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fangmaa W N 6- HHISQE HHH 1 ,W K, ,L I X. . inf. 4- M r I' Q ff W . TIIHC fmagmaa 1954 CONTENTS INTRODUCTION WE COME OF AGE 5 UNIVERSITY CAMPUS OF 1954 6 UNIVERSITY'S NEW LEADER 10 STUDENT COUNCIL 12 KANGAROO STAFF 14 ACTIVITIES RETURN TO CAMPUS 18 FALL DANCES 21 FALL FROLIC 26 PLAYHOUSE PRODUCTIONS 30 WINTER DANCE 36 SPORTS 37 SPRING DANCES 44 U-NEWS STAFF 46 LIBERAL ARTS DEAN 51 FACULTY 53 WHO'S WHO 56 CLASSES 58 ORGANIZATIONS PANDEX DEAN 101 FACULTY 102 WHO'S WHO 103 CLASSES 104 ORGANIZATIONS MORTAR DEAN 135 FACULTY 136 WHO'S WHO 137 CLASSES 138 ORGANIZATIONS BUSHWHACKER DEAN 153 FACULTY ' 155 WHO'S WHO 160 CLASSES 162 ORGANIZATIONS 73 115 142 188 THE UNIVERSITY OF' KANSAS CITY KANGAROO, PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE STUDENTS OE' THE UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS CITY, 5lST AND ROCKHILL KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI. DISTRIBUTED IN THE SPRING OF 1954. P : 56.00. DURWARD REDD, Editor KENT HUCKSTEP, Associate Editor MORLEY VOCEL, Pandex Editor ANN PRIDGEN, Mllrtar Editor JACK HUDSPETH, Bushwhacker Editor GLENN PRINTING COMPANY, Printer mr 44,-f sf Q , ,R 4 . uf 9 -, 45 A 4 'K 1 . wr , ..,f1,. 'F'- ff. YI if UKC KANGAROO 1954 The University of Kansas City celebrates its twenty- first year, its year of ma- turity. 1953-54 will be re- membered as the year in which a new school of busi- ness was established, as the year in which the university first entered into interscho- lastic sports competition. With a new president at its helm, U K C looks forward to the increasing strength and wisdom that comes with maturity. 4, 1 , r , , 'il-, HOW" 1 , 1, 3. Ja: X '-. ,ivy 1 w .-J' W' 'A' fl v. .' ' r xlbf . .-A. ,,. ' - ,s 1 ,J , r. W 4 'f ' ' K ' - . A f'4.'2Q5' f ' J --, .. .r J fn' ' xi 1. '.A QA- . - A 41.5. L, , W., 1- . -fA -. Gm .f v f 4 y -,Q ' ,,4..gN , ww., Y--, Z' , . , -'J f ,.'f . ' '5',,Ax4A' - 'fly' 'xly H .L .A , -. . - fifszp. . , wffw , f Q- ' - , AA I -- A 3 5241 A AQ A ., Aj 5 Q . ' w ,fx rf' 'X f.'if4: , .Ffa L' F' , , , 'ffl -If A AA SAM, ,A Sap M- Aifvwg A 'z g ,, Af, x A .' ,' . --lp .V ,cAwf'.'r"'k Kitts X Q. 1 , ' " 1 , QV ' ' - 2 - s T' rK-L f 3- A 'Jin ' W 'Q' , ' ' ' " '55 .-' 'Y ' .iz uf ?'w2e1 4 .V-f-mf w ' . ' -11.-f" J Graf'-5 " 327 'mf -'A 1 - My N. Q Q 1.1 f nw K -" K 'lawn'-31" vi 'l ' . Vu- Wt' - 3. . .A - A077 -, Q? , ,, A, n . ,. -- A max- Q Cheap 'r ' . 4? , ' f , 1 -.,. t 3 I , if A k ' o E df , I V A 'uv - K SA .-L Q if F' A ,Ag 7 59 I 1 r A Jig" .eyvfnv ' ' -' 1 W 5 if w T". "W" Q 4, ' .Y .A A K" A' ' - 71-' 2'-e"5fv'QQSrL" J hgh. N47 . f 'V 'Ll'-fi, A, A, Ay, ,Q 9. 1! bp K1 YA, 1394 124. ,fag ' I , , K , fi 4.133 M... A ,,. sh 'I' L I1 ia ' l ,iff L3 ' y Ffffr' N 'b 5' A' 12 -,ff 5 , W WA ,fn :pf g 'M ' '- 3,5453 , . - . ,. x ., X . ,. , . L ', K. . ' ,. , " - Ziff' 'RI-if Yi Wig'-A mn 9 I 'A' '3 A '-"31'1'2 "qi I, VW ' sf' 'w ,qv A 'n 'ip' A-.- x ,A .Tf,,:,- . ' v 'W ff' .mm , ,- Q kj N 17,111 YW 'N 1. .A .yn W -az"-ff ' f I rr 5 1 fggfwwwygfz, .f-,, A 5 1 - f 1 ff 1. ,.: , ,, Wwtg may 5. , Q f iff H,--ft Q 1 K 5 . 1 -M. .. TJ-,lv " , A2 M 'Q ,ic ' f al' ,j,., ' , , B . 'L , - . - " . , " x, A A 'L X A f .31E,ggZ4,:3qg1Ql.E"'? . .,A , 3 "f v I - '- -- 'f A A A ,W 'A , 1. V AJ, A ,, A A . ,tr X A . , , y . V ,, A v , I ' . f M ' 4' . ... " 'W .. V , .. , Q .v , V1 f '5 AKgAJ'f'1-'4l'wFft5i.-.4 an H+ . QA 1 ' nge 'K ' 3 ' QS. f . .aft ' 1' -. 1 N.. My A ,A ? ., 1 A . 1 f 1 ,s.v,Yzi.. ', 'tix' C, Fu' .ex JY'5'a,e,. 3 9' i 2? gfifi' , Q . ,.,,...-nn. 1. ,N x ,sr m-.. . 1. . A I 1 'Y A ."!'?" Mff.4"".,L ' Mfg-ggi y ah? M -59" R , v w .mwpfzx NL' rg A xii :Vac 4' 'S' 'S- Q , hxofg ' Q '5 - 15 .1. , . ,, 5' ' . . A fr. "1 ' 4' ' ,gg "Y, ' K . f 'f Q" 'fn 995'-1 my A . A fu... 1' 'EH +--cc1mpus- 1 Law Building Administration Building Chemistry-Biology Building 8 Playhouse l' fi ki X. .... gg 7 ,-'- -' N U4 6 .K f 1 . ,fi ,M ,, .f ff-xg ...., i UN IVERSHY PLAv+aovsf Y il uf' "'l'77"T""'l"""!"1"'I"! I H- --Hilfflffilll . 5 X g gil.. Geology-Physics Building 0 KPN UKC KANGAROO 1954 Pharmacy Building UKC Board of Trustees David T. Beals, chairman Taylor S. Abernathy Jesse Andrews Paul Bartlett W1 E. Bixby William J. Brace William J.. Breidenthal Kenneth I. Fligg George L. Cordon W2 T. Grant Joyce C. Hall Ruth Austin Hall Henry C. Haskell William B. Henderson R. B. Hewitt Bert L. Hupp Albert R. Jones James P. Kem James M. Kemper Horace W. Kimbrell J. J. Lynn Arthur Mag Lester Siegel Sigmund Stern Edward W. Tanner 9 the of Q " , ' YJ' University s 5 -.,g,Q4- ? X '13, .3'5t'1?" NSW o. ,:'f. 99 . I CI e .liaigiiafr ea er e ai? 1 Ea rl J. MCG rath 10 Dr. McGrath addresses orientation group uxc KANoARoo 1954 ,-f me f .,. n fx P'-r .aff Dr. and Mrs. McGrath at home DR. EARL J. MCGRATH came to the University of Kansas City in the summer of 1953 to assume the duties as president of one of the most up and coming universities in the Mid-west. Working in the field of education since 1928, Dr. McGrath was U. S. Commissioner of Education before com- ing to U K C. Dr. and Mrs. McGrath's friendli- UKC KA NGAROO 'I954 ,ax -rf! ness has won the respect of faculty and students. Intercollegiate basketball is already a reality under Dr. McGrath's administration, with the promise of a more extensive sports program next year. Another highlight of Dr. McGrath's admin- istration was the announcement of construction date for a million dollar men's dormitory. 11 l if .pri .mr xx ja A gf. ,,,..avv-N "" ' 'Q 5. f. Council Members, left to right: Bill Neale, Freshman Dentalg Ray Morrison, Liberal Arts, Jack Gant, Lawg Christine Hogin, Advisorg Art Stephenson, Liberal Arts, Rick Brown, Liberal Artsg Elmer Heard, Dental, Wheadon Block, Advisor, John McCaffrey, Liberal Artsg Herb Ashley, Pharmacyg Cecil Foley, Liberal Arts. Representatives not attend- ing the meeting included Bob Craven, Liberal Arts, Dick Johnson, Dental, Hubert Snell, Pharmacy, Dick Dillon, Law, Dave Schryver, Liberal Arts, Phillip Morris, Liberal Arts. C The Student Cou ncll HE STUDENT Council of the University of Kansas City consists of representatives from the various classes and schools that make up the student body of the university. Through the formation of various committees, the council aids in solving problems arising out of the extra-cur- 12 ricular program, in the formulation and distribu- tion of the activity fee budget, in the supervision of student elections, and in selecting Who's Who members and the editors of the U-News and Kangaroo. The council is continually working to strengthen student-administration relations. UKC KANGAROO 1954 -QYY' OF Qi! " X , 5... 1 Z , xl ae. ,,, fl- i Q53- M "714A 1 f 2 . MW X , ff J 9' .ko I l 9' UN9Ep199' UKC KANGAROO 1954 Rick Brown, president Bob Craven, vice-president Cecil Foley, secretary Art Stephenson, treasurer Student Council Committees Election Committee Roland Hall, chairman Judy Houghtlin Carmen Olsen Dave Schryver Bob Power Finance Committee Art Stephenson, chairman Bob Craven Claudette Kirk Dick Rohovit Barbara Sokolowska Social Committee Cecil Foley, co-chairman Ray Morrison, co-chairman Jerry Grantham Colleen Heltzel Fran Henderson Duaine Kurtz Luanice Littick Janet Planzer Jackie Silherg Publications Committee Bob Craven, chairman Jack Cant Paul Plowman Hubert Snell Helen Crissman, faculty William Weifenbach, faculty Who's Who Committee Sarah Kraft, chairman Bill Jameison Don Schanker Gladys Vedros Joann Welch Publicity Committee Joan Anderson, chairman Bill Brown Dorothy Beaver Joe Callahan Daniel Carr Sibyl Crain Hugh Frost 13 I9 4- Durward Redd, editor DURWARD REDD, editor of the Kangaroo, set up a motto to work by at the beginning of the year: Be it snow, sleet and rain, too, the Kangaroo must go through. Striving for an ultimate goal of a book to please everyone, Durward has left no stone unturned to picture every phase of Uni- versity life. An art major, the editor has designed modern layouts. But layouts aren't the whole story of an editor's work. Durward has taken, developed and printed pictures, figured the fi- nances, written most of the copy and performed numerous other tasks. The surprising thing is that while doing all this, he managed to remain a swell fellow with a pleasing personality, friendly with everyone. 14 KENT,HUCKSTEP has served as the associate editor of the 1954- Kangaroo. Kent's tasks have been many and variedg he has taken many of the photographs as well as spending many hours in darkroom work. He has proof-read all the copy, helped in paste-ups and designed layouts and written copy for a number of pages including the sports section, the radio and U-News pages. A L.A. freshman, Kent has shown his sincere interest in the Kangaroo by unselfishly devoting long hours to the tedious task of preparing a yearbook for the printer. His sunny humor and pleasant smile have lightened the problems of the staff. He has been a good friend to-the Kangaroo and to UKC. Kent Huckstep, associate editor P ,,,. in if -pf- X 1 UKC KANGAROO 1954 1 Y 5 Ann Pridgen, Mortar editor Morley Vogel, Pandex editor .lack Hudspeth, Bushwhacker editor SHIRLEY MICHAELS served as the Senior Class editor. Nancy Merrill was the Junior'C1ass editor and two persons, Nancy Malben and Carolyn Yates, were Freshmen Class editors. Nancy Malben and Carolyn also helped during registration at the photo table and each have typed some. Nancy Adams arranged for some of the departmental club pictures while Sally Smith was most efficient in arranging for the fraternities and sororities to be photographed. Women's sports were handled by Martha Ireland. Nancy McKanna was ,secretary to the Kangaroo. Dave Schryver assisted in the Liberal Arts section by taking some pictures. Other L. A. persons who contributed something to the book include James Spurgeon, Barbara Banks and Fran Henderson. 'TFT N' 'Sai Shirley Michaels Sally Smith ANN PRIDGEN was editor for the Pharmacy section. Morley Vogel was the conscientious editor for the Law sec- tion. Her cooperation and efficiency were greatly appreciated by the staff. Art Katz assisted in the Law. Jack I-Iudspeth served as editor of the Dental section. Photographer for the Dental School was Bill Marchbanks. Assistant to Jack was Maylon Ozum and business manager was Dick Hamer. Nancy Malben Nancy McKanna QA Qi , i Bill Marchbanks in ,, fha Q' -ww --rt f T A 1 1 QW' Em ' A Ar! Kat! Maylon Ozum rv A f N ' Martha Irelmld Dick Hamer Q xt of. M ,Q 2. 1 A C9 f t I Nancy Merrill 5 M Carolyn Yates , , ,aff two. , ,, ,, , , UKC KANGAROO 1954 15 Sarah Weatherly, friend of the Kangaroo, without whose help, advice and encourage- ment this yearbook would not have been possible. sipna ft, Photo Credits ATKISSON STUDIO 13, 53-72, 137-141. HENDERSON, FRAN upper right 26, sports 27. HUCKSTEP, KENT 4, 5, lower left 6, middle 7, all but top 8, middle 9, left 14, Yates-Pridgen 15, 37-39, 40-41, 44, 46, all except lower right 47, center 52, 85, bottom 87, top 88, 90, mp 91, 93, 94-95, 114, 119, 120, 125, 149. KANSAS CITY STAR 18. KRUTZER, LOUIE top-lower right 6, top-bottom 7, top 9, lower right 26, middle 29, 118, 121. MALLAMS, GEORGE 144-145. MARCHBANKS, WILLIAM 187-193, 195-201. McCLURE, WARREN 126. McGEHEE, WILLIAM 30-32, mid- dle 33, 34-35. MOORE STUDIO 155-186, 194. REDD,DURWARD 2, top 8, upper right-lower left 14, all except Yates- Pridgen 15, 16, 17, 19-25, dance 26, upper right-bottom 27, 28, top-bottom 29, Boone 31, top-bottom 33, 36, 45, lower right 47, 49, 51, top-bottom 52, 73-81, 83, top 84, top 86, top 87, bottom 88, bottom 89, 92, 96-97, 99-100, bottom 101, 103, 115, 116, 122-123, 127, 128-129, 133, bottom 135, 142-143, 146, 148, 151-152, 153-154, 195. ROBINSON, PAUL 50, 82, bottom 91, top 101, top 135. SCHRYVER, DAVE 11, bottom 84, bottom 86, 147. WESTPORT PHOTO 104-113. 16 UKC KANGARO0 1954 74vWfw Q fig , ,V .fa-' 1 -...ff M.. .Q W 4 ff, 1 HAY f ff" 6 J all , L4 ' 7 -"Qs h1 ' 4 - 'M f if '44 CA -MN, 42 ,.f5Q 154 A - 41 -new ,jinnnu-..,,-L Shirley Michaels and Sally Smith survey the confusion of cards, schedule blanks, pens and catalogues as be- wildered students register for fall and winter classes. Return to campus ID-SEPTEMBER was a time for making new friends, for renewing old acquaintances. Old timers at UKC guided freshmen and transfer students through a three day orientation whirl of lectures, tests, coke sessions, tours and a colorful political campaign. Everyone joined the confu- fOpposite page! Orientation group "K" gathers around their leader, Meta Ann Knecht, ready to begin a campus tour. UKC KANGAROO 1954 The start of a new school year gave pharmacy friends a chance to catch up on the gossip of summer activities while relaxing in the Roost between class lectures. I-ff 1 t ' , - , G K dos? "" gi?-L'-A L -Q Z1 I I' QIEI R 0 EEIEl':iEi VT , I--" S -, ,.. . X A Dr. Earl J. McGrath addresses students for the first time at a luncheon honoring orientation groups and their leaders. Students stand as national anthem is played at the first convocation of the year. Dr. McGrath outlined his ob- ieetives for future expansion of university facilities. 19 r-f-- --,- ----- ff 4 Mrs. Olin Wilson and Mrs. Roy Nickum Qcenterb of Atkisson Studio work with Kangaroo staff members Nancy McKanna and Nancy Malben at the photo table during registration. I l'e'l'Ul'n to CCIIUPUS sion of registration, then relaxed over coffee in L the Roost to exchange vacation adventures. As i the campus squirrels made ready for the coming winter, committees were busy planning an excit- v ing season of sports events, dances, playhouse productions, concerts and general good times. J K . , '-4 i , we if -. .. Q- tisfaff With animated skits and rousing campaign speeches, new students played politics like professionals during a heated rally to select repre- sentatives to serve on the steering committee for the current year. 20 The opening of a new school year finds Mary Ann Wiffley, student assistant in pub- lications, hard at work in her new office. --ar Y Q Man offers a new recreational program for UKC at orientation political rally. from Mars fKent Huckstepj UKC KANGAROO 1954 Fall Dances .3593 Winners: Conner and Feature event of the evening was a potato dance. Couples Herman. Runners-up waltzed, two-stepped, even "dragneted" until a single Horowitz and Lerner. twosome Qrightl had not dropped their potato to the floor. BSTACLES, jeans and informality reigned at the APO sponsored event held in the Roost October 9. After Working a way through the maze of hazards at the entrance, persons attending the dance found they had to dance A P Q in a balloon decked corral. Passing a grapefruit from one chin to another fleftl proved difficult but entertaining. An energetic "dragnet" line fbelowb crowds the confines of the corral obstacle. .4 . QPJ A' X - 3, 1 UKC KANGAROO 1954 21 Fall Dances- "Dr. Jeckel" Isenberger steps forward to be crowned Quad Dance king. cicler, magic, fun at the Quad dance ALLOWEEN and the Quad Dance brought all kinds of mysterious folk to the Roost The coronation of the King and "Queen" of the Quad Dance by Bob Horowitz. QL. to R.J Marilyn Martin, attendantg Robert Isenberger, kingg John Dorsey, queeng Chuck Leopold. Results of the freshman election for student council representatives announced by Roland Hall named Philip Morris and Dave Schryver. 