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University of Missouri at Kansas City - Kangaroo Yearbook (Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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4 53 iv 'I i SS h' x 5 V. vi 5 E 44 E 3 E 5 5. lg , 3 Q, E 5 5: 1? 3 ?'a 5 Y: .. 1 ,. fa W 22 ff ,. if . 1 5. if 24 Lf ,1 Z , N 3l'HBl I .M? faTL1".YHiLI'JKE'7Cu1?",'J " 1?nY,f5fi 1!-JY?-Y.L',.Ei!'i':.f.?W4'Ei llnimzv ly lmnms Uigr the L9 0 lmnga 110 editor ............, richard mcfaddin business mgr. ...,.. ....... w aymon elledge copy editor ....... ......... n ancy osterstrom layout editor .... ......... d onald smith printed in kansas city by universal-glenn publicatio 1 CONTENTS DEDICATION FOREWORD IN MEMORIAM THE UNIVERSITY THE CAMPUS ADMINISTRATION THE SCHOOLS Arts 81 Science Business Dental Education Law Music Pharmacy ORGANIZATIONS Student Government Publications Honors Greeks Religious Clubs EVENTS SPECIAL ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS ADVERTISEMENTS DEDICATION UKC'S FUTURE W0 towering lamps ot modern de- sign guard the entrance to the campus drive. Adjacent to the south lamp is an ivy-covered, pseudo-Gothic structure of traditional type. From the north lamp the campus slopes downward to meet the conventional university pond. Amid this setting of ancient architecture and shaded ter- rain the modernity of the lamps ap- pears strangely out of context when we consider it only in terms of the periods represented by the predomi- nant design of the University. But Certainly these two pieces of artistic sculpture serve more than a purely decorative purpose. These lamps are functional not only in their produc- tion of light, but likewise in their symbolic suggestion that the Univer- sity of Kansas City has not become - a kind of scholastic snail, withdraw- ing into a shell of static isolation, but rather that she continually looks ahead and prepares herself for a brighter, more illuminating and prom- ising future. Her future is, in fact, no longer simply an abstract idea. During the past nine months our at- tention has been continually focused on the progres- sion in the construction of the long awaited Student Center-this building itself, even as the lamps, be- coming a symbolic sign-post heralding the gradual development of the University of Kansas City into a major American university. And yet, our speculations cannot confine them- selves to the future alone, for the future is neces- sarily dependent upon the past and the present. The difficulties of UKC9s history--including economic limitations, political schisms, and unwarranted criti- cism-should not be minimized, for in a consider- ation of them we recognize more completely the achievements of the University. Only a few of the present teaching staff recall the early days of the school during which she struggled against depres- sion and disillusionment. Of these, Dr. Norman Moore, retiring assistant dean of the University Den- tal School and holder of the longest tenure among DR. NORMAN MOORE the faculty, retains a perspective unavailable to most of his contemporaries. He can recognize the diffi- culties of the past for essentially what they were- building blocks in the construction of a futurc?and at the same time can today foresee the fulfillment of that future. We shall be sorry at his departure, for his contributions to the development of the Uni- versity in general, and to students in particular, are certainly beyond calculation. The present, i.e., the 1959-60 year, has meant much in the continuing maturation of UKC. Proba- bly the most momentous step was the inclusion of the Kansas City Conservatory of Music as the seventh school in the University makeup. The year saw the gradual materialization of the Student Center, un- der the capable direction of Bob Handy. The March Leadership Retreat held in Excelsior Springs em- phasized the student backing and enthusiasm needed in the design of a major university. Numerous 5. Q- . administration-student coffees had as their purpose the resolving of those problems which tended to check the growth and progress of the University. So it is then that the events' of this year have in every sense anticipated those of coming years, prov- ing that the University does not exist today in the twilight of a futile twenty-seven year struggle, but is herself looking ahead into an increasingly satis- factory future. Our speculations concerning the future of the University are not all mere fanciful flights of the imagination. Plans are now underway and funds are being solicited for the construction of a replace- ment for the out-moded Fine Arts Building, for an up-to-date Pharmacy Building to replace the tempo- rary structureg and for the construction of a mod- ernized Dental Building to be located on the Volker Campus. In the more distant future, we foresee: -the inclusion of the Kansas City Art Institute as an integral part of the University -The establishment of a more thorough inter- collegiate sports program -the institution of a local chapter of Phi Beta Kappa and Mortar Board -a University School of Medicine, to be estab- lished in cooperation with Menorah Hospital -local branches of ROTC and NROTC -an increase in the number of national fra- ternities and sororities on campus -a closer liason between the University and the Midwest Research Institute -a more comprehensive graduate program, with advanced degrees and substantial fel- lowships offered in all departments -more complete and modernized laboratory and library facilities -an increase in the amount of dormitory space. thereby providing an attraction for more out- of-town students -provisions made for noted speakers, techni- cians, authors. and actors to visit the campus -an expansion of the highly-qualified faculty and administration -local philanthropists giving as freely to this University as to neighboring institutions and perhaps most of all, we anticipate the day when -the University will receive as high regard in her own community as that she has already gained in regional and national scholastic circles. These pages, while recording the events of the l959-60 year, also look ahead at the potential achievement and development of the University of Kansas City. Witli the sturdy and unfailing support of her community and her former students, the future of this institution is unlimited. This book is dedicated to that future. U W' 1' I I! . -y !!!!!!!!!!!! ! S 5 n w.-1 win-we ' , -'Qs i T,.-.n.,. .,., calc Q - -x iq . 2 2 ' ' M ' 6 I 'll 1 , .llseuaiamuaa C --f 5 5 .A-. 2 I IQ 1 ' ' 'miami' ," f ' - A x pw L. , ! EY ' f r E ! E! I i - PH!! assassin a W ' V , , ' ""' I ' --. '. , ,V .. ,,,, . -I-""' i ldilhwl -- .,., ., ... n'i"""' ,WM A - mmm.-..-.v..,..,,. . FOREWORD WHAT IS A UNIVERSITY? HE QUESTION has been answered emotionally, humorously, nostalgically, bitterly, critically, by Abelard, Mencken, Charlemagne, Emerson, Jones, each in his own memorable way. lt has summoned up sweater-clad couples on a green quadrangle, cool corridors with lettered plaques, not so cool class rooms with chalk marks on the professoris bottomside, dances and hidden bottles, the Waving pennons of a crowd, libraries and whispered voices, these are im- ages evoked by balding alumni as beacons of lost youth. But they are sensuous impressionsg a human congress is more than stone. It seems, in a day when each man must take upon himself the salvation of the race fperhaps it has always been this wayj, that a more weighty question must precede the title: what is education? If we accept the Greek ideal, it is a unity of intellectual and physical growth, in which man's being is no longer dichotomized. It follows that education is the process by which man is stimulated to investigate his pow- ers and by doing so, to increase them. The university, a miniature community contain- ing its own conflicts, the challenge of other intellects, the grateful eagerness of studies, the discipline of a life at once physically confined and spiritually in- finite, is an institution with potential for the task of reconciling the human spirit with natural forces. Few of us have the mental discipline to absorb and use the bodies of knowledge we encounter, but within the structure of a university we are given the oppor- tunity to try to do so. Within a university, bibliphiles, artists, logicians gather to create an intellectual cli- mate in which we encounter forces that produce the lille Athletics are important. The community participates in university functions. Dances, parties and coffees integrate students. 'XII if not wlcmnily in the claw rmun. highest experiences possible, in at once a selective and comprehensive sense. It is ll0l until the university is left behind that we realize what intellectual bonds we with our colleagues: that atmosphere can be recaptured in the variegated world we of., in the iuterinl. as the 'touts-ide." The ories we carry into another world are 1101 lousg they are the catalyst which will share never think mem- frivo- shape the universe into which we reach. The univer- sity is the realm of vision. but meant to be transmuted, through the training of capabili- ties, to a reality extending to infinity. W'l1at we discover here, the truth of man's relation- ship to man, becomes the tangible force of mankind in a Promethean challenge to destiny. We can only surmise the weight to be placed upon us because of our university experiences. but we grow, exchanging strength for strength. in preparation. Since the conception of the l,yt't"llltL students have been the agitators, the progressive element: under oppression they have ilttllgltl lar freedonl: with the trials of the enlightened mind they hare resisted tyratnties of every sort and in every age. Ont' great- est danger lies in emntnnnality. Like the orient pearl of the poets. the value ol' a llltiYt'l'hllt' is partly its rarity. ll is sustain:-ml lay the quality ol' the ltnmtletlge which can he attained in no other way lay so many seekers. A center of broad awareness as of letters, no longer an ivory lower uncmntccted with contetnporary problems, the ttnirersity has lnecomc almost a solitary Venture for llllIlt'l'wlLllItllllg in the tnidst of a chaotic civilization. It is the extension of the venture which we undertake. IN MEMORIAM DR. 1 1DOLF K RL BERNARD Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures PRIOR TO coming to the University in 1957, Dr. Bernard received his B.S. 119401, and his lV1.A. 119419 from Columbia University, and his Ph.D. H9491 from the University of Minnesota. We quote from a statement by Dr. William Crain, chair- man of the languages department: "The University was fortunate in having in Dr. Bernard a man for whom German was a native language, and a man who, through years of study and teaching in this Country, was well acquainted with the American student." Dr. Bernard was a brilliant man and a scholar whose thirst for knowledge never ceased. The memory of his gentle manner and his constant desire to fulfill the responsibilities of his profession will keep him forever alive in the hearts of those who were privileged to have known him. infra' 'H'-4+ 'Y eff aa, "A J '1- fs' M- gg ,,svff-X-,Z LV.- .+ Kl?ii.fff:fii ' MICHAEL PAIGE ARCHER CLIFFORD J. CURRY EDWIN A. MUCKENTHALER Business Dentistry Pharmacy Senior Sophomore Senior JOHN HENRY WESTON Arts 81 Science Junior AMONG memories of this school year are those of our friends who are no longer with us. Their presence in our classes and informal groups has been an inspiring and stimulating experience. Though gone, they will not be forgotten. In our education in living, they will provide an example which those of us who remain should be privileged to follow. ' A IMAGES ..... UKC JOHN CIARDI, who began his career at UKC, read his prize- winning poetry and talked about literary traditions at a coffee on October 8. He expressed tolerant views on '4Beat,, poetry, but perhaps he was being kind. PHILLIP HANSEN, a member of the respected Oregon Shake- speare Festival, interpreted Shakespearean characters in a series of dialogues with himself. He appeared January 14. DON EMLER, UKC student, was invited to New York by the National Association of Manufacturers to attend the annual Congress of American lndustry with 200 other stand-out students from other parts of the nation. DR. KURT VON SCHUSCHIGG, former prime minister of Aus- tria, visited the University on February 15 to initiate a series of lectures on international affairs. His subject was "Divided Europe." DR. LINUS PAULING, Nobel Prize winner for chemistry in 1954, discussed "Science in the Modern World" at the Playhouse on March 30. Space-age interest in science is indicated by the fact that large numbers of students were turned away at the door because of the over-flow crowd. LADY MARGARET D,ARCY presented her opinion on the growth of the American dialect at the progeny of English language spoken in Great Britain, her country. Her lecture of April 5 was titled, "The Bridge of Words." Dr. William Ryan, UKC language authority, found her talk interesting. 97 KENNETH REXROTH, erstwhile pater familias of the "Beat movement in literature, lectured on April 30. He explained his reasons for breaking with Jack fOn The Roadi Kerorac and the "Beatniks.,' DR. JOHN E. BARNETT, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, announced his resignation before the faculty on March 24. The resignation, which is to take effect June 5, will mark the end of Dean Barnettis nineteen-year associa- tion with the University. He will be missed by students and faculty alike. fm- i ' .'.'A':v':aK?-. 1 -E l we 5 . iz -450126, Left: John E. Barnett resigns as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. .4bo1fe, Center: Dr. Linus Pauling. Nobel Prize winner for chemistry in 1954, with Dr. Hamilton. Dean of the Dental School. .-ibove, Right: Philip Hansen, Shakespearean actor. Left: Don Emler fcenterl, UKC student, pictured with Holger L. Enghreg of Denmark lrightl and Carbis Takessian of Egypt Hell! 1 O 1 BGB HANDY Director of the University Center UNIVERSITY CENTER OMETHING important is happening to the Univer- sity this year. Forces shaped by necessity have been stirred to action, have culminated into one massive, still growing movement that impinges upon the sensibilities of the University, and while the full impact of this invisible force lies in the future, the students, faculty and administration slowly, almost imperceptibly, feel the pressure mounting, percep- tively feel pleasurable pains of birth, and do not mind the weight. From the conception to the creation, an abstract notion to concrete being-there are blueprints, sketches, a student committee, a director, and a hole in the ground-the infant University Center, now exists. Birth has not been easy. The embryonic idea, like a vehicle moving down mud-mixed roads, has had spurts of rapid motion and periods of ineffec- tual struggle against containing elements, but now, powered by its own momentum, steady progress will be made towards completion. if--' I iam fmtfu 154-f 3' PRIVATE DINING ROOM . gm-ig . ea l . fx fi X 'I xx x! L I, I Q . 4 'Q' CAFETERIA AREA . , ' The usual question-how much does the baby versity building, is scheduled to be completed by weigh? What color eyes? etc.-need to be answered. Spring, 1961. The Center, designed by Hardy and The ultra modern structure, unlike any current Uni- Schumacher, architects, situated on the hill north of Q 4164 flivv' ian Dow EMLER EALLKDC Student Chairman, University Center Committee 12 O T""' MUSIC ROOM Swinney Gymnasium, is being constructed of chipped granite, natural stone and brick. Some of the facil- ities: a private dining room for dinner meetings, a CIT I D?-f ,Ks snack bar, cafeteria, lounge, two music rooms, art gallery, a browsing library, a craft and poster shop, darkrooms, and play rooms. Future plans call for a large ballroom, swimming pool, auditorium, prac- tice room, party room, chapel, and student orgniza- tion rooms. The Center will not remain an infant, but will grow with the needs of an expanding Uni- versity. Bob Handy, Director of the University Center, believes, "the Center will be a laboratory of student management and self expression." The ac- tivities program of the Center will be planned and directed by a program council selected in terms of a merit system. There will be birth traumas. The Federal Gov- ernment under a Student Union Loan program, ad- vanced the funds for construction and furnishings of the Center, and the loan will have to be repaid by University of Kansas City students. The method of raising funds for the loan repayment will be deter- mined after the Center is operating, and will be contingent on many factors. If students enthusias- tically utilize the facilities available, the small profits realized may well provide the money for the reserve .4 1 Pl.: ' 1 . X ! 'YJ I M2 ' ' .r '..l 1 x . - A , , FH: .-, N: ?.,,Lf1'i: -.1 A ,Q-,. ., P1 ?'F'i'?'u1?4'fk'W M4 f:f,f"'MQi"'f4'f-rgrfyglfg 42- Q .f '. -' L P vi fi-15 ff ' 5? ,gf-...W A-, ,-, , fuffqisf, Yep 'Yrs-A' L - A- 3,-, . Ag - .Q,,p5A' ,. ' ZLL- .6 M4 P' Ami. 5,..yJf.4:x4.?-f V I g I . if . I , " - E 4 , ,fi 4 K , V Vik 4' ' V Aux " ' YL' 1 WTP!-1 ' -, FE!" ? ,: -- 1 if Z' i w 'lx .11 A H - ,:',g12, x Mez. 3' '15, ,pg ,l 1 g, -.,5,L5pig5,A's .wwe-', . , , 4153353-352. ,:g , ,A 535.-g:wf,fi - 1 ,, A I ,,: .A-. dl, 5 , A 4, , ,V ,,, . u . 'L 'Q-.wg --in k 1 k The University Center, engendered from an idea to a hole in the ground, will in time, become the most important individual building on campus. This is not to say that the University should or would sub- stitute excellence in social activities for excellence in academic achievements, but, if the University is to endure, there must be growth in all areas, and there must be outward signs of this growth. If stu- dents are to acquire a hydrophytic thirst for knowl- IN THE BEGINNING . . . Some beer cans . . . rusty nails . . . packing crates burn- ing . . . the campus wilderness. The Nelson Gallery peeks over the trees and bushes, edge, if the University is to be Promethean in spirit, there must be incentives manifest in the University structure that excite the intellect and senses. The Center, emblematic of the Universityis future, con- stitutes part of the stimulus. Seniors, graduating in June, will not see the completion of the structure in their University ex- periences, but they are part of the Center because they have felt the stirrings of birth. THEN CAME THE MACHINES and the men and they dug a hole, Snow fell and made a lake that had to be pumped out, And the hole was dug deeper :intl they started to build. WHEN THE BUILDING IS FINISHED the hole will he filled with the University Center and there will be life there, 'WEE I 11 " , ,dvi-A ,. . , 1,-'ky ...S-.5 ' NN ' , r"' ' H. 1 Jf, Auf :EM 1 Q ,1.-.W-YL, 4 1' , . ,.. ,-V , ,',..v--f dawn 'A '1 .,, W1 .1 V ,,.,...---- ., .Q . 4: - R-,-3.-:S . ? - ..V...3-LT, 3... .L ..-.,.--- WW! HA: Yi 55 . ' gm V. S' -i f fa? .fx f K, -:' W5 - Q 2 AQ - .A 1 xw o 1 'gn , N 0 Sign x W X +. Q 1 X S-. f -f , W , '98 Q Mabgif JZ 6 , ,,, 2, fx , ' ' WLS , Q 4. .-,, ,,.. . M.. 1.5 . ,M Rf, vm . , w as .cow x Q K We 'Q' 2 it Ja, 'i.w""" " ' af, ' ,si-N vnfieq 4 si f f if K ' wx 5 3' J G dx' Lyn " 2? gnu Kg, .V .g 5, x ""+-x .WF ww. , I GQ qs . 1 l C 7' -A 1 C,-ia .1 4 . W ' I i f J W X, ' v- itil' v' as! 1 x E1 1. - - s is 4' JN 1 .,,.Ag r Wg,,m.l . V 1 J an-.9-q-r 1... 4 , I 1 ' 1 , V I '.. A ' 6 :gi 'T tcV,N., vs I if 5 , wp- , W .tv 1 4 nl saw- 1 P 4 im R., .L f fi. THE CAMPUS 4 xl if 54, 5 S , K y ,f wk, 1 ' , ' V Xi N --M Vw"XhQ ,. if C f ", 4--. 5 , - 5' Aggie e L- V "' 5 fi? ,Nl 4 ,I va , 'giwf W ' ' Uri Fin 5 The Chancellofs Residence A ff x ,.,s .W M fi. Teil Q! F 1-14 A " xc' -.i5S5,1 - K"ggyi.?Ew q V- , f are we FW 3 an e91zANa'gA4iw34f1E1'2,f f- X' dy" Grant Hall The Pond Epperson House ' ' QP' ?""'-nr ,JZ ..- , .,, 9' . ,,. .. . y "' .x R N? - "LST y . r , ' ,A 'x 4 .f -aL' V , V A Aff-f Ai A f A ff MLA' XA YLA3:AVL,.qv ff ,gy A 5 i?M,AA,,w 1 . '..-g. 44 VN ff gif If ji. 4 Jaw, K .u,.:...fv i ' 'A YA 6-3 L 114 -X. ' Q -a X XF 'lf' 1 1' W" ' x ' 'V ,A,' ' xv , V ' ' ian F JHAMJ Wm ,wwV'?wQW' i.gfH!AX. ' ' ' V' " J ' 1x.l ?. :. '-i tlhr A N:",A ' . P A fn. -.NY '41-A i -N ,V ,YQ ' k I 'Q w ,fs A A ,N- 'A f"' 1 ' . s - "'f1-"i7f,- if -if H - A A, Af' .vit . ZQAXQE U 1 U 5 I - Mg. ,.A.,af - in '-1' ' NA. ' ' W A. A ff 1 . A . - vw' ' ' 5111. L I .. A V V : :T X L' M J ' 1 ' , W ,ff-N fn A F 7 A - pw h.t.fL..e Q- ,A ' A " ' I 3 1 .QA-1" F-M4 A .,2, . A V Af , V ,... R..-Q f A Vg VV V! f ii t ff-' AA J Agffff E, " ' '..g,2- N ' ' , A ' A H - ' id,..-fi? , 1. W 5- I 'S' -fi' i A ff - 113-:wi , g if "lf X ' 'f ' S ." ' N F-'A . P A A f- A, ' in .i L ,W 5 iff: ,Q A A W 4 f Ai - 3 nb-,L QIZAW X. , M ' ' V --K QATH . Qui. mf' . - di fs. ' L, K , . A 4 fda' EA AV' v-, fair qffygt ,A AVP-6-Ld v I--m ffulff47"2???S"'2sixg,sr"?,.-Ai'if-'f- iw, ' 1- -- fi' " - - -ff , . . V, -Ayw A 5 1 ---5",--5 A, A - ' A - 1-us 4 A '-x.fAf1f1:gs2 - fb- PQ, ,1 A ,-Q+"w.z.3:4'2 - AA M- AA A -A igibjw r - 4 ' 1.3 an 33? ,F ff ' A f,:.-ff if " i W. AAL-ebay Q is f if A K ' - :-,ei L, 'gg An i fl iaafij,-ff:-,f. AA 1' Q A ' PM: E57 A11 1 -f-" Q.-J ff ' pf f':M.1 -Q V 4-- A,-... Af ve-A hy - A. A . ...AM !, ATA, Af 4, rA A A ,gy ,..- jf ,fn y 5.4 4 'A-1? 3,14 ff ,5,ga.F,'l' . A L A A L4 255 'lf-:ii F-1:32.-' ' -- is ei '16- , T fi! jp. ' Adil" " ,f- 1 E-A' A H 1 H A.: A ig ,..4k.,i, H M, A i A A A A v Y... V.-- KL A lwff' Awfwxg' iii? 'um' "H 2954555 - A '. - , 4 4- 'Q ,. A ix ,'.-"4v,fq-- K A"x ' q':'ij A X' 14 -. -AAP- ' wl Af. '. . V. T- , I N X 1 'mf . N Nt D .. , ii'-'L e 'T f :ix :Lv i' " 1, Ak'-ug'-' afq iff 'ij .1135 uf " , P' . h A ' " AAAJAQ' f.3.A4f:' -" Al' , .A I A, TQ , A ml? ,A A ? .A N W v A A 1 Av'-,X '-' - ' 4 I A. N 1 .f,,,.- f' "A ,?AAg.: v KM J Y. r QA A .5 , f F ' I I , H, 1' TL.-A. Ai V ', V -, :Ak ,..vA Wx 3 ,Q Q .gi-,HI '23 ' 2, V' . L 1' g, +1 x X? ,v 2 W -, I X il Q, xl, i' V A 1 ' A I Administration Building fit, . -A 1 N I A. if . ,hy 'ji ... if W. -4.,,--3.1.3 t PK Q 4 'O ixsiiir L YQ A L-rfb' A Z. , Q ' ". I 'L LT ' A 53:15. V -Jhfd--21:31 '- vfwf - ,T A-W -V'-A,-4-4' MAQAW A.A......A4-A A 4 A M -Q A +91xLQwm3wAi SWE. A "W 4 A X .Aw -- ,A A A A gh,-. f .Q A -Avi-ifff?afQAiZQ 4 A' I " G H ral Librar C C Y A. 1 HV If F' if-' 35 ui v P-fa wa, A A -if 1 Sf- " " ' '92 fi! 'Y - QNX-t52'? 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Q -1 ,QN NK a. iii:- 19 SL, QQ. ,ff UNNER SITY an-an: pu-'L':hi: ' ' Ill: ..-. . ,Mk Top: PlLlylI0llSQ f.'ffnte'r: Uniwrsity House Finn' Arla Building l ,X I 5 wiv '-'. Q gf" ' b Q Q ,-er. ,vQ, ,:xn .f f -- f ,i Y I :Y wif! ix gl x "' 'Y K E-7+ 51' I bv .v 3 If V R V - . S W Y W-N- .4-QAM Tiki. R - A,-1 p r.-Q A-.,., Top: Biology-Chemistry Building , x Center: Bursar s Office SX i ' ul ' qw, .. Q .W - ' WWE f QQ I .F gi I, .1 , - 'Q V -V W' ,44 1 ' -Q Y "Lk,---W5 Q3-' . -gy-xi-'-'.z,g'11f .3344 - 5 , iii: - . N .1 ff' 11 :fx x 3 i- 4 V,p.ff- -Q .i-in-EQ-1 '2 3 :.:.: . "X j 1 " f Y ,Ing , ,ft - 1' E - 1 xx. ' V -Q lr ..,f,,' , E .Sh I yx gg U. E BN - "- --fm "" ' .- .ls V "W --. H .1 ' - - . ,,,,auPvWj 4, i M ,, -- - -- : '- -V M- 1 g -I , , J- f " 1 - Q ' - 'pf' , fill , if .T 'T 'I wQ,fMzgfw..7ax. .-QL.. - ,.-A-,4,Q,,Q., g , ,g ,ph ' V ' 1 T ' Q .. Q b M95 , - A 1 X - ,,..,... .. - va? , ' , . ll ..., 5, , .1 'L' I x t it .i ,. 5 , X41 W X 5 Q5 A 52, 1 1 , . y Q, V 8 Sk, Q qv Z V' gf 't fx' if . . , l g 1, 4 S - As , 1 'HH b lm X M. A . 5 . , 1 5 MW- " '- , gm - X. 3' if ig vi f , -'i N , wh ., .yn -M - aw k: , Qf xg. X K X, x y, 1 --2.ta,s:m3,-15 , , fr --A mm 4- . 22 'Q , ,x , 'U-151' i Linda Hall Library E. F. Swinney Gymnasium . 'WT If qu . X . ,ummm 1 1 Mm-V , M-N --+ 1 ..,.. X N- ,rl 2-5 ,,, '41,- iff!! -ivx 'Q' MI . -4 X 4. ,. - 1 P' ! f.. 9 11 ii v ,, if r fl? 23 BOOK .-...-..-...-....,. -..,..... ---4.-.-...-....,., -..-,. -. . ....,., 8, ..-mil l .gg ..A :, o -i 5, M, YQ f f . :xx-ae' ' 'X 4 5' QP. JP, U L ,il , Qi if Q ff' E o X I Student Union Book Store Freshman Dental 1 24 -.-.... lx , :QV ,Vx ii.sii:f 1 -.-I 14 -xi ia. NINETEEN HUNDRED SIXTY ADM'N'5TRAT'0N THE CHANCELLOR HAMILTON G. W. ROBINSON, Dean of the Dental School and Chancellor Richard M. Drake chat with Ethel Jane King, Wichita TV personality. on the "Open House" program aired over KAKE-TV, Wichita. Chancellor Drake and Dean Robinson were in Wichita at the organization meeting of the UKC Alumni club of Wichita. P . ' 'i Q ' e .tefE.,f42. 2 Ya .2 ,. nf' w 'lui' - if- E Qjrgtfff We E 3 15 RICHARD M. DRAKE Chancellor THE SOUND OF BULLDOZERS outside the gymnasium has become a welcome symbol this year of the new emphasis which your University is placing on student life. The deans and directors who make up this year's Administrative Council have increased the in- terchange of ideas between students and administrators, a mutually stimulating procedure. The new University Center administrator has found students exceedingly cooperative. The Vice- Chancellor for Academic and Business Affairs has discovered that students are deeply interested in the 'Lhlueprint of the future" and that they can make helpful suggestions toward The University's growth. Students in the Law and Business Schools have taken on new responsibilities in directing their own affairs. Conservatory students have shown interest in the revived convocations program, and the Volker campus convocations have also met student approval. Dentistry students have evidenced interest in the building program by a sizable gift from the second-year class. Pharmacy students were notable in their efforts toward the student-sponsored carnival benefiting the athletic program. Student support of the Education Schoolis Career Day and of the all-University Campus Day has been most helpful in our recruitment work this year. Throughout The University new academic and development programs are in progress. Your University is moving ahead. The administration is extremely proud of The University's students. Wliat we do has as its underlying purpose the betterment of the education that The University can offer to you. The University's most valued assets. '26 'Q Q VICE-CHANCELLOR DR. TED R. BRANNEN Vice-Chancellor for Academic and Business Affairs SINCE his appointment on September 1, 1959, Dr. Ted Brannen, former dean of the School of Busi- ness Administration, has demonstrated the type of administrative ability and vigor that are necessary in the functioning of his office. His duties include supervising curriculum stanclarcls, academic budgets and courses of instruction, acting as liaison between the Chancelloris office and the faculty deans and co-ordinating University fiscal affairs, both plant and personnel. .XM iii : : , wi f? ' 1' 1 W V "1 Se ' s ' 'fffi ' ..-un-I' VICE-CHANCELLOR ROBERT E. NELSON Vice-Chancellor for Development AFTER serving a year with the University as Assist- ant to the Chancellor for Development. Mr. Nelson became tlie Vice-Chancellor on September l, l959. His many years of experience in the field of college and university public relations assure his success in the performance of duties essential to future development. It is Mr. Nelsonis job to direct and co-ordinate public communications and alumni re- lations, fund raising projects, special events and the offices of publicity and publications. ' 'it Berdnt Kolher Jim Cover Division of Continuing Education Director of Alumni Relations rfxxg l?,,.,.-ri A A t ,N x I h f , . lj?" ,, 3643, 5 W' N y, ,,.,,, 1 'PN dffff' ur ei ,Q ,W V 3 ff' 1, , L yt ,fa 5 .V in r X D yy. . QQ D . M'-,X av' 4:--,un-.... Q 1 Y Helen Jo Crissmau Mrs. D. B. Steele Direcior. Publicity Director, Publications W --T. 'iv-, . ' ' 'Wir ' fluff.. Q. M155 Elizabeth Dobyns ,....-1 Mrs. Donna Dunaway Mis. Dorothy Knight Scc'rf'tar'y, Cl1llILCf'll'0f' Drake Secretary, Vice-Chancellor Brannen Secretary, Vice-Chancellor Nelson 28 ADMISSIONS AND RECORDS vw: -gp , Leo J . Sweeney Ralph M. Henderson Assistant Director of Admissions with Staff Director of Records and Admissions Sandra Shellenberger M55 SVHLHBERIIR si. Jessie M. Gilmore Verna Arm ii' F4 F gt S 5...-. - Mary K. Lundell it GEORGE FENCIL Director. Student Placem ent AS MANY University students will agree. George Fencil and the Placement Bureau have played an important part in the success of their college life. It has been his sympathetic guidance and active concern for the welfare of the student that has made him so successful in finding part-time and full-time employment for all those who have sought his help. iff, ' -.3 . r X ,. DR. S. WHEADON BLOCH Dean 0 f Students THE office of the Dean of Students is the center of a net- work of services that encompasses all aspects of campus life. Working out of this hub, Dean Bloch has earned the respect of all those with whom he has come in contact in his capacity as co-ordinator for the Student Personnel Services and as an understanding counselor to students with academic, personal, financial or vocational problems. In a position which re- quires tact, wisdom and sympathy Dean Bloch can be counted on to exercise all three in the performance of his many and varied duties. .-3... f 1 V .M X ' v mx MRS. CHRISTINE D. HOGIN Director of Student Aclivities and Counselor of Women ONE of the most well-known people on campus is Mrs. Christine Hogin who serves the University and the Student Body as co-ordinator. advisor and counselor for student organizations and campus social events. Always willing to help with any problem brought to her office. Mrs. Hogin time and again has proven that she can be depended on to provide the guidance and encouragement necessary in the building of a strong and successful activity program. MRS. JAN WALLER Secretary to Ihe Dean MRS. AVIS JACKSON MRS. BARBARA MCKAY Testing Scrvices GEORGIA SUE BLACK . Secretary, Sluzicnt Activities ,fix Secretary, Student Placement 31 ? Q1 , 'E ' BURSAR S OFFICE '.x,,,1T"'fi ff' ls 'S "G: K 1' 31 X Y fffsf 'fi H R 3 'S 4 z J ' - -1 V Lx' : E1 .4 'f:afyf'0if 121 "" W5 3 311i,f-fgw 'K :fiE'3,!?,1gVE, X ,lmw :v':-nm . f.. S MXEW' , s M H1145 if BOOK STORE Le t to right Mrs Marbel Waddell 'XII Roy Peck Nlrs. Jeannie Goodwin, Mrs. Nora K. Witte-n. UNIVERSITY COULD NOT EXIST without text-books, writing implements, and materials to write on. Knowledge must be recorded if it is to be cumulative and useful. Because of tliis, a university book store is an integral part of the university structure. Often- times, the academic caliber of the university is reflected in the quality of the campus situated book- store, so it is most important to the university to maintain tlie sort of bookstore that functions organ- ically to provide students with the essential tools necessary for intellectual and cultural development. D fvfkymma 5 Ill School Sapphesf I UKC Boon was STORE 1 'h 'hy B 33 wa .4 'Nw--,,.,.,. Ron Husted, Donald P. Therriault, pissisffzrzt Hzzsirzvss Manager F0011 Service Department Dan Curlyon, lfzzsirzf-ss Manager Librarians vas' ,na J. F. I'ea11'f'c-. llllI'l'lII7SiI1:Q' Jlyllllf. and Mrs. MCCHH 34 '. .' ' ask. ,- .hif I 4. v' ,,.fg. X NINETEEN QJNDRED SIXTY CCDLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES X 7 41. A54 233 S 3 S fit-dm Wg? F 3 , Q . , 1 , ' , .m....t 1- 1- . 1 - 5':':.v..' , , v V .. ..f . Mia- ' 'fi F ' " WS' . l f its ii ' Wt 1 ' M , 'st 5 5 ' wap- H weffpw' " ,,.,,,,,,,m,,mMwMwh H ' -' .K W5 e ,. 7 - X y N. A ,I . 1 ., , . , ,M , A , t . , i l, K. W' 'Mb so lb E DW... ! 5 i 1 6 if xs- ii I 5 ix.-r' Q., MM, - 1 sa was rms., JOHN E. BARNETT, Dean i 3 5 ' f As HEAD of the Universityis largest school, Dean john Bar- nett has proven himself to he an able administrator as well in 1954. His office is always open to the student for con- sultation on an academic problem or for a friendly visit 5 as an interested friend since his appointment to the position Qlul fa ,.' ' . 'p . sf - . . . . . i f -1 it if and registration day finds him ready to smooth out any jg problems which stand in the students' way in their acquisi- V tion of the well-balanced education offered hy the school. ' John Barnett brings to his job eight years of experience H as lecturer in the English Department and Assistant Dean of the University. Prior to joining the faculty in 19116, he served as a Lieutenant in the U. S. Navy. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard in 1923, his Masters in 1932 and his Ph.D. in 1933. The University and the College of Arts and Science are fortunate to have in Dean Barnett a man so uniquely qualified to guide their future growth in the same excep- tional manner that has marked their guidance in the past. MRS. MAURINE REINHARDT Secretary to the Dean 37 FACULTY ,r , by N I' alle J S 5 5 I ' .1 t my . .r 083' J :., 'fr f iv - gf 1. . . , 4 . fix s 'N V , c Aff . ' 5. as , M 1 A . Q.. ' 4 Mr. William B. Arndt Mrs. Dora A. Arney Mr. Fred Beile fr wf K X. X i . x X ' Qx XXX . X. mf? Dr. Wlullace C. Brown Dr. Harold C. Burdick Dr. Alexander P. Cappon .sf iff , . . .F 1 . ' IJ -'ff ffl 3' ."'l'fEll '. xfiimffefl f.."l-4 - f N . Dr. Williarrm l,, Crain Dr. John C. L. Dowgray, Jr. Dr. Bernard Dulsey 38 A FACULTY K r- 21' " f T I n I .-F' , Mr. George Ehrlich Dr. Sidney E. Ekblaw Dr. Myron Jorgensen , .9 9 'I , 1 1 Q' 1 -' " '.'- t f' Q S D I 5 , Q if ' 'i V ' ? 3. , 22 . ' A J ' '-v- .- , XX' X a Fil' ' X E, ' . L, . V .ff X - . 3 "if," 1 Q S if f, was-t- 743 Mj.',f!AjHl Dr. Morton Goldman Dr. Marathon E. High Dr. John R. Hodges J" J "WW 4119 Q Dr. Roma A. King, Jr. Mr. Irvin Levitas Dr, Patricia Mqlllraih 39 FACULTY 15. if ,- nm, X. L- ff: 5. jj QGZ7 '-' ':r,. ' ,tif ',1!'