University of Missouri College of Engineering - Shamrock Yearbook (Columbia, MO)

 - Class of 1928

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University of Missouri College of Engineering - Shamrock Yearbook (Columbia, MO) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Cover

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H- - Mm 4-f- - f . ,- .. ,, I I, 3, I, I III I I. II II I W I xi- IIII -f gf' I Ihillwlil IKI- ' - .I L I 5 19' .C -1"' , I A I ,I L?,I-I I . il I. II .I ,I I I . II I-IIIII III " I II I II1 I I -, I I - Y I' V I 15' 1. f' . 751 .V "Q 11 . ' -r"' "' "F -'41 .F ' ? .MIM 'hip 1 r f I ' 9 45 . r ' In X. """9" M I - ' 1 -'VI -' if-' ' f-"' .ll' 3 ' 5 'II I I "3 I " ,,. QII 1 I 3 -I ' 1 31- ' " rv'-' ' M :Q - I ' 'I '1 L I... I I ,Ji Il - 1 - . . . -II . I I -I' . I, . I 1. IIEIII Is IIIIIIII I I. - - III, .1 D ' I ' "' I'I I-'I -.3 1I .' .I . , - ' ' I.. ' E9 - 11. I.- I I- 'ng a+' 1 .. 1 1 1 I. . ... . 1, -I-- , . M. - . --I-IL, I II- .. . ' -I -if 1 1 .I. 1. 113 I bm - r . I ,-:II , . ' 1- I- "fi L- r -' in - 1 1117 .J I '- 1' '77, "'--'f' . ... ' . I ...' If.. I I ,Q-gr 1 ' 1 i I IIWIIIIII. ,I Ii, I .I I M. ...L I I , II IIIIII III I II III., II. 'LE I 111 . - I I .I I I I . in -II I . IH tu - K I 1-I , , - . , +I- 't-I'-'-I Hr? - ,' 1 , H ' 1 "J ' 'L . ..- .I I I I I I I. nl .. I... I I ,I 1+ - 'ix ,-L ,II 11 ' I 1-m"N ' ' I 1' '- , '-- I Q - -' II. . I 1 . - 'III 1.-1 '- u r I II, Ir.I ..I r I, fi , lipn -" I-. , '-I ma- ..- "1 I. H -J 'Inrl ' 1. ' 'II , F 1 A, '1 . 11' pf II .II I1 Q-I I 1 1 . I 1 'if'-.I ,.IIIIr -Yi II III -I--Ig - I I -I I-Ii -II I, I 'III I IIII ,. . i I II .I I . I , I .r . f -1 IIII II IIIITI 1- ' -::'.. - - 1' .arf I ."' Y- . lf' -: ' Iliff' -.. X' . .M ' i'?f5'f-.I -' . .- .I .... I . . . - . Q I 1-f . ,I . 1"-.. Q- rl . I I II I .I - .If -' I, - 'I ..- - 111515 I-1, 5 .-II' 1 V' 1 P Ik ' y' H - f Y I 1.I W .III I I I ,II .Il 5 I-151 I 5 ' , api' -1 -' 1 Y H , I 1 If- I 1 ' 1 , ' "II'I I. 1"n' 'J' -""-I I ' , ' ' '11 f l , -I I-A I WIIIQLJII ku: -IIII I 1- .II Hff I II II-I I. I II -I-'. .. ' I, '11 -I.: - , ' '-3' I. -QI -:1'-.-,II 11, 14... I I I 54 ..1I' 1 5 . 5 Z. ' .' -Il ' 'f'1'SIII' I'I-35 r W ,I III I.-'I .LI LII If-II I II II . .EE.I1If 'I . 5..- - .'1- I I'I I I J -I' -" I A U1 -1-- - - I 911: A - L -' ,. I' ' I'IIj IE'-I -4-wi-,U I. '.Ig :I III 'I 'I-,ln I -1 I II III II: -- V I -II-. I I ,AEIIII I II I I ., .II 45 . In .. - 1' I . f - I .I I L... . I1 II If I I N717 I II . -I III- -- I. -- I1 .I - I -III I .I I1ZI ,- I I I, I J I I II II I - I, Il I 1 I.. ,III . III.. .III II.IfgII .II I -I . . . ""Hf:-Il".-fm' . 11.2. '+1f ...ff I- II . - 1 -if .--if .-.I fi '- I-I . I 1 I-.IH . .. ff 1'r ....I.... -if I fr I- I I f I - . Ii - In, I II 1- -I I -4 I - Ig. I I. -..I,'. 'Q"I x ' d"I 1 I I -I 4I1-1 I'.I A 1 - A I I - - . TTI .1'k?L1qj -Hi QI -' n YI' ' 1 -' 'Ft - TTU uh- -' r - Y H "' III . --is ' .I ' -I ' -, . .If ' 'I I' -" 's ' 1 I. 1 Rr. .I 1III'I'1. L WE, I KJ ,- ' III.. L xII - I .LII I I ' IIQIIII I ,auf QI I, qi I .IJ i I r !l A .III I, I I..III . LII 'n ' Ir' , I. 1 "2'I."" ' -I, Ig. ,II I I In II I fi.. II ,EI 'PII-I 5, ' I- I II-IAIIII I TI .Z I III - II J IBN - 1- 1 P1 - - . +1--'f -. I I II.- II 'I I IIIJI "If 1 III-IIII I .IJ -Ap II . 412. '!'r.I ' II I 70:1-Ig:II"g , II IF, I I I .I ,,-I, , I .II I I-I f I, I ., . , - -Ei I I , . I,1'IT I WI -II 'Iii TIIQ .1 L ,I lj, ru, -I I 4. .. 1 ' I 1 ' 3 . . 716' I.,-V 1' " A ' ' 1 1 L-..I-IIHIII -I IIIIQ-I' ff HI. ,uf I- I.. - IIIL.-i -' I,-II I II I I . L 1 ' I " TEL' ' P. .ff I . 'I .II I I 'I -. I-I Ig I ,I - '1' -fg. I I . - ISI..-II... III.L.., . '.- I - :-1'-. Lg' " I I Iy..fIIII I I: t. -I 11: A I .LI JFQI In I-I I fi in A Ai Y at I g 1 1 I EW" '11-n ag- Av' ' I: -551: ' Q J if If f 'L ink f - - 1 I fu Y I- ' 1 11 -- .1'If I 2-16, . II T Ir . I II I. .I-1, l1I-AI I I ,. 3 ,II . II I I I.-. " 1 in-Q11 I-Q 'L --1 '..- ' - '. -' II 'lif -' ' 'QV"'.1 I W. 1 . I WI.. .1I.I1I.I,. I II14: '-is.I'IIIdg' ' I -4 l IPA" u F Ill'-W 'IIIlII11-If -WI I I I ' I if - , r' I f- "If, .1 I : 1 f I -I f, -' 11 vga- I . - , I .-- . f 1 laugh . .' In-: . ..- :L ..- -:....m5:...f...'...a llfk - Y -' E- A -I: 4 1-is if: :W 'F'-1 I -T., -, w . ' v Ylirr 7-74 ba gs m Wi SE M 5' . 5 , 3' 4 I .gg -4 eg fg',g,,!'eg 'L lic, QQ il we S 21 gag, 1. Ev ' H' 'B' Sie" iii? 'ska EU Gbrhvr nf 'ignnkz Qlhvmiraln Oliuila filrrtrimln illivrhaniraln CEPITPYEII ua UE 1928 Dublisheb bg The Siubents in the College 013 lgngineering Sipairickt Dag TTI 1 I mm Uhr Obuvrn. Eli iz miih thv grratwt uf prihv ihat mr Enginrvra prwrnt Mizz ilmargueritv Smith, the Qburvn nf Si. 1gEIf1'fIk,5 162111. 311 in nut an hnnur in he lightlg rnnsihrrrh, amil 1112 truer? her fur th? hvzrutg :mil hvpth nf rharartrr Thai hmm mnn fur hm' thin irihute. NW . -X, f Rik Y T X 'QLZEEH of St.j9a,1:ric?f5J3aZZ 1925 5BamrocBIfl- f - 1 vi A W Ni! wXW 'VQKT b- 04 if NX X A L N ll J J 1' X T X w W 1 T X . X . 31 T Nm .XwX X I 4+ T X , X A 'M J I Q . N U X X U X. . X. X 1 ll X ' W y X E. L. HAGAR J. L. PIABIILTON, JR. X1 .Editor Bu.yines.s' Zilanager 'E 'W THE STAFF of L LX THE 1928 SHAMROCK X1 E. L. HAGAR ............... .- ...,................ Editor X J. L. I'IA1N1ILTON --- --- Business JnIlfl7l.llg6T VV. J. TOMFORD .... - .... Assoc-iate Erllitor 'V R. C. FERGASON --- ........... Art Ezlitor XXX C. A. REI-IBEIN --- -- :1dUff'l'fiSi71,g Zllanager 'lx' C. F. GAST .... ....... P lzotographev' ' R. C. HASE .................................... Lettering HN N JU ' W XX 1 NX, ' w H ' J 4 X Y 3' TOMFORD Gfxsrr FERGASON HASE REHBEIN . N 1' Page 6 T gm g1Q.4L,.4fsm,. A L 41' 42 i . w-+,f.Jgi5Q T ii ifmlie limimzvz Sill--M-M-e-M--is-I-Q---life 25, ,Q ll i v li F l F l Foiemvfoiep p fills peppesentatives 0? the Engineeos l we have tzvied to depict with peiiand lense p iheiie life io one college. iii ai sense we ape i loeedoomecl to Fsliluoe, because nothing so Fine anciso ,glorious as The spieit of the Engiheeos can be phologmpheel nop can it be pictueeci with dpab szcijeciivesrl-Ioweverz we can ppeseiit ai chivonicle oi' the events io the past college yeae and let theoeadeif judge ibn himsell? We have endeevopeclio make it as Full and as eepoeseiiiative as possible, and one only hope is that our efforts will meet with the approval ol' those who enieusied us with the honort l Tkgwf il P g 7 x, Q2--fa: H life-ifeiigi 5 X wg- -I 1 , if--"ig , ' i ------f'i'?i'filiw 5.-:":Bwrvwro'ci?J+ QFDIC-S47YON To those zkzohvfdoels whohhowhest the sfzoetoozzzhzgs of the QHQYHEQP- those 1011? suhaehzkp eoozn-Qofes who ehthzee the abuse ofhis fllhofhor eho' the hloffheeeehee ofhls pleeserzt hozzes-to those from Whom the eh- gfheeff e1eoiVesh.s ihspioetioh 8110, to Whom he gives the least ooeoht- to those Who sheoehzs hfotzoles sho' ehoifess poyeety es they z22oVe ehofzt hoom ohe place to another hz the Vein hope that hemoy some oizy make ez limp Wage- - to those ,oetieht sotzls, the whfes of the ehgineeos, this Shamoook of 1925 is sympethetyoelhf oeoheeteoi -111.11- CHE ICAL UCt0Il'illl'01'S, liars, u1:1l'h sharks, Lords of :1 thousand smellsg They are umsters of brew, Of good mountslin dew, Of stuff' that no text book tells. Liars, husters of test tubes, Theirs is IL pungent enreerg You can tell by his phiz That il homely guy is A Chemical Engineer." Page 9 fgj5'1'+-'ll---1-L--effzlflle Slfiwlvvll'-rvcfilfe Mifizg i ' ' 4 v me A u. . if N 1 BoscH, HERBERT M. CMikej, '29 jefferson City A. Ch. E. Just returned from a long fuamtion. 4 w BROUS, S. L., JR. CSamJ, '28 Harrisonville Triangle, A X E, A. Ch. E. An academic engineer. l CONDIT, D. J. CDorriej, '28 Bartlesville, Okla. 5 T, T B U, Scabbard and Blade, H M E, Polo Team '24-'25-'26-'2S. N A true parlor gladialdr. W R N FOELLER, EDWARD P. fEd.b, '31 St. Louis A71 angel in dliglliff, hut a good HARDEY, KARL W., ,29 wV8l'fCDSbUYg I K A, An atheist, he d0EJ7ZJf heliefve in Santa Claus. F f l , HARLIN, VVESLEY E., '28 Sedalia 1 Gives us all the hum seal: at the Hall. w Y l KRUSE, PIARRY J. CSketchb, ,29 St. Louis T 4' K. Burbank II, tried to! grow rose: in fhe gym laxt . St. Pafx. 1 J N E Lxuss, Llzwls CPe1-cyl, '27 Webb City T1sI1,.xXz,11M2,23 I He wax a freshman when Awe 'wore three-rornererl .1 Ira IIJZTJ. 4 Q Pa fa I0 'i'- G -Q f-,,., J. ' MJJXF: f ,.. - aww -i, Ulis g:.mi.iri11'oc-i,f mf, ,FJ fl, .u. 3 ,L 4 .1 , , I " it it 1 ' A i 5- Pzzsszfs' 14 V'- l r ', . . A , i ' , . .. 1 7 . L , , . ii'1-sm A P ur MILLER, ROGER L., '28 Slater Acacia, A K 27, Pres. A. Ch. E. '.,MI, in All-Engifzcering Ca1npu.r King. NASH, W. H. CHamJ, '28 St. Louis Q A K, A. Ch. E. Betz he fwont take calc again. OSTERLOH, R. H. CBiubj, '28 Joplin df 1' A, A X E, Univ. Band, A. ch. E., Sec'y M Eng. Club '28, Sec.-Treas. Senior Eng. '28, Sec.- Treas. A. Ch. E. '27-228, Pres. Freshman Engi- neers '25. Dropped his bottle in the .vladiuln at the Nabraska game Iaxt fall. Rnmism, Ci-zfxnmzs A., ,29 Sr. Louis . A K, A. Ch. E., Advertising Manager I928 Shamrock. ' Once came to an Engine meeting by mistake. A ' REHNER, JOHN, JR. CChubby'D, ,29 Kansas City Triangle, A X E, A. Ch. E. , "Only I3 hours E, son? I'rn ashamed of you." ,. Q VVILLIAM, HERBERT H., y29 Kansas City A. ch. E. A Quiet? Ilfell, we rlon't lmfw. ' Q l Bugmr., W. H. CBillj, ,3I Mabel-ly H K A, Glee Club, Pistol Squad. . Bleek and quiet as an Ingersoll fwatch. Y agei II , Q. 1 ,J. . 5 '5 5 vw-. Lexar ?QG"'f--L--fi'Cil5f Z1'l,'i5av1f15ocfiy'Ql-F-fwuif - 0' 4 Z Nj A H I w, I H I I 5 Bnous, Por, NASH, INDonu, CALHOON, I.1L1cs MEYER, REI-IBEIN, CARNES, HANNEGIXN, MARKS, Boscx--1, Gu1N'1-ER, MILLEI1 HARLIN, SCHAEFER, PERSINGE11, Korcsmcn, R. INIILLER. N ASSOCIATION OE CHEMICAL ENGINEERS R. L. MILLER --- A ...... P1-Amlfmt IV. H. NASH --- --- Vice-Presiflmzvt S. L. Bnous, JR. -- --- Sec.-Treas. D1G7Ilb67'S W, Boscl-I, HERBEHT HARLIN, VV. OSTERLOH, R. H. I Q' CHANCE, F. P. HORNE, F. REI-IISEIN, C. A. 1,1 CRAIG, J. HUNTER, F. S. REIJNER, JOHN Jn. I' CRUCE, H. A. KILBURN, P. E. IVEINBERG, A. ,,' FOELLER, ED. Knusrz, H. WVILLIAMS, H. H. JM 3 Page I2 5 ? 'v +7 fain: , mgixvg I I 1 , lF'p,,F, 4--'L-1v"?'f 4. -V if Sf 'v -Q -N ,wwf f w W 'ltir .H fd 4.71.3 '- F?" im ' e AIHG, 4 Z' 4 " - , fdfffl vlibqxy 4.51 fx 4-NM xv. -S Fir M13 r NP- E xx. :fk V" .fffx 'iff if wiFNHl.'flm X " MQ' b -YW: - gt xx ,gbbgiii I 4 V NINQN I ,Xt if-lv.. NIE! vi!-K A ..-A Z. 1 ' ' Au F -- . " '1 f, f fi ' '4 Qifrr Phi' ' . -' - ,n ff . -X n -ff Tg"if.',-vim f?'YEnv'1a.--',M'3R. ' F,-re' ' Y N ' HT 1 ?'5iT3f,5!"f A - I R .-if Aw! , . ., af.:1.- .fffi f,z,ff-f .. .,f-1 -'-iw TNQ? Aix? wx, J ,fy -"-L. QL- "'UTY? f"! l 'fEf1f1S?f'Y Ei? XE:-g b 1-ff- .a + - J--- -r- -aff-.-:5Q.-:Q -A A ! if ,LLZQFTE-F?s9Lgx".: ' -3-.1-igj"-,j b-gfE3i,gi5 if Su l fg g' X lf' - , . Q11 'ivy ..:,, '-v' -1-- . NL--. x ,.. . 1 ..-1-:mtl -1 E 'Claim - PTA' - '- ' ""' 4 ' U 'D -ir -,A- 5 ,f" ',, ---,ia - " ll' ,:-2'-4,,:,,.i-:Lg - I ' 4- .Effie-a 'K i jff ,ar-'gp U U ' . 115311 I ' I 'L-fl , fp urs,-Q K 7321 L1 011 . aw Q' 1.. , x :em - Q J rr ! 2 L. 5 ., ' ,gf It ml vqi N' X' ,gn-fp SRXEA , 4 f f ""' - f w m K I ' - L 1 f f f' - ,Y i 'iff 5 f'vfT:'N'N -A I - D ,il I K NYM' E FW "4' H 'I -i' A 'X 'V M CIVIL "YVl1:1t herd of animals is this, That dcsccmtes the Quudg Tlmt here and yon is frisking on And hoofing up the sod, YVith nmny :L tootll-brush musta And top boots multi-sizcdg che, yea, ',FIlCy,1'C rmimnls as yet, but say,- Becoming Civil-izcdf, Page I3 lfzll gllamroclif' A ANDREWS, BILL, '28 Princeton T B ll, A. S. C. E. By his hat ye .rhall knofw him. BROOKS, N. G., ,SI Sr, Louis Goody! ? ! BROWN, BYRON QBrownieJ, ,SI Canton, Dhio Too twzder to roast well. CANAHL, J. A., '28 Oklahoma City, Olcla. X A X, A. S. C. E. life lenofw fwho'll be boss of his family. CHADWXCK, J. E., JR., ,29 Montgomery Band. Jock-Built like ll beanstallz. CHILES, F. P. fPeteJ, '28 Silver Lake, Kan. Triangle, A. S. C. E. Yer, helv a real county surfveyor. DAVIS, L. A. CLarryl, '28 Marceline Triangle, Scabbard and Blade, Razzers, A. S. C. E., R. O. T. C. Major. Pulled n fast one on W'ei11ie. EATON, W. R., '28 Lockwood A. S. C. E. D06J'7l,f llaflle to lhinkj his .rister does it for him. GREEN, EARL, '28 Dexter A. s. c. E. , Has Il clean shirt and zz dirty past. HASENRITTER, E. CRabbitj, '28 Hermann Scabbard and Blade, A. S. C. E. In the old days, Hermann 'was zz good iofwn. 4 v ukj .wow----1--'Q I Jlife ,?g'bLll?liT0Clli'-'-'--Y o .... VKZZVVE iff Q A u ' IIOFFMAN, S. E. CBaronJ, '28 St. Louis X Triangle, A. S. C, E. The perfect lofver,' makes Romeo look like a . bashful boy. , , . HOLMBERG, H. H., '28 Brunswick lllake: a good ad for arrofw collars. v ' V , HOLMBERG, J. F., '28 Brunswick ' .lust another Sfwede. W 3 l HUNT, GEORGE L., '28 Appleton City A. S. C. E. llfhat excuse 'will he have for going to school next . year? U l I KAHRS, G. R. CDickj, '28 Versailles T13-1T,A.S. C.E. ,mi fllmost II prof in materials lab A LEMERT, FRANK L., '28 Columbia TBn,A.s.C.E. Leased the school for a decade. l l MARTIN, RICHARD, '31 Boonville 113 K xll. - l Another citizenship fviclim. MCGINLEY, CHARLES T., '29 Columbia V H M 27, A. S. C. E., Officer R. O. T. C., Glennon l Club, Junior Treasurer, '28. ll It fwalla: and tnlklv. 