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University of Missouri at Kansas City - Kangaroo Yearbook (Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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' mum Q Q f, f ww ,f,.5,, f f W u 42 - fy' X A fggyzmifl ff-- ,-f. 424 2 Winter came To campus iii? f-'hm . with winter came snow ,,.x .. I 0-,J " y 4 , f W ff G f fu , W-, f f , fww 'mf X ff ,V f f f , A I f ' 4 , W 12, f X if , 7 M, ,wf , , f . ' ' ' 'Y' ",:,gws-pqfv' 4 W A ,Y dl., --ff-1f1.v:.-: :zv , 4 f ' Q I 3 4 I , N . X L ' I S1 v -91 X' ,ng ,.,. W ., , f A' Our parking problem did 't c a ge Lf? lv: 41 5:4 if , 1 , , JY, ,M L, -ff -- -ff" V ' ' 2L,L.,.- ,1., 1'5" 4 1 , il O , 5 is fsicdlly. 1 to edu- esystem ' suniver- lirection C8 l'1'G in. Contents: 2 Prologue 18 Orientation and Registration 38 Academics 98 1 50 1 93 202 248 276 28-4 Students Student Life Sports Organizations and Activities Ci-reeks Feature Section Senior Section Advertising Index 17 . 1 5 J ! U I I I' l Y , 5 n fi ! 4 I. 3 A , . as ' E3 . 1 . .Q X , ,E 41 51 H 1. K . E 11 .. p 4. lv A I, 4 'A , , ,H Pl . , Y ii VW-.W............-....,.,. v . 5 r nv' ' 1, 'qi ., .. M., H ,.W. v--Q .M . 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H ,,,, W r l, ' ' Ps' 'V WE HAVE CHOSEN UMKC UMKC HAS CHOSEN US THIS INDICATES OUR BELIEF IN IT 20 N.. ,.W-Q- ....,, mx wgi, 4 .BOT .yup -4 U 74'- 5 4 , kc fi "9 rf ,X , ,, wwf" ,vfy ?.f .Q , x I 'il' . ex I3 rf f',,,,aC" ' ywQ1--z . ff, 'fiat ,k 1,65 V if ua ,t4w4,4v Wx w 41-0' - 4' I ?:O"9"' 0 9 QA ':of 'Q,' ' 1 :Vp U 14 W' 6 J nf' 'Pm, Z f fi 4 72 , W 1 J 'a 4 I -I! Q4 I1 1 u 1 .1 fl J . -in 1 7 ff? 5- .gf , f, , ,.....a ,-..,........ ....,....-..,... -' ' 1 ' s 5 .Z I ' 1 1: 455 ' Y ' "----f- - ---Mm...-,- ..,, ,,,,,,,-V A, ,MN ,- 1, Orientation 1964 will be remembered as a beginning, a series of firsts. The fresh- men entered the different and unknown world of university life. Transfer students from other colleges brought a little of each college with them. Some hoped that somehow UMKC would seem a little familiar. Others hoped to bury memories of a college-past and build something new. Maybe UMKC became a little of both. We lost our individuality, and guc- cumed to herd-movements. We were a mass of new faces,a name among names or a number among numbers. We attended lectures, met our peers, toolc placement tests, participated in discussion groups, and, on tired feet, under the blistering sun, we toured the campus. We were warned of the pollut- ed pond, we viewed the nifty nudies, and we saw the buildings and classrooms where we would spend the next few years of our life. This was Orientation Week, when it all began. 29 The line of Registration moved on eight thousand tired feet. We were allowed thirty minutes to complete the process. We began, armed with a packet which reduced the story of our lives to a series of punched holes, and pencils which grew shorter with our patience. Many of us entered registration with carefully prearranged schedules of courses, and most of us emerged with care- fully rearranged schedules of courses. We were greeted at each phase of the long line with a cheerful announce- ment that one by one our classes had closed out, and the line moved on. W At last we approached the beginning of the end. We were relieved of our course cards and the burden of our money. Attacked by the smiling faces of the yearboolc staff, we tiredly agreed that the Kangaroo was a necessity, and con- vinced ourselves that, yes, we should talce out life insurance. It was over. The line was behind us now. w ref. FSS. of ch e re- ed :e he are S . N6 Dn- CS. 2 wp" J 4 f , f 7,f'! f W , X , , Z ff fm ZA Z . f'C'f Z, I X 41Z Fi af:- .1251 ,I wat , - I j .f 1 U ww i 42. y ! f 1. f :fs fi- , . . ,Wi , 0 f ff 52 ff f A lg, ill' x , 510 .. ,'22.,25g. m i i, Q 1.3 ff ,'f:::g:?f? Q ' Q ff- Q ww x X' J' ,. 5 xwW,.,-N.N.ww5m 1 4 2 A Ag Lili , riiri 'fi f 5g:11.1:f:rf' v 2412 ., .,.,.. ., --gf.:-'., f 2, wr was W4 fi M x Q Q Q X Q ,ab .. ,Q ., .1 X., 1, x for 5264-Lliff, if 'V 'I f, 43 M1 A ,,,, 'fx N., N xx m, My K, a , 5- ,Z f iff , ,, f , 1 ' , A , ,- ...,., .- ,4 ' -- 1 L,pzvuunu4-:Ffa-" I 1 5 s ! E Va w 1 1 J Z Working together, talking, planning, producing having fun. Q rl A. 35 I 1 S ' z 4 1 Q ii r 'qygfw ,f -f ga' 0 -1 1 i 9 4 E c I r .. ,- F 1 . . Y. f ,Y---........,.--....,...... ..,. -,.,,, Q V 52,4 45,5 la--TF IO N DlylllillS'l'l2FlTlON Abtl Dl'llNlSTF2FlT N Ab i U NVE ffYlAH1NlSTQH'VloN ADH ADH llilllllllrll? CDW iam lfltl lPlNllllGs ,jj MAB We o W D Dtlllxl MQ, i AD i N JHIN l lrlllxl a"Q,,,n-4. 1219 Nw X.,-.... i ii? fax Dltlllxl 5HlN MIN gall nalyzing, discussing, evaluating ideas reating, conversing, cramming tor tests sking questions, finding the answers emanding ot our teachers and ourselves xperimenting, testing, weighing evidence emorizing essentials and the essence ben d facts nauiring in the lab, in class, in our own mi s aring more about learning, less about grades uddenly realizing we are university students 41 iffy rg:-,spa aruth- Board of Trustees The Board ot Trustees and the newly elected otticers of LJ.M.K.C. are accepting a new challenge in which all citizens ot the Kansas City area must participate. "Public support does not eliminate the need tor private gitts. No great in- stitution ot higher learning is strictly private or strictly pub- lic. Additional support means "extras" which make an excel- lent institution out ot a good one and excellence must be the goal tor The University ot Mis- souri at Kansas City.'f-Arthur Mag, Board Chairman-. The otticers ot the Board ot Trustees are: Arthur Mag, Chairman, Elmer F. Pierson, First Vice-Chairman, Henry C. Haskell, Second Vice-Chairman, Dutton Brookfield, Third Vice-Chair- man, Horace Warren Kimbrell, Secretary, James M. Salter, ll, Treasurer, Edwin P. Bulow, Assistant Treasurer, Myron K. Ellison, Counsel. Members ot the Execu- tive Committee are: William D. Grant, James M. Kemper, Sr., Dr. Charles N. Kim- ball, John A. Morgan, Miller Nichols, George E. Powell, Sr., Paul L. Willson, Jr. Board Members include Donald R. Armacost, John Ayres, Bertram Berkley, R. N. Bergendott, The Hon. John M. Dalton, Thomas Deacy, John Denton, Ernest Dick, Charles Duboc, Dr. Elmer Ellis, Myron Ellison, James Finch, Richard Fowler, J. E. Frankum, John Gage, George Gordon, William D. Grant, Richard C. Green, Joyce Hall, Raymond Hall, William Henderson, The Hon. Elmo B. Hunter, Ray lrwin, E. M. Kauttman, Ralph Martin, John A. Morgan, Miller Nichols, Robert Olson, Altred Parmelee, George E. Powell, Sr., John F. Pritchard, George Reuland, Thomas Robinson Dr Carleton F. Scofield, Rheta A. Sosland, Martha Jane Starr, Richard J. Stern, James P. Sunderland, Edward W. Tanner, Sr., Dale M. Thompson, Herbert T Veatch Richard L Wagner The Hon Charles E Whittaker Paul F.Tomasek,N. . , - f - - , L. Willson, Jr., Frank R. Armanees, the Hon. llus W. Davis, Jay Dillingham, Dr. Claude Owens and Morris R. Shlensky. Arthur Mag Elmer F. Pierson Chairman First Vice-Chairman 45 - .,..... ..,.-fr ,u..1-,----yw---- -1 -vu--rn nn- mu-v !..,. :nv -var., Q gn.. ...nm f, - 'Y 7 ' 'A " 1- There are three-hundred and seventy-one peo- ple who process grade point averages, prepare the Student Directory, maintain the University Center game room, set up tournaments, provide trophys and plagues, prepare the Dean's Lists, replace broken window panes, manipulate seating in Pierson l-lall, repaint campus build- ings, initiate curriculum changes, provide dis- ciplinary action, handle playhouse funds, au- thorize social functions of student groups, maintain the University Center Poster Shop, govern fraternity and sorority funds, collect dormitory payments, organize Honors Day, enforce probation rules, prepare the academic calendar, provide registration materials, cash student checks, handle Men's and Women's Residence l-lall Association fee, supervise so- rority rush, co-ordinate campus yearbook and newspaper, provide tests, counsel and advise students, provide cafeteria menus, listen to student complaints, compile lists of degree candidates, process and distribute grades, op- erate shuttle bus and campus police force, schedule examinations, process Selective Serv- ice notices, handle bookstore funds, interpret extra-curricular policies, maintain campus cal- endar, obtain part-time jobs for students, su- pervise the dormitory, order supplies for Uni- versity Center, supervise student orientation program, process student records, provide and distribute diplomas, select candidates for scholarship nominations, prepare and mail probation cards, check chaperones at social functions, plan and control student body elec- tion, approve student money-making projects, advise the All Student Association, certify eligibility of officers of organizations, main- tain current files on events and traditions in schools for future reference, handle payrolls, process receipts and expenditures of All Stu- dent Association, approve student loans, make reservations for use of The University-Center. These people and their jobs are .... Facjulty anjd administration must work together, discussing and solving problems, and in an atmosphere of mutual e in - ' , un rstan g and co operation ,. V, .M ggv, iff-jig ii' 'Xe N V i ZX f Dec as dlir anc gat wit ser the on ser To Ch rici Co del mi' On dei He Te Bac to l Wc l-la fi. , OP' Jrce, Se rv- 'pret cal- su- Uni- ition and for mail Jcial elec- ects, rI"l'lfy tain- ws in rolls, Stu- na ke nter. I 'mutual kan ,n 'f P! V 1 l:ww4N. if I J, flaw we v ff 1, - it ,W Jw Dean of Students, Wheaton S. Bloch, is never too busy to discuss a problem or counsel students. Dean Wheadon Bloch, Dean of Students, has as his foremost administrative duty, the han- dling of student problems, academic, personal and financial. Maintaining the official obli- gations of his offce, as well as a close contact with the students themselves, Dean Bloch serves as a liaison between the students and the administration. The Dean of Students acts on many different levels of responsibility, serving as ADVISOR, to the Student Council, Torch and Scroll, lnterfraternity Council, Chairman, Student Aid Committee, Extra-cur- ricular Policy Committee, Student Conduct Committee, MEMBER, Admissions and Aca- demic Reauirements Committee, traffic Com- mittee, University Center Board, SECRETARY, Omicron Delta Kappa, SUPERVISOR, Resi- dence l-lall, Student Financial Aids, Student l-lealth, Student Placement, Counseling, and Testing. E 'l D' ctor of Placement' Avis Jackson Assistant Back Row: Dean Wheadon Bloch, Dean of Students, George enci , ire , , u to Director of Placement, Anna Williams, Secretary to Dean of Students, John Souders, Counselor, Front Row: Judith ' ' ' B b McKay, Assistant to Dean of Students for Financial Aid, Marilyn Wahbeh, Secretary in Counselors Office, ar ara Harton, Assistant to Dean of Students. 47 I ,Q ,-,..,:,.,,: ' --Y ..:xf:4-gf-Q-m-' H 2 Ei .1 S1 X i '1 2 1 Z' l .gg I V 2 fin' Y ya V "Whs- .1 f -all! ,Ms ,Q n E ,, ,,M,,.,,W D 2.44 0 ....... , mx K 9 5 2 ffm ff ff f,'f , .4 mfg-f,, ,,,,,, , 'x 1 gw '25, V4-fwfv 'Q -uw Wa " , "" 4. fx Lawfjvkzzi ff .F A yi , .V , ., 4 ,f ,A 372 ,V MJ' ,M 7,1 . ,, ,uf X h ws., V, 4 , 1 .gv v 71 2 ' . ,q . ,A ' - . ' 62,3 ' - ' , , . ' . ' g 91 ' - i,: . , i L I 5 . .. 1 ' '. . ' ' ' ' ' ' f 0 ' L: W' "'f'? li xx . - ,. - --- J:--L- ,,,-,1 .aucsnnsnf--'ii-" 1 I , . 1 I ' s 4 ! ii P I . I 1 . 1 ,gg .gk 2 z, N W 5" P 'f M" Ll ' b q1. q: . QQ? f, W jf., an Q iv. 4 s fi? ,Q 5 9 L 2 ,, - , -fi .v 1 af 1 ...- --' H w' . 7, .- if ,,, . 1 2 iw 451553 5 2 f EEN' 5177 iiggi i c 2 ? I . 'wtf ,will y James L. Fries, Director of University Relations l Q I l l i l i l l 1 l l l Jim Fries, Director ot University Rela- tions, is responsible for creating and maintaining opinion throughout the community and state. This climate of opinion will provide the interest and support necessary tor the University to achieve its various academic and public service goals. l James Fries, Director ot Public Relations, Mariellen Deveney, Secretary to Mr. Fries, Robert l-lencey Director ot Pub- f lications, Edwina McLaughlin, Gift Recorder, Lowell Erickson, Assistant Director, University Funds, William Lund, l Director, Alumnae Relations, George Speer, Staff Assistant, University Relations, Eleanor Dittemore, Secretary to Mr. , Lund, Adriana Howell, Record Clerk, Sherry Goodman, Secretary, Vesta Benson, Secretary to Board of Trustees, l l l ill il i 3 ill, ii l l l 1 l i KS J ,, S X A T 1w..l.1-New--. iff'-'gifi affix? c ,, i ,"' ., ,,,. ,,,,,.,, i ' its L A A 22:2 . f' ' A A 'rri ff, ' W fks- Mm-M. ' -11:5 V raw, D l W-WWQRM V V s M M... S , . .A-v...x.Nd4i.v 1-xnmnn usnnns unwav- 1 vu. wa , , , ,, ,-.,.Q..,..I' ,fzaisl-saivr ' 1 i i I i .3 4 1 Q 1 94 QW Fw QE -, 1 ' NX, f -3 xJ,l,,x, . 1, all 1 1J l,l- YI g4Pi.Ji..Q . -' i ' I ' 1 4 K i N, 4 .J E 5 Q. if '1 v 1 -Ui W Jcirt- OQY' hoir- rC1Th, rnesf ring. E ,ff YP? HULL W A foundation for life . . . Arts and Sciences. ii W 'P.YO.. GLN Cm Dr. M. E. High, Chairman of Physics, Dr. Myron Wogner, Choirmon of Chemistry, Drs John Hodges, Choirmon of Economics, Dr. Horold Buschrnon, Professor of Philosophy, Dr. Willicim Miisteod, Associate Professor of Biology. 59 I'l'l2-CDCW' m Oli --lPZ"l0h-2-SUP 20 I 1 ' Y, ,nf Y- ! i ff--fd 1 ff W 235:-"-ifi--' 2 i 1 1 1 Ai 4 -1 Ei 1-1 'n 1 J LL --7 - - --W -..-.......,.,...,.,,,.......,,,, ,N 1' X 1 22 , W,-,Mmvfwwwwfgqvnnwrw Q A f ff f Deon Archie N. Jones Conservatory of Music ' f -- x.g-.-.......-.............,.....-...1-..f.... WO-IPCZMUDZOO -4 -MCS 'PIO ,,,,,,........L-8 V V V-1, K fff- -ff, 1:,.+'f?s--" 2 1 3 132 I 5 Z 2 3 3 E fa 5, Q 1 4 2 4 , , K 4 4 V. 2 if L, S 7 , 1 . 33 ' fi ! 1 J 1 '21 f - -1.4 - - -----------...-...------N - ? P W P if-Q, 1 ff ,ff , ivy 'f A ff? cz26Q,f , 7 C0 f 'ff z z'MfHf,, ' ffm, My! ,, , ffffl , 6,03 I, , XWCX' X ,fd I f 'ff f , X X f Dr. Jack Wells, Dr. Robert E. Day, Dean Hamilton B. G. Robinson, Dr. Robert Allen, Dr. Claude Baker. Training today for tomorrow Dental students are encouraged to employ new methods and tools. Dr BenW W Dr. Carl W. Sawyer, Dr. Wayne L. Reeve, Dr. Lee R. Brown, Dr. William L. Lefkawitz, . . arner, Dr. William Sanders, Dr. Phillip M, Jones, Dr. Wayne L. Harvey. The but l W -Eff? 5 f 4 A fl YQ? 'Z X, 43 , 5, Q 23 Z --ami 4 ,ff The dental student must learn basic mechanical skills, but he is more than a craftsman. Young. Dr. David Mooreg fi ,H , Ni 2 E 5 ' E ,f X4 X ll' 1 of E . 2 V' fy. vga. l Dr. Norman Schwartsg Dr. George R, rl K. l 1 2 1 4 M f .1.-,fy 1, , W. 2 3 ff f , , , mfg A A f f l, ,,,,f , f V ,wfflfff , , gp 1 i , 3 ifffigffwff' ' A ,fr,. e- , . t ,,.,, C .. V,,,,a, ,M f fm-fwnwmaw, , 1 W fwfkf ,rf Www W- fy ,W , . ff!! rdf -1.fff?f'211f5'7,'- fi 'f wg! Legrningl first by example, then by experience. 71 WP! f 4 E 1 , 5 f ? 1 - 2 E T f 9 5 4 g 5 A I 1 2 J g 1 Aff' f QAQQ ' ,-A.s V ' 4 X, 'Kr - x .R fn, . .VN a I I A x 1 Q -ix N3 .21 ' A ' 'ie' :55i,:i,..---,.... ,Y Mm M... .,...- .5'723'I ---,.., , ,Y -..........,....-......-..-...... 5, f .41 vafsfffzf Q , Xwufxn-.f-- -4 sxsw W -fimrxs-1f14:f.' x 1 :A--ff 4-Q-.1 1:-X ' 1 N x 1 I -x ,..- , 1 N +G:--ff.-irifflftqg, '.- L-71-:J k-aa-rf -x ,F J MGA V+. X--A , x w .f :A593-1'-Nj Ifrrg ff::ffgzf.'f1Q.g2 ,X u 1 f'y.,f,ff 6,5 X .gg-1,4 gf.-Q :j . xx , , , f 1 I . 1 ,fr 1 X If X V Jw f X xx , x, - H-- X , .,,,,V.., , , 4 L.-,,,,, H4 1 A ,. . , . x ,ff fr:--'Z'-f ff X f - , ..,,-.k-UA- x K, , f X EE., k:f,,,,53' -wa :fl gf . .,.,-5-5 .z,m?'+1f-' Er: , ,, ,,f..,.--, V, 1 fu 0 if S I Q A ,- J f.., ,2- ,,- , 7-2iQng1gf'-: -"' f' .4 WJ.- U ,u 'w""7-'Z' -H2211 -f"'f.,fF?gfiI2Ef1 f , - Q- , , ' K ,Q fl, 4- P-' AN- -'xv -1, .'l:" " ff fish. Y if 12 'N 211: -qfiaifffffbff' Jffwi-Qff Q' ,M ' f3fi3.3-,M-" ,L if 5 ff Q V.. ., ,,.,, .1 - -f .n 2 f ?"Q"f',5',16'525Qz we .rw 5fz?2'2:xcf 9-'fflglff' 'ef Q, ,fm of fi, f ff W ,. 1 1 1-f J -' Q -1 .., fi, Qin.. ,gba , .12 -f au:-ig, M 4v,,,f55,.'i, 'gif' ff, f-sf gf- Q fa 0 ,,11,,,-5-5 ,. .f 51.1.2-:.r-2'-f xr.,-,. ,I-f,-f:g.:.51.,.J3f52 0- 'ff -f 'Nas-.1 ff ,Q f, 1 -f Because of the ever-increasing complexity of learning, the teacher of today must be better prepared . . 4 , l X , Hs. H B ' ' 7' ' ,5"':"! .,fT,, . M- 1'f"'-f.-.W--.,1ai:m.,...M..,..,.,X ,, W 'ww ' v' Front Row: Dr. Hazel Williams, Dr. Shirley Hill, Dr, Ann Boyle, Miss Margaret Dudley, Mrs. Harriet Guthrie, Dr Mary Lee Marksberry. Second Row: Dr. Harrison Godfrey, Mr, James Bynum, Dr. Don Williams, Dr. Frank Markus Dr. David Gliessman, Dr. William Lewis. Third Row: Dean Huglri W. Speer, Mr. Gilbert Rees, Dr. Gary Nalwrstedt Dr. Bill Jessee, Dr. John Lovell, Dr. Curtis Henson. 74 5 I IOM O I"O l" 'PIO A W ...........g.,.i. 1 r f l K .. W 1 -4. 4 ' -.- - - H--'-'W-W-f-'n--'-"------ T V -I , 4 1 1 N I .. .1 ' ,Zig sf 1 , -- . I is qvxif krvjy- ei- Sf H Q 'O 1. W3 sv' fJ'j Ai- -" v -,f " "M" ,,..- , ' . '1' ,f w ii 0- " "5 1 'e 'M . M X iw' I' ' ' 'ff fQ Q, QT, 'Alia fy vi ,I -.. x , . .la-+G-N 'A - In Al A Qi 4 g 1" H LJ f ., L1 x 'E' s "'3?a'5 1 w rw ' A 'A 4 ' Y 1, ,, ,L Q V E , , . , ' gyj Q ' ,f " K' , ni , , 0 1 A' ' 64, 7 5. .w 1 1 4 2 1 : . I 1 4 I 1 5 . -4 A I 1 4, A.,l 3 ,,,. 4, ww indt The School of Pharmacy makes students aware of their obligations to public health and to their com- munity. To become a registered pharmacist, a stu- dent must complete five years of study and must have one year of practical experience in a retail drug store under the supervision of a registered pharma- cist. Finally, he must pass the State Board of Phar- macy examinations. With a Bachelor of Science degree, careers in the fields of retail, hospital, and industrial pharmacy are available to the student. lf he continues his studies and obtains a Master of Science or a Doctor of Philosophy, endless opportun- ities await him in the fields of teaching and research. Small classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, field trips for juniors and seniors to manufacturing mate- rial maintained by the Linda Hall Library and a highly trained teaching staff contribute to the over- all effectiveness of the pharmacy program. ln l943 the School of Pharmacy formerly known as the Kan- sas City College of Pharmacy became affiliated with the University. lt is accredited by the American Council of Pharmaceutical Education and is a mem- ber of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. For the past l l years the School of Phar- macy has been guided by the capable hands of Dean Leslie Eisenbrandt. Dean Eisenbrandt is a member of the American Society of Pharmacology and Ex- perimental Therapeutics and of the American Phar- maceutical Association and Society for Experimental Biology in Medicine. Before becoming Dean he was a professor of pharmacology. 81 f ' f !----J - -- -1-f---- T-1111" w J X 7 . Ml 3 l fs I, f- P " I 3 , , ,, ., uu,...,.M,....M,.aw Arts and Science Council The Arts ond Sciences Council, os the representotive body of the College of Arts ond Sciences, hos mode steps this yeor to secure ci more efficient ond smoother working council to benefit the College. We hove strived to supply ideos ond guidonce to the students ond the odministrotion in the vorious oreos of student octivities. Officers President .... Jim Eisenlorondt Vice-President .... Judy Puckett Secretory .... i Donno Rohning Treosurer ..... Koy Collord Councilmen: Morcy Murello, Phelps Mur- dock, Ron Veotch Ron Veotch ond Phelps Murdock, councilmen, were involved in A ond S Council's porticipotion in Librory Fund Raising. Jim Eisenbrcindt octed os President of the A and S Council. Judy Puckett officioted os A ond S Council Veep. 4 gf 5 , :',. ,. . ., A Q P-i s Q6 The o n the the Eoc sen the tol the The ly e loti bot lerr fiwafv' X I Sec der Pre Tre Fre Clc K N I ' I 1 I . 1 Y 1 1 f x F 1, The Student Bar Association is composed of the student body of the l.a.w School. The Board of Governors is the student governing body and consists of representatives electeclj by thelmem ' ' ' ' cts bers of the Student Bar Association. Meeting at least once each month, the boar routine y a in the areas of finance, orientation of new students, professional seminars, speakers programs, ' l rams and roblems and social functions of the Law School. ln addition, it handles specia prog p germane to the student body. ' ' ' ' I d d hi hl successful Christmas dance "ln re Noel " Highlights of this year's activities inc u e a g y , , a panel discussion of various legal careers by prominent local attorneys, informal student-fac- ulty meetings, and the sponsorship of the Freshman Case Club Appellate Competition. However, the primary function of the Student Bar Association is to prepare its members for the ' ' ' t d 'th some of legal careers which lie ahead by not only encouraging them to become acauain e wi the ractical problems with which they will be confronted, but by instilling within the members P a sense of professional responsibility to their clients and to their community. lt is, after all, this . . . . d H h I sense of professional responsibility, instilled while a student, by which a lawyer an is sc oo will ultimately be judged. Student Bar Association: First Row' Paul R. Edwards, Secretary, James H. Marsh, Ken Jones, Rodger Phillips George Leonard, Lawrence H. Rost, Treasurer, Second Row: Gene Voigts, president, Tom Allen, Administration: Assistant, James D. Williamson, Barry K. Danielson, Ton R. Heitz, Vice President, David Freeman. Education Council Back Row: James Bynum, Faculty Advisor, Dr. Bill Jessee, Faculty Advisor, Rod Harsin, Graduate Repre- sentative. Secretary, Jane Frieze, ASA Representative, Karen Peterson, Treasurer, Shirley Capps, Vice-President, 86 Front Row: Ronni Bisman, President, Chari Winn, Busi lent Larr Har Stew Ed l DeNr i The Phc All Thi anc der Am Wa 5 li -, "'fG- 4 :LQ sf. 1 -I'T1:a-If-if -L vw-Q Qfsrvar- Z +-: -rt 552: V ... -- :". :in ::.xg N .... -...1 .M ti! -- 5? -' Q.. 1. , : 3 ' 3 -'Qi - 5 22 :gi ' 3 3 7: 251 L' '5 3 L .Vi 1 1 :2 igia ' Z fl : 72: fg ' 3 :as - 2 Tk F Q3 gf A I-1 5 Y 3 I S 1 I 2'- - Ez ' 215 ??l" is Q1 vw XF: x Q sf. -Lv Ig, + 5 if h I 1 I, .,, li W :H f2,5 T55 XE . L 1 . . LFE s, ,. 1-i GT.. . 3 ,, V -13 , p I rf F 2 N 2 v X. WU: 5? if ggi, . . ini V7 H Ek rg .Et '11 -if-L fr '19, i I Q 3 1' Rh re" Us I 9 v , in E F .. . 3" 3, -3 V1 I 3 4 E :H Q: 5: , E 54, Q . Jw :I K :SE V' fs:-V ,?1s,f .-' ' 1' E . I mf ri : u 2 4-. I. 'ag jf, -'A-. . . L' W . , ,Wg .xi 5 3 A, 'fb M! W. L Y 7 il Q A 4-3: ARTS AND SCIENCES Samson Soloveitchik ln i946 an interesting and arresting scholar wearing a blue beret and carrying a cane came to this university. Professor Samson Soloveitchik became in a short time a familiar figure on campus. Not only his scholarship, which is both wide and deep, but also his innate kindliness and humanity quickly endeared him to the faculty and students alike. l-lis colleagues will long remember his sharp questions and his passionate devotion to the democratic processes. Born in Russia well before the beginning of the present century, Professor Soloveitchik soon attached himself to the liberal movement in that country. l-le was a colleague of Kerensky's re- gime. With his wife and child he fled the Bolsheviks for his life, coming to rest finally in Paris. ln l94O, he and his family again fled Paris, this time in the face of the advancing German army, and found a haven in the United States. Fortuitous circumstances brought him to Kan- sas City and its University. Still vigorous in Mind, Professor Soloveitchik has continued to teach far beyond the usual age of retirement, The contributions which men make to the life of an institution are by no means identical. ln the present instance, it is the force of professor Solo- veitchik's character and the impression of his personality upon the University that will be long cherished and remembered. 89 W f,,. . , ff ff 114, nf! ,. .ina ' f fyfff ' f. -W Mimi 4 P. V ' i ' 43 552, ' f' f fa, f , f f f f ff W ,I , wwf, f f ,W Q, Q . . , fMff2frfW..ff7 ' I .,i,i. .. .N , , .. ww., ,W ,V V, f,,..,f, ,ff f. .. fy .H,:..M, f .. . 4, ' 4 ,,4v""""' W f ' T zg f , ' I , f fjffjzfg 1.97 1 H 4 Mf!,?,,M,, ,f , v, . . fz.fffvir,f, i - , A ' T g ,, , A mis W r f , i fi I-' 'V ,J f f f . f A yy, f 4 DENTISTRY Dr. Carl Sawyer Dr. Carl Sawyer, who has taught at the School of Dentistry continuously for thirty-eight years, accepted his first appointment seven years before the first classes were held on the Volker cam- pus. Dr. Sawyer has taught in the clinic all these years and is recognized for his outstanding ability in teaching the restoration of teeth with gold foil. He has served as Director and Co- ordinator of the large general clinic of the school, and since i932 has taught the carving of teeth and their anatomy to first year dental students. ln i946 he became a full professor and served for many years as the Chairman of the Department of Operative Dentistry. ln l936 he was relieved of that chairmanship so that he might devote more time to Endodonics, the treat- ment of the root canals, and to become the first chairman of that department. Dr. Sawyer is recognized as a capable teacher in the clinic laboratory and lecture room and has been in de- mand as a speaker by dental societies both locally and nationally. He is the author of many recognized articles in the field of dentistry. Dr. Sawyer's office is affectionately referred to as "Carl's Bad Cavern" by his devoted and appreciative students who find his guidance both neces- sary and enjoyable. PHARMACY Lyle Willits There are strong ties between Professor Willits and his students. He is never too busy to listen to problems or to counsel or advise. This feeling of closeness causes almost everyone automati- cally to know Professor Willits simply as "Lyle", His relationship with his students results par- tially from his work as Chief Pharmacist in the Dispensary. Here, he trains Pharmacy students in the actual dispensation of pharmaceuticals. Mr. Willits is introduced to freshmen by his course in Metrology. His senior course, Dispensing Pharmacy, is considered a highlight of the Pharmacy School curriculum. Mr. Willits has given freely of his time and services for the good of his students. He goes beyond the confines of the University and into the city through his work in many Kansas City Hospitals. He is active in alumni affiliations and is a Past President of the Pharmacy Association. From l96O-62 he was Assistant Dean. Mr. Willits teaches his students with a tenacity of purpose, and to them, he is both an educator and a friend. 90 -41 , 4 45. M C S. S1 tr Ol FY CC pi W D Iv C1 O E lx A d Cl tm T. O F1 It l" C II C S ggnhnwqmm. .WWA l 4 V is 5. 'S 1.1: M it ,A 2 Aww wwf-u,-. .1,Q-A.,. ..,,k .,,.., . was.. , 1' f ff! 1, - . ,,.,, f.,11,f f , ,V M ,. M ,Q i f 4. W ,,, ,, .ln W rs, fn- V19 Io- of nd he JT- is ie- VW as es- 'en iti- :Jr- 'its his 'he mod his ant his Z . l CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC Stanley Deacon Stanley Deacon is known as an accomplished Baritone, teacher, lecturer, and author. During the l92O's he began his outstanding career as a concert artist. I-le has sung in countless operas, oratorios, and concerts. Mr. Deacon comments that he has participated in every phase of vocal music except Burlesque and admits candidly that he still has this to look forward to, Mr. Dea- con has produced many fine singers. l-le has long been a favorite of students, for he takes a personal interest in all their activities. The Conservatory adopted a Christmas program in l927, which has since become an annual tradition. An integral part of this tradition is Mr. Deacon's performance of "The Birthday ofa King," one of the highlights of the Christmas musical season. Mr. Deacon's classes are informal, his lectures are personal, and his teaching is of great value to all those training in the musical arts. His scope of knowledge is diverse and he is admired not only for his knowledge of things past, but for his open-mindedness, and his contemporary view. EDUCATION Margaret Dudley Miss Margaret Dudley has distinguished herself on three continents as well as at UMKC. She directed a school for American children in Venezuela from i943 to l947. She went to Iran on an educational mission in i953-i954 under the Smith Mundt Act, serving part of the time in teacher-training in the remote northwest province of Azerbaijan during the Mossadegh revolu- tionary period. She was a member ofa school improvement team in Pakistan under a Fullbright award. She has been on the Educational faculty since l949, and under her leadership the ele- mentary education division has developed into one of the outstanding programs of the Midwest. Many teachers in the area have enjoyed Miss Dudley's Children's Literature course. She has pio- neered in the new mathematics, teaching classes regularly, on campus and whole faculties off campus, ln i958 Miss Dudley was the first recipient of the AAUW Chair of Learning. Miss Dudley is a charming person, a students' friend, and an educational leader. She has courage, a sense of humor, and perhaps most conspicuous, a contagious enthusiasm. For fifteen years she has been one of the university's master-builders. g,W,Mm mlm 42 f I V f i M 4 V 1 i .f , ,.,,, M 4,1 241, ,, ,al , 2 S ' : 4 I .ug '1 '1 Q I 1 Tl f N X a ' ' X f w-H1111-mi.m1--:rc is was axsxmxxismem ggcsums wx ti ., ii , ,.x,m,. V 3 -pf '91 395910, 4 JK it 49 YS st , if wffiimi iz' K ' " . fiws? . . .V . ,, 5 L H ' Arts and Sciences , f' :gl '-,JS . '..W4ff f4"i'lV . 4,1 XJ xt .J 'ti ii J J it V 7 7 . mx ,,,, 4, A ,. , ' Qi i iif. - . f 'A , A L A f tm .-,g,, fa. ' ' , ,, , V my L ,L M' 4 ,N J -Q, 2 J .M J A 'l R i If I . ff., , ...J- X l 'il - ,xi .,,. x , I Freshmen wh 'J--4, Av W, if sk' 7 ZX K A 'S .,,,r ,, , ,, ig - .-,fs G lib 0 V. sf, 3 L ,..s,, W , 7101 1 A Ag , . fi .. f .sv-,, .. f's. ,, J , J f 'P it' ., va Vik" if ' . 'J if mf' ': Ag, ,G . " ll-zlaiq' .M , I ff" 'N Iii. Q., , 1.-f32?1."j L ,M-My -- :fri it A essss i fiv ' . 5-::,. '.,.- .. '- ,..Q,x4fg'y-55,53 -. if 21+meals?V:-f:,-wet. rf-f ' 94 A-'JA' '-to AAI..-gs-...J 4, 3 V' ,V J- Qf,.,-.. V x.s'F , xl fl' 4 1, fit Q '23 'gr 5 I 1. ,t:i.,,.V 5 Kd 'i l Q 3? Abramson, George Acock, Carol Acock, Richard, Jr. Agan, Frank Agran, Steve Allen, Jeanne Allsup, Judy Angelino, Michael Aning, Victor Antoine, Joseph Asbury, Larry Aubrey, Jacqueline Axsom, Wanda Ayer, Malcom Bolliett, Barbara Banning, Larry Barnes, Joe Barnes, Mary Barnett, Lawrence Bartlett, Mary Baruxis, Mary Bath, Cheney Bechtel, Robert Bennion, Harold Benson, James William Blaier, David Blake, W. Bradford Jr Blanche, Gai Bloom, Barbara Blum, Nota Freshmen Back, Charles Baden, Sarah Bogdan, Thomas J. Bond, Robert Bourne, Alan Bourne, Robert Bowman, Herbert Boydston, James Brackhahn, Robert Brande, Henry Brandon, William Bratton, Marshall Braun, James Bregach, Walter Breisford, Gary Brestogianis, Nick Brotbeck, John Browning, Nancy Callis, Charles Carter, David Carter, Michael Caruthers, Donna Cowan, Jane Chapman, Robert Chisholm, Jan Chocade, Diaz Consuelo Clark, Kim Clemenson, Jim Cline, James Cornwell, Diana Correll, Russell Cox, Kenneth M. Crow, Sally Sharon Culver, Mary Cunningham, Ann Czech, Barbara Daigle, Robert L. Darrah, Maureen Dougan, Sharon Davis, Carol Davis, Karen Dilley, David J' ., Iiliiv s r , 1 "" ' V . fi" fl V ' ' ', - V ,M .. 3 , . .. , ff- . V I fy , ' an f ' 22 fa-, V . J i n ' 1 ij , gig, N' I ' .,. , 4" B Q S 5 1 J xiii A' , J QQ 5- 1 ,C47 -asf" f 'Tn W.. 'J ' ,'. J 3 " C. , ' fi- f SQQQQMQW ' , ,Q V 1 We ,J - V Swv V f 1, Ck. fry!! 'dj-ty I , , .5 gif' Q J X l , ,,.., I ' I ' E A xterm! V,.y,.,,.p,.V,V , g A J -aan-.4 1 3 g rr K, t V ,,-.., -4 V114 ff f sri, '?",,L' X. M rf , ,.ff I F? yn vi hw' , gffff, , f 7 ?,5,,,1, A, J age' 4 ,A 1 Zi f,::1i S C 4. his 6 fa, , mi , my QM, . of l- J 1 , 1 +5 C ff , , W, y,,f s f ef 9, if v fi, 3, ,7 772' V, V , wmv, , I Q mf ,Q , 'uv-fi' J , .,.. I, f 5, - rex , 65 f. 95 if , in aim: 'S gy. 0 V C I it Ya! kv IJ 1 , . V Ilflis, - x '4'yxR2 x NQQR wsk X ww F ,,r K ' I I , "W fm fi v V V -mmf, ' '27 if J,-W f , D , 'fi ,I K , ff?" ' . V. , VV Q N, ' V , if, V , aj, 'MB lf , Q tn' X ff-ff rl'-7 ' , ,.. 