?,J,r I ' -Aff ,A .w ,sc-vw 'WIN 7 .IQ "' uh, Mr. Frederick McLeod Dr. W. Milstead Dr. James Moffat X v ' IW X 3,-s'sfff'fA. E 1,'?tf ff i' T 5 MCT" 4 p an 4 Q Y My """' 2.16 Mrs. Ruth Myers Mr. Robert G. Neel Mrs. Anne Nielsen Mr. Durward Redd Mr. James Reid Dr. Norman Royall, J 40 Dr. William Ryan Dr. Samson Soloveitchik FACULTY QQ. Dr. Albert Saeger Mr. Sam Scott 'mxsmffm t ,. +fifr'f'.Q , Dr. Raymond Stone Dr. Parry Stroud Mr. J. Morton Vtfalker Mrs. Helen Wltite Dr. Edwin Westernlan 4 1 4 FACULTY Not Pictured Mr Jerry Bails Dr. Arthur C. Billings Mr. Robert L. Branyon Mr David Brightwell Dr. Andrew T. Brown Dr. Harold Buschman Dr. Maria Castellani Mrs. Elizabeth McCartney Miss Helen Crissman Mrs. Carolyn Benton Cockefair Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Mr Henry A. Drill Bernard Kleinman Kenneth J. LaBudde Soloman E. Levy Richard Lichtrnan Schwab S. Major Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Mr Dr. Dr. Mr Mr MI. Dr. Dr. Mr. Ernest Manheim Florence E. Neely Herbert Netsch . Eldon .l. Parizek Bennie .l. Pearson Milton F. Puterbaugh Edgar R. Rosen Douglas Russell Robert J. Russell Frank Searcy Hemy E. Scott Robert Towse Frank Wagner Myron Wagner Walter C. Wagner Leon Warshay 'M gugg up 'A-'S ' 49 .. N. ' Mfg?" 1 2 gl 'bf si as , 1 . CLASSES , ,A T g. 'l 'w i hi . l.T"1:lw r"we-"' . sf, as I 'ir . XV w , 4 2 53 1 u ' 3 fx Y J 'c f I ' S.. J XX " ff P R .Y C-'W Y, 'Bn g., '5 4 r, 4.l:N , K4 ,NM ,KW me , A X , . riff. TQ-2:1 if" ff , ' 135 7-WF' gm? '- 'gy' if 14 '- ,fin , , 1 I W ,A N .,, ,I , , r-,.',., '..'.',' J,-MI: ' , 5,.,. 1 'J.'!!i1 ., l3nni:'w'nab' luv' lm' "-wan: - .Amt 2 4 I .4 1: . 'v . Sfyfvrgggn A " I' , . V, 4. fi , '- , Q. -?-fm' .. 'f-fffhx ,,-. 3 V -X ,Ar 1 - -ff 1:'q 1-'L ., 2. 'ff ,1 f W: a - 1 '- -, r-. . 11-f" fnfwi' rw . - , n, -1 1 -w f '-f,-,gv+?.- ,aff 41- nl,--4'-'y ' 5 52.2.71 1-ff'-',27"ji '- , ""' .:..,,.-,. ffws2':f'f"Qil' ,iw""4 ,,,w'fA. .A ls . Agfa' -Q' aa..:w':- f A ' "1-' 71"f'! .Q Q..- -z. . 1 ' 1- ur.. Q,-gg-,E ,.,:3Qg, '. . Q M J 5, , L' .9-L., ,aff 'x -04 ...Avg -r .. "2fv1lui - na- Li? ' 0' . a . fy. . ffgi . .LU ' - my-fi Y , 4-b, :.' , - A' - , .h - , 1 f U i' Q X i , Y' A. W- S 3' 4 , .3 QW, g.Q,1f--, . H 1 ' X. .M xv lx x I! 4. ' . 4 , - ' TK ' 5' 'f' ' IN.-1 lf' ' Y Q.. .I ' C4i:XXHxu' nui- N Ji ,- HE' Il N x is , xg 2 Q gnu- sy ARTS AND SCIENCE GRADUATES WINIFRED L. COPELAND Kansas City, Missouri, BERNARD L. HALEY Kansas City, Missouri History HERBERT M. OEKNIGK Rusliland, Pennsylvania lnrluslrial Psychology Graceland College, AA., Urzizversity of Kansas Ciiy, BA. 3 90, 1 Ax .1 il s if ,ifll il! , im Fw - 3 ..,g,, ,,, 'QQWF sf- A RAYMOND D. RELAFORD Kansas City, Missouri A. E. SCARDINO Kansas City, Missouri llrziversity of Missouri, B.S. DOROTHY SIMONS Kansas City, Missouri English University of Chicago, BA. ARTS AND SCIENCE SENIORS JAMES DANIEL ALLECRETTO Roselle Park, New Jersey Biology Newman Clubg Intramural Footballg Trackg New York Universityg Rutgers Ilniversity. WILLIAM H. BEHNKE Kansas City, Missouri Speech 36 4-'rv l- KALLIOPE ELANE BESKAS Kansas City, Missouri English Easy Cliairg Candidate, Bum Friday Queen, '59g Candidate, Winter Carnival Queen, '60g William Jewell, ALBERT G. BRATTON Kansas City, Kansas Biology Kansas Cily, Mo. junior College JUDY BRAUN Kansas City, Missouri Psychology Sec., A8tSg A Cappella Choirg Campus Clues Committee for Orientation: Northwest Missouri State College, KEITH F. BROUGHTON Kansas City, Missouri Biology Kansas City Junior College. LARRY D. BROWN Kansas City, Missouri Biology DEE ALAN CAMPBELL Kansas City, Missouri History ana' Government Ilistory 81 Government Club, Vice-Pres., Program Chairmang Pep Band. RON COCKRELL Kansas City, Missouri Biology and Chemistry JERRY COLLIVER Kansas City. Missouri Psyelzology Student Council, Fresh. Rep., Parlia- nn-ntarian, Sec.: LA Secretariat: Delta Chi, Rush Capt.. Pledge Trains-rg Psi Chi: Chrm, Christman COIlX'tlC3iittllQ Dean's Listg Chancellor's Parking Comm.: Pu hlicatin ns Board, Human Relations Comm.g Sweetheart, Sigma Rt-tag Honors' Day Award: Choir 4' Play: "The Larkug Philosophy Society. Q 4' .479 kai 1 U- -123g ,Q I -L -FU! , 'y firm I . V 19 ' 1 Kr K N,-.-at N 12 X P59135 ' Z 1' W fd. ' X A .X Q t - K lx.. Q SENIORS-SCHOOL NANCY BECK CROSS Kansas City, Missouri English DONALD .l. CROWLEY Kansas City, Missouri Geology Geology-Geography Club, Treas.g Hon- orary Mathematical Societyg Dean's List. DWAYNE R. DEDMON Kansas City, Missouri Geology and Geography EUGENE D. DENONOVICH Kansas City, Missouri Economics BETTIE DICKER Kansas City, Missouri English U. News, Reporterg Central Missouri State College. JERRY LEON DICKSON Carthage, Missouri Biology Dean's Listg Kangaroo Staffg Men's Residence Assn., Pres., Sec., Treas.g Pep Clubg Tau Kappa Epsilon, Scholar- ship Award, Pres., V.-P., Chaplaing Or- ientation Committeesg Participation Award: ll-News, Sports Ed., Asst. Ed.g Whos Who, Omicron Delta Kappa, Treas.: Gen. Motors Scholarship: Stu- dent Councilg IFC, HK" Clubg A815 Secretariatg Dance Chrm.g Alpha Phi Omega. V.-P., Sec., Treas.g Univ. Lead- ership Conf.g French Cluhq Asst. Bas- kethall Mgr.: Intramural Sports. Q. 5. QP v X 3 2 a xn '43 , ci.: 55. YL? Ox I OF ARTS AND PAUL DINELLI CAROL DOERR Prairie Village, Kansas Home Economics Sigma Beta, Treas., Rush Capt., His torian, Laughlin Award: Delta Alpha Penates, Pres., V.-P.: Teachers Nov Training: Sec., Ed., Student Council Student Council Committees: Participa tion Award: Student Union Conf. Dele gate: Real-Kill Scholarship. LYLE WESLEY DORSETT Kansas City, Missouri History History Club: Young Democrats' Club: Kansas City, Missouri Junior College. CYNTHIA KAY EDELMAN Jefferson City, Missouri English Lincoln University. LINDA EDWARDS Kansas City, Missouri English WAYMON PAUL ELLEDGE Kansas City, Missouri English Business Manager, Kangaroo: Editor, Number One: Easy Chair: U-News: Orientation Group Leader: Torch and Scroll: Omicron Delta Kappa: Victor Wilson Scholarship. d SCIENCES I t. , Q . if tx.: " S Q. ff' H' hw N .9-" MX 99 .vs We S- 1 X 9' 'E""Y . xi i 5. DONALD G. EMLER Kansas City, Missouri History ana' Government Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Treas., Pres.: Alpha Phi Omega, V.-P., Pres.: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Omicron Delta Kappa: Co-Chrm., Orientation, Ugly Man Con- test: Chrm., Student Union Comm., Bum Friday Comm.: Debate Team: Choir: Heritage Singers: Wesley Fel- lowship, Founder, Sec., Pres., Bd. of Directors: Rep. to NAM Conv.: Par' ticipation Award: Hist. 81 Gov. Club. DONALD ENLOE Kansas City, Missouri Biology PRISCILLA EWY Kansas City, Missouri English JERRY FAIR Kansas City, Missouri Biology JOHN K. FARRELL, JR. Kansas City, Missouri Biology GLORIA JUNE FEDER Kansas City, Missouri Psychology i ' v .L 'W i 1 ,J E' A -5 ' fl- nn, ' n'ut ',' 'W-lfv ' f .. ..,'l 1 Vo A U 'U' if ,,-.f- I -.f ,-5 at Psi Chi: University of Nebraska: Uni- Q v.,,, versity of Texas. I 'R it ,gf f ini F' L X ' V 0- -"1 ll x R' K me 'S 1 VU' x . li ,N " EN af- 4-' - 55: . . Q W0 HARRY E. GALLAGHER, .lR. Kansas City, Missouri History Sports Editor, U-News: History 81 Gov ernment Club: Dean's List: Vet. Or ganization, Vice-Pres. 81 Pres. HARRY D. GILLETTE Kansas City, Kansas Philosophy WILLIAM JAMES GOFF Kansas City, Kansas Geology Geology-Geography Club, Vice-Pres.: Dean's List: Torch and Scroll: Kansas City, Kansas Junior College. ALBERT E. GRAUBERGER Kansas City, Kansas Speech Debate Team: KCUR-FM: Young Dem- ocrats' Club: Kansas City. Kansas Jun ior College. g FRANK .l. GREENE Kansas City, Kansas Biology DAVID A. GRISAFE Kansas City, Missouri Biology Pres., Treas.. Dormitory: Vice-Pres., Omicron Delta Kappa: ACS Affiliates, V.-P., Sec.. Treas.: Officer, Tau Kappa Epsilon: Dean's List: Torch and Scroll: li-News, Sports Editor: German Club: Geology Club: Pep Club: Orientation: A Cappella Choir: Student Union Com- mittee. SENIORS-SCHOOL v. z Wilt 16" D 1 it f ' 1 if to W W T N . Ty . . All I .N Q it 'A f' We 'F it 59: Af' GARY E. GULICK Kansas City, Missouri English EMILY SUE HALL Kansas City, Missouri Home Economics Penates: Wesley Foundation, Sec. Tre-as.: Park College. ALLAN HANS Kansas City, Missouri Geology Geology-Geography Club: Sigma Alpha Mu: Washington University. LYLE M. HANSON Kansas City, Missouri Economics NORMA HARPER Kansas City, Missouri Psychology ALVINA M. HARRISON Kansas City, Missouri Nursing Torch and Scroll: Bethany Nazarene College: University of Chicago. OF ARTS AND SCIENCES a . ...TP p . Q " S S ' N N ANDREW F. HAUK, JR. 2 4 vs- I ti , e' 'JS Peoria, Illinois 'Ib VP P X , Ni, Malh and Physics - "fy 3 :N . a s , - ,.., s ki N to -' DAN HOFF ef' 'Wf Y X Kansas City, Missouri 'Q' Y' A Y it "' J S45 . , .., fegsfi iv si' 1? f-ls fi My s fi'Nl"t 'ls I. ,N vga , a ' . v S X t '-'Q 1 ,is ' ,.:- X ,gb C 1 . . sei swf? Q . ' QQ.. f- . g?1,:: .4 - PI 1 VS. SYBIL RUTH HOROWITZ Kansas City, Missouri English Panel of Americans: U-News: Student Zionist Organization, Public Relations Officer, President. IIMMIE D. JAMES Kansas City. Missouri Economics Freshman Steering Committee: Univer sity Choir: Play: "The Lark": Men's Intramural Council, Pres.: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Hegamon: Chairman. Red Car- nation Ball: Social Committee of Stu- dent Council: Business Manager, U- News. FRANK JAMISON Kansas City, Missouri Speech Who's Who: IFC, Vice-Pres., Treas. Alpha Phi Omega, Pres., ViceAPres., Treas.: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice-Pres., Chapl., Hist.: UKC Players, Vice-Pres., Sgt.-at-Arms: Pep Club: Track, Cross- Country, Fencing Teams: Track Mgr.: KCUR-FM Broadcaster, Producer- Director, Operator: Participation Awards: Theatre Season Awards: Stu- dent Council Committees: Thomas H. Whitaker Award: Alpha Phi Omega Service Award: Choir: Victor Wilson Scholarship. SHERMA JOHNSTON Mission, Kansas English tt .J ,.sg,. fgX' --he S, gn.,-.v ,NK Q AW' F 9 v Y.. W. t . - ,' -ff... HC" 2 3' Q. - at- N 'SST '72 L- ... ,.. -ti F3' 4? JANICE L. JONES Raytown, Missouri English Student Council, Pres., Vice-Pres., Sec.: Councilman-at-Large, A3tS: Delta Alpha, Pres.: Sigma Beta, Pres.: Cheerleader: U-News: Rep. to NAM Convention in N. Y.: N.S.A. Delegate: Who's Who: Participation Awards: W.R.A.: Pep Club: French Club: Choir: Student Council Committees: Chrm., Welcome Dance. KEYTHA JONES Kansas City, Missouri History MICHAEL .IAY KATZ Kansas City, Missouri Physics STANLEY KATZMAN Kansas City, Missouri Chemistry American Chemical Society: Kansas City, Missouri Junior College. RUSSELL RICHARD KISSIR St. Louis. Missouri Speech Debate Team: KCUR-FM: Harris Teachers College: University of Mis- souri. HUBERT CARL KNOTT Prairie Village, Kansas JAMES KUNZ Independence, Missouri CARY H. LABOWITZ Kansas City. Missouri .llalhematrcs JOSEPH TERRY LAIDLEY Carmichaels. Pennsylvania French French Club: Tau Kappa Epsilon. Pledge Trainer, Historian: Ilniyersity llhoirg I'nive-rsity Rand: Liberal Arts, Vice-Pres.: Cho Chin Sweetheart: Young Democrats' Club: Penn State llniversity. JESS LA PUMA Kansas City. Missouri Speech Eulucntion l'KC Players, Y,-P.. Pres.: Pep Club, Y.-P: Newman Club, NTP., Pres.: Stu- flf-nt Council: Councilman-at4Large, ASS Fresh. Rep., Social Chrm., V.-P., Pres.: Basketball Mgr.: Debate Team: Choir: Plays: "Teahouse of the August Hoon" 'leadt V "My Sister Eileen," "The Tenipc-st." "Darkness at Noon," "Heidi." "Rip Yan Winl-:le": U-Netvs. Assoc. Edi- tor: Intramural Council, V.-P.: IFC. Y.-P.: Tau Kappa Epsilon. Y.-P., Pledge Trainer: I959 Ilomecoining Co-Chrnl. JAMES J. LAWLESS Brockville. Ontario. Canada Speech ROBERT C. LEE Kansas City. Kansas Biology Delta Chi, Sgt.-at'Arms, Song Leader. Pledge Sec.: University Choir: Orienta- tion Croup Leader: Young Democrats Club: Intramural Sports: Orchestra. Q'-r '-gf, :If 1 4 'W s. no vb L., L, . QQ 1 5, ,....,., F1 4- N -29 42' v-s 1 . IF in ac: 5 -...--' Q. 435: S. xl. Y Q I SENIORS-COLLEGE CHARLES A. LEWIS Buena Park, California Geology Chrm., New Student Steering Comm., Quad Dance: Engineering Club, Pres.. Sec.: Victor Wilson 81 Univ. Scholar- ships: Varsity Basketball St Track: Let- terman: Intramural Sports: Young Democrats' Club: IFC, Sec.: Delta Chi Offices: Pep Club, V.-P.: Business Mgr. of U-News: Orientation Committees: Geology-Geography Club, Reporter. C. J. LORENZ Kansas City, Missouri Mathematics KENNETH LUCAS Kansas City, Missouri Mathematics and Physics THOMAS A. LUCAS Kansas City. Kansas WARREN O. MALL Overland Park, Kansas Physics GLORIA MALLIN Kansas City, Missouri Psychology and Philosophy Student Union Committee: Spanish Club, Sec., Treas.: Philosophy Club, Sec.: Teachers Now Training: Univer- sity of Colorado. ,--Q St Lf- IAS' Q? - Q' f' us it if . .-np ,-UQ A ts 45- fi OF ARTS AND SCIENCES DEANNA MARTIN Lee's Summit, Missouri English ROBERT R. MARTIN Kansas City, Missouri Geography Geology-Geography Club' Kansas Cit 1 Y- Missouri Junior Collegeg University of Southern California. WILLIAM R. MARTIN Lee's Summit. Missouri Biology Torch and Scroll, De-an's Listg Queens College, New York. DONALD HARRY MATHENY Kansas City, Kansas RICHARD K. MCFADDIN Kansas City, Missouri English Editor, 1960 Kangaroog Business Mgr.. Number One 13 Years? Q Omicron Delta Kappa: Torch and Scroll, Dean's Listg Participation Award for Eng. Dept. Ac- tivities, Easy Chairg Vet. Organization, French Club: Short Story Award, 1957: U-News. ROBERT C. MCKINNEY Kansas City, Missouri .gn-:Y 110 , f EL- ...f . i a 44' 'VY Q .V .. if Q fo 1 ,vs ,ik- iw.,- ages!-ET. if ' .-.-2 f. V,--nr V ,mix A ROBERT STANLEY MCNEES Kansas City, Missouri Chemistry American Chemical Society, Pres.: Harding College: Kansas City, Missmui Junior College, IUDITH MEBOLD Kansas City, Missouri .4 rt GILBERT LEE MILLER Kansas City, Missouri PHILLIP MONTALBANO Kansas City. Missouri KARL MORRIS Kansas City, Missouri ROGER PAUL MORRIS Kansas City, Missouri International Affairs Torch and Scroll, Pres.g French Club, Pres.: Deans List, Highest Academic Rank, 1958-59, Oustanding Activities Citation, 1958-591 Candidate for Vice- Pres., A8135 Dartmouth Collegeg Uni- versity of Missronri. S. 6' ,W in-. AB. aft 7' ' A S., I .3 .omg 5.2 D I if I WL iv O 1 , QQ Q'-'J ' x I .4 XB. .df dP"" , E'- lf? Uni' !"'4w L I RAY MUCKENTHALER Overland Park, Kansas Biology DIANE MYERSON Kansas City, Missouri IOHN MILTON NEWCUM Kansas City. Missouri Speech WILLIAM A. NICKEL Kansas City. Missouri .llollzematics Track Letter: Lette-rmen's Club, Vice- Pres.: Participation Award: Honorary Nlath. Society: Victor Wilson Scholar- ship: University of Southern California. BASIL L. NORTH, JR. Kansas City, Missouri lltzrlzenzatics SHEILA NORTON Kansas City, Missouri Psrtvllology Deans List: Delta Alpha, Sgt.-at-Arms: Participation Awards: University Scholarship: Sigma Beta, Vice-Pres., Sec., Sports Capt.: Pan Hellenic Coun vii. Sec.: W.R.A., Pres., Vice-Pres., Pub. Chrm.: UKC Players, Vice-Pres., Treas.. Parham.: Pep Club: Orienta- tion X Student Council Committees: Co-Chrm. Orientation Dance, Fall Frolic: Plays: "Te-ahouse of the August Hoon," "Second Shepherdis Play," "E-.'eryman." SENIORS-COLLEGE ay, . if Q 4.3 Q- .vf . . , A - flfi 'gr ., I I A VIN Us '4 .Q lf.: ., -ca 9-35- Qi 4' '43 'CSN Sf' -avr x.- 'Q 'Q JACK NULL Kansas City, Missouri English Steering Comm.: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sec.: French Club: Phi Mu Alpha Sin- fonia, Warden: Co-Chrrn., Orientation Dance, Kangaroo Hop, Winter Camival: Dean's List: Orientation Group Lead- er: Omicron Delta Kappa: Torch Sz Scroll: Ugliest Man on Campus: Chrm. Homecoming Queen Contest: Partici- pation Awards: Editor, U-News, Teke Tips: Choir: Canterbury Club, Sec.: l.F.C. SHARYL LYNN OSBORNE Kansas City, Missouri English U-News, Senior Reporter: Sigma Beta, Vice-Pres., Rush Capt.: Pep Club: Women's Recreational Assn., Vice-Pres.: Dance Committees: Student Admis- sions Counselor: Kansas City, Missouri Junior College. NANCY OSTERSTROM Kansas City, Missouri English Copy Editor, 1960 Kangaroo: Editorial Staff, Number Oneg' Easy Chair: Uni- versity Student Congress Committee Chairman: Torch and Scroll: Kansas City, Missouri Junior College. WARREN H. PETERSON Kansas City. Missouri Psychology WILLIAM RONALD POST Mission, Kansas Chemistry American Chemical Society: University W of Kansas. I RICHARD REPLOCLE Kansas City, Missouri Speech Dean's List: ,Debate Team: Orienta- tion: Leadership Training: London De- i hate, 1959: University of Minnesota. E E t OF ARTS AND SCIENCES MARTHA M. RIDPATH Kansas City, Missouri Psychology SHIRLEY LORENE ROGERS Kansas City, Missouri Nursing ROBERT I. SAUNDERS Belton, Missouri Economics Dean's Listg Torch and Scroll, Sec.- Treas.g Nu Rho Psi. MARTIN SCHAEFER Kansas City, Missouri Philosophy Philosophy Clubg Dean's Listg Torch and Scroll. RUSSELL WAYNE SEGNER Kansas City, Kansas History Baptist Student Union: Kansas City. Missouri Junior College. N. THOMAS SHEAHAN Kansas City, Missouri Geology-Geography Geology-Geography Club, Pres., Vice- Pres., Sec.g Spanish Club: Newman Club: Orientationg Rockhurst College. PATT SHERWOOD Kansas City, Missouri Psychology Cho Chin. Oustanding Active, Sgt.-at Arms, Pledge Trainerg Orientation Group Imarler: Penates, Sec., Treas.g Torch and Scroll, V.-P.: "Beauty" of Beauty Si Beast Dance-3 Co-Clirm. Win- ter Carnival. ROGER SIGARS Kansas City. Missouri HARRY D. SNYDER Kansas City, Missouri Tlzealer GERALD SPINDLE Kansas City. Missouri Cvology DAVID R. SPIVEY Kansas City. Missouri PATRICK E. SPORTSMAN Kansas City, Missouri Radio-TV Speech Alpha Phi Omega: Publications Boardg Chief .Announcer KCUR-FM: Orienta tion Group Leader: Plays: "Darkness at Noon." "Inherit the Wind." C. W. STAFFORD Kansas City, Missouri Geology-Geography SON YA STROH Kansas City, Missouri Psychology I'niw-rsily of Nebraskag Kansas City. Missouri junior College. KEN STLQBBS Mission. Kansas .llatliemalics .IOHN C. SWENCEL Kansas City. Missouri Psychology ELIZABETH ANN SWENSON Kansas City. Missouri F. LISLE TALCE. IR. Kansas City, Missouri . A If - Q , ww ' .,, -7vNfws 4, .ang A m Eli if ,.-- .i at w iii, if 1,9 5, iii ii i 4 1:15517 1 1 ' 4' 'F ' X K Q. U fi , SENICRS-COLLEGE OLIVER JACK THOMPSOIX Raytown. Missouri ROBERT W. TOLAIY Kansas City, Missouri Theater Uean's List, ll-News Staff: Plays: "Rourgeoise Gent iIhoni'n1e," 'ihlagie llorn of Charlemagne." "Blood Wed' fling," "Time Remembered." "Christmas Carol," One-Acts, Park College: Amer. ivan Ilniversity. H. RAYMOND TOOL Kansas City. Kansas Chemislry American Chemical Society, University of Kansas. WARREN J. WAHLSTEDT Kansas City, Missouri Geology Geology Club, Picnic Chairman, Sec., Treas.: Robkhurst College. NORMAN WALKER Independence, Missouri ROY WALKER Independence, Missouri Mathematics 54 'x 0' -5 4 3 ir ,... ...YJ 4 gee!! y if V xN Q.. wr ar' ' 3 . e ni-Q, Q. gl-an j . nv,- if - 5--' SnlX O GEORGE ABNER WALLER Kansas City, Missouri Art Delta Chig Pershing Rifles Honorary Military Fraternity: S.A.R. Award: Chicago Tribune Awardg University of Iowag University of South Dakota. RICHARD F. WALSH Kansas City, Kansas History and Government Kansas State University. RONALD WEIHER Kansas City, Missouri History Torch and Scrollg History Club. JACQUELINE WELLS Kansas City, Missouri English U-Newsg Easy Chair: University of Missouri. FRED WILKINS Kansas City, Missouri Pre-Law A8iS, Pres., Vice-Pres.g Student Coun' cil, Vice-Pres.g Omicron Delta Kappag U-News, Asst. Editor: Debate Squadg Choirg Chrm. Committee on Commit- tees, Constitutional Committeeg Orienta- tion Comm. Chrm. Sr Group Leader: Extra-Curricular Policy Comm., Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice-Pres.g Pep Club: Sgt.-at-Armsg Victor Wilson Scholar- shipg Kansas City, Missouri Junior Col- lege. JAMES E. WILSON Kansas City, Missouri F ARTS AND SCIENCES Zi? I1 RAYMOND WILSON W rg 1 bs ' Kansas City, Missouri 5, ff' Al- Q - X DORTHEA WOODWARD l Kansas City, Missouri -03 'HQ ' English X - I-gf Easy Chairg Editorial Staff, Number . -L: V One: 1959 Short Story Award. .I. MICHAEL YATES Kansas City, Missouri English World University Serviceg German Club, Pres.: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Best S va Pledge, Pledge Scholarship Award, gf Vice-Pres. of Pledge Classg Editor, Teke 4--- Tipsg Alpha Phi Omegag Torch and Scrollg Easy Chair, Pres.g Editorial Staff. Number Oneg Dean's List. V' ,K JAMES HENRY ZIMMER I 'E' 'N Kansas City, Missouri ca' gl -if Theater in if L """f ,X i 1 WALTER C. ZIMMER '- Kansas City, Kansas ygi, . History and Government it 3 . V' ' 'V 'Cfd 'B' 'Q ,Q vu , 5, 'KK " . 55 N-fgu . ng V-f ., , , L f ff . 9 .. , , A 'J Q "- Ll 2 A 'IQ "' He -, 'J , fa"mwQ5 'H - b NW ' ,msgs 'Ah Qvifk rl 'gill ' A' w,:'wdmd:O.iti"'Qf '7 1 Q. ,gqtw Q' ,4 V !i'a?f"""'Hr+'4.ffKx- ' 'Q ,, . , xM . .M ,lam LY., 'viva-v-- ., 'n .w . a my A .:lV""qi.i.k . 1 .9 G m Xi 5 'hu 'x WT' Mf 1 ssh . ' , .1 .fb g. '51 3 -77? , IE . 5, ,se X. ,V 'R' ' A Fw s 5465 , X 1 I lyk.. JUNIORS L 1 'TM C K 1 K ' A ft!! 0. k I I . 1 3 sg--K -.- 2 Yf A ix'- Rx X W8 A ' , , 6 it iinxf Swgw . P Q-fa."""ff? :ex -'PMN . ' 'H J-:"fS.fX 'fn WN .5 ,, vs' JUNICDRS-COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES V , Cv 'TG'-R '25-Y' Q 1 - S" ' f-e ff H Q L, we " - vi- :PSS VW' ' . is-vw ..,, x -is---f who ,Q iv- , K aj A., I , K! Q :N 1 A N N it-3. , its A V ,RQ 'il N... "1-'-rar! -LZ' X is rt. - f f 'i 5 t l-A' 3 1-f' , E 'i ze if , i f ? 4. 'ff . .. ff fi S2 - is '25 A U F 5, ggi: fl"-,Q J it x , - IN- t ,., I :I -ilu , 5 5 g': f' ' Mi mr m ,S r -A Dominic Accurso Barbara Adams Meredith Adams Stuart Ronald Aks Glenda Allen William Baker 4 '14 fi ., Y 3947 3: r Q 'Q r 'Z B . n Vx b I ,mx v . F- ff . B QA 'A 1 1 -A fi M 'N 1 ft, lx X . xi. iq 'Vw A. .sf - , M , ...W 1, , nv QL: Q, sf- A f ffl ' ' , ff" 5' , I ' l M , Nw' ,. 5 - , film' N V C WEA -5, Q A ,. -.lg , ., 4, 1, W? ,SI ,AM E j x 5 . if x ,in A ,fi , si- -P -V s-. - -, 'iii' r g. . H .,-.. 4- ' - ' 2 N "H 9:5 ff K' 25 'H """' ?i' ,,f.g,'!KL S 5 "fl F , 3 n 5 rl' 5, if if 'J i f V 'S il e X r fi V 2 '1 W 55l!?' l X Lloyd P. Donald Barash lssa Batarsch Jean B. Baum Dwayne Bergmann Mary Ringer Baldwin, Jr. ,mf ., "1 3 , - '-fpw , - "fi, , -235. , 'N' J- 5 ' 'Q A Q ., pr-5 , 'N ' " ' .., V 4, , Wy, ,-at M K vs , . 1 , :W N' V NX ,WSF ew Pb fa, x by V, " , 1 ,1 Q qt, V eh- V ,- an . ,. 1 ' , 1 3 , , f ,iy f 1' I f , A ' if C f U Y I f IW 1 5 i J A in f lf I .warg . lB"5?'w' - V Q Riff ,345 - n . : aff an Ke' ' '33, ' 1, 'P sf-3' sf: y jf A xi Shirley Bohs Brian Bnltun Rosalee Bradley ljuana Delunis Lawrence Leroy Susan Buelt Bratton Brownley A! N V 4w:'1,.sg,l.,,,, ' - 2 Q , ff'- fp X w e N... ' ' 'HG' if r in W e A ff -f f .A -s. ' I. 4-ir, V ff 1 rl 5 7 " 4 k Q lbs. Vg' , 4 rg, eff A A f My , 4 I K U ' 'I , r?n.f'f if 1 ,M Q H f Darrel Alan Burr Warren F. Buxton Aubrey L. lpek Calapala Rose Marie Cannon Eloise Clark Churchman 57 DUNN .1 F if 1 V --i fri ' A " , . Q5 up Howard E. Clark R nfl, Ramsey H. Davis .l it ls- .lainos E. Fagan ....... Chuck Cmulnian -qv - af. A-:pf . f X F lhl ,jg l if 1 .luelith Colm' Frank .l, Conner V' , A U . " "5 I i'Y rf Q-: ' , flu A 'Y' I i , 1' ' 'fi X i' :- if ri ,figural A, Larry F. Deaton ,luck C, DeLong 55 v . Y-.I -4-"M J 'M , M ': ,N 1 4 ' - Trudy Felt William Fensonx ' N as 1:-, 'Ap' -, X Victor Crunsl Yvilliam E. Guilford JUNIORS-COLLEGI Q 14' 'if .' fl" i' Charles R. Crain Anne Curry Kent B. Davis . Q W " ff 4'-1 4 ' a 1 - N at ea ,x .J " P -if 'f , L- , 4 Z. C iilx -.. Saraugusta Diggs Glnria Directo Faye Edwards ' rv ll 1 I , ,f El i: ,g if ' i r ix , Sf' ' qv'-'Yi J A f' x .r lx 31. A Henry Flippn Sharon Frick Nellice Gillespie C Q2 i Af: ' '-A 'A' 4, 1-' '-. ,,:-.I ' J li r x mf k k . Q - J .i 'U " I 5 X J- C v- x g X ii l Joe Haines Dorthy Hannon Marilyn Hanrahan 58 a JF ARTS AND SCIENCES 'N All KW Jacob E. Hanson X fh- .V JV Derrel H. Hilton A-4 V. YT' Y' r 515' ,zz ' If- 'ruff ,::- .-gn 5"3'5p-G, , M: ,Q . J ieaqt , x. A :Eff " 'Q , ul., A S If .1 1 .. , Thad Houston Pix v--,l Barbara Jacobson , .i.-.ww 1 3+ ' ' - A e 3 N-f ,f.. ' ' .,f . -5. 'lvtaff ,, ' wif'- 'ZV 1 .sf 5' , " ' fe 'fri' ,. " ' 1 Thomas J. Harris ., Q- 1... Ann Hoffman 4-A 5.595 fi.. all , .. .gm do .t 'fy Sara S. Houtchena .-0' . ' 14,1 1 af L Q 1' .1 ' go-1 ,X- Judjth Johnson fy: if 4' fi. , 4 W ia E A Q- X rr I, 'N' C: 'U' Y ' ' - l. . 1' ,r A :nh V SY it x t 'J 3 "" I ' ' ,,,,,:-' ' V . :fu i Jeff Heaivilin Robert L. Henson ,lane Higgins Charlotte Hill . J Q ,, I 5. N 'vi . 1 fa gi ', sv- -s- I 'Nr X W 2 ,..f-v Q , 1 1'-7 4-5 ' v ' a . "5 ,A xv ' A "K," Ti x f fi ,iii 44 N 1 ' if .. . . -ds, , 1 gr ' ,X I QA gli f gt! V ii- x l I , t Tv. Stuart Holland Bruce Holman Norma J. Holt Martha Holter ff s. "!""" ,,. ' 1 John T. Huke I.. E, Hutton, Jr. Akiko Iwata Frankalee ,lacks -sf .1 Hugh L. Jones III James P. Kelly Katie Klecan Joyce Lance 59 X, Mary Lloyd if Rt Q. 1 . eww r-xii' ,W ! mi ' Je , 1 Claudia Lowe fd , '5- H x I X lutlitli 'Nlargolin JUNIORS-COLLEG f . '1- .. ' fm l af :ni . 14x 4?-..... N ... 9+ 'F- T -f. Nu.. if D" Janet Martin Ernest Meath A 1 " R' aff .. A 'ex ' fx Y ,O got 'S .f 'Um b : 's fo l-A X -5- X if i ITXTV ' L' Y ' fr' ' ' . " . 1: x 1 R Q Sl . KI' QL Y .ly ,Q Al . , . ...JEL x Q! D . OL .. . .R . KHESQJQ-b::1iri....fZQ Mary F. Mt-rryrnan David N. Miller Roger T. Minneman Anoosh I. Mizany James Moffett John M. Moore .M J ff Q Y' 'STH ' v , xg 4 1 rin- .. A l-5.5 1 ll: wx-. f 3. j sf V s- ' ' Y V., ' :L M 1 gr: is W FP" fix 1 I N .f ' x , W ' '- . .. .- . V. ' I tx' 1 f .it , Af , . if ima. iii' . . in f 1' " '- m ' I wi J N -- vhlffl X-J... 0, - flf' . Rob:-rt A. Moore Thomas L. Moore' LeRoy j, Donna S. Murray Mary K. Nelson Don R. Patten vi: . ggi-' Sheba fre- 'W Morevitska W5 j' fa- 4' "Q", . -at A0 h. ' lil' 5 ff' r 'M' 2 1'1" Wh:- .. ill' f . ...f-gggx. W , 'T Ply m "5 .157 ' f- ll 1 R X ' if yfrgii . . ' 5 A 14 rilfhx ' 3i'f'?"l'?'2 .tr ,mi .fl U 59' .X , F3485 A - -2-ft'.'1f' t, .QQ -V 4 ' 1:,l1f:'..2I-'T ' William E. Margaret A. Gary M. Plckersgill ljhristine E. Plug Carol V. Reed Gerald D. Reed Robinson Russell .3 Donald R. Meltlisch Q l , . tx N 5 , 'l I Y! .. .. 'ku x ,,.:...5, X J Gr' , ,fy x. R. 5' V , 'E' 1 5 . fi A, Q. f l Q T DF ARTS Jerry L. Rutter John Ruwart g.. , Qi .-F ' :ya ,, fav., .X s 1 . ' X H Q' , , Q' N , o- f-- YZ- , 7 '-15 ff' fi S 1 . JTXSEW X K Larry E. Sherwood Michael T. Shir-lds ,, n X if A -....,.-- A t X Donald L. Smith AND SCIENCES Q. E?- X . ir ' A S... , x , Marshall B. Sapm' Q ' I A , James A. Sllff'l'Vf A 'l 1. ,fag 1, Fx. , . QQQ 'E,Q.-Q '13 'K as ' 4 if f- .IL Q yx'Qx. Q 'V , Shirley A. Scherer Richard Scars Alicv Shephertl S nf' K., . . v 1, , Q? S . K LL. i rm , Sr "-' 1 n ,Iuhn L. Smart Carolyn Smith L., a 0- I vw- av. I ms -'nv w F, fi- -. v it i . X. f lYuthnn Spain Michael F. Spoor .lamvs T. Spotls Truman P. Stauffvr t Dnnulrl D. Smith f fxknvvl IL' .,-vw -- 5 xx 1' Tom S, Stoll '- "' Z . A .. X on no '-- as-. 4' 5, -- X lx gh ' Q5 'V ---' ' . "' 'nr x 3.3. N- """ ' om. .., Q.. -I S '- S f ii: L 3' f., , l E! - rw . ..'. . J Ml' f fl x, A it Edward W. Marcia Super J. L. Swaffer Charles F. Swengcl Roger N. Sybrant Arthur I.. Taylor Sudduth 61 4, I 0 5 1 D' ' of li! O ,' 9 Oo 0 ,nl .0068 r., I o ll' .I '01 'fxff-1 1. '03 UI! 1' I JUNIORS-COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES R-fi Qi-9 'Sv' , nl' ,,. , A . ? Q f' - ' 'J 4 0 -v- ',-'Q KN L Qi' 'tk Carol ,l. Tliomu' Rub:-rt K. Tn-ece lam:-S L. Turns-r Rhoda Untrif Edward D. Vogel 'iQ 915 h91"1"' Albert F. Wallace "US Gi .: 'fl 'rf' T? Beverly J. Walton Judith Wart- Jewell E. Welch 4"'5 Raphael L. Wendling l i - Q 45" V l.ymla J. Wright Harold Wyatt Huy 'l'. Yamamoto Rolwrt Y. Ziegler "HE'S the one thf1t's cm prnbzttiort. not mt-"' 1 . , Barbara Ann Patricia Williams Whitaker 5 .4 f a t ly... if l X . N V ur 'K 3 .f Gad! :Ihr .Q 'T ...V A- fx. If A I 'i if . K F. as '79 " SG' 9 ., Q ,Ya -'f i 1. , Q41 .X ff" ... ff S 5:- f- 'SK. Q7 3 Q... as-A fs'---c. va' ,,.- , ,.f- . 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'V QT' s X Y 5 X S in A if- . ,, gif' A .af ' 3: v , , Y : pf 'nt'?i-542'-'zi - ""7 "' 1 G rl x "" ,.., an NM. I Frank R. Eaton Carl Eberhart Paul R. Edwards Lynn W. Engel Maxwell E. Engelhardt Eugene Epple Bruce Ernst Robert E. Farmer Freddie L. Franci Carlsen Frana Thomas H. Frir-ze John Garcia Harvey Gilbert .lllfly Gt-litko .lesse K. Goodspeed Howard Gopman Suzanne Gordon .luclith L. Grant Anne Greenstein Raymond J. Gripkey .lay S. Gruver Samuel K. Hagerty Richard F. Halliburton Harold F. Hampton .lohn C. Hancock Hugh Hass Norma Sue Heath Bruce G. Heavner Larry Hernandez Gordon'Hillegas David R. Hills Roger L. Hilsabeck James W. Hixon George W. Hoffstot Andrea Hogin 65 cl -- X ear- , A .nn- . Q' :K R f .ly ep f . mas.. .wwf 'X 5, te 5. :1::25vEfiS'???5e law, Z' 2 ' 21, K ' 5' , A XA -iv ,E -Q ..- 4 on 4 .. .- w .-1: ,,- ,JI I FQ . . ' fin' Q.. . Y QA Wk ,. has n IA .-x i ,Q , "2 ' A li, n- 4- iw- A 1'-4. ' I . ,X - 6 x - ' M . V g., ,. ,. 'f .. 4 A -'.- ' 'v av' Elf.. . 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Decker Laurie Donalson Patricia Downey Susan Duncan Merle B. Eagle Jerry Eklund Rory V. Ellinger Judith M. Enloe Bernard P. Erdman Joe Ernst, Jr. Michael J. Everly Robert V. Fahnestock, Jr. Dannean Farris Jimmie Fiddler Claiborne H. Fitch Deanna Forbes Barbara Foster :Sv N 'ncvvf va' Q .,,. H ,air 'iii AQ' xy if .ul 'fi' Vit .3 Y' -..- x -'IT' iv 9 ,a, f 5 . bu. A ,gh- .1 Q w 1- . .-. K.. gifs, -.f Q V f. A. .fa . , e ,fi fiv V if V! t .. " :P ' .1 ' ,, if K 'S' 'X '?"'i l' s l A gi: f In 4 A- GF 4" ,. -4' K , .T I ' gi can 1? I .Q xc? . I. S J: '4 ,,. i J' 1 . '..,, . DQQIM5, ss l 5.4 A .. A W, 4 M 'ef-3 K N' 'fr' ,I ' . ' v'..- f- .RW nv 1 2:5 . ' 5 ' ., i s 1' 'E ' H -. I 'T VCI... "" '9 M X? F .X f ff N f' -t 2 1' A . .. JA .1526-. 41' fa X. 1- I. ,V " -. S " ' f' 'Y - ft - . :rw .--A U . - ,. - -J' ,vi e . le fi' T. t few 2 Q :ae 5 37 :Z - ..- ,,,. ' -, 1.1.3, , A: 'rg' 1 . ' ., - . ii.. 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'-- ' 1, Yffx .. ' i ,ff ,T i at :iv .' if i ig fl 41 ' Q 1 F ' . 4 , V! ' gl A g 5 Elsa, e w 1: . fr" , .E w Q ,R -, 5- ' , - Y- V' - . - - ' T' E+- ., , ' N l ' Cr "-'- ' ' rf Q Wk ' - . .. . ' Q- .N was Q L in .-- f ' 54 " 'L' ""' ' 1 1 f li V Cl- 4 'fx ' J -. - - 4' ,.i ' t -a M :. . . ze Q K r ' -if :Y Qgfi in as -. ', F i M ml, il , ' Nfl, X552-gn ' I I , ' H 1 1 . f 4 .4 'i Nj K 1 f "5- vi.. " N f' 11 ef i ' A., '.-'FF-'RP' " :FQ ,. ., 3 s V . Hi 1-im. t f 70 Charles J. Fox David YV. Fulton Donna K. Gargotta Jerry Garner Herbert R. Cile, Jr. Sylvester Glenn Gary Green Judith Ann Hall Keith Hannsz Susy Hardman Judith Harkins .loan Harmon Patricia Harris Lee Hart B. David Hartwig Elbert L. Hayes Anthony Hemley Kathleen Hemp Carol Higday Stan Higgins Christine Hile Larry Hinton Barbara Hire Brian Hobson Patricia Hoff Jane Hogg Susan Holman Sandra K. Howard Kathy Kedigh Evelyn Kirchner .loe Krysa Charles E. La Rose Joe LaBue Cecil L. Leiby, jr. Sheilah Mae Lewis Mike Lopez James Edward Luke Susan Lytel Stanley Madlof Phillip Marcus William J. Marley .lean Maxwell .lohn E. McDonald Virginia McLin Sammy Merriman Hilda Meth Robert Middleton Helen Mitchell OF ARTS Sandra Kay Monger Roger L. Morphew Joanne Moser Gene Mueller Barbara Murray Barbara Myers Emily W. Myers Patrick J. Nash David T. Natharius Gretchen C. Nichols Richard L. Nichols Pam Nicholson Donna Noger Nancy J. Norbury Rita Norton Ann D. Odell Marilyn Ontman James D. Osborn Richard L. Owens Pamela Patrick Carol Pattison Roberta Sue Perry Douglas Pilcher Stuart Powell Laurence A. Remis William Rice Sue Richmond Carolyn Roberts Sharon K. Roe Felix L. A. Romero Plinio A. Romero Edwin S. Rose Joanne Ross Connie Rubenstein Ruth K. Ryland Sandy Scharlan Lyle R. Schultz Judy Shelton Lois Beth Singman Elaine Smith Judy Smith Mauriece Smith Richard Smith Estuardo Sobalvarro William Spear Jeffrey L. Speight Judy Springer Herbert Lee Stein AND SCIENCES sn- . ,, - 1 sl ' 00 'S :J f frriff' : .s J w P 1 Q z -gg 1 :T if 7 A- P V 7 ,Es 'fm Af, .2 i 1 ' 5-F Q . 2 R Ka- QPN.. nv. N sv A Q? ,QQ n-vs. -4- 1-W 'Z 7- " " as gg A , -V .3. A . e ' ... .1 :ir "" . " I 'zz - X . Us . W Tk 4, .. : I ' v . f. gk " h fl B if V, ,., 4 K ' .- .. H . ,. 5. .--f v-v , x 3 Q':q4xh if way X' ' ' ' V v..f . K i 1.- fl L. Q 'QS 6 -:fp -,J 1- 63- 5 P 'V "' QZX J I . ': gg? Q . Tig. ' -x 1 3 'rs ,A .1 '- Q' H s rx 1:15 , , L . PM ii V S 1 li 4 A L its fx f- 7 W - " " . Jr: as Q' J C+- -w .. r . sf A Q . . 4' , . -W, .P 'N 1, ,ffgigij v gg' gr., ff Q Ia. . -, fr- X W -:- ser- -f J , " f T , R -. iff iff Ati ' 'Q 'xii 5 71 FRESHMEN-COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Y, 1 i 2" ...J ,SS, ,Sag ,f Q., H- ,W Q? 1' 'Z ig '- x.. ,V ' gg, .::, r- ., J -an 1 , ,. 1 -M " f ' .fr ,v ,4 '-' ' 1 -I 'nag-, iz. fs lf ...l .,, . Vs., X .sbi X ,"- ' , 5 t 4 -5151, I f'2'- T' rpm 57, gl, Q.- Q. .Y ' "L" ii I J H A N kg 15: Ai V - - . . ,Al 1 x H "' ff 'Q g 3 r f . 'iff in rf' . ' kk ass. fem vi s ...-. L I if-.. .1s.. fs.- -. vw ""Qr 'P ., .-. -. .v- v. .,,. . ', Qr, 'T' 5 ,... '34 N. .1 A .Q A . I 104' ' ,fu ' X -r 'V , . fg!.'P'.P Q .X f X N. .fx 'Q if I 1ew5'Y'5,.!-. x 2 14' 'Q Q ' -1. , via Us -Q- Y l I . . , ggtg- Tfg- ffvl- iii-I 2. f'f,'l'4 A 4 3 1 ' Y' 'T 7 Q .4 vt! H A , .1 .L ' .A A eewi. ,A W . in .2 ,N Yrs- -.-1 :U - - ' 6' .J V ef TS I It s' ' ', wiv-. tin' . ,T 5- N1 C7 Y il i, X An: ,f,,, i N, Q.