1 l ' MCMAHON, Trios. J. CMacj ,3I St. Louis V Ill K, May not he II ladyis' man, hut har all the quali- ,ly 4 fimtions. l ' . MEGOWN, VV. P. CMacJ, '29 New London Honest' Fellenf! No guy can kick me in the back X ' ' 1. of the Jtomaeh. A ,. ,F L I Page I5 L ro. h, Q 5 I . tj - g,11f-1,4-'sl . l.-- s-hQ,L-Q l I 'Y --- .. f . P' ' . A . l"',C'l"'ii"""""ii T lit Simon otfil- H-h'1'w'Lf C: . . , .3 sg Af 2 MEYER, OTTO H., ,29 Columbia T B 11, H M E, Pistol C'lub. Had to ba' rojnetl lo get a .mil an him for the pic' ture. MONROE, ROY R., '28 Columbia A. S. C. E. Locnl prmlrzmr arerft alfways mare. POTTER, J. H. qNigy, '22 sedans f Pres. A. S. C. E. Frerpzenily get: up in the morning and ask: for , ice fwatcr. t l l POWELL, RAY F., ,29 Montgomery City A. S. C. E., Univ. Band, St. Pat's Board. Greases ilu' plate: at fhe Jinx. I 1 SUPER, YVILLIAM L. qBi11y, '28 DeSoto ll, Triangle, Scabbard and Blade, A. S. C. E., Pistol Team '25-'26-'27-'28, Pistol Club, Campus 1 Squad, Sec.-Treas. Junior Engs. Hz' and Stanley both play the piano. U l l SCHMIOK, GEORGE W., '28 Kirkwood Mystical Seven, Homecoming 327, St. Pat's Board '24-'25-'26-'27-'28, Student Vice-President. , I His ofwn presx agent and advertising manager. SCHVVAMB, ROY G. fPetej, '28 New Haven Triangle, II T E. Head of Harrix' "Jelly" Roll. ' l SUTTON, STANFORD M., '28 Macon l T B IT, 1 "Dr. Jeleyl"-lVIr. Hydelr a.vsi.vta1zi. V l WILSON, JOHN R. Cjuggerj, ,gr Mound City W " His 1zick11arnt' is izzcriminaling. , 3 it Page 16 vi 'o QU 1- .' I 4' 4' .fmw A A if-.J-it RI-III----+-IIIf55. 5a.IIIfIIf0.IzII IIfI:1Iw, if 01? Lb II ,I I IV II- Z P . Ly' v pnglffwi DAVIS, POVVELL, KAHRS, MONROE CARnwIa1.I., SUTION, LEMERT, ELZEA, EATON WII.I.IAMs, HUNT Hosl-:INs, ANDREWS, CANAHL, GREEN, DEAN MCCAUSTLAND, POTTER THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS BIISSOURI UNIVEIISITY STUDENT BRANCH HIGIJON POTTER -- .............. ---- :ELBERT I-IASENRITTIIR A.NDRlCXVS, B. L. BECKNER, EARLII: CIIILES, F. P. CANA1-IL, J. A. CARDWVELL, T. L. DAVIS, LARRY DAWKINS, FRED DICIISON, J. L. EATON, VVILLIAM R. GREEN, EARL HASENRITTER, E. HOFFL'IAN, SAMUEL HOSIQINS, JESSE Members -------------Pl'GSi!lGTLt - - - -Sec1'eta-ry-T1'er1I.s'zu'er HUNT, GEORGE KAI'IRS, DICK LEINQIERT, FRANK ILICGINLEY. C. T. MIEYER, XVILLIAINI MONROE, ROY H. POTTER, J. H. POWELL, RAY SAPPER, W. L. SCHWVAMB, R. G. STEINMAN, JOHN VVILLIAMS, E. J. Page ,, 5. 4 II I I' I II I I I I III I I II I II I II I I I 'II I I II II II Ii! , I I 1' II I II I? I If is I II III If VS U".3xQig'A K I-----:rosa seffiinfofayes----wg ' 4 Qi 4 SHE AND I. We'x'e built a bridge that many men Have strangely marvelled der- Its fame has spread the country through, N Crowds come to see, inspect, reviewg They stay .to-praise, adiniire, to do Me honor--set great store By my ability, and then, They ask if I, and I alone, Built that great bridge of massive stone. Ah, no! I cry, 'twas she and I, That built that bridge, ,Twas she and I. You see, she's with me all the while - Though really far away- I know sheis thinking as I work, 1 Her urging will not let nie shirk, Discouragement ne'er dare to lurk llfithin my breast-ah, no! That were not worthy me 1 Nor her, whose loving hopeful thought Makes sure Life's battles nobly fought- For bye and bye, just she and I Must build our Horne, Just she and I. -M. E. s. B. l Page I3 'e ,W fr airs-sin., J-elf'-Y, I --f-if-Q-Iii V 7 .V X X, X ELECTRICAL "Alexa-k :md l":x1-ndny! Alas! YV:1tt shall, wc do! XV'C,l'C far f1'0l11 ohm YVitl1 :1 big Coulomb, And a polo :md :m zunpcrc, too! And wL:'rc haunted by :1 wicnic YVl1ile n B :md H curve scowls. AIlLltl1C1' volt, And wc fccl we'll bolt, As if bit by :1 hlllldlffd joulesf' Page IQ J -li-4613s 5.v8ofnroc3.lI?---fnijgl M 1 .I AI.LIsON, GEORGE C. CAD, 329 Joplin Triangle, Student Senate. V I Persomml inspector, Christian College. IIN ,I ANDES, CLIFFORD, ,3I Mound City W W Plans Io be an eleclriral befruzse his brother is. 1 W, Poor deluded boy! 1 ANDES, Emu. T. fAndyJ, '28 Mound City 1311 f H. K. N., A. I. E, E. W'h11t a lol of lies he must lmfue told poor Clifford. fl ATKINSON, MAURICII, '28 Columbia ' A. I. E. E. ll fllmast made A E E. ' BAIN, JOHN GEORGE fBingJ, '29 Clayton Triangle. . "I 'ont fill fwc'Il." ll l X- BAKER, ROBERT V. CBobj, '28 ' Linn 'jill I H. K. N., A. I. E. E., .N X 1 A A A Consulting Engineer. l' ll I I HL n 4 1 n UI BODEN, JAMES A. fjimmiej, '28 Pine Lawn wi! A, I. E. E., Pistol Team '24-'25-'26-'27. 'il ' . . ' Terh Scratch d1dn't teach hzm to spell. BONDURANT, D. C. CConniel, '30 Charleston A E flf, ' Has lhe initials of a good elcctriml. l l I ' l BURLBAW, E. C., '28 Farmington N A.I.E.E.,IIME,TB1T. Il!! Slrong for the siudenl nurses. I In ' BIJRNHAM, EDWIN B. QRedj, '29 Ironton . A. I. E. E. W Rooms with Varnum. Tfwa babes in a flat. -7 Page 20 if .9 'I - - - I O 2 no n O Q. 1. ? ,. 1 3. If- 52145: 3.iCs..,----1'1'Zf3fle Qllarrxrotlilf fb' A -f 3 lm "ii 'U ?,fg5,.A1fai 15 ' 1 5 ll vt CARDINELL, JOHN T., '31 Mound City A Another man Andes misled. Ill CHINN, FLOYD T., ,29 Vandalia 3 H, K. N., T B 11, Tl M E, St. Pat's Board, Pres. y Junior Engs. , Hot W'ad'.f .ride kick. 5 COLLINS, OGIE B. COgD, y29 Minimum Rifle Club. ' Just a little bit from Minimum. COURTNEY, CARL R. CDe'aconj, '29 S. Greenfield V, , A. I. E. E. X Lifve: in the Ozarks, goes bare-fooled during the , .rum rrzrrlilne. , 5, l 'I l Cnow, GEORGE L., '29 Carthage ' ', H. K. N., A. I. E. E., St. Pat's Board, Memorial , l' Campaign, Homecoming Committee ,27. 1 Hfhallr he got to crofw about? W Duvuvucic, GLENN L., '28 Macon 7 T B Il, 2 II P, A,1,E,E, ,N Came lmck to flnixlz at Ole Illizzau. ll l DUNN, CHARLES V. iChat-liej, '28 Urich 3, Triangle, H. K. N., A. 1. E. E. Stayed out a year and came back double. ,N ll ll EDMONDSON, GEORGE B. fSlimj, '29 Seneca 'N Missouri Musketeers, N. R. A. Club, Rifle Team 1 ' ll '25-'27-'28. l il Shoots a .wicked line. " ,ii ,N 'l il EWING, GEORGE M., '29 ll ffihdllffii of hir home tofwn. l FAIR, FRANK, y29 Marshall ll 2 N, ll The d11l1g6'f0llA' Sigma Nu. Page 21 . 5231 4 l ll . l ,. ,g5nn.f8ciayE- -T--1 Tn. -A 'S i- ll Ji .,.,,,,. .,. .--.,..,.... l L O 'ii FOLTZ, R.xLPr-1 A., '28 Dearborn , A. I. E. E. l hf'einia'.f right hand man. l l GOVE, HAROLD E., '28 Linn . H. K. N., T B ll, U M E, A. I. E. E. l l . l ' 5 If he live: he has a future. l ll l l HAG.-XR, EDVVIN L. CLOOJ, '28 Joplin W as Triangle, Editor 1928 Shamrock, Assoc. Editor ' 1927 Shamrock, Pistol Team '24-'2 -'26. V 5 ,N Mrmher of the fDL'fI7!lHlE7If student body. ' l ll lwli HAMILTON, JAMES L. JR. Cjimmyj, '28 Clayton will A K, Scnbbard and Blade, H. K. N., A. I. E. E., ' Pres. Senior Eng., Adv. Mgr. Shamrock ,27, H Bus. Mgr. Shamrock '28, ' , - 1 V, ' 'H Eight hour: 07lgi7lI,'L'7'i71g, ten hourx Kappa. l W ' L... A I 1, 11 , I-Lxiuus, R. ELLIOT, JR., '29 Hannibal 3 is 1 Triangle, Pistol. il Dean Millfr': right hand man. ,N . ll A i HEEMEIER, WM. O. QBilIj, ,3I Morrison ll , ll M Triangle. E if ll usszaeg , -- it H ill Carried home about half the Central Dairy one W lx l X night. l , ' PIOLMES, XNM. R. CBillj, '28 Troy l, H H. K. N., T B H, University Band. l W Keejvs tht' Zetax safe from harm. l ll l .L '3 , l Iuwm, TVILL.-XRD L. CBillJ, '28 Trumann, Ark. l 1 ' T B Ui, H. K. N., A. I. E. E. A Ona of the hast horrofwer: in the class. , ' R M ' JACKSON, HARLEY lOne Inchj, ,29 Paris 3 ' ' A. I. E. E. , ll il Du11't he frzislfd, he maze.: from Paris'-Missouri. ,. l 1 JENKINS, RUSSELL C., '28 Union Star L H il Acacia. Q, Ht' 'b0!l57l'f able to teach, .ro he became a .rtudent I again. Page 22 li 2. 1, EZEQDJQMO ' gl!! "7 ' " " ,fi " 'Z " ' Q 7Q . Q lnlighlfg, -v-'P' -1' 'Q 'lr X 1m'f+-1'--------"ri Laila: nuiroellll' ri ' 5 .IK .5 1 JONES, NEWELL K. fKnuperD, '29 DeSoto l Triangle, Treas, junior Engineers. Say: a car is fworlh more than sex appeal. KENNISH, JOHN S., l29 Mound City A A. I. E. E. The original Mound City "Blue: Blofwerf' IQOOPMAN, RICHARD CDickJ, '28 'Wright City Acacia, T B fl, A. I. E. E. V Still working latt semeJter'.f problems. Loman, CHAS. N. CSrubby5, '28 NVesron The boy engineer whose haircut design is entirely original. MUENCH, ROLAND fRedj, 28 Lexington H. K. N., A. I. E. E. The ugliest man in school. NEBEL, JOHN K., '28 Columbia X A X, H. K. N. The little hoy fwho lilce: big girls. NEITZERT, CARL. CNC3tZ6l'tD, '28 Columbia T B II, H. K. N., Tl M E, A. I. E. E., Vice- President Se-nior Engineers '28, Can tell the fworxt Jlorier of any man in the rollege. PoLl.ocK, SAMUEL I-I. CSamJ, '28 Kansas City U M E, A. I.' E. E. He Jay: a gentleman Jhould not fwear -whiskerx. REHAGEN, ELMER S., '28 Kansas City 'I-I. K. N., Treas. A. I. E. E., Glennon Club. ii You mn'l tell 'whether he'.r going to Jay anything or not 'til he get: through. Rounouss, TOM E. fRoddyJ, '29 Vandalia H. K. N., IT M E. Too yrmng to he out alone. I IL, esp. fi I i li ii il l l lll ii, if ll ml l 3 'E 1 li -, 54?a!u,1"' A A-A A A A iowlin shim-1 fi. I ll XA I fu ' " ' .ew ' X I 'XA r 4 A XX .X 1El'jQ gL3llo111roc Rf ---?-v w'Qvg We f .' ii .1 ' 2' -' C l l ' Scnoouav, C. E. Qliarlj, '28 Bolivar X H A K, H. K. N., Q. E. B. H., A. I. E. E., Student Senate, Pres. Soph. Engs. '26, V.-Pres. All Soph. li 1 '26, Pres. All Seniors '28, Pres. Eng. Club '28, ' ' St. Par's Board '26-'27, Homecoming Commit- X XX 2 tee '28, ' Gel: pink perfulned letters from Bolifvnr tllrougb l l, 1' Mrs. Hurry. l X " SCHOTT, L1oNE1, fSchockieJ, 28 Sedalia ii T B H, H. K. N., Il M E, sr. Pat's Board, ,X R. O. T. C. i ' A Aspire: Io die fwitb bi.: boot: on. 1, li X i il ll SELVIDGE, HARNER, 'gr Columbia U ii St. Pat's Board. 3' X' ' Like father like son. l, SMITH, J. G. Cjimmiej, '31 Columbia I K A, A ' 4 IVberefver I ga I Ienfve 11 trail of broken heartx. ilu ' ' u ' , STRICKER, GEORGE CNewsyJ, '30 Morrison X il' l Triangle. iX ' E Our lending vzefzvxpajfer fritic. " X , ' ' VAN PFRUMP, Joe, '31 Polo Ilfbo made lrzunjh? l l VARNUM, joslzmi B. Cjoeb, '29 Boonville St. Pat's Board '26-'27, Treas. Eng. Club '27, Homecoming Committee '27. "Norm about these due: . . ." X VENRICK, FRED QFrirzj, '29 Smithville Q , A K, gl l Know: more about the tbrotlling calorimeter than Harlin PV. Hibbarri. ' VVEISER, LANVRENCE lBudj, 'go McKittrick Triangle, Pistol, Treas. Soph. Engs. in Chief .ralesman Hermann Interior Decorating " Company. l L li ll Pnge 24 Y i 'V I A 2 .1 Q5 'lsyvffm JY, V V JP! 13!,:XqQg-,f11l -ff 2-----H f --- - J , f Y' f x K nz ggvvegw -------- 1 lic 5211551 mmf: fill' ""?""""-"l""iQ1Z. P. Q., W. .Fig Hd IQ'-I Top Row-ScIIOOI.Ev, REI-IAGEN, CROW, DUNN, MUENCH, CHINN, JOHNSON Second Row-RODIIOUSE, HOLMES, ANDES, HASE, IRWIN, BAXKER Third Row-HAMILTON, GOVE, EVVING, NEITZERT, VVELLER, SCHOTF, SPURGEON ETA KAPPA NU PROFESSIONAI.. lflLEc'TRIcAI. l+'RA'I'ERNI'I'Y Ifoundcd at 'thc University Of Illinois, 1902 Iota Cllfllltlll' established June, 1911 Cl0lfI7'I9-lNJ11'3' Blue :md Scarlet C. C. JOHNSON .................................. I-'re.s-I.1len.t XVILLIAM R. LIOLMES ......................... Il'iC8'I,7'l?SifII?'I1It LIONEL SCIIOTT ........................ Recording Sem-etary J. L. HAIIIILTON, JR. ....... ...... - --Co1-responding Secretzzry HAROLD E. GOVE .............. ................. - Treasurer IXNDES, EARL T. IEAKER, ROBERT V. CI-IINN, FLOYD T. Chow, GEORGE L. DUNN, CIIARLES EWVING, GEORGE GOVE, HAROLD E. HAMIL1'0N, JANE S Diem bers HASE, RAYMOND G. ITIOLMES, XVILLIAM R. IRWIN, XVILLIABT JOI-INSON, CECIL C. MUENOII, IIOLAND R NEBEL, JOIIN K. N,EITZEliT, CARL REI-IA GEN, :ELMER S. RODIIOUSE, TOM SCIIOOLI-IY, C. E. SCIHIOTT, LIONEL SKINNER, LEO SPURGEON, OlLA VVELLER, M. G. Page A L -I -1 Vapflfi' Q, T kfilijesf SIISIIIRTOI:filf-f----A-I-Q15 fu 3 I, I I I 1 A Top Row-GOVE, SNOW, KENNISI-I, BURNHAM, CHINN, CASTLE, HOLT, SCHOTT, FOLTZ Second Row-FOSTER, ANDES, IFFRIO, BURLBAW, MUENCH, VWOOSTER, KOOI-MAN, NEITZE Third Row-EIRWIN, DIMMICR, BAKER, NEBEI., JACKSON, SI-IAINBERG Fourth R0W1R0THSTEIN, HAMILTON, REHAGEN, WEINBACH, SCHOOLEY, POLLOCK, CROW, TI-IE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS INIISSOURI UNIVERSITY STUDENT BRANCH C. E. SCIIOOLICY GEOIXGE L. CIKOXV --------------------------------Cl1nirma11 -------------------.---------I'ice-Clzairvnavz IVILLIAM R. LIOLMES .............................. Scc1'efa1'g ELIIIER RI-:HAGEN ................................ T1'eas1w'er M. P. VVEINRACII ...,..................... Faculty Counselor IV, D. JOHNSON --4 .................. Cor1'e.s'pOnding Secretmy ANDES, EARL T. ATKINSON, INIAURICE BAKER, ROBERT V. BODEN, JAMES A. BURLBAWV, ERNEST BURNIYIAM, EIDIVIN B. CASTLE, PIIILLIP A. CHINN, FLOYD T. COURTNEY, CARL R. CROW, GEORGE L. DIMIIIICK, GLEN L. DUNN, CIIAS. V. FOLTZ, RALPIAI A. Page 26 fi! '41 IU em In e-rs IJOSTER, JAMES E. GOVE, HAROLD E. HANING, H'0LICE F. HEUC1fIAN, ROBERT VVS. HOLMES, VVILLIAM R. HOLT, BURDETTE HOWARD, LYDE E. IFFRIG, CYRIL H. IRWIN, WILLARD JACKSON, HARLEY R. KENNISII, JOHN S. KOOPMAN, RICII-IARD KENDRICK, SAM WI. LAWTON, ELLIOT J. LOBER, CHAS. N. NIUENCH, ROLAND R. NEBEI., JOI-IN K. NEITZERT, CARL POLLOCK, SAM H. REIIIX GEN, EILMER S. ROTHSTEIN, ALEX I. SCI-IOOLEY, CHAS. E. SCI-IOTT, LIONEL SHAINBERG, GERALD VEXRNUM, JOSEPH B. VVOOSTER, GORDON B. RT, BODBN DUNN F 4.15 ' I .4 5, I I 4? ,. 1 l 4 F3 ,id 41 ECHA 'KTI1is is the secret Known to :1 school I4CIll'll how to swear, Hobo's duds wear, Act like il fool in Assume an expression Pecvish, srxtauiculg Stick out your aw, Take you :1 Chaw- Bc :1 Mechanical." of them ' 'cruz 5 'W-, C LS Page 27 52 F 1 .,r. ? v, - 4. 