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University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Dentistry - Bushwacker Yearbook (Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Cover

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fif WfW f-.M-4 X f ww ,fc , I ? ,,f fw -nhw ff ff 7 ff , ,X W M ,X 7 , X ,N 1 , , M ,,, fy XX if X fy, X 5, X43 x ff 'ff X A XA' ,J 'ij 1 .JCC 'W EW fl ,, Milf I f Q my W, ,QwmM.,p,f 3 X Gm f fwwwwx, , ,Z w fwz , 'X - X X ,XMf' X AX, W X ., 8 x bg, , X f X X M X X A N9 ' X' ' A X X- 'f ' x fwwwj X X 5 X Xmw X T T- M B I Q X X x X, 5, 3,5 Q wgkr Q X m www A-N., ,. qgeeai i va: X x . X x I .M -Nm . x MN .ww I V, ,qykff , We fffff X f ?W27?e ,XM X f ,P 1 f 4 f MAQV1 af ffw W VW . , , 4 , V47 ,ff"fm 1 77 f AV, 0 , Mxnxiw, , Af vw , f , if , f v K K0 ,J ,f mf ,NW A, gd? xiii -f ' :,z,a:::,..,..1-A-W ,Y .,- -- I y-,Q 4'SuZ,-4-wp 3. x--ak .-. A --1 f':.Tt7::ZQi2-E5S--?'v4-'- :"""'f'7' 1 . .,-.f.,41.i.-H,-eN.m.,.,,.7. ,. . J 1 uk-sahwig. -n-ba-nv-N as 'L-ff913'k,f-ifgiil-35555954444+ 11?ff5v5sE-Q'-1-Qtm.-ag-.-M.u..:,,4-ann'' A - '-'f ' ' '- -14 - -A ' , g D --J- . Mio-CONTINENT PURLIC LIBRARY Worth! ci pe QI Hgh y248fSp Idned MO6405O IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ZZZS7f2076'f:467'iZ2 7777 SCHGOL of DENTISTRY UNIVERSITY of MISSOURI KANSAS CITY editor adviser . HAUGHT JERRY K. HART D.D.S asurer secretary JERRY S. REDD P M LA KATZ business 'manager ' RALD R AARON . BUSHWHACKER DEDICATIGN 0217 71476272 141 77527 The School of Dentistry has many extraordinary graduates, however four of our alumni have reached the pinnacle of success because of their skill as professionals, inventive and courageous nature, and humanism. As our first year to salute outstanding Dentists, the BUSI-IWHACKER takes pleasure in presenting three men who have used their skill and ad- minstrative ability to create post- graduation experiences, for the major- ity of dental students. The learning experiences in the national services provide a time of "internship" and pro essional growth with comfort- able compensation. The fourth distinguished alumnus, a private prac- titioner, inventor and researcher, is to the profession as was Dr. G. V. Black. The tribute to our four outstanding alumni is only part of our dedication, because the BUSHWHACKER feels an obligation to the vast majority of the profession, who are responsible for most oral health care and who , collectively mold the image of American Dentistnry. We salute the General Practitioner whose only thanks is that of his family, patients and community. He is truly the backbone of a fine profession. The BUSHW HACKER wishes to thank Doctors John Dooner, Vernon Fricke, Algene Jordon, Arnold Kirchoff, David Moore and Russell Sum- nicht for donating their time to help create the following dedication to their friends and colleagues. 2 To the Most of things as a ge to arou memorie a few s Your re ably di wearine future. plished You hai but the the tae give, 1 viduall definii energie to succ Congra1 succem again. Daytm Vete: recto lx f ' X Q . nf- 1' f 4, fm-aw aaffvfwavafafaaaaszifi ,Q igfafa QQZZZQQK ay ff 3 43 insa:-'asfff '-Ziwifziafaztgfilafa W 17 Y Q ' QQ, af - 4 4.20105 y WX YM TW.,-a O ff, f -Wsffwf 1 f ff f X32 1 X , JJ FY" i To the Students, UMKC School of Dentistry Most of us not only remember but fondly cherish the good things that happen in our lives. I consider this recognition as a generous gift and I want you to know that it has served to arouse many pleasant emotions. These are feelings of memories as well as pangs of nostalgia, for it seems only a few short years ago that I stood where you now stand. Your reactions, as mine were then are varied and understand- ably difficult to explain. Down deep you may be experiencing weariness, frustration, and even apprehension about the future. Also within you is the awareness of a goal accom- I. plished and the realization of a plan started years ago. You have known days of inspiration and days of disappointment, but therein are the important lessons to help you accomplish the tasks of tomorrow. I have no g give, for each of your future goals vidually designed. I would suggest definite goal and strive to achieve energies. Ambition, knowledge, and to success. Congratulations and my very best wi successful career in the service of again. uidelines or advice to are different and indi- but one thought--have a that goal with all your service are the true keys shes to each of you for a Dentistry, and uThank yo ' . 4144 LL ' f l Respe tfully, Zifviii 1 f- J Y Q DAYTON D KRAJICEK Class o 1943 R l Dayton D. Krajicek D. D, S. , F Veterans Administration, Assist rector for Dentistry .A. C. D. ant Chief Medical Di- A second generation dentist who bears the name of one of the most famous dentist in the midwest, Dayton Dunbar Campbell, Dr. Krajicek is a self-made man whose zeal for his profession is only surpassed by his intensity for life. Asso- ciates describe him as having boundless energy. Dr. Kraj- icek's own educational approach to graduate study enforces the "renaissance man" impression. He obtained his training, not by a specific program, but by selected courses and self education. It resulted in his becoming a Diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics and a State Board Exam- iner for Prosthodontics in Kansas. Dr. Krajicek is active in many professional organizations and has organized several study clubs. Dr. Krajicek's commitment to education is illustrated by his many clinics, lectures and research projects. Although many of his presentations have been before national and international groups, he has, more importantly, presented his works to the smaller groups where continuing education is an often-neglected aspect of professional development. Dr. Kraj icek's personal commitment to help education was recently shown when the Veterans Adminstration permitted Bill Cook to accept an internship at Wadsworth Hospital prior to the end of his fourth year. For many years under- graduates in prosthodontics second-year laboratory had the opportunity to work with a great educator who always had time for the students. Some students might have developed an erroneous impression that Dr. Krajicek's limit was setting teeth. Associates in the Veterans Admins1:ration recall his Maxillo-facial surgery and prosthodontics as even more pro- minent than his ability to achieve esthetic dentures. Dr. Krajicelc certainly doesn't suffer from limited talent. His colleagues remarked at his total dental skill, as a sur- geon, clinician and scholar and evincive adminstrative ability deserving of his appointment to the highest dental office in the Veterans Adminstration. The BUSHWHACKER wishes to salute Dr. Dayton Dunbar Krajicek for his contri- bution to Dentistry and to the prestige of the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Dentistry. 4 Z n Z 2 Z Z G E I L I I J l 1 J I E E 1 l L I ,, ..-.-.. -- , ..-, ,-i r K-rv. . :IS1,ie"J 1,33 'ff'-.,T", ..',,1k 'vcnqrs " ' 1 - 'lf' ' 'W "1-va'9W8iP? 1 1 When one has many awards from such prestigious bod- 4 ies as Omicron Kappa Upsilon, Sigma Xi, Woodbury Study Club, Pierre Fauchard Academy, has been awarded the Wilmer Souder and William john Gies awards, has won "Man of the Year" from the Univer- sity of Missouri- Kansas City, has served his profession by many state and local association positions as presi- by many state and local association positions as presi- dent, and by appointment by nine dental colleges to r f ssor status- and has received international recog- p o e , U nitiong what additional accolade can be given? I How can our appreciation surpass that of his patients 3 for his valued services rendered to their lasting oral health? Dr. Hollenback has served many of the most distinguished of Hollywood's professional people. One 4 of the wealthiest men in America has shown his appre- ciation of the efforts of Dr. Hollenback in a most sub- stantial manner. What can be a greater tribute than seeing your pro- fession improve by your labor? Dr. Hollenbacl-c's in- ventions in dentistry are well known and often used, such as an amalgam carver, a pneumatic condenser and a vacuum investing machine. I-lis inventions of To precision measuring devices and testing equipment ' have provided accurate methods for evaluating dental George ZI'SHo1lgergbaCkf v M' S' D' 2 F' A' C' D' 2 products. Dr. Hollenback has never advocated the ex- 5 F'A'A' ' 'P ' C' 2 F' ' ' ' tensive use of pin retained restorations of any type. He believes there is a place for this type of retention but feels it is being greatly overdone at this time. This method of retention of amalgam restorations was first advocated in 1925 by Dr. James Mark Prime. Dr. Hollenback's refinement of the casting technic has enabled every dental student to have reasonable suc- cess in producing a casting of gold that fits the die. The improvement of amalgam and direct gold re- storations are due, in large part, to his research. He , has investigated the Ceram- gold technic and believes it completely impossible to maintain accuracy in this procedure. He feels that restorations of this type should H not be utilized. Current areas of research include an 2 extensive study of the composite resins. When students of dentistry reflect on Dr. Hollenback's distinguished career, they will certainly rank his ardent pursuit for the best in dental products and "consumer protection" through research as one of his most outstanding accomplishments. The BUSHWHACKER wishes to express our deep appreciation to Dr. George M. Hollenback for his outstanding legacy to the profession and our School of Dentistry. l 6 Y W' .-- Ax: 'V , " ' -' .' .. .Qs ' "1 '47-' 'L' 'i' ' ' ii!" " 2.01 'fr ' ' ff mif1.'..a!Hd5tf if-.rfffdb-2SQS5'q'515' -gov, ' n' " 'Ulli , . . .4 ., . V, ! rod- 'TY s er- ion esi- 'esi- to ,og- its il ost One :pre- sub- ,- n- d, er of 12 ntal : ex- n fe ion was Dr . s uc- e . He eves this :hould an dents hed se arch :o the BUSHWHACKER has centered the lime-light on four of our famous alumni who have shown their excellance in adminstration, research, writing and inventing. Our group outstanding alumni, the general practitioners are not as concerned in these areas but they have contributed much to the profession of dentistry. The general practitioner of dentistry is the backbone of the profession. The general dentist is certainly an adminstrator, for he must provide a living for his family, contribute to the community economy by employment and taxes and direct his patients' oral health. Our general practitioner does not excell at formal research and writing but does grow professionally from his and others experiences. He usually is not an inventor but many of his innovations have been turned into labor-saving patient-benefiting techniques. The whole of our general dentist alumni have scaled the heights of adminstration, conducted worthy research, published notable works and invented some of dentistrys most useful mechanisms. University of Missouri Kansas City School of Den- tist1'y graduates have accomplished the highest levels of success and BUSHWHACKER wishes to congratulate them for making our chosen profession what it is today. 