--,ml T 4 N, 72 Judith Stewart Linda Stewart .lane-ll Stewart Susan Stine Sheila Stulilharg Joleen Stumpli Ronnie Sutton Anne Swindler Jim E. Tannehall Lynn Thompson Robert A. Thompson Randinne Thorud Ercelle Tisby Harry Tishk Joseph Tucker Ray H. Vanderlioof Gordon A. Vogt Earl D. Vold Starr Ann Wagler Larry A. Wagner Julia Ann Wallace Nlartha Warren Rex C. Weddle Ronald H. Welch Carolyn Wheatley Charles W. Whitcomh Patricia W'ilhoit Franl-L Wlilliams. Jr. Walter H. Williams W'illiam J. Williariis Loa Wlilson l,arry Winsliip Donna Winterscheirl Patricia Wolf Uwe Woltemade Rosa Woods Ponclietta Wyatt Ronald Young Ruth Zetmeir Donald Zurovsky fag- Pl ' Y stef . - G'- ff rs gg, Ui DEPARTMENTAL CLUBS TUDENTS fcomfortahle in the informal atmosphere of a private home for literary, economical, political, aesthetic, philosophical discussions, in the laboratories learning refilled techniques and methods, on the stage per- fecting an art, in the fields pursuing peculiar predilections, touring business establishments for insights into merchandisingl have joined together to explore areas of common interest and to gain that something extra missing from the formality of the classroom. Departmental Clubs implement the learning process pleasantly. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SCDCIETY ggi AS' Lf "-" Q 1 .1 Q, A a X . , , 1 . ,- , "" 1 .Q 'f-'E' 33" . J 'L X QW t. f '5. ,. f X ' if E N Barbara Jacobson William Post Barbara Murray Raymond Tool Linda Stewart David Grisafe Stanley Katzman Carol Mullin Gerald Papenmeier 73 HE STUDENT AFFILIATES of the American Chemical Society of the UKC campus is one of more than three hundred chapters located at various colleges and universities throughout the country. The UKC group was established in 194-8. The program is desiped for those undergraduates enrolled in course work leading toward a degree in chemistry or chemical engineering. However, other students having a sincere interest in the field of chemistry are welcomed. President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ....... R 0ll6l'I S. MCNCCS Vice President ,.......... ........ R ayII10Hd H- T001 Secretary-Treasurer . ....... Barbara Jacobson 69- A J Robert McNees . - - President 'QQ 17.2" A 3' C 1' ,.: ,, rf- ft -. f. -. 1. Q' V T. ilfiiil , 3 'ix 3.2 pf 4 DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN HE MEETINGS OF DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN, held monthly, are devoted to the appreciation of the history, music, art, poetry, and literature of the German people. Some of the activities included colored sound films, playing host to Die Hohn- steiner Puppenspieler, and an Apfelkuchen Beoth J i Visa, I at the Winter Carnival. ' 'h ni I Q as Der Deutsche Verein was fortunate to have "P 4- 4- ,UN had the friendship, guidance and inspiration of .2 , -,Q-,K p the late Dr. Rudolph K. Bernard who helped to I ' t- ' better appreciate and understand the German cul- mi up ture. During the second semester, Wolfgang Neu- Nf ' X! schaffer was the advisor. lil Bill Chan Carl Eberhart Waymon Elledge Peter Newman Shirley Scherer Jane Higgins A H D Carol Thomas B+' , A fb 4' e at fl- -1 " ' - ,f f '?rf GCVERNMENT CLU B ,.g'.ia2QE35e2,zigg3 'wL't.O'.z"'-e gm ala l ll 'Q 5 Ei-. sr.. X Ex JN 1' -4 , V 5' :fit ref if l , ,, 5 ',,,.Q ' X :L uv- is- 'M ,, f nv , X ' , 1 '. A 5 'Q ,iw X kilt? N " X f-.1 r - I' , f - 5 Q Y 5 v, l as v Jffkiig 1 X X 3 ' x t .Q-Q.. WW' ,,. ..f" " Firs! Row: Richard Anderson, Dan Creasy, Lyle Dorsett, ,lack Flippo, Bon Weiher, Edward Vogelg Second Row: Norman Walke1'., Ramsey Davis, Bob Ziegler. GECJLCGY GEOGRAPHY CLUB Front Row: Dr. Ekblaw, William Goff. W8TTtuIl XV3lllFIf'Ill, secretary. Mike Spoof. Charlcfs Lvwib. reporter, Dori Deckerg Serond Row: Bob Moore, Hugh Innes, Edward Slldfllllll. Dave Grisufe. Don Parker, E. J. Parinzekg Third Row: Carl Eberllart, Donald Crowley, trf-asurer. .lack DeLong. Tom Shealian, president, Allan Hans, vice-president. HCDNORARY MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY llembers: George-anne Schalley. Roger Carlson. Ce-cil Kelley, O. Boyd Nlalliias, Paul Klugmun. Larry Brnwnley. Carolyn Smith, Park Chamlwliss, ,Ivrry Bails, Larry Sherwood. Warren Buxton. ,lolin F. llarrlman. ,lim Km-llc-y, Rosalve Bradley, Dun Krenkcl. Roy Walker. Bruce Ern-I, Hill Niclmls. Ralph Jones, Clyde Rinker, Dr. H. Netscli. T5 EASY CHAIR 4' rv? ,f Left to righl, Row 1: Sybil Nancy Osterstrom. Cynthia Jackie Wells. Priscilla Ewe. Jones: Ron' 3: Dr. Roma of! ' N .' :F .- O ,,. 'Z' P- D I A L ' Q 'Ex f . 4f', 5 QI, h f Al ' at 2 ft l i A ws. 1 f"1 Horowitz. Frankie Searcy, Linda Edwards. Betty Dicker, Edleman. Sharyl Osborne: Row 2: Mrs. Anna Brandt, Popie Beskas. Margin-et Russel. Verna Wilkinson, Janice King. Jr., Joseph Naaz, Richard McFaddin. Waymon Elledge. Bill Baker. Ira Adams. ef, D "Urn King, did you and Heraclitus collaborate in the writing of The Bow And The Lyre? ? ? ? ?" l'rvs1'flf-rzt ., ,. .... ...Michael Yates lm'-l're.w1'flwr1r . ,, . ..Ricl1ard Sears Sw-rcrnri-Trwmnrtr ....... Stuart Holland l'1l11lirzlx l,.,lIlI-VIIIIIII .. ...... .llltly Johnson EASY CHAIR. the English departmental club. is open to all University students interested in ancient or modern. American. English. or con- tinental literature. lts purpose is to provide an informal medium of expression rclaited to literature or literary movements. Under the advisor-ship of Dr. Roma A. King. Jr.. the club this year has con- sidered topics ranging from the humor of Mark Twain to the im- portance of Ima! poetry. nivlllllllfl' One, student literary publication. is sponsored by Easy Chair. 76 1 1 l I i A. NUMBER if ' i a ' ". 6 it , Waymon Paul Elledge, Editor UMBER ONE, sponsored by the Easy Chair De- partmental Club and under the advisorsbip of Dr. Roma A. King, Jr., is an annual student publica- tion of original creative and critical writing. Short stories, poems, a one-act play, and literary criticisms were included in the 1960 edition. Various prizes totaling 35180 were offered. Students from any de- partment or school of the University are invited to submit manuscripts to the editors. ONE 77 are 1 X. ,mgud . . ,. 'N A" 2 , ,Q Michael Yates, Assistant Editor wax Us li A A .- ix y 1, M K Q3 si? X A ' in 1' Nancy Osterstrom Dorthea Woodward Assislanls to the Editor EL CLU B ASTURIAS President, Ann Greensteini Secretary-Treasurer, Carol Thomas: Members, Bill Dudley, Faye Edwards, Norma Holt, Gary Alnisted, Marsha Super, Ann Greenstein. Carol Thomas, Evelyn Gomez, Carol and Charles Dodds, Fred and Judy Francis: Faculty Advisor, Bernard Dulsey. EL CLUB ASTURIAS is the Spanish Club on campus. Club members had many informal meetings during the school year, one of which was a dinner meeting held at La Palmas Spanish Restaurant. LE CIRCLE FRANCAIS Vlqhv l'll1'llI'll fill law' Left to right. Row 1: Jane Higgins, Pam Patrick, Popie Beskas. Ann Straulman Row 2: Mrs. Judith Grant, Richard Smith, Betty Jo Caruthers. James Edward Amo rosa, Linda Lou Foster, Pat McLaughlin: Row 3: Dr. William Crain, Faculty Advisor Susan Lytel, Mrs. Ann Goodman, Mrs. Neilson, Roberto Amarato, Dalton Smlth Dannean Farris. 78 PENATES ,V , , L 12 ,tak 41, ,E ' f J-N A 1 Pat ,W :vs " D '17 V. vg., .X sn ,, T, 1- 2? 5 y ii SN.-.,.-2 at ii V' t ,Q , . Q' 5 , + 3 i l 0 iii' 4 , KX :ih- 'A f ,,5.f'H -2- wf , rf' .Ag Q . ' V ' - First Row: Susan Duncan, Carol Doerr, , of Q in an W I PSI CHI SI CHI, AFFILIATED NATIONALLY, is the profes- sional honor and recognition society for stu- dents in the Psychology Department. To be eligible for membership a student must have completed nine hours in psychology with a B average. The group had meetings and social gatherings each semester. Aspects of psychology were the subjects of speeches given at each of the meetings. Topics included were the relation of psychology to re- ligion, the role and professional relation of the psychologist to the psychiatrist, and the psycho- logical test reflections of the personality of Charles Starkweather. Judy Golitko, Emily Hall, Marjorie Hicks, Akiko Iwata, Second Row: Ian Martin, Cerre Lee Patterson, Deann Riley, Judie Spoor. X J. ff l 1 9 -R 'Q' ' mn ' Q" -as ' B- ' - ,Eff fs 1 f. A R rpms? if '45 fa: iff . f First Row: Robert Brooks, Allen Hume, Eileen Lepperg Second Row: Herbert Oeknight, Warren Peterson, Raymond Relaford. 79 if 5 51 -- - a n R X it ,IQ- if A s 1-.dt ii. 4 ?i'fa2t it 'gl rf, Lat . ,Si i,,' 'I 6 2 gl, l?,3e lb A. -Q, A , , xr 6... A 1 l Row l: R41 xl A Z fr. ' HA I -,..-rf -, RQ, Sta' . Q ' nclinr- Tliorinl. ,lurlx Wriglit. Ili-vf'1'ly'f?21l11lH'r.Jum- llogp. .lo Ellen Nolan. .loan Womack, Lucille Lang- uortliy: Row 2: Ricliarrl flux-114. ll:-nny .lenni Ho-'or 'lloiplic-W. l.Lirl'v Xvll"lll'l'. N 1- . 4 VH' linllll .1 1 it ' 1 rig tiff TEL filer ETC x -ull. OFFIK .ICRS E5f-1:1 ollom Row: Par William-. l'-P.. Pam Nicholson, Sec.: up Row: 'llliurl llonslon. 7'rn1,s., llmlrly Zimmer. Pres.. llnrwooml Rell-I. Slfonrorg llarv Ygitliarins. l'rn'limn. t'l'alx- mg Pictures tfurlvvn Finns. Rita Norton. Slivila Norton, Harry Snyder: Row 3: Pete llolslol, Burlizira .Mlaiin-. Klarsliall Super. Christine Ping. UKC PLAYERS AMONG the oldest and most active groups on campus is Thr- lilifl Players. an organization originally founclerl as a rlepartinental vlulm for speech majors. Since its estalilislinn-nl. liowex'ei'. it has grown into a service organization for theatre activities and yearly contrilvules meinlu-rs to Playhouse produc- tions lmotli as zu-tors and technical assistants in costumes. inalu--up. lighting and stagecraft. Special parties anrl initiations of new members rounded nlll llw at-tirities wliicli made l960 another success- ful :intl rewarfling year for this growing organiza- tion. 80 RIFLE CLUB Warren Buxton I .V K., Jerry Dickson ' Robert Evans ' P Bruce Holman E 1 r f' i MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Phillip Bouldin John Lyon David Drummond Noel Nuessle Joetta Hammons John Pohorny OFFICERS Dr. Noel Nuessle ........K................................. President John Lyon ........... .............. V ice-President Warren Buxton ...... ...... S ecretary-Treasurer Zin LK 'til1TZl15l42i.iIni:iA 'dilllwlii - . SCHGOL GF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION VN if dom' -2 T 4 f , .I s V I 4s....s, X .1. . X, x 1 is , 'mi' L f 2 ' X JOHN B. RUSHMER SINCE its establishment five years ago. the School of Business has grown steadily in both quality and quantity and has taken its place in the community as an important source of trained personnel for area businesses. This year the University was very fortunate to acquire as Dean of the second youngest school on campus John B. Rushmer whose background in private industry will prove invaluable in the task of producing the type of graduate that our modern industrial society needs. Dean Rushmer is a native of San Francisco and studied at the University of California. Following his graduation. he attended the University of New York for graduate work. As co-ordinator of train- ing. employment. communications and management studies for the International Petroleum Company, Ltd.. an affiliate of the Standard Oil Company. Dean Rushmer has shown himself to be an adminis- trator of proven capabilities who will bring to the School of Business Administration a depth of un- derstanding of the training necessary for success in commerce and industry. MARION WEAVER Secretary ri Admin. Asst. to Dean rx .Jijy -x FRAN PARKS Secretary SCHGOL CDF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION lla. fk-vs' ii VBA' Yu-.. -if ,.,.,-rf ,X Wa, E. A. Sehwarzkopf J. R. Smith E. N. Lueking William Fredrick Vivian Mousselet FACULTY MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Burnie E. Ahelle John C. Chitwood Paul A. Christiansen Elmer L. Horseman. Jr. David A. Tanqnary Walter C. Wagner 84 LECTURERS William J. Bolt Richard A. Delaney Charles Dixon James P. Jouras Eldon Lackey James Morrison Willard A. Osborne Donald L. Thompson wtf? ' CLASSES 545-H JP' N . 5 ,ww :4 A,"'f15Z?l'! ii sg!! 2 A 1, a wsq f' ' aw- ,j vim . ,- , , X -. by ., Q5 vt.. 3, Wxg -Sw . Writ W I ' Sei. 'iff 5 .Aa E 1' Mkg. L- s- A' AT ' -44: 'X-A J' w. SENICRS AND GRADUATES Af Y RW' ,ww Q A 5 , -1, ' , I A W EE., sg A ' fin? .Q " fn ,T wg , V: , H ' -' -4 . . M hw - Q AQ , . Y- , ' X . ... A Af "gy 4- .Q , W 1- Nw' vw ' x. , , 1 1- ,ff In ' V, Q Q 2 .X , N.. .t I A I - 4q-Nq.4'j:gi,.-:.xm.:iI Q- .394 M Hi ki x.-i7.1's' - A ag," ww-8-rf'fy - ' " sf ' 'Am' A A 1. - ffxfwiw-3?fyQ .pf '32, .h . . Jeff j'?"W FM W"f,a'FQ f 1' f 1' 4401-. R Q, Ap, in 'H wwf ii' x J 4 '-ll an 4 swf. OF BUSINESS BYUNG HO SEO Graduate JOHN R. BARMBY Kansas City, Missouri Nu Rho Psi: Business School Assn.: Veterans Assn. ROGER W. BORGELT Kansas City, Missouri Debate Teamg Nu Pho Psi, Historian i "Inherit the Wind." if " RICHARD E. CEARLEY Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri Junior College MICHAEL LEE CONRAD Kansas City, Missouri Business Administration Pres., Treas., Chapter Luminary l1959P . Delta Chig Convention Delegate H9583 3 Vice-Pres., Nu Rho Psig Sec., Retailing Associates: Pres., Vice-Pres., IFCQ Al- pha Phi Omegag Assoc. and Asst. Ed.. U-Newsg Photographer, Kangaroog Bum Friday, 1957-58 Chrm., Pub. Comm., Homecomingg 1958 Chrm. Pub. Comm., Student Announcer, KCUR-FMQ Co- Chrm., Orientationg Group Leader Com- mittee, 1959-60. SARA LEE COX , Kansas City, Missouri Sigma Betag Women's Recreational Assn.: Pep Clubg Baker University. ' 1 I R Ex xfvsni X , iv s W., tx' ff ff T Vx i TT' K'- 2' .-.5 115, r 36' HTFR? ALBERT LEE CROSNER Kansas City, Missouri Delta Chi, Pledge Trainerg Nu Rho Psi: Orientation Committee Cliairtnan and Group Leader: Bum Friday Com- mittee Chairman: "Darkness At Noon' University of Oklahoma. ROBERT LEE CROW Kansas City, Missouri Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treasq Nu Rho Psi, Treas.g Orientation Committee: Intra-Mural Football. ROBERT JOSEPH DAIGNEAUX Kansas City, Missouri S. STANLEY DALEN Kansas City, Missouri Yu Rho Psi, Sec., Chrm. Professional Activities S Membership Committees: Student Commission on University De' xelopment: Committee Chrm., Business School Dance: Participation Award: Student Publications Board: Kansas City. Missouri Junior College. EUGENE W. GADD Kansas City, Missouri FRED W. GLOVER Kansas City, Missouri .- ,gl -1 4 X ' il.. 1 x Z2 ' Q' as..-a" al- .' Vi V 'IS' I . --' . 1- , I I 2' iw . 5 I gd 1-Q J earn 5.5 1,35 , ' i xii ?"-wi 1 :sis V ""' 3Y ,4.zj'..f I. ,i.1ywa4i, : 4? A ue- ", at alias v is 'f' . ' v .get .1 L 415 ig I N , b 1 t L., .Lx Jw.. ,.... is 4' ffl? 1 4 s X tt t 'ii . .. , FK Q s 7 3 f A. J C43 -Q.. Q' ...L . 2 f ml' iw . . 4 . 4 My, ." ,' M I 7, A. R. 13- V! . '4 K MARY ANN HALDORSEN Kansas City, Kansas Beta Zeta, Pres., Vice-Pres., Pep Clubg WRA, Social Committeeg Pan-llellenic Council: Bum Friday Committee Co- Chrm.: Participation Award. LOWELL EUGENE HOTTMAN Kansas City, Missouri New Student Steering Comm.g Nu Rho Psi: Delta Chi: Co-Cllrm., Quad Danceg Kansas City, Mo. Junior College. THOMAS A. JACKSON Kansas City, Missouri President. Stuilent Council: President. Business School Councilg Nu Rho Psi. Yice-Pre-s.g Chancellofs Committee on Extra-Curricular Activities. JOHN DEAN LEUENBERGER Kansas City, Missouri DEAN MARRIOTT Kansas City, Missouri Victor Wilson Scliolarsltipq Dean's Listg "K" Club, Pres., Treas.: Delta Clti, Yice-Pres.g Nu Rho Psi. Pub. Chrm.q 4 Varsity Basketball Lettersg Orienta- tion Croup Leader: Chrm., Par-O-Dice: Student Development Comm.: Athletic Comm. GARY MCMONIGLE Mission, Kansas SENIORS-SCHOOL PETER NEWMAN Kansas City, Missouri ,QQ ,K ' lJean's Listg Torch and Scrollg German "rt" ' . X . ag "X vs -f-4 4-my 4 if 4'T""? 'W sez! Clubg Pep Clubg Zionist Organization, Treas., Vice-Pres.g Orientation: Victor Wilson Scholarshipg Kansas State. EDWARD L. OGDEN Kansas City, Missouri Torch and Scroll: Dean's List. LYLA LEE POLLARD Kansas City, Missouri Sigma Betag Pep Squadg W.R.A.g Hon- ors Day Awardg St. Joseph Junior Col- lege. SANDRA LYNN PRUITT Kansas City, Missouri SAMMY RAY Kansas City, Missouri Newman Club Retail Associates: Kan- sas City. Missouri Junior College. CARL RAY RENFRO Kansas City, Missouri OF BUSINESS P ... 3. sf.- A.: Q if 'CT' 5 I L 'is .- gf . l ' 1 19 .. ,s' '-11' ' . ,"'f"" ' i ' x T X' I. 2. L LEWIS E. ROBB Kansas City, Missouri ,. 1 . l vjx Aix N Rl Ps' Al ' S . U 10 l, llfllfll CC likjtx THOMAS F. ROBERTS Kansas City. Missnuri 1 A . L Q '7": DONALD R. ROGERS if Kansas City. Missouri F RAYMOND LEE SAALE Q' Kansas City. Missouri ' 'nv vi JERRY W. SLONECKER Kansas City, Missouri Nu Rho Psi, 506.2 Committm' on Cnms niiltvcs. BROOKS TERRY Kansas City. Missouri Xictor Wilson Scholursliipg Pe-p Club Tau Kappa Epsilon: Rstuil Assoviates Treas., Vice-Prvs.g Nu Rlm Psi, Treas WARREN K. THOMPSON Kansas City, Missuuri DONALD JOSEPH WATKINS Kansas City . Missouri JAY CEE SCOTT Overland Park. Kansas ROBERT LEE SCOTT Kansas City. Missouri Rvtail Associates. ia. 89 JUNIORS Xu? -'X-Sr.-H 2153 3, . i1"" A V X ' .. 1' ,T xg" ' v - Lf" V X 4- ?.'5"X" , . X .X A fy' way. Xff gw ' , X, X' 4 91312 is N 2 f ,X ' g ,.?:q.X:Xg 5 :SXX , .-1r'fvX,S- HES, '4 f' .- 1 ' , , X 1 4 fi X: 41 X X fm - , X X XXX' W. .V ,KX ,xi , MwN,.! Q. , r ' " fate '-'W-wr. 'H Sv' .f ,XX , ..,.X ,.'s,4xF X . 1 .gf 'W' X - X f, , X - f .5m??.'-fin' X ' is A Q 'QW isp, 22 3 2, mv: Xin ' .X 42 4 XM is 51544 5' Q xi5'i1XlliX14'S1f'-'f ' 'ai X . -RFSXQR 'f4w.f4 .Q .- 13 Q X 2 X 115. 1 N ,'x,A-,yR?j3,,.E5, :ggi Q, 13. 5 Y We 4 4 5 .4 ff-mera: ..., 4 ,.rn' M-Xfw?-Nmxgw X4. A Xfw ' X XX A "Q,s--- .424-S-iv.:,f,Z1H1: - MM 4a XQX QNX ,X '2:XHT5i2xi'X.5g? 2 XX XX, xg X ,Q Q 7' " ?i1xYfEXg3??Qif r 2555, fu X Q 4 5 , ,A - - , --1 , , ,X X KX 'if' Wax :X Xi , S 31? XA? X, X V , N X A ,X Ai? X.y Q 4" U 'xiii XX WRX X v in Y: S, -, '4-wig X 2 , , wr, U Jigs F:ii'ig1zi,', 23 - , .X 1' '15 X Q '-.grass dv-Q K - X , x QW? W XX-1 X. -1' +XaX XXX-r .5 -x - 1,51 '45-Xy. . Xgwyf-31 . X X .If X 'SX X mb. :Y 5. 1 'F L1 f ' ' 'Ex I ,.,-XX-X., vw za:-,X 42 f, V X .N-:3::5:X Z"-:L "Ju sl- ' -. .I. ' ' X - f'-:RN :X 4 XX-X .ff-X he 41 ii-1211:-X4 . X ,:,sX "X XJ' -X. ,.X. -4 rw- ws. X. X XX Wag '+P' - 1 X I X 1 fx , if n x Yf S ' ' 1 .,:, X X l x 2' M . Y .-gXRs?X:. lg N ' -SXNFXXA' , X X Yi 5 X95 X X Xi - . iv 41-v v- 3 XX Qs? :X Xi, w if 5, fig' -X x Xi ,X- . . X gg X if , 41y?fXsw ' 5.55-ex.:X-H fa X XXX X .X X SAX -I-W: -1 - 4' ' " x 'Xmg X x X ,IN M X ,X X X b X b X X XX X4 , ug .X ' AXSQSSYQ' 535, 'A X X 4... may fin x31 M X X M K Q 5 1 ' ggi X N? X 3 's,z. Qu 'Q Q, xi 'Y 3 l S V x W A im. A :ig M 5? if 'X Wx, .Eu q 1 X X X Xe-A X Swag mai, i 3854 6 X 5 T N' ' , I. " X X' 4 ' W ,XXEXXM ga, ,M k - -,ml 'Akvi , N, A 3, M X 4 X4 ,, V XXQHQX' A .1 ws' wp, gg .dm X gsm l wwf:X 4 X. X ' ' lh.f?X5qi- 12 H 44 ' - X XJ' Y.-X . xx, ' A " ff 33, awww ri, xt X gQ21'34':X.Xf X, l x . ' mi ' 4 4+ . '.X,g4X,,:f1' 4 X : P- 1 X Q , XA' X 'SWfs1Lf,ff4::tX14s449:'fT?XX i' p f t X 'W+f-X X R 2 4 E45 5139-' y if 5,X:1..1v ' -'2 4 Q X - XX -XX UNE. S .wb X. 1 X. X. . . X 1 5 45X4f?gPif5:Q,f143X ggi ' fm M . FAX 5 xg :wa-X :X 235 -3 AX' 4 X E gfr, X, X is Xi ,Q 5 335. xg Etiixxats -X yy! AME:--X ff X' 9' 5 XX A kr, 3.4.3-I X , A ., 'if-"' X X '- H Xf'fX.eAg'ig 3-.5-4?-X. Ad,- ' - ' ' . 'SPV' X X ' 95 I"fkzXXXMiKeSZ9"k -346 " X251 5 iff, JF ARTS AND SCIENCES 'iw ' . 5- ' Q MN 1? , nl .x - swivel l 1' 5.5 y fs, Q. we .... I William G. Austin, J r. Qs 5- 5' L e 4 -, Russell Duffer A . avi, Larry Bax 1 . ,. . .x , Ni ..-Q, il' , MX NMI. f ill Ambrose L. Feldhake A '49 Douglas R. Guy George Hamilton 2, Robert Bruner Larry Campbell George L. Daniels Milton J, Davis .A Q , S5 W 'nf . f l'5'X X . Q Qwvl I . "' i is J, . ' gif- .. V 1:5-e 2 xw V ! X YJ 2 . .5 adv 'lk ,.A,'1, ,ff if I l' .Z. 'Si l l fi . A ' 4, 1 .4-is f I .1 i 5765: Mil f ' ska- A L - - FST If '- f' Robert F. Fisher Clyde R. Gilbert Stan Goldman Evelyn Gomez rw ' "" 1 . . "" 'V' 4 x J-- -ffr' 5 . jj. XX ff '1 I I Dave Hendricks Dave Hoff Elmer L. Ingram James E. lsom ps. 'un 104 uk- 4955 is S' .lerry Lechtenberg Lawrence Marchent Don MCC fn. li. ullough Lawrence E. Miller Howard C. .lo Ellen Nolan Nance, J r. JUNIORS SCHCJGL OF BUSINESS U,, I , .,. ,Dix +' ' . ' - ' ',,f-If ' , -,J - Jn 'K-N ' ' '- - , . 5 if h 'OT .f f t 1. lg, arf' mi 9 lf' 1 K ,N , f I . 4 ' 1 ' 5' ' ff V fr William Nurxnun Pat ffllrivn Rivlmard Palmer , I Q14,,:'F,.l- , ., v 'fx ' - 4. , im 'lf' x -' ' ..-..-., :L 1 K Nlury Kay Ricllurcl A 4,4 asf' V nuff ax -T Sur zi, I -i . :. if X-5'::,-. x Sf I MPX lllllm 1 mfr If ,flhlll 1. 1ff:,.g,11-l I mn ffurvl Sellvnruarl Ricllarml Shoup 1 Q '- Aff" r w W 354. -X ,,,,. , A .,Q. .1 I 11 2 ', x NX X I I- S. QI, ,+I ,I f' Z -s, 4 ,a N -5 ' . D- 1-K Edward Les' Pauly Q A Q.. ,,f .1 -"" - :. Rlvlwrl L. Slwlll-in ,,,, '25 . 1 Af' ..-..'-- Sv' . fi ., I nl Wwill-In-in Sp'-nwr ll. 'l'lu-mv Ill-try W'aldrwr1 John J. Walton Dunal ,lb Duke Ponick, Jr. Donald C. Redmond ca 153. Gris T ' Qs vs- , ,... Q, 'f . 5. 5 M1113-Fri I t if Peter S. Stn ry .Xlberl L. Thnma ffl? 'VT lw iii! I L PLAYHOUSE PRODUCTIONS PROVIDE entertain FRESHMEN FIND inspi1':1tim1 in the intellectual utmospllere of the mem for the Community as Well as for the Student Kunst, bodvl NU RHO PSI iv' 'rn fs 05 n L X 2 3 5 fm . Brick Row: Bob Wilhite, Dave Hendricks, Al Woodworth, Al Crosnr-r, Tom Jackson, Roger Borgeltg Second' Row: Howard Cottman. Don Yveinstein, Lou Raith, Duke Ponick. Dick llallihurton: Front Row: Bob Saunders. Ray llarmhy. OFFICERS: Al Thomas, presirlentg Brooks Terry, treas- urerg Barney Abelle, adrisorg Clyde Gilbert, serretaryg Mike Conrad, vice-president. NU RHO PSI, professional business fraternity, has as its purpose the furthering of business education. In accordance with this purpose, Nu Rho Psi awards each year a 55100 scholarship to a member of the fraternity. Funds for the scholarship are earned by the fraternity at the Nu Rho Psi car wash on Bum Friday. This year the scholarship was renamed the Ray Smith Scholarship in honor of the professor of accounting who has served as fraternity advisor for the past several years. At the Nu Rho Psi Christmas party Mr. Smith and his wife were presented a silver serving platter engraved with his name and the name of the scholarship. As a service to business students and to prospective employers, Nu Rho Psi published the 1959 Employment Brochure. It contained background information and photo- graphs of business and economics majors, and was circu- lated to about 1,000 business firms in the greater Kansas City area. 93 RETAIL ASSOCIATES .. st. "' Lf' 'L YJ ,A Vt?" V X A f Bill Austin, President Brooks Terry, Vice-President Mike Conrad, Secrelary Dave Hoff, Treasurer HE RETAIL ASSOCIATES ORGANIZATION is composed of students interested in retail- ing and merchandising and their interests bring them in close propinquity with area businessmen. The organization encourages their members to participate in Business School activities and promote the school in the business World. During the year the Retail Associates sponsored a number of speakers on campus and toured local business establishments. An outstanding activity of the year was the Mer- chanfs Luncheon when the students met with store presidents and other key executives. Hex Baker tb' Jim Hixon D, Q, Andie Hogin ' """' Lowell Hottrnzm R :Ax Laurence Miller N ,lo Ellen Nolan Betsy Waldron 'lt' 94 SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY Gif g I I I H wel 'Sw' iii 4 X' N Hung!! ' V ' A uE'T'Aw.oFL 'F at . . ,,wA . AD . 3 A I' Q Y lit , .4-. , mf .0 .Fil ,Q -S NORMAN A. MOORE FORTY YEARS AGO Norman August Moore came to the Kansas City-Vvestern Dental College as a student. This year Dr. Moore will retire alter 32 years on the faculty of the School of Dentistry. In the intervening years in Kansas City. in which he taught the basic sciences to students of dentistry. Dr. Moore has seen the founding of the University of Kansas City. the union of the Uni- versity with the Dental College. and their combined growth. Upon his retirement we regret the passing of an era. Dr. Moore has witnessed the start of the building process of the University. Sometime in the future the School of Dentistry will be rr-loc-ated adjoining the Volker Campus. Dr. Moore will not be an active participant in its crea- tion. but the work he has done in the past will be remem- bered as a part of the foundations which made the new Dental Center possible. HAMILTON B. G. ROBINSON DR. HAMILTON C. ROBINSON is completing his second year as dean of the School of Dentistry. In this time he has become known as a strong advocate for the early construction of the proposed Dental Center at 51st and Itockhill Road. During his tenure as dean over liS700,000 has been pledged by dental alumni toward the 551,600,000 ' needed to begin work on the new center. Early in the year, Dr. Robinson was one of two educators to receive honorary membership in the Fed- eration Dentaire National, The French National Dental Society. Dean Robinson is a member of Sigma Xi Hon- orary Society and the International Association for Dental Research. He is past president of the Academy of Oral Pathology and of the American Board of Oral Pathology. Dr. Robinson received his M.S. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1931 and D.D.S. in 1943. 1 xx SECRETARIES 'N-, 0 cv u 1 ., N fs . . H Helen H. Adams Bllhe Oladay Mrs. Sippy 'Fw Pi. l FP Qimw-M, Shirley Hanes Phyllis Scheibly Rita Crandall 97 l A - '-I x -- 2 .v. Nwuww.. V .iq 1 AIP' . ,4 it X . M, . Q : ,fi ' ' li l 4 nk. Ra -x A - K ' if-ifwlm. 4 ., . - ' - lf .rr 'F' ' , hui X -1 ' xg, psp.--4 V' ,, Y 'fu mov Et ' HQ A , -,'ji'ffQ A ' ' wo- 14.xV'L.'g' :JV-y,MEyYi ., gf. . , 'Q .'.'.aN1'5,!?.'f 'h x i QE 'ntl'-5 : ' I tiff -3 ' r fl v Aff! , . jfs' 71' f ' M' A ' was fi . V ,ll R 4 'Q f F we 1, K F 'Q' Ks, V ,L N24 '. ,. vy.j1g,r 3:3 sm, 5 , , Q. 'l H i f-'lf' A ' -52 5' W 5 5 . U px-'-. V . v' Y .- v .SKNJM im: , M. via, use Y I - m- Q X -:Q 8? 5 pix ' is tx- 1 'SSx:'., ' N Fi: 5. X X K J X 5 Q5 S A. N' .ls . EX Q ,ul .r 0 W f J .I s HA 'N 1 Q5 ,f""'f 'l5f':f'rLA:Z' ag- few., cr' 1: Q 'SWT . , 2 Q, - M -A 4 Q ts: A i i la... Q I DENTAL John A. Albers Robert Allen Arnold Arms Claude R. Maker Willard R. Bellinger Perry Bolander Victor D. Bowles John Brown Francis Calmes J. Frank Chimienti John Clayton Wilton W. Cogswell FACULTY Fred W. Cook James P. Darnell Edward L. Dillon Delvin K. Dimick Kirk A. Dutton Ralph W. Edwards Lawrence P. Engel Arnold Eversull Hurbert Eversull Philip R. Falcone Viola D. Flanagan Howard L. Fultz .gf K: 5 6 2,1 4 w ,S J 1 by " . ,G 1 K m x 55' Y . gin - " Q V' if ,. f . F -111--" f ew J Ml 47 33112 gf! -ii figs, J . ,I-gx ,i A,,' 1' fm Lester M. Gates W , John E. Gossett 'Q"a- --Q Allen O. Gruehbel 5 'fs 1. DENTAL ff.. 'if ., 1 5 WH gi 'fd ., ' Charles Hart .. """5""" X wx- Wayne Harvey -'GNN James E. Herbertson if VM ss, 2 L X. fr lx I' K xc , GN' lk wif, 532 xx I Q 3 l 1 X 2 I Q. 1 s , "F- " 'fr 4- D, li .flg:.x.:Qg -,f1 1 ' ' A 1- el it D 221 l I ' 5 Donald R. Hoover 'IWW George H. Horne Arthur Iverson r v 'P 'N 1, Ks 1- 213 3 "-g , I - - I 'ix . NW NP, 3.1 .1 1-N 35 v ' Is" . . vs-F' , , A rx 1f,f.,6f,K A.. M, , N 5 rim, W Q , Msgaqg SSS. s . 3 L M- . 'Y-fiwg i A - vi. ' . 325125 ,I h 1 - Q fy: ' 'N' iff - Joseph F. Jacobs Philip M. Jones Dayton D. Krajicek z,-'MU ' 100 ,,..Al-P 535 U 9 . gl VM. 4 FACULTY K . Q ' 2 X. X' X xi ' EZ. ' 'W I l William M. Lathrop Arthur F. Lindquist Walter R. Loudon Q f'? , . 'J . . 1' ' r- Eugene H. M8lCHSCl1ClH all fi fs? F if "A sig Q X W 'WJ x X 'Q is ' .fi 2.35.5 if o ,N FE Rik 9' Ao-- Carl S. Matthews I1 George E. Mensch l Q' ,A '. Q dl I , at L D N1 David L. Moore Hugh T. Moore Max R. Moore ,er-"""" " ""!"""A Henry D. Musselman ,,,,,,,,,,,f-H Hugh l. Myers Edward P. Nelson DENTAL '6 Milton H. Noltensmeyer 'Ki- Jack C. Penticuff Wayne L. Reeves All 0-QQ, . 'y,,,,,,,,, l 1 Albert L. Reeves Fred A. Richmond John W. Richmond David W. Robinson Genevieve D. Roth Alfred O. Rueb fi' 5,32 "'1"..9P Gs s -'4 iv f., ff ff' iv-'vm Z Nqr' fl "5-as-A sk X N NW' X, ,XA ,xx Ax 'C 1 x Q . A Albert C. Saeger John Sauer Carl W. Sawyer 102 1 x..f FACULTY Arthur Frank Sohopper Norman L. Schwartz Robert Earl Smith Natalie Thomas Charles D. Walthall Benjamin W. Warner J. M. Waterman G. Farrell Webb I ack E. Wells Charles G. Williamson Don E. Woodard C. H. Williamson ri.- x , lg r? '3 D lam Q Ax viirffti Ri - . - Q .. V. f ,N 1. 5 A. P. "- an 4"" r'eJ'f'5'- NN? mm x .0 1 J 'E k is 'N wa 3 ' yi .,g Y x sa , .aj , , , " A. N-12 1-. I . .s,.., , . E, is am if N f.. X . 4 -Isev 005 N. 1 J' if-f X Sr, 'H-at I if 5 , .X GRADUATES AND SENIORS 11 3 f" 'x ,. . , TH .. f 94.4. . tx m xv. -. ,gg ,. 7 5 . A- A -T Q 1: .gn ' 4 1 Q, 5 2,,.:f A V. 4' -Y A I fx' 1 : I I 'w' A , Q ii 9 NR? mrwzm fr ,,. 1 E 5 ...W X . "5 A A AM is f DENTAL GRADUATES JACK B. AUSTERMAN Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Orthodontics University of Oklahoma, B.S.g University of Kansas City, D.D.S. ROBERT E. BERTOLDI Redding, California Orthodontics University of Southern California D.D.S. STANLEY R. COHEN Kansas City, Missouri Oral Surgery Boston University, A.B.g Tufts University, D.M.D. O. FRANKLIN FORNEY Cherokee, Oklahoma Orthodontics Oklahoma State University, B.S.: Baylor University, D.D.S. ROBERT B. GETTIG Phoenix, Arizona Oral Surgery Phoenix College, A.A.g University of Kansas City, D.D.S DOUGLAS H. GIBSON Kansas City, Missouri Oral Surgery University of Denver, B.S.g University of Kansas City, D.D.S. " rp' HOWARD W. JOHNSON El Cajon, California Orthodontics University of Southern. California San Diego State Collegeg Nortlzzvesterrz University, D.D.S. MAX E. MURRISON Caldwell, Kansas Oral Surgery Kansas University, Oklahoma University, B.S., University of Kansas City, D.D.S. DURL W. O'NElL Prairie Village. Kansas Pedodontics Kansas State College, B.S.: University of Kansas City, D.D.S. ROBERT WADE SENIFF New Haven. Connecticut Orthodontics Illinois Wesleyan University, B.S. University of Maryland. D.D.S. VAUCHN SINCLAIR lnclependence, Missouri Orthodontics University of Kansas City, D.D.S. JAMES HARDIN SMITH, .lR. Syracuse, Kansas Orthodontics University of Kansas, HS., University of Kansas City. D.D.S. K ,-it ff 'Sl 4-1-.. s-v .ak Z4 ,Www "Q Q ' A ,-f'wK"5 ' - Q I if Q. Q' S .1 lf Qf' arf- 6 -Q ' '50 ' 4-p.A-. 1 Sinn QQ us- ' ' :KV - F y K' , if 4'3" fx .- 'Qc- -Q5 ,QV fr. 5' 4 . 'I Vx... I Ks , N ' , 'Sr gs . 'B - Lf' Y. A . . ' ""ar',mK f l iii. l'ni1't'rsily of .lIiss0uri. Aff. DENTAL GRADUATES ARLEN E. STAAB Kansas City. Missouri gs, Urllzodonties qs, .' Rocklzurst College. l3.S.g tj- I l'niz'ersit-y of Kansas City, D.D.S. A ROBERT A. SUNTER Pasadena. California "-5' ' Ortlzodontics sf l'niz'ersiIy of Southern 2 4:-Q" ' California. B.S.. D.D.S. 'fix HARRY RALPH LLNIAN Los Angeles. California Ortlzotlonties l'.C.L..4.. AA.. B.A.g College of in ' Physicians S Surgeons of San Franeiseo. D.D.S. "" DENTAL SENIGRS BILLY F. ACUFF Paris. Missouri 'Z' ...- RICHARD L. ANEMA Denver. Colorado A 63-.i IIIIIIITFSIIIYY of Colorado. HA. A V, .l. E. WAGNER Independence, Kansas PHCIIOIIOIUIICS Kansas Slate Teachers College, Buff.: University of Kansas City, U.D.S. STUART N. WHITE Kansas City. Missouri Oral Surgery O. E. WYATT, JR. Mission, Kansas Orthodontics Olrlalzoma lnirersily, B.S.: l'niz'ersity of Kansas City. D.D.S 4, lei,-XJ ROBERT W. BAKER. JR. Tulsa. Oklahoma l'nii'ersity of Olrlalzoma, BA. Dvlta Sigma Delta CHARLES U. BARBOA Albuquerque, New Mexico F1-C.-Tr'-as.. Sophomore Class: Ap- 11"'1' pointve Extra Oral Roenlgenologyi A L'I1lL'erSl!y of New ll1CNlC0, B-A- Ippointm- Diagnosis. A Zi Psi Phi: Diagnosis Appoinlee, A, , x 'ea i ' . 3.555-. 106 QE mag.. -. an-, fu' Q . fl, ,ii we -fi Ani-4 ....