1 I -T l ' Lu Y I. f A " Nl------fl Elle 5-Jlmrrruocllli-I---?--f'f'Q3g, 'J if T lil l AINSWORTH, JOHN R. CStevel, '28 Lexington l l Y A. S. M. E., Campus Squad. , l "Il takes a good man to pax.: Heat B." l EDWARDS, JOHN R. Uerryj, '28 SI. Louis : Triangle, Pres. junior Engs. '26. ' I, Terj1.firh0rea1z padagoguc. I ' Il, FORD, CLAIDORN, 'go Kansas City 'N A, A E fb, X Hi: mothcr'.v greatert' dixappainlment. W , i CAST, CARL F., '28 St. Louis l A K, 11 T 5, A. S. M. E., Shamrock Stall. l 1 He almost helongx lo A 1' A 100. W CJORANFLO, FRANCIS, '31 NVaynoka, Okla. 4 Triangle. , The Return of Tarzan. , GORDON, DWIGHT M., '30 Columbus, Ohio ' l Careful, girlx, he has a bad record. lull, GRAVES, J. G. Cjoel, 329, Maryville , Glennon Club. I lfunder if he digs 'em. HITCHCOCK, A. B. lBarneyl, '31 Bonne Terre St. Pat's Board. Judging from its product, fwe think the tofwn har been misrzafned. I-IIOLLANDER, WILLIAM CBilll, ,29 Sr. Louis H T E, A. S. M, E. Made .mah high grader in Heat B that Bug: de- rided to let him take it ofvar. I, I MILLER, NEWBY L. QMewbyJ, '28 Platte City .gi Triangle, H T E, A. S. M. E., V.-Pres. H T E, ' T. Chairman A. S. M. E, - 'fgw ' Holds 11. S. Ill. E. meefings at the A A A I-1'o1z.fe. . ......f W... 2 ... --.JAN W Page 3' .il FJ. -1 'gfllclialw' of-.lla X2 H ii . . -.... -i f lei-wi---1-fl bllr Gilmorimtoclll- X'-Wi p. be ,. f . , -wi fl. in T 'L TATE, JUL121 C., '28 Gallatin Triangle, Univ. Band' '26-,27, All-Soph. Treas- l26, A. S. M. E. 1 Ralph de Palma, with fzfarialiom. THOMPSON, ALEXANDER, '31, St. Louis KI' A , 117115 an engineer one semester. W W , THORSON, ALLAN W., '28 XVal1oni, Nebraska T B Il, Il M E, St. Pz1t's Board, A. S. M. E. One of Bugx' select friemls. 'TIFFIN, WILIJAM T. CBillJ, 329 Ferguson A X A, Student Council. 'Liipw W ll Follofwing in his hrolher'.v foofstejnr. , TOMFORD, VVn.1.1.xM J. CBillj, '28 St. Louis Triangle, fl T 3, Associate Editor 1928 Sham- rock, A. S. M. E. If fwe .ray anylhing mean about him he'll censor iz. UPHAUS, AARON C., 130, Lexington N Left Denfuer to come lo a good school. i. i, Nga. li VVASHER, JOHN J. Cjohnnyj, 'go Horine Triangle, St,-Pat's Board, A. S. M. E. Holds fhe mek, literally and jiguratifuely, efuery ' ' fweeh-end. Q BERGSCHNEIDER, H. E., ,29 Center Glennon Club, A. S. A. E. l fhpire: to he II Country Gentleman. 1 FERGASON, R. C. Clfergiej, '28 Carrollton l Triangle, Razzers, Shamrock Staff, Ag. Eng. 5, Club, Pres. M Men's Club, Football l26, Track i ll '25-'26-'27-'28, Vllrestling '25-'26-'28. ' Infuented a walking trarlor, hut it fwon't fwalk. VAUGHN, NTASON, Fifth Year Columbia ll 1' E A, H ,Mm ' , 'M H539 1 Teaehex Ag. Engineering to Ihe heathenr. -, . ,. . .r W 3 Page 29 1 fv., P-Ji f,7,gQ3g,-of f o lM'.UMi gf.:-Rfi-A-----iiifmi f,:.,2ss.m..-Mm..-.H--.-W.-....f..,. s ' '42 ,E l x x 1 w 4 I E T r P - 5-M, ,P . i Lf'5'l"1 4 Al' Page 30 MILLER GAS1' Ho1.1,.xNn12R CRUMPLER SCHWAMR GRE li N BURY N Ew'roN S'm1,RER TOM FORD PI TAU SIGMA HON OEA RY AIECHANICA I. 1"1zATEuN1'rY Founded at the University of Illinois 1916 Epsilon Chapter cstablislled Oct. 1925. VV. J. TOMFORD N. L. BIILLER - Colors-Azure and Murray - - ................................ Pre.s-irlent Vice-Presirlcnt CARL F. GAST ............ .... - -- ................ Secrefary R. G. Scrmuxmu ........ - .... ....... .... - ........ 1 ' rensure1' Me1rzbe1's YVILLIAM N. CRUMPLER XVILLIAM HOLLAXNDER FRANCIS GREENBUEY XVILLIAM J. BIEYER LIYRON E. STALKER Fratres in Facultate PROF. GUY D. NENVTON Pnoiv. JAMES R. VVHARTON l Ia l l W4 .- ,J 1-4 -.Jn 1 . fi1L"T"o -fr------4-'ff E: Qfvmrfvf ,+"'vv1ff ' X A.'l1Ulf fs. 4- ! . f' -vilf if 'R' J ' in 'L r. i ,, .1 iT I Y I 1 CAST, VVILKB, AMY'E'FTE 5 KNox, VINYARD, MCGINNIS, HITCHCOCK, TOMFORD X AINSXVORTH, HEARST, TATE, GORDON, MCCLAIN, HOLLANDER I NEYVTON, TIIoRsoN, MII.l.I5R, SELVIDGE, MUIELLIER R STUDENT BRANCH OF THE AMERICAN . TMFISSOURI BRANQI-I AFIvII.IA'I-mlm 1909 PRoIfRssoR SELVIDGR ..............-...... Honorary Clmimmn. NRWBY L. BIILLER ............................... Chairvmnz, ALLEN VV. TIIoRsoN ......................... Vice-Chairman LELIKND BIUELLER ....... -------- ........ Sec1'etary-Treasuv-er Dlembers W W AINSYY'ORTI-I, JOHN GORDON, IJWVIGI-IT BICGINNIS, GRIFFITII A.1NIJYET'FE, ORVILLE GIIICIENBIIRY, FRANCIS MILSTER, BENTON BEIGIILEY, FRANK ITEEARSTJ FRANK TATE, JULE C. C'UBI1NIINGS,'LEO HI'FCIfICOCK, ARTHUR TOMFORD, VV. J. DOWNS, TIFFIN HOLLIXNDER, XVILLIAM U'PI-IAUS, A. C. EDWVIXRDS, JOHN R. KNOX, CHARLES V. VVASIIER, J. J. I GAST, CARL F. AICCLAIN, R. G. WILIIE, GUS E. GORANRLO, FRANCIS W Page 31 I I b L L I Taj. Pj' 7 C 1: ' """" M, .1 RR RR - RE f QI--mJm v 6? l5l'G1Hil'Offf 1"' +C 'g 55? wr . X-, "' ,JS E fi - LX W 3Sf:a,yH N Q ' Wu , , 4 . '- f ,iragf W rg' ' '-.',! ,ii 3l,' f , ,. . ...,,. xxx 17-6540-57.4-.-.A.kLYQ A F05-' W 4 ' V W ,N ,Q W 9,1 , v R g - C Q 2 x ., -A Y A .N b, ,N 'Q ' , 1 X' :ii E , f ,QQ ,V ff. N H. 'fl ff W ,K w gm, I ,.'f' "'HUZfh 1? Q V' X 4 'A 'ug' ' W i fi -31: - W . W 5. fjii Xe ' M ,Q Wg!!! . , isa V . V ' I 4, , , v X V X , X CEU. W 1 W s 1 7' , if 5 " '- N L,4Nf5,Q ,A - U- ,.,, A . V ,K 4 , - J.: ,.-5 ,. wi-IR X Q W Q W V Y S WWNN V W AAR!!-'f' HYDE AD00H0ufSf :fx-' ' M1 N ' ' , ' w W vs- - , ,, W, , SELW06E', f1!B5A!?05 ,WHAQTQAL4 f2M44,I4?Q i l 1 Page 32 ix rlf, 4 fri x ' Mm, ,F , T 2- 2645K - M gf, N ' 1' Q M fm- ' -- 3-4' - Q , ,Wifi-'37 ai. f 4 xiii? W 4 L I' M' Q w. W ' :V glliwzwdfi 1' ,f :. -fm K- E7 Wsww J Z, .L -.- f i 5' 1l fi' Y' w ww ,I '- fx-!J ww! "1 I VX x , 1 1, J , ' V K . A, "v" '- ' 4+ E: ,231-.-is I M' m , 1 1 Um m' 515 5 : M 1 N' 'V W Um ,, ,, 1, 1 T.-E-.Q ' I'1"' Y -gl W 1 4 I "Hu a GE ER L P1133 eeeieC-fiiiggt Qgamrocfi J THE ENGINEERS' CLUB C. E. Scnoomsv ........ Presicleat GEORGE L. Cnow ...... Vice-Pres. ROBERT OYSTERLOI-I ...... S8C?'8tG7'y .lolz XTARNUM .......... Treasurer YVILLIAM AIEYER -- Business Zllanrlger The Engineers' Club, functioning through its three subsidiary branches, is the fundamental organization in the college. Each student en- rolled in the College of Engineering becomes a nfember at enrollment, and he, together with the older nleinbers, will endeavor to maintain the spirit of the Celebration of St. Patrick. The three sub-organizations, the St. Pat's Board, the Shamrock Staff, and the Campus Squad, are elected by the club to perform their vari- ous tasks. The Board has active charge of all arrangements for the annual celebration in honor of St. Patrick. This celebration consists of a Smoker, Banquet, Alumni Re- ception, the Laboratory Stunts, the Knighting Ceremony, and the St. Pat's Ball. Tile Shamrock Staff' endeavors to reproduce the happenings of the year in one small volume known as "The Shamrockf' The Campus Squad was originally or- ganized to maintain discipline in the Club and to cause the acadenis to respect our laws concerning the campus, but the academs are growing more peaceful each year. Such demonstrations as the Engineers put on during their annual week may seem inane to some outsiders, and to sonic of the new students in the College itself, but to those who know it is nothing of the sort. It is merely the outlet for the feel- ing that every Engineer has to do, to build, to be worth-while. f C. E. SCHOOLEY, Pres. l'Hge 34 GgfLC',4a1.l2i:g e 'g14- jiciiii 7277152-if W its-no of ,lf teena:-Ai-,Q gzefbigi if ll 11 1 1 l 1,l l l gl 1 1 11 If l 11 11 l f, 1 1 ll ll , ll 1 1 l ll 1, l , 1 1 ll ll ll ,l l l lv 11 l ,i 1 ll lx 1 1 11 1 1 ' 1 ll 1 V 5 H 'W - Cz as 3. W W Wa-Aj Wf'5W-55 cg, D- 5 W W W W W W W W W WW WWW W WW W WWW W W WW WW W W' W - SELVIDGE, CROW, Hrrcncocx, CHINN, XVASHER, SCOTT W W MEYER, THORSON, SCHMICK, SCHOTT, VARNUM, POWELL N .N M I 9 W WW ST. PAT S BOARD VW W W W A. W. THORSON --Q ......................... --,I,7'0S7:flB7I,f W G. L. Cnow ..... --- - ...... Vice-President , W WV. J. AIEYER ..... ......... ...... - - -Business ZWa.1mge1- W, LIONEL SCI-IOTT ......... .......... .......... S e cretWa1'y WW WW J. B. VARNUIVI --- .... - - ...... ....... 1 'reasurer Q Dlembers ' Seniors W, WW A. W. T1-1OnsON W'. J. BWIEYER XW N . LIONEL SCI-IOTT G. VV. SCHMICK J. B. XIARNUM W W W ' W W WW Juniors I Wi W F. T. CHINN R. F. POYVELL G. L. CROW WW N Sophomores ,W W D. WV. GORDON L. A. SCOTT J. J. YVASI-IER W W W WW Freshmen A W WW A. B. HITCHCOCK HXXRNER SELVIDGE W W W WW . WW W Wi Page 35 WW .Q 5' 55 Y V a f'-ci-' m..... L f A . f :mlm I Blemb ers ,grim 5-.'vBnrnrocRP'-1+--Mijzf, V 04 I Top Row-XVELLER, LEMERT, SCHOTP, EWING Second ROW-NEITZER'f, SUTTON, GOVE, CHINN, MEYER, THORSON, KAHRS Third ROWV-IQOOPIVIAN, HOI.IvIEs, JOHNSON, ANDREYVS, SCHERER, DIMMICK, IRWIN Fourth Row-LANIER, DEFOE, WII.I.IA1vIs, LILES, STEWART, HYDE, JOHNSON. V TAU BETA PI I I M ALPI-IA OF MISSOURI N HONORARY ENGINEERING FRIITERNITY A 1. I, , Founded at Lehigh University, June 1, 1885 I! 1 . N. Cl1i11'tC1' Granted 1902 Colors-Seal Brown and YVl1Ite Y RAY LILES ............... - ................. - .... Presizlent I' LIONEL SCHOTT ........... .................. V ice-President NVILLIAIII HfOL1xIEs - ......... .................... - -Treasurer HUGO SCI-IERER ............ - ........... Recording Secretary H.NliOLD GOVE ............ .......... C '07'7'6SP01llIi7lg Secretary ., ALLAN' T1-IOllSON ................. .... ....... .... C r I ialoguer I , ANDRIEWS, BILL ' BURLBANV, E. C. GOVE, H. E. HOLLIES, VV. R. NEITZERT, CARL SOI-IERER, H. J. A15 CIIINN, F. T. IRWIN, VV. L. SCIIOTT, LIONEL ' CONDIT, D. J. JOHNSON, C. C. SUTTON, S. M. lg lf IJIMMICIC, G. L. K00l'hlAN, R. J. YV. ,111-IORSON, A. NV. " EXVING, G. M. LILES, L. R. XVELLER, M. G. LIEYER, O. H. 1 I Fratres in Facultafe M1 G. W. BREOKENRIDGE A. C. LANIER I'IERMANN SOI-ILUNDT L. M. DEI-'OE E. J. LKICCAUSTLAND O. M. STEWART I L. M. GADDUM G. D. NEWTON M. P. VVEINIsAcIfI H. VV. HIBB.ARD E. C. PIIILLIPS A. L. VVESTCOTT A. L. HYDE T. J. RODIIOUSE J. R. VVHARTON YV. D. JOIINSON P. T. RUMSEY VV. S. VVILLIAMS M Page 36 i fu. g.c,W AA.. A A A -. .. l. if 53 -1 5.- l ip w l' ll l ' 1 N. N , ll, , l, ' l i l l l l ,J X l l ll l ll ' i li ll ll w N l ll l :il i. l il l i 4 nl , X I ml l , ill ll ll ll l ll ll C. E. SCHOOLEY 'Z Representiztive of Saint Patrick Charles Earl Sehoolcy was born in Archie, Cass County, Missouri, September , 18, 1905. lVhcn he was five years of age his parents moved to Bolivar, Missouri, lx where he entered the public schools. He was graduated from the Bolivar High ll School in 1924- with honors and he entered the University of Missouri in the fall il of the same year. Since his entrance into the Engineering School he has labored l diligently for his Alma Mater at all times, and in addition he has found time to work for his living and maintain his scholarship. Hi: has been rewarded several lv' times with student offices, but we cannot honor too highly a man who has sacrificed N his personal ambitions for his Ahna Mater as has Schooley. He is I1 member of Delta Kappa fraternity, Q. E. B. H., Eta Kappa Nu, and St. Pat's Board. He il , is ALL-Senior President, President of the Engineers' Club, Chairman of the Student llii Branch of The American Institute of Electrical Engineers, and one of the repre- H l sentatives from the Engineering School on the Student Senate for the past two years. 'Nl , In his sophomore year hc was All-Sophomore vice-president and president of the ll, l sophomore engineers. ill ll H 1, l' . l H l il Page 37 N l Z e it . 