University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Dentistry - Bushwacker Yearbook (Kansas City, MO)

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University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Dentistry - Bushwacker Yearbook (Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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'Q 0 'lm 0 v r 1 A 3 F' H... s :4,',ff'f T .- , ' V 'E ...,- .,,. .,- - g:,.g'1-GLW? v I Zi' -.-,gl-1 1.x-.--:pi-1':a:3,21b :'!ZA-- -. , W A fi mr l ' lf- l Y, f 577-W V--Y - V V --41 ,-?L i , -- . 'ag 9 ' , , , f f A.- 14, f- ,- -W ' - ' ' ' ' Y ' 7'- " V-333 ,,..f r ' 1 f , , Ad, gun, --YW WEL, f ' H W' -- f F-W W V . Y 7,5 7404 ,, Qfffkblgf KAW V TY W ,M -H ,AW .. ,, ,, Y , - YW -T ---- A fdvv- - A2 lm ,LW .,, , , Qgefr -- H V - 'Y 4 ,Q ' .311 ,Q W V -,-?A?L Y -ur - nk- .? - gig ' :,-:E -- fuzrii- Y "'g' ' , W , . -A f 4-7 riff - I , M., , -,, ,WT ---V 1-3.-1:g,.afgT.?1,,.,..zf.fgmQ,-,,j.v.r.,-Tiara:-A-21-M A-f-H------ulr' Y Y- f H5 ef- H f-.1 X'K-539' ,, '1'?Tfv1 ffxfksfflv 4:f,tP3,,Y:j?jV F., . ,,, K. 5 v YQXV ' 3' ,-H61 -fu 'E -3 Lv .1 1 Dm l I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I 1 I' I ' .I ,I I I ' I l I I I I I I I I I I I I I E . I I I I 5 I I 1 I I . I I I I I I I I I I 4 A Z ? 4 KANSAS CITY WESTERN DENTAL COLLEGE cwzus D.sM1TH EDWIN riNEwB'ERRY x.,.,.mw-N" I 1 X fl 1 , jf .1 'f2.gv N gk . cigvq , .51 4 - 4, fl. v -r ,M,:Y , iw' .gr , 7 'Z 'B' .4 ,rf-. .. ggi M L'A"'fif'2' x is ff? ' ll - ass? . X ' ?:1 if , pf f ff?-'?Qi,K-,I " " .f' " ia AQ' "HQ-2 A - . Th 5135 Q -' , Fi fl N fi' " 'Q ' 4' . HIS PROFESSION OF D 'g f ' t ni:- tr .' DIVINE ART R IF y ,. . ...,,'- K '32 K " 'X ' 5 INTRICATE Q5 ATIVE 'Q1 31TY5g .:. 5 V -, 25: Ziff TYTQ. . A g:1:. fx Y' I -7 f 7 -11,2 :ff I: TO MAKE BEE wi V Q N I , L , A, A ' Q' vi i J. ' 4 ,2,f's:'f -' '14 -' . . Tl R '7 RT.'g'f A X Q Q1 A Wm ,K 5 I -N if lf If. ' 2 "T ' j 4 51 L,ff,-,,g-27.15-11 ' f .4 v-' 1 ,, 1 . fi .i 2 "'f2'f- A Wi. " . T . , . . 1 'lj-V h, U ' - . -1121:r'.Zf:'f?'i'r9' if-' f A ' 'i?:j '- 4" -" , ' -L f. i ---"' ' J - g z .4:g i 5 .ffl , fi -'RIT I "' - 1- .' , -, 1' . :A f '- ,gif :YQ - l' , . iff.-w 1 -- 5 . i'g55,,'v f. - 1-Lf:--1 T : J, ,. ai- K- 4 -. .sf ,.'. f ' 4" ' ' 1Q?'?Q,?fif?.F Z nf? Q Y .rl 'V ,112 - , i 5, ' n'-M .'g,x4 . ' L1 V ,. I .. .,Y ' ' ' ' In ,f 9. 1 , I . ,1 ff ,. P y A X 'I ,,-' "if-if 1 I ff!! ijgfg, jg 6 ff' a, t f' f ff Lf 3, ,V 4 ..' 1' ' -A ,J ' . f L ,ff It is in schools like this where lifetime friends are made, and in a book like this that their memories are kept so we can visit with them often. We sincerely hope you may enjoy it and in the future fy ff 1 2 fl 5 fi fi 7 S 6 ff' fl' ,,-,N ! 72 I If ,ff ,f ff' l f'i'filqiTfTf -- I , Qi, - ff? tl i If f I Y hx 17 V , X' J , '4 . ll ll ll I IL S 7' xX,,,,,,i"'f . ADIVIINISIIQAIIQN I I CLASSES ACTIVITIES IIIQATEIQNITIES EEATURES ADVERTISEMENTS re-live the memories of the school year of 1938. We've tried to present an informal and impartial cross section of student life. May these pages recall the humorous as well as the seri- ous side of the year. The Staff. 5 3 2 Z 0 Z M 7 ? 2? 5 2 Z 2 af 5 fi 3 Q1 .5 G' th! x 1 ,f g'J 'fp 'Ar X :Ma . y ' ye qs ,SV 0 I 1 QW Zfff' . ,AZ ,, 1 ' fr it I H LZ 4 M Z , , W ?, Ve 5 f? X gg :X J, i 1 -G-'K 41 15, ,fl 3' gig, , 2. A I 6 o 47 4 ,, , f ' 4 1 f ' 2 1, , 1 1:15 ' -,V ' - V.....,- Y,,Y Y Y :law -,.,,.,., ,,,,v., ,........... .,..-5'-. M .- f my f Q V, fy gf 4 7, .,, 2 f fn A , A 1 V f 4 ,If , X ,f fwf ww' WW' f "W 2 Q STUDY . . . ICDHN HOLLYIVIAN ,',.j.1-5.,,...,.Z ....:,.--5..Y,..-,A--v,-,.-,1---:---4:-- l -A-----.-.....,. . oo A Pr 2 iv 0,2221 "ff -v , Q12 . . X , X iw' ,K 'Z V E 3 ,Mi ,Offs fi Q 3 2 f s 2 1 3 3 , f ff ' 7 .V 4, . -9 S Q Y very: X-N. 12 ' x Q, ww ., 'lf ' .3 MQ , ,, D 22 f , .V f 1 6? - mf ef' Q94 ii Q 4 5 , N , , VY A Q B K 5 fi N A 5 Q V x 92 3 0 , Q 45 Q , 4 0 Q Q 5, S S 4 V5 ax Ja 1 is ,,,,,WWW0 WV A M f K0 v 4 42 'ZQQMJ 'ZQ A-c ,CD N ! f fx ' k X A77 1 - ' f' ' 3 ff' M017 7 .H . .,, A X W1-4 ' 7 X ,- ? f Y 2 7 , w We , f ' , ,Aw , 1Qyf,f,f0jf' f,fj,g4g - X 'Q I if' ,Qu ,, j K Wx, f,f,z ' if , 1 I ' Y v 4 f Af .....f-4-. 233 ,W W 49 2 if f -www 5, Q ff X Q,-W ,?v,-n - .153-,nv,-112:-133i?D?1-ef11?ii"-1-'f ,' " , , -.,-.' A. - 4 . , --j- ' -- A' v --"- '24-P bu- - K -V I ' - , . . ' I ' f?f'57 5 ' I , , f 'f , , ' f 'f , 4 - A , f . ff I ,W ' I . - f I P N 7 ' fa- I5 4 I: , V x - ,M 'Q ,,.f,.-wx ,Q , ,K A ' ' W Q 1 . . 6 if M 5 2 fl, Q f '4f,.,,4,fzf ' ,QW f-, .Mm , z , 5 " 5 2 Mei' ww , 1 f I 2 2 I 5 f f W ww, M, K' .1 6 W.. ,imp , x . 5 ' fa W"'?zx .gg QQQVZQQ f ef ,. Wuwwyf-,-X w'Q111f ff M 4 .f 'V A 3 , - K aww f' ' f ' , in , If ,, V, ' - .,-- ,lkk W 5 My ,,0,,,,,,,,N,,,,N, - . ww-aw an-"9 ' . ,,.., , -I f f 1 I J . H 1' . .xi 1 , " I txt 1 -EL 1-. ., , ? X Y A Vi if 1-Q1 N If r Q . V guy x 6 'Q 'f- it if 'I g . ,'T'v'r'Pi ' Q44 we -fy-,im lx v 1 v 'hw x.,,,,jy i'v1:f-:ar-:i'1,1..l Y, -7 VV 7 - -.-. -1 - vi K ,S 9 F , T r Y iw' E7 21 E! ii 1 -VS s. I L P 5 1 4 , n- ri , N I w 152 Lf M , .M 3 1 ,X fx A ,lf lsf, W 2 ' ' i '- 4 ,JN I V - ' ' I Iv n . l Epi 1 5 wi. Y A , V I V Hu - 'W I 5 N .11 -7-s W iz Z I I-1 A I 5 I W 1 KANSAS CITY-WESTERN DENTAL CGI .I .EGF HE history of dental education in Kansas City covers a period of over half a century. Criginally there were two dental schools in Kansas City, the Kansas City Dental College, established in 1881, and the Western Dental College, organized in 1890. These two schools continued as independent institutions until july 1, 1919, when they were consolidated, forming the Kansas City-Western Dental College. The trustees are men who were selected because of their civic leadership and their interest in public health and education. Their services in this capacity were not secured from a monetary compensation, but because of their interest in public and charitable affairs. President Harold P. Kuhn is an eminent surgeon of Kansas City. Vice-Presi- dent George P. Melcher is superintendent of the public school system. Secretary Roy james Rinehart has for more than twenty-five years previous to his full-time deanship practiced dentistry part time and devoted the remainder of his time as an executive of the institution, and Treasurer Ralph L. Adams is trust officer for the Commerce Trust Company. This board of trustees acting for the citizens of Kansas City has been successful in maintaining a progressive and strong cur- riculum and a faculty of more than fifty members whose careful selection has been based upon ability and experience. I TRUSTEES l W , f f f XO , , Ly ' HAROLD P KUHN GEORGE P. MELCHER ROY JAMES RINEHART RALPH L ADAMS A B M D., .F.A.C.S. A.B., A.M., LL.D. D.D.s., F.A.C.D. LL B Page 17 ,i-. E.. .-S V Jw I f ,, ,,,, , f , f ,. Y YOUNG friends-what a day! No generation has witnessed such a day as OUR DAY! The fruits of science and invention strain the imagination. just what part OUR DAY may signify in this great whirl of world affairs, y we may not exactly know, but whatever it is or may be, we, as students in our chosen field, with a definite purpose in mind, are here to play the part and now Page 18 2 is our time. Each day is OUR DAY, but if we allow the frivolous affairs of life to take possession of us or if we accept the temptations of mental apathy, we will not be on hand to take part in the affairs of OUR DAY. V The genuine affairs of life are mighty, almost frightening if we are possessed with timid souls: but if we have courage, imagination and action, our day will be filled with worthwhile reality. Recreation, social activity and a sense of humor are also necessary for a fruitful day. We should cultivate our sense of humor- it will help us over many obstacles, prevent many conflicts and make the road smoother. Good nature and clear thinking are successful partners. Procrastination is the most active opposition to a successful day. What a lot of it is in our midst! And then we wonder why, why did we succumb to its temptation, why can't we move onward though we have failed? But even procrastination is no reason for failure. Although we can not have the fruits of the day that is lost, we must remember that THIS DAY IS OUR DAY. Rally again and again and again if necessary. Timid soul, procrastinator, shirker-there is no time nor place for you. Those at your side will crowd you back and rightly so, and the only part you will play in OUR DAY will be biting the dust of the onward marchers-the valiant ones who realize the tremendous work, the glorious opportunities and the magnificent purpose of OUR DAY! R. J. RINEHART will 1 ,I Q- ' ' "W "" QW" "" , ' 'V Y M,-''t"" " nun!! 'f-2 'W 'W ' -::g:r'.':..'21l aura an f 'N ' ' """ ,',,,, Y , , , Wff,f"' ,W Y W 1-:7...A'f3...,1f'f sunsnmzz -in t W ""' """ "'' WW--. iq 4. ll? i ff' is ily ab Page 19 l A will NHT l fl nip It .-.-... 2. SUPERINTENDENT OF INFIRMARY L RALPH W. EDWARDS, D.D.s., F.A.c.D. ITH the title of Doctor one is privileged to teach his fellowman to live longer, look better, and be happier. Although, constantly battling tempera- ment and often seeing his sound advice met with indifference, he must serve as best he can, whenever he can. For Dr. Edwards this title is doubly significant. He must supervise the train- ing of the future Doctors of Dentistry and see that they are capable of serving their clientele in a manner becoming the Dental Profession. He not only handles his position with apparent ease but at the same time instills confidence and friendship into the minds of students. Page 20 REGISTRAR NORMAN A. MOORE, A.B., D.D.s. R. MOORE perhaps has more intimate contact with the students than any other instructor. He examines their transcripts and former grades, outlines their curriculum, and instructs them during each of their first three years of school. His exactness is a Part of his personality. Everyone in his department learns sooner or later that this exactness is most essential to their speed and efficiency. He has little to say, but the thoroughness of his technique and lectures conveys a world of meaning to all who are eager to learn. It is from men like Mr. Moore that we learn to regulate our time, our efforts, and our abilities so that we might become successful in our profession. Page 21 Bower Cogswell Elliott Koritschoner Carr Koehler Eversull Dillon Stewart Allshouse Clayton Huntington Fahringer McFarland Moore Skinner Hann Ficca I 3 " fr RICHARD L. BOWER, D.D.S., M.D., STEPHEN M. FAHRINGER, A.B., F.A.C.S. D.D.S. . . . Associate Professor of Materia Medica Instructor in Preventive Dentistry and and Therapeutics. PY0f1'hea' WILTON W. COGSWELL, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Professor of Oral Surgery, Post-grad- uate Division. B. .LANDIS ELLIOTT, B.S., M.D. Physiology. ROBERT KORITSCHONER, M.D. Professor of General Pathology. L. E. CARR, D.D.S. Instructor in Crown and Bridge. CHARLES A. KOEHLER, B.S., M.D. Instructor in Anatomy. C. R. LAWRENCE, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Office Management. C. G. PORTER, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Associate