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University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Dentistry - Bushwacker Yearbook (Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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'fling'-5.f..'fZ-iff -:Q E X Fi ll E37 WI' an f Q.. L I P1 I 37- ff ff X ff!! ,Z !.:LT7-fy 'S ,H- 7-1 sf ! 'f ff Nr' 1 'f P . i S I U fg- 1 J V X 'ff 534171 f ,, y,,Q'd G J was N159 Q . WNW G sms Qxvmxw 'iff' .,,, 9 ' ' UXNXPX waz , GY NXQSB CU569 W WL N N4 xxsasvvm '55 mfg 'WM f -'ir ff xx To those dentists oi the past and present, who hy their conscientious and untiring efforts, have given dentistry the high standards which it now maintains, and Who have inspired the dentists of tomorrow to carry on to even higher standards, that humanity might hetter he servedg We, the staff, respectiuiiy dedicate this, our hooic. MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY Midwest Genealogy Center 3440 S. Lee's Summit Rd. 3 0000 1 3042299 5 Independence, MO 64055 XX X XX X X I X XX X N. xx x X. x K X, X X , X We have en e vored to present a panorama of student life, ugrg as a medium a sham X-ray projector. It is our earnest desire tha his hook shall review for you, the trials and triump s, We have shared this past year, which now heco e our common treasure. T Staff. it X ADMINISTRATION fACTlVlTl2S cLAssfs 'FP.ATinNlTlzs ' FSATUBU 4 . J' 5 4 I A 1 I sk Wu, NLR? 1 Q, LW- 'un' 5 I I : I' . '.. I- f, tr , 1 J X ,, 5. LMA 3 .I u fri ff, 45- WS' yff- . ?1,,.e, f , f I fi , M 'f .1:J7 , 1 42 " X5 f!,,f1 ph. fy, -Us , 'XI . W . ,7 , Tl xii -EH-2 ENTRANCE YT : I ,.l,iV.lF,, I .... A ,1 I'-, giSi:':Mi2ExiLzlf:'W,,5'n," ,", ,,Z,,,, , 9, H .. 'M4AIxl11rz1pii'IIIWf A f 'A ' To THE !!Inp1l,Il'iInQFjmH III IHIIIIII 1 -'E '- KANSAS cm- I ,n,.I.5 'I 9, ' 'E ., 5.1 -, , x I f N7 f H1 I I li S!! WESTERN ' III' I 1 I NmiIxxx"xIIw1 XIX NI! DENTAL l':v ' I-lfI'5'I i 'A"f"NNN"lV'N "IA I 'J-f IQ il!? COLLEGE 1 H ,AI QQIXII I - . -L, - ,-H I I ' A MgiIgfa 4. ,Emu Il ,T . - 6. I -L. - III .: ri 33 1? 1 JS'-2' ADMINISTRATION BUILDING OF THIQ I FNIXA'IQRSI'I'Y OF KA NS.-X S CITY 2 ff Bly Friends - Students ol the Kansas City- Xvestern Dental Colege: . Fame is a reward 1 earned hy hard worlc and i hy intelligent direction of one's efforts. A person may have natural alyil- ity, he may have lqeen horn with a talent, he may have an unusual memory, hut if he has not. character, initiative, desire and a level head he will not lilcely enter the hall of fame. The plodder often goes further than the gifted person loecause he realizes his natural defi- ciencies and decides to overcome the handicaps loy hard Worlc. Eventu- ,, V K gg V , s ally you find him in the g y y V 'favijse front ranlcs. Much talent ,,. ...U , , - I , f ..,. ,A,z,,...,, . is lost because of the DEAN R. J. RINEHART laclc of a little courage. Many talented persons are lazy. They would rather loaslc in the sunshine and dream of success without effort or conjure resentment toward the successful. They are the ones who spread seeds of discontentment and hecome a part of the radical element. ' Things in this World would he much easier if we put forth a consistent effort trying to improve the quality of our taslcs instead of seelcing short cuts and offering excuses. ltys interesting to observe the beginning students, how they start with good intentions and genuine effort, using every talent they possess and all the time allotted. After a few weelcs the class divides. into groups, not organized divisions, lout just natural groups of Worlters, the talented, the plodders, and those who alibi. Fortunately time is a great corrective agent and many in the aliloi group wget religion." Before the junior year is over, that which is ahsorhed hegins to emerge, the faculty become hopeful and the workers in the ciass assume a natural brotherly attitude for the belated student lay lending a helping hand. Qur gifted and hard- working students always do a good joln of helping the student who is having a Page 8 hard time hecause of outside work or other student prohiems. But the drifter in the great ocean of dreams is always in our midst, he is a good starter and a prompt stopper and finally a hurden and hiot upon the progress of civilization. After he has proved himself a failure in his endeavor iet him go his way in peace and trust we have done our hest in his hehaif and in the interest of human relations. Having failed in the attempt to direct and encourage him our conscience is clear. The faculty has reasons to he proud of our student hody for as a group they stand high in character, inteiiigence, enthusiasm, and ioyaity. My young friends F- students -I iooic with profound interest and respect upon your accomplishments While in schooi and my interest in you wiii continue throughout the years of your practice. To acquire a profession such as ours is today, with its long and tiresome path, requires courage, which is exemplified hy each of you who is making progress. George Eliot has said, HThere is no short cut, no patent tram road to Wisdom. After all the centuries of invention, the soui's path iies through the thorny wilder- ness Which must he trodden in solitude, with hieeding feet, with solos for help as it was trodden hy them of oiden timesf, R. J. RlNEHfXRT, Dean UUH UE!-X S DEAN of the Kansas City-Western Dental College, Dr. Rinehart has enjoyed rernaricaioie success and popularity, which may largely he attriiouted to the fact that he possesses a keen understanding of young men and their prohiems and is ever Willing to help those who seek his counsel. His long service and experience, in dental education and in the affairs of dental societies, has provided him with a Wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm which, imparted to the students individuaiiy or coiiectiveiy, is an inspiration for the higher things attainahie in the profession. He has been president of both the iocai and state societies, a delegate to the American Dental Association for eighteen years, a representative to the international Dental Congress in Vienna last year and has heen recently advanced from the rank of Major, to that of Lieutenant Colonel, in the Dental Reserve Corps. We feet extremely fortunate in having him as our friendg a man of ahiiity and ioyaity to his students - the Dean of our institution. THE KANSAS CITY-WESTERN DENFAL COLLEGE :XDNIINISTRATION OFFICE WE HAVE A FI- E SEHUUL S students of the Kansas City-Western Dental College, we feel that we are in an efficiently regulated and well-equipped institution, whose reputation is evidenced by the achievements of its alumni in the profession. Our institution strives to build better student bodies, and ultimately, better dentists. It is, there- fore, an asset to the dental profession, to dentistry as a science, and indirectly, to the communities which its graduates serve. Qur Office of Administration, like other divisions of the school, combines business with hospitality. - We have a library and museum of merit. Qutstanding in this department however, is the Cogswen Clinic, which is perhaps the most unusual exhibit of its kind in the entire dental profession. ltconsists of about three hundred models valued at more than 321000, and is nationally recognized as a masterpiece. Also on the first floor of our four-story building is the sophomore laboratory, adequately furnished with dental engines, lathes, gas and air lines, casting machines, and all necessary equipment for its specialized work. , The Infirmary, under the able supervision of Dr. Ralph VV. Edwards, occupies the entire south front of the second floor of the building, and is the department in which all underclassmen aspire to work. In addition to a centrally located dispen- sary there are two newly equipped examining rooms and a reception room. Adjoining the Infirmary is the Lowry Dental Clinic for indigent children to which two interns and a graduate Dental Hygienist are appointed annually. This department is operated on the funds provided by the estate of the late Dr. Howard S. Lowry. fcontinued on Page 71, BIO lop 1-xpc' NIJ, fivnl Nlfllt Hisll H, lXl'f 'I'I.1 'Ill' l:lll Kill .Ml lit, 171. INFIRMARY L ew rf m,,.,...,3-'P -wyn- , , My '!f', -,I '. 11174 li XX A xnxx XX xx -9.-.-Q4 1 JRAI, SIPRGILRY DIIiPARTMliNT IIISN IINIQIQIS IIQXIIIQAI' Q KN INII',M"I'IfIJ 'II IIRID INIU N I LX IDIIII' NIC I A XINININI- IXI'l'I Ifx xl I X . if if MIJSEUIVI SVVIQI 4l .. HX! HHH WIC' MUlJI I,! I IISRARY PIWIM' r4f vi'l1cmfnen l .xrsw1c,xlm N ', .km . ,, ,+A Q f W , ' fwf ff' ,, zf fy Z, ,,,, ,. I -W Y ' yu Nwwwv ' gf ..wWm.M.Q,..bEQSf gj- im.gxlEfS" W, x W4 K Z i THE LUWHY DE TAL cu IE HE Lowry Dentai Clinic for indigent children, was estaioiisiied in tire Kansas City-Vvestern Dental Coiiege in 1930, through funds provided by tiie will of the iate Dr. Howard S. Lowry. Each year internes are appointed from the current graduating ciass, to assist in the management of the ciinic. in addition to tire restorative service, an interesting program in visuai educa- tion and training in iieaitii iialoits is carried on ioy a graduate dentai hygienist. ' Page 15 W ,f an W rv 4' f, fy, ff K ff: X ,f 2, f .f ' Ff 3 r I E f E 5 A...-f... ...qkqxw QQ--wh ,RMK -u,,-..., .-. ugs Q -N- S-ghkgxkd xx, QM f irnxur-N'7'-1...Q, 'gk az'--is HQ: V '-it 1-,hw A-M"-P-. , 'K--Q.. 1-S akmlxxxkix w.,.uQ.NNi "-,Q H-1. XX-.X 2 5 1 K i 95 I :fi yr-xgm ix R 'Q' gi ,A sg NN . , ,- - ,.,,.g.,,L he YV A, , , M , , A .--.....-.-4-..Y..- ...A ,.-F, - .. .. BOARD UF TRUSTEES HAROLD P. KUHN GEORGE P. MELCHER HAROLD P. KUHN, A.B., MD., F.A.C.S., President GEORGE P. MELCHER, A.B., A.M., L.L.D., Vice-President ROY JAMES RINEHART, DDS., F.A.C.D., S ecre tary RALPH L. ADAMS, L.L.B., Auditor A ROY JAMES RINEHART RALPH L, ADAMS A Page 18 V 17.3 L"'i"'2""'Af ff' fwwr' ff AA "W- i i A Q... x"'214.ggi.."iii: A A SUPEHINTENDENT UF I FIHMAHY ALPH VV. EDWARDS, D.D.S., F.A.C.D., superintendent oi the iniirmary, schohng and teacher NNHH1 hun, denhshy semns to he a Hfdagndkmnt Qiosessionf, The ease with which he meets difficult situations and shoulders responsibility, has won the respect and admiration of an who know him. ., 0RiX4AN A. NIQQRE, AB., D.D.S., registrar, hioiogist, anci lecturer. Through his position as registrar, he hecomes familiar with every stucient's past record. His is the task of arranging scheciuies, to meet the individual require- ments oi the student. Dr. Moore gives lectures and supervises iaho- ratory courses in the various branches of Biology. This iahora- tory work is his particular hobby, and students learn much from his instruction. REGISTRAR Page 19 ' .ff'5'l7 fijifii E I . , . 4 .N 1 2' R J i R, , 1- N, if i Jaw, ,'...a'i fs.....!-1. QL45. 'iw ii -E in , ii, uu.,J -,y,,.L Ie-. E ,".-,, . re mf 'ww'-fy L'I-,...2. ,vi FACULTY R.-J. RINEHART. D.D.S., F.A.C.D., Des.. of the Faculty. Professor of Crown and Bridge. ll. P. KUHN, A.B., NLD., F.A.C.S.. Professor of Oral Surgery. R. W. EDWARDS, D.D.S., F.A.C.D.. Superintendent of Infirmary, Professor of Operative Dentistry, Oral Pathology. D. D. CAMPBELL, D.D.S., Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry. A. L. REEVES, B.S.D., A.B., Lecturer on Dental Jurisprudence. EMMETT J. CRAIG, D.D.S.. Professor of Exodontia, Nlinor Oral Surgery and Anesthesia. E. L. STEVVART, MD., Professor of Histology ancl Bacteriology. F. VV. HUNTINGTON, A.B., A.M.. D.D.S.. Professor of Chemistry, ixletal- lurgy ancl Physics. L. V. HILL, BS., NLS., MD.. Professor of Anatomy. Director of Anatomical Lahoratory. R O B E R T KORITSCHONER, M. D.. PFOECSSOF General lDf:lll'I0l0gy. R W EDWARDS F VV HUNTINGTON 1 D D CAMPBFLL A. L. REEVES ROBTKORITSCHONDR I V HLL Page 20 A - f 'ne fi-.e.A...Y YY , ,V 7 35. .WW L W-, FAC LTY A N. A. MOORE. A.B., DDS.. Professor of Oral Histology ami Bacteriology. J. A. SAVVHILL. DDS.. Professor of Radiocfontia. H. A. ALLSHOUSE, Jr.. DDS.. Professor of Ortilodontia. V f N. A. MOORE C. W. O'DELL C. G. PORTER. D.D.S.. Associate Professor ' of Prostiielic Dentistry. L. E. DAVIDSON. D.D.S., Associate Pro- fessor Dperative Dentistry. 'C. W. O'DELL. B.S.. D.D.S.. Associate Professor of Drai Pathology. C. VV. SAVVYER, D.D.S., Associate Profes- sor of Dental Anatomy ancl Dperative Dentistry. J. A. SAWHILL C. W. SAWYER FRANK C. NEFF. MD.. SCD.. Research on Diet and Nutrition. L. P. ENGEL, A.B., MD.. F.A.C.S.. Asso- ciate Professor of Oral Surgery. L. E. CARR, D.D.S.. instructor' in Crown and Bridge ancf Ceramics. H. A. ALLSHOUSE, JR. FRANK C. NEFF C. G. PORTER L. E. DAVIDSON L. E. CARR L. P. ENGEL Page 21 Q P EULTY I M CMNFQ B9 DDQ Assoffiale . ,i A .s i .-,.. . .L .u Professor of Rnctiociontia. and Operative Dentistry. NI. FAHRINCER, AB., DDS.. Lecturer on Prophylaxis and Pyorrlwea. C S. HANN, AB.. A.M.. instructor in Com- parative Dental Anatomy. A L. WALTERS. D.D.S.. Lecturer on Pre- ventive Dentistry. Diet .and Nutrition. tl Associate PFOFCSSOT of Crown and Bridge, and Ceramics. E L. DILLON, D.D.S., Instructor in Dental Technics. I C VVARNOCK. D.D.S.. Lecturer on Den- tal Economics. VV VV. WHITE, D.D.S., Instructor in Pedo- clontia and Orttlociontia Clinic. JOHN M. CLAYTON, D.D.S., Lecturer on Operative Dentistry and Dental Histology. W. HILLIAS, DDS., F.A.C.D., Lec- turer on Dperative Dentistry and Dental History. C S HANN W W WHITE A I WALTERS J. D. SCOTT G. W. HILLIAS JOHN M CI AYTON Page Q2 HJHEEB EERE ..... i ffmf.igfgfgg,L,L P. J. E. P. F. sTooKEY F. R. E. E. J. V. BROWN E. C. H H C F. STOOKEY. NLD., lnstructor in Special Pathology. V. BRQVVN. D,D.S.. Lecturer on Pros- tlietic Dentistry. C. PADGETT, BS.. MD.. F.A.C.S.. Lecturer on Qral Surgery. H. EVERSULL, D.D.S., instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry. L. BCVVER, NLD.. D.D.S., F.A.C.S.. Associate Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. H. SKINNER, NLD., F.A.C.R., Lecturer on Radiology and Oncology. H. VVESTENHAVER, D.D.S., Ural Sur- gery at General Hospital. . M. MCFARLAND, D.D.S.. Special Lec- turer on Minor Cral Surgery. . WILSON ALLEN, D.D.S.. Special Lec- turer on Exodontia and General Anesthesia. A. KOEHLER. BS.. NLD.. Instructor in Anatomy. E. H. SKINNER E. H. WESTENHAVER PADGETT "' H. M. MCFARLAND F. H. EVERS ULL R. L. BOWER c. A. KQEHLER H. WILSON ALLEN Page 23 "'9""""' 1 l FACULTY C. R. LAVVRENCE. D.D.S., F.A.C.D.,' Special Lecturer on Clllire Rlanageinenl HOMER SHELDEN, DDS., Special Loc- turer on Ortlroclfxntizi. D. E. WOODARD, MSD.. D.D.S., Lec- turer on Ural Diagnosis. G. VV. RGBINSGN, Jr., A.B., Special c. R. LAWRENCE . A- L- REEVES, JR- Lecturer on Psychiatry. A. L. REEVES, Jr.. A.B., LLB., Lecturer on Dental Jurisprudence. H. RICHARD MCFARLAND, AB., BS.. D.D.S.. lnstlructor in Hy g i e n e and Exoclontia. H. M. PARKER, A.B., MA.. MD., Lecturer on Oral and Special Pathology. R. R. LGPEZ. D.D.S., Clinical Instructor. - HOMER SHELDEN H. RICHARD MCFARLAND L, Cf. TAYLOR, FTD., Professor ol Physiology. Dr. Lynn G. Taylor was an outstanding example of sincerity, punctuality, and service, whose life touched many and Rin tum lyriglnt- ened tllem and guided tllem into deeper ,Chan- nels toward success: a fine gentleman, teacher. and scliolar who helped many tlirougli diffi- culties, and was a credit to l1iS profession. To his memory we bow our lleads in reverence. D. E. WOODARD If, M, PARKER G. W. ROBINSON, JR. LYNN G. TAYLOR R. R. LOPEZ Page 24 -:E R - .. ' 4.c-mjlf.c--..