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r s - • -. j ! ' • _i J ,r ••■• 1- ' -- - : -y4 P Jtfflj .; " : " " ??Js V y ; - Vf " A . ■ • „ , ■ -r. " V. i i .f ? 1 I- ... ■ . ■■ ' •- ' ■ ■■ -.. . -. 1;V. .. ..J. -.iM»; f it m Mf 1 i i r i r«(a i rt .. m . tii1 r J , M. ■ .. » m. i j. 1 1 — —- ■■- - ' -iiw ■• -,. , v .. ■ . J 7T . .,, n ,.. ,Lj , ii., i. J , j _ — ■y-yrrT S 5 4 A ' V ' ' .- ' » ' 5 Ole Miss 2003 iblished 1848 University of Mississippi r arley Hall, )om 340 D sity, Mississippi 38677 )llment 12,323 =@)CAMPUS LIFE 14 DISTINCTIONS 64 ACADEMICS 106 ORGANIZATIONS 140 PERSONALITIES 196 GREEK LIFE 268 ATHLETICS 330 INDEX 374 EPILOGUE© 39 o Simv(v» -■ imp it classic The Ole Miss 2003 established 1848 The University of Mississippi Farley Hall, room 340 D University, Mississippi 38677 3 by AshleyWilliams " Simply Classic " portrays the essence of what makes Ole Miss distinguishable from any other place in the South, the United States and beyond. Our love for everything Ole Miss related permeates in every part of our campus and community. In creating a mood throughout each section, we attempted to recreate this emartTonal attachment to friat quickly becomes our college days gone by. Everyone who peruses these pages srrourd feci an ■flrtacrrrneTft to ml one commonality which binds us; our Alma Mater; " Way down South in Mississippi, there ' s a spot that ever calls, where among the hills enfolded, stand the old Alma Maters halls, where the trees lift high their branches to the whispering Southern breeze, There Ole Miss is calling, calling to our hearts ' fond memories! ' The inevitable love every student, faculty and staff member, Rebel fan, and Oxford resident feels is directed to something larger than just The Lyceum, The Grove, or Vaught-Hemingway Stadium; our lives are shaped by the experiences here, we share as a collective whole and personally by those, who perhaps randomly, who become our group of friends and acquaintances. Perhaps your group started with a potluck roomtwafe turned best ' friend, a classmate who turned into a future fiance, or a friend of a Grovina friend turned confidaiat regaraless, we ha scared an monumental part of your lives with each other. When we first arrived, we huddled together as lost freshmen and managed to find the places we fit; we have grown in ways in-measurable. We have learned what being a Rebel really means and that epitomizes the definition of " Simply Classic. " theEND prologue by ' AsfiCeyWiCCiams The Lyceum, which opened for the first University of Mississippi class in 1848, symbolizes the origins, endurance, and triumphs of higher education in Mississippi. During the Civil War. the building served as a hospital for Union and Confederate soldiers. In 1962 it was the scene of a major event in the Civil Rights Movement. After a night-long riot, the University ' s first African American student, dames Meredith, enrolled in the Lyceum. An extensive structural renovation was At the center of the new quadrangle between the J.D. Williams Library and the Paris- Yates Chapel, the fountain was a project in the works for five years, funded by donations from Phi Mu Sorority. The fountain will be maintained by the University. " Ole Miss is the the best kept secret in the nation. IF EVERYONE ONLY KNEW, THEY WOULD BE KNOCKING DOWN THE DOORS TO GET IN. ?5 c.i i ustcellor Robert Khayt ' " X . » »«£ J. w ... ' ■ ' ■ W • k 1@ IT ' Nik 7 : ; ' . ' :«■« V »- ' ; " .-.--» ■£.«.». A I I Built in 1889 and the first building to be used exclusively as a library, Ventress Hall houses the Office of the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. HELL YEAH, DAMN mUT, HOTTY TODDY, GOSH A MIGHTY 4m ARE YOU Ann Mine Bliylotk READY WHO THE HELL ARE WE? HEY! FLIM FLAM BIM BAM OLE MISS RY DAMN! Solid Gold performs on the Courthouse lawn on Friday night before the Arkansas game. The concert series is sponsored by the Oxford Tourism Council, providing live music to patrons on The , V ' Brenton Montgomery, a freshman from Clinton, rapels down the wall located behind the Tad Pad. • A Katie Knotts helps her customer at Hinton and Hinton find the perfect fit. " From the moment you arrive. Ole Miss and Oxford become your home; anywhere else you ' re just visiting Everyone ' s friendliness leaves a lasting impression. ' ' - Kristen Sparks, freshman biochemistry major from Pascagoula, Miss. As part of the Homecoming festivities, students participated in this virtual simulator. " Being from a big city, Oxford is nice and cozy, a majority of the people are incredibly WELCOMING AND FRIENDLY. " - TENISHA KELLER FRESHMAN PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR FROM ATLANTA, G. . " A CLASSIC IS CLASSIC NOT BECAUSE IT CONFORMS TO CERTAIN STRUCTURAL RULES, OR FITS CERTAIN DEFINITIONS. IT IS CLASSIC BECAUSE OF A CERTAIN ETERNAL AND IRREPRESSIBLE FRESHNESS. " Edith Wharton Martindale provides! a central locale fori services like the) Office of the Bursar. Admissions Office, the Study Abroad I Office, andl Academic Support I to name a few. I ; " -•-%( V4fe ' ' V f M Performing live for the Thacker Mountain radio show on September 26, 2002, Duff and the IRevelators enchant 95.5 listeners; author William Campbell was also present for Thursday night broadcast at Off Square Books. Built in 1906, the Confederate Monument to the Civil War dead is dedicated to former professor Dr. W.D. Heddleston, who performed the marriage ceremony between William and Estelle Faulkner. Hfe . US ' 1 - i£5» i£ P- -•■ ■£ bbbsw i if ? t w ' « 1 I , JfM- j V I 4 -il m Wi { V y A — Bl E l i Will Aldridge, Yolanda Branch, and Andrew Moore relax in The Circle between classes. Eric Coghlan. John Pee. and Michael Summerlin secure their football season tickets through the Student Athletic Rebel Foundation. - a |14 Summer in town means the annual Fourth of July parade, followed by sidewalk sales all over town Attempting to create a beer pyramid while his friends watch, this freshman hopes his RA does not come home. Absylom Rising performs live on Gregg Jones ' Mojo show. The Turner Center pool serves as the locale for scuba practice. by KelleyHunsburger The campus life offered is what draws many students to come to school here. As freshmen, it helps us to build new realtionships and find our niche at Ole Miss. As seniors it is what we will miss the most. Campus life encompases the places we go, from a night at Hooligans to marina |frl-rmind(s ftnfI e -Scl «rrf7 ' irfrcluding everything we love about our lives here, from Square Books to the Doublp-Becker Arts Festival. Campus Life is the traditions that we, as students, hold dear. From Groving on football game Saturdays to eating a pizza roll or chicken-on-a-stick at Chevron at one o ' clock in the morning to the Red and Blue Game, we remain dedicated to our traditions. Whether paying a visit to Graceland Too or catching a play put on by the University Theatre Department, students are never in lack of something to do. We also make up a community that is ready to share their time in helping a worthy cause. Eeople fi£re take time out of busy class and social schedules to volunteer i f h pt lrounji Laf ay£tl£ C3unty. Campus life brings together a student body composed of many different identies and makes them one, because of the life they lead while they are here. No student can leave Oxford without taking with them a memory of Ole Miss. That is why we are unique and what makes our experience here different than at any other campus. theEND 6y KeCCeyQ-Cunsfcerger 15 campus life " I The arf ' IThe music ' t The foodXThe Square. double aecKeir 7tk 04uuia£ cunfck fRitli tii " I think it ' s really interesting to see what people can create themselves, and how the entire town comes _ out to celebrate music and art. " - Amanda Willis, senior fashion merchandising major from Kennet, Mo. Robin Freeman by KelleyHunsburger On Saturday, April 27, 2002, the Oxford Tourism Council held the seventh annual Double Decker Festival on The Square. The festival celebrates art, music and food. The festival began with a 5K and a 10K race that went through campus and to the home of William Faulkner. Twenty-four restaurant vendors featured food and drinks from their menu. Vendors included Downtown Grill, McAlisters Deli, Doe ' s Eat Place, City Grocery, and Bottletree Bakery. Art and music were probably the central part of the festival. One-hundred vendors displayed their work, including pottery, glass crafts, painting, photography, folk art, and woodwork. Musicians entertained the crowd throughout the day. Types of music included Cajun, rock- ' ri -roll, pop, Zydeco, gospel, country and Southern rock. theEND Above: The combination of good music, good food and good art seems to bring out the entire town for the Double Decker Festival on The Square. Left: William Faulkner bonds with a little boy at Double Decker. vx.W by JenniferTaylor The fall semester began with Welcome Week, a week-long series of events to welcome new and returning students to the Ole Miss Campus. The week was designed to enhance the social, cultural and educational opportunities and experiences tor students. By introducing new students to other students as well as to faculty and administrators, this week provided an opportunity for everyone to hear about the special services and programs Ole Miss has to offer. Welcome Week activities have included such events as Union Unplugged, a student organization fair, jewelty and poster sales, a movie night, a tour of campus and the City of Oxford on the Rebel Ride and Fun Flicks. theEND Above: The joust champion. Welcome Week also included a wa y to get out your aggression. If you felt the need to fight a friend or a foe, the joust was the place to go. Left: Bands entertained students in The Grove before the rain came on Saturday. Far left: Welcome Week started Monday, August 19 with the annual poster sale in front of the Union. Middle: Starting classes can be stressful, so SPB tried to help students relax with an Oxygen Bar. Breathe in. Breathe out! Left: One of the most hilarious parts of Welcome Week had to be the performance by Oxfords very own sketch comedy troupe. The Hooligans. ole miss " %vj jK J l ' i 1 ' »« £ - , t V ■■•■• - 3 V L Grove Bowl is anticipated every year by students, alumni and fans. It always looks like football season in The Grove on the day of the Grove Bowl. W and bmert uumk 1 • mi and bmrtutedc • qEimss vs. olemiss cm m giove, ooutt by RobinFreeman The one thing many Ole Miss students look forward to every spring is the Grove Bowl. The week is full of activities that get students excited about the upcoming football season. After three years at Ole Miss, I know the stresses that come with spring semester and the Grove Bowl allows for a ' ]_ fog time to relax. The Student Programming Board . schedules concerts in The Grove and attrac- IVBCfe IS flit I Of tions, such as the oxygen bar, in the Union ... , Plaza to help students forget about the U-CTIVIT16S IrJCtT ge£ exams that would be coming up. I also look ; • forward to the actual Red and Blue game StUCtetltS eXClteU CtDOUt that was played at the end of that week. This year, on April 6, the Ole Miss Rebels scrimmaged to see who was better, the red team or the blue team. The Red team, lead by Eli Manning, beat the Blue team, 49-21. The real surprise came when Three Dog Night played during the halftime show. Everyone there was caught up in the thrill of being a Rebel fan. This was only a foreshadowing of the awesome football season that was to come. I know that as long as I am a student at Ole Miss, I will look forward to the spring semester and the excitement that comes with the Grove Bowl. theEND the upcoming football season 1 ! 35 Robert Williams and 56 Germain Landurm may have played on opposite teams for The Grove Bowl, but the rest of the season they are on the same team. Left: Leading up to the Grove Bowl is Red and Blue Week, which features activities everyday for Ole Miss students, including one which this student seems to be enjoying, climbing a plastic mountain. The Grove has been tin- sHting lor graduation for years. The beauty and tradition, which The Grove represents, emulates the beauty and tradition of Ole Miss, which students will carry with them lunij .llli-r tli ' v have graduated " The University is respected, but Ole Miss is loved. The University gives a diploma and regretfully terminates tenure, but one never graduates from Ole Miss. Frank E. Everett, Jr., B.A. 32 LL.B. 34 23 Graduation Day 2002 It marks an end and a beginning. It is a celebration of the past and of the future. Many of these new Ole Miss alumni leave with some of the best memories of their lives, but all leave having left their mark on Ole Miss. time, t(y A graduate ess entials 5 things every Rebel must take part in before they graduate 1 . Graceland Too in O T Ii 11 Holly Springs, Miss. " Where Jesus is the King of Kings and Elvis is the King of rock-n-roll " by KelleyHunsberger When is the last time that you spotted Elvis. ' If your answer is the last time you were abducted by aliens and taken on a UFO, you would probably fit in well at Graceland Too. Even if thats not your answer, you shoul head on over to Holly Springs, Miss., but not before midnight, to the home of Paul McLeod. McLeod is an Elvis-enthusiast, and thats an understatement, who has turned his home into a shrine of everything relating to the King. McLeod has given up a lot to pursue his Elvis passion. He chose his dream of a 24 7 Elvis museum over his wife and sent her packing with, according to him, a one-million dollar settlement. McLeod has also given up sleeping for his dream. He only sleeps four hours a night because that is how much the king used to sleep. McLeods obsession has even affected his son, who McLeod fittingly enough named Elvis Aron Presley McLeod. McLoed has hung pictures throughout his home of his son when he was young next to those of the real Elvis when he was young and challenges guests to figure out which is the real Elvis and which is just his son. Past celebrity visitors, according to McLeod have included Jenna Bush, Chris O ' Donnell, Matthew Lillard, Bill Clinton, and Lisa Marie Presley. So next time its late and your looking for something fun and different to do, then Graceland Too should be your first choice. The five dollars you pay to enter is well worth the entertainment and information, no matter how much of it is really true. And just remember that when you hit three visits you become a lifetime member, get to take a " picture in the Elvis leather jacket and with the Elvis guitar, and will never have to pay to enter again! theEND " For years, Ole Miss students have made the 30- minute drive to Holly Springs to see his huge collection of Elvis memorabilia. Graceland Too has become a mecca for Elvis fans young and old. After only three trips, you receive a lifetime pass for endless latenight adventures. It is as much of an Ole Miss latenight tradition as chicken-on-a-stick and Huddle House. " - Gordon Gent, a senior international studies major from Gulfport, Miss. Above: Paul McLeod has been an Elvis fan for most of his life He even gave up his wife to pursue his Elvis passion Left: Pictures of every visitor to Graceland Too line the walls of a hallway. 2. Go to Four Corners Chevron at one in the morning by Killcvl lunsberger So, .ill the bars arc dosed and you ' re starving, what are you going to do? The answer: Chevron! At Four Corners, just ofl the Square, lies a little piece of late-nigh) munchies heaven. Whether you are craving the famous chicken-on-a-stick, potato logs, pizza sticks, egg rolls or just a hag of chips, Chevron on Four Corners is the most popular late night spot in town. Its popularity can be a pain, however, when it comes to parking. There arc- nights when the place looks more like a car sales lot than a gas station I fall of the fun though is seeing so many of your friends that had the same bright idea and craving as you! So next time it gets late and you get hungry, remember the biggest snaik bar in town. One piece of advice: Chicken-on-a-stick doesn ' t taste as good when you ' re sober! theLND Waitiny in line for a quick snack at Chevron can take a while, but at one in the morning it is worth the wait. Above: Freshman Sam Patton pays for a late night rnunchie. " Sweet bliss at one o ' clock in the morning. If s almost as good as sex. 95 Top: You never know what you might see late at night in the Chevron parking lot. Above: While most places in Oxford are asleep this late at night, Chevron is just getting its biggest rush of the day. -Hudson Chadwick, a freshman business major from Jackson, Miss. 3. Concert in the Grove Above: A concert in The Grove can be a great way to enjoy an afternoon. Here audience members enjoy a concert by Three Dog Night on Red and Blue weekend. Right: Three Dog Night sings " Eli ' s coming " to a packed crowd in The Grove. by IslaSchuchs When the weather is warm and the daylight hours are long, there is sure to be a concert in The Grove. Red and Blue week, each spring, generally signals the start of Grove concerts. Last spring, visiting artists included Three Dog Night, Better than Ezra and Cowboy Mouth. Dining the- summer, the Student Programming Board holds a series ol concerts in The Grove on Sunday evenings with artists ranging from jazz bands to the Kudzu Kings. The last Grove Concert ol the summer is normally around the end of August. So the next tunc you hear some- good music outside of your clorm window or as your drive around campus get out your blankets and coolers and head out to The Grove to see who is playing. theEND 4. Betty Davis Grocery by IslaScliuc hs It ' s Sunday, and you are oul ol beer. You could just wait until Monday to continue your partying, or you could make a run to Betty Davis lor cold beer and great barbecue. Although it is in Marshall County, it is only 15-20 minutes away from the heart of Oxford. Just head up Highway 7, and take the first gravel road to the left after you cross the bridgc tnto Marshall County. Just make sure you get there before they close, 9: SO p.m. on weeknights and 10 p.m. on weekends. theEND 5. Taylor Grocery The wr ' i tings ' on the wall. by IslaSchuchs What would Mississippi be without catfish? For delicious catfish with an Oxford flare there is no better place than Taylor Grocery. So pack up your alcohol (it has a bring your own brown bag policy) and head out to Taylor for your very own experience. Oh, and don ' t forget your Sharpie so you can join the multitude of others in signing your name on the walls. theEND essentials On September 1 1 , 2002, ■jiul. -Hi ' , .hi ' I fai nit 1 ; took time throughout the day to remember the victims and heroes o( the terrorists attacks that took place one year ago in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania Bells chimed at 8:45 a.m., 9:03 a.m., 9:43, 10 a.m. and noon in honor of those who lost their lives. Students and faculty also observed a moment of silence and participated in a vigil in the afternoon. remembrance by SpruceDerden On a normal morning, September 11. 2001, I arose for my A year has passed. Still unanswered questions beg for an answer. One daily ritual of preparing for work. Something different " It day our questions will be answered, and one day those at happened that morning. I usually don ' t log on to WUS U SOmber fault wil1 answer f° r wnat they liave done. the Internet before work, but something told me remembrance of what We at ° le M ' SS g atnerec ' together this year in to do so that day. To my surprise, I viewed that the north tower of the World Trader Center had happened that day, and of those who gave their lives remembrance of what the media called a horrific event. It was a somber remembrance of what been hit by a plane. My initial thought was that it happened that day, and of those who gave their lives to help save others " was a small plane incapable of much destruction, and " to help save others. As bells rang and the musicians sang, I continued out the door. After getting to work, a close friend came to me and asked, " Are you prepared to go to war? We are under attack I asked about the situation, and he told me of the south tower and the Pentagon. Rage raced inside my body as it did throughout the hearts of many others a ross our nation. Who could liave done this? What did we do to provoke this? How could this happen? With all of our freedoms what could be the reason behind this? sadness echoed through everyone attending the ceremony. Many tears flowed as the thoughts of family and friends came into mind. There was a reason for this, and God has his plan laid out. This event has definitely brought our country closer together so we will always remember our freedom and respect it. We must thank those around us who fight to take care of our freedoms, and most importantly, thank God for allowing us to live in this great country. theEND welcome Icy owv amc of Ike, u otmi As more and more businesses move into town one must only hope that Oxford doesn ' t lose all of its small town charm. by Parks Ole Miss and our beloved city of Oxford experienced a lot of changes this past year. Much of Ole Miss has been under construction as we have seen with the completion of the Getrude Castellow Ford Center for the Performing Arts, the south end zone of the Vaught-Hemingway football field and the Quadrangle. Although the construction has been unpleasant, noisy and often muddy, it added to the campus beatification project the Chancellor has proposed. The Performing Arts Center provided new theater production and classroom space. Ole Miss students definitely have mixed emotions about the south end zone, the new football student section. Several students feel that they should have better seating. While others seem to like the larger student section. The Quadrangle features a ■pKljlIU water fountain donated by the Phi Mu Sorority which provides a new sitting and walking area for students and faculty. The Oxford business community grew as well. The addition of Wal-Mart did not come without much controversy. Many people thought the Super Center would take profit away from local Oxford businesses. Many students wanted the Super Center to ease the hopping hassle of buying retail goods at one end of town and groceries at the other end. The Super Center was finally allowed to be built if Wal-Mart helped to fund the expansion of Jackson Avenue. So far it does not seem that the Super Center has taken away from local business sales. The Wal-Mart Super Center has made shopping much easier for many students. Restaurants such as Uptown Coffee, the Creek Cafe, 208 South Lamar and Chili ' s have provided new dining experiences for students to enjoy. Oxford restaurants have their own unique charm that can not be found in big cities. The new restaurants have given students more of a dining variety. New bars such as Long Shot and The Red Zone have added to the flavor of Oxford night life. Our campus and Oxford have grown but have not lost the quaint charm that we have all grown to love and respect, the! P The fountain donated by the Phi Mu sorority is one of the newest additions to the Ole Miss campus. It is a nice place to sit and relax or do your homework between classes. Many students are very excited about Chilis coming to town. Located near Wal-Mart, it will be only the second chain restaurant, besides fast food, in Oxford. A rebel fan shows his love for the Florida Gators. unbelievable Ole Miss ' 1 7-14 victory over Florida is one game that few Rebel fans will forget. 33 By KelleyHunsberger On October 5 Ole Miss beat the 6th ranked Florida Gators 17-14 in front of the largest crowd ever at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium: 61,140. Fans celebrated the victory by storming the field, tearing down the goalpost in the north end zone and parading it through The Grove like a trophy. What the made the victory over Florida even sweeter was the fact that no one thought we could win. But Ole Miss fans and students believed it could happen. The week prior to the game you could walk around campus and hear groups of people discussing the game. " If only the defense would... " and " If the team could just..r and you know what, the defense did, the team could, and we won. After the Florida game things seemed to go downhill for the Rebels. They lost to teams like Auburn, Arkansas and Alabama, but for many that doesn ' t matter. We can still say that we beat Florida and 61,140 fans can say they were there to see one of the greatest games ever played at Ole Miss. theEND The defense was key in Ole Miss ' victory over Florida. Above: Tearin ' down the posts! After being stopped from tearing down the south end zone goal posts by massive amounts of Cobra Security, police and Mississippi Highway Patrol the fans that stormed the field raced to the north end zone, tore down the post and carried it out. The Alumni Association would later sell pieces of the torn down posts for $100 each. On Tuesday. August 20, past MTV Road Rules cast members Tim. Dan, and Theo entertained a crowd of about 250. Their message was an attempt at patriotism but more successful in crude humor. Below: After finishing up with the audience at Fulton Chapel Tim, Dan. and Theo continued to entertain Ole Miss by joining Rebel Radio for a little on-air time 34 " s here Cast members from MTV ' s Road Rules and Real World visited Ole Miss to give students their views on America, sex and life after MTV. Ole Miss student interviews ex-Real World cast member by Roberts On September 19th, 2002, Ole Miss ' campus and students warmly welcomed Keri Evans from MTV ' s Real World Chicago. This show was similar to MTVs Road Rules that appeared h ere in August. The students in Fulton Chapel laughed and cheered during the whole show. Keri went to the open casting call not for being on the show, but for the incentive of a Burger King breakfast she was promised by her friend. We all know that Keri is a former bartender, and she worked the night before so she was, let ' s just say, a little intoxicated for the casting call. There were 800 people there, and it was nar- rowed down to 15. She had to fill out a 15-page questionnaire that asked everything from her shoe size to drawing a self portrait. Keri was not the typical cast member from the past shows. She was asked to come back for another interview but slept through it. She was called to come to it and did; then was told she would be on the show right before her 22nd birthday. She was on her way to Chicago to live with six strangers. Although she thought her cast mates were cool, she did have the first impressions of all; some still apply too. She thought Theo was annoying at first, but now he is one of her best friends. At first, she could not stand Kyle, and that impression remained the same throughout the entire season. She thought Chris was the youngest and straight, but he was the oldest and not; he is also one of her best friends from the show. One word describes Tonya, and well, we ' ll leave that to your imagination. Keri thought Aneesa was cool but selfish - a younger version of herself in a way. Keri also thought that Cara was a hippie pot smoker but realized that wasn ' t the case. Keri said that the show gave her an opportunity to meet new people that she would have never met otherwise. She also did not mind the ethnic differences but cannot stand a jock prick, therefore, she can ' t stand Kyle. She also said that a majority of the fighting on the show was due to the closed minds of the cast members. A question that gets old after awhile is the one about Kyle. Keri could not and can not stand Kyle. She says he is fake and could not stand that, among other things, about him. The producers drug out a fabricated " love story " that was simply not there. She was stuck with Kyle for the first month of the show because everyone else was out doing their own things. Aneesa was doing the gay scene. Chris was either doing the gay scene too or riding his bike (imagine the tune of the flying witch from the Wizard of Oz with the cameras trying to catch up to him). Theo was clubbin ' , Tonya was sleeping, and Cara was " datin Chicago " As far as the show goes, it was a good opportunity at the time because it was a good growth and learning experience for all of the cast members. Keri said she would not go through it again but has no regrets from the show. " It was a one time deal, and is now in the pasty Keri says. She also felt like a fish in a bowl due to the cameras right in your face, which she expected, and it became part of the atmosphere. Her most memorable experiences of the season were when her parents came to visit and cooked a Cajun feast, doing the Halloween plays, and trying out for becoming a lifeguard. She said she would miss Wrigley Field the most. Her views on 9 11 are that of everyone ' s. She thought it was both a burden and a blessing. A burden because it taught the whole country, and especially herself, that the smaller things in life are more genuine than the larger. It was a blessing because they were only allowed to watch the TV for two days and for a time, the cameras stopped rolling. As of now, Keri lives in San Francisco with her fiance Hudson and has plans of returning to W A i college in the spring with two semesters left. Then she wants to either attend Graduate School or Law School. Keri has decided to let fate take its hand in her life and live for the day. As for the rest of the cast, Kyle is currently dating Lori from the recent MTV ' s Real World New York and is living in Los Angeles with hopes of being an actor. Cara is also in L.A. with aspirations of being an actress. Chris is a model in New York, Tonya is back in Walla Walla, Washington, and Theo resides in Riverside while attending school. Aneesa is also currently dating another MTV cast member, Rachel from Road Rules: The Campus Crawl. Keri ' s advice for anyone trying out for the show is to be yourself to a certain degree until you have figured out what they want from you. the; ND s 35 MTV Real World Chicago cast member Keri posed with Jeremy Roberts, who interviewed her after she spoke to a crowd at Fulton Chapel on September 19. freshman 3 Freshmen write about their first week in college by WesleyCallahan Forty-five minutes was all that separated me from total freedom and the " real world " The short drive from Olive Branch to Oxford was one that I had anticipated for over a year. I would be on my own, there would be e ndless parties, and I would meet tons of new friends. After one day at Ole Miss, I knew this was not what I expected. On my first day at college, I got a ticket, my truck got hit, I sprained my ankle at the Turner Center and I lost my ID card (which by the way, is really not a good thing). This is not a cry for pity, mind you. I took all of this in stride, because that ' s just the kinda fella I am. However, if I was someone who liked to complain about having a bad day, I would 3o definitely have been entitled. However, I looked past these unfortunate mishaps with an open mind and thought " well, it can only go up-hill from here " The next couple of days were filled with new people, new classes and new realizations about what college would be like. My roommate had been o ne of my good friends for years, and was also my sister ' s boyfriend. He was a veteran here at Ole Miss, being a senior, and he helped me learn where buildings were and how things worked around this campus. If it hadn ' t been for his help, I would have probably ended up getting lost and winding up in the pits of Starkville or something. Some of my new realizations about college were that you have to study more and party less (or is it the other way around, I can ' t remember) if you plan to pass your classes. Oh, and by the way, there is no such thing as an " easy A class " . Trust me, I tried it, they don ' t exist. I also realized that if you want to study in The Grove, you have to get used to a squirrel staring right at you. Of course, I had to pick up new study habits. In high school, I breezed through making average grades without studying. That mess doesn ' t work in college... either you study or you fail, bottom line. On a more serious note, I realized that Ole Miss is like a city independent of Oxford. It ' s a community of students and faculty that work together to make Ole Miss the best it can be. It ' s a place full of diversity and unlimited possibilites. Like my University Studies professor, Wesley Callahan Olive Branch, Miss. Sparky Reardon, says, " There will never be another time to learn this much " One of the biggest things I ' ve learned is that it may be easier to go out and party rather than staying home and studying. However, the latter choice will pay off so much more in the long run. In all, my first week of college was great. I met lots of new people, whom I now call friends, and I began an experience that will last for the next four years (hopefully that is it), and for a lifetime. I started my journey into the real world. And all it took was 45-minutes and a rough first day. theF.ND " After one day at Ole Miss, I knew this was not what I expected! ' by A my Patrick As I turn onto Sorority Row, an overwhelming feeling of excitement and anxiety hit me like a stiff wind. I see new, friendly faces waiting for me to get out of my car so they can help carry all of my belongings into my second floor room in Brown. I open my door and immediately a nice girl, Rebecca, starts unloading boxes from my trunk and hauls them up a flight of stairs. I think to myself, " I definitely picked the perfect school! ' My name is Amy Patrick, and I am a freshman at Ole Miss, and this is my encounter of the first week of my college experience. Following the excitement of move-in, everything in my world changed. I had to take on responsibilities that I have not had to face as an adult yet; things such as getting up in the morning without mom coming in and rolling me out of the bed, making time to eat well, and getting to classes on time. Well, I managed to get up on time everyday, and I always made it to class on time but the eating well was a bit of a prob- lem. I hardly ate a thing all week! I lost five pounds that week. It is kind of funny actually; I was all stressed out about gaining the freshman fifteen and now I had gone and lost most of it! After getting adjusted to seeing the sun rise every morning, I walked at least a mile to my eight o ' clock classes (which I had every day). At first, I absolutely loved every single class I had. Then, as time progressed over the course of a week, I really started to hate eight o ' clock in the morning. I never missed a class though. I sat through endless lectures and boring seminars of what I thought then as mindless dribble. Now I see that it was all important information that was to be on a test Friday- a test in which I failed. A -y. . , 13rif j»ir»l7- Now, after a week, I have learned to manage my B «£ time, study for hours without becoming a zombie, and eat at designated times during the day. The excitement of the first week has not yet faded, but turned into a wonderful experience that I will remember for the next four years. theEND Terry, Miss. " Following the excitement of move-in, everything in my world changed! ' by RebeccaBertrand Super Wal-Mart and Rebecca Noel Bertrand— two things new to hit Lafayette County for the Fall of 2002. Within my first week at Ole Miss, I discovered chicken-on-a-stick, overpriced clothes in the square, and Eli Manning. And then I found my room in the Brown Basement, A.K.A Brown-town, one of the last dorms on housing ' s to-do list for renovation. But there is something charming about my 11 by 16 foot room. I have learned quickly what being a college student is all about: trying to buy everything possible on my Ole Miss Express card so I won ' t Rebecca Bertrand h ave t0 use ash and T r moving my car to ensure that Kingwood Xexas I wil1 alwa y s have a p arkin g spot. The fri endships I made within the first week of school will forever hold a place in my memories. My parents do call me every now and then to say " hi " and make sure their little girl is ok. Ole Miss, " A Great American Public University! ' YOU BET! It is written on posters, spoken by Chancellor Khayat, and now I ' m hooked too! After the first-week jitters wore off and I quit fixing myself up for my 8 a.m. classes, I realized I really fit in at Ole Miss, and I made the right choice for my college education. Weeks passed and University Studies came to an end. Things worked out well for me, and it is safe to say that Ole Miss and Oxford offer a lot more than you would think at first glance. After all, who knew just down Highway 6 was the " Worlds Largest Cedar Bucket " or that a late night trip via Highway 7 to " Graceland Tod was so much fun? theEND ' The friendships I made within the first week of school will forever hold a place in my memories? On Saturdays during football season there is no greater place to be or no better sight to behold than The Grove at Ole Miss. Sports Illustrated named Ole Miss the best tailgating school in the country. (Just so you know Sports Illustrated, we prefer the term " groving. " ) by KelleyHunsberger Tailgating in The Grove is one of Ole Miss ' oldest and most cherished traditions. It is a place to catch up with old friends, eat some good food, and celebrate Ole Miss. Groving, however, is all about getting the perfect spot to set up your tent. Some get to The Grove as early as I a.m. just to heat the crowd. As game time approaches, however. The Grove and The Circle begin to fill up and just walking down the sidewalk becomes a hassle. Then two hours before the game starts the band breaks out in a few fight songs and a round of " Dixie " before the football team marches down the " Walk of Champions " with the crowd cheering them on. No matter how the game ends, though, the fans come back to The Grove to party a little more and all will be repeated the next football Saturday theEND There are two traditions that take place in The Grove to get fans excited about the game. The first comes from The Pride of the South marching band. Prior to the game the band plays a rendition of " Dixie " The second tradition is when the players and coaches march down the center of The Grove on the Walk of Champions. PI OUR REBS Tents are the most important accessory when it comes to Saturdays in The Grove. Many people place their family ' s, organization ' s, sorority ' s or fratemitys name on the tent. With the hundreds and hundreds of tents in The Grove on game days it makes it easier to find people you know. i ■ 0 ' . £ 40 People start setting up their tents as early as 4 a.m. in order to get the perfect spot. Right: Chicken from Abners is a staple for groving Far Right: A tent wouldn ' t be complete without dessert. The person who this tent belongs to is a member of Pi Phi sorority so they personalized the cookies for her. Left: M.iny people use flov or candles .is .. centerpieo lor their tents Middle: Yelling " Holly Toddy " so often can really yel a Rebel fan thirsty so don I forget to slock up •hi the drinks ' Bottom: It is easy to yet losi in The Grove on (j ime- day because, there are so many tents. Having a sign out in front with your name on it can help friends find you. r S iWl ' m. •» «i " -l w ' sy ; J ktfi omv g W£ Tew J When it comes to football game Saturday ' s in The Grove there is one thing that can make or break your groving experience: your tent. Members of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and Alpha Omericron Pi sorority teamed up to make a float for the homecoming parade. The theme of their float was " The Game of Life " " We had a lot of fun putting it together and it was good to be a part of Ole Miss homecoming festivities! ' Amanda Milner. president. Alpha Omericron Pi by KelleyH unsberger Ole Miss is a school filled with traditions. One of the best is the snnual homecoming parade. The parade starts on campus, goes down University Ave. and around The Square. The Grand The P arade umteS the Marshalls this year were CampUS and Miss Ole Miss Staci Henson i r , _ . . , „ , - , community, and tor many is and Colotenl Reb rord Williams. Homecoming Queen was Summer Clements. The winners of the best overall float were Kappa Kappa Gamma and Zeta Phi Beta sororities and Phi Delta Theta fraternity. Their theme was " Walk or Champions. " Second place went to the Student Alumni Council and best overall theme went to the International Student Association whose theme was All Paths head co Home " The parade was organized by the Student Programming Board. Jennifer Taylor, director of campus programming, said, " The homecoming parade was a huge success. " We had almost 80 participating organizations from the campus and die community. The parade unites the campus and community and for many is a family tradition " 4- 1 a family tradition! ' -Jennifer Taylor, director of student programming luyMAXXyMii The International Student Association won the contest for best theme. The theme jar Ole Miss Homecoming 2002 was " Family Tradition. " One of the t traditions Ole Miss has during homecoming week is the homecoming parade. The Pride of the Smith marching band led the parade through i amput flown University Ave and around The Square The Ole Miss Cheerleaders rode through the parade in style on top of the Double Decker bus. As the parade came down University Ave. o it looked as if it K went on miles. 43 Jennifer Taylor and members of the Student Programming Board ride in the parade with a member of the Oxford Fire Department in an old fire truck. The Sneaky Tiki is the largest outdoor bar in town Its great to go to when the weatlu-i is nisntlile By day OxfdKfoeemjJto be nothing more than a quiet college town with a lot of southern charm, hut at night a, the businesses wse, the classes end and the bars open, Oxford becomes a place to party. From The Burgundy Room, to The Library, to Fraternity Row, there is always a party to go to, a drink to have, and a hand to see. 45 Wpy bartender! I low about another round? (i " ltinq a drink at I " ' al bars on a Saturday night can be tough Right: Leonard Brantlv steps in Ihe show l- r Alpha Phi Alf hn fraternity MirUlle: Makerlra Ivy i Zeta Phi I Icta really gets Into lier moves. Far right: Kirn Davis participated in the show (or Alpha Kappa Alpha by Robin Freeman There is nothing quite as amazing as watching the members of the Ole Miss National Pan-i lellenic Council perform a step show. The energy and the talent that was in the Education Auditorium that night was like nothing I had ever seen or felt before. The lights went out. and the sisters of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. began the night with a Charlie ' s Angels theme. Each Sorority and Fraternity had time to show their skills at stepping and they also had time to tell a brief history of their respective- greek organizations. From elaborate costumes to amazing rhythm, the performers had it going on. This step show was not only entertaining but it also gave information to freshmen potential new members. Anyone watching the show had to feel compelled to join in on the cheering and dancing that was going on. I left that night with so many amazing things to say about everyone that was there. I am still amazed at the talent, brotherhood, sisterhood and friendship that I saw that night. Next time I know there is a step show I will be sure not to miss it! theEND " Step shows are unique and entertaining because each organization brings its own particular style and showmanship. The step show definitely caters to every audience. " - - -Tejuan Leland, a senior electrical engineering major from Batesville, MS Members of Zeta Phi Beta participated in the Greek Show during Homecoming week. K.iUn FreclTWI National Pan-Hellenic Council perform a step show. 1 11 JW Ufa MiM halleween this the Blue Marlin or the Playboy Mansion! Marlin Owner Stan Little (center) poses with some of is bunnies Jennifer Yoe, Raychel Green, Leslie Wallace, and Racel Noel. by Ashle Williams Around September 25 th every year, I started moving the boxes out from he closet, under the bed, and taking them out of the trunk. I can barely wait or October 1st so I can decorate with fabulous pumpkins, witches, and ;oblins. I think, I have always had a lover affair with Halloween. As a kid, it vas the mounds of candy. And now in college, its the act that this holiday requires dressing up in some mtrageous costume and sanctions pretending to be ;omeone else. When I lived in Crosby, we won the dorm door iecorating contest complete with spiders and skeletons hat moved when the door was opened, purple hanging ights, and an ugly motion censored witch. Then moving )ff campus, I had vision of my yard looking like Ben and Cathy Flemmons ' home at 3 1 5 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, by far the most outlandish decorating in Oxford. But I ' ll have to wait til I have a house completely to Tiyself for that project. Selecting my costume for each year, I make sure to come up with a truly jnique idea so I am the only one at any given party wearing that given idea. Freshmen year, I went as the standard witch decked out with a black wig, a fake chin and nose, and covered in green paint. The result... none of my friends recognized me. The next year, I was a China doll with again a black wig and a chalked white face with an outfit complete with a parasol. This year, however, I aspired to new heights with a Medusa costume worthy of winning every costume contest on The Square. I made a headdress from a headband and coat hangers and then rigged my snakes that that, securing it to my head with clips galore. Then I teased my already curly hair into this huge mass to hide the wires. Once the snakes were secured to my hair, I sprayed all my hair with black spray paint and applied my glow-in-the-dark face paint. The winning part of my face make-up were the two inch fake eye lashes. All night long people commented on them. With another costume success behind me before I could fall into bed, I had to scrub and scrub my face and hair. The next morning my hair was back to a normal strawberry-blonde, but my eyebrows held on to the greenish tent for the next day or so. On to planning for next year. theFND H SO by RachaelParks The University sponsored Open Doors commemoration brought both past and present Ole Miss students, of various backgrounds, together in an unforgettable way. Open Doors is a year long commemoration of the 4()th anniversary of the integration of Ole Miss. The commemoration officially began on October first. Many Alumni from the class of 1962 came back to campus and visited with students, sharing there experiences and encouraging students to continue to unify the campus. At noon there was a ceremony honoring the National Guard and the US Army Reserve who worked to maintain order during the riots. In the Circle, the site of the 1962 riots, a community dinner was held to promote unity and the positive race related change the University has made. There was also a symbolic walk through the Lyceum. The walk stood for the progressive changes the University has taken since 1962, no longer are the doors of University closed but they are open to all people of all color, ethnicity, country, religion or gender. Later that night, several University and community leaders who were present during the riots addressed the crowd. Myrlie Evers-Williams, James Meredith and the Reverend Duncan Gray were among the speakers. " Each and everyone of us has a special responsibility in dealing with whatever remnants of racism remains in us and in our friends, contemporaries and community members ' Gray said. " We are responsible for reconciling love to everyone regardless of color or race. " Evers-Williams also had challenging words, " In this institution and others we need to make a conscious effort to help [young people] understand the linkage between the past and the present and encourage them to build within them the attitude, the determination to take that history, to take the opportunities that they have now, to move it forward not only for themselves for future generations to come. We all have a job to do! ' The whole event was powerful. To sit in the midst of so many people who have had a drastic impact in the diversification of Ole Miss was a once in life time experience. We should never forget the sacrifices that so many people made to help Ole Miss get to where it is today. Ole Miss has come a long way since the riots of 1962, but we still have improvements that should be met. " The human heart is where examination and sometimes change needs to take place " Gray said. theEND BuiMmjO m 40 tiewat open doors T of exmrntce In 1962, James Meredith became the first African-American to enroll at Ole Miss. As a result, a riot ensued that would result in the death of two people. In October of this year Ole Miss would bring together key figures of the integration, including Meredith, and together Ole Miss would celebrate the steps made in the past 40 years. The Circle was filled with Oxford residents. Ole Miss students, those who w itnessed the events of the riots for the community dinner held during the commeration " The University of Mississippi shares with Oxford an almost incredible literary and cultural history which seems only to increase in its vitality a life that Square Books thrives on being in the middle of, and sharing with citizens, visitors, and students. It is my hope and endeavor that each of them feels that this lasting legacy, and indeed Square Books, belongs to them in some way. " - Mayor Richard Howorth, owner of Square Books by RobinFreeman Square Books will forever be a part of Ole Miss and Oxford history. Any person who has set foot on The Square will tell you that a visit to Oxford entails a trip to Square Books. In 1979, long before becoming the Mayor, Richard Howorth had a dream of opening a small bookstore to cater to the people of Oxford. He had been told that the way to determine success was if he had at least 1 2 families to buy books from his store. There is definitely more than 12 families who now buy from Square Books. Numerous magazine and newspaper articles have been written about the store and the history behind it, bringing people from all over the country who want to browse the hundreds of books and magazines sold at the store. Square Books can now boast being two stories tall, with a coffee shop and balcony that overlooks the north end of the Square. A warm evening is the perfect time for any student to get a drink from the cafe and sit on the balcony enjoying the wonderful Spring weather. Square Books also changes with the seasons. Each holiday brings about decorations and book deals that are on display in the large picture window in front of the store. Perfect gifts can be found in the shelves at Square Books. Cards, calendars, how-to books and childrens ' gifts can be found to fit the whim of even the pickiest of friends. On many evenings, authors can be found at Square Books signing their books or giving a reading to a store full of fans. Sela Ward, Curtis Wilkie, John Grisham and Pat Conroy are only a few of the authors who have visited Square Books. Expansions have happened over the years. A discount store, Off- Square Books can now be found on Van Buren Ave. At Off-Square Books, Thacker Mountain Radio Show plays every Thursday. During the show, local artists and bands display their talents. If anyone is planning some shopping on The Square, one stop should be Square Books. Mayor Howorth has every reason to be proud of his store that continues to bring culture and literary awareness to such a receptive town and campus. theEND by NalhanGeddic On December 1 , The Square had a hint of Hollywood flavor when Sela Ward appeared at her book signing at Off Square- Books. Ward, a native of Meridian, Mississippi, praised Mississippi for its strong family values and beautiful landscape. She took questions from the audience answering about her early years as an actress and model even answering a question about her kiss with George Clooney. Ward is pictured signing the book of Annette Farmer, Ole Miss graduate and Oxford business owner. theEND 53 Displaying current New York Times bestsellers and recent works of visiting authors, everyone in the surrounding area counts on finding exactly what they need The veranda provides patrons with a place to enjoy an ice cream cone or coffee while enjoying a great vantage point of the whole Square. Barbara Jacobs diligently works on a poster letting window shoppers know upcoming events. Lauren Kuchnie and Matthew Privette get some helping hands from two of their fellow Hooligans. The pair were pretending to be mad scientists, a suggestion from the audience. by RachealParks Hooligans is a troupe of Ole Miss theatre students who performed at ?4 the Red Zone annexation to Muddy Water Grill. Hooligans has been building popularity not only by word of mouth but also a by a dedicated fan base. The show features a group of about 1 5 performers in sketch and improv comedy that includes on the spot " games " that test the actors ' comical reflexes and also the audiences creativity as they choose personality quirks and locations for the scenes. The responses are normally odd and on more than one occasion they can get sexual. No matter what scene the actors are thrown into they always produce entertaining results. Hooligans is much like ABCs television show " Whose Line Is It Anyways. ' ' " With each persistence and quick thinking of the actors. Hooligans is my answer to the aged old " theres nothing to do in Oxford " cry. Where else can you yell out your favorite scenes and words and see them acted out comically right before you. What better way to beat rut of bar after bar than with a comedy show? One of my favorite games is playground insults. Two teams act out a series of insults the audience chose while two other actors try to guess the guess the insults based on the charades of the team members. The charades tend to get out of hand but that is what makes the show so hilarious. The troupe not only performs improv games but also pre-written skits that are written by the actors. These skits may even be the highlight of the night. Most of the skits take an abrasive approach to current events and pop culture. Everything from teen pop music to the current events on campus to spoofs on feminine hygiene products is an acceptable target of Hooligan comedy. Hooligans is by far one of my most favorite pastimes here is Oxford. Tish Wriffe, a junior elementary education major from " HnnliuaTI? Southaven, shares my sentiments. Hooligan show I am impressed with the " They ' re funny " Wriffe lamented as she IS 3. lOt 01 IU11, llKC watched their performance. " The show is a fishing. . .except for you don ' t place t0 come have flin ancl drink - h ' s a have to wait so much and your hands don ' t stink afterwards. " -Mark Walkley, a senior theatre major from Jonesboro, Arkansas ayed back atmosphere. It would be great to have a comedy place in Oxford to go to on a regular basis rather than just on Hooligan nights! " theEND " Hooligans was a great way to spend a Thursday evening. What could be better than to get drunk and laugh at the off-the-wall antics of the Hooligans. I ' ve enjoyed stage managing for the group because we have become a tight knit and highly dysfunctional family. " -Sara Bergandi, a junior theatre major from Greenville, South Carolina bwtfk of ans Far left: Brittnie Hamlin and Mark Walkley try to tell the audience that stealing from the audience to not steal food from the poor as part of a skit about morals. Middle: Ned Yoousef entertains the crowd with some stand-up comedy about his family at Thanksgiving time. Right: Matt Wymer and Brittnie Hamlin play a couple in a freestyle fame. Matt Wymer, Brittnie Hamlin, Ned Yosef and Matt Privette go crazy in a game at the Halloween Hooligans show. 1 ok wilk A volunteers Whether reading to a child, helping to build a house or collecting food for The Food Pantry, more and more Ole Miss students are starting to volunteer their time around the Ole Miss and Oxford community. Tim Boswell. Nate Holt, Dr. Charles Eagles, Matt Rutherford, Lucas Marshall and Crady Bobo help Habitat for Humanity build a house for a local family. " What are the benefits of working with Habitat for Humanity? It fulfills any community service hour requirements. But more than that, it ' s fun. I ' ve met a lot of people working with Habitat, including students, faculty, and others from around Oxford. " -Chin Onwubiko, a senior biology major from Stringer, Miss. Leap Frog, an after-school program for children, relies on volunteers from the Ole Miss student body. Left: Sarah Shaffery, an assistant director of the program, plays with three children at St. Peter ' s Episcopal Church, one of three locations were their is a Leap Frog program. Above: Leap Frog is not just a place for kids to play, tutoring sessions are also help. Volunteers help the kids with their reading, math, spelling or any other subjects they might be having problems with. " I got involved with Leap Frog as a freshman because I wanted to get involved with the children. Over the years I ' ve seen what a difference the program makes in each of these children ' s lives. I can honestly say that every volunteer has had a part in making that difference. " -Sarah Shaffery, a senior psychology major from Jackson, Miss. The Student Media Center sponsored a food drive for the Oxford Food Pantry. Staff members of Rebel Radio, Oxford Health and Fitness, The Ole Miss yearbook, Channel 12 and The Daily Mississippian volunteered to collect food in the Union and from numerous businesses around Oxford. Ole Miss Marines collected toys for " Toys 4 Tots " before students went home for Thanksgiving vacation. Brad Howard and Michael Jones, who played the characters of Huck Finn and Jim, respectively, in the production of " Big River " sing together as they float down the Mississippi River. The play ran from October 17 19. " Our department is small enough that we receive a large amount of one on one attention and close-knit enough that we know so much about one another. On the other hand, thank God the department is large enough that we are all able to grow into ourselves. And as far as being closely knit.. ..there is such a thing as knowing too much about everyone. " -Brittnie Hamlin, a senior theatre major from Leesburg, Ga. Far left: Brittnie Hamlin and Zack Whittlington played the parts of Artie Shaugnessey. a struggling songwriter and his mistress in the production of " The House of Blue LeavesT directed by Rick Albert. Middle: The first show of the season for the University Theatre Department was " Uncommon Women and Others " Laura Hurley and Robin Cannon played students at a female boarding school. Left: Bananas, played by Kelly Walton pleads with deaf starlet Corrina Stroller, played by Sara Bergandi to help her because her husband is trying to take her to a mental institution. 