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University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Dentistry - Bushwacker Yearbook (Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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-mf 1 1 r -, ,, I . 4 an N 1 A r ' if ' A sy , a " 1 , x ,, - 5 , , 1 A v M . 'A 1: .5 ' 4 V Q. , I M., V , 5 1 1 Q . . 5 x , 't' 'ND !7K'V1'1'1ilrw RD Mu U mn A J" 378.01 B964 1941 4 Kansas City-Western Dental College. The Bushwhacker NX. MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY 1 Midwest Genealogy Center - 3440 S. Lee's Summit Rd. M G G 1 . Independence, MO 64055 h .B J 'G I I . X QT 4 I s i 5 2 L 9 , 1 . I 1 1 1 Y 4 I A J' . , N I 4 1 Q 1 vx 1 f - 4 a n 1 -1- , .' , 1 , G X an ,X ' c 5 1 f v I .L J 'A , , . ? - is . I 1 - 1 In - -. 1 , 4 i " 1' l I If , . I - .53 . w , , ' K I ' 0 , ,. E 1 V O n BRA , I V w vu xv my 1 1 L ,,K 4' V, ,,.4' , 4'f"'7'! 1 xi,-f -gy !2A,,,,,,,f 'if' If' ff XLT-, 44,8471 ATF! Xb- 42 314- if -V V x KL-Z xxx X7 nf 17' Q Y N 1 1 ' R i , W 4 Y . L J USUWHHCKSR 1 4- ' 5.G.JOHNSON H. J. M UKKAY Bun. Il - L I' 1 PUBLICATION: Publicaiion by ine Junior Class of l94l, of The Kansas Cify-Wesfern Denial Coilege of Kansas Cify, Missouri. J 4 X R .FV W k v. nu. K w 1. 1 I 5 5 i r V I I r i - ,.,,,V,-,mi.V. W -7,-,H-H 1'-va'f'7f1 v 1 ,mx-.ff---V-1 'i 1 .A H, V- Q, s M. , i L X ,f K. . W. ,HU ,V H 'l,. v,..v , ..- . 1 .4 - ,M . . Y ,, , "Aff" ff ""' .1.553?i-1'-, H514-4 ' Q V ,w,,,'1 hav, f 1 ' nh n 1 ,v,A- -ix . "JFK--L, 1.'. J" X A r 171' Q f ,,f.k j"" , -,, , 1 , gtk , ,,-, I vs 1, ' 7 "T!,' am' .A. :L - '-an ' Q. in WUHHIIHISIRHIIUH 1 Hx '1j'-wk-'rx' nw :,-,f Hg 'W ' H K 'W--'--W - ' ' ' A--+ , , ' n ,. .L, , X fU'TVf9'fi??f321ff'f7ff' ' J if T7 """"""""f-"WW " 'i-.',,V.i- V5 ,M f. w,. ' Ag- -V, f" :Hu-f'g' 3 ' , V ,L , ll ' ' . ,. , , , ., "-Ill .fi ' ' , , -.. ,. ,IQ 4 fi- '-3" ,f'.'Ql',,'. lf 13 '1 A 'M : "', L" ff sw,1 - uf' fj' .. X 1' fy. 77, V , . W . f'. in 1 I 1 ' s f R XX R ' N V x,,. 1 A f .1 ' 1 . Q H 1 ' 19" 'ff,',. . fy ' .b , V 1 ., , 1 ' 'v 4 'T M , , -- .1 - V --, . '1.., ".,,--: A 1.-, ,' ,' ' ' - A .f ' - 4 '.n V .- 'V " f . ,,- ' 7 ' ' 1 .. ww 1 """""1""'.1"-fx--o"'.' "' 1 'z 1 ' 3 1'- "f-w",'r, -,"'v4'-2, 55- .-- in ml.-' - 1 , .1 K w U . 1 .:.44j4r,pI .'.v- u,4-3-1- 4,-' - ,"'.-xg, ..-J.. ,,,.4 , A V The hisTory oT denTal educaTion in Kansas CiTy covers a period oT over halT a cenTury, beginning wiTh The Tound- ing oT The Kansas CiTy DenTal College in l88l. Grigin- ally The Kansas CiTy DenTal College was The denTal de- parTmenT oT The Kansas CiTy Medical College, gradu- aTing The TirsT class oT Three members in I883. IT con- Tinued as a deparTmenT oT The medical college unTil The session oT I889, when iT was esTablished as a seyoaraTe .R .,.,.. 5 uniT, and operaTed as an independenlr school. The WesTern DenTal College was Tounded in I89O, graduaTing iTs TirsT class oT nine mem- bers in I89l. This school was Tormerly locaTed aT IITh and LocusT, on which siTe now sTands The CiTy l-lall oT Kansas CiTy. Dr. RineharT was The Dean oT This school. 1 Q3 E L-B BoTh h I T' d ' ' ' ' ' ' - , 'qw shc oo+sh con rnue as independenlr ln.sTrTuTions unTil July l, College, in which cap.g,Qi+y I-ye has Served Wifi, Unimmq erred 6nd . w en ey were consolidaTed, Torming The Kansas CiTyA Qfeal GCTWIGVGVTTGHT. The new building in which we are now IocaTed We5+ern Denim' Coiiqqeu In G Show Mme Dr. Rineharlr was eleded was consTrIrucTed undlrir The supervision oT Dr, RineharT. The insTiTus +0 H1 H- F H1 D U ION V1-OW .as over lrTy-seven hundred denTisTs locaTed ' , e o ice o e ean oT The Kansas CrTy-WesTern De-nTal sTaTe in This counTry, and in many Toreiqn iandg' in everx page I2 Each year The graduaTes oT This school look back up- on Tour years made more pleasanr by The execuTive managership oT Dr. RineharT. l-lis greaT undersTanding oT The ThoughTs and acTions oT The sTudenT, his sage advice, T' and his Timely helpTulness make him a Triend To every man ThaT aTTends Kansas CiTy-WesTern DenTal Col- lege. The guieT unobTrusive manner in which he perTorms his duTies makes Them seem much easier Than They are. The problems oT The school, oT The TaculTy, and oT The sTudenT are his problems. T-lis sincere aTTenTion is always given To These problems, and his decisions are more Than generous. We have every reason To be proud oT our Dean. LABOR WHILE 0 lvlosT oT us pasT school days wiTh de- TiniTe inTeresTs in The presenT and The Tu- Ture are conscious oT The TacT ThaT we should have labored more diligenTly in our youTh. BuT TheVpresenT always oTTers golden opporTuniTies To each oT us, Though when Time has passed wiThouT ac- complishmenT we have losT many oT Those I DEAN RINEHART YOUR YOUTH opporTuniTies Tor knowledge and exper- ience so necessary To carry us successTully Through our liTe's course. So Tew people know The True use and value oT Time. Four years seems like a greaT period oT Time To prepare Tor service in your pro- page T3 Tession, buT iT may pass while you dream. IT you have done your besT and have been graduaTed, you have buT begun. The per- son who schools himseIT in The conserva- Tion oT Time will auTomaTicaIly conserve his earnings, yeT I deplore penuriousness. IT should be remembered ThaT whaT- ever knowledge you do noT solidly lay The ToundaTion Tor in youTh, you will never be The masTer oT in your IiTe. I once read oT an English scholar who was so good in The managemenT oT his Time ThaT he would noT lose even a small porTion oT iT. Each day when naTure obliged him To reTreaT To ThaT small buT "necessary house" he re- viewed The LaTin poeTs. I-Ie boughT a compIeTe ediTion oT I-Iorace and grad- ually Tore ouT a couple oT pages and car- ried Them To ThaT necessary place-read Them TirsT and Then conTribuTed Them To anoTher necessary use. This sacriTice oT prinT mighT be considered a biT exTrav- aganT, buT I would say iT was aT IeasT a challenge To his memory. I heard one oT our successTuI denTaI dealers say ThaT he boughT an eIecTric shaver so he could an- swer his morning call, shave and digesT The news all in one measure oT Time. I have oTTen admonished sTudenTs in my IecTures in orienTaTion ThaT memoriz- ing verbaTim The TundamenTaIs oT a sub- iecT would prove To be a Tower oT sTrengTh all Through The years. page I4 You are noT expecTed To remember all ThaT you have sTudied, buT you are ex- pecTed To Icnow how To inTorm yourseIT upon any problem in your chosen Tield wiThouT delay. I implore you To reTain your school TexTs and consisTenTIy add To Them To Torm your privaTe library. You may acquire a library, buT iT you do noT know your library iT is oT Ii++Ie value excepT ThaT iT may serve as a cover Tor ignorance: however, if you have boolcs beTore you, you may be TempTed aT Times To re- view Them and if TempTed now and Then To improve your inTeIIecT iT will become a habiT-a proTiTabIe habiT. SeIecTing a Theme and wriTing a biT oT philosophy Tor This annual volume, The Bushwaclcer Isymbolizing memories oT a Thing many oT us did-buT you SI-IALL NOTI has become a habiTg I hope Tor my sTudenTs a proTiTabIe one, cerTainIy iT is proTiTabIe To me, because I have To delve inTo The soul oT The reason Tor our exis- Tence--To exTracT someThing oT imporT, someThing oT imporTance To say To you as I see iT, ThaT may sTir a conscienTious de- sire here and There, or cause some exciTe- menT oT The imaginaTion. I would noT have you Thinlc I believe in uninTerrupTed labor, noT aT all, buT I do recommend mosT earnesTIy To you in your youTh, a consisTency oT purpose un- inTerrupTed. R. J. R. BOARD OF TRUSTEES These Tour men Organize The TaculTy, de- Tained iTs presenT high sTandard in The Teaching Termine The policies OT The school, and handle OT denTisTry. We are TOrTunaTe TO have The ser- The Tinances. lT is due To Their excellenT man- vices OT such eminenT men. agemenT ThaT The school has reached and main- RALPI-l L. ADAMS, l.L.B Chairman Mr. Adams serves as TrusT OT- Ticer OT The ciTy's largesT bank and TrusT company. RCDY JAMES RINEHART. D.D.S., F.A.C.D. SecreTa ry Dr. RineharT is The Dean OT The school and is an inTernaTiOnally g known Teacher OT denTisTry. GEORGE P. lvlEl.Cl-lER. AB.. PLM., l.l..D. Vice-Chairman Mr lvlelcher The vice-chairman, is The SuperinTendenT-EmeriTus T Th. P blig Schools OT Kansas CiTy. Years OT conTacT wiTh The O e u Teaching prOTessiOn have served TO give him a deTailed knowledge OT The arT OT insTrucTiOn. WENDELL l-l. CLGUD, LLB. Council One OT The leading lawyers in NhssOurL page I5 i ALLSHOUSE BROWN CALMES CAMPBELL CARR CLAYTON CONOVER DAVIDSON HARRY ALLSI-IOUSE, JR., D.D.S. F. M. CALMES, B.S., D.D.S. Professor of Orffmodonfics Associafe Professor of Radiodonfia and Operafive Denfisfry LEONARD E. CARR, D.D.S. E. V. CONOVER, D.D.S. Insfrucfor in Crown and Bridge lnsfrucfor in Clinical Denfisfry JOHN V. BROWN, D.D.S. Insfrucfor in Prosfhefic Denfisfry JOH N M. CLAYTON, D.D.S. LYNVAL E. DAVIDSON, D.D.S. Insfrucfor in Pe page I6 DAYTON DUNBAR CAMPBELL, D.D.S. Professor of Prosffwefic Denfisfry dodonfia Professor In Operafive Denfisfry mmmwuwmw --f , ,,. . , . muon DUKES A EDWARDS EVANS EVERSU LL FAHRiNeER eMEs eossm E. L. DILLON, D.D.S., E.A.C.D. lnslruclor in Prosllielic Denlislry li. l-l. EVERSULL, D.D.S. lnslruclor in Prosllwelic Denlislry HOWARD I-I. DUKES, BS., D.D.S. lnslruclor in Clinical Denlislry S, lvl. EAHRINGER, AB., D.D.S. lnslruclor in Clinical Denlislry RALPH W. EDWARDS, BS., D.D.S., E.A.C.D. Direclor of llie Clinic, Professor of Opera- Jrive Denlislry and lvlinor Oral Surgery. LESTER lvl. GATES, D.D.S. lnslruclor in Cliniical Denlislry J. G. EVANS, B.S., lVl.D. lnslruclor in Analomy JCI-lN E. GQSSE-lil, D.D.S. lnslruclor in Crown and Bridge page I7 , -.....E.- ,.... ,.,,,,,,,,.. ,,,....,,..M ,Wm HAUETTER HUNTINGTON McFARLAND MOORE RALPH T. HAUETTER, D.D.S. Insfrucfor in Clinical and Prosflwefic Denfisfry H. RICHARD McFARI.AND, A.B., B.S., D.D.S. Insfrucfor in Hygiene and Exoclonfia PI W. HUNTINGTON, A.B., A.M., D.D.S. Professor of Cnemisfry' ancl Pliysics N. A. MOORE, A.B., D.D.S. Professor of Physiology page I8 KOEHLER KORITSCHONER O'DELL PARKER CHARLES A. KOEHLER, B.S., MD. Professor of Anaforny C. W. O'DEI.I., BS., DDS. Associafe Professor of Oral Pafliology ROBERT KORITSCHONER, MD. Professor of General Paflwology HUBERT M. PARKER, AB., MA.. Mo. Insfrucfor in Special Paflwology ,fc-.. ..:Y..,-..-,,.......f.-.x....,-.................. 1--- ,,,........,... -- ,- 1.....L,s..v,........ ..,......- -..,.,.. .............,. ., or .W , ,,.- . - .. 'I" PORTER REEVES RINEHART SALYER SAWYER SCOTT STEWART WOODARD Cl-IASTAIN O. PORTER, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. ROY JAMES RINEI-lART, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Associale Professor of Prosilielic Denlislry Dean of The Pacully, Professor of Crown and Bridge CARL W. SAWYER, D.D.S. Associaie Professor of Operaiive Denrislry, E' lr' STEWART' MD' and Denial Analomy Professor of l-lisiology and Bacleriology ALBERT L. REEVES, JR., A.B., LL.B. EVERETT A. SALYER, D.D.S. Denlal Jurisprudence lnslrucior in Clinical Denlisiry J. D. SCOTT, D.D.S., P.A.C.D. DON E. WOODARD, D.D.S., lVl.S.D. Associale Professor oi Crown and Bridge Oral Diagnosis page I9 ALLEN ELLIOTT HAMILTON HILLIAS RICHMOND SI-IELDEN .SKINNER WARNOCK WALTERS I-I. WILSON ALLEN, D.D.S J. C. WARNOCK, D.D.S. Exodonfia Leclrurer DenTaI Economics LIONIEI2 NI. SHELDEN. D.D.S. OrTI'IocIonTIcs O. W. I-IILLIAS I-IisTory OT DenTIsTry B. LANDIS ELLIOTT, B.S., Iv1.D. Physiology A. L. WALTERS, D.D.S. E- H- SKINNER. MD- PrevenTIve DenTIsTry, DIOT and NUTTITIOTI Radiology BUFORD O. HAMILTON, FRED A, RICHMOND, D,D,S, ObsTreTrics Leclrurer DenTaI Associalrions page 20 F? BOWER CLOSSON COGSWELL ENGEL HAMILTON MQEARLAND NEFF PADGETT ROBHNISON STOOKEY RICHARD L. BQWER, D.D.S., M.D., F.A.C.S. Associore Professor of Medicine FI. M. MCFARLAND, D.D.S. Lecrurer on Ural Surgery D. A. CLQSSQN, D.D.S. insrrucjror in Qrrhodonrics FRANK C. NEFF, M.D., SCD. lrwsrruclror in Dier and Nurririon WILTQN W. COGSWELL, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Professor of Qral Surgery, Posr-Graduare Division EARL C. PADGETT, B.S., M.D. Associare Professor of Oral Surgery L.'P. ENGEL, A.B., M.D. Associare Professor of Oral Surgery G. WILSE RQBINSQN, JR., A.B., M.D. Professor of Psycho-biology B. BATES FIAMILTQN, D.D.S., M.S.D. lnslrrucror in Anesrriesia PAUL F. STOQKEY, M.D. lns+ruc+or in Special Parhology ......,-...- -...- .... -.,-- . THE REGISTRAR Dr. Moore, in his posiTion as regisTrar, comes inTo inTimaTe conTacT wiTh The sTu- denTs as They enroll. l-le musT examine Their TranscripTs To see ThaT They have adeguaTe prereguisiTe subiecTs. l-le re- cords The sTudenTs' grades and classiTica- Tions, and helps The sTudenTs plan Their curricula. l-lis guidance conTinues Through The Tol- pge 22 NORMAN A. MOORE. AB., D.D.S. lowing school years as They are members oT his various classes. l-le is always ready and willing To acT as Their advisor. l-lis many duTies require The expending oT much Time and Tireless eTTorT. l-lis is a iolo oT deTails and only a man oT such orderliness and precision could handle These maTTers wiTh such ease and dispaTch. DIRECTCDR OF THE CLINIC gg,,.,..,, I -,,u-c.q4,,mm RALPH W. EDWARDS, B.S., D.D.S., F.A.C.D. ProTessor oT Minor Oral Surgery, and ProTessor OT Qper- aTive DenTisTry. As direcTor oT our clinic, Dr. Edwards is The head oT The clinical sTaTT which de- cides The sTandards oT clinical pracTice, The grading, and The reguiremenTs To be Tuhfilled. l-le musT see ThaT Their decisions are carried ouT by The sTudenTs in The proper manner and wiTh The proper dis- cipline. X 2 The posiTion ThaT he holds requires a sense oT lceen iudgmenT, personaliTy and The TacTTul handling oT The sTudenTs and Their many problems. l-le is a Tine man To lcnow and To lsnow him is To lilce him: he is a 'naTionally lcnown Teacher, clinician and wriTer in The Tield oT denTisTry. page 23 f XV Q QT M , g 4. Ea W Q1 MM me r' T 'ff' ff W f. ,f, , ' QR , 4 We I, ,, M ' '55 Jie- , ,,..!, , .,,. Z ,.W..,.,K VV AV g fl' 057,31-W,W7 V, 5 4 ,V V, pf' L ' T T 'irr'rr'i ff in Q f - , ' 'af fm ,Q ,wif f W ' e ' 1 'ff izmfgf '4,,52f,' J L , , , , I , f nf I ., ,' V' 1' fi if f f A454 f 4 gf'fm',4f'wfTv-, W rf i V , f f 4 f , M977 Vffzff ,, W ' ' 'W V: ,, ,, ,, ,,f,, L., , L Wy, I M f ff' "WW I MARG RET B. POTTS Office OFFICE PERSONNEL MARY K. ORR Office HELEN H. ADAMS Office GAYL HARRIS Office A n-. EVELYN HANNAH, G.D.H page 24 Lowry Clinic if N: x .