University of Missouri College of Engineering - Shamrock Yearbook (Columbia, MO)

 - Class of 1931

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University of Missouri College of Engineering - Shamrock Yearbook (Columbia, MO) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Cover

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X W Xl Page 1 l 1 Page 2 Jo!-IN PIOYVARD Rmss ............................... Erlifor XVILLIAM ERICIQSON ...................... Business 'Alllllflgfl' All rights reserved. 'axe Smmv Q ck, 195i Qbabxashaa bg, YYXCXQU TDNQQAQDTNS oi XJXYXQJ QQXXQDQQJ oi ,Xlmggknebdvkn fbainko QABQXQXQ Sag QQ dxmiilxm To 25. man, Qjcrliixax., Dmgvobbdukkobs. Nix davndeb AYJQDBQLXQDP., a 'VQBQJ 5Q"no'Xa'0., and 2200005 BTX a i'QkczJn6. Qvoadsbov 'Y.f3.ck3,YxoBscD Pnoxvmsson T. J. RODHOUSE Page 5 Qommovd 'Yo -Qoohvaxg kv. 'Qanovauim 'QQJRQJR-f'b'XxaJ axms.,K.6a3a'X-5 atb aQCom'Q'YxQxxmQJnxbs OR X.:'ua'b bxxcxauixq 959009 nbxrixin qomgfxsms Bhd QOXXQDQQD :fx ingxnmddxng, Ks '0ncD ?0DQoseB oi xifkixsg H1103 'SEX flxxxam-ooqxg C ogtegks QYA 5 2, QD ea Q mganxb abko me IXQXAQ Que! 5 QJX BPXXUJY5 Page S The Fight for Success NE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT LESSONS in life is that success must continually be won and is never finally achieved. There are those who look upon the supposed fortunate in our Social eflorts, who have achieved places of influence and distinction, as though they had in some way gained at citadel in which they stand secure against every attack. In truth, all they ha-'ve clone is fo gain, another level of responsiliility in -which they must make good. Every clay is one of test. Every day puts nit risk all that has been gaiiwrl. The greater the apparent ficllieveinent the greater the risk of loss. The fartller you have climbed, the more disastrous the full. As has well been said, it is not worth while to talk of the end of rx period, for you are always at the beginning of ai new one. You cannot rest content. You have been vigilontg it re- mains to be yet Inorc vigilant. You have been fllitllflll, but fidelity is an active virtue wlliclr demands its daily sacrinee of any counter interest, its daily response in energetic service. C1-nmnns EVANS HUGHES. 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'-3 x 'giyj 5:1 'f',gA:!f:'4,-5- ,-.1 fgfjf -7 125 3. f'x 'F 5 555 ' mln CF: Hr .7 2 an X- T. -. - :J Nj, - Al fri- -' 1- 1 2' -' -1- - Q "-jf ' 3 -- E -7 , ig: -'V kj: k - I . A yfvx. - .. , ,L ,N ,- . - A Hg."-7 f - 1--L - DV?" .-.- .-....e -. . -- - fi "'- f -- - -- "v5" u'1'5W'3':i-F4f17r5-n111.-EQn-,- 5. " ' "' -4'-gg:-I-5 1,1galm-..tia'fw:4g4a.Q,.1..v:,,q.-.-z.,4i-. , .. ,. .W ,fi , fl - . - VM:-if -' - H ' H . '- rr - - ' ' ' W "- 'P '1' W' ' N.-bl..-. ' "2 -- '. : ., " Jim-wxmu-abuzabwiwu . -,. ' 1' -H-affi f-:---1,-L-."Jv.f'r:....z,-.-4.. , . - t .. nw- Q . ,ya 4. n AJ nm... . :mf -. . ,JA y q 4-!rL r ..r -sa.:-q,1:5.....1 ' 1' I i " ' ' ' - -:3.- 1. 111-1'5" -- ' '-' 34 'if ""' dwwh-HM-..1.......r....." '--W' URS, ' ' 7717 N " .- CH 4 ' . us, 2, F59 :fl K 1 -4 1 If - fw' : 1 fax Jj, I. 535 ' 5, Page 9 Page 1-1: i V, nj! fi Thrice Told Proverbs for Engineers Some are born engineers, some achieve their C. E., and others have their civility hammered into them. Take care of the fence and the bull will twkc cure of llimsclf. Happy is the bridge the paint shines on. A bad bolt is soon sheared. A double truck is worth a. carload of switch-points. Bad cross hairs corrupt good manners. Assume a bench mark if you have it not. All is not polaris that glitters. Spare the rod and spoil the profile. A transitman's word is :ns good :is his wave. Measure in haste and repent in the oliice. A night in town is worth two-hundred in thc bush. A good rubber turneth away wrath. It's zz poor scale that won't reid both ways. Faint ink never made 21 fair blueprint. Too many editors spoil the Shzunrock. . One layer of expanded metal makes thc whole concrete kin. A survey goeth before construction, and a power plant before ll fall. 'Tis I1 Hut wheel that makes the greatest sound. It's an ill explosive thnt blows nobody up. The promoters flee when no cash pursueth. 10 Q ' x 55 11 V fl Hr ' w M l I l , N l l 1 is J l l. 4 E li i l it i tl w " ll il l V ll it H V ll W l ii ,. tl fl lx X N i l ,t 'UU . H 'x l l ff? L5 .I L ,- , - -V?-Wit. 5 ---- fi " N ' ' P ' . I ' 1' .L x z ' .1.... ,nf f I. EJETRTEFIE Page ll E L E C T R I C A L S Page I2 Seniors ALLEN, Ronmvr B. QBobJ Windsor Usr: Chrysler: to slap his Ford. BEARD, G. H. Farmington A E fb, II K N, A. I. E. E., Vice-Pres. II K N-131, Irwariably axsocirztnl fwilh fwlliskerx. CARTER, ERNEST P. Troy A. I. E. E. He holds the key to efvvrylhirzg. GOEKING, C. E. St. Joseph A I3 flf, G-lee Club. Addicted to S!e1rl1L'11.v College. HANKINS, MAXEY A. CHankj Maysville A 23 fb, T B II, II K N, A. I. E. E., Sec. T B ll, Sec. H K N, St. Pat's Board '30-'31, Pierre .fJ1'rofw.s are his meat. HIGHLEY, S. G. Flat River Pure and Simple I-IUBBELL., M. FRED flirecldiel St. Louis A K, II K N, Treas. Eng. Club '31, St. Pat's Board '31, A. I. E. E., Swimming Team ,283 ,291 ,30: ,SNL Ha.v jzerfevted the art of sleeping in clan. IFFRIG, CYRU, H. Clfl St. Peters Glennon Club, University Chorus, A. I. E. E. The jicrfumed fwonder. - W W W - mi ZH! INCH, F. EDWVARD flncel Maplewood Polo lzg, Shamrock Staff ,29, Vice-Pres. Congll Students Club 227. Thr Dulmiv zlrrzftsmrnz. joHNsoN, WI. DnLAvon'rn QDej Columbia 11 K N, A. I. E. E., Glee Club. Hn: trouble cfucn -with the m1r.m.r. KIl'5SlEl.llACH, R. A. QKiesy5 Jefferson City Il li N, A. I. E. E., Band y29, '30, ll"ci1lie'.r pet !li'Zl8f.fi07l. Ronman, JOHN E. Springfield u' lx Il, H lx N, u -M ls, A, 1, 13, E, Tha hrnin trust. Vl2Ncu.I., JUSTIN CVencj Galt 6 K N, T B IT, A, I, E, E, His rating club is IlllA'lI0'LU1l Io u.v. YOUNG, RICHARD L. CDickj St. Louis 1' B U, II lc N, Il M 13, clmil-man A. I. 12. E. I.r totally mmcquainlad with II razor. Juniors BATES, LESLIE E. fLesj Kansas City U K N, St. Pat's Board. Purity, SQUZUIIIBJI, and Light. BONE, ROBERT E. fGcnel Poplar Bluff U K A, Shamrock Staff ,29, '3o. Gem' the old nccorrlian man. Page I3 Wi- ---- - 477 V "' fhfi-1 -Ygzgririlg Y 'YY , 4: ' "V" L32 QA-.1 7:21 -.fl 7 L E C R I C A I, S PP5.g4.:g.j.tii?niZl2iiw Page I4 BUELL, L. W. fRedj Vandalia ' Triangle, II K N, A. I. E. E., Sec. Jr. Engineers, Campus Squad. The Lab. party foreman. Glulasslzl., 0110 E. Odessa Il K N, Not rzotml for hi.r rnenfal gymnasticw. JOHNSON, J. STUART Sr. Louis II K N, U M E, Scabbard and Blade, Vice- Pres. Eng. Club, Vice-Pres. Burrall Bible Class. Our only Evangelist. Lrzmovtcn, HARRY lShortyj St. Louis E A 11, in B 11, I1 M A.I,13, 13. The rowing fmlitician. Lowiw, C.-xml. J.. Lacerne Sets rm fl problem like .fr lieu on Il Doorlmob. Muerecr-I, Louis F. CL-ewj Lexington A K, A. I. E. E., St. Pat's Board '3x, Sham- rock Stalf '3o. Trying lo land .something :oft at J. C. Pemzeyiv. . VVlGBEi.s, FRA.N1c lWiggiej Lexington Triangle. He is not Ihe only engineer -who ha: llunkea' E crmrmz i cs. ' Sophomores - Ancuxufxio, Ronmrr fAi-chiej Columbia Pistol Club. Nefuer .rays I, Yes, or No. M1 P -if E L E C T R I C A L S Bmzus, NORMAN R. CDocl Seymour 'I' II E, A. I. E. E., St. Pat's Board. Our only pest. CQXSON, I. R. Uoej Columbia Triangle, Shamrock Staff. Quiet, but has COFFMAN, ALFRED CAD Columbia A. I. E. E. Baliefvas .filenre ix the barter part of fvalor. FRANCIS, J. A. Uutj Fredericktown Pershing Rifles. . They're fLUBbf00fL'!i rlofwn in his country. MITCHELL, M. D. St. Louis Gym Club. I folri her not io, but .che fall for me anyfwny. Ovvuxs, I. W., JR. Columbia A X A, Pistol Club. H1:'.v in Iofur. ' THORNE, CHARLES VV. Sr. Louis A E 'f', GymVClub, Band. 11 big activity man. Freshmen BARNS, I. Hwpfjimj Moberly A T A, Lika fatller, like sou, fwe hofm. Page I5 QQ, - ff -ff'----' ': - 1: 11121 ----- ' - 1: 1 ' -- --11:::'--- - .. my C L A S S E gi 'l ll fl lx ll Hell l V VJ xl 1 - ls Just what is meant by this word "Hell"? 1 They say sometilnes, "It's cold as Hell", my Some times they say, "It's hot as Hell"g ,L VVhen it rains hard, "It'S Hell", they cryg lil lt's also Hell to see it snowy ll It's a Hell of ax wind, when it starts to blow. .ll Now how in the Hell, can anyone tell VVhat in the Hell they mean by "Hell". This married life is Hell, they sayg VVhen he comes in late, there is Hell to pay, X It's Hell when the kid you have to tote, , lvhen he starts to yell, it's a Hell of :x note ilu It's Hell when the Doctor sends his bills For a Hell of a lot of trips and pills. ,Nl lVhen you get these words you will know real well Just what is meant by this word, "Hcll". ly "Hell, Yes", "Hell, No" :md "Oh! Hell" too, I "The Hell you don't', and "The Hell you do," lv And "VVl1at in the Hell" and "The Hell it is", y "To Hell. with you" and "To Hell with his," Now "Who in the Hell", and Oh, Hell, where" vi' And "VVh:it in the Hell do you think or care," But "The Hell of it is," "lt's sure as Hell", H lVe don't know "lVl1:1t in the HELL is HELL". V ll it ll g 4 al Q i sl l T1 4, ll li wlf lx w lj l Page 16 1 we T if -A .-Y ,,51v:5Y1, ,,, ,..z,..,g:q 4--- .. - -.-....---- If --- rf LKCAKQ gs K' 'ckffij 1-5.i2-if if W, A .CCHA ,-fi -5 '-3?': ' L ' - - +1A " , .L i - 'L "vw J ' A A -ifimi - 'Ea' ' Q., 'I M ,fy f Y I L61 l r, 41. f' gxfl,Z1 7.31 In uv ml IDE: '75 "1 iwh-'PE' 5: 3,4 i Q- F3 In E'i .hEu1l:ualulua'C-g- 2 X in .Sip-ff '- ' - , f f 2 ,'wf'ii?++21l-Q g " YY 'f if " QQ! X 5 yah x -if H5 Q35 W Q 'J' Nr , ffm' 3 C fam, gg, Q llllllllll Kim 'E-' .217 v Y B --.2-V EHEMIEHLS 4 M7 'I T Page I7 31 gg. ' ' ' ' x I of C 1 A. s S r sys .f in .ip l F i EEE: , Tff-.,,c J A b J kd ' li: Eff l W .X l M ll fl . lil 1 . - M p. Caste, Coerczon, and Corruptzon lr Thc Shamrock Stuff' is very anxious to 7'lI1TlOlll1CC that, after much listening at keyholesn, 'they have found the men who really run the Engineering School. X 'N The following men were selected by Harry Frzmk, and after throwing him oil' ii if the team for cheating, we submit the complete list for your inspection. 1' ll ,N L. E.-Sliderule Sommer L. T.-Demon Dorsey ,A L. G.--.lo-.lo Johnson H lf T N C.-Bull Armstrong X' ' R. G.-Fats Leibovich l R. T.4Viper Rloberts N l R. E.-Mousey Fore li . X l 1 W Q. B.-Sevchuk 1 li W , rl L. If.--Pest Gunclclfingcr 4 X R. II.-Jester Jeans F. B.-Bob Allen ii Coach-Royce Dawson if Ns H I , Trainer-Otto Meyer gl il Crowcl-Don "Juan,' Rllyucshlii-gel' il l 1 Y i, lg This nefarious line-up was finally run to Cilftll with the :iid of Doctor Betz and his sliderule. The Shamrock Staff' feels that this caucus should cease to hold . X the balance of power in our College, and solicits thc c'u'ncst support of every member , ' of the Engineering School in this campaign to clean up the politics in our beloved 1.. institution. ll i in , . gli l Xl .1 , ' l L it 3 , N , V Page IS .ur 7 , , ' ' zaikifgjjjii .- e C 1-1 ls M el. C A 1g T ,Q Jw . Seniors l Hor.M,xN, Gunner: Warsaw A xx, T B IT, I1 M E, Glee Club, The IVIIVIHQU Wizarzi. MCMA!