1 uiluj dc you itca t to- bbi y dramatic The University of Mississippi Theatre Department put on many wonderful plays this season. From Huck Finn to some uncommon women, there was something for everyone. " The main reason I get excited about International Night is that it gives me and other International students the opportunity to wear our nation ' s attire and show Americans some of our native activities. Many Ole Miss students don ' t know much about international students or where they come from because they don ' t interact much with them. International Might gives them a chance to experience the diverse cultures that we have here at Ole Miss. " -Lara Oyetunji, VP of International Student Organization, a sophomore bio-chemistry and medical technology from Nigeria Sophomore Kacie Kirkland and Taw Kwon Do club instructor, Sung Yoi Ra, entertained the audience with a performance at Internationa] Night. International Night was held on Sunday, November 17 and kicked off International Week. international cJm £i 0 ptlm fo v internanon " The International dinner allowed international students to have dinner with the three sororities and one fraternity. 1 went to the Chi Omega house. International dinner gives us a chance to get into the greek houses. I don ' t have that type of greek system in Nepal so the dinner gave me a chance to learn about the system. We all know that greeks are a big thing here. This allowed us to see what the system is all about. The dinner let us see the communal feel, of how they all eat their meals together. We were also able to answers some of their questions about our cultures. It was a good exchange of information. " -Shama Moktan, a junior biology major from Nepal sunriser unsei A day in the life of Ole Miss Til l ' • • limn V% 5:00 pm " K ShSK k w 3:30 pm ' 1 — t 1. 1 ■••! " fefcLjff i ' ' ' ' %l • ? " - W T3 1 • 1 ZBjg - ' ; . lj -fc ,_i — ■ K It- Hum, l-.,,v, 1 ■ - 1 Tl Ifrl wis ' Bl F — " jr l 2:00 pm| — - ' S 1 ' - - ™ 11 is ■ ■.A 1 o4 by RobinFreeman After 150 years, The University of Mississippi continues to strive to be distinct among other universities. From the Goldwater Scholars to the Associated Student Body, Ole Miss has produced exceptional students, who have risen above their call of duty to make this school known for graduating successful £el . hi ea«,ehere have been many changes on the Ole Miss campus enacted by by ASB president, Drew Snyder. Because of Drew ' s initiative, students can now pay for items bought off campus with their Ole Miss express account. This is only one of the few changes that have happened for the students to make their lives a little less stressful. The University also awards students who have out- standing scholarship. Ole Miss has enrolled some of the most intelligent students from Mississippi, as well as the rest of the country and the world. These student! Jen l p tpeffig smart. Ole Miss also has some of the most beautiful people. Every year one woman is crowned MissUniversity, and one is crowned Most Beautiful. Some of these women have gone to the Miss Mississippi Pageant and then on to compete to become Miss America. There is no one person that makes this school distinct, but rather it is the student body tria lilslyflv lt cfet iafl ' Wfe people and traditions that make Ole Miss stand above the rest are the same people and traditions that make this school great. That is what makes Ole Miss one of Americas great public Universities. theEND distinctions fry ( Mary-(graceQ-Ca jnes Winner of the Miss University Pageant, Jessica Hill went on to the Miss Mississippi Pa geant. Blair Ferguson, Summer Windham, Debbie Frazier, Emily Dees, and Andrea Lewis participate in the annual Parade of Beauties; this year with unprecedented attendance, tickets sold out in one day. e 65 Jasmyne Searcy and Tia Beasley, both Junior Homecoming Maids, wave to the crowd. Numerous honorees arrived in Oxford to celebrate the 40th anniversary of integration on campus. Accepting a check for $85,00 for the Christopher Reeves Paralysis Foundation from Sigma Nub Charity Bowl XIII, Reeve said, " I ' ve traveled all over the country and I ' ve never seen such great spirit and compassion from a student body anywhereT ColonelReb and MissOleMiss " Being elected Miss Ole Miss is not only a great honor, but also a priviledge and an opportunity, an opportunity to give back to the University that has made my college experience such a positive one and to represent the wonderful students here. " Staci Henson, Miss Ole Miss " I love Ole Miss. It ' s a great University, with a multitude of honored traditions. i have met so man wonderful friends here, from all over the south, anl nation. " Ford Williams Colonel Reb FordWilliams Staci Henson is an accounting major from Jackson, Miss. Henson, the daughter of Gene and Ann Henson. She is a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority where she has served as VP Finance and VP Chapter Development. Henson is a member of Golder Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Order of Omega, and Mortar Board. While attending Ole Miss, Henson has also served as Lambda Sigma secretary, Gamma Beta Phi treasurer, and Alpha Lamda Delta vice-president. Henson has devoted much of her time to Campus Crusade fpr Christ where she was a conference chairmen and a Bible study leader. StaciHenson Colonel Reb Ford Williams is the son of Ford and Martha Williams, Jr. Williams is an accounting major from Memphis, Tenn. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Order where he served as secretary and judicial council member. Williams has recieved the honor of the National Dears List and Chancellor ' s Honor Roll. He is actively involved with Reformed University Fellowship. Williams has also volunteered much of his time to Habitat for Humanity, Leap Frog Tutoring Program, Graceland Nursing Home, and he is a volunteer firefighter. " I cherish my time here, and know that wherever I end up, my friends from Ole Miss will always be near! ' Miss Ole Miss (-} HomecomingQueen SUMMERCLEMENTS by Mary-GraceHaynes On October 1 1, 2002, Summer Clements represented Ole Miss as the 2002 Homecoming Queen. Summer Clements is an English major from Montgomery, Ala. She is the daughter of George and Gail Clements. Clements has represented the University of Mississippi as an Ole Miss cheerleader and ambassador. She a member of Chi Omega sorority. Clements volunteers her time to organizations such as North Mississippi Regional Center, Azalea Gardens Nursing Home, and the Special Olympics. She was also chosen as Who s Who Among American Colleges and Universities and is a member of Sigma Tau Delta. Clements was escorted by Associated Student Body President Drew Snyder. Snyder, from Madison, Miss., is the son of Ed and Marilyn Snyder. theEND 68 1 kSOt f A m r - m 1 w ■■lew ' Mil " w A IHomecomingCourt _ Freshman Maid Courtney Aldredge Escort: Kris Stahlberg Amber Watts Escort David Sanders Sophomore Maid " i was surprised when my sorority nominated me to run for Homecoming Queen. I was very honored. " -Summer Clements Elizabeth Cansdale Escort Dwayne Hall 1 69 Tia Beasley Escort German Bello Junior Maid Jasmyne Searcy Escort Justin Blake Senior Maid Abby Diddle Escort Shantell Glass Senior Maid roiann boisture Escort Demondrick Shumaker Running on a platform that included expanding the use of student ids off campus Drew Snyder won the ASB Presidential election. 7S DREWSNYDER ASB President " I NEVER WANTED TO REVOLUTIONIZE THE UNIVERSITY. OLE MlSS doesn ' t NEED THAT MUCH IMPROVEMENT. I JUST WANTED TO MAKE A GOOD UNIVERSITY BETTER " -Drew Snyder by Mary-GraceHaynes Drew Snyder, from Madison, Miss., is the son of Ed and Marilyn Snyder. In the spring of 2002, Drew took the title of ASB president in a run-off election. Snyder, a Business Studies major, has also earned many other honors and served the University in various ways. While at Ole Miss Snyder has served as Lambda Sigma president, creator of the Snyder News Network, member of Sigma Nu fraternity, recorder and model pledge; ASB senate, 3 years; ASB Senator of the Year Nominee, and a Daily Mississippian columnist. When running for ASB President, Drew Snyder campaigned on the ideas of better communication between Students and administration, more student services, an improved relationship President has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life ' ' -Drew Snyder with Oxford and the surrounding community and internal ASB improvements. Snyder has improved communication by writing a weekly column in the DM, co-hosting a weekly ASB radio program, meeting regularly with members of the Ole Miss administration, and completely revamping the ASB website. His administration also spearheaded an effort that now allows students to use their Ole Miss Express cards off campus. He has actively lobbied for an online phone directory, online campus construction calendar, 24-hour access to the student information system and the Galtney Center for Academic Computing. Snyder also established the Department of External Affairs to deal more effectively with the City of Oxford, the Board of Trustees, and the State legislature. theEND « ASBOFFICERS MarshallRivers Treasurer Vice-President MollyMcKenzie KaraGiessner Secretary Judicial Chair BentleyHarris 33 71 ii Nothing so conclusively proves a man ' s ability to LEAD OTHERS AS WHAT HE DOES FROM DAY TO DAY TO LEAD HIMSELF, - THOMAS J. WATSON » Alumni Hall of Fame By Burchfield The University of Mississippi Alumni Association awarded its highest honor of being inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame to six recipients on Oct. 1 1. 2002. The distinguished alumni are William R. " Bill " Dunlap of McLean, Va.; Terry C. Ewert of Short Hills, N.J.; David L. Guyton of Baltimore, Md.; J. Edward Hill of Tupelo and Sherman L. Muths, Jr. of Gulfport. Donald B. " Brad " Bedell of Sikeston, Mo., was the recipient of The Outstanding Young Alumni Award, which was created last year to honor younger alumni who have graduated less than 10 years ago. David W. Arnold of Yazoo City received the first Alumni Service Award for service to the University and the association over an extended period. These distinguished alumni awards recognize those alumni who have made outstanding contributions to their country, their state and The University of Mississippi through their leadership, loyal support, service and dedication. A seven-member selection committee chose the new inductees for the Alumni Hall of Fame, which was created in 1974, from nominations that were mailed to the UM Alumni Association throug hout the year. Bill Dunlap (MFA 69) maintains art studios in McLean, Va., Mathiston, Miss., and Coral Gables, Fla. He is a visual arts commentator in Washington. D.C.. on WETATV ' s Emmy-winning " Around Town " and frequently writes and lectures about art. His art hangs in prestigious museums and galleries, including New York ' s Metropolitan Museum of Art and Washington ' s Corcoran Gallery of Art. He has traveled across the country and abroad with his works that have appeared on the covers of Harper ' s and Esquire magazines. He is the recipient of many awards and fellowships, including The Danforth Award in Visual Arts and the Rockefeller Foundation International Fellowship and a grant form the Warhol Foundation. Terry Ewert (BA 73), winner of 12 Emmy awards, was, until recently, executive producer of CBS Sports. Ewert joined CBS Sports from Atlanta Olympic Broadcasting, where since 1993 he had been executive producer of international coverage and deputy managing director of the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games. He worked for NBC Sports for 18 years, beginning in 1975 as a production assistant and working as a producer from 1 98 1-1993. Some of his honors include two Sportel Golden Podium Awards, two National Headliner Awards for Sports Journalism, 1988 Television Critics Association Award, and a Media Access Award. Ewert began his career in 1973 at WJTV, the CBS affiliate in Jackson, Miss. David Guyton (BS 65) is one of the most sought-after opthalmic surgeons in the country.Nearly 30 years ago, he began his residency in ophthalmology at Johns Hopkins ' Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute. He graduated summa cum laude from Ole Miss, graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Medical School, completed a fellowship at the National Institutes of Health and published one of his first research papers in the joumalScience. He is the Zanvyl Krieger Professor of Pediatric Ophthalmology and director of the Zanvyl Krieger Children ' s Eye Center. He has published more than 230 articles and books, has been awarded 1 1 U.S. patents, and was president of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus and the International Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology. Edward Hill (BS 61, MD 64), new chairman of the American Medical Association Board of Trustees, promotes reforming America ' s health care delivery system and Medicare. He has been chairman of the board of trustees and president of the Mississippi State Medical Association, president of the Mississippi Academy of Family Physicians, president of the Mississippi Affiliate of the " IT WAS TRULY A ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME EXPERIENCE. To the Alumni Association, and to " It was a great honor, and I will ci ilrisi i it ALL OF MY LIFE. " TERRY EWERT W Briggs I lopsori presents Alumni Hall of Fame recipients Bill Dunlap, Terry Ewert, David Guton, Edward Hill, Sherman Muths, Brad Bedell, and David Arnold before the Homecoming game against Arkansas State. C =3 = 8 ' =: American Heart Association and president of the Southern Medical Association, the nation ' s life member of the Ole Miss Alumni Association, and a member of the Guardian Society and Ole Miss Associates. Sherman Muths (BBA 54, LLB 60) practiced law in Gulfport for 30 years and is now a successful businessman. He was president of the Mississippi Junior Bar, Harrison County Bar and Mississippi Bar Foundation Board of Trustees. He also served as chairman of the State of Mississippi Judicial Nominating Committee, member of the Mississippi House of Representatives and president of the Gulfport Chamber of Commerce. Muths is a developer of downtown Gulfport property, vice president of Mississippi Coast Marine, Inc., and a former owner of rural Illinois telephone system. He is also co-founder and owner of the Mississippi Sea Wolves, the state ' s first professional hockey team. Muths was president of the Ole Miss Alumni Association, president of the Law Alumni Chapter, chair of the Lamar Order and president of the Gulf Coast Alumni Club. Alumni Service Award winner David Arnold (BSChE 58) served as president of the Alumni Association in 1989-90 and was president or chair of the Engineering Alumni Chapter, Woods Order and School of Engineering Advisory Board. He was Ole Miss ' Engineer of Distinction in 1989 and inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame in 1995. A registered professional engineer, he recently retired as senior vice president for Mississippi Chemical Corp. Outstanding Young Alumni Award recipient Brad Bedell (BBA 90 JD 93) is president of Health Facilities Management Corp. of Sikeston, Mo. He is president of the Missouri Health Care Association and was recently appointed by Missouri Gov. Bob Holden to a six-year term as a regent for Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau. thefiND 73 I AM INDEBTED TO HERB DEWEESE, MY ALMA MATER OLE MlSS! " -Dr. DAVID GUYTON GOLDWATER SCHOLARSHIPS OF $15,000 ARE AWARDED BASED ON ACADEMIC MERIT TO ROBERTSINDELAR , ' f$c§ «C-C % W l . GOLDWATER SCHOLAR " I WOULD LIKE TO ml THANK Dr. Debra »2 j - " " ■ fl Young for all of her m «!m HELP WITH THE B JfljL APPLICATION PROCESS, AND I WOULD LIKE TO 3 j THANK MY FATHER FOR ■ ? W HIS SUPPORT " • " B -Robert Sindelar ■ ■ B , by HaysBurchfield Robert Sindelar, son of Robert and Arlene Sindelar of Oxford, Miss., is a 2002 Goldwater Scholar. Sindelar is a senior graduating in May with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry. His future- plans are to enter a graduate program in medicinal chemistry and earn both a masters and PhD. Sindelars topic for his Goldwater scholar essay dealt with how natural products can be sources tor anti-cancer agents. His extracurricular activities include membership in Phi Kappa Phi, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College, Chancellors Leadership Class, Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, and he is a nominee for Who ' s Who Among Colleges and Universities. thcTND The Goldwater scholarship was founded by Senator Barry M. Goldwater. It is designed JNDERGRADUATE SOPHOMORES AND JUNIORS WHO ARE NOMINATED BY THE FACULTIES OF COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES NATIONWIDE RYANTOMLINSON GOLDWATER SCHOLAR " The research I did SERVED AS ONE OF THE MANY STEPPING STONES ON THE ROUTE TO THE PRODUCTION OF A TREATMENT THAT IS BOTH AFFORDABLE AND NEED. ?? Robin Freeman by HaysBurchfield Ryan Tomlinson, son of Randy and Loretta Tomlinson of Franklin, Tenn., is a 2002 Goldwater Scholar. Tomlinson is a junior forensic chemistry major who makes time for both his studies and his extracurricular activities. He is a senator in the McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College, active in the ASB and SPB and a member of the Ole Miss Ambassadors, Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society, Habitat for Humanity, Lott Leadership Institute, and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. -Ryan Tomlinson To win a Goldwater scholarship, Tomlinson wrote an essay concerning the continuation of his malaria research in conjunction with humanitarian organizations such as Medicines fo r Malaria Venture. His essay focused on the global impact of malarial infections and the potential for response and collaboration from the pharmaceutical and academic communities. His research project involved the creation of a derivative of the antimalarial agent artemisinin. theEND AVAILABLE TO THOSE IN r TO FOSTER AND ENCOURAGE OUTSTANDING STUDENTS CAREERS OF MATHEMATICS, THE NATURAL SCIENCES, AND ENGINEERING. Phi Beta Kappa The Second Class of Initiates Kelly Caldwell Allison, English Robert Michael Angelo, Physics Austin McNees Barrett, Biological Science Sarah Marie Beasley Journalism William Bacon Bell, Biological Science Kathryn Luise Bock, International Studies Spanish Brent Hayes Bonds, English Classics Jon Francis Carmer, Jr., History Laura Ann Caruso, Classics Alicia Lynn Cole, Mathematics Mary Claire Crowson, Biochemistry Jay Ramesh Desai, Biological Science Physics Psychology Andrew Christopher Dickey, Physics Angela Carol Faulkner, Biological Science Gerry Bowen Green, Biological Science Lydia Elaine Hailman, Journalism Int. Studies French Elizabeth Gabrielle Hardin, Psychology Shay Alan Hitchcock, Int. Studies Political Science Elizabeth Hope Hoffman, English Stuart M. Irby, Jr., English Cynthia Lee Jones, Psychology Biological Science Zhanna Amirbiyevna Kouchkhova, English Political Science Callie Lee Lowery English Joseph Zebulon Maharrey, Geology James Julius McCarthy, English Martha Ann McCarthy, Liberal Arts Ryan P. McClelland, English Mary Elizabeth McGehee, Biochemistry Psychology Holly Catherine McLaurin, Biological Science Tamika Renee Montgomery, Political Science English Megan Earline Norris, English Int. Studies Katherine Anne OTrien,Political Science Allison Blake Parrot, English Melanie Brook Paulson,Political Science Meta Smithson Poole, Psychology James Robert Rigby Physics Heather McEwen Roberson, English Joana Cecile Rochester, Mathematics John Stafford Rouse, Political Science Stewart Watkins Rutledge, Physics Sara Andrea Shiro, Psychology Heather Dawn Smith, Biochemistry Johanna ZhangLiWei Stead, Computer Science Elizabeth Whitney Sutliff, Biological Science Richard Andrew Taylor, Physics Derrick Heath Tesseneer, Biological Science Christopher Scott Thompson, Southern Studies Journalism Charles Roderic Wells, II, Classics Jonathan Robert Werne, Philosophy Ole Miss is the only public university in Mississippi with a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. In order to become a In order to become a member of Phi Beta Kappa you must be majoring IN AN AREA OF LIBERAL ARTS OR SCIENCE AND HAVE A MINIMUM 3.8 GPA. 2002-2003 Chapter Officers and Committee President: Ronald Schroeder Vice-President: Robbie Etheridge Secretary Treasurer: Maribeth Stolzenburg Historian: Kees Gispen Additional Executive Committee Members: Michael Danahy, Joseph Ward Committee on Members in Course: Joseph Ward, Robbie Ethridge, Ronald Schroeder, Daniell Mattern, Maribeth Stolzenburg Committee on Alumni and Honorary Members: Colby Kullman, Benjamin Fisher Auditing Committee: Warren Steel, Jay Watson, Katie McKee Visiting Scholar Committee: Maribeth Stolzenburg, Donald Dyer, Robbie Ethridge, Kees Gispen MissUniversity 7g by Mary-GraceHaynes Jessica Hill, daughter of Larry and Sherry Woods, was crowned Miss University 2002. A native of Grenada, Miss., Hill is pursuing a nursing degree at the University of Mississippi. While attending Ole Miss, Hill was a member of the Delta Gamma sorority. She also participated in Campus Crusade for Christ, Habitat for Humanity, and the Leap Frog program. Jessica is a member of First Baptist Church, Grenada. She also received the Chamber of Commerce Service Award and was named to the Chancellor Honor JESSICAHILL " i was very honored to represent Ole Miss at the Miss Mississippi pageant this past summer. this year has been an exciting and special one that i will cherish forever. " -Jessica Hill Roll. In July, Hill traveled to Vicksburg to represent the University in the Miss Mississippi pageant. Her platform centered around the need for blood donations. Her stint in the pageant proved successful when she was named Preliminary Talent winner. Jessica also earned a spot as a Top 10 finalist. " I was very honored to represent Ole Miss at the Miss Mississippi pageant this past summer. This year has been an exciting and special one that I will cherish forever; Hill said. theEND ' In simplest terms, a leader is one who KNOWS WHERE HE WANTS TO GO, AND GETS Ul AND GOES. ' -John Erksine SeniorClassOfficers TrentYates President Trent Yates, the son of Bill and Joyce Yates, is a Marketing Communications major from Eupora, Miss. Yates is also a member of Mortar Board, AB Judicial Council, and Sigma Chi fraternity. He is also actively involved in Campus Crusade for Christ. " I enjoy working with the many people that make Ole Miss such a great University! ' " Ole Miss has always had a special place in my heart, and to be able to participate in leading the senior class is something i will never forget? -Trent Yates BrentFletcher Vice-President Brent Fletcher, the son of Jeff and Kathy Fletcher, is a native of Jackson, Miss. While attending Ole Miss, Fletcher is majoring in Banking and Finance Managerial Finance, and Real Estate. Fletcher has also served as Business School CEO and a member of Sigma Nu fraternity. He is also actively involved in Campus Crusade for Christ. ' This is great opportunity to represent the senior class of 2003 and i ' m excited about working on the Senior Class gift as a way to leave a lasting memory at ole mlss " -Brent Fletcher NancyHankins Secretary-Treasurer Nancy Hankins, the daughter of Dr. Jordan and Dr. Katherine Hankins, is a double major in biochemistry and German. A native of Omaha, Nebraska, Hankins has served as an Ole Miss Ambassador, Rebel Recruiter, Golden Key vice-president, Alpha Epsilon Delta-treasurer, Order of Omega, and the Associated Student Body. She is also a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority. " i am honored to have been given a chance to serve ole mlss and the senior Class of 2003. It has been a wonderful experience to work with an outstanding group of people to give back to ole Miss for all it has given me. -Nancy Hankins Parade of Beauties November 13, 2002 ■ So Top io Beauties 1 . Summer Windham 2. Caroline Steindorf 3. Tara Darby 4. Lauren Ezelle 5 . Amanda Lynch 6. Brooke Staples 7. Annie Kate Keenan 8. Catherine Werne 9. Katie Bailey 10. Debbie Frazier " Stick a hundred girls backstage in " It is more than a pageant. It is a production ' ' -Jason Clark, director of pageants JenniferJerntgan Most Beautiful " i feel very honored to be named Most Beautiful at the University of Mississippi. I was very surprised and thrilled that evening and plan to fulfill it to the best of my abilities. i would like to thank my parents, friends, and my sisters of Kappa Delta. " -Jennifer Jernigan 81 by Mary-GraceHaynes On November 13, 2002, Jennifer Jernigan was crowned Most ieautiful in front of a sold out crowd in Fulton Chapel. Ninety-one contestants competed for the title through interviews and the evening own competition. Jernigan is a sophomore majoring in marketing. She is the daughter of lobby and Jerolyn Jernigan of Madison, Miss. While at the University of Mississippi, Jernigan has been involved in College Republicans, ASB lections Commission, and Habitat for Humanity. She was also chosen as a Pike calender girl and is a member of Kappa Delta sorority. The Student Programming Board and Department of Campus Programming sponsored the 69th annual Parade of Beauties. Directors of Pageants Laura Beth Booth and Jason Clark believe that the pageant had a wonderful turnout. theEND ' gowns, heels, and a sea of beauty products AND TRUE BONDING WILL OCCUR. " -Tara Darby, a Top 10 Finalist Hall of Fame Class of 2003 " i am honored to be among those inducted into this year ' s class of Hall of Fame. The ten of us are joining an elite group of student leaders who have each contributed in his or her own unique way, a lasting legacy of dedication and hard work that has helped mold this university into what it is today. i feel blessed and am truly thankful for the opportunities i have had, knowing that without the help and support of so many other people, i would not have been able to benefit from all that ole mlss has to offer. " -Gabe Roberts, Hall of Fame recipient Hall of Fame 82 by WillBardwell Back in September, I found out that in the midst of the chaos that was 1962 at Ole Miss, the editor of the Daily Mississippian had been censored by the ASB for nothing more than telling the truth. I co-authored and helped pass a repeal of that censor in the ASB Senate. It wasn ' t an attempt to change the past, but to apologize for it. The repeal got international news coverage, but my greatest satisfaction was seeing the former editor ' s happiness in learning that times — and people — can and do change. The whole experience taught me the same thing. theF.ND " Don ' t be good, be great, ' cause God don ' t make no Mistake. " -Herschel Walker " i like this guy! i like this guy! " -Hulk Hogan, to me -WillBardwell, a journalism major from Brandon, Miss. w I l l B A R D W E L L Rnhin Freeman jHall of Fame by WinstonCollier I like to think that most of my accomplishments for the (student body came from behind the proverbial closed doors, [by doing nothing more than trying to serve a group of people that have taken me as their peer. Whether it be seemingly mundane tasks such as waking up early on Sunday mornings after home football games to help clean up the Grove or making sure elections run smoothly, it is the little (things that no one would notice unless they were forced to do wdthout, that I pride myself in doing. As for myself and my [accomplishments on a professional level, I feel that this school has truly helped become a more diverse person in [every facet of my life. My eyes have truly been opened to appreciate the wonderful people, ideas, and ways of life that this University has to offer. Being transplanted into a new environment away from home has helped me grow as a person, and I consider this my most valued accomplishment [ while a student at the University of Mississippi. I cannot think of a better place for my dream of attending law school. thel.ND i consider this award not as a testament to what i have done for this University, yet as a testament to what this University has done for me, of which i am truly grateful. " ■ton Collier, an English and political major from searcy, ark. Hall of Fame I L I E F I N L E Y by JulieFinley For two years now I have been responsible for writing the welcome back letter in The Daily Mississippian ' s annual Back to School issue. Each year I found myself begging and pleading with students to find their niche. It seems CO me SO many students at Ole Miss come here and get lost in the crowd. They either try to do too much, or they don ' t do anything at all. Well, I was lucky. I found my niche long ago, in the messy, noisy basement of Farley Hall. It is where I have learned and grown and where I ' ve made friends and memories that I will carry with me forever. theEND " Being a college sti dent isn ' t about the things you learn in the classroom. it is about the things you learn about life, about other people, and most importantly about yourself. " -Julie Finely, a journalism major from Oxford, Miss. 83 -, P4 Hall of Fame by ChinOnwubiko During my first year at Ole Miss, one of my friends (who himself went on to be included in the Hall of Fame) mad e a statement about himself to this effect: " The University has invested a lot in me. It is now my responsibility to pay them back through service and campus involvement. " I felt that those words could very well apply to me as well. And so, through the strength and abilities given to me by Christ, I hope that I have been able to show that the University made a wise investment. And I hope to continue to do so as I make the transition from Ole Miss student to Ole Miss graduate. theEND " Thinking back to when i was a freshman, i thought it would be nice to be in the hall of fame, but i seriously doubted that i could do it. But here I am being selected four years later which is just another reminder that " i can do all things i hrough (jikisi who si kl (, i hens me. " pljilippians 4:13 -Chin Onwubiko, a biology major from Stringer, Miss. c H I N o N W u B I K O Hall of Fame M o L L Y M c K E N Z I E by MollyMcKenzie Throughout my four years here at the University of Mississippi, I have truly experienced the magic of Ole Miss. This prestigious University provides unimaginable- experiences, countless doors of opportunities, an infinite amount of knowledge, a friendship that never fails, and a tie... a bond that can never be broken; then it pushes you ahead of the world. But Ole Miss never lets go, it never stops giving, and never ceases to call you back into its magic, back to your home. Many people dream of such a place... only a few of us can call it ours. theEND " i have been privileged to serve as Associated Student Body Vici President. Ole Miss has provided me with countless opportunities, learning experiences and friendship. " -Molly McKlnxil, a marketing major from florence, mlss. Hall of Fame by Vernon Ray ford Walking along the taupe floors of the Union a few years ago, I would notice the pictures of the past 1 lall of Fame recipients. I would always ask myself, " What did they have to do to get that honor? ' Deep down I resolved that one clay I would be on the wall amongst the Hall of Fame. That was the easy past; however, I found there was no clear path to being in the Hall of Fame, no clear application process, no clearly defined criteria. It got to the point I had to decide whether I wanted to be Hall of Fame or whether I wanted to try to make a difference. Whether I wanted people to just see my picture on the top floor of the Union or to say that Vernon helped do something about the current condition of things. I chose to try to make a difference and Hall of Fame, as well as the answers to my first question came naturally. theEND " it is an i ionor in knowing that i was recognized for doing what i thought was right : attempting to make a difference, however small. " -Vernon Rayford, a pharmacy major from holly springs, mlss. V E R N O N R A Y F O R D Hall of Fame M A R S H A L L R I v E R S by MarshallRivers While I have had the opportunity to be a part of many organizations while attending Ole Miss, I would have to say that I enjoyed the Ole Miss Ambassador program more than any other. The Ambassadors Program allowed me to share with the incoming students things that I think are great about Ole Miss and Oxford. Founding the Student Rebel Athletic Foundation also gave me the opportunity to work with another one of my favorite aspects of Ole Miss. I would have to say that the leadership experiences that I ' ve enjoyed at Ole Miss will benefit me greatly in the coming years as I pursue a career in accounting or business. theEND 85 " Ole Miss has been a wonderful place to call home for the last four years. i know that ole mlss has definitely left its mark on me and i hope that i in turn have left a mark on Ole Miss. " -Marshall Rivers, an accounting from Union, Miss. Robin Prctiiuii Hall of Fame by Galx- Roberts I left my home four years ago to begin a new chapter. Although I was a little nervous about beginning college in an unfamiliar place, it did not take long for me to identify with Ole Miss. To me it is the embodiment of good times, friendship, memories, and successes. Now, as I find myself once again having to leave a home I dearly love to begin another one of life ' s new chapters, I will take with me the comfort of knowing Ole Miss will ever be a part of me. It is my prayer that my next destination welcomes me as warmly as Ole Miss did four years ago and captivates me as wholey as it does now. This summer I will begin working as an auditor for Ernst and Young in Memphis, Tenn. theEND " i feel blessed and am truly thankful for the opportuni ties i have had, knowing that without the help and support of so many other people, i would not have been able to benefit from all That Ole Miss has to offer. " )berts, an accounting business MAJOR FROM RlDGELAND, MlSS. G A B E R o B E R c Hall of Fame H A D Y N R o B E R T S by HadynRoberts It has been a blessing to attend the University of Mississippi. I must thank God for working through me and allowing me to utilize my talents to help make Ole Miss a better place. This University has equipped me with the necessary skills to begin my crusade towards success, hard work, dedication, and conviction which are prerequisites for accomplishing goals. I hope people remember my passion for helping other students. Whatever profession I choose, I want to serve my God, my country, and my state. theEND " Don ' t ask what the world needs of you. instead, ask what makes you come alive because what the world needs are people who have come alive. " -Hadyn Roberts, a biochemistry major from pascagoula, mlss. by John Eldridge, Wild at Heart Hall of Fame D R W N Y D E R by DrewSnyder I ' m honored by the recognition, but I ' m most grateful for the people I ' ve met, the mistakes and triumphs that have shaped me into a stronger person, the chance to serve as ASB President, and the memories I take with me. I always knew I couldn ' t change this place as much as it has changed me, but I do hope I have made at least a few small yet lasting contributions. After graduation, I plan on attending law school following a year off. thel ' .ND " Ole Miss will progress only with people who passionately care, who strive to learn daily, and who only fear the status quo. " -Drew Snyder, a business studies major from madison, mlss. " Four years ago, I was afraid coming to Ole Miss. Four years later, I ' m 87 AFRAID TO LEAVE. ?? Drew Snyder, Hall of Fame Recipient SeniorClassFavorites " Ole Miss has provided so many memorable experiences for me. i feel so lucky to have had the chance to spend the best four years of my life here. the friends i have met along with all that i have learned will really stick in my mind when i look back at my college days. " -Matt McKenzie Carla Crosby, the daughter of Dell and Stella Crosby, is majoring in English and political science. A native of Auburn, Alabama, Crosby has been very involved on the Ole Miss campus. She is a member of Delta Gamma sorority where she has served as Vice-President of Social Standards. Crosby is also the Order of Omega president, ASB Director of Academic Affairs, and Mortor Board membership. " i could not have had a better four years than this time I ' ve spent at Ole Miss; my friends and the faculty and staff have made my college experience beyond anything i could have asked for. " Class favorite Carla Crosby Matt McKenzie is the son of Bob and Sherry McKenzie. He is a managerial finace major from Florence, Alabama. McKenzie is a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity where he has served as president and rush chairman. He is a member of Order of Omega, Mortar Board, Phi Eta Sigma, and Alpha Lambda Delta. He is actively involved in ASB, Financiers Club, and intramural sports. McKenzie is also the recipient of the Arthur R. Priest Award. f HATE THIS WHOLE EXPERIENCE HAS TO COME TO AN END, BUT I HAVE A FEELING I WILL BE BACK MANY TIMES TO REVISIT WHAT I KNOW I AM GOING TO MISS. " Matt McKenzie Class Favorites Caroline Sparks Class Favorite [Caroline Sparks is an elementary education major from Jackson, Miss. She is the daughter of James and Laura Sparks. Sparks. She is a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority where she has served as New Member educator and Social development |chairmen. Sparks is a member of Golden Key and Order of Omega. Sparks volunteers Jmuch of her toime to Habitat for Humanity, Leap Frog, and many other service organizations. She was also the Sigma Nu sweetheart. ItWas an honor to be elected as a class favorite and it has been an honor to represent the senior class. " Brent Fletcher, the son of Jeff and Kathy Fletcher, is a native of Jackson, Miss. While attending Ole Miss, Fletcher is majoring in Banking and Finance Managerial Finance, and Real Estate. Fletcher has also served as Business School CEO and a member of Sigma Nu fraternity. He is also actively involved in Campus Crusade for Christ. " One of my favorite things about Ole Miss is t wonderful friends i have made. being selected s Favorite is a great honor and I am very thankf o 3 Class Favorite Brent Fletcher Lee Sturdivant is a Marketing major from Itta Bena, Miss. She is the daughter of Mike and Jan Sturdivant, Jr. Sturdivant is a member of Chi Omega soroity where she served as Recruitment Chair and Panhellenic representative. She is a member of ASB, Golden Key, Order of Omega, and Alpha Epsilon Delta. Sturdivant is also a golf, basketball and flag football intramural champion. " My experience at Ole Miss is filled with wonderful friends and memories that will last a lifetime. i am honored to have been chosen by the student body to represent ole mlss. " Lee Sturdivant Class Favorite Winston Collier Class Favorite Winston Collier is the son of Dr. Steven and Susan Collier of Searcy, Arkansas. While at Ole Miss, Collier is aEnglish and political science major. Collier has been active in the Associated Student Body and currently serves as Attorney General. He is a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity where he served as Rush Chairmen. Collier is the Pi Sigma Alpha president. He is also volunteered for Leap Frog and Habitat for Humanity. " It is really any honor to be elected by my peers as class " favorite because it is those who elected me that made my college experience so enjoyable. " Laurie Evans is a biology major from Laurel, Miss. She is the daughter of Jack and Betty Evans. She is the president of Delta Delta Delta sorority. Evans is a member of Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Golden Key, Order of Omega, and Alpha Lambda Delta. She is actively involved with Campus Crusade for Christ. Evans is a Robert M. Carrier scholar. " Being named a class favortie was one of the most exciting events of my four years as a student. it is so ewarding to recieve such an honor from the many womderful friends i have met at ole mlss. " Class Favorites Laurie Evans Andrew White is a marketing major from Jackson, Tenn. He is the son of Blake and Lynn White. White is a member of Sigma Chi fraternity where he has served as Ritual Chairmen. He is a member of Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Lambda Sigma, and ASB. White serves as an officer for the Student Rebel Athletic Foundation and a Headstart volunteer. " I thank God everyday for allowing me to attend Ole Miss, blessing me with the greatest memories and the , best of friends, and making my love for this university j j GROW DEEPER WITH EVERY PASSING DAY. Class Favor iti Andrew White Jake Dickerson Class Favorite ake Dickerson is a political science and history major from Southhaven, Miss. He is the pn of Gregory and Tamara Dickerson and Susan and Tim Carter. Dickerson was jhosen as 2002 Greek Man of the Year. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Order where |) the corresponding secretary. He has been a member of Lambda Sigma, Golden Key, )rder of Omega, Mortar Board, and Phi Kappa Phi. Dickerson is Ole Miss Mission Mississippi Co-Chairman and Vice-Chairman of College Republicans. He has also erved as Assisstant Student Director of the McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College and ice-President of Habitat for Humanity. " My experience at Ole Miss has been nothing short of a iry tale. i have been blessed by god beyond my wildest •reams and far beyond anything i deserve. i still cannot elieve that i was selected to recieve this honor from the University and the students that I hold so dear " Anne-Morgan Brookfield is an international business major from Memphis, Tenn. She is the daughter of Morgan and Judy Brookfield. Brookfield is a member of Kappa Delta sorority where she has served as president and secretary. She is a member of ASB, Order of Omega, Golden Key, College Republicans and Ole Miss Ambassadors. Brookefield also is a Leap Frog mentor and a youth director at St. Peters Episcopal Church. She is also in the McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College. " i am so honored to have been chosen by the student body as one of this year ' s class favorties. l— - — . am so excited and really appreciate all of the f friends that i have made throughout my four years j j here. Ole Miss is such a wonderful place- the best KEPT SECRET OF THE SOUTH. " 91 Class Favorite Anne-Morgan Brookfield ' As a 3RD Generation Rebel, I could never see myself going anywhere else. where else would you rather be than in the grove on saturdays, in the Tad Pad with the Western Division Title on the line, or walking around one of the most beautiful campuses there is? " -Andrew White Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Ashley Abide Greenville, Miss. Vice President, House Manager, Delta Gamma sorority; Vice President, Mortar Board; Order of Omega; ASB; Secretary, Gamma Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; §0 F W Campus Crusade m Christ Biology Lizzie Andrews Orientation Leade Board, Ole Mi Ambassadors; NSSLHA Undergraduate Representative; Alpha Lambd; Delta; Recruit Chairmen, Ka Alpha Theta s Communicative Disorders Lisa Bailey | Clarksdale, Miss. Business Managei , Assistant Photo ■ Editor, The Daily : Mississippian; President, Ole IU Miss American Advertising J Association; M. m Delta Delta mkuM H Delta sorority ■■ Journalism 1 c Sarah Bailey Social Publication Homecoming Activity Coordinator, Delta Sigma Theta sorority; Pi Mu Epsilon; Mississippi Association of Educators Sec. Mathematics Morrow Bailey Kw5l33a3 iTWlM President, School of A Vice-President. Beta Gamma Sigma; Lott Leadership Institute; Mortar Lambda Delta; Intramural Chairman, Sigma Nu fraternity ( i " ' ' Accounting Will Bardwell President, Studen Foundation; Vice-President, . Omicron Delta p Kappa; ASB 1 cabinet; Rebel Radio; Alpha i l Lambda Delta; Scholarship Chair, Food . Dtvid Lyko Journalism Ross Barkley M Club; SE Academic Honor Roll; Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society; Campus Crusade for Christ; Alpha Lambda Delta Civil Engineering AlMEE BERTRAND • Secretary Treasurer, ( Drder of | Omega; Writer Producer, Newswatch 12; Rebel Radio; ASB; Lambda Sigma; Gamma Beta Phi; Pref Party Chair, Keeper of the Ritual, Alpha Omicron Pi f KBU3 Journalism Chad Blackburn Vice- President, E Operations -- Officer. Social Chairmen, ■» - ■ Association of kjflKL Information Who JH Technology J r B Professionals; A Ole Miss Track- Team; Sigma Chi fraternity m. : | Anne-Morgan Brookfield - " JK r Chairman, Kappa Delta sorority; Order of Omega; ASB; Golden Key; Student Alumni Council; Exchange Club A 7 J International Business Megan Brown McDonnell-Barksdalc Honors | College; Omicron Delta Kappa; Habitat for I Humanity; Phi a Kappa Pin; Mortar l£ I Board; Gamma Beta V ' Phi; Golden Key; P It Scholarship W Chairmen, Phi Mu sorority H Biology Nicholas Brown ASH 1 mitte; Ru Counselor; L i ship Ins ' Ole Miss Ambassador; ( - Standards Chairman, Sigma Nu fraternity m Jm Insurance Risk Management Andrew Bryant r Body; Chaplain, Sigma Nu fraternity; Treasurer, Blue Ten Harmony; Worship Leader, Campus Crusade for Christ; ASB; Mortar Board 1 j i Accounting Kristen Caldwell International ! Senator; ASB Committee Co-Chairman; Chairman, Conversation Partners Program; Philanthropy Offic Scholarship Office Kappa Delta soroi International Business Jennifer Cameron Discipline Chairman, Special Events Chairmen, Phi Mu sorority; Treasurer, Kapp; Epsilon Pharmac fraternity, Diamc Girl, Mortar n Pharmacy Wendy Guo Ope Social Chain; Association of Information Technology Professionals; Ok Miss Track Team; Sigma Chi fraternit M. B. A. " i am truly honored to be a who ' s who recipient. i believe that i am a better person for having attended the University of Mississippi. " -Corey Nichols, a BIOCHEMISTRY MAJOR FROM WALNUT GROVE, MlSS. Tiffany Gray Tupelo, Miss. - fraternity; Manager, Womens Basketball Team; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Gamma Beta Phi; Alpha ft M ft - J Lambda Delta Dav.J 1 U ■ . Pharmacy Veazey Greenlee Oxford, Miss. Public Relations Vice- Delta Delta Delta sorority; Co-Chairman. Teachers of Tommorrow; Rebel Recruiter; NTASC; Leap Frog Volunteer i ]| ft «r Ma DjviJ Lyfco Elem. Education Apryl Childs Grenada, Miss. President, Ole | Miss Exchange Hjttb •- Club; |LJ Orientation W m f Leader; ■ BB . ■ s „ J| Executive j , Council, " » Recruitment Chairman, U r Chairman; Kappa Delta sorority n vhiL)iui Journalism Corey Clark Aaiory, Miss. President, Inter-Fraternal Council; Co-Chairman, Greek | Council; President, Rush Chairman, Phi Kappa Tau fraternity; Student Programming Board; | Rebel Radio v Banking Finance Marketing Summer Clements Montgomery, Ala. Homecoming Queen; Ole Miss Checrleai Historian, r Sigma Phi; Sigma Tau Delta; Amer Marketing Associatic Omega r Reformed Ilniwrsirv Fi English Sociology psycholog Y Winston Collier Searcy, Ark. Attorney General, Elections Commissioner, ASB; Sigma Tau HP ' " HL ' Delta; Student — . Leaders Council; Senior Class Favorite; Phi Delta Theta I.U-idUL ■ fraternity English Political Science Ashley Cordua Madison, Miss. President, Panhellenic Council; Co-Chairman, Greek Council; Philanthropy Chairman, Phi Mu fraternity; Student Programming Board; Women ' s Ensemble Hospitality Management Carla Crosby 1 Director of Academic Affairs. | Cabinet, Public Relations Director, ASB; m Vice-President j3T Standard. • Intramural Chair, Delta w Gamma sorority; mm President, Order of Omega. Morn r Board ■ English Political Science k Q 104 Bobby Croswell Madison, Miss. President, Sigma Chi fraternity; Executive Board, Student Advancement Foundation; Alpha Kappa Pi; Finance Club; Order of Omega; College Republicans kk ' " i Marketing Jake Dickerson Southaven, Miss. Co-Chairman, UM Mission MS Steering Committee; Honors Senator; 2nd Vice-Chairman, College Republicans; Vice-President, Habitat for Humanity;Secretary, Kappa Alpha Order History Political Science Carter Dobbs in Attorney General, Director of ■ Student Servk ASB; President, Student Alumni gM| Council; J Vice-President. N Wf t College Wm Democrats; H w j Executive fw Council, RHA; Br m English Political Science k " Ole Miss gives its students an opportil nominated to who ' s who amongst suca -JIM J IN! ITY TO MATURE AND A DISTINGUISHED |m Jackson, Miss. nion; f Public delations, x-lebrity G [lassie; Alp lambda Delta; )rder of Omeg; Lush Counst ' ramma Be Marketing Laurie Evans sorority; Bible Study :hai ™ Leader, Campus Crusade for Christ; i Omicron Delta Kappa; Mortar H Board; Eta Sigma Pi; V 1 . M Order of Omega; f f Organic Chemistry Recitation Leader David Lyta Biology Zakiyo Fields „ M " 1 !! Treasurer, Bl. Student Union; Associate Director, ■ " ,r t Student k - Jk Programming lg w Board; Vice- W fc= President, Alpha f Kappa Alpha sorority, Rebels u w r Dtvul lyU Social Work Psychology Brent Fletcher vlanag itudent Media tenter; Oxford riealth and " itness; Baptist Student Union; Society of Professional ournalists School; Repc Sigma Nu frater; Rush Counsi ' Vice Presidei Alpha Kapp; Golden Key; Campus Crir Christ Grant Gannon Elections w Public Relat Chair, Kapr Sigma ftatei Intra-Fratern... Council; Daily Mississippian; College Republi " Intramu Journalism Banking Finance Marketing Communications Gordon Gent GULFPORT, MlSS. Kara Giessner Miss. Big «ijsl " jjtj Club; Project Developer, Order of Omega; Wall Street JB South Investment 1 1 Club; Rebel HP Marching Band; £ f i Communications Chair, Mortar Board; j? Historian, Pi Beta Phi sorority r David Lyko Managerial Finance 95 FURTHER OURSELVES IN A VARIETY OF DIFFERENT WAYS. BEING GROUP OF PEOPLE IS DEFINITELY A WONDERFUL HONOR. " " TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH THIS ELITE IS HUMBLING- ALL OF THESE AS WELL. I JUST THANK GOD FOR BLESSING ME WITH ACHIEVEMENTS TO PUSH THEMSELVES AS LITTLE HARDER TO REACH THEIR GOALS. " Nancy Hankins Vice-President, Golden Kl House Manag Pi Beta Phi Sorority; Head i Recruitment ■ " « Counselor; ASB; " ¥■ Senior Class W- Secretary; f Treasurer, Alpha Kfcfc« | Epsilon Delta; Rebel Recruiter Biochemistry Trey Hankins McDc College; Treasurer, American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Baptist Student Union; Mortar Board; Lambd- Sigma; Hal Chemical Engineering Bentley Harris ASB Judicial C Secretary, Mort; Board; Vice-President. Lambda Sigma; Sorority Secretary; Omicron Delta Kappa; Leap Frog volunteer; Student Leadership Council; Campus Crusade for v. Psychology 5 o 96 Alexander Hartman Captain, Ole Mis M-Club; German Club; . Investment jM fe Club; Student H m ■ 1 Athletic w Advisory b- L Committee; A ' : A k. Finance Club W T Managerial Finance Brian Haynes Presid Mentor, S Success; ASB; National Criminal J usti Association; Miss Ambassador; Chancellor ' s Leadership Class Criminal Justice Staci Henson Preside Vice-President, Delta Delta son, Vice-President, Alpha Lambda Delta; Lambda Sigma; Gamma Beta Phi; Mortar Board; Order of Omega; Golden Key; ASB Accounting Dave Hotard Sports Direct- Newswatch ■ President, Radio, Television, and News Directors Association; Ole Miss Ambassadors; Alpha Lambd Delta; Rebel Radio; Golden f it As ■ Broadcast Journalism ■ Melissa Huling Honor Secretary, Omicron Delta Kappa; Mortar Board; Delta Gamma sororit Fellowship Christian Athlu Recrui Psychology Sarah Ishee Preside Secreta Chi; Vice-Presidi American Pharmaceutical Association; Golden Key; North Mississippi Regit Center volunteer Pharmacy HAVE WORKED SO H ilD NOT ONLY INSIDE THE CLASSROOM, BUT OUT AND HOPEFULLY TH Meredith Gore, an acc REWARD CAN SERVE TO ENCOURAGE OTHERS Pres President, Mortar Boarc ASB Senator; Alpha Kappa Psi; Ole Miss Tennis T ' Financier Pi Sigma Phi; Sigma Chi frate: Finance, Insurance Real Estate J. D. Johnson Debralee Jefcoat Tupelo, Miss. President, Kappa Epsilon B B - J 1 fraternity; Phi jP ' Jf Eta Sigma; iM- Alpha Lambda fl ' " Delta; American 1 € Pharmaceutical Association; v «« l Honor Council, M Delta Gamma H sorority Pharmacy Economics Stephanie Kemper Germantown, Tenn. Vice-President, Alpha Omicron Pi sorority; Vice-President, Phi Sigma Pi; National Society of Collegiate Scholars; Delta Sigma; Habitat for Humanity - VllS Amanda Johnson Brandon, Miss. Section Editor, Ole Miss Yearbook; Editor, The New Standard; Senior Executive Council; Ole Miss Ambassador; Rotary Club of Jackson Mentor Scholarship; Leap Frog volunteer ■ w Journalism Political Science Steven Kilgore Philadelphia, Miss. Treasurer, Pledge Trainer, Sigma Nu fraternity; Order of Omega; Vice-President, Interfraternity Council; ASB; Alpha Kappa Psi; Ole Miss Ambassador 2 Managerial Finance Chereda King image Program; Phi Mu Epsilon; Habitat for Humanity; United Way volunteer; Golden Key; Gamma Beta Phi Math Education Mary Mills Lane Jackson, Miss. Treasurer, Chi Omega sorority; | Mortar Board; Golden Key; Rebel Recruiter; Omicron Delta r J Kappa; Reformed University Fellowship; ASB Judicial Council Mathematics Clark Lawrence COLLIERVILLE, TENN. President, Scholarship Chair, Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity; Business School Webmaster; Golden Key; Association of 1 Information [Technology 1 Professionals FT " " M. I. S. Sarah Lollar Brandon, Miss. |Assistant Editor, Managing |Editor, Chief Jg f | Designer, The _ t |ft Daily fc iMississippian; tf " •■ " + 1 1 Manager, B Jm 1 Student Media Bk . |Center, _ fc lUniversity ™ [Fellowship Journalism 1 Mary Ellen Maples Jackson, Miss. Philanthropy Chairman, Delta Delta Delta Sorority; 1 Fellowship Team, j • Reformed University 1 Fellowship; Mortar | » ' jMr | Board; Phi Kappa |Phi; Leap Frog _ 1 volunteer fl English Suzanne McKay SlSSlpp ' pa Ta ha; Ole rching Ban iety of Sessional irnalists; Matt McKenzie Florence, Ala. ASB Executive Council; President, Rush ■ . r . Chairman, j J k Member of the IF A Year Nationwide 1 " Phi Delta Theta 1 1 fraternity; ICampus Wide I Model Pledge ( Managerial Finance Molly McKenzie Florence, Ala. ASB Vice-President; Mortar Board; Lambda Sigma; College Republicans; Fraternity Sweetheart; Delta Delta Delta sorority; Ole Miss A Jm. , Intramurals DandLyks Marketing 1 M ma Nu uernity; ilden Ke lima B Broadcast Journalism Eli Manning New Orleans, La. iPresident, Ole Miss Chapter of iBest Buddies; lOle Miss iFootball team; Named " Best (Leader in the SEC " by Wirmingham News, Sigma |Nu fraternity Marketing Tamika MontgomeryI Durant, Miss. IPresident, Zeta Phi IBeta sorority; Events [Director, Greek iLinks; Ole Miss [Gospel Choir; [Publicity Chair, NPHC, McDonnell- IBarksdale Honors (College; Sigma Tau Delta English Pol Science Spanish Joel Moore Clinton, Miss. English Political Science " It was very special f ME TO BE CHOSEN HONORED SO VERY MUC TPRECIATE BEING Vernon Rayford Sigm President, udent ational niversity SBJudk Jennifer Owen am ma S rder of mega; P irority; ational Socie ot Collegiate Scholars; Rebe Recruiter International Business Haley Phelps Chair, ivu Chair, Kappa Alpha Theta sorority; Secretary, Pharmacy 3 Class; Kappa Epsilon; Ole Miss Ambassador Pharmaceutical Science r Sophie Nord Guli port, Miss. Orientation Leade r; Chi Omega | Program n Board; Diamond Girl; Mortar Board; Phi Kappa Phi; Order of On Leap 1 volunteer; i ' 1 w J B Golden Key H Liberal Arts Chinwendu Onwubiko Stringer, Miss. ASB Office Mana er; Presi Habitat for Humanity; Secretary, Golden Key; Mortar :. Board; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; AOPi Women of f ' 3| J Excellence Non- Greek Scholar of t he Year D.„,JL,k. Biology Lee Ponton Oxford, Miss. Station Manager, Producer, Chief Photographer, Newswatch 1 President, afiSKL 1 Jk University Anime k 1 Club; Phi Kappa m A Phi; Golden Key w f i I),...ILU.. Broadcast Journalism Megan Norris Jackson, Miss. Founder and Editor, J Hyperbole I ■ onnell- Barksdale Hoi College; Bapl Student ( Daily Mississippian Editorial Board; Sigma Tau l Phi Beta Kappa d i Kappa Phi m English International Studies Jariat Oyetunji Lagos, Nigeria International Student. Organization; Student Leack Council; Secret Rotaract Club; Vice- President, Gamma Beta Phi; Vice- President, Society of UM Black and Caribbean Students; i SEED; Lambda Sigma Biochemistry 31 Shea Pritchet Germantown, Tenn. Secretary. Accounting Stuc Body; Sorority President, Secret Recruitment Counselor; ASB; Order of Omega; Phi Kappa Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Beta Gamma Sigma; Celebrity Golf CI Accounting 99 AS ONE OF THIS YEAR ' S WHO ' S WHO RECIPIENTS. I FEEL SO RECOGNIZED. " -SOPHIE NORD, A LIBERAL ARTS MAJOR FROM GULFPORT, MISS. " It has been such an honor not only to receive this award, people that i admire so much. ole mlss will always have a wonderful people i have met here. " -stephanie kemper, a 1 Marshall Rivers Treasurer, Directt Affairs, ASB; Founder President Student Rebel Athletic Foundation; Ambassadors; Mortar Board; O Accounting Keenya Rudd 1 [earing Associatio Alpha Ka Alpha son University of Mississippi Communicative Disorders Heather Thompson Chairman, Kappa Epsilon American Society ol tealth System Pharmacists; () Miss Band; Alpha Lambda S ■ 1 D Pharmacy Hadyn Roberts Chief of Staff, AS] Events Director; Republicans; Ole Chair, Student t Gamma Beta Phi Ityko Biochemistry ISLA SCHUCHS Fitness; The Standa Newsletter Editor, Golden Key; ASB; Model United Nations; Chancellor ' s Leadership Class Sophomore leader Print Journalism Christine Thrasher Service Chair. Ka] ,„ EP silon; l Outreach Leader. Hospitality M i Leader, Leadership Team, V Ole Miss Wesley i Foundation; Gamma Beta 1 Phi; Alpha w Lambda Delta; Habitat for Hum. nity ■ Pharmacy ■ Gabe Roberts Attorney General. Ch ASB; President, - " Omicron Delta k | Kappa; President, HJB !■ ■ Order ol Omega; W f Senior Class w 1 Executive Council; e . IFC Rush Counselor; w Lott Leadership Institute; Fraternity . Chaplain Accounting Economics Lynlee Stafford ■p KRS xS BSifl Omega sorority; Chancellor ' s Leadership Class; jflj Recruitment Z Counselor; Phi B! ■ i, Kappa Phi; Gamma • Beta Phi; ASB; JL 5 Student Programming Board; Fraternity Sweetheart David Lyko Marketing I Wes Scott Ole Miss Footbi Key; Gamma Be. Phi. Gamma Beta Rho; Gamma Beta Sigma; Fellowship ol Christian Athletes; M-Club; Rebel 3.0 .- Club; Scholar Athlete Award; SEC Honor Roll Accounting i BUT ALSO TO BE IN HE SAME GROUP WITH THESE AMAZING SPECIAL PLACE IN M HEART, AND NEVER FORGET ALL THE olitical Science ma! Robert Sindelar ■ Robert M. Carrier Scl D hi Kappa t3amma Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda; House Manager, [secretary, Si " ' Alpha Eps m Chemistry Meredith Skelton Madison, Miss. President, Vice- President, Secretary, Business School CEOs; Vice- mML V4K l President, 1m i " I American Marketing Association; Delta Sigma Pi n.M Lyko Marketing Intl. Business Jamee Smith Marion, Akk. [President, National (Association of Black [Journalists; Kappa iTau Alpha; Copy [Editor, The Daily Wt- ' ' IMississippian; L ■ " " " 1 Golden Key; (Lambda Sigma; [Gamma Beta Phi Journalism Drew Snyder Chairn Recorder, Executive Council, Sigma Nu fraternity; The Daily Mississippian, Rebel Radio; Mortar Board; Alpha Lambda Business Studies Recruitment; Mortar Board; The Economic- Society; Gamn Beta Phi; Ord of Omega; AS Omicron Delt; Epsilon; Delta Delta Delta soi Economics Patrick Wilcher Philadelphia, Miss. Manager, University of Mississippi Basketball Team; MS Association of Coaches; National Association of Basketball Coaches; MS Educators Association Sec Mathematics Hospitality Management Sociology Members of Who ' s Who are selected by a committee consisting of the chancellor, the vice-chancellor of student Life, the Dean of Students and deans from each school, as well as a group of students including the president of the black Student Union, the president of the Associated Student Body, THE EDITOR OF THE Ole Miss Yearbook AND THE EDITOR of The Daily Mississippian. THE COMMITTEE CHOSE STUDENTS WHO THEY DEEMED MOST WORTHY TO RECEIVE THE HONOR BASED ON THE CRITERIA OF ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE, LEADERSHIP ABILITY SHOWN BY INVOLVEMENT WITH VARIOUS ACTIVITIES, COMMUNITY SERVICE PARTICIPATION AND POTENTIAL FOR CONTINUED SUCCESS. Stephen Williams 102 Oxford, Miss.. Vice-President, American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Financial Chair. Intramural Chair, Phi Kappa Psi fraternity; Golden Key Mechanical Engineering Doty Wohrman Memphis, Tenn. President, Pledge Trainer, Delta Gamma sorority; Treasurer, Celebrity Golf Classic; Phi If sv Kappa Phi; Omicron Delta r Jn l Kappa; Mortar Board; Order of Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta i j D- " " d Lrt ° Accounting Judicial Coi ASB; More Board; Lam Sigma; Gamm; Phi Beta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Chi fraternity Marketing Communications Tripp Yates Eupora, Miss. 1 Chancellor ' s Leadership Class; (Vice-President, [School of [Accountancy; [Senior Class HP 5 ■» [Executive [Council; Lambda [Sigma; Gamma [Phi Beta; Sigma iChi fraternity; lAlpha Lambda D elta 1 ) v..l Uim ACCOUNTING Doug Zeigler Wilmington, Ohio Captain, Ole Miss Football team; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; ■V Unity Council; Reading with the Rebels Program; NMRC volunteer; A 1st Team, All SEC A Markets IG Phi La fraternity; Publi Interest Law Clinic; Law Association for Women; Student Member, The American Bar Association Not Pictured ... Lanier Goethie Captain, The University of Mississippi Football team; Student Athletic Advisory Committee; Mentor, START Program; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; 2002 Chucky Mullins Courage Award Winner; D. A. R. E. Program Marketing Corey Nichols Executive Director, Treasurer, Ole Miss Ambassadors; Minority Affairs Chairman, Alpha Epsilon Delta; Chancellor ' s Leadership Class Sophomore Leader; Model United Nations; Circolo Italiano Biochemistry Richard Taylor Jackson, Miss. Vice-Presidential Executive Council, Committee Chair, Associated Student Body; Secretary, Alumni Relations Co-Chair, Phi Delta Theta fraternity; Hoops for Kids; Celebrity Golf Classic volun- teer; Phi Beta Kappa; Gamma Beta Phi; Alpha Epsilon Dplffl- OrrW nf DmcM Physics " For me, Ole Miss has been much more THAN JUST FOUR YEARS OF COLLEGE. It ' s BEEN ABOUT LEARNING TO LOVE A PLACE SO MUCH THAT you start to call it home. It ' s about celebrating traditions and meeting lifelong friends. Ultimately, the Ole Miss experience has been a positive change from the person i was when i entered as a freshman to who i am now as i graduate. " -Ashley Abide, a biochemistry major from Greenville, Miss. 103 " The Honors Convocation is a dignified way Taylor Medalists I April 4, 2002 School of Liberal Arts Robert Michael Angelo Ryan P. McClelland Gene Leflore Bidwell III Sara Anna Powers Brent Hayes Bonds James Robert Rigby Alicia Lynn Cole Joanna Cecile Rochester Mary Claire Crowson John Stafford Rouse Jay Ramesh Desai Sarah Caitlin Rutledge Amanda Nicole Guth Phillip Henry Walkley III Stuart M. Irby, Jr. Steven Grant Wall, Jr. Lee Ann Jarrett Jonathan Robert Werne 104 School of Accounting Rachel Byrd Brownlee Eleanor Preston Griffith Mary Beth Moorman Mayer Matthew Adam Parker William Kannon Stubbs John Hunter Summerford School of Appltfd Sciences Susan Elizabeth Hobson Elizabeth Hoover Hughes Mildred Elizabeth Gieselmann Robbins School of Engineering Ashley Mandalla Geraci Jacob Charles Holmes Lucy Dove Phillips Neilson Gray Raggio School of Pharmacy Mary Ann L. Garriga Kristi Leann Hill Kelly Patricia Smith School of Business Administration Amanda Kay Fong Dana Leigh Ann Gillespie Houpt Pavel V. Lazaridi Amanda Megan Moore David Louis Splainguard TO HONOR THE STUDENTS AND FACULTY. " -Chancellor Robert Kiiayai Ron Dale Elsie Hood Teacher of the Year " It almost seems unfair for me to receive such a reward as the Elsie Hood Teacher of the Year for something that i love to do, but i am honored and particularly grateful to those students and peers who have written AND SUPPORTED ME OVER THE YEARS. " -Ron Dale by Mary-GraceHaynes On April 4, 2002, Ron Dale was named the 2002 Elsie Hood Teacher of the Year. The 59th annual Honors Convocation gathered university students, professors, and administrators to honor the Ole Miss art professor in Fulton Chapel. Dale received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vt. and his MFA in ceramics from Louisiana State University. For the past twenty-five years, Dale ' s ceramic and wood installation sculptures have been exhibited nationally and internationally. His artwork has been featured in many publications including, Ceramics Monthly, Art Papers, Sculpting Clay and The South: Treasury of " What Art and Literature. In 1985. Dale received the National Endowment for the Arts regional fellowship and the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters Outstanding Achievement in Visual Arts COULD BE BETTER THAN Award in l992 : He has been Wlth the University of Mississippi since 1980. Ron Dale has had the privilege of both practicing and sharing his profession of making art with hundreds of students over the past twenty-three years. Many of his students have gone on to become successful professionals. " I hope many more left my class studio with a better understanding of art, but especially a better understanding of themselves, " said Ron Dale. theEND HAVING ONE S PASSION BE HIS PROFESSION AS WELL: -Ron Dale if-. s by JenniferGermany If you do not understand the unprecedented and atypical kind of education that every graduate of The University successfully attains, just ask the upperclassmen. Ole Miss is not merely buildings and classrooms; rather, it is the people you encounter while you are here and the spirit you take with you for the rest of your life. The kncTfcledfce ajjied fijpm being a student of the University of Mississippi is not only limitless, but a pertinent stepping block towards future success. From the School of Liberal Arts to the Croft Institute, students maintain promising relationships with their peers, and their teachers. " Through positive student teacher relationships and classroom interaction, I was able to select the major that was right for me and narrow my focus for the future " senior hospitality management major Bessie Lidkye said. However, independent of your major, the roi environment that enriches the mind and creates a better sense of watCj hic within all ofjts graduates. " Ole Miss has challenged me more academically than I could have ever expected. I feel well prepared to pursue anything " said senior international studies major Steven King. Furthermore, after graduation from )ad is not eas r le-Mi jiejic ller - the University, Ole MisBIstmdents iffld tfief hava gained the kind of academic connections necessary for via- ' Nianters future success. " Classes for my major have bgcn a great way to meet the alumni and better establish myself for the future, " said banking and finance major Pratt Thomas. As junior Alan Bean said, " academics should be the cornerstone of any institution and Ole Miss is no different. The addition of honors societies such as Phi Beta Kappa will serve to truly make us one of America ' s great public universities. " theEND academics by Jessica ' Ayers Looking through the plethora of magazines at the bookstore, students take time between classes to catch up on news, entertainment, and fashion. Open 24 hours after mid terms, the Library remains one of the best places to study on campus By keeping ahead with studying, most Rebels quickly find more free time. Fashion merchandising majors travel to New York City in May as part of FCS 403, visiting different desig ners and buyers. Taylor DeCastro and Jennifer Nobles wait for class to start. " JVLany of the students received academic and professional honors with three being named Taylor Medalists. Our students are creating and disseminating new knowledge about improving health and well-being and diminishing social injustice. They are working to benefit the American Red Cross, St. Jude ' s Hospital, and the Ole Miss Healthworks program. " " T 1 he distinguished and dedicated family of the Patterson School of Accountancy provides an outstanding educational preparation for students. We place virtually 100 percent of our master graduates in public accounting firms and in private industry. Accountancy continues to be one of the best professions for job opportunity and placement. " 1 he College of Liberal Arts has over 250 dedicated faculty members. An estimated $3 million has been entrusted to the school. It is housed in Ventress and is the oldest and largest academic school? JT roblem-based learning, whereby students learn a standardized approach to clinical problem-solving, has been a strength of the professional program for six years. For three of the last five years, 100 percent of our Doctor of Pharmacy graduates passed the national licensure exam. Wr-i 1 he research and public expenditures were 7.8 million, up from 20 percent from 2001 and 110 percent from 2000. Three new centers were recently approved by the University. They are the Center for Geospatial Workforce Development, the Center for Community Earthquake Preparedness, and the Center for Applied Electromagnetics Systems Research! ' 1 he School of Law again was ranked among the top public law schools in country, it continues to offer innovative program choices, including the addition of three clinical opportunities, the Civil Law Clinic, the Prosecutorial Clinic, and the Criminal Appeals Clinic, in which student gain ' hands on experience in developing lawyering ski Vr ) October 7, 2002 Dear OCe Miss Students, As we record the events of 2002-2003; ootn on campus and throughout the world; this 107tfi edition of our OCe Miss reflects the extraordinary quatity of this University. Tfiis year will be remembered for the size and quafttv of our entering class, as the 40th anniversary of " Open Boors ' , ' and for the courageous 17-14 victory over Florida by our football teanu We note the opening of the Gattnev Center for Academic Computing, the Ford Center for Performing Arts, the " south-zone " at Vaught-Hemingway, and the 150tn anniversary of our Atumni Association. Leadership continued to be the distiramisfuna characteristic of our student government association and more than 178 student organizations. The 2003 OCe Miss marks our arrival as a great pu6Cic university. Thank you for all you have done and will do to continue our relentless commitment to excellence. Warmest regards (2U dr i r Ro6ert C. Kftayat Chancellor Chancellor Robert Khayat proceeds to the Graduation ceremonies in The Grove for May 2002 graduates. Below: Every morning Chancellor Khayat picks up a copy of his daily schedule from his secretary, and as a reminder he walks around with it in his coat pocket. At the end of the day, he turns his schedule back in to his secretary, and she files it. © Ole Miss SCHEDULE FOR CHANCELLOR ROBERT KHAYAT 8:30 a.m. Meeting with the Provost 9:30 a.m. Weekly meeting with Vice Chancellors 10:45 a.m i. Meet with UM Foundation Board Noon Appreciation Luncheon honoring Physical Plant staff 2:00 p.m. Meeting with the Dean of Students 3:00 p.m. Meeting with the Athletic Director 3:30 p.m. Meeting with the Executive Director of Alumni Association 5:00 p.m. Speak at monthly BSU meeting Chancellor Robert Khayat plays the guitar on stage with Marty Stuart, on September 18th, at the Hard Hat Concert, for the opening of the Gertrude C. Ford Center for Performing Arts. " We have a Chancellor who, while being perhaps the most visionary leader in the state, is also personable, friendly, and knows your name. What could possibly be better than that? " -Whitman Smith, Director of Orientation " Chancellor Khayat has been very supportive of all programming of the SPB. He takes a vested interest involving students on campus. " - Jennifer Taylor, Director of Campus Programming " Chancellor Khayat is an extraordinary leader who leads by example. His respect for the faculty and staff is exhibited by our respect for him. " - Jacqueline Certion, Staff Assistant Office of Orientation n Rita Liberti speaks on fostering community consciousness of the role of Women ' s Basketball at Black Colleges and Universities 1999-1950. Jan Goodwin, author of " Price of Honor " and an award-winning journalist, speaks about how Islamic extremism is affecting the lives of Muslim women. Dr. Robert B. Albritton, chair and Professor of Political Science speaks on support for democracy in Thailand. Kellen Winslow, TV analyst and membe of Professional Football Hall of Fame, speaks at the Porter L. Fortune History Symposium, on race and sports and the struggle for equality on and off the field. Jason Dean and colleagues have a lunch panel discussion about the newly formed UM task force on sexual violence against women. This was one of the best opportunity to meet with the most employers, at one place, at one time. Career Day is an excellent way for Ole Miss students to make connections with prospective employers and to explore job and internship opportunities " - Carla Rose, Assistant Director of Career Services. B £ S| 3 V-14 The Business school is doing quite well this academic year. Its current enrollment is up 60% more than the Cost ive years. This phenomenal enrollment is tfte largest in the history of the school. The dramatic interest signifies how the excellent advising staff has a personable interest in the lives of the students ' . ' The School of Education has just received national attention by the National Council Accreditation of Teacher Evaluations. It just received the highest review possi6Ce, meet all standards, were reaccredxted with no needs for improvements and three commendations for excellence. This national recognition signifies tfte excellence of the professional preparation. " The Graduate ScfiooC serves 6otn tne graduate student and the graduate faculty. In addition to handling admissions and student records, our office is involved in recruiting new students and in a number of student development activities, including federally funded grants to support success by minority students in graduate education!. ' November 15, 2002 Dear Students, This yearbook memorializes one of the most formative years in your life. I hope that when you examine it, you will realize that it chronicles the events that have helped make you who you are. In the classroom, on the athletic fields, and witnin organizations, each day of this past year has helped to shape you. Just as importantly, you have left your influence on this institution. Every student is a part of the force that molds this University into what it will be in the next year and in the years to come. Learning on a university campus is not a one-sided journey. Your contri6utions to the Cife of this institution over the past year are Castina, and we thank you for letting us share this year with you. I wish for you a continued life of wonder and learning and achievement, and it is mv nope tnat where ever you go and whatever you do, the memories of the people and events in tnis book will be with you always. CaroCyn Effis Staton Provost a It is our sincerest ftope that our students will make each of their years here the most significant yet experienced- each year more memorable and productive than the one before )) -Carolyn Staton us! U.Hil «» ■ ■ - niij If- - r - |--« H 1 i f K H fl by BridgettBrannon When I decided to study abroad in Salamanca, Spain, my first priority was to learn the Spanish language and experience life outside of the United States; however, what I found was so much more. Life long memories, newfound friendships, and a true sense of my individuality were just some of the high points of my experiences. Because I decided to study abroad by myself in a brave attempt to learn the language to the best of my ability, when it came time for me to leave the states, I was nervous and, out of character, felt very alone. However and morethan anything, I was overwhelmed with excitement for what was to come of my adventures. When I arrived in Spain, I was greeted by the staff at ISA, the study abroad organization, whom quickly became my mentors and friends. The ISA group consisted of about 40 American students, whom all became fast friends as we traveled to almost every city in Spain as well as other countries in Europe. I lived with an elderly Spanish woman, Mamen, who I grew to truly love and adore. I studied at the Universidad de Salamanca where I was able to acquire knowledge of the Spanish language and, in the end, was able to communicate with Spaniards quite efficiently. For me, choosing to study abroad was the easy part, actually doing it was a bit more challenging, but with the ability to speak another language combined with the wisdom of life outside of America, I was able to acquire a broader appreciation of the world today that is sure to last a lifetime. theEND Spain TUDY ABROAD " It ' s four months that will last your whole life long. " by AmyRoebuck, Whitney Alexander, MeredithLong, and ChristenTaylor How can we describe our semester abroad? Well, we took French classes in Cannes; we tasted wine in Bordeaux; we went to Mardi Gras in Nice; we ice-skated in Geneva; we took a carriage ride through Rome; we watched a fountain show in Barcelona; we saw a cabaret at the Moulin Rouge; we walked the D-Day beaches of Normandy; we took a riverboat ride down the Seine; we celebrated St. Patrick ' s Day in Dublin; we took a cruise to Corsica; we saw Van Morrison in Amsterdam; we shopped on the Charles Bridge in Prague; we toured the catacombs in Vienna; we slid down the musical hills in Salzburg; we partied at the Hofgarten in Munich; we cried at Dachau; we drank hot chocolate on the ski slopes of Innsbruck; we ate pizza beside the Leaning Tower or Pisa; we were serenaded with " That ' s Amore ' ! " in Florence; we went paragliding in Interlaken; we tanned on the beaches of St. Tropez; we went to a carnival in Aix-en-Provence; we prayed in Westminster Abbey in London; we were frightened on a ghost tour through Edinburgh; we had our fifteen minutes of fame at the Cannes Film Festival; we made everlasting friends and memories; AND, we actually went to class and learned a few things! So, what do we think about a semester abroad? theEND Europe by MaryLyonsMitchell, a senior leisure management from Martinville, Va. This past semester I studied in Australia and it was the best experience of my life. I traveled throughout this massive continent and experienced so many awesome things that it would take pages to write clown everything. I did everything from snorkeling with electric colored fish, scuba diving for the first time, bungee jumping off of one of the worlds largest pipelines to climbing one of the steepest glaciers in the world. I had the chance to meet people from all around and make friendships that will last forever. I had the chance to experience a whole new culture and world and learn so many new things. This is the best thing anyone could ever do and was an adventure that will always be one of the best meories I have had.theEND ♦ JtoM H l Australia £5? marsupials, not bears, because it may stress them. by JenniferGermany a junior liberal arts major from Dallas, Texas _ I went to Cambridge, England for three weeks last summer to study English, and the experience was one I will never forget. There were two groups of Ole Miss students there: English and international business majors. Daily we went to class where we were taught by the most brilliant professors in the world- where is there a better place to learn Shakespeare? There was a Shakespeare festival going on in Cambridge so every night we could sit on the paddocks outside and watch Cambridge University students perform Shakespearian comedies and tragedies. I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the English culture. We went to high tea, went on walks, toured churches, saw plays, but perhaps the most entertaining was when we umped in the Cam River. Every year, when it gets warm enough, the students of the University go punting down the river. If you have never tried punting, it may look easy, but it is not. Anyway, as the students pass under bridges, they climb out of the boat, climb up the bridge, run across it, and jump back into the boat. Well, we tried it. Ford Williams and I went first, and instead of jumping into the boat we did cannon-balls back down into the river- it was so much fun. The knowledge I gained both in the classroom and among the English people was unprecedented. Further, the friendships I developed in Cambridge will last as long as the memories, days in Cambridge were days I will never forget. theEND 117 Reagan Costello, Jennifer Germany, and Ryan Pratt outside Cambridge. United Kingdom BUYING BOOKS (a) OLE MISS No matter where you choose to shop, every semester Rebels face long lines and high prices all in the pursuit of education. 1 us ■ " 1 ■ ■ H | 9 1 H Ji wmL m ! • I flfTS ifl fUl 1 J H ■1 :. ' " ' ' A B Av v 3H I ■ 02 9 H __ Hi ' ' % ' fc- T j. .„ ■F H ; , • »L O ' 1 W H SL JHM! tnn-Muie BU-Wk They charge too much for books and then when you sell them back, they don ' t give you enough money back. Buy your books online ' -James Woods, a senior criminal justice major from Vaiden, Miss. Buy your books from the Ole Miss Bookstore and support Ole Miss, or buy from Campus Book Mart and support Mississippi State University. It ' s your money. - Cory St. John, manager of the Ole Miss Bookstore and Rebel Shop. Jennifer Good, from Columbus, Miss., and Justin Usery, from Grenada, Miss., spend an average of $450 a semester on books, as a part of the School of Pharmacy. by Wei-YinChen, professor of chemical engineering My combustion research is currently supported by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Science Foundation (NSF). With the support of DOE in the last 16 years, I have been pioneering technologies lor the control of coal combustion generated pollutants. The technologies utilize the abundant resources of minerals in the US, including the Mississippi lignite, as pollutants-abatement catalyst or sorbent. The discovery of the unique properties of these minerals have led to several follow-up projects are currently being conducted around the world. The NSF project is aimed at elucidating the number distributions of reaction intermediates of various strengths tormed on the char surface in the flame conditions. This information is expected to benefit the fundamental understandings of surface reaction mechanisms of coal during combustion and, therefore, the development of advanced combustion technologies. Since beginning my teaching career at Ole Miss in 1990, I have enjoyed the academic environment and learned a lot from the students; students are my heros. I consider myself a dreamer, and enjoy discussing dreams with students. Moreover, I would like to see more student participation not only in research, but also in various activities in national arenas. theEND " Research in the geological sciences is really concerned with finding the best ways to use our natural resources such as-using remote sensing to monitor coastal erosion, evaluating faults for seismic risk, or understanding groundwater flow to predict contaminant movement. In all these cases we are attempting to understand Earth precesses in order to have a better life within the limits of our natural resources. " Terry Panhorst, assistant professor of geology and geological engineering by IkhlusA.Khiin, research associate professor Dietary supplement and herbal preparations are my main fa us of research. People have used herbal preparations for centuries to treat a broad range of maladies. Although scientific evidence of then effii is scarce, so-called natural remedies have drawn renewed interest in the last decade. The major problem is lack of quality control in the products being used, such as their safety or confirmation of product identity. Once the standard methods are developed to ensure safety and quality, scientist will be able to tackle the age-old question surrounding the use of herbal remedies, do these products work! ' My research group is addressing these issues at the NCNPR. These goals are primarily met by research, which includes analytical fingerprinting for standardization of herbal products, and bio-analytical approaches for the improvement of product quality. This has been accomplished through a number of research grants. One has to engage in both type of services, the community where they live in and also as a researcher to provide your expertise to others by publishing research articles, reviewing research articles, proposal and lately I served as a WHO consultant in Vietnam. This year, I was honored to receive the Researcher of the Year Award. I am humbled by such accolades, and add that it is impossible to achieve such research distinction without the support of superiors, colleagues, the university administrators and the numerous people in my group who are working hard to unlock these mysteries. Teaching and research at Ole Miss have provided me a unique opportunity for such a thriving scientific career. This also would not have been possible without the never ending support of my wife Shabana and two kids, Farjad and Sariya. theEND " My research focuses on the synthesis of new electrolyte materials for Fuel Cell applications. Fuel Cells are very efficient electrochemical power sources that directly convert hydrogen fuel to electricity with no harmful emissions. The electrolytes that we synthesize in my lab are inorganic polymeric materials that conduct hydrogen ions from the fuel cell ' s anode to its cathode. Fuel Cells show great promise for stationary and automotive power sources. " -Jason Ritchie, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry ESEARCH examples of ambition and the desire to serve others. Getting into band was a gift from society for me. Over time I was accepted for who I was, learned to work in a team environment, and that others were counting on me. Band got me out of the ghetto and taught me valuable citizenship lessons. The next thing I know 1 am at the Univ. of Miss, and it was the most magical time in my life. I was away from my past and around people with ambition. When 1 started teaching, I was like a sponge taking all from the profession for the first 12 years until someone ask me to coach them. The spiritual uplifting 1 received from helping was like nothing I ever had felt before. I started coaching a lot of young band directors and soon found myself at Ole Miss, a goal I had set for myself 5 years earlier. Being here allows me to pay back my university, give students here and in high schools I visit a better band experience, and allows me to train band directors to pay back my profession. My work is very hard and long, but the rewards are the great students I work with and getting a little feeling that 1 may make a difference in them and my profession. " [LLIAM GARDr If I my good fortune in having a host of I great teachers as mentors and role I models. Beginning with my mother, an exceptional secondary school teacher who nurtured and instilled in me a thirst | for knowledge, I have been blessed at ll.each successive level of education with I opportunities to learn from caring and [dedicated professionals. As a teacher, I [have attempted to mirror the [commitment shown to me by [continuously challenging my students to Ido their best. My goals as a management £1 instructor and a leadership researcher are to help my students discover and apply their gifts and talents and develop their leadership skills through classroom experiences. 1 am honored and humbled by my selection to Who ' s Who, as it is a i testament to the stimulating and supportive climate that Ole Miss provides and the abilities, ambition, integrity, and hard work exhibited by my students. My greatest satisfaction comes from seeing former students excel in their chosen careers, and judging by their remarkable achievements to date, 1 know I have a lot to look forward to. " WHO ' S WHO AMERICA ' S TEACHERS 2002 " My goal as a journalism teacher is to foster in my students a love of livelong learning, empathy for others, a passion for the ethical practices of journalism and a commitment to reflect the diversity of society in their personal and professional goals. I use critical thinking, writing, active learning and problem-based learning in the classroom as teaching and learning techniques to reach this goal. But my biggest test is in the future-when my students are working journalists trying to live up to the ideals discussed in the classroom. Then I will know how good a job 1 did in the classroom. Receiving the Who ' s Who nomination was a surprise. To have been accepted was a compliment because this is only my fourth year at Ole Miss. 1 hope to spend the rest of my professional life here. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and working with the students and faculty-they are all engaging, warm, friendly and committed to learning in a contextually complex world. 1 currently teach Writing for the Media, Journalism Ethics and graduate Research Methods. My second book, Math Tools for Journalists, has received warm reviews In the professional and academic press creating opportunities for improving the skills of journalists in the classroom and in the newsroom-opportunities I hope to explore even more. " " Teaching is something that is in one ' s blood. From my earliest days, I enjoyed playing school. | When I went to Michigan State [University, it was to get a [teaching degree. When I I graduated and moved to (Oklahoma, you needed a Masters (Degree to teach in Oklahoma so I (went into business. Moving to [Chicago I continued to work in (business and attained an MBA [from the University of Chicago. (After running a business in [Memphis, I decided to go back to (school to get the Tennessee (credits necessary to teach in high (school. While getting those I credits, my mentor Dr. H. Patterson, asked me to stay and work on by doctorate. The rest is history. 1 have been teaching at Ole Miss for twelve years and love every minute of it. Being away from teaching from 1970-1987, was very good for me professionally; however, it is good to be back where I belong? foil V: uli " I am the Director of Freshman Mathematics as well as an instructor in the math department. 1 have a master ' s degree in mathematics, a bachelor ' s degree in engineering, and a master ' s degree in mathematics education. My studies and research interests include the use of technology to investigate the concepts of calculus and the mysterious symbiosis underlying baseball, poetry, music, and mathematics. 1 weave these topics into my lectures, often using humor and wit as the medium. In many instances, this approach allows whole-brain involvement and enables students to relax into learning. I feels that this nomination is a direct result of my efforts in the classroom. 1 am extremely proud of the recognition. " " One of the aspects of teaching that I most enjoy is the rejuvenation each new semester brings. Working with a different group of students every semester is a privilege in that it allows me an opportunity to renew my passion and share my enthusiasm over a particular subject matter on a continual basis. Perhaps the greatest challenge of teaching is discovering new ways to interest others in what I find so fascinating. A teaching award suggests that a spark went off and someone else ' s life was touched by seeing the world in a different way. This is sublime! " I riHH | I ...CHOSEN BY THEIR PEEKS TO BJ THE MOST INFLUENTIAL EDUCATORS " The teaching philosophy which I have is: Students will attain whatever standard you set for them. If you have low expectations and set standards, they will produce at that level. If you have high expectations and communicate those, your students will rise to the occasion. Therefore, the need is to develop challenging and, but attainable, course objectives and effectively communicate them to students. " SAM DAVIS " As a teacher, I can think of no higher honor than to be nominated for a teaching award by a former student. I knew early in my life that I was called to be a teacher because the people that 1 admired most, those who inspired me the most, those I most wished to emulate, were my teachers. For me to be thought of as a subject of admiration, of inspiration, of emulation is the ultimate award and the ultimate lesson in humility. I have found the students at Ole Miss to be the greatest students I have ever had the privilege to teach. They are bright, inquisitive, energetic, and not least - so very polite in that quaint, genteel Southern way. They are a joy. And they constantly remind me that the more I teach, the more I am still the student! ' " When I began my Ph.D work a long time ago it was not with the ambition of becoming a teacher, but because there were some things I wanted to know a lot more about. I once thought this was a defect, because most of my friends in school had pretty clear ideas about what they wanted to do after they finished their degree work. This defect of mine continued, as I took my first job teaching and then took another -I took these jobs out of curiosity. When I would offer materials to students, I would present things I knew I needed to learn more about. Now I realize that what we must do as we mature is to turn shortcomings into philosophies, or to see within defects virtues. Now I know that teaching is learning; the best teachers I have known were those who seemed never to tire of the learning process. Teaching is the performance of learning in the public space of a classroom. This is what we mean when we say that a university is a community of learners. So while I am pleased to be recognized by Who ' s Who. I also know that it is my students who have always been who, that ' s who. " f • • 1 O rt Q o i-j § o k I " I procrastinate because with less time my mind thinks faster and I have more energy. If I have a lot of time I tend to relax and do nothing. " -Martina Brewer, a senior criminal justice major from Cleveland, Miss. With every intention of studying in The Grove, the warm sun makes it so easy to take a quick nap. " The reason I procrastinate is because time allows me to, and I am a person that does better with deadlines instead of a lot of time. " -Ashanti Anderson, a junior biology from Sledge, Miss. " Well, I am a procrastinator- it has been to my benefit at times, but in the same sense it has hindered my ability to produce my best work. " - Sharonda Baker, a senior child development Shantel Glass, a I sophomore exercise science major from Aberden, Miss, fits in a game of pool in the Southern Breeze. major from Winona, Miss. minute PROCRASTINATION V N by Parks Procrastination is the key to the man) ' late night cram sessions the night before major exams. We have planned to spend a good week in preparation for the big exam. As soon as the test date is set, we organize steps to take but for each step something always comes up. We try to sit in our room to study. The phone rings, of course we answer it; why wouldn ' t we? After the conversation ends at 11: - 0 p.m., we finally pick up our books and read a good two pages before our neighbor ' s radio begins to blare. We try to ignore the musii , but the beat is too much for us to handle. We love that song. We can ' t help but sing along and before we know it, we arc- next door. Another night of studying is wasted. The next night we can ' t possibly study because of club meetings, not to mention fraternity and sorority meetings. But we still have two nights and the whole weekend to study. No worries, right? It will get done; we have plenty of time. Thursday night arrives. We are determined, to spend the night studying but our best friend begs us to hang out. After all she can ' t go by herself. What if something goes wrong and she needs an excuse to leave? So, we plan to study for at least an hour before we go out. We sit down and pull out our notes. Thirty minutes pass when our friend is at the door freaking out about what to wear. We go help; after all she would do the same for us right? We don ' t feel guilty about not studying tonight, because we are supporting our friend, besides we still have Friday and the whole weekend. Friday night, finally, now we can study. We sit down to study and remember we forgot to pick up some useless junk from ' Wal-Mart. We can ' t make this late night run alone so we call a few friends. When we get back our friends decide that they will help us study. The study session begins, but inevitably someone ' s stomach growls, so we call Coop De Ville. We wait about two hours when our food finally arrives, then we get about 30 minutes of studying in before we fall asleep. Saturday afternoon we think of the library. We know it will be quiet. Unfortunately, on the way some friends we haven ' t talked to in a while call saying they are on their way to Memphis. We feel that we owe it to them to hang out; after all they promise to be back by 8 tonight. We have our books with us; we can study on the way. Needless to say, we get back in our room at 1 in the morning. Late Sunday afternoon the panic sets in. Where has our time gone? What have we done? We rush to the library, find an empty desk and realize that procrastination ' s ugly influence has prevailed over us once again. So we decide to pull an all-nighter, after all the exam is not until Monday afternoon. We grab a cup of coffee and a study partner to make sure that we stay awake. Procrastination is the driving force to our late night study sessions, the Left: Catching up on campus news and events, one can find even more ways to put off the dreaded assignment. Middle: Allison Simmons takes a moment out of her busy day with friends at The Downtown Grill. Far left: Daniel McFatter and Peter McKelroy entertain themselves with a few rounds of Playstation. DESOTO CENTER " The availability of technology and the willingness of the staff to use distance learning make these classroom facilitators our speciality. " -Shari Hodges, professor of English and literature The DeSoto Center campus allows for a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, as well as excellent teachers whom you are able to know on a personal basis. Full time faculty members, UM-Oxford campus faculty, and adjunct professors serve our growing number of students. 