--..D-L.,-g.,.mji'f ,DM A-ggi Q 'S fs F 6 f J Y f ......,4'11f fj-M - ! UFFIEE PERSONNEL .Q MARGRET B. POTTS, Office. MARY K. CRR, Gffxce. MARGRET B. POTTS MARIE BUTNER HELEN H. ADAMS. Office. MARIE BUTNER, Information. - MARY K. ORR HARRIET SONIERS. Dispensnry. D. EVELYN HANNAH, G.D.H., Super- visor of Dental Hygienists. BLANCHE STIRES, Cv.D.H.. Dispensary. HARRIET SOMERS HELEN H. ADAMS D, EVELYN HANNAH BLANCHE STIRES Page 25 - U H F EULTY E, THE students, feel extremely fortunate in having as members of our faculty, men who realize the importance of keeping pace with modern advancements: -men who unself- ishly devote their spare time in search of new technics and ideas, that they may give us students a hetter foundation for our practice of dentistry: -men whose prestige and popularity is manifested hy the fact that they are constantly heing asked to give clinics and lectures before meetings of dental societies and study clubs. As students, We regard them not only as our teachers hut also as our personal friends. Their democratic spirit appeals to us most favorably: for it is this characteristic which seems to he a criterion of the ethical dentist, and which prevents him from becoming egotistical and self-centered. We Wish to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the things they have done for us and hope that we may always remember their teachings and follow their examples. Dr. Ri v Page 26 Top Row: Albers, Briclwell, Haymes, Newman, Anderson, Nlason. Bottom Row: Clawson, Tataata, McAllister, Williainis, Harris, Ware. ST UE TEUUNEIL HREE representatives to the Student Council are elected from each class. with the assistance of Dr. Rinehart, as counselor and adviser, this organiza- tion deals with the problems and activities which arise during the current year. I TEHPHATEP1 ITY EUUNCIL HE Greek letter organizations are counseled by this interfraternity group, consisting of four members of the faculty and the presidents of the fraternities. The feeling of good-fellowship existing between these organizations is in a large measure clue to the efforts of this body. Dr. Rinehart Dr. Richmond Dr. Carr Dr- JHITICS. JI'- Sheefg Franclqe McAllist er M J H: fig V1 5' Hi 1 ig ' 9, ri in ,1 fx 1 f"S qi E 4 pfvfy f5 In M. ' . iffy, ,,,,.' 1 U IH Lf than afwmn 1 - . ,,.,,' f fz wa, MafK4,4,g,,5? MN., K ,fv f 43747 ' f ' f , W wmv' , my ' . in ,, f y vwgw ,f 'WWQA ,Y ff , Jn, N f I V I Q wf?'Wf7Mw ' "fff'ff-,, gw ff,,,f2:,", , X Q Afirfff ,yf f . , ' f-,lf V'f0'W5fMQm'fLf ,, , .,M5,f , , AVA-Anwfqyw 27' ., " ,J , fyW, 10,5 ,V ,,y,eftw.f.vf-A,L, af, M,fm w... -wg 0 J -" ,. 4 ,N A -4 -I F-MW Wvvr ,A-K, ,, ,QW , .,., .. ,-.- .--A... V ... -Y --., -..-.f V, .-,ft-- .1-:A - x Lxjhb-X I ,qf 0 W- "' k lf 1-q,1.,, ,f--""' ' "A Z" , 1 n il' f , ' , A , , f .-K0L4il.-- --AJ i -Y 41, 5 Y4:,.L,,:bL- T,-on-4, ,, AY- ,... .,,,,, XXX Q .1 . 4-1, - V NN XM A Q.: 1 .x x '-.1 ,Q X. ,X . ,. N Wx ' ' X X X 1' 'fc w X N wwfi,.'xx W X X X N1ix 'f X wx KX xx xxx Y EQ ig? m X X 9 A' xx i5f':irf1-VF" A -, X "iai.,f4.-fx w 1 Q, ,mga y, :fx , t X 'f W? Ffqx - X X, n35y f,i:g',X Q R X 'ge 'Q Xgtli5Y.355'N '1- w. X mf9"x42':+ +,,- fun ,4 X X gggzifm X X X XX P: 1455 - W -.M A -1. 1 X xr . pei f X5 3 ji fdf' 1 3 31 it nys!! ,wp Q .Ja ga:-fl" .Lf-1 -r' R. W. 'VALLEY A Ciinton, Qiciaiioma Oiciaiioma Baptist University Louisiana State University Qiciaiuoma University President Senior Ciass DALE BARTLE It I 1 Birci City, Kansas Fort Hays State Sctiooi Gi C6 Sigma Tau Gamma Vice-President Senior Class A. O. MCGOWAN, Jr. Kansas City, Kansas Kansas City, Kansas Junior Coiiege Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class E, time senior ciass of tire Kansas City-Vvesb ern Dental Coiiege, are about to enter into the professionai worici. Stripped of tire ciirect guidance and protection oi our Alma Niater, it shaii remain for every inciividuai to carry on or to fait ioy time Wayside according to tiie manner in which he ideas prepared iiim- seif for tiiis, iris iuturej For those who have siioui- ciereci responsibility through- out timeir sctlooi years, this step wiii be an easy one. For tiiose who iiave ieaned iieav- iiy upon their feiiow ciassmen in an effort to get ioy, it strait be one marred ioy disappoint- ments anci failures. ixfiany questions arise before us. VX7i1ere siiaii we go? Vvtiat fconlinuecl on Page Tli w N I ,Wg 1 7 ' IL. I 'V ,M-ff"' , . ,. ,g ,.W,.,.4f""A 1 -s,s,.,.f,.,..f,-fr' W H f' -X f J k L i .v,,,-.-r-'f-"JCR aff:-' 4 "MJT I ., , N 5 5 ,, f ' m,:,.,,i.,,,f,,.'1f.f- A N, ff, I, f ,C 1' -,-"' ,aw ,A-t ff ':'fM"'v E IMA., at L,,.,w-' .Naam-h "Wx, Q "'---. .fixgi 1 M. VV. ALEXANDER LaGrange, Texas Texas lvlilitary lnstitute, Baylor Uni- versity, Alpha Qmega. J. H. ALLEN Parsons. Kansas Parsons Junior College. NORMAN H. ARNOLD Newton, Kansas Bethel College. Vvilliam Jewell Col- lege, Xi Psi Phi. A G. H. BELL Benton, Arlfcansas Pliillips University J. J. BROWN Vviciiita, Kansas University oi- Vviclwita, Xi Psi Piii. HUGH H. BRUNER, BS. Concordia, Kansas Kansas State College, Glee Cluiia. Sigma Plli Epsilon, Plii Kappa Plii, Plii Delta Kappa. JOHN D. BURNER Sal3etl1a, Kansas Higlwland College, Business Blanager Glee Club l936-37, Delta Sigma Delta. K. W. CARLSON Topelca, Kansas Vvilliam Jewell College, Psi Omega. CASEY CHILDS Tulsa. Olclalwoma Oklalmrna University. Tulsa University. Tennessee University, Alplwa Sigma Pin, Alplla Pi Mu. R. H. CLARK Kansas City, lxlissouri Xvilliam Jewell College. X, ' "fb C., UW ill 25541 . 95225.-f 4 'lm ,. glgggjw 3,mA..,,p, W l f fliffifil r . ,l W' M.:-L. ,- Jw i aw w- wig., , N . 5 'gEfW: "' . i Q.. Q will W. l :lv -- ff'-"f gli 1 A .lviaik-ii fa. -Q. lu- ' up f'.,q. .Y-,, ,W r' ll?-'Q 1' wi I .-1,3 e.,'i-. i ' iii' fig? f 1: ,i l uri. 'C i 'h ,.:,: 5i'!Qi1'1..'l ' ,X fel' ,gi':,:f1vl5.:y" ' , 17 ,S 4, MCXY 1 -- ll ffm -new ef fi' Ni 1 , ,',,w,5vg.gsf'b ,Wit I, P-l y,-- .Y l 1'Wf'iwk- H'v:'f.,z rl A ,iff ' .hi V 3y..J,. ,,!,r.' . rf, :J ' .. , H 6 ',5fi,f,1i-ii' -.,G??,...,,.-..,,....,..m xi S 'P il 'il L l l l ,A ax l I 'l'iilffl'41-"' "Q-.fw iff l. il Y' if 'rf VVILTUN VV. COUSXVELL, Jr. Aix. Colorado Springs. Colorado Colorado College, Colorado Universily, Oral Surgery, Plli Gamma Della, Della Sigma Della. A. OTIS COREY Vvilliam .lewell College, Sludenl Coun- fil, 1934-35, Glee Cluli. Della Sigma Della. DANIEL E. DODD Cairo, Neliraslca Grand Island Baplisl College, Kearney Stale Teacliers College, Tulls lxledieal College, Plui Tau Gamma, Lamlyda Della Lamlada, Sigma MA URICE F. EKSTROM Sl. Paul, lxlinnesola bl. lllomas College, Universily ol lxlinnesola, Cvlee Clula, Della Sigma Della. ERNEST XV. FICCA Df'llN'Pr, c30lUIflfl'D Plloenix Ilunior College, Glee Cluln, Vice-president FfCSlllllilll Class, Presi- denl Sopliomore Class, Psi Omega. li. EUGENE FULTON Vvirliila, Kansas Universily of Vvieliila, Zela Della Epsilon, Della Sigma Della. .I. I... GLASBERC VlV1lllSH, CDlilElll0ITl?l Universily of Cylilaluoma, Sigma Alplia lxflu, Alpina Omega. J. M. HARRIS, Jr., BS. Vvilliurlon, Olilflllfjlllil Olclallcmillzu Seliool ol lvlines, Easlern Qlclalioma College, Qlclalloma Uni- versity, Qlclalioma A. gr lvl., Oral Sur- gery, Sluclenl Council, Alpllil Sigma Plli, Alplla Pi lxlu. f Q H. P. KILLOUC-H Wm Pillslaurg, Kansas bv ol Pillslyurg, XfXIHSlllI1glOll M Universily, U. Srllool ol Nursing. 'K A Sludenl Council, Glee Cluly, Psi Qmegw f C . I 1, Wk -0' MARK K. KOHN J Bridgeporl, Connerlicul Nlwsl ,L Connerlirrul College, Universily ol M,-A 'Km ggi, 3 L pennsylvania, Glee Clulw, Cymivron -M,sW,,a.f-1f"f"'wQ.iNber l Alplia Tau. pvvvqqfmuvvwm MT 1 ,,,.. . , Y ,.-,.:v::'-'f- I f ' ,I A ..rza-11'-'U' nv' VMMIJU.4.:f::p'.:f,f-1-V Ii iudm,71-11" J! -,eww-uglgieiiginvkf. Amr-1,-..wW'1"J -'iW'ffTix4', lf' V' 'Y ,mga 37:'2iN-'53-Y-VT-7q4,,ff.v Jyvfvifllfffnz-'AWN , ' lim' . ...QT........fwwr+.1 - fx ie L 'Jay -,,,C,.av-":,,,g:an4:.-4U7L:!" .my f,,,,,uw2'1"".:n-26-1f.A1'W""" K- fi ,5 QJ7' F-1' M125-N ,,.fmf-1 an-G""""' lx . ff ,f I' f . f' H. -Pi ll .1.:.,.-...a-ff""r"""a , W ,,nrf"w""q'mnwW 1 ntixvuj ff" W "4 V, i f LGMA ,,xJ2f"r.:Kff"'1'nvv1 J' ,-,n.v.u4""L".p'M,mnH9apw l xx it JJ 7 . -fe" ,M lv . I-5,9-:2"f""':"'Jw as rfx' rf' ill. LANSDEN Granite, Olclalioma Olil8l1OIllH University. Soutliwestem College, Business lvlanager, Busin- wl1aclcer, 1936. if. S. LEVVIS. Jr. l,,.orLlslJurg, New lxlexico New lxlexito Normal University, Xvil- lianl Jewell College. Delta Sigma Delta. C. if MADDERN Emporia. Kansas Vvilliam Jewell College. E. H. MAIENSCHEIN Kansas City, Nlissfsuri 'Kansas City Junior College, Vvilliam Jewell College, Glue Club, Vice-Presh :lent Soplioinore Class. Secretary Junior Class. Delta Sigma Della. R. L. MARSDEN Fclgerton, Vvisconsin Xvisconsin 'Unive-rsity, NOflllNN'CSlCFll University. Psi Omega. J. B. BICGEE Slierman. Texas Austin College, Baylor University. Stir rlent Council, plii Lamlbcla Epsilon. Xi Psi Plii. U. V. B. lX'lc'KlNl,EY V Tucson, Arizona Arkansas State Teagliers College, Vvil- linm Jewell College. JOSIZPH G. Nll..S'l'ElN Plroolilyn, New Yorla Vvillianu Jewell College, lvlagician witli filer' Cluli. lllii 'linu Lninlxla, Alpina flint-ga. tl A I VVAl..TtiR .IUDSON NEXYTON fllatluf, Kansa fjttawa llnixersity, films Cluli. XN'l2Sl.IfY PARK. AJS. XNf'i.lmi., Kansas , llniversity ol Xvitliita. Plii llpsilon 5 Sigma. ' 5-,?If1' .I nw'f"""WH ' Qfffsvz-V.-,,,.. uwwyv- 1' " Jbsxx-zu "":'22v-rg.-fs X ,J-af' J rrwff . 'M' Q ,,-y- N V I-v"f""'J" --,Y K! "+-- e 'W -A., '- : . "Ns !,.f.f-fy-It 1, 1 0 -...ui . -' N - 1 '--.Q "H '--V. ii fi 2 4 1 l l a" y :LLQJMAF Em .. ,V l Q +I , " ?' - 'Nf1:,,. " ' qw bd fc 44 fl , V f. 4, - Z I 1, ' ' , , S-: , 'V .Q VV -.ML .xn- riff... 'Q-f-,.,-,..Q-'S s... --.f PATRICK lf. l'lllQLAN, Ali. Rlarsliall, lXl.lSS0L1fl IN lissouri Valley College. VV. H. PRETTY, Pli. C. cDlCl8l'l0IIlEl City, fblclalioma Qlclalmoma University, 0lilklll0lIlH City University, Vice-Presiclent .lunior Class, Glee Clula, Plmi Delta Clii, Beta Sigma Clli, Psi Omega. C. G. RUSSELL Clinton. lxlissouri SOI1lllVV6Sl Baptist College, Central lwissouri Teacliers College. C. L. SAN GER Yulcon, Qlilalnoma University of CDlclaluoma. L. R. SCHANTZ Vvicliila, Kansas lrrienclls University, Alplna Kappa Tau, Xi' Psi Plli, Stuclent Council Freslnnan Class, Secretary SOpllOlll0I'6 Class. .l. L. SHACKLETT Cvolclen City, lxflissouri SULllllNVCSl lxlissouri rlleafllers College. RICHARD R. SHORT Kansas City, lvlissouri Horner .lunior College, Vvilliam Jewell College. MARION R. SMITH, BS.. AB. Kansas City, lVlissouri Nortllwest lwissouri Teacllers College, Central lvlissouri Teacliers College, Beta Beta Beta, Xi Psi Plli. CLli'l'US G. STEIN lJill"SUllS, KEUISIIS Parsons .lunior College, St. Beneclictls College, Psi Omega. DERRELL R. STRONG, AB., lNfl.A. Leaclville, Coloratlo Coloraclo State rllQ"ill'llC'I'S Ciallf-ge, Vvestern Stale College. Beta Beta Beta, Xi Psi Plii, Epsilon Rlio t ar, , ,..,-M' .1-A -if r"f' na: Vg ff' 'M- E :'lo . M..--bf-f' Psi n thingy- V,-NW, Aflias-Riu g ,,.,f--" ' Ir,-f""':'-Aa if if-S .. 5-:va-""' ,g,,.f- .. 'N-Q Sigma Della. .,,. NN . J. N. STRONG, AB. l..l"?lLlNllli', Coloriulo Vveslem Slate College, Coloraclo Agri- culture College, Universily of Colorado, K. D. N., Xi Psi Phi. OSCAR B. TATE Hoavener, Olclalioma Della Sigma Della, Scrrelary Frcsli- man Class. lf. L. 'l'Rl'l'l', 13.5. llilyS, KUIISEIS Fort Hays Kansas Stale, Presiolenl Junior Class. Pin Sigma Epsilon. F. N. TURNEY, AB. lx'1CCUll0, KH FISH S College ol: Emporia, K. T. Emporia, K.S.T.C., Pillslourg. J. L. VAN CHLDER, BS. VVel3lJer, Kansas Kansas Slalecollegc, Pi Gamma Flu, Scalobard and Blacle, Xi Psi Plni. R. H. VANN i Forl Slllilll, Arliililsils Forl Smilll .lunior College, Cleo Club, Xl Psi Pin. l.'REN'l'lSS LiVliRif'l' VVARE C:l"Cf'l1X'VOOCl, Afk2lllSilS Fort Smilli ilunior College, l'lr-nrlrix College, Slucicnl Council Senior Class, Xi Psi Plii. L. C. VVILLIAMS Sl. Louis, lxlissouri Vvaslunglon Univorsily, Sl. Louis lini- uversily, Della Sigma Della, Sluclenl Council. SAM XV I LSQN KEIDSEIS Clly, lXllSS0IlI'l Kansas Cily .lunior College, Vim:- lJf'l'Sl!l1'I1l l'rc-slunan Class, Business Planager Buslnwluacilsc-r 1055. Di-lla -Q-M r ggxw Q V --.xxmkhi-L . Q-5.-R N-s4.a. 5L . -wx . X -i.-th -555- "1.,.+,N-ys "'-,Q-xhG:Qr: 4--Q.iN--.SWAIN -F ff --NM PM-is-...-.. 'N--..,,-S'-xl ' "'-Q. ,www K M, 71' . I ' WRX xx-gm -ff c, .f' Q P - ' "K-i-.. K' , k W. ...... M ,,,. A .,,.. .,,.w,..w.,,..U,,..f- I fr 1 Air I -QJLI, Z Vi nn i Wm Y ,,,, ' nr W jjj 'i"i,f Y ,- , . 7 ff f X Ml ,een My A 1 1 M3 bfi, Psi, QF? , M. ' tj. 55? LU U i fIiff1cfr,irif4Er+i1,f'1'e.2'1f-'DF W We JUNIOR CLASS CJFFICERS VV. O. DICKEY JACK TALLEY XVILLIAM J. HURT, BS. Leoti, Kansas Holoarl, Olclalioma Edmond, Olclailoma Colorado College Vice-President Central State Teachers College University oi Colorado .lunior Class Glee Clulo Pi Kappa Alpina Alplia Pi lVlu Secretary Junior Class 5 Business Mgr. '37 Busllwlmclccr president. Junior Class 4? Ei P H E PA H AT 1 U E, tlie junior class, find an cated during our l1igl1 sciiool days. For 'r analogy between Dr. Blaclcis, our convenience, the rough edges were "Steps of Cavity Preparationf, and our slowly ground away, -leaving us with a own steps in the preparation lor tile clearer conception of our profession. I practice of time science ol dentistry. in - Qur entrance into tlie iniirmary, our freshman year, we came to the Kan- h h h h Id , I Cl t ' t ' r , t . t sas City-Vvestern Dental College to mug 6 C I rens Cmlc preqene . . an opportunity, to face the realities oi , gain access to tlie vast store oi lcnowl- Xt Ag .tl G tlueory, tlqrougli time actualities of prac- er c awai ing us. H - tice. Time removal of the remaining AS We progressed' a Vague Outline of carlous dentine, became a fact ratlier XP our future gradually unfolded loeiore us. than H printed Sentence. P Slowly at first, lout steadily gaining E momentum, we forged Onward toward And now tliere remains for our class, our goal Vve reiisted the temptation fo lout one year in wimicii to complete our UW sacrifice quality for quantity, thereby Steps of preparation' U retaining the principles that were incul- WILLIANM J, HURT J .J Page 36 A DE T!