'N 'X .n . if f I A I E' X V-1 '-E Q 'NJ The reason for the dental profession's revered status to the public is due to the personal relationship the gen- eral dentist conveys to his patients. The family dentist is the comforting friend who is willing to aid in an emergency and patients sense his sincerity and devotion. The general dentist did not inherit his patient 's es- teem but earned their respect by rendering treatment at fair fees and projecting a professional purpose that reassures the patient. The BUSHWHACKER thanks our general practitioner alumni for their talents and perseverance in elevating the profession. For their shouldering of the professions many obligations, obtaining some rewards but receiv- ing all too little recognition we salute our general practitioner alumni. Our thanks to Ray F elker for his talents in producing the cover photograph, THE GENERAL DENTIST. 7 - -N-.. Y - - -+- -xfrxnzis... .., . --'11lliI!" ""' rf' -Af' -H-ie 1. --H-V' 5-gg, 3-11-, . LLL 1-V-., -, ,"', -.-.--..-.4.....,'.,-...u--.-,Q-gs u--11.47315 3.-Q45d5gqaq5fe4.7ryp'11s51a1ae9f51f1i n- ? 4 ..-1 O w, ,Nm X Q Nav -wx, ..,-,H-,.3.'. 1 I -Q 'T .f 1 - 1 5 V. XX ' Q ws. 1 x 4, O99 5 Z Q? .X .V Z0 3- 5 4: , 0 f 4, I L V , Q 5 J an 5 " sy f K Q, 53 , Q , Q' ,! .f ,J M 'lm 5 1 912' 5469! mm, ' f Mr VY5 Z'?YQWf? Q, Pw I Q U I yah, a 2 ,f,z,,, V.. QQ g f ' W,-gym ' EWWQJU y W. ,L if X W 1 ,-1 eGQ-,,-,,L,- A ff Q Q 201 Qi rg-W rp.:-as -1-HB' -.,.....-a-1, , aj, . rrahaanvpnsrnnnx-L I 1 1 X X I n 1 V 1 1 1 f , , X 1 ,- 1 L . ' 4, ,...i...-.--1- ... ,.....,.... .vw .. . ..-- ..- ':g--.,- ... e-,-1,4a-4e-141-'f41-:ee1'+'r4-- 441. 4 ff -, Q .- SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY TABLE OF ORGANIZATION 1970-71 BOARD OF CURATORS UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI V. P. for Business Management-Dale O. Bowling and V. P. for Finance G Comptroller-Ray H. Bezoni University of Mis- souri. President C. Brice Ratchford, University of Missouri. Business Officer- Claiborne A. Harper UMKC. Chancellor james C. Olson. Registrar-Leo J. Sweeney UMKC. Dean Hamilton B. G. Robinson School of Dentistry. Consultant- Richard O. Sword. Business Officer-School of Dentistry S. Stanley Dalen. Registrar-Henry D. Musselman. Biomedical Communication Services Director-Dr. Daniel E. Tira. Associate Dean- Russell W. Sumnicht. Educational Psychol- ogist- William E. Mayberry. Coordinator of Graduate Stud- ies- George R. Young. Assistant Dean for Research Admin- istration and Continuing Education-jack L. Stewart. Divi- sion of Biomedical and Dental Sciences. Assistant Dean-J. E Herbertson, Anatomy-J. E. Herbertson, Biochemistry- G, R. Young, Histology-W. L. Reeve, Microbiology-T. H, Alms, Pathology-C. L. Dunlap, Pharmacology-L, S. Schanker, Physiology-F. T. Y, Liu, Preclinical Techniques and Materials-R, L, Briggs. Division of Preventive and Community Dentistry. Associate Dean-R. W. Sumnicht, Diagnosis-R, E. Gier, X-ray-B. W. Warner, Preventive Dentistry-G.D, Roth, fEthics, Nutrition, History, jurispru- dence, Orientation, Physical Diagnosis, Practice Adminis- tration, Principles of Medicine, Psychiatric Aspects. Public Education, Public Healthy. Division of Therapeutic, Surgi- cal and Restorative Dentistry. Assistant Dean-C. C. Schooler. Dir. for Comprehensive Dentistry-V. S. Fricke, Dir. for Clinical Specialties-P.M. Jones, Complete Pros- thodontics-P, M. Jones, Endodontics-S, Iannazzo, Fixed Partial Prosthodontics-N, L, Schwartz, Operative Dentistry- D.L. Moore, Oral Surgery and Anesthesiology-R. E. Allen, Orthodontics-V. D, Bowles. Pedodontics QUndergraduatej- A. E. Iwersenj Periodontics- Chester Siegel, Removable Par- tial Prosthodontics-W. L. Harvey. Courses Dental Hygiene. Director-B, A. Lambert, Director of Graduate Programs for Dental Hygienists-M. N. Tishl-C. DIV. The U. currici upon v The pl the bl: faculty ,. 5 Thom: qPh. Associ fessc Chai Micro! 4 aa 4 f 4 ,, Ar., aeaqgfr , it y 2.4 -fl? 5 7 - Bern Bu QPI P1'0f4 Ana1 ' 2 professors emeritus 1970-1971 NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE Baker, Claude R. QD.D.S.J Hamilton, B. Bates qD,D.s,p olnell, Claude W. fD.D,S,y BQX 525 Richmond Clinic 304 West 112th Street Vemc Britton, South Dakota 57430 Richmond, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri G 45055 448- 2736 942-9500 Prgfj D Hollenback, George M. QD, D, S, J Phanl Calmesa FFS-11015 M- CD. D. S. J 17000 Ventura Boulevard Reeves, Albert L. QThe Honorabley I 782.5.R0Sf2W0Od Encino, California 91316 305 Edgewater Drive Prame V11lage, Kansas 12135 789-9461 or 788-5537 Dunedin Florida 642-9377 ' 0 Lefkowitz William QD.D.S.Q S C 1W D D 3 Dillon, Edward L. fD.D.S.J Apartado Postal No. 47 67l1V2,T6cusir . 1 n i .J . I 8021 Lee Boulevard ChaPa10, Jalisco Kansas City Missouri I Leawood, Kansas Mexico 523-6087 ' . 649-0687 Moore, Norman A. fD.D,S,j ,lj l,,' f Gates, Lester M. QD. D. S. J 226 South Pacific 1114 West 76th Street Terrace . Oceanside, California Kansas City, Missouri 333-6927 Wayn QPh. Profe: 14 Cha Histol ibrbqs ' ' 'A ' ' 4 4 - e:eee'lf15fl'sf-ff.-eg-Q5-e,1aeQ-efgzsieeee . -ii l V f '-u4.'i.iaeea.- 4' ' 1 - T ' -' ' - ' H- P "i'1'Q'- ---1- - .1.-,':2L' f ' - A l ' ' Y ' v X - ' - i - - 1 - , . . M"-' ?"""'AY - ---- ----- --a - va a .Y , , , W , Xi- .-up-sauna-A-.,.n., I It , fe spru- mms- ublic urgi- :ke , 'os- :d istry- rllen, te I- : Par- ene . 1s for leI DIV. OF BIOMEDICAL, DENTAL SCIENCES The UMKC School of Dentistry provides a relevant accelerated curriculum to the dental student. This program is the foundation upon which the dental student builds his knowledge of dentistry. The principalship of Dr. James E. Herbertson imparts cohesion to the blocks of this foundation so well layed by the teaching faculty. ,,- . Thomas H. Alms Robert L. Brown QPh. D. I QPh. D. I Associate Pro- Assistant fessor and Professor Chairman Microbiology Microbiology james E. Herbertson IM- S- , D. D. S. I Assistant Dean Professor and Chairman Anatomy Bernard B. Charles L. Butterworth Dunlap, QPh.D.I QD.D.S.I Professor Associate Anatomy Professor and Chairman Pathology Tawfik M. A , Eattar QPh. DI Associate Professor Biochemistry Marvin F. Field, QPh. D. I Associate Professor Histology .7 ff QS L 5 f . 5,..II Vernon A. I-Isien S. Lin Frank T. Y. Liu, C. Kendall Green QPh. DI QM, S. I QPh. D. I Porter, Professor Instructor Professor and QD, D, S. , Pharmacology Physiology Chairman M. S. I Physiology Associate Pro- fessor Pathology Wayne L. Reeve Robert R. Rhyne Lewis S. QPh. DI QD. D. S. I Schanker, Professor and Instructor QPh. D. I Chairman Pathology Professor and Histology Chairman Pharmacology George R. Young QPh. D. I Professor and Chairman 9 Viola D. Flanagan, QB. S. I QMrs. Maurice J. I Associate Pro- fessor P athology Helen Patricia Randolph QM. S, I QMrs. LeonI Instructor Biochemistry Not Pictured Frank B. Carabello QPh. D. I Assistant Professor Physiology Timothy J. Wilson QM. S. I Instructor Microbiology ""U'Y V Y fff ff f X W f f f f if WW' sw Qy fy ff! , ,M r-ff' Robert L. Briggs QD. D, S . I Assistant Pro- fessor and Chairman Dental Materials Charles Walth all QD. D. S. I Professor Dental Morphology Harvey C. Carlson QD. D. S. I Assistant Professor Research . ,QQ,...,s.-W Y' - . - Vs- w Qmgsw , W Mi.. .I ,M W E, E, Dillon John K. Kiesen- Richard A. Ochs QD,D,S.I dahlQD.D.S.j QD.D.S.J Professor Clinical Clinical Emeritus Instructor Instructor Dental Dental Materials Morphology Leo F. Bieser Ronald E. Gier Arthur D. Her- Thomas A. Jones QD,D,s,y QD,D,S,I 1achQD,D,S,3 QD.D.S.I Clinical Assistant, Professor and Clinical Assis- Clinical Assistant Professor Chairman tant Professor Professor Diagnosis Diagnosis Diagnosis Diagnosis 50" 1 'Vt-'VWV x"E-QVC' f?K5VNQV? Str' i' CCA' w ,xg af Z 'su ff. t i ,, , ' . so v, fs wp gg X, p,f'ii2g4w- A Q N r - .. '- S. ' SX ' 4 W5 - t- 1 J.: 1... W., f - ,gc :S v if eg., If I 6 N394 X Y If Harry J. Kun- stadter QD. D. S.J Assistant Pro- fessor Diagnosis Arvon E. Rueger QD. D. S . I Associate Pro- fessor Diagnosis DIVISION OF PREVENTIVE AND COMMUNITY DENTISTRY The shape of the future of dentistry is continually changing during our academic and professional life. Public health responsibilities with the overwhelming need for dental services, determines this change in dentistry from a restorative to a preventive concept. Dr. Russell Sumnicht with his extensive background and his very capable staff give us the direction necessary to to full realization of our potential in the area of dental disease. Russell W. Sumnicht QD, D. S. J Professor and Associate Dean Preventive and Community Dentistry I Fred A. Rich- mond QD. D, S,j Lecturer History Paul E. JC QD, D, S Associate fessor Radiology Audell Bill ley QD . I Clinic al Instructc Preventive Commun Dentistrj DIVISIC AND RI This is wha oratory ins' student, ai vide optim the divisio: 5 ,E S 2 J Sellanti , QD. D, S . .ssistant I fessor Comprehe Dentistr OI' "bug-u-ug an F l. Ochs -D ateri als t . jones - J Xssistant lr Jring ti es his CTV Zion rw 4 Paul E. jones QD. D. S. J Associate Pro- fessor Radiology X. z ., wt. ' -2: 'N f . Benjamin W. Warner QD.D. S. J Professor and Chairman Radiology Homer C. Jamison QD. D. S. J Professor Preventive and Community Dentistry and Biostatistics Richard O . Sword Willard R. Bell- QD.D.S., ingerQD,D.S,j M. D. I Lecturer Clinical Pro- Preventive f6SSOI' Dentistry Psychiatry .? .A Audell Billings- Ralph E. Knowles Paul E. Lind- Genevieve D. Edwin O. Wicks leyQD.D.S.J . QD.D.S.J quistQM.D.j Roth QD,D.S,y QM,D.y Clinical Clinical Assistant Clinical Assis- Professor and Professor Instructor Professor tant Professor Chairman Preventive and Preventive and Preventive and Preventive and Preventive Community Community Community Community Dentistry Dentistry Dentistry Dentistry Dentistry DIVISION OF THERAPEUTIC, SURGICAL AND RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY Schooler This is where the action is. The integration of classroom and lab- ID-11 S- 7 oratory instruction is fulfilled on the clinic floor here the patient, student, and teacher are brought together in a joint effort to pro- vide optimal dental health. Dr. Charles Schooler is the hub of the division with the responsibility of complete patient care. Vernon S. Fricke QD . D. S. J Associate Pro- fessor and Director Comprehensive Dentistry ..a Bellanti, Neal D. flfBirkenbaugh, QD,D.S.j Jon D. .ssistant Pro- QD. D. S. J fessor Instructor Comprehensive Comprehensive Dentistry Dentistry Charles C . Professor and Assistant Dean Therapeutic, Surgical and Restorative Dentistry The UMKC School of Dentistry utilized a program of Comprehensive Dentistry this year. Every instructor was given the opportunity to instruct in all of the disciplines of clinical treatment. A concentrated re-fresher was in- tra-murally conducted for the benefit of the clinical in- structors. The program was extremely beneficial to stu- dents and instructors alike. Dr. Vernon S. Fricke 's direc- tion of the Comprehensive Dentistry program and the ef- forts of the Comprehensive Dentistry Instructors made the program an unequivocal success. i I Afw k . , X 1- i fy f f i' 2 f ff yl6 f f ' f7f X '40 ff Z? if V1.2 1 0 11 f I 4 f gf f - 3, f Qt ' 25 ,, , f af' w a f f r -,s fy! f W ,W , ff ,WfW ,W 9? Wffzwwf ' if 4591 ff f I I T ZWQWCZWZ if X WZ pf gf 92aj PM ,WWWZMZ W1 'A 1 ...E S zap- 4 p , Q il ' M! i fFChappell, Robert P. QD. D. S. J Associate Pro- fessor Comprehensive Dentistry AN -AQ. Y ' PIfDonovan, Uhl D . QD. D . S . J Assistant Professor Comprehensive Dentistry -, -4+ ' PIfFerguson, David J. QD. D. S. J Assistant Professor Comprehensive Dentistry fFHart, Jerry K. QD. D. S. J Instructor Comprehensive Dentistry I V,V!l, 2 yfhgyvwfywfy W , f 1 f f f y f I M X WZ! fag , ffyy Wffff WX' Wt ff fg' 1 f Q, f fy K, Q. ff. 570 if f ' f X .sim A f X . vWF x ww jf , .mfg sg, "A'ZQ'y .fl f ' Q sjggfffy f, A Mdyliilfffy fs QV X f f x , 'im V V , ' f. Q'-I 4, f f 5 Y' 4 Q if A PFMills , Carlyle R. QD. D. S . J Assistant Professor Comprehensive Dentistry PkWatson, Ronald , ...