- if BLANcHE STIRES, G.D.H MARIE BUTNER Dismm Recepfionisf ' . . , . ,- , . . -1-. . , -LVW,,,.,.,,, A THE DENTAL STUDENT'S CREED To respecT my college, my repuTaTion and myselT. To be honesT and Tair wiTh my insTrucTors, as l expecT my insTrucTors To be honesT and Tair wiTh meg To Thinlc oT The college wiTh loyalTy, speak oT iT wiTh praise, and acT always as a cusTodian oT iTs good name. To be a sTudenT whose word carries weighT wiTh my Tellow-sTu- denTsg To be a boosTer, noT a lcnoclcerg a pusher, noT a lciclcerg a moTor, noT a cog. To base my expecTaTions oT reward on a solid ToundaTion oT service rendered: To be willing To pay The price in honesT eTe TorT. To loolc upon my worlc as opporTuniTy To be seized wiTh ioy and made The mosT oT, and noT as painTul drudgery To be relucTanTly endured. To remember ThaT success lies wiThin myselT, in my own brain, my own ambiTion, my own courage and deTerminaTion. To LOWRY CLINIC Each year There is an inTern appoinTed To The Lowry Clinic. The posiTion This year has been ably Tilled by Dr. J. Weinberger. l-le is assisTed by a GraduaTe DenTal l-lygien- isT, lvlrs. Evelyn l-lannah. This clinic was esTablished in l93O wiTh an endowmenT in The will oT The laTe Dr. l-loward S. Lowry. The inTernship allows Tor The accomplishmenT oT a very humane purpose -care oT indigenT children's TeeTh. expecT diTTiculTies and Torce my way Through Them, To converT experience inTo capiTal Tor TuTure sTruggles. To sTudy hard and lcnow my subiecTs in every deTail Trom The ground up, To mix brains wiTh my eTTorTs, and use sysTem and meThod in my worlqg To Tind Time To do everyThing needTul by never leTTing Time Tind me doing noThing. To malfe every hour bring me dividends in increased knowledge, or healThTul recre- aTion. To cuT ouT expensive amusemenTs and avoid evil associaTions. Finally To Talce a good grip on The ioy oT liTeg To play The game lilce a.genTlemang To TighT againsT noThing so hard as my own weaknessesg and To endeavor To grow as a denTisT and as a man wiTh The pass- age oT every day oT Time. Tl-TIS ISlvlY CREED! DR.ilNEWWER6ER page 25 -- --- 1 ....-1-.-1.,....-.,,,,,,,.- , .,.. ,,......., V ..,., ,L The way if should be done arie a Three lilile , darlings. D , l-laueller gives The in a few poinls. Ae Dr. Gosseilsurveying aJunior's case. 1' Whal! only parlials? foils and Two? -fees, Dr. Davidson reads Jrhal expensive boolc from England. Mlazem-sf Dr. Sawyer and family. Why didn"r Full- er see lhose rool lips? Dr. Salyer lends a slcilled hand. Dr che Sen brid 5 1 N , - . Qev- -"" eg, . ......,-. .-.-.,...----.-...-,.--...-.-.1...--v-,.-- .g...-.-...,.-:nu-w 1-1.5, -W-0'1"-0-w g 'Q AZ:-3 vw - I-' Dr. Sawyer al ways willing io help us. Dr. Conover checks Seniors' +esJr ioridqework. Cnirnienri and Dr. Dukes seem ro agree on Hwis piece of work. 1 i e ,X xv 'HRT Brewer gives Crockelrr a few of Jrhe finer poinrs, be- fore qraduarion. Dr. wp X Calmes srudies a ser of Qrrnodonric casis. Dr. Closson, ine wire bender su- preme. srnile. Dr. Wnire oives us Jrnar Grrnodonfic ln, Dr. Carr surveying 3 casr, wish ir were Jrhe casr forimy parlriall 2 I , 0 49 f ff Q ff! ly Za!! Z0 f Q Kfhl IA 171. U '2y,zf,g,4-V 4, f wwf , ,sf XG f 1 X 2 fi' X ' f f ffl, Qi f 2 f I 7, ff ,fa X, I Z2 ,., V.- -...........,....,--,.-,........- I N 1 I 4 f N 1 I 1 ! F pl 4 1 I 11 TH W Crum i I 5" 'PW ,. , ..,... ....--.,, ,........ Y-- ...Y. . - . -- - - - fffxv-vfmwl- m,.Lw,l-l im ..VY, 77477, -A-777777 AMY 1 1 - - A1 , , 1 .-,J ..f1--g.'r.:q-'rw'W-1, E " ' ' X . 217151 f'.Q'.Q.f1f1'-fj1y.,1Qlx- X 1 t'f--?'i7711.:'1".' I ' 1 '1 'l'1'g'1f.1'-4.1 .-V-1 5'-3I311fi"i'f'f'..'1r' ' 1 .f ' ,"1'11r '--1',,eH : 1,111 f . . . V v Lg., 1,.-k,Y1:y111..A..-KiL1.... 3 1 1 bf '1-11-f.1':111.' U 'Q , .in.1f,1:J .rf-' ' ' . -. V A 1 , 1 ",' II' y ' - 1 1 C xl 1 1, if 1 1 3,5 1 1. . .. . 1 ' . 1 I X 1 A 1 W --'-QX .xx V . 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 B , . . . 1 1 1 1 H 11' 171 ,I ,, 1 1 1 ' "1 1 . 1- . .1 , 1, ' A A 1 5 A . .' 1 , .1 , . 1 4 1 1 .. 5 A ' I 4 I I , 51 1 1 I ' X ' ' . 1 11"14.' "1 ' 1 ' 1 1 '.jl.f-'!- 1 ' , r ' ' ', "'f 'C' f , 3 ,f."14 l1.1f1f','1 1 ' K' I- yr ' .- ' 1 1 ' r., .- ... 1 -111 '. ,...4'-1 V if .-:L 1 1 -A , - f'f11i.f 1' 3'j1'fiffI"f1' Q-gjy 73-i js. 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WILLIAMS C The purpose oT The STudenT CounciI is To develop seIT-expression and seIT-conTroI on The parT oT The sTudenT body, To promoTe IoyaITy To The coIIege, and in parTicuIar To have charge oT all maTTers concerning The conducT oT The sTudenTs in Their coIIege IiTe, excepTing academic acTiviTies direcTIy under The conTroI oT The adminisTraTion and Things which perTain To The generaI adminisTraTive poIicy oT The schooI. This shows The council To be a mediaTive agenT Tor The besT inTeresTs oT The school beTween ouT- side inTIuence and The TacuITy. IT represenTs a working nucIeus oT The sTudenT body as a whoIe. This council wiTh The assisTance oT Dean RineharT as counselor and adviser, governs sTudenT acTiviTies and problems, and The decision oT This group is adhered To by The sTudenT body. A qovernmenT oT The sTudenT, by The sTudenT, and Tor The sTudenT is a True builder oT men. DOUGLAS A. YEAOER O. E. DAVIS RALPH J. sHAOiD DGUGLAS A. YEAGER C. E. DAVIS RALPH J. Sl-IADID ' Secretary-Treasurer Vice-PresidenT PresidenT 0 We, The class OT l94l, are On The verge OT graduaTiOn. We gO OuT OT Our beloved schOOl in Times -OT greaTesT uncerTainTy, buT as 'we graduaTe we Teel ThaT Our Training has been OT such gualiTy ThaT we are prepared TO meeT any OT ThOse Trials which awaiT us OuTside. For The Training we have received we cannOT Overernphasize Our Thanks TO The excellenT TaculTy OT Our Alrna lvlaTer. We The class OT '4l lOOlc Torward TO The uphOlding OT The sTandards A ThaT have been seT up beTOre us, and in dOing all ThaT is pOssible TOr The advancemenT OT Our prOTessiOn. Ralph Shadid. pag 3l -...... ...v-1..-.i..a..,.....V- -,1 Q -ft, , .. l 1 J. BALDWIN ARTS lBaldyl Greenfield, Iowa Creighlon U, Drake "U" Aclivilies: Presidenl Freshman Class '38, Secrelary-Treasurer Sophomore Class '39, Slu- denl Council, Jr. Class '40, Della Sigma Della Grand Masler 40-4l. Exodonlia Depl. Della Sigma Della, Fulure: Alaska or Cana- dian Border??? DAUNTLESS . Tl-lOMAS O. CLARK lToml ' Tarkio, Mo. Nebraska "U," Colorado "U," Tarkio College, A.B. Aclivilies: Sludenl Council, playing Corn Markei, Della Sigma Della. Fulure: Unde- cided, unless dralled! U NASSU MING ' JAMES E. BROWN. JR. Jimm Oklaholma Ciliyl, Okla. Oklahoma Cily "U" Aclivilies: Sludenl Council '37-38, '38-39. Fulure: Praclice in Oklahoma Cily. FANTASTIC C DONALD L. CROCKETT lBeelle Brainl Joplin, Mo. Aclivilies: Vice-Presidenl Junior Class '40, Sludenl Council '4l, Worlhy Masler Della Sigma Della '40-4l. Proslhelics Depl. Fulure: Praclice in Joplin. K JOVIAL MlCl-lAEL L. BUCKMAN Buck Danklury, Conn. "U" of Kansas Cily Aclivilies: Glee Club four years, Orlho- donlia Depl. Fulure: Navy or Conneclicul. LIKEABLE I .C. E. DAVIS qsfinkyi Bisby, Oklahoma Oklahoma "U," B.S. Aclivilies: Vice-Presidenl Freshman Class '38, Business Manager "Bushwhacker" '39-40, Worlhy Masler Della Sigma Della. Presidenl Senior Class '4l, Glee Club '39-40. Fulure: Oklahoma. CONCEITED page 32 l ho- zul. lass -40 en ire: I WILLIAM E. DENNARD JACK OWENS GREGSON lWiIlie--Flashl lSIickI Albuquerque, New Mexico Berryville, Arkansas "U" of Florida, "U" of New Mexico, B.S. Uof Arkansas Acliviliesi Della Sigma Della, Surgery Ap- poinlee. Fulurez New Mexico. Fulure: Public Heallh, Liflle Rock, Ark. IGIRL--CRAZYI ' NEAT-CONSISTENT YQf3lQlflf?,,lTO WILLIAM A. Jouusou I-Iilo, Hawaii lTexI Acliviliesz LgliglljlohlylqNleerslhlnyician in even- Gladewalelllexas ings' Ceramics Depf. Acfiviliesz Theafer Usher. Fulurez Texas. RELIABLE ISMILINGI ' DAVID SAMUEL I-IARRIS, JR. lTur'rleJ Drummond, Oklahoma "U" of Oklahoma,.A.B., B.S. Acliviliesc Explaining 'rhe Frankforl Plane in relalion Io gnalhoslalics, Iinkering in gen- eral. Orfhodonlia Appoinlee. Fulure: Panama or Navy. TALENTED O G. E. MORGAN I lFilTha McNasIaI Wiohira, Kansas Acliviliesz Sludenl Council '39, Secrelary- Treasurer Jr. Class '40, Inlerfralernily Coun- cil, Ceramics Depl. Xi Psi Phi. Fulurez Navyff? Army?? WichiIa??? EXTREMELY LAZY , A--, page 33 MARCUS POLLAK lMarkl Los Angeles, Calif. Aclivilies: Glee Club four years. Fulure: Undecided. UNCONSCIOUS I O RALPl-l J. Sl-lADlD lSuck-Duckl Drumrighl, Oklahoma "U" of Texas, "U" of Oklahoma, Oklahoma ASM Acliviliesz Secrefary -Treasurer, Freshman Class '38, Vice-Presiclenl' Sophomore Class '39, Presidenl Junior Class '40, Psi Omega. Fulure: Army eilher in denlal corps, or buck privale, seleclive service I-D. PSYCI-lONEUROTlC??? - JOl-lN B. RONNAU Sl-IERWOOD ROSS SCl-lWARTZ lTarzanJ I lPinchpennyl Kansas Cily, Missouri Bridgeporl, Conn. Aclivilies: Della Sigma Della, Oral Surgery "U" of Alabama appoinlee. Fulurez Marry and sellle down, ACIIVIIISS: GIee CIIIIDI ur1leSS drallecl. SLAP-HAPPY . O WII-IHIAIVI pi SIVIITI-I JOHN L. STOCKTON, JR. IBIrdbaIII ll-llLLBlLLY-JITTERBUGJ Ada OkIaIIOma Siloam Springs, Arkansas E-C.S'C, of OIqIaIIOma Hendrix College, "U" of Arkansas, Acliviliesz Della Sigma Della, Sfudenl' Coun- V John Brown HUM I cil, Prosfhelics Depf., Thealer Usher. Fulure: Aclivilies: Since he was married-inacflve! Oklahoma. Fulure: Navy or Arkansas. FRIENDLY lFLlRTATlOUSl page 34 f ,........ --- ..,- . .... .. , ,.. ... ,--.--.,...-. -,.-. ..,,-....-, .0-1------cur.-, s .. X Mfr W, an Q' 4 f- as Q ,,., wc. if f ff. l i J. MARION SULLIVAN L. WALTER SUTTON. JR. ROBERT D. TURPIN. JR. K lgflrlylkc lwalfl lTUfDl ansasl ny, ansas , - M' '- "U" oT Kansas, A.B. Rafon. New MGPUCO .!. lhlberiyh ASTM' A B Acfivifiesz Presidenl' Sophomore Class '39, Colorado were Colle e W'l'a"lf Jewe Rlege' ' ' Sfudenl Council, lnlerfralernify Council, Pres- Q Acfivilies: Children's clinic-and mos? for- idenl' Xi Psi Phi, Xi Psi Phi, keeping Arls 81 Fulurez New Mexico or Colorado. ward boy in 5eV1lOF Class: SlUdlOU5. TOO- Shadid ou? of Trouble. Fulurez Kansas. UNCQNCERNED BIQQEST QIRLKILLER SVVEET-VAlN ROBERT W. WlLLlAMS DOUGLAS A. YEAOER lpin-ball Bobl D J D ' Sea'rTle,Washing+on i on Han Ougl Universily of Washinglon, . Norlh Pacific College of Denlislry Oklahoma CMV' Oklahoma Aclivifiesz Sfudenl Council '40-4I, Proslhe- . . - fics Deparfrnenl, and mos? versalile and failh- A lrllllyerfm' of Olfla' Oklahoma CRY U .. - .. - cllvllies. Sfudenf Council 39-40, Vice-Pres+ ful Pin-ball Experl. Bushwhacker found in . . . - . . - -, - idenl Senior Class 4I, Xi Psi Phi, Exodonlia l his aparlmenl, yielded a leller and nearly - . , ave O I, Bob a me Wa ,ri kd n G Ion Deparlmenl, Edilor Bushwhacker 40. Fulure. lgonq Triip. O Y C O Q' Army Denial Corps. ACCOMPLISHED DIPI-QMATIQ . 3 as my W 7-i'w.: sf ' Q7 gf, . e 'f - 4 i 1 l l page 35 ' -1 "' -. .Y......--......., ----M.-U--------A '- Dennard prepares palienr for surgery. Sullivan and Brown hold a "shoe shine con- +es+" on Croclcell, while Baldy holds slalces. -MW, Careful wilh Thar scaler Buclcman, you mighl gel mass hemorrhage. ,qw T is group pi lure nows 'rhe Seniors on lhe day of T err Annual Cl'V'5lm5S PGFJVV. presenls were given and poems were read and men were ini+iaLn" There was wafer in Jrhe guller in - - 'fu' Shadld has Oli lo lh hr l "B " Whlch I + D d Jf Jr I h . en een oug o as a easl. Now we lcnow mg Wmaefriovxerrwnraig sa , sill aier he accused The boys of pour- ,Jr ,S we HUHW as he and Sullivan devour 6 ham in Hue Wen known panls. Now you lcnow The rrulh, Bill! Hglueqpoom -- Zips Seem TO have you cornered, Arls. Never mind Ronnau, we know you, pa e 36 'l-larris adiusls The Orolhodonlic appliance wirh grim deier- Q minalion. ' sz IFIOW IOWH eler- She has confi- dence in you. Yeager-lhal is now she does, buf how aboul affer- wards? Where's fha Jr soapbox you usually sfand on, hall-pinl? Whall Could lhal be Mor- Yes, il's Arls as usual, finishing up Duclc's work g a n doing some work? No, we had him pose for us. l-larrisseems ro be doing O.K.. and il isn'l his wife, eilher. Slill lhe Senior Day Chrislmas parly, and da boys, give Dennard da woiks. We were lhinlcing aboul 'rhal loo, Baldy, if only your wife would lel you keep lhar car here-hello infer-oily viaduct, here we go!! Lei 'er go. page 37 page 38 PAUL emo Bizuca MCRAE Don I-ioeela oFFicERs PAUL GETTO BRUCE MCRAE DON l-IOGCSE Vice-PresidenT PresidenT SecreTary-Treasurer 0 Juniors! l-low many Times during The pasT Two years oT our denTal educaTion have we wondered if we could aTTain This goal? IT is True we do noT have The diTTiculT book work or The long hours in The class room ThaT we had in The previous years, buT we have encounTered new and more perTurbing experiences. l-laving spenT many hours in The clinic in The pasT year, iT has enabled us To appreciaTe denTisTry Trom a more pracTical sTandpoinT, alThough we realize we have iusT begun our denTal educaTion. v IT The presenT war clouds maTerialize inTo more oT a realiTy Than iusT a scare, we can more appreciaTe our posiTion as a denTal sTudenT in doing our share Tor The sake'oT our counTry. Many oT us have already enlisTed in The reserve corps oT The UniTed STaTesg and in case oT war we will all Tind our places in service Tor The good oT humaniTy, which is aTTer all our chieT endeavor. ln looking back over our pasT Two years oT Training we realize The imporTance oT The TundamenTal subiecTs and we are now looking Tor- ward To The TorThcoming year in which we will compleTe our sTudies and pracTice oT These TundamenTals and may embark upon our pro- Tessional career. DON I-IOGBGE D. E. ALLEN. Dodge Cify, Kan. I-I. A. ALLIBAND, AI+an+ic, Iowa S. C. ATKINSON, Brookings, S. DaI4. C. O. BEEBE, BayIieId, Wis. N. I. BOI-ION, Kirksville, Mo. J. C. CI-IAPIVIAN, Durant OIcIa. J. F. CI-IIMIENTI, Kansas Ci+y, Mo. W. C. DAVIS, IvIoneH, Mo. W. I-I. DeWEES, Kansas Cify, Mo. W. N. DIXON, Sanfa Fe, N. Mex. J. DOBRONTE, Trenlron, N. J. 0. I-I. DONOI-IO, Duranlr, OIcIa. K. A. DUTTON, I-Iarlan, Kan. L. J. EDDY, I-Iarrisburg, III. W. FUI-IR, Warrensburg, Mo. IZ. L. FULLER, Salida, Colo. P. I-I. GETTO, Jeanneffe, Pa. F.6IANNAN6ELO,Iv1onongaheIa,Pa. ' page 39 2 3 l 4 --..