Professor of Prosthetic Den- tistry. F. H. EVERSULL, D.D.S. Instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry Diagnosis. E. L. STEWART, M.D. Professor of Histology and Bacteri- olo gy. HARRY ALLSHOUSE, Jr., D.D.S. Professor of Orthodontia. JOHN M. CLAYTON, D.D.S. Instructor in Pedodontia. F. W. HUNTINGTON, A.B., A.M., D.D.S. A Professor of Chemistry and Physics. L. V. HILL, B.S., M.S., M.D. Professor of Anatomyg Director of Anatomical Laboratory. r J. D. SCOTT, D.D.S. Associate Professor of Crown and Bridge. , E. L. DILLON, D.D.S. Instructor in Dental Technics. H. RICHARD McFARLAND, A.B., B.S., D.D.S. Instructor in Hygiene and Exodontia. N. A. MOORE, A.B., D.D.S. Professor of Physiology. E.. H. SKINNER, M.D., F.A.C.R. Radiology. C. S. HANN, A.B., A.M. Instructor in Comparative Dental Anat- omy. ERNEST W. FICCA, D.D.S. Clinical Instructor. and RALPH W. EDWARDS, Bs., D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Professor of Operative Dentistry, Oral Pathology an d Superintendent of Infirmary. ALBERT L. REEVES, B..S.D., A.B. Lecturer on Dental jurisprudence. C. W. SAWYER, D.D.S. Associate Professor of Operative Den- tistry and Dental Anatomy. ALBERT L. REEVES, Jr., A.B., LL.B. Dental Jurisprudence. Page 22 V Sheldex O'De1l Lawrence Porter Calmee Hill ' Scott Davidsq Edwards Reeves Sawyer Reeves I F94 Porter Scott Reeves Reeves Craig ' Robinson Saw Neff Walters Rine HOMER M. SHELDEN, D.D.S. Orthodontia. J. c. WARNOCK, D.D.S. Shelden Warnock Dental Economics. O'De1l Brown Calmes Allen EARL H. WNESTENI-IAVER, D.D.S. Davidson McFarland Oral Su1'gefY- HUBERT M. PARKER, A.B., M.A., M.D. Instructor in Special Pathology. L. P. ENGEL, A.B., M.D., F.A.C.S. Associate Professor of Oral Surgery. DON E. WOODWARD, D.D.S., M.S.D. Oral Diagnosis. Westenhaver Parker Engel Woodard Padgett hill Stookey White hart Kuhn Budd FA ULTY PAUL F. STOOKEY, M.D. Instructor in Special Pathology. W. W. WHITE, D.D.S. Instructor in Pedodontia and Ortho- dontia. G. W. HILLIAS, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. History of Dentistry. F. M. CALMES, B.S., D.D.S. Associate Professor of Radiodontia and Operative Dentistry. H. WILSON ALLEN, D.D.S. Exodontia. FRANK C. NEFF, M.D., Sc.D. Campbell Hillias Hamilton EARL C. PADGETT, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S. - Associate Professor of Oral Surgery. DAYTON DUNBAR CAMPBELL, D.D.S. Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry. C. W. O'DELL, B.S., D.D.S. Associate Professor of Oral Pathology. JOHN V. BROWN, D.D.S. Instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry. EMMETT CRAIG, D.D.S. Professor of Exodontia, Minor Oral Surgery and Anesthesia. G. WILSE ROBINSON, jr., A.B., M.D. Psychiatry. J. A. SAWHILL, D.D.S. Professor of Radiodontia. Instructor in Diet and Nutrition. A. L. WALTERS, D.D.S. Preventive Dentistry, Diet and Nutri- tion. R. J. RINEHART, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Dean of the Faculty, Professor of -Crown and Bridge. H. P. KUHN, A.B., M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Oral Surgery. A. S. BUDD, D.D.S., Ph.G. Clinical Instructor and Medicine. B. BATES HAMILTON, D.D.S., M.S.D. Instructor in Anesthesia. LYNVAL E. DAVIDSON, D.D.S. Associate Professor of Operative Den- tistry. H. M. McFARLAND, D.D.S. Lecturer on Oral Surgery. Page 23 ig ..,. M alle O Eli! A January 4, 1938, Helen Marie Hawkenberry, shown in foreground, replaced Helen H. Adams in the office and as secretary to the Dean. CDIJFICE PERSQNNEL D. Evelyn Hannah Blanche Stires Helen H. Adams Mary K. Orr Margret B. Potts Marie Butner G.D.H. G.D.H. Supervisor of Dispensary Dental H ygienists Office Office Office Information Page 24 Dr. Rinehart Dr. Allen Dr. Richmond Dr. Carr Rauch Dietz Creighton h INTER-FRATERNITY CQUNCIL l i t Schuman Pauls Waits Dunn Felt Thomas McFarland McMillan Mitchell Brown Clark Morgan N i 4 E555 4 i' it iiii if ij,-7gi1,::i,.-.1,c...ZV-T - e B Sf---'----f l 9 .,.- '- X . 2' 1 1 f . J 1 gf k r -1 5, ,..4 I If -.f f , X N X EJ: J x 4 Y 1 v , fy f if , ' 1 If J f 1 .J cf.. f M! I af I . K f ,. fwgfbzg :He ,fix I Y, f 'Hin 41, 42225732 ff. ff "'f' . f.f1,, .Lf,',','1A . .A Y 35,4 ifvg,'1L',: 41, ,Q 0-4 -' f ., ,., . M my ,g,arfff,,f:: r. , n-?.L'cu. : A f ,f- 110 -,Q . .lol-1 9' ' .,241"2g1ii' .3f:, ,-,. --1 -f:Qffi??f.:1 ' "it, ff" , .v'71f?153f4"f', ' , ' .NL23:?f1:'4a',x7A- qfzlf-:'aL' "4 ' .4 v.:1. - 4-A kg 17. ,L- ,-'mf , , QL ff fm 1 f, f x, 'Q 5 I. 'nr-M ,QV A, ' - -, mf: , ,f,L-:f- Www , 14- 1- ' 11,641 ff .V 1 ff1"f ,,. vu ,,4,,nA 129 Q . Ffilfz, 22 ' 2.1: H . ,. mn 11' "' -f ,yy -, ' , 'c14P:" ' 1 , fiii' 11732 Tr, 727245 5 4 4 -'Y WZZSQ-f'i53'fVW , 1 ,-QfA'f',1i,'.f r . ,A ,fum ,,. f,f,g'ni.11,,.-.4 V 1234! ,U ,, .,. I if 'Q W6 24 ,'w N , f f 'X . .- ,A 41: , . f L M LIGHTNER Preszdent Guymon, Oklahoma eming, New Mexico Panhandle A8cM College Central College New Mexico A8zM University of Oklahoma Glee Club ' University of Kansas CCIHIDICS Xi Psi Phi University of Southern California Delta Sigma Delta P51 Omega ROBERT LEE LOVE j BYRNE Vzce Preszdent Secretary Charles.ton, Missouri D ' foie -fur' -f TN Ns S WE look back it doesn't seem long. Only four years ago our senior year seemed to be a very distant and unattainabl l work and good fortune we have arrived. e goa , however, through hard It hasn't been p n once in awhile the bridges were missing. At other times things went well and w h e t ought perhaps we might become Dentists worthy of the name. a smooth road. There have been many bum s a d There is a group of men to whom we owe more than we can ever repa yi The Faculty. Each and every one of this group has had only one thought-to teach ey have worked hard, and have given freely of their time in order that we might advance. I take this opportunity in behalf of the class of '58 to humbly thank the Faculty for their sincere interest. May we give as freely of our knowledge in the future years. us the fundamentals of our profession. Th To the remainder of the student body we give this toast: May the worst of it be all the best of it for you. BYRNE Page 27 . - - Z- ------i f-uevrvs-vrvnaaf ,gm ,,1...., . PABLO R. ALANIS . . Monterrey, N. L. Mexico University of Arkansas CARL K. ALMQUIST . Sedalia, Missouri Central College University of Kansas City Glee Club Xi Psi Phi SETH E. ANDERSON . . . Greenleaf, Kansas Hay's State Teachers College T. W. ARNOLD, jr. . . Butler, Missouri University of Kansas University of Missouri EUGENE T. BEERS . . . Kansas City, Kansas Kansas City, Kansas junior College William Jewell College University of Kansas LOREN E. CLAWSON . Lexington, Missouri Central Missouri Teachers College junior Student Council E. D. COEEIELD . . Drumright, Oklahoma Oklahoma A 8: M KELLEY E. CROCKETT . Kansas City, Kansas Asbury College . Kansas City, Kansas Junior College Glee Club EARLE R. CUNNINGHAM . . Tulsa, Oklahoma University of Oklahoma Orthodontia Psi Omega J. PAUL DARNELL . . Liberty, Missouri Central Missouri Teachers College Page 28 Lf' " 3"-. ""N, N 'R-.xl 'xx ' , ' I x ,M mug! 4-XM ,i MAURICE B. EMBRY . Trenton Junior College E MW .1 ix,.:5," . Trenton, Missouri DR. LUDWIG FISCHBEIN . El Paso, Texas University of Wuerzburg - University of Muenster H. E. FRANCKE .... William Jewell College Kansas City Junior College Editor the 1937 Bushwhacker Orthodontia Delta Sigma Delta JOHN E. Gosslarr . Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City Junior College William Jewell College Exodontia Delta Sigma Delta G. W. GRAMMER . -. University of Kansas Kansas State College KENNETH N. HENDE University of Utah Prosthetics HOWARD T. HENRY . . University of Arkansas Delta Sigma Delta WARREN R. HESTER, function City, Kansas RSON, Salt Lake City, U. S pringdale, Arkansas Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. William Jewell College Freshman President Sophomore Secretary Exodontia Delta Sigma Delta PAUL W. HOEL . . University of Wyoming Surgery Psi Omega WILLIAM J. HURT Central State Teacher Junior Secretary Surgery Page 29 . Basin, Wyoming . Edmond, Oklahoma s College ,. 4 , . 4 I 'C I x TN, F1 'L I , ,- -t .I - e.....u f ,- HOWARD BERNHARD JOHNSON . Kansas City, Mo. Kansas City Junior College JOHN T. KELLEY . . Waco, Texas Baylor University Xi Psi Phi TED A. KENNEDY . .. Lawrence, Kansas University of Kansas ' DON JAY KILLEBREW . Siloam Springs, Ark. University of Arkansas Sophomore Student Council Xi Psi Phi HOWARD ERNEST LAMBORN . Denver, Colorado Colorado State College University of Kansas City University of Kansas WALTER LOGAN LESLIE, Jr., B.S., A.B. . . . . . . . Russellville, Missouri Jefferson City Junior College St. Louis University Central Missouri Teachers College Fellowship in Histology Fellowship in Oral Pathology W. O. DICKEY . . . Leoti, Kansas Colorado College University of Colorado Junior President Business Manager the 1937 Bushwhacker CLARENCE E. LUDLOW, Olelalooma City, Okla. 4 University of Oklahoma Orthodontia Psi Omega ALFRED C. S. LUM . . . Honolulu, Hawaii University of Southern California San Jose State College University of Kansas City JACK MANDELL . . . Houston, Texas Johns Hopkins University Page 30 ......... -..-...-....r,- - - ., ax. -.,-........4.........L.....,,... -- i fflaxi -F' lf I,Pe,A A4--M: 131. .RRR - Y...4 ,X !,:,x !,..xx Ffa: X . Q XA- 1 J '1 . 1 Y: K j 1. 3 get -. es. 2 R -Oy K, ,Q X.,,.J' .......l.J. .l.. 2-Nj 1,1 'x,,.! .L. ,L, kj X.,-J cs-,I DON B. MCALLISTER . . Fayetteville, Arkansas University of Arkansas University of Alabama Sophomore Student Council Junior Student Council Crown and Bridge Xi Psi Phi PARMA D. MCKENNON, Jr. . Fort Smith, Ark. Fort Smith Junior College Freshman Vice-President Xi Psi Phi H. BRUCE McKINNEY . Baxter Springs, Kansas University of Kansas Delta Sigma Delta JAMES P. MILES . . Hobart, Oklahoma University of Oklahoma A G. E. MILLER ..g. Smithville, Missouri William Jewell College Warrensburg Teachers College ' Kansas City, Kansas Junior College RICHARD T. OLIVER . Tulsa, Oklahoma William Jewell College University of Oklahoma B. W. OSBORN, B.S. . . Gave, Kansas Fort Hays State College , William Jewell College Editor the 1936 Bushwhacker Glee Club President 1936, 1937 Xi Psi Phi CHARLES E. PAULS . Canon City, Colorado Western State College Freshman Student Council Senior Student Council Psi Omega DEE C. PENNINGTON . . Reydon, Oklahoma Central State Teachers College Surgery RICHARDVG. RAHNER . Kansas City, Kan. Kansas City, Kansas Junior College Delta Sigma Delta Page 31 Tw F X A , ,I , My L...,-..? Y - -.