-XL STUUE TB DIARY Septemlaer 14: Studentsi Studentsi everywhere hut nary a sap we thinlc. Dr. Calmes swamped ior loclcer assignments, rises alaove the multi- tude to a commanding position on a lah stool placed on top oi a table, lrom which lofty perch, he is ahie to cope with the trying situation. The day is hot lout the Hlcnoclc, icnoclisn are not so hot. New Faces and old: the tall, the short, the thin, the stout, all show- ing the eiiects ol the heat and their own iaewiiderment, to a point . where they might almost he characterized by the phrase, Hthey were a motely crowd." September IO: Fraternity rush weelc ends. Sixteen freshmen have pledged various organizations. Our work hegins in earnest. Pablo R. Alanis Monterrey, N. L. lxlexico University of Arlransas T. VV. Arnold. Jr. E Butler, Missouri University oi Kansas University oi Missouri Loren E. Clawson Lexington, ivlissouri Central Missouri Teachers College Student Council. IQ36-37 Kelley E. Croclcelt Kansas City, Kansas Kansas City. Kansas Junior College Ashury College Carl K. Almquist Sedalia, Missouri Central College University of Kansas City Xi Psi Phi Eugene Tp Beers Kansas City. Kansas K. C.. Kansas .lunior College Kansas University Vvilliam leweli K. Clond Kansas City. txiissouri Vviliiam Jewell Earle R. Cunningham Tulsa, Olclahoina Psi Omega 3 C-lee Club, 1934-35, 35-36, 36-37 University of Olclalioma Seth E. Anderson Concordia, Kansas Kansas State Teachers College. J. Byrne Deming. New Mexico University ci Kansas New Mexico Ag. College University ol Southern Cal. Tau Kappa Epsilon Psi Cmega F. D. Coifield Drumright, Olclahoma Ulclahcma Agricultural and lvleclianical College Lambda Chi Alpha .i. Paul Darnell Liberty. Nlissouri Central Missouri State Teachers College mgmm-,,,,, YKWW, ,,,f--,gi,14.,,,,6g---s3l.if.,.-.....- ...... W.- .... . -W -- v--- -- - 1' f W "iff-' 'WQ,Q.,,,Q,Q,,,, ,,..fffig,6,,.7i..i-.,,f-fgvlllf-f' -,---- A-----W WA- --- --M-A ------------ s mm . w,,,,. ---,-,,,,4.,.,,,e...,.,w- ..g--...-n..,-- . ---- ---- - Y----------.----------I ------ fff' af iii :C O . it I 5 I Ui D F0 l".f. ful. ,L 3? 3 J , f lj!! I ,ri 1 , rM,,,,-s 5. i lfiqw f Q if .5 gi is 4 sy . - 1 'wma '. 1'vi , - ' ,jigs . A 'raw' .ii 145 3 5 fs,v1i'i-is , 4, Vt: 4 If Kilmer J DE TAL STUUE TS Ui HY Septemlaer 22: First general asseinizly ol the student hotly. Dean Rinehart gives an interesting tall: on USecurity. Dr. Calmes gives his first lecture to the juniors on Radiodontia. September 25: Dr. Lopez and Mrs. Hannah also attended. Very interesting. Qctoher 1: World Series Hopenerf, Students ilocli to the supply rooms to hear the games. Octoher 9: Class elections over. That potent, political, potentate, C. G. Russell, spurs the tnarlos on to victory. Methods usedg. poorly edited handlaills, absentee iualloting and propaganda cartoons. Greelcs talce heedlll Nlaurice B. Emhry Trenton, Missouri Trenton Junior College G. VV. Grammer Junction City, Kansas Kansas State College Kansas University Phi Kappa Psi Warren R. Hester Hasbrouck Heights, New William Jewell College President Freshman Class Secretary Sophomore Clas Delta Sigma Delta .mm T. Kelley Waco, Texas Baylor University Xi Psi Phi S H. E. Franclce Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City Junior College William Jewell College Student Council 1934-35 Glee Clulo 1934-35, 35-36 Editor '37 Bushwhaclier Delta Sigma Delta Kenneth N. Henderson Salt Lalce City, Utah University ol' Utah paul W. Hoel .iersey Basin, Wyoming University oi Vvyoming Ted A. Kennedy Lawrence, Kansas University of Kansa John E. Gossett Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City Junior College William Jewell College Delta Sigma Delta Howard T. Henry Springdale, Arlcansas University of Arlcansas Delta Sigma Delta Howard B. Johnson Kansas City, lvlissouri Kansas City Junior College D. J. Killelorew Siloam Springs, Arlcansa University ol Arlcansas it Av-H, Wan A DE Octolaer 12: TAL STUD E T'S D IAHY Dr. Vvillred l'l. Terrell ol Pasadena, Calilornia lectures to tlie juniors and seniors on Prostlietics. Dctolner 13: President Franlxlin D. Roosevelt visits Kansas City. Dctolaer 17: Slcipper Dillonls stag party at lxis caloin on Lalie Lotawanna. upooclf' Porter says, Hlt was tlie real lVlcCoy." Dctoloer 19: Dr Cvenial Casey Cliilds, does a slmort loroadcast, in tlrie interests ol safety. Tlwe limroadcast was sponsored lay rludge Tliomas V. Hol- lil. E. l..aml?orn Denver, Colorado Colorado State College Colorado University University of Kansas City Sigma Alpina Epsilon Rolaert Lee Love Cliarleston. Missouri Central College Clee Clula Xi Psi Plii laclc Mandell Houston, Texas ilolins Hoplcins University Texas Dental College l'l. Bruce lVlcKinney I Baxter Springs, Kansas University of Kansas Delta Sigma Delta VV. Logan Leslie, ilr., BS., A.B. Russellville, Missouri Jefferson City Junior College Central State Teacllers College St. Louis University Fellowship in Histology Sigma plli V Della Plii Kappa C. E. Ludlow Olclalioma City. Olclalioma Olclalioma University Alplia Pi lVlu Psi Dmega Don . B. lVlcAllister Fayetteville, Arlcansas University of Arlcansas University of Alabama Student Council 1936-37 Delta Sigma Sigma Clii Scabloard and Blade Xi Psi Phi James P. Miles, B.S. l'lol9art, Olclalioma University ol Olclalwoma Lee lVl. Liglitner Guymon, Olclalioma University ot' Olclalioma Panhandle A 8 M College Delta Sigma Delta Alfred C. S.- Lum Honolulu. Hawaii University ol? Soutliern Cal. San ilose State College Kansas City University P. D. lVlcKennon, Jr. Ft. Smitli, Arlcansas Ft. Smitl1 .lunior College Vice-President Fresliman Class Xi Psi Plmi G. Fred Miller Smithville, Missouri William .lewell College Central State Teaclaers Coll K. C., Kansas .lunior College Plii Gamma Delta egr- ,Zf ' .455 xii' i 9 iff,-'.q.-.L..JL.v,,L...,awLi.IL A+: ::e-M fzzf i 1, 1 , .ff VY ' ,Rug Yipfimmw , .UAW .csv , .vi 7 ---....:,,.L-L V -W M-fb-W U7 CD 'tr' 4 f ft' li M. 5 Q- ' ,"i - ... , . . YY' ABE TAL STUDE T'S DIARY land and City lVlanager H. F. McElroy. Your announcer was Tom GCI'Sl'lOfl. October 22: Dr. Rineliart entertains tlie student assemluly witli some very interesting Higla Liglits ol luis trip abroad. Clctolmer 28: Democratic demagogues denounce destruction ol dolelul Ditt- mar's Dessert Depot. - Dctoloer 30: All-scliool dance at lvanlnoe Temple. Eames takes uAnne Hard- ing." Helen Hulaer receives telegram requests for dates from Douglas Fairlimanlcs and Robert Taylor. Novemlmer 2: Election eve, gliost voters ride to town. Botli parties sired hot." Soap box orators fill tlie halls. Richard T. Oliver Tulsa, Olclaliqma University ol' Olclalwoma William Jewell College Richard George Ralmer Kansas City, Kansas K. C.. Kansas Junior College Della Sigma Delta E. A. Salyer Denver. Colorado VVaslilJurn College Herscliel Wood Scllenclc B A lxan as City Kansa Unner ity of Kansas Charles E. Pauls Canon City, Colorado Westem State College Student Council, 1934 Kappa Delta Mu Psi Dmega B. H. Robertson Alamogordo, New Mexico New Mexico A ff Nl College Delta Sigma Delta Robert C. Sample Somerville, Alabama William Jewell College Delta Sigma Delta Clyde F Scliuman lLlDorado Kansas E.lDorado Junior College William .Ievsell College Vice Piesi ent Freshman Class lnter Fraternity Councl X1 Psi Phi Dee C. Pennington. A.B. Reydon, Olclalioma Central State Teachers College L. A. Rogers Pretty Prairie, Kansas Hutcllinson Junior College Kansas State College Student Council, 1935-36 Delta Sigma Delta H. A. Savage Monte Vista. Colorado Vvilliam Jewell College K-'aff-f7f7ZQ-f Q X UE November 9: Noxfeillber ll. Novenilber l4: November IQ: November '25 TAL ST UE T'S DIARY ' Semi-finals begin. Newberry has a thircl molar extracted and is all swelled up about it. lxlajor ls. E. Davidson lectures -on his experiences in the Vvorld VVar. Armistice Day. ' Hygienists party at Dr. Dillon,s cabin. ljranclae cloes a nose dive on the dance lloor. Rogers auctions oll a white horse. Thatys a horse on you Leo. Dr. 0'Dell loclcs out hall the junior class. Some try to Hgain accessn by way ot the fire escape. Jaclc Talley scores a uliitn with an apple core. Target, a window in the sophomore laboratory. 'lqhanlcsgiving vacation begins. All the boys are heading home lor that turlcey dinner. fContinuecl on Page 7Ol E. R. Sheets Newton. Kansas Wichita University Cvlee Club, 1934-3 5 Psi Omega Stanley Surclel lVlilwaulcee, Wisconsin St. lVlary's College, Nliclligan Marquette University Hugh R. Wallace Kansas City. Missouri Vvilliam Jewell College Delta Sigma Delta Bishop Nl. Shields Enid, Olclahoma Phillips University Xi Psi Phi ' lchiro Tahata Aiea, Oahu. Hawaii Vvilliam .lewell College Student Council Delta Sigma Delta James P. Thomas Tulsa, Olclahoma Cameron Junior College Edward E. Wheeler. Dttawa. Kansas Ottawa University University ol Kansas Phi Kappa Psi Verne A. Starlc Patterson, California Graceland College Glee Club Psi Omega Thomas G. N. Tally Vvatertown, South Daliola Columbia College St. Benedicts College S. J. Waits, B.S. Shreveport. Louisiana Louisiana State University University of Arlcansas Centenary College Sigma Chi Delta Sigma Delta Jr., AB. J. C. York lVlcAlester, Dlclahoma Eastern Olclahoma College ts- ' Y , :gf -- , . ' fb 4 J 'gi W . -sl-Rm 1 r M151 ' Nara Cl' Q ,xg , W V' aff- ' 4 4 'f x' Q z ' 1 x ' 1- x 5 -1 P gg Q., f ,gs f mx 'AE 4 .-1 in 'F' ek . 5,15 A E AIIIIPFSIDH SUPHUMUHES-1937 B4-rry Blm li Bowvrs Drafe Dunn En mes Frlclmrl Hal field Herr Heyburn Jepson Nlason Mays IXXICCTEI ry Mclnnis Pvhirs Ralsl on Rei Rhodes 7 J ,J 3 -,-f V- -ff-. .VV-1..5.f . ,-,-.-,-Y---3--...,, Y-,,.,..,,,,,g,,,,v t ,W-,ww If I Page 42 J. B, Rauch . . Presiclfmt Bernard Dielz , Sporefury-Tr0aS1u'0r C. A. Thomas . , Vivo-Prpgiflpnf N '95 N1-V V - W fnA.4 f ....,. f - is L.. f ...,.- , , ,,,, ,, - YW, ..,,,,,,,-.....,,,, ,H , , ., ,T , 2.7, ,,, , i L f,--......,-,-...--.-- 1 V ,W ,-,...- .--...,..,--..-A,..-..-.,-...2li. Y. ff 2 X' L, - !,':D .a....,,, ' ' 1 ' ' .IJ fri., ,,,, ., . .., ,..,,f.,,...rM,....-,'.,r,.7 ....,.,.g.x-.. fi . -. W, L . .,.,,. ,ms ,,,Y rv-. , , 4 , i ,ff f -, . ,, , , i f f '1y..1.f ':','..,:J'm,. N 'c "'e""'c ..............,-.-..-...h...........,.....-.,,.......... .......,.-... ...,....-,....-,...--.,3f- .s , ,, fs. awe., --,.,:.,a 1: .,f- , .,.... ..-.. Y,,, .Y .Y ,..,ff,s-,. . Y -,k,.--,.....-...,,..,. ,,..,,,..,f.,.,,,.,.,.,.,......,..,,,.,,,. , ,J f' , Top Row: Burlce, Carson, Chilcasuye, Xclarlc, Cogswell, Cooper, Cowden, Creighton. Fifth Row: Feeley, Felt, Focht, Fogel, Carton, Gerard, Glass, Graham. Fourth Row: Kays, Kingsley, Knight, Koonce, l..eHew, Lennard, Long, Lyle. Third Row: Jack Moore, M. L. Moore, Newberry, Newman, Qalcleal, Ogle, Oshorn, Patterson. Second Row: Richardson, Shadid, Shultz, Smith, Sorenson, Stone, Sullivan, Swenson. Bottom Row: Tauhrnan, Thimes, Thomas, Tretz, Vvart, Vvheatcrotl, Zivell. HE fall ot 1935 found us standing at the foothills of training leading to the rnountains ol our profession. We were inspired hy a strong desire to hecome dentists. This inspiration keeps, us continually striving toward that goal. The loothill trails of this second year of preparation trawl he-en rugged and , Page often discouraging. We were led hy faithful guides through many strange and unlcnown passes. Each imparted to us a new implement ol thought, intended for our future success. Vve were ltept alert hy very durahle companions. Permit me to call your fcwtlllltltttftfl on lingo fill 43 YS 1' e fr! ag e ii i clccc , to A tcgt one f,,Q,fllfQ--,, .,. fi Top Row: Alloers. Arthur, Benson!!Bramson, Briclwell, Broolcreson. Second Row: Broolcsliire, Beuclizner, Cllilmb6fS, Conway, Coolc, Freeman. Bottom Row: Funlie, Haymes. Helley, Howe, lto, Jolinson. FHESHME -1937 HOSE first lew days will never lne forgotten. Upperclassrnen as Well as tllose of us wlio were unaware ol our excited actions will'always remem- ber tlie chattering voices, tlie inquiring AA. Bococlc . R. P. Kelly . . AC. E. Foley . . laces, ancl tlie general confusion of our wanclering lmrotliers, tlie lreslimen. Yes, we were all Wandering about tlle insti- tution in searcli of lecture rooms ancl laboratories, wliere we were to study . . . President , - - Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer B0f'01li Foley Kelly Page 44 the prescribed curriculum of our chosen profession. Not for long, however, did we wander lor we soon oriented ourselves to our new surroundings. VVe now loolc to our future which we all hope will be brightened with suc- cess. We have been inspired to greater heights by our upperclassmen, who have so graciously offered their assist- ance in every way possible. People who have sacrificed for us are now begin- ning to believe that after all it has not been in vain. Success does not come to him who waits, but must be obtained through continuous effort and everyday battles. lxflay we wish the senior class the very best in everything. As they step out to serve mankind with the practice of the profession they love so well, may they go on to greater heights than the men before them. And may we as freshmen 'prove ourselves equal to carry on the high standards established by these, our seniors. DICK FOLEY FHESHME -1937 Top Row: Kanelro, Kirschbaum, Larson. lxlariin, Nlcliarland, lVlclVlillan. Third Row: lxlills, lxlitchell, Moore. lvloyer, Parrish, Powell, Second Row: Riney. Rubow, Schubert, Shollenherger, Skelton, Sorrclls. Spain. Bottom Row: Supple, Thurlow, Trot-Er, Vveavejv, Weinberger. lfknllyman, OBrien. f' If f- , lx' if ... Y , W ,,.:T,,,,, .. TT, Y., H -Y, Y 4---A--- -- iff- - ---'--:AQ --- ' Y V- -1 j- I nj- - wLl jj! ' "' 'H ' " ii Yi i g e A jfssrcrffarr fefe 5 e e fe I '44 Page 45 Y P ' ' Hs E. :iff fy, stiff M ff: ,..