'r'."'m ,, , " . MQJLAJAI' ' lr' . ' '7T,.,,., p" ' ' 144 .Y . ' l oiie 5Bamroclli'h"e"'+i?W"agg. e 9 14 h il 1 , M ill N , i l I tl il' li l A , ' w, N , gl ' 1 W I il i l l' l lil l. ,w , .lmssn IERWIN VVRENCI-I, Kvzight of Sa,i-at Patrick 1 Summa Cum Laude 1928. Jesse Erwin lvreneh was born September 10, 1882, in Afton, N. Y. He re- ceived his 'education at a rural school, Afton Academy, and Cornell University, from which he was graduated with an A. B. degree in 1906. He studied in the American School at Jerusalem during the year 19011-1905. Subsequent to his W! graduation he attended the University of YVisconsin for one year, and during the I year 1907-1908 he was with the Cornell expedition to the Near East. He again at- M tended the University of VVisco-nsin during the year 1908-1909, and then went to Syracuse University as instructor i11 History., where he remained until 1911. VVith the exception of one semester instructor at the University of Wvisconsin in 1912, he has been here since 1911. Ni VVe Engineers consider it a great privilege to take into our organization a man ,, H who has striven to make our Alma Mater a better place to live and learn. There l is no student activity thought of that "Monkey," as he has been affectionately , termed, has not been asked to participate in, and being asked he has responded with ,l his whole heart. He says, regarding the Engineers, "If I had not been a historian ii I should have liked to be a civil engineer. I was barred from that, however, by " my inability to grasp inatheinatics beyond the knowledge that two and two make four. Q I have enough Gaelic blood to appreciate St. Patrick, and to realize that he is the ideal Saint to head the Engineers, but as a historian I do not forget that Iinhotep, il the first Engineer, ought. to receive some recognition." if Page 38 ii eggw------ff H1562 Stianiroclllf------s u i"W'j,Ai P ' T3 x x il w 1 N ,. I f It 1 N l 'W 7 ' ' ' ' ix U M N i ,E l Y w, W M M l ,M , I i 1. iq N H i l l 'y X ' il M 1 i M M ,w w N, 1 W , l H il 1 , A E 1 wa y M W I X H X! i N it M W ill! ,' H UP qi.. .gi Hi i M 44 1 u U! J Ti Q, ,w , w i x ' . V ,qi , ' N i . . w 1 The photos above show clearly enough the lengths to which the Engineers will in go to provide themselves and their guests with ample means to enjoy themselves ii M at the annual celebration in honor of their patron Saint. Each year the Repre- M' I sentative of Saint Patrick mfukes his first aippczuwlnce at the Ball in his honor, rl and we Engineers would he shamed indeed if he found us ill. equipped to receive f rl him in the eustomary splendor. The St. Pat's Ball is the crowning event of the '- celebration and every effort is made to make it "bigger and betterl' each year. ti ii N Page 39 ' , M 5 Q r' 54 ,QW A if-?h 'Q Y Q Q71 W V-f. - Y f,,, -1--7n,, Y lil - 'Yi Y ir Y bg' V Y- ' ' A HISTORY OF SAINT PATRICK'S DAY CELEBRATION AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI From the Records of the National Guard of Saint Patrick. "Let profs do their worst, there are moments of joy, Bright dreams of the past which they cannot destroyg VVlhich came in the night time of Flunker's Despair. And bring back the features St. Pat used to wear." Thus began the Shamrock of 1906, the first of :1 series of annuals that was destined to record the yearly activities of the engineers of the 'University of Mis- souri. and which continues to be published upon the day of homage to our Patron Saint. The celebration in honor of St. Patrick began with the discovery of the Blarney Stone in the excavations for the foundation of the Engineering Annex in the year 1903. The stone was found to be covered with ancient figures resembling the hieroglyphics of old, and for a long time these obvious purveyors of some im- portant text were unread, but the strange writings were finally translated after some concentration on the part of the Senior Electricals, and the translations were given to the world. These men announced that the results of their researches into the languages of the past ages had given them the knowledge whereby they found the Blarney Stone to convey the fact that "Erin Go Braglf' meant "St. Pat- rick VVas An Engineer." Such is tradition. As a matter of fact the whole thing started from a dis- cussion in the Senior Electrical Design Room one night. A history of St. Pat had been published by some historian and was causing comment throughout the country. That night an engineer asked the question: "'Who was St. Patrick?" The immediate reply was, "An engineer, of course," and it was decided that March 17 should be a holiday. On the morning of St. Patrick's Day a large group of engineers attended the prayer meeting in a body and held a later meeting in the general library where they dedicated themselves to the service of their Patron Saint. It is said that it was :1 most imposing and impressive scene. After this they followed the band , ,., ,, ,Y ENGINK E QE Page 40 IW' . f,-, --Yi f E- Y., .W f is Y-Y Y Y 7 ---1 --if f G K'vQAa'f6is.fwf.A. ,Y fe, -: f Y +4l Q' -7 -T lf' xi! ffGBe Stlaimfioc 'Q era U. . if a. A 1" vb" ri A 3 L-N 1 about town singing Irish songs and having a splendid time in general. XVith this bit of introduction to the Spirit of St. Patrick, the men departed to their rooms where they enjoyed a much needed rest. lt was to be expected that such action on the part of the students would call forth opposition from the faculty, and the expectations were not slighted. Various members of the faculty, WVT10 were not yet converted to the new filltll, expressed their opinions. It is needless to say that the condemnation did not aH'ect the faith of the engineers in the Blarney Stone and its message. But the Discipline Committee get more results, its action being more in the nature of a physical rebuke than a verbal one. The action of the com- mittee resulted in the suspension of "Nappy" Morehead, a senior, for two weeks. The year 1904 was marked by a spirit of unanimous cut. Never a nay was heard to this motion to cut all classes. However, the pleadings and advice of A. M. fArtiej Green, professor of Mechanical Engineering and Junior Dean, re- sulted in the students attending classes that day. That night the students celebrated at the Gordon Hotel with the iirst St. Pat's Banquet. The year 1905 marks the extensive changes in the St. Pat's program that resulted in the type that we now know and enjoy. That year committees were appointed to plan the celebration and direct it. This committee seems to have been the first St. Pat's Board. Several new features were introduced, among them being the presence of the representative of St. Patrick and the holding of the Kow-Tow on thc Quad. During the celebration an engineers banner was Hown from a wire stretched from the engineers' own building to Jesse Hall. This was the real be- ginning of the Campus Stunts. The senior banquet that marked the celebration the year before gave way to the Pat's Ball, which still holds sway. The year 1906 saw the appearance of the first Shamrock, which was a twenty page, four inch by seven inch, edition, which was dedicated to "St Patrick, the perfect integral, whose first derivative was an engineer." The celebration for the year was elaborate, St. Patrick arrived in an airplane, which hovered over the columns throughout the clay. The Kow-Tow took place in spite of the snow that covered the ground, and the knighthood of the Order of St. Patrick was bestowed upon those who had served faithfully for four years. The grand ball in honor of the Knights of St. Patrick closed the day. During these four years that the idea of the celebration was in the nascent state, the spirit of the thing was so instilled in the students that 'since that time the celebration of St. Pat's birthday has grown and developed to its present propor- tions, not only at Missouri but at other colleges who have followed our example. . F. P. G. 9' 'ii' ' I Page 41 ,Qt1saia'rcr:Rlr---------wget ' 4 4, i R t? L O 3, XJ V . 5 . :ffl-.LM ee Q!! gf'-"I-----fibiif ,:.2-fi5Iar1wrocEP-1-- I -'ru SENIOR OFFICERS JAMES I'IAMILTON .....,..,.. -,..,- -,,- - - ------- 177-35-idgylyf CARL NEITZERT --- ................... ...... I 'ive-Presirlent ROBERT OSTERLOI-I .......... - ......... -, Secretary-Trgagm-gr SENIORS AINSWVORTI-I, JOHN R. ANDES, EARL T. ATKINSON RIAURICE BAKER, ROBERT V. BEIGIAILPIY, FRANK BERGSOHNEIDER, H. IBODEN, JAMES A. BROUS, SAMUEL L. BURLBAWV, EARNEST CARDWVELL, THOMAS CHANCE, FRANCIS CHILES, F. P. COERYER, ROBERT CONDIT, DORMAN J. CRUMPLER, WM. N. DAYVICINS, FRED E. IJICKSON, JAMES L. DIIVIMICK, GLENN L. DUNN, CHARLES V. EATON, YVM. R. EDWVARDS, JOHN R. ELSEA, CHARLIE J. FERG-ASON, REC'POR FOLTZ, RALPI'I A. GAST, CLARL F. GORSUCI-I, H-ARRY GOVE, HAROLD E. GRAVES, JOSEPH GREEN, EARL GREENBURY, F. HIXGAIX, EDWIN LEO Page 42 HAh'IILTON, JAMES HARLIN, XV. E. HASENRITTER, E. HEARST, FRANK HOFFMAN, SAMUEL L. HOLIIANDER, WM. L. HOLMRERG, H. H. HOLMRERG, J. F. HOI.h'IES, VVM. R. HUGI-IES, JOI-IN R. HLTNT, GEO. L. HUNTER, FLOYD S. IFFRIG, CYRIL H. IRWIN, WILLARD JENKINS, RUSSELL JOHNSON, C. CECIL KILBURN, PAYTON IKOOPMAN, RICI-IARIJ K. LAWTON, EI.I.IOT J. LEMERT, FRANK LILES, IJEWVIS R. LORER, CHARLES N. RIARKS, HAROLD RIEJIA, J. G. IYIILLER, NEWVBY L. RIILLER, ROGER L. RIINAR, ROSS A. RIONROE, ROY H. RTUELLER, LELAND MUENCH, ROLAND NASIX, WADE H. R. NEBEI,, JOHN K. NEITzERT, CARL OSTERLOH, ROBERT PERSINGER, CHARLES POLLOCK, SAM H. POTTER, JESSE H. REI-IAGEN, ELMER S. SAPPER, XVM. L. SCHERER, I'IUGO J. SCI-IMICK, GEO. YV. SCHOOLEY, C. E. SCIIOTT, IJIONEL SCHYVAMB, ROY G. SINIITH, VVM. D. STALKER, RIYRON E. STEINMAN, JOHN J. SUTTON, STAN FORD M. IFATE, JULE C. VFAYLOR, LESTON V. THORSON, AL-LICN VV. X7ARNUM, JOSEPH B. XVEINRURG, A.LVIN YZ' .Q A 9 VVELLER, MARVIN G. ' XVOOSTER, GORDON B. FIFTH YEAR MEN DUFFY, R. E. KILBY, H. S. PARKS RALPH R. VAUGH, RIASON q. , E.. 1 1 y. ir 1' 'll' IAN: -,l Y -Prigijq ,I 'g:I,f,-I-A ---2-Q--M-f 12 I3 fic giiicimrc-C M-R-Mm 1 F S1 4. 5 T I 7 ,lv . ,... .-. If JUNIOR OFFICERS FLOYD CI-IINN ............... ............ ..... I 1 resident THOMAS RODHOUSE .................... ,..... I fige-111-ggiflent GEORGE CROWV .......... ............ ..........., S g m-etm-Ay NEWELL JONES ..... ---- AIJAh'lS, FRED R. ALLEN, AUSTIN ALLISON, CTIEO. C. AMYETT, ORVII.I,IC AXON, :ELI O. BAIN, JOHN GEORGE JR BARTON, .IOI-IN H. BECKNER, EARLE R. BOSCH, I'IERBERT M. BRYANT, EARL R. BURNIIAM, EDWIN B. CI-IADWICK, JOI-IN E. CHALMERS, JAMES MAx CHANEY, CECIL F. CIIINN, FLOYD T. CLARK, KENNE'f1I L. COEN, CRANSTON J. COLLINS, OGIE B. COOPER, J. I'IULE'I'T COOPER, INIARVIN L. COURTNEY, CARL R. CREEK, PAUL CROWV, CEEORGE L. CRUCE, HARRY A. CURRIBZ, R101-IARD A. IDAWVSON, JAMES C. JR. DUNLAIJ, ROBERT S. EDMONSON, GEORGE B. ELZEA, JOHN 'W. ENDEBIIOCK, FRANK EWING, GEORGE M. FAIR, IIRANK FOSTER, JAMES E. H':NNING, HOLICE F. HARDEY, KARL HAIIRIS, R. ELLIOTT HEUCIIAN, ROBERT W. I'IILL, BEN L. I'IOLT, BURDETTE HORNE, FREDERICK JACKSON, HAIKLEY R. JONES, NEWELL K. - .... ........... - .... - - Trerzsurer JONES, ROBERT H. JR. KARSCI-I, J. M. KENNISH, JOHN S. KINCAID, CLAUDE A. KRUSE, HARRY LEWONDOSKI, JOHN JR. LIPSCOME, LEO H. MANLEY, JACK M. RIEGOWN, IVILLIAM P. INIEYER, OIPTO H. IVIIDDLETOWVN, LIARVEY RIILLER, CHAS. J. RICDANIEL, JOHN B. MCDONALD, HAROIJD M. IVICGINLEY, CI-IARLES T. NOLAND, G. LEE NOVOA, ALRERTO OIRDELIIEIDE, IYORENZ OSBORN, SAMUEL J. PALMER, LOREN PAYNI-:, FRANK C. PIBURN, DICK POVVELL, RAYMOND F. REIIBEIN, CHARLES A. REHNER, JOHN JR. RODHOUSE, THOR'IAS E. ROSENBERCI, BEN ROTHSTEIN, ALEX I. RYDEN, CARL E. SAUNDERS, EUGENE C. SCHOONOVER, WAYNE SHAINRERG, GERALD SKINNER, LEO V. SNOWV, ALVA L. SOMRART, S. E. SPURGEON, OLA TAYLOR, CLYDE O. TIIEILKAS, GOTTFRIED '1'IFFIN, XVILLIAM T. TOMEORD, XXNILLIAM J. XIENDRICK, FREDERICK VERA, VICINTE L. I 1' n 4. I Page 43 'Y 1 -I A . .fd ii ?1E'1I5+1 SiitiffflavcEF'-----ADH-"Riff , . 'E .. - .2 5. 1 I SOPHOMORE OFFICERS W . , RALPH GEOIIGE ................................ Pre.viJen! I J ' LESTER L. BAUER ....... - ,................. Vice-P1'eside'rzl LEIGI-I ICKE .................................. S6l'I'!fffl,1"y W LARRY XVEISER ............... .. ................ 7'7'l:'llS1lI'C'I' J JOHN J. VVJASHE1! ........................ Sergeant-at-Arms ,N 'E SOPHOMORES J ADAMS, ,DONALD C. CJILLUM, CARL E. ILAY, CLYDE ,BAILEXU JOHN H. GOIEKING, CIIAS. F.. REESE, ARVAN D. BARNES, NORMAN E. GORDON, DWVIGI-I'1' M. ILEI-IAGEN, C. T. BAUER, LESTER L. GOVE, ROBERT B. RICHESON, HOWARD M. BETTIS, RUSSELL H. HANSS, EDNVARD H. RIESS, JOHN H. BILLUPS, VVALTER YV. HERMANN, EILMER E. ROTI-IWELL, FOUNTAIN BISHOP VVILLIAM T., JR. HICKS, IRA C. RYAN, B. E. I BODINE, RIARTIN S. HILL, ILOBERT G. SADONVSKI, JOHN L. BOLINOER, DUIS D. HINSI-IAW, TOM SANDOVAL, IXNDRES JSONDURANT, DONALD C. ZEIOLMBERG, CARL J. SCIIAEFER, AR'FI'IlTIl BOSXVELL, XVALTER W1 LIOPKINS, GIIEN J. SOIIAEFER, XVIII. A. I BRONVN, JOSEPH R. HORNEUORLE, CI-IAS. R SQHURE, jR,OBERT R, BURKE, RIOIIARD P. LIOWVARD, EDWARD R. SCOTT, HARRY R, CARTER, ERNEST D. HOYVIXRIJ, LYIDE E. SCOTT, LEO A. CLARK, CHAS. VV. IORE, LEIGI'I S. SERAEIN, VV. A. COE, JOI-IN M. KEARNEY, JAMES E. SIIAMEL, RIOI-IARD S. COUSLEY, JOSEPH B. KENDRICK, SAMUEL VV. SIEKIELSKI, GEO, CRAIG, JOIIN IKETNER, JAMES III. SOMMER, VVM. N. IJAUGIIERTY, JULIAN A. KLUSMEIER, PAUL D. SPURLING, R, H, DE VIVAR, JOAQUIN LOVE, CHARLES STEWART, R, C, DOWNS, VVILLIAM T. LOWRY, VVAYNE H. STILLWELL, R. M. EHINGER, FRANCIS A. MIARBURY, VVILLARD STRETCISI, EDWIN P, FEILD, CONRAD D. RIARSHALL, DAVID K. STIUCKER, G, E, FORD, CLAIRORN MORETTA, VVALTER J. SZEWVCZUK, VVALTER FORMAN, JOSEPH RICCLAIN, RAYMOND G. THORNTON, K. F. FORT, OTTO E. OHEIM, LOYVELL C. TUDOR, S. T. Fowxs, VVILLIAM E. OLSON, ELMER L. UPHADS, AARUN C, FRANKENFELD, XVINIFRED OVERMIER, HERNIIXN LOYD VVASHER, JOHN J, FREDERICH, BURTON H. PARKS, TIIEORDORE M. XVEISER L G FRUIT, RIAURICE E. PETTKER, JACK H. ' 'Y ' w FURTNEY, GEORGE VV. POOOCR, HERBERT M. WJESTALL' BEM' hh i GARNETT, RAYMOND R. PRITOIIARD, GEORGE YV. JVIEGERS, IRVIN E- ! GEORGE, RALPI-I VV. Q-QUERY, SIDNEY R. XVILEY, FRED H. Page 44 L- -F Eg? T N15 91fg,f..,SfSa - IH ,J,M': N-I 5 if. Lf, , EIC:-AI if 72 , 5 Qgpgoonmgswwrxumgmggwgbiagi Rvws: can-'-r--H-W 5j4g:15z.-1Epx::'6Q?34hfSEO5-I-AE 2 I-fwig-1I:::mO2O4A25g2Pf?1r1:Ff,.. mmzmzwW:R:zFzeHa.vufn E2- x.,,1L.v'33mmS?5.,x.uIL,5,EX.I-qi Udiipa,-MHZ EERwsEg:vEwzfsHg3es:EEP pu:-'S z'C'35EOm S-aogrfwizgj F1MEI3:..'5U3'S'zcgE,:E:'R?,HE5'f"' Z'1O2SEfQ22SQi'E22:QO2P QD r.,QF:pE1f4P1mZo::1Q mI11"'I-4 , P5wF.'-'-- rqpj , . aegis ELS .F4 H1 CREEL, LIENRY D., JR. DE BOER, JAINIES J. DICRSON, JOE P. DON, JULIUS DORSEY, WILLIAM P. 1. ERIORSON, XVILLIAM M. FISHER, PORTER FLESH, EDWARD M. FOELLER, EDWARD P. FRANK, HARRY K. GARRIS, Jos. L. GALLAIS, LUCIAN R. GANS, GEORGE M. G.IXRVIN, VVILLIAM J. GORANFLII, FRANCIS GRAHAM, RALPH CEREENIVELL, IJITHER GUM, LUTHER L. HALL, VICJTKJR R. HANRINS, RTAXEY S. If g?3BAIIIr0cIiP--?