-xox, TI-lOhl':XS J. CMacJ St. Louis 'P K, Tiger Growlers, Pres. A. Ch. E., Vice- Pres. Senior Class, Sec. Engineers Cluh, Shamrock Stal? '29. - Has ll fufzzrllmli for nlllm' guyfr girlx. P,xx'roN, Lnsrnx I-I. QLesj Kansas Ciry Sirinmelz Jr. XVWZINIIACI-I, Aucnr. ftlnkeyl Columbia 'T' E A, A. Ch. E. My.v!4'ry of tlm Nli.f.Vi7lg' fie. VVEISBAUM, EMANUEI. Qffuseyl New York, N. Y. Vice-Pres. A. Ch. IE., Cross Country '29. .fl good boy a lung fwny fran: home. J zmiors RANDALI., THOMAS B. CToml Sr. Louis X 'l', 'I' II E, Pres. Fr. Eng. 128, St. Pads Board. The Dclla lfllflfllll cmismry. VWELLS, MAI.col.:u E. Moberly A E 111, llflm k11ofzo.r'ha's rm Engiufrnr. Sophomolfes PIOFFMAN, KARL Cliarsl Carrollton A X E, I fqn fwork any math problem fwlmn Pm 5o.brr. ' 4 Page QT 1-W . - .. .,1 ,-tm lf- +1-, - ---T ---a ff: kv-- :. . W.,-.:,, cf, .-.HTC W... .. 7 ,, -.. .--.- les ' ilfiefig-'f gif: fl wg. Ulu V2 li w gf ll lp' ly! L! 51 I ng .l lfll l if f IL lj' nl, tl, if 1511 ' 'M wa' ll L ml lil lla 'I ,wg ll li I., rllx -.w .f. ll' 1, VI: l': 53,1 w v ll l flu ll l u lil' ull ll i il: :ffl .W 'll 'il 51 ll ilu M ull Page 20 H -E NI ll C A l, S QCII L.-xwfuauca, JAMES C. Qjimj Muylnn, Pa. K E, Scabburcl and Blade, Tomb and Key. The big noixc from DuPont. Mooruz, LAWRENCE Columbia Chem. Eng. Club. Our future Czrueral Pershing. RHNNER, Cmnnorm fCliffJ Sr. Louis A X E, Polo Club. Aff0ll.TfHChL' and big brofwu ryax. Ronms, Roman L. CI-Ioudinij Macon A X E, Fortunately lzoumi. Freshman BURTON, E. Y., jk. CE. YJ Mexico ll! A 9, H bard fwnrkrr, but when. l'l0I.LOYV, 1. H. fjimj Cuba HD K, Heir zz member of ilu' E1zgi11u'r'.r Club too. Hoovrzn, Ronmrr M. CI?-obj Kansas City 'l' A 9, Pistol Club, Fencing Club, Polo Club. Juxt a big club member. SCOTT, STANLEY CScottieJ Steelville K E, Band. Ha 1lon'.ru'l bulimic in Szmtu Claus. ll ll 1 , l V u 1 l 1 X. V' l l A I . I x l ll W. ll l 1 a ll 3 X 1 0 1 H l 1 ll fx I Q V 'Y rl l l l ll w , w . ll ,, l gl ll ll . if iw V l N l ll .sl KD EW 15,- LZ:glll l,.,li?gff 2 ii'-fi A Ann" -filiil - . YL' .QHYFSQE L XM .J 1. ? ?4'jig9 ,gbv V ' K- -I 5 Am- A ff- -A Q . W W lf? Nl ll V .A XVXZQ' " !z:N14!A1-Q 'U A -. -- " MN p ' V, X we J . --f ll , R a 1. X q , 1. 7--7. .' r "" - , Mint Q" lt' '?T- ,- .IQ ,N " e uiliiilllgallaa -- Q - 31 lglx 'fff-lhffg W : XX MVN A T- -, 1 , X,-f"q E xx- q Q -. 'IM W T -...R sa. ff' ,NWI vm "I 'WL l W W - f- Aglllsiifllfi QE'v2?.'1' l 1 Mu "Y A ., W . ggi!-we ' 'H 5' .. JVM m . mi ffffx '- I . m 1, hu . of Q L V' x 1 My fhxxxlg W f 5 f :MMM I 'xl' .. J l H H- VN wi 1 Y 1 1 'pu ' 'Ui '-ff A 7 : :LI 1 'mv M gf, J 'T 'f if 2 x N 9 WMM ,W N C X J gig, x I-2 wif, f fv,?x5fQ. J J rififzf, , l K H, Q' !,,'q5,.4 4,"j. QTY 1 I- . 1 ' M VX" W' '-" :V?fM , f ' ' W I fu gg-M3 pq SIE. Q' .f my My Ely. l' 5, , fix I X I. ,IA if Q, xi P f ww .ig MW I ' -f V! dx., deli? f A X g A l U, x , A -X E54 X' If ,5 R! I I ,Q 1 1 M W,-my . I f X 3.1 u R 'I lgxyx Ii k " i : ' P X X1 Vx X HSN ' -E+ E X M 71 W XX W: if 'N' ' N1 513 xiRY:Ji4-Aff 'X 7 R 1 ' 'V .ff XA' .K - fb ' ' ' .4-' ' ,- -.if 5 , tb' I-V I ' 'Y'I:- . I 1 - , Y. wg I , I - I X X ' K L Page 3, 1 V I I Slit' A Wufff l I Page 22 . fi Q., l 1 - f if Fifth Year Men Cuauwxclc, J. E., JR. fjackj Montgomery E K E, A. S. C. E., Pres. Engineers Club '3x. Our Jelly Presidezzll SANDOVAL, JAIME A. CSantyj Aguascalientes, Mex. E A II, A Z Tl, Arehitects Assn., A. S. C. E., International Club, Pres. Spanish Club, C. E. Lab. Instructor. A fwizarrl fwiih a ruling pen. Seniors AoUu.xNG, CRISOGONO A. Capiz, Philippines A. S. C. E., International Club, Glennon Club. He j1l.ff d0ll,f do zmyllling. IBRANTLEY, PIERBERT L. Uirantj Harris- Triangle, E li E, A. S. C. E., Sec.-Treas. A. s. C. E. '31, Ha: afquired Il ball and chain. IioNDURAN'r, D. C. Cfiondyj Charleston A E 'l', E li E, A. S. C. E., Shamrock Staff '30, '31- Tlu- man with the pipe and camera. IJEBOER, JMIES J. fjimj Maplewood II Ii A, 'I"0mb and Key, X X X, 2 K E, A. S. C. E., Student Senate, Vice-Pres. Jr. Engineers. The Gold Dust tfwins, DeBoer and Raymond. D1cKsoN, JAMES L. Uimj Columbia A. S. C. E. IVlm1 'was fwrang fwitlz Ili: nose. IJORSEY, VVILLIAM P. fDemonj Columbia Triangle, 3 K E, A. S. C. E., Pres. A. S. C. E. '3r. He just lofues elefzzzzlorx. :'xQ.'55E 'fi A m , ll G lll ll. l in :I li l l E ll l? til ll v A r r :I .. E l l l l . l l . I . l. li 5 ill llll ll, ll l lf ii 1l'! il F l 1 il lil ll if l li l l r ll ll ' H -v- 'TTWSTBL I. I I IW I .l l ,I l l I I .M '. -.. i I l II I I . li I III l Il II N M I l Hi .II l l I ll' Il I l I ,I l l . I l 1 I I I ,I I I .I I l , . I I I I 14 II ll F FRANK, HARRY K. KlVLurpl1yl St. Louis Z 13 T, 3 K E, A. S. C. E., St. Pnt's Board ,3O, Bus. Manager Engr. Club '31. Ilfarrlezr of the Trefmzry. Govu, Rmuzm' Cliobl Linn T 13 II, II M E, Z3 K E, A, 5. Q, P.-C., T B Tl '30, Pres. ll M 33 '31, Vice-Pres. E K E '31, fl. Lir1r'.f Collabnralor. HURNI1, FREDERICK L. Ufrecldiel Moberly Chairman Campus Squad '31, Slill Eligilflfr for lim Pearly G11lcs???? HUDSON, XV1I.I.I.n-1 R. fliillj Albany Pistol Club. Ha r'arrie.v JlIatz'lm.r but Ne-mfr Cfgaretlex. KUN1cI.m1, J. E. Cjimj Clinton A x ix, rv Is II, E Ii E, TI M E, Simmmck Staff. Just an f'lfffU!I7ll'L'li Can' of Tri-flcll-ilix fMm'IaIz, O'I'1'o H. fOtroJ Columbia N N 'I' B II, 'Il M H, A. S. C. E., Pistol Club, Trens. Pistol Club '28, ,29, ,3O, Campus Squad '30, '31. Our 0110. owrunov, VVILLIAM L. QBiIll Rocky Comfori 23 K E, A. S. C. E., Secy. 3 K E '3I. llfhrlf kind of II lofwn ix Mal? ovoix, Al.BEll'fO F. CShorty7 Fuyillo, Peru Pres. International Club, Treas. Interna- tional Club, A. S. C. E. Ronmoiv Rifuul. Page ff1,QrxA. ,g, I! I I. Ill, Il ll if l. Il l: I I l I ,I l I, W 1 ll lf I? I Il l I I If l Il I E l' X.. li I I l ll ,, l I' I I 'Il ll l . I ll E' 'E SP' 4TMA A U l' ll 'YS ' 'eiplll-2 1.222 13,2 1 V I-, r "- 11- -:rf -'fx' ' if v ly l ,ix l gl 2 Ml ,l ,i ii, Q CRDELHEIDE, LORENZ E. COrclyj Columbia ll 'il Acacia, 3 K E. 5 ' I . . 5 I-In' .vmolces "Gimme CzgnrL'lle's". 1 , ,i l Rmss, J. H1 CDocD Red Bud, Ill. iii ll K Triangle, 3 K E, Scabbard and Blade, A. S. l ' i ll C. E., Shamrock Stall' '28, '29, '30, Edict '30, ,I Asso. Ed. '29, Shamrock Ed. '30, ' ll "Be out in a mi1mfe." . l l il il Al lg i ii fl 9' i, RENNER, CHARLES N. Sr. Louis 1 Glee Club, Wrestling Squad. Too meek fo mix -wfth the common throng. 1, Rounousiz, T. J., JR. fkoddyj Columbia ll Q Triangle, 2 K A. s. C. Rifle Team i '27, 28. 1 xl Hi.: rifunls ill lofvc all Cflllllllil suicide. yll "W Ruckmz, Rox' M. La Monte N l .'f1I0fflt'f highfway man. l .l ll il Smxiiznsm, GEORGE S, lSkellyJ Boonron, N. J. ' , l Acacia, International Club, Vice-Pres. Engr. l 1 Club '29, Coach '27, '28, ,29. 'll i lffe caught him al zz Slaphcns formal. ,X ' l l , Vous, Romzwr C. P. lliobj St. Louis I l Triangle, Mystical Seven, Blue Key, E K E, Student Council '30-'31, Student Senate '29- ii '30, A. S. C. E., Shamrock Staff ,29',3O, Pres. il l All Junior Class '30, It'.v alright to he engaged In tfwo girls. i 1 l ' Womncic, Hemzem' Southwest City A. S. C. E. W. wi Even has zz data afcaxioually. 'li i l H ll ll li , i. ii l E y i ig ,i Y Y ' l 'li v l li l I l ' Page 24 6, if I' va gfmvfaifnnf mm 1in iliifn n mn' if n ff' ' " ggn"-"n- """c"1ims' 1' 49 .-1 Y.- , 1 1 11 A1113 l'V 1 L S - , , , nfli: 'joyf- U31 9. 11111 1111 1 11 1 ZEIBOLD, H. O. flfritzj A St. Louis 1 T Il K A, X X X, 22 K E, Q, E, B, H, Blue 1 Key, A. S. C. E., St. Pat's Board '26, '27, 111 Vice-Pres. '30, Pres. '3I, Homecoming Com- - ' mittee ,3O. 111 Zeibold is a joiner. 1111 1 , . Jumors C'ocx1s1z11.1,, FRANK Excelsior,Sp1-ings Hnx intc1'fual.r of sobriety. 1 1 111 11, DEN'TON, R1x1.1111 I. 1Dent1 Centralia I1 23 K 13, A. S. C. E., Band '28, ,29, 130. 1111 ffm! lie .rtill can't run tlll i7l.1'fI'IlIIlE1ll. 1. 1 11 1 1 1111 DYER, Bowman QELIJ Kansas City M B 9 11,2 K 11, 'r B II, II M 13,1111 2, Debate ,29, ,3O, Assoc, Ed. Shamrock '3l. 111 Duty bcfnre plvmmre. 11 11 Lowruz, WAYNE H. Lucern 11 A. S. C. E. 11 fl lifuing example of Inertia. 11 1 1 1 M1'1'c1111a1.1., LYNN B., Ju. tMirch1 Cassville 111 11 11 11, 2 1: E, Band, 1 1 .nfillldlf aged nrounrl the fwrlist line. 11 11 1 11 O1.1v12R, W1 I. Columbia Triangle, 3 K E. n 1, He loolnr like l1c's rulnjn but he i.r11't. 11 PoYN'1'1z1z, A. B. Lexington Forensic Staff, Band, St. Pa1's Board '3o. 11 :Ill of his .rllirts are 1n1.1'ightly. 1 1 111 111 1 1 11 1 1 Page 25 9? we an 3s."Q1.i':Q13 ' A " " "Lf 'wd1f XXX 1'11 XXX1'X"'XTZ'f' 11 1 1- 1: 1 1. 11 15 1' 11 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 111 1 11 11 11' 1 11 1 1: 11 11 1. 1 1 .1 1, 1 1 1 1, 11 11 1 1' 1 11 111 1 1 11 1 11 11 1 1 1 11 1' 11 1 1 1 11 1 1 . 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 111 1 11 1 11 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 'S vim? . .Page 26 qc 1 vs 1 L sy-s-C-new eeee C.. Sophomores CEBE, JERRY Uerryj St. Louis 'II M E, St. Pat's Board '31, Pistol Club, Fencing, Swimming, Eng. Football, Foot- ball '3o, Baseball '30, VVrestling, Campus Squad. He rum the mules' off the gran. ELBRING, WILLIAM CBil1j Clayton Triangle, Tiger Growlers, Baseball '30, Track '3o. Ile and his girl ight 0-ver ihe Ielejzlzomf. ELSNER, PAUL Joplin In the old days Joplin 'war Il good lomcn. JACKSON, Dfxvls K. Jefferson City Would make ll good ad for .-Irrrrfw collars. KERSTING, EDWARD H. CEdj St. Louis Wzznt: the board In caller! dues fwillz a razor. OcHs, HENRY J., JR. fl-Ieiniej University City Triangle, A. S. C. E., Football '30, '31, Baseball '30, Tiger Growlers, Sec.-Treas. Soplm. Engineers. Thu pride of the Purity Lmgm. POERTNER, CLARK A. Kirkwood H K A, Architectural Club, Rifle Team. Heb' from Zieboldfr fl0ll1!' Iofwn. Freshmen CUNDELFINGER, T. C. CGundyJ St. Louis A K, St. Pat's Board, Missouri Student, Glee Club. Why doe.m't .somebody do .romzrllring about it X HWNIEELS X X x Page .i. Page 28 'QMECI-IANICALS Seniors ERICKSON, W. M. Independence, Mo. Pres. A. S. M. E., Vice-Pres. H T 27, Bus. Mgr. 193i Shamrock. He mruzages all righl. ! I-I1TcHcocR, ARTHUR B. lBarneyj Bonne Terfe T B Tl, Vice-Pres. A. S. M. E., Sec.-Treas. U T 3, St. Pat's Board '28. Either in Columbia or Chicago. MfcC'r.A1N, RAYMOND G. fMacJ Columbia American Society of Collegiate Engineers, Sec.-Treas. A. S. M. E. '31, Knights of St. Patrick ,3O, Shamrock Staff '30, The fwoman-hnler??f? TISD1XI.E, SCOTT D. lScottyj St. Joseph A T ll, T B 11,11 T E, A. S. M. E., Men's Glee Club. Nlinnesolu, Kll7l51lJ, and finally a better srhool. VINEYARD, JOHN Tulsa, Okla. John DU' potential comjmtilor. NVALDRON, CHARLES E., JR. CChuckj . Kansas City, Mo. E A E, A. S. M. E. The Bluxhing Meclzzlfzical. WILSON, FRANK E. QSquatj Okmulgee, Okln. 3 fb lc, pres, Il, T zz, A, s, M, E., T B 11, St. Pat's Board '31, Shamrock Staff '3x. Gone Chi Omega. Juniors BRAUN, Joi-IN B. St. Louis 'lf K, Just a quiet battling Merhauical. S ophomores GEIGER, JAMES M. ljimmiej T1'0y A T A, Rifle Club. llfeekly migration: io Fulton. 