-i' 1 P12111 Zem- ,5,,. 'Fi' sg Q7 it: : Qjqitftf v" I Av .iii fl, Fir' 'Bti iff."--fa 9,193 'did jzfzsgr fju V? L. ,- .Q 'r . Qt 4 1 i Q 3 Q 1 3 I W 1 i 3 i i 1 E i w 4 I 4 4 i 3 4 J DE TAL HYGIE ISTS M. H. Barry N. E. Howe Z. Hutchison E HAVE almost finished our required course of training and are soon to ioecome graduate dental hygienists, confident of the fact that we are capahie of going into a dental office and rendering a competent service. To the hygienists this has foeen a year of adventure. We have become familiar with hranches of scientific edu- cation which We never realized existed. Through it ali, We have come to see that ours, is a hroad field which touches many phases of dentistry, and how necessary it is that We should have a hackground of knowledge and skill to make the most of our profession. J. Moorhead S. V. Vvaitner L. G. Vvhinery We wish to thank Dean Rinehart for his guidance in planning such a com- plete course of studies and to offer a vote of appreciation to Mrs. Hanna who has heen so patient and so helpful during this past year. To aff the faculty who have spent many fatiguing hours in training and educating us, so that Wemight hecome more skilled in our Work, may We say that your success is in a degree meas- ured hy our accomplishments, and that We will Work hard to carry on to the high goal you have set for us. LUCILE WIIINEICY Page 46 DE TAL HYEIE ISTS ' p N THE wail of an old temple was found this picture: A icing forg- ing from his crown, a chaing and nearhy a slave fashioning from his chain, a crown. Underneath Was written: "Life is what one makes it, no matter of what it is madef! Some people make a hotch of life. They tive it without a piang there is no huiidingg the days are Hung together like Waste piled upon a ruiohish heap. Qthers have some plans hut not lofty ones. A few treat life as an artist would treat it, striving to make of it not only a thing completed, hut a thing of beauty. 'They have more than technic. They have artistry and inspiration. in this particular field of oral hygiene, we have an opportunity to develop a real technic and artistry that will inspire both the iaity and the dental profession. sf As dental hygienists let us build a profession that will he Worthy of a very definite place in the field of dentistry. D. EvELYN HANNAH D. Evelyn Hannah, G.D.H. Supervisor of Dental Hygienists Page 4 7 , ,-,. . . , .t Y, N,-V A,,..i -.Y Y--V rf ,, Y ,f ,,?. YY-...... 1--7-1 fs ,7,... . in .. VM ,W ,MY , v4...f,-,:,,,,'.. W! ,,.Y,u...,, A ' ' 1 2 14" R .D R Q... ,, .tu , Y'....f5 ,Yu-.Q . Y ,, L, ,J, ,,,., ,ma , .,,. J. ,Q , , Q ? ...QQ f 1 , ' , Q. NH fl V - 1 , i W 1 5 4' f ff"--1-I 'of'-,.,.... Lf egflff -...MA LX!!! Director Dr. L. E. Davidson ELEE CLUB USiC hath power to soothe the savage heart and rest the tired mind. With pride and pleasure we point to the activities of our Giee Club under the direction of Dr. L. E. David- son whose personai interest, ahiiity and personality have ied us through one oi the most successiui years since the organization oi the ciuio in 1924. Since that time many students have grad- uated, hetter equipped for their pro- fession, hy having sung in the Giee Club. This year,s membership of twenty- iive men, selected from the student hody, has presented a most diversified program ranging from magic swing rhythm to "Gloria in Exceicisu hy Wiozart. By presenting this type of pro- gram, we endeavor to give each of our audiences something that they particu- iariy enjoy. The whoie-hearted recep- fcontinueci on Page 53, THE ENSEMBLE Back Row: Lennard, Eames. Bococii, Bruner. Third Row: Aimquist. Swenson, Drace, Eicstrom, Stark, Qshorn. Second Row: Arthurs, Brooixreson. ivicinnis, Burner, Maienscilein, Moore. First Row: Le-Hew, Hurt. Long, Bowers. Love, Deitz. Page 50 QL IARTIYI' Almquisl EI! IIICS A CWCOMPANIST - . P1I,A7F NONTANDON Nlcrlnnis, Eames, ' Lennarcl. Bococ SVVING TRIO UFFIEEP15 and SULUIST5 Burlou Osimrn, Presiriwzt unfi Soiois Gene Niaienscimein, Vicefpresicienf. H R. Bowers, Secretary and Soioisi JOhl'l BUFHCF, BUSHIQSS FIUUUQQV. i Eoiwarci Drace, Liinrarian ami Soioist. Hugh Bruner, Soioist. Tiny Niiiistein, iviagiciun. MAJOR ENGAGEMENTS Mlilll A Vvashington Rural l'ligh School January I3 East High School January 15 North Kansas City High School Fehruary ll Roseolale'l'ligh School Fehruary ll Teachers College of Kansas City Fehruary 16 Westport High School February 23 University of Kansas City lvlarch 19 . CITEIHCI Avenue TCIHplC April I Business lvlenls Bihle Class April 4 Parent-Teachers Association April 16 Scottish Rite Temple May 2 fconiinuecl from Page 50, tion accorclecl these concerts malces us feel that we have estahlishecl a more friendly relationship hetween our school ancl other schools of Kansas City ancl vicinity, and hrought it helore the minds of many young men ancl Women choosing a profession. Next we point with pricle to one who is not a memloer ol our stuclent hotly hut upon whose ahility We clepencl a great deal. l'le is always there with a smile and the right note. He is our ahle accompanist Blaze lxlontanclon. lt has heen impossihle to accept all Page get gccwfli-HeEAec1geg..BfUSHiWHFGKEF i?3'l the invitations extenclecl us this year. The Glee Cluh has, however, appearecl hefore at least twenty-five thousanrl people. This yearls attendance has heen most assuring and the Way in which the men have responclecl, gives reason lor success. To the seniors of our organization we extencl the hanclclasp of farewell ancl goocl wishes. Vve lcnow that your place in the Glee Cluh can only he lvillecl hy new recruits from the uncler- classmen encleavoring to upholcl the liigli stanclarcls you have set for us. R. K. BOXVERS 53 THE 1937 B SHWH BEER e K H. E. FRANCKE N DENTISTRY we are taught the importance ol little things and their relation to the successful outcome of an operation. The 1937 Bushwhaclier staff has tried to give you a lasting souvenir of the events of this past year, together with the little accidents and incidents which We feel are important to the success of this hook. We wish to express our deepest gratitude to Dr. Rinehart, Dr. lVlcFarland, the staff at Burger-Baird and to our many friends who have helped to malce this looolc a success. May your criticisms he tempered with an-appreciation of the taslc We have accomplished. I THE STAFF 1 i l l l DR. R. J. RINEHART 1 MINFORD LovETT Page 54 W ggge T L THE 1937 BUSHWHAEHEH W. O. DICKEY STAFF H E. Francke . . ...... ...... E ditgr W O. Dickey . .I . . Business Manager 1VI1r1forCILovett. . . . . Advertising Manager Dr R. J. Rinehart . . . . Faculty Adviser C D. Smith . . . ...... Assistant Editar E D. Newberry . . . . . Assistant Business Manager Russell C. Ceeledge . . . . Assistant Advertising Manager C D SMITH E. D. NEVVBERRY RUSSELL CQQLEDGL Page 55 M-- - D--- .--T17lf1.Eg ' .f M3 HW vu, W U J rw I w XM HU' M W Um IM HJ' ,, w 'I 1 w f ,v 1 u' M Hx xy y M W Y H fl vp. W 'iw J J v Wx W W M .ff 1 ' V L ,, k S' jf' Wm' ,, . if 5 "'L w 1 A K, A fa, ms' .MV 1, , jf' f 133 , fx , , , , , 'w il '5 , ,xfvf-ct 19' N ,, 1 um f , 5 1 2 1, ffilgfg' , ff ' Q5 a,,,,,, ww ' C ,-"",, ri! sw Y fa 'JL '4:. X ,,:,.,v"", ..-P' if f-""',Z,, , 1 Y, "' . 3 .xv 5 , X .,,..r-and ,fga 'gg-Lf wa N, 5. ,mf Q - y, V 4 lv X. x ff f Xa X X ,A ,A ,.l . M Q x 4, ' . .f:', Q 1 4' 'rl -M m.,,,,. 1 , 1 ii If 2 I ,f ix XX S UMIEHU HAPPA UPSILU Kansas City-Western Dental College School of Dentistry Q? ? 5 1. 'r HONORARY DENTAL FRATERNITY p RHO CHAPTER Qrganizeci November 4, 1928 cHaucERsp t DR.R.i1uNEHART ......,.....o.. ,....,. Pmyimt DR. H. A. ALLsHoUsE o.,. o,,, V iwpfesifzenf DR.R:wAE1nwARDsH. ,,.. swmmwammwmf ACH year at graduation time, twelve per cent of the outgoing class are eligible to membership in Qmicron Kappa. Upsiion, national honorary dental fraternity. The eiigihility of receiving this award- concerns all phases of the educational program as presented hy the college. This includes the inciividuats character, quality of practice in the infirmary, satisfactory completion of ati requirements, together with a scholastic record of maintaining a general average of at least 90 per cent through the entire course of study. Among others who are eligible to this honor are faculty members who have heen teaching two years or more and mem- bers of the alumni who have rencierect outstanding and recognized services to humanity and to the profession. Page 58 I H1115 o so . ... , W-,,r,m.fme. ...c oge,,m,-w UMICHUN E PPA UPSILU . - , X D. E. Kerr W. A. Burke D. S. Closson VV. J. Rose E. D. Rauch R. R. Lopez HE above men constitute the new members of Qmicron Kappa Upsilon, chosen from the 1936 graduating class. It is fitting and proper that the efforts and achievements of these men receive public recognition, and may the example set by them serve to stimulate the mem- bers of future classes to greater heights. May these new members of Omicron Kappa Upsilon ever continue to maintain the high standard in their professional practice that they established while stuclents. Page 59 if ee i DELTA SIGMA DELTA Founclecl at tlme University ol lVlicl1igan, at Ann Arluor, in 1882. Nu Cllapter installecl lVlarcl1 15, 1898 32 Subordinate Colors F- Turquoise and Blue. 61 Auxiliary Clmapters Publication 1-1 Desmos. 6 Foreign Cllapters Flower'-'Red Carnation. Kiki. ...f Vw .g r Lfgff t .2i Q.1i.L22..Q,g " . i ,- .W 2 OFFICERS 1936-1937 1937-1938 A. O. Corey . . . . Grand Master . . H. E. Franclce H. E. Franclce . . . Worthy Master . . . L. lVl. Liglitner VV. R. Hester .... . . . Scribe . . . . il. B. Raucll J. D. Burner ..... . . Treasurer . . . E . L. A. Rogers VV. VV. Cogswell, Jr. . 1 . . Historian .. . . VV. A. Newman O. B. Tate . . . .Senior Page. . . VV. R. Hester F. E. Fulton . . .junior Page. . . . . J. Carson L. Liglltrler ..... Tyler ...... . . . Moore E. D. Rauclm . DT. JHIIICS, J. D. Bumer .l. Carson W. VV. Cogswell, Jr. A. O. Corey R. H. Dunn M. F. Elcstrom H. E. Franclce F. E. Fulton .l. C. Gerarcl .l. E. Gossett J. L. Artlrurs R. K. Bowers R. R. Broolcsllire NV. F. Cogswell E. C. Druce . . . . .lmmecliate Past Grancl Master. . . . . . A. O. Corey Jr. . . Deputy Supreme Grand Master . - Dr. L. M. James Jr CHAPTER ROLL ACFIVES F. P. Hatfield VV. R.'Hester E. S. Lewis, Jr. L. lVl. Liglmtner E. H. lVlaienscl1ein .l. D. Moore E. Newberry W. NGXVITIHH .l. B. Raucll PLEDGES H. T. Henry R. P. Kelly VV. H. Lennarcl H. B. lVlcKinney C. Nl. O'Brien Page 60 B. H. Robertson L. A. Rogers R. C. Sample .l. T. Sorenson O. B. Tate S. J. Waits H. R. Wallace S. T. Wilson L. C. Alvilliams 0. A. Ralston R. G. Ralmer C. H. Spain l. Talmata DELTA SIGMA BELT Top Row: Lennard, Cogswell, Moore, Spain, Drace, Hatfield, Roherlson, Trotter, Gerard, Bowers. Third Row: Gossett, Sorenson, Newberry, Rogers, Franclce, Rauch, Newman, Ralston, Sample, Henry. Second Row: Waits, Tale, Burner, lVlcKinney, Wallace, Fulton, Cogswell, Lewis, Wilson, Maierlschein. Bottom Row: O'Brien, fiilcstrorn, Lightner, Corey, Moore, Hester, Arthurs, Ralmer, Kelly, Brookshire. HISTORY OF NU CHAPTER U CHAPTER of the Kansas City Dental College was installed on the evening of March 15, 1898. The initiation was held in the Midland Hotel at Seventh and Walnut Streets. There were twelve men initiated as charter mem- bers of Nu Chapter. They were: A. 0. Pennoclt, Donald F. Moslier, Thomas B. Ramsey, Henri Letord, Richard Nl. Seibel, 0. 0. S. Charlston, Frantz E. Shelden, Francis Beaumont, S. VV. Vvherry, Clyde C. Gilhert, Fred J. Hunger, and George A. Esterly. Delta Sigma Delta was the first dental fraternity to have a chapter in the Kansas City Dental School. It was about this time that the Vvestern Dental Col- lege Was founded and soon alter the founding ol the new school another chapter of Delta Sigma Delta was installed there. Upon the merging of the two schools the two chapters merged to lorm what is now Nu Chapter. Page 61 X ADEQ-, f4jfTfli. 41 9 1 1 11 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 PSI UMEG Founded at tlie Baltimore College of Dental Surgery Baltimore, Maryland, 1892 Plui R110 Chapter is time united Delta R110 and Delta Phi Chapters of 1920 36 Active Chapters Publication f-The Prater 61 Alumni Clxapters Colors - Blue and White OFFICERS 1936-1937 1937-1938 E. VV. Ficca . . . . Grand Master . . . E. R. Slieets E. R. Slieets . . Iunior Grand Master. . . J. P. Byrne C. E. Pauls . . . Secretary . . . J. C. Mays V. A. Stark . . . Treasurer . . . . . B. Dietz H. P. Killougli R. 1... Marsden J. P. Byrne . . H. H. Dukes . S. C. Howe . Dr. J. VV. Riclimoncl . . . . R. K. Bridwell J. P. Byrne K. VV. Carlson R. W. Cowcien E. R. Cunningham B. Dietz C. VV. Felt E. VV. Ficca J. H. Berry K. Broolcreson P. A. Funclce W. A. Johnson J. lVl. Kingsley . . .Editor-. . . . . Chief lnquisitor. . . .Inside Guardian. . . . Qutsicle Guardian . . . . . . . . Chaplain . . . R. A. Swenson . VV. V. Peters P. J. Heyburn . .C. VV. Felt . C. E. Pauls Deputy Councilor CHAPTER RCU. ACT IVES T. O. Graham P. J. Heytmum N. E. Howe H. P. Killouglr C. E. Ludlow J. C. Mays C. E. Pauls PLEDGES G. B. Mason N. E. Mills 1... Moore D. -C. Pennington 1... Richardson Page 62 . . . . Dr. J. VV. Riclmmon W. V. Peters W. H. Pretty E. R. Sheets V. A. Stark C. G. Stein R. A. Swenson VV. M. Thomas 1... H. Riney A. VV. Sclmuloert F. J. Supple J. C. Trelz P51 UMEEA Top Row: Schubert, 1V1ills, Riney, Bridwell, lqoore, Supple, Talty, Pennington, Swenson, Ludlow. Third Row: Pauls. Pretty, Bruner, Stark, Killough, Ficca, Sheets. Mason, Hoel. Marsden. Second Row: Felt, Cunningham, Kingsley, Graham. Howe, Broolcreson, Byrne. Thomas, Cowden, Carlson. Bottom Row: lvlays, Heyhurn, Dietz, Stein, Peters. N 1910, Dr. H. E. Friesel, who was Supreme Grand Master at that time, came to Kansas City to install at the Kansas City Dental College, the Delta Rho Chapter. There were twenty charter memhers. Dr. Popen of Kansas City was the first Grand Master. Delta Phi Chapter was installed at the Vvestern Dental College lay Martin Dewey and Ralph Christy two years later. The installation of this chapter was held in the college building at 11th and Locust Streets. 