-0 ll 4' ref Q33 SENIORS PHILLIP BARKETT Wichita, Kansas Northwestern State College, BA. Appointeeship in Endodontics, Perio- dontics, Diagnosisg Bushwhacker Ball Committee: Intramural Sports. JAMES S. BOYCE Provo, Utah Brigham Young University, B.S. Histology 8: Anatomy Lab Instructor: Psi Omega, Treas.g Appointments in Pedodontics, Periodontics, Endodontics ll Diagnosis. PHILIP LEROY BRADLEY Winfield, Kansas Southwestern College, B.A. Appointments in Periodontics, Pedo' donticsg Psi Omega, Pres.g lntrafra- fernity Council. JAMES K. BRANDT Florence, Kansas Emporia State Teachers College Z.l.P.g Appointments in Pedodontics St Periodontics. JAMES W. BREEDLOVE Kansas City, Missouri Oklahoma State, B.S. Delta Sigma Delta: Periodontics Ap- pointee. RICHARD L. BROCK Lawton, Oklahoma Central State College, Oklahoma g107 ROBERT L. BROOKS New Mexico University, B.S. Delta Sigma Delta: Periodontics Ap- pointee. JOHN E. BUTTERWECK Greeley, Colorado Colorado State College, BA. DAVID D. CALLENDER Arvada, Colorado University of Colorado Delta Sigma Deltag Appointments in Periodontics, Pedodontics, Endodontics. RICHARD S. CALLENDER Arvada, Colorado Colorado State College Delta Sigma Delta: Bushwhacker Ball Committeeg Appointments in Endodon- tics. Periodontics, Pedodontics. RICHARD W. CALVERT Platte City, Missouri University of Kansas, B.S. Xi Psi Phig Appointments in Diagnosis Pedodontics, Roentgenology. RAYMOND LEE CAMPBELL Coolidge, Arizona Arizona State University, B.S. NORMAN LEE CLARK Denver, Colorado Green ville College Psi Omega, Chaplaing Appointments in Pedoflotitics, Diagnosis. LEMUEL V. CLEMENT Lonoke, Arkansas University of A rlransas, HS. Xi Phi Psig Appointment in Pedodon- tics. KENT A. COMPTON Springfield, Missouri Drury College, AB. University Homecoming, 1959. STANDLEE H. DALTON Hays, Kansas Kansas University, 14.3. Delta Sigma Delta RICHARD L. DRIGCS Salt Lake City, Utah University of Utah, B.S. Student Commission on Development: Periodontal Appointeeg Delta Sigma Delta. CHARLES L. DUNLAP Muskogee, Oklahoma Northeastern Olrlalloma State Soph. Class Vice-Pres.g Intramural Ath- letic Comm. Chrm.g Lab Assit. Pathol- ogy Research Dept., Human Anatomy: Bushwhackvr Ball Queen Comm. Chrm, SENIORS-SCHOOL DON VICTOR ENGLAND Joplin, Missouri Kansas State Teachers College Z.I.P. Fraternity. DUARD WINFIELD ENOCH, JR. Kansas City, Missouri University of Kansas City, B.S. Omicron Delta Kappa, Sec., Delta Sigma Delta, Sec.g Publications Boardq Student Clinician. ADA Convention: Honor Roll: Appointments in Prosthet- ics, Periodontics, Endodonticsg Bush- whacker Ball Skit Committee. ROGER BOYER FELT Springfield, Utah University of Utah Appointments in Periodontology, Diag- nosis. VAN FERGUSON Siloam Springs, Arkansas University of Arkansas, B.S. Roentgenology Appointee. FRANK D. FERSON Kansas City, Missouri Pittsburg State, B.S. WILLIAM O. FEUERBORN Kansas City, Missouri University of Wichita ff' W li 'man .f OF DENTISTRY RICHARD T. FITE Bristow, Oklahoma University of Oklahoma Delta Sigma Delta JOHN D. FOSTER Duncan, Oklahoma Oklahoma State HOMER E. FOUTZ Minneapolis, Kansas University of Kansas, A.B. Appointments in Pedodontics, Roemv genology. JAMES D. FREDRICK Kansas City, Missouri Washington University, BA. WYBERT R. FREEMAN Hardin, Missouri Central Missouri State College Delta Sigma Delta JACK S. GALBREATH Denver, Colorado Colorado State University, B.S. Delta Sigma Delta: Appointments in Periodontics 81 Diagnosis. J. G. GIBSON Erick, Oklahoma Oklahoma State University Psi Omega: Periodontics Appointment L. DARRYLE GIBSON Erick, Oklahoma Oklahoma State University Psi Omega, Social Chairman: Appoint ments in Diagnosis, Endotlontics. JOHN W. GREEN, JR. Claremore, Oklahoma Northeastern Oklahoma State College, B.S. WILLIAM R. GRIGSBY Kansas City, Missouri Dartmouth College, BA. BEN E. HARGETT Kansas City, Missouri University of Kansas City, BA. Z.I.P., Pres.g Pres., Junior Classy Vice-Pres., Executive Councilg A.D.A. Conv. Rep.g Gen. Chrm., Busliwhacker Ballg Appoint. in Periodontics, Diag- nosisg Honor Day Awardsg Dean's Honor Roll: I.F.C.g Student Council Rep.: Dental Exec. Councilg Orienta- tion: Intramural Sports. JOHN I. HAYNES Kansas City, Missouri University of Kansas City, B.S. Z.I.P.: Pedodontics Appointee. ,am V V rv-Mn. Q an . A-4 ...-4. is .2-. ff, ' W we .i ui t in , , 3, . 1 Q 1. --Q -. -IC! 4- S ,aw qh. we Q Q' Qi 5 s E 's itifi. 5 . I I is J' i 55- yew g .vw ', A ,fs--s ,ex - X- I i-'HL'-528 .T ip? tlsfiigs. 1. '21 ' RICHARD W. HEROLD Ellinwood, Kansas Fort Hays State College, B.S. Delta Sigma Delta: Appointee in Perio- tlontology. LESLIE H. HIGA Hawi, Hawaii Grinnell College, BA. Delta Sigma Delta: Periodontics Ap- pointee. BILLY .IOE HILL Trenton. Missouri Westrninster College Delta Sigma Delta: Intramurals: Ap- pointments in Endodontics, Pedodontics. JAMES K. HOCOTT McPherson, Kansas Kansas State College Z.I.P.: Intramurals: Bushwacker Ball Committee: Pedodontics Appointment. PHIL I-IOFER Kansas City, Kansas Bal.-wr University THOMAS E. HOWE Mobile. Alabama Tulsa University Delta Sigma Delta SENIORS-SCHOOL ., nn, . Q. A , P ' .5 I i,' 'ii ggi s 'SEN 55, is Ki .N Q . j new it . N -:rs P1 A CHARLES W. HUGHES Mission, Kansas Kansas State University, B.S. Sec.-Treas., Senior Class: Periodontics Appointee. CHARLES H. JOHNSON Kansas City, Missouri Olflaliorna University Vice'Pres., Independents: Chess Club: Appointments in Diagnosis, Periodon- tics, Enflodontics. THERON C. JOHNSON Zurich, Kansas Ft. Hays Kansas State College, A.B. E. EUGENE JONES, IR. Bartlesville, Oklahoma University of Kansas City, B.S. Delta Sigma Delta: Pedodontics Ap- pointee. RICHARD LYLE .IONES Kansas City, Missouri University of Missouri, B.S. Omicron Delta Kappa, Charter Member, Rep. to '57 Nat. Conv.: Vice-Pres., Junior Class: Student Exec. Council: Rep. to A.D.S. Nat. Meeting: Bush- wacker Ball Comm. Chrm.: Student Council Rep.: Student Comm. on Univ. Develop.: Delta Sigma Delta: Chrm., Pub. Board: Peridontal Appointee. GEORGE WINSLER KARR Kansas City, Missouri Kansas University Pres., Alpha Phi Omega: Periodontal Appointee. DENTISTRY L -Www L -45. . ,145 ...Q JOHN E. KAZMIERSKI Pittsburg, Kansas Kansas State Teachers College, B.S. Z.l.P.g Endodontics Lab Ass'tg Ap- pointments in Periodontics, Endodon- tics. JOHN JAMES FRANCIS KELLAR Peoria, Illinois St. Louis University, B.S. RUBEN A. KIRKPATRICK Tulsa, Oklahoma Oklahoma State University, B.S. Delta Sigma Delta, Pres., Rush Chrm.g Inter-Fraternity Council, Pres.g Bush- whacker Ball Committee: Periodontics Appointee. EDWARD J. LAMB, JR. Kansas City, Missouri University of Kansas City Bushwhacker Ball Committeeg Delta Sigma Delta, Social Chrm.g Dormitory Counselorg Appointments in Diagnosis, Periodontology, Roentgenology, Endo- dontics. " Q ' PAUL DEAN LAMBERT kiln ' Albuquerque, New Mexico Q University of New Mexico 3' mf' ,J WILLIAM M. LATHROP 33: .Q 5 Norton, Kansas Fort Hays Kansas State College Q .nl '41 3 l GEORGE H. LATTA, JR. Fulton, Missouri Westminster College, BA. Sec.-Treas., Freshman Classg Pres., Soph. Classg Student Councilg Psi Omega, Sec.: Pedodontics Appointee. ROBERT E. LAVERY Frontenac, Kansas Pittsburg State Teachers CARL A. LEHMAN Fort Hays Kansas State College Delta Sigma Delta Q . Lenora, Kansas -40 , l f f , f -wi' 1' 'TD we ,fl si X 7 if f ARNOLD M. LEVICK Albuquerque, New Mexico Oklahoma University Delta Sigma Delta: Appointments in Periodontology, Diagnosis. DONALD S. LINHART Browning, Missouri Northeast Mo. State Teachers College, B.S. Z.I.P. VERNON LOACH Medford, Oklahoma University of Oklahoma, B.S. Z.l.P., Intramural Councilg Chess Club. JOHN R. LOUDON, JR. Lincoln, Nebraska Unizrersily of Nebraska, B.S. Xi Psi Phiq Student Councilg ASA Constit. Revision Comm.g Bushwhacker Ball Comm.: Lab Ass't in Human Anat- omy Lab S1 Dental Materials Lab: Appointment in Dental Medicine. ROD MACDONALD Chilliwock, B.C., Canada Unwersity of Kansas City .. ,' --+1 WY' Q ..- A, . ,f I-. . -t fv' sl y 'I I Q7 .JM ' "', 1 I. fir :ff . ig-J I Qflffff f?lfPlI'itf. 233 F' J fi' RoY D. MANNING I A Westmont, Illinois ,Q Weslminster College, B.S. 's' A if . 1 JERRY D. MARSHALL 8' ' , Q X Shawnee, Oklahoma -6 Oklahoma University, B.S. -Q. '- Diagnosis Appointee. JOHN R, MASSEY Q K.. Lenexa, Kansas V Kansas State University, B.S. ,J Xi Psi Phi, Treas.g Senior Class Presi- . ,VVA uklu I dentg Executive Council Presidentg ' Roe-ntgenolog Appointee. W I LAWRENCE A. MAYER Kansas City, Kansas ,- I Kansas University .-3' ' ..,, is SENIORS-SCHOOL MILTON L. MCCLAY Iola, Kansas liniversity of Kansas City Appointments in Endodontics, Perio- dontics, Pedodontics. JAMES F. MCKINNEY Kansas City, Kansas Creighton University, A.B. BILL H. MCLAUCHLIN Springdale, Arkansas Lniversity of Arkansas Fresh. Class Intramural Director: Ap- pointments in Pedodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics, Diagnosis. ROBERT A. MCPHERSON Roswell, New Mexico llniversity of New Mexico ALBERT .l. MUNK Logan, Utah Utah State University, B.S. Intramural Football: Histology Lab Ass'tg Periodontology Appointee. PAUL S. OBATAKE Honolulu, Hawaii lniversity of Hawaii, B.S. ,mans .I gg R' o wg. W wt I3 .55 gh ,S ' ...av 1 1. 42. ,P L -,. . .V-. - s . 1 3'- ANZK,'.' . I .5 - ' 95' '- fti.. iss.. ff" 1' l ,-:avmq X W' J . si v 0 JK .bs H fw- af.-ss Q .Q ' ...,4w . 4 .. OF DENTISTRY CUSTAVO .l. ORTIZ Coodland, Kansas Fort Hays Kansas Slate College C. W. PAYNE Fort Scott, Kansas Kansas State College of Pittsburg Xi Psi Phi, Sec.: Dental Anatomy Lab Ass'tg Appointments in Enclodon tics, Pedoflontics, Diagnosis. MICHAEL C. PTACEK Kansas City, Kansas Kansas State University Delta Sigma Delta, Vice-Pres., Lab Assit in Periodontic St Bacteriology Depts.g Periodontal Appointee. WILLARD RUSSELL RIGCS Rogers, Arkansas University of Arkansas Vice-Pres., Freshman Class: Xi Psi Phi, Vice-Pres. Program Chrm.g Dental School Directory, Co-Editorg Appoint- ments in Periodontics, Periodontics. ARTHUR R. RODY Tulsa, Oklahoma University of Tulsa, B.S. Delta Sigma Deltag UKC Winner in American College of Dentists Essay Contest. WILLIAM IVI. ROEHLING Joplin, Missouri Kansas State College of Pittsburg, B.S. Delta Sigma Delta, Historiang Appoint- ments in Periodontics, Endodontics. Se -1' YQ .xt fs 5 as-g of ' f , If 3 as is ,..... ' f 4 .Q-qi' id s i RICHARD L. ROGERS Luray. Kansas Kansas Slate University, HS. Delta Sigma Delta: Periodontics Ap- pointee. LOUIS A. ROWE Tulsa. Oklahoma llniversity of Tulsa Delta Sigma Deltag UKC Rep. to A.D.A. Centennial Convention in New York. JACK IVI. RUDD Wellington, Kansas Kansas University Xi Psi Phi, Treas.g Appointments in Prosthetics, Periodontics. JOHN B. RYAN Norman, Oklahoma llniversity af Olrlahoma GLEN WILFORD SARGENT Coolville, Utah Utah State. B.S., M.S. .IAIVIES W. SCHATZ Billings, Missouri Southwest Missouri Stale Delta Sigma Deltag Periodontics Ap- pointee. t I 5 -tv , ,... if tw any n Qs A an -M... 'gf 4' f thi -of f N. dv ti. W' J 4---0? -Vi: in .,, s 'A""N o -Qi .,,, naz- fu.-5 i 4 K-Q95 fans, ,451 ti. . .A K 'Q 99' 1 s 4 in be 1'-' , -A'. " .-.,...-- ,gg -. sw , DONALD R. SCHOECH Ellis, Kansas kansas University SIDNEY W. SCORSE, JR. Joplin, Missouri lxarzsas State Teachers College LARRY E. SHELTON Tulsa, Oklahoma Southwestern State Cgllege tOkIa.l. B.S. Delta Sigma ,Deltag Periodontics Ap- pointee. CHARLES S. SIPPY Vinita, Oklahoma Oklahoma State University, B.S. Pres., Freshman Class: Delta Sigma Deltag Lab Ass't in Dental Anatomy: Enclmlontics Appointee. SAM N. SLOAN Claremore, Oklahoma University of Arkansas, B.S., BA. Delta Sigma Delta: Appointments in Endodontics, Periodontia, Pedodontia. WILLIAM E. SMITH Hartford. Kansas Washburn University Appointments in Endodontics, Extra Oral Roentgf-nology. 114 SENIORS-SCHOOL S 3 Q Q-wa ... lst 'mv s V 1 ' .vm Slim ANTON P. SOLDAN-ELS, JR. Kansas City, Missouri University of Kansas City, B.S. H. L. STANTON Buffalo, Missouri University of Missouri, B.S. Ass't Instructor Endodontics Labg Ap- pointments in Endodontics, Pedodon- tics, Periodontics. DAVID M. STEVENS Kansas City, Missouri University of Kansas City, B.S. FRANK TANAKA Honolulu, Hawaii University of Hawaii Delta Sigma Deltag Partial Denture Lab Ass'tp Diagnosis Appointee. FORREST M. TENNANT GLADE L. TREGASKIS American Fork, Utah Brigham Young University, B.S. OF DENTISTRY - we ,W ,,Qi..,. 1 , 'z My 1 .1,-: . .X V I A Q 417 ,Jr sl -iii ft 131 Gif. 'Wm' -'I S". 1' ls.: an., ,gs 4' A ' X, FRANK M. WALLACE Portland, Oregon Union College, BA. Psi Omega DALE D. WATTS Kansas City, Missouri Roclchurst College, B.S. Yi Psi Phi THOMAS E. WELCH Topeka, Kansas University of Kansas, BA. EUGENE R. WELLS Hutchinson, Kansas Universily of Wichita, BA. eine, Diagnosis. Z.I.P.g Appointments in Dental Medi- li a ARTHUR B. WILLIAMS Kansas City, Kansas Universily of Kansas City, BA. Z.I.P., Editor: Chess Club: Appoint- ments in Periodontics, Periodontics. ARNOLD M. WILLIAMS Sheridan, Arkansas laiiversily of Arkansas, BA. Z.I.P. Fraternity 115 MAL RICE M. WILLIAMS Smithville, Missouri University of Kansas City, B.S. Z.I.P., Program Chrm.g Pedodontics Appointee. JOHN W. WITTROCK Bonner Sp rings, Kansas Kansas State University, B.S. Periodontics Appointeeg Bushwhacker Committee: Psi Omega. EUGENE H. WRAY Pocatello. Idaho llniversily of Utah. 3.5. Diagnosis Appointeeg Histology Lab Asst: Oral Surgery Residency Ap- pe iintment. DOYLE B. WRIGHT' Bauxite. Arkansas Ouachita College, B.S. ZIP., See.g Pedodontics Appointee DONALD T. YOSHIZUMI Hawaii l'11i1fers1'Iy of Hawaii, B.S. TIM YOUREE Duncan, Oklahoma Olrlalzoma Slate CLASS OFFICERS FOURTH YEAR -I. VV Iirm-rIIm'v, V -l'r1'.-:,: John R. Mfeisey. Pres , Chnrlela VV, Huglmef.. Svc -'l'rUu., 3 y . . THIRD YEAR SECOND YEAR Xl II: Ium, r Trwm . Tum lImnIve1'g, Sm' , llvrry RulI1c-rfnrfi, V -Prws, Dick Dryrlen. I'1u.N I'h1l VVilIvy. l'rv.w..' Pete Spence. V.-Pres 5 Bob Waiiman, Svc' STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES FIRST YEAR Inmlmm Dirk .Innes Dave Humbargar T- G. Johnhnn Pat Walxeka Pruszdent Vice-President 116 5 X ,f ,. 5114. r I- ... 'il an 'mv . 5 3 J 9 Q 1 S K 5 , , X A xx J?" xii ' .QS we k ff ' ,,ff'7Y ffm 'X f ,,.i.f51 ! ifj ?gx Sh: .I .gk X r- W ' . 1 wx f J Q JUNIORS . : 31 f Q , K - 1-, 'lvvw-,.- , 1, , X ,E 1' 2 E Q 5 ,TU 'ln 52+ -sv.: Mak X Q35 Vi O 'O L K K W P1 'f' KX 1 'Q 1 1 kv xxx 3' S S" l lm Rh Gr' F. A. Arena, ,lr. David R. All-:ins Ralph T. Barton rv RC JUNIORS-SCHOOL ,"' in veg. Q--uv Wayne A. Belser Tom Berry Edward Blubaugh FT 'ws '94 --., nv Tlwmas Bombvrg Robert W. Brazil Stuart Brock 5 1"lf 'Sv "' .0-...Q 5 'iQ ' .ii A f .,f , Nurnmn Burk Hnlwrl E. Bnstarml llarwy fl. Carlson "Qld-T5 T' N , ry. is 'Q-of in Morton Cope-nllawx Fwrvll C. Crnrrch B. B. Dryden ii 4--Q, i qyvvv Melvin Brown Hugh Bruner, ,Ir. Glen A. Bunch l Leland W. Carlson Ronald Cearley Jack Copeland , we ff' .. pun, S -1.5-if. A. T. Edwards Tum D. Ellis Richard Feierabend 'au- V. wi" , A .Lai -Y pf- pri' if . ai t l 1 Q 1 'ss 'i.3g,Qj I. K l OF DENTISTRY E' Richard A. Foster Joe Funkf- James Carrelt ,ful ag-. lv "G-"V 43 Charles L. Graves Phil Guthrie John Cutschenrittvr 'vi Victor Hildinger B. R. Hipp Larry 5. Jacobson "Dx 119 k. 3 gg-Y. in Q sf- 3 ll .. Larry Gausman Joseph H. Gingrich Donald W. Goswrt b, ,, QA s lv N' 5 sb. x 1 I, X if W. Dale llawlvy .'l. R. Henderson F. E. Hickman V A-if Nick Jamison M951 A?""1"- Q . 'GN , ' A 'Q' x L A 1 V X fume? -4-of A ' 5' V X JF" , ." Q - X f , Harry ,left Eugene Jams L L J K f David T. Kyxp Larry A. jones Lowry Jones Clifford Kateman Leo C. Konecny oren . u ma ll.. JUNIORS-SCHOOL 34...- wmv Cwvldon L. Long .lack C. Luman uw... R. Keith McDaniel 'M .D xg ttiii . I - ' 5 -.. ,' . - an i1,::z:'itl5:- . '- li'iii1'Ei'EE2 ,,L'+.1 ".fr'iQ- 'n . .' 1,1-'25-geigl .5..j,:- . l-..l1,,'lEL... -- .. 1,y,1f 'nn av 5 s........1 john McFarland QI" ff"?uf.'I',3l Y qs:-A Af.A .b-A Q 2 L Robert E. Luttrell S. M. Magee Richard F. McCarter Jerry McCollum 'bb NTT' Robert F. McGee William J. McGinty W. R. McManus L. M. McRohert fQ'x 5...-I .4 vin... fszwzmia David S. Me-ldrum Jerome J. Mindrup David D. Morris Robert C. Murray Ray R. Nassimbene Louis L. Ott -' J fqg x eg- -was as.: ' . t 'x . - . 5, V - 3 , , YJ" , V' x ,,, "S" i ' ir . ta' 1 J. R. Ove-rturf Ross A. Padgham Virgil L. Palmer William D. Paschal Erwin A. Peterson .lames Pedell 120 OF DENTISTRY o Merwin Peterson Charles Plett Donald R. Poguv MQ- 1, 5 gf- 1 -. - . x T5l.'1E'.ff ' Sues- as-N btw fo., Edgar W. Posey J. Stephen Primrow- Vlichae-l Ptacek 'W' M 'G+ , ""' 'rl-'A tg ..-N 'A S33 , 4 L. J. Purcell Tom Purcell Donald Rogere Stanley Rudisailf- X fr 'Q 'V -QP l 411:-""' L""! in-A fu- , x -A"""" 'Nur' ,Z I I J W. B. Smith 4'-5 'B Roger C. Spencer Jardon Strnad Herschel L. Stroud PW v " Donald J. Thomson Robert Truklicka Thomas G. Tygett Donald E. Tunks G. L. Rutherford Wilbur C. Skaer WN las Ronald Strouse Jack Taylor V 2 ,.. A . V R' LN 'J X ' 1, James Van Blaricum Eugene Vinduska JUNICRS-SCHGOL OF DENTISTRY l. 'Vx -. Bob Waller Shirl W. Ward James Whitehead Dan Wilson R. D. Wuthnow Fun, Huh? Sorry about your tongue. Say pickles. 122 Hurry. It's time for coffee. Q! .gl QZ fx, Q SOPHOMCDRES ff 'ffiflil , .',,'f'lI 55254 QM! -' i.,.,4-1'-'Zig H . .....-M... ..,... X... ,.,,. .., .,. 4. , ,.. ......,..................... k .,. ... ef: sw, ,Q ,-.-. Q 5 scar. 4. ,N 2 ii 1,-h M 5. A g O .... - v X' 1 Q-mf Q1 .Q-11:31 ax- ff 334 D, N .1 31- 3, ' Na.: :Kc , ' fig' 4' Sf..-igggggf ' 6 ,-f J 'W' f' f P -af w Q .....-. ' M- ' 0 1 f 41 51 , 41 Q xi ,bf 'rf - ,Q isffzg 2 if 3 Wal, rf 5 I W. 2' 7i12"fffl.lf H .: mf.. M 5. ff",-fmlf? 154, ,.. :. f. Nr x, sf- , fa . WN, 43. f-s Q V "' 1' 'Q an I-w - Q lvv- -fx as f M A 3 .YJ- 'EZ , Q Y .. ., I , 1 f:ez .:L 'f 4-Q: -- 'fl if 3 ,iv v--y UTI: SOPHOMORES-SCHCOL llayd:-n Ablmrz R. I.. Baker, Jr. Dmmlcl Barr l.lmrlPs E. Bw-aailf-N Warren Blair-I1 jnlnvs L. Blow lurk Bl'1lllkFlllI'l' .lmm--: U. Brmxn HuImf'l'I F. Brmvn .lanwc fflmng .lulm CIILIINIPI' Jurxnw filmck Hivhulwl YV, ffnrlx-x Marlin D. ffruwu D. I.. ffrutcllfin-lel illifffwrd Curry Twldy I.. Dunlvlvl Hal I.. D4-wc-II Dale D. Divkfml Xvrnmm NI. lwll'I HUIIBTI Dmlenll Harln L. DUI11-151,11 l hl D. Dmxmmm lf. Chinn Ijnlllhill tZllI'XlF'I' D. Ifklin X,1..l'.mlw:n1lN 'Ibm Enwrv Uvnnix D. Flynn Rifllillll A. Fu-ll-I .lim F. Fl'f'l'lIl1ll1 XY. J. l7rin-ml lime- lflulluln 'Xrlhur xl. Cla-X I"l'l'l'l U. U11-4-lmlmlull Hula:-rt I., Hriffin 124 QQ 'X ' I fe N 1 .. if .V .. X , Ea A .id ,Q Ef- Y 'Wy U Sui , J., , 1 7 5x OF DENTISTRY . , 'iv-4. "" T'-V ni' . ":I5ff J 1 . , M 1 v, . 'agp f Hn. fy' 9-5 Q-Y Y 'B in-' 'Q Of? 9 12-1- 'Q'- li ,J-il. KL K ,M A. Nil, 5?'?.ka:,, -ff' ' ,,fa.Ll"". LE, ,, mm 8322552 .lim C. Grim:-N john P. Grisham lllJt'l'l lf. llull .lon IL. Harrison Duvirl Harulun Donalnl L. llawln-3 lllenn Henlingway Robert E. llillix Dirk llorlun Xrllllll' Hour' Waym' JK. ,lvlllilllk l.vnn R. ,lonvi Gale Kahmann Jerry KPllT 'flxomug Km-Z H. L. Krunwr llolwrl E. l.Lu'y lxvnl A. l..1mIn K4-nn:-llm Lanvy XVHXIIP A. Lloyll Po-l'fl1m-n l.o lAlXVI'l'llI't' l.nmpl.m Alon' R. Lyn:-ll .lnlnvf VK. Nlgxlslmll llilfyl .l. xlilfllll Rivlmrll R, Nlcflon Earl S. lVll'llllglll Larry McKinley Uc-4Jrg1f YV. MUN ull Paul U, KI:-ngru Floyd D. Mvtzgr-1 William A. Miller Robert W. flloonf Albert Nakukuru William N1-ul 125 V sf-gf 'k.f pm AN "N-.f , 9 . 3 1 Q. .ilu x L' .- , '- -Q :B ' . l A A' it A' , ' 1 '- ' I ' ' i tv 'XS' J -.1 f' N.-f' . 4 'R Y 4' X . in 4 - -3,4 . . . - ' ' 1,2 F' V 1 " las," ' . SOPHOMORES SCHOOL T. I.. Nelson Tlmmas M. Okanw H. lf. Pitvnck Ralph R. Ration ,Ia-rv K. Rf-ill. Jr, Jarnvs L. Rwslhursl Richard B. Rice, 11 Glenn Richardsnn David F. Rubens fflmrln-5 W. RCIQIVIN john C. Rosnik ,lamf-S R. Rublc- AICYIP Rnnck Hvult Rllssvll Alnhn M. Schrllp lulm-N C. Sillllllllllr Bon Sparks P4'If'r K. spvrlcw- Charles D. SI1El'll't'I Runuld M. Slaaln P:-ler F. Ste-inhanvr Rnlwrt E. Struck A. 9. Stuart .IHIIIUS M. Sum-m x Harry Terzmkll N. N. Thnnnpeon .Ivrry Tnhnlsvn CQIYIII' R. Tlmrnf- Richard E. Trussvll Nlivkfly XYLHIIIVI' Huluwl JK. Wnitmqnn jvc YVFZIYCI' .lvrry D. We-nmpv Donald W. Xvr"I'l'iillg Hull WY1'-I 126 O F D E N T I S T R Y Phil Willey F. L. Williams Terry C. Williams Forrest L. Wright 5 Q- J. B. Whitten, jr. ..-1'9" Ernest E. Wiens 3 Q is ff,'l, Wlilfggqffw WF f 127 FRESHMEN FRESHMEN-SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY Mark L. Allen John B. Anderson Jerald J. Archer Robert G. Arnett Charles M. Baker Dewey G. Ballew Don A. Bet-nv Ray D. Berringvr Byrl Blount, Jr. Richard W. Brand Steve R. Cain W. D. Carrick Grant Cookson Richard L. Coopvr Delllar H. Curtis Arthur Dulpiaz, Jr. Fluyd J. Davis John A. DerryhPrry W. N. Dixon, Jr. Howard K. Eppinger Ray Esquibel Kenneth F. Farha David J. Ferguson Jacob M. Footlick Ste-ve' Forchman Paul Franco John Franks Robert J. Frost J. T. Cillahan Thomas P. Grant Jerry Cuthris Eugene C. llaas Lynn W. Hale Joel Hamilton Kenneth M. Hansen Ralph D. llargrave Joe L. l'lPrnan1le-z Wallace B. Herren Ronald C. Higgins Paul C. Hills Thomas T. Hoyne David Humharger Morrell W. Ivif- Reed L. Jenkins Mike Johnson T. Gould Johnson S. Meigs Jones, Jr. Gerald Julian , Ag I- t 5 G ' s , V , 4 .A Y ,fir x ' K . . 'C' ,. Q . Q . s- L Q...-1 W. I sw 5 f l x l It A . XX it 'WX ff In as , 1 l A .- 0 ' ' . lb 7' ' ' - ' 1 - F' l f ,ga 1,7 I ' D .. :L X :L , V . . , ,, hw Q ' -L" 5 1 xl 1 'bl' .f A . , " J Q3 ms ea , ab. w 1 . qu ' B . , Q X -.-1 L, ,- "T -' v 5 . -fl 1 T A Q i aww +P Cp . 4 ' , A 3 J .say 3: V. . - V ' X xx D. f Q9 ,.. N 'hx 'SS an S N, , av 'V -cf 5 X ,,- -0 --:r R ' . . L' N515 iii Mil' . -Q as sz,-'fvif Q N9 K f-1' su ,ya V. X-. X ' x GSAC." .vi 7.1- I Y 5 gp..- Q., Q:-rf 4. I . M 5- f tghf 5 'X nr., 4' ... ng . 4 rf. 1 . Bio V., lf , . La r., M . 'tx XX 'L' wr - 4-:gr I Cv? pil F5. vv' 0.1 -an ,,,-, j , fi' 59' - . qv .' 'Z' 5 1- - k ff-'.. v n -A, ' 'cr C 75 nn- "7 s D ' ' I " " Q 4. . uv- v 5' 1 9-I I 50 A fl sa QFD ' if ' 7' ,", Q' 55' Q av 'sa' "" "' -... -v -ff l ... 'J 11-v-P .faail 'Z' 12' sv S -Y 'Q-rv ,Q E .1 53 li 'fl I' We 0- X A In d 35 R 'tiff' ""v:k" 3 1' X 9, K Nr , ,-,A nv -jg-'I ,QR-f , t, -'TT' H? ia . tl 'feng . I E - ex. adv f' --V Z' 1, -E I v .np .05 x .5-p, -.511 J' 1 xasca ., . W -mr I ,. H .:. Q, ..'.'f'. I Dil 1f..,.:: 337 -nv - .-v-fv- .gun -1- ag rss ms Nr 1. . . QV.- 7-vs I . . 'r 4.5. .M fs, . iN - - X lifkia 3- 1 A . ' ' -fi'-H 1 i L .M , f-, any A . , T, - - QQ f ' ::f,.w -1 - 11-A . -,gfzfh -si' - 'c. . ' 21, .'1'.1'.'1i .islgmf nk ,, 5 2 . lg5:E5si,i-E5 E231 ' 13? .4-. vu -.ff 'Q E FRESHMEN SCHOOL . 1' "' v f iv l - ,f 'V' 1 X' gh , ew, a ani Q QM --f-, my L AA',. j 'l - Ii mi ' :Q 1 tv K L i x xxvnij x .:., V If Q "Jin QQ- Y- . N! A x":aSL"' -ev ..... vu-X s...,' x.. J' . . , X Eu 130 Allen C. Keenan Billy J. Killian ,lerome M. Laham jerry ll. Lally Riclmrcl XI. Lannin Leeland Ki. Lovaas Roy Mabe Gordon K. lllahanna Harold Masunaga lon Tom MeAnear Earl H. lNlcClen1,lon Frederick L. McDonald Eugene F. McKenzie George R. Xlchlillan Robert L. Merten Kenneth Miller Dee B. Moore Paul Motzkns LeRoy K. Nakayalna Maurice Nickell Dale Nickerson Paul Nonaka Donald W, Oglmrn Jack R. O'Neil Vernon E. Osborn Donald C. Osterfos- Lester A. Ottaway David E. Peterson Robert E. Peterson Norman Powers W'illiam D. Reifsteuk Vaughan D. Rigby Kenneth Riley Buddy Paul Rivers Charles A. Robertson .lames A. Rowland Marlin Ruelm Willianl L. Searce Walter F. Schuman Kent Shacklet Gary N. Shemwell H. T. Sherarcl Xl. Gene Sigler Ivan George Smith Norman L. Smith James E. Standifer Thomas E. Storm Mario J. Stricea OF DENTISTRY Gus Tagliaferri ,A p Barry Thielke Q J ' Robert H. Tilley Q' 4 i X SU -' Q 'P ' ' " Leland R. Wade i V V ' ' ' i' qv :L I Richard O. Walker J in I ' . x y ' 1 R , ' I -' Benny Walter .A V in Q X I ., T ii iluiiiiiwiili xi f A ?: C. Pat Waneka H .' Richard L. Wells ,ah A Q3 1 Robert L. Wilhelm l IRIX: ' Vu' g, , X- ga. I csv, l . ' U' Brian C. Williams ' for ' X 7:7 l ' ,lf Y'-ry' - Everett Williams Ky . Larry B. Williams i I N X YE R. Ken Williams g I v , x ' Sam Williams wg 5 in - gy . 1 , f Randol Womack 'I , fi A in , 'V Weldon Wong . . ' E' 6 'Z'- Robert E. Wood fx .-A A V Q, David R. Woodhead - i , ,X " il P if -..' i' X A H? Sydney E. Wray E V ., Q, 3 Stephen F. Young 7 :B r Q 'I' T sl' Where's that sign I painted? Look, Dad, no cavities. ,Wm V 1 as ay by x. 3 sl' x. x i ii' 3 1 5 l a l Somebody's watching. 131 X I'11 get it right this time DENTAL WIVES EARLY HALF OF THE STUDENTS at the University of Kansas City are married. Because they are older with years of educa- tion behind them, the percentage of married Dental students is greater than the University average. Oftentimes the wives are neglected, so this page is a tribute to them for the sacri- fices they make to help keep Joe Dentist in school. The Bushwacker Ball brought the wives together. Dave Stevens and family buy groceries. t il r' A' 6 ,T W fs gl if C M "'A"'-wywmw-ww Shirley Scorse has her hands full. r At X 6 V N hi iid' Ct Chfi5fmHS PHNY- Carol Wray and son. 132 , 4 DENTAL PSS lu Ann Hgnlvl Yunvy RVHIILIIII ,--an 40 -f'?x .-AY ,,y. v 5. vs , ff i , qv? .. Milf Pu ,. ,Q ,,, 1! ., 22 I Q r K: up f 9 O, , O ' fx ' Q 'I 1 X pr 'vo " f' N., ,. ' 'Q Ng 'mr . fll'nI1 Fikllvl' U uma ll. Imllllldlll W1 'QQ f llxlll I. xll'lil'llllIl" ,Q rf ""?' rvn I.. '-mill: um kun- 'J-'S '.,..,4v ?x yn Nlurphy ,fs L ff' ull'x '-Q47 , I N,I1I41m-lg HYGIENISTS FIRST YEAR Q Y Y -J my 9 E' , W T ws , ivggfzvv- ,V tg 5: -:f.Q,'1. Hllllilllil lllukr- llvlnrm-5 ,Ivan Hmmm lynn Bllxll S'Hl!'1IIl Suv DUI xv A-43? fwwi x : if I K ,- aux ,.- v new - ff "-' Q 6 'uf 5 1 Ziff, V V . Q , V ' f A f . ' V ft, 'bs-. N 'T z , Yirki Flv-ln-r Ruth Him-lu-ul fi FIT ii' fa? ,ff -v""? Q'-may I .lv Ann Pwk Hu-.nn Rvilm Kznvn Flwrt Hulwna Sinn:-11 ,..., 2 1-,gg , V. f - .v V' ,-vw fvf, ' if ' ' X J 't-19 1 " X Mrk ,, , 1 V 'Tit 'V , X Y . AX! l i f Knllulf-rn Slllrlwl ,lvrii Truxi- 5lllII'l4lI'ij W11x'r11wk .lu Fllf-n Wan 133 Dixirf I.:-ff .lmlitlm Maflic. 1 f W0 , ,- fwf W K fin ri fre ,.. , 'AP' r .A-v DENTAL HYGIENISTS SECOND YEAR ' fi fx 'Y 8 Y, V K 1 um! Amo- .luAnn Baker Eileen Bechtuld Judy Czunplwll Missy Cole Jean Denny ff 4' W dw-r 'Q ,E h. :X HW' X 217 q E 3 in Jlulltlx Finney Imra Iiilllllllvkt' Annelle Haueller Eulalia Lamb Norma Marts Myrna Morri X 'vii ' R' ECI 1: if 0 Q- , N ' f ,r 6 Q ..f"Ax Q fix x 1 2 N! 2 ff. 4 mflyn YIXl'I" .lean Nzlssilnbvlle Edna Perez Carnl Rolrinsun Brenda Rosen Jfvann Sedlack ls.,-f":fp+vl J' . E Lg. 3-3 ,, 1'- Oxy N I Q3 'Tre ' x ' ' . ,A-+ 'vs 5 s- I ,Wy . f , ek, U 'E' 1 .V w ,A 6 X nw- '-'FV X sf' y. fpgfgife13?-:Qf2'erx5iia5:22i2EafHT? 56 v ' W' ' if ,yffviwyzf f"" 1 - -' 2?ff?fE:'?:Hf-fig?-f55T'iiS5fffl-1 5555 f , K X 11, -1-M1-'ilmzfnfaswr' 1 23:15.53 5q59?wu.1Tifl-fs I unla .Xnn XXugm1 Nlury Lu XYIIHI- R1-ity Xvlly-gl JUST A LITTLE Too LATE. 134 s DELTA SIGMA DELTA Front Row: Paul Ohatake, Bob Brooks, Lynn Jones, Dave Callender, Hal Dewell, Mike Ptacek, R. A. Kirkpatric, S. M. Magee W. D. Paschal, L. M. McRobertg Second Row: Dick Dryden, W. M. Lathrop, Carl A. Lehman, Don Werking, A. K. Naka kura, Richard Callendar, Ben Sparks, Peter Brown, Elwood Smaltz, Leland Carlson. Don Thompson, T. C. Johnson, F. D Fersong Third Row: C, W. Hughes, Frank Tanaka, Glenn Douthitt, Richard Herold, Kent Lamb, H. L. Stanton, R. G Strouse, R. W. Baker, Fourth Row: Ed Lamb, J. W. Breedlove, Vernon Diel, Charles S. Sippy, Bob Hillis. Sam Sloan, Merle Runck, Erwin Zooker. ELTA SIGMA DELTA DENTAL FRATERNITY was founded in 1882 and Nu Chapter was chartered in Kansas City in 1898. The primary purpose of this organization was, and is, to keep high the standards of dentistry. Nu Chapter sponsored a number of intra-fraternity social events and private functions during the year and altogether they had a success- ful season of speakers and clinics. PSI OMEGA Front Row: Robert Tilley, Barry Thielke, Uhl Donovan, Secretary, Jim Vlfhitehead, Grand Master, Ray Nassimbene, Junior Grand Master, Bob Luttrell. Treasurer, Wally Herren: Second Row: George Latta, Frank Wallace, Pete Steinhauer, Pete Spence, Jim Standifer, Norman Powers, Arnold Henderson, Roy Manningg Third Row: Jerry Footlick, Jack Brookshire, Tim Youree, Jim Peden, Erwin Peterson, Richard Foster, Charlie Platt: Fourth Row: Dick lVIcCarter, Gayle Gibson, Darryle Gibson, Phil Bradley, Chuck Beadles, ,lohn Foster, ,lim Boyce, Phil Hoferg Fifth Row: Merwin Peterson, Chester Eastin, Norman Thompson. ACH YEAR Psi OMEGA DENTAL FILATERNITY presents a number of dances, parties, and social gatherings. The senior dinner dance is held an- ually, and awards are made to graduating seniors. The Kansas City Alumni and the Kansas Alumni groups make awards to the outstanding freshman and outstanding senior who has contributed the most to the fraternity. 136 XI PSI PHI First row, l-r: Dr. Jay Jones, J. E. Taylor, H. Jett, L. Jones, G. Rutherford, J. McFarland, J. Van Blaricum, S. Cain, D. Atkins, B. Brazil, second row: J. Mindrup, T. DeMeters, D. Balloue, N. Jamison, Gene Hause, R. A. McPherson, D. R. Woodhead, G. I. Smith, G. Long, H. Stroud, B. Mc- Laughlin, M. L. McClay, E. R. Wells, back: C. W. Rogers, J. C. Channer, R. M. Staah, B. Hargett, B. Friend, M. Wagner, Don Bean, A. B. Williams, Wall Schuman, D. W. Barr, P. C. Lo, J. Massey, R. Esquibel, Steve Young, Art Dalpiaz, W. Belser, L. R. Wade, M. Rueb, Jack O'Neil, J. K. Reid. I PSI PHI IS THE LARGEST DENTAL FRATERNITY ON CAMPUS. They sponsor several activities each year. Among their social functions this year were the annual Shipwreck Dance and the senior dinner dance at which the graduating seniors were honored. The chapter also gives an award to the member J. E. Taylor ....... J. McFarland ...... G. Rutherford ........ with the highest scholastic rating. OFFICERS ...........,..President ......Vice-President .....,........Secretary L. Jones .............. .............. T reasurer J. Van Blaricum ......... ......... A lumni Secretary D. Atkins ................... ......... P arliarnentarian B. Brazil ,...... ........ P rog. Chairman H. Jett ,,.,,,.. ...Rush Chairman 137 SCHCOL OF EDUCATION -is ZX QQ., 1 NO 'VI' I , V 1 I W" f f DEAN HUGH W. SPEER . x- , . PX M. A ii' Wir? 'W A3 .VN 4 P -v 4 X N-..,,h . A S x. V. .J 4 4 M 'Qi 'A i K 1.5 -SRX it 322 -4 Edna Black, Secretary R. HUGH W. SPEER has been dean of the School of Education since its organization as a sepa- rate school in 1954. The Gothic old mansion at Fifty- second and Cherry housed for the third year a dy- namic, forward moving group of people who under the leadership of Dean Speer have brought distinction and credit to the University. Dr. Speer came to the University of Kansas City in l945 and became chair- man of the Department of Education in l948. Under his capable guidance the department has grown from a Department into a separate school which offers the Bachelor's, Masterls and Doctor's degrees. Dean Speer's experience in the field of education has been quite varied: he was a public school administrator for ten years prior to WOl'ld War II. directed the Veterans Advisement Center at UKS, served as prin- cipal of High Schools in Fredonia and Hays, Kansas, lecturer at the University of Tehran, and advisor to the Minister of Education on curriculum as a Ful- bright Scholar in Iran. The author of numerous ar- ticles in Educational Journals, he is listed in W'ho,s Vifho in America, Leaders in Education, and VVho's Wlio in American Education. Dean Speer is mar- ried and the father of two daughters. FACULTY ,L . iv' in i "i i 1-L31 'xg 1 A I lk . J' r il 'F' i' x ' " 1 6. 1 ,. If cg, 'ff SA . ,A vig 'QM U Q 53. 'v any-Q 'Yi 'ii b . ii .- Jane Haddon John Hanitchak Q, f. VX Don Williams Hazel Browne Williams Y FACULT Mr. Annis Bruce J. Biddle Margaret Dudley Fayette Kasle 140 Robert Sweitzer NOT PICTURED Martin Levit Mary Lee Marksbury Earl Rankin Julius E. Schulze FCJRD FOUNDATICDN GRANT GRANT OF 3625,000 has been made by the Ford Foundation for new programs of study in the School of Education. It is the largest of eight teacher- education grants to the country's colleges and univer- sities. The grant is to be used toward an expanded pro- gram for the preparation of elementary and high school teachers on the undergraduate and the gradu- ate level, Chancellor Richard Drake said. The money will be utilized over a 5-year period and will go toward additional courses, faculty, staff and facilities in the School of Education. Dr. Hugh W. Speer, dean of the School of Education, will be in charge of the program. Chancellor Drake said that the university expects to be able to accept beginning students in the program for the fall semester of 1960, and should have the program in full operation by the fall of l961. The current grants totaling 352,761,250 by the Ford Foundation are part of a series of gifts now totaling 18.2-million to 27 schools and were begun by the Foundation last year to help advance what it terms a national Nbreakthroughl' in the education of teachers. W SCHOOL nr new my s ff " ' , D 'HIFI' gg, T.-. Q, ' ,MUSUW The School of Education assisted in construction of the American Royal Float. Epperson House is the scene of many campus dances Other institutions receiving the present grants: Kansas State University, 3l79,000 toward a master of arts program for secondary school teachersg North- western University, 3325,000: Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vt., 3lll,5003 Converse College, Spar- tanburg, S. C., 3430,000g Notre Dame, 5HS4l0,750g Oberlin College, 3l90,000, and the University of Pittsburgh, 354-90,000. The comprehensive UKC program was prepared by the School of Education after consultation with the College of Arts and Sciences of the University. Chancellor Drake submitted the program to the Foundation last October in New York. The program calls for close cooperation among the public school systems of the area, the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Education. 'The evidence of such existing cooperation was an impor- tant factor in the Ford Foundation's decision to make the money available to the Universityfi Dr. Drake said. John A. Morgan, chairman of the UKC Board of Trustees, said: uThis generous grant marks a sig- nificant step in the development of the University and will help us make progressively great contribu- tions to education at all levels in this communityf, 141 ate 1-12 CLASSES fx v, 5.- ,,' fix 15' ., ia' I .19 is -Rxw-. ,d,,,- - 11013 'I if 4 GENE WELLS BOYETT Kansas City. Missouri JEAN COATES Kansas City. Missouri SAMUEL EDMOND Kansas City, Missouri MARY VIRGINIA FULTON Kansas City, Missouri MARIORY HICKS Kansas City, Kansas Kansas State University. HS. MILTON A, KUEHNE Kansas City, Missouri Beaver College, HS. GRADUATES-SCHOOL 95 ff Q , M NIELSON --"-' f Kansas City, Missouri SHIRLEY ELIZABETH K Q as PHYLLIS R. PUBLICOVER 1 Colorado Springs, Colorado 8 'Q ,.., ti ks JAMES W. RYON 'i Kansas City. Missouri X' l'rz1'vers1'ty of Missouri. BA. Y N 5 ' A - ANN THERESE STRAULMAN jfs 'Q' ' ' . . . ' M ' Kansas City. Missouri 5- V fir . EI - 1 Ai-yn DAVID ANDREW TANQUARY "S ' Kansas City, Missouri V I Q xv? -gs. JOHN H. WHEELER tx , Kansas City. Missouri X Qi f x """""' ' II ima, 'l jak. eg. v I : " seesiiiii 144 up C is , i .-4 1 US .-. 1 ,- -- .1 Sw .AWS EJ, 'GT fs S' ,-.Q xi X xv. .1 OF EDUCATION MELBA V. ZACHERY Kansas City, Missouri Graduate. RICHARD V. ANDERSON Kansas City, Kansas Kansas City, Kansas Junior College. JUDITH RAE BELL Kansas City, Missouri Teachers Now Training, Pres., Sec. Leadership Conferenceg Zionist Organ- ization, Pres.g Treas.. Ed. School Coun cilg Dean's List: Participation Award' Co-Chrm., High School Day Skitsg Dele gate to Missouri State Teachers' Assn Workshop, All-School Finance Comm.g .y,,., ,ANY I ...V :Y '."5- 4-,Av Q, 4- . ,Wir S if A 1' I S, , -Wim. T 9' fx. University of Missouri. MARILYN E. CHASE Kansas City, Missouri Publications Manager of "T.N.T.": Wilson College, Chambersburg, Pa. FRANCES SCOTT DUNLAP Kansas City. Missouri Yassar College. IJRINCENE GARRISON Kansas City, Missouri Teachers Now Training, Historian Texas Christian University. ,f skew ffm fikfiri ffm- .