2 ' '- gm f ina ,,V,W,.. I , Z f f J 'N A fa-, nn 5 if f, 4 'fi'-2 ff K ali Qc? 1 K WW ,W in '55 ,,f-Q. rr 1 I sit-3' 4, J 5 as Q, Q, , , XX ,Z l ff if Q 'ff' A.. r fix xx as t 1 in rv V , n l 4127 WDW., 5 , ffvfff f l T 'A 34 , wma? I 1 fy, ,Q 4 z: 3 " Q ik 115- lsi E F E ,J J 1:5135 'IS-', 9 in iff ' ' A, ,WJ ',i.,'2' fy, . Q 4 ,. 4 L nib' . Q , , ., 5 E, ,E ,:T2f,i., fl , v ,M ,wg 26101355 .vfx . Q,- f-",.si,fx,m1,,uv4 , ,,41,,s-:'3Va'l.- . X .x s . , ' T, wg. AQY:-Kyo r ,xx xg? My ,sg . Q", ,:f:,g',s t s- 1. 4 E. . fE.dXs".. 0.01 'fs' 49 Q....,,.r fri., i tv 1- .:,,,- - . A f i' ,f 3 Q 1 Ji , A frrr I , i lfifvw ,ri . 'ff f, ff ' 'J 5, M- J V g ,,,, '-grid, ' i J Q J 7', ' , F,",.,,, 3, , if fees, . va. i' 'Hz '-' it R r' s . 26 f L,,v en ,. , ybfwpy iff, r r ' b i if Sei ,',,V x i'ffZ,.lI:i'ffii'. , f 4.,. "l'Wiflli'lE.'Ei ' , ,1'. ' f bl, , fi , E, ,, A , , wi 453 1 ,I Y I 2 l 'r 4' "w-I' .r I 'M l i .v 'Q Q 3 A., ffl f s ON. 5 1 , , A t K 5 N- 'sf asf ,Hug aw .,r3'if iii J .., , Freshmen DeLong, Lawrence Denhan, Jim Dixon, Thomas Donell, Russell Donnell, Russell Dowe, Thomas Drucker, Allen Duftelmeyer, Barbara Dunaway, Virginia Dyer, Kenneth Eastwood, Wes Eaton, William L. Edward, Arlene Elliot, James Elsas, Gene England, John Estapare, Paul Evans, Judith Kay Foster, Linda Floyd, Richard Fogel, Marietta Fraizer, Patricia Free, Virginia Freedberg, Benjamin Friedberg, Ronald Fujiucke, Milton Fumes, Sason Gallops, Tom Gameson, James Gant, Carl Garrett, Larnita Gealde, Steve Gialde, Joseph Gibson, Cheryl Gifford, Stanley Goble, John Golding, Richard Goldman, Thomas Goodhard, Grace Goodman, Judi Goodsee, Raynetha Goodwin, Joyce Freshmen Goodwin, Sondra Gravina, Philip Greenberg, Jackye Greene, Gary Greer, Norris Grigg, Richard Gross, Jerry Gross, Lynne Guthrie, George Hader, Karla Hagen, Charles Hapner, Judith Harlow, Barbara Hartwig, Steve Hendricks, Randal Hertel, Elaine Hicks, Sharon Hilgert, Roger l-lill, Charles Hilsinger, Vicki Hines, Joy Hoelscher, William Charles Hoffman, Joyce Hogsett, Jody Holden, Ronald Franklin Holland, Wayne Hallett, Judy Holloway, Patricia Horn, Ronald Howard, Thomas Hunt, Judith Hussey, Robert S. Hutton, Charles Eugene Jackson, LaNita Jewele' Jacobstein, Jay Jepson, Thomas Everett Johnson, Dorothy Johnson, Marcia Jolly, Weldon Dubois Jones, Ashe Lee Keating, Sheila Keeler, Ronald ' ,,, X is, 5 ' :TXNXSV ,ll wIQffn':- :ljawx I xx 2 lr .-,XXV ll x'!i'll'gX3,'i,,,! -' X ,?iiflax'g-.xi1,f1:1:J i ,.,' 32.3 A l l Jie-1 i 6,1 , ,y , 1 . ,2 , Qs-sf' gltifti ,Q ,..., 4 .,. , .XM Mg t, ..,f ,.i. , 5 :4 f. L AQ K , is 21 ,3 X J " ' .iaffeqfikigzfi -, . ' "-21 4 , yr- 'f s 5 Afffff' . KN7 Q. .K -,V vi-,gggr A-.::.3..lllll . Afrf'55El55Eg ., ' ' iiigqffff i?Sf3fll9fi'2 4.311 il 1 yy " in ff if 1 1 1' , Z, r, .,ff2" ' ,f 'Ire -fslfi , , I 'ri R .44 ,,,,n,: 1 r 1 ' if 1 at Q-'ff f J M f 9 5 ZQIQ 2 f" K , .J f, X- GW f W., .ff J is ci 32' HIM! 'Q - A-4 if ,i . 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B, Shira, Bill Shubert, Virginia Sellmeyer, Lee Roby John Silver, Paul Silverman, Diana Silverman, Jesse Simmons, Ernie Simpson, William Warren Simon, Arthur Simone, Pete Sisney, Brian D. Sloan, Gary Lawerance Smart, Bruce E. Smith, Francis Kay Smith, Michael W. Snowdall, John Safer, Jesse D. Sommerstein, Richard Speciner, Larry A. Speer, Cleve Charles Spruill, Lorelee Sproull, Janet Sravino, Phillip Stanton Patricia Steinberg, Patricia Stewart Edwin Dean 41" fiwi A-Nf Y -wer l. K jj X ,,,. ,r q 2 Y , ,,,a NIJ- A ,. ,'. ,Vw V UZ . , L mf 1 ey' ? V V x: . aff, Q f,f, f,.. f f 1 5, fi " "-' ,ii Z L llll E if if , , f , f M , Q, , ,, ,Z 1 7'fv'n5, fc jf. -m ew--0' -f,.Z', l? ' iff f ' f 2, 5 ,, im f I 4 H V' Q , 1 Z Q 40 I 1 1 Y Stobbe, William Joseph, Jr. Ki 'X H , 'fl J -we ffff ' W ff f "MY f ,fc 'M ,AMA 3 X afwfg 0 7' 'C ! Rf if f ,GQ-+""'V Ve 'ef I-iii A if W'-wut" 5: , egg g g Q ,a,,,Vl V,,. nil ,.., ,, , 4' K ' ,K ' -. 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Wilkerson, Jo Anne Williams, Nelle Witschner, Barry Wheeler, Garry Whipple, Jane Whitmore, Darrella Wharton, Richard Lee Wiltrout, Roy Yort, Joyce Sophomores Ackerson, Robert Adams, Allen, ll Agronin, Shirley Alexander, Janet Altug, Cynthia Aromor, Richard Arnett, Bruce Arnold, Willard Aronoldy, John Badley, Eddie Barr, George Barrett, Robert Becker, Bernata Berry, Diane Berzak, Gerald Bono, Thomas Brancato, JoAnn Browning, Carol Brumfield, Charles Campbell, Katherine Campobasso, John Carter, Donald Caviar, Michele Chandler, lda Christy, William Clears, Arthur Cohen, Victoria Cole, John Coles, Ronald Collard, Martha Collins, Robert Costley, William Davis, Gerald Davis, Steve Dawe, Carl DeKeyser, Michael Dominick, Daniel Duenas, Herminia Duke, Jay Dunham, Douglas Dunsmore, Susan .gg 1 2,, x ,liil , , 1 N, feng., I ami "'2!7a , rl V , l we . , L " 'HH S' fag? fini! 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Farmer, Jerry Fehrenback, Kim Flanagan, Merlynne Fleming, Allan Florup, Donna Foster, Ralph Fram, Harriet Fritz, James Gates, Larry Garst, Elaine Gillespie, Henry Glass, Laurence Glazer, Frances Goldford, Rosemary Gower, David Green, Margay Halbeck, Bonny Halterman, George, l Hammer, Steve Hammer, Carol Hanson, James Haupt, Charlotte Harris, Glenda Hatfield, Linda Hansfeld, Stewart Hawthorne, Skip Hefner, Gary Heiden, Sharon Heims, Janet Heitman, Jerome Helms, Jerry Hendricks, Robert E, Sophomores Hershey, James Hirsch, Merton, lll Hitchcock, Larry Holladay, Bobby Holtzman, Roy Hudson, Paul Hughes, Catherine Hunter, Diane lto, Richard Jaben, Fredrick Jack, Meredith M. Jackson, Walter Lee Jacob, Ben W., Jr. Jacobsen, Evan Jennings, Carmen J. Johnson, Luther B. Johnson, Lynn Jones, Richard Kanarek, Lewis B. Katz, Beverly E. Kaufman, Carol Ann Kel-ley, Kenneth Keppy, Myrna Khodaoad, Nasrollah King, Randy Kimmell, Carolyn Kitterman, Corwin Kline, Antoinette Koch, Cynthia Kraft, Ronald Leon Kretchner, Robert S. Kuhle, Diane Kyle, James Lancaster, loni Larister, Gary Law, Elmo Lawton, Forestal Lebeda, Michael Leepen, Mary Legones, Evangeline Leiter, Jeanne Levine, Arthur 2' rm, M! 41" sf. -N., N' -qw., X '9 wa. Vw J' "Half f-Q ww :YV L ,.,,,. 'ff' fw- 'ZQ' :Q - X 4 5' T J xxx fP':f:?3':ff.9':"7'7'l ' , 5 , if uv? f 'EK' , i 4, Q., ZW! L f Q! -1 M514 2 ww nf g, " N7 ,f I I 4 4 717 if 1, .il f X JA K 44 k 2 . " "ws . ff: ' q"hm5 ? , in , .' f , gi: 1 V i -. Q in ,JUG ,, L' f , V, V? ., ,Q T . ' V 3 f 4, fl: . , . 'Q , -. I 1, J, 4 ,A f lg ? g 'f J fps, Y , Q 105 '9""" ,J . '1 4fx2fg,,, - I , J: . " , f, W ap, it lf. 6551 5 6 1 wt- f' X' '44 wow, Q53 'Qin .qos- rm it WW if L- r i . rx? V ffm- W 4 ,vw 5- - L ' ,. , ,. ,,,. , nm "' 1- fr "W IZ. 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Roper, Penny Rose, Joanne Ross, Delores Ross, Richard Rowan, Sandra Sanders, Sandra Saper, Anthony S. Sarras, lrene Savage, John Schleiff, Paul Schlict, Michael Schroer, Michael A. Schwab, William J., Jr. Schwartz, Arlene Scott, Larry W. Scruggs, Brenda Sebert, Felis Sedloclc, Sylvia Seelinger, Jan Seltzer, Michael Shaffer, Paula Share, Allen Seltzer, Mrs, Michael R. Qillk-1 A . fv ., Qi. g ' Y ns' I 5 if r'.J.' - Mi Q X fs ,,f- W 22 i zs,.z,,l,1.f2e.1fE'r2,r jf, :Z-H! ,., ,',, A .V ,W A , ,',. 7' , + . War .2 47, ff? .7 I f X' , 1 X . in "- ,fikk em' ' " 1 vl' 57 1 5 .5 if A 'af' 'P fi ' . Q X 5 s it ,...,.,b -f-vs' .lf f wiisT't" ""' P ASXXR lf' MA ft ,ffl 'wi -Pirie f-'S - ,. 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Evert, Gary Farmer, Fred Fisher, James Fisher, Mary Floerke, Shula Flores, Maria Dolores Fogel, Rita Folkert, l-l. T. Foster, Timothy Frady, Fred Fountain, Marcia Freeman, Joyce Freedman, Thomas Fry, Toni Gant, George Garcia, Gerald Garland, Leroy Garrity, Dolores Gershon, Sherry Gershon, Sherry N z Q.....f E' fur' Q if ff- if -ar If 1' J W., , 9, I ' 1-ff if .uf 27' - H, r 1 ' 2 4 J . 121,16 If 22, 7 -eq, Pug, -v . 1. 'lim , , n 7, V K f .VL .2 ' ., E fm . r" ' L.' K . 4, , .. ', V, Q-Ji. , f -15 , , :K-wi X -1, - fairs. wtf F " :NW Q. ' 'KW "" QI 1 sq I r I 3 -,-jk 'gf il , ,. 4 Vl., Q K ,, ,f My ,, X ,.,,. .R ,,.,. ,,, 7, l if - 1. fw fi 'V 3' W. " ,K f -Th" fb., V , 7 ' - 'md ,, A rf ef ,W 7 F 4 f ,- , X y 'ffM,4,M ' Yfzf , 3 fr . 1 i ,?1:ff" ., ,rf 'Mn ' : ' I a:',f?,.1 Z, .L ' 1- 1, ,-r ff-nf ,. y 32, nowf v- . 111 1 ..v.' , ., Q 12' , ' H. 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Pryor, Linda Purcell, Richard Ragland, Ronald Ramsey, Jina Ralston, John Reabold, Arleyn Reed, Donell Reid, Robert Reid, Robert Renault, Denise Rice, Carol Riederer, Elizabeth Roberts, Ronald Roberts, William Robertson, Rosemary Rodgers, Randolph Roller, Neal Rosenthal, Robert Rucker, Charles J. Rush, John Schnack, Garland Switzer, Carali Juniors Sedillo, Joseph Shadroui, B. John Shindler, Carolyn Shinpaugh, Shirley Shopen, Richard Shubert, L. Elliot Shugg, Judith Sibert, Kenneth V. Simmons, Sandra Sue Smith, Catherine Smith, Frank Sprague, Linda Soltz, Bill Stanton, Kenneth Stevens, Dorothy Sturdevant, Stephen Sullivan, Dorothy Sullivan, Paul M. Super, Bruce Tate, James Thatcher, Joseph L. Thomson, M. M. 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Jones, Toetie S. Kaufamn, Francis E. Kice, Richard King, John C., Jr. Lambert, John O. Langford, Thomas Larason, Charles E. Lewis, T. Wayne Lin, George Lott, J. E. Lowe, James W. Margolis, Arthur L. Martin, Antony W. McKinnis, Jack Lee McReynolds, Max A., Jr. Medlock, Paul N. Miller, Earl Moore, Rayburn A., Jr. Morhart, Robert Ellis Myers, George R. l l E . 385' If 91 ' .1 IL? w e A , egg 1 51.31 .x we . '- R x,1ltlws.-s.- sz?-,E xt t. 1 1 1 x it -.f , l i-f Z q,, , y ' ,1.. .J , , MQ.. --': '- ,mmm .A ffm 1. 3 MW? iffizs.-. gg 2 , . xf QQALIX Juniors Newton, Baxter, Jr. Ochs, Richard A. Ostenberg, John Parkin, George R. Parrino, Julian J. Pteifer, Norman lrl Pride, James G. Robe, Paul, Jr. Racette, Richard Rasmussen, James Edward Ray, M. Gene Read, Edward L. Renkott, Allen Replogle, Calvin Dale Ritchey, H. Grant Robinson, James C. Rodman, Victor E. Roller, George Stewart Roller, L. K. Rudd, Billy J. Russell, Kerwin Ray Schmitt, John C. Shannon, P. D. Shepard, Clayton B. Shull, John Charles Simpson, Robert Hauser Smith, Joseph Smith, Richard Condie Smith, W. P., Jr. Smothers, Donald L. Socarraz, Oton Thomason, Patrick Twyman, Kent R. Van Tuyl, Ronald D. Walker, Carlton N. Waller, Charles Washburn, Lynn H. Woyt, R. M. Young, Philip R. Zagar, W. R. Zervas, Dean George Ziegenhorn, Jerry rd , Akers, Jerry Aks, Stewart Allen, l-lershall Allen, John Michael Allison, George M. Allred, Maurice Louis Anderson, Edwin P. Anderson, James Andrew, Donald Argovitz, Jerry Atkinson, James Baker, Dick Barnes, David Baumwart, Lloyd Beatty, Charles Beaver, Robert Beelman, Gary Scott Bennett, Richard Beynon, John Bond, William Bonham, William, ll Bronden, James Brell, William Brigham, Harold Warren Bright, Roger Brown, Orville Brown, Richard Burnidge, Gary Byers, Michael Seniors UW 'wwf '55- 'Q 11 'Q' we-Mr 4 way ..,, 5-as' f- ""jix Zi s Seniors Campbell, William Carter, Bruce Clark, Porter Cobb, Charles Coffee, Larry Cooper, Edgar Courts, Donald Deam, William Derryberry, John Dickson, Jerry Embree, Walter Farmer, Richard Fletcher, Lyle Dee Goldberg, Howard Gustafson, Duane Holl,'James Hargis, Donald Harris, Joel Higdon, Samuel Hodges, Martin Hoffman, Bill Hollingsworth, John Howe, David Johnson, James Jones, Thomas W. Kavanaugh, Charles Lake, William Lee, Bob Lemon, Douglas Long, Louis, Jr. Lyon, Armold K. Martin, Caorby, R. McKinney, Dick Melland, John Metcalf, Roger Minneman, Roger Moore, Jim Moses, James Nakai, Thomas Nelson, Jay Nepstad, Donald A. Nies, Howard Seniors Norton, Fred Olsen, Condlond Onon, Edword Oothout, Williom, Jr. Ottinger, Philip Polmer, Lewis Pork, Jon Keith Potton, Scotty Pittmon, Williom Poling, Cleo T. Reed, Williom R., Jr. Rehorn, Clorence Riley, Ronold Rose, George G. Self, Jock Houston Simon, John Fronklin, Simmons, Richord Skoer, Roger Skinner, Ronold Sloten, Lorry Lee Smith, George Sommers, Fronk Spurlin, Robert Sybront, Roger Tillery, Fred Trummel, Clorence Viertholer, Anton Vincent, Jock Vincent, Ronold Voldeng, Korl, Jr. Wogner, Eugene Woinwright, Lourin Womsley, Mike Weokley, Robert Weber, Donold Weyh, Fredrick Willioms, Ken Wimmer, Mel Wipe, Voughn F. Wise, Lorry Woods, Fronk Yomomoto, Roy J 'Dx 95"-N 1. 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Brunner, Karen K. Cook, Jeanne A. Gittlein, Mary Christina l-lamel, Anita J. l-lerbertson, Norma Jenkeski, Jana D. Johnston, Virginia Lea Kernon, Madelinne Mackey, Cynthia Sue Miller, Betty A. O'l-lara, Kathleen K. Perkins, Joan Diane Pewitt, Mary Lea Pounds, Barbara E. Rawson, Pamela Renner, Julia E. Rickard, Mary Jane Schmadeke, Patricia Scott, Nina Shull, Karin Gray Steele, Kathleen M, Stutterheim, Juclity A. Westbrook, Donna K. Boyd, Linda E. Cornell, Phyllis Cornelius, Elizabeth Ray Crandall, Janice Cushman, Barbara Crowder, Eleanor Darlene Dunn, Nancy L. Frankenbery, Jewel Graham, Barbara l-layhurst, Ann M. Hogg, Jane C. Lucas, Suzanne F. Perona, Robin Sue Pfeiffer, Linda M. Pressley, Nita Lee ' Pathke, Linda K. Rist, Sally J. Scott, Mary Jane Small, Mary M. Spangler, Connie L. Summerville, Tamara J. Sybrant, Virginia Wilhelm, Carol A. Woodley, Janet Kay Dental Hygiene Second Year , ...M ..f. .M.,..,.fM ,-f. 4. 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Susan Hopkins, Margaret Hudson, Nancy Keith, Verona Lituak, Helen Means, Willa Mortimeyer, Rita Nathans, Phyllis Norman, Nikki Palmquist, Mary Pennington, Joan Puckett, Judith Pyne, Karen Rogers, Curtis Lee Rohning, Donna Joyce Shaw, Larry Simmons, Anita Singleton, Julia Vining, Larry Juniors Wagner, Antoinette Wagner, Carol Weaver, Sharon Wickham, Dallad Wilson, Carol Ann Winklemeyer, Jill Ellen Allen, Terry Blunt, Virginia Etterling, Elinor Ferguson, Marlene K. Fletcher, Glenda l-lipsh, Linda l-lorine, Linda Jensen, Jane Jones, Mary Agnes Kondratiett, Johanna Lanclram, Joyce Levich, Mary Lou London, Roberta Longaneeker, Raymona Mechenich, Phyllis Painter, Ernestine Peltzman, Sharon Peterson, Jerry Peterson, Karen Schenberg, Adele Shaw, Deanna Smith, Mary Susan Towey, Edna Ward, Wanda fm-S . ef iss- wa-wa ' .f siiii f a f avi is ,,,, ff , f,,, ,y ""'-75 ,, ,. I My , A , tai , -VLk" I" ' L T 1A,V X Q. , A . kr! A I f .mf 2 I .Lf Z ,J , ,,, f im, , g'T"""7 School ol Law l Freshmen ln. mf-'ff It -1 ,, K fr ,. X' S1 Q.,-gag, ,. rg? 63, 4.-so , ,, 4 -we .. . X .,,V J , In QA 'V ,, Jig Q J tina tv- ' , ,W ,, A w, 4 f ,-2 ,f 9 Q ,ft Jlwayf 4,1 , I! A , 'JZ T 'MY i f ' , V , if flwks ' I , 1,29 , , 59. 3 C2 W U 142 Abrams, Allan Barnes, Richart M. Bartels, Anthony Becker, Sanford Bell, Allan Bern, Roger Carl Cerniglia, S. J. Covell, Frank Crawford, William DeLapp, George Ernst, Joseph F., Jr Fischer, R. George Garrison, Thomas Green, Fred Hass, Hugh Hughes, Patrick L, Jamison, Richard Kramer, William Livengood, L. L Madden, Hugh Mann, Robert May, James Mendelson, Jerrold David Miller, Jerry Molln, Sara Nash, Patrick James Phillips, Roger Porter, Vince Saterstein, Melvin Shaw, Irwin Smith, Jack Stoner, Ronald Tenenbaum, Wayne Weidmann, Jack lid Freshmen White, Mike Wickert, John Williamson, J. D., Jr. Young,,Ronald Zimmerman, Allan W. Zolotor, Ronald Phillip Binger, Ralph Bold, Lawrence . Brown, Meyer W. Dads, Walter Edwards, Paul Ely, William Grahn, Kenneth l-lodes, Greg l-lolte, Nordahl Jordan, Margaret Kaplan, Stephen Philip Leonard, George Richardson, Edward Rost, Larry H. Schulcy, Phillip Schwindt, Thomas Stack, William G, Vold, Earl Watkins, John Wclclw, Rolnvit Whipple, Harold Dean 'R 5' J X'lk .L 'Va Fmfvj , +L, ,ww Q. 'Zi'- 457561- K A Juniors 34,1 ,fn if , Q N Cf zu J . J' f ,i XV ,L fx., ml ivy' f muff' I W1 f 47 , .,, - ,, I 4 0 3 ff X . f f rf! 1 , ali' I ,,. .',V '51 ,. , ,, 452, X I Q 143 . ex? is fl 5 ii , ii l ll ,. ,I I il i l i A i l J l l , i i li i ii li i, gi ll i l . 'i l ,. l 1, 1, i l Seniors 2 'Ag jg fAl fa? 45 4, i I i , 5 I 4, "': 1 ' ,. , WZ , I., , ' , J. A XM 0 lv. iv , -9 J N-sw an 2? an fe J my 144 Boyles, Chuck Bryant, Robert Danielson, Barry Dierking, John C Dix, Harold Flippo, Henry J. l-lahn, Clarice Hoch, Richard James, Jim Jones, Kenneth Kimball, Donald Marvin, John F. Modrcin, Joseph Morales, Linda Myerson, Gordon Owens, Joel Pener, Michael Sullivan, Thomas Swoboda, Rachel Thompson, Gene Voights, Gene Armold, Diana Bredehoft, Melvin Burney, Gary Closser, Dan Degoler, Warren Erbacher, Mary Frankenfeld, Frederick Fristoe, Clarence Genisio, Jerry Hall, Joe Hoelzel, Grace Johnson, Kermit Longmire, Stephen Musick, Robert Oringderff, Tom Owens, Mary Pesseto, James Prock, Roger Snyder, William Arthaud, Larry Bales, Roger Beisner, Gerald Buntin, Bill Clark, Glen A. Cox, Ranclolf Durand, Albert Foxwroth, John Franck, Gary Gray, Fletcher 3 Q if 'f Af. f i School ol Pharmacy Freshmen V1 ,- ,gyn- M ,.., ie if ff ir E ,,l,re -My X , ,- f I 4: A' 5 . lfs'Q ., ' 4: af I f x xt 'iff 2 SQ BIA s Qj' Q 2 Zi ..,, L ..3mI A,., I i f .. G xv-, , f gi . 3 ,, , g x T X , if Q? 3? arf ff Sophomores V I if :- - 1, 125 ' S. fr I ' f 'G' X r 1' 1 ?V,5g.5,,g: Av " f J if r, f 21' ' aff 52 Q , ., 1-f ' , r- . .-'fzffi' viii G XXX N5 5 w ' V 1 f AQ' f ' ' Xi 44 , '7 , W' if 'f',' EXW ' W . fe 1, 4 . , 1. 145 N, 6 f 0 ll 9 fig 5 , f 5 ,Q if f ' . 14- f - mul: f-1 xl ,Q W, ff 'bl 15,2 ,Ai an gg 2157? 4, W9 'J f ,ffyf S fff? gy , 715111 X 5' 'fl 19? 31111 ! rere, i l l 1 :11 l l ll 11 l l ll lg 1 1 . Il . 1 1 E l r Q, 9 'gy ff' HQJZSQ1 6 . 5 ' x Y' ,J , 1 tl 1 fa: ,M f ll ., . A ' ' A 5 I 1 x X 2 l 1 , N l 'W' lg, l 11 5 E ll 1 Vi 1 1: 11 l 1 1 l 1 1 3,1 1 lvl ' 1 Juniors ill 111 1, , 1 l l 1 y - f 1 ' 1 1 lx f., 1-.' A 1 1 1 11 ,ll ll1!..I l 1 1' 1 11 , l1 ll lil 11 11 iq 1, ll1 1 J f ,Maki 1 l 1 146 1 ls, Sophomores Hall, Courtland Hall, Ronald Hess, James Irminger, Lowell Longevin, Eugene Lewis, Donald Lewis, James McClary, Hubert C. Owings, Gale Palmquist, Kenneth Rashid, Anowar A. M. Riblet, Leslie Trout, Dennis Walton, Wendell Dean Ward, John Wigginton, Gerry Wooten, Charles Worthington, John P. Adams, Stephen Anderson, Thomas Brown, Jerry Claybaker, Clinton Cushman, Sam Davis, Denham Dowd, Larry Edwards, Richard Fisk, Robert Flett, Randolph Haller, Ronald Heath, Eugene Hill, Sibert Hinne, Velda Hinton, Lary Hodson, Larry Kottler, George MCLaih, Warren Juniors Medina, Gonzalo Morgan, Derrick Poirier, James L. Todd, Thomas Underwood, George H. Wilson, Vaughan Arnold, Noel Coleman, Gary Day, Larry Denton, Larry Desai, Chondrakant Dull, Brenda Joyce Frazier, Thomas Garner, Jerry Genisio, Jon Gershman, Jerome Gessler, John Goldman, Larry Gutfey, Joe Hartwig, David Hirst, Kenneth Kessler, Mary Krehbiel, Roy Kuhnel, Louis W. Laing, George J. McGraw, Patrick Mikesic, Paula Ann Mullen, Richard Hall Murray, Barbara Osborn, James D. Poe, Don G. Porter, Patrick Reitschneider, Bill M. Rogers, Melvin Roseen, Carl Sheth, Pratull Smith, Mauriece fair. . fn, if ' i'r5 i r' za ,, ,Q Q' in V. 3 J.. X l ' s ,V A fi "..lA I ':l". , 5 'A S ' 9' ,.., . 'lll , Se niors 'S-. 1! in 3 Q W 1 4 If . ,df 5 ' , . 4: ,. 'ez -mf , ev -vw-gf QP' vw , 1.5. of JF fi 6 . Main .X 1 l E 'fy , if AST , HQ, , mf gm.. M , 4. 231-25211 ' f a 1 ' V! 'f 4 2 W' f l. :age fa. 147 r, rf J. X r w i 130-xx f A 1 if V Q-fglhf z . gAl . L, .4 ,' 'K I YV. , 5 ' A iiii ,ui ,Qs "Q, ? 2' tm. "'?,:: M 'ms , , ffjxf My 4 My 2 , zgzmtxff , Supplement .,, NL !'A Z X' 7'V L, I Q J ,. E4 Z' A M ' , . Eff! mf wil :S ' hai' 41 l 112 '-'-,nz Z my :L , Q 97 -15 , gil J., f r l- .am . . 3 mtl? -K iszir' 'fr i 02 148 git ie' " s Seniors Stone, Keith Strada, Samuel Summers, George A, Taylor, Melvin Tishk, l-larry N. Wendling, Raphael Joseph Dennis, Jack A C1 S Freshman Elliott, Roger H., Jr. A C7 S Freshman Jones, Clarence A G S Freshman Parra, Robert l-l, A G' S Freshman Redmond, John E. A Er S Freshman Russo, Lawrence A C7 S Freshman Van Horn, James D. A C1 S Freshman Allbritten, Roy E. A C1 S Sophomore Blum, Anthony W. A 6' S Sophomore Cobb, John T. A C1 S Sophomore Puklala, Paulette A E1 S Sophomore Winokur, Stuart A C1 S Sophomore Bright, Albert D. A C1 S Senior Jelden, Gwynn A 6' S Senior Pottorft, Albert R. A C7 S Senior Rose, William A C7 S Senior St. John, C David A G S Senior Toon, R. Roneal A C7 S Senior Bahl, Gordon Business Freshman Ferguson, William Business Sophomore Doherty, Edwin, Ill Business Junior Strumillo, Agnes Business Junior Walker, Shirley Business Junior Edwards, Jack Business Senior McEnroe, Larry Business Senior l sph ., GJ L l:bQ"I'HlSIfFF,'I' VOR- If 6-lg X-ff' . EJ MRNJT SEEHS LIKE g 1 V Clive been Smbulmlfk ' 79' EVER. N lft vgw f 'jfff 5 W l . if , . 1- W, .eg i. i .s tsl ' Q , I N if ', S h F jill? 4 ' . ffl 7 lj i l ' 'Q .- f' V r 'va ' If lli f . g g gg., . , 'ffl' " flrigiris f 1-- Z We found ourselves involved in o greot number of octivi- ties. Often, we found no time left for studying. Despite fervent vows to pore extrocurriculor involvements to o minimum, mony of us found ourselves entongled to o greoter or lesser degree in some phose of student life. ln our most horried, tension-tought moments, we tried to convince ourselves thot this wos o bosic port of college ond thot our octive port in compus cictivities wcis profit- oble. We ottended university functions. We dcinced, listened to Boch ond Bosie, ond ottended lectures. We emoted on-stoge, helped bcnck-stoge, or formed on oudi- ence to wotch. We were teom-joiners. We toured with the choir or bond. We took debote trips. Athletic intro- murols coptured our ottention. We worked on publiccu- tions, ot KCUR-FM, in student government. All of it wos port of Student Life. 149 faq 1 - r 1 ff J 3 w 5 Y .wg U3 L " fr wr' +14 'P ui Jw. ,.,., M W. N I 5 gf. .,a, wr? M wr:- ? r, 1412's- 1 a U 1 il' r' iv ' - - W X. M xx A , W. fx. w Q 1A.. A fx vs' Y , 5 v Ya, 4 1, 'nf , Ya ww -U 'YL -1 v u ,JA , . v .,., K x w- ' 1 """s-s'---ww-1-gm-f,-A-1-1+-.qv-sqavv-o5e::-f:' .1:g:?:f:,nf--. 1i?'?i.1..,,:,g,q,..'::.2'Lg ," f' 3 ,, k ,ff V . 'L .R - kwk ' v .- 'f A in 1, 1 gl 1 .im 1.1 H if ' wi' 1 ,. , s f , , ' . 4 -' M ' N1 f .x N ,J . ,f ,X -wi -,rf , ,f-1 X ,. if ,g...". - V' Y' 'H' .'1,r' .' 1 v,..,',,1,-,f ,Q-.,n,. F 'T-". f "lm ,-""'x' W,--T ,J U ,a',.,f . - k,x 1- ,fu wr 1- -, 1' Alf VM. J. 2' r-,If f v . wyrg, ' f . , 1 J 1 ' 4 ' a, ,. ,,', w, - .X q- I M, - M ,, ,x . 'N 'u .4 A"'v..,1 .H xx,-. W' 'A-VAN A 1 u L., ., x m M ,, W. . A1 , 5' :' , if " "-21'11?2ff' "5555:1fi'f'-QJ5Q?Q7'-'.?T7'.f17:2 l?'?f' 1:17-1 1' T Y- ' X L F 4" , . . . , , . -.a-.-..,.-..,.. ,. . . g..-., L ., . , ,-,,? ,47-,...,.....Ql . . 4 1 'E P. -1 ll GT JT- he re- :ul nd er- in' lie iht to ad- ugs ect Jle nry ice We're Gonna Have a Hootenanny Hootenanny . . Hootenanny Compus folk gothered together in Pierson Holl on October IZ, for the "Ethnic Review," o compus contest orgonized by the U.M.K.C. Progrom Council, to choose o folk singing group representing the colleges ond univer- sities in this oreo. The winning group wos to compete notionolly ogoinst other groups from other oreos for the title of Grond Chompion Collegiote Folk Singing Act, ond the oppor- tunity to receive 55500 ond on ogency con- troct. lToo bod it wos colled off.l A trio under the nome of "Pot, Mike, ond Dove," come through for U.M.K.C., ond won first ploce over seven other groups. Fine picking in the "good ole blue-gross style" blended with the mellow hormony ofthe group-three, Pot Miley, Moureen lMikel Dorroh, ond Dove Dinges, to give them the spot of First ond dub them U.M.K.C.'s Peter, Poul, ond Mory. 153 I I ,44 I 7 'H I I I I I I III i'I III II I I ,I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I of The ,r Cho I r o r egw th rQ Uq g WHO 0m me,mo ro t l on SCI UPHY ' 0 re PTO wos ond Ion- ver- mer :ke- pfly ore pro- 'Q 'Q f . f f,,. k f If 4 I 141 1 c M , . 2 ' 4 Y' .ff 35 vw f 1 -,mfg-nv-gf:-n CACTSPCB U3-lU0 I'fICQ - wr' X -:Q 'Q 1 'lfu fii f 1 , 4 fr fr 5 f . W ff ww 5,3 . ., -.....-..,....f ...-.1 ..... - U .s-.. ..--l- . -- . -4 -. -an-.......1,...,..... -1- -fr.-Tax----C -aff-4-Q-my-. -.-f.--gag-L,:,.-gqvnymvr-r'ff::er::: f:-":-:--.1-- 4--:-:I-"SHP: 'v--'-: P-Pr--11:5--'-' v --+-'V f-gf f' 2- 1+- 1 1,1 11 gl 1 1 11 I, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Count Basie F , 'EP in lectures and concerts Robert W. Speoight, C.B.E. Hcms Schwneger cmd the Kon Judge John W. Oliver, Federal District Judge ilhordmonic ' ygf, 167 J .THIS IS IITHE UMKC PLAYHOUSE." Vaude- ville, musical comedy, the circus, the opera, the works of Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw, Ibsen, Miliere, Goethe, Tennessee Williams, and the Greeks belong here. The clown, Pierrot, pierrette, Charlie ChapIin's creations, Hamlet Tartuffe, Hedda Gabler, and Oedipus call this IIhome." Old torn blue leans tattered shirts, exquisite ball gowns, leotards, ballet shoes, fringed flap- per dresses, tunics, and sneakers, are usual attire. Grime, grease paint, glue, soap, and size water, paint and plaster are staples. Long hours, IittIe sleep, sweat, and swing- ing cast parties are a part of this place. The stage is the kingdom of its actors. The Playhouse is their home. It is here that frugal typewritten scripts are transformed into living creations. The sights, smells, and sounds blend together and envelope every- thing inside these walls. There is a special feeling here . . . a certain atmosphere that builds towards a crescendo and bursts with electric fury on opening night. THIS IS THE UMKC PLAYHOUSE. 168 mymsf Q cf W3 SNK, P17 ,- 5. 'A 1 ,ji W v i i 42- , ,.f Q4 Hamlet The U,M.K.C. Production ot "Hamlet" was a credit to any dramatic department. Jim Assad, in the title role, won wide acclaim tor his portrayal of this, the true test ot any actor's ability. The production was especially timely, it considered part ot the celebration ot the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's birth, and played a part in-the activities on campus which recognized this memorial year. p .ss N l X l l lli 0 ' .1 553 . - lil l -4"'ia,ff4 I fl K x X f f ll ff Hill. 7: 7' I f naw le 1 . , X "lb I . , I V l W 1 X l 'lv f A J' f ' I Y I 1 N7 j X WZ A 1 fy ? ,t , 1 . ,' i 'gm ,' , ff? 1 , 1 fi W lv ff, f fm- ,y I , H X 154, X i 4 H zz ,V ,C 7 1 ,rt M7 7 ' l y V I ' K fwfa f ' 'f'fi-1 f "l fff " p if ff i We yf ' i A nz. xi , c i f 172 .1 7- ... K --"-- - ---- -- 4---- ' fi- , ll-.1 1-1. 2-.. -:YQ 5 I - TXT-,+-X , , , 12,7-.Ap ,- ..7. ! --FAM-My---,immaVammru uf-MW--- ,. V , I , , ,, , ,,xV.,,,,, ,,,,,,,k W. Y, - ,. , ,-.V- W. ,......t-vf-..fU..,.-.., - -.'- -f -.U . N,-I ,A.:,. -. ---..,., ..,.. -. , - - 4 V 1.1. 3 V 2 5 gg , if 'J gi 'Q 1 1 1 1 1 V, ,.. , . . . .YV . .-,, ,, .,,.....g KA-V,....-,V Y -- .Wu 1. .. V-. ..,..--.Q-fq,M.-g:-.ff-v,fff-M--1- '---"ff -,.'-:.-- - 1:-f' "-:r- fb--1----'Iv - -1-' H 'V -- - ' -- -- " , i..-.L - The University Symphony Orchestra under the direction of its new conductor, Mr. Jay C. Decker, has developed into one ot the fine musical organizations on campus. The Orchestra was one of the groups who performed at the convention ot the National Music Critics in October. In De- cember, the Orchestra provided the musical background tor Tschaikovsky's NUTCRACKER SUITE, presented by the ballet Department on their CHRISTMAS GALA. The Orchestra was heard in concert in the Winter and the Spring. Mr. James Spencer, graduate student at the University, served as assistant conductor of the orchestra. The University Wind Ensemble, an outgrowth ot what was originally known as the University Band, was under the expert guidance of Russell Patterson. Through the assistance of Jesse Peterson, UMKC doctoral candidate, the wind ensemble program was developed and expanded to include several concerts and outside engagements featuring a three-day state-wide tour from Kansas City to St. Louis. The University Glee Club, directed by Chester O'Bannon, presented two major works this year. Schubert's MASS IN G, performed two days atter the death ot John F. Kennedy, was dedicated to his memory. In the Spring, the Glee Club, augmented by members ot the University Choir, presented Mendelssohn's ELIJAH, Members ot the University Glee Club gained enjoyment from singing together and had an opportunity to learn important choral literature. I I1 1 .. .,k. .V S V. . .gn is V I I Concert Wind Ensemble-Flute: Anita Anderson, Joleen Myers. Oboe: Elizabeth Pearman, Ardis Gant. Clarinet: Seymour Gopman, Janet Johnson, Judith Otten, Orville Bobo, John Burnau, Stephen Greenstein. Saxophone: Jesse Peterson, Michael Scott, Patrick McGee. Horn: Robert Lee, Charles Downing, Lynne Bussell. Trumpet: Richard Scott, Kit Kubis, William Hargrove, Raymond Robon, David lzzord, Douglas Cushing. Trombone: David Christy, William Copell, Gary Dempsey, Walter Power, William Power, Terry Williams. Baritone: Lewis Songer, Douglas Cushing. Tuba: Walter Noble, John Adams. Double Bass: Richard Youngstein, Percussion: Walter Schneider, Thomas Plaster, Neal Stone, Arnie Young. 176 SIIT. C S o t F E f F I N I c :ken wecaf ilDe- JQER wyas tthe :rsity lesse nded fronw yeah :ated hoin fronn in-ni-I Jrinet: Jhone: impet: David onger, Nalter il ...."'L 4...-Z'Lz's!:f'."......?f'T2E1':..L.. I 'is ff- .M wil.. tl", 3 ,p - s f i .4 f M . i . s f - X . r L - ,. ,i .T 5 8 ,A ' i l .. . f i 1 , 1 Q , . f 1 1- n 4 5 i x fr .Q .. :r QA , q t .. 1 .vi pi s Q, ' i. Orchestra Personnel-First Violin: James Gaskill, Concertmaster, lrene Spencer, Principal, Norman Beauchamp, Sherman Foster, Gary Grantham, Pat Hodges, Karen Hoff, Ann Holt, Lenore Ragan, :iDr. Merton Shatzkin. Sec- ond Violin: John Beaven, Principal, Judy Cohn, Alice Decker, Ronald Mitchell, Fredricka Roberts, Anne Swat- ford. Viola: Mike Smith, Principal, :iDr. Francis Buebendorf, Mary Owens, Beth Pope. Cello: Tamara Brown, Principal, Carol Brenner, Shirley Cecil, :iCatherine Farley, Rogene Fike, Tamme Haskell, Fred James. Double Bass: Richard Youngstein, Principal, Jerry Barber, Linda Pryor, :::Lew Songer. Flute: Ralph Jones, Anita Beth Anderson, Joleen Meyers. Oboe: Ardis Gant, Elizabeth Pearman. Clarinet: Janet Johnson, Seymour Gopman, Frederick Swisher. Bassoon: Roy Singer, John Titterington. French Horn: Robert Lee, Lynn Bussell, Charles Downing, Dwight Buxton. Trumpet: Richard Scott, Kit Kubis, Raymond Rabon, i::James Spencer. Trombone: William Capell, Walter Power, William Power. Tuba: Wally Noble. Tympani: Walter Schneider. Percussion: Tom Plaster, Tom Cummings. Piano: Pearl Roemer Kelly, Guest Artist on the Winter Concert, :iThilde Beuing. Con- ductor: 'iMr. Jay C. Decker. Assistant Conductor: James C. Spencer. :::Conservatory Faculty , ft! 1 , 1 . if Q I 'is if .L Front Row' Chester T O'Bannon Director' Martha Mansfield, Joan Moore, Kathryn Klecan, Mary Lynn Smith, J SH M' HH, S ri , S' d R ndall, Delores Ross, Margaret Rybak, Rita Stolz, Ruth Stolz, Day OM Itorcln Selle CT Rowkl:SGJqaneJtUlSCFoulT,nMrgryOPrice, Jane Whipple, Heidi Heise, Cherie Cummings, Maur- T ggilsey Hoeplggsl M3320 Keppy, Carrerlia Russell, Mary Teepen, Barbara Okonkwo, Elaine Hertle, Jean Harris, Jeann Baume, Elvera Austin, Back Row: Nelson E. Pardo, Robert A Warnock, Jim Dolg, George Perry, Paul A, Venturini, Bert Johnson. 177 4182! fun- ! a X x Q! ll JN Qddddau 1 M , ,. 1.1 1' wwf Woes sssss X 1 H 1: u Nl v 1: R s I 1 Y ' Ilfg Li? 41 ,wif gg ll s i , T. i i 1,A, I I Ylfgtjmf 1,9 dgu wsuu 5 hs v lt my THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI AT KANSAS CITY The University News sought the elusive gool of quolity journolism. With only o skeleton stoff, the editors found the going rough. The poper found itself bornloorded with borbed-criticism os well os proise in some oreos. But regordless of the volidity or non-volidity of opinions obout the newspoper, the U-News did creote roging compus controversy, o rority on o connpus so often lobeled, "opothetic:." Morietto Fogel Co rol Rosbe rg Ron McLinden Solly Glondon Pot Stonton . . i !,,.,.