1n 1919 the two schools united, forming the present Kansas City-Western Dental College. The following fall Delta Rho and Delta Phi Chapters united to form what is now Phi Rho Chapter. ' Page 63 XI PSI PHI Founded at Ann Arhor, Michigan, in 1889 Chi Chapter installed February ll, 1908 Publication H Xi Psi Phi Quarterly Flower P- American Beauty Rose. 32 Active Chapters. Colors -I Lavender and Cream. ,,A In lyyv ,. G GFFICERS l936-1937 1937-1938 C. F. Schuman P. D. iVIcKennon L. R. Schantz . P. E. Ware . . R. L. Love . . R. H. Vann . . D. S. Long. . . J. L. VanGiicIer D. J. Kiilehrevv . Dr. L. E. Carr . N. Amolcl J. J. Brown J. L. Creighton J. T. Kelley D. S. Long R. L. Love L. VV. Lyle D. B. McAllister C. K. Ahnquist VV. B. Eames . President . Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer . Chief-Herald . Sentinel . . . Guard . . . . Editor . Rev. Monitor' . . . Deputy Supreme President . . . CHAPTER RQLL ACTIVES J. McGee ln. 1XjICKCIlH0ll, JY. B. VV. Dshorn C. A. G. Reid L. R. Schantz C. F. Schuman M. R. Smith PLEDGES N. 0. Feeiey K. E. Lawrence A. O. NIcGowan Page 64 . . . D. B. McAllister E. L. Sullivan . . L. W. Lyle J. L. Creighton G. A. Thomas . C. A. G. Reid . . VV. Ziveli . . R. L. Love C. F. Schuman Dr. L. E. Carr D. R. Strong J. M. Slrong E. L. Sullivan R. H. Vann J. L. 'vancviider P. E. Ware VV. Ziven G. F. Nliller E. A. Salyer XI PSI PHI N Top Row: Eames, Salyer, Strong, Slcelton, Strong, Sullivan, Oshorn, Feeley, Creighton, Reicl. Second Row: Vvart, Schantz, Arnolcl, lWcKennon, Vann, Love, Kelley, Coolc, Vvare, Zivell. Bottom Row: Thomas. Lyle, McGee, VanGilcler, Brown, Smith, Schuman. lVlcAllister. Long. HI CHAPTER of the Vvestern Dental College was installed the evening of February ll, 1908, at the Densmore Hotel, 912 Locust Street. Dr. H. B. Pinney of Chicago, Illinois, who was the Supreme President of the Xi Psi Phi, Was present and was the installing officer for the evening. The follow- ing men Were initiated at that time: F. G. Vvorthley, B. L. Vvorthley, A. F. Mus- grave, H. H. Sullivan, V. A. Shook, H. B. lVlclVlillen, D. E. Johnston, H. B. Rohin- son, P. F. Gilhreath, C. E. Grazier, P. E. Burke and R. A. West. With the union of the two schools, Kansas City Dental College and Western Dental College, Chi Chapter ol? the Western Dental College became Chi Chapter of the Kansas City-Vvestern Dental College as there was no Xi Psi Chapter in the Kansas City Dental College. ' Page 65 jjj.ff"4f5l 1 ,.,.,.-,,ir'1 -M A We T I-H: -BU i X si! X V! 1 X 1.13: 9',.g -2. 'wg v 4 5 QQ' , if! I L5 li' x K ! A f 3 xv f 3' X fi, f ,,f, X3 1 Vfffh.. M x A9651 0 0 X , X MJ fy: Rf' : C ' i v ',,,.ff" ,,-- ,,-- Q Q 5 zum Wk 5 ,551 A V A4 5 Q f Q5 f fi, , fi L 2 N.. wi Ei Lg , V . V w J2- I 9 f X 'rf ,7 W r 9 's 1 w K E t 1 A 1 1 v 1 w 1 sys Q ,. x E Q ! 1. 5"-1 A NX .KR N 3-X N. K , R g V V xxx X X, XV -,Xxx N, KX, ix X NXXX, Xi XX X X X X S XX X 2 Z' 2 Q ,f A- 5552 jf 5 i i E E 5 fi 1 z s s a Q x x 5 ! 1 E 9 i. X 55 ,z Xxx X Rx xN5 E il v s 1. 1 1 X x 'x X X ,M xx - x x, , x XXX x x N. ' Xxx X X X XX 2 5 i Y i. 'S xx If 11 ' I 1 ' N . i 4 f., L , . , 5 W X HK xl 1' , 4' , ,rx flfgf fi A Q., KX' xx X XX xxx X XX X XY , fxx I X X N Xxyxx NX ,E X NS ..- .- . I 2 5 'K It H i , 1 A 'lf il . .rv lj if BUSHVVHACKER NEWS FLASHES "SKIPPER" DILLON WINSI LOPEZ ABDICATES CAMPBELLOY Skipper Dillon, the veteran sailor and "real McCoy" of the upoopdeclc Pappysn pilots his "Miss Fit XLVH to victory in the annual Lotawanna Plaster Bowl Trophy regatta. Says the Skipper. "This is my forty-fifth Miss Fit, and it's the Fasteth one I've ever buillln Si. Legree Lopez I.. the Ioqua- cious Lilliputian, pretender to the Reign of Rinehart, reluctantly relinquishes all claims to the throne and vows to quit pretend- ing. The young Dupe of Dental College says: "I cannot carry on without the women I love beside on Ine- Dr. Dayton Dunbar Campbell. "High priest" of denture pros- thetists, perfects a new aluminum alloy lor denture bases. Says Dr. Campbell, "Mohammed was once a camel boy, maybe some day l'll be a god, but right now I am pretty doggone dizzy from swing- ing ii! I" STIRES STALKS BIG GAME As ucalamity Jane" Stires stole stealthily through the wild jungles ol: Northern Arkansas. she was suddenly startled by the whirring oI wings. and two Cotumix Coturnix, commonly Icnown as Bob Xfvhites. Ilew up out of the tI1icIcet. Bangl went the gun. Flop went Calamity, and flip flop went the quail, then all was silent. When Calamity came to she said, UI wasn't aim- ing to do just that." ROLLICKING RAUCH .Iaclc Rauch lpronounced Ralml does a bit of a toe dance in the raw, so 'elp mel Says Jaclc. "Theres nothin' like wettin' the toes with the morning dew. to cure 'Ieaditisf Anyhow I always did Iilce to run around in the nude. Guess I was just borned that waylu P.S. the man at the left is not a dental student. which proves that dental students are not the only crazy people in the country. CROCKETT PROTESTSI Kelly "Cmoneru Crockett the chronic croalcer from the Kaw country is caught by the candid camera in the act of protesting. "I objectl To wit and whereas Roberts Rules of Lawl Down with anythingl Up with every- thingl Over with nothingl And furthermore I protest. lBronx cheersll I thanlc you ladies and gentlemen, and now I shall pass on to the next soap box. Goodbye." 1 r --. -5 , I J.,-rl. I 4- Ny... ...Y .. . , 1. Page 68 I 1 .f9,L,.l JN..-?,,I1e.,ii'. ' .,. . ' Q., . f X N Q ng N- XN ix .. --sw Wxxwpsae skis? . wi 5: Q- 5.--eq: - 'w g Q2 f I 53.3325 3.1-.A . Q . IW... if-Sf-25fii3 yXX X its fi Qgskffx X ft' WX wx 19 tidy? . . . QNX? + lv Sw Q at QS' as .- Q. X -wi fl I , . is ., 5' iii H' iii 1 at ii E 1 . ' f 1 1?- 7 ., . ,.., I als Q , f 3 4 ii 4 A I , Q! ., : ,'v 112513- if Nliclcey Rogers doing time "Suzy Bench warming society. Who? Me coach! The Rogers and Mccoreys, they were real mountain folic. Hsmiiin' Ttuougtmf' The Delta Sigs and Zips battle for football supremacy. "Flash" Newberry and "Scarface" Sullivan. rival backs. Not a sit-down strike. just Utuning in." on the 'NVorlc1's Series. Page 69 T H E can DE TAL STUUE TS DAIRY December 12 December 17: January 4: January 7: January 25: February 1: February 6: February 14: March 1 5 : April 1: April 4: April 13: Apri1 24: May 1: May 6: May 7: May 8: May 11: fcontinuecl from Page 412 The Greeks hold the interfraternity prom at the Brookside Hotel. Ed Drace does a reverse swing: commonly known as a ground loop, with Mrs. E. L. Di11on. Was his face redi The day before Christmas vacations begin Santa Ciaus visits the dental co11ege. Some gifts, -I'1I sayi Boys return from their vacations to rest up. Did you notice the Dean,s new LaSalle coupe? Diiver is wearing his new cowboy boots. Where did you 1eave your cap pisto1, Dick? Bacon sweeps the snow off the sidewailcs on to the car tracks. Public Service Company sweeps snow from the tracks to the sidewalk. Semester finais begin. Doohi what a headache. Second semester begins, and we are just beginning to recover from that after-examination party. Xi Psi Phi, Founders, Day at the Brookside. St. Valentineys Day. We wonder who sent those comic Valen- tines to Dr. Lopez, Helen Huber, Miss Stires, Ed. Francke and Lee Lightner. First semester grades are out today. How did- you do in Dperative? A April Foo1,s day. Even the newspapers are printing pictures of strange animals. Soft ball season opens at Forty-eighth and Prospect. Deita Sig's conquer the Psi Ds -Barbs beat the Zips. Dr. Porter becomes the proud father of a baby girl. Senior Stag Party. Time again staggers on. Alpha Dmega Fraternity holds clinic and meeting. Hindenburg burnsi Thirty-five 1ives 1ost. Delta Sig's Spring Dance at Plaza Hail. A car hits a bus and we all rush out to see if it is a dental student. Psi Dmega party and dance. Everyone joins in the community sing. Well 1 have to hurry to press. Good-bye for now. Page 70 T1-If S' '1 ViV"7A" ""' 2L'- WEiH VEZXFI1ESEHUUL fcontinued from Page 10, The Qrthodontia department has been recently improved with new lighting fixtures and other equipment to keep pace with the increased demands for its services. This department as well as those of Qrai Surgery, Radiodontia, Exodontia, and Ceramics, is closely connected with the Infirmary and Lowry Clinic. These special departments offer a truly great service and represent the completeness of our dentai clinic. Q ' On the third floor are three spacious laboratories, and two lecture rooms which may be connected for student assembly meetings. The combined Chemistry, Metal- lurgy, and Physics laboratory is adequately equipped for research and experimenta- tion. The Histology, Pathology, and Bacteriology laboratory contains many speci- mens and necessary equipment for making sections and slides. Extensive micro- scopic worlc is offered in this department. . In the freshman technic laboratory the students are introduced to the fine art of Prosthetic Dentistry, Dental Anatomy, and Crown and Bridge work. An experimental laboratory, a well-lighted anatomy dissection laboratory with a sufficient supply of cadavers, an instructor,s office, and an amphitheater lecture room composes the departments on the fourth floor. With the completeness of the curriculum offered, it is evident there is an oppor- tunity in this school for every student to attain an educational training in dentistry of which he may well be proud. CYRUS D. SMITH SE IUHS fCon:inued from Page 301 will be the outcome? The way is some- what daric, yet we have a yearning to take the next step and enter one of our V Iife's greatest ambitions. We are enter- ing a new path, unlike the former, in W that we must now accept our responsi- biliries. Xfve regret leaving the many friends we have found among the faculty and students and hope that they will remem- ber the class of '37, as we shall remem- ber them. May we all do our very best to uphold and to further the standards of the classes before us. May we also wish the underciassmen the greatest success and good luck in their ambitions. A. 0. MCGOWAN, JR. Q Page 71 :1qf1112g3?ffrirfifrrrrrae - 1AcK5a,1 4 .-, i W t t 1 3 r I Y I t W 1 W w 4 1 "Havent you heardrfn Freshmen getting a much-neeclecl Uliflf, Dr. Davidson acquiring that HHarvar Q accent." Dr. Anshouse 0.C.H. fold cow hand., The Urnorning after." Queen of the turf, on Uvvooclhaclc. The three graces. The "After Dinner Societyf, and guest speaker, Dr. Rinehart. h Page 72 ' 1 ,5 S i A1 Q21 -xt QW W Bw X' Y W J I X ti f f Aww' K r if I I G 3 4 . M ,Ah I.. 1- ' iw 3 w Aw K 5 Q -if 11 fy A 44 7 Y! ,W 1 .M . 23157 Y NS 5 5 i at F bf y 4, Q1 , t f. A 5? y Z ZA f 7 ff. Hpoociiu at woric. Dr. Rineiiarl on tile roslrum at Heiciieinerg Uni- versity. ivirs. Rineiiart may be seen at time iower ieil. This assemiaiy ilaii is over one iluncireci anci tilirty years oici. Dr. Sawyer grading exam. papers. Heir. Heil. Ye eciilor oi time Kansas City Denlai Society Buiietin, tide iiiustrious, Dr. Eversuii. Taice a inow Huiaert. Dr. Arthur Simon Lowry Bucici. Page 73 "Time iaity are aiways 100170 wrong." uNewi9erry, pieasc scramf Rigid men? Lopez speaking. ANSAS CITY-WESTEH HADIUGHAMS A. G. McGowan, who recently joined the ranks of the newly-weds, was known to his former classmates as HBuster,H a name which he most emphatically dislikes. P. S. We have heen threat- ened with annihilation if we so much as mention this. Two old cronies from the Dental College, were out enjoying some "pale" and the moonlight a few weeks hack. On the way home things hegan to feel very light to one of the hoys so he tossed away a full bottle of ngrogn thinking it was a Hdead soldier." The next morning the hoys awoke, dressed, looked out the window and thought it was raining so they proceeded to don their raincoats. They were several hlocks from the hotel hefore they realized that the sun was shining ever so loright. The Stork seems to he working over- time this year at the Dental College. The Bruners, the J. M. Strongs, the Grahams, and the Porters have each been presented with a hahy, and the Carrs and Coreys are expecting. The strange wailing sound emanating from the locker room on the first floor during the noon hour, is no longer a mystery. The "after eatin' H hoys, Eames, Almquist, Mclnnis and Kelley have heen holding rehearsals there. They recently gave an Himpromptuu hroadcast from the Steuhen Clulfs Rathskellar, where former editor Burton Ushorn is employed as manager. Ichiro Tahata, popular young dental student from the land of the Hula and Lei, was all set to attend the Blues Hopenern last month. About one o'clock a upatientn called and insisted that the young dentist-to-he, relieve his tooth- Page ache. Taloata,s heart sank within him. He tried to get some ol his fellow stu- dents to take care of the upatientn for him hut they were all too lousy. After pleading with the man to no avail, to postpone his visit until the next morn- ing, Tahata told him to hurry over and he would see him right away. He then changed his gown, set all 'of his instruments out, and hegan pacing the floor. Soon the Upatientu called again and cancelled the appointment. Tahata's face lourst into smiles and he hurried through a crowd of laughing students to gather up his equipment. We don,t helieve that he knew until the next day that the Upatientf, was Russ Cooledge calling from the supply room. Mr. Edwin Douglass s'Flash,' New- loerry, the Usuper-checked shirt mann from Sand Springs fnear Tulsa, Qkla- homa, did a "Buck Benny rides againf, at the Plaza Tavern last winter. Says Eddie: 'Tm a going thing. Yeah, manln Mr. Newherryys interests have recently switched from philharmonics and the ohoe, to astronomics and CHI OH! if you know what we mean. Eugene Hthe Jeep" Beers, the power- ful little five-footer from Kansas, was away from school for two weeks with the Chickenpox. When he returned he received no small amount of rihhing from the students. B. K. Baird, the cigar chewing cham- pion from Excelsior Springs, seems to he camera shy. Whether he is afraid that the camera might loreak under the strain, or whether he thinks that his delicate countenance is Utoo, too divinen to he registered on common ordinary 74 photographic paper, we hesitate to say. Maybe he takes the new dental anti- advertising campaign too seriously. Vvhite ye ed., H. E. Franctce, was enjoying his first meat at a boarding house nearby, he was rudely interrupted by a shower of hot cocoa. Vvith his