126 Professor Archibald presents his lecture to a Money and Banking class by AnneLauderdale Regional Admissions Counselor The University of Mississippi offers their students the educational advantages of attending Ole Miss in DeSoto County. Through the flexibility of day and evening classes, students are able to continue employment, maintain important roles in family life, contribute to their communities, and still get an excellent education. Our programs are designed so that you can complete your academic course work to earn your bachelors degree or begin one of a variety of graduate programs to serve your needs. Undergraduate degree programs offered include accounting, business administration, education, nursing, criminal justice, and liberal arts. Students are taking advantage of graduate programs in business and education as well. These students emphasize counselor education, curriculum and instruction, and some several secondary education courses. Many different class styles and accommodations are fFered to provide the best quality of education. Traditional dasses are offered at night and day times. This advanced technology offers advantages for classrooms with low enrollments for high quality instruction. The University of Mississippi-DeSoto Center understands traditional and non-traditional students and is here to help make your educational experience a positive one for you. To learn more about The University of I Mississippi-DeSoto log onto southaven. theF.ND The Desoto center services the educational needs of traditional and non-traditional students, offering courses in accountancy, business, educations, liberal arts, paralegal studies, criminal justice and nursing. " I like the smaller classes because you get more attention with the professors. Here you are a person, not a number " said Callie Langston, a junior accountancy major from Hernando, Miss. The University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson is the health sciences campus of he University of Mississippi. The Medical Center opened in 1955, but its beginnings date to 1903 when a two-year medical school was established in Oxford. MEDICAL CENTER JACKSON UNIVERSITY OF MISS (a) TUPELO invest in yourself 128 by UM-Tupelo At The University of Mississippi-Tupelo campus, we understand the special needs of the nontraditional student. Going to school while working hill or part time and meeting family and community obligations can be tough. But when you make the commitment, we ' ll be here to ensure your success. In addition to daytime and evening classes during fall spring and summer terms, UM-Tupelo offers an inten- sive intersession between spring and summer sessions. At UM-Tupelo you can pursue any one of 10 degrees or Paralegal Studies Certificate. You can earn a bachelor ' s degree in accountancy, business administration, or special education or a master ' s degree in business administration, elementary education, special education, educational psychol- ogy (with an emphasis in guidance counseling), educational leadership, systems management, or technology science. But if you ' re thinking a degree isn ' t what you ' r e after then take a look at our other resources. Through any number of liberal arts courses. Ole Miss can help enhance your enjoyment, knowledge, or skills in subjects from literature, anthropology, and art to family, statistics, and philosophy and religion. If you haven ' t visited us in awhile, you might be surprised to see how we ' ve grown. Since 1972, we ' ve taught almost 3,000 courses to nearly 30,000 students at UM-Tupelo Center. Come take a closer look. theEND Since the class sizes are smaller at UM-Tupelo the teachers are able to be more personable with the students. " It is great to have a facility like this, designed with us in mind. " -Peggy Jolly " The program of study fit my schedule and accomadated me more flexability , " said Pam Sanders (front row). " This group of young people will be the next group of school leaders, traveling all the way from Ripley to Pontotoc to Aberdien " -Dr. Harrison, (back) who teaches a class called Common Ground: School and Community as part of the educational leadership program. 129 campus has grown a lot since it opened in 1972. I I u jg- u V30 by FatouBayo, a senior civil engineering major from Gambia I remember my first day at the University; everyone was almost settled in when I got to campus. I was late for orientation, which most international students are. All the classes I tried to register for were full. I was overwhelmed and didn ' t know what to expect. All I could think of was what was going to happen, I if couldn ' t get the classes I needed. No one could convince me that people drop class- es, and I could get in if they do. After two days of classes, I finally got in the classes I wanted. Now, I am the one telling people, " don ' t worry you will get in your classes, people drop. " I am very fortunate to be in a small department where everyone knows everyone. Even the secretary knows all the students in the department by name. I had the opportunity to participate in the National Student Exchange, where I spent the first semester of my junior year at that University of Rhode Island. This was such a memorable experience. It made me realize how much the University of Mississippi has prepared me both academically and otherwise. I am very appreciative of the International Programs Office and how they go all out to make international students be part of the University and Oxford Community. They were especially very supportive in helping form the Society of UM African and Caribbean Students. As a senior and almost ready for real world, I know that the University has prepared me well for what is out there, even my fear for needles. At the time of spring pre-registration my freshman year, the Health Center had a hold on my records, for not taking a shot I was supposed to take earlier. My options were to take the shot or no registration. I didn ' t have much of a choice, but to take l the shot. theEND by CintiaM.Furtado, a journalism graduate student from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil This is not my first time in the U.S., in fact I have been down the road in Holly Springs, Miss, for four years attending Rust College. Ole Miss seemed to be a great place to further polish my journalistic skills, so here I am. My first contact with the University was through the International Programs office. Our orientation was a great time to get to know the University as a whole and a great time to meet other international students. The journalism department is great. Every time I attend one of my classes I become a better journalist. Students come with different a prospective of the business and our experiences add up to a better view of the world. I come from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, known to be the " wonderful city. " Although I ' ve been here for a while I still miss home, my family, the sunny weather and the Brazilian food! I was fortunate to find a Brazilian community in the University. The great thing is, each one of us is from a different state, making our experience richer. Every now and then we meet to chat (in Portuguese, of course), eat Brazilian food and dance. I a m happy to bring diversity to Ole Miss and learn more about Southern and American culture. theEND NTERNATIONALSTUDENTS @olemiss.e by KaumudiAtapattu, a civil engineering major from Sri Lanka Well, I ' m an International Student from Sri Lanka (No, that ' s not one of the states. One of my roommates friends last year actually asked if that was one of the states, so now I make sure I clarify that) But like I was saying, I ' m from Sri Lanka and I ' m majoring in Civil Engineering with environmental emphasis. People ask me why I chose that and well, to be honest, I don ' t know. I suppose it ' s because I don ' t know what I really want to do and I ' m good at math, so I ' m going to do what comes easy until I can find out what I want to be. I ' ve been at Ole Miss for a year and well I LOVE IT! In the time I ' ve been here I ' ve gotten involved in a lot of the things around campus like Residence Hall Association and International Student Organization and Habitat for Humanity and this year I ' m an Resident Advisor and joined the Honors College and am continuing on my mission to conquer the world. One of the things that really helped me adjust to the entire International Student experience is the Internationals Programs Office. If I had to pick one thing that makes the program so great I think I ' d say it ' s the people. The staff at the office is just incredible and takes such a personal interest in helping YOU that triumphing over the obstacles you face becomes so easy. theEND by YekaterinaChernyak, a senior Broadcasting Journalism major from Russia When you are first coming to a foreign country you are pretty much confused and helpless. It is not an easy task to adjust to a new cultural and educational environment. People in the International Office are very helpful, especially those first days at the University. They pick you up at the airport, help you to register for your classes, open your bank account and many more. It is difficult to describe, but sometimes people never used a credit card in their life, they never used Internet to put their study schedule together, so they just totally have no clue how to do all of these things. Nevertheless, the most important thing in my opinion is that during the orientation (organized by the Internationals Office) you get a chance to meet new students from all over the world, who are the same new here as you are. That is exactly when and where you a making new friends. What is also very nice is that the international students have a chance t o take part in different activities, organized with the help of the Office like the International night, Where Fair, International students picnics etc. Last year we went to Sardis Lake several times. It is always important that there is a place you can come and get help, where people will listen to your problems and provide you with the help, because they are there to help all the international students. " ... theEND THE CROFT INSTITUTE for INTERNATIONAL STUDIES " The Croft Institute is the perfect preparation for a future job in any international field. You cannot find a higher levell undergraduate degree at Ole Miss. It is a great opportunity to take part of the Croft Program. " -Kristofer Stahlberg, a Croft Institute Senior. by NateRushing, a senior from Oxford, Ms. As a senior in the Croft Institute I have been greatly impressed with the quality of our professors and the demanding nature of our classes. The range of experiences that we can take advantage of are immense - from studying abroad and learning different cultures to great internship throughout the world and the United States. I believe that the Croft Institute strives to ensure it students are all supremely qualified for any career field in today ' s global world. There ' s more to the Croft Institute than studying or persuing your career however, the friends and relationships that develop are second to none. theEND P32 The Institute encourages, teaching, research, and service activities in international b y RoseBui, a i • a sophomore studies. from Biloxi Miss Already in my second year here, I have been given such amazing opportunities to gain exposure to people, places, and ideas that have certainly marked their influence in my life through the Croft Institute for International Studies. Not only does this prestigious program adequately assist me in preparing myself to pursue my future aspirations, I believe that the academic, as well as the life lessons I have learned inside and outside the classrooms, has helped shaped me into a more cultured and educated person. Without a doubt, the Croft professors have played a tremendous role in the clarified envisioning of my ambitions and revealed me to principles and concepts that have deeply captivated and enlightened me. Their compassion to teach and to serve is not only just demonstrated in their words, but in their actions as well. Furthermore, the following Chinese proverb illustrates the program ' s essential element: " Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. " Everywhere indeed. The Croft Institute provides its students with great resources and an incredible learning environment, while placing a strong emphasis on studying abroad. Receiving a higher education at home and overseas in tandem, you unquestionably get the best of both worlds. What better way to expand your horizons? theEND Katie Manchestor works as the Croft Senat President to bring students issues up for discussion. Jacob Patton. senior, stands outside the Coliseum in Rome. Italy on a Croft trip " If it weren ' t for the Croft Institute, I probably wouldn ' t even be at Ole Miss. Learning about what the Croft had to offer really got me interested in the University. " -Holly Turner, a sophomore International Studies major Zach Bonner and Ann Lowrey rel. The Honors College encourages critical thinking and intellectual curiosity in an interdisciplinary department. by GavinAles, a junior from Batesville, Miss. I began in the Honors College almost three years ago and it has changed how I experience life and the world. The Honors College provides a nurturing environment for the student through many means. It presents challenges for the student and provides the means for accomplishing as well. Some of the best aspects of the Honors College are the small classes that provide students with individualized attention and allows for unique relationships with the faculty. Students also have access to the building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as a nicely equipped computer lab and study rooms for homework, studying for tests, or just meeting friends. Its a great place to run to when you can ' t study in the dorm or home. It provides unique classes, both specific Honors classes and Honor departmental courses, which allow the students to exchange ideas with one another. The Honors College also encourages study abroad in place of its junior research project, which is something I am taking advantage of next semester by going to Germany. The student is able to exhibit the result of the research in a senior thesis presented to faculty and peers. The Honors College opens new doors for opportunity both in the academic world and outside in the work place. It is something in which I am glad to have had the chance to be involved. theEND " The Honors College means opportunity. Doors open on numerous levels, especially toward and open mind. " -Taylor Butler, a first year Honors College biology major. 133 Hannah Bryant prepares for a class discussion. McDonnell Barksdale HONORS COLLEGE Pi O u MUD DAUBERS 134 by JessicaAyers The name " Mud Daubers " has been around for about 20 years. The " Mud Daubers " is an advanced ceramic class composed of undergraduate and graduate students. Their instructor, Ron Dale, was named teacher of the year last year. Each semester they have a ceramic sale where a portion of the proceeds go to bringing in visiting artists to broaden the University ' s art program. They are also involved with the Alumni Association and work with charities whenever they get a chance. theEND FIGURE - DRAWING " My name is Susan Mann Foust, and I am a junior (39 year old " adult learner " ) majoring in art. I was born in Memphis but consider Oxford my hometown. My piece was an assignment in Robert Malone ' s figure drawing class— a master copy from a work by Sigmend Abeles entitled Black Camasol, Black Evening. I was inspired by the intensity and simplicity of the piece, and the thoughtful, reflective pose of the model. " " To enjoy drawing, I must enjoy my subject, and The Lyceum provides an enjoyable symbol at the heart of my education. " -Charlie Buckley, a junior fine arts major from Olive Branch, Miss. -Lee Carmicheal, an junior liberal arts major from Pampa, Texas (V II " Inspiration: I decided to draw my front door from home just as a reminder that my house, even though I don ' t live there anymore, will always be open to me and I will always be welcome " -Heather Carrillo, an art and journalism major from Little Rock, Ark. n 135 iunaamentalsl 5 places helping Rebels succeed here and beyond !• Career Center 304 Martindale ■ The Career Center is staffed by knowledgeable professionals who are creative and energetic and who have a working knowledge of the outside world and what it takes to succeed. The Career Center and its staff proactively recruits students of all majors, academic levels, and nationalities to utilize the services offered by the Center. The Career Center provides the students with the tools and the preparation necessary for success outside the classroom. Students learn to develop career goals, how to identify potential career opportunities, and how to utilize job search and self-marketing strategies. Students may schedule assessment and other career topics. The recruiting departments campus interview program, employer contact information and job opportunity resources assist students seeking permanent jobs or and or internship, and part-time jobs off campus. The Career Center hosts an all- majors Career Day each semester; Teacher Recruitment Day each Spring semester; Pharmacy Recruitment Day each Spring semester; and Engineering Career Day each semester. Career Days give students the unique opportunity to meet with 100+ potential employers on a one on one basis. The Career Center and its staff helps smooth the transition from the world of academia to the world of professional employment. " The best quote I ever heard came from one of the students; they said that a person would be crazy not to use this service. There are so many resources available and best of all its free. " -Gina Starnes, Director of the Career Center Jaideep Bangal looks through some pamphlets about internship available at the Cai Center. Rohit Joshi, Paraq Budulah, and Qiang Duan work on their resumes at the Career Center. 2. Academic Support Center, 350 Martindale Mission: Our mission is to offer a professional, quality advising and support in the University of Mississippi community through efficient service, communication of University policy and open collaboration with the University departments and support services in an effort to facilitate the education experience. Academic Support Center Staff Charles Gates, Director Catherine Anderson, Academic Advisor Susan Mussing, Academic Advisor James M. O ' Neal, Coordinator of Health Professions Advising William Anderson, Office Technical Support Kimberly Parkes, Office Clerical Support 137 Kim Parks helps students with resumes, cover letters, and job searches, Tyler Williams studies a little while he waits outside of the Academic Support Center. LaToya Coleman and Courtney Cartwright wait patiently to meet with a staff member. The academic support center is great for students because a lot of students don ' t know it ' s here, and could help make their college career a lot easier.. .the staff here helps with everything ranging from study skills and test taking methods. " -Kim Parks, a senior Muscle Shoals, Al. 3. Free Math Tutoring The math department operates a free tutoring lab for all lower-division math classes, for everything from elementary statistics (MATH 115) to both semesters of business calculus (MATH 267 268). The math tutoring lab is a very helpful resource if you need help on some math problems or if you just need a review. It is free to all students. Here Anh Tran helps Fer Tan with some problems. W 4. Language Resource Center, 005-006 Bondurant " The new Language Resource Center at Ole Miss, a space dedicated to the use of digital technology in the teaching and learning of foreign languages, opened in the fall of 2001 in the basement of Bondurant Hall. Currently, students of Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Japanese visit the Center to do Web-based assignments, listen to digital audio exercises, use language-learning software, write essays and papers, and explore the foreign language Web. First- and second-year Spanish studentscome to the Center at the beginning of each semester for training on Mallard and Blackboard. Language tutors and students can also meet in the comfortable lounge space in the Center! ' -Carroll Hightower, Director of Language Resource Center iunaamental 5. Writing Center, Old Chem basement Writing Center workers Joy Douglas and Eddie Hearn look over a student ' s work. Jamie Page, Marisha Golden and Natoria D. Kennell leave the Writing Center after a long day of work. byBrendaRobertson Director of University Writing Center " This paper is killing me! " is the more typical student comment as they enter the University Writing Center. During the 2002-2003 school year more than 2000 students at all levels found the service a lifesaver. The University Writing Centers mission is to assist and support stu- dents in pursuit of academic achievement across the cur- riculum. In typical 30 minute writing consultations, student writers sought and received advice concern- ing devement of ideas, audience consideration, organization, style, grammar, and document presentation. A brief sampling of consultation evaluations illustrates why some students may never forget the writing center: theEND " She was very helpful with the APA format. She is very good with content instead of just looking at grammatical mistakes. However, she found many grammatical mistakes that would have been detrimental to my paper. " " I was very impressed " Easy access and no waiting time were good. I like that I can make an appointment on-line. Jennifer was very helpful in the completion of my paper. She gave a fresh, new perspective on an otherwise dull topic. Thanks. " " Very insightful. Gave me a perspective that I did not get in class. Jordan helped me out so much! He really took time to understand my assignment and the point I was trying to make in my research paper. He also gave me tips for the presentation I have to make over my paper. He was great " Natoria was very helpful and courteous. I am confident that I will do better on my paper than I would have without her help. She also made several valid points that may improve by the professionalism Of the my writing in the future. She was extremely helpful I l . . • T v- only had signed up for a 30 min visit and she stayed consultation. I ennuer was very ... , , , „ J J J extra time with me to make sure that it was done as well helpful and COUrteOUS " as she could - l have no complaints. She helped me make my paper go from absolute crap to pretty darn good. Thank you. My paper has been much improved. It makes me wish I had made use of the center before this year. " " Jamie made me feel very comfortable about my ideas and he was also very encouraging. He gave plenty of new ideas on how to go about present- ing my speech. He is very good at his job. I appreciate the work and help. I learned more here than class, maybe I understood better. I thought that I got some very helpful information from the consultant I was dealing with! ' by VirginiaShields Student organizations at Ole Miss are as diverse and wide-ranging as the students themselves; however, one sole purpose unites the students who form these organizations, the desire to improve the Ole Miss campus and community. The framework of the Ole Miss student body is built upon student involvement. Without the active involvement of its students, the university would not have come as far as it has today. We, as students, are the reason the university exists, and one of our responsibilities while we are here is to help improve I Ole Miss provides its students with over 216 campus organizations, which range from small to large, from leisure to service, and from religious to professional. Each student is likely to find a place amongst at least one organization on the Ole Miss campus. Students participate in organizations to serve others, to prepare for the future. ; just to have fupT Regardless of the differences in students ' reasons for joining organizations, the results orstudent involvement are the same in every case — the formation of lifelong friendships, self-discovery, and the betterment of Ole " Miss. Over the course of our education at Ole Miss, we will gain priceless and innumerable Commitment amounts of new knowledge. But perhaps more important than what we learn in English 101 is the relationships we form outside of the classroom. Involvement in student organizations is crucial to the furtherance of our education, to the enhancement of student life and to the improvement of the university. theEND organizations by VirainiaShietds athanCjeddie Colonel Reb, Chalon Dominick and the rest of the Diamond Girls relax waiting for the game to start. Campaigning for ASB Senate on campus, brings everyone out to support his or her candidate. This year was fairly calm compared to previous campaigns. Trying to emulate possible combat conditions, this student treads water with his rifle while wearing his gear. The Ole Miss Fencing Club practices at the Turner Center. 141 Above: The Blue Ten ensemble continues to gain prominence on campus and throughout surrounding areas. Below:The fourth annual Jean Jones Run Walk for Cancer was sponsored by Counseling Center, Campus Programming, and Alpha Omicron Pi sorority. The Pride of the South Marching Band is an integral part of The Grove experience on game day a |M: lii ' i riiiliiii ' I hi 1 tot, ft trihtmt slmli ' iih In II If Miss 1 e Miss Ambassadors 6 " I like being able to give students a feel for how much fun Ole Miss is. " -Jillian Van Zelfden a sophomore mechanical engineering major from Franklin, Tenn. The Ole Miss Ambassador program consists of normal, everyday college students who do extraordinary things. Students involved in the organization devote their time and energy to recruit the best and the brightest students around to attend the University of Mississippi. Through this volunteer effort, Ole Miss students hope to share their wonderful experiences here with others, who may be considering attending " One of America ' s Great Public Universities! ' Executive Committee Faculty Staff Advisor: Suzanne Thigpen Executive Director: Todd Magro Special Event Directors: Melissa Webster Justin Smith Tour Directors: David Odom Lucas Marshall Public Relations Spirit of Ambassadors: Brooks Boylan Points Chairman: Allison Jennifer Ellzey Letter Chairman: Natalie Cathcart Housing Chairman: Matt Sleep Secretary Treasurer Historian: Cayce Elliott Fundraiser: Caleb Hallauer Suzanne Thigpen LLLi Association of Information Technology Professionals AITP Officers 2002-03 = President: Mark Grimes Vice President: Lisa Cain Secretary: David Grantham Treasurer: MH Morton BSAB Rep.: Jennifer Usnik Operations Officer: Chad Blackburn Social Chair: Allie Vance Advisor: Dr. Brian Reithel 143 Doug Boggs - Jared Breland - Brewer Crain - Brooke Crawford - Josh Durdin - Leah Hale - erome Johnson Members Tim Johnson Marales Mobley - Jill Schafer - Bill Smith - David Winters - Jennifer Ziegelmayer T; O die Association of Information Technology Professionals promotes a better understanding of the vital role of information systems to management and the necessity for a professional attitude. Its mission is to provide leadership and education in IT. It is dedicated to using the synergy of IT partnerships to provide education benefits to its members, and to working with the industry to assist in overall promotion and direction of information technology. Army ROTC Army ROTC members participate in paint ball as part of their army adventure training. 144 An Army ROTC member prepares to rappel down the 40 foot high rappel tower located behind the Coliseum. le Miss Army ROTC is a world premier O leadership program designed to train future officers in the United States Army or the National Guard. At the University of Mississippi, over 200 students of the " Rebel Battalion " take Army ROTC courses each year where they participate in a class lecture as well as exciting army adventure training like rappelling, combat water survival, paint ball, and buzzing campus in army helicopters. The first two years of Army ROTC are electives open to all students and the upper level is the advanced course. Army ROTC gives approximately 20 two, three anc four year full scholarships each year. At the conclusion of th 2002-03 school year, 15 Ole Miss students will complete tl Army ROTC advanced program and earn presidential appointments as United States Army officers. The Ole Miss Rebel Battalion cadre Front row: Ms. Kat Robakiewicz, Administrative Technician; SGT Kailey Larr Supply NCO; Ms. Judy Cooper, Department Secretary; Back row: MAJ Geoffrey Yoste, Assistant Professor of Military Science; CPl Harold Whiffen, Assistant Professor of Military Science; SFC Johnny Webb, Training NCO; LTC Joseph Blackburn, Professor of Military Science; MSG Kevin Jones, Senior Instructor; CPT Walt Vinzant Assistant Professor of Military Science Alpha Lambda Delta • American Institute of Chemical Engineers 2002-03 Officers: Lauren Chancellor, Secretary; Jane Easley, Co-President; Grace Fullilove, Treasurer; Lara Oyetunji, President; not shown: Kristin Dunavant, Vice- President Alpha Lambda Delta is a national honor society that honors academic excellence during a students first year at college. Alpha Lambda Delta is one of the oldest and most prestigious honor societies in the nation. The mission of Alpha Lambda Delta is to encourage superior academic achievement, to promote intelligent living and a high standard of learning, and to assist students in recognizing and developing meaningful goals in society. Freshman with a grade point average of 3.50 and above are eligible to join. 2002-03 Officers President: Blair Bannerman Vice President: Ike Brodofsky Secretary: Sarah Gates Treasurer: Ashley Nations Public Relations: Paul Jones American Institute of Chemical Engineers promotes professional development of its members and encourages fellowship among students and faculty. Our activities include community service projects, plant trips, and paper presentations at local and national levels. ST h American Society of Civil Engineers e " 145 Dr. Al-Ostaz, Faculty Advisor; Buck Cunningham, President Kelitia Newman, Treasurer; Benjamin Russell, ice President Not pictured: Michael Harter, Secretary he ASCE provides civil engineering students with Tthe opportunity to develop relationships with fellow students, faculty, and professional engineers. The Ole Miss student chapter participates in activities such as the ASCE Southeast Regional Competition and the Adopt-a- Highway Program sponsored by the Mississippi Department of Transportation. New Members: Christopher Martin, Kimberly Tanner, Priscilla Barton, Ryan Williams, Andrew Adcock, Johnny Quilenderino Jr., Brian Tenkhoff, Michael Harter, Erin Hargrove, Sandeep Vittalam, Madan Gaddam, Siruguri Jaisimha, Charles Smithers S3 si §■0 OOo A s s o c i a t e H « - 146 Drew Snyder Drew is a senior business studies major from Madison, Miss. His job as president is to ensure that the ASB is serving the students of Ole Miss by maintaining an open communication line between the student body and the administration. His responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of the Executive Branch including appointments of the presidential cabinet and the appointments of any and all special task forces. by MollyMcKenzie ASB Vice President Vice President MollyMcKenzie Molly is a senior business major from Florence, Ala. As ASB Vice-President she presides over the ASB Senate, which is made up of Ole Miss students from various districts both on and off campus. The Senate has the power to introduce and pass legislation concerning the lives of Ole Miss students and to override a presidential veto by a two-thirds majority vote. The ASB Vice-President also heads a seven-member executive council that ranks as the highest ranking offices in the ASB Senate. When I was asked to write something for the 2003 Ole Miss Yearbook, I wanted to make sure I wrote something substantial — something people would read in 25 years and understand what the Associated Student Body Senate did in 2002-03 that had a positive influence at the University of Mississippi. The ASB Senate has been a source of .- ( - wonderful and challenging opportunities JxO Jj SCYlCllC fXCiS UCCTl for myself and the other ASB senators " Tfe during the last year, but in my opinion it was defined by one event — the Open Door Celebration. I never could have imagined that my tenure as Vice President of the ASB would lead me down the path of this historical event. Open Doors celebrated the integration generation the opportunity to put the things we have all heard about into perspective. However, I do not believe we could ever comprehend what their generation experienced. The 2002-03 Senate repealed a resolution passed by the 1962 Campus Senate which condemned Sidna Brown. Ms. Brown is a former writer for the Daily Mississippi an who wrote in support of integration. The 1962 resolution indicted Ms. Brown for not r r r r " conforming to the Southern way of life. " uCTjlll ClHu We had the opportunity to present Sidna Brown with the 2002-03 Senate ' s repeal of Challenging OVVOrtUnitieS JOT the 1962 resolution and praise her for the brave stand she took during such a myself (Xnd the Other ' AS ' B tumultuous time in our state and country ' s history. At a luncheon held in Ms. Brown ' s of Senators aiirina the last honor the ASB was able to show and explain a source ot won of ' year. Ole Miss, and showed me how far our society has come and how much farther our society needs to go. Getting to meet and interact with James Meredith, Gov. William Winter, Myrlie Evers- Williams, Contance Slaughter-Harvey, and members of the United States Army and Mississippi Army National Guard who served during that difficult time, gave me and my how the 2002-03 Senate, as representatives of the entire student body, was embarrassed by the actions of the 1962 Senate, and that we recognized her sacrifice. I was proud of the 2002-03 Senate and of our university. In fact, I doubt when I read this in 25 years, I will be more proud of anything else I have been involved with in my life. theEnd K Ml d £_Q t R n H ¥-, The Purpose of the Associated Student Body, as stated in the Constitution: " The purpose of this organization is to deal effectively with matters of The University of Mississippi, to promote the best understanding between faculty and students, to control all matters which are delegated to the student association by the administration in all matters affecting the welfare of the student body, and to supervise all student activity in order that it may be conducted for the best interest of the student body as a whole and to the credit of The University of Mississippi! ' -Article 1, Section 2 Offi cers Secretary Kara Geissner Kara is a senior managerial finance major from Ridgeland, Miss. The ASB Secretary must insure that the ASB office is fully staffed and open to any students who might have questions concerning the ASB. She is available for all ASB Officers and cabinet members to aid them in any clerical work that is needed. It is also the Secretary ' s duty to keep a calendar of events for all ASB meetings and activities, as well as to type up lists of all new Cabinets to send to various departments on campus. to o 33 147 Treasurer Marshall Rivers Marshall is a senior accounting major from Union, Miss. ASB Treasurer is responsible for allocating all finances for the ASB, organizations, and special interest groups of the University of Mississippi. This is done by drafting a budget in early September. In determining the amount allocated to each group, hearings shall take place in the presence of the Senate Finance Committee and the ASB Treasurer for all groups requesting financial support. 148 Associated he ASB Vice-President 1 presides over the Campus Senate which is the lawmaking body of the ASB. It is made up of senators from residence halls and academic schools and has the authority to introduce and pass legislation governing all aspects of the ASB. The senate may also override a presidential veto by a two-thirds vote. The Vice-President has nine appointed senate aids which make up the ASB Executive Council. Senate Executive Council Vice President: Molly McKenzie Legislation Monitor: HL Ray Public Relations: Rachael Parks Senate Committee Director: Andrew Taylor Special Assistant, Event Planning: Eric Shorter Kincannon Campus Liaison: Mary Liz McGeeHee: Parliamentarian: Nicholas Holtz Reading Clerk: Meredith Leach Sergeant-At-Arms: Chandler Rogers Special Assistant: Alan Heaton Brown Rebecca Bertrand Crosby Amy Allison Edwards Elizabeth Ford Lindsay Harper Tress McAlister Deaton Chris Wilson G.H.M. Taylor White Guess Joanna Mott Hefley TaSheitha Butler Howry Faulkner Justin Smith Justin Ford Jabarie Glass Andrae Sims Martin Elizabeth Piazza Jill Waycaster Caroline Wicker Miller Shirlaurence Fair Stewart Rebekah Hebert Stockard Spencer Bryan Trey Fry Dustin Todd Village Lela Tedford Accountancy Casey Butts Applied Sciences Molly Benoist Richard Bishop Business Tommy Bachus Katie Bailey Lenwood Brooks Joshua Combes Steven Kilgore Taylor McNeel Will Walker Education William Bentley Engineering Ryan Williams Law Michael Watson Liberal Arts Ashley Abide Jessica Banahan Aimee Bertrand Hardy Case Rebecca Darby Battle Ewing Jennifer Germany Chrissy Gilder Charlie McVea Laura Piazza Morgan Stuart Pharmacy Carol Anne Emmons S t n H e n t R n H y e n a t e abinet 2002-03 Cabinet Acade mic Affairs: Carla Crosby Attorney General: Gabe Roberts Co-Director of Campus Affairs: Winston Collier Co-Director of Campus Affairs: Jennifer Owen Chief of Staff: Hadyn Roberts Communications: Will Bardwell Elections Co-Commissioner: Timothy Conkin Elections Co-Commissioner: Cassie Norton Executive Assistant: Laura Shirley Executive Assistant: Tiffany Yates Executive Liaison: Alan Bean External Affairs: Jack Byrne Minority Affairs: C.J. Rhodes Rapid Response: Joel Moore Standing Committees: Gordon Fellows Student Services: J.B. Ward Office Manager: Chin Onwubiko 3 149 OOo A ssnriflfpH s 150 2002-03 University Judicial Council members: Lloyd Holmes - Assistant Dean of Students, judicial Bentley Harris - Chair Vernon Rayford Sarah Abston - Co-chair Sara Hart Rosenblatt Hayes Burchfield Julian Gilner Christianna Jackson Brett Soldevila Trent Yates Ktii d p n t R n H ¥ Jud lcia The University of Mississippi Judicial Council is the highest tribunal of the university. It decides all cases involving an interpretation of the M Book and any case assigned to it by the university ' s judicial officer. The council also has jurisdiction over the ASB majority decision of the University Judicial Council regarding such matters is final, subject to appeal. It consists of an elected student chair, eight students, and eight faculty or staff members. An assistant chair is appointed from the eight student members. Council members are selected at the end of each academic year through an application and interview process. The Dean of Students and the Assistant Dean of Students (judicial) serve as advisors to the University Judicial Council. Faculty and staff representatives on the University Judicial Council are nominated or can be appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Student Life. unci 1 1 S ur the ' University Judiciaf Councif strives to uphofd a spirit of fairness in its decisions whife keeping trie best interests of Both the student and the university in mind " -(BentCey ' Harris Baptist S tudent Union The Baptist Student Union is a student led Christian organization designed to introduce students to a relationship with Jesus Christ and help them grow in that relationship. The BSU at Ole Miss is organized around five core purposes, which are: to engage in outreach on campus, to provide stimulating Christian worship experiences for students, to promote healthy relationships through Christian fellowship, to help Christian students mature in their faith through biblical discipleship, and to equip students for serving others. The BSU meets weekly for worship on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. BSU also offers numerous discipleship groups, retreats, conferences, socials, and ministry opportunities for students at Ole Miss. Students picnic at the College Student Conference during the weekend of September 27 28. BSU Staff Campus Minister: Mo Baker Associate Campus Minister: Liz Thurmon Ministry Assistant: Rebecca Allei ' T Students Serving Students - Past, Present, and Future The Student Alumni Gouncil he Student Alumni Council serves us a liaison between the current student population and the ilumni and friends of Ole Miss while romoting future alumni involvement. The mission of the AC is to provide opportunities for involvement in lumni activities, networking, and leadership evelopment in order to promote student involvement in ducational advancement. The University of Mississippi lumni Association proudly sponsors the SAC. 2002-03 Officers resident: Hays Burchfield res. Elect: Nick Simpson P of External Affairs: Sarah Kathryn Dossett P of Internal Affairs: Jonathan Barnes Secretary: Rachel Parks reasurer: Kelly Fountain fV 1 li Ml v J g S ' P rl. . ' . ' I 1 HHl % mi Jf Hi ff h nfm y ■■ | I r H5 m m m .he Resident Assistant Association consists of all I the Resident Assistants at the University of JL. Mississippi. One of the most helpful and esourceful individuals with whom you will interact vith is your RA. These staff members live in each of he residence halls. The RAs are Ole Miss students of iOphomore standing or above who have been selected or this leadership position. Each RAs responsibility is o provide leadership, assistance and support to each ndividual resident of a floor or building. The RAA serves as the voice of these RAs in the housing :ommunity. Its primary purpose is to improve the lives ind working environment of RAs. Btaff Advisor: Kelly Tracy President: Miranda Linton Graduate Advisor: Scott Oliver Vice President: Brandi Boles Treasurer: Rick Rogers Secretary: Erin Tracy Communications Coordinator: Nickie Milliet £ Association . Assist; ant 1 Resident Habitat for Humanity " There ' s not fling wrong with a fittfe sweat — it makes you foof. fiize you ' ve done some work. " -Marvin Quarfes Habitat for Humanity offers students the opportunity to help build affordable housing alongside families who wish to become independent homeowners. Volunteers assist in the construction of these homes on Saturday work trips — no construction experience is necessary. Working with regional Habitat chapters in North Mississippi, local volunteers and the families themselves, Ole Miss students have the chance to paint, use power tools, and aid in all areas of construction. In addition to the Saturday work outings, Ole Miss Habitat is involved in many fundraisers. Volunteers also work to increase campus awareness of the issues of homelessness and social poverty. 2002-03 Officers President: Chin Onwubiko VP of Financial Affairs: Hays Burchfield Secretary: Courtney Pierce VP of Public Relations:Christina Jackson VP of Fundraising: Jack Byrne VP of Volunteer Coordination: Christianna Jackson Students work together to put up a wall frame National Society of ■It Collegiate Scholars Jennifer Usnik, Webmaster; Elizabeth Norburg, Co-VR Community Service; Laura Piazza, Executive Vice President; Kara Giessner, President; Katie Smith, Secretary; Chesa Reno, Historian not pictured: Millie Waring, Co-VR Community Service; Anita Manly, VR Planning for College Success; Theresa Ervin, Advisor The National Society of Collegiate Scholars is an honors organization recognizing outstanding academic achievement among first and second year college students and encouraging members to develop leadership skills through community service. Chapters are involved in service to their campus and local communities as well as scholastic and social activities sponsored by the Society. Scholarships and awards, leadership development activities, service programs, community building, and information sharing are the focus of activities organized nationally. Omega Phi Alpha Front Row: 2002-03 Officers - Lindsay Haskins, President; Sarah Strzalka. Vice- President; Lauren Scott, Secretary; Phyllis de Weerdt, Treasurer; Middle Row: Nicole Dauzat, Jessie Davis, Laura Boyd, Kacey Cole, Amanda Maynard, Autumn Huk; Top i, Row: Myrinday Grantham, Erica Paschall, Amanda Bullard, Stephanie Crum, Courtney Bounds, Julia Kincaide, Emily Farmer, Liz Alexander, Candis Higgenbotham; Not Pictured: Alyssa Kuhnle, Amber Reeves, Jessica Mason, Regan Frink, Sarah Evans This is the first year of the Alpha Beta Chapter of Omega Phi Alpha to be on Ole Misss campus. Omega Phi Alpha is a national service sorority whose purpose is to participate in servio; to the university community, the community-at-large, to the members » of the sorority and to the nations of the world. The motto of Omega Ijj Alpha is " Today ' s Friends, Tomorrow ' s Leaders, Forever in Service. " puis Stokes Mississippi Alliance for Minority Participation 2002-03 Officers President: Kevin Ha Vice President: Regina Purnell Secretary: Precious Taylor Asst. Secretary: Erica Brantley Treasurer: Akwete Muhammad Co-External Publicists: ArlissaConley Greg Hodges Co-Internal Publicists: Regina Covington Michael Muruako Co-Newsletter Editors: Neely Lott Marlon Jackson i i ncreasing Minority Access to Graduate the University of Mississippi that promotes a threefold mission: to increase the academic standing of minorities under-represented in the sciences, math and engineering; to increase the number of the under-represented minorities matriculating to the University of Mississippi; and to make IMAGE a catalyst for positive things in and around the University of Mississippi community. yd SMAMP IMAf.F Program — C 5 o g 1 2 ft 2 P 155 l£fe Daily Mississippian by JulieFinley DM Editor 2001-03 This year at The Daily Mississippian was the end of a chapter for several key staffers, and the beginning of a new one lor The DM of the next four years. For me, serving as a second-term editor brought new challenges, great new experiences and new life-long friends. Working at The DM is something several key players on the 2002-2003 staff have done lor their entire college experience. Leaving it won ' t be easy. But we know the stall of next year will do the job well. They will slave every night of the week to produce a product that ' s still bound to have an error in it. They ' ll lose lots of sleep and cut back on their studying. They will hear the complaints of more than 12,500 angry readers, and the compliments wi be few and far between. However, they will love every minute of it. Just like we did. The DM has taught me more than any class on the Ole Miss campus. It has probably taught me more than any other experience in my life. Most of all, however, I ' ll never forget the crazy 5 a.m. nights, the roar of the printing press and my best friends in the world. For now though, we ' ll keep bringing you the news and the presses will keep churning Monday-Friday, whenever school is in session. theEND Nathan Latil Design Editor Julie Finley Sarah Lollar take a break with Beckha, Nathans dog often found hanging around The DM office. Julie Finley helps Emery Carrington out with an article. Laura Houston Campus News Edit : Emery Carrington Steven Godfrey, a sports columnist, take a break - 1 H ■ ' w mf V $ I I 1 lea Front Row: Steven Godfrey, Suzanne McKay, Julie Finley, Nathan Latil with Becca, Sarah Lollar, J.D. Johnson, Carlie Kolath Back row: Kyle Veazey, Brendan Rogan, Laura Houston, Jordan Lancaster, Garreth Blackwell, Emery Carrington f Bfik I ' ll never forget the crazy 5 a.m. nights, the roar of the printing " press and my best in the world. " DM Editor . 2001-2003 Above: Brendan Rogan prepares the comics page for press. Far Left: Kyle Veazey works on the sports section. Left: Garreth Blackwell (photographer). Nathan Latil J.D. Johnson (Photo editor) check out the day ' s pictures. Business School Student Advisory Board. T he- Business School Student Advisor Board is comprised of the Business School Student Body President and Vice- President and up to two representatives from each Business organization. The BSAB serves the Dean ' s Office in an advisory capacity and advocates that the general needs of the Business School be met. 2002-03 Members im Jacobs: President Chad Blackburn: Vice-President shley Bowman: CEOs J.D. Johnson: AMA borrow Bailey: Beta Gamma Sigma Jennifer Usnik: AITP ennifer Glass: Delta Sigma Pi Brian Murphy: Alpha Kappa Psi sloe Woods: IRMS Rachel Willis: SHRM oshua Debold: PBL Virginia Wood Cindy Mabrey: Financiers Club Tan Beta Pi Golden Key Fal I 2002 Officers Blair Bannerman: President Jessica Drewrey: President Bill Anderson: Secretary Jason Johnson: Treasurer The Engineering Honor Society 2002-03 Officers Brooke Crawford: President Marshall Rivers: VP of Campus Awareness Nancy Hankins: VP of Just the Facts Jennifer Ellzey: Treasurer Megan Brown: Recording Secretary Chin Onwubiko: Corresponding Secretary Tiffany Sumrall: Historian William Anderson: Webmaster Isla Shuchs: Newsletter Editor f " The Episcopal Church " " •••... at Ole Miss ...••• ' } ° TjpiscopaC W I Church at Ofe Mis: £ is an outreach ministry of the TjpiscapaC T iocese of Mississippi and St Peter ' s Tjpiscojpaf Church. Its mission is to engage the heart mind, and spirit of the students, f acuity, and staff in the name of Jesus Christ I 2002-03 Officers President: Dr. Frank A. Wiebe Presiding VP: Morrow Bailey Membership VP: Virginia Lee Russell Secretary Treasurer: Dr. Ann L. Canty ■ ' Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive in an undergraduate or master s program at a school accredited by AACSB - The International Association for Management Education. The mission and objectives of Beta Gamma Sigma are to encourage and honor academic achievement in the stuc of business and personal and professional excellence in the practice of busines to foster an enduring commitment to the founding principles and values of honor and integrity; to encourage the pursuit of wisdom and earnestness; to support the advancement of business thought and to encourage lifelong learning; and to enhance the value of Beta Gamma Sigma for student and alumni members in their professional lives. 2002-03 Members: Stevens Morrow Bailey, Kelly Marie Bergeron, Elizabeth Ashley Britt, Nicholas Scott Brown, Andrew Gray Bryant, Stacey Lee Coker, Bradley Webster Crawford, Emily Susan Edge, Gohor Gagik Gevorgyan, Meredith Ann Gore, Luke Ishmael Guest, Shantae Rihnell Hilliard, Dana Leigh Ann Gillespie Houpt, Abigail Shipley Jones, Gokham R. Karahan, Laura Jean Kreissel, Brooke Leann Lawrence, Ronald Clark Lawrence, Jr., Courtney Brooke Losset, Matthew Scott McKenzie, Kelly Stewart McClennan, Benjamin Jeffrey Moffett, Jennifer Paige Owen, Shea Curbo Pritchett, John Gabriel Roberts, Laura Lee Robey, Virginia Lee Russell, William Edward Scott, III, Drew Landon Snyder, Alison Lynllj Stafford, Sarah Ann Stevens, Tiffany Marie Sumrall, Laura Ann Thompson, Nelson Lee Valentine, Anna Deery Walker Kimberly Nicole Weston, Lauren Allyn White, Doroty Jane Wohrman, William Joseph Wyatt Oxford Health Fitness • • • ■MM w n m ' m w v 1 yf s 1 - :• ' . 1 l a I ■ 1 ' ' 1 E elley Hunsberger Isla Schuchs Co-Editor do-Editor U( thereis nothing. fi£e seeing a puhfication you poured so much into ana spent so many fate nights working on actuaffy finished and sitting on racks waiting jor someone to pick it up " - %effey Q-funsherger nn-Marie Klin lurk Head Photographer Amy Patrick Assistant Editor Nathan lied die Business Manager a m n a, by KelleyHunsberger Co-Editor Oxford Health and Fitness is a student run magazine, printed quarterly, whose mission is ] to provide the Oxford and Ole Miss community with all the information they need or want about health and fitness. It is also a great opportunity for students in journalism, magazines or fitness to get involved and learn a lot. As co-editior I have learned so much that I would not have had the opportunity to learn in any other way. I have dealt with advertisers and printers, learned to rip pages and to manage a staff, I ' ve designed pages and edited stories, and I have loved every minute of it. There is nothing like seeing a publication you poured so much into and spent so many late nights working on actually finished and sitting on racks waiting for someone to pick it up. My only hope is that Isla and I have created a basis for editors who follow us to build on and to keep making Oxford Health and Fitness a better magazine. theEnd G Vaduate Student Council 162 Top Row: Murrell Godfrey, Amit Patel, John Satumba Bottom Row: Jennifer Ziegelmayer, John Bowling. Heather Webb, Ginger Powe-McNair, Rhonda Stennis Officers: President: John Satumba Vice President: Murrell Godfrey Treasurer: Rhonda Stennis Secretary: Heather Webb Directors: Liaison: Ravi Sadasivan Judicial and Senatorial Affairs: Amit Patel Social Philanthropic Affairs: Ginger Powe-McNair Graduate Affairs: John Bowling Webmaster: Jennifer Ziegelmayer Students donate their extra or unwanted furni ture to the furniture exchange, and incoming students can select the furnishings they need. GSC will pick-up items donated items and deliver items to their new owners. The Graduate Student Council is committed to retaining high academic standards, to promoting democratic prinicples, to fostering close cooperation betweei students and faculty, to facilitating graduate interdepartmental communication, to encouraging worthy projects in the interests of the graduate student body, and to serving the general welfare of our institution. Sweet tea anyone? McCallister ' s catered GSC ' s Welcome Back Picnic this year. MBA Association Officers jl " j MBA association is a voluntary organization in the MBA program with elected resident: James Lomas Social Chairs: Katherine Mills Lisa Heros JL representatives. The duty of the mba flee President: Kim Walker GSC Representative: Jorge Vinueza association is to govern the social and philanthropy .,- r , -,. _. . _. activities that take place throughout the course of the ecretary: Tom Speed Treasurer: Brian Bogue , , , , , .,„. , . ' ' ■ year, and to enhance the awareness or the JvlbA body epresentatives: John Toohig Nathan Hysmith in the eyes of the public. Black Graduate Professional Student Association JL s he Black Graduate and Professional Student Association is a non-profit student run organization dedicated to improving the status of African and African-Americans at the University of vlississippi by systematically identifying and addressing their needs ind concerns. The BGPSA supports a variety of objectives and nitiatives throughout the year, including: Increasing the number of gradutate and professional students of frican descent by encouraging undergraduates to pursue graduate ind professional degrees Providing resources that will enhance the likelihood of academic and :areer success of current graduate and professional students Developing a network of emerging scholars of African descent who ire dedicated and sensitive to the needs and concerns of an increasingly Jiverse academic community. GPSA membership is open to graduate and undergraduate students, cademicians, institutions, corporations, and other groups and ndividuals who are interested in supporting students of African escent as they participate and succeed in higher education. The GPSA does not discriminate or limit its membership to any ndividual or group based on race, creed, color, nationality, ability, or exual preference. Aembers: Derrick Brown, Numukunda Darboe, Murrell Godfrey, Nolan McMurray, Ginger Powe-McNair, Rhonda tennis, Bryan Williams, Joe Anderson, Anna Stanley, Carla iartwright, Stephanie Keeton, Erika Cohen, Ravyn Wilson, onora Miller, Ejeera Selmer, Kenja Shell, Andrew Clark, Paula Aathis, Kenosha Hobson, John Satumba, Tywanda Jeffers o o ie 4 mortar ortar Board was established as a national M honor society, and today is one of the highest senior honor groups for both men and women. Tassels, the local chapter, has been active on the Ole Miss campus since its founding in 1930. Mortar Board has a 40 member limit, and selection is based on leadership, scholarship, and service. Candidates for membership must have at least a 3-0 GPA. Mortar Board challenges the individual to provide thoughtful leadership to the campus and community, to create an environment of effective communication, and to move toward the improvement of the status of men and women. 