-- , FRESHMEN HAIXRIS, AURELIUS B. HIXRVEY, IJEAN A. HATI-IMAN, ROSCOE HAUCIC, ILOBERT HIXYNES, CHAS. M. HEEMEIEIi, VVILLIAM O. HITCIICIOCIQ, ARTI-IUR B HOLLE, JOHN C., JR. HITDSCJN, WILLIAM R. HUEGBZRILZII, XVARREN A INCE, FRANK H. JEANS, ROBERT L. JOHNSON, VVILLIAM D. KIKINEN, IABRAI-IAM J. IRAVANAUGI-I, GEORIQE B KEIHNER, O'LIVEIi E. KEYES, LOPER M. KIDD, PIIILLIP VV. KNIGliT, XVILLIAM A. KUNKLEII, JAMES E. LANDEIX, HARRY H. LARGE, TED VV. I,EIBOVICI-I, HARRY LINDSTROM, BRX'AN LOGAN, ROY LOWRY, CARL J. MARR, ELMER S. NIARTIN, RICHARD L. MEYER, VIIIRNON W. RIEYERHOFF, H. W., JR RIILLER, :DUKE P. RIILSTER, BENTON G. RIONEY, JAMES E. MONROE, ARTHUR B. RIORSE, CI-IAS. L. RIUELLER, LEONARD F. RIURPI-IY, Cl-IAS. F. M. RICFALL, ARDIS L. MCGINNIS, GRIEYITI-I R. RICGIRL, LEONARD RICKINZIE, VVILLIAM R. MCMA HON, THOS. J. RICPEAK, EARL NEATHERY, ROBERT F. NIORTI-IHOP, RVILLIAM L. PARSONS, EDVVIN PERKINS, EDSON ILAINES, CARL T. RAY, C1-IESTER VV. RAY, VIRGIL H. RI-INNER, CHARLES RIEAD, HARRY E. RIEI-IL, RIARVIN ROBERTS, L. S. ROBINSON, FRANK G., JR RODRIGUEZ, SALVADOR .RUCKER, ROY M. SAMUEL, RICHARD SOHMALZ, VVALTER SELVIDGE, HIXRNER SENNE, HERBERT C. SENSINTAFFAR, R. M. SKINNER, JAMES H. SMITH, JAMES G. TI'I01Nl:XS, WVALTER WV. TIDD, CHAS. PECK TROUTMAN, HENRX' A. TURNER, LORING B. VAN TRUMP, JOSEPH H. VARNEY, HERSCI-IP1L- HI. VVATKINS, CLARENCE H. VVEIDEMUELLER, EARL C. VVEINBACH, ANGEL VVEISBAUM, .EMANUEL VVESCO'1'T, JUSTIN VVUIKER, RAMON WAIDDEOOMBE, ARTHUR, JR. VVJLKINSON, ROBEIIT F, VVILSON, JOHN R. VVINEGARDNER, WM. H. VVOMACK, HERBERT E. XVRIGHT, HOMER C. YYOUNG, BYRON A. YOUNG, RICHARD L. Page 45 9- I ff f Aw- film A" f F! ncaa .emit-f.aa K 'ii A A :Xa A. ,, I I l 1 1927 J Sept. 12 'N School opens with a bang. LeMcrt came early for the Freshmen conference. X Sept. 13-144 3 Upper classmen enroll. Thirty-eight hopefuls register for Heat B. i Sept. 21 First Club meeting. Vlfe may in the future have better presidents than Schoolcy. but it's a. cinch we'll never have any-Begg, pardon, Schooley, we didn't see you leaning over our shoulder. Sept. 30 Hagar comes out second best in a one-round scrap with thc planer at the shops. , Oct. 1 The Dean requests that Hagar use his head when putting lumber in the planer , machine, Did we beat the Aggies? Easy! w il Oct. 8 t VVe beat Nebraska but we suffered a great tragedy: Bob Ostcrloh dropped a 1 full bottle at the game. It must have been potent stuff' because everybody thought it was the timekeeper's gun. . Oct. 15 Ames games furnishes sufficient excuse to a large number of Engineers to dedicate the stadium again. The poor old stadium is more than dedicated, it's christened! Oct. 19 The Shamrock staff' begins to realize that there is more to editing the book than pecking a typewriter., The Hrst of an infinite series of appeals is made for portraits. Oct. 22 This week we avenge our defeat instead of celebrating a victory, and the stadium is again bathed in moon--F VVe never did like these southern teams anyway. Oct. 29 Northwestern may be good in the Big Ten but she played a better team this day. Sehooley initiated into Q. E. B. H. fQuit Eating Bean Hullsj. , Jerry Edwards actually gets to an appointment on time. Nov. 5 I "East is East and VVest is -'tough'," says 'Wiest Virginia. Since this is Dad's and M'other,s Day the stadium goes thirsty tonight because of the presence of those same Dads and Mothers. l 1 Page 46 ri., idx-Z! zl""..Jb 1?AQA4"! V A A r 1 1 i i it 1 H Y v w X .- .,.. it I .NR 1 7' v n if Um V .Q , Y , , Vagina Q ' I - an Z W K I . ,., sg is in f i i . it Nov. 8 Ty Doc Foltz invents ventilator for the Senior Electrical Design Room. It runs on fi! gi hot air, and works best during class period. Q1 jim Nov. I I 'Q ' Several of the Engineers went to the W'ashing'ton game, and they went prepared Hi Nil for anything, but they were disappointed. The game was uninteresting and they ii Mi didn't even have an argument. it W Nov. 19 VVC all went to Kansas in a high frame of mzind but we didn't return in the il li same state of happiness, at least not natural happiness. VVe will say, though, Wil 1 that outside of the game we had a "large" trip. ' .ll W X Nov. 2111 1 5 N Oklahoma's Red and Vifhite is trampled under foot but we were sure Worried about X my the outcome until the final gun. WVith so many liberal old. grads in town the ll if boys don.'t care whether school kceps or not. Those who don't leave for the holi- i 1 days might just as well for all the good they'll do here. gy' is Nov. 28 ' 'fm Those who had good enough grades to risk facing the folks at home have returned 1 from their visit, and those who stayed here have fuzzy tongues and blood-shot lil yi eyes from staying up so late to study. lil 1 Dec. 1 ' . ' To date Hot VVad has not. mentioned the Lehigh Valley in Heat A. VVe wonder , N N. if that company has cut down its advertising appropriation. Perhaps the last il ii ii edition of the Shamrock had' something to do with it. ,. Ly ,ii 'H Dec. 10 it 'Q Schott has a had habit of sleeping in his boots. The landlady has requested him W. 'i to please refrain from wearing his spurs to bed. if, , M Newby Miller tries to chew tobacco. i rw - . 1 i y Dec. 11 Newby Miller is a very sick boy. Dec. 20 il, 1 Christmas vacation begins. Lots of books will fro home to im Jress the folks, but 1 1 2:1 b I l M they'll never be opened. pq' My 1928 y Jan. 3 'lt Back to the old grind. Nothing to look forward to but finals. li 1, i it v 1 ill Jan. '21-28 ZW 'lm Hell lVeek for everybody. Hot Vlfad pulls a fast one and passes the boys in " N, X1 half of the course. Bugs decreases the enrollment in Heat B by 13. Jan. 30 i' iii Registration for the second semester. More resolutions! 1, Hi 51, Feb. 1-29 M i The staff knows nothing about anything except the Shamrock during this period. it rig Thanks to Schooley Weill get it out on time. And now, if you'll excuse us please, I. 1' we'1l go back to our beer bust. A iii! 1 i 1 li iii H ly Page 47 yi I ,342 sf4C,.ws T f . H11 1 s If-'ilufhgj 1 I 4 r i l l v f',gG'qvu,3 i if-of i :N-fpfjjti 5, p i i w ll N ll ll ' N f W 11 fl N f 1 . I I iw :y , V r , I' 4 , On Tuesday, September 20, 1927, the Engineers celebrated the thirty-fifth an- X Q' niversary of the wedding of our best beloved instructor, "Daddy" Defoe. i N i "Daddy" is more than an instructor in mechanicsg he is friend, sympathizer, 'Il l and counselor to every student in the university, but those in the Engineering School M N regard him as their particular property and they guard thc honor jealously. He is ig! has been teaching mechanics to the Engineers for so long that he has become one i: i of their dearest traditions, and in that time he has so enshrined himself in the hearts of his students that they have all striven, whether consciously or uncon- 1 sciously, to emulate the fine example he has set for us in fellowship and character. 1 X The afternoon of his anniversary about seventy-five Engineers assembled at the i l Engineering Building and marched from there to his home to extend their best N wishes. It was entirely a surprise to Professor and Mrs. Defoe and they had no - f fidea of the intentions of the delegation until Earl Schooley, president of the 1 Engineers' Club, presented them with a flowery speech and a beautiful silver I X coffee service. The speech of Schooley's meant nothing, but in the gift the Engi- ig 41 neers tried to convey to Professor and Mrs. Defoe' their happiness on the occasion, 'M and their best wishes for many more anniversaries. il lr I 1. 4 ll 1 I ' 4 v U i The question of the hour, what is it? xl rl l 1 il is w A il 1 ii Page 48 , le it QP 'F md the i i we Ea ,E or or Q K6IQ,gLq,r,, i 'ages' '71, wif Tak f :ff,a,:TWW ' f' V- ,Ma -:gawk CI. iflfillfr 55-501111i0ffllLi"-'-l'Lg""'P'5lfQ r " " 41 .A A' F 5 And when Saint Patrick ' Rid Ireland Of all her snakes M I-Ie came upon one- ,I +A beautiful- ! -InnoCent- W -Piece of femininity. ' His heart was touched, Hjle faltered-- :lj His. purpose wavercd- And Alas, , Today- VVe honor Saint Patrick- pi HE RAN HER OUT, Too. 9 N l , , ' XN l - x I 4 i V li Q .- if -- 1,11 X in N Q ll at F lil .Q ' i i A ,fi 1 P dxf- J il 6 , aa?-Y xg , W tl ' ,L ii Y, Page 49 w. ' 5 5. '16, 'ill Q L 1 susmfiofaie---wwf are ' CQ 4, 1 5 mi i ,x , ll lil ' THE UGLIEST DIAN IN THE COLLEGE W, On lVesnesday,, January 18, the Engineers N 1 l1eld an election to determine the ugliest man H, ,S in the college and Muench was elected by Z1 " El slight majority. He defeated Schooley by one M X vote and Hagar by two. fx ,N Roland Rudolph Mueneh was born March X 29, 1905 on a farm near Lexington, Lafayette ll N! County, Mo. He was educated in a small coun- H try school room and in the Lexington High " School, from which he was graduated in 19241. F Because of the fact that he entered the small ll' school at an odd season, he was forced to take - M the grades in the reverse order of pairs. That is, he took them in the order 2, 1, -11, 3, 6, 5, S, l 1 and 7, which may explain some of his present l phase lag. 1 He is the fourth of five children which is as it should be, except that he should have been . X Q the last. Had he been the first his mother ROLAND MUENCI-1 . , l' would have been so discouraged that he prob- , ably would have been without any brothers and il sisters. His family is fortunate in that none of them resemble him in the least, ex- lll' cept that his father has a red mustache. ll all , THE BLUES Down with the howlers, down with reform! Give 'em tl1c razz and some chloroform. They're a dangerous bunehg they're a. des- ww , . . . l perate crowd, they re howling too often, and howling too loud. N ' "Don't lounge in the halls, donlt tell shady jokes. Let's have all lf ll our smokers without any smokes. Break up the paddles, pitching N l pennies is wrong"-those are a few of the themes of their song. li! And it isn't a song, it's just a refrain. It's "refrain from this" 'i again and again. lVherever we go, whatever we do, they always If have some Way of painting things blue. Each thing in tl1e Uni- , verse has its own place, the low and the high are allotted their X l space. Blue in the sky or a pretty girl,'s eyes is nothing at all to il H occasion surprise, but blue as a mood, or painted on laws, is worse f ,, V P 1' than just wrong-it's a homicide cause. il H , I 1 V l A l Page 50 1 1, 'Ln IJ. ,' ,D I 'K ggclqqti V iw ' wif" ': f f-fi' Jfiia. fgjif f 'Y ' ' fur-rvlxhg t F' 1 . ,, 4 1 - v - ,, , N'--'--'----Mffiifrllif fp-'aliawrfoc s " 'J J- 1. Ne -- -u-u-l:.r 1-. Q PTF Q 6.5 Q qv 1 .1 f- EP BY -Dag. Q l AINT wr: GOT WN C? 1551 nz V A3 WE NYIEPE., A AS XYXE NXHLL on M 7, ,.., W., - 4. A, ,, . Q' K , 1 A W rs RY Y ., 1 M VU QD CAGL CNA A E L V X' 'Ab 90,5-.bcuz ZAT HZQD SWAN, one ' , 1 A X N N Q f XL 3 "iTJ"....x W ,- - - ,yor z gm fm ni W' .R MSE: . 'z,-32551 N 42 5 1 f O Qgf1 2f?mn ' " 'Sv . Sai V My F G46 1, mmtl I! -' ' 5 ix Z , 74 Q '.. - ' , ' , , QQ IT WONT BE Lone UNTIL, I FOI? WE RE Gomrvx SCC TH 1, f W1-fiona-V Sr-IQXVW-9510-Jif' 74' 'fr-AEY GIVE U3 FOOD .xy I x ,Domi Le on CVUPQ Hanger T Le unolei'+o lQer comes loo Soon howd - f ' I Y A f f V - . A mpffj U Wzgzfcifw UP NG 1' 1'nE-M 'rv' f f,. --ff" ' rdff l X Ov 'Y W ' . . X ' asa. 7 WH' v - L fp V1: V U M ' - , 2 W ii? A f Q' A, + EESUSLE' 'P 'f :Mei X , ' I' Q' SIU' ' f SQ !y I ,5 Q Q E x ""' 2 , Muir. I' qw bb ,X Q Q 1. 5 Z m" sm K ., NLR ff Q f " 'I X X 'VD "wh, ga x , " X!" , ' ' ' Q-1 NJ -.ku 'LR N W SQ N A , is ax X N5 142 1 4 I? -r , ' 'gx ' X, X X x ' L.-T iff' 41 Yu -zz -2 LY- Q -Y ,J. . . Y ,V his 'jeu com! keep our lY'o1c!H'foV'-5"4'L'?1YN Oi Ieosl ww '3Em x9gf'kf15 Q O 1 In 4 N 'WWI fafffff mm- """fM, an-n A 2.1.1 1' Xxx 'X w O R M N X nuns-. was www X , fig P 4, ' If Mm IA - E yj L., f Lua space us deducoled +0 xv V V mccfnfg 1 N .Ei-iigfiffu Hfe Jepor-lea' of 'our' um m., ' ' "RY iw" if M.. sm an of WL., finish f I N love Lecc-me fiuegl whux use '::R:fL 'tfmgfzlxl I HANDLE ks! v fleling of 'Thou Sivan' Hoiiurc ' jf2'f5 lv 3:5 V A Yun. M X N AND Plow so Ae . ,L 4 ik L .mu my 50 I CAQE Y ETQBSIVNS Je YCVJAQ F XL Loss W SHOITIIIG 5 Ifgiltfmaea 'ff ,, + Q ww THHSTEIBE miami Ei: W A ' 'cnncmfcm ou-r um TOOLS Page 51 ,, K, Xi- Y "' " Timm ' Jn-b,,Q5'5'iQ -iwifivllfi gi3CI!1'lVOCiil3""-- ---2' ' .6- 1 A 7 1 7 LJ, k EACAM It has long been known that some of our collegiate engineers attend the Social I-Iali'-Hour at the Baptist Church every Sunday evening to watch the Stephens girls do their wiles, but it is equally well known that they do not have fortitude enough to go to church beforehand. They manage to sneak in the door just after the services, and just before the main act. The perils of such a. practice are well illustrated in the following story. CThis story can be veriiied by the pastonj One night last spring, when the usual spring thoughts were coursing hot through his brain, little John Nebel decided to go to the Half-Hour. Since he had never been to the church in question before, he did as the rest of the boys were doingg he stood outside the door until the minister got through, and never even got a glimpse of him. Later, during the eating, the minister walked through the assemblage shaking hands and greeting friends. He walked up to Nebel and, never having seen him before, inquired in a kindly voice, "And who are you?". In the same kind tone Nebel responded, "I'm John Nebel, who are you?" Overheard in the .Iunior Electrical Lab. Allison-"Don't that ozone smell. funny?" Second Dumb-bell-"OzoneP-Hell, that's insulation." The Ten Best Books of 1927 "Me and The Betasn-Gnonam SCI-IMICK. "I-low To Be Successful Though hTZl1'1'lCCl.H-CI-IORD AND CASTLE. Hlvllilt I Like About Myself" Q66 V0lS.j-REI-IAGEN. "Personal Recollections of the University In Its Youtl1"-I.nMmi'r. "The Book Nobody Knows"-YVTHARTON. "How To Pass Tech Scratch In Less Than Four Attempts"-MEYER. "How To Transmit Hats By TClC1Jll0lIO,,-'SCHOOLEY. "Take Me In Arms, I Smell of Violets"-KOOPMAN. "IVhy The University Is On The Rocksy'-EDWARDS. "Campus Politics-Are They Clean?" or "How I became C0llHCllIllfl,Yl.U--STALKER. The question of the hour, what is it? Page 52 Yi I YY YY 7 I NF' Ax limi EJQMWH-0Cf2r 1 1 , pgwgg. . 