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4 . M? , ..u:. 4 -z, ' ', u-SJ"-H f""tL!1'i'f"4N' "- . ' F315 Qwgffany nvgfg.-.5-,,r.-gig-,x .gf W: , fr vi ,A gy' -,.:s. auf: ' 1 j " , ,fm ffff '2 -'wie-ww.a3iM. Hz' - 1- X - 1.1---4-fi-,. I . - .1-14 3 .f f fpmpsr,-' .it f J In-vt, V :mnfcr3b. I ., ,,m4g..1,-1,,4'W4"'+H 'a'5r'kl5fg.s, +11-f Af- :gl ' rj, ' ,uit Q. V335 , - .,, . 1-.1 up-.f-,Q n J 'Vw H V 'w,,-If :rs -, afwugdari' -A-wins s-. L,-: ' -.1 . -. :f wr - A if if li, :T . 'paw' ,s329LsQ??1fs fi. A '.SaL3'-Xf2f:'1l?"":'-.7 1,65-,,1+,ig" ,' A- 1,-5 .1 5fNJ ... afssvffi' ru-7"z.vwifPq ,- -' 1 -252.1-v . - 'mfr ,Hr ' -.n :-TJ Iii' vi r 'Lf'-I. -'Z Mai, Y YQ ,M : V ' ' P A. K' ' " 1 ,wflffi - -3,--215' .4115 Q1 ' .L 1'-i-1,251-' ' 1 ' 'f' ' ' JJ Jai.-Tfisw , I, ".3""N:9EE ,ui V, .E :il ' ' I f'5"I'.'lff?P'E?Q 1 V753 5.9" ' :Hsin J Y , 1, I A 1 M, , N,-.4 yu- J , -X , f . , Q -an F1 - ' 'LJ-Tir. 'Se- w., 'IH' - .QQL 1. Hex. - - Ms' " A, ,rem WV. 1 . ,. .- 3'l'lNO0K, 1938 Dillon, Montana Volume 80 SECTLONS Opening Faculty ancl Staff Stuclent Boclg Stuclznt Life Sports Graduation Closing I'l'l. College piimC3a."'- ""z,1.':3' .'n':.'l- "7"Yk A . U.. "SL 7 .F-117-'K"Zlf'Tfi.E'3Jf ' -"S,-,--f'-' "CDfL!"' ""'. " f- ' 'I-LQ' J Q' ' 4' ' ' , ' ""5"I'Wldf.i1,:'Ev f3"!V-""' ' - 'I'-" 11 N! 11 Mn "Western faces improved enrollment because our , ,grep ' 11 programs have so much to offer. " --jeanette Stewart Dear Western Students Another year has passed Ln our pursutt of the goals and dreams that we have set forth The past year was long and hard but we and Western are stdl gotng 7he obstacles that were placed Ln our way have been replaced by new ones So much has happened to thts school and tts students Ln the past year such as the merger proceedtngs wrth the Llntverstty the change o top admtntstrators the renovatrons o butldtngs and actlrttes on campus and the retnstaternent o f football Thus book Ls devoted to the Ldea that we can make Lt through these changes and prepare ourselves or what ltes ahead 'Lt remtnds me o an old western movte where one has to face off the enemy Ln order to rtde off Lnto the sunset 'L would hope that when you look back, at your college years through thts BJ-l'LNO0J6 that you too wall remember when you Faced those Fronttersl od Luc Ketth Lller Edttor I fr ., y it ,'f ,. If-,,, 'I f . ' 1' f , f ' Opening 3 "l0e're buoyed, by the number of 2?LiXigi?13'3ii.r:E3:i3 Variet di tin uishes returned to western. " --Dr. Nike Euston PGWN- .,,., aw nf-1 s... Ann Green really is enjoying her photo session in Skills I. 'm, Dr. Dave Beier hears no evil, Dr. David Warner speaks no evil, and Dr. Dick Sietsema sees no evil at WMC. 4 Opening Kathy Plutt is all smiles and waves in her OCL office. ,,..,,.+s+- J? Dr. Henry Worrest's sly grin awaits the next Norm Bouchard isn't in the mood for tunes. person in line. WMC Western's varied student body ac- An increase in non-traditional and counted for the fourth highest enroll- tr3I1SfCr Students, HS well HS COnlirlu' ment in the history of the institution. ing Students, pleased everyone. Kari Meckler, Paulette Kershner, Tamaira Mack, and Monie Mack smile, despite bruises from their arduous workouts. time M64 ,I ki 4 fs., Patty Bennett's head is not made for volleyball bouncing. The video camera perplexes Connie Jacobson. Deano Munson hasn't had his morning cup of coffee yet. Opening 5 Orientation kicks off year "Once the embarrassment and the humiliation sub- sided, Piagfair was an exciting experience. 'lt was a fantastic way for new students to get acquainted. " --Tamaira Mack Orientation for Fall 1987 was full of ac- tivities for transfer and new students. Orientation leaders, who were selected during the summer, were trained one day prior to the events. Those included a barbecue, a tour ofthe campus. Playfair, and advising sessions. Joe Nahrgang and orientation leaders Susan Fuchs and Crystal French enjoy the sun. 6 Orientation New students get to know each other during Playfair 511961. f ,- t as 'QA fm, .-,-veg: 1 nf F - .wg ' + an I lx wide Kari' 'ff VFW., A V i Orientation leaders are front row, l. to r.: Shelley Webster, Kip French, Trevis French, Tania Swanger, Mary Kohn, Carolyn Wilder, Karla Kelly, Bob Kelly, Steve Howery, Cheri Champine, Penny Wagner1 back row: Dawn Loveland, Ken Braun, Lana Evans, .lim Berna, Lois Nyenhuis, .loan Steinbeisser, Barry Woods, Craig VanHouten, Roger Fuchs, Susan Fuchs, Greg Fellows, and Jeff Hale. Q, 1 New provost, Dr. Easton, and X his wife greet new students and their parents at orientation ac- -.2 tivities. ft Blaine Martin rides Roger Fuchs' shoulders during Playfair. Orientation 7 "'L never signed my name so many times in mg Life. " --Rob Lemeltn Laura Hughes checks which classes are al- ready closed, Last fall new students entered WMC with flair as they eagerly awaited a new year. They sought advice from faculty and friends, scheduled classes, stood in lines, and waited and waited. New students were treated with special attention during advising sessions. Relaxation only came when they could get away to their homes and get comfortable. 8 Registration l Valeri Adcock. Lisa McLeod, and David Thompson await their turns as Chris Belville seeks help from Dr. Eve Malo and Dr. Henry Worrest. Og... t It -Ar-ff, .raw ' . . VJ A 4 'le Q. --mi . J X he el 5 . J N 1 N1 "' ,S A " i . ,F Y, Q, X I, L. ' 1 in s 1 -' -. r- 1 ' 1 .. . 'fn V, 1, Y Y b . ' kv' 2, -A rf: ' , l ' ': N in 3 LIB: ' 34 . - ,: ,AT 3 .H -U A . " 'A-. " J-, ' A Q ..., 'WL i' . ' ' i -A : e r 'F , ' 4 14 a --iii' 1 i ' ' . C T 07" I , f ff I A . it I. - ,v ei it ,,. 46 Q5 -. A A Q .. Synonymous with registration is waiting in line after line after line. -if' Student register ith flair Fritz Bieler, Bryan Eisenzimer tback rowj, Cheri Hughes, and Bobette Sand get pre-regis- tration and advising instructions. Mike Hamblin takes advantage of his quiet room as he looks over his schedule. i George Nelson, Dr. Henry Worrest, and Craig ' VanHousten check out preregistration materials for incoming freshmen and transfer students. an Rob Lemelin listens as Matt Griebel tries to convince him to take the same classes. Registration 9 "Registration was a breeze this year because 'L pre- registered. Last gear 'L came down to register and the Lines were so Long 'L decid- ed to go to Tech." - -Mark ReiLLg Registration 87 used a new format with students registering for classes and getting required signatures in the gym, rather than running to faculty offices. The procedure operated much more efficiently than before. Betty Hanson and Bonnie Sheriff kibitz. W1 rm' .QW t ,, ..., .....--f-- - 4 - H I1 I "'Q?iZ'i' an F1 Scott Kinney steps up for the best part of all, paying the bill, as Arlene Williams of the Placement Office diligently adds it up. 10 Registration .f --ww aw - ,. V , , .A f, UH.. - -- ,,,J yu- -N-N rn- 1-ez :. --.-. - ,.-4:-x.v ?:t.'- - ' .'f?:f-eval' 1.:, T -- 4 -a9?,.:fT" ---I' - -Sf ' Registration 87 sport ne look ...Q M- ,VW A 4. ,. midi Troy Kluesner and Dr. Dick Turner try to get his schedule Ellen Holmes and Mike Richardson take a break. figured out. -Z Dona Wallace and Dr. Henry Worrest get everything orga- nized for a smooth running reg- istration. "Smile," says Randy Wilkerson as he snaps a photo of Missy James for her Chinook mushot. Registration 1 1 "0ur rodeo program has grown by Leaps and bounds. The whole team Ls capable of strongtff1." . --Wayne, Elise This year's Western Montana College's Homecom- ing was quite a bit different from those in the past. Instead of the usual football game, locals got a chance to see National Intercollegiate Rodeo Asso- ciation teams compete with the kickoff of the rodeo season. Ten teams competed. The rodeo began Fri- day, Oct. 2, and continued on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The Grand Entrance of the Fri- day rodeo featured the crowning of the Homecom- ing royalty. Students get a chance to participate in featured events, calf dressing and rawhide races. Turning in a great ride, Dan Nahrgang scores 78 points. ..:- fi. -jj--1: Q 51-31 Q1 , f un xi gj ,,.q,g15,5.-.t 3- ""i'5,-. A W A - -van f' irff- Il A , i TE Q 1 ,,,,,-mgnnux. S li 1,4 'The rodeo got a lot more X -.. people involved."-Jack sf- --V" Nordberg It was neat the way that Homecoming was done Becky Klngton I gf 4 I-v get sv ---mga- "'-- 15 S-Z SE? - K ll K d d h b l ' t 9' f -X e y aywoo races aroun te arresinagrea 1 .A , time and style. Championship Auto sponsored this Homecoming page. 12 Homecoming - -'AMW -V - V - -+- i .ff Left: Ryan Mapston beats the whis- ' tle for a good ride. Below: Sandy Baker reigns as Miss Rodeo Montana. V. .-.1- ,unal- N ,.fg.,f'f',, 37, W 'MF 2 lx, , , Aging 'gpg V., 4 4' wish. qJ,,.,1 -, 1,4 1, . , ,, yi if . 5' 4 A V 0 MEF- I ' fan- 'gg' A50 fp ffl", 'Q'-' .-gg. :Hg P if Left: Rodeo clown Flint Rasmussen plays the crowd. Above: Tim Garrison ropes his calfg now for the easy part-tying it. Homecoming 13 Visiting a one-room rural school at Bannack are Homecoming candidates, standing left to right: Darin Allard, John Robbe, Wendy Woolsey, Cheri Champine, Dean Walseth, Blaine Martin, Norm Bouchard. Angie Stone, and Rochelle Ryan. Seat- ed are Kelly Harris, Angie Elison, Don Sedivy, and Dave Wegner. Deana Bertrand, Dean Walseth, and Rochelle Ryan enjoy being selected as Homecoming atten- dants. Western classes and clubs selected one woman and one man each to represent them in the Homecom- ing royalty election. The student body then voted for their favorites, with the results announced during a break in the Friday night rodeo action. Wendy Woolsey, spon- sored by the seniors, and Todd Garrison, sponsored by the Rodeo Club, were crowned queen and king by WMC's I969 queen, Lin- da Lucero, and Dr. Mike Easton, Western's new provost. 14 Homecoming Hwatitfi, ' . ".'257 I P' "Homecoming was interesting this gear. 1, enjoyed, being ct candidate and the rocieo. "--Kellig Harris Candidates are back row, left to right Darin Allard, Cheri Champine, Don Sedivy, Tania Swanger, Dave Kelly, Karla Kelly, Blaine Martin, Angie Stone, and driver J. B. Anderson: front row are Tommy Pasma, Angie Elison, Todd Garrison, Deana Bertrand, Norm Bouchard, and Rochelle Ryan. ,iv f , - ,Y Homecoming spotlights rodeo 36 q!""'i" Wendy Woolsey and Todd Garrison reign as 1987 Homecoming queen and king. They begin a new tradition for Western-a really typical Montana-style Homecoming Homecoming 15 Western shares West's spirit Western shared its spirit during Homecoming week- end with activities for all: a buckaroo barbecue, an alumni roundup, an outlaw auction, and a run-and- fun walk. "The race Ls not alwags to the swift, but to those who keep on running. " --Kathg Ttehrtng 'T' 00' 9 I ll'-'f - ' 4 . A 'Yi ,lbw I lf-KJ . A. g. Pt . A . . , "'-"i.,,:8' 1-A. 14 ,..5-,A Nj T A 5, 53-.,,' x-,a ,. 4 aw .A ,.., "' . .. . . . .. ,- -'i vwrrfffggslgbw-+'42"" . lili , .g,,3ggt3 ' t ' r X t AF! ,A .'e1e1,f t-fg1 , 01 -,Q ri 'X 5' , Q 'l gsf' 1. s s ., - Willie Pyette and Kevin Parvinin lead Verona Miller presents John Eng- lish with a first-place plaque for the IOK. Keith Raykowski receives an award from Verona in the over-25 age group. 16 Homecoming the pack at the beginning of the IOK run. Y r K. ',r., sap. ll .1-if "' ' ,Q 1' '1 -rd i I wi , V ,AX ' V4-5 l-V -My , ,WJ w 3 , f ' if Q HV. ,II 1 I , - . . , . SA' If Z " P11 ' ' X - 1,1 I- ,I . A uv ' Ii! 51 'wr wf f lim. , N I, 5 I Iyjlf Gianni Mmm Kovuu-I Cm-wi I ei? U 42923 9, X, 11" , Z' BARNEV BKIENZN Ju-40 , , JAcrKw:m.ev Fznccwliyw. X, , 3 Easton leads WMC into new frontiers Dr. Mike Easton. President ol' Western Montana College 18 President xx Western Montana College began its 95th year with optimistic goals and outlooks for continuing and new pro- grams. The Rural Education Center received national recognition. The new college business center featured a S l 50,000 automated office. The mi- crocomputer center boasted a stu- dent-mi-cro-computer ratio of 9:l. Enrollment held steady. fig. www. 9Stel'll Montana College 0 l nt .t ru n'-r um W:-'-W ri t it 4 x r J ' -ii5:2i,31:" Dear Students of western Montana College: Another year has gone by and it is time to look back and recall the special moments, the activities, and the faces that have made this year special at western Montana College. He should all give a warm thank you to the yearbook staff for their dedicated efforts in organizing and preserving these memories. I would like to wish our seniors and other program graduates the best of luck as they move on to fulfill their hopes and dreams. l feel western has prepared you well for your chosen career, and I know that your future will be filled with success. The college years are years of excitement, achievement, involvement and fun, as well as hard work. l hope this yearbook reminds you of your year at Western Montana College and that your memories of the year are pleasant. To the graduates, good luck and keep in touch! To those students who will return to complete their educations, we welcome your continued involvement in the College. I hope all of you will join me in USharing the western Spiritn. Sincerely, lo' f'LcQ L,r.Z,,!., N. Michael Easton President huuwnihmumatnht lMWm.MmmmiQU5 HUM 033 :lil I NN-XVAIC MONT JT Dr Henry Worrest, Vice President for Academlc Affairs "The greatest ob- stacle to discover- ing the shape of the earth, the con tinents and the ocean was not ig- norance but the illusions of know ledge" !Boorstin, The Discoverersl - Dr. Henry Idor- rest Administrat1onfStaff 19 "The office of con- tlnulng Ed. offers courses and work- shops gear around ln the evenings and on weekends for lifelong learners. " Student services me - Sue jones ' , Wfffifgfi WMC Foundations. the placement office, continuing , education, support services, and other student service 1. L ' offices continued offering assistance to the students and faculty. The Foundation exceeded their annual it W fund drive goal by Sl2,000, for a total of Sl l2,000. Yi Sandra Kennedy makes her umpteenth call for the January phonathon. Peggy Birkenbuel volunteers her phone services to help WMC. A x I "The Placement Of- Sl 1- ftcelstheendlngof one phase of your life and the begin- ning of another. " - Jrlene ldllll-anis , I t 1 - 5' "The current chal- lenges ln Jlumni and Development prov!