5 V ly, fl li ll l: 'l Tl H I ,,' , l l v ' -'f -mf XI 'E C H A N ll C A AL , ,lf Sophomores if I-IUFF, KENNETFI Qlienl Syracuse ' Rifle Club. W Cough! in fha' rain mul grefw tfwn inches: ,il need: a frrlnts .r!re'lrl1er. HF ill WILSON, SAM E. Columbia lx A T A, Track Squad, Pres. Sophomore En- 3,3 gineers. rlll 1f1l0f1lt'I' true of Fllltorzilix. All h .fi F res men 1, , "5 Goomucn, Howluw C. Crystal City X, Acacia, International Club, A. F. Sz A. M., 'N A. I. E. E. A fl Lost: om'-half 1no11.rInc'h1r. Q fli' GRUMICH, EDWARD Davenport, Ia. A E 'lk L fftlends Sfrjflzeru ax 'well as fha Urziwrsify. pl il ll Jormsow, Bm H. 450-Joy Pine Blue, Ark. Q Triangle, St. Pat's Board '31, Sec. Fr. Eng. W: Godir gift to growing girls. V W F' KARSCH, Eowlmn Uiddiel Leadwoozl Xa, I Quant Io look these lI07l0fIIfi8J' ofucr before I join. ,V fl ll 1' PETIZRS, SAM G,, Durango, Colo. ,li A X A, ls? The grew hofm from the West. :X SKCI-Hill, CALVIN St. Louis ,lil A 27 'I', Sec.-Treas. Freshman Engineers. lg". Bmrflful and in low. If g l . ll Vllurrmc, JAMES E. Qjiml Owatonna, Mmn. l, A 2 fb. HI. fl big Sfwcrle from Mirmesoia. ,N if ll ll lr" ll , . 9,2 Page 29 e C W,--N'. A C, ,I . - -.-..e..,,-T,.. ,.,,.-,..,.-i,,..,. ,,.-,fH.,-1 .- fr ..ea,.o,,g,g..rg..a,J.e.....,,.....a.,....g,f,3,gNv,fmq I N NI E NI Q R I Pl ofisyismmi FRANCIS I-IAYDEN Coney AIARTIN Francis H. C. Martin was born September 241, 1909, in St. Louis, Missouri. His parents later moved to a farm near Oran, Missouri, where he entered the elementary schools and later attended schools at Cape Girardeau and St. Louis. He completed his work at the Marquette School at St. Louis in 1922. During the same year he entered the Cleveland High School but was later transferred to- the Roosevelt High School, completing his work and graduating in January, 1927. By working for the lrVestern Electric Company until August, 1928, he secured funds enough to enter the department of Electrical Engineering. In order to' maintain himself he secured employment with the Missouri.Telcphone Company and worked for them during the school term as well as the summer vacations until the time of his accidental death which occurred on November 23, 1930. He maintained an exceptionally high scholastic average and was a member of Delta Sigma Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, and Pi Mu Epsilon. He was a iine example of the possibilities which lie in the hands of earnest and industrious young men of securing an educational foundation as the iirst neces- sity of a successful career. His untimely end was a real tragedy. Page 30 A at Y -V Huw . ,H . Y ., , ,Y .L ffiir in .im 'I 4:3121 fix, iff' .nh ' -' 4 .. 5-- lg if 2: . '53 ' v -nk 'r- JSL '. --Q :F 2 x.: aff' - .. ., . 1 , , -,- bh 2 Q1 , - .At--5--":: ' 7' ' ,f - ,,, ,...... 'A 1:- - '. . . .. .-QQ: .L-ff .1 "r..f.r-. -9 .1.1-- -"-- -"',..,.---I- ' '.r::' '-L.: "!-:L'. ..-- '.. -'--1" VZ' :"?T,.L....J.-1-.raw """" ' ' , ' ...nun -- " n .4 , - I Q-ii-1 V I1 .4 ' -"' ' 'fi' M-m....Q." -M "v "" .,.-N 'V " "" . .. """'N' 1- ..: 'I T Wa.-1-,,fUW'f"-L"'A"7" -- -fGj-:""2+?.2faaLafAuL4mf.-+- "" mfzi .1-... 'T . 'M ' f? ' ."s.f'A3f7gx1.-'-11f.f351:?2f'7' 'X H ' 'Y 5? V "il-.. .xl-jwz: l1'7a'2,Q' M fa r,-'Z ,,vm,:..5f I: 1:2551-EzE:i::em ' -5 I IEW". ' Q ' """7':'ffifi'Ei:: , ,' ," .5 ' -1,44 3-f'.. A --A-'V . .pigs ..: --:fy M -mgzzhqttxi ' '2 '1 . " ----5 :?1:-H77-:f". I 23' . ,fi K ' f , 5. "J"'f4 .,,g"' f1'C'.F1w--I TL In -'V , L. .. !.".1,2'fT , "ff" 11.-.. - :..::1G- .:,.:r"' 1 . fi" ' 1'-.--1--'g:.... at rwfu 9. "" ' ' . :vw , , , -1 ., .1. ,,.- .L V - ,, ' fgg 25.4-r? q 12 7' Q . . 4 0' - Rgu,,y2u,. I S1 AE q.-4, 10 - 43mk-,,.f.:,-,..- ,A..-.,L...,ff-- em, !.,f,-:,,.:.-- "" " ..-': ' HEI-" ' , g"'S""'5,- Q 'ff - :,gf'2!'1P.xfs.-1 5' fi1s.J1:" .. 1 . ' ww. 1 . .-,.-. v V' 1 ,,.w' ,,,...H-:Q:g:fsr3f.11" ' '--wazzeeefwq - K if-,--.QQ gf!" :L ,An Q AM? .1 X-lwqzgg 'AtfLQ.f.?.!f5""A":: J "'L rf44"1E1LwM 1-ii: P' 'Q 1" ""' " V-5,5 1 ' " zu. Y 1 ' " ': ,. . .5-Tf7'1',' - - -ff-1 ' - : . Ji,-1 ---"' . ' ' - --rim.. ., u,gg,.lr." '. - ,M 'f?gmf5gfx---1352-"QA ' . :CL - 5 1 .. . -L 2 1 7'--L '--., , f- 'mu . ff ,'. "2 '. - 7'fE"'51'.., , . , .' -5 ff ' .4 ,z55:ir,,q,, ., 'W . .. .P . I 'P 4- -,Ty .. B-, 134, 1 '- ' A I . I. L----vf::r?" f""f5ffiiQEfl2- A' .y HH- 5 . , 11 .,.-, g,::'.3,.-.-qg-':.f',f-ig-1'-'.,1:r, '92, ' fr:--:rvv'P-, U 'V , . .,...vf:zK-' N" ..... ...- imffrzcq 'J'-!v.'.'--A ":.v,AQ4?'W'5'x TW" -' ,. .,..--gums! .. """ ' .. --u f '11 , 'WE-".':,. Q3 'ig -A , 7 , ' ---".-sfwnlgr ' ..:i:::.'- -1 - wx .' - I ' ' . ,...-.L.""'-'u447- ' -1 - . -1 -11-...... -f :: ..---M . ' if A H fix.:-if rx , 41" " 'v---3:1 0 . 15 'rf-43',1 ii' if Q 'Q S If -Y' ., fix ff. ' T ' N 11 .:. f -' ' TY? 415.7 .ff"1'1"'-' ' ' , 5 "1 . -- W - .:.. -'rim--.I--1 ' f, . L 6 . : - 1- r' - - Q ' ' .g., , - Q 9. Q-gvv,,n --M V. M, , -I ,. . M- J. . . , -317 , 1 f ' 1' 5:1113-ii-2126-v--1 -5 PE L 1 -. K i5lf1i1-',?7fF17l1:-j- Lf 1 "5 fp JS! ' fm , 3 1 ' Y' ' . '7F5':.f'29EFJ4,'3f- 4 , 'P 5' ,, -4 '-"fl , " 1.:y-:,1f...v.... 1:1 x -, .' A V.: 'gg' . .1-fl W' !7Q55I..:. I h -5 -. :W BMW! I , I-V xi F fl: UF.,- ..y- -1 :r - - -, ,.-, 4 - Av : -4 ,Q 1- 1, .,:, .12"" H! gr R 'N R! J zur: - -'fi " .1 v J.. '- . -2- v' ., , "Hai , ' , ms . if RS X H, .-'iL5-725'-'.3 . , ,I A 1 .A -., Q-' -, . - .ITT ,',-'xp -i L JL 3: .5 V-,TNI 4. .. . . I . , .. . . Y -'7 ' ,N -A ' 'sa Z'. fcvf- . . 5 ..... .. . , L-- - .- 5. :Q L z - -,. ,-4 , -.. ,. .. . Q. 4 ' - 5- '-, if A-"7 ' -i . :ff 45. 12. 4 1. 'Mgr-. 'J . ' ,J - 3 ' - 3-gi", my Ti , l :'.--FQ. '- - 1. .rf '- . - ' .univ- '..r: ' :..ffi!ffV 1'9 wI :'f.- . - "1 . 1'.5'Ei": , -ami-' -Qs 1.. 11 .f ' 2 lxrf-'1f:"1f:' 53' :ffl w "jg 331 3 2.15321 ..r-gygp v5:' I 1, ,, - -a'-.vp firm I N if " .1 ' li 't JJ. -. , '- , Hi ' . - . . , . .W -,3 ,Mc .. . 1- -- ' ---..--Q.,-f.:'-::..Q " Sa w "1 A , .,.,.--Lk-L..--:s1.f Tum:-.-.":f'P 5-1-11. -- h 4 ,. fb. : -.-gigffgfg.-.:m...,suf1 ' ' 'if -1 , . ,- ,'--g,ig'1-1517' ,:sTW3??l2,'Q4'19E " ""' 'M' i - -- , - . , .. ---.:-..:a1:-"W- . , Q . ' Q ,,z.1.-1 . . , .. .--.-, Q..--.-.. , , , H., ,.,.p-v-0-6-mm ,.... .- - ---.1-.':::12-5'f'g.:1 -' T '-' .. -- - L.,Gj1:rizlP"rmI-lvl-v'5"":""""' 'A' -.'4,E,., '. ---'Q'-'-'-:J-.,,:.n'. . ..-.--'vw F1 I if! -'-. if .yr ' S235 'l J! '11 ee-' ji? ri -,lu A F as E-4. . C24 .. 5. .-4, " Page 3f Why? E Ol" THE ENGINEERING SCHOOL often wonder why the Engineers do not get more consideration in regard to the money appropriations granted by the state legislatures to the University when so many necessities appear evident? A close survey shows that only 310,000 has been bestowed upon the College in the past two years, which is to be divided equally between the four Schools of Engineering. Wie must take into consideration the fact that the 'funds for laboratory and shop equipment must be taken from this amount, which is hardly enough to endow the average family with the simple necessities of life. 'When this is spent, the rest must come from the fees paid by the students. If some of these so-called legislators could look into the conditions which hover over our institution, they would find that one of the most valuable Engineer- ing Libraries in the country was housed under a root' which is undoubtedly a fire- trap. This is not only a menace to our library, but to the students attending classes in such a building. In our shops are machines still in use which 21 years ago were housed in a building that was destroyed by fire. These machines are incapable and should be replaced by new and more up-to-date equipment. - Do we, as the future engineers of this great country, merit such inatteution? 'Most assuredly, we do notg but what can we do about it? If the state will not appropriate enough money to take care of our needs, who is going to bear the brunt of this surplus in question? It is certainly the duty of the state administration to maintain their educational institution in a manner necessary to keep pace with the most modern develop- ments in the Engineering world. Page 32 us? Q-f.5'-gli -, W -TEE Y. 7,...4,,fl - f-.Y , ,se :1 4 pc- Q GR G AN ll ZLAT 1 S 1Qgp1'grQ,myL, .i.4.-gi F4 JD 'Q li W 'i ol! wi l . ix ,l ii l i H, l ll i ll l fi ,, q 1 , 4:11 ll xi iw ,N gl lil in l 11 -i l it li ll 'l Q, 1 ORGANIZATIONS ' os Er is 14,5 ., is A l l .1 1 . l l l M l,l J. E. Crmnwrcxi Jn. ........-. --P-1'e-urlellt l ' l l , , ,. l . 4 Ciaonme: SIEKIICLSKI ........ -lzc-f'-I'1a.v11lev1i- M it T, J. McMiu-roN ...... -- ........ -S'ecrefn1'y il' in M, lf. I-lounrm, ....... -- ....... T1'1'11s111'r'1' l V I-I, K, lflmaxc .............. Bu.v.-lllmmger Q , In li l . li ,i , . lr , t ,i 1 ' ' ll J. E. Clbunwlcx, JR. Fl , ,, , In 1876 the College of Engineering was founded at the Utniversity of Missouri, X and it was largely through the efforts and loyalty of the pioneer students in the if college that its growth was encouraged and developed. It is this same spirit of " loyalty, good fellowship, and fair play that is expressed in material form in the 3. Engincer's Club of today. l I 1 Membership in this, one of the most democratic organizations on the campus, ,Qi is accorded at once to any student enrolled in the College of Engineering and is l 1 uninfiucncccl hy department, class, scholastic standing, or soci-11 afliliatians. , L. 1, All student activities of the school are relegated to three subsidiary organ- N fi izatiousg the Saint Pat's Board, in charge of the annual St. Pat's celebrationsg the ' F ffl Shamrock Staff, in charge of the publication of the Shamrock, year book of the N w school, and the Campus Squad, in charge of disciplinary measures resulting from violation of campus traditions. , I Qi ,l The Engineers' Club has just completed a most successful year, and all , pl indications point to its continued success in the succeeding years. V' ti , ldv r w i if , 1 lv T l l' w . , l l l 1 l 1 l l l . 1, W - age 33 :za Kfgp, , " ,ue e. , nf' so J ji fjeo ' 1 'iff T A iii OR GANWZAT WON S K W W WWW W WW IW' W WW - W W1 YVILSON JOHNSON FRANK BEERS BATES GUNDLEFINGER THORNE W HANKINS HUBBELL Zxrznom MUENCH CEBE RANDALL W W , W WW St. Pat s Board H. O. ZIEBOLU ................................. Prcsizlent I.ESLIE BATES ....... ........... - ........... I fice-President FRANK WVILSON --- ..... ........................ S er:1'etm'y MEMBERS Seniors I ' MAKEY HzSNKINS H. O. ZIEBOLD Iflfxmw K. FRANK W, M. FRED HUBHELL . FRANK E. XVILSON W W W . H , .Tumors W LOUIS NIUENCH THOMAS RANDALL L1-:sms BATES Sophomores IQORMAN Bm-:ns JERRY CEBE XVILLIS T1-IORNE ' Freshmen i I W 1 ' A V 1 Q- 1 1 41 4 4 :BERTRKM H JOHNSON I' C fJUNDII'1f'IYGFR W W WW W W WW. WW W Page 34 F514 F V , A f fr V '-?ff1 F. :I-Y f f N any-W -' , ,4 . f V- - H fpww fw11Qix'z'1c' w': 1 1 v, - A ', , 3 ,r -T, . ....i..-,.T,l.l-, 1 5 , -, - -,.. , - -727 - -.,1, ,.- 1 . .-.- wa Joi-xx Howmzn Russs XVILLIAM Emcxsox The Shamrock SMH J. H. Rmss .................. Editor EDWARD IJYER GEN 14: BoNn: JAIMIC Sgmnov Josmm-I CAsoN ..- .... ....... ,f Issocirzte A 5 ......,........ ,1 XVILLIALI ERICIiSON ........ Bus. Dlgr. JAMES KUNKLER .......... Adv. Dlgr. ,rt R. C. V01-Is ................ Letterer D. C. BONDURANT ...... Pll0t0g7'1lPl1,67' ASSISTANTS J. E. PET:-:us BIILLARD HOLTGRIEX'E BONDURANT ERXCKSON SANnovAx. Russs C,xsoN VoHs DYER Page 35 1 J fr . OR GANIZATIONS VENCILI.. KROEHLE DYER KUNKLI-ZR SERAFIN LIANKINS MEYER SOMMER PEARSALL. HAYDON PAx'roN Lrzmovlcn YOUNG Holm AN Govn HANCOCK W'11.soN Tlsnixms LA NI ER VVn.r..xA M s WH ARTON Ronuzl: N 1aw'roN H YDE Tau Beta Pi Honorary Engineering I"1'ate1'11ity Founded at Lehigh University, June 1, 1885 Alpha Chapter established 1902. Colors-Scnl Brown Sc VVl1ite ROBLEE, J. E. ...... - ..... ...... I 'resirluut KUNKLER, J. E. ............... ........ I five-President LEIBOVICH, H. .................................. fl'v'eas1m'er PEARSALL, H. VV'. --- .... --- Corresponzling Sec1'eta1'y HANKINS, M. A. -- .... ............. R ec0rrl'ing Sefzrctrm-y HOLMAN, G. G. -- .............. .......... C lLt!llOg'01' MEMBERS Dvmu, H. E. ' KROEHLE, YV. M. SMITIAI, K. A. EWING, G. M. CGrad.j RIEYER, O. H. SOMMER, VV. N. Govic, R. B. PIANCOCK, XV. R. HAYDON, G. R. Hrrcncocx, A. B. G. VV. BnEcxcEN1unG1a L. M. DEFOE A. L. HYDE A. C. IANIER E. J. McC.xus'rLANn Page 36 VAXTON, L. H. ROBERTS, L. B. Sco'r'r, L. A. SE1mF1N, VV. A. TISDALE, S. D. VVENCILL, G. J. VVILSON, F. E. YoUNG, R. L. FRATERS IN FACULTATE G. D. NEw'roN E . C. PHILLIPS T. J. Ronuousic . H. SCI-ILUNDT O. M. S'rmvAn'r M. P. XVIRINBACH A. L. YVns'rc:o'r'r XV. S. VVxLLmA-is J. R. XVIIA 1z'1'oN J. 4 'IWW ,4 J f A ,V P w 1 1.4 ORGANIZATIONS Zigi, A H!! l V14 J W xy" wg W MQ H' Ml! WJ f, m. . 1. LOGAN QRDliI.IlEIDE CHADWICK BRANTLIEY 3 J DYER Chxxs V01-is n..Ri'HROP DEBUER VNVOOD ZIEBOLD ul - N ,Y D1aN'1'ON VARNEY Romalrrs M1'rcHm.I. FRANK IxuNKr,ER BONDURANT ROOHOUSE 1 liuluus Ruzss J EA NS LARUIE RAY MIUND COVE DORSEY ui , , V Szgma Kappa Epszlon A . U HOl1O1'211'5V Civil Engineering 1'r:1te1'uity " Founded at the University of Missouri in 1929 Q J Colors-Green and VVhite , ,1 ROBERT JEANS ............. ..... ........ ....... 1 9 1 'esiflent QL IQOBICRT Govm' --- ........................ --- Vice-Presizlent W XVILLIAM NORTI-mov ........................ Sec.-T'rer1s1m'e1' , , MEMBERS f . - - 1 NNI BONDURANT, D. C. 1'RANli, H. K. ORDELIIEIDE, L. L. J BnAN'rLm', I-I. I.. GJANS, GEORGE Rmss, J. H. .J Btmxm, PA1'n1c,:K Govla, Iionmvr ROBERTS. L. E. ,, CIIADWICK, J. E. J1-:ANs, ROBERT RODHOUSE, T. J. DEBOER, J. J. JKITNKLER, J. E. VARNEv. H. H. 11, JDENTONI, R. J. LOGAN, ROY VOHS, R. C. P. H Dnnszcv, NV. P. Nl'1'vcHm,L, L. B. WOOD, YV. E. ' Dvmn. EDYVARD NORTHROP, YVM. ZIEBOLD, H. O. w Q. . FRATERS IN FACULTATE H. A. LARUE A. S. RAYMOND 5 Q Page 37 apex... , ,LL , . W W WW W XW ' WW W W .W X I W . W W .. .WW .. W W X W IW W W W W WW W V X XL I jg W WW W W X. W W W W W X W X X X X X W XX , ,mf -T-. - L-L .U of 4 ORG.-XN1'ZA.'.lil ox S ' I 4 Husssu. Bfvras Roauas A Gmnssm. J. S. JOHNSON SAVILLE BEARD HANKINS ADAMS HICKS Younc W. D. JoHNsoN BUELL RQLAND LANIER VVMNBACH Locmw KmsEL.n,xcH Eta Kappa Nu Professional Electrical Fraternity Founded at the University of Illinois in 1902 Iota Chapter established June, 1911. Colors-Navy Blue and Scarlet JOHN LOGAN ..... - ........... - ................ P1'e.s'ide11.t G. H. BEARD .... YV. D. JOHNSON --- M. A. PIANKINS --- J. E. IIOBLEE --- M. F. HIIBBELL -- ADAMS, D. C. BATES, L. E. BEARD, G. H. BUELL, L. IV. Gnmssm., O. E. I-IANKINS, M. A. Hxcxs, I. C. --- Vice-Presizlcnt --- Rec. Secretary --- COW. Secretary ---- -----.- T1'eas1n'e1' ------------ --- Assn. Bridge Eclifor MEMBERS HUHI!ELL, M. F. Joi-rNsoN, J. S. JOHNSON. IV. D. LOGAN, JOI-IN KmsELix.xc1-I, R. A. ROBLEE, J. E. S.w1LI.E, C. M. ' YOUNG, R. L. FACULTY MEMBERS A. C. LANIER M. P. lV1axN1a.xcH M. M. .JONES S. YV Page 33 ROLAND Q.- , A L.: .Qf1Lg,, L -4 n i 3 -.ef WX XX X! W W .W WW XX W W W . W W W W I H 'X 'X -W X' W W W ge W I W W W W W X :W W WI W W W WW in WW WW WW W I WX XXX X .X W W 1, WWW ri fi' no 1 "Psi-Qi A ORC IAN IZATIONS 1 WIl,50N RAY SMI'1'H1zRs DETWIEILER TISDALE H:XNCOCK ERICKSON XVTIARTON NEWTON GRAY H1TcHcocK Flzun' Pi Tau Sigma Honorary Mechanical Engineering Fraxternity Founded at the University of Illinois Epsilon Chapter established 1925 Colors-Azure and Murray F. E. AVILSON ......... ...................... P residerzt VV. M. ERICKSON ...... .................. I fice-President A. B. Hrrcucocx ....... ..... ...... S e c'reta-ry-Treasurer MEMBERS DE1'Wl'IClLlCR, A. L. RAY, V. H. Emcxsorz, W. M. Smvrumns, L. D. FRUIT, M. E. TISD:XLE, S. D. HANCOCK, WV. R. VVxLsoN, F. E. I-Ivrcncocx, A. B. FRATERS IN FACULTATE PROF. GUY D. NEWTON PROP. E. S. GRAY PROP. JAMES R. VVHARTON Page 39 19 W w ,N . li N' N . H N I . J lg ll. mm ll ll . wl l 'v .A '1 1 sw ll H ll . V H 15+ H . 'U fi, .Rf X 1 ,mf A AAAA A A A fnexix Q2 W WW ,WW M WW W W Wg .W WW W WW WW W W WW W 'W' Wig 1 W W, I-IUBBELL GOEKING COFFMAN GOODRICI-1 ROBLEE JOHNSON IFFRIO SERANN ,' HrfXNKINS KIESELBACH JOHNSON LOGAN JAMES VENCILL INCH WWHLTE W WICKER AI.LlfN Falimmw SMARR NIBLACK I-Ircxs HIOHLEY S'r1I.r.wEr.l. C XIBRXIIII W3 LEIBOVICH CAR'rrsR Munwcr-1 OSADCI-IEY VVs1NnAcH LAN1mz XZOUNG Smm-:sow W W WW The Amerzcan Instztute of Electrzcal Engmeers W ' Missouri University Student Branch NW R. L. YOUNG ................. ................. C Ihuirmavz. 'Wy L. F. RIUENCII .... ..... ....... - - - Virre-Pnfsiflelrt ,W YV. SEVOHUK ...... ...... .... - - Sec.-T1'ea.v1n'e1' W! C. M. YVALLIS .... --- ..... -- --- Corr. Srrcrctmy W M. P. YVEINBACH -- ............. --- .... f.'Ou'nsellOr W W MEMBERS ' ALLEN, R. B. HUBBELL, M. F. RARINOXV. M. Z. BEEBS, R. N. IFFRIG, C. H. ROBLEE, J. E. CARTER, E. R. INCE, F. E. SERAFIN, VV. A. Cmzws, P. J. JAMES, VV. B. Snzvcl-mx, W2 W CUSHINIAN, 'W. YV. JOHNSON, J. S. SMARR, EL. K. X FREEMAN, J. D. JOHNSON, 'W. D. Fmrrn, K. A. CQALBRAITH, R. A. KIESELBACH. R. A. S'rxmvELL, R. M. I GOEKING, C. F. LEIBOVICI-I, H. VENCILL. G. T. M GOODRICH. PI. fl. LOGAN, J. YV. XVICKER, R. C. W H:1NKINS, M. A. MUENOH, L. F. XVHITE, R. H. ' Hrcxs, I. C. Nrnmclc, M. E. YFOUNG, R. T.. I HIGIILEY, S. C. OSADCI-IAY, R. ,W FACULTY MEMBERS A. C. TJANIER. C. M. XVALLIS N. P. vVICINl'iAtf'I-I WW WW WW Page' 40 C92 fd ,, ,G-'?vj1ffG'iigi,g.'Y,. jg., 'ff' in 7 "2 f W Qi .1- W VV x N' w u J ny .E R E J J J . V W 1 H w ,. I M 'p ,., I 1 W 1 N W W IV BURKE 1-IAYDON LOWERY CHADWVICK X, Vous DENTON ROD!-IOUSE Woou HORNE D1cKsoN BONDURANT V Loc.-xN MEYER Acuxuwc NovoA MITCHELL RENNER FRANK Zmnom Woxucx Q CCHS Rmss Govra RUBEY McC.xUs'r1..xNn Donsnv NQRTHROP BRAN'rLm' ,' J ' The Amerzcan Soczety of Cwzl Engzneers J Missouri University Student Branch ' VVl1.I.l.xM P. Donsrsv ....................... ..... I Jresiflent J , XX-II.LIAIKl Xon,'r1-mov ....... ........ 4 ........ I 'ice-Pwrsiflent' jx 1 ITIEIUZERT BnAN'r1.Ev ..... ............. - ........ S ec.-Trans. 'Q ll Puolv. H. K. RUUEY .... ................. I 'nculfy Spovzxm' J H ' w MEMBERS H? W W!! Q IKGUILING, C. A. DORSEY, VV. P. AIEYER, O. H. 1 BoNnUnAN'r, D. C. FRANK, H. K. AIITQHELL, L. B. ' BURKE, R. P. GFOVE, JROBICRT NORTHROP, VVM. X' Bn.xNfrLm', H. I.. HOIINE, F. L. Novofx, ALBERTO yy' C1-m1m'Ic1i, J. E. PIAYDON, GEORGE OCHS, H. J. NN D1cN'r0N, R. J. LOGAN, Roy RENNER, CHAS. 1. IDICKSON, J. I.. IKNVERY, XV. H. RIESS, J. H. I Rommusrc, T. J. N l K N FACULTY MEMBERS J PROF. H. K. Rumcv Pxzoxv. A. LINCOLN HYDE DEAN E. J. MCCAUS1-I..x'xu L , V W J A 3 Page .71 ki Y V:T.1g wjlf 'fi--li wwetfi, . 1 STMCKER Smxmmzs VINEYARD MCCLAIN Moarsrm ANDERSON SOMMERS ANDERSON Txsnfxua Cot XVALDRON ERICKSON GRAY NEWTON WIHARTON Hrrcncocx-. Page 42 Student Branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Missouri Branch Affiliated in 1909 PROFESSOR GUY D. NEWTON .......... -- Honorary Chairman 1 . VV . A. R. M. LRICKSON ........... ..-........ C hazrman B. Hn-cncocx-1 - ......... - .... Vice-Clzairvrma-n G. BICCLAIN .. ............. -- Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS ANDERSON, C. RIORETTA, 'WL J. ANDERSON, N. B. RAY, V. H. Cox, S. W. SMITHERS, L. H. D. ERICKSON, YV. M. SOMMERS, YV. N. Frrcx-1, R. VV. STAD1-HERR, N. G. FRUIT, M. E. TISDALE, S. D. HANCOCK, WV. R. VINEYARD, J. HITCIKCOCK, A. B. XVALDRON, C. E. EICCLAIN, R. G. XVILSON, F. E. FACULTY MEMBERS E. S. GRAY J. R. WVHARTON G. D. NEWTON R. YV. SELVIDGE .cm c:..xN.l.z.x"1o'.1 ONS Q fe mf! J . 5-Q Q-1 . Aj r. - 1 N v I, W u I H , u H I lg , p '- N .N W l' Ji w H J ' 1 W H , A W W W w w u V g N N L H H iq wa JACKSON RANDALL CoURs.u,'r PnARs.x1.L P,xxToN KROEHLE STANBERRY W H Wmsrmum HQLMAN Scovr Ronm Tucrusn Hormms I N Coclcmum. Homfm Exsnzn VVMNBACI1 LORAH MCMAHON HANCOCK GUNDLEFINGIER I J ' J J Q Association of Chemical Engineers J 1 T. J. IVICRIAHON ............................... President W' E. VVYEISBAUM ............................. Vice-President A. YVJEINBACII ................................. Sec.-Treas. L COCKERILL, R. Jn , GUNm,mvlNG1m, 17. CoUnsA LT, K. H. J. C. I-I.xNcocx, P. F Ho1f'mmN, J. G. vs .. - . L H01 1 Mnwrxm, HQLMAN, G. JACKSON J. M. s T KROEI-ILE, W. J. MEMBERS RICRIAIION, T. J. Faculty Sponsor ............ ............. PAXTON, L. H. PEARSALL, H. VV. R.KND.XLL, T. B. ROBINS, R. L. Sco'r'r, L. A. VVEINBACH, A. XVEISBAUM, E. STANBERRY, D. E. TUCKER, R. Y. ----- J. R. LORAH 1.1 -. +, 1'- R o , R fT' HH 4 O R GA N I ZA TI ON me 527 in 5 Page 44 ! .Ji A rkansas I have :1 home 1,111 proud of In the land of Gee and Hnwg Jeff' Davis found :1 pile of rocks And named it Arkansas. 'Tis :1 land where satisfaction, Peace, love, and feuds reside, llV'llCl'C the farms :ill sit up edge-wise And they farm them on both sides. lVll1C1'C they dance from clark to dnyliglit Calling swing and balance all, IVith a fiddler full of Corn-top Playing "Turkey in the Straw". In a. month from now yours truly VVil1 be there for evcrmore, Whding 'round knee-deep' in moonshine Singing "Sailor on the Shore". Q- ,if 7 ,, , f, ,, , ,, gf! mCfL53-e,4,,, H ' ' , ,,,Y, , , W W ,V fs J. 353 'J 'v ' -r ' 'fici 212,- 1:15 7:3 V35 - - 1:5 fs if 3 .gi , 1. '.' M :xg 3 S53 - if - 'dr z f, 5 15: ng .eff iw f.' " E, V X: in .fw- A-,,, .::. ff 'gfl . . -0 ,....... , ., ,.. - ,, V- ,4.'. 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' 15 Vi 'r- x A Maia. -1- Zz V255 1 h, ' 1 ' ..1 -. -:T 'T E aww.. .r gg , ,H',:.g . - -3 . fl 5.4-- , 'J ,,. Ny. ' ', "':, 1 '-F ,zu ,. . , , , .. .- V L.--Via:-H -1-,r:L. " -. ,- -, -. Q., .1 ,, nj, . . mL,..5V'. 25.11 A Y ...,-:..f.'LLV.,'i-, .,M.,:,..'.V,-1.07.:,,l.:? A.,,' g Ir'L" 1 A .1-,Ja -11, I .:.:,7f-.3 -guy -- Q4 'a -1 V , -wv wm-,,1'5 - j"':1n:f.r-ig-.-f' 'WM 3 , m J,:,m ' - ' - ' -"7 -ml "'T-W-DWQQ -fix '-- -- -'z......w'ffE1E.:::rW' aw V- -- ,, Ls.. I V 11' 'U 1 -.v N '1'-1' 1,5 L- ' in wig -1 -V . .. :- HW ' 12, . .Y 259 '.V .- ., 5.1, sf: ,N- .V -rx. uv. V Q :lg .fr Y, V. 11 '3 Ls .. Page 45 " -1r1"' f-, 1 , ,VY V, 17 ,N Y- --f-mf 1 1 ' - ' Z-x wl i"l-f:"'1l ix CJ l l li 5 lp'-31'-Q-3-N-1'l Fl w - In 1902 the Engineers of the University of Missouri declared to the world that "St, Patrick was an Engineer" and they sat about to celebrate His day in a manner befitting such an illustrious member of our tribe. Today we are celebrating the twenty-ninth anniversary of this traditional inception. The celebration will officially begin on Thursday, March 19, with a barbecue for all engineering students, faculty, and alumnae. Friday morning and afternoon will be devoted to talks by prominent engineers, until just before the arrival of St. Patrick himself at four o'clock. At seven-thirty Friday evening St. Patrick will appear to confer the degree of Knight of St. Patrick on those who have served him faithfully for four yearsg after this ceremony the laboratories will be opened for the stunts. On Saturday afternoon Mrs. Hurty will be hostess at the Green Tea in the Engineering Library. At six o'clock there will be a banquet and at eight-thirty the engineers will throng to the ball, where St. Patrick will again appear to crown the Queen. Page 46 C T' l V lv T I Hi S w X, f X' N. A 1 i 1 x X XX EL ai X X , M 15 A X, H 7 X 'i Y I . w X X W 1 ' ' XM ,XJ M W l :K w W ,X X ' Y U , X X , N XXX XL H, XA X , X, X X ' I' wx I-I. O. ZIEBOLD 1 X Representzltive of St. Patrick X. X w I W W H N Y N X W W 'N 42 X1 I X Y Page 47 I 4 fffffffg-Zig, , ,Q 1 -,,, L .4 i II EF ' Q1 I I ,M QI' HN I I I If if I I I I II! I I I. I I I I I I I I I TFA P age 43 Y' 1-ff '1, --- A C 'I' I V I 'I' I E S If Flhv QDLIPP11 WP, Thr iinginerra, are prnnh in inirnhure Jillian Enrnilyg Zgrnmn an Qburvn nf 571. lgatrirlfz Iiall. Zin hm' me finh an trur iuhiuihual- itg, hnmeruiug nf the hnnnr mhirlg it in nur pnmrr In hmatnm. f X J U ft P.