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University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Dentistry - Bushwacker Yearbook (Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1917 Edition, Cover

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-. 1 f x rf Z, If -Y-Lf? f CQ, ,m ff1, ff MID-CONTENENT PUELQC LISEWZ V N:-,-'W Pwieg:-ffnsiarce Brarfch Xl . A 4 Ya x- '67 I w - Higqiwvlslv 125' IL figuring Wi iw-risixxfaiemve, M0 64050 N. . -NW, I . 8 S Q' 2 'Sw x X 1 IH L. - Vx wi ' ff ' A- l ,tx-l V -I, , JU 2' 1 f - f 'RQ wJgaj?', M H 4 ' 1 Q71 -f Y ' ' . " .- ,, MQ, 41 um s f 2 4 SX' ' ' IE- ,E W V f' ,.x! E' Vu 3 Q xzg-3 I .N s AH'rY ""-nlq ll W 1, W . R J E 1 . N 0 4, Q, nf-N ,ful . --- I QI- PM 1 Q. fix-T 'fl' . ,, 4, Afz A7,-1yQ'- 1. ' i' 5 WI I X J! , J --f" X, ' X 1,1 'V' N s. " 1 lm '1 'il Q f' J 'f , 3 1 ff Km W I 'e if J A I Pu 'fm-. ,. " '. 57 f' ffif 25. 'w W ' , . ' .-ff" L X26 ff , V 1,54 2? 'Egg K QQ X Zhi ff " : :oe -' :H - -G' ' ' 5' N K sk "S 5 X- X J...,..::h2 2? i f "CUM LAUDE" M251-CONTENENT FUEL!-C 3, MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY 1 !n,di9p6ndqPr'C8 Branch HIVIHI4IH!IWHVIDIHNIHHINNINIININIWINIVHIIHIH "'f'F"':!51'JT' FY-' 9 . 3oooo112ea5oao "M""-"MW "W 54050 Gzfvvfvl, 373' M51 VOLUME 2 PUBLISHED FOR THE CLASS OF 1917 BY R. E. JACQUES Pays 2 M 'FM L N ,fi ff Q4 Q- QD I 1 I ,n-1 W 5 , W, A 5, Q- ,.n i i a , 9 w P A r N i i 1 1 w N The Molar Kama: City Dental Collage-1917 AGXMQ W4 V 1fA1i?z2CsgvDe1x+B,gc' Qgi' Pagv S i. I.. 3 I f I . I: H ,,, W Y ,, V 1, - - -"9P""' The MOM1' Kama: City Dental College'-1917 Greetings: Ehese are perilous times. many lnnuals have suspenoeo publica- tion. Haut with the true TK. CC. TD. G. spirit of grim oetermination to overcome all obstacles. the 1917 Staff has compil- eo this volume. more than anyone else, we realize its faults. Yue kino to this. our secono molar. -Ghe Staff. I 1 7 Thg MUMV Kama: City Dental College-1917 Tbo Hlobn 'Peans ajlatterson. whose kinoliness bas enbeareo bim to all, ano whose forceful personality ano executive ability have bone so mucb to place the 'Kansas City TDental College in its present conoition, we oeoicate 'Cube molar of 1917. 11X Tllle Molar Kansas City Dania! COZ!egefI9l7 ,V aa MK iw f' 111 1 Kamal City Dental Collage-1917 "Oh, 'fast is "East, anb west is West. lub never the twain shall meet Bill earth one sky stanb presently TAt 6506's great jubgment seat: :But there is neither Tast nor west, :Berber nor breeb nor birth. when two strong men stanb face to face Gho they come from the enbs of the earth." -Tlfipling. Page II The MQM1' Kumar City Dental College-1917 1917 molar Staff 2-J. M. Fields, Editor-in-Chief 3-R. E. Jacques, . Business Manager 4-Vere Lane . 20-H. L. Barnes 5-L. D. Gray 14-Thos. B. Keyes 11-V. E. Simpson 9-R. G. Reid 19--G. F. Benson 7-K. A. Benson B. F. Jacobs 12-A. O. Elliott H. E. Jacques C. T. York Craig Cundiff W. T. Longwell 16--T. J. Boone ' 8-J. G. Christy 1-F. H. Luckinbill J. E. O'Conno1' 6-W. H. Everett Chas. McCue 10-W. M. Pugh 15-C. H. Bailey 13-G. W. Lewis 18-H. L. Ericson R. O. Lane 17--C. R. Williams Noted Contributers C. C. Allen B. L. Hooper , R- L- Ch1'iSty J. D. Patterson W. T. Stark H. B. Whiting J. V. Conzett-Dubuque, Iowa T. E. Purcell, D.D.S., Kansas City, Mo. President, Missouri State Board F. E. Hettrick, D.D.S., Topeka, Kans. Kansas State Board lkxgv I2 ' 4' I , 1 ' Q4 v4 ,BJ 'z FR 'i 35' -af Q 5 f ,+A fi 'W ff Tlgg Mylar Kansai any Dfmaz cozzfgf-1917 OFFICERS OF THE ASSOCIATION Dr. C. C. Allen .... President Dr. J. G. Hollingsworth Vice-President Dr. C. C. Allen . . Secretary D1'. W. T. Stark Treasurer BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dr. W. T. Stark, Chairman Dr. J. G. Hollingsworth Dr. A. J. McDonald Dr. J. D. Patterson Dr. C. C. Allen EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Dr. W. T. Stark, Chairman Dr. C. C. Allen, Secretary Dr. J. G. Hollingsworth Pagc Il 1 PSI OMEGA SONGS OLD PSI O. Psi O., Psi Omega, she is our truest friend, She cheers us when we are lonely, Do we love her 'deed we do. Our friend old Psi Omega, She stands above all others, For her weill fight each day, Do we love her? ,Deed we do. And when our school days ended, We'll boast our frat so splendid, From her we'll ne'er be parted, Do we love her? 'Deed we do. koi. PSI OMEGA SWEETHEART QPHI RHOJ She has those dreamy eyes of blue, A smile beyond compare, Two rosy lips to tease you- And a wealth of golden hair. She wears the pin, the Psi O. pin, Sl1e's the fairest flower that grows, She's the Psi Omega Sweetheart, The Psi Omega Rose. EH ,O.. PSI O. GIRL CPLEDGEJ my How'd you like to be a Psi O's pledge, Uhuh and a little bit more, l'low'd you like to be a Psi O's pledge, Uhuh and a little bit more, llowlrl you like to wear a Psi Ols pin, Shining like a star, Howld you like to share every little thing we got, Uhuh and a little bit, Uhuh and a little lnit, l Uliuh and a little hit more? f .I rg, Hftlli1igl'swo1'tli J. D. Patterson , E r ' 4 Z' X f W. T pllfjt' The Molar Kamaf City Dental College-1917 Pflffv 171 OFF Dr. C. C. Al Dr. J. G. H01 Dr. C. C. Alle Dr. W. T. S1 l Dr. W. T. Stal Dr. J EXE Dr. W. T. Stark Dr. x 1 . B -4' Q -FV, JU. G 1-n-. C. C. Allen X, gf gm IIollingswm'tl1 J. D. Patterson W. T. Stark Pauv 15 1 The Molar Kamaf City Dental College-1917 HONORARY DEGREE The following practitioners have received honor- ary degrees from the Kansas City Dental College. K. Stark C. Wasson H. W. Howe C. B. Hewitt ZW. H. Schulze i:Dl?CI?CISCd Pngr I6 Iwhe M0 la 7. Kama: City Dental Collrge-1917 a . "7!'fan6 grasps at hanb, 'Eye lights eye in frienbship. ima great hearts expanb 'lub grow one in the sense of this worl6's life." -Browning. Pagr I7 M0!dl' lx'a1z5a.f Cify Denfaf College-1917 '. , 5 ,Q '2f+' 4 i '2a - A - " ' L' A ' V ,- ' "' J-f" 5?V i f Un. , ' if ' . , , A QW? r"-E., A ' 'Y if' .524 5"' -5 is . 7-1 sw, Wv Q """ :A f. ' 5, Q . A Ez: P . x 3? , X - 1 it ,f f 'f ' Q, V. "Ak , rg .ZQLL15 A 'Q 'Ark ' , xg Q ' l " f ' wwf ,J - ,ummm 1 K , -1 n 'U'4M,vvAA,,L.-Mr'9,,,:,i "v i 1 v,p.m,f1,3,g,.igAL ' , 5 L 4 ff-""'A' - -H1 f Q... gk ' V' fi W 1 1 j, , ' " Y L X 2 " . ' " L' V ' H gl 2 " ' v V uf , b 5 MM , Q.. M 5. .sixth K " V E- 1' . ,,W,,,, 14 f "' Q z V A- A V ' 3, 4 'l'lI1Il1i Page JS HK. C. D. C, in 1900" I'- I il: W---1-Qfgl.. fri-zz.-ral-W -W - -:nu-. -f----'-ff-r A" :J f-f ' :1 f f,-- if , . ., Y ,, .., f' ,gl -. .' Qi?H-?Ef::'i "' , ...... ..-, .. ..--f W. - ' -- -- -f-- ' '-rg? My ff-f '.'.:.: ' h' ff'-yf ,.- f 'sf'-. 'SW . ww- -ffwf if -ff.. -"""" ' il.. . ., ,f -,-yizff' .Jn-lf:?'-"' fri-.V 5 ---M333-31553 -E3 .Nu r f"'f':'--.J-P I V ,,.wWff - J..-'wwf' z:.1:N4-. - , Max -L.: 2 ff " Zvi: Qi V 552- Xe 4:2 nw-"gl ' ' . 51777131123 zztzjw-N 4 ' fp 1 -121.11 .- 511:-Q55 fu. , 14 'T' . www, ,yfea:.'f' ,. -fisr' . , e ""E?f2'i?Y ssfsffsff FY" - 1-Si 1:42551-f' ,...mfi.v ' V A ff?'fl1E 4711- sx'f-14:25 ' 5 ' 1 - .-fi41f"f' . ,QWQP f' ,,:a?f"Q ' V ' ' if, 'eff - Q , , ff1.i?21' ' Eli 1 " '. ' ' "" 'k'A.'i"r4'.,ff!fifi.A:x h 4- ff' . - faf-P" f' ' , I .- 2.2 1914- gs: ' Qi" ' ..5v1?5f1f1' "Y Q .J-' xiii? . ff.: I .ref , -fn . ' " Q ' 'ZZPM-'N1-f., 1 W, .1 1: K ffl. Q fl: " L., f' 5,..'2. 1:5 - 'A A a -1.1 'fn .Q 1 .43 F5 1: 5 . - .. .. zagv:r,f':g!?fi,'fQ5,:.,'5zE gsi: V' +.,.g.ij f Qi: 1 .mf . if 3.421217 , af. -' ' '-'- ' "- af - Ji L-5 fs - wfvf' ' ' . ,Y., ...mi P-' ' 'avg f"" . ,. - 21" 'K . - " S f ,.f:.fJ:9f'Zl: , I .wifi ' ' . -.. - - 1'2'5:i 'L' 1.4.1 . .N " .rg 1 , 1 -Q ' -f-ff . , .H , -, . QM- V ff ..,...--" . . -' , NJ, - -My-',,,,:,,,. - 1 arf F '.---fa 'vw-3 . 53 pf: . .. .- ,,.,,f 'ff Q gi-V' ,N .pam -- : "fEf3Z5f'fcY'sq, it ' Ed Ay., . 1332 - ' ' " " - ff ff ' QRS .55 AS. , J K.! -Q. -gk i'1Tff"Q ffgggm- -aw EN'3a"?. La.: ,gfa-Xgiif' ,ff X gli. W ' F8 , ' .,.. ..,. 4 z. A Qi I uf J' , Q - 1 - 2 f.J,. S," M324 -'fi S X? 4 I' ' ' X ' , P',' : : : : : : : g,,-55.Eg.Qef,j: '- :J 121' F1 ' X ff J' . ,nnr1n:n1ALE"5EiEJ. .. "l"5AS.clIVkIiilifiQf"'Eff '.. 2 imfa . 1- img.-e!Ei:.AQ??fffa.f93s:,W ll Lf--" 'f::g,,-:.,.:..gv,.+fNf.,:.-,Q-f-'fm WHERE sirius '- mia HQ ,, ,,,,. . . N J? ,M A,,1z.,, .,,, , WWW . ... , ...,.,,.v,.,,,.g..-XJ., . A , .N .- -. .---Q f .Y-Q W MN- 'NM --f-4:'..-4-f .04 X . - W.. -vw -. X . -NW V ', f , ' nw..--' !-: :-- .1 -'waz :s.,-- 1 fr .4561 'V' i.:A.'2'fx'4'f-"if--L::'+1':vs: ,W f.f,.- ww AV-13wN.1 :-:.,e'5S,Jf"' , , -- i ff!-2 fin.: x t -ff 5 kk. 5? ,.fW L,,f,N. 21 41 ' 4 ' 1 , . . 55:1 .qw - 1- - 1 mf, .. ' ,. , M 4? . ' " ' - .4 . . ., V.. ,. .. ,,.. M. . , ,sv ,, . M gwum. . ...M .. :wx ., 11111, vi fl-. 1 gif N1 . M 2:5122 M T35 , ,. " Q f ' ---- .. ., fry. - . ' 2- 1 'ii7TQ' 'A 'H-:sf:'1'j.'-'if Q14 512 ,P "" ia f .L 555352- 'f '., QQ' ...QQ . 'F 'A ' 'f ' . - A ' ' V T 1 V . - 4 " .1 'M' ---12---fl21f?'5Litqpe3 'M . .SI f. "' mu W Q- Wwesixmwk 'H 1 .2-+44 I ' " I A - rx, My .. ? ' - W f .M . V . mmm-fm: ' ' - Q. ' " ,.z......tN-+ea1.,,, "W 1 'M' ' . Kw,....SKQ MJ ,-,, K :.f- -f.--M-v.-rf 1 , la:-'f?i...L ff.:'fXfT:g- , 1. I .,-N H 'T '25 , ,, ,:. '1 if' "' ' ' " sf. K ,pf-.x-,JV ,. K 4. -1 gps' l3,.Qi5'E1.:f:f:-s.vq .4,x.,.f'f2L.-, . -,r!w...h,. fwmifv ' .. "K, C. D. C. in 1909." Nxsshsxm K. C. D. C. 1n 1917 A-N, .. ul ,Q . ..,, 1,,5Xg5..,'m .:. 1 m m: I A -M.-..,...z.a.:.a5h5: v our--um., ' K 'xii Y ' " ""5""' f if -A C. -4-' lf f -ff'H".:. A ,aw ...., 3311!-is, ..., E if M I i H ' A l t" 'Ms.,,s .il w ' 1 l 45 .lf 1553 O A - ' nf-.11?2Mm3Ja2AQAq':f?+.3-?f3-n'i1h5w-ff 14 ffmllinnxuzvum-ni'H I ff , , . s l , ,...m , JY, . . ....,,., llilflzl 1 5: 3 , V .-g . , ff f """---1-,Moo r .,. .Jn ,f , J. fi . :fi 'aim ifi?'i2,,Q , In " A 4 ' .nii," Z l f n' l his YW 1 2 it .... .... -... - - ,Q J im WY ? Av.. if f . 15 ' Q- ', -, , . 5 wg ml .I . Ei i 51 I "amm'. 5 C. ', f 555135 'Q .U till ,ii ..-Q R 1 1 gf V2 W iff' fi' mile- X f- ff .1 D , ',,,,, -. Q, A-ff--5:2 ,-,4Am12Qg,l- , A nmwsmmin : F ,. k-.g , TJ13:::.,:?TT' Eff: as emi. V, .- 5 ,A --qw-.m...,.. ., y'-4f- fir, 2.-1. f .W 1-3,13-ag ,mi , ,. 'I , Li Q AvE f1"9"3k ?i' g3 " ji . jf - 2 lilb f i t l Q i. m y 5- 'H "5" A 1 ' i1i f.--I ' 'of' . fi - fy, ' '-' " ' m, iillallf 3 ' 3 tt gi L 3' H- 1 A' s, ',l1.,,,L g L , , .. 1, , - ,fs ,-51,55 5 my L g,A .5 1334i ,g , J ,.g,:3g,- .1 vs, -'14, . ' 1. si M-,inf C' :se ll , W I Nm f,mf,pns of e 'Qs ...., -., ' Mgglx 'M-W ei zo-21.1, ' 2 + ' fffZff C- M fix. ,gf - .-K' .J N, " " ---Fawn ,,. .L, vi F ---ef A- k,L4 i ji 3. gsg-1,-f?5svjifuigg?'S.v:,, + A' - o i h C is New St. Joseph Hospital on Linwood Boulevard between Prospect and Wabash Avenues where Dr. J. D. Griffith holds his Oral Surgery Clinic for th Dental College. e Kansas City The MOM 11' Kama: City Denial College-1917 "GIVE US ETHER-PUT US CLEAR UNDER3'--Staff. The Reasons:- Page 22 When's your Molar comin' out? Is it goin' to be asceptic? How big is it going to be this year? Did you get those pictures of me in it? Got any nicknames for me in it? Did you tell them I was workin' just to get next to the way things are run? Did you put in that picture of me and my girl? Did you tell that bone that -1 1 pulled at the Jeff? Did you say anything about our little party at the LaFayette? Don't you say anything about that, the Governor'll see it and want to know what it means. Got my name among "COOPER'S DISCIPLEST' Put that in or I won't buy one of your books. I heard you bot a farm last year, Jacques. Goin' to raise the price this year? "When I get thru with this Molar Badena, I'll have you all dolled up."-J-, overheard by Jack O'Donnell. E What you goin' to buy Jacques, Packard or Marmon? Got your printer paid yet? How much you say you lost last year? If you put that in they'll all be buying flowers again. Thellfolar Kamaf City Dental Collegf-1917 THEY WERE SICK AND WE SENT THEM Dr. R. L. Christy Mrs. R. L. Christy Vere Lane . J. M. Field L. D. Gray G. W. Tinslai' P. M. Piner Craig Cundiff . H. Waldo Thompson Ha1'old Dawson L. M. Huey Wayne Light C. A. Crabb F. W. Buchanan O. Elliott F L 0 W E R S Cabletow and Psi Omega . Cabletow and Delta Sigma Delta Cabletow and Psi Omega Cabletow and Psi Omega Cabletow and Psi Omega Cabletow and Psi Omega . . E Psi Omega Delta Sigma Delta Delta Sigma Delta . Psi Omega Delta Sigma Delta L. W. Simmons A. J. Casford- C. R. Strode F. W. Hurley J. E. O'Conno1' Page 23 The M0 lg 1' Kamaf City Dental Collzgf-1917 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Officers Y. E. Masterson, Kansas City, Mo. . . . President W. G. Barr, Wichita, Kan .... First Vice-President W. J . Lyon, Kansas City, Mo. . . Second Vice-President R. L. Christy, Kansas City, Mo. . Secretary-Treasurer Our next meeting will be some time this fall, and in Kansas City. We are arranging to have a two-day pocket clinic followed by a big banquet at the Muehlebach. Keep in touch with Dr. R. L. Ch1'isty. GRADUATES 1916. John Rice Anderson Esco Everett Jordan O1'ville Ray Anderson Robert Edmond Keith Elpha Elmer Bailey Matthew Anderson Kenney John William Baldwin Charles William Kolosick Victor Ernest Barnes Andrew Burnes Martin Charles Francis Barr Louis A. Mehler Lewis Wilson Berkeley John Edward Mehlhaff Harry Louis Blachly Frederick Benjamin Misse Edward Block William Clyde McClelland Anthony B1'owning William Henry McDonald John Ralph Burgess Edwin Clay Osborn Rollo Hestwood Cheney Francis Herbert Prosser Warren Lowell Crawford Willis Charles Reed Paul Francis Cutshaw Frank Raymond Reid Victor Eldon Dandey Roy Allen Smith Juel Denebeim John Augustine Steele Elmer Larmer Dillon Lester William Stewart Ivan G901'g9 1303119 ' Robert Emmet Stewart HHITY L66 D0l1gl3S Ray Anderson Stratton James Dillard Dyer E31-1 Raybuyn Swain Frank Jefferson Faulkner Claude Ray Swander Elmer David Goheen . John Thomas Shadburne . F1'2111k George Hagenbuch Earle Homer Van Meter M01'l30n Henry Holmes Milo Maynard Voshell Edward Clyde Houser , William ROY Humphrey Charles Lewis Walker Walter Wiseman Hunt Henry Wallace Wharton Pngr' 2.1 The Molar Kama: City Dental Collegz-1917 ESTIMATES Natural endowment, idiosyncrasy, beauty of face or figure, not just because it is you, fOh! ye favored of the Godsb, goes a great way in establishing the world's estimate of your real value. A So many fellows on earth have uncommon sense and so few the common kind and know how to apply it. You have been building the foundation of your profes- sional characte1'. Have you given your best effort to build firmly, or have you tried to "beat the game ?" Did you really do all the work on the dummies you had to turn in? If you did not, it was poor timber to put into a foundation. If your work has been thoroughly performed, with a firm grasp on the fundamental principles upon which dental education is founded, you are now at the door where lies the opportunity to prove your efficiency. Show yourself an "approved work- man," and then this old world stands ready to extend to you the "glad hand" and greet you as a man and brother. FRANK O. HETRICK, Ottawa, Kansas. INFORMATION IN RELATION TO APPOINTMENTS IN THE DENTAL CORPS, U. S. ARMY. THE REQUISITE QUALIFICATIONS. EXAMINATION OF APPLICANTS, ETC. CONSTITUTION OF THE CORPS. The Dental Corps is one of the constituent members of the Medical Department of the Army, of which the other members are the Medical Corps, the Veterinary Corps, the Nurse Corps, and the Enlisted Force. It consists entirely of officers, who are com- missioned as dental surgeons. Appointments therein are authorized at the rate of 1 for each 1,000 enlisted men of the line of the Army. During the first 8 years of their service dental surgeons have the rank, pay, and allowances of first lieutenants. After 8 years they have the rank, pay, and allowances of captains, and after 24 years the rank, pay, and allowances of majors, subject, however, to such examination prior to advance- ment as the President may prescribe, and to the proviso that the number of dental surgeons with the rank of major shall not at any time exceed 15. Officers of the Dental Corps have rank therein according to the dates of their commissions, and they rank next below officers of the Medical Reserve Corps. Their right to command is limited to the Dental Corps. QUALIFICATIONS No applicant may under existing law be commissioned in the Dental Corps unless he is between 21 and 32 years of age, a citizen of the United States, a graduate of a standard dental college, and of good moral character, nor unless hc shall pass the usual Page 2.5 I The M0!aV Kama: City Dental College-191? ' t nt in the Medical Corps and a professional physical examination required for appoin me . .U I i I I , examination which shall include tests of skill in practical dentistry and of proficiency in the usual subjects of a standard dental college course. f ' ried has no effect upon his eligibility for the Whether or not the applicant is mar Dental Corps. APPLICATION FOR APPOINTMENT ' Application for appointment must be madelin writing, upon the prescribed blank form, to the Surgeon General of the Army, Washington, D. C., who will supply the blank upon request. All the interrogatories on the blank must be fully answered. In com- pliance with the instructions thereon the application must be accompanied by testi- monials, based upon personal acquaintance, from at least two reputable persons, as to the applicant's citizenship, character, and habits. The selection of the candidates is made by the Surgeon General from the applica- tions submitted, and a formal invitation to report for examination to the most conven- ient examining board in each case will be issued by him. EXAMINATION. Examinations are authorized and boards to conduct them convened fromntime to time, as may be deemed necessary. Each board consists of one medical officer and two dental surgeons of the Army. The examinations are conducted under instructions from the Surgeon General. They usually last six days. b made for the expenses of applicants undergoing examination, No allowances can e - whether incurred in travel to and from or during their stay at the place of examination, as public funds are not available for the payment of such expenses. l' t on resenting himself to the board will prior to his physical Each app ican , up p , , examination be required to submit his diploma as a graduate of a standard dental college. Should he fail to do so the examination will not proceed. The examination consists of two parts: Kal Physical.-The physical examination must be thorough. an 1 a below 64 inches in height will be rejected. Each candidate must certify that he labors under no physical infirmity or disability which can interfere with the efficient discharge of any duty which may be required. Errors of refraction, if vision is not below 2Of100 in either eye, are not causes for rejection, provided they are not accompanied by ocular disease and are entirely corrected by appropriate glasses. fbl Professional.