--,,..,,,,,-W .fn .--W A . .. A.-'www-fvw comprehensive dentistry .ff X ff , X I PkHaynes, john I. QD. D. S. J Associate Professor Comprehensive Dentistry flfNeedham, Peter L. QD. D. S. J Associate Professor Comprehensive Dentistry West, Robert P . flfjordan, Algene . George QD. D. S. J Assistant Professor Comprehensive Dentistry il 1 1 f 4 W y0 I X W-gf fam- W W hfffflg gf X f 1312115 H ,jj ili4' 4 E X E WM g'?':?g:.'f?7l ' ,'. I' if ,zz qs iciff if - ff FT . incl Zi. i 'yiiifff-l"'sS " tw: 531:-13. if: w .4 1f'n5g""' '+,, -1 -'Em :wgq " ,145 tRamlow, William A. QD. D. S . J Instructor Comprehensive Dentistry "fCarr, Leonard E. E. QD.D.S.J QD.D.S.J QD.D.S.J Instructor I.nstructor Clinical Professor Comprehensive Comprehensive Operative Dentistry Dentistry Dentistry Loftus, james F. QD. D. S. J Clinical Assistant Professor Comprehensive Dentistry 4'Maienschein, Eugene H. QD. D. S. J Clinical Associate Professor Comprehensive Dentistry ,'fMatthews, Carl S. QD. D. S. J Clinical Associate Professor Comprehensive Dentistry Killian, Billy 1. QD. D. S. J Instructor Comprehensive Dentistry PlfShemwell, Gary N. QD. D. S. J Instructor Comprehensive Dentistry PlfKirchoff, Arnold W. QD. D. S. J Assistant Professor Comprehensive Dentistry PlfVierthaler, Anton A. QD. D. S. J Assistant Professor Comprehensive Dentistry 'kF10h1', Victor R. Pkjirovec, Donald QD. D. S. J J. cn. D. s. J Assistant Professor Clinical Instructor Re.Se3I'Ch and Comprehensive Comprehensive Dentistry Dentistry Not Pictured PlfMacauley, Don Robert QD,D, S, J Clinical Instructor Comprehensive Dentistry PlfRutherford, Gereld L. QD,D, S, J Instructor Comprehensive Dentistry flfSteinert, Marlon D. QD. D. S. J Instructor Comprehensive Dentistry vq, A J it P i 3. I -wr n 5 ,l- ' I"-1 V f ' 1 DW? A W Z J 15. Q MN fjj,,,MQf' N M .yfffz .Wff .s,w vkNel: P . Clir Con D1 if If 'kChi: F. Clii A: P1 Cor D John Assi: Ren Pri n . 9 . , A Way QD Prof Fixe Pr Arnold I. S. J isive ra - I r :nsive V flfNelson, Edward P, QD.D.S.I Clinical Professor Comprehensive Dentistry 0 , if tI4Chimienti, John F. QD.D.S.J Clinical Associate Professor Comprehensive Dentistry onald 101111 D- Mose QD.D.S.J S, Q Assistant Professor structor Removable lsive Prosthodontics . I 1 I I Wayne L. Harvey I QD. D. S. J ' Professor and Chairman Fixed Partial Prosthodontics Irv . gjqgasvziisvf , , TZSZQUQWL .Q ' f . W. ., ' 'fi OXXSZN XOA N05 V Q as Vw 4-X as ..,,,.,,.. - .,,,,.,. Aw, :xv , fs okay? X, . it QQ QS 'Aqfr if sas 9 sg, QQ QMA if- Wy ? A. - , .A ff ff Q9 E X PN X rryfs'i aai I fkRueb, Alfred O. Rueb, Marlin J. XT ate, Oscar B. tIfWelton, Lewis QD.D.S.J QD.D.S.J QD.D.S.J D. QD.D.S.J Clinical Clinical Assistant Clinical Clinical Assistant Associate Professor Assistant Professor Professor Comprehensive Professor Comprehensive Comprehensive Dentistry Dentistry Dentistry CLINICAL SPECIALTIES The clinical specialists are consultants to the comprehensive dentistry program. They add graduate and! or board experience to the learn- ing situation on the clinic floor. In the consul- tant capacity they are available to aid the com- prehensive instructor and the rect diagnosis and treatment in a situation where the general dentist may refer his patient to a recognized specialist. PQZQKV 4 '4QS4wy4wg, V -f , . f- wp 14,f..ML.4,Q , , . , yi ,DJ gianmzy ,r M, , -was .a,,.m,.a f, - 1 l WQMW f I .4 'awww K f-1 ws W .f f-0 ' .sw , , yvfff. 5 , I ff ,, ff? -. W ..,, . ,fi UI, f 0 f , sf era-V .mv , , Q , V-f ,A -fr ,mf f' ' , , , . , W .nfs fi. 0 '. f Myfsmfaat f , af, A., .x ,- Q 1 ,f,f.a.-sanmw 1 .NU sv. 7 S ,' 1 -6 . si va 2 1 ,s,ws1ni.fff , 473 "V so-i. - aff W ff nf fyw,-11 - Q ff ' W? 2 , ""7Zz4i6f-,QQ f , , Q ,1,, f fy 4 . V , 3" as yv Wai' - 4. , A .V ,, .mf A , ,, Www, iz., 'V I Q If Q fv-, '5z1.7'WA , f X f X f f X f J f V f ff f X, , X X V w ,W V Qi 1 7.4. 2 iff f X , 5 f wwf..-4 , f, , N.. f Dayton D. Krajicek QD . D . S. J Clinical Associate Professor Removable Prosthodontics Norman L. Schwartz QD. D. S. 7 Professor and Chairman Fixed Partial Prosthodontics 'N""E":.. , . - student in the cor- l-Ielen Blaine QD. D. S. I Assistant Professor Maxillo- facial Prosthodontics An Norman L. Zwickel QD. M. D. I Clinical Assistant Professor Removable Prosthodontics Lowell D. Whitsett Salvatore Iannazzo QD.D.S.J QD.D.S.J Associate Professor Associate Professor and Fixed Prosthodontics Chairman Endodontics . L V , . -, , W gg-u-aaa---as-:H--...,.+..s.1..aa::.2 M ,W ,, V! X 3' ff wk f fy. V., 5 W J, Q' ff 22 Z . Z W David L. Moore QD. D. S. J Professor Operative Dentistry james W. Lowe QD. D. S. J Instructor Pedodontics Ronald Kramer QD. D. S . J Clinical Instructor Oral Surgery ,--su 5 , " 7' , " . 3 . jack L. Hartley QD. D. S. J Clinical Associate Professor Preventive and Community Dentistry Robert E. Allen QD. D. S. J Professor Oral Surgery Norman Burk QD, D, S,J Clinical Instructor Oral Surgery WW Arthur E. h Iwerson Marvin W. Reed I QD,D,S,j QD.D.S.y Associate Professor Associate Professor C Pedodontics Pedodontics I ,Mg , yy .f iff-Y ZW? QW X55- I Perry E. Bolander E. Neil Johnson I QD.D.S.J QD.D.S.J Associate Professor Clinical Instructor C Oral Surgery Oral Surgery C I Donald W. Martin Jack A. Freeman I QD.D.S.J QD.D.s,p i Clinical Instructor Clinical Instructor Oral SLu'gery Oral Surgery , - g Chester 516881 ID- D- S- P DOHHICI R- HOOVCI' Jack C. Penticuff Norman D. C-lasscock Associate Professor and QD, D, 3.5 QD.D' S., QD. D.S.J Clmlfmfln Clinical Professor Clinical Associate Clinical Assistant Periodontics Periodontics Professor professor Pe1'i0d0m3iCS Periodontics Cla clinical specialties G V I M V 1 Y A ,... X, .' f 'JZ' 2 "..,v'm Q I " 'T ' ' if f I " ' ' ' ' ' -TF 'r ff- ,':','.l- ,.f.",'L3 .lv " xv, A I I -ff'Qg'5?5fi5'4fiK5m1"1'-'fi . ' H " " -' 54 -gi-5 .-,hm - - 1 - -: r-'vw--' - :nur .SV E 22 . f gary gr us f C -ff . 'bases sl s osssks-sa.1:vsfs1s s V- 0 I Xa msn-1sx.s ' N . . .2m.s352gX.gfkf.. . 9 wifi? - .zfyf-,wi ' .X 1 Y'-.Jfi 1 - . ,X ., -. 1 . yy f WA - , .Y W5 if ' s, " 5 s yy SX. . A i. Q f , 1 'ev . N . V X. 7355, -rv' if Y' 'FP Sl P . 1.5 S Q., ws ,QE 3' 6 x , N. X ,. 3 Kenneth W. Carlson QD. D. S. J Clinical Associate Professor Periodontics Donnie J. Thompson QD. D. S. J Clinical Instructor Orthodontics Robert L. Toth QD, D. S. J Clinical Instructor Orthodontics Max Shapiro QD. D. S. I Visiting Lecturer Periodontics Richard Jones QD. D. S. J Clinical Instructor Orthodontics Dean P. Dyer QD.D.S.J Clinical Instructor Orthodontics Victor D. Bowles QD. D. S. J Clinical Professor and Chairman Orthodontics Donald A. Clossen QD. D. S . J Clinical Assistant Professor Orthodontics John W. Richmond QD . D . S. J Clinical Professor Orthodontics professors emeritus James H. Abbott QD. D.S.J Clinical Instructor Orthodontics Max R. Moore QD.D S I Clinical Assistant Professor Orthodontics Harold E. Thompson QD. D. S. 7 Clinical Assistant Professor Orthodontics Q Claude O'Dell Carl W. Sawyer George M. Norman A. Francis M. QD, D, S, Q QD, D, S , J Hollenback Moore Calmes QD.D.S.J QD.D.S.J QD.D.S.J -ala-L , , I , I V jg't4g+3C-ff:'.2:-- . . W WV' The Achilles Heel of dentistry is in the area of getting Jack L Stewart, D D S Professor and Assistant Dean Research and Continuing Education Channeling new knowledge into the field of dentistry 1S the objective of dental research UMKC School of Dentistry research is omni d1 rectional in scope, but 'ChaI1l4S to DI' Jack L Stewart, lt 15 um dl rectional in its aim to meet the dental research objective RESEARCH Harvey C Carlson, D D S Assistant Professor, Research David V. Cohn, Ph D Associate Professor, Research-Biochemistry QVAJ Tawfik M,A. ElAttar, Ph. D. Associate Professor, Biochemistry Marvin F. Field, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Histology Viola D. Flanagan, B.S. Associate Professor, Pathology Victor R. Flohr, D.D. S. Assistant Professor, Research 8 Comprehensive Dentistry Ronald E. Gier, D.D.S., M.S.D. Professor and Chairman, Diagnosis new ideas into the dental field where they can be put to productive use. Again, thanks to Dr. Jack L. Stewart, the UMKC School of Dentistry Continuing Education program protects this vulnerable area in dentistry by placing people with outstanding talent in contact with people who have a need to know. CONTINUING EDUCATION Susan Bane, B,S,, D,H, Instructor, Dental Hygiene Helen L. Blaine, D.D. S, , M, S, Assistant Professor, Complete Prosthodontics Victor D. Bowles, D.D.S. Clinical Professor and Chairman, Orthodontics Robert L. Briggs, D.D.S. Assistant Professor and Chairman, Dental Materials Barbara Clark, B, S, , D. H, Clinical Instructor, Dental Hygiene Biostatistics Frank T.Y. Liu, Ph.D. Vernon A. Green, Ph.D. Professor, Pharmacology Donald R. Hoover, D.D. S., M. S. Clinical Professor, Periodontics Homer C. Jamison, D, D,S. , Dr.P.H. Professor, Preventive 8 Community Dentistry 8 Professor and Chairman, Physiology C. Kendall Porter, D. D. S. , M. S. Associate Professor, Pathology Marvin W. Reed, D.D.S. Associate Professor, Pedodontics Genevieve D. Roth, D.D.S. Professor and Chairman, Preventive Dentistry Lewis S. Schanker, Ph.D. Professor and Chairman, Pharmacology Uhl D. Donovan, D.D.S. Assistant Professor, Comprehensive Dentistry Ronald E. Gier, D.D. S, , M, S, D, Professor and Chairman, Diagnosis jack L. Hartley, D.D.S., M,S, Clinical Associate Professor, Preven- tive 8 Community Dentistry Wayne L. Harvey, D.D.S. , M,A. Professor and Chairman, Removable Partial Prosthodontics James E. Herbertson, M,S, , D,D,S Professor and Assistant Dean, Anatomy Gerard W. Huerter, D, D, S, , M,S, Clinical Instructor, Orthodontics Salvatore Iannazzo, D, D. S. , M.A, Associate Professor and Chairman, Endodontics Arthur E. Iwersen, D.D.S., M,A, Professor and Chairman, Pedodontics QUndergraduateJ ' Philip M. Jones, D.D. S. , M. S. D, Professor and Director QClinical Specialtiesj, Complete Prosthodontics Barbara Lambert, B, S, , D, H, Assistant Professor and Director, Dental Hygiene Will Assi Eduf Davi1 IN Profe I Kenn Clini P john Assisi Jack Clini P P atrii Instrl Arnolc James Guy B Dayto: Donal Wiltoi David Thom john I Ralph Arnolc Hub er John F Thom Walte John C Prof es: Clalldq ECIWHIW fe .S. .A. n, , A. ntics D . ,nh William E. Mayberry Richard Drisko Daniel E. Tira fPh. D. Kenneth E. Lawrence A. F. Schopper qPh. D.j CD. D. S.J Assistant Professor QD, D, S.J fD.D, S,j Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Preventive and Lecturer Lecturer Educational Biomedical Community, and Pedodontics psychology Commtmications Biomedical Communications David L. Moore, D. D. S. , M. S. , Hamilton B. G. Robinson, D. D. S. , D, J, Thompson, D, D, S, M.A. M.S. Clinical Instructor, Orthodontics Professor