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University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Dentistry - Bushwacker Yearbook (Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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' 5 . . 5 5 " ' ' "3 299 '.'0'cQ""' . , , 37 I 'Q xl I , We, the Staff, dedicate this book to Post War Dentistry, and its advancement in science and i 1 Sy Y 0 i , professlon . N SN. ., V ,f I -ml I t A x X 't ,-, ,V 1 ..i l irgvt A. .wif -,: w IL-: fL -, ,655-X L? W ,.,,,, ?fLl gig-1:vT1,QtM V ng. :N 5 rp, b 1 M'- H ' ,- .Q ' I . - . - --'V -- N W.. .MMM ,aw X, M- -1'A'Nze7:':1'.'.:, -:rf-' .-see-:'w.:.:-wee 'Q'-'o'.'.'.'ov .:-:-.w:'-.f-'.'-o-.-w-v.'.---sw-0 no-.' ...,-z-.w-.-'e.'.+.-. BOOK I CHIEF COMPLAINT Administration and Faculty BOOK II SYMPTOMS Classes BOOK III TREATMENT Activities BOOK IV DIAGNOSIS Fraternities BOOK V PAST HISTORY Features 2 ,,-1L4........ .S S3 1' I l' rl .xx J Q . X Mwwww- ,Q .X -f. ,L X, ix. - Nw- N33 -L k. X5. 'L N . 'XEWNL9 w 'XX5 . -V N X NW X kr. ,X Ni X NN . A , .,.- 5-gf, Y . ' Q ISK. mx2,Qi,,1N37 .21 li' .V 1 V as 'Q - Jura., .. f I f .' fi ,Elias '19 1 ,K gn: f- . . ,I 15 .WI :.S- In al, EMS s if sw f fs? - 433' 95,5 L N I , QS, ' f .x M .' Ni Q X N' if'- fi E 3 X w m 9 V , ' f A v .- V . mega . , . X 'QS' . .Q Wx Eg. - ,vi - f f . YL 1'7+',k','3x-' 5- ii? 2 Q i"' 5 ,. X ' ,Y :J " ,k.,., . K - ' 1 , N 4 ,l P . I' X 1 , f 1 Erfillx 2 E v ff . . , P1 x if T' ' x I Af F 1 , A . "-' 12- 3,1 A-vga. 3'.?Fq'.Q V. fi 3531 Q ' f Vi 1 lx ' ., gg. ,.,, ,,- : Ei 's 4 . ' 5 ' . ..--f5Wz2.:-v:.'-Y? x'., : 9.1.5. .iw Q N ' y . - , 7 gag, ., ' ' 1 w X 1 -'.- f ' fffflzi f 3 , s'z'?ff. . 9' SF .9 YQ 5 db i A " A 1 Y' 7 71' .1 I. U X If I ' r E ' P n 5 ' Bl 4 . Q! ' ff I SP . g, , ,. M VYP, .4 X- A ' , A? U E V ,, I' fi- D51 ,Qi '. f ' Qi ,f ,za jf' 9 -ip! 4 'W 1 ' i373 ,, I, . V - 1 ,A H173 f ,Tx . 1 1 .ATX ..... 5 147-'I' ,. . W 'T ,ilwffwk I 4 4 f' .lf . f J4,,,Aw,,-:V A 1 1 ,f A - . x . ', :V . I A '5' ff .4 Z! fyv , 'I , I if V! X . JL Mm - "2 f, , 9 'f 2, 7, ,, ? , ., H. , f ,f Q :f ' , 'fnwis ,, I 4,2"WfWM?'? 'Wa ff f. . I 1 ' fi! 5'l N 141 iff , ' I ' I f 1 1' 1 - , , f Q 1.. ff w 1 f ' I f ,fn gf , fa' g f 7 ? f 4 4? , H if if ' ff , 'I 4. ' 'fff 'f , ffdkliff , fn' , I , , ,,5,,,f9 ,, I y 1, l 5.4 'W ' '9'W44WV!"w . Amwldvlv f 4 , k " 1 I 55" , , H! 9 , p 1, Z u 4, ,f ' , ' A W, 2 4 V, ,Z I A 'f ' ' ,Ng 4 44 . I ,Q 1, i . , -, bg.:- President Clarence R. Decker My MMO may . . The campus in early morning-night retreating . . . day emerging . . . the movement of leaves mingling with the sound of voices . . . young voices, laughing voices, serious voices- the University meeting another day. u Day has come many times to the campus. It came before there was a University - when the Administration Building was a private house, when the Drama Workshop was a carriage house, when the Kangaroost and the Bookstore were a greenhouse. It came when the Pond was a quarry, when the Library was a blueprint, when the Gymnasium was an excavation, when the Science Hall was a foundation. lt came as a great artist painted frescoes in the Liberal Arts Building. It came as great teachers taught in the classrooms. We have watched this University - this University. of Kansas City - grow. We have read books in its libraries, we have per- lormed experiments in its laboratories, we have pondered the problems of destiny in its classes and seminars. We have been moved by the beauty of its campus through the changing seasons, by the glory of its achievements through the years. We have wept a little at its failures and disappointments. We have watched students enter as youths-questioning, considering, wondering, gathering strength and conviction - and we have watched them leave as adults. DAY UNTO DAY UTTERETH SPEECH, AND NIGHT UNTO NIGHT SHEWETH KNOWLEDGE. I say look to your University! Cive it the power and glory of high noon, the wisdom of evening, the peace of night, the hope and faith of new mornings. l say give it the best of you, for the best, multiplied many times over, will return to youl - CLARENCE R. DECKEP.. 9 QJQT ,irr- ,fha x 5 pr f SV 4 'f "J H gyygg. ' A 4 JA' ,pw - - ..,.. nvhuukvr Ur' Deal 401' at testimonial din PAGF 9 ,. .vww ' DEAN RINEHART,S RESPONSE IN PART As Guest of Honor At the Testimonial Banquet March 20, 1946 Mr. Chairman, Ladies, Gentlemen and Friends: We learn our virtues from the friends who love us -our faults from the enemies who hate us. Al- though it has been said, it takes a choice friend to tell us of our mistakes but shield them from others, I think we usually know our friends no matter what they tell us. We cannot expect to find a friend without faults although upon an occasion such as this, one might believe he had few faults and he had accomplished the impossible. I know I have plenty of faults and my accomplishments are largely due to my wife and my fortunate selection of a faculty. I am highly com- plimented and pleased, who wouldn't be-it's a human fradity. I wish to speak deeply this evening in behalf of those of our Alumni who have sacrificed their per- sonal interests for the security of our country. Without a murmur over six hundred of our Alumni went into the service. From every camp and from the battle lines we have heard repeatedly of the excellent service rendered by our graduates. Twenty thousand dentists responded to the call and we who stayed at home must not fail to show them our sincere appreciation and profound gratitude for the sacrifices they made and the service they rendered. We must not falter in our assistance to them in their problem to relocate and reestablish their practices. PAGE 10 The Bushwlfzacker 4 EELS?-B' AW -P -5-use In 1916 when 1 accepted the task of opening the fall term at the Western Dental College after a decline had occurred in the administration, I did not have a vision of really venturing upon an educational career. I only thought with the other members of the faculty and the alumni of keeping the school in operation and later finding someone suitable to guide the destinies of the school. But three years passed and during that time a war was fought and there were many severe and trying problems. We pulled through a critical period with considerable satisfaction and then came a recommendation for a consolidation of the two schools by the Dental Educational Council. I proposed two courses to those interested, insofar as 1 was personally concernedg I would step out, or I would give more time and assume full responsibility for the direction of the school with the hope of uniting both faculties. The union seemed timely and agreeable. This accomplished, the school faced three major problems as I saw it, a new building, an "A" rating and a university integration. In 1923 we had a new building and soon after an "A" rating. Full integration into a university did not occur until 1941. 1 am receiving this honor this evening, not for myself alone but for every member of our faculty. With- out a faithful, loyal, and energetic faculty and an enthusiastic alumni, our school could not occupy its present position as a fully accredited and useful institution. I give full credit to every person who has served or is serving on our faculty for the part they have had in the educational development of our school. At this time it is fitting for me to express my appreciation of the President of our University, Dr. Clarence R. Decker, for his enthusiasm and his educational ambitions for the School of Dentistry, and to the Board of Trustees for their support and encouraging felicitations at all times. But as we look about us, as a family, we must feel not only a sense of duty done but also feel anxiety lest we fall below the level of our achievement. It is necessary that constancy of mind and persistency of purpose shall persuade the initiative of all concerned for the best interests of den- tistry as one of the major factors in preserving the health of the people and restoring to usefulness that which the ravages of disease have wrought. When men of worth and vision are convinced of the worthiness of a purpose no argument of Satan can distract them. We have just witnessed the rewards of our nation's mental strength in hundreds of ways during the great world conflict. My ambitions for our school are numerous, but mainly progressively better teaching, more trained teachers, and with Dr. Decker a new building with appointments of excellency for the training of cultured men and women for service to our citizens. The greatest hope for the dental fraternity-in these troublous times especially and in fact, always lies in the closest cooperation, the most implicit confidence, and the highest degree of solidarity of aims and principles among our members. These things are possible only if every one of us conducts himself at all times with the most meticulous professional courtesy, based upon the altruistic desire that the greatest good may accrue to the greatest number. - Pr. RINEHART, E Dean, School of Dentistry. The Buslzwhacker PAC-E l 1 DR. F. M. CALMES Associate Director of the Clinic is Dr. Calmes, but the student comes in contact with this versatile man more in the fields of diagnosis and radiology than he does on the clinic floor. Active in alumni affairs, Dr. Calmes has probably done more to bind the graduates together than any other man. He is faculty adviser of "The Explorer," and is always willing to help the student who is honest and diligent. 'A DR. CHASTAIN G. PORTER Dr. Porter, who heads the Prosthetics Department, always has a good word for the student of dentistry, and is always ready with a helping hand. A specialist in his field, Dr. Porter has had the experience and possesses the knowledge to help the student become a better practitioneer in the field of prosthetics. As one of the advisors of 'cAmerican Prosthetics," Dr. Porter is keenly interested in his branch of dentistry, and can always explain any new techniques that may be developed along the lines of prosthetic dentistry. DR. P. W. HUNTINGTON Dr. Forrest W. Huntington is the man most of the students remember as the man who teaches chemistry and dental ma- terials. But to those who know him a little better, he is a man who is always doing a little extra to help the student-and never asking credit for anything. 'cSpike,' is always ready to help the honest student who is trying to help himself. And to those students who aren't trying to help themselves, he also tries to help. Dr. Huntington will be remembered long after we leave the halls of this university. PAGE 12 The Bushwhacker H man incic of II he h tory puter stree Stud' H he v but l DR. N. A. MOORE Dr. Norman A. Moore, the Registrar of Kan- sas City Western Dental College, the Professor of Oral Histology and Pathology, the Advisor- and the one to look to for help, is probably the busiest man in Dental School. The manner in which Dr. Moore promotes all his affairs shows he is a man of orderliness and precision. The proof of this is only exempli- fied by the smoothness with which all trans- actions are handled. For a job well done, our hats are off to Dr. DR. C. W. SAWYER If you ever had a flat tire in a rainstorm on a muddy road, and a smiling friendly man hap- pened along and helped you change it, then said good-bye, and managed to leave you with the feeling that you had done him the favor- the man was probably Dr. Carl Sawyer. Charter member of the American Academy of Endodontists, Dr. Sawyer is well known for his root canal work. As Director of the Clinical Staff, he also has the directorship of grading and graduation requirements. Norman Moore. DR. L. L. EISENBRANDT Heading the Research Department takes a man of keen insight, patience, and ability. And incidentally, these qualities form a description of Dr. Eisenbrandt. For the past several years, he has had charge of the Pharmacology Labora- tory and the Physiology Department. He is re- puted to know more graphs than Dun and Brad- street, and was one of Rutgers University best students. His main dislike is a "cheating studentf' and he will go out of his way to bring one to justice, but is always behind the guy who is fair. DR. W. W. WHITE Dr. Wayne W. White is the Director and Clinical Prof. of Orthodontics. He is also the Director of the Post Craduate Orthodontic De- partment, recently added to the Kansas City VVestern Dental College. He has been honored with the title of Past President of the Kansas City District Dental Society. Dr. White has given the school a credited reputation in the field of Orthodontics and its future with his able guidance can not and will not be disputed. PAGE 13 HOWARD H. DUKES GEORGE NACAMOTO LAUREL R. SETTY IOSEPH E. JACOBS JOHN N. SHIMOKAWA C194o,19413 C19443 C1943D C19433 i C19443 n Clinical Instructor in Instructor in Orthodontics Asst. Instructor in Histology Clinical Instructor rn Asst. Instructor rn Crown Operative Dentistry D.D.S., B.S. 09322, M.D. Sc.B.S. C1929j Kansas State Prosthesis and Bridge Prosthesis D.D.S. C1936l Kansas City C 19392 Sofathern California Teachers, Emporia, Kans.,D.D.S., B.S. C1943l Univers-D.D.S. C1944l University of Western Dental College A.M. K1 9302 Kansas, Ph.D. ity of Kansas City Kansas City 5 H9392 Cornell KENNETH LAWRENCE CHARLES A KOEHLER FRED A. RICHMOND HARRY M. McFARLAND W. WAYNE WHITE C1941 19463 C1927 19413 C1937,1944D C1927,1941D C1925,19433 Clinical Instructor in Clinical Professor of Lecturer in History of Lecturer in Oral Surgery Clinical Professor of Pediodontia Anatomy Dentistry D.D.S. f1902l, Western Orthodontics D D S f194Ol Kansas City B S H9212 M D H9231 D D S H9191 Kansas City Dental College D.D.S. f1922j Kansas City Western Dental College Creighton Dental College Western Dental College K W HUMPHREYS EDWARD H SKINNER F HUBERT EVERSULL KENNETH D. RUDD DONALD E. BROWN C1946D C1933 19413 C1929, 19413 C19433 C19443 Asst in Clinical Dentistry Lecture in Radiology Lecturer in Practice Instructor in Crown and Lecturer in Medicine D D S H9442 University of Iv' D H9042 St Louis Management Bridge Prosthesis A.B. CI939l, M.D. H9432 KW15015 CWD' D D S fI926l Kansas City D.D.S., B.S. H9432 Univers- Harvard ' Western Dental College ity of Kansas City PAGE 14 The Bushwhacker CHASTAi C 1922 Professions Prosthet D.D.S . C19 Dental C LESTER Cl94i Asst. Inst1 and Bri D.D.S. C11 Westeri IP'-E22 LYNVAL C192 Clinical I Operati D.D.S. C1 Dental S lAWA lrown :sis :rsity of TE s as City ollege WN re f19431 si-ilkss , tw CHASTAIN C. PORTER C1922,19411 Professional Instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry D.D.S. 119221 K. C. Western Dental College LESTER N. CLAZE 619425 Asst. Instructor in Crown Y and Bridge Prosthesis D.D.S. 119261 Kansas City ltlfestern Dental College .3l' - 1 ,, , IYNYAL E. DAVIDSON 11920, 19411 Clinical Professor of Operative Dentistry ,D.D.S. 119171 lifestern 1 Dental