-The professional examination embraces both written and oral examinations,,and clinical work, as follows: C d'd tes who fall Written: Anatomy, physiology, and histology. Materia medica and therapeutics. Pathology and bacteriology, dental. Chemistry, physics, and metallurgy. Oral: Oral surgery. Operative dentistry. Prosthetic dentistry. Clinical work: Operative. Prosthetic. . I An average .of '75 per cent is required in the subjects of the theoretical examination and 85 per cent in the practical examination. The questions in the several subjects are f ' h d t th b d b h General. A sample list of questions is appendedlrms 9 0 e Oar S y t 6 Surgeon mengfkll instruments and materials used at examinations are furnished by the Govern- An applicant failing in one examination may be allowed another after the ' ' t' of one year, but not a third. Withdrawal fr ' tg' d -' '15 - expua mn for sickness, will be deemed a failure. Om examma lon ulmg l S plogress' except Pagr 26 The Molar Kumar Cily Dental College--1917 APPOINTMENT Applicants who qualify are appointed dental surgeons according to the needs of the service during the ensuing year, in order of their standing at the examinations. After the expiration of a year they will no longer be considered eligible until again examined. The appointments are made upon the recommendation of the Surgeon General, by the Prcsident of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, and the rank of first lieutenant immediately attaches thereto. . PAY AND EMOLUMENTS To each commissioned rank in the Army is attached a fixed annual salary, which is received in monthly payments, and this is increased by 10 per cent for each period of 5 years' service until a maximum of 40 per cent is reached. A dental surgeon with the rank of first lieutenant receives 32,000 per annum, or 3166.66 monthly, during his first 5 years' service. At the end of 5 years his annual pay is increased to 32,200, or 3183.33 a month. At the end of 8 years he is advanced to captain and receives 32,400 a year, plus 10 per cent for his first 5 years' service, making 32,640, or 3220 a month: and thereafter his annual pay is-at the end of 10 years, 32.880, or 3240 a month, at the end of 15 years, 33.120, or 3260 a month, at the end of 20 years, 33.360, or 3280 a month. At the end of 24 years he is advanced to major and receives 34,000 a year, that being the pay of his grade, 33,000 plus increase for prior service of 20 years up to 34,000, which is the maximum allowed by law to a major. Officers, in addition to their pay proper, are furnished with a liberal allowance of quarters according to rank, either in kind, or, where no suitable Government building is available, by commutation. Fuel and light therefor are also provided. When traveling on duty an officer receives mileage for the distance traveled. On change of station he is entitled to transportation of professional books and papers and a reasonable amount of baggage at Government expense. Gro- ceries and other articles for their own use may be purchased from the quartermaster at about wholesale cost prices. Well-selected professional libraries are supplied to each hospital, and standard modern publications on medical and surgical subjects, in- cluding dental journals, are added from time to time. Dental surgeons are entitled to medical attendance and hospital treatment without charge other than for subsistence. PRIVI LEGES Leave of absence on full pay may be allowed at the discretian of the proper author- ity at the rate of one month per year, which may accumulate to a maximum of four months, and at the end of four years is then available as one continuous leave. Beyond this an officer may still be absent with permission on half pay. Absence from duty on account of sickness involves no loss of pay. Officers of the Dental Corps are entitled to the privilege of retirement after 40 years' service, or at any time for disability incurred in the line of duty. On attaining the age of 64 they are placed on the retired list by operation of law. Retired officers receive three-fourths of the pay of their rank fsalary and increasej at the time of retirement. ASSIGNMENT, DUTIES, ETC. Officers of the Dental Corps are not permanently assigned to any regiment or arm of the service. They are assigned to duty upon the recommendation of the Surgeon General or of the department surgeon of a territorial department. No choice of station can be accorded or promise made of assignment to any specified locality. When an officer of the Dental Corps reports for duty at a post or station a suit- able operating room will be provided for him, in the hospital if a room is available there, otherwise in one of the other post buildings. All instruments, appliances, and materials necessary to the performance of his duties are supplied by the Government. Ordinarily one enlisted man of the Medical Department will be detailed to assist in operations, in caring for public property and stores, and in the performance of clerical work. Officers of the Dental Corps serve free of charge all those entitled to free medical treatment by medical officers. The next examination will be held July 2, 1917. Page 37 ga .Mod ' ' -- , f' , f' ', ,,,,,,jI., - .'w "1 '.' 2J+'ff'.'11L -'M .v.:.f+vvw-an.-4'nbr11'f', mv 'fhtaik-eH:.x.-gwgqg ,1 -- ' , , , , fzfgi' ' PASEO AT TWELFTH STREEF Showing Some of Kansas City's Beautiful Flower Gardens ,-,w-- l..-,g-....., .. , 7716 Kumar City Dental Collfge- 1917 MINIATURE ESSAY ON DEGREES. A degree is a grade or rank which scholars are given by a college or university in recognition of their attainments: as, Bachelor of Arts, Master, Doctor, and the like. Sometimes degrees act very strangely: small, insignificant, contempt- ible, seemingly unimportant specimens of humans called men, will, with a degree be brought down to the foot-lights on the world's stage to perform a most important role. Again, apparently powerful, capable men, with all the requirements that go to make up the ideal mentality are scrapped, be- cause these requirements for their degrees have not been absorbed deeper than a dandruff cure. Some people work for their degrees. Other people get them the same way many politicians get offices. Sections of many a father's shirt tail have supplied the missing portions at the elbows of the sleeves in order that his offspring may be successfully liberated from college. Faithful mothers with a never ceasing love and visions of the future, have rubbed at the washboard till their fingers bled-to give a son or daughter that college "Finish." Men who have earned a degree generally are characterized by their modesty, humility and willingness to serve. They leave behind them in- delible marks of achievements, and are honored in the pages of histo1'y. He who buys a degree, as one would purchase a can of sardines, is characterized as such. He becomes very boastful, and strong, and insists on emphasizing "I," "ME," and "MY." If he accomplishes anything it is through appropriation of the brains of some one else. Talk with him a short time and he tells you all he knows. The world needs him about as much as a duck needs a lifeboat. The foregoing conditions apply to dentistry as much as to any of the professions. Rough material congregates at the dental colleges to be con- verted into Doctors of Dental Surgery. Some of the men come 5 others are sent. The former are justifiable applicants for degrees, but there is no doubt as to the latter. Degrees should be censored like a movie film. Any one not clad with the armour of full requirements for a degree should not be allowed to practice on the public. Simply wearing the degree is too much like the thin chiffon gown-it shows too much of the bare facts and as a rank becomes very rank. Degrees are very nice things to have. They will put almost any one up in society. They make big chested, erect, stately appearing men, out of thin-chested, physically depleted, forlorn looking humans. They give Page 39 A The M0!aV Kanfaf City Denial College-1917 wonderful power of superestimation of one's ability, and make it possible to ask and get big fees for their services. Specimens of humanity can be decorated with degrees and made to appear very distinguished and important. Degrees should not be confused with brains. Many possessing degrees a1'e void of the "gray." The reverse may be equally true. People are be- coming educated to this fact. A degree is like the ancient trumpeter serving as a herald, announcing the approach of a trained intellect and a professional ability. The trumpeter or degree announces and introduces the one deserving of attention. If the possessor of the degree be Worthy and able to demonstrate his ability he is received with applause and given permanent favor. If he be only a sheepskin and an advertiser, his beans are spilled. If the reader of this spontaneous outburst of thought be so unfortunate as to lack the intellectual background of the degree he claims, may he through some of these jumbled together sentences be inspired to realize the importance of his degree. May he be prompted to put forth with all seriousness and energy an effort to become all that his degree claims for him. To the one who honestly has earned his title and who is striving to be of service to his fellowman, may he by his Work in harmony with all natural laws, accomplish that for which his life is being spent. Thus he may reap the joys of his achievements, and know in his heart that he is doing his bit, ' For himself, For his Country, For his God. ' B. L. HooPER. Page 30 Yyf 6' ill fl Kansas City Dania! College-1917 "Wor6s are coy 0.116 subtle things, anb bo not give themselves lightly to the use of men.: but to him who loves them, anb seeks them, they will lenb themselves to the perfect conveyance of his sublim- est thotsf' ' 1 J The Molaf' Kama: Cizy Denial College-1917 :IU Dr. C. C. Allen, President and S0c1'eta1'y Miss Ruth Pernot, Assistant Secretary Puyv 5.9 The Lwofar Kang: city Qmmz College-1917 MRS. ANNABELL WORTHLEY Custodian MISS GLADYS MCABEE Assistant Custodian MISS ELMA WEST Assistant Custodian Paw 3 The Mylar Kansa: City Dental College-1917 "'Exalteo hence uno orunk with secret joy, 'Gheir young succession all their cares employ. Ghey hreeb. they broob, instruct anb ebucatez lnb make provision for the future state." -Tryoen. Page' 351 . Ywh lf Mala 7' Kama: City Dfntal Collegz-1917 1 K w 1 1 i I i faculty v I F 1 I l Pagr' 35 The M0!ar Kanmf City Dental Collage'-1917 CHARLES CHANNING ALLEN, D.D.S., Dean Secretary Professor of Operative Dentistry Resident Demonstrator Page 36 Z'-'X x x is-f .r J. D. PATTERSON, D.D.S. limcritiis Professor oi' Dental Patliology FREDUS N. PETERS, Ph.D. CHARL1-uS L. HUNGERFORD, D.D.S. Emeritus Professor of Operative Dentistry Special Lecturer Electricity Z ff! XXX Professor of Chemistry and Physics ff N X, ,X u xi 'l.-S'l'Al2li. rms, A J. D. GRIFFITH, Mn. ' "'l'Y "F l'l'UfU"1t1C Uf'Ut1FU'B' Professor ol' Clinical zinfl Oral Surgery A , W- 'Lf av' I3 . Y ,I fs 1 ' f fn 1 Kr QW W "'Q'1f-1-N jjfiyf OLIVER P. FAIRES, M. D. Professor of Physiology and Hygiene 1 .ali J. H. LANING, M. D. Professor of Anatomy I MARTIN DEWEY, D.D.S., M. D. Professor of Dental Anatomy Professor of Orthodontia Editor International President of the Dewey School Demonstrator of Anatomy Journal of of Orthodontia Orthodontia St. Louis -.If V - I SAMUEL LOEBENSTEIN, D.D.S. Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics E. L. STEWART, M.D. Professor of Histology and Bacteriology M F, W. MILLER, D.D.S. Assistant Delnonstrator ?i 'i . g' i at H. H. HOLADAY, D.D.S. Prosthetic Technics U. HELOVE, 31.11. IH-iiioristirxtoi' oi' Anatomy 1 .,.. . F A N. , ity- Q ., . ' 'MQ K - fs' i H 3 ,ff B. L. HOOPER, D.D.S. Instructor Operative Technic R. L. CHRISTY, D.D.S. Inst1'uctor in Technics Special Lecturer in Prosthetic Technics G. A. TULL, MD. Dcmonstrator of Anatomy W. H. TUTTLE, D.D.S. Professor of Anesthesia Professor of Anelgesia l. H. WILSON ALLEN, D.D.S Professor of Exodontia Special Lecturer Exodontia FRANK I. RIDGE, A.B., M.D. Professor of Dental Pathology GEORGE SNOW MOFFATT, D.D.S. Professor of Analgesia and Anesthesia J. M. WALKER, M.D. Demonstrator of Anatomy J. W. NIXON, M.D. Demonstrator of Anatomy Page .fo T. B. MAGILL, D.D.S, Demonstrator ff ff-S X 1 X V , X 'X 'M X K- 3 ff wg :Q 1 1'-,,..A -f N 45 sf-Jig' . P :ii-vw 1 ak, ' xiww. , ,,i2:?:f,-1 fl .. 1 - i -fx: f x y' 84' iw 4 55.1 P lim-Q Q . .- :fa fl ,ey-W g: :-' 'if , 'asf w, 6.2, fn. , f , ef' , ..-,3h4f gi a, -A . nfl J. V. CONZETT, D,D.S. Special Lecturer Black's Cavity Preparation THOMAS B. MCCRUM, D.D.S. Special Lecturer Oral Hygiene and Prophylaxis DAYTON DUNBAR CAMPBELL, D.D.S. Special Lecturer ' Prosthetic Technic , ' : 6 7,11 Vi Qi' t 'f i- HLGH C, SMITH, L.l,.H. Special Lecturer Dental Jurisprudence E, H. SKINNEH, M. D. Snncial Lecturer X-Ray X l I' The Molar Kama! City Dental College-1917 FACULTY FOLLIES "Do not be affronted at a joke. If one throw salt at thee, thou will receive no harm unless thou be raw."-Junius. Magill, Miller, Hooper, "The Watchful Waiters." "Every hair casts its shadow"-Dr. Miller. "What's -- the matter with you ?"--Dr. Hooper. "When I took the State Board I extracted for a solid hour and had the ' whole window full of teeth."-Dr. Magill. "Well, if you can't find three canals, fill up what you can find."-Dr. Miller. "It's not a crime to swear, it may be a sin, but it's not a crime." 'lc il' it l you fellows be still over there."-Dr. Stewart. "If you think you're going to get this stuff without work, you just as well pack your little grip and go."-Dr. Christy. "Nature never makes any blunders. When she makes a fool she means it."-Dr. Faires. "I've spoiled a few of ,em myself, boys."-Dr. Stark. "Tungsten is not a metal or it would end in 'iumf "-Dr. Peters. "What is it Dr., a fruit ?"-Ingram. "We judge the esthetic effect by what is above the nose, and by what is below the nose. In his case, it is all below the nose."-Dr. Stark. 16 I haven't the exam papers quite finished yet, I'm compiling a list of new theories from them."-Dr. Faires. u Yes, that's the way with you fellows from --. When you get away 'from there you want to argue with the whole world."-Dr. Allen to McCrosky. H I'm a little hoarse today so you'll have to be pretty quiet if you want to hear what I say."-Dr. Stark. "What was the matter, did you have to sleep in the barn last night ?"- Copeland on front seat. u Now in my last year, I got pretty hard up and just had to have money to pay my fare home. I got a chance to work in my room a little, so I did 1t. l Bushwhack? -Oh, no."-Dr. Tuttle. "Does she want a local anesthetic ?"-Dr. Miller to student. , ,, "Sureg I want to patronize home industries."-Mrs. -- "ls a malpygian body 'the same as a muscle, Dr. 7-Stude. "Is a grasshopper the same as a street car?"-Dr. Stewart. "Is there any record of dentists contracting - , D1'. ?" "Yes, a great many of them have."-Dr. Loebenstein. "I mean in their regular practice."-Bob Shaver. Pagc 42 The Molar Ka11.ra.r City Dental College-1917 THE' DUSKY TWINS. Sophia was a dusky twin, Ephriam was another, Sophia first saw light of day And soon she had a brother. Sophia had a soprano voice, Ephriam sang in bassg When these twins sang a duett, They sure did take the place. Sophia was a weakly child, Ephriam was strong, When they reached the higher notes, No one would tarry long. They grew in beauty side by side, They filled their home with noise, They strove to please with all their voice Like all good girls and boys. When these twins were six years old, Sophia took the croup, The Dr. tried all he'd been told, But she had to loop-the-loop. Ephriam thought that he would stay, But Gabriel touched his lyre. Now these twins have joined for aye The invisible choir. Sing on ye dusky troubadours, You've sang ere since your birth, We hope your heavenly repertors Are sweeter than those on earth. Compliments of Sheridan-Lawrence, Kansas To Doctor Willis A. Coston, Topeka, Kansas Fagr 43 Pngr .14 TT ROMAN BATH HOUSE One of Kansas City's Public Baths fucj C A Beautlful Duxe 1n Penn Valley Park I The M0 Jai' Kama: City 'Dental College-1917 J J J J O HNSON, E. F. J f c H EEK C. A. ROGERS J. J. ' F I ELD, J. M. 3 RAY W. PARK FRANK WILLIAM O L SSON , K H H. CLAYTON ZELLER S x Page 46 The Molar Kama: City Dental Collzge-1917 Uffarewell. a long farewell. lo all my great- ness. "C5bis is lbe slate of man. Booay be puts fortb the lenoer leaves of hope: tomorrow be blossoms. ano bears bis blushing honors thick upon him: the lbiro bay comes a frost, a killing frost." -Shakespeare. P090 47 The M0 lar Kama: City Dental Collegf-1917 JV: I X AN WSW xg 5 l X X X, W 1.5! f XFX!-I WW f ' 5, , " ggfgnff AJ ffFf f al LWW' ' i 1 Nl Q., ' H ' If I I , X Lx Q I Q v f ' ' , ' 4 I J M - 14 " ' j , ' 9 I 1,1 ' 1l! f ' ,M . wfia' MW .1 X Kn..:Ag5N, ,y-'b A ' .', , I ' . Nl f Ok. F-EM jfff Q' ' f 1 'VX Nfl N' X A ,fffi ' 'f . . 1 ,dgr, ':, ' Q J ' , ,fi -Jf"f ,- -' ' ', ' . mfg".-" ": 1!Zi if 74' Q, .-41:5-1 ',fff, 9' 2 " f'52f.4?? ' 1 'QI Page .18 ' 'WT ' ' 2 54-+" ':"QTT"d11'ff"::1ff5 :,'3f!'1'I-f""W-s." f' - 2:r,p.q-Nunn,-Q. 3 - --,havens A. O. ELLIOTT, Presxdent L. T. MELTON, Sec y. and Tleas. F. H. LUCKINBILL, Vice-President H. T. Lucas, Sergt. at Arms I E l The MOJQ1' Kumar City Dental College-1917 g ig . 3 , I 1 I it ,, V -ii Q'Wf:1fQ2Qi1QgfH- H ' , W ' if - I 'X Q, f .7 N,.Mwa,f,,afwawwgmawfff V 'y f , m ., , , X 1 25245 ' ffwl,,qQf,i, ' ff fx 'ir I 51, 4 G' . ' I " , ff' ' ' I 'A C ' ' ., 7 ,, 5' ' f ' .4215 "' ' 4 k N' M gm., , ": eyii' QA , E, ,7,,V,, l , , i a I ir -f F 1 V. xx 4925 :U Page 50 Allhouse, Harry Andrews, Kansas City, Mo. "Harry" Delta Sigma Delta Basket Ball "A form more active, light and strong. Ne'er shot the ranks of war along."SExch. Harry is one of the most graceful speedsters. "Isn't his little moustache the cutest ever?" Arrowsmith, George Michel, Kansas City, Mo. "Mike" Delta Sigma Delta "It is tranquil people who accomplish much." -Thoreau. "My name is not "Mike" I would have you know." A great hunter whether out with Keyes, Field and Lane, or in the infirmary with an explorer. Bailey, Charles Henry, Wymore, Neb. "Charley" Delta Tau Delta Molar Staff "Yes ladies and gentlemen, on the seats of the Paseo Palisades one may get very close to his ideal." A mighty good operator, with lots of ambition, energy and foresight, Had a year at N. U., Lincoln. Re- laxes Sundays playing golf and tennis at Swope. Bailyn, Charles Minnie, Jersey City, N. J. ..Pat.. "Benson" "I quote no one but myself."-Farnesworth. "More authority, dear boy, name more."fShakespeare. Pat is an industrious easterner. Has worked many hours in Dr, Magill's olfice laboratory. Dealt in dental specialties his "red" year. "Shall I go on, or have I said enuf?" Benson, Kenneth Abraham, Lawrence, Kan. ..Pat,. "Abraham" B. P. 0. E. Delta Sigma Delta, G. M. "Seeing the root of the matter is found in me." -Job. I9-28. And he is strong on root canal treatment. In sooth he is one of the best people on earth. Has paid much of his expense with tips from grateful diners at the Colomore-where he is slinging his "last." The M0 Jar Kumar City Dental Collage-1917 Bohl, Clarence August, Kansas City, Mo. "Cutey" C A liiiasoh "Had sighed tn many. though he loved but one." AExch. C. A. is a true Kansas boy with the artistic tem- V perament. Led the school orchestra last year and i hopes some dny to fiddle while the faculty dance. g Much interested in the Nurses' course at Bethany. on ' -the Kansas side. "Art may err, but nature cannot miss." Brown, James Andrews, Cherokee, Okla. "Jim" "Much study hath made him very lean. and pale, and fx leaden eyed."