-.If 1 f -f B. H. ROBERTSON . Alamogordo, New Mexico New Mexico A 81 M Delta Sigma Delta LEO A. ROGERS . Pretty Prairie, Kansas Hutchinson junior College Kansas State College Sophomore Student Council Ceramics Delta Sigma Delta EVERETT A. SALYER . . Denver, Colorado Washburn College Crown and Bridge ROBERT C. SAMPLE . Somerville, Alabama William Jewell College I Orthodontia Delta Sigma Delta HUGH A. SAVAGE . . Monte Vista, Colorado William Jewell College CLYDE F. SCHUMAN . El Dorado, Kansas El Dorado junior College Freshman Vice-President Senior Student Council Xi Psi Phi g EARL R. SHEETS . . Newton, Kansas Wichita University Prosthetics Psi Omega BISHOP M. SHIELDS . Enid, Oklahoma Phillips University Xi Psi Phi VERNE A. STARK . . . Patterson, California Graceland College Freshman Student Council Glee Club Psi Omega Page 32 STANLEY S. SURDELL . . Milwaukee, Wisconsifi St. Mary's of Michigan Marque He University Georgetown University Terris Institute WM. I. TABATA . . Aiea, Oahu, Hawaii William Jewell College Junior Student Council Delta Sigma Delta JACK TALLEY . . Hobart, Oklahoma University of Oklahoma Junior Vice-President Prosthetics A THOMAS G. N. TALTY . Watertown, S. D. Columbia College St. Benedicts College Creighton University Psi Omega JAS P. THOMAS . . . Tulsa, Oklahoma Cameron Junior College S. J. WAITS, B.S. . Shreveport, Louisiana Louisiana State University University of Arkansas Centenary College Senior Student Council Delta Sigma Delta HUGH R. VVALLACE . . Kansas City, Missouri William Jewell College Delta Sigma Delta EDWARD E. WHEELER, Jr. . Ottawa, Kansas Ottawa University University of Kansas J. C. YORK ..... McAlester, Oklahoma Eastern Oklahoma College Page 33 A FAREWELL To MY SCI-IQQLMATES ELL, gang-it looks like "goodbye.', I Gosh, it hurts to say that- Never tho't I would, but, dern it Can't help it-there's a tear in my eye. For four long years, I've sweated- For four long years, I've cursed. But now that it's all over, I feel my heart will burst. You may think the "goin' " is tough, . But it's really not so bad- Doesn't take much recalling, To bring back the good times we've Here's just a little hint, boys- Take it for what it's worth. "The more you put into life, The greater your reward on Earth'5. Here I go out in the world- No, doesn't scare me a bit. I may not lick the battles of Life, But I'll give 'em a Hell of a "'fit". Don't feel sorry for me-- Just lend me a good, sharp axe, It'll come in pretty handy, For "cutting" my income tax. Page 34 21 THE SENIGR E. L. SULLIVAN XWILLIAM V. PETERS W. HARRY LENNARD, AB President Vice-President Secretary Russell, Kansas Elizabeth, New. Jersey Morganville, Kansas University Junior College University of Alabama Baker University Xi Psi Phi Psi Omega University -of Kansas Glee Club Delta Sigma Delta TUNICDRS E ARE fortunate, we members of the junior Class. We have struggled, worked diligently, and worried long but at last have arrived at our present status. Our freshman year was filled to overflowing with books and plaster. We wrestled elusive Anatomy, hammered unmanageable brass and cast aluminum to the four winds. We-and our instructors, had a common bond-Despair. Our sophomore year brought added horrors . . . the Mouth Mirror, the Dentech and Pathology. We gradually learned to handle the Mirror, the teeth in the Dentech weren't too hard to remove, and, if we were careful we weren't caught every time we went to sleep in Pathology. We worked in the children's clinic. That in itself was hard work. We were forced to extend ourselves to our utmost to cope with the children. We had to call upon every bit of our knowledge and experience to prepare and fill those submerged cavities. So it went, we were pretty smart, and we were mighty proud of those white gowns. This year we made our debut into general Dentistry. Now we're working mostly on adults. We've acquired a new lease on life. Our confidence is com- ing back in leaps and bounds. Naturally we have our set-backs . . . we can't expect to be as adept as the seniors think they are. But we'll learn. That is the beauty of our junior year. Next year most of us will be seniors and that thought alone brings a reward surpassing all understanding. W. HARRY LENNARD ' Page 35 ANDREW B. ANDERSON . Kansas City, Missouri Kansas State College A JOHN H. BERRY . Mcfllester, Oklahoma University of Oklahoma Psi Omega CHARLES K. BLACK . . Kansas City, Missouri University of Kansas City William Jewell College ROBERT KILBORN BOWERS . Wheeler, Tex. Baker University Glee Club Delta Sigma Delta KENNETH T. BURKE . . Kansas City, Missouri William Jewell College Xi Psi Phi RICHARD S. CHIKASUYE . Honolulu, H. University of Kansas City PAUL E. CLARK . . . Kansas City, Missouri William Jewell College ' University of Kansas City K. CLOND . . . Kansas City, Missouri William Jewell College WALTER F. COGSWELL . Colorado Springs, Colo. Colorado College CALVIN M. COOPER, Jr. . Columbus, Kan. Park College Xi Psi Phi ROBERT W. COWDEN . . Kansas City, Kansas Kansas City Junior College Psi Omega J. L. CREIGHTON . Manhattan, Kansas Kansas State College Xi Psi Phi Page 36 BERNARD DIETZ . Hoisinglon, Kansas Hebron Junior College Kansas State College Glee Club Psi Omega EDWARD C. DRACE . Keytewille, Missouri University of Missouri University of Kansas City Glee Club Delta Sigma Delta ROY HAROLD DUNN . . Dardanelle, Arkansas Arkansas Polytechnic College V University of Kansas City Delta Sigma Delta WILMER B. EAMES . Grand Valley, Colo. Kansas City junior College University of Kansas City Glee Club Xi Psi Phi EMERSON R. ECKHART . . Lincoln, Kansas University of California, L. A. University of Kansas b NEWELL o. FEELEY . . ' Topeka, Kansas Washburn College Xi Psi Phi CHARLES W. FELT . . Salem, Missouri Central College William Jewell College Psi Omega RICHARD B. EOCHT . Stafford, Missouri Drury College Delta Sigma Delta BERNARD B. FOGEL, B.A. . Kansas City, Missouri University of Kansas City JOHN G. GERARD . Chickasha, Oklahoma University of Oklahoma Rockhurst College Delta Sigma Delta CHAS. H. GLASS . . . . Tulsa, Oklahoma University of Oklahoma Oklahoma A 8: M S University of Tulsa University of Kansas City T. O. GRAHAM, A.B. . Tablequab, Okla. University of Oklahoma University of Missouri Psi Omega V Page 37 - ,fa F. P. HATFIELD, B.S. . Olathe, Kansas University of Florida Delta Sigma Delta ROBERT W. HERR . . Quincy, Illinois University of Kansas City P. J. HEYBURN, jr. . . . Fort Scott, Kansas Fort Scott junior College Psi Omega DON G. -IEPSON . . Sioux City, Iowa Kansas City junior College Trinity College JOHN MYERS KINGSLEY . . Miller, Missouri University of Kansas City Psi Omega G. KOONCE . . . Brisfow, Oklahoma Bristow junior College Rockhurst College CLIFFORD H. LeHEW . . Pawnee, Oklahoma Baker University University of Oklahoma Glee Club DAVID S. LONG, jr. . Harrisomfille, Mo. Wentworth Military Academy Central Missouri Teachers College University of Kansas City Glee Club Xi Psi Phi LON W. LYLE . . . Tulsa, Oklahoma University of Colorado University of Tulsa University of Kansas City Rockhurst College Xi Psi Phi . GERALD B. MASON . Salisbury, Missouri University of Kansas City Psi Omega J. C. MAYS .... . Franklin, Kansas Pittsburg Teachers College William Jewell College University of Kansas City Psi Omega RALPH E. MCALLISTER . Winfield, Kansas Southwestern College Psi Omega Page 38 "off it fax 'Sz fra f i Lklrwbs 5 If ffaaf' DJ.. ICJ 'X.w,f STUART K. McCRARY . . Highland junior College University of Kansas HARRY McINNIS, A.B. . University of Oklahoma Phillips University Glee Club JACK D. MOORE, B.S. . . . East Central Teachers College George Peabody College Glee Club Delta Sigma Delta M. L. MOORE . Cameron College University junior Psi Omega College EDWIN D. NEWBERRY Northeastern Teachers College University of Tulsa 'lfX'UFN lin! .," 'K X-" - -, .1 N W,' xswx Atchison, Kansas Enid, Oklahoma Arla, O klaho ma . . Duncan, Oklahoma . Sand Springs, Oklahoma Business Manager the 1938 Bushwhacker Delta Sigma Delta WILLIAM A. NEWMAN .g University of Kansas Delta Sigma Delta Kansas City, Kan. RAYMOND H. OAKLEAF . . Linclshorg, Kansas Bethany College RICHARD B. OGLE, B.S. . Clinfon, Oklahoma University of Oklahoma Southwestern State Teachers Oklahoma A 8: M W. RICHARD OSBORN . . . University of Kansas City Warrensburg State Teachers College College Odessa, Missouri NORMAN PATTERSON, B.S. . Braymer, lllo. University of Missouri University of Kansas OREN RALSTGN , . Carlhage, Missouri Ozark Junior College JACK B.RAUCH . . Westminster College Delta Sigma Delta ' Page 39 foplin, lVIl5SOIl7'i CHARLES A. G. REID . . Humboldt, Nebraska University of Kansas City Peru State Teachers College Glee Club Xi Psi Phi LINDEN RHODES, B.S. . Enid, Oklahoma Enid Business College Phillips University Oklahoma A 8: M University of Oklahoma LLOYD W. RICHARDSON . . Tiffin, lllissouri University of Missouri Park College Psi Omega FERRIS N. SHADID, B.B.A. . Elk City, Olala. American University of Beirut University of Kansas City ALVIN WILLIAM SHULTZ . Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City junior College CYRUS D. SMITH . . Eufaula, Oklahoma Connors junior College Oklahoma A 8: M Editor the 1938 Bushwhacker JOHN THYR SORENSEN . Kansas City, Missou'1'i Bethany College University of Kansas City Delta Sigma Delta K. M. STONE . Colorado Springs, Colorado Colorado College RICHARD A. SWENSON . . Clay Center, Kansas College of Emporia University of Kansas City Glee Club Psi Omega ' MILTON S. TAUBMAN . Oklahoma City, Okla. University of Oklahoma G. A. THOMAS . . Wichita, Kansas Wichita University Xi Psi Phi W. M. THOMAS . Independence, Missouri Kansas City junior College University of Kansas City Psi Omega Page 40 Cl .ASS CDE 1939 JOHN C. TREFZ .... Carrollton, Missouri University of Kansas City MERRILL G. WHEATCROFT . Digbton, Kansas Fort Hays College J. ELMER WART . . . Parsons, Kansas University of Kansas City - , Xi Psi Phi W. I.. ZIVELL . . Kansas City, Missouri Northeast Junior College Xi Psi Phi DATES WE REMEMBER September 20: September 21 September 24 September 25 September 27 September 28: September 29 October 4: October 6: October 11: October 23: School officially opens. The freshmen are inquisitive and the seniors dignified. Sophomores and juniors appear normal. Most of us enrolled yesterday. Today the classrooms echo a new enthusiasm for another year. Fraternities defeat "Barbs" 1002, in the Junior and Senior Class Elections. "Barbs" elect 757, sophomore officers. In general assembly Dean Rinehart tells the juniors to take advantage of their golden opportunity to show skill in securing clinic patients. Dr. Calmes assigns juniors their first patients for the year. Juniors and seniors each blame the other class for a disturbance during an outside lecture on feet. Finally Dr. Edwards stepped on all our toes a little to avoid missing the guilty parties. Bacon rolls up his sleeves to begin work on the New Recreation Room. juniors begin a new Course in Anesthesia by Dr. Bates Hamilton. Boy-how the smoke flies. Dr. Edwards says, "Don't let the World Series interfere with patient appointments." A clinic patient demands an operator who is a blue-eyed Ameri- can boyg Embry qualifies! All-School Dance at Ivanhoe Temple. Osborn and his partner cop the cup, or should I say land the lamp, for first prize dancers. "Pop" Lennard Swings it. Davis goes to wrong building and fails to arrive for dance. ' Page 41 October 23: Oczfober 30: October 31: November 12. November 13. November 15. November 1 November 2 November 2 December 3: December 12: December 13 December 15 December 16 December 17 famzary 24: February 10: February 11: 8. DATES WE REMEMBER A. B. Anderson accidentally re-titles our