College Tlze Bnslzwlzacker 2 L ' 1 2 ...ii f 1 1 DONALD A. CLOSSON WALTER C. DENCEL CLAUDE W. ODELL CARL VV. SAWYER 11939, 19411 119421 11923, 19411 11926, 19451 Clinical Instructor in Clinical Instructor in Lecturer in Oral Pathology Professor of Operative Den- Orthodontics Operative Dentistry B.S. 119191 Kansas State tistry, Director of Clinic D.D.S. 119361 K. C. WesternD.D.S. 119241 K. C. Western Teaelfzers, Pittsburg, Kans.gD.D.S. 119251 K. C. Western Dental College Dental College D.D.S. 119231 K. C. West Dental College ern Dental College ROY 1. RINEHART REUBEN BERKOWITZ JOHN C. WARNOCK O. RAY PENICK 11912, 19251 119441 11925, 19451 C19421 Professor of Crown and Lecturer in First Aid Lecturer in Economics of Clinical lnstructor in Bridge D.D.S., B.S. 119351 Univers- Dental Practice Oral Diagnosis Dean of University of Kansas ity of Kansas City D.D.S. 118991 Chicago Col-D.D.S. 119261 K. C. Western City School of Dentistry lege of Dental Surgery Dental College D.D.S. 119021 1fVestern ' Dental College JOHN VV. RICHINIOND IOHN V. BROVVN D. D. CAMPBELL EARL V. CONOVER 119421 11928, 19411 11923, 19411 1193919411 Clinical lnstructor in Lecturer in Prosthesis Clinical Professor of Clinical Professor of Crown Orthodontics D.D.S. 119201 K. C. VVestern Prosthesis and Bridge Prosthesis D.D.S. 119261 K. C. lilfestern Dental College D.D.S. 119021 Kansas City D.D.S. 119321 K. C. VVestern Dental College Dental College Dental College PAGE 15 f X fwfr, PAUL, E. STOOKEY RALPH T. HAUETTER ROBT. KORITSCHONER THOMAS B. MCCRUM EDWARD L. DILLON RALPH 119411 11940,1941j 11927, 19411 11938, 19411 - 11920, 19411 O C19 Clinical Professor of MedicineLecturer in Prosthetic Director of Pathology Dental Health Education Crinical Professor of 1I0fC5S0I and Medical Research Dentistry M.D. 119101 Vienna D.D.S. 119011 Northwestern Prosthesis D.D.S. 1 M.D. 119131 Chicago CollegeD.D.S. 119331 Kansas City D.D.S. 119171 W6Sf9V11 Denm of Medicine Er Surgery Western Dental College Dental College R0Ckl'l E. W. HUNTINGTON DON E. WOODARD ALBERT L. REEVES, JR. JOSEPH C. EVANS NORMAN A. MOORE QALPI-I 11925, 19411 11933, 19411 Lecturer in Dental 119391 11924, 19451 119 Associate Professor of Lecturer in Oral Surgery Jurisprudence Lecturer in Anatomy Professor of Oral Histology jlinical Chemistry D.D.S. 119231 Iowag M.S.D AB. 119271 William 1ewellgB.S. 119321, M.D. 119341 and Pathology Opera A.B. 119191, A.M. 119261 119301 Northwestern L.L.B. 119311 Missouri Kansas AB. 119181 Emporiag DD., J.D.S. 1 Kansasg D.D.S. 119291 K. 119241 K. C. Western Dgnm C. Weste1'11 Dental College Dental College H. R. MCFARLAND ADOLPH K. HERNDON H. WILSON ALLEN ROY L. EELKNER C. E. KENNEDY JTHCQC 11934, 19411 119421 11931, 19411 119421 11933, 19381 jhnical, Lecturer in Anesthesia Clinical Instructor in Anesthesia Clinical Instructor in Asst. Professor of Health pmgd A.B. 119261 Kansasg D.D.S., Operative Dentistry D.D.S. 119061 Chicago Operative Dentistry and Physical Education 3'Dg 1 B.S. 119311 K. C. Western D.D.S. 119261 Kansas City College of Dental Surgery D.D.S. 119271 Iowa M.D. 119101 Pittslaurglzg Demi Dental College Western Dental College 1Left to Rightzj M.P.E. 119281 Springfiel PAGE I6 The B1lSl11Ul'IClC1QC1' W'-it or PILLON RALPH W. EDWARDS LESTER M. GATES LEONARD E. CARR FRANK C. NEEE C. P. WESTERN I5 C1921, 19285 C194O, 19415 C1928, 19415 C1932, 19415 C19455 r of Professor of Oral Surgery Lecturer in Operative Clinical Professor of CrownLecturer in Diet and Asst. Instructor in Operative D.D.S. H9211 K. C. VVeste1'n Dentistry and Bridge Prosthesis Nutrition Dentistry Vestern Dental Collegeg B.S. H9371D.D.S. H9261 K. C. VVesternD.D.S. H9271 K. C. Weste1'nM.D. H8971 Univ. MedicalD.D.S. H9451 University of z Rocklturst Dental College Dental College Collegeg Sc.D. H9311 Kan- Kansas City sas Weslegfan YIOORE RALPH VV. FROST JOHN M. CLAYTON RALPH I. HAMPTON ALBERT L. REEVES JOHN E. GOSSETT 35 I Ql9425 C1931, 19415 619425 C1916, 19415 C194O, 19415 1 HISYOIUSY Ilinical Instructor in Lecturer in Pedodontia Clinical Instructor in Dental Iurisprudence Lecturer in Crown and ' i Operative Dentistry D.D.S. H9221, K. C. VVest- Operative Dentistry B.S.D. H8941, A.B. H8961 Bridge Prosthesis VOWHS D-D-1 J.D.S. H9261 K. C. Vlfestern ern Dental Collegeg Cert.D.D.S. H9261 K. C. W9Sf61'11 Steelville Normalg L.L.D.D.D.S. H9381 K. C. Western VVQSWV11 Dental College H9231 Forsyth Dental In- Dental College H94O1IfVillia1njewell Dental College 3 firnzarj' for Cltilclren .DTHO DUNCAN BUPORD C. HAMILTON L. L. EISENBRANDT ALBERT C. SAECER S. L. CONWAY DY 519125 Q1935, 19415 C1936, 19455 C1944, 19455 Clinical instructor in 83 'linical Instructor in Obstetrics Assoc. Professor of PhysiologyAssoc. Professor of Biology Prosthesis 'E Heallh Prosthesis M.D. H9051 llfasliington U., and Director of Research fBacteriolo.-239 D.D.S. H9401 K. C. Western Educaflw Jos. 119291 K. c. iifesfem sf. 1.01.12 1110. Bs. H9321 Eniporiag .n.s.A.B. 119211, AM. 119241, Dental College ltt5l'7Uf8115A Dcnml College H9341 Kansas Stateg Pl1.D. Plt.D. H9301 Nlissouri 1 Sprmgflgl I 119361 Rutgers 1 Tlie Buslzivlzaelcei' PAGE 17 FRANCIS lVl. CALMES Associate Professor of D.D.s. Cl927l, 13.5. fl928l EARL C. PADCETT Cl93O, 19415 Clinical Professor of Masillo- Facial Surgery B.S. H9161 Kansasg Ill.D. K C. Vvestem Dental CUZ. 119181 Washington Univ., legeg MD. Sc. fl94ll SO. California Q 1928 , 19411 Operative Dentistry St. Louis HOIVIER M. SHELDEN Cl93l, 19413 Orthodontics D.D.S. Cl9l3l Kansas City Dental College ORVILLE O. GRAY LAWRENCE P. ENCEL C1945D CI924, 19411 Asst. Instructor in Prosthesis Lecturer in Surgery D.D.S. H9451 University of AB. fl9l6l, M.D. H9191 Kansas City KHWSHS HENRY I. EACER WILTON W. COGSWELL 519423 51935, 19411 Lecturer in Dental Clinical Professor of lurisprudence Oral Surgery L.L.B. H9201 Michigan D.D.S. H9131 Kansas City Dental College PAGE 18 EDITORIAL THE IOURNAL of the KANSAS STATE DENTAL ASSOCIATION DEAN RINEHART is HONORED On Wednesday, March 20, 1946, the faculty and almuni of the Kansas City-Western Dental College, Dental School of the University of Kansas City, and .the Kansas City Drs- trict Dental Society, staged a gala event at the Continental Hotel in Kansas-it was a banquet in honor of one of America's greatest deans, Dr. Roy I. Rinehart, Dean of Kansas City-Westem Dental College. More than 500 loyal alumni and other friends from all parts of America, were there to sing his well deserved praises. It was a real thrill for every- one in attendance. I The history of dental education in Kansas City began in 1881 with theifounding of the Kansas City Dental College. The Western Dental College was founded in 1890. In 1919 these two institutions were merged to form the Kansas City-Western Dental College, which became the School of Dentistry of the University of Kansas City in 1941. Dr. Rinehart was Dean of the VVestern Dental College at the time it merged with the Kansas City Dental College. Following the merger he was elected Secretary of the College, and Professor of CEov1iingni Bridge. In 1922 he was elected Executive Dean, and in 1927 he became Dean o t e o ege. Dean Rinehart's unique ability to awaken the alumni of both the Kansas City Dental College, and the Westerrr Dental College, to the wisdom of a unified. loyal alumni associa- tion for the Kansas City-Western Dental College, must be recorded as one of the chief factors in the universally recognized success of the school. Many alumni of other dental colleges in America have often said, "The enthusiastic alumni body of the Kansas City- Western demonstrates conclusively what a great leader can do for a college." Leaders are born - not made. Dean Rinehart's vision, his faith in his fellow man, his patience, indomitable courage, insight, and sympathy, stand out like huge beacon lights. Kansas congratulates Doctor Rinehart on his outstanding success as the Dean of a great educational institution. ST. LOUIS DENTAL SOCIETY BULLETIN TESTIMONIAL DINNER TO DEAN Ror J. RINEHART, KANSAS CITY UNIVERSITY, SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY On lVIarch 20, the alumni of the Kansas City-Western Dental College, now the Kansas City University, School of Dentistry, and many friends from all parts of the United States and Canada, honored Dean Rinehart at a testimonial dinner in Kansas City. Several doctors from St. Louis attended the dinner. Drs. L. R. llflain and Otto YV. Brandhorst, Deans respectively of St. Louis University, School of Dentistry and Washington University, School of Dentistry took part in the program of eulogy of one of Missouri's great men in dentistry. Dr. Rinehart became Dean of the Western Dental College in 1918 and immediately took steps to consolidate the Western and the Kansas City Dental Colleges. This was effected the following year as the Kansas City-VVestern Dental College with Dr. Rinehart as the executive Dean. Both schools at the time of merger were greatly in need of faculty reorganization and. modernization. Dr. Rinehart began at once the task of building a dental educational institution that old 'graduates are now proud to call theirs. Few men possess the determina- tion, executive ability and persuasive authority that has been Dr. Rinehart's forte in the strugge against all odds, and that today proves him one of the best among dental school directors. The accomplishments of his twenty-eight years stewardship have not been merely creditable, they have been remarkable. Today the Kansas City Universitv, School of Dentistry ranks high among the '4Class Al' dental schools of America and with Roy I. Rinehart steer- ing its course the school will not falter in the continuous changes that advancing educational standards require. -1, F, A, The Bushwhachei' F Y 0-J: N -Western Iity Dis- t was a E Kansas from all or every- riding of 890. In College, :ed with 1 of the ean, and y Dental L associa- he chief er dental sas City- man, his ghts. 'an of a N .RT, RY e Kansas ed States Otto XV. nshington i'lissouri's nediately This was Rinehart anization ucational ejermina- e in the al school n merely Dentistry ,art steer- ucational jfte Cibenfidfff Gee To res ect m rofession, m re utation, and m self. To be as honest and fair with m atients as l P Y P Y P Y Y P expect my patients to be honest and fair with me, to think of Dentistry with loyalty, speak of it with praise, and act alwa s as a custodian of its Good name. To be a man whose word carries weight with m fellow- Y as O Y citizens, to be a booster, not a knockerg a pusher, not a kicker, a motor, not a clog. ' To base my expectations of reward on a solid foundation of service rendered, to be willing to pay the price in honest effort. To look upon my work as opportunity to be seized with joy and made the most of, and not as painful drudgery to be reluctantly endured. To remember that success lies within myself, in my own brain, my own ambition, my own courage and determination. To expect difficulties and force my way through them, to convert hard experience into capital for future struggles. To believe in my proposition heart and soul, to carry an air of optimism into the presence of possible patients, to dispel ill temper with cheerfulness, kill doubts and string convictions, and reduce active friction with an agreeable personality. To make a study of the professional and business sides of Dentistry, to know both sides in every detail from the ground up, to mix brains with my efforts, and use system and method in my work, to find time to do everything needful by never letting time find me doing nothing. To make every hour bring me dividends in fees, increased knowledge, or healthful recreation. To save money as well as earn it, to cut out expensive amusements until l can afford them. Finally to take a good grip on the joy of lifeg to play the game like a gentleman, to fight against nothing so hard as my own weaknesses, and to endeavor to grow as a dentist, and as a man with the passage of every day of time. Y T1-us is MY CREED The Bushwlzacker PAGE 19 inf-, v , :fi ,- vw 29711 X -5 I ig i 11.?,, Helen I-I, Adams Treva Ragland Bernadine Summe Secretary to Dr. Rinehart Stenographer Student R6C0TdS Margret B. Potts Mary K. Orr Mary Huffman Elizabeth Stroup Secretary to Dr. Rinehart Bookkeeper and Cashier Librarian Bookkeeper PAGE 22 The Bushwhackev 1,2 my 7- my , ,W 4 N- f .Rx x QA , .132 W' Sf X E, I E - l n pix u'.f 0' a- ff 'Q' his is , p , 5 A9 .nv :fa i Q. ,. I Q, 5225 n' , ,as x g v 1' V+ E L 4- 'r 'Q a ' i7 'LX . if l I L FQz1 '1 'N ,N . ,.q-.L Ji. 1. ,,,f xt vs, f YD , , Hi' y- 1. n 7 5 7 7? 1 .41 3. K r 5' 1 13 ., frcrf, ,'. . J, 0' ig . ,. .fy Y. -ff nk. .-' 17' nl, if ,. 'x Marie Butner Martha Donavan Genevieve D. Roth Mildred Armstrong ll Receptionist Surgery Department Reasearch Department Dispensary Assistant Q Mary Shelton Vivian E. Wilson Louise F. Leach Esther M. Solornan Clteinistry Department Ortlioalontia ' Dispensary Supervisor File Clerk Vesta Mizer Nellie A. Weddle Margaret Ferguson Ruby Walker Bertha Culp I Dispensary Assistant Dispensary Assistant File Clerk Racliodontia Racliotlontia f 1 11 I 1 PAGE 24 Tlie Biaslftwliacker if r' 1 . 1 f ,ky I P 7 +- Q PL F E B , N v v V .- Z- K 2 2 P E A s ? 3 13 0 '-9 ff-NEX ,'Q'xWj. -. X, vi X Q A T- ,XI37 L-I-If? A. , .f ff fun, "" - yr ,. ,X 9 . ,WW Xi X , X X .se N X A X- Xf K. X XXX X X , 1 , ff X X X X Q f X ,af ,434 f : 4 f PAGE 28 IAMES D. HART President TED E. RITZE Vice-President FULLER WARDEN Secretary amor Cfiflfifif The Senior Class of '46 has arrived, per- haps not with the 105 students she began vvith, but surely leaving behind her a trail of blood and Weeping tissue. Dental school has proven one thing to her - and that one thing is: "It was an long hard grind, fellows." As a place of learning, mit udder vorts - Na respectable joint" she admires her dear old Alma Mater. As a senior class should, she can boast of a fine bunch of men who are novv ready, she thinks, to go out and meet the world in the professional aspect. With the A.S.T.P. Working out as a flash in the pan, still a good many of us could have had harder and bigger gripes, but We didn't. What say Navy? There was a deal for you. Let's not forget our friendships that have grown from physiology and anatomy through the foil tests and senior set ups. In fact, if vve could only realize, then look back after the years have closed in about us, we would say, "What a gang. Wish I could see them all now." Into the future then we now gaze thought- fully, wondering vvhat sort of a doctor we will make. Will vve be a credit to our pro- fession? Will vve be a success? All of these and many more questions keep racing through our minds. Post-vvar dentistry holds much for usg there is much to be done, so much to be gained. We have our foundation: our professors, our doctors have aided us this far - now We are on our ovvn. Let's build! Where could a man find a bigger and better opportunity 'than to be one of our graduating class of this year? - The Bushwhacker The Bushw we 388 I never see a twisted tree, All torn by gale and bruised by storm, And yet whose torn and twisted form Still lifts its branches full and free Toward Heaven as though in prayer to be, Whose roots deep down in Mother Earth Still grasp the soil that gave them birth, That something does not say to me: "Here is a lesson you should learn, When storms of life you too, shall smite, And hope and faith seem nearly gone, And doubt your faltering steps would turn, Stand firm for what you think is right, And in God's name fight on and on." - EDWARD LGVELLE STEWART, MD. ln service of the sclfzool as Professor of Histology and Bacteriology for thirty-five years, Dr. Edward Lovelle Stewart died january 24, 1945. hacker PAGE 29 A , , , - . . ...Y A ff t - ,, Y A , :ii i5-', ' 1' I ' " "" ' .T 'PI ' UT: .1414-1: givzfelf' ' ,95 V. L " ' - .P ':, ' 9' ':. ' 'T ' 52- """' ' ,I""' -+72 7: A-41. his KI' I f' "V 1" v-1 1' - ' it in-' Q ' GLEN S. AULT SAM BADEEN Hobart, Ckla. McAlester, Okla. 533 University of Oklahoma University of Oklahoma PSI OMEGA I I LJ ROBT. K. BENKELMAN McDonald, Kaus. Kemper Military Academy Kansas University X1 PS1 PHI SURGERY APPOINTMENT STANLEY BOHON Kirksville, Mo. Kirksville State DELTA SIGMA DELTA PAGE 30 The Bushwhacker , T, ,.