-de us with the opportunities to expand exist- ing prograrns and to create new ones!" - Kris Sh!-velg, Sandra r, 1 1? I 'll . 1 ,,, 'Y' u,,,,,,4y Back row: Linda Lucero, Vickie Lansing, Arlene Williams: front row: Tania Swanger, Susan Jones. George Nelson. Dr. Henry Worrest, of the continuing education. education, and placement offices. 20 AdministrationfStaff ""'- Support service personnel: Sandra Parrelt, Cheri Cliampine. Susan Fuchs. ' i 3 4- ,rfn , wx r, I i Nancy Thomson, Lisa Chelini, Linda Holschbach. Verna Hand. Jim Bcfna and Cmhi Love. Student Services. Mike Riley, legal Gayle Garnsbery, nurse services .J Claudia Clark, Denise Kirkpatrick, day Sandra Kennedy. Cindi Paris, and Kris Shively, annual and planned giving. information director care counselor Dr. Leonard Baumgarten, AdministrationfStaff 21 f Larry Hyslop. director microcomputer center Dave Olson. Jo Thompson, Dr. Nick Koenig, Eleano personnel 22 AdministrationfStaff is l 5 s , 3 Craig VanHouten and George Nelson advise new students during orientation. E Q- r Morley, George Barnett, library Dawn Eisenzimer and Bert Kennedy. MIS center ,, Y.-1-.- ,W ,. , il Wfafvsmff Student ser ices Student services continued improvements and innova- tions that were begun last year. More computers, the latest in research technology, and new staff were evi- dent in the library and computer center. The Learning Center continued assisting students. The bookstore and MIS center received new managers. , ' jr, 6 1 7' A' 1' W Ethel Hawking, Learning Jim Efta, MIS center director Center director 71-'se Learning Den- ter is the place to Be, The tutors are friendly and the help ls free: So Lf you and your friends are fluni- tng clfass, Talk tt over and cal us fastl - Ll? tutors "With the high tech equipment we addi- edl this past gulf, UNB continues to have the best micro- center in Montana. " - Larry Jfyslvp Karyle Contway, bookstore manager Administrationf Staff 23 "Life in the Residence Halls at UMD Ls never dull. This gear has been no exception. 'L have been deltghtedl bg the various opportunities that we have been able to offer i2?3::153'::ee" On-campus services External and internal changes marked on-campus ser- vices. New administrators and personnel accomplished needed improvements. Residence-hall rooms and lob- bies, as well as other buildings, were spruced up. ll fi 1 x yy S V5 Q Terry Williams. custodial supervisor: DaNeil Reynolds, cixstodiang Ruth Main Hall gets a new paint job by one ofthe custodial crew. Sutton, custodial supervisor "The food' serv!-ce 's goal is to continue ta provide quality menus and service. " - Robin Zum i Amazingly the to get better . ' " every year . - quality of WMC 0 X. I 1 students seems Y X . . Y N-A . H l 1 "Q, A A - jon yeager 24 AdministrationfStaff M? Sn. Q Kathy Plutt, OCL adminsitrative assistant: Tracy Riddle, CCI. director: Neil Snyder OC L f-':,"nfr- - Y-. . ....-1..v.Amlm,.,J:uma, .,., 'Q IE p.u..a..V ,... . Sherry EH Linda St. Clair. service food s I 1 Essie Later. OCL ' I " u ... X . l ' if Q- i f Albert Clouner, mailroom Strong, Nona Spargur, OCL Supervisor Duane l-lolschbach, food service head Brenda B01-jag, Snack Jon Yeager, custodian Louis Lorengo, chief engineerg .lim Andersong Allan Perry: Bob Campbell, Bob Ben- bar manager gymnasium nett. Johnny Phillips: .lim MacPherson, physical plant director " ' Debby Podunovich, cafeteria Administration X Staff 25 'vnevivxa ulditft tht Muf- tsm-recreation program, the 2+2, and the simulation center, the business pro- gram is indeed facing new frontiers. " - Denise Solko Denise Solko, BusinessfTechnology chair L Clay Anders. industrial arts 26 Faculty -.. M.- .... -,s, -...,..,...,..........-.. . - -1 ..4L. Q ' N -4 ,i x Qi ff i f S . M1 ' rl- .lim Valach Flexes his muscles prior to a SK. 'fs ,Q Doris Ackerman. business education fs:-7 ,...,w Bfffndil Howrhen. bUSiUCSS Denise Solko displays a saintly image at Halloween. education Business, Technology New faculty and new grants provided the business and f technology departments with the latestg laser lab, simula- tion centers, and a new program in tourism-recreation. 1121, ,V-., ,?ff:wWWf"' i f ' T 9 ,df v ' 1 P , f f f 455 7 4 Scott Davis assists Ron Zeiler with the latest industrial computer technology. .lim Valach, industrial arts John Bailey. tourism and recreation 4 L "1 um really excited with the increased interest in computer i , related, ciasses. " N - Frank, Odlasz Mark Pippin, business Dr. William O'Connor, business Far left: Cheri Jimeno, business '5 T' -t educationg left: Dan Scott industrial c1I'lS Faculty 27 "As we move into the future, let's continue to truth teachers better and to train better teachers. " - Otis Thompson Both the math and science departments progressed into new frontiers with continuation of programs for area elementary students and for college students. Dr. Keith Parker earned national recognition for research into cures for migraines. 7 5 4 i 1 7 -1. The SUB coffeeshop is a gathering place for faculty and students. School, Q . "0nIy when one un- Ny Warsl h Fx, wmmma the Itrnirs 2.1 ' T' -,- if si 'Z of science does its L, AL .X fx' r -' 1 strength become -V Q' clear. " - Henry ' Stish ' we fikjiff,-3,55-V 'ij QS' ffil 'bldvances Ln un- derstanding brain A A chemistry during f . 0 A the 21st century 4? will revolutionize our concepts of . MW human nature. " . - Keith Parker Above: Dr. Jane Maddoclc and Dr. Jack Kirkley test airplanes during registration: right: Dr. Craig Zaspel. science 28 Faculty Wgx-:'.s1.,.,- . . "-...r'. V- Science, Mathematics Henry Stish demonstrates scientific marvels to students ofthe Glen Dr. Ken Bandelier, math and science chair Faculty and students enjoy the noon luncheons. Dr. Jack Kirkley, biology Dr. Karl Ulrich. biology IQ ,X Linda Bolte. mathematics , A. A 11-723 i .7 , 4. , aa: -fl. l - -1 N3 Dr. Mason Henderson, mathematics Wendy Woolsey and Teresa Slobojan assist Joann Nelson's students from Glen in centrifugal force experiments. Far leftg Dr. Terry Cypher, mathematicsg lefty Otis Thompson mathematics Faculty 29 Wellness described education and physical education, both of faculty and programs. Curricu- lar changes dominated all de- partments. Colleen McGuire. Director child development observe. 1 Dr. Richard Sietsema, rural D17 Frank Tlkalsky, education psychology and education , A Bewitching Clara Beicr cntices youngsters with Halloween goodies, as Judy and Karl Ulrich Clara Beier, education kgs Ralph Kroon. FIPSE field coordinator Dr. John Rogan, education Dr. Lee Spuhler, FIPSE Dr. Eve Malo, education DF- Alan Zeller. rural director education 30 Faculty Education, Physical Education L V Wayne Else. rodeo coach Suest speaker at a Wellness luncheon. Dr. Ron Loge, local physician, informs staff and 'aculty about cholelsterol. N Don Christensen, phys. ed. Dave Kendall, sports medicine Bonnie Sheriff, health and phys. ed. sa Dona Wallace, physical education if Ld Dr. Nyles Humphrey, physical education Becky Kendall, pool supervisor ' 1 Casey Keltz, athletic direct T.J. Nelson, coach wrestling Gary Cooper, coach "1 am znjoging Lntm- mumls uerrumd.ousLg this year: 1 love work.- Lnq wi:-Fu young people." - George T1-urinfzovich Faculty 31 "We must keep our own idlentitg us Western Tiontunu College, u unique institution within the university iU:i'Ja,.a. Humanities Divisio The Humanities Division provided many exciting, pro- gressive programs. Music and drama co-produced a musical, while the art department opened its new gal- lery. English and social sciences began revamping their curricula. X Barney Brienza, art, and freind Clarence Kostelecky, English and education. "The mature ar- ttst lives to ore- ate expressive images and ob- jects. The stu- dent artist lives to achieve this level." -jim Barr lt Western the opportunity to work closely with the students We all learn from each other." - Marlene ,i Stanelake " Above: Margie and Richard Sietsema, musicg right: Dr. Dave Beier, music, Division Chair , - 1 " funny has W 32 Faculty Dr. David Warner, music Dr. Bus Lahren, anthropology Dr. Frank Busch, history Jim Corr, art, with a landscape Don Walters, art Reggie Odasz, English, computer ed. Dr- Jane Maddockv Mgrlgne Stonelakem Dr. Larry Leith, English, with Becky Kington English English l 1 Far left: .lerry Hilton, history and social scienceg left: Dr. Judy Ulrich, English Faculty 33 "We've had a tre- mendous amount of support--community members, faculty, , , staff, and Students l all helped to raise money. " -- Kris Shively l A-5 ,. "Share the Western Spirit" was the y up qeaxw theme of the second annual Western M ' Q Montana College Foundation Drive A,,", A , which lasted through November. Kris if 1,3635 if Shively. executive director of the v i -'fd Foundation, set Sl00,000 for the 3 if goal. which was surpassed. The three E 4 --, Q. components ofthe Annual Fund were "N" - the community fund drive, the phon- 2 "" A ' athon, and income from other sources. Over 40 volunteers helped. -Ns, Award recipients meet their benefactors. S James Scott and Bonnie Bovee All were honored as Distinguished Alumni at Graduation and at the Ninth Annual Associates' Dinner. Doris Richards, CPA, sponsored this page. Chuck Swysgood and Maryellen Wilkerson listen to the annual Foundation report 34 AnnualfPlanned Giving QQ , f., I' . ' V:-. fm. L. 3 L, xx N ' , J-. , ,' 'ff Q MQ .1 1 N 'V , 4 wufxwxwgg 1-.-. i-i Siiuv GH C933 mii 33 Senior look ahead .. . -3. 1 if it r 5 Kristy . ' Amestoy Leif 0' Amundson Ricky ., Arneson V AV.' Stan . 5275 L., V 55 ,'--- ., "'Qw- Alchhfy iffy f I AW. Valerie Beals ,ll Peter M 1 V Bentley I. . Todd V " f- X V' il Berget Kirby Bnght A L, 1 Q .4355 5- -ar" " Seniors began the 1987-18-988 year looking ahead to their futures. With both apprehension and anticipation, they stud- ied hard, participated in activities, and per- formed admirably. Prospective teachers completed student teaching assignments, artists finished projects, business people ended model activities, as did industrial arts and shop personnel. With changes caused by national elections, they paid close attention to political campaigns. It was a year of involvement and action. 36 Seniors - 1 KK F ,mx " 1 I 16" -,, I y , 'ww I al' 5-lo v,....-is 5 ex z X-xi N F 9 1 F' X -E'fi'ESE:1S'E:?l-.'- YA X-.lii'Ei3',1f:g"Ei1'25713' 33-3155, , . . A. -v ., ,, ' , M- x S: X . ,- " V .:1,.- -' ' - ' W of 'v N 2-A -Nw ---:Q.1Qix.h1:2.'f-2-14: ' 4 'wx' NWS '- .e g-:g-XSp:r-:S-s:1- ' 1 ' , "'5'f:R3f f J 555515 , Q -:T ' 1- 4 'iff f - we , , V' ' - -' '-f ' Q.- , A -I ' 'iN1:3:::.-:-. - f ' .. ' ff ' - .- X ,,-, .,,. . N . If S3Eg'igfwl2ii 1 ' 'J 1 :ii "1fs2Pi?i:-' ' f f - ,. ?i4.,L1" I Q . -.:E.:li.:Ai- H .,::, 3 Nga: S' vllx S SHS P - New - f xiii- X v, -ex -- ,Q 5, -x . 1 as ,..mi15.le N ' 5 , i l l ' fi' t,, ,. Nw ., fs ,Q . 3 " Y . 1.- 5 ni 1 .af , . A 5 f 1 i, 5' ,.V I ' 1 f H , I, , P' 1 ' fl, 1 . 1 f . -v - . . f -' , 'WH Q I ' P' . 3? A l 'nl - . r 1 1 ' , " , -,1 . , 7 yn 4 j' , -b A . ,':, fic-L-7 . ' A -Q 'Z' .0 0 4 Becky Britton Dennis Brock Tim Bronk Janet Bumgarner Lorrun Burdick Jennifer Burger Gary Butori Jenny Bulorovich Shawn Carder Aimee Cebulla April Cheeseman Brin Cooper Dave Cornelia Ken Decock Barbara Delano Tom Donahue Seniors 37 Lana Evans introduces her Ilute selection to her instrumental class, Dr. David Warner is set to company her. Laura Hughes diplays WMC's fad for this year: crutches! Mark Durham Angie Elison Tina Engrav Lana Evans Chris Fellows Marla Ferguson Jan Fisk Kip French Russ Frost Howard Gaines Melody Goodwin ,- Susan Grayson 38 Seniors J:-:.-r...-, ,V -nruvs-g., -.ff 7, 4 ' 1'- -,,1, . 'E-e, qv . ss' a ' ' N 'Y A-ia ll' i g. ar i 5 r-W A CNI5 5. , .- -c-, ggi, f" f. - - Q " 2-fax . s 3? 45-."'k 1 9 -if ..,, J 1l5.1f-TT' ' ' Q Ziilgi. 4 N. if V. 5:,,eggg:1:fEI- 1-,mga w. i :lf 5- , A X J X .k:5'f'3,, if Af' fa ' S'iJA .- s X if X X + I A -' wSWWwN1WRNUwM SSNN- , 1 uk Q. ' S ' ' ' ix'-6-if' f '. . J J ' Y va -, X' 5 .V ,. Si PNJw'is fms,f ' .iifs " fir + I --3 Elrgflll Q ""' ag" l ft-zi-ES r X cfs' I X "f is as X11 NX ' wg 5 X U , ss M . -, Q. ,S " J, 1' L. L - ' A", 4 A Xi. Jw: tb sv .Xi F.