22 the night of October 31. Crisp air, a full moon, cider, donuts and a magic show all added up to make the Quad Dance one of the most entertaining of the social year. i UKC KANGAROO 1954 Jim Spurgen, Carolyn Yates Janet Planzer, Leonard Shepherd 2 , -MLN., S, Dick Garner, Norma Baker Vince Kelly, Carol Pursley Judy Houghtlin, Fran Henderson Jody Welch, Art Stephenson Dancing was by no means neglected. Cos- tumed couples glide across the floor to recorded music of favorite artists. UKC KANGAROO 1954 The intermission feature, "the hand is quicker than the eye" magic of Kent Huckstep and company, proved popular with the audience. 23 g ,gL,.,.g :. ,- :Q532L?5f,', ff, sh ,, iw' N -,H , -wfeszmv P , . LM. 1 f . JS f- Al. 1',,q.f - ,M .bk - f .A 3 ,, in :rbi YA 3? f M, I 1 K ,L X f if ya ' Y 'P' le K' P W 5 4' in A ,yd ' X Q ' gxwfflf. 'W-wr df 4 53' ri L Q55 gf no il 'vip f cl U K C tradition A P O Turkey Hop November 25 Y fe Yi 3 A sn-,,..! 4 i , ' 3 , it in 9 xx Sue Melton is crowned queen of the Turkey Hop during intermission of season's first formal. 25 Turkey Hop Dancing was to the music of Don Accurso . . . Fall F rolic 26 Above. Norma Baker and Dlck Garner. Left: Beth Scalph and I V . date. N. , .44 holiday of fun GG TOSSING and wheelbarrow races began the action of the fall frolic sport's events . . . Joan Anderson arrives early in the afternoon of October 17 to witness the fun . . . the egg-on-the-spoon relay proved too much for some of the hardy athletes . . . tired sports enthusiasts had chance to relax with barbequed beef sandwiches and all the trimmings around roaring bonfires . . . Dr. McGrath joined the fun of the day lining up with hungry students to receive his share of the food . . . all events were planned by co-chairmen Gladys Vedros and Bob Horowitz . . . y are ... . . ,.a.....W.,,,a..r.V,....,,W ,. . X. . if -1-l1 1 Fall F rolic- "Broadway USA" was the theme of the annual Variety show . . . Maria Martinez wins approval from Dalton Conner in a Cuban episode . . . "There,s Always Vaudevillen featured Janet Planzer and Marlene Nelson . . . Punchdrunk fighter Randy Kiene tells the hardships of ring life to George Gutknecht . . . "Who is that delectable dish??'? It's me! It's me!! It's MEN!" It was Meta Ann Knecht wowing the boys with the popular Broadway show number Dalton Conner earned tremendous applause with his flying fingers and winning smile . . . Latin rhythms, Shirley Michaels and a marimba pleased the capacity playhouse crowd . . . Joe Obi li? il 2 ? I ' ' fijjjjilllll , ga. .1641 . . staged production number "Back to the Primitive" . . . John Adams was accompanist for show . . . other performers included Larry McCormick Wilbur Hughart Carol Fessler Bill Crummett Paul Wilson Luanice Littick and a singing UKC KANGAROO 1954 l . . .cava and dancing chorus . . . Jane Davis V staged the production . . . an informal dance followed in the elaborately decorated Roost . . . Kenny White's Orchestra was on hand to provide the music . . . "Dragnet" again proved a popular line dance . . . as midnight approached, Weary couples drifted into the stillness of the night with another fall frolic fast becoming a memory. ll we ily jllayheuse Truman Capote's the grass harp The Grass Harp, a comedy-fantasy in two acts and five scenes, presented at the University Play- house November 2 to 7 with the following cast: CATHERINE CREEK .... ...Bertha Tate Spaulding COLLIN TALBO ...... ..... DOLLY TALBO ...... . . . VERENA TALBO ........ DR. MORRIS RITZ. . . .... . THE REvEREND's WIFE .... . . . THE REVEREND .......... . . THE BARBER ......,... THE BAKER,S WIFE .... . . . . THE POSTMAN ...... . . THE SHERIFF ........... JUDGE CHARLIE COOL . . . . THE CHOIR MISTRESS .... BIG EDDIE STOVER .... BROPHY ...... . ..... . . MAUDE RIORDAN .......... MISS BABY LOVE DALLAS. . . . . Designed arid lighted by. . . Directed by ............. Arthur Bunker, Jr. .Vaugrl Burkholder ......Dodo Dermey ....Ke'nrLeth Wood . .Thelma Dolginow Charles Barkholder . .Leonard Westerri Margaret Lobaugh . . . .James Harmon . . . .Jerry Conkling .....Bill Abrams .....Jan Blackwell . .Larry Kauffman .......Mike Gates . . .Barbara Dowel! . .Sally Beauchamp .J. Morton Walker . . .Lowell Matson In an attempt by the townsfolk to drive Dolly, Cath- erine and Collin fBunkerD from the protection of their treehouse, Collin is shot Qbelowj. At right, Collin's sweetheart CDowellJ and the Judge fAbramsJ wait with Dolly and Verna for news of Collin. Verena fDennyJ begs forgiveness of her sister Dolly 1BurkholderJ at the final curtain. Bertha Tate Spaulding as Catherine Creek at the right. '? y. n NR , .1 f I 4 gf. si. UKC KANGAROO 1954 DA IEL B90 E CChilclren's Serie-sl Daniel Boone, a history in six scenes, by Leona Baptist, at the University of Kansas City Play- house November 18-28, with the following cast: ISRAEL BOONE ......... FLANDERS APPLEBY .............. MR. HANCOCK ..... HARDY GOODFELLOW .... .... FANNY APPLEBY. . . JEMIMA BOONE .... RICHARD APPLEBY . . DANIEL BOONE ..... LONE BOY ...... . . . CHIEF BLACKFISH .... BIG ARROIV ........ BRITISH AGENT . . . SHARP NOSE ..... GREY EYES...l.... KING MOLUNTHA. . YELLOW FLOWER. . . WILDCAT ........ .Dave Schryver, Larry Allen . . .Dnrward Redd ... . .F'. G. Kancel Tony Occhinpinto Meta Ann Knecht . . .Carolyn Yates .Edward McCabe . . . . .Randy Kiene .......Dan Hill D. Coe . . .Don Frischer . . . .Harry Snyder . . . .Goldie Zarbos ..Helen McGrath .. .Gene Jacobson .. .Jessie Benton . . . . . .Larry Allen BLUE BEAR ..... . .Dennis Rendina MRS. HANCOCK. . . MRS. APPLEBY .... Vangn Bnrkholder ..Mrs. Jane Davis iv TOM HANCOCK .... Sets by ........ Staged by .... .. ...Jerry Sheets J. Morton Walker .. . ...John Douty Randy Kiene as Daniel Boone fRightb Israel Boone lAllen5 carries Water to boil out salt as Flanders fReddJ and Hancock fKance1D tend the fire. lBelowJ Appleby fMcCabeJ and Boone prepare to fight off the Indians. A .. YY I 'QM Shakespearcfs ' he T ammg of the hrew The Taming the Shrew, a farce by William Shakes- peare, at the University of Kansas City Playhouse December 14-19, with the following cast: BAPTISTA ..................... . . . . . .Robert Gonko VINCENTO .... .... P hillip J. Rush LUCENTIO. .... Jerry Coozkling PETRUCHIO .... ......... J ohn Leake GREMIO ..... .... F rank MfLcCreary HORTENSIO . .Larry Kauffman TRANIO . .. ....... Bill Abrams BIONDELLO .... ...... K ent Huckstfp GRUMIO ..... .......... Il lervin Crook PEDANT ...... .... C 7lzrLrIes Bwrkholdcl' KATHERINE .... ......... T oby Joffev BIANCA ...... .... I? arbara Dowel! WIDOW . . . ....... Betty Marsh CURTIS .... .Vaugn Burkholder SERVANTS .... .... . fumes Spurgen, Jim. Lorirl, Jess La Puma, Loy Williams Decor and lighting by ........,... J. Morton Walker Staging by ............ ...... J ohn Douty f--Y., ,-f- - , 'f.,,m-ww., Jr, H ,. . ,fm ,. -. , -,,, M.g...,,. ,e.,.,,s.1-,,,f.,,1V ,.-s.. .. Muff, ,. . Kate fJoffeeJ learns hurnbleness at the instructive hand of Petruchio flieakej. Petruchio later dis- plays the merits of his tamed Wench at a banquet in Vinciento's home UKC KANGAROO 1954 Berezowskyls BABAR CChildren's Seriesl i Babar, an opera in five scenes. Music by Nicolai Berezowsky. Libretto by Dorothy Heyward. Lyrics by Judith Randal. Based on the Babar 'stories of Jean de Brunhoff. At the University Playhouse February 3-14, 1954, with the following cast: 'TK BABAR .................................. Ed Baird OLD LADY ..... . . .Barbara Logan BAD BOY. .. ..... Brace Coffey GOOD GIRLQ . . . .... Sally Smith CAMEL ..... ..... B ruce Coffey CORNELIUS. .. ...... Charles Winters CELI-:STE .... ........... J ane Davis HUNTER .... . ..... Norman Beauchamp FERNANDO ....... ....... J ames Palmesino DANCING BABAR ...................... Rolla Taylor DANCING CELESTE .................. Mary Kay Hall sCHo0L CHILDREN, ELEPHANTS ...... Darlene Appell, Melvyn Cornelius, Marcia Speer and members of the dancing ensemble Musical Director. .. ...... Tom Carpenter Staged by ........ ........... J . Morton Walker Settings by ..... ..,............ D urward Redd Pianists ..... .... J ohn Adams, Patricia Liston Babar fEd Bairdl meets the Old Lady fBarbara Logan Cabovel who teaches him the ways of the world frightj. After Babar and Celeste CJane Davisl are captured to perform in Fernando's CJim Palmesinoj circus, the Old Lady rescues them. 1nua,... r'w --nur Nr- Ai M--f we--e-'eww Tennessee Williams' SUMMER AND SMU E Summer and Smoke, a play in two acts and thirteen scenes by Tennessee Williams, at the University Playhouse March 1-6, 1954, with the following cast: REV. WINEMILLER .................. Sidney Cutright MRS. WINEMILLER ..... .... V aughn Burkholder JOHN BUCHANAN, JR.. .. .......... Lee Marts ALMA WINEMILLER .... .... P hyllts Gololblatt ROSA GoNzALEs .... .... D odo Denney NELLIE EWELL .......... ...... J aan Fagan ROGER DoREMUs .......... . . .Robert Hawkins DR. JOHN BUCHANAN, sn.. .. .... Holland Harpool MRS. BAssE'r'r ........... ...... P at Murray VERNON ....... .... .... H o ward Milligan ROSEMARY .... ...... G ene Duncan DUSTY ...... ..... J erry Smith GONZALES ......... ........ J oe Anastasi ARCHIE KRAMER ...... .... K enneth Costello Production Directed by .... ...... L owell Matson Designed by ............. .... J . Morton Walker Costumes by .... .... M ila Jean Smith The three women involved in the emotional life of John Buchanan, Jr. fLee Martsjz Above, Rosa fDodo Dennyj, below left, Nellie fJoan Faganl, below right, Alma fPhyllis Goldblattl picks up traveling salesman after John rejects her. 34 UKC KANGAROO 1954 93- 1 1 1 sig I 5 R Q Winter Dance M 2 Luanice Littick was crowned queen of the Sno Ball by Student Council president Rick Brown. Beth Scalph was princess with Barbara Dowell and Mary Ann Magaraci attendants. Doris Yendes, attendant, was absent. ILVER, white and blue turned the gym into a wonderland of crispness for the December 11th' Sno Ball. Couples danced around a large white Christmas tree in the center of the gym. Sororities Beta Zeta, Sigma Beta, Chiko, and Cho Chin were in charge of the decorations. I i Rick Brown and Marcia McHale Bill Brown and Rosalee Slaughter Jerrylee Weber and Sally Smith 36 uKc KANGAROO 1954 I Men' Sports 1' , All Intra-mural Basketball Champs Dental School Front row: Mickey Rowe, Bill Tucker, Paul Perme. Back row: Gene McCoun, Charles Coffman, Jack Flickinger, Dick De Niro. Singles Champs Bob Isenberger-Law Intra mural Tennls Runner-up Dave Terwilliger-APO Intra-mural C-oun-eil Seated: Coach Mandli, Dave Terwilliger, Willie Osborn, Jack Gant, Ray Paradise. Standing: Roger Bruner, Paschal Twyman, Wayne Prewitt, Ray Morrison, B111 Con- nely, Jim Liggett, Paul Perme, Mickey Rowe. 4 1' Intra-mural Basketball Dental School Frosh Dents I Pharmacy Rebels Law Bounder I Frosh Denis I APO I Bounder II Faculty APO II Won Lost 10 0 9 1 7 3 6 4 6 4 5 5 4 6 3 7 2 8 1 9 0 10 37 m Faculty Pharmacy I APO I APO II Bounder Inter-collegiate Golf Team Bill Tucker, Paul Dutton, Mickey Rowe, Bill Connley, Jim Liggett. Runners-up Dave Terwilliger and Charles Okamoto-APO lntra-mural Tennis Q, Intra-mural Football Dental School Bounder Pharmacy APO I Anheiser Butchers Law School Frosh Dems APO II 38 Won Lost Tied 7 l 0 6 2 0 4- 3 0 3 3 1 3 3 1 2 5 0 2 5 0 1 6 0 Intra-mural Football Champs Dental School Pharmacy II Intra-mural Bowling Won 37 31M 27M2 21 0 0 Lost 3 13W 17Vg 24 4-5 45 Herbert Grassle and Don Crosny--Dental School Doubles Champs Front row: Sam Harris, Roy Grassly, Paul Perme, Bill Tucker. Back row: Mickey Rowe, Bill Aylmer, Paul Dietridge, Charles Coffman, Larry Felkner. Other team members: Bill Berner, Al Kemp, Tom Fellows, Don Clark. UKC KANGAROO 1954 S 12x Q I g if 'f f 4 " , TV' ! K A . . ai. 9 ' up -- - ,, 2 5 A 'St ' . lm -,lislffhh ,, ,5 mi H 1, " 1 f 1 G 3' , V , ,,,: W W Vi -ff: 1 . mf 'T1A- ' I ,. , Y I x Eg ' 1 n at JA i f - ,J , it tw fm ru e or r if at r - f- .:.-., i i Q7 if i f XI,-, ,L A Q " T""k I . K V' I 'ig ,I., ilr W I ' fi' 5 '-f'5t'2! i james Hunt Gene McC0un james Long Robert Chellew David Herron Bill Tucker Roger Bruner Doss Cunningham Willie Osborn Rod MacDonald Jerry Grantham, manager I. V. Carr Taylor Boring Kendall Wilson James Spurgeon Elwyn Cady, trainer Paul Dutton, assistant Paul Mandli, coach Paschal Twyman, manager j, Prewittvgcnrekeeper 40 GA cos 1954 UKC KANGAROO 1954 UKC UKC UKC UKC UKC UKC UKC UKC UKC UKC FOR THE FIRST time in the history of UKC, an intercollegiate basketball team was formed. Coach Paul Mandli's Kangaroos made their debut against Rockhurst College of Kansas City on January 28, 1954, and went on to play ten games of which they Won four. Game Scores Se3S0ll Free throws Rockllurst College 92 Grandview Air Force 57 Pain: average Graceland Junior College 55 American Display Eagles 55 Jewish Community Center 61 Points single game UKC Alumni 40 Field goals Graceland Junior College 77 Park College 51 Tgggl points Rockhurst College 74 Park College 74 UKC KANGAROO 1954 Statistics Gene McCoun Roger Bruner Gene Lumby Roger Bruner Gene McC0un Roger Bruner 43 14.1 27 42 115, 113 41 Women's Intra-Mural Council Nancy Malben, freshman representative, Claudette Kirk, president and individual sports chairman: Joan Anderson, publicity chairman, Norma Spangler, team sport chairrmzn. Women' Sport Pharmacy-Dental Hygienists Winning Basketball Team Standing: Martha Pickens, Nadine Grossman, Norma Spangler, Laura DeFeo. Seated: Donna Amis, Nancy Helferb, Jo Swenson. if Au Bowling 7 ,--9 Gi J V-ew , x .. X if UKC KANGAROO 1954 Basketball Archery UKC KANGAROO 1954 Marjorie 5 Laura DeFeo 43 -Spring Dances- Basfz wfmcker Ball 44 IRTHFUL takeoffs on Dental life high- lighted the evening's entertainment at the Bushwhacker Ball held March 17 at the Kansas City Pla-Mor. The annual event was sponsored by the members of the Junior class in honor of the graduating Seniors. ,V Music was by Harland Livingwood's orchestra A f"'i,,., 'CD' Diana Wilkins was crowned queen of the ball Informal groups chatted while others danced UKC KANGAROO 1954 A ache Dance N A SPARKLING flair of color the Apache dance attracted dashing French gallants and sultry maidens to the Cafe Roost the night of March 27. Low lights, romantic music and color- ful drops with splashy drawings set the mood for a highly entertaining evening. u 1' A ffl Ms, . - 1+ .