-Shakespeare. Jim made quite a conquest with one of our demure assistant custodians, in fact she left when the week f, ended. That was a memorable week however for Jim. 5 He hasn't been himself since, those S. D. letters not- , withstanding. "He lies and dreams of things to be"- v Would you have thought it of "Jim 7" Cheek, Cedric Arnold, Garnett, Kan. "Cheek" "Duke" Psi Omega "There goes the parson, illustrious spark."fCowper. Miss McAbee thought his father was a minister, "because you look like a minister's son." At that "Cheek" is a good scout, though no lover of Ella Q Wheeler Wilcox. He's one of our fastidious men, and makes infirmary work for Dr. Miller much more in- teresting than it could possibly be without him and his various friends. .fy-'Q N? if , 1 I K, F N . ,fl - el? .t W, J., . y x X 613 Copeland, Stafford Isadore, Kansas City, Mo. nlzzy.. nlkey., Yell Leader School Clown "His eye begets occasion for his wit: For every object that the one doth catch. The other turns to a mirth moving jest." -Shakespeare. Izzy makes you dizzy. His favorite pose is as the great Napoleon. Can deliver a hibrow lecture on any subject and keep you working right along as though 5 Q is K nothinnz were wrong, and you were intensely interested in tiresome dummies. "I feel as if I were to be myself again."-Izzy. DeVore, Noble Jackson, Wakita, Okla. Psi Omega "Ability wins us the esteem of true men," DeVore has the ability and has won the esteem of his fellow sturlcs. Has the real professional appearance and will some clay be the town mayor. if ' 'IDS I 7 A 1 Page jl The Molar Kumar any Denzal College-1917 A Dix, Robert Young, Pattonsburg, Mo. --Bob" P si Omega "Time, I dare thee to discover, Such a youth and such a lover."iDryden. Bob is a man now since he went home last October and married. But we didn't know anything was wrong with him till just before Christmas when we saw that 5 Q5 . r-r. M K x .. . es ' sack of presents. He hasn't played in the band since. ' 4' and that may account for its weakness. X . g Elliott, Alva Orr, Kansas City, Mo. , Cabletow . 1 Senior Class President K 'X Molar Staff ' rg ,Q , "I trow that countenance cannot lie, i ai., Whose thots are legible in the eye." 'df Elliott is the big noise of the senior class: the man "QQ: , f that caused quite a stir in the infirmary among his Qfibil 525 henchmen. Brown. Logsdon and Park, when his hand- f i x piece slipped away. He is a fine fellow. always ready to lend. and never oiTering suggestions for other people to follow. And he isn't married yet. Q Ericson, Howard LeRoy, Marquette, Kan. i "Erick" Delta Sigma Delta Basket Ball Molar Staff' "There's in him stuff that puts him to these ends." -Shakespeare. One of the fastest basket ball men that ever played on the Vet court. He worked hard to cop the league title, but fate and the unloyal studes failed him. He is one of the fast and thorough operators in the in- fi rmary. gets res Everett, Harry W "Hank" Delta Sigrma Delta Molar Staff "Greatness thou They say he is Philosophy. He needs no prompt belong to all his i -. , Farrell, Matthew MMM.. Psi Omega K. of C. "Still achieving, wait." Did you ever Call him off som ults where others fall. illard, Emporia, Kan. gaudy torment of my soul."-Ottway. in love. Reads much of Walt Mason's even reminds us of Walt. "Hank" ng to do things for himself. He will town clubs, churches, and the Council. Henry, Wamego, Kan. still pursuing, learn to labor and to fLon1Ifellow. have him tell Ayou his latest story? etime and get lt. He can make you laugh and cry while you're going right along' with your dummy work. If you're sure of finishing and know it, ask him what he thinks about it. It will do you good. . Page 52 like Moiar Kama: City Dental College-1917 Field, James Monroe, Kansas City, Mo. "Jim" Psi Omexxa Molar Editor Shrine Cabletow "Assurance nevcr failed to :Jet admission into the houses of the 1Ireat."f-Moore. Jim has it, and does. Never was a more energetic fellow. He has worked for Uncle Sam several years as railway mail clerk, and always is prominent in the councils of the great. He is a hunter, too. Ask Keyes about the Christmas hunt when Fields out-talked the irate farmer. Gerstenkorn, Ralph Earl, Hillsboro, Kan. "Sed2ewick" "I envy the man overwhelmed with his own leisure." -Voltaire. 'fsedizewickn never has a moment to spare for fri- volitles, notleven excepting his Prince Frederick mous- tache. He is an early rlserg usually the first one in the infirmary. Gardner, Milton Paul, Kansas City, Mo. "CheeChee" "As game as he is good looking." The best education in the world is that not while struggling for a living. It is unnecessary to say that Gardner has the admiration of the school. Watch his future. Greusel, Paul Percival, Wymore, Neb, "Benny" "Pauline" Xi Psi Phi S. D. "It is our actual work which determines our value." -Bancroft. Beany is the one that surprised them all his first week in school. He is the official pony manufacturer, too. NVill he irct hy? Look at his names, and whistle softly. Hall, Clair Bertrin, Champaign, Ill. Xi Psi Phi Pl Kappa Alpha "0 who does know thc bent oi' woman's fancy?" Spencer. We helix-vc Hall does. if anyone docs, lwhich they do noty. He has played the quiet game with success. Hi- 1--els all the most charming patients. "because he's lmrk nn maids." H V A Q . T 'S so n , ,' ' 'xg 95 if , age 3. .4 ., .1 ,Y i The M0 ar it i y , 'G -it i5f2i',','Ji'3: f " W Q I Xiiif ' .4 el-it . alike rely 7 . ' ' . Y Y . 1 it, K 3 Q A. X f, . 31 I VMQ f. my .f . y Q f . .,.: 5 ' - , 'ffzfzx f , g. f- ' ii, y , ,. , he .fer 'wwf-ft ' A V, N' Hizfzu , , ' "5' ' ' ' 'e 9125- P000 54 Kanmx Cify Dental College-1917 Harms, William E., Hillsboro, Kan. "Kaiser" "Made in Germany."YfA1lv. "You may break, you may shatter the vase if you will But the scent of roses will hang 'round it still." Hails from the same town as Gerstenkorn. He's a German throunh and through, yet one of President NVilson's most ardent admirers. You never forget that peculiar sensation of thoroughness he gives you on first acquaintance. ' Johnson, Edward Felix, Clarksdale, Mo. "Eddie" "Thrice happy he whose name has been well spelt." -Byron. Captured Mrs. .......... 's heart during: his rednek year and has been with her as dining room master of ceremonies practically ever since. And he is deserving of such confidence and trust, because, "its a pleasure to have a man like that wait on you: your heart goes out to him for his pluck in working his way through school." Johnston, Noah Webster, Ozark, Mo, ..N0ah., "What's clear to me is dim to thee- Opinions are divided."-McLachan. "Noah" left his Ozarkiness at home when he came to K. C. D, C. fwhich all redneks do at some time or another. voluntarily or by requestj. He is going back to Ozark and do his bit in tellinlz the folks all about the war in Europe, and that they will have to have gold plates now as rubber and iron are too high. Kampitan, Federico Lawas, Pila Laguna, P. I. "Fred" "Friday" "Days of absence I am weary, She I love is far away."-Rosseau. Here is a faithful student. Has some of the prettiest technic work tu1'ned out by the class. Every day makes him happieizfand every night makes him sad. "It will be fine to get back 'HOME' again after three years, but, I'Il never find a friend like Dr. Allen." Kennedy, John Dunbar, Kansas City, Mo. "Jack" Psi Omepxa Kappa Sigma "Winding: up days with toil and nights with sleep." fShakespeare. Has a name that sounds impressive, and is, if you think of his namesake, Dayton Dunbar. "Jack" is the high man with the ivories at Cooper's: and is es- pecially fond of the cigars there. If you're blue. talk to him awhile. , The Molar Kama: City Denial College-1917 E fa Lacy, Harry Lincoln, Garnett, Kan. ..-nmmy.. t "It is tranquil people who accomplish much."fThoreau. J Q72 This never was truer with anyone than it is with Yi , L, L' "Jimmy." Has the name of being one of the few ex- gl' .gf ig., ceptionally good mechanics of the class. He also is x- Q qualifying for another title, which you will see further on-"to the distal of this measley cusp," if you please. 5 f lfngfffi -Gangway. - l ,z bg 5-1-LCM f 535 mga. ' 1 if v 11. wwf l l ifiy..-i Lamborn, Hoover Blame, Wilcox, Neb. ' , n4Lanlvr 4,LL" A "They who from study flee, Live long and merrily."-Bernard Shaw. ' f K Z-QE51 Therefore, "Lam" will die young. But-first let us 'R " . apologize for overlooking your name last year in the i Molar Junior Roll. Everybody knows that "Lam" is a dental student. Has been one of the busiest in the lg--gy infirmary this year. With a moustache he'd be bcon- ffQjj2QLg fused with Gerstenkorn. He's good company: cultivate k K him. W kiy' ' ' at Lane, Vere, Columbus, Kan. f 2.11-fl ri averen cabiemw Q Delta Sigma Delta -fe' f gg Shrine s Q ' wsfwi Molar Staff gy, "From his cradle he was a scholar. Q And a ripe and a good one."4Shakespeare. A4 The best tribute to give "Vere" is to say nought. Q His virtues are many: his ability unsurpassed: and K Q his modesty through it all more dominant each day. f He was sick recently and received flowers enough to cover three large tables. That's how we love and ad- wif mire "Vere." f LQ fi . N ' . Q K fi p ig ogsdon, Frank Daniel, Kingman, Kan. U jg., "Frank" QF fv Cabletow A L:- "Think not I am what I appear."-Byron. Y , A1 Frank is one of the clique controlled by Park. He K' says, though, that he hasn't much sympathy with a ' man that will let a fiancee make a trip to California for her health. "He might a knowd she'd get married." Frank will be wiser. ' ' 'xr 'Call ,.: .f Q3 55352 73 4 5,14 ex, I f H n . g Yvwi'r '53 ' Lowry, Harry Hillis, Cotfeyvllle, Kan. gg Q ff. f S 312 "Sticky" q Delta Sixrmu Delta , .nghyg ' WCM!" 0 '."' "Tho devil was piquerl such saintship to behold if Q' I 3 And longed to tempt him."- APa1re. A Zggjff Maybe he did, and maybe he didn't. That name sounds suspicious. Belongs to the fussers' club: and has f .5 ' an umlcrstucly in the Rednek class. "Sticky" is one of nj, ' of - , 1 fer ev. the rcnl reasons for the heavy clinic this springrfhav- ing at present more compliments on his cleverness than he likes. iq '15 fir? t,.,f?,,,g3 ffffiigi ,.,L 32? wgugvi 'nf swf., , f i Pagv 55 The Molar Kama: City Dental College-1917 . 1 ,ff ' 4 Page 56 xr S 6 ,,' -3 ' x , 1 '3 Luckinbill, Frank Henry, Newton, Kan, "Luck3"' Psi Omclra Vice-Pres. Sr. Class Molar Stali "I am like a pelican in the wilderness. Like an owl in the desert." F. H. L. NVhich is not so. He is never out of place. He is in many places. for many purposes. No fellow in school has done more outside work to pay expenses, than has "Luci-Ky." He has worn the NVestern Union uniform all winter, and is chief of the Dent Squad at the Twelfth street office. We'll expect him some day to control a dental supply house, and play golf Sun- days. Lucas, Harold Taylor, Norfolk, Neb. "Red" Psi Omega Sergeant-at-Arms. Senior Class Captain, Base Ball Team. 1915-16. "Di-eading that climax of all human ills, The inflammation of his weekly bills."ffByron. "Sweet tooth" is another of his many names. They were censored, but this gives you an idea of their odor. "Red" is one of the popular men here. mostly with the fair patients: and also with the ivories at Cooper's. Melton, Lora Thetis, Sparta, Mo. Cabletow See.-Treas.. Senior Class "Men, like bullets go farthest when they are smoothest. -Richter. Inclinerl to be just a little moody---at times: es- pecially when his patients are too well pleased with him and return with others all wanting work done and "as soon as you possibly can." Miller, Don Andrew, Elrich, Mo. "Broadway" "When in doubt take the trick."f- Hoyle. "Take another chance."-- Miller took another chance, or is going: to this year, and is going to win. Has been the pennant pedtller for three years. Keeps next to late styles working for Jamerson. "I cleaned up three bones last night." Montgomery, WVilliam Richard, Bedford, Iowa. "Monty" K. ot' P. "They only babble who practice not reflection, I shall think-and thot is silencef'--Sheridan. Short and sweet and hard to beat. Old stulf, but applicable here. Little Monty is a genius at the lab. bench. He's not the shortest man in school, by several inches: ask him yourself. The Kzzzzfaf City Denial College'-1011 Muon. Joseph Dt-nhy, Wakita, Olclu. "Joe" Cnhletow "'l'hink you :A little ilin Pan ilaunt mine ears T" --Slizikespenre. -There has been a 1'e1n:f1rkzible transl'orn1atio1i in Joe this year. Vie have hrvpes now' of his some rlziy beinu nizirrieil anfl prominent in society. Moore, William Austin, Lawrence, Kan. "I wamn't born for C0urtS or great affairs. I pay my rlelits, believe anrl sny my prayers," fPope. "Bill" Cahletnw Bill is the muster operator of the lantern. Most nt' his lifework has been in the clark: but he is seeking light now, riizht at the enrl of his senior year. Had ii wsu-lil of experience with electricity and has more nerve than any other stuflent in school -no one excepted. McElroy, John Sterrett. Olathe, Kan, "Mark" "Olathe" "The grass sioops not, he treafls on it so light." ff Shakespeare. The biggest man in school--and that's BIG. Mack w anteil to gn to the Senior prom. but hail to stay home with the wife and kifhliesf.Iar3ques Stole his dress suit. Crnwiler snionthevl things over the next clay to zwoifl it clash. McCrosky, James Clayborn, Ozark, Mo. ".-Huey" "Garlic" I"si Olneuu "I hem' the wincl in-none the trees, Plziying celestial syinplimiiesf''ellow. Alley nsefl tri he the most notorious chzwactei' in school. lint now' Think ol' what outezists Billy Sunilay :inil lfreil Roberts were lveforc they reformefl. Anil it is ting smne way with "G:irlir-," He has the real pro- lessnimil lrmk :mil will he une oi' nur howling' Sueeesses. Nakamura. Goroku. Tokio, Japan. "'1'.,itifv' "I rsilinut tell what the flickr-ns his name is." Slizikespr-are. Sn wi- lnln-Iwi hinu "'l'ukiu." He has the nierriest I:iug.'h you ev:-I' lwsiril. Huw uvulil it be otllurwise with lliirkm-x :inil lluiniltmi workinu next to him in the lzilnvintiirg '.' Hi- will tzilti- muny things luziclm to 'llrikim mn --ii my thin ni' all in' thivin, iw ix prfniili-fr ni his "l'hnilii- t'h.iplin." J E ic I .mi I img, x lil! X ffl The Molar Kansa: City Dental College-1917 r fini , 4 fPSfi?-P iiyft., .fx 1 Elegy l 2 'im 'E .1 wager. , Stage-5 is 1 ' 5:5 few 95514215 Ewa ve 'lf 1: 3 Q . map., ?.'?E.E'i ZiI1?x 'un I I-fig 5 2 r, A J T if f Lf 11 az, ff is , lg lg Y Fi ,- in Lf.. Q rg ff fl I F4 ,Q X iii Eff , 4, W ti t, sf' g, f Y '93 l e- Y l I W , 4 F 1 . :QT V52 7 Z? Q 1 4 rf' v , f rc , -4 if swf-f - x 'WM 1 1 1 Ei 223 awk? 25:23 p N, eff' X f uL 4 QM .1 4 I 5: 17f'.,' f 5.2, . Q5 ,1z7,,1,,'f if 5 f as 1, ' ' J 5: X 1 ?fas.-ei 'J Q it A 0,4 "' '4 Fi 6:1 V' wi "f- fl--ig it ,. :M 40Qy,r' L.. F hmmm, rx. '.?fiQfs1, fs! A' ' 'A . V 'vp Page 56' Olsson, Frank VVilliam. Assaria, Kan. Psi Omega "Swede" 1 "Sleepy" "These should be hours for necessities, not for delights." fShakespeare. Matrimonial intentions have somewhat cooled his col- lege pep. "Kick it up. boys. kick it up"f0lson to band men. A fast man with his gobstick. Congratulations! Park, William Raymond, Wichita, Kan. "Toodles" Alpha Omega " 'Tis better to have loved and lost, Than never to have loved at all."f? There is no such thing as a one and only true love. If there were, Toodles would not have lost. He says, "Why all this toil for the triumph of an hour? Life is a short summer: man a flower. Piner, Pressly M., Topeka, Kan. Psi Omega ' "Press" Band "He may live without love-- What is passion but pinning? But where is the man That can live without dining. --, Lover of children. Leads the class in number of in- vv' 4 fantile patients. A particular man: attractive to women. Potts, John Rex, Park City, Utah. "Mormon" "Thy modesty's a candle to thy merit."-Fielding. Hails from the state where man is ruler. Sly and needs watching--lover of the fair sex, in accordance with the environment of his home state. His word is truth. - Pray, William Enos, Kansas City, Kan. "Bill" "He is so full of pleasant anecdote, So rich. so xray, so poignant in his wit, Time vanishes before as he speaks."-Baillie. 'Tis'only a step from the sublime to the ridiculous: Pray is some stepper. "Don't you hear those bells?" The MOMV Kansa: City Dental College-1917 Ramage, Harry Patterson, Little River, Kan. "Harry" "RamaI:e' "The great mind will be bravely eccentric and scorn the beaten road."-Goldsmith. a road for himself. "Consider the little ones, how they grow." -f L in .X iqtrg is-fi? 527 5.50959 ' . Q , X Q Harry has one of our greatest minds. He is building . W K " fr x .S s , Rogers, James Josiah, Frederick, Okla. "Josiah" "Joe" "O take away thy foolish soner. And tones enuf to stun."-Hood. He comes from Longwell's town, but is different from "Ike," else we'would have little hopes for the town's future. Joe qualified his first year for the headliner- he is in another column of this book. He keeps Ike straight. Ryan, Edward Carl, Kansas City, Mo. Park City, Utah. ..Ryan.. '4Better be a sinner than a cast iron monkey or a plaster Paris cat."-Elbert Hubbard. WHO? WHICH? WHAT. WHEN? WHY? Charter member the I. A. B. S.-See Crowder or Whiting. Saunders, John Charles, Little River, Kan. "John" "Yea this man's brow. like to a trafic leaf Fortells the nature of a tragic volume."fShakespeare. Anticipation is always greater than realization. John is disprovingf this now. Was married last summer: the Doctors said the married students did far the better work. And Saunders is another of the ones who have settled clown this year and :lone things in the infirmary. Scott, John Reuben, Dresden, Mo. "Reuben" "Scotty" "My soul has rest, sweet sixrh, alone in thee."-Petrarch. Scotty is a lover in every sense of the worrl. How- ever. hc is yet a little superstitious, or, somewhat of a fntalist: to wit: "Put your arms around my neck," she said. "Can't." he murmured, "my fingers are crossed." kk..t,,N 5 ,,Q.fs..f.i. ff , .. 42m-....g. . . . N -. era.. . W,-f I - ' 1 . il 1 ,3 Ai'i:1i:Efr.'.fi'. I .. I 'gr-151 'f .5 'X' 1 f,tx'3'5l 'N' ' - 1- 1 .191 'A f I'-.431 f .2 . mf if Q 1- ' view? .-,1gg.f.:c' Qgawli I , 1 ff - . 3. 1 Q., t. ' SLM, r fi 1' ' S' ff 1 i 525255 ... tv- it 31 1 -'Q Gif 3'-'Tags . W- aiu iii 117323 -, .if gals? .ff If-fat' if f. , Q -1 a V 4, -f of gn Q L ft 11 if-aye.-Q r W, get fr. at I X 'Tv ' AHL, 'ffl f"e ' is 421 fe ,. iii i'iffE5?ff,1 .f if , . .,V, L be . , ., ' W r X l -at me :Q 4' x '1 I . .... .... 1 ,F e C. , M, ' if' 224542 f' f is 1? "fifi.'llf ff? I. , - . " " .2 33 ., ... wi .we 355423 424 f ff 1 .fZf.Q.'M.eal1, '. ' Q f ew',.., ' '55 he Fear' 59 The Molar Kama: City Dental College-1917 322245 a, ' lifilir 1 A 1 ,f i a t? x Lek .. :, , ff. -f S Q- ii 2 ffl. we 54 - ,WW , f A 1 'V I any .1 , . - f-'if , . . f 1 , G i f 1 ag i Q I V , 4 f N 1 2 I f f , , - f f i 4 l f , f , 'WM f J! ,E ,V . . V, , iff ag . , XA ,M M ,,,, fqm" ,. "i ,, '- ' 41 '- . p - l,,z5.5.2u.,a5 :.Z...f.: 1 , Page 60 A, A v Shaver, James Merrill, Augusta, Wis. "Frcnchy" "Quiz Mast01"' Psi Omenia "Early to bed and early to rise, Makes a "Man" healthy, wealthy and wise." -Benj. Franklin. "I have not safely through another week, so I guess I'll leave my moustache grow another day." Loves greens. Sisson, J. L., Kansas City, Mo. ..SiZz,, "Of every noble work the silent part is best."-Story. Up from the ranks and through untold difficulties, Sisson has struggled and-won. Shaw, Burnham Everett, Cameron, Mo. ..f1-axi., Delta Siilma Delta "I pray thee cease thy counsel Which falls into mine ears as profitless As water in a sieve."fShakespeare. "I had rather men would ask me why my statue is not set up than why it is." Taxi is too modest. But then, we used to know, the golden haired girl in the case at present. Shafer, Mitchell B., St. Joseph, Mo. "Mitch" "Shafe" Phi Chi "For brilliancy no gems compare with the eyes of a beautiful woman."