superintendent MR. Edwards. Mclnnis grabs end of horn-to his surprise he finds Dr. Edwards holds the other end. "james Russell Lowell" Creighton forgets his coat. He can't dance in his overcoat or vest, so he makes a quick round-trip home. York and Sample have misunderstanding. Our entire student body and faculty felt the same pulsation of friendship as did Dr. Lopez when he said good-bye. in a special farewell assembly. The "Zips" and "Delta Sigs" tangle in a football game at 65th and Wornall Road, but not for long. After the school janitor stops the Sunday game they resume play at the University of Kansas City Field. Score 0 and 0. Lamborn loses his mustache for the advancement of Science, Long's Schick Electric is demonstrated. Heyburn reads detective stories in Dittmar's while the clerks are being robbed! Cogswell is formally declared a Great Lover. First Snow. A City Park Monkey from Topeka, Kansas, calls upon Dr. Budd for dental aid toihis masticatory apparatus. Dr. Rinehart advises no general anesthetic, due to the danger of pneumonia. The sur- gery room is packed with spectators. Thanksgiving Day finds the college smoking. A boiler explodes. Fire trucks cover all exits. . . . Damage is slight. Delta Sigma Delta sends delegates to convention in Omaha. Drace, Francke, Rauch, Wfaits, and Dr. H. Wilson Allen represent Kansas City. ' Inter-Fraternity Dance at Hotel Kansas Citian. Dr. Moose of San Francisco speaks to seniors. He presents out- standing color picture movies of surgical operations to a very enthusiastic Dental Society at the Hotel Kansas Citian. junior Class Xmas tree. Remember Newberry, jack Moore, Leslie, Instructors? ? ? P S. S.- White Exhibit at Pickwick Hotel .... Free Samples. Senior Xmas Party. Henry and York-give red shovel for present. More Free Samples. Same exhibit. Same place. Same time. School's done, vacation begun. Merry Xmas. Examinations! ! Edwin D. Newberry and Dorothy Jepson marry. Newberry passes out . . . cigars. Page 42 JOHN A. ALBERS, B.S. President Atchison, Kansas XWADE I.. SORRELLS Vice-President Atkins, Arkansas THEO. A. FUNKE Secretary Burns, Kansas SCDPHOMCDRE CLASS HE sophomore year! What a chapter in the life of a dental student! Perfected vulcanite denturesg pittless aluminum base platesg cram- ming for "Head and Neck"g "Black,s Seven Steps of Cavity Preparationng gold foils that never stickg inlays that fail to castg and finally the mystery of the mouth mirror: All these are familiar to the memories of this year's sophomore class. The greatest thrill, however, was being assigned our first patient in the Lowry Clinic. Seriously, it has been one grand year. Although discouraged many times, We have never given up. During the year we were taught many of the more technical dental procedures, and we are really beginning to have a better conception of the profession to which We are devoting our lives. Incidentally, We have learned the meaning of having our "nose to the grindstonef' After many months of long waiting, we are at last permitted to wear a White gown. Those dreams of ours are beginning to materialize. Perhaps our hands are somewhat unsteady and our motions display an air of confusion, but we believe ti d dili e ce will finall make us efficient. Pm Ce an 3 U Y THEo. A. FUNKE Page 43 --'- 1. L. ARTHUR Bristow, Oklahoma GEORGE W. BAILEY Sheridan, Wyoming R. J. BENSON Albuquerque, New Mexico A. E. BOCOCK Stillwater, Oklahoma ROBERT K. BRIDWELL Wichita, Kansas K. BROOKRESON Las Cruces, New Mexico ROBERT R. BROOKSHIRE Joplin, Missouri FREDERICK W. E. BUECHNER Topeka, Kansas ROBERT N. CHAMBERS Manitou, Colorado S. LYLE CONWAY Nevada, Missouri HARRY H. COOK Topeka, Kansas ERNEST J. CROWDER Pittsburg, Kansas DICK EOLEY Sherman, Texas JACK A. FREEMAN Guthrie, Oklahoma WM. C. GARTON Sedalia, Missouri BEN F. HAYMES Dewey, Oklahoma Page 44 THEODORE L. HEFLEY Durham, Kansas JOHN S. HOLLYMAN Warrensburg, Missouri N. E. HOWE Canon City, Colorado W. A. JOHNSON, A.A. Gladewater, Texas SADAO KANEKO Honolulu, Hawaii R. PAYTON KELLY Springfield, Missouri MITCHELL KIRSCHBAUM . Phoenix, Arizona HAROLD A. LAND Hobart, Oklahoma BERTHOLD LARSON Lindsborg, Kansas K. E. LAWRENCE Kansas City, Missouri ARTHUR D. MARTIN Shawnee, Oklahoma W. M. MCFARLAND Paris, Missouri RALPH W. MCMILLAN Jerome, Arizona GEORGE I. MILLS, Jr. Springfield, Missouri FRANK A. MITCHELL Waldo, Kansas ROBT. L. MOORE Kingfisher, Oklahoma Page 45 fe.-,n .4-fia, 'Y I-' N : 5 --A ,552 -W ,1 - T--. T H 3 2 li ,' X fx fi , I XX E ,s f , i .2 .1 :SI 5 X I K: f 2 aff' "4 : ir 5, 1 W i ,V Af I if - 3 V, , g I, F 3754! 'S-,,,,,f" 1- i 4- 4- fL if-vi' ,L NX..-L77 GERALD M. MOYER Kansas City, Missouri CHARLES MARYON O,BRIEN, jr McAlester, Oklahoma WM. ELLER PARRISH Albuquerque, New Mexico J. L. POWELL Oklahoma City, Oklahoma LYMAN H. RINEY Kansas City, Missouri WAYNE C. RUBOW Seligman, Missouri ALBERT W. SCHUBERT Ramona, Kansas IAS. N. SHOLLENBERGER Ozark, Missouri ROY E. SKELTON Republic, Missouri C. H. SPAIN Beloit, Kansas F. J. SUPPLE Topeka, Kansas EREDDIE H. THURLOW Belfast, Maine S L. E. TROTTER Avant, Oklahoma CHESTER J. WEAVER, A.A., A.B Oronogo, Missouri JULES A. WEINBERGER Guthrie, Oklahoma Page 46 February 12: February 18: February 21: February 26: March 5: Mizrch 12: March 16: March 21: March 23 March 24 Marcia 26: April 5: April 11: April 23: April 23: April 23 -' Ap,-iz 24 April 30 DATES WE REMEMBER Xi Psi Phi Founder's Day Dinner and Dance at Boulevard Manor. Monkey from Topeka City Park returns for more dental work. He renews old acquaintances and has a big time. He has a new fur cap and green zipper overalls. Dr. Dayton Dunbar "Cam-alloy" Campbell introduces Dr. George "Go and Get lt" Williamson of Redbank, New Jersey. Dr. Camp- bell says, "All wise men come from the East . . . and the wiser they are the quicker they come". He also says, l'You can always tell an Easterner but you can't tell 'em much". - Dr. Wfilliamson causes a near riot more than once in his 45 minutes. Since he always tests samples by sinking a but into them, he made no exception of the well-known alloy camel. He declared he did no injustice to the camel, however, in testing with the bur. He might have had an interesting paper to deliver, but' he tore it up and continued his humor. "X-ray machines should squeak to remind the dentist they are not used enough," he said. In closing he said . . . Be Yourself. Photographer takes flash pictures about the building. Photographer returns for more pictures. juniors begin their first regular Saturday 9 o'clock roll call. First semester grades out today! Our first day of spring is the finest day so far in '58, Dr. Lopez returns and greets old friends. Dr. Lopez tells assembly group his experience of entering into the practice of Dentistry. He says Kansas City Grads take the lead as far west as Santa Fe. Alumni Dental Society meets in the College Building. Delta Sigma Delta Dinner and Dance at the Boulevard Manor .... Looks more like an all-school affair .... Drs. Rinehart, Edwards, Moore, Campbell, Whiteg Miss Stires, Miss Hawenberry and many others of the administration, as well as Drs. Lopez, Summers. etc., from out of town. The other fraternities were represented. Helen Adams visits school and meets old friends. Senior Clinic at the Hotel Kansas Citian is highly complimented. Psi Omega Dinner and Dance. Under the direction of Dr. L. E. Davidson, the Glee Club presented a thirty-minute program over KMBC, at 1:30 P.M. Annual spring Psi Omega dinner and dance on the roof of the Hotel Kansas Citian. Delta Sigs and Zips play softball at 51st and Swope Parkway. Score: Zips, 32, Delta Sigs, 15. Senior stag party at the Hotel Ambassador Roof Garden. ' Page 47 J. BALDWIN ARTS President Greenfield, lowa CLARENCE E. DAVIS, B.S. Vice-President Bixby, Oklahoma RALPH J. SHADID A Secretary Drumright, Oklahoma FRESHMAN CLASS UR enrollment as freshmen in Dental College marks an important turning point in our lives. Now we realize the responsibilities we are to assume in living up to the standards of the noble profession we are selecting for ourselves. Yes, the freshman year is a turning point in the life of everyone in our class. It is up to us as a group and as individuals to prove that we are worthy of our place in dentistry. As we travel along towards our goal, we must keep in mind that the roughest road often leads to the smoothest fortune, and that the truest wisdom is a resolute determination. We must realize that the supreme goal of education is to discipline rather than furnish the mind, and to train it to the use of its constructive powers. By the use of these powers we can do much creative work in the advancement of our young but progressive profession. A We can not forget our indebtedness to the faculty for training us to meet the future. A RALPH SHADID Page 48 HAMMOND I. BENDER New Bedford, Massachusetts JAMES E. BROWN, Jr. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma MICHAEL BUCKMAN Danbury, Connecticut THOMAS O. CLARK, A.B. Tarkio, Missouri J. A. COCHRAN Olathe, Kansas WILLIAM E. DENNARD, B.S Albuquerque, New Mexico JOHN DOBRONTE, Jr. Trenton, New Jersey OTIS H. DONOHO Durant, Oklahoma JACK O. GREGSON Berryville, Arkansas D. S. HARRIS, Jr., B.A. Drummond, Oklahoma G. E. MORGAN Wichita, Kansas MARCUS H. POLLAK Danbury, Connecticut OHN B RONNAU Kansas City, Missouri SHERWOOD ROSS SCHWARTZ Kansas City, Missouri JAMES B. SHIKLES Kansas City, Missouri BILL P. SMITH Ada, Oklahoma J. MARION SULLIVAN, A.B. Kansas City, Kansas JOHN STOCKTON, Jr. Siloam Springs, Arkansas L. WALTER SUTTON, Jr. Colorado Springs, Colorado ROBERT D. TURPIN, Jr., A.B. Liberty, Missouri DOUGLAS A. YEAGER Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Page 49 ,- ...V. .,.-......... , -- - "" llIllllIllIIIlIIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllIllIIIIlIllI!IIIllllI!IlI!IlIllIllllIIIIllIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllll --m---f-q- I I Mn Wg., L .ui ,,1jU'Ai:.1!....A'- """""f313un:zt:m:.':u..t Y -., .. -v--V 3 ,,,1-1 A ., - - ,..u-,.a4- ..,..,.r-, --gf---1 Kim, ,, ,,U,.,ra,.,..,..M,,,H ,aff if f ' ,W ,,,, E- ,. 