and Chairman, Operative Professor and Dean, Administration D611fiS1Z1'Y H. E. Thompson, D, D, S, Kenneth E. Mort, D.D. S. , M.S. Clinical Assistant Professor, Prosthodontics john D. Mose, D. D, S. Assistant Professor, Prosthodontics Jack C. Penticuff, D.D. S. Clinical Associate Professor, Periodontics Patricia Randolph, M, S, Norman L. Schwartz, D, D, S, Professor and Chairman, Fixed Par- tial Prosthodontics Lois Scott, B.A. , D.H, Clinical Instructor, Dental Hygiene Marilyn Shreve, B, S, , D. H. Instructor, Dental Hygiene Chester Siegel, D, D. S. Associate Professor and Chairman, Clinical Assistant Professor, Orthodontics Benjamin W. Warner, D. D, S, Professor and Chairman, Radiology Mary Lu White, B, S, , D. H. Instructor, Dental Hygiene Lowell D. Whitsett, D. D, S, Associate Professor, Prosthodontics Instructor, Biochemistry Pe1'iOClO11tiCS Faculty Members Not Shown Arnold Arms Consultant james Hamilton Biochemistry James Arnold Pathology Charles Hayden Preventive GUY Berry Oral Surgery Rudolph Heitz jurisprudence Dayton Blume Orthodontics Stan Hellerstein Pedodontics Donald Clark Consultant Marchiel Hopkins Prosthodontics Wilton Cogswell Oral Surgery Gerard Huerter Orthodontics David Cohn Biochemistry Larry Jacobson Periodontics Thomas Davis Prosthodontics Mike johnson Materials john Dooner Periodontics Hary Knauff Oral Surgery Ralph Edwards Oral Surgery Samual Levin Biochemistry Arnold Eversull Consultant Ronal MacC-regoi Biochemistry Hubert Eversull Prosthetics AU john F eeney Operative Hugh' Mathewson Physiology Thomas F ritzlen Pathology Ercell Miller Crown S Bridge Walter Fuller Periodontics Lex Moore Oral SLu'gery lohn Gossett C1-own 5 Bridge James Moore Pedodontics Professors Emeritus not shown Lester Gates DDS Claude Baker DDS Bates Hamilton DDS Edward Dillon DDS fsee page 165 Milton Noltensmeyer Oral SU-1'Se1'Y Thomas Rankin CO1'lSlllt3.1'1t Harold sins Surgery Arthur Simmons P9-th0108'Y Francis Spierto Biochemistll' james Stewart A-nat0mY Chris Thomas SUISSTY Marvin Thompson Preventive Farrell Webb SUISGFY Edward Weiford S111'S61'Y Marvin Westfall Radiology Robert Wilber Preventive William Williams Preventive Donald Woodard S11I'gG1'Y David Yourtee Pharmacology The Honorable Albert Reeves William Lefkowitz f ,WI RESERVKD DAYS, NIGHT DR. SUMNICHT , . eb A 571497 V ' W , .- 4? . , W "f"-w.,,,NmNNN if, 'if gf V am, f 0, ,W 4,. , '45 W I ' 4 gf 7 ww g 7 A: f , f J ' f , MMV r , , ,M , . A, 1M. ,A.' ., 4.-,,,A!M vM3,7fZ,wf' , I A X -Wg fl 'MQ 111, ..... ggi.: ' "" frfff-m,,M W. wx wf ff f Y , , W ,Y,,,Y -- W H....m..,,xai:Qfff w1g,,gm,14M,, , ',Nf..,,,n,g.,,f,m! K" mf -f" M Q ww W A , , f W We ,wffw VKW ,fm-,V W W0 yfwffxy wwfl, ,, f U f ,,,. f QAM?-af fi.. f ' , . f , S , 'ff My wg-W. ,ffg',,f . U wx A ,www f :Sf Aw W A ,xgsj MQ-w A , ,Am if Af , A ff f X. wx f fwwwxvwgw Nazis? 0 iw .f X V 'X 4 J-W W- M N .X-'AW Sf ZX: 'XWWvf fa X , A-az .W mx-qw! If .gwbiw A V' f X707 fu. X-Q W , - .-Q ,nf ff M W , , f A W V , f 5 X V 17, , 9 ,WW ff! . 1 X , 7 W, .f A , Z f, M ' 'AW Z bw E, I :ff A 0 ,J 4' ' Z 1 W ,, ' ' ' , f y X f . gf, f f, f?! , f if. 1 X 5 I ,W f W u QW X f ff , X f 7 , if J 'Nw A f X I A if ', f I f gi ' , If ,, f f Uffiv f If , f X f f 'f X f ' MX X Uwrfff ,ff 7 gwxwf ,lim Vx f f ,, ,4 , , ., ffwfidw gf-zz,-,y"Qyl.-f Z?yx:W': "'-- ay-my -,-"' wfffx X fm. ff , - fW,CAfH5 gi A Rf , .W ' ,sg '11 f 2 ff 7 f-V4 ,f 0, Mjw.!,fjw ' ,f QMMQWX f f f 1 x f -955, , f Wa If ,L , 2 , X x 4--Q. s ,,,.,w-fy" Qyfw ffwfff WWW Aw W ,, Swfw X x fWV Y ag X44 ' f M4 9x f !! f fl' ff ff J 4613! 1 f ,L 248 , M af? f 745 f, vf W4 if U -f W 5 j 71, fa fe 9742269 531345-2' 'fif F I as V Q .m,:,1,,'.,,- ZW jf!! 0 4 fi nm-652, X:-:'?ff7 , .5 M M ZW X S f 1 1 X , , , , , f f f f f X X in ff 'A 42 X X HS. .Qi Q Nw X ,Q N Ying REST f N, f V 4 f af f -if ZW E V 'an W H M-mm Broke Finger Birk "Did you see the rest of him?" ww 1 You'1l get an "F" for that f ,fff W Vi, 1 5 ,Q ,ff 3 5 ,1 W J ii i Q F ,,.--..w- .gin - vw.. -5E5Eg2ig5j,,'J',5. -.- -:f : 2 , -,':- .V-fllniviiwv , Q!!! E .... L cus 'No wonder you're ti red--you forgot to take off 'our lead apron." 1 W w .1 .--rua ...Af . -Q..-,Q-. ve' -,.2A t ' - --' I l- ' I I- ---- - I I l graduate division The School of Dentistry offers two programs of advanced study. The Graduate Professional Program is a post- doctoral non-degree program to prepare the applicant holding a D. D, S, or equivalent degree for specialty practice. The oral surgery program requires a minimum of 36 consecutive months in residence. The ortho- dontic and periodontic programs require a minimum of 24 consecutive months in residence. All other clinical areas require a minimum of 21 consecutive months in residence. The Master of Science program is designed to prepare the applicant holding a baccalaureate degree, D.D. S. , or equivalent degree, for teaching and re- search. Students in biomedical science areas may complete the requirements for the Master of Science de- gree in 21 months in residence. Students registered in the clinical specialty areas will have two additional semesters above the course work required for the Graduate Professional Program to complete the requirements for the Master of Science degree. George R. Young Ph. D. is the Coordinator of Graduate Studies and Chairman of the Graduate Committee, a position he has held since 1967. The graduate program has been active since 1948 when two advanced de- grees were presented. These were to, Benjamin Warner D. D. S. , Master of Science in Dental Medicine, and Harold Thompson D. D. S, , Master of Science in Dentistry in Orthodontics. Both are still active in the educa- tional program at the school. In 1970 there were thirty graduates from the program receiving either the Masters degree or the Graduate Diploma. The program is active at this time in the following specialties, Endodontics, Diagnosis and Medi- cine, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Pedodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics QFixed and Removablei, and Dental Hygiene. All programs are governed by the School of Graduate Studies of UMKC, the Master of Sci- ence 1S presented by the School of Graduate Studies, while the Graduate Diploma is presented by the School of Dentistry. The Graduate Committee is appointed by the Dean of the School of Dentistry. The committee for the aca- demic year 1970- 71 has the following members, Robert Allen, D, D, S, Marvin Reed D, D, S. Victor Bowles D, D, S, Norman Schwartz D. D. S. Bernard Butterworth Ph. D. Maxine Tishk M. S. John Dooner D, D, S, Benjamin Warner D. D, S, Charles Dunlap D. D. S. Hamilton B. G. Robinson D. D. S. Tawfic ElAttar Ph. D. Russell Sumnicht D. D. S. Ronald Gier D, D. S. Salvatore Iannazzo D. D. S. Student Members, Philip Jones D, D, S, James Callender D. D. S. William Mayberry Ph. D. I, E, Appleton D. D. S. 29 .....-.-.-1-.--.........-m.-.-...n-.-:-.o:4-eno..4,..' ' ' ' . .mm ..i- .., .. wmv.. Y ,,., ,. . My --fl-----L L -:gg---W - - - --P :LL i? i11, QfL,:f..:.:.: 1 1 2 I 1 1 ' z r w 5 il graduate students 0 3 dmgnoys M.D. A1-Shawaf 5 endodonhcs First Year it Grant Merritt 5 James Dryden n Second Year is William Campbell F Z H Wg: L a i 3 oralsurgery First year Second Year Third year 1 y james Andrews John Cramer R. C. Arms 5 Robert Ennis Larry Evans S. Kershman Y Loren Wendelburg Tom Schugel D.M. Lindley M. J. Weil I 1 orthodontics Fi1'S1S Year Second year D L Blackwell G. R. Campolio M.F. Cassiday J. W. Fanning F . H. F aulconer W. A. Schackel G. F. Schudy D. G. Smith R. W. Thompson H. K. redodontlcs First year D,P, Dalzell j.A Gardner S.V. Jastrzembsik F .P Shulski R,J, Wehner Townsend Jr. R.G. Albright S.B, Cain I.M. Callender B.E. Craven D.C. Dennington J,F. Hayhurst B.E. Johnson R.H. Smith R.G. Thomas Second year T. K. Bagby W.J. Duet I.H. Seifer D.W. Zeismer , I ' 32 peri odontics N-mf' First year Second year D. D. Lambert D, M. LeBlanc A'L, Lopez R. E. Paul M, L, F. Madsen G, E. Renegar k F.W. Pirk A,R, Williams M ,W 'W M 1 L 1. , -2 prosthodontics Cfixedb First Year Second year LE. ApP1C'C0H G. Gauthier D. Bahar1OO G,R,E, Gurion LP. Cooney H,B. Moore ' A.B. Melton D.R. Morris I prosthodontics Cremovableb First year Second year ' LM. Finley R.E. Harrison W. E. Graham W. E. Hunter B. H. Lofton G. H. Latta J.c. Wells E.R. ogiesby 1 WS -' a , ' Q' at ., TA' 44. 917425 X - ,..,,-, X , . va ' , , J , yr ' I H- i i , S li I 1 u . 795411 gye,e,,f,f , Qfdff f V-,Off f W, mf f. R r I 5, I I1 A 'N'--'f'gr2Q-E'u f 'T' ,..yLg,.j-ic.-gcc. . ,AAL 'n'.., Q " r-1-xwww ---- wwwww M--XWNWWM Mwwwaxxmmbev mwmxxwwwm-f41.,,wMwmwv -wwwww -wwv 5 X E ? r 4 9 F , E z 4? 5. r 4 L lf I L a f, fl M .fs 11 gms 5-4nn:u4t'41"!""F5"liSFU""". A f f f f 1 ...ef xQ f gg ., F f nf K 1, x 2 , Q, ff V , f fs, , A ,V 49 ,gm '4 fx W . JT' X 'mf I, fgf , U1 ,Wg 45' , 4 W an Nl u-j ..--' f-ea.-p-nsawalaa. I i 4 2 I MARTHA ALLIS JANET HENDRIX PATTI CHAPMAN f I , I I A MARGARET BRIN KMAN ANNE PET RI I 4 , i 4 5 I 1 X, yd, I HELEN WEDDLE VIRGINIA LINEBACK NINA PALMER 1 :T li V N l I EDNA MOBERLY DOROTHY SERRILL E V in W fl Q ff ,I ,gf -A A ' bw' SI 5 5 ,-32? 5 f, I -' L Elm , Q W Q wx K V X f f ZW, A 9 47 fy 5 " S ZZ 4 4, 5 Q95 e f Z 1 'W' f. W Wi I., 55 2 C - "Wil, 'ZW si fm?" 1 7.0 ymm I --of" BARBARA BURTON MARILYN BAUDEN i BARBARA BUC KINGHAM administration f rx CAROL RUSSELL LINDA BELLANTI DIANE DANNER W' 37 A-A---:ffl-eff, ' --BA..-,,.fc.A.1f,A . MI, ' ANITA ANCH HELEN MURPHY ELIZABETH ST ROUP I W ff 1 M' f, , yy, 5 fs I! X CORINNE I-IESTER Z W m f WW CYNTHIA MCELROY IANISE MANCHESTER JW 1' QWM, A "R , if ELEANOR WICKHAM VIRGINIA ROBERTS ,Wa we MRS, HALDIN R,N, LUCILLE RICH IUANITA HORN BARBARA SIVHTH WV, f Yfifi. 'L X RICH D.A.U. we LEE ONA MADL CATHERINE MCC LELLAN S An Assistant is obviously needed here. Without her, 39 'www iq, if v fo ff ff riff? 9 ,, f ,Q , ef Q, ,W . it would never have worked. Z -W4 , ,,, , -.U-.-qvyqu.-vw-rv-vo-1-mfr ,.. .--- , ..,,,.,., .4 .-,--.-v-7q4.vmw--v--u,- the dental student body thanks the girls from d.a.u. for making life more bearable and the work go more smootny. 3z3j3:.g-..-'giqw Aj. 'wi " ' ' W " ' " "f " -' ' - " P V , 9 - f A, ,,,,, liar-N b I -N-Ia' 3 3 Lola Dilks Liz Kimball E M f M 2 3 I Ruby Alexander Margie Bedsworth ,lf ff' 52 ff: 1 'S ' - YfVI4V'?J" Q " : lb v , 521 f ' f , ' f , K f -fy f f f v W ,Q gp,,ff f4W ygyy 5 ' f ZZ ,,,f-W 1 'Z 5 f J 2 ,.,,,v,,,,,M,,W,W, TIN I 4 I i 4 y 4 ' 1 li y 4 f, 2 4 7 East Dispensary 41 A -9 ' ' ' ?,"fze-L-f-we-w ---A+.-.L,.e.:.v.42 .x . , ' ' 49 IN 7' Q X :- V ' ?' 1 "3 gg i I fi Z 5 f 'C 4 if 9 1 Qx fJ Miss Connie Maxine Gray Ruby Malone Marcelle Seward Q 44 N 1 , Barbara Ruth Gartrell 'Wm W if Willene Tatum Rheta Kirk A f 1 lr 1 , 1 , ,, ,, ,, J , ,MMM 1 r 7 I 9' ff mmf-Q-f,W,mm , , ,, , , 4 . f f , ,,.,, ,M ,Ay .5., ,,,...,,: f ' ' 4' i 'ffl IW 2 , 'lf gf: Mr-an 'mwffwf Mwww ,M-V ff, MW, .W , WL., , W-4.,,,W.yM,,4,V , Wy 5 ,ajw Lunar ff mf f f H , .W-f y W WH ,f WWW .WW ,,7y.,,4W,mwA,w, iywnw Q 1 fi Y 56, lv 4 f ' , Q if f 4 I K W.,-W ,W NW ,W-, ..,,, 1 ,, , 4 x 2 X , fvw A f fa ff-07 Q,Z?,,,,,,, ,,. - ,32.,i,ayA.,i:,? 