-ffDr. J. C. Smith. When we speak of a friend we say of him that he is always the same. So it is with Shafe. No bimrer hearted man ever made dummies on these benches. Smith, Bernard Alvin, Timber Lake, So. Dakota. "B. A." Psi Omega ' Cabletow "The brow of youth. stern, gloomy and severe."- Cowper. UB. A." is your man, il' the demonstrator is not around and you are in a hurry to know how much damage you have done to the poor patient. Under elassmen, remember. Also "B, A." is not around so much now since he got married. So if you're still in a rush and can't find "B. A.." look up a demonstrator. The Molar Kama: any Denial College-1917 Smith, Raymond Owen, Topeka, Kan. "Red" "Duron" "But the firm purpose of his heart remains."-Dryden. Red is a loyal son. Has many irons in the fire at a time and is the least bit discouraged when things don't go just right. Here, Red, "Do not assert that it is too late," but meet opportunity at the gate. Stuckey, Bernard Jacob, McPherson, Kan. "Stickey" Psi Omega "He knows its the part of the brother of man. To find what the grief is and help if he can."-- Stickey usually is one of the first ones to arrive in the morningxs for duty in the infirmary. Power of habit is strong. Will he be as energetic in his own practice? Thompson, Waldo Haegar, Marquette, Kan. "Tommy" H. VValrlo Delta Sigma Delta "He has no enemies."---Everyone. Which is saying more for him than anything else we know. A little prince with a royal heart. Tinslar, George William, Onaga, Kans. "George" Cabletow Delta Sigma Delta "O, who does know the bent ot' woman's fantasy ?" fSpenser. Nkle would gamble that Gcorire does not. He has had too much experience in his :lays previous to coming to lx. C. He is the rirht hand man of Billy Pugh but can't teach Billy to smoke. Tippin, Joseph Glenn, Olathe, Kan. .,TiD,. "Olathe" "Man wants but little here below, Nor wants that little LONG." However the above may he, isn't it a fact that little men invariably pick hip: women? Tippen is an CX- ecption to the rule. Solfl sohool books last year with M4-lilroy, though, which makes us doubt again. You know how little Ma:-k is: hiueest man enrolled. 5 X . 5 53,13 . .gk rf Q- - .,, i' 35 qw, I sag D 'Z llisfifes A LQ 33 A4 535211 . . . 4 2 .K .f I X Q4 N X X , it ' gt. I xg X X X Em t 5 5. Xi R msg: st we X S333 X. X f tt N X1 ,N sm 2 X Ajit wt . K sz gt? " ga ,N Efgifsft Rt, 1. t X Q S. . 2 63 1 l ,A X Q E12 Q t . AEN, 3 NE S - , K I .QM at y Y X' f v N S f ' ,gi film 4 Y asap it A 9 0' 5 Y , . J Q img I l . qw, fi 5i,,Ff vp Q' 1 s . ,sig Q, me 'G 91. ,gif gifam 1 mf 25528 fi if it 51, Z xl .Qi-Q '?1 'X 1:5 'W ge If 'A-Nite Q , 53? ' 1 'Fi' 4. ,1 in ry I iQi.?"77'5 ., ,f ,v f ,1 1 ily - ff 1 P. . ' :ip K f , f 1 A fry L X, . Wg .tw 1 1 , f A ' W if' f iz 3745.21 4.41 4 , 4 iii Kiwfi 5 ,H 1 Q: X 5 " V' V ,. 9' , iff l " I ab . V. f wf r .' 3 ,fag 6- .1 ' ,X V5 L, gjfrfg Q1 mo, A fi 5-tw' ' V 1 'aj , ' Y Q f yy " Pnyl' 61 The Molar Kama: City Dental CoIlege4I9I7 Vvvj Treasure, Charles Bland, McFall, Mo. 'iyfifj 3' - ' "Bland" I wg, f A 9 Psi Omega ' A- X "They will find me a lion by and by."!Athenens. Magnetic in the presence of ladies. Partner of Piner A in certain conquests out at .......... High. "Courtship , f is the light of love: marriaixe is the gas bill."f W D 1 . Wade, Ralph Everett, Almena, Kans. I Psi Omega 1 "Potts" 5 "Ralph" 1 "If twinty golden pounds I had, n Or betther, twinty guineas. jf If 'Tis quickly I would run. be dad, - jf And change thim into pinnies."--'Z Wilson, Walter Earle, Harper, Kan. I "Woodrow ' Band "When love so rumbled in his pate, Q pq A No sleep comes in his eyes."-Sir J. Suekling. ,, L " Woodrow carried a paper route his Rednek year, and - ' got the habit of out early in the mornings so he is 1 simply holding on to the hours but trying to sell his route. Q Whittle, Warren Stewart, Columbia, Mo. "Whipple" Xi Psi Phi "I have an exposition of sleep come upon me." 51 V, 4Shakespeare. ,',V ,V And the nights shall be filled with music, 'Z24v,,if And the cares that infest the day, Shall fold their tents like the Arab, And as silently steel away.W ' wi ' ,, , ,., L' e za f l , i ,raw 'A-','fr:wm'ff'-v:'- 1' Fi' t 41 f' f . ' Page 62 The Molar Kan.ra.r City Dental College- 911 YVyatt, Lewis Jenkins, Kansas City, Mo. "Society Slim" Psi Omega "Real worth requires no interpreter."f-Chamfort. You will be prufounclly impressed when you look up at VVyatt, the tallest boy in school. Keyes can never find him at home. He is always over in Kansas City, Kansas. VVhat's over there now? Woody, Walter Lowing, Ozark, Mo. "Jake" Delta Sigma Della "My room is where they clatter."f'Webb. "This noise anal 1:1-incl Mets on my mind, My heart is far away."-Jake, York, Charles Tracy, Wichita, Kan. "Tracy" Shrine Cabletmr "Others import yet nobler arts from France. Teach Reds to firhlle, and make tutors dance."-Pope. Tracy playeul in the POP concerts at Convention Hall. He also lerl the orchestra last year, besides playing nights at the Pennant. "Kansas City's Classiest Cabaret." Thus he has been able to buy the Mas he burns Sun- rlays. "But it's been a hartl null, boys." Zellors, Henry Clayton, Omaha, Neb. "Stet'lic1"' "Joe" ltvlta Sixrma Della Halirl Leaflet' "'l'hvir lmritfht 1-yes so ahounzl. boys Its hai-fl to clxoosn, its hard to ehoose."f-Moore. "Joe" levl our hanrl, to the biJ.E lecture room. Matle thc- l'elie:u'szils really entertaining by his solo Slip pieces. lit-iiwviilvex' that Bull In A China Shop piece? That's tht- one uw- hum-ti :lown on Twelfth, and thoueht a rircus pztmilm- nas crnninir. Joe travelefl three years with a wir:-us lianfl, :intl says he's going' to make it l'n'll'. f i 'Q Q qt The Kamal' City Dental College-1917 'Ghz State Boaro and the 'Dental Stuoent The State Board Examination seems to be looked upon with a peculiar dread by the student graduate. He will tell you that he does not fear his final examinations, but when he comes up before the Board he seems ob- sessed with the idea that it is their duty to trip him up if they possibly can do so. Nothing is farther from the truth, but this very dread is a handicap which should be dispelled, banished. It may account for some few failures, but on the whole it has been the experience of the Board that only those fail who have not taken proper advantage of their opportunities during their college years. The course, both practical and theoretical which is being taught in the Dental Colloges of Missouri, leaves very little excuse for anyone failing in the State examination. The eternal question of the "misfit" has not been solved. In this pro- fession as in all othe1's, We find the man who is a dismal failure in this but who probably would be a success in some other field. What can be done to remedy this condition? The problem must be solved by the Dental College. There must be some plan adopted by means of which such men can be Weeded out during their freshman year and in justice to them an effort made to determine their strong points and advice given as to the best course for them to follow. If all professional schools would develop and follow this principle it would result Very largely in solving the problem of the Advertiser. The "Advertiser" is a big problem to the State Board since the ideal method of handling the situation has not yet been discovered. Some few men go' into the advertising business because they think they can make mo1'e money, but the majority of them are "misfits"-men who should never have been graduated from a dental college. They cannot establish themselves in private practice because of some shortcoming so they resort to advertising to secure patronage. By thus doing they cut themselves off from their fellow practitioners and from the dental society which plays such an important part in the development of a man's knowledge and skill, and inevitably fall into a rut out of which they seldom ever emerge. I have yet to meet an advertiser Cand during my years on the State Board I have met manyl who was not hoping for the time to come when he could get into private practice. They realize their mistake usually when it is too late. Few men are capable of conducting a successful advertising office Pngr 61 Tulle M0 lar Kanmy City Drum! College-1917 and as for the advertising operator what hope is there for him when he begins to get old and 'tloses his speed." He cannot turn patients out fast enough so a young man takes his place. What chance has he at that age to establish himself in practice? None whatever. He is an object of pity at an age when he should be reaping the rewards of an ethical life. The advertising operator is a derelict. He is not known. He practices under the firm name with the title of "doctor" only in the presence of the firnrs patrons. Consequently he loses his individuality which is so es- sential in our profession, and when he is thrown out upon the world to 1'ustle for himself he is doomed to failure. So to the young men entering upon professional life at a time I firmly believe the most opportune in the history of our profession, at a time when the medical profession in general is looking to the dentist to solve so many problems and when the world is awakening to the fact that the surgeon of the future, as said by the great Dr. Mayo of Rochester, Minnesota, will be the dental surgeon, at this time the young man should not hesitate to take his place in the ranks of this great profession whose possibilities are not yet dreamed of. He should stand with his ethical brethren and help in the great construction work there is to do, and his reward is sure. Now a final word of advice. When the students assemble for the State examination they should not get the impression they are out for a "lark," The student who fills himself with booze the night before or during the ex- amination cannot do himself justice and if he fails can blame no one but himself. T. E. PURCELL, D.D.S. President Missouri State Board of Dental Examiners. l l Page 65 The Molar Kamar City Dental College 1917 Pago 66 MAKE THE PATTERN RIGHT. "We sleep, but the loom of life never stops: and the pattern which was weaving when the sun Went down, is weaving when the sun comes up tomorrow." X I "Learning is but the solving of our personal life problem by the aid of self and the composite experience of others. Learning knows no greater asset than a receptive mind. To listen intently-unbiased and without prejudice-for a season, is an accomplishment no less rare than to surmount the task of confessing our own ignorance." 1 -Dayton Dunbar Campbell. Dr. Campbell's Class ln Prosthetic Technics-April, 1917 The Molar Kumar City Dental CoZlegeAI9I7 INFIRMARY SCREAMS. ' The most noticeable thing in the infirmary on St. Patrick's day was Casey's green shirt, it even outshone Copeland's orange colored one. While Cundiff was away from school on account of fever a patient came in and asked for him. She said he had filled a tooth for her and it was turning dark and she would like to see a head doctor for she was worried for fear it would upset her stomach. Jack Husband at phone-"What? Sylvia '?-Sylvia who ?-Well, where did I meet you Y" 1 Cheek at desk mixing cement-"Listen," said Miss McAbee, "I think I know what your daddy is"-"What 7"-"He's a minister." Jacques standing near whistles softlyj. Cheek, "Why ?"-Miss lVIcAbee, "You look like a minister's son." R. O. Smith-"Hello, Wyatt, where you going Y" Wyatt,-"Bushwhacking, want to come along ?" Smith-"No, thanks, I have troubles enuf already." Old man comes to desk-"Say, Lady, I want to get one tooth jerked and one operated on. I have been down town to a regular dentist and my tooth has ached ever since." Stuckey is operating on a small girl's tooth. She is crying very pain- fully. Kennedy glides up and looks into her mouth. "Oh, mamma," she says, "That man is stingy. He has little ears." Izzy at desk mixing cement-Dr. Allen comes along-"What do you want with so much cement ?" No answer. "Well, get over to your chair or the cement will freeze on the way." Dr Allen goes down stairs, and Izzy comes back for more cement-"Say, he scared me to death. I just wanted to stay over here by the cement and liquid so I could mix it real thin." Mrs. Worthley. "Why didn't you tell him so ?" "No, No, I-it's too near graduating time." Pat Benson has at last come to this conclusion, "Say, the fellows have taken so many of my things that I am going to leave it open from now on and see if they won't put back some of them." Jamar and J enkins, Specialists on Extraction. Have pulled more sound teeth, and replaced them again without the patients' knowledge, than any other two studes in school. Gray has swung the cow bell for an aluminum cast plate. He looks in the bell and then to Dr. Hooper. "Where is the plate supposed to be, doctor?" he asks. "On the ceiling, the floor and the walls," answered D1'. Hooper. And it was. The bell had a hole in the bottom. Pagr' 68 7716 M0!ar Kanmf City Dfntal College-1917 SENIORS' FUSSERS FRAT. Foundation .......... Good Colors . . . . Old Rose and Pink Motto . . "Why Girls Leave Home" Yell . . . . "Oh GIRLS!" 0Eicers. . President .... . . Jim Brown Vice-President . . Eddy Johnson S9C1'eti11'y . . Cedric Cheek Treasurer ....... Jim Field Sergeant-at-Arms .... Swede Olsson Social Advisers :-Lewis, Jenkins, Wyatt fSociety Slimj. Fussers. Lucas-"Oh, Boy." D. A. Miller-"Every little movement has a meaning of its own." Walter Loving Woody--"Hill, Billy." H. C. Zellers-'Tm in love with the slide trombone." J. D. Moon-"The girl I left behind me." Jim Brown-"Confirmed but not conceded." Pressly M. Piner-"Cradle Rocker." Mitch Shafer-"He may be old but he's got young ideas." Vere Lane-"Oh say, can you see, my new horn rimmed spectacles?" Bland Treasure-"All he did was follow them around." Ralph E. W ade-"I admit my good looks,-girls." Warren S. Whittle-"On dress parade." J. M. Shaver-"The girls all like my moustache." Eddy Johnson-"Such a cute little fellow." C. A. Cheek-HWOOLWORTH the price." CCheek works for Woolworth Hat Co., so always gets the newest things out.D Jim Field-'Tm a devil in my own home town." F. W. Olsson-"Goodby boys, I'm getting married tomorrow." W. Pray-"-, --, ain't it a bird?" C. A. Bohl-"Wouldn't she flirt with you?" "Watch me." Jack Kennedy-"Come, have a ride in my 7-jeweled Elgin." Pagc 69 1,-..-f Ywhe MOMV Kama: City Dental College-1917 "37ou'll see that since our fate is rulcb by chance, 'Each man, unlmowing. great Sboulb frame life so that at some fukure bout Tfate arab bis breamings meet." -Victor Tfugo. Page 70 711176 7' Kawai Cily Denial Colleg XXHH04 W' Q EI f m ffm X .:"' If ' nf WW a My ff W rff 'wa A '!Wf'fW' " L X f af . Q ff H fi-ff l? Q gf A if g ,S H W a A lm , ! ,Lf-1 llfwv -K'-mai XM V' . -If ff JUNIORS P97 The Molar Kama: City Dania! College-1917 JUNIOR OFFICERS AND ROLL Alan Pickard . . . . President William Pugh . . . . Vice-President Charles McCue . . Secretary and Treasurer Mike O,C0nnor . . Sergeant-at-Arms Adams, B. R. Jenkins, Ja. B. Armou1', J. W. Jordan, Robt. Armstrong, M. G. Kells, H. L. Brown, W. R. Keyes, T. B. Buchanan, F. W. Kramer, L. R. Buckner, C. L. Lane, R. O. Case, A. E. Lentz, E. H. Casey, W. E. Lewis, G. H. Chalmers, A. B. Longwell, W. T. Corman, J. A. Lyon, A. W. Crabb, C. A. Medcalf, V. C. Crowder, J. D. Merritt, J. P Culver, H. Morrow, L. E. Cundiff, Craig Myers, C. B. Eberhart, L. C. McCarty, J. F. Elder, A. R. McCue, C. M. Elliott, F. C. McDonald, J. R. Euler, W. H. McEwen, E. D. Evans, I. S. Olsson, R. A. Fitzgerald, H. W. Otten, M. S. Fox, R. L. Overstreet, V. L. Fulton, H. S. O'Connor, M. J. Gardner, M. P. O'Donnell, J. E. Garrett, F. M. Pickard, Alan Gilfillan, A. H. Pugh, W. M. Gilley, L. H. Reid, R. G. Gray, L. D. Sansom, R. M. Hamilton, S. C. Shain, L. D. Hamilton, LeRoy Shaver, R. C. Hardenbrook, M. Stivers, R. G. Hill, L. Simpson, V. E. Hoffman, P. B. Smith, F. A. X Husband, E. G. Stewart, I. T. Ingram, R. B. Teall, G. L. Jamar, F. M. Whitson, F. J21CC1ues, R. E. Woodworth, Ray Paql' 7? The Molar Kama: City Dental College-1917 Adams, B. R.-"Knobnoster." Blew in from northeast Mo. Old cattle buyer. Armour, J. W.-Capt. Was called away to war. Has three taxi cars on 12th Street. Armstrong, M. G.-"Shorty', the fusser. Bruised up several people last fall trying to run his Ford under a train with the top up. Brown, W. R.-"How's that Dr.?" "Well, don't you see?" "No," fBrown is Met. conductorj Voice from rear: "Ding, ding." Buchanan, F. W.-Fast rider for Western Union. Broke several ribs last fall passing in front of a Ford. , ' Buckner, C. L.-Left St. Louis D. C. because the girls worked him too hard. Case, A. E.-Master pharmacist. One of our really pretty workers. U Casey, W. E.-A big noise in the Psi Omega Councils. Big and handsome. Chalmers, A. B.-Prosperous student barber. Careful and fast, always. Corman, J. A.-Another commuter of K. C. D.QC. Holds parties in his room. Crabb, C. A.-Distinguished, married, and used to run a cafe for students. Crowder, J. D.-Teacher, promoter, pharmacist, dentist, capitalist. A man whose friendship reflects credit on you. Culver, H. N.-Mutt and J eff artist. A prodigy in human anatomy. Cundiff, Craig-Another of the Western Union speeders. Fast everywhere. Eberhart, L. C.-Who was that girl he went so crazy over? Which one? Elder, A. R.-"Is Elder here? He sure is a busy boy, running the Star. Elliott, F. C.-Greatest shark in the class. A real quiz master. Euler, W. H.-From Topeka, because he sends laundry there every week. Evans, I. S.-Works along with little din. Usually through when we begin. Fitzgerald, W. H.-Handicaps kept him out last year. He is back doubly strong this year. Fox, R. L.-Virgin member of the class. Even that is going some. Fulton, H. S.-All around good man. Keep his suggestions in mind. Gardner, M. P.-The only stude who gets letters with private seals. Garrett-Favorite colors: wesley blue and white. No blacks. Gilfilfan, H.-Big Red, the other member of the squad, at 12th and roos . Gilley, L. H.-Master sport and prince of peace. ' Gray, L. D.-Operator at the Twelfth and Troost Station. Hamilton, S. C.-Take me back to Peach Tree Street, Atlanta. Hamilton, LeRoy-Big Ham has a time watching the nurses all the time. Hardenbrook, M.-Another of the quiet ones. Consistent Workman. Hill, L.-"I have no home." Been all over the country. Secretive. Hoffmai, B.-Prominent at the Senior prom. Thought the punch was sp1 e . Husband, E. G.-Tall and slim and artistc. "What you mean, Mickey, watching?" Ingrani, R. B.-Fastest cabaret man in schoolC?J. Never broke a single ru e. Page 74 The Molar Kumar Cily Dental College-1917 Jama1', F. M.-Co-worker of Jenkins. Lightning operator. Affable. Jacqges, R. E.-Think of the hottest tribute you ever 1'ead, then think of axe. Jenkins, J. B.-Most musical stude in the rubbernek lab. Always happy, never sad. - Jordan, R. D.-Little but mighty, seldom flighty, ever calm, can't be fighty. Kells, H. L.-Handsome boy six feet tall, "Here, messenger, take this call!" Keyes, T. B.-Conan Doyleish and a 1'eal lieutenant. Night master of the P. S. tenants. . Kramer, L. R.-Oh Leon, come along, the girls want you to sing a song. Laneg O.