2002-03 Officers President: Jim Jacobs Vice President: Ashley Abide Secretary: Bentley Harris Treasurer: Marshall Rivers Communications Director: Melissa Huling Membership Chairs: Anna Walker Carla Crosby Members Ashley Abide, Waverly Almon, Morrow Bailey, Anastasia Ballas, Austin Barrett, Wilson Boone, Megan Brown, Nicholas Brown, Andrew Bryant, Kristin Caldwell, Jenny Cameron, Carla Crosby, Jay Desai, Jake Dickerson, Laurie Evans, Trey Hankins, Bentley Harris, Staci Henson, Elizabeth Holcombe, Melissa Huling, Jim Jacobs, Mary Mills Lane, Bessie Liedtke, Maryj Ellen Maples, Jeff McCrary, Matt McKenzie, Molly McKenzie, Sophie Nord, Chin Onwubiko, Haley Phelps, Marshall Rivers, Gabe Roberts, Meredith Skelton, Raegin Smith, Drew Snyder, Andrew Taylor, Anna Walker, Andrew White, Doty Wohrman, Trent Yates Jeffrey Brown. CSA ' s choir director, and Tommy Herring play guitar together for praise and worship during one of CSA ' s Tuesday night gatherings. Members of CSA ' s choir sing praise and worship songs on a Tuesday night. The choir also performs during St. John ' s Sunday evening student masses. The Catholic Student Association at Ole Miss is made up of a diverse group of students who have come together to form a community of support, trust, belonging, friendship, and faith. The diverse cultures, personalities, and strengths of the members of the Catholic Student Association brings to life the excellence and greatness that comes from the unity of the whole human family. The Catholic Student Association offers a number of activi- ties throughout each week and over select weekends to help students learn more about God ' s role in their life, their faith, the Church, each other, and to have fun in the process. catholic student association s 165 o o national Society of I! lack Engineers 2002-03 Officers President: Charles R. Washington, III Vice President: Andrea Edwards Secretary: Neely Lott Treasurer: Chris Hilliard Reporter: Gregg Anazia NSBE s mission is to increase the number of culturally responsible minority students who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community. ■Tail Beta Sigma 2002-03 Officers President: Mara Villa Vice President: Paige Zastoupil Secretary: Marie Loyd Treasurer: Joclyn English T au Beta Sigma is an honorary band sorority that serves the band community. Insurance Risk Management Society ' 2002-03 Officers President: Josh Combes VP for Communications VCebmasten Jennifer Usnik VP for Industry Relations: Noe Wxxk VP for Finance: Stephanie Ray VP for Recruitment Public Relations: Roger Elfert VP for Careers Day Andrea Cox The Insurance and Risk Management Society is a College of Business Administration Insurance Society. The purpose of this organization is to improve the quality of insurance education and to serve as liaison between the campus and the insurance industry. The Insurance and Risk Management Society is open to all insurance majors who are in good academic standing with the university. Ilalavsian Student s s 11 1 ' i a I i 11 11 7, Top Row: Chun Hwa, Raymond. Andrew. Steve, Aik Min, Alex; Bottom Row: Vion, Ching Sia. Wee Chen, Yen Ling President: Aik Min Choong Secretary: Wee Chen Loo Treasurer: Chun Hwa See Auditor: Lay Menn Khoo Webmaster: Ching Sia Lim The Malaysian Student Association was founded in 1982 as a non-profit organization with the main purpose of cultivating and developing the relationship between fellow Malaysian students and other students in the University of Mississippi. Since its establishment, MSA has been a forefront figure in representing Malaysia in Ole Miss. MSA also offers a wide variety of activities throughout the year to encourage bonding amongst members and membership is open to student who shows enthusiasm in being a part of this association. . Air Force R T C- ladet Wing: (Front Row) Cadets Carl Griffin, Brian Doss, Samantha Voigt, Will Hendrick, Justin Logsdon; Middle Row) Patrick Booker, Henry McNally, James Haskins, Christopher Flowers, Dustin Rider, Demetrios 3rown; (Back Row) Lindsey Tramel, Katrice Powell, Regina Purnell, Saheba Dehenre, Brandy Bacon, Mioshi 2haffin, Stacie Fidler; Not Pictured: Cadets William Bell. Latoya Hartwell, Brian Hobbs, O ' Barcus Pryor, -{andy Strange, Usman Uddin, Ryan Williamson, Tony Simmons. Jacob Church, Mitchell Foy, Ben Jenkins, .Dex Landreth, Forrest Smith, Ben Lindsay, Michael Taylor, Syretta Hawkins, David Nolan Fall 2002 Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings Commander, AAS: C 2nd Lt. Mitchell Foy Commander, Silver Wings: Allison Adams The mission of Air Force ROTC is to transform college students into disciplined and dedicated officers who possess initiative, can handle stress, and are equipped to be successful in our reat Air Force. o I67 AFROTC cadets celebrate a victorious TriROTC field day. Arnold Air Society, Fall 2002: Cadets Will Hendrick, Katrice Powell. Stacie Fidler, James Haskins; not pictured: Mitchell Foy, Ben Jenkins by LeePonton Station Manager If you ' re a student and you want to work in TV news, Newswatch 12 is where you have to be. I don ' t think there ' s any other student organization quite like it. Within four hours we go from ideas on paper to a live 30 minute newscast... EVERYDAY! Talk about instant gratification. And even though its a lot of work, it doesn ' t seem so bad, ' cause the people here are so much fun to be around. I hope everyone who walks through our doors will find a place where they feel comfortable, and where they can learn things they can ' t in a classroom, but also where they can make friendships and contacts they will maintain throughout their lives. I know I have. theEND 1 Bel MB If 3tm » Z 000 ' m HBL Smfu ' B The lights are burning, now all we have is time. Seconds ' til showtime and the cameras are set up and ready to go. Now its all about the action. Above Left: Nicole Babbitt, the I weather reporter, gets ready fori her upcoming segment. Above: Liz Bolen Emily I Clarke get a tape cued up fori the show. I r ;: " Even though, it ' s a lot of work, it doesn ' t seem so bad, ' cause the here are so much fun to he around. " Station Manager Front row: Lorrie Lyon, Karen I Clabough, Lee Ponton, Liz Bolen| Middle row: Sara Fay Peters, Travis Llewellyn, Claire Nelson, Kathleen Gill, Jill Van Zelfdenl Back row: Brandon Weaver,! Jennifer Jeansonne, J.J. Evans, Dave Hotard, Keisha Ferguson, Tanya Keen, Grace White,! Rebecca Bertrand, Janna Hughes, Lindsey Brown, Rachael McClurel n r i c ii I a I i ii ii Leaders 170 First row: Amanda Todd, Lindsay Harper, Alexandria White, Shannon Johnson, Sophie Nord, Carrie Benoist, Molly Benoist, Neely Lott; Second row: Elizabeth Koestler, Courtney Pierce, Kamilla Stokes, Willette Thomas, Libby Harris; Third row: Katie Murphy (Graduate Practicum). Saheba DeHenre, Whitney Brent, Kate Galbreath, Daniel Barham, Franklin Anderson, Caleb Hallauer, Whitman Smith (Director), Fourth row: Justin Smith. Wes Jones, Brad Skinner (Graduate Assistant), Chad McCracken (Graduate Practicum), Julian Gilner, Josh Combes dentation Leaders are charged with the responsibility of helping new students and families with their transition to the university. OL ' s receive leadership training during the Spring semester and serve on panels, lead small group discussions, tour students around campus, help with class scheduling during the summer and fall orientation sessions and lug around a lot of boxes! Leaders also help with New Student Convocation and Move-In Day. Leaders fill out an application and go through a selection process at the end of the Fall semester and receive training throughout the Spring semester. Amanda Todd, Lindsay Harper, Alexandria White, Shannon Johnson, Sophie Nord, Carrie Benoist, Molly Benoist, Neely Lott, Elizabeth Koestler, Courtney Pierce, Kamilla Stokes, Willette Thomas, Libby Harris, ' Katie Murphy (Graduate Practicum), Saheba I DeHenre, Whitney Brent, Kate Galbreath, Daniel Barham, Franklin Anderson, Caleb Hallauer, Whitman Smith (Director), Justin Smith, Wes Jones, Brad Skinner (Graduate Assistant), Chad McCracken (Graduate Assistant), Julian Gilner, Josh Combes Blue Ten ounded in Fall of F2000, Blue Ten Harmony is an all male i cappella group comprised of Jniversity of Mississippi ;tudents. We have performed or local, statewide, and lational audiences. We offer a ariety of musical styles from Renaissance to Pop. Members: Andrew Bryant, Will Hendricks, Travis Lamb, Jonathan McDowell, Dusty McKibben, Jacob Pollard, tason Stanley, Sean Sykes, James Thompson, Isaac Walker 171 institute of transportation engineers Officers: President: Benjamin Russell Vice President: Talbert Rea Treasurer: Karl Hector Secretary: Tony Sanders Advisor: Dr. Waheed Uddin The Institute of Transportation Engineers is one of the largest and fastest growing multimedia professional transportation organizations in the world. Its members are responsible for meeting society ' s needs for sale and efficient surface transportation. latter-day saints student association—. Members: Collin Anderson, fared Baumann, Stephanie Campbell, Allison Cerveny, George Cerveny, Jennifer Cerveny, Mary Cerveny, Dustin Bankston, David Fairey, Brittney Gillespie, Randy Jasmine, Chrissy Jennings, Michelle Jones, Josh Kennedy, Amanda Marcak, Louis Dorsey, David Morrison, Sam Rayburn, Wes Rayburn, John Waters The Latter-Day Saints Student Association is affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The main purpose of the LDSSA is to provide a warm environment of fellowship and spiritual growth by following the teachings of Christ and His Church. The LDSSA as various activities including community service and scripture study classes through the Institute of Religion. The Institute of Religion offers weekly scripture study classes every semester. The association invites all students to attend the activities and meetings. school of accountancy officers .he AASB is the student body of the Patterson School of Accountancy. The officers work closely with the administration regarding student concerns and affairs. The AASB represents students ' interests and provides a direct connection to the dean and the faculty. T: President: S. Morrow Bailey VP Administration: Andrew G. Bryant VP Publicity: William " Trip " Yates Secretary: Shea C. Pritchett Treasurer: Steven S. Kilgore Graduate Representative: Eleanor P Griffith Graduate Representative: Natalie M. Strong diamond girls Irst row: Ashley Hatfield, Rachael Donahue, Andrea Savorgnan, Caroline Dreher, Lucy Savorgnan, Kriscy Fenster, Ashley McCoy; Second row: Courtney McDonald, Lauren | ' ye, Blair Ferguson, Kim Kosman, Ashley Hutton, Ashley Watkins, Graham Harlin, Ashley Megel, Meki Clark; Third row: Andrea Raley, Melinda White, Jill Rosamond, Rhalon Dominick, Leah Smith, Lizzie Andrews, Carol Ann Roebuck, Megan Hoggard, Shelby Brune, Lauren Reeder, Kerri Langston; Fourth row: Jessica Banahan, Daryn lutcliffe, Liz Casali, Aliya Ramirez, Brirtney Young, Lindsey Krouse, Kendra Moehring, Amy Thompson, Caroline Murphree, Jessica Betsayad, Li ndsey Harper: Not pictured: nndsay Brown, Carla Crosby, Julia May, Dolezal, Ashley Dove, Lindsey Davis, Mary-Grace Haynes, Becky Melvin, Jennifer Quinn, Jennifer Pennington, Laura Shirley he 2002-03 Diamond Girls bring beauty, grace, fun, and energy to Ole Miss Baseball, he squad of 48 is chosen in the fall d prepares for the upcoming eball season by promoting Rebel aseball. In the fall, the ladies get volved in the community by lping with North Mississippi egional Center Halloween Haunted rail and Carnival and by visiting sidents at Azalea Gardens. Their ig fundraiser is putting out a iamond Girl calendar with profits ing to help the squad travel with le team to all SEC weekends and all ost-season play. In the spring, the iamond Girls can be seen all over U Stadium and Swayze Field lling programs, helping with romotions, interacting with the as, and on the field working bats d foul lines. The Diamo nd Girls help with recruiting, acting as aseball hostesses for prospects and neir families. The Ole Miss )iamond Girls are an essential part f Rebel Baseball. Head Diamond Girl: Jennifer Betsayad Captains: Chalon Dominick Ashley Dove Kendra Moehring Jill Rosamond Jill Rosamond and Kendra Moehring hang out after a game. 3 § e 1 173 174 Pre-Accountancy Society , The Pre-Accountancy Society is a society for freshman and sophomore accounting majors or those with an interest in accounting. They associate themselves with Beta Alpha Psi and help them with many on-campus activities. It is a great organization for underclassmen to meet important and beneficial people early in their college career. Members: Ann Barrett Blackburn, Brett Cantrell, Brian Chopin, Brad Cook, David Elks, Chris Frierson, Grace Fullilove, Beth Henson, Austin Jones, Lisa Lawton, Brooks Anne O ' Briant, Dipesh Patel, Aaron Samuels, Aaron Schell, Angela Snell, Sally Swearengen, Jay Tayloe Officers President: Morgan Stone Vice President: Jessica Bogan Secretary: Chase Black Sigma Alpha lota Chief Emissary Officers Officers President: Amy S. Rains Vice President Membership: Lauren Billman Vice President Ritual: Shelby Thomas Corresponding Secretary: Jill Ward Recording Secretary: Rosanne Rutledge-Schmidt Treasurer: Paige Zastoupil Editor: Angela Foster Sargent at Arms: Amber Roland Fraternity Education: Lauren Joiner Sigma Alpha Iota is an International Greek Music Fraternity for Women. It began at the University School of Music in Ann Arbor, MI in 1903. Its purposes are to promote an interest in music and foster social contacts between those interested. Sigma Alpha Iota organizes its group lite specifically to promote competence and achievement within the field of music. This year, Sigma Alpha lota is celebrating its 100th Anniversary and the Alpha Omega Chapter is celebrating 65 years of service to the University of Mississippi Music Department. Officers President: Ashley Bowman Vice President: Brent Fletcher Secretary: Julie Jones Special Events: Katie Commiskey Web Coordinator: Clark Lawrence Web Coordinator: Jennifer Uznik Members: Johnathan Bishop, Tyndale Brickey, Ellen Burton, Jaman Caroline, Brian Doss, Bradford Hutchins, Timothy Lowe, Salley McCullar, Angel McCullough, Angie Nail, Stacey O ' Neal, Peter Reiley, Meredith Skelton, Maggie Turner The Chief Emissary Officers (CEOs) represent the School of Business student body through ambassadorial positions at academic, professional, and recruting events. The Student Programming Board is an organization formed by students to promote the activity of student life through special events, multi-cultural events, pageants, and musical entertainment. 12002-2003 Student Programming Board of Directors ►irector: Jennifer Thompson associate Director: Amy Strickland .o-Directors of Entertainment: Joel Moore Will White !o-Directors of Special Events: Rachel Brame Haydn Roberts outhern Breeze: Justin Smith !o-Directors of Pageants: Laura Beth Boothe Jason Clark b-Directors of Diversity: Sara Hart Rosenblatt Ashanti Anderson ]raduate Assistant: Chad McCracken 3 r ' -S Hi i to 175 Student Programming Board 3 el Radio 92.1 FM Front: Sarah Evans, Allison Adams, Jason Lynn (Scooch), Sarah Abston Back: John Lawrence, Jules Duval, Travis Llewellyn, James Wood, Aimee Bertrand, Scott Satchfield, Trey Alexander, Matt Barksdale Slihlili. . .Listen. . Sarah Abston Station Manager Travis Llewellyn gets a commercial ready for the air. Ashley Dunn DJs the lunch time rush. Staff not pictured: Mary Helen Bobo, Production Manager Travis Llewellyn Production Managerl Scott Satchfield Sports Director ft m 3k S W Pl Mpr r V 3l ™I B p V M 1 A 5- by ShannonMayo Program Director Rebel Radio is one of 10 commercially licensed college radio stations in the U.S. It is student run and broadcast 24 7, 365 days a year. Rebel Radio received 22 awards this year from the Mississippi Association of Broadcasters. Each semester, Rebel Radio employs around 30 DJs, including specialty show DJs. Rebel Radio plays alternative rock along with several specialty show hours that broadcast throughout the week and on Sundays. On Sundays, you can experience The Backbone, S.P.A.M., Get on the Gospel Train with Tycin, and others. theEnd m Shannon Mayo 5 rogram Director K» s P S Hi , y " It ' s amazing how all of the people at Rebel Radio pull together to make one of the few commercially licensed, student run stations in the country. " Station Manager Gregg Jones, a Rebel Radio DJ, hosts his specialty show, the Mo Jo Show. Andrew Yurkov, a member of the Original Junk Band, plays guitar in the station during one of Rebel Radios many specialty shows. Jules David, one of Rebel Radios Drive-Thru Five DJs, hosts Request Hour. Jeffrey Mister Marcus Quinn (M-Town), free-style rappers, perform during a specialty show. Jeff Byrd announces the next song on Rebel Radio 92.1. Financier ' s President: Virginia Woodard Vice President: Cindi Mabrey VP Programs: Carter Smith VP Programs: Elliot Gorog Secretary: Liz Johnson Webmaster: Kara Giessner Webmaster: Ryan Kendall Members: Allison Mee, Amber Frazier, Amy Meredith, Asylbek Osmonor, Bradley Crawford, Brady Gailey, Brandon Keane, Bridgett Brannon, Bruce Ainsworth, Camille Murchison, Chris Hamilton, Chris Petty, Cole Hodges, Daniel White, Dashmond Daniel, Donald Parker, Eenga Theophilus, Emory McGinnis, Erik Smith, Eugenia Powers, Hamilton Huber, Hart Pettit, Jennifer Flanner, Josh Guyton, Katie Bailey, LaToya Tallie, Leah Baugh, Matt Kwasek, Michael Arneman, Michelle Tutor, Noe Woods, Paul Beckman, Rob O ' Reilly, Robyn Chappell, Sharhonda Draper, Stephanie Avery, Tiffany Summerall, Tremayne Kincaide, Trey Lewis, Trey Underwood, Whitney Patterson " Helping bridge the college world and the world of finance by coming togethe to learn what our future in finance holds. Club Student Social Work Organization V7 s tudent Social Work Organization is a student organization designed to guide students toward community service experiences, friendships, and education about the Social Work profession. Students are required to complete several hours of volunteer work each semester. Members need not be social work majors, but rather have a common goal of service to humankind and genuine empathy for others. 2002-2003 Officers President: Molly Ivy Vice President: Greg Ducker Vice President: David Knight Secretary: Sarah Greene Treasurer: Brittany Best Social Coordinator: Megan Cheek Service Coordinator: Jacquelyn Brubaker Membership Coordinator: Bonnie Bandre Publicity Coordinator: Trudie Perry Conference Coordinator: Kiki Moore Members: Gail Baumhardt, Joanna Briscoe, Mandy Brown, Angie Denley Paulita Edwards, Pam Fields, Laura Gillom, Mari Lee Halford, Melissa Hendrix, Melissa Huling, Alicia R. Humphries, Mary A. Johnson, Jacquelyn Lee, Erica Lewis, Margaret Malone, Katrinaa Marie Matthews, Jennifer Meadows, Shamecca Moore, Deanna Myhand, Jessica Null, Sundra Pettit, Heather Ray, Lashunda Reed, Rhiannon Shaw, Melissa Shields, Stephanie Simmons, Aimee Whittle, Jessica Windham y: l C Midshipmen: udam Cromwell lideon Grissett atricia Haarmann pavid Jarrett bavid Nalley Jonathan Smith |ames Stanley . C Midshipmen: arc Hines oseph Powell eredith Reilly hristopher Rials hristine Schneider Bradford Sims Michael Welgan i C Midshipmen: Toy Andrews onathan Baugh acob Champ tewart Edwards amuel Gilfeather A illiam Hunter oshua Lamb Aichael Mcknight ohnny Quilenderino Daniel Reeves 4- C Midshipmen: John Bennett James Dipasquale Jori Ford Robert Green Barry Hale Jeremy Hughes Nicholas Maruca Cameron Massey Bryan Park Jerit Reale Cristina Shelnutt Matthew Steffan Samuel Stuart Active Duties: SSGT Frazier OC Harrison OC Keeney SSGT Kurka SSGT Leon OC Rosales OC Walker aval ROTC is an organization dedicated to N developing midshipmen mentally, morally, and physically, and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty and loyalty and the core values of honor, courage, and commitment. It is the goal of NROTC to commission college graduates as naval officers who possess a basic professional background, are motivated toward careers in the naval service, and have a potential for future development in mind and character so as to assume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship, and government. The NROTC unit brings not only American pride, but also a positive presence to university life. •$ Y. 179 Navy o ROTC i8o JV Cheerleaders 2002-03 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Lesley Schwalenberg John Michael Hearne Shannon Johnson Kathryn Line Olivia Lusco Lynn Ellen Osborne Magen Herr Brandy Rivers Randell Naramore Jeff Stricklin Ross Gay Nate Smith Adam Lee Jake Todd " 1 have foved cheerfeading this year. It ' s so exciting being out on the fieCd and cheering for such a great crowd 1 . " -Ofivia Lusco, a freshman from (Birmingham, (Ala. JV Rebelettes 2002-03 Junior Varsity Rebelettes: Katie Merrell Kate Fenton Betsy Grear Whitney Jennings Erin Reiss Tara Coker Lauren Harrell Grace White Kate Lowry Julia Stol Meki Clark Melissa Cook Leslie Harper Jennifer Victory 181 s£.dent Media Center by RalphBraseth Director of Student Media The mission of the Student Media Center is to provide our students with professionally supported training in media related areas and to produce high quality products people want to read, listen to, watch and advertise in. We offer students hands-on training using state-of-the-art technology as they prepare for careers in the media. Student Media includes The Daily Mississippian, Rebel Radio 92.1 FM, the Ole Miss Annual, NewsWatch 12, The and our newest addition, Oxford Health Fitness Magazine. More than 150 students and a professional staff of eight make up the personnel of the department. The emphasis is on STUDENT in student media. The University of Mississippi Student Media Center does not believe in censorship of any kind. We respect and encourage our students to exercise their guaranteed rights of free speech. Our students determine content, programming and handle all matters relating to personnel. This privilege is quickly tempered by the responsibility that goes along with work in a public forum. Students rely on advisors, but advisors do not preview student work. Instead, teaching and constructive criticism come after publications and broadcasts. Everyone is welcome at the Student Media Center. Many of our students are journalism majors, but we have students from disciplines as diverse as business, biochemistry, and electrical engineering. Upon graduation from the University of Mississippi, our students find satisfying professional opportunities in magazines, television, newspapers, radio, advertising, public relations and new media. JgT Students who have spent a significant amount of time in student media say those long days and nights spent in Farley Hall provided some of the most profound learning experiences of their college careers. The Student Media Center is a great place to make life-long friends and professional relationships. theEND i-V free spee ■■I t-v l f , . a ' i «£ — • ' •- - « 1 ta™f ' H wwi wi ■■■ ■■■ i2-S if «■■■■ ■ ' 1 1 _. 4S V MEDIA CEMTER rs ty ? Mississippi K e h e. 1 1S4 Rebel Recruiters work year round recruiting football players for Ole Miss. China Ward, Senior Staff Assistant of Ole Miss Athletics is in charge of the program. 2002 Rebel Recruiters Jennifer Allen, Ashanti Anderson, Tiffine Armstrong, Emily Brooks, Amanda Burner, Tiffany Barr, Cassie Baskin, Amanda Beville, Bridgette Bland, Angela Brown, Julie Carpernter, Sonya Chapman, Paula Cook, Gretchen Copeland, Leslie Cross, Christie Cross, Rachael Donahue, Emily Douglas, Lizzie Duerr, Amy Edwards, Margaritta Ellington, Emily Evans, Andrea Ferguson, Lindsay Field, Memory Fulton, Jennifer Gilliam, Amanda Gilpin, Amanda Graham, Nancy Hankins, Elizabeth Hatten, Miranda Hayne, Leah Haywood, Brandi Hewell, Ashley Hogue, Molly Incee, Shannon Johnson, April Jones, Whitney Keene, Charlene Lawrence, Jill McCain, Macy McCurry, Sarah McCurry Courtney McDonald, Laurie McKenzie, Tasha Mays, Tieryaa Metcalf, Gina Murphy, Kathrine Paul, Courtney Pierce, Emily Pounds, Katrice Powell, Katrina Redmond, Gidget Riley, Landon Rutherford, Meredith Scott, Jasmyne Searcy, Larua Leigh Shull, Becca Smith, Erica Smith, Jennifer Smith, Ginny Stearns, Erin Tabor, Amanda Thompson, Quarletta Turner, Lindsay Ward, Ashley Watkins, Alexandria White, Jennifer Wilke, Dana Windham, Taiya Woods r e r s ebel Recruiters arc involved m much of the R recruiting that goes on during game days. They meet with players prior to the game and take them on a tour of everything from the Hall of Tame, to The Grove to the weight room were the players meet with their position coaches after the game. Fifteen minutes before every game Rebel Recruiters take the perspective players on the sidelines of the game were they are able to walk around and meet the trainers. The players also get to stand in the endzone as the football team runs out. The primary goal of the Rebel Recruiters is to make the players feel comfortable during their visit and to make sure they have a good time. " We are a year round football recruiting organization for Ole Miss. We meet and arrange events for football prospects and their guests " said Alexandria White, a junior fashion merchandising major from Grenada, Miss. Events range from Meet the Rebels day to the spring game. These dedicated ladies also give back to the community with various philanthropy projects. Rebel Recruiters try to get out in the community. This year they visited Azalea Gardens Nancy Hankins and Macy McCurry pose on the field together on game day. 185 During November of this past year, the Rebel Recruiters visited the North Mississippi Regional Center. E PRIDE OF by DustinBurton, a senior music education major from Little Rock, Miss. The Ole Miss Pride of the South Band, directed by David Willson, is just that; the Pride of the South. With around 300 members, the band boasts talent from all across America and the world. The Ole Miss band has people from all walks of life, each with diverse musical experience. All members of the band aren ' t music majors and many are majoring in subjects ranging from journalism to history. The Rebelettes, color guard and feature twirlers are also a major part of the Pride of the South. They work hard to coordinate their routines to the music we play. This year, the band worked on various new pieces for the halftime shows. There is something about being in the band and playing " Dixie " that makes all the hard work worth it. Seeing the alumni and students raise their hats and cheer us on in The Grove brings a huge sense of pride to what we, as a band, do. There is such a sense ot satisfaction when we march onto the field and the crowd goes wild in anticipation of what is going to be played. The games have proved to be worth all the practices and long hours that were put into them. The trip to Tuscaloosa, Ala. this year was a long one, since we also had to play for several high school marching bands that same day. We came home exhausted, but proud to have supported our football team. There has never been a moment that I was not proud of the Rebels or the Pride of the South in all the accomplishments we have made. theEND THE SOUTH J aw » Trombone player, Courtney Mosley, proudly watches as the Rebels defend themselves against the University of Florida. Michelle Alday, Jacqueline Nicole Allen, Matt Aufman, Amanda Ayers, Drew Bagley, Aaron Bailey, Waylon Banks, Dustin Bankson, Susanna Baral, Eugenia Beeks, Steven Beitz, Carl Bethley, Lauren Billman, Brandi Boles, Andrew Bonner, Katie Bower, Ashley Boyd, Karen Bradley, Jason Bradley, Megan Brannan, Shelby Brannan, Nathan Brewer, Jessica Briggs, Kristin Brown, Amanda Brown, Paul Brown, Zachary Bryan, Ashely Buffington, Kathryn Burgess, William Butler, Erin Cannon, John Cappleman, Christy Carr, Sawyer Carroll. Briana Carstens, Joshua Cassity, Thomas Cesario, Adam Chapman. Tiffany Childers, Jacob Chinn, Meghan Claney, Brian Clark, Adam Clay, Matthew Cobb, Christopher Cockrell, Josep Congleton, Pranati Copeland, Catherine Covington, Can Crenshaw, Candice Cunningham. Glenn Davidson, Christopher Davis, Jaques De Marche, Lashaunda Denson, Onlie Dillon, Charles Dodd, Lauren Douglas, Jessica Dowd. Jaqueline Downing, Jimmy Downs, Alexander Dusza, Kristy Echols, Karla Edwards, Hope Eilders, Rob Ellis, Jocelyn English, Rodney Eslinger, Janette Fant, Lori Felts, Jennifer Ferguson, Lee Ferguson, Brian Ferguson, Jennifer Fiechtl, Jessica Fiechtl, Eloise Forbes, Angela Foster, Casey Franco, Jeremy Freelon, Jonathan Friar, Regan Frink. William Furr. Bethany Gamma, Julie Gardino, Kip Garner, William Garner, Jessica Gaters, Timothy Gibson, Laura Gillentine. Shannon Gilly, Jabarie Glass. Melissa Gordon, Craig Grantham, Joshua Adam Gray, Jennifer Guyor, Megan Haimes, Leah Hale, Kevin Hall, Caleb Hallauer, Ron Hansen, Stephen Harle. Ashely Harrell, Anita Harris, Mark Harris, Robbie Harris, Kristen Harrison, Lindsey Harrod, Carey Beth Hayes, Berni Hazlewood, Jacqueline Heath, Charlette Hebert, Amanda Herndon, Susan Herndon, Robert Herr, Tedric Hight, Kathleen Hillman, Brian Hobbs, Amy Holmes, Laura Hood, Cassie House. Joseph Howell, John Hughey, Jason Allan Innman, Ranea Irby, Kelley James, Justin Janaskie, Cydney Johnson, Lauren Joiner, Jeremy Jones, Jason Jon es, Jessica Jordan, Khrissaudra Journey, Mike Juare, Jamison Judon. Emily Justice, Carmen Keys, Julia Kincaide, Brandon King, Alyssa Kuhnle, Tejuan Leland, LaToya Lloyd, Stephanie Loften, Marie Loyd, Tiffany Lucas, Chris Lyons, Kinsley Manning, Melissa Marchant, Leon Martinez, Alexis Masso. Chasoa McCaskill, Rick McClure, Shamara McCraney, Ashley McCurrach, Benjamin McDonald. Brooke McDougal. Andrew Austin McGehee, Suzanne McKay, Samuel McKay, Meridith McKinney, Lindsey Erin McKissack, Benji McLain, James McPherson. Brandon Miles, Charles Miles, Erica Miller, Erin Miller, Lisa Minor, Megan Mitchell, Kelly Mixon, Miriam Moeller, Cliff Montjoy, Tammye Moore, Jaci Moore, Mandi Morgan, Ronnie Morisch. Dana Moms. Marcella Morris, Rebekah Morris, Courtney Mosley, James Murphy, Rebekah Neal, Marketta Nelson, Jacob Newberry, Brenton Newman, Gregory Newson, Patricia Oughton, Klye Overstreet, Paige Palumbo, Derek Andrew park, John Parks, Charles Andy Patrick, Bradley Payne, Jason Peacock, Dustin Pfeffer, Greg Phelps. Courtney Pierce, Nicholas Pierce, Chase Pierre, Elizabeth Erin Pigord, Amanda Pirani. Alacin Plunk, Landon Polard, Cristala Poole. Michael Presnell, Justin Purdy, Jeremy Quave, Benjamin Rackley. Ashlie Randazza, Emily Rawlings, Stacey Rice. Laura Riess, Lucas Riley, Candace Robinson, Natosha Robinson, Josh Robinson, Neal Rockhold, Jason Rogers, Amber Roland. Scott Rowan, Heather Russell, Rosanne Rutledge Schmidt, Christina Sales, Joseph Sanchez, Brandon Sartin, Jerry Scott, James Andrew Sego, Roshell Shepherd. Jennifer Sherman, Darren Siddone. Brian Simmons, Tony Simmons, Erin Simmons, Malcolm Sims, Jacqlyn Singleton, Jason Sinks, Terica Slaughter, Austin Smith, Katie Smith, Cindy Smith, Tiffany Smith, Michelle Sommerfield, Dan Sorrick, Ins Spencer. Jeannie Stacks, Brooke Stanford, Adam Steele, Larry Stevens, Timothy Stine, James Stutts. Lauren Sweatte, Susan Swindall, Herman Sylvester, Michelle Taylor, Justin Thames. Rechancia Thomas, Shelby Thomas, Benny Lane Thompson, Heather Thompson, Jefferey Boyd Tilghman, Sarah Todd, Tanaret Tongumpun, Benjamin Tuberville. Antoinette Renee Tuttle, Brandon Vance. Ben Vanderburg, Amanda Veteto, Mara Villa, Jessica Wahl, Benjamin Waldrop, Graham Walker, Javan Walker, Justin Wallace, Ryan Wally, Darrell Ward, Jill Ward, Renee Wells. Paulie Wilbanks, Andrew Willcutt, Jamie Williams. Stacey Williams, Ryan Williams. Ashleigh Wilson, Kenorus Wilson. Marcus Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Nathaniel Wilson, Audrey Winans, Courtney Windsor, Eric Wing. Lee Winters, Leslie Wood, Jana Wright, Theresa Yancey. Paige Zastoupil. 187 1 Ole Miss Yearbook by Ashley Williams Editor-in-Chief Over the past three years, I learned what being on yearbook staff really encompasses. Planning and creating such a publication of this magnitude is something few from outside my staff really understand. The tasks of designing layouts, writing copy, and taking pictures are just a small fraction of the work involved; imagine trying to produce a 400 page book representing the traditions along with the trends of design for an audience with nothing in common except their alma mater. I know this book has considerably raised the benchmark for fu ture publications. Between the time span of being named Editor and school starting, I created an abstract vision of what this book would look like and the feeling the pages would convey, but I lacked a concrete definition for my staffers. However, this team of 2 1 individuals, all coming from diverse backgrounds, came together to create an award winning publication. No matter how many revisions I asked for, they delivered. Despite deadlines, which fell in the middle of finals, they delivered. And at the moment when I thought everything was falling apart, they delivered and helped de-stress me along the way. The staff worked through sleepless nights and supported my vision in every aspect from start to finish. Dedication is an understatement. In Farley 340D, I found a group of friends, each of whom I admire beyond words. Along the way I was privey enough to oversee this publication; The Ole Miss 2003; Simply Classic. theEND KSo " I was contracted out by another department! " • Nathan Geddie 4v " All we have to look forward to is Saturday night poker and YEARBOOK MEETINGS - Julie Wong and Can ' t Buy Me Love The Fearless leader isn ' t feeling so fearless right now! " - Ashley (said on a bad day) " This room is a VORTEX! " - Jennifer Germany " I used to envy people with nice cars and expensive clothes now I envy people who SLEEP! " -Robin Freeman to Ashley " Is it unhealthy to be in love with a book? Is it odd to spend more time in an office than you do in a classroom or at home or with your friends? Not to me it isn ' t. " - Donny Smith 2002 Editor of the Corolla Photographers: Amy Patrick, Meredith Spencer, Robin Freeman, David Steele, and Spruce Derden. Not Pictured Ann-Marie Blayock. The staff listens as our " fearless leader " fills us with encouragement and praises to get through the next deadline. Front to Back: Robin Freeman, Head Photographer, Spruce Derden, Head Photographer, Trey Young, Asst. Athletics Editor, Kelley Hunsburger, Campus Life Editor, Sara Fay Peters, Personalities Editor, Jennifer Germany, Asst. Greek Life Editor, Amanda Johnson, Greek Life Editor, Mary Grace Haynes, Distinctons Editor, - Amy Patrick, Photographer, Rachel Parks, Asst. Campus Life Editor, Ashley Williams, Editor-in-Chief, Virginia Shields, Organizations Editor, Alexandria White, Asst. Academics Editor, Nathan Geddie, Asst. Organizations Editor and Co-Business Manager, Julie Wong, Personalities Editor, Hays Burchfield, Asst. Distictions Editor, Jessica Ayers, Academics Editor, Michelle Nixon, Athletics Editor, Jeremy Roberts, Asst. Personalties Editor and Co Business Manager Not Pictured - Traci Mitchell, Advisor, and Darcy Davis, Co-Advisor " Along the way, we learned more about each other ? o than we ever 189 1 wanted to know; the by-product, this fabulous publication. " ■ Editor-in-Chief Sara Fay Peters, Jeremy Roberts, and Julie Wong pose of a picture at the Oxford City Ashley Williams, Kelley Hunsburger, and Traci Mitchell get a tour of the Taylor Publishing Company Printing Center while in Dallas, Texas. Robin Freeman gets a kiss from Sen. Trent Lott while at Taylor Grocery on her 22 birthday. Mary Grace Haynes and Hays Burchfield get their picture taken at Square Books. igo Black Student Union Officers: President: Brian Haynes Vice President: Neely Lott Secretary: Kim Dudley Treasurer: Jamie Brown Public Relations Director: Kezia Pigford Programming Chair: Franklin Anderson Advisor: Jackie Certion Advisor: Valerie Ross he Black Student Union was established in 1 968 at the University or -JL. Mississippi. The purpose of the Black Student Union is to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to learning in the academic and social arenas of the University of Mississippi. The BSU Mission is to serve as a reputable voice on the University of Mississippi campus that adequately expresses, reflects, and addresses members ' needs and interests. The BSU as an organization serves to not only foster the academic success and personal achievement of its members, but also to promote diversity and community among the entire Ole Miss student body. Officers: Sponser: Dr. Robert Robinson President: Marianne Miranda Vice President: Jeremy Allen Secretary: Audrey Popham Treasurer: Demeka Barfield Program Director: Anne Ferrell Members: Antionette Malone, Linette Malone, Eric Sylvester, Tameka Rice, Tate Russell, David Wong, Paige Douglas, Christina West, Matt Austin Society for Human Resources Management 7Z-, — - ' c j tS ' c-f g — n 1Q1 Mt)e sidence Hall Association The Residence Hall Association is a student organization unlike any other. We are the second largest student organization on the Ole Miss campus, serving more than 3,400 residents living in on-campus housing. While each on campus resident is a member of RHA, Hall Councils have been established in each of the residence halls to serve as the representative body of each community. Since its founding in 1978 RHA has worked to communicate residents ' suggestions and concerns to the Department of Housing and Residence Life , improve services, and provide activities for the residents. RHA is charged with reviewing and making recommendations regarding policies and procedures that impact the students residing on campus. The Residence Hall Association otters students the opportunity to actively impact their community. Members: Andrea Edwards, Charles Washington, Alexis White, Shirlaurence Fair, Wesley Callahan, Robert Sullinger, Ray Owens, Janna Hughes, Patrice Johnson, Joneeta Mead, Trenisha Tallie, Lauren Soshowski, Kaumudi Atapattu, Sharee Smith, Tikia Wiley, Chad Russell, Chuckkena Myers, Lafa Oyetunji, Kim Minton, Steven Love, DeMarco Hodges, Herman Sylvester, Casey Kretz, Saheba DeHenre, Jennifer Brooks, Nirvana Hamilton, Amanda Marcak, Chris Riesgo, Joseph Bradley, Brandee Buntyn, Rachael Parks, Chaeleena Ladd Mj)li i E p s i I o n Officers: President: Ebony Hattix Program Director: Franklin Anderson Finance Coordinator: Jennifer Sehar Graduate Advisor: Summer Liddell Faculty Advisor: Melinda Pullen National Communication Coordinator: Chris Dilt2 Officers President: David Carroll Vice President: Jessica Landry Secretary: Priscilla Barton Treasurer: Tony Sanders Editor: Ben Russell Marshall: Buck Cunningham The Ole Miss Chapter of Chi Epsilon was founded in 1937 as the fourteenth chapter in the United States and the first in the Southeast. The objectives of the Ole Miss Chapter are to maintain and promote the status of civil engineering as an ideal profession, to bestow honor upon civil engineering juniors, seniors and to graduate students who have demonstrated exceptional scholarship, and to develop the qualities of character, practicality an sociability in each member of the chapter. In order to carry out these objectives, the Chapter provides a number of services such as organizing a Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) review course, providing free tutoring to other civil engineering students, recognizing the outstanding civil engineering freshman and senior civil engineering scholar, organizing and providing funds for field trips, writing an annual alumni newsletter, setting up displays and projects for Career Day and assisting in high school progam: such as model contests and MATH COUNTS. K)ii I i ii ii ii I Association of :bea Officers: resident: Ronisha Covington r ice President: James P. Hill ecretary: Willette Thomas reasurer: Brandie Thomas tie listorian: Chanda Roby dvisor: Flora Caldwell ■ M Journalists The National Association of Black Journalists was founded by 44 men and women on December 12, 1975, in Washington, D.C. for comradery and issues important to the Black Press. The NABJ is comprised of professional and student chapters nationwide. One of the purposes of the association is to educate, encourage, and provide scholarships among other academic opportunities for those students who are working toward a career in the field of mass communications . Members: Marquita Brown, Jennifer Buckner, M.C. Course, Kimberly Dudley, Christopher Franklin, Cintia Furtado, Janna Hughes, Makeshi Kizer, Neely Lott, Myrt Price, Erin Smith, Jamee Smith, June Straight, Rosalyn Vinson, Jeremy Williams, Tyese Williams, Willette Thomas, Taiya Woods " WE IKE ONE VOICE " i n 4? .to 193 1 1 ' I 1 S3 |194 Simvf organizations by RimaChaddb Co-Chief Organiz SEED (Students Envisioning Equality through Diversity) is a student-run organization at Ole Miss that strives to achieve many goa including acknowledging and liberating all oppressed peoples, generating awareness of societal inequalities and their effects on all people, and the eradication of racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination. We attempt to achieve these goals through both activism (campaigns, volunteerism, etc.) and education (discussions, panels, etc.) Every month we hold Dorm Dialogues, or student-run discussions, on topics important to the day, from racism on campus to war around the world. These talks are meant to open the channels for all students to say what they feel, and to realize that they aren ' t alone in their opinions. Often, bigger results will stem from Dorm Dialogues. Many members of SEED have gone on to be a part of the Living Wage Campaign, the Campaign fo a New State Flag and various other events. An important aspect of SEED is that we are non-political. People from al parts of the political compass are welcome to join us in our fight for equality, and this is reflected in our members. theEND Rima Chaddha SEED Students Envisioning ' EcniaCity through ' Diversity " Student organizations play a vital role in student life. Organizations give students an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills by giving them the chance to participate in a diversity of events and activities. " -Thomas Wallace, ( Vice Chancellor of Student Life Hyperbole Literary Magazine as.Olt ' itor in Chief: Mary K. Harkins nior Advisor: Megan Norris culty Advisor: David Galef etry Editors: Courtney Cartwright Melissa Perkins )se Editors: Allisa Davis Justin Nicholas blicity Editor: Brent Bonds siness Manager: Tom Taff oduction Managers: Nikki Milliet Brittany McDonald by BrentBonds Publicity EditOf Hyperbole, founded in 2000 by then-sophomore English majors, Mary K. Harkins and Megan Norris, is our University ' s undergraduate student literary magazine. In its third year of publication, the magazine has grown not only in terms of scope, volume, and production quality, but in its recognition among and service to the undergraduate community of arts and letters. Though labeled a literary magazine, Hyperbole is more than just that. Accepting not only entries of poetry, short-fiction, and essays, but also ever-eager for more photography, sketches, paintings, and other forms of artistic submission, the magazine provides the Ole Miss undergraduate body with a printed palette for all mediums of artistic expression. Key to the growth of the magazine has been a reliant staff of students doing everything from helping select entries and design page layouts to spreading publicity through sidewalk-pastels and word of mouth. Also integral to the magazine is the continuing support of the McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College, out of which the magazine is based. theEND Jen Caldwell. Chris Oxner, Marilyn Callahan in the D ) ' s tent in the Grove on September 7. AMA American Marketing ' Association by MarilynCallahan President The American Marketing Ass ociation is one of the largest professional associations for marketers. The AMA has been a resource over the past decades for providing companies and marketers with up-to-date business and market information as well as new techniques and useful resources. The AMA director is marketing professor Dr. Charlie Noble. This is his second year as director. There are 75 members that currently make up the Ole Miss chapter. We meet one to two times a month to plan for major events and activities that will take place. We also have various speakers from around Oxford and Memphis come and speak about their businesses and provide students with tips on the job market and how they should be preparing themselves now for a job after graduation. One speaker who came this year was the president of SouthBank in Oxford. We hosted the business school dean ' s tent in the Grove for the football game against Memphis on September 7. This provided us with interaction with the Dean and campus awareness. Our big event in the fall semester was helping provide a fun and eventful Halloween for the children at Kid ' s Kollege, a preschool for underprivelaged children. We had a lot of fun and donated all the decorations to the Kid ' s Kollege. theEND 8 i. 195 1 ■ by J ulie Wong At the University of Mississippi, an array of diverse personalities comprises the student body of approximately 12,000. Here on campus, one finds a conglomeration of individuals, unique whether by age, ethnicity, interests, or religious backgrounds. However, the University of Mississippi, affectionately referred toras i| M ,y6T|«i;s|fuHT nbra «s nilividuality and provides a home for everyone to come together. Ole Miss is a university of traditions such as academic excellence, football and Graving, and the continuation of a diverse student body. Apart from the academic advantages one gains from his or her college experience, one finds that more importantly, incredible, life-long relationships are developed. Whether you ' re a freshman wandering around aimlessly and completely lost, or if you ' re a senior diving in head first to make those last-minute memories before graduation, you ' re guaranteed to an opportunity of meeting new and extraordinary people on the campus of Ole Miss. Not convinced? Try a stroll through the grove on a warm afternoon, and the different faces of Ole Miss are apparent. The distinctive personalities that exis on ifc e a |utk making the University of Mississippi " Ole Miss! ' We are able to open our minds and extend our hearts to build friendships that are like family. The basis of these friendships is an understanding that we are all different. Yet, we have a common interest: We have a home within the community of Ole Miss. Taking into account the old adage, " Home is where the heart is " Our home is here, where we all have a little ' Ole Miss Rebel ' spirit at heart. theEND personalities - - 9v SaraTayTeters JuCieWong jerenv, (Roberts Gigi Russ, Lindsey Wambler, Mary Rollins, Morgan Stone, Ashley Jew, Elizabeth Newman, and Anna Stewart head home from class. Riman Chaddha enjoys spending time with her friends on The Union steps during lunchtime. Palmer Hutchins, Christopher Johnston, Walter Brand, Cal Wells and Ann Lowery Eason take a moment from the 40th Anniversary celebration to enjoy each others company. 197 The Chancellor ' s Reception for International Students gives students a chance to hear about one anothers experiences here. v r kJ K m MWJ m Er BktPlH Spru.e Dcrdcn Jennifer McNutt and friends stop by Martindale Student Services to run a few errands. ,,.v 1 I r Simpf tresnmen " I enjoy the football games and the experience of The Grove which is unlike any other place. " -Patrick Knight, a freshman business management major from Houston, Texas. Abies, Christopher, Collinsville, MS Abies, Diana, Lucdale, MS Adams, Suzanne, Ft., Lauderdale, FL Aills, Brittany, Dallas, TX Aldredge, Courtney nBO, Alpharetta, GA Aldridge, William, Greenwood, MS Algood, Jesse, Carthage, MS Allen, Gregory, Clinton, MS Allen, Scott, Gulfport, MS Amacker, Becky, Bay St. Louis, MS Amborn, Andrew LX, Vicksburg, MS Anderson, Kristy, Pascagoula, MS 138 Andrews, Ashley AT, Birmingham, Armstrong, Sarah, Nesbit, Atkins, Michael, Oxford, Austin, Wilson, Houston, Aycock, Anna AAA, Meridian, Baber, Teia, Ackerman, Bacon, Brandy, Natchez, MS Bailey, Matt KX, Jackson, MS Balducci, Lou Ann, Mandeville, LA Ball, Sara, Martin, Jackson, MS Banchetti, Vincent LX, Vicksburg, MS Bankston, Dustin, Bay St. Louis, MS Barkley, Ashley IIB , New Orleans, LA Barkley, Corrie A New Albany, MS Barnes, Yamika, Charleston, MS Barter, Sheila, Diamondhead, MS Bass, Jonathan, Hazelhurst, MS Becknell, Lindsey, Kenner, LA Beeks, Eugenia, Smithville, MS Beeler, Ryan, Oxford, MS Bell, Kelhe Af, Clinton, MS Bennett, Johnnie, Eden, MD Bennett, Reginald, Batesville, MS Berg, Michael IN, Beiden, MS AL MS MS TX MS MS H 1 if w P 1 I . m m Bertrand, Rebecca AOII, Kingwxxl, TX Hi v. ins, William KA, Hermitage, TN Bi i ( ourtney I IB 1 Joni sboro, AR Bickerstaff, Sural) Love X12J;ukvxi, .MS Billingslcy, Margaret, Ncsbit, MS Bingham, Elyie IIB 1 , Moss Point, MS Binns, Nena, Frisco, TX Black, Andrea, Metaim I. A Black, Mc-ghann, Brandon, MS Blackburn, Jordan XX, Jackson, MS Blackwell, Mindy OM, Terry, MS Blackwood, Jennifer, Cleveland, MS Blockyou, Thomas, Greenville, IL Blount, Emily AT, Columbia, MS Blythe, Robert TlB t , Franklin, TN Boothe, Anderson, Batesville, MS Bowers, Paul, Houston, TX Box, Thomas, Cleveland, MS Boyd, Ashley, Rosemark, TN Bradley, Natalie, Marion, IL Branch, Yolanda, Jackson, MS Bratton, Jon, Oxford, MS Bravo, Blythe ITBO, Jacksonville, FL Brawner, Jill, Gleason, TN Bray, Laura XQ, Holly Springs, MS Breland, Camille AAA, Columbia, MS Brett, Joseph, Fairhope, AL Brewer, Sandra, Cleveland, MS Bnckey, Karen XD , Memphis, TN Brinkley, Taylor, Petal, MS Broussard, John, McComb, MS Brown, Allya, Jackson, MS Brown, Demetrios, Calhoun City, MS Brown, Kristin, Oxford, MS Brown, Lindsey, Long Beach, MS Brown, Whitney, Brandon, MS Brune, Shelby, Biloxi, MS Bullock, Ryan, Long Beach, MS Buntyn, Brandee, Union, MS Burkeens, Michael, Henderson, TN Busby, Robert, Pontotoc, MS Butler, Lauren, Southhaven, MS Bynum, Sarah, Ridgeland, MS Byrd, Nakedra, Tylertown, MS Cagle, Lindsey, Memphis, TN Cain, Marquita, Smithdale, MS Callahan, Wesley, Olive Branch, MS Callegari, Jonathan, Germantown, TN Camburn, Rachel, Olive Branch, MS Cannada, Baker SN, Jackson, MS Cannada, Katie, Jackson, MS Carder, Adam, Saltillo, MS Carothers, Andrew, Prairie, MS Carroll, Clayton, Fayetteville, AR 3 199 . ' I A Freshman ' s Perspective.