-M in 9 ., statt, icism :bout is so p 5:1 iXb- I Y: K d IDIA X .W ,,""'.f'-'f4!"7'. Y. ll ' 'Q xr as W- ., 'Radar I ,, ffAf yy e. lf. T -P" V. , .Xu y ,MIP Tlfwomas Willy, editor. LW!! ?Vv.3,,rfl 5 A A...'I2L Jackye Greenberg assisted as general girl Friday. Barbara Duttelmeyer and Jess Soter took over second semester as assistant editors. ll 2 ug, .W Anthony Saper, writer of the column "ol'1?", and Jeff Swimmer, sports editor, concentrate on meeting the deadline. Ron McI.inden, Tom Willy, and Ed Vogal discuss production problems. The Kangaroo Keepers A yearbook is, perhaps by necessity, accident-prone. The odds in favor of effortless produc- tion are non-existent and editors and staff accepted this fact at the start. Producing a publi- cation that must represent thousands of students, and hundreds of activities and events was a magnanimous undertaking even if the course of production was not cluttered with unfor- seen difficulties. The temptation to forget the whole thing in favor of a well-earned vaca- tion on some remote, sunny beach seemed most inviting, but somehow, we always conquered our crisis. Teamwork was a necessity. Procrastination was deadly. Time was of the essence. Perserverence saved the day. We, the Kangaroo staff, tired and weary, were exerting a com- mon effort, working towards a common goal: The publication of The 1964 Kangaroo. We feel that we won our battle. We hope that U.M.K.C. thinks so too. i"'.,.,g - T v . 'AY ,,.. , . 1 ' t A fs . :2it'L : 4 g QW' ,. ,Ju 'f V icfi ,, -,W f l2ff3?T4,395W"?!f,l,,f M3 7, fs: ,EYE "'- H ,571 A Back Row: Jackye Greenberg, Office Staff, Jeff Schwimmer, Sports Editor, Wes Eastwood, Artist, Joan Moore, Office Staff, Nancy Kvaternik, Greek Editor, Jan Menor, Senior Summaries, Skip Hawthorn, Art Editor and Cover Designer, Marsha May, Literary, Susan Moore, Assistant to Production Manager, Jody Hogsett, Office Staff. Front Row: Donna Weisiger, Administrative Assistant to Editors, Gwynn Jeldon, Photographer, Bar- bara Mettes, Lay-out and Technical Assistant, George Rea, Managing Editor, Bettye Sue Volkart Editor' Steve Davis, Production Manager. ' ' 182 :luc- ibli- WCIS afor- :ico- ered nce. om- feel Ejj AAA l ,Q 4,5 as f' , w Fit-,', it W , 2 rw' 4, oore, ond 'ttice Bo r- Steve Wir , X . if" "Are you smoking more now ond enjoying it less?" George Red seems to be 'oll tied up' but ossistonce to olleviote his predicament seems forthcoming . . . Jill Gibson wos Index Editor ond generol "rescue worker". Judy Towse wos Literory Editor. ?fzQX z a, .rr, 95 H A., W. ff' 4 E ' 'Kr , V 3 3 ,: -if E+, " ' ' if . ., , 0 " X lam f - My f-wx . ,QV w y if r if .fIf".! I ... . -,... X ,L ' V' nf' ,ff YW,4f,iqf,,,c, --wwf sleeve QHRV' ,thin ',, ,g ,fm 1 ' M4 M, . W Uk ,ld .rqfilfi 7' fn' 'fr Ti.-n pe I 7 '41 J , er If ' 1 , I KA, ,km b ,W ay f 4, , , , 4 dlwf 'Q' +V' M 1. Magi " , ,Z ' I-M ,, ,rw ,A 3 4, V , f 4 vga' tfyi' , i'ff ,Q uf.vI.,1z2h -f "7 av ,I . f , ,I ,I ag., HQQ 4, 715 ky, W! U, . R 4 , as , F 1 w,,f',"i,4, fi-ff ,, ,, ' 41 If f W ,ff?f.',5 5' f , , I, .',,,jQ if V41 Z 1 'l' Mt 4-,, an Joy I-lines, Classes' Editor, was a fatigued expert on the campus population when s the detailed student section. fi: Q. xml. Frances Marion, typist, was a great help. W., . QM, ,, nz 4 ,I HIV' .W 'eff V, 1,1 ' M " , Y It 4'1,g,,7,Y, nf, ML. f, if 'W ,q,,,,A'f he finished processing George Armstrong was literally a Iifesaver when he began work as photographer second semester. Barbara Mettes specialized in yearbook lay-outs and in rescue-work at deadline time. 52 ff 'et rswiiiyi X . X -s..N..,,,M. ,....Wf" f -i' ,,.2"' ' .,, -KM ,f IX , :V .,,,.,mNc,, awww " .- ' " . .ms Ne. 1 ,V t,,., WW, A i , ps b WW... 184 , . , ------ - -.---, ..-.. 44----- ..-- Q.,-.Q-.-f,-.-v pf-v x'-'s ' T Y i l rs: 336 ' 53 ti ri it The Great Debates ln his fifth yeor ot the University, ond his first under the University of Missouri ot Konsos City, Dr. Wolter I-l. Murrish, Director of Forensics, fielded o teom with reputoble results. Once cigoin foced with only two vorsity deboters, Bill Cohen ond Steve Sturdevont, Murrish's squod ronked high notionolly. D Bill Cohen, o senior speech mojor from Lowrence, Konsos, ended his coreer os UMKC's most outstonding debotor. This coreer extended over seven yeors in high school ond college foren- sics, ond wos topped with trips to three West Point Regionol ond one West Point Notionol tournoment. ln deboting this yeor's notionol topic, "Resolved: Thot the federol government should guor- ontee on opportunity for o higher educotion to oll quolified high school groduotes," Cohen ond colleogue Steve Sturdevont, o junior sociology mojor, mode on ciuspicious debut ot Texcis Chris- tion U. with on B-2 record ond first ploce trophy. Centrol Stote College ot Edmond, Oklohomci, wos the next tournoment ond o loss in the quorter-fincils resulted in o fifth ploce trophy. After o 3-l record ot Keorney Stote College in Nebrosko, the squod went on to win their second chom- pionship trophy with o 9-O record ot Arkonsos University. The oldest debote tournoment in the notion, Southwestern College, Winfield, Konsos, meont onother fifth ploce trophy ond following the Christmos vocotion, Bill ond Steve were oworded o third ploce trophy ot Millshops College in Jockson, Miss. A loss to TCU in the semi-finols of the Konsos Stote Tournoment ot Pittsburg led the teom to onother third ploce trophy, The l-lorvord debotors proved on un-cooperotive host, defeoting UMKC in the guorter-finols of the l-lorvord lnvitotionol Debote tournoment. Once ogoin, o fifth ploce trophy. The finol two tournoments proved to be o let down for the boys, for ot the onnuol Cherry Blossom tournoment ot Georgetown U., Woshington, D. C., ond the Nebrosko U. lnvitotionol Debote tournoment, Bill ond Steve could only muster up 67?-1 records. On the strength of Cohen ond Sturdevont's impressive Sl-l 7 record, UMKC wos selected os one of sixteen teoms to porticipote in the West Point Regionol Debote tournoment ot lowo Stote Col- lege, whereupon the six best teoms would represent the Midwest Region ot the Notionol Chom- pionship West Point Debote tournoment-"The World Series"--of debote. Although UMKC wos seeded third ot the Regionol contest, finished fourth in quolity rotings ond third in totol speoking points, the squod locked only one bollot necessory to quolify for the notionol tournoment. Thus ended the debote seoson ond oll thot wos left wos next yeor. Recognition is olso in order to the junior divison squod, ond individuol winners: Bill Cohen, superior certificote in debote ot Nebrosko, Steve Sturdevont, first in rodio speoking ot KSC, Pittsburg, ond veteronorotor Bervin Fisher, with chompionship trophies in orotory ot KSC, Pitts- burg, ond Southwestern College. Vorsity Debotor Bill Cohen strikes o winning pose- Steve Sturdevont ond Bill Cohen, with this yeor's mouth olwoys open! occumuloted "hordwore". fi - uity, goin wked Tiost aren- onol luor- ond hris- Jmo, Xfter mom- eont ed o T1 to iting n, o t the .o U. a one Col- wom- tings r the when, KSC, Ditts- yeor's di- NN' W, may Bill, Steve, ond Dr. Wolter Murrish, debate coach ot UMKC, inspect the newly-found evidence. Vorsity Debotor Steve Sturdevont-everyone cloirned Steve ond Bill return, bog-boggoge-ond trophies, thot he wos sweet ond kind, but we know the truth. ot course! , 6,5 f ,SM i i P l l r i i i l i. - 1 1 '1 , i l . l l l i 5. il l ll g s l , l. l l i L l V , i i l X xj F l 4 1 l ' Bum Friday 964 7: I 'Wf'Q.,g',! 3, H ,f ' , f.. .,.,,,f.,- fr-A ,.-W, f,,, " 1- -::11i',..:',-wff' WW if f 4 Y , ff g , ,P ,i Q-if -V ..-,,fff4, 1 , EM . A , ff ff '7'fff' ,Y 5 ' 4, 'W 465 The A D Pi's l"Ants"l won the Talent contest with their skit l-low to win the Cold War". J ja i -ul ,nbwlmw h , 5 ' ff "Wg mf' anw The Annual Tug of War was a muddy affair. The big day . . . Friday, April l7, traditions everywhere . . . the tug-of-war, the mudhole, booths, concessions, races, contests, skits, games, a talent show, barbeque, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun. . . We traded sweatshirts and sneakers for tuxes and formals . . .and the day ended with dinner and dancing to Count Basie at The Bum Fri- day Dinner Dance. All manner of da mve-rged-Mat the Carnival. . . Wvwm Qt., i , 4 W,W,v-MW ww -HW' " W-f 5 5 W 1 lf yd my fi' T ,, mx A , -'e- 3-zfziggiff C 'lrl 1 ev A aff' M ,I 1 'ff if '1-fA'7 A-W-215 -. qv- fy if ,., Q ' V. A.As. w at .- . ,. 6 ,, Ar' V, ' Q' 1 ' ' ,444 vi . W I ' . 'A ' S f ,1 x 1922, -3 n n f , V , ioir. ons ole, Lits, un, xes ner Fri- I... w we 'hr fa. Bum Frlday 1964 5 1 2' Q ' "Ahead ot the turn by V4 length!" If -41 46 V, iw y wylf 4. f me f 5' 3,.f M, .,, f iw , ' T iff j e ' V . 'amz ' " .. ' M?f'L3i 7f A : el3' I 6 . if - ' J, , l , I- 44 -?,,.:5, , .2717 mf g !-,.:.lf1-.,4n4,f, F ,, if tf,,,u.,,,Wn . if , gy 1 ww , Y . . ' w " 1 4141. 1 f , ,. Q g , if 'Q ga 1 9 if f 24? 'ff i wl,,1is4zM,..,.M,,,K?l'wZ" t Taxi' E 'WV ' 1 'i, -124 fi 4- " , fi f Q WK' , y g Q4,.f,gQ 5 .,,, MM? VV X I M. f ,, , - . ,V f .nw . 1 I 1,1 f WN ' Wyffwww l 2 ,fir K V -V 7 . ,,,T ,, ' , WM wfwww fi ff' M A LY' My 8 ' A ,mmuiwma T . gi, ,,., , ,,,, n,.,.,n.W,-W,,M-,WW-W t 2 , xii i 4 ., mwfffwffi , ff ,fur fy WW74,sf44:.,,,,, ff f 1 - Q, ,, mf .,,. zu ??"""'2!" li 7 ' Zigi . The noon barbeque drew a record crowd. "One less car to cause a traffic jam." T M I 1 "What do you mean a dollar a kiss. . . ?" "The Chi Omega's rnade things jump a cake "The IFC Love Potential worried a lot of people!" "The ticket office did a brisk business." "What a choice, or a fishl" 1 b " V V: ..,,,ww Jill if Z, --...,5 is ""'R " ., W-.ww . . . ..-Y --- ,. ., ,,.,... V-A..- Y -i V- wr, ,, H- .-V -,f.. N-,-,.-.:,.T....,g.-..--5-:w--1-pf-4.H--'zff -1-,mr -..-,-,. . Y :Q-frm'--:r A-P---ww----W-'-1-, -- .AV vw- -,-- -14 -" ' "- ' 4 4 4 I 4 4 4 4 4 H 44 4 44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 . ,x'Y1. -,A 4 ,, ,,, , , ,,7-,..ll ' 1 4 1 X. Q: fi E L, .gi W '- ff' f ,X .4 x.. ' rv ,-Q .rf . -Y , -Y.: .,4 -wx --P--.2 -- y ,,,, ,., A ---r f. V' - ,U--,. A-.,f,----1-':-I-.-g L'f".- ' 'J--'ff-' . if-1:-. V 'V-' 3 ".':P ,--.-'--.M . -' .U 1:1 , , ,W -. . , -l --rags'-,gf '- X. X . , K , VWKWWW Y W V. . -F-I-'V -1:--4-uns:-I -.LESS-2--9'1'f2"'f:" i1-evr-3-Ef"r"4-'f'!."J'f2fv:1!':-Eriazqvzag-rqvf-Q-H-e5:f:vpl!,w-ynqnyya-15:415-1--gjmg,-,x.,,... . f ' I f r F , .V 4 I , , V U A I f x 1 .X I f X .. I - . 1 . K, K X f 1 , , f - ' I -ff f , vw f ' f , , xy I f , , 1 , , , fa ' 1, . I " V f VV I K ,M , f ,' , f , I ' , ,fi 1 'V' , ff ' , f W iw Y , X" " Fl ' ' ' , I ' f ' ir ' , A ia " ' " V -"1'flf4'L '+-fe-- 4'?1z'...: an...:-ALL..Q.g4. :LA-A--'.1,.,QLL:x4,..Lgfgg..i'::i'fi.Lif ,ff 1 X - ,K X - -yr.. , fs- x. K gf ' V .FA Y ,'A. , f 'gr V-f ygwr J Fix 9 ,ff ' -' V V , x -1- -LQ' . X' ' g , 5, . f , V- , ,- xx, -- Y , V g 1 I, , X -.j,A:, , , F' .'fe? f v 'f - -' . 45 , fi " ' L-. ."f.".":,'. .,.-f TH - T--' '-1, -'1",,7 ., , . ' . ff ' :V -1 1' ,gi-3 ffl-'.,-'SEJ5'-'5,f'.EE j-Zflivii'iF.iL1+5l-71:11 V.-,1,ffQY.i4,Ll':'Yi gi ."Zi'9'ff',1p- , ' ., ji. f -- nw. 11 .,-., 'fn f -4-.-.--5 -rf-'-..-1 --f if. z r., g:-- .- .g A-' - ' 'H fa 1 ,. . . , , , ,,. K ..,r,- ' -' Y K g '21-: jvfzig at :wg ff- 511.1-1-1 - 3 1 -af,-3 iz' -1- 5-:f v" ga:-A. .- - V- 'Q , k 5 ' - ' -' 'ff'iLi-,' iff,ET-:Qf-f1"5l'4'.T-"-f.:' F' 7:1 ' fil'f-'S-Ffrjiif if '-J i5:'f-.f'.- if 2-51: -71 :ii -L2 1- --fig: f f' ' , - ., :'-.-'-f:g'- - -- Z5f4.+.-.91 -"'?9:L:l--i,f,'-i?-- 1.211.211-:xii-lil?xi,-I '51lafw?1:-2'242ff- -1.f:'.L Ga- 512211.-,-17: 'P-3 -ff: " . , V - -H J' 'F 'jf 55714.,L'.f-Qjfiijlfflfl''Q-.':gf'71.':iZ'-Q'1,T,,-"gg 1:4-.J-,aE1'iq-:12'iJji-.ii :ji f?f,f': 2:1-T '?,':5,1,i5 .-1-5'Qff1':l'Q7 lf!-E l-'r'..ip '1 Q' ' -4 1,-,,2j,, ,, 7:52 4,1 3- l5'1gffQ-"JH -,4'.fiE?fL1-ai'.-E-. i:5Lffc'2.f':1:12-fl-1:9122-ff'f1 2:--iiffy-'-'415-11:-uf-Qwffivfz1151: i f j- '- ' 7 .. ,N . . . 1.25-.511-':f,ffg2',?1ffvpw:-flif.---.2'--Frei-?f:::P222:r2-3i"ff1?'f,6:-J125.5115:f2fPLfPfifSfiQ1?5:1'fr-wg12:1fii-'J.:f.-5221.-"Ea:21.11 E 11- ' 7-Z ' - -f 5'-' f ' 111'--T ' -'Q-,z-1' .'-Liv-:-q L: .1f,T.rfJ,-1-5152"-L':.EZfA'-'T-i:::3':-5,11-5::A.15-fi' f 1'-,y--1,4-5153-,I-7z'a -5-21--S,1'1-ff. ,Q:2.-'ia'.,?"-fn-Egg"Eg,'.L"-'11:f"g.','-'fi f, 1 -V, ':f,.,:1- K." . gg '11 -, " 5, V1 5. 2 7- 1: , '- 1.3:1.1Q51LTg-f.g57,:f3.: 95g,3:,:5,,:-,igfg-.ig'iifgpi'-3:Gifasfi32:1-?L:,Q':ITQ5?gZ:'a2 -2217: QA?-1?-Q-'-71.-,f:'1 1'-1152 :-1-."Pg:?'-Q: f-. - fr 2254: as,-.4-,Q-ag 4.1181 infa,-1:S,Mi-L::3i":i:f'f-T13iiigc:4g9Jn:i3Zij'f5? ilfff' 1- f,,,,,.,x,. ,..., . ,. di., 1 k ,.-f ,., i .Q4'fQ:,a,,.-.:. ,1.11i-.-if--' 2.1213-,S 112 if '.L'-,ii 3--54. v 1 ,W ' ' X A ' , , ,, , ,-,,..A ,. ,' 4 I Z. I 31 , f - -- v - v-W - 43x-. . . , , , V A ,,. ., . . ,v .k,...-- ..-,, ., V V- . .. - V, . .,-,----,.. ,....,-5--,-..-..,N, ..,. A ..,., , K--,.,-V. .., T... . t-,.,. -,...:, , ,.,.,.,.1,. -.. -,-,y -, -, .. Qfmwm- 4,-adam' ,uw-r .ag 9 - ' , , . , , Q, , ,,-,....A - 2 5 , 'S 4: 1 'I 22 'I -1 1 , . -ook- t, his mid- ht of n on sh of J sink f stu- ds of V ll With snow covering the compus, UMKC sports turned indoors. Dent students, independents ond vorious teoms could be seen ony ofternoon covering the courts. The sound of swishing nets ond dribbling bolls echoed on the gymnosium floor. From the very stort, the Junior Dents No. l looked to be the number one teom in the Ameri- con Leogue. As John Ostenburg shot with the skill of o Bob Pettit ond rebounded with the greot- ness of Elgin Boylor, they quickly took the leod in the leogue with o 4-l record, but their plons for the Leogue chompionship were oltered tempororily. . .The dote wos Morch l2th . . .the Jun- ior Dents coiled it "Block Thursdoy"...the Junior Dents No. l met their demise ot the honds of the Senior Dents No. l. From then on it wos o nip ond tuck roce for the chompionship, The Junior Dents edged the Seniors for the intromurol chompionship. The Newmon Club of the Notionol Leogue got off o good breok from the storting blocks of .: sound of the gun ond rocketed out front, but their poce couldn't lost os first the Fref' .ion Dents No. 3 mode o bid for the leod but were possed up by the Junior Dents No. 3 on inolly the Sophomore Dents No. 3 who coptured the Notionol Leogue Chompionship. The Tortfeosors finished fifth with the Dorm following. Lonky Ron Horn missed . .ost of the seoson due to injury ond would probobly hove been o greot osset to the Dorm teom. The De- fectors, olso with o good teom, hod their good ond bod breoks like everyone else, but monciged to finish oheod of the Freshmon Dents No. l. TKE ond Koppo Psi fought it out to the bitter end in the Club Leogue. Both tied for first ploce with o 6-l record. Fred Former of the Joyhowks ployed o terrific seoson, with on overoge of op- proximotely l6 points per gome. The GDl's ond T-Squores ploced fifth ond sixth respectively. But the noise of shuffling feet ond bouncing bolls were not the only sounds to permeote the oir. The cry of "En Guorde", ond the sound of metollic closhes were to be heord os well. After the courts were emptied ond the quiet hod just begun to enclose the stillness of the courts, volleyboll nets were spreod ocross the courts, ond the girls got their chonce for o little fun. Soon winter would chonge into Spring ond UMKC. othletics would ogoin toke ploce in the fresh oir ond under the worming sun. U. M. K. C. netters fight it out Basketball Standings AMERICAN LEAGUE , Won Lost Senior Dents No. l ................................ 7 l - J 3 Junior Dents No. l ...... 7 l Soph. Dents No. 2 ........ ...... 6 2 Soph. Dents No. l ......... ...... 4 2 A Tortfeosors ............. ..... . 4 3 Defectors .................... ...... . .. .... .- 3 5 M!! Dorm .......................,..................... ...... 2 6 Fresh. Dents No. l ........................... ...,.. l 6 National Leogue Soph. Dents No. 3 ........................... ...... 6 l Junior Dents No, 2 .............. .... .. 5 2 Fresh Dents No. 3 ........ ...... 5 2 Shooting Beovers ..... ...... 5 2 Newmcin Club ............ ...... 4 3 Soph. Dents No. 4 ........... .... .- 2 5 Senior Dents No. 2 .................... ...... O 7 Club League TKE ............. ......................... ...... Koppo Psi ..... t Wolfs .............. ...... GDI ............ ...... . T Squore . 6 l 6 l 5 2 Joyhowks ........ ...... 4 3 3 4 l 6 Foculty ..... ....... 5 2 197 , 4 ,, ,,,,, ,Y ,,4-.,..QL A ! V7 pa rt ot you. ball tball If you play any sport long enough it gets to become Tom Armour practices his long lun e and attack in flkifii? good form as he gets ready for a bou Women's Volleyball FINAL STANDINGS I Won Lost 'l. ADP: ..,.....,..,....,, 4 O 2. lnd. .................... 2 2 3. Chi O. ..,............. O 4 On Thursday, March l9, the bowling intramurals will begin with the following games: Newman l vs. Independents Newman 2 vs. MAD's Sr. Dents vs. T.K.E. Mixed Cummings Crew vs. T.K.E. l ygygif, ,, .. , i7 ,MS Q' l H X , M' A .Ax , , Hey . . . little noise out there . . . little noise . . . com'on little pepper, easy out. You guessed it softball season had arrived. The T-Squares took the lead in the National League by cracking their bats to a tune of a 2-O record with the Afootniks a close second. Kappa Psi and the Ball Busters along with the Dorm and Dent teams provided the action in the American League, with the Dorm team A humbling the Soph. Dents and the Soph Dents in turn humbling the Freshman Dents. White Balls, a tennis racket, asphalt courts and good weather was all that was needed for the UMKC. netter's success. Whether in Bermuda shorts or Wilson tennis shorts, tennis was tennis, as thirty-tive students participated in a round robin for the intramural championship. Golf lit- erally went into full swing as UMKC students teed up and tried to drive their balls down the fairway and out ot sand traps. At any rate, the golfers got a good sun tan and exercise in re- turn for their troubles. UMKC's Jim Bond smashes serve to opponent Robert- , , M 4 son in Round Robin playoff-Jim Bond won the game. ,,.,,,, gggs "l" .-1 V H JM , icr W.. ii , W , ..M,f,v Q X ' f' fy, f M., ,U 7 ' , 4 'll i - ,.-ff fj. A I I 1' nf, 'M 1 V 1 T W X ' f 1 X I 1 V, Milton Fujivchi in good form warms up on low hurdles for coming track season. Jett Schwimmer tries to make the conversion good for the extra point. George Guthrie lthe brave one with the balll is holding. ? zoo FC if 1 2-O Dorm sling r the nnis, f lit- 1 the n re- ,f fffv, Jrdles Jd for 2 with ,Q , 14 1,- , Q -A ,X ,' if if fi , Z' , 'v X I' I -4 .Alf-I .. ,, ws :Q 1 Rfk :n.,f EVE 3 I ,,.,-..-1.. :--A.-. .--, , ,.,..-- ,,,c,-....,1..,,.,,,,, ctlv In gi . H5 All Student Associotion: Bock row, Charlie Cobb, Tom Willy, Front row, Jirn Eisenbrondt, Mike Welch, Mel Soterstein, Judy Puckett, Lindo Wil- lioms, Noncy Kinnomon, Poul Edwcirds .,- -che.-,+e.!u1f:e,ff, 9,211 f Lam uf 41' Q 'il' .1571 ft- ,-, W . 1 V' af f if ZS , , ff , , ,N -, .wr , , KL: "Q , , nf l ig., 1, " With the new University came a new approach to student government. The All-Student Asso- ciation Student Council began this year a new approach that carries its efforts away from pro- gramming lnow handled for the Student Council by the University Program Councill and into the other areas of student affairs. Identification of campus needs and ways to meet those needs was the focal point of this year's Council. The need for a new general library on campus, for example, lifted the realm of stu- dent activity into a meaningful, purposeful endeavor. As the University grows and matures, so the student government must also grow and mature. lt must begin to determine, what is the mainstream of American student life, and how do we join into that mainstream? The search for an understanding of this mainstream has begun, and the search passes now to a new group. 1-Q' ,I , yr 4' . . I . s - Shirley Capps, Nelson Adams, Mauriece Smith, Bob Simpson, John Simon, IV! i M xl Z ' , ., ,,?,,ff . ' -yi iWg:-,L,,vf- Jane Frieze, Be-ttye Sue , Tflfj , ' "W 'l 4,5 T ' Vollcart, Bill lsenhour. g ,.f:ygi,,g,,y,j s",- '- A' , ' L -.fif,,-if-f , .A ,vi - it v,,. ra. 'f"5" 'vw ,' At, -f- , 3 tw, w ' il' , 4, Ng ,V f, , -, , . , , 1, U T' rg, i li ,. 4 I l 5 l l ' ll P ni, l ii ll l its i Mg l i , . A . i l . E 1 i i i , gi MQ! li i 5 ii i l i ,. I i it ,i Q. il is it ill ,. 'ni f lil Wi ill Ji it ,. li l llilfi l . ifl lit li ll, illt ill lf il ,ii l ll .MM li is . 'i . it Q iz' its lil iyi 'fi l i l i .gg lff f Ei lil The University Program Council The University Progrom Council hos ployed o new role on the compus this yeor os the centrcil progromming ogency for both the University Center ond the Student Council. Eight committees hove provided o select ond voried progrcim ot cictivities ond speciol events throughout the yeor. The mciin gool ot the Progrcim Council this yeor wos to plon progroms thot would stimulcite porticipotion from everyone on compus. Following is o list ot the committees ond some ot their tunctions this yeor: l. Music-Entertoinment Committee lFreshmcin Foll Tolent Show, Peter Nero Concert, Inter-University l-lootenonny, Ford Corovon with Nino Simone ond l-lerby Monn, Bum Fridoy Tolent ond Skit Showl 2. Art ond Exhibit Committee iMointoined three ort gcilleries in Center, Student Art Show, Decorotions tor donces, Christmos Decorotions Contestl 3. Recreotion Committee lTour ot Konsos City, Ski Trip to Winter Pork, Colorodol 4 . Librory-Lecture Committee lbooks ond mogozines tor Center browsing librory, Cottee- Lecture Series, l-Ions Conriedl 5. Donce Committee lPouch donces, Pojomo Donce, Bum Fridoy Dinner Donce, Street Doncel - 6. Film Committee l"Cinemo l6", Noon Moviesl 7. Public Relotions Committee iForeign Student Receptions, l-lospitcility, News releosesl 8. Poster Publicity Committee me-,,,....-av Noncy Golly Public Relotions' Jim Eisenbrondt ASA R U . I ' , , . epresentotive, Judyonne Nelson, Art, Bill Tiewes, Recre- gltion, gpve Kosper, Choirmon of Progrom Council, Steve Dovis, Donce, Vikki Bond, Stott Advisor, Allen ore, im. Not pictured: Phelps Murdock, Music cind Entertainment, Mike Welch, Poster Publicity "'st ' "'i' ii One ot Progrom Council's projects wcis ci ski-trip to Colorodo. FU! SMS Another P. C. event which drew moss compus ottend- cince wos the Ford Corovon teoturing Nino Simone ond Herbie Mcinn. if .lx f .F ' ' ' ii . .. 1.-' ,.., ,..-,...,..,- 4, '-.. , ,Q f,. - .E wif, r - '2 ,., 5 17--ily , ,Z fflitlfli . ' a 1cFz,'2,igz.N 3 Q11-Q-:gy ' 4 X 7 4 1 ' I 3' it-H-rf' -4 fi g from , A,,.,'.agg:.,::. , 1 412.1 2' , ., ii- f ' S ,, C vii- kg. ,,. gi. - J ,.., , . 3. A Q sf ' T237 . .V 5' '12 W . . , , , K ... ' 1 Z 3 ' - , 'i Q f. +3 , . Gs r' Q - - - '--WJ -Jian:---.11 J trol tees eor. lote ze rt, hJn1 iowg fee- reet sesl - 7'71V'V' " 1 ' 1 :Z - ffarlvx. - 552,11 .V,,A Q ecre- Atllen 'ip to tend- mone Hons Conreid relotes stories, opinions ond experiences tp on enthused odmirer. Mr. Conreid wos one of the nome events brought to compus by Progrom Council. Mike Welch tells Mortimer "According to the Moster Plon you don't come in till otter intermission!" I 1 i KX l Wx Bill Tiewes ond Dove Kosper cought in their first studious moment of the yeorl "Could o three-yeor-old child come help Nelson Adoms ond Phelps Murdock with this complicoted mochine?" 1 'SJ 5 v- fill FW - ifiiffv Q Inter-Fraternity Council Men's lnter-Fraternity Council is composed of the President and two representatives from each of the four fraternities at the University of Missouri at Kansas City: Alpha Phi Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Delta Chi, and Tau Kappa Epsilon. Dean Bloch, Dean of Students, acts as advisor. The officers of IFC are: Mel Blonsky lAElll President, Curtis Rodgers CAPAJ Vice-President, Ron Kraft lAElll Treasurer, and Gary Lowe lDXl Secretary. IFC is designed for the purpose of helping to promote fraternities on campus, bolster their spirit, create an air of cooperation between the various organizations, with the University in all campus projects. IFC began the year with Rush Smokers on Sunday, September l5, at which time the prospective pledges were introduced to their first taste of fraternity life. Approximately fifty boys pledged the four fra- ternities, after going through a hectic week of parties and decision making. IFC held a Greek Yell-ln Dance in October in conjunction with Panhellenic Council. Entertainment was provided by the pledges of the fraternities and sororities. A Greek day was held second semester, con- tests which were highlighted were chariot races and other forms of competitive competition. The all-day affair was culminated with a lavish dance held at the University Center. Proposals were brought before Dean Bloch, the Expansion Planning committee and E.C.P.C., concerning housing and approval was tentatively granted. Dean Bloch attended National lnterfraternity Conference held in New York and brought back many new innovations to strengthen the fra- ternity system at UMKC. IFC held second semester rush with great success. The year was a creative one with progressive results for the future. INTER-FRATERN ITY COUNCIL Mel Blonsky ....... President Curtis Rogers . . Vice-President , Gary Lowe . . . . Secretary Back Row: Ed Barash, David Carr, Ron Kraft, Treasurer, Ron Kraft ' ' Treasurer Roger Kennicutt. Front Row: Gary Lowe, Secretary, Curtis Rogers, Vice-President, Mel Blonsky, President. 2 208 Aj., ' The Panhellenic Association is composed of mem- bers of the two national social sororities on campus, Alpha Delta Pi and Chi Omega. They sponsored the annual Sno-Ball dance, which was the social highlight of the campus Christmas season. Penhellenic's main function is to be a council to coordinate the sororities' campus life, Of course one of the main functions is formal rush. This year, for the first time, Panhellenic had a pre-school rush. Another first for this year was the organization of a Junior Panhellenic Council. The junior Panhellenic is composed of the pledges from the two sororities. This cooperative work provides an adequate background for pledges that will be useful when they become active members of their chapter. 4 ,,,ww,-ff. , ' , 4 f'lf'We, 5 ' wif G. l , 5 ., 1. ..4, fy tf7,wm,,mZ, .. . , W . , . F " ' - J' -lg, f mmf t 1: J 'QS' ff 514 , s 4 Junior Panhellenicz Sheila Keating, Secretary, ADPi, Vicki Hilsinger, ADPi, Tracy Roach, President, Chi Omega, Vicki Monsees, Chi Omega, Judy Evans, Chi Omega. Panhellenicz Back Row: Vicki Cohen, Carol Switzer. Front Row: Tony Wagner, Nancy Golly, Carol Brent- son, Donna Rohning. l 210 mem- es on which to be Jrmal s year of the :cl for vitzer. Brent- g 2 ,,,, 'ja irgffififz' 15 " : , :Q .," - 3 "Just waiting and reading and wait- "Sitting here, setting hair!" ing and smoking and waiting and . . ." "What do you mean, you have a giant in your "Isn't this carrying co-education a little too far?" washing machine?" 1fvf,,,34 A ,f.,,,, M-+04 ff, M .A ,,,, 0.00 .M I my 4 ' ' , 213 ii . , , , , f , ,,-, i c E . b: J 5 . A iroves enter tticio Stott, f7:f:,...,W l Q -Q.. Fin .,. .vis s EZ P.. i ,En 557 251 0 f'i,,"f' , 'Wk' . QJWJLQZQZQZEI Ka ren ay, Bob Publications Board p-i""""1"""""' R L4 ia ,,:.,Ms,, ' ' I J W - , i , N Q V' i i' ity 'f 1 1 g l ,uv gut, f 1 Publications Board: Ronnie Bisman, Secretary, Deanne De Wald, Shirley Capps Karen Peterson Faculty Ad visor, Mel Saferstein, Sam' Scott, Faculty Advisor, Bob Hencey, Faculty Advisor, Rolnald Veatch. I Publications Board Chairman, Joe Manley. The purpose ot the Student Council Publica- tions Board of UMKC is to act in an advisory capacity to the University News, Kangaroo, and Number One. Acting as a mediator be- tween these publications and ASA Student Council, they have solved past problems and erected a foundation which is hoped will bring 5 about better publications. W? 'K li ii ig gi z i ll 1. i l 'mg-. i 4 4. ll lil 2 li l l i tl l lil Pi Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta, is the national forensic honorary society. This year the Missouri Pi Chapter was headed by Bill Cohen, president, Steve Davis, vice-president, and Steve Sturdevant, acting sec- retary-treasurer. Membership in Pi Kappa Delta is determined by participation in the University Forensic Pro- gram. This year Pi Kappa Delta again played host to the University of Missouri, at Kansas City Forensic tournament, a tournament of area l-ligh Schools. This year the tourney was won, for the second year in a row, by North Kansas City. This year Missouri Pi played host to the National Forensic Tournament for the state of Missouri. All in all it was a full year. But there is hope in the national convention, next year at Portland, Oregon. Pi Kappa Delta officers: Steve Sturdavent, acting sec- retary-treasurer, Steve Davis, vice-president, and Bill Cohen, president. Bill lsenhour and Ed Kriss, members of Pi Kappa Delta, and past West Point National and Regional debaters, examine the almost too small trophy case. 216 WCIS SSC- Pro- City ' the onal ond, The Missouri University at Kansas Cit Youn Y D 1' Democratic Club is the organization ofystudenti S interestedvgenerally in their government and particularly in the philisophy of the Democratic Party.-This club fulfills a dual purpose. lt provides an organization for those students inter- ested. in current events and governmental action, and also stands ready to aid in the political activities on a national, state and local level. Primarily this organization is an educational de- vice for all interested students. By having speakers on subjects of current interest and seminar discussions, this club has brought one of the most important phases of public life before the stu- dents on this campus. -3 Q1 S iw lla 3 Z 9 ii Q Young Democrats: Sue Ellmaker, A. G. Dietrich, Tomas Graf, Jim Carter, Carole Brentson, Rita Mortimeyer. The Biology Club sponsored a series of programs to introduce biology students to different fields and careers in biology. The first program of the year was an introductory panel discussion by professors in the department, and subsequent programs featured lectures by biologists in the Kansas City area as well as guest seminars by professors visiting from other universities. The second semester program included lectures by club members and faculty members. The club also sponsored social events and provided coffee for the department and the Senior Seminar. A ll M e Secretary Treasurer' Laneita Broud Steering Webb President Not Pictured Steeri Biology Club: Andy Saunders, Vice President, rne a az , - , , Committee, ' ' 'ng Committee members Bob Werth, David Watson. 217 . , ,,, 1 , 7-l..Ql -L C 1 A '1 I 1 53 l -1 J .vi tund- than 1 ac- cen- find 'l... st of were- ikc, f'2iQf.:f, Har- National Collegiate Players National Collegiate Players, a member of the Association of College Honorary Societies, was in- stalled at UMKC as Chapter 80 in May, l963. The purpose of the organization is to stand as a college unit in national movements for the betterment and welfare of drama and the theater in the United States, to raise the standards of college and university theaters by recognizing the most worthy individual and group efforts in the creative arts of the theater, and to assist in the attainment of these purposes as an end toward the building of a permanent community culture. National Collegiate Players: Vince Scassellati, Bob Bahr, President, Max Beatty, Robert Speaight, Linda Weaver' Susan Dinges, Treasurer, Dallas Wickham, Kathleen Harrington, Vice President. Not Pictured: Gina Ramsey, Secretary, Mary Peyton, Kevin Kirk, Joan Kort, and Dr. Patricia Mcllrath. Geology and Geography Club Th f the Geology and Geography Club is to provide practical application of the Geo- e purpose o logical and Graphical sciences for the student and to promote a greater interest in these disci- plines at U.M.K.C. Among the activities of the club are meetings, special lectures, films, or- ganized field trips, both local and distant, and the annual spring picnic. ROW: Charles Gotfon Peter Bgfkef' JOFTTSS Hendricks, UOFICIICII Vvlnn, VVIIIIUIII IUIIICII Qcuigu vu:----v, Bert Johnggn Steve Hammond. Front Roxlv: Dr. Sidney Ekblaw, Advisor: Walter Gomez, Joe Thacker, second semester president' John Cravotta, second semester vice president, John Sullivan, second semester treasurer, ' I ' - l R cker first semester secretary, Dr. E. J. Parizek, advisor. Not R b t Z k, f t t esident, Char es U , , itiilzed.ogrucelrgnfgpsegjrzdlib Benvenuti, James Haynes, Richard Moberly, Randall Updike, Francis Holman, P - 1 Donald Cullers, Arlin Snider, Harry Old, George Terry. 