-Delta Sig leader and a B. P. O. E. Isn't that enuf for one to e. Lentz, E. H.-Started to school with seven dollars, now is one of our richest scholars. Lewig, G. H.-She's the sweetest girl I ever did see, the only one in K. C. or me. Longwell, W. T.-Rocked in the cradle of the deep, Longwell can put us all to sleep. Lyon, A. EV.-Come on, boys, let's go to town, I ain't goin' to lead no Lyons nroun . Medcalf, V. C.-Pharmacist stude in at Derr'sg thet's the reason he can buy her such furs. Merritt, J. P.-Union Station guide on the big floor, a lady's man clean to the core. Morrow, L. E.-Ingram's friend and running mate, we have no fear of either's fate. Mye1's, C. B.-Pals with Stewart of Idaho, also the girls at the American show. McCarty, J. F.-Talks in his sleep, plays his part, come on, boys, have a heart. McCue, C. M.-Poet laureatte of the class, reels 'em out like apple sass. McDonald, J. R.-Energy, they call him now, works as fast as the laws allow. McEwen, E. D.-Champion carver of teeth for the boys, also likes the 12th Street joys. Olsson, R. A.-Comes over from K. C., K. each day, going to make the pro- fession pay. Otten, M. S.-Works each day very much better, after he's read his daily etter. Overstreet, V. L.-Its the little snubs that hurt, so "Over" ceased to flirt. O'Connor, M. J.-Russell Kansas Wheat King, "Come over, gi1'ls, let's sing." O'Donnell, J. E.-Used to belong to the hospital corps, but not now though, during the war. Pickard, Alan-Controls a secret societyg we wonder at his sobriety. Pugh, W. M.-Dignified Junior second in rank, wonder if he owns a bank. Reid, R. G.-Linotype operator K. C. Star, but prefers the cushions of a taxi car. l'f1uv 75 The Molar Kama City.De1'Ltal College-1917 Sansom, R. M.-Let's play, let's play, oh girls, take it away. Shain, L. D.-Put on your slippers, light up your pipeg you're notlgoing bye-bye tonight. Shaver, R. C.-Bob is strictly a business man, lately outran a holdup man. Stivers, R. G.-Our little "Judge" is gone awayg here's to him. Let us pray! Simpson, V. E.-Played in the band, held her hand,--Wastn't it grand he didn't get canned? Smitlr, F. A.-Coming stronger every day, a man not made of common c ay. Stewart, I. T.-Mentioned before with Charley Myers, and the other oft stewed fliers. Teall, G. L.-Stays with her late Cnever is surleyb, she's a princess, boys, her hair is curly. Whitson, F.-Dad was a dental student once. We suppose that's why Whit pulls such clever stunts. Woodworth, Ray-Cheerfullest liar we ever met, and he's getting more ac- complished yet. DON'TS FOR JUNIORS Don't worry a senior by trying to tell him howg he knows just how your head feels. Don't clean teeth with cement. Pumice will do almost as well. Don't show your ignoranceg It is at best conspicuous enuf. D0n't be boisterous. An empty wagon makes the most noise. Don't study. You MIGHT learn something. Don't forget that "mortar boards" stop at 7M. Don't take a demonstrator's word for itg they have been practicing only a few years. Don't argue with the doctorsg you might possibly be wrong. Don't get nervous g your day is coming. Don't use a stomach pump to recover lost inlaysg a cathartic will do. Don't hang around the supply deskg the girl has something else to do. Don't worryg the worst is yet to come. Page 76 The Moldff Kamas City Denial College-1917 JUNIOR LABORATORY l'f1yfw 77 The M-Olaf Kanmx City Denial College-1917 "fUn spite of all the leameo have saio. '51 still my own opinion keep." -Tfrenan Page 78 The MQfq 1 4 n i :E I l Rx X f f W 4 , K Q1 ff , X ills- ' f 2-N X r UIQ f X ' fl if 'AV f f Z' FRESHMAN CLASS 9-6.:l::.:.nzdg. The Afl0!Cl7' Kansai City Dental Collfgev 1917 FRESHMAN CLASS Officers and Roll T. J. Boone ,..... . President J. G. Christy, Vice-President L. V. Swift, . . . Secretary J. M. Johnson, . . . Treasurer C. I. Cunningham ,... Sergeant-at-Arms Adams, J. C.-Back to the farm for me. That's where I'll do my bit. Adams, J. M.-Has a picture elsewhere in the MOLAR labeled "Red, Anderson, L. F. E.-Hails from St Joe, just across from Kansas. Barnes, H. L.-The girls' final favorite in the Jefferson grill. Bauersfield, V. L.-CY. M. C. AJ "I had six talls last night again." Benson, G. F.-Good, Kind and True 3 Hails from old K. U. Shake. Bibler, M. E.-Tooth carver. Also maker of rings from stiffs' windpipes. Billings, B. F.-City light maker. He it is who turns 'em out on us. Brown, C. C.-Basket ball star. Needs a crown to make him just right. Brown, J. V.-Grocery clerk on Twelfth at Troost. "How much a1'e brains?" Brown, P. J .-A new recruit to the bootblack's union. "Shine, inside?" Boone, T. J .-Lives at Leavenworth where the stripes lead him around, not up. Bridinstine, O. B.-Record Kansas high jumper. Still jumping-higher ere. Bradley, J. T.-Gone but not forgotten. Brookover, H. E.-Night superintendent at the Blue river station. Carter, C. C.-"Why don't you do it like this?" Casford, A. J.-At the hospital lately with the feve1'. Oh Girls! Christy, J. G.-Connoisseur of soft drinks. Partial to Jefferson service. Church, L. E.-Freight wrestler for Adams EX. Co. "Everything to Kan- sas leaks." Cobb, U. W .-Comes from the corn state, where the cobs are best. Cochrell, K. L.-Night owl. "What'll you have 7" Coffey, G. M.-Fireman at the grand central station. Member World's prize team. Condit, E. A.--Ask me for the names of the best brands of stimulants. Cowan, G. L.-Handsome operator at the Twelfth and Troost station. Crowder, A. O.-Pharmacist dent. One of the very best. Cowley, G. B.-Former ventriloquist. Still retains the falsetto pitch. Cunningham, C. I.-Gimme a cig. Need it to fight the fleas around here. Davis, G. N.-Soda boy. Best drink mixer in school. Specializes on gins. Dawson, H. F.-Please close the doorg the draft interferes with my fire. Deffenbaugh, E. C.-Popular transfer man for the Met. at 12th and Troost. Duncan, E. R.-Pill roller at the Union Station where tragedies occur. H Pagz' 81 The Kama: City Dental College-1917 Dunshee, J. L.-Accomodating waiter at the Sherman hotel. Elliott, O.-"Paper, paper, all about the war right here in K. C." Ewart, A. D.-Kaiser II-in name only. The good old U. S. A. for me. Eyler, A. D.-Played jackstones at 12th and Main to amuse the passe1'sby. Farrell, E. R.-Early riser but never got the Worms. "Who in h- wants Worms ?" Fortin, F. D.-Steady, studious and quiet. Efficiency expert for Reds. Freidinger, R. E.-Commonly known as Friday. Strictly modern in every way. Friedman, A. H.-Hard smoker, but never gets hot about it. Gartin, L. C.-Next to Fortin in efficiency class. They all end in "in," Gilfoil, W.-Took emergency course in Spanish at A B C Company plant. fThey told me it was the American Business Collegeb. Glass, A. E.--Former gambler, but a coming dentist. Glaze, L. M.-Worked three years in a dental office. Here for his degree. Goodtliilue, R. L.-For God's Sake, Girls, are you smoking? I Wouldn't do at. Grier, V. G.-Vulcanized an empty flask,-"Had to test the thermometer." Gruebel, W. C.-Our sympathy to you, at the hospital. May you be back soon. Harpe1', J. R.-Friction dancer, Paseo Hall. Hatton, C. H.-Jitney grabber for K. C. Ry. Co. Favored by the ladies. Hencgrson, R. L.-New recruit to the ring composed of Park, Elliott and rown. Herrman, L. B.-Not related to the Kaise1'. He smiles too much. Hoermann, G. H.-"Big Boy" Base Ball star from the bushes. Not a bushwhacker. Higgins, J. C.-Patriotic, moved back to the farm. Hill, D. C.-A real man now. Gimme a cig. Shoot you five. Hoffmann, W. E.-Red neck member of the K. C. D. C. male quartet. Huey, L. M.-Four A. M. is his favorite time for getting in. Hard worker. Huffman, W. F.-Night clerk at the Princeton. Billy Sunday, II. Hurley, F. W.-Athletic as Well as studious. Good operator. Hunt, M. M.-Looking for W. W's as well as his D.D.S.'s. Jacobs, H. F.-Master Workman of the freshman class. . Jacques, H. E.-Steno., Banker, Farmer, Dentist. Jessen, W. C.-fCarries the can for Seeds. Johnson, E. G.-Witty in his talk as well as when rolling the bones. Johnson, J. M.-A ladies' man and one of the Pennant frequenters. Kaine, A. A.-His studious work in chemistry weakened his stomach. Kutrow, J. W.-Wonder how he spends his nights. Popular waiter at the Sherman. . Light, W. C.-Illuminates the Way for Johnson on dark and stormy nights. Lynd, H. J .-A Delta Sig, staunch and true. May success attend his every effort. McLeland, R. W.-His grades are a 1'evelation to instructors as well as students. Pagv S2 Yyllf Mdaf' Kanfaf City Denial College-1917 Michael, J. A.-Always found at his locker, plugging away. Should be a good gold plugger. Milleg, Ci. E.-Great traveler. Makes weekly trips to Argentine. College ar er. Miller, J. W.-Understudy of Dr. Campbell. May his success reach the same plane. Moore, W. H.-Small of stature, but great in mind. Morrison, V. A.-Formerly an iron moulder, but now a tooth moulder. Mulliey, E. W.-His countenance will be seen elsewhere in this Molar. Look nm up. Musick, E. K.-His success as a druggist promises success as a dentist. Neil, E. L.-Proficient in chemistry as well as dentistry. Newton, W. F.-Here, Doctor, what do you think of this work? O,COE,1I'lO1', J. E.-Never tardy, never here. This is his slogan, women and eer. Payne, T. M.-We wonder if he will practice painless dentistry. Randall,dO. H.-Mighty of stature, light of hand. Good looking, lots of san . Ratliff, J. B.-Good workman, good student, poor roller, unlucky crook. Reynolds, M. E.-Spends all his week ends at Emporia, Kas. E Rickard, M. C.-All aboard, fare please, ding, ding. Rogers, C. W.-Good Workman, good theorist, a happy combination. Rollings, W. M.-If worst comes to worst, he will be a drummer boy for K. C. D. C. Ryan, F. A.-Three things he holds dear, dentistry, good times, and beer. Scism, N. A.-Rather classy, likes to flirt. Good lab. Workman, better soda squirt. Seeds, R. R.-Here is a man we place at par, always talking of good times, women, and war. Shields, G. M.-Short in stature, good in work. Will be long remembered as never a shirk. Simmons, L. W.-"He runs the Jeff, don't he? Didn't we see him there when we left ?" Stahn, J. C.-A barber and a living proof that there is a successful hair restorer. Stobaugh, J. C.-Pleasant student, good fellow, dependable. Strode, C. R.-Another one of the efficients who are backgrounds for the class honorables. Sweigart, E. C.-Always moving. He thinks he orter. Must be near the landlady's daughter. Swift, L. V.-Beloved secretary of the freshman class. Red neck money, first and last. Turk, A. B.-Out of the great southwest, where the gushers afford the farmers much rest. Tuthill, F.-Congenial, thoro, pleasant and loyal. Waite, G. E.-As a druggist he did well, as a dentist he will do better. Wilkes, L. A.-A jolly good mate. "Where will you go?" Williams, C. R.-The more schooners, the sooner it pleases this Sooner. Williams. G. P.-From insurance to dentistry is quite a leap, but Williams did it with ambitious feet. Zvrclier, J. E.-Last on the list, one of the commutters of K. C. D. C. l'uyi' XR 2 Q WMM 1-tx 'Sv Viv-X Axf' ,X ,ff Y, x ,MMMWWI ,gg N Mmm, 1 If Q1 MWF' W 'runny Sig ,'r'r"?F'M ff' wmv Aw Kffmbm ff? I mia 2 llll! 'N' llllp L I IIE 51- ,-1 Q A x "j7N,,A im llll JIU f :Q 5 fgra ' ,K :nil f ef l X. V - . ni . tif' T: "r ' 4 QM32 ' T' , 4- i 1235 53. , 'fr ..k , E u f-zfg fe jgpw? "'L n f "Aff ' l!Qfmr 51- - , ,X ','z'sv!H mfw. ,5- 'MJ w w W 'gil l rlfl' V h H .X al e! H ,iv A --gain 1:36 1 ' f f ' '1- iffy 7 v . - , 5. f '1 ' ' 25,-:-'aH??b -L Aj Conventwn Hall M Yyll? M0!ClV Kanmf City Dental College-1917 s za-A,-f ,J .:11Q:'f',3f V FRI-ISHMAN LABORATORY Pam' 85 The lllolczr Kamaf City Dental College- 1917 Y 5 : x M 5 BEVQXE ' X I 1 ll WlTTnniF'ul"fl'rF':J.'1, ix m,,.,jl Q ,savbgy gl' lqlrp ' 1 92 ': fue' if ' ei' 1 XWN1 ,H-1 1 l S if ref X w V 5 - N., X ' e 9 rv lp if: H IW sp X ' ' 3 ' 29, 1 S . Q! A 5 24' an :R w , fi" Q. ' X we f W' , ILM' 'flu 1, FU J E15 f 1 V My 43 2145 ' , ' P f 1' 1' wh 4' I l M3 m T' M pil? " U-A A 1 ? Q',I',.i3r12sS i 231 ' '-Ti:'+ 'id . L-FEXQS . - S ' gjif. ii L'5'lT , -- N i' "1.'Tr!'f'ffffE"iEssffm' 1 fil .ifdii Fila- ' h 5 5i iefQLX5 3 ,Lf ff 4 -,.,f f 'ai,:f14T?f f1i N 'PGV 4 2 - 4 " f f 2? h A Page 86 ffffiv' The lwolaf Kama: City Dzntal College-1917 FRATERNALISM. Behold this ruin, 'tis a skull Once of etheral spirit full. This narrow cell was life's retreat, This space was thot's mysterious seat. What beauteous visions have filled this spot! What dreams of pleasure long forgot. Neither hope nor love nor joy nor fear, Hath left one trace of record here. Beneath this mouldering canopy Once shown the bright and busy eye,- Start not at that so dismal void, For if social love these eyes employed, And with no lawless fire they gleamed 5 These eyes shall be forever bright,- The sun, moon and stars have lost their light. In this hollow cavern hung The ready swift and tuneful tongue. If falsehood's honey it disdained And when it could not pray, was chainedg If swift in virtue's cause it spoke, Yet never the gentle concord broke,- That tuneful tongue will plead for thee When death unveils eternity. Say, did these fingers delve the mind? Or with the envied rubies shine? To delve the rock or wear the gem, Nothing now avails to them. Yet, if the page of truth they sought And comfort to the mourner brot, These hands a richer meed shall claim Than all that wait on wealth or fame. Avails it not, whether bare or shod, If these feet the path of duty trodg If from the bowers of ease they fled To seek affliction's humble shed, If grandeur's guilty bribe they spurned And home to virtue's cot returned,- These feet with angels' wings shall vie And tread the palaces of the sky. Page 87 , ss Mud f 7 5 r '+ v Q r Q + v 1 y A 'Q 0 f k A 5 4 1 VA A I 4 + 4 + 4 4 1 df"-' -- L v- 1 ., fu, ,f , v 4 v Q Q of + 4 + y Q V I 1 1' N, E " 'Fx V 'QP A x . a 4 .L 1 4 c' I f. in V1 fkv, ., J' 4-' .H,h,., 1 r mf A 4 r Q af F 1' 5 Q 7 iw, Q K If , y ,Sn fx xi It A . 'Qx 6 f 2 0 4- 'R Q A L " A ' X ' 4 4- 4 J. X -...... f ' 4 f '5i'9r:'Vl 1 'Two K'l'K1f4 v,.'. ' V0 ' 4lY."'f '.".'N A H' ff., - -Z-' s r Q J' l ' G 4 Q 4' Q Q'g1hll'Illlll'lfl'G!PlHiU, 1 ALPHA nmmh .Q f 1' ' ,. , 713 ' A l916,ffb 1911 - A X Q - , Q M f, K . . H ,.A,. 4 Kgs-gig-?5rY N2 5 , P. L 4 f 1 ' + DENTAL comes + A A 4 H 3 ,. A ' 4 - 1 ,-,' v .,.,,, 1 " .., ,. ,-fwug-..,,.. ., The Molar Kauxaf City Dental College-1917 Cabletow Founded in the Kansas City Dental College in 1916. Grand Chapter Supreme Officers 1916-1918 Supreme Grand Master Frank G. llagenbuch, '16, Eudora, Kan ...... Harry G. Blachly, '16 . Esco E. Jordan, '16, Kansas City, Mo, Morton Helzberg, Kansas City, Mo. Fred B. Misse, '16 . . Supreme Senior Warden . Supreme Junior Warden . . Supreme Secretary . . . . . . . Supreme Treasurer C. C. Allen G. S. MoHat Roy E. Long Martin Dewey J. A. Bridges R. L. Christy Dayton Dunbar Campbell F. W. Miller Alpha Chapter Officers for 1916-17 G. W. Tinslar ..... G. M. L. D. Gray . . S. W. R. C. Shaver . . J. W. C. T. York . . S. D. F. D. Logsdon . . . J. D. Vere Lane . . Secretary H. B. Whiting . . Treasurer W. M. Pugh '. . . Tyler H. L. Blachly . . Trustee Class '16 A. O. Elliott . Trustee Class '17 R. E. Jacques . . Trustee Class '18 Officers and Members 1917-1918 F. A. Smith . . . G. M. W. M. Pugh . S. W. L. C. Eberhart . . J. W. L. D. Gray . . S. D. R. C. Shaver . . . . J. D. R. E. Jacques .... Secretary S. C. Hamilton . Assistant Secretary R. G. Reid . C. L. Buckner A . O. Elliott . . Treasurer . . . . Tyler . . Trustee Class '17 . . Trustee Class '18 R. E. Jacques C. I. Cunningham . Trustee Class '19 C. H. Hatten A. H. Gilfillan L. T. Melton F, D. Logsdon J. D. Moon W. A. Moore B. A. Smith Dr. F. VV. Miller Dr. C. C. Allen Dr. D. D. Campbell Dr. R. L. Christy Page 89 The Molar Kama: City Dental College-1917 CABLETOW ORGANIZATION. In the process of our dental education we frequently have heard the statement that a knowledge of blacksmithing is a valuable aid in the suc- cessful practice of our profession. If this be true, which is reasonable to presume, a knowledge of Masonry should receive its due consideration. As Masonry and Geometry are synonymous, the learned student will appreciate its value in understanding the underlying principles of dentistry. Just as Geometry has been the means of executing some of the world's greatest feats, so also have the philosophies of the Masonic Order con- tributed toward the education of its students-inasmuch as it includes all of the arts and sciences of the human life. It was for the purpose of enlarging their knowledge along these lines that the Masons in the student body of the Kansas City Dental College founded a new order, the UCABLETOW FRATERNITYK' It was not intended to make this organization a rival of the great "ACACIA" fraternity, but rather to make it a parallel in importance, and to give to the students of the professional colleges some of the advantages and benefits which the Masonic students of the large universities receive through the "ACACIA" order. The importance of the "ACACIA" fraternity, which is confined strictly to the g1'eat schools and colleges of the country giving courses of diversified training, will be app1'eciated, in View of the fact that statistics kept by the college authorities give the "ACACIA" fraternity the highest average of all fraternal societies. The scope of the Cabletow fraternity covers student Masons in dental, medical, theological and law colleges. Later this may be enlarged to in- clude any school giving an A. B. degree. Since the organization of the Alpha Chapter here, the wisdom of the idea has been brought home with remarkable force to the minds of the organizers by the many requests for information coming from all parts of the United States. Within a short time it is hoped there will be a chapter in the oldest dental college in the world. Many of the inquiries have come f1'om official sources as to the status of the new organization. Without exception they have lauded our act, and volunteered every assist- ance. The membership at present numbers forty, including four members of the faculty of the Kansas City Dental College, and several alumni who are among the most prominent dentists in Kansas City. The members that graduated last year were of the school's best workmen and operators and are enjoying an early prosperity. Pugv 90 The Molar Kanfaf City Dmtal College-1917 CABLETOW MEMBERS 1917. Dr. C. C. Allen Dr. D. D. Campbell Dr. Martin Dewey, fNow of Chicagol Dr. R. L. Christy Dr. F. W. Miller Dr. G. S. Moffatt H. B. Whiting, CWith Hettinger Bros.J Dr. Roy E. Long Dr. H. Morton Helzberg Dr. J. A. Bridges STUDENTS. J. M. Field, 320, "Jim," Kansas City, Mo. Makes a fortnightly trip to Denison, Texas, in Uncle Sam's mail cars. Reads the postcards along, as a pastime and relief from the heavy labor demanded from him at school. In the infirmary he specializes in fillings which restore to the telephone operators their sweet tones of voice. Vere Lane, 320, "Vere," Columbus, Kansas. Receives a weekly stipend from the Western Union Telegraph Company, account of his brass pounding at the 39th and Main office, College speciality is fractured Jaws. C. Tracy York, 320, "Tracy," Wichita, Kansas. Wields the cat gut over a Stradivarius at the Pennant to keep up with "Lizzie," fHe has a real car, and drives it himself, and takes the family along.J An all around Workman. B. A. Smith, Timber Lake, South Dakota. A recent benedict, but previous to the American entry into the war. L. D. Gray, St. Joseph, Mo. Maintains the Western Union office at Twelfth and Troost, assisted by an able body of students. William Pugh, Wichita, Kansas. Lithographer by trade. Absorbs anatomy while he sleeps. Dignified and hand- some. R. C. Shaver, Leavenworth, Kansas. Came from the Federal Pen City-having reached his limit of advancement there. L. C. Eberhart, Greenfield, Mo. Has a penny bank he brought from home. Wonder if that is what has kept him going in school, and out. R. E. Jacques, "Jacks," Waterville, Kansas. "Homme d'affaires." Originator of the MOLAR, Student Directory, and divers other things. Pagr Q1 iff We FTW X01 lk 2: H1 . ' JA f I-J 4,1 fl' Q 1 I-N.Xx fz., Cabletow CHARTER MEMBERS 1915-1916 Ll .rliu M r 1 V 1 r 1 v 1 r 1 f r 1 r 1 r 14' - L,-Q 's -4 FQ G0 "0 6' "1 A i f N 5 A ,f . . ' 'f ' .. K X j, L . . . A K . A . V X' 2 L 1 .. ff' Au.