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After bidding a fond farewell to all his sparrow friends, he went to his nest and stayed for an additional four weeks. Finally the weather turned so bitterly cold that he could delay no longer. As the little sparrow took off and started to fly south, it began to rain. In a short time ice began to form on his little wings. Almost dead from cold and ex- haustion, he fell to earth in a barnyard. As he was breathing what he thought was his last breath, a horse walk- ed out of the barn and proceeded to cover the little sparrow with fertilizer. At first, the sparrow could think of nothing except that this was a terrible way to die. But as the fertilizer started to sink into his feathers, it warmed him and life began to return to his body. He also found that he had enough room to breathe. Suddenly the little sparrow was so happy that he started to sing. At that moment a large cat came into the barnyard and heard the chirping of the little bird, began to dig into the pile of fertilizer to find out where the sound was coming from. The cat finally uncovered the bird and ate him. Now this story contains three morals, 1. Not everyone who shits on you is your enemy. 2. Not everyone who takes shit off you is your friend. 3. When you are warm and comfortable, even if it is in a pile of shit, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. A UTHOR UNKNOWN 45 ,, if X My y Frank Mirikitani, Randall Hayden, Richard Saplata. crown and bridge laboratory 4 denture laboratory Harold Atwell 1 u Joe Gillespie partial denture laboratory Ralph Tilly 46 X M, 2 , fa 4 y t f., f W W iW 4 14 HT pu? ,g-au1!0 ft jp. f 3 , X 5 ' fi., so ,assi itsasissts iQ,p-n r!"F9 -WSw,s52x75w's ,tftgijgggtx sas as as V, "Those module instructors' ought to know this will never "By God Applegate says it will wor pull. " "Shit! I'll just do it myself then." 14. 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George Abbick Terry Adams Jy Anderson 153 Tom Baker Gene Bloom H4""f, 1 5 5 .LWP .Y -ae-'r",.f' ,411 ' . V - - -. .-f-.Uvru .591-. .- I I 6 1 4- 5 if . X xx. NWN- I 1 l 5 ff' ,gum Q WM 2,32- Bill Blub augh WH' F rf 5 4 Bill Boyce 'Q I -E 1 1-A K 4 just a few of the games people play at dental school. Harry Boydston . I 4 ul L 1 I a H E i i M 'T 65 9 John Bolesta Steve Bollinger Floyd Bouse mf? ,f. VW: wf.t-qsfw N , Lv W QWQW' f . sf 4,4 f , 4, A , , , ' kwsfmdeff ff s 'P 'W .S W QQSXW, Wk M 1 M W A f ' ' . 7 f N f . , f W ,, 'uf-V..,,,. Mike Briggs , ,, WQZW, i.,,- KW! , W f V,,wf ,N ff ' ' V522 , -' ff " ,: ,Q V f f Steve Brotherson V ' li? -- - ' 1 Q' Aiwugd' ' V y ,. nfls,-gan-u1n:.l ., .44 449h ,WM W Welcome to the friendly halls. . Norm Buebendorf Bob Burns Greg Burroughs Mlke Butterfreld Don Cable Ron Cantu john Carpenter new :the .1s. .. mdorf ,Ag I lghs le -8. Kent Cohenour Buddy Coke JCITY Cash Bob Chod Mike Cissell Tom Courtney Dale Davis A Damn, it was a cold copy of the '07 exam -- the only Del Delzer Bob Dennington X Ah-. if '27 test our file didn't have. f W . nnter John Dickson Grady Donathan 1 had a Copy of the '07 exam! 67 y Howard Dukes Rebecca Fast Mike F ikes Wayne Fischer -'-wail,-s-'f'u-Cyi, fu ncaa. WM Mike Eberhard Dave Evans Bob Eyer "15- ony- i Q55 WI: ste Mike Fitterling And there I was, paving my way with words, when. . . 68 QL-5,- ' ' I. l Bill Fricke Wayne Galeski Bill Gerst Charles Gilbert But the cavo-surface IS smooth! f2K4cmreamua...,i.t Bob Gilkerson " ,Mtv ' AW ' ff wf f Why not carry a Good Thing one Jerry Hamblin 2 step further? ...Q Kent Hanson -ew ,, mn: Everyone gets one bottom Signs of a well-bread individual. Ken Harland and one top! i 69 ':'E'1iFf'YI " "-'nf-13-and-5 ww-,www W., Mike Harris Paul Heath Steve H611'I19-11 Bernie Henehan Dave Hermann Dave Hill 123' Hodges Nick Hunter 7 5 Z X Z X rl. W if 5 Defiance will not be tolerated. 'Q . Maki -CME Joe Hutchison Clive Ingram John Jackson Phil Jayneg 4 70 ve , -,X ' ,.. , . ,V , , V .. 1 wr it 3':.', 1. I I 4.-'ffl- J -i'- ' ? 1"ifTff..-:-1-ff L 7".k-L-Q, Lv- A l ,- - ...M . .J ,,..,-- 4 -H"+xe.-- -- .. , - fw-fee-G-few-H-fw+--refuses-vis - u g.v---XA-Ja Vf-'eg' yWS Dwight Johnson Neil johnson Bob Johnston Jay Jones Jim Kulild Richard Land Dan Lasater Jim Lenahan Charles Liley John Lindsay Ron Linkow Bob Lockard Doug Lohoefener fy ,X ,ff 1 f , Steve Long 7 1 '- V"' ---'wer Y V - ' V Y f -' 'V ei ,,,,.-, W. ' 'ff 1' W 514 ZS'-32 vw Jim McCall Charles Mclnnis Steve Maus Mark Medina 5,-fag? ,rr Jim Medlock Bob Melton Mark Merriweather Les Miller 'Q' Mike Moody George Morledge -un. I ,,S-mlm ff? fivmn Don Morton Bob Moses ig' Larry Musser jerry Ogilvie Skip Olson Francis Otradovec John Paez Lee Peck 73 'div ' F 1 .-we ,. -.4-Asa-q,,g..5., Dave Poder Reg Reif f...-L,..,.1 ,e ,.. ' Y ----- -i...,.,. Richard Prine Lance Renfroe urging '1',1.:r-f.,:"'T:1'f"1If.f"'ff:z r?-'1z . ,W-'-5. ' j,2.'T'2'j., -.un 'T ' '4' .'f'f,,-fl,,ff H Y " , ,, 3 S 1 i I R , , Ron Roberson Dave Roberts Ron Rommel Jim ROUGH V i 4 l F x W N i 1 9 I Don Rouland 1 3 Some satisfied food machine customers. Ralph Schoeffler 3 Q ? E 5 A1 Segawa Jack Sellers Fred Sheinbein Ron Shrum i v N Q w James Shull Ray Smith Steve Snow Steve Tipp 74 I 1-4.1 . ,ppp V - Larry Trimmell J Mike Tullman Mark Tversky Terry Vandale Nevin Waters Harold Waxman Bob Wehmueller Jim Wells Dave Western Barry Yusman , , J 1, . H X f, 7 Z ff , ' ff K, 4, if 5.4,-,gnu -Q Q ffwmfmi 412W-ff f ,M A few of the Anatomy dummies. 75 k n fflq-Q-at-fmulh .1-Q .4-L fl x 1 1 I W N 1 4 x I x Q f I J 1 ' V, ' w N X , 1 ' .L - -. X , ' Y a ff 'fu ' .5 .' iff, f co' .f wffkfefk Y - ! 1, f'24,,v 1 if' .f if ,,.f W, f' Jyyfi ff 4 JMU, WW 5 1 ,,,! 1 -vwmwffwmf wwf. wwf, -W ' , AJMW X .-iw wwf C04 fig y lx, f f f 15 f 6 Q! fe f f ,W f, ff f 1 f 1 7 ff 4 ,, 1 f W , I X ,Z Sv Z f f f 5 X , ' , fl ' f " .px f 33' 'Wil' Mayan ' Q ,W 4 ,M 2 2 -W qw 4w,., , V f fm Wwf 42 f f ' Gerry Aaron Marc: Abrams KW!! It W A ,awe-ag, -uwwwh, my-nf Steve Arnold Tom Barnes Bob Betz 5 Curt Boody d Q .v r,,. in n 78 John Alb augh Steve Barton M . If gin.:- Y V, 1 , X. .4 YW? f L, .wat M-X, Fred Andregg f f af K f ' W9 4 v Joel Berryhill Terry Blackburne Alan Bourne Yes, DY- Whitseft, C. 0. d0eS equal C. R. " Randy Breeden Dennis B1-enkert -l"lunrQh,w 4' :fa -A .- , , we .,. , , ,,,. i wqv Gary Britton Randy Brooks Bill Brown AEE "HO 4? 49030 George Burg jim Burke Frank Burns 50 NW ,,,...u0"f" ,MW Paul Buxton Steve Byrne Bill Cartel' If M Dale Buller Lowell Busch Carl Clanahan Ron Crouthers Dan Davis xv "Me, go to the EROS! 79 A-J'-fl.. :--a..---- S., Afeel-we-we-as-+55 Q 1 f uf ' 1 ' 4 Y' f f 7' A W 7 ! I 'f55E1lf'fff5,.3-f.Qgg.g.I""""""'-.-.. ,.-..v.2-r"T"-,-'iZiiT.-'- ,rf 1- . 1- 51551-ev"nlZ, ..,, . Ai? Y I s , 1 f I Gary Dawson V I 1 V W ' ,, - ,x , 7 aan WZ if B Mark Eidelman "Damn, there goes another margin! " W Dick Elliott I Jerry English Bob Fuhrman john Gentles i Buzz Cher Kent Giauque Marvin Goforth Wayne Goodowitz i F 1? 'N l l i 1 Bill Green john Gutierrez R d H 11 1 80 --4.15 9 l Y 1 e. 1 b i in an I I 1 15 T. l 11 I r E 1 -if-,byli 1 patty -l..-il ' w W . 1 . , um- '-" t L , -' WX -" ' - - - .'2,'. w ,. .r. ,:f' .rr .x':1 'L'-V. .. Jifiln-. " ,wr-ev" Sf? -.' 'A ' ,, A I I 5 I n w 5 . Z U 2 Y l David Hawkins Bill Hayden Steve Heck Glen Hemberger E John Henley Richard Herman Arnie Hoffman Dennis Hull ! Q M wil X K 1 Lee Johns Bob Jordan Gene King Doug Kirkman i i Q Y Paul Krautman F 3 1 5 I A '1 W ! 1 1 l V ' Ray K1-ob "Lets see, on page 56 of the Operative Manuel it says to. . . " 81 ' " 'Q' -Nr"?r.-fQ--- A feggqqqzgj.-r.:-g,4s'q.c."""""',.. ,vmfr 2"'-- i'f2.7.377' T " -'-f -ul-6?-Ei, nf, pquuna.44,m Bob Kuntz Steve Latimer Wendell Lewis Fred Loe I 1 to L Steve Loebl Pete Loomis Gary Lott Charles Mahaffey Brent Martin Joe Matzek A L L jim Maxey Don Meyer "Now if I can just get my fingers untied. " Dale McCune Larry McDonald 82 .,N ' ,.f .' 5' ':....f -T' '- 'Y ' X, " f '1' 7-f-'Y L Amfku 'Q I iff -i- ' ' ,.,: ' 5 " 1'-' .-,-.sfJ.,.v, :xp A . Stephen Moelling Jim Parrott Mike Purcell Felix Quiason 4 x Dale McE1wee Gary McReynolds Jerry Michel Jim Nelson i Gary O'Hara Jim Osborne L yr P l Demuis Plunk Steve Powell X L Bill Reeves .1 WM,,,,q.w a fa., 'f!Z4'f! as l Don Rennard "Did you know Miss Connie has joined the Women's Lib. " 83 4 '. , i , . , V-I I +"'f"PHff -- 1-Wea. Allen Reynolds 5 f We 4" ' '14, ff John Rion "'My fly is open and the Hygienists just walked in. " Don Rolfs Randy Rush Frank Schaffer Ed Schanda Jim Schuette Dale Schutte Barney Short Gary Smith ikf skill'-as Bob Smith Joe Spalitto John Stephenson Steve Summers , 84 .Pi :fa fare'-f f : f J Bob Talley 'Tom Tweito Cleo VanAmburg Al Wallace Robert White Mick Wilson Steve Young Dick Wilson Ron Wright THOSE NOT PICTURED: Jim Alley Brent Esco Chuck Johnson jim Kiehne Ken Mitchell Dan Roelofs Jacques Esclangon Dave Pedicord Clark Sweeney Dennis Rogers Kamal Zakhari CLASS OFFICERS it , W'f ' fel' If 7 f agfgmff V K f ' I . fa a f. 1,535 , 9, f , '.g'm,M ,1Q5fifWif"'i'fW,a ,nf President Gary Dawson Vice President Jerry English Secretary Wayne Goodowitz Treasurer Gary McReynolds A -V - 1 4 -X--N-?e--l.-,-a ' ""ffe'3 I 1 1 1 1 1 -v-mn-'wonnwvevrm N.. we- -vnu 1 - k ' L . X V . . . V . 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W, 5 , QM' ION 1971 N i 1 ,, k .Q A X? 2 S ULATION3 We ,, 7 i Q n P 1 5 , Q I L l l I P Lf X Wwfffzz W i Nm 4 7 Nm, ' QQV W 7 if , f f WS, Q r ,A Q 5 gfqsf g ,X W XM , Q, Rf 1 X Z , , '-Km ffflxy ' KW. f WSJZSZ i ,f Xyfiwkf 0 gg 7 4 W X x Vxbf ' ,W Q ' W,4ww4 f 1, 'W -RW W f,,g Wi ,fn 1' f 2 !,, 7 no W XM , 1 ' V W' W! 1V ff ,ffylg MQW M f' ,L ff X f ,M W f, , Zi' yi f 4 ai 'WWT ff!!! f V w , ,A .. A - .L -- - :., Wa. --1-.-:lf-EP-K? - T, ,,g1,AM-,,:q.i2Qam-g1ffg'g?-f- F- -" I V i i 1 NMSP' CHARLES F. BREUSIN G JAMES L. BROWN KENT E. BRUDER JAMES D. BRYANT ROBERT L, BUNCH JAMES E. CALDWELL 'AQMQM Q VB Q57 1 X X ,JE A . WMV 1 , 4 'I Is I l I 1 I I I S 1 H 1 1 1 w i + gr li u A I 1! 3 5 I Q 2 2 5 Z f 7 I Q35 1 Z 1 E S WW DEAN B, PIRNACK LARRY D, PRATER ROGER G. POTTS RICHARD J. PUGH JERRY s. REDD 'Miha m""'w--mir' X ,MG f X ,- ' ' ,MNMN7 RANDY REED wasnt? LOUIS H. ROHLFS KENNETH B ROWAN NORMAN E. RUEDIGER II Wm WW. J HERMAN T. SAKIMOTC AMES L. SAMPLES Q9 WW Q MICHAEL L. SHEPARD PAUL R. SI-IEPPARD DENNIS R. SHERRADEN I G The Senior Class Wishes to express I their gratitude to Dr. Marlon Steinert Q for outstanding teaching in compre- hensive dentistry. l I The Senior Class wishes to express their gratitude to Dr. Norman Schwartz for outstanding teaching. I PAUL G. S IMS NELSON A. SMITH CECIL G. SOTO JR. I 2 V8 4 2 HENERY G. WATSON 41 f WVU X ,f ff, ' 7, ,, W, Q18 ROBERT C. WELLS WAVEL L. WELLS OTHO R. WHITENECK II 'Hb vp-ewli 4 LARRY S , WILLIAMS , MM RONALD W. WILLLAMS 454-if I 3 I I , , 1 Y r W. . RICHARD H. WILLITS Ugg, I 7,4-www.-mu! f wif LEON R WILLS JAMES T WILSON JR The Senior Class wishes to express their gratitude to Dr. Robert West for out- standing teaching in com- prehensive dentistry. JAMES G. WITULSKI RONALD R. WOLLARD I I J. Q 1 f if ,YW , Af Z ,Q f W7-M 5 N di -tywfv-a:v""'4" M4 ,M ,wwf .f w:,y,.,,, vm 54 1 ff ff faq! ff X Q2 fc 33,1 fyfw wk' A 'A ,aafimaw ZQXQ' c A Y M233 gm , X X , X wk V X X 515A M wg X X,.xx A' 3' fig, 25 3 ' . 'f QA!! -4 ,Q--., 3. . ,VH I f C , , i f . f Q 5 ff X' , A f -'-11,17 k f Q kv M! S' ,, ff f ,W f X f X I ,L My I , 4, ,W f if , V W f f X K4 K A X gs, 7 S22 M' i umZ 4 in A MW, V f A ww vi? ' X if M mf Qs X6 I MM ' LL - , . , , ,fl 'X'-""f'-f'!""?'?'F:'. ,Q ., ' T L J-f -A-6 if Xwwxxa X was .fvwmmwfx wx ww Qzwxmx Nzwww ' NNN, ,www H 44--N Nw? Kwai Rx wr' Q1 ,N 91 N l 1 1 1 .