'lf ' Kwagfiw V 1 w i R 2 9 1 Q H fd .. wg 34? :u :n :U I' 03 5' P' W C1 U7 3 41 2' 3- 5 ,cf 1 . 9 M, 5 0 -A S1 f- 11 ff- o W 5 ig I i IE I Vg-1 l I E QT I? A I ff' U1 if - Tfw' U -: 2: EET .gl 105' ' 'A C bfi: 5? ' ' pf r u EU 1 35? '5' E5 UD -1-:ffm U5 1 11 , 'YES ' I- 2 E x ilw' H' U5 ,S o ? ml' 4, A11 -- M f' B 2' 5 1 L22 . gp-0 :-, X Un.: Q I m 5,532 fn? EU fm S. MW E? I ' X X W WX Sgqw Q XX x j' ' N., X CD WF XL' - 1 A s in 'K ' Xxx i f--N X X 'E X X if w "" gr N' 'J 2: X X 2' 5 ii, AQ i 4 -+2 4444, Af i1Ti2f 4 : 4 A +11-vkgfgg so-Bea,---Q--466:34 g5amr0i:Rlr-+--+- Fire: W .gk Q ll W 1 'l DISCUSS FULLY AND GIVE TVVO OTHER EXPLANATIONS OF HOT- M VVAD'S SYSTEM OI" GRADING. X ll The grades in 'heat machinery 'A' are based on class work, laboratory work, final examination, and two other reasons. The class work counts five per cent., ul , the laboratory work ten per cent, final quiz ten per cent, and the two other rea- sons sevcnty-fivc per cent. To attain the maximum of five per cent in class work the student must have a large notch cut in his Hirshfeldg the larger the notch the ' better. The student must be able to open his text book to the steam tables, using T this notch, in less than no time. It is well to be able to use either tl1c right or the left hand with equal speed. In the class work one must have a slide rule prop- l erly engraved and know how to use it in plain and fancy calculations, and how to use it with variations. The final test i11 this matter is to multiply five times i fifteen and get seventeen and one-half. To make the maximum of ten per cent in laboratory work the student must move about quickly. VVhen the teacher is looking one must move with the speed of light. lVhen the teacher is in the laboratory but not looking it is considered safe to I move with the velocity of sound. While wo1'king in the laboratory the student 1 must be able to hurdle any of the engines that might be in his way without any l i appreciable decrease in velocity. The student must talk in a loud voice, the fullness of WVl1iCl1 must equal the volume of a forty piece Hindu jazz band. The student must set the D-slide valve on the vertical engine in less than seven weeks. and it must be set so that the former engineer of an eastern railroad cannot tell which direction the engine will run until the steam is turned on. If the engine fails to yy ru11 the student may try again the next semester. To make the maxinium of ten per cent on the final quiz one must be able to answer these questions: VVhat is the heat of superheat and why? VV'ho was Bilgrarn Diagram ,and how? Is the fourth dimension entropy? How bad was your foot M hurt when you did the Btu experiment. The student's general ability is counted in , with the final quiz. If he succeeds in getting a job on the-L. V. CI,ehigh Valleyj , u RTR., or on the H. D, it XV. CI-Iigh Dry and Ylfindyj R. R. the final quiz grade will , ll! be slightly raised. A 5, l if ,ly The remaining seventy-five per cent of the grade is based on these two other reasons mentioned before. YVe feel that more evidence should be uncovered before l' a final opinion on them is reached. 'T The question of the hour, what is it? T l 1 l ,N Page 54 H .D TI' v' 1 Vvffimx A i f f fr ' ' 'W"7P 5y,:gUw.l4 i .Y I i 'H e " i' 'arf iii? 1 1 1 1 1 1 V1 1 1 5' -1 11,7 . "'f Lf M1 1,1 vez 1 ,ay 9514.3 1 I "Ladies and Tax Ja Vers, stem un close now and see the 0'1'e:1test collection of - D Immun bemrs ever assembled under one CJIIIVIIS. uecr creatures collected from- 6 - , . careful there, son, youre a httle too close to the bow-legged gentlelnan-creatures collected from thc four corners of thc earth for your education. They are wild, but that's because thev'rc cruel and the are cruel because the are Wild. And . J y . . , now, 111 the cage on the r1ght we have- ' Page 55 5 - Y A,- , W, .Age-41+ ' 7' -17 'uv 7'------f -' ci" E521 JF gc 111 Y ,31- I Y 1 1 41 11 1 11 ,1 ,V1 1, 11 W1 11' 1 11 1 W 1 1 I1 L gc -gh Q' -r - 'ua .5 if i i ii R Q1 asf F f,E!.3f4sl a s. F' ' U1 "nr 'H' 71 .as Ye Editor pleads guilty to a grave error in the assemibling of the USl121Illl'0l'li.U It is with deepest humility that we acknowledge the fact that we almost forgot our most illustrious fraternityg hence the obscure position in the book. Since the mem- bership roll is not open to the public we have had to obtain these names from vari- ous sources and we have no way of knowing if the list is complete. However, we are presenting to you the more conspicuous members with their qualifications for Secret Onery Fraternity. membership. Founded at the University of Missouri, September 13, 1927. Colors-Straw and Brown. G. lV. SCI-IMICK ................................ P1'esiclen.t It. L. BIILLER .............................. Vice-Presiclent J. B. VARNUM .............................. Scary-Trcas. GEOIILQE SCHMICKibCCZ1l1SC he's a power in the engine school-because he's listed as a senior when he has failed in each one of several attempts to get through math-because, by some unknown means, he finally got to be vice-president of the student body. Roman BIILLERTbCC11llSC he's a little bit better than the common herd-because of his success in politics-because he's president of an organization that hasn't even a roll. ' JOE XIARNUIVI'-lJCCZl11SC he's the Club treasurer and never gives us a rest from his eternal gripes about money-because he has ambitions for the Club presi- dency in the next election. A JERRY Enwixnos-because l1e's been here long enough to have graduated twiee-be- cause he is self-appointed critic of the faculty-because he got VVeinie told in Electrical Machinery last semester at his own expense-because he is a dancing instructor at the Jameson Academy. . MYRON STALKER1llCC3llSC he's an accomplice of Schmick's-because after he was defeated 160 to 80 in the spring election of councilman he got the job by appointment later-because he has managed to keep that job even this long. OTTO lbIEYER1bCC2ll1SC of his military bearing-because he is the best-dressed man in school-because he is always willing to help out a classmate in distress. JIIVIMIE HAMILV1'ON1bCCdLlSC heis getting through school this semester without studying-because his dad is VVeinie's friend and a power among the alumni -because he's in charge of the tea-because of his dates. Page 56 ,vga V I W W .,fa52'f'N - -' 'Ghz g2Bai11roc'Rff'4-l--A AFFVD -vi. ' or '4- K-1 at l 1 l U A 'K .' J a Mx, H"7L"'.9'f-T .ff 'l gig-:le-fel----frftblila 5ivl5tiw1roclZl'--+--m-- Q v ,i .5 HAIIRY Knusmieliiefly because hc suggested the idea for the decorations for the Ball last year which resulted in the daily toil of three hundred Engineers for over a month. I-Ie estimated that it would take eight thousand roses to X cover the drab interior of Rothwell Gymnasium, but eighty thousand wouldn't l have been enough. 1 NEWBY lhIILLERTbCC!LllSC he called a meeting of the RICCl1Z11llCPllS to discuss their program for St. Pat's lVeek, and then went off on a date to the Tri-Delt house and left the boys waiting for him-because he's in love with two girls 1 and wants to be in love with a third. P1-uLLnf CASTLE, En Cnoim, I-Iuoo Seunnnu, and CHARLIE DUNNilJCCIlL1S6 they came buck to school this year with high hopes and new wives-because we envy them their nerve--because we question the unanimity of their high hopes now. ELMER RJCHAGEN-lJCCtlLlSE he can talk longer and say less than any other man X in school-because he likes to wise-crack in class-because he is editing the green sheet. BILL BIEYER-bCCH.llSC he flunked economics twice and is still attempting to get ll a grade in it-because he took three finals in Tech Scratch-because he's I1 civil and president of Pi Tau Signw after trying in turn the electrical and IllCCll11IllCil1 departments. l Frutrcs in 1'l!lCllllli.ltC Puor. H. M. BELDEN Mn. XVAL'1'E1i BIILLER Puor. I-I. W1 Hiumnn PROF. H. G. BROYVN The question of the hour, what it it? Page 57 f. sr v1..,':-,yi 9 AA 1 i 1, P ww L lJ " Qui'-al i rn ' 'C pi' , X 'Y 5. Q-'fire' rj' r" -"-+---frnifriif ,fi'iic1v11i'ocii,fr?+i-wniggi LI F TED The loyal knights of the good King ASME sat abjeetly around the square- cornered round table. The men were sorely vexed. Their good king, acting on that im-pulse that lay dormant ill the heart of every knight, had ridden forth and captured from the gloomy study-hall of the evil Queen AAA, the Princess Louise, a maid of surpassing beauty. The act caused quite a stir among the ladies of, the Queen's Court, and they kept whispering about something being lifted. Now the good King ASME really forgot that he had called his knights together for their regular ale-quafiing, so he rode forward with his train to beg forgiveness. Across the murky Richmond moat he rode, leaving the Princess behind, and back to his own castle in Erin. "Forgive and forget," said he, "and from my adopted Court you, my knights, may take your St. Pat's dates." Grimly setting their jaws the knights rose as one man and with heavy boots assisted their king across tho moat. The act caused quite a murmur among the ladies of the Court of Queen AAA, and they kept whispering about something being lifted. . . REDI The nite was raw, The party rawerg I wish that I The town was dry And she was dryerg WVhite-mule was all A Had never sawer. That I could buyer. We were both stewed, VVc found a still, She was the stewederg Approached a stiller, I wisht to 'ell And bought a quart I'd never kncwder. Of Red "Blues Killer." Someone must lose-- Now she was sick, I was the loser. But I was sicker, She eraved more hootch. So I laid oii' Could I refuser? This bootleg liquor. l i' They called it "Splint," x fStirred with a splinterj, i And now she rests 'Where they don't have winter. X CThis effort is dedicated to all those who feel that they are eligible to compete for the honor, and is particularly reproduced for the benefit of those who dedicated the stadium so much last fall about every Saturday nightj 3 Page 58 aa, fa as i-JJDL ., S ? 5Bc1w1rocHPf-fi?-1 in L 9. U N W N NN' w v H M N 1 1 V T -v' lW'6.S'Sl"S, 5CA00fg!f, :Ss-Ciolff X14-721704 , ffierwce Defeehres of :fha Be!! 7?fqa6ane Cb. On 15967406 f2ffz, fvozfeof yaarf- efe ar'f1.S'f and bymnsfer 159C"4f2f'f" ffodyooffr !'Z7fer' IW-fi 196: C9C'5W6'f'16, KYFW Homfhenf 63'-a ofaafns lf afflfa. ,aresioifnf of fbe CYQ5-.s' of' '36 Le61QgfA lfaffej! EJ C!!A7A?Z'7V7 f'lk7V75 ,J-f w X950 'S I XY X" 5 ,fl clu-Q? Q r : ' i 9lJ5355?2'f5fra,,.,, L ' 'N Prof Fi"6'nCff9 7213 un!o'c',7796,af1-now Q?-een 60:-jf, oew wa.: kiffeaf bv 6' -mod rw! fodfrwcfar' fb fvebr- :fha 61.5765 bfcfgi fVre'f'frvoojfna0u2:'.:- las! weei5erera! S904- . afzmres were held. 6.1 ' f MEM. , X ff-ar W, Y 3.73 K ' 'Jw 1 ,, 5 if .Ja 'I 2 Q. Q A, gg ..:, ,,f.2Eg35':j!. ' '21 N35 V A -' f CQL JEIDES L.. Hamilfan, flue fksf mon fa be wir4Ls!eo' 21256 ' In 'fmyfj of L. ff W vi M X, W Q1 Wm I H -KLZCIZ-...A Page 59 'f C' ij' ' 4' ' 3: ,?iQ,df41i g Qi" ' X' 1 , 09,92 , iN W 55: '1-Q'-fr--iiiffcasr sasf..m:iiyi,r yf 5'1'Q fr, vi 11,2 L F- , r "fi I Qf illike Bosch, he had a fiddle He played it late and soon, Tl1e notes he struck were long and loud, But mostly out of tune. He swore he'd learn to play that fiddle In spite of Hell or Heaven, He sawed at it from early dawn Til nearly half past eleven. The neighbors kicked and howlcd with vim, His talents to suppress, The police got in touch with him, VVe now have perfect rest. i There was a young man named Meyer, W l Tried hard to set tl1e world all afire, A 1'Hb1C- But it all was a fizz, ll When he Hunked Belden's quiz, 9NC'E 1119011 il ' Now he offers his service for hire. DIME ' THERE was a man named VVle have a young man named LeMert, PAFRICK' He sure gets his share of the dirt, HAGWIS a good old But the fault is his own, i-IPL - For he sure should have known Oli mn the Snakes That after six years we get pert. of irgland- A mven e a , T 1 r Presenting Mr. Newby Lewis Miller, Thinks l1e's bad like the "Killer,', AND! lot of , But whatever he thinks THINGS Depends on his drinks, Hr 1. ' V l , , . 