-I .V I Q 4? ll I' A xy Q X X. v Ruth Griffin Vince Gundlach Jim Hardy Sheila Hart Mary Heine-Hardy Mary Holt Mike l-lousel Dora Johnson Karmen Johnson Mary Johnson Joseph Keller Mary Kennedy Becky Kington Barbara Kramer Seniors 39 Brad Maddox Pam Malkovich Jan Martineau Donna May Daniel McGee lgradj David Meissner Cindy Merlo Gail Miller Verona Miller-Stromberg Brian Mogren Bryon Morgan Ann Marie Newell A 40 Seniors Y W -l?l5 Dl-T' 4 St" S:-X BRN 5 x Qfxxizv XX xzragx X ARNNNAN x John Larson Michael Lawson Lynn Lemelin Dawn Loveland- Odegard :iz ', ' :":1 :fun vaio, , ' "'1:9:,-q:- Q -1'-f: X :Tami - qc. N X ir. v-A-,4:'Q'::N:' 'rx -1 -. x ff: 3,1 x , ,,, Q Nsxxgwxgmx X' yi M. X Xia ' X r Q X of as SSX 'sm N R X in X ya M X 1 4 -sr N N Q I X x . 1 .,, , Q 4 Y 'YPQQ Ns:-S Qjff an i as N xv, 5' af: , Q. XS' A has '53 'VZ' 'xv X . x ff 'Q :aw x '1-5551.1 , gr - rw- if X . ,:..: FQ l QE vw-,b X :li . ' , 1 r .cas , -e . 3 ' y 5 ' S ' -4 . ms iii: ai-"' X . N in ,-- , ri 1- - ssfnv -' Q 'T:'3"?-"X .- ' '-- lf' ' . T X iff - K ' -:fEiQE"ilQN 'Ir' -"wif" X - . A . - . ... ,- - .,'-fb-'A :I Q ' xg Xi-3. N 1- -av .iss W H, 1 - X U '- r si.. -V. :-,ju ,A-ws' .X -u , ,Q,i,:,., . -l lf' , W- ' ' - wglk, vigrx ' V- I ,, j:g -5.1 :Va :ji .M vw' Y ,sw k " ,- .. V .- g N-ie?f?5'if5 L'S'1 A. S51 -ati' k g, ,. A' .. "'.A..:f 1 D 4:1::',-fm P X W f-f' V- -'Aff -fs' ' 1-fi 4.-. K 'Ng . , Q .1 f' ,A . 5-ws 1':::.f'f.g1s++-W Q:--, . 4- ' 1 . " 7fin-5711?-f34f:li.5f''A' " P5NiE" 4Ni" -:'.,?f'SsS-1, An 'fi fffA.iS'532l3ii'5Tf1Qf-iii:,,., f ,Lf,QQQrQ1Q::5313+ X ' " n -. 91' -. .- 12 A N5 ZRl?f'fff2' ' ' ii -. QNX.11:5gi?-13F'Eii"-I-1313.515 'Yv2:i.:1i:.:Qif X S..f1g,Q.':i.gfgEggfli1l1 z x:s:1fsx9,f -f 5 -l 53-zregzgw 'if ' 9 Ie- ' .-- 'N N,:g3:5:,:l js-- N Xx XXQXQ x wx K N ' ' X X Q Si F X . -455,1-Ei? , Y i I ...AX X :xx ul Ed Newell Shaun Novich Karey Olson Sandra Parrett Karen Peterson Sean Phillips Kathy Piva Fred Redfield Jade Richter Leeann Riley Raul Robison Allan Ross Deb Sather Frances Schisler Donny Sedivy Greg Sietsema Seniors 41 Elaine Simonsen Jodi Smith Kevin Smith Marina Smith .loan Sleinbeisser Kessie Strausser Deanna Sullivan Thomas Sullivan Julie Sumpter Tania Swager Dean Thompson Duane Waber Chris Ward Mike Webster 42 Seniors sf? - 54 . Q - -xx :mag "" X ' - 1:-.1f'1.f:.-:..oAs"?k:zi ' . N ' X S x x K 2 X X lx X We :RQ Q X 5 X , .Q xxx - ., K? Q X 4 x x ESAWN: XS' 3 X i err - Q- x Q X X xx N X si X Ni Q I 'x' Q , . . xxx - X XSS? 'K' :Y Abi, Jn. V, J.. Ny ol' B05 -114 v 5 x NN. .QV-X ' uf ix an Q if s :X David Wegner Tim Werth Kristi Wetherbee Carolyn Wilder William Wilkinson Becky Williams Ellen Williams Rami Lee Williams Robert Williams Vester Wilson Mary Windsor Wendy Woolsey Seniors 43 Chreston Adams Jason Adams Darin Allard Brel Allen Vicki Arncll Lisa Bans Valerie Baker Bruce Barron 44 Underclassmen WTP! F-Iliff fw - S '!P'f"" F, --'-4- :. '-ex sh. . . .'r1'f-1-:git w .. 1, X. A +9 Nag?-Qi ,.jv""'- .. 3' .A x t xX N 3 N Q X X X x A I :w,x en- XX' N X Riva XX ..i",gp '7Z2?f',zyi 75:5 YQ f 1' WYC3? ff! Gerard Bauer Kimberly Beall Chris Belville Billie Bennett Patty Bennett Sean Bennett Fritz Bieler Kim Bingham Peggy Birkenbuel Kent Black Tim Blatter Virginia Bock Norman Bouchard Laura Bowerman Rhonda Bowers Kathy Boyd Underclassmen 45 Lisa Boylan Nicole Bramletl Ken Braun Kim Breidenbach Daniel F. Brown Lezli Brown Mary Beth Brown Rick Brown Sabrina Brunckhorst -a.. A his '5 ,315-,fin ' ' Sy, SIS' ?Si1:"?i"fi'.,: ' 9' N Q 5? ' , P , R f .K me 5 t X nv 'S N X -r ,Q t ii As Sara Burdette .lim Buti Dan Campbell Kathy Carlson Lisa Casagranda ,lan Casarotto Marilou Cashell Kelly Caywood Keith u Chambers 'l ' " Cheri A 3" ' Champine .V 1, MK, 425' EQ! ff' A R, C' , ' 1 z ' as f 1- ,I ' John N -,H Chelini Jodi Christiaens Kathy Clemow Geraldine Comba , I Underclassmen 47 48 Underclassmen -e- ,, ..,- ,.,,,,-,Ag.,14 , i A- Wi '. Q-.f......... i' ff' ul gf! H 'ww ' gi' ' WM1 X Robert Cooley Tony Cooper Mark Coverdell Beth Daily Shelley Davis Dale DeCock Jackie Delaney Kristi Devers Kathleen Devlin . f wwf iff? l Q f . ' Q -qw.-...,es:1t-1' , ,. 1 X, t 13' H '- ' r .. . U .F .Q I P Vffg l Shawn Dinsdale Scott Dixon Shannon Donovan LouAnn Dschaak Darren Dunn Mark Eblen Jeff Elliott Michelle Emett Karen Encke Kevin Engellant Connie Engle Eric Engler Underclassmen 49 Claire Estep Jeannie Evans Kelly Evans Greg Fellows Christine Forsell Elisa Frankl Melissa Frankovich Melissa Frasier .lay Fredrickson Chris French Trevis French Brad Friede Roger Fuchs Susan Fuchs 50 Underclassmen Rhonda Gagnon Lillian Galinkin William Gallagher Tim Garrison Dean Gonser Suzanne Graber T. J. Gravely Ann Green George Griebel Don Griffith Lanelte Grimes Jeff Gruber Karla Guldseth Michelle Gullo Chris Hagan Holly Hallinan Mike Humblin Dave Hamilton 'W b iv is , ,var IQX 'fra' ,.-. 4- : , L - A , .55 .9 Kerry Hanna , Kelly Harris ,T. Y A.. . X, N N . 'X 'SNK' Q f XM? its is X N 5' R N 4 ' w., Qvf W ZW 1 xq 1 ry Q I' "N" i Kerry Heard David Hacker s,, 12? 4 9, ----......,,. as-ng mr ,, ... r -.1 1 if ffm I-, ., X Rory Hellickson Cynthia Henderson Linda Herrin Gerri Hicks Greg Hirschey John Holland Heidi Holmlund Tim Housel Underclassmen 53 . .mai ' ,.,'g:.f.g.,f, , I 0, . iff., 1 X. ,. 54 Underclassmen JSF! . . 'RSTQRQSZY' Kory Hunter Cathy Hutchens Missy James Will Jarvis Gayle Johnson Jeff Johnson Gina Joseph Rod Kastelitz Teresa Kauffman iv" Bob Kelly Dave Kelly Kari Kelly Karla - 4 Kelly Nancy I Kennedy Paulette Kershner Sylvia Kimzey Julie Kinney e'e' X .' 1 wits mix 'fit if Scent Kinney Troy Kluesner Debbie Knapp N? S Mary Kohn X is I Av- an 1 Lori Krantz Underclassmen 55 I .'f '. ,,', Q. - I . ,,,,. 4,- ua-' w. Roger Lamb Michael Lathrop Rob Lcmclin Tina Lcnnick Doug Lcys Thomas Link Renea Long Tobi Longfellow Heidi Luce 56 Underclassmen -..-Lf - --- - af-1 N infix iihii- 1""' Q . . X 'Pb 9 'fx 1 .. N 4'-A' 'S e 2'5-1, ,'.""' 'A .-0: gs' Q 4 5 'fly '- ? I. , .1 A . , , ,I 1 "I 1, rs ix 'i C 45 49" "1Si2'f'1i." 'j-gg,:5:j3:1- - f wg .. 2-"1 Q: ::f X fx X X 'N ve- Q1""P.-. x Rx X xx Q X 5 R N X SN N .9 D 'Q Mickey Lynholm Tumaira Mack Todd Madsen Gregg Malkovich 11?- -Ag, X , Barry Malone Karla Marsh Teri Marsh Blaine Martin Dave Marzolf Jann Massie R' 'l'l lrrl rr M , I F r X as S I A l V 13' . '. gli! 1: 3 . 3 .-A Jay I -w vu., K lr, X . V 2 Y 4' X... ff. McAlear - John McCarthy , 192, 22,1 ll xlllCl,lll,l'l lllf' hu .ll f", Underclassmen 57 Shauna McCuughey Amy McClain Connie McCubbins Terry McGinnis Carol McMahon Michael McMahon Michelle McNew Kari Meckler Rudy Mendoza Marilyn Merrill Becky Millage Keith Miller Ria Miller Yonu Minde 58 Underclassmen .i........W,7 YY,.x- .,... .1-....c..!a....n'.n " -..f1J..-A .'.,..-55x-z.i.:' ' ' ...His l i vw 4. 5 1' 5 ...Q R '. s F--Q-l r. P 1-4-,-.-...W ini-...., wh-- ew Q Q Q X X HRX Nxky Xx XXX x K xt 3 Christy Molignoni Robert Molignoni Joan Monaco Ann-Marie Moriarty Tyler Munsell Brandon Munson Mary Murphy Don Nahrgang Joe Nahrgang Underclassmen 59 Linda Nelson Cody Neville Emilv Nicholson Mark Noctor Beverly Norduhl .luck Nordbcrg Jack O'Connor James O'Dell Cheri Oja 1- 'Q NX K X X XXXQxX REQ N X xx X w OXX XXX Y X Y wx NS QXN NQX x A 4. X X Nkb iw if-' f 60 Underclassmen .1 :kg :m:.. 'Wx . Q 'pw 22:-.,g'g.,5 5:-. ,2- :':gx-l,.,2 gf. ' ' A. 119 - - wp- , X Ji r c r Q Y X l : Q 4 l 4 . .f.jaAu, c - -1 -.-.s-.Sf - " If'k41,1C7qf2ifg,,' 'Q N 1" ' X ...ill 4 , 1 Tammy ij ' , Olsen Molly fs: 3 Nj Olson Q X xv Q, PQ 1 NN t S- 1 'Q 'Q 1Sgi2'I.'. - . M , - . V . gqt 8 . F X X l lx X J is I 4 X ? . l E John ' ' l O'Toole Doug f Padden 1 Betty Paddock T. J. Pendergast X Qt Debra Peterson Audrey Phillips , c ' . fl K ' - ol ' 2 'P .3551- X . Q Q., v- , it fig - 9 ,55 '. ' 4 -4. fb '-1 45 - I 1 is , V A-7 ,N Q Cynthia , Pierce . ' -ll Q . . " Kelly , X .2 , '1 ,Plum 4' 2 Q If 1: Kim 5" Presser Willie fin Pyette ..-rv---.R Mi" 9, is Underclassmen 61 62 Underclassmen Tinch Ramey Tina Rashleigh Flint Rasmussen Heidi Ream Keith Rebish Charleen Regan Shane Rehm Mark Reilly Martin Reilly N i : xv:- ' 4 ml? .lie I' t-4' -rg-r 4.1 . R. 1 i i ,xi "Qi Denice Rust Rochelle Ryan Kelly Salazar Tracy Saloway Bobette Sand Darin Schedel Jenny Rey nolds Alisa Riech Dennis Roberts Jeannine Roberts Kamalu Rogers Aimee Rosa Maria Ross Craig Rousc Underclassmen 63 64 Underclassmen -ae -Q MQ. 5,e5e,ywx+ -: Ron Schilling Joseph Schladweiller Alana Schmaus Anthony Schnciderhan Kari .lo Schneiderhan Lyndee Schoonover Dean Schultz Sharon Schwandl Shaun Scott S. X Q , Q gm. , Y. ,L 'Z,i ?fWW 4 ,.-xl 1: X LESQii?Sp-Qmf- llssswf Ywi' ffw- ak - xXX'x, ' ' I S i A 'R - ' 'X' isle. .W-Vg M A X dig? 429 s'wf" ,N " XX X ,Q - X ,f NNW XXX X X wkxxy x : Sifbiiihikl Q,?hS NQX XR NSN X QSX Y X .xy 1" ...N nf:-rf :2?QSssnQfNxws33. X Q 'b as .lijbzivir-:ICNY5 ,F'.:x'i: -wg X QW' PQ Kim Seim x XX vw-rv Y X N 5 .5 Q57 Lisa Shockley Nancy Shriver Cary Shulund Nathan Sickels Lori Sieg K. C. Smith Linda Sohler Becky Sorenson Matt Stanchfield Rick Stevens Wilma Stewart Underclassmen 65 M ichclle St. John Angie Stone Sherry Strong Kyle Sullivan Dianna Super Tummy Sutliff Lyle Taborsky Joy Tulcott Mahmoud Talib Rudy Teller Nudeun Tennant David Thompson ...r if an lfqff' 1 T ' Eblfrfzi., 'E:': qs-eff., 1b.A3,.SA:H It , tvs? 5' .- , - tx, xx 5 f ,i Q.. , Q A, A , X . S QR 'A I 11:1-4:.:: - 66 Underclassmen -rv rv:-mia rnv1:,1--,-,.-f-fr Y 31w'x5x3'g " I ,' .', ' v I '. .Q,fx'!5T '., 'Q Y 2' 4'A ,'.x, ,' -mf"-A wk QW ,Q if! ., . . ' 5 a' . ' ' r' .W -Q N ski 'T " fnhiuiu . 'sm-1 ' Y. ' k nz.- Y 'se-, H Q 3 A A , P an v X5 Q' xxx 1 l, .Q 1- X Q X- r 2 Q W John Thompson Nancy Thompson Merri Toney Marlena Torgerson Kathy Torgrimson Todd Turner Kim Mike Vanderzanden Mark Vanek Van Valkenvurgh Underclassmen 67 in Jody Wacker Penny Wagner Teresa Wagner Robby Waldo Andy Walker Joyce Walker Lloyd Walker Dean Walseth Brenda Ward iw, , X. L:- I 'U X' .K- ' ,. - 0 A ef' M ,. A:-7 3,2 4 wx 2 Q in Z we F12 Y Y 'X X Q9 R ,WX VX 5 N QQ ION! '77 QQ wx ll Q12 ,X A ls slr.. ew XXI' X i , .Ji X su ta I Kimberly Wure Annette Webster Shelley Webster Stacey Wenzel Robby Westfall Teresa Whalen Marcy White Shannon Wildes Ed Willburn Mitch Willett Sherry Wilson Monte Witty 9 .gf i A "1 Underclassmen 69 as Mary Anne Wofford Quune Wofford Sandy Wondcrly Robert Keith Worl Ted Zunto Becki Zeller ,fffi e- lax V' X f .AQ S, 1 1 7 fl' f X I 7' I 'iv-v-,X-is!! QQ, . X ?X X 'xx - rg lx ,ks F' L ' 1 2 4, A Fx MI f ff' ' , Xvx'-R k I , six,-.163 .gliw I U xf di it iff.. lgfium cm M me s . hinnok celebrates 0 years '3, . -- friev' nf' I , f.. r "' 24, 12? r 1 .if Q Keith Miller, Editor in Chief Gina Joseph, Assistant Editor Tracy Saloway Brian Tierney, photographer Yona 72 What A Crew '- p ix. Mindc K. C. Smith .-1m m,-1 -I . 14:-V-.L-.v-1 . 15? T. J. Pendergast The yearbook is a tradi- tion that colleges should retain. The past history and values of the Chinook make it a cherished me- mento. " -- Clarence Kostelecky lm, 4414" -.auf 'Wm- Tama Swanger Business Manager Verona Stromberg Business Manager ISS X X M Mike Hamblin, Artist high 0+ Y fa . E . t,i36l3jAgf:QX-Q 0 va Rita Eberline Tim Werth Ellen Williams With eighty years of collegiate history bound forever in eighty volumes, the Chinook has a rich legacy. With past advisors like Blanche McManus and Ethel Haw- kins, the Chinook also has a rich tradition. This year's volume was a collective effort by a staff of 18. Not pictured staff members were Jeannie Evans, Kelly Ev- ans, Crystal French, and Lori Sieg. Western Montana College faces an exciting, if still uncertain, future with the merger with the University of Montana. As Montana approaches its Centennial, we at Western look ahead to the positive and look back to what happened during the 1987-88 year. It was a great year for Western. The Chinook aimed to shine the spotlight on the good things of which Western was so proud. These included the people, as well as the academic and athletic accomplishments. Chinook Staff 73 n The primary office of a newspaper is the gathering of the newsmcomment is free, but facts are sacred." -- Manchester Guardian Wescolite . F' 1: . ' 3 . si - The Wescolite is an independent T 5 Q. - W- student newspaper with a faculty T i A advisor, but with a student staff. Q ' The 1987-ss staff not pictured ' 2 were Shaun Novich tFall Semes- -'N-"'f' X 2 V ' ter Editorj, Sherry Thomas, John W A P X ' ' Monson, Lori Jo Munstock, John . is: 5 . fs fn! ICG!! Sullivan, Todd Garrison, and Irma Vasser. The year's issues were con- cerned with campus activities and newsmakers. Advisor was Claudia Clark. The following staff are Claudia Clark, advisor: Mark Durham, sports: Brian - Tierney. photographer: Darren Dunng Joan Knutsen: Blain Venger, Spring Se- mester Editor: Ann Eifert, Jeff Hale, and Fritz Bieler. in X 'Ss Sheila Buckley and Nelda Cannon prepapre new issues for mailing. -,N ,, .A " - E My -mul 74 Wescolite HI urge students to get involved because when you do, you learn Something about your- Self.H -- Steve Howery Student government Steve Howery smiles as he completes his term. "Steve is a real asset to the college. He has earned the respect of the entire student body at West- ern," said Dr. Mike Easton upon Howery's resig- nation as presidet of the ASWMC. Howery served two years in that office, a time of tension and turbulence because of the threats to close Western. He lobbied during the legislative ses- sion and worked closely with the Board of Re- gents. He was assisted by Vice-Presidnet Bob Kelly and senators Lynn Lemelin, LeeAnn Riley, BlauiXVenger,and Sandra VViHes S3 F ..g, z Egg' L 4 6' if -inf . 