spirits slightly dampened and his gown somewhat stained he failed to catch the humor ot the situation, which seemed to be so evident to Hpepn Sanger and the ahead waiterf, E. R. Eckhart. There should be a contest arranged between, HTubbyH Robertson, K. T. Burke, and Lee Uluongfeltowt' Lightner, as to who shalt be awarded the title ot Usteeping Beautyn or Rip Van Vvinkle. , The team of Miles and Moorhead agreed to start walking home trom school to get rid ot a little surplus avoir- dupois. That is about as tar as they went with the idea, as the thought ot having to Walk home caused them more worry than the excess weight. Lester Bacon, "charge d'aftairsH around the campus, had his chicken dinner spoiled the other day by a base- ball which shattered a window just above the banquet table. Sullivan, your batting average is terrible! Hpudgeyn Drace, the tobacco chew- ing, rootin, tootin', fish catchin' butcher boy from down in Missouri, has quite a crush on some tair damsel, so we are told. If she had seen the tittle Htumbte- weedv tau on a dance ttoor last winter, she would take out some accident insurance. Howard B. Johnson, the HHandsome Howardn of the college, was recently paid a very high compliment. A lady told him that she thought he looked like Robert Taylor, and he has been chectcing that up in the neighborhood mirrors ever since. N. O. Feeley says the Sylvester method of Resuscitation is just a big upushovern to him. Howard HHanIcU Henry and Hloitacsu Cunningham are rivals in a love match which promises to assume large propor- tions, judging from the scorching Mbit- let douxn one ot the boys received last month. J. D. tvloore and Bill Newman, the Hstrawberry roansn of the sophomore ctass, are always in the "pink" of con- dition, and never have a cross word for anyone. M. A. Kays may be a usit-downern at the Ford plant but he is a fgoj man whenever the Uprotf' is tate. His very own words, HLet,s go men.', We understand HDictcH Focht walked out on a professor the other day due to technical difficulties. It was the only ethical thing to do. Hdeepn Jepson, with his fourth dimen- sional power, predicts he will Hget byn in att his studies this year, that is it he sprints near the Hfinish line." "VVild Biltn Sullivan ot Tontcawa, Qtdahoma has been saying it with smiles recently and reports no more black eyes. D. S. Long, Vvestey Park, Roy Dunn, J. P. Miles, J. L. Creighton and others put on a nationat Hghost to ghost" hootcup via switchboards last Winter. Leave it to Long and you Witt be insured ot something Hscrewyf, Dr. Davidson says Drace reminds him ot Lindbergh, the Way he sails over the high "Cs," Cowden was tate for class as usuat this morning. Reason: he resolved last night to be there on time. Page 75 THF473' i ELI IE L REM HHS - Cunningham, to patient. fvvhiie taking an impression., ni may have to do an 'impression-ectomyf to get this one out." Alanis thinks placing a ruhher dam for an amalgam is stretching things a hit too far. Dr. Caimes, to Francke who is giving Lightner a prophylaxis in the Kid,s Clinic: UThat sure is an overgrown hrat you have there, Franckef' Dr. Eversuii and Dr. Lopez were in a uspotu the other day. Neither one could tell whether a certain patient was Negro or White and they were too hashtui to ask him. Dr. Bates Hamilton says a man wasn,t considered a good exodontist, a few years hack, uniess he could have a tooth on the Hoof, one in the air and his forceps on another at the same time. 1 t it took Taity two hours to polish an amalgam iast week. Reason: She was l , ii IDIOHCIC. 1 "Pop" Strong vulcanized an empty flask iast week, just to keep in practice. 1 Giasherg, picked up some casts, which were laying hy a case and asked 1 one of the hoys if he wanted them. The hoy said nog so, Giasherg mounts them i on his articuiator and returns to thank the donor. Was he surprised to find out 1 that they did not heiong to the student he had thanked, hut to Cogsweii, who had l spent a long evening in trimming them. . W Frosh: VVhat,s that crowd on the ciinic floor? Soph: Oh, Ware is working i on a "shown girl. L . 1 1 1 1 1 Dr. Sawyer "nailed" Wallace to a nice juicy proph. on a circus performer. Says Vvaiiace, "She must have heen a snake charmerf, it is rumored that some udopen tried to invest the patient and solder a hridge in his mouth. V lin Memoriam X To those instruments and gadgets which have iong since passed from our presence, y 1 hut the memory of which shall always remain, dear to us. I r Page 76 . .. . .u------.i--uw--. ,... ,-jc., , . LAST M NUTE FLASHES The Qrthodontia Departments annual picnic at Lake Quivera turned out to he a Uhowtingu success. Bernard Deitz, sang a few uRathstceltar Speciatsn in Deutsch. Dr. VV. Vvhite, was the high point man in the udecathtonf' white Dr. Attshouse scored in the steak-eating contest. t Fihher McGee, has hecome quite an expert with a water gun, after having practically drowned Cogswett. The hoys have tween dueling for nigh on a month. now. Ftashtt Clawson just fitted McGee,s pocket with aqua pura. Dr. Lopez was at the height of his gtory, when he acted as official escort to the Dental Hygienists and Assistants, on their visit to the school. uLitacs', Cunningham has just purchased a pair ot "Engineers gaunttetsn for use in prophylactic work. A The clinic given hy Dr. Campbell at the Bi-State meeting, will turn out to he a Hcraclced potf' if he drops it. Dr. Charles Weaver, ,36, had a tusste with a hig, had automobile, so he says. Anyhow he needed twenty-two stitches on the side ot the face, and had his arm in a cast. fSome-wise-cractcer says: init would take more stitches than that to sew his oral cavity, hack to normal., To achieve what the world calls success, a man must attend strictly to busi- ness and Iceep a little in advance ot the times. The man who reaches the top is the one who is not content with doing just what is required of himg he does more, Every man should matce up his mind that it he expects to succeed, he must give an honest return for the other man's dollar. Grasp an idea and work it out to a successful conclusion. Thatys ahout att there is in life for any of us. EDWARD H. HARRIMAN Page 77 W , ge- THQE BU -.....1f,....--.,,......,-,-----f-"" g - V...-.,,. -...,,...-iv-,...-, - Y.- . , ,. wwf X35 KZQEKVX X x V1 5 ,:'WQv4s7p,,.rAi,,v,,v , wr I , f ,wb-y.fk4?'4Y'v Heyhurn: UCome on Tahati Swing high, swing towtn Tahata: HYOI1 hetta look out now, rm going to smash this one!" Qtiverz "Oh you're not so m - n P-1 muchtn This collection of rare specimens represent the hall players of this here Dental College. 'swatch the hirdie, hoysf' ' ' A worm's-eye view of the way they grow 'em in the Panhandle. "Get down off those stilts, Shortytn Candid camera study of the young couple who gave the students a real surprise. Dr. Chastain "Bill Tiidenu Porter, just after a fast set at Roclchiti. Score: Two full uppers and a lower Luxene. This is not the nFamous Heinz Kitchenf, hut a casting room Upartyf, The hosts, Ed Lewis and Gene Maienschein. ' Glamorous Helen Huher, the girl who scored the "hit" of the year, in s'Mrs. Chester Arthur Adams Juniorf, Jack "DuIce', York, the champeen hog caller from McAlester. Dr. Campbell said he would like to take him to the woodshed. Corey, doing a little concrete work on the floor. HBy the way, Qtie, that tooth is still soretu VV.0.D. twitd old deviif Dickey is conducting an intense search for his matrix holder. Says Bill, HThe last I saw of it, was when it passed through the faucesf' Young Kendall Porter, son of Dr. C. G. Porter, says he can't quite fin the chair hut HDaddy can.H Bill Newman and Glen Thomas, receiving a hit of a Hrihhings' from Dr. HKorpusHe,' Koritschoner, in Hpatologyfq uAhsence makes the heart grow tonderf, says Earl. Bocock, advertising Upepsodentf' Hugh Bruner, and his HLittie Buckaroo." Gh hoyt What a partyt fIt's only HCoIceH folks., Dr. Sawyer and Hpoochf, catch a few perch, or did they horrow them? Ludlow and HDOCH Coffieid, Bin Zimmerman and team on uno yard line." Page 79 flff fg ' R ig THE EL 550131937 To play the game of life, You're going to have your share, no dou t Of Work and joy and strife: It won,t all he smooth sailing, hoy, The game's not played that way, For some times you,H he sad at heart And other times feel gay. Your college days are over, boy, Tomorrow you go forth, To face the throngs that come and go And prove to them your worth. The souls that in your student days, Your erring hands did guide,-1 Vvhose counsel you so freely sought, Will not he at your side. Your future's au before you, hoy, And your,s will he the blame, lf, when Iife's journey you- have run, You find you've lost the game: For if you fail to act the man, Of this there is no douht, Before you've journeyed very far, The World will find you out. It isnst necessary, hoy, 1 That I should correlate, The things to do and not to do, V Un which depends your fate, Your Alma Mater sends you forth, Well trained your work to do, Tonight you stand upon your own ,-1 The rest depends on you. Page 80 SHivfyLthQrC tSE X9?s'31ig ig- - r 'Twill not he necessary. boy, For you to cast a slurr, About the fellow 'cross the street, VVho's your competitor: He may not he all that he should ,- There's few of us who are, 1 And then again, he may have traits Excelling yours hy lar. i There is a hoolc Fd recommend .-1 A l Which many fail to heed, f I do advise you talce it down, Q The ten commandments read. 5 Then learn them all and firmly try ' To lceep them every one. Z You'll love your neighbor as yourself, But leave his wife alone. l Your Alma Mater that you love, S . I Will miss you when you re gone: l Though from her roof your steps may stray, 5 You' still remain her song ! And. though your feet may wander far, 3 Be not in darlcness led, The torch that lit your student days, Still shines ahove your head. O', grasp it hoy, and hold it high, And lceep it e'er the same, And let no act of you e'er cast A shadow 'cross her name. But hear it in those hands of thine, To heights it's never known, That all may how before her shrine, Because you are her son. .l- Written in the thirty-third year of my profes- sorship at the Kansas City-Vvestern Dental College, for the class of 1937, that I have had the honor to lcnow and to help train. EDWARD L. STEWART, M. D. Page 81 I f1 at at Us s e - s THQE I i V, -V A ., 'ffl' I . I. ' ' if L V , . V. X 1 ' 'X ,gf V, -V , I, J, , V: V V ' X " l W, V! K A., f, . A - ?V - 4 lx J! .,.- 4, ,. A V V' ,V W ' V V, V 5 4-XV ' 74 V 'VV - V WV 2: ff' ' ' 'Ml 2 V , -V! ' , - V ' ,X Q ' V! If fff! V! ff ff Y F , L ,V in I I ,ff'f4VV'2V - 'X-V ff" 2 ff' V 'X M! 194 , ff .XXX X, ,V 2 X ' x ' X, 1 ff X , ff? ff R I. f y If V ' , ,, V , f 1 Y V 1, ESX, ,ff X' ,V Z f ' Q, X V' NH ,447 1 f ,ff V' f ,J ff?" ff X 1 , K, V x f V , f 'x f -Vf yy V , " -Q f Q , ,Vw V f XV f 1 www, X 2 ' X X , 3 .X V if 1' ,V 1 f f 4 X, , W X 1 I , 5 X, V, V V V gf , ff , V1 f, X 1 i K 5115-fi I 4-fm V V 'V Z' 5 'M V' 6 X 1 X H ,f , ,f W' f HX f X V -fp - -V V 3 ' 1 ' X ' Wfl-ATU? ff' fi V L, ' ' ' ' 2 V. e 3 f ' V V 1 ' Q51 MF xyls 2 fff if " i, 27 V 'VV ' ' .,,J'ffix g V V V Q, Mg 7' W f Q 1 flff , , V N. 'X,,X Z ax, M j suv .foggy I I, v Y FR X70 Vfoifjf 1 56,51 j 2 , Y f A ff is JV gm Vx , 2 5 2 X, 4 g ' V' V 'MXKV VXV , 2 V E 4 V, M. Amy' HM,,Z,5g?,NM,f" XX fgffk V ix mm, V RX. 2 V 1 ' V 1 , x fi3,g,,V-VW' ,Q M -W-,N.VVVVff1gsvf'VV V-5. ,,-,-.,,.--,4 Xi 2 VAX NX K' V ,,, X V VX Q, , 5 if X A,7,VfVV.,,, ,,5,,AmlgMW,,bf,:ffE 5 Q!! 3 gl ,gmail Q Vw, M , , , , ,V , 1 , X , ,,wf,',v! f 4 5 55 5 V . V VV VV V 2 V f V f g 1 a Vw, 1 1 , 1 X iff ' 1 I g was 5 5 ,IV j,V,V ff xxx? ,Xi z , Z K f Q K X V' 2 -, X ' ' ' '5 V f 1 ff V V 5 If ,Vg X 5 f , ' g V 3 V' Q k!ji,.W-.V...,.,,,.5 Z VV 6 3 X l ,, - 2 X 5 ,f f V V 7 1 V, R ,ff f E 4 VV X-yf ' z f fx , 'VX g V X 2' V 1 f If ,fx 5 '7 ' V X' VY ' f' I KV 'J K X V I Xf if ' 2 f 'Mfg XX 2 X ,, iX.V , lf 2 if V ' ,f V V V ,ya Eff? lx 'N ,VV 'W ' V f J f ', . , s V V V ' f , f Y ,V X ff VV, 2 V, , 5 V af V 5 R df NX ,-fwf' X , Q X W 2 K 7.1. ,X 4 V K M ,Lf LM ,,.x H MMV, K if W ' ff Q il ap M ff 'J S - , X V 1 X1 I 3 X 3 Q MW! 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VVVV V ' ' f' f V .V ,V f ,rw V X' 2 H-CQWM V 3 , X ' VV ff, ff' V X2 ' VX , V -, ,V f V5 VVV 3 VV ,KV VV X, ,, -,f--a n 1 'V ' . f "M1,.V:f" -- . , ' 1 ' 'at f : , V 2, A Xfkq ,Vi Ks- j'X"'XV.X V, v,.. 'VX V 'Vw-XV4 giX ' X V V, V X 'XV M , ww 1, ,V f - , N -A'V4 ,wx X Q. X X 'X V-VV ,f NXVVXVQ ' XJ, W X." '3 ff Q 9,32 H, 5 V S f 2 'clam VV xx V x .ff X " 'ZX V' " S' ff- X 16 ,S 'iifak ax Q g Hx K f f A is . X 1 km 5-xg, ,V 1 V V if 2 2 U5 VIL, Riff 5 'e yy f7'f"'X K XV? SX, V 'mai if ,V -X! ,Q 3 X , Q f 'wi i R 534111 V 'N kg , EV 535 Xggfqfzy ,ear :V f , , V if 5 ,- Q , X i ,gf V V. VY I VXAXV-Xfww, XVAX VV V V X,gQcfXVwQ ,,, X. 1 7 X, VQVVVVVYV X XA! V , ,V X V X Q, A XXVKV L V . V -5 5 V. , ...V X V V, ,V V VVV V V V X , V V , X V, V -X, .V X , 9 X gz,,ag,'X VX E X, ,S f4,f,VliX'. 