-4,-1 page 40 L. N. GOFF, Ponca Cily, Olcla. l G. W. GOFORTl-l, Greenwood, Arlc. J. K. l-lALL, Griswold, Iowa. D. W. HOGGE, Loveland, Colo. D. J. JIROVEC, Clarkson, Nebr. S. G. JOHNSON, Roswell, N. M. J. L. KEENER, Mc:Ales+er, Ol4la. W. J. KOEHLER, Kansas Cily, Mo. A. L. LOPEZ, Sanla Fe, N. M. G. B. LUNA, Springfield, Mo. A. S. MACKENZIE, Greal Falls, Monlr W. N. MCCORMICK, K. C., Mo. ,J. F. MCKINNEY, Cabool, Mo. B. A. MCRAE, Albuquerque, N. M. l-l. L. MILAM, Albuquerque, N. M. J. M. MOLINARO, Kansas Cily, Mo. l-l. J. MURRAY, Garfield, Arlc. W. l-l. NEWTON, Kansas Cily, Mo J. D. O'NElLL, Jeronne, Arizona. J. C. PATTQN, Emporia, Kan. J. A. PENCE, Slerling, Kan. W. R. REDING, Oklahoma Cily, Olcla. F. RIDDLE, JR., Cushing, Olcla. V. E. ROSE, Roswell, N. lvl. D. W. RUMSEY, Sperry, Qlcla. J. N. Sl-IOLLENBERGER, Ozarlc, Mo. l-l. T. STIGLER, Sand Springs, Qlcla. A. L. Tl-lELlN, Allouquerque, N. lvl. E. THOMPSON, Dumegan, Mo. T. V. Tl-KDRNE, Talnlequalm, Qlcla. C. D. TYLER, Keola, Olcla. E. L. WADE, Calais, Maine W. E. WALSTON, Redfield, S. Dalc. S. J. WEXLER, New York Cily, N. Y. l-l. ZEITLIN, Rlioenix, Arizona. f f ,fha , , 41 M 'f Wffwy, fd, , M , ' My Qfiffiyiz page 4I fi, 591 5 l-lall, The dignified Junior. Finnesy gels a lesson in "Weld- ing in Jrhe lv1ou'rh," a 'rechnic used exclusively by The ignorani. Chapman slrilces a nice pose eh boys? Murray has a way wilh lhose kids in Lowry, perhaps i+'s be- cause of Jrhaf golden hair. Pence working wiih his hair down as Bohon praciices on Dulion wilh De- Siigler has a fool-hold on him, and usual. ' Vorss assisling. only for a proph. Chrisimas is near, Valeria is away, Sianley plays, Finnesy Alliband laier wenl +o sleep-on a couch. helps and ihe girls are Weber, Janie and Ronnie. Keener and leaping Lena. page 42 Goiorih measures his disiance, Jrhen ponders and wonders ' f Donoho is off lo a ilyin' slari-on a proph. vs: Q, ,Ajpxww Dr. Wienberger gives Keener a lillle help. Davis and Newion relax oui on The larrn. ls Mac holding 'rhe door up? Koehler holds Brewer while The Indian prepares io scalp hirn. X if' f ',,rW'j!,fff'.f7",b 'LQ ' 7' :viz f"' , - "'?fji,"'fif7:"gI" , ' "l' 'K ' f-favs, sv i W " i Yes, your ediior has a Chrisirnas lree, I , ' The "Groundhog" grins, maybe he can mo, Wlial do YOU Hunk 5bOUi 'ir Bill? see his shadow in 'rhe pa'rienT's rnouih. "Curly" Goff dreams oi Thai day in Redinq bag lug Checked out Juniors on parade. l-low did you gel h re Brown7 July, when lhe blessed eveni arrivesl. in 'l G . - page 43 SCDPHCDMCDRES P59 E. M. BLANKENSHIP ' R. M. HAUN K. B. HOOK K. B. Hook R. M. Hx-xun E. M. BLANkENsi-iiP Vicepresidenaf Pregidenf SecreTary-Treasurer 0 Someone said, "IT is darkesT iusT beTore The dawn." LeT's hope They were righT, because aTTer compleTing The TirsT semesTer's work we can see iT was raTher dark. Even wiTh numerous surprises when The call came, "Grades are ouT," we sTill remain as.a whole wiTh noT a TaTaliTy as Tor grades. BeTween all The Talk oT wheTher we will be able To Tinish our degree, beTore The army sTeps in and we sTep ouT, and The laboraTory Technic we are To compleTe by The end oT May, we s+iII are in a slighTly shaded aTmosphere. We regreT as a whole The compleTion oT our daily relaTionships wiTh Those insTrucTors who have very willingly and paTienTly helped us To The' righT paTh oT acquiring our one desire, "becoming good denTisTs.lF' We Teel ThaT They have given us a very good basis and now all we have To do is apply This Theory. Simple? Well, we Tind iT isn'T guiTe so simple as iT sounded when we were hearing abouT iT. We now are looking Torward, wiTh greaT hope and a liTTle impa- Tience, To The inTirmary. We Teel iT is going To be somewhaT diTTerenT Trom The paTienTs we have worked on so Tar. WiTh our hands somewhaT unsTeady, inaccuraTe and showing an air oT conTusion, we Teel wiTh pracTice and diligence we may become eTTicienT in The Task we have selecTed Tor our liTe's work. We wish To Thank The TaculTy as a whole, The upper classmen, and Those who have made iT possible Tor us To be here, Tor helping us To .aTTain our achievemenT. - E. lvl. Blankenship SOPHOMORES G. E. AlKlN, JR., Kansas Cily, Mo. F. L. ALOUIST, Clay Cenler, Kan. F. l-l. AMUNDSEN, Pocalella, ldalwo lvl. BABA, Rusln Lalce, Saslcalcliewan, Ca. R. D. BOHRER, EI Dorado, Kan. K. L. BROWN, Carmen, Olcla. D. E. BURNS, Fayelleville, Arlc. C. F. CLAYTON, El Dorado, Kan. J. J. CRAWFORD, Lindsey, Olcla. A. L. CROWDFR, Pillsburg, Kan. l-l. A. CULVER, Yales Cenler, Kan. l-l. J. CURRY, Ava, Mo. J. W. DAWSON, Ulrnan, Mo. D. P. EUBANK, JR., Slireveporl, La. D. J. FINNFSY, Plainville, Kan. R. R. FUNK, JR., Lernoore, Calif. B. W. OLOVER, Ponca Cily, Olcla. G. W. GRAY, Arcadia, Mo. R. l-l. l-lAlVllLlON, Clianule, Kan. O. D. l-lASlAlN, Rollc, lvlo. R. lvl. l-lAUN, Oalalia, Kan. W y if X X X A M ffm- fi mg ?!z,4f'.f. " .' 7,Q7,fy. . .f f fpnf QVNQ ' p 7,1 x f ,Z ,I 42' " X4 272 ' 1 1--"ff f ' f f... ' X 954 fx: ,. ff f. fh f fin fu'- ,.....,-.-- ....-V 1-r , , .,-... ,,,.,..... ,..- -,- . page 46 SOPHOMORES J. W. HILDRETH, Independence, Mo. C. A. OOMEZ, Woodland, Calif. K. B. HOOK, Bolivar, Mo. M. M. HOWARD, Wichila, Kan. W. R. JERSAK, Kingfisher, Olfla. H. D. JOHNSON, JR., Roswell, N. M P. M. JONES, Sheldon, Mo. H. E. KEENEY, SeaI'IIe, Wash. D. D. KRAJICEK, Scribner, Nebr. E. J. KLIHN, Hays, Kan. C. W. LAWSON, S12 Joseph, Mo. J. H. LUSE, SI. Joseph, Mo. E. R. SMITH, Kansas Cily, Mo. C. M. MASTERS, Chiclcasha, OIcIa. L. H. MCGEE, Lake Worlh, Florida B. L. MCDERMOTT, Kansas Cily, Mo. J. D. NASSIMBENE, Denver, Colo. W. A. NEILL, Welch, Okla. J. R. OTOUPALIK, Oreely, Colo. J. O. REYNOLDS, Springfield, Mo. D. S. PENNER, Ingalls, Kan. """' . , , -"-H---'H-I -.--.---..u ,,:--.. . .... ' , A.. - s -v - - ......4-....,...-..... -A.-.....,.1......v.. .....- - -. V. ,,, SOPHOMCDRES A. E. RIEHL, Chaffee, Mo. J. ROPER, SIIIIIo, Miss. A. W. RCSE, Wichilra, Kan. M. W. ROSENTHAL, S+. Joseph, Mo. F. R. SLAVENS, EasJrIaI4e, CoIo. J. J. SCULL, Sherman, Texas T. D. SHAW, BurrJron, Kan. R. A. SHEPHERD, Thornburg, Iowa L. R. SMITH, Lyndon, Kan. R. B. SNYDER, EI Dorado, Kan. L. A. TAYLOR, JR., Cole Camp, Mo. J. A. TEAFF, Muskogee, Okla. D. W. TIBBETTS, I3orImorgan, CoIo. A. R. TRIMBLE, JR., Sand Springs, QI4Ia J. W. VAN BLARICUM, JR.. Minneola, Kan. L. M. WAXLER, New Rockford, N. DaIc. R. S. WHITMAN, Woodward, Qkla. . -hit page 48. SGPHOMORES R. E. GOLTRY, Universify Park, Iowa G. C. IRBY, Green Forest Ark. B. l.. DeLONG, Norman, Okla. J. L. CTBRIEN, McAles+er, Okla. G. W. Tl-IORNBURG, Paonia, Colo. Q' ,,., ,, ..,,,.. --'45,-.-.-3,1-inn--gg-..,,, -- ..- ...v-.-v,-..-......-,- '..--- Q- -V ,gf ,:.,l .1 M , sg, fra y i a. X Y twig 'D x :Q fi .X , 3 Q 'FY ,Q 'xx KNEW liijg. ,,, Q ,. u , 2' f i N W i itll 'Mi fifiyf I ,.,. of A Q 'New I Q 1 11.57 J mffmuwmvfx' Www A X X i X ..X i , 2 V so 5 if M Xl' an 1" ' fa 4 335 Y X Y QS: I H: xg. Nga x , ig af W f is- . Sw if 5 'Q sf 9 ,. . A x.x.,.X 5. Y fr 'Q , 125: of Q ,gr X xsxq X, X N v XX 'WN X s , N XXNM X Q we J XM ii ie QS? X k K X Q P X XX Sophornores work- ing on lheir Den- lec's in Qperalive Denlislry. ll's a lillle dillerenl Jr h o u gh when you have an aclual palienl, as you will soon learn! Irby, Slavens and Johnson peelc Jrhrough The rnicro- rm v A . my V M 'v 'Y' lxll -"' A . , - 0 Vg L,:, Wy' vi Q K f "-' 'f '.x' p 25: '- A, 43 ' ,M , YV ' ,. . ' " I bw: Q, g f Q G? '4 .Mg scopes loolcing for lhe cause ol denlal caries, or is a hern- orrhagic: inlarcl? I ya' X!! M, ' " ,f A A L f f -Off 2 ff.. 33505: 1 fy I W 6.4 , W yff,,,,f page 49 II g Y - WW , N, , Y ,V ,, , , , ,-, V -, ,, ,Jr .1 , . 4 Y -"'. ........-...........:-.-..-..1---a-w-----'--- ',ff,f G K Slill more Soplwomores working in Operalive, ancl all wondering iusl lwow much longer before They gel Their leclmic in, and will if be clieclcecl? Teaff ancl Gomez won- dering iusl wlial pallfio- logical change has Jralien place in llie prepared specimen. page 50 xx Q FRESH EN R E CALHOUN 'W.P.HUMPHRD' J.A.THOMAS R.E.CALHOUN J A.THOMAS Vice-PresidenT SecreTary-Treasurer W. P. HUMPHREY PresidenT 0 The 24Th day oT SepTember, l94O, one oT The largesT Treshmen classes ever To represenT Kansas CiTy-WesTern DenTal College was enrolled. D NineTy awe-sTricken men could be seen wandering curiously abouT The halls, each one anxious To know how his TirsT classes would be, wiTh emphasis on anaTomy dissecTion. We looked wiTh greaT respecT Tor The men in whiTe, Tor already each oT us had an ambiTion, To be on The clinic Tloor. To The mosT oT us denTisTry was enTirely a new Thing, TascinaTing in every respecT, and iT becomes more TascinaTing, more inTeresTing wiTh each day. We have learned To admire and respecT our proTessors who have shown such paTience in our TirsT experiences in The mosT elemenTary phase oT our denTal educaTion. To The lasT man we are proud oT our school, conTidenT we will receive The besT denTal educaTion oTTered in The land. Qur Treshman year has been hard and social acTiviTies have been pushed Tar inTo The background. Qur biggesT social evenT oT The year was The Annual-All-School Dance, which was an evenT we shall never TorgeT, and we are all look- ing Torward To The one nexT year. We realize ThaT we are nearing The compleTion oT our TirsT year in denTal school, and ThaT The oncoming year will be The mosT diTTiculT oT our academic sTudies. WiTh The conTidence, The enThusiasm, and The willingness To work ThaT has been displayed by our class during The pasT year only success will be our reward. James Arden Thomas page Sl j6f 1 .5422 VW a " J KZ74'4+f'r f'14d776 M 7? X f XQXX 9 'A W fZ2 446 X page 52 QV 'AA. , m W,gW I .YQ WA.. m,.MsQ slfx 2, ' ' i ff 2 ' ,s FRESHMEN R. C. ALBO, Pueblo, Colorado P. G. ALWIINISON. Caracas, Venezuela, S. A. D. W. AYLSWCRTI-I, San Fran. Cal. L. J. BADEEN, McAlesIer, Clila. L. D. BALE, Pocalello, Idalio S. lvl. BARRETT, Wynnewood, Olrla. R. BIANCI-ll, Barre, Vermonl J. T. BIRD, Cairo, Illinois I-I. BLANK, Bridgeport Conneclicul C. J. BRQWN, JR., Kansas Cily, Kansas G. L. BRUBAKER, Kansas Cily, Kansas W. E. BRYANT, I-lenryella, Olcla. J. W. BURCI-IAM, Kansas Cily, Kansas R. E. CALI-IOUN, Lake Mills, Iowa I-I. W. CI-IRISTENSEN, Downey, Idalwo C. L. CCNWAY, JR., Glendale, Arizona R. W. CCNWAY, Glendale, Arizona I-l. L. CRAWFORD, Osborne, Kan. E. C. DEFPENBAUeH, Kansas Cily, MO. ygg o.aeJANoN,ur 5 K A P C anarna ily, Republic ol Panama + s, - sf . sf wsw , f f f ws -. I f ,, P R. W. DIIVIQND, Lamar, lvlo. 1 X - 'iK44UFQESf4SW": K2f3'Qs'pi .,-sw.z:2t'MVLZz'w'MZzQa,.s'Zf V wwf - 1 f Kms-W. , . fs .V . . . , .. ...ns f. J ...As .fsf . .Q zo, sf. ,W sn. f Q V. Wwe 4, M K wwf- www, , A Nm Jigs zum an ' SW WEST Y V' 'f lf. Ziff Yff X X fififxii - F f sz jaw rf , , X9 4? ,y r ' ,Q - ii Q .gf Xa. 4 N 4 Navy ff. , 99,4 . . 9 M a x .z a f: nfl f X 7 ,f ,+ .., ,4Q. my f zs- f x f ' X821 , ., A ,, ,.5S'Zg3?5 , ,QM Q . ggrb f? Q9 Q? aa 4 ggizvg ix xy, . ivfi4fsE?ifs I 4 sf. Y s we M we I me ,M ,.f., AW.. .. . , . X ':'fxa.v.f:. iw 4, '.WvaA fbrsl . X x a-.fvimf-P, -vo..-,--' . . , -,-q,..u-.y- 3. . .-----v L .-.... W. . , , . X VF' FRESHMEN E. DOBRQNTE, Trenron, New Jersey J. DCNATHAN, Wilburron, Qkla. W. H. DGYLE, Qklahoma, Ciry, Okla B. B. EVANS, Honey Grove, Texas H. L. FARLEY, Picher, Qkla. C. R. PAUL, Harvey, Norrlw Dakojra O. L. EAUL, Harvey, Norrh Dako+a C. S. EAZIQ, Brooklyn, New York J. E. ERANZ, Corn, Okla. R. P. FRENCH, Woodward, Qkia. A. J. GANDZ, Kansas Cilry, Mo. R. D. GILLOCK, LaRussell, Mo. R. C. GRAUMANN, Harvey, N. Dak. G. GUIZADO, Panama Ciry, Panama D. G. HALVORSON, Milnor, N. Dak. G. B. HATEIELD, JR., Kansas Ciry, Mo. J. W. B. HILL, E+. Smirh, Ark. P. M. HILL, Cawker Ciry, Kan. A. E. HOLBER, Malden, Mass. W. P. HUMPHREY, Denver, Colo. J. E. JACOBS, Thayer, Mo. ,P K ,avawv -- -,. ,,,,, ,U . v' ,gag-.. '- ,vwtxxi X X X L 'Q R A X W X xx XX: XX XX XX vs 1 an X we X O xx X xx X X Y L X 5 X W s X53 X X SQ., H NN ,Q ' ,. X X , , W . gm X ff , 1' N , . V 4 . . NN? .LA X X Ni w .1 - J : f y A 'L V 1 V f . f , ,, I 4 fynyf-,yw 'V f iff , ,,, 4, f 11,1 ww .wwf fn ,W ff. ff - P7 f ,gfwfn ' V yxvffyhy, X f j 1 . ff-':wzfQ ' 'rf .f ' ' :gf V71 ., N. ff,,, , ., qw Af ygbj ff ,W ff f ka -' f ,M , 1 ,, -14... gg A ,f M fv' .. X 1 X 4., f f gg. ' 3, :fy ,, Qi, fs ff I - fi f' fsf V, Jff X .f If fff ff, ff f Qc f W Q' Vx f yd, 0 1. ,mf f M22 J QQ ff ' . 1 fy fff f f ff M ff ff f sf ff ff f X fi 07 ff f 1 f f , X, f f "'- ,. , 7 V9 Q ,r ' i1'fl'fgQ1,.. . I . ' . ,:-g..4'.f':u-5 I M 'f'1.f,f, .1 f ffqjgjq 4-fy" f l , 1 ,- Q J , X 7 f , 5 1 , f 2 X4 5 Y ig M . if J ff f X f f w, A' 0: I? " f' 1, W fw- , .MQW W fa. 4 f f y ' V 1 .1 X .K - 'Z , ff W f K 4' f f f . . , Af ' , 'fy Q. , -a ft Q, . ' f 1 7 77 fi?"-lv X. , W f , f '7i.9'fI?"h? ' , 2 .1 ,+. ...sf A M - fs , iffy 7 W " , f f' fjyflyf 'Ziff' f - Q5 far , 1 fifff- A aw- 1' ,J . ' ' 1 1, 1 ',y"gjq,1:.ff',5Qfg page 53 ..4.-as--4... page 54 Qv s X X X FRESHMEN A. O. JENSEN, Provo, Ulali K. E. JQHNSON, E+. Morgan, Colo. T. A. KAUEMAN, Qwosso, Miclw. R. P. KEIDEL, Fredericksburg, Texas V. L. KIES, Jackson, Mo. G. KIRSCHBAUM, Plwoenix, Ariz. B. E. KLElN, Sedalia, Mo. J. E. LIGHTFOOT, Bolivar, Mo. P. J. LINDEMANN, JR.. Elagslail, Ariz. L. H. MCGEE, Pillsburg, Kan. E. M. BALL, Topeka, Kan. I A. A. MCREYNOLDS, Hugo, Okla. J. L. MITCHELL, Jel, Okla. M. L. MITCHELL, Bixby, Okla. A. J. MONSEES, Kansas Cily, Mo. E. P. MOCRE, Lawrence, Kan. J. D. MCSE, Bixby, Okla. L. A. WALLMAN, Kansas Cily, Mo C. C. NEWLIN, Denver, Colo. I. l. ODO, Honolulu, Hawaii -"0" --'-- -- A --..-.-. ... .... --.-......,........- -..........,. ,,,,1..m... .. .,, .. FRESI-IMEN R. I.. PEASLEY, CenIervIIIe, Iowa W. G. PGQI., Malvern, Ark. R. I-I. PQTTER, Kansas Ci+y, Mo. E. QUIMBY, Drumrignf, GkIa. G. R. RODELANDER, Kansas Ci+y, Mo. K. D. RUDD, Wichifa, Kan. A. O. RUEB, S+. Francis, Kan. M. M. SANCI-IEZ, Wasningfon, D. C. E. B. SAUL, JR., OkIaI'1oma Cify, Okla. L. SCHNEIDER, Salida, Colo. E. K. sc:HRoEDER, Hillsboro, kan. M. I. SCI-IWARTZ, Manchesfer, Conn. C. A. SEBERT, CIin+on, OkIa. L. R. SI-IEPARD, SaI+ Lake Ci+y, UIaI'1 E. W. SI-IIRA, JR., I-IaisIngIon, Kan. I-I. R. REID, I-Ioward, Kan. D. K. TERACKA, Paauhau, I-Iawaii J. A. TI-IQMAS, Qulnjron, Okla. J. G. TIPPIN, JR., 0Ia+ne, Kan. R. J. QRR, EI Dorado, Kan. VV. Q. WASI-IBURN, VersaiIIes, Mo. , ,. ... .1-i,.-....-.....-........-.-..-.--1 page 55 W. J. WEIR, R. F. Wl'llTTON, V. WOOD, Y. YAMANAKA, Okla. CiTy, Okla. Olcla. CiTy, Okla. Nixa, Mo. Hawi, Hawaii DENTAL ASSISTANTS ln our midsT There is a group oT sincere, eager girls. IT is Their desire Toisoeguip Themselves as To help us in our eTTorTs To serve humaniTy. Their worlc is behind The scene. Their eTTorTs will go unrecognized by The public. IT will be Their iob To anTi- 'cipaTe our every move and TulTill our exacTing reguiremenTs. lvlrs. Hannah is Supervisor oT The DenTal AssisTanTs during Their course here in school. To her a greaT deal oT crediT musT be given, Tor iT is largely Through her ThaT The DenTal AssisTanTs equip Themselves wiTh The necessary knowledge oT denTisTry, ThaT laTer malces Them valuable assisTanTs in a denTal oTTice. page 56 They have eagerly oTTered Their assisT- ance when needed and we are accus- Tomed To having Them aT hand To aid us in all denTal operaTions. IT is insuTTicienT praise indeed To de- scribe Them as "Noble Women," Tor They make our Taslcs easier and our pracTice brighTer. D. EVELYN HANNAH, G.D.l-l. DE NTAL ASSISTAN , .X f ...J 5 Top Row L. J. MAYES Kansas Cily, Mo. Bo'r'l'om Row l. J. JENSEN B. V. MULLIS L. J. COPELAND S. OWENS Provo, Ulah Kansas Cily, Mo. Marshall, Mo. McPherson, Kan. R. U. WHOLE K. B. JOHNSON E. M. WYATT M. H. HERRING M. E. MOWERY Excelsior Springs, Mo. Roswell, N. M. Independence, Mo. Houslonia, Mo. Wadsworth, Kan. DENTAL HYGIENIST M. DeVORSS Norman, Okla. --v---v.....-.,...........i.-...-.-.. .1-....-?...--1-,..,, ..-- ......- ..--.,.. Vw, . -........ - page 57 HCUVHIQS 4, , A, ' ' V, , . . W' . 1 -W 44, - -- --- ,.+....,, .L.,..,....g,',.,,..-.a..v,....... ..-...--,...w ff A 7 f , . 1. , f w P 1 , Maxx 4 3? J ,,. 'U 1. :A M Zj WX - Y 7: E 5 :. , 1:5 gee.. A L 1 x "ll . ,rf pg' " ' 1 - ,. -,X 'Wi 5 1 . -'1,.. I , '-V5.1 . 1. na' . 'Q ." fy, fl. A. WH-x - "qw ' . 15 av",-3' H' Qi" - 1 K ,ue X- .. ,., , , , ,. kq1. .' 1- HV' .,,, .n ,H ,X , ,, Ji. 354 'fgg 1 'f '- 1. V , Y, ,HAH , A A 1. r Il, .:,' 1 . ' . .- .,, ., . 4 , Llllvjj . ..s, IL, 'JH f. -' ' 'K-'f'. 1 . nf , P :V Vx? 1 5'5'LxZf' r , 1. -. . vwzgyf . "1 'w U 1 Q 'ff LY wfailll A -Off ' .' , I I Z! at A 5 4 F i 3 H 5 A i ' 1 5 4 1 l I 1 f 1 . . MM . iffy if w.,A, Y M, -Y-Y V -A , ,..,, N- W Y . -, E "'L,--L.....,..