5 G - -Harm ff A ,, . : .4--... .' I- L. Yir ly,,L, IP Q' Y espiihyj 'vlfitif li ,, ,fir tx 9 wa, 'I'l'-- .idli- mir w.' I V ii T. V I I ll! N 1 w 1 tl' 1 Nw l'iL iqll' iw. ,. F Y W . ll WINIERED EDMONDS Kansas City, Missouri DOROTHY JEPSON Sioux City, Iowa DOROTHY LUCKEY Kansas City, Missouri GENEVA MCCOY Lost Springs, Kansas ELIZABETH NEERGAARD Kansas City, Missouri JACKIE REA Fort Scott, Kansas ZERELDA TRITT Hays, Kansas MARTHA WILDER Woodward, Oklahoma ARLIN E WOODWORTH McDonald, Kansas HYGIENISTS N OUR .midst there is a group of sincere, eager girls. It is their desire to so equip themselves as to help us in our efforts to serve humanity. Their work is behind the scene. Their efforts will go unrecognized by the public. It will be their job to anticipate our every move and fulfill our exacting requirements. ' We have become accustomed to having them at hand when we place a rubber dam or need an amalgam mixed. They have eagerly offered their assistance when X-ray negatives had to be developed. Without them our work would increase three-fold. It is insufficient praise indeed to describe them as "Noble Women". ' Page 50 D. EVELYN HANNAH, G.D.H Supervisor of Denial Hygienists 1 'Q 1 1 tx-..y'f 3'-L O3 4,7 dans, Hygienists Studying the COGSWELL EXHIBIT STERI LIZATION WHAT QUE DENTAL A FRESHMAN THINKS : That all Professors are inspired with Divine wisdom. That there is more real education in a "bull session" than in a classroom. That Fraternities are sacred institutions. That a man's roommate is his best friend. That Father is one of two parents. That a week-end is from Friday night to Monday morning. . That all "Old Grads" are learned, wealthy Dentists. That Prep School boys are infants. That a pawnshop is a store where there are three balls over the door. That he can drink. That the class grind is a queer gent. That Thomas Marshall was right. That Mary is the name of the sweetest girl in the world, and she's waiting for him back home. A SOPHOMORE THINKS: That all Professors are very wise men. That there is more real education in a "bull sessionv than in a classroom. That Fraternities are a lot of fun. That a man's dog is his best friend. That Father is someone who signs checks. That a week-end is too short for recrea- tion and too longfor study. That all "Old Grads" are fairly suc- cessful men. That Freshmen are infants. That a pawnshop is a temporary guard- ian of his watch. That he can drink anyone under the table. That the class grind is almost human. That Karl Marx was right. That Mary is the name of the girl back home who is waiting for him. Page 52 STUDENTS THINK A JUNIOR THINKS: That Professors make human mistakes. That there is more real education in a "bull session" than in a classroom. That Fraternities are expensive fun. . That a man's pipe is his best friend. That Father is someone who dislikes signing checks. That a week-end runs into money. That all "Old Grads" are just grown-up boys. That Sophomores are infants. That a pawnshop is the permanent guardian of his watch, overcoat and scarf pin. That he can drink anyone under the table, provided his stomach is in good condition. That the class grind is a friend indeed. That Mohammed was right. That Mary is the name of a girl back home. ' A SENIOR THINKS: That Professors make inhuman mis- takes. That there is more real education in a "bull session" than in a classroom. That Fraternities are a damned expense. That a man's his own best friend. That Father is someone who can't com- prehend the expenses incidental to a Dental education. That a week-end is darned expensive, but worth it. That all "Old Grads" are just boys who never grew up. That Juniors are infants. That a pawnshop is his personal storage warehouse. That he will someday meet someone whom he can drink under the table. That the class grind is a very helpful friend. That Barnum was right. That Mary is the name of a girl. A Excerpt from . . . Esquire Page 53 QS S 79 1.1, , .....,,... .,......1.............v.q-1-1-:- --1---'-"4-Q-T:-9:-e-"ff ',,..,..,-,, . v I 1 1 I ! x I I 1 5 V f 1 f 1 1 , -' f I f I , 1 1 X 1 1 9 ,l 333i'7fg2?.2g. :aw 1 - 3, 4 "5 1 1 1 ,EE-ligjf 1 ' f . 12: ' :z 2EQLEf?2i23i:1i:-' . 'i 1 ,.,2 , , Z V WEL 1 1 1 4 4 1 f , JACK MooRE Student Director HE Glee Club is an extra-curricular activ- ity supported by the school and student body, and directed by Dr. L. E. Davidson. For many years it has been a very active club and is by no means on the decline. It is to be complimented both as an activity and as a means of acquainting outsiders with' our school. Page 55 ROBERT LEE LOVE President CARL K. ALMQUIST Vice-President BERNARD DIETZ Secretary WILMER B. EAMES Business Manager A. E. BOCOCK Librarian Mil X f ,Am X f v z , ,. iw! ' f 5? f' av f - 'V za I 1 - , ,X V.,.1,f4, W f , ff .fi fu Qrfff , as Q a M D D L if f 1 Y , , P f f' ,Q X fa a ff , f M ff af f , cm X Q N N X K ,f f an 1 P fs ' if ,, A 'ff 0 fa: 1 pm' , , - ' Brookerson Mclnnis Eames Schubert Drace LeHew Crowder Haymes Pollak Almquist Bowers Bocock Crockett Lennard Long Swenson Love Dietz Arthur Tl-IE ENSEMBLE f 1-V . ,f ,, .YQ 6 f" fl' H A Q , Q' , .0 , A, 4, X is It ,. J f , , , .' Y ' ,-+- , . '1 f 3 , X, 1. tif 1-' X ' i , - -. - , -1' ., Q-. X , .1 ' X U X W "0 rl r f' IL if in X ' x Y' ' 1 l ' 9- jffs FXR ff 5 , ff", X I7 ,Q an Nf ,x KN, 1 J 1 I rp .N F, 3, X K pf.f,, ,pf ,. J UL J: 'A FJ, 5, ., K M, , .tk fi R' '- 4 ' , 'X' 'jf' '-..f i r NW QQ .' - '-cg, L f A . ,mm ev i" V 'ry 1 'f Q. fff fs, ,,, ,, X V Y ,A X ,. . X , I X W1 lf, I :til -f. r Tw' fi' M rf is rl 'X f U U4 YT -. es. 1' Fw' xx ff ' ,om H -x W ,T it X' 1 , v - ' ' l fe an .. ' in 1 Z' . bww! 1 ,J ' ' 'T-Y-r"'-abr, , , . To--J , , V R J R , l " , 1 f I V, . Director -- DR. L. E. DAVIDSON it V I -AL. "W N. URING the year this group of young men has presented a program that will not only serve to stimulate friendship between this and other nearby schools, but one which has been highly entertaining because of its diversity. Their presenta- tion before young people about to choose a career has been very helpful in securing finer young men for the dental profession. Page 56 Spain Moore Buchman Stark QU!-XRTET Mclnnis Eames Lennard Bocock HE quartet is outstanding for its rhythm and harmony. Teddy Hopkins has played many piano solos, in addition to accom- panying the others. Well. Accompanist TEDDY HOPKINS Aside from his stature, Drace has Q no shortcomings. He does his part Page 57 I 4 N l r f sf w X f f TRIO MCINNIS EAMES ALMQUIST 'N Y?-71 ,, 15- . kt? I . f R XP HARRY MCINNIS Soloist R. K. BOWERS K, N Solozst LH' Page 58 GIEF CLUB . . 1938 HE Glee Club of the Kansas City-Western Dental College bids farewell to a successful season of song and music. It is a pleasure to think of the memor- able occasions at which we brought the well-known and loved male chorus music to the people of Kansas City. The enthusiastic receptions at every performance made us feel well repaid for our efforts. ' We are indeed fortunate that our school offers this extra-curricular activity. It is an effective means by which we are able to bring our institution closer to the hearts of the youth of the middle west. The patient directorship of Dr. L. E. Davidson with the cooperation of the outstanding talent of the club brings this season to a new high in its history. Permit me to call your attention to a few of our musical assets. Teddy Hopkins accompanies the singing with exquisite efficiency. The "Swing Trio" contributes a harmonious modern touch. Soloists, Bowers and Drace, add a necessary diversion to group singing. By thus reviewing our past season let us look forward to a bigger and better one next year, and with regret of losing them, bid our senior members good-bye and best wishes. BERNARD DIETZ Page 59 4 w 4 f W.: ..., :filer-4 iv . f X' I1'?lf:3Z5!Zie'3'ffEr" 'f ' 2 '11:52:'- zz'-,1'1Q'gx 'Q -. ?5Z5ii'il3if252gkgf i iff I K f f M .,., ,,,.,,, , , ,f ' " ::-:-:fwfr-, pi 2-:rt . ,wc-1,1-. ,za-.JL X 1 - ,,,, 22-'fri' ?2Ef:IEf'i1if542f'- ,If 1 12369 SQ' f ::1:rw:p31gg,3 ,A " ' 7 f'f'ff f V Pfiiirlfiif, , fzrxr--2.2 ZFWBQQE I -a if-1 fs- ., .. 1iffv212:11-f5'L??A?fs'z:f5an - ' L"-if f'7?5i5:?Zf7Tif573tlI'I-'-ti:1i':T:':' 4".:.'l"f:ii, ,: 2 ,fI3ifI1Z::'.Z:y:-::f7l:iii'l'7g1'57f'f1f22114"f' f'-1,12:2241xx:,x::',:r".fair -gff:',:g:g1:,:f','fig' 1 4.-W.-f11:1g3:'pf1t:1,4,4124'g21,321:g22'.f'5' 'X wa:'.':'1'3'4:7'- f' f f f wr::5:e:i:,ag1:1'5'.:1:f5'5:1,sftm-gafzi457-. , were-:1:f:2 tr- -' ' 3i?f"'f,','i ?v'4""f:7:',f 12 :3121:-5:7.i:f5V7f.f.7'5':5f5iF- :""d"S!:9:ci'f' ' f ff its-s'f:w,1,"1"-R. 1 Y f 2e:fi1:4'2?eE'6f5 1. rfr. H 1-fy.,-, 1 :-::::a :11E?21E'i1 . f f J ,serene f 1zs:a:e:e .2 7- - ' ' 2:21:11,:ite2211?55?2ie51fitQf5:aEfi - - 4...-C.-,3,-,gf gg: .,,. ,,,, 4, 'i'7'f'Zg7i31:5,3:-A Q24'.3:ff2:2fl 5135211273372-552 fZI2721Z7,f:5i5l.E2' F 5 111: -1,f:l:l4:f1f1-.w,':4 ,xE"'E,::.-:21:':5-xi'-, 'sill'i'.15,rir2:E.,:,Fz1.4 5.-:f.-:L 1 ' '':H-5'LIf-',zr:.:r:r:I-2:11 2u':21:f:I:z1:1gf1:M.. 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Smith . Edwin D. Newberry Russell C. Cooledge Dr. R. Rinehart Robert N. Chambers Robert K. Bridwell Minford Lovett . CYRUS D. SMITH V fl'-, , .-,,.-,-A.-.,-.Mr ,,,.,, , ,, . . . Editor Business Manager Advertising Manager Faculty Adviser . . Assistant Editor . Assistant Business Manager Assistant Advertising Manager EDWIN D. NEWBERRY Page 60 ROBERT K. BRIDWELL MINFORD LOVETT ROBERT N. CHAMBERS BUSHWHACKER 1938 DR. R. J. RINEHART RUSSELL C. COOLEDGE Page 61 i I PING-PCDNG HALL HE student body is indeed grateful to Dr. Rinehart for the haven of rest and relaxation which he created. For years the supply rooms had been cluttered with loafing students. Dittmar's three-cornered chairs were becoming more and more uncomfortable. Then our dean came through in his inimitable manner and prepared "Ping-Pong Hall." The recreation room is more or less taken for granted by the freshmen and sophomores, but the upperclassmen who are in school all day are well aware of its advantages. TUDENTS and others who enjoy the recreation room wish to take this oppdrf tunity to openly thank Frank C. Olsen for the magnificent radio he personally gave the school. Mr. Olsen is the representative of the Ritter Dental Supply Company. Page 62 KATIE HEN Katie goes to buy a hat, She looks at this, she tries on that, She shops about from store to store, Tries on a hundred hats or more. She starts out early, comes home late 'With one that cost one ninety-eight. When Katie goes to buy a coat, She shops both near and far remote, It must be neat and warm and nice, Yet, very reasonable in price, She then comes home and says, "My Dear, I'll wear the old another year." But, when I go to buy a hat, A suit, some shoes, or, a cravat, Through hail or snow, through rain or mist, She goes along, and does insist I get the best, there's none too nice For me, regardless of the price. Now, why does Katie HCI that way? I've asked her, but she will not say, I've sought the answer day and night, And now I think I've got it right: She hasn't told me, but I know- It's all because she loves me so. EDWARD I.. STEWARD, M.D Page 63 Q -:Lf ik, , A-fr. AT., .divx wx 'X N45 'C f-Vg, Av 42? N. 4 .iv 5 Y ' Afir- ., fm . A 'wx 'SH' xi.: 1 QQ ff 2 -T'-v yf .X ,, 39' 5 1 fi y f 1 Q F., 'A' ..- .1 W . .J " J' f ,, ,f y f f I ,3A,vy ILA! ,ar ,4.,. , Y --lg A--' H ---rage-,-...,4u-w-f v-- 'Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 ."' 1 'af'-I' " 1 1 1 1 T , 1 1 1 A ' 1 1 1 A ' I .2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 11 .1 11 1. 11 X 1 1 '1 1 1 '11 .1 111 X1 1 1 1 1 11 ,1I 1 11 1 13 1 11 1 11 ' ,, 1 11 1 1 '11 1 1121 1 11 1 1 111 1 1 1 IQ 1 11 1 1 1 11 3' 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 11 1, 1 I, ', I 11 2 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 , , , , ,, ,, ,,- ,,..,, I . . Y l W f--- -V l .-.. ,- .,.. ...--.........- -,...