'r .V . 1,1 4 '. " 2... . H f fm. xhv i f f- 'l'li'11:' ' -t 'iii , ' tiff ,. 'QF' ., .- '. -...nv 9 --M-fw"' Y, Santa Claus makes a mental note of what each child wants for Christmas. Student Government 75 Below: Karla Kelly, and Lanette Grimes busily attend to student sen- ate business. Right: Students vote in the spring election. rf- :ss ' 0, -X , 'wwf Y egg, V ' 'U ,KM . Y f ' .L lx 1 .v , . Q 7 I. ,I Outgoing Student Senate members honored at Awards Night were Ckneelingl Bob Kelly, Rob Lemelin, Darin Allard, Greg Hirschey Knew memberj, lstandingj, Blain Wenger, LeeAnn Riley, Sandra Willes, Carolyn Wilder, Shannon Wildes, Lynn Lemelin, Craig Mills, Roger Fuchs, and K.C. Smith. 76 Student Government v.4n1.s-4.1.-mg!-:vain-nz:vcai.a -1 , a-xrzr:-Q . 5 l J I , 'ws , ,. A N . -,Sm x. 'Z .n R . . - - - r L-lf .- -' . if . y M-7 5- 3" ' 4' I . Q, f if h K ' -.-' ' - , I 1: ' ,-5 if t x t ni f if f a , 1 f, s , ggi? 1-- . ' I' r 5 Aki' T.. .1 1 ' ,fa ' -fl' - ' , fi vi I , VJ , t 4 i - - es , 1 I it 4 .gj5,.Zj:'.-jj., .,, 3' -. fee., i , a , 2 2 fi' 1-.-:azz-235: ' : 5 rf? ii if: K I -ffffTf'ifsf:'f12- l 4.,- - 5 ,. ff ' ' ' Activities Board members include Tracy Riddle, advisorg Cheri Champine, Kathy Rebish, Joan Steinbeisser, Jack O'Connor, Aimee Rosa, and Geraldine Comba. 'A Acti ities Board -'Chi w N 1 4' W iq- Q 'oi 1 - -' . r . ,t., . vi sgirrfe--P . rf g . L - i t 3. 1" It E ,jj :Zh : xr' -' , .t .. hx. , " .Y 0 1-4 N Dillon residents enjoy an indoor barbecue sponsored by the Activities Board to show WMC's appreciation. Ann-Marie Guidoni and Kathy Rufenach Cwith daughterj are pleased with the turnout to see San- ta Claus. Student Government 77 "I feel the Rodeo Club at Western has increased greatly over this year, thanks to our coach and his l b wife, along with the C u administration. " -- Jody Wacker II Changing times meant changes in clubs: some disbanded while new ones organized. The Am- bassadors were a group of 12 students who spread the word about Western across the state. They were Ann Green, Ann Ei- fert, Angie Elison, Ann-Marie Guidoni, Brent Hope, Gina Jo- seph, Jann Massie. Aimee Rosa, K. C. Smith, Becky Sorenson, Joan Steinbeisser, and Shannon Wildes. Advisor was Michele O'Neill. 13 X .5 3 -: 1 L ' ' fi va ' :at L 1 L... , KDP members are lstandingl David Meissner. Bob Kelly, Annette Webster, Kessie Strausser, Becky Williams, Sue Grayson, Cindy Merlo, Chris Fellows. Barbara Kramer, Nelda Cannong Cfrontj Daniel F. Brown, Karla Kelly, Dr. Eve Malo, advisor, Sandra Willes, Jan Casarotto, Jodi Christiaens, Shannon Wildes, Kelly Harris, and Becky Sorenson. Q51 Members ofthe Business Club include Cstandingl Greg Fellows, Joan Steinbeisser, Tania Swanger, Don Sedivy, Csittingj Mary Kohn, Audra Mettler, Verona Stromberg, advisor Cheri Jimeno, Kathy Devlin, Ken Braun, and advisor Denise Solko. 78 Clubs o A I Verona Stromberg, Ken Braun, and Mary Kohn prepare for trick-or-treaters. Left: Jan Martineau and Kessie ,.-N n-"' 'IT' 1-'f'. Strausser paint masks at Hallow- een. Below: Wayne Else and Tim Garrison are happy with the turnout at the Rodeo Club Banquet. The Rodeo Club has become one of the largest campus organizations. Clubs 79 Runners sign up for the Business Club-sponsored Fun Run as part of Homecoming. Y 'su v-9-,.w X 'T C Q' H . f"'t vc 'Q H X 5 A 4 f 4 'L-45 'ig , 3.5 gag .3 2, 9 I 9 5' H V , ax, 4 it 1 Members ofthe Art Club are left to right Chris Fellows, Barry Woods, Sylvia Kimzey, Sue Grayson, Adele Beauchene. the Unknown Artist fMark Beauchenej, Dawn English, and advisor Barney Brienza. fx, 'Qs O I I sa A it Y X K 4 1 Q M' Sr- 'i..ii 1' , 'Z , t f R 5 The male members of the M Club clown for the photographer. The female members of the M Club smile for the photographer 80 Clubs '? L 'Q pr , Q, , 1. .. if' all "M -Club is a service organization for the .Q-5 advancement of inter- im, collegiate athletics 'if through fund raisers and ann l S k " 4 ua mo ers. A --Roger Fuchs 5 'N 1 H' fi. e 1 Y , 1 ' ' J l 'AY . V j 4 1 3 A jf f i - ' g l D 3 Y'i SU: - 'J'f" .41 is , 18 .. 4,-,K ' fu 1 Marlena Torgerson and Nancy Shriver help the Rodeo Club with ticket money. honored During the Awards Banquet clubs were honored: Circle K for campus service, Rodeo Club for community service, SPURS for social service, and Business Club as most improved. SPURS members include ltopj Billie Bennett, Mi- chelle McNew, Jann Massie, Emily Nicholson, Nancy Shriver, Heidi Holmlund, and lfrontl Nancy Thomp- son. Not pictured are advisor Dona Wallace, Michelle Emett, and Shelly Salmonsen. HKappa Delta Pi is an honor society for education majors and . minors. It's currently involved in a book donation drive.' -- Jodi Christie ne i "Although the Business Club was small this year, we accomplished our goals and had a lot offun. " --Tanuz S wanger Clubs 81 Will Jarvis reveiws his recital piece while Dr. Dave Beier gets comfort- able. Top right: Sylvia Kimzey su- ,. . i w.:- . I- f f-1 X pervises childrn during an art project. Right: Instruc- tional Skills l students make origami butterflies as part of a psychomotor activity. ' if.: it 'ni ii ,:-. .ca tw.. 4- 75' an 5 . 'wat - fat fx "' V. , '-qw ri 1592. Y f"'W'PV if 1 . fr i .2 4 ul' . ,cm gf . it V-if -jftz' H H .. ' d r, ' Y-.:' ,.f4" 1. ' ,I -,ljggqt . V L:-Q fn ,., 2, f . 5. I ' I' N -, ' 'N'-' V1 f. n .v- Y. 2 I 7 ' 3-gg' , A 1 f .4 ' f'- ' ii Q -f5"e'Z H - - 82 Classes zwrvarrn.n . -- HThe Western Montana College experience provides knowledge, skills, and personal development for life- long use.Hl -- l987-89 Catalog is E 'ix f A9 Jenny Butorovich displays her finger puppets. Classes in olve Students were active participants in their classes as they discussed, researched, ex- perimented, and evaluated new knowledge and skills. inf' 1 A Af , . ,4-....-- Melody Goodwin enjoys a cool swim in the college pool. t . a V,..,, . , Brett Krout and Lynn Anderson enjoy a discussion with Beaverhead High School students as part of a methods class. Classes 83 Right Dr Divid Warner receives appltuse on behall ofthe Communi tx Chorus Right Dr Warner ac eomptmed bi the Community Or chestra is guest soloist s i l l l ?- rs Community Chorus members prepare for Dillon residents make up a large part ofthe Community Chorus. the next passage. 84 Music Chorus members sing a program of Renaissance music. l 'Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast To soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak." -- William Congreve Choru , orchestra il To provide an opportunity for both college and community people to continue music education, a community orchestra and chorus were formed, Dr, David Beier directed the orchestra, who consist- ed of Judy Wilson, Tom Robison, Edna Keepers, Annette Be- derke, Lillian Galinkin, Mary Ann Troedsson, Ann Swanson, Alicejane Fowler, Sonja Williams. Carol Hagerman, Ann Ro- gan, David Warner. Michael Warner, Elisa Frankl, Carol Mar- tin, Linda Blomquist. Michael Housel, Les Williams, Leonard Ostwalt, Ella Ostwalt. Ann Dooling. Caroline O'Connor, Don Resset, Jamie Resset. Will Jarvis, Tomm Link. Helen Shaffner. Mickey Lyngholm, and Gary Hagerman. The University of Montana Band participated in a combined open rehearsal with the WMC Band in April before they ap- peared at Beaverhead High School. 1... Dr. Dave Beier and the orchestra take appreciative bows. Father George Burns introduces the Community Or- chestra as they perform in St. Rose,s Church as the beginning of the parish's Centennial. Music UTheir performances have not only been entertaining, but have also helped gain recognition and Support for Western.H -- Angie Elison Cantabiliers One of Western's best ambassadors was the Cantabiliers, a vocal group directed by Dr. Richard Sietsema. Besides performing for college and community functions, the group also toured area high schools. Members included Elisa Frankl, Roger Jensen, Gina Joseph, Kathy Devlin, Flint Rasmussen, Teresa Wagner, Jay McAlear, and Yona Minde. Margie Sietsema accompanied them. 'F 1:29 1 4, 4, Ut. 5 2. 'ww ii? Roger Jensen and Dr. Richard Sietsema enjoy unloading equipment, i W' 4- Elisa Frankl and Teresa Wagner arc beginning to get that where-are-we look. 86 Cantabiliers Gina Joseph and Flint Rasmussen enjoy the long bus rides. ' 1l Z.. t N-wmv.-:u PE- 5 ll 'I' A--' 9 - Y gg, 1 , ,. --r X K v Jay McAlear is the last one off the bus. That means he gets to unload equipment! The Cantabiliers perform at Gradu- ation. Below: Gina. Yona Minde, Flint. and Kathy Devlin pose before it's time to load the bus. 52?fS1:5.f5K f: f Ja, , . R IW ' . ' -X X . i-al M E'-"'V"' 1' :,',','Si 5 fl :-sg,-xi: ' Yona gets into "My Country Tis of Thee" at graduation. Cantabiliers 87 o x ,LA ff! 5 . Q . 5. A if -f FQ . ,. We. . ig' ' '. b . , , lf' ,X .,...m4..- 1 'V' -1'K ,?' ' ' Ei! v-' f " ,ag-:mfg-gg i Dancers perform to "One vlore Angel in Heaven." filoseph "Being told we Te also-fans doesn't make us Joseph and the Amazing fans." . ,, -- A,,d,eW Ljoyd Webbe, Technicolor Dreamcoat V4 A .- ff Q N .., . ,- st-if u be r 1 ' t. -V5 Top left: Dr. Judy Ulrich directs rehearsal. Top right: Joseph thinks he has it bad until he hears the Baker's problems. Above: The brothers tell why Joseph is not their favorite person. Drama 89 "Such a dazzling coat of many colorsg howl love my coat of many colors: red and yellow and green and brown and scarlet and black and ocher and peach." -- Andrew Lloyd Webber ction i backstage THE CAST NARRATOR Anne w-II-am .rossvn arm- Mugn-n BROTHERS mm- Rrauihunu .I.I-an Adams'I.I anqf-ta cafolinc o Connor .Iauwy Lynqnuim im- sfnisawnit-I nm Mnnsus tfiqn Ann wvuiwmn smoke mnwnousc Lv. wIII..,-R-, rm., Fmnui SISTERS It-nw.. wrmim D-ana wens Ari.-nv wtiiwm ncaa nt-mm Ruimwarn JOE-Evws wirs mlm-, Lyngrmim ISI-IMALIVES R.--.Sm u..I.m,m M...-y It.mU-- o'cofmm GIRL WITH GOA! MR POTIPMAR MRS POTIPHAR Knut wfirwrbce sfmmf Hysmp xt-nn main-I ren Olson c.uARDs Jun mmm. vm za.-In VNARADN .mon Aaams vrmnnos-I s DANCING IIARQM EI.-ni umm Hwy MVN, GUN Joffvh caroline o Connor Kfllfv Mmdpms ut-ww some vom mmae UNMNITES F'-'wav B-vufnxwgl vim.. Minut- c.IfmI., arm-1.1 mm Pfam!-Q o Connor Judy Ixwuu vm ohm. minwin- Emu snub. Rt-us: mmf c.Iun.m svmmn smwar-at Ion umm.. Ran- mmf, cms Jmfpv- Rim.-n waima mint!-y Lyngnsum RMI. wqinfmfe can MIIIU CHILDREN Bmw R-:kt-fmut-I Anywn sm.,f-rm or CANAAN C-my sim-nmifi Bryan sum-:It-f cnry s.fu.Um.IfI mn nam Rohm mm Hmmm Hygn-.P srmynf snipman spt-MU sn-my JI-wr. umm mmit- umm con, Ryman um. vum., Ram R-mm Amon www Anml Loqc Nuholai Hclilhbach mum Lngr Luk! Rwsi N.. X Dr. David Warner and Dr. David Beier are musical Sarah Burdette is busily constructing a prop. directors. 90 Drama xx K ff I ! A JF Af I Waiting for cues during rehears al can be boring. Joseph models his amazing technicolor dreamcoat. Left: Chris Belville stops working for a moment to smile for the photographer. 4 af Desert scenes require colorful robes. Patrick Shaughnessy of the U of M was guest set and lighting designer. John Robbe gets to hang lights. Drama 91 "Woe are we." exclaim Terry Manska and Kimberly Ware, Lean- dro and Columbine. l 5 Shelley Manska, Truafaldino, knows exact- ly what Cinderella felt like. 'fuk What would commedia del arte be without troubadors Dr. David Warner and Paulette Kershner. 92 Drama Shaun Novich, Pantalone, knows how to handle hecklers "Performing for the children in the public schools was a very re- warding experience." l 3 --TJ. Pendergast f V i l 1 'S i Ai "Get on with the wedding," yells Pantalone. Shaun Novich. 66Bamb00zled!'9 ' Two traveling troupes presented the commedia del l arte 'LBamboozled!" as part of teachers-in-training i drama classes. Directed by Dr. Judy Ulrich with music director Dr. David Warner, the cast included Joan Knutsen, Lee Holmberg, Bob Cooley, Becky - Williams. Geroge Dyer, Mickey Lyngholm, John 1 Robbe, Michelle Emett, and Cathy Boyd as Troupe A and Paulette Kershner. Joe Schladweiler, T. J. Pendergast, Shaun Novich. Eric Engler, Kimberly Ware. Terry Manska, Shelley Manska, and Ann- Marie Guidoni as Troupe B. They played at Park- view Junior High, Beaverhead High, Parkview Ele- - mentary. Twin Bridges High, the Butte-Silver Bow V Library, WMC, the U ofM, Hellgate Elementary in Missoula. and Dwyer Intermediate in Anaconda. Chris Belville and John Robbe designed and con- structed the set. Ann-Marie Guidoni, Donna Pocolino Pizzicacci, disapproves of the antics of the village people. 9 . l Dr. Judy Ulrich, director, introduces the play to an appreciative audience. Drama 93 HEthel Hawkins has created a learning center which is both pleasant and at the leading edge of tech- nological developments.H -- Evaluators from Northern Rockies Consortium for Higher Education Mr. Craig VanHouten replaced Dick Mandeville as Title III Director. 