219 Conservative Society The Conservotive Society of the University of Missouri ot Konsos City exists on the following principles: thot the individuol must be oble to exercise complete freedom of oction, except when his oction infringes upon onother's opportunity for the some freedom, thot the individuol, in opposition to collectivism, is supreme, thot the legitimote function of government is the pro- tection of individuol freedom through the preservotion of interno order ond notionol defense, thot only privote enterprise in o free morket system is compotib e with individuol freedom. Executive Bocird: Tom Willy, Bill Anderson, Rondolph Rodgers. C Young Republicans The Young Republicon Confederotion provided on opportunity for student members of the Loyol Opposition" to work together in the odvococy of their politiccil beliefs. Membership in the Confederotion wos open to ony UMKC student who hod on interest in the workings of his government ond identified himself with the gools ond purposes of the Republicon Porty. , 1 an K Xoupcgnsfgzlgglgcons: Steve Wheelock, Rondolph Rodgers, President, Tom Willy, Executive Bocird Choirmon, 5 220 7.1. ..,. ,V ...v,:-,..-LA! '24-sp: , '-,x: I '- 1' 4 Q,--A A Ning vhen il, in pro- lnse, The National l-lonorary Society in Psychology is known by the Greek letters, Psi Chi, which phoneti- cally suggest the term "psychology," the science which this organization strives to advance. lt is the hope of Psi Chi and its members that, through the programs of the society and its indi- vidual chapters, scholarship, and interest may be encouraged, stimulated and maintained in all fields, especially psychology. ln an attempt to develop the young chapter on this campus and maintain these principles, the best means possible are to be employed-from educational symposia to cinema of significant interest and moreover to just plain "fun" events character- ized by the "Goat Roast," and of course all in the interest of psychology. back Row: John J. O'Keefe, Recording Secretary, Daniel M. Levinson, Richard M. Grimes, Barbara R. Bishop, Juditl. Carnegie, Allen Share, Treasurer, John Hetherington, Phelps D. Murdock, Corresponding Secretary. Front Row: Norman M. Dunsmore, President, Charles H. Dobbe, Shirley J. Capps, Vice-President, Kathleen A. Lynch, David H. Dodd, Michael E. Graham. the German Club p in 'his -S-an wi, ei NSY! -, : wa -u. A nan ' l Rondalph Rodgers, William Samuel, Bonny Halbeck, Joanna Haynes, James Joyce, Grace Hoelzel, Harriet Fram, Elizabeth Nelson, Gertraud Schuh, Darrella Whit- more, Ann Andrews, Bob Weeks, Wayne l-lolland, Mary Evelyn Pretz, Miss Renata Meyer lSponsorl, Syaman Malotte, Miss Goethe Kaatz lAdvisori . i The German Club has as its function the co- ordination of fun and facts to provide an ac- quaintance with "Deutschland". Their meet- ings, of varied interest, ranged from an eve- ning of choice slides, to a night at Mierhoff's. This year a talk was given by Miss Gertraud Schuh, a native German girl, concerning Col- ogn. Miss Schuh spoke about the school sys- tem, the annual "Karneval'l in Cologne and explained the distinguishing language char- acteristics of each portion of the country. Another enjoyable event was provided by an elderly couple, Mr. and Mrs. Pretz, who brought the highlights of German architecture and culture to the club through their slides. ln the annual event of Christmas caroling Ger- man Club members visited including that of the Chancellor's. German Club is practical as well as enjoyable. lt affords each member an opportunity to gain insight into the manner- isms and mores of Germany. Pi Kappa Lambda Pi Kappa Lambda is an honorary fraternity whose membership is bestowedupon those students with the highest scholastic achievement in music. Its purpose is to provide an organization dedicated to the furtherance of music in education and education in music in colleges, uni- versities and other institutions of higher learning which offer programs in musical instruction. , V up ,, .M ,fy , f I If , 'fffffffrwj ' 7 ' f- - , f,z.f, Pi Kappa Lambda: Front Row: Fred Dufflemeyer, Katherine Farley, Verna Brackinreed, Dr. Francis Buebendorf. Back Row: John Burnau, James Spencer, Joanne Baker, Bettye Sue Volkart, Stanley Deacon, Orene Yowell, Harden VanDeursen. Bench and Robe The Order of the Bench and Robe is the honor society of the School of Law. The purpose of this organization is to give recognition to the attainment of scholarship of a superior quality by students in the School of Law. Student members must have at least a 2.0 scholastic average of their entire professional course record in the Law School and rank not lower than the high- est ten percent of their class. Bench and Robe: Joel P, Owens, Betty J. Anderson, John F. Marvin, Michael J. Maloney. 222 ,-., . ....... ..... .., if - -.4..f::....n:u:'. ,ee ,,,.... -,.T.. ,,,,, , , H , ants tion uni- Jn. dorf. well, this f by 'oge igh- Gmicron Delta Kappa The purpose of the Omicron Delto Koppo Society is threefold: First, to recognize men who hove ottoined o high stondord of efficiency in collegiote octivities ond to inspire others to strive for conspicuous ottoinments olong similcir lines. Second, to bring together the most representotive men in oll phoses of collegiote life ond thus to creote on orgonizotion which will help to mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of locol ond intercollegicite interest. Third, to bring together members of the fciculty ond student body of the institution on o bosis of mutuol interest ond understonding. 2 'xfgrz-' , . Omicron Delto Koppo: Mike Allen, Trecisurer, Deon John Speco, Advisor, Rick Nosh, President, Deon Hom- ilton Robinson, Deon Wheodon S. Bloch, Secretory, Roger Bern, Tom Tolbott, Bill Crowford, Bob Bohr, Roger Sybront, Poul Edwords, Tom Frozier, Chorley Cobb, Ed Cooper. The opportunity for o ponel discussion involved Dr. Ekblciw, Deon Bloch, Rick Ncish, Poul Edwords, ond Tom Frozier. Ed Cooper, Chorley Cobb, cind Deon Robinson listen to meeting converscition. Z. I 'tr , 1' f "fi, ,, ,X .. I Wa fy wk f? ,, .. fm M A Zh, f' 1 5, ,, ZZ? , '- 7 Q '. 41, 223 ff l . , ,,,, , ,,,......l A 4 1 I 1 1 I J 1 I 1 ! 4 I i 1 I 1 i E 1 is E a 1 ip is stu- atudy zens. cGraw, l. Rost. in gradu- wonor- ale tor innual Organization ol Jewish Students The Organization ot Jewish Students, a new group on campus, was tormed in the late summer months, and began functioning during registration. Although there were many problems which had to be resolved, the group met and elected their tirst slate ot otticers in late September. Elected were: William Cohen, President, l-larriet Cooper, Vice President, Michele Caviar, Re- cording Secretary, Jackye Greenberg, Corresponding Secretary, Sharon Martasin, Treasurer, Rabbi Chiam Rozwasky, Advisor. A l-lootenanny was the social orientation ot the group, THE PLEDGES, a well-known Kansas City tolk singing group, provided the entertainment. During the Jewish l-ligh Holy Days the organization provided out-ot-towners with Synagogue Facilities and with a Chanukah Party, celebrating the holiday ot Chanukah. The goal ot this group is to represent the Jewish students on the UMKC campus. The group will tunction in that capacity until an otticial l-lillel can be established. Front Row: Rabbi Chiam Rozwaski, Advisor, Harriet Cooper, Vice President, William Cohen, President. Bock Row: Sharon Martisan, Treasurer, Michele Cariar, Recording Secretary, Jackye Greenberg, Cor- responding Secretary. Michele Corvair, Sharon Martisan, l-larriet Cooper, Sheryl Pannish, Honey Steiman, Jackye Greenberg, Bob Levy, Dennis Goldstein, Mike Rothberg, Mr. Abraham Meth, Assistant Advisor, Deanna Cooper. :erS Q Y' er, Ron lf- f I 225 Obiter Dicta is a newspaper written and edited by students and faculty members of the University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Law. The paper contains information exclusively for the School of Law and is predominantly a communication for alumni. lt is published three to four times a year with an average length of six pages. The paper includes such features as "Faculty Notes", "Dean's Memo", and "alumni in the news." There is a section devoted entirely to edi- torials besides a complete coverage of all activities. This pub ication has been made possible through the financial support of the alumni foundation of the University of Missouri of Kansas City and is a paper which is certainly worthy of note in its acfiievements. lgof. Patrick Kelly, James Tichener, Allan Bell, Mrs. Clarice Hahn, David Atkinson, Paul Edwards, Jim Hecke, Editor. Raymond Gordon, Clerk of Rolls, Dean, W. Kenneth Grahn, Tribune. Robert C. Welch, 3 226 The object of this organization is to unite fraternally congenial students of the law, to lead them and their fellow students to high scholarship and legal learning, to surround them with an environment such that traditions of the law and of the profession may descend upon them, to promote justice, to inspire re- spect for the noblest qualities of manhood and to advance the interests of every school of law with which this fraternity shall be asso- ciated. d by ty of the four :ulty edi- sible nsas Editor. unite w, to high 'ound itions scend re re- d and mol of asso- Law Review The Law Review is composed ofa select group of law students maintaining a high grade-average throughout their three years of study. The freshman law student who obtains a B average in the first semester examinations is selected as a candidate, ln order to be accepted as a staff mem- ber a student must write a publishable case note. Once accepted, a student must maintain his position on the staff through hard work and a high academic average. The Law Review publica- tion consists of a selected group of lead articles, case notes, and comments on important points of law. The lead articles are written by law school professors, judges, and practicing attorneys while the case notes and comments are from the Law Review staff. The purpose of the Law Review is not only to educate the staff members in legal research, writing, and editing but also to furnish to the subscribers information on important subjects of law. Many times an attorney will find his problem has been completely researched and published as a law review article. Like any other publishing organization the Law Review staff may be found hard at work on Satur- day mornings correcting manuscripts, footnotes, or galley proofs in order to meet a deadline. However, they also have a chance to ease tension when they meet annually for an outing at the Lake of the Ozarks or get together for an evening of light law and a small keg. Joe O'Neil, Robert Waters, Lawrence Bold, Jim Marsh, James Williamson, Don Kimball, Editor, Michael Maloney, John Marvin, Paul Edwards, Duke Ponick, Carl White, David Freeman. 15 ff 1. Q ' .V an . ,,..,.,,, ww, , t ., , , n ., - ' .f-M' .. 1' vc: " ' ' , . ' V .,,,, . , -1 'I Q f .4 , 3 L L , - . 4 - H ' ' Donald Kimball and Bruce Heavner, l962-63 Law Re- view Editor, in out-of-school hours . . . 227 Phi Delta Phi Phi Delta Phi International Legal Fraternity is the oldest and largest professional fraternity in the United States. From an original membership of ten in l869, the fraternity has grown to now include over 80,000 members of student and Barrister Inns. Phi Delta Phi's avowed purpose has been to promote scholarship and develop character by associating men of ability and integrity. The successful fulfillment of this goal is evidenced by the many important roles in American public life, including among others, Governors, Senators, Supreme Court Justices and Presidents, which have been occupied by Phi Delta Phi law graduates. Powell Inn, the Phi Delta Phi chap- ter at U.M.K.C., has this past year observed its usual program of social and educational ac- tivities. A pre-semester Patio Party was held in August at Lake Tapawingo for actives and alums. A stag Keg Party for new students at the home of a member, a Judicial Reception for prominent Phi Delta Phis at the University Center, and a Welcome Cocktail Party for pledges at the Rockhill Club highlighted the rush activities. A fall I-lootenanny, spring Picnic and Initia- tion Banquet rounded out the year. The Phi Delta Femmes proved successful fund-raisers and enthusiastic supporters of the fraternity's social activities. Top to Bottom: Thomas Allen, James Shockey, Robert Martin, David Freeman, Dean Whipple, Donald Ze- mites, Gary Argo, Joseph Amick, John Murphy, J. D. Williamson, Donald Kimball, William Nichols, Patrick Nash, Robert Mann, Jimmie James, Roger Bern, Joseph O'NeiI, Ira Gentle, John Miller, David Atkinson, Michael Merrill, William Crawford, Hugh Madden, Ronald Zolo- tor, Tom Dixon, Barry Danialson, Gordon Myerson, N. Thomas Sheahan, Joseph Cox, John Marvin, James Marsh, Kenneth Jones, Robert Bryant. Top First-Kris McWilliams, Barbara Sheahan, Phyllis Wilkins, Wilma Allen, Janet Argo, Paula Griffith, Nancy Nurello, Linda Voigts, Nancy Mann, Deanna Martin, Joan Kimball, Judy Shockey, Lois Cox. Bottom Sec- ond-Eve Marvin, Susan Bern, Delores O'NeiI, Norma James, Vera Freeman, Pat Bryant, Deanna Merrill, Mar- garet Zemites, Shirley Gentle, Jane Frieze. Top of Third-Betty Nichols, Mary Ann Fitsimmons, Jeanette Elaine Whipple, Irene Williamson. 228 'y in now e has irity. icon ants, hap- I ac- and 1 for dges ritia- T and i l lobert j Ze- J. D. latrick oseph ichael Zolo- erson, James Phyllis Nancy flartin, 1 Sec- Xlorma , Mar- 'op of anette The Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternit , founded in h' i h IQQZ, is the second oldest law fraflernity in the P I A p a nation with the largest number of active chapters of any legal fraternity. Phi Alpha Delta's purposes of Service to the Student, the Law School, andthe Profession are the basic framework of the program of the Thomas l-lart Benton chapter. Thomas l-lart,Benton Chapter counts among itsnolumni in the Kansas City area former President Harry S. Truman and former Justice of the United States Supreme Court Charles E. Whittaker. l Christian Science College Organization The Christian Science Organization at UMKC holds weekly meetings which consist of read- ings from the Bible and Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, and the sharing of experiences and heal- ings with Christian Science in every day col- lege life, The purpose of the organization is twofold: lt promotes the spiritual growth of the members and is a source of information about Christian Science to the college com- munity in general. ln this function the meet- ings are open to anyone interested in Chris- tian Science, also a free lecture specifically designed for all students at UMKC is given each year. -and-f l i f ,. 3 . WEEE' ' -ffl E glad .lack Cossingham, Mrs. Bernice Losley, Advisor, Toni Page, Tom Heitz, Gay Johanning, Tom Tressler. Teachers Now Training The purpose of the local chapter of the Student National Education Association lTeachers Now Trainingl is to acquaint the teachers now training with the parent organization and oper- ation in the professional field. This gives to the members who are preparing for this profession the opportunity to participate with those already active in this profession. I Vervailieith, Treasurer, Eleanor Etterling, Vice Presi- dent, Roberta Landon, President, Karen Peterson, Publicity, Wanda Ward, Secretary. Phi Delta Delta Phi Delta Delta Legal Fraternity is an international professional fraternity for women in the field of law. It was incorporated under the laws of the State of California October 25, l9l 2, and now has chapters in Canada and other foriegn countries. The purposes of Phi Delta Delta are to promote a high standard of scholarship, professional ethics, competency and achievement among women law students and women in the legal profession. The aim of Phi Delta Delta is to serve its profession. ln so doing it maintains an observer and reporter at the United Nations, is a member of the Inter-American Bar Association, sponsors an annual breakfast at the Amer- ican Bar Association Conventions, and gives awards for outstanding legal articles. The local chapter gives an award to the highest ranking Torts student and endeavors to support all other school activities. The faculty sponsor is Professor Rudolph Heitz, School of Law. The officers are: Sandra Pruitt Ferguson, president, lda Turner, Treasurer, Clarice Hahn, Secretary, Delor- es Macke, Registrar, and Beverly Boyles, Chaplain. Left Back Corner: Delores Macke, Eileen Fleming, Alice Jeanne Boyer. Back Row: Linda Morales, Margaret Jordan, Mabel Fitch, Margaret Reiley, Mable Reiley, Norma Braley, Ima Goerhing, Nellie Fitch, Lorraine Patman, Ernestine Mott, Carolee Leek. Front Row: Josephine Koch, Patricia Harris, lda Turner, Eleanore Blue, Margaret Mason, Tiera Farrow, Jo Zelma Taylor, Norma Kinswater, Vera Jone, Charlotte Thayer. Not shown: Phyllis Bo- gardus, Verna Anderes, Betty Jean Bond, Edna Bumell, Grace Dooley, Dorothy Fardon, Eula B. Hadlick, Mary Ann Harrison, Martha Sperry Hickman, Beverly Boyles, Clarice Hahn, Bernadine LeBerthon, Tiera Lester, Judy Li, Betty Pine Lockhard, Kamilla Mazanec, Verlyn Munoz, Persis Perry, Martha Peterman, Rosemary Riley, Marjorie Webb, Judith Whittaker, Sandra Pruitt Ferguson. l 230 wers per- sion Ti -9 WS 1 the , and ire to 'nent Ita is ions, .mer- local other iicers Delor- g irgaret ztman, irgaret lis Bo- ry Ann :dy Li, arjorie Canterbury Association Canterbury is that part of the program of the Episcopal Church reaching to the college and the university campus. The program exists to meet our needs-changing as the needs change- to provide religious services, parties, and lectures or discussions, or a combination of these and others. These words characterize the concerns of Canterbury: "We believe: that God gave man reason and free-will, that God wants us to use these gifts to extend our knowledge of Him and discover fresh aspects of the universe l-le created, that scientific progress is part of this process, that making the most of our life-long opportunities to learn more ourselves and teach others is one of our basic obligations as children of God." QL: x 7-Q Canterbury Association Steering Committee: A. G. Dietriech, Chairman, Pam Moore, Secretary, John Balsan, and Fr. James Moon, Chaplain. Not pictured are: Morton Walker, Faculty Advisor, Phelps Murdock, and Mike Graham. Women's Recreation Association The Women's Recreational Association is the governing body of intromurols for girls. The pur- pose of the organization is to provide extra-curricular activities for girls interested in sports. Bowling, basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, and softball were among the varied sports provided for students. Officers for i963-64 were: Edie McClurg, president, Irene Sarras, Vice President, Cindy Rowan, Secretary, Nancy Kvaternik, Treasurer, Linda Muncton, Publicity Chairman, and Sharon Wiber, Point Chairman. The sponsor was Marian Simpson, physical education instructor. Pe-creation Association: Nancy Kvaternik, Irene Sarras, Cindy Rowan, Linda Sprague, brace l"lOelZel, Sharon Wiber, Carol Giles, and Joanne Clarke. 231 f S 4 -. H zrsity ersity :Tem- g the nday if the r the 'il lO l Horn, es for Torch and Scroll: Student Members: Esther Abell, Gary Altman, Lance Banning, Wilfred Beanland, Ron- netta Bisman, Marcia Bordman, Carole Brentson, Jerome Burstein, Shirley Capps, Judy Carnegie, Byron Carroll, Larry Clark, Terry Cramer, Donna Demarea, Jo Carol DeShon, Charles Fisher, Marjorie Gamble, Esther Gardner, Sherry Gershon, Merilyn Harvey, Nor- man Howes, Fred L. Jackson, Gwynn Jelden, Jane Jen- sen, Janet Johnson, Ed Kriss, Barbara Lutte, Evelyn Marxsen, Patrick McGraw, Barbara Murray, Sharron O'Dell, Ernestine Painter, Jan Patterson, Sharon Peltz- man, Caroline Peterson, Terry Peterson, Melvin Rog- ers, Walter Schneider, Dorothy Shoop, Mary Siegfried, Richard Sjarda, Samuel Strada, Linda Van Sickle, Sharon Williamson, Belva Charlene Winn, Faculty Members: Dean Wheadon Bloch, Dr. Harold Busch- man, Dr. George Ehrlich, Dr. Leslie Eisenbrandt, Dr. James E. l-lerbertson, Dean Archie Jones, Dr. Martin Levit, Dr. Ernest Manheim, Dr. Norman Royall, Dr. John Scurlock, Mr. Leo J. Sweeney, Dean Edwin J. Westermann, Officers: President: Mary Siegfried, Vice-president: Sharon Williamson, Secretary-treasur- er: Richard Sjarda. Delta Alpha: Sharon Williamson, President, Evelyn Marxsen, Mauriece Smith, Shirley Capps, Treasurer, Judy Carnegie, Mary Siegfried, Karen Peterson, Chari Winn, Secretary, Ronni Bisman. Not pictured: Norma Herbertson. ' Torch and Scroll Torch and Scroll is the student scholastic hon- orary on campus. Its members must have com- pleted five semesters of college work, of which two are in residence at The University of Mis- souri at Kansas City. They must have a scho- lastic average of 2.0 or above or each semes- ter. Initiation is held twice a year, followed by a dinner for initiates. Members serve as ushers on l-lonors Day and at Commencement. ,L will Delta AI ha is a senior women s leadership society a In orderlfo be a member of Delta Alpha, young wo- men must be outstanding on campus for they are selected on the basis of leadership, character scholarship and their participation in campus activities. Delta Alpha helps in the preparation of the "Coed Cues" handbook, distributed to new women students during orientation, and other ser- d i th . New members are tapped in a traditional ceremony on Honor's Day vice projects ur ng eyear 233 MW if A ' WWA 1 4 1 1 1 9 ww. v, w 4Q l Psi Omega The concrescence of the individuals in our University School of Denistry and their personal segregation into fellowships creates a new maturity in professional growth. This is by no means a deprivation but rather an enrichment of each person through the dental fraternity. Psi Omega of the University of Missouri at Kansas City is unique in its presentation of curriculum to the member, his family and colleagues. Achievement in the fraternity is stimulated by a keen in- terest in both professional and scholastic attainment. Our programming is devised in such a manner as to correlate text book information with the practical knowledge of everyday practice and enjoyment of our future careers. Although the culmination of theory and knowledge is one plateau with a subsequent practical maturity through professional educators creates an elevation to our upmost goal. The force and support by the wives of the students is made man- ifest in an auxiliary organization from which entertainment and educational values are derived. To the women behind the "prophesized" Doctors of Dental Surgery of Kansas City, we take this opportunity to express humble gratitude for their sacrifice, indulgence, and comfort. The Psi Omega Auxiliary officers are Sally Simpson, President, Betty Byland, Vice-President, Jan Marburger, Recording Secretary, Corrine Boyd, Corresponding Secretary, Frances Ritchey, Treasurer, Sandra Falkensten, Historian, Camille Hamilton, Editor, Sharon Schmitt, Nita Adams and Andrea Clark, Tri Dental Representatives, and Jerilee Gott and Barbara Nichols, Rush Chairmen. During the i964-65 school year the Psi Omega Auxiliary will be in charge of the Tri Dental Auxiliary Council with Sharon Schmitt presiding. Psi Omega Dental Fraternity: Bock Row: R. G. Falkensten, James R. Cole, Charley R. Smith, G. L. Bommel- aere, Karl E. Voldeng, John Gorton, Jack Beynon, Jack Balenseifen, Fred E. Norton, Patrick Daily, Charles Lar- ason, Melvin Wimmer, Derrill Loberg. Second Row: Tim E. Poling, Dr. J. Don Harris, David W. Barnes, James R. Barton, Ralph E. Younger, Charles L. Bryan, John K. Kiesendahl, Royce G. Thomas, H. A. Allen, Richard Ochs, R. H. Simpson, C. B. Shepard, David R. Adams, Michael L. Morgan, Dick Powell, Steve Clark, Ronald A. VanTuyI. Front Row: Ron R. Riley, R. R. Skinner, Bill Ramlow, Jim Byland, Secretary, Ken Gott, Grand Master, Dr. D. L. Moore, Deputy Councilor, John Hayhurst, Jr. Grand Master, George Harper, Treasurer, William L. Lake, Richard L. Brown, Roger P. Metcalfe. Psi Omega Auxiliary: Back Row: Donna Oman, RoAnne Brell, Glenda Allen, Charlott VanTuyl, Joyce Taylor, Sandra Falkensten, Joyce Wimmer, Jerilee Gott, Margie Thomas, Louellen Seef, Carolyn Hall, Sally Gorton. Second Row: Carol Ann Powell, Nancy McKinnis, Nita Adams, Mina Voldeng, Winnie Balenseifen, Gail Skin- ner, .Nancy Harper, Freda Gott, Barbara Nichols, Corrine Boyd, Patti Anderson, Jewellita Norton, Camille Hamilton. Front Row: Margaret Hopkins, Margaret Beatty, Jan Poling, Frances Ritchey, Sally Simpson, Bet- ty Byland, Jan Marburger, Andrea Clark, Mary Ellis Smith, Sandy Brown, Maurita Coffee. V if,.r6gAw? . Q Q, . 5.755 3 nal ans ega the in- h a tice 2 is an an- fed. ake 1'he Jan wey, lita ols, e of .1 'M- S: ? 8 amel- Lar- omes :hard Jnald Brand urer, Jylor, rrton. Skin- lmil le Bet- Phi Mu Alpha The Alpha Psi Chapter of Phi Mu Al ha Sinfonia ' ' was established at the Conservatory lot Music on November 18, 1927, having been originated at the New England Conservatory of Music at Boston on October 6, 1898. The purpose of the fraternity is to advance the cause of music in America, foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students and music, develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members and to encoura e lo alt to the Alma Mater Phi Mu , , 1 Q Y Y - A pha Sinfonia places emphasis on scholarship, musical knowledge, performance, andfor in- terest in composing. 1 Walter Schneider, Vice President, Gary Dempsey, James Gaskill, President, Richard Youngstein, Seymour Gop- man, Warden, Richard Scott, Walter Power, Recording Secretary, Walter Noble, Howard Barnes, Correspond- ing Secretary, Richard Drydan, Richard Bartlett, Historian, Larry Manica, David lzzard, Timothy Foster, William Power, Treasurer, Kit Kubis. lNot picturedl Douglas Cushing, Neal Stone, William Hargraves, Rich- ard Gibson. "Service to the campus and to the community-" 0 g This has been the aim of the Alpha Phi Omega, a I a National Service Fraternity, for the 25 years it has been in operation. Alpha Eta Chapter of UMKC had an active Chapter of fourteen and a pledge class of ten this year. APO sponsored their traditional Beauty and Beast Dance on November 16 at which time Joyce Adams, spon- sored by Tau Kappa Epsilon, was chosen Beauty and Jim Eisenbrandt, sponsored by Sigma Alpha Iota, was chosen Beast. All proceeds from this dance were given to the charity designated by those groups sponsoring a candidate. Members of Alpha Phi Omega served their campus this year by acting as ushers for convocations and commencement, collecting for the United Eunds Campaign, and aiding the Peace Corps. Alpha Phi Omega: John O'Keefe, Joe La Rue, Joe Hirsch, Secretary-Treasurer, Bernard F. McCarty, Jr., Critic, Joe Ernst, President, Bill Ireland, Vice President, Leonard Mock, George Hedges. 237 Delta Sigma Delta Delta Sigma Delta, the first professional dental fraternity, was founded in November of l882. The Kansas City Chapter, the first dental fraternity at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, was organized March l5, l898. Delta Sigma' Delta has initiated over 30,000 members since l88Z, has 24,000 active members, and over l4,000 life members. The Kansas City chapter is proud of its past record, having furnished not only for the dental school, but for the entire Uni- versity. The Kansas City Chapter is equally proud of its national ranking. lt ranked ninth among the thirty-six undergraduate chapters last year. Back Row: Wren Cohenour, George Blaylock, Ron Roark, George Myers, Mike Allison, Frank Holtz, Don Smothers, Jim Anderson, Louis Allred, Bob Hart, Bruce Smith, Dennis Downey. Third Row: Kerwin Russell, Dale Replogle, Pat Hutchens, Gene Ray, Roger Bright, Howard Nies, Tony Martin, Don Hargis, Max McReynolds, Paul Medlock, Lyndal Holmes, Bill Smith, Stephen Zacker, Charles Vogel. Second Row: T. J. Nidiffer, Robert Hauetter, Jay Nelson, Dick Farmer, Dick Bennett, Hugh Clark, Bob Hill, Vic Rodman. Front Row: Bob Davis, Jerry Vernon, Rex Smith, Bill Davis, Frank Spalitto. Not Shown: Neal Bellanti, Michael Bird, Gene Blackmun, Jack Beckett, Gary Burnidge, Bob Burns, Mike Cassidy, Porter Clark, Charles Cobb, Bill Croom, Bob Craven, Keith Deimund, John Derryberry, Rich DeVaughn, Larry Dickson, Cliff Freidline, Larry Gangel, Bob Groff, Stan Hall, Larry Hargis, Granvil Hayes, Sam Higdon, Jim Hively, Jack Hollingsworth, Gerald Holt, Larry Huey, John Hughes, Gene Kaufman, John King, John Krizer, Wayne Lewis, Dick McKinney, Jerry McLain, Jorge Madamba, Bill Marley, Ray Moore, Bob Morhart, Paul Murikama, Tom Nakai, Baxter Newton, Phil Ottinger, Howard Pelz- ner, Mike Pittman, Charles Parma, Paul Rabe, Jack Rudd, Larry Sheldon, Frank Sommers, Bob Todd, Chuck Waller, Dennis Wallis, Bob Ward, Chuch Webber, Don Webber, Vaughn Wifp, Larry Wise, Roy Yamamoto, Dallas Ziegenhorn. 238 82. iw, 'ice r is lni- Jng Don Dale Jlds, ,bert avis, nun, iven, Stan John nba, 'elz- muck moto, J ., -L T Q' vi ' " A I 14 4 'f 32: 11 KX l ' w Jisi ,M 2 , J ' , K J, ,, H55 ill J J 5 . J DSD Auxiliary: First row: Judy Marley lhospitality chairmanl, Pat Smothers, Violet Huey l2nd Vice Pres.J, Marcie Holt lPres.J, Louise Hutchens lTreas.J. Back row: Marcia Cassidy lSocial Chairmanl, Beverly Burns lHistorianJ , Darlene Groff lVice-Pres.J , .Joan Blaylock, Penny Hively lSocial Chairmanl , Bonnie Martin. Jay Nelson, Don Hargis, Dick Farmer, Dick Bennett, Louie Allred, Jim Anderson, Roger Bright. Dr. T. J. Nidiffer, Deputy, Frank Spallito, Historian, Bob Hill, Scribe, Hugh Clark, Junior Page, Vic Rod- man, Worthy Master, Dale Replogle, Treasurer, George Blaylock, Grand Master. 239 I js Mu Phi Epsilon if , . ,x ju, President Janet Johnson 'mv' 5.x OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester Janet Johnson President Janet Johnson Irene Spencer Vice President Betsey Pearman Bettye Sue Volkart Recording Secretary Bettye Sue Volkart Anita Weber Corresponding Secretary Anita Weber Betsey Pearman Alumnae Secretary Nancy Kinnamon Mimi Halliday Treasurer Judith Otten Judith Otten Historian Carol Albino Nancy Kinnamon Warden Linda Herrin Maybelle Franz Chaplain Lynda Smith Linda Herrin Chorister Irene Spencer Not Pictured: Nancy Kinnamon, Mimi Halliday, Maybelle Franz, Carol Hook, Joyce Delle, Becky Thompson, Sue Herriman, Virginia Powers, Jacqueline Moore, Harriet Wilmoth. ,,i, H, . I , 7 i Carol Albino , .eff x , A. I Verna Brummett f - . xv, 4' . f .. Aw I gr:.:55'gi2ir :s' 12 I f- ji--,.:f1 15"-tezgiuiez 1 .V If . is x ' ' P911 ,- ,Q 5 . f .1 'Q M -vi. Mu Phi Epsilon is an International Profes- sional Music Sorority dedicated to the recog- nition and promotion of scholarship and musicianship, the advancement of music in America, loyalty to the Alma Mater, and de- velopment of friendship within its sisterhood. lt was founded at the Metropolitan College of Music in Cincinnati, Ohio, on November IB, l903, and since that time has expanded to include-collegiate chapters and-alumnae chapters. It became international on Novem- ber I3, l962, with the installation ofa chap- ter at Philippine Women's University, Manila, Philippine Islands. Alpha Kappa Chapter was installed on November I3, l959, upon the merger of Mu Delta Chapter of the Conserva- tory of Music and Phi Phi Chapter at the Uni- versity of Kansas City. Election to Mu Phi Epsilon is based upon scholarship, musician- ship, character, and personality. Those eli- gible for membership are music majors or minors enrolled as candidates for a degree who have attained second semester freshman standing, graduate students, and faculty members. , , Joan Buebendorf 'I , I QW, ,gt f Ardeena Smith Conway X di' p gf Linda Herrin I -gi- , A- Pat Hodges Mary Louise Knutson , , I A s -' I H f.. i"- ' YZ? 