- . ,. , A -A - -, , bt :A.., ....1..:.,..-41. A-,:.',, A ,' . 'T'- -'W M g Wi.. . . - -.E -,..,,,,,,.,: ,. , , - ROY C. BORG Kansas City Central College XI PSI PHI FORREST BROWN Holton, Kans. Baker University Warrenshii1'g Teachers XI PSI PHI EDITOR BUSKWHAGKEP. EUGENE L. BRIMER Wilson, Okla. Oklahoma University XI PSI PHI WHO,S WHO The Bushwhacker IOHN BRENTARI ROBERT L. BRIGGS Ama, Kans. Pittsburg, Kans. Pittsburg Teachers Pittsburg Teachers DELTA SIGMA DELTA DELTA SIGIVIA DELTA "Nm, Eafzwifff ,f fs 'A v' , 4 . ff H125 A ,F Jgxefgf 'vff' PAGE 31 . f- fff--Q16-?Fa4m.,, -f if -1-w 9' B 'F WILLIAM P. BROWN PRED C BYEBS Jgplin, MO, Kansas C1ty So. Methodist Universtty Dartmouth College XI PSI PHI DELTA SIGMA DELTA GRTHODONTIA APPT OHN B. CARMICHAEL I-Ienryetta, Okla. Oklahoma A. S7 M. XI PSI PHI CROWN 81 BRIDGE APPT.. BUSHWHACKER '46 IAMES W. CARSON Oklahoma City, Okla. Central State College XI PSI PHI PAGE 32 WM. CARTER IOSEPI-I CASSIDY RAY P. CAUDLE Blackburn, Okla. Cummings, Kans. Tulsa, Okla. Oklahoma A. Er M. Kansas University University of Oklahoma X1 PSI PHI XI PSI PHI DELTA SIGMA DELTA DIAGNOSIS APPT. WHO,S WHO JACK CHRISTIAN Payett, Idaho University of Idaho XI PSI PHI ORAL SURGERY APPT. BRECK CROWE Charleston, Mo. Westrriinister College XI PSI PHI SURGERY APPT. AW' W fi ian it The Bushwliacker PKJE 33 f',eg3,41lHP'j1afwQwff-M .. . ,.. . ,f ,.,,----:-Mfr' f V. ,pe-1' Knrfnf A ,, , .. , ,., ,., A ' Y 1' f of X fT 2621111 ' - - - -'ft' -ew' -+-A--ff-ww S -fs A AA+. Az., . ,. -is A, - f L. R. CURTIS RICHARD DUFFIN Salt Lake City, Utah Salt Lake City, Utah University of Utah University of Utah DELTA SIGMA DELTA XI PSI PHI PREVENTIVE DENTAL MEDICINE APPT. PAGE 34 WILBUR EDICER Hillsboro, Kans. Bethel College PROSTHETIC APPT. ORAL SURGERY APPT. DELTA SIGMA DELTA DALE E. EWINC Kansas City, Mo. K. C. University DELTA SIGMA DELTA H. W. FITZGERALD EI Dorado, Kans. Kansas University El Dorado Iunior College XI PSI PHI ' The Butshwhacker , .N .,,- ., Y, ,,,, gl-is A ,IMA -.Y hx v -'f---- - M- .... V. :H -1 4- E-. w.,Q-Af - - ,. v W L i ,, A , A V CEO. E. FULLER PRICE A. CIBBONS R. R. GOULDNER Washington, D. C. Pratt, Kans. Wichita, KEIIQS- . Kemper Military Acaoleiny Texas A. E9 M. Stanford University XI PSI PHI Kansas University Wichita University WH0's WHO XI PSI PHI BUSHWHACKER '46 SURGERY APPT. OPERATIVE APPT. DIAGNOSIS APPT. 1 RAY I-IAILEY, IR. l Kansas City, Mo. University of K. C. Kansas State College XI PSI PHI CRTHODONTIA APPT. JAMES D. HART, IR. Vvewoka, Okla. University of Cklalionza City University of Olzlalzonza XI PSI PHI PRESIDENT OF CLASS '46 ORAL SURGERY APPT. PARTIAL DENTLIRES APPT. KVHo'S XRIHO The Buslzwlmcker PAGE 35 l 1. W. HOOPINGARNER g ' -'F y K iv' K?" 7' 'Q' 'rl 'PC 'ki f -11" F1 Pbx 'W' ' .Lac aal vseaaxsme- I it Lf P V 1 -av. ai CILBEPIT HASSUB M. HAYASHI Parsons, Kans. Honolulu, Hawaii Kansas State University University of Hawaii PSI GMEGA University of Southern Calif. DIAGNOSIS APPT. OPEPATIVE APPT. JACK HOLT Maysville, Mo. Central College XI PSI PHI CROWN AND BRIDGE Baldwin City, Kans. Baker University XI PSI PHI PAGE 36 A The Bnsliwlftacker ARTHUR HRELAC H. M. HUNTINGTON DON R. JAMES Kansas City, Kans. Kansas City, Mo. Tulsa, Okla. Kansas City, Kans., Jr. College Kansas City, Mo., Jr. College Oklahoma A. E9 M. DELTA SIGMA DELTA XI PsI PHI DELTA SIGMA DELTA ORAL SURGERY APPT. V. L. JOHNSON, JR. Carthersville, Mo. Central College XI PSI PHI JACK LANDRUM Shawnee, Okla. University of Olalalzonza PS1 GMEGA The Buslzwlzaclcer PAGE 37 . -A - 7- f - - f - -.I f"'fI'f' '."f"..i. ' 'f'?' "' l, 'F-T T.,-S -51-iff-3 .. 4f: ,-, -'Ti-A C all Vg it f 3- .G--7-.1 A- .Azg1:": grgsxl ,A -ee: ff- -Eiga: ,xr ,?. '!- ,iQa.u4a.- I. HOUGHTON LETTS ROY LININGER Denver, Colo. Coloraclo College DELTA SIGMA DELTA ORAL SURGERY APPT. PARTIAL DENTURE APPT. WHO's WHO W. R. LCUDON Chapman, Kans. Kansas University XI PSI PHI CROWN AND BRIDGE APPT. W. PY. MARTIN Kansas City,'MO. Southwestern State Southeastern State XI PSI PHI GRAL SURGERY APPT. Bus. lxlGR. BUSHWHAGKER '46 Littleton, Colo. University of Denver DELTA SIGMA DELTA STUDENT COUNCIL ORAL SURGERY APPT. WHO's WHO PAGE 38 The Bushwhachev P. A. MCANERNY AL MCCULLY S. E. MCCOY Oklahoma City, Okla. E1 Dorado, Kans. Beatrice, Nebr. Oklahoma University Wichita University Wentworth Nlil. Academy ORAL SURGERY APPT. XI PSI PHI DELTA SIGMA DELTA TREASURER CLASS '46 ERCELL L. MILLER Buckner, Mo. Central College XI PSI PHI OPERATIVE APPT. WHO,S WHO C. VV. MILLER Oakley, Kans. Kansas University University of Kansas City XI PSI PHI The Bushwhacker PAGE 39 ., ,. , -i fu- - f - "P---H ,, I A , -f . - U - , , , - , A - , ,.- f..uL.j2,,I : -1 Ht- mis. - 41.4-, 1 ...E . ....g, nu .- -L., I IE- - . f. -- me . ff C. R. MILLS HUCH T. MOORE Neodesha, Kans. Kansas City, Mo. Wichita University Vlfaslftington University XI PSI PI-II XI PSI PHI OPERATIVE APPT. ARTHUR L. OLSON Edmond, Okla. Central State College PSI OMEGA LOWRY CLINIC APPT., WHO,S WHO ROBT. C. OWEN Bristow, Okla. Oklalftonia A. Ev M. DELTA SIGMA DELTA PAGE 40 The Bushwhackei " M ' ' -' " A T'-H '---1--LLL-. ' -'gaxfzrxgf -E .Y- ' 4, , 5 uf .. K-1.-. v ...- I . L. , f K V. C. PENNER EARNEST W. POTTS R. L. RENECAR Ingalls, Kans. El Reno, Olcla. Oklahoma City, Okla. Tabor College Oklahoma A. E7 M. Oklahoma A. Eff M. Kansas University University of Tennessee X1 PS1 PHI University of Kansas City XI PS1 PHI CP.owN AND BRIDGE APPT. l TED E. RITZE l Trenton, Mo. Kirhsville State Teachers Coll. DELTA SIGMA DELTA WHOlS WHO VICE-PRESIDENT CLASS '46 DAN ROACH Roswell, N. Nlex. Kansas State College Hutchinson junior College X1 PS1 PHI The Buslzwhacker PAGE 41 ,, , ...V , , A I ,. '.4 ,Y :,. ' fd,-rrAAf?V,jl,:.,,1.,!,v-r-r0'if' ,.'xJig.,.' 4 - I k - i W. V. ROBINS W. ROBINSON Kansas City, Mo. Miami, Okla. Baker University University of Oklahoma XI PSI PHI XI PSI PHI IOSEPH ROGERS Paris, Mo. Missouri University XI PS1 PHI - ELTON A. ROSE, IP.. Ponca City, Okla. Oklahoma A. Eff IM. DELTA SIGMA DELTA PROSTHETIC APPT. DIAGNOSIS APPT. PAGE 42 The Bushwhacker A . . . . ' -A -. , ,. ...: , - 'W' ' -Q ' :S gl, '.....,11.,, " ...iz-rg I ,-x, r-:,f..S,-gAn.,1r4,k ,.,g.,1-x-1: "" ' . , : 1 HY' ' . - ' .'- f--swf' f- - -- MAXWELL RUDISAILE EDMUND RUSSELL T. B. SCOTT Hope, Ark. Tulsa, Okla. Welutka, Okla. Madison College Oklalfloma A. Ev M. Oklahoma A. Ev M. PSI OMEGA DELTA SIGMA DELTA LOWRY CLINIC APPT. PROSTHETICS APPT. WHo's WHO RUSSELL S. SMITH Ada, Okla. East Central State DELTA SIGMA DELTA SURGERY APPT. XV. L. SMITH Lexington, Mo. Central College XI PSI PHI DIAGNOSIS APPT. ORAL SURGERY APPT. 'The Bzmh1vhacker PAGE 43 ...L ....- R. F---A - ' ' ' , , ' f -,A .- 'IAQNL'--4 I . ,ff f ,-. 0- . ' .. , A -.E ,L-L -A 4, ...'?.. - I Y ,A afar xi J" ,I . .so-5. H ""g""""" 'C' FRANCIS O. STALKER HAROLD D. STONE Topeka, Kang, Oedarvale, Kaus. Washharn College Pittshurg Teachers X1 PS1 PHI DELTA SIGMA DELTA ALVA L. STOSKOPF Baxter Springs, Kaus. Baker University PROSTHETIG APPT. . ORAL SURGERY APPT. R. D. STRIEBY Topeka, Kaus. Wichita University Washharn Universit ' T DELTA SIGMA DELTA PAGE 44 T 1 T The Bashwhacker 5 ff P W HOWARD TERRILL KEN THOMASSON CHARLES TAPPAN Kansas City Tulsa, Okla. Pueblo, Colo. University of Kansas City Washington University Colorado University PS1 OMEGA SURGERY APPT. X1 Psi PHI VIRCIL H. TROTTER Tulsa, Okla. Oklahoma A. E12 M. University of Kansas City DELTA SIGMA DELTA G. H. UYEMURA Blanca, Colo. Colorado University CROWN AND BRIDGE APPT. '-f .V 55 AE 3' - 5 ef The Busfzwimcker PAGE 45 , .ff 1 . . " .. Y" ,L .... - -Yi .K ,rr ....,' 1. 14-Pfaipfrl, n f- 1 I ROSS E. WALTZER FULLER WARDEN Sand Springs, Okla. Tulsa, Okla. Colorado University Tulsa University Tulsa University PS1 OMEGA SECRETARY, CLASS '46 JOHN A. WATKINS Richmond, Mo. Wentworth, Mil. Acaoleiny Arkansas University BEN W. WARNER Kansas City, Mo. University of Kansas City PAGE 46 The Bushwlfiacker IX EDIVIUND WONG EDWIN LEE WILSON STUART N. WHITE Wailuku, Manui, Hawaii Bristow, Okla. Sand Springs, Okla. Graceland College Central State College Oklalfzorna A. 8+ M. DELTA SIGMA DELTA ROBERT E. WOODS I Appleton City, Mo. Missouri University DELTA SIGMA DELTA DIAGNOSIS HAW TUNG VVONG Honolulu, Hawaii p University of Hawaii l The Busliwlzacker PAGE 47 .-. ,- . fy ,ka Dr. Grey tells Varner how, while Who's Who Caudle supervises. 'Tve only tapped a few in my time" Miller does it again. Dad and I-Ioagy relax at siesta time. lust back from the wars, Pfc. Bill Russell has got ahead of himself - my, how he's changed! If Orthodontia makes me draw pictures like that, Guzzlin, Bill Brown is one too. Niartinstein, Borgstein and Fitzgeraldstine talk of the good old days back in Ireland. Warderi showing off Cimagine pretending he could readlD. .f I f W , 'f2,ifl, ,4X'7i1'f. M4 i x .W ,I -, Vho iller has cl! zhat, talk g he " Virgil seowls as patients shrink suinewhat like a xiulet. Flwo admirers. Louden and Fuller give Igsther a sample ul' hun' it's clone in Dental School. VValtzer points out a few of the facts tu Polly about the Cracker -laclrl V ii The onlv time lerrill the Red isn't on the bum is when, ancl here he is, as peaceful as a baby. Ewing, actin' tough. No woncler Sanimy gave it a seeuncl thought. Chubby Curtis trying tu nialte a good impression. Art, the smooth one, and likeable. mn. Abe, the long one -pulls inure corneys. more puns than any. Him' Could we "Stan" it? Surely Thomasson the Could isnt far away-guess he toulsecl the picture. Thinv' are Going to Potts sais Fenner. Lets try the pressure points. Q5 cv i Thatls more fun. 1 , if' " f-lCf,.'v,,gf ,.f, 4 . Q, mr, ff 4 V , rw f if . " 1 f fiiqtf ,4 , 1-ww v i ' ww :Q in ffdfpifi X ff '-+ 7 .3-7: 1,4 , b 5646 MV , X, f ,V ,ff -5: af' ff L , ,, Huw, y , 131, arzm:. ,.. ,,., bw ff K 1 mm-G 49 44' X ,r,, X V, I X f ,QV :f','5,g'5,f A 3 Hlllm I n h S J- JI le iy 21 l. 2. 3 5 . 4. 5 Cv N. MQ- lil. H 3 'Wlll I , 4 UD" ma, The guilt gets pigistcivci up- cionit soc his flask, though. A4 X l W 3 r 2 Wa. t Jive, Jack" xxhilc trying in 21 fcw Brcnturi ,gives out with "Hit thu dentures. Ruhor Iiuopingtirncr was finally caught giving nut with L1 ii xwrk. I hut hm' Irwin tht- fixing tinci xx rtlc X LIN and CrJC011L1ts times every thing tht- Xtmzng xxuiy. ITLIIIIIXIDLXH limit nmiaing his rut-th act up it can hc Limit-f . Stcxx' niinhic iiingcrs Wliirt- H0178 in iiiwnt ul! tl tiriicriuw utr. The iinil Ling, Iltxytshi. rcigixt-a rlic unc nitln Ur. Sgnxycr mortg- nizcs its an cqutti. Pcrsrmtiiitx' pins xttirinicfi till HXCIA his info! Stnpuruit imxxm tit that CLIIHCIII . Ilw sttinilwux 'inc igthgtn' chticihng XX'ifil Lili 'liLi VAX lliIlCI'Il. Mau tmnght tw hc IH pitttlrw, Xlttx -- ftlllf' L'i1L'LiiL'I' ELAINE Ufllili UNL' tl 414 1 4 1' K -Miln- iicw tiitlaiics. trim. M ,,. .Q .. ,.:.: Q rw ,fw.45:3I1:f ik 1 --W .Q ll .Q:.,.,X , 52 2 ,, 1 0 , V! g 3 . a ' .?f.?7' JFK.. , fy, f 1 , an , 1 6 -M- wx C! . x HA 1' www., if Y ' ZFX. an ,n mf buf ' fic!! f f- ,gif 'ff ff , , -.f--g.:-mn' ::4:UfA, Q ,Q if -- ,. J ffm- Q 'M ff - . gif: ,431- -af? 21 'WY .M 'WW ' ' 'f .i5,Z,I? ' H "Q, , 404' :za 515551 -.'1,u .W -- J A 1 ,v 31. 1 f. wr. , , , :. F11-L -F77 ii: 1, . .f 14 .f -"E: 5, Q if - .Lani . . :gg V' r - mf f, ,f 1 .M .,.., .,,, . 4.,,,f.f :af - 4"f,:!M'f,2 . fffff 2 4' Q.!25:'ff:i37 1' J, ' My-if ,, i --'f-'-- r' : A xflfff ., .fa . f 5520 -nw 1 f f 7 , f , lf! , 3 5, , 4 f' ff, 61 , A ff ,, ffl! f Q f- . . . ,, . - , ,,, , Y : 1- 1-:Ii : fziifv L+- " ' 2464.2-g 5 Wm WfZ'!51"i2 40 ff ' 'fy v 1 Wynn.-nv.-fb, fywwf-2,19-Q. o f . 1,2494-ef: f '-', 4 if if f , 3' V! W 01" X W, 4522521 Mine. A 4 'X m4'm1r 5' '17 ,fi Kgifxgmnc 41:9 .aw .'fmf,'z2 wi " W JMM M ,fy v ' W U , ,fi ,,1V. M: ,, .0,'r.,.5:.