-..,, 41" .1 um' ' -Y? f' i ,mr 'l. fr, ?"K ff: 'P' s L.: . M U JULIE LEONE GREENBLATT Kansas City, Missouri HARVEY GREER Kansas City, Missouri Letterman's Club, Pres.: Intra-Mural Council. Sec.: Track Team Captain: Track and Cross Country Lettersg R. J. Bragg Award: School Track 81 Field Records: Rev. J. J. Sweetman Award: Victor Wilson Scholarship, Deanis List. ALVIN HILLNER Olathe, Kansas Wright Junior College, Chicago, Ill.g Illinois Institute of Technology. WILDA REDMON HOLLAND Kansas City, Missouri VERNON W. JONES Kansas City, Missouri MARTHA C. MEREDITH Kansas City, Missouri .pw X A YV! A WY' x V1-'-xr z I' . . is Q I u 4 id" is f"'i .' U' is.. 'YW I ' -JJ, JF' 1" X S N ' x K, 1 . ..,, hx , ,ww ,N '95 'W A 4 l as I Lv' ...- ,, , 'R ,-. '54 ...-9 , Wx, .' 'I -fl ' . . - 2. Ji' , ', , - " vj , ' . A I 33 - , if SENICDRS - SCHOOL OF EDUCATION WILLIAM ANTHONY fm- 'ss I o'CoNNoR nf Kansas City. Missouri Q.,- ' L MARGARET PARTRIDGE ' Kansas City. Missouri 5 -s Q N .-17 LORRY ANN REINSTEIN QR Prairie Village, Kansas Q I f-Q lx , . as TRL DY A. SEPERSOIN --M Kansas City, Missouri id: 'l't-ucln-rs Now Trainingg University Theater: Choir: University of Kansas. 76 36 IOANNE LEE SIPE Kansas City, Missouri . IL-airs List: View-Pres., School of Ed.: " THE st.,-.trite-at-I '59g C110 Chin, chap- 'T TN Iain, Social Counselorg Ed. School Stu- N- dent Council: Rep., All-School Student 1---,, Council: T.N.T., Vice-Pres.g Mo. Sec. fx of NEA: Del:-gale to State Teachers ' Conv.: Chrm.. Candlelight Ballg Par- ! ft Q1Ax,fxm,A. IICIIJBIIUII..'xWHl'll1 Iligh Scholastic Ranla ' ' Award: hd. School 8 Student Council Committees. X .Q or It ,, JACK SMITH "f" Kansas City, Missouri Y f 'if 'Na -ga N f . , as-Sf -QV, .41 ws-V r 'N' X I X N U Q Y' vi in 5 rg-Q fi Q. .ip l 'XX ,Q st v'--"4 lll KAREN KIRTLEY STUBBS Kansas City, Missouri JAMES WALLINGTON, JR. Kansas City, Missouri CAROL FAITH WEINHOLD Kansas City, Missouri Steering Committee: A Cappella Choirg Freshman Orientation Committeeg Val paraiso University. DOUGLAS EVERETT WILSON, J R. Kansas City, Missouri SANDRA JOY YUKON Kansas City, Missouri LINDA BETH ZELIGMAN Kansas City, Missouri Ed. School Councilman 81 Pres.g Teach- ers Now Training: Student Council, Constit. Revision Comm.g Student Com- mission on Developmentg U-News, Ed. School Committeesg Participation Awardg Winter Carnival Queen Candi- date. JUNIORS 5355 , I 5 s ! , 1 E E l ,tv ,, A Q A s 57' ,. - uf, :Y I, '.'f 5 3' if 1'!.5, ' ,. 3, Z Q .Vi is , , , F 5 . Pllylii- Xlllwiltvlm ' . -r - :E Xx -M. , . rv "' 1 . '-1 , . , ":,5!:5'a ,QP -"" ,i A 'fgfpx E 'A EG 4122" Qllllllld frfuuxruavk 9 'Q 'L'-.5-fx 'U-.1 ,' 1 1 j-,, . 1 ,-v Q, ' " V5 1 . -s x .,X A E It l 532 . 45, . ww .x 'N 1, " xg A , ' ' Q s 'X' f vu- V ti' 'ff' -ev' 'Gi-D SXIXIJ Billingx 19 .Ar "v "Th 3 ,..... 1 . v- ' 'ln 3' -'Wir X, ' ig-. 'vnu-5. Jx, 1 - g 1 JUNIORS-SCHGGL f f ,J ,- ...HQ .Fx S I - , 3 Wmlvlvn Blum-ky Dfrnnu Buswrl Helen Boyd 2 , 5-fx 1-Qi l x 'Nwx S l hd If 'fl ' B-L. fc Q ' fi , ,E 3 1 3 V'C.'L',,2"'f 2 if ' ju Q5 -X 2, Sully Bryant J 'M .- , ,ff A.-f-N if-N., 2? P Ingrid Qlmrlsnn Rub Em Cravvn Marilyn FiSlI1'IA Kitty Franvis Joseph Gallipvau x fak- , f""' . , :gg M.. -g ' A ,K H 4' Q 'vw QV. "' v-'- . ink' I R vt X I 3 ! K X :BWI 'a .... , X 2' 'V A ' 5 ff X X ,lllflifll f:UI'Illlr'N ,lun Harrc' Barlmara ,IIPIIV4 Ruth Ann I.3IlPilxl:21' Cane 0. Liles f. V , .'j,,'.J-'75 lm, -,-,-l,-fw., A'J M U H Y I .. U n H V C - , N. A 1' Y' L 'N fig -'wut ' 1 'i B .- 2 "' ' +L' 'Fw X M . 'K x ... ' S X A Q, . 'fd and Q ug "' A -n-nw ' ' X I " 'lf' .I V 3 , fy "' X 1 RIINIVVXI Uullmy f "1 K Nh.- X . N., fb Cynthia Litman 4 v I --ull" Yiva Mme-wx TI-Unnaf NI. Nlfmlrlwu Hvtty Ov.-rflmilmm' Ruhert T. Pearsun Carol Ann Planzer OF EDUCATION ., ,- Navy. XX. . Wanda Lee Shipley l David L, Windsor X ?-- - A L1 va , .Q 0 A i X L- K. QM v- ' ' 'V' ',: 7 I --,wx X11 Neva L. Slaback Gene Soloff Alice G. Sowell i ,Q r .. i ' ' -J B. . . f A 41 - V .Q , ' l :Q i t 1. 44' wt 'F if . W if x, , tb Qtly i N--W. W . --- , Y . 1 W . I .X x 6' Q V2 VNXX ' tlI"X Betty .lane Woml Caroline Wren Jr-anne Znk Beverly l Thornburg Ronald Tillmon EPPERSON HOUSE, the home of the School of Education, is the scene of many receptions and teas such as this throughout the year. 149 Kinsman., .,.A . .51 xg. ' . vt 'f, ,' . 13,5 1 . V-Q' A. L . Q . . 5 xf " Ji "I','f.:"' .Qi 'I ..... . sf If .ts 4 Snow Brite and the Seven Doors. The Seven Dwarfs. Ruth Ann Lancaster was Snow Brite. HIGH SCHOC o THE THEME or HKEYS TO CAREERS," Educa- tion School students introduced area high school- ers and college underclassmen to the advantages, benefits, and difficulties of teaching as a profession. The 1960 high school day program was spon- sored by the School of Education Student Council with President Linda Zeligman as chairman. There were over 300 guests in attendance despite a post- ponement because of record March snowfall. Instructive sessions presented ideas concerning new trends in teaching and group discussions about elementary education and specific fields of sec- ondary education. .ludy Bell and Ealeen Sentor collaborated in writing and directing a skit, Wfhe Big Story," for the program. An unexpected dramatic highlight oc- curred when a very young actress, imported from Barstow School, forgot her lines, quickly resorted to tears, and was comforted by '6Snow Brite." 5 t A . kk . .5 Johnny Pulsebeat Mary Pason ......,... Doc ..,.... Sleepy .,..,. Crum py ,....., Sn eezy ...... Bashful ........ H UPPJ' ---A-- Dopey ,........., Snow Brite .......v... Steprnotlzer and fudge Judy Bell Children ................ Bradley and Alywm Senter Former Studentm Dou laQ Wllson Jr Finale: The entire cast Skit written by .... Prop Committee.. and Stage Managers.. Costumes .... TEACHERS NOW TRAINING Row 1, le!! to right: Deanna Fogliani, Judy Bell, Joanne Sipe, ljuana Brattong Row 2: Madeline Blonsky, Marilyn Chase, Joyce Ryerson, Gloria Directo, Mrs. Marilyn Fisher: Row 3: Marcia Super, Carol Planzer, Pavia Searcy, Linda Zeligman, Mrs. June Hadden, Wanda Battle. or 1:5-va tm. N--sg-f .w Q - U JUDY BELL inspects the TNT booth at newsstudent Orientation. NT sERvEs THE NEEDS of students in the School of Education hy constantly striving to promote interest in education as a profession and by planning and executing programs which are interesting and informative. Some of the year's activities: Annual High School Day, Christmas party, book sale, participation in new-student orientation programs, homecoming activities, sponsoring of lectures hy outstanding educators, and the Can- dlelight Ball. Affiliated with the Na- tional Education Association and the Association for Childhood Education, TNT is representative of the expand- ing University. ww .f ,bf Lili' Aim 4 J 153 JOHN M. SPECA Assocmrs DE.-KN JonN M. SPECA has served with the University School since 1947. He received his Ph.B. and LL.B. degrees from the University of Notre Dame, and his LLM. from Duke University. In 1952 he became Associate Professor of Law. and assumed leadership of the graduate school in 1954. He is presently a member of the American Bar Association, Phi Delta Phi, and is treasurer of the Professional Men's Club. Dr. Speca, working closely with Dean Lewis and the students, con- tinues to contribute to the strengthening of the school. DEAN FREDRICK LEWIS DEAN LEWIS began his service as Dean of the University Law School in August, 1959, coming here from Drake University where he had served as Professor of Law for ten years. Dr. Lewis received his B.A. 119421 and his J.D. U94-71 degrees from the University of Illinois. Since 1953 he has not only edited the Blashfield Cyclopedia of Auto Law and Practice, but has published numerous articles in leading legal journals. He is past president of the Iowa Bar Foundation, and at present is a member of the American Bar Association, Phi Delta Phi, and Omicron Delta Kappa. Under his worthy leadership the Law School will continue to take steps toward increased excellence. MRS. ELEANOR LITTEL Secretary to the Deans 154 1 THE FACULTY Frederick D. Lewis, Deon and Professor of Law. John M. Speca, Associate Dean and Professor of Law. Dorothy B. Clark, Law Librarian and Assistant Professor of Law Charles E. Fiddler, Professor of Law. Rudolph Heitz, Professor of Law. Elmer L. Horseman, Jr., Assistant Professor of Law. Duane M. Nedrud, Assistant Professor of Law. Hubert E. Nelson, Professor of Law. Candler S. Rogers, Assistant Professor of Law. John Scurlock, Professor of Law. Samson Soloveitchick, Professor of International Relations. Thomas J. Alexander, Professorial Lecturer in Law. Guinn Bronson, Professorial Lecturer in Low. Martin B. Dickinson, Professorial Lecturer in Law. Dr. Morton Jacobs, Professorial Lecturer in Legal Medicine. Dr. Angelo Lapi, Professorial Lecturer in Legal Medicine. Judge J. Donald Murphy, Professorial Lecturer in Law. Charles C. Scott, Professorial Lecturer in Law. William W. Shinn, Professorial Lecturer in Law. 155 LAW LIBRARY HE LIBRARY, located on the ground floor of the law building, is a spacious and comfortable place for study. Its collection of more than 27,000 volumes includes the National Reporter System, Shepard's Citations, Annotated Reports, the Digest Sys- tem, the standard legal encyclopedias, almost all of the legal periodicals, and some for- eign law materials. ln addition to the large reading room equipped with indirect lighting, the library has two small student conference rooms and more than 20 carrels for individual study. ef' fff G'a2'2'3Fff . ,, ' lie W WE: 3. iij"f1g:M1rf. ,e'P'5:'s'-if , - X 'A K V, ' :gs ' - ., -t m Y 1 ,, .-... M mv.. ... vm V mil Philip Brinkman takes advantage of the lilJrary's facilities. Dorothy Clark Law Librarian 5. .40 K' L A W W I V E 5 Front Row: Mrs. Tom Watson tDorothyl, Mrs. Glen Strong tludyl, Mrs. Don Manford tCarolJg Second Row: Mrs. Charles Gallipeau fConniel, Mrs. John Longnaker flflmal, Mrs. Mel Weissnian flackiel, Mrs. Bob Raymond llanl, Mrs. George Hummel lRosaliel, Mrs. Don Slytcr tlieverlyl, Mrs. Tom Sims 1Beverlyl. Mrs. Jim Lyons 4Peggyl. 156 if x f f Y W' K N M 1 4 1 - . ' , .. .rn - , '. . 1 ' - , Auf ' 32' ".:'- i'f1'A 11, 9 . . - it 51,-, EP. V: 4,1 , , . , ,f M , A A f f iii., lbiri ,W Tx! 53 , A 8 -I 4 A 4. . -yy., 54 ' 5 . ' I A 4. . M ,V . If .L , , x X fnifvi ' I V 'F ' 1 4 -W 4' . I 4 1 Q 1, , XI ,fig . ' yy 44? ' 3 4. 9-fi , f s ' A 'N I I , 3'-'ga 'IN a 0' 'Z' L, 'Q ip. an XQ? I ay.. 47' 'vs- bs pn. T - : 1 0 - 4' 5' .- 9' x fix n., X iiid R. nl' . Q 1 41.5 I li"wfg ' rf "". .x -,f ! g f ' '.":'t, 4. 1 vi 5 Q SENIORS-SCHOOL LEE H. CAUDINEER Des Moines, Iowa -V Crafluatoq HA.. Grinnell Collegeg ,ID Dralua Ilniversity. ll' AN BLA IMAYAR-FERRARA Kansas City. Missouri vs- IANIES SAMUEL COTTINGHAM Kansas City. Missouri .. .,,! 'V 'I-H591 l'hi Delta Phi, Pres., Cla-rkg Law Re- ' i "TK ,' ? rivw Staff: Lf-gal Aid Cliniog Student Dar Frvsh. 8 Jr. Rep.g Roartl of Cover- ' nors. Vice-Prt-s.: Moot Court Cttinpeti- tion: Rvp. to All-Stnnient Councilg Stu- E nlvnt Council. Vice-Pres.: Student Plan- 'I V 4 ning: S Develop. Comm.: Rap. to Am. .. 'af-f , ig- --L: 'iff Lan' Stnelvnts Conv.. .582 U. of Xlis- . konrig C:-ntral Mo. Stats. " 'igiggkbm 4?f JOSEPH DECUYPER va gk. . Arma. Kansas . 'S' . - W S H fans", Q I' LOLIS DEFE0 is- Ss , Kansas City. Missouri ,-, Ay 1 I pm.-,Q tl' 'ir S 13 ' ' EDWARD LEO FITZGERALD ii N Kansas City. Missouri fm' l.fru' Rl'l'l'8ll', Asst, Etlitorq Asstmigie. h ' It limtrml of Cow-rrinrs: R0C'Klllll'Sl College. 5' A - X I . fill 158 MARIA E. GORBEA DE MENDEZ San ,Iaun, Puerto Rico University of Puerto Rico. THOMAS C. CRAVES Kansas City, Missouri RICHARD LEE HUDSON Kansas City, Kansas JOHN R. HUTCHERSON North Kansas City, Missouri Legal Aid Clinicq Law Review. MICHAEL JEWELER Kansas City. Missouri JAMES F. KARL Kansas City, Missouri Rm-kliurst College. OF LAW w.--.. . ,f-4' , lgr 2' 'I' g m G' 4 jx A VO' QQ I y, - sr' f . .. Rx'?iW Mow . N ,fim- W . i ? . ,Qf,f', X . L: ' 4: ..: i .- , .,.. , 3. ,. can ' ..- 3 Qririhdi i .3 tr e A DOROTHY M. KNUTTER Orrick, Missouri Asst. Dean, Kappa Beta Legal Sorority: Treasurer, Student Bar Association: William jewel College. KAMILLA M. IVIAZANEC Kansas City, Missouri RICHARD BANKS MCKELVEY Kansas City, Missouri Law Review, Assoc. Editor, Moot Court Finalist: Board of Governors, Dean's List, Phi Alpha Delta, Pres., Vice-Pres.: Bench and Robeg Drake University. GENOVERO MELENDEZ-CARRUCINI Kansas City, Missouri JAMES T. OVERAKER Springfield, Illinois RICHARD SLAYTON Kansas City, Missouri AUGUST SPALLO Kansas City, Missouri WARD B. STUCKEY Kansas City, Missouri LOREN L. TAYLOR xl ' Kansas City, Kansas Q Phi Alpha Dt-im. 5' 3.f':5:1. . . FE:'fc'3i n 3"'5vH'1 sk FLORENT WILLIAM WACNER Kansas City, Missouri -lf? "sf Deans Listg Law Review, Newman if . 4-Q-4. PM I X 'am if gif' t xv., X C , pu- if' if . If ' -, LQ' ' M ,I '- .4 . p sf , ' ,W . . C - K 'X Q' 159 Cluhg Lawyer's Cooperative Publishing Co. 81 Bancroft-Whitney Co. Award in Evidence. JAMES J. WALSH Kansas City, Missouri RUSTY B. WILSON Kansas City, Missouri LA ALUMNI FOUNDATION ,wwf "YOUR HONOR. I have a report. as Amicus Curiae, In the Matter of the Incorporation of The Law Alumni Foundation of The University of Kansas Cityf' These words initiated the official procedure necessary to the incorporation of the long awaited Law Alumni Foundation of The University of Kansas City. The incorporation took place in the offices of Honorable Ben Terte. Judge of Dix ision No. 9 of the Circuit Court of Jackson County. Nlissouri. on Friday, December 4. 1959. Chancellor Richard Nl. Drake stated, 'il would like to say, for the record. that I am very enthusiastic and very much impressed with the interest of this group. as shown in trying to assist The Lniversity in developing an outstand- ing Law School." Dr. Frederick Lewis. Dean of the School of Law, said "I would like In speak on lielialf of myself and my faculty. JAMES H. MOORE IPrc-sident of the Law Alumni Assot-iationt speaks ut the animal Washington Day dinner lurid at the llotel President. To the left of Moore is Dean Lewis. to the rizlit, Cliaiit-ellot' Drake and President ot' the Plit' .Xlumni Association. James W. Itenjaniin. Q -LJ 160 A HISTORIC MOMENT on Friday, December 4, in Division No. 9 in the Circuit Court. Jackson County. Missouri as a request for the incorporation of the Law Alumni Foundation of the University of Kansas City is presented to Judge Ben Terte by tleft to rightj Foundation Vice-President James W. Benja- min talso President of the Alumni Associationy, Paul E. Bindley tone of the founderst, Chancellor Richard M. Drake, and the President of the Founda- tion. Ben VV. Swofford. and to assure to Your Honor and the Foundation and those assembled here the complete cooperation. the enthusiasm, and our untiring efforts to build for this community and for The University and for our alumni, a Law School that will go on record as one of the truly great Law Schools of the country, and in one of the truly great Universities in the country. Judge Terte granted the decree and approved the report of Amicus Curiae. The first alumni to be elected to office were President. Ben W. Swofford. L 133: Vice-President, James W. Benja- min, L 7193 Secretary, Norman O. Besheer, L 755: Treasurer, Roland V. Petering, L ,35. Among the 110 endorsers of the Foundation are listed Chrales E. Whittaker, Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and Harry S. Tru- man. former President of the United States. Y it .45 . if '-its 851 -.9 JUNICDRS-SCHOOL OF LAW an-. 'B 712' Robert J. Bates John R. Cleary Thomas J. Cox, Jr. William L. Goodwin Forest W. Hanna l .L vh- -4.227 Xa. James N. Lyons Phillip W- Robert Raymond Ronald Ray Rie-pen Robert L. llhlig McClanahan .ggi 41? Qu, vcr" Y"' Robert L. Ward Richard E. Worsley -'K'- -exf. 'W' :rw A .I ,A .Q , ' , G N 5' p A rf MAX . . if. , ' - 'figg-gif- L, lj.:-" .11 .-Ji: W-1 f. .rg ., Q., , I, 3 , . ,QT it U74 1 .fi 3iVT',Q S '1.':g-ggi: 2 -3, .,. u A F '1h',,-9 . Betty Lockard "I . Max Von Erdmannsdorff BILL EISLER PRESENTS John M. Speca with a memento of appreciation for his services as Dean of the Law School last year. 161 D LAW FRESHMEN-SCHOOL OF in '- L- ,.... . xxx I-X.- X Philip F. Brinkman Michael J. DeFeo . ' -n-rv a t .QF 'lf x... Q . LV.,,, 2 WJ !' ': af-tw. fl? f- ff 'af-'H 2. -"W 'R X UN . A- K , X , 4 N an X .A 4' lr 6 .rf-3 lx I . 5 Q' W- 1 fi yin X 4. Q my 4. Q 4. ,yi 'L-' 4 . ,, ,. J ,, I X y, ,gffy.f:Af' t 1 if Qkffgfvf' 1 A jfs. , . ,, 11, ffw if 1 Q lm f f12f5f?f:5frfiff?'f W1 W' ff : Jin f- . A .' , gn, 1455? 'fu 1? - .3 ,f ', .. ' :girl - ' S2 f 5 ' fit? ff? . lmh- .tilt L a . . Floyrl Balmer Beverly L. Baker James R. Batterson Michael Boerner Q' ' -N ' lf- 5' N ml 'H 5- "" , 5' N Q., ff v , i 1 rv V , - t 1 : ,id , y . it 5 f' ' gerfyfftg . , '15 "RYAN 4 " L .55 ,.,i uv t ' N 4. ' ii if t x 3 - -SSS" "-. . ' f . -:Wf'+:.C-' '4 ' Y 1. 1. PE-7" Q DM- - 'ize- . 14 ' -'Q"" it X X - ,g .-'fx-,f 'jig ' ff .V "1 -4 51, Peter J. Donnici 'JQK 'dw iq' if 1' ' 1 ,," x NK xg Jerry NI. Holcomb tl 'ii' X, , l5...,y J. R. Ste-wart W illlam 'Nl Elliott Nlarvin J. Fergugon Melvyn Norris Freed Charles A. Callipeau James H. Hentzen .ou 1' .4--1 ifskvx. - WN" .kaa-1'-' 'Nam KJ . . A Bruct' lrloncivk . .P ruin ' 'alle 4 Nlaria Esther Vf-ga l .1 f J 1 A Barry A. Jillian Donald L. Manforrl Don Slyter Lida S. Stark ii' Michael E. Watf-rs LAW ACTIVITIES L1--. ' m i S g s V I ,X l .K i 1 a L , I 3, f Q , " if i Bill Eisler has everything under control. 1 Fraternity dinner meetings are popular. fi. N. T-bones are great fun. A 1 -ll i f 7 ' yqbgu 1 it .,,. 1 . xi f " i-A: ' 5-..L....,-.."" 5 - 1 tttz vA'X"T F 4 The Law Library is used most advantageously by conscientious stu- - i dents. W3 PHI DELTA PHI l N Huck Row. left lo right: August Spallo, Thomas Graves, R. B. Wilson, Michael Boener, Jack Stewart: Sernnd Razr: Walter Unell, James Overaker, Barry Julian, Marvin Ferguson. Peter Donnici, Bruce Huudek, James Defeog Front Row: Dean John M, Speea. Forrest Hanna, Clarence Roeder, Bruce Melcher, James Cuttingham. Prof. Candlf-r Rogers, PHI DELTA PHI LAW FRATERNITY is the oldest and largest legal fra- ternity in America. The chapter on the University of Kansas City campus, the Powell Inn Chapter, was named in honor of Elmer N. Powell, one of the Law School's founders. Phi Delta Phi has fur- nished many capable leaders for the University. 164 Phi Delta Phi dinner meeting at The Wishbone gm M X . 0.1 .. 5 .XXI X P5417 lff, 'N5 ,fx- :ssfrqgy fix-ra tsl PHI DELTA FEMMES 4 3 Y ITN Rx ,Q 4 all Seated. fell In rrghl: Jean Hutvherson, Barbara Stuckey. Norma Cotlinghamg Sllllllllllyl llurinen Howl:-ig lain Ilonniri, Janis Jay. .lanet Hanna. Lori Phillips, ixl3llYt'4'll Worslvy, Barbara lllelrlie-rt. . ' ' 1. THE Tmsrzi. BALL as usual was successful. OFFICERS l,fl'.SIdf'I1f . . Norma llottingham l'ir'e-Preslzlenf ,Barbara 'llelrlivrl Srrremrv ,lean lluteher-on Treasurer , ..,Carmen Howl:-1 llistorirm , ,.Barlnara Stuekey Tllli PHI DELTA FEMMES were organized in P156 and is Composed of the wives of the members of Phi Delta Phi International Legal Fraternity. The purpose of this auxiliary is to further the social aspects of professional fra- ternity life and to promote a better understanding of the legal profession among the auxiliary members. The group sponsors the annual Tinsel Ball and also an annual Valentines Party for the children at Mercy Hospital. 165 PHI ALPHA DELTA f Q -'UG' lfufl: Row: Rolwrt lffluardi. Robert Rayinwmcl. Larry Wlartl. Riuliartl Mvlielx-ey. George Hurnnn,-l. ,lust-pll D:-Cuyper: Sw-Und R014-: julin ffl:-ury. James Hensvn, Gilbvrt White. Dunalil fllunfnrcl. Thiunaf Sims. Thomas Wlatson, Joseph llvrrea: Thin! Rmr: William Cuudwin. Florvnt Wagner. Charles C.:-tllipf-au. Phillip Brinkman, Quinn Bronsun. Jerry ll--ls-urnlv. William Elltutt. Nlelxin Frecd, Charles Rulln. Ylilliurn Eiilvr: Frunf Row: Stewart Bradshaw. Loren Taylor. Patrick Rr-gun. Dunuld Quinn, ,lorgv Elliott. John Carclwnhll. Jann-Q Lyons. HIICI1' Rim: Curtig Cucln-ll. Arthur Genrraux, Arthur Mc-llutt, Phillip Wumlward, Harry Briggs. Robert Wharton Frunf Rrrzv: Dean Rudnlph Hrritz, Dwight Kingcry, Ray P:1ytun.,luhn Burgeb. 166 1 SCHGCL GF MUSIC K 0' X WSWS A y Q S K A x S 1 5 V QETAV Lon DEAN, SCHOOL OF MUSIC DR. ARCHIE N. JONES HE CoNsERvAToRY or Music OF KANSAS CITY became the Conservatory of Music of the Uni- versity of Kansas City in the summer of 1959. Dr. Richard M. Drake, UKC Chancellor, and Lyle Ken- nedy, acting director of the Conservatory, announced the merger early in June. Under the ten-year plan which went into effect on September l, 1959, the Conservatory will main- tain its corporate existence and a board of trustees during the full term. At the end of the ten years the agreement may be renewed at the discretion of the University. Degrees to be granted by the Conservatory as a division of UKC will be on both the Bachelor,s and 1 Master's levelg the professional degrees now granted by the Conservatory fB.M., B.M.E., M.M.j will be continued. Students seeking degrees at the Conserva- tory will be admitted on the basis of established University of Kansas City admission requirements. Dr. Archie N. Jones has been appointed Dean of this latest addition to the University. He is past president of the Southwestern Division of the Music Educators National Conference, and is the author of more than 100 magazine articles, six text books, and composer of numerous choral compositions. Dr. Jones is listed in Who's Who in Music and in the monthly supplement of Wl1o,s Who in America. , CONSERVATCDRY """"f-ww--', is STAFF 45' E. Lyle Kennedy Assistant to the Dean 1 Jere M31CUm Office Manager OFFICE Left to right: Jane Lowry, Viola Hoke, Cashier, Francis Sparks, Administra- tive Assistant, Kathryn Spalding, Jere Marcum, Office Manager. 169 .- hs- - I CONSERVATGRY rr'- Robert D. W. Adams LatoniaDBarnett Darrell Matthews Berg fMusic Literaturel fVoicel fViolin.j Walter E. Cook Charles Doherty lpianol fclarinell .1 l'f"'.f 'ff ' -:f.F"" "qv CS" '. , 'T' 5'-I2 Qi2'3'1:is-? ""r- .Y- X- -mx. v . -Q ,. .. ,..,, . :wi SN ' .- YQ: , ' N i,,fsA3N,215g,1,5,?m 2-35. -:E ..., bzrfifs. 2 I . A ' jg-,MN W-' ' 31543, -yfffv, .. S' f ghfff. A 1 1:5,:f'.' LR 'N Fw- X "3 "3 If,-2:33 2 C , ' ' tj ,T 4 - vgg Biff-i X 'FN 1. 11 "if 'ez ,M " f rt X t QQ. wr: P ,Ib , , nl AA 2 an Y .1 K -1 M ' ,M s ,K- f 'Y ' " Q I -qt f rx -. :QW Qkezff U ,tmp , ,wttytx ,fn M . X .N . MM- I . .K 'geek-' X 'NS' 42948 A lv D Y g N vm R . 5 ,tg .l M. I -A E: V Ng, .. x v S T W! gf " X al Lt 'lZ1:' - ' IS ,- L .D 1 1 0 . ,, ,- -N, - ,.. .Q -.rv-uhh wfvuuqa , has - N-:--'gf-y,g5.,3: 5- ,Nz ,. Q k'7V"?'-"X Q ,f ' 1 1 ,1 ! Natalie Doherty f0boeD fi: ' ,I I if 5 4 1 t Jacob Berg f F lutej ' r. ,NT N-r4""' ii ,Q 5 I Qi . if fe h - "fy, A ,A , bbl, r . X . fb- ts.-H-f. ' ,. ,.f ' " -- , My - .x - X -- Q22 wi , rw '-R Q: :eLQ."'m . Wi. Ayn. diwklmk W ff x Qiffxxwvm fx 'H A"' ----.-DEN, X ,, + 1. ,-'M ., ' 'W 2 ,Aw w..""" N .M Y N I W. Everett Hendricks fChorql Music, Music Eclucationl- P I t . . 14 Faye Milburn lkard Wiktor Labunski Tom C. Lovitt Wllllam McCoy E fTheoryJ fPiarLoJ fClarinetH CClarinetD f 6 V :ACULTY I. A l l l D. Russell Pattersont Iriving Miller fTromb0rLeJ William Miller fPian,oj Marjorie Ounsworth fPian,ol f0rchestra, Opera, H om 5 r LeRoy Pogemiller fTheory, Pianol ACU LTY 'fm NOT PICTURED Charmine Asher fPercussionl JoAnne Johnson Baker iPianoi Constance Bennitt fTubal Vincent Bilardo lPercussionJ Edna Scotten Billings f0rgan5 Verna Brackinreed lPianol Dorothy Brown fViolinl Kae Brown fPianol Francis Buebendorf fTheory Sz Compositionl Wanda Casey fPianol Catherine F. Chaffee lFluteJ Edward LeRoy Coleman fTrumpetl Elizabeth F. Cormier lPianol Hadley R. Crawford lV0icel I Mary Newett Dawson fPzhnol Stanley Deacon fVoiceJ Fred Duffelmeyer lTheory, Piano? Catherine W. Farley lThe0ry, Cellol Herbert Six Ulianoj Hardin Van Deursen Ufoicej Carolyn Jewell iPianol Sandor J. Kallai lH0ffll J. D. Kelly iPianol Pearl R. Kelly fStaff Accompnnistl David Koch iDbl. Bass? David Koch lDouble Bass? Martha H. Longmire Ufoicel Virginia F. Mackie lTheory, Literature, Piano! Robert W. Milton Ullusic Edzzcationl Dorothy Rendina fVz'ol1'nl Ann St. .lohn 1iPian0l George P. Salisbury fPianol Hans Schweiger fCona'uctor irt Residencel Michael Spielman fBassoonl Eugene Stoia Ufiolinl Asher Temkin Ufiolal Patricia M. Thompson lPiannJ Orene V. Yowell fMus1'c Education? X.. . 1. GRADUATES AND SENIORS if ,Q 1 null?" if, s x ' ' in GRADUATES-SCHOOL OF MUSIC ROLAND T. FRANCIS Kansas City.. Missouri JOSEPH NL-SPA DDEN Kansas City. Missouri WILLIAM JAMES WYLY Kansas City. Missouri BA Amhvrst ,GP SENIORS-SCHOOL OF MUSIC JOAN MARIE BARKLEY Mission, Kansas :X Cappella Choir, Ensemble-3 KCI Opera, Beta Zeta, Pan-Hellenic Rep.: Sigma Alpha Iota, Chaplain. Treas., V.-P,g Spanish Club: Bum Friday Ac- tivities: Iota Sigma Scholarship. SHIRLEY ANN BEAN Overland Park, Kansas Choirg Bandg Orchestra, Sigma Alpha Iota, Sec., Chaplaing University, Pan- Hellenic, Sigma Alpha Iota Scholar- shipsg Sigma Alpha Iota Dean's Awardg Delegate to SAI National Convention: Kansas City, Missouri Junior College. RONALD NATHANIEL BROWN Kansas City, Missouri MARCIA CROSSLEY Kansas City, Missouri Student Council, Sec., V.-P., Madrigal Singers, Yearbook Staffg Sigma Alpha Iota, Chaplain, V.-P., Pres.g Bach En- sembleg Library Asst.g Office Asst.: Orchestrag Band: Choir. TOM CUTLER Kansas City, Missouri SUE HARRIS Kansas City, Missouri .J l i"':X 2? 4- . .... ,V I iw' Ann. ,. 1,05 i . .Q Mg. . r ' .2 M 5. aff' 78 I -'i QF hf an 'M 6' . qv'-v SANDOR .l. KALLAI Salina, Kansas Torch and Scrollq Highest Academic Bank, Junior Year, College of the City of New York. LINDA MAE LEIBOWITZ Atchison, Kansas SAMUEL PEREZ Kansas City, Missouri RICHARD LYNN SHOEMAKER Sedalia, Missouri Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sec.g Phi Mu Al' pha Sinfonia, V.-P., 'I'reas.g Ornicron Delta Kappa: Pep Club, Sgt.-at-Arms, 'l'reas.g UKC Players: Sec., ASISQ Con- servatory, V.-P., Plays: "Othello," "Taming of the Shrew," "Gianinni," "Christmas Carol," "The Would-Be Cen- tleman," "Marriage of Figaro." FLOYD WILLIAM WEAVER Salina, Kansas Phi Mu Sinfonia, Alumni Sec., Sec., Pres., Student Council. GAROLD AUSTIN WHISLER, JR. Kansas City, Missouri L' x s---I 5 "" fx n -..J faq 6 62' Y .nw-f I 75 A--1" ., fo- 45: 0 Wg, He- I o in f 4 4' 'R K. Q1 X pf J. L. 9 v Q F .,- --.,, ,....-,,,, '--...XX F' Q4 Q -.Q Q N-Q, 5 l F 1, 2 x 4 st "'hniE"" --N, ' K Qa.i.:.,:3.i , ff . y 5 X 5 , Q x E M w. 1 I .2 15. b ,1 , 'Q 5 . A i . y ml fi 6 f A . 4 , U M , 1-1. . jf' 4 wgf5gf+,:f.ff ' I Q ,K JUNICDRS AND SCJPHOMORES f im ' .n 1' Wfwwg T fi '55 JUNIORS Emmett W. Finney .Fx ,ns Sandra Moore Md, . ,Abt 4 B 4. 'vs ' ....,. , , F Z" T' If f.--.-- ,V x.f , . g:"e'ffi4:5 'xx fill A ' ' A , le '52 as-' - H ' 'ICJ of-5 Ai' - - .J ' ke ff-T "" g . 1 ? Q I 1 v we 1:- 41 l . ' ' ki. f -:E gf' .....-i:'3f,"':: Millie Fling Walter E. Hook Judith Lizon Madeline Meiers .lack E. Mitchell - Y '9 Patricia Peterson Evelyn Slade Robert E. Blount k ' 4 X ' Phillip Butler -fl it! Donna Duncan "" Sherman Foster r Peggy Maness . j Karen Kay Richie ka Nancyelaine Rush 'A I Becky Ann Thompson ' 4, P Yvonne Tweddle K Kent Twyman X I Mary Ann William, P K ,,., fx 0-f f 5 P 1 ft H1 175 E' ,V James Spencer Loretta Teter SGPHOMORES I 7 . ,,. YH' - - f .- '1 ""J P at I? .12 4: 13 1 lCY-3 I L. . N- g N if . 7? I 4" X Valda Barger Barbara Ann Bollinger James L. Campbell Harold Clark Robert Coburn Jerry Kay Conard Roy E. Drew, Jr. Glenda Hayes Marcella Rae Heintz Rozella Mae Heintz Georgia E. Henderson David lzzard .lohn Lyman, .lr. Jocelyn North Susan O'Malley Sharon Pettit Richard Rogers Barbara J. Smith .lohn Robert We-ber "W-'Bl PHI MU ALPHA - 4,. .- S' N -C . Q' - at i K C s 3 ef l ff gif Brea 5 mix 5 ix, Ky. r 1. , i Rohert Blo unt Ron Brown 1 1 SINFONIA ,sv- D K Is,-f' 5111 ,lim Campbell Sherman Foster Wlalter Hook , Qi Ky . W 5-'if V f "" N 'Dv' . sf- 1-5- Q v ,Qi fff'f'5ffQff'111 Carl Knott Sam Perez Dick Shoemaker ,lim Spenver Gary Wliislei Al Don Emler President ns PURPOSE AND MM of UKC's chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Epsilon Mu. is to advance the Cause of music in Arm-rica. foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of Stu' dents ol' rnnsiv, develop the truest fraternal spirit among its memht-rs, and encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. Among the gronp's avtivities are frequent programs of varied music. OFFICERS Presiffelll .,...... .........,.......,.....,, ,,,,,. D t Jn Emler Vice-Presiderzt ...., ....... L eslie Short Sevrefdry ...,.... ...,rr,.,.,,,, C arl Knott TTCGSZIVTFT ..... ,,..... D ick Shoemaker WYIITCIPYZ .v..e ,,.,..Y.e., J im Thorpe Historian ................ r,,r,, J at-k Null Jfunznz' Secretary .,... ,,,,,,, C arl Bolte Faculty rlzzlvisor ..,,,,, ,,,.,, D r, Adams 177 MU PHI EPSILCDN Q , fx it ' A af U"i'N ' 4'-v rl uulnbiv 'Qu' Josette Meiers Nancyclaine Rusk Becky Thompson ,M,4lffllllfllf4,,, rf "1 Ill' Ep "e. Ad .. S nf' Q - 'S 'Eg ego WCAL ICC? il X XX 6 5' X4 E 5 is J s ei E J ' f A' 'iii .- 'IIN' 211eoRi5,rff"' 4.0 lf' fffffxfzffdlff Barbara Adams Donna Duncan Sue Harris .1-+ new OFFICERS President .,,..,,.,.,.., ..,.....AA...,...,,,,,.,,,.., Vice-President ..,....,.........., Recording Secretary ..,..,, Corresponding Secretary ....,,,, Treasurer .,.....,,.,.,, H islorion .. Warden .... Chaplain ,,,.., Chorister ,,,.....,....,...,.. Alumni Secretary ,,,...... FHCllify Acizfisor ,,o. 178 ,,...,....,.iJosette Meiers Shirley Decker Sonik Sue Harris Nancyclaine Rusk ,.......Becky Thompson ........Barbara Adams ,t..,,.,.,,.Donna Duncan ,,.......,,,,....Sarah Fritz ,Sandra Smith Moore Judy Johnson .,.,,..,..Joanne Baker SIGMA ALPHA IGTA A Joan Barkley QF -0- 4' 1 Shirley Bean K 1 we Marcia Crossley 2--.. f we A-N ,J ig Linda Leihowitz G N 5 """ l 43 1 ,ei X Members not pictured: Wanda CaseY1 Judi Duffin, Barbara Forster, Virginia Gunner, Marjorie' Herrin, Glenda Kerr, Darleen Kirkpatrick, Shirley Middleswart, Sharon Patterson, Pat Peterson Karen Richie, Grace Schwarz, Catherine Spalding, Sue Vermillion, Joan Wommack. MQ iff Y 5 kjaiun. .1265 ta' ' ,a President ,,,,.,, W A ..,,.., Marcia Crossley Vice-Presidelzl , ,,,,,. ..., , , ,,..,,,,,,,, Sue Vermillion cg" gay Recording Secretary... , .,,,, ,,..,,,,,,.... B arbara Foster 'le GvQ'g1r- Corresponding' Secretary .....,, ,,,,,,, , Shirley Middleswart , M 4,x. X Treasurer ,,,,.,,,,,..,.,,,,..t,.,, ...,.ii,... G race Sehwarz Chaplain ,,,.,.,.,, ....,.,., S hirley Bean Sgl.-at-Arms ..,.,,,,., ,....,,......,...,... inda Leibowitz Facully Advisor, ,, ,,,,.,.. Mrs. Catherine W. Farley 179 SCHOOL OF PHARMACY :U 5 Q, 'E J' fa 3 2 1 , y l W Q E 5 U .,,.,n' JETMLQQ 'rl w -,I -,N 14 ,J-san-'H Mrs. Grace Ford, secretary to the Dean. 1 EW .1 ' as.. LESLIE L. EISENBRANDT R. LESLIE L. EISENBRANDT, Dean of the Phar- macy School since 1953, joined the faculty of UKC after graduating from Rutgers University with a Ph.D. in 1936. He received his Master of Science degree from Kansas State College, and his A.B. from Emporia College in 1932. He started here as an instructor in the Biology Department, teaching the first classes offered at UKC in physiology and para- sitology. In 1942 he joined the faculty of the Den- tistry School and served as the Director of Research and Associate Professor of Physiology. He joined the Pharmacy School staff in 1947, becoming a full professor in 1949. He carried on research work at the University of California from 1948 to 1949 using radioactive isotopes. Dean Eisenbrandt is a member of Sigma Xi, American Association for Advancement of Science, Kappa Psi, Rho Chi, American Pharma- ceutical Society, Society of Biology and Medicine, Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Thera- peutics, and American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Dr. Eisenbrandfs seven years as head of the Pharmacy School have been marked by increased progress in the curriculum and teaching methods in the ever expanding field of Pharmacy. SCHGOL OF PHARMACY INSTRUCTIGNAL STAFF ,. ..., 5 ,.....:fvpgf:-., V ,, if Paul M. Scott, Associate Professor of Phar- macology, BS. 119421, MS. f1948J, Ph.D. 419501, Purdue. 55' .l55 if l Lyle W. Willits. Associate Professor of Phar- macy Adminislration, B.A. C194Ol, Kan- sas: BS. 119491. NLS. 419561. Univer- sity of Kansas City. Y X. 182 W Noel O. Nussle, Assistant Professor of Phar- macy, BS. 11911-91, St. Louis College Pharmacy and Allied Sciences, MS. 119553, Ph.D. l1953l, Florida. William J. Host, Associate Professor of Phar- maceutical Chemistry, BS. 119481 , Ph.D 119525, Minnesota. HONCDRS-STUDENTS GF HIGHEST ACADEMIC, RANK SENIORS Sister Mary Sharon Jones Highest ranking senior gr-N Q up Winner of Lehn Fink Gold "1"-'S' 1 Medal A A Robert Bailey Clarence Winel' Recipient of Rexal Award JUNIORS A A A Jeanette Lind Edwin Ingram : Ronald Masters - 1, I V X , Ci" Q7 1 A , Q rf I SGPHOMORES Evelyn Suffecoal y - ' I 7 Robert Nelson -A .mam it i - Eugene Mansfield T 1, an ,f 5 - . 4 w-.