1987-88 was the third year of the program. The Learning Center, under the direction of Mrs. Ethel Hawkins, ahd a fairly constant flow of students. In August 1987 the Learning Center of- fered a Winning Strategies Camp to high school seniors and students planning to enter college. Iola Else and Janice Muller did the teaching and were assisted by Mrs. Reggie Odasz in the planning. The new Science Skills Lab was completed, providing resource niaterialszind state-of-the-art science nia- terials that can be used in the classroom. Dr. John Rogan is in charge of the lab. A Humanities and Social Science Center is planned for fall. F Dawn Loveland Odegard and Jeff Johnson oversee the Science Skills La 94 Title III 1 'QW , g I, 7 '74 gil f' Developmental Skills instructors in- clude Linda Bolle, Dr. Eve Malo. Reggie Oclasz. Kathy Mehring lsee- retaryl. Don Christensen, Ethel Hawkins. and Dona Wallace, Sandy Wonderly uses the comput- ers in the Learning Center. Other Learning Center tutors are Tre- vis French. Flint Rasmussen. Daniel F. Brown, Barbara Kennedy, and Natalie Shoemaker. Title III 95 Koh 3 Davee Carpenter and Marlin Mussman study in the SUB lounge. Right: Mark Bcauchene does what all college stu- dents love to do: pay for text books. Lana Evans graciously accepts his check. ,.'-. t 5 s get ,.saa ,Q 8 ii 3' L 'Q i :j-jeg : N .Q Faculty use the SUB coffee shop to meet with colleagues and students. 96 SUB 'REX 3: -HT W.. Xse- The language Arts faculty meet with students to discuss methods of working together. 'The renovation of the Student Union Building is a distinct possibi- lity with a larger, more modern, and appeal- ing building. " -- Wescolite to as g. It Becky Williams enjoys buying the latest in WMC mementos. - ..,. ,.....L V .4 V The TV lounge is a favorite spot for watching MTV while studying. Right: Blueprints for the proposed expansion of the SUB show much-needed space. ... .....,.- .,,. .J Student nion Buildin The Student Union Building is a hub for the WMC students, staff, and faculty. It houses a coffee shop, a bookstore tnot just books for salel, a TV lounge, gameroom, Student Senate offices, legal ser- vices office. and the Daycare Cen- ter. lt is too small to accommodate everyone. Dr. Easton appointed a committee to work on a proposed plan of renovation ' A -i if imma., ' '3 af g . 'lift 2 Qevtgr r 3- -' AA ' F ., . . E .., N. m V .r . ,Q . --4-.-...-,s...,.t..,..,..,,,,.g - ...M j I Y L- -l ,.. .. it T i Q SUB 97 "Sorry! Work Study checks 0 r k d won 't be in until Friday." --Business Office Sign Many a student would have a difficult time going to school if it were not for a popular program of work- ing while studying: in fact, some students would have to quit school if it were not for the work study program. For an hourly wage students serve as cus- todians,secretaries, and aides for administrators, faculty, and staff. They work in Support Services, the Registrars Office, Office of Annual and Planned Giving, the Information Office, the Place- ment Office, Continuing Education, the Library, the Computer Lab, the Bookstore, the Daycare Cen- ter, the Coffee Shop, as well as for campus mainte- nance. This year the program was endangered by government cutbacks, but still functioned. Top right: Elisa Frankl works for the Food Service. Above: Mike Richardson and Tamaira Mack go over Work Study figures. 98 Work Study .fv.X Tim Harper and Dean Thompson work in the mail- room. Right: Sheila Hart prunes hedges outside Old Main. I we v ,. , ,W 'f-0, I 0 ,Z 'Wm -..., 1. 461, V4 1 A 4'3"-, 1 'Q " A "ir I. ': -. iw-,1 'r'-1" .-, .V4 4 -f ,A .1 ' ,-ag ,- .r , ' - 4 Z -"U - Lf , 4 f .1 4' 1" M . .,4. E , . 2, J- ,bw ' .. M .'V. ,. ' "fs, ,Zh ,f""+f"-. , . 1 , , ,, 4. . :LE-2 513' Z2 .Q- gz- W vi ,t 332' ..Q " ' f , .c. an 7 pm- 0, Pam Butori gives her Butte High students L1 test. Right: Sheila Hart, with Mrs. Clara Bcicr observing, helps ber students with Show and Tell. A -+ F, W mn: rf ., ' ' VY , . .X N '- ss s : i 1 we " - .is-:fi sf I iQ ex :- fPgLg'Zf:1SE5y ' - . f it X i X . k or i 4. . 'A ? f 3 r 'AQ s x , H 1 i? W 2 K ' ' W, .Fi K z ' . .5 or - X .Q . Y 'ix , 'N-R .1 " :Af ' . -gre- , rj Mary Windsor puts the finishing touches on her paper-sculptured bulletin board, 100 Student Teaching Mr. George Nelson tries to place students where they want to student teach. Student teaching rj" s e -5- -Q is... -x...Q:u ,1.,:q.F', H 'Q lit- R31-is 3if'y llf'fl3i:7'- 7 Sl' ,Q Us 'V-91 It 'ffl' V lp -V . V 155 43, ,A . Q The time education majors easgerly await, yet dread, is student teaching. Over l00 students taught this past year. seeking the chance to practice the education prin- ciples they studied in the classroom. Kristi Wetherbee oversees her attrac- tive elementary classroom and students. Below: Mike Smith does some one-on- one explaining. ,,P' Aff' QT ,..v" ' u - pa qv ., ,I , ,A ' A 3 - EU' 'A Y K' F 'L Steve l-lowery gets to teach outside as part of his assignment at Twin Bridges as assistant to the junior high track coach. -.., fl-Q Student Teaching 101 Paulette waits her turn before she again gets up to shake the tambourine and continue her role as the Storyteller in "If it was not for the N.S.E. program, I would h 22e.Qi:ifzz2 iii.. Student eXc ange ln-state student. " -- Kim Van Valkenburgh This was the first year WMC participated in the National Student Exchange Program. Three WMC students attended institutions out-of-state, while two students from out-of-state attended WMC: Kim Van Valkenburgh and Paulette Kershner. Paulettte is from Jordan Valley, Oregon, a small town. She wanted to attend a small college in Montana, so she picked WMC. Her major is English and her minor is reading. She wants to be a secondary school teacher. At WMC Paulette was active in drama. She has a brother and an older sister who are married and a younger sister still in elementary school. Q me N'-1. I K. we . l Nm QQ' Q 'dv -wan if 5-S QQ mlm ev-as-P . NN Paulette performs at the beginning of Bamboozled' "AEK6'.1f1 G I 1 certainly ab Bamboozled!" 102 Exchange Students -ul. hlfba.. 1 . v S-.,,,af b 4' I ,A , Ll' X' 1' .9 Although she's smiling, Paulette didn't realize she'd have to leave her blood in Montana! "1 I 1' Kim Van Valkenburgh is the youngest in a family of five who live in Santa Fe, New Mexi- co. She carne to Western in order to "expand my cultural outlook on life for my future ca- reer as a police psychologist." She was exposed to an entirely different lifestyle, but looked forward to returning in the fall. Above right: Kim Van Valkenburgh poses with Kerry Hanna, Suzanne Graber. and Wes Peters as they get ready for some 3- wheelin' fun! Left: Kim and Suzanne are ready for burgers ala catsup. Exchange Students 103 Trucy Riddle. Director of On Cam- pus Living. and RA Cindy Merlo pause during hull inspection. Above right: Alisa Riech feels right at home with her bright posters. Right: The sailors ol' First Mathews arc ready to go sailing on the Montana seas. 104 Residence Halls A , 2 ,, F is i Q 'S+ 1 uyj.. m MQES' lr UORL BEN' ' init'- "Residence hall life is a great experience g. ... Q11-Qampu livin nity to make friends and to adjust to college life." -- Alisa Riech 2 .-i: ' Q Erica Jones makes sure she cuts Mike McMahon's hair. not his ears. Residence Hall. or On Campus Living, life certainly improved this year. Mathews was coed: next year all residence halls will be. New director Tracy Riddle involved more of the students in the day-to-day operation of the halls. Most of the halls received much needed renovations. Students renovated their rooms to remind them as much as they could of home. Roommates were both curses and blessings. "Living in the residence halls was a fantastic experience for me. I found it a great opportunity to not only meet new peo- ple, but to inter- act as well." -- Tamaira Mack f, ' 1 "Living in the gf- residence halls is like living with a big family. " 7 -- Julia Novack K7 Standing: Robby Waldo, John Sullivan, Dennis Ostermang sitting: Ryan Mapston, Donny Sedivy, Brad Friede. and Bob Cooley. Residence Halls 105 l 1 "Living in the residence halls is like playing basketball--if you don't put forth , 1002, you 'll find yourself sitting on the bench." P a -- Cathy Hutchens , , Qi' E A iv xy l . n lf Tina Hand, Beverly Norclahl, Leona Myers, Christy Weigand, Becky Britton, Shannon Wildes, Becky Sorenson, Kerri Heard, Ann- Murie Moriarty, Christie Zciler, Kim Brcidcnbach, Kelly Harris, Tammy Sutliff, Lisa Baas, Lisa Casagranda, Karen Peterson, Jeannie Evans. Susie Thompson, Audrey Phillips, Gina Joseph, Nicole Bramlett, and Shelly Kennedy. www-he-w'w-'M - r l 84 , 5- -1, jxaq g ' ' .. S :-Y, 3 X15 - , ig - SX ' Si Q , syfgl - a- Mike Telling irons Kcilh Miller's Curtains. 106 Residence Halls A .,,,.- '?Sf'11?S'1"e" - 'gg-1. 1, - H 3- I and , .,,,,..,..,..-...X ,,,, et I 'WN 512:514- Jk. i L ' " vu . Q . K, V. .. .s Q, , , , Q .' f.-N 'ti . X Z J - KL -f. 1 f R A w I , if E if V 1 X D, , . L t ,- E 'A Nt ' 5Qiii'3H5Ea, N,-g.2,i3- f u 31- - J 4' N ,Z ,vu Q' ,A K . - -9'l4,x,5 1:j as 5 I, ' ,i Q 'iha i A . ,aw V v '- '- gsiw ,1 's V js N x l x P . :- 3 -. it It: 2255, A ,. f' ' E bk , 5 2 s 'hw 3 5 '13 .' -' gg ' xi 4 " '. .1594 ii--sa . ' " -. 'infe T23 . J: - , f 1 ' ' s- X --11' gg ., a, - t.A ., ,W 1 . '- ,. 1 ' ' fm use 'f2?"11. , , ' V' ' A 1 ....,..u , y Q ., ' v F 1 si ' ' .1 Q .fp f' x,,"'f 15, ' . 2 Q , - 5 v ' 1 . R A aw 'nn Q a . ll Ts., S i t Q- ,. A .. . - ,,g,,, 1 . M... - -- - Q f - . f-Q1 . if--1-.3 - A ., . -2, y Q 9 X Q y -gf .ggarg .x::F.- X A th A- - -f gf f .1 " ' . - Q, .ight N. , . M Y ..- 9 " X X W . t s " ,,-Q. -T-,arg Sig tg-'-'i,:v:gb:jEyx Z Zigi. ' e -. LV in f - et, ., .W-I . . Karen Encke. Jenny Reynolds, The- resa Kauffman, Melissa Franko- vich, Cindi Pierce. Cathy Hutchens. Heidi Luce. Heidi Ream. Angie Stone, Elisa Frankl. Lisa Shockley. Marcy White, Molly Olsen. Terry McGinnis. Tina Rashleigh, Na- Dean Tennant, Carol McMahon. Lisa Boylan, Rhonda Bowers, Yona Minde, Kim Presser. Billie Bennett. Marlena Torgerson, Becky Stucky, Aimee Rosa, Joani Mogolis, Heidi Holmlund, Riclci Jones, Laura Bowerman. and Brenda Ward. f 1 ' E if fl flf' Left: Lisa Baas and Lisa Casagranda like pigtails and balloons. Above: Todd Berget gets the treatment at his bachelor party. Residence Halls 107 iv r A good breakfast. Mom says. will start the dug out just right. Right: Aimee Rosa. Ann Green. Becky Sorenson. und Cindy Marlo model the latest in RA swimwear. -QU 1 ., 'fffavai' ,fi Third Duvis has 108 Residence Halls found il way lo get evcn with its RA, Kevin Smith. xi' One's room is a good place to study as .lack Nordberg. Norm Bou chard, Shawn Dinsdale, and Alane Schmaus discover. X halls will be co ed next year. " -- Tracy Riddle 'All of ehe residence 0 3 Z1 home " We Q 'fu ,, Q Q 'J Ii Q' Q ' X I ' .-ll -fa The cafeteria is a much more cheerful place because of renovations and new arrangements. Q Some people off-campus have it madeg Doug Leys and Tony Cooper relax in comfort with a friend. Residence Halls 109 HLiving in the residence halls is like flying jets--the fun just never slows down for the rest to catch up.U -- Nate Sickels TV lounges tire meant for relaxing und lounging, Right: RAE commune with n.1ture1 Todd Berget. Kevin Smith, Tracy Riddle. director. Becky Sorenson. Cindy Merlo. Ann Green. Donny Scdivy. Aimee Rosa. John Thompson, and Shaun Cztrder. ik egg mm,- Second to none are Roger Lamb, John McCarthy, Barry Malone, Ted Zanto, Doug Leys, Brian Eisenzimer, and Scott Sargent. l I0 Residence Halls Fun never lows ,Ng Mark Phillips hasn't been told that tinsel S The vigilantes from Second Centen- nial pose with their faithful dog and their trusty sidenrms. ,Q fly-L hould be hung one strand at a time. board game. Top right: Dealers Todd Berget and Ann Marie Newell are ready for the next customers. Above: Becki Zeller, Matt Griebel, K. C, Smith, Mike McMahon, and Nancy Kennedy are involved in a Residence Halls ll 1 Card carriers are Tamaira Mack. Mary Kohn. Kelly Evans. and Ann' Marie Moriarty. Ri' w' ' r V Y 'N l Xt E ififfis Chris Sulers faces Steve Stevenson in the best fight ofthe evening. Kirby Bright and Chris Ward assist the ladies into and out of the ring: difficult work. i Q but somebody has to do it. 8 l 12 Smoker .. .Y Kirby takes a tour around 1--1.1-, -x.,,,-ll I "The Smoker proved to be very entertaining and I think all ofthe fighters and Z Z M-Club members deserve credit for their efforts. " --Blain Wenger Flint Rasmussen is the Master of Ceremonies, A Western Montana College tradition continued with the M-Club sponsored Smoker, which was held April 8 in Straugh Gymnasium. Opponents were from Montana Techg earlier, WMC fighters had been opponents at Tech's smoker. Highlights were the first bout, judged the best fight ofthe eveningg a female boxing match between Joan Monaco and Jean Kron, a draw: a pro-wrestling match featuring Green Chainer and Blue Thunderg and the featured event between Shawn LaBaugh and Jay Harbridge. Other pugilists were John Thompson, Dave Mar- zolf, Kerry Hanna, and Greg Hirschey. Q I X 4 -Un . .K , Q 5- Sf' - 5 V V 1 vi 'els K I If ng, too. A good crowd appreciated the efforts of Bulldog and Oredigger boxers. Smoker 113 i , iji 1 e A .lohn Thompson christens Aimee Rosa with a leaf bouquet. College Life Y S 1-v-...V xt X . fx : iffy,-f ,- K QR- :V X N , A ' . . 