-..1fm-- . T T i l T l T T l T l i l l l CL DR. L. E. DAVIDSON DirecTor T. V. Tl-IORNE PresidenT EE CLUB Qnce again as in The lasT I5 years The Glee Club oT The Kansas CiTy-WesTern DenTal College, under The baTon oT Dr. L. E. Davidson, has cornpleTed a very successTul year oT bringing musical enTer- TainmenT To schools and colleges in Kan- sas CiTy and viciniTy. The Glee Club is unigue in ThaT iT oT- Ters all oT iTs services and enTerTainrnenTs Tree oT charge. IT was organized solely Tor The beneTiT oT The sTudenT who has seen TiT To Take advanTage oT The splendid opporTuniTies oTTered only by an organi- page 60 RODELANDER, POLLAK, DR.DAVlDSON, i4RAJicEK, 'TRI TIPPIN, WHITMAN. BARRETT, Auao, scHwARTz,MBBLiicKMRADrsiENTHAL' ATKINSON, FUNK, LEPARD, ALLEN, YAMANAKA CRAWFQRD ALwiNsoN, SAUL, HooK, SMITI-I, AIKIN, cizowoeiz TQAUFMAN ' LUNA, Cl-TIMIENTI, elANNANeELo, THoRNE, THOMPSON, 'PENcE, AMUNDSEN GLEE CLUB, Con+'cl. zaTion oT This Type. IT is The only exTra- curricular acTiviTy oTTered by The college, and gives The sTudenT an excellenT oppor- TuniTy oT overcoming sTage TrighT, ap- pearing beTore many Thousands oT people, and Thinking and expressing himselT on his TeeT-a reguisiTe in his TuTure "DenTisT- PaTienT" relaTionship. The success oT The Glee Club This year as in so many oTher years, is parTly due To The splendid abiliTy and perTormances oT The soloisTs, oT whom we are iusTly proud. Mr. Kraiicek's "have a biTe To eaT," Trom his inimiTable inTerpreTaTion oT "The Glory Road," is received wiTh ac- claim by every audience. The "WooT" response oT The audience To Mr. Pence's "The Big Brown Bear" almosT blows him oTT The sTage, as he Trips back and TorTh across iT during his solo. Melvin Zack, our very able and TalenTed pianisT musT also assume some share oT The success. This year The Two day bus Trip inTo Kansas is eagerly looked Torward To by all members, and if hisTory repeaTs iTselT we shall have a glorious Time as beTore. AT The close oT'The school year, a dinner- dance is held Tor The members and To Those who have parTicipaTed Three or more years a gold key is presenTed, and Tor one year's parTicipaTion, a silver key. M.L.B. ..,. . ,,,,..-M ,,,,,i,,,,.. ii .- E. THOMPSON Vice-Presidenr M. L. BUCKMAN SecreTary J. A. PENCE Librarian-Soloisl' A. R. TRIMBLE, JR SoloisT J. F. Cl-HMIENTI Business Manager page 9 l GLEE CLUB, canrd. D. D. KRAJLCEK D. ALLEN L. R. SMITH MELVIN ZACK . sorogsf Reader Neffarar ' ENGAGEMENTS Cenler l-ligh School ................................ November l9. Rosedale l-ligh School ....... ......... D ecernber 3. Kansas Cily Universily ......... .... J onuory 29. Park College, Parlsville, lvlo ........ ........ F ebruory 24. Roclchursl College .................. . ........ ....,.., l: eloruory 27 ' Counlry Club Chrislian Church ........ ......... M arch I6 Kansas Cil'y Teachers College ..,..,.. . ........ March 20 Budd Parlc Chrislian Church ............ ......... lvl arch 30 Norlh Kansas Cily l-ligh School ........ ....... A pril 3 Wyandolle l-ligh School ............. ........... A pril I4 Two Day Bus Trip 'ro Kansas. April 24-25. Clay Cenler, Kansas ...,.....,..,.,,,-,-,-,--,-,-,,,--,--,-,-,-,-, Rorary Club Clay Cenler, Kansas ......... ..,.,., Q ,,,,,- , ,,-,-,,,---,-, I-l igh School Salina Denial Sociely sponsored concerl al Salina, Kansas. Radio Slalion KSAL, Salina, Kansas. College of Emporia, Emporia, Kansas. Lyndon l-ligh School, Lyndon, Kansas. Haskell lns+ilu+e,rl.awrence, Kansas. e62 SENIOR CLINICS Each year The Seniors are reguesTed To prepare a clinic on some phase oT den- TisTry, This clinic is Then shown To The members oT The proTession in The spring. This year The Clinics were presenTed lvlarch 25, I94l, To The Kansas CiTy- WesTern DenTal Clinic AssociaTion, dur- ing Their Annual lvleeTing. Along wiTh The s+uden+ clinics were a number oT oThers presenTed by ouTsTanding men oT The as- sociaTion. The Clinics as presenTed by boTh The Seniors and graduaTe denTisTs were highly inTeresTing and very educa- Tional. ATTendance aT The DenTal SocieTy meeTings is a sure Tonic Tor every one presenT and iT is wiTh greaT enThusiasm ThaT we reTurn To our pracTice, eager To Try The newer meThods, and To improve our denTisTry wiTh The knowledge gained aT These meeTings. SENIOR CLINICS AnesThesia in TooTh ExTracTion--J. B. ArTs Occlusoscope .............,...... J. E. Brown, Jr. ApparaTus To CorrecT IvIouTh BreaThing ..,......... M. I.. Buclcman Surveying ,...,.,,...,..... . ...,,.... ........ T . O. Clarli ImmediaTe DenTures ............ D. L. CFOCIQSTT Novocain CobeTrin ...............,.. C. E. DGVIS Gingoveclromy ,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,. W. E. Dennard Crown and l-lollow Inlay Technic .,,.,,,,.. , .,...,..,,.,,.... J. O. Gregson Survey oT X-ray Cases ....,....... D. S. I-IGVVIS Porcelain JaclceT ........,...............,....... Y. ITO STeps in DenTal TreaTmenT oT Excessive -Caries in Children ..,......,.c.......... W. A. Johnson Baked Porcelain Inlay .......,,,,,,... E. lvlorgan ApiC0ecTomy ............. . ......,. M. I-I. Pollalc lndicaTions Tor AlveolecTomies .................. J. B. Ronnau PneumaTic Pluggers in Condensa- Tion oT Amalgam--. ......... S. R. SchwarTz Torii Mandibularis and t PalaTini ................................ R. J. Shadid Impression Technique Tor DenTure ConsTrucTion ,...,,.... B. P. SmiTh Veneer Crown .... Q ............... J. SToclcTon, Jr. Reverse lVlonson's Curve as Applied To DenTures ........ J. lvl. Sullivan Amalgam CondensaTion--l.. W. SuTTon, Jr. Visualizin Children's Q DenTi5Try ,...,,,,,,,.,,,,,,..,, R. D. Turpin. JV. The Use oT DenTure TeeTh in Crown and Bridge ........ R. W. Williams lncisions Tor Surgical Removal of Tee+I-1 ,,,,,,,.-,--,,,, ..,,,....... D . A. Yeager page 63 SAM UEL G. JOHNSON Edifor-PhoTographer i THE BUSHWH A The ediTor and business manager oT The sTaTT are elecTed during The Sophomore year by The Sophomore class. The Bush- whacker is ediTed by This sTaTT in Their Junior year. ln ediTing This book we have endeavored To include all happenings boTh picTorially and verbally oT The pasT year, ThaT will help To perpeTuaTe The memories oT your school days in K.C.W.D.C. IT has been our purpose To commemoraTe The Dia- mond Jubilee oT The Kansas CiTy-WesTern DenTal College and To presenT To The sTudenTs and TaculTy oT our school a book which They will read, enjoy and cherish ThroughouT The years To come. We wish To Thank Mr. BarneTT and lvlr. Bill Zimmerman Tor Their candid shoTs Taken oT The sTudenT body: The remainder oT The picTures were Taken by The ediTor. If The laTTer are,saTisTacTory iT is due To The camera loaned by Dr. STewarT. l EdiTor Johnson relaxes Tor a Tew minuTes, and enloys his cigar 'Tis quiTe a relieT To TorgeT copy, W picTures eTc. and To know you are nearing The end oT anoTher year. pge 64 -.--V,-,.-, -,,... 0. gn.,-.11 --.- ---., --A ..,...V-------.-.-.fy-f Q.-pfoogg. ...L-..-.-1f-,,,-, f- .-fn..--Y-. , ----Y .... ..,,.--. M.--A-- -. . .. V -, . h - . , - -. - H ACKER STAFF The adverTising was Taken care oT by Mr. Murray wiTh The assisTance oT DoTs Manrose. ln addiTion To This, which is in- deed a big iob and a viTal parT oT ediTing a book, he had To lend his liTerary abiliTy To The ediTor on many occasions, noT To menTion balancing The budgeT. To Mrs. l-larris we musT give crediT Tor prooT- reading our copy and correcTing our many grammaTical errors. IT is only now ThaT we are ready To "go To press" ThaT we can look back and realize ThaT The producing oT a Yearbook is cerTainly an "All Year" iob. We have sincerely Tried To presenT To you an inTer- esTing book, iT has been a pleasure To Try and saTisTy your demands, and if you en- ioy This book as much as we have enjoyed working iT up and presenTing iT To you, Then our Task has been accomplished and our eTTorTs were noT in vain. Tl-IE STAFF. HOWARD J. MURRAY Business Manager ...M .. ...,,.,,,,,......... page 65 ,...1...-41.4-v-...v-..--s.-.....-r " "". . . ... ' ---- -4 Y ---- THE BUSHWHACKER STAFF--Cont DR. R. J. RINE!-IART Faculry Advisor page 66 I r JACK DAWSON H. E. KEENEY , DOTS MANROSE 1942 Edifor l942 Busineis Manager Adverrising Manager gg-maj-ovsig-gil- 14+? ALL-SCHOOL DANCE Boulevard Manor 0c+ober 26, I94O .rl....v-v--- Jvu.. HHHSRHIHES llfy mww',.,'m'1gpqu5.7,!.,.,!,. . , .A -,Y mU,,tl ...ei-,T ff?--. ,, ,. -gu:nv-- 1- 7' ' - ' ,H-fix-.,'-,.,.v-2:-,.-.-a-p+-q.Q--Q--5,--------3, '.v..,Q---'---.- f w ---- 1 1! L s if H 1 x ,N 1 H ll I . 5 I Q 4 -, ,1 L W r f 1 ' c..1" a V 1 fl i if , If I f ,f ' Lk S 1 i Q I V x vm, .,, -L . , f i Y !kT -LEW -.731 rl- Y ,, YY A.: .4 V- ' .-.,.,..U-,L--,...L...:-.1......1..... ww.. RHO CHAPTER OF OMTCRON KAPPA UPSILON HONORARY DENTAL FRATERNITY Kansas CiTy-WesTern DenTal College School oT DenTisTry Organized aT NorThwesTern UniversiTy, Chicago, Illinois, l9I4. Rho ChapTer organized aT Kansas CiTy-WesTern DenTal College November 4, l928. r oFFicERs I ' Dr. R. J. Rlneharl' ........ ............,... .... .,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,, P r e sldenT Dr. l-l. A. Allshouse ...,.... . Dr. R. W. Edwards ....... Each year aT graduaTion Time, Twelve percenT oT The ouTgoing class are eligible To membership in Omicron Kappa Upsi- lon, naTional honorary denTal TraTerniTy. The eligibiliTy oT receiving This award concerns all phases oT The educaTional program as presenTed by The college. This includes The individual's characTer, qualiTy oT pracTice in The clinic, saTisTacTory com- pleTion oT all reguiremenTs, TogeTher wiTh page 70 -------.----Vice-PresidenT -------SecreTa ry-Treasurer a scholasTic record oT mainTaining a gen- eral average oT aT leasT 90 percenT Through The enTire course oT sTudy. Among oThers who are eligible To This honor are TaculTy members who have been Teaching Two years or more and members oT The alumni who have ren- dered ouTsTanding and recognized serv- ices To humaniTy and To The proTession. OM CRON KAPPA UPSILON T A.E MDCOCK FTN.E.BUECHNER F.A.NMTCHELL R. N. CHAMBERS 6. M. MOYER L. C. TROTTER The above meh consTiTuTe The new members OT Gmi- cron Kappa Upsilon, chosen Trom The I94O graduaTing class. IT is TiTTing and proper ThaT The eTTorTs and achieve- menTs OT These men receive public recogniTion, and may The example seT by Them serve To sTimulaTe The members OT TuTure Classes To greaTer heighTs. May These new mem- bers OT Omicron Kappa Upsilon ever c:onTinue To mainTain The high sTandard in Their proTessional prac:Tice ThaT They esTablishecl while sTudenTs. page 7I NU CHAPTER OF DELTA SIGMA DELTA rg, r KVECFEFQ-g g ,f 4, f 'ui ii, nj' QB' 95? Y ex 'I X Of 1 ,RJ .,,6,,.ivv . , . - J 71 Founded aT The UniversiTy oT Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, in I882. 32 SubordinaTe ChapTers 6I Auxiliary ChapTers 6 Foreign ChapTers Colors-Turquoise and Blue PublicaTion-The Desmos Flower-Red CarnaTion Nu ChapTer was Tormed in The Kansas CiTy DenTal College on The evening oT March l5, l898. There were Twelve char- Ter members iniTiaTed aT The Midland l-loTel, aT SevenTh and WalnuT STreeTs, aT ThaT Time. When The Two schools, Kansas CiTy DenTal College and WesTern DenTal College combined They Tormed The pres- enT Nu ChapTer. CHAPTER ROLL J. B. ARTS w. H. De-WEES J. J. scuLL e. E. AIKIN c. E. DAVIS B. P. SMITH F. H. AMUNDSEN R. A. Bunou H. T. STIGLER R. L. BROWN R. R. FuNR J. A. TEAFF N. 1. BoHoN B. w. HoeeE A. L. THELIN D. L. CROCKETT w. J. KOEHLER D. w. TIBBETS J. F. Cl-IIMIENTI e. B. LuNA A. R. TRIMBLE T. o. CLARK J. B. RoNNAu P. S. WHITMAN w. E. DENNARD J. o. REYNOLDS R. w. WILLIAMS PLEDGES J. w. DAWSON w. HUMPHREY A. w. ROSE E. c. DEFFINBAUGI-I . B. B. KRAJICEK R- SHEPARD R. P. FRENCH J. B. MosE Li ETASTLTTH C5.W.GRAY C.C. NEWLIN E. QUIMBY page 72 """f"- "'- ""h"f1v-T' f""f" e v---ve.-.-1-,1 .....-3.-.f...,.. .,... .... ..,,, sf. -,,. , """" -W-.--...-- .. .NUS .V 'Qi Qian- 1 Qkxxxxi igiw ansdf ibm' NU CI-IAPTER OF DELTA SIGMA DELTA I I ARTS, AKIN, AMUNDSEN, BROWN, BOI-ION, CROCKETT, CI-IIMIENTI, CLARK. E DAVIS DUTTON FUNK I-IOOGE KOEI-ILER LUNA DENNARD, DeWE S, . . , , , . RONNAU REYNOLDS. SCULL, SMITI-I, STIGLER, TEAFF, TI-IELIN, TIBBETS. TRIMBLE WI-IITMAN, WILLIAMS, DAWSON, DEFINBAUGI-I, FRENCI-I, GRAY, I-IUMPI-IREY. KRAJICEK, I MOSE, NEWLIN, ROSE, SI-IEPARD, F. SMITI-I, L. SMITI-I, OUIMBY. I94O-4I J. B. ARTS D. L. CROCKETT W. J. KOEI-ILER D. W. I-IOGOE W. I-I. DeWEES B. J. SMITI-I J. M. MOLINARO A. L. TI-IELIN I OFFICERS Grand Masrer V-!orII'iy Masfer Scribe Treasurer I-IisIorian Senior Page Junior Page Tyler I94I-42 W. J. KOEI-ILER O. B. LUNA J. A. TEAFF D. W. I-IOCIC-E R. R. FUNK I-I. T. STIOLER K. L. BROWN P. S. WI-IITMAN I I I ,I I I I 'I Ili I Ii I I II pa g e 73 II II II I L , V7.4 A V M, V I ' - i1':-- A I-...If-4 .. . ..---.... . - ... "" ' ' A Y - - ..- .. V .,- N . .. ' A I PHI RHO CHAPTER OF PSI OMEGA 0 f .fwfr , - ff , . L ' XA! ,a ,' f ' " f Founded in l892, al lhe Ballirnore Col lege ol Surgery, Ballimore, lvlaryland. 36 Aclive Chaplers ol Alumni Chaplers Pulolicalion-The Praler Colors-Blue and While Flower-While Rose Phi Rho Chapler Was lormed in l920 lay lhe union ol lhe Della Rho Chapler ol Kansas Cily Denlal College and lhe Della Phi Chagoler ol'.Weslern Denlal College, aller lhe merger ol lhe lWo schools in IQI9. Della Rho Chagoler was inslalled in IQIO, and Della Phi Chagoler in l9l2 CHAPTER ROLL H. A. ALLLBAND R. H. HAMILTON s. o. ATKINSON ' H. D. JOHNSON, JR. A. L. oRoWDER s. e. JOHNSON W. o. DAVIS J. F. MCKLNNEY D. J. FINNESY W. H. NEWToN P. H. emo J. L. o'BRiEN J. K. HALL J. A. PENCE PLEDGES E. M. BLANKENSHIP W. J. WELR F. R. sLAvENs J. A. THOMAS A. A. MCREYNOLDS v. L. Kiss D. e. HALvoRsoN J. DONATHAN o. J. BRoWN W. H. DoYLE page 74 A. E. Rl-IIEL J. ROPER W. P. REDING R. J. SHADID E. THOMPSON J. W. VAN BLARICUM, JR G. R. RODELANDER W. E. BRYANT P. J. LINDEMANN E. W. SHIRA, JR. H. A. CULVER 'S PHI RHO CHAPTER OF PSI OMEGA ALLIBAND, ATKINSON, BLANKENSHIP, BROWN, BRYANT, CROWDER, CULVER, DAVIS. DONATHAN, DOYLE, GETTO, HALL, HAMILTON, HALVORSON, H. JOHNSON, S. JOHNSON. THOMPSON, KIES, LINDEMANN, MCREYNOLDS, MQKINNEY, NEWTON, O'BRIEN, PENCE, REDING. RIEHL, RODELANDER, ROPER, SHADID, SHIRA, SLAVENS, THOMAS, VANBLARICUM, WEIR. I 940-4 I J. K. HALL R. J. SHADID W. P. REDING W. C. DAVIS P. H. GETTO H. A. ALLIBAND S. G. JOHNSON G. SHADID D. J. FINNESY W. H. NEWTON DR.J.W. RICHMOND OFFICERS Senior Grand Masfer Junior Grand MasIer Secrefary Treasurer Inside Guardian Oufside Guardian Chief Inquisifor Edi+or of Frafer Inferrogafor Chaplain Depufy Counselor I 94 I -42 W. H. NEWTON W. C. DAVIS A. L.CR'OWDER E.THOMPSON D.J. FINNESY A. E. RIEHL P. H.GETTO W. P. REDING J. F. MQKINNEY J. ROPER DR.J.W. RICHMOND page 75 .... v- . - . . -...,.a-- -. .4 .1.:-........-4...-....-.....,.,.....-i.:.'L......1..v-..a....i-...--..,..-..f,...,.. ..,-.........,,,--.:s.. H-.. ,. ...g....'.... . .... W' A .