-fm ' 1. I' 1 -ww, . 51 , S V! 5 X i 5 F K is 1 5 4.1m 1" .- . 7 f ,1 0 b 41 x M 'K , W1 f S1 1 x fe? Q M 416 ,www i NN, .1 1J1 -ge,-.fa y--,-14.753-, 1 ,W , X 1 1 I 5 c ,1 ,? 1 V fz z 7 K 1 if I , 1 .f fiv- 132 'w jg- -V . , -ff.,, - , .::f'.f,?T:'Q!'Efj W --,1-vw-...J-A-" 1 A. f5f2ix"f f ,M 717fl,f161fW1 1, 1.5414 gg! , f ' f W , 1. , 1,, , , , , W' f Y ff? 1 'Q 1122 f'ffjVjf 2,17 if " :Q aff. 11 I , 46 2 wzafvh ' X X f 4 W? T5 ,, f' W- 41: 'ffyg g,: 'V 7 ,V f 1 X 1 'K ' ' wif 1 -fzjfrgfi X X117 LV 1 K If f ' if f' " ' jf y f T ' 'I'-Jr, 'g 7762! 17-1 ' 1 1,111 'X ff , ,QVM ,1 1 X 1 ,Un Q? ff 1 ,, ,W ,Y ' 1151.1 F-1 i. '7 QM , 1,k1,V,,, ,, ,V I " 1'z-xiii! 4 4! W 5, 4 X , F Q , f 5 Y 1, I f ilu ,. X ,1 93 1 1' wa' X 15 5,.,,. 1,:f ' X QQ , .KWSN "HSD, 'Ti j41Z9"1" 1-N i f ' 2 ' 6254. X , 1 1 N wx 'Q 7 4 Y X . fy X ,mf X 2 9 ' ' ww N, V 1, vga , ap 14? 1 , f 1 A 1 W N QMM1? QS .. , 'W -ui- af' x " . 1 2 9 I 1 -1 Z. ' - . , 1, pg.. .ff.3141:44vlk-lvl1U9'F4y2'l22'Q1r1llq"l5l1f.d5'llilliindni.2vh11-f-c:qa31ivi1u'Hunwbhv'ggat!5A:KlhfnsrSd1i5S5f6i4 - bi-150454 , 9552419-5292:-'-Q, ,. 15:19-- SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary TI'e2SU1'e1' STEPHEN MORGAN NORMAN WAITLEY GLENN FOSTER BUD JACOBS 1 15 wir M 3 2 X 'Z 2 , g 1 4 if S 2 If ,f E , x Asst Nxxxxxgka 3 SENIOR I N ST R U CTG RS Oftentimes fellow students can provide ex- cellent learning opportunities for each other This has been put to use by utilizing several seniors as instructors 1n lab classes and in the clinic We regret showing only Q, i a few of these Seniors here W, ff, f Z7 v '17'ZC"'ZlS?'s WAVA W V at 'Q'4sWs0 gf W, wffwww eww- f -f , USU. f M ' f WSMvcQg7XWQWSWfQfQi M-s ,MW " 45197 f ff' 1 f 1 1 M Q1 ff, fW 4 iff lim if fwsg .vggswta tif W - if . j gf X W if ,V 'eu ra My UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - KANSAS CITY. HONORS - JUNE 1971 Students of Highest Academic Rank Dean T. Bawden Kent E. Bruder Kenneth L. Clemons William D. Cook Omicron Kappa Upsilon Dean T. Bawden Kent E. Bruder Kenneth L. Clemons Not Shown William D. Cook Walter E. Dimmitt Walter E. Dimmitt Glenn A. Foster, jr. Harry D. Gilbert Billy J. Nugent Glenn A. Foster, jr. Not Shown Harry D. Gilbert Gregg H. Kalbfleisch Billy I. Nugent Paul G. Sims Louis H. Cecil G. William Larry S. Cecil G. William Rohlfs Soto, jr. R. VanDeLinder Williams Soto, Jr. R. VanDeLinder Wavel L. Wells Not Sh Larry S . own Williams Alumni Association Award for Scholarship and Professional Development Larry S . Williams Alpha Omega Scholarship Award Cecil G. Soto, Jr. Academy of General Dentistry Outstanding Practitioner Award Larry S. Williams American Academy of Dental Radiology Award Cecil G. Soto, Jr. American Academy of Gold Foil Operators Achievement Award Harlan P. Boyce, II American Academy of Oral Medicine Award Wavel L. Wells American Academy of Periodontology Award Walter E. Dimmitt American Association of Endodontists Award Ronald R. Wollard American Association of Orthodontists Award Dean T. Bawden American Dental Society of Anesthesiology Award Norman G. Waitley American Society of Dentistry for Children Award Robert W. Jacobs International College of Dentists Award for Meritorious Achievement David P . Phillips Mosby Scholarship Book Awards Kent E. Bruder Kenneth L. Clemons William D. Cook Billy J. Nugent William R. VanDeLinder Gold Cane Award Norman G. Waitley Block Drug Company Senior Essay Contest Kenneth L. Clemons 117 4,10 How I do love these insurance forms! You're not going to believe it, but that guy got a prophylactic on his sandwich. Keep laughing Walt, you're going to the funny farm. W , , I hawk 1 A ,P 7' K-A-1' MW' ' 4 , ffl-'Z' ,AK Q f X 'C' 'ffiff t ,V ' f , 1' ' ' Q! 4 I K ' ' wzfkfl, V4 2 ., ,, f ,mg ,, ff' Wywf ' 5 'V ,w , z at n Notice the blue color of the face, Honeycutt. That should have been your first clue to re- move the alginate from the airway. J or Sv' 4 V1 112 A1 us I think I've wet my pants. If ' Q as-wasp X sf f 3 Q new Q ,. ,X 'fw.,. mom: YN ' I X MA iz nga 4 Aff, K .., ' A aycutt. J re- 5 5 e La Z X r 'X , X 2 Q 2 . , 0 f ! i 1 ll in 3. I: 3 .IKM 1 fi: N klyfbhl, :mx B Q a.x4i"vs1LJ, X , 'NEX5 , 2 IJSQ, M sw, . 3' fi V0 "QV 'Q - ' -ex., K 9 9+ Q fl f Hug: fa X gg w Your X-rays are a bit blurred. Q ' After a careful face-bow transfer, it's best to use the old reliable wrist articulator. It doesn't say anything about the Army in here. Q. f ,X 5 f 1 X! ff V So, my examination will have to be very thorough. i How much does Charles charge for doing wax-ups? MX, rm 'WfMZ,f,VfQfZfWfW V X I , ,,, of yi !V,,,. ?s 4 ff f U., 'ff' W ff W Xfyffyff , ff W, U, , , , f , X f ,, ff. ' A ., 1 - , , :YW ,ni in 1 74 MK N x Wg f f f wwf W Xf X X f V213 v f W ,MM View Q f f YA F V U 4 I qw! I Www mv, ,Wa Z ' W If " ., W X ,J , if j ,, L I I 'ZW f f .ff-g M. ' f ' ' 'QMCW . 2 f f X, V ,Q 14 , Z , QW .. V X , f X1 VW! H 1 Af Z . ' , if ff H V ' , ..,. f 5, , M QS yi Sw, 1 WAWQ 4 in 'U' f , K ! 2 f 35 J , F am J ww T ,M f WM. ,K fy , s, W M f N 1 m X, 'r I I f ' f 5 ,ll l 'r 7' '9 I x A if 'lf fx '95 Q0 'Sb Q90 ,: - - N ' ix' ix . 1 u , . 1-1' N I 1f ilvxy gmt!! . Y X vwy lf , 1 N . ! , I 4 . uv 1 I J f P if H , .fb W1 H w if .K N W 4 X S 5 bg, wwsmfmw . ff. w V Q? A f YWQZSZA , N7 ' 4SWfv Q 471 K W zwff M 5 f M www Q6 w A , W, v 7 X , Q , W 7 f ' -Q ,Z , W. ? Z, W SXWSMQ QSWN Z V, Z, Q g 5 DENTAL STUDENTS, STAFF, AND ASSISTANTS g In an effort to extend dentistry to the indigent poor of the Kansas City area, several persons from our school volunteered to Work during evening hours at S jackson County Hospital. Recognition must be giv- en to Dr. Killian, and students McClure, Haught, Kennedy, Bruesing, Fischer, Hoffman, and Aaron. ! 3 ,pf me A, . , X ggiisf? Gm f ww ww X :aww Z gag Wifi MQW f M We Wei TS f - M Miki fl' f 0 pil' Q fy AQIXWZ ,1 mm. ,.M.w.W . X 9 4, KSKX A N , kfzssmf , M ' .-Q14-N ff Qigxifiyif 9 4 ,,. Q' W wsaw 'f .gf 2 V f X s , Q Q ' ' NWSM SWS ff K ' 4 fx .. Q WSW-Www ff ii It X X, x .. rs , 7 ' e We S Q "" V' K 7 Wt N f, 7,sggQ,s as V 4 , f X Q23 W E' , t R , , f 4,1 Wh' ' Y' Q , - sv y f .. A- N ,si - 5 I. . . 5 " ' 'WX f . f, ',,W?MAV"3WHvf4wdnwangg JL af CFP junio. nt F tw if if gl A an Q S ,E wi 3 v .G ia '-W, ft, ' at - f Q 1 at 1 .W - if iss Q , to if W' X f at ya mean, ya gotta piece left over? ou ve got to meet my friend the Govenor. w If Z Well, hello Dr. Fricke. I didn't know you were checking the If this is your first patient cotmseling, you get a 'B'5 no Weight on all gold crowns. criticism, just a 'B'. These Damn gas pains are killing me! I'11 get US both Ollt by 10 0'C10Ck- ,fv , Q 4, fa W y l X 1 f X ' f f 2 , fy 12242 " f ff Y V em , 3 " J :fix V fu!-fifwffdifw'-Q., M i NX Z ? ,Q 1 m 6 . 5 ' Q I v F 4 I X fs-,W f VW W ' fi f ' . f f y . f , . --yf f 9. ,4 , y ' ' 1' ' f W 4 ,,. ,M v ff, V ' We , You can't expect to use compound impressions when all your abutments are undercut. How many teeth did you say you pulled out Fred? X24-QS . W 'Whose initial do you need? I'll sign it up for you. Four handed dentistry with two h aww-131 .. 4 sw . Z fi W .Q Q Q, was W' WM What did Dr. Schwartz say was wrong with undercut abutments? 1 l ZX 'Q ,A-www wa., Y .V It's tough getting your explorer back' out of the tongue. 211135. Okay, who pinched me? Q X Q O gy., . Q t 4 . f X ZW ZW QW! 14? f N x 1 4. , Q Oni thi 'Z 1, 2 2-Z 7 I lf-4 ,TC ff! 562 1 f Qs f f 1 .Lp A ,L f'f.,g W 9 Zi, wi Fel cou pa- ments ? L16. . Xt r Vis. :Is 'N 5, N N 'Q F032 Y XS WG X 4 ff i Qs s W X f at 5? he Once I get the choke-chain around this little bastard, every- You're either crazy, or don't know that he's the Sundance thing will be okay. Kid df W 5 it We tv , W X f' wr! ,W W, yi . KK' , ,W . , ms! X L? 1, f an M. M ,f F ellas, I've heard rumors that some of you don't think this law Can you turn the light switch off Gary? course is Very ENLIGHTENING, butblolok Nice extraction docg but, it's the one on the other side that hurts. Would you look at that! I see a pubee 1? ,f f Q Q' in ff f A , f f at 7 fa ff Q T' 1, as y ,, ' Who is going to 'lend' me a cigarrette? Then Uhl said, "Well, mam' in an attempt to treat this tooth, we seem to have been unsuccessful. 2.1 Nice job doctor, you eliminated that perio picket with the rubber dam clamp. I f , A ., , Z ff tif, W f f fa., mf' 'M isa Is this really Bob West wearing glasses and a rubber nose? Now I see it, Lincoln's Highway. This will make only the third month we've re-used this tin-can temporary. ,Q ttc, W Dr. I ern C Q f See- Arm tin- can Z Z 1 L, 'mswsw X f, . MMM "'x X'f' l c S i if t las if YZ f il, Santa, little Peter has been very good this All I want for Christmas is my two front Year- teeth. Dr. Bunch, that hair and pantsuit may be acceptable at South- I know it seems high, but we 're only making 10M over a ern Cal, but not here! 200fM, profit, -.Av it, ,a. W, ,J '19 V See--- "You are cordially invited to Army. " spend two years in the U. S. Proper contour, good anatomy, no excess filling material f mm 2 ffm? M She'd make a great board patient. K M-W X f f J ff 7 ,,. , w'?"x M 4. ff. 'VSQ Q-7 ,Z 10 1 WWW! W f f QAM, ,I 4 - by i Nr M X W .f , f , X ,Ziggy f 7 A. L K Q f "fff2NfZ2X2.Q-ZX T4 Wg' Z ,f,,wf,, ff, , W 7 Z ,Nz 4 f W .K V wi! M WV 3 W , 5 is N, ' Q xx x 55 X X ,wx f , , f 0 QVC? 2 w,!W,w ffx., My ,, V W V f 7 4 vi Q4 , A YW f 15114. 4 my X' fi A v J f ? A an 40 :L 'ali I p -v 4 V P A- Z f I f A v 9 Y ,f , A .0 ' 1 b Q - P . . . IH 'A 'v NX ,Q it E ,rl ix A X3 xv -P U E, ,:g5g' ' I ' I IE' ' - 5 I uilzii-I-355-" S : 1 I :g X f f X L sl ff ' .... X, 42 le w 4 s ,f E, A Z :Af 6 Z.-15 , If I l C ,ff 1 4 4 f f of X f 5 W7 f? f Mwal f S, y I if ,ff 0 ' 'X f Q ' 1 f I Y 1 I X f i , . Wig! , ,435 Q1 , Va 4 f Z W f 4 X 1, 0 if W f ff k X J .V N ,f-1 wzwc N Q s xv wb 'Q W W MM if 1 ' ff MM. If .. 3-N' wx My Y Q 'QW f Q v X 7 ' X mo ffAS WS y Z ummm 2 y v Q Vg QQ fm? ,, my 3,45 0,1 . ,TW Q 1 1v1,.,-,was-:M A, -L+ fa- H - ' ,x.,J4vf.J ,-..f -' J 1, DENTAL HYGIENE UNIVERSITY OF IVIISSOURI, KANSAS CITY SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY 130 r""1" : L 2 '-',- ,M 1, ,N-.P 0,2 DIRECTDR DF DENTAL HYGIENE BARBARA BLAKE LAIVIBERT Barbara Lambert graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 1961 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene She worked in private practice before becoming a member of the U .M.K.C. dental hygiene faculty in September, 1966. She was a clinical instructor before becoming dental hygiene director in September, 1968. As director of dental hygiene, Mrs. Lambert keeps quite busy administering the dental hygiene program. However, she always seems to have time to listen to the students and help with indi- vidual problems. Mrs. Lambert has made a number of valuable contributions to the department of dental hygiene and her duties performed as dental hygiene director will long be remembered. ,ADV 131 5' ,--.,-- ' QMLALQSQ-Q1-5.19Qt35i5,! -" 'BL f FACULTY --Jo ..-A I if W 'V 3? Y LIREKA JOSEPH R.D.H. B.S SUSAN BANE, R.D.H.,B.S. BARBARA CLARK, R.D.H., B.S. M.i1.H. ' ' U .M.K.C . U.M.K.C. University of Michigan 132 ,,r., .,,,-as-L gA,,4,',-.gfi,-',- ,,,,,,Nx,. PAT RANDOLPH, B.S., M.S. Kansas State University MARY LU WHITE, R.D. H. , B, S. U.M.K.C. Pictures not available : NANCY MORAN, R.D.H., B,S.