'f , Q si, , 1, Lf'- fe. f 5 " ee ,r" Ills A ,ts as ' " L ,,-,is so Wendy Kuhn at " ,. i W: N I ,gm tittieii 131 Mefy Am Lee I .. e .5 ,, A My ,,,, l Judith Otten I I ee K ee' is t,i Betsy Peofmon L, ,, X, I f , , .,,, - , L.: :im Orence Ralston , - 5 ,A Viyg ,,,,. A 'iw w 3 v,,,,,,., z j., V,.i :Z A e"'- ,jf I., kj ' I Stephanie Sellers J - rs, fe I ,iff . '62 , 'C "f ""' 4 ',,,,, Q 1 ffl-eg, Lynda Smith 1, - M' ' . , f ff, I Y Irene Rice Spencer M I I QQ - Q fs Betty Sue Volkart 240 Anita Weber -4 A 'rofes- recog- v ond sic in 1d de- 'hood. age of er 13, led to imnoe ovem- chop- onilo, ar wos n the servo- 2 Uni- u Phi icion- ae eli- Jrs or legree hmon Jculty .zfiigggss 'ls X '21 Mu Phi sisters join honds in friendship to sing " The decoroted teo tobles, not to mention the french postry, wos o center of ottroction. I ,,,, ,W ,, ...MMM View r 'f5Vf ff V 1 ,fffu f., Mmwzf Wo f ff ug. sh V f ,wwf Q ff, A tott ti , 2 N Nz 3. 2 R ,,,"n,LH f f 4 f 1, X f L f iff? ,H . Z! , 241 15 ti The Triangle" Foces in the crowd . P 'B 'Y W 5'?. . in 3, r' 3. X.-ra' V i Y px . A v x f we Sigma Alpha Iota The Tau Sigma chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota is one of l32 collegiate chapters of this interna- tional professional fraternity for women in the field of music. With a membership based upon scholarship, musicianship, character, and seriousness of purpose, the main aims and ideals of Sigma Alpha Iota are to form chapters of music students and musicians who shall uphold the highest ideals of a musical education, to raise the standards of productive musical work among women students, to further the development of music in America and promote a stronger bond of musical interest between foreign countries and America, to give inspiration and material aid to its members, to organize the social life of its members as a contributing factor to their edu- cational program, to cooperate with the purposes of the Alma Mater, and to adhere to the high- est standards of American citizenship and democracy. This year Sigma Alpha Iota became the sponsor of the Music Committee of the People-to-People Program. Tau Sigma chapter works Io- cally with the Kansas City Alumnae chapter and Patroness chapter in a scholarship program to assist women music students. Musicals are presented by chapter members at meetings and at Conservatory Convocations. Members of Sigma Alpha Iota strive to maintain the serious atti- tude ofa professional fraternity and still contribute to the social life of the campus. President Linda Williams Officers: Linda Williams, President, Lenore Rogan, Vice President, Maribeth Coll, Recording Secretary, Elaine Minden, Corresponding Secretary, Joan Coch- ran, Treasurer, Joan Cochran, Advisor. Not Pictured: T Joan Barkley, Charmaine Cole, Susan Gaunce, Lois Goodine, Heidi Heise, Mary Pohl, Glenda Schikles. Anita Beth Anderson I Valdo Borger Lindo Boschert Mary Beth Coll Ardis Gant Elaine Minden Lenore Rogan Karen Richie Mary Ellen Sutton E Dorothy Truitt Louise Zirul ' 242 ema- .ipon ls of 1 the nong :nond il aid edu- nigh- e the as lo- ITI to id at atti- 2' ,, as I 0. 7 . M Y S A l means many things to its members lt is learning, and enjoying what we learn. 'wow-fu" '!,,x a chance to sing "our songs among friends. . means a friendly gathering if Kappa Psi Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest professional pharmacy fraternity in the nation. lt was founded in lB79, at Russell Military Academy in New Haven, Connecticut. There are now fifty-five active chapters and twenty graduate chapters, including the Kansas City Graduate Chapter. Gamma Theta, the local chapter, was chartered in l957, and is the largest pharmacy fraternity at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. The object of the fraternity is to pro- mote professional interest among pharmacy students so that they may be more useful mem- bers of the profession. First Row: Sam Strada, Roy Krehbiel, Ron Hill, Fletcher Gray, Gerald Beisner, George Underwood, Jack Gessler, Randolf Cox, Jon Genisio, Gary Coleman, Bud Wendling, Al Durand, Noel Arnold, Joe Guffey, Don Lewis, Sam Cushman, Larry Day. Second Row: Tom Todd, Kenneth Palmquist, Dr. Vernon Green, Ken Hirst, Douglas Adams, Joe Gialde, Bill Guinty, Lowel lrminger, Sibert Hill, Robert Niely, Bill Snyder, Bill Frazier, Jerry Burton, Don Poe, Ron Haller. Third Row: Larry Anthawd, Jim Lewis, Bent McClary, Tom Frazier, Cortland Hall, Charles Wooton Jerry Garnner, Larry Hodson, Gonzalo Medina, Norman Waitlye, Ronald Flett, Pat Porter, Glen Clark,Jim Osborn Richard Edwards, Dave Hartwig. Not Shown: Jim Poirier, Med Rodgers Brown, Denham Davis, Gene Langwin I l .Hina , ' ' .E .13 5 gtandgng: Roy Krehbiels, Historian, Sibert Hill, Vice President, Dr. Vernon Green, Grand Council Deputy, Larry ay, ecretary, Jon Genisio, Regent, Tom Todd, Treasurer. Not pictured: Jim Poirier, Chaplain. 244 was now .iate wacy pro- lem- ' .A.. fi' 9 - , .S S 5, 1 1 , . ' ,..,. ,., , f,,.'ir'1: Y' it-"'11i'w 'e':'Q.Li-tsl, ssler, Sam ams, Poe, oton, Dorn, gwin. 5 ,-"' W6 WEPZQKL Q , ffiwf X ,iff 1 f 4 ' ff fy! 7 " J, aff! ,yr W6 K 1 I' N Q Q .-,IN '1 ' '14 h B . -1 h ' '4 Kappa Epsilon Kappa Epsilon, national pharmacy fraternity for women, was founded at the State Univer- sity of Iowa in lowa City on May l3, l9Zl. The University of Missouri at Kansas City chapter, Omega, was installed on April l2, l958. Kappa Epsilon is dedicated to uniting women pharmacy students, stimulating in its members a desire for high scholarship, foster- ing a professional consciousness, and provid- ing a bond of lasting loyalty, interest, and friendship within its membership. Diana Lea Arnold Brenda Joyce Dull Mary Lou Erbacher Velda Lynne Hinnen Grace Hoelzel Paula Ann Mikesic Barbara Murray Mary Lou Owens Mrs. Wm. J. Rost lfaculty adviserl President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Historian . Chaplain . X fs President Mary Alice Kessler 5 Officers 245 Mary Alice Kessler Barbara J. Murray . Brenda J. Dull . Velda Hinnen . Paula Mikesic . Mauriece Smith vm 1 'x N 7. 3 iv Phi Delta Chi ...A Patrick McGraw, President i :L Hinton, Larry Hudson, Gene Johnson, Kermit L. Koffler, George E. Kunnel, Louis W. Laing, George J. Longmire, Stephen L. McMahon, J. Leo Morgan, Derrick L. Musick, Robert E. Province, Lee Riblet, Leslie A. Sheth, Praful Stone, Keith Trout, Dennis N. Walton, W. Dean Ward, John Wigginton, Gerry D. Wilson, Vaughn F. Worthington, John G. Denton, Larry D. Fisk, Robert Goldman, Larry Hess, James Phillip Since the founding of Beta Epsilon Chapter in December of l96O, Phi Delta Chi has devel- oped into a dynamic organization in the School of Pharmacy. lt has participated in campus activities to a significant degree and has received honors for its excellence of or- ganization from the national offices in Col- umbus, Ohio. This has taken place in three short years. For eighty years Phi Delta Chi has played a prominent role in Pharmacy. The purpose of the fraternity is to help educate the pharmacy student in his chosen profession and offer him the inherent benefits of a fraternal organi- zation. digg, if is H' SRV' 246 rr in iveh the jin ond tor- Cob wree ed o e of tocy huh Cani- ,fy 6? f 1 ff, , f if A We are proud to be called Greek. We are proud to be sorority sisters . . . or fraternity brothers. We are members of closely knit organizations. We work together and we have fun together. We pool our efforts and our finances to sponsor proiects and activities. Competition is a watchword among us. We are par- ticular about who may become a member of our ranks. We have to be. But those who make it are aware that they have achieved something and that they will have to maintain their personal image if they are to remain among us. The frenzied choosing season, Rush, is crucial to us, for it is at this time that we gain new members to further our organization, its cause and its meaning. We help each other, we learn from each other, we are loyal to each other. Our year, filled to the brim with Greek activities, is overflowing with moments-toeremember. Yes, we are proud to be called Greek. . . , 'l'A, -' s . 1 --V Y -2 x . x , '-- 1--4-V: fgj.v1',.'?:23'-j:3,1' :--qfg'-,rlfjb 43 J?-, ,L-Eg: 35:7-'Q11,if'. :1:,.':5i.,f 1,2-2? if Q51 - ff, 1.-,1 lf: .-.Y,,,,, . ., .,, . W- . -..-,, ,, , ,, 2.1-,,,- V-, 7.2, ,,,,,, . .5 x- ' .-.Aan -ff-pg 4. -f, -..V,f-f,-Q -'- - "H ."- '.,, -. ' I .-:-1- an .:- -.1 -4 '-vi-: Q,-fb .'- . W: , , .-,- A -"ff-M - -,:"r.i-'gif'-': 1,,p,.:-,,,',.f:: gf.:-'-A, 5- .1--..1,:f, 'J 1-7. 71.715 f-::-- mfg, H-:Ly . gf-.,m. ' . ' J , --. .ff f .- -,.:-:'f -,-'-,' F f- f . w.-. fn, .- f-,:,-,- .V -NQ f :rg ,...-iv. fu f f .. f ' ' rv'3:.' -V " ,:, -' -- ' me 17:-f 1 1-if A ' 'fizfif'-V, -54 - - W1 V, , --,Y Y ' f -, , :V 'f ,- x , X ,A I,-uhh 9 reeks i 1 I x -X - ,. ,,..A-. --,,. ,-M.-.-., , V V f I , I :Y 1,-, 1 fi: 1-1- ,, . .. ,, . . - f.. f - f F-,fu-Jw ffwa-..--'fff4,-z,f'-31frffw-v,v5.14z1i'f'f-Z, f, ff ' f , .M .. F ,- - . -. . . .Y-M - - M, 1 1- . ,, ., .ff 551 ?.vE?45l"'K1-?r!,fGZy-gi-4-fiitir 'fl-sCf+fP',"f4fmyp4g4,f-L .fu-4-w-,gyw-,g.,,,,M 1, , , . .V , - V- -- , wzxa-qfw-:1:11-:n-1-,'- ' 5F :', - V ' arf 'e -'H'- .su "H , ' 1 r 4" : 'f'-5f"'!"- w--we'1ff5,-'1!'-:af '-f:',-'f- f 3, v 7x,.,.m -.lf X jg- M- magic , ,r im, L ,. , I , l ,f . X T-QYTZTV'-EQ-91-1-52--ft-':.a'fJx 4T1J'i'fff3x6TP-inf- XZ-fkgfffx-LV--gxfag-'-'1.g'1 -ijakwxvvx, 2-,a5-3-..-Il'gh?5:!Q- 1, 'z 0' ' - Q -if-ggi'-'5'5 fqy 5' V 4' " gs- f ' amz -5,-4, ' 4 ' P-6-1 ! 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W Ji 3 W!3fb'T5w NfN iw' i A7 QXJHJESQ ,X .Wm x Q FE mmlbf Mu l ' w 1 , HI Mb N if r 5 A KH li A, +L. ,riff '1 J , iw xX NNVY 2 QU NX ' K 0 f l I E l x .M xx I I i r V i E u F 5 i X i , z ,mi .ri ,rr K. ! tif ,, V, We listened to the rules, with hope and expectation Koren Peterson, Director of Student Activities, talked to rushees. 1 We were nervous, but we tried not to let it show . . . 252 i i f s t hopped by to soy hello. . ." Wil 4 J' We began to know each other better. Dinner by condlelight with music Cl Io portoble rodio wos o rarity in the midst of dinner-hour rush. . . l 254 f. radio I Z The come out, we heord the news, ond it was good news for both sides The suspense was over. . . we knew they wanted us. 255 Alpha Epsilon Pi The men of Alpha Epsilon Pi completed a successful year under the leadership of Edward Bar- ash and Ronald Kraft, first and second semester masters. The social highlights of the year included a hayride given by the pledges for the active brothers, several dinner dance parties and informal house parties. Scholastically, A.E.Pi led the fraternities in grade averages with four men averaging better than a 2.0 grade point average. The brothers were also active in campus organizations, many holding offices. Melvin Blonsky was president of l.F.C., Steve Marten, secretary, and Ronald Kraft, treasurer. Bill Cohen headed the Organization of Jewish Students, and Warren Palitz was vice-president of the dormitory. Summer time will bring a Fourth of July party to kick off the rush season, many trips to the Ozarks and fun in our new speed boat. A E Pi: Steve Osman, Ed Barrish, Mel Blonsky, Zane Chait, Ron Kraft, Eddie Schneider, Mike McGettrick, Steve Agrin, Dan Schwimmer, Joel Lipschutz, Warren Polletz, Steve Martin. ill 256 vawfyazr------zfrfffwf-L--ff-1-1"'f':'-2'-+f'f"-:-sw-rem.-,pg-.5-,,4,.-.,,.E.L.,-,,.:,.....f-:-.,..-,.,5.-,.-,,.,,x-.,f-,-,ff,,f-Q-5:7.M-ff-w,.:.-..,.:,:,,w.7-.12-.,,-1. .,.... ,.,,-41,-,F-r-,-11, ,.,.-f.,,-.v,.- f W.-nf--.V V, -1- , -1 . -' - -V f Kff?vWf',f, f. ffm! , ,, f iff ' f WW f . ,ff ,f f , 11, mf VWX: Eff' ' f fzii, ' ' , I 44 gy, V, z' X70 V ,. www' eo,4Qwf-ff v MQW, gf f , zz A fu. I:-, , ,gl i es 4 P 1- ,xr--w , 4 ff Q - 'Si Pi: , T Qi , gg . f, ag' 5 W .' V . A ' ' Rf n ' ff' S ' ,A 'ef 2 A Q' t -U-.W .4 - L, if ..- Q-W., ................,..... ,ne "-f-- ..,..--.-........-..a,. ig ,ff ' 1 f 1 2 f HWY , mx w M, M' if-ff V V .Aff ' ,f- ' , 'X f f ' A 5' , l 4, - . if lf f ' il , . . 5 f 4 Af' f A 3, 4, it Ag f , , ,. ,, f, f'-f N ,- ww, X gb-ghygqmga A ,ff Xi ff ,aa qkffwnf K 72- ., We YQVQ4, . : A5 Y I' V' A if vi i f A Af i f fu., Q1 ' i i W , J 0211-iv .., ., 32 fm V X A . , "" ,.,,f fm ,, X' Q ,, ', 'Q n , r- Q A . f ' f' - K K . f, WY f ,. .5 W 4 ' QVH, 5 ' f ,. ' 4 A Y an vw , , , 1.5:A:i5E3.,:,, ,Q its I V if ,ff-ww if I , -, g K if ' sh, , -, if ' 1 'V ' 32 7 .. , 4 4. L ' f 6 ' ' SL , f 4. L,f"1?ff' ' 5 2 ' fr X ' of Z wx - , i A r. AA A i A A f '16 2 i . M Y ,,,, ig IA- 3215! z L -,VW A, , E 4 i Vg is ,V 1 ,f f i .iff I f f, 4 , wi wh M I, I M5116 A ,Q 3 f 7 I J ,Z wk. F fm! , A Z if L- i M3 A ' 4 ' f' X X Z , f, , - A A 1 me A i s A f 4 f 3 I g B, V. ,L M fri ,p-,620 , ff f .A "ik: ,yijh 'L ,, V ' ' nf 'fk' A,,:,.,1,: N , ' Q, " x,,A -f 1. f . - A 23 ' li Q1 .,A " A f W, ff. ,A f ' K , 11' A X ' H 1Z'.I'5I1,-A?3":,: '-"' . 9112 ' Y V W f ' ' 'ffff Q7-30 ' ff ,, , i V .,1v.: W, ,, r , , , ,, 4 sg A , iiss . ,, A,., W A. i f fi . f iiwfc Q- T A- f f A fig W , Aff ' I 'K W 'K ,f fqfil i X ' 1" A, -..,,,. . ,Wy . fm , ' www Spring, convertibles, and AEPi's. f P' ff 4 4 "di '52 1.-1 Li illll Y ,,, ,f The knights of olcl--AEPi style. 'W Detailed fraternity planning took place in discussion meetings. rfl"2A , , A , gt -. 4, i 5 f XM M fy ,., f ia 'w fr sn, W N W5 .rc if A 5-. .5 , Mi it., Qi B WX P i 258 mf in Axwfx ,,..- .53 .M f f ff' 'W4Mm,w.Wf 7"' Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi is proud of its heritage as the oldest secret society for women. The National sorority was founded on May 15, 1851, at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. Delta Phi Chapter at UMKC is of the more recently established of the sorority's 106 collegiate chapters. lt was another fun year for ADPi. The Halloween Party at Wyandotte County Lake, and the Christmas slumber party were nights that will be remembered for a long time. The active mem- bers of the chapter were delightfully entertained by the pledges at the pledge-active party. A very special occasion was the first annual Diamond Dance where John Thornbrugh was crowned cupid of the pledge class. ADPi also participated in more serious events such as the Founders Day Program and Missouri State Day. Campus honors again were awarded to members of members of Alpha Delta Pi. Jan Seelinger was chosen playmate of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fra- ternity. Donna Rohning was crowned "Miss ADPi" at the sorority's National Convention at Hot Springs, Arkansas. Sharon Williamson served as president of Delta Alpha. The sorority had the highest scholastic average for sorority women on campus. ADPi's also served as offi- cers of Student Council, Center Board, Program Council, and members of the yearbook staff. The diamond pin did shine this year as Alpha Delta Pi's attained high scholarship, served the campus, and just had fun. Judy Carnegie President Officers First Semester Second Semester Judy Carnegie President Carole Brentson Donna Rohning Vice-President Carol Switzer Judy Puckett Secretary Janet AleXOHdef Carole Brentson Treasurer Jeanne Ziegler Janet Alexander A Walkoutll "Cake was great, see you around. Pledges". Jeanne Allen Diana Armold Barbara Balliet Vicki Cohen 'T' Terry Cramer 259 'YYM qv NYY' 260 Kay Derr Barbara Duffelmeyer Ginny Dunaway Sue Ellmaker Merlynne Flanagan Karla Hader Linda Hatfield Joy Haines Margaret Hopkins Shelia Keating Toni Lancaster Garry Lewis Judyanne Nelson Bonnie Pettijohn Mary Price Judy Puckett Donna Rolfuning Susan Schmolfme Jan Seelinger Sue Ellen Seitz Carol Switzer Judy Towse Ann Townley Gail Turner Judy Wells Mary Whipple Sharon Williamson Jill Winkelrneyer Mary Woodcox Jeanne Ziegler iq l l Chi Omega The year for Chi Omega began early in the summer with plans for a pre-school rush program in which fifteen enthusiastic pledges became part of the chapter roll. With their usual fun-lov- ing spirit the pledges invited the actives to a Sunday afternoon tea which turned out unexpect- edly for the actives as a 6 a.m. breakfast and romp through the woods at Minor Park. ln return the actives challenged the pledge class to a grade contest which would end in the losers mak- ing steak for the winners and eating beans themselves. On February 28 at Cindy Rowan's home, . about a dozen varieties of beans were assembled-the actives ate them with proper humility. S i I Linda Monckton, social chairman, planned various social functions for the chapter, among which were the masquerade Halloween party and the Fall Formal held November 23 at Eddy's 3 at the Prom. John Ralston was reaffirmed Chapter Sweetheart at the annual Valentine Dance. l Chi Omegas worked industriously on their three wisemen for the campus Christmas display and Q for Pan-Hellenic Ugly Man candidate Dave Milner. The chapter was proud to see Susan Hogg chosen first princess at the Sno-Ball. For their Christmas Kindness, Lamoda Zeta visited the Presbyterian Home for Women for an evening of songs and entertainment. February 29 was a highlight date for the chapter-initiation of their pledge class. Second semester, Chi Omegas W planned Bum Friday activities, Parents' Evening, and the award of the annual Social Science I Prize which recognized a girl excelling in the Social Science department at the university. Officers President . . . ..... Mauriece Smith Vice President. . . . Jina Ramsey Secretary . . . . . Shirley Capps Treasurer . . . . Linda Sprague Pledge Trainer . . . Nancy Golly Personnel Chairman . . . . Susan Hogg Rush Chairman . . . Toni Wagner k Just another one of those Chi Omega get-togethers. Explanations at the "Grand lnquisition". 4 "Let's finish just one more game before the meeting." 262 nm Jv- ct- irn Jk- ne, ty. ing ly's ce. ind 'QQ the S a gas wce iith sey DPS gue ally 999 ner ,4,. 4- .. , .SA .h , ff ., .1 .-2 0 0 ig. ll Sandy Benvenuti Jo Ann Brancato Shirley Capps Jill Edmisson Judy Evans Nancy Golly Bonny Halbeck Grace l-loelzel Susan Hogg Kim Kirkpatrick Pat Knutson Nancy Kvaternik Jil Landram Lindo Monckton Vicki Monsees Susan Moore Jina Ramsey Tracy Roach Cindy Rowan Paula Shaffer Linda Sprague Rita Stolz Ruth Stolz Connie Taylor Toni Wagner Kathy Watkins Sharon Welch Sharon Wiber Jacque Williams Snookie Woulfe Mauriece Smith President sf fgf qfiif 5 ,,.,. ' K ' X ' l iii f 0 ' ' 4:1- .' . ": sy . ' f-.f-.Hy as 1' Kev 'Q 5 lcszyzf 39 r ig . f , M, Pt vm . K4 if 1 hx 3.-H5 if 1. .. Qffwf I fir ' X X . l ' ri 2 '7 wr .k me-' if 'K . iff ,, R i'5Q?f'7ii2lW ' N 255 1 r'iV ' -rri J "" . 1 -1 ,f 'Q -r i, f .A : b. M wigi ,,. . y ,. 'W X M q ff ' 21, , ' , c ,ici.y, J ,AQV cyfW,y i 5 ' ' ' , c f , J ,mrh V 'M if 'wif -A -- A0 .. L , I ,f tw f ff on ,ff 147 263 .4-.1-. Q-2,4 A ii! 'K 'WF Q N' R 'V7 ' .J l L. ,Y -1 J .'f31..ift -Qi: ' I ,. A i-f K SQ. 'S r ,,,, et xg. f I-1r3:.:11I-215353, . - f 13231: f - f W -I r w . 52' f?i2:f':f2:'Zf ff X 'I'-fi ,,..,, Q , - if ,7f?15i WH " ' 1, ' hwxxgm i:::1:f,1f,11v ff " 'Y ,. '3 V a pf' 'W ' ' x' ,Ge f gf ' ,-'f' ,,, .555 , 4 -rd '-21: - . 35 I ,-, .' 'AR' Y 5' l :"2. Q " , fav J 14. Q 'WM' vw! "ax A e. 2, 'if?7'?'f-il ,z .. , ,, X J ,,,. , f 4 f f 4. , ,iz 4 . V .Alia ' 1' K V ',f k 4-0 Q- mn' W A 'X' A 1, . Btwn W . '-v:" Wm. ff' I 7, , Delta Chi The Delta Chi Fraternity was founded October l3, l89O, at Cornell University to promote broth- erhood among college men. During the past year, Delta Chi has been active in campus politics, Center Board, Orientation Week, Christmas display contest, the Kangaroo, and athletics. As a social fraternity, the Delta Chi's were quite active in their informal get-togethers, their famed Purple Passion Party, a New Year's Eve dance, the Pair-O-Dice Western Costume dance, the An- nual Tri Chapter Party at Wyandotte County Lake, a Spring Formal at the Town House Hotel, and the Regional Conference at Ames, lowa. Once again the chapter held a Christmas Dinner and party for a group of orphans in one of the actives' homes. The Chapter has received per- sonal attention and interest from the National Headquarters, because of the extensive growth the University is undergoing. The Chapter enjoyed a very successful year, while promoting and providing leaders for all phases of campus life. OFFICERS President .......... Gale Testerman Vice President ...... . Elliot Shubert Recording Secretary . I. . Gary Lowe Treasurer ..... . . . Al Longfellow Sergeant-at-Arms . .... Mike Phillips Alumni Secretary . . . Newman McAllister President Scholastic Trainer . . Newman McAllister Gale Testerman Jim Clemenson Fred Frady Leisure for campus leaders. Bill Hoots 'gh' Charles Kocher 'E Al Longfellow Gary Lowe Newman McAllister , Mike Phillips 6 H Gene Rea ge. . Euaof shuberr ii Ed Stewart ' Randy Updike 264 -v-N5-.,v...-. :J f., - fun-.-,....,. -qv -1 -A-01,1-535-. : vga.-r----pl -g-mfg-.5 1 ,---rv-5-::nvq:.LH 'Tw 70 Q f n, fm -,4rn.,1ugggk:4vQ-:vp-,gy-l,,.,gf-:ra::Ag:-im.-1-,yy-,-L-.p1.ff.-fiqgfm-.fp2-.-, . F 1 ,- , , f .,f, ,A ' ' 7'f Wg " A QQ.. L , 4 vb. N w -nv f - "' ' 1 2 W ., w H ,U . T23 kia fl Q w I .- f v,.- - ? J W X M x ,Q-I' M. ' -'22, . ,f ,i . f . , 1 1 4 Q 5 J Iii """"-" W' ,' ' 4 C 22 F? 5 if 262 W ,ffyif ' 'WT , QW QQ , fr 052 f If ' ,5 f , ',f7' X W ,f f The good old-fashioned possion. . . - Fwy' My-,wp' :2gg,X,.w4. , -'7f'?r:?.s:EI-1t-2.15 V, . Y H :wo-'f j Sggiiililkffslffiiit ji, . '- 4 1 7 :,'f".e:.:zs,MS Q if ga- ' ff - ' A V Z' ' -av 5' I Q ,wiyq . h h " l really wanted Cl motorcycle, but Twist ond Shout. Tau Kappa Epsilon A group of men from all conceivable backgrounds, chosen for personal worth and character and striving to achieve the ideals dictated by a strict ethical and moral standard-this is a fra- ternity, a fraternity called Tau Kappa Epsilon. A smaller group of men, all members and pledges of that fraternity, working together for those principles, the goals of the campus, their common advancement and the individual development of each man-this is a local chapter, a chapter called Epsilon Lambda. These two, each an integral part of the other, unite to form the charac- ter of a body which is a "Fraternity for Life"-a fraternity where brotherhood and friendship do not end upon graduation. But more than a fraternity for the duration of life, it is a fraternity for the living of life. As you find TEKES in all walks of campus life and leadership, such as A.S.A., University Program Council, University Center Board, Arts and Science Council, Student Bar Association, and many others, you will find TEKES in all walks of successful life. T President Roger Kennicutt OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Roger Kennicutt Prytanis Roger Kennicutt Jim Eisenbrandt Epiprytanis Bob Hendricks Nelson Adams Crysophylos Nelson Adams Kim Judd Grammateus Kim Judd Phelps Murdock Histor AI Share Mike Albano Hypophetes Mike Albano Louis Travalent Pylortes Jim Cline Bill Teiwes Hegemon Gary Tuttle Vikki Bond Nelson Adams Michael Albano Bill Brandon Roger Bredehoft X 268 cter fra- :lges non pter rac- ship y for LA., Bar TTER icutt icks arns Iudd hare nano :Hne Jttle 'll Tom Cummings Denham Davis Steven R. Davis Gary Hefner Robert Hendricks Kim Judd Dave C. Kasper Larry Keyser Jem Linton Kenneth E. Luther Paul McCune Steve McLaughlin Jim Merrick Leonard L. Meyer Phelps Murdock George Prior Brockman C. Self Al Share Gary Sloan Jack Smith John Stallings Steve Sturdevant Bill Teiwes John M. Thornbrugh Louis Travalent Gary Tuttle Ronald Veatch L. J. Verderber Darwin Weston Ronald P. Zolotor ff 4 x J ""'1"'i"-'YYY' Y ' ' - ' irse the VPS Jndl ne l X P Jil s e as N 3? 1: I , I1 may "Hold it Bill, you may be Playboy but what would your date say?" "They're very nice Roger, but what am l gonna do with a pair of Playboy cuff-links?" ff 'B 5 ' y f , 1 w ,rrl l. , , ,f Wy A 0, ff, TKE's Playboy Pa rly Jan Seelinger and Bill Teiwes were announced as Playmate and Playboy at TKE's annual Playboy Party. The semiformal dance, held at the Mill Wheel Restaurant on February 22, was a highlight of the traternity's activities. Music was provided by Dee Peterson and his band. if , gf. , I ke! ., M, ' ,, l A l Red Carnation Tau Kappa Epsilon held its formal banquet-ball, The Red Carnation, at the Hotel President on March l4. About one-hundred couples attended. After dinner, a speech was given by the honor- ed guest speaker of the evening, Frater Tom Talbott. Following this, the dance began to the mu- sic of the Dee Peterson Orchestra. Intermission came next on the list. First, awards for scholar- ship were given to Fraters Gary Tuttle, Bill Teiwes, Steve McLaughlin, and Al Share. The Gerald Sitler Award, presented to the Frater who has done the most to further the interests of the chap- ter in his college career, was given very appropriately to Frater Rick Nash. Following these y Awards, Prytanis Roger Kennicutt turned over the badge of office to the new Prytanis, Frater l lg Phelps Murdock. Miss Vikki Bond, Sweetheart i963-64, then crowned the new Sweetheart Miss l Toni Lancaster, who will reign during the next school year. Following the dance, Fratefs and Q dates adjourned to the home of Frater Steve Davis, where the post party lasted the better part of ll the night. Thanks go to Fraters Jim Judd and Steve Davis, Co-Chairmen of this most successful evening. A ll ll- Mill ill lizi lil' A standing ovation was given for Miss Vikki Bond . . . a fine tribute to a most wonderful Sweetheart. ii: f ll, l li e it Q ls I l l i 4 l i l l 2 i , l it ' ll Ve l. l 4 l l lk! 1 Eli ,N q 'ini ll, 1, it l ,i 1 l li lllui lat l l l'l i it ll il' T K lg l 'll li wi ll T ll it l ll l' l l 'i 7 l l li- ll ll it ll l ll i ll A li . ill ,l r l - i 1, lil l 5 , ,il it l 'll li ll itll llll i li , Ii f ll lli'l Miss Vikki Bond, Sweetheart '63-'64, crowns Miss l lil Toni Lancaster, Sweethheart '64-'65. ll r l "TT , 272 l W--,- , H H , Alpha Phi Alpha This year Alpha Phi Alpha Social Fraternity celebrated its fifty-ninth anniversary. Delta Rho Chapter, established as a city chapter in l95Z, completed its first full year at U.M.K.C. The officers for the year were Dave Carr, president, Forestal Lawton, secretary and pledge master, Curtis Rogers, first semester treasurer, and Carl Moore, second semester treasurer. Curtis Rog- ers also served as Vice-president of the Inter-fraternity Council during the first semester. The first event of the year for the "Alphas" was a "smoker" held at the University Center and an after party held at the Native Sons Club. Ronald l-lorn, Weldon Jolly, and Jesse Lowery receiv- ed and accepted bids. The Retreat to Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri took place during the Homecoming weekend at Lincoln. Founder's Day Celebration held on December 4, l963. During the semester break Bro. Thomas Wrenn entertained several fraternity brothers at his home in Texas. Bros. Carr and Lawton took part in a Tutorial program new to Kansas City this year. Bro. Carr was one of twenty to first sign-up to volunteer his services to tutor lo- cal high school students. The chapter also took part in Bum Friday festivities and the election campaign for l964. Officers President ...... David Carr Secretary, Pledge Master . Forestal Lawton Treasurer, First Semester . . Curtis Rogers Treasurer, Second Semester . . Carl Moore president David Carr Forestal Lawton ,.,, Carl Moore rr,f Edward Pendleton Curtis Rogers Thomas Wrenn 274 Y' env- ' I CICS - 4 MR: L1 I my 522 I A 641 A' 6L4"qfF: ' ggi I fm -he I ff' fr. Cin I I HEI.Lo,..TIIIs IS erg FRVITER MEL SHLEPP SOS I ,-11' W Ll ,L I -mm I I Io- 'On , NELUTHIS IS lil' EOM, HS wONdEQ"FUL ' SHDIE-UI-IERE FRE YII 4 To IWIEFIRH... qouil VOICE, I I 'TW LI IPI Q + TI-IHT5 NICEIBUT I Ljsu'I.I, FILIJFWS BE 'me sun, 'mt-3 mIImA6I1fr ourz DFITI3 MOON IFTHE STITIRS .., 11 UNLV' mngygg Q I DESERUED Iov... BUT I UNDERSPQND Ur' fvg bgem wamwo I ' . H Q HEREIHQQ I I No TEQRS, Us FILL RIGHQIMIM N01' Fog N' OU HURT... 11 UNDEESTIIIND 1 Nor 6000 I 4 gN0ue,I4 core I40u...11'I.L'5wau.oI.I PRIDE LIQUR FW N'U NUT, I ,,-,,.... I fu. Pofsou ov.. 1'I,LI QI-IT OVER rr. NHBQ TEIII "IEH'2S--IMF'V3ETWENT'1'- 'TWONT muy vw N0 6000 I2 BE EAS I VINK CRUMB BUMU VW ' L 1 KIJEIU1kfOU.Ol DROP gd I OXWIS IS A I UNOERSTHND. CCL-,CKE I -raps RECQRDING CGIJCKB . Y ! M' - - Y 4- -. 4 'C O Sifgqz ' X R25 u ' I gm Qls ' A-Y f -wi I ,, "1 .QL "" ' I Juxxfuu o .fx ' .-Y-X og I A X Q 00 ' I K .90 I M '- , ,.- no I 0 I x Lx- ff f f TT I' ' - - 1 X.Z I .N N Yi, I ,nf-2 ' Wm QLW ,i X, 1 -Wi", i ,TT i,"1'7 ' its ft f Jil,-, H-JN, 5 iQjfi u I d vi ik ' KG 1 Wav' s.. ftiji XZ Z Y K X fi VMTN ,Q V, D I X Q5 PGHTX XJ gA.J gvdj YQN FN Q t 35- X . Illini. 'Q' i N IVERSITY CHOIR umvenssrv or 1 ,nun We woited onxiously for the tour to begin. Firjidlly we boarded the buses for the first time. W ' L W H F gh. 'Z X ffl 1 Saw !,,, 2 WX V H 1, 2:7 "nw L sH,::, ,rv U57 U W I m s me me KL so JL f " Uiiweffig s f Oh o cold, ioh,Qs'l'fery dow m Mote Merch the shrfh memheys of The Cohcenfk Qhohf wohed omhd 'I 7 I , I A K' I hoggoge ooo hoses, 'wow' 'Q-he Homo-owou'K'ed Cohcem 'Kroon' to hegm. A'meV Nohg hTDOH'H'WJS oi' de'touHed phnhmhg, chorhhg, ood seheduHmQ, The dome of depon"h,uhe hod 'hhollhf ovmfled. Aheod oi: us were 15630 mwes ooh-semis, hh'He sHeep, hh'He pmvocy, Hots of regimemohoh, hew oeqooim- GUESS hew 'memos ho'Q'eHs ohol H'h:vsi'erH homes, mkereshhg sights, S'K'H'GHQE' 'towns every dey, l I' GHC! myriods oi' hopoemhgs 'lhot were sooh destmeo to hecome memories. Goa' oh'imo'te deshhohoh WfoshEnfnotoh, D. C. CTW mom ohjecffhfe 'Efhelre Woso guest oppeor- ohce ohder 'the oosohces of The 3'G'o'i'e Dfepommem SINCE mecorchhg 'Hopes for The Voice of Ameir co To he fDh"OGdCGS-T orouhd the wou'Hdq Eh mote, hehveeh Kohsos Choy GVDOY VVGSH'UNQ'ffOE"B, were six doys of coha:em's. Them, 'khree doys m the ooodmk, We hegoh 'Ffhe homeword joumey. 'to'koH ow? oEmos't 'two wefei-as UH the heh! much 'dh store 'Fon' oHU of us. 3 u m f fishy' U ? .f , .. fuf 4 H i 277 m N . V v , ...,... - .-...,,s,,..-....---1--..........M-.,.....,.,..-.-,-..-f ' ' 1 -. .,,,- , ...--.,.... ,.. . , .... 1. ,. . . . . - 1 -.- -' - l 'V ..,.. , -,....,.....,-....-...........4.,...-..........-.f..,1,,........,.. ..,+f- -'-- N,.........-.-..,......,,,....h.--.A - -M--- ,,, tl ,Wt N gif V' 4544 'f :fy -.5 Rushed primping. . . 5 Time to sleep or to just sit quietly. . . J The effort to arrive early for bus-loading. . . nu-ml .,-egg--,......:.-Y-1..,.,f-"K 'ff-1:-In T-. MY, - -.. 5.24. Q-.0..11-,Ty-5x1:,1-e-ff--5.4-,f--,.w: Z - .--...----Q--.-V--.--T - - Y K 4 1 I , .3 , ,,nv-Y . Y V ,A f gur 'home concert in packed Pierson Hall was a fitting ina e. We returned home, weary and facing the prospect of returning to classes the next day and ori- entation into a study routine. Together as a unit, we had lived, and made music, we had laughed, and occasionally we didn't feel much like laughing. But something kept us going. We liked what we were doing. We enjoyed singing for people and they enjoyed listening to us. We were told that we were ambassadors of U.M.K.C. and ambassadors of our United States Government. But above all, we were working together, engaged in a common effort, working for a purpose, and we achieved results. We were proud to be members of the family of the University Choir. 283 N w -fx ,nv VN , U H Fw 7 H V ,fy W U U Q, W VL Q f J rg 1 A fynvf U F! Kimi 2 f U ' JJ U'F?NV,i:5 , rw A W DF V 4 'JMQQ Trim 4 f i, 1gqm Qimfj QP H Q W QW .3'U1L1fjf1gJT,-1 ,T 63 Bale N! 