4, wed long ago- lVe know he s weak as a NV1ll61'. MANY Veqrs two- IN FACfT-- in 1 A young lady was out riding with Gast IZEIXORE LEMERT COlne who knew naught of his pastj, CAAIE HERE N lVhen he said, "Let's park," TO ' She didn't remark, SCHOOL. ' But he came home with l1is arm in a cast. l A man in the lab named Doc Foltz, i Across the !ll'l112ltl1l'C put 220 volts. The arniature flashed, The breaker crashed, And all there was left was two bolts. V l Page 60 ' 'A fill , , ' 'i . I lr' Axqfnq ,L Q----were fslaW'Qifar2f---M ENGINEERS ! The Business I'lll'I'l1S who have advertised in the following pages have made possible the production of your annual. It is to your interest to patronize them in return. - me STYLE THAT FITS More than 450 new Spring Fabrics to dhoose from. Also complete stock of ready to wear ,- Alggiefifckoww 2+ , I: KA N QONQX MADE T0 MEASURE ll Clothing, X , CAMPUS TAILORING oo. X me qi," ' R. R. Allen I XX Q Jesse Hall is opposite us. 1,1?f':oiQ-.i9'Qe4 X -.-aan NV- f'8-.1 K 4 vm - - mv- QWQ3' - 'WS' N 1 I,gmlln.f - tm. 'ov V x lm 1 wJ ' ' 'lwl WMV wif W"Uof 'r-Kosmos ns ,f ' QNX -'tf:a,.A ,leafy 2 Q, x Q nf,-s ' .QS -i L" 17H'N-T SAY- HEEE's A CHIANCE TO XWIN A FREE coPY or THE SHAMEOCK In each of the ads on this and succeeding pages will be found one or more numbersg each one of these numbers represents the admission date of some state into thc union. If there was more than one state adlmitted on the date given the year will he -hyphenatcd thus: Missouri 1821, North Dakota 1889-1, South Dakota 1889-2, etc. On Monday, March 19, there will be exhibited in the window of each of the ad- vertisers a sign bearing one of these numbers, but not necessarily the number which appeared in his ad. VVitl1in the establishment will be a number of cards containing the name of the state whose admission date appears on the window, and these cards will be given to applicants only after the applicant has correctly given the name of the state on the cards. To the first person who submits to the Editor a complete set of these cards in the order in which the states were admitted, correct to one day, we will give free one copy of the 1928 Shamrock. l l . . The contest is based purely upon accuracy. Neatncss, other than conventional legibility, will not be considered. l ,N ll Page 61 3 'V ,LQ 1 4 I Q, . ,J Lfzglfcahl M' 2 5: -as 15 hs Y l 'i yb 'il li., IV l Q 5 1 1. 'V in :ECW --'-ei Ubi gnebaml ac file K, ,--QL Q , The Winchester' Store COll'II'IlE'l'E LINE OF SPORTING- GOODS, GUNS, AND AMMUNITION w 808 Broadway 13110119 147 y 1890-1 l w N XNA3 AN F The Insignia of The Engineers 1- 'V Q? Go, 1928 y - ,E-'fi A W It has become traditional for the En- I gineers to have each year a button made W' ' ' which carries some caricature eeuliar to 1 fl' them. It may represent a certain depart- W., ment of the College, such as Mechanical ,yy it Qt 9. ,gffi fr or Civil, it may be general, or it may be 'N 'f ,. f 'R,f!i lx Q extreiniely critical of some member of the ,N lag' J ieigj faculty. At any rate, there is a very wide , I XXX A- H distribution of them because a few days 3 XXL - reg before the St. Pat's Ball they will appear 'X 5 -mf MA v f W on those ladies who have been so fortunate A as to receive an invitation. Besides that, they will adorn the manly breasts of every loyal man in the College because he wants every one to know that he is an Engineer. VVe present the Engineers' Button 1928. THE JINX ' THE ENGINEERS CLUB .1796 l E I Page 62 y E P9 4' i lf't.-JHY. If-AS'A5"ll 7 ' 5, " "r .i 1 I -t W ' le . 7 ' 4 Nl-----iblle galmmroclili ------we---v ef' me rgj ' ' ' if S' I ,N I l Y After Study - - - .3 , Ilaxve you ever tried 21. cup of coffee or at glass of milk for that exhausted feeling? Come over between classes for 1'Cf1'CSll1H9Ilt. W CAMPUS LUNCH Conley and Missouri ll If you have breakfast with us, you will not miss that 8-o'oloek. 1702 l Schwrnnb Qwriting to Meyerj: "Early this morning I took six little brown pills from an box marked C. C. C. thinking they were breath purifiers, but after I swallowed them I realized that they tasted like medicine. VVhat shall I do?" Meyer: "Your letter was delayed in the mails, hence there is nothing I can suggest that you do-now. Try These on Your Linoleum. She was only a timckceper's daughter, but she made every minute count. lVhen he gave the girl two berries, she handed him the razz. He started fl run in my stockings so I gave l1i1n a dirty sock in the jaw. I call my sweetie Lena because she's always up against it. She lives above :L bowling alley, but I know she's never hold. She was only 21 dd1'CSSlIl21liC1',S daugllterg sew she would sew and sew. l Some girls nurse fi potted plant, but I pet a potted poppy. 1 , 1Sl1l l GEORGE WOLF SHOE REBUILDER Boone County Bank Building 9 So. 8th Street " Coltunbia, Mo. Page 63 2 fu., stew e ll ll win il l ll l l T ,Q 411 Hx- Fklhyg 'iff' "-'--2---"'ifQULic gif-5l5f11i11'of:6iTfff-L-3----2 'w I L 114 Where St. Pat Buys His Books And Supplies MISSOURI STORE CO. Opposite University Library COLUMBIA, Mo. A 64 ' kt! gy U----Patna arms-retirees-P--+--iii FURNITURE BARGAINS In our large stock of used Furniture you will Hnd pieces that you can use at a great saving in price. Our used Furniture is sound and refinished. Wliy pay more when these are just as good? HUGHES FURNITURE COMPANY 905-7 Walniit Phone 238 Red 1788-S4 GLOSSARY'OF PROHIBITION TERMS Speak Easy: VVhat is said by way of caution to a bootlegger when he goes to turn over the rake-off to the Prohibition Authorities: Authorities on Prohibition, some of whom say it means this and some that when you ask them whethcr it's against the law to make a batch of Home Brew: The stuff you put up in beer bottles and then pour down the drain pipe in the cellar after you've taken a taste of it, and for which you bought a Bottle-Ca-pper: A little machine th:1t's on sale in all hardware stores just to show how big a success Prohibition is, es- pecially under the present Law Enforce-ment: Confiscating the stock of a bootlegger who has neglected to come across with the split and putting it in a Government Warehouse: Place where liquor is stored until time for it to be re- leased for Dfleclicinal Purposes: Getting it on a doctor's prescription to put in your flip Flask: Another thing on sale everywhere to prove that there is no such thing as a W'et Issue: The little trickle from a Congressxnarfs hip pocket when he falls on a slippery sidewalk. -Life. Page 65 n-'V ,4.f-- -7- , M: E l l xl ll ll l 4 l li l H r li i 1 M ii lil l l 1 -ix Q 1 ,QF-I .. -ef .el-rr E .. iv-Y +---safari samfofay-at---v--Mwig flsvkiiwgi-aiu it-xv. as 'aa 1 11 V . l." sffngifgwfz:fif,5f:5:.iffimfi'1525-T543-nf'5'fzfsfl 14455. ., 513 g...:!i1gfr?sLsQ?:':- :7 - ' I 'gl ' Phone 194 y y lS1S ,W 4 ,vt i JUST A COMPARISON A slide rule is something like a woman. It is slippery and no one ever learns how to nmnage one. It has a variety of figures which are more or less true. Its beauty is only skin deep, butg like the girls at a dance, it has sines on its back. Men are crazy until they get one, and after they get it they ,wish they had saved their money. Westinghouse Heating 'Appliances Westinghouse Mazda Lamps Savage Washing Machines john L. mm Electric Shop Atwater Kent Radios Buy Your Electrical Devices from an Electric Shop Phone 829 17 S. Ninth St. ITSI7-2 W: 1: 02 Ch ox oi , l. if W. ,5- N , ' I . fqgwif--' ,-- - in v 'Y -J Q ,LJ aw-----h--iflcftistit efissntfsffzye----Margie, fgf' 5 Cb EJ hs A ' "QI Q LEVY'S SHOE STORE s l FOOTWEAR FOR FASHIONABLES HOLSIERY SHOES l 806 Broadway W wo '1 l , Time: 6:15 A. M. In the SHAMROCK office after :in all night session spent N , between the formal and writing copy for the howling publishers- Hagnr fto Schooleyj-"Next time thas' typewriter comes around grab on it- I wanna write a joke." , THE C0-0P--- H Where a complete line of text books, School ii Supplies, drawing instruments, and athletic i goods are carried. it ii Take advantage of the 12M Profit Sharing t Diwdends which are issued for all Purchases. Ml Trade at The Student's Store N Basement Jesse Hall 1837 Page 67 4' v YLIQ wliixg gl C3 an Iefgvilhi 2-,grew -----it 'Y 1 4. NEWMAN HARDWARE AND STOVE COMPANY M Columbiafs Complete Hardware Store. l y 9041 BROADWAY PHONE 234 l II S03 l 1 YEBQ Slfwliilfil'CPCRy""-""'-"""f't?iKQ'-.3 ' 4 0 'v B The Bitter Truth- I It took an aggressive young reporter f on the Shamrock Staff' to uncover the bitter 3733? , X truth about Bachelor Neitzert. The place l 'Hifi V : wherein the following action took place has A20 M ! been kept secret to spare the girl in ques- 4-.-- 1--. tion, but we feel that the story will bear , re-telling. It was just thirteen years ago , L T., on Leap Year, too, that Neitzert became - N" a womlan hater. VVhile he was sitting one X - - -- elaiwnwd , night engaged 111 a blg game of Authors l' Why Neil':.erT dallas no more -1- with some other card sharks, he was called to the' whosit and a sweet young voice U. asked him if he knew it was Leap Year. Not knowing anything else to say he dumbly replied in the affirmative, and his cause was lost. The young lady asked him to meet her down-town the following day for a Leap Year date, and not to Worry about money because she would be delighted to entertain him. Then Carl made his second mistake because he believed a. woman. He met her as scheduled and after while she suggested that they have S0'l1lC'l2l1il1g to drink. He fell for that, too, and was having a big time until, she said with little gurgle, "You know, I lm the dumbest thing, I'vc left all my money at home." He says he hates women and we believe it. t ,azof Zz, i ana! M6f 6g4mcz4z4My, ah af7zyg i fzfmand A!Q? 1787-3 Y Pairs 68 ri 57,1 ri gzawl :E e gig-wid?-----Y------'riff 5-?sifimiir'ocfile------'tiiffg?Qij. . 1, .CQ is h 1- ll ii J ,i I l , I l -f rr ri LHC. 1 PECK DRUG COMPANY WhIIl113H,S and Stover's Bungalow Candies Drugs, Kodaks, and News Where you get your newspaper. 1850 , U N I Q we- 1' 351 1 Q. 'YEA l S dl l l -.T-'Y - 'Ti':.f?. I X E? E ' i N 2. ,, 'I , 4 v7b,,7hAxx f,q:iIld Txxw .nm 5 ' l' l ' 111' U 'L-S X , j 4 Ilia, 4 I A - ul ui , ,S X i -f - A Wie present herewith a View of the Senior Electrical Design room. Note the quiet air of repose, the ventilator that keeps the said air fresh, the bottles which used to contain milk for the Students, and the beautiful dream. Poor' boy, even in his sleep the bngabear of Heat B demands its toll. After chasing the attenuation constant, a, about the room he has induced? in the seat of the chair a. great characteristic impedance which re- sists thc force of the capacitive rcactance between his body and the desk. He can- not rise because he is subject to the deadly iferranti Effect caused by the infinite dis- tance between the ears. The La. seen on the shirt are reproduced from Life. They give an Electrical more trouble than the cooties did the soldiers. The lines seen on the desk are paths made by the well- known little fluxes , another of the favorite pests. lvithout the constant attention of these little animals we Electricals would be very much in want of a job. I 790-2 1788- 1 L MASTER BARBER'S ASSOCIATION TIGER BARBER SI-IOP OAK BARBER SHOP UNIVERSITY BARBER SHOP REX BARBER SHOP RECREATION BARBER SHOP ises 1S20 1912-2 Page 69 A K li X. ,, il il, l l l l 'T 1. 'I P 7ua!,,gMXrg -S figgcw lie 580U1l'0CgP""""'-'ii"ff'jQ:z 5 .,,1 Q 4 . L 2 E HE MEN'S SHOES FOR HE MEN 1 ,. , V ,, W . Correct 'q ' Correct i in ex in .. Price v I - - X - ' Style N rf X I 3 1:-112 WHERE SHOE FITTING IS A FINE ART W The Kodak Filling Station Q 0 THE DRUG SHOP 'fwiwli 4 Has ai full stock of Kodaks and Kodak supplies. 'ix y I X: .X "X, 5' X Y - Qwifi -I N I I T wp 1 1 We lllillllfillll our own . Y-. ii rf' finishing department. 'Lf ' AV , I Let us serve you. 1' W. c. KNIGHT, Prop. 'E 4 L USS-2 A Knighf of OT Rirffck BOWLING LUMBER COMPANY Established 1865 M Make this firm your purchasing agent. "IF YOU CAN DRIVE NAILS IN IT, WE HAVE IT." Phone 2 Cor. Eighth and Cherry N 1570 ug Page 70 Q ., '1 ' CJ n LJ, A' MA... A ff A A i-has ggi-+1-i--iff Bile gBQ11lY0CR'.f" lW17?E 5 sa- J: il LINDSEY'S JEWELERS l M ll W . l 1 Ml Gzfts That Last l 1 1 'Wil l 918 Broadway Phone 58 N W 1912-1 ll ll w E l 11 . ' , l , W ,l l ll Guide-"lVe are now passing the big- MEET YOUR FRIENDS ly gest saloon in the Dominion of C:mmla." X P tt"-"VVl Y?" ,fl W 0 M ll BETWEEN CLASSES W mf wx AT THE Rosenberg was learning subtraction. N "lf you had eight pennies :md lost three, how many would you have left?" Rosenl:e1'g-"But for why should I lose three pennies F" - Jesse Hall is across No man is :1 hero to :L bill collector. 1 V from us. M ll V N 1 , Q' w 1S21 gy! l l l ll 'l 'F ' ,I A NA rlozv-wma l Q llVS7'lTU770N- li M 1 . . . pl "quality-always at a saving" 708-710 Broadway Columbia, Mo. uw-:z , V 'N 1 ' i Page 71 fu. yew- -s ee e 141 J Qhconroc at w T 3, ' s Suits Cleaned 8: Pressed and Plaln Dresses Cleaned 8: Pressed ' 51.00 3 l l CAMPUS VALET CLEANERS Q Shorty Robinson Phone 649 211 so. sth. V 19110-2 ' My Oiwn Story , , "Neck ?,' he asked in n low, seductive Besldes bemg 3 voice. I did not know what to answer. J , I am a girl shy by nature and slow to G00d Drug Stgfe affect what other girls eagerly and openly rush to take up. As a result I did not Catering, To ixll have the experience with which to cope I U with his proposal. I was perplexed as YO111' Needs to what to reply. I could do nothing but remain frigidly seated in embarrassed NVQ carry a line of Eug'ineer's Si1CI1CC- ! U Again he asked, "N'eck?" I Dra-wing Instruments, and other N U A Q Though his tone was as soft and allur- i Supplies yOU C01'1StiU1tly need- ing as before, it had an added throh of iniperiousness that could not be over- looked. I was keenly aware now that I THE VIRGINIA PHARMACY could not delay much longer. He looked at me questioniugly. There was no way 109 3, 9TH PHONE 7241 out other than to make a hasty decision. V "Yes," I replied recklessly. "Only you The More Neargff ML' St"dL"lt - must he careful not to shave it too close. If you do it's bound to tickle unbearably 1791 when I put on my coat with the fur collarf, -The Lady Known as LOU. I Y I l l l li 1 , 3 FLOORS OF QUALITY MERCHANDISE Columbiafs Dependable Department Store 1836 Page 72 ig 5, vjr, .11- Vps- .