-. y experience as a freshman is only one that ( A could have been fulfilled here at Ole Miss. -L V LAt the age of four, 1 knew 1 would spend my undergraduate and graduate years of my life at the best university in Mississippi Opportunities and numerous doors have opened for me that, I believe, would not have happened at any otner university. During just this short time at Ole Miss, I fiave met hundreds of new and interesting, but sometimes weird, groups of people. I know several lifelong friends have been made whereas others are just " Hey " and " Wfiats up? " while walking to class. Late nights, sneaking into the Burgundy Room, and the unforgettable hours of hanging out with friends have made my experience that much better. Aftnougfx I have not quite master the art of spinning, I have grown fond of some of the weird traditions (like drinking certain liquids out of red plastic cups around ' campus). I have also had to master rapidly this new concept of studying for tests in order to pass a class whereas when I was in ftigfi scftoof mat was never an issue. These biology tests have been kicking my butt whereas the history papers I Rave written fiave 6een some of the best I have done. 1 am eagerly awaiting the next years of my life to see what aft happens for me. I know I wifC be leaving with one of the best degrees money can buy and with an impressive resume that any employer would be stupid not to look at Ole Miss is my new home where my blood is red and blue through and through. by Jeremy Ro6erts, a freshman education major from Terry, Miss Caskey, Curtis, Ridgeland, MS Caten, Anna, Let- flBO, Florence, MS Ceasar, Melissa, Ocean, Springs, MS Cease, Meghan, Birmingham, AL Certion, Erica, Oxford, MS Chaffin, Robert, Nashville, TN Chambers, Mary, Laurel, MS Champion, Chris IN, Greenwood, MS Chapman, Jennifer, Hernando, MS Charbonnet, Hunter, Mandeville, LA Cheek, Hollee, Kosciusko, MS Childs, Litisha, Starkville, MS Churchill, Meghan, Grapevine, TX Clapp, [Catherine AT, Vicksburg, MS Clark, Amanda AH Pascagoula, MS Clark, Brian OKT, Florence, MS Clark, Meki, Collierville, TN Clark, Trey IN, Jackson, MS S°™% tiV H] (Jay, Ail, mi, Colombui MS Cleary, Mark, I [ouston, ' IX ( .Iciiiiiks Inn I i rnando MS Coggin, Clint , ( rurlej Al. ' oka Joshua, Tupelo, MS Cole, Christophei [a I son Ms (.ulliiis, Lauren KA, Jackson, Ms Coin, Patrii k, Corinth, MS Compton, John Hays XN , Meridian MS Conerly, Priscilla, Jayess, MS Conner, Bethany, Vicksburg, MS Cook, Eric, Oxford, MS Cook, Jason, Pelahatchie, MS Cook, Nicole Marie, Hendersonville, IN Cook-Mendoza, Nicholas, (Oxford, MS Cooley, Demetrise, Heidelberg, MS Cooper, Mandy, Brandon, MS Cornelius, Centeria, Jackson, MS Cowan, Julia t M, Cartersville, GA Cox, Laurie, Madisonville, KY Crawford, Brittany, Pontotoc, MS Crawford, Elspeth, Auburn, AL Crews, Nathan, Saucier, MS Crow, Anna ACT! , Water Valley, MS Cruzen, Stephen, Germantown, TN Cubley, Laura FIBO, Columbia, MS Cuchens, Chris KX, Vestavia, Hills, AL Culbertson, Mallory, Vicksburg, MS Cunningham, Candace, Aberdeen, MS Cunningham, Ryan, Colgate, WI Curran, Addie nB t , Mission Hills, KS Cutcliffe, Daryn, Old Hickory, TN Dale, Laurie, Houston, TX Darnall, Devin, Jackson, MS Darnall, Jennifer, Memphis, TN Darrow, Kerri, Abbeville, MS Davis, Jessica, Grenada, MS Davis, Marquita, Grenada, MS Davis, Teresa, Carrolton, MS Dawkins, Megan AAA, Sardis, MS De, Weerdt, Phyllis, Jackson, MS Dean, Brenda, Batesville, MS Dean, M amie, Oxford, MS Decastro, Taylor, Little Rock, AR Deloach, Lindsey KA, Holcomb, MS Delong, Lindsey, Atlanta, GA Denson, Lashaunda, Smithville, MS Dickson, Carly nB , Ocean Springs, MS Diffee, Miles, Jackson, MS Dillon Jr., Edward, Bogue Chitto, MS Dobbs, Kaneisha, Hamilton, MS Dorris, Matthew, Mandeville, LA Dorsey, Louis, Columbus, MS Doss, Jessica, Southhaven, MS Ill I 1 Jonas King Ashley A. McArthur Teresa Davis Charisa Burkhead Dotson, Patti, Ocean Springs, MS Dozier, Melanie, Calhoun City, MS Drummond, William ZN, Memphis, TN Duddleston, Jennifer, Ridgeland, MS Dufour, Jacob, Brandon, MS Duncan, Monica, Kosciusko, MS Duquesnay, Henry, New Orleans, LA Durastanti, Angela, Madison, MS Dye, Caroline, Birmingham, AL Dye, Lauren, Calhoun City, , MS East, Autumn, Nesbit, MS Edens, Lauren AOfl, Jackson, MS Emerson, Beth, Dewitt, AR Emerson, Jill, Hernando, MS Farmer, Katherine, Galveston, TX Farrar, Brandon £X, Woodville, MS Farrar, Hunter SX, Woodville, MS Faulk, Johannah, Eupora, MS Faulks, Emily, Vicksburg, MS Ferril, Geoff IX, Brandon, MS Finney, Emilea, Nettleton, MS Fischer, Elizabeth, Mandeville, LA Fletcher, Amanda, Perryville, MS Flinn, Dunbar KA, Natchez, MS Flowers, Chad, Ecru, MS Foose, Curran, Mobile, AL Forbes, Eloise, Columbus, MS Ford, Tomisha, Nettleton, MS Foreman, Adam, Noxapather, MS Foster, Andrea, Florence, MS Fratesi, Elaine, Greenville, MS Frost, Kristin, Brentwood, MS Fry, Trey EN , Jackson, MS Furlow, Cole, Louisville, MS Gadd, Stefanie KA, Germantown, MS Galloway, Shamaro, Brandon, MS Galloway-Maberry, Quentin, Jackson, MS Garner, Kathryn, Jackson, MS Geffert, Greg, Spring, TX Gent, Kristen AOn, Gulfporat, MS German, Jonathan, Cummings, GA Gillentine, Jenny KKf, Miami Beach, FL f L t 2? Yamika Barnes, Veronica Davis, LaShaunda Rogers, Danielle Totten, Meghan McKinney Robin Freeman Kelley Hunsberger ST ' -m Gilliam, Mark, Nashville, TN Givens, Julia, Senatobia, MS Givens, Kara, Senatobia, MS Goodwin, Madeline, Jackson, MS Gordon, Tuesdie, Sebastopol, MS Grant, Jalarna, Ocean, Springs, MS Graves, John, Tunica, MS Gray, Austin, Oxford, MS Gray, Brittni, Savannah, TN Gray, James, Jackson, MS Green, Lori, Bassfield, MS Green, Tom, Carrolton, MS Greene, Nicholas, Little, Rock, AR Greer, Ken, Yon, Indianola, MS Gries, Veronica, Fenton, MI Griffin, Jake, Brentwood, TN Griffin, Steven, Oxford, MS Grimes, Morgan, Huntsville, AL Gronseth, James, Lucedale, MS Gross, Meredith, Chester, IL Guyton, Emily AAA Tupelo, MS Haimes, Megan, Mccool, MS Hale, Barry, Pinebuff, MS Hall, Ann Marie, Meridian, MS Hall, Clint, Jackson, TN Hall, Crystal, Raymond, MS Hamilton, Brandy, Philadelphia, MS Hardgrave, Drew OKT, Dallas, TX Harper, April, Meridian, MS Harrington, Jennifer, Madison, MS Harris, Charles ZN, Germantown, TN Harris, Courtney, Kosciusko, MS Harris, Laura, Beaumont, TX Harris, Yannick, Sunflower, MS Harrison, Ashley, Madison, MS Harvey, Leigh Anne nB t , Columbia, MS Hawks, Laura, Oxford, MS Head, Joneeta, West, Point, MS Hearne, James, Ocean, Springs, MS Hebert, Rebekah, Fulton, MS Hederman, Mollie, Jackson, MS Hemphill, April, Greenwood, MS 203 «l Herbert, Rebecca, Cleveland, MS Herr, Magen, Little Rock, AR Herrington, Laura Elizabeth, Woodville, MS Herron, Terica, Jayess, MS Hesson, R.L., Brentwood, TN Hester, Haley, Vicksburg, MS Hill, Sydney, Gander, MS Hobbs, Brian, Courtland, MS Hobgood, Anthony, Picayune, MS Hodges, Deidra, Magnolia, MS Hoggard, Megan, Oxford, MS Holland, Joyce, Morton, MS Holland, Lauren, Brandon, MS Holliman, Melva, Beaumont, MS Hooks, Ashley, Montgomery, AL Horton, Will, Birmingham, AL Houghland. Jason, Pinckneyville, IL Hovey, Joshua, Oxford, MS Huddleston, Elizabeth, Franklin, TN Hughes, Janna, Ridgeland, MS Hughes, Lauren. Brandon, MS Hurgobin, Yossina, Quatrutre Bomes, Marietius Hurst, Ross IN, Germantown, TN Hurst, Sene, Pascagoula, MS Hutchison, William IX , Madison, MS Israel, Jennifer, Columbia, MS Jackson, Jr., Eddie, Franklin, TN James, Kelley, Oxford, MS Jayasinghe, Indika, Columbus, Sri Lanka Jeanes, Kelly, Jackson, MS Jenkins, Steven, Batesville, MS Jennings, Whitney, Nicole, West Point, MS 204 Jensen, Brandon IX, Woodville, MS Johnson, Hellen, Amory, MS Johnson, Lauren, Tupelo, MS Johnson, Leslie, Tupelo, MS ■1 !i fi Mi P Jerrica King Kezia Pigford Tiffany Webb, Darius L. Leland, Naomi Fulton. Marandia Robinson, Roreques Henderson ' V ill Johnston, David EN, Atlanta, GA Jones, Cameron IX Jackson, MS Jones, Gregg, Ethel, MS Jones, Kimberly, Jackson, MS Jones, Kristin, Brandon, MS Jones, Morgan, Olive Branch, MS Jones, Teandrea, Pontotoc, MS Jordan, Ellen, Yazoo City, MS Judson, Jennifer, Columbus, MS Judson, Karen, Columbus, MS Kaigler, Leeann, Gulfport, MS Kehoe, Andrew, Jackson, MS Kemp, Jonathan XX Ridgeland, MS Kendall, Tara, Pocahantas, MS Kendrick, Joseph, Jackson, MS 205 Kenny, Michelle KKT Bay St. Louis, MS Kilpatrick, Kimberly, Montgomery, AL King, Bryan KX, Jackson, MS King, Katie, Ackerman, MS King, Leigh, Philadelphia, MS King, Mindy, Grenada, MS Kinsey, Kathryn, Douglasville, GA Kirkley, James, Columbus, MS Kitchens, Trey, Duluth, GA Knight, Bradley, Oxford, MS Kosko, Mark XX, Carrolton, MS Kretz, Casey, Houston, TX Kurts, William, Rosedale, MS Ladner, Justin, Bay St. Louis, MS Laird, Emily, Ellisville, MS Lane, Carlos, Eupora, MS Laney, Brad XX, Jackson, MS Lang, Cassie, Columbus, MS Larry, Genevieve, Tupelo, MS Latil, Rebecca KA0, Ocean Springs, MS Ledbetter, Amanda, Batesville, MS Leech, Rachel, Hernando, MS Legg, Mandy, Brandon, MS Lenoir, Christina, Aberdeen, MS Lewis, Spencer, Norcross, GA Line, Kathryn, Lexington, KY Lishman, Ashley, Kosciusko, MS Lites, Caroline, Alpharette, GA Little, Marcie, Oxford, MS Little, Olivia, Etta, MS Lobrano, Thomas KX, Centreville, MS Locklear, Jodi, Brandon, MS Lomax, Sarah, Rose, Baton Rouge, LA Love, Matthew, Hernando, MS Love, Melissa, Meridian, MS Low, Laura, Ann, Houston, TX Lucas, Lorelei, Columbia, MS Lusco, Olivia, Birmingham, AL Lyon, Jennifer, Nashville, TN Magee, Drew, Batesville, MS Maki, Jonathan, KA , New Orleans, LA Marascalco, Diana KA, Grenada, MS Marascalco, Jennifer, Holcomb, MS Marchant, Melissa, Jackson, MS Maria, Ana AAA, University, MS Marshall, Kayla, Magnolia, MS Martin, Dan, Brandon, MS Martin, Leigh, Anne, Oxford, MS Martinez, Leon, Torrance, CA Mathena, Lee, New Albany, MS Mathews, Ben, Ridgeland, MS Matthews, Meredith Veda, Bogalusa, LA Maynard, Amanda, West Point, MS 206 Mayo, Erin, Petal, MS Mayo, Rush, Oxford, MS Mayse, Adrian, Victoria, MS McAlister, Jenna AT, Mandeville, LA McArthur, James, Marks, MS McBride, Jade, Gladewater, TX McClellan, Dominique, Duck Hill, MS McClinton, Spencer EAE, Vienna, WV McCord, Nicole Rachelle, Olive Branch, MS Mccoy, Alia, Clarksdale, MS McCoy, Sarah, Liberty, MS McCraw, Emily, Columbia, MS McCutcheon, Taylor, Shreveport, LA McDill, Emily, Brandon, MS McGehee, Austin, Atlanta, GA McKee, Taylor, Cordova, TN McKinney, Meghan, Byhalia, MS McKinney, Meredith, Birmingham, AL McKinney, William, Moss Point, MS McMillen, Stephanie, Fulton, MS McNally, Henry, Bristow, VA Meisenheimer, Tyler, Germantown, TN f ft ■ M Melton, Candice, Grenada, MS MciTcIl, Kathryn, Birmingham, Al. Merrill, Beth, Franklin, ' IN Merriwether, Karen AAA, Newman. GA MetZger, Robert, Raymond, MS Miller, Cathryn KA, Holly Springs, MS Miller, Justin, Camp Leieune, NC Mills, Michael, Fulton, MS Milner, Adam, Jackson, MS Milo, Stephanie, Great Falls, VA Mondics, Jonathan, Dallas, TX Monsour, Meredith, Jackson, MS Montgomery, Arabella, Monroe, LA Montgomery, Brenton EN , Clinton, MS Montgomery, Kristie, Oxford, MS Montiel, Judith, Montgomery, AL Monts, Kimmel IN, Tupelo, MS Moore, Andrew, Greenwood, MS Moore, Carroll, Jackson, MS Moore, Danyale, Okalona, MS Moore, Kyrie, Byhalia, MS Moore, Lauren, Columbus, MS Moore, Tyler, Pinckneyuille, IL Morgan, Eddie, Lexington, SC Morgan, Natalie, Starkville, MS Morns, Matt KL, Hattiesburg, MS Morrison, Sarah, Gulfport, MS Morrisson, Jenna, Etta, MS Mott, Joanna LTBO, New Orleans, LA Murphree, Caroline, Jackson, MS Murphy, Catherine KKT, Shreveport, LA Murray, Alisha, Metairie, LA Nail, Angela KA, Brandon, MS ; ' Nasif, Neely KA, Vicksburg, MS Neal, Jomonique, Waynesboro, MS Nelson, Carnesha, Moss Point, MS Newsom, Michael, Duck, Hill, MS Newsom, Rebecca, Olive Branch, MS Noah, Tamara, Clarksdale, MS Noel, Lauren XQ, Memphis, TN Nunn, Alexandra, Virgina Beach, VA Odie, Kenisha, Milwaukee, WI Ogden, Elizabeth, Metairie, LA Ohwofasa, Eruke, Jackson, MS O ' Neil, Jennifer, Erdenheim, PA O ' Rear, Erica, Franklin, TN Orsborn, Laura, Parchman, MS Oswald, Sarah, Mananna, FL Otis, Leslie, Tupelo, MS Overstreet, Kyle, Florence, MS Owens, Adriane, Clarendon, AR Pankey, Melynda, Palestine, AR Partridge, Amanda, Ocean Springs, MS Patrick, Amy, Jackson, MS 07 108 Roarftrips... oadtrips are part of the college etperiance. I can R attribute many oftny memories to college roadtrips. Its a chance to get out araf see new things, go to new p laces j and meet new people, all while being in the company of your friends. My favorite roadtrips woidd have to be traveling to other schools. This gives you a chance to experiance would it would be like at a different school, but always leaves you with feeling of pride, knowing you get to come back to Ole Miss. There are many other ways to utdize roadtrips than just going to other schools. Going to other jriends ' honuis is always fun. You get to see where they grew up, meet their family, and its always entertaining to meet the old " high school group " . By going home with jriends, you will learn things about them you would have never known. Spring Break roadtrips are a(so one of my jdvorites. Those fong trips you took to the 6each with your family become short rides when traveling in a caravan of friends. Before you know it, youre fastening to old school CD ' s (and singing every word), while getting a kick out of getting the truckers to honk as they drive by. The greatest aspeet of roadtrips would have to be how unexpected they can be. For example, my most recent roadtrip-coming home from Athens, Ga., entailed getting stranded in Car6on Hid, Ala., while tornadoes raged through the town. Although it was scary, I ' ll never forget having to take shelter in a jaif. cefl and sleep in a church with four other friends, one of which who was in pain from a third degree bum from a hair straightener accident from the previous night. This is definitely not what was planned for our jbothaff game weekend. Another road trip was made memorable by making a seven hour drive turn into a twelve hour one... this trip included getting fost twice, a driver ' s side window getting stuck down in the rain, and driving an hour with the gas light on. It was ok since we got fully dressed in the car and went straight out when we arrived at 2 a,m. Roadtrips definitely create memories you couldn ' t have imagined and make college more worthwhile. I know there are many perks from attending school at Ole Miss, but I believe that roadtrips are by far an essentiaf. to tndy attaining a compfete college experience. by AnuindaDouglas, a junior EngUsh major jrom Somervifle, Tenn. Payne, Brad, Tupelo, MS Payne, Tiffany, Rome, GA Peel, Haley, Hendersonville, TN Pennington, Lauren, Pontotoc, MS Perryman. Ashley, Philadelphia, MS Piazza, Elizabeth AT, Jackson, MS Pierce, Natalie KA, Aberdeen, MS Pierce, Rebekah, Lucedale, MS Pierotti, Nick, Eads, TN Piletz, Andrew, Madison, MS Pilgrim, Mary Ruth, Montgomery, AL Pilkinton, William, Collierville, TN Pitre, Anne, Gulfport, MS Polk, LaToya, Schlater, MS Polston, Scotty, Lebanon Junction, KY Poole, Christopher Glenn, Olive Branch, MS Presnell, Michael, Jackson, MS Pretti, Ashley, Lake Cormorant, MS Wive . Price, Erin, Olive, Branch, MS Pndcly, Kelly KA(-), Jackson, TN Quinn, Letitia, I latriesburg, MS Ramsey, Sadie, Mobile, AI. Randolph, Kaylia, Meddleton, MS Reed, Brandon, Baton Rouge, LA Reeves, Anna, Madison, MS Reuther, Julie, Merairie, l.A Reynolds, Kristin, Clarksdale, MS Rice, Kathenne, Independence, MO Richard, Melissa Paige nB t , Evansville, IN Richardson, Steven, Coa homa, MS Rigby, Laura, Pascagoula, MS Riley, Kenneth, Kosciusko, MS River, Heather AOn , Water Valley, MS Rivers, Brandy, Diamondhead, MS Roberts, Jeremy, Terry, MS Roberts, Lauren, Corinth, MS Roberts, Rachel, Denison, TX Robinson, Candace, Copiah, MS Robinson, Catherine, Oxford, MS Rocconi, Meredith, Oxford, MS Roe, Jerrell, Holly Springs, MS Roe, Mary Elizabeth ITBd) Humboldt, TN Roebuck, Carol Ann. Rome, GA Rogel, Brynn KA0, Natchez, MS Rogers, Dustin, Memphis, TN Rogers, Lashaunda, Senatobia, MS Rogers, Laura, Hernando, MS Rollins, Kevin, Lucedale, MS Rosa, Joshua, Purvis, MS Rose, Erica, Greenville, MS Rowalt, Zach, Covington, LA Rudolph, Mallory, Murray, MS Rule, Caroline, Madison, MS Russ, William, Houston, TX Russell, Amanda, Metairie, LA Russell, Keith, Merigold, MS Ryan, Meg, Bay Winette, AL Sabbatini, Austin, Oxford, MS Sage, Christina KKT Madison, MS Sain, Ashley, Bolivar, TN Sanders, Jacob ZN, New ALbany, MS Sargent, Denise, Olive Branch, MS Scanlon, Edward, Jackson, TN Scanlon, William, Jackson, TN Scarbrough, Carol, Columbus, MS Schaffhauser, Suzv, Brandon, MS ! 3 Schuh, Louis, Tupelo, MS Scott, Mary-Sada, Walls, MS Shamaly, Salimeh, Brandon, MS Shelnutt, Crissy, Vancleave, MS Shields, Lynley, Corinth, MS Simmons, Kathryn FIBO, Little Rock, AR Simmons, Samuel, Grenada, MS Simpson, Brandon, Columbus, MS Sims, Andrae, Louisville, MS Sims, Chevonne, Senatobia, MS Sims, David, Jackson, MS Sims, Kendra, Knoxville, TN Sisk, Katrina, Christopher, IL Slade, Chip, Rich Square, NC Small, Niccole, Clarksdale, MS Smercak, Robert, Walls, MS Smith, Austin, New Hope, AL Smith, Brooke, Humboldt, TN Smith, Cassie, Hernando, MS Smith, Melissa, Birmingham, AL Smith, Meredith, Jackson, MS Smith, Michael, Monticello, MS Smith, Satana Olivia, Terry, MS 210 Smith, Shelley, Tupelo, MS nm Smith, Tara, Florence, MS h Smith, Tracey, Pearl, MS f Snow, Lena, Oxford, MS k A Sooter, Hannah, Homewood, AL % Sorey, Ashley, Forest, MS Sosnowski, Lauren, Marietta, GA Springer, Tasha Megan, Jasper, AL Spruill, Meredith, Hendersonville, TN Stacks, Jeannie, Henderson, MS Stanfield, Munita, Shannon, MS Stanley, Catherine, Destin, FL Stewart, Heather, Kingwood, TX Stine, Timothy, Millington, TN Stoll, Julia, Bossier City, LA Straight, June, Starkville, MS Strange, Ashley, Pascagoula, MS Strode, Haley, Ownsburrow, KY f; v % % Jadhav Prakash Willete Thomas, Lakesia Bass, and Shamara McCraney Keita Anderson Victoria Citchens K ■ flW Strzalka, Sarah, Marion, OH Stuckey, Dennis, Bentonia, MS Suggs, Roshandra, Enid, MS Sumrall, Natalie, Laurel, MS Surrell, Stephen, Jackson, MS Sutter, Preston SX, Alpharetta, GA Sutton, Charlotte, Cahoun City, MS Tadlock, Stephen, Hattiesburg, MS Taff, Rachel, Coral Springs, FL Talbot, Pierre, Oxford, MS Tallie, Trenisha, West Point, MS Tapp, Mary, Paducah, KY Taylor, Jordan, Columbus, MS Tew, Mary Melinda, Ridgeland, MS Thames, Kimberly, Ocean Springs, MS 211 Thomas, Anwen, Mandeville, LA Thomas, Kristy, Vaiden, MS Thomas, Krystal, Vaiden, MS Thomas, Samantha, Hampton, GA Thomas, Sharessa, Greenville, MS Thompson, Katie, Tupelo, MS Thornton, Katherine, Mandeville, LA Thurber, Alicia, Ocean Springs, MS Tindall, Ashleigh, Eupora, MS Tisdale, Nicole, Nettleton, MS Todd, Dustin, Tupelo, MS Todd, Jacob, Henderson, KY Tolbert, Jennifer, Woodville, MS Toliver, Melissa, Batesville, MS Tollison, Ansley KA, Ruleville, MS Totten, Danielle, Holly, Springs, MS Treppendahl, Wettlin, Woodville, MS Tull, Samuel III, Corinth, MS Turner, Heather, Brandon, MS Tutor, Maranda, Oxford, MS Tutor, Merrill, New Albany, MS What Ofe Miss Means to Me... wouuf ftave to say that Ole Miss is a more I unique place than most outsiders think. Even though I havt been acquainted with Ole Miss my entire life, I never realty understood what it meant to be a part of die Ote Miss family until I became a student. Ole Miss has provided me with so many opportunities that have really changed the way that I tixin.6. and the way that I live my life every day. Students come from all over the U.S. and the world, and each person brings something different to the University. Coming from a small town in Mississippi, I didn ' t really know what to expect to get at Ole Miss other than an education. I soon came to realize that the most important part of college washt necessarily the materiaf that I learned in the classroom, but rather the experiences that I went through to mold myself into the adult that I will be later in life. I did not at any point in my collegiate career feel like a number lost in the masses , instead I felt like I had the opportunity to interact with administrators and teachers who really cared about my opinions. I think that the Ole Miss community is made up of many people who really care about making The University better for its students. I cant imagine not being a part of the Ole Miss family in future years. As tne quote in the union building states, " One never really graduates from Ole Miss " . by MarsftaCtRivers, a senior accounting major from Union, Miss. Upshaw, Ryan, Moss Point, MS Vanderford, Kathy, Sarah, MS Vaughan, Lauren, Smyrna, GA Wade, Raymond, Moss Point, MS Waites, Allison, Louin, MS Wakes, Russ, Hattiesburg, MS Wakefield, Michael, Jackson, MS Walker, Chavonti, Holly Springs, MS Walker, Jonathan, Ripley, MS Walker, Katy nB t , Carterville, IL Walker, Marc cDICI , Olive Branch, MS Walker, Marcell, Byhalia, MS Wall, Sarah, Raymond, MS Wallace, Amanda KA, Tupelo, MS Walmsley, Thomas Semmes, Metairie, LA Walton, Patrick IX, Mobile, AL Wantland, Megan FIBO, Lexington, MS Washington, Jason, Clarendon, AR m r ' f j,l. i, Autumn, Houston, ' IX Waterhouse, Mills, Lookout Mtn, GA Watkms, Jefftey, Lafayette, I.A Watson, Christine-, Chapin, SC Watson, David, Jnmaii St Watts, Brian, Jackson, MS Watts, James, Jackson, MS Waycaster, Amy, Muscle Shoals, Al. Waycaster, Jill, Tupelo, MS Weaver, Jennifer, Houston, TX Weaver, Wilson, Colleyville, TX Webb, Tiffany, Senatobia, MS Webre, Jennifer, Broussard, LA Wells, Renee, Philadelphia, MS West, Jessica, Water Valley, MS White, Alexis, Petal, MS White, Jennie, Grenada, MS White, Maggie AAA, Belden, MS White, Randi, Tupelo, MS Wicker, Caroline, Tupelo, MS Wilbert, John OK , Nashua, NH Wiley, Lanetra, Grenada, MS Wiley, Ronnie, Oxford, MS Wilkes, Evelyn, Fernwood, MS Wilkins, Emily, Jackson, MS Williams, Jessica, Richland, MS Williams, Joey, Batesville, MS Williams, Rachel, Denison, TX Williamson, Ben ZN, Ridgeland, MS Williamson, Michael, Steens, MS Williford, Josh, Oxford, MS Wilson, Andrew, Huntsville, AL Wilson, Chris OKW, Memphis, TN Wilson, Jenny, Sumner, MS Wilson, Jenny, Sumner, MS Wilson, Nancy, Haughton, LA Winters, Alex, Clarksdale, MS Witt, David, Oxford, MS Witt, Sara, Denison, TX Wong, Kristen, Jackson, MS Wood, Keli AAA , Vicksburg, MS Worley, Allison, Rienzi, MS Wortham, Taylor KA , Rosedale, MS Worthem, Kenaz, Oxford, MS Worthem, Macedonia, Thaxton, MS Wyrick, Michael, Memphis, TN Yarber, Holley AAA , Belden, MS Young, Mary Allyson, Tupelo, MS Zabaneh, Sophia, Louisville, KY Zorbino, Joe, Memphis, TN -1} Simply sophomores " The University of Mississippi welcomes its students and listens to their concerns. Because of these things, it has been easier to call Ole Miss a home away from home. " -Christianna Jackson, a sophomore English and music major from Jackson, Miss. Abbott, Todd ATQ, Caruthersville, MS Abide, David KA, Greenville, MS Acred, Angela AGTI, Jackson, TN Adderholt, Shara, Saltillo, MS Aikman, Kathryn, Dallas, TX Allemand, Jr., Kevin, Perkinston, MS Allen, Abigail, Oxford, MS Allen, Martha XJ3, Lyon, MS Allen, Susan, Waterford, MS Amborn, Robert IX, Vicksburg, MS Andrews, Toy, Milton, FL Anet, Keili nB Bloomington, IL 214 Ariza, Federico, Oxford, MS Armstead-Shaw, Cherie, Batesville, MS Ash, Amber IIBO, Hernando, MS Atapattu, Kaumudi, Sri Lanka Avery, Kathenne AL Houston, TX Bailey, Aaron, Coldwater, MS Bailey, Brittany AT, Jackson, MS Bailey, Mary Katherine nB h Conway, AR Bailey, David, Meridian, MS Bajaj, Parul, Jackson, MS Baker, Amanda AOn, Shreveport, LA Baker, Bradley, Olive Branch, MS Baker, Matt, Blue Springs, MS Ball, Roynaldo, Indianola, MS Bardvvell, Margaret, Brandon, MS Barham, Patrick BOIl, Jackson, MS Barrow, Leigh XQ, Guntersville, AL Bartlc-tt, Martin, Pascagoula, MS Barton, Franklin, Marion, AR Bates, Colleen, Sikeston, MO Beaven, Ann nB t , Lexington, KY Beck, Carabeth nB I Birmingham, AL Benson, Jon, Philadelphia, PA Benton, Hubert, Jackson, MS N ■ j0 1m J ' 1| Benvenutti, Nicholas, Bay St. Louis, MS Berrong, Kathryn4 M, Lilburn, GA Bi rry, Lee, Crystal Springs, MS Berryhill, Ashlyn KA(-), Graham, TX Berrucci, Stephen, Chalmette, I. A Bivens, Staccy KA0, Collierville, TN Blackburn, Ann Barrett AAA Vicksburg, MS Blackwell, Jenna X£2, Columbus, GA Blankenship, Wendy, Jackson, MO Bolger, Russell, Haddonfield, NJ Boone, Philip, Hendersonville, TN Bowen, Sarah, Baton Rouge, LA Boyd, Claire, Tunica, MS Boyd, Laura, Ripley, MS Boyles, Jessica, Russellville, AL Bradley, Anna AAA, Bellaire, TX Braithwaite, Joshua, Chicago, 1L Brame, Laura AOFI, Laurel, MS Brent, Whitney KKT Madison, MS Brewer, Benjamin I IKA, Henderson, TN Brewer, Kristen KA, Summit, MS Briggs, Jessica, Brookehaven, MS Brooks, Jennifer, Jackson, MS Brooks, Lenwood, Flowood, MS Brooks, Lindsay, New Hebron, MS Browarek, John, Akron, MS Brown, Felicia, Pontotoc, MS Brown, Mary Hayes X£2, Schlater, MS Brueck, Anne KA, Mobile, AL Buffington, Ashley KAO, Virginia Beach, VA Bui, Rose, Biloxi, MS Bullard, Rachel nBcp, Kennett, MO Buntin, Holly KA0, West Memphis, AR Burgess, Kathryn, Water Valley, MS Burns, Justin EOE, Pearl, MS Burson, Sarah ITBO, Germantown, TN Busching, Jessica AAA Jackson, MS Bush, Michael, Indianola, MS Butler, Denaya, Gulfport, MS Butler, Tasheitha, Natchez, MS Calcote, Garrieth, Oxford, MS Carmel, Michelle, Ocean Springs, MS Carpenter, Lindsey, Lexington, MS Carroll, Crista nBO, Tulsa, OK Cartwright, Sally OM, Booneville, MS Chaffin, Mioshi, Jackson, MS Chancellor, Lauren AAA, Hattiesburg, MS Chaney, Lacey J M , Vicksburg, MS Chapman, Adam, Pascagoula, MS Chapman, Sonya, Newton, MS Chassaniol, Mimi AAA Winona, MS Christopher, Jenny AT, Clinton, MS Chung, Que, Hernando, MS Claney, Meghan AT Collierville, TN A Sophomores Perspective... t never ceases to amaze me (tow fast time passes I in college. Its hard to believe that freshman year JLis now a blur in my past, and " sophomore year is quickly passing by, soon to become another blur of memories full of classes, work, and parties. Freshman year is full of anxiety, anticipation, and excitement; however, soon the anxiety disappears, the anticipation settfes, and we become sophomores, more experienced and knowledgeable. We know our way around campus, we have a solid group of friends whom we can count on, and we assume an air of self-confidence that we didn ' t quite fiave as freshmen. As sophomores, we have the experience needed to feel secure about the decisions we make, and although we lose some of the innocent optimism of freshman year, one thing we have not lost is the sense of excitement. by VirginiaShields, a sophomore English major from Mo6ife, Afa Coffield, Lauren K.KL Fayetteville, AR Cole, D.C., Oxford, MS Cole, Kacey, Hattiesburg, MS Collins, Lauren KA, Tupelo, MS Cook, Sarah KA0, Pelahatchie, MS Cooper, Kelly, Columbus, MS Cooper, Marjorie, Oxford, MS Copeland, Pranati, Baldwyn, MS Correro, Jacquelyn AL Madison, MS Cottrell, Carroll, Houston, TX Coughlin, Autumn LIBO, Madisonville, KY Cox, Dorsey Xfi, Birmingham, AL Craig, Sam XX, Laurel, MS Crain, Allen, Holly, Springs, MS Cranfill, Katie LIBO, Lexington, KY Crawford, Alexander ZX, Fayetteville, AR Cromeans, Catherine ct M, Birmingham, AL Crowley, Ashley KKL St. Simons, GA S=7. Crowson Meredith, Southaven, MS Culliver, Vanessa, Louin, MS Culver, Alexis, Smithville, Ms Cummings, Keith, Kosciusko, MS Cummings, Lauren, Oxford, MS Cunningham, Tiffany, Muss Poini MS Curry, La ' Shonn, Lyon, MS Daley, Lamar, Collins, MS Dauzat, Nicole, Carriere, MS Davis, Lindsey KA, Hattiesburg, MS Davis, Sara, West Point, MS Dehenre, Saheba Bebe, Laurel, MS Deloach, Regina, Columbus, MS Denny, AJ £ t E , Ocean Springs, MS Depeters, Marielle AOfl Alpharetta, GA Derden III, Spruce, Kosciusko, MS Deweese, Drew, Jacksonville, FL Diltz, Christopher, Charleston, MS Dixon, Robert, Griffin, GA Domian, Anne ACTI Cape Girardeau, MO Donaldson, David ZN, Jasper, AL Douglas, Lauren, Jackson, MS Drago, Gaines ZN, Mobile, AL Duffy, Heather, Biloxi, MS Dykes, Jennifer, Jayees, MS Earnshaw, Amanda AOFI, Dallas, TX Easley, Jane AAA , Dundee, MS Edwards, Andrea, Itta Bena, MS Emerson, Garret SOE, Pascagoula, MS Enggano, Brian, Tupelo, MS Erwin, Tiffany, Ripley, MS Etlinger, David IfS E, Houston, TX Evans, Emily AAA, Laurel, MS 217 Evans, Emily Douglas cJ M, Mendenhall, MS Evans, Jessica, Atlanta, GA Evans, Sarah, Oxford, MS Favre, Cassandra, Bay St. Louis, MS Feathers, Nicci AOIl, Collierville, TN Fellows, Gordon IN, Belden, MS Ferguson, Brian, Memphis, TN Ferguson, Erica, Kosciusko, MS Fewell, Kari Allison, Sumrall, MS Figlesthler, Ryan, Lilburn, CA Fillhart, Robyn, Oxford, MS Fleming, Laura Lee ITBO, Scottsviiie, KY Flowers, Latoya, Kilmichael, MS Ford, Elizabeth AE Columbus, MS Ford, Joanna flBO, Oakland, MS Fowler, Lauren AT Kosciusko, MS Frye, Emily, Henderson, TN Fullilove, Grace AAA Duncan, MS Fuqua, Sarah, Franklin, MS Gagliano, Julia, Cordova, TN Galligan, Chelsea KAO, Kosciusko, MS Gandy, William, Potts Camp, MS Gardiner Tims, Mary Grace, Tupelo, MS Gardner, Jonathan, Oxford, MS Gardner, Jonathan, Southhaven, MS Garren, Laurieanne AAA . Madison, MS Garrett, Ahsley, Kennett, MO Garriga, Joy Lynn, Pearl, MS Gates, Sara Elizabeth, Daphne, AL Gatewood, Cathy AT Forrest, MS Gatlin, Grant, Oxford, MS Geddie, Nathan, Gautier, MS Gentry, Julie M] Gunrown, MS George, Amanda AT, Brandon, MS Geotes, Jennifer, Gulport, MS Giannini, Mia FTM Jefferson City, MO Gilteather, Spencer, Cordova, TN Gilliam, Jennifer KA0, Greenville, MS Gillum, Jessica, Brandon, MS Gilly, Shannon, Vancleave, MS Gilson, Jamar, Moorhead, MS Girdhani, Hitesh, India Girdley, Marci ITB t , Reiser, AR Gomez, Natalie AT, Jackson, TN Goolsby, Astria, Oxford, MS Graham, Matthew, Highland Village, TX Grantham, Myrinda, Ellisville, MS Gray, Adam, Pontotoc, MS Green, Andrew, Soso, MS Griffin, Elizabeth, Hollandale, MS Griffin, James, Camden, MS Grillis, Kenneth, Ridgeland, MS Grissom, Emily, Corinth, MS Grogan, Katie AAA, Vicksburg, MS Guckert, Kimberly AT, Jackson, MS Guess, Audrey, Stewart, MS Gunnell, Katie, Bartlett, TN Julie Novarese Julie Vescovo Asok Dasmahapatra Madugula S.R. Murty Kashundra Perkins Demetrios Brown A TlESfl kiivP LA, i m P jr f . ( u ii ii Demerris, Blue Springs MS Gwin, Sibby X£2, New Orleans, LA Hadd, Anna, Crestview, FI. Hailey, David, Memphis, IN Hall, Courtney, Olive- Branch, MS I lamblin, Susan, Byhaha, MS Hamilton, Thomas A ' H Long Beach, MS Hanafee, Sophie AI, " Jack son, TN Harle, Stephen, Spanish Fort, LA Harper, Lindsay AI) Columbus, Ms Harper, Randall, Ocean Springs, MS Harris, Rachel, Destrehan, LA Harris, Rashonda, Tupelo, MS Harris, Robert, Pearl, MS Harrison, Kristen, Brandon, MS Harrod, Lindsey KKT, North Little Rock, AR Hartfield, Heather ITBO, Hernando, MS Haskins, Lindsay, Hohenwald, TN Hayes, Adam, Pinson, TN Haynes, Miranda, Clarksdale, MS Haywood, Leah c£ M, Lewisburg, TN Hazlewood, Amy t M, Martin, TN Hebb, Joanna AT Upatoi, GA Herndon, Douglas, Bartlett, TN Herr, Robert, Mt. Vernon, IL Hickman, Clint, Brandon, MS Higginbotham, Candis, Cedar Bluff, MS Hill, Anna AT Tupelo, MS Hinton, Amy, Soso, MS Hitt, Adrienne OM, Grenada, MS Hodges, De ' Marco, Belden, MS Holden, Lauren, Oxford, MS Hooper, Jordan ATQ, Metairie, LA 2ig Hopkins, Ginna XQ, Clarksdale, MS Hopper, Bailey KA, Brandon, MS Horton, Bryce KA, Dallas, TX Chris Robinson, Barbara Jacobson Josh Williford Kanisha Vallier, Jennifer Lewis, Astria Goolsby James Woods, Latisha N. Hamlet, Vernicia Gibbs Louisa Pegues, Eenga Theophilus, Tamieka Mays, Tymingie Flowers Chris Lyons, J. Moore, J.W. Friar Houston, Laura, Saitillo, MS Howard, Ali, Jacksonville, FL Howell, Jeannette, Atlanta, GA Howell, Joseph, Aberdeen, MS Howery, Marika, Lamar, MS Hubbard, Tomeco, Grenada, MS Huk, Autumn, Pass Christian, MS Hutsell, Allison XQ, Searcy, AR Jackson, Fallon, Grenada, MS Jackson, Marlon, Greenville, MS Jackson, Octavia, Oxford, MS James, Amber, Amory, MS Janezic, Dana, Oxford, MS Jenkins, Dekesha, Water Valley, MS Jennings, George, Dresden, TN Jernigan, Jennifer KA, Madison, MS Joe, Janelle, Macon, GA Johnson, Jay flKA, Meadville, MS Jones, Austin EN, New Orleans, LA Jones, Libby XQ, Germantown, TN Jones, Sally KA, Birmingham, AL Jones, Stephanie KA©, Atlanta, GA Jones, Walt EX, Richton, MS Jordan, Jennifer OM, Hernando, MS Jordan, Jessica, Brandon, MS Joseph, Mark, Dallas, TX Jurgensen, Carrie, Germantown, TN Keene, Whitney KA0, Rome, GA Kellum, Finley AAA . Clinton, MS Kennedy, Scott, Mandeville, LA Kennell, Natoria, Itta Bena, MS Kieffer, Chris, Kenner, LA Kimbrough, Cole EX, Jackson, MS King, Brandon, Winona, MS King, Michael, Bolivar, TN King, (linger KA, Greenville, MS m, + M k 3gan Wylie, Emily McDill, Taylor :Cutheon, Amanda George, liley Hopper, Emily Hood, Mandy gg, Mandy Copper Leonard Bronthey BL -1 Kitchens, Brent, Abbeville, MS Klimek, Lindsay, Tunica, MS Kollath, Carlie, Gulfport, MS Komosinski, Carolyn OM, Kingwood, TX Korolewicz, Michelle, Nashville, TN Kosman, Kimberly OM, Germantown, TN Koury, Michael, Jackson, MS Lail, Heath, Byhlm, MS Lamberth, Nicole XQ, Memphis, TN Lancaster, Jordan AT, Madison, MS Landrum, Brandi, Bailey, MS Langford, Kelly, Amory, MS Langston, Hannah, Calhoun, City, MS Lashley, August KA, Shreveport, LA Lauderdale, Neely XQ, Madison, MS Lavallee, Ryan, Brunswick, GA Lawrence, Alex, Crystal Springs, MS Lawton, Lisa KA0, Long Beach, MS Lee, Charles, Kosciusko, MS Lee, Mary Catherine FIBO, Vestiva Hills, AL Leport, Erin AAA , Memphis, TN Lindsey, Courtney, Coila, MS Loden, Justin, Tupelo, MS Lott, Neely AKA, Grenada, MS Love, Latoya, Courtland, MS Lyons, Jacob ZOE, Atlanta, GA Mackey, Laura Ann OM, Birmingham, AL Marascalco, Joseph, Grenada, MS Marshall, Lucas, Fayetteville, TN Martin, Rebecca FIBO, Gautier, MS Massey, Kyle OK , Madison, MS Mays, Tasha, Byhalia, MS McConnell, Ryan, Houston, TX McCullough, William, Oxford, MS McCurry, Sarah OM , Lewisburg, TN McDougal, JohnOKT , Atlanta, GA In a lis Home to me... w e woke up the day after my 21st birthday to a crew of sewer workers digging up the driveway amidst empty keg shells. Hung over and confusedj we were informed that the maintenance men had noticed a sewage leak in the back yard when they had come to jvc the bedroom wall that had dry rotted into a thin barrier between my bed and the outside world. The house was a never-ending story of busted pipes and broken appliances, but everyone called it home. Each weekend it became Hotel Price Street, and the front yard served so often as a parking lot that the grass was finally worn down to where it no longer needed mowing. Sure, the house was always a Cittfe hoi in the summer, and most often chilly in the winter, but no one ever seemed to mind. Budget £ept us from having any television channels, so the radio and conversation became the usual entertainment. The low water pressure and slanted floors made no difference because we were all living, laughing in the moment We had a front porch and a b ackyard, and a group of friends that could make a party out of nothing. Faying too much for rent was compensated in double by lifelong memories of a place that really was a home for a family of friends. by MaryMargaretMiller, a junior liberal arts major from Greenwood, Miss. McGee, Haley XLl, Scottsboro, AL McK.ibbc.-n, Caroline X£2, Jackson, MS McKinney, Marlena, Batesville, MS McKinnon, David IX, Jackson, MS McKnight, Michael, Edwards, MS McLeod, Ashley AH Mobile, AL McNeel, Taylor ZN, Louisville, MS McVey, Molly AAA, Jackson, MS McWilliams, Kristle, Pontotoc, MS Meyer, Abigail KA0, Batesville, MS Miller, Lindsay KA, Jackson, MS Miller, Romanda, Shannon, MS Minor, Daniel, Waterford, MS Minton, Kimberly, Salem, IL Mister, Jeffrey, Grenada, MS Mitchell, Tamecia, Holly Springs, MS Mixon, Kelly KA0, Oxford, MS Moehring, Kendra, Anna, IL D II p i , ■ ' uAwasm . 22 Montgomer) Erica Tupelo Ms M Kimberly, Pascagoula MS Muns, ik , Car lea IIIM Houston, TX Morrissey, Abigail IIB 1 Alphaxetta GA Moss, Samuel, Oxford, MS Murry, Valeric, Lyon, MS Myers, Chuckkena Grenada Ms Myrick, Lacy KA, Kosciusko Ms Nail, Lauren, Greenville, MS Nason, Lillie, Sidon, MS Neely, I.ila Lee KA, Magee, Ms NetterviUe, Matthew, Woodville, Ms Neveleff, Alley, Raymond, MS Newman, Brent, Athens, TN O ' Bannon, Robyn KA , Biloxi, MS Odom,Jr., Ronald, Bartlett, TN Olds, Elizabeth, Horn, Lake, MS Olivier, Whitney flBO, Hattiesburg, MS Oyetunji, Shakirat, Nigeria Pace, Lekisha, Clarksdale, MS Paris, Rachel Marie AT Jackson, MS Parker, Ashley AT, Madison, MS Parks, Rachael, Brandon, MS Parsons, Elizabeth Xfi, Jackson, MS Patrick, Kristen KA, Madison, MS Patronik, Michael, Biloxi, MS Patterson, Lindsey, Mt. Hermon, LA Pearson, Matthew LAE, Knoxville, TN Pender, Misty J M, Clinton, MS Perkins, Darcy KA, Moss, Point, MS Perry, Lottie, Tupelo, MS Pevey, Carter, Crystal Springs, MS Phillips, Meg AAA, Jackson, MS Pickens, Kathenne, Mooreville, MS Pierce, Courtney, Amory, MS Pigford, Kezia, Hattiesburg, MS Pless, Paul KA, Birmingham, AL Poe, Deanna, Winona, MS Poole, Cristala, Houston, TX Posey, Carlton AAA , Birmingham, AL Powell, Sarah, Memphis, TN Pratt, Brandon IX, Meridian, MS Pruitt, Lorrin AOn, Madison, MS Pryor, Katie HBO, Tanner, AL Pryor, Lou nBO, Tanner, AL Purnell, Regina, Killmichael, MS Quattlebaum, Heaven, Banner, MS Quiiter, Sarah OM, Jackson, MS Radican, Chris, Meridian, MS Randazza, Ashlie, New Orleans, LA Randle, Elizabeth, Memphis, TN Rauch, Andrew KZ, Anniston, AL Rayburn, Samantha, Wiggins, MS Reeder, Lauren XQ, Biloxi, MS 223 Bernadette Wilson Brandy Rucker ' , A Reeves, Lauren AT Collierville, TN Reno, Chesa, Gulfport, MS Replogle, Jenny AOH Memphis, TN Rice, Stephanie, Rockville, MD Rickels, Ashley AT, Daphne, AL Rider, Jarah, Biloxi, MS Rigsby, Jessica nBO, Mandeville, LA Riley, Lucas, Benton, AR Rings, Jackie 11BO, Madison, MS Riordan, Jen HBO, New Hope, PA Roberts, Margaret KA0, Murfreesboro, TN Robertson, Ashley, Sallis, MS Robinson, Melissa OM, Canton, MS Rockette, Edna, Oxford, MS Rogan, Brendan, Pacific, MO Rogers, Kyle SN, Tupelo, MS Roper, Kaycee AAA, Jackson, MS Rose, Natalie FIBO, Hazlehurst, MS Rosenblatt, Sara Hart X£2, Jackson, MS Rosson, Rebekah KKL Macon, GA Rucker, Shalonda, Michigan City, MS Russell, Cole, Thaxton, MS -4 Rutherford, Molly AAA Meridian, MS Rutherford, Rachael, Picayune, MS Ryan, Cayce, Baldwyn, MS Ryan, Tieah, Pascagoula, MS Sales, Christina, Southaven, MS Samuels, Brianne KA0, Hernando, MS Sandifer, Rebecca AAA, Jackson, MS Saunders, Jane Kathryn OM, Mtn. Brook, AL Scherer, Jobeth FIBO, Portageville, MO Schoggins, Margie KA, Indianola, MS Scott, Jerry, Greenville, MS Seabaugh, Rebecca, Cape Girardeau, MO Self, Regina, Byhalia, MS Semmes, Diana, Meridian, MS Sexton, Murray KKT, Birmingham, AL Shelley, Ro ' pageous, Baldwyn, MS Shelton, Angela, Coldwater, MS Shields, Miranda OM, Brandon, MS Shields, Virginia AAA , Mobile, AL Shoemaker, Ashley OM, Biloxi, MS a |P V ■ -3 fte Jessica Ayers, Martina Brewer, Deveshia Jones, Sandra Brewer effrey Mister, Louis Darsey, Marcus Guinn . EkSJL, ■ 1 1 A r - Shoemaker, Joanna OM, Bay Springs, MS Shows, Amanda, Hattiesburg, MS Shrestha, Roshan, Nepal Siddons, Darren, Springfield, IL Silman, Kasey, Portageville, MO Simmons, Anthony, Amory, MS Sinclair, James Kyle, Columbia, MS Sindelar, Melissa, Oxford, MS Slaughter, Terica, Columbus, MS Smith, Julie OM, Jackson, TN Smith, Justin, Pontotoc, MS Smith, Kayla, Olive Branch, MS Smith, Key IX, Natchez, SO Smith, Leah, Tupelo, MS Smith, Matt, Forrest, MS Smith, Shannon FIBO, Collinsville, MS Sneed, Adam, Lookout Mountain, TN Snell, Angela, New Hebron, MS Snyder, Jess, Clarksdale, MS Stafeil, Christine t M, Germantown, TN Stanfield, Jamie, Jackson, MS Stanford, Brooke, Courtland, MS 77? Stearns, Ginny KAO, Brandon, MS Stephenson, Elizabeth AAA, Birmingham, AL Stephenson, Paul KA, Jackson, MS Stevens, Heath, Potts, Camp, MS Stewart, Stephanie, Holly Springs, MS Stone, Leann, Hollandale, MS Strader, Emily, Pascagoula, MS Sumrall, Emily KA, Brandon, MS Sunseri, Jennifer KAO, Gretna. LA Swearengen, Sally AT, Thomastown, MS Swindall, Susan, Aberdeen, MS Tate, Lavell, Ripley, MS Taylor, Jeremy, Eupora, MS Taylor, Michelle, Ringwood, NJ Teel, Erica, Beech Bluff, TN Teller, Sarah KA, Hattiesburg, MS Thibedeau, Bianca, Lyn. Oak Lawn, IL Thomas, Brandie, Terry, MS Thomas, Nicholas ATQ. Canton, MS Thomas, Willette, Vaiden, MS On 3-1 My OCe Miss Experience... le Miss is more than a place. It is my Ohome. Its a spirit. ' Ole Miss is a place were I have made fasting memories that I witi cherish for a lifetime. Ote Miss is a place where I have made lasting friendships. The people here have been very warm and welcoming. Olc Miss truly is the place where everyone speaks. 1 will always cherish the friendships and the encounters I have made here at Olc Miss. My experiences here have enriched my life. They have move molded me and shaped into the person I am today. Ole Miss has truly made me a better person. The values and lessons Ive learned will provide me the necessary tools to become the future leader I aspire to be. Ole Miss will enable me to achieve my desired goals. Choosing Ole Miss as my college choice has become one of the best choices of my life. Ole Miss has and will continue to be a part of my life. As I leave The University Of Mississippi I will be able to hold my head high knowing 1 am an afumnus of Ole Miss. Thanks Ole Miss for aCC of the memories and traditions. I always have and always will be an Ole Miss Rebel! by JonathanBarnes, a senior psychology major from Wafrtut, Miss. Thornburg, Nick, Germantown, TN Tiemann, Justin, Picayune, MS Tillman, Jonathan, Grenada, MS Tindoll, Casey, Ethel, MS Todd. William IN, Senatobia, MS Tonore, Keller AV. Clinton, MS Travelstead, Tiffany FIBO, Duquoin, IL Trewolla, Linda KA, Brandon, MS Troxler, Kimsey KA, Brandon, MS Tucker, Allison, Olive, Branch, MS Tucker, Emily, Okolona, MS Tullos, Raymond KA, Raleigh, MS Turnage, Meredith AE Amory, MS Turner, Meredith AECartersville, GA Tynes, Forsyth, Birmingham, AL Uncapher, Kathryn KKE Birmingham, AL ■ Touchstone, Katie, Purvis, MS Townes, Marquita, Grenada, MS I • i mm } M M Vallotton W.s Valdosta GA Veazey, Elisc- AAA MS Veazey, Sarah KAO, Bartlett, TN Vescovo, Julie Xil, Memphis, TN Veteto Amanda, Germantown TN Victory, Jennifer, Newport, AR Walsh, Paige KA , Jackson, MS Ward, Carrie AF, Kilk-n, AI. Ward, CUff, Pelahatchie, MS Ward, John, Clinton, MS Ward, Lyndsey FIBO, Anniston, AL Ware, Shayla, Lawton, OK Waring, Leslie Xil, Vicksburg, MS Washington, Charles, Oxford, MS Watts, Amber, Jackson, MS Weaver, Stacey, Olive Branch, MS Weavil, Garland AAA, Mobile, AL Webber, Trisaina, Jackson, MS Westergard, Tim, Slidell, LA Whelan, Andrew B©n, Brandon. MS Whitaker, William IOE, Lewisburg, TN Wiley, Tikia, Grenada, MS Wilkes, Alexandra, Jackson, MS Wilkins, Randi ITBO, Brandon, MS Wilks, Jennifer, Oakland, MS Williams, Cory ZOE, Hatnesburg, MS Williams, Josh, Coffeeville, MS Williams, Josie J M , Memphis, TN Williams, Lindsey, Jacksonville, FL Williams, Pamela, Calhoun City, MS Williams, Ryan, Pass Christian, MS Williams, Sarah-Thorne Xil, Columbus, MS Williams, Stacy, Columbus, MS 227 Williams, TyeseJ., Hollandale, MS Wilson, Brian, Amory, MS Wilson, Erik, Crystal Springs, MS Wilson, Herbert, Gulfport, MS Windham, Dana, Clarksdale, MS Windham, Summer KA, Bossier, LA Witt, Candy Xil, Jackson, MS Wood, Kristen, Nesbit, MS Wood, Matt AT, Middleton, TN Worthington, Brennan FIBO , Houston, TX Wyatt, Erica OM, Cordova, TN Wylie, Megan KA, Brandon, MS Yohn, Stephanie nBO, Panama City, FL Zhu, Zhuoni, China Zoghby, Jonathan KA, Mobile, AL Simpfy lumors " Make the best of your short time here at Ole Miss because before you know it ' s gone. " -Justin Wright. a junior exercise science major from Pascagula, Miss. Abston, Sarah AT Madison, MS Adams, Allison, Fort Worth, TX Adams, Nate, Franklin , TN Agnew, Shananda, Baldwin, MS Albriton, John ZX, Jackson, MS Ales, Gavin, Batesville, MS Alexander, Grace, Oxford, MS Alexander, Trey Dawg, University, MS Allen, April, Clinton, MS Allen, Paula, Germantown, TN Allen, Robin, Collierville, TN Almon, Wendy AT, Clarksdale, MS 22S Alvord, Betsy, Memphis, MS Anderson, Ashanti, Sledge, MS Anderson, Franklin, Lambert, MS Anderson, Ryan Collin, Tifton, GA Anderson, Seph, Memphis, TN Andrews, Lizzie KA0, Greenville, MS Apple, Jarold, Celina, TX Applon, Barbara, Carrollton, MS Armour, Adam, Tupelo, MS Atkinson, Scott, Conway, AR Aycock, Regan AAA . Meridian, MS Ayers, Amanda, Grenada, MS Ayers, Amanda Jo, Coffeeville, MS Ayers, Jessica, Holly Springs, MS Babb, Melissa, Nesbit, MS Babbitt, Nicole AAA, Nashville, TN Bailey, Kevin EN , Madison, MS Banahan, Jessioa KA, Pascagoula, MS Banchetti, Carl IX, Vicksburg, MS Barner, Amanda AZQ, Wesson, MS Barnes, Melissa, Olive Branch, MS Bartlett, Andrew, Hernando, MS Baskin, Cassie Ar, New Albany, MS Batte, Leighton Xft, Ridgeland, MS £1L«AAA ft ft Baudo, Brooke X£2, Jackson, TN Baughman, Chris, Amory, MS Bean, Alan KI, Oxford, MS Bee, Blake- t KT, Jackson, MS Beene, Corrie, Olive Branch, MS Benoisc, Came XL2, Madison, MS Benoist, Molly n. Madison, MS Benoit, Julie, Oxford, Ms Bentley, William, Southaven, MS Bergandi, Sara, Greenville, N( Berryhill, Jennifer AAA, Jackson, MS Bertrand, Aimee AOI1, Kingwood, TX Beyer, Lisha cJ M . Houston, TX Bibb, Harrison KI , Bellaire, TX Bigham, Crystal, Pontotoc, MS Billingsley, Scott, Oxford, MS Billman, Lauren, Arlington, TX Black, Jacob, Madison, MS Blackwell, Richard, West Point, MS Bland, Jason KAV, Water Valley, MS Boler, Jeremy, Falkner, MS Boozer, Martha-Carroll, Amory, MS Bottoms, Jonathan ZOE , Marietta, GA Boykm, Christopher, Oxford, MS Boylan, Brooks KA, Birmingham, AL Bradley, Karen, Florence, AL Bradshaw, Nick, Germantown, TN Brady, Lauren nB t , Houston, TX Brickey, TyndaleX£2 , Memphis, TN Bridgers, Boyd, Clinton, MS Bntt, Lollie Xfl, Oxford, MS Brown, Amanda, Pontotoc, MS Brown, Candace, Brandon, MS Brown, Damion, Cleveland, MS Brown, Kaleshia, Jackson, MS Brown, Nora, Saltillo, MS Browner, Leslie, Jackson, TN Buckman, Ashley KAO, Kenner, LA Burchfield, Charles A4 Eupora, MS Burgess, Caroline KKT. Collierville, TN Burkhead, Chansa, Carrollton, MS Bush, Breann, Grenada, MS Butts, Casey ZX, Laurel, MS Byrd, Jason, Savannah, GA Byrd, Mindy Jo KAO, Mathiston, MS Calvert, Joanna, Woodville, MS Campbell, Shaunna, Como, MS Campesi, Kat KAO, Mandeville, LA Canoy, Amanda, Nesbit, MS Cantrell, Whitney, Senatobia, MS Cardosi, Amy PM , Cordova, TN Carmichael, Elizabeth FIBO, Jackson, MS Carr, Christy, Pontotoc, MS Carroll, Stephanie, Pearl, MS Carter, Lisa, Marietta, GA Casali. Elizabeth KA, Jonesboro, AR Castle, Amanda, Winona, MS Caten, Rachel LIB Florence, MS Cathcart. Natalie KA0, Jonesboro, AR Caughhn, Tom KZ , Houston, TX Chamblee, Robby, Fulton, MS Chambliss, Jane XI2, Birmingham, AL Childers, Jennifer, Myrtle, MS Childers, Veronica, Hickory Flat. MS Childress, Valerie KA, Flora, MS Christopher, Martha Ellen AT. Clinton, MS Clark, Elizabeth nB J , Conway, AR Clark, Justin, Louisville, MS Clark, Nicholas, Holly Spring, MS Clark, Paula, Shannon, MS Clark, II, Mark, Holly Springs, MS Clay, Wesley, Columbus, MS Coaten, William, Tupelo, MS Coleman, Eric, Cottondale, TN Collier, Kristie, Oxford, MS Collier, Winston OAQ Searcy, AR Collins, Taylor KI, Oxford, MS Combes, Joshua, Southaven, MS Conkin, Timothy ATQ, Memphis, TN Conlon. Catherine FIBC). Sugarland, TX Cook. Jenny, Ripley, MS Cooper, Candice, Louisville, MS Copeland. Gretchen 0M. New Madrid, MO Copeland. Willie, Coldwater, MS Cosby. Noah. Salem, IL Course. Freda, Oxford, MS Course- M.C 111. Jackson, MS O ix Andrea nB D. Oxford, MS Cozart, Ashley, Kosciusko, MS Crambhtt. Jo . Meridian. MS Lmily Boygan, Debralee Jeffcoat, Christi Thrasher, Tiffany Gray Neely Lott, Preston Hervey, Jeffrey Mister. Anna Edwards Jon N. Benson Cross, Regis KA(-), Kosciusko, MS Cummins, Amy, Meadville, MS Cunningham, Claire, Tchula, MS Curry, Kiesha, Blue Mountain, MS Damico, Karen Melissa, Madison, MS Daniel, Latina, Tupelo, MS Davis, Christopher, Fulton, MS Davis, Lindsey, Oxford, MS Dickerson, Laura t M, Caledonia, MS Dillard, Forrest, Pontotoc, MS Dixon, Lindsey, Como, MS Dodson, Lewis SAI, Hollywood. CA Donald, Katie, Hamilton, MS Donald, Kathryn X£2, Mobile, AL Douglas, Amanda KA , Somerville, TN Douglas, Chris, Gulfport, MS Dowdle, Robert SAX, Canton, MS Ducking, Johnny, Greenville, MS Dudding, Michael BOLL Tupelo, MS Dudley, Kimberly, Oxford, MS Duhon, Jonathan KT, Hattiesburg, MS Duncan, Desi, Morganfield, KY Dunnigan, Arielle, Brookhaven, MS Durham, Angela, Oxford, MS Dusza, ALexander, Madison, AL Edgeston, Donna, Ripley, MS Edwards, Karla AI0, Natchez, MS Elam, Justin, Brentwood, TN Eleazer, Suzanne XD, Decatur, MS Elliott, Cayce, Paris, TN Elliott, Latoya AIO, Verona, MS Ellis, Bear IN, Hunford, TN Elsherbeni, Dalia, Oxford, MS Etheredge, Taylor, Dallas, TX Eubanks, Cheryl, Water Valley, MS Ewing, Battle IX, Byhalia, MS Erica L. Smith, Cristala Poole, Dana Windham, Courtney Pierce, Chanda Roby, Brooke Stanford, Shamara McCraney Elizabeth Alexander, Kacey Cole, Brandi Sisk Courtney Gregory, Mandy McCullough, Ann-Marie Blaylock A Junior ' s Perspective... he day that every teenager looks forward to, T turning 21 J The anticipation of that great age has 6uiCt up year after year. Sixteen was the age that seemed so hard to surpass. After the drivers license, it was a long awaited five years until 21 . It seemed like die day would never come. Three years in Oxford oj trying to avoid bartenders, bouncers, and police oficers. The day is finally herel I have been waking for this day for so long, so why am 1 not excited? A birthday is always exciting, but for the first time in my life I truly feel older. Turning 21 not only means a valid ID, but the responsibility of being an adult. It seems like yesterday my mom was helping me carry boxes into Martin. Everyone tells you to enjoy college, that its the best time of your life. Now I am a junior, it has taken me almost three years at Ole Miss to realize how great I have it Tfiis school is amazing and has so many amazing things to offer. Each day, week, and year happen so guicklv that you can miss it all if you are not careful. Tafce eacft day and five it to the fullest, because soon you ' ll be 21, 22, 23, 24... And Ole Miss will be just an incredible memory that happened all too fasti by SaraFay Peters, a junior Broadcast journalism major from Memphis Tenn, F.wing, Virginia, Anguilla, MS Fairbanks, Haley, Oxford, MS Fairey, David, Nashville, TN Fargason, Baxter LAE, Fairhope, AL Farmer, Emily, Nashville, TN Farmer, Mayann KA0, Petal, MS Farr, Heather KAQ, Columbus, GA Fenton, Hannah AAA , Oxford, MS Ferguson, Blair Ar, Columbus, MS Ferguson, Keisha, Lucedale, MS Ferreira, Renate, South Africa, Ferrell. Amy, French Camp, MS Fidler, Stacie. Montgomery, AL Fields. Tina, Byhalia. MS Flowers. Bill IN Pelham, AL Flowers Tymingie BatesvUle, MS Foose, Ransome OAO, Moblie, AL Ford, Adrian, Jackson, MS I ord Jamie Nan hez, MS Foster, Jessica KA , MossPoini MS Fowler, Laura, Walls, MS French, Megan, Dumas, MS Gardino, Julie AI, ' Memphis, TN Garner, Christine, Dodgeville, Wl Garner, William, Fetal. MS Gates, Kelli, University, MS Gautreaux, Chris ATil, Kenner, I. A Gehrett, Richard, Southaven, MS Gentry, Whitney AOJ1 , Tupelo. MS Germany, Jennifer X£2, Dallas, TX Geter, Joey DKT, Natchez. MS Gill, Ashley KAO, Hinsdale, IL Gilner, Julian. Clarksdale. MS Gilner G Ginn, Bucky, Raymond, MS Glass, Jennifer J)M, Demopolis, AI. Glenn, Allen, Amory, MS Glisson, Richard B0J1, Augusta, GA Gong, Michael, Southaven, MS Goodman, Breanna AAA . Yazoo Ciry, MS Goodman, Cheryl, Meidian, MS Goodrum, Jonathan, Selmer, TN Graham, T.J. , Jackson, MS Grant, Emily Joy AAA . Meridian, MS Grantham, Emily, Greenwood, MS Gravatt, Kristin FIB t , Tupelo, MS Griesser, Kelly ITBO, Frisco, TX Guinn, Marcus, Memphis, TN Guthrie, Emily Xli Ridgeland, MS Guthrie, Sara FIB D, Long Beach, MS Hale, Lindsay, Saltillo, MS Hall, Kevin, Tupelo, MS T; ; Hall, Steven, Southaven, MS Hamberlin, Chris, Nesbit, MS Hancock, Kara, New Albany, MS Hankins, Chris, New Albany, MS Hankins, Natalie AOI1 Cleveland, MS Hardin, Brent t AO, Greenwood, MS Harkins, Flora ACUl , MS Harrell, Yolanda, Pontotoc, MS Harrison, Price, Ripley, MS Haynes, Mary-Grace Ar, Baldwyn. MS Hazelwood, Stacy, Iuka, MS Heard. Rasheeda, Jackson, MS Henley, HapKI, Hazlehurst, MS Flennekes, Shannon KAO . Cincinnati, OH Henslee, Cole Ift E, Brandon, MS Herndon, Susan, Bartlett, TN Higgins, Ashley KAO , Metairie, LA Hill, Demetrees, Tupelo, MS Hill, Kathryn KAO, Paducah, KY Hill, Sara ALice nB D, Tupelo, MS Hitt, Justin, Oxford, MS OIL. I Anne Pettit, Sarah Brook Gober, Ashley Williams, Jennifer Allen 23-4 Hodge, Cedric, Jackson, MS Holifield, Chris, Columbus, MS Holman, Katy KAO, Dallas, TX Holmes, Lakisha, Water Valley, MS Holmquist, Richard, Ocean Springs, MS Holt, Jessica J M, Pocahontas, AR Honeycutt, Natalie, Grenada, MS Hood, William IAE , Vicksburg, MS Hopkins, Scott, Forest, MS Howard, Jonathan, Huntsville, AL Howard, Phillip, Oxford, MS Hudson, Camille, McCool, MS Hudson, Lawrence, Webb, MS Huff, Stoner AAA Yazoo City, MS Hunsberger, Kelley, Ridgeland, MS Hunter, Laura J M Macon, MS Huynh, Leslie, Southaven, MS Ireland, Patrick f KW, Longview, TX Ivie, Justin, Brandon, MS Ivy, Amanda, New Albany, MS Jacobs, Mike XX, Oxford, MS James, Emily Blair, Hernando, MS Jeffries, Kofi, Seattle, WA Jerrolds, Jane Marie KA , Savannah, TN Jobe, Pamela, Camden, MS Johnson, Chad, Natchez, MS hnson. 