- - . -I V. - .,.. - -W - I - 'V - I I I I I I I I , . I CHI CHAPTER OF XI PSI PHI I i I I I IM , f ,AI Z fw W I I I Founded aI' Ihe UniversiIy of Michigan, C Ann Arbor, Michigan, in I889. I 32 Acjrive Chaplrers ,EI :QI I I 'I I I Chi ChapIer, of Ihe WesIern DenI'aI CoIIege, was insIaIIeoI on February II, I908. Supreme PresioIenI, H. B. Pinney, was Ihe insIaIIing officer. AIIer Ihe mer- PURIICGHOR-'XI PSI Phi Quarirerly ger of The Iwo schools iI became Chi I COIOVS-LGVGUOIGV and Cream Chaplrer, of Kansas CiIy4WesIern DenIaI II ' 'x FIower-American Beau+y Rose College. A 'I -I I I I I' - D Q CHAPTER ROLL I D. E. ALLEN .D JIROVEC R. B. SNYDER F. L. ALOUIST G. E. MORGAN L. A. TAYLOR W. N. DIXON A. S. MACKENZIE T. V. TI-IORNE G. D. I-IAS-I'AIN I R IVI. MONTGOMERY W. E. WALSTON K. B. HOOK I-I. J. IVURRAY W. O. WASI-IBURN W. R. JERSAK J. IVI. SULLIVAN D. A. YEAGER I II II PLEDGES D. w. AYLswoRTH C. L. ooNwAY w. e. PooL , L. D. BALE R. W. CONWAY A. O. RUEB I II s. M. BARRETT R. P. KEIDEL C, A, SEBERI R. E. oALHouN B. L. MCDERMoTT E. L. wADE . C. II. oLAYToN J. C. PAIToIsI I. II ,I II I . II II II I page 76 I I I I I I CHI CHAPTER OF XI PSI PHI ALLEN, ALOUIST, AYLSWORTH, BALE, BARRETT, CALHOUN, CLAYTON, CONWAY. CONWAY, DIXON, HASTAIN, HOOK, JERSAK, JIROVEC, KEIDEL, MORGAN. MACKENZIE, MQDERMOTT, MURRAY, PATTON, POOL, RUEB, SEBERT, SNYDER. SULLIVAN, TAYLOR, THORNE, WADE. WALSTON, WASHBURN, YEAGER. I 940-4 I C-3. E. MORGAN D.A.YEAGER T.V.THORNE W. E.WALSTON J. M.SULLlVAN R. B. SNYDER F. LALOUIST W. R.JERSAK DR. L. E. CARR fr F.. . . .-ami ..i...-.-...n... .s-...,.....-+-4-......-.-.- OFFICERS Presidenf Vice-PresIcIer1I Secrefary Treasurer Edifor Chief Herald Senfinel Guard Depury Supreme Presidenf 44... .-.1.,1..--za-.w..,,.-.hw-.-...,,... ..,- I94I-42 T.V.THORNE A.S. MACKENZIE K. B. HOOK F. L.ALOUIST W. R.JERSAK L.A.TAYLOR R. B.SNYDER D. E.ALLEN DR. L. E. CARR .,......:r-.--4f:.... ..,...,....Q. -5. ..,. . .W ' page 77 THE iNTER-FRATERNiTY COUNCIL W. H. NEWTON T. V. THORNE W. J. KOEHLER i The lnlerlralernily Council is composed ol lhe presiclenls ol lhe lhree lralernilies and lheir olepuly counselors, wilh lhe Dean ol lhe school as chairman. , ll is lhe purpose ol 'lhis group lo decicle on lhe rushing, lhe aclivilies ol lhe lralemilies, and all problems connecling lhe lralemilies and lhe school. MEMBERS DR. R. J. RINEHART, Chairman W. l-l. NEWTON, Psi Omega T. V. Tl-IORNE, Xi Psi Phi W. J. KOEHLER, Della Sigma Della DR. l-l. W. ALLEN, Della Sigma Della DR. JOl-lN RICHMOND, Psi Omega DR. L. E. CARR, Xi Psi Phi DR. RINEHART DR. ALLEN DR. RICHMOND DR. CARR page 78 J x.. ATERNITY DANCE iNTER-i1R Dennard lwas side slipped inlo romance again. Gello, Dr. Edwards and J o li n s o n pose vvillw llieir ladies lair. Dr. Porler and Dr. Richmond Trip The lighlr lanlaslic. page 80 Ronnau, Williams and l-lall cerlainly were enioying Themselves. ... ,.,...-,...,.Y...,....,Y.--rf,,,..,,.,'. sf.-,..., --f.-73...-.v....:,. wa-nw-Q-.-r-.1-,,,,f --.. .- .....1-, ..-1-f-..,.-.... , .-.F-V-.,.... ... Dr. Dukes, Morgan and Du++on caugh+ in an odd momenlr-wirh fheir wives. .,.,1,..:.Mafppg--.--5 Mr. and Mrs. Luna Jrhe Ioeriecf couple wonoler why Thorne is grinning? Dixon, Teahc, Granddad i-logge and Murray ali have an arrniul of puichriiude. Drs. Porier and Rich- mond shed Jrheir coars proving Jrhe day of chivalry is nor gone, ar leasr on cold winier nigh+s. U- , -, i ,,,,, , ,., ,,,, ,,- ,,,,,,, ,, ,.,,,,,.. , . ,,,... 'D' --: , , ,,,,, -' fl-- ' - - 1- L-, ..?p--.,...-.--1::na- P599,, 1' ""' .1 WU 1125 , ' r w , Y T... in- I J, ' -1 i ,x , V , I , .1 , . :-'Kgv3.I..:-wq---.--..-vw1r-f-,J.-iyuvff-N-.2-gf-1-4.-,er....-ea-7'1" V, , . -..-nwwge+w'- -,,:w:Q ' , mf- . w .,.,...,.-Q.-W--e-. --2-.......?.-4 --w...f.f iq- -4--ff--V-V. A-V-v-Vp------W :V ---V-1 .4-V.--M -' ' " f "-' ' '1 "' V "" -V T' ' v1r1'iY'FTffv4 , Y . , - ' vw- -f V V Vw- , fy --, - 4 'ww . 4 4,IVV-,I, n..,,,. , ,' 4 I- , V .,I -,4I. .,',, 419 . ,,f, -, ,V - . , .,'4x4m4V..vV-ff IV'4V,- '-Uv' 4 - . '. ',. -f .., -, V :,, - ' ,,'V-5,4 '-g,'g'V,--,',aI?'V'!65,11-,fam 1- 1, . I V A -M44 I - -" 44- ,V .' '. V , ,. 4.I. .awp ,.-. 4, ff, .1 V - .41 -, .,--V,-'.vfI- M445-V,4gIl 1,1 I1.,I, -. ,,I, 4 '. I , . VV 4 4 V Q 'V X ,'iVu-' '-'.'.1"-'fx'."w " . - V- ' 24' ' '4'- . . I.' ,., --,. ,,'.', 4.-.1r.,,,4 I ,I.. I I,.., II , II I. VIN II, I ZIIILI .IIII-:VIII II II I, I. IMT' I I I, :I I ' , ., .- 4, f' .. ,V...'-I4-QI,-I, . J , 4 . -y u . 4 4 - I -lf" . I, I 4 . ' - 4 . 4 , , V 1 J .K 4 V , , 1 'U Y I , ' V 4 ' ' ' V II I., , . 4 ,L ,I , V , I - .' 4 A . ' 1 ' V c V: , ' ' ' ' ' , , I . . I I. I 5 . , 4 4 4 2 . . WI 4 I 4 ' , '.' W I 1.1 ,, .V , I ' - , V. 4 ,VV . V 'V -2, -r L, "'- V , 4 -V V.,.."",.V -. .. ' ., . V I I - I I I4 VIII ,I -I . , -, Iz. -. V, . -4. 3 I W .V V w '- ' - - ' ,, ,,I,,i.., 1-. 4 L7 -,,,,.::?,.L..L: V ,. V.1f.L...,,,,g.:5.1,1 ,.- ,gh ggi, ,,V 1- -4-f ,""1i'f1' 4-- A Y ur AY Y A 4 ' V ' 'K V ' V iq QAA YNY V7 - , , ' A F. V -' if' . ' . ' . '27 1 Y J -' VP- if V f -- ' -.YY - ' , --,sf "1 "!"2V4s..,.4L...4.A.,,.Q...:,,,.Nm.LQg:::-.-.-4:4-4:11-uid-2-'wwf'--''-"' ':'W"f"-' -fall-4 A., A ' -.,u....m " ' -- 1 , . 'fesfvg-55-92-E'Qi9Qf'f5fi:-1-.1fV a:dq?:LE-ffggnE4-,1aaVW-,4ms5gnef:-ff2Q- J-i1W'pHMm'S"'2'f'x "ww "M ' ' ' ' OUR NELL RTA 4 Il x If U' T C I 'o Ji I I 9 There is someThing abouT our Nellie, ThaT The boys all Think's iusT righTg - They call her oTTen on The phone. And Take her ouT aT nighT. They drive by in Their big machines: 0uTside They TooT Their horn. Then she comes ouT and oTT They go, And don'T geT back Till morn. There are oTher girls abouT The Town, As preTTy as our Nell, I BuT why The boys don'T Take Them ouT I vow I cannoT Tell. IvIosT every nighT when she goes ouT In some big car To roam, She passes down The sTreeT and sees Them siTTin' round aT home. NoT long ago a Teller called And Took ouT Susie Brown, As preTTy and as nice, I'd say, As any girl in Town. BuT somehow They goT Tussin'-don'T Know whaT iT was abouT- So The Teller opened up The car And Susie, she goT ouT. 'Twas way ouT in The counTry, iusT AbouT Ten miles, I'd say, BuT Susie sTarTed hikin', and She hiked iT all The way. Ivlad? I never heard such ravin' as I-Ier old man did ThaT nighT, Swore ThaT he'd have iusTice or I-Ie'd shooT The man on sighT. Now oT course, I'm noT upholdin' makin Girls geT ouT and walk, And neiTher do I like To hear This crazy shooTin' Talk. I'Il beT ThaT if The TruTh was known AbouT The Tuss ThaT riz, I-Ie'd change his mind abouT and say 'Twas much her TauIT as his. No, our NeIIie's noT so handsome, buT The boys Trom all aroun', Would raTher much go ouT wiTh her Than any gal in Town. They Take her in Their big machines - And bring her back aT nighT, And never does she have To walk Because she TreaTs 'em righT. -Edward L. STewarT Each year The Bushwhacker has The pleasure oT prinTing one oT Dr. STewarT's poems. We wish There were room Tor more, however we hope you like our choice Tor This year. page 84 ..-vvf-:--sq-.. ...., 1-,1-f-'--,--1 ' -we-. .-1'-,eff-7 ..,.,....-.-.,-,,-.v ..f..,-..-f-iv..-,, .1...,,,..,. .1,,-. M., -... -W ,, U, . .- .,1- fu. 1ssfs4........, . - .0-ff - .- V- JM- -- .V i - . SchwarTz carves an inlay and prays Tor a good c:asT- ing. perhaps he will have Pollak invesT iT Tor him?? Freshmen oT '39 relax during The Trip To The waTer works. Johnson, his unbecoming Sailor and a liTTle excess weighT-in The middle. The "Three Urchins," commonly known as Zimmerman's Three peTs. -,., ., ,,.,.,g ,-4.7--..-. Seniors on parade in The barloer shop shorTly aTTer Their annual Xmas parTy. Sullivan bears The weighT oT lTo and Morgan, while Shadid gazes inTo TuTure and Tinds only darkness and pink elephanTs. Perhaps These will go To BriTain Too, who knows- we don'T. One oT The Urchins geTs pad- dled by Chapman Tor expecToraT- ing on him. Why Miss Copeland, did you really pose Tor This picTure or were you Taken by surprise? A nice shoT from any angle, eh whaT? page 85 - . - - -T 011. .EA .4...,...- ,. -,,.......L ' - nf'-'rf T'r"' - ..',,- ,,4,.-, ,...,,,.,.a....3,,..,,.,:: ...,.-mf ' ,. ............:v We slill recognize you Miss Jensen, your personalily gives you away. Dr. Weinberger and Miss Mayes have lhe perlecl anaeslhelic in Lowry, yes "Believe il or Noi" The palienl wenl lo sleep while lhe Doclor was worlcing on him. Give us more palienls like Jrhis. Miss Johnson poses lor us, lhe lirsl day she donned her while uniform. This lillle scene was Jralqen iusl norlh ol Parlcville on a hor summer day, when The denial sludenls some live ol lhem had a mighly line pic- nic, lhe girls were nice To, in lacl Eddy recenlly married Mildred who is shown in lhe foreground. The Denial Assislanls are enioying lhemselves in Ex- celsior Springs, and we slill recognize Jensen, pul from a dillerenl angle. Miss Slires gives us a big smile as she lool4s up from her worlc, wonder if il could be Thai all sludenls have loday collecled lheir pal- ienls' due-paymenls? Z r NWSW YQ' if 'N c TA! , of ,K c U ' 147 LI BULL OF THE WOCDS There is a fellow in fhe clinic, whom we all know And when he banks fhose corners, you oughf fo see him go. l-lis walk is Wewo very fasf, some say he's on fhe run, nder if fhaf book he carries, is simply for a pun. For each sfudenf he would prescribe, more efforf on fo progress If in any field more knowledge do you wish, his is open for access When lecfuring or operafing, he is ever so precise, And when ou are in frouble, he is helpful wifh advice Wifhin his Buf if f l-Iis abilify, As fo " Turning True fo his lf s fun "Eddie" is We ho Qnly a few of us' leff," he never does disguise. y . fwo deparfmenfs, he likes fo keep "his boys," o foofball games fhey sfray, fhey are sure fo hear his noise skill and knowledge, he is generous fo exercise, fhem face abouf, fhey refurn wifh much chagrin. name, he snorfs and paws, while pacing down fhe floor fo wafch, when someone else is fhe vicfim of his roar' anofher name, for fhis clinic personalify, l-lis dufy is fo supervise fhe sfudenf's discipline, F3 e he doesn'f mind fhis poem of frivolify. .,,..V--,..,.--.. 1-.E .,..,...,., s,.f.....-,..,.,..,-.,..,-, , ..,-..- V- .,...,. .,....,...,. S.C5.J 0 The old man limped in a hearf-wrenching manner. Abouf one hand was a dirfy, bloody bandage. l'liS slouch haf, pulled low, parfially hid his filfh-crusfed face buf if couldn'f hide his horrible buck feefh fhaf profruded sickeningly. l-le sfopped and rapped on fhe back door of fhe Docfor Dimond home. Mrs. Dimond came fo fhe door. "Gimme a cup of coffee or a sandwich, lady," he mumbled, "l ain'f ef for fhree days." l-lis feefh caused him fo wOrk his moufh wifh a sucking mofion as he falkedq saliva ran down his chin. Sympafhefic Mrs. Dimond fixed fhe crippled framp wifh fhe fascinafing feefh a lunch. l-le muffered his fhanks and limped off so painfully fhaf if almosf hurf Mrs. Dimond. She wafched him from fhe window of her home. "Thaf poor man," she said. "l-le looks like a dope- head." She looked around af fhe docfor. f-le appeared fo have goffen an overdose, of laughing gas. l-le was pracfically ready fo bursf.'Wifhouf bofhering fo ex- plain, he walked fo fhe door and yelled "l-leyl" The cripple furned and limped a few sfeps. Then miraculously he wasn'f limping any more. The old haf came off, fhe feefh came ouf-and fhere was debo- nair, handsome Ralph Dimond, Mrs. Dimond's own sonl Thaf was Safurday evening abouf dusk. Affer fhaf Ralphy enioyed himself by asking his friends for hand- oufs. So far no one is reporfed fo have recognized him wifhouf firsf being warned. G Mrs. Joe lhm gave him a cup of coffee and he saf af fhe lunch counfer and drank if. Ralph and Mrs. lhm's son Pefe, are buddies and fhey spend much fime fogefher. Carl Schreiner slammed fhe door in his face. Bill Amenf fried fo ignore him when accosfed. Ralphy almosf gof a licking af Mr. and Mrs. Ross Waffenbarger's for frying bofh fhe fronf and back doors-fhough of course fhaf ended when he removed his feefh. lncidenfally fhe feefh were so hid- eous Miss Rufh Sellar couldn'f sfand fo look af fhem. Gary Garrison, Preach l-laddock, Her- shel l-larmon, Nell Casemenf and numer- ous ofhers were among his vicfims. Maury page 88 l l-lale was on fhe poinf of fhrowing him ouf of fhe Lamar drug sfore. Ralphy shamed fhe infamous Docfor l-lyde. The feefh came from his fafher's skill in denfisfry, a false sef of uppers wifh freguenf vacancies. The blood on his hand bandage was mercurochrome. l-lis clofhes were old and he carried a gunnysack. Plainly a career in l-lollywood is awaifing Ralphy. ln fhe meanfime he should be able fo "beg" his way fhrough college. 9 Jensen and WyaTT have ThaT saTisTied look, on From The look on These Taces, iT musT loe an acuTe rewmgng from lunch. exposure in The OrThodonTia deparTmenT, or could iT be an aerial exhibi.Tionf7 Thorne sTudying as usual his Sunday Tunnies, his l-l Il d' 'T' d ' T'll l ' 'Th lo T. . 6 our Very 'gm le ilumor S l paymq WI OG S nearesT aTTempT To concenTraTe on any Thing, oTher Than W--, Women and Song. Keener and Johnson on The JusT Freshmen enjoying Their Bill is probably padding The ac- bacTeriology Trip wiTh Freshman picnic aTTer The WaTer Works counTs, or Tigurinq ouT The newesT class oT '38. Trip. odds on The Rose Bowl game. page 89 l - -- -----ff,--- :M -' A wig.. , ,L ,,,,,, , ,AY Y A W Y YM f Wi, K, ,V . -,MATH , W- 7F...,, ..-:..A.aam.....5......:.f..........-,a...,.a--..i,.ai.a...a- ,-'Q . , , f- ' , ,, . , .. ....H.... . ,.... ..---:...+.,.,, -....,.. .... .,,,,...,f ,.., ... ,. ., . 2'!f,4f',Z17f, , V .',,,f, f I ,Q My fr, ,V ,, ,Y f ,if Az , f f ' Hx, "W ' f I , ' , f, f, V Tw , , , , f Mu I ' i ' , ,gm K ,, 0 Wk, if X f J f I g A f f W Q, Y , f , Z Eddy's wife is faking a good bead. She also loclcs him oul of Jrhe house. Our lhree pals, all dressed in while. loo small. M rc? Poor Cadaver, poor sludenl in search for knowledge. Roommalres for Two years: how could vou bofh sland if? Thal lall, lanlcy Thelin fellow. Mr. Reding and his family lake a slroll, Big Shol Chimienli standing, while lhe olhers are worlcing. Nevvfon fumbling wilh a band, lhal is 1 + usT A JUNl0R'S DREAM Q lT seemed ThaT as soon as Bob aT The barber shop Tound a second buTTon Tor my only clean gown, l rushed across The sTreeT To The wesT lobby, sTepped on The elevaTor and asked Tor The second Tloor. As The elevaTor door opened, I gave The operaTor a gold crown Tor a Tip, and as I sTepped ouT onTo The clinic Tloor, There sTood lvlarie, dressed in mourning black wiTh Tears running down her eyes, she said-"Your paTienT has been waiTing Three minuTes, and Dr. Edwards is so embarrassed ThaT he has carried your case up and placed your insTrumenTs in The sTerilizer, please hurry." l greeTed my paTienT wiTh a cheerie "good- morning," and Tollowed iT up wiTh an expression oT sinceresT apologies Tor my delay. T-lowever she said iT was inexcuseable ThaT l should be so laTe, lThis was my TiTTh appoinTmenT wiTh her, Three Times she was 30 minuTes laTe, once she didn'T show up or even call To Tell me, and now here l was Three minuTes laTe-whaT a liTel. As l looked inTo The mouTh iT was ever so red, even so much as To over shadow The inTer-proximal orange colored deposiTs oT mashed poTaToes, meaT and cheese and TragmenTs oT moss. As l TainTly remember This was a TreaTmenT case, one oT Those wherein The paTienT promises you every biT oT cooperaTion in keeping her mouTh clean and healThy, ThaT is as soon as you Tinish The TreaTmenTs They will buy a TooThbrush, buT noT unTill l could see l was progressing nowhere TasT, and as l TainTly remember, l raised a blow Torch and explorer To summon an insTrucTor, who be- Tore checking me in, insisTed on seeing my driver's license and regisTraTion cerTiTicaTe. When l asked him whaT To do abouT This case, he examined The mouTh and said, "Ch, iT's iusT ThaT old chronic Thing, iT will eiTher clear up or de- velop inTo a celluliTis, or a supperaTive perice- menTiTis," which gave me liTTle iT any relieT. I Then sTarTed in To do some more sub-gingival scaling. The slighTesT Touch wiTh The Universal scaler produced mass-hemorrhage, and Tick-sized para- siTes TloaTed ouT Trom The gingiva, ThoughT l' To myselT, "This musT indeed be an acuTe siTuaTion" so once again up wenT my hand wiTh The blow Torch and explorer, ldon'T ask me whaT The blow Torch was Tor?