3 -Wt- it N fr fi! f 4. N ' ffl W5 ' 'Taxi 3 A5 r- XEQQ1 Dr. Jane Maddock is an Elizabethan maiden ,V . Above: Scott Sargent thinks he's a mountain man. Right: He and K.C. Smith have a friendly tug-of-war. 1 14 Candids 'NJ' Leftz As some guys Flex their mus- cles the rest of the retreaters say, L'Hi, Mom!" Below: Aw, who would do that to Ted Zanto's ice cream cone? ...-Nb.-S-.fa ' , lei 558312: Si-T fit"-'-V " V x x X 1325, ' Betty Myers and Donna Rouse are practicing their self-defense holds on each other. Candids 115 Dont forget tinsel on the top. guys! Right Is this Dillon's road company C1ts"'? f" f H" .4 , Keith Miller and Gina .loscph release some of the tensions that come with putting together a yearbook. Right: Mike Housel gets the camera in 21 perfect position for the the best pictures. 116 Candids M 'I x l -A B ? J J 7 Nw i IM KX A --5 if 2 i if Xi Ky ilu ? .iff 1 ""' DD g I milillllhf 4A I f A , X i H 4X , . I 2 ,,,,A Lfxi f fr 1 , ,f, .. 1 I ! xii I ' I WA vi' if F 1' + ki f i ' . 1 f 'i I 1 ,fx iii K 69 If ' , V ,,,I. Ijil, K -111' A AWf'Wg!'f4!ifgf5,IIEN1 V RW-X Vi '7,- , N X Mififii X uf M 'KL-,xiii fiixfyfgc X K5 Division Page 117 , Hlt has been very rewarding working with the athletes over the past years. I enjoy watching them develop good friendships that hopefully will continue throughout our careers.u -- Casey Keltz Keltz win 00 VMI' T , A On January 19, in a win agatnst Northern Montana College, mens ern. His Bulldogs have battled their basketball coach and WMC Athletic Director Casey Keltz marked his 300th victory as head coach at West A nl way to the Frontier Conference Play- offs every year but two since 1968, the first year he became head coach. He if plans to coach for more good years. .J N ' "Keir: experts the most out X k,"' N, Ufyou and Uyou give him t 100'k, he'll give you l00'k.' --Mark Durham Coach Casey Keltz receives congratulations for victory number 300. lf Q Qkgzlyp--'w,, V l I l' 1 . " .., .1 ll.. .f' Frontier Conference Commissioner Sonny Holland honors Coach Keltz with a plaque commemorating his 300th victory at Western. l 18 Sports 9 "My best memory of WMC S basketball was just being able lo play at the College b k as e a --Cary Finberg by It was a winning year for the men basketball team. but ended disappointingly with a loss in the playoffs. Two seniors ended their careers, Cary Finberg, a 6'1" guard: and Mark Durham. a 5'9:" guard, both dea- deyes from three-point range. Both were awarded first team All-Conference honors. Freshman John Sullivan .wwe received an All-Conference Honorable Mention. All- academic honors were awarded to Kevin Engellant, Roger Fuchs, Sullivan, and Durham. Cary Finberg shoots for a three-pointer. X F """' ' D' ' -5 ' .,... . 4 Q H an Q Q - :sz , i ' r -r l' lb.,-" q b, H . 1 rr., be t as f Lnuafb v ii-31, i..-R N if Nl 5 l " ' ' l 9 f 53' Q ki. K. I ' Wir- . rt '1 I 3 5 . V K r' -V ,L t' l E 1. I v - , 1 Q . X " 1' J ., we -A fe-, L K . sr' Durham, surrounded, throws the ball to another Bulldog. Fiflbefg makes 21 m0V6 I0W21fd the basket. Men's Basketball 119 "What I'll miss most are the friends Bulldogs 16- 1 ....... I made playing basket- fl ball . " 'H' 9 -- Mark Durham 'O if' 'f,V6V' fl 'T WMC 100 Ricks 91 , Q s WMC 91 College of idaho S8 I l WMC 102 North idaho 106 , 0 97 WMC 73 Northwest Nazarene 58 , .ls 6 4 ,X WMC 82 Coll, South. Idaho 108 Q S Q WMC 65 Eastern Montana 71 y WMC 114 Wayne State 103 W WMC 66 Gonzaga 77 WMC 68 College of Idaho 86 WMC 64 Northwest Nazarene 73 f WMC 63 Eastern Montana 50 I WMC 86 Ricks 84 Q WMC 84 Carroll 71 , 1 ' WMC as Carroll 63 1' I -' WMC 62 Montana Tech 73 as ' WMC 73 Montana Tech 81 '- WMC 60 Northern Montana 52 - WMC 73 Northern Montana 53 WMC 79 Rocky Mountain 65 5 WMC 67 Rocky Mountain 63 W5 WMC 76 Carroll 84 at WMC 75 Carroll 84 ' WMC 67 Montana Tech 68 1 if WMC 83 Montana Tech 56 li WMC 86 Northern Montana 79 WMC 55 Northern Montana 69 WMC 76 Rocky Mountain 73 X g WMC 77 Rocky Mountain 67 Roger Fuchs taps one in. WMC 66 Northern Montana 69 wflsa. Q .rjg '1 A l 3 4 Lg 6. N Left to right: Jeff Elliott. Anthony Gullo, Brent Hope, Keith Chambers, Dean Walseth, Kevin Engellant, fa - Roger Fuchs, Mike Vanderzanden, John Sullivan, Greg Mason, Shawn Smith, Eric Engler, Cary Finberg, Dave Cornelia. Mark Durhamg kneeling, Assistant Coach Tim Werth, Coach Casey Keltz, Assistant Coach Brad Keltz xi Kevin Engellant is abou 120 Men's Basketball at I tr' P A The bench really get into the game. 1 .A ' Below: The Bulldog meets a fan. Ll Q I, .--ft .S "'...-"3-f sf ivy N ff z AB E nh- f lwimak o take an off-balance shot. . fSundowner Motel sponsored thls page.j Anthony Gullo gets some advice from Coach Keltz. Men's Basketball 121 Q,- Mike Vanderzanden, at 6'9" puts the bull in. sqft, Q - t -Slit li Mark Durham is waiting for the right moment to steal the ball. WN -A SUPH, 5, ,. X V wx -..M , X X Y Keith Chambers is determined to drive for the layup. 122 Men's Basketball "As a senior, I will miss the team. Our team was successful in many respects, not just what the stat books and scoreboards showed." --Karen Petersen Ladies' basketball V l ii' J , B , t Western Montana College's Lady Bulldogs ' gained experience this year, with only one sen- ior on the team, Karen Peterson. Western had 10 freshmen. Freshman Patty Mee captured first team All-Conference honorsg Lisa Casa- granda and Bobette Sand received All-Con- ference Honorable Mentions. Casagranda also received All-Academic Player honors. The 6,l" Mee also was named to the NAIA District 12 team. ' '- 'Tl if T .. , Q " "t""1u .Q , ,J A ' . ' .Q V i . c f ae I f 5 ff -e ,Jia 1 I r , if - ., I . ' ' , e -'-it ll-M-f pv f' I lf? '-'W' ' KW'-J 1 A . 5 f I ai N, , A, .. mm... , - - 'I i -'L ' L, :lx i ll I .- Q! l...1E2'.'i'l. Q- t ri it E at -My ' Top left: Senior Karen Pe- terson reaches for the ball. t r! My Above:ABulldoggets set for , " ' a free throw. Left: Lisa Ca- . 'Q J , a el "- n Q sagranda passes the ball. b . ' id n vm . V i in Ladies'Basketballl23 f 5 -x ' 'l QW? '1 " L 'i,. J . f"?' r 'l is Us 1' - "This was my third year at Western and being one of the few veterans, I believe this is the most talentourteamhashad. 9- 1 I 'm looking forward to next season! " --Lisa Casagranda H O DONENT SCORE DICKIHEUA STQTE 60- H EASTERN EONTGNQ 78- L ST. HARTIHS 73- H LEUIS CLQRK STATE 62- L EQSTERH HOHTQHQ 58- L LETHBRIDGE CC 70- H HCQRRDLL COLLEGE 60- L HHITNGRTH 66- H SCHULQSTILQ 80- U HCARRDLL CGLLEGE 76- HEUHTANA TECH 83- L HHUHTRNA TECH. 60- L HHGRTHERN HGHT. 79- L BHURTHERH MONT. 49- L HRUCKY HTH. COL. 56- L BRGCKY HTH. COL 52- L HCARROLL COLLEGE 76- H HCQRRGLL COLLEGE 54- L HHuntana Tech 66- L Hnontana Tech 60- H GHerthern Montana 54- L Hhorthern lontana 49- L H6:cky HOUDTAID 69- H BRocky Mountain 51- L 0 FRUNTIER CONFERENCE '-HQJLJI 4-, Aff- l' .' J4- I -,.,.----"" ,l Rhonda Bowers looks for someone to pass to. 124 Ladles' Basketball qt N. Jn.. . - 29 Q Q ,.u' wk?Ft?, X .T Qu, qi ,. fr 'ELEEgAg 3i! iapmgg g T Y-T f-rf ' A A amy? Jkfglxk ff' L In . sph, ......-null ., . ., 2:2553 :.SI-'-'-"' Patty Mee breaks around her opponent to drive to the basket Standing: Lisa Casagranda, Karen Encke, Melissa Frankovich, Patty Mee, Lois Nyenhuis, Tammy Sutliff, Kim Breidenbach, Jenny Reynolds. Karen Peterson: kneeling: Kathy Carlson, Becky Stucky. Rhonda Bowers. .loani Mogolis. Joan Monaco, Lisa Shockley, Bobette Sand, and Yona Minde. Coach Gary Cooper and Assistant Coach Laurie Larson are not pictured. T" ,it Left: Looking for a foul, Patty Mee shoots for two. Above: Kirby Bright. Jody Wacker. and Marlin Mussman enjoy the action on the basketball court. Ladies' Basketball 125 We ve really competed well Volleyball realbf dominated us." -- Gary Cooper With only one senior on the team, the Western vol- leyballers gained much experience during the sea- son. Lisa Baas, the lone senior, played very well, according to Coach Gary Cooper. Two other stan- douts were Patty Mees and Joani Mogolis. The vol- leyball program is on an upswing. According to Coo- per, the ladies improved a great deal. Although they were winless in league action, they were more com- petitive near the end ofthe season. l -v-W. I .. .. f - .X .t. ,..,,,Wwk sl ..X ,,,,.. s ' ..- Q sf v X- , W""""----ww-...,,,, ' 5-igsggsal' -N aw-remark '- .1 .. --- A -fe. Rhonda Bowers works on her two-hand hit. 126 Volleyball ?7"l'ei.J-1-f 'Nw , .. Shannon Wildes practices a set shot. Shannon Wildes and Karen Encke pose with sisters Billie and Patty Bennett. Another sister, Cindy, also played volleyball for the Bulldogs: she graduated in 1987. tDr. R. D. Boyce sponsored this page.J L Standing: Joanie Mogolis, Patty Bennett, Karla Guldseth, Laura Bowerman, Brenda Ward, Assistant Coach Laurie Larson, Coach Gary Cooper, Billie Bennett, Lisa Baas, Linda Nelson, Rhonda Bowers: kneeling: Kim Bingham. Melisa Frankovitch, Patty Mee, Lois Nyenhuis, and Karen Encke 1 bln L 4' . . . '1fi5 The Lady Bulldogs get a nice volley going. -M' V Kim Bingham practices her serve. Volleyball 127 "WMC take your bow For victory shall be your vow. Heres to the Bulldogs, let us cheer Who are to us so dean Rah! Rah!" -- Old School Song With the discontinuance of football, cheerleaders found themselves leading the bas- ketball teams on to victories. With a new advisor, Sandy Baker, they brought re- gained enthusiasm, new cheers, and new routines to entertain the audiences and to urge on the teams. To help with expenses for uniforms and trips the ladies held money-making activities. lNational Video sponsored this pagej C eerleaders .s Q I l 1 4 4 il ?E V. Kelly Evans. Tamaira Mack. Heidi Holmlund, advisor Sandy Baker, Ann-Marie Moriarty Marlena Torgerson, Mary Kohn, and Suzanne Graber XV 1 . Q v CIQ.-YQEQ I 1 X V es SVS' rf M t ,.-i:ae,,rvf4-iv . 'eel The ladies fire up the crowd before the game continues. During a timeout, the ladies begin a cheer. 128 Cheerleaders A ol "I am proud of all the students and the way they pulled through. This is the first time ever that both teams have qua- lified for the CNFR. " -- Wayne Else Rodeo reigns 'rs' , J , .W X' 4 10 w ll U H . I M -. , . 1 "1 ' if .1 . , For the first time ever, both men's and ladies' rodeo teams qualified for the College Nationals Finals Ro- deo. With the added emphasis upon rodeo as a sport. the Bulldog teams made many firsts. The men de- feated the MSU team, placing first at the U of M rodeo held in Kalispell in October. Todd Garrison was named All-Around Cowboy at that meet. He later captured the steer wrestling championship for the Big Sky Region. Team members who participat- ed at the CNFR in Bozeman were Todd and Tim Garrison, Gary Eichorn, Don Nahrgang, Dale De- Cock, Ryan Mapston, Becky Kingston, Holly Hal- linan, and Stephanie Ley. Other standouts for the year included Troy Kluesner, Deana Bertrand, Ka- ren Helle, Steve Marmon, Jody Wacker, Joe Nahr- gang, Ginger Wiest, Cheri Oja, Kelly Klick, and Bobbi Jo Bertrand. '7' on N f 1 -X Sandy Baker enjoys her reign as Miss Rodeo Montana. Coach Wayne Else and his wife Iola enjoy the Rodeo Club Banquet. Rodeo 129 "Rodeo team ' Teams winners -- escollte headline .W - X s- 'Wim , , b A lick? Y A,- xq -I. 1 "- s ., S? - . Q,- 'XM KN xl . .. Ng, i W ' .4 5 i , '.T.l"3'i A I V, E-N igf-iizf Rodeo fans get a lot to cheer for. Becky Kinglon relaxes before her turn comes up. Li ig Wg: ' Q ., f-as N N 4-:H V . wir' ' . .X,e i :::qr:f1'3 E A double-exposure shows a championship buckle and pre-rodeo activities. lf l00kS like it 130 Rodeo ex . .'., , .. . Hang on for just a fe more sec- onds! Below: Jim Ber welcomes rodeo fans to the Rode Club Ban- quet. 'C . Y .rv ' -3 gg:g . ,. 1 i ' ..., - -NQQAQEQ 1, mu- air . '--1 ---.:.-s Xe., 5 -1: fl: 1 , .-'i .g23'Qs EQ Q" , h A A Q - we f ,ap K, , ., .... . .Nvvif" 5" leg! f .1 ,, .y es be a good lasso! I. s sv, e ,. e,,g. . ,' , - W -, Q-To ' " D-,air '- N' "z-fi ff' x - 4.u.i. 3 . f. x.g,..,,,' ,LVL A. ff-fv- Q ,,,, Q- .. K.-.:-4 ., 5 . A-xAx..s -ffl ,P -- ge., '4- '..4'.v-?V:fX- , T 'ai L 4 ,.1-- s , . : vw, 9,1 Irv? ' ' IL "Ulm ..-, Ae . --'u.:,z1"'- Another Bulldog wrestler will get his steer. Rodeo 131 Q .Q gi,-Fr. .3 ,ei Q25 ' . ss 5 45 X I X' .,, ,. C P iii I .IRR u X .-Q. - NW- G , 132 Rodeo X ' "fn, 5.5. ' M 5 Q,..,:i- ' gy? if ' 'fs 'jpmv' f is U we N 435 - , ? 'im A ss,5gg'1gQ" ,f akgnps' P' N- Sjlwmll, H rim ? gk l . D N X Q Eric Schuller displays a winning style on his bronco 1 D 5 .w . . 4...- 4 . .4 ,E K,-, .- -.fc !, t .4x. M? . 5 ' ,H . . .. .3 f.s5?SX ii ig ,, -'Q an ara L -... ' . V. I: . . i t ' V ' ,, .- S- . 1-.1 . A ' 'QNS-:Vai ,- ' .s ' in Q. ,. ,- V s- --- -Q .I . v ii ' we 4 s 1 gg .i.q. ' 5" 1 .'. ' 4 '14 is 1 ? U NG' W "The eighth place finish marked the first time that any ????1f23"1Tiiif?f?aS Wrestling scores! 