- X gay - V4 'ii 3 1 ' if? V. :,. . i j . :lid ,I ' ' f ' Q H -' , 3-i FRESHMEN 4, fflfff a "i. Bonnie Bachert Peter Leodler W Bobby Rice Merck Award: Eldon L. Fisher. Darrell M. Hanson Bristol Award : Harry M. Everett 183 Alumni Award: Thomas Todd, Joyce Banken if SENIORS ROBERT L. BABB E. . Qt -N Kansas Citv. Missouri t ' ' " ' Kappa Psi: Anierican Pharm, Assn.: H5 ' Niissmiri Pharm. A-Xsslrg Nurlhwest Mis- lah N s-'uri Flatt- Cfnllvgjr. V LE: X 184 Ei Vl A u ROBERT D. BAILEY Orrick, Missouri Rho Chig Southwest Missouri State Col lf-ge. SENIORS SCHOOL JOYCE BANKEN Kansas City, Missouri Newman Club, Sec., Vice-Pres.: Amer- ican Pharm. Assn., Sec.: Kappa Epsi- lon Omega, Pres.: Student Council Rep. for Pharmacy School: Student Commission on Development: Pharm. All-School Association, Sec.: St. Marys College. ROBERT E. DAUMA Kansas City, Missouri DAVID E. DAVIDSON Joplin, Missouri Kappa Psi: American Pharm. Assn.: Missouri Pharm. Assn.: Rifle Club Treas.: Kangaroo P h a r m a c y School Editor : Joplin Junior College. WILLIAM E. DAVIS Tecumseh, Missouri American Pharm. Assn.: Missouri Pharm. Assn.: Pharmacy All-School Assn.: Kappa Psi, Chaplain: Okla- homa Baptist University: Wentworth: Central Missouri State College. JOHN WALTER DAY Kansas City, Missouri ROBERT R. EVANS Neosho, Missouri Rifle Club, Pres: Tau Kappa Epsilon: American Pharm. Assn. - I5 ,tvs X, L' ,ps--. A .QIQU f as wa- ss f ,,, ff, X ' Hn- Q4 62" . L.- M '1 91 Qi' X ' H: H Q fflljmtf z 'fm,3t.4e1i:3NE ill' I lx X -T Y . 9' 2 ' l85 ,., , oh OF PHARMACY HARRY M. EVERETT Shawnee, Kansas ELDON L. FISHER Kansas City, Missouri DARREL M. HANSON Kansas City, Missouri St. Joseph Junior College. JERRY RAY HARPER Kansas City, Missouri ANTHONY E. HART Kansas City, Missouri SISTER MARY SHARON JONES Kansas City, Missouri American Pharm. Assn.: Rho Chi. .wh f' --. i'SZ"?7 i an-N.-A , fx , ' Q. N, iira 'GW ' Lo 5 . 55' "'- 5 r Q . in fv' ,,.,4 ' Sl x J s, + 'wi Q... .M l . S- f -.. Q .. Ill, 'FL . Q-. ian.-A 1 ibn. l f 1 1 b I , , 1 I 1 of-J' . ug z 3 : ' 'LM'-X. 6:54-Y. .- . .. Fl .2-"fl P' 1,t7A't'Q'f'f' ne. 41' n fd!-fff' ' A- Y ' ' , lb- 3 . . I 9' 5. ft' r , I - . ,. to 'K . , , . 4- . .1153 vi ur, '.. .. H . ' ' - -, . Yu. P" SENIORS JAMES CRAIG MACDONALD Kansas City, Kansas Sterling College, Sterling, Kansas. ROBERT W. MANN Shawnee, Kansas American Pharm. Assn.: Kappa Psig Baker University. ROGER V. MORAIN Minneola, Kansas Kappa Psig American Pharm. Assn.g Pharmacy School Senior Class President. EUGENE ORCUTT Kansas City, Missouri EUGENE PETERSON Kansas City. Missouri GARY POUND Ottawa. Kansas if i . Y' -in-A Sv , 'inf .-vs:-, iv' 'QI' fi- QQ? .vw Nami' WELDON B. RILEY Kansas City, Missouri JOHN M. SHULTZ Kansas City, Missouri American Pharm. Assn., Vice-Pres.g Kappa Psi, Treas.: Cross-Country Track Team. TOM TODD Eldon, Missouri Kappa Psi, Pres., Pledge Trainerg Stu- dent Council Finance Committeeg American Pharm. Assn., Treas.g Phar- macy All-School Assn.: Varsity Fenc- ing Teamg Student Commission on De- velopment. CLARENCE WINER Kansas City, Missouri Dean's Listg Kansas University. DOUGLAS A. WOOD Kansas City, Missouri Nw...-.A im! Q 41 JUNIORS 7,071 f-" Q .4 z-fin ei JKT is -lkll .U!UVl U' HRLWQTUQ CEHGCL UF UENUSTRY JQHBL If PHHRMDEY Y ,..1sh.Pn.. 1ne'N:HsiY" lhs-It 'Fd 4 'YA-21 F 43 HQ' SX-.N iI..v '! .IUNIORS-PHARMACY I ll , jig v Q f' ' . M ' i ' .141 . .4 1, 'iff "WN V f W 'fri i K ', ""..'f' f 'I ' 3' S' if KK' Q . A . ....,., A -f--S ' --A-4 1 s--1 - - ' 3 TJ ,-,-', , I ' V t -.. V:- . X , H 'A 5 4 ,if .. ,, , - ' ' .. 'le n . il33i?!P:lfF'- 4123557 if. ci,ll?'i'i'll'l ,fWiz1" fm' - ' N 'uh ,"' SCN- 1- 1.1 , -' X- " 4 7 if i l .. . ' ,, 1. hill: 154,49 lliiifu-ll! X John J. Banion Bill Bolerjaek Jerry D. Crisp Fred L. Fell:-rs Richard L. Gardner Samuel A. Grillu 'r. ann. 'F Qi ' b N, A 'N , 'S ' -'an ar res. .21 L ,,. Q -. . e . , N- . . v X p ' V 1-:J Q'-' v - N-' fx X 4 P N , ,, . xii: I' gl Unswyng :N A A f '-ml fb I J., 9. 1:11 , . ' a 'X me Q f 5 'gs-.1 gi H g ' givg .5 mi". Charles H. N I ' D Hammomree Ralph Hnlhronlx lzdwin B. Ingram Claude links John Joseph Jeanette Lind Q M ,A ,Q ,wx .1 fi ng, 7 . ' , L ee. Q r 1 i ,fm 4 ,Ph . vs- ,,...a. 1, if jj p . 5' I -:rr , - 'S-1 - ,ff X mu w . V S+. 'ff ' ' A V f "N r--. 1, ,.,. x - 'A . . ' i' wif' " - Ng :Fiili . f??ffMi2ffii - P2115-Iii-'lifffikff 3 Ronald lf. Madera Salvatore' Palma Loy F. Ramland Archie Nl. Snider ,larrel D. Wlilkinsqn William L. Winslow 4 PHARMACEUTICAL BOYS set up temporary quarters for mixing chemicals for something like thatb, and at right Happiness drinks to us only with his eyes. 188 1 1 SOPHOMORES-PHARMACY Raymond Brome Bob J. Cushman Richard Davis, Jr. Erroll L. Garber Thomas Garrison John T. Gessler Larry E. Hardy Lawrence A. Link George Richard Mackay Eugene N. Mansfield James Roy Murr Robert Louis Nelson Michael Riordan Evelyn F. Suffeeool John A. Tobin John D. Williams Helen Wischner A phy mlogical phenomenon Bonnie Bachert Esam Dajani Jerome H. Gershman Erma M. Helton Gordon Hensley Peter M. Leodler Lawrence MacPherson Bobby Barton Rice Wendell Paul Rice Ira Slough, Jr. Anthony Spalittn James B. Stein J. Tom Spencer 189 5- "..-. . .Q ,. V tvx ' 4 .le f: 9. il -1.- r C J 55. A 1 t ,1 f ig: s' X v L , N A -J 1 . ,-: rzlfzw-'W 4' 5 Q' ..- Q- I-I 'F i A' Va' A xv-5 .. 5' ,- 335 "" . w.,,,-.D Nzrfl 1' " , Q... g , i a' gl, - JF Q . 5 11' 'f-547531 M L'- li""' PHARMACY WIVES T7 t N3 C39 X.z Q 4 , X.. llarher. Minnie Fisher. Toshiko Hiranog Row 3, ,loan Banion, Lendler. Kay' Brame, Carol Hensley. Bonnie Bachert Joyce Banken Kappa Epsilon Helen Dischner Jeanette Lind Evelyn Suffecool KAPPA EPSILON was founded at the State Uni- versity of Iowa in Iowa City on May 13, 1921. . vat, f Omega Chapter was installed at the University if I X of Kansas City on April 12. 1953. The object 1fwf'f'Jf 1 and purpose of this Chapter shall be to foster a spirit of fraternalism among the women stu- dents in pharmacyg to cooperate with college authorities in their efforts to maintain high social and scholastic standards: to assist in the advancement of pharmaceutical education: to foster a professional consciousness: and to provide a bond of lasting loyalty, interest, f and friendship of its members and the pro- - 'R' K' fessinn of pharmacy. A t H .ab 'I 5 'lay' 4173 ' OFFICERS '1 J . ' JOYCE BANKEN ,,,,,,,, . ..i......,.i.. President . HELEN DISCHNER ...,. ..... I 'ice-President ' i 4lEAlYE'I"l'E UND ,,,,.,,,, . ........ Secretary X Q K Q Q EVELYN SUFFECOOL ,,,, ., .i .Treasurer 190 MRS. WM. J. HOST... , .. ...,.Aalvisor x., Left to Right: Row 1. Carol Macdonald, Pat Harrison tV.P.l, Snr- Davidson lPres.J, Phyllis Fellers tSec.J, Shirley W. Tuttle lTrer1s.l, Charlotte Riceg Row 2. Bertice Orcutt, Pat Papenmeier, Norma Nuessle tSp0ns0rl, Nancy Elizabeth Mann, Sandra Wood, Donita Morain, Lora X X9 -sl l M W "'ir 4. -up--r 1 ' . Y APPA PSI P 'L Qi' J- . X Robert L. Babb Bill Ray Bolerjack Robert Errol Davidson mf e 5. C Q .. . . t t list? f S a I i- . 'Sr 3 its 9' lldon L. Fisher Errol Leon Garber Richard Lynn Gardner arles Howard Hammontree Edwin Bookly Ingram, Jr. john Joseph 4 0 -.T Af.. PQ ' Z , 5 - ,. X. 1, L, 1 Q iv . . 7 1 -My-f'iif X , ff oger V. Morain Ira Slough, lr. Anthony Joseph Spalitto KAPPA PSI is the oldest professional pharmacy fraternity in the nation. It was founded in 1879 at Russell Military Acad- emy in New Haven, Connecticut. Kappa Psi includes more than fifty active chapters covering all parts of the country as well as twenty-two graduate chapters. The Gamma Theta chapter was chartered here at the University of Kansas City on May 17, 1957. The object of the fraternity is to promote professional interest among pharmacy students so that they may be more useful members of the profession. 191 President Secretary Treasurer Historian Chaplain .Nui x ix William Edward Davis 'fu-xy , ' 'Ju- Ziff' 2 'AX . Ag: Msn H Thomas James Garrison .--4 : 'U' Q, l f i '47, Q, Raymond E. Kennett Thomas Newton Todd OFFICERS .r' .. , . .- M U2 -Q. V? . i . X , iv 1 , ,C .. L T I ' .i'fQ'.. 45351. , if Fred Louis Fellers lack Gesler Q. Q I1 . Zh 1 ' ff? .1 armani Robert W. Mann ........,..Tom Todd Richard Gardner John Shultz ....,..Fred Fellers ........Bill Davis AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATIGN NIEIXIHERS: Robert Babb, Bfvnnie Bachert. Jlilin Banion. ,luyce Banlufn, Ruth Beamrr. Thomas Blackwell, Raymond Branw, Jerry Crist, Bub Cushman, Bill Uavis, Rnberl Daviil- sun. He-Ir-n Discllner. RUll0l'I Evans. Hurry Exvrwtt, Frml Fvllers Elclun Fishvr, Errol! Garber. Hicharil Gurilner. Tlmmas Garrifnn, If-rry Gr-rshmun. john Ce-wlcr, ,lay Gruver. Keith llunnfz. larry Harnly, Jerry llarpvr, William Hurrimn, Duvirl Harlwig. Erma ll:-llnn. Unrflim Hi-nflvy. Rzllpll llvlliruwli. John Jwsvpli. Ruynv-ml Kcnne-tt. Perm' Lmdlvr. ,lwanvltv Lind. Larry Link. Cwvrgv Nlacliay. Law- rvnce lxl3CPlIt1TSIlIl, Roiwrl Munn. Ronald lluflcrs, Rogvr Murain. Charles fllulik. Jamv- 05hurn. Sulvul-we Palma. Wlm-lslnn Rilvy. lm Slough, Jr.. Julin Shultz, Nluurivcc- Smith. Archiv Sniil-sr. .Xnllmny Spalittu. William Spvar. jnlm SPlxI1C'l"T. ll:-rln-rl Sli-in, Jann-s Ste-in. Ewlyn Siiffccmml, Ju-vph Swziriwr, Twin Tmlil, Rupliur-l Xvvllllllllgl, john W'il- liams. Williarii Winxluw, Dlbllglllli W.-ml. .lr-Hy llurnvr. Ellglfllf' Petr-wiiri. 455 .Mm 1 -on "QS Secreturi' Joyce Banlxen President Treasurer Fwd Fvllvr- Tom Todd 192 f X NINETEEN HUNDREDSIXTY A i 0 RGAN'ZAT' N5 , ,1 V ,V I 3,01 ,J , . - , "vu STUDENT GGVERNMENT MONG THE MANY THINGS that make a University great, perhaps the most significant is the maturity with which the students conduct their gov- ernmental affairs. At UKC, students themselves determine what activities they shall participate in, and what the policy of their government shall be. Outstanding achievements of this year's government were the Student Congress in Excelsior Springs, and the drastic revision of the Council's constitution. In line with traditions of long standing, the various stu- dent government assemblies try to Work closely with the administration and faculty to promote an effi- cient and socially and academically beneficial form of government. BUM FRIDAYis a Student Council project. The Education School Council correlates their activities with those of the Student Council. 'Q Jack Loudon and Richard Jones, Dental Council Representatives. if v Miss Sarah Weatherly' explains Council fi- nances to student leaders. Council President Tom Jackson wonders where the money has gone. STUDENT COUNCIL fffvefzsar-v 1 M31 ,-1 E Seated, left to right: Larry Wagner, Terry Laidley, Sandra Crowley, Joanne Sipe, ,lim Lyons, Pam Patrick. Standing: Wheadon Bloch lAdvisorl, Marvin Ferguson, Dick Jones, Fred Wilkens, Tom Talbot, Jack Loudon, Tom Todd. ' Mrs. Christine D. Hogin lAdvisorl Members not picluredz Joyce Banken, Jerry Dickson, Dave Humbarger, Ray Saale, Marshall Saper, Dick Shoemaker, Linda Ze-ligman. OFFICERS President ,,,,,,.,,,,... .,..,.. .....,....,.,. ....,,,, T 1 1 m Jackson Vice-President ........ ...,...,.,..,, F red Wilkens Secretary ,,,,.,,,,,,,,, o,.,,,,, , ,, ,,.,.r.,... Sandra Crowley Treasurer ,,.,.,,.. ..,,., . ,i.,,,..,. R ay Saale flst sem.? Marvin Ferguson l'2nd sem.J ARTS 81 SCIENCE SECRETARIAT JESS LAPUMA FRED WILKENS JUDY BRAUN President Vice-President Secretary THE CONGRESS of the College of Arts and Sciences in the legislative body of the all-student council. Its membership is made up of the officers of the Arts and Science College and the four councilmen-at-large. The duties of the Secretariat are to repre- sent the ASS students in the University Student Council. BOARD OF GOVERNORS J 3 ' - .-M-ff: Front Rong left to right: Dorthy Knutt:-r. William lfisler, president, Patrick Regan, James Lyons: Hawk Run: Xlichat-l Boener. George Hummel. Arthur Ceneraux. Marvin Ferguson, John Cardwell. Jerry ll:-lc-vriilm. Richard KlcKeli'y. larry Ward. THE BOARD OF COYERNORS is the governing body 'of the Law School students. Composed of twelve members. its duties include the coordination of student activities. and the hearing of student com- plaints. The objective of the body is to gain a close cooperation between students and administration. 196 BUSINESS SCHOOL COUNCIL 1 eq, vu , 1 ' , , A-Hr aw- ' 42, X, ' ," .. rv'-W 've 1 N1 A x I U' II r' 59 Rt Arg. . , K 3 I 1, my G S , ,J , gp I-, ' I . I I- mi? . X I- I IV ,Qu I 'i I Hy- N . " jg-j bandra Prultl ' I FEM' . L g Treasurer I -Qs - iw ' I :IT F . A, ,LI S' Tom Jackson HBE' Saale President Vibe-President EDUCATION SCHOOL COUNCIL -,4 ff' 197 g D Ori' -fi - X. Prvsirlenl ,,..,.., ,,,, , ,,,LincIa Zeligman IIIICF-PfP.YIAdCIlf I.I,. ,,,,,,,,, J oAnne Sipe Treasurer ,,,,, ,,,,,. ......,..... ..,,,,, J u d y Bell fllerrzlwrs: Ijuana Brattenr Gloria Di- rcctn, Viva Moews. Marcia Super: Frzfzzllj' AIIUIQSOFSZ Dr. Rfvlnerl Sweitzer. IH. IIaZeI WIiIIiams. ""4'w A. DENTAL STUDENT EXECUTIVE CCUNCIL Seated: Dick Dryden, 3rd year Pres.: John Massey. 4th year Pres.: Jim Breedlove, 4th year V.-Pres.: Standing: Phillip Willey. 2nd year Pres.: Pete Spence, 2nd year V.-Presg Gerry Rutherford, 3rd year V.-Pres.: Jack Lou- don, Student Council Rep.g Dick Jones, Studenl Council Hep. FRESHMEN fNyX 'I.."lY w...f T. G, Johnson Pat Waneka Is! year President Is! year Vice-Presiden! HE DENTAL SCHOOL has been fortunate in hav- ing such conscientious students as members of the Executive Council. Each member has given a good deal of time and effort to insure that the Dental School has been represented in student governmental affairs. They have also served to bring the Dental School into a closer union with the other University organs. 198 MUSIC SCHOOL COUNCIL 1 we Ge Sue Harris Presiden! Richard Shoemaker C, Vice-President Sam Perez Treasurer Phil Butler --G-'10 .Secretary Q '55 .R 7'1- .1 COUNCILMEN 54 Barlmam Bollinger Donna Duncan PHARMACY SCHOOL COUNCIL ' I HIS YEAR THE AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL As- V. I -' Fred Fellers SOCIATION fstudent branchl assumed the duties A President of governing body for the School of Pharmacy. The 1 'Z-I Xi, elected officers serve dual functions. f I he I j i ' gh, L Toni Todd Q vt ' A ftiglzu ,. . , I Ice-Preszrlent Q' 'L f , M fm 1, I 2, Joyce Banken -A I Secretary-Treasurer X, Emrx . . Iliff, I ,I 5 I ' I - i' E E, , Council Representatives: Tom Todd and .Ioyce Banken. 199 W 'S KANGAROCD EDITOR Richard McFoddin 200 MESSAGE FRGM THE EDITOR O SYMBOLIZE THE EXPANDING UNIVERSITY, the dimensions of the 1960 Kangaroo have been changed this year, and we trust that the quality, if not better, has not suffered from the 'anew lookf, It was necessary to increase the number of pages to encompass the newly integrated School of Music, to spot-light individual schools, and to give the senior class the sort of coverage they deserve. Surprisingly, the cost of the book this year has been far less than in other years, and this despite the increases in paper, printing costs, and the increase in size. The staff has diligently worked to give you the sort of yearbook that reflects all areas of the university and we feel that we have succeeded. Wztymoii Elledge, Nancy Osterstrom, and Don Smith have devoted more than time to the Kangaroo, they have given intelligence, patience, understanding, and craftsmanship. Wally Smith is responsible, not only for the dental ads, but he also served as photographer and laison between the Kangaroo and the Dental School. Don Mansford, editor from the School of Law, has secured ads, arranged for photo schedules, identified pictures, and in other ways has made his services available. Cynthia Edele- man and Carolyn Smith have written copy when help was seriously needed. Mike Conrad sacrificed his time to take difficult pictures. The complete staff has been hard working. We sincerely want you to be pleased with the 1960 Kangaroo. Richard lVIcFaddin, editor Waymon Elledge Donald Smith Business Manager Layout Editor .i.::- i n 1 ,var 'ws V. in H-M 5 flu, ,ng-Q, 'NN . Q 451 W., Q an -v r Q - ,hy , '3' ,sn 'E af? VL ' E at r 'S L11 QI X -in I V Nancy Usterstrom l ' Copy Editor I iA'l ' 1 201 REPRESENTATIVES FROM THE SCHGCDLS - 'VN vw ,TX 'K........4' ,ii-'vm T' T,T "3 UF- 4.. QC? 2 Cynthia Edelman Art and Sciences Jerry Slonecker Business Wally Smith D z l en a Rusleen Mallory Education Don Manford Law Tom Cutler Music Raymond Kennett Pharmacy STUDENT PUBLICATIONS PHOTOGRAPHERS 4 Mike Conrad Mike is graduating this year and his services will be missed. He has been associated with the Student Publications all of his under- graduate years, and his photographs leave an indelible impression. David Natharius This is Dave's first year on the Publications staff. He came to the University from four years Air Force duty as a photographer. Many of the I'-News photographs reflect his talents. W..e,,,Q -ix mt- ' - ,-1 7712 f " ' s it . Q. 1 - 4 4 X 'V' x W Y P , -, 54 Ira Slough Ira is a freshman in the School of Pharmacy, and we expect much from him in the next few years. He is a valuable asset to any pub- lications staff. Wally Smith Wally is responsible for all Dental School pictures used in the Kangaroo this year. The editor is indebted to him. 1, , f Q Y 1 I, 1. r ..- 1 -an .., NM 5531- f M V... "0 4'-Q ,,r, . N4 1 1 .--Y ww S. NM, ai" .ax , Ln . x Business Manager J im James Assistant Editor Carolyn Smith Assistant Editor Marshall Saper Assistant Editor Fred Wilkixms U-NEWS STAFF J r M -xr' 'STAN was A-pf L. SENIOR CGRRESPONDENTS Bruce Holman Cartoonist Harv Greer, Charles Hook, Bob Lemon,. Sharyle Osborne, Bob Tolan, Sandra Tracy. SCHOOL CORRESPONDENTS v 5 Charles Gallipeau, Charles Hammontree, Linda Zeligman. is w 2 l REPORTERS Pat Hoff, Cecil Leiby, Betty Dicker ,lean Maxwell, Gene Mueller, Marilyn Ontman. mfr? , 'Q YZ? be Copy ASSISHIIII I 'E X. Torn Garrison 5 ff, 1 ,A ' Wg f .Y I w , Nor Shnurni Mike- Conrad, Tom Cutler. James Hentzen, Rory Ellmger me ...a Robin Armstrong. . 206 TORCH AND SCROLL TORCH AND SCROLL, UKC,s substitute for a Phi Beta Kappa chapter, is the student scholastic honorary society on campus. Its members must have completed five semesters of college work, of which two are in residence at the University. They must have a scholastic average of 2.0 or above. Initiation is held twice a year, followed by a dinner for the initiates. Members serve as ushers on Honors Day and Commencement. OFFICERS Roger Morris ........ ....,................... .....,.,........... P r esident Patt Sherwood ......,... .................. V ice-President Bob Saunders ....... Barbara ,lane Adams Dwayne LeRoy Bergmann Joan Bruderer Cordon Church Eloise Highfill Clark Ronnie S. Clark George Leo Daniels Waymon Paul Elledge Sara Gilmore Julie Leone Creenblatt David A. Grisafe Alvina Mae Harrison Gerre Ann Lipoff William Randolph Martin ....,....Secretary-Treasurer Richard McFaddin Mary Frances Merryman Sandra Smith Moore Edward Lee Ogden Mary D. Patterson Vera J. Potter Cale Sumner Roush Donald L. Smith Alice G. Sowell Veronica Sparks Ronald Lee Weiher Donald David Weinstein Joel Michael Yates AF" OMICRCDN DELTA KAPPA STABLISHED ON THE UNIVERSITY CAMPUS IN 1955, Omicron Delta Kappa, Men's National Honor- ary Fraternity, has assumed a place of leadership among local progressives interested in the future of the University. Wliile grade point average is a pre- requisite for membership, participation in extra- curricular activities is a significant requirement. The purpose of the organization is to recognize men for outstanding work in activities, to bring together men from all phases of college life and to bring together members of the faculty and student body on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. OFFICERS Thomas Sims, Presidentg David Grisafe, Vice-Presidentg Dean Wheadon Bloch, Secretary, Jerry Dickson, Treasurerg Dr. Norman Royall, Faculty Advisor. Tom Kncz. Tom Sims. Dean Wheadon Bloch MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Jerry Cole, Jerry Dickson, Don Emler, Duard Enoch, Dave Grisafe, Larry Jacobson. Richard Jones, Dr. Roma King, Jack Null, Dr. Hamilton Robinson, Dr. Norman Royall, Marshall Saper, Dr. Joseph Shipman, Dick Shoemaker, Dr. John Speca, Dean Frederick Lewis, Fred Wilkins. Warren Buxton ,.. rv Richard Nlcl"a1l1lin, Waynzuri Pill:-mlge. Melvin Frecd 208 C5 pr Qs-T 'QPU' Nculmf un Ifnzzvh. left lu riglzlz ,iaiiicv join--. Dr. Berry. Sli:-liu Xivtlwlll 7 1 Hrlrlrz Larol Dm-rr, Sarah l,ilnio1':'. Smnlru I1-uint: Nw! Illfllllfllf Xlis. Hugin. Ur. No-sly. Kcillia ,lf-rn'-. IE ANNUAL ALUMNI DINNER gives ap in touch with university activities. former' inernhers an opportunity to DELTA ALPHA OFFICERS President ...,.... .....,.,.....,...,......... ,,.,,, J a nice Jones Secretary ,,,..,..,,,,, ........ andra Pruitt Treasurer ,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,, ,,,,,.i.. S arah Gilmore Sergeant-at-,4rnzs ,,,.,, ....... S heliu Norton THE MEMBERS of Delta Alpha are selected upon a basis of leadership, scholarship, and character. The organiza- tion is a senior womenis honorary society composed of socially active and scholastically intelligent young women. Delta Alpha is a service organization which has as its goals the furtherance of interests in scholarship, leader- ship, the University and the community. This organiza- tion participates in many social, service and scholastic projects. CAROL DOERR'S BEAUTIFUL HOME was the perfect setting for a lovely buffet dinner. 5, , - 1 : r E r.- , :AH 209 c :',,, V 'ax . OMICRON KAPPA UPSILGN Fronl Row: Frank Tanaka, William Roehling, Robt. A. McPherson, Jerry D. Marshall, Paul S. Obatakeg Second Row: B. E Hargett, D. W. Enoch, Jr., Jack M. Rudd, S. W. Scorse, Ir., James D. Fredrick, Donald T. Yoshizumi, Norman L. Clark. HE MEMBERS OF OMICRON KAPPA UPSILON are the highest ranking seniors in the graduating class of the Dental School. This honor is bestowed upon the twelve per cent of the senior class judged to have the highest scholastic standing, most superior clinical preparation, and most desirable personal qualifications. Omicron Kappa Upsilon is a national organization, founded at the Northwestern University Dental School. 210 BENCH AND ROBE 1 RDBE Q -ew 5 'af' BENCH AND Ross, the honor society of the School of Law, gives recognition to the attainment of scholarship of a superior quality and implements the ideals, growth, and welfare of the University of Kansas City School of Law. A candidate must be in the upper ten per cent of his class, have twenty-four credit hours of residence and sixty credit hours of professional courses in the School of Law. H Kamilla M. Mazanec Leonard O. Grant Richard B. McKelvey James L. Baska Robert James Quigley F lorent William Wagner Arthur Greenberg RHO CHI SOCIETY RHO CHI is the national honor society in the field of Phar- macy. Members are selected on the basis of scholarship and high personal qualifications. Rho Chi aims to acquaint stu- dents with the professional aspects of Pharmacy and to point the way to instructive study and research in this field. It is a national society, dating from 19223 the Alpha Omega Chapter at UKC was established in 1954. LOCAL CHAPTER OFFICERS Warren W. Tuttle .,,,,,,.,.,..........,................,................. President Robert Bailey ..,..... ......,...... V ice-President William J. Rost ....... ........ S ecretary-Treasurer Paul M. Scott .,..,.,.,. ...............,..... H istorian Noel O. Nuessle ,,,,.,,i, .......... F cwulty Advisor Front Row: Roger Barnes, Victor Lotti, Kaneo Hirano, Dr. N. O. Nuessle, Sister Mary Sharon Jones: Second Row: Dr. P. M. Scott, Dr. W. J. Rost, Robert Bailey, W. W. Tuttle, Lyle Willits, Dean L. L. Eisenbrandt. 211 lllE llllllEll UE lHE EXERBISES NATIONAL ANTI-IBM . . . . . Audience Participating PRESENTATION or SPEAKER . . .... Richard M. Drake Chancellor of the University ADDRESS . . . ......,.,.... james Hazlett Superintendent, Kansas City, Missouri Public Schools Music . ,,v.... The University of Kansas City Choir PRESENTATION OF AWARDS SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY .,.. . . Hamilton B. G. Robinson, Dean Sludenlr of Higher! Academic Rank. Freshman Class .,., Gerald julian, Marlin Rueb, Ivan G. Smith Sophomore Class . P. David Haturun, jon E. Harrison, Fred D. Greenblatt junior Class , Ronald L. Cearley, Hershcel L. Stroud, Donnie j. Thompson Senior Class . . Paul S. Obatake, Robert A. McPherson, jack M. Rudd Studentr of Higher: Academic Rank in Courier for Denial Hygrenzrfri Second Year Dental Hygiene Students . Linda Ann Wagner, Brenda Rae Rosen, joann Sedlack Runck First Year Dental Hygiene Students Kathleen Carol Strucker, Sharon Ross Fisher, Marilyn Kay Murphy Omirron Kappa Uprrlonz james Sumner Boyce, Norman Lee Clark, Duard Wrnifield Enoch, james Daryl Frederick, Benny Elbert Hargett, jerry Duane Marshall, Robert Alfred McPherson, Paul Satoshi Ohatake, Willitim Martin Roehling, jack Major Rudd, Sidney Wm. Scorse, jr., Frank Kanji Tanaka, Donald Tetsuro Yoshizumi Denial Alumni Award , . Paul Satoshi Ohatake Scnooi, or Pi-raruriacr . , . . . Leslie L. Eisenbrandt, Dean Siudentr of Higher! Academic Rank: Freshman ..... Bonnie Bacherr, Peter Leodler, Bobby Rice Sophomore . . Evelyn Suffecoal, Robert Nelson, Eugene Mansfield junior . . ,... jeanette Lind, Edwin Ingram, Ronald Masters Senior . . . Sister Mary Sharon jones, Robert Bailey, Clarence Winer Lehn Fink Gold Medal , . , . . . Sister Mary Sharon jones Rho Chi Schalartic Award ...... . Sister Mary Sharon jones Rho Chr Honorary Pharmaceutical Society: Roger Vlarren Barnes, Kaneo Hirano Nu-ioor. or Law .,......... Frederick D. Lewis, Dean Students of Higher! Academic Rank - Night: First Year Class . Betty jane Anderson, Doris Marie Brown, Michael William Flood, Gilbert Bruce White Second Year Class . Cleo H. Muller, john j. Phillips, Mari WY Privette Third Year Class ,..... john L. Longnaker, Glenn L. Strong, john Edwin Thomas 771 Studenlr of Higher! Aradc if Rank - Day First Year Class . . . Beverly Louise Baker, Peter j. Donnici, james Hubert ltlentzen Second Year Class . . Don Lee Beard, james Norman Lyons, Robert Lee Uhlig Founder! Award . ..,. , Kamilla Mazanec Bench and Rube Honorary Society: james L. Baska, Leonard O Grant, Arthur Greenberg, Kamilla M. Mazanec, Richard B Mclieivey, Robert james Quigley, Florent William Wagner Course or ARTS AND 5c.ieNcns , , , . . . john E. Barnett, Dean Sludenrr ny Higher! Afatlenzxc Rank: Freshman Class . . . . Lucille Gress, Ivan Myers, Edgar Cooper Sophomore Class . . . Richard Scott Wetheriu, Dalton Leon Smith, Darlene Mary Solomon junior Class . . . . Mary Francis Nelson, Beverly lean Walton, Donald Delbert Smith Senior Class . Phyllis Grandon, Roger Paul Morris, Harvey j. Greer Torch and .Scroll Honorary Society: Imnaler. Nowrnher, 1959 Barbara jane Adams, Dwayne Leroy Bergmarm, Eloise ltlighfill Clark, Ronnie S, Cockrcll, George Lee Daniels, Waymon Paul Elledge, julie Leone Greenblatt, Alvina Mae Harrison, 'William Randolph Martin, Mary Frances Mcrryman. Sandra Smith Moore, Vera j Potter, Donald L. Smith, Alice G. Sowell, Ronald Ire Weiher, Donald David Weinstein, joel Michael Yates lnifialer, Maj'. I9aO Sylvia Evans Billings. Charles W. Dodds, jr., Faye Nell Edwards, Sharon Rae Frick, jacob lfrnest Hansen, Leslie jacobsorr, jeanette E. Lind, Claudia Lowe, john Michael Moore, Peter Newman, Nancy Osterstrom, Duke William Ponirl-1, Charles Edward Rollo, Richard Duane Sears, Wanda Shipley Battle, james T. Sports, Sonya Sue Sttoh, Carol jane Thomas, Robert Keith Tteece, james I., Tamer, judith Ware Bevan. Barbara Ann Whitaltezr, Roy Yamamoto, Margaret Vogel -XQY' 0 . l ji- fg Q ..,. x , X If ER"il.1'.x' .: I X .. af-1' a . ..-5"-"P ' 5-'a": .. T .. ,-- ,, I 1 fi' .. ' X 1 ' N 0 I l ' 'b 99 UNDED 19 iniiounniiiiiiil iioiiiiiiioiiu MAY THE SIXTH TEN O'Cl.OCK NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY Robert Browning Erray ........ . Marilyn Ontman BrowningSociety Drama ................. Michael Waddell Poetry . . ........ . . j. Michael Yates Short Story ............... Waymon P. Elledge Charles Stevenson Sci-roor. or Business ADMINISTRATION .... john B. Rushmer, Dean Student: of Highert Academic Rank: junior Class ..... Donald D. Weinstein, Charles Edward Rollo, Duke William Ponick Senior Class ..., joan Nichols, Merrill A. joslin, Peter Newman Nu Rho Pri Srholarrhip Award .,..... Robert james Saunders Controllerr Inrtitute of America Award . . . . . Peter Newman SCHOOL OF EDUCATION ........ . Hugh W. Speer, Dean Student: of Higher! Academic Rank: junior Class . Faydelle Collins, Lorna Grace Meyer, Marilyn Ann Fisher Senior Class ....... George Schaefer, Deanna M. Fogliana, Wynema Charlene Colson CONSERVATORY or Music . . ..,.... Hardin A. Van Deursen Director of Development for Conservatory Student: of Higher! Academic Rank: Freshman Class ...... . Sharon Pettit, Barbara Bollinger Sophomore Class . . . Valda Batger, Karen Ritchie junior Class . . . . . jack Mitchell, Mildred Fling Senior Class .,.... . Sandor Kallai, Marcia Crossley Mu Ph: Eprilan Award .... . . . Sandra Smith Moore Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Award . . . . . Floyd Weaver Sigma Alpha Iota Honor Certificate ........ Marcia Crossley LEADERSHIP AWARDS ....... Wheadon Bloch, Dean of Students Omicran Delta Kappa lninater, November, 1959 Warren Buxton, jerry j. Cole, Waymon P. Elledge, Donald G. Emler, Richard K. McFaddin, Marshall Saper, Richard L. Shoemaker, Frederick j. Wilkins Della Alpha . . Carol Doerr, Sara Gilmore, janice jones, Sheila Norton, Sandra Pruitt, and members to be tapped during exercises. ALMA MATER Sing Alma Mater's name, sing we her fame, Sing to her fearless faith, ever truth proclaim, Iriud our University, hail gold and blue, From these rolling campus hills - Hail K.C.U. Sing we fair fellowship, men of good will, Sing we the future years, high hopes fulfill, Laud our University, our hearts to thee, Nourish here and flourish here, our destiny. Freshmen ARTS 81 SCIENCES Neal D. Bellanti Edgar E. Cooper James D. Creasy Joyce A. Dille Loretta Farris Judith A. Hall Judith A. Harkins Elbert L. Hayes David R. Hills Sandra K. Howard Susan E. Lytel Phillip L. Marcus John F. Marvin Gary G. Miller Donna M. Noger Marilyn A. Ontman Pamela Patrick Judith A. Stewart Frank Williams. Jr. Walter H. Williams Uwe J. Woltemade PHARMACY Bonnie L. Bachart MUSIC Barbara Bollinger Sharon Pettit DEAN'S LIST Sophomores ARTS 81 SCIENCES Barbara J. Adams Judith Jo Cole Michael R. Crosner Carl A. Eberhart John F. Galliher Judy A. Golitko Toni E. Irwig Akiko Iwata Richard McGhee Rebecca B. Modie Gerre L. Patterson Dalton L. Smith Nathan F. Spain Jo Ellen Wagner Richard S. Wetherill PHARMACY Ronald E. Masters Robert L. Nelson Evelyn F. Suffecool MUSIC Valda May Barger Juniors ARTS 8: SCIENCES Sylvia E. Billings Sharon Rae Frick Donald J. Haines Janez A. Martin William R. Martin Mary F. Merryman Mary F. Nelson Nancy Osterstrom Donald L. Parker Gary M. Pickersigill Gerald D. Reed Marshall B. Saper Richard D. Sears Donald D. Smith Donald L. Smith Joseph L. Swaffar Robert K. Treece BUSINESS Robert J. Daigneaus Duke W. Ponick Maurice B. Terry Donald D. Weinstein EDUCATION Marilyn A. Fisher Cynthia I. Litman PHARMACY Edwin B. Ingram Ellen J. Lind MUSIC Mildred L. Fling Jack E. Mitchell Seniors ARTS 81 SCIENCES Bettie L. Dicker Waymon P. Elledge Frank J. Greene Michael J. Katz Robert R. Martin Roger P. Morris Stanley J. Odell George M. Schaefer Pat Ann Sherwood Gerald L. Spindle Oliver J. Thompson BUSINESS Peter Newman Robert J. Saunders EDUCATION .ludith R. Bell PHARMACY Robert D. Bailey Gary D. Pound MUSIC Marcia Ann Crossley Sealed: Dr. William Ryan. Thad llouston, Richard Owens, Charles Coblv. Ramsey Davis. Frank Searcy, ,loe LaRue, Ed Cooper, Frank Jamison: Smziflingz Mervin Epstein. Dr. William Crain. William Hogin. Estuarllo Sobalvarro, Jerry Dickson, Pat Sportsman. Don Emler. Roger Minne- man. Bernard McCarty, Jr., Dave Nelson. ALPHA PHI OMEGA ERVICE TO THE STUDENT BODY AND FACULTY, serv- ice to the fraternity, and service to the community has enabled the members of Alpha Phi Omega to give over 450 man hours of service this year. The highlight of the year was the Ugly Man on Campus contest climaxed by the Beauty and the Beast Dance. Dick Shoemaker was the Ugly Man and Lynn Thompson was the Beauty. The charity drive raised 3350.00 for the Missouri School No. 9 for Retarded Children. "Being Busy ln Service" was the watchword of of scholarship. A.P.O. as the members helped in New Student Orien- tation, the United Funds Drive, ushering for various campus events, selling Number One. and giving the Campus Citizenship Award. Alpha Eta Chapter received a certificate from its National Office for 25 years of service. Don Emler received the Wliitakel' Award for Service and Ed Cooper was the best pledge. The building of tra- ditions was a major project this year and the Sea- soned Eaters, people who loved the art of eating, was organized. Also the patron saint of Alpha Eta Chap- ter, Sir Cedric B. Rust, was conceived on a dark snowy evening. As a member in good standing he is on both social and scholastic probation, but he still won the spring elections for the Student Coun- cil's House of Lords. ON EMLER woN THE FIRST ANNUAL AWARD for the most outstanding student citizen of the University of Kansas City. Not only has Don shown competent leadership, unselfish willingness to aid others with aca- demic and social problems, a high degree of character, and enthusiastic participation in student activities, he has managed to maintain a high level Don Emler at the Beauty and Beast Dance. INTER FRATERNITY CCDUNCIL Q Jerry Dickson, TKE Jerry Gershman, AEPi Jess LaPuma, TKE PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL 1 54 x ff Helen Boyd, Bela Yeta Vivian Johnston, Beta Zem Don Barash, AEPi Charles Cobb, Delta Chi Mike Conrad, Della Chi " '-"" 'E . . x N in YW-H ff 1 W x 2 1 Q 0 ' 0' S' P Q Judy Johnson, Cho Chin 1- .il M, Ax i Claudia Lowe, Cho Chin Judy Madison, Bela Zeta Dorthy Sue Hannon, Sigma Beta 1 pi K 5 F15 ' if AE PI QM.