-U.M.K.C. MAXINE TISHK A.A.S. - State University at Farmingdale B, S. - Boston University M.S. - University of Michigan rs 144 4 -B1 LOIS SCOTT, R.D.H., B.S., MARILYN SHREVE, R D H , B S U.M.K.C. U.M.K.C Kansas University Q Z 133 t f fl -- V A V , 71,1 ,,.L,.v V -. ll KATY BRAMMER SANDY CRNIC JUDY EVANS - Vice-President Wichita, Kansas Sedalia, Missouri Prairie Village, Kansas DENTAL HYGIENE CLASS GF 1971 SALLY GRAMMER BARBARA I-IINMAN ELIZABETH IAYNES Junction City, Kansas Wichita, Kansas Hoisington, Kansas 1 1 G X A Q I 4 f wk, , I dent LINDA JENKINS FRAN KEMPSTER GAYLE LAMBORN S Versailles, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri Leavenworth, Kansas MARSHA MARDEN-Secretary LINDA MAURER-Treasurer "We the unwilling, led by the incom- St. Louis, Missouri Lenexa, Kansas petent, to do the unnecessary for the ungrateful. " I mm "Up against the wall. . . " ' ff my JANE MOLLET Rush Hill, Missouri Qs N K , 7 M WK ff ANNE NUGENT Falls Church, Virginia JEANNE OLSON Manhattan, Kansas M A MMA, 1 ,f Wl N is, f MW' iilw aww ffdf DONNA PRICE Kansas City, Missouri ix DONNA RILEY Pittsburg, Kansas AVIS RITTMAN Weston, Missouri M 7 A ,, ww M KW f I ' 'f ,nom , ' ff"ff If L 115: ff' I f v -f Q? rf , V Q A ,,,,-152 Q , , .ffgfg N , My KM , 4 ' X X My , Z , , s Zi L M as WL, , - af ffgg 2 40 - Syxy. f gf 4 f , ,, W, QW !! , 4 Q 4, ,X ,MJ , 'mf , , sz WW nf 'X f 0 mtffrws f !m-mm, 11?- ' ' WW Us-wwf 4 'yea rytqsw ay? xyAf f ' .7 sz s, V15 , 0 , fwfsw f 0: , -fsdsf hav e f 0 4, f , yt 1. f , sg y L, :ggi Sy 7 GWEN SEALS Oklahoma City, Oklahoma f . ft .. SALLY SIGLER Kansas City, Kansas MARY JANE SUTTON-President Winfield, Kansas -in MARY CAROLYN WALKER Iunction City, Kansas GAIL HARRINGTON Pictures not Available: Fern I-Ioss Pam Katz Linda Koehl Carla McClellan Betty Zacker You've heard of the " Stewardesses" . . . ?! ANN OVERTON i post certificate program J.A.D.H.A. The student organization of The American Dental Hygienists' Association is the Junior American Dental Hygienists' Association. IADHA was organized on the UMKC campus in the fall of 1969. IADI-IA purposes to introduce the dental hygiene student to a professional organization with service projects and monthly meetings. The primary service project conducted this year was a table clinic entitled "An Apple A Day Keeps the Plaque Away?" The table clinic was presented at the Midwinter Dental Convention in Chicago. The 1970-1971 IADHA officers were: President-Carla McClellan, Vice-President-Linda jenkins, Secretary- Pam Katz, and Treasurer-Gayle Lamborn. sigma phi alpha The Alpha Gamma Chapter of Sigma Phi Alpha is the Dental Hygiene Honor Society at UMKC. In 1961 Sigma Phi Alpha was organized as a national society to promote, recognize, and honor scholarship, service, and character among students and graduate students of dental hygiene, Ten per cent of the members of the graduating class are chosen from the top twenty per cent scholastically and are elected by the dental hygiene faculty of the school. The membership for 1971 included Katy Brammer,jeanne Olson, and Donna Riley, Mrs. Pat Randolph was elected as a faculty member. 4 139 vp. ' X ,aiu X 0 A, ,SAJAKQ ,Aw YM Z x V AQ' gwfx 0 sz " 2 9' , f , , X Xf'-ZW' A iff, W 4 Z f, Vi 1 f X X WLM Nw I X ff S22 f ,W fr' f,f , , ff, Lf wx X y ' My X Qi y ' f r l, v , .4 ,. My 1 Y I 5 , . I ! Y 2 r Ai i ,N I 1 ! ww' ' N I , r i W' . 4'- w I E r X 1 D qw f X 4, 4 J f 1 I , M ,, 7 V V' E, ya 1 w 1, i 'W H ' ,r il 47 ,cw 1 f f Q 4? W , zz Y? W Y M Q2 Z N 1 l lm! , ly l pl l ' L . 1 1 ' 1 ff V- 5 f,aw"",, , x, '. si 7 GA V' , lwlw i. 1 ll Q. "See me, Feel me, Touch me.. . " , , 'Q , ,N li , 1 'I 1 I 1 1 94 i 1 fi ' J ,f 1 5 Tl l si! l J I l lil 4 ,is ww ,, W , +11 'l ,Q 'Y I l l E'1 4: IE sq 1 ijgl ll 1 il' ,' nm M we VAN: if Nui l u f 'f li ,i- 21, 5 ' , , Q M l Z fi? 1 1 Z E2 35 JL, ' - ' Honesty -the be st pol icy ? 1 , E ii i i i f 1 l 4 l 1 l if 1! jx Eli 4 Zi I if l I I My ,Q , ,y Cf? X ' ,1 'li A little oral stimulation on clinic . . ? N Q4 5? ' 0 E e l 2 ' , 4 , fwy, ,gas "Gotcha, you little bugger!" fiiffs I The typical "broad spect rum" of a dental student. 0 GSW. ' Sv Wg Zi . Mi .5 Wana ,.-v V Humm- Kqm X fy. X ,il A 1 V V my , ',L'L',I--x.3 M ff- 1 f ,ww 7 ., x -51? Q , Q' 6 7 f s wdfm an 143 . . , . ! ""5'h., 1 - , ., I arg" f' 'A+ H93-f?-1+'4f THE CLASS OF 1972 "ALL THAT I CARE TO KNOW IS THAT A MAN IS A HUMAN BEING. THAT'S ENOUGH FOR ME 77 MARK TWAIN 144 r"""f He,-N ,V .3 r 532' Pam Armstrong Bev Badger patty Browning President jackie Buelow Janice Burke Juanita Camacho Mary jane Claunch Jan Conaway -, '..Q,' H 4, I .A ' 'N""":'f.-Q --. , . ,, .f'e'4F4rQ"?9"'L"" '-' 'Ak-74' Tam Crouch Jane Gilstrp U Donna Havlic Vice President Sharon Lindeman Molly O'Ma1ey Diane Poindextef Cathy Richey Debby Schmidt Treasurer -ft-W-'H--'-ef--fm-M . . . s Deaun Silva Janet St?-CCY Deb Stapleton jackie Thomas Laurie Tweedle Kathy Wallace THOSE NOT PICTURED: Sarah Beyer Barbra Bossman Dana Freeland Joy Herrenbruck Donna Holland Beverly johnson joan McDowell Janis Matthews Jean Mauldin Trish Murtha QSec. J Liz Politte Wendy Struthers I in lui ..' . . -s-4.4.-.u..., v , 4 "Adam and Eve had many advantages, but the prin- Clpal one was that they escaped teething. " Well, it all started when I entered dental hygiene . . 3 IJ Well, you can chew 1t. But not when 1t's ht! t 5 Z Don't worry sir, we never slip. Mark Twain 48 " 7-it-ini-F-145511-Yfifigid f "- rx, , 1 Jw X WW -1 vm, , X 5 ' f Q ' 0 3 4 , 135 ii 'fy JA-.I Sf 1 - X' QL? 57 , if . ' .J V, , , . . Nfv"fv'refff7,',s-iff-'br-LQ"lliLfsairvnwi-1'hf++QEf'f7T1jP?'rH1'"T7fA'-'ff'NTT" Q . . ,YPQQPIUQDPZUQQEV QQFPQFP:-'MQ-r'3SF-75 733' V 57374-W-' -"- :nugg- Swwkmx X, W , , , ,.,, ,W-i,1,',,J1 V I ,. ,, ,g ,V -,, ,i ., 1 T .M -u.-,. A M. -,, , ',.5a.,.u-a::n-as-1... .,-.f.,,,.-.sf-'--f-:LL-LL,...- V-1 Y 1 A - - -' - V - - "'- -' - --1.2:-rf'-issue!-f.+.Lf:--f-...,,,,:.,. --L -r -1 'rl . - 1 h acker 'll QED If QQ -QMN Q. ID ' 'Q 0 KW! W1 5235 JACK E. WELLS D.D.S. BUSHWHACKER BALL 1971 BUSHWHACKER 1971SKlT General Charman ...... Program and Advertising Chairman . . Entertainment Committee Writer-Producer . Director .... Properties Manager . Musical Director . Randy Flush Joe Spalitto Marvin Goforth Bob Jordan Steve Summers Pete Loomis Three Dental Students Student Doctor . Assistant . . Patient . Maid .... Dr. Jim Herbison . Recording Committee Dennis Hull, Gary Dawson, Flay Krob, Gary McReynolds Pete Loomis, Clark Sweeney, Susan Bane, Steve Summers Marvin Goforth A Special thanks to Dr. Jack Loudon D.D.S. for recording and sound equipment. Ticket Sales Chairmen . . . Jerry Aaron and Wayne Goodowitz Decoration Chairman . ....... Ron Crouthers Finance Chairman ....... . . Paul Buxton Live Entertainment by the Stoned Circus Contracted by Don Flennard Dr.'Ronnie Dire . . . Dr. Charlie Gunlap . . Dr. Genevieve Hock . . . Dr. Arvon'Bueger. . . Dr. Shetwell . . Dr.. Frick ..... ..... 2 Oral Surgery residents. . Dr. Jockovick . . . Dr, Donofanatic . . . Dr. Don Whipmix . . Dr. Norman Smaltz . . Dr. Wayne Hervey . . Dr. Low .... . Dr. Phil Jownes . . . Dr. Amos Mose . . Narrator . . Intercom Voice. . , . . Steve Young, Barney Short and Jim Schuette Dennis Hull Joel Berryhill Jim Burke Terry Blackburne Cleo VanAmburg Jim Osborne Paul Krautman Pam Talley Bob Talley Steve Summers Charles Mchaffey . Marc Abrams and Gary Smith Brent Esco Ray Krob Mike Purcell John Gutierrez Randy Hall Clark Sweeney Bob Fuhrman Buzz Gher Marvin Goforth Susan Bane Uette urne Ju rg ln EFS nffey nith BZ CY n vrth March 19, 1971 Mr. Bill Reeves President, 3rd Year Class UMKC School of Dentistry 650 East 25th Street Kansas City, Missouri 64108 Dear Mr. Reeves: During my brief return to the alumni meeting this year I was quite surprised - but pleasantly, I might add - to note the dedi- cation of the Bushwhacker affair to me. This was extremely thoughtful of the members of your class. Both Mrs. Wells and I intend to make every effort to be pre- sent, and am now in the process of rearranging some out-of-town commitments so as to take advantage of the opportunity to be with you folks on May 1. You need make no excuses about the expenses as Iwas close enough to this annual event for many years and the finances were always a major problem. I think I have almost perfect attendance at the Bushwhacker and have never ceased to enjoy the skits. I marvel at the imagination and the wonderful humor of the students. Please do not be concerned about lodging or transportation. We will probably fly in on Saturday afternoon and leave on Sunday. Again, my sincere thanks for the thoughtfulness, and I look forward to being with you. Warm personal regards . Sincerely, , ---- ---3 .DQ Jack E. Wells, D, D, S, Dean JEW:dt 151 I THE CLASS OF 1972 WOULD LIKE TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO WISH ALL GRADUATING MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1971 BEST OF LUCK IN THE ENVIRONMENT OUT FROM UNDER THE ACADEMIC UMBRELLA , -allmwum my ., X!1.1Qia , , "" . 1 N, . . 1, H , Y , ,l1'P9'i'Sf 1.. .. - - , . pi2:Qbrn-yv:-v-Qvr.ef'9P2l!rr5'LakAsv.v,g-brrrgrgQgvgunp- .- Q, ,HW if X -A., '2'ff ,f 'fn , 19, 12,4 , fy, f v , 54, ,, w '-veil, I lf Z, Q , , 3 s Mm' ' , LWW' . I 'MM' ff , 'fwfr ' . f" W., MM f, ff., I 1 - -, 25:15, , f I ,TQ 'g I 'fm ff fi, , 4 MK: fy Vg 1 p,f,,,,,ffWa iw wm,,g' ,,f2ff4f M, fm V, :fm-:.:g f ,X ,, ,S ,W f ,Uni iw- ,""-- E f ' " , .. . - ' - - --' --H -- 1--' -125 ' A :5::':,.,.4k Jeff'-, 'a.i?,l'ffEi' ''J'-A1fLay,:-lL4.,kL-:--..-,,,..a--,Mfr. fa av- a fn ...,.....--.--4, -r. ,V , ,,,1- 1-1:11, STAFF HBUSHWHACKER '71" Editor Business Manager Production Manager Secretary Treasurer Advertising Manager Distribution Manager Sales Manager Photographic Editor Literary Editor Art Editor Specialty Editor Faculty Editor Staff Editor First Year Editor Second Year Editor Third Year Editor Fourth Year Editor First Year Hygiene Editor Second -Year Hygiene Editor Fraternity Editor Steve R. Haught Gerry Aaron Dale L. Buller Pam Katz Jerry Redd Paul Sims Mark Merriweather Bob Harris Charley Breusing Doug Miller Bill Green John Henley Mark Merriweather Rex Howell Dennis Rogees Paul Lambert Norm Buebendorf Fred Andregg Paul Gregory Beverly Johnson Gwendolyn Seals jerry Michels Many other students contributed time and effort to the production of the yearbook. Among them Art Peters Steve Snow Clark Sweeney Dennis Hull Joe Spalitto Buzz Gher S ales S ales S ales S ales Advertising Photography Many Hygienists assisted their editors in producing their section. A special thanks to, EXPLORER, for continued support of the Bushwhacker Stan Dalen, for making space available for portraits Dean Robinson, for encouragement Miss Connie, for her salesmanship The purchasers and contributors We feel that the on- going support of our faculty, staff, alumni and students in the years to follow will insure them continued production and enjoyment of the Bushwhacker Yearbook by all who are acquainted with the School of Dentistry. rl 1 54 Y I Eff. A-J 1,.gQ-4-"Lf f L .ref w-.ring-,w, fx, Steve Haught, editor of Bushwhacker '71 Ray F elker , Biomedical Communications Jerry Aaron, Business Manager Don Lehman Biomedical Communications I The staff of Bushwhacker '71 would like to Dale Buller, CXPICSS Oul' gratitude to the BiO1TlCdiC3.1 Com- Prgduction Manager munications department for their cooperation and assistance with the photographic aspects of the Dental School Yearbook. 