- I Mrs. Crain as Jane Arvil fi, 30 ll ll Beth Scalph won first prize for costume C a motley table of Apaches ,vw -ei. ,r.ry,rr i Qc g 7441 via,-ff V vt UKC KANGAROO 1954 X l 7 X . so K I X if f e ry x ' P JQLQX nlv I y THE UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS CITY nf '- Carole Waller Editor. second semester ITH CAROLE WALLER and Warren Mc- Clure as editors, a "new look" graced the pages of the U-News this year. More stories by more students gave a personal touch to the paper, emphasizing a real cross-section of the school. Fresh new ideas resulted in articles about the Dents and Pharmacists, and columns like "The y l Warren McClure Editor, first semester Adventures of the Feeney Family," "Conner's Corners," and "Meet Your Team." Intercollegiate basketball, something never seen before at U K C, highlighted the U-News with play-by-play articles. As a climax to the year, a super April Fool issue was published, one of the best in the University's history. , Weber Judy I-loughtlin Bill Crummetl Assistant editor ' - YI . News Edilflf Business ma agar 46 Q., UKC KANGAROO 1954 Carmen Olson lf X xtkiiw L, 'Vx 4224 A .4 Carole Pursley Bob O'Byrne Sports editor, first semester Q , UKC KANGAROO 1954 John Lundberg Eileen Etllinger Durward Redd Photography Pditor A Beth Scalph AMG x ig fig if Q 1 " LPA. I, Q Ps".4f?"s A C 'f Q . 1 319 Vg S I Dick Rollovit Kent Huckstep Sports editor, svcoml semester ,. M 75 QF Y Liberal Arts students relax ,, , 1 4. nib rrrr rfr .":f- :wee W-1f , , 1 Nun: Ulu any K V v it up Q I.: f 1- 'f-frm 48 if K M llii Ili LJWL ff 'll W.. he heads the Liberal Arts School . . . John E. Barnett DR. JOHN E. BARNETT serves the university in his capacity of registrar and instructor in English, as Well as the acting dean of the Liberal Arts College. He also assumed the task of direct- ing the foreign student program at mid-term. Maurine Rheinhardt . . . secretary to the registrar 51 llber l arts elections sports un Christmas carols . . . 52 UKC KANGAROO 1954 Liberal Arts faculty ADAM S CARPENTER DUFFELMEYER HENDRICKS VAN DEURSEN FEHL Theatre Susan Dinges Lowell Matson J. Morton Walker Dean of Students Wheadon Bolch Activities Counselor Phyllis Printz DINGES MATSON BLOCH UKC KANGAROO 1954 Music Robert D. W. Adams Thomas Carpenter Fred Duf f elmeyer Everett Hendricks Hardin Van Deursen Art Philipp P. Fehl Henry E. Scott, Jr. SCOTT WALKER PRINTZ 53 CRISSMAN 9 BROWN BUSHMAN M EYER SEYMOUR HIGH WEIFENBACH A in ELKIN 54 WAGGONER 1. faculty Journalism Helen ,lo Crissman Sociology Frederick Seymour Physics M. E. High English Wallace C. Brown Alexander P. Cappon Hyatt Howe Waggoner Philosophy Harold Bushman William Weifenbach CRAIN MISBACII Foreign Language William L. Crain Bernard Dulsey Renata Meyer Psychology Albert Elkin Lornez Misbach Robert Neel Radio Henry H. Mamet +f1.fEii- 1" DULSEY MAMET UKC KANGAROO 1954 M WAGNER I-IADDEN UKC KANGAROO 1954 Zoology STONE N EEI-Y Raymond C. Stone Botany Florence Neely Education Jane Hadden Russell A. Holy Martin Levit Hugh W. Speer Physical Education Harriet Hagen Paul Mandli Miriam Wagner Economics History Eliot Berkley John C. Dowgray Hazel M. Toliver Hubert Breuninger Manuel Gottlieb John R. Hodges Walter C. Wagner HAGEN MANDLI gr ' -ox 1 9' X -JP BERKLEY nowcRAY TOLWER -,M gif 21 1 K' 'S' -1' ri ' lar f 1- HOLY LEV SPEER y M, " 1if? eeierg 5 GOTTLIEB HODGES W WAGNER 55 Q Q wrap -ark we ,- f sf x A 2 Q " 4 f i x j' 3 .ie 'E , .1542 ho's Who in Liberal Arts Cordelia Beckwith These students were selected by the all-school student council and will be listed in the official directory of distinguished students selected from colleges and universities throughout America: Richard Brown William Brown UKC KA NGAROO 1954 Robert Craven Cecil Foley Ray Morrison Durward Redd - r UKC KANGAROO 1954 Classes- -Senivt University choirg Economics JIM ALBANESE S.A.I.g Chiko, song leaderg U-Newsg "Listen Childrenvg Music DARLENE APPELL P.M.A.g Torch and Scrollg "0rpheus,'g Music NORMAN J. BEAUCHAMP N 1 Sigma Beta, presidentg Who s Whog Panel of Americansg Le Cercle F rancaisg Psychology Clubg Pan-Hellenic Council. Secretaryg Number One, editorg secretary Liberal Arts schoolg Psychology CORDELIA BECKWITH 1 . Economics DORIS ANN BEESON History and Government ROBERT CARTER Accounting THOMAS C. CHRISTIAN Sociology ELOISE CLARK F.T.A.-A.C.E.g Le Cercle Francaisg School ancl Society MAXINE VIVIAN COOPER Bounders, presidentg U-News, editorg Senior class presidentg Sophomore class presidentg Freshman class vice-presidentg Who's Whog Student Council, vice- presidentg History and Government ROBERT H. CRAVEN F.T.A.-A.C.E.g U-Newsg School and Society EDWARD T. DIAMOND Torch and Scrollg Spanish EILEEN ETTLINGER Economics JOSEPH B. EVANS School and Society CAROLYN FOWLER F.T.A.-A.C.E., secretaryg Fall Frolicg Women's intra-muralsg School and Society SUE FREEMAN Der Deutsche Verein, Secretaryg Dean'S listg German BARBARA GARRIS A.P.0.g Biology EDWARD Y. HIRASHIMA History and Government DIANE D. HJMERSTAD F.T.A.-A.C.E.g School and Society BETTY HOLOMAN F.T.A.-A.C.E.g School and Society ELSIE JACKSON School and Society KATHERINE ANN JANES English Literature JAMES LAWLER QQ' ,K ALBANESE BEESON CRAVEN FREEMAN GARRIS HIRASHIMA 58 HJMERSTAD UKC KANGAROO 1954 fl" APPELL BEAUCHAMP CARTER CHRISTIAN BECKWITH va CLARK COOPER DIAMOND ETTLINGER fuel EVANS FOWLER HOLOMAN JACKSON UKC KANGAROO 1954 1 ,1 415 Wifi .farm JANES LAWLER 59 -Senivu LISTON LUNDGREN S.A.l., president, Torch and Scroll, president, University Orchestra, choir, Showcase, Music PATRICIA LISTON Torch and Scroll, vice-president, Business Administration ROBERT LUNDGREN F.T.A.-A.C.E.g School and Society HAZEL MASON Senior class vice-presidentg Student Council, History and Government JOHN FRANCIS MCCAFFERY MASON M.P.E., treasurer, Christian Clubg Torch and Scroll, secretary, Music DORIS MCCALL MICHAELS F.T.A.-A.C.E., School and Society JEAN MCILWEE S.A.l., vice-president, Christian Club, Scholarship Club, Sophomore class treasurer, F.T.A.-A.C.E., Torch and Scroll, president, choir, Dean's list, Kangaroo, senior editor, "0rpheus,'g Art SHIRLEY ANN MICHAELS Economics MARGUERITE MORGAN Sociology ANN MORRISON Torch and Scrollg Deanls list, International Relations Boardg radio panelg History and Government CLIFFORD HAROLD NAYSMITH Biology CHARLES OKAMOTO Christian Club, Baptist Student Union, president, University choir, Biology MARCARETTE JOAN PICKETT PICKETT' F.T.A.-A.C.E.g Sociriogy FLORECIA REAMS Torch and Scroll, Whois Who, Kangaroo, editor, Dean's list: "Dark of the Moon," 'gLysistrata," "The Enchanted," 'fluno and the Paycockfa '4DangerOus Corner,"'LOrpheus,7' 99 GG 9 6 I 3 C "Wizard of Oz, Circus Day, ' ' Marco PO O," '6Daniel Boone, ' ' Babarng Art DURWARD REDD 60 Biology JERRY D. RICHEY A.P.0., president, Biology-Chemistry AVRAM ELYEA ROSENTHAL Sociology ROY B. SHACKELFORD CHARLES SCHIVERS Spanish ALTHEA SMITH CHARLES STOKESBERRY Sociology KEITH R. STONE SHACKELFORD UKC KANGAROO 1954 MCCAFFREY MCCALL MCILWEE MORGAN MORRISON NAYSMITH OKAMOTO REAMS REDD RICH EY ROSENTHAL g ',,-f ,- f H Y J , . scmvmns SMITH STOKESBERRY K. sToNE UKC KA NGAROO 'I 954 -Seniou---- A.P.O., president, treasurerg Der Deutsche Vereing Torch and Scrollg Biology RAYMOND F. STONE F.T.A,-A.C.E.4SC1w0l and Society CLARA L51-ORY RQSTONE American Chemical Societyg Chemistry GEORGE E. TILLER History and Government EUNICE 0. TRAPP Psychology Clubg Le Cercle Francais, vice-presidentg Psychology EARL UNELL S.A.I., secretaryg Torch and Scrollg University orchestra, choir, Showcaseg Dean'S listg Music BETTY WRIGHT WADSWORTH Economics ALVIN LEWIS WEST Torch and Scroll, vice-presidentg American Chemical Societyg Biology CHARLES C.. WILLIAMSON Torch and Scrollg Economics MARY C. WINAT American Chemical Societyg Ceramics Exhibitg Biology WYMAN YOUNG ' STORY Gr UW' 1-ILLER 'rmpp UNELL wADswoR'rH i 3 G WEST WILLIAMSON WINAT YOUNG 62 UKC KANGAROO 1954 - anim -- NANCY ANNE ADAMS MAURINE AGRON JOAN ANDERSON CHARLENE ASHER JERRY G. BAILS EDWARD A. BAIRD NORMA LEE BAKER JOHN BRIGGS RICK BROWN WILLIAM C. BROWN FREDDIE BULLOCK SUZANNE BURKE NANCY CARLAT JANET COON DAN COOPER HELENE DAVIS JANE DAVIS THOMAS DE PEW PATRICIA ANN DILLON UKC KANGAROO 1954 v R iw llhl0?A BOB DREHER DON R. FORSYTHE EARL J. FUNK JERRY GHAHRAMANIAN DON VVILLIAM GOSSETT NORMA JEAN HAGEN JAMES LESTER HALL FRANCIS HENDERSON ALPHONSO HILLIARD JOHN L. HOLMS ANTHONY INGINO MARTHA LEE IRELAND GENE JACOBSON JUANITA JOHNSON ROBERT J. KATZMAN RANDALL KIENE CLAUDETTE KIRK JUDY KOCH DWAINE KURTZ PHYLLIS LANDGREBE GEORGE A. LUCAS, JR. EDWARD J. MC CABE, J GEORGE MARKHAM MARILYN MARTIN UKC KA NGAROO 1954 NANCY MERRILL PAT RUTH MINNIER PATRICIA LOU MORROW ROBERT NEWTON WILLIAM c. NOVOTNY JOSEPH E. onus BOB o'BYRNE HFGH CARL OVERTON, JR. RONALD S. PAROLY JANET LUCILLE PLANZER ROBERT POWER BARBARA A. SAKATOUSKA WILLIAM EDVVARD SCHAIFF .IACQUELYN LOU SILBERG CALVIN M. SIMION EDWARD SIMMONS ROBERT B. SMITH SALLY LOU SMITH DAVID STEIN PASCHAL TWYMAN MARVIN VERNON UTHE HERBERT WILSON WALTON JAMES J. WISE ELLA GLADYS WOOLRIDGE UKC KANGAROO 1954 1' Soplaomoke JOHN ADAMS DANIEL CARR RICHARD HANEBAUM SARAH HATCHER JOHN COCKRAN WILLIAM CRUMMETT DAVID DE HELMS COLLEEN HELTZEL PARKER DAILEY BILL DORRELL HENRIETTA HOPPER JUDY HOUGHTLIN as f? AW xii, 1 I ff'.'1 x A , us. , HUGH FROST DICK GARNER JAMES HUNT ROBERT JONES ' s K in-v if FRANK GOODWIN JOYCE GRAHAM ARTHUR KATZ HAROLD KEAY . ROLAND HALL CECIL HAMMONDS META ANN KNECHT SARAH KRAFT UKC KANGAROO 1954 UKC KANGAROO I954 MARTIN LINNERMAN LUANICE LITTICK GENE PETERSON BETTY A RANDALL VERNA LOCKRIDGE WARREN MC CLURE GERALD REA TERRY REID MARIA MARTINEZ CAROLYN MAYHEW MARIAN RILEY RICHARD RODDY CAROLYN METZCER KENNETH MILLER CELI A RODERIGUEZ MARION SCHRYVER TED MILLER NORMAN NAKAMOT O DON SEWING SANDRA SILVERMAN MARLE NE NELSON CARMEN OLSON CAR OLYN SPENCE DEAN SUTTON wk- I , 2 , We Amen-WCS' Q Svplwmotek- 13 68 .IAY DEE ALLARD DAVID TERWILLIGER VERNON THOMAS ALICE ALLBRITTEN SAMUEL ANDERSON CLARENCE WANTLAND RICHARD WIEBE SHIRLEY ANDERSON BARBARA LEE BANKS MILDRED WILSON GOLDIE ZARBOS RUTH BEVERLY ARTHUR BINNIE ANNA BRISCOE GWENDOLYN BARTLETT DOROTHY BEAUCHAMP DONALD BECK HUGH BETHARDS -dwlm UKC KANGAROO 1954 RONALD BROCKHOUSE CLAYTON E BURKE CHARLES DAWSON WILLIAM DEAN AT SARAH BURTIS F CHESTER ALONZ 0 CADE JAMES DEWITT BARBARA DOWELL HOWARD CAMPBELL BARBARA CARTER CHARLES DYSART CLIFF EAST MAN A DIAN CLARK DONALD CONROY LOWELL ERICKSON LEO F. FARR TED CRAMER 5' x PHILLIP JOHN DATTILO F3511 UKC KANGAROO 1954 ROBERT FRANCO DONALD FRISC HER JOSEPH K. DAVIDSON WAYNE DAVIDSON MILO M. GATES RUTH CILCHRIST A ' 531-g yp 1 'i-W A , ' af Lis 49 'gif ig g any A 5 wang? ,. if V . Q i t if i 12 w 5 was 1 Q A j 41' R 555 iw 9 EL N3 A J' 'J 3 A' J? fkulcmen JERRY A. GRANTHAM NITA LOU GRAY LEVERGNE B. HAMMOND CHARLYNE HARDIN JAMES HARMON JAMES HAUGH JACQUELINE HOBSON CRAIG KENT HUCKSTEP WILBUR HUGHART ROBERT HUTSELL NORMAN BOB HOROWITZ .IEROLD INGRAM GEORGE JEFFERS JOAN ELIZABETH JOHNSON F. C. KANCEL DONALD KELLEY GAIL KENERSON BETTY RUTH KERN EVERETT KERN RON KRAMER JEAN M. LANGHUS JOHN LAWRENCE JOHN ROBERT LAYMAN JO ANN LEWIS UKC KANGAROO 1954 BETH LICHTBURNE MARCIA MC HALE NANCY MC KANNA LEON MC NEVEN NANCY MALBEN RAYMOND MEADOWS JIMMIE SUE MELTON WALLACE MILLER JERRY MOORE PHILLIP MORRIS SANDRA NORTH CHARLES NUNNS PHYLLIS OLIVE GLEN POWELL DONALD PRATT CAROLE PURSLEY RANORE LEA ROSENTHAL RICHARD SCHEIDT EUGENE SCHLOPPER JOHN DAVID SCHRYVER BETTY SKINNER MARCIA SPEER JIM SPURGEON JOE M. STEVENS UKC KANGAROO 1954 Q -ni -ann- lumen- CORALIE STEVENSON WILLIAM STREETER III JAMES TUTTLE LILLA WATSON HERBERT WEDDING SHANNON WELDON THOMAS J. CURRY GENE DUNCAN NAIDA WILSON PAUL WILSON SANDRA GREENBERG ELBERT B. JOHNSON RUTH WISMER PATRICIA WYATT ROBERT MENTHOR MENCHETTI ANNE H. NEILSON CAROLYN YATES JANE YOUNG LINO RUSSO BARBARA SELDERS Standing: Richard Wiebe, Bill Dorrell, Cecil Hammonds, Anthony Ingino, Jim Harmon, Norman Nakomoto, Shields Baker, Dick McClenagan, Gene Peterson, Ray Stone, Jim Tuttle, Charles Dysart. Seated: Dave Schryver, Ted Miller, Dave Terwilliger, Art Katz. Other members: Kent Huckstep, Henry Holderman, Dick Scheidt, Ron Paroly, Clayton Burke, Terry Reid, Roger Morain, Eugene E. Stephens, Wilbur Hughart, Wayne Davidson, Avram Rosenthal, Harold Borison, Jack White, Bill Novatny, Edward Hirashima, Stan Penner, Sidney Glasman, Owen Neff, Robert Cummings, Kendall Porter, Page Erickson, Charles Okamoto. H ere's to Alpha Phi Omega, loyal brothers we, True to self and to each other, firm in loyalty. Daily working, daily striving, evermore to be Men of Alpha Phi Omega, our fraternity! Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Eta Chapter First and second semester officers: President, Avram Rosenthal, Ted Millerg First Vice-President, Henry Holderman, Dave Terwilligerg Second Vice- President, Ron Paroly, Dave Schryverg Secretary, Harold Borison, Dick Scheidtg Treasurer, Shields Baker, Art Katz, Sergeant-at-Arms, Ray Stone, Ron Parolyg Parliament, Kent Huckstep, Raymond Stone and William Crain, Faculty Advisors. xx uKc KANGAROO 1954 73 l The sword of Beta Z, Your colors evermore will rise, Because we know you're best, Your name will glory to the skies. 1 And though it rains sometimes, The sun will soon come out awhile, And we will look upon ,pang fl? WE' X The sword of Beta Z, and smile. "'Q!V' 1 5 5 Front row: Martha Spence, Helene Davis. Back row: Phyllis Wollen, Barbara Sokolowska, Mary Ann Magaraci, Doris Veatch Beta Zeta Officers fboth semestersjz President, Helene Davis, Vice-President, Barbara Sokolowskag Secretary-Treasurer, Martha Spence. K-.1 74 UKC KANGAROO 1954 Drink a toast to thee forever, Men of Bounders we will always Praising your name on highg Stand up and fight for thee,- Drink a toast to thee forever, To you we pledge our life's devotion Just to raise your 'voices high. Bounder! Hail to thee. ll -? 5 ! Y X rx Qu? 7 at x i"'1" . lr i Front row: Rick Brown, Ray Morrison, Dick Rohovit, Randy Kiene, Jerry Rea, Rod McDonald. Middle row: Dick Garner, Fran Henderson, Dwayne Kurtz, Bob Morris, Taylor Boring, John Day. Back row: Pete Hannebaum, Art Stephenson, Willie Osborn, John McCaffrey, Bob Newton, Bob Craven. Other members: Cecil Foley, Bob Garwood, George Gutknecht, Bill Stower, Bob O'Byrne. Bounder First and second semester officers: President, Bob Craven, Ray Morrisong Vice-President, Cecil Foley, Dwayne Kurtzg Secretary, Dwayne Kurtz, Bob Newton, Treasurer, Richard Brown, Taylor Boring, Sports Captain, Pete Hannebaum, Bob O'Byrneg Historian, Bob Morris. UKC KANGAROO 1954 To Chilco we pledge our lives, our love, our all. To Chiko we'll come if she should ever call. Her name ever glorious We strive to cherish and uphold. Her colors victorious will fly forever, crimson and gold. To Chilco, our hopes and prayers are wrapped in thee. In Chiko our loyalty will always be. Fame and fortune, may they always be our guide. To Chilco we'll always abide. Left to right: Gladys Vedros, Jane Davis, Celia Rodrigues, Darlene Appell, Beth Scalph. Other members: Maria Mar- tinez, Barbara Dowell, Ruth Gilchrist, Sue Freeman, Gail Kenerson, Barbara Logan. Chiko Officers: President, Gladys Vedrosg Vice-presi- dent, Celia Rodrigues, Secretary, Darlene Appellg Treasurer, Jane Davisg Rush Captain, Beth Scalph. 