20 in the nation -- Dillon Tribune- Examiner Troy Humphrey is NAIA National Champion at 126 pounds. Fr- Bulldog wrestlers and coaches made school history with mat accomplish- ments this year. They began in No- vember when Willie Pyette and Troy Humphrey won at the Boise State Open tournament. Nationally ranked all year, the Bulldogs placed eighth out of 57 teams in the NAIA Nation- al Championships. Troy, Tim Blatter, and Tad Thorstenson earned All- American honors. Coach T. J. Nelson was named Rookie Coach of the Year by Amateur Wrestling News. ar - . - - ' . ' "r re ily f lt good ab t th O ' way I won y - , 'hampionship E h, " 9 ' -- T y Humphrey P Troy shows the crowd his first place plaque at the NAIA Nationals. Wrestling 133 l N "It was a total team effort that helped us do so well. " -- Troy Humphrey Tim Blatter grits his teeth for another success- ful takedown. Grapplers gain honor 1 I l 7 134 Wrestling Tim shows off his honors for fourth place. A pin for a Western wrestler is second I ,,, , .9-f 1. -. . x . .-A l. Left: Shaun Roberts. ex- football player now heavyweight wrestler, breaks a hold. Below: All- American Tim Blatter fin- ishes in fourth in 150-pound class. -1 wqff fr? ,gi , l . Q .e""+ S' if I V, -,wwe nv A X ,f 4.11 yn 2 31 " " Cll aXNll'l0XSllll'S aW3Y- Tad Thorstenson awaits his honors for his eighth place finish. Wrestling 135 HT. JL Nelson is Rookie Coach the Year. " -- Amateur Wrestling News Wrestlers make hi tor of l .3 I 1 Tad Thorstenson is an All-American Bulldog. Dean Thompson squares off against a weaker opponent. 1 Coaches Wade Ayala and T. J. Nelson give Troy Humphrey last-minute instructions. 136 Wrestling S',lC'I' will!! in 1 T2 23 1 ..., V Ayala and Nelson yell encouragement to Sean Moodry. ,,, ...JS . gn X, Tim Blatter, right, sizes up his opponent. Championship Bulldogs: standing, trainer Shane Borchert, Tim Blatter. Shaun Roberts. Assistant Coach Wade Ayala, Dave Thorstenson, Ed Ufford. Dean Thompson, Coach T. J. Nelson: kneeling, Willie Pyette, Kevin Parvinen, Troy Humphrey. Sean Moodry. Tad Thorstenson, Craig Gransbery. and Dave Marzolf Wrestling 137 X 'l 1 li- .Y X xv 3. ' N - ----urs, J- " W9 iv' -H x vp,- . i- " 'Quo--wtf' . X- - ' " - It looks like J' . Vw H n .,. Vx" , " 1 , ,. A , .A 'NW N N . . :PSX -x. ' 's . x. ' lf., X. 1 ' -1 A ., " -. , - L ri p!" .rf ' P--s.pJn.Nunu0xq."a-Ii , W-i--W5 N -.. 'iw ,gg . - k ,QS x- . -1 x Q - A -' -dv 5 AY,-, QFWC' w.. -'P nw"-x ' K ,. .fi ' K., I fimffff-'F'Niw:...,--MLW X- - - f-" " 'FTNHXQQQ fa . . .34 ,A btpw, ,nn . -Q -- --. .- . "' A ,x,.., Q Q -Q., 'f"5- 1' -. swf' ' A - ' ' ' S LT f: ., -"" ' ' . , Q ' ""'f'4 Q-La: Aznzfwt .-..,...n.-RLS, L... . 2 ,.. - .xm- an interception is about to happen! Q Y Intramurals Because not everyone is a competitive athlete, Western offered intramural activities under the direction of George Marinkovich. Varied activi- ties, such as soccer, football, softball, baseball, and tennis were offered, along with indoor activities like vol- leyball, racquetball, Weightlifting, and basketball. Tournaments were held for various sports with downtown merchants often sponsoring prizes and awards. A majority ofWMC stu- dents participated in intramurals for fun and relaxation. Intramurals 139 George Markinkovich and Tom Linse watch some of the intramural activities going on. Right: This is not basketball. guys: just hit the ball over the net. ' MJ iq. .- 1 F.- me um-'a-gg JSF' T' Above: Dean Thompson grits his teeth for the im- portant game, Middle right. Nate Sickels is ready for his karate exercise while the other guys are leaping in the air after a little ball. Right: Tim Blatter, Keith Chambers, and Wes Peters are ready for a cool baseball game. 140 Intramurals , L, -rf Q .,a-N ,,.., -nr' ,..-- gfx v1 6 adam zjfiflcovmfg we "Nearly 95 students were recognized for their excellence in scholastics, athletics, and Student government. " -- Blain Wenger More than 50 scholarships and awards were handed out to students at the annual Awards Banquet held April 20 in the Lewis and Clark Room. Recipients not pictured included the following: Flint Rasmus- sen. Roy Evenson Alumni Leadership Award, Frank Kujawa, Dawn Odegard, Billie Peterson, Who's Who: Sandra Kennedy, Outstanding Four-Year Business Graduate: Kim Alexander, Herbert C. 8L Anna L. Helm Memorial Scholarship, Barbara Kramer, Coleen Pack, Jay McAlear, Morningstar Scholarships: Mary Ann Wofford, Cobb Founda- tion Scholarship: Trevis French and Natalie Shoe- maker, Peer Tutor Awardsg Shari Thornton, Wash- burn History Awardg Ed Willburn, Greg Stewart Memorial Scholarshipg John Sullivan, Jay LaLonde Memorial Scholarship, Tamaira Mack, Davis Me- morial Scholarsipg Bruce Barron and Bobette Sand, Ken 8: Bette Gross Scholarships, Tom Rhoads, Chance Scholarship. W if E210 Dawn Odegard, Zella K. Flores Cup 1' '53 ' V ' Who's Who: Sandra Kennedy, Verona Miller-Stromberg, Mike HOUSCI- Rush and Tania Swanger Jordan Cup 142 AwardfScholarships ards Banquet '43 Yr? Fred Bridenstine with IVCF-Bridenstine recipients Lois Nyenhuis and Daniel F. Brown ,7,- I 46: v . -' -fb I Y' ' "" fx AAUW Scholarship recipients Mary Kohn, presenter Blanche McManus, and Becky Sorenson tl I' , 6 , Annette Webster, Kappa Delta Pi if Mary Baker Emerick Art Scholarships: standing, advisor .lim Corr. Daniel F. Brown, Joe Schladweiler. Chris Belville, Dianna Super. Erica Jones, Lois Nyenhuis, Brian Tierney. Jim Buti, Diana Frawley-Binden, Chris Fellows, seated. Carla Barringer, Suzanne Graber, Dawn English, Linda Thomas, Tad Thorstenson, Peggy Birkenbuel, Adele Beauchene, and Tom Robison r Qfgtw ' we 3' 15: -QS-V S, , . M, j ,, ,,i: 5 S si fi , 552173 511. Matt Anderson and presenter Scott Davis, Jim Spehar Memorial Scholarship sociation Scholarship arship Above: Becky Williams, Diana Housel, Ed Ce- bull Alumni: Left: Terry Manska, Faculty As- .4 5'3- V 1 Aims V' fn. Paul Abraham and presenter Paul Ti- kalsky, Frank P, Tikalsky Memorial Schol- AwardsfScholarships 143 ,'4'.g Me- '3 J i I Xl xx g 1 .lefl'Ellio1t. Kim Breidenbach. Maier Miller morial Q: .- fs- v i .. : E X. V0 George Krause. Outstanding . Ni Business Graduate , fx- A 5 xy? xt ru , 'n y-N,...., A ,Q 1 4-l ,X r" Kevin Engellant, presenter William Bierrum. Bierrurr Memorial Scholarship Y ZEI' X' Dave Kelly. Bob Crumley and Roy Evenson Lana Evans. Ralph Mcpadden Awards: Kerry Hanna, Roy Evenson Award Music Cup Presenter Mike Vane I derzanden, Mark - Durham. Donald v. I 'N ,N Vanderzanden Me' morial Scholarship ' C p i EE A 1 -3- NP. 'Q ii, we Q1 4 ' fi 144 AwardsfScholarships CY' ,J 4 J , x l . ,f Brian Tierney. Barry Woods, Tad Thorstenson, Roy Evenson Photography Awards "The best and the brightest" Q, 5 -- Anonymous 3 gg, , Q t 'A f Nl XJ V X ll ' Karla Kelly. Angie Stone. Jodi Christiaens, Mickey Lyngholm, Heisey Foundation Shelly Manska. presenter Ethel Hawkins, Shake- speare Club, Genevieve Albertson , 'ii' 1: f -sf.. .N J , Ld Teresa Pilon. Daniel F. Brown. Mark Phillips. Barbara Kennedy, presenter Ethel Hawkins, Peer Tutor Awards x , Alane Schmaus, presenter Joyce Lowry. Elizabeth MongerfJaycee Auxiliary Scholarship f 6? 'Y ' 1 A 'W 5-YT.:' .1 Y 5 if 355, ' , i 'QTN'-If-"-if Q -4 -.J X f its 1 ' 3 : .tra X. . - , Q 5 Presenter Frank Busch. Sandra Willes, Steve I-Iowery Senate Honor and Rotary Scholarship Teresa Pilon. Judy Focher Memorial. presenter Ann Reynolds, June Saari. Donna Allen Memorial Scholarship AwardsfScholarships 145 , li , . -.X S- , ff? fs ti, fa asit . -2 - 1 ,L k is K n" m i A' "" X ' 1 G ' . ,,, 1 N f fe W eg - Y 'Qs 43- 4' , if the Nr-I K i ' 'Fa 4 f- 2, John Robbc. Ryburn Memorial Susie Thompson, Outstanding Bob Kelly. Terry Waters Lead- K. C, Smith. Student Senate Business Graduate ership Award Vice-President 1. , -C-.8531 v , S 'ns it "' Cf M s-., 'z . N.-G' 4 . 'l 5 r,.- , .: Ny, ' is Blain Wenger. Roy Evens0n Alumni Leadership X' Keith Miller, Gina Jospeh lGroup photos-Ken Olsen: indi- vidual photos-Perry Backus! 146 AwardsfScholarships Lee Hoyrup. Panhellenic. Cindy Merlo. Western Women WMC Foundation Scholarship , Roy Evenson Chinook Grants 4 A , fi K V. ' , of Y V: Roger Fuchs, .lay LaLonde Me- morial Scholarship LeeAnn Riley, Penny Wagner and Roy Evenson Awardsg Karla Kelly, Senate Merit Award Kurt Kohn. Outstanding Business Ed Graduate Mark Covcrdcll. Amy McClain, gg. C WMC Foundation Scholarships I P Z' t t PH if v 1 Blanche honored ffniff Blanche McManus, respected educator, re- ceived another honor with the dedication of the new Blanche McManus Lounge in Math- ews Hall. Dr. Judy Ulrich and Dr. Jane Mad- dock entertained. nw. A .I ,JM Ds 5, - Blanche McManus enjoys her plaque and roses, Blanche and Dr. Mike Easton share a humorous story, nge: N .f s , ' .:.V ' 'Q ' 'X f-,Y,- v fu I I, 1 XX Dr. Judy Ulrich and Dr. Jane Maddock entertain Blanche and her guests with ribald Shakespearean humor. Char Loge is at the piano. Blanche was able to share her honor with members of her family. CPhotos by Perry Backusj AwardsfScholarships 147 KWHO' WHo AT WESTER I Six WMC students were selected as outstanding national leaders by Who 's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. The six students were recognized for their academic achievement, service to the community, leadership in extracurricular activities and potential for continued success. The students must have a 3.0 GPA to be eligible for selection and are nominated by the Scholarship and Awards Committee of Western Montana College with recommendations from the faculty. W "' l N Sandra Kennedy is from Brunswick, Georgia and has lived in Dillon for the past Jive years. While working in towards a B.S. in Business part-time she is working full- ,A . time at the Development Ojjice. Sandra is involved in 6 .1 t the community through the Dillon Lioness and is a ' A 'X P TN member ofthe Methodist Church. She taught Sunday . , t 5 X School to 4th and Sth grade students during the 1986-87 1' S V" nf - 3 school years. Sandra has received the Outstanding Two W -f and Four Year Business Graduate Award, National - 7 . 7 Collegiate Business MeritAward, and All-American "8 Collegiate Award. Sandra is also a wU'e and keeps busy being a mother to her five-year old son. S Q W N Frank Kujawa is from Libby, Montana. Frank majored in Art and IA Broadfields. He has been a 6-year active member of Art Club and has helped the Drama Dept. with backdrops, lighting, and set displays. Frank was also a member ofthe CHINOOK and a Wescolite cartoonist, While attending Western,, he assisted Mr. Brienza with elementary art projects. He also taught art classes at Twin Bridges and Beaverhead County High Schools. Frank was also a five-time recipient of the Mary Baker Emerick Scholarship. N 2 W N Tania S wanger is from Choteau, Montana. Tania received a B.S. in Business and was actively involved in the WMC Business Club. She served as Secretary during 1986-87 and as President during 1987-88. Tania was also a student orientation leader and co-business manager ofthe CHINOOK in 1988. Tania was a recipient ofthe H eisey Foundation Scholarship and the National Collegiate Business Merit Award. Tania was listed on the Dean 's List and was Homecoming Queen Candidate for the Business Club in 1987. During her junior and senior years, Tania commuted from gif Whitehall where her husband teaches business. Q Y J "'-' N Billie Peterson is from Leadore, Idaho and has lived in Dillon for the past few years. She taught in Idaho and then came to Dillon to pursue a B.S. in Education with a Broadjield English major. While attending Western, she was active in Drama and the Wescolite. Billie also keeps busy being a wyfe and mother. 2 IU Verona Miller-Stromberg is from Dillon, Montana. Verona received a B.S. in Business and an A,S. in information Processing. She was an active member in the WMC Business Club where she served as Treasurer in 1986-87 and Vice President in 1987-88. She was also involved in SPURS during 1985-86, S ecretary!Treasurer ofthe Junior class in 1986-87, co-business manager of the CHINOOK in 1988, and listed on the Dean's List. Verona received the Mary Baker Emerick , AAUW, E. MongerJayceens and Pioneer Federal Scholarships. She received the National Collegiate Business Merit Award and All-American Scholastic Collegiate Award. Z -Q N--f Y"T'r:v i Dawn Odegard is from Philipsburg, Montana. Dawn majored in General Science Broadfield and minored in Math. She was actively involved in Kappa Delta Pi and Montana Academy of Science. While attending Western, she worked as a paraprofessional in WMC 's Learning Center and as a lab aide in the Science Skills Center. Dawn was a twice recipicant ofthe Jane Buttrey Memorial Scholarship, and received the Presidential and Jean Eller Memorial Scholarships. Dawn received the All-American Scholastic AchievementAward and the Zella K. Flores Scholarship C up for achieving the highest female GPA in the graduating class. V Q Who S Who 149 N N "The tradition of hooding the graduates is realiv impres- sive." -- Graduation Guest The Ninety-First Annual Com- mencement was held Saturday, April 30. in Straugh Gymnasium. The Dil- lon Community Orchestra played the Processional and Recessionalg the Cantabiliers presented musical selec- tions. Dr. Alan Zetler presented the address entitled "Landing on Your Feet" to the Class of l988 and their parents and guests. Dennis Lind re- presented the Board of Regents: Dr. Koch represented the U of M. Bonnie Bovee Alt and James A, Scott were honored as Distinguished Alumni. Graduation 4 ...t i V' Huff ' Liga, , 1 ia :MS nl A x ergf' N' 4, Graduates and escorts file into the gymnasium 'fr A K s- fi Q- 'l .