-1 f. '. .If - -wsdvymw,-uw.. V ,P . ' " 5 1 , ,W-,. - 1- 2 v-. -f - fwg ! --.f :ff-44 - 4'-f '-W K. C. HOEBMAN Secretary R. B. MASON Vice-President C. C. BENNETT President ,7!ze Junior gfdifif That eventful day in September, when the introgression of seventy-seven neophyte den- tists as "The Iunior Classf' precipitated to the field of clinical dentistry, precision, dex- terity, and professional integrity, leaving a residue of inexpediancy, coarseness, and mal- practice, is to be remembered long by those to whom it may concern. Boasting numer- ous, almost phenomenal, dental operators and clinical men, our class feels that we shall have the greatest amount of good dentistry to offer the future dental patient. As it should be with the professional man, among us are those who excel in the extra- curricular activities: in each of us the ability to pursue the things which serve to broaden the social and community position of the pro- fessional man. Several men in our class were given departmental appointments for the Iunior year. Nearly every man is active in the functioning of a social fraternity, or some other organization which offers relaxation and fellowship. Several are taking part in the publication of the UNIVERSITY NEWS. The greatest majority belong to the Jr. A.D.A. Our class takes undisputed claim to the best athletic accomplishments, as is borne out by the fact of inter-class competition. We have several exceptional golfers, tennis players and bowlers. Being a class of nearly one hundred per- sonalities, we are proud of the fact that each component can call his classmate by name, and knows much about his personality. This serves as another adjunct to the sensitive cooperativeness of our class. Perhaps the summit for which we, the Junior Class, strive is: To enter yourselves into a profession which offers no imprecation from any source, and by our own gubernation and achieve- ments, demand the highest respect from society as a whole. KIRK C. HOERMAN. PAGE 56 The Bushwhacker aff f .1 gary -.,f. P ' emi ,. lf if, , . A 1 f f 1 7 . if f f f 1 ' rF1 .'4'.Q..L .gi-L57 "' 'Y . "' ' ' Y ' - -. .,, AL. ,-, - - , . TOP ROW Clseft to Rightlz K. Katsura, I. C. Schaefer, T. Honda, K. W. Helgerson, M. Kurashima. SECOND Row: R. Miles, M. W. Mabry, M. Holmes, H. V. Kibby, E. W. McClesky, T. D. Schaad. THIRD Row: W. Hulen, C. M. Kouri, K. C. Hoerman, H. E. Kennedy, R. C. johnson. Please, Mr. Holmes, let's not operate on the little fellow like that. Saliva is hard enough to combat. Dr. Weeclin, looks stern, and from the profile, it's Tokyo Joe Hayashi the slick one. The Bushwhacker PAGE 57 . ..., ig . A f ' ? ToP Row CLeft to Rightjz J. Wathn, I-I. Williamson, W. Trefz, R. V. Tinclal, L. E. Tietz, W. F. Twitty. SECOND Row: R. Wohlgernuth, C. J. Vague, C. D. Walthall, H. Varner, R. Wood, C. D. Walters. THIRD Row: R. T. Street, C. Wilson, I. B. Street, T. W. White, T. I. Toma. Pathology fthe skin you love to look at elassD busy at Work. Varner and Peek look nice and lovey, which would be hard to take. PAGE 5 8 The Buslzwlftacker TOP Bow CLeft to Bightlz J. C. Carnes, T. C. Burris, O. C. Crockett, B. Anderson, P. Chancey, L. M. Graham SECOND Row: J. B. Cole, W. L. Brown, F. Davis, F. I. Croley, F. H. Dolf, I. A. Freese. THIRD Row: T. C. Bennion, I. P. Brown, J. A. Ambrose, F. E. Crogman, W. J. Duensing, J. W. Adams. So Moron Davis says to Moron Crowley: "How could you afford those buck teeth?" Reply: "That's simple- 1 all you need is a little doe.' Looking at bacteria day in and day out sometimes gets very complicated. Was there ever anyone who found the buggy with the fringe on top? The Bushwhacker PAGE 59 Top Row Cleft to rightlz R. B. Mason, H. Kwuaski, I. Strfeck, Stone, D. E. Parry. Second Row: B. Sharp, R. Paull, E. Schilb, M. Sato, R. L. Stone, Musser. Third Row: W. K. Smith, S. Plainfield, W. H. Pumphrey, F. Miller, Noss. Just a get together and a good old bull session with chasers included. Helgerson holds the atten- tion of his fellowmen as he .S Carves. Wliols talking turkey? PAGE 60 The Bfl.lSl11Ul16IClQ!-Z1 f y ' wif Q? gvggwwp my at ,gn k g Sf Don juan Duensing fooling again. VVho else but Tarzan Miller could look like that? One of the Stone boys tries his hand. This is one time Freese has his hands full, eh Johnny? Killer White poses just in time. Tsk, tsk- people pick the cwaziest pwaces to study. Oh, Richard, you have embarrassed us all. Hard at work, though. Abbey Plainfield caught the camera just as it was looking up. VVouldn't you know it, he's "Mason" up things again. To smile the Phumphrey way is the Way Wohlegemuth looks on as a friendly senior gives aid Qfriendly - that isl. The Buslzwlzuclcer PAGE ol 52,9 OWLOPQ5 Another scholastic year draws to a close and we find ourselves at the mid point of our education. Qur days with cadavers are be- hind us and our experiences in the clinic are before us. Of the thirty-two members of our class ten were in the Navy V-12 but have now joined the ranks of civilians. We hail from twelve states, including ARKANSAS and the Territory of Hawaii. As our class is a very small one we can fully realize the benefits one desires from the untiring supervision of our instructors. To them we owe a debt which we can pay only with our cooperation and the showing of our appreciation. In extra-curricular activities the sophomore football team overpowered their opponents to clinch the tournament championship. We also boast a strong baslcet ball team. Our social functions include a picinc and dinner and will long be remembered by all who attended. And so each year we add a stone to our Dathways and let us hope the next two may be smooth. - Milton Graham, D. M. WILLIAMS Secretary. President E. FOX Vice-President M. 1. GRAHAM Secretary PAGE 62 The Bushu had ei FIRST Row CLeft to Righty: Donald Williams, Franklin Pack, Steve Peck, Robert Lindberg. SECOND Row: Arthur Taubaum, Wallace Grimes, Carl Swanson, Charles Rogers, John Schrag, Walter Willis. THIRD Row: Robert Parsons, Harry Nagahisa, Leroy Riley, K. K. Kamitaki. Lindberg, who looked all day for an ankle brace for a foot plugger, then too late, found he had been foiled. Who's your buddy, Peck? Empty motors in the old corral, and bridge lab. means no good. The Bushwhacker PAGE 63 ln Q 1 I I 1 l'1'13.1'1 . PAGE 64 FIRST ROW Clseft to Rightjz Charles Slate Anderson, Nickolas Brust, John Bunkley, Arthur Dugoni. SECOND ROW: Charles Devier, Howard Ferguson, Ernest Fox, Milton Graham, lay Holman. THIRD ROW: Yoshito Masuoka, Robert Beveridge, Ingram Miller, Harry Ishida. Ah, sweet misery of life. Alas, I am a Sophomore. It could be worse, though, Pack. You could be a Fresh- With dexterrty belonging only to the Gods -fumbles around with something or other. The Bushwlmcker naQw.N Q , MAD Axe. ff Y K fiiff' M. 1 N, Q4 wwf .aw- , fa 49 A i!'J6'w7':':11 U- ., My -fda W? , M-A 44, S 'w,,46EiY P. 4 0 , Al Wwffjgz , 1 X4 A if Q y I 'I 1 N 5 l 4 l A 5 R I E i V l I A After electing class officers we se jjI'85Al'VL6LlfL Kfddd OFFICERS President - Keith Ewton r Vice-President - Bud Henderson Secretary - Charles Bishop Treasurer - Scott Anderson Here we are, in Dental School at last! Looking for- ward to a dental future sure made Liberal Arts school a bore. Although most of us would have settled with just Liberal Arts School, instead of also putting Dental School off for two or three years while in the employ- ment of Uncle Sam! At any rate, we have finally arrived, and although we admit the sound of the word "Freshman" is rather humble, it means Dental School and dentistry, so we like it fine. Last October was the first time we met. Thirty-one of us gathered down at Tenth and Troost, shook hands, looked each other over, and decided we had a pretty good class. We all looked quite green that first day, for everything seemed so strange -little did we know just how soon we were to be wised up! That first day we were asked for money, then piled high with books, and sent out to the Campus to begin our first semester of Dental School. Out on the Campus it took us no time flat to get acquainted - ask any Co-ed about that! Cetting our- selves known to some people took us longer than others, but one thing the Liberal Arts School students now understand is that after us, they come first. tled down to work Our freshmen technique classes 7 , il . V were quite new to us, especially Dental Anatomy. There we really did have trouble, par- T ticularly with the lower right third bicuspid. PAGE 66 The Bushwhaclwr "' '- - " " H- 1 .Q-' . ',,-,., 1 -- " vw-, -,-,...f -' i l -.-.--II .I.II I - Il..I-.- Front Row Cleft to rightD: J. M. Chikuma, L. S. Henderson, Ir., C. Marsico, E. H. Locke, C. B. Menkoff. Second Row: H. Ciordia, C. Tanaka, E. W. Atkins, C. W. Watts, Ir., C. H. Bishop, I. I. Foti. Third Row: R. Moreschini, E. L. Kenner, H. S. Anderson, I. T. Casper, Ir., B. B. Spikes, M. R. Wilson, Ir., B. B. Frazier, D. K. Ewton. Fourth Row: T. A. Gunter, W. H. Barnett, Pt. F.. Cowan, W. I. Capo, I. R. Munkres, L. M. Willis, J. E. Durkin. On February 4th, we, the original class of thirty-one, became seventy-five in number. The school gave fourty-four returning veterans the chance to take advantage of an accelerated pro- gram which goes out of existence in August. Being separated most of the schooli day with dif- ferent classes made it difficult to get to know each other quickly, however, with the aid of a couple of parties and our usual Saturday noon get-togethers, we became a group of one, if not in class, then in spirit only. The new freshmen have elected their own officers, because they will be here alone this summer, while we of the old class will run wild for three months. Although now we are partially separated, when September rolls around, we will be one class, and looking forward to a bright, powerful and successful three-year reign together. It will be hard leaving the Campus, its Co-eds, and the 7:30 A.lVl. cafeteria curfew, but we the freshmen who have chosen to spend the rest of our life "Down in the mouth," eagerly look forward to our new adventures at Tenth and Troost. We will mostly miss Doctors Dillion, Hauetter, Koehler, and a few others, who have constructed a solid foundation which we shall take with us to Tenth and Troost. The Bushwhacker PAGE 67 jv- X 4 .1 fa 3 1 if 3 'Q 'x 7 544- Av fi' '1 r 71 4: ir. -,J X.. .u X. X .1 14 J 'N 4 uf .A RI. T 'Q J. E 'H 7, ff' I1 ffl , .'z A241- v fu yi 'Th 54- J' -A f ,, ,R -'E Nix Ex, XX 3. QQ. '1 1 L' 15' 1 N G ,wzywf . 'FL' r -.A ,NM wif' g' Q Q 2 -W f 'x is 5' 5'1T'c ff ,I F' v xi fu , :sri ff.. i MN'- J 1,-.V x w.. wg X :fx FSQ if i -A uf- .M -ff .14 iz? 5352 .rr if 'Q L Q. ,I I. n . g.. .-,Nr 4-. ,lp .L 4 4 5 2 Z Z 2 2 5 9 z 4 2 5 4 5 S a 2 E 3 5 z a ff ? 3 E Z 5 5 i 2 e E 9"'-W' -fl: - -' Z' 1?-" 'I-'P' 1-""1" H'-L. 1 "1-X if :g:'X:g,,1'-Qggm,-5 f' ' "SL-ggiahigpggvlv - 5-,g7,Q::,t,- ,,:,1,v Y ,.. -T,,,,-, , , .- ,,,,, ,--.g...m.....-Y.-........- -......Y- ..,-7. 1 ,x ,3 g,..,,1,....v...,. - -. Aging:-n V 61.59 fi' On the evening of April lst, 1946, there was born to dear old Kansas City Western the first bouncing Bushwhacker Ball. To say that the event was a suc- cess would be under-rating it. With a capacity crowd, the gala event ex- celled all school events for this year. About three months previous to April lst, the idea of having the first Bushwhacker Ball was sprung on the Student Council. Without any opposition, and with a quantity of enthusiasm, the Ball started roll- ing on its way. Dean Rinehart was approached with the plans, and approved heartily, backing the Council and the Bushwhacker Staff IOOW. All the organizations on the Kan- sas City University campus were contacted, plus the three organiza- tions in Dental School. Each were to submit a candidate of their choos- ing to be judged by a well-known authority for Bushwhacker Queen. X Q.. 'Qing Q'-.X Jos-rm rom-3:21 PONX!El2S' A G E N C Y C O R P 247 PARK AVENUE NEW YORK. CITY, 47 February 27, 1955 Mr. Forrest Broiim The BU Staff 11123 East .il.3f'Ifl013l" Kansas City, Missouri Dear Star. firowrxz 1 It has been a great 'pleasure to selects the beauties for your annual. , The photographs of the cantlictatas vfhieti, gmu Qibmtted were all so attractive that Z :i'ot1r1d. it diitioult to choose the wimiers. It was also extremely fiifgi'5.cu3.t, to reach a decision i without actually seeing the contestants and talking to them. A k P . The wzinsiars, IV first, and VI Second, were chosen ,on the basis of character, gpm-aoriality and intelligence, as well as for natznf-al bearztgf. gill? choice wwaa influenced, of course, b3'my great interest in and admiration for the Eatural Girl. i l ' If any of the participants are ,ever in flew York, it would be a. pleasure to see theta. ?5i'ts'h beat Wishes to the staff of the BESE2H?!ai3KE.R, and to all the cmntest ntsg I an A Sinceirellgf pynurs , 3035211 Roberts Powers This well-known authority turned out to be the noted c John Robert Powers of Powers Model Agency, New York City. Mr. Powers joined in the contest with a vivid interest that brought respect and friendly feelings from all those he dealt with. The crowning of the Bushwhacker Queen took place at intermission. Mrs. Clara lean Rose, candidate of Delta Sigma Delta Dental Fraternity, was awarded the honor of being the first Bushwhacker Queen. Margaret Ryan, candidate of the A.P.O. Fraternity, was awarded second place. It is hoped that next year the Bushwhacker Ball will celebrate its second anniversary, and be even better than the first. PAGE 72 The Buslzwlaacker I I -ww, Q. Q42 , 2.222 2 ' 2 4 4. .M 4, Q if 'Q , Vg. ',L eg . I fi, . - .yr-, . K. , , Ivana! . -.'i"'f- ' 'Wm c ,.:: , , , ,-. -, 'f..... wins: yu? A' X 4 1 .-- , I N.. l Maman Nw WWW, f M ,, X p"Q4,f fm ' ff af W W my ,, ,J mm , X-5 334' nw ,wo 3' up-""!?!y 2 'Way V 44 3. 4 ff 1 'If' if M M' so Q EN f Mm A VL ,Q WW wa.: I . y 9' af af 1, A 'Www rf ' V, 2, A 4 '-fa 7'Y" 'v f Of V +2 ' fwffqwg Z fxji' if . . Nfl., ,4,, 1 . ' 3, -'H A "W qi' -f'f"f:f71j' , '4i"'f-1- " . W. , om . 'HQ ' L 1,4 .J fi ,1,.,A., , 1,. V . J-,:,. . Wm-"1:. w I W5 ?A 'C ' '. .lp-Q. . 1 f l .-f iT'i4 2f11i- . .,4 45 ,HM ?z V if! . ,Q ,. K . , 5 ..4. ,M ,...... . M1 .2 , Y A :-my .:j7.gZg,f fzfsea-:: 4551. : g,:g4:f.,g.-,gp .Q ,. 4-. -5 V f A f ' ff E L.. . 5 1 21? my ,... .Qi L? sq E? Q4 - 99' 35x NC. f . x cw QM Q9 , U- QX 8:3335 S518 48125 wgw ,Q .xx A Q V Qix .RMQ xl sx Q S5451-Q was XX Sick? , X wx .xxx . WW 4 2 A Q ,V S4 Q ,VA 1 I 5 VV I Li, , K, ei TS Q www X. X Q , -5- -42.355252-51,-219, 1,5 6, , nf. .,-4..,.,4 ..v4'y,. .fy Af, ,, ,. , ,ff ,ww :Wf:65J-w-s:z'1"f-2ff15fg1.-e-.qgszf5 ., f - nfl, 4:,.,.VL i W -if 1 " --dann- f X ,v W XR N iN V 3 f , 2 1 Z Q if fi , , Hmmm A 4' 2 w,:wj.fff 1 15, , 5-12 A2109 QWY fm 'QI ' wig f ,if Q , ,...1?'n 11.-ff' -41 ,u X ,5a:':,2:,:c.xwz , - 'fi 5.51: ., 5. ev :- " . , .. exam, Q .QA ..:s - ., V .19 ..., . K . 11.21, f. .7 ,-:s.:9.,. , , .Q-4 x ,, Q, , ,,., 11,1-,.-1 6. A:c-45. ,gb Z- .1323 Q 2 2 vm Q 'fav 2' 4 4, K y v , Q c PQ :C ' 4 F M ,A x " 'ga my A4 Q X' 7 5 4 Q if , , A f w i, . JY, Q as Q b Q , I .. , ,. ., 9 ,gs , A , 6 , 4 f A X 4 4g 4 4 N 0 , 4, N L b as , Q 4 ff A Q 3, A A Kp 45 93? ,, , M fu L, fs '33 f Y 0 Y Q 1 5 Q rf N Wig, 5 , Q, 1 gf' Q, , H Z Q, jf ig wi , yy A . v .,f,-1, 42 1 ,f .,1.-',.,4g.