'Q7 Uiyff:-N IL A 5 wifii -U-KZJIKTT7 Y nd Uv . A3 IQKGQUQBW F Jiw U ,f wig 'Mfg U U ' xv gl 'F VA V Y, 59 fl ff! 'X fV"' P ff :wi T rdf' fx , My in W 1 LQQJ HORN, UD . ,JFJU .MNT Am , ug JCI , ? f 1 Q , 1 W Huy A H ma Q W f W W 'E-L12 1 J 1 fjw To H - -,U Q5 Ulqfglcymfg QWIE A H M1-Q. Fqgx H U My U1-Mfgfm F df -1 QQ A 'Mmfij fn QUMQW F-wk, 1 ' Aw cl , V f 5 V QJMLUM A , J QUE Kimi! , 1 f f 501115 Q if ' U pi 4295gQm.n, J HQU H525 QU, 7 " L MFA QW BJC vw, U fyQ4Q,UfTU73HifQL Q .Egg L D P Q UU M53 M DW LW EJ gfjmqfp WU M5535 QW -ff, ' Q um , J 'JU L HQUHQ f7HHdHmq H ' lv, rdf' F, 0 U U 231, VG V, M K3 AQ H Vdag U H155 RHF J ,Edu H312 ff QQ H :U fn L Milf! 5 5+ Xf QUGUUJQP, Q19 UVQFHQ Tv QU MUTUKQ Q A f .J CE' ff' Uh! 5? EM- trim NA U H' s-J T'j,N'j7f?, '-V., 1-H Q fc. M J vw U TM? ,lax 'Mx 0 'U Kiwi FX! nn ,mnfg .m V UU M puff V 1ff'xmQf-F A 2 Q We Sam V my We W G U QU Her W5 'V ff? ' ' ' f -5, ww Z, PQ1 rw U Q WEHV MU nm-M V U WW wwf Q + Uk HWfC2u HQ M 2 ffm l M V nam? 6 "'3'f'u'WQf wif qw A + Q Q Q 'J QQ f A gd EQQu,qQHf UQ wr FREN 0 W me WWA My E ' A HU UU3SU'm Fmfrn' x!'UJE9"3Qf Q32 H pf 0 Q' .1:fgJU"U'5?M3 Q M -f H NHS PM H W Um HAH Q, lap?-H-FAT Hg A GNN: w G V FH 4 G X' 9 K f, 0 gf U .. V F 6 n Q f Q W U F - sf: W3 medf Um Q 'X cg V 1 X QQ. H NU 1, M UQ? 'fjxffa qw- 'nz XA ,I7 Q93 QJVVW Mfg "fx f UC 5 5 'W 'fl 5, Q 4 K. U j7 xyfgf' :I X " I My F-fx fl, KA Ak I ke' AHA A H X V' :L L fx ' U "Q, in, E1 'MMV Q H V JELLHUQC. gg fa h ., SQUO v Uk , Ng 284 .,5"'X ff'?g'XkX V V wi X-I 1' Av , , K M X w 4 7, K X v-fr-M--U Q .. v-f-'J ,J - Y f1f'Xx 14 , V H X qi XVIANII 1 W XXX lgxxxq N'l,! X ,r 1 f ! UfN MG'f,'H , ,ff W g, X ' fR'fi wk , f W f vu '-,"'-'- N xg Q fy ' Q X ,.: f j A--'Mfg xi 5 X xv 3 ' "x"lJ5 'hifi H-XHM XX X? an JW 1 Hx Hy V L 15 NU w,4. EM Nw '-.J I Vx K' 61 W-ny iw ' Y 2 f' W' g -iw 1,.i'LLl Hs,---f -if J 5"3fJX'- , TEST, X , fb X wr -QPU 5 ly f 'WIN XX si -gf XV X J! J 1 ' N X' ,x V K ta HN M N '-,Sw - xx 1 A f "1,..j 3 My "' Og- 'YT W E14 I Lad? 9 ' 43.57 '37 W 9 Qfg ihxxqlx i XXW1 if ,...r- 4-1 N0 4 f , A f N. ,fa UZ I tru tw! KN' QC" 1.-VQM, 5 I X 285 1 ,1,, Senior Summaries A Akers, Jerry Ross lDentistryl - Psi Omega. Aks, Stuart Ronald lDentistryl - Psi Omega. Allen, Hershall A. lDentistryl - Psi Omega. Allen, John Michael lDentistryl - Dean's List, Treas- urer, Omicron Delta Kappa, Omicron Kappa Upsi- lon, Rush Chairman, Xi Psi Phi, ASA President, Senior Dental Class, President, Dental Executive Council, Co-chairman, Bushwhacker Ball, Co- chairman, Leadership Conference, Intramural sports. Allison, George Michael lDentistryl-Intramural sports. Allred, Maurice Louie lDentistryl -Treasurer, Delta Sigma Delta. Anderson, Betty Jane lLawl -Dean's List, Student Bar Assoc., Bench fr Robe. Anderson, Edwin Paul lDentistryi - Social Chairman, Vice-President, President, Psi Omega. Anderson, James Lewis lDentistryi - Secretary, Rush Chairman, Delta Sigma Delta, Publicity, Bush- whacker Ball. Argovitz, Jerry Allen lDentistryi - Xi Psi Phi, Intra- mural sports. Arnold, Noel Arnold lPharmacyl - Historian, Kappa Psi, APhA, MPhA, Young Republicans, Glee Club. Atkinson, James Henry lDentistryl - Psi Omega. Bahr, Robert M. lA Cr Si - Dean's List, Victor Wilson Scholarship, President, University Players, Presi- dent, National Collegiate Players, Editor, Number One Magazine, Omicron Delta Kappa, Best Sup- porting Actor, University Playhouse, Best Male Per- former, Bum Friday, Announcer-Production Assist- ant, KCUR-FM. Baker, Richard Lee lDentistryi - Psi Omega. Barnes, David Wayne lDentistryl - Psi Omega. Beatty, Charles Morrison lDentistryl - Psi Omega. Beaver, Robert Charles lDentistryi -Vice-President, Junior Class, Zeta Iota Phi. Beelman, G. Scott lDentistryl - Xi Psi Phi. Bennett, Richard Lewis lDentistryl - Secretary, Delta Sigma Delta. Berlerkamp, John Walter lEducationl. Beynon,John Louis lDentistryl -Secretary, Psi Omega Bisman, Ronnetta Diane lA 6' Sl f Dean's List, Delta Alpha, Torch 6' Scroll, Sigma Tau Delta, President, School of Education Student Council, New Student Steering Committee, President, Phi Kappa Lambda, Young Democrats, Associate Editor, Number One, Resident Advisor, Activities Chairman, House Council, Women's Residence Hall, Business Man- ager, Kangaroo. Blunt, Virginia Ann lEducationl - President, Alpha Delta Pi, Vice-President, Young Democrats, Mardi Gras Queen, Delta Chi Sweetheart, Activities Awards. Bodney, Howard E. lA fr Sl -Debate, KCUR-FM, Pre-Law Club. Brackney, Susan Jane lEducationl - Dean's List. Brell, William Van Dyke, Jr. lDentistryl - Treasurer, Freshman and Sophomore Class, Psi Omega, Intra- mural Sports. Brigham, H. Warren lDentistryl - Publications Com- mittee. Bright, Roger Keith lDentistryl - Delta Sigma Delta. Brown, Doris Harie lLawl - Student Bar Assoc. Brown, Orville Eugene lDentistryl - ADA, Vice-Presi- dent, Woodberry Study Club. Brown, Richard Lee lDentistryl -Psi Omega, Omi- cron Kappa Upsilon. Bryant, Robert Adams lLawl -Dean's List, Pledge Master, Phi Delta Phi, Student Bar Assoc. Burnidge, Gary Dean lDentistryl - Delta Sigma Delta. ia. ident, Delta mega Delta dent, Jdent wbda, One, -louse Man- Axlpha Vlardi vities .-FM, surer, ntra- Com- alta. Dresi- Omi- ledge Delta. Burstein, Jerome lA C1 Sl - College Scholars, Torch C7 Scroll, Nat. Science Foundation Grant. C Capps, Shirley J. lA 6' Sl -Dean's List, Treasurer, Delta Alpha, Torch C-r Scroll, Social Committee, ASA, Secretary, Program Council, Secretary, Chi Omega, Vice-President, Psi Chi, Vice-President, School of Education Council, Vice-President, ASA, Personnel Committee, Publications Board, Law Day Queen, Co-Chairman, Orientation. Carnegie, Judith Ann lA 6' Sl -Ford Foundation Scholarship, School of Education Alumnae Scholar- ship, Torch C7 Scroll, President, Pledge Trainer, Alpha Delta Pi, Secretary, Treasurer, Panhellenic, Delta Alpha, W.R.A., ASA, President, Center Board, Psi Chi, Program Chairman, Spring Carni- val Princess. Carter, Bruce Tolbert lDentistryl - Psi Omega. Christman, David L. lA Cr Sl -Dean's List, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice-President, Alpha Phi Omega. Clark, Porter James lDentistryl - Dean's List, Delta Sigma Delta, Omicron Kappa Upsilon. Cobb, Charles M. lDen.tistryl - President, Delta Chi, Vice-President, Alpha Phi Omega, President, Delta Sigma Delta, Omicron Delta Kappa, Intramural sports. Coffee, Larry Leon lDentistryl - Psi Omega. Cohen, William lA C7 Sl - Dean's List, Debator ofthe Year, President, Organization of Jewish Students, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Alpha Epsilon Pi, President, Pi Kappa Delta, Treasurer, Young Democrats, Varsity Debate. Coleman, Gary Gene lPharmacyl - Pledge Trainer, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pledge Trainer, Kappa Psi, Captain, U.K.C. Track Team, Co-Captain Basket- ball, K-Club, Glee Club, University Choir, Young Republicans, MPA, Newman Club. Collins, John Lerard lA C1 Sl - Newman Club, lntra- murals. Cooper, Ed lDentistryl -Delta Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Omicron Kappa Upsilon, President, Student Center Board, Alpha Phi Omega, Intramural sports. Courts, Donald E. lDentistryl -Sgt.-at-Arms, Zeta Iota Phi. D Danielson, Barry Kent lLawl - Phi Delta Phi, Secre- tary, Treasurer, Student Bar Assoc. Day, Larry Leroy lPharmacyl - Secretary, Kappa Psi, APhA, MPA. Deam, William Arthur lDentistryl - Zeta Iota Phi. Denton, Larry David lPharmacyl -Secretary, Phi Delta Chi, APhA, MPA. Derryberry, John A. lDentistryl - Delta Sigma Delta. Desai, Chandrakant Prabhydas lPharmacyl -APhA, MPA. Deshon, Jo Carol lEducationl - Torch and Scroll. DeWald, Deanne Terry lBusinessl - Pi Kappa Delta, Pre-Law Club, Young Democrats, Business Stu- dents Assoc., Varsity Debate, University Choir. Dickson, Jerry Leon lDentistryl - Delta Sigma Delta, Omicron Delta Kappa. Dierking, John Clifton, Jr. lLawl -Secretary, Vice- President, Phi Alpha Delta. Dietrich, Alfred Gossett, Jr. lA 6' Sl -Membership Chairman, Treasurer, Young Democrats, Steering Committee, Canterbury Assoc. Dix, Harold Glenn lLawl - Phi Delta Phi. Dix, Linda Lou lLawl - Phi Delta Delta. Dull, Brenda Joyce lPharmacyl -Secretary, Kappa Epsilon, APhA, MPA. E Easter, Edna Isabell lEducationl -Torch C1 Scroll. Etterling, Elinor Jeane lEducationl - Dean's List, Ford Foundation Scholarship, Vice-President, TNT. F Farmer, Richard Alan lDentistryl-Delta Sigma Delta. Fisher, Charles Hubert lA C1 SJ - Dean's List, College Scholars, Torch G Scroll, K. C. Oil Dealers' Scholar- ship, UKC Scholarship. Fletcher, Lyle Dee lDentistryl - Psi Omega. Flippo, Henry Jackson lLawl -Treasurer, Marshall, Phi Alpha Delta, Student Bar Assoc., Regional Moot Court Finalist. Fraas, Charles Joseph, Jr. lLawl - Dean's List, Trib- une, Vice-Dean, Delta Theta Phi, Assoc. Editor, Obiter Dicta. Frazier, Thomas Roy lPharmacyl - Treasurer, APhA, MPA, Secretary, Kappa Psi, Omicron Delta Kappa, ASA, Intramural sports. G Gamble, Marjorie Anne lEducationl - Torch and Scroll. Garner, Jerry Edward lPharmacyl -Tau Kappa Epsi- lon, Kappa Psi, APhA, MPA. Gershman, Jerome Harvey lPharmacyl -President Alpha Epsilon Pi, Phi Delta Chi, President, IFC, APhA, MPA, University Choir. Gessler, John Thomas lPharmacyl - Dean's List, Delta Chi, Kappa Psi, APhA, Newman Club. Goldman, Larry Howard lPharmacyl - Phi Delta Chi, APhA, MPA. Guffey, Joe Rex lPharmacyl - Chaplain, Kappa Psi, APhA, MPA. Gustafson, Duane Olin lDentistryl - Psi Omega. H Hall, James Vernon lDentistryl - Vice-President Psi Omega, Vice-President, Freshman Class. Hargis, Donald Ray lDentistryl - Delta Sigma Delta Harris, Joel Donald lDentistryJ - Psi Omega, lntra mural sports. qf'S MWAV' ' 288 xg, ing If . . . 'va l esident, t, IFC, s List, ta Chi, pa Psi, ga. esident, I Delta. Intra- I' Q 4 ,W v f . . Q 3 -14 x ral' 6 f ,, 'iz 4. A . lf W: fn Hz, fi , . P Q2 W' bm '9 Y -.. 0. ,,,, . . .. if I M -L , Mfzwg- , . ,,, ...f .1 ,V Higdon, Samuel Jack lDentistryI - Delta Sigma Delta. Hirst, Kenneth Rodney lPharmacyi - Kappa Psi, APhA, MPA. Hoffman, William Edgar lDentistryI - Xi Psi Phi, Intramural sports. Hollingsworth, John Gaugh lDentistryJ - Delta Sigma Delta, President, Junior Class, Intramural sports. Howe, David James lDentistryl - Xi Psi Phi. lrelan, William Joseph lDentistryI - Alpha Phi Omega. lsenhour, William O., Jr. IA C1 SI - Dean's List, President, ASA, Editor-in-Chief, University News, Secretary, Vice-President, Pi Kappa Delta, General Motors Scholarship, Alpha Phi Omega Citizen of the Year, University Debater of the Year, Varsity Debate, Residence Hall Distinguished Service Award, Vice-President, A 5 S. J James, Jimmie Dale lLawJ - Tau Kappa Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi, Student Bar Assoc. Johnson, James Frederick lDentistryI - Psi Omega. Johnson, Karl Fredrick iBusinessI - Dean's List, Busi- ness School Assoc. Jones, Kenneth Edwin lLawi - Clerk, Phi Delta Phi, Board of Governors, Student Bar Assoc. Jones, Thomas Walter lDentistryI. K Kahn, Arnold Sanford IA 6' Sl - Dean's List, Pledge President, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sigma Tau Delta, Young Democrats, Managing G Exchange Editor, Number One, Social Committee, ASA. Kavanaugh, Charles Edward lDentistryI - Dean's List, President, Xl Psi Phi, President, Dental Inter- fraternity Council, Intramural sports. 289 Kessler, Mary Alice lPharmacyi - Secretary, APhA, MPA, Treasurer, President, Kappa Epsilon, Publi- cations Board. Kimball, Donald Gene lLawI - Exchequer, Phi Delta Phi, Student Bar Association, Law Review. Kingery, Dwight Victor lLawI - Dean, Delta Theta Phi. Kirkhart, Larry Jack lBusinessI - Dean's List, Con- tinental Oil Co. Scholarship. Krehbiel, Roy L. lPharmacyI - Historian, Kappa Psi, APhA, MPA. Kriss, Edward William IA G SI - Dean's List, College Scholars, Torch G Scroll, President, Pi Kappa Delta, Vice-President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Presi- dent, Men's Residence Hall Assoc., Sgt.-at-Arms, Young Democrats, Co-chairman, Orientation Pro- gram, Varsity Debate, Intramural sports. Kuhnel, Louis W. IPharmacyI - President, Phi Delta Chi. Last minute information in the Administration building. L Laine, George Joseph lPharmacyl - Treasurer, Phi Delta Chi, APhA. Lake, William Lambert lDentistryl - Psi Omega, Omicron Kappa Upsilon. Landram, Joyce I. lEducationl - Chi Omega, Gamma Delta, ASA. Lee, Robert Charles lDentistryl - Psi Omega. Long, H. Lewis lDentistryl - Editor, Psi Omega. Longan, Silias Woodson lLawl - Justice, Clerk Parlia- mentarian, Phi Alpha Delta, Outstanding Phi Alpha Delta Active, Student Bar Assoc., Intra- mural sports. Lyon, Arnold Keith lDentistryl - Zeta Iota Phi. M Maloney, Michael James lLawl - Phi Delta Phi, Law Review, Bench G Robe. Manley, Joseph Walter lA G Sl - President, Secre- tary, Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-President, Young Republicans, Chairman, Publications Board, Sec- retary, Vice-President, Conservative Society. McGraw, Patrick Bernard - Dean's List, President, Master-at-Arms, Phi Delta Chi, Rho Chi Honor So- ciety, APhA, MPhA. McKinney, D. Richard lDentistryl - Treasurer, Presi- dent, Delta Sigma Delta. Meacham, John Richard lLawl - Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity. Metcalf, Roger Paul lDentistryl - Secretary, Psi Omega. Mikesic, Paula Ann lPharmacyl - Vice-president, Kappa Epsilon, APhA, MPhA, Honor's Day. Miller, John Lee lAGSl - University Center Commit- tee, Athletic Club, Young Democrats. Minneman, Roger Trent lDentistryl - President, Al- pha Phi Omega, Vice-President, Center Board, President, Program Council, Whitaker Award. Moore, James Wesley lDentistryl - Treasurer, Xi Psi Phi, ADA. Morishige, Walter K. lAGSl - Dean's List, Secretary, Men's Residence Hall Assoc., Participation Award. Moses, James B. lDentistryl - Psi Omega. Mullen, Richard Hall lPharmacyl - APhA, MPhA. Murray, Barbara Jean lPharmacyl - Dean's List, Secretary, Vice-President, Kappa Epsilon, Vice- president, Rho Chi, APhA, MPhA. N Nakai, Thomas Tsutomu lDentistryl - Dean's List, Honors Day Scholarship Award, Vice-President, Senior Class, Secretary-Treasurer, Dental Executive Council, Delta Sigma Delta, Omicron Kappa Upsi- lon, Omicron Delta Kappa. y Nelson, Jay Calvin lDentistryl - Delta Sigma Delta. Nies, Howard Lee lDentistryl - Delta Sigma Delta. Norton, Fred Eugene lDentistryl - Psi Omega, Intra- mural Sports. O Ochs, Patricia Sue lEducationl - Vice-President, Alpha Delta Pi, Bum Friday Princess, l963, Young Democrats, Women's Recreation Association. O'Keefe, John Jerome lAGSl - Alpha Phi Omega, Cosmopolitan Club, Newman Club, Recording Sec- retary, Psi Chi. Olech, Charles Edward lA6Sl - Resident Assistant, Men's Residence Hall, Intramural Sports. Olsen, Candland Lee lDentistryl - Intramural Sports. Oman, Edward R. lDentistryl - Psi Omega. O'Neil, Joseph Conrad lLawl - Phi Delta Phi, Editor- in-Chief, UKC Law Review. Oothout, William Volkert, Jr. lDentistryl - Delegate, ADA National Convention. Osborn, James D. lPharmacyl - Secretary, Kappa Psi, President, APhA, MPhA, Participation Award, Publication Board, Kappa Psi Ring Award. Ottinger, Philip Lane lDentistryl - Delta Sigma Delta. Owens, Joel Phillip lLawl - Bench Cr Robe. 'eta ry xwa rd. I APhA. a List, Vice- s List, sident, ecutive Upsi- Delta. elta. Intra- sident, Young l. lmega, ig Sec- sistant, Sports. Editor- ilegate, Kappa Awa rd , Sigma P Painter, Ernestine lEducationl - Dean's List, Torch and Scroll. Park, Jon Keith lDentistryl - Psi Omega, ADA. Patton, Scotty Dean lDentistryl - Psi Omega. Peltzman, Sharon Beth lEducationl - Torch and Scroll. Pelzner, Howard David lDentistryl - Delta Sigma Delta. Peterson, Terry Lee lEducationl - Torch and Scroll. Pittman, William Michael lDentistryl - Delta Sigma Delta. Poe, Don G. lPharmacyl - President, Kappa Psi, APhA, MPhA, Pharmacy Participation Award. Haag Hall. Poling, Cleo Tad lDentistryl - Psi Omega. Porter, Patrick Ross lPharmacyl - Kappa Psi, APhA, MPhA. Powell, Alice Jane lACrSl - Dean's List, Student at- filiate, Am. Chemical Society. R Ralston, John David lAf:rSl - Publicity, ASA, Out- standing Worker, University Center, Sweetheart of Chi Omega, Center Program Council, Capella Choir, Madrigal Singers, l-leritage Singers, Staff: University News, Kangaroo, Delegate, Associated Collegiate Press National Convention. Rea, George W. - Election Commission, l963 Pro- duction Manager, Kangaroo, l963, Znd Semester Managing Editor, Kangaroo, l964 Advertising Manager, Kangaroo, l964 Photographer, Kanga- roo, i964 Young Democrats, CCPC Scholarship. w 4,3 'S Ii 291 Reifschneider, Bill M. lPharmacyI - APhA, MPhA. Rehorn, Clarence Ronald lDentistryl - Delta Sigma Delta. Roeder, Clarence L. lLawl - Exchequer, Phi Delta Phi. Rogers, Melvin Lee lPharmacyl - Dean's List, Torch and Scroll, APhA, MPhA, President, Rho Chi, Vice-President, Kappa Psi. Rose, William George lDentistryl - Psi Omega, Pres- ident, Sophomore Class, ASA, Executive Council, Intramural Sports. Roseen, Carl Albert, Jr. lPharmacyI - Dean's List, APhA, MPhA. S Self, Jackson Houston lDentistryI - Psi Omega. Sherrick, Sue Ellen IAGSI - Dean's List, Vice-Presi- dent, University Players, Statf, KCUR-FM, Staff, University News, Glee Club. Sheth, Prafullchancra Dhirajlal lPharmacyI - Presi- dent, Cosmopolitan Club, Phi Delta Chi, APhA, MPhA. Siegfried, Mary E. IAGSI - Dean's List, Delta Alpha, President, Torch and Scroll, College Scholar, Kan- sas City Young Matron's Scholarship, Alpha Delta Pi, Secretary, Sigma Beta, Secretary, Pre-Law Club, Vice-President, Young Republicans, Center Pro- gram Council, Gamma Delta Iota, Staff: University News and Kangaroo. saiveffofb, Judith sein lEducationI -' Deans List, Historian, TNT. Simon, John Franklin, Jr. lDentistryI - Honors Day Scholarship, Xi Psi Phi, Treasurer, ASA, Treasurer, Junior and Senior Classes, Omicron Delta Kappa, Delegate, ADA National Convention. Simmons, Richard Franklin lDentistryl - Delta Sigma Delta. Sjarda, Richard Henry IAGSI - Dean's List, Victor Wilson Scholarship, Secretary-Treasurer, Torch and Scroll, Nu Rho Psi, Vice-President, Pre-Law Club, Young Democrats, History and Government Club, Men's Intramural Assoc., Intramural Sports, K- Club. Skaer, Roger David lDentistryI - ADA, President, Woodberry Study Club. Skinner, Ronald Rene lDentistryl - Psi Omega, Omi- cron Kappa Upsilon. Smith, Frances Mauriece lPharmacyl - Dean's List, Delta Alpha, Kappa Epsilon, President, Treasurer, Chi Omega, Cho Chin, Rho Chi, APhA, MPhA, Delegate, Kappa Epsilon Convention, Participation Award, Best Woman Athlete. Smith, Ivan George lDentistryI - Omicron Kappa Upsilon, ADA, Secretary, Woodberry Study Club, University Choir. Snider, Archie Maurice lPharmacyI - APhA, MPhA. Sommer, Francis L. lDentistryI - Delta Sigma Delta. Stone, Keith Lynn iPharmacyl - President, Phi Delta Chi, APhA, MPhA. Strada, Samuel Joseph lPharmacyI - Dean's List, Torch and Scroll, Kappa Psi, Rho Chi, American Foundation tor Pharm. Education Scholarship, Kappa Psi Scholarship Award, APhA, MPhA. Sybrant, Roger Neal lDentistryl - Xi Psi Phi, Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Omicron Kappa Upsilon, Publi- cations Board. T Taylor, Melvin E. lPharmacyI - APhA, MPA, Young Democrats. Teiwes, Bill IAGSI - Dean's List, University Scholar- ship, Historian, Pledge-trainer, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Co-Chairman, Bum Friday Committee, Co-Chair- man Recreation Committee, Program Council, Glee Club, Intramural Sports- 1 Tishil, Harry Nathan 'lPharmacyl' - Secretary, .Trea- surer, Alpha Epsilon Pi, President..Vice-President, IFC, Phi Delta Chi, APhA, MPA. ' I . Toyne, Richard Lawrence lBusinessI - ASA, BSA. Travalent, Louis Joseph IAGSI - Sgt.-at-Arms, So- cial Chairman, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Cupid, Alpha Delta Pi, University Choir, University News, Men's Intramural Assoc. Trummel, Clarence L. - Psi Omega, Omicron Kappa Upsilon. V VanSickle, Linda Kay IAGSI - Dean's List, Torch and Scroll. Omi- Q List, surer, lPhA, :ation iappa Club, lPhA. Delta. Delta List, erican 'ship, Omi- 'ubli- 'oung molar- silon, fhair- Glee Trea- dent, LA. ,, So- Xlpha Aen's appa Vorch Veatch, Ronald Irving lACrSl - Councilman, AGS Council, Publications Board, Alumni Committee, Fraternal Committee, Tau Kappa Epsilon, ACS, ASA. Vincent, Ronald D. lDentistryl - Psi Omega, lntra- mural Sports. Voigts, Gene E. lLawl - Phi Delta Phi, President, Stu- dent Bar Assoc., Law Review, Ellison Moot Court Competition. Voldeng, Karl Edward, Jr. lDentistryl - Psi Omega, Vice-President, Sophomore Class, Co-Editor, Dental Directory. Volkart, Bettye Sue - Editor, The l964 Kangaroo, Asst. Editor, lst Semester i962 Kangaroo, Editor, Znd Semester l963 Kangaroo, Recording Secretary, ASA, Chi Omega Honorary Senior Woman's Schol- arship, Elizabeth Cravens Memorial Scholarship' I Dean's List, Pi Kappa Lambda, Choir, Orchestra, Heritage Singers, Honor's Day, Recording Secre- tary, Mu Phi Epsilon, Sterling Mathias Award, Lead, Allegro, l 964. W Wainwright, Laurin L. lDentistryl - Xi Psi Phi. Walton, Sandra Lee lBusinessl - Dean's List, Senior Business Committee, Publications Director, Busi- ness School, lntramural Sports. Wamsley, Howard Michael lDentistryl - Xi Psi Phi. Ward, Wanda Fay lEducationl - Deans' List, Secre- tary, Student NEA. Weakley, Robert John lDentistryl - Xi Psi Phi, Omi- cron Kappa Upsilon. Weber, Donald Dean lDentistryl - Rush Chairman, Delta Sigma Delta. Weddle, Rex Gerald lAC1Sl - Dean's List, Victor Wil- son Scholarship, Delta Chi, lntramural Sports. Wendling, Raphael J. lPharmacyl - Kappa Psi, Vice- President, APhA, MPA. Weyh, Fred J. lDentistryl - Zeta Iota Phi. Williamson, Sharon Kay lAGSl - Dean's List! Sears and Roebuck Scholarship, Vice-President, Torch and Scroll, University Scholarship, President, Delta Alpha, Chairman, University Center ReCI'9C1TlOl'l Committee, President, Treasurer, W.R.A., Social Chairman, Order of Diana, Chairman, CoEd Night, Chairman, Bum Friday Athletics, Guard, Chaplain, Alpha Delta Pi, Sweetheart, Tau Kappa EpSilOV1i Women's Individual Athletic Trophy, KCIFISOS CNY Tutorial Program, lntramural Sports. Wimmer, Melvin Leonard lDentistryl - Psi Omega. Winn, Belva Chari lAGSl - Secretary, Delta Alpha' Torch G Scroll, President, Phi Kappa Lambda, Sec- retary, School of Ed. Student Council, Public Rela- tions Committee, AGS Student Council, Orientation Committee, Young Democrats, President, Program Chairman, El Club Asturias. Wipf, Vaughn F. lDentistryl - Rush Chairman, Delta Sigma Delta, Delta Sigma Delta Freshman Scholar- ship Award, lntramural Sports. Wise, Lawrence Eugene lDentistryl - Delta Sigma Delta, Omicron Kappa Upsilon. Y Yamamota, Roy Takao lDentistryi - Delta Sigma Delta. Z Zook, Robert L. lAGSl - President, Vice-President, Program Chairman, Geology-Geography Club, As- sistant Dept. of Geology. We reglef fhaf all graduafing seniors are nof included in fhis secfion, due fo flve facf fhcf nof all furned in senior summaries. Administration Building. .V . L" ' 92 lwfdilmg' ' '-'F 11: -, --JJ: J- "T 2 f,-f 1 -A---v -AA. N.. AVYV ,...4,, - , X f - p.. 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T4 Upj ohn medicine . . . designed for health . . produced with care The Upjohn Company Kalamazoo, Michigan i 296 MQSQIQ f?1"lE.S'7M En -r1oNS 6'g71v6l?-F9 VULA YY? M64 GRADUATES The University Associates uniting Community leadership for a greater UMKC THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS, 1963-64 ERNEST A. DICK, PRESIDENT K W. COLEMAN BRANTON JAMES F. HAAKE SIDNEY A. MC NIGHT ROBERT H. FLARSHEIM JOHN LATSHAW MRS. AUTHUR POPHAM, JR FRANCIS G. FOSTER CHESTER K. LITMAN JOHN J. RUDDY, JR. MRS. EDWARD A. SMITH DANIEL S. TRUOG 297 r SJIEIOSB l I Whig ig, May we help you? I z i Z 5 N- Arthur J. White. C.D.T. .1 N , N iiitiiiling -ii- MAIL BUS KANSAS CITY, Mo. PLANE Varel B. Bissell, C.lJ.T. , '1 5 XS I ,-,,,-xx X TRAIN E 5 2 s 3 I e I f Paul W. Danner, C.D.T. I AUTOMOBILE ,J 'JW 'W ,MCL ,,,, f 1 V x -tionally cured , X V1 Doctorv is a service-minded For prompt service, call WEstport 1-3995 or 1-3996 Dental Laboratory Our business has grown, not alone because of the skill of our experienced staff, but also because we realize the importance of real service to the profession. We like to feel we are working to help make satisfied patients for our Dentists, and that involves pains- taking, accurate workmanship, combined with a practical under- standing of the importance of getting work out on time. Your schedule is our schedule, and we aim to deliver every time. Send your next denture, Ticonium case, crown and bridge, or ceramics to TRU for further proof of our service. , f ,, f f, , 4 ,cf4ff,,7 I ,, n 4Qffif,fif" fm 0 f f mmm .,wmf,,fu,,, gm. 1212-28 WIRTHMAN BUILDING-P. O. BOX 34 31st and TROOST, KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI 64109 l l , 298 ? -i - E .tiond V1 Quo. Jenkins Music Company extends best wishes to the Conservatory of Music and the University of Missouri at Kansas City iiiiiiwnMUSlCcOMPANy X o H o ,T ,4 KANSAS CJITY JLJUFE IINSURANCE COMPANY Independence, Mo, X 9720 East New Highway 40 Konsos City North, Mo. X 5308 Choutecu Drive t i I We Americans are constant- ly striving for better tomor- rows for ourselves and our children. C Kansas City Life, for 69 years a guarantor of American futures, now makes it possible for future insurability to be guaran- teed. O From birth through age 40 our Assured Insur- ability Plan guarantees your insurability no matter what future conditions may arise. 300 d I Ill- 1r- ur Fe, of f w re rn- gh lr- ur at SC. .-J In a modern denture, the one element most essential mr TQQT H it 1 H 55 fix ga 5 Ex Vx N S513 b b 5 64350 1 Even when tooth selection procedures are meticulously followed, a denture may well be an esthetic failure if it does not exhibit natural tooth color in the mouth. It's easy to avoid this embarrassing and ' ' ' B' bl dS lector costly problem by making color selection with the Trubyte ro en e your first step in designing every denture case. Specify Trubyte Bioblend- the world's only multi-blended porcelain anteriors-there is no substitute! Tlnlulslvrriefab THE DENTISTS' SUPPLY COMPANY OF NEW voRK - YORK. PENNSYLVANIA 301 CRAFTSMANSHI Our clients demand the finest in dental prosthetics . . . and get it! When they entrust their bridgework to us, the end result is more than just another restoration . . . for the secret of our processing success is CRAFTSMANSHIP, the invisible ingredient in superior dental service. As master craftsman, we recommend vacuum fired porcelain fused to gold restor- ations. They combine the esthetic naturalness of translucent porcelain with the perfect fit and permanent strength of gold bonded to it underneath. In performance, gold and porcelain restorations are shock proof, impervious to mouth fluids, and benign to tissueg in appearance, beautifully life like with perfect shade and anatomy permanently built in . . . truly a product of superior craftsmanship. L Vacuum fired porcelain fused to gold restorations have been accepted the world over as the finest in full coverage. Let us prove it to you. Wmacm GOLD 81 CERAMICS DENTAL LABORATORY 3827 Main Street Kansas Cify I 1, Missouri WEsfpor1' I-1616 302 wi X. FN L,, l l I 6 ll f l , ' O rt FD G Y a s a 4 4 5 6 Cl la A . Xb in R l 1 rl i u 3269 Roanoke LO 1-6474 Kansas Clty M1SSOUTi PISCIDTT 7 game FN! wa 208 Independence Ave Konsos City Missouri Complete line ot Fresh ond Frozen Fruits Vegetable Con- centrotes Seofoods Pastries ond Poultry. lfali more Freslw Foods W . 3 I uemlfc u I KANSAS CITY, 9 YLETC C55 SCHCDQL ANNUALS BURD 81 FLETCHER COMPANY 304 l :inn q enum dv 'F0'R iT WITH Pl 'RTTTER ! X! X T f 225 i ny , W i ai", "I Fi ,lil till, lil You've been preparing for success. Soon it will become a reality. Here are three steps to insure it: One . . . sit down with your Ritter dealer. He'll help you locate successfully, give you advice on a hundred details that will get you started right. Two . . . then, let Ritter's Office Planning Department design your office. Our staff of experienced layout men can do wonders in apply- ing work simplification to your new office. Their service costs you nothing. Three . . . one final step. PEP. . .The Ritter Professional Equipment Plan will start you right financially-give you a fully equipped office with no down payment. Three steps to success . . .write us for complete details. 2gl1RE23'ZlASf.-T51 305 H PATIO THE UNIVERSITY CENTER ES Room . 'gifiy I LUZIER LOUNGE ,Wa . THE UNIVERSITY BANK H5 West 63rd Street DRIVE-IN BANK 63rd and Holmes Open fo Serve You Main Bank Open 9:30 to 2:00 Monday thru Thursday Friday until 6:00 Drive-ln Bank Open 7:30 until 6:00 Monday thru Friday 9:00 until l2:30 Saturday Member F d I D posit Insurance Corporat Special People Special Pictures bww PHOTOGRAPHY Portraits-Commercial-Weddings 6317 Brookside Plaza EM. 3-1040 T LHR is ,nj ,fa EI it I f r ai l i 5 :Dada ,P+ '- is' PQ -IIIIII ' ,JNL . Y. g I E 'ii 1 - in , 1. -E-E- t 4 ig. . ' I i I . . , , I i -r I 1 i.Ilg -ig X i,- L- .4 iv I 2 I Xb' -....Z- Q I ii it YOU'll FIND A FRIEND AT CDMMERGE TRUST CUMPIINY I Q +1 .1 See your dealer or write for full details . Flick on the Wig-I-bug switch and start the count-down. Within 7 to 10 seconds the wonder electric mortar and mixes of alloy and mercury ready for insertion i 7 6 U G pestle" delivers smooth, fine-textured, uniform IG ' 8 ' 'X' in the cavity. Wig-I-bug owners the world around tell us that the result is better, stronger, longer-lasting fillings every time. 1 What makes the Wig-l-bug so efficient? The answer is its unique, oscillating, figure-8 mixing motion. Other advantages? Yes, it impresses patients, saves chairtime, avoids waste, eliminates guesswork and human errors. f The Wig-I-bug is available in Beautiful Black tat 375.003, Ivory White or Pure White Cat 382.005, and your choice of popular colors Cat 588.00 to 395.007 at your dealer's. Order one today. CRESCENT DENTAL MFG. CO. 1839 South Pulaski Road, Chicago 23, Illinois A Fine ompemy to do Business with.. MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY HARRY H. WELSH, JR., General Agent r GO O 6 I .J A eegIIwyI?ys W It ??a7,ffp,Q, Qxsi 41 I 2 4 ,Wa if 52 4,1 gy 4, Ng, 'fzf fff E ! FF ef ivrefegfzs 1, 'K .dam A W 'ffif W X?-if ,?,M? ff .ff ft I MW? WSE: I f ,Z I' ' if ,gfiryiyfvfwg af 2? .digg 9? tiiilfi ,fggffj 'Ht 1 f 23 W 5 he 52,9 5364 sf f 3 rf? A E 1 sf 1' gt 3 ffef ef f fffff fyyj A lv ,V ' P tra wwe' gftfijyff ff' iff? fffwxfeg it? 4- f f 455, Iii 2 frees 2' If 2' ,I 62 ' 2' d '3,wf e ii I ' Q9 W' ter C fO 62 an Zu -.-,...,. XY " bw I Wo 0 w K ,, ,. . A 0. ' - 0 s . -L-Ge A ,Q ,,. . ., A' .......,.. . . ' , .- . . -Q41 L. , - I' ' Q V' 4 ' .........,iSz'5e?e-.., Q . , H-' w, A I ce ' 'Q , - 1' ff' - aw 1 Sf , - -fer?" "' ,, is 2 f 3' .. 3 'I I3 -Mififftzfz' ' .XZ ' A ' "PN-fv -v-,,' 91'M'f'h:f1 ' + 1 -4 . I I 71 ' wi' ', 'ha .1 'f ' "W """ , 6:"5-'r'-z. , - -W W 'f' , R M " -I , . :.?. , ,gy , I 57 , . ,Z.6WeI2,. zg. .14 .,- I 2 - ,, .W .Y .- -,,, -. ' L- : . ,M 3, . , 4 - ,fs 1,5 , -. fy 1-. .4. ,e-eg, -in 0. 1. A- , , Q, lf A ,Q 53- ,: m's,5efff 5' 'B - """""1i1,n'e.www 2 zz., f" 'y4 Gp z . Y, ,x-2' , 545 ' . --u---.4f?-2g.-g:ffQ- .az-'ei z "' ' - ' ie . .V ,r -. 1, L v y- .4 -fe :fg 4 Keg, ts' if ww ' 4: ' --1 1. M. - H1 223 , Q' ., ie- nf- nuke -5: mf.-I 't""' '-, l X , -A I , ' W A -,ce ', '- 1:4 ' r . f La we -' wt 5 ...- .,... 'wifi' A, ., 5 A 4,.,Wn.L V ,. f . 11 f fy.. I L? , .,., ' R . " " ' 2 - " 1 'f J , ,Y V. If:-t 1' fe er. f Q ,-, A JA .Q . 22,31 ,WR if - ir.. f e I . V-5 1, v.,-Q 4 ' 44' ,Q ,Mg .- ' :sy ff -mg. .' ft' ' . ,',,r '.:4. ,eff-.e2gyz,-sp.-',,1.,s,,gem.-,,,f:v,., W' 'wo w ff f ' ' 2 z e' fe. f f I I ' ,Q .nf , 19:-if-I -'14 fb'-. 