-iT iusT seems ThaT l had iT in my handl, nexT To my summons Tor help, came Dr. Fahringer. l-le approached The paTienT in his usual congenial manner and Taking The Torch and ex- plorer Trom my hand, proceded To spray The paT- ienT's mouTh, Then examining iT more closely he Told me To Tie oTT The lingual arTery and oTher blood vessels wiTh hemosTaTs, and proceed wiTh my scaling. This he said, would eliminaTe The hemorrhage and give me a clear working Tield. ATTer whaT seemed hours oT endless scaling, re- moving calculus Trom The size oT a mounTed sTone To ThaT oT a boTTle cap, l ThoughT l had done a Tairly presenTable iob, so up wenT my hand again. This Time Dr. Sawyer came To my aid, he was in The Tar end oT The prosTheTics deparTmenT and l rememberhe sTrapped on his roller-skaTes and whizzed down The Tloor, coming To a Tour-poinT landing aT The base oT my chair. l-le was up as quick as he was down, and looking aT The iob l had aTTempTed, he Took me in his arms and skaTed me over To The dispensary window, where he proceeded To draw me a picTure. Finally l undersTood whaT he wanTed, and as he Turned To leave he said, "-and-and you had beTTer puT on a rubber dam." ReTurning To my chair l was aT a loss as To whaT To do nexT, so l like all oTher sTudenTs when in doubT as To The nexT procedure, excused my- selT, saying "l musT wash my hands." ln The meanTime my paTienT had reached inTo her purse and pulled ouT a plug oT Tobacco, when l asked her whaT The idea was she said, "why, one oT The Freshmen Told me iT would sweeTen The breaTh and whiTen The TeeTh." AT This poinT, needless To say l was aT my wiTs end, in The nexT chair was Dr. PorTer, he was doing a rooT-canal. BeTween wiping his Torehead and sTerilizing The Tield, he was raTher busy, however as always he was will- ing To give me aid. Calling me To The side and whispering a Tew words oT advice in my ear, he leTT me wiTh exacT insTrucTions as To whaT To do, in The way oT Tinishing up The prophylaxis. l ap- proached my paTienT cauTiously Trom behind, and wiTh a guick TwisT oT The wrisT l unscrewed her head Trom The shoulders and TroTTed back To The prosTheTics deparTmenT. There l sTarTed The pumice wheel To Turning, opening The mouTh and separaTing The iaws l proceeded To pumice vigorously. Soon The TeeTh in boTh iaws were ready Tor The Tinishing Touches, so wiTh a liTTle Sure-shine l placed a beauTiTul lusTer on Them compleTing The Task wiTh a buTT-wheel. Yes ThaT was cerTainly a Three-punch proph, iT There ever was one. Re- Turning To my chair where perched The "headless- paTienT," l placed The head back on The body, gave her a glass oT 907, phenol To use as an anTi- sepTic To rinse ouT her mouTh, which she did. l was abouT To dismiss her when The phone rang, my assisTanT Took The phone Trom The receiver on The brackeT, and handed iT To me, as l vaguely remember l answered, "Yes, This is The docTor," and in a clear voice on The oTher end came This, "Good-morning iT is seven-ThirTy, Time To geT dressed Tor school," and wiTh ThaT l was awaken- ed Trom my hecTic nighTmare. I-LJM. S.C5.J. page 9I I I i I I 2 2 Mrs. I-Ielen Adams, who replaeed Miss I-IawIcen- Miss Mullis gives Iorlh wilh Ihal loerry February I, I94I. We are glad Io have you personalily smile. back. ' I I , .. I Miss Mayes, a very capable assisI'anI', SILENCEII Genius al worIc??? doing X-ray worlc. g Back 'ro work now girls you only 'roolc half . an I Miss Delforss gels a Iiflle pro- hour IOF IIIGI dfiflli- ' phylaciic work on The Chief. II' should read: "Dump Irash here." ATTENTION STUDENTS DUROX IS NOW ON SALE! This new and inexpensive rnaferial wil. Jralce 'rhe wax off Jreerh adapl base-plales over nighfr, pul a high polish on any piece of work, and never wears our. A Price-SI.00-for all you can carry. page 92 Agenlsz u. D. 0'Nei - D. J. Jirovec , - . -H-v- -11, ,V---.f-if--f ...MV.,-.--N.--.-,,..f..-,,....,.,.-.. -.,,,.,,...., ..-, - ., ,,,, I , P , 1 H tif, H - V07-Dv. -'NIA' G NW Owens slruls her siulf as cheer leader for our college. The assislanlrs musl have had guile a lime al Ex- celsior Springs. Psi Omega's oil for Jrheir rush parly in Jrhe early fall. ,,,,,,, - 4 - e f, ,,,,, au., ,, W..-.sf ,. ,Q ,gg-....,. A g Y, All-Americans, everyone, lhal is all-American ushers al a downlown Jrhealer. Leif To righl: Kraiieclc, John- son, Clark, O'Brien, Shaw, Waxler and Birdball Smilh. The Indian has spring fever, dreaming of his beloved home and plenly of Jrhal "Spring-Jronic Wafer." The loolball game al Lawrence, where Dennard The Surgeon relaxed, while Dr. Edwards looked for an im- paclion on Jrhe wrong side. page 93 " "' 'N ' 'Z' 4 ' '+4--f-1--'---'-4----l-J-.-- Y, -,,,. L....4 -M i,,..-, . ' f' A' ' .saw-,-:p.s...........,.:: .....,..,.-,.-.1 " 1,,,swi.- THINGS TO INVENT I. A rooT canal ouTTiT which can be Thrown againsT The wall repeaTedly wiThouT damage, also parachuTe aT- TachmenT Tor Throwing ouT oT win- dow. 2. An explorer and mirror hinged To- geTher To enable manipulaTion wiTh one hand while oTher hand is scraTch- ing your--baclc. 3. A handpiece which conTains a mag- azine oT burs which may be selecTed by a seT oT buTTons on The shaTT. Dull burs are auTomaTically eiecTed. 4. A phoTo-elecTric aTTachmenT on The shade guide which seTs oTT a Tire alarm when correcT shade is Tound. 5. An alcohol lamp ThaT holds 3 gallons, wiTh spigoT on side Tor serving pa- TienTs T-Ii-balls, as a local anaesTheTic 0peraTor musT noT indulge. 6. 7. 8. 9. I0 An aTTachmenT Tor The conTroller ThaT auTomaTically says, "0pen wide please" every Time you lciclc iT. A special brush Tor cleaning pieces oT Tongue ouT oT saliva eiecTor. "Sophomores prepare your Old Man" -There is an aTTracTive arTiculaTor on The marlceT which cosTs SI50.00 lincluding Taxl. IT has 83 adiusTmenTs, requires I5 checlc biTes and is more shiny Than The Qcclusoscope, and noT only ThaT buT can be used To mix plasTer, open cans and seT-up TeeTh, provided iT is properly manipulaTed. Please lNIoTeI Required on The ETh- iopian STaTe Board. A TooTh pasTe Tube which when empTy, may be used in school. A special carver To carve up I-Iarris. ConTribuTed by "TI-IE TURTLE" ,..... , , . , ':':':':' "I"'-I- f A new American Cabinet wins patients approval. It I Q . A shows them you are equipped to serve them with the fr-fr fl latest and best. Q I ' 1 - its if-if-ft 'MT' is . . . I I Q --H---ei ' . 2. -gwafence Samialean rf 2 N-My M J, M...-1 l E MW It impresses them as clean and sanitary. The gleaming I 5..--M- 'N I up finish, glistening white instrument trays lsterilizablel, . MM' M, It and the sealed drawers that prevent contamination from f f"' dust . . . all speak eloquently of the sanitary precau- 5 g tions you take to protect your patients. I 4-dwg.-i v,,, si 3. Qucckea '74ea.l'menl'4 5,3 . It enables you to give quicker and more efficient 1 H lvyv treatment through convenient organization of instru- , ...., , .. liuy yhiz -.... , . -- ments, easy running roller drawers, and rubber-silenced MN I , construction. page 94 A WISE CHOICE- Seleet Your Dental Dealer First Hettinger's have equipped a majority of the offices in their territories, and their experience, skill and genuine desire to serve you are at your command. WE ASSURE SERVICE IN is STATES WITH 22 HOUSES EoR YoUR CONVENIENCE I ' I HETTIN GER BROS. C KANSAS CITY OKLAHOMA CITY TULSA "DOTS" MANROSE College Representative A REDNECK'S LETTER T0 HIS SWEETHEART Wrillen in I9I9 KANSAS CITY, IVIO., Nov. I, I9I9 Deer I-Iannah: I Well, l-lan, I guess you lhink now lhal I am in college I won'l wanna wrile lo you much, bul I lhink lols ol you yel, I-lan, and am goin' lo wrile lo you whenever I can'l lind anylhing else lo do. I ain'l been here long, I-Ian-only a monlh--bul lhe school has been 'wonderin' how lhey ever run so long wilhoul me. Now, I ain'l much lor bragging' nor nolhin', I-Ian, bul if you could see how much I am doin' here in lhe college you would under- sland whal I mean. The lirsl lhing we did was laken an impresshun. Now, I-Ian, il wasn'l lhe kind ol an impresshun your lalher made on' me lasl summer when I slayed loo lale. This impresshun is look ol my own moulh wilh a whole buch ol red slull lhal looks like sealing wax, bul il ain'l. You iusl heal il, lhen lill your moulh wilh il and hold il lhere unlil you gag live limes, lhen lake il oul and il is a impresshun. Then we made lalse leelh, I-Ian. Now, il your molher slill needs a sel I will send her lhe lirsl ones I made. They don'l agopreciale good work here, and I have lo make lhem over any way, so your molher iusl as well have lhem. I gol a lol ol inslrumenls now, I-Ian. I reckon I gol aboul enough lo sel up an ollice righl now. I gol a arlicklalor, lwo chisels, a knile, a llask and a lray. I reckon if I had lhe old barber chair lhey use lo shine shoes in al lhe barber shop I could slarl oul lor mysell mosl any lime, lor lhey don'l seem lo lhink I can learn any more down here. I don'l go lo down lown much, I-Ian, lor lhis here lown is lull ol women and robbers. Besides, Pa lold me lo be carelul and save my money, and I am going lo be lrue lo you, I-lan, as long as you are lo me. I ain'l decided whal lralernily lo ioin yel. There are 3 ol lhem lhings here, and I heard one ol lhe boys lalking aboul lhem. As soon as I lind oul which one I wanl lo ioin I will lel lhem know. I I ain'l had no candy since I lell home, I-Ian. Now, lhis ain'l no hinl bul candy cosls 7 cenls a bar down here. ' Yours lill lhe nighls are dark, OSCAR, D.D.S P.S.-I gol a darned good appelile. page 96 Q ' Z4 5 6 at I ,. , 4, ggsgxatgbg Q any -VL- fx gf' I I 2 M I inf ,sw Q- , . 5 X--mga 'F 72, Lk 2559125 g. ff efwiflrf fu 95' if WW ,gym I wa-ffs-Wi: 4 I I . ,Q f 4 I :,fve'2ggcwf , X' fi f ie 4if':??2 4 Fl I I I I I I I 1 I 'JS w xy 56' I QN scxb' L is , , he ,HM .V A Y av Mgfyi, X ff' X ' s L , ?'-wfe 'fi-1,-s :f"2-sas., Af wx an-s X ' X., L I ,, . 4, ,ie , B K s.s..2. This is noi a Gila Monsier, iI's iusl Pence II-Iair- less Joel, Ialcing his heallhiul sun baih and grinning. Dr. Sawyer gives Ihe anaeslhelic in preparalion for a delicaie rooI-reseciion, Goiorih and Ivliss Johnson assisling. Keener and The Lone Indian. Preparing Tor a Fralernily "Rush ParIy," golf, swimming, baseball, a Iine dinner, IoIs of speeches and pIenIy of Iallcing from Ihe aciive members. Qur assislanls on parade wilh a Tew more Cul-ups and capers. Johnson and Dennard, bolh from New Mexico. One is married and The olher soon Io go. Q THE BUSHWHACKER STAFF IS VERY GRATEFUL TO . RALPH KOLB Burger-Baird Engraving Co. Kansas Ci+y, Mo. A Tine man Io worla wilh and one wilh amouni oi praclical knowledge. ready al any Iime of day or nighl Io help wilh Ihe scheme of Ihe Bushwhacker. I-Ie and he pushed us all The year along. We repeal Iradiiionally, "The book couIdn'I be pul oui wilhoul him." a greai rode us BILL BROWN BROWN PRINTING CO. Kansas Ciiy, Mo. The prinler supreme, we availed our- selves of his skill in presswork and Iypog- raphy, noi Io meniion his splendid sug- geslions. The Bushwhacker Slaii of The Tulure can Ioolc Io him, as a man who will give Ihem as he has us, his sinceresi co- operalion. page 97 page 98 A Touch PooTloall is in progress aT The Psi Qmega Rush parTy. Bacon, The chieT FixiT man around The college. One Urchin ancl Two scavengers. l.eT's "Pump iT up," eh Bill? The boys relax in The sTuclenT- canTeen room, Sullivan ruins every picTure he is in. Blanche is geTTing Those poinTs marlcecl up Tor The Seniors. "Red-necks" posing Tor us. A scene in The ProsTheTics lap. l'cl beT The paTienTs are eiTher in The chair or in The recepTion roorn. Psi Q's discussing The ouTcon'1e oT Their Rush parTy, and how many rnen They goT. Q 'W , X x f' r f FWHM ' A 2 NWS' If l his r-.L fcfrl ? Q N H J MASIEE UNI! ANU MUIUE CHAIR gsfllm, Md' iff raft orrlct PLANNING sfnvlcf Nothing will do more to- ward filling the appoint- ment book of the new practice than good office impressions. Let us help you plan an office that will inspire your patients to refer their friends. TFIE S.S. The S.S.White Master Unit and Motor Chair surpass all previous levels of beauty, convenience and comfort in dental operating equipment. Every detail of their design and construction is a visible demonstration of these two maxims: Q15 Simplicity is far more appealing to the eye than excess adornment CZJ correct form enhances function. Only the S. S. White Master Unit and Motor Chair pro- vide the operating facilities demanded by dental prac- tice today in the stirring simplicity and beauty of modern styling. Every dental dealer who distributes S.S.White Equip- ment invites you to visit his showroom where you will find the S. S. Whuite Master Unit and Motor Chair on display. After you have seen and tested each thoroughly let him tell you how easily you can own an S.S.White Master Unit and Motor Chair, and why these offer the greatest protection to your investment and give you the most for every dollar invested. WJ1ITE IJEPITAI. M . FG CIO 214 s.TwELFTH sTREsT,PHlLAosLPHnA,PA page IOO THE PaHison-McGraH1 Company HOME TRUST BLDG. H17 Walnuf Kansas Ciiy, Missouri Q Dental Equipment Dental Supplies and X- Ray Machines L RUSSELL C. COOLEDGE WM. ZIMMERMAN COLLEGE REPRESENTATIVES 232332333333333QSQQQSEQQSQQSQQSQQQ' CAN YOU IMAGINE!! Arfs nof having a good fime. Brown nof sfealing someone else's girl? Buclcman being called an lrishman? Clarlc operafing in his Usher's uniform? Croclceff faking fwo hours fo drive down Troosf from 85+h fo lOfh? Davis nof felling abouf fhe "fhree punches" he iusf gof? Dennard nof having one romance affer anofher, all fo no avail? ' Gregson bragging abouf fhe "fhree punches" he gof? l-larris made fo show his regisfrafion card, before being served? lfo being fhe fafher of fripleffsg well you never can fell. . Johnson in his uniform assisfing Clarlc? Jusf a 2 ring circus. Q Morgan, married and seffled down? Seffled down? Say, he's always ready. 121 121 131 61 131 G: Gr G7 G1 GJ 1:1 GJ '51 G1 131 Gr 61 137 6: 61 G1 Gr Gr 61 Gr Gr G1 Gr 6: 157 Gr GI G1 61 61 Gr Gr 121 Pollalc winning fhe fechnic prize? Ronnau being serious abouf a girl for four years, fhen brealcing up? Schwarfz nof fhinlcing he is a "Super- man" wifh fhe ladies. Shadfd nof worrying or calling, "Arfs, Arfs, help, help!" Smifh wearing Dr. Porfer's gown. Sfoclcfon running down I2fh, yelling, "l-leigh ho Silver"??? ' Sullivan nof robbing fhe cradle affer graduafion? 