-"'f'?.,'. cf fe: - , '-1.1f::i ,gf Qs' s:'g:4:-xy., ij: ,. Q f V Qffiff' .f -vim ,, 44,.':?fi"' L" -af : , f - ' 55 ' , -' if, 7,- oe- -- 1.4 v-. JAMES D. HART ARTHUR L. OLSON EDMUND RUSSELL J. HOUGHTON LETTS ERGELL L. MILLER TED E. RITZE GEORGE E. FULLER ROY LININGER RAY P. GAUDLE EUGENE L. BRIMER WAO 3 WAO ' Those students chosen for "Who's Whoi' in the University of Kansas City School of Dentistry must he graduating seniors and in the upper part of their class scholastically. There are ten men selected each year for this honor hy the Student Council, then ap- proved hy the Dean and a Faculty Advisor. This year, as in past years, the choices fell vvise and the chosen fevv men will most cer- tainly nialce their profession proud in years to come. The Bushwhacker Vhon lol of id in ly. ir for n ap- sor. :S f ell i CCI' y6211'S M275 I C- M- Kouri R. C. Lininiger R. T. Street F. Davis, Jr. 15......f sa!! CHARLES M. KOURI Feature Editor Graduated from Chelsia High School, Chelsen, Okla., in 1939. Attended the University of New Hampshire and Uni- versity of Kansas, three years. Enlisted in Army in December of 1942. Transferred to University of Kansas City School of Dentist in une 1944. Member of Xi Psi Phi fraternity and American Legion. Feature Editor of Dental University ry 1 . News, Bushwhacker staff, and editor of Zip's. FRANK DAVIS, JR. Home - Williamsburg, Ky. Craduted from Cumberland Junior College, June, 1942. Attended University of Kentucky, where he was a member of Pryor pre-medical society and Sigma Nu fraternity. Enlisted in the Navy V-12 program and ordered to active duty July 1, 1943, at the University of Louisville, where he completed his college work. After being stationed for three months at the U. S. Naval Hospital, Memphis, Tenn., he reported to the Kansas City-Western Dental College June, 1944. Here at the Univeiitykhe is a member of Xi Psi Phi fraternity, Junior Class Editor, Secretary of U-News and photographer for the Bushw ac er. RICHARD T. STREET Editor Dick is from Clendale, California, and devoted a lot of time to the organizing of a staff and the editing of the news for the past year. His. pre-dental work was taken at the University of Southern California and Loyola University of Los Angeles. Dick has a wide background in journalism, including the writing of a column in the San Juan Capistrano CCalif.D Coastline Dispatch, and the Montrose CCa1if.D Evening Herald. He is a charter member of American Legion Post 351 in Kansas City, and a member of the Knights of Columbus, Catholic War Veterans, and an honorary citizen of Boy's Town, Nebr. Here at school, he is Vice-President of the Junior A.D.A. and editor of Psi Omega fraternity. His brother, John, is also a student at the Dental College. ROY C. LININCER Class of "46" He entered the University of Kansas City School of Dentistry as a Private in the A.S.T.P. in September, 1943. During his stay at school he has taken part in the following activities and organizations: He belongs to Delta Sligma fraternity, and . . C . R has served as Senior Page, Historian, Scribe and Worthy Master of that group. He was elected Stu ent ounci epre- sentative for his class in his Junior year, and again as a Senior, and served as President of the Student Council in his Senior year. In the fall of '45 he was listed in "Who's Who in Amer. Univ. and Collegesn and during his last semester served a student appointment in the Department of Oral Surgery. The Bashwhacker i PAGE 79 UNION STATION-KANSAS CITY SKYLINE VIEW CITY HALL. PENN VALLEY PARK. MEMORIAL MALL. 24 MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM. 261 PRESIDENT TRUMAN'S LITTLE WHITE HOUSE AT INDEPENDENCE, MO. I I I I I KANSAS CITY MUNICIPAL AIRPORT- BACKGROUND KANSAS CITY SKYLINE. NELSON ART GALLERY. PAGE 81 4 af ,, 1 ,.,-4.1-f . ...v Y ,-. M., , ' r' f ? l I -1' I A 1 1 I k 1 f ,JI W T V T Ae an if N3 ' 1 4 ,T Qfijf b li, 1 'JK .,, 3 ' 5,11 fa. 31 925 F591 1 M , FF , ,. 41,1 3 7: -Q ' .J ' 2 Z .f T22 ff? 9 Y sig 2 5 fi ,N bg 5 xx f ,mm W 4 'Awww V if" N wx A Q - "' ' .4 cw -rf - f' ' ' ' ' "A x ' - -S.-.4. .Q. F5015 x ,v ' ,L 4511-' , . mf s N, f up rf' -4 3 I I A E 1 E . 4Qff'f,.",.-'ff In ,V Qfi' cf if , 0 mm if C U Q 4- 1,2 Q ,,", ,'.,,', ' 'Q '1 5 . VA . ,,,,,, l Q '?i'f.f2',? - Q2 "iii-f:?,1'M -3' --'-hf E M, H lVLZ7vZ.4:.,:v lfifvffj.: .V 'fl fr 5 Y -'-lf"f ""' "fi .--, V-".-Q-fhoiiflzq' '-fv'75I':'ff'1 ' E. W, 5'- Q, Ei. gi l Q VA 1 V :fi .1 h 'N"" A ""4" 'V" ..V. A .- ' ,5f3ifL'f?'?7'f7'?" L, .H :S ,Q 9 of nt W., Q , h . ' is Q 'K A ' Q Q 1 fx fi ff? -755 Sf? 2 fn ff' 5 M an '51 , 'EM "5" ., - -Q 1 gg, fs..5? ' 'N -. -, 'Y .43 N'-if OG f - fre J is , 1 6' I Y W M f, : JI. f L 1 ' A l .v s-X A' xi X fx 0 tx' ,N,x f . Q SQ A , 4, r av' 5 5' fe as 5 ,Q 5 1 -4-'Y' 'Q """t'5" . ' 'QXIV--4:pS:':'-3f.::A""'f..- -"3 ' TS QQ- ,Q-,Q,,,,:4::3-',-g,,-', , ' - h , ...A , 'v . N - - - x N'-- .ffjfz-:' ..-...l. ff-ijhj ' Tx ,I ' -X Q- - 1. , f ,,',NN iii if ' ,i-w 3 2,55 it w,w, QW ' 3:2 ,Nx' W N 5 ",, Q N X 73? , XX N YAXBQDEBUI3 3 ZVLXQENU, ' , l - , . Qs A , Q 3 ea 'K X f ii 'N ' R ff ,. gf' 'W' . ,KK -,..,.Lf , Y . at wi DQ :XXL S ag ,f 5 ! LJ f 1 X .FV ' f Q Qgifffgh' iiggxvijjs SUE? Q -. lj Q Q V 9 . f , Y S 55-Y gs Qfeeigxxizxif V A 1 F ff, RQ , ,gig f f V. 1 I6 ,,!,,,,.., ,, 5. x,, fi ., M M osi: Hixff-ul 4' Pcapulogr lN8TRUCT0l" fhle df: not GZDSSITQ fig? I 4' f " 'A", '1 3 lx SUCCG '5 S QI 2 OC NQBX SQXKQTS sf 'ri ' v NY Names two? ' as 'Pqmemx Qgmf. . Q 18 A 4 Seem, pg-,e-..' who 2 OU mogikz .. fllifw Evl-mega www 4 'fr 1' ,, ing ? ua I M 73 ..:.k-- 'L K,o6S'5 ?o.X 5 -"" !f , , ' Q' ff' 5,6- .4 , , mum, . A 6 ' ' fi ,L,LL - ' ' ' ' 5 I - 1 N, vw .Q':,w2,g X ,. lf'm'f"":'::fEQ':3E- 5' I 5 "" A I ff Aw f flyyf 6 2 A G. A 'lf 1:24, X D N, ,A ! I- 4 5 0,55 41' 324 YQ f 9? 5 g ' on X , Q Qu K T Q X 4 4 5 , M, K'-'54f " K2 , we j A195 Q 01 I f 4 M20 2332 Qs? no 54 .fr 3515 , wel ,fy .X 1 ,ns 0 da, K of ,. , efowa , .f ',Q ' wok fwU fie1., c:?. - . , 4 , ' WI C-Quik D110 Qusfer V 'VA W In ,,. , sv . j- 9 34' M9 ,nl pocket! ILV, m m ,VZYV MI 1- D J THE CHARACTER PAGE The Bushwhacker PAGE 85 4 Q ' ?' ' 'f -1"4Y5:ff:- 725I-0f'if:E25igrg1QvfEk35ff, 4? ' 3 G gym, A gy A4 f in , NY: V , :AJ Q 'X 73 'X 1 W' Q lg 3 I A E I 5 1 ' A FORREST BROWN, Editor BILL MARTIN, Business Manager PAGE 86 This year's Bushvvhacker has been, as every annual proves to be, a tough assignment, but lots of fun, not to mention the side issue of Worry, Work, and added gray hairs. ,y As per usual, the Editor has striven to make his book a little less trite than other publications. This time, I believe that endeavor has met with the variations looked for. Informality reigns throughout this annual, plus more of an air of the professional school. With the able aid of our three staff photographers, Gouldner, Davis and Pruett, the task of getting and in- cluding at least one informal pose of every senior in the graduating class was accomplished. This Bushvvhacker is therefor quite senior-conscious - and should be. I only wish it were possible to include an informal pose of every student and instructor in school. This year's Bushvvhacker has been given the oppor- tunity of commemorating our honored Dean by giving his biographical sketch, and running pictures and copy on his Testimonial Dinner. May our praises echo through the corners of the world - for there is none so deserving as our Dean Roy Rinehart. The Bushwlmcker The Bushwhacher PAGE 37 As for our advertising this year, it has never been surmounted. The genius behind the advertising has been Bill Martin, our Business Manager. With tireless effort and much initiative, he plunged into his work with bravado, hence managing to scrape from its midst the finest and biggest section of advertising ever to be published in a Bushvvhacker. Our hats are off to you, Bill. The Bushwhacker Ball gave the annual a queen to show off, and to our notion, dressed up the book con- siderably. It is hoped that this event will be carried on annually. Our thanks extend to all those who aided in the pub- lication of this Bushvvhacker. My most sincere and de- voted thanks go to my Wife, Alice, for her help. As to your enjoyment of this Bushwhacker-that is up to you. Its purpose, however, is for your initial en- joyment. Then, as the years slip by, it's for your memories - memories that should have something to bolster them up and help retain their freshness. May you be content. - FORREST D. BROWN. RENE GCULDNEB, Photographic Editor FRANK DAVIS, Photographer C. L. PBUETT, Photographer JOHN CARMICHAEL, Chrm., Bushwhacher Ball DICK STREET, C. M. KOURI, Editor, 1946 Business Manager, 1946 . H f -1-nee-zvgv-1-45-sra .,.-a-rf-V "'fs-g: ge-1-W ,X ,Hi ,a 'A sg' -H: Fe. in 1f.jg1f , , :-.1 fin- I :, 'rr ' '.?z",E :ggi . ,, . .,.f-,- . ' 51151. if '12-J V-1-Q7 , 5:19, - f Q., c-e-,Q-RQ-1-:Sabi-1: - , f -f VH- s' . 5, V 7 1 . 1 ,J 4 4 4 ir ' 1 6' I+ r I x I 1 fi .A ,N if X fb Y- v '-9 1 If 'eh , .v--.,..,,f, .1 47.6.1 ,, ,J-,,,,,,, ,, ,M .-,.,,- F ,,, . , ,. W-. -,. .A .. ,. , ' Q 12 5'-H ' AR! Q 7".? is i'4,e. ' V' ,,,. , ' 127 X-v4 23-1' .WL 3 . QA 9? E we I T fgps f 7211? , f 1 F D I F iv 5 x . . ' ,K Er , 4 J , 55' 2 4? 5. 1 'W . H 1 ERCELL L. MILLER ROBT. K. BINKELMAN I. P. BROWN PAGE 90 I . 12. fer. CHI CHAPTER Founded at Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1889 Flower: American Beauty ,Rose Colors' Lavendar and Cream PUBLICATION! XI PSI PHI QUARTERLY OFFICERS 1945 1946 E. C. Miller President C. E. Wilson R. Benkelman Vice-President "Duke" Grogman I. P. Brown Secretary Leonard Lietz C. E. Wilson Treasurer Don Williams C. M. Kouri Rushing Chairman Ralph Iohnson W. I. Carter Editor C. M. Kouri DEPUW SUPREME PRESIDENT -DP.. LESTER M. GATES Chi Chapter of Xi Psi Phi was installed at Western Dental College February ll, 1908. Supreme President H. B. Pinney was the installing officer. After the merger of the two schools, it became Chi Chapter of Kansas City Western Dental College. Xi Psi Phi was organized for the purpose of providing a better, more substantial foundation upon which to build a successful professional life, of developing an apprecia- tion of the qualities of friendship and hospitality, to honor these principles: knowledge, morality, friendship, and of stimulating a desire to include these qualities in the char- acter of its members. During the past year, Xi Psi Phi has held clinics of various specialized dental fields, presented by local, as well as out-of-town, speakers. Rushing was very enthusiastic this season, and as a re- sult, both the pledge classes and the parties were better than ever. And as usual, socially and professionally, the name of Xi Psi Phi heads the list, and the good ole spirit of fraternalism prevails where two or more ZIPS meet. CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Benkelman, R. K Gibbons, P. Mills, C. Borg, R. C. Hailey R. Moore, H. Brimer, E. L. Hart, I D. Potts, E. W. Brown, F. D. Holt, I. Renegar, R. L. Brown, W. F. Hoopingarner, B. Roach, D. M. Carmichael, I. B. Huntington, H. Robinson, I. Carson, I. W. Iohnson, V. Rogers, I. Carter, W. I. Loudon, W. Smith, W. L. Christian, I. Martin, W. Stalker, F. O. Crowe, A. B. McCully, A1 C. Tappan, C. Duffin, R. Miller, C. W. Cassidy, I. Fitzgerald, H. W. Miller, E. L. Robins, I. Fuller, G. E. IUNIORS Ambrose, I. Freese, I. Streck, I. I. Bennion T. C. Grogman, F. Tietz, L. Brown, P. Hoerman, K. Tindal, B. Burris, T. Kennedy, H. Toma, I. Carnes, I. C. Kouri, C. White, T. Chancey, I. P. Miller, I. F. Wilson, C. Croley, I. Paull, R. Wohlgemuth, R. Daxds, F. Sharp, B. C. Twitty, F. Dolf, F. H. Smith, W. K. ' Helgerson, K. W. SOPHOMORES DeVier, C. Lindberg, R. Williams, D. Dugoni, A. Swanson, C. Willis, W. W. FRESHMEN Ewton, K. Willis, L. Anderson, H. S. Mareschini, R. Ciordia, H. Bishop, C. Casper, I. Carrierio, I. Taber, D. Capo, B. Maisico, G. PLEDGES Barnett, B. Stockton, I. Wilson, B. Watts, C. N. Tor SECK TH1i Fou as 5 , Q is Q Q 2 5 .v x f N' , if I 5 1 Q Q as X is at fi 5 " .... . . Q A T . a f f t . . 4, K I 2 A if T r. as A . .Q Q f : , ' lz, -,., f'.:' 5:3I 'fs Zi' 'ff 1., if! ,.':,:, f lil. ffm: T L Ei vzlv I "-, ft' ff' 1'h 5 f i TOP Row CLeft to RightD: R. C. Burris, T. C. Bennion, I. A. Ambrose, J. F. Croley, I. A. Freese, I. P. Chancey, L. E. Tietz, T. J. Toma. SECOND Row: W. F. Twitty, C. Wilson, I. C. Carnes, C. M. Kouri, B. Sharp, F. Davis, I. Streck, W. K. Smith. THIRD Row: R. Paull, R. Wohlgemuth, T. W. White, F. H. Dolf, K. C. Hoerman, R. C. Johnson, F. E. Crogman. FOURTH ROW: Carl Swanson, D. M. Williams, A. Dugoni, Charles Devier, R. L. Lindberg. Dr. Dillon, Dr. Carr and Dr. Hauetter give out with smiles at a Zip stag. Other Alums stand in line to eat at the Zip stag. Dean Rhinehart's plate seems very sumptious. The Bushwhacker PAGE 91 M if f j . if li, 2 f X if f' il ...-4 TOP Row CLeft to Rightlz P. A. Cibbons, C. W. Miller, C. R. Mills, W. I. Carter, R. Hailey, Ir., I Rogers, E L Miller, C. E. Fuller, I. W. Hoopingarner. SECOND Row: J. Cassidy, W. L. Smith, R. C. Borg, I. D. Hart, Ir., R. L. Renegar, W. R. London, E L Brimer, A. lVlcCully, B. Carmichael. THIRD Row: B. Crowe, H. W. Fitzgerald, H. T. Moore, D. Roach, W. F. Brown, I. Holt, I. W. Robinson, I W Carson FOURTH ROW: E. W. Potts, V. L. johnson, H. Huntington, C. Tappan, F. D. Brown, R. Duffin. Two Zips on the hop - any old bag will do. P. S.-Two of the nicest ghandies in school. PAGE 92 Fhe Bushwhozcker Ti e ,S ' 1.3: ll F xi , 3 Qi NE i Ji'-SW Wi? J. HOUCHTON LETTS L. R. CURTIS ROY LININCER PAGE 94 , I f f ., e a Lgma, e cc . A ff-Qfyrgr f, 'f 1 NU CHAPTER ,a . Founded at the University of Michigan, Ann Arhor, Michigan, in 1882 Flower: Red Carnation Colors: Turquoise and Blue PUBLICATION! THE DESMOS 61 AUXILIARY CHAPTERS 32 SUBORDINATE CHAPTERS 6 FOREIGN CHAPTERS OFFICERS 1945 1946 I. Houghton Letts Grand Master John F. Stone Bud Curtis VVorth-y Master Roy Lininger Roy Lininger Scribe Halcon V. Kibby Ted E. Ritze Treasurer Cordon C. Bennett Stanley McCoy Historian Wm. VVayne Hulen Robert Briggs Senior Page Jack Bunkley Harve Varner Iunior Page Richard L. Stone Halcon V. Kibby Tyler Phil Candle Charles Pruett Corr. Secretary Harold Stone Nu.Chapter originated in Kansas City Dental College on the evening of March 15, 1898, when twelve charter members were initiated in the Midland Hotel at 7th and Walnut Street. When Kansas City Dental College and Western Dental College united, the present Nu Chapter was formed. Dr. Richard M. Seibel, who passed to his great reward in December, 1945, was one of the twelve charter members of Nu Chapter, and a Past Supreme Crand Master. He is credited with the origin of the formula for Sodiphene. Great respect and love will always remain in the memories of Delta Sigma Delta members for our loyal, devoted and active fraternal brother. Some highlights of 1945-46 are: Iuly 20, Fraternity Picnic at Swope Park, August 20, Clinic by Dr. Albert E. Upsher on chemotherapy and penicilin, August 24, Clinic by Dr. Dayton Dunbar Campbell, on prosthetics, Novem- ber 20, Delta Sigma Delta Alumni Banquet with Supreme Crand Master Dr. Edward W. Mimmick of Buffalo, New York, as honored guest, March 16, 1946, Fraternity Dance at Drexel Hall, March 21, Luncheon at the Hotel Phillips, given by the Kansas City Auxiliary Nu Chapter, and guests during the Alumni meeting, April 5th and 6th, Dis- trict Conclave at Minneapolis, Minn., attended by Deputy Harry Wilson Allen, Houghton Letts, Roy Lininger, Iohn Stone and Cordon C. Bennett. The object of Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity shall be to keep high the standards of dentistry by inculcating in the minds of dental students and practitioners a spirit of fra- ternal cooperation toward scientific, ethical, and professional progress. It is with this spirit that the departing seniors leave, and the juniors, sophomore and freshmen of Delta Sigma Delta continue in the future. Bennett, C. C. Bohon, S. Brust, N. C. Brentari, I., Ir. Briggs, R. Bunklev, I. N. Byers, F. C. Caudle, Phil Cluff, D. D. Cole, I. B. Curtis, B. Duensing, Wm. I. Durkin, I. E. Ediger, W. Ewing, D. E. Gunter, T. A. Henderson, L. S., Jr. Holmes, M. H. Hrelac, A. Hulen, Wm. W. James, D. Kibby, H. V. Letts, I. H. Lininger, R. C. Miles, R. L. Smith, R. Miller, I. Stone, H. D. Munkres, R. Stone, F. McCoy, S. Stone, R. L. Owen, R. C. Pack, F. F. Parry, D. E. Peck, S. L. Pruett, C. L. Ritze, T. E. Rose, E. Sale, O. C. Strieby, R. D. Trotter, V. Varner, H. Walters, C. D. White, S. N. Wood, R. I. Woods, R. E. Holman, W. I. The Bushwhacker Tor SEC TH1 TOP Row CLeft to P1ightD: S. L. Peck, F. F. Pack, D. D. Cluff, H. Varner, Stone. SECOND Row C Pruett B Cole Ingram Miller H V Kibby W I Holman C D Walters z . , . , , . . , . . , . . . THIRD Row: Nicholas Brust, G. G. Bennett, M. Holmes, W. I. Duensing, W. Hulen, R. L. Stone. Quote Trotter: "Who said Waltzer was a friend of mine?" Getting wrapped up in their work, the boys come to the conclusion there's no place like Holmes. The Bushwhacker PAGE 95 1. . A ja g L 3 1 f . . ,VV f -2- M .:"W.