-.. n tv. T tm f. : 1.1 Nm i gd' ge-1 i .ia lege. Foundens Day Dinner and Dance i Boulevard Manor February 12, 1938 HE Forty-ninth Anniversary of the founding of the Xi Psi Phi fraternity was commemorated by the Chi Chapter in the beautiful Continental Room of the Boulevard Manor. About sixty-five guests and members met for the evening and joined in the fraternal spirit. The party was a great success and our purpose was fully accom- plished. Page 65 OMICRQN KAPPA UPSILCDN I Kansas City-Western Dental College School of Dentistry Q! T Honorary Dental Fraternity RHO CHAPTER Organized November 4, 1928 OFFICERS Dr. R. J. Rinehart . . . . . President Dr. H. A. Allshouse . . Vice-President ' Dr. R. W. Edwards . . Secretary-Treasurer ACH year at graduation time, twelve percent of the outgoing class are eligible to membership in Omicron Kappa Upsilon, national honorary dental fra- ternity. ' The eligibility of receiving this award concerns all phases of the educational program as presented by the college. This includes the individual's character, quality of practice in the infirmary, satisfactory completion of all requirements, together with a scholastic record of maintaining a general average of at least.90 percent through the entire course of study. Among others who are eligible to this honor are faculty members who have been teaching two years or more and members of the alumni who have rendered outstanding and recognized services to humanity and to the profession. Page 66 ,ar - A ,r .f 1 ' N. ""'x ,-"NX , 'T , . -- - --x 4 ,- 4---N --- V .- " 1 ' - 1 2 I x fs ' f . ' 1 N , Y, fx v j NX . , I V-A - ,K t-x v ,- -fa 3- -. 3. ,' gtg, 'x f' 5 is f ' ln ' ""- lr' f'-x I "" W ' l 1 : 1 '-3 X ' fxkl W. f.,-,f J,g ,lj-.-.xg X',g I Y X, x I xff- ff '..1. ,. .1. X., - A- A Y -sf g .-. .V :x.,f.,-l..., X, M, R. H. Clark W. W. Cogswell, Jr. j. B. McGee W. J. Newton W. H. Pretty R. R. Short R. W. Talley L. C. Williams HE above men constitute the new members of Omicron Kappa Upsilon, chosen from the 1937 graduating class. It is fitting and proper that the efforts and achievements of these men receive public recognition, and may the example set by them serve to stimulate the members of future classes to greater heights. May these new members of Omicron Kappa Upsilon ever continue to maintain the high standard in their professional practice that they established while students. Page 67 DELTA SIGMA DELTA Founded at the University of Michigan, at Ann Arbor, in 1882. Nu Chapter installed March 15, 1898 32 Subordinate ' Colors-Turquoise and Blue 61 Auxiliary Chapters Publication-DCSm0S 6 Foreign Chapters Flower--Red Carnation .WEQQ OFFICERS 1937-1938 1938-1939 H. E. Francke L. M. Lightner Grand Master Worthy Master . . B. Rauch E. C. Drace J. B. Rauch . . Scribe . L. Arthur L. A. Rogers . . Treasurer . . . R. H. Dunn W. A. Newman . . . Historian . R. K. Bowers W. R. Hester . . Senior Page . . C. Gerard J. C. Carson . . . junior Page , , , R. P. Kelly J. D. Moore . . .... Tyler .... . . C. H. Spain A. O. Corey .... Immediate Past Grand Master . . . H. E. Francke Dr. L. M. james, jr. . . Deputy Supreme Grand Master . . Dr. H. W. Allen J. L. Arthur J. B. Arts R. K. Bowers R. R. Brookshire T. O. Clark EFF wF9F 'HUD "3 H BS?-2 Q50 fb O Ei s. UI J. C. Gerard J. E. Gossett R. B. Focht C. E. Foley CHAPTER ROLL ' ACTIVES F. P. Hatfield H. T. Henry W. R. Hester R. P. Kelly W. H. Lennard L. M. Lightner J. D. Moore E. D. Newberry W. A. Newman C. M. O'Brien PLEDGES B. F. Haymes Page 68 J. B. Rauch B. H. Robertson L. A. Rogers . B. Ronnau . C. Sample B. P. Smith T. Sorenson . H. Spain I. Tabata S. J. Waits H. R. Wallace J R J. C J. S. Hollyman S. Kaneko I gf? 2 4,2 l Arthur Arts Bowers Brookshire Clark Davis Drace Dunn Focht Foley Francke Gerard Gossett Gregson Hatfield Haymes Henry Hester Hollyman Kaneko Kelly Lennard Lightner Moore Newberry Newman O'Brien Parrish Rahner Rauch Robertson Rogers Ronnau Sample Smith Sorensen Spain Tabata Waits Wallace NU CHAPTER U CHAPTER of the Kansas City Dental College was installed on the evening of March 15, 1898. The initiation was held in the Midland Hotel at Seventh and Walnut Streets. There were twelve men initiated as charter members of Nu Chapter. Delta Sigma Delta was the first dental fraternity to have a chapter in the Kansas City Dental School. It was about this time that the Western Dental College was founded and soon after the founding of the new school, another chapter of Delta Sigma Delta was installed there. Upon the merging of the two schools the two chapters merged to form what is now Nu Chapter. T Page 69 PSI CDMEGA Founded at the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery Baltimore, Maryland, 1892 Phi Rho Chapter is the united Delta Rho and Delta Phi Chapters of 1920. . 36 Active Chapters Publication - The Frater 61 Alumni Chapters Colors - Blue and White 1937-1938 Earl Sheets . James Byrne . J. C. Mays . Bernard Dietz . P. Heyburn . C. W. Felt . W. V. Peters . . R. A. Swenson . C. E. Ludlow . Charles Pauls , Dr. W. Richmond R. J. Benson R. K. Bridwell J. P. Byrne R. W. Cowden E. J. Crowder E. R. Cunningham Bernard Dietz C. W. Felt T. A. Funke T. O. Graham, Jr. G. H. Donoho .MN if 8 9 9 Q-315 ' V 4, X, OFFICERS Senior Grand Master , junior Grand Master . . Secretary . . . , Treasurer . . , Inside Guardian . Outside Guardian . Chief Inquisitor . .Editor of Frater . . Interrogator , . . Chaplain . . Deputy Councilor CHAPTER ROLL VACTIVES P. J. Heyburn, Jr. P. W. Hoel J. M. Kingsley C. E. Ludlow G. B. Mason J. C. Mays R. E. McAllister G. I. Mills M. L. Moore C. E. Pauls PLEDGES S. L. Conway Page 70 1938-1939 Bernard Dietz . C. Mays R. A. Swenson R. K. Bridwell . G. I. Mills . T. A. Funke R. E. McAllister . L. H. Riney W. V. Peters T. O. Graham J. W. Richmond W. V. Peters L. H. Riney A. W. Schubert R. J. Shadid E. R. Sheets V. A. Stark F. J. Supple R. A. Swenson W. M. Thomas H. H. Cook. Jr. f v w A E i Q l i 11 in I I I P I ll il ll tl l ll SI ll 31 ll H li l N i l l l s 4 Bailey Benson Bridwell Berry Byrne Cowden Cunningham Crowder Dietz Donoho Felt Funke Graham Heyburn Hoel Kingsley Ludlow Mason Mays McAllister I Mills Moore Pauls Peters Riney Schubert Shadid Sheets Shikles Stark W Supple Swenson Talty Thomas Turpin T 51 .2 PHI RHQ CHAPTER N 1910, Dr. H. E. Friesel, who was Supreme Grand Master at that time, came to Kansas City to install at the Kansas City Dental College, the Delta Rho Chapter. There were twenty charter members. Dr. Popen of Kansas City was the first Grand Master. Delta Phi Chapter was installed at the Western Dental College by Martin Dewey and Ralph Christy two years later. The installation of this chapter was held in the college building at Eleventh and Locust Streets. In .1919 the two schools united, forming the present Kansas City-Western Dental College. The following fall Delta Rho and Delta Phi Chapters united to ! form what is now Phi Rho Chapter. , Page 71 n 2 l Xl PSI Pl-ll Founded at Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1889. Chi Chapter installed February 11, 1908 Publication-Xi Psi Phi Quarterly Flower-American Beauty Rose 32 Active Chapters 1937-1938 D. B. McAllister E. L. Sullivan L. W. Lyle . J. L. Creighton G. A. Thomas C. SA. G. Reid W. L. Zivell . R. L. Love . C. F. Schuman Dr. L. E. Carr . C. K. Almquist C. M. Cooper J. L. Creighton J. T. Kelly D. J. Killebrew D. S. Long, Jr. R. L. Love J. E. Brown K. Burke, Colors- OFFICERS . President . Vice-President . , Secretary . . Treasurer . Chief-Herald . Sentinel . , Guard . . Editor . Rev. Monitor . , Deputy Supreme President . . CHAPTER ROLL ACT IVES L. W. Lyle D. B. McAllister P. D. McKennon E. Morgan B. W. Osborn C. A. G. Reid C. F. Schuman PLEDGES W. E. Dennard N. O. Feeley G. F. Miller Page 72 Lavender and Cream 1938-1939 J. L. Creighton , E. Wart . W. L. Zivell G. A. Thomas C. A. G. Reid E. L. Sullivan ' R. E. Skelton . D. S. Long . L. W. Lyle Dr. L. E. Carr R. E. Skelton E. L. Sullivan J. M. Sullivan G. A. Thomas .. J. E. Wart W. L. Zivell J. Stockton, Jr.'i' D. A. Yeager U ' 4 sal!! Tw if-'ak f-5-1.x -EP., T -Q... ,AN 1 img! ,+f1,..-.4 My A ,L 4.1- QL h.,,J.L J, ag QL Almquist Brown Burke Cooper Creighton Dobronte Dennard Eames Feeley Kelly Killebrew Long , Love Lyle McAllister M cKennon Miller Morgan Osborn Reid Schuman Skelton Stockton Sullivan Sullivan Thomas Wart Yeager Zivell CHI CHAPTER HI Chapter of the Western Dental College was installed the evening of Feb- ruary 11, 1908, at the Densmore Hotel, 912 Locust Street. Dr. H. B. Pinney of Chicago, Illinois, who was the Supreme President of the Xi Psi Phi, was present and was the installing officer for the evening. With the union of the two schools, Kansas City Dental College and Western Dental College, Chi Chapter of the Western Dental College became Chi Chapter of the Kansas City-Western Dental College as there was no Xi Psi Chapter in the Kansas City Dental College. 1 Page 73 W K Www in Jul N: B. -fL.,y,l ,. a,. A R, ,, I l ,il, ,i-.,.... I DELTA SIGMA DELTA NU CHAPTER ' X I I X ,LJ L!E..,:, 16,5 QR if .11TW,fT in 1 T3 iQ,.Q'Q? '1 :W :Y f Page 74 PSI GMES-A GD -- f .A Q ,LD wie 1,QppQ 1 DJ f5f'.1 Yf AND fB.LUMQNlA QH.A P L ,ER 5 Howl Kansas Clsgizau, -vu Page 75 LVM? ' fiinb- N.,,,f'm?' 'ff' lfqf, .5 ' W QZZYY 5, HJN ig-sf J .sv -J xx A? KF .2 fra , :gf A 'Ee Aw' Aa, 5? Y rg 4 . . eff 'if ff 393. 9 A' Z'.'.' Z7 Ak xw' vs ' E A vw 4. ff Y- sin ff! ry W W 14? w W -if x . A'J at ' 'SP' 4'- Nf 4 W gh IQ -45 1 . A U -ell -5 A hy " 0 sq x - Nu- ,F ,f 3574? Ln-4. J? -. 'f'4 1 4 Z Q Q, 6 'I 6 4 5 W. X 5 fig 3 01 X1 Q VNS P xi Wfwwmx, -mm xv. -ak QQ? f f f , 5 X . Z,JX4.w9j WZ .ywx 4,5 ,. ...,Q,.w 4, .A f gy? Q. L m,x, ,M A 9' X fav , , , 1 4 3 , U , ,, .cj . X 9 sw ' 0 Y, ' 7,1 ,J . - Z-4 1 ' Q- ,va 1, as fl -iv? I If .L. .. .ff 4 f gf 4 ff if 7, f Q f X , x 5 ' 25 4 - ' fl. Q" ' f , f f fi, , .. ' v. X 4 1 44 7 iw Af V1 WM 47 M1 Wifi, 4 1 A -ff ' ' 'A ffl Lf'vf '-'L 1 w 1 n 1 1, - E " WX", V f -. , - 'Q ., V W- A ,W 6 4" 3x 2-'..f::44f:? wif, 4 ff um-,1, f .. w,g.y,:9y QWW, 9" .ss QM 454 1 ,W JL wi 1. , nggg . . ' wzwf nz 25 of ,Q N, ' f J 4-'Zh 5 . -Q W W. 4 1 ii? ' Ei 2, gg... . . W X . . 1 Q 2 X V, 2 ,g 2 4 ze 4, W 'v 1 1 , W 3- 1, ' ,, 4,4 6 1 ar A x yn-n-any Y -MN ,,,, 4, .-, --.---1p-g------'-"fffK2Cf':f3'7T2 " - -M..-. - ----- - 1--f f-f-if -1 -"' --+s.a,a:au-mu+1.,,n.L.-...Q....,.......H......9. Luncheon at Dittmar's Drug . . . Leslie enjoys the news . . . Hoel and Pennington operate before an interested group of students . . . Miss Butner "Marie" knows the hideouts of every student, for more than once she has called each of us from the fartherest corner of the building . . . Jackie and Helen pose but the wind is too strong. i Page 78 f, - rf K ,S . free 2 xx 9"9 1 0 3 St , 4 . , if 512 xr Qgg 3' Q Ni E wr ,fi f f,1- - X Vfla ,241-' Q w,,,-neh,,-- , ,,,YY , -V ---- - ,, .-1479. -1'l ' A1 3 f 6 Z VZ ? fe 9 f Q? Q X G 1 Q - f- - Y' --7, -.. ... ..... .. ,. ...... . ... . .. ,..,.:.,.:....,.1.,....,,-----P -'- " " ..v ' .. ........-. . .V.. - . . Y ,- V -- V . The sophomores take a tip from Dr. Carr in porcelain saddle technic . . . Miss Stires can always be found right on the job . . . Better watch that "Lollypop," Gossett, Miles may turn any moment . . . These two Chislers say the more they take from a cavity the larger it becomes . . . Sample does a little extraction work . . . Surgeon Hoel at work . . . No kidding, these boys in Lowry are really working . . . Note the determined look on Andy's faceg he has about 200 amalgams already. Page 81 ' Y 5A- -- LJ , , , , , '....L4.... -... ......