4 Suffon being pleased wifh anyfhing af anyfime. Turpin as fhe "Campus Cufup" wifh fhe Campus Cufies? Williams being worried abouf gradua- fion? Well, iusf aslc him. Yeager nof being diplomafic when a cerfain sifuafion arose. Gr 61 Gr 031 61 G1 61 G1 Gr Gr GI 61 1:1 G1 131 15,9 6: G1 131 13: 61 61 61 G1 'Sr 19 G1 Gr fir G: G: GJ 121 61 YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?YYY!!YYYYYYYYYYEPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Re iuers 0 ALL PRECIOUS METALS Manufacturers of Dental Gold L KRAUSE GOLD REF ERY Distributors of "Vita-Lite" Denture Material 928 Main Street-P. O. Box 2235 Kansas City, Missouri page lO2 gg 3 Q Q Q gig Q 3 gg G1 GI Gr 61 131 61 6: 121 61 Gs 131 6: 121 61 G1 G3 137 Gr G1 GJ 131 61 61 121 61 65 Q5 YYYYYYYY8?YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY RILIZER F R Beautiful, impressive and providing actual HOSPITAL protection for dressings, gloves and other oper- ating materials, as well as instru- ments, -the Pelton "41" is emphatically THE STER1- LIZER for your busy, pros- perous, modern ofTice.The' lustrous 6" x 12" Auto- clave sterilizes auto- matically by 2500 of steam under pres- sure, and returns contents dry and ready for use or storage. You may prefer to buy the "4-1" Sterilizer now and the Autoclave at a later date. This plan works splendidly. Cabi- ' h S 'l' . ' om which Autoclave can be added net, wit ,terl IZBY 18 a 6 - plete deluxe installation to lik atany time. 7- , ,,,, ,, g I 7K ,-fmfww ,.,, 3 i The 14--inch Instrument Sterilizer has every modern automatic pro- tection, including famous Sentry Cut-off, and operates by silent hydraulic release pedal. Cabinet is double size and lights automatically when opened. Top is non-stain- ing formica. Finish is in standard colors, or mahogany or walnut. Ask our repre- s e n t a ti v e h o W I I tg i easily Model 41 ybqp 1 can be put to it Work for you! I W' it 2 1 , ,,1.IQl11lTM-'rdf A W 4 li ,...,, 7 5 ,r,.i-ffl t A , yy Model 4-1. With Instrument Sterilizer but g ' , In V V' ' less Autoclave which can be added later. . .3145 I, qwestem zone, sissy 5 A Model 411-'L. com piers with Autoelave. . . ,S280 Cwestern Zone, 5295.501 7 I f 3 ? 'S 3 2 i I A53 1 Write today tor descriptive literature THE PELTON 8: CRANE COMPANY 632 HARPER AVENUE ....,,..A M.. -,. - - .....-...,........,..,. ... ..,,.., ..L..,..........-g...,fa., DETROIT, MICHIGAN page IO3 PHONE HARRISONT6893 I PHONE HARRISON 6894 MISSOURI CHINA CO. Paper Department DENTAL NAPKINS - CUPS - TOWELS - ETC. If It's Manufactured from Paper, Ask Us M. GOSNEY. Mgr. 612 DELAWARE ST. Kansas City. Mo. uvine EXPENSES 1 The tollowing table shows the estimated expenses ot an average student at the Kansas City-!Western Dental College. lTaken trom very personal records! Tuition ..... . .... ....... . .................................. . ............ . ....................... 5250.00 Board, Roy's, Joe's and Mrs. Howard's ..... I ....... 200.00 Board tor roommate ............. ............. .. .... .... 3 0.00 Bed tor roommate's friends-I week ......,. - 7.00 Laundry ...... . .................. .. .... . ....... Q ......... . .... I 00.00 Books that can't be borrowed-.- ............... .... 3 0.00 Occlusoscope that.can't be borrowed ...... - .... 30.00 Cleaning, and tailor bill ........................ .... I 40.00 Chips and "Pumps ".. .... . ....... . .....,,,............. ????? Trips to "S" club and "J" club ............. ...... Can't remember Long Distance calls by roommate ........,.,........................,..,..... every week Breakage ot turniture ........ .- ..... .... - ........ You know, my roommate again ' Stationery and stamps .......... ..... , .,,,...,....,,..,.,.,.,,,..,,,.,., 4 0.00 Xmas and Birthday presents .....,.. , ,,,.,.,,.,. l00.00 Dates and cabs ........,..,.,...,..,.,, ,,--,..,, L ost count Fraternity, dues, dances, etc ...,.... ,,--,-, 7 0,00 Instruments needed .........,,, .,...,. .,,. ..,.,.,,,.-..,,,.,,-,.,-,,- ,--,,-, 5 0 0 , 00 Instruments sold me by upper classmeng useless., ,,,,,.., -.,.,,, I 8,00 Cigars and Gum ............. .. .....,. ...,...,.,-,.,,, , ,,-,.--.-.,.--,., ,c .-,,-,,-----,,--.. 38,00 TOTAL ..----...--.. ....... A sk Dad, he knows!!! THE IN EZ HOTEL If Ideal for Students Became' CLEAN ROOMS - NEAR SCHOOL - REASONABLE PRICES FRIENDLY MANAGEMENT Vlctor 4970 E. D. WILLIAMS, Owner and Manager 9th and T1-oogt page IO4 C5e++o and Mrs. McRae. Wl'1ere's Win- nie7 Psi CTS ioin Togeiner in song: The harmony was a bilr off. A 'iypical qaihering af a 'rypical Frafernilry dance. Jusf one big hap- py family. , . . . - In b ' d Jrh' noi. Nice smile Clair. and Hwere is Winnie wilriw McRae. The QIFIS GFS VGGHY O-K" bm if e CYS mme is S P699 IO5 BENEDICT CLUB college, in an efforf fo furfher asserf fheir Founded-Garden of Eden, B.C. Charfer Member of Alpha Chapfer- "'Adam. righfs, fhaf fhey mighf dominafe in do- mesfic affairs. Reguiremenfs for Membership: Candi- Toofh-Carpenfers Chapfer, founded K.C.-W.D.C. long ago. Adopfed by fhe married men of fhe dafe musf have fallen a vicfim fo fhe wiles of Cupid and commiffed Mafrimony. OFFICERS l-ligh Mogul ,,,4.,A. .,.,...,....,........ ...,... ' ' Baldy" Arfs Fuzzy Wuzzy ,,u,,...... .,,.u..... ' 'Curly" Goff Chief Scribe ....... .,.,....., D on Croclceff Dirfy Treasurer ....... .u,..,.... T . O. Clark Filfhy Secrefary ,,,,,,,,.,,, . ....,... M. L. Buclcman Chief Bouncer ,....,,..........,,,...,.. ...,u.. .,.......... Y . lfo Trusfees - ......,............o..s,.s...,.....,v, ,.......,.... T heir Wives Sales Manager and Solicifor .,V,...... ...,......,..,... C . E. Davis Big Sfooge ............,...,.,,.,.,...............,... ....o..,., W . A. Johnson Dancing lnsfrucfor on I2fh, exclusive ...,......,,.............,.,.... J. Sfoclcfon Mosf lnacfive Member ,.,,..,.,..,..,,... .......,.......,.................. D . S. l-larris Mosf Acfive Members-: .....,. ,so. ....,,... D . A. Yeager and E. Morgan Pilcer Members .......................... ........ R . D. Turpin and Bill Dennard Big Bushwhaclcer Member .,,.... .c,..,...,c...,............, R. W. Williams Faculfy Advisor and Snooper ............ . ................ Dr. R. W. Edwards Side-Saddle lnsfrucfor ............................ .........v......... R . Shadid Moffo: "l love my wife." Insignia: Safefy pin. Flower: Four Roses. Members in Faculfy: Too numerous fo menfion. Members who have nof announced if? CENSGRED. 'Deceased. B. P. Smifh L. W. Suffon B. l-laymes R. J. Benson l-l. A. Alliband K.. A. Duffon E. L. Wade R. l-l. l-lamilfon J. L. O'Brien Dr. J. E. Gosseff W. E. Dennard S. R. Schwarfz l-l. T. Sfigler J. A. Teaff page IO6 ACTIVE MEMBERS A. O. Jensen N. l. Bohon J. C. Chapman W. C. Davis W. N. Nixon J. Dobronfe L. J. Eddy C. Barneff G. C. lrby R. J. Shadid J. K. l-lall W. l-I. Newfon J. A. Pence A. E. Riehl F. R. Slavens M. M. Sanchez F. L. Fuller L. N. Goff A. L. Lopez Cf. B. Luna B. A. McRae J. C. Paffon R. D. Bohrer PLEDGES S. C. Aflcinson W. J. Koehler D. J. Jirovec F. l-l. Amundse J. Donafhan Fl l-l. D. Johnson P. S. Whifman W. P. Reding V. E. Rose D. W. Rumsey A. L. Thelin C. D. Tyler K. L. Brown L. C. Misslin W. P. l-lumphrey T. V. Thorne P. l-l. Geffo J. M. Molinaro D. J. Finnesy R. P. Keidel A Grip on the Future . . . What the future holds, no one knows. That is why prudent men and women insure against unseen contingencies. Life Insurance gives direction and furnishes a secure foundation to the beginner. That is why it should be the first investment of the young man or Woman who starts out to seek success in business. It has been de- scribed as "A Grip on the Futuref' See a Kansas City Life representative and learn about the flexible policies that may be made to fit the changing needs of the insured. KANSAS CITY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY HOME OFFICE-KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI 1 -i Kansas City Agency Office-914 Baltimore Phone Gr. 2136 Compliments of THE UNIVERSITY GE KANSAS CITY page IO7 i L ?' Zn 1 arid, is Z z, f .f 2:75 2 2453 IZ f ,Toy 75- Q Four of our loesi looking siudenls, Jrhree ol Jrhem married and Gello rapid- ly on his way. The Indian lels our a blood-curdling yell. Bill Zimmerman poses, Through cour- Jresy of Parlison X4 lVlcC5raJrh. Anyloody wanl a ride? Goforih has Jrhe addresses ol lhe air-hoslresses. Pence's lady friend was very peeved when lhis was Jraken. l-le was swimming and she wanled lo-slarl our picnic. Ronnau, Dennard and Slooge Brown, freeze a+ Lawrence, while Dr. Edwards lourns in K. C. Bachelors and married men alilce, musl have lheir groceries. Moody Mae and Clair, like +wo peas in a pod, lhey lilce Their oulings. A ff PORTER'S Ulbemting Gowns Of A ll Kz'ndJ 818 Wyandotte Kansas City, Mo. HA 6929 MQ! f fl, y 7 Three days laler and Finnesy and Arlcinson, srill enjoying lheir Chrisrmas cheer. Roommales for a year, Buddies forever. Dors lvlanrose as per-usual, drumming up a lirlle business. Zimmerman was in The Barber Shop. page HO We will enlille rhis "Seniors on Parade in Jrhe Barber Shop Room." Nolez Sullivan and Dennard on Jrhe way ro l-l-, while Slocldon prepares 'ro deliver The parring sermon. Now how did she gel sluclc in lhere? . The one on lop is Davis, and whal he is on is a horseg or could ir be Jrhe orher way around? K , A!,,f- X. i QXXIX X X X f X f UXIIXXU f 9 f Radoff and Sure Shine The most convenient and best finishing and polishing outfit for all prosthetic f' work: Metals, Vulcanite, Condensite or Cellulose ' f and Acrylic Resine Materials N N N Afk your deuleff WQ Manufactured by GENERALQELECTRIC x-RAY conPonA'r1oN 2012 JACKSON BLVD. CHICAGO, AURORA DENTAL SPECIALTIES COMPANY ,un U, 5, A, AURORA, ILLINOIS LIGHTS A S T L E STERILIZERS pg Ill OK. Tellows, you lcnow you can'T draw maTerials unless They are paid Tor, geT a liTTle bir more money Today. We see Them Irby, buT who caughT Them? Yes Tellows, ThaT was really a hoT picnic, The 4Th oT July. l-loolc, are you swimming Tor Tun, or Tor proTecTion? The Zip's Rush parTy, and close in- vesTigaTion will reveal l-look hiding be- hind a broTher Tor proTecTion Trom our camera. This is The neaTesT we have ever seen our Supply Room. Where is The checker board? Three buddies shooT The snipes ouT- side school. 't draw . get a caught a hot . or use in- ig be- m our r seen heclcer s out- HENRY MOORE Photographer 214 East Eleventh Street KANSAS CITY, MO. VI. 4531 u0t the People-by the People-tor the People" Immortal words by the Great Emancipator. During the past decade costs ot government have soared. Taxes have steadily increased. I This company paid flS2,23O,366.'85 in tederal, state and local taxes tor the year l939. Whatever the costs, the necessary tunc- tions and services ot government must be maintained. It is a citizen's duty to support our government that is "ot the people -by the people-tor the people." You-our customer are attected by increased taxes. As taxes increase the possibility ot decreased electric rates is tarther removed. The percentage taken by taxes ot our sales dollar has a direct bearing on the cost ot electric service to our customers. Taxes are the concern ot all. KANSAS CITY POWER 81 LIGHT COMPANY f page II3 9 l i i T U F I :Q rg i : T Q . gi vs i ' Ji' ,,' ?w 4,51 Eros wg i 3 1515 1. be Q E if Q, l T r T 'i I 5 , :-N555 ll 45, ii ,T 1 I y 1 A T J 1 1 , ii l T T l i l i i i T i ThaT's GK.. leT Turpin bevel The ginqivdl margin, l'aI loolc on, Too. Why noT smile all The Time. Blf3V1Cl'W9? We lilce you beTTer ThaT way. Dreaming oT her l-lenry in a Tar oTT Slale' Weir and Doyle do a biT oT Freshmen Technic. Sophomores worlcing in OperaTive while Dr. Davidson checlcs Their worlc. page II4 The beTTer parT oT The Johnson Tam- DuTTon enlisTs his broTher's aid Tor bringing home The groc- edes S+iII Freshmen. AND THEN I TelT his soTT Touch on my cheelc, And The genTle Touch oT his handy I-Iis very presence near me Seemed as a breeze on deserT sand. I-Ie deTTly soughT my lips Ivly head he did inToldg Then he brolce The silence wiTh, "Shall This Tilling be silveror-gold?" 6 Snoop: "AT a recenT bangueT a man goT up and leTT The Table because some- one Told a sTory ThaT he didn'T approve." Lady Friend: "Uh, how noble oT himl What was The sTory?" o I-Ie Tailed in AnaTomy, Tlunlced in Chem.: They heard him soTTly hiss, I'd lilce To Tind The man who said "Ignorance is bliss." o Brown: "I have someThing preying on my mind." Dr. PorTer: "LeT iT alone: iT will sTarve To deaTh." o Kiedelz "A lciss is The language oT love." Sally: "I'm lisTening, please say some- Thing." o I-Iarold Alliband oT The Junior class, has been elecTed presidenT ot The Loaters' Union Tor The ensuing year. I-Iis room- maTe, Morgan, held The oTTice, UNDIS- PUTED Tor Tour years. An all Time record. Dr. Davidson: "I-Iall, whaT can you say as To The amounT oT reTenTion in enamel?" I-Iall lwaking upl: NoT very much. Dr. D.: "Correct There isn'T much." o Dr. CIayTon: "A Tool can aslc more guesTions Than a wise man can answer." SmarT Junior: "No wonder so many oT us Tlunlc." You'll Enjoy Every Minute of Your visit to the Hotel Phillips Kgs 'S will Ei F Limgliigsri 'EEEIQEFFEEE , . gig I' 2 'iigilqi i - : V E "sq if ', ' I' -I :h""".TT ' Q4 .... MFL an NX Ni" 1 m frrliei It mfg?-f-i Ag Eigscica EF QE I ifii li . IH' ig E EHEFT .il f EFT :as RTW ' x ' - 22 -Q ' 'F ' ' I 5 E T' Film QS i G ' 3' .1 in Iufnlnlnl :snr I E I 'W l 'I I 1 ' i0 AND UP 13 ,- Fifi SIE is-my '77 il r m : ,, A i In I whether as a room guest or patron of- - ' ABOUT TOWN Coffee Shop ' CABANA Cocktail Lounge ' TROPICS Cocktail Retreat Entertainment in All i Three Popular Spots The Ideal Downtown Hotel for All- O Banquets and Dinners 0 Group Luneheons O Private Dinner Dances ""TPIiilIips Q0 Sana ifQvfg49'1Z" C. E. PHILLIPS, Managing Director :Pg 115 The Supply l-louse as usual wulh ng bull lhrowers and checlcer players JY ff ff Could lhal be Hoolc guvnnq a lullle puel lor The l-lawanan dancer Ye Edulor snapped whale snappnng chwarlz had To guve Jrhem a cigar lo pose wnlh hlrn We donl blame Jrhe boys Jrhey should have had a package of cigarelles loo A second shol ol: The Seniors who on lheir Chrislrnas parly were shol, hall- shol-and laler, cornplelely shol. l+'s Q.K. lor Don, buf how aboul Ma laria In Soulh Dalaola, Allcinson? ifs ffle ' fo fhe age I on ialf- Ma- THAI I I I 1ff05Mnm on ELERS a 00.46 HUTEL l!..E'!.I.Ill?.l.'i!! 071 cl TERRACE GRILL Where Nationally Famous Orchestras Play WHAT IS AN IRRITANT? Denfal maferials fo fhe Freshmen. Anafomy fo fhe Sophomores, Orfho- donfia, foo. To a Junior, geffing our work checlced, and fhe Occlusoscope. Tesfs, Sfafe Board, and graduafion, fo fhe Senior. A class fwo cayify, wifhouf fhe rubber dam fo Dr. Sawyer. Pafienfs wifhouf operafors, fo Marie. A dull knife fo Dr. Porfer. Walsfon's senseless guesfions. Dr. Safes and Dr. Dulces, rounding fhe Juniors up, for roll call. The quesfion, "When is fhe BUSH- WHACKER coming ouf?" OPPORTUNITY FOR GENIUS The Junior Class hereby offers super- remunerafion fo any wrifer or painfer who can vividly describe or painf fhe expres- sion on fhe face af fhe window, when a sfudenf forgefsifo collecf fhaf firsf, sec- ond or 'lasf paymenf on a denfure or bridge. If only we can manage a denfal pracfice as efficienfly as she manages fhe dispensary. Croclceff lwanfing fhrough doorl: "Can I gef fhrough here?" Smifh: "I guess so, Bacon and a load of hay iusf wenf fhrough." page II7 . .- .,.-,- . .,.-,.,.....,- -...... --...,.. ..... ..