-: "fl: fp my- 1 eff ' "fi ,-' ,. fl I 7 Z' ff f ,L 4 ff . 1 7 , 'f W If fy yi A ....,...,- A 3 4 1 Q T , 5 ' 5 , , A .M 2 ,.. ,, . f . , , X ff :Q - mm. if 1 '-: mf, -1m,,,ef2:f ....w,- Aww- M 41: f - 3 9244- V vf-' ff +1-429' w- :-f u zzy If . ., f rv 1. "'- f . 1631 993, 52g1513g2,:g-, Q 45 , 2. 5 'Q V i 2 3 it X. W, K ' . .f if E, fl-1 SY. X ' , S 4 5 "" W- W... 1 ' ' 5' f' fy , f- , I w:.:..c . , , , :s52?fy5.s.., Zu , -' .," ' V E ' O ToP Row CLeft to RightD: R. Lininger, O. C. Sale, A. Hrelac, V. H. Trotter, Bud Curtis, R. S. Smith, R. P. Caudle. SECOND Row: D. E. Ewing, S. E. McCoy, I. Brentari, R. C. Owen, R. E. Woods, E. A. Rose, Ir., S. Bohan. THIRD Row: W. Edigar, I. H. Letts, T. E. Ritze, S. W. White, D. R. James, H. O. Stone. ' mf,-fs vw PAGE 96 Trotter and Weber must have paid the photographers off. They're not doing bad. Dr. Western of the Western Dental College smiles slyly with little effort. Doctor, We are surprised! The Bushwlfzacker 4.-nur ai ARTHUR L. OLSON EDMUND RUSSELL FULLER WARDEN Qt mega PHI RHO CHAPTER OFFICERS 1945 - A. L. oison President 1946 - R. B. Mason E. W. Russell Vice-President G. R. Rhodes E. F. Warden Treasurer T. D. Schodd Ri mega Jddaforg Psi Omega Fraternity was founded in the spring of 1892 at the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. Shortly afterwards the organization of several chapters in eastern schools took place. This led to a constitutional convention of these early chapters in Philadelphia in 1895 at which time the Supreme Council was organized. This fraternity developed rapidly and in the short space of three years 25 chapters were represented. Subsequently, other active chap- ters were formed and up to date 57 chapters have been established, although some have been dissolved. ln 1897 the first effort to provide a publication occurred, it consisted of a typewritten bulletin, issued by the Supreme Council. ln 1901 a regular quarterly journal called the FRATER was established and has been issued regularly every quarter from that time until the present. As of May 25, 1940, the official records of Psi Omega indicate the fact that throughout the life of the fraternity 20,276 members have been initiated into it, a total member- ship larger than any other Creek Letter Dental Fraternity. ln our professional ranks Psi Omega is ably represented. We have men of character and ideals who have been out- standing and will continue to carry on. Each year we are graduating approximately 300 Psi Omega brothers - the dentists and leaders of tomorrow. It is to these men that the fraternity points with pride, knowing full well that they they will continue in the fine traditions of the fraternity. Joe Noss i William Brown Nlarion Mabrey Joe Musser Fuller Warden Richard T. Street Howard Terrill Art Taubman Reece Mason George Rhodes ROLL George Shimoon Howard Williamson Tom Schaad V. L. Riley Olin Crockett Enslie Schilb Glen Ault Jerry Adams Rogers Curtiss Vague John B. Anderson Arthur Olson Jack Landrum VV m. Russell Edgar McClesky Larry Graham John D. Wathen Ross VValtzer John B. Street, Jr. PAGE 98 The Buslawlzacker Front Secor l . Thirc l l l 1 1 Front Row left to right : oe Noss, William Brown Marion Mabrey oe Musser Fuller Warden Richard T Street A Howard Terrill. 1 qecond Row: Art Taubman Reece Mason George Rhodes George Shimoon H. Williamson T. D. Schadd Olin Crockett A Enslie Schilb Glen Ault Ierry Adams. Third Row: Arthur Olson ack Landrum C. F. Rogers Curtis Vague ohn B. Anderson Edmund Russell Edgar Mc- Clesky Larry Graham, and John D. Wathen I Woo-Woo-as they say in Mexico. The Senorita acts as though she hasn't known the "moocher" for long. Like leading a lamb to slaughter, eh Amigo? The Bushwhacker From all indication it looks as though Mr. and Mrs. Williams are having it out. No doubt they're using the CROSS-CUT to health and happiness. PAGE 99 5 I 1 i 9549.3 ,. j ,A m'Q0.'.4,9'o 9-.' ' I ,jjj , lnclividuality is the salt of common life. You ma have to live in a crowd, but ou do not have to live like it, nor subsist on its food PAST HISTUR FEATURES 'o'.""" I ., Y!fff,,Q - . . . , . 1 o'v5t?o'0'-Z'.'.' ' f ,--ta..-Q10 god. . .'.'f?":'3'o'E ?"f'1'.9' 1 -,v 4 ' N ' 02 ,,..., g..oo--anne. . .0 ' 0 s'."" 0".'p'iM5'0'-'-'q':5'vZ W 06.9 , ,x:.3.:,.,.,,.,:,:,'....g.,0,q5.3.9. 9 I, fv . O ,Q .,.,., f ' 6 ' '.'."'l'I'fb'.'.' V '.'.'a ' ,eva , 494'-'D' . H."-,I .'...... .... 4. ' af. Q.947.:9-32.3.0 84.3.93 , 0 , '.'.'- 0 0 Q . . , -.0,'.'.' '.'. 1 0 . r 0 I 0 O 1 s e 0 0 Q ' o.'.'.... los 0 wear M2-. o - . .Q o '.'.fQ?5'2', ,Q A 5 A 2,0 .,. . vqcioi 4 aaa . " 09' ,v fa' , . '.' '.'. iff' .,' 90.0 50.0, o 9 1, 4 .,. 4.9"3'4 v . o,5 . ,QQQQ .NW Y LHenr Van Dyke. 5 'X HQ Q 29 4? I I' -ik iff i X WN ij ff! l f NF Qi? iifiiiievl f fhegyyg few X5 Nl My 7 Aj 'T' X ' 1' XJ My MTX F41 J QQ: fan ffl ll .'F' ll . ,,ff,,f, f Z I- V, aff" ' f Z ffl f . "' ' ' " ' ' "' lo 'of . .. .".wo-,Of ..'n-.0-,o,v,v.oo --. 4 . ,.- -,. '. - . . . s. .... . . . . , .. . . sp, . . ga ,, U ., JM , , ,. ,. ,,-,,.,. . -,. ,., - ., , .,.,. ., , , .,. v.. N. ,- , .,.., ., , , , . .:,!o,::o,,5 . nv. 'Qld , . 4,3 ,Q ,X ,':.,::::,5.'4Q , Q. -,oi'.'.5,::5t'3......:,: 5 4.: 2:65 g. O... ,,.:.2. . . o sc .latex 0441 wa. .z ' - og ' .,.. ' ' 4. 4. ne. O ,454 ., .4 Ove.. .- . ' 1 . , 1 - - ' ' ' . - - Q - 1 .-. -.-. :-' , . w- . . '. . - 0' :"""'. 9'-'u ' ' 9 ' 0'-0 ' 4 Q . on ' ' "1 "" ' ' 9 ' 0 9. 4 . - 0 .'o I 0' 0 ' 'Q' . 'QQN'-'Q 530, . 0.9 'f' ef 5. . 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O ...O ., 00 .3-, ga , ,., g.,o,f s ,'.', . Q. , , 5 , X 4 -, ,, ,N , ,,,, ,,, .. .0 x s . . v. I of . w 0. S . ' - .. S. . . . . no oo . x . o -o ' - 0 ... ,. o l . .. - ' H,-4 s 0 Ne. Q - , H -v - g. . . .0 ' ea 0, N sq.. ' 0 no s - go . .'. 4 1' ' . v , , . 0 Q' - ' 4 .R - ' , ' , - .- '-o .0 . ' ' " 0' ' N' "0 'nv 'oo " o'o 3524. -::"'fo'oo' o:0's0.:2'T'..3-ZA," fe, ,'.'e,o's.2-,fe . 5 , Qs 5 .O o .1 'x , .5 ,B O " 0 g 0 'O' 00 . , 5, , M . an 40 A Q 'm 5 ' . S X ' Q 4 .91 , , ' 519' Q., ' o so o 46 4' .. 'f ' I 1 0 Q 0 o 9 . o 9 0. Q .6-0' Oo ,wg '00 990.'.".'. N lo .'. .ee vu.: '. N.seo, 0 .9 ,no . . s . . . . ' 'Z ?v. .MW 0' Q23 1 Q bs .3 .Sf so 40 ,Q Q05 o 6 I . , s 4 . g '. vs 4 ' 00H9'1S000w'000g ...v0.'c-.Aux 40501 s '.. 9 g ., 4 5.9 9.004 9 gf, gggpp' . ,O 30. , gg 0, ,s 050.0 . 9n,so- ,, Q no, oo,0,o.,,0,g0 g.p,O,,. 5,39 gg. 0.0noO Q .Q 'I HH s o 'tif' 9 1 9059. 406' '.' 0 ". 'S 1 0 f ' ns. ..' oe,v'. .Q 0 H090 n.'o..9-Oo N'..oO.'.goo eq," vs .Q 'J du? . 9.0 Q '.' so 00.6 'QI 99 0, 6 4 0 0 f s Z .' ' 0 0 S 9 vw. . " '. .". -'o'. -0 '.". it-OWQON '0.".".'.'.'.6N0'b 900500 3' ".'. 00 , 0,10 , ,, , ,o,o. ,f,, 9,4-,Q 0,3 0.qc'0 q ,, o. . 9 ,Q 5 Q5 0-' .. ass. uno' ' ,v,s,. ,env ,,40,uo,,', S.. .o,s.Qoe.,05,' .3 . Hs.: 1 0 'V f 'fs Q ' 9.0.9 04065900-gS96 Q! 9 'O . "s'o9'n 0 ' s 0 s , '.'-9 '5 u vo' , QQ' 03950 OXOWQ ' ' .950 995 0 ' ' ' 'QS .'.'.'.'.'.w,'.9. ,M 4 4 ' -9 .,. Q. aqnbsgoge 6 v- aa' . be - .'.' .Ne ow' 0, . 00 Q 4 ' .0 .. 095. .. oy. 00.90 .'s'.bo.'w 'vwfv .'..' bu .'.'.'o wtf., '. 0.x s Q .01 30 , . I . 0, ,u0oo5, QQp,Q 9 a 0, 0 ,w s 30, s s X ,v v... goo. ,o' -0. vo Q, 0 9 95.090 0 '. 00, Q, S- 0 9 S. .4 0 ,., A, 0,N.0,q,..., o,q,0,0,'.0.u.0,g'.g .QA . 44. Q, ,. 9 . ,Q 5 , o Ou' 'Ho' ,.'o'nN9og.'ou '0 ,, v,0'.. .. 'oo fO,...u0N Ov. 'N'., ' - "v+"' .0'.. 00 9.9b'o'-' 59' ." '0'. oN 'O' --'o '." -"0 1 nf . 0 '5 00 . df- WQ95 'Q 'HV' 'JUN' 'cnc' ".9Q... v' o . . .,, 1 Q .'.'. -go ,Qv....0, 90,0,,,.,,M '.,,,, V.. I Q a - ., vo x , v o , ,,v 4, 0,4 ,.S,. , eh, N., 5Q..,o,o,.. 29.4, .gs 54. N, fo 9 ,' g.g..u,0..'.-.'.'..',6vuN,4 cn'0.,b4 .0 N, . , 4.0. .' ' .0 , .. 9.0.--90 oN0,95,, 4, v 'ff '. ' 0,0 oo, 1 "o'oQQ'.':'0'.'.'.'Q o'Q'v'9.q9,',9'-390,9-,0,Q0.O,-3.5.0 0.0, I . AK Q,,,9g.s J' 5 .' 0 '. 4 veg' Op. ' 0 1.4.9 O:S3,o,0,0Q0,.'Q 90 'QQ 00, 5 Q W QS' Q -z-' .-.- 1-" vo Q"-'."9. '.. ws' as . .---'ww ' - .- .Q-Q-.-.--ff --f .-f .-.-.-.--.i'1cg":' .-we 4. "N," w. 'sp- I 1. 9 Q' '0'a- v Q 66 .' 0 O ' 9 ' ' ' - WQWQ' 0 oQ.oo 'J-J. 60'u.'., ',9.'.,09 f9's.'e. '11 3 'W ou" 9".00"s'. Jr' .'o'o5Q.9409 "I O 'O' I, 9 . , 'GX 00,9 '. .0 '. 'Q ' ' I Q, s 'gfqo' Q .N . 55 g"'t'oo 1 'Sf0z. 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H, ., ' . 1 , Y 8 , ' I,f,Q,jf, f f w',?.3,J,4'1ZE4-92? " r - .L1ZT.,If 5 ' A ,. ' ' ' ,. .qw e .-5:3 5 'V' ff'-f"'5 " 4 '- 27- ,1 ,.f,-VF 1.1! ', 'W f .-,,f'v:J ,x. , -f ' I' , ,fdQ,'f..,f5Q:Z:62343.1 55:1-Y' E413 iff ' ' ' ' A., - I - f 'iffy1',,.1.w:f1'-'121f322A1Iiffy' zilfif-?E" 1 , ' L f ,V , ' ' ' ., fi Lw31.,m.,.,.-,-,f .,.,-.f w , f. I 01014 QW ,auf 1. 'vig -Q .. .fn A, Q,-Mx, vfn , ,1 ,ya aa A A my 1' Vw? ia ,ji4553.,,f11. Four able bodied Iuniors take off from the Clinic floor to play golf. Par is a long way from where you're sitting, fellas. Tex, the wife, and Streck out gunning for some- one-Wood, stock, and barrel, that is. Pmhoades makes way for General Eisenhower at the Eisenhower day parade. Potts baits his hook with a small one- in hopes. ls that the one you bought, fellas? Speaking of fish-in fact, speaking of fun- hits the spot with these merry fellows. Anyway, the boys are doing all right, and having lots to talk about. The Bushwhacker PAGE 107 i Left to right: E. Russell, B. Sharp, C. Fuller, Dr. Norman A. Moore, R. Lininger, W. J. Holman, H. K. Ishida. A .gifzwfenlf Guncif of 1945 The Student Council of 1945 with Dr. Moore as its Faculty Advisor made more progress and performed more for the school than any student council in its history. As an example, here are a few things the Student Council of 1945 accomplished: They wrote the first constitution of the Student Council, University of Kansas City School of Dentistry, which constituted the first subsidiary to student council of the University of Kansas City, they wrote the first set of by-laws for the school, established a committee on the council governing the student code of ethics, also estab- lished the first official Student Council Bulletin that was published every two weeks. It may also be noted that through their efforts the Council got new towel racks and soap dispensors installed in restrooms. The Student Council of '46 featured on the right hand page has kept up the fine reputation willed to them by the Student Council of '45, PAGE 108 The Bushwhacker H --- W., ,,,, , , -A wh ' ,mi-M --.,-- ,---,,-,Q Y , . ,. ,,, ,U . . C- - a , 7 . 7.1 , L ,: ,,:, 4 V. -'. - -'- "r BACK Row: H. K. Terrill, Jas. O. Blackwell, Gordon Bennett, J. R. Munkres, H. R. Hayes G. Marcisco, Dr. Sawyer. FRONT BOW: H. T. Williamson, D. Hart, Boy Lininger, Don Williams, S. L. Peck, Art Dugoni STUDENT COUNCIL OF '46 Student Council of '46 discussing the affairs at hand. , f . x . I . . , , , ,, , , , , y W ff , .K . jf -I p. Q 9 4 f 1 1 5 :ff R1 J ' 5 x '5 i 1 1 .-wr Y ,. , A pf 45 uf-if A-if W 4 . Y -, Y 4 . ,, K 1 -4+ P - Q -Q 0' 1- -- ..- .M 1 ,,.1-m.r.-,4m,,,,x., - X , n.....,,,,.,.,- 1.,-,T,--,, . ,.,.. ., . - . -.,,- t X "Zi 1 ' SQ , R k,,,.V . 14. 5 X . ,, K . f N ' - ffE'zi' 11, QQ, XV m A Q F.: , gggg. yy :A ,, ' 4 :sw - , z lime -5435 :.. s - :air 1 :A Y M, . gi ,X 5 2 E , kk ms ob V 1 ROY JAMES RINEHART gogrozlofzicaf CSZJCA Dean Rinehart was born on a farm in Piatt County, Illinois, near the small town of De Land. He was graduated from high school in 1897 and attended college in Bloomington, Illinois, and Marion, Indiana. Feeling the urge of travel and a desire to know something more of the country, he took a trip through some of the western states and while in Kansas City visited the Western Dental' College. He was impressed with dentistry' 'and the possibilities the profession offered to the young man and matriculated in that institution from which he graduated in 1902 with the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery. After graduation, Dean Rinehart returned to the state of his birth and practiced for five years at Canton, Illinois, where he married Myrtle Harmison, the daughter of a prominent physician. They moved to Peoria, where he practiced dentistry until he came to Kansas City in 1910. At this time he temporarily gave up the practice of dentistry and went into the publishing business, where he gained many valuable business experiences that were to hold him in good stead in later years. After a year's experience he returned to his first love, the practice of dentistry. He established his office in the Bryant Building in Kansas City, where he practiced until he was called upon in 1923 to devote his entire services to dental education. His professional career was marked with unusual success. He en- joyed a large practice and for a good many years referred many patients to the younger members of the profession. In 1912 he accepted an invitation to become a member of the faculty of the Western Dental College to lecture on Crown and Bridge. In 1916 the Western Dental College went through a reorganization period and Dr. iRinehart became the Secretary-Treasurer and supervisor. The school was then placed upon an entirely different basis from former times, many more instructors, as well as new equipment were added. He visited practically all of the dental schools in the United States and Canada to acquaint himself with their methods of teaching and school facilities. During the first years as director and later as dean of the Western Dental College he brought a number of teachers and clinicians to the school for seminars with the faculty. Among those who frequently came were Doctors john Conzett, james Prime, Russell Tench, William Finn, Arthur Black, and others. Prom his advent into dental education, the alumni has been one of his major concerns. Each year the alumni pro- grams have been excellent and the attendance increasing to capacity of facilities. In 1918, during World War I, Dean Rinehart was appointed by the Surgeon Ceneral as examiner of dentists for commissions in the army. He also received an appointment as a member of the Medical Advisory Board No. 53, and was placed in charge of the students of the college who were admitted to the Students' Army Training Corps. Shortly after- ward he was made a Major in the Dental Corps of the Army of the United States and held that commission until he reached the age of retirement. In 1919, Dean Rinehart was an active factor in consolidating the two dental colleges in Kansas City, establishing the Kansas City-Western Dental College. He was in active charge of the school and served as Secretary-Treasurer, Trustee, and Professor of Crown and Bridge from 1919 to 1922. He was Executive Dean from 1922 to 1927. In 1927 he became Dean of the school. ' For many years, he has given his support to dental research, and in 1943 he appointed a Director of Research and instructed him to organize a Department of Research in the School of Dentistry. A special laboratory was provided, includ- ing modern equipment suitable for the study of biological problems. The results of this work to date have been published in a series of articles appearing in the journal of Dental Research. A department for graduate study in dentistry was opened to students at the beginning of the present semester. For a time instruction will be limited to Orthodontics and later extended to other phases of dental practice. The initiation of graduate study in the School of Dentistry is a significant step. It materially enlarges the scope of service which the school can render, supplying the growing needs for further training in the specialties of dental practice. Dean Rinehart is deeply interested in a present project to provide a new dental school building on the campus of The University of Kansas City, a building that will serve the most modern concepts of dental education with finely adjusted facilities. Such provision will greatly favor and extend the training of dentists. The admirable vision and efforts of the Dean in this new forward venture is highly deserving of the enthusiastic support of alumni and others who are interested in the advancement of dentistry. 