-,-....,. E N ,,: , f ' 1 ' 1 ' 3 1 PLAYAT NOON SAVAGE AND GZETA Gown OM xm"""'3t Bows! THESE y snow Hum ME' OLD AH XX f At some time during their collegiate training these five seniors attended the University of Arkansas. They all wear shoes now! In july, 1937, the F.A.C.D. degree was conferred upon Dr. C. G. Porter. We can readily understand why he was chosen for this high honor, for his consistent sincerity and thorough- ness in teaching makes him worthy of the highest honor dentistry has to offer. l1 Beers says being short has its compensations . . . This little scene of Dr. Edwards and Savage is self-explanatory . . . Cogswell, Colorado is calling . . . To Lum and Tabata we say Alohag we have enjoyed your friendship very much. Page 82 'irff-1' , 34' f ,4 I 52252 33412 if 9' 'fo H 5 if SEK aw gin!! so ,j, gg 5 .Z fm sk? 5 ff-fi E J ' . ' ' is ig? ,l 3555 ll WL 9 335 a 5 fag lf 2 l y ,i s WIN Q fe We understand that Schuman travels 'from Lawrence to Kansas City, via Topekag at least when he gets on the wrong bus . . . Can this really be Drace smoking a cigar? . . . Eames specializes in plastic surgery, beautification, removing wrinkles, lowering ears, shaving and what have you on his negatives . . . Lyle works best on his knees! . . . York has his private method for pickling gold . . . The small picture of Hester is just how he looked as a freshman hereg of course he was wearing long trousers . . . Clawson was a fine Orthodontist, for his services were desired by many. ' f" .4 ,ff PE ,VA f -f,-1 t ' - , ,,.,,.,,,,,,,g,,, .,. fl X4 Q1 W f f ,f fs f 5 n f' gf y i , , .f ,Q t, is M. ,, .Vn,., cz 'f K 5 ? i ii r Zia t-" if 5 aff 42-N., 2 Ziiw .Z f l IQZWS- 5' mi 'tt- 4 r n, fiV ' f .5 , i Nix X . l viii my f i . gig 1 f' 'L rf K ' ,', ,- ar- f 1412 mo, as W f Q n f f v n er-1 n . ' 'KH f 5 z5ZQ"f?2'?Q uma y 2 X X , fav ig 5, A , , , , f fi' 5ZWf7f?2' ' ' o f -'ffl " ,ict , ffffifif "K 'f-f,T'f9,fffw1wz7 , , fi" fffffjlif g 'L n M1 Q IZZW! A f f f .tnf ZZ!! ffay g f ' , 49 , ' ' in fffnifff' v' lzwz if' 1 , ft CALL - n swat ' t H i: "1 t , n ANK' i - , ZQZZM: MQW L".,::..':::-g,aa,a,r.W, gig!! , g 'mv ff E' ,I f O ff ,, , X .u ' f fl' f ft ff f-,., -ff ffa- . ,Q Vlfxgyifvlff I I V, J , Y' W f DDY'S PICKUNCR f 77-150Qr asAt.1. HAYVVIQE.. , ff f X 'f ff f flu , f ' f ' ,H fff,,C,1, Lcrtte Bao. S G-QHARLIE .sf-" "TTL: "A 'rf' , V- , , ' """-'-""----'-'t---'-'-- w 1 ' 7 ' i-1 7'-ef .- ??1ya1'1-1... raft ------Y T Ab. . ,- x udents . . . The Orthodontics department . . Dr. Porter takes a great interest in instructing st Seems strange to find this couple together . . . Miss Potts has a busy moment in the library . . b ll 'or . . . Bridwell in the library. A candid shot in the sophomore laboratoryg seems to e Z1 seni s Page 84 Z, eff Q4 fa y 4 A , ' 1 5! A l in , I X 1' 4 S 4 S IT A, ,-., , W A ,M ' f Y, - -1' Ti- , f, , ......-.i:,,g-gg:..,...,,1:......,.,.,...n..,z ,, ,,,.,.,.,x,..,.......,.-,.,. ...,..,.,.,-, r .N t , ,YW .--.-. nf.- . ,t , ,, , , A ..-. V ,,, , , ,, , . .- -3 WALL an You, Tot BACON l A couple of Cecile B. DeMil1e's Buccaneers . . . Anyway in this case of Riney and Bridwell two heads are better than one . . . Jackie Rea is seldom seen or photographed smiling, this is the exception . . . These two fierce men are almost overshadowed by the powerful C120 pounder in the background . . . jack Moore learns his Mother Goose stories . . . The two small figures playing chess are Shultz and Cooper during their recovery period after each had spent a short time in a hospital . . . Back to the left side of the page is Romeo Funke with a Lawrence girl he never saw beforeg wonder if Lawrence or Funke causes the girls to act this way? . . . Sample is caught with his own camera . . . Miss Luckey . . . Dickey and "Doc" Coofield . . . A Cigarette in the dark . . . Posing. Page 86 Francke may be in charge but he can't tell Bacon how to stepg Bacon has been here too long - yesiree! . . . "Pop" Lennard does lots of talking with his hands and Wheeler or you, or you, or you can't stop him . . . A. B. Anderson, that's him, the five "R" man . . . Bowers was certainly surprised when Dr. Edwards discovered a very fine crown had been carved for the left side instead of the right. i e e FLVEPQMAN THATS Ma fi I REFACE QEEASE EPAHQIF REMAKE . SE orzo ouce TH afwf --w-- we c sooo CROWN Bowefw Fon THE OTHEQ , -iii ' n .qluwufw-.. Y f' K 7' .. .,...,. U .,,, Q., ,................ y I r ,, , , 4,-f. Jn, ..,,,-Af-3 , h XWUZ f , f A Q Z Mai , f? f 4 7 Yep, that angulation is just about right Jepson . . . The Boarding House Boys . . . Exodontia and Anesthesia . . . "Swede" Almquist QPride of Sedaliaj, and Heyburn QFort Scott Flashl . . . Stairway to the Clinic . . . Sunning. Page as Sf -4 7, ,I ' ' iff. M' 4 at 3 , 4 1:6 - 1. OLD TAY L0 se " 3 f 4: 1 s ,S 4' 1 ,,,,.,,.,-.,-, ...,,.,.,,,,,,,, ,, Bill Zimmerman in action two seconds before he wins the first ping-pong tournament held in the new recreation room . . . The Xi Psi Phi dinnerg that's my empty chair and dish of ice creamg hope the cream doesn't melt before I finish this picture . . . Dittmar's Drug Store at noon . . . Some sophomores having a session . . . "Norv," should be known as Dittmar's ambassador of good will and good eatsg he must make a milk shake thin enough to suit "Dirt" and thick enough to suit you and I, and believe me that's some job . . . Your editor and "squirt" photographer is trying to attract this group's attention so Eames can get an unposed picture, but our little man Drace just won't refrain from posingg note his cigar. Page 89 v - r , A... Y V 3--51143---'vt-'-fe-'I-:v-r-v'f-:-H "" """ ' ...-Lr...--...--Q: ,- , - Y AA A SQNG. or THE CQMMQNPLACE I sing a song of the commonplace Of the little things in dentistryg Of a spatula hot that hits the spot And seals the tooth instantly. Of staggering hues and mixing the blues With the greys and orange consistentlyg Of noting that cuspids are rotated right, That the distal incisal shows notg That the lateral's gingival collar is low, Andpthe central is as God wrought. Of shaping your cast ere the stone is hard Of saving a moment's timeg Of keeping your cleaver doubly sharp While you whistle and make a rhyme. Of the bugs in your technic That flatten you out Of the principal sound Of the peg that is round Of skill to square it-of doubt, Of the unit and not of the mass That gives your chain its strength. Of infinite patience of the genius class, Of the meat of speech- And not of its lengthg Of God as your judge-for He is right And He is the one who knows Of sleep with a conscience every night That gives you sweet repose. D. D. C. Page 90 V - W ' e . - - , . -, , 7.-:mm-.--1-ff-vw-.-,.T..,.-.........,..,.,...-..-.i.-... .... ....Y.,...,. 1.....,.....,.......,,,.,..-...,, -.... .,.,, .,....,........... R. RINEHART called a special assembly so that he and the other faculty and students might bid farewell to Dr. Lopez. We have all learned to like Dr. Lopez and to expect him always to turn up just at the time and place he is needed. His presence, advice, and unusual per- sonality will be greatly missed by everyone. Page 91 MUSEUM f INFIRMARY LIBRARY .W- 4,.::--.-..+ . .-,..,,.,4...........w,1 . .......f-f . , , -N ........,,..... V,-.. ........w..,.... ..., i.,.-.........,.-..,..-fu-3.-.-......... ,-....... ......... f ff J 1 XA! is f 1 1 WW 1 -,V ff I , 3 Q' 1 X6 f, 5 ww 4545 , xg, r of W V ZS K pw ' 2323 Gaz ,sf , - - - -A-,.vf'-T-:-......,f-Y-f -'vw '-- ---- -H - sm, g, -..., V Y f f 1 1 44- .-11: . 1 ...,...-.-.-..........' ,- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 E 1 .X f , 4 s- .s Z al 1 E ' , , . 1 X5 1 W , 111 7 111 1 2 1 T 1 i i I 1 1 11 1 ' :1 1 . 1 , , 1 1 1 1 W. 11 4 E1 f f1 11 1 11 N All-School Dance IVANHGE TEMPLE 1 ,E October 23, 1937 1 1 12 1 1 Y 1 11 1 1 . Page 94 ' Q n o 6' f Mfggfy Y ' f f 7 I .1 ak f 1 MW 1 f 1 , A x f ha Q 1 1 1 1 f f W! 1 5 ,M - sf ' 1 ffg - 1 I 1 45,21 1 E1 T - ' 'SRM 1 ig 1 1 - if 44? " 2 6 ' I t A f,, .v -: , 5: ..,,,, is ,L i s x tg, gas ' x Dr. Lopez visits school to attend the Alumni Dental Society and to meet old friends . . . After class there is usually some unfinished business that students like to talk over with Dr. Ingelg it appears rather serious and very interesting . . . Henry is headed for Dittmar's and a coke . . . Dr. Sawyer at his desk . . . Love does a bit of all-white . . . Chikasuye just can't stop this patient from crying even with his ease of operation . ., . Wheatcroft, Schuman, Cooper, and Dietz . . . Wheeler at the chair. , .- ,, ,., , -- ' ' ' Y - ' ..,-4......,i...:i....-....,...-Q - 403 ff WW X f N7 Z , Q I as 1 134 ,.. -xr mf f' ' nv 4 f' Aww 4 I Uv I N Y 41 N 5 - - A ,Mg ,f "31f":1 5 .- , if : ' 53 5635 4,45 Q x f' . 4:5 , . I g- , fp - - an P Hz.,-.5::1.,,Z,:,,..s Q33 me 5 X 2 421: - x3 -S. Q ' , X K X5 1-gist' .,., M :, , f iff - '+G' mmf N19 9 . ,, 1 qx, . , ' .-- H - -1 .W , .,, J, 'fn-Q! -. 4 .'.f. N1 . ,,L,Vueigig. A""1 ,,, , .,.g,.,.. .......:,-....,.......,,.,,:,.,-..1:,.,,........:........... Y M - MM , . PORTER I PROFESSIONAL OARMENT COMPANY A 319 WEST NINTH STREET KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI W 'Cmnnents That Fit Adel To Your Pezfsontilitgf' TAILORED PROFESSIONAL WEAR for ' PHYSICIANS DENTISTS and I ASSISTANTS A gown of distinction is an important asset WE INVITE COMPARISON HA 6929 Pg98 A WI E CHOICE Select Your Dental Deezler FIR T Gwwfb Be sure his real interest is in your success, rather than in the sale of equipment. ,Be sure he is familiar with business and dental conditions through- out his territory. Be sure he is competent to help you locate to your best advantage, and to assist you in getting started properly. Hettinger's have equipped a majority of the offices in their terri- tories, and their experience, skill, and genuine desire to serve you are at your command. cwwfa ll ll IINGJER . KA N SAS C I T Y OKLAHOMA CITY TULSA MIN F ORD LOVETT College Representative Page 99 JIIEI IINIIIHEII llfiliil -IK .net with Cab' YOUR FIRST OFFICE . . . how will it loolc to your patients? Will it be in Iceeping with the modern, progressive dental techniques you havejust successfully mastered . . . or will it be "just another officeu? For an office that is different, new, and up-to-date, equip with AMERICAN. The new models, marvels of sanitation and efficiency, are available in any color you prefer . . . any one of them will be the "heart" of a fine, modern, different office. THE AMERICAN CABINET CO. TWO RIVERS, WISCONSIN e g E QLDE xellowed daguerreoty pe with Silt gingerbread mounting was Q, Llp, xv ' C 0 I o 0 o' sz 'L 2' . ' . . .T ig? all right for Grandinother's boudoir chiffonier-but for modern people A114 Q! . O -1 Q' V in modern SLl1'1'OUllCI1115S thcre is a need for modern photobraphy Your continued patronage this past school year in cooperation with the Bushwhacker Staff has made possible many pleasant associations in dealing with your photographic needs, and I hope that I may continue to serve you in this respect., XIXLILMER B. EAMES Page100 . , .,..,,.,, W ...,.........,.......,...