1-qfwf-ee -'---- f , ' I f . , is ,gf . -'wc - 0,-fQywg3:'2f2f - v A , ,.,. . A f rn' ,Q-M ...KH t . wg cl - 'CH Q open 11:30 A. NL Mianigmfrwo cocktail Lwngeffrfee, Ample Parking W. T, MCAULEY ELECTRIC CO. SERVICE Cn' SATISFACTION EOR 50 YEARS O LAYOUT 0 CONSTRUCTION 0 POWER INSTALLATION Commercial - Industrial "Qualified Electrical Contractor" Vlctor 2-5280 If No Answer can RA 2-0240 1818 GRAND AVE. CRESTWOOD FLOWERS Where Artistry is the Rule- Nof the Exception. Everett G. Bennett Mary L. Bennett 33I E. 55th at Oak-HI 4-7200 308 A few words to young family men with big responsibilities and tight budgets. Your BMA Mon can show you how to assure the good things in life for your family even if you aren't here-for the smallest tug on your budget. BMA's new Maximum l0 Pro- tection plan gives you 40 per cent more life insurance lat no extra costl for the first ten years. You can get Sl0,000 of life insurance protection for about the price of 57,000 Ten years from now when your talents are really paying off and your income has substantially increased, you begin to build up more in savings for yourself. Call your BMA Man today for details on this new young mar- rieds life insurance plan. ifiiii iiiii BUSINESS MEN'S ASSURANCE C0. f s' V KBFISGS Cllyl lVl0. 64141 Kansas Cltygaomitlgfggncli Office Missiorn' gegyl3g0Office Downtol-K2 Slegvggg Offlc Kansas City Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Kansas City, MO. There Have Been Many Changes Including OurName BM Plot Clur Service UMKC BOOKSTORE QOWL y4atlwMed Q Plain: Im CERTIFIHDOX VITALLI svlssanznzfzrxisg 1 IABORATORQ I - N mLdf!Ll,6lLt0f6 :H EUMANN Q f ffffffww ' em as vm, Mm In Appreciation . . . for the years we have served the University of Kansas City. Faultless Linen Supply and Ninth gl Walnut Laundry Company . 1943 Broadway Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City' Mo' o ' o FINE MISSOURI SCHOOLS AND FINE HOME AREAS COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE ARE A WINNING COMBINATION! Member F.D.I.C. J. C. NICHOLS CO. p 310 Best Wishes from 'GTHE HOUSE OF A THOUSAND MODELS" and HOME OF BROWN PRECISION ATTACHMENTS COLUMBIA DEN TOFORM CORPORATION 131 East 23rd Street New York 10, New York aooooooooooooooooo- The other day I stopped in at Luyhens . . . fjust to say Hhellou . . . and get a new G-String for my Viola d,amor . . . and the 5 . most astonishing thing happened. This i i absolutely huge hearded stranger Walked , up to me, introduced himself, and asked if I Was interested in new-ciassicism. I said I most certainly was . . . finterested in new-ciassicism . . . 1 Weil, we started talk- ing, anyway, exciting things do happen at Luyhens . . . and hesides they have ahso- lutely every musical need . . . W A P l.. Le.. INSTRUMENTS RENTALS ACCESORIES REPAIRING X 4318 MAIN KANSAS CITY, Mo. 311 Pl- 3-7111 A Aaron, Mark 116 Abrams,Allen 142,229 Abramson, George 94 Ackerman, Richard J., Jr. 132 Ackerson, Robert 103 Acock, Carol 94 Acock, Richard, Jr. 94 Activities In Action 24,25,34 General Index Atkinson, David 226 Atkinson, James 135 Atkinson, Marlene 109 Avery, Douglas W. 126 Axson, Wanda 94 Ayer, Malcolm 94 Ayres, John 45 Bern, Susan 116 Bernstein, Marc 1 16 Berry, Diane 103 Berry, Homer 132 Berzak, Gerald 103 Bettin, Stanley L. 132 Beukleman, Brent L. 129,235 Beynon, John 135,236 Binger, Louise 175 Binger, Ralph 143 Biology Club 217 Adams , Allen, ll 103 Adams, David R. 129,236 Adams, Douglas 244 Bird, G. Michael 129,238 Birkenbaugh, Jon D. 129 Birnbaum, Beverly 123 Birnbaum, Marvin 116 Adams John 176 Adams: Joyce i.. 138,155 Adams, Nelson 87,1 16,158,205,268 Adams, Nita 236 Adams, Stephen 146 Adland, John T., lll 132 Agan, Frank 94 Agran, Steve 94,256 Agronin, Shirley 103,185 Akers, Jerry 135 Aks, Stewart 135 Bussell, Lynne 176,177 Albano, Michael 109,234,268 Albino, Carol 123,240 Albright, Ronald C. 128 Alexander, Janet 103,259 Alexa nder, Tyler 87,109 Allbritten, Roy E. 148,183 Allen, Glenda 236 Allen, Hershall 135,236 Allen, Allen, Jeanne 94,259 John Charles 126 Allen, John Michael 85,135,223,224, 235 Allen, Robert 70 Allen,Terry 141 Allen, Tom 86 Allen, Alley, Wilma 228 Tom J. 132 Babbe, Susan 109 Badger, Jimmy 116 Badley, Eddie 103 Bahl, Gordon 148 Bohr, Robert 116,179,185,219,223 Bailey, Arthur E. 129 Baker, Claude 70 Baker, Dick 135 Baker, Donald 1 10 Baker, Joanne 55,222 Balenseifen, Jack 132,236 Balenseifen, Winnie 236 Bales, Roger 145 Balliett, Barbara 94,259 Balsan, John 231 Ban, George 103 Ban, Susan 228 Band 176 Banning, Lance 116 Banning, Larry 94 Barash, Edward 1 10,208,256 Baraxis, May 94 Barber, Arnold Stephen 132 Barber, Jerry 177 Bishop, Barbara 221 Bisman, Ronnetta 86,1 16,185, Black, Elmer Carson, Jr. 129 Blackmun, Eugene 132,238 Blaier, Daniel 94 Blaine, Helen 132 Blake, Bradford W., Jr. 94 Blance, Gai 94 Blankenship, William 116 216,225 Blaylock, G. w., Jr. 132,238,239 Blaylock, Joan 239 Blessing, Larry 87,110,234 Brown, Donald R. 132 Brown, Forrest Dean 132 Brown, Jerry 146 Brown, Lee Ann 140 Brown, Lee K. 70 Brown, Meyer W. 143 Brown, Orville 135 Brown, Richard 135,224,236 Brown, Sandy 236 Brown, Tamara 177 Browning, Carol 103 Browning, Nancy 95 Bru-ce, John, Jr. 116 Bruley, Norma 230 Brumfield, Charles 103 Brummet, Verna 122,240 Brunner, Karen K. 138 Bruno, Bobby J. 132 Bryan, Charles L. 126,236 Bryant, Pat 228 Bryant, Robert 144 Buchinhorn, William 116 Buebendorf, Francis 67,175,177,222 Buebendorf, Joanne 240 Center Board Cerniglia, S.. Choit, Zane Chan,Wa1 1 Chandler, lol Chaney, Wal Chang, Merv Cherry, Caro Cherry, Jack' Chi Omega J Childress, Lo Chipman, RC Chisholm, Ja Chitwood, Jo Choir 276,2 283 I Christian Sci Christiansen Christiansen Christie, Da' Christman, 1 Christman, 1 Christy, Daw Chrisy, Willi Chum Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark Clark Clark Clark 1 r 1 lea, A Andri Glen Hugt Kim Larry Porte Ray . Buebendorf,,Norman 175 Bueing, Thilde 67,177 Bulow, Edwin P. 45 Barger, Allison, George M. 135,238 Renee 110 Allison, Janice 140 Allred, Maurice Louis 135,238,239 Barger, Valda 242 Barid, Steve 116 All St udent Association 204,205 Allsup, Judy 94 Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Altma Altma Altug, Delta Pi 259,260,261 Epsilon Pi 256,257,258 Phi Alpha 274 Phi Omega 247 n, Gay 109 n, Joan 109 Cynthia 103 American Pharmaceutical Association 87 Amorosa, Jerry 109 Anderson, Anita 176,177 Barker, Patricia 116 Barker, Peter 219 Barnes, David 135,236 Barnes, Howard 124,237 Barnes, Joe 94 Barnes, Margaret 122 Barnes, Mary 94 Barnes Richard M. 142 Barnett, Latonia 66 Barnett, Lawrence 94 Barrett, Joseph 1 16 Barrett, Robert 103 Barron, Gloria 140 Anderson, Beth 124 Anderson, Betty J. 222 Anderson, Edwin P. 135 Anderson, James 135,238,239 Anderson, James R. 126 Anderson, Kingdom 109 Anderson, Marylen 67 Anderson, Patti 236 Anderson, Richard L. 129 Anderson, Richard R. 129 Anderson, Robert 55 Anderson, Roger G. 132 Anderson, Thomas 146 Anderson , William 109,220 Andrae, Henry 44 Andrew, Ann 109,221 Andrew, Donald 135 Andrews, Victor L. 132 Angelina, Michael 94 Aning, Victor 94,161,218 Antoine, Joseph 94 Aquirre, Luis 116 Argo, Janet 228 Argovitz, Jerry 135 Armacost, Don 109 Armacost, Donald R. 45 Armonees, Frank R. 45 Armold, Diana 145,245,259 Armold, Willard 103 Armor, Richard 103 Armstrong, George 184 Arnett, Bruce 103 Arnett, Robert G. 132 Arnold, John 103 Arnold, Judith 109 Arnold, Noel 147,244 Aron, Gary 109 Bartels, Anthony 142 Bartels, James 110 Barth, Ed 50,55 Bartlett, David 116 Bartlett, James 125 Bartlett, Mary 94 Bartlett, Richard 237 Barton, James 132,236 Barton, Jerry 132 Barton, Terry L. 126 Baska, John 110 Bath, Cheng 94 Baume, Jeanne 122 Baumwart, Lloyd 135 Bayer, Alice Jeanne 230 Beatty, Charles 135 Beatty, Margaret 236 Beatty, Max 219 Beatty, Wanda L. 110 Beauchamp, Norman 175,177 Beauty and Beast 155 Beavens, John 175,177 Beaver, Helen 235 Beaver, Robert 135,235 Bechtel, Robert 94 Beck, Dale 110 Becker, Bernata 103 Becker, Sanford 142 Beckett, Jack M., Jr. 132,238 Beckley, Bertram 45 Beckner, Russell 116 Beelman, Bonnie 235 Beelman, Ga-ry Scott 135 Beisner, Gerald 145,244 Bell, Allan 142,226 Bellanti, Neal 129,238 Bench and Robe 222 Bloch, Wheadon 46,47,223 Blonsky, Melvin 1 10,208,256 Bloom, Barbara 94 Bloom, Mata 95 Blue, Eleanor C. 79,230 . Blum, Anthony W. 148 Blunt, Virginia 141 Board of Curators 44 Board of Trustees 45 Bobo, Orbille 176 Babbitt, Marian 51 Bock, Charles 95 Baden, Sarah 95 Bodney, Howard 116,179 Bogden, Thomas J. 95 Bohanan, Jack 1 10 Bolander, Perry 224 Bold, Lawrence 143,227 Bolles, Rosemary 1 10 Bollig, Janet 110 Bollinger, Gene 129 Bolyard Wesley, Jr. 110 Bommelaere, Gary L. 129,236 Bond, Jim Charles 129,201,235 Bond, Marvin, Jr. 116 Bond, Vikki 206,268,272 Bond, William 135 Bonham, William, Ill 135 Bono, Robert 95 Bono, Thomas 103 Banomo, John L. 132 Boody, Carol 140 Borchert, Linda 123,242 Bordman, Marcia 116 Bourne, Alan 95 Bourne, Robert 95 Bousman, Charles 110 Bowman, Herbert 95 Box, Ronald 124 Boyd, Arnold L. 129 Boyd, Corrine 236 Boyd, Linda E. 139 Boydston, James 95 Boyle, Ann 74 Boyles, Chuck 144 Brackholm, Robert 95 Brackinreed, Verna 66,222 Brackney, Susan 116 Bradbury, Howard B. 126,235 Bum Friday 188,189,190 Buntin, Bill 145 Burdine, Betty L. 116 Burnau, John 176,222 Burney, Gary 145 Burnidge, Gary 135,238 Burnos, Mike 178 Burns, Beverly 239 Burns, Robert C. 132,238 Burstein, Jerome 116 Burton, Jerry 244 Buschman, Harold 59 Bush, Frederick 110 Business Administration 60 Business Council 87 Business School Dinner Dance 158 Butterfield, Jeanees 110 Buttgen, Gerd 110 Buxton, Dwight 122 Byers, Kathryn 48 Byers, Michael 135 Byland, Betty 236 Byland, James H. 129,236 Bynum, James 74,86 C Callender, Kathleen 126 Callus, Charles 95 Calvert, Linda 124 Camocho, Barbara 110 Campanella, Robert 129 Campbell, Gary L. 126 Campbell, Katherine 103 Campbell, William 136 Campolasso, John 103 Cansler, Dean Otis 129,235 Canterbury Association 231 Clark, Stepl Clarke, Joa Clarkson, 15 Classen, Ja Classes Stal Claybaker, Claycomb, Clears, Artl Clemenson. Clevengef, Cline, Jami Closser, Da Cobb, Char Cobb, Johr Cobble, Jai Cochran, G Cochran, J Cockefair, Cocketair Coffee , La Coffee, Mi Coffey, B11 Cohen, Vig Cohen, Wi 233 Cohenour, Cohn, Jud Cole, Cl'1OI Cole, Jam Cole, Johr Coleman, Coleman, Coleman, Coles, Roi Coll, Mari Collard, A Collins, Jr Collins, R Combs, R Comfort, Conserva' Conserva Cook, Jec Cook, We Cooper, 12 Cooper, E Cooper, 1 Copelanc Cordrey, Cornelius Cornell, I Bradbury, Lynne 235 Bradford, Sandra 110 Bradish, Virginia 54 Bragg, John Charles 110 Brancato, JoAnn 103,263 Brand, Laneita 116,217 Brande, Henry 95,178 Branden, James 135 Brandon, William 95,268 Brandenburg, Kenneth 1 10 Brandt, James P. 132 Bratton, Marshall 95 Braun, James 95 Braverman, Harry 110 Bray, Annett 1 10 Bredehoft, Melvin 145,268 Bregach, Walter 95 Breisford, Gary 95 Brell, RoAnne 236 Brell Willi m Coppell, William 124,176,177,178 Capps, Shirley 86,l41,205,216,221, 225,263 Carbaugh, Daniel C. 62 Cargill, Byron 110 Carlgren, Erick F. 129 Carlisle, Lynn D. 129 Carlson, Paul 175 Carnegie, Judity 141,191,221,225,259 Carpenter, Gerald 125 Carr, Alice 116 Carr, David 1 16,208,274 Carruthers, John H. 44 Carter, Bruce 136 Carter, David 95 Carter, Donald 103 Carter, James 110,217 Carter, Michael 95 Cartwright, Tom W. 116 Caruthers, Donna 95 Arthaud, Larry 145,244 Arts an Arts an d Sciences 56 d Sciences Council 84 ASA Dinner Dance 191 Asbury, Jacqueline 94 Asbury, Larry 94 Asfoor, Akil 218 Asher, Sharon 235 Asher, Tipton J. 126,235 Askey, John B. 126 Bennett, Bennett, Ben 116 Charles 116 Bennett, Helen 51 Bennett, Richard 135,238,239 Bennion, Harold 94 Benson, Vesta 52 Benson, William J. 94 Benvenuti, Sandra 1 10,263 Bergendoff, R. N. 45 Bern, Roger 142,223 1 , " ' , a 135 Brenner,Carol 175,177 Brentson, Carole 210,217 Bresnick, Lawrence C. 132 Brestogionis, Nick 95 Brigham, Harold Warren 135 Bright, Albert D. 148 Bright, Roger 135,238,239 Bromberg, Hedy 140 Brookfield, Dutton 45 Brooks, Barry 132 Brotbeck, John 95 312 Case, Margaret 116 Cassidy, Marcia 239 Cassidy, Michael F. 129,236 Cassingham, Jack L. 66,229 Cates, Clarence 1 10 Cates, Marcy 175 Cates, Marjorie 175 Cathey, James Fary 126 Cavanaugh, John W. 129 Caviar, Michelle 103,233 Cecil, Shirley 175,177 Cornstall Correll, C Correll, 1 Correll, 1 Cornwell Cortes, E Cosmopi Costley, Count Bi Courts, 1 Courts, 5 Covell, F Covingti Cowan, Cox, Kel Cox, Loi Cox, Ra Crain, V Cramer, Crandal Craven, Craven, Cravott Crawfoi Crawfoi Creel, E Croom, Cross, E Crow, S Crowde Crowlef Cullen, '7,222 158 ,178 1,221 , 225,259 Center Board 214 Cerniglia, S. J. 142 Chait, Zane 116,256 Chan, Wai 1 16 Chandler, lola 103 Chaney, Waldo 110 Chang, Mervyn C. 129 Cherry, Carolyn 235 Cherry, Jack Lee 129,235 Chi Omega 262,263 Childress, Logan H., Jr. 129 Chipman, Robert 95 Chisholm, Jan 95 Chitwood, John C. 55,62 Choir 276,277,278,279,280,281,282, 283 Christian Science Organization 229 Christiansen, J. F. 129 Christiansen, Paul A. 62 Christie, David 125 Christman, David 116 Christman, George 1 16 Christy, David 176 Chrisy, William 103 Chumlea, Ann 110 Clark, Andrea 236 Clark, Glen A. 145,244 Clark, Hugh Robert, Jr. 129,238,239 Clark, Kim 95 Clark, Larry 110 Clark, Porter 136,224,238 Clark, Ray A. 132 Clark, Stephen B. 126,236 Clarke, Joanne 110,231 Clarkson, Nancy 110 Classen, Janice 140 Classes Start 35 Claybaker, Clinton 146 Claycomb, Gay 1 10 Clears, Arthur 103 Clemenson, Jim 95,264 Clevenger, Gene W. 126 Cline, James 95 Closser, Dan 145 Cobb, Charles 136,204,223,238 Cobb, John T. 148 Cobble, Jan L. 126 Cochran, Glen 110 Cochran, Jack 110 Cockefair, Carolyn Benton 160 Cockefair Dinner 160 Coffee, Larry 136 Coffee, Maurita 236 Coffey, Blaine 110 Cohen, Victoria 103,210,259 Cohen, William 117,179,186,187,215, Culver, Mary 95 Cummings, Bill H. 132 Eummingsgkherie 137 I I ummm s, m Cunninglgiam, Anr?S95au 22A 77369 Curls, Janice 111 Cushing, Douglas 176,178 Cushman, Barbara 139 Cushman, Sam 146,244 Czech, Barbara 95 Daigle, Robert L. 95 Daily, Otis Patrick 126,236 Dalen, Stanley S. 54 Dalton, Governor John M. 44,45 Danielson, Barry K. 86,144 Darrah, Maureen 95 Daugan, Sharon 95 Davis, Bill 238 Davis, Carol 95 Davis, Cheryl 111,232 Davis, Denham 146,269 Davis, Elmer 175 Davis, Gerald 103 Davis, The Hon. llus W. 45 Davis, Karen 95 Davis, Mary Lynn 140 Davis, R. B. 126,238 Davis, Steve 111,179,182,206,215,269 Davis, William 120 Dawe Carl 103 Day, Larry 147,244 Day, Robert E. 70,121,155 Dayton, Ronald D. 111 Deacon, Stanley 67,91,222 Deacy, Thomas 45 Deam, William 136 Debate 186,187 Decke Decke r, Alice 175,177 r, Jay 67,275,177 Deeter, Kelly B. 126 Deffenbaugh, Jo Ellen 111 Degoler, Warren 145 Deimund, Gary Keith 130,238 233 Cohenour, Wren 126,238 Cohn, Judy 177 Cole, Charmain 123 Cole, James R. 126,236 Cole, John 103 Coleman, Dale 117 Coleman, Gary 147,244 Coleman, Kenneth 121 Coles, Ronald 103 Coll, Maribeth 123 Collard, Martha 103 Collins, John 117 Collins, Robert 103 Combs, Richard D. 130 Comfort, James 117 Conservative Society 220 Conservatory of Music 65 Cook, Jeanne A. 138 Cook, Walter 55,67 Cooper, Deanna 233 Cooper, Edgar 136,223,224 Cooper, Harriett 110,233 Copeland, James 87,110 Cordrey, Darrel W. 126 Cornelius, Elizabeth Ray 139 Cornell, Phyllis 139 Cornstalk Stomp 270 Correll, Claudine 235 Correll, Ralph W. 130 Correll, Russell 95 Cornwell, Diana 95 Cortes, Deborah 1 11 Cosmopolitan Club 218 Costley, William 103 Count Basie 166 Courts, Donald 136,235 Courts, Sarah 235 Covell, Frank 142 Covington, Cynthia 111 Cowon, Jane 95 Cox, Kenneth M. 95 Cox, Lois 228 Cox, Randolph 145,244 Crain, William 55,53 Cramer, Terry Lane 111,259 Crandall, Janice 139 Craven, Glenray 111 Craven, Robert E. 132,238 Cravotta, John 111,219 Crawford, Gerald 111 Crawford, William 142,223 Creel, Donnell 117 Croom, Bill 126,238 Cross, Betty 11 1 Crow, Sally Sharon 95 Crowder, Eleanor Darlene 139 Crowley, Gary 111 Cullen, Donald 111 DeKeyser, Michael 103 Delapp, George 142 Delby, David 96 DeLong, Lawrence 95 Delta Alpha 225 Delta Chi 264,265,266,267 Delta Sigma Delta 238,239 Delta Sigma Delta Auxiliary 239 Delta Theta Phi 226 Demaray, Robert F. 132 DeMarea, Donna 117 DeMose, Jacquelyn 111 Dempsey, Gary 124,176,177,237 Denham, Tim 96 Denman, L. N, 111 Denney, Beverly 1 11 Dennis, Jack 148 Dental Executive Council 85 Dentistry 69,71 Denton, John 45 Denton, Larry D. 246 Derr, Kay 260 Derryberry, John 136,238 Desai, Chandrakant 147 DeSimone, Joseph 120 DeTray, Bob 1 17 DeVaughn, Richard 126,238 Deveney, Mariellen 52 DeWald, Deanna 87,120,216 deDiaz, Consuela Choca 96 Dick, Ernest 45 Dickinson, llene 117 Dickson, Jerry 136 Dickson, Larry 126,238 Diehl, Larry Lyon 132 Dierking, John C., Jr. 144 Dillingham, Jay 45 Dinges, Susan 219 Dittemore, Eleanor 52 Dittrich, A. G. 117,217,231 Dittrich, Rudolph E. 130 Divoky, Gerald 175 Dix, Harold 144 Dixon, Thomas 95 Dmitruk, John 111 Dobbe, Charles 117,221 Dodd, David H. 221 Dods, Walter 143,229 Dodson, JElr1ryl15g 67 Dohert , ar es . Doherty, Edwin, lll 87,148,232 Doig, Jim 124 l Dokuodovska, Tatania 67 Dominick, Daniel 103 Donnell, Russell 96 Dowd, Larry 146 Dowe, Thomas 96 Dowell, Dougq 229 Dowgray, Jo n 58 Downey, Dennis 130,238 Downing, Charles 176,177 Downing Ruby 140 Doyle, Alice Elizabeth 111 Droll, Henry 55 Druecker, Allen 111 Dryden, Jimmy A. 130,235 Dryden, Richard F. 122,237 Duboc, Charles 45 Dubois, Rodney Charles 126 Dudley, Ma-rgaret 74,191 Dufflemeyer, Barbara 96,181,260 Dufflemeyer, Fred 55,67,222 Duke, Jay 103 Dull, Brenda Joyce 147,245 Dulvas, Hermionid 103 Dunaway, Virginia 96,260 Duncan, Donald 175 Duncan, Evelyn 117 Duncan, Florence 51 Dunham, Douglas 104 Dunn, Nancy L. 139 Dunsmore, Norman 111,221 Dunsmore, Susan 104 Durand, Al 87,145,211,244 Duvall, Harold 104 Dwelle, Douglas 126 Dyer, Barbara 235 Dyer, Dean P. 132,235 Dyer, Kenneth 96 Dykhouse, Vance J. 130 Easter, Alvin 104 Easter, Anna 1 1 1 Eastwood, Evelyn 48 Eastwood, Wes 96,182 Eaton, Manford 122,175 Eaton, William 96 Eberhart, S. Phillip 120 Ebert, Elaine 104 Edelblut, Melvin 104 Eden, Marion 104 Edmisson, Jill 104,263 Edris, Wayne 50 Education 72,75 Education Council 86 Edward, Arlene 96 Edwards, Jack 148 Edwards, Joseph 117 Edwards, Paul R. 86,143,204,223,226, 227,229 Edwards, Richard 146,244 Edwards, Ruth 1 1 1 Egbert, Briane 104 Ehrbacher, Mary Lou 145,245 Eichengren, Jill 104 Eifler, Larry 117 Eisenbrandt, Jim 84,117,155,2 Eisenbrandt, Leslie 55,80 Ekblaw, Sidney 58,219,223 Elections 174 Eliron, Ron 165 Ellin, Jim R. 117 Elliott, Claudia 117 Elliott, Gloria 104 Elliott, James 96 Elliott, James W. 130,235 Elliott, Roger H., Jr. 148 Ellis, Elmer 44,45 Ellis, James Richard 117 Ellis, Joe Merrill 130 Ellison, Myron K. 45 Ellmaker, Sue 111,217,260 Elsas, Gene 96 Ely,WiIliam 143 Embree, Walter 136 Emerson, Wesley 120 England, John 96 Erickson, Lowell 52 Ericson, John M. 104 Ernst, Joseph F., Jr. 142,247 Ervin, James L. 111 Estapare, Paul 96 Etterling, Elinor 141,230 Evans, Judith Kay 96,210,263 Evans, Stephen J. 130,235 Evert, Gary 111,210 F 04,206 Faculty Spotlighfs 83189190191 Fa an, Leonard 48 Faiflk, Louis Jack 132,235 313 Falkenberg, James 130 Falkensten, R. G. 130 236 Falkensten, Sandra 236 FOfleY,Cc1fherine w. 66,175,177 222 Farmer, Fred 111 Farmer, Jerry 104 Farmer, Richard 136,238,239 Farrow, Tiera 230 Faulconer, Forest M. 130 Fasxer, Linda 96 Fehrenbach, Kim 104 Fellrath, Richard F. 132 Fencil, George 47 Ferguson, Marlene K. 141 Ferguson, Oliver B. 44 Ferguson,William 148 Ferguson, William A., Jr. 126 Fiddler, Charles 55,79 Fike, Rogene 177 Finch, James A., Jr. 44,45 Fiorella, Carmen 117 Fisher, Charles 117 Fisher, James 111 Fisher, May 111 Fisher, R. George 142 Fisk, Robert 146,246 Fitch, Mabel 230 Fitch, Nellie 230 Fitzsimmons, Mary Ann 228 Flanagan, Merlynne 104,250 Fleming, Allen 104 Fleming, Eileen 230 Fletcher, Glenda 141 Fletcher, Lyle Dee 136 Flett, Randolph 146,244 Flippo, Henry J. 144,229 Floerke, Sheila 111 Flores, Marcia Delores 111 Florup, Donna 104 Floyd, Richard 96 Fogel, Marietta 96 Fogel, Rita 111 Folkert, H. T. 111 Foster, Gary T. 133 Foster, Guy 122 Foster, Ralph 104 Foster, Sherman 175,177 Foster, Timothy 111,236 Fountain, Jane 175 Fountain, Marcia 111 Fowler, Lon 140 Fowler, Richard 45 Foxworth, John 145 Frady, Fred 111,264 From, Harriett 104 Franck, Gary 145 Frankenbery, Jewel 139 Frankenfeld, Frederick 145 Frankum, J. E. 45 Franz, Maybelle 124 Frazier, Bill 244 Frazier, Tom 87,147,223,244 Freedberg, Benjamin 96 Freedman, Joyce 111 Freeman, David 86,226 Freeman, Vera 228 Frick, Steven 120 Friedline, Cliff 126,238 Fries, James L. 52 Frieze, Jane 86,140,205,228 Fristoe, Clarence 145 Fritz, James 104 Fry, Toni 1 1 1 Fujiucke, Milton 96,200 Funes, Susan 96 G Gaffney, Kathleen 117 Gage, John 45 Gallops, Tom 96 Gameson, James 96 Gamma Delta 234 Gangel, John R. 130,238 Ganschow, James 62 Gant, Ardis 125,176,177,242 Gant, Carl 96 Gant, George 87,111 Garcia, Gerald 111 Garcia, John R. 130 Gardner, Michael 120 Gargotta, Roseann 1 17 Garland, Leroy 111 Garner, Jerry 147,244 Garrett, Lornita 96 Garrison, Thomas 142 Garrity, Delores 111 Garst Elaine 112 cosidii, James 125,i75,i77,236 Gates, Larry 104 Gatton, Charles 219 Gaunce, Susan 123,177 Gealde, Stephen 96 Gellens, Suzanne 140 Genesior, Jerry 145 Genesio, Jon 87,147,224,244 Genth, Shirley 228 Geology and Geography Club 219 Germa n Club 221 Gershman, Jerome 147 Gershon, Sherry 1 12 Gessler, John 147, 244 Gialde, Josepy 96,244 H Hackaday, Robert 124 Haddock, Truett Lane 130 Haden, Karla 97,260 Hicks, Sharon 97 Higdon, Samuel 136,238 Hagh,M. E. 59 Hilgert, Roger 97 Hill, Charles 97 Hill, Robert C. 130,238,239 Hill, Ron 244 Hill, Shirley 74 Gibson, Cheryl 96 Gibson, Jill 112,183 Gibson, Richard 122 Giffin, Reggie 112 Gifford, Stanley 96 Gilbert, Howard 112 Gile, Barbara 117 Giles, Carol 112,231 Gillespie, Henry 87,104 Gilmore, Jessie M. 49 Gisler, Lex E. 133 Gittlein, Mary Christina 138 Hagen, Charles 97 Hahn, Clorice 144,226 Halbe Hale, ck, Bonnie 104,221,263 Wendell 178 Hall, Betty 140 Hall, arol n 236 C Y Hall, Courtland 146,244 Hall, F. Stanley 127,238 Hall, James 136 HQii,Joe 145 Hall, Joyce 45 Hall, Raymond 45 Hill, Sibert 244 Hilliard, All 224 Hilsinger, Vicki 97,210 Hilvitz, Andrew 117 Himes, Kay 158 Hines, Joi 97,184,260 Hinnen, Velda 87,146,245 Hinton, Lary 146,246 Hipsh, Linda 141 Hiramoto,Jay 133 Hirsch, Joe 247 Hirst, Kenneth 147,244 J Jaben, Frederick 105 Jack, Meredith Marshall 105 Jackson, Avis 47 Jackson, LaNita Jewell 97 Jackson, Walter Lee 105 Jacob, Ben W., Jr. 105 Jacobs, Marilyn 122 Jacobsen, Evan 105 Jacobstein, Jay 97 James, Frederick 175,177 James, Jim 144,183 James, Norma 228 James, Richard H. 133,235 Jamison, Richard 142 Jazz Quintet 175 Glandon, Sally 112 Glass, Lawrence 104 Glass, Max 112 Glass, Susan 112 Glazer, Frances 104 Glee Club 177 Glenn, Tom 244 Glidden, Reverdy 55,61,62,158 Gliddon, Mrs. Reverdy 158 Gliessman, David 74 Goble, John 96 Godfrey, Harrison 74 Goehring, Ima 230 Goldberg, Howard 136 Goldford, Rosemary 104 Golding, Richard 96 Goldman, Larry 147,246 Goldman, Morton 58 Goldman, Goldstein, Thomas 96 Dennis 233 Hall, Ronald 146 Holler, Ronald 146,244 Halliday, Miriam 124 Halterman, George, III 104 Hambright, Joseph A. 127 Hamel, Anita 138,212 Hamilton, Camille 236 Hamlet 172 Hammer, Carol 104 Hammer, Steven 87 Hammond, Steve 129 Hampton, Harry L., Jr. 130,235 Hampton, Suzie 235 Hansen, Rod 86 Hanson, James 104 I-lapner, Judity 97 Harden, Ronald Douglas 127 Hargis, Donald 135,238,239 Hargis, Larry 130,238 Hargrave, William 125,175,176,178 Hitchcock, James Alvin 124 Hitchcock, Larry 105 Hite, Bonnie 112 Hively, Jimmy Wayne 127,238 Hively, Penny 239 Hoch, Richard 144 Hodes, Greg 143 Hodges, John 55,59 Hodges, Martin 136 Hodges, Pat 177,240 Hodscher, William 97 Hodson, Larry 146,244 Hoelzel, Grace 145,221,231,234,245, 263 Hoelzel, Pamela 112 Hoffman, Bill 136 Hoffman, Joyce 97 Hoffman, Judy 235 Hogg, J. Susan 140,263 Hogg, Jane C. 139 Jazz Workshop 178 Jelden, Gwynn 148,182 Jenkeski, Jana D. 138 Jennings, Carmen J. 105 Jennings, Joseph 117 Jensen, Jane 141 Jepson, Thomas Everett 97 Jessee, Bill 74,86 Johanning, Gay 177,229 Johnson Bert 219 Johnson Dorothy 97 Johnson Eric A. 130 Johnson Fred 87 Johnson Howard G. Ill 127 Johnson,James 136 Johnson, Janet 124,176,177,240 Johnson Karl F. 120 Johnson Kermit 145,246 Johnson Johnson Luther, Buddy 105 Lynne 105 Golly, Nancy 140,206,210,263 Gomez, Bonifacio 112 Gomez, Walter 112,219 Gonzales, Abelino 130 Good, Larry Ralph 126 Goodhard, Grace 96 Goodhue, Martha 112 Goodman, Judi 96 Goodman, Sherry 52 Goodsee, Raynetta 96 Goodwin, Joyce 95 Goodwin, Sandra 95 Gopman, Seymour 125,176,177,178, 237 Gordon, George 45 Harlow, Barbara 97 Harman, William 117 Horne Harpe r, M. Lynn 127 r, George 133,236 Harper, Judith 112 Harper, Nancy 236 Harrington, Dean 112 Harrington, George C. 127 Harrington, Kathleen 219 Harris, Don 236 Harris, Floyd R. 130,235 Harris, Glenda 104 Harris, Jean Marie 122 Harris, Joel 136 Harris, Madelyn 235 Hoggsett, Jody 97,182 Holden, Ronald Franklin 97 Holladay, Bobby 105 Holland, Wayne 97,221 Hollett, Judy 97 Hollingsworth, John 136,238 Holloway, Patricia 97 Holmes, Lyndal G. 133,238 Holt, Ann 175,177 Holt, Gerald 238 Holt, Marcie 239 Holte, Nordahl 143 Holter, Martha 112 Holtz, Frank J. 133,238 Holtzman, Ray 105 Gordon, John Michael 130 Gordon, Lowell 117 Gordon, Raymond 226 Gorton, John 236 Gorton, Sally 236 Gorup, Neil 112 Gossett, C. J. 133 Gott, Dee Ray 133 Gott, Frank K., Jr. 133,236 Gott, Freda 236 Gott, Jerilee 236 Gottschall, Edith 97 Gottschall, Kenneth 87 Gower, David 104 Grabowski, Bernard F. 82,224 Grace, Edward 1 12 Graf, Thomas 112,217 Graham, Barbara 139 Graham, John 117 Graham, Michael 117,221 Grahn, Kenneth 143,226 Grans, Jerry 97 Grant, William D. 45 Grantham, Gary 112,175,177 Grass, Lynne 97 Grathouse, Walter Jerome 1 12 Graves, Bruce Leon 127 Graves, L. G. 133 Graves, Leonard 178 Gravino, Phillip 97 Gray, Chuck 175 Gray, Fletcher 145,244 Green, Fred 142 Green, Gary 97 Green James 112 Green Margay 104 Green Norris 97 Green Richard C. 45 Green Robert 112 Green : Vernon A. 82,244 Greenberg, Jackye 97,181 ,1 82,233 Greenstein, Stephen 176 Gregg, Richard 97 Harris, Patricia 230 Harrison, J. B. 160 Harrison, Russell L. 130 Hart, Robert L. 133, 238 Harter, Janet 117 Harton, Marilyn 47,161,218 Hartwig, David 147,244 Hartwig, Steve 97 Harune, Steve 104 Harvey, Heather 140 Harvey, Merelyn 112 Harvey, Wayne 55,70 Haskill, Henry C. 45 Haskell,Tamme 177 Hass, Hugh 142 Hatfield, Linda 104,260 Hauber, Bob 50 Hauetter, Robert W. 133,238 Haupt, Charlotte 104 Hausfield, Stewart 104 Hawkins, Dick 112 Hawks, Charles 112 Hawthorne, Skip 104,182 Hayes, Samuel E. 130 Hayhurst, John 133, 236 Haynes, Joanne 112,221 Hays, Granvil L. 133,238 Heath, Eugene 146 Heavener, Bruce 227 Hecke, Jim 226 Hedges, George 247 Hefner, Gary 104,269 Helden, Sharon 104 Helms, Janet 104 Heisch, Merton, lll 104 Heise, Adelheid 123,177 Heitsman, Jerome 104 Heitz, Rudolph 78 Heitz, Tom R. 86,229 Helland, Eric Tanner 127 Helms, Jerry 104 Hencey, Robert 52,216 Henderson, Iona 53 Henderson, Ralph M. 49 Henderson, William 45 Hendricks, James 219 Hootenanny 153 Hoots, William 112,264 r atherineJ 117 Hoove , K . Hopkins, Margaret 140,177,260 Hopkins, Margaret 236 Hopkins, Terry Wayne 127 Johnson, Marcia Kathleen 97 Johnson, Shirley 112 Johnston, Virginia Lea 138,212 Jolly, Weldon DuBois 97 Jones, Archie 55,64,66 Jones Ashe Lee 97 Jones Bernout 113,232 Jones Charles 113 1 Jones Clarence 148 Jones Denis L. 133 Jones Ken 86 Jones Linda 235 Jones Mary Agnes 141 Newton W., Jr. 127,235 Jones Jones, Phillip M. 70 Jones, Ralph 117,177 Jones Richard 105 Jones,Toetie 133 Jones, Thomas A. 130 Jones, Thomas W. 136 Jones, Vera 230 Horine, Linda 141 Horn, Donald 97 Horn, Ron 232 Horseman, Elmer L. 79 Howard, Carole 112 Howard, Thomas 97 Howe, David 136 Howell, Adriana 52 Hudson, Catherine 105 Hudson, Eugene 1 12,246 Hudson, Nancy 140 Paul 105 Hudson, Huey, Larry C. 133,238 Huey, Violet 239 Huff, Karen 177 Hugentobler, Morz 133 Hughes, Jerry 117 Hughes, John R. 130,238 Hughes, Patrick L. 142 Hunt, Judith 97 Hunter Diane 105 Hunterj The Hon. Elmo B. 45 Hunter Lynda 1 12 Hunter: Terry 1 12 Hussey, Hutchin Hutchin Robert 97 s, Gifford Pat 133,238 s, Louise 239 Henso Griffith, Paula 112,288 Grimes, Richard M. 221 Graff, Darlene 239 Graff, Robert C. 133,238 Gross, Robert 1 17 Guerette, Raymond 133 Guffey, Joe 147,244 Guinty, Bill 244 Gulick, Ronald 112 Gumucio, Reynaldo 112 Gustafson, Duane 136 Guthrie, George 97,200,219 Guthrie, Harriett 74 Hendr Hendr icks, Randal 97,269 icks, Robert Edward 105 Hennessy, Dennis 112 Heninger, Don B. 130 Heninger, Gary 130 n, Curtis 74 Herbertson, Norma 138 Herman, Woody 157 Herrin, Linda 123,240 Hershey, James 105 Hertel, Elaine 97,177 Hess, James 146,246 Hetherington, John 221 Hickerson, Jill 122 Hutton, Charles Eugene 97 Ilin, Stanley B. 133 Imre, Elizabeth 51 Ingram, Edwin 224 Interfraternity Council 208,209 International Nite 161 lrelan, Wilber Joseph 112,247 Irish, Jean 112,179 lrminger, Lowell 146,244 Irons, Forest R. 127 Irwin, Ray 45 lsenhour, William 117,205,215 Ito, Richard 105 Iwata, Akita 117 Izzard, David 176,178,237 Jordan, Margaret 143,230 Joyce, James 113,221 Judd, Kim 269 K Kaatz, Goethe 221 Kagin, Edwin 117 Kahler, Michael G. 127 Kohler, Peggy 235 Kahn, Arnold 117,185 Kampschroeder, lla Mae 1 17 Kanahares, Nick, Jr. 105 Kanarek, Lewis Bruce 105 Kane, Linda 113 Kangaroo 182,183,184 Kaplan, Stephen Phillip 143 Kappa Epsilon 245 Kappa Psi 244 Kasper, Dave 1 13,206,207,169 Katz, Beverly Elaine 105 Katz, Judity 113 Kauffman, E. M. 45 Kaufman, Carol Ann 105 Kaufman, Francis E. 133,231 Kavanaugh, Charles 136,235 Kavanaugh, Deanie 235 Kawakami, Alan 113 Kcur-Fm 178 Keating, Sheila 97,210,260 Keeler, Donald 97 Keeton, Charles 98 Keith, Joyce 98 Keith, Verona 140,230 Keleher, Thomas 1 13 Kelley, Kenneth 105 Kelley, Patrick D. 79,226 Kelly, Mary 98 Kelly, Mauren 98 Kelly, Pearl Roemer 67,177 Kemper, James M., Sr. 45 Kemper, Virginia 98 Kenagy, Donald 1 13 Kennedy, Lyle 67 Ker Ke: Ker Ker Ker Ker Kes Key Khc Kic Kie Kie Kin Kin Kin Kin Kir Kir' Kir Kir Kir Kir Kir Kir Kir Kir Kir Kir Kir Kir Kir Kii Ki: Ki: Ki' Klr KI KI Kli Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kr Kc Kc Kc Kc Kc Kc Ki Kc Ki Ki Ki Ki Ki K: K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K L L L L L L L l l l I I I I I I I l I I I 27 05 105 7 1 15 17 77,240 1 97 38,212 7,235 0 117 5 143 17,169 S ,231 1,235 60 S 77 5 Kennicutt, Roger 154,208,268 KGDDY, Myrna 105,177 Kerby, Patricia 98 Kernion, George Charles, Jr. 98 Kernion, Madelinne 138,212 Kerr, Jim 1 17 Kessler, Mary 147,245 Keyser, Larry 269 Khododad, Nassollah 105 Kice, Richard 133 Kiehl, Norma 98 Kiesendahl, John 127,236 Kimball, Charles N. 45 Kimball, Donald 144,227 Kimball, Joan 228 Kimbrell, Horace Warren 45 Kimmel, Carolyn 105 Kincaid, Kathie 122 Kindel, Wayne 118 Kindermann, Margaret 118 Kindermann, Maurice 118 King, Harry A. 118 King, John C. 133,238 King, Randy 105 Kingsley, Larry E. 127 Kinnamon, Nancy Barbara 125,204 Kinswater, Norma 230 Kirk, Judy 113 Kirk, Kevin 113 Kirk, Mel C. 48 Kirkhart, Larry 87,121 Kirkpatrick, Mary 98,263 Kissick, Conni 118 Kistler, Arthur Scott 98 Kitterman, Corwin 105 Klecan, Kathryn 177 Kline, Antoinette 105 Klingler, Gary Phillip 118 Klose, Michele Rose 98 Knapp, Frederick J. 127 Kneebone, Emily 113 Knobe, Gary Lee 98 Laughlin, Margaret 119 Low 76 Law, Elmo 105 Lawlor, Sandra 1 13 Low Review 227 Lawton, Forestal 105,274 Lebeda, Michael 105 LeBonte, George 87,120 Lee, Bernadette 98 Lee, Bob 136 Lee, Mary 122,240 Lee, Richard A. 127 Lee, Robert 176,177 Lee, Vernon G. 127 Leek, Carolee 230 Leepen, Mary 105 Lefkowitz, William L. 70 Legones, Evangeline 105 Leiter, Jeanne 105 Lemon, Douglas 136 Lenoir, Charles 98 Leonard, George 86,143 Lerner, Miriam 175 Lerner, Shelly 113 Leuchter, Marvin 175 Leutzinger, Rudolph 58 Malotte, Wayman 106,221 Manheim, Ernest S8 Manley, Alberta 54 Manley, Joseph 118,216 Mann, Herbie 164 Mann, Nancy 228 Mann, Robert 142 Mannis, Ronald 118 Mansfield, Martha Linda 106,177 Mantz, Lucy 98 Marberg, Mary 53 Marburger, Frank J., Jr. 130 Marburger, Jan 236 Margerie, Carlos 121 Margolis, Arthur L. 133 Marino, George 120 Marion, Frances 113,184 Marksbery, Mary