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H1 ' V? 54 KV 5 f if V pg X 2 .V 5 X' 'V' ' .,f,fj-:VY 153' J, if E " X 1,1V:f1 ffXfgX,F iifii' mul RAUIUL SEE TAHEAS FLASH! The two Strong brothers, UD:-znture Teethn and "Natural Teeth," were holding a beef-chewing contest at the Senior Clinic meeting. Denture Teeth was ahead by two Hchawsu due to Natural Teeth's handicap of an over- hanging margin on an inlay, when he fractured the Hianding gearn opposite a first molar and had to switch to his UAiuminums.H However he made up the strokes in the Hhome stretchn by his Hstutter biten technic and won by a gnaw. "Dottie" Josephine Alien, "Cutie, Vvailace, and UFiossie" Fulton, stars in the HHip Parade," invite the boys to "Come up and see them sometime." "Une Tough Keedn Maienschein, and Hpancho Viiian Lewis, the cactus- eating cabaiieros of the casting room, have been biting sprues off castings with their teeth, since they returned from a visit to Mexico, smoking an "El Gittum Downof' standing up. The boys say they're so tough that they put an X-ray film in the patients mouth and give him a hard iooic to take a picture. - Monsieur Tritt, beauty expert, has just finished an inlay and is now putting a Hprominent waven in Biacicies hair. ANNouNcEMENT EXTRAORDINARY: We bring you this picture of the coronation of HFibber" McGee direct from the infirmary floor, by "Fire-photo." King McGee was crowned by Archbishop Sawyer, as he was picking his second test foil outfof the ugaboonf, "God save the gold! Long live the Foil King!" Bill Pretty, electrical Wizard, has developed an ionic suction apparatus. Says Bill: "You are positive not to get any negative results with this machine." Hprofessorn Gossett is traveling around the country giving clinics on Hvvax vuicanizingf' He believes that you can eliminate a lot of trouble and save time by 'cheat treatingn the wax until it hardens. So far his attempts have not proven successful. Ask McKinley. Sam Taylor Vviison is always complaining about being in the Hdog house," so we decided to show him a picture of just how he would look in one. We also hear that he at one time existed on a diet of snake meat, and would like to ask him if that was the night he was UDown By the Riverf, "Know-it-an Newt,,' Newton the rope-twiriing, gun-shootin' bozo from Olathe is the boy who stood up and handed Dr. Campbell a match when he said: HQne of you bozos, that's long on this sucking business: hand me a match." Hugh Hershel Bruner, the Concordia Kid, and number one ufunny man" of the Giee Club, blew into town last summer carrying an over-grown grasshopper. Hughie says: UI didn,t know whether to saddle this baby and ride him to town or hitch him to the lfiivver, and drive in." t Page 83 'if'-'M iiii'i -'flff' L T 4 1 w L Y '-f-v ... , , I ml 1 9 , ,,,., 4 1+ wg, 1 5 Wwf Q Xl f,,f,,2Wf f' M-Wh 3 9 A f - f Mfzzyw ' 'ff f ' V nf WL. wr QQ 'ffm f +L- am K ,' ww ' Ap, , Qf Ov, F 1 J' A Dfffjkrwicffflf ,7 2 5 v-iEH,?f'Cr" ' ' Q 2 ff ,f ' ff' 7 V ' I , ' 'ff ,W fw- WI 0 ' ' f 'J .,1 V' , 1 ffffgv' Q2 1, f 77, I- Jifnf g .- W N 'ff Q ff: fi ,f 'W-f ' ' xx V "fn-2f"'i f- ' W. W M ,XM C, V, ,yy Z' 4 fi firm ,vw xx.. . 4 V . ' n J ,555 A A f7'WiZfi'1-fffiffkk ' ' ' 7 ZW f 'W f V ' ' f f I f ,X ' ,Q ff W W fl f ff' 71' M f j ,f ,, f ,, Q ' f 1 ' wi p fy-2 ,,f , Z 1 !fQ.,y5fZ7jf, , V , qw , f , V 4 if f gyyk, wg ,WX , f'f"fQf, f7,'x'5, Q f ,fHff"'2'ljf?k4' , fs 4 hi , ' V M, ,, f 5 'M f ' ,f 'M ' 5,k,g " , 'A 'f' f 1 f' A X 22 X . 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We can just imagine him asking a patient whether he wants a prophylaxis or a tvvo-cent stamp. VV. VV. Cogswell, Jr., has been spending some time lately on perfecting a new Ural Surgery technic for the correction of centric mat-relation. Says young Vviltonz 'alt is an unnecessary waste of time and money to correct centric mal- relation by remaking the dentures, especially when it is so easily fixed by a few nicks here and there, without any added expense." Vve would like very much to know the source of the driving power behind that human dynamo, "Pep,, Sanger. He is one of the schoors most enterprising studentsg an UEarIy to bed, never to risen man from "Sleepy HoHow,H who makes it a point never to be on time for class. Maybe he has been drinking too much Hsloe Pep." . Lester C. Williams, Orthodontia appointee, and instructor in the Kidys Clinic, has shown much concern over the condition of Baby Patrick Phelan's masticatory apparatus. So much in fact that he has called in for consultation that Hone-piecen bridge-casting expert and also Kids Clinic instructor, Arthur Qtis HEIevator,' Corey, who suggests using the two teeth as abutments tor his new type Hswingin' bridgef, However, Williams wants to move the two teeth with his Hcorkscrewn appliance so that they will be in occlusion. We say, anything to keep 'Baby Patv from giving himself uthree punchesn with those incisors. HDopey" Darnell is going to specialize in one-punch anesthesia, so he has been going around sampling a few shots of it himself. Says UDopeyH: "Theres nothing like a good left hook to the jaw fcurved needle technici, to give you that profoundly senseless feelingf, We believe you've got something there, Dopeyi Rex VV. Talley, better known as "Diamond Dicku or 'Shoot a dimeLTaHey, will never venture a bet on a woman. - C. G. Russell is all set to become the second Udim Farleyn of the Barb fac- tion. We think Clyde has been reading Date Carnegie,s book, on "How to Win Friends and Influence Peopief' A Page 85 X W . - fig- ?FHEfip HAUIULUSCENT AREAS I "Missing Linicn Lamhorn is making progress in his evolution from the "Beli- hoy and Bushoyn class. The other day he knocked over his case of instruments and while heciciing another student, walked into a post and hroice his alcohol lamp, which proves he is losing his tray-carrying tendencies. i i i Vve just thought that Tate would look "cute" in Johnnie's costume. Ted Kennedy, the terrible talker and first cousin to uSaymore Saymoren has recently begun to wear earmuifs, in accordance with his "All going out ,- nothing coming in" policy. Ted recently received a card telling him to save some of his, 1 Hadvicen for himself, from one of his fans. HOaicey Dokeyn Gaideaf, declares that he is going to Mclean upu in dentistry. We wonder if he is going to limit his practice to prophylaxis. Casey Childs, who recently purchased a new car, will he very definitely "behind the harsh after June third. He is going to he married to a very charming young lady. lcongratuiations Casey! "KiHum', Kiliough the HBugoiogist" has been running tests on saliva to deter- mine whether B. acidophoiis can swim faster than B. fusiformis and to find out how they feel the Hmorning after." ' 1 Page 86 asv -as A -M A it V V H M Y li W , . ,sf W - :ig 41 PORTER PROFESSIONAL OARMENT COMPANY 319 WEST NINTH STREET KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI 'Ctwinentf Thin' Fit Ado' To Your Pezmrontilityf' ' TAILORED PROFESSIONAL WEAR for PHYSICIANS DENTISTS and ASSISTANTS A gown of distinction is an important asset WE INVITE COMPARISON HA 6929 P 87 ig2gg1g--, I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i . The Pattison - McGrath Company Home TRUST BLDG. 1117 Walnut Kansas City, Missouri 1 , 1. 1113 A .I 11. 1 .1 1 1 11 1 1 1111! 1 11 '1 ,1 11 11, , A 1. 1 111 , . 1 1 . 1 , ' 1 1,1 1111 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 11111 .HN . 11 1 1 ' 1 1 11 1, 1. 1 1 1' 1 Q' i 1 ' . 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 1 3 , 111 f ' V1 Dental Equipment 1 111 . 11 Dental Supp11es and . 111 . 1111 X-Ray Machines 11 1 , 1! .1 -. 1 1 . . , 1 f Russsu. c. coo1.EDGE WM. ZIMMERMAN L 1 College Representatives X. 11 1 1 11 11g L1 .. 1 M1 4 Page 88 11, -115 11 . 'rg' ,-Mi, ,,. 11 -1 one 1- , JY V A Y V Y l?..-..,.- ,-...M, - 11 A WI E CHQIC., Select Your Dental Dealer FIR T GNMWD Be sure his real interest is inyour success, rather than in the sale of equipment. Be sure he is familiar with business and dental conditions through- out his territory. Be sure he iscompetent to help you locate to your best advantage, and to assist you in getting started properly. Hettinger's have equipped a majority of the offices in their terri- tories, and their experience, skill, and genuine desire to serve you are at your command. GWUWD KA N SAS C I T Y OKLAHOMA CITY TULSA H li X X 'll NGER, I MINFORD LOVETT College Representative Page 89 e ei flHTlf1iBfUfSiElfvfsZisb5tClQF R THEI TEH-FHATEH ITY D!-X CE SUPHU UHES -1937 attention to a few. During the day our guides filled our ears with lectures of instruction. When night fell, our text- hooks allowed us no rest. Though our advancements were doubtful and dan- gerous, Mr. Dentech and Miss Duor- form never deserted us. A The Kansas City-Western Dental College foothills have had avaiiahle social contacts to develop our character and personality. They presented a fac- ulty group whose hahits and abilities are very desirable and necessary for a successful practice. A We are now at the half-way mark. Let us not stop here, hut let us forge onward with ever-increasing zeal toward the goal we have set for ourselves. The person who talks about his honesty and the person who tells his boss how hard he works, are twins. Page 90 1 l INVEST WHERE YOUR DOLLAR BRINGS YOII MOST Where does our dollar bring you most? Be hard headed about your equipment investment. y k r rofessional life successful? Check the Five Point What manufacturer does most to ma e you p Ritter "Plus Value" offer-then compare- 1. Ritter Equipment. Electrical and Mechanical per- fection plus beauty and long life, make 8092, of the pro- fession choose Ritter when equipping their dental offices. 2. Ritter Practice Building Service. Here is practical, valuable assistance in building an eflicient, profitable prac- tice. Let the combined experiences of thousands of success- ful dentists answer your problems. 3. Ritter Statistical Department. Here are facts and figures on population, purchasing power, opportunities for specialized practice, etc., of invaluable help to you. Predetermine your success by choosing the proper location. 4. Ritter Architectural Planning Department. Here is the same practical advice that has designed over 30,000 eflicient dental offices. This department, finest of its kind, will take care of every detail of oflice planning. 5. Ritter Deferred Payment Plan. Here is the utmost in cooperation for those about to start in practice. Small payments in monthly installments over a period as long as three years. For details, consult your Ritter dealer. TAKE THE FIRST STEP to planned profes- sional success by utilizing the Ritter "Plus Value" Services. RITTER DENTAL MANUFACTURING CO., INC., Ritter Park, ROCHESTER, N. Y. Ritter F 1'-' l . - .M J Y PRESCRIPTION DEPT SODA Cx LUNCHDON DEPTV m af f, ' 1 f wfgww f 'A4 ' 'I 'MW f?Z5! 'mc W 1Iu f A 4 . ,,,,, A M D I 1 fff 1 ' 1- lx nf' ,W i?i?dEl 1 f' 77' f ff -T' L! ff Z II 1' f o 'xg Mfg mm W yt 'WV' NWCGR V NECOR 7577? 23 6cBeniorL 106617 oosf Q W 4? ' iw fr .. -HYYZ I ml' Q9 ng im! Jia , N ,W nv - lj wn rms, ry- ,TH gumwl mf ' - fl- W QF 'lil 7' "u f N X T5 17 2 5 if Q? 1' fx 'y ffl fi! f f 11431 mlm , mx ' :n xg: EEE? ::3 I , 1, 3 7 I lg V4 X :X sl " , Q. H '. lx" .. , , 1 . 1'-I +-M. M ' ' ' ' " - gl, Y--X K f-'dxf - f' J- -- fro? X J Q, I T ' 1 VW' 7?-xxx W 0 f f , Q 0 wx 5 I , UI I , K 147' ' . 4 X S lf' 4 """"1' f -Q ! I AMW .4515 1 X 'l'a! ,p" 1 nu Mfg W E5 l is QE I , I V- 0. f ' I f liffjflgffgfqn ! 97 , . ll li I 1 f 4.11 : I I V --1 f if ' w:1i:iiIH4Wf , ff 0'f""" M 'W' W . . . 1 .- ,,,, ', . J,- I .' .1 , ,L f Qdfiiflbgpf' .1 ' '-- 'T' - J lil' x if L' , J LET A xe s an SUNDRIES MAGAZINES xDENfI'AL ecmsnrmnaoo ' IN 7 1.1 'I 1 ll rrjffq ' xx H.: Fd I 0 I - -4- T., LIME ma 1 ' , n Q' f Z 5' 7 ' f "N" " if f ?'. E' 1' ' f M 4 f 5 ,V " 6" H',' Gva. U MQW F gf. z 5 lf, V ,Hu H 7 1 ,. lm ' ! Q na f ? i llllllll lllll X N W5 X X X it d g f! I ,ff X b Q If .J 7 ,fi Aff 15 ful ! 1' If J I!! :ST TX of: ' Q 1 ff' , Q'-' -x ' 'X , mv N lim xl -5 ILE. na f Q I I A N " 11 4 J N. g I . LL 0 WU k 1 l l' i ff X e 0 o , 1 g FTM I ,ff fl XZ! gxyllh ' KQXIII iq 'U ' iff 4 fi' 4 ex If 45 5 V V W 1, 'b' f u W : A 3 ,fl ls.-lh 1 , ,lg FJ X Vw ii AllK:l, , -I 711 , nfs bm- ici!! Z z r 1 A f If 4j lg ' Il buf' ,I v funn: " 'A 'H . 15 ,FQ J I :Hy-E' ZZ is A! ,.: Ha- Z1 f " '.' X A f Yffmu N5 Ei 1 + I wwf fi E Eiga:- Q if X , ...LM ..... X W ' R X L n wh Z mf Jw N f W, N H' if f 4 7' BL " xx I 7 f ab J Page 92 X X X S 1 .L I S S ii W 5 fl Z A b f lf' Z Sa. Guiana. find a pleasure in referring friends to "their dentist," and it is sound business practice to View every desirable patient that enters your office as a potential source of contact with equally desirable accounts. Make these references easy for your patients and without apology for the first impressions of your oflice. It isn't necessary to create a burden- some overhead in making a new equipment in- stallation. For a very moderate cost, you can install an S. S. White C or E Type Unit and a Diamond Chair. The dignity and elliciency ex- pressed by these will make your oflice inviting, reassuring, and proclaim the up-to-date reliable service that you are certainly capable of rendering. Moreover, they will permit you to com- mence practice with new, trouble-free equipment -let you experience the joy of first ownership and the inspiration that only new equipment can give. Make it a point to see a demonstration of the S. S. White C and E Type Units and remember that the most simpliiied S. S. White:Unit can be easily built into a senior unit as the practice permits. :F S .,,, , oua o n e N ING sfnvlcf is Fair Without incurring any obligation whatsoever on your part, you can have the services of our office planning depart- ment. Ask your dealer about this service, also about l, deferred payment plans, or, write direct. our libera THE S. S. WHITE DENTAL MFG. CO. 211 scum 12th smear, PHILADELPHIA, PA. Page 93 , I ,wa ' hi f ef. 3 W ...., I U , I , -r 4. I f 1 X "' c . " J A f . g, 5-5.1 ' Af ' WW-'F' 1 zz-'few' W 'ij ' 5 I E4 - J- ' -' - ' ? we Qi, ,.yi rygQ,9eL1oN eaumne l g i Psuon Locmne the ffqggflpgs Equipoised Cluster sfiyght with new no-glare-shades. Ideal for general lighting of foperqting equipment. l EQUIPME our-guarcuzfee of ikfime Safisfacfioiz Years of specialized develop- ment. . . constant pioneering . . . endless research. All of these important phases of quality manufacturing are behind every item of Pelton Dental Equipment. The Pelton nameplate on your Sterilizer, Light, Compressor, Lathe or Furnace is a guarantee in itself of efficient, depend- able performance. Specify Pelton on your equipment order to your dealer. THE PELTON 8. CRANE CO. Demon, MlcmGAN T O N mia! PELTON Pelton features. Page 94 STEIULIZERS No-heat, no-glare iight concentrated inside the mouth. Models for at- tachment to any dental unit, or on wall bracket or stand. ' l l Lg ? W , 4121113 ll, - 1 X ..,N,,f Q5 L ,1..1.:.f1. ,V , ""' f--q....,, sg . 29 ,,.:.m:: ' I gp A I Parton Funmxce . e For precision baking of dental porcelains. f me it fi Q, , ,,,5,, Mfg. ,,,. .... ..,., t ,.