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Memphis, TN Pace, Robin, Tupelo, MS Pardee, James, Thaxton, MS Parks, John OKT, Brandon, MS Parsons, Brigitte, luka, MS Pate, Abby AT, Brandon, MS Pate, Hannah, Huntsville, AL Patterson, Joshua, Belden, MS Patterson, Leah, Boonville, MS Patterson, Whitney riBO, Winchester, TN Patton, Simonee AKA Clinton, MS Pentecost, Lindsey, Jackson, MS Perry, Earlon, Centreville, MS Persick, Lauren KAO, Grosse Tete, LA Peters, Sara Fay KA , Memphis, TN Phillips, Brian, Blue Springs, MS Phillips, Lauren AT, Yazoo City, MS Phillips, Michael, Greenwood, MS Pilcher, Chad KX, West Monroe, LA Piletz, Aaron, Madison, MS Poole, Tana LaineOM, Brandon, MS Potts, Rachel, Olive Branch, MS Pounds, Bobbi, New Site, MS Powell, Katnce, Jackson, MS Presley, Taylor FIKA , Madison, MS Price, Allison, Oxford, MS Puckett, Jennifer KA, Brandon, MS Pugh, Parker, Brooksville, MS Quails, Ashley, Portageville, MO Quinn, Jennifer, Walnut, MS Rakestraw, Lesley, Blue Springs, MS Ramsey, Royc ZAE , Madisonville, KY Ray, Deanna, Yazoo City, MS Rayford, Twana, Holly Springs, MS Ready, Ashley, Meridian, MS Red, Sara Paige KAO, Lookout Mountain, TN -. 238 The Wonder Years... 0, whats your major? " I once believed that this ever so popular conversation starter was just y -plain annoying. It used to bring about feelings of complete anxiety and utter confusion as I contemplated the direction my exact future. I had this llusion that I would fail to meet expectations if I declared anything other than pre-med as a major. However, as I wander through yet another year of college at Ole Miss, I now unaerstaruf tfxat I was trying to juijftd a goaf that was not my own. Ive slowly discovered that I ' m constantly learning through new experiences and realizing who I am as a person. I realize that Ive changed a lot since my freshman year, and I ' ve spent countless hours considering my career options. I hi learning still how to worry less and just take things in stride. My declared concentration of studies ftas littered both ends of the spectrum of majors, and I have yet to make a carved- in-stone deeision about my future career. But, I know now that whatever decision I do make in life, I must make myself a priority. I must live my life for myself. These days, when Im questioned about my major, I can smile and laugh and say that its a long story. For all I know, I just might change my mind again and fall upon another field of study mat brings wonder to me. I figure that for the time being I can just reply that I ' m an Ole Miss college student (earning fiow to five life. by JulieWong, a junior psychology and journalism major from Ridge land, Miss Reed, Hayley KA, Memphis, TN Reed, Jonathan, Ripley, MS Reed, Tiffany, Memphis, TN Reese, Jay, Collierville, TN Reeves, Robert B0I1, Columbus, MS Rentrow, Ryan, Sebastopol, MS Rhodes, C.J., Hazlehurst, MS Rice, Lindsey, Sardis, MS Rice, Tameka AKA, Batesville, MS Richard, Kate flBO Evansville, IN Richardson, Wesley, Moss Point, MS Riess, Erin flBO, Swansen, IL Riffe, Tish, Lake Cormorant, MS Riley, Erin, Kosciusko, MS Riley, Shirley, Water Valley, MS Rimes, John III, McComb, MS Rimmer, Suzanne. Southaven, MS Roberts, Jennifer, New Albany, MS II 1 1 k L A_ I Roberts, Stephanie, Oxford MS Roberts, Tanaka, Winona, Ms Rodman, Kan- IIB I , Belleville II. Rodriguez, Karen, Universitj MS Rogers, Aubrey IIKA Olwc Branch, MS Rogers, Chris, Hernando, MS Ross, Shannon I M. Kingwood, TX Rotenberry, Shelly, Water Valley, MS Rowan, Scott, Pearl, Ms Russell, Anne AL, Beaumont, TX Rutledge-Schmidt, Rosanne, Sacramento A Sabatier, Joseph, Jac kson, MS Saia, Joey, Brandon, MS Santmyer, Kimberly, Columbus, MS Sartain, Jeremy, Oxford, MS Sawyer, Collin nB t , Memphis, TN Schuman, April, New Albany, MS Seago, Mike, Corinth, MS Sego, Andrew, Germantown, TN Shannon, Chaquita, Shannon, MS Shaw, Heather, Philadelphia, MS Shaw, Ryan (t KA, San Antonio, TX Shaw, Ryan, Valparaiso, IN Sherman, Granville, Chareston, MS Shipman, Josh, Corinth, MS Shirley, Laura AT, New Albany, MS Shumake, April, Olive Branch, MS Sides, Shea AT Kosciusko, MS Simmons, Erin AI Osyka, MS Simmons, Jason KA, Clarksdale, MS Simmons, Katie X£2, Yazoo City, MS Simmons, Kit XI2, Overland, KS Simmons, Laura AAA, Yazoo City, MS 239 Simpson, Nicklaus, Wiggins, MS Sims, Ann KA, Jackson, MS Sims, Malcolm, Tupelo, MS Sirimaturos, Michael B t n, Cape Girardeau, MO Sisk, Brandi, Okolona, MS Siemens, Shannan nBO, Lexington, KY Smart, Toni, Goodman, MS Smith, Becca KAO , Franklin, TN Smith, Brooke KA0, St. Petersburg, FL Smith, Charles, Oxford, MS Smith, Cindy, Tupelo, MS Smith, Erik, Ripley, MS Smith, Rachelle nB l , Marrero, LA Smith, Sharee, University, MS Smithey, Jeremy, Marks, MS Smothers, Kara AAA, Tupelo, MS Snipes, Emily, Tupelo, MS Snowden, Lindsay, Brandon, MS Soldevila, Brett OA9, Clarksdale, MS Sparks, Daniel ZOE, Belmont, MS Spears, Daniel, Senatobia, MS Speed, Susannah, Meridian, MS Spencer, Lindsey, Maben, MS Steele, David, Tupelo, MS Stevens, Kim, Boonville, MS Stewart, Jeremy BOn, Horn Lake, MS Still, Natalie, Sardis, MS Stokes, Kamillia, Horn Lake, MS Stone, Linsey J M. Jackson, TN Stone, Matthew, Philadelphia. MS Sullivan, Josh B M1, Columbia, TN Swaney, Mary-Linley AAA , Oxford, MS Tabor, Erin, Olvie Branch, MS Taliaferro, Brandon, San Antonio, TX Taylor, Drew, Brandon, MS Taylor, Lesley, Louisville, MS Terry, Tabatha, Sardis, MS Thacker, DJ., Senatobia, MS Thomas, Tori, Pope, MS Thompson, Amanda AT, Birmingham, AL Thompson, Amy KA, Brandon, MS Thompson, Matt, Hickory Flat, MS Thompson, Shannon AKA, Sardis, MS Thompson, Tiawanna, Jackson, MS Thompson, William, Randolph, MS Thweatt, Nikki, Paris, MS Tindall, Candace, Pearl, MS Todd, Cassie, Oakland, MS Tuberville, Ben, Meridian, MS Tucker, Christina, Clinton, MS Tullos, Braxton KA, Raleigh, MS Turner, Maggie, Madison, AL Turner, Raney-Mills, Jackson, MS 40 Tutor, Charlie, Houlka, MS Twombly, John, Louisville, KY Usnik, Jennifer, Natchez, MS Vallas, Lindsay, Madison, MS Vanghn, Kimiranda. Oxford, MS Veazey, Blair, Somerville, TN Vinson, Jessica AOFI, Meridian, MS Vollor, Phillip, Vicksburg, MS Waldrop, Ryan, Columbus, MS Wally, Ryan, McComb, MS Walton, Lakeia, Holly Springs, MS Warren, Demitra, Hernando, MS Warren, Logan, Senatobia, MS Warrington, Laurie, Kosciusko, MS Waters, Travis t KT, Germantown, TN Watkins, Melita, Sharon, MS Weatherford, John, Forest, MS Webb, Christopher, Coldwater, MS Weeden, Jenny, Blue Springs, MS Welch, Thomas, Harrisville, MS Welgan, Michael, Tioga, MS Wesson, Jeff, Nolensville, TN Whatley, Mary Elizabeth AF, Greenville, MS Wheat, Matthew, Summit, MS White-, Alexandria, Grenada, MS White, Elizabeth, Water Valley, MS White, Melinda PIBO, Tupelo, MS Whybrew, Sarah Kay, Jonesboron, AR Wicker, Daniel, Water Valley, MS Wicker, Sally M, Morris, AL Wilbanks, Michael, Walnut, MS Wilbanks, P.J., Kossuth, MS Wilburn, John, Oxford, MS Williams, Lerald KA , Noxapater, MS Williams, Lindsey FIBO, Winchester, TN Williams, Mark (MOP, Oxford, MS Williams, Matthew, Pearl, MS Williams, Tycin, Tupelo, MS Williams, Victoria, Fulton, MS Willingham, Andranita, Sardis, MS Wilson, Kenorus, Oxford, MS Wilson, Robbie, Tupelo, MS Winford.John KX , Memphis, TN Winfun, Candies, University, MS Winsett, Katie, Memphis, MS Wohlgemuth, Matthew, Cleveland, OH Wohlweno-Ballard, Jacqueline, Oxford, MS Wong, Julie, Ridgeland, MS Woodard, Timothy, Oakland, MS Woods, James, Vaiden, MS Wright, Jana, McComb, MS Yates, Tiffany riBO , Murrayville. IL Young, Adrianne, Oxford, MS Young, Trey, Kingwood, TX Youngblood, Amy AT, Tupelo, MS 241 Zemek, Jason, Tupelo, MS Simpfy seniors Lakesia Bass Shamara McCraney " If there is one thing I ' ve learned in college, it ' s to love every minute, because it will be over before you know it. -Leah Lomax, a senior biology major from Destin, Fla. w Abdo, William, Madison, MS Abide, Ashley AT, Greenville, MS Akins, Amanda Joy KA0, Memphis, TN Alexander, Le ' Anne KAG, Lufkin, TX Alexander, Whitney KA, Baton Rouge, LA Allen, Audrey, Starkville, MS Allen, Bo IX, Jackson, MS Allen, Clayton IX, Jackson, MS Allen, Jennifer iTB I} West Columbia, SC Almon, Waverly AT, Lyon, MS Anderson, Keita, Byhalia, MS Anderson, Ryan OK F, Hays, KS Anderson, William, Raymond, MS Andrews, Stacy, Camden, AR Apple, Joseph, Dallas, TX Arendale, Kristin, Greenville, MS Armstrong, William KA, Galveston, MS Ashford, Miranda, Fulton, MS 24: Atkins, Ashley, Washington, MS Avant, Alyssa, Carrollton, MS Avent, Rebecca, Batesville, MS Avery, Stephanie, Birmingham, AL Bailess, Oren, Vicksburg, MS Bailey, Morrow IN, Coffeeville, MS Bain, Lesley, Corinth, MS Baker, Dorothy, Water Valley, MS Baker, Laura AGTI, Griffin, GA Bales, Misty, Madison, MS Ball, Emily cJ M, Columbia, TN Ball, Kristi, Glen, MS Ballentine, Dennis, Clarksdale, MS Bannerman, Blair, Baton Rouge, LA Baranski, Daeon, New Albany, MS Barbour, Mary Kathryn AOLI, Cape Girardeau, MO Bardwell, Will KA, Brandon, MS Bare-field, Demeka, Bruce, MS Ryan Johnston, Brian Sorgenfrei, Halley Norton, Lauren Noel, Paul Stephenson, Molly Rutherford Pi PI i Mm " T» 1 si v. ! f ' 1 • A ¥ w m A It ( i 1 ' - Barkley, Benecia, Ripley, MS Barksdale, Man Pea htree City, (jA Barnes, Alison, New Albany MS Barnes, Jonathan, Walnut, Ms Barr, Tiffany Z I B, Oxford, Ms Barren, Austin AOTI, Jackson, MS Barron, Katherine AOH, Oxford, MS Barton, Priscilla, Carlsbad, NM Bassett, Lisa, Walk, MS Bauer, Brad PK l K Meridian, MS Baugh, Leah, Fairfax, VA Bayo, Fatou, Gambia Be-all, Carlisle, Batesville, MS Beard, Mary Grace, Iuka, MS Beckmann, Paul, Mobile, AL Bell, Amekia, Baldwyn, MS Bender, Nikki AOI1, Aberdeen, MS Bennett, Angela, Oxford, MS Bhandary, Richa, Kathmandu, Nepal Biddle, Courtney, Murrysville, PA Bishop, Mindy, Monticello, MS Black, David 5A0, Jackson, MS Blackburn, Chad EX, Brentwood, TN Blankinship, Demetric, Bay Springs, MS Blanks, David EX, Jackson, MS Blue, Ryan EOE, Jackson, MS Boatnght, Ben EN, Oxford, MS Boeckmann, Jacob, Wynn, AR Boggan, Emily, Decatur, MS Boggan, Natalie, Decatur, MS Bolen, Elizabeth LIBO, Belleville, IL Boler, Nancy, Liberty, MS Boone, Wilson EX, Laurel, MS 24T Bounds, Courtney, Terry, MS Bowles, Stephen, Bakersfield, CA Bowman, Ashley AE Olive Branch, MS Braddock, Leighton Xfi, Meridian, MS Bradley, Allen, Senatobia, MS Bradley, Jason, Aberdeen, MS Brame, Rachel MV1, Olive Branch, MS Brann, Matthew, Oxford, MS Brannon, Bridgett, Destin, FL Branton, Donald, Ferriday, LA Breland, Jared, Covington, LA Bressler, Patrick, Biloxi, MS Brewer, Martina AKA, Cleveland, MS Bright, Michael, Corinth, MS Brodofsky, Ike, Greenville, MS Brookfield, Anne-Morgan KA, Memphis, TN Brooks, John, Gloster, MS Brooks, ToyaAKA, Enid, MS Brown, Amanda, Mantachie, MS Brown, Chris, Batesville, MS Brown, Megan, Vaughan, MS 1244 A Quarter Lift Crisis. .. ife seems to drastically change just when we L become too settled, taking care of life ' s everyday tasks and living our lives in the moment. The last four years at Ole Miss have gone by faster than 1 could have ever imagin ed. In fact, I didni even want to come look here. My mom metjaney Guinn, then an admission counselor, at a college fair near her work, and was just convinced we should come look. The six hour trip from Atfanta turned into eight because we took a " detour " through downtown Birmingham, a semi-truck turned over, spiffing crates aff over the highway, and we missed the e;dt completely right after TupeCo. But once we finally arrived at Ole Miss, it was fitch dark outside, and I couldni see a thing but I just knew, it was the p lace for me. My first semester I was convinced everyone in Mississippi and at Ole Miss was just mad; who dresses ur) for football games, and why was everyone so incredibly nice? Soon 1 came to realize the South of a city and of a small town are dramatically different Slowly, I learned a little about the geography of the state and what it means to be from the Delta, Along the way, classes kept us busy, but quickly, I finally understood that college really teaches us to think; sometimes mat that meant trying to get out of a parking ticket, Imrning what to say when a friend was upset or trying to get a professor to move a test back. More than anything, though, I remember all memories with my friends from Groving on game days, to roadtrips to watch Ole Miss flay, and night outs. I furve no clue where any of us will be in the next few years or when I wid get to be a grover again, but I do know that hne never graduates from Ole Miss ' ! by As ft leyWilliams, a senior sociology major from Roswed, Go, Brown, Nicholas XN, Forrest, MS Bruce, Ashley, West, MS Brumfield, Ab KX, Nashville, TN Bruner, Shannon, Jackson, MS Bryan, Josh, Balchvyn, MS Bryant, Hannah Af, Kosciusko, MS Bryant, Joshua, Corinth, MS Bullock, Aaron OKT, Moss Point, MS Bullock, Tiffany, University Park, IL Bunniran, Suvapun, Oxford, MS Burke, Taryn KKT, Germantown, TN Burkes, Lindsay, Batesville, MS Burnette, Alana, Jayess, MS Burns, Blair KKL Southaven, MS Burns, Kellie, Water Valley, MS Burnside, Dewaski, Woxapater, MS Burrow, Lauren, McComb, MS Busby, Freda, Jackson, MS I Buse, Brandy AI, New Albanj MS Butler, Kevin Birmingham, AI. Butlei Rachel 1 M, Goodlensvillc TN Byrd, Christian, Owensboro, KY Bynl In- ' Imn m MS Byrd, Susan, Mathiston, MO Cade, Catherine C.arley, Greenwood, MS Caldwell, Kristin KA, Natchez, MS Caldwell, Lauren, Oxford, MS Caley, Joseph AH ' , Tuston, AZ Callahan, Vicki, Woodland, MS Cameron, Jennifer tL M, Jackson, Ms Campbell, Melissa ErR Jena, LA Cannon, Benjamin, Monroe, LA Carlson, Meredith Xi2, Batesville, MS Carpenter, Julie PIBO, Bardett, TN Carpenter, Kelly KKE Charleston, SC Carpenter, Melissa, Baldwyn, MS Carpenter, Natalie KA, Ripley, MS Carr, Marc, St Louis, MO Carr, Matthew, Tupelo, MS Carroll, Lexie AT Brandon, MS Carter, Keleigh KA , Magee, MS Carter, Lauren, Clinton, MS Carter, Matt Z t E, Marietta, GA Carver, Patrick, Clarksville, TN Carwell, Augustus, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Castillo, Loidha, Oxford, MS Caten, Leah, Florence, MS Caulfield, Bethany AOn , Water Valley, MS Chamberlin, Claiborne, Magnolia, MS Chandler, Charlie IX, West Point, MS Chandler, Emily LIBO, Madisonville, KY 245 Chappell, Robyn, Byhalia, MS Chatman, Jauna ZS B, Memphis, TN Chera, Melissa, Nashville. TN Chernyak, Yekaterina, Krasnoyarsk, Russia Chesney, Jennifer, Meridian, MS Childs, Apryl KA, Grenada, MS Chockley, Randy, Jefferson City, MO Chrestman, Timothy, Grenada, MS Chuku, Chika AE0, Largo, MD Church, Jason Z(J E. Swansea, IL Clark, Andrew KA4 , Indianola, MS Clark, Corey OKT, Amory, MS Clark, KatherineXIi, Memphis, TN Clarke, Emily, Savannah, TN Clayton, Aimee AAA , Tunica, MS Clayton, Rachael, New Albany, MS Clements, Summer XD, Montgomery, AL Clifford, Shelley Xfl , Memphis, TN Cochran, Adorea, Oxford, MS Coggins, Heath, Baldwyn, MS Coker, Stacey, Macon, MS Sara-Elizabeth AW Tuscaloosa, AL Coleman, Chenoa, Southaven, MS Coley, Robert A ¥, Mooreville, MS Collins, Michaela, Oxford, MS Collins, Shawn, Gautier, MS Colpitts. Patrick, Lake Charles, LA Commiskey, Katie, Jackson, MS Compton, Amanda. Horn Lake, MS Compton, Christina, Biloxi, MS Congleton, Laura KA0, Charlotte, NC Cook, Dustin, San Antonio, TX Cook, Megan XQ, Vicksburg, MS Cordua, Ashley OM, Jackson, MS Counts, Jason, Carrollton, MS Covington, Jason, Batesville, MS Covington, Regina, Coffeeville, MS Cox, Beau, Mettleton, MS Cox. Carrington XX, Collierville, TN Cox, Cortney, Batesville, MS Cox, Dianna, Oxford, MS Craig, Marlania, Crowder, MS Crawford, Brooke OM, Batesville, MS Crawley, Jessica, Pontotoc, MS Cnm, Rich KI , Nashville, TN Crosby, Carla AL Auburn, AL Croswell, Bobby ZX Madison, MS Crowe, Justin, Columbus, MS Cummins, Joly X£2, Roxie, MS Curry, Billy, Tupelo, MS Curry, Christie, Columbus, MS Dalbey, Lindsey OM, Chattanooga, TN Daniel, Charity, Tupelo, MS 246 Daniels, Dawn Renee OM Fort Worth, TX Dantin, Vic OKT Columbia, MS Davenport, Bree OM, Destin, FL Davidson, Jane, China Dewey D. Garner Katie Gunnell. Jennifer Nichols. Mary Margaret Serio, Alex Scrimpshire, Ashley Wimberly. Lean Smith Kathy Knight " I enjoy the football games and the experiences of The Grove, which is unlike any other place % J. Ji Davis, Kerne, New Orleans, I.A Davis, Lisa, Verona, MS Davis, Megan, Brandon, MS Davis, Ryan, Birmingham, AI. Davis, Sydney IIB 1 , Fans, TX Day, Brandy, Sturgis, KY Dear, Benjamin, Hickory, MS Dear, Todd, Oxford, MS Decker, Darcy KA0, Metairie, LA Dees, Emily Ar, Philadelphia, MS Delsa, Chris, Metairie, LA Dement, Mary, Pulton, MS Desai, Jay IX, West Point, MS Dickerson, Jacob KA, Southaven, MS Dillon, Rosalind, Bogue Chitto, MS Dixon, Latanya AKA, Pearl, MS Dodson, Stephanie, Brandon, MS Dominick, Chalon LIB t Metairie, MS Dorgan, Maureen KA, Biloxi, MS Doss, Brian, Rogers, MS Douglas, Paige, West Monroe, LA Downing, Michael, Olive Branch, MS Draper, Sharhonda, Sardis, MS Drewrey, Jessica, Oxford, MS Drummond, Leanne AAA, Memphis, TN Dugas, Allison, Wesson, MS Dunbar, Dustin, Carrollton, MS Dunn, Ashley J M, Hammond, LA Dunn, Jennifer AL Dallas, TX Dunnigan, Erika, Sardis, MS Dunsford, Michelle, Lake St. Louis, MO Duren, Roshelle ZOB, Vaiden, MS Earls, Leanne, Morton, MS 247 East, Nicol Eija, St. Louis, MO Eaton, Eric, Ridgeland, MS Edge, Emily, Vaughan, MS Chris Freeman Terrell Blackman Evelyu Wilkes Diedra Hodges Paige Latham, Damon Wofford, Taylor McCutheon, Sam Waters :.:. anywhere. First semester was a memorable one and the second one wild be even betterl " -Patrick Knight, a freshman business management major from Houston, Texas. Edwards, Paulita, Lexington, MS Einhart, Angela, Southaven, MS Ellis, Kim, Baldwyn, MS Ellzey, Allison, Petal, MS Ellzey, Jennifer, Petal, MS Emmons. Carol Anne AOfl , Iuka, MS Engle, Granville KX, Vicksburg, MS Eubanks, Mildred, Water Valley, MS Evans, Laurie AAA , Laurel, MS Evilcizer, Timothy, Goodlettsville, TN Fairey, Ashley, Nashville, TN Farmer, Kevin, Courtland, MS Faulkner, Mario, Olive Branch, MS Ferguson, Jennifer, Pontotoc, MS Ferrell, Clyde A K French Camp, MS Fiechtl, Jessica, Lexington, TN Fields, Zakiyo AKA, Indianola, MS Fillev, Shauna, Oxford, MS Findley, Erin, Madison, MS Flanner, Jennifer, Purvis, MS Fletcher, Brent EN, Jackson, MS Floyd, Joanna, Blue Springs, MS Fly, Beth, Ashland, MS Foster, Holly, New Albany, MS Fountain, Candice XIT, Batesville, MS Fountain, Kelly KA, Madison, MS Franks, Brad, Tupelo, MS Frashier, William riKA, Centralia, IL Fratesi, Jeffrey KI, Pine Bluff, AR Frazier, Amber, Corinth, MS Frazier, Debbie AT Kosciusko, MS Freeman, Lana Claire t M, Vicksburg, MS 248 Fulton, Memory, Nesbit, MS Funchess, Latoya, Crystal Springs, MS Furlong, Mary AOn, Maitland, FL Gardner, Tabatha, Terry, MS Garmon, Krishna, Tupelo, MS Garrard, Beebe, Oxford, MS Garrard, Nick, Oxford, MS Gathitu, Benson, Limuru, Kenya Gay, Kearney KX, New Orleans, LA Gent, Gordon ttKT, Gulfport, MS George, Makenzie, Jackson, MS Gibson, Micah AAA , Clarksdale, MS Giessner, Kara nB J Ridgeland, MS Gilbert, Robin, Madison, MS Gill, Carolyn AOn, Germantown, TN Gill, Kathleen AAA, Covington, LA Gladney, Jeremy XM , Clarksdale, MS Glenn, Elizabeth IIBO, Germantown, TN Gober, Sarah Brooke riBdJ, Magee, AR Good, Jennifer riBO, Columbus, MS Goodman, Tresa, Long Beach, MS Gore, Blake XX, Tupelo, MS i b»»_ ■ M i ron Meredith X 2 ( rrenada Ms Graham, Amanda KA(-), Vicksburg, MS ( ji. ili. mi Amy, Tupelo MS Gravatt, Ncal IIKA, Tupelo Ms Gray, Anne I lli ' l ' Swansea II. Gra I Tupelo Ms Green, Timothy IH-)II, Flora, MS Greene, Sarah, Hattiesburg, MS Gn enlee, Veazey AAA, Oxford, MS Greer, Christie KKI ' , Lexington, KY Greer, Shannon, Pickens, Ms Gregory, Courtney, New Albany, MS Gregory, Stuart t»KT, The Woodlands. TX Griffith, Clark, Cleveland, MS Grogan, Rachel, Oxford, MS Guest, Luke, Oxford, MS Guin, Mark, Marietta, MS Guyton, Joshua, West Point, MS Guyton, Mary Jane, Russellville. AL Haarmann, Patricia, Pearl River, MS Hagan, Robyn AOIT, Baton Rouge, LA Hair, Jason, Greenville, MS Hall, Lindy nB t Collierville, TN Hall, O.Z., Birmingham, AL Hall, Valerie Xn, Brookhaven, MS Hall, Wes ATQ, Brandon, MS Hamblin, Melanie, Blue Springs, MS Hamilton, James AT Long Beach, MS Hamilton, Jennifer, Oxford, MS Hankins, James, Ripley, MS Hankins, Nancy YIB S , Omaha, NE Harbert, Erin AOIT, Jackson, TN Harkins, Mary Y B S , Jackson, MS 244 Harris, BentleyXfi, Germantown, TN Harris, Libby X£2, Hernando, MS Haslett, Shemeka ZOB, Vaiden, MS Hassell, Jozette, Cold Water, MS Hayes, Christye, Winona, MS Hayes, Lindsey OM, Germantown, TN Hayes, Vakissere, Horn Lake, MS Haynes, Brian, Louisville, MS Hector, Karl, Portsmouth, Dominica Heffington, John David, Cadiz, KT Heidgen, Marty I IKA, Little Rock, AR Hendrix, David, Batesville, MS Henley, Rebecca FIBO, Jackson, MS Henson, Staci AAA, Jackson, MS Herndon, Amanda, Bartlett, TN Herrod, Chiqwita, Grenada, MS Hickinbottom, Tanice, Oxford, MS Hicky, Will OAO, Memphis, TN Hight, Tedric, Michie, TN Hill, Elizabeth KKT, Mountain Brook, AL Hill, Jeremy BOIT Ripley, MS Hines, Jessica, Blue Mountain, MS Hinton, Haley KKT, Natchez, MS Tradition... y favorite Ole Miss tradition has always Mbeen and probably will always be The Grove. People dressed up in the fatest fashions j the sounds of Dixie, and the cutest kids dressed in jerseys and cheerleading uniforms are every- where. Preparations are made ad week for the activi- ties that will transprire on Game Day. Calls to Abner ' s and McAfisters, trips to Kiamie ' s, and of course, the matter of who is putting up the tent. Grove-goers are educated from an early age on school spirit. I can imagine the surprise of visitors seeing Ole Miss game day for the first time. It is amazing how a small grass area can become a whole culture over night. The chandeliers, silver, and crystal are enugh to fascinate anyone. Even though there are only a few game weekends each year, every time I walk through The Grove, I canl help but feel proud. It is such a beautiful place no matter what the season. I recently read our game day was voted one of the top things to do in Mississippi ami well, it should be. Things may come and go, but no one will ever forget their Grove experiences. The Grove represents the past, future, and present of Ole Miss. Hotty Toddyil by WhitneyWaddell, a senior journalism major from Waynesboro, Miss. Hodges, Matthew IcfcE Little Rock, AR Hoehn, Mary XQ, Brentwood, TN Hogan, Marley OM, Jackson, MS Hogue, Ashley KA0, Collierville, TN Holcomb, Clare X£2, Memphis, TN Holmes, Amy UB S , Franklin, TN Holmes, David 1 A0, Columbus, MS Holmes, Richard, Tylertown, MS - " Holtz, Nicholas, Mobile, AL Hood, Ashley AOn, Duncan, MS Home, Maria, New Albany, MS Horton, Micah AT, Oxford, MS Hotard, Dave, New Orleans, LA Hudson, Jason, Jackson, TN Tin Hughes, Meredith AAA . Clarksdale, MS Hughey, John XT, Bartlett, TN 211 Huling, Melissa AT, Southaven MS Humphries, Alicia, Varadaman, Ms Hurd, April, Baldwyn, MS Hurst, Tierney, Tupelo, MS Hun, Sarah, Memphis, ' IN I In .1 Min Is Nicholas, Lloyds, II. Hushes, Keith, Oxford, MS Hutcheson, Ryan, Guntown, MS I [utton, Ashley AOn, Nashville, TN lies, Joshua, Raymond, MS Ingram, Matthew XN. Clinton, MS [shell, Rachel, Oxford, MS Ivory, Natasha, Shannon, MS Ivy, Molly, Bourough, AR Jabour, Lauren AAA Vicksburg, MS Jacks, Ashley X Q, Pine Bluff, AR Jackson, Ashley AT, Brownsville, TN Jackson, Brent nKA, Belleville, II. Jackson, Danny, Grenada, MS Jackson, Saundra Zft B, Cleveland, OH Jacobs, Jim XX, Oxford, MS James, Amanda, Oxford, MS James, Anna, Oxford, MS Jefcoat, Debralee, Tupelo, MS Jefferson, LaToya, Centreville, MS Jefferson, Tywanda, Foxworth, MS Jeffries, Lashonna, Waterford, MS Jenkins, Angela AOn, Hoover, AL Jenkins, Josh, Oxford, MS Jennings, Christina KAO, Pensacola, FL Jett, Rachel AAA , Vicksburg, MS Johnson, Amanda, Brandon, MS Johnson, April, Rianzi, MS Johnson, Christy, Beldon, MS Johnson, Erica AXO, Clarksdale, MS Johnson, James, Ellisville, MS Johnson, Jason, Booneville, MS Johnson, Jennifer, Senatobia, MS Johnson, Jennifer, Flora, MS Johnson, Katrina, Holly Springs, MS Johnson, Marlena, Enid, MS Johnson, Stacy, Tupelo, MS Johnson, Tameshia AXO, Oxford. MS Johnston, Emmeline AAA Baton Rouge, LA Jones, Chris, Amory, MS Jones, Jason, Jackson, TN Jones, Jennifer KKE Water Valley, MS Jones, Jennifer, Memphis, TN Jones, Joseph, Golden, MS Jones, Matthew, Jackson, MS Jones, Melissa AOn, Columbia, MS Jones, Travis OKT. Gulfport, MS Jordan, Josh, Clinton, MS Jue, Michelle, Memphis, TN Kl Bnttnie Hamlin. Maura Hurley, Arlene Watson, Becky Delius, Lauren Kuehnle Eiyessie Donald, Darius L. Leland, Kianna K. 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College has not been an easy journey, but it has been memorable and full of joy. When I came to school here, I didn ' t know a soul. I was terrified and excited to beginning an entirely new life. I didn ' t expect the hard work, the fun, the laughter, the tears, the friends, the crazy situations . . . any of it I am not sorry for one thing that has happened because I know I woufdnl be the same person I am without the experiences I ' ve gained at Ole Miss. Ole Miss is not just a school to me. It ftas 6een an experience, the best of my life. I am excited about graduating, but I ' m as scared as the first day I was here. I dont know what lies ahead after I Ceave this wonderful lace. I know I will always remember my time here because it really has been the best four years of my life, so far. by AntandaJo(tnson ; a senior journalism major from Sandhill, Miss. MarkweU, Richard, Germantown, TN Mars, Chad IX, Ridgeland, MS Massey, Alecia Ar, Oxford, MS Massey, Bruce, Natchez, MS Mayo, Shannon, Weir, MS McAllister, Ray, Aberdeen, MS McBride, Federick, Eupora, MS McClatchy, Sam, Memphis, TN McCollough, Angel AT, Clinton, MS McCool, Joey IX, Louisville, MS McCormick, Alan KZ, Biloxi, MS McCormick, Sarah Rose, Pascagoula, MS McDonald, Brooke KA, Sikeston, MO McGee, Lauren AOfl, Mcminnville, TN McGhee, Michael, Chicago, IL McGinnis, Emory fIB t , Cordova, TN McCrary, JeffZN, Gulfport, MS McDonald, Brittany KA, Sikeston, MO I l ' A I ■1 HI Mclngvale, Virginia, Hernando, MS Mclntyrc, Stacy, Brandon, MS McKinncy, Christen XLl , Mobile, AI. McKinney, Kimberley, Batesville, Ms McKinncy, Shermila , Belden, MS McLarty, Brian, Olive Branch, MS McLellan, (Curtis, Ridgeland, MS McLennan, Kelly AAA , Jackson, MS McLeod, Christiana, Quitman, MS McMickin, Ashley, Tupelo, MS McMillen, Jeremy, Myrtle, MS McMinn, David, Carrollton, MS McNitt, Benjamin, Thomsville, GA McNulty, Morgan l M , Magee, MS Meehan, Kristen, Pass Christian, MS Mehan, Whitney AH Pope, MS Melvin, Becky AOTI, Corinth, MS Meredith, Amy, Senatobia, MS Metcalf, Daniel, Jackson, MS Miley, Jill AT Amory, MS Miller, Julie, Foxworth, MS Miller, Krista, Weir, MS Millington, Courtney KAO, Memphis, TN Milner, Amanda AGTT, Jackson, MS Miranda, Marianne KKI7 Nashville, TN Mitchell, Mary Lyons KKT, Martinsville, VA Mitchem, Kaisha, Oxford, MS Mobley, Marales, Pascagoula, MS Moffett, Benjamin, Meridian, MS Montgomery, Tamika, Jackson, MS Montgomery, Traci, Oxford, MS Moore, Antwan A J A, Nettleton, MS Moore, Jacqueline, Long Beach, MS Moore, Kristi, Noxapater, MS Moore, Lakeshia AKA, Oxford, MS Moore, Shamecca, Houlka, MS Moore, Tammye, Selmer, TN Moore, Tico, Bruce, MS Moore, Trevor, Pinckneyville, IL Morgan, Jill XQ, Starkville, MS Morgan, Trey, Senatobia, MS Morris, Lenora AKA, Batesville, MS Morris, Megan, Jackson, MS Morris, Meredith, Tupelo, MS Morton, M.H. XQ., Boerne, TX Mossberg, Matthew, Santa Ana, CA Mullins, Alex, Franklin, TN Mullins, Preston, Wesson, MS Murchison, Camille OM, Hernando, MS Murphy, Rebecca KKT, Shreveport, LA Musolf, Troy IX, Arlington Hts, IL Musselwhite, Jennifer, Southaven, MS Naeger, Mark, St. Louis, MO Nail, Nancy, Southaven, MS Neal, Rebekah, Ellisville, MS Neff, Christopher, Pontotoc, MS Neff, Jennifer, Areola, MS Nelson, Claire OM, Southaven, MS Nevels, Tawan, Baldwin, MS Newman, Kelitia, Vaiden, MS Nguyen, Sally, Biloxi, MS Nicholas, Justin, Germantown, TN Nichols, Antone, Mantachie, MS Nichols, Joli, Mantachie, MS Nord, Sophie XQ Gulfport, MS Northrup, Amanda, Altadena, CA Null, Jessica, Corinth, MS Null, Kyle, Meridian, MS Nunley, David, Oxford, MS Nunley, Jema, Booneville, MS Nutall, Alicia, Belzoni, MS Oakes, Darby, Batesville, MS Oakes, Elizabeth, Oxford, MS O ' Neal, Stacy, Madison, MS Onwubiko, Chinwendu, Stringer, MS O ' Rear, William, Mantachie, MS Osmonov, Asylbek, Philadelphia, MS Ostrenga, Andrew J KT, Cape Girardeau, MO Oxner, Wendy, Olive Branch, MS Palermo, Lauren KKL Marietta, MS Palmer, Madison, Franklin, TN Palmer, Whitney, Biloxi, MS Parker, Donal, Kennett, MO Parker, Todd, Senatobia, MS Parkes, Kimberly AOn, Muscle Shoals, AL Pasquale, Stephanie, Bruce, MS 156 Patel, Anju, Prentiss, MS Patel, Shalin, Laurel, MS Patrick, Corey t KT, Hernando, MS Patton, Martha XQ., Tuscaloosa, AL Paul, Alicia, Southaven, MS Paul, Katherine, Collierville, TN Payne, Lavitta, Olive Branch, MS Peacock, Jason, Hernando, MS Pearson, Kenneth, Batesville, MS Pearson, Ashton Jr, Knoxville, TN Pegues, Louisa, Batesville, MS Pennington AL Jennifer, Jasper, GA Pennington, Russell, Byhalia, MS Perkins, Gail, Batesville, MS Perry, Heather, Holly Springs, MS Perry, Rebecca X£2, Tunica, MS Pettigrew, Charles, Jackson, TN Pettit, Anne nB l Springfield, MO Petty, Christopher, franklin, TN Peyton, LmilyKAO, Covington, TN Phelps, Haley KA0, Durant, OK Phillips, Brian, Olive Branch, MS Pierron, Whitnc-y nB4 , Piano, TX Poindt-xter, Shadda, Water Valley, MS Porter, Kerry, Byhalia, MS Powers, Eugenia Mckee, Glen, MS Prewett, Tressie, Pontotoc, MS Price, Tyler, Chattanuga, TN Price, Verna, Buffalo, MS Puckett, Robin, Mooreville, MS Pun, Yen-Ling, Malaysia Queen, Adam, Germantown, TN Quick, Adam EX, Canton, MS Quinn, Matt, Oxford, MS Rackley, Paul, Pontotoc, MS Radtke, Jill, Mission Hills, KS Radu, Mira-Lorelei, Oxford, MS Rahaim, Erin, Raymond, MS Rahming, Lynaire, Nassau, Bahamas Raines, Emily, Pontotoc, MS Raines, Erin AOH Nesbit, MS Rains, Amy, Gadsden, AL Rakestraw, Christopher, Tupelo, MS Ramsey, James, Hollandale, MS Randall, Kyle, Tuscaloosa, AL Rauch, Julie flBcR Anniston, AL Ray, Stephanie, Myrtle, MS Rea, Randi, Friendswood, TX Redd, Renee, Oak Park, IL Reed, Suzy S M, Hilton Head, SC Rego, Marta, Pontotoc, MS Reid, Adair AOfI, Clarksdale, MS Reiter, Erin KAO, Hernando, MS Rembert, April, Jackson, MS Revelette, Curt, Oxford, MS Reynolds, Megan, Lake Cormorant, MS Rhea, Mindy, Olive Branch, MS Rice, Anna, Columbus, MS Richardson, Nathan KA, Marrietta, GA Richmond, Yolonda £L $ , Jackson, MS Riess, Laura, Terrytown, LA Risley, Jennifer AOn, Memphis, TN Ritchie, Charlotte, Memphis, TN Rivers, Marshall ®K Union, MS Roberson, Randall SAO, Madison, MS Roberts, Gabe, Ridgeland, MS Robichaux, Kevin, Lake Charles, LA Robinson, Edie AT Brandon, MS Robinson, Kate, Columbus, MS Robinson, Kenya, Holly Springs, MS Roby, Chanda, Mendenhall, MS Rodgers, Nikki, Meridian, MS Rogers, Chandler t A0 , New Albany, MS Rogers, Stephen, Meridian, MS Ross, Alice, Tupelo, MS Rossi, Quinn, Columbia, MS t 1 3 258 Stranger in a Strange Land... pending the majority of my childhood and adolescence in New Orleans, I learned I was a i Jbig city boy at heart. Growing up, I always told myself that I woufcf attend a big city college. In high school, I thought becoming a proud member of the Tufane or UNO wmmunities was in my near future. 1 thought this until one day late in my freshman year in high school. It was the day I jtrst visitecf Oxford and Ole Miss. To give you a little background, my brother Tim was one of those smart fellas who liked to plan everything out, including his decision on where to attend college. I, on the other hand, was the go-with- the-flow younger brother who liked to figure things out at the last minute. So when he decided to make a campus visit his junior year in high school (my fresh- man year) to Ole Miss, I figured I ' d take a ride up to check it out myself. Needless to say, I fell in love with the campus the minute I saw it. From the tall oaks and roffing grass in The Grove, to the utterfy gorgeous women, I knew Ole Miss would be my new home. When I got here on that first ridiculously hot and humid day in August of ' 99, I felt as if I was all alone in a new place. The only familiar face I had at Ole Miss was my brother, who by that time was in his junior year as a Rebel. Sure, he introduced me to his friends and people he knew, but I knew I had to branch out and meet people on my own in an unfamiliar setting. The great thing I learned about Ole Miss, though, is that this wasn ' t a challenging task at aff. In fact, it became almost too easy to meet people. I grew to know many people and establish numerous meaningful relations flips over my next four years here, people whose friendships I cherish and thank God for every day. The most valuable thing that 1 have taken from my time at Ole Miss, besides learning that there are actually places that exist where the bars close, is the collective group of life experiences that have made me into the man that 1 am today. These life-changing experiences were not learned in the classroom for me. Instead, many took place in the small community of Oxford and Ole Miss that I thought I woufcf never get used to after growing up a big city boy. by DaveHotarcC a senior broadcast journafism major from New Orfeans, La. Rousst-U, Peter, New Orleans, LA Rudd, Keenya AKA Batesville, MS Rusk, James, Long Beach, MS Russell, Benjamin, Tupelo, MS Russell, Brandon, Long Beach, MS Russell, John, Mckenzie, TN Russell, Melissa AL New Albany, MS Rutherford, Amy, Brandon, MS Rutherford, Landon, Baldwyn, MS Sanders, Andrea, Brandon, MS Sanders, Anna, Fayetteville, AR Sanders, Vidalia ZOB, Brookhaven, MS Sartin, Brendan, Pearl, MS Scala, Jennifer, Lansing, KS Scheldt, Sarah, St Peters, MO Schuchs, Isla, Fulton, MS Schwalenberg, Lesley, Vardaman, MS Schwartz, Jeanne, Jackson, MS Schwartz, Kathryn, Jackson, Ms Scott, Meredith AOII, New Albany, .MS Su tt. Omega, Saltillo, MS Si cipmshire, Alex, Laurel, MS Scruggs, Ashley, Spring I [ill, TN Seguin, Daniel, Gulrport, MS Self, Jerry, Enid, MS Sexton, Jason, Falkner, MS Sexton, Jennifer, Ripley, MS Shaffer, Rebekah, Thompson Station, TN Shell, Kendra AZ0, Grenada, Ms Shields, Richard, Brandon, MS Shropshire, Susanne KKE Lexington, KY Shumpert, Kristin, Tupelo, MS Sickler, Jennifer-Rose, Baton Rouge, LA Sigler, Christy, Southaven, MS Simmons, Chad, Belden, MS Simmons, Pamela, Pickens, MS Sims, Alii KA, Osyka, MS Sims, Joshua, Heidelberg, MS Sinclair, Derek, Colombia, MS Sinclair, Leslie, Clinton, MS Siqueira, Alice, Slidell, LA Skinner, Michael, Fort Myers, FL Slater, LaToya 1AQ , Columbus, MS Slayton, Staci, Enterprise, MS Slocum, Harlan, Carrollton, MS Smart, Joni ZS B, Goodman, MS Smith, Adam, Brandon, MS Smith, Andrew OKNK Natchez, MS Smith, April, Dexter, MS Smith, Christy, Ripley, MS Smith, Haley XQ, Columbus, MS " 59 Smith, Jennifer, Carthage, MS Smith, Jonathan, Abbeville, MS Smith, Kathryn, Ridgeland, MS Smith, Rhonda, Waterford, MS Smith, Sara, Leighlen, MS Snead, Sherrie, Mantachi, MS Snyder, Drew EN, Madison, MS Song, Seung-Jae, Dallas, TX Souligny, Ruth, Carrollton, MS Speck, Mary Sue, Myrtle, MS Speck, James II, Ecru, MS Sprayberry, Ashley OM, Madison, MS St. Claire, Suzy, Dallas OM. TX Stafford, Lynlee X£l, Dyersburg, TN Stancill, Jeff IX, Laurel, MS Starks, Samantha, Jackson, MS Stead, Joanna, Oxford, MS Steele, Adam I I E, Athens, AL Stegall, Brooe KKT, Houston, TX Stephens, Tamica, Bruce, MS Stephenson, Jennifer, Carrollton, MS Max Hipp. Tricia Parker Makeshi Rizer, Willie Dodson Stevens, Sarah AfGautier, MS Stevenson, Cedri KvVK Holly Springs, MS Steverson, Jessica, Ellisville, MS Stewart, Amber, Oxford, MS Stilgenbauer, Adam KX, Houston, TX Stokes, Demetrica AKA, Oxford, MS Story, Hetherington OAO, East Prairie, MO Straker, Stacey, Mt Pleasant, TN Strong, Lisa OM, Canton, MS Sturdivant, Lee X£2, Greenwood, MS Sullinger, Robert, Nesbit, MS Sullivan, Vista, Meadville, MS Sumrall, Tiffany, Picayune, MS Sutliff, Elizabeth XQ, San Angelo, TX 60 Tallie, La Toya, Holly Springs, MS Tatum, Joe ATQ, Mincen, LA Taylor, Ann KKL Hazel, KY Taylor, David IX, Pensacola, FL Taylor, Kathryn, Marion, AR Taylor, Patricia, Grenada, MS Tedford, Lela, Bruce, MS Tellis, Tarra, Charleston, MS Tharp, Jodie 4 M, Winona, MS Theophilus, Eenga AZO, Nassau, Bahamas Thomas, Daniel, Pascagoula, MS Thomas, Pratt OAO, Mobile, AL Thomas, Sumeka AKA, Okolona, MS Thompson, Heather, Pontotoc, MS Thompson, Jennifer AOn, Union, MS Thornton, Patricia, Durant, MS Thrash, Leslie KKL Jackson, MS Thrasher, Christi, Golden, MS Tran, Minh-Anh, Tupelo, MS Trotter, Melinda AAA . Greenville, MS Kathy True, Water Valley, MS Truesdale, Ryan, Meridian, MS . a w Wr Nicol Tisdale. Candace Cunningham, Tomeco Hubbard Jason Lynn, Allison Adams Tuccio, Michelle, Nathez, MS Tucker, Benjamin, Louisville, MS Turner, David I1KA, Southaven, MS Turner, Jennifer, Mantachie, MS Tutor, Kimberly, Oxford, MS Tyndall, Julie ITBO, Houston, TX Underwood, Phillip, Enid, MS Valentine, Nelson ZX, Meridian, MS Vankirk, WeezieXQ , Gulfport, MS Vasilyev, Joey, Oxford, MS Waddell, Whitney KA, Waynesboro, MS Wadley, Regina, Coldwater, MS Wait, Pam, Oxford, MS Waldon, Elise, Ripley, MS Walker, Anna AAA , Jackson, MS Walker, Marcoe, Jackson, MS Wallace, Amanda, Oxford, MS Walters, Brooke, Lucedale, MS Ward, Jill, Huntingdon, TN Ware, Whitney, Germantown, TN Warren, Givinia, Baldwyn, MS Weaver, Brandon, Walnut, MS Webb, Taylor nKA, Madison, MS Weiss, Tiffany, Combine, TX Welch, Chelsea AT, Grenada, MS Welch, Jerry Jr., Winona, MS Wells, Jonathan, Laurel, MS Westmoreland, Vickie, Blue Springs, MS Weston, Kimberly, Charleston, MS Wheat, James, Southaven, MS Whisenant, Mikki, New Albany, MS Whitaker, Whitney, Corinth, MS Whitaker, Warren II, Woodville, MS White, Andrew IX, Jackson, MS White, Camille, Calhoun City, MS White, Will, Memphis, TN Whitson, Micah, Athens, AL Whitten, Kara, Olive Branch, MS W ' hittington, Zack, Decatur, MS Wick, Christie, Franklin, TN Wiginton, John. Water Valley, MS Wilbanks, Sarah, Oxford, MS Wilburn, Sandra, Fulton, MS Wilkins, Justin, Glen, MS Wilkinson, Ashley KA, Jackson, MS Williams, Adrienne AZ0, Madison, MS Williams, Ashley nBO. Roswell, MS Williams, Bradley, Blue Springs, MS Williams, Edith, Greenwood, MS Williams, Lisa, Grenada, MS Williams, Ryan, Belmont, MS Williams, Stephen OK Oxford, MS Willis, Amanda I1B4? Kennett, MO Willis, Candayce, Calhoun City, MS Wing, Eric, Jonesboro, AR Wininger, Delena, Ooltewah, TN Wohrman, Doty AT Memphis, TN Wolfe, Jennifer, Charleston, MS Wong, Dave, Greenville, MS Woo, Edward, Sumner, MS Wood, Wesley, Nashville, TN Woodall, Earnest KA4 Oxford, MS Woods, Marc, Oxford, MS Wright, James, Knoxville, MS Wright, Kimberly KKE Atlanta, GA Wright, Sherika, Augusta, GA Wrighton, Erin, Aberdeen, MS Yancey, Theresa, Somerville, AL Yasay, Justin, Goodlettsville, MS Yates, Trent IX, Eupora, MS Yates, Tripp IX, Eupora, MS €) w- % Rebecca Latil Brianna Carsten Eruke Ohwofasa, Trisaina Webber, Chris Cole, Trisha Weekley, Leonard Brantley Haley Fairbanks Jared Fairbanks Young, Grate- AAA, Southaven, MS Young, Kevin, Dallas, TX Yousef, Nedal Houston, TX Yow, Nathan, Bay St Lewis, MS Yow, Charles II, Abbeyville, MS Zellich, Clay, Madisonville, KV ) Jill McCain, Jonathan Barnes. Nicole McLaughlin 263 Yichum Xu Laura Rogers Jenny Gordon Sara Fay Peters Dave Hotard aiu-m™ bu,i i SimpCy graaim tes " Returning to graduate school for a master ' s degree in journalism, after having worked as a journalist for nine years, made me realize that there were still many gaps in my professional knowledge. Thanks to some very capable professors, I ' m beginning to close the holes, " -Sandra Knispel, 2nd year journalism graduate from Ringstedt, Germany. Anakapalli, Manoj, India Anipindi, Diwakar, India Assaf, Sybil, Mccomb, MS Babu, Revanth, India Bangal, Jaideep, Pune, India Bokka, Sankar, India Bonds, Amy, Newport, AR Bora, Amit, Pune, India Brown, Derrick, Indianola, MS Bruss, Jeremy, Oxford, MS Butala, Harshala, India Campbell, Jeremy, Jena, LA 204 Chen, Fen-Fang, Taiwan Chen, Qi, Sichuan, China Chen, Shuo, Kunming, China Chennupati, Venugopal, India Chesnut, Robert, Tupelo, MS Chi, Ying, Shanghai Chilukun, Mukesh, University, MS Chittibomma, Muralidhar, India Choong, Aik Min, Malaysia Comes, Barbara, Vicksburg, MS Cotwright, Carla, Los Angeles, CA Dara, Raghuraj, India Dean, Jason, Oxford, MS Delozier, Scott, Oxford, MS Devulapalli, Sasikanth, India Ducker, Greg, Purvis, MS Engle, Campbell, Vicksburg, MS Feng, Liang, Beijing, China Foster, Megan, Germantown, TN I ' u, Mingxian, China Furtado, Cintia, Riode Janeno, Brazil Gaddam, Madan, Hyderabad, India Gauravreddy, Nukala, Hyderabad, India Ginne, Sahithi, Vi .ag, India g 1 • 1 1 r £l 1 i ■: A? p 5 Gomez, Lorena, Columbia MS Grandhi, Pushpalatha, Hyderabald, India Grandhi, Sai Sridhar, University, MS Gregory, Brooks, Oxford MS ( hi Linwu, Shanghai, China (inn. lamraju Soujanya, India Gunther, Christiane, Arnstadt, German) Gun, Wendy Hong, Harbin, China Heros, Lisa, Memphis, TN Hinds, Jennifer, Southaven, MS Hiranandani, Manish, India Holeman, Julie, Oxford, MS Horner, Jeff, Jackson, MS Hou, Jianwei, China, Huang, Liang, China, Hyde, Robert, Mobile, AL Jalnawala, Nekshan, Bombay, India Jefferson, Michael, Gretna, VA Jeyashekar, Nigil, Chennai, India Jia, Haifeng, Oxford, MS Jiang, Jian Feng, Hong Kong, China Jones, Brian, Holly Springs, MS Jones, Carmen, Memphis, TN Joshi, Rohit, Pune, India Joshi, Saraswati, India Kai, Guo, Wuhan, China Kanekar, Shantesh, Inida Kanta , Chandra Saraswathi, Oxford, MS Kanukolanu, Ramakanth, Hederabad, India Kelly, Warren, Gates, TN O Kirk, Brandon, Myrtle, MS Knight, James, Bartlett, TN Knispel, Sandra, Germany Kondapalli, Sailaja, University, MS Koolwal, Sulabh, India Kraft, Kimberly, Tullahoma, TN Kulkarm, Raghavender, India Kumar, Minu, University, MS Lan, Ying, China Lasuzzo, Brandee, Slidell, LA Li, Yang, Changsha, China Lim, Ghing Sia. Malaysia Liu, Jia, China Liu, Jun, China Liu, Yi, China Liu, Yuan, China Liu, Zhaoxia, China Lu, Sheng, Shanghai, China Luo, Zheyuan, China Malpass, Kelly, Biloxi, MS McCacken, Chad, St. Louis, MO Mcgee, Clyde, Greenville, MS Meda, Chaitali, Hyderbald, India Mitchell. Bryan, Aberdeen, MS A Graduates Perspective .♦. ife is fanny sometimes; it puts Ole Miss just L70 mites off 1-40 on the way to NoshvifCe. Although mis may not be fanny for most, it flayed a big part in an Oklahoma girl ' s life as she ventured out into an unknown world. My family and I stopped here on the way to Vanderbilt just because it was on the way. Yet, it ended up being much more than a place that was just along the way. Wide-eyed and willing, I took in ad tuat I could from the school and the town to make my life an independent success. Tor the first time in my life, I ruled my destiny and took charge of my surroundings. Through my four years of lexirning that there is more to college than academics , Ole Miss, in its entirely, is what I have grown to know and love. My time spent here, at school, at church, as a member of my sorority, and as a student has scufpted my life and given me a foundation to build on the for years to come. While here, 1 experienced moments of pure joy as well as moments of despair, but through all of it, Ole Miss has been a constant, offering everything from a friend ' s support, to situations of success and failure, to exciting nightlife. But most, Ole Miss became a place that I call home. As the Alma mater says, " There ' s a spot that ever calls " and for me that spot turned out to be the cornerstone of my life. by HaleyPhelps, a graduate pharmacy student from Durant, Okla. Mitchell-Carwell, Veronica, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Montanaro, Pasquale, Cleveland, OH Morrow, Charles, Montgomery, AL Mwangi, Esther, Kenya Nimma, Sridhar, India Niranjan Kumar, Kottala, Oxford, MS Parakkal, Santosh, India Parupalli, Samatha, India Pepper, Will, Cleveland, MS Phillips, Ashley. Ocean Springs, MS Pritchett, Scott, Germantown, TN Prodduturi, Suneela, Oxford, MS Putchala, Swapwa, Oxford, MS Qin, Changyong, China Rachakatla, Pradeep, Oxford, MS Rajkarnikar, Bikash, Nepal Patten, Katherine, Hazlehurst, MS Peavy, John, Oxford, MS ? ; V ft Ramaswamy, Venkatesh, University, MS Rice, David I. Ill Greenwood, Ms Rogers, Paul I)., Collins, Ms Rondla, Sahithi, University, MS Sadasivan, Ravi, India Sajja, Srikrishnamoh, University, MS Shands, Leslie, New Albany, MS Shands, Nancy, New Albany, MS Shi, Tao, China Sijher, Taninder, Delhi, India Simon, Andrew, Selangor, Malaysia Siruguri, Jaisimha, Hyderabad, India Smith, Jamee, Marion, Ar Smith, Pamela, Oxford, MS Smithhart, Lisa, Oxford, MS Srivastav, Prakhar, Bombay, India Steenkamp, Joy, Belzoni, MS Sthapit, Engela, Nepal Sudha, Kishore, University, MS Sumrall, Alfred, Gulfport, MS Sun, Yang, China Sundar, Sai Narayan, Hyderabad, India Tadepalli, Pallavi, New Delhi, India Tadepalli, Tezeswi, India Taduri, Dheeraj, Hyderabad, India Tang, Wenbin, Shanhai, China Telang, Nakul, India Telukuntla, Sireesha, University, MS Tracy, Josie, Oxford, MS Venugaopal, Suresh, Kerela, India Vinueza, Jorge, Coffeyville, KS Wadgaonkar, Bakul, Pune, India Walker, Kimberly, Memphis, TN Wang, Gang, China Wang, Haiyan, Shenzhen, China Wang, Wendy, China Gi 2671 Weinstein, Johathan, Oxford, MS Welch, Amy, Oxford, MS Wells, Jaceon, Amory, MS Whitehouse, Nowel, Conway, AR Witt, Honey, Jackson, MS Wu, Ya-Ling, Taipei, Taiwan Wu, Yinghua, Shanghai, China Xiong, Yuan, China Xu, Xiaobo, University, MS Xu, Yaquan, China Zhang, Ping, China Zhang, Ying, Ezhou, China Zheng, Guiping, China Zhou, Rui, China Zhu, Xue Liang, Jiangsu, China H 3 268 by Amandajohnson The Greek system at Ole Miss has been around since the mid- 1850s. The organizations were founded to promote academics, friendship and community service. These standards are still held in the highest regard by the 31 Greek groups at the University. About 33 percent of the student population is a member of a fraternity or sorority. The G1S?eK ftf imztfrfons lupprntSoifr: fcandards that each member and group must achieve to be recognized by the University. These standards are leadership, scholarship, service, and brotherhood and sisterhood. Members of these organizations typically have higher grades than non-members. These organizations also offer opportunities for leadership in the organization and through programs and Last year, with the first Greek-wide fundraiser ever, fraternities and sororities raisecl o ' ve " r $roTT,0 ' 0(T for three local speakers hosted by the groups. Community service is fundam ait y.1 to Greek life Trim oronties raised over charities: the Lafayette County Literacy Council, the Civil Rights Memorial Fund, and Camp Hopewell, a camp that serves children with diseases like cancer and diabetes. Each organization has a national philanthropy project inrNabers raise rtfoney for t y hosting annual events in support of these projects. ( BrotherhQoa Through the brotherhood and sisterhood principles that Greek organizations prize as being part of their philosophies, members gain lifelong friends. Joining a fraternity or sorority gives students an opportunity to understand the diversity of individuals while forming a common bond. theEND greek life by ' AmancCaJofinson This Phi Beta Sigma, Alpha Phi, and friend take a break from the activities of Meet the Greeks week. These Chi Omega sisters campaign in support of their sister running for Homecoming Queen. The Covergirls play at the Sigma Chi house for a football game party. 2t 0l G1 Top: These Sigma Nu pledges celebrate finally receiving their bids. Bottom: The sister of Zeta Phi Beta set-up an information booth outside the Union to attract potential members. Jackie Rings, Rebecca Henley, Anne Pettit enjoy Pi Phi spring formal in Memphis with Elvis NATIONAL PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL leadership community friendship by Amandajohnson The NPHC is the governing council of the historically black fraternities and sororities at The University of Mississippi. The members of this council oversee the activities of the fraternities Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc., Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc., Omega Phi Psi, Inc. and Phi Beta Sigma, Inc. The sororities under this council are Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc., Delta Sigma Theta, Inc., Sigma Gamma Rho, Inc. and Zeta Phi Beta, Inc. These organizations have been present on the Ole Miss campus for nearly 30 years. Each organization has a representative on the council. The NPHC sponsors many events each year that emphasize community service, friendship and unity. The biggest events each year are Meet the Greeks, which occurs in the fall and Afrolympics in the spring. Students can become members of these organizations through a process called Intake. This process is begun with interest meetings held by the individual fraternities or sororities in either the fall or spring. These meetings typically take place in the spring. To partici- pate in Intake, students must complete 1 2 semester hours of classes and have a 2.3 to 2.5 GPA dependent on requirements of each organization. theEND ' 70 Pictured here from left to right: (Front Row) Tieraa Metcalf, Parliamentarian; Toya Brooks, President. Back Row: Tarrus Metcalf. Representative of Omega Psi Phi, Danny Echols, Representative of Kappa Alpha Psi. Lawrence Wade, and Antwan Moore, Vice President. Leonard Brantley, a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Inc. gives a glimpse of how much fun Meet the Greeks Week can be. By Amandajohnson The NPHC held a week from September 9-13 to let the Ole Miss_ community know what their organizations are all about. The touru ll set up a table in the Union illustrating the community service, friendship and unity the member organizations share. Each organization also had a table showing what it was all about. The pictures on this page show scenes from one of the daily events of Meet the Greeks Week. The organizations came out in their better attire to pay homage to members of the past. They participated in " strolling " , a tradition for the NPHC groups. The fraternities showed their best stepping moves in these pictures. Stepping is a tradition founded by NPHC organizations. theEND N H P C ■■■■■H ! rv £T 271 Members of Omega Phi Psi Fraternity, Inc. Jamaal Thompson. Keylon Simpkins, Jason Payne take a moment to make a face for the camera while they step outside the Union during Meet the Greeks Week. Members of AKA sorority stroll in the honor of the old traditions during the " Homage to the Greek Founders events. tradition o 1 d a n new MEET THE GREEKS WEEK R 2tf %2 Aon Xfi AAA z ' 72 Above: The new sisters of Delta Gamma enjoy meeting all their ne pledge sisters. Left The Kappa Deltas are ecstatic to finall have their pledge class. Left: Pi Phi active JenniferAllen and little angel Megan look forwarc to the nights activities. Far left: The Gamma Chis coordinate with Panhellenic to maki sure all the rushees arrive on time. Center: Celebratin outside the house, these new sisters enjoy the moment. Left: Walking frorr house to house, thi rushee opts for no shoes. Ben X A KA K A KA9 KKT $M nB$ 273 nn Uuic Bbylock, Sptua Dcrden. 4. Aim PtlMt K $k $KT nKA 2AE 2X 2N 2$E THE INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL leadership community friendship by Germa The Interfraternity Council strives to ensure positive recruitment and membership experiences in fraternities. The council recognizes the reasons fraternities were impleme nted and preserves the original ideals of scholarship, leadership friendship, and community service. The council meets bimonthly to discuss ways of improving and maintaining the positive fraternity experience currently established at the university. In February of 2002, the IFC Executive Council won the Fraternal Excellence Award in Atlanta, Georgia. This outstanding achievement is symbolic of the councils dedication and the positive fraternity experience. the 3- The IFC are Corey Clark, President; Steven Kilgore, VP of Education and Judicial; Clifton Mostellar. VP of Recruitment; Ballte Ewing, VP of Community Service; Matt Williamson. VP of Public Relations; Walker Rutherford, Treasurer; Chip Pearson, Secretary and Jason Dean, Advisor. • m i ah „ - - » . . i j P74 ■FH Members of the Interfraternity Council make decisions in policies governing fraternities. THE PANHELLENIC COUNCIL leadership community friendship Go n ' :,: :.