1 In 1941 he was appointed chairman of the Procurement and Assignment Committee for Dentists of Missouri and chair- man for the War Manpower Commission, Office for Emergency Management. He is chairman of the Military Affairs Committee for Missouri. Dean Rinehart has been a member of the American Dental Association since 19023 a delegate to the American Dental Association from 1916 to 1946 and has served on many of its committees. He is a Fellow of the American College of PAGE 112 The Buslfzwhacker '71"i""'frl fi' P7 M'?' v ' 2f ' Q - X - .fra- 1 1- .. ,. ., .. ,- ,, , , - . , ,, , , - f- - - --. A , 1-, f-.s, .-V --- Dentistsg a member of the Executive Committee of the American Association of Dental Schools and a member of the Publications Board. He is a member of the American Association of Dental Editors, the Pan American Odontological Association, the American Association of the History of Medicine, the American Social Hygiene Association, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Special Libraries Association, the Missouri State Historical Society, Xi Psi Phi, National dental fraternity, and Omicron Kappa Upsilon, national dental honorary society. In 1926 he was president of the Dental Legislation Section of the International Dental Congress in Philadelphia, and in 1936 was a delegate from Missouri to the International Dental Congress in Vienna, a Past President of the West- ern Dental College Alumni C1915D, a Past President of the Kansas City District Dental Society C1912D, and a Past President of the Missouri State Dental Association C19281 The Kansas City-Western Dental Clinic Association was organized by Dean Rinehart and he was founder of the Lowry Dental Clinic for children. A He has been a liberal contributor to dental literature and to the dental societies as essayist and clinician. Since 1916 he has organized and promoted clinician groups who have served the profession to further better. practice methods. The state and local societies of the Southwest have particularly benefitted from his persistent alertness to the needs of the societies. Dean Rinehart has ever been alert to the important developments of the school as well as the smallest details. He left no stone unturned in securing for the school an "AH rating which was granted in 1927, and successfully presenting the school to the present Council on Dental Education for their full approval. The profession is profoundly pleased and appreciative of the progress of dental education in Kansas City from 1916 to 1946. In 1927 the Omicron Kappa Upsilon Chapter for the School of Dentistry was secured through his personal efforts. Every constructive criticism or suggestion concerning the school has been promptly met by our Dean. ln 1919 the Council on Dental Education questioned the building facilities for the school so Dr. Rinehart arranged the finances and built the large building at.Tenth and Troost Avenue which was completed in 1923. Many of the present faculty members remember his personal supervision during the entire construction period of the building. His adeptness in this respect was partly based on previous experiences in building a number of fine homes in Kansas City as an avocation. - From the beginning of his executive career in 1916, he cherished the hope of making the school a department of a university. He was one of the first members of the Lincoln and Lee Univerisity Board and presented the school to that organization. The proposed university failed to procure adequate funds but this did not discourage the Dean's ambitions. He kept the school in an excellent stage of progress, educationally and physically, and in 1940 he transferred to The University of Kansas City, the school, its building and equipment, free of encumbrance and without any reservation what- soever, but the University's reservation was -"Will you continue as the Dean He is a member of the Advisory Council of the University and a member of the President's Advisory Council. DH The Alumni and the members of the Kansas City District Dental Society are greatly pleased with the consolidation and highly commend the Board of Trustees of the University and its president, Dr. Clarence R. Decker, for their great vision in an expanded program for the university. One of Dean Rinehart's cherished activities has been his contact with individual students and his personal help ex- tended to many who are now in successful practice in the profession. The harmonious consolidation of the two dental faculties in 1919 and the continuance of desirable relations in all groups is an outstanding achievement in Dean Rinehart's career. The profession has always had faith in the fairness and friendship of their Dean. His deep interest in many civic enterprises in the community is widely known and highly appreciated. He is a Mason, a member of the Professional Men's Club, the University Club, Mission Hills Country Club, and the Chamber of Commerce. He has been listed in Who's Who in America since 1932. The educational olicies of the Dean have led toward definite goals but they have been sufficiently flexible to . p , successfully meet the trends in dental education. His policies have been progressive, but well tempered with a sense of the practical values. He has continuously encouraged better teaching, improved teaching methods and better standards of d student accomplishment. Organizations such as the Council on Dental Education, the Curriculum Survey Committee an the American Association of Dental Schools have been strongly supported by the Dean in his effort to keep the University of Kansas Ci School of Dentistry among the outstanding dental institutions of the United States. YY, Dean Rinehart has made his counsel available to those in need of it and his welcomed constructive criticism. He allows his faculty much freedom of action and encourages initiative. He has always shown sympathetic concern for the problems of students and a great many young men have benefited through his personal interest, his kindly and tolerant manner, his good counsel and his faith. The Alumni, Faculty, and dental societies, colleagues and friends, express their sincere appreciation of Dean Roy I. Rinehart's long and faithful service to dental education and the dental profession, the deep interest and human under- standing displayed in his contacts with student life, the loyalty and friendliness in his relations with his colleagues. We wish him the satisfaction of labors well and faithfully done and the joy of further service and accomplishment in the days that lie ahead. -F. W' H. PAGE 113 The Bushwlfzackez' 7 s A .. - J. -- -' ' ' Q -1-"ff-2' rr-r1 " ' r"e"" ' 1' -1 - Hf f w f f i-if' -"' i ii 56 A az 4 9' 4 sz , , wif -3-f . , , Y W, . f .. 4 3 I 5 X 4 ' 4 5 2 5 1 - 5 ' Z v V. I , f Q Z Q Z E E , Z E 5 1 .1' 1 -l U :mg- , L5 -m X ev 9: . , f ' iff-W up-1' may 4 -Jie: A V ,-w ,x 1 ff' 3? L., .. , 3 5 ,si i 4 -ff, 5 404 ,gt 4. 'l7"fIP ' , . I ff' I K .1 ,E l x 'P x 5 1 2 V 1 Q 7 , Y 2 7 V 1 r r L. 1 1 V. 5, 3 m k r 1 ' I . ' , ' 1 , , Y , , -472' 1. ... - iff" I T 1. -i Lf 'rx 1 i 3 1 v A ' i""f "" """ ' . NX. - 1 DR. JOHN WILLIAMS ' D E NTIST Your proudest moment perhaps, Will be the day you hang up your "shingle" . . . announcing to the community which you are about to serve that you possess all of the qualifications to practice dentistry according to the requirements set forth by your school and by law. The measure of success you will enjoy will depend upon many things . . . per- sonality . . . ability . . . integrity . . . and last but not least, your spirit of progressiveness which will be reflected by the environment of your office. And it is here that Weber Will prove of inestimable value and help to you-not only through its many "Prac- tice Building" services Which are furnished gratis to you as a user of Weber Equipment but as a source of new and better appliances which are designed to make your work more efficient, more enjoyable, more profitable. I See the new, better-than-ever Weber Equip- ment at your Weber Dealer's. Descriptive litera- ture is available on request. PAGE 124 The Buslfzwhacker .A 1'-It car tr - as - . ... . -A - A A. A.. -- -nw ,- ,fgggf --A, fig, S il a , W - any . , .g ,Q K- - -"2 '- - X 1.43.4 R Q g f x ff .1 '5", , ff Af? 5-3 ' - 2250- L: 9745 gnu' ' 1-7, 4-5112? K., aw I I M J Z 1 5 f . , , , f , f 4 if J 4 ZZ! A Q ,Zz 1 ,V jj 1? X 1 f Z 4 526 1 14 ff , f f ,Q 1, If f I 44 5 X11 1 , - fain... e.:1.p.:': 47 01-if 1 f y -3.1 , V ff.-.-1-,-3 , .'!,.,ff , ',7,4,f.4' t l -"' 4 , '.':,, f 'gigs ', ' . W. 12' ,fz,i"L T' 2-1 . ,I ker MATERIALS FASHIONED IN Tru-Chrom Offer striking advantages to dentists. Orthodontic andvprosthetic appliances made oi genuine Tru-Chrome alloy give greatest strength and smallest bulk in every application. They make for fast operation. This proven metal cannot harm the most delicate tissues. Yet, despite the definite superiority of Tru-Chrome materials, their cost is very low. ROCKY MOUNTAIN METAL PRODUCTS CO. 1450 Galapago sf. P. o. Box 1887 . A Denver 1. Colo. CENTRAL STATES ACRYLIC PRODUCTS . o Acrylic DENTURE BASE MATERIAL 131-132-133 Wirthman Building LOgan 3840 KANSAS CITY 3, MO.' Direct buying means big savings in this uniform quality acrylic. Quantity prices furnished on reauest. O. E. DAVIS CERAMIST AND GOLD TECHNICIAN Gold, Porcelain, and Acrylic Work oi All Kinds GRand 2835 1426 Professional Bldg. FOREST HOTEL Strictly Modern Rooms and Kitchenettes With or Without Bath HArrison 9669 920 Forest Avenue The Bushwhacker PACE 125 -1-V .1---., in - -1-1- W" , " '- w '- -' 3' "'- W. . i fy '-"' :I L E-2-4V 462, 2 ff ' .f C 'S Z'fgg,, A I . f1""f Ui 'sf . . T: is . .- il . ' : 5 e 113:29-il' ,A 37, -' .Z .V ' 2 is? RE , :Mft -..7".-.-L V. -. ' -aff. , . , 1 I S xi 11? gg. z-,-t1ff:,- -:1:f':Jf:. 'it 1 ,qw .M -ve, .eg ,, fr..,g,-,i..-'-sg.,"gsm, :A -Q I' ' : , r T: , . i' f-21'-' ' ' "WL . V 'J' ' 00 ss M, ' F , . ' C ' g I .. P' " . 9' - , 3 -?i 7 W .f 7 1- -..,"Ir?j.:,,,. 5.. . if U: r- f a 'S ii-,..f" T ff ii? is- -1 E 1 f nge-ff , 2 - f L 1 - nhl- . - - Q12 - , . X, - f QL- i ' -gg y ' f- ,f Ax: -rf: , - - 'x xr - Y X522 if T 5 it-Q--6 , . -, -. J 'I ' ' 2 it 5 2 L , .fsssmi-vie Sfmt., 4: A .. ' , l fi .' ri r: A - 5 1335 it R44 ' 1' .il494i?,'5 'Q' i - -- -- 1,, E y -A 3i ' , e f 23 ' ' ' . ,-:-'sYfa::,L+s, ,f E --2 1 -ff VC'f5.'c'1:11ar1f.ffiwQ5-'F ' e f COLUMBIA ARTICULATOR FORMER tor INLAY DIES A Time Saver-Easy To Use-Makes Neat Models A simple device for casting neat, self-articulating half-iavv stone or plaster models for inlays, crowns and bridges .... The sliding frames are acliustable to make models of any required length .... Models of right or left side can be made by reversing position of frames .... The T-lock, cast in heel of upper and lower models keeps them in correct centric relation .... The frames, T-lock former and metal parts attached to Bakelite block are made of rustless steel. PRICE Cat No 901 S175 S Complete with illustrated directions fl! - COLUMBIA RUBBER MODEL sa -I ' Make Neat Bases on Your Study Models Just pour plaster or stone into Model Former, mount anatomical cast and let set. The soft flexible rubber permits easy removal of model, which comes out with a perfectly smooth, symmetrical and finished base. And it takes less time to make than hand-formed bases. The instruction sheet shows how the upper and lower models made in these formers occlude automatically Price per set, l Upper and 'I Lower ,,..,.,,...........,.,........ - ...................,..,... - .......... , ....,,,....,.. - .........,..,,..,,,...,,,t.....,,,.,..,,,, 53.00 Study models show patients their mouths as you see them. Make study models regularly. You need them as you do X-Rays. COLUMBIA DENTOF ORM CORPORATION 131 East 23rd Street New York 10. N. Y. HOWARITS CAFE Featuring the Finest in Foods 926 Troost HA 9420 A-1 Cleaners C. I. BEYDLER 922 Troost W. I. BEYDLER Kansas City. Mo. Phone LOqan 2144 K. D. KUDD M. H. ROBINSON 224 Hyde Park Bldg. 2 East 39th St. ffl' 6225 Kansas City 2, Mo. gr L Y' 'C . .eb Qs .....,. as T121- TATE LABORATORY f f, 7 K9 7 . f -N . . ACCURACY DENTAL TECHNICIANS PAGE 126 The Bushwlmcker .. 1-, . kilt:--f?L'TJ f, .. - Y . i H .l,a5fg -gar syg. K AN ,ku M 1 I -Q :N A K, TICONIUM has many advantaaes that recommend it to any dentist. You will be seekina a superior chrome alloy, and modern dentistry requires that you investigate TICQNIUM. 1 Your nearest TICONIUM laboratory will be pleased to serve you. Write tor our toider, "Ticonium Questions and Answers." TICCNIUM 413 N. Pearl street Albany 1. N. Y. The Bushwhacker PAGE 127 r . - J... A: ' -f - -- f ' - - ,ff wf 4-, ef- -' it '- " . i'1 JL'1"3"A 51 4 55451 Let a new American Dental Cabinet help you build your practice. It will give your office an inviting, clean. and sanitary appearance. It will help patients build confidence in your practice.. The American Cabinet., illustrated at the left, is mobile . . for greater efficiency . . . it can be moved to the most convenient operat- ing position for each patient. Every thing you need will be at your fin- ger tips . . . within your sphere of ac- tivity. See your American dealer be- fore you start your practice . . . he ill be glad to help plan your office THE AME ICA Lev nfumz STATIONERY fo- mow ' STATIQNERS and PRINTERS . u M0- C1iY 6' Kansas I 3028 Phone V doile Wynn ll Dental Lalwrawry .sz Ame Chambers ld - 717 Shukert B g S CIAN City. Mo' Kansas DENTAL R 2242 Phone G The Bushwhacker 8 PAGE 12 .