155 si' -'-"4':':lQ.'3--- - -+4--sw-alia NMA W was xxx 11 ,ff A xx ,XXX 1 Q X X NNN' M ' XX KW xxx . XX 35325 ax mx fx wvwhk' KQAXE, N Q 1 .Gi N ,X jg,.:,j ,X 43 Q N wx K X WW X X ,, x ww M513 , X4 M N QKX W Avi :xxf ,, "an atypical work session" ...-a. x g . --. 11. -as we-N-1..4,.ag-.gun Mn al- wp: ww- -grvrqavnvavrrfv.-so-aan-mn-cnueevugre-1 ww rar- riff, -zfvvivvfivvrvfvlvbv 1- P 1 i peace 157 P i I l - - , ,U ,L ,,,,,,.,,. , - f 1 A -- ' ,. ..g-.y-..-..:..,1 ,..a- lf. .---F-14,121 ,I Q , . Q., 4-:V :.x..a'...-....,+ - V,-. "' BUSHWHACKER BACKERS 1971 Our thanks to those who have contributed, financially, to the establishment and con tinuance ofthis yearbook. Robert E. Allen Thomas Berry Frank Chiementi William Cook Howard H. Dukes, Sr. Lloyd Forester, Sr. Floyd Hollingsworth Jack Penticuff Fred A. Richmond Hamilton B.G. Robinson A. O. Rueb Charles Schooler Russell Sumnicht Michael Thompson Charles Walthall George R. Young -- ,'L4 "" "' "If TIT ' fmw f 'f"' TfF7"?iii? ll,2? 'f7z3:r'.S1E1e - fi f"f53iE5? "ffif wl f if T IF' -I 'QQQIQR:-+F'l- 33Q?33F"''ftf' 'G FTF? Always count on your Krause Representative for the best in professional service KRAUSE DENTAL OF KANSAS CITY, MO. 5300 E. 59th St. OF VVICHITA, KANSAS 4311 N, Oliver OF SPRINGFIELD, MO. 1769 Kentwood A HEALTHCQ INC. Co. """1 lookin 'L 1 -:lor a good spot to land? In 1951 when we opened our college store the graduate was offered very little in the way of helping him to acquire a practice. Standard procedure at that time was to contact the college representative and ask him if he knew of any good locations. The representative would check his list of "hot" locations and relay this to the graduate. Our company felt that this was not the way and set about to try to make a science of locating a dental practice. In time we have built up a multitude of services. Files of possible locations, going into the community with the student, finding appropriate dental space, showing slides of established offices, drawings of complete f-ifice plans and specification booklet, acting as your agent, decorating, complete suppiy check list, financing of the "Package Plan"g and we think one of the most important services: WE WILL BE THERE when your office is set up, to make sure that everything is completed to your satisfaction. 58 OFFICES COAST TO COAST PLACEMENT INFORMATION . f , ' , ,-35' - 'J ,..,.:..-g, .,.-...-.---.. .,.f,- -,.--- ,-,,,.... 1 ef I I I I It I I 1 I 1 I I I 1 I I I I I 1 1 I 1 1 I I I I I I 11 I A SERVED- BY SEATTLE SEATTLE . x . ' . I 1 5 , sPoxANz . '. - E , 5 I 1 I I I 5 nr 1 u l 5 J ' I U 1 ' E . Q ' I ' , FARGO 1 E "0'm"'f9 . Q' T. BILLINGS I ' I 'Q . ' : I lnulnlnhuqe! ' Euczuz A , .n,r.I..-.......f A MINNEAAOUS GREEN am: 1 nv.-.. ,- h 5 Boise I , ' A I ' X sf. PAUL s, ' u f - " 'U' '--:....,,.i-' P , ' 1 ' I f En-----MILWAUKEE: lf' I 1 : 'f'-..----f A A I--F-----.,,' ROCKFORD U vf X n,- I 4 I ' g ' t , l . 4.. h ' 1 4 0 : I I 0,.,.:'3::s1:1ES I 1 . 1- .2 pl un .- - A1 5 n mo ALTO: 5 : "" "f LINCOLN lc" 'ET 1 l 'a' ,' '. , I 3 Q 1 Q 1 5 . I O I Es. I : ' I- - Q - 7. l l,7'.'5 : ex : : , : A TOPEKA IXKANSASCITY L-,I - 'O , ,an .. , L A , - I 4 I. Lk f .l I X, l .,Q I PASADKNA Og.. .J I grrgua-d--ssnuT:?fpg?J' ':P.,!.--. ANAHEIM. 15 h : ' I 7"'i - TULSA I f--,,--f' Qs Los Aucuts me , I , : EA - V I QITIAIIQIAA cunt 3 , : X as PATTERSON LONG BEACH W, ,I gy, .. ,nl-4 . I ,' . . -, DENTAL co. SAN M60 , I.. 1- . 'N---4 , g s . Branch Locations: ' ' ' : my - : .LUBBOCK f 1 If " 'F' y 5 1 sie E as II R a . ' I 1 , rom- W Rm UAL'-A5 1 I ' ANAHEIM,E:ALII2aoRNIA 92805 "ff", ' E 1, X 1,0 1 s""""'V 924 Wyoming Avenue if ' gn f ' - - 5, ' BILLINGS, MONTANA 59102 i 1 V , ' - ' ,HOUSTON , N, 609 North Orchard Street " g ' SAN ANTONIO ' A ' eoIsE, IDAHO 83704 If ., A 1, A E I, No. California 8. San Francisco .N 1 Q I 1120 San Antonio Road ' ',','1.Q, 'A ' PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA 94303 ' ' So. California 3323 W. Ol mpic Blvd. LOS ANGEEES, CALIF. 90019 1330 1st Avenue N.E. CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA 52401 3209 Nussbaumer Street DALLAS, TEXAS 75226 5315 N. Central Exgresswey DALLAS. TEXAS 7 205 999 Acoma Street ,- -I Q DENVER, COLORADO 80204 f. I, 2- 2405 Forrest Avenue ,-" 3 '14 '- ' "- , DES MOINES. IOWA 50311 ,Q 5-1 1 1 I" Ig 1647 oak street -4 + I f-A , - I - - EUGENE. OREGON97401 524 No. 7th Street FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA 58102 1412 Ballinger FORT WOR H, TEXAS 76102 933 Berner Street GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN 54302 925 Hyde Park Blvd. HOUSTON. TEXAS 77006 211 Iowa Avenue IOWA CITY, IOWA 52240 2600 Gillham Road KANSAS CITY MO. 64108 1620 N. Street ' LINCOL N NEBRASKA 68508 2933 Long Beach Blvd LONG BEACH CALIFORNIA 90806 3323 W. Olymplc Blvd LOS ANGELES CALIF 90019 2127 34th Street LUBBOCK TEXAS 79411 3012 Plank nton Bldg MILWAUKEE WlSCONSIN63203 323 Un on St S E MINNEAPOLIS MINN 55414 1103 2nd Avenue S MINNEAPOLIS MINN 55403 1033 N Walker Street OKLAHOMA CITY OKLA 73102 411 N 30th Street OMAHA NEBRASKA 68131 1120 San Anton 0 Road PALO ALTO CALIF 94303 2531 N na Street PASADENA CAUFORNIA91107 4502 North 16th Street PHOENIX ARIZONA 85016 2820 S W Sam Jackson Park Rd PORTLAND OREGON 97201 3022 Fo est View Road ROCKFORD ILLINOIS 61109 401 Slobe Avenue SACRAMENTO CALIFORNIA 95815 259 South Exchange ST PAUL MINN 55102 216 W Crycgxress SAN AN NIO TEXAS 78212 9280 Cla mo t Mesa Blvd SAN DIEGO CALIF 92123 1201 Mercer Street SEATTLE WASHINGTON 98109 210 Fra ces Bldg SIOUX CITY IOWA 51101 923 North Ho ard Street SPOKANE WASHINGTON 99201 522 E 5th Street TOPEKA KANSAS 66607 6361 E 41st Street TULSA OKLAHOMA 74135 16209 V ctory Bl d VAN NUYS CALIF 91406 428 No St Fr St eet WICHITA KANSAS 67202 Patterson Dental Co. serves over 25,000 members of the dental profession in 25 western states. Many of the fastest growing areas in the nation are located in these states and a staff of 140 Patterson Representatives serves them regularly. When it's time to set up your first practice your Patterson man can provide information on potential practice locations nearly anywhere in the West' He ll assist you in obtaining office space He ll design an office for the most efficient use of space He ll advise plumbers, carpenters, and electricians where air water, waste and electrical facilities must be placed He ll supervise the Installation of your new equipment and help orient your staff in its use and maintenance Hell help you hire and train your assistant He ll aid you In setting up a bookkeeping and accounting system, arrange for office remodeling or decorating, and provide an array of new product information He llarrange financing for all your lI'Iltl8I needs equipment, expendables Instruments office remodeling and decorating, and even living expenses for those Important first few months So If you're planning on practicing dentistry In the West, write any of our Patterson branches for more specific information They re eager to help you pick a home In our neighborhood, or write Director of Professional Relations KANSAS CITY A C 816 842 8575 2600 Glllham PATTERSON DENTAL C0 NATIONAL IN SCOPE f LOCAL IN SERVICE FUQLPSPELTQQCE 1100 East 80th Street Minneapolis lVlInII 55470 l lllllly-5 J I BEER BAR-B-O Sandwiches 81 Beverages for Discriminating Dental Students. PL3-2444 State Line at 39th nl Ning can here in i mers, on my ,, 'WA any of fjfw ' 'ff V Gillham P E I f g:::::.:Cf "Here a group of typical inhabitants are imbibing spirits and taking nothing easy at the Hjigger. " ' .,-,N .,':.Sss.,s,-MQ, A., support ! We have an enduring interest in your welfare and in the welfare of the dental profession. Regional, state and national meetings. Edu- cational clinics. Your professional societies and journals. We support them all. For example - "full service" sup- 'pliers. such as ourselves, and man- ufacturing members of ADTA have contributed over 51,200,000 to the American Fund for Dental Educa- tion in the last six years. We're happy to be able to give this kind of support to the profes- sion we serve. PATTISCJN MCGRATH CO. 1117 Walnut St. Victor 2-3918 KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI ' Member: American Dental Trade Association SUPPLIER FULL SERVICE U M 1 :A-we -, 3- lSglQQQfg-7iP,5QQ2QQIiQFSj ir i- i 4? as-rg v v w 1 .411-vw-N-. . 4.--an-my -w-5,1-v.vsvs,: W 'wif' Yi ' ' ' f ws "'3i ggf:gqi2g-34g-fggflj595-jgagqa.sung' 4- ' NOTES 163 4'-Q9-hm -. 1.-1,-.-.--gn:-.-5--gl ' ' ' ' - ' ' - -:rL.- - --f .1 A ,. . . . . . - H :.p r-- ' ' -4---. -1.H..f.cvv---Q--v L12-45-'v'-P-""f'-12: M r.-::'1::f::: '14, A - f- -r -L fc NOTES 164 Q H l ,I .1 A Lk i v 1 Y ff .-1.-Q,-My-,-11:igqgqsgg15.155554gg'gyg,g.g.,,y43:,g,g53533.a.3.0+,,Lfi..g,.a.5.5.3+'agz.w.szia1se2'i4z.f,Qp.p2lQs-u-23:1-141, V " Q ui! ' " aaaa.Se.3g i.,Q.4...g.ap:-g.5,,.M-a.,,..,.,.....,...,,.-L,,, ' - '- . Q.f.....m.+..f+,urnhn we , r---ff-vrrf xfv- ' -'FYI-ffvvfffv-r ..-E. .-,QW-,, ..--1-1-. 1.-.f-..G,..m.-.,.,5..m:5E+5:vzQ,IQf', 'vfn ff" U''fAi54Vz-:-E3vzi1z-mv5q:1ff,-ff-f:':S:r-Exif?-Q1W1-Env'iv-idea, , I. Y Q 1 I 3 ' ,--'QffiYii5ff"E'E"H A 'T' :- , .1 ,,,,,r,,,, ,huv i - ... , .x....,-uv..- .J .-. A, .::.:,l::Lf- -vrf,,y::--11 :ig ,, , , . -.1. Q-4-.'.,.A , .v -.V 444-osfbijgggi vi ::'i -,- f.f - - H' 1 141 -4' 4 11f441' 'iixvvfsr wan I-:.vi14.nvb4444 -Q- ' sei 2-fb:--LLQSQA'3g'l1,aw-f-+4 ,: Lggg - 11 -e1+1-nba!-rf-w hl+4-br im,Q '-,ggI2.i ilfgA-i,,'jl,, ' --- . -N-.n.4..1-fvvvgrs-'nvv , ,-......-4-,-,f,,.-apr,-pu-v,v,vrv:-nvnpv1- y y -'---V-'ff Hflif-f-"' r .. .'1?" """fA, 'N?4livin'-ii1:1'fr1':fdf:'1-rrrfilri-?ifivfvviefHNEHA 'L ' P, ' w 'llfflf' "f1f""" ' - P M . . f - ' p , ,-L ,N.,,, ., ,,A,,,,,,,,,v,,h 5.-Eaaghas.-.,.Ac..,,xl-.-.,.V.....,: ga- Lfgirf-1 :fx 4' fr: ,... 4414,-1-:.v.,g...a...,3 - .Hair ---- 4 55'-ff' .I -a 10" qQ,'..a,c-..,f,yfru--vnyxfw, - Q Ivy,,5gf,Q-fglggifpqiiirv:-nisirv an -- ,A N 24. ,.-.X .mn .1,:.....1x,,,ff.,. . -:-.xgv-Q-.gm5q-4 ' "Q, ,,,?3.,,,g.?.-.,,.,.., .J-,,L3,:.j:,rq.34,,,,,,.,,1,,,.,5:,Q .1 E., 4-., m awww .,.,...1.-, 1 ' w g . I V ' 1: I M ' H w Q G M 11.5, w :N ' pg! 5121! E114 Ms H11 'wiif ll ei- , 2 f, 1'- j 5 1 ,S wwf 1 4E HS, LH iw H! EM an .Lvl ix, I I J i 5 3 ? 1 I 1 1 U , N 1 li W N Y V-ny,-., Wx- -.-- . - - - , A -f v W- -- -- K+ f-Y ., .... ., V, --v- , 1 '-':--- -f' .. -fi, v V .-7"'f':ff' :-1 :f v-'v1"""v-'-ffm:-'iN -1' H M.-:I H.: J.-aa-a:q.1-fr-iv.-: ,, -"""hf' - - f V " ' ., .-'-- . - --'!... s ,:-- . ' . - . -- --w-. -.- N '-A -I 1 ?7' ""'.1 L ff- -1 .'-' '. 9 - '?, -'. -,- . ,Z 'v '- 'Z '- 9 ' - - -' - '- - H ' - -V , '-' -W , , J- sein--. lj , 'l,,1 "Q '- ' sl.-L.-,: .-L54-, "'Q .,.,4 .-A- :: .-ff.-F, J. :J ,M .-.. ,: '- Q. ' -4- 4 -- -air V - 1 Q nf! , , . . v'-ff, ,,FQGT-T'5"i5-2-1-4"-75-'-'-5 . I , ,Q S , , , 5 , ,S - 1. at ,- Us' . f ' ,K 1 Q 4 -. M' 1 .4 f K 1 f f .X .u 'Y as an ... . - 1 ., ' ' A V '- . .1 Q -1-J- LLL, , ,,, ,, . .. . -- , A ., ,- - , -. .....,-.- M'-Ln..L....-.f , ., Y . ,A . - -, ,- ----1,2 VA- 1:-fu -- 1 , - 1 , -,-,-,11.,,.,-,-. - ,-.-L.--. up--1 - .-. - - U - - P P " -, -, -Y - -4 ,- A - ...-J., f . ,-W -,-.-ff .. U.:-ff:-w -- , Y , - .,,,,,,,-...f..., - -

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