-,-,,M..,NMW,,Az K NT tg ,,..,. I g l l K . l l E t 3 5 2 .,,..,,. Complete range of models and sizes, all with l 3-Speed Visible Control and other exclusive T HE QB U S Al99r"" a'r' +444 44'-P Radolf ancl Sure Shine The most convenient and best finishing and polishing outfit for all prosthetic work: Metals, Vulcanite, Condensite or Celluloid Ask your dealer QJWK9 Manufactured by AURORA DENTAL SPECIALTIES COMPANY AURORA, ILLINOIS Refiners and Smelters Manufacturers of Dental Gold KRAU E Q.j'0Wk9 928 Main Street - Box 948 Kansas city, Missouri Page 95 ,If-Jigga 'dM"'M'lw"l5l'jQi one of -iii-fp! EXPLANATION OF THE TITLE "B SHWHAEHERH laushwhaclcerg fvvebsterf a back-Woodsmang a guerrilla band which fights and plunders in time woods. A Hlausiiwlnaclceru in dentistry is one who prac- tices time profession Without a license. HBIlSIlWhBCkil'1g,,, at the present time is considered a serious offense and is subject to severe penal- ties. Years back, however, many students "bush- whaclcedn their way through school and the title 'Busiiwiiaclcern was selected for the annual by popular vote of time student assembly. Page 96 E puRerTQ.:5T T, we s SOCN, THE PORTALS OF A NEW ERA fit? 7 WILL BE OPEN TO YOU... . . . An Era ol Professional Service to Manlcincl l SUCCESS or failure awaits you . . . success which will be measured by your willingness to accept certain fundamental principles of Pro- fessional procedure and management. The Weber Company wants to help you under- stand what those principles are and how they may be applied successfully. Besides making for your use a line line of dental equipment, fairly priced, we can help you with your office location analysis, oiiice planning and decorat- ing. We can help you to finance your initial purchase of equipment and we can help you with your early mechanical office problems- plumbing, wiring, sign lettering, etc. When you purchase Weber equipment, you are provided with one of the most comprehensive courses on Dental Office Management ever compiled, introducing a new service dealing with bookkeeping forms: office managementg duties of the assistant and hygienist: contract- ing and presenting all classes of dental service: radiography and all phases of its use: suggest- ed letter forms for all necessary professional correspondence, etc. No charge is made .for this service. . N let. llfeber equipment is sold by selected, responsible dental dealers everywhere. Study it from every angle . . . learn the truth about its quality and ralue before making your final decision to buy. THE DENTAL MFG. co. CANTON - OHIO Export Dept. 149 Broadway, New York City rf 71 Please patronize our advertisers, they lielp to malie our looolc possilole. Page 97 Xb .1lg'IQ1'.fQQ1QgfQQ'I1TfQ1QlfffQ'g' igjslpgjla--- f V Compliments of Umvezffizyf of Kmzmf C2231 Ill M 8. N CAFE DINNERS 20c and 25c Special Club Breakfast 15c and 20c I Compliments of FORREST HOTEL HA rrison 9669 920 Forest Ave 1002 TROOST AVE. KANSAS CITY, MO. - QUALITY-SERVICE-LOW PRICE fFormer1y Go1den'sj Page 98 Kansas City, Missouri THE DE TISES CREED O RESPECT my profession, my reputation and myseif. To he honest and fair with my patients as I expect my patients to he honest and fair with meg to thinic of dentistry with ioyaity, speak of it with praise, and act aiways as a custodian of its good name. To he a man whose word carries weight with my feiiow- citizensg to he a hooster, not a imocicerg a pusher, not a icicicerg a motor, not a cog. To hase my expectations of reward on a soiid foundation of service rendered: to he wiiiing to pay the price in honest effort. To iooic upon my work as opportunity to he seized with joy and made the most of, and not as painfui drudgery to he reiuctantiy endured. To remember that success iies within myself, in my own hrain, my own amhition, my own courage and determination. To expect difficuities and force my way through themg to convert hard experience into capitai for future struggies. To heiieve in my profession heart and souig to carry an air of optimism into the presence of possihie patients: to dispei iii temper with cheerfuinessg iciii douhts with strong convictions, and reduce active friction with an agreeahie personality. To maice a study of the professional and business sides of dentistry: to icnow hoth sides in every detaii from the ground up: to mix hrains with my efforts, and use system and method in my woricg to find time to do everything needful hy never ietting time find me doing nothing. To make every hour hring me dividends in fees, increased knowledge, or heaithfui recreation. To save money as weii as earn ity to cut out expensive amusements untii I can afford them. Finaiiy to taice a good grip on the joy of iifeg to piay the game iiice a gentiemang to fight against nothing so hard as my own weaicnessesg and to endeavor to grow as a dentist and as a man with the passage of every day of time. THIS IS iViY CREED! Page 99 f ms4ifff?ii T QQQQE Q THE' w r J I v A l 4 1 Y gwd Hi iii U MH Iwi 'ws 1 'I P t i 1 5 4 I 1 , 1 U 1 is 1 5 5 t N 5 i. , ,, 1 V. 'S X L 5 i l THE ALL-SEHUUL UA EE HIS dance having been held on the eve of HaHowe'en, we think it only fitting and proper to point out some of the Spooks in the picture. Just behind that handsome Spook of the freshmen class, Dick Foley, fin the center, will be seen, coyly peering at the camera, the chief Spook of the Qrthodontia depart- ment, Biu Pretty. Behind and slightly to the left of Bill stands Spook "Pickle- pussu Lightner, with his puss pretty well pickled. Spooks of the second class who receive dishonorable mention: Hvvin- cheln Francke, Corey CI imaginef, Hskunkn Heyburn, Frank "Swim a miles, Supple, Dr. uskipperu Dillon, Helen Hub-Mrs. Chester Arthur Adams Junior. fpardon Haunt for them yourselves you gullible goblins. Now for the main distraction in the picture. That insignificant blot in front, may be discovered to be none other than that shy, backward, utimid soul," from Tulsa, James Patrick Thomas. The Bushwhacker staffs have henceforth resolved to remove, filch out, extract and otherwise obliterate this "Phantom of the Photosf, so may it haunt your memory and not our book. Page 100 Qian i 4 RELY UPCN ' "First Aid for the Familg " F or Best Results This old familiar friend of your student Work will stand by you when you are on your own. You and your instructors, your classmates and alumni, have used SODIPHENE in thousands of clinical cases. Continue to use it in your professional practice. Old Grads, now veteran practitioners, report its valuable assistance in preparatory medication and in post operative care. Prescribe SODIPHENE for your patients' home treatment and be relieved of case anxiety. Distributed Nationally Manufactured hy THE SODIPHENE COMPANY Kansas City, Mo. . 'W . ' lf 'K Hai' is 'huilim' Sm Cabinet W No. lu' Page lOl W M R 'W iiiii FFECKER W .llI5l ANlllHEll lllllffl YOUR FIRST OFFICE . how will It loolc to your patients? Will It be In lceeping with the modern progressive dental techniques you havelllsf successfully mastered . . or will It he "just another officeu? For an offlce that is different, new, and up to date equip with AMERICAN The new models, marvels of samtatlon and efficiency, are available ln any color you prefer. any O02 of them will be the "heart of a fine modern, different offlce THE AMERICAN CABINET CO Two Rlvens, WISCONSIN Compliments of Standard Laundry Towel Supply VI ctor 0805 1115 Holmes Street PYCOPE' Tooth Powder and Tooth Brushes .-.4. 1 . ..., V . Products made to fill the requirements of the dentist in tht itnpnttnnt Sttvitt Of innttntting ze-.ff 'f2-'t' ' 'f-' ,.,1,:, his patients on proper home care of the mouth. ....,... . M f 4, z . QB 3 xl 'E 1 1 1 It , W iff L , t I 1 xy , , Ta' amen wwf N 4 . ts ji' .3 , . Z t t wat: G i.--Eirirw:-:. -1 1-.rE,.,.,:,.:--11,5211122212 55222 ,. 4 .. v.-.v.... ..., 3 2 4 W.. ,........... s it 3 1917133 2 S lg 142223 '- TYVSYXY .IJ Q' L, f ....k ' W-N-wt-' -'-'-' ....,,.. A ,,,,, 4 . , 2 A 9 asi .W 1....... assooos, 1aasaas 1 1 ofoo aooo SosS1suoupoZlluolsioisoosooosooooioS , A Pycope' Incorporated . . . Joplin, Missouri MOCKLER 8: DANIELS Dental Technicians Phone VI ctor 9446 428-29 Professional Bldg. Offers you a complete laboratory service. Ceramics, Gold Castings, Bridge Work, and Dentures. Page 102 SB W ss,, -. ,. .,,s,,,--s.Wg.,jgjjyngj1iiii':j1fj3f" IF HAMLET HAD LIVED IN MUUEHN TIMES Scene: Corridor on fifteenth floor of a Medical Arts Building, through a pehhled glass door, the silhouettes of an exodontist and a psychiatrist can he dimly outlined in consultation over a dental X-ray. Hamlet, who has heen told his teeth may he the cause of his mental hallucinations and may have to come out, is pacing hack and forth in front of the office smoking a cigarette and soiiloquizingz Extract, or not extract, that is the question: f-1 Whether 'tis hetter for the mind to suffer The stings and tortures of reheuious molars, Or march your ailing grinders to a dentist, i And hy extracting end them? To ache, to throh, No more: and hy removing say we end Forever toothaches and that dread disease That four of five are heir to, l1',ti.s a consolation Devoutly to he wished. Fitch out, ,-1 extract, ,-1 And then perchance wear plates: -1 aye, there,s the ruhg ' For from those pseudo teeth what grief may come When we have stripped this dental arch df gears, Makes us reflect. There,s the respect That makes pyorrhea' of so long lifeg For who would hear the dental aches and pains, The whir of drills, the pangs of neuritis, The consequence of focal infection. The relentless misery of sleepless nights, When he himself might his escape effect With a pair of forceps? Who would halitosis hear, To quill and squish his teeth through life, But that the dread of wearing dentures, P-1 Ur fear of gumming victuals all his days, Wit'h chin approaching nose-puzzles the will And makes us rather hear the wrecks we have Than Hy to suhstitutes we know not of? Thus tooth menders make cowards of us ali, And so their earnest recommendations Are altered hy repeated tales of failure, And dentures of great fit and promise, Ere they are yet designed oft go astray, And lose the name of suction. ...THE MUsHB1'rr,"' Page 103 -e Q ccsc is r 2 wi fsf Q2 AG 'rf QW? in can .fiv V. ddifnn 1 Thanks to the Dental Profession . . . Qutworn anol olefective teeth can he removed . . . and satis- factorily replacecl hy artificial restoratives . . . no meclical or surgical means have yet loeen lounol to replace a human EYE. . . . Each ol us has hut one pair ol eyes to last a lifetime. We must protect them. l'lere,s how 4 . . 1. Have eyes tested regularly by a competent eye specialist. 2. Provide good light for every close-seeing task. I.E.S. LAMPS PROVIDE SOFT GLARELESS LIGHT-I CONSERVE EYESIGHT when buying lamps . . . look for the I.E.S. tag of approval . . . for your own protection. y KANSAS CITY PCWERr SL LIGHT CCMPANY Electricity for Better Living Page 104 ' no LIEE INSURANCE Has stood the test for SAFETY OF INVESTMENT, SECURITY OF INCOME AND FAMILY PROTECTION. It is one investment that has not depreciated. Every cIaim against it has been met without deIay or depreciation. I POLICIES EOR EVERY NEED JuveniIe Insurance for the children Educational PoIicies to guarantee a CoIIege Course Life, Endowment, Term and Annuity Contracts ' to protect the home and Iousiness. KANSAS CITY LIFE INSURANCE CO Home Qffice I-1 3520 Broadway Kansas City, IVIissouri D. T. TQRRENS, President C. N. SEARS, Secretary Page 105 f 'Egg' L ""'E55::'?:"m ' 'Sill si iff' 25553 f IE . is :Q 'xv It has been a genuine pleasure for me to have been able to contribute my past, in photographic pursuits, in this year's annual. To the editor and business manager, I extend sincere congratulations for their excellent work in producing the 1937 Bushwhacker. Wilmer Eames Page 106 ,r t- gEoRfX93f5Xr or or r A The Edzfom' ofthe 1937 BUSHWHACKER have availed themselves of the skill in layout, typography and press- Work which has gained for us recognition in the Commercial field for Distinctive Printing. Q3 GRIMES-JGYCE PRINTING coMPANY 1015 Central Street Kansas City, Missouri P iiiE,iTili,lJEr,i NMA X IIVI AIWFII IILAIII ILSIIII, IN ASI! YF KI IIII I, IWG IIIVIINII N III' SIIIB Page 108 IISIII' II YI KIRIHIUVY ASI! qsgsgsgzgazz 45555555555525555afafgzgsgsgegsgagagsgs222:e:2:' --""" - ''''-ff'1'1'1'f-2-2-1-f-1- 1-111111'1'l'1+Pf'H+:-'""""""ff I' Ii Il I7 li II 'I' .AAKISG uw-.v-fun- 9' : :5:,3::,:,:-:-:-:I:r:I:I:I:I:2121:I:rg:::::::::,:,:,:Ix-1-1.::1:::g:g::s:f:I1:1::::::2:::5::::gg-g.1:5:g::::::::g1::::::::::::,::::p,1::.:.:.:.:.,.,:-::::::: PKISTISG PLATES xv X P And So The Staff Retiresn P A TUGH PHS Page 110 - A AUTOGRAPHS age Ill I 1 1 11 1 x T111 1 Q 1 2 1111 1, 11' 1f 1' 11: ig 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 '1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' '1 1 l '. 1 1 ,I 11 1 " 11 11 'Q 11, 13 I 11.1 1'1 1 at. 1 11 '11 1' 1' ' I1 1 1 1kl 11 11 1 1 L 1' F 1' 11 , N ' 5 1 1 1 111' 1 ,111 ' ' 1 1 11 1 - 1, .1 ' , ' -f. 11 '! 11111 1 1, K1 A , 1 1 I 1 11 11 11111 1 ' 1 ' 111' ' is 111 1 1 A 1 1111 1 . 1 . 111 Vi' 1 1: 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1I111 1 It 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 ' I 1 1 Q 1 1 I 1 . 1 1 ' ' 1 11 ' 1 1 1 1111 1 11 111 1 1 11 1 V1 .9 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 f 11 11' 1 11 1 1 . 1 5 -' . 1 1 1 - 11111, 1 n 1 ,131 1 IQ' 111 .X 1 1 ' 11 , .. ' 11 1. 1 ' , 1 .1 1 111 1' ' 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 . 1 , 11 '1 11' 1 1 1 1 4 1 ' ' 1 14 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 , 1 11 1 5 1 1 '11, - 1, ' 1, s 1 1 1 ' 11' ' 11 1' ' "' V -1 11 11 I 1 A 1 , 1 1 111 1 4 1 11 I 1 '1 1 11 I 1 I 1 1 1 1 ' 1 11 75- H 1 1 1 1' 1 1 1 1 1 1" 1 1 -' 1 1 11 1 ' 1 '1 1 j ' 1' 1 Q 1 ' 1 11 .1 1 1 1 -11 1 ' 11 111 1 . 1 1 11 1 1- 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 111 ' 1 1 " 1' 1 111 J ' ' ,1 1 1 '1 1 1 1 11 1111 1 ' 111 1 1111 -1 ' ' 1 111 1111 ' 1 111 111 1 1 111 11 1 '1' 1 1 1 1 J 11 1, 11' 1 1111 1 1 111 1 1 '11 I 1 1 1 1 1 11 ! 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 11 1 11 f 1 11 1 12 1 ' 11 1 11 1 1 1' ' 1' U 1 I1 'A 1 ' 11 1 1 1 1. 11 1 1 11 1 1 11 ' 11 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 ' , -t , - ..1. ,-...UM . - , - f-,, n Y- - . .-...f --....,,..f--V ....-,:f--.,-.........--,-T..-.g-1---- ------..--P - . --- -:Q --...,,,,,,..g.,. J - t-1. I J I, 5 1 Q! 8 5 s I. B I E 'Q Q 2? 5, E is ,s E e r . I A 1, ll , 1 I W M n . S k S I v 1 , 5: ii Q' ii E 3 r , x V Q s K - N E 2 ! u 'A v 3 ii 1 'u IJ 5 i n, 3 ? 1 1 r 1 , J t I I I 1 1 I . vb -., ' Y :.L-- . -U- - f " -5 .:' - -...aan-. ---.- , , , . ,, V , , ' .mr , ,-,.. .Y-:wks-was-e--i"t xvri.-1':'r-::' - - ,.r M- ,PM .,,...-.,..l4:V Kd, , ' 1-:frf:ffff'f"4 f - Y f -A' Y . ,.- .-- Y - x ., r . n ,

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