-V N r 1 -Q I IV11 ' ' ' 1'Ke.?:e'iC21 JI 4. V1 ,fa w w A I w ,r 0 y Wy E3 4 1 Y T 1 , ' N . T 1, 1 1 i, 1' W4 w W 1 IL Q1 .1 U U J " ffm z L V51 2 IJ? V ! i , K V X-2 is i ' 5' l A X -..1 fa ' 5 "ff gl 1 i E li . lf N 1 x N 6 rl x V OF ST D Mi R HTS EJHLI. ' j T Elf ffl l . H l Page 49 sfib, Qglfjliigfiw 1 Y " .w,w . , .-n : - ff -f-SQVLE F5 C? 'N 1 ri w 9 . 1 1 I 1 i 1 , ,. 'N jx ji ii C l 1 al . . rl li W l 'w w i A, 11 if ll f h 5 'i 0. 5 T. H. CUTLER Summa Cum Laude 1931 I T. H. Cutler was born August 12, 1882, at Fort Scott, Kansas. Graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree of engineering in 1903. Member ATO social and Tau Beta Pi, honorary engineering societies. Draftsman and instrument- man with the C. Sz A. Railroad from June, 1903, until January, 1905. Resident Engineer on construction for the Illinois Steel Co., South Chicago lVorks, from .I:muary, 1905, 'until March, 1906. Assistant Chief Civil Engineer and Superin- tendent of Construction with the Gary lvorks, U. S. Steel Co., from March, 1906, until March, 1909. Engineer and contractor from March, 1909, until July, 1917. From July, 1917, until July, 1919, Captain of Engineers and Major of Cliemic-,xl Vvarfare. Served in U. S. Army as Captain of Company E, 315th Engineers, Divi- sion Gas Ufhcer, U. S. 26th Division and Corps G-as Oiiieer, 9tl1 Army Corps. From July, 1919,"until January, 1923, Superintendent of Construction for Powers K Thompson Construction Co., of Joliet, lll. From March, 1923, to date with the Missouri State Highway Commission, occupying in succession thc positions of Project Engineer, Supervising hlaintenance Engineer, Assistant Division Engineer, Assistant Engineer of Construction and Engineer of Construction. Appointed Chief Engineer February 1, 1927. Present President of the Mississippi Valley Conference of State Highway Departments. VVe are justly proud to confer upon this worthy engineer., the degree of Summa Cum Laude. Pagn 50 ':,'UZl1?2W Y. 1 YYW7 w,,, ' 1. ' " 1 -i f .- 'uw 'T-' f 'v jx 1 l. 1 1 4 1 1 H 1 M l . ! 1 Qin Cf new Q '-13. ' ,N , , .. r v,..X .. .-,, N- i 'e . M-.MM ,M ,Y x zu is fi A Q. i 1 if 1 1 1 if s Q' QU? . ' ' E ' ' " 'J ' M' M 57155 3 af 1 1 W W TW 'ui i if W W . W , 'W .ly W W l .i s'Wi il, i : ' ,W I 1 'i W W W W iW JAMES L. HAMiL'roN WW' xl Summa Cum Laude, 1931 ' W W W James L. Hamilton was born in 1883, at Morrisville, Missouri. He entered the University of Missouri in 1900. It was in the spring of 1903 that hir. Hamilton W , and ,his classmates conceived the idea of the animal Saint Patriclis Celebration, which has become a tradition of the College of Engineering at the University of 1 Missouri, and has become ll part- of the activities at other Engineering colleges. N After finishing school in June, 19011-, Mr. Hamilton entered the employ of the Emerson Electric Mzmufacturing Company, of St. Louis, Missouri, as an electrical M engineer, and continued with that company in various capacities until January, 1915. Since that time, he has been with the Century Electric Company, of St. Louis, , Missouri. He has been Chief Engineer since 1916, Director since 1920Q'and is now ili Vice-President of that company. Aside from his active business life, he was Chair- WWW man of the Missouri Engineers' Committee for Herbert Hoover in the Presidential QgW!W Campaign of 1928g President of the St. Louis Engineers Club for two yearsg and Representative from St. Louis in American Engineering Council for two years. Wi WWW VVe are justly proud to confer upon our worthy alumnus, the degree of Summa W Cum Laude. WW Wil if 1. WW W W iWW Page 51 if XT' ifgbiff, - 1 L f eiiiif' f ' 4 33 ff -A '?ff4 ei?iiefi 37 mn- f P' 95 in li .. .m il ll in in W l H l. i ll ll ll , li U 1. ill l lv il 1 l i Ml ll 1 i. . ll in l W. li lk i l li ll iv 1 ia: L9 A C 'I' li V 'li 'I' I E reg s ,. my 'QM MQ-fi , .. The Annual Engineer-Lawyer Football Game By FRANK E. VVILSON Probably the last of the annual Engineers-Lawyers football game was played the fall of 1930. The day was absolutely perfect for the gameg the spectators stormed the gates in tives and tens each paying the usual two bits until the crowd numbered about three hundred. The players swarmcd on the ficldg running, jumping, kicking, and playing with the mud to help keep the cold winds from being too diseomfwliug before the game could start. The game was oliicially started at 2:15 P. M. Central Standard Time, Saturday, December 6, 1930. Wloods kicked off' for the Engineers. The participating players under actual and assumed names are as follows: Engineers Position Lmvyers YVinfrey L. H. Ellis Lamb L. T. Caples Stcgner L. G. Vtfilson Love C. Comes McGirl R. G. Murrell Cunningham R. T. Swartz Slater R. E. Kncehans Kendrick F. B. Gill Roark H. B. J0llilIlIIlI1g'llI!'if1l' Quinberry H. ll. Peck VVood Q. B. YVylie Substitutions: Engineers-Kaessar, Cebe, Jones, McGown, Hudson, Beers, Jeans, Riddle, Ochs, Buell, Sawler. Lawyers : ?????.. The half found both teams at a zero score. The third quarter netted the lawyers a big "G", and the fourth quarter another score of twelve, giving a total of eighteen to nothing in favor of the lawyers. VVC do not like to gripe, but when Varsity letter men ol' the caliber of Johan- ningmeier plays for the lawyers, when he is not even enrolled in the University, something should be done about it, Not only did this particular player participate in the game, but he won the game for the lawyers. The comic opera sidelight was furnished by our friend .lohanningmeier when he tried to catch the engineer who threw mud in his face. Il' he really is a lawyer :1 little thing like MUD ought not to bother him. No actual lights followed the game. And in parting we wish to thank the "Baud"? for their uplifting F music. Page 52 MMM-H525 S -' HQLLTA I - Guess CINE Lum M P f lf flu a fn f - 6 ,Of - if G O- O10 FACULTY Page 5g a Y C ill l wwf l rl? l EQ w l Editorials ll l MODERN TRENDS IN ENGINEERING EDUCATION l DEAN E. J. MeCAUs'rLAND ' The modified curricula increasing the number of hours per semester appears N to he quite satisfactory to all concerned. Students do not modify their natural industry to meet changes in the number of credit hours scheduled. In other words, Q the "gait" of the average student is fixed by quite other considerations than the number of hours in the schedule. At any rate, the Faculty is not dissatisfied with the greater number of hours required per semester. In spite of the general industrial depression attendance is normal and 'the M qualifications of the students quite up to past standards. No special difficulty was ll 71 experienced last spring in finding places for our gmxduates, in spite of the business l and industrial depression at that time well under way and threatening even more depressed levels. During thc coming season however, the selection of candidates hy the repre- N' scntatives of the industries will be more restricted and it is likely that only the IJ better men will find it easy to secure satisfactory employment. The fact must be il recognized that we are entering upon an era of more intensive competition for l engineering trained minds. The period of rapid growth in industrial development fi is showing a marked recession which is likely to be felt for some time to come. That ill our naturzll resources have limitations is only now heginning to he recognized and ll the resumption and expansion of industrial development in other parts of the world ll is forcing us into a most intense competition with trained groups of men in other " nzitions. This brings me to the kernel oi' this message. The College of Engineering pre- ? sumahly is established to train men in modern scientific methods as applied to the organization, extension and development of industry, transportation and commerce in its broadest meaning. They cannot be so trained unless each individual is not only willing but keenly anxious to do his part in the process. Therefore, I appeal to every student to widen his horizon, to study the history of the development of industry. to inform himself' on the present industrial situations of the world and 'to shape his actions so as to tfike advantage of probable trends and to guide his ambitions so that he may serve himself first and by so serving. serve his country X and the world. l l T Page 55 if' sC.lJ7f V I 91352-5f"lCY T T 'inw' TW if , I +3512 igiig -1 T7 + : "i 'l DI 3 g1L:3'3i Y- l l' l l' l 1 l , 1 111 1 l l 1 1 1 1 gl 1 1 l ll 1 1 h ,'1 li 1 li l, 1, ly: ll 1 1 li 1 1 112 1 I 1 l ly R ' 1 1 1i l 1 1 il l 1 A hit or miss attitude while in college, a willingness to bc merely one in the group, a blindness to the growing industrial competition from foreign countries is likely to affect adversely the individual achievement of every young American. ' ON THE JOB By Pnoivlzsson R. XV. SELVIUGE There is a popular notion that when one graduates from thc engineering school he is a com Jetent en rineer but it takes the vounfr raduate only a short time to find l E- 1 . ra S . that there is little 'ustification for this idea. He soon discovers that his colle 'e . 233- trainin ' furnished him onlv the fundamental tools of his irofession. Practice on the S . l job is necessary to develop judgment and skill in their use. It has been said that an engineci- receives his training in the school, but his education on the job. Tl1c1'e is much justification in this statement if' we mean by education the ability to appraise a situation correctly and to do the right thing at the right time. The young engineer who starts out with definite plans for developing this ability is well on the road to SIICCCSS. Careful observation is one of the most helpful means of doing this. Every task in which human labor is involved, however menial, is worthy of his attention with the view of improving the method of doing l.he job. Nearly every day offers an opportunity to learn something worth while, and the young engineer who daily enters in his diary the things that he learns that day will soon find that many things of value pass by thc average person unnoticed. In a short time he will find, also, that he has increased his powers ol' careful observa- tion and has accumulated a store of valuable ideas which will enable him to give wise judgments in future situations. Page 56 Q , -6 L flee, "f ' f, , ,ml f, 1 rf W. fi' s 1- za 1 'J eil" -' ,g1rw,U, eq.