Lee 74 Markus, Frank 74 Marley, Judy 239 Marley, William J. 130,238 Marlin, William 113 Marsh, James H. 86,227 Marshall, John Edward 98 Martasin, Sharon 113,233 Martin, Anthony W. 133,238 Metcalf, Roger 136,236 Meth, Abraham 233 Mettes, Barbara Lynne 99,182,184 Meulengracht, Jon 120 Meyer, Leonard L. 269 Meyer, Renata 221 Meyer, Roger 1 13 Meyers, Jean 99 Meyers, Joleen 106,176,177 Middleton, Robert 106 Midgley, Bennie 106 Mikesic, Anthony 120 Mikesic, Paula Ann 147,244 Milenchick, John 99 Miles, Marc 113 Milford, Michael L. 131 Miller, Bernice 51 Miller, Betty A. 138,212 Miller, David 106 Miller, David 113 Miller, Earl 133 Miller, Jerry 142 Miller, John 118 Miller, Jonna 99 Miller, Robert 106 Miller, Vicki 113 Levich, Mary Lou 141 Levin, Lawrence 1 13 Levine, Arthur 106 Levinson, Daniel M. 221 Levy, Bob 233 Levy, Lawrence 106 Lewellen, Nancy 106 Lewis Donald 146,244 Lewis, Frederick D. 77,79 Lewis, Gary 98,260 Lewis Grace 113 Lewis James 146,244 Lewis, Janet 98 Lewis, Joan 106 Lewis, T. Wayne 133,238 Lewis, William 74 Martin, Bonnie 239 Martin, Bryan 98 Martin,Carol 123 Martin, Deanna 228 Martin, Gorby P. 136 Martin, James 122 Martin, Keith A. 127 Martin, Linda 98 Martin, Ralph 45 Martin, Steve 106,256 Martin, Vera Raye 106 Marvin, John F. 14-4,222,227 Millich, Margaret Ann 113 Milner, Dave 156 Milstead, William 59 Milstein, Jerry 99 Minden, Elaine 242 Minneman, Roger 136 Minor, Jan 182 Knowles, Kenneth Ivan 130 Knutson, Mary Louise 240 Knutson, Pat 113,263 Koch, Cynthia 105 Koch, Josephine 230 Kocher, Charles 122,264 Koenig, Michael 130,235 Koenig, Pat 235 Koerhle, George 98 Koestler, Henrietta 234 Koffler, George 146,246 Kondratieff, Johanna 141 Koon, Thomasena Kaya 1 13 Kort, Joan 113 Koury, Mary 118 Kraft, Donald Leon 105 Kraft, Ron 208,256 Kramer, William 142 Krause, Lawrence 1 13 Krause, Roger 120 Krehbiel, Roy 147,244 Kretchmer, Robert Stanford 105 Kreutziger, Keith L. 127 Kriss, Edward 118,215 Kriss, Jay W. 127,235 Kriss, Judy 235 Krizer, John C. 130,238 Krone, Caroline 98 Krumbeigel, William 98 Kubis, Kit Alan 122,176,177,237 Kuhle, Diane 105 Kuhn,Warnalee 123 Kuhn, Wendy 240 Kuhnel, Louis W. 147,246 Kurzweil, Stanley Noah 98 Kvaternick, Nancy 98,182,231,263 Kyle, James 105 Kyser, Bill T. 130 Kyser, Peggy 235 L LaBudde, Kenneth J. 51,55 Labunski, Wiktor 67 Ladd, Caroline 98 Laing, George J. 147,246 Lake, William 136,224,236 Lamb, Gary 98 Lambeth, James 120 Lambert, Donald D. 127 Lambert, John O. 133 Lancaster, Toni 105,260,272 Lance, Irvin 50 Landram, Joyce 141,263 Landreth, Estel 127 Landy, Richard Allen 130 Langford, Thomas 133 Lann, Edward 118 Larason, Charles E. 133,236 LaRue, Joe 118,247 LaSalle, Anthony 98 Lasicter, Gary 105 Lasley, Bernice 229 Lin, George 133,235 Lindemood, D. L. 118 Lines, Mary 98 Linn, Charles L. 48,55 Linton, Jim 98,269 Lipschutz, Joel 98,256 Litchfield, Gordon 178 Little, V. L. 130 Lituak, Helen 140 Livengood, L. L. 142 Loberg, Derrill S. 127,236 Lockton, John, Ill 118 LoDestro, Thomas 98 London, Roberta 141,230 Long, Daniel 98 Long, Larry 106 Long, Louis, Jr. 136 Longan, Woody 229 Longanecker, Raymona 141,235 Longanecker, Ronald M. 127,235 Longevin, Eugene 146 Longfellow, Alan 113,264 Longmire, Stephen 145,210,246 Lopez, Christopher V., Jr. 113 Lord, Karen 98 Lorentz, Lawrence 1 18 Lott, J. E. 133 Lovell, John 55,74 Lowe, Gary 1 13,208,264 Lowe, James W. 133 Lowry, Jesse 98 Lucas, Suzanne F. 139 Ludwig, Mondra 106,234 Luke, James 113 Lund, William 52 Luther, Kenneth 1 13,269 Lutte, Barbara 113 Lynch, Kathleen 118,221 Lyon, Arnold K. 136 Lyons, James 106 M MacCracken, Julia 106 Macauley, Don Robert 127,155 Machtinger, Gail 98 Macke, Delores 230 Mackey, Cynthia Sue 138 MacLeod, Marianne 106 Madamba, J. J. 127,238 Madden, Hugh 142 Maddux, Donald 98 Mag, Arthur 45 Magee, Patrick 98 Magnuson, Larry Neil 127,235 Mahowald, Charles Edward 98 Maize, Jesse G. 130,235 Maize, Marilyn 235 Major, Lee 118 Major, Lindsay 118 Major, Schwab 55 Mallard, April 113 Maloney, Michael J. 222,227 Marxsen, Evelyn 1 18,225 Mason, Margaret 230 Massey, Carol Marie 118 Massey, James 130 May, James 142 May, Marsha 182 Maze, Arnella 217 McAllister, Newman 118,264 McCabe, Brian 106 McCall, Virginia 106 McCarthy, William Roger 113 McCarty, Bernard T. 247 McClary, Hubert C. 87,146,244 McClimson, Donna 98 McClure, Stephen 106 McClurg, Edith M. 106,232 McCready, Ramona 235 McCready, W. B. 130,235 McCue, Jane Mae 99 McCune, Paul 99,260 McDermott, Mary 51 McDermott, Susan 99 McDowell, Joyce 99 McEnroe, Larry 148 McGee, Patrick 176,178 McGettrick, Michael 99 McGinnis, Michael, Jr. 99 McGinnis, Steve 87,120 McGranahan, Keith D. 127,235 McGraw, Patrick 147,224,246 Mcllrath, Patricia 58 McKay, Barbara 47 McKenzie, Hugh 130 McKinley, l. B. 130,235 McKinley, Paulette 113 McKinney, Dick 136,238 McKinnis, Jack Lee 133 McKinnis, Nancy 236 McKnight, Carol 235 McKnight, S. A., Jr. 131,235 McKown, Doris 113 McLain, John 99 McLain, Warren 146 McLaughlin, Edwina 52 McLaughlin, Stephen 99,209 McLean, Jary L. 127,238 McLinden, Ronald 106,181 McMahon, J. Leo 82,224,246 McMahon, James 106 McNeal, Charles 99 McNeise, George 113 McQuerry, Jan 122 McReynolds, Max A., Jr. 133,238 McWilliams, Kris 228 Means, Claude 99 Means, Willa 140 Mechenich, Phyllis 141 Medina, Donna 113 Medina, Gonzalo 147,244 Medina, Mrs. Gonzalo 161 Medlock, Paul N. 133,238 Meeks, Judith 99 Mehus, Orion 175 Melland, John 136 Melton, Dusty 125i177 Melune ,Janice n Mendelslon, Jerrold David 142 Menees, Robert E., Jr. 127 Meness, Sharon 235 Menn, Eric 99 Men's Residence Hcll 211 Mera, Jose 106 Merrick, Jim 113,269 Merrill, Deanna 228 Merritt, Gerry 85,131,235 Merritt, Margie 235 Messar, Jan 99 Mitchell B. L. 127 Miicheiif David 127 Mitchell, Joel Earl 125 Mitchell, Orestes, Jr. 44 Mitchell, Ronald 177 Mitchell, Sharon 124,177 Mitchell Sharon 235 Miura, Marvin 118 Mizell, Joseph 99 Mnookin, Marian 51 Moberly, Richard 114 Mock, Leonard 247 Moe, Robert C. 127 Modir-Fatemi, Pouri 118,161 Modrcin, Joseph 144 Molina, Richard John 127 Molinaro, Robert 99 Molln, Sara 142 Monica, Larry 237 Montgomery, Joe 131 Montgomery, Richard 114 Molofchy, Howard Jules 106 Monckton, Linda 1 14,263 neth Peter 99 Mo , Monsees, Vicki 120,210,263 Moon, Father James 231 The Moonshiners 165 Moore, Carl 274 Moore, David 70,236 Moore, George 106 Moore, Jim 136,235 Moore, Joan 99,177,182 Moore, Pamela 106,231 Moore, Rayburn A., Jr. 133,238 Moore, Susan 99,182,263 Moore, Thomas C. 99 Morales, Linda 144,230 More, Leonare 118 Moreland, Charles 99 Moreland, Gary 99 Morgan, Derrick 147,246 Morgan, John A. 45 Morgan, Michael L. 127,236 Morhart, Robert Ellis 133,238 Morishige, Walter 118 Morris, Jan Franklin 131 Morris, Moury 99 Morris, Nona 114 Morris, Patrick 99 Morriso n, Charles 106 Morse, Louise 106 Mortimeyer, Rita 140,217 Morton, Christopher H. 127,235 Morton, Penny 235 Moses, James 136 Moses, Rochelle 99 Moskowitz, Michael 123 Mott, Ernestine 230 Moyer, Gary 99 Mullen, Mullen, Jim 114 Richard Hall 147 Munger, Thomas J. 114 Munro, Jim L. 62 Munson, Wayne 99 Mu Phi Muraka Murdoc Alpha 240,241 mi, Paul Y. 127,238 k, Phelps 84,106,19 Murello, Marcia A. 114 Murello, Michael A. 99 Murphy, Bob 127,235 Murphy, James 99 Murphy, Jeanie 235 Murray, Barbara 147,224 Murray, James 106 Murrish, Walter H. 187 Musick, Robert 145,246 Musselman, Henry 224 Mustain, Donald R. 114 Mustion, Carrick 106 Mutti, Carla 106,235 Mutti,J ames H. 127,235 1 ,207,269 Myers, George R. 133,238 Myerson, Gordon 144 N Nahrstedt, Gary 74 Nakai, Tom 85,136,224,238 Napper, Mossball 106 Nash, Patrick James 142,223 Nathans, Phyllis 140 National Collegiate Players 219 Nedrud, Duane K. 79 Neely, Robert J. 1 14 Neill, Robert 44 Neily, Robert 244 Nelson, Hubert E. 79 Nelson, Jay 136,238,239 Nelson, Judyanne 1 14,206,260 Nepstad, Donald A. 136 Peter Nero 163 Nethe, Annemarie 1 18 Newman Club 232 Newman, Gary J. 131 Newman, Mary Elaine 118 P Packard, Eugene L., Jr. 120 Page, Antoinette Ruth 122,229 Page, Timothy 100 Painter, Arminda 218 Painter, Ernestine 141 Painter, Howard E.,lll 107,161,218 Painter, Mrs. Howard 161 Paiama Dance 154 Palitz, Watten E. 107,210,256 Palmer, Lewis 137 Palmquist, Kenneth 146,244 Palmquist, Mary 140 Panhellenic 210 Panich, Sherri 100,233 Pardo, Nelson 123 Parizek, E. J. 219 Park, Carole 114 Park, Hildegard 218 Park, Jon Keith 137 Park, Yong Soo 218 Parkin, George R. 134 Parmalee, Alfred 45 Parra, Robert H. 148 Parrino, Julian J. 134 Patman, Lorraine 230 Newton, Baxter, Jr. 134,238 Nichols, Barbara 236 Nichols, Betty 228 Nichols, Doyle 118 Nichols, Jerry 127 Nichols, Miller 45 Nichols, Nichols, Richard C. 131 Roger 122 Nicolo, Vincent 122 Nidiffer, T. J. 238,239 Niebergall, Albert 121 Nies, Howard 136,238 Noble, Walter D., Ill 122,176,177,237 Norelas, Stephen 106 Norman, Charles 114 Norman, Nikki 140 Norteen, Christine 114 Northcutt, Robert 1 18 Norton, Fred 137,236 Patterson, Carol 235 Patterson, Doyle 44 Patterson, Jan 114 Patterson, Kit 100 Patterson, Max H. 128,235 Patterson Russell D. 66 PQffon,s6offy 137 Payne, Paul 100 Pearce, James E. 48 Pearman, 240 Elizabeth L. 125,176,177 Pearson, Bennie 58 Pearson, Linda 100 Pearson, Sue Elleson 114 Power, William 125,176,177,178,237 Press, Alan 100 Pressley, Nita Lee 139 Previtt, Lucy 175 Price, Mary Lee 107,154,177,260 Pride, James G. 134 Prince, Lonnie G. 128 Pritchard, John F. 45 Prock, Roger 145 Proctor, M. Neil 62 Program Council 206,207 Province, Lee 246 Pryor, George 269 Pryor, Linda 114,177 Psi Chi 221 Psi Omega 236 Psi Omega Auxiliary 236 Publications Board 216 Puckett, Judy 84,140,204,260 Pukala, Paulette 148 Puntila 171 Purcell, Richard 114 Purcell, Robert 120 Purma, Charles J. 128,238 Pyne, Charles L. 131 Pyne, Karen 140 Quinlan, K. Patricia 118,232 Pearson, Ted 120 Peck, Jeanne 118 Pell, Jeffrey R. 114 Peltzman, Sharon 141 Pelzner, Howard 238 Pendleton, Edward 274 Pener, Michael 144 Penn, Eula 114 Pennington, Joan 140 R Rice, Carol 114 Richard, Cheryl Jean 107 Richardson, Edward 143,229 Richardson, Lee 107 Richmond, Gary 178 Richter, John Kent 128,235 Rickard, Mary Jane 138 Ricker, Charles J. 114 Riggs, Dan 100 Riley, Patricia 100 Riley, Ronald 137,224,236 Rimell, Robert 107 Rist, Sally J. 139 Ritchey, Frances 236 Ritchey, H. Grant 134 Roach, Tracy 100,210,212,263 Roark, Ronald G. 128,238 Roberts, Fredericka 177 Roberts, James 100 Roberts, Ronald 1 14 Roberts, William 114 Robertson, Glen Brown 128 Robertson, Lonnie 107 Robertson, Rosemary 107 Robinson, Hamilton B. G. 55,68,170, 223 Robinson, James C. 134 Robinson, Peter J. 131,235 Robinson, Thomas 45 Rock, Brenda 235 Rock, Konrad J. 131,235 Rodegerts, Bruce 131,235 Rodgers, Randolph 1 14,220,221 Rodman, Victor E. 134,238,239 Roehl, Terry 107,218 Roehlk, John L., Ill 107 Rogers, Curtis Lee 140,208,174 Rogers, Melvin 147,224 Rogers, Richard 125 Rohning, Donna 63,l40,210,260 Roller, George Stewart 134 Roller, L. K. 134 Roller, Neal 114 Rolyer, Mark 100 Rook, John Maurice 118 Roper, Penny 107 Rose, George G. 137 Rose, Joanne 107 Rose, William 148 Roseen, Carl 147 Rosen, Richard 100 Roseberg, B. D. 131 Rosenthal, Robert 1 14 Norton, Jewellita 236 Nossaman, Jerry M. 127,235 Nossaman, Sandy 235 Nosworthy, Donald G. 128 Novarr, James Barton 100 Nuessle, Noel 55,82 Number One 18 Sandra 100,177 5 Nurello, Nancy 228 0 O'Bannon, Chester 67,177 Oberland, Bob 48 Oberhsom, Georgianna 100 Obiter Dicta 226 Ochs, Patricia 118 Ochs, Richard A. 134,236 Ogle, Marvin F. 131 Ogren, Robert 106 O'Hara, Kathleen K. 138 O'Keefe, John 1 18,221,247 Okonkwo, Barbara 177 O'Leary, Charles 106 Perdue, Joseph 100 Perkins, David 114 Perkins, Perkins, Perona, Pesseto, Joan Diane 138,212 Mary Caroline 107 Robin Sue 139 James 145 Peterson, Caroline 118 Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, Pettijohn, Jerry 141 Jesse 176 Karen 86,141,230 Karen L. 50,157,2l6,225 Mildred L. 114 Bonnie 100,260 Petkoff, Phyllis 66 Rabe, Paul, Jr. 134,238 Rabon, Raymond 176,177 Racette, Nancy 235 Racette, Richard 134 Radetsky, Carol 107 Rafferty, B. Robert 62 Rafos, Stuart 100 Ragan, Lenore 124,175,177 Ragland, Ronald J. 114 Rahnor, Sally 100 Rains, Roland N. 131 Ralston, Jack 66 Ralston, John 114 Ramlow, William A. 131,236 Ross, Delores 107,177 Ross, Garry 1 19 Ross, Judity 100 Ross, Richard 107 Rost, Eilliam 82,224 Rost Lawrence H. 86 143 229 Rost1Mrs.WilIiam J. 245' Pewitt, Mary Lea 138 Peyton, Mary S. 1 18 Pfeifer, Norman lrl 134 Pfeiffer, Linda M. 139 Pfeutze, Donald l. 128 Phalp, Gertrude 175 Ramsay , Jina 114,263 Randall, Roger 107 Randall, Pharmacy 81,83 Phi Alpha Phi Delta Phi Delta Phi Delta Delta 228 Chi 246 Delta 230 Phi 229 ' Rashid, Anowar A. M. 146 Rasmussen, James Edward 134 Rathke, Linda K. 139 Rauh, Lawrence E. 128 Rawson, Pamela 138 Ray, Carol Eugena 100,264 Ray, Donald G. 131,238 Sadie Hawkins 152 Oliver, Olsen, Olson, Oman Oman John W. 167 Candland 137 Robert 45 , Donna 236 , Edward 137 Omicron Delta Kappa 223 Omicron Kappa Upsilon 224 O'Neil, Delores 228 O'Neil, Joe 227 Othout, William 137 Orenduff, Jane 106 O'Renich, Kenneth 107,232 K Organization of Jewish Students 233 Orientation 20,21,22,23,26,27,28,29 Oringderff,Tom 145 Osborn, James D. 147,244 Osborne, Dan 107 Osman, Steve 100,256 Osodo, Jerry 1 14,218 Ostenberg, John 134 Otten, Judith 124,176,240 Ottinger, Phillip 137,238 Ounsworth, Marjorie K. 66 Owens, Claude 45 Owens, Joel 144,222 Owens, Mary 145,177,245 Owings, Gale 146 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 237 Phillips, Chris 107 Phillips, Dwane 118 Phillips, Mike 120,264 Phillips, Roger 86,142,229 Phoeniz,William 51 Pierson, Elmer F. 45 Pi Kappa Delta 215 Pirk, Frederick W. 128 Pittman, Michael 137,238 Playboy Party 271 Pliester, Thomas 122,176,177 Podvesker, Robert 100 Poe, Don G. 147,244 Poe, Marc 107 Pohl, Mary 124 Pointer, John 121 Poirier, James L. 147 Poling, Cleo T. 137 Poling, Jan 236 Poling, Time E. 128,236 Pollock, Warren 1 18 Ponick, Duke 227 Pope, Beth 177 Porn, Kathleen A. 114 Porter, David 128 Porter, Patrick 147,244 Porter, Sue Ellen 100 Porter, Vince 142,229 Pottorff, Albert R. 148 Pounds, Barbara E. 138 Powell, Carol Ann 236 Powell, Dick 128,236 Powell, George E., Sr. 45 Powell, Robert Lee 100 Power, Walter Edward 124,176,177, 178,237 Ray, Lynn 235 Ray, M. Gene 134 Raye, Doris 107 Rea, George 118,182,183 Reabold, Arleyn 114 Read, Edward L. 134 Reddy, D. E. 128 Rebek, Paul 128 Red Carnation 272 Redmond, John 100 Redmond, John E. 148 Reed, Donell 114 Reed, Eddie 100 Reed, William R., Jr. 137 Rees, Gilbert 74 Reese, Donald 107 Reeve, Wayne L. 70 Reeves, Kenneth W., Jr. 100 Registration 30,31,32,33 Rehorn, Clarence 137 Reid, James P. 55,58 Reid, Robert 114,185 Reiderer, Elizabeth 114 Reifschneider, Bill M. 147 Reiley, Mable 230 Reiley, Margaret 230 Reinsch, Roger 100 Reiss, Steve 107 Reitz, Mary Jane 100 Renault, Denise 114 Renfro Robert G. 131 Renkoff, Allen 134 Renner Julia E. 138 Repiogle, calvin Dale 134,238,239 Rhinoceros 173 Rho Chi 224 Rhodes, Ralph J., Jr. 131 Riblet, Leslie 146,246 316 Rothberg, Michael 100,233 Rountree, Cynthia 100 Roush, John 183 Rowan, Sand-ra 107,231,263 Roweth,Virginia 120 Roworth, Barbara 100 Rozwoski, Rabbi Cham 233 Rucker, Charles 219 Rudd, Billy J. 134,238 Rueland, George 45 Rush, John 114 Rush, Larry J. 128 Russell, D. D. 131 Russell, Garrena 177 Russell, Kerwin Ray 134,238 Russo, Lawrence 148,179 Rutledge, Diane 123 Ruwwe, George 128,235 Ruwwe, Sandra 235 Ryan, James 119 Ryan, Patrick 100 Ryan, Steve 232 Ryan, William 58 Rybak, Margaret 122,177 S Saferstein, Melvin 142,204,2l 6,229 St. John, C. David 148 Salter, James M., ll 45 Samuel, William 221 Sanchez, Albert 131 Sanders, Sandra 107 Sanders, William 70 Sanford, Patricia 100 Sankpill, Lester Alan 100 Santaro, Robert 100 Soper, Anthony 107,181,185,2l8,22O l Sarnoff, Bruce 100 Sarras, Irene 107,231 Sasser, Gerald 131 Satterblom, Dennis 121 Saunders, Donald Andrew 100,217 Sauders, John 47 Savag Sawyi Scarv Scassi Schac Scher Schie Schi-c Schm Schm Schm Schm Schm Schm Schm 23 Schri Schre Schrc Schri Schu Schu Schu Schu Schvl Schw Schw Han: Schvl Schm 2E Schv Scof Scot Scot Scot Scot Scot Scot Scot Scot Scot Sebe Sec, Sect Sedi Sedl Seel Sen Seki Seki Set Seld SeH SeH SeH SeH SeH Sen Seh Sew Sha Sha Sha Shc Sha Shc Shc Shc Shc Shc She She She She She She She She She She Shi Shi Shi Sh Shi Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sh Sil Sic Sie Sig Sil Sil Sil Sil Sil Sli Sil Si' Si Si Si 5,68,l 70 4 1,260 216,229 5,218,220 00,217 Savage Jack 107 Sawyer CarlW 7090 Scorvezzo John 100 Scassellati Vincent 219 Schadroni B John 114 Schenberg Adele 141 Schieff Paul 107 Schict Michael 107 Schmadeke Patricia 138 Schmitte John C 134 Schmitt LynnA 131 Schmohe Susan 100260 Schnack Garland 114 Schneider Edward 100256 Sctineider Walter Carlin 124 176 177 Schrleber Marianne 235 Schreiber Morton 128 235 Schroer MlchaelA 107 Schruggs Brenda 107 Schub Gertraud Barbara 101 221 Schuley Phillip 143 229 Schultz Kenneth 119 Schulz Dorothy Jean 101 Schwab William Jackson Jr 101 Schwartz Arlene 107 Schwartz Norman 55 70 Hans Schwelger 167 Schweischer FrederlckR 124 Sctiwgnmer Jeffrey 101 181 182 200 Schwindt Thomas 143 Scofield Carleton 42 43 45 55 Scott Scott Scott Scott Scott Scott Scott Scott Scott Georgia 175 Helen DeLynne 101 Henry 58 175 Larry 107 Mary Jane 139 Michael 123 176 178 Nina 138 Richard W 124 176 177 237 Sam 216 Sebert Felix 107 Sec Peggy Ann 101 Sechlnger Frank 101 Sedillo Joseph 115 Sedlock Sylvia 107 Seelmger Jan 107 260 Seitz Sue Ellen 101 260 Sekavec JayG 128 Sekavic Sara 235 Selbers Staphanle Jean 122 Selders Michael 107 Self Brockman 119269 Self Jack Houston 137 Self Louellen 236 Sellmeyer Lee Roly John 101 Sells Stephen Elliott 101 Serviss David C. 131 Settle David 101 Seward Otho 122 Shackles Leonard L. 131 Shaffer Paula 263 Shaker Paula 107 Shanklin Robert 101 Shannon P.D. 134 Share Allen 107 206 221 26 Sharpe Vicki 101 Shaw Deanna 141 Shaw lrwin 142 Shaw Larry 140 Sheahon Barbara 228 Sheldon Larry D. 128238 Shelensky Morris R. 45 Shepard Clayton B. 134236 Shepard Elizabeth 108 Shepard Richard 101 Shepard Roger 101 Sherman, Phillip 101 Sheth, Prafull 147,218,246 Shevick, Sue Ellen 119 Shickles, Davis L. 119 Shimpaugh, Shirley 115 Shindler, Carolyn 115,185 Shinn, M. B. 101 Shipman, David 175 Shipman, Margaret 235 Shipman, Ronald Lee 128,235 Shipwreck Ball 159 Shira, Bill 101 Shively, Robert Wayne 120 Shively, Roger 87 Shocky, Judy 228 Shopen, Richard 1 15 Shotzker, Merton 67,175,177 Shubert, L. Elliott 1 15,264 Shubert, Virginia 101 Shu g, Judith 115 Shua, John Charles 134 Shull, Karen Gray 138,156,157 Sibert, Kenneth V. 1 15 Sidle, BarrAStephen 123 Siegfried, ary 119,225 Sigma Alpha Iota 242,243 Silver, Paul 101 Silverfarb, Judith 119 Silverman, Diana 101 Silverman, Jesse 101 Simmons, Anita 140 Simmons, Bill 108 Simmons, Ernie 101 Simmons, Richard 137 Simmong, Slandrfioiue 115 Simon, rt ur Simon, John Franklin, Jr. 137,235 Slmonds PaulC 120 Nina Simone 164 Simone Pete 101 Simpson Robert 108 Simpson Robert Houser 134 205 236 Simpson Sally 236 Simpson William Warren 101 Singer Ray 122177 Singleton Julia 140 Slrota Roger 108 Sisney Brian D 101 Six HerbertL 66 S arda Richard 119 225 S aer Roger 137 Skaggs Jerry 51 Skelton lke 44 Skelton Mattilee 51 Skinner Gail 236 Skinner Ronald 137 224236 Slaten Larry Lee 137 Sloan Gary Lawrence 101 269 Small MaryM 139 Smart Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith BruceE 101 Ardeena 122 240 Barbara 108 Bruce Mitchell 131 238 Catherine 115 Charley R 131 236 Clarlce 235 FrancisK 101 Frank 115 175 George 137 224 Herb 175 Jack 142 269 Jared 131 Joseph 134 Lynda 123 240 Mary Ellis 236 Mary Lynne 124 177 Mary Susan 141 Maurlece 147 205 245 Michael 125 175 177 MlchaelW 101 Rex Kent 128 238 Richard Condie 134 RogerD 131 RonaldG 131 Terry 131 W P Jr 134238 Smothers DonaldL 134238 Sno Ball 156157 Snowball John 101 Snyder Harold 119 Snyder William 145 244 Socarraz Oton 134 Soetaert Kathleen 108 Sofer JesseD 101 181 Soled Gerald 120 Solomon Barbara 108 Soloveitchik Samson 78 89 B'Il 115 S z 1 Sommers Frank 137 238 Scmmerstein Richard 101 Songer Lewis A. 66 176 177 Sosland Rheta A. 45 Spalitto FrankJ. 131 238 239 Spangler Connie L. 139 Spanjer William Scott 128 Speaight Robert W. 166219 Speca John M. 79 223 Speciner Larry A. 101 Speer Cleve Charles 101 Speer George 52 Speer Hugh 55 73 74 Spencer Irene Rice 124 175 177 240 Spencer James 177 178 222 Spohr Wayne 108 Spoor William 119 Sports 194,195,196,197,'l98,199,200, 2 Sprague, Linda 1 15,231,263 Spreitzer, Thomas 1 19 Spriull, Loralee 101 Sproull, Janet 101,177 Spudich, Phillip R. 108 Spurlin, John P. 128,235 Spurlin, Robert 137 Spurlin, Sharon Srarina, Phillip Staab, Vicki 108 Stack, William G. 143 Stafford, Dale Lee 108 Stallbourner, Raymond Stallings, John 269 Stanley, Louise 108 Stanton, Kenneth 1 15 Stanton, Patricia 101 Stark, Edwin J. 44 Starnes Priscilla 119 Starr, Nlartha Jane 45 Steele, Kathleen M. 138 Steiman, Honey 233 Stein, James 119 Steinberg, Patricia 101 Stenger, Sue 232 Stuenenberg, Albert F. 131 Stevens, Dorothy 1 15 Stewart, Bill 108 Stewart, Edwin Dean 101,264 Stewart, Jerry 87 121 Stobble, William Joseph, Jr. 101 Stohn, James H. 101 Stoltzfus, William 102 Stolz, Rita 124,177,263 Stolz, Ruth 124,177,263 Stone Keith 148 246 Stone Neal 123 176 Stone Valerie 108 Stonebaum Stephen 108 Stoner Keith 102 Stoner Ronald 142 Stoops Wendy 102 Strada Samuel 148 224 244 String Orchestra 175 Strohmeyer Gary 102 Strumillo Agnes 148 Student Bar Association 86 Stuiggvant Stephen 115 186 187 215 Stutterheurn JudithA 138 Sulkowski Eunice 108 Sullivan Dorothy 115 Sullivan John 119219 Sullivan Pau M 115 Sullivan Thomas 144 229 Summers GeorgeA 148 Summerville Tamara J 139 Sunderland JamesP 45 Super Bruce 115 Swafford Anne 177 Swanay John Lee 66 Sweeney LeoJ 49 Swisher Frederick 177 Switzer Carol 115 210260 Swoboda Rachel 144 Swora Matthew 175 Sybrant Roger 137 223 224 235 Sybrant Virginia A 139 Tabato Russell 128 Tabolskl Barbara 108 Taft George 102 Tagliavia Vito 102 Talbott Tom 223 Tainter Jerry Frank 128 Tangonan Flora 102 Tanner EdwardW Sr 45 Tate James 115 Tau Kappa Epsilon 268,269,270,271 272 273 Tavella Rich 87121 Taylor Connie 102262 Taylor Joyce 236 Taylor Jo Zelma 230 Taylor Kent Lee 131 235 Taylor Melvin 148 Teachers Now Training 230 Teepen Mary 177 Tenenbaum Wayne 142229 Testerman Gale 119264 Thacker Joseph L. 115 219 Thayer Charlotte 230 Thilland Peter 102 Thomas Benny 102 Thomas Margie 236 Thomas Ronald 119 Thomas Royce G. 128 236 Thomason Patrick 134 Thomkins Father 232 Thompson Carol 108 Thompson Dale M. 45 Thompson Gene 144 Thompson, Jack Lee 1 Thompson, R. Wayne 12 Thomsen, M. M. 115 Thornbrugh, John 102,261,269 Three Sisters 170 Thurmond, James A. 131 Tichenour,James 226 Tiewes, Bill 1 19,106,207,269 Tillery, Fred 137,235 Tillery, Tom D. 119 Tillman, Ronald 119 Timberlake, Charles E. 128 Tishk, Harry N. 148 Titterington, John 177 Todd, Robert B., Jr. 131,2 Todd,Thomas 147,244 Tomasek, Herbert F. 45 Tomlinson,William 115 Tooley, Cathy 102 Toon, R. Roneal 148 Topolski,Theodore 102 Torch and Scroll 225 Townley Ann 102,260 Townsell, Frank 119 Towse, Judith 115,183,260 Trac , Sharon Travsalent, Louis 87,1 19,269 Tree, Virginia 102 Tressler, Tom 122,229 Trimmer, Bonnie 175 Tripp,Alice Merle 108 Tritt, Francis 229 Trout, Dennis 1482246 Tru'iIlo, Victor Trulnmel, Clarence 137,224 Trusty, David Michael 1 19 317 Tucke r Leonard 108 Tumer Wllllan 219 Turner Gail 102260 Turner Ida 230 Turner William 102 Tuttle Gary 108 269 Twyman KentR 134 Tyer Janet 123 212 Tyrell Barbara 102 Underwood Clifford 102 Underwood George H 147 244 Underwood James 115 U News 180181 University Senate 55 Updike Randall 115264 Urblna Gustavo 115 Vance Donald Gary 119 Vancleave JerryV 128 VanDeursen Harden 222 Vanhofferon Judith Ann 102 VanHorn JamesP 148 VanSickle Linda 119 VanTuyl Charlotte 236 VanTuyl RonaldD 134236 Veatch N T 45 Vegtrgh Ronald Irving 84 115 216 Ventlmlglia Charles 87 Venturlni Paul 122 Verderber Louis 108269 Vernon Jerry 121 Vernon JerryJ 128238 Vick KentA 108 Vlckery Rod 108 Vickery William 115 Vlerthaler Anton 137 Vincent Jack 137 Vincent Ronald 137 Vining Larry 140 Vittorio Terrill 102 Vogel Charles A. 131238 Vogel Ed 181 Voigts Gene 86144 Voigts Linda 228 Vold Earl 143229 Volding Karl Jr. 137236 Voldeng Mina 236 Volk Charles G. 49 Volkart Bettye Sue 125182222240 Wade, James R. 128 Waerclehoff, Barbara A. 108 Wagner, Antoinette 140,210,263 Wagner, Carol 140 Wagner, Eugene 137 Wagner, Myron 55,59 Wa ner, Richard L. 45 Waabeh, Judith 47 Wainwright, Laurin 137,235 Waitley, Norman 87,244 Walker, Carlton N. 134 Walker, Henry A. 115 Walker, Henry C. 119 Walker, Morton 55 Walker, Shirley 148 Walle r, Charles 134,238 Wallingford, Earle 108 Wallingford, Thomas 115 Wallis, Dennis L. 131,238 Walter, Shirley 119 Walters, Douglas 1 15 Walters, Perry L. 131 Walters, Robert 227 Walton, Sandra 121 Walton, Wendell Dean 146,246 Wamsley, Mike 137 Wanninger, Judith 108 Ward Ward Ward Ward , John 146,246 Judith 119 I Robert L. 128,238 Wanda 141,230 Ward1William 102 Ward low, David 128 Ware, Harry G. 119 Warenburg, Alan 108 Warner, Ben W. 70 Warnock, Robert 102 Warren, Jon 108 Washburn, Lynn H. 134 Waspi, Nancy 108 Waters, William 119 Watkins, John 143 Watkins, Rita Kathryn 102,263 Watson, David 1 19 Wayt, R. M. 134 Weakley, Robert 137,224,235 Weaver,Howard 119 Weaver, Linda 119,179,219 Weaver, Sharon 141 Webb, Penelope 115,217 Webber, Charles Edward 128,238 Weber, Anita Ann 125,240 Weber, Donald 137,238 Weber, Kenneth J. 102 Webster, Shirley 123 Weddle, Rex Gerald 1 19 Weeks, Phillip 102 Weeks, Bob 221 Weidmann, Jack 142 Weiler, Ronald 51 Weir, George Clinton 108 Weisiger, Donna 102,182 Weiss, Ronald 108 Welch, Michael 121 ,158,204,207 Welch, Robert 143,226 Welch, Sharon 102,263 Wells, Jack 70 Wells, Mrs. Jack 235 Wells, Judy 260 Wendling, Raphael Joseph 144,148 Wentworth, Wesley 218 West, Robert 108,201 Westbrook, Donna K. 138 Westermann, Edwin 55,57 Weston, Darwin 1 15,269 Weyh, Fred 137 Wharton, Deland 1 15 Wheeler, Gary 102 Wheelock, Kenneth 1 15,220 Whipple, Harond Dean 143 Whipple, Jane 102,177 Whipple, Jeanetta 228 White White White , Carl 227,229 , Edwin H. 62 Gil 229 wnafef Mike 142 White White White Robert Dennis 108 1 Virginia 119 more, Darrella 102,221 Whittaker, The Hon. Charles E. 45 Wharton, Richard Lee 102 Wiber, Sharon 1 19,231,263 Wickert, John 143,229 Wickham, Dallas 141,219 Wig inton, Gerry 146,246 Wiklgund, Theodore 128 Wilchert, Brenda 102 Wiley, Mary 119 Wilhelm, Carol A. 139 Wilkins, Joanne C. 102 Wilkins, Phyllis 228 Wilkerson, JoAnne 102 illiams Amos R. 128 W' , Williams, Anna 47 Williams Clarence 108 Williams, Don 55,74 Williams, Gay 120 Williams, Hazel 74 Williams, Ja-cqueline 119,263 Williams, Joe 229 Williams, Ken 137 Williams, Linda 124,178,204,242 Williams, Nelle 102 Williams, Terry 122 Williamson, Irene 228 Williamson, James D. 86,143,227 Williamson, Sharon 225 Willis, Judith 108 Willits, Lyle 82,90,224 Willson, Paul L., Jr. 45 Willy, Thomas 1 15,181,204,22O Wilmot, Janice 108 Wilson, Carol Ann 141 Wilson, Dorothy 53 Wilson, Frances 51 I 318 Wilson, Steven R. 128 Wilson,Vaughan 147,246 Wilthout, Ray 102 Wimmer, Joyce 236 Wimmer, Mel 137,236 Winkle, Pamela 108 Winklemeyer, Jill Ellen 141 Winn, Belva 86,119,225 Winn, Donald 115,219 Winokur, Stuart 148 Wipf, Vaughn F. 137,238 Wirth, Satin 115 Wise, Larry 137,224,238 Wolf, John 120 Women's Recreation Association Women's Residence Council 212 Women's Residence Hall 213 Wood, Harry E. 115 Woodcox,. ary Sue 123 Woodley, Janet Kay 139 Woods, Frank 137 Wooten, Charles 146,244 Worthington, John P. 146,246 Woulfe, Eleanor 1 19,263 Wrenn, Thomas H. 128,274 Wright, Joe L. 128 Wright, Walter B. 53,55 Wrigley, Dorothy 108 Wulfkuhle, John 131 Xi Psi Phi 235 Y Yamamoto, Roy 137,238 Yildirin, Gungar 218 2 Yort, Joyce 102 Young, Arnold 122,176,178 Young Democrats 211 Young, George R. 70 Young, Leslie 119 Young, Philip R. 134 Young Republicans 220 Young, Ronald 143 Younger, Ralph E. 128,236 Yowell, Crene 222 Youngstein, Richard Marc 123,175 176,177,178,237 Z Zacker, Stephen Lee 131,238 Zagar, W. R. 134 Zecca, Franklin B. 131,235 Zecca, Jerry 235 Zemites, Margaret 228 Zervas, Dean George 134 Ziegenhorn, Dallas 131,238 Ziegenhorn, Jerry 134 Ziegler, Jeanne E. 115 Zimmerman, Allan W. 143 Zippettes 235 Zirul, Louise 242 Zleit, Anita 108 Zolotor, Lawrence 1 19 Zolotor, Ronald Phillip 143,269 Zook, Robert 121,219 Zuck, Gary Dean 128 Zumbrum, Miriam 175 3,l75, 69 Credits Creative Photography-Cover and Dividers-Phillip Rush Creative Color Photography-Harry Braverman Cover Design-Skip Hawthorne Line Reproduction of Cover Photograph-Reprotone Staff Contribution-Gary Lamb, Connie Taylor, Janet Alexander, Steve Hill, Sharon Heiden, Dan Closser, Jody l-logsett, Marcia John- son, Barbara Dufflemeyer, Linda Williams, Harriet From, Pam Hoelzel. Index and Management-Jill Gibson Dean of Students-Dean Wheadon Bloch Yearbook Advisor-Karen Peterson, Director of Student Activities Special credit to Alpha Phi Omega, Service Fraternity for their invaluable assistance in yearbook distribution. 319 si Q . i g, 15. O nf copy, ry, "Oh, thot, in Jresents Je. The 'he staff ing body Jus feels ries, cmd er hopes, 0 "give- vercomeg i the doy Vt pleose ling thot 2 for less. aches, dll lizes thot is 0 blend in lecifihg :hot filled X 1 ,V-N . ,,..! .f , , ,ffl x -f ' " N' ff " "' V ' " H , .1 . ,I ,, , 4' .V ' f A, I f ff-11, fffli I, xl! I A W s' ...ff f ,.- M, MIN--Av, ,fw,.-if'-1 , .A V i I 'V' - .,-.. KWH , 1 , 1 I KI, x f w",-A. , J, "Af gf ' .f' mg' 4' L fy., g,.,':f 5 W ,y f I V 1 , r - 'f f ' 4 n' ff,-Kguh A ,fu J..-If X 1 J '-"' f j 11'iQ,, ll rf Q -' ' f f ' . f' 1' 1-' I .' N J , wi f , 'T' f f . 1, ,, f, ,iff f ,i ,fl i",,f' - f 1' fl? JJ, fx f .f -J ,fi 1 , ,gif "X ,, A, f,f'f' 1' f ,f f f ' V ,ef Clerk, f ,eff I x ,, , U , ,f-' 1' - f-r-" , Wi, , , J .,, J I ,' V -2 ,-I. M- N,-.T If ri , I V,,,.jK li ,,,.V,.x f sf- L f f . f , Q, .' 5' f ' I , ,mx sf' f W- e ef if i V F .1 A, I A, ff f .f , X,-J, ,- ,gh X -' 1 ,, .fxfffl fl , K 1' mf" ...Ab J, f ,. XA ' 1 ff f f 4--J, f sffkb- ,W rj.- , gf. , l l i,'g 1 1 XJ .fx J A J , ji 1 1 M YQ , ,J X Q lv vi! ,ff X.: J X, ' U , ' x x , J .My 'J , a" X4 . ' 5 ,n x . K :gif ' J 'X-, ax nd .f nik X 3 X. dx 5, N U X2 I' N , 1. ,f L X, N I 'xx 1 A Irv., I mx I, 1, V, W, X M at Q4 , 3 .L J KQV if Y 'V Y Q N Jajfv' k. iw' , f' ,g,, u , J' , :I ,U X Z ' Q JV V KV J TM 1 J 1 N-.fb ' X L gv . , 0 fx, , , wi , L, Lf X ff - 'N 13 ' ai fe NN I- LN 'V Xu, IN' H ,, " gy gf M 'xx K WV' b if ' V IN 1 9' 7 H X' yi A My-" .- f A, K, ,V xx .M U Y ly f EX fb- XIV' sf HX g. ff rv l 1 M V Xffxjv XTX I r ' JMB U !O,"fJ 1 I , JN, n. x Q Lf 1 A I ,Lf X Q 3' ' J LA' . KU? , f rv' N X JJ Aff,-f I -r nikki W Vff J N XXIW fy' I C, lrfblff ,I Zsji , , X, f W ,ff fy ff M H591 W' X A 4 ,Af X if V f. , - s g xj - L V ' X f f M Xp ig! 5 ji' V O f V P D f ' . .' 5 A .K f ! f, . , I I iv L if ix 'V A I fn!! fn he Uv! f j Nj. V ,Q ,V , ,Lx VU ff , -I X, P f' m 'fl f I M' VW 0 jf' ,ff ,N . ,, Q M ' N f ofif fy My Q ff jf 11 ,JJ ,Q I JA" if VU Dx ffvfv J, O,-V Nix! X wax A M! uv' fi 'U vj 'g ' Qi VJXU U ks " x V I V' , , X' QAfM V ff , XXX rx ,DL v4 N, C 0 F , CJ J' Wljfl " 1 - ' ' 1 'P W 5 I j Qf' , " I' '-,, X in 1 Al' xv., I, v L fl XI V v xv X inf -XX: ij' JSJQJZ U JJSQ X HV 5 If n ' 1 xx T' J .1 A J ,UI J U X KX ,XJ ,ff 3 UN M l if m XX' V If X A , , nv. Fa fyw fx w " 3' f 1 Q, L' NL' A A JK N X511 fx ff 3 X w V P 1 f Q If ' -' 1. C ' , I N. ff fn! ,X MLN X hi ,ffl ' 57 Zi," , ,. ' f M f I M! j, .M ' ff" N n , -. 5 IV 'x 'x. 'A.,,"j Q, 1 lu.-.Q ,- ff ,W i-J' ,7 A xf'?'i'-:in " , A of ,E-A.. ,N . , it xx In iff' W ,X ,m.-'K---1 ,u,,,5, - - 3 h 953, f' G N V I .., , f' L3 2 I ' w . ,r M f' 1 ff' f ,- -X A, R , M . , X-x J pf' I I be .' ,Yi .1 " ,,...... K 4 J I. fLf'x, f". xx, .V ff 1. in Xfig gf! if' f f Nay f ' , f f fp , f -ff Y ,, 1 H ,f 7 1 ,..,-""" i X1 if ,..,.,.-" wtf V LZ, ,Pkg nwfi' J fi ' ,- ' ' xl . 1 Ll x Y' , 3 ff - .f'A 3 ' K I I Hy' fvff 'IA A, f". ll If V Ks, ' V I Q- 1 Yflfi A L X f Nu ,lfgw lf3'yfff,1- H X, , . .N

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