-4....--......,-.....,.......,,.,. -.. ......., - - ,. ..f,,-,,-...4-.-:.,...,,.-.,.........- -- . . - , - ..., . ,..,..,... .. . BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL PRACTICE ar seeing dental graduates appre- ciate that quality equipment means a satisfactory income. Ritter equip- rnentis quahty equnnnent-and a well chosen investment. Then too the Ritter Company is the only organ- ization With a well organized plan to help you to quickly build a successful practice. 1. Graduate selects Ritter equipment . . . is surprised at small monthly payments. 2. Ritter's Statistical De- partment recommends best locality for greatest opportunity. 3. Ritter representative personally gives the young dentist sound ad- vice on specific problems. 4. Ritter's Architectural Service lays out his attractive and efficient office. 5. Ritter's Practice Building Senlice . . . Every two weeks, for a year and a half, this Service brings him the solutions of problems that are tried and proven methods of successful dentists. 6. Personal problems of Practice Building answer- ed by competent practi- tioners associated with the Ritter Practice Building Service. 7. Ritter's Educational Division helps him build a profitable children's practice by advising him how to win them to his office. 8. THE RESULT: A profitable practice in but a frac- tion of the time required by "trial and error" meth- ods-equipment quickly paid for out of the income that Ritter helped him make. The Ritter Dental Manufacturing Company, IHC-a Ritter Park, ROCI1' ester, N. Y. Start Right with Ritter Page 101 4 , Y -- - ,..-.,.f--f..f......-.,-- .- -- -, -AL ,dh M., .,....-,4....-- --- ,. .-.. -- ........... r..,.1..-....,.,.,.. J . Commencement day will be one of the proudest moments in your life. For on this day you will stand on the threshold of a new career and dedicate your life's work to a noble and humanitarian cause . . . the practice of dentistry. Another proud moment will be when you open your first office and welcome your first patients. With 8747, of "first impressions" being lasting ones, it is important therefore that you give careful consider- ation to your office surroundings, especially your oper- ating room equipment. Patients expect and demand modern dentistry in clean, modern surroundings today and most of them will seek out dentists who can meas- ure up to these requirements. So, don't run the risk of condemning your practice to mediocrity or failure when it is so easy to "set the stage" for a successful career with the equipment that has helped so many young dentists off to a successful start. 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D 1 i n V, ,X , Eiiififi 5 '-V -4 r i , M i . A , , , . Xzvjwgyyzg f , . .4 .vw . . A f. .- wx, 1 V" -w ,f w-: ., Y S., --:M f 5 I ' s gd. .. L 1 . ,Mas , ,, ..f..H: , 1 , mm? ,. ..,, . -,ig s A ' ij i N '!A" 'Z':':'l':' ' ' 'K 1 1 'i sis ...W , , .,.,,.,.. . ,.,, , - Z, ., 6 1' ' ,, .V ,4r.W.,,, ft 'f:.fffg., :32, n , ,Y ?"Q f W'U"i!ff nf 5: V he M1 M , ,wig-ag. -' Q. , , 1f.,... . - ivivz 1 f-. 1, .5 ,.sf4,.,5, V. f - . V1-,.-. 1 - Ks.: ,. ,.v.:z:.,':,5 . i if 'f"'.. f ivi.. Q ,-455' -ff' a CU B 'C-.. Q III e. B O 2 'Q 'JU Y V5 F1- E. D.. Sz V352 if .-'. . ,X Q X 33 Qxssxxxx X X X 4 X X X Q is V 'tr ' D S x e A ' li V v ,Q i 5 XS .A Y Y " gt V eg ,. . W f. my on 3 0 - up ss 6 M ee it X is V Q it ,M -fs: xx M Q Q Kg, X .2 sk f Q 1 X me f P- W .2 W 1 T R S Z M. - we nm is Q - x its an if Ah.- we Q F if it 3- X W gy X in gig xxxzkxffv V A-ix X Q ext' 'Q X v xi: X is W Q X 0 . K W 'Q it M V ,gr X3 eq be ' Q Q X Q 513335 it N SX x lt M X S X XX x Q N X ,few XXX XX G im.. X it Xa 'E ,ss A R X 0 Q N Rm. ms-A Nxsdxsis Q A :NM SX MQ x XVRXW VXQXQ Nr i if ll' W? fivf 5 awk"-J :Wa nllm rm. 4 fl flll ,E ' u 4 f 1 I ff jg " W 'A l an U ,,, X H fi ' Nwfo 1 if M. 23 QBQYTFOYL 10 Gt-,'l1'005t F dillf I fe? .1- I, K .- ' fp Q , Mr 5 rf, , if 'Ivy an S WHYIQ-fpi I WWF Z flfff""-'lf ' Zgiskl " -L' 'ei F ' MQ il" f. ff W i ei .f Q ' ,ll 'lm N0 f W-A 0 T X J ' S 4 X 7 ' if 1 xg. ln . 0 R. , fl? i ill fee 4 sign Q .app 34613 A 5 '- sur ff - 5 5 97 4 I pi'-1 7 1 ,i 'aiu l It l fir f 5 if ' Page 102 , M ,,,.. , -,fn 4 OUR OFFICE PLANNING SERVICE IS I Dental dealers who distribute S.S.White Equipment will explain the details of this service and those of the S.S.White Deferred Payment Plan. Ask your dealer, or write direct for the S.S.White booklet, "Plan for Tomorrow as you Build for Today." It is free for the asking. There is a comforting Q assurance in knowing r that you own the best In civilized society external advantages malce us more re- spected. You may analyze this and say, "What is there to it? But that will avail you nothing, it is part of the general system. cwsasrnm ir If This admonition on the part of Daniel Webster applies to you and the profession you have chosen. You are on the threshold of the actual practice of dentistry. While your diploma may evince your thorough training, it is the appearance of your office that will introduce you, and by the dignity and ade- quacy of its appointments are your patients impressed with your preparedness to render the latest and highest type of dental service. The purchase of equipment is an invest- ment, not a speculation. You select it with a belief in its permanency, or the possibility of adding to it as your practice may require. lt is not your intention to discard it after a brief trial, therefore its purchase should be approached with thoughtful consideration. 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I-Ierels how . . . 1. Have eyes tested regularly by a competent eye specialist. 2. Provide good light for every close-seeing task. I.E.S. LAMPS PROVIDE SOFT GLARELESS LIGHT- CONSERVE EYESIGHT when buying larnps . . 4. look for the I.E.S. tag of approval . . . for your own protection. KANSAS CITY PCWER SL LIGHT COMPANY Electricity for Better Living Page 104 We 1 U I Pg ,' l .. '-AW' 5 I is Q5 N' i g - . er. i Q ggi 'S' f ffm f 1- I LIEE INSURANCE Has stoocI the test for SAFETY OF INVESTMENT, SECURITY OF INCOME AND FAMILY PROTECTION. It is one investment that has not depreciated. Every cIaim against it has been met Without deIay or depreciation. POLICIES EOR EVERY NEED Juvenile Insurance for the cI1iIcIren Educational PoIicies to guarantee a College Course Life, Endowment, Term and Annuity Contracts to protect tI1e Iiome and business. KANSAS CITY LIFE INSURANCE CO Home Qffice -1 3520 Broadway Kansas City IVIissouri "A Policy for Every Need" Page 105 K .H ,.,-,.....-.1-..,........-.,...,,4mL......-...,.... x..,...........,-.-W .- -- ,. - -,L- . Compliments of FOREST HoT12-:L HArri50n 9669 920 Forest Avenue Kansas City, Missouri LIKE HOME CAFE 1002 Troost "The Best for Less" MOCKLER 8c DANIELS 4 Dental Technicians Phone VI ctor 9446 , 428-29 Professional Bldg. Kansas City, Mo. W. MOCKLER G. R. DANIELS Full and Partial Luxene and Vulcanite Ceramics and Gold Castings Dentures and Bridges BUILD YOUR PRACTICE WITH BETTER DENTISTRY VITALLIUM Vitallium pioneered non-precious metals for dental restorations. It was the FIRST alloy of its kind used in dentistry and today is the ONLY true Cobalt-Chromium alloy developed and used for cast full and partial dentures. VITALLIUM LICENSEE ' DYSART 8: PETERS 526-30 Argyle Building Vlctor 0524 Kansas City, Missouri Vitallium castings made in our own laboratory. Compliments of Standard Laundry 8c Towel Supply VI ctor 0805 1115 Holmes Street Page 106 Racloff ancl Sure Shine The most convenient and best finishing and polishing outfit for all prosthetic work: Metals, Vulcanite, Condensite or Celluloid Ask your dealer QJWKD Manufactured by AURORA DENTAL SPECIALTIES COMPANY AURORA, ILLINOIS l w Refiners and Smelters Manufacturers of Dental Gold GNMfD KRAU E GOLD REPI ERY QJWK9 928 Main Street - Box 948 Kansas City, M1ssour1 Page 107 p For the Best Results p SEND YOUR LABORATORY WORK TO US Hettinger "Supreme" Dentures Cast Gold Restorations Duplex Gold Denture Bases Porcelain Veneer Crowns Porcelain Jacket Crowns Gold Bridgework Porcelain Inlays P . ASK TO BE PLACED ON Gold Onucs Cast Clasps Crowns Inlays THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR QUALITY AND WORKMANSHIP IN OUR RESTORATIONS C. H. HETTINGER DENTAL LABORATORIES, INC. 1114-1116 Grand Ave. Phones HArrison 0017-0018 P. O. Box 18 Kansas City, Missouri RELY UPON ,"I'Yrst Aid for the Family " For Best Results This old familiar friend of your student work will stand by you when you are on your own. You and your instructors, your classmates and alumni, have used SODIPHENE in thousands of clinical cases. Continue to use it in your professional practice. Old Grads, now veteran practitioners, report its valuable assistance in preparatory medication' and in post operative care. Prescribe SODIPHENE for your patients' home treatment and be relieved of case anxiety. OUR MAILING LIST Distributed Nationally Manufactured by THE SODIPHENE COMPANY Kansas City, Mo. Page 108 Quality PI'0Cll.lCtS as :yn Use only those materials complying with ADA specifications. Use your journal for a buyer's guide. Crown Casting Gold No. 2-Soft Crown Casting Gold No. 1-Medium Crown Casting Gold No. 9-Hard and Silver Crown Alloy-are all listed in the March journal - 1938. General Refineries, lnc. 27 North 4th St. I Minneapolis, Minn. Compliments of Univerrizy of Kdnfdf Cizjy Page 109 THE 1938 BUSHWH!-1lIIiEH . the resultot combined ettorts by a capatnte Editor, a hetptut statt and an organization that specializes in "Distinctive Printingf' As printers ot many editions ot the Bushvvhactcer, We compliment Editor Cyrus Smith and his statt. They have huitt a yearhootc that continues the steady progress made hy staffs in the past toward hetter annuals. We are proud that We have ptayed some part in the production ot so many Bushwhactcers, and particularly ot the 1938 Bushwhactcer which is now Httie hook to tneaif, To the staff ot the 1939 Bushwhactcer We otter our services in etplng them continue the progress towar s a better hook every year Grimes .Inyce Prlntlnq Company L5fLI'LCfLUe PLVLKLFL9 1015 Central Street Kansas City Missouri HArrison 0760 Page 110 ..h. d --I - - H : -Q.. 5.44--L-,-,...-...,.r.,..,t,,,.-W H . V W , ,.. , 4 HQUEH-pp! G R.A P H I C A RIT S B U IL D I N G K A N S A S C I1'Y ' IW I S S CILIRI I I to CY SMITH and ED NEWBERRY on the excellent work they have done in the publishing of the 1938 BUSHWHACKER. We believe you'll agree that it'S really the best ever. Unless you had really been through the mill with them, however, you could hardly appre- ciate how tirelessly they have worked. We hope you'll enjoy the book quite as much as we have enjoyed working for them. Page111 :mr-A dm- F J .W-A --,-, ,,,....,r......,..,.-...... .-- - - - AUTOGRAPHS . L 'Y va Ja '5f',.k-ff was lf ,Q , -ffsf lf: X 3 x we 1 .. ,.. "l2s'l'5 ..- FQ . A5 ' L

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