-- - -- -- --- -- To The Kansas Ci'l'y-Wesiern Denial College and To all discriminaTing buyers We offer- Quality in All Kinds of Envelopes KANSAS CITY ENVELOPE COMPANY ef HArrison 1020 1535 Walnul' S'l're A MIDSUMMER NIGHT-NO DREAM Place: J.C.S.K. Time: All NighT T The roll was called aT our liTTle college, ATTendance was Tine, The nighT was warm. They had gaThered here Tor search oT knowledge. And in Their qqesT had braved all harm. ArTs, gave The opening ToasT, For success oT our college, he was conTidenT. Shadid Tollowed closely wiTh his boasT, 'Twill cerTainly prosper, in my managemenT. CrockeTT was There l musT conTess, OThers Tollowed when They saw The gleam. And soon The meeTing was in progress, All in search oT knowledge so supreme. ThroughouT The nighT each prooved his Toolish- ness, Each The oTher Tried To.chide, BUT none knew oT The oTher's readiness So 'Till morning They kepT in sTride. Came Then, The ever graTeTul dawn, A midsummer's nighT had reached iTs end. The college descended inTo oblivion, BUT iTs honor, we are promised To deTendl Denial Sfudenfs Are Always Welcome al'- DlNA'S LUNCH -1008 TRQOST The Besl' Sandwiches in Town al' Any Hour of The Day or Nighl' ' i l page II8 A-1 CLEANERS AND BTARBERS Look your best aT all Times. You owe iT To your profession. Q 'l5 YEARS OF CATERING . Across The Street on Troost l922-24l ONE ACT PLAY Place: LecTure Room 3Ol. Time: Any Chilclren's Clinic olay. 1 CharacTers: Dr. Dukes and Dr. GaTes- ancl Junior class. The roll is called, Then They loolc wiTh scorn Where is ThaT flSCX,l8c Johnson and Thorne? Oh, you say They have The Tlu? Well, ThaT's noT so new. When will They be well? Sorry DocTor, iT's hard To Tell!! DYSART 8: PETERS Dental Laboratory 526-30 Argyle Building Kansas City. Missouri C ' We design. cast and finish Vitallium cases in our own laboratory. I Austenal Micromold have actual appearance oi Natural teeth. We invite you to come in and see these teeth processed in our laboratory. fi IE ll ls ,1 I 1 , iw ig' li i! 1, l Build Your Pracfice Wi'l'h Vifallium Viiallium is a procluci of scienlific denial research. K M I+ is lighl, slrong, adjuslable, resilient and cornpalible wilh oral lissue. Prescribe Vilallium for beiler res- , 1 loralions. I Midwesi' Denial Labora'l'ory l TRADE MARK E- J- GEIER il lil R99-U-5-PBT-Off 293 Plaza Bank Building WEslporl O4I6 l ll BY AUSTENAI. LAB's, INC. ' U ' .j Kansas Cniy, Missouri . 1, 3 l A l ir il H l l4 , R 1 ii I, ll 1, i Rueb lmediialivelylz y I l l li . li l Rumsey: "l-low oilen does lhe decid- uous deniure have lo be repaired, or re- lii i based?" Dr. Closson: "Usually once and lhal by U lhe loermanenl leelh. lll I lla ll I ill Boys. come in-'feel ai' home-make your Head- quari-ers ai' Howard's-Jusi' across fhe s'I'reei'. l l A lirlle bir of wriiing, 'scribbled on a f cuff, ,iii l-lellos a guy remember a lol of handy Q l ,lil iN l Slulf. l l is ll l1ll i li i ta mini m' Lau ndererr and Dry Cleat nerr l Thirty-four Years of Fine Laundry Service 2 ll We S lbecialize in FAMILY SERVICES and DRY CLEANING l ll ll V1cToR 0805 i ,Linen and Towel Service 1112-24 HOLMES Modern Fur and Garment Storage l page I2O i ,I l A l il ll ,, ---ff:-H-U... ' r """'-'-'U---r-1-1--w.--.-....t.f. -.. . ,. ,- ,. A ' V ' " "' - --v-'-v-K,,,,,. ...F ,..-......,.....,, W t.kNN WEBER EQUIPMENT The Dental Equipment oi Dignity and High Utility Value. Forty-one years ago, the Founder of our Company invented and origi- nated the Fountain Water Spittoon, and later developed the first com- bination of unit equipment ever introduced for use by the dental profession. The policy of the Weber Company has always been that of construc- tive advancement and fair price maintenance. No greater value is to be found in dental equipment than is found in the Weber line of today PRUFESSIONAL SUCCESS The following services are at the command of all dental students, free of charge- Ofiice Planning and Office Decorating Location Analysis Practice Counselling Individual Helps and Instructions A complete set of lO Counselling Brochures supplied each purchaser of Weber Equip- ment, delivered each month during the first year, when most needed. All Equipment sold on liberal terms and en- dorsed by first line dealers everywhere. Don't be satisfied until you have inspected the complete line Weber has to offer . THE WEBER DENTAL MANUFACTURING CC. o cANroN, oH1o CRYSTAL PARK page IZ! --- - f----- ,---- ---v f - -+ --f ffl. .... f V... , L L. on , , A F-mm nl- g,m4Q-.iss4-m1qp.i.--v.w:-. .....,:'- f "' ... .,1.i-..., -... , 4 W .. V - '---- , . V- V ,li-. V ,...,,,. .iv f-1 -'fs-.-.....A.Annf..n-viannle-1-+ Y Nlliseriminating Dentists Use Luxene 44" The dental resin that possesses all the essential requirements for superior dentures, both Full and Partial PROCESSED BY IYIUCKLEB dc DANIELS DENTAL TECHNICIANS 428-29 Professional Bldg. Phone VI. 9446 Thomas in Freshman Lab: "Who in the h-- got my wax spatula? Oh, here it is. . I tound it. But somebody got my burner. No they haven't, I tound that, too. FOREST HOTEL cAnouN:- I-:Anson - LETTA osaonn Strictly Modern Rooms and Kitchenettes With or Without Bath HARRISON 9669 A 0 920 FOREST AVE Schwartz: "It I make as many points Iast month as I did next month, should I hope?" I I CROWLEY-REUTER STATIONERY COMPANY Largest Stock 0 f Commercial Stationery in Kansas City PHONE VICTOR 3028 909 WYANDOTTE ST. KANSAS CITY, MO. page I22 DEPARTMENTAL APPOINTMENTS U The Tollowing men who are appoinTed To The various deparTmenTs have been chosen because oT Their iniTiaTive, cooperaTive abiliTy, and Their scholasTic and clinical records. In The deparTmenTs To which They have been assigned, These men are The assisTanTs To The 1nsTrucTors, and help Those sTudenTs who are in need oT such help 'as They are able To give. Much honor and presTige are due The Tollowing: "'ORAL SURGERY DEPARTMENT CERAMICS DEPARTMENT 1940-41 1941-42 A 1940-41 I94l-42 W. E. DENNARD E. 'I-IOMPSON E, MQRQAN E. L. WADE J. 13. RONNAU ICJ. SLOT?-SLIEIR, JR. Y. 1To w. E. WALSTON w. c. DAVIS P. I-1. GETTO OPERATIVE DEPARTMENT PROSTHETICS DEPARTMENT '94'-42 1940-41 1941-42 ig. Ig. gXRgc14ETT J. c. CHARMAN ' ' . . 1 +1 . . R. W. WILLIAMS E. RIIDDTEMJSTTT ORTHODONTIA DEPARTMENT CROWN AND BRIDGE DEPARTMENT M 'f4gJQKMAN W'Z4'5ZiyEES I94I-42 D.'s.' I-IARRIS J. 14. 'HALL L. N. eoEE e. w. GOFORTI-I L. J. EDDY +ExoD0NT1A DEPARTMENT CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT 1940-41 I94I-42 J. B. ARTS R. J. SI-IADID D. A. YEAGER J. A- FENCE 'I' The Department of Exodontia and Oral Surgery Have Been C mbined fo 1941-42 and Are Now the Depertment of Oral Surgery FEMININE LOGIC I-Ie: "I have won and I Think I have a righT To claim The TorTeiT." l don'T know whaT ou mean and besides She: " y somebody mighT see us." 'I TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: IT a 'oke is labeled wiTh your name, Don'T Take iT To hearT, or acT insane: Wouldn'T iT be awTul if never did we smile? Why ThaT's wha'T helps make our annual worTh while. So don'T geT sore if we "pop" you one: For, as we've said beTore, They're only in Tun. Q "I-low much are your rooms?" "TwenTy dollars-up-" "BuT I'm a denTal sTudenT." "TwenTy dollars-down." IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE Tabby caT TelT lonely, She had no lover True To call on her and warble "I love no one buT you." So on The Tence she squaTTed. And Told The Moon her wish: Now kiTTens six lap ouT oT A Ii++Ie china dish. You Take a Tip Trom Lulu To boosT your enTerprise. JusT Tell The World you've goT iT. IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE! page l23 COMPLETE LABORATORY SERVICE I-'OR ORGANIZEIJ DENTISTRY O GENE MUELLER INC. DENTAL SUPPLIES AND LABORATORY HA 5030 KANSAS CITY, MO. 1200 Oak St Dr. HamilTOn: "Allen, give The anaTOmi cal markings OT The manoliblef' Allen: "Why, ah "BiTe and shuT-biTe.' The Following ls a LisT OT ArTicles Which Were NOT WriTTen, Nor SubmiTTed Tor PublicaTiOn" The STudenT MosT Sloppy in Labora- Tory-by The COnservaTive. - The MOST Encouraging lnsTrucTOr- by A Senior. I Nicknames OT All STudenTs-by Hoo Nooze. Jokes on DocTor PorTer-by I. C. None. "A Resume" OT Why Some OT The STudenTs Are Lax in Church ATTen- dance-by A MoTher. An Eavesdropper's RepOrT On an ArgumenT-by Senior C. E. Davis. ThaT Face aT The Window-by I wishT I wasunThere!! ' The Synopsis OT ConversaTiOn be- Tween Dr. POrTer and When Murray I24 ATTempTed TO Do ThaT DenTure Case Backwards. The Technique OT Keeping The Hair Well Groomed-by Senior STockTon. Why NOT Be PleasanT Every Day-by Helen Adams. ' How To Make DenTal STudenTs Work Hard by Grinning aT Them Only Once a MOnTh-by Dr. L. E. Carr. You Can DO IT-GO Ahead and Try IT-by Dr. Conover. "Well, You Need Some InsTrucTion, and l'll Show You"-by Dr. Sawyer and Dr. Fahringer. y "Uncle Sam, The God-FaTher OT Ad- vancing DenTisTry"-by Dean Rine- harT. .fisi ve' I MZZQAV5 lsooner 'rhan you fhinkl you'll be buying prin+ing plales. Againsl' 1'l1al' day, fix in your mind +l1e name of BURGER-BAIRD. H' will fhen be a more impor'ran+ fad 'lo you +l1an dares lhisforical- no+ 'rhe ol-her kindl or irregular verbs or formulae. x For while 'rhere are o+her good en- gravers, lhere is only one Burger- Baird. Good plales? Yes, +l1e besf, and pride in H1 ei r craf+smansl1ip. Prompl will: lhem, 'roo. Bul' +l1e main 'l'l1ing' 'I'l1al' keeps Burger-Baird +l1e besl' known name among middle wesl engravers seems fo be-well, call il' "savvy." BURGER' BAI RD L X 2 L01-5 I+ means in'l'eres+ and undersfand- '3Am,y" ing, no'l' merely for 1'l1e engravings, y bul for your larger objeclives as well. i 3' M MO I 65223-"fear People seem lo like +l'1a+, and so, BA IRD no doub+, will you. Keep us in mind, won'+ you? lllllillllll-lllllllll ll llllzllll ll Cll. - Graphic Arts Bldg. 10th 34 W'Y311d0tte sts- KANSAS CITY . VA C v O E DAVIS CERAMIST AND GOLD TECHNICIAN We Do All Klnds Porcelcun Work Flxed and Removable Bnclges GRAND 2835 1627 PROFESSIONAL BLDG 3 1 lil 3- .p l ll Il Il , -N l l 'Il l I'fI rl .: ll I I Il l F" I I' ll I l l Il l I" 1, Ti I : I f ' ' J -I ll ll ll I xlll l l,l I ,ll ' Luna I Ihunlc ll' IS time Io pul The word hunch IH the ollchonary I+ means con vlnceol nnspurahon ul means achve ambl hon backed Ioy delermunahon lo gel by with your plans Oh for a real hunch on the hnal exams PROVERBS I Remember Thai' a Teacher Can Lead The Way bul a Student In Order Io Follow Must SI'ucIy Dr HunI'lngI'on I 2 Jusl' How You Learn My Sublecfs Is Your Own InClIVldU6I Problem but I Inslsl' Thai' You Know Them by Dr Moore RELY UPON I I'Y1'st Aid for the Family " 1 I - , ,L I ll -5 I ll I I I I I I p 6 I ll I ll I I I, fr: fly. rf 1,1 pl For Best Results This old familiar friend of your student work will stand by you when you are on your own. You and your instructors, your classmates and alumni, have used SODIPHENE in thousands of clinical cases. Continue to use it in your professional practice. Old Grads, now veteran practitioners, report its valuable assistance in preparatory medication and in post operative care. Prescribe SODIPHENE for your patients' home treatment in cases of minor burns, cuts and scratches, applied full strength. Distributed Nationally MANUFACTURED BY ' THE SODIPHENE COMPANY KANSAS CITY, Mo. Kansas City-Western Dental College 66 A Notable Anniversary O The entire Southwest is proud of the origin cmd growth of the Kansas City-Western Dental College. From a modest beginning it has grown to a recog- nized position of leadership and its graduates have achieved eminence in the dental profession. ' 0 For Sixty Years the Dental College faculty and student body have co-operated to a marked degree in the promotion of every activity that would bring renown to the College. Typical of this is the Bush- whacker, which has long held a place of distinction amongst college annuals. 0 Mr. Sam Iohnson, Editor, and Mr. Howard Murray, Business Manager, have done a splendid job in the preparation of the Anniversary Bushwhacker. It will stand as a fitting memorial to this occasion. O Congratulations and sincere good wishes for the . continued success of the Dental College on this your Sixtieth Anniversary. Chas. E. Brown Printing Co. Inc. 701 CENTRAL STREET 0 VICTOR 1453 W A ,,,,, , A ..L,,.g,.l.4.nN':..4.. . .,m-m.,,.-.. ' " m A -,.,., .- nw., .,,,,L,.,,,. ,-. ..,. .,--- .. 1... mn..-..,.,.,.., ......-.-....- .-.V il Ili l I l 1 l i i i. fi, 1 l ii" l I i i T l l li ll if gy Cl l ,ll vli ,Ki iM wi l ,lg l N il' W Yi l T l fr i g ld il, ll li ll il l' I il M E ij: ,H l i il, n l l iw iw T , l ll f i li T: f -Taken froma Bush l l . , i l page l28 l i i Nl l I. ,i ll li l SENIORS' FAREWELL The fime has come af lasf, dear mafes, When we musf bid adieu To fhe old school building, wifh ifs sombre And fhe friends so fried and frue. We've sfruggled hard from day fo day, Throughouf fhese pasf four years: We've mef our vicfories wifh a smile, And failures wifh few fears. 'Twill be a sad, yef happy day, When we our scrolls receive: 'Twill mean for us a parfing dear Wifh fhose we soon musf leave. Then firsf of all in lvlemory's chain ,ls fhaf old building dreary, Where firsf we mef four years ago, On one brighf aufumn day. The chains of friendship which we forged, As we foiled day by day, Are of fhe choicesf, puresf gold: They'll never fade away. ' Each baffered seaf, each plasf'ry bench, Each brolcen plafe and shell, l-las each wifhin ifself, my mafes, A liffle fale fo fell. Each baffered charf and foreign slide, ' Each reference boolc defaced, ls dear unfo each sfudenf's hearf, Where fondly if is fraced. And fhen f-here are our feachers, Who wifh us all have sfriven: And in frying fo frain our mind and soul, Their besf fo us have given. , walls They've gone, fhose brighf and happy days, Ne'er fo refurn again: 'Tis now foo lafe fo furn and sigh 0'er fhaf which mighf have been. And now, dear mafes, we all musf parf, And bid a fond farewell, Eor fhe sun is sef: 'fis gone fo resf: . lf is fhe parfing lqnell. hacke1"' of a past date. h .V ....-5.-,.-.. -1 . , ...Q-,,.y -4-. ,.,..,.,..-.wr-....-,...-u.,-4-5.-.,.......f-., ,.,...-.-4. ...,.,.-.,., ,.,.,..,,....-. g , ,. . ,,-,Q ,. .. . . I 1 , .9 , , . .1 14 , r ' f Q . -A ' W A - , . I . . 1 ' 2 w .1 ' . A I ' , -. "' Q Q. M ' ' if L T- . , -. i ' 91- 2 1 2 0 1 ,. .Q . 1, . '14 " 1 -.-diiavaw wa - n x ' . -"-::,..-4-,-,- -K-.-....--'-v '-'1- ' an " J I uf 7 ' 1 n K If 3 Sv I , ' ' ' .4 U 1 sf 4 . . N , . "' 4 , 1 H. -N 1 , Q . , "1 -fa l. 5 . F .. ' 4- ' I " s if ,- l ' ,. -. A ' , ., - -1 Q L. , - T- 0 1 ' ' f ' fi 1 ' . A ' ' 1- , ' 4 ,, X ' 1. in 1 N Q f Q W -, - ,A 1 ,, w 5, - , .. ', 31 X Q 1 , - . . , ,wg- . I . , Q ,J 3 ' , .5 ,E , sw Q A 5 . 1 3 4.1 :lu---as -Quan -uf Q-A-s-.91 .4-vw-,., '- V ' - , f P- A I " ""' Q. -1- -4-f-.-,-.1-up-7-.1-n..f1 ...-,.....1-V-....,-Q.-. -.-M.,--.-.-,1 .,.,,,,,.,.,.,, ., ,,,- ,,,, . in V wh Y vm H fr 'L H I x '15 E Q 1 f Q 4- .1 1 I F . e as .1 k 6- , .1 4 Z ., 4. fu . , .5- QN, if I .. 4-., "' u ' v. Q 5 f .I A - lb fi v if wi li 6 ,- U 5 e ,gi I . I Y J U . ,aww-,,,5..1,, 12 .-sman. ,, -,bv-N1-. ..-Kz,un...L 3414- - ---Y--A ' Y' "" "'A' """"

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