-1:4 First Raw, left to right: Bob Friedman, Jerry Gershman, Don Barash, Don Weinsteing Second Row: Don Zurovsky, Stuart Powell, Bill Sargent, Larry Remis. Don Barash President HE ALPHA EPSILON P1 FRATERNITY was one of the original three national social fraternities founded at the University of Kansas City. The purpose of the fraternity is the furthering of the social education of the student. The highlight of this yearls social calendar was the New Year's Eve party held at the Twin Oaks banquet room. A MU weekend was another A E Pi social event. Alpha Epsilon Pi members did service work at the Home for the Jewish Aged. OFFICERS Don Barash ,,,,......,,.,,,..,,.,.,,,,,-,,,,,,, President Don Weinstein ....... ...,.... V ice-President "A , Jerry Gershman ....,, ,,,,,,,,,,.,, T reasurer -E1 : 216 BETA ZETA '9- ia r W , rt b. My , . x '- 'ax Helen Boyd ....,.A,,,, Judy Madison ...,,...... Vivian Johnston... Rhoda Untrif .,,..,...., Mrs. Ted Brannen ..,.. gs-A OFFICERS .. ,.,,..... President ..,...,,,,,,,,, .,...,,., S haron Frick Vice-President ........,, ....,.. J udy Madison .......,.Secretary........... ..,.....Vivian Johnston .,..Treasurer.... ....,.,..........,..Rhoda Untrif ......Advisor., ,.,.....,Mrs. Ted Brannen T! K 1 3' 2 Q i .J K rv! First Row, left to right: Mrs. Ted Brannen, Advisor, Joan Bark- ley, Mary Binger, Helen Boyd, Gineth Cross, Carol Daleg Second Row: Sharon Frick, President, Lynda Foster, Mary Haldorsen, Vivian Johnston, Judy Madison, Barbara Meyers: Third Row: Marilyn Ontman, Rhoda Untrif, Jean Walton. BETA ZETA SORORITY was founded on the University campus in 1935 by Delta Gamma National Sorority. Working in close association with their Alumnae Chapter, Beta Zeta endeavors to create a friendly environment in which each girl has an opportunity to develop her potentials in leader- ship and to form lasting friendships. This year the campus activities of the sorority's mem- bers have included participation in Pan-Hellenic Council, U-News, Choir, religious and deparmental clubs and various social functions. The BZs supported candidates for ugly man and most fascinating man. Other events included the annual mother-daughter tea, pledge banquet, Christmas party, and Alumnae Reception. With the help of their dynamic advisor, Mrs. Ted Brannen, it has been a busy and worth-while year for Beta Zeta. CHO CHIN OFFICERS n A is sf in - af at ' President Vice'President Secretary Judy Johnson Sandra Pruitt Cerre Lee Patterson FOR TWENTY-SIX YEARS, the Cho Chins have grown in number and reputation on The UKC campus. During this time, many events have fashioned themselves into traditions which are anticipated by every member. Leadership and responsibility are typical assets of this organization. This year saw the Cho Chins as presidents of Pep Club, Wesleyan Fellowship, with important offices in TNT, Phi Mu Alpha, and other groups. Other activities included Cho Chins as cheerleaders. Student Council officers, student admissions counselors, co-chairmen of Orientation, hostesses to visiting groups on campus, and initiators of various firsts such as the Film Society, Vice- Chancellor's coffees, and many others. The Cho Chins were victorious at the first annual Winter Car- nival winning second place in the booth competition and being elected Winter Carnival Queen. The Beauty and the Beast Dance saw a Cho Chin crowned Beauty and their candidate, Dick Shoe- maker, chosen Beast. Outside activities included the Valentine's Party, with Terry Laidley as Sweetheart, Mother-Daughter Tea, Spring Formal, and the annual trip to the Ozarks. Benevolence was expressed by donations to charities and caroling at Christmas. These expressions of ability and leadership lend themselves as providing the organization worthy of being a national group. This eventful year will forever ring in the hearts of the members as dear Cho Chin, sweet memories remain. 218 A Treasurer Judy Calitko Dora Arney--,4r1rism Barbara Bollinger Kathy Bushnell Sandra Crowley Anne Curry Susan Duncan Judy Dutcher Judy Eulne Jumly Fields Carleen Frans Karen Johnson Sheilah Lewis Claudia Lowe Peggy Slam-as Jean Maxwell Sandy Moore Mary Kay Richardson Karen Selden Sharon Selden Patt Sherwooel Jo Anne ,Sipe Mauriece Smith Lynn Thompson Pat Vvilhoil an 2 I 1 WIN. ,W A, 'Ni YQ A A E J :Q QQ- of ,a+- Qi. A ,Q-M ,H 62 l X -of Q? , R W 'Q' 'Z e1 kg A J J. " ',.', - .,. l . kd Wfigaf J I ,l,' , A 219 DELTA CHI ELTA CH1 FRATERNITY was founded on October 13, 1890 at Cornell University to promote brotherhood among college men. The University of Kansas City chapter has moved forward in all areas of endeavor since its establishment four years ago. Delta Chiis pledge Class had a first semester grade point average of l.99 and in 1959 the fraternity won the men's intramural trophy. Not only has the chapter provided leaders for all phases of campus life, but their "Pair-O-Dice" dance with related ac- tivities was well attended by Delta Chis and other students. - wmwxwxwxmk Z as fi OFFICERS lst semester 2nd semester Mike Conrad ,,,,.. ,, .....,,,.... President .,..,.., ,Charles Cobb Dean Nlarriotl ........ ,, ..,,.,, Vice-President ,,.,,..,.. Ramsey Davis Charles Cobb... ,, .,...,,,,, Secrelnry ...,,, ,.,. ,,., , , Ed Cooper Mike Conrad, ,.,..., .........,.,, T rezzsurer .,.... .Mike Conrad Dave Hendricks ........, .......,.. A lumni Serretzzrp '... ......... D ave Hendricks Bolt Lee .....,......., ..,.....,.. , . .,,.,.. , ,,,. ........... S ergeant-at-Arms ....,....,.,,..,.,,.............., ,..,,,..,.r D ick Cipolla Mike Conrad ,'1?'H'R C2 li X L -- -gpf' I g y xt. R t Charles Cobb K. Qf' sv . ' I gf aff' PNK ,dr -75 -is ff Rex Baker Neal Bellanti John Bruce Richard Cipolla Jerry Colliver David Clemenson Ed Cooper Al Crosner Gene Gadd John Galliher Chuck Goodman Dave Hendricks Dave Hoff Bill Hovey Ed Ingram Bob Lee Charles Lewis Dean Marriott Ramsey Davis J. T. Spotts Albert Wallace if "SZ" Rex Weddle Ron Weiher Q 3.- 'T wiivv, tfmff 'ZA " A 3' X x in ef f M 4 IEP ' 'S' f. VS. fl ' Q - 0'- 9' J:- will f -.,,l. 465121 , 2 l. A, Eff 1, Qtr ra Lynn Bush Ist Semester President SIGMA BETA OUNDED IN 1934 AS A s1sTER so- RORITY to the VVV's at Junior College, Sigma Beta has since grown to become one of the largest social groups on campus. The purpose of Sigma Beta is to promote social ac- tivity among the women on the UKC campus and through its ideals of lead- ership, scholarship, sportsmanship and character to establish a lasting hond between its members. As shown below, the SBs sponsored John Calliher, and saw him win, as the Most Fascinating Man on campus. Other events on the Sigma Beta calendar included the Christmas Dance, held in Epperson House, and various service projects for the University such as furnishing ushers for the Playhouse productions and hostesses to visiting groups on campus. Phyllis Ailbrmen 2nd Semester President . ,f ," A Y'-'11 if -. sv-'aj x X l ',pE"Y""s a ' n K., ,Q xibt 222 -i Q, Mrs. Nea Willits Karen Bentley Sara Cox Joyce Dille tSponsorJ fgtwzgryg.-342' f,-,gy ..f,5-'Weigqw i1,ggii'ff 1 Q' ,Q ee,e , fyigsgi'-We Q2 'TQ-E. - " fi g m ia, -2.57 'i 'Q S' kL'+.5g,g, 1 3,4 is ' , N . be -V,V Q 'A . ' 5 is Dorothy Sue Hannon Marilyn Hanrahan Jan Harre Charlotte Hill Andrea Hogin T Rx. i ,. ' ' ' .sq we , .- A Janice Jones Nancy Krause Donna Noger Rita Norton Sheila Norton Shirley Hand 4'5" Toni Irwig Sharyl Osbome t Pam Patrick' Deanna Riley Carolyn Roberts Sandra Tracy Patricia Williams 223 Jeanne Zuk A TAU KAPPA EPSILON Row 11 Terry Laidley. Charles Crain, Mike Shields, Jerry Dickson, Ken Shemark, John Bailey. Bruce Ernst: Row 2: Jon Lewis, Hugh Hass, Paul Rice, John Ruwart, Gene Mueller, John Pawiglia, Harvey Gilbert, Jack Reinhard, Row 3: Dave Christman, Tom Talbott. Fred Wilkins, Rick Nash, Don Emler, Lyle Schulz Arthur Taylor, Bob Farmer. lst Semester ,lvrry Dickson Fretl Wilkins. Bull CTUWV ,, john Bailey Charlie Crain Hike Shields, Terry laiidlcy OFFICERS ,,,Pres1eIen1...,...,.. ,l',l'l't"Pft'Sl'FI6IIf ,,,,,,,..,Tf'6!1Sllf6f.,,,,.,,,, ,ChapIr1z'n., , .....,.....HiSIOf1-IIN...,,,, , ,..... Sergerznf-al-Arnzs ,,,,, ., ,,,.....,Pled'ge Trainer, ' x-N.,,- ,ss Axfnsnuuw.-x , . 2nd Semester ..........Jerry Dickson .....,..Mike Shields ...,.....,John Bailey ...,...Charlie Crain .....,,Ter1y Laidley .,.,,,,,,,Bruce Ernst ,,,,,,,,,,Bob Farmer TKE WAS FOUNDED IN 1899 and is one of the most rapidly growing fraternal societies in the nation. Epsilon Lambda chapter was installed at the University of Kansas City dur- ing the 1955-56 school year. Prior to that time the chapter was known as Tau Kappa Nu. This year the chapter par- ticipated actively in intramural athletics, school elections, and all social events. The successful year was highlighted by the most elaborate, annual Red Carnation Ball. TKE SWEETHEART SGHJFG C,I'OlU .gd W RED CARNATION BALL ,3- AU KAPPA EPSILON,S ANNUAL BALL was a closed affair this year, restricted to members only, and the university missed something. Tux and formals whirled around the ballroom of the Hotel Bellrive amid elaborate decorations, flowers and lovely ladies, and the music was danceable. Dr. King, Dr. Crain, and their wives were there to keep an eye on things, and Dr. King had only to raise his brow once. Per- haps next year TKE will let all of us in on the fun. This is Heavenly. iYf'fff?fE . A' A A X f 1 rx 1 -J Not everyone danced . . . every dance. And then I told Chancellor Drake . . . Next ye-ur wr-'ll new-d a larger ballroom. But Mike, we can't do that. 226 NEWMAN CLUB Joyce Banken Helen Boyd Roy Ellinger Evelyn Gomez .less LaPuma Dr. Ryan Lyle Schultz Linda Stewart Q2 COSMOPOLITAN Roberto Ammirata Alfred Arnold lssa Batarsch Fatma lpek Calapola Esam Dajoui Paul Dinelli Samuel Grillo Jeff Heaivilin Stuart Holland Akiko Iwota Daryoosh Kalai James Lawless Hilda Meth Annorsh Mizani Aideh Nur-Il-Deen Amir Rahan Felix Agosto Romero Plinio Romero Abe Rogue Byung Ho Seo Dalton Smith Estuardo Sobaluarro Uwejan Woltemade Sandy Yukon ii? 4 Q- .- -lx cv- 2. - as R, L. '57, -,4 , I' 7? 1- my ws ff. , C l. U B -at N -- he :- -ew -5 ' -T" - W 2? 1 "" . . Q . 2 , X 5 'X -f', 31:1 1 AK J! , 6 1 'V' -1- Va 1' ' ' . 3. ,I . fe.. 5. A 1' 'VY .L Y -R.: , , bi ,-:Q , . T x v ' If , LX 'N-'X X4 'iff I I I ly A f' g .l N, J ir, Gif- 'ill' r , K' V - 4 f. N ww , sr Y , ,,. . - 1 ,. , ,,,,.,, 434 'JJ'- vt sf yr'-'37, t 1 I I l w I 227 xi. .ix 5 K '32- nl'N ig 45. Y ..,- ' x , W! A ,f 'X .4'k ,ga-A A asf ..- 5 ',,, U- N, '3 " I R Lf xxx WESLEYAN FELLOWSHIP - '--. fm 42? First Razr: Cv-ire Lee Patterson, ,ludy Golitko, Karen Bentlyg Second Row: Dr. Sidney Ekblaw, Emily Hall, Eliza- beth Mcllartney. STUDENT ZICDNIST CDRGANIZATION Member: ami gmwb M an infurmal nwming. Members: Sybil Horowitz, Rhoda Untrif, Amir Rahav, Rosalynn Beeler, Larry Goldberg. Al Beilchman. Evelyn Duny, Cary Labowitz, Batya Rahav, Barry Kaplan. 228 NINETEEN HUNDRED slxrv EVENTS T NEW STUDENT - , a uf B gi-viii' 3 .. Uallmtal ORIENTATION INEVITABLY H happenseveryfaH.fJdentaHon: that gray time when former students congregate in the shades of 143 varieues to orient each other as to sununer explohs and conquems. But after relentless demands by Hogin and coninintee. these sacrihcing students forsake the companionship of their fellows and dedi- cate themselves to the enlightenment of unori- ented freshmen. With much arrogance. windy oratory. and prhnaruy' purposeful Heyebah- ingf' the emissaries of all knowledge inform the recently deflated, but nonetheless eager I? I plehes of significant campus features: the handygarbagechqnmalInnneconecdycahed The PondI,lhe ivy lifted from Patrick Henryis grave. and the pornographng but hneresdng, niftie nudies. When it's all over, beneath many Uthank yousf'l on Ender and Judy Johnson, co-chairmen, can be overheard mumbling a vow which sounds very much like 'Lnever again . . ." while frosh and upper classmen drown their new-found confusion in the whirl- ing gala of the first dance. Top: JONES AND CONRAD BRAINWASH be- wildered orientation group leaders. "Make them think you love your l'niversity." Second from top: FRESHMEN SIGN UP for participation in organizations during an effi- ciently organized Activities in Action program. Left: PROSPECTIVE CHOIR MEMBERS dis- cuss advantages of long concert trips. Bottom: "FOR YOUR INFORMATION, Mr. Null. the Tfniversity News is now under new managremeut. We will kindly thank you to step aside, unless you could come clown and empty wastebaskets every morning." Below: NANCY OSTERSTROM SURVEYS a prospective KANGAROO staff member: hand- some, single. "sign here . . . name . . . phone . . . free time . . z.. X iv. 2: Eh f tiff f W I lx X TX Fx tx ,n ixnouwu THE CAMPUS VIA TIIE l .......A.,A Y U, I rf 'N--. ""' -on '--N. -. . I 'lie I ig... 1 REGISTRATION 1959-6.0 DESPITE the innovations of carbon paper, sharp pencils, alpha sequence numbers, and IBM machines, registration remains a fore- boding and tedious chore of old and new stu- dents alike. From the moment Joe C. is refused a certification to enroll because of an unpaid book fee, to the moment he stumbles in a white daze from the photographers booth, he is enthralled in a jungle of letters and figures lsorry, not that kindl formidable enough to force his retreat from the halls of learning. Oh welll We suppose the formality of regis- tration is not too great a price to pay for nine months of coffee-drinking, card-playing, and bull-shootingg for, after all. the purpose of college life is to produce well-rounded individuals. Top: HGREER, HONEY. G-H-E-E-R, Greer. G as in gilamonster, R as in rhododendron, E as in . . . huh? Rhododendron? That's R as in Renaissance, H as in . . Second from top: DON EMLER ADDS all his course code numbers, subtracts the total from his alpha sequence number to find the number of hours he needs to graduate in March. Right: ". . . AND THAT'S WHEN THEY TOLD ME that Advanced Archery had already closed, and that all I could take was Inter- mediate Dancing 312. Now I ask you. do I look like an intermediate dancer?" Bottom: "WHATDYA MEAN, my card seems to have jammed up the IBM machine? Now look lady . . Below: OH THEM: they can smile all right. They get the dough. But him? Whats with the grin. Scholarship, probably, 'SMI ex-NV-,M ,vfiajlwggn 1 9 , X , . an a ,.-I 'f fx, P A I 'ifw we I '1,-, pp sg, .,, .ph Liffll xii: . . . THE BEST MINDS of our generation . . 'Op : I 1 A 2. 5 s --5 ' v ' K 4 ' Va, QQ' KANGARO0 KAPERS DANCI AFTER a hectic week of perennial pandemonium, the 1959 fall orientation program roared to a spirited conclusion with the presentation of Kangaroo Kapers and the tradi- tional first dance. Dark glasses, bongos and leotards were much in evidence at the Kapers where the popular beatnik theme dominated the new-student skits. But Harlan Livin- good and his band disregarded the wheat" melancholia and provided a varied pace for the all-school dance which followed in the gym. I KNOW it's our first date. hut, honey. were in "WI-lAT'S THAT YOU SAY? Bob Neel ran his hand through a bongo college now." drum?" "WELL, IT'S BEEN THREE HOURS. Do you think it's too early In leavr-'."' in the female species." ,fgQ,?f- Ig ' 1, x 'filiiiiii we A - I I - Fri - ' ,ss 21-Q, , eil- P 14-4 232 "I THINK I should point out the anatomical ini possibility of such a back-up, whirl, twist and kick HGMECOMING HOMECOMING AT KCU introduced an innovation into the usual pattern of Homecoming festivities. Basketball was replaced by drama as alumni at- tended the Playhouse production of "Time Remem- beredf' All was not new, however, as alumni visited booth displays in the gymnasium, became reac- quainted with old friends, were introduced to the conservatory campus, and ate a barbecue dinner on the Playhouse patio. Also in the traditional homecoming style, a queen, Lynn Bush, was crowned and the winner of the booth display Contest, Nu Rho Psi, was an- nounced at the intermission of the Homecoming Halloween dance. George E. Hicks represented the alumni and Jess LaPuma the students as co- chairmen of Alumni Homecoming. Left to right: Dr. Patricia Mclllrath. Mrs. Christine Hogin, Mrs Neal Woodruff. Joan Hurshman, Linda Cureton. George Hicks crowns Lynn Bush. iliil' fm Frank Jamison exoiains radio announcing to Jim Gammon from Radio Station KCMO. We won because like we'1'e business, - . -if. 'st fl na- .aww 545 ... fylmid' "far Mk, sf' 3, 5 Q LAO YU ARE BACK 2 5 Q' l it , ' x fi , C7 WINTER TRULY a lost weekend, the first annual Winter Carnival, in tribute to the Fightin' Kangies even brought out the Haag Hall bookworms. Patt Sherwood and ,lack Null, Carnival Co-Chairmen, conceived, planned, and carried through the biggest winter social event ever held on campus. Pie-throwing, rat racing, kissing, dunking girls, joining the High Hat Club, dart throwing-all added up to a fun-filled Friday. Then on Saturday the Kangies trounced Graceland College, Sheilah Lewis became the first Carnival Queen, Nu Rho Psi won the trophy for the best booth, and the Cell Block Seven played like sixty. And Patt and ,lack collapsed from exhaustion. But next year welll have an athletic scholar! Above: PROUD AC- COMPLISHMENT and sincere grati- tude are expressed on the face of Sheilali Lewis, pe- tite Queen of the first annual NVinter Carnival. MARILYN HANRA- HAN ileftl and San- dra Crowley were second and first Queen attendants. Hz 1 ll, respectively. "YOU MEAN Dean Bloclrs face won me tl Coke?" 234 ' CHARACTERISTIC of the whole Carnival weekend is this shot showing the libido-arousing Cell Blocks and libido-aroused dancers. BEATNIKS Torn Jackson, A1 Thomas, and Starr Dalen of the winning Nu Rho Psi booth seem pleased with booth profits. titty XYXNQAK "' , 'I ,f A- reNf5 CARNIVAL W I 4 I Q 5 V ' ., 1 E 'umm 4 , W i- Qa 4 V ,sa E J :- ' if ii lx: s' ' AX -, i X x 1 5 5 ' N "5 1 3 i ,Q ii -ii SYS 5 Q Etg ' , ' 4 Y . - , r . Q. s 1 P: va Q : . X ' 5 A Q V .3 1 5 4 NELL WE'RE BAFFLED TOO. The suc- :ess of the Carnival gives Co-Chairman Tack Nuli no reason for the long face. Tired Jlood maybe. "ANYTHING FOR THE TEAM and good ole Cho Chin!'i Claudia Lowe packed 'em in the Dunk-a-booth. HGMECGMING QUEEN C,Q,, ,,lm 236 1 WINTER CARNIVAL QUEEN .Sjheifall oflwu 8 BUSHWACKER QUEEN mary .Ann olzuman ' 239 B E A U T Y 1,z',,,,, 340m,m,, KANGARCO QUEEN pafwfhoif MCDST FASCINATING MAN ,Q,,4,,gi,fmw,. ' 243 LAW DANCE HE ANNUAL LAW SCHOOL DANCE was held in the World War II Memorial Building and large numbers of students and faculty members attended. The music was quite good, danceahle-Dean Lewis waltzes a mean cha-cha-and throughout the evening a warm comfortable atmosphere created by widespread party spirits and jollity prevailed. The dance committee is to he congratulated for a carefully planned and executed evening. Bill Eisler and Kam Mazanec. pd E 4 Dean and Mrs. Lewis. wr 'F 5 1 Don Manford had the party spirit. When a glass is half-full is it also half-empty? 4 QU AD DANCE SHERWGOD FOREST" FABLED Sherwood Forest Came to life in the Roost No- vember 21 as the Freshman Steering Committee spon- sored an evening of fun and dancing that received the enthusiastic approval of 200 revelers. Couples eavortetl in a forest setting complete with wishing well. medieval castle walls and wandering archers. Intermission saw the introduction of the freshmen representatives who were to guide the fortunes of the campus "young set" during 1959-60. "I WONDER if it'r: safe to walk in the grassf' ROYALL-TY INVADES the sllzimly haunts of Sllerwood Foresl "STEP LIGHTLY NOW. We don't want to arouse -ANQW WHERE 110 we gn flnlll liere'?' suspicion." , 245 llottom: THIS HE If T3 fi PAIR DICE Top: NOW HOW'S THAT for ai Real-Lemon! HANG ON, FRED. Be 11 shame to swallow that stogie in all the excite- ment X11 wi, it I r 9, ' c I IX 1 ex RE. toys, is llie llt'KX' sc-lmol l1lllI'lll AS MAH OLE PAPPY USED TO SAY . . . NRO Digg P LAC IF THIS IS PARADISE, looks like we were pretty wrong: about Adam and Eve. DEAN BIARIOTT. Delta Chi Vice-President in charge of vice. marked the Cards. loaded the dice, rigged the wheel. and imported dancing girls from "Frisco,' for the gala reopening of the Pair-0-Dice Palace. The fast draw contest almost ended in disaster: "Sorry pardner, l didn't mean to shoot off your headf' Sigma Beta girls kicked their legs in the chorus line-tall,strangers shouldered each other at the barAshoolin-irons blasted the tall strangersf horses stomped at the hitching post-ten-gallon hats were crushed in the sawdust-and the rugged West lived again in the Roost. K EASY DOES IT, fellows. lt's only a .e AND WE ONCE WONDERED what fans were canierzi, f0l'. Nuu mcg Q PALACE 246 SNO - BALL UNDER the co-sponsorship of Student Council and the Pan- Hellenic Association, the annual SNO-BALL again this year proved to be the highlight of the Christmas social season on campus. Over one hundred couples in formal attire danced as shimmering lights played on colorful red, white and silver decorations. Attention during intermission centered on Judy Braun, Sharon Sue Dotson, Marilyn Hanrahan, Pat Willioit and the selection of the Sno-Ball queen. Claudia Lowe and her committee should be commended for the eveningas success. of Al Ruph's band. soul. AND T0 THINK we used to dread going to the dentists! AMID A SETTING of tiuse-led snowflakes and white fir, couples glide to the music 'TIS AT MOMENTS LIKE THIS that true creative inspiration flows through OlIG'S SIGMA BETA ON JANUARY 9, the doors of Epperson House were opened to students and faculty as the Sigma Betas combined their holiday festivities with tI1e celebration of their 25th con- tinuous and active year on campus. The band of Les Copley provided the music for the dance which is an annual event in the sororityds social calendar. Blue lights shown from behinid white fir trees decorated with a haze of angel hair to carry out the sororityis colors. The Sigma Beta crest of blue sparkle on a white background was in the spotlight on the balcony. A feature of the eve- ning was the announcement of the new officers for the following semester. "IS HE TAKING OUR PICTURES?" "YOU SAY THE NICEST THINGS." "WHAT D 'YA MEAN, SMILE?" "I GET THE FEELING I'm just a Handy-man around here." 9 1.4 BEAUTY AND BEAST DANCE BEAUTY LYNN THOMPSON and Beast Dick Shoemaker reign with mild complacence over the scence of festive reve- lers. SOMETIMES WE'D LIKE to de-capitate people who monopo- lize smiling beauties. CONTINUING the practice established last year, Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity, sponsored the Beauty and the Beast Dance as a benefit for handicapped children. Penny votes were cast in the beauty and beast contests with the final votes showing a victory for the Cho Chins as Lynn Thompson was selected as beauty and Cho Chin- sponsored Dick Shoemaker was named beast. Lynn was presented with a bouquet of roses. A jester's cap was Dick,s symbol as beast. Missouri School Number Nine for Retarded Children was the real winner, however, as the two contests and the dance netted over 3325 for the school. IT'S NOT THAT WE CAN'T can-can: it's just that we'd rather Serenade our favorite royalties. an THE EPPERSON HOUSE LOUNGE provided ample room and campus atmosphere for the N M' excellently pl an n e d and exe- cuted activity. , 'R Wi BUSHWACKER Bushwacker Queen Mary Ann Luman . . . and husband Jack. 0 WEST YOUNG MEN fand girlsj, and the Dental School Went- across the river to the National Guard Armory in Kansas City, Kansas for the annual Bushwacker Ball. The Pyorrhea Palace Saloon, opened by the Junior Class and managed by "dead eyew Dick Dryden, was closed at 1:00 a.m. by the sheriff who de- cided that fledgling dentists need sleep fboard exams are important, pardnerj , and instructors, While not needing sleep, should refrain from overly strenuous activities. Skits, not at all subtle in their satirical jabs at fac- ulty members, provided entertainment, Dick Dryden presents Bill Grisby the Dean Robinson award for joumalisrn, You can't tell the players without a progra and music for dancing was provided by Warren Durrett,s neo-Western band. Jack Luman's pretty wife, Mary Ann, was crowned l960 Bushwacker Queen. and Dr. Carl Sawyer was chosen as most popular professor. t u S gi 250 BALL Which one of you comedians lifted Dr. Moore's gold . . . fillings? There is nothing like a dame . . I want you to find him, Sheriff. I was under gas! Like man, you bugggg me! BUM EGITIMATE AND PSUEDO CAMPUS BUMS became indistinguishably one on the fun-impacted, mud- caked, sun-baked day, annually set aside to honor the bums of Friday. Patched pants, faded levis, shorts fshort and longj, beards, and other bum-like features marked the campusites who were pleased that classes had been dismissed and they were allowed to par- ticipate in a few raucous, tension easing exercises before being persecuted with final exams. The results of the faculty-student baseball gameiin- dicated that the athletic-bent faculty members were the better bumsg they won the error-laden contest ll-10. TKEs and Cho Chins were also bums, they won the skit and talent contests. A barbeque luncheon was held on the patio. Notable bums: Gilbert Bledsoe, most impressive beard, Pat Wilhoit, Kangaroo Queen, John Galliher, Most Fascinating Man, fresh- men De11t students, winners of the mud hole tug of war. A .Sa laculty Bums won the ball game. ,F Dental Students pulled more than teeth here. 1.4" f Is vm- ww- -,, 1 . MVP.. .sy a , W- 3959 'S 4purf--mis . U, Grew FRIDAY Is it il man's world? av' X A . in ki f . . 1 ' '. 'CVT 1 , f' F, ,, ,114 x 2 V x '- .521 , -hug., -1 II II -1.--1 H1 1l.1 In . 3, ie f-3-H- i5" 3'9"' " K1 '-'14, " , 5 Nu extra charge for while-wall 'fuss' Q0 3 Q 115' .4 - -, , ' -2+ , gf-" KN ' . -5 huxf, 1 . -k'4. vi.. 5 4 A P x-. rw ... 'Q K ,- f ,, N., 1 . -, , -2 ik - as-w - wg 'Q' --,Isl . ,Y ' N" . X 'C ll.':X 1. Hiffihff i 1? I -1 . , 7, ,....f rj , 'S' is 'z' KANGAROO HOP HOB0 IN HEAVEN N ll C ll 1 fi Ewe 'L,Iohn" Wnllcmode . y 5 John Galliher, MOST FASCINATING MAN Cha ll D ake wus the Queen. Hb He en x S P at Wilhoit, KANGAROO QUEEN .twirl . "tau-i. . ' ,ya t , ,, N N. ,S iv il:i5'x'K-,' 4 -Il as , ' .. . x, , - , , . ., fini, A514 "' ,A V ,Rf ' S '5 . ,X x .v i, xb- X SX X ,A K , , , :Af if ir 5 yas, x r M z A Q 1 N, , i t aa .- , , All I A HAT NIGHT, UNDER A CANOPY OF CLOUDS, the Friday Bums, transfigured in formal attire, danced to music that complemented the Hobo in Heaven theme. At intermission, the winners of the early-day contests were announced, the Kangaroo Queen, Pat Willloit, crowned, and the Most Fasci- nating lVlan John Galliher, bussed by Sigma Betaas who sponsored him, TKE sponsored the Queen. Fred Wilkiiis lVl.C.ed the dance program. Co-chairmen of the traditional student council event were Deanna Riley and Curl Knott. "Does Sandy know you're here?" Sheilali Lewis and Terry Lnidlvy 4401 ft-x u if gghvacls ta lu glassufl. 2lIlllll'CHlS la la Saperl--you namv it, and il was at ihe "Bur Mr, Chief, ygu C3111 dg the waltz Lg 3 cha llnlm-lri-llc.1xr'rr Darrnfc. C1-l,3.Cha, Cha.Cha.Cha," Nlrx. Clrriqirw Hngin and Chancellor Rirhard Drake ilifcusf the: success of anwtliffr Bum Friday and Dance. . . never lor him gn . . until you gm bored or thirsty. n5t'X'r'l'lly'fiXr' flrillars? What phone bill?" Now cut out that Clwating ll'lt'I'l'. hubs-. Only rho men look at the Camera. ,4 256 I fe-fi" E 'ssf.fff.' . 'fn-vs A eww- rms-A J J. M-f'z.":'og , ll xxx K ' N., s .nu f 'Z .-gage" ...-', ' " ' ' -"'-,., . .. "' Ns. iaiisnt -' ". . . ALOHA OE . . . Ike ona ona no ila lipo and all that jazz. SO WHAD'YA EXPECT? Hawaiian Punch? WHO CAN SAY what transpires in that world one step beyond the fish-nets? WELCOME DANCE EXCEPT for a lack of sand. the gymnasium, on the evening of October 2, might well have passed for the colorful beach at Waikiki. Event: the annual. Student Council sponsored Wel- come Dance. highlighted this year by the appearance of exotic hula-dancers. Amid bright leis. grass huts, bamboo decorations, and the occasional Hawaiian music of Bill lVlelton's Combo. new and returning students launched the social program of the '60 year. IT LOOKS LIKE THE LINEUP. Or perhaps a practice session at Arthur Mu1'ray's. 257 BUSINESSMEINFS H EAVEN ON ONE occasion during the academic year all was not strictly busi- ness in the University Business School. Accounting sets, tax forms, ulcers, and at least the arabic figures were cast aside on a November night in favor of light entertainment via the annual dinner-dance. The KangaROOST, hung with blue and white streamers and silver- studded stars, became the scene of celestial lieauty and perfection flix, as the angelic figures pictured below ate, drank, and made merry to the music of Ernest Daniels, untroubled by thoughts of the morrow. One of the evening's highlights was the after-dinner speech by Mr. Leon Adelman. DON ROGERS and Clyde Gilbert, with 250 others, enjoy food for the gods in this Busi- nessnivzfs Haven. MARRIAGE is serious business. AND WHAT SORT of monkey-business is going on here? 5 GEE, somebody spiked the watercress 4 4 NINETEEN HUNDRED slxTY X sPEclAl. oRGANlzAnoNs A CAPPELLA CHOIR HOLIDAY CONCERTS by the University choir have become a part of the music makers traditions in Kansas City and the surrounding area. A thanksgiving tour took the choir to Atchison, St. Joseph, and Leavenworth. They presented a varied program which ingluded Bach, Handel, Folk songs, and contemporary works.f"The Christmas Story," a cantata by Johannes Petzold, wasian outstanding part of the Choiris holiday repertoire. The Choirls spring tour began amid some debate as to the rightful place of Choir members the night of the Bum Friday songfest. Although accused of being disloyal, Choir members forsook the contest to rnalge a nine-day tour giving eighteen concerts. fliiifi f"i This extended tour by the Choir is one of the major 3 publicity outlets for the University. The high quality of the ' singers provides good advertising for KCU. Dr. W. Everett Hendricks, director of the Choir for ten years. is responsible N for the excellence of its performance. l Dr. Hendricks completed his tenth year as director of the University Choir is C3 S. 'Q-5'x-..,--.f ,...Ahu- cn '-"..wM Q --N-. ..e .!. Vf, -W , N ' x.', QQ, SLM- xg, Q ,f p - ro- ag "- -r .KQL if .Q 'ri 'H- i - . - '- 'lwrsfifatii fr .1 V- . ' y 2 ' f 5-K i Back Rmu. Don Emler, Harold Clark, Stuart Powell, William Hovey Valda Barger Barbara Bollin er Sue Harris Mar Williams Judy John- lilia Cferald WVh1sler. Frank Williams, Philip Butler. VValter Hook: Second Row: Gilbert Miller, Terry Eajdley, Larry Wagner, ken E: iee, Lian I3a.:nxsorr. Sam Perez, A! Wallace-,.Joel Rose, Ron Brown, Dave Natharius, Sherman Fosterg Third Row: Claudia Lowe, Car- R V EQFH,-:oyge 'nl.ei, Dick Shoemaker. John Passigha, Dannean Farris, Jane Hogg, Judy Braun, Karen Bentley, Kathy Bushnellg Front GZ:-Lrg: Iiqtxlgllifon agmrolnufgitgnllfko- Peggy Maness, Judy Dutcher, Joan Barkley, Jerry Kay Conrad, Sandy Moore, Shirley Bean, Judy Fields, 260 CHOIR PRACTICE KJ - v , ' 1 f wh A ,- , vwkoxf'-NL ft i '. ' "ff S, .V V , W ,1- 5. q ' 1 et 3: 1 W, ..n I 261 OLISHED PERFORMANCES BY THE CHOiR are a direct result of many arduous practice sessions. The choir's singing time on stage reflects many hours spent perfecting techniques and selections. Choir members, from various schools of the University, gather in the gymnasium to sing and then sing again and again the music they will present at Christmas, at high school concerts. and on the spring tour of the southern states. Not only music occupies their choir time, how- ever, as memhers also act as their own stage crew, loading and unloading props, and setting the stage. "Standing room onlyl' performances and nationwide recognition is the just reward for these students who practice regularly and enthusiastically as members ot the University of Kansas City Choir. -,- ne: 'Q 5 . --v f':-2 r.. I xg ,J Q gr' qs ?:. if E" f ha, , 4. , ,, lxtxou T l fir". V- . I 44 1 Jhef' 1--'41f't- f T' Q .ff kj' 'f-1 '1',1ll'L145 . 93 .4 'I 1. 4 1 an - 1-, -,,,, 0' Y H5 '- lv.: . avg- an . . MM ,I s - V - ' Y Make-up is an art. UNIVERSITY HE FIRST PREREQUISITE for Hgood theatren is of course a good play. Excellent backstage prepa- rations and operations will not render had drama good, and at best, will serve as ends in themselves. A good play on the other hand can be badly pre- sented if direction and production are less than adequate. We are fortunate to have at the University of Kansas City, talented and capable people who bring us hgood theatre." The Theatre staff, under the leadership of Dr. Patricia Mclllrath, have com- bined their abilities to bring us one outstanding pro- duction after another. The success of the experimental dramas reflect the techniques and methods the stu- dent directors have leamed from their instructors. Because each element of the theatre is treated as an organic functioning part of the Whole, the 1959-60 Playhouse year has been successful. Directing, act- ,LW , Student cast from the experi- mental production of "The Glass Menagerie." A Qets are vital elements in a pro- duction. ing, lighting, make-up, sets, and costuming have been correlated with good dramas, "good theatre" is the end. 262 PLAYHOUSE Dr. Patricia Mclllrath ...... ................... D irector J. Morton Walker ........, ...... A ssistant Director Bob Towse ..........r......... .,.,. T echnical Director Mrs. Theresa Walker ...... . ............... Secretary ,,,,,t Q aye-.f A I R hw' ,uf , nn.-.iw-.ff 3 Ns, 34" x , Member, g'Marriage of Figaro" cast Lighting is important. ,zf 4 l. 263 Cast relieves tension with humor. vi ' , J l If 4 1 w All is not glamour. R. U. R. CROSSUNVS UNIVERSAL ROBOTSD by Karel Capek English version by Paul Selver and Nigel Playfair staged by Patricia Mcllrath Sets by Robert W. Towse Wardrobe by Durward A. Redd WIIITTEN IN 1920, this drama voices the Czechoslovakian playw1'igl1t's protest against the depersonalized march of science and invention. The play is a bitter attack on the trend toward mechanized civilization. It is also an affirma- tive reply to those who feared that the prophets of material- ism had abolished the individual. Harry' Domin ,,,,,,A,,,.,,,,,V A1 Christy SUNG ,.,.,.,,.... ...,,., .,....... M a riska Childs Ml1flil1S .,,.,,,.....f ..................,,,,..., B ob lVlcClurg Helena Glory ...,. ......,., C arolyn Von Mayrhauser DV- CHU ,f,-,f..,,, ....... . .. ...... Ronald McBurney Nr. Fflrbyi. ........ ...........,..,, D avid Childs Consul Husman ,,,,.. .,,.,,,., IV lichael Waddell Dr. Hallemeier ,-,,,,,AA.A Stewart Hoch HUIPIIU ...... .....,,, D ory DeAngelo Primus . ....... ....... D avid Natharius R :sl si t ,ft xg' i it f i fi' . 'F it if 5- 'tv N ' X. -'E vi S' is - A , H .ff , I A 1 ' A . x u 1 ', R 'ff A - .www .W I FJ, , er , . - ,1 Q3 N - V. 4 ,H 2 ' ' W nhl QY' t . 1 ,ig f-1, 1232: Nix 1 1 ' as W ,. i x ff, . 5. .1 'P 3. X1 .11-L ' i .K , ' . f .1 I f U' X- tit 1H.!s::ggi L M we as Q, .s mi 'T-This ov-" he-G' "TIME REMEMBEREDH By Jean Anouilh Translated hy Patricia Moyes Staged hy Patricia hlcllrath Sets by Robert W. Towse Costumes by Durward Redd October 27 through 31. 1959 THE CAST ffllllllllfll. II nzillirzerv ,, ,,,.,, ,,., . ,.., .. ,... ,,,,.Ruth Hicklin The Dzrrfiess of Pon!-U11-Brom' ., ,.., ., TIIUOIIIIIUIIIS. Il hurler .,.,, , . .. Lord Herlnr .... , ,.,,.,,, , The lm' ITVPIIIN lfrm ,... The Tfrti lIr1'1'4'r, ,. . Prince .fffbvrf ..,.. ..,,,,,,.,....,,,, . . Ferrlirzanzl, ll head zcllfter ...,. , . .... .. The CIO!llfI'00I7I .'fff6'71lI'I171f, ,, ,. The Singer The Vinlinists., The- Lrzrirllorrfm .. Cernznin. II ,ehilly ,,,,,, ,, ,, Fnnlmen . .... .. lfrliterx ,. , .... ,,,, , ,, , ,, i:l'niversity of Kansas City students ilillniversity of Kansas City Players Mary Ann Yan Vooren ,,.....,.,,.,.5tewart Hoc-liz? .,......Ronalcl fNlcBurney ......,.Herbert Simonx Robert Tolani: ...,....Bllddy Ziiiirriergi .. ...,. Robert Nl. Lewis? ............,,..Rolla Nuckles .,..Parnela Nicholsoniw .......David N3ll13TillSi:,k . ,,.,. ...Sharon Pettitsfxz Sherman Fosterit ,,,,..,,..,....W'alter Miller .......David Nathariusmq .Robert Van Norman' Thad Houston? ...Walter Miller C. J. Halli: "It was in 1939." writes Patricia Moyes who translated Jean Anouilhis play Time Remembered, "that Anouilh wrote a sparkling romantic comedy about a Duchess, a Prince. a ballerina and a milliner, which he called Leocadia. In 19-LO. with the shadows lengthening across France. the piece was produced in Paris . . . but within a few weeks. the tragedy of defeat had engulfed the city, and this fragile butterfly of a play perished unnoticed in the cataclysm. It has always seemed to me a strange irony that this. of all Anouilh's plays, should have ap- peared at that particular moment in time: for, unlike the rest of his work, it is free of cynicism, from bitter- ness and from despair. It is, in essence. a joyful statement of faith in life, in common sense and in quality-a mood which no creative writer could have been expected to sustain in the black years that followedf' Le t to right Roy Lccper William Crawford Junzor Termz Rita Mitchell, Conchg Richard Replogle. Senior Team Dr Walter H Murri lt forzch Not pzrturetl, Paul Black, Senior Team. THIS YEAR the University of Kansas City Debate Squad gained national stature by winning tournament champion- ships in major intercollegiate debate tournaments in five states. The UKC senior division debate team of Richard Replogle and Paul Black won tournament championships at the Broncho Tournament. the Baylor University Tourna- ment, and the East Central Tournament. ln addition, they captured third place in honors in two of the most significant tournaments in the nation-the Heart of America Tourna- ment at the University of Kansas. and the tournament held at Emporia. Kansas. The UKC junior division debate team of Roy Leeper and Bill Crawford won four championship tournaments this year to establish them as one of the outstanding fresh- man teams in the nation. They won the junior division debate championships at Southwestern College. Millsaps College, and at the Gorilla Tournament. They also won the championship trophy in varsity competition at Kearney, Nebraska. Other UKC debaters who finished the season with at least a 75? win record were the teams of Roger Morphew and Beverly Walttnn, and Russell Kissir and Albert Grau- berger. This year the UKC Debate Squad participated in thir- teen tournaments for a composite record of 13-1 wins and 33 losses. Black and Replogle won 71 debates-Wa new season record for a UKC team. The longest winning streak of the season was compiled by Leeper and Crawford. l l .IKE Q lt' li RADI K UR-F he ee . 'i F. 'U . ,,f'1 f A' Q Q Y ri ' pil HE LIVE BROADCAST of "The Marriage of Figaro" intro- kd' duced a new area of operations for radio KCUR, the bi Universityis FM station. Completing its third year of broad- 9 casting, the station noted for fine selections of recorded music J X " s c s n u ' D ranging from opera to Jazz, has expanded its facilities to include live music. I ln addition to regular programming activities, KCUR has assisted the playhouse by recording background music and sound effects used in the plays, and has provided practical if experience for radio-speech majors. The station is under the guidance of Sam Scott, managing director, and Gloria Miller. l lv i Sam Scott, managing director. Y f 't .AJ ' fir' 'W z it 1 i ' 'ft il 1 A .liisl 5.1! se -Til ,f ,Vi fl Zel ' T63 r :ii fc l ffl Your announcer, Sam Hagerty. This program has been recorded. tRoger Morphewl .V H u 1 Q. .lim Fulbright at the turntable. 268 Charlotte Hill and Penny Jenison "on the air." ,x Lf, Lift .Il if it 2 -'tl 4 5 J it Iv ll ' r 4 I -I t '. 2 .1 I , v 4 i 'Z ' 4 .' i 1' 5 f f, '14 E Ali .1 -.QL . I X 1' i , I NINETEEN HUNDRED slxrv SHELBY BRIGHTWELL Basketball, Baseball Coach MRS DORA ARNEY ATHLETIC STAFF 1 IT HAS been said that an athletic program is only as strong as its coaching staff. With this as a criteria, the success of the 1959-60 teams and organizations is a sig- nificant tribute to the quality of leadership and inspiration displayed by the Univer- sity's outstanding staff. If their past record is any indication of what the future holds, then UKC teams will be earning steadily more respect throughout the schools of the area in the years to come. .TIM REID FRED BEILE Track Coach fbi-1' 271 BASKETBALL KC's 1960 BASKETBALL TEAM, with a record of 10 wins and 15 defeats, was the best in the history of the sport at the University. The team placed first in the Independence tourney. defeating William Jewell and Tarkio. Second place trophies were Won by the Kangaroos at the Concordia and UKC tourna- ments. The UKC defense was rated 19th in the nation, out of 470 teams. Seniors .loe Haines. Jerry Fair, and Dean Marriott formed the nucleus of the team. His teammates elected Marriott, four year letterman, Most Valuable Player. Rockhurst's continued supremacy over the UKC five was one great disappointment of the season. The Hawks won the two encounters by the narrowest of margins. . W .1 our ,M "" I-'ilu Row: Clinck Palazzo, jerry Fair. Dave Hendricks. ,lim 0 born barw Green ,lolin Ferrell Second Row Harold Wyatt Jim Slnevx:-s, Dave Fulton, Dean Marrioll, ,loe Haines, Clarence Pow ll Coach Shelby Bri htwell 30 5144 t 54 E4 lt 1? i , fl ..Q-? 'lx gfft'mlp Q 42 WEE 34 be 1959-6O BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Southern Illinois Harris Teachers Concordia Seminary Westminster Westminster it Graceland Fort Hays State William Jewell Rockhurst Maryville Drake William Jen ell Tarkio I? 1 Washington University i:Be-nedictine Heights "'St. Mary's Lincoln University Rockhurst 'L Missouri Valley McMurray Washington University Graceland Lincoln University Missouri Valley Rockhurst mCames won EAN MARRIOTT WAS ELECTED MOST VALUABLE fra PLAYER by his teammates. A four year letter man, Marriott ranked tenth in district scoring and set a new season scoring record for UKC. In addition to his Work on the court, Marriott, a Business School student, is a student member of the Athletic Committee and is president of the K-Club. He is the holder of a Victor Wilsoii scholarship and has appeared on the Dean's List. Marriott is a mem- ber of Delta Chi social fraternity and Nu Rho Psi business fraternity. He is Delta Chi vice-president and publicity chairman of the business fraternity. im . fy V' 13-f"'4, Q XY Joe Haines Jerry Fair X V 4. ' 'ff if -0 'nf io? "' .3 i ,.,,.,,,,- J im Shreeve ,Qs Yi, V. f- r fwwfa 'r':Qg1-- yy X X I Sgr X3 i Y . pn. , ks! A' 'IQ 'NK 1 . f X , A Q ,J ,V ' M J - - s y' . w , 5 4' 'Q , 3 , -b . ' - - wg. 1 . X EN -:Du Nh. .1 2 x Q . fy? t E331 wg XJ?-'.w f '7 .' 5 vf " ' f , 213165, fif : 1Aiv"' S Z ' ' ':19i5ff?7?.i S' A ":'?wf'. 155 - :mf fy xg, 5 ' ' r, az 'gwf fr X t- A. ' fgvlaf MA ' Yflfij P . - ., N .kS.a3:-3: ,? ,Q wel, is w ' + tm , .Ig:.i,,f.s "r ' " ' ff . ips - ' .h 053591-2:13 .- .5 - V , ' " ff xx 5 'e Hendricks f-in Sixf ..,. X W - ggwn Dave Clemensfm q ' W'Q?2'2" " ChuCk Palazzo s 5 . Q Y F, ff ian ,J ' 'K ' ' fx--L M-- jy N V? "' fe' Q f , Mx 2 ' 13 b 4.3 L qw ff. 1 '45F1Qff,: 3., ' Q A . ' ' ri' 5 ' f r , ' . '-QI, jg, ii' Ks, 33. P AQ 1 , . . 1 vwwq :sr .1 E, 'I . , 'X S ' 'f?f'ffMi 931 A :f.:. V fig! 'f , - ' K' if -if' ik? 635' ff sf-1 9, .,Qf',:,g,f'g'2f , VE fi x gf ' ' - - LV' ,Lf V, " 3304 if-A W K W 'ANN' Q :ibn 3 ,jgjyaf . wg: gf , ,A i 359. yuqm-.!,,7v. V ,f - 5, ., 11.3, - x 1..lX...x , ,..,, .5 x a ci 'K X . .. -N H , A .-..w:- - 'P . Q.: 5 A. - -sf. Q. ,.x. ,. . , uf . 5 .. . '-:x 'vs-, ' . , -pw. X, ,M ' ' 2 f',' f.,,:S.'ff'-.'-,F , 7"-"' ff b , K X A g.,,'-,,,,4,-.4-M-,x 4'--V . - 'X M., ,.' -,H wiv.. Y' nah-f ' , , ..-AF? . , HN-'f'1 ' M :Q - gg 4 'QS' ' J' 1 . - - A FH- ' hug 5 , - 1 F' . 'S ,cf - e-: N' .ff V lx O . f .V ,x?'.4f.-' ' ,,-Har: .3 - , A Q., ' .xg A, -. X .t.,. ff Q 'A ,S gf, .. :ii X I 'xwi X ! 1- 1 1 1 y 5.0 K., Q '3 S' ' Q x L f + 3 Q TRACK TEAM KANS ltSy 5 vi 3 nm tmtsns CIT is cn t N5Hsc11,.,,,,--i ' N xntsnscn 4 ltnusfgxsflr W ...W -1 . fM,,, ff it - af at H.. . ta, 4 .wk as 23 Q W' M- S t t gifts Front Row: Dave Carr, Harv Greer, Fred Glover, Bill Nickelg Second Row: Coach Fred Beile. Dave Clemenson, Dave Hills, Bill Robinson, Max Engelhardt, Norm Howes. His YEAR's TRACK TEAM was notably strong in some fields and exceptionally weak in others. The strength of the team was evident in the broad jump, hurdles, discus, and javelin events. The teamis schedule was built around big meets because the lack of depth of the team prevented dual meets. Individual performances by the tracksters broke a number of existing meet records. Bill Nickel and Harv Greer set new marks. The second annual KCU Relays was termed a success as new records were established and area high schoolers participated for the first time. Grace- land College won the meet. KCU placed sixth. West- port Won the high school division. RED BEILE, track coach, was honored this year when he received one of the annual '4Night of Sports" awards made to persons who have contributed to sports activities in the local area. Beile was hon- ored for developing the Olympics track and field sports the past two summers. ILL NICKEL IS RANKI-:D TWELFTH in the United States in the hop-step-jump. He has been called '4KCU's only hope when it enters the big meets of national competition." In the Shreveport Relays, Nickel set a new record in the hop-step-jump with a leap of 46' SSW". He set a new meet, field, and school record when he spanned 23' 6M" in the broad jump at the KCU relays. Bill also Won the hop-step-jump with a mark of 46' l". At Kansas State University, Nickel' hit 4-7' ll" in his specialty. BILL NICKEL 279 - , .nr , , V W iw Bill Robinson Max Engelhard! Dave Carr Norm Howes 280 853311 io3 Sr 1 , "W-L, ' E , s Q 5 X. ,M V gl . 4 ' ' , . . -, gn ,mf . Aw aug --,Eggs -,521 , 1? s. . ,i , , Q F . fl , li E Y", Z 1 jfiw, :,. D jk lp, 'Q'-ef' M1141 if ' w. f Q",jj,- X F . A -' S' 1 , ':, , Z i - ' X Y R ii?13",'r, ' , M 'Y I iffi' . so is K D H'll R f""""'.f1. R-.T 9,4 3 gg' -1 N A ave 1 S t Q A 'g',:f?2,9l,.x:,,:,'.4.,,. ky, yi. 1 if V, . t -Z: , -va va :TL ff . fo Q ,if - ,Q ou - ,L jj V Z, RQ ch A 5 'mfg-, ,rf-g ' ' 1-fi.-ursggf. 'fs sa .,-5 Dave Clemenson Us ,"' 'T. 4 A- rv 4 - --sv ., or so - .R ARV GREEK SET A oNE-MEET SCORING RECORD in a four-team meet at St. Joseph, Missouri. His 1915-point effort topped the previous record of 18 points. The three-year letterman won the broad jump, tied for first in the high jump and took second in the low hurdles. He was third in the high hurdles and the discus and fourth in the javelin. The versatile Greer placed in the high jump, broad jump, javelin, and hop-step-jump at the UKC Relays adding 915 points to the Kangies total. PEP CLUB Sealed: Marilyn Hanrahan, Rita Norton, Deanna Riley, vice-president, Andrea Hogin, Standing: Susy Hardman, publicity chairman, Karen Sel- don, Sharen Seldon, Lynn Thompson, Rich Nash, Carlene Frans, Richard Owens, Sandra Crowley, President, Pam Nichalson. Not Pictured: Fred Wilkins, sgl.-at-arms, Claudia Lowe, secretary, Lynn Bush, treasurer, Terry Laidly, Pat Wilhoit, Sheilah Lewis, Dorothy Hannon, ,lan Harre, historian, Lyle Schultz, Carolyn Roberts, Barbara Foster. NGALlED.IljI THE BUSINFSS of stimulating and Pat Wilhoit Shawn S61 don ma1nta1n1ng school sp1r1t at local athletlc events, the UKC Pep Club surpassed itself this year. Attend- ing and supporting the sports program locally and on the road, the Pep Club was at least one of the contributing factors in giving the University a suc- cessful basketball season. In other areas as well, the organization has proved to be a necessary and func- . . . U tlonal asset to the student program at the University. .....L 282 . CHEERLEADERS T is COMMON KNOWLEDGE that we Kangaroos boasted a first-rate basketball team this past year. Credit for this phenomenon may be given to our ex- cellent coaching staff, our divinely inspired team, and the overwhelming enthusiasm on the part of the student body. We are prone to overlook, however, the most decisive force in producing any champion- ship team, that charming group of enthusiastic co-eds known as cheerleaders. We extend our appreciation to these faithful seven for those countless hours spent in practicing intricate anatomical contortions, for the hours of labor involved in teaching the student body the cheer, MTWO-bits, four-bits, six-bits, a dollar . . .N and for giving the team that extra push needed for a last-second win. Sandra Crowley .mt .1- ,M . rw rf H41 Q r .M ,V ' . 1 ,',,', fwt Q ' ,MQSERX ,H E! ,,, , , ,- . s Fr 1 ' i"z wi ' ,r s 1 l f . .--.F ,N L W f-, ft: , I . a i jr was N Q. , , 52.1 AJ?-l if rf I i, 57 zQiE'?3:, ' i ' jifvsaa.. A M Carolyn Roberts Rita Norton Marilyn Hanrahan Sheilah Lewis 283 ,592 , . 1 .f.,r, H x ' "xl, 5 519 fm -gp. -5 31.12 I x:sZ!YV'-'f,' N, .X M .U- 'it-.4 5642- 6 ' s VIEL5 i ' , 599' 2 ,zz grf '. 'wfgff' A , f:- T x hz ' 3 r 55: m -gr? .433 'K .uf ff. -Q M 1-E aff, if ,xi 5 ' UZ? 4 ff 4 as, .,...,,X., wi? 4 ,.'f,". . mn ,Q .Lf +V 115, ,. E,,,... Q iegmwfgl-,Q ff , 4. M 4 8? v.-V-4 -V 'A' f :rx 4 9. ,X N. v 4 5 lg A 4 ' Z V 1 ws' ' ' , it 1 ,,,,,,,,x.,.,i..,,.fL.-- A X Q I X .2555 --N --ff 1 n J. X' N x. fs ,V ggw .. , L- , V 5 , . 1,?.x. x xxsxws-Q- lf ,.,.N.. ., . 'Tx rm H t f' ' 'Wu j - A -.J Nfl'-' I ,y '. ,' qt M -1 , nur., A .N t 3. yi . '-W--- - - ' JF Q .1-Mez.-Q 1 ,:,, . , .- .xxiupyf A , 'Ain AQ- ig:- ngbxx :-wt, .-"":. - 'M X ' ' ' '71-LY'f ,N - . A x X ' 4 5 1 ' '. 2 ff 'fi' ' ' fm. I . ' x' Af ' 3' -V f"'3k,. N A - W , 25 N., 'ig' ., A . i f 'M Y ' WST IAEA 1 Sv -' wa -.. 'X' ' ',-v, 5-' 35' .. - 1 .,?gX.g MM 'W Y 1 KWH ' N55 Q N .613 , rd ,f UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS CITY Fri., April 2 Tum., April 5 Fri., April 8 Mon., April 11 Tues., April 12 Fri., April 15 Tues., April 19 Thurs., April 21 Fri., April 22 Tues.. April 26 Fri., April 29 Tue., May 3 Fri., May 6 BASEBALL SCHEDULE I 960 WILLIAM JEWELL CENTRAL COLLEGE GRACELAND COLLEGE ROCKHURST WARRENSBURG STATE RICHARDS-GEBAUR A.F.B. WESTMINSTER COLLEGE WILLIAM JEWELL MARYVILLE WARRENSBURG STATE CENTRAL COLLEGE WESTMINSTER COLLEGE GRACELAND COLLEGE Liberty, Mo. Fayette. Mo. Home Home Warremburg, Mo. There Home Home Home Home Idouble header? Home tdouble headerl Fulton, Mo. Idouble header! Lamoni, Iowa Sat., May 7 WM. PENN Oskaloosa, Iowa Tues., May 10 MARYVILLE STATE Maryville. Mo. Sat., May 14 ROCKHURST There Tues.. May 17 RICHARDS-GEBAUR A.F.B, Home Fri., May 20 OPEN BASKETBALL COACH ...... .,,,.,.r, S helby Brightwell ASSISTANT COACH ....... .....,. J ack Blair Joe Haines , Gene Cacld Charlie Cobb x j"?f" X .WWQQ Ed Cooper Kent Twyman Vw Don McCullough Rex Baker Don Bean Bob Cushman fi, 1 287 WOMEN'S RECREATION ASSOCIATION ,,. ,gr 1 F ., , fi, fb , is .x Q--A' .. up , , fl' Q, V ' E gf ,,,, xx '- 0 5 1, fr- rt A s, ', , X .T , xx 'V I' ' , . . .1 Q 'v ' . 5' ., .I ta, ' ' ' ' I 4. : . ,A v' x fa 'O -vt ii! '71 :J 'Tn L F15 fir-ft. 5' .xv 4 'Yr .- rf +43 N 5 lit: Q I J' are gfitvfy ' Blk? 'v-' Officers: Phylis Allbritten, sporls captain: Sbaryl Osborn, vice-president, Deann Riley, treasurer, Jeanne Zuk, secretaryg Rita Norton, C0-publicity ghairmang Sheila Norton, presidentg Carleen Frans. individual sports captain: Mrs. Dora Arney, sponsor. HE WOMEN,S RECREATION ASSOCIATION organizes women's intramural sports on the university campus. Among the sports offered are ping- pong, tennis, badminton, basketball, and volleyball. W.R.A.,s purpose is the fostering of a high standard of sportsmanship by promoting recreational activities for the University. "-3? 'ff' First Row: Susan Duncan, Norma Holt, Patricia Beard, Linda Stewart, Mrs. Arney, Sandra Crowleyq Second Row: Marilyn Hanrahan, Kathy Bush- nell, ,Ir-an Maxwell, Karen Johnson. 288 s ,I M, I I ,A I til 1, Q 1 Itis A Pleasure! lt's a pleasure-to be of service to you in college and we thank you for your patronage, helpfulness and courtesy. lt's a pleasure-to help you locate a dental office. And it is easy, for with our files and information we can save you time and expense. ltis a pleasure - to design your office from the partitioning to the color scheme. ltis a fast service and satisfying one, too, for we have the means of personalizing to meet your satisfaction. lt's a pleasure - it is a real pleasure, to watch your practice grow and to have the feeling that we are part of it. AU . EMerson 1 1155 EK 200 West 74th St Kansas City I4 Mo HETTINGER DENTAL SUPPLY 00. mum, you uw am! Of em you we .gzruicegi 0 T C l Our .!0l'tg"5eUel'l MUHCA lceff ln jlfU2l'lty'tAl"ee Quiet, M' F' A' P' CALIFORNIA Pminson Hmluain CARY DENTAL SUPPLY DENTAL SUPPLY CO. DENTAL SUPPLY CO. CO. CO. 32152 Nffliiiii 52221 Citv ifilka QQTZQUO DENTAL SUPPLY C0 C d R pd P tl d L I Wichita Fort Worth D M St P I Qkl h C ty Houston Sherman Qaks D I th 5 fn 0 A Lubbock 5eVe"Y H"'S F g 5 cry Sp gf Id S nAnton' '-Ong Beach G By Spk Jckson L Ag' I Cty P d E g S D g .fg!way5 af your deruice Dental Supplies Location Aids Equipment Financing Dental Equipment Office Planning Color Planning CDLLEGE REPRESENTATIVES IVIAURY TUNISON KENNETH DICKEY CR I-7683 THE Pattison- cGroth Company MERCANTILE BANK BLDG. l l l7 Walnut Kansas City, Missouri VI 2-3918 C Dental Equipment Dental Supplies and X-Ray Machines College Branch l00l Troost HA l-4789 WM. ZIMMERMAN 0 CARL HOFF COLLEGE REPRESENTATIVES X after a X career X in the choice of a career and the selection of your spot in your own chosen field . . . profes- sional and capable counseling is invaluable . . . this is particularly true in this day and age of specialization . . . thousands of college gradu- ates have profited by such assistance. Our staff of job specialists will find you the job that best fits your capa- bilities and desires. Consult with us today! l Euaticn X donna garrard receptionist and office manager dolores smith june paustian kay merritt sales women technical Counseling is without cost to you unless you secure a job of your choosing. fl f fir Qi 3 ' ' 'Q-4" barbara brandom evelyn welch public relations administration random - elclr personnel service certified psychological testing four hundred home savings building 1006 grand avenue, kansas city 6, missouri .- vi.-.--. -. .A-a.r!1-J-.',.,.1v- I, 4 . ,5- I g n . . . and the natural patient symptoms of fear and depression can be greatbf reduced, and sometimes overcome, by skilful use of the many elements in the Trubyte Estlzetics Program THE FIRST CONSULTATION CAN BE INFORMATIVE AND REASSURINGVT Trubyte Patient Education Aids make it possible for you to show your patients, clearly and dramatically, what modern prosthetic dentistry can accomplish. When your patients see Living Dentures they will understand perhaps for the first time that the denture experience need not be associated with advancing age and declin- ing vigor. The proper presentation of this beautiful new patient education book will contribute immeasurably to the process of psychological readjustment, and will enlist the patient cooperation so neces- sary to the final success ofthe restoration. THE TRY-IN CAN i n vs X I 1 XXVVVLXTHE PRELIMINARY CHAIR WORK CAN BUILD PATIENT CONFIDENCE AND FACILITATE THE INITIAL STEPS OF THE DENTURE CREATION.fT'X'V?6' XDA! The Trubyte Bioform Professional Den- ture Service Unit can be invaluable to you and your patients. The Unit is an impor- tant aid to preliminary tooth selection and arrangement-equally important, perhaps, is its value in demonstrating to yourwpa- 1 tlents the personalized and 1l'ld1Vldl.13IlZCCI f patients will understand what you are ,Ie I doing for them, and why. I Deaf: character of your denture service. Your Z, , if BE A MOMENT OF RELIEF AND GRATITUDE.fXf Tj'Ty 1 " 4 x j7 N-I K-a F tb J I il rr .f' The first try-in ofthe completely successful restoration can be a richly rewarding ex- perience for both you and your patient. Certainly, this experience is dependent pri- marily upon the application ofyour profes- sional knowledge and skill tothe problems of esthetic denture design. Yet many den- tists have found that the Trubyte Bioform System of Tooth Selection and Arrange ment and the exclusive use of Trubyte Bioform Teeth, are essential to consistently excellent results. This is because the Tru- byte Bioform System is based upon over sixty years of continuing study of Nature's underlying principles as evidenced in the healthy, natural dentition, and because Trubyte Bioform Teeth provide the wide variety of natural tooth forms and the radiant vitality of natural tooth shades, which simulate the beauty of living teeth. Esthetics and Trubyte are inseparable. Your Trulgvte Representative will show you how both Esthetics and Trubyte can build your prosthetic practice. THE DENTISTS' SUPPLY COMPANY OF NEW YORK YORK, PENNSYLVANIA how to impress yy-r patients X Kb KX .:. i X . lg? is na l i -5-fx . " Q Greet them X X fi in an S. S. WHITE planned office fl . ,-5-f x '3 t E fe Seat them in an S.S.WHlTE chair Q , F? Treat them with S. S. WHITE materials Make your first patients also your fuzure patients, by letting us help you create that most important initial impression of competence, comfort and convenience. For many years we have been helping young dentists do just that with dentistrys finest equipment. top quality materials and the most up-to-date office planning service. Your S. S. White dealer will be glad to discuss your needs with you without incurring any obligation on your part. If you would prefer to write to us direct, please do so. The S. S. White Dental Mfg. Co., Philadelphia 5, Pa. ' Ni' EES SU X 6 Y . ' - Q i i ii M E f If welww hmm e lunnmsrnuuznrs rntcuou va ALS If N3 t 1 A . ' - fe- f C ii- X , . . A f ii ' f ' '. 1 were seeeiut wsmvms onmoooomc sumuts Pwosrnmc n e i mc nummis 'i Now...Another Dental Aid for the Many Thousands of Satisfied Users of Columbia Model-Base Formers Anterior-Bite Models Made Noatly and Quickly with the NEW Columbia Anterior-Bite Model Former ......- -3,2 M.- .. ' 7 .f -- -R 5' "1 y X f-X . K 'S ll J I x l.. Q O A special anterior impression troy takes impressions of both upper and lower together: no need for separate impressions. o Impression tray is then pressed into slot in the flexible rubber model former. 0 With one pouring of plaster or stone o neat, sharply-outlined model of the anterior bite . . .in one piece . . .is easily produced. Neat, presentable models of the anterior bite are most advantageous in a "before-and-after" demonstration to the patient. Order this anterior-bite model former today--Cat. No. 903-57.50. COLUMBIA DENTOFORM CORPORATION "The House of A Thousand Models" 131 East 23rd Street New York 10, N. Y. T i-fl 4 sf.-ll 'lick . . .tick . . . tick . . .the fe- clock sounds the seconds: 60 seconds become a min- R. -V4 ute, 60 minutes an hour, and this year Crescent rounds 9 1 ' out 60 years of service to the -Z1 - profession. Here are but a Q 4 wx to few of the quality products in the Crescent line recognized , , MNIVERSAFQ' . . XEKR N llL. as 4 gf fu.: -. ,I tt... Cf-Wh and recommended by den- tists throughout the world- and made available to you ya If-Q--. ! Hy at your nearby dealer. For f N X E better dentistry today and to- ' ' f in morrow, there's no time like 'l ' i X the present to call your deal- , - r l fi X er for the Crescent products G! you need now. Crescent Dental Mfg. Co., 1839 S. Pulaski Road, Chicago 23, Illinois Your future deserves the finest. These years of preparation for the dental profession have been demanding. But, accomplishment is at hand! Start your new practice with today's finest, most versatile and flexible equipment. Ritter units and chairs, the Ritter x-ray, lights, and other items are designed to meet the requirements of your practice now and in the growing years ahead. lk Beginning with that first patient, offer a complete service with i 1 . . -. a complete Ritter operatory . . . the finest for your C l!e999Autoclave future! Qff"'Eu""a"m"a The Ritter Credit Corporation's exclusive Profes- sional Equipment Plan exlsts just to help you start practice fully equipped. Ask your Ritter dealer about f, this modern buying plan. i c -gg-. RitterfCa.f.LLa.. ..E1NER PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT r General vision Light LC if , i THESE NEY TECHNICAL REPRESENTATIVES CAN HELP YOU JOHN A. ADAM lOl Gladeview Way San Francisco, Calif. LOUIS ANDREATTA l800 Iroquois Ave. Long Beach, Calif. ATHOL DICKSON 8l4 Lockwood Richardson, Texas CARLTON L. DILLINGHAM P. O. Box 2 lndianola, Wash. BUFORD GOTHARD 920 Brown Sf. Ft. Worth, Texas EARL 5. KENNEDY 6122 Worth Sl. Dallas, Texas PAUL A. LEMIRE 60 Birch Hill Rd. Norfhboro, Mass. DAVID E. PAULEY Roule fl, Box 70-R Winter Garden, Fla. RALPH B. PERKERSON l73B Boulderview Dr., S.E. Atlaniu, Ga. JACK RHNHARDT l900 W. Cedar Park Ridge, Ill. BRENDON B. SCULLIN H302 Delaware Ave. Lakewood 7, Ohio RUSSELL R. SEVERN l27 Andre Sf. Monrovia, Calif. DANIEL C. SULLIVAN 6 Orchard Lane Kirkwood, Missouri NEIL B. SWANSON 7I3 Graisbury Ave. Haddonfield, N. J. THAT FIRST PATIENT . . . VVhen that day comes, if you're like most of us, everything you've been told will float before your eyes, but you'll make out. And you will find that people want and are able to help youg your local dental society, your laboratory, your dental journals and the men who represent the manufacturers of the best dental products. Ney has worked closely with leading dental schools such as yours by supply- ing technical books and data on gold technics. Ney can continue to help you through the Ney Technical Represent- ative nearest to you when you begin practice. You'll find his name listed here. His technical assistance will help you do the finest gold work-and the most expert restorative work done today involves gold. THE J. M. NEY COMPANY I -,.. l 4 1 'Sf si- KI' Y t It Q J, tg, 7 55 ,3 A 4 'X i . - .tgt ff ligvffifnf : fl ,: K, might f s P i 'xt 3 1 .3 . .J, ,nhl f ,M Us Q, rywsffcc .. iiCRAlF'll'SMANSHlI Our clients demand the finest in dental prosthetics . . . and get it! When they entnist their bridgework to us, the end result is more than just another restoration . . . for the secret of our processing success is CRAFTSMANSHIP, the invisible ingredient in superior dental service. As master craftsman, we recommend vacuum fired porcelain fused to gold restor- ations. They combine the esthetic naturalness of translucent porcelain with the perfect fit and permanent strength of gold bonded to it underneath. In performance, gold and porcelain restorations are shock proof, impervious to mouth fluids, and benign to tissueg in appearance, beautifully life like with perfect shade and anatomy permanently built in . . . truly a product of superior craftsmanship. Vacuum fired porcelain fused to gold restorations have been accepted the world over as the finest in full coverage. Let us prove it to you. Wanam GOLD 8m CERAMICS DENTAL LABORATORY 12th 8. Walnut Street Bldg. ' Kansas City 41, Missouri BAltimore I-9464 erfionaf Confacf erdonagzecl .iruicea Winona! ,gnferedf ,gn you, locfor ARE THREE REASONS WHY DENTISTS IN THE MIDWEST CHOOSE k K sas St. Joseph I EUMANII we mmffm-ow FOR MISSOURI LAW LIBRARY ASK VERNON VERNON LAW BOOK CO. 915 GRAND Kansas City, Missouri VI 2-9291 LLST TE l'l6lflI"6llflCQ 0. "You're in good hands with ALLSTATE" 4800 E. 63rd St. Trfwy. DE 3-6300 "To handle yourself, use your head To handle others, use your heart" 'k 'k if 'k 'k 'k To handle your prothetic problem, use our service 'A' -k 'A' 'k 'k 'k TRU DENTAL LABORATCJRIES 3'lst and Troost WE. 'I-3995-6 Kansas City 9, Mo. ,vera fin? AW JGMA 210 WEST 8th STREET HARRISON I-6929 KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI It is always a pleasure to work with a young dentist and we feel that by doing good work we can be a valuable aid in building a dental practice. Myron 81 Dick's Dental A Knight to Remember -the Knight who symbolizes THE SIR LOIN ROOM six. IIZPID Kansas City's most outstanding restaurant, with superb Old E I' h d r d uni ue string LG boro to ry MUrSSIClSby I?hCeDFCD,lJR KNIIGHTS 8K mv: F38 tincheorg ,ir cgcktjils, Thrj Eabgngl t r s o ir on itione om or LABORATORY by 0 S . 0 1106 North I3 ,Mg J Tl , p P' 0' Box 1458 f 75- Q I 12th at Baltimore Kansas City, Kansas C- I Kansas City, Mo. Distinctive Portraits for all occasions Years in Business Family Groups 81 Weddings . . . and still quick on the draw! SUDVARG STUDIO R , xg 3708 Broadway Z-. Fastest VA. I-3050 K C1 ,Z BRIEF PRINTING ansos 1 y ., H H ' f ' e H 1' S rvlce in the Mlddlewest Serving Schools, ospitals, Institutions, Industries I United Chemical Company, Inc. Z. E. L. MENDENHALL, Inc. DEDICATED TO DEPENDABILITY Founded 1913 4th 81 Delaware Kansas City 5, Mo. 0 Law Brief Printers Since 7898 0 'II08 Oak Street -1 HA. I-3030 4 -T.. Kansas City, Mo. . X , Vx , A I A W 9.55, ' . . . .H . wk j.I,L. 5 bw M,-.... . ,f WM ., M' .' -rn' , .' fan 4. fn : ,,.q, '. 4 f ,N v up Lv -n. ,..1 'V 'mr mf' "'lf'1 '- :- ,ml .x, 1 I Nw' u., .A If ' A ,iff V 1' ' e , , V x W , A . V3-,V . f 1-X . Hx J' - I ' - A . , x l, , .1 1 4 v" X 1 WL!! . ,yi 4 2 'FB , 'V rn.,- xf: J a 1 A rx' .. A W' .' ,.,: 'LV' , mc 'f 11, .N -1, GE Q JMU If Wr:',wfy,wq4 , . pf i5g7ff'2+i'3!'71L5Q2'. 4.8 ,-Li' l'1'h,,. "4 u A 4 4. , ,l 1, I, .4 V . 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XA... 5: iw ' sw X . .'- , x XXX 3, XIX: gg' XX XX. q'.'f.5, -- N- ' i-'51 1954. .X',"-X:zfif-IQ? , .-ff' Qi? ,wvfv . .X -X 1. . - :XX , X, , .7:, . 3,5 X , ,XXf - -. ffv , 4- ' ffv' Q 1?-,Q X.,,'i14 ,N : Q l,f"fLWW -49' .. 1 ,If ' X,X!-A5 'w ,cam Hua' :Q ' xalliskba. XIA1-3-7 ' H .X -X f- ',,-::.w'fw'.-g.'XX1. X XX . XXX L. , 'L ' " X. .v -X W , X. K ' win 125555 idX3M5f-14JX'XwX5-,?5:f?,X1f?:3'-9iQgg- ' '- ' X-Q XX , . f Ms fzy3+5iX:jpQl.:XpXiX,.-,X gr, fw-Xi?Y1Af1ae1rXeJ 351' QQL-.f+,1',., , X'--X?,XX,-Xp., ,in X x X-' - 'X 5.15-f",, :X-.W 'f'5fX-xml XM-:Q '.:.M-...X X, NW.. .g,3H,-mF-p,- 151, " ., X- .- -' , ' f EJ. "1?5'Im.'1':g- 'YGQ '-at p-1 12 .4 X ,N-qw-X - HFJQX ' " A 'z' ' ' 1 fi' 2 X. T75-2:5 FX X' W: X ' u ,Xu 2wfEXf'q24YJy,.' Vgefev-YAS413 Q ge,-H,-Xp-5X,XL" . ' X A 'X 32 La'TQfXs3 P525 ff Quiz XX . .Q '-,4SrXi"f " fix' ' , ,. "P4g..X.,X" ' Jai' r2zY3S?QQ,f?. J " T! ' .TH ' 'AS' X. 41" ' Xwiwr-1-"S','9Fx" .. X X X .1 -' XX' f. 'vX+m--- -v , -fm. X X ' . f"X- ., v!5X,.1fX5X7l1H,, 551 Ky .fX?4X-X X rf, M EW J ' '1'. MQ-'sl S25:5Q?'F-?f.'g'1,, 'v"""f- f ' '1,,g," .., 'gg X X:-,V wg., -:XY :gr f 21:1 -1 X Ng ww' 'XX ' ,',L , -' 7 Xu '- H Alibi ff' , ?Xw'Xfi,,, 'r VX' 3' X. ' "fy X X ' 2' 'X- Y A, I V- U X ,X N V , X . :cf 1 X X X 7 'fbdfb . ' ,iffy , XX ' XyX'wX-X - XXNXX, .X , 'A X ' . 1 . , X' A my - X XXI' X, 'Q X . "XT . A K ul , 'FL A. - sa: ' X , A 'X' N 1 X "' rx... ' Q 'Qnsj'f11"X,X5QgL1Q , T' K 1.-C. f,4y'f3'X'.1Xf .ffl XJR: , XM.,-,XXX X . X X ' " X- -1..s.X.'mQ-..X+. .XX X .,X..g.Xq3 4 53 iv 'I i SS h' x 5 V. vi 5 E 44 E 3 E 5 5. lg , 3 Q, E 5 5: 1? 3 ?'a 5 Y: .. 1 ,. fa W 22 ff ,. if . 1 5. if 24 Lf ,1 Z , N 3l'HBl I .M? faTL1".YHiLI'JKE'7Cu1?",'J " 1?nY,f5fi 1!-JY?-Y.L',.Ei!'i':.f.?W4'Ei

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