- - ., . . -'V 14 - .. ,W .Ay fn. .,.. - -- . ,..., ., ,. nn, . , ,,':reE.t....s...m-.wa.,.t-..s. -V .Tiff "Egg ,f MQW ,L " M -QA , , ff--1-gr, qs- ., .- . 1 , Age -. 0 fu ,V We Welcome this opportunity to congratulate you upon the comple- tion of your college Work and exte 1d sincere wishes for your success. 9 No matter where you practice. you will iind S. S. White represen- tatives and authorized dealers ready and anxious to serve you. Do not hesitate to contact these men. or write direct whenever you think we can be of assistance. THE S. S, WHITE DENTAL MFG. CO. 211 S. Twelfth Street Philadelphia 5, Pa. The Bushwhacker PAGE 129 milfs 32595 . ' . , , ,, -.. - , - - - r- .:'u""g1.1g-:iz ' G' -4 ' ' ' "' ,f I ,, ,H - , .,fY,.1,-. f ,--f-- V.: -h -ff--'H-'T arf-Wff"7' "ii ?ZfF'E" 1I- ci- Wlmunf -fi "'2I 'f-I ' I-'I Ml' I - . f.. f f f , -.341 .1,:.L1... n:,--1:-'f'-:.+1.1: - - .... -f- --F-4- --.-'-+ -2 " 1-off -f- -- vw-V' --' 'v - - I - ' Y' ' -' ' -f ' Congratulations ' x K 6? 9 S' ff 4 if Q 0 ow X Q of fo Ov? 80 as I Q , jk! ". ' . GXQ A U t l eus 1-' . 1 . J 'iw ,- , . XX c , up ,, fl , ,fl Agpp ggp p f X , V The STAFF U of i SUPERIOR Dental Supply Company 721 Minnesota Avenue Kansas City, Kansas WISH YOU EVERY SUCCESS! May We Serve You In the Future? Dental Supplies at Student Rates 7 is looking forward with the satisfaction of aiding a profes- sion that is restoring normal useful- ness and appearance to thousands of otherwise handicapped children. ln so doing, we offer the Orthodontists only the finest quality in the fol- lowing precision stainless steel attachments: i' Anterior Attachments 'A' Posterior Attachments i' Universal Brackets and Attachments i' Band Material and Contoured Blanlcs i' Precision Stainless Steel Wire 8: Lock Pins 'A' Chin Caps, Traction Bars, and Arches UNITEK VERSATILE SPOT WELDER Write for our new catalogue and price list. . O O O m4506042 Consolidated Engineering Corporation 620 N. Lake Ave., Pasadena 4, Calif. PAGE 130 The Bushwlmcker g - ,fy ...-up-,gb 4-, 483: 1 2 -. :.5rQ.,:QI-Q ,,f. L.. V Jil ! -Am ir lx, Ti A -L ,knit L r .Q , VQ FI :wmv - A Adv- M K Q A ,V wiv . M Y A. vvifh nfes- :ful- ls of I. ln fists fol- r e e I S r .s pk Pins nes R st. PZ :tion li-in lii -lunat- -4.11: 1l i1-11 1-iii ,llli Speaking oi Cavities -We'll always try to make roorn for our friends from the KCU School of Dentistry! 'mpltillips 20 Stories of Comfort Kansas City 6, Mo. C. E. Phillips, Ir., President C. E. Phillips. Managing Dir. DANIELS DENTAL TECHNICIANS VI 9446 Pleasing You, Doctor, Keeps Us in Business The Best by the Toughest Test Pressure Cast Luxene-44 428-29 Professional Building Kansas City, Missouri Standard Laundry ci Linen Supply Company Phone Vlctor 0805 1116-22 Holmes Street Bush whacker .Y Q 1 1 V I , f 1: 4 .EL ,I f gg 3. i Y,, 3, '-1.12-' 'af ' F DENTIST or your own practice Your friendly dental dealer can help you plan your peacetime office and his recommendations will help you off to a better peacetime start ' ' Ask your dealer to show you the cleanly designed, finely -englneered General Electric Model CDX dental X-ray unit, built to the highest standards by a long- time leader in X-ray research and manufacture. fly' ' 45 X ,, V fit? ' ff .f' fl If r' b P . 9 . . XX . jg . mfenlvvl GENERAL ELECTRIC X-RAY CORPORATION 175 W. JACKSON BLVD. CHICAGO 4, Il.I.., U. S. A. good fellowship and good tood AT THE SUGAR BOWL The Best in Sandwiches and Fountain Specialties HArrison 9077 924 Troost Ticoniurn COMPLETE PROSTHETIC SERVICE Orthordontia Gold New Dental Creations Porcelain Established 1915 Cleft Palate OWEN L. CORBIN DENTAL LABORATORY A VAlentine 4857 215-216 Wirthman Building Kansas City, Mo. PAGE 132 The Bushwhacker ' 1-Phi '- Y '? - A WISE CHOICE Select Your Dental Dealer First Hettingerfs have equipped a maiority oi the offices in their territories. and their experience, skill and genuine desire to serve you are at your command. WE ASSURE SERVICE IN 18 STATES WITH 22 HOUSES F ORYOUR CONVENIENCE HETTINGER BROS. KANSAS CITY OKLAHOMA CITY LINCOLN I TULSA TOPEKA D. P. tDotsl MANROSE GLENN JOHNSON College Representatives B h kk I P 133 - L. -A Mlfl 2 'Iwi .di s. .'+ ' .-r LML ZU , HENRY MOORE PHOTOGRAPHER 214 East Eleventh Street I Vlctor 4531 Kansas City. Mo. PROFESSIONAL DISCOUNT Dental Supplies ON ALL PRESCRIPTIONS HIGHLAND PHARMACY, No. Z Prescription Druggists S. E. Corner 12th and Troost PHONES HARRISON 6723 - 6724 Claude Falkenstein Roy Dingman R LUKE F. I-IERLAC Laboratory Service Limited to Full and Partial Deritures 1206 Professional Bldg. Phone HArrison 3033 Kansas City. Missouri Lunde's Lunch Dinners -:- Short Orders A 1002 Troost Open 6 A.M.- 12 P.M. Charlie Couts E Tom Lantz COUTS 6. LANTZ Systems Printers FAiriax 2050 1503 Central Avenue Kansas City 2. Kansas PAGE 134 The Bushwhack Tr. f 1 f y",-' f if , - , , - . PORTER'S 210 West 8th St. Kansas City. Mo. Operating Gow ns of , All Kinds .... 1:11 M, HArrison 6929 The Bushwhacker ,,, - --Y, -,Q F . - - f -2- Y- V . 'fs 1pg"r-- --' .i rf K--QI! . 4 ,V PAGE 135 a, a ff s4 ,s fi nqssbf i' 41 '- ln appreciation ot rnany years consideration shown in allowing nie to loe oi assistance in planning to rnalce your future more secure. H. Frank Poole . Representing NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CCMPANY VI. 2090 VA. 7821 Kansas City, Missouri RELY UPON A For Best Results Tliis old tamiliar triend ot your student worlc will stand loy you wtien you are on your own. You and your instructors, your classmates and alumni, tiave used SODVIPHENE in tlnousands ot clinical cases. Continue to use it in your protessional practice. Qld Grads, now veteran practitioners, report its valuable assistance in preparatory medication and in post operative care. Prescribe SODIPHENE tor your patients' lfiome treat- ment in cases ot minor burns. cuts and scratches, applied tull strengtti. Distributed Nationally MANUFACTURED BY THE SODIPHENE CO. KANSAS CITY, Mo. PAGE 136 The Bushwhacker ,Q - 4 ':, f ',f?f 1. , j g ,F L 5,1 A,,, , I , .P J , , , .V , K Y P, Q Y g 0 ,L ,U A Milk is the most economical source of calcium and phosphorus necessary for strong bones and sound teeth. Brush your teeth twice daily, see your dentist twice yearly. KANSAS CITY MILK DISTRIBUTORS ASSOCIATION Aines Farm Dairy Co. ' Borden Milk and Ice Cream Co. Chapman Dairy Co. Country Club Dairy Co. Campbell-Sheffield Dairy Co. DYSART ci PETERS DENTAL LABORATORY Vitallium Castings Austenal Micromould Teeth y Luxene 44 A Complete Laboratory Service 417-20 Argyle Bldg. Vlctor 9490 ICRAUSE DENTAL SUPPLY AND GOLD COMPANY 1314 Bryant Building, Kansas City, Missouri i- Exclusive representatives of Veri-Chrome Teeth, Vita-Lite Acrylic Resins, and Krause Colds. Also carrying complete lines ot Mizzy Products, Midwest I-landpieceS, WQSCG IHSTTUTUGF-IS, Whip-Mix Instruments and Stones, Baker Products and Lee Smith Porcelains i P 137 The Bushwlfzacker AGE .. is L, ,r-c- ,- - A - f A -f-wtf as-i f -if i - Tl-lE PEESlDENT'S SPECIAL Now is the time to plan for is an End owment-Return Premium Addition Policy wh future economic security. The President's Sp h ' for you. A modern, efficient protection for your bene-ficiary wit saving to save money, it is the product of the SECURITY unsgs i IN KLIFECL5 Q1 i ll X . 59 ASSUR ecial ich combines insurance Way KANSAS CITY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Home Office: 3520 Broadway City Agency: 914 Baltimore MAKING A Mountv our or INFLATION! it , loe Chimpanzee is serious folks! For he Cant help hecfflnq G11 the talk Cfbwt ww '- created scarcities and dangerous inflation. si" - . . W g:'.5.f5.5.5 Some say prices are being knocked into a -, -f-fi cocked hat . . . that money doesnt buy much any more. Since l939 all living costs have gone up 31.7 per centp food 51.2 per ' "" . 4 cent and clothing 49 per cent. The only '- ""-' exception is your electric service: DOWN rfsizfifikkf-:izrgr :'.f 2" :.-:':-:.-:' -' -'I-7121. '. ".-J-5-gif' '-:-5.3211-55:2-5.3152-gqigfv.-,., ' - q:2:2f'4:?2g?Ex-. :fr-:Ig:,:-:lffgcy '-"'-1g:::-:Ig:5'- 5'-'.-15:5 "Q'f'f:F-f7:f:C-Z3-:'-- .QI-I5:i:-2 ff I-. "-' " 'tr-I-:2?23:?f3?3 ..!-27:21 .I- -pq. '--Ng, 5'-5.5-,.,If't'-g.:fgj-j.-75.3.31-j.g.f!-jp ' 5:-,5:3Q::g.gf5.:g:5,l::,.- 5!3::5gI:g:gf-' ' " """' 'L-: ,- . - ..-.-.-.q,.,.,.- . .-153 -I-l ' -j 'f' '-j-'.ff v .-,-' ..- ,L-,--1 ' 4'-'-ff:'f' 5''iff"-:-56:k3ff:2::-552' .1-'5"57f1 '1E25f1:2-r,:ni.???-- '. -V '.1 LZ g s Y 'iii'-W -:Vfijiffifikffififfifffff'Efiff-i--F'-2, -. 5.1 per cent. Even loe admits that's really making a "monkey" out of inflation! "f-f-:.,.5:5.'::-" ' ' V , . Q g-g:5:5,.-irfgaig, -. - ' W :J:1f:g:f:Sf:A:-gr-1-gig: ,. " -A "-55J71Cg2g:2f:ffi5:' KANSAS CITY POWER 6' LIGHT COMPANY PAGE 138 The Bushwhacker 377 J 4 x A- X 1 - . "HQ -FMR. ' 'i f Riff 5 ,' " "'?x 1 'YQ , , L ., . .- , S ' 3 f . .sv "LL LA,4f'1M!11"ie'- Q Y .fl , 1- c..,!,2V h,-3 ,-rig . ' " 'az-.-4--' -1- - . , .-Y-, -4 i The champion boxer wears a helmet to protect him- self from punishment or iniury in training. - Wernet's Powder helps to protect tender gums from irritation while they are "in training" to retain a new den- ture by natural means-comfortably and efficiently. Available at all drug stores WERNE'l"S POWDER INSURES DENTURE STABILITY AND RETENTION viii . -. V .- X , '.1, fi-1" Iiz, it. ' 5:5 X 2 .,'.,. 11 1"'- 23 2552 til 2 f,: 2 til:-' .vm-, ' "'tt 'i I ". , X 't,",' f f 'rf 'ra'. fl! ik , .rrt Q F0f,l'4??' ' ..Z. ? ' ' ',": -..A- N . :,,. ' . it ,pitrti ' 't . :"' ',t, lb , A Q: .,ARgX,f,u , f Q,-,,5L'. The Burslawlaaclzer PAGE 139 ' ' ' " ' gs wr! -- -Q., i 4 . "" xii-442222-X K- ' Trp, 11,2 12: '?f1Tf'r'3?:5' :L"':" :3" al' . 1: V ' 0 Rwmafed in all will be a complete new line of professionally toothbrushes...with a choice of natural bristle ylon tures, which discriminating dentists may with the individual needs of their patients . . . Natural bristles ....... hard Nylon bristles Natural bristles . . extra hard 9' Nylon bristles . . These brushes continue the Py-co-pay tradition of maki available for professional specification the finest brushes that can be made-with functionally correct design, incorporat ing a small head with two rows Q6 tufts per rowj. These new ' natural toothbrushes are made with genuine Chungking bristle and are the finest natural bristle toothbrushes that Py-co-pay has ever offered. PYCOPE, INC., 2 l'llGl'l STREET, IERSEY CITY 6, N. .l. " improved black bristles 1799-00 -PM NEW COMPLETE PY-OO-PAY TOOTHBRUSH tex TOOTl'l BRUSHES AND TOOTH POWDER PAGE 140 The Bushwha k 'I fl. iifisgfliig iieg?- ' 5 1 A 5 If-nfl-1'iII : .'-' ','- : 51 I 1,35 ,':,:::?zs:z::f:2:i3 .gjg-1 ,'., 1: 113615 E'f'.15I'E5:5?f:33:"i3 41222521127 Q'4,Ei':Qg 2155377 ff: fa--V1-1 Ez. 1-: .1-,Eg-1 1:41-1. ,:r,111Q,.g'5:4s:'.fr ,3y3:31,15, i:':?l'.1'2Q1'4f1:2?5i ff if , ff, 44 ff- 61' THE Pattison-McGrath WM. ZIMMERMAN Company HOME TRUST BLDG. I I I7 WaInuI' Kansas City, Missouri Dental Equipment Dental Supplies and X-Ray Machines CARL HOFF RUSSELL C. COOLEDGE COLLEGE REPRESENTATIVES The Bushwhaclcci' - L'-4' ' ' ," '.. ,L ' ' iii: E CW' ' ' PAGE 141 , Y- ..,. fr- .-Q ,.. . --V y J T... ,-,. Le-Y V- -v , V ' 7 f - ff. . 1 , f, , mr I W'-i.i 1- "'?a:n3wc- -, ' 5,3E,EE p- L , A- Aj.. 1 1 ,,.. .- We W0 0" ""05T"fT'CS A M,Qff'+f?2r 8 '9- . - .- f wffzw m fb 'w a V- QQQEQQ2QQQQQwwQQviQ2?gQzQQQQQQEQQQQEQQQQQQQQQSQQQQQQSQQEQQQSQEQQQQQ ggixaisiggiaiaaya fag Q 5fa5g?Q223?2g5S p A 1 Q ' - . 1'-4q..y,. f.-A 'L ' yy , T -5' J ,f 5'Qj,'f"5,g 'Q' " ,045 V'?f'l,' 3: X' Jfff ' 'A ' ' Rfv- -. If . - gs b ' ' . v 4 V f W- ' PAGE 142 The Buslzwhacker 1 1 S Q V "Hi. Recognize me? I'm one of your crowd. You see, I speak for Coca-Colo, knovin, too, as 'Coke.' I speak for both. They mean the some thing. The gang say I look just like 'Coke' tastes. And you won't get that delicious and refreshing taste this side of Coco-Colo. There's no corn- porison." KANSAS CITY cocA-coLA BOTTLING co. The B'llSllU,7hflClZ67' 1, E -o s . - ,. .., .-4: -fi, ef.. 'ave -- - PAGE 143 'WW' j tt mr vm rmw QE HW . .,A.1: 11.2,, :,A ' X l I- 'I' R I E R -'l 9 ' "" ' U ISSWHL I H Ylllllli H I P I f eat'--f S e p Zfm un or CiiiK1Tll9l1 X ,,::11: uml.DlNb 1 IQ , STUDXNOA Like the majority of the leading dentists of America, you are planning , :ZZZ H to equip your offlce with the best-RITTER . . . And like every successful l dentist, you are interested in PLANNING TODAY for TOMORROW i1'1':'ii'i"i 3 The Ritter Company can help you as it has helped thousands of others, t -+ 4 for example: . K r DY K Fw N01 1. Read "Dentistry's Future" and the Ritter Practice Build- :QQ ZI7y1.1::Z.ZL.AVz,:,1:,:: ing Studies. Your Ritter Dealer has them, or write to us Z for copies. QM- L tfeffi i f'l' i fi? 2. Use the Ritter Statistical Service. We'll furnish facts PR,tqf?j'Q5QlQfjfN' .,,,, . .,.., about the communities you may be considering for your bl if ivpyltp if Vp.,,, practice. t:i"ttsif" ti't"" 5. Use the Ritter Office Planning Department. We'll plan p Q21-Y every detail of your layout-including decorations. 'fy I iQ3ix6DlNG4 4. Your Ritter Dealer will explain the Ritter Deferred A lii'l' l 'S STUDY No' Payment Plan-you pay for your equipment out of . earnings. X ' R Good business planning starts long before you begin to practice. Let us p p help you start N OW! Ritter Company, Inc., Ritter Park, Rochester 3, N Y BUIU UP T0 A STANDARD NOT DOWN T0 A PRICE ROCHESTER, N. Y. PACE 144 The Bushwlmcker sa 9 1 5 R urger an B ,"1 5 f 0, 1 L Q' fi' 1 5 QUIAQPQYPRHSCTR ' 1 gf22KAg.NfSAS:-:,l1 f ' T v CREATIVE ARTWORK CONSTRUCTIVE PLANS QUALITY ENGRAVINGS for MPRINTED DISTINCTIONW' BURGER-BAIRD ENGRAVING CO. Year Book Specialists for over 30 Years KANSAS, CITY, MO. FIBIII P5 ,.-,,fY - V --. I ,fb - , A W 1.f--m io wyf ,.. 4,J, Us-YA .L-H -.1 . - ,,. Y V44 L A 45, ,- -V-L I 4 ,. , , J -L... 4. ,-. . , .- A SEXTCDN DENTAL LABGRATORY Tel. WEstport 0844 P. O. Box 221 214 Carroll Bldg. 1127 East 31st Street L. P. SEXTON 1. D- SEXTON Compliments .of HARRY 1. Boswonm co. The Snack Shop Short Orders Home Made Pies Our Specialty E lim Durham, Prop. 1008 Troost HA 9502 We wish to take this opportunity to thank the advertisers for their kind help in the publishing of the 1946 Bushwhacker. Let as try to make known oar appreciation by patronizing them whenever possible. FCPREST BROWN BILL MARTIN E 46 Tl1eB I I I "1jIf'. 4 .. .- 315. ff" .-w ' ff , -v rv' .f ' . - ., ' "m"'L A W -'33 - A 1. .-,.. A. --: 7, , , , N ' ' ' ' " ' """ " ' ' ' :-,--f -- Vp, .. is 4 Y X A AA N Thclhwhwhmkw' . F., . , -Q -,., H-" 1, ,. 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