-AH r7,G,nllf7Hmu1-.11 4764117 lfffyvfif f3Z'11:i17'f'l'n...-4 :7!1 A -.lf 7 If -,J - f'.941n--1f'7!.Zr.G.-vx lm-1 G rv 771.-11-n-,ff 6l,n.--i,f1Zi:.-iflfnl ,.lZv,,,. '571,,,. r 1 v 1 r f 1 r 1 r 1 f 1 r 'Q' Q." 3 E' 1' 1' 1' F 1 1- Q 1:11.- 1 Hip ' ' . "' ' X' 2' f ef " K . A , - XF ' . A 11.11 . 5 A L . ,. . .. f L .A . A Lg ,--'A A Q-. . ' K sw.. .,-ian'-,UM -,v44f,4.,w:.YA:zj.,A .71f,v'q.vofA3,..,fy 7f.d-bbjysh.-,.,,, 3:,.-1wf..4,f...v,,, wwf. ws.,.T4-Z-M fi9,1x:W.n:L,m:'f f'l.,,-,.,,f,.rc-.f:,,,,- 4,q.f.,,-fs : wx 1 . , , f . , X t Y 1 r 1 r r 1 r 1 3 r 1 r 1 r J , . 'N . Q. '9 ' '- " Q -5. Q F 4, . Ag v.x: iw ,f W if . T 1' xl : - E I N if 5 2 ' ., , . A X Q f .. R N - L ' 61 X - , 1'-fa, "1"q,wx,.,.f,w:-f.: en.-,,k.g5f4Q4,.,.1., -v1.w4533.Sw.,.., xg:-,.,,.,?lsgzg,33f,4m.,1 "J,jf.- f' in "s:Qf5z43, rlA.,.1':7:f.e,,,.4' Ar.,.f.,,, w,m-., V 1 r 1 f r 1 ' 1 v 1 r 1 11111111 -, a if n -v ' . ., 1 ny 0 ,Q sr . .. 4 6 " ' 1. u . X 1 'P 1 , .fy fffyg'-" K .r K 1 -rf 1 3 -:E 1 ' ' . Q.. U " 12' ff A - 1 A , ' NU CHAPTE A. ' is 21' T . . .0 . 1 1 i PM - ., 1- VN .1 , ' 1 , , 71.1.1 g4:...,...., If 1 nv'-MooRl?g,r.::. D, 2239.-,n.4f .wx-.T-1 mln-L,:,.....,xs ' v.2,..,,..f 'w,.-,1-A v 1w:.,, .--- 1',v.v' The Molar Kama: City Dental College-1917 DELTA SIGMA DELTA , Founded in the University of Michigan in 1882. 19 Auxiliaries-22 Subordinates. NU CHAPTER Founded in the Kansas City Dental College in 1898. Oficers and Members. 23-K. A. Benson ...... . Grand Master 24-Vere Lane . . Worthy Master 22-B. E. Shaw . . , . Scribe 33-G. M. Arrowsmith . . ' Treasurer 31-H. W. Everett . . Historian 30-W. H. Thompson . . . Tyler 25-W. L. Woody . 21-H. A. Allshouse . 1-George Tinslar 2-Harold Dawson 3-Albert M. Lyons 4-Glen F. Benson 5-Harold J. Lind 6-L. Farrell Whitson 7-John E. O'Donnell 8-Ernest G. Husband 9-Louis H. Gilley 10-George Lewis 11-William Pugh 12-Harry H. Lowry 13-H. LeRoy Ericson 35-Wayne C. Light 27- 34- . Senior Page . . . . Junior Page -Joe M. Johnson 15-H. Clayton Zellers 16-Fred M. Garrett 17-Ray O. Lane -Robert G. Reid 19-J. V. Brown 20-J. L. Bauersneld 26-Alan Pickard Marion S. Otten 28-E. D. McEwen 29-C. I. Cunningham 32-Dr. R. M. Seibel Vernon L. Overstreet Pay The A40 lar Kansai' Cily Dental College-1917 Louis H. Gilley, Ottawa, Kas. Has promised to buy and pay for an auto- matic pluggerg and also to take the boys out in his car-which are still just promises. Walter L. Woody, "Wrench," Senior Page, Ozark, Mo. Charter member "Sons of Pest." Brought "Kinetic" to Kansas City. Says he will furnish his office in pink. George Lewis, Newton, Kas. Has vast interests in California, and Pat Benson had to give him one of his good pipes 'to get him to stay in K. C. Dental another year. John E. O'Donnell, "Jack." Lawrence, Kas. He's our rubber dam spec- ialist. Doesn't know what Kansas City looks like before 10 A. M. 'Tm goin' to git that stuff." H. LeRoy Ericson, "Mitch," Marquette, Kas. Has stock in the Troost Avenue and Inez Hotels. Member for three years of the basket ball team. Nationality not known. Alan Pickard, Kansas City, Kas. "Pick," P1'esident Junior Class. Took all officers to get him excused from perfectly good date to go to a "Stag" line party at the Orpheum. George W. Arrowsmith, Kansas City, Mo., Treasu1'er. Age not known. Took four-year course. Faculty, Manual Training High School. German, but knows nothing of U-boats. Harry W. Eve1'ett, "Hank," Historian. He and Walt Mason are from Em- poria, and his -work as historian has been that of an artist. Favorite indoor Sp01't is studying bungalow plans. Kenneth A. Benson, "Pat," Lawrence, Kas. Grand Master. Furnished Edgeworth for twelve men during senior year. Has visited "Roy and Jack's" only three times since Christmas. Robert G. Reid, "Bob," La Cygne, Kas. Cabletow Treasurer. Divides his time between the dental college and the linotype room of the K. C. Star. One of the best workmen in the junior class. H. Clayton Zellers, "Joe," Acting Worthy Maste1', Cameron, Mo. Member Cameron Sympathy Orchestra. Patients-yes, he has eighty or ninety a week, and that's not counting his Richmonds and foils. Harry A. Allshouse, "Jr." "Don't forget to write it Junior, as you see my dad is the Senior." Junior Page. Kansas City, Mo. Took first year at Ann Arbor. Will he ever learn to talk faster ? Phenom basket ball player. Waldo H. Thompson, "Chester," Tyler, Marquette, Kansas. He's small but he's recognized. When out of town you'll find him at 1535 Mul- vanc, Topeka, Kas. Has taken naps in the National Hotel. Too small to enlist. ' Burnham E. Shaw, "Taxi," Scribe, Cameron, Mo. Member in good stand- ing in "P. E. O.'s." Spent four Sundays in Kansas City in th1'ee yea1's. Favorite newspaper to dress on is the Kansas City Star. Bought en- tire wardrobe from pawn shop for S10.00. - l,!Ifft" 97 86 Jbpd L-1, 2-21,--Ig-""' I "W'Q?1'W"X"ff1?5?2qw-'Y-.-.f- ,1-fP,f-1., 141, as- J. -M . - V1.5 4, ., ,:m,M, y M- K,-V uf, . ., e 1.1 A mq,yg,g,:. ' LM. f 'A-nf, ,, , - , V. N.: 3,1 . F 2 :. .4T nf, .1-f7'i':1ggf6'.g,.g- , E ' 'yiv?'?23' js' ffgalf. X PJ' swrifg-'xfg. 1 .fi 'fi L 'L I--55 Hi'-"K if : 1113-"T " . ' F l. XV1 'H' ff' 4 --V "2'.,"vM1', fn W , 's 1.,. .-:'wfw1f:.,,:Vf -1-.wvaahz 5 ' .wffyezm A W A I K- f.f1W:.,...,,:...3m.f 1' f'?'mx"f't- ' fl:-1'-.,:,, -my 'fi-V fr- .f'1f9ThJ1- J- - ., st, . . my . ,- , K 2 f-f::'1:Q 'H.f.f:o3 535f 55' W' , . , 359 veg ' ' S js?-w.1.41-x.:- ::f,e-sally., L.,-' yy... J' ,. ,. 1 f ,Wm , , K , -N M31 K ,Qin s ., L W sul f .,,,mJ qu f,f.Q5g:5,f:1 -1-H ,gifxw-ef, Lf- '.:,f,,, 3, ,, 5 ., , fb' wmfff'L'f"'lf:1f'f1:t.L..-f . ' X ', . ,Q ed :ii-Agisi-r-Imfw , f A' 1 ' bf Egh. s ,. L Y-f.Q..4 W -A f fu ,ff " .,,. ., - .-4' - . Ay. , ,I , ,.. ,. Y ff, VZ. ,,,A-,W ,, ,i ,,.,, , Ap., V, -N . H. V . W . - ."4iffm:" , . -- ' ,- g,r5'2:f,i:r4.3,1 ,1miEn:.J:.....x...'-.::-' 4 'iff q,P5'g,-ff1,2.f1fpX5- -If . f'f."Z7'f?,: . 1'fL'4f25fl'f2f9E5-T5E' 4'2xfif fQg,'sSd414512,1i45','Q':eZ-11.'-- T' N " " ' I Y gm--vsp. -V 1, K J' 4, H 711' f' T,-' .- f, as -.- . V --1-4.'e1wr fig'-ie., nf 1 .-.- - 'Ax U aKrewe' -if-'F wen- .- S 1f.f:F,f ' -A , ' xv? -5 2,-,rJZf5wx'1+5q1,HE15f?-fink -, R' Av, . L . , , , 9.,....,,g,,,. xx, ,., ., .,..... . I 4 if 1-,il V? ff .mL I.flfa-eff'J---:"i,3"9 N " ,G !r'7S.3- 'V' ' " e - ".vi"'fffP'-' fI.:'f1P'..r. "K"-"" ., w'vf:1g.:a..o..1q,,. vf-.zewfa 3. ,mv , 4. A.:-.5 . e-fi", '51L5,!'J2K'-2 ,5"',..1L,4 -,. .Y"f"1' ,."1T1f"3' Sf". J"f"4"'Z , ' V - -. k . Swope Park Looking East from Shelter House, Showing Another One of Kansas City's Flower Gardens abnd 66 L'1sL'94n Dem sigs AT HOME ' 1916-1917 Q w 5 6 7 3 V 9 I X N! ' . ,- , Q - 1,-,, ,. A ,i V A TAA, A 4 S i Z- - '-vm.:-f - -x4.A.- K , ,,,,- TTU., Q Q39 D Q Q':1Na1Uf"' ,7fvf1 "N".r1w' ' ' I -1 K- ..--t' ' 'L - Wm, fx,J 1 - 'Q aw- Fw., . I9 20 A If " 'zu ff ' K A J vw A f",,3:t k-.- QT, A 1fr,,,m, '- - ,-C, k.,,, A M x,r..g .. - w:,Y,m Nh,,.: -'Q 1 .,,,mAA,k,. O . 5 . 1' Q A. ' ss f Q 27 A. , A -1 , N3 1 33 Q4 gQ.f" In 'ff gy--:xp--fo VL A- .pw AA' "Q M'-' xx W' , .. cr Wm xv 2 5 3 W x 3 K XL 59 g Q -40 4uV : - 42 H' 4 J' ' ,, ' , .N" L 1 V, ' 'ik' ,A K 2 Q .lm V tm..,,A ., 1 .1 H., ,...,., - f 56211113 im' 1411 ,. 1 ' Q ' 3If'5fwW 'D1'US11f'Ph'1 ,.. Q N m'?RE's9su'3R':nn 473 4 49 44 5 6 ' L V gi? A Q ' f' I , X b A l9KY?? f:5,mti x I 22-C. A. Cheek 42-J. C. McCr0sky 33-B. A. Smith 41-J. M. Shaver The Molaf' Kamaf City Denial College'-1917 PSI OMEGA Founded in the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in 1898. 22 Alumni Chapters. - 45 Active Chapters. Delta Rho Chapter Founded in the Kansas City Dental College in 1910. Officers and Members 39-L. D. Gray . . . . Grand Master 38-J. G. Christy Junior Master 47-W. E. Casey . . Secretary 46-H. N. Culver . . Treasurer Active Members. Honorary Members. 32-Martin Dewey, M. D., D.D.S. 29-T. B. Magill, D.D.S. 30-Ralph L. Christy, D.D.S. 31-F. W. Miller, D.D.S. 40-J. M. Fields 39-L. D. Gray -J. W. Armour 43-J. D. Kennedy 28-T. B. Keyes -A. B. Chalmers 48-F. H. Luckinbill 16-C. L. Buckner -Ray Woodworth 35-R. Y. Dix 25-F. M. Jamar -M. G. Armstrong' 21-F. W. Olsson J. F. McCarty -V. C. Medcalf 20-C. B. Treasure "Pledge" -J. G. Christy 44-L. J. Wyatt S. C. Hamilton -L. M. Huey 45-H. T. Lucas "Pledge" -H. F. Jacobs 49-B. J. Stuckey L. Hamilton i -T. J. Boone M. H. Farrell "Pledge" -H. E. Brookover 34-R. E. Wade 7-V. E. Simpson .96-P. M. Piner 27-C 9 47-VX 5-R 23-R raig Cundiff 7. E. Casey . D. Jordan . C. Shaver .57-N. J. DeVore 46-H. N. Culver 14-J. A. Corman -E. Farrell 2-W. Gilfoil 19-P. J. Brown --J. R. Harper 4-G. K. Eyler 8-Felix Anderson 11- 0. Elliott Paqr' IO! The Molar Kama: City Dental College-1917 SENIORS 1LuckinbilD Field, J. M., "Jim". . . ........................ . . . . "I got to get to work." - .Kansas City, Mo. Kennedy, J. D., "Jack" .............................. Kansas City, Mo. "Can we go up to your room?" Luckinbill, F. H., "Lucky" .............................. Newton, Kan. "My wife's gone to the country." Dix, R. Y., "Bob" ................................... Pattonsburg, Mo. "Fm sure glad I'm married." Olsson, F. W., "Swede" ....................... .... A saria, Kan. "That's a fact." Treasure, C. B., "Girly" .......................... .. .McFall, Mo. V "Sure I can make you a date." Wyatt, L. J., "Society Slim". ......................' . . .Kansas City, Mo. "Wait here, I've got to call up my girl." Lucas, H. T., "Red" .................................. Creighton, Neb. "Haw,--Haw-Haw." Stuckey, B. J., "Stuck" ....................... .... M cPherson, Kan. "I don't know." Farrell, M. H., "Mat" ............................ .... W amego, Kan. "Don't talk about the Irish." Wade, R. E., "Classy" ........................... .... A lmena, Kan. E "Want something to drink ?" Piner, P. M., "Press" ............................ .... J ennings, Kan. "Take it from Shakespeare." . Cheek, C. A., "Jew" .................................... Garnett, Kan. "Live each day's life so that on the morrow we may , have nothing to regret." McCrosky, J. C., "Mack" ............................. Kansas City, Mo. "Gosh, I sure got to work." Smith, B. A., UB. A.". . : ........................ Timber Lake, So. Dak. "Now in South Dakota, WE, ii." D'eVore, N. J., "Dee" ................................ Kansas City, Mo "Just put in another amalgam." Shaver, J. M., "Frenchy" ............... , ......... .... A ugusta, Wis "Had a quiz class." Page lo: The Mala 1' Kanmf City Dental College-1917 JUNIORS CCundiifJ Keyes, T. B., "Luit" ....................... . ........ Kansas City, Mo. "If you long for pleasure, you must labor daily." Buckner, C. L., "Buck" ............................ Maynardville, Tenn. "Fame is a calamity. Take care, Buck." Jamar, F. M., "NeWleyWed," .......................... Kansas City, Mo. "Hears no evilg sees no evil, speaks no evil." McCarty, J. F., "Mickey" .......................... Arkansas City, Kan. "Work has a bitter root, but sweet fruit." Hamilton, S. C., "Little Ham" ............................. Pratt, Kan. "Pledge" One of the faithful. Hamilton, LeRoy, "Big Ham" ............................. Pratt, Kan. "Pledge," When two play one must lose.. Gray, L. D., "Louie" .................................. St. Joseph, Mo. "He is a good friend that speaks well to our backs." Simpson, V. E., "Whitey" ................................ Cedar, Kan. "How's that ?" Cundiff, Craig, "449" ........................... .... B fiaryville, Mo. "Nurses are good patients." Casey, W. E., "Casey" .................................. Delphos, Kan. "A good conscience makes a joyful countenance." He has both. Jordan, R. D. ...................................... Jewell City, Kan. "He was born on Sundayg likes work ready done." Shaver, R. C., "Bob" ................................... Augusta, Wis. "Business before pleasure." Culver, H. N., "Slip" ............................... Yates Center, Kan. "Happy is he who is content." Corman, J. A., "Jack" ............ . ...................... Weston, Mo. "Perfect love never settled in a light head." Armour, J. W.. "Capt" .............................. Kansas City, Mo. "He has gone away to war." Chalmers, A. B., "Barb" ....... ...................... K ansas City, Mo. " 'A' is for Arthur. Arthur Who? Our thermometer." Woodworth, Ray, "Speck" ............................... Holton, Kan. "Chief lady fusserf' Armstrong, M. G., "Nig" ...................... ..... H olton, Kan. "Always a friend in need." Medcalf, V. C., "Pinkey" ............................... Marlow, Okla. "Never cuts didos in lecture-never there." Przyr my The Molar Kama: City Dfutal Collage-1917 FRESHMEN Uacobsb Christy, J. G., "Big Boy" ............................. Kansas City, Mo. "I stayed in last night. Ralph was home." Huey, L. M. .......................................... Louisville, Ky. Has broken many hearts since he came to K. C. Jacobs, H. F., "Jakey" ............................... McPherson, Kan. Very particular. Boone, T. J., "Pres.', ............................... Leavenworth, Kan. A joke is alright at times, but wise men know their bounds. Barnes, H. L. ............................................ Argo, Kan. "A man of affairs." Brookover, H. E., "Brook" ............................ Kansas City, Mo. Would be a wonderful dancer but for two THINGS-his feet. Farrell, E., "Irish" .................................... Wamego, Kan. And still he smiles. Gilfoil, W., "Gilley" ................................. Kansas City, Mo. "I don't see how that can be." Brown, P. J ............................................ Tulsa, Okla He caused the price of stationery to jump. Harper, J. R., "Swede" ................................... Esbon, Kan Aim is mischief and zeal pretense. , Eyler, G. K. ......................................... Ellsworth, Kan Head waiter at the Sherman Hotel. Anderson, Felix ..................................... St. Joseph, Mo He has a tin whistle. Elliott, O .... ......................... . ..... . . .Clarksville, Mo Quiet, but always on the job. One of the Large Railroad Bridges Connecting Kansas City with the Great Southwest Pagv 104 1726 Molar Kama: City Dfntal Collfge-1917 L tl W I A on M... ,fi , XX mf.. ,E ' 575772 5' if " fx if 4 ve Y 1 ,5 2 '1"' r. in RX. 11 i bt ytiiml .FM "'f,"1-- .L.--- W ".-1-1x ,,.. 1... .L,.. - .M f , ... U ,ftymfm ff, ii 5- px S. vii fax .. ' - My X' A.. A. KWLKQ A A A nf.. 11 1 .- fi X lf" N' 6 - '4 5 - V N If Q K ' Y' 1 125 i.75f2fFL' ' W' 95 i ' 1 .192 si if -1 f ' ' .ix K 1 1 .V E Y fi - 1 . ,. , .. 'x 1 f ' ' 'fwi 1 1 is FRA 'M 531. 1- 5 51 QsKWg"lRWlr I QFPNKYW iz, ,V ,: ' A S - ' DEWH we catwalk flgi' MQ c,WBE"ff1lf0lf-2GE.uf g fx . 4' ...-.. :WW Wm, ff,,,.,,k4z 5 5 bzwk A .,,1 ways 1 s up 51 f' 1 if PSI OMEGAS OF 1915-1916 H. Ii. Douglas V. E. Dandy . E. Whitney . E. Whitney . F. H, Luckinbill R. Y. Dix , Officers First Semester: Officers Second Semester: G. M Sec. Treas. G. M. Sec. Treas. Page IO3 The Molar Kanraf City Denial College-1917 .ya 'se E? K. C, D. C. MALE QUARTETTE Jenkins V Hoffman Kramer Longwell Pagf 106 'T Q Q : Q1 The Wlolar Kama: City Dental College-1917 1917 BASKET BALL REVIEW. Basket ball in the Kansas City Dental College this year was far from being wonderful, although it did cause some of the fans to wonder. The material in school was as good as the K. C. D. C. ever had, if not better than the year before, when they had an all-victorious team, winning ten successive games. For the 1916-17 season, we had all of last year's men back, and in the freshmen class was mate1'ial that could have made an- other all-victorious team for the college. To have a real good basket ball team, one must have time and a coach. We had neither of the two, because in a school on the order of the K. C. D. C. every man has his time taken up with school duties. In order to get the required amount of practice, they would have to cut in on school work too much. But when the boys found an extra hour or two, they kept the Y. M. C. A. court hot. Under the prevailing conditions, the team was as good as any team in the conference, because in the majority of the games better basket ball was displayed by our quintet, and the games that we1'e lost were by only a couple of points. The Kansas City Inter-Collegiate basket ball Conference is the main- stay for basket ball among the various colleges in the city. The members of the conference are,-Kansas City Dental College, Western Dental Col- lege, Kansas City Veterinary College, Huff's Commercial College, and the Kansas City School of Osteopathy. The Kansas City School of Osteopathy failed to continue through the entire season for a lack of support. Huff's Commercial College, being a new recruit in the league and a dark horse, had the other teams wondering. K. C. D. C. opened the season with Huff's Commercial College De- cember 15th, 1916, on the Vet's court. This game was undoubtedly the best game of the season, ending in favor of K. C. D. C. The Osteopaths for- feited their first game with the K. C. Dents and because of their withdrawal from the league early in the season, we never got a chance to clean up on them. The next game was played with the Western Dents. It was lost to them, for luck was surely against us in that game, because Allshouse was taken out in the first part, and our line-up switched so that nobody knew what to do. The following game was played with the Vets in which the K. C. boys won easily. They seemed to have got started off right. In the next game the Huff's bunch were handed their second defeat at the hands of the K. C. D. C. Squad. l'uy1r IOS The Molar Kumar Czty Denial College 1917 In the second game with the Vets we lost by two points Thi oughout this game lt seemed as though the baskets we1e not laige enough for the ball to pass thiough The next and last Game of the season was playel with the Westein Dents Aftei the game was over, an extended contio ve1 sy took place to decide who won Accoiding to the fans we won and claim the game on a two polnt margin 36 to 34 At the time oi the award the excitement and enthusiasm were so great that both officials failed to iecoid the points awaided The iefeiee undelstood this, but announced the scoie in favoi of Westein 35 to 34 and the game was protested Indlvldual Recold of Each Playei Free Throws Made Missed Playei Field Goals Ingram R B Whxtson Farrell Plckaid Alan Erickson H L Allshouse Ji H Huiley F Total Season s Schedule December 15 K. C. D. C. .... January 5 K. C. D. . .... . . January 12 K. C. D. C .... . January 19 K. C. D. C. .... . February 23 K. C. D. C ..,. . March 9 K. C. D. S. ....... March 16 K. C. D. .... .... . K. C. D. C. total ....... Huffs Commercial College K. C. School of Osteopathy .... Western Dental College. . . K. C. Veterinary College.. Huffs Commercial College K. C. Veterinary College.. Western Dental College. . . Opponents total . League Standing for Season Western Dental College ........ Kansas City Dental College ...... Kansas City Veterinary College .... Huffs Commercial College ......... Kansas City School of Osteopathy .... Won Lost Percent 1000 Przgu 109 The Molar Kumar City Dental College-1917 CAPTAIN ALAN PICKARD, Center. Junior Basket ball 1915-16, Basket ball 1916-17. Captain. Pickard is an all around athlete, the team's pilot during two seasons. Chosen all-star forward and center of Greater Kansas City, year of 1914-15. Was a member of the all- victorious Battery B. team, and all-star high school center year 1913-14 of the Inter- scholastic league. l l l l l R. B. INGRAM, Forward. Junior Basket ball 1915-16. Basket ball 1916-17. Ingiam is a tall lad fiom the Ozalks al nays got .1 tip off from ccntez A consistent playel and goal shootez Pagf IIN The Molar Kanfaf City Dental College-1917 FARRELL WHITSON, Forward. Junior. Basket ball 1915-16. Basket ball 1916-17. Base ball 1915--16. "Whit" was the only man on the team al- ways to keep moving aboutg always to be found near the ball, besides being quite a player, He is a regular semi-pro. base ball player. H. LeROY ERICSON, Guard. Senior. Basket ball 1915-16. Basket ball 1916-17. Base ball 1914-15. Base ball 1915-16. Official Scorer of the K. C. Inter-Collegiate Conference. Ericson is a natural born guard and played his position exceptionally well. He was one of the leading guards in the league, and with I-allshouse as mate could break up nearly any P ay- Pagv 111 The MUJHV Kan:aJ City Dental College-1917 FRANK HURLEY, Forward. Freshman. Basket ball 1915-16. Hurley is the smallest man of the team, but was a real good goal shooter. i Misfortune copped him early in the season and took him to the hospital with the fever. l w w l l I HARRY A ALLSHOUSE JR Guard Senior Basket ball 1915-16. Basket ball 1916-17. Manager basket ball 1915-16. Harry was right there with the pep and fighting spirit. He was always able to keep his man from caging baskets. He was a member of the Freshman Squad at the Uni- 'versity of Michigan. Page ll: The Molar Kanfax Cily Denial College-1917 THE ALL-VICTORIOUS TEAM OF 1915-1916 Alan Pickard, Captain Harry A. Allshouse, Jr,, Manager Pnyu II3 F11 05114 911 .mud Kamdr Cily Dental College- 1917 UUNIFORMED MESSENGER SERVICE." Most of the students in school are working their way through. Various things are done-and undone. Messenger service offered the best returns, the most adventure, and night Work, so messengers most of us are. - "We take this means of thanking the Western Union Telegraph Com- pany for the opportunities and preferences shown to us."-K. C. Dental College Employees. Lady to R. C. Shaver: "You're a pretty big messenger boy." R. C. Shaver: "Yes, cross between a messenger and an ice man? Gray to McCarty: fAt closing timej "Hurry up Mack. Let's get out of here by 11. You're always late." Girl over 'phone: "I want to talk with that clerk CCowanJ that's always flirting out of the window." Teall, at Hardesty and St. John. fAbout three miles out! : "Say Gray, where'd you send me?" McCarty asleep on office bench. Someone puts small dog's nose close to his cheek. "Mack" embraces little dog and whispers, "I'll love you always, kiss me, sweetheart." " 'Luc-ky,' your friend down on 18th has left the city." The entire night office force at "G" office, 12th and Troost, is K. C. Dents. "Hey, boy, I called for a boy, not a man." "73"- fLuckinbillJ Page 116 The M0 !a7' Kama: City Dental College-1911 WESTERN UNION ASSOCIATION. L. D. G1'ay ...... . Chief of the Inside Boys F. H. Luckinbill . . . . . Chief of the Riders Operators. Vere Lane L. D. Gray G. L. Cowan C. I. Cunningham Speed Kings. ' F. H. Luckinbill, Twelfth and Troost Station R. C. Shaver, Twelfth and Troost Station C. L. Bailey, Twelfth and Troost Station G. L. Teall, Twelfth and Troost Station J. W. McCarty, Twelfth and Troost Station A. H. Gilfillan, Twelfth and Troost Station H. L. Kells, Twelfth and Troost Station F. W. Buchanan, Thirty-first and Troost Station J. B. Jenkins, Thirty-first and Troost Station W. E. Harms, Thirty-first and Troost Station Fr. Brown, Thirty-first and Troost Station Craig Cundiff, Thirty-first and T1'oost Station N. W. Johnston, Thirty-first and Troost Station J. M. Shaver, Thirty-first and Troost Station J. D. Moon, Thirty-first and Troost Station . him-5 N U The Molar Kansai any Dfmaz Collage-1917 Biggest eater in Hardest smoker Most fastidious Latest sleeper Earliest riser . "Thirstiest" . IS YOUR NAME HERE? Kansas City Most popular . Quietest . . Kelly pool champ . Ivory shark . Biggest grind . . Freest spender Happiest man in Tallest man . Shortest man . Fullest . . Emptiest . Baldest . Harriest . Handsomest . Oldest . Youngest . Fastest operator U. S. . Cleanest laboratory man . Cheerfullest liar Sweetest Warbler . Gratefullest borrower . Raggiest piano player . Reddest headed Most ambitious Pays 1 18 . Rednek Elliott . . . . Gray . Rednek Bauersfield . . . Whittle . . . . "Tokio" Nakamura O'Connor Bros. of Western Kansas . , . . . . Harms . DeVore . Bob Shaver . Red Lucas . Vere Lane . . ' Mitch Shafer . Bob Dix QNewlywedJ . . . Wyatt . . Rednek Shields . "Arbuckles" McElroy . . Joe Rogers . Rednek Brown . Jim Field . Cheek . . Stewart . . . . . Rednek Hill . Moon Q6 rolls without a daml . . . . Joe Crowder . . . Q Spec Woodworth Stafford Isadore Napoleon Copeland Sr. Hall Cnever returns! . . Jack Husband . . . . '. . Brown Ramage fwins by 7-last censusl 7710 V Kazzfaf City Dania! C'o!ffgc-1917 iw. y K. C. D. C. ELKS OF 1915-16. G, A. Steele '16 ll. L. Douglas '16 K. A. Benson '17 J. D. C1'0W4lC1' l 1 7 I.. O. Lame 18 i K. A. Hvnso 1916-17 Roll n '17 J. D. C1'0NYllQ1' '18 R. O. Lane '18 C. R. Williams '19 ' mf f va 1 A A gk in in 4, . 4.315 Az, - .- li l A -,JA 1.5S'.:-Am y. en , 4 V'- ".1-l ,M - e, A-pi" . 1. qffwe-. it -Q f.,.'fi4' 4- - "" M' V. s1'i4'1":',. 4- ' . ,il-'-1.1 .. , f- I Ax, .Q . A '."- 'af-I .mi x -e"--- - -Q-1 ,f': , 3' ' ml U' ff. E'f':kf!5 ,,, 71 T1 2:i"i"5 41 4 f xg., 51:5 ..,' 31 'll' f L 4 , " Vg,-if .,11.3?,g 'J V5 wm4,hf'S- XZ " ,Q f ' K "' ., .. .gh mf. who ' x IPR. CHRISTY, Jr. f3,:g43:i.1.. Vlljjn' 111: The Malay Kmaf any umm c'0z1fgg41917 DENTISTRY, as a business and profession, is growing better every day. Considered from the business side, the people are realizing more, day by day, the need of sound, healthy teeth, and they are Willing to pay the prices good Wo1'k demands. As a p1'ofession, the opportunities the Dentist of the present has for rendering true humanitarian service of the highest order have never been greater. Think of the work being done by the field Dental units behind the battle lines in Franceg operations restoring the appearance and power of speech to men Who, five years ago would have been hopelessly mutilated for life. Look at the fine, up-to-the-minute of- fices of the Dentists all over the country, and compare the average office of today with the exceptionally fine one of a few years back. The miracle is that the people stood for it as long as they did. . You all know that 90 percent of your patients will be women: men, as a rule, visit the Dentist only when they can't stand the pain of an aching tooth any longer. That 90 percent will expect you to have an office Where they can feel as much at home as it is possible for anybody to feel in such a place. If you are doing business upstairs over the livery stable, using what looks like some of the disca1'ded feed troughs for furniture, you can- not expect very many patients to honor your office with a second visit. Lots of men starting to practice think they will start with a cheap outfit, and later, when they can afford it, buy a good one. Don't fool your- self, you never will be able to afford it. That handicaps you just as seriously as eating the four watermelons handicapped the old nigger, who, after betting that he could eat them, went out andtried it all alone, and then returned to eat the four more in order to Win the bet. A good office does not mean an expensive one, it means one where everything is the best you can buy, but the best is lots cheapest every time. You can't expect a patient to pay ten dollars for a crown in an office that has the appearance of having cost not over sixg you can ha1'dly blame them for riling up when you prepare cavities with the foot engine Moses used in the Wilderness. The people are awake to the fact that it takes more than a diploma, a state boa1'd certificate and a moustache to make a Dentist. Page leo The Mohr Kama: City Dental College-1917 You'll have to be able to talk your patients into thinking that you are the only Dentist in town, and when you get enough of them thinking so, all you will need to do is to deliver the goods. The reason so many dentists are failures is their inability to sell the services they render. Instead of selling their service, and getting a good price for it, they sell a crown or a bridge, and the patient hates to pay a big price for a small article. A certain St. Joseph Dentist charges ten dollars an hour for his work, and gets it. Not so very long ago a rather seedy looking man came to his office, and showed the Doctor that he needed quite a lot of work done. After the job was finished, the Doctor hesitated about naming the price, feeling, perhaps, that the patient might faint when he learned what the bill was. Finally, the Doctor told him the fee was 345000, and stepped back to dodge the verbal brickbats he expected. Instead, the patient, who was a well-to-do Nebraska stockman, grinned, reached for his check book, and said "Gee, that sure is cheap enough. My brother paid 55300, and didn't have half as much done. I thought I'd be lucky if I got off for 8800? And it took the Dentist three years to get over it, as the patient is still sending his friends to St. Joseph for cheap Dentistry. Always make the price high enough, you will have very little luck raising it, but nobody ever got mad yet, when the cost of anything was lowered. H. B. WHITING. FIV r . -. s .I . si if? xiii? A ... -'Ziff' zitkl A A ' -'.- -Qqrwgi 3'1-Qimrfi li sg, 5' iw gjlfk-x , . ' ' Q. ' A -Tfgrgi 1' , I ing :Kang wfuggf .gif It L: 2,59 tgp saw . 'Q i I e f" :.g:'k..flfg:Qrgg,f . tKjf3g:f'LA'5, ff. Q, i':,E,gj. ,-Ll T 1: f:?Q1"?g', 3" "' ' 'N' "fat lh Ahf 2 fl X' Q." ,Wifi-.5.,7 7- ' v-em.. .1g.., V A .,, :-. :-Jfisf--'S-P Pit-1e2ewLf .:'.f,..1"2.ggVQQQQS-,.w.. I ' ,, - 'Y ffig,: QT--.fa " .,.- AM? V is I , . One of Kansas City's Beautiful Country Drives at Cliff Drive and North Terrace Park Pagu 1:1 The Mofar Kama: City Dental College! 1917 f- L fl Z Zigi, I S 0 99ml zgxiil fff I V l 1 2122! y C , , ,, Z , .1-ly . A - lvl' l .-.e X PEL Sq, X I I ,, if fe IgnfmungilnlnllllllfllnmmilmmfI D I fl' I f- QQH awww-uwewevm X, new I ll -1 Na mi is ills! X - owes-'.m ,sayaauww qwlldl nw if if O r2ll1S:1'2f!3:f:3P!a QAM X -fi milf ' fax - '51x"'54'W7" ix mmm-:eemv I , g T- X I J, 1 ue? h sir .Q 0 PM MCE M E' X 2 Y' I Q I :W-lgtii! V 3 I l ' V I ! 4 -,W ill , IL . 5 Wx 2 ,3- LLW' il I 7 JI AX -VJ, 2. it ' 0 f Iliff V" --7,3 - f f QQ WQQN5 gf' Q e -1 Li E XX , QD alarm? 4 "7 COME 112' Being The Sad Tale of the Dissolution of the East Tenth Street Horticultural and Poker Society and Their Ride to the City Bastile in the Municipal Packard. A Drama in Three Acts DRAMATIS PERSONAE CARANZA IKE and NIGGER JOE .... Oklahoma Cube Artists SIMPLE SI and JAIL BIRD GEORGE ....... . . . . . Two would-be gamblers from the steppes of Kansas CONVICT CRAIG ....... A Messenger boy fWhose recreation consists of reading "Diamond Dicks" and Hoyle's A"The Game and Play of the Dice."J FIREY PAT ....... A fire-eating fire-fighter fWhose idea of absolute safety is a dark bed under a large pool table.J COOP ...... Gamekeeperand villian of this play ACT I. Time-About 3:00 o'clock any afternoon. ' Place-Derr's Druggery. fNigger Joe, Simple Si and Convict Craig are counting their cash.J Nigger Joe:-"Gazooks me lads, here 'tis 3 by the clock and I still possess 3 beans. Derr hath no dice, no poker game is in sight and the care of these funds irketh me sore." Simple Si :-"Well, By G., boys, I tapped the old man for two dollars myself and let's start something." Jail Bird George:-"I'd match the druggist for an apple if I had five cents." N igger Joe :-"I crave excitementg to what extent are you encumbered with the coin of the realm? You have but 2.06 between you? Well!', fCoop appears in doorway of his pool hall and beckons seductively.J 1All exit and join Coop.J Page 122 The Molar Kanxar City Dental College-1917 ACT II. SCENE 1. Time-4:00 P. M. Place-Coop's Pool Hall. . fAll in back room gathered about table, Nigger Joe has the bones., Nigger Joe:-.HI pray thee seben, fail me not, eleben pray appear, no duce or tray, 'Oh dice, I say, I need the price of beer." Simple S1 :-"He'll never six-He'll never six-Oh, see the little seben! Oh, Boy! Oh, Joy! -The dice are mine. Come up-come up, elebenl". Coop :-t'The price of food is rising and the rent is more each week. A nickel for the house each pass is all the wealth I seek." Jail Bird George :-"Look out fellows, here comes the Cops. I'm blowed up!" QDarknessg Big noise oH stage as Sentinel Avoirdupois Jim pushes the button, but alas, too late. Enter the Law, Much confusion, Firey Pat hides under table, Nigger Joe falls off bench, Jail Bird George tries to open door which is locked, Simple Si faintsg Caranza Ike takes another chew of tobacco, Convict Craig chokes.J The Law :-"Well, boys, there is no escape, so line up, for your Auto will be here in a few minutes." fOff stage, siren in distance! "Thanks for the loan on the table." CChugging of Packard-six off stagej. Enter the law in livery, blue coat, brass buttons, star and helmetj. The Law:-"Boys, your chauffeur will show you to your car." CExit single filej. CURTAIN SCENE 2. Time-Next morning. Place-Police Court, Judge at desk. Judge Coons:-"Bring in the society criminals. CEnter officer, fol- lowed by His Nobs, Mr. Coop and his gang of cut-throats, Jail Bird George, weak of knee and quivering chin, the last to enterj. Judge:-"Court will come to order. Officer, state your case." Officer:-"Your Honor, I caught this band of criminals gambling in the Patterson Castle." Judge :-Boys, please state your case." CBoys all faint, and are carried out, Coop alone being able to stand the strainb. Coop:-f'Your Honor, we were not gambling, but 1'olling dice for matches." Judge:-"Your bond will be five hundred and one dollars and your cronies will be twenty-six dollars each." Enter "Gold Face Mack" with roll of bills as large as a vulcanizer and puts up bond, Coop registers intense o . J y CURTAIN ACT III. SCENE 1. TimefNeXt Morning. Place-K. C. D. C. Infirmary. Telephone rings, call for Jail Bird Geo1'ge. Said party answers, all smiles. As he listens, his smile turns to an expression of agony, his rosy cheeks turn deathly white, with much stuttering and stammering he at last manages to say "All right." Hangs up receiver and turns to demonstrator and says, "Doctor, if anyone calls for me tell them I am not here." Goes back to his patient. fEnter the Lawj-Calls for Jail Bird George and Jail Bird drops his instruments and rushes to demonstrator and says: "For God's sake, Doctor, Pugh 133 The Molar Kama: City Dental College-1917 tell him I am upstairs, donit let him arrest me down here, get some one to take care of my patient," and rushes madly upstairs. Demonstrator sends Law upstairs. CURTAIN SCENE 2. Time-Few Minutes Later. Place-Laboratory. fEnter Lawj-Asks for Jail Bird George, who is in earnest consultaf tion with Lieut. Keys and Jim Fields, endeavoring to panhandle ten dollars from Jim to give Lieut. Keys to square things with the Law. ' The Law advances to Jail Bird Georgeg "Are you Jail Bird George 7" Jail Bird George :-"Y-ee-s S-s-sir," Ctrying to eat his mustachej. The Law :-"You are under arrest for going by an Alias 5 get your hat and coat." Jail Bird George staggers, gasps twice and faints. QUICK CURTAIN MORAL-Save your money and pay your tuition. fPassed by National Board of Censorsj. THE KAISER WILL ABDICATE When:- Jerald O'Connor does something. Pat Benson forgets Kansas. lVIcCrosky and Dr. Stark compromise. McDonald gets some pep, fEnergyJ. Ingram is seen with a girl. Whittle quits borrowing. Gilley pays his debts. Dr. Martin can take a joke. Vere Lane throws away his horn rimmed glasses. Euler goes to a movie. Christy CFr.J stays away from the Jeff. Boone quits cabareting. Lucas doesnit need to crib. Dr. Stewart takes a vacation. Dr. Hooper loses his popularity. Dr. Holiday ceases to be practical. Dr. Miller isn't interested in Cheek's patients. Copeland quits talking. Gray quits smoking. Crowder gets careless. Jacques has his million. Morrow gets married. Shaver CSr.J shaves off his Charlie Chaplin. Brown fJr.J finishes with colored patients. Park is engaged again. Brown CS125 owns a McAbee. Mrs. Worthley loses her equilibrium. Dr. Allen forgets we owe -TUITION. Page 121 The Molar Kama: City Dental College-1917 C I-IRISTY ST U CKEY D E VORE LU C KINBILL JO H NSTON E LLIOTT BROW N KENN E DY MOO R E S MITH C HEEK FIE L D GRE U SEL B ENSON P9 The Molar Kanxax City Dfntal College-1917 A , Af- ,,,. .. A ,cv E 1 1, ...W ' A A,,,, if A iff A , V Aww fvcfrwzf ,...- 'aw-A qwywg uv-W., ,l A ' -qgsigg l -, -anvil? ,A , V, V - V- 2 . 4 b 4a?g'1f'52fFfv A " A 2 f A55 ,'f' 'i?'QfvFL,L A A A A. Q I RICA AZ ,A A ,,,AA3,wW, ,L ' A ' ff.. .f..a1e-mu.. , 6 -W -,p.'m1"AUr3lIQi1 V ,M ' - ur' i .A . K' -. E 1 f 'y -,ff "Nh A GJ'-f C .Q "1 g ' r A: " E ' 'Qv .Ff4f'f?2ii " "" nf uw? A. TW-fr if v.v-my M -' Av 1 L 5 W he r"s,k: L' ..A. A ,, 1 -3. vw I A ' , s,?w " 'f' L . ' ' - 1. -1, ,W A ,gf',AA'rv3,'a 1-,gf JA .Lf J' f 1 .rw 'WZ' " 9.255 1. q M I ggggqd? - W f f f u ,A gi .-s.,f,4:,,f,-'-,- V -- ..,M ' -M - - 13: Q' A N f -..f 1 " 'fe-1-fl fe", an ' .,,W W n . nuuz 1 ' - 5 ' ' ' f fx A ,AAA A. ,AA,,,,, V A F91 fc- 5, f3' Ui-fM,.,,f.5,. ,, 55.7 3 A Q, W. ' .Q-3' V A --I 5 , '+?'4.SX, ' Q 4 A f y fl' A 9+ X .nw Q U - . AA ,f 4 , Q- if fl W 2 i f A 9 A Uv ' A 7 1, ff . fn- ' V Arfm' 4vA,' , -,- f ,A -, -- V -- , f f , a yrggg ,, if Nr Y. AAAS: A N 3, ,, -?'+ A ,K Af E h 'sw V J ' rg A V I Vx r -. sin?-N -I A 1 2 f A' ' 4 x ' . ' . . -A W- - ' A' 1 - . -sg W A., .1 J Pays 126 Entrance Views. The Lake, Penn Valley Park i 1 The Molar Kama: City Denial College 1917 Page 128 'X i HIS section is devoted to our adver tisers. They have been selected with care. In a large way, they are responsible for the success of this book. You are constantly in need of their supplies. They are taking special care of K. C. D. C. men and will appreciate your patronage. l f Keeton Gold Company Manufacturers-Refiners-Assayers The House that Sells Direct to Dentists at Wholesale Prices Keeton Mat Gold Gold Plate Gold Shells Gold Discs Gold Solders Non-Zinc Alloy Cements Burs Broaches Mercury NOTICE All articles bearing the name KEETON are the best. And if not found satisfactory in every respect return and money will be re- fundedx :-: :-: :-: :-: :-: '-' We buy Scrap Gold, Scrap Platinum, Scrap Alloy Send for Our Catalogue Keeton Gold Company Kansas City, Missouri 112 f Established 1887 Hettinger Brothers Manufacturing Company Dental Supplies Tenth and Grand Avenue KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI OTHER HOUSES ' St. Louis Dental Manufacturing Company St. Louis, Missouri Dental Supplies Hettinger Brothers Manufacturing Co. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Mrs. B. N. Johnson Dental Specialties 414 Shukert Building KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Home 'Phonez Main 4864 You Boys All know We sell dental supplies. But all of you don't know what good values we give for the money. Sat- isfaction guaranteed or your money refunded. Call And See Us The Molaf' Kama! City Dental College-1917 VD W , , , . INVESTIGATE The lesson of the Wisdom of investigating for oneself and then acting upon the investigation. The ground hog accepts no rumors, press reports, or weather prognostications. He finds out for himself. Just so, should every prospective dental student find out the truth for himself. It is not enough, placidly to accept someloody's say so concerning an institution. A man should not listen to the "slam" songs of disgruntled practitione'rs, or the statements of competitors who perhaps have an axe to grind. A man should consider the preconceived notions and second-hand stories just as he would so many un- verified reports. HHE SHOULD GO OUT INTO THE HIGHWAYS AND BYWAYS AND INVESTIGATE FOR HIMSELFX' Pllfll' I The Pattison McGrath Company Dental 'Supplies 616-617 Bryant Building Kansas City, Missouri The steady increase in our business is due to the Personal Service we render. Let us convince you that there is a difference. ?f7f GU-lSSlS FROM AB lY'S "MUST BE RIGHT" Have your eyes examined and if your vision is not normal wear glasses! Don't delay-go only to those who are honest and com- petent. Our examinations are the result of vast research and study- We stand right back of our prescriptions, carry the latest in styles, have o'iJr own grinding plant and will treat you right. THE 911' 911 Grand Avenue OPHCAL Grand Avenue CU In ft' I-31 Walter P. Krause GOLD REFINER - 818 Walnut Street 1 KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Service, Quality and Prices That Are Right TRY Us AND SEE Price List and Order Blanks Sent on Request gp Big Opportunity For You!! 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'PSI' iI'L1p1g4mwm!: yn 1: The Molar Kzinmf City Dental College 1917 Page 138 SUCCESS A man may sacrifice his integrity And achieve wealth g He may sacrifice his independence And achieve fameg He may sacrifice his individuality And achieve ambition 3 But he cannot sacrifice His integrity, independence and individuality 5 And achieve: SUCCESS. -Charles Channing Allen KANSAS CITY DENIM C0lllGl Excellent Equipment Unsurpassed Faculty Thirth-seventh Annual Course Comrnences October 1st, 1917 Four Year Course! Entrance Requirements, Fifteen High School Units New Catalogue June, 1917 Charles Channing Allen, Secretary College Building N. W. Cor. 10th and Troost Kansas City, Missouri l y I HAR ARD PllRllSS CHAIR Brought to the Dental Profession as The Harvard Company's highest accomplish- ment in giving to a Chair artistic effects, convenience to the operator and comfort to patient. The only Chair awarded Gold Medal at the Panama Exposition, also the Chair adopted by the United States and Foreign Govern- ments. Harvard Cabinets are particularly attractive to those desiring Dental Furniture of solid. massive effects, rich design and proportions so per- fect that they shall be beautiful and convenient. Don't fail to see Harvard goods Demonstrated before purchasing, as We can supply you with the most modern and complete line manu- factured in the World. Write for a Catalog The Harvard Company Canton, Ohio Branches: Suite 1100 Marshall-Field Annex, Chicago 1403 Widener Building, Philadelphia 401 Monolith Building, 45 West 34th Street, New York J. Crimmings Company, 136 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass., General Sales and Distributing Agency for New England. Przyt' 1,10 From any Point of View QUALITY R STYLE M N OR PRICE 1. Our Hats are Superior 3 AN D ffl? X 927 Walnibgfgg Woolworth Dr. Magill and His Hobbies ffl!! TAKE FUSESUR 10 . Our Method No high ground floor rents, charge accounts, bad debts window trimmers, floorwalkers, f r e e deliveries, expen- sive fixtures or high early season prices to cover reduction that will be made laters Results AMen's and young A Men's ALL PURE SILK LINED- 525.00 Full Dress Suits Tuxedo Suits English Suits Sack Suits Norfolk Suits Over Coats and Top Coats Frock Coats and Vests Our Second floor Price L15 1917 Spring Styles owl Selling FRANK J. WEINAND ALFRED E FARMER Pnsslncm' nun Main 2 Hom' 'BET' UNIQUE ' szlnihirf. ilbgavai om .ezmmn .SGVI5 rozf slow ALWE S CHAMBERS BUILDING ZND S. W. CORNER FLOOR 12th. AND WALNUT KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI I A f fygn I I I W' In jf?-- IID WU .,.., 2.., gglllurirrigmgm mm ' .. T i5-2 '- F I Li 52-1 Mi? i f 5:35 i 'gi 4 Qnsii , L' if g ir l .- Elsa? mire r 2 i a E134 -' Ei: I fi' ii Si 5 ' 5 'ri 1 -.F1- -I f Sf 'if 1 ' E -I - - 1. ,.., ..... :."' .... M VMS!-EOE515 l,foNRoE cr.or Es li ' -sf " ' 1 3' THE HOUSE OF ctormss Pagv 142 Y ds Tl phones 2821 Fores A Bell 58g Gra 532 Westport A nue H me 687 Ma COAL IS AS COAL DOES J . H. Leonard oal HERE 36 YEARS Wholesale and Retail All kinds of Domestic Coals that are used in this market 100 Bryant Building, First Floor Eleventh Street and Grand Avenue KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI '11 Kamen City Dental College-41917 We're not in favor of cribbing in the slightest degree. There's too much danger of the other fellow being wrong. K. C. D. C.-The greatest dental college in the United States sur- rounded by the greatest city in the world. Simpson, to kid in street: "My, my, what sturdy little legs." Kid: 'tHuh, you ought to see my big sisters, it tt ff' "Watch your step," said conductor Brown to girl boarding car in front of school. "I don't have to. Those yaps over there are doing it for me." Overstreet: "Haven't I seen you before?" P Miss : "Yes," and she passed right on. "Now look at me-from behind." you Allshouse says the new dances are friction matches. You can't dodge the tall gates on the road to success. The trouble with windy days is that the dust blows in your eyes and can't see.-Sansom. HE RY OORE gi an , PHOTOGRAPHER f'lm5Ul rlll 2:3 " , ' i Wi53iiiliii' "fiir Eleventh and McGee Sts. vga H HRA , it X, liiigfwii-lmi:L'f fi i ,R K S yftfxig MZWW MAKER OF . F' lfB'?Qflf1Q l'-Mi , l PHOTOGRAPHS l i H it . ' WU ill j uf if ll ll THAT PLEASE! Puyu 141 MIVNN, 1 19 East Eleventh K 1 li I I , J Street 1 f Petticoat Lane Headquarters for Kryptok Invisible Bi-focals. Factory on Premises. A Quarter of a Century of Experience is Your Guarantee of Entire Satisfaction One day she wore a waist composed of numerous: Little holes, beneath which her bosom rose. I, careless, dropped her filling through- Beyond my reach. Whither flown? Who Knows? , Miller: Will you have gas, madam? Madame X: Certainly. Do you think I want you tinkering around me in the dark? Little girl: Do dentists ever go to heaven? Jenkins: Certainly. They have to make crowns for the angels. Flunkers: We don't think we deserved absolute O. Dr. Christy: Neither do I. But that was the lowest I could give you. Pox: And if I take gas I won't feel nothin'? H Pick: Nothing whatever. Pox: And I shan't be knowin' what youalls doin'? Pick: You won't know anything. Pox: Well, just wait a minute, 'till I count my wad. DRUGS DELICATESSEN COLLEGE BUILDING STUDENT' S SUPPLIES DERR'S Both Phones Main 2801 Service and Quality Always Pagv 145 Green ewelry 0. Makers Of Fraternity And Class Pins Estimates and Designs on Application We make and Repair Every- thingin Jewelry 1104-6 Walnut Street Home Phone Main 1253 KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI 4 X ' K I 1 I I r ' .- I 2 I 9 Q . X , 4 l Y ', . f N W' 1 I W PJ ff S. S. White Equipment Combination " " tPatentedQ ls distinctive, compact, complete and sanitary-meets every require- ment of the up-to-date practice. ' Comprises the S. S. White Diamond Chair and Equipment Stand No. 3 The Diamond Chair provides every position and movement essential to the comfort or convenience of patient and operator with unexcelled ease and range of adjustment. it combines strength and lightness ol construction with symmetrical proportions that show artistic as well as mechanical excellence. Perfectly balanced, the Diamond Chair is easily tilted at any desired angle, and when set is rigid in all positions and at any height. The S. S. White Equipment Stand NO. 3 economizes the operatorys time and the office space, is sanitary in construction and designed for long, hard service. It includes a seif-cleaning Spiral Flush Spittoong S. S. White Electric Engineg Glass Aseptic Table No. 33 Connections for Gas and Compressed Air, Movable Electric Light and an extra electrical connection for any device operat- ing on full voltage. The water is piped directly into the base of the Stand, thus eliminating unsightly and unsanitary hose or tubing. A removable plate at the base makes the parts easily accessable. Our Equipment Service. Let us assist you in designing your ofhce. Blue X ii -- print plans furnished and color schemes :T suggested without charge or obligation. ,' , . ,- Our new catalog of "Modern Dental Equipment" l l A p , illustrates' and defcribei' our entire line A X of Equipment Combinationf. i- 4 ' .W I 0 H me 0 0 ws '- - to IheS S White ' Dental Mfg. Co. Xe Q g et "Since 1844 the Standard" X V Philadelphia at i . W i- ffii N ' 'vu-W 17lljlt' I 1 it i Light Up the Cavity of That Molar with TRAUN'S ILLUMINATED RUBBER DAM 1lClean and pleasant to use. 1lAluminum coating will not rub off. 1lReHects the light so that you do not v have to do any guess work -:- -:- Put up in white slide-boxes, in medium weight only Per roll of 6 in. x I5fz. long - - 31.90 For half roll of 6 in. x 7 I-2 ft. long .956 TRAUN RUBBER COMPANY 337 Broadway, New York 1 c 1,118 Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z X - .,l! :Q '-".,. , A, K, . 'X ff , ,V,Z A Z 1' , N ' ' ,egg Q X - 'Q 1 12,13 , 4 i , XI s +- if X.4.-..+-ff., .,,. Ti,h.,,3:gS 1 A 1 X refs, Q-M5353 Q X434 f U17 V' '.4'f.fY , Sf: wif- ,, ,, f?5'fjfZfX fix S X E et us help you E X 1 If S . . X X. 1 5? M b'-,, , 3, X, 1n arrangmg the S X E Q! iw 38' ' equipment,furnisl'1ings E X f 6 ff , l 5,51-:?r11::"5-fe'-f H., and defcgnrationsofyour Alt thecprolcgjgoiwlriyitimoui I X I 5' cV" t costtgolr o lgnatlonz hi S X .X A ffl: 4 for. Y--N i fl 57 i X X S Z vi.-X 'cif f L1L,, ,5KE.f-X, i Sol0TfgifesZep:oJb1er?1:,b3 , an my - y-we-W--ig .xvh clraftmg Fletanled ptans X X 0 ., , , A ,X . xv In gy and offermg suggestions X X X1 ' v S to 'Htyourparticular case. S ' I W ,, 1 F A 'l ' -F, S HFift9-E09 Modern S f X xmg f- 1 ' '- qw mN!iQ-fx DnlOfE Pl " NX ,l x - fJ'l..L.-W t Q our iroflc, expliiningaixtiis 3 f ! K' L,il', ?l5s5qiNFx!L ix lf'3 serijce iN ClefHil,f0BeEhef E X V X , ', X. , ,TX Wit 'nter tin tao 5 X ' Y, UXX.-5 ggi' 'Q E of Clolurifbiag Sentil 1 X' fl ffpfgg if W ' '? L 4 Y' Q5 3,1 V' E Equipment, will bensent X M 5 Xgfwkxxg ,N A A Q E with our compliments ,'., X V , REX AV-' i upon receipt of request S X tt fs. rw X , t X fm 5, V i jff s - Xfykl and dealer s name. S X Lf' U Jie A p QR THE RITTER E ' . 'SU DENEAE. Macy co. r ' , , ,, ' V ,Q 3 :EG A oc ester, , . A X li X New Ymk Philaddplriu Chmgo --er V74 X---V X ssss w Q ss X - gsgyif ,,V , , X., R V, ' -eg A. we----me-Z W t 'tuna e g or - A.,sMs xr.-:.:.e .4 t .to', l 19'Q"'i?f55F Xt Xi H -ee-4-ilTll-llili'-'4Ql,lil"'A ' J , ,.....ff-,-ff-s::.,.-,xml-.-:frff ----',4 - -N .ryr -V A -r o,Xtr t A NZZ' o or I'mfw1w UNl'i"l-"' c The American Cabinets. Before furnishing your , office, get our Catalog from your dealer. lt shows a most complete line of Op- ' ' "" " erating and Mechanical Cabinets, Laboratory Benches, Waste Receivers, Operating Tables, Drinking Glass Cabinets, Switch- board Mountings, Etc. . ' e We allow a liberal cash i discount, or our goods can be 5 combined with Chairs, En- gines, Switchboards, Cuspid- ors, Etc., and sold on one contract on easy monthly payments. ' I The American Cabinet Co. Two Rivers, Wisconsin 1 I Th 8 M0 ill lf' Kama: City Dania! College-1917 1 ' 5 ,- L 2 '25 - QQ -,f,...4,.,fff' Vgmllff ' ' f Q 'xi ll rm , 4 N Page ljl if? l , , L ' ' . 5 . .....l4......l.. Central Busine KANSAS CITY, THE STUDED he student's great asset is Kansas City. With all the T equipment and teaching force of the Central Business EUEUQ or College, if it were located in any of the towns within a mlb wyfw i radius of two hundred miles of Kansas City, the institu- '14-5 tion could not possibly mean so much to the student. This is well demonstrated by the recent location of the Federal Reserve Bank in this city. Kansas City is the financial and business headquar- ters ofa large part of Missouri, all of Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Colorado. This means that Kansas City employs a very large per cent of all the stenographers, bookkeepers and general office help in thii bus cot 3 I3 of stu pr: the Cl stu lv- l I ' ,L 1 iii!-If . . . .. usiness College Q E STUDENTS GREATEST ASSET ill the isiness ithin a nstitu- udent. eserve dquar- braska 'ge per ielp in this entire territory. Kansas City is making more rapid strides in a business way now than ever before and great financiers all over the country are constantly making the assertion that it will some day reach a population and financial prestige that will place it third in the class of large cities in the United States. The average Business College student has a double purpose in attending school. First to secure a practical education. Second, to secure a paying position. This being the case, the CENTRAL BUSINESS COLLEGE AND KANSAS CITY afford all -the advantages that it is possible for a prospective student to secure anywhere in the United States. Write for catolog. Pa 1 SPALDING'S 5522. COMMERCIAL COLLEGE 22122, TENTH AND OAK STS. Clncorporatedj KANSAS CITY, MO. Annual attendance over 1250. 21 Experienced Teachers and Lecturers. 15 Elegantly Equipped Rooms. Literary Society, Lecture Courses and Athletic Clubs. Day and Nights Schools. GOOD POSITIONS SECURED NEW COLLEGE BUILDING GYMNASIUM AND AUDITORIUM BOOK-KEEPING, SHORTHAND, TYPEWRITING ENGLISH BRANCHES, PHYSICAL CULTURE, ETC. CATALOGUE 25 FREE Home Phone Main 1196 Bell Phone Main 1174 THE DENTIST Thrghgecnstinslt iiutlgeexhglclcliitinan, A Hiiliaiaidlltlii 3.1f51ai.:,Yheeh TRY oUR FoUNTA1N He sets me in a 'Normous chair, SERVICE All comfortable and green, And then the whole long afternoon, He hurts me all he can. With pins and knives he digs my teeth, Wh'l I 't - ' nd 1 e si crying a I think Iill be a dentist, too, When I'm a grown up man. -W. S. W., '17. ff W- ,u Inmn- M X p eff Hs::z.z5.f,Q. L52 2' , V "f a'- K' C R 6 A L ' 'xt if X . , V1 fu ff xff 'tg X Look Over Our DRUG, SUNDRY AND TOILET ARTICLE LINE ALLEE DRUG CO. ONE BLOCK NORTH DENTAL COLLEGE Ninth at-Troost Avenue-at Ninth Both Phones Main 2339 I nyc 15.1 Ike MQW L L Kama: City Dfnlal College-1917 York: Do you think 31,000.00 is too much to charge 1 for his gold plates? Christy: No. But why don't you wait? He's making money so fast you can get 355,000.00 out of him in 6 months. Senior: What's your opinion of Ikeyis honesty? Junior: - poor. Why, he even came around and stole the in struments I borrowed from him. Bohl at piano: I am a self-taught player. Lewis: You bragging or apologizing? What Junior is so bowlegged that when he stands beside a saw buck spells OX? Mye1's. If they take our army to Europe will they let Cope-land? Yes, and they will have Bill Pray, too. HOME PHONE MAIN 4715 ALL WORK GUARANTEED 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE A. A. RIEDERER PHOTOGRAPHER Commercial and Home Portraits 214 West Prospect Kansas City, - Missouri ESTABLISHED OVER 20 YEARS Both Telephones, Main 3988 "The Best That Grows In Flowers and Plants" Wedding and Party Decorations . Hospital Boquets Grand Avenue At Tenth Kansas City, - - Missouri Illljll' I Telephone Us Your Wants! Anything In Pure Drugs Toilet Articles and Sick Room Necessities Ice Cream and Cold Drinks ALFRED PHARMACY Home Telephone M. 8974 Bell M. 166 Southwest Corner 10th and Harrison Kansas City, - Missouri BRUCE WALKER K. C. D. C. Janitor Payr 156 BELL PHONE GRAND 980 HOME PHONE MAIN 5233 MEET ME AT THE TROOST CAFE 1030 EAST TWELFTH STREET UTWELFTH STREET'S CLASSY PLACE" Two Blocks South Of College Meals Delivered to Your Room-No Extra Charge ROMANCE P. H. Luckinbill . . . . Hand in hand they wandered through the green aisles of the forest, and the West wind sighed mournfully through the pines and from the thickets arose the numerous hum of bees. As if by common impulse, they came to a stop in the shade of a majestic maple. The girl faced the man, trembling yet smiling. Then softly, almost in a pleading tone, she whispered, "Jack! Jack!" The man, who was red-haired and of an aristocratic slimness, smiled out of keen gray eyes, and seizing her by the arms, drew her gently toward him until he could feel the soft rise and fall of her breast and looked down into the blue eyes shining with love. "Darling," he mu1'mured, and- The dentist, sterilizing his forceps, turned as the pudgy, red-headed little man in the chair, who had been taking gas, opened his eyes. "SPIT," he said. Offers Special Accommodations to K. C. Dental Students Sport Bulletins Cigars and Candies The New Brunswick Billiard Parlor 1028 East Twelfth Street Joe S. Rubin, Prop. Pugu 157 MOMIF Kanfaf City Dental College-1917 IGII GRADE PRINTING-CATALOGS -BOOKLETS-PUBLICATIONS- CIRCULAIRS-MUSIC-OFFICE STATIONERY-COLOR PRINTING AND EFFECTIVEADVERTISINGLITERATURE WRITE OR PHONE US YOUR NEEDS Tingle- Titus Printing Company 808 Grand Avenue Home 'Phone M. 2972 BelZ'PIzo1ze IW. 3566 The "Mo!ar', if a sample of our Work. Pugu ljh' 1 1 5 ,U Q The M0!d1' Kamaf City Dental College-1917 ,. , ,,,.,,. W , .Trai Y . NYY ...Af 7777 ,U . i-l . Cosmopolitan Club in front row of Dr. Stark's lecture: E Irish McCrosky Jew Bailyn. X Tokio Nakamura, Federico Kampitan. Don Miller: 'tThe recruiting station has rejected my application on account of physical and mental incapacity." Tracy York: "Say Whiting, do you carry Ney's gold down at Hettingers' '?" Lentz: "Why do you wrinkle your eyebrows so when'you take those high notes '?" Jenkins: "Why, those are the added lines above the staff." Shaver fJr.J: "Is there any record, Dr., Where dentists have con- tracted S-?" N Dr. Loebenstein: "Oh, yes, more than you have any idea of." Shaver: "I mean in actual practice." Exam. answer: Fosforus fusses at -460 C. Nature never makes any blunders. When she makes a fool she means Q elf lzlour Ordersfl'5 , BAIRD Cb PAN 5 Engravers ., Q i .Qi. Kanye jj, gi .sq - - W W Specialize in I 4 Cfngiavl' T 51' H efcfxoof Col' fi 7DU66c'c?6blUI Gigi: 6 ff!! Cdhbgbefandpbhmgwh x hull! 4' NF ff .,vi' f,-' V., I Q ff 5.25 ,.. 5-r Pngu 1459 I . I . I w 1 w L I , A I , I. ,,- I I Ai 1 L 1 + E Q-Y if EX 1 'lx 1 i , all 5 1 , If nj . .14 QA P xi 1, 'S 'k W, 3 I 1 5' I1 3 S . 1 , I 1 1 Q E !

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