- ...-A--Wga- -f- , -- - - --ir ugh W 19.14 --..-.lie ---- f-A- ---- ? Fri: A, 2 B 91 .1 1, .g5'I+-A--1----'II DEQ QIIAIIIIYOIQIIIA-f-f-i--w ,II F. I-E A C e n t e 1' from which rzxdizxtes the best sort' of Old Tiger Spirit. In the spacious lobby-i11f01'nm1 alumni relulious and Student receptions are always partof the pr0g'1'a,111. CAFE AND POPULAR PRICE COFFEE SHOP IN CONNECTION WITII THE DANIEL BOONE TAVERN FRANK W. LEONARD, 1mI,Imge1- 150 Fireproof Rooms 1790 1 I Ii, x'?fi"! j XX,IIII4cfff Qglljf ,414 , BOOKS AND GIFTS KX , X 2- ff ,- f- 'i:' All xx 1 ., A f , I KI -, .0 .H -.-W -A .,- f ff4,LfP0'fN , M,f- f L. fffwiff 2 " ff? f K I I SATTERLEE,S RWE D ' ' gm W f 001157 - I 'I 1 W E I .I 4 rmzxurful fa fwfkifla.. f 1 fJ,,,y fmllzrnw B ML . YQ ., 7-,qgy J' 1. N07' PASS. 1880-1 Meet Your Friends at 1 ss II BOOCHES BILLIARDS FOUNTAIN Courtesy Our Motto ACROSS FROM THE HALL THEATRE, UPSTAIRS E. MORRIS L. MORRIS Page 73 I, I .AI i I I II I I I' " I I I I II ,I I II I I I I I 'I 'I II II II I I I I I I I g 'I I I . I I I I X? I , QQAQAS IIP' I. I IIIfp5'3ll nj. fgfi"+w--l-2ifG5f: Qltavrurocitf , Q1 w'Q'jvf' u tn' Ti10l'S01l,S d?,ltC-UxVililt,S the difference between dancing and Il1i11'Cilillg?H Thorson-"I dunno." She-"I thought so." You can always get ST. PA T SA YS- What you Want With quick All of my boys buy their i vi clothes at S. 81 B. i SCI' ce i at Note: St. Pat was one of our . ,CtO1l1Cl'S when he was in school. t THE MODEL Cm LUNCH ROOM 0, -, 35.00 meal ticket for 34.50 SYKES ,JBROADH AD 11 North Ninth Street 1391: lssn-3 Fred Venrick-"1 love you better than my life." Marianne-"WVc-11, considering the life you lend, th:1t's no surprise. Page 74 .L .W giffsgp i 'Nr,4'4,-QE ew 9 wg-...lm--E-.l1Arj.i5Q g.f:1s5Q.lf,ifQQs2y..---- T. H' E 1 BETTER THAN WORDS - - A PORTRAIT OF YOU BV WESLEY BLACKMORE 1846 'Mil .- Mu I Tho saturation curve PIICIIOIIICIIZI is 54 older than engineering or tllernlordynain- . q- ics. It is older than Imhotep, himself, ll 1 3 who was the first Engineer. It was 4 I 0 known even before Hot lVad bccmnc one I Q' ,M of the lllglltlll-iiI'ES of the student Engi- .,VgJ' gxTl"flXXNm This plienouicna is not in any sense 1 '- I peculiar to the Engineers, but on the 4- X ilu -,X 1? contrary, is a thinff we Enfrinecrs know lv' X. WX?-QA!!! - U D ill' only from our Heat B charts. The ac' ll "K compnnying sketch illustrates how an elec- Wlllxxkikiy tricnl would look under full load. 1KlV1E'f9 7716 salixralim curve Foltz :-"I could dic dancing." His Date:-"Yes, with your boots on ME." W Page 75 1 Q' 'LE' vi?-E ' ' "'..-Nr: mi-,Hi 45... :ff ?g'f"f'--H--Mffifniic Qliuviinfocffli-----E-'nv:,f - H ' A ' 'ne in ' 34, .3 F' I AUTHORIZED STROMBERG AND FADA DEALERS COLUMBIA MAZDA LAMPS-G. E. PATENT i STUDENT LAMPS AND FLASHLIGI-ITS ATHENS ELECTRIC SHOP W 23 North 10th 1 - , St. Phone 474 1735-5 Thoughts Vwhiie Loafing. ae ee -x- E ae ee i X He sipped the nectar from her lips, As under the moon they satg N And wondered if ever :mother U Had drunk from 11 mug like that. N wh 1 1 ae ac- ee we ee ae I i i 1 Phone 114 w AND DRY CLEANING CO. ' Suits Dresses Overooats N w Cleaned and pressed for 51.00 i 1889-3 A 4. 7 Page 76 TT .F 4' '1- W .lf "M5m1ffi1 W if-i+.1-4.17: ii. W Mm Ng-:lT,ff5iCiiina'f:icl3jf'fm-Emma-T-mo-3-' I SUPREMACY- ST. PAT is suplfenie zunoug The eiigineersg HARRIS' is supreuie zuuoug thx? college C?ltC1'l1lg.f shops of Missouri. We coiigmtiilatc you, ST. PATH CGT0bl'21JE01'S, ou the QTOZIJLIIGSS of your 1'l1'0fCSSlO11 and on the.woude1'fu1 cele- bration always given. Ei Ei Fi H . Fil Fi FJ E E EEEEEEEQSEE L5 -HARRIS' your college shop- Jack-O-Lantern-Delivery Service-Candies Sandwich hours-Music and Entervtainment HARRIS' MILLARD and SISSON F 1345-1: F EH i Ei'iTQEl'i'fifEi's AN ODE TO DR. BETZ E to the X, du by dx E to the X, du by dx E to the X, E to the X Iiitcgrnto, Integrate, Intcgmtc. -Glen Hopkins. Spring Suits Afe Ready For You Real Values and Real Style ' S20 to S45 0 10 b' E I Cl Ziff 316 0 0 THXIIP5' A -I ' x 1'SS-4 Page 77 ws "Wk , 4 "X 1 l 1 P l 1 ! . V7 M - ,R SW S SWS S S S ,--,-,.-,,.l,..,1J , I i',C"'i'---S----1-MKGISC g:iitiovvir'0clilr1---?f-Wave, Wf J CO5 4 J EEEEHEHEEEEEEEEEEEHEHEHEH-IHEHEHEHEEEHil-EEEEEHEH-il-EEEEEHEEEEE? WHERE GOOD FRIENDS AND SERVICE MEET JlMMIE'S COLLEGE INN EEEE!-I-IE!-IH-IEI-E55-ikl-IEEL-E!-,FEli,El-ih'iEl-i!:SEEEl-i5bE!,-IilrEEEH-1EEEI-i5!E!!-1! A CORRECTION The Slmmrock stnfl' wishes :it all times to see justice done. No one, not even The Blind Goddess herself, has suffered more from the prick of conscience at the knowledge of injustice than has the Stuff. It is with deep regret and sorrow that , we find such false rumors going about. Dear Reader, Ralph A. Foltz will not teach VVei.nie,s class in telephony next semester. The Dean: Hvvllilt are you in college for?" Earl Green: "'l'l1:xt's what Dad is always asking." 1 "No," said thc geometry professor as he SqlIZll'Cd the rectangle, "it won't be oblong now l A L. Q A rooster discovered an ostrich egg and rolled it into the hen-house. "Now , ladies," he said, "I do not want to embzwrziss you, but here's :x sample of what other people are doing." ' EEEHEEQEEEESEEEEEEEEEEEHE Safety First 15 Years Success w I ' 491 CAB COMPANY B ONDE D A ND INS URED U Gia-1 E ow 4 'T' "L"T.J U "4 , c 593 Q :iii 5 -292 3 dmv: nj O az: 3 U1 .- Q46 5-:"'v. QSO Ud""0 555595 Fr-541 Hs2ozfg ,QVC 4 ' bd 23 OT" F 20 Q1 w 51' oo i, or-:P-A A gi-to Q UAQQ Q UF O 2 .nu F1 1- :1 '-E-99 4 9? 1 :ww Q CDC!! : i"'-: fm I E55 5- PHONE 491 FOR SERVICE EEEEEEEEIEEEHEHEEEEEEJEE . Page 78 3, I I I -1 4,,m5s,f+fw 'Mm-4 , n r 5 .9 I Z: L. 1,1 Ti' KY: ggfwl--l---KATCSBQ K-:g3llanixrocl3lf"-----fridge L 'Y 'if eg, ,, il i 3, ART andwiches QUALITY oda Fountain F RESHNESS and Q v ervice These three requisites are 1n- elurled in all Mueller floral bou- . . quets and LlGC01'Zl.lIlO1lS Vlslt us between Classes' because . Reasonable PTICBS. "We grow our own" . JUNGLE NO. 1 H. R. MUELLER, Florzst ACROSS FROM THE LIBRARY Member F. T. D. Y Store Grzfmzhnusex NO, 2 t I6 Qtll XKIESK Blvll. SL NEXT To I-IENDRIX U 1 s-:aux 18101 l l ll GALLANT Acpo 1 it Wag? 'V in This is rx facsimile of the new cle- !,v ,fe A7,qN ENCOU ' sign for the engineering Toreador Medal, which is given each your by the Shamrock to tlxose members who have been outstand- ing in their activities. It is to our eternal f EVA regret that We were so limited on the E number of medals to bestow. VVitl1 such :i wealth of material we have done the N X EACH ,DAJAJ A best we could to select the better fitted. MAJM f71f5,-465 - !174?!V7' i C-Pak! Medal -57f!'7eyef' .S'f7ver flffobf -!YeW6Vf'ZM'f' 5l"0l7Z6l3Z?aQf-Jhv AQMIMO li Z Page 79 iv.- e 1. ll 'N ll w .J V U vjilif we 1 1' P Y K3 Br f,-:Z?iii:uiii'ocli 1 hx ,. A: I 1 r I r 1, 17 'X HQ' fx! Y SUD f' vi' Q 5 if of Y! Ld O Q ? Offs M0110 Cleaning - Pressing Repairing STUDENTS' WORK A SPECIALTY 8 SOUTH NINTH PHoNi2 709 1543 "B:mg!" Went the rifles at the ina- neuvers. "Oo-oo!" screamed the pretty girl-ri nice, dccorous, surprised little scream. She stepped backwards into the arms of Licut. Grove. "OM", she said blushing, 'KI was frightened by the rifies. I beg your pardon." "Not :it allf' Govc replied, "Let's g0 out and wuteh the artillery." Page 80 Koopmzm: "I've never kissed n girl in my life." Flupper: "lVcll, don't come buzzing around' nie. 1,111 not running :i prep school. Tombstone Dealer Cto Schooley's widow after several futile suggcstionsj: "How would just :1 simple 'Gone Home' do for an inscription P" The 'Widoiw: "I guess that will do. It was always the lust place he ever thought of going." FRESH FLOWERS CORSAGES Quality 85 Service Always BERNARDS1 THE FLORISTS 919 BDWY. PHONE 2121 1799 QM -- new 5 aff'--fr--------'lilfiusc g.-4?:iiLi1iw1'oclfyl---H-M--M PM U, l Y 1 f 'L . FN, ro NK ' 719 1-:. new-mwAY isftvi-NE TU BUYSHUES i ISU4 THE "ZS" TRANSFER AND STORAGE Co. "Featuring Service" 10 North Tenth Street Columbia, Missouri 1816 The Question of the Hour- Wfould Bugs Yvharton Hunk St. Pat if he should come back to take Heat B? If it is dry cleaning- Send it to a dry cleaner. Suite and Plain Dresses Cleaned and I5"68l6d 51.00 ell GPWCG We operate the only strictly dry cleaning plant in Columbia. We have no side lines. ' Phone 1433 1S50 Page 81 4 ---44- A ,J iv- + S545unu1'ocEl'--- L I 0 I N FL: I fn. 4 J S? V Q A lVf25fCWiQl : -A , , IVQ,5 1?BusgreBrN XO 1,5512 225 m'5,"9 1:23 UTEG 955' "2 Z QSCQ SEQ 9.11. zrwgglqysu I 53. .5 2YZ,Q,34l- -.- ::N,g3g3ys17 - flab,'QxN IL 82 41 is ll r- v L, 7 gif 5g,5i.jGiiiI'0Cili-?f'iw f-ig f 1 QI 1. i f In the production of this 1928 edition of the S1-IAMROCK the staff has conscientiously strivcn to give you the best they could for the least money because they feel that in the past the SHAMROCK has not warranted the expenditure of so much mloney. As a. conse- quence the SI-IAMROCK may disappoint some of the older men who have seen bigger and better books. No staff likes to retrogress, but the welfare of the Engineers' Club has been improved by our action. VVe ask you to judge our book in this light. 'i i i l E Page 83 rc. Q' 2,4 CAH5 2-Y -- -f - - - -f e-- f-we f 'Ay a it 13' 'T Sv: g-Qviiwa m wc EW G--H-Q----U me ' E P o I W W l i Thafs All There Is - - 5 Y l Qi w E M w I . Q NI I i l 1 1 V 1 6 ' Page 84 PM" 'xii W 1. --c -- ..-ek,,'pg4 ,- ,wi fI I ' " -L1 --'L -f - Ji F? .-vi.: f-T,,,Y,:.Mw I IIiTIII?3IF:IIITIiII I I 324 III I7 I f II':jf:'-Ia If. I HMI II ' ' II ' I 1. '...ilE-LII! II ' Niiffif' ' ""-771- 1 4"'I"'- 1 . j ,I " gm -..' II J . .' 1 L fa-rr f- 11. A . - - - - ,. 113' ' - Au- 1 L - 'nI. N, ' ' I . "5 1-, L 1 1 '. ' 1' 9 , . -4,1 . ' "' 5' - -I J' I - ' I- fg'fIg,"QI5D-'T - . 6' " 'Q - 'g Z-,I ' -.. I ,' Ig -N J V' 'I , I A In - ' L:-5,11 , ,I' J' I -1 QI I . III Iv , waive'-ui' I I I., ,II -L I 1- -. , . ' Y. . I ', -'I ' 2 . a - 1 .-f - if " ' ,, 7- 'iff , . ' ,T 'V V ' L' W A ' " ' 'Q ' - -J .. I5 Iv,-IIQIQEL. I,Ig:fg5II,j.? -I - - I , . I, Ig' . -4 -- .f. .-' I -' -I --' :, -K . 'fm f .II. W ' ,f 7 ff-352 ?-.Rave-1J - L 'qi , -- 7 2 A., 53 L.-q '- - -1 N f II I ' l A 4 I -4 L FI - J 1' C. el! Md IIJI, tg I' rII . -I I .. , .. - I I IL I .- I II IA I I ,.I -I , 5 I ,-,D JV--f I F gil" K LPI' I n Lp Hfilirj , I' ' J r ' '-ru f -if '- I-tri' - .Pu 'I L n 5 ' ' -.' ', -' . -4, 1. ' -Im- -. I ' . 2 3 . 55314 - . I, 3 I,1'---wig I I I , 5 .. -LTI Q-hi In - I 'III .-. I53,I.1:IIII I1, I , I - , ,. - I I fr I 6 LI 'V I 14, View ., ni: II""I ' . - I I Q 1 ' I, ill! I -If sr' I T' I.. V. 'J Wi - .1 , Le., ,ui-QU' I - - uf - Av 1 ' 1' . If Il. f ' 'xi ' Y' I 1' . -'J I - y 0 c ' -.,.I . . J," Y I, , I., 'I I 1' w,:W I Swing. fl' I all! ' . - t Q . s - A1 Q . - 5- . .ff ' ..-,-A I 3 - , ' . Y ' 3, -. 3. ' " ' 1- Q' 4' ' ,, swf- ' y Q 'fi - ,- B. fu, .rn 1 1 A If I .iIIZ""I' t' -'Q . "4 1 ' A21 . .-1 3 A: ' J ' ii 'i Y 4 1 M: " 5 -"' D . . wif' -. "E"-E' f-ff 1 f f Nl' 'q"l. s-V" ' ' Q' ' 'V P ' HQ' 52 A. '- .f . II- Il I 'III -FI-v I -4, . 3 ' F - II "I if I I I.- I K I ,IIIQJII , ll' . I Hi: J,-ur 1. -PZ, I I In Y "L I vw. N ' ' . I fl 4 ' - . -UF' ' 'Z ' I .IJI-1' - ' I ' I ' I -' ' Af w I , 1 I-. I, 'X 1' ':,I s , -I - g"3Il1: qw' ' f :sy - . g II IIQ - II H- Igij-, NI 7 'II I il III' he Q' I 1 - 'qt will- X I 1 " Q-dll 1 W ' x I p ,II , ESI I I LI I Iii :.I Q "' -., 1 ' ' , .- -gf I -I -f' U. -' s- I ' . V .I ,I I N-bI ,Ig II , IIT gdqggil - I I I J 'M K. ' HL , ' ' ' L .- K I4 , in JL v- If-I I - -.I ' - I . -Iefnih ' I' 1"Q I I I, I -II-I fd!! I F-Q k 1 --up s I - I II'ff1, I I L1 - aft 5 Af .V . 'Vik if. i'1."" MFE' if '1 , If I y, n- , ,em I Mm , . I I I . 'I ,- ug il' 'A + A ' I. Q , 4 '-Lv-yn V A' L' "V J I PP" 1 1 A I I sr LI. as I ,- I l:vfJJk:7e,, HI: FIIII Q . 1 1- . ,fd ,. 1-. +- ff 3 -HQ! - .. I I 41 - I . QQ: FF QI I -J . J: 1 ' 1+ ' ' - 1- ' V-fx ia1.b'N ' F s . -1 ' V - -rf 'Jr ' R ' z.- V' 'Q 'E' 1.." PJ' JJ E P "u - IT- .."" ': -' '- 1.195 " x- I ' ' df-' ,,' M .,.,. 5 - ' 1,4 .5 I P I F Q , I -Q , ' If - in 4 vw-Ig-' - vm. ,.. ' ' A - ' , ww ,- ,-w' . J' ' 'vi xii- -L? . w' ' r 6. 1 N - If-V-0 ' "' 'I' ' A ' ' ' J"if'Ll-k ' A '- J- , ' I' fir I 19. III .II ' ' A' ' 'V - 'f A ' V" 55" . ' x L "I 4 4 "'f.IlmW-I"-,I-I, I II I . . I II . I J 1 .I I, 5 - I Y 'rp rf' . I 1 L S' n U 'N API I r. . .3 I K Y' ,.2"" --'.f'+f' ' ,, 14, ' ' . f r-I " " f'- t 3 WI p I in S", I "N 'J I I V. I .-II, gf: "4.- I , . W -. . ,,,. , , I- IIIIIII L. IIAI I I- f 1 A dw J X ' r r s n , , M 'jf' I r , ' w ,cf 43" fi? - .I ' . Q-. -Jw: 1 f x . 1 ' wg-YQ . 1.. . xls 'i r . . ,f L l 1 X '. 'K M I w I ' f

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