-:■ Members of the Panhellenic Council represent their sorority in deciding the policies for the sororities at Ole Miss. by Germany § The Panhellenic Council is composed of selected active members from on-campus sororities. According to their constitution, the goal of the Panhellenic Council is to " d evelop and maintain fraternity life and inter-fraternity relations at a high level of accomplishment. " In their bi-monthly meetings, the group discusses the advancement of fraternity scholarship and successful recruitment strategies; all the while promoting positive greek life at the University of Mississippi. The Panhellenic Council strives to make recruitment a positive experience. The council does everything from closely regulating recruitment guidelines to providing the potential new members with counselors to answer all of their questions and fashion shows illustrating what to wear. the 275 Ashley Cordua, President; Tina Frangiamore, VP of Eduaction and Judicial; Anna Walker. VP of .Recruitment; Shelley Clifford, Secretary Treasurer; and ( Allie Vance, Public Relations Community Service UJ |2 76 r- J- C Alpha Alpha Actives: Martina Brewer, Carmen Brooks, Toya Brooks, Kimberly Davis, LaTanya Dixon, Kimberly Dudley, Zakiyo Fields, Tonya Haynes, Shundral Hobson, Michelle Johnson, Danielle Jones, Neely Lott, Lakeshia Moore, Lenora Morris, Kandace Mosley, Donique Nobles, Simonee Patton, Tameka Rice, Keenya Rudd, Demetrica Stokes, Sumeka Thomas, Shannon Thompson pay homage to their brother fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha. Donique Nobles, Nicole Jackson, and Neely Lott take a break from the party for a little AKA identification. Kandace Mosley, an alumnus of AKA, and Shannon Thompson show appreciation for their brother fraternitv. S r r i t y Facts Nickname: AKA National Chapters: 860+ Chapter: Theta Psi Biggest Event: Skee Week National Founding: 1908 Brother Organization: Alpha Phi Alpha Ole Miss Founding: 1974 Colors: Salmon Pink and Apple Philanthropy: Education, the Black Family, Economics, the Arts Green Symbol: Ivy Leaf Governing Council: NPHC Flower: Pink Tea Rose Officers: Lakeshia Moore, President; Zakiyo Fields, Vice President; Kimberly Dudley, Secretary; Carmen Srooks, Assistant Secretary; Kandace Mosley, Financial Secretary; Tameka Rice, Treasurer; Martina Brewer, •fostess Hospitality; Neely Lott, Mailperson; Shundral Hobson; Michelle Johnson, Ivy Leaf Reporter; Shannon " hompson, Parliamentarian; Toya Brooks. NPHC President. " AOplui Kappa Aipka iewei ai m ex i imtlott of Aiit i iood, tuuty, and fwiiufif. Since It v cottceptlm at Ok Miu, kltA Iwi obtained a plmoumal fagaaf offisuH and conUtum t r pia ide, £w vce, to- Mankind in Ua Oxford aid uHii mtiy amuuiuti i. " -ZaJcUfo- FieM, l iw PwidenT These four AKAs take a moment to remind everyone who they are. Tamara McCullen, Courtney Williams, Kiki Moore, and Caroline Ricks show the class the ladies of AKA are known for. Jovan Williams. Caroline Ricks, and Kiki Moore show some hospitality. ' he AKA girls know what they ' re all that Members Neely Lott, LaTanya Dixon, Zakiyo Fields. Tanya Haynes and hang out in the Union after lunch with Korah Pounds of Omega Psi Phi. - Risley, Kelly Allison, Aimee Bertrand, Lindsey Krouse, and Valerie Vaughn rest after a vigorous game of intramural water polo. Officers Amanda Milner, President; Carol Ann Emmons. Vice President of Administration. Rebecca Parker, Vice President of Chapter Relations. £ " " " Steffie Kemper. Vice President of Academic Development, Valerie bauglm Vice President of Education, Bethany Caulfield, Vice President of Membership Recruitment, Allison White, Treasurer. Lori Pickens New Member Educator, Aimee Bertrand, Keeper of the Ritual, Robyn Hagan. Public Relations; Jennifer Kingery, Philanthropy Chairman Diane Wilson, Recording Secretary; Courtney Rhoden, Corresponding Secretary. Kelly Newell. Alumni Relations, Laura Baker, Social Chairman, Whitney Gentry, Risk Management Kimberly Parkes, House Manager Jennifer Risley, Panhellenic Delegate. AOPi U about fivLwkldp-fltfuig ititw deiptte, 1hvv fauM and Itfip ' wq Rack otfafl, dei elkp into- tlt u)owm v)t uJaiittb ' becom, -Auwuda Milim, Pwided ' Jessica Vinson. Lori Pickens, Aimee Bertrand. and Valerie Baughn are ready to party until dawn at formal. Members of AOPi cheer for charily al Sigma Nu Charity Bowl Alpha IP Pi Omicron Majorie Billings, Lindsey Krouse, Amanda Baker, and Zach Bush get ready to go out. Ashley Hutton and Erin Raines celebrate on the field after Ole Miss beat Florida. C D C 3 a 279 nal Founding: 1887 I Mascot: Panda Philanthropy: Arthritis Research, Ultimate Frisbee Tournament anc an Jones Run Walk tor it: Red Rose Ball House Mother: Laura Reid werning Council: NPC u 2 SO CO o C5 CD Omega S n r n r i t v Farts Nickname: ChiO Chapter: Tau National Founding:1895 Biggest Event: ChiO Classic Golf Tournament Brother Organization: Kappa Sigma Ole Miss Founding: 1899 Colors: Cardinal and Straw Governing Council: NPC National Chapters: 170+ Philanthropy: Gardinor-Simmons Home for Girls and Make a Wish House Mother: Sarah Duke Flower: White Carnation Officers: Clare Holcomb. President; Anastasia Ballas, Vice President; Bently Harris. Secretary; Mary-Mills Lane, Treasurer; Weezie Van Kirk, Personell; Martha Patton, Pledge Trainer, Bessie Liedtke, Recruitment Chairman; Libby Harris, Recruitment Chairman; Lee Sturdivant, Panhellinic Chairman; Helen Moss, Panhellenic Chairman " TltU yem, Clti Omega lm made, gveatitepA in tie ameai oficlio valup, iewtee, aid litf tlwod. I ami i eny p aied utiti, tie dUacHm tie iowtltij kai taken aid tie many u agl u e kai e been abk to- gu e back to- tie Cftuvwtfif aid ammuutij. " Ciam Uokotu6, Pwidetifr r Chi Os prepare for a night on the town as their cherish their last year together at Ole Miss. These Tri Delts pile up for a picture before going out on the town. Gretchen Segrest, Daisy Bobo, Micah Gibson, Mary Grace Poole (Theta), and Veazey Greenlee get ready to go to the game. The members of Tri Delt celebrate expansion of the chapter on Bid Day. Natalie Lefoldt, Ginyer Northcutt, Morgan Stone, and Brooks Ann O ' Brient celebrate on Bid Day. Officers (Front Row) Sloner Huff, Assistant Rush Chair; Sara Lib Cole. Social Events. Caroline Fair Intramural Chair, Mary Ellen Maples, l witnbutBd Philanthropy; Mary Lmley Swaney, Alumni Relations, Staci Henson, Vice President of Chapter Development. Clare Smith. Vice President of Public Relations (Second Row) Laurie Evans, President, LeAn Diummond. Risk Management, Kelly McLennan, Vice President of Academic Development, Ann Magee. Panhelleinc Representative; Jenny Berryhill, Sponsor Chairman, Laura Simmons, Continuing Education, Kate Hammond. Vice President of Finance, Murgan Wamble. Secretary. Catherine Russ, Vice President of Administration (Third Row) Ashley Britt, House Manager, Kathleen Gill, Activities Chairman; Marilyn Callahan Chapter Correspondent, Allison Mee, Treasurer. Caroline Sparks. Social Development Chair, Whitney Petter. Rush Entertainment Chan Not Pictured Cecil Brown, Tatuni Noblittt. Sara Beth Turner, Kate Mauldin, Morgan Card, Tricia McDowell, Breanna Goodman. Being a parifrof Til Defr kai been one, of my euoit inwedi6k expeMenm lwt at Ok MiU. ft lu gti en wue- tie, oppoitMtij to- attain fuencdkpi and anmgettabk muuonlei. -Lamie, Ei ani Who says sorority girls are wimps? Afton Jones, Ann Magee, Mary Linley Swaney, Sarah Beth Turner, Nicole Babbitt make mean faces and show off their muscles after an intramural soccer game. Delt «w «fcvt wt . Into, Orfm E nEn+ El r? Fi v K jt, Kiy On H. jr Q Bmun Joneo jaKtag « • EVA- MdrV 0 -»m MtrpnGrd IdnriCn MnOi i 1-MvEvJlr, Or far tUnJ.f ji El.rfjP-.fn, AtffcvFiv «b «m fi ajl.i Stunt . Ma«Hil»n LmbiJ m R«M Jd) . A fey Am. £jti » JrfnfelV A!W Ju» uw Laoiy. K L HMi Stffcv Lnu N»aW lt k ■ ..! Ltmn Em Ugji Ast. H..,, L nAroCBs E r , F ™ . Wl »v P. -.- CxmyPr . Mojf E»w i«rPh»eii C«i»j, I »i Wlnu- 1. W ir Wfcr » Kmh yrt. •- .» . G MrgmOiri, LdnOJp. UM ' UVi .LimVi .«• •, M nOi lm I ..t» Dtttjr. Ami -j. GfcwLiacu Lib Mwy. (Mm Wdjui. U. W4 KjbiUitu«i Mfco, .-.4.11 (i«nQjS v AK Si . Q nl . I »hii irfum Bffl Sluv BHUrvWdri I ■■P " " ■ ' I IBBHHf AMI 35? -- P?,o 1 1L k. ■■■ ■l llBHi The Tn Delt girls hang out with Colonel Reb before the football game in the Grove. Laurie Evans and Mary Ellen Maples show their neighborly love at the Tri Delt and KD Won ' t You Be My Neighbor party. CD CD O o CD r. Sorority Facts Nickname: Tri Delt Chapter: Chi National Founding: 1888 Ole Miss Founding: 1904 Colors: Silver, Blue and Cold Governing Council: NPC Mascot: Dolphin National Chapters: 133 Philanthropy: Childrens Cancer Charities and St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital Biggest Event: Pancakes for Kids House Mother: Julia Baker Number of Actives: 174 Flower: Pansy Symbol: Pearl, Pine and Pansy Delt CD o •i— I CD c j " a o o CD -t— C D •i-H C j 284 CD " a a CD amma Actives Ashley Abide, Sarah Abston. Kimberlv Amsworth. Wendy Almon Kay Avery. Ashley Baddour. Joanne Bagley. Bntlany Bailey. Jenny Barlow, Cassie Baskin. Brook Baudo. Susie Bjorkland. Kate Bower. Maione Bnlt. Hannah Bryant, Brandy Buse. Courtney Cartwright. Jenny ' LrMi.prk-r Meghan Cloney. Alex Clark. Katie Commiskey, Anna Cornelius, Januelyn Correro, Catherine Covington, Emily Dees. Rachel Donahue. Lizzie Duerr. Jennifer Dunn. Katie Eaton. Emily Edge. Amy Allison Edwards, Laura Evans, Blair Ferguson, Elizabeth Ford, Leah Forrester. Jennifer Gentry. Amanda George. Chrlssy Glider. Natalie Gomel. Alnsley Gorman, Abhy Gregory Kimberly Hebb, Brttlot) Heilbtonner, Anna Hill. Jessica Hill. Cnsten Hoag. Erin Hurnsby, Micah Horton, Melissa Huling, Ashley Jackson Meagan Jeltries Elizabeth John . Liz Johnson, Abby Jones. Julie Jones, Lisa Jordan, Paige Kmsluw. Jordan Lancaster. Mendilh Lee. Jessica Liggett, Jessica Long. Emily Lot! Mellss Lowther, Carol Anne Marion, Alecla Massey Lauren Mathis, Missy Mavat. Ashley McCurrah. Ashley McLeod, Whitney Mehan. Stephanie Miller, Jamie Monsuur. Whitney Moore, Lauren Moorehead. Margaret Morrison. Ashley Nance. Jessica Nesbitt. Erin NewhouM Rachel M«W P.ins, Ashfei Parker. Jennifer Pennington, Lauren Phillips. Laura Piazza, Natalie Putts. Dawn Pondous, Emily Pounds. Laura Reddick Lauren Reeves. Mont R.-ynokU Eli-iatx-th Kh. ies Connie Rice, Ashley Rickels. Edie Robinson Jill Rosamond. Anne Russell. Missy Russell. Laura Sanders, Emily Vmiii. ' - Ljur.i Shirley I ,iui.j Leigh Srnjll Shea Side Erin Simmons Whitn.-i, Skeltun Jenniler Smith. Sarafi Stevens Morgan Stuart. Brenda Swam, Solly Swearingen. Amanda Thinupwii. K.irley Timbers. Kellei Ton, .re, Meredith Turnage Meredith Turner. Carrie Ward Mary Elizabeth Whatley Leann Wiggin- Claudia Wills. Anne Winship. Amy Youngblood Pledges Lauren Abide, Ashley Andrews. Drew Bagley. Jessica Bailey. Corne Barkley. De Beazley. Kellie Bell. Emily Blount. Katie Brereton. Lindsei Brown, Amanda Bunner. Heather Carrnlln. Melissa Ceasar Hblltt Cheek. Kalhenne Clapp. Erin Clark. Candace Clayton, Kathtyn Cole. Palmer Cope. Whitney Crisp. Brook Currier. Lauren Dove. Jenniler Duddleston. Lauren Dye. Sarah Fonienol. Emmalme Graham. Marian Park Gray Ashle Harmon, EUtubeth Klnton. Bayley Wood. Laura Jackson. Morgan Jones. Lauren Kihyet, Kimberly Kilpainck. Leigh Allvn King, Mindy King. J Knight Katie Laird, Paige Latham, Ashley Lishman. Lmdsey Maddox, Diana Marascalco, Elizabeth Martin. Emily May Erin Mayo. Jenna McAlister Emily McCraw Jessica McMahen. Arabella Montgomery, Carroll Moore. Kayla Murphy Jaimee Patterson. Lauren Pennmglioiv Elizabeth Piazza. Amanda Plrani, Anna Reeves. Rachel Roberts. Katie Rogers, Lana Rogers. Kimberly Rutland, Cayce Ryan, Carol Scarborough. Suzy Schalihauser. M.-irv K.ilhryri Sharp. ' Jennie Sherman key Slaughter Tara Smith. Catherine Stanley Lmdsey Stevens 5h i Siill S.ira Wall Jill Waycasler. DG members spend an afternoon relaxing under the palms at the Sneaky Tiki. New members are welcomed with gift baskets on Bid Day. Sorority Facts Nickname: DG Brother Organization: Phi Delta Theta Chapter: Alpha Psi Philanthropy: National Founding: 1873 at Ole Service for Sight Miss Symbol: Anchor Colors: Bronze, Pink and Blue Housemother: Governing Council: NPC Nancy Mattox Mascot: Raggedy Ann Flower: Cream Rose Biggest Event: Anchor Splash National Chapters: 142 lOfficers: Doty Worhrman. President; Chelsea Welch, VP Programming; Carla Crosby, VP Social Standards; conmhued [Mary Margaret Drew, VP Membership Education; Lexie Carroll. VP Finance; Katie Caldwell, VP Membership; Abby IPate. VP Foundation; Waverly Almon. VP Panhellenic and Ashley Bowman, VP Communications. De a, Gauma, U um Uatcjuita, iowuty, a lamt, on, a gnoup of gUtA. fC ' U a piace, tfltwe, evwjoue, U u e omed fon, law unique, pwowMy aid wluem eve cgoue, U encounaged ackeve, law pwonal beitu fafie, iuene, at Ok Mui aidfonUe, wtof tm Me,. I uiouM Uade, Hue, fowt gem I luv e, iped juvte, fon, awjtttiMg. " -Doty Wonka ,, Pneiuhit Wembers of Delta Gamma cheer for charity at the Sigma Nu Charity Bowl in the Spring of 2002 Back Row: Edie Robinson, Chelsea Welch, Waverly Almon. Brandy Buse, and Doty Worhman. Front Row: Jennifer Smith and Catherine Covington perform , Skit Night during Rush 2002. i 1 l M Katie Eaton and Karley Timbes outside of a hotel in New York City. he DG girls spend a quiet night at home baking cookies Abby Pate. Jessica Nesbit, and Amanda George smile for the camera " outside the house on Bid Day 2002. Karla Edwards, Makeshi Kizer, Keena Brown, Tonya Slater, and Tancia Boone take a break from class to get some lunch and catch up on the Officers: Jesimine Jones, President; Yolonda Richmond, Vice President; Amanda Barner, Vice President; Brandi Heard, Recording Secretary, Karla Edwards, Corresponding Secretary; Keena Brown; Erica Johnson. Treasurer; Eenga Theophilus, Sergeant at Arms; Tonya Slater, Chaplain; Bridgett Bland; Tia Beasley, Parliamentarian; Makeshi Kizer, Journalist; Lauren Autry, Historian; Ruth Ball, Primary Advisor; Rhonda Reed, Secondary Advisor. " Delia £itm Tfota U dedicated tv itifotfood, icfofwldf), adiewU ' -JeAiMimJom, Pwukut Wells take pride in being Deltas. These Deltas know the challenge of having a biig group of sisters. They are proud to be Deltas. Delta Theta IVtives ' Jesimine Jones, Yolonda Richmond, Amanda Barner, Brandi Heard, Karla Edwards, Keena Brown. Erica Johnson, Eenga Theophilus, Tonya Slater, Bridgette Bland, Tia Beasley, Makeshi Kizer, Lauren Autry, Ruth pall, Rhonda Reed, Elizabeth Wells, Tancia Boone, Sarah Bailey, Andrekus Lee, Latoya Elliot, Erica Brantley Jasmyne Searcy, Chika Chuku, Adrienne , Williams, and Tameshia Johnson 1 H . fl Wl I The members of Delta Sigma Theta show their colors and pride. Yolonda Richmond, Sarah Bailey, and Tameshia Johnson welcome home some alumni with dinner. Sorority Facts Nicknam. Chapter: Lambdi National Founding: 1913 Miss Founding: 1974 rs: Crim I Creme Governing ( i MPHC • — CD a CD 287 Sign ant Philanthropy: Annu Thanksgiving Dinn iiber ot Flower: let Famous Alumni: Nikki ( Shirl. ,ir Willi. Kappa Theta r _ Actives Amanda Akins I e Ann? Alexander Walton Allen Shanna Andrew Elsiiabeth Andrew Krislen Auno. Kelly Barnes. Kelleigh Barron. Ashk-n Berrvhill Soc Bivens laqwlvn Black. FJvrti Booker Ashley Bnyer Ashley Buckman. Ashley Muttlngton, Hoik ' Bunttn. Jessica Byrd. Ka Caroecl Mataha Cathcari Mandy Clancy Lama Congtetwi urahCooh EUabtth Crtswd Ldey Crow . Ttflany Dearth, Darev Decker Emily DeJoaeh Sarah Hill, Nicole F11 East Marv Ann Farmer . Heather Farr Flizabeth Frey, Chelsea Galligan. Bethany Gamma. Leah Kathryn Gamer. Emllj Gar In Aahlei ' -ill Icnnlfer Gilliam Amanada Graham. Kerri Harbin Elizabeth Ann Hatten. Shannon Hannekes, Claire Henning, BrandiHeuell Ahslev M.-jn. ' K.m II. nnl.yi Snphanie Jones, Whitney Keene Mandy Lkepzig Meredith Langston, Carlv Lawrence. Lisa Lawton Bonnie Letch Morgan Malone Meredith Manr. Korhwy Maznch Courtney McDonald. Bennet McDougal Shana McGraw. Abbie Meyers Kelly MlXOfl Rachd Morgan Amy Mueller I mdsey Mnm.i. Lacy Mynck Emily Peyton, Jalev Phelps. Mary Grace Pools . Ashley Ready. Sara Page Red, Margaret Roberts, Nlkki Roberts, Lindsay Roger Bn Samuels Sarah Enjem Charlotte Sinko. Brooke Smith. Katie Smith. Beeea Smith. Ginny Steams Jennlfn Sunserl hike Tonev Alii.- Vance, Sarah Veawy Tracey Warren A WohUord Eon Welch, Audrey Winans, Ashley Young Pledges ' Cari Allen. Beth Baker Stephanie Barhei Sheila Barter, Mirands houer. Jessica Betsayad. M.insa Brantley. Sarah Bynum Mindy Jo Byrd, lindsey Cgle Sarnh Clark Brutanv O.m-ford I.ina Dean Taylor DeBardelehen. Llndsey Deu ' eese. Karie Donald, Kathenne Farmer Mary Margaret Field. Emllea Flnnev Hoflle Fr.inklln Catherine Frev. Lindsay Gainey Margaux Germann, Jennifer Gordon. Meredith Gross. Kate Harrington. Magen Hfarvey, M.-redtih Hastings l.i; Helander. I aura Herrlngton Suzle Holland. Greta Honaker, Lindsay Huelt, Beth Htgglns, Whitney Hyatt, Mary Johnson. Sarah Ionian Kathryn Kr.ieske Casey Krelz Rebecca l.atil, Lauren Logan. Melissa Marchanl. Danielle MatCOUX, Meredith Mathews. Klrby McCauley, Erin Mcllravy, Taylor MrKee. Frin McKeown, EIl2abelh Miers. Kelly Miller, Slaphame Mllo, Morgan Moody Cheslee Moore, Lauren Moore, Sarah Mnonsnn. Fli?.iheth Ogden Lauren Painter, Amanda Patridge Anne Pitre. Kelly Pnddy, Anna Reed, Ashley Riddle. April Rodgers. Brynn Rogel, Elizabeth Rovlra, Caroline Rule. Meg Ryan, Mararet Shannaon. Smamatha Sherwood, Llndsey Slnquefield, Cassie Smith. Erin Smith, Lauren Sosnowskl. Allison Spann. Meredith Sprulll, Brooke Staples. Elizabeth Strahan. Gwlnnle Tlmberlake. Nlkkl Veach, Lauren Walling, Katie Walsh. Rohyn Wells. Jenv Wilson Conlrlbuted Kathryn Kraeske, Erin Reiter, Courtney Millington, and Emily Peyton gather for a group shot while out one night. Brandi Hewell and Whitney Keene at the Doctors and Nurses Swap with Phi Delt. S n r n r i t y Facts Nickname: Theta Chapter: Epsilon Zeta National Founding: 1870 Ole Miss Founding: 1979 Colors: Black and Gold Governing Council: NPC Biggest Event: Diamond Days Brother Organization: Phi Gamma Delta Philanthropy: Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Symbol: Kite Housemother: Nancy Fowler Flower: Pansy National Chapters: 123 Active Members: 175 Famous Alumni: Laura Bush, Lynne Cheney, Sheryl Crowe, Amy Grant Ginny Steams and Amanda Graham help out with Theta Diamond Days, the event they host each year to raise money for CASA. Motodith Spencet Katie Hill, Jessice Eskew, Ashley Higgins, Lauren Persick, Chrissy Jennings, Erin Reiter, and Courtney iMillington are the officers of Kappa Alpha Theta. To- b tfa, pwuknt of luurft, an amazing gtouf) of women U an Itmot and a ptM ge,. Ixie, fowv tjuvti of T teta, I wiM (umg w(tk iw a Jatfi. I kai t been h ued becaiue oftlui cltafitm, and I fow en, luM dem tfa, uteumiei,tie, fiuendi iplUe AUtw. -Eiin ReSfot,, Pieildent Courtney Millington and Courtney McDonald walk on the wild side in zebra print and cowboy hats. lara Page Red, Brook Smith, Elizabeth Frey, Morgan Malone, and Jacque Black celebrate Bid Day 2001 Jessica Eskew and her date at the Kappa Alpha Theta Date Party 2002. Lisa Lawton and Lizzie Andrews with their dates in the Grove before a football game. Jennifer Jernigan, Summer Windam, and Anne Bruek get ready for the first conmbuirf football game of the 2002 season. ■■HH Anne-Morgan Brookfield and Leah Lomax share some love topped with plenty of mud. Officers: Anne-Morgan Brookfield, President; Cassie Norton, Vice President of New Member Education; Mary Clift Hitt, Secretary; Leigh Newton, Vice President of Membership; Drew Denton, Vice President of Public Relations; Meagan McDougal, Treasurer; Maureen Dorgan, Vice President of Standards; Ann Sims, Assistent; and Claire Droke, Panhellenic. " Tk ftimtkldpl I koa e, tmk ut, Kappa Dda vuiM ut a hf Lwtt. We, cm Vwly liitm aid qnm) w ujdafj Ut U fdmdkldpi m luxi e, mob. £am Fay P m, Mmbm Neely Nassif, Anne-Morgan Brookfield, Megan McDougal and two pledges celebrate becoming new sisters. New pledges are welcomed by actives on Bid Day 2001. Kappam% Delta .,. Founun. Aihlrv F.nto.g R™» H.H.TT EliulxHh h™ -. Im.i Latham, Carheur- L «h. Laah Loma. HndHh Long. Bnilanv McOould, Brook MeDondaM. Loo, ' HodtB, Dm ». Fiona Claii. W»t Aalilcy WnlluiMui, ABl Sura. Buigmty Hubhaid, Whimry WyoVIl Jstq.ifl.rae Bate. Jenica Bangtail. Jtnmln Barry Jordan Boggi Jaau Carvin. Lu Casali V«Imi jldi. Simnnah Johaon, Jana Kluvn Kmi Lanolin. Mary NVlin Lull Natalie Malumyjn. BLoi ' Manrucji. Sarah MtK. ' n. Emily McMuLw. Lmdi»v Milam. NlWu Nedy, Sara Fay Petm, Lnun ft Kaihryn Pom. .Winiln Pvduii. And™ Ralry. Ho V " " " -d. Apn! Si " ari Paige Tayt Amy Th:«n[» sn lain Towrmnd. A»hJ v Twltord, Rachocl WiBb, Adrta Yragn- Bniton Ih Rtaods Irby Afcfilun. Adilry Ativeh, Kwibi Bmw, Malhflu,3y Broun Ann EVuaek Courtney Owuv Lorum CoJIini. Win Ouniab. Lindicv Dam. Lauren F_wll Mary Gnu. L Elm Madura IVlh Mm -i F_A Knrcn. Bait-; H. .. w , Sara Hull, , J nnll« Hwnigsn. Mrryl Jra SaOy Jono. MoOw Juuidan. Ginger King Abbrv Klrby. T™ McAuWr MrforljM Abby MKW™. Lmdwy MiUMIa Lwdiay MJto. Nalalv Murehy Ua Lor N«V Kalis Ncighluv Hufctn O ' Brannon. K-i.i.r, Palndi Due. Prrluni Manbsih Pols, Panvlj m CWr SonoWv Mai - Scrajyu,, Amy Sous ?. Ml.- ; Sawnaht. N.hiIk Silas Sua SnuiWiart. Emily Logan Tanlaotey Sarah Tdfai. Cuunnru Tempt B ckv Tillman Lnd a Klrraay Troaan. P.™ WaUh. Kllry Will. Sun™ Windham. Megan Wvlw. Aniw Young. Sunny Voung. Joui RKtaidaon Ik Bull ' .-n Undwy E. v ' . Kmlw BrwJi Shdnv Bn™ t jmifiV C-wjk ' Vjw. B.«inw Can. .Ion Cllnard. Mandy CoTJJMJ Jcnniki Ctilnwn Launrj Firth Gil. Rarracy Cruse Unda»y :a Laura Duffin. Aihlry Dunn. Small Jay Elln Slully Johannoh Faulk.. Emily Frnlieh, Elkm Fnjg . Slrtani Gadd, Ka[« Carnn. Shenia C.ikhri«. Billnnl Gray, LUalW --- ' . FJ..— « Mi .l. v, L-rjdiMml Emily Hood, B-IIUny Morton. Lauim HughB, UiruvnHuil Cittwnng lr m .Wiuln lirad. HnVy Jon.- L, u ™ Kollas. M V mn. Anns I un Mitan-r, .Imnllfi Maiaacalto. Kalv M,i. »ll Taylor Met utcrm «i. Emily McOII. P.1I1 M mD. Calhryn MiIIa. Claif Monlgdnvry. Abbw Muiga. AngM Nail 1 ' . Mj»j O ' O vrj KlMtPaAn Nalalw Plra Kaiv Hicnaydwn. EHobrth Rnrtcit Jmny RotenbeTry AbagaJl iimph. MKh«l (■11. Jo»y Soiumi. Laurir Blair Manning, Jane Marie Jerrold, Natalie MaKamson, Diana Evans, and Jennifer Barry get ready to go to the first football game. The KDs ascend the staircase of their house in their best formal dresses. CD C j C j 291 CD Sorority Facts Nickname: KD Chapter: Alpha Mu National Founding: 1897 Ole Miss Founding: 1927 Colors: Green and White Governing Council: NHC Mascot: Teddy Bear Favorite Tradition: KDCrawfish Philanthropy: National Center for Child Abuse House Mother: " Miss Kitty " Rainey Flower: White Rose Brother Organization: Sigma Chi Biggest Event of the Year: Shamrock Golf Tournament Symbol: Dagger Kappa o •i— t CD a o o CD CO •I— I CO 13 Ql CO CD " a a Gamma Members Tnsh Abraham Ashley Alfurd. Wilson Austin. Nicole Baker. Cassie Ball, Megan Barnell. Cam Ban Christie Barrett, Emily Bass, Emily Bean. Racheal Beard, Kane Beasley. Mary Wade Bell. Kyla Benson, Ann Bentley. Catherine Belhea, Genia Black well. Ens Blankenship, Allison Blodworth. Kathenne Bradshaw, Ane Morgan Bfendle. Whinny Brent, Alexandra Butmng. Alaina Bur lord. Caroline Bruges . Tayrn Burke, Emery Burkett. Blair Burny Ashley Butler, Ashley Cage. Dabbs Cage, Regan Campbell. Sarah Carger, Mary Caroline Chadboume. Ashley Charles. Klmberly Chllders. Ellen Clark, Nealie Clement. Lauren Colleld, Lauren Conn. Lon Craig, Krislen ress. Whitney i. ins-.. Ashley Crowley. Meredith I. ulp. Liune Dale. Joy D.iviv St -[ »t i.uul- [;, „lson. I .itti.-nn.- I Minh.ini. S-ir.i 1 liimgari. I .ill. ' V f n Mury.jn Dunn, Ellie Dupuy. Catherine Dorsl. Rebakah Lckols. Katie Emge. Lauren Faison, Lucy Fender, Lizzy Fischer Eleanot (- " ' ' -hand, Tina Frangiamore, Annie Gaia. Jenny Galllher. Elena Garcia, AngelaGates, Charlotte Gerio. Jenny QBentfM Joy Glass, Jackye Gray, Emma Grealhouse. Chnstie Creer. Lauren Grill. Staphanle Haik. Nlcei Kartell, Jennifer Harrison, Lindsay Harrod. .Iillian ! lenning. I loleigh Hernn. Barbara I (enngton. Liz Hill, Haley Hlnton, Grace Ann Hoflman, Ashley Hooks, Ashley Hooper. Julie Hopkins, Kalle Hopwood Morgan Leigh Hout. Shannon Hull, Krtsty Jacoby, Rory .lelks. Ashley Jennings, Lauren Johnson, Leslie Johnson, Leslie Johnstone, Alexis Jones, Jenny Jones, Erin Jordan, Laura Kelly, Mikki Kennv, Kathryn Kmsey, Jennifer Knnke. Carlme Lane, Elizabelh Leasure. Angeliuue Lehman, Kathryn Lint-. Susan Lockarl. Missy Lovell. Kate Lowry. Knst en Lowry, Ali Lunalie, Jenmler Mackey. Llndsey Madison, McCall Manning, Lauren Mansour. Leigh Anne Martin, Elizabeht Masierson, Katie Maxson. Nicole Maxwell. Bailey McDonald. Claire McElheney. Ashlee Megvt Amand.i Meng. Jordan Mills. Marianne Miranda. Mary Lyons Mitchell, Amy Moore. Elizabeth Muir, Catherine Murphy. Rebecca Murphy, Meghan Nadeau, Anna Nelson, Whitney Newlon, Maria Nix, Quinn Norwood, Alex Nunn, Lauem Oberman, Lesley Orlansky. Lynn .-lien Ofbom, Adrianne owens, Lauren Palermo, Lacy Parkinson. Rachael Parnell. M.iy Helen Peacock, Nacny Pendergrasl, Michael Anne Peltlelle, Sue Phillips, Belle Piper, Gary Rader, Caroline Rea, Nicole Resseguet. Mllgnonne Teynaud. Alexis Rhodes. Riley Sawyer. C C Robertson. Mandy Robertson. Mary Rockwell. Blair Rogers. Tiffany Ross, Liz Rosson, Lydia Rouh 1 1. illan Rudolph. Taylor Ruggles, Beth Russell. Christina Sag ' , Jill Sanchez, Lesley Sanchez, Keah Snaders, Caroline Santos, Allsha Sarlin, Lindsey Settles, Munay Sexton. Caroline Shanklln. Conly Short, Susanne Shroshlre, Klmberly Simmons. Katie Smith, Lara Gall, Brooke Stegall, Julia SMI, Mary Dudly Stulb. Jeanne Svendson, Ann Taylor, Elizabeth Thomas. Leslie Thrash. Melissa Tidwell. McKamy Tmer. Man; Claire Town, Trosylhe Tynes, Mary Kathenne Ulmer, Kathenne Uncapher, Autumn Waska. Kelsey Whalen. Jeree Wheat. Emily White, Kimberly Wright. Shannon York, Sophia Zabaneh. Korla Jordan Mills and Lauren Oberman fight over a Sigma Chi at the 2002 Rowdy Redneck Swap. The Kappa girls help support the Rebels at the Homecoming Parade. Sorority Facts Nickname: Kappa Chapter: Delta Rho National Founding: 187( Ole Miss Founding: 194; Colors: Light Blue and Dark Blue Governing Council: NPC Philanthropy: Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi H Biggest Event: Kappa Kookoff Symbol: Key Flower: Lily National Chapters: 129 Famous Alumni: Kate Spade, Ashley Judd, Jane Pauley, Bergen Kate Jackson Members of the 2001 Pledge Class celebrate their first day as Kappas. Sewing ai pxeiident Ital tavujlit we, the, uttpotfwce of wuaMitg flyai tv (jom crtgcuuzaUoH,. I kcu t teamed to- take, time, tb- getktwu) aid imdmtaid uy pern on, a deepen, Hevel. -Am Tayh Prntded ' ' WSuf _ im A £ H LflF S ».Jj L I f Sara Carter, Ashley Alford, and Eleanor Forehand at the 2001 Kappa and Phi Delt Swap. 1 and 2 show that Kappa is all about friendship. These Kappas welcome the new sisters on Bid Day 2001. Ihe Kappas huddle up for a group shot. Samantha Starks and Ashley Cordua out having fun as sisters. Members of Phi Mu enjoy a lovely Ole Miss football gameday in the student section of Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. Officers: Gretchen Copeland, Phi Director; Ashley Dunn. Vice President; Lana Claire Freeman, Public Relations; Lisa Strong, Social Chair; Amy Cardosi, Assistant Rush Chair; Elizabeth Davis, Panhellenic; Crystalin Heath, Assistant Rush Chair; Kristen Long, Treasurer; Jenny Cameron, President; Mandy McAnally. Rush Chair; Linsey Stone, Secretary. A rid Mu, U a, qlnl wa% twmqkw in Iwv kaVi, ifoukitw law eyei, and faavm in law kwdh. . . -Jewui CaM wn, Pw tiknt Sally Wicker, Linsey Stone, Ginger Strode, and Jessica Bartz enjoy a Saturday at the football game. Members of Phi Mu celebrate a very special event Jessica Holt and Emilie Cooke enjoy a little sister time. CD CD co o O CD •+— co •i— t CO CD " a a CD Laura Ann Mackey, Morgan Morella, Suzy Reed, and Katrina Mayo hang out at the house before going out for the night. Sorority Facts Chapter: Alpha Delta Philanthropy: Children ' s Miracle Network National Founding: 1852 House Mother:}oan Clark Ole Miss Founding: 1926 Flower: Pink Carnation Colors: Rose and White Brother Organization: Kappa Governing Council: NPC Alpha Mascot: Lion Biggest Event of the Year: Parents Weekend Favorite Tradition: Big Sis Lil Sis Symbol: Lady Bug Famous Alumnus: Pat Fordice CD CJ •i— i CD c j " a o o CD ■4— C j •i-H C j a, 236 C D CD " a a CD Meml r. Courtney ftdrtdge Jannlta Altai, K.-ili And Amber Ash, Katie Bailey Holty Bonks. Ashlev Burkley, Anne Beaven Carabelh Beck, C Bice, Elyse Bingham, Jennifer Blackwood, Liz Bolen, Lauren Brady. Blythe Bravo, Ashley Brod. Katie Brown. Adrlenne Bruno, Rachel Bullard. Sarah Bury in Eli .ilvili C irmithael lull, ' Carpenter. Crista Carroll. Katie Carver. Anna Caten, Rachel Caten, Emily Chandler. Li? Clark. Beth Clitton. Anne Coleman. Catherine 1. onlln Kristen Connealy Nicole Cook, Autumn Coughlin, Andrea Cos, Katie Cranftll, Katie Creek, Laura Cubley, A ■ Tlflany Daku, Brittani Davidson. Leslie Davidson, Ryan Davles, Sydney Davis, Carly Dickson, Abigail Dinkeiacker Chalun Dommick, ( ■ " ■■■ Kimberly Fann, Man. Faulkner. Krtstv Fensler. Lauta Lee Fleming Amy Leigh Fontaine. Joanna Ford. Sarah Fuqu.i 1 hnslm ' Kara Geissner, Mia Giannlni, Mwcl Gir.11. •■, Sarah lleston, Elizabeth Glenn. Sarah Biimke Gober Jennifer Good. Kristin Gravalt Ann. 1 Cr ay. Kirby Gribble, Kelly Griesser, Sarah Griffin, Suzanne Grolh, Sara Gulhne. Lindy Hall, Blair Hamby, Nancy Hankins, Mary K Harkins, Heather Hartfleld, Lew Anne Harvev. Laura Hawks. Rebecca Henley, Sara Hill. Sara Alice Hill, Corely Hlnes, Ul Holder Amy Holmes. Mollj Ini t ftrrij Jnckson Lvnn Jarvli Ingj, Lauren Jones, Erin J " nes. Erin Kelly. Lauren Konp, Natalie Komp, Chaeleena Ladd. Mallorv Lane, Nicole Lane. Amanda Ledbffttfr, Mary Catherine Lee, Rachel Leech, Caroline Liles. Ashley Lundgren, Ctndl Mabrey, Michelle Maranto, Becca Martin, Hayden McBrayer, Kinney McCartney. Akuna Met latai Molly McDonald, Emory McGinnJi Shannon McLain. T.n.i McLean .lulu Mi M. r -.-■ ■ I ■ e ■ ■ ' ■ ' Haylee Morrison. Abbey MofflSWy, Joanna Molt, Alisha Murray. Ashley Nations, Whilney Olivier. Whitney Palterson, Rachel Peterson, Annie Petti!, Julanna Pierce, Dana Plnson, Renee Pittman, Katie PryOT, I OH Pryor, Julie Rauch. Katherine Rice. Paige Richard, Kate Richard. Cella Rulley, Erin Rles Jessica Rlgby, Jackie Rings, Jenn Rlordan. Megan Roberts, Kale Rodman, Mary Elizabeth Roe, Natalie R..-. ' len Ruskowikl, Susan Russel. Tate Rusw Collin Sawyer. JoBefh Seherer. Katie Shoenfelt. Kasey Silman Kathryn Simmons. Chandler Smith. Pollye Smith. Meredith Smith, Emily Smith. Rachell Smith, Shannon Smith, Aleah Slrano, Katie Taylor, Laurie Traughber Tilfany Travels tead Julie Tynrfall I auren V.i.ighan. Katy Walket Emily Waller, Megan Wantland, Lyndsey Ward, Jenny Weaver, Sarah Weawa Mcllnda While I exile Wllkereon Rnndl Wilkins. Ashley Williams, Lindsay Wllllo Amanda Willis, Brennan Worthmgton, Tiffany Yates, and Stephanie Yohn Sara Guthrie, Liz Bolen, Terri Smith, and Sydney Davis enjoy spending time together. Sorority Facts Nickname: Pi Phi Chapter: Beta Mascot: Angel National Founding: 18( Ole Miss Founding: 1963 Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Governing Council: NPC Philanthropy: Links to Literacy Biggest Event: Noodles for Knowledge Symbol: Arrow Flower: Wine Carnation Famous Alumni: Susan Aiken (Miss America 1983) Every Pi Phi has to eat sometime even if itb take out. ■Officers: (Front Row) Andrea Cox, Vice President of Mental Advancement; Christina Galvan, Rush Chairman; ►Jennifer Allen, Risk Management; Kelly Griesser, Vice President of Social Advancement; Tate Russell, Social ■Chaiman; Kinney McCarthy, Secretary. (Back Row) Mary K Harkins, Membership Chairman; Tiffany Yates, Vice (President of Moral Advancement; Emory McGinnis, President; Sarah Gleaton, Panhellenic Delegate; Nancy Hankins, ■House Manager. Pi Pk let we, experience, wkatdefim a Vim friend aid umm mom, to mc than I ei m expected. ' -Ju e Canpedw, Memhrn lembers of Pi Phi get ready for a Nascar Swap. Members get ready to talk with Rushees during the Philanthropy Round 2002. Katie Cranfill, Jackie Rings, and Carlie Morsak get ready to walk to the football stadium. Willis, Jennifer Allen, Anne Pettit, and Ashley Williams hang out in The Grove after a football game. Tiber Ash, Katie Bailey, Liz Clark, and Christina Galvin take a break from listening to a band. ark, Elizabeth Carmichael, and Kinney McCarthey hang out in the ent section before a football game. Catrice Sample. Stephanie Clarett. Roshelle Duren, Chontea Williams, and Erika Wester make the sign of the Zeta. Allie Vance (a member of Kappa Alpha Theta) and Tamika Montgomery play a game of Twister at a Christmas party. The ladies of Zeta Phi Beta show their true colors and class. Pictured here are members: Z a, Itai bwc a edmguy exfmLmce, fo v m . It kak im ed ai a gnwudug p ice, fon, mtiy becom the, pwott Hat tm. ' i e mack fidmdl tltdt u)iM ut a fetuue,. " A ixh ob Sawlvti Its a parade of Zetas: Tamika Montgomery, Chontea Williams, Keona Stance. Tiffany Barr, Comonda Kidd, Tekela Pope, and Makedra Ivy. The Zetas show off their famous style Zeta Beta ctives: Tamika Montgomery, Basileus; Tieryaa C. Metcalf; Bridget Knight, 3rammateus; Saundra Jackson, Phylacter and Co-Step Team Captain; hemesha Triplett, Social Chair; Joni Smart, Step-Team Captain; Makedra i y, Co-Step-Team Captain; Rochelle Duran, Membership Intake Coordinator; auna Chapman; Chereda King; Shameka Haslett; Vidalia Sanders; and Erika Vebster. O GO CD " a a CD Roch elle Duren and Chereda King help this little pumpkin along Tamika Montgomery and Tierya Metcalf appreciate their friendship and sisterhood. Sorority Facts Nickname: Zeta Famous Alumni: Sheryl Underwood, Sarah Vaughn Chapter: Tau Eta Philanthropy: Storks Nest through National Founding: 1920 March of Dimes National WjfMm Educa tional Foundation Ole Miss Founding: 1976 W JiF iii - Brothe r Organization: Phi Beta Colors: Royal Blue and Pure _ Sigma White Flower: White Rose Governing Council: NPHC Symbol: Dove Mascot: Kitten Members: Melissa Campbell, Marietta Nelson, Candice Fountain, Patricia Satterwhite, Angela Miller, Charisa Burkhead. Jaqueline Certion. Graduate Advisors. Rush Greek Shows St mr ' ■ WF r « — New Kappa sisters celebrate Bid Day 2002. A Delta Sigma Theta gets ready to see some stepping. Sorority Facts Nickname: SG Rho Chapter: Xi Zeta National Founding: 1922 Ole Miss Founding: 1994 Governing Council: NPHC Colors: Royal Blue and Antique Gold ascot: French Poodle ower: Yellow Tea Rose Purpose: Public Service, Leadership, Education Swaps Pi Phis Andrea Cox and Sarah Brooke Gober go back to the 70s at a Disco swap. vS V 1 (y Hj it tf Lift Virginia Shields Delta Delta Delta BEING GREEK by Virginia Shields When I decided to conic to Ole Miss, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to become part fo the Greek system; however, coming From out of state and not knowing many people, the prospect of Rush was intimidating, to say the least. Looking back, 1 now see that the position I was in held a unique advantage in that I was free to go through the Rush process with a complete open mind. Some of the first people I met at Ole Miss were Tri Delts, and during the prc-Rush months 1 became good friends with these girls. The most fun times I had during my first weeks at school were times when I was around the Tri Delts. When Rush finally rolled around, my decision became clear the second I entered the Tri Delt house. I was surrounded by girls who were laid back, fun, and genuine, and I knew immediately that 1 wanted to spend the next four years as a part of Tri Delt. Over the past year and a half, I have been continually grateful for everything I have gained through my sorority. Tri Delt has provided me with the encouragement to maintain a balance, which is often hard to achieve- in college — the balance between having fun, studying, and getting involved on campus. I have made incredible friends who are there for me whenever I need them, and I know that the next two years will only get better. I walked onto this campus not knowing a single Tri Delt, and now I cant imagine what my life at Ole Miss would be like without the incredible friends I have in the Tri Delt house. theEND " I have been continually grateful for everything I have gained through my sorority? L boudibik Itlb , sS LiTc ' vlcO ' O ' d , Sbivlbb ■ by Adrienne Williams To be a part of the Greek System here at Ole Miss has been a great experience. I have acquired lifelong friends and many memories. Greek Life is not only a good time full of parties and socials. It is also a time to get actively involved in your com munity. So much will be taken from my experiences. I have truly learned the meaning of teamwork. Sure, it can be pretty hard being a team player, but it helps you realize that you are truly representing something that is greater than yourself. I have learned to always strive to be the best at everything and also lend a helping hand to others who may need it. To be a part of Greek life does not mean to change who you are, but instead, to put the positive qualities you possess into making your sorority or fraternity what it is. As I prepare to leave this university and take on future endeavors, I will always remember what Greek life was for me. I will truly miss Homecoming, Greek step shows, Afrolympics, road trips, and just hanging out. I am going to take away so much more from this experience than I would have ever expected. Keep in mind, if you join the Greek system just to put certain Greek letters across your chest, then you will never be able to get what I received from it. theEND Adrienne Williams Delta Sigma Theta " I have learned to always strive to he the best at everything and aiso iend a helping hand to others who may need it. " Alpha pi Alpha Fraternity Facts Nickname: Alpha Chapter: Nu Upsilon National Founding: 1906 Ole Miss Founding: 1978 Governing Council: NPHC Colors: Black and Old Gold Mascot: Ape Flower: Yellow Rose Philanthropy: Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Project Sister Sorority: Alpha Kappa Alpha - Marcus Parks, Vice President; Arthur McLaurin, President; Jerome Johnson, Treasurer; Leonard Brantley, Historian; and Antwan Moore, Secretary. Arthur McLaurin, President Vent at Nu Upli M, m aiMtiy be, Hue, type, of joum ] um, u iom let the, itmdtvd. Excmtuy tU expectation, U uJ afru e, do- belt -Atitttwt McLawm, Pwuktifr Marcus Parks. Vice President Leonard Brantley, Historiar Brad Howard BEING GREEK by BradHoward As a freshman back in the Fall of 2000, 1 came to the University of Mississippi knowing very tew people. With an abundant amount of work I didn ' t get out much. I made the occasional visit to a theater party, but mainly stayed in my room. It was mid-September when my next door neighbor asked me if I wanted to come to a Greek Show. I looked around at all the groups and wondered if one of the organizations could be right for me. During the reading of their history, I found Phi Beta Sigma was founded on January 9, 1914, which is the day of my birthday. I knew at that moment I was meant to be a Sigma. I had become aquainted with Calvin Ellis, a Sigma in the music department. I approached him and asked him about becoming a member of Phi Beta Sigma. He got me an interview, and I was accepted as a pledge. During my pledgeship, I became very well acquainted with my seven other line brothers. On March 1, 2001, I became an official member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, and in the process have developed bonds that will hold through time. I know I have a group of guys I can call on for anything, be it family crisis or even financial problems. I have learned the importance of reaching out to the community and helping those that are in need, as well as the value of academic achievement. Phi Beta Sigma stands for what it teaches brotherhood, scholarship, and service. thef.ND Phi Beta Sigma " I know I have a group of guys I can call on for anything... " Lcadmlbip , B njtytlbb ' iliO ' O ' di , £ e,ii hbb by Ban: Ewing I have been a member of a fraternity going on three years now, and I can honestly say that I have only benefited from my experience. Being Greek has allowed me to meet many people, some of my best friends, that I probably would have never met otherwise. Being Greek has also allowed me to be in leadership positions that would not have been open to me otherwise. Some people talk badly about fraternities and sororities, but I think that is only because we are misunderstood. People only focus on the images they are given through movies such as Animal House. Sure, we party and like to have a good time just like anyone else, but that is not our purpose. It takes hard work to keep any organization running. Most people do not realize the time and dedication that it takes to run a fraternity, large or small. Fraternities allow young men the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge that will help them throughout life. We also benefit the community through our phi- lanthropy projects. In one month last year, the Ole Miss Greek system as a whole raised $1 10,000 to benefit local charities. That is not including the money that each individual organization raised on their own for their personal philanthropy projects. People are only proud of the things they work for, and we work extremely hard to keep our Greek system running smoothly, therefore I am proud to say I am a member of a fraternity.the Battle Ewing Sigma Chi " People are only proud of the things they work for, and we work extremely hard to keep our Greek system running smoothly, therefore I am proud to say I am a member of a fraternity. " Officers: Patrick Biddix, House Director; Jeremy Stewart, President; Pat Barham, Social Chair; Jamie Pulido, Recruitment; Tate Anderson, Philanthropy; Michael Sirimaturos, Treasurer Wkafra, few turn tuuted in obj cfrcwd effirit wiM % dty, can bt done,; and ume, Htm that, luch aUociatbnS (4 Aduj fwv luwwun fniwkldJpk cm cowuj ai. -Join Rei f Knot, FoumJ v Michael Sirimaturos, Jeremy Stewart, Matt Nozenich, Emeril Lagasse and Josh Kin enjoy graving. embers: Tate Anderson. Pat Barham, Patrick Biddix, Shane Clausen, Justin Crowe, Michael lidding, Timothy Green, Cliff Hendley, Jeremy Hill. Chad Howard, Trevor Huckabee. Justin paskie. Josh Kin. Lucas Marshall. Stewart Miller, Bryce Nations, Jordon Orr, Jamie Pulido, Reeves. John Revella, Michael Sirimaturos, Aaron Smith, Jeremy Stewart, Chris Strickland, Ish Sullivan, Andrew Whelan. Drew Wilcutt - shows off his fishing talents. mie Polido shows off his catch of the day. Q -C 309 Fraternity Facts Nickname: Beta Chapter: Beta Beta National Founding: 1839 Ole Miss Founding: 1879 Colors: Red and Blur iTning Council: IFC :ot: Dragon Famous Alumni: Sam Walton, Mike Schmidt, Richard Gephardt Philanthropy: Childrens Burn Awareness Sister Organization: Pi Beta Phi June Rose 1: The Beta Flag House Director: Patrick Biddix H 306 CD O •i-H CD c 3 o o c CD o CD a CD Psi Saint Anthony Hall Actives: Marty Anklam, Andrew Bishop, Earnest Beasley, Noah Bunn, Hays Burchfield, Ross Coley, Clyde Ferrell, Jimmy Hamilton, John Harrington, John Hodges, Tom Ireland, William Justice, James Justice, Justin Lance, Christian Ladner, Kyle Lewis, Ryan McClelland, William Milne, Chris Mossing, Adam Pace, David Robinson, Scott Verdegan, Jason Wilkens, Matt Wood Pledges: Joe Caley, Adam Clay, Andrew Haley, Joey Hamilton, Nic Hays, Josh Jeanson, Chris Kieffer, Townes Maxwell, Brad McGee, Jeffrey Reeves, David Sims, Caleb Smith, Stephen Stenmark Justin Lance and a lady friend have fun just hanging out at the Delta Psi house. rnity Facts Chapter: Phi Mascot: Tau Cross National Founding: 1847 Ole Miss Founding: 1855 Philanthropy: Habitat for Humanity Biggest Event: Saints and Angels Ball Colors: Carolina Blue and Gold Governing Council: IFC wild H Symbol: Tau Cross weetheart: Kendall Ketchum Famous Alumni: Judge Hemingway, Tom Swayze, James Warsaw Bell Now, thats funny. Justin Lance laughs hysterically at something his fraternity brother said. Marty Anklam and Jonathan Hodges can ' t quite figure out which drink belongs to who. William Milne and Earnest Beasley pay tribute to rockers of the past. Kiss, at the Delta Psi Halloween party. William Milne and Justin Lance get ready for some football and partying in the Grove early on a Saturday morning. H$k iFhese Delta Psis and their dates blast to the past on Halle William Milne, Adam Pace, and Lindsey Williams cook up some tasty vittles. Kellen Jex, Tyler Williams, and Andrew Whittington take a break from dancing at formal. The KAs were the champions at Delta Gammas Anchor Splash 2002 lonel Reb Ford Williams escorts Staci Henson in the Homecoming Parade in October 2002. Oka mm, of IdM e f by kuae F, cm appaw$y do- z iy 6ttk, tkougk co$!ectfre$f la can u itt. -GmqiC. MmLaB, Beta Comaiiiott, 1901 I Ryan Stegall, Craig Holcomb. Patrick Dyer, and Chase Kinslow have fun. c " " Members of KA and their dates at the Rose Ball in Spring 2002 Kappa sa Alpha -. e ' .-w . h,: -.-. ■ Chris n Do WJ Armstrong. John Ch Isaac Byrd, Charles Caldwe! ler Ford Coleman. Robert St illtn Dyer, Joseph Richard Ed in, Michael Fondien, John L W.lkin, H ,.. d Carter, Dav -, CIj.i.-i Jt Duncan Donate, Johnalhan Caleb Dubose. Patrick Allen Dyer. Joseph Richard Edwards. Bennett Blake Elder. Taylor Elheiedge. Blake Andrew Ethertdge. Benjamin Ferguson, Michael David Ferns, Cms Braswell Flowers, Michael Fondien, John Louts FuBei. Benalmm Michael Glenn Whitney Gomlla. Howard O ' Keete Graham Davtd Grantham, Michael Griggs. Mark Grow. Tyler Lee Harru, John Hennessey, John Eric Hester, Cfalg Charles Holcombe, Frederick Home. Bryce Hoflon. Kellen vis Jen. Zachary Jex. David Dortoch Johnson, GrlHln Langston Jones, Michael Ryan Jones. Adam Joseph King, William Charles Kinney, Charles William Klnslow, lua Randolph Klrkland. William Bernard Klinke, William Berl Langley. Lee GrlHln Langston. Jack Larmijiir August Brayta Lashley. Ryan Lavalle . Andrew Kell Levy. ■k Reinhardl Levy.Ruflln Craven Lowry. David Ryan Lunch, James Brooks, James Howard Martlndale, Stuan Alan Meadors. Jon Cory Messer. James Mitchell, Randell ■more Christopher Lowe Newman, Michael Wayner Parker. Michael Leighton Porks, Robert Joseph Patrick. Beniamin Patron, Justin Tedford Phillips, Sean Eldndge Pigg. Paul Hobby Pless Nathan Edenheld Richardson. John Paul Rowan. Virgil Lee Saniter Stuart Mclvei Saunder. Nathan Oliver Scammerhom. William McCoufl Schmltt. a Kyle Sinclair Ryan Lynward Stegall. Paul Houston Step henson, Jellre Warren Slokey, Thomas Michael Tall Hunter Grant Todd, Braiton Holmes Tullos, Raymond Patrick Tullos, Jetlery Joslah Waller. Andrew Ciark Whirling! cm. Ford Smith Williams. Lonnle Tyler Williams. Andrew Wilson. James Howard Wood, Douglas Craig Zetglar and Jorinathan Thomas Zoghby Pledges: Ben Bevans. Borretll. Benjamin Bortelll. Waller Brand, Elder Brown. Kent Bums. Robefl Busby, Justin Carroll. Hunter boniMT, Wesley Clay, Jason G »k, William Covington. Parker Dlpple, Michael Dluglos. Gene Douglas. Zachary Finch, Dunbar Flln, Chad Flowers, Web Haimng. Jordan Hammond. John Michael Hearn. Christopher Holder John Cole Jennings. Christopher Jnhnslon. Alexander Klmbrell. Holmes Lilly. Johnathan Makl. Ben hews, Daniel McFatter. Matlhew Miller, Eddie Morgan. Jimbr, Moss Michael Murff. Johnathan Pierotlch, Robert Relter Walt Roblson, Jo Sando, Jusfm Spencer KyleStegail. Mall Stringer Robert Sturdivant. Sherrod Taylor. DamonWolford Sam Waters. Wilson Weaver. Stephen Whattey and Scolt Williomi Will Bardwell and Jake Dickerson hang out by the grill CD O ' r—i ?— I OJ C j " a o o o Q I Kyle Sinclair and Tyler Williams hang out on the weekend Fraternity Farts Nickname: KA Association Chapter: Alpha Upsilon Biggest Event: Old South Ball National Founding: 1865 Ole Miss Founding: 190C Colors: Crimson and Ok Governing Council: IFC I Gold Sweetheart: Leigh Ann Wiggins Famous Alumni: General George Marshall, General George Patton, Admiral Richard Byrd, Carl Albert, Sonny Montgomery, Dean Rusk, J. Edgar Hoover Symbol: Crimson Greek Cross Philanthropy: Fight Night Benefitting Muscular Dystrophy Spiritual Founder: Robert E. Lee UJ CD O •i— CD j 3 O O CD -I— J O CD a CD Ft KappatmSigm a Ryan Lagrande Adair Wilson Rogers Alton, Christian Reed Anderson. Mark Parker Barnett. J. Alan Stuart Bean, Judson Tanner Berry-hill Harrison Monroe Bibb, Adam Jan sBrordman, Jcein Herbert B dstun. Samuel Bales Brewster Mbtrt Jowph BnnrfMd. Earl H Boms Taylor MeMOf B. ■ Juslin BsnetlCllsby Taylor FtWlUIn CofllM Paul Rl hmond trim. Richard Lewis Dough !v, Jonathan Lester Duhon, Granville Napier Engle. John Todd English. J«lrnu T.nkjr Rayiieki Froeba Grant Plerson Gannon, William Kearney Gray Derek Swing Glllaspy Andrew Joseph Harris Hams Brand Henley, J ' Howard Bred Herring Jr James Brian Jaduon, Rn Cjjmer Johnson. Jr .Jonathan Bo Jones. Bryan Memtl Kane Ronald Keilh Kilpainck Jr . James Lauderdale Kopl, Mallhew J Kwasek. Hi. Mollhew Joseph Lammel William Warren Lassiier IV Travis Rent Umonte. Eric Shane Lewis Charles Green Lucius. Robert MallOwlkl Matthew Richard Bailey Granl Thomas Bannen, Brandon Michael Bennetl. Charles Edward Black. 111. Matthew M Bonllay MlchaelJoseph Bourgeon, H u r,r,-r KUpMrfoV Bcay. Stephen Chnsloph Brown. Bryan Harris Buckley Allan Luikart Builer Ryan Canev Channell. Reid Spencer Clark, Stephen Aloander Conerly. Thomas Roland Cook. Conley Anderson Coyert Christopher Lynn Cuci.. n . R.-hert Ryan r-ruge George Undsey Gibson. Charkt Michael Ladd Gunler Robert Blake Hardy, James Gregory Haydon. Cha lei C.llr.i H.-oinj Clifford lorn.-- HCfTtafl Robert Lloyd Hesson, Donald Hounan 10 Mjith.-u Sndlh Hoed h Jan. - Blair HawkllU Charles Caldeiwood Justice. William Stewarl Killgannon Bryan Michael King. Justin Edward Ladner. Thomas David Landrum, Graham Wesley Legate Thomas Eltfla L rar-. .Ir Mallhew Andervm Low , RushUm Gfrily Mayo Cary Westbrook McCormlck. Taylor Story Mc£v« Rldiaid Morgan Miller. Michael J McCarthy Alan Palnck McCormlck. Richard Mallhew McGuire. Bret Alan Moms, Cameron Austin Myers. Christopher Scoll Mivis RKkM Uvaujshn Nelson. Gregory Sluarl O ' Neal Jonathan Polls Peters Harl Oliver Petlit. Janeil Ryan Pierce. Chad Alan PUchi I R) ■ Matthew Pique. Ross Michael Polancfch ll.nn. Lauroni Perm Joseph COM) Rjuch. Kyle Matthew Sonnino. Patrick Scotl SalchlleJd. Robert Mayo Shan di, Derek Richmond Shepard. David Anthony Shields, Adam Charles Stilgenbauer Matthew David Storey Mallhew Chnslophei Slraolman. James Coleman Thompson, Christopher Dewlll Tilghman, Jason Paul Varnado, Robert Rushing Wilbanks John Slurdlunl WlnTord W Bftnl Hantson Monti Matthew Alan Mortis. Daniel Own h w Wayne Miany layAlMl It PkfW. WtHam Walk.-. PowdJ, Kenneth Chad Riley Keilh Perry Russell I: Fraternity Facts Nickname: Kappa Sig Chapter: Delta Xi National Founding: 1869 Ole Miss Founding: 192 Colors: Scarlet, White, an Emerald Green Governing Council: IFC Sister Organization: Chi Omega Philanthropy: South Seas Luau to Benefit Greek Links House Mother: Sara Hardin Gough Symbol: Star and Crest art: Sara Massengill Famous Alumni: Robert Redford, Bob Dole, Jimmy Buffet, Ted Turner, Paul Hester, and Byran Brown Ginger Strode, Kyle Pierce, and Haley Strode have a blast on Halloween. ( ..nmbui. ' J Officers: Brian Jackson, Grand Master; Matthew Straatman, Grand Procurator; Matthew Storey, Grand Master of Ceremonies; Harrison Bibb, Grand Scribe; and John Winford; Grand Treasurer. Kappa £igtm kai givm ma tt oppoHfiuuly ty lwn t nda mldpk aid MpvuMm that ' uJiM fat ' cu bjfe m. " -BtimJacJam, PwtdeMfr Ross Polanlch, Jonathan Duhon, and Matt Ginn hang out at the South Seas with a couple of lady friends. ■«r I ■ IH 1 ■ - | ■ _ Matt Ginn is definitely the ladies man at this biker swap. • i • |-nlly McDill, an El Charro Waiter, Robert Malkowski, Brian Jackson, Ginger Strode, and Haley Strock on lalloween. ; Samino, Brad Gryson, Brandon Bennett, and Bryan Kane show up in their best attire for an Important Kappa Sigma function. Kapp Members: Jason Bland. Regis Cross. Danny Echols, Tamerral Mixon, Jamil Northcutt. William Pride. Cedreic Stevenson. Lenderriek Taylor. Lawrence Wade, and Earnest Woodall. Fraternity Facts Nickname: Kappa Chapter: Lambda PI National Founding: 1911 Ole Miss Founding: 1983 Colors: Crimson and Creme Governing Council: NPHC Sister Organization: Sigma Gamma Rho Philanthropy: St. Jude Hospital Stone: Diamond Flower: Red Carnation Famous Alumni: Will Moore, Tim Jumper, Geralc Vaughn, Devon Corburn, and Audrev Townsend Biggest Event of the World Kappa Week tsi Fraternity Facts Nickname: Omega Chapter: Eta Zeta National Founding: 1911 Ole Miss Founding: 1973 Governing Council: NPHC Colors: Purple and Gold Mascot: Dog Philanthropy: Coat and Canned Food Drive Sister Sorority: Delta Sigