonas Alfred 155, 219 Prolilt, Roy Franklin 144, 219 Prohaska. Clarence Frank 145. 165. 228. 229 Prokop. Jerome Proskovec, Marcella Marie 290 Prouty. Harry Drake _ 121. 140. 163, 174. 237, 324 Provost. Mary Marjory _ 213 Przudzik, Joseph John Puddy, Wilda Fae Pugsley, Horriet Ann 249 Pugsley, William Oakley 113. 259, 345 Pulliam. Wilma Virginia 133. 213 Pumphrey, Max John -217 Pursell, Edythe Marie Pusaten, Frank I 148 Putnam, Girard M 257 Pyle, Margaret Jane 176, 227 Pyles, Donald Lee... 160 Pusher, Lois M Quanmen Irma Mae.. Quanle Frank Jr Quay, Quentin Q _ Qui. Kenneth L.. -153 -138 Quigley, Kenneth Lee Quinn, John Burnham Quinn, Lyle Broyse Quinn. William DeForesl.. Quist, James Dennis .137, 263 ...140 Rabeler. Alex William 155 Raber. Arthur Deane - 141. 156, 225 Radclille, Kathleen Grace 207 Radde, Bernard Carl - Rodenbough, Don O ' Donnell - — 241 Rader, Paul Wilbur Radmore, Kirk Reese — - 143 Ratkin, Irving David Rahn, Harold Milton,...- — 154, 273 Rahn, Manford John 135 Raichart, Mary Viona -....209 Raines, Max McCoy 144 Rainey, Robert Frank 148, 235 Rainlorth, Maurice Miller. 153 Ralston, Edna Ramel, George Russell 273 Ramey, Robert Mason 142, 219, 347, 354, 363 Ramsey, James Dudley 279 Ramsey, Una Christina Ramsey, Wilbur Douglas Rand, James Owen - Rand, Owen Junis 142 Randall, Lois Harriet - Randall, Raymond Ivan 140 Randall, William Finley.-.- - 257 Handel, Margaret Louise 322, 331 Randol, Elwood Eugene -122 Rakin, David Henry - 205 Rankin, Emmett Clair 150, 324, 329 Rankin, Mary J - Rao, V. PandurangcL Rapalee, Ruth Lee 22, 113, 120, 249 Rapp. Carl Louis Rapp, Paul Fredrick - 94, 267, 314 Rapp, Virginia Maxine 213 Rasch, Neva Louise - - - Rasdal , Agnes Geraldine Raser, Jessie Wade 145, 163, 174, 324 Rasmussen, Helena Elizabeth Rasmussen, John Dale 257 Raslede, Leonard Frederick.-.137, 138, 281, 317 Ratekin, Ruth Maxine Rathbone, Jack Homey 145, 165, 237 Rathbun, Graydon L _ 144, 339 Rathjin, Herbert Alvin _ _ 136 Rawalt, Verne Parks 143, 165, 281 Rowlings, Floyd Frederick. 137 Bay, Barbara Elizabeth - 245 Ray, George H 135, 317 Ray, Robert Bruce..— 125, 174 Ray, Robert Henry _ - 149, 251 Ray, Wayne L 135 Raymond, Bruce Mason Razer, Wade - 237 Ready , Ona Vianna Ready, Rosa Ellen Reams, Harry Barclay - 135 Rearden, Donald Lyle 150, 159, 154 Rector, Gordon 150. 255 Reddick, Dons Elaine - Reddish, Mary Ruth 94. 245 Reddish, Robert Owen 113. 122, 218, 219, 345 Redells, (Mrs ) Grace Troup Redfern, William Earl Redheld, John Josiah - _ 159, 205 Redick, John Wood Jr - 259 Rediger, Floyd John - 326 Redman, Karl Herman - 135 Redwood, Alice Mary....- .113, 290, 320 Reece, Betty — 227 Reed, Anthony Grant 141, 211 Reed, Dons Jean „ 245 Reed, Dorothy Mildred 207, 324 Reed, Frances Ann - 94, 323 Reed, Greta Marcella Reed, Harry L - Reed, Marstan Clinton 113, 237 Reed, Ralph Andrew - - 19, 94, 144, 146, 334, 358, 363 Reed, Ralph LeRoy 121, 145, 237 Reed, Willa Marietta - 323 Reeder, Keith Lyle Reedy, William Wesley....l97, 317, 325, 336. 358 Rees, Dale Willis 141, 273 Roes, Everett Edward - Reese, Jean Rosmond 94, 227, 327 Reeves, Harry Elton Relshauge, Bernard Christian Regier, Dewey J - 94 Regler, Russell Kenneth 154 Rehlaender, Natalie _ 233 Hehrig, Alex Runholdt 160, 319 Rehtmeyer, Barbara E _ ..; - 215 Reichardt, Anne Elizabeth 231 RalehardI Williqtr II-. .1.-..L. . .1. .02 2 4 MS B«he-i. We !eY Wnlr.r Roinmillvr R )ch ' . ■l.| 1 1 ll ' l win t ■■. 335 324 I4 s NS ■ ■h.w IM 310 II ' 1.1 rontnr ick Kent Heync ,1 », 139. ISl. fiernc ■ ■ , i:el Reynoldi, U wj.a Clayton Reynolds. Marim Reynolds, Maurice James Reynolds. Pauline Clarissa 113. Reynoldson Verne Clarence Re:ner. lack Donald Rhoades. lock Rodney Rhoades. Thelma Nell Rice Charles William NO. Rice Donald Thomas Rice. Helen Irene Rice Moyle O Rice Paul Lewis 148. Richard Charles Roy Richards, George David 143 Richards. Gertrude Faywell Richards, Howard Leiand John Milton .. . Markt Rosemonde Eleonor William E Richards Richards Richards Richards Richards Richardson, Richardson. Richardson 148 US H8. 2S9 293. 279. 249 294 363 154 14] 139. 203, IS4. ISI. 145 213 241 281 146 166. 325, 225 336 323 159, 166 253, I4l! 364 252 253 Bernard Lyie Burl DoVen Catherine Marga ' r Fred E Richardson. )ohn LaVern 157, 217. 347 Richardson. I Orin Richardson Robert Baldwin . ,_ Richmond. Alice M Richmond. Gams Richmond Naom: Richter, Mollis Cc . Rickel. Elinor Gayle Ricky, Len Riddle. Odgen Cruckshun 72, 113. 120, 195. 202, 211. 303. 311 Rider. Al Orville WeslonburT Riisness lames Henry Rikle Bernice Esther Alley, lay Marlon Riley Leone Rgnes Rinaenbera Lester John 361, 354. 363 «i 20- 153 1 ' 317 7159 33r 336 .229 U4, 273 156 Rippetau [ Rische L« " , p I--. 13. 197, 202. 325. 315, 224 372 325 liZ 111 :-t7. 333 ISI 144 i " n 1 rt Charle -tm r norc :..vy Robb. fohn Robber! Lv Robbir. " ■ Robbir Robors Rober ' Robe:- Roberv; ■ Roberts Roberts Roberts Ralph Edward Ruby Moy 334 ■= 257 ! . 237. JX 149 259 r.3 . " I • I) Byofi R» ■■ Irwin M ' I , ,„. 205. 319 153 .11 1 ' : II 145 145, 281 155 ! •. IS 11 •. . 321 136 Hoh. Kjlhcnno 533 Hohn Delta Mane i!43 Hohn, William Frederick Rohrbaugh, Dons Langoly Rohrbaugh, Elisabeth Man 215 Rohrbauah, Merrill H 163, 166 Rohrer, Ethel Dorothy 95 Rohrich, Joseph 135 Rohrig. Herman Franci.i 148, 150 Rohwer. Lillian Magdelena 322 333 Roland. Aulton Elsmore 156 166 336 Rolles. Dorothy LaVela 293 294 Rolles, George Adrian 146 157 RoKes. Paul Woodrow 157, 166 Rollson. Francis Brainard Rolkoetler. Gertrude _ ., Holland, Marion Ruth _20. 95, 133, 215 Rollins. Mrs Mary Ellen Rololon, Mildred Lorena 323 Romans. Betty 16. 248. 249 Romans. Warren Ladd 144, 269 Romerozv. Steve Paul Romig Marvin _26. 196. 202. 218, 219 Romigh. Philip Stuart 149, 219 Romino. Barbara Shirley Ronno. Mildred Olive „ Ronne, Robert Pratt 24. ISS, 157, 273 Roock. Paul Carl 140, 223 Rook, Gorden Richard Roscoe, Isabel Ellen 322 Roscoe, Marjorie Ruth Roscow, Robert I 339 Rose, Richard loseph _ 319 Rosen. George David 120, 234, 235, 334 Rosenberg. Kermil Herbert 157 223 Rosenberg, Millard Herbert 143. 163. 287 Rosene, Margaret Louise 322 Rosene. Windom Allan _. _ _.. Rosenkrans. Roger Virghe Roeensloin. Harry 271 Rosenthal. Sidney Rosewater. Barbara MocAlvay 24, 29. 122, 221, 365 Rosewell Alice Nimocks Rosker. Helen Carolyn 76. 113. 327 Ross. Clarice Loree 277, 322 Ross, Marcia .. , 27. 95 233 Ross. Rex Burr ' 150 Ross. Richard Roy 146, 229 Rosser. Robert I 144 Rossiter. Everette LoRoy 146 Roth. Frank Earl [r Rothery. Helen May . 113, 231 Rothwell. Robert Lee 154, 2SI Roulier Edward Phillip Rounds, TexRorelle 247 Rouse. Riley Rex Rouse Sylvester Alan Rousek. Ldwin loseph Rowand. Charles Franklin Rowe. leanne Dorothy Rowland. Betty Dorothy Rowley. lone fldi-laido Row oldt. Renalo lul:! Roy. F!! " n F-in- " -. Roy Roy ; Roir- Ruhr Rud : . n » Ruei ■ k C P.J- : •-.3 " L- ■ . ' 1 155 I3S Ru,-,i.o. :■ Rundle. R R,r.k-.l . ' Hu s«l, .H..;ha. ' ;r.a iMum Russell. John Edward :n Lem 1 Arline .H-!h. Ldw : ; --- Rutledge, C- t »; .V Ryan Car-?.. T ' r. .-z:. R Ry Ryko:. Rystrom lt« I I ' l 279 IV, s Sock So - ■ " " S. S 1 s.. S.I S-r S.I S.i Si S.I S.i S ' l S. 1 S ' l Sn S ' l: Sn- S-r So Si S.r Sa:. . Sanoerr Sanderr. Sonde ri; Sanderr, Sander r. Sandy. Sorbock SasB L ' Sn— Si Sn So Sn So Saw Harold A ■ph Elmer Kd lulius t Mills or Gnltith am Amos Sawyer. Frank Arthur Sawyer. George P Sawyer, fane Kothryn Sawyer, Wilma Faye Soxton. Margaret Soxlon. Norma Ruth Sconlon. lames B Schood. Louise L Schacht. Ermo Charioiie Schall, Paul Schoekel. Ernest .. .. Schamp. Virginia Gretch Schaper, Carlos Elton Schaper. Lucile Arlene Scheele, Elmer M 95. Scheltel, Horry LeRoy Schellberg. Don Edison Scherer. Alfred Chorles Scherer. Oliver Joseph Schcwf J -Tmn Eawor- Sc ' ' fi Theono Sc ; np luan Sc.. lon F Schir. 1;. - ' .Vi.our A Schirmer, Carlelon Schleiger. Glori i Min Schltchtman, I Schlueter. Co Schlueter. Ric- Schmodeke. L Schmodeke. L Schmid. Ed I 96 122 141 zn 151 MO IT lis 318 324 jjn 367 148. 310 150 335 ISS 281 " -■■ 235 .:37 . ' J7 ij) iAn 249 290 302 365 137 ■03 283 175 " i20 ;!23 338 138 334 161 ?72 144. 219 294 333 T..: 331 151 Ml IM Schmidt Schmidt. Schmidt Schmidt. Schmidt SchiTiH ' Set- ScJ Sc Sc- Sc- Sc ' Sc ' Sc Sc; Carol Dole ( Elbert Esther France Ma- 77 229 211 147 ' oul 153. Henry 143 249 322 :33. 207 290 - i 9S U6 |74 707 - ' S 365 154 TV) 148 773 253 155 Sc ' Sc ' 7 rwind. 151 Scr ' 140 S-hr,.-, 10 Mi: " i«: 95 137 7S7 S.-hr .■ : " - O-in ri«i-i-H Ml !1 ■1 ■1 Sch Sc- Scr Schobe. Schober- Schor -- Sc ' Sc- Scf Schoena Schoent Schoeni Schoenls Schoenrc Srhrtr. • 153 322 365 it; ,- 147 ir ber, L " wk Co oe Osc 1 1 " 719 : ' 3 i-fi Drothy Mae ;- 1 rl Guston ar 144 M,: Page 4S3 135 148 142 . .285, 318. 361 Z_166, 252, 253 310 154 146 .148, 324 .277, 323 154, 211 ;334 Schroder, Dale URoy Schrag. Harold Graves... Schram. Vernon Wm Schremer, John C. Schricker. Mary Carol Schncker, G. Roben Schricker, Wm. John Schroeder, niber. Wm . ; -2s :2 ] 317 Schroeder. Gladys Marie 6c9 ' oK ' ii ' ll? Schroeder, Kenneth Burton -262, 26J, 31 Schroeder. Ormand Charles ISb. }bl Schroeder, Raymond Michael «» Schroeder. Walter fidolph Schroll, G. Logan - Schropp, George Chorlc; Schrunk,John Frederick Schuck. Edward Gerald Schuck, Loraine Louise Schudel, Harold Lester Schulte. Ruth Maxine Schullz. Charles Berlran , . ' " " ' : . ' " ' . " . ' ... " " i2l. " 222. 223, 301, 309, 318 Schube. Evelyne Schumacher, ]ack.- . ■ ■:::; Schumacher, Paul Bernard.. ' " •J Schuster. Michael Huldreich -■ Schlultlollel, Emma Mane - fii Schwab, Melvin George ' •» Schwaninger, Lucille ■ ;; y Schwarting, Ruby Elaine ........Mi Schwarting, Victor H 75. 114, 149 Schwartz, Bernard Henry iiiiC ' iin Schwartz, Pauline M 275, 340 Schwartz Sherman } ' ° SchwartzkopI, Sani " Vw ' iR? Schwartzman, fl loe - 1». • ' " Schwarz, June M ■■■■■— - ;;s» Schwedhelm, Euiiice n,-....-.... " " .-----;; " " - Schwegmon, Merlin Diednch_142. 159, 166, M) Schwenk. Cloyton Wm " ' Schwier. Vernon R - - ■,■•:■,; Seism, nivin - " •» Scolield, flidne ii ' o ' oiii ' Scolield, John Howard 143, 281 Scott, Clillord Harry ■■;;;; Scott, Frank Maxwell -iM-oTO Scott George -....1S3, S Scott, Horold flllred 141 Scott, Ivon V Vcn ' o7Q Scott, lack ONeil - 160. 279 Scott, James Frederic — ■ i Scott, L. Palncia ■ ' ■ ' Scott, Nolo Biter s -vi» " " Vii " ' ' onV Scott, Quinn H 75, 96, 151, 321 Scott , Robert K . . - Scow. Eleanor Gertrude iVi 00- i ;; i a!J; .?; l!.=z3i4:-23r- ; | iis; F t FSzgeVaid:;:=z u4. isl; fsl Sears, Gula •,■■;; Seorson, Earl Thomas - {40 Seberg, George Herbert I ' - ' Secord. Pauline Frances Secund, Frank Harold ■■-;; Sedlacek, Erwin Charles IJ Sedlacek, lames Arthur 32 ' Seeck, nibert Wm .rii:Q-iir Seemann, George M 141. 259. 347, 363 Seibert. Ins Theodora 290. 3 6 Seidel. Don Jerome Vic ' OT? Seidel. Roben Dudley 166. 273 Seillert, Pauline F ,?5 ' ?i Seller, Walter fi 114. 321 Seiver, Frank Wilson ■■;- Selders, firchie Arnold 153 Selk, Charles filbert ■ Sellars. Gwendolyn lone ,ii ■ iV-n ' n.o Selleck. Florence Barbara 73. 120, 249 Sellers. Irene Elizabeth 124. 133, 220, 221 Seilin, Lloyd Bernard Selmeyer, Martha Onn ice ' Vc ' i Selway, Stanton Emerson 155, 163 Somin, flgnes Teresa 96, 2 1 Semlak, Daniel Frank 13 Senilt, Gordon Stanley 96 Senn, E. Frances Senter, Vance Edward ,oVi -VoS Severa, Helen Kathenno 122. Hi Severs. Clevia Sarah ■-- Severson, Richard R 142 Sewell. Donald Melvin M2 Sexton. Don Charles 142 Seybolt, Daisy Bonnell —- Seymour. Victoria Elizabeth 233 Shackellord. George William 144. 229 Shackelton, Harry S ■- Shader, leanne La Vera 243 Shallor, Tom P 144. 269 Shalla. finna - Shamburg, Francis Lynn. - 148 Shankland, leanne E Shankland, L Ruth -. r Shannon, Latha Leone 294. 322 Shannon, Mildred Bee... Sharkey, WiUard Campbell Sharnek, fillred N 96.334 Shasteen, Robert lames 141 Shaughnossey. Harold Andrew 145 Shaw. Eugene W _ 316 Shaw. John Silas Shaw, Nonnan lames .76, 96. 155. 269. 314 Shearer, Katherine Lucille 96, 244, 245 Shearer, Katherine lano -.. Sheffrey, Thomas Nation Sholburn. Leono Carroll _.„,114, 212, 213 Shellenburg. Rob»rt B 96, 123, 169. 171. 218. 219, 296, 297 Page 454 Shellenburg. Victor Eugene - 147. 219 Shelley, Grace R.-. " inUi Shepard, Robert Deems 140. 145 Sherburn, Peggy Carol -« Sherburne, Mary Sargent -JJJ Sherley , Lester Eldon Sherman, Bessie Fader ■■ " ■■ Shennan, Dorothy Anne ,..z s Sherman, Irvin Aaron... ....ISS, IbJ. Mi Sherman. James C. ..,.- ' ' ' Sherman, Milton Harold...- -f « Sherrill, Tasker Bryan - loU Sherry, Wm, T - Sherwood, Robert McCellen. Shick. Eldred Claude Shields, Freda Marie,,..- - iV, ' -SiT Shindo, Kenneth M -147, 347 Shipley. Carl .-.. 202, 253 Shipman, Frank Clayton. 153. ll Shipps, Linus L ' 1 ' il;!;iy,S ' charies::::::;:::;:;;:;205:w;-353r363 Shirey. Paul Francis - ' 51 Shirk, Wilmel Roy Shoemaker, Donald Vern... ..136 148 Shoemaker; Merl Fred „. ,,,125 Sholstall, Jack Edlund 143. 269 Shors, Edwin Wallace J5U Short, Morns William ' 54 Short, Roben Bryan Showalter, Eugene Gates. oc ooo Shrader, Bpnita ...--- ,Io ' 9Kq Shramek, Joseph John „ inl ' Tm Shuck, Byrle c5 75, 175, 97 Shuey, Charles Walter. - H-i Shuler, Chester R Shuler, Jean Lee -■••- Shuler, Virginia - - • " Shelter, Robert Hall- .............., Shumow, Sheldon R - 156, 287, 324 Shurtleff, Wood -- Shutl, Irwin W - 3 ' = Shutt, Marcella - Sibert, Gwendolyn Deary -■■- Sibley , Ruth Alberta 308 Sibley, Wm. filbert 205 Sic, Ruth Elizabeth ■■■■■■ Sichl, Jacob Marcus,,.. — ,oi-oi( Sickel, Wilma -....124, 215 Sickles, Robert Louis oc-;iVo Sidwell, Miller ....- - 96. 319 Sieber, Fred Carl - - 140 Sielall, Ralph Theodore Siemsen, Martin Leonard - Sievers, Rudolph F Sievers, Wilma Smith •■■-- Sights, Ernest Earl 31 Silken, Nicholas - 48 Silver, Leonard Stanley,,.,.. ■,-Si ' " oST Silverman, Robert Kenneth 13S, a ' Simmons, Dale L - - ' 53 Simmons . Gladyce W iio- ■070 Simmons. James L — " S, ' " = ' ' " " ° " ' :... ' ' ° ' ' " ' .,.° " " ' °75:-i4o;i97:325;364 Simms, Howard Finch 154 Simon, filberta Bell ■■■■■■ Simon. Betty Morion....- - 3Z4 Simon, Don Eugene....- ' 4 Simon, Edwin O Simon. Elizabeth Marion Simon, Mary Louise 3 ; Simon. Richard K ■A " A " " «;.A " " nn Simons, Lome Wendell 96, 363, 367 Simonson, Quinton L 143 Simonson, Rae Lindly —■vVK " r!ii Simpson, filva fidams 148, 2 3 Simpson, Alverta Ellen ■■.ri—Wni Simpson. I. Philip 155, 273 Simpson, Kathryn Patricia ' I ' J. JZb Simpson, Mary Ruth i 3, 3I Sims. Carol Maude - ri- iinn i Sinclair, Eva Jane 15. 120. 215 Sindt. Paul Henry 153, 331 Singer, Harold - 40 Sinlon, Walter iini,i Sipp. Thurman LeRoy 309, 31 Sire, Eugene Merton 15b, 3 b Sisson, Jack Howard 25 Sites, Lawrence Daryl Silorius, Rodney Allen ...„.......-..... - Sittler, Nina Louise 96, 290, 300 Sittler, Werner George ■,oi- oTE Skans, Carolyn I .... 33. 215 Skelton, Roy Kemes 144, 151, 59, 253 Skinner. Jess Wm 155, Ibb Sklenicka, Milton fillred 159 Skolol. Lester Lumir ■_■ Skow, Harvey Norman 13 Skudler, Rose firlene Slagel, Philip Wayne Slagor, Charles Imler Slaughter, Corine Alia Slaughter, Dora lone Slaughter, Robert R 96, 328 Slaymakor, Frank Harris 7i ■,iVi; Slaylon, Ransom Dunn u.Ji ' 2i? Sloan, Garland T .253, 324 Slonecker, Ruth Gay Vio ' iiiiT Slosburg. Stanley -149, 287 Slotsky, Myna Rhode 203, 275 SlouD, Milton James 149 Small Beniamin ■ Smallson, Ted R. 145 Smalley, Ivan Edward .,....„,-...,... 14B Smiley, Clee Donald ,iV;-?U ' ?i5 ' 3§? Smiley, Richard H 140, 163, 174, 237 Smiley, Wayno - ' 54 Smith , Anna Mane ;.--VVo Smith. Hnhur Herman - -9b. 153 Smith, Bernard Bruce - — -fbb. 26 Smith, Bryce Gilbert 143, 175 Smith, Charles Loomis....- - 141 Smith, Charlotte Icinda Smith, Charlotte Mae Smith, Cora Lee Wilson 114, 213 Smith, Corrine Berna 133, 231 Smith, Dale Wilfred — .-.......-. 142, 159, 241, 303, 310, 311, 331 Smith, Doris Arlene - 213 Smith, Dorothy Jane.. ..207 .302, 323 Smith, Dorothy Jean -96, 203, 245 Smith, Dorns Jennie Smith, Edwin Erwin Smith, Edwin Lee J-- Smith, Elizabeth T 2 3 Smith, Ellis Gove lcc-001 Smith, Fletcher -156, 281 Smith. Floyd Alfred Smith, Croydon Wells.. Smith, Hazel Charlotte. -- Smith, Hazel Martha ■■?= Smith, Helen Jane,...- - " o Smith, Henry Walter ■■■■■■ Smith, Herbert Andrew 153 Smith, Inn Marie Vcf ' oiT Smith, Jacques Stirling 55, 2 Smith, John Davis 38, 21B Smith, Jay Milford 153, 155 Smith, Lyle Edwards - Y Smith, Margaret lane... ' }• Smith, Margaret Rounds ' Smith, Marian Elna Smith, Morjorie Muriel. . Smith, Mary Rebecca Smith, Maxine Pierce Vio " " i;i; Smith, Oak Birchard • I? o?T Smith, Otis fillred - ' 44. 251 Smith, Paula Elizabeth,. ■-- Smith, Ralph Blair i « Smith, Richard Secord.. " Smith, Robert fg Smith. Robert Clayton }33 Smith, Robert Henry i ' if ' i™ Smith, Robert Lloyd- 135, 279 Smith, Robert Radford f« Smith, Robert T " Smith, Robin Caldwell ••;;■,• Smith, Ray James ' 3 ' Smith , Verne Harold orTaryai ' oniimi Smith, Virginia Lllen 96, 186, 187, 206, 20 Smith, Virginia Ellen Vi ' oR? Smith, Virginia Gertrude 114, 265 Smith , Wilma i7i " " o75 Smith, Wilton Eugene 143. 2 3 Smith , Marian Ruth ,r - Smrha, Mary yVTim Smyth, Virginia Lee.„. - " 4. 2JJ Snapp, Frank Jr }« ' Snell, Earl Eugerie oc ' " io i " " iKp " 9Kq Snipes, James Johnston 96. 124. 268. 263 Snyder. Charlotte Mary — Snyder. Ivan V. - ...-_ ■ri " " ic;7 " 9M Snyder, Joseph Earl 114, 157, 263 Snyder, Lydia Wilhelmma ■■-■■ Snyder, Paul Brenner ' ' J Snyder, Richard Heriery 3i0 -275 Snyder, Wayne Herons 153 Sobel, Ruth Florence Soderholm, Lucille Charlotte Soderholm, Mable Marie Solsky, Chloe fidams Sokol, Leonard Joseph Somer, Delmar Frank ,247 -145 -143 ,322 .322 ..306 ..144 ' 40 Sommer, Har ' old ' ' Srvine 286, 287 Sommer, Nolan Ben - 150, Ibl Sommers, William filbert Sonnenberg, Henry Lewis Sorensen, firnold flrp icc ' oc ' iM Sorenson, Harry Louis 35b, 33 , JOJ Sorenson, Howard R ;7o " Vi:o Sorg, Jerome Daniel ' 48, 153 Sormon, John Richard icc ' Viin Sorrell, LaRue Scott 155, 160 Sorvida, Condido Cerna Souskek. Russell fintonin rii ' 6 ' i Souders, Allen Ellsworth 14. 225 Souders, George Emerson oc iii ' o J Soukup. filice 96, 246, 247 Soukup, Ann Soukup, Francis Joseph Southard, Wm, Stanley Southwick, Ph ' l ' P Ji ; ■i22:i5b:259:3i9; 364 Sove, Norman Willord 136 Spacht . Grace Lucile iiiiii ' " i ' 6 Spader, Nila LaNoy. 322, 331 Spanggaard, Emily Jean 290, 312 Spongier, Joan Mane ......— .......UJ. « Spongier, Richard Edward 125. 153. 250. 251 Spaufding, Donald Elmer {43 Spealman, Ernest Garfield 15U Spealmon, Evan Richard ' • { Spears, Dale Porter |55 Spease, Louis fldkins - ■•- }i° Spechl, Murval France,...- " j Specht, Oswald S Spier, Sarah Maxine -v- Spehr, Margaret Mathilde 32b Spehr, Otto Paul ' 5b Speidell, Mary Louise Spellman, Frances Marian Spellman, Winona Grace ; Spelts, My Ida J - Spence, Mane Meyers ■ ■ ■■ Spencer, Bill Wari -.-g-l|l Spencer. Craig Lyle 2 :8. ii ' Spencer, Frances Irene 22 Cr«neof lean Wlnilrsd S. ... .. i-- ... 11... „ ib«!h W. .0 it-S : 331 ' . ' " )1 1.17 Rosalie ' . ' 324 1J5 i49 ,4 J s ' " " a. 124 -Ion May 279, 361 148 241 i: Mr-.:i-: , ; -.- r. r iw -: Steinkrauss. Walt«r K Stente- ' •■ 9 Steph. ij ' i a ' i Ji-l Stf.r ' - 156. 174 23?; 364 Hi 140 lib. 203. Steijl«vill». Mary El»anor S» »-it«Ti!Io Pibr porn 122 122 221, 340 221, 292 221, 292 363 .ISl 144 .: 2S3 .147 I3S 2. 331 i; i s Slflwa. :, Lc- IIS Slawart. M 307 .148 " 1 45 .iricit iC i-d LaRoy ■ .47 174 1 ■an 231 7 S ' onA rfflftS Pi!»a hfll ron MT:rf-a ' -M J ' o-i Drummon : Iam«B irl L Sluch St .hr i;t .hr hk Cyril M Horbort lohn Orville Ralph Poarl flnno ti 19 10 K lb 1)6 T22 ' 9 45 Hi. 21S .317 7S1 il8 9; 111 124 Ml 325 " .l 325 154 IBO 326 1 153 S; : jo. on:, Cli. ' .lo. ' Ldward Stuthsit. Bernharrl Fr«d Stutt. Wilma Harriot Sluve, Georaen» Suchy, r Mar arst Suess. Harold Paul Sukovaty, George lohn Sukovaly Helene Marie S.kir F.. • U 217, 328 150 160 115 137 Sumner, Mildred May S-indeen. Winif- ' ■ loon Loi« ' . i ' rinan. He v 140 115 139 149, 150. 166. 257 135, 22.3 358, 3 ..37. 332 ?7 325 135 153. 241. 310. 311 Svoboda Swon n- Swanson Swanson Swanson Swanson Sw n on Sw- Sw- Sw. Sw 303, 311, 331 148, 279, 163 154 II . - . H 263 M9 310 153 2 1 140 336 372 •.:83 .• 1 ' ' I .13 1 F 7 r; ..7 ' S .3 ' ■) 15 ' : - - .V Ti-Wtk-ri R-mI-) ' ay 143 143 326 ;; " .w r-9 1 : ■ ' .T5 ■ ■ . ' 5 ■ {1 1 T : T. T.i T 1 T. Ti T i T.. T- !• T( Th.... , . Theoba Theoba Therien Therkelsen. 1. Thimro. Herh Thoene, Rich ; Thomas Bes Thomas. EleT Thomas. Elno Thomas. Fre : Thomas O -- Thomas Thoma. ' . Thomas Thoma. ; Thomas Thoma.-; Thomas Thomar. Thomar. Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomos Thomas Thomps ■ Thompsor., dilo. ' a L .. Thompson, Dale Erie Thompeon Vo-.zi ' .i G-i Thomps ' ■ Thomps Thomps. - Thompeon. Ine- LoiL:i- Thompeon, Ins llenc Thompeon . lack Thompson. John C ' .y Thompeon, Loron F . j- IM 271 n4, Xtt ll ' j IM I4« ISA 102 121 ...326 318 166 14S 211 141 1 -; 211 247 209 322 143 324 ' : ' i.. 323 147 322 160 ■ 251 322 149 M. 273 . 145 363 ' , 257, 309, 315 323 11.; 279 318 290 135, 166 ■ 159. 279 153 331 290 -33. 239. 365 Thompeon . Thompson Thompeon, Thompeon. Thompson, Thompson. Thompeon, Thompeon, Ve ' lo Thompeon, Robert Th- ■■- - " -•-- lY Tl- Th Th Th Th Th Th Th Th Th Th, Th Th Tk Tit Ti Ti- Ti. Ti Til . T,r Ti- Ti: Ti; Tu Tis Ti ' Ti- Tl : To Tr Tc To To Tc To- Tor, 151 166. 319 136 283 148 156 331 141 156 367 145 U ' 334 159 ) ' ■ ' 2S7 P- 174 156 133 141 334 166 306 135 217 :;s 159 97 137 143 2S3 il ' 176 77 .53 320 315 146 13S 211 Page 455 Toms. Bishop Milton Toms. Jack Clayton tompkinc, Harvey flH ' -» ' :i Tonner. Jack L Tonsing. Leota - Too«y, Mary Evei :. Tookoy. Virginia Mary Tool. H Warren 148. Tool. lean Kevin - Toole. lohn Woodworth Topil, Alois G Totlen, Wallace Frank! :r Tourtelol, Harry ftlhsor. Townley, Page ludson Townley. Robert Hadiey Townsend. flver y Potter Townsend. Mary Irene Townsend, William Mumford Townsley, Homilton Edward Townsley. lames RusselL- ■ --rrort Lester Orval filbert Edward Mary Elizabeth ■ z:.i t rg. Arthur i:.t Lynn Edgar. ir.t Warren Hndrew i.:iott. Art Frederick : . ' man, Merna Murle ::ver, lack Orin Troakle. Lawrence John Tree. Mary Maxme Tree, Verlea Belle Trembly, lames Clark Trembly. loseph C.- Tremont. Frank Martin Trenholm, lane Dorothy Trier, Otis Marion Tngg, Evelynne Mae Tnmole, F Cleveland ]r Trimble. Helen Esther Tnit. Myron Tnvely. Ilo flllely Trobough. Carl Ward Trombla. Lynn B Tromble, Dale Edward Trott. Mar)one Jean. - Trout. Robert Troy. Lillian Mae Trumble, Donald Hugh Trumble. Florence May Trumble, lack Edwin Trump. Maxine Ruth Tucker, lean Fay Tucker, Mary fllice Tudor. David B Tulhs. Ernest Ornn Tuma. Richard F. Tunberg, Margaret . Tupper. I Kent Tupper, Leo Marion Turkel. Leo „ Turnbull, Harold Martin TurnbuU. Gordon Howard- Turnbull, Wade William... Turner, flilan Craig Turner, Cortez B Turner, Delon Turner, Elton fl Turner, Frances Irene Turner, Harry Charles Turner, lean Evelyn Turner, Katherine flnna.— Turner. Margaret Louise-. Turner, Robert lames Turner. Everett Glen Turnev, William Paul Tve. Marjorie Ilee Tyler. Jeanne Tyler, Ralph Wintred Tyner, George fl U Uehltng. Irma Matilda Uohling. Raymond Frank. . Uehling. Vyrle Martin Ugai, Frod W Uhronholt. Edith Elaine Uhrenholdt, George. Uhn, Gordon Max UHman, Barbara Ullstrom. Carl Herbert Ulrich, Ann Teresa Umberger. Glenn LeRoy. Underwood. Robert . Unthank, George Ralph Unzicker. James Rudolph . Unzicker. Stanley Parnsh Upson, lohn Field Upson, Robert William Upton, L R Undil. Madeleine P. Utermohlen, William Perry Vacek, Edward lamos Vail, Edwin Walter Va ' grt, Helen flgnos Vallery, loy Van flnda, Frances Elizabeth Van Andel, Sherman. Vonatta, Emma lane Vanatta. Ruth Olene Van Boskirk, Olive.,. Vance, J, Duane Page 4S6 159, 166 „ 150 ._ 291 213 ._ 302. 335 163, 166, 325 M6 136, 163 .146 ..150 143 .135 .137 -215. 340 149 160 294 135, 174 153 142 149 144, 279 .243 .326 .339, 263 97, 262 263 .142, 161 334 .142 150 ..U6 97, 203, 247 149 .143, 163, 229 ., ' ' ' ' 322r ' 333 137, 219, 318 155 148, 271 317 334 .97, 148, 269, 353 150 97 ...97, 207 322 147 142, 283 322 261 140, 237 150, 235 29). 340 :33, 318 209 150, 166 123, 169 2Z9 153 142 719 135, 166 97, 314 115. 269 .135 146, 159, 279, 328 159i 283 245 .155 97, 340 124, 231 i. 288, 365 ...._1S0, 159 VanDeBurg, Bernard Ray _...140, 326 Vandeburg, Franklin Homer Jr 283 Vandeburg, Grace S 261 VanOenbark, flnne - » Vandenbark, Edwin _ 157, 334 Vandenbnnk, John Joe _ - Vanderhook, Arlere - Van Horn, C Lavelle 146 VanHorn, Donald Leroy. Van Horn, John fl . Van Horn, Max Edwari 159 Van Home, Elizabeth - 14, 71, 120, 133, 203, 231, 320 Vannan, John Garl ,T,;-;v.i -i Jl Van Norman, Robert V 140, 166, 326 Van Northwick, David Elmer_ _ 136 Van Patten, Dorothy Jean _ _ 245 Van Sickle, Harriet _ ■ ■■■wiv Van Sickle, Jane - 97, 245 Van Sickle, Margaret Mae Van Sickle, Willis - ■xi:-;; w VanSlyke, Ruth Mary - 98, 265 Van Suyoc, Ora LeRoy- _ VVc lioo Vasey, Virginia Ethel _ 115, 233 Vaugnn, Lois Mable - - - :vy S! Vaughn, Marven L - 154, 331 Vedene, Dorothv Fern 322 Vedene, Mildred Lenore _ -•■■ Veith, Virginia Margaret - 98 Velte, Berenice Lillian Venable, Charlotte Lee 98 Venell, Coyette Eleanor Venell. Ervin Jr 143 Veen, Fern Verges, Vol Carl Verity, flliene Hazel Vickery, Bert Jr .140, 163, 259 Victor, Franklin Henry Viele, Julia fllice 98 Vining, Barbara Gay 294 Vitamvos, Gerald Sidney 159, 175 Vlasnik, Georae Lloyd 115, 159 Vogel, Edith Leone Vogel, Mary F 245 Vogel, Ruth Jane Vogler, Ruth Jane Vogler, John R 115, 157,257,256 Vogt, Kenneth John 255, 328 Void, Gordon - Volk, Raymond Edward 358 VonBercen, Doris 115 Von Brandenfels, Freda Pauline Von Brandeniels, Mrs, Pauline.. Vonderschmidl. Henry fldam Von Riesen, Genhard. Von Riesen, Harold 98, 311 Von Seggern, John Bressler 257 Voris, Maxwell 144 Voss, Arthur 135 Voss, Dole Harold Jr 135 Voss, Harold Henry 145, 279 Voss, Mildred Anne Votava, Ben Anthony 150 w Wach, Edwin Frederick « 155 Wachter, John Joseph - 146, 225 Wachter, Leo John 137 Wade, Bill ..143, 151, 229 Wade, Charles Lee 145 Wade, lean Elizabeth 212, 213 Wadhams, Robert P 100, 115, 123, 175, 193, 279, 364 Wadlow, Lois Marie 231, 340 Wages, Eugene Norman 142 Waggener, June C 207, 308, 337 Waggoner, Franklin J 317 Wagner, Donald John 29, 122, 216, 217, 332 Wagner, Paul Frederick. 147, 202, 216, 217, 364 Wagner, William Franklyn 156, 257 Wagner, William Morris Waoner, Wilma L 116, 203, 238, 239 Wahl, Carl Christian „ 146 Wohl, Edwin Ernest 157 Wake, Lawrence Leslie „ „154 Wakeham, Helmut Richard Walcott, Jane Katherine 116, 122, 133, 193, 249, 365 Walden, Charles Edward 153, 253 Waldo, Clifford Dwight . Waldron, Clement L, Jr. 257 Waldochmidt, Paul Henry Walker, Daniel D Walker, Harold Hubert Walker, LeRoy Reuben 151 Walker, Marjorie Maxino Walker, Wilbur Baird 145, 326 Walker, Wilma O Wall, Frank Everett Wall, James Turley ' . ' 11 Walla, Bernice Margaret Wallace, Geraldine Louiso ' - ' ' I ' l Wallace, James Russell ISri WoUace, lean Louise Wallace Odette „ 291 Wallace, Roger William E8, 199, 310, 309 Wallace, Virginia Doris 233 Wallace, William Horace 98, 2R9 Wollen, Floyd James 135 Wollick, Mary Kathleen Walliker, George Frederick [• .,.98, 219 Walling, Mary Elizabeth 245 Wallingford, Llovd Eisner 269 Walsh, Homan L Walt, Herb Reuben _ 98, 219, 328 Walt, Jean Marian _ 25, 70, 71, 73, 98, 249, 298, 299 Walter, Alfred Kurt - -....141 Walter, Ruth Elizabeth- 322 Walters, Chester 241, 310 Walters, Eugene Carl 145, 280. 281 Walters, PauUne Elizabeth 198, 312, 322 Waltz, Allen Pierce 136 Wampler, Lloyd Myron SB, 235, 358, 363 Wanek, Sylvia Ann Ward, Dorothy Elizabeth Ward, Gerald Leroy 136 Ward, Harold H - 145 Ward, J C 135 Ward, Max Earle - - 338 Ward, Ruth Virginia _ - 261 Ward, William Paul Warfield, Jefferson Ira — 149 Warnemunde, Fred Carl _ 149 Warner, Gertrude Pauline Warp, Paul Allbee - - 148 Warren. George F - _ 338 Warren, Harold Thomas Washington, Virgil James Wasson, Arell Jennings.. 330 Wassum, Erma Eloise 98, 290, 324 Watkins, Ethel DeYoung Watkins, William Earl Watson, James Ritchie 136 Watson, Thomas J _ - Watt, Lois Geraldine - - - 322 Waugh, Elizabeth - 249 Waugh, Kenneth Boyd 309, 315 Waugh, Robert Henry - 137, 269 Way, Emerson Vern - 149 Waybright, John Morgan — 142 Weaver, Beverly Ann 124, 125, 206, 207 Weaver, C. Robert Weaver, Harry Lloyd 251 Weaver, Phillip Hart 141, 219 Weaver, Robert John .75. 145, 159, 237 Weaver, William Howard 148, 259 Webb, Richard Lee _ -....153 Weber, Clara Louise Weber, Milton Frank 145 Weber, Ralph Harold -159 Weber, Robert Hickman - 151 Weber, Robert LeRoy ...166 Weber, Russell W 156 Webster, Fred Shannon 116, 159, 225, 324, 329. 363 Webster, Gilbert Theo 71 Webster, Neva Beryl 322 Webster, William Wallace Weddel, Joseph Donald _ _ 135 Wedean, Harold David _ Weeth, Henry O - - 338 Weqner, Leonard Louis - 146 Wehling, Helen Elizabeth 312, 322 Wehner, Catherine Marie — - -116 Weibel, Howard Addison - 155 Weibel, Roland Oscar - Weides, Frances Louise - - - -322 Weidman, Alice Jean -322 Weidman, Richard Thomas- _ 142 Weidner, Everett Levern Weierhauser, William I Weiler, Francis Benedict — _ 147 Weinberg, Joe - - 141 Weinbrandt, Russel Gordon - Wemgarten, John Lusk 148, 225 Weinman, Louise Blanche - Weinstein, Harry 271 Weir, Lucy Elizabeth - - Weilkamp, Allred William Weitkamp, Glayds Luella Weitkamp, Norman Ernest 98, 241, 303, 310 Wekesser, Robert Alexander 146 Wekesser, Vera Elizabeth 98, 245, 300, 371 Welch, lane Sarah 231, 320 Welden, lames Craig 160, 225 Weldon, Marcus Dunlap Wellensiek, Otto Henry - 339 Weiler, Alice Love 116, 215 Wells, Dan Weston 150 Wells, Robert Austin - - Wells, Wesley Everett _..-154 Welsh, Marshall Palmer 211 Wehe, Howard Thomas _ 136 Welton, Ted Merton 145. 225 Wendte, Olga - Wendell, Thurlan Willis - Wendell, Verle Russell _ „ — 153 Wendeln, Anelta Ruth - -....291 Wendland, John Prentice 145 Wendt, Helen Ernestine Wenke, Paul 281, 364 Wennersten, Dwight Leonard Wentz, Maxine Helen - 2 ' 5 Wenzloff, Louise Carolyn -. 261 Wergin, Edwin Auaust - „ 98 Werner, Alton Adelbert _ -..-147. 356 Werner, Eunice M _ - Werner, June Engel - Werner, Kathryn Flisabeth 302 Werner, Margaret Eleanor 233 Worth, Robert Charles 1S4, 157 Weilman, Clarence Edward 155, 174 Wertman, Maxine Holhngsworth 243, 372 Wertz, John D - 116, 278. 279 Wertz, Paul Ross - 140, 279 West, Clyde Sumner 1 ' ' 3 West, Maxine Fern 293, 294, 323 West, Richard, McFall West, Robert Asberry 363 Westbrook, Leonard Rupert Weslcott, Lawrence Dale 154, 330, 331 Westcott, Mary Jean 125, 207 Westerholf Lloyd Harry .153 Westlall, Robert Milton..- _. 147, 174 Westholm. Harold Wayne : - 98 Wesjlcjke, Jsabelle Geneva WMiovar Donold CfWIn 177 :s Ml. 281 IS WillianM Ruih Alie w •■-■ -■ - . w W w , : William A 1 fim«« 1)- Wu 1 i:ti . in K«rin«ih A ly . ' S ' W,i 1 lltl«.in W lllnr M«t.:y ' A ' - - ■ .. . _ . • _ . , 131 144 ■ .■ ■m Whil« it.- Whll» C Wh. ' - Wh. I 9. IC6. 202. 287 fOtl yo ' t tiri t■ w •« .— lo Whils Munal Gartru Whil. Olir- ' 13, 343 13S 160. 20S 1S5 138 M. 322 v2. 333 M. 318 137 Whiixaor . rio:«nv« Louis Whilmor William Bruc Whitnah. Mardcn Hulh Whilnar. Eleanor Louu Whitnsy. ErnMt WUIiasi Whilney. Franc loon Whiiney. Fred Raymond Whition. Donald Whitaon. William Loui. Whiltaker. lulia St Clai- Whiiet WMlon Donald Wick. Gideon E Wickman. Kathleen Ruih Wicks. Ben Warren Wicks. Qarissa MauH« Wicks Pr ' . " ■ Widener. r Widman. C Wiebusch, Goc.-;o W Wiebusch. Robert Glenn Wiechert. Arthur flugui T Wiechert. Esther Ella Wied Leslie Louis Wlemer. Donald Nelioa _. -.99. 196. 202, 258. 259. 345. 347 363 Wieee. R nrlyne Wiete. Ethelle Henrietta Wilder Carol L e .137 293. 294 74 116 142 151 9«. 331 323 7s aan 147. 159. 165 75 ?03 294 i1 3S, 300. 325 279 IV1 322, 331 146 .•)35 ' .■ ' ■ 1 ! - 1 707 140 W; --ite Florer . r _-_ jin ' ia. Mary Louise ;aas, Robert Ward 76, 99. 321 ijh .4S Wilson :. ' »n WlliK n ' f W. ' iss f.3 ;ri W 141. 235 Wi 163. 319. 325 Wilson ) i«aeiic W liliom 116, 219 Wilson Genevieve W Wilson. Gertrude H Wilson. Gladys Mary Wilson Hennetlo Mae I Ifi 243 Wilson. Inez Olive Wilson, lack N 135 Wilson. June Florence 116. 213 Wilson. Kathryne Margaret Wilson Leone Edray 231 Wilson. Louise Luck Wilson. Mary Blice Wilson. Mary Frances 215 Wilson, Mary lane 265 Wilson, Robert Garrow 153 Wilson, Robert Oliver 135 Wilson, Vera flbby fW 213 Wilson. Willard M 339 Wimberly, Steve Boynlon Wimer. Richard Harold Wineland. Frederick Robert 138. 269 Wink, David 140 Wink, Fred Winkler. Mary Alice . . Winnett. lane Burr 99.245 Winquest. Kathryn loaephine - -. -116. 227, 337, 3S5 Winslow. Dovtd Cltnton.. Winter. Eldor 223 Wintermote. Dorothy Evia 312. 322 Wintersteen. leanette M Wintraub, Ern«»e ' R -nH ■•}. 163, 175. 287, 345 Wipl, lames li 147.281 Wirth. flrlo tmr-r. r. ISl Wishmeir. flc Chester 99 Wise, Clinton Marion 138 Wise, Dale L 135 Wisen Milan Edvyari ._V. 282, 283 Whilmer Mary June Witt. Herbert George Witt. luneta Pearl Witte. Edward Lewis Ir Wittenmyer, Gwendolyn Ethylmae Witters Mary Frances 233 Winter Eldred Milton Winters Gladys Henrietta Wiitman, Milton 142. 32JS Wittman, Herbert loe . Wittman, lulius Curtis Wiitmann, Marvin Otto 135 Wittman, Richard Casper 159 Witwer Margaret Elizabeth 291 Wiltwer Opal BIythe Wochner Robert Fred 146 Woerner Edith Mane Woerner Otto 141 Woidneck Phyllis Lucille Woita, Iilius Ed IS4 Wolcott nian Z83 Wolcotl, Doris 245 Wolcott, Jonathan fl 116. 149. 163. 224. 225 Woll. Emil Edward ]r |60 235 Wolf lean Olbert 146 163 ' 279 Woll. Sylvia Edith Wolte. Fronces Evelyn 322 Wolle Gerald Ingram 141 Wolle Harn.i Barbara ' 1 327 333 Wolfe, Lv- --■--•■ 148 306 Wolfe, M Wolfe, O Wolte, Ro, „,j .. 148 Wolfe, Theople M ii 335 Wolle Vonrla Melvr, 149 135. 154 • ' : ; Arthur 203. 249 156. 326 148. 325 292. 323 292 i .116. 160. 167. 229 M 125 156 216. 217 Wood . V :S4 ' ' !2SS Wood . : ' . «a 14 Wfiath. Francis Heim Wmht Ernest Wuerlh, Howard Charles Wuester Blanche V, ' •-- ' " • r ■■ - ' W nejj:, Charle- ' , Wynn, loanna E Yaff- .,. 19. 28. Yenne. Keith Austin .. .. Yetter. Dorothy fane Yoakum Wayne LaVero Yoder. Byron Ellsworth Yoder, Mary 70 71, 73 99, 192, 245. 298. Yordy, Richard Louis York. Frances Belle York. Henrietta Therese York, lames Albert York, Ruth Yoshikawa, George I Yo»t, Arthur Herbert Yo«l. Corl Robert W, Yo«t. Doris Ann Yo t. Dorothy Arline Yo t. Eugene Bernard Yost. Everett Bernard Yoal. Frank Herman Yost. Ralph Leslie Youmans. Neal Delos Young. Dolores Young. Edith Mane Young, Evelyn Ortse Young, George Asbury Young, George Manon Young, George William Young, Helen Virginia Young, fames Stanley Young, Kathryn G Young, L Vincent Young Marguerite Mae Young, Richard Bradley Younger, Evell lansen Youngs Marvin Willys Younason, Robert George Youra, Roland B Yung Francis D Yungblut, Janet Lucile Zabel, Fred Zf.h ' " • °-i Z: Zo» •■ . . - ., ■■ .. Zatterstrom Betty Zatterstrom Leonard Sa r Zehr, Dons L- - ' • Zeiley. losep 141 i: 3 135. 271 291 136 161 273. 347 354. 363 235 334 265 147 141, 259 20. 299 300 371. 372 135 99 116. 207 ii ; 139, 137. 141. 166. 269 166. 367 39 147 141. 174 148 116. 273 116. 233 233 149 321 99 246 247 227 1S5 144 237 719 147 140 99 116 247. 333 Zeman Zo- Z- Z- Z- z z,- Z;- z Zi- z, . Z:- z.- Zr- z- Zr Zr . z. z. z. Zv- Zvo John 146 331 322 9 308 140 332 136 265 157 211 151 ill 271 338 326 365 ISO 322 279 219 135 136 xx 363 270, 271 - ._275 Page 457 GENERAL INDEX A flcacia 204,205 flg Executive Board _ _! ' ■ Alpha Chi Omega. 206, 20 Alpha Delta Theta 208, 209 Alpha Gamma Rho 210,211 Alpha Kappa Psi 314 Alpha Lambda Delta 30 Alpha Omicron Pi 212, 213 Alpha Phi 214, 215 Alpha Sigma Phi 216, 217 Alpha Tau Omega 218, 219 Alpha Xi Delta 220, 221 Alpha Zela 303 " Alumnus " - 126, 127 American Institute ol Electrical Engineers ._ 315 American Society ol Agricultural Engineers 316 American Society of Civil Engineers 317 American Society of Mechanical Engineers -- - 318 Army Staff 131 Athletic Board of Control 343 Athletic Managers 345 " Awgwan " .._ 124, 125 A. W S. Board 73 B Band 160, 161 Barb Council 19 ' Barb Interclub Council 75 Barb A. W. S. League 74 Baseball 354 Basketball . 355-358 Beauty Queens 178-189 Beta Gamma Sigma 304 Beta Sigma Psi 222, 223 Beta Theta Pi 224, 225 Bizad Executive Council 76 Block and Bridle Club 310 " Blue Print " . 128 Board of Regents 43 c Cadet Regimental Staff 132 Campus Views 32-40 Carrie Belle Raymond Hall 290, 291. 292 Chancellor 45 Cheer Leaders 345 Chemical Engineering Society 319 Chi Omega 226, 227 Chi Phi 228, 229 Coaching Staff 344 Coed Counselor Board 305 Coll-Agri-Fun 198 College of Agriculture 48, 49 College of Arts and Sciences 50, 51 College of Business Administration 52, 53 College of Dentistry 54, 55 College of Engineering 56, 57 College of Law 58, 59 College of Medicine 60, 61 College of Pharmacy 62, 63 Corn Cobs 364 " Cornhusker • 120, 121 Council of Religious Welfare 335 Crops ludging Team 311 Delta Omicron Delta Phi Delta Delta Sigma Delta Delta Sigma Pi Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon Delta Zeta Engineers ' Executive Board. Engineers ' Week Extension Division Farmer ' s Fair Farmer ' s Formal.. Farm House Features Football Four-H Club Freshman Band . 320 306 .338 321 234, 235 236, 237 238, 239 77 199 68 194 195 .240, 241 12-29 ...347-353 331 161 N G Gamma Alpha Chi.. Gamma Lambda .. Gamma Phi Beta .. Golf Governor 307 167 .242, 243 ......354 44 ..68a, 68b Graduate College H Home Economics Association 322 Housemothers 289 Howard Hall .293 I Index, Personal 439-456 Innocents 296, 297 Interfraternity Ball. . 196 Interfraternity Council . 202 Ivy Day 191 J Journalism, School of 66 junior Class Section 101-116 Junior-Senior Prom 193 K Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Phi Kappa Sigma Kosmel Klub Lambda Chi Alpha 244, 245 . .246, 247 248, 249 323 250, 251 169, 170, 171 252, 253 M " Daily Nebraskan " 122, 123 Men ' s Glee Club 174 Dairy Club 330 Men ' s Intramural Sports 368, 369 Dean of Student Affairs 46 Military Ball . 192 Dean of Women 47 Military Sponsors 133 Debate 178 Mortar Board 298, 299 Delta Delta Delta 230. 231 Mu Phi Epsilon 308 Delta Gamma 232, 233 Music, School of... ...67 " N " Club... Nu-Meds ... Omicron Nu. 363 .324 .312 Palladian Literary Societty 325 Panhellenic Council... 203 Pershing Rifles (Local) .163 Pershing Rifles (National) 162 Personal Index 439-456 Phalanx 165 Pharmaceutical Club 326 Phi Alpha Delta 339 Phi Beta Kappa 300 Phi Chi Theta „ 327 Phi Delta Phi .....328 Phi Delta Theta 254, 255 Phi Gamma Delta 256, 257 Phi Kappa Psi 258, 259 Phi Mu 260, 261 Phi Sigma Kappa 262, 263 Phi Upsilon Omicron 312 Pi Beta Phi... 264, 265 Pi Kappa Alpha 266, 267 " Prairie Schooner " 129 Publications 119 Queens 178-189 Regents, Board ol 43 Religious Welfare, Council of 335 Rifle Club.... 165 R. O. T. C. Section: Artillery Units — Battalion Staff 152 Battery fl _ 154 Battery B - 155 Battery C - 156 Headquarters Batttery 153 Band Engineers — ■ Battalion Staff Company A.. Company B Company C . . Company D. Infantry Company A .160, 161 134 135 136 137 138 140 Company B 141 Company C 142 Company D : 143 Company E 144 Company F — 145 Company G 146 Company H 147 Company I 148 Company K ...; 149 Company L , ..150 Company M 151 Junior Officers 157-159 Pershing Rifles (Local) 163 Pershing Rifles (National) 162 Phalanx 165 Regimental Staff 139 Scabbard and Blade 164 Sponsors 133 Rousa Bouton Hall 294 Pago 458 Lp: ilon. Epsllon owimming i oa::i T Vorally Dabale 66 TaM l 365 V 67 T« ' ichors College t . 65 •J 100 Teinni-. 3M 310 Thela Chi 282, 283 268 269 Thcia Nu 329 W n E»» nil|v 176 Thcia Xi ' ' I : s w n n ■ . 270 271 Track -.1 w fl n Tri-K Club HI V - ' ■ V. 333 u ' 331 276. 277 278 279 Univer:;ily Four-H Club 331 University Playr;; 172. 173 Y M C fl 280 . ' .HI Y W C fi 309 V 301 133 Var:;iiy Band 160 70 71 Varsity Coaching Staff 344 Zeta Beta Tau 367 Varaity Dairy Club 330 Zeta Tau Alpha w il Board ird .r ili 178 197 340 371 372 372 293 373 367 336 337 286, 287 288 ADVERTISING INDEX Able Cleaners 400 flcme Chili flcme Bakery 417 American Printing Company .394 P.nderson, Inc., Carl fl 411 flwgwan 436 Banker s Life 377 Beach ley Brothers 433 Beatrice Creamery Co 429 Beck lungbluth 392 Best Laundry 421 Blackstone, Hotel 418 Boyd lewelry 420 Boyd Pnnting . SS-! Brandeis 386 Bucks— (The Moon) 405 Burlington Trailways 394 Butler ' s Cleaners 390 Cadwallader 385 Capital Filling Stcrtion 397 Carman ' s tC ! Castle, Roper 6 Matthews 400 Chevrolet t4otors 401 Clark ' s 383 College Supply Store 407 Conant Hotel 403 Comhusker, Hotel 384 Daily Nebraskan 436 Daniebon Floral Company 397 Dave s Clothes Shop 420 Davidson-Honsen 396 Davis Wilson il-! Davis School Service 429 DeBrown fluto Sales Co 388 Deere Plow Company 387 Dehner Company 420 Eastman Kodak 406 Eiche Floral Company 406 Elce, Charles Son 406 Evan ' s, The 390 Famous, The 408 Fairmont Creamery. 432 First Trust Company 415 Fontenelle, Hotel .399 Ford Motor 391 Franklin Press 421 Frey Frey 427 Gillen 6. Boney 398 Globe Laundry ...396 Grand Hotel ...409 Grasselli Reagents ...419 Graves Printing 417 Green ' s , 396 Haney Shoe Store 416 Harrington Realty Company... 396 Heitkotter ' s, Ben 433 Herzberg ' s 394 Hodgman ' s 428 Holmes Recreation .397 Hovland-Swanson 396 Huskers 408 Kellison Furniture 417 Latsch Brothers .409 Lau, H. P 412 Lincoln Clearing House .393 Lincoln Hotel .426 Lincoln Liberty Life 428 Lincoln School of Commerce. .382 Lincoln Telephone Telegraph 434 Lincoln Theater Corporation . .397 Long ' s 407 McDonald Studio 432 Magee ' s 381 Martin Coal 432 Midwest Life Insurance 433 Miller Paine .376 Modern Cleaners .409 Malloy Plant. The David ) 415 Mowbray- Wingo Company 404 National Cash Register 414 Nebraska Power 405 Nebraska Typewriter Co. 389 Nepho Laboratory 416 New Deal Barbers 421 Northrup Jones 380 Northwestern Mutual 416 Olson Construction 409 Omaha Crockery 421 Omaha Live Stock Exchange .422 Omaha School Supplies 390 Paxton-Gallagher 420 Paxton Hotel 395 Peerless Cleaners 433 Reese ' s 424 Roberts Dairy 410 Rosewell Floral Company 417 Rudge Guenzel 379 Sartor Jewelry 390 SchmoUer S Mueller 431 Sears Roebuck 390 Seilers Surgical. 424 Skan ' s Furniture 402 Standard Coal 416 Standard Market 420 State Journal Engraving 435 State Journal Printing 437 Sullivan Transfer 421 Townsend Studio 425 Union Stock Yards 430 University Extension 413 Van Sant School of Business 400 Wendelin Bakery 436 Wentz, Geo H., Inc. 432 Western Glass Paint 429 Westland Theatres 408 Woodmen of the World 423 Woods, Earl 433 Worley, Joy 428 Pag 4S9 .o j e c tr.xS uju era aK x , ' c va £, - O rc x.U Q. , V ebr•t».s v. . ( kA V . ?u 3?r 5 " »» W»WWiTI?

Suggestions in the University of Nebraska Lincoln - Cornhusker Yearbook (Lincoln, NE) collection:

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