-si9"f3- is - 6. Qin - .ag fig- ff 5 M21 v ' 5 T!! tk Y I fc Julie Sumpter's mother applies finishing touches before the Processional. Right: Dr. Easton introduces Dennis Lind, representative of the Board of Regents. 150 Graduation The Class of 1988, their escorts, the faculty. and guests await the com- mencement address. s , V V , V' I it Top right: Mike Hughes adjusts his wife Laura's gown. Above: Janet Bumgarner receives the same assistance from another graduate. Graduation 151 f Dr me Od Plc hc of Allegiance. lun Zeller gives the com- CIUCHI address. Right: Dawn ard lcztda thc audience in the ' R X' Y 'QI' Cantubiliers are a graduation tradition as they entertain the graduates and guests. Right: Dr. Koch lccnterl, president ol' the University ofMont:.1na. is a special guest. 152 Graduation af, N.. ' t s ft' 1 l l i i I l l l l l 4, . .,2,N K 4 if Zetler entertain great! ltrealbf was! -- Mary Heine Hardy 4 ,, A x ' - Z Left: New professor emeritus, Ethel Hawkins listens intently to Dr. Zetler. Above: Dr. Worrest enjoys one ot' Dr. Zetler's one- liners. X JC.. A631 ,, - .i3','e V . n .1 , ' - 41, 'C '- -:dt f . . f 2 -t X 'a HJ' .-ni "und . p 44 y IJJD., 12- X-,xglszsg '- He i'!"Q,'.' .. -'rr ,L . - ,f.'-.-9 1 .sg .- Q9 5! 'q,..g ,.: 2.4. 1 L., bg, 'J.ff3'. 'il-"',t?1J': Distinguished alumna Bonnie Bovee Alt addresses the commencement audi- ence. of--ff? ? James Scott. distinguished alumnus, appreciates the recognition he and the other members of the Class of l938 re- ceive. Graduation 153 154 Graduation Hoodin 'S symbolic F' v ni ., 9 ,Fw Q I Mix . F VN U '35 4 at N ,,,, ' ' S Q Q ik , I ' , 4.. , , x Ylk, Q I - 3' i Graduation is awesome! ,..f' J Barbara Dcluno moves the tassle. fx Thc Cunlubilicrs sing "My Country Tis of Thee" in a rousing nrrnngcmcm, s gg, 44 Left: Escorts hood the graduates. Below: Faculty enjoy Dr. Zeller's wx! s -2.9--N . s 'f K , ,, . , address. f 1' l i gi Left: Gladys Sandborgh is hooded on stage. signifying her Master's Degree. Above: Marta Ferguson, diploma in hand. floats across the stage. Graduation 155 . W... ....... ...,...., . ..,.,...... i,......-s. 5 P T' WK- ".- irfe , .i gf mi, 1 "' J lit. , gl Ken Evans receives a congratulatory hug after he receives his diploma. Above: Marta Ferguson and Kristy Amestoy pose for one of many happy photo sessions. 'kt 11- I re- Master's Degree recipients are Gladys Sandborgh. Bruce Rowe, and Susie VanHouten. Twenty others received masters degrees. but were not present. l lGraduation photos by Perry Backus and Randy Wilkerson! Q 156 Graduation -:T ,X . 4 An unidentified photographer enjoys the great shots. K lg- "We honor Susan K. Jones and WMC for outstanding support and accomplishment in provid- ing educational opportunities for Montana National Guards- men. " -- Office of Azjutant General -Fi- Mrs. Robert Sparing pins a WMC alumni pin on her husband's coat as Sue .lones looks on. Graduate a fir t A first occurred with the completion of the 1988 school year. Two years ago the National Guard began a program with WMC. Robert Sparing was the first gra- duate of that program. Since he could not attend com- mencement exercises, he was honored at a special recep- tion on campus. He received an Associate of Science- Business Option Degree. Susan Jones displays recognition plaques from the National Guard. Top National Guard brass attend the luncheon honoring Robert Sparing. Graduation iii Hawkins, Bandelier retire X ,t-.N -f . m ..f y -Q. A' ,..,..,ff . A . 5 11 . fag! ble' ff s - 1 ' ff, .4 W, mf: - .g.-.Q . , . . - -.x-. .. . Dr. Kenneth Bandelier's professional career spans 38 years, including the past 32 at Western Montana College. His service reflects the excellence and dedication of a true professional. A native of Indiana, Dr. Bandelier earned degrees from Purdue University and the University of Montana. He began his affiliation with Western in 1966 as an assistant professor of biological science. Through the next 22 years he also served as Director of Computer Instruction, Professor of Biological Science, and as Chairman of the Division of Mathematics and Science. During his tenure at WMC, Dr. Bandelier worked unselfishlv toward the betterment of higher education in Montana. Mrs. Ethel Hawkins' career with the Montana University system spans 29 years, including the past 15 at Western. Her service reflects the excellence and dedica- tion of a true professional. A native of Dillon, Mrs. Hawkins earned degrees at Montana State University and served a one-year internship with the writing labora- tory at Idaho State University. She started her affiliation with Western in 1973 as an assistant professor of English. During her tenure here, she served as Westerns representative to the MA TELA, as an accreditation team memben and an active member of NC TE and Delta Kappa Gamma Society. Her greatest accomplishment was establishment of the very successful WMC Learning Center. 158 New Emeriti In Lovitlg Memory I 3 za f - :fig A s1wr1aLitvm r ' W Q i, ' 1, sv sifl p 1. Us .,1. ,Q If e '- ., Her Friends I JEL ' , "Remember With the Heart" Remember with the heart Isolate the memory That bit of yesterday we shared. Of others we have known. Remember lU'e as it was livedg Liberate the love we felt, Look back at how we cared. The warmth that we have shown. Dwell upon the moments Tell the mind to keep alive When our paths forever crossed. The spirit of the past. Think about the love we gave, Tell the heart to never part The part of us we lost. With special thoughts that last. --Bruce B. Wilmer .Sm W tit L L Activities: Basketball Intramural Sports Memorial 159 28 S Montana Dlllon ""' M "WC Retall phone 683 2992 NQRZWEST ANR ..,.. 20 North Montana Street ALQHQBANKS Dillon Montana 59725 lllll Catalog phone 683 4371 , -.,....,., . -,WNN We Give Each Day Our Best Ji Norwest Bank Dillon, N.A. . . . s ie O ff V' A will lllllh l le ll l ,l,,,w WX Qi 'if ez H el. lqv. 12 S. MONTANA - -Q 1' W - . 1 I PHONE aaa-4600 Qt it U X N- - Flin vol: Sawing' FHI'lll Ellllilllllelll IISBII IIBBI' 'Q,,,t5,'Q',j,,,,'j,'Q, nower IIIIBS could mean . , - Ullll PB Ill FUI' IIIB Sllllllll ' I OPEN MONDAY-FRIDAY 9:30-8:00 SATURDAY 9:30-6200 Unlike the cord of your toaster, the electric wires . . 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Paul 143 Ackerman, Doris 26 Adams, Chreston 44 Adams, Jason 44 Alcock, Valeri 8 Allard, Darin 14, 44, 76 Allen, Bret 44 Amestoy, Kristy 36, 156 Amundson, Leif 36 Anders, Clay 26 Anderson, Jim 25 Anderson, Lynn 83 Anderson, Matt 143 Arnell, Vicki 44 Arneson, Ricky 36 Atchley, Stan 36 Ayala, Wade 136, 137 B Baas, Lisa 44, 106, 107, 127 Bailey, John 27 Baker, Valerie 44 Bandelier, Dr. Ken 28, 158 Barnes, Betty 19 Barnett, George 22 Barringer, Carla 143 Barron, Bruce 44 Bauer, Gerard 44 Baumgarten, Dr. Leonard 21 Beall, Kimberly 44 Beals, Valerie 36 Beauchene, Adele 80, 143 Beauchene, Mark 80, 88, 96 Beier, Clara 30, 32, 100 Index Bieler, Fritz 9, 45, 74 Bingham. 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J. 19, 31, 136, 137 Neville, Cody 60 Newell, Ann Marie 40, 111 Newell, Ed 41 Nicholson, Emily 60, 81 Noctor, Mark 60 Nordahl, Beverly 23, 60, 106 Nordberg, Jack 12, 60, 108 Novich, Shaun 41, 92, 93 Nyenhuis, Lois 7, 124, 127, 142, 143 O O'Connor, Jack 60, 77 Odasz, Frank 27 Odasz, Reggie 33, 95 O'Dell, James 60 Oja, Cheri 60 Olsen, Tammy 61 Olson, David 22 Olson, Karey 41 Olson, Molly 61, 107 O'Neill, Michele 19 Osterman, Dennis 105 P Padden, Doug 61 Paddock, Betty 61 Paris, Cindi 21 Parker, Dr. Keith 28 Parrett, Sandra 21, 41 Parvinen, Kevin 16, 137 Pasma, Tommy 14 Pendergast, T. J. 61, 72, 138 Perry, Allan 25 Peters, Wes 141 Peterson, Billie 149 Peterson, Debra 61 Peterson, Karen 41, 106, 123, 124 Phillips, Audrey 61, 106 Phillips, John 25 Phillips, Mark 110, 145 Phillips, Sean 41 Pierce, Cindi 61, 107 Pilon, Teresa 145 Pippin, Mark 27 Piva, Kathy 41 Plutt, Kathy 4, 24 Plutt, Kelly 61 Podunovich, Debby 25 Presser, Kim 61, 107 Pyette, Willie 16, 61, 137 R Ramey, Tinch 62 Rashleigh, Tina 62, 107 Rasmussen, Flint 13, 62, 87, 95, 113 Raykowski, Keith 16 Ream, Heidi 62, 107 Rebish, Kathy 77 Rebish, Keith 62 Redfield, Fred 41 Regan, Charleen 62 Rehm, Shane 62 Reilly, Mark 62 Reilly, Martin 62 Reynolds, DaNiel 24 Reynolds, Jenny 63, 107, 124 Richardson, Mike 11, 19, 98 Richter, Jade 41 Riddle, Tracy 24, 77, 104, 110 Riech, Alisa 63, 104 Riley, LeeAnn 41, 76, 146 Riley, Mike 21 Robbe, John 14, 91, 138, 146 Schneiderhan, Kari 64 Schneiderhan, Tony 64 Schoonover, Lyndee 64 Schuller, Eric 132 Schultz, Dean 64 Schwandt, Sharon 64 Scott, Dan 27 Scott, Shaun 64 Sedivy, Donny 14, 41, 78, 1 Seim, Kim 65 Seymour, Dorothy 19 Sheriff, Bonnie 10, 31 Shively, Kris 21 Shockley, Lisa 65, 107, 124 Shoemaker, Natalie 95 Shriver, Nancy 65, 81 Shulund, Cary 65 Sickels, Nathan 65, 141 Sieg, Lori 65 05,110 Roberts, Dennis 63 Roberts, Jeannine 63 Roberts, Shaun 134, 137 Robison, Paul 41 Robison, Tom 143 Rogan, Dr. John 30 Rogers, Kamala 63 Rosa, Aimee 63, 77, 107, 108, 110, 114 Ross, Allan 41 Ross, Maria 63 Sietsema, Greg 41 Sietsema, Margie 32 Sietsema, Richard 4, 30, 32, 86 Simonsen, Elaine 42 Slobojan, Teresa 29 Smith, Jodi 42 Smith, K. C. 65, 72, 76, 111, 115, 146 Smith, Kevin 42, 108, 110 Smith, Marina 42 Smith, Mike 101 Smith, Shawn 120 Rouse, Craig 63 Rouse, Donna 19, 115 Rowe, Bruce 156 Rufenach, Kathie 77 Rust, Denice 63 Ryan, Rochelle 14, 63 S Saari, June 145 Salazar, Kelly 63 Saloway, Tracy 63, 72 Sand, Bobette 9, 63, 124 Sargent, Scott 110, 114, 115 Sather, Deb 41 Schedel, Darin 63 Schilling, Ron 64 Schisler, Frances 41 Schladweiler, Joe 64, 143 'ff' U Schmaus, Alane 64, 99, 10851145 Snyder, Neil 24 Sohler, Linda 65 Solko, Denise 26, 78 Sorenson, Becky 65, 78, 106, 108, 110, 142 Sparing, Robert 15 Spuhler, Lee 30 Stanchfield, Matt 65 St. Clair, Linda 25 Steinbeisser, Joan 7, 42, 77, 78 Stevens, Rick 65 Stewart, Jeanette 19 Stewart, Wilma 65 St. John, Michelle 66 Stish, Henry 28 Stone, Angie 14, 66, 107, 145 Stonelake, Marlene 33 Strausser, Kessie 42, 78, 79 Strong, Sherri 25, 66 Index 173 144 Stucky, Sullivan Becky 107, 124 . Deanna 42 Sullivan, John 105, 120 Sullivan, Kyle 66 Sullivan , Tom 42 Sumpter, Julie 42, 150 Super, Dianna 66, 143 Suters, Chris 112 Sutliff, Tammy 66, 106, 124 Sutton, Ruth 24 Valach, Jim 26, 27 Vanlelouten, Craig 7, 9, 22, 23 VanHouten, Susie 156 Van Valkenburgh, Kim 67, 103 Vanderzanden, Mike 67, 120, 122, Vanek, Mark 67 Waber, Duane 42 Williams, Terry 24 Wilson, Vester 43 Wilson, Sherry 69 Windsor, Mary 43, 100 Witty, Monte 69 Wofford, Mary Ann 70 Wofford, Quane 70 Wonderly, Sandra 70, 95 Woods, Barry 7, 80, 99, 144 Woolsey, Wendy 14, 15, 29, 43 Y Swanger, Tania 7, 14, 20, 42, 73, 78, 142, 149 T Taborsky, Lyle 66 Wacker , Jody 68, 125 Wagner, Penny 7, 68 Wagner, Teresa 68, 86 Waldo, Walker, Robby 68, 105 Andy 68 Worl, Robert 70 Worrest, Dr. Henry 4, 8, 9 11 19 20, 153 Talcott, Joy 66 Talib, Mahmoud 66 Teller, Randy 66 Telling, Mike 106 Tennant, NaDean 66, 107 Thomas, Linda 143 Walker, Joyce 68 Walker, Lloyd 68 Wallace, Dona 11, 31, 95 Walseth, Dean 14, 68, 120 Walters, Don 33 Ward, Brenda 68, 107, 127 Thompson, David 8, 66 Thompson, Dean 42, 136, 137, 140 Thompson, Jo 22 Thompson, John 67, 111, 114 Thompson, Nancy 21, 67, 81 Thompson, Otis 29 Thompson, Susie 106, 146 Ward, Chris 42, 112 Ware, Kimberly 69, 92 Warner, Dr. David 4, 33, 38, 84, 9 92 Webster, Annette 69, 78, 142 Webster, Mike 42 Webster, Shelley 7, 69 Thorstenson, David 137 Thorstenson, Tad 135, 136, 137, 143, 144 Throckmorton, Karen 19 Tierney, Brian 72, 74, 143, 144 Tikalsky, Dr. Frank 30 Tikalsky, Paul 19, 143, Toney, Merri 67 Torgerson, Marlena 67, 81, 107 128 Torgrimson, Kathy 67 Turner, Dr. Richard ll Turner, Todd 67 U Ufford, Ed 137 Wegner, David 14, 43 Weigand, Christy 94, 106 Wenger, Blain 74, 76, 146 Wenzel, Stacey 69 Werth, Tim 43, 73, 120 Westfall, Robby 69 Wetherbee, Kristi 43, 101 Whalen, Teresa 69 White, Marcy 69, 107 Wilder, Carolyn 7, 43, 76 Wildes, Shannon 69, 76, 78, 106, 126, 138 Wilkinson, William 43 Willburn, Ed 69 Willes, Sandra 76, 78, 145 Willett, Mitch 69 Yeager, Jon 25 Z Zanto, Ted 70, 110, 115 Zaspel, Dr. Craig 28 Zeiler, Becky 70, 111 Zeiler, Christie 70, 106 Zeiler, Ron 27 Zetler, Dr. Alan 30, 152 Zink, Brad 70 Ulrich, Dr. Judy 30, 33, 89, 93, 147 Ulrich, Dr. Karl 29, 30 174 Index Williams, Arlene 10, 20 Williams, Becky 43, 78, 97, 1 Williams, Ellen 43, 73 Williams, Rami 43 Williams, Robert 43 Qutngrapbs Qutngrapbs E. fj E V . 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Suggestions in the University of Montana Western - Chinook Yearbook (Dillon, MT) collection:

University of Montana Western - Chinook Yearbook (Dillon, MT) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


University of Montana Western - Chinook Yearbook (Dillon, MT) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


University of Montana Western - Chinook Yearbook (Dillon, MT) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


University of Montana Western - Chinook Yearbook (Dillon, MT) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


University of Montana Western - Chinook Yearbook (Dillon, MT) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


University of Montana Western - Chinook Yearbook (Dillon, MT) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 21

1988, pg 21

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