- 7 1-4. .Mi . -'I??'c?'ni5lfTfV 13-1 digg... :Aj , 1 I .T :l'i'3:5l' .,.. H 'A 6 lu. ff ., Qu M I 1 " V- .arvavvvif f " 35-V r-1:31233-2.?' '7 . .--. :egg "" .. -.u A - A" A fwfff' A 2-1... "af: Er ..-.11 1 ., 51521 -2 1 'uf 1 1 . T- 22212715 2-W -zaiir if. 'A . .' 5' Ffigisiuak- E22 .132 7 1 . .f 11-gf 1" . :J if Jirff. Y- : . A-'ff G?Tf'fA5ff1 Af' 1454221 tis- :. .1'f2-P7511 'Q-irffffl ,viii ai s:-,...:g:f-.TLP iz--inf: nf- :gnu faq' 2' 21: 5 IQ 4ZfAi"-F :.E'7 'Z ' :' '-1551 ' ff: 'lj I EafezA:5,f Q51 ::f:gr'Af..agz5 'fi nr 62.1235 L., I . v R , .. 21? Ac' f-1 gg,-.-f. fffjf ,A411.5asL?,A4?,.,...g::-4..,.,da.:L:-aff...,Vg 1 '1:.,wa::,4:'::f..!Qga1 T -1- :ffl 5, w v , 3 E Q rx ir E? f -4- ,A 4 In 4. '.n 9 Y v Q s. -1- er . ig - ,Q I sz- , .- 5 ,G ., ,Q X' 9- 'ez' -U 'Y Q: 'Y X -gi? V 'N P 9 . , :NT , A v T15 1, fy g -0- 5 QQ P Eff' Y' 1 1.--f 4 I xx X N X 0 ,. ,f ' if 55 2292 ' 6 X -dr Xx .X gtg: -1 f. : I v fi, I . j H 'ai 1 25:51 r 2' 1 L12 S 5415. " 7 ' L ,:+i'A'l 35.1 :ziiwggf-. P, '-'-,-,J 'i.f.,45:2m1R2.-!., ff - 4 . " 5 v 51.31511 'x.:+1..ggx. le. ' if?-A 421' -- fi -ai? .21 5.1521 1 -2 .is ff --' .QQ ' Af: 1:1 Is: 1 .- 2' ' 'ii 25 L, -lx -1, , :fe ' 'S gg ff' ras ' lf-if :lain . gif wg 1 . gf' -A 'H L 'iff ..-ffiif ' 'J 135551 A 3A 2754. x . . :'-- '.,f-,V , ,. . 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H.-' , Z-5 ., ,JA vii . 2' E+, .,.' aikif -1. G A ,, .. .-ei - sm-.', E. f A - fit? ' , - Q., - '- 'A L . Page 59 is L A R N li I-. if , ffl kim' GL R Q Q2 7'fG1m:f:n, 6 fs N 4, C wr Fm I ......--.--I I3 I A R ,A . N I5 YI - WANTE D! S:':':':w"' " V ' ' 5 O 0 0 ' sf 4 '3-'Q' XQQ 'QO10 x ste' QGQ: K " 5 g 9.0 -' N N Q J I' . ' ' x vu I' l I I Is , No.793'64-B 6 I-I.O.ZIEBOI.D ALIAS ERITZ KATUFELSCNNITZ, ALIAS QAT- TLQ-SNAKE DETEDALIAS ma LAWVIZIQQ FRIEN , POR FILQA- ING LAWVQR-ENGINEEQS TRODI-IV FROM THE LAW BARN ON DEE' QMBQI2 9, mo. A REWARD OE TWO PINTS WILI. BE GIVEN EOR INITORNI' ATION LEADING TO TLIE ARREST OIT TIIIS DANGEROUS CRIMINAL I I TIIE LATEST DEVELOPNIENTN TIIE DORSEY MOUNTING TRANSIT CAN YOU OITTAIN DEI2 EXPRESSION BV MEANS OF VICLI VE MAY- ETC.: CIJARACTEI2. NOTE TTIE nx X 0 A Q ia Q S 56552. -" "I Pm Rf T F! 3 WX A f 9. QQ. 1 K t GANS ,.x BAD LIQUOR BAD REST ,II.. OR PSYCOLOGR WHICH? AND A Q12 AK: THREE I YEARS or UKELELE LESSONS lg! El , , Y -J . -1 " Q5'.,.. .-.-....4 ,.-.-i.. 1f1 Am a AL :L 5, 1 H .1 -- ET: EE V7 C1 U16 -+o 325 MQ4 ITT no l"" W X4 X2 LX VAL X XxxmxmxvxmLmxxmxxmxxifm, A: 5 LD -P U rn Z 2 V 3 3 X rn .3 HELLO BOYS Sf WANNA GO fi CHRVSLEKS ARENT GOOD OCHS ATTENDSA KOSHEI2 PAQTV QFENOUGH FOR ADAMS XLHANKINS ll 50 - 1 1' ooxo ,X A Qiifjix QEODSHJWFFEARQ 1 9201561222 STAND LT! TERMS ? F "A Amggffw' H -' ."1 FA igifx Q "" J Fi Q f A . AW --" " 2 - X Sf. fx2N W7 ' N v Q A ZW sr N A n !'TusT ONE Or TH mmora CAMPUS AQTLVLTLLS CONCERNING ,L BUS5 LONLE 1-'54 J A--Ni -Q-.ia-Lx A Plc Jesgiim Lmfm oh?'f5A?LE 'N 0 QLLAOW K ATTL OSA A CHRKSTIAN FORMAL 7' ' ,J-MILLS gi A QUESTIONAIRE NO.26.4875i 'W L O, wuv my GRAW LEAVE EAA WLSTINOHOUSL T22 SPECIALIST TO PARK. my TO ANOTI-UIQ IA! X L Us 1 fa N If YE ,4i,...,....ili.T- v, . , . , , .. .. .L . 1 - ,Y Y, ?3:2tf3 "f91 " QS..- . s fgg WS? S'.:a I 1 1 M4 .6 9 1 'F ' as 1 Q. Q . 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A Til 1 .eaaaaaafasaas niiiiiifdiiiiiiii can-E AS LNTEGUARD CHE GOT LHS Kola' DETATLS - SEE SUIT WET ONCE - HT QAINEDJ VINE-ZVAQD W1-10 TAUGHT GQAY TX-XE Tl-IEGQY OF Tl-IE BOUQDON PQESSUIQE SAGE f? 5 HTUBM-hFf1i ,i 3 ' QQ T -9, , X' A og W1 II Q IIINX ""- f Q1 JI - . "V -'N n.-K I S , T Q X X X XQ x N - 1' XM PZ. I N 5 f ' T ' Cho 'Wo' " 'I ,, ' f v vga bhog 0 6 'L' ,323 :gb . .ooo 'V' 9. X900 'yr noob I ffl' I A K f :::::"' :J me ' N G N V " 'll ,4 '.1' iE'ff7"v4- gig-qgf:'s0a141gg, ENTER wmf ? cafes IF You .- A vpwfvounuar 'V 25551 - T "" T XX ,fff"'T N Q E .2 ' 'wgzlmiwpfagfgggi J LJ ST ONE OF T HE Gpmyzy ghgygyffgp jp U W Arzfmwf wmfafvmzfg TECH. SCQATCT-X Pa f4 J .NN A ..1- 7l,7-551:55 A 'wx li LA-HH A L .---AT la 1, A R T W 53 , A P19 LETTHE A 7GOODY'WVO ,, T ,,,, CLUB MOQE DAv9 AND 2 A U no ITM ICAN TAKEA AAAS --AA 1? L ATN 5 2 A " H3 - T .. 1u.Hl f'I . 'X 1 SLUNKY WQGD PUTS THE LOCAL AN LVEQY SATURDAY POOLHALLS BACK ON THEIR FEET NKGHT EVENT VOR A 1 " wc V vou RE THE CTQQT ,,,:- I N WEAFSOTH - Ai!!!EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEA. A ff THE vm LATEST METHOD H AQCORDMNG TO OQDELHEIDE :Tiff ,4 3 1? SNAD UD E BIG BLOWOUT WKSGNS GIRL ,FQ THLSLGAQTLQS IN DQOPS NN VOQ f AT NCQ TACH Tov BALLOONS A WSW. I ,g I L, .1 1 1 in f Y ,N ,. ,ii 1. A. R are if, i ies.. . 351 ' The Ugliest Man in Our College 1 . ll RESULTS T MUENCH --- .......... -iv ii M Horne .... ...... 3 2 1 Armstrong --- ..... -17 N, Riess ........ ..... 1 7 1 1 'll Prof. Gray ........ ---15 Q!! Ken Smith .............. 4 1 1 X lNIcC-lain -- .......... - 2 'H Ziebold. -- - ..... -- 1 K' .lo-Jo' ..... .... - - 1 li Meyer --- --- 1 1 1 1 li 1 1 1 3 '1 1 . 1 Louis F. AIUENCH in lr The Engineers are proud to announce that Louis F. Mucuch is the ugliest man ' in the Engineering School. L. F. Muench was born April 3, 1909, on a farm near , Lexington, Lafayette County, Missouri. He was educated in the country school and in Lexington High School. He is the fifth of iivc children which is as it should ,1 be. He is the second of his family to be accorded this honor, his brother being the ' .man to win in 1928. . :lil Guinbleiinger won the election by a large majority, but was disqualified for " electioneering within 100 feet of the polls. The Staff feels that this was for the best N since any added cerebral girth in this case would be tragic. 'We feel that it might blight the political career of a young politician who has already made a name for himself as Chadwick's consultant. J. 1 Fred Horne ran a ood race but was defeated because bein ' naturallv modest H 8 Q . X he hid a portion of his charms behind a bush. A 1 Prof. Gray was accorded the support of the entire Heat Machinery class. I This election was notable for the fact that Ziebold failed to get a single votep 1 1 besides his own. . it M 53 Page 66 QI!! 51121119 . 'WEE W 52 M I4 ,W -1--+ A Page 67 , ffnfw q .- is 1. A R N ia Y W Our Calendar p lg Sept. 9 Freshmen Registration. ll X Sept. 10 Registration. l Sept. 11 Classesg the war is on. X il Sept. 17 First Club Meetingg Chadwick wields the bung-starterg McMahon pushes the peng Meyer propels the pfiddleg and we embark on another year. Sept. 211- First Club Smokerg the speeches were long and dry, but what can you expect. Chadwick finally had to call time on YVeinic. w Sept. 26 Riess, exhausted from the el'l'ort ot' cleaning out the Shamrock oitice falls X asleep and oft at chair in Higher Surveying. X Sept. 28 Dean Heckel says that if the Read and Hieed sign is printed Mr. Tinius f Olson will no longer be a student ut the University. lVe would suggest N Il trip to the C. E. Lab. ll Oct. 2 Prof. Ruhey discovers that Buss Love is an instrument man who has . . . . . . il devised a method of running levels VV1l2llOllt taking torcsights. ix Oct. :L The Bagnell Inspection Trip. As usual thc Electricals were first in the dining room. X Oct. 8 Prof. Gray tells the Engine Club that the profession of Engineering is X a good one. That is no News. Any one who can pass Heat A has to he ,I good. l Oct. 12 The Fine? Arts? School? gripes about the Corliss. The noise the Corliss makes is sweet music compared to the racket that emanates from the former University dining hall. Oct. 23 Mueneh decides that Heat is the worst course in school after receiving an F notice. Oct. 24' Heard from Extemporaneous Speaking. "The Tiger Battery is Colonel VVlrigl1t's model Boy-Scouts." So that's what they learn to say in Extcmp. w l C Page 68 C1 il" rf! " "Y"'r'7' ,A - . ,A -gy-il--414 i s R FN if i yr-1--7-Q Q 'viz .. ,, .4 ii l l L. if lim. Oct. 28 Oct. 28 Oct. 53 I Nov 5 Nov 6 Nov 7 N ov 1 'L Nov i 5 N ov. I '7 Nor 1 8 Nov Q0 Nov 80 Dec Alf Dee. 10 Prof. Hyde asks Harry 1'i1'tllllC about the last time he was out to examine the geological formations in the stone quarry. It seems that the light was too poor and other formations were substituted. Hubbell shows up in a pair of colored glasses. Judging from the offers he got he can sleep in class and not get caught. Prof. Hyde says he knew an old German who boiled and filtered his drinking water for safety and then drank beer. Hubbell claims that psychology is the reason why a certain Gamma Phi wandered into the senior design room and asked for him. Rhyusherger walks across the grass. Tech scrateh class suddenly quits throwing erasers. See Horne for details. Vohs and liilbrino' siend the nilrht in the Hoosefrow at Nebraska for D D C sleeping in a school yard. Rhynsburger suddenly quits walking across the campus. Gray spends half the morning having the lock on his desk' picked and immediately finds the keys in his pocket. If he keeps on getting absent minded he may some day become a professor. 'l'he dean holds a five o'elock tea for certain members of the engine school. For the first time in history Horne did not have the honor of pouring. Much guarding going on. Meyer makes it from home in two minutes fiat. Oiiieial timer Pat Burke. The Demon in Hiding causes much grief. Brantley hangs his pin. Board electionsg the elcctricals use the power-house system to determine three unknowns. Engineer-I.awyer football trophy disappears. BKPA students trying to create hard feelings again. Page 69 .fi Q. 232.gif .1 CQ li l l. ll . . .. . ll i ll w l V i l l 55032 li ll l l l 11, aw vw Dec. J an. Jan. Jan. Jan. J an. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb . M ai 1'. Mar Mar. 25 Brantley gets married. Jeans falls over the suitcases in Centralia. 4 Prof. XVeinbaeh appears arrayed in new teeth. 5 Students' consciences begin to hurt them. Everybody settles down to study. 17 Finals' the death knellg the bewinnin of the end. 3 25 26 Registrationg we never seem to know when we've had enough. 27 Vineyard is heard to reinnrk that he is glad that cows don't fly. 28 Queen electiong this meeting registered the largest attendance of the year with Horne holding down a box seat. Motion to elect the Queen by a standing voteg what queer ideas these would-be politicians have. 5 hloretta and Vineyard attempt the removal of Sonuner's pants in the Senior Mechanical Room. Result a tale is told. 6 The new president of the Campus Squad begins to make himself felt. 13 Another paddlingg we are on the up gradeg the longest line in the history of the Engineering School. Horne receives unique and valid excuse for not running the line. 17 Numerous gentry attempt to censor the Sliamroek. 21 The Shamrock goes to pressg Tllank Gawd! 19 Barbecue: speeches, beef, and corn. 20 Drug sto1'es report sale of 300 Bromos. 23 Back to the proverbial grindstone. Page 70 1 - ,gf f wht:-1 J- , - ' 4 x L4 K Q1 K x I E l N ,L Page 71 1 , - wqgyf K , ,M nz. -?: on L-iq is 1 A. R N ia in 42 2 li Dramwefs Soliloquy ll To Drink or not to drink, that is the question: , Whether 'tis soberer in mankind to guzzlc l The Gordon gin of outrageous fortune, l Or to take alarm at denatured troubles, And by teetotaling fend them? Gro dry: to drink l No nioreg and by a drink to say we end The headache by absorbing unnatural stock l No flesh is l1eir to,-'tis a supposition , l V Devoutly to consider. To drink, to smile, To laugh, perchance to dremng ay, there's the ruh: E'en in our sleep what righteous Seth may come X To shuffle us within his unmoral coil. 1' O, grant us laws we can respect, li Nor make calamity of this one life. X For who could bear the nips of corn, what time wx The Volsteadian prong that prods man continually, l The blue nosed lobbyists who stalk their prey, The insolence of officers, and the earns These patient ferrets from the worthy takes, i VV hen we ourselves can our own booze make us from N Mash that bears no crossbones? Vllqlo would fardels hear V To shunt this fret of :1 weary strife And have no dread that something o11 our breath l May be discovered? Country for whose corn i No traveler returns, puzzles the will X And makes us rather hear those stills we have , ii Than buy of strangers that we know not of. Thus intolerance does make hypocrites of us nllg And thus the native brew of old solutions Q ls sicklied oier with the pail cast of drought, N And entertainers of great wit and moment NN With this regard-tliey live the current life, lp l' And lose not game nor action. By -IXLDEN .TACKSON M 1 From W'l1i: 73671-g' ii llg ', W l l l W fl ll i . k. Pagn 72 Qiifg if ' 'i lj ' 'l'5lbSl?mFi Efiiciency to the Last Philips finally died and was being taken to his grave. Six of his fellow pro- l'e:-ssors were bearing hini to his last resting place when the coffin lid suddenly opened and Mr. Philips was heard 'i1O'1fC1J'llL1'liZ "'l'lie1'e are too many of you on this job, if you'd put a wheel under this casket you could cut out the services of tive men and do the work in half the time." The absent ininfled jewelry salesman was getting married. He was presenting' his bride to be with the ring when he hesitated. "VVith this ring," said the minister. "lVith this ringfl said the salesman,', we give a written guarantee, reininding the customer that money is cheerfully refuncleclf' i..l. . lflcldie Dyer, liarcl working Associate Editor, who has been forced to listen to- the radio all winter will leave for a trip to the Maine woods on or about March 21 in hopes that he will meet the writer of the Stein Song there alone. - . ON ST. PATRICK'S BALL .Beneath the lamplight's shaded glow YV moved in couples two by two, And with the musies ebb and flow She casts on me her spell. She weaves it o'ur the polished Hom- On silver slippered feet, A pattern bright, of sound and light, Into the music's beat. And she, the weaver of the spell, VVho in my heart has inacle a hell, lVill never knowg That all my world is standing still As a giant oalc on a granite hill Because l love her so. J. H. R. ihrge 73 i il l l ll l-il 'X aa 'N' ai sig maxi 5 I 3 l f -Y ag. JA. I f in 1 is ia fx se- we Pflgf 74 After the Ball is Over THE TUMBLEBUCVS LAST BALL Good citizens, I beg your graceg That I may pause for hriefcst space, And relate to you in behalf of a friend, The advancing shade of a hitter end. Dame Nature gives this news in 'hand That I may herald throughout the land, And proclaim to the people of our great state The swift approach of the lLl1Il'lbIClJllg',S fate. My knowledge came in this strange wayg IVhile trudging along the road one day I stopped at the crest of a long, long hill And was idly sitting and resting my fill. My eyes they roved from side to sideg No wonder soon that they espied A weary hug beneath a tree, IVho sat and gazed direct at me. This tumhlehug sat with jealous eye, And guarded his luggage parked nearby, "Neighbor," I heard this creature say, "I beg of you the time of day." "You're welcome," said I, Hh70l1,1'C welcome to "I't's one and after and I must go". "But stay," it said, "and he of good cheer", "I have a story I wish you to hear". The poignant appeal in the hug's brown eyes, Persuaded me not to pass him hy, So I seated myself there under a tree And I heard the dying hug's noble plea. "I'n1 the last of the line of nohle hugs And my hody is weakened by constant tugs I long for cobblestoncs of another day On which it was my wont to playu. know" 5 ,Q 'J -5521! if-Rfb.: V , 1 . ' ,. .I 4 . '- s, .----alla n x 5-1 N li if wife "Willy, I have never seen times like those today And I am glad my life is slipping away, I-Ieartless machines like steel clawed hands Arc death to the 'I'umblehug's modest demands. ur F116 rumbling carts on the inacadam Have given away to modern train. The business section stretches far And the horse gives way to the motor car. urw lhe concrete strip has come our way VVith oilgrimcd surface here to stay. And the wagon bows to the glittering shine Of the automobiles and their worrisome whinesf' The bug he sighed and continued to say, "Oh, for the good old-'Fashioned dray. YVith the song of the teamster in' raucous blast Recalling to us the glorious past. "The IlliI1St1'Cl.,S llarp has had its due lVith the hunl:sman's horn that we all knew. The olden hard must hang his hcadg His lays are fallen flat and dead. "Thu world is crazy, or it seems to be, And I know that you will agree with me, So I :nn sitting here, friend, and telling you Of the joyous past that I once knew. un 1'is rumored about on every hand Tlmt there's hardly rx -horse left in the land. So I figured that by nineteen-hundred-thirty-six XVC bugs will be in one hell of a fix. "Paeons of song through scores of years Have paved the way for copious tears, But never yet has knell been rung I.:i111enting the VE!l'llSllll'lg horse's dung." -Milo, the Vagabond Poet. ' rv r P5135 15 vwmfsd .., may va pg V "Y 1 I w l. X, W il 1 w 4 w w 1 v ll P N. l I yi I w f. - - W- I- ,-4-I 1 AL- , I JB -A There's 1'l0tl1ll1g4St1'IlI1gC to the fact that the modern girl is L1 live wire. She l carries practically no insulation. No mutter how prominent they become, racketeers :ire never given the freedom 3 of the city. They take it. Q l l l YVC understand that the rush of Engineers to the South Sen Islands was '1 ' . result of the grass crop failure. The average sentence for bootlegging now is about :is brief :ns 'thc ugeing process of the stuff' they sell. X "My goodness," exclaimed the stranger, who had dropped into the police court to pass away half :in hour, "they've caught :1 pretty tough lot this morning, hnvcn't thev?" "You'rc looking :it the wrong lot,', said his neighbor. UThosc :n-en't the prisoners. They'rc the lawyers." As the train pulled up at the station in Centroliu, Morettw shouted to the con- ductor: "Shall I have time to get u drink?" "Yes sir " answered the official. y 1 1 "Can you guarantee that the train won't Sturt without me?" "Yes, lill take n drink with you," said the conductor rcnssuringly. li.-.-, w Cliristinns are allowed only one wife. This is called monotony. A fort is L1 place to put men in, Z1 fortress is :1 place to put women in. i l w . . 1 l , A parable is :1 heavenly Story with no earthly meaning. l ll tl w , Paw 76 Q Q Ll Li-F3 fir f -f-- - 4' f 'ASL 3,g,g,y,,: F fm, -TQ , ,, : f, ,iiff ' 'gpfggi',,j,, f' wif 'fi -' ,,FUf5',L1Ql2:1Q f 1 ,swf ,, . ADV E'R'llllS,l2 M ENTS ENGINEERSH!! These Advertisers H ave Helped to Make The SHAMRUCK a Bigger and Better Publication. Th-as To PA TR ON IZE The Advertisers in The SHAMROCK is to back your own school. Reciprocate and Patronize our Adz1ertisers!!!! Our Service The 'patronage wc have enjoyed is due in a large iueasurc to our custom ol? serving food of unusual excellence. It has justified. flu' opening of our new cafe this year. s GAEBLER s CLUB DINER SAMPSON CAFE On Conley Avenue Hitt K Paquin Sts. Missouri--hoinc ol' thc honor system-the faculty have thc honor and the students have thc system. Missouri-wlicrc ability to lcarn is lllLlSll1'CCl by class attendance. Missouri-whcrc mcn arc made and ivomevi, arc women. hlissouii-Qwlicrc lVhartons rulc, but rulcs cannot pass. hlissouri-wlicrc sux questionnaires arc written, and thc answers found at thc old rock quarry. M issouri-whcrc Mi Mi Heat A is taught and all turn Gray. ssouri-whcrc Xvllfiilll was scnt, but was educated at the C. O. house. ssouri-whcrc thc columns arc guarded, and the bottles pop all night. Page 77 Q32 ag 1. flu l -56 , , , , sm ,H ,, .,..,, .fu ll f f f 'W' ' "'1' 1wsL+D:a: "1 N v wvwf - Lw -3 - x' 1.-N, . . .,, , Y, VV .J.-, J J J4.... - Ji in iq it s iJre11r,fii1 Xi 1 M---do--WW 1' THE BOONE COUNTY TRUST COMPANY COLUMBIA, MO. - ASSETS OVER 952,000,000.00 Om' Motto: Ser-viee to C-ustomers and Cominunit f. 3 The best stories in the world have always been both fairy story and lawyer's statement of the case. An aeroplane under construction in G61'11lH1I5V is expected to Hy 500 miles an hour. Most of us would rather start earlier. Customer: Are you xi criminal lawyer? Chicago Attorney: Yeah, who do you want shot? Dean: Hllmt is il sanitary sewer? Ricss: You can't fool me-tl1ey're all dirty. Frank: fas they drive along lonely rondlz You look lovclier to me every minute. Do you know what tl1at's a sign of P LaVerne: Sure, you're about to run out of gas. MONTGOMERY-WARD Sc COMPANY Page 78 df 4.1, I I Ijkk' If IQ I EI4Q,I,'n'vvFqf'g"-.1 IN x,. N l,... I' 1' U 7'.v- .- g -ry. -ff-- ov, .f-,.. 4.41 1, - St. Pat says The WHEEL makes the World go around with Tasty Food Merry Music Gray Crowds - - :IFTER THE DHNCE COBIE AROUND T0 'EIR I CE c-3 IDIIC-:SI 914 BDWY. ENGINEER JOE N REGISTRATION so vm A faesme Too-num LQN I 1 WHAT DIVA 1 WIIIIT SCIIOOLYA eoIN IN. IIA,-1?1w MEAN START? mix' on, Im som' tnnn::1qm,,,,,' I 'Eg mv Ox , V - ,Inq--I ' QS' SHORE Hzokmc 0, p ., 4 NE ENGINEERING . Y,,,,R,,ELE,,,,,,,g - U G' ' SCHEME.-X '-.J creams YHRD No I R 'I :- , ' W . I Q, mFLuef1cE.mEl ', , I 2 .. f' va-me ww-Sv' ., 1 -ET. HV' - 515225525222 f.z:1a:Iq12a2,aaI'-2'wif F-D M Lmw' U' 5 '5:'.lII.-,:,:f1:5g:g:, '-zgfzlirfxzf, - I, 'I-1-1e3z2IzIIz2Y"!f'1 WHEN I 5 ROPE 'I flIi.':'x1:g1:f' 1:-:-:-:-:4- ' vow! FAMMLUCRI w'f'. IE 'vseew gf '- E yoUR I ' E ""' ' , I Sf , I I ' W WELL- you gif- I'LI. STAY THERE. UNTIL ITS THIS ww- 1 LINE T00 MUCH 7,42 4 I1 IIQQIIIILI: 1 XLQIII , 9? , I ' f 1 Q 5 '- 'f . :' f gags A-Q K 5 ttf: Q .-522-if ' .IZ -EIEIII. 'Q' I :II:I:f9 Iam!" . , i'iIi.iI ,gjlgggggq , ' I qgggggg' ,Q-55:5:g5:3::g ,oy Page 79 .NIP :w ,. P-l--if ,am A DVERTISEM, ENTS i +3 , N H 1 I in H X , ,N N tl i ,, J 1, AF w WI i. M M :wg , 0 iq Vi 1-,' 'WM XJ-hs W CLEA NING- LAUNDRY R E P AI R-ING TIGER LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING CO. "The Tiger Carfl' Be Beal"' Phone 4156 On Broadway at 1101 Sound - Advice Sound travels at the rate of 4-O0 yards per second. Exceptions to this rule: Scandal, 1000 yards. Flattery, 500 yards. Truth, yards. Alarm clock, -J-F Notc taken from dean's advice: "The rest of your days here depends on the rest -of your nights." YVe wish to inform some of the boys that Hydraulics class meets in the forcnoon and not at night. A 1'Cf01'I1'1C1' is a man who thinks the world is a sewer and that hc's the only guy 'who has sense enough to wear hip boots. VVi11ie-"You naughty boy, I bet you don't get grade A in anything at school." Mac-"I do too. I get it in a bottle." X St, Patrick was an Engineer Wesley Bl-ackrnore was your Photoga apher. 9l0a. Broadway Page 80 A I BV E R TI SEEVI ENTS THE CO-OP - A WilG1'k! il, Complete line of Text hooks, School Supplies, drzlwing ,i11Sf1'UlHGl1tS, and athletic goods are czxrricd. Take 2'ldV2U1f2lgC of the 1252: Profit Slmring Divi- dends which arf- issued with all Purchases. TRADE AT THE STUDENT'S STORE BASEMENT OF JESSE HALL ENGINEER JOE FOOTBAILGAME F 1,,' . CS no YA FEEL LIKE PLACIN' UTTLE BET ON RHS DAMIT Ruo THEJ BET S ARE SI LLY! w r' 1 an il P 4 "F 2 F? - ,L 4 i , fl , .1'f,1'!':e'-" """ rx 5 - ' Q 4 I Q ,- 1 .woff ' "-n"-Hip sq,q X 1- -1- :qv Q A -. -4 ff ox 7 ' ' ,. E -'2f'.': WHCQ? You EEUTELL me SW - -my ou sm 7 Ann GET AWAY wma url 5 " A x ' E E nun ' .,.:,:4:g:11.3iX ,iE,,7,:.iJ Ev 1 ,51e3f:7ji23" j fi . Q" 1: xx ',. Jsetsifx EE Ig E -1- iiijfz.-!E!!fSy" V , lililllllf " A f ,' Ein'-sail , "V lszziiu-.-m f f '!s!!nmiiAc, fy X N fzsfssiaffg, f f, '--L2 '-P " 'fs' BIA Page SI , f 'i ' ,Q ff is ll its i ,is s ,, it N ' we U--H 0 i IN SPITE OF PROHIBITION Beef gets corned. Gasoline gets tnnkcd. Cucumbers get pickled. Golf balls get teed up. Chemicals get oiled. Civils get lit. IVIIIIS get plastered. Engineers get soaked. Bells get tingled. Electricals get stewed. American VVatches Exclusive Jewelry A DEPENDABLE REPAIR DEPARTMENT COMPLETE OPTICAL SERVICE Alrt Quality Freshness These three requisites are included in all Mueller floral bouquets and decorations because "IV: grow our own 0 l MEMBER FI7ZD. GUARANTEED FLOWERS ' STORE GREENHOUSES - 16 S. 9th West Blvd. 8 Ash A Caurlcozm and Intelligent Service phone 6219 I , -l Bugs was testing the knowledge of desk, he said slmrplyk "lVhat's that?" lvaldronz "Tails, sir." the class. Skipping :I half dollar on the Elaine: "You know, I like nmtli when it isn't over my llCIld.U Volls: "Ye:1. Tlmtys just the way I feel about pigeons." Page S2 W so--W l ri l',ll'iilbllfClRfll'1llX-I l is yi--M-T-M F or Quick Reference on all facts concerning words, persons, places, you are continually in 11eed of WEBSTER'S COLLEGIATE The Best Abridged Dictionary because it is based upon W'EBSTER'S NEW lfN'l?ERNA'l'IONAL-The "Supreme Authority." Here is a companion for your hours of reading and study that will prove its real value every time you consult it for the wealth of ready in- f W formation that is instantly yours, 106,000 .gp words and phrases with definitions, ety- ' 311352.-Q mologies, pronunoiations, and use in its -' 1. ..','3g Qgnqyz. --'4 A-:f5y,.!,".:r. . . a g 1,256 pages. 1,700 1l1ustrat1ons. Includes dictionaries of biography and geography and other special features. 4. T . See It at Your College Bookstore or IV rite for gk, Informalion Io the Publishers. Frm specirnelz pages' if you HHIIIL' this paper. TI: ff1ff7?,':,Q!j-G22322212 1' G. Sz C. MERRIAM co. vii- Springfield, Mass. liNGlNElR JOE N SIPATS WEEK SAY Joe- I DUNNO. HE DID PLNY HELO wis st PAT rzfmw , BUT- p, warn THE sums ,rf AN ENGl'NF.Y.R? A RROUNU IRELAND r ffl l fl 23S fx, 1 :. , , S L' f-2-:QI-I-5:45562 "-' V sw- ., .4.f, yn '31 ' - , if-a - 7 ff WELL-WHATS THAT oo wr Tau. me J?" I GOT TO D0 WITH MIZZOUT Ig? -.K You KNO ff , 1 Q , ANYTHING ABOUT 0 - f ff LAXNVERS! 1 es - A 7 d 5 2+ . 13 f kt: . 4 ... n o 3 I gfliizg, iiiiila ' J ' H-fe-esfzif. "!'!l!'s . 'Y - ,Wifi X :. f NFEQITI W Page S3 A DV li R Tl S HMI li NTS J rv 5 xl OUT-OF-TOVVN HEADQUAH'l'ERS 1'IE,lil+l T IS l l l THE TIGER HOTEL The Hotel of Il'm-me servzw - - 'zvlzlqrc 't7z,'ef1'e is ww such 'living as IL slrfmger l Gray in Thermo on Monday morning, Jan. 5, 19551, at 9:00 A. M.: "Gentlemen, , have you arrived at a decision ?" 'Wilsonz "Vile have your honorg the class :ire all of the same uiincl.-Tcmpora1'ily ll Insane." l l' Dorsey: "Gee, I'm only il little pebble in your life." Sho: "Then why dou't you hccome a little boulder?" l, l McClain: Diclja ever hear of the girl that went riding :md only got one shot: l muddy F Erickson: Naw, let's hear it. l McClain: YVell, she 1'CCO11SidCl'Cd. l ' l've chronic indigestion, and my teeth are falling out. I've an alcoholic liver and an awful case of gout. The doctors say that someday I'll have swelling in my knccsg , I've sowed my oats, but say, I've 1-eapcdtsome peachy memories. I i PERSONAL SUPERVISION A -our motto- A VANITY FAIR CLEANING PRESSING T REPAIRING HATS CLEANED AND BLOCKED l Student NVo1'k A Specialty ltr 917 E. BROADWAY T I DIAL 7408 1 - Page 84 it feiizs 44? f ' Q' 1 Ne' "N " ,C 491 A DY ' lfi R' lx I SHNI ENTS W -.,-T, x s DIAL 3114 DORN-CLONEY LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING CO. SU 'l 'FS DRESSES OVERC-OATS ' CTJEANED AND PR-ESSED Any Plain G2l1'lHG11t CICEIIIPCI and Pressed for 51.00. lx iv ff menu Yen F, "'-N. --H JJ, Lousv HIDE- if "' wi THASS THE 391' X f V Q5 QR cmcwm , , , W ' vriulnfg Yugmzu A Am , - V pf - g-ll... f f - gg W M F. sy.-E X"" f'v "' ' MTW S Q ., , lin WHY? finial, 1.1: I D , - .1 Ni 3 X Nov ' 517521654 lf:'-. fi - ' -3 ' "V in-' ' ....,m. XJ JE - :::Ll. :Qfx..,..11, he:-L "' J My ' "K" 'M' -"M ---W '--M 'M H -..... .L.x...,...L,., UNE OFRIESS ESQCOPS QUIET WEEK' ENDS X Page S5 ,fm 131 C-f Y u W- 1, ' w V' N e v! N 'N Y N ,W 1 W wx w w Vl V H ,N , ,M w ua WN xl w , Q1 xg 'Nz i U: ' , , ,, ,S, Yi, wa',3,g5igii av. -.if Jmlkf-U-1 lk .4 ,U VH R" li H EQHTW i iN'FV fi WHERE ST. PAT BUYS HIS BOOKS AND SUPPLIES , 1 MISSOURI STORE CO. Opposite Uou'fue1'sEify Lilnwry COLUMBIA, MISSOVRI Page 86 f A3-ilTv" I E RT l Sliihfllf2N'l1S J X Established 1870 TAYLOR MUSIC 8a FURNITURE Co. Ninth 62 Cherry Sts. Phone 3156 Pepper: "lVrite a short theme containing some reference to the Deity, the nobility and to modesty." Denton: "My Gbdf' said the Countess, "take your hand off my knee." Lady: "I want a fan to match my complexion." Floo ll " H' d ted f t tl t 1 " . IfWV1l cel. " 'an 'main 4 ans a IC nex aiS e. Jack: "And do you know that Lady Godiva rode through Coventry on horse- back with no clothes on P" Freddie: "And what followed ?" Jack: "All the men in the village." The Girl: "I just can't adjust my curriculum." The Frcslnnan: "That's all right, it doesn't show." u First lfraterz "YVl1y don't you furnish ash trays? Second Frater: "That's all right, sit on the bed. ry f we 3 FLOOHS OF QUALITY MERCHANDISE 6'ol:ma-Ilia-'s Dependable Depcm'tm.ent Store Pagz 87 Y. N' 'W' --7-W 1 . if ez ,,-'Till QQAIJVERTISWIEMENTS i . Q 5 W I W ,W W -W IW W W W W W WW WESTINGHOUSE HEAT1NG APPLIANCES W. WESTINGHOUSE MAZDA. LAMPS I WW Wx: EASY WIXSI-IING MACHINES 'M W W JOHN L. PLATT H W Electric Shop ' W KELLOGG RADIOS W W W Buy Your El'Ptffl'I.CfIIZ Derzfcas frrnn. nm Elffchhf Shop. PHONE 5318 17 NINTH ST. WW W W W W W "The pause that 1'ei'resl1es," said the Tech Scratch professor when hc saw the W V comma in a juniorls term paper. ' M I W W ei- W 'IW And again, if all the frosh were placed end to end at :L banquet., they would W reach. - ' ., W WI WW i1' W Of course You have heard of the discarded hnthin 1' suit sonfv. "J:1ntzcn with ' 4 F3 I W. 'W tears in my eyes". ' W 1 'W 'WU IHS :1 wisc bottle that knows its own 71071. W WW l ,W Fraternlty Jewelers WW WWW XVe SIJGCl2l.l1ZG m maiiiiiaetimiig special emblems and pins. WV Estimates and designs furnislied upon request. Your mail orders are solicited. W W WW J. A. BUCHROEDER 81: CO. .Wl MANUFACTURING .IEWELERS WW 1015 Broadway 4010 Louderman Bldg. W Columbia, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. 1 W 5 V Page 83 .:W . W" 53112 Eaiiiizi-vfif 1 ff.igisffN3l4e .... fi - g 4 152412-Wvff 5 f 7 i F ' 5 ' 'N Y '1 Yir ir, YY T V b Al ny HR FISEIVIILINKI S ggi., , stiggg A llrnntleyz Suv Rav :xllow me to Jresent in f wife to foul i . . J . 9 . 3 N Powell: No tlumli you, I lmve one of my own. ' We Phillips: I :un afraid you are ignoring our efficiency system, Vineyard. w ' 'L if Vineyard: Porllnps so, S11'Q but somebody has got to get the Work done. w 1' ' 1 ii , ' ' l lil Euginoc,-1': Mun, where arc your ' ethics? Safety First 17 Years Service Gray: Oli, I traded that for :1 H'ud- Drive yourself cars l' sou. Low rates on country trips T ' sw fl X '- H ll Motor Cop Cufter hard chasej: lg il Yi"hy didn't you stop when I shouted f buck there? ' 1 . 1"l'CflKly Horne fwith twenty-five 1 K cunts in his pockctj: I thought you just ' ,i said "Good morning, Senator." Hu Motor Cop: lVcl.l, you see, Senator, DIAL 4191 FOR SERVICE ' N I wanted to warn you about driving fast through thc next township. l "lD:ulcly. the dog luis littered up the parlor :1gni11." H-Bl'CIlli !lTlytlllI1g'Pu Q, , ' "Oh. no. but sho has four puppies." 2 , 1 . HERE AND THERE H' A ' 7 l liocvut l'CCl71'fl"lJ1'CJ,lliillg flights show it is possible to lmve too many GIN 'm 11 viokeys in l-1:1v:um :md :1 bromo seltzcr in New York. X , 1 ,l ' Custom Agcnt's Song. "Give yourself u pat on the lzipu. " Page S9 3' ca? kb? ia zilif: - Y Y i ' - ---- --., :ga mz.EaJ2'f -e- . if fm' ,, , -...??.,t.---.....-..-M .. -. W " "' f" ' ,. v,.. ,.... ..- ..-,113 T dTT'T'AxE3"TlTT.iV"f4f' N - - v 1 I. T. .' - . m , '4 1 ,xl .- I vi? "ENGINEERING" r M ' EW MERCHANDISING i L 4 , I Take Clothing' for instance-study the real eifort that has been expended H in producing our 519.75 SUITS! 1' Q J.C.PENN YCQ COLUMBIA, MISSOURI EN GINETH JOE mf FINAL HEY How'o YA HW ' E' THAT TRUE 8 FALSE WAS EASY Jo . 3 QUIZ IN MACHINES? ma. - f E 5 - ' . .1-I, - S. T C cc 'ifdff ks, N' ""' '4" ..4:::f:e' 1' i ?5lI!f5?!f E. sv HuH?-wau.,- WH T Panos 'D0N'T A A 419 HAVE SLCOND-HANDS! PROBLEM? 'V t E. T.dd WHY-THAT X Q, f 5 'T . MENU Q? X wafiwggfgf! TG' li:-', wk Page Q0 I gf! T4 11,4 i RU V,-,---,u,,.,h,,,,AA+w.AY, WMS Page QI ADV EPR 'I' I S IEIVI ENTS THE FIRST SHAMROCK THE LAST SHAMROCK AND ALL OTHER SHAMROCKS Printed and Bound bv E. W. STEPHENS PUBLISHING CO Engineers Keep Their Traditions. 'B Y if Vi QWWQI, , , If 935. A .. g. iq 51: temp NURSERY RIIYMES FOR ENGINEERS Mothcr's in the kitchen washing out the bottlesg Sister's in the pantry taking oil' the lnbelsg F:1ther's in the cellar mixing up the hopsg Joh1my'S on the front porch VV2ltClllIlL' for the Cops. Sec-Sow Marjorie Daw How do you like your new Master? "Hc's much too old, and good as goldg 1 like them young, :md f:1Ste1"'. Hickory-clickory-doeli Two mice ran up the soekg One stopped :Lt the garter, The other was smurtcrg Hiekory-dickory-dock. At night when sudden tremors shake And ngitnte the cnsementg The cause muy be :1 distant quake, Or raisins in the basement. So this must end as all things dog This is the endg our tale is told. And may it help you recall these days Xvllllll you'rc out in the world in it's iight, for gold. May this bool: bridge the gulf of time, And carry you hack on the trail of the years Buck to your youth :uid your college days, With 'their hopes and joys and sorrows and fears. Back to thc memories of yesterday, lVlheu you lolled on the mounds and bulled and gas About Profs :md grades, :md now :md then Looked at the legs of' the girls who passed. J. H. R. sed Pfurf '93 r i il ll l il l l i l 'i l if .wc .MQ 1 i W E --, J ' W l..l . . ,.. v s. T .J -M-f 3 Wf Tf11 W M ft M ne ra 4 l y agf 94 DEAN OFFICE 2,3 X X . 20 Q X ln.-A x illil - 6, Y, Bm'-f THE END The students get the Shamrock, The college gets the fzune, The printer gets the money, And the Staff' gets all thc blame ...

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