76 Jean Smith, Mrs. Brent. UKC KANGAROO 1954 Cho Chin sweet memories remain, Of years spent in friendship, of heights we will gain. Though years may find us apart, There are dreams we shall cling to, the dreams in our hearts. Faithful to silver and rose, We will cherish you always, our love ever grow. Life flies through ever so dreary, Oh, Cho Chin to you, we will always be true. Seated: Jo Ann Lewis, Gene Duncan, Sally Lou Smith. Standing: Dorothy Beaver, Mary Ann Wiffley, Doris Yendes. Other members: Evelyn Davis, Verna Lockridge. Cho Chin First and second semester officers: President ftwo semestersj, Sally Lou Smithg Vice-President, Verna Lock- ridge, Dorothy Beaverg Secretary-Treasurer, Dorothy Beaver, Gene Duncang Rush Captain, Joan Anderson, Jo Ann Lewis. UKC KANGAROO 1954 1 Q ' 'l l 2 t j l ' I l 3 , r p ' . J i D 5 i .. li A , Left to right: Patricia Bolerjack, Delores Waters, Verna Lockridge, Josephine Loeffler, Evelyn Davis, Meta Ann Knecht, Doris McCall, Roma Cook. Other members: Janet Benner, Marian Herre, Estelle Major, Phyllis Pehr, Eleanor Watkins, Violette Williams, Albertine Baumgartner. Faculty Advisors: Joanne Baker, Mary Dawson. Mu Phi Epsilon Officers: President, Doris McCall, Vice-Presi- dent, Jo Loefflerg Corresponding Secretary, Dolores Waters, Recording Secretary, Meta Ann Knechtg Treasurer, Eleanor Watkinsg Historian, Violette Williamsg Warden, Patricia Bolerjackg Chaplain, Janet Benner, Chorister, Verna Lock- ridge. '78 Oh tell us what this life would be If it were not for song- For music soothes the troubled heart And makes our courage strong. With Music, Friends, and Harmony Our lives are strewn with flowers, Sweet perfume scents our thorny paths And brightens all the hours. UKC KANGARO O 1954 Hail Sinfonia! Coine brothers hail! May Phi Mn Alpha ever reign. Hearts, hands and minds we pledge to thee. All hail! All hail! All hail Sinfonia! Officers: President, Ed Baird, First Vice-Presi- dent, John Adams, Second Vice-President, J. Morton Walker, Secretary, Charles Wintersg Treasurer, Tom Carpenter, Warden, Norman Beauchamp. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia .1 s ,A 8 Prnt, clfififb .I ,, Seated: Norman Beauchamp, Charles Winters, Ed Baird, Tom Carpenter, Doss Cunningham Standing Robert Gorman Melvin Cornelius, Bill Crummett, Tom DePew, Jim Palmesino, Art Wilson J Morton Walker Other rneinbeis John Adams, Don Forsythe. UKC KANGAROO 1954 ve 'Q' i ,E iw 9' . I 5' Q' W-Sl...- . V- V' .ffhiiff Seated: Ruth Blake, Gene Duncan, Patricia Liston, Shirley Michaels, Norma Jean Hagen. Standing: Shirley Cox, Jean Ryberg, Edythe Sandercock, Sally Lou Smith. Other members: Anna Mae Ballard, Evelyn Clough, Mary Louise Freleigh, Betty Gredell, Patricia Hughes, Beverly Phillips, Bonnie Wood, Betty Lou Wadsworth. Sigma Alpha Iota Officers: President, Patricia Listong Vice-Presi- dent, Shirley Michaelsg Recording Secretary, Sally Lou Smith, Corresponding Secretary, Gene Duncan, Treasurer, Norma Jean Hagen, Chap- lain, Shirley Coxg Editor, Ruth Blake, Historian, Betty Gredellg Sergeant-at-Arms, Bonnie Jean Wood. Advisory Board: General Membership Ad- visor, Evaline Hartley, Financial Advisor, Jane Ingelsg Program Advisor, Miriam Dufflemeyer. 80 Daughters of a great and singing nation, Let your voices rise in dedication. Music is a hind and truthful speech In a language out of mere words reachg Sing we now to Sigma Alpha Iota. Sing the greatness of the soul and spirit, Sing the jog of truth and fricndship's merit. Music tells unspoken noble deeds, Music beautifies the simplest deeds,' Sing we now to Sigma Alpha Iota. UKC KANGAROO 19 i 54 M109 Q90 7 0 V5-AHFIQ im 1 an ,W A girl of Sigma Beta is sure to steal your heart,- She'll cheer you when she's near you, Then she'll haunt you when you part. The scent of sweet gardenia, Where moonlight softly beams, Will mean that a girl of Sigma Beta is in your dreams. . First and second semester officers: President, Cordy Beck- with,'Norma Bakery Vice-President, Judy Koch, Marilyn Martmg Secretary, Claudette Kirk, Jody Welch, Treasurer, Norma Baker, Claudette Kirk. s it Front row: Claudette Kirk, Jo Ann Laughlin, Norma Baker, Judy Houghtlin, Meta Ann Knecht. Middle row: Nancy Adams, Luanice Littick, Martha Ireland, Janet Coon, Sarah Kraft, Colleen Heltzel. Back row: Cordy Beckwith, Nancy Merrill, Jody Welch, Marilyn Martin, Phyllis Landgrebe, Suzanne Burke. Other members: Judy Koch, Goldie Zarbos. UKC KANGAROO l954 81 faculty personalities Raymond G. Stone, well known to zoology foundations students who find out "it ain't necessarily so" on quizes, takes time out to do re- search in embryology, one of his hobbies. Mr. Henry Scott, Jr., well known to students and community people as a portrait artist, photographed at work in his studio. Margaret Postlethweite, activities counselor, is always ready to lend a helping hand to student problems. She also plays a mean game of hearts at her spot in the Roost. 82 UKC KANGAROO 'I954 K J A I an ' P nu 4 fl X s Roland Hall, Sarah Kraft, Claudette Kirk, Janet Lindemann, Fran Pollack V, 2 ' ' . 1? is 31 Pa ia? aa., W ,1..a M Janet Coon Ill 1 I i THE PANEL of Americans is made up of a i 1 group of students interested in demonstrating the A f A ,l, A value and potentiality of our racial, religious and Qess at A cultural diversity. Each panel of four members f T 4 consists of a Catholic, Jew, Negro and Protestant. 3 6 V 9 Each panel member tells of his background, be- wif-P s p liefs, problems and relation to the American 1 l t , ,J,, B' tk scene as an individual and as a member of his ' f X it p Q X group- - M. iils ,V ,,,,, i .gf , Leonard Shaw Cordy Beckwith, Bob Power Gladys Vedros, Larry Felkner, Bill Brown, Loedis Davis , 1 , A, . an and UKC KANGAROO 1954 Social Pan-Hellenic Council 5 C Seated: Harriet Hagen, Darlene Appell, Christine Hogin. Standing: Marilyn Martin, Barbara Sokolowska, Norma Baker, Gladys Vedros, Helene Davis. Sally Smlth, Gene Duncan Professional Pan-Hellenic Council 5 if 1 Q J 3 S y Seated: Morley Vogel, Shirley Michaels, Patricia Liston, Charlotte Thayer, Louise Cawles. Standing: Doris McCall, Christine Hogin, Alverta Neidens. 84 uicc KANGAROO 1954 . iff' , ' Y - ,gi ' K k,: , t,. K ' L PFS' Easy Char Standing: Dr. Waggener, Bill Sheriff, Fran Polek, Charles Yearby. Seated: Larry Felkner, Judy Houghtlin, Cordy Beckwith , Dorothy Beaver. np WN Seated: Jody Welch, Cordy Beckwith Ceditorj, Dorothy Beaver, Judy Houghtlir1.Standing: Dave Schryver, Fran Polek, Bill Sheriff. UKC KANGAROO 1954 Numberl University literary magazine 85 Torch and Scroll Scholastic Honor Society ! Front table, right side: Maurine Ziggler, Cordy Beckwith, Janet Benner, Doris McCall, Ed Baird. Left side: JerryLee Weber, Robert Lundgren, Marilyn Martin, Don Schanker, David Belzer, Zona Belzer. Back table: Don Yates, Shirley Michaels, Dr. Bushman, Mrs. Royal, Pat Liston, Norman Beauchamp. Cosmopolitan Club Foreign Students Standing: Barbara Sokolowska, John Bahrs, Joe Obi, Lothar Naulth, Wheadon Block, Mrs. McGrath, Dr. Barnett. Seated: Jamal Muzaffar, Dr. McGrath, Ted Tousevitch, Abdul Koder, Hanna Maria, Somi Allam. "1 'X . ., S wi Le Cercle Francais French Club Seated: Coralee Stevenson, Dorothy Brewer, Susie Burke, Janet Coon, Renata Mays, Cordy Beckwith. Middle row: Anna Briscoe, Joan Anderson, Jamal Muzaffar, Sarah Kraft, Marilyn Martin, Mrs. Gage, Phyllis Olive, Marion Schryver. Back row: Roland Hall, Carroll Dorn, Mr, Crain, Bill Brown, Earl Unell, John Adams. QF' ,Q i is 1 Front row: Richard Wiebe, Gail Kennerson, Eileen Ettlinger, Johnna Schumate, Marilyn Martin, Luanice Littick, Dr. Dulsey. Back roui: Thomas de Pew, Bill Brown, Mrs. McVey, Louis Potts, Ted Cramer. UKC KANGAROO 1954 EI Club Asturias Spanish Club 87 Der Deutsche Verein rg, N.. 'J 4 , . X , K f? kk - 7. k,.,V Seated: Tom Boyer, Bob Katzman, Joe Obi, Sami Allam, Charles Yearby. First row standing: Mrs. Myers, a visitor off-campus, Barbara Sokolowska, Phyllis Olive, another visitor, Renore Rosenthal, Mrs. Katzman, Mrs. Naulth. Second row standing: Hanna Maria, John Holms, Ray Stone, Sigsmund Berstadder, Miss Myers, Lothar Naulth. Back row: Dr. Deising, Jim Ziggler, Jim McCready. Psychology Front row-Guest panelists: Mrs. Roth, Mrs. Vaughn, Mrs. Dart. Members: Cordy Beckwith, Martha u Ireland. Middle row: Barbara Edmondson, Betty Isles, Loraine Pilkey, Dr. Misbach, Bob Neel. Back row: Ed Zigler, Phylis Woolen, Stan Gerber, Barbara Sokolowska, Phyllis Landgrebe. 88 UKC KANGAROO 1954 X Seated: Peggy Pickett, Mary Lou Underwood, Bonnie Lou McElwain, Joan Lewis. . Standing: Norma Jean Hagen, Phyllis Olive, Dr. Hill, Anderine Farmer, Ray Paradise, Durward Redd. p Student Union Seated: Dian Clark, Judy Houghtlin, Father Sullivan, Lola Johnson. Standing: Frank Walsh, Lou Lombardo, F. G. Kancel, Bob Scholars. Newman Club Catholic Students 89 UKC KANGAROO 1954 E Muni' Seated: Charles H. Okamoto, Albert L. Pfauth, George West, Edwin H. Morton K Ii Standing: Dr. S. E. Ekblaw, Thomas DePeW, Gerald G. Baysinger, Edward Y S Hiroshima, Robert E. McIntyre. Geology Club Chess Club Seated: Vern Thomas, John Lundgerg. Standing: Jerry Roller, Jerry Bails. 90 uxc KANGAROO 1954 LW, 'i wnr-1 X f ...bfv 0 Z? :ki .... U EZ? 4 X f X Front row: Willie Osborn, Clayton Burke, Jamal Muzaffar, James Haugh. Second row: Harry Manning, Phillip Datillo, Ted Miller, Anne Nielson. Third row: James Tuttle, . Dwayne Kurtz, Ray Morrison , Roland Lohman. Back row: Dr. Puterbaugh, Joe Bickering, Joan Langhus, Daniel Carr. I I n Chemical Society UKC KANGAROO 1954 wil F ff S. 16' Seated: Gwendolyn Strawn, Jane Hadden, Nancie Lovett, Janet Benner, Ella Woolridge, Ronald Brokaw. Middle 'rows Virginia A. Townsend, Marvelyn M. Weaver, Maui-ine Agron. Standing, back row: Elsie Jackson, Laura Dickson, Doro- thy Needles, Norman Ford, Katherine Ahrens, Barbara Selders, Shirley Michaels, Betty Salvaggio. Teachers New Training Future Teachers of America-Association for Childhood Education is f 1' 'R 'X-0 vs X F 92 UKC KANGAROO 1954 !g.iE.i222S4 . .f , E -f Ott, Ex' Henry shows some friends, Dave Terwilliger, Martha McNish and Ted Miller the all-new Ep House ,super- spacious parking lot. Now there will be no fighting over Smilin' Ed or Roy Rogers! R. 'lf 93 Radio and T V VV Henry H. Mamet Director of Radio Sam Scott checks on a tech- nical difficulty with student Ted Cramer. f 4 TUE lllkl ziggy! gffiika. Wal, .Hynix HQAQ fi! B L Sam Scott 1 Assistant Director of Radio Nancy McKanna, secretary, has a laugh over something in the files. IDE VARIETY, noted personalities, timely subjects and good entertainment were the hallmarks of the UKC Radio and TV Department this year. Director Henry H. Mamet and As- sistant Director Sam Scott Worked hard making the University's presentations of the highest quality. Two new UKC TV productions, "You and the Law" and "Exploration" made their debut. LO 94 Q. UKC KANGAROO 1954 gum, v i f4-M.-1n.',ffN- ' ' ' ' UKC KANGAROO 1954 i in-15 A point of order comes up in the negative side of "Do We Need Movie Censorship?" Movie Censorship gets the going over on "What do You Think?" The Great Books Discussion has a slight controversy over Mark Twain's writings. The "International Review": Samson Soloveitchik, Ernest Manheim, Henry Mamet Cmoderatorj, Bernard Lewis, Edgar Rosen. 95 -A Cappella Choir- 'Q Dr. Everett Hendricks, director JN Top row: Pat Liston, Bill Novotny, Doss Cunningham, Glen Powell, John Erickson, Art Wilson. Fifth row: Ed Baird, Rick Brown, Connie Bonino, Melvin Cornelius, Shirley Michaels. Fourth row: Jackie Hobson, Bruce Coffey, Jim Albanese, Bill Lehman. Third row: Gene Peterson, Shirley Anderson, Bonnie McElwain. Second row: Marcia Speer, Charles Yearby. Bottom: Bill Crummett. 96 UKC KANGAROO 1954 Top row: Terry Reid, Phyllis Olive, Bob Gorman, Ella Woolridge, Charles Lazenby. Third 'r'0wI Barbara Logan, Joan Fagan, Norma Jean Hagen, Mary Lou Underwood. Second row: Luanice Littick, Nancy McKanna, Sylvia Poe. Bottom: Nancy Helfert, Ray Morrison. W1 bv I University Choir participants in "Babar": Melvin Cornelius, Charles Winters, Barbara Logan, Sally Smith, Marcia Speer, Jim Palmesino, Darlene Appell, Norman Beauchamp, Bruce Coffey, Ed Baird. UKC KANGAROO 1954 97 9 1 'Y' 4' I i: 5 Q tl 3 K 's ., LW ,ng .f A 5 'LA , , V is Y -"Q .. R :zwff , ' ? 6' x 3' . , Q ,if wg . 3 if . ifwfffa L af fi' A' 'W Q Qbl bw f Tj! x "W S 2331" X Q s x if , m -.Sq ill 1- 3 sw .,,,.i5,y M549 1334 g J' g m Q ff leader of the Law Schoolu. AAaHh1hAfVob: UKC KANGAROO 1954 DEAN MARLIN M. VOLZ has established himself as the lead- ing force in the Law School since his arrival on the U K C campus in 1950. His direct and friendly manner in dealing with students has been a hallmark of his administration. Dorothy Aiken, Laurle Tobias . . . Law School secretaries aw School faculty CADY ,. FIDDLER G. R. Cady Charles E. Fiddler Rudolf Heitz H. E. Nelson Cyrus Ricketts John Scurlock Stanley Siegel john M. Speca Alice J. Tanner Leo H. Whinery lag i vm, :V - 1 L2 Q-J --'. 1524- i,,- 3 ll' V, HEITZ NELSON RICKETTS SCURLOCK 50 SIEGEL SPECA TAN NER, 102 ,J WHINERY UKC KA NGAROO 1954 -Wh0's Who in Law- These students were selected by the all-school student council and will be listed in the official directory of distinguished students selected from colleges and universities throughout America: Jack Cant . ... L ' 1 Bob DeWiU i UKC KANGAROO 1954 I' I Classes- --Senivfk - GEORGE A. ALSPAUCH P.A.D. NED BAHR KENNETH BEAMWAY P.A.D. RICHARD M. BEARY P.D.P., magistrate, delegate to General Conventionp Ellison Moot Court Competition, committee co-chairman, finalist, justice, Student Bar Association, election commissioner, treasurer, Law Day, committee, Freshman Law Day, master of ceremonies NORMAN O. BESHEER P.D.D. BETTY BOND D.T.P., Legal Aid JOHN R. CAMPBELL P.D.P. DONALD M. COOP P.A.D., clerk, Ellison Club Moot Court Competition, winner, Who's Who, Pandex editor, Recent Decisions, editor, Law Review, Legal Aid, Athlete of the year ROBERT D. DEWITT D.T.P., vice-dean, Legal Aid WARREN A. DONALDSON P.D.P. WILBUR DUER . V D.T.P. MAX W. FOUST P.A.D. FREDERICK R. FREEMAN P.A.D., president, clerk, Moot Court Competition, judge, clerk, student chairman, Who's Who, Student Bar Association, president, Board of Governors, Law Review, Legal Aid, Student Council, Dean,s list, Men,s Intra- murals council JACK E. CANT D.T.P. JOHN M. CESSELMAN P.A.D., Freshman Law Day, co-chairman ROBERT LEO GILDAY P.A.D. LOUIS E. HAY PATRICK MURRAY KEATING P.A.D., Legal Aid, librarian RICHARD J. LENAGHAN P.A.D., justice, Board of Governors, Legal Aid, Law Review LOUIS LOMBARDO Nm E was , s ' ' iff Z?" T 55 ALSPAUGH' BESHEER DONALDSON GESSLEMAN , GILDAY HAY 104 UKC KANGAROO 1954 1 BAHR BEAMWAY . 'A ,. 3, 'K Jr iv 5. EE! A waQ1 -1 . 1 BOND CAMPBELL N - ., Q 6, 1 NK 1 V ,gigi ii u i v ii i 1 , t A A 5 'Xi V 'z 'Pg f' i 1 i, -4 S, i,G w, fw y ' 1 ' . WLW, ' A K , Rf b , X k j 1 45, ff' w., 1 . ' L, , efgiikik 5 ' V 5 4' x Qufr6Q amf Q5 f DUER FOUST KEATING LENAGHP-N 1 UKC KANGAROO 1954 N N x 1 i BEARY A 1' is 0' ,A -Q i . fi? 1- . fN Qigg N. , ii . i?y. f E, Hf 5?NQf , 6x-g 4,?QFi ,,. Q -". i ,WMLwMH+ coo? DEWITT ' A 4? t ' FREEMAN GANT LOMBARDO 105 Senio -- MARSHALL w. LYONS DONOVAN 0. MCATEE JOHN G. MCATEE LYONS D.T.P., WAYNE B. MCMICHAEL P.A.D., vice-justice, Moot Court, Law Review, comment editor RALPH L. MARTIN P.A.D., marshall, Moot Court, finalist, Board of Governors, secretary, Law Review, book review editor FRANKLIN R. MILLIN EDWARD MURPHY 1 P.A.D., Moot Court, Legal Aid ROBERT PARELMAN JOHN S. PARMERLEE P.A.D., secretary JAY N. PIKE CLYDE J. RAYBURNE, JR. P.A.D. JOSEPH ROMANO P.A.D., Board of Governors, Legal Aid, Law Review, Student Court, chief justice, discussion group, High-bowling club, chairman RAFAEL FELIX ROMEU MARTIN VINCENT SIMPSON FRANCIS LEE SMITH P.A.D., justice, Law Review, editor, Legal Aid, Board of Governors, Moot Court, election commissioner, Deanls list S. LARRY STEIN PAUL N. STEPHENS K.B.P., grand chancellor, national delegate, rush captain, registrar, Pandex, editor, business manager, Legal Aid, chairman, U-News, Board of Governors, historian, Law Day, entertainment chairman, election commissioner, Pan-Hellenic, treasurer, Dean's list MORLEY VOGEL D.T.P., dean, Student Court, chief justice W. E. WINBIGLER P.A.D., Moot Court, finalist VINCENT W. WITKUS CLARENCE A. WOOD 3 I PIKE Ein v SMITI-I STEIN STEPHENS voGEL 106 UKC KANGAROO 1954 D. MCATEE J. MCATEE M ILLIN RAYBURN E 4, L. LN,, flag' MURIPHY ROMANO MCMICHAEL PARELMAN PARMERLEE T E ! Hs 11 145.5 azwzr ROMEU SIMPSON WINBIGLER WITKUS WOOD UKC KANGAROO 1954 mi, , dl ra , , f Rv S-sf 14' ,, N.. I I U, E . A I A AH f 4 X 1? xv? . 1 IE!! ' 5.3! ,. ,- 'E .L , 'QQ M' If ' CQ , ,gm .. d, ' ff' s"3' f ' I 2 iw D 4 A . I 'K H ,. fbfff' ' as if fwf K - J ' g I f h , ,' I ' - 1 B' ff' ' ,-.3393 Z' . A gg ,. , a .. a?4 R -"5 1 jx w. It 9 L ,af we ff 1' fi , L. J... . A, ...J Q 3 - x f wh 1 1 'Q' Q. v I ff -A A , W I ' if I 1 5 I A Ihb 11131 108 - lm MA KENNETH R. BABBIT ROLLIE R. BALDWIN JAMES H. DICKENS ANGELO J. FALCONE VICTOR D. GOLDMAN ROGERS E. HOPPER ELVIN B. KLEIN JOSEPH F. KOSTALAC EDMOND MCELLIGOTT RICHARD E. MCFADIN BROCK R. MCPHERSON WAYNE F. MARTIN WILLIAM E. MEALMAN JOHN J. MENDIVE ROBERT V. MERTEL RICHARD W. MILLER BERTRAND H. MILLIARD JOHN MILONE, JR. WILEY W. MORRISON WILLIAM E. o'BR1EN WILLIAM A. RULE DAVID R. SCHOLLARS RICHARD W. SCHROFF JOSEPH A. SHERMAN UKC KANGAROO 1954 f I' .R A if' .v I , .ff 2 ' 1' . UKC KANGAROO 1954 V"V"f"If" It' , EDWARD J. WALLOCK RICHARD E. WATSON JAMES H. WEAKLEY GEORGE T. WEST DAVID WESTFALL PHIL L. WOODWORTH I 11. e - A I , S. RICHARD BEITLING mf 4 If Q Q FLOYD R. BROWN, JR. I 'JI . I 7 g I . , I I 4 1 EDWARD W. BRUNK I I 41311-. 'wgg HERSCHEL LEE BUCKNER J GEORGE J. BUSER, JR. I ff: I , , - 11 " 1 If ROBERT c. CAWLEY ' ' , Q, " CALVIN K. HAMILTON L -ffk f' if gflj JIM KANT X I 'D 2 I wnsf ' . , I . , JOHN L. KAPNISTOS . WARREN D. LONGSTAEE M 'gi I"I I I OSCAR H. MURDOCK I 5' Soplwmoive -- JAMES L. MARLOW LEO JOSEPH MORONEY ROBERT J. NEELY HARRIS D. PLOTKIN ALLEN DALE ADAMS RICHARD L. ALBRIC-HT STANLEY D. RASTOV DANIEL D. SAWYER NORMAN L. ATWOOD ROBERT BAILEY DALE P. SULLIVAN CHARLOTTE P. THAYER JACOB GORDON BANNISTER DONALD BOYD BEETS ALLAN L. THORNBURC JOSEPH H. TOCNASCIALE EDWARD J. BELAN ROBERT LEE BLACKWELL KENNETH E. WALDEN MURRAY F. WILSON CHARLES J. BRENNAN EDWARD E. CALVIN -?f2e lumen- W 'Q I ' 2 , L fe- iff X If if L? In Hs. f "" B M 1 "' I L -: ,ff f ' ksg wv' U' x.. 4 ami 1 X 5 2. V ,A wr' I A. D. CARR WILLIAM T. CAVANAUGH MERCEDES M. FICHTNER JOHN LAWRENCE FITZGERALD KENNETH E. CHRISTOPHER ROBERT W. COOK ERNEST H. FREMONT JACK M. FRIEDBERC JAMES RICHARD COPE KEITH KIRBY COUCII TILLY GILBERG GILBERT GILCUS JAMES W. DAHL EDMUND DAVIDSON WILLIAM JAMES GILWEE KENNETH I. GRISSINGER E. E. DENNIS EUGENE T. DEVINE COLIN JAMES GUTIIRIE LYLE M. HANSEN ROBERT E. DOWNER DONALD R. ETTER JERRY HARKINS, JR. A. G. HAYS, JR. Q . , , , 'Q 3 Q' ... A 3 hw: 112 Q' I .. . ,,'5'i, . I I , 'N 4 7. I -. A Nl 15? 1 'ff .I . 5 rcgf- I' F, .A V :I gk 3' f, 'A,,,A, 4 , A I YW ' ' '. . . ,,,,.,. ., ,. ' K :J-5' ' N35 , nw... A J' HQ I .wow ZF' -?'2eAlnmen DALE HELMERS WILLIAM J. HEWITT DONALD R. HIESTAND DIANE D. HJERMSTAD WILLIAM J. HUCKINS ROBERT M. ISENBERGER, JR. ELDON KAY KELLER JAMES KENNETH KELLIKER JERRY KLEIN MARK JEROME KLEIN VINCENT PAUL LACY WILLIAM S. LACY LARRY GERALD MALLIN JACK ROBERT MONACHAN CARLOS F. MORI ROBERT E. MORRESSEY RAYMOND V. MOYLEN JAMAL MUZAFFAR SAMUEL E. OVERFELT ROBERT BAXTER PADEN PAUL E. PANEK STANLEY N. PARKS JAMES FRANCIS PENDERGAST ROBERT L. POWER UKC KANGAROO 1954 9 J A I ' 5 ' 1, A Q I A ' lf- f - 4.13 cf 53' A . M9 If .. D- .,?,g ., I F . A .A :iw , y '.,- L , ' Ig if 'M ' rf. 5 ERA R if R 3 TRS REYNOLDS DESTER RODOERS A M ANTHONY J. ROMANO J IRA CARL SCHREIBER If LEONARD SHAW A ROBERT J. SHERR, SR. qw 4 3' ' ROBERT M. SIMMONS 1 I ' A Af I ' 3515 rg, 2 A ,F RICHARD E. SKOGSBERC I Us if MA I JEROME F. SMITH , DIIIDDIR MI,I , A 4, . - 1 ,b . 'iff . .f wi. H ,. S45 II WILLIAM E. SPEAK ...... ' JAMES w. SPENCER HERMAN HOWARD STEPHENSON JAMES F. STIGALL ' WILLIAM G. STOWER NORMAN M. TEMPEL GENE TERRY EUNICE 0. TRAPP JAMES G. TRIMBLE PAUL O. VAPOREAN FRANCIS H. WELCH CHARLES B. WH EELER HARTZELL J. WHYTE LAWRENCE D. WILLIAMS, JR. EDWARD L. WURDOCK DORIS YENDES UKC KA NGAROO 1954 Ng ,ELI ,.. . E' g f: 3' .fy ii ' ' N? - "W: 1" f- my an . ,, I 'Af ZA, 56- 'Q'-1 v..-.A i ugly ,sg f Elfw l 114 UKC KANGAROO 1954 Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity was organized in 1901. The Snyder Senate chapter dates from 1913. I as ii. f - , .. K . . , ,Q I , V ,Q ef' ' ' , x-ff ff' ...i N f f 'xx Standing: Joe Romano, Hal Parrish, Jim Dickens, Jim Dahl, Max Faust, Jerome Smith. Seated: Bob Longstaff, Joe Sherman, Jack Gesselman, Dick Dillon, Dan Sawyer, Eldon Keller. Other members: Robert Berrey III, Warren Donald- son, Robert Gawley, Gene Guenther, Bertrand Milliard, Wiley Morrison, George Murray, Jr., Kenneth Walden, William Winbigler, Robert Woodson. Delta Theta Phi 1 Officers: Dean, Daniel Sawyer, Tribune, Jimmie Dickensg Vice-dean, Joseph Sherman, Clerk of the ' Rolls, Jerome Smithg Clerk of the Exchequer, Jack Gesselmang Clerk of Ritual, Hallet Parrishg Bailiff, Robert Gawleyg Faculty Advisor, Rudolph Heitz. UKC KANGAROO 1954 115 The Phi Alpha Delta L,aw Fraternity was organized in Chicago in 1898. The Thomas Hart Benton chapter of the Law School was originated in 1907. K I - 9 N x Ma Back row: Calvin Hamilton, Jerome Klein, Leonard Shaw, Anthony Romano, James Trimble, William Hewitt, John Daleo, Louis Hay, Vincent Witkus, Harris Plotkin. Third row: Thomas O'Brien, Lawrence Mallin, Charles Brennan, Dan Beets, Jack Gant, Angelo Falcone, Ned Bahr, John Mendive, Clark Ridpath, Jim Salter, Fred Freeman. Second row: Paul Panek, Elvin Klein, Rafael Romeu, Richard Beary, Robert Gilday, Edward Calvin, Larry Stein, Lyle Hanson, David Schollars. Seated: Elwyn Cady, Russ Millin, Robert DeWitt, Louis Lombardo, Ralph Martin, Robert Parelman, Leo H. Whinery. Other members: Dale Beal, John Book, Nickiolas Colias, Carl Gilliland, Jerry Harkins, John Kapnistos, Carl Laurent, Brock McPherson, Carlos Mori, Jack W. Nixon, Stanley Parks, Earle Phillips, Edward Wurdack. 0 ir ' Phl Alpha Delta Officers: Justice, Jack Gantg Vice-justice, James K Salter, Clerk, Clark Ridpathg Treasurer, Angelo Falconeg Marshal, Elvin Klein. Faculty Advisor, Leo Whinery. 116 UKC KANGAROO 1954 ,,1g Phi Delta Phi was formally founded in the Gregory House at Ann Arbor, Michigan, on De- cember 13, 1869, and it was the first professional legal fraternity in America. Powell Inn, the 69th, was granted its chapter in 1942. Phi Delta Phi 1 Officers: Magister, Norman Beesheerg Ex- checquer, David Westfall, Clerk, Jay Pikeg Historian, Kenneth Babbit. Faculty Advisor, John Speca. Seated, front row: John Speca, William Huckins, Richard Watson, Bill Pike. Seated, second row: Ernest Freemont, Gail Crystal, Donald M. Coop, Thomas Horkin, Harold Todd. Seated, third row: Stephen Murphy, Wilbur Duer, Kenneth Babbit, Joe Kostelac, James Stigall. Standing: Norman Beesher, Edmond McElligott, William Lacy, Dick Miller, Charles Spooner, Francis Welsh, Bob Foerschler, Earl Miller, William Stower, Bob Isenbrandt, Samuel McCracken. Other mem- bers: Richard Beitling, A. G. Hays, Richard E. McFadin, William Mealman, Robert Morrissey, Timothy O'Leary, David Pansig, James Pendergast, Dale Sullivan, David Westfall. UKC KANGAROO 1954 X I . A ii ' .if 1 N. 1 , M .i S H 1 li Fixes? Q, Q33 "L Front row: Genevieve Charmley, Louise Pirnie, Tilly Gilberg, Morley Vogel. Middle row: Betty Watson, Margaret Fas- sig, 'Fairlee Tegarden, Lenore Simpson, Helen Keck. Back row: Enid Walker, Eunice Kimmel, Ruth Hall, Florence Mid- delkamp, Mary Grubbs, Freida Schirley, Dorothy Parks, Ruby Campbell. Other members: June Austin, Anne Barnes, Vivian Bersuch, Thelma Cisel, Mildred Conner, Louise Cowles, Martha Crenshaw, Helen Curdy, Gladys Conovan, Edith Duncan, Mercedes Fitchner, Rosemary Flemington, Hilda Galbraith, Elizabeth George, Dorothy Groendes, Florence Hines, Bernice Mesner, Francis Moore, Elizabeth Moss, Dorothy Newcomb, Berenice Oliver, Mary O'Reil1y, Lucylle Perry, Louis Pirnie, Rosemary Reiter, Hermia Robrock, Margaret Setzler, Julia Simrall, Kay Somerville, Dorothy Ste- phenson, Margaret Stepp, Mary Thompson, Marie Waltner, Elizabeth Watson, Ruth Watts, Olive Wilkinson, Irene Williams, Ida Woodward, Freda Yeo. ' Officers: Dean, Ruby Campbell, Associate Dean, Ka Mary Grubbsg Recording Registrar, Florence Mid- delkampg Corresponding Registrar, Morley Vogel, Kappa Beta Pi was founded at the Chicago-Kent Chancellor, Fairlee Tegardeng Marshal, Hilda Gal- College of Law December 15, 1908. Theta Chapter braithg Custodian of Ritual, Freda Schirleyg Quar- was organized January 21, 1917, at the Kansas terly Correspondent, Dorothy Parksg Faculty City School of Law. Advisor, Charles Fiddler. 118 UKC KANGAROO 1954 Officers: Dean, Ruby Campbellg Associate Dean, Mary Grubbsg Recording Registrar, Florence Mid- delkampg Corresponding Registrar, Morley Vogel: R Chancellor, Fairlee Tegardeng Marshal, Hilda Gal- braithg Custodian of Ritual, Freda Schirleyg Quar- terly Correspondent, Dorothy Parks: Faculty 7 Advisor, Charles Fiddler. V Ph' D I D I Kappa Beta Pi was founded at the Chicago Kent I e e College of Law December 15, 1908 Theta Chapter was organized January 21, 1917, at the Kansas City School of Law. Seated: Ima Goehring, Helen Dunlap, Vera Jones, Margaret Mason. Standing: Eileen Fleming, Verlyn Reece, Alseba Lee, Alverta Niedens. Other members: Helen Baker, Majorie Bickel, Betty Bond, Lorraine Bracy, Norma Braly, Margaret Bryant, Edna Burnell, Sylvia Copakan, Santa Maria Craig, Ruth Ann Crane, Patricia Darby, Grace Dooley, Dorothy Fardon, Teira Farrow, Mabel Fitch, Eula Hadleck, Patricia Harris, Margaret Heimiller, Martha Hickman, Gladys Hodgkinson, Virginia Hughes, Bettye Kehrer, Marde Jackson, Margaret Kennedy, Josephine Koch, Catherine Koenig, Bernadine LeBerthon, Tiera Lester, Persis Perry, Blanche Richard, Mabel Reilly, Margaret Reilly, Rosemary Riley, Elizabeth Schlecht, Lulu Shart, Blanche Smith, Alice Tanner, Jo Zelma Taylor, Charlotte Thayer, Martha Swayer, Lura Poe, Ida Turner, Agnes Wilson, Dorothy Wilson, Doris Yendes. UKC KANGAROO 1954 J y 3 5 -by Seated: Russ Mlllin, Dlck Dillon, Jack Gant, Louis Lombardo. Standmg: Ken Gressmger, Ernest Freemont B111 Lacy Bob Foerschler, Clark Ridpath, Angelo Falcone, Elvin Klein, Cal Hamilton, Paul Panek. President: Jack Gant Vice President Dick Dillin Boca rd of Govern rs sweaty, Russ Mmm x Yin, Q6 X QS 'if-'Gif X 'TTS' S 1 SN f f- f is xg-S 19- QQ I is 5 e ' fgzng ,4 vi L.. i Wgk' Qw 120 UKC KANGAROO 1954 Broadus, Cave, Dew Witkus Ellison Club Moot Court Competition Parelman, Witkus, DeWitt, Millin UKC KANGAROO 1954 Harkan, Todd, Rostov Moot Court Competition MOOT CGURT is a coordination of the funda- mental divisions of the study of law-research, analysis and oral and written expression. Senior law students, acting as a panel of judges, and several members of the faculty grade each team not on the basis of the law involved but on the merits of the Written brief and on the character of the oral argument. Pike, Campbell, Beary UKC KANGAROO 1954 UKC KANGAROO 1954 m-b ,f hhfQhf Jack Gant and judges Schollars, McGil1igan Miller, Watson i Seated: Ralph Martin, John Scurlock, Larry Stein, Russ Millen. Standing: Bob DeWitt, Jim Salter, Charlotte Thayer, Betty Bond, Dick Miller. Other members: Charles J. Brennan, Richard J. Dillon, Louis Lombardo, Edward McElligott, Robert Parleman, Richard Watson, Martha Hickman, Rafael Romeu. Law Review S., Larry Stein, editor Ralph L. Martin, comment editor Robert D. DeWitt, recent decision editor THE UNIVERSITY of Kansas City Law Review, devoted to authoritative discussions of important topics in the Law and related fields, is published by the students of the Law School under the super- vision of the faculty. Membership on the staff is open to those upperclassmen who have established SK an acceptable academic record, proficiency in M' legal research and literary abilities. 124 UKC KANGAROO 1954 Seated: Don Coop, Anthony Romano, Morley Vogel, Doris Yendes, John Speca. Standing: Ernest Freemont, Warren Donaldson, Ed Calvin, Clyde Rayburne, James Spencer, Hartzell Whyte, Harry Weed. THE LEGAL AID clinic has 'become widely known for its service to the community and for the excellent practical experience it offers its L I A' d CI' ' staff members. The panel discusses pending cases I and plans for future expansion. .A .. NX,,.U...a ,H.,,,w, """"'r'Mfmvmw-mmm., 'vwnw-wmv: ni illin- UKC KANGAROO 1954 125 Freshman Law Day i Morley Vogel serves refreshments to participants in the Law Day activities. These men have just left the Law Library where they heard speeches by Kansas City men. EMBERS of the graduating class of 1956 were guests at the First Annual Freshman Law Day held October 3. The program, planned by both the faculty and upperclassmen, explained the nature of law and of law study in addition to Welcoming the freshmen to the Law School. ""9'K i', me -:rf 126 Fig 9 fy: . """" ' Q iii fries? if .lggggf .- Q ni, A2 like wa if i I 5' if gr, " P an f E, Mayor Kemp Crightj speaks to members of the freshman class. With him is Jack Gant. Charles Whittaker leads a discussion, "The Lawyer in Practice" Kabovej. UKC KANGAROO 1954 HE FIASCO was the Christmas season dance for the Law School. Held at the Kansas City Records Center in a gaily decorated hall, the event attracted students from all the schools of the University. The pictures on this page show highlights of the evening. UKC KANGAROO 1954 'W-u. fn., Law Dance 127 , 128 UKC KANGAROO 1954 Seated: Dick Miller, Tony Romano, Anglio Falcone, Joe Kostelac, Frank Welch, John Campbell. Standing: Dick Lenilan, George J. Capra, Larry Fitzgerald, Bob Schollars, Louis Lombardo, Bob Gclday. Newman Club Catholic Students 'at' an -X X c,tf5vN'0, -"::f:::-Ei'3'f'-T UKC KANGAROO 1954 THE ST. THOMAS MORE Law Society is a group of the University Newman Club. It was organized to give some attention to the special interests of law students. Its activities cover con- sideration of Canon Law, Natural Law and Pro- fessional Ethics. The group plans to participate in the annual Red Mass at the opening of the court year and the annual St. Thomas More So- ciety's retreat. Chairmen, Richard Miller, Frank Welchg Secre- tary, Larry Fitzgeraldg Treasurer, Edmond McElligott. 129 130 UKC KANGAROO 1954 'i UKC KANGAROO 1954 r X The lawyers relax if 54 U. i , , .,, . K "' , 1-J f I e: i , 5 ' ,ful .,, UKC KANGAROO 1954 MMTM -W Qff X f f Lxfx MMNNNVT' NX W ff' ,Agfa f ,f 1 f, If-, 1 fl' -, xx " K-f, ww f -Q fi' M K, ww , in .Y W .-. " -Y wk- 3 wi UL ' .: :ff ,gi-, - I yy-?w.m..v.yW M.. -"fha , ,. V- s u, .. A fi w,.X"'f"T vi. V 1' Am- ifa .5iWf" ,ew ., .1 -V .:, VY UKC KANGAROO 1954 DSW dean of Pharmacy School . . . Leslie L. Eisenbrandf UKC KANGAROO 1954 C55 DEAN LESLIE L. EISENBRANDT, assuming his duties as head of the Pharmacy School this year, has impressed students and faculty with his administration. He replaces Theodore Dittrich who resigned as dean last year. Myrtle R. Martin . . . Secretary to the Dean 135 Pmclrmacy faculty- Clarence Campbell Allen Gruebel Leo McMahon Herlielat Ramsay Karl Ralcliff William Rost 136 UKC KANGAROO 1954 Wh0's Who in Pharmac -- These students were selected by the all-school student council and will be listed in the official directory of distinguished students selected from colleges and universities throughout America: Milton Miller W Norma Spangler UKC KA NGAROO 1954 Classes- A.Ph.A.g 138 -Swv? - ASHL . . A.Ph.A., student council HERBERT MAURICE ASHLEY A.Ph.A. L. TERRELL BAKER BOBBIE LEE BISHOP A.P.0. HAROLD BORRISON ROGER E. BRUNER A.Ph.A. WILLARD CONRAD LAURA NICHOLS DEI-'EO A.Ph.A. ROBERT G. FAWKS A.Ph.A. ROBERT E. GALVIN BRUNER A.P.O., president, vice-president HENRY L. HOLDERMAN WALLACE W. JOHNSON CLYDE KATZ G. KRATOFIL GEORGE E. MALLAMS A.P.0.g scholarshi club, secretarv' U-News HARVEY P , s KATHERINE B. J. MELIA, JR. A A.Ph.A., preslldent student branch MILTON H. MILLER A.Ph.A.g intramural softball, football OWEN HUGH NEFF A.Ph.A.g intramural softball, football, basketball WAYNE PREWETT LLOYD E. RICKERSON GEORGE EDWARD SIMS DON F. SKINNER HOLDERMAN MELIA MILLER NEFF UKC KANGAROO 1954 BAKER BISHOP BORRISON CONRAD DEFEO FAWKS JOHNSON KATZ KRATOFIL PREWETT RICKERSON UKC KANGAROO 1954 SIMS GALVI N MALLAMS SKINNER .-.Senim - - anim JOE SMITH, JR. NORMA SPANOLER WILLIAM H. STEVENSON Jo ANN swENsON SHIELDS BAK ARNOLD THOMAS RODNEY WESNER 4 GILBERT DONALD BELL JERRY BICKLEY SMITH SPANGLER LESTER L. FERRELL E. ANN PRIDGEN DONALD SCHANKER JOHN L. SIMPSON HUBERT SNELL MOSES M. SPEISER ROGER THOMPSON THOMAS WESNER l GARY EUGENE TRAXSON 140 ER UKC KANGAROO 1954 -We lamen- oplwmo'zeA--- ROBERT M. AULGUR JOE CANNOVA CHARLES E. COSSINS CLAYTON D. CARTER J. B. MCCARTNEY RIC HARD RAY MCCLENAGAN MARVIN MASTER BILL ODDO THOMAS OLDHAM, JR. RIZH GAYED RIZH UKC KANGAROO 1954 JOE STONE JOHN W. DAY MARVIN JACK DORSEY ALBERT P. DUNAGIN KENNETH G. FINKLE ROBERT W. GRANT ROLAND E. LOHMER ,IAMEL EDDIN MUZAFFAR ARLENE A. NELSON EUGENE F. O,NEILL HENRY sHORT THEODOR TRUSEWYTSCH BOBBIE WOLF American Pharmaceutical Association Informal group meeting of the association. THE AMERICAN Pharmaceutical Association is the most important organization in the phar- macy school. The .student branch was organized in the spring of 1945 and has grown to be one of the largest groups on the U K C campus. Their annual trip this year was a three day visit to Chicago. Seated: Donald Schanker, Arlene Nelson, Ann Pridgen, Rodney Wesner. Middle row: John L. Simpson, Moses Speiser, Norma Spangler, George Edward Sims, Clayton Carter. Back row: Herbert Ashley, Sheilds Baker, Gilbert Donald Bell, Milton Miller, Joe Smith, Jr., Robert Grant. 142 UKC KANGAROO 1954 Z 1 i 5 I f i 5 2' 'X 'lg 'X l ,txt Seated: Joe Swenson, William Bode, Wayne Prewitt, Roger Thompson. Middle row: Bobbie Lee Bishop, Mary Gwen- dolyn Lynch, Pat Grau, Laura Nichols DeFeo. Back row: Richard Ray McClenagan, Bill Stevenson, Henry Holderman, Hubert Snell, Wallace Johnson. g file Seated: Shirley McVey, secretaryg Milton Miller, president. Standing: Jerry Bickley, vice-presidentg Ted Auyong, treasurer. UKC KANGAROO 1954 Officers N.: lumix 6 I W f ""' 143 r Front row: Lyle Willits, Terrell Baker, Don Skinner, Ted Auyong, Bud Usher, Jamal Muzaf- far, George Sims, Carl Francis, Mrs. Martin, Jo Swenson, Roger Bruner, Wayne Prewitt, Bob Fawks, Jerry Bickley, Arlene Nelson, Ann Pridgen, Mrs. Stevenson, Mrs. Stern. Middle row: Milton Miller, Rodney Wesner, Shields Baker, Hubert Snell, Gilbert Bell, Dr. Rost, Willard Conrad, Bernie Melia, Don Ninas, Joe Smith, John Simpson, Wallace Johnson, George Mallams Bobbie Lee Bishop, Bill Stevenson. Back row: Jack Stern, Herb Ashley, Mr. McKinsey, Owen Neff, Ray Paradise, Earnie Daigault. Chicago Trip March ll, l2, l3, 1954 THE A PH A TOUR was to the Abbott Lab- oratories in Chicago. An annual affair, the tour is designed to acquaint students with the research and manufacturing phase of pharmacy. The pic- tures on these two pages were taken by students on their tour of Chicagoland. I 1 . Y aff ..f",,! F yr? 3 . 1 v atte eeet A 1' at '- VV.. -ox U . t "' X 144 UKC KANGAROO 1954 It was Reddi Whip for weapons as the boys dueled to the end A Ph A Initiation Seemed "fishy" to Oddo :fl Stone took his pill Everything was Pretty wet 146 UKC KANGAROO 1954 Halloween Donce CTOBER 30 was a wondrous night of glar- ing jack-o-lanterns amid shocks of corn and orange and black streamers in the gym recreation room for the Pharmacy dance. The Halloween celebration is a tradition for the Pharmacy stu- dents and a night of fun. s Dancing in the gaily decorated hall. "Trick or treat" asks Prewitt of Spangler as Amos and Miller watch the fun. Mb- mi" 1 ff' Robert Galvin tries his luck at grabbing an apple. n S'-1... l o f ln, Q.. .W .. f .. 1. K xiii? i W ,,,- nf' FIN 5 1 UKC KANGAROO 1954 147 mv .t.a,,t1-New-one f-4 gt Seated: Norma Spangler, Shirley McVey. Standing: George Sims, Bernie Melia Th e Norma Spangler runs the ditto machine. THE R-X PAD is a student publication for the pharmacy school. Published entirely by a student staff, Norma Spangler has served as editor for the 1953-54 school year with Bernie Melia as assistant editor. Shirley McVey and George Sims complete the staff. Bernie Melia proofs copy. Shirley McVey prepares copy. .,,...,,,.,,t I N I M -mstm. ...,,r,,,l M MPM - 148 uxc KANGAROO 1954 f I U '0"-:1-,. M, 'M-wsu Q 9 unc KANGAROO 1954 4- armacy students at work and play A . M V1 luyinmrr .iffifaffwb Hfffllflf cmwfffar UL gr "l3H!Cm! BETIEH Eumuunv HEIUH' ECHHHURMHCY ' K .., llllllill rm Plllfllllil . A 5 x A - - a - 0 551 -if -i uxc xANoARoo 1954 qq ij'- H' , 1-fair f.Q.fqu4 fy iigfqgg - 'f" Lv xxffwi ,M ,Www J ' VJ. -:Q Ll?1?4iQRV- Q ' .L-L , H 25, , .35 Ei? . c Zi' 155' wmmE 5 1 yi gf an ffm , .,,, Q M A , W, iiiiiii, ,, f L11 J -, 4 ,-1- 1' 12: 7 , W if t - 5 2, if :L k.f .,, fri' 1 ,r - EW Y 2 L' A' 5 5, , ? -T -1 f Q4 33 I .1 f Z 5 5 ,,A . Z va Q A .M x E E? l l l f, . K ' 'vm Q, , - '11, ' 'iw ., . Q1 . L' M? 3 .v.k.g J K viva? 251 he directs the Dental School . .. Roy J. Rinehart S UKC KANGAROO 1954 DEAN ROY JAMES RINEHART has built the Dental School of the University of Kansas City into one of the c0untry's finest. Dr. Rinehart's influence goes beyond the local scene as he has been foremost in setting the standards and practices of dental education in America. 153 ii.. 1 I I X. The Art of Getting Along with People The late Nicholas Murray Butler, President of Columbia University, said in his address to a graduating class that if you do not possess the ability of getting along with the person at the desk next to yours, your degree will be worthless. There never was a truer statement. I have known several graduates of our school who were good dentists but failed to make a success because of ill temper, selfishness, or egotism. The ability to make friends and keep them is a treasure of great value. The characteristics necessary for success can be cultivated and made a part of your profes- sional life, but some people are too self-satisfied and egotistical to recognize their own faults. I would advise the study of the character of others as a hobby and then compare your observations with your own characteristics. Make such a hobby a favorite pursuit and I will predict it will,.not only be a pleasant adventure, but valuable beyond your present comprehension. I R. J. Rinehart, Dean School of Dentistry UKC KANGAROO 1954 -Dental School fclculiy William E. Adamson James Atchily, Jr. Willard R. Bellinger N W 7 l N Charles J. Brown Harold C. Burdick Francis M. Calmes Q D J. Frank Chimienti ,lolm M. Clayton W Wilton W. Cogswell 2326- N-M 1 William Dannahower l.. E. Davidson Edward L. Dillon D. K. Dimivk UKC KANGAROO 1954 A Kennetll E. Duncan I , n r 1 A. Fields Hubert D. Cillahan Carl Hense 156 Henry I. Eager John Eunever l Troy Garrett faculty B. Lalmdis Elliott :vu .11 ll Lester Cates J0lll'l D. Cehrig John E. Cossett james E. Herbert B. Bates Hamilton C. Hart son Carl Herr? Frank H. Hodgson UKC KANGAROO 1954 joseph F. Jacobs - r , .,,.5 -- Frank E. Klee Kenneth E. Lawrence Arthur F. Lindquist Walter Loudon 1 .. . Eugene H. Maienschein J. R. Marsh Carl Matthews Richard McFarland Nor man Moore James L- MCNGCI G. E. Mensa. , E Henry D, Mllsgelljlan Hugh L Myers Edward P. Nelson M. Lorene Nelson UKC KANGAROO 1954 faculty M. H. Noltensmeyer Claude U'Dell Norman Olsen 'f 1 l Chastain G. Porter Herman C. Reece Albert L. Reeves Fred A. Richmond .., , .., ',.a2ve,-maya..-fx, ,L 3 1 ff 'H ,, M , ,Jn .ya , X 3 Omar Robinson William Roth A. 0. Rueb Albert Saeger Carl W. Sawyer A. Frank Scllopper Carl Stout Charles D. "Walthall Benjamin Warner F, C, Webb .lack E. Wells Don Woodward 158 UKC KANGAROO 1954 Assistant in Administration MARIE BUTNER DOROTHY CUTTING LOU DUTTON GERTRUDE FERGUSON VIOLA FLANAGAN LAURA GREER DEMETRA HARRISON MARY HUFFMAN LOUISE LEACH EVA LEWIS ERIEL MILLER EDNA MOBERLY MARY ORR MARGARET POTTS EDITH SNIDER JUNE SPALDING DONNA TOMLIN ICLE TOUSSAINT WEDDLE JEWEL WILLIAMS UKC KA NGAROO 1954 HELEN ADAMS : -v -, Charles Brown ,J ack Austerman ' .l Who's Who in Dental ohool These students were selected by the all-school student council to be listed in the publication, "Who,s Who in American Colleges and Universities? Elmer Heard 9 Sueo Ito l , o o 160 UKC KANGAROO 1954 Dick H. Johnson James Liggett Paul Plowman UKC KANGAROO 1954 James Taylor Robert Yendes Classes HEARD FLICKINGER Seniv? Psi Omega, Senior class president, Junior class president, Who's Who, All-student Council, Student Council of the Dental School president, Prosthetics appointment, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma A 81 M Cleveland, Oklahoma ELMER HEARD, JR. Zip, Senior class vice-president, Baker University Baldwin, Kansas JOHN FLICKINGER Psi Omega, Senior class secretary-treasurer, Diagnosis appointment Great Bend, Kansas DONALD M. RHEINHARDT Xi Psi Phi, secretary, Westminister College Garden City, Missouri JOHN T. ANDERSON Psi Omega, secretary, editor, Junior class secretary, Who's Who, Bushwhacker, fraternity editor, business manager, University of Oklahoma Oklahoma City, Oklahoma JACK B. AUSTERMAN Delta Sigma Delta, Oral Diagnosis appointment, El Dorado Junior College, University of Wichita El Dorado, Kansas WARREN D. BARBER W. C. BARNETT Delta Sigma Delta, Student Court, Periodontics appointment, Southwestern College, University of Colorado Anthony, Kansas MAKVIN BEAN Psi Omega, Periodontia and Diagnosis appointments, Park College, U. S. Naval Academy, Cornell University Parkville, Missouri JOHN J. BLAIR Delta Sigma Delta, president, Washburn University, Kansas State College Topeka, Kansas PAUL L. BoATwR1cH'r University of Denver Denver, Colorado GEORGE P. BOGCS Periodontia appointment, McPherson College Quinter, Kansas WINSTON D. BOWMAN Xi Psi Phi, editor, St. Joseph Junior College St. Joseph, Missouri B. D. BRANSTETTER Delta Sigma Delta, Kansas State College Clay Center, Kansas RICHARD W. BRENNER Xi Psi Phi, president, treasurer, Who's Who, Intramural sports, Freshman class reporter, Freshman laboratory appointment, Northeastern State, University of Tulsa F on Gibson, Oklahoma CHARLES M. BROWN Delta Sigma Delta, historian, Oklahoma University, Oklahoma Baptist University Heavener, Oklahoma JOHN M. BROWN Delta Sigma Delta, Surgery appointment, Southwest Missouri State College Fordland, Missouri VERNON E. BURKS Delta Sigma Delta, K. C. Junior College, University of Nebraska Kansas City, Missouri ROBERT K. BURNS Psi Omega, Northwestern University, Colorado A 81 M, S. T. C. Valley City, North Dakota Kearney, Nebraska ROBERT c. CAMPBELL R. E. CATER 162 RHEIN HARDT BARNETT BOWMAN BURKS UKC KANGAROO 1954 we sf Wil" 'Virqsx 1001! 'ic Offf ti I, iw' LEE 5 hW f f EQ 'f 2 In--ig luv ef 5 . 1' 15531, Senio? Psi Omega, Periodontics and Surgery appointments, University of Oklahoma Cushing, Oklahoma RICHARD c. COCHRAN Zip, Friends University, Wichita University Kansas City,'Missouri FRANCIS J. COMBERIATI Delta Sigma .Delta, Dental School Golf Champion, Endodontec appointment, K. C. Junior College, William Jewell Kansas City, Missouri W. F. CONNELY Cameron, Missouri NEWCOMB L. CLEVELAND University of Kansas Law-fence, Kansas CHARLES W. CONROY Northern Oklahoma Junior College Stella, Missouri HOMER EUGENE COOK Zip, Fort Hays State College Plainville, Kansas OLEN COPPER Zip, University of Colorado, Westminster College Carrollton, Missouri FARRELL D. CUNNINGHAM Delta Sigma Delta, Crown and Bridges appointment, University of Colorado, University of Denver Denver, Colorado ROBERT A. DAVIDSON Delta Sigma Delta, Junior Page, Phillips University, Washington University Enid, Oklahoma JOE WILLIAM DAY Psi Omega, El Dorado Junior College, University of Wichita Augusta, Kansas RAYMOND L. ELLIOTT Delta Sigma Delta, Crown and Bridge appointment, Kansas University Kansas City, Missouri ARNOLD EVERSULL Delta Sigma Delta, Central Missouri State College Charleston, South Carolina WALTER H. EYLAR Zip, Pedodontics appointment, Kansas State College San Lorenzo, California PHILIP R. FALCONE Endononita appointment, University of Kansas St. Charles, Missouri WILLIAM A. FEAGANS Xi Psi Phi, secretary, University of Kansas, Fort Hays State College Great Bend, Kansas WILLIAM J. FLYNN Psi Omega, editor, Pedodontia and Mercy Hospital assignments, University of Colorado, University of Southern California Cheyenne, Wyoming MORTON M. GOLDSTEIN Psi Omega, Surgery appointment, Oklahoma City University, Central State College Oklahoma City, Oklahoma ROBERT GONCE Delta Sigma Delta, Periodontia appointment, University of Colorado, University of Denver Denver, Colorado RONALD HAMER Psi Omega, University of Arkansas JOE HATHCOTE CLEVELAND CONROY DAY FEAGANS FLYNN 164 GOLSTEIN UKC KANGARO0 1954 COCHRAN COMBERIATI CONNELY 009K COPPER CUNNINGHAM DAVIDSON ELLIOTT EVERSULL EYLAR FALCONE GONCE I-IAMER HATHCOTE UKC KANGAROO 1954 -Senio A Zip, Central College, Columbia University, Hofstra College New York, New York LEWIS HIRSCHMAN University of Colorado, University of Denver Denver, Colorado RICHARD M. HOBSON Xi Psi Phi, Diagnosis appointment, Baylor University, Arkansas A 81 M Camden, Arkansas D. R. HODCE Psi Omega, Diagnosis and Ceramics appointment, Phoenix College, HODCE Arizona State Phoenix, Arizona WILLIAM W. HOFFMAN ' .QORDANV SUEO ITO Xi Psi Phi, Junior class president, Student Council, Who's Who, Pedodontics appointment Provo, Utah DICK H. JOHNSON Psi Omega, University of Denver Ault, Colorado ROBERT DAVIS JORDAN, JR. Baylor University, Southwestern College Arkansas City, Kansas WARREN RICHARD KELLEY Delta Sigma Delta, University of Hawaii Honolulu, T. H. SEIJO KONDO Zip, Freshman class president, Kansas City University Pawhuska, Oklahoma PRESTON D. LANDRUM Delta Sigma Delta, Freshman class vice-president, Sophomore class vice-president, Who's Who, University of Colorado, University of Denver Denver, Colorado JAMES Mc LEAN LIOOETT Wichita University Shawnee, Kansas WILLIAM R. LOUDERRAUCH Psi Omega, Pedodontia appointment, Oklahoma University, Creighton University Oklahoma City, Oklahoma HUGH F. MAOUIRE Delta Sigma Delta, Central Missouri State College Windsor, Missouri W. H. MARCHBANKS J. R. MATTHEWS Zip, Pedodontia appointment, Northwestern Missouri State College Grant City, Missouri CHARLES R. Mc CLELLAN Zip, University of Kansas Tescott, Kansas JACK H. MC CLURE Delta Sigma Delta, Oral Surgery appointment, K. C. Junior College Kansas City, Missouri ROBERT J. Mc COLLUM Psi Omega, Vice-president, University of Denver Denver, Colorado J. WILLIAM MC CULLOUGH Arizona State College Coolidge, Arizona WILLIS MC EUEN Delta Sigma Delta, Pedodontic appointment, Oklahoma University Lawton, Oklahoma DON L. MILLER 166 LOUDERBAUGH MC CLURE UKC KANGAROO 1954 HOFFMAN ITO JOHNSON , . , C 'Ma 'ill " KELLEY KONDO LANDRUM LIGGETT i....., v ?Y,, , MAGUIRE MARCHBANKS MATTHEWS Mc CLELLAN MC COLLUM MC CULLOUGH MC EUEN D. MILLER UKC KANGAROO 1954 -Senivk Delta Sigma Delta, K. C. Junior College Kansas City, Missouri JOHN J. MILLER Xi Psi Phi, Oklahoma A 81 M Hennessey, Oklahoma GLEN E. MINTON Psi Omega, University of Notre Dame, University of Colorado Herington, Kansas RICHARD M. MOSIER Delta Sigma Delta, Grand Master, Denver University Denver, Colorado DON R. NASSIMBENE Zip, Arkansas State College Leachville, Arkansas HOWARD L. NELSON Delta Sigma Delta,' historian, University of Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii CLARENCE Y. OKAMOTO Bethel College, Kansas State College Newton, Kansas ROBERT C. OLSON Xi Psi Phi, vice-president, Dental Anatomy appointment, Brigham Young University Provo, Utah THOMAS E. PARDOE Dean's list, highest rank, University of Arizona Mesa, Arizona MERLIN D. PEAY Psi Omega, Oral Surgery appointment, Simpson College Barnard, Missouri R. BRUCE PHILLIPS Xi Psi Phi, Pittsburg State College Pittsburg, Kansas ANToN v. PISTOTNIK Psi Omega, Grand Master, secretary, U K C publications committee, Bushwhacker, editor, associate editor, Oklahoma Baptist University, University of Houston Shawnee, Oklahoma PAUL E. PLOWMAN Cornell College, Culver-Stockton College Chillicothe, Missouri J. A. POSEY G. RITSEMA Delta Sigma Delta, Oral Surgery appointment, University of Kansas City Kansas City, Missouri RICHARD JOSEPH RIVAS Zip, Kansas University, Rockhurst College Caney, Kansas SALVATORE A. SCIMECA, JR. Delta Sigma Delta, Sophomore class secretary-treasurer, Clemson, Oklahoma A 81 M, University of Oklahoma Woodward, Oklahoma WILLIAM E. SHELLHART Delta Sigma Delta, Freshman class secretary-treasurer, Franklin College, Indiana University, Friends University Indianapolis, Indiana EMERSON J. SMITH University of Nebraska, Union College Kansas City, Missouri SCOTT SMITH J.-MILLER S NASSIMBENE PEAY RITSEMA RrvAs " 168 SCIMECA UKC KANGAROO 1954 MINTON MOSIER I H. NELSON OKAMOTO OLSON PARDOE PHILLIPS PISTOTNIK PLOWMAN POSEY SHELLHART E. SMITH S- SMITH UKC KANGAROO 1954 -Senior? - Texas A 81 Mg Phillips University Enid, Oklahoma K. F. STEWART Student Councilg University of Denver Estes Park, Colorado TOMMY S. STITH Student Councilg Surgery and Crown Sz Bridges appointment, University of Denver Denver, Colorado DAVID c. STONE Zipg Rockhurst College Kansas City, Missouri GEORGE ROBERT SURPRISE Zip, University of Oklahoma Kansas City, Kansas THOMAS D. TARPLEY Zip, Sophomore class presidentg Whois Whog Kansas University Overland Park, Kansas JAMES A. TAYLOR B. D. TOMLIN B. E. TUCKER Dental Medicine appointmentg University of Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii WALLACE T. URATA K. M. WILLIAMS D. C. WOODBURY University of Kansas City Kansas City, Missouri ALBERT E. YENDES Student Councilg Who's Whog Kansas University Kansas City, Missouri ROBERT YENDES Delta Sigma Delta, University of Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii RICHARD K. YOKOYAMA Delta Sigma Delta, Dental Medicine appointment, University of Hawaiig Missouri Valley College Honolulu, Hawaii KWAI LUM YOUNG STEWART TARPLEY WILLIAMS WOODBURY 170 '17 UKC KANGAROO 1954 JO ANN DILLARD D. R. DUENSINC D. H. ESSINGTON C. L. EVANS C. S. EVERSON T. W. FELLOWS J. D. GAILEY H. L. GEERY R. W. GOOD c. A. GRIOT, JR. R. E. HALLEY R. D. HAMER A. R. HOLLEY J. W. HUDSPETH J. R. HULL P. K. HURLEY W. R. JOHNSON A. M. KEMP R. M. KURISAKI H. D. LEFFINGWELL W. L. MACDONALD J. A. MACH W. R. MACKIE J. D. MARLAR UKC KANGAROO 1954 I-l L.. qniou.. W. E. MARSH J. G. MC COUN R. P. MC GRAW B. W. MILLER TONK MILLS J. N. MITCHELL D. L. MOORE R. L. MYERS C. O. NAUMAN R. R. NICKELL R. C. PARK K. D. PARKS T. L. PARRY J. M PATTERSON R. W PEAY C. F. PETERS R. C. PORCH S. W. PORTER R. W RADKE J. F. RIGCS, JR. R. O. RILEY R. K. RITTERBUSCII R. A. ROSS III W. A. ROSSINGTON UKC KANGAROO 1954 D. S. RUPERT N. SAKATA W. H. SASAKI G. G. SCHUSTER N. L. SCHWARTZ K. W. SHONS D. T. SPRAGUE R. S. STARKS W. B. STEWART, JR. D. H. STICKEI. T. TAKEHARA J. J. UNDERWOOD C. F. VIETII J. R. WAMMACK F. 'O. WARDLAW J. M. WATERMAN W. H. WEBER D. W. WHITLOCK J. H. WILSON W. H. WINTER J. L. YODER M. YOSHIMOTO D. L. YOWEIJ, S. G. ZERVAS UKC KANGAROO 1954 oplwmote -- D. A. ADAMS G. C. BRUNKHORST J. M. CALLENDER J. M. ADAMS N. E. AKER E. H. CLEMENTS R. J. COOPER R. D. ALEXANDER C. R. AMEN C. W. COTTON K. F. CRANE B. L. ARCHER R. B. ARMSTRONG D. G. CROSBY P. R. DEATHERAGE R. E. BELL R. MC. BILLINCS R. R. DRISKO P. DUTTON R. R. BLACK C. V. BROCK M. L. EDMONDSON E. MC. EIDSON UKC KANGAROO 1954 uxc KANGA'ROO 1954 L. L. FELKNER A. A. FORTUNA C. T. F. FREEMAN T. FUKUMOTO J. W. L. FUNK M. L. FURR W. GUNNELS J. L. HACLER D. HARAWAY S. C. HARRIS L. V. HEIMAN II. M. HOLLINGSWORTH B. G. GEASLAND W. R. GLASGOW J. E. I-IOLTZMAN S. II. L. CRASSLE M. E. CREER A. IANNAZZO J. N. JEPPSEN F. J. CRIMES H. N. CUINN A. A. KEIMIG J. R. KIENE F. C. LAUER f, , -Sepia H. LOEWEN L. E. LUJAN C. H. MARSH I. MASUNAGA 001096 J. M. OZMUN P. R. PERME L. E. PETERMAN D. M. PETERSON J. L. PIERCE S. F. PITCHER T. H. MC TAGUE 1-2. 1. MILLER, JR. E. L. PUTMAN D. D. RAY R. C. MITCHUM J. C. MONTGOMERY B. T. MOUDY F. J. ORTO T. C. RIECELMAN G. R. RIGBY H. K. RITTER M. L. ROWE UKC KANGAROO 1954 1 i UKC KANGAROO 1954 I I L. T. SCHOECH S. K. SCHULTZ M. SHIRAKI W. R. SMITH C. D. SNEED E. G. TATE J. J. THOMAS W. C. THORNE .I. J. TRAVIS J. B. SOUTHERN R. K. WEBB L. D. WRIGHT T. D. STALZER J. R. STITI-I B. WILKINS D. R. WOLFE J. M. STONES E. L. SWANEY J. B. WOODSON L. A. WOODWARD T. K. TANAKA A. MC. TANNER A. K. L. YOUNG C. T. YOUNG --Ytulamen-J w R. A. AHLVIN 1 1 G. A. ALBRIGHT ' J. L. ANDERSON J. R. ASTLE w. s. ATHA N. T. BERBOS . J. F. BERRY W A. BILLINGSLEY A J. E. BINKLEY T. D. BRESHEARS J. v. BROWN Il L. R. BURRows J. A. CAMERON R. B. CARPENTER Y s. E. CARR w. C. Y. CHOCK F. E. CLARK C. C. COLLIER W. R. COLVIN H. V. D. CONNER P. K. DENNINCER J. W. DEYOUNC J. E. DRAKE W. R. ENDICOTT UKC KANGAROO 1954 J. F. ENGELBRECHT L. E. ENGLE W. R. ESAU E. D. EVANS A. R. FIKE W. S. FLATT C. C. FRANCE H. L. FULTZ N. D. CLASSCOCK F. B. GUSTAFSON C. R. GUTHRIE J. L. HARRIS F. R. HARVEY L. W. HARVEY K. D. HEAD A. L. HENNINCTON, JR. L. C. HILLS R. A. HINKLE P. S. HOE M. D. HOFFMAN C. H. HORNE M. D. HUNTER B. F. HUTCHISON C. C. IHRIG UKC KANGAROO 1954 --?f2eAlamen J. R. INGRAM H. W. IRICK ' O. H. JACOBSON D. F. JOHNSON R. JOSEPH R. H. KAMP V. M. KELLY, JR. B. J. KINGSLEY K. KINGSLEY H. A. KNUDSEN S. C. LAING J. D. LEA R. F. MALONE D. B. MATHEWS L. D. MC BRIDE J. B. MEAD H. D. MELKUS W. R. MORRIS R. T. MORRISON W. F. MORRISON, JR. W. S. NAKAGAWA C. W. NEALE Y. OGATA T. A. PARKER UKC KANGAROO 1954 F C. K. PORTER C. R. POWELL W. S. RANDALL R. E. RATCLIFF H. C. REID J. D. RICHEY R. W. RIDGE D. E. ROBINSON K. R. RUSSELL .I. R. SANDERS R. D. SANDERS J. E. SANDIN R. H. SCHAEFER L. S. SCOTT S. H. SHURBACK W. F. SLAGLE, JR. R. L. SMITH O. MC. SNOOK W. F. SORRELS R. C. SPENCER D. L. STEWART, JR. A. T. SUENACA H. N. SUTHERLAND R. K. THOMEN UKC KANGAROO 1954 fte lumen 184 R. E. TIBBETTS B. MC. TOLER, J. E. TOOMEY J. S. TORCHIA JR. D. TROTTER, JR. C. E. TURNEY C. M. WAGNER L. R. WAGNER R. C. WASSNER W. 0. WATKINS L. D. WHITSETT C. C. WILLIAMSON M. WINER UKC KANGAROO 1954 I I I 1 UKC KANGAROO 1954 Dental Hygiene STUCISDTS first year DONNA DEANE AMIS VIRGINIA ANN ASH JANET BENNETT JANET ILENE BROCKMAN VIRGINIA MAXSON COLLINS MARY ANN CUMMINGS NAIDEEN ANN CROSFIELD SALLY LOU HAYWORTH NANCY ANN HELFERT LOLA .IENE JOHNSON DOROTHEA LEE KINMAN RUBY MAXINE KLINGSMITII JANET SUE PERRY MARTHA PICKENS MONA ROBERTA PROSE .IANICE RIGBY .IANET LENORE ROYER .IEANNE STRINCFELLOW wg 5 PATSEY RUTH WILBORN 185 I Dental Hygiene Students second year EILEEN ELIZABETH COMFORD CAROL CROSS MARCELINE THERESA DAY DIANE FINK OLIVE ANN CAISER RUTH LOIS HARDER DORA IONA KAUFMAN DORIS IOLA KAUFMAN MARY DELORES LEWIS B. JOAN MC CULLY MARIANN MC ELHINNEY GERTRUDE PEARL PARKER EDITH AYLENE SNIDER WANDA GERALDINE SORRELLS 186 ANABEL LEE WILSON JUDITH ANN BROCK EMMANEIL COFFONE UKC KANGAROO 'I954 UKC KANGAROO 1954 4 1' Q1 "' " - . - . ,Q . -g, ' Q" ' 2 Jf 3 H iz. 3, 6 , "' Q A P. . ,Af Dental students relax QQ ' - ' ' J 7 " s Q is fi 'x -Hr? i :G 4 xt A G M u x, Q 'U 4 5 if ',., .,Wf h it . 4- v' mm il Delta Sigma Delta 188 UKC KANGAROO 1954 !""'W 5 2 '33 , , , H wt , ,A I-sq V+ O lil x , 6 gn i l we .M . -4 Xi P i Phi ws. ' Q...-1' fu n :fy Nf' my Q4 W V xr 4, ,, -- 4 f 'fy' 4, ' Lf . ., 'x , -, ,f A-. Nz, ' , naw, Q YA -' - .Q m J" Q , , ,. , Mx..-...wht ,XL U 5 Q S ' ,fi N.: u L 190 W .K , 5? 45 UKC KANGAROO 1954 I from the ediTor's file 1 GAROO 1951 Bash wfmcker Ball lwf 192 UKC KAN H Q5 I1 ,ia UKC KANGAROO 1954 Cmicron Kappa Upsilon EACH YEAR special recognition is given to the men Whose scholastic standing places them in the upper twelve percent of their class. Charles Watthall is president. BOW MAN BRAN STETTER FALCONE FEAGANS HEARD ITO KONDO OKAMOTO PEAY UR ATA, WOODB URY YOKOYAMA UKC KANGAROO 1954 ""l-cms...-Qu. 'S 1 'Y X, X x V x' lv 'Ku-Q UKC KANGAROO 1954 , R 1 fi V i' Q C NGAROO 1954 197 'I Crt oclontics , gnxgmii Pedodontics 198 unc KANGAROO 1954 ni SP1 Xwfwfm Urol Surgery UKC KANGAROO 1954 X UKC KANGAROO 1954 Index- R - i vhsff 909 S s Q33 R' 6 I js. X X x fy i Hajj Adams, Allen 110 Adams, D. A. 176 Adams, Helen 159 Adams, J. M. 176 Adams, John 52, 66 Adams, Nancy 18, 63, 81 Adams, Robert D. W. 19, 53 Adams Agron, on, William E. 155 Maurine 63, 92 Ahlvin, A. R. 180 Aker, N. E. 176 Alam, Albane Sami Jamil 68, 86, 88 se, Jim 58, 96 Albright, G. A. 180 Albright, Richard 110 Alexan der, R. D. 176 Allard, Jay Dee 68 Allbritten, Alice 68 Almer, Alspau Bill 38 gh, George A. 104 Amberg, J. H. 172 Amen, Amis, C. R. 176 . Donna Deane 185 UKC KANGAROO 'I 954 . gqw -Y A.-. Amos, Donna 147 Anderson, J. L. 180 Anderson, Joan 26, 27, 63 Anderson, John T. 163 Anderson, Samuel 68 Anderson, Shirley 68 Appell, Darlene 59, 76, 84 Archer, B. L. 176 Armstrong, R. B. 176 Ash, Virginia Ann 185 Asher, Charlene 63 Ashley, Herbert 13,'138, Astle, J. R. 180 Atchity, James 155 Atha, W. S. 180 Atwood, Norman 110 Aulgar, Robert M. 141 Austerman, Jack B. 163 Auyong, Ted 142, 144 Aylmer, W. R. 172 Babbitt, Kenneth 108 Bahr, Ned 105 Bahrs, John 86 Bailey, Robert 110 Bails, Jerry G. 63 Baird, Ed 25, 33, 63, 79, 142, 144 86, 96, 97 Baker, Norma Lee 22, 23, 26, 63, 81 Baker, Shields 73, 84, 140, 142, 144 Baker, Terrill 139, 144 Baldwin, Rollie 108 Banks, Barbara Lee 68 Bannister, Jacob 110 Banta, B. R. 172 Barber, Warren D. 163 Barnett, John 51, 86 Barnett, W. C. 162 Bartlett, Gwendolyn 68 Beamway, Kenneth 105 Bean, Marvin 163 Beary, Richard 105 Beauchamp, Dorothy 68 Beauchamp, Norman 59, Beaver, Dorothy 52, 77, Beck, Donald 68 79 85 Beckwith, Cordelia 20, 56, 59, 81, 85 Beeson, Doris Ann 58 Beets, Donald 110 Beiting, Richard 109 Belan, Edward 110 Bell, Gilbert Donald 140, 142, 144 Bell, R. E. 176 Bellinger, Willard 155 Benight, W. M. 172 Benner, Janet 72, 78 Bennett, Janet 185 Be1'bos, N. T. 180 Berkley, Eliot 55 Berner, W. C. 172 Berry, J. F. Besher, Norman 104 Bethards, Hugh 68 Beverly, Ruth 68 Bickley, Jerry 140, 142, 144, 147 Billings, R. 176 Billingsley, A. 180 Binkley, J. E. 180 Binnie, Arthur 68 Bisbee, J. O. 172 Bishop, Bobbie Lee 139, 143, 144 Black, R. R. 176 Blackwell, Jan 30 Blackwell, Robert 110 Blair, John J. 163 Blake, Ruth 80 Block, Wheadon 13, 53, 86 Boatwright, Paul L. 163 Boggs, George P. 163 Coe, G. H. 172 Boice, R. D. 172 Bond, Betty 105 Boring, Taylor 41, 75 Borrison, Harold 139 Bowman, Winston 162 Boyer, Tom 88 Branstetter, B. D. 163 Brennan, Charles 110 Brenner, Richard 163 Breshears, T. D. 180 Breuninger, Hubert 55 Briggs, John 63 Briscoe, 68 Brock, C. V. 176 Brock, Judith Ann 186 Brockhouse, Ronald 69 Brockman, Janet Ilene 185 Brokaw, Ronald 92 Brown Charles J. 155 Brown Charles M. 163 Brown Floyd 109 Brown, John M. 163 Brown, J. V. II Brown, Rick 12 Brown Wallace C. 54 Brown William 180 , 13, 27, 36, 49, 56, 63, 75, 96 C. 36 56, 63, 83, 87 Bruch, Albert Lee 72 Bruner, Roger 5, 19, 37, 41, 138, 144 Brunk, Edward 109 Brunkhorst, G. C. 176 Buckner, Herschel Lee 109 Bullock, Freddie 63 Burdick, Harold C. 155 Burgess, G. R. 172 Burke, Clayton E. 69 Burke, Suzanne 63, 81 Burks, Vernon E. 162 Burmester, B. B. 172 Burns, Robert K. 163 Burrows, L. R. 180 Burtis, Sarah 69 Busher, George 109 Bushman, Harold 54 Butner, Marie 159 Cade, Chester Alonzo,'69 Cady, Elwyn 41, 102 Callender, J. M. 176 Calmes, Francis M. 155 Calvin, Edward 110 Cameron, J. A. 180 Campbell, Clarence 136 Campbell, Dayton D. 155 Campbell, Howard 69 Campbell, John R. 105 Campbell, Robert 163 Cannova, Joe 141, 147 Canover, Earl V. 155 Cappon, Alexander P. 54 Carlat, Nancy 23, 63 Carpenter, R. B. 180 Carpenter, Tom 53, 79 Carr, A. D. 111 Carr, Daniel 66 Carr, I. V. 41 Carr, S. E. 180 Carter, Barbara 69 Carter, Clayton 141, 142 Carter, Robert 59 Cater, R. E. 163 Cavanaugh, William 111 Cawles, Louise 93 Chellew, Robert 41 Chimienti, J. Frank 155 Chock, W. G. Y. 180 Christensen, S. C. 172 Christian, Thomas C. 59 Christopher, Kenneth 111 Clark, D. E. 172 Clark, Dian 21, 26, 69, 92 Clark, Eloise 59 Clark, F. E. 180 Clayton, John M. 155 Clements, E. H. 176 Cleveland, Newcomb 164 Cochran, John 66 Cochran, Richard 165 Cochran, V. 172 Coffey, Bruce 97 Coffman, C. M. 37, 38, 172 Coffone, Emmaniel 186 Cogswell, Wilton W. 155 Cohen, S. P. 172 Collier, C. C. 180 Collins, Virginia Maxson 185 Colvin, W. R. 180 Comberiati, Francis 165 Comford, Eileen Elizabeth 186 Connely, W. F. 37, 38, 165 Conner, Dalton 21, 22, 24, 28, 52, Conrad, Willard 139, 144 Conroy, Charles W. 164 Conroy, Donald 69 Cook, Homer Eugene 165 Cook, Robert 111 Cook, Roma 78 Coon, Janet 63, 81 Coop, Donald 105 Cooper, Dan 63 Cooper, Maxine Vivian 59 Cooper, R. J. 176 Cope, James 111 Copeland, J. W. 172 Copper, Olen 165 Cornelius, Melvin 79, 96, 97 Cossins, Charles 141 Cotton, C. W. 176 Couch, Keith 111 Cox, Shirley 80 Crain, Sybil 18 Crain, William L. 45, 54 Cramer, Ted 69, 87, 94 Crane, K. F. 176 Craven, Bob 22, 23, 50, 57, 5 Crissman, Helen Jo 54 Crosby, D. G. 38, 176 Crummett, William 46, 66, 7 Cummings, Mary Ann 185 Cunningham, Doss 4, 41, 79 Cunningham, Farrell D. 165 Curry, Thomas 72 Cutting, Dorothy 159 Dahl, James 111 Daigault, Earnie 144 Dailey, Parker 66 Dannahower, William 155 Darley, A. S. 172 Dattilo, John 69 Davidson, Edmund 111 Davidson, Joseph K. 69 Davidson, L. E. 155 Davidson, Wayne 69 Davis, Helene 63, 74, 84 Davis, Jane 33, 35, 63, 76 Davis, Leodis 83 Dawson, Charles 69 Day, Joe William 164 Day, John 29, 75. 141 Day, Marceline Theresa 186 Dean, William 69 Deatherage, P. R. 176 8, 75 9, 96 1 DeFeo, Laura Nicholas 19, 139, 143 DeHelms, David 66 Delauro, L. J. 172 DeNiro, R. G. 37, 172 Denninger, P. K. 180 Dennis, E. E. 111 DePew, Thomas 63, 79, 87, 90 Devine, Eugene 111 DeWitt, Robert 103, 105 De Will, James 69 DeYoung, J. W. 180 Diamond, Edward T. 59 Dickens, James 108 Dickson, Laura 92 Dietridge, Paul 38 Dillard, Jo Ann 173 Dillon, E. L. 155 Dillon, Patricia Ann 63 Dimick, D. K. 155 Dinges, Susan 53 Dolginow, Thelma 30 Donaldson, Warren 104 Dorrell, Bill 66, 73 Dorsay, John 22 Dorsey, Marvin Jack 141 Dowell, Barbara 30, 31, 36, 69 Dowgray, John 19, 55 Downer, Robert 111 Drake, J. E. 180 Dreher, Bob 18, 64 Drisko, R. R. 176 Duensing, D. R. 173 Duer, Wilbur 105 Duffelmeyer, Fred 53 Dulsey, Bernard 54, 87 Dunagin, Albert 141 Duncan, Gene 72, 77, 80, 84 Duncan, Kenneth 156 Dutton, Lou 159 Dutton, Paul 38, 41, 44, 176 Dysart, Charles 69, 73 Eastman, Gerald 69 Eager, Henry I. 156 Edmondson, E. L. 176 Eidson, E. 176 Eisenbrandt, Leslie L. 135 Elkin, Albert 54 Elliott, Landis 156 Elliott, Raymond 165 Endicott, W. R. 180 Engel, Lawrence 156, 181 Engelbrecht, I. J. 181 Ennever, John 156 Erickson, Lowell, 35, 45, 69 Esau, W. R. 181 Essington, D. H. 173 Etter, Donald 111 Ettlinger, Eileen 47, 59, 87 Evans, C. L. 173 Evans, E. D. 181 Evans, Joseph 59 Everson, C. S. 173 Eversull, Arnold 165 Eversull, Hubert 156 Eylar, Walter H. 165 Fagan, Joan 34, 97 Falcone, Angelo 108 Falcone, Philip R. 165 Farr, Leo F. 69 Fawks, Robert 139, 144 Feagans, William A. 164 Fehl, Philipp 53 Felkner, L. L. 38, 176 Fellows, T. W. 173 Ferguson, Gertrude 159 UKC KANGAROO l954 Ferrell, Lester 140 Fichtner, Mercedes 111 Fiddler, Charles 102 Fields, A. 156 Fike, A. R. 181 Fink, Diane 186 Finkle, Kenneth 141 Fitzgerald, John 111 Flanagan, Viola 159 Flatt, W. S. 181 Flickinger, John 37, 162 Flynn, William 164 Foley, Cecil 2, 13, 57 Forsythe, Don 64 Fortuna, A. A. 177 Foust, Max 105 Fowler, Carolyn 59 France, C. C. 181 Francis, Carl 144 Franco, Robert 69 Freeman, Frederick 105 Freeman, Sue 29, 58 Freeman, T. F. 177 Fremont, Ernest 99, 111 Friedberg, Jack 111 Frischer, Donald 69 Frost, Hugh 66 Fukumoto, T. 177 Fultz, Howard 24, 181 Funk, Earl J. 64 Funk, W. L. 177 Furr, M. L. 177 Gailey, J. D. 173 Gaiser, Olive Ann 186 Galvin, Robert 139, 147 Gant, Jack 12, 37, 99, 103, 105 Garner, Dick 21, 22, 23, 26, 66, Garrett, Troy 156 Garris, Barbara 58 Garwood, Bob 22, 75 Gates, Lester M. 156 Gates, Mike 30, 69, 94 Gawley, Robert 109 Geasland, B. G. 177 Geery, H. L. 173 Gehrig, John 156 Gesselman, John 104 Grahramanian, Jerry 64 Gilberg, Tilly 111 Gilchrist, Ruth 69 Gilcus, Gilbert 111 Gilday, Robert 104 Gillahan, Robert 156 Gilwee, William 111 Glasgow, W. R. 177 Glasscock, N. D. 181 Goldman, Victor 108 Goldstien, Morton 164 Gonce, Robert 165 Good, R. W. 173 Goodwin, Frank 66 Gorman, Robert 79 Gossett, Don William 64 Gossett, John 156 Gottlieb, Manuel 55 Graham, Joyce 66 Grant, Robert 141, 142 Grantham, Jerry 41, 70 Grassle, H. L. 38, 177 Grau, Pat 143 Gray, Nita Lou 70 Greenburg, Sandra 72 Green, Laura 159 Greer, M. E. 177 Grimes, F. J. 177 Griot, G. A. 173 Grissinger, Kenneth 111 7 Grosfield, Naideen Ann 185 Grueball, Allen 136 Guinn, H. N. 177 Gunnels, C. W. 177 Gustafson, F. B. 181 Guthrie, Collin 111 Guthrie, C. R. 181 Gutknecht, George 28 Hadden, Jane 55, 92 Hagen, Harriet 55, 84 Hagen, Norma Jean 80, 89, 97 Hagler, J. L. 177 Hall, Roland 19, 22, 29, 66, 83 Halley, R. E. 173 Hamer, R. D. 15, 165, 173 Hamilton, B. Bates 156 Hamilton, Calvin Hammond, Levergne B. 70 Hammonds, Cecil 66, 73 Hannebaum, Pete 21, 23, 75 Hansen, Lyle 111 Haraway, J. D. 177 Harder, Ruth Lois 186 Hardin, Charlyne 70 Harkins, Jerry 111 Harmon, James 30, 70, 73 Harris, J. L. 181 Harris, S. C. 38, 177 Harrison, Demetra 159 Hart, C. 156 Harvey, F. R. 181 Harvey, L. W. 181 Hatcher, Sarah 66 Horne, G. H. 181 Horowitz, Bob 21, 29, 70 Houghtlin, Judy 22, 23, 46, 66, 81, 85, 92 Huckstep, Kent 14, 19, 20, 22, 23, 31, 35, 47, 52, 70, 73 Hudspeth, Jack 15, 173 Huffman, Mary 159 Hughert, Wilbur 70, 73 Hull, J. R. 173 Hunt, James 41, 66 Hunter, M. D. 181 Hurley, P. K. 173 Hutchison, B. F. 181 Hutsell, Robert 70 Iannazzo, S. A. 177 Ihrig, C. C. 181 Ingino, Anthony 64, 73 Ingram, Bob 52 Ingram, J. R. 182 Ingram, Jerold 70 Ireland, Martha 15, 18, 64, 81 Irick, H. W. 182 Isenberger, Robert 22, 23, 37 Ito, Sueo 167 Jackson, Elsie 59, 92 Jacobs, Joseph 157 Jacobson, Gene 64 Jacobson, O. H. 182 Janes, Kathy Ann 59 W. R. 173 Hathcote, Joe 165 Haugh, James 70 Hay, Louis 104 Hays, A. G. 111 Hayworth, Sally Lou 185 Head, K. D. 181 Heard, Elmer 12, 162 Heiman, L. V. 177 Heitz, Rudolf 102 Helfert, Nancy Ann 185 Heltzel, Colleen 19, 66, 81 Jeffers, George 70 Jeppsen, J. N. 177 Johnson, D. F. 182 Johnson, Dick H. 167 Johnson, Elbert 72 Johnson, Joan Elizabeth 70 Johnson, Juanita 64 Johnson, Lois 24 Johnson, Lola Gene 185 Johnson, Wallace 139, 143, 144 Johnson, Henderson, Fran 21, 23. 27, 64, 75 Hendricks, Everett 53, 96, 97 Hennington, A. L. 181 Hense 156 Herbertson, James E. 156 Herman, Sylvia 21 Herre, Carl 156 Herron, Dave 41 High, M. E. 54 Hilliard, Alphonso 64 Hills, L. C. 181 Hinkle, R. A. 181 Hirashima, Edward Y. 58 Hirschman, Lewis 166 Hjmerstad, Diane A. 58 Holoman, Betty 59 Hobson, Jacqueline 70 Hobson, Richard 166 Hodge, D. R. 166 Hodges, John R. 55 Hodgson, Frank 156 Hoe, P. S. 181 Hoffman, M. D. 181 Hoffman, William W. 167 Hogin, Christine 12. 84 Holderman, Henry L. 93, 138, 143 Holley, A. R. 173 Hollingsworth, H. M. 177 Holms, John L. 64 Holtzman, J. E.A 177 Holy, Russell 55 Hopper, Henrietta 66 Hopper, Rogers E. 108 Jones, Robert 66 Jordan, Robert 166 Joseph, Richard 52, 182 Kamp, R. H. 182 Kancel, F. G. 21, 31, 70, 89 Kant, Jim 109 Kapnistos, John 109 Katz, Art 15, 66, 73 Katz, Harvy Clyde 139 Katzman, Robert J. 64, 88 Kaufman, Dora Iona 186 Keating, Patrick 105 Keay, Harold 66 Keimig, A. A': 177 Kelley, Donald 70 Kelley, Vince M. 23, 182 Kelley, Warren Richard 167 Kemp, A. M. 173 Kennerson, Gail 70, 87 Kern, Betty Ruth 70, 94 Kern, Everett 70, 73 Kiene, J. R. 177 Kiene, Randy 28, 31, 64, 75 Kingsley, B. J. 182 Kingsley, K. 182 Kinman, Dorthea Lee 185 Kirk, Claudette 21, 23, 64, 81 Klee, Frank E. 157 Klein, Elvin 108 UKC KANGAR00 1954 Klingsmith, Ruby Maxine 185 Knecht, Meta Ann 18, 24, 28, 31, 52, 66, 78, 81 Knudsen, H. A. 182 Koch, Judy 21, 22, 64 Kondo, Seiji 167 Kostalac, Joe 108, 129 Kraft, Sarah 66, 81, 83 Kramer, Ron 21, 70 Kratofil, Katherine G. 139 Kurisaki, R. M. 173 Kurtz, Dwayne 2, 64, 75 Laing, S. G. 182 Landgrebe, Phylis 18, 64, 81 Langhus, Joan 70 Landrum, Preston D. 167 Lauer, F. C. 177 Laughlin, Jo Ann 81 Lawler, James 59 Lawrence, John 70 Lawrence, Kenneth E. 157 Layman, John Robert 70 Lea, J. D. 182 Leach, Louise 159 Lee, R. B. 177 Leffingwell, H. 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P. 174 McHale, Marcia 36, 71 Mcllwee, Jean 61 McKanna, Nancy 15, 20, 71, 94 McMahon, Leo 136 McMichael, Wayne 107 McNeel, James 157 McNeven, Leon 71 McNish, Martha 35, 93 McPherson, Borck 108 McTague, T. H. 178 McVey, Shirley 133, 142, 148 Mead, J. B. 182 Meadows, Raymond 71 Mealman, William 108 Melia, Bernie 138, 144, 148 Melkus, H. D. 182 Melton, Sue 25, 71 Menchetti, Robert 72 Mendive, John 108 Mensch, G. E. 157 Metzger, Carolyn 67 Merrill, Nancy 15, 65, 81 Mertel, Robert 108 Meyer, Renata 54 Michaels, Shirley 15, 19, 20, 28, 60, 80, 84, 86, 92 Miller, B. W. 174 Miller, Don L. 167 Miller, Eriel 159 Miller, E. T. 178 Miller, John 168 Miller, Kenneth 67 Miller, Milton H. 19, 133, 138, 142 144 147 Miller, Miller, Richard 108 Ted 67, 73 Miller, Wallace 71 Milliand, Bertrand 108 Millins, Franklin 107 Mills, Tonk 174 Milone, John 108 Minnier, Pat Ruth 65 Minton, Glen E. 167 ,. Misbach, Lorenz 54 Mitchell, J. N. 174 Mitchum, R. G. 178 Moberly, Edna 159 Montgomery, J. C. 178 Moore, D. 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C. 183 Reid, Terry 67 Rinehart, Roy J. 153, 154 Rheinhardt, Donald M. 162 Reinhardt, Maurine 51 Richey, Jerry D. 61, 183 Richmond, Fred A. 158 Rickerson, Lloyd 139 Ricketts, Cyrus 102 Ridge, R. W. 183 Riegelman, T. C. 178 Rigby, G. R. 178, 185 144, 146, 147 89 UKC KANGAROO 1954 Riggs, J. F. 174 Riley, Marian 67 Riley, R. 0. 174 Ritsema, G. 168 Ritter, H. K. 178 Ritterbusch, R. K. 174 Rivas, Richard Joseph 168 Rizh, Gayed Rizh 141 Robinson, D. E. 183 Robinson, Omar 158 Roderiquez, Celia 18, 27, 67 Rohovit, Dick 47, 75 Roman, Joseph 107 Romeu, Rafael 107 Rosenthal, Avram Elyea 61 Rosenthal, Ranore Lea 71 Ross, R. A. 174 Rossington, W. A. 174 Rost, William 136 Roth, William 158 Rowe, M. L. 37, 38, 178 Royer, Janet Lenore 185 Rueb, A. 0. 158 Ruggles, J. G. 178 Rule, William 108 Rupert, D. S. 175 Russell, Dick 24, 52 Russell, K. R. 183 Russo, Lino 72 Ryberg, Jean 80 Saeger, Albert 158 Sakata, N. 175 , Sandercook, Edythe 80 Sanders, J. R. 183 Sanders, R. D. 21, 24, 183 Sasaki, W. 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Morton 53 Waller, Carol 26, 46 Waller, Robert 26 Wallock, Edward 109 Walton, Herbert Wilson 65 Walthall, Charles 158 Wammack, J. R. 175 Wantland, Clarence 68 Wardlaw, F. O. 175 Warner, Benjamin 158 Wassner, R. G. 184 Waterman, J. M. 175 Waters, Delores 78 Watkins, W. O. 184 Watson, Lilla 72 Watson, Richard 109 Weakley, James 109 Weatherly, Sarah 16 Webb, F. G. 158 Webb, R. K. 179 Weber, JerryLee 36, 46, 86 Weber, W. H. 175 Wedding, Herbert 72 Weddle 159 Weifenbach, William 54 Welch, Jody 21, 22, 23, 81, 85 Weldon, Shannon 72, 94 Wells, Jack E. 158 Wesner, Rodney 140, 142, 144 West, Alvin Lewis 62 West, George 109 Westfall, David 109 Whinery, Leo 102 Whitlock, D. W. 175 Whitsett, L. D. 184 Wiebe, Richard 68, 87 Wiffley, Mary Ann 17, 20, 77 Wilborn, Patsey Ruth 185 Wilkins, B. E. 179 Willits, Lyle 144 Williams, Jewel 159 Williams, K. M. 170 Williamson, Charles G. 62, 184 Wilson, Anabel Lee 186 Wilson, Art 79 Wilson, J. H. 175 Wilson, Ken 41, 94 Wilson, Mildred 68 Wilson, Murray 110 Wilson, Nauda 72 Wilson, Paul 72 Winat, Mary C. 62 Winbrigler, W. E. 107 Winer, M. 184 Winter, Malcolm 52 Winter, W. H. 175 Winters, Charles 79, 97 Wise, James J. 65 Wismer, Ruth 72 Witkins, Vincent 107 Wolfe, D. R. 179 Wollen, Phyllis 74 Wood, Bobbie 141 Wood, Clarence 107 Woodbury, D. C. 170 Woodson, J. B. 179 Woodward, Don 158 Woodward, L. A. 179 Woodworth, Phil 109 Woolf, Delot 24 Woolridge, Ella Gladys 65, 92, 97 Wyatt, Patricia 72 Yates, Carolyn 15, 21, 23, 31, 72 Yearby, Charles 88 Yendes, Albert E. 170 Yendes, Doris 77 Yendes, Robert 171 Yoder, J. L. 175 Yokoyama, Richard K. Yoshimoto, M. 175 Young, A. K. L. 179 Young, C. T. 179 Young, Jane 72 Young, Kwai Lum 171 Young, Wyman 62 Yowell, D. L. 175 Zarbos, Goldie 68 Zervas, S. G. 175 Ziggler, Eddie 19 UKC KANGAROO 1954 iwognapdo In appreciation of many years consideration shown in allowing me to be of assistance in planning to make your future more secure. H. 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Here Cunder the plaquej it hydrolyzes to ammonia . ..keeps the pl-I alkaline for hours4"' . . . resists the acidifying effect of sugar hydrolysis.5'7 The high-urea ammo- niated dentifrice formula also inhibits growth of acid-producing and other po- tentially cariogenic bacteriaf' Long-range clinical studies, as summar- ized below, demonstrate the cariostatic effectiveness of Amm-i-dent under actual conditions of use. 8 NUMBER OF PATIENTS CARIES RATE 96 REDUCTION OF CARIES Total Control Test Control Amm-i-den INCIDENCE BY 4-year study,2 complete report 43.6M 3-year study,5 interim report 120 31 89 2.19 1.08 50.9'Xa 2-year study,I DURATION OF STUDY interim report 185 75 110 2.33 1.31 60 30 30 1.60 0.96 39.696 'i usme AMMDEN REFERENCES: 1. Gale, J. A.: Dent. Record 71: 15, 1951. 2. Henschel, C. J. and Lieber, L.: Oral Surg., Oral Med., and Oral Path. tRel. to comet. 3. jen- kins, F. N. and Wright, D. E.: Brit. Dent. J. 90: 117, 1951. 4. Lefkowitz, W. and Singer, A. J.: N. Y. St. Dent. J. 17:l59, 1951. 5. Lefkowitz, W. and Venti, V. l.: Oral Surg., Oral Med., and Oral Path. 4: 1576, 1951. 6. Little, M. F., Brudevold, F., and Taylor, R.: J. Dent. Res. tabstnl 30:495, 1951. 7. Singer, A. J.: Oral Surg., Oral Med., and Oral Path. 4:15681 1951. 8. Wainwright, W. W. and Lemoine, F. A.: j.A.D.A. 41:135, 1950. AMM-I-DENT, INC. ' Jersey City 2, N. J. I ala THE HIGH-UREA AMMONIATED TOOTH POWDER AND TOOTH PASTE WHITE OR GREEN ICHLOROPHYLLJ 14 With This Miniature Skull You Can SHOW Patients What You're Talking About TRYING to explain to patients vvhy "permanent" dentures should be remade periodically to preserve normal occlusion and condylar relations, takes some talking. With "Yorick" you can show them. You can also show- ' How tissue changes cause loose dentures. ' l-low abnormal condylar relations cause auditory troubles and facial neuralgia. ' l-low bite raising can relieve such conditions, restore normal appearance. ' l-low cusp interference causes unbalanced occlusion. Whereas patients recoil at such demonstrations on a human skull, they're intrigued with "Yorick." Yet this little half-size skull in "lvorine" is a replica ot a human skull, with cranial sutures, nerve toramina, full dentition and a movable mandible. .AXA "Yorick" is lnvaluable in Educating Patients to Accept the Advanced Concepts of Dental Service PRicE ........................ 3515.00 lf you do not have our Catalog No. 33 write for your copy today. Columbia Dentoform Corp. "The House ot a Thousand Models" l3l East 23rd Street - New York lO, N. Y The J. M. NEY COMPANY Depenofadk faoaffcts . . . f9fefo5f Sefwbe time 7.292 1 ...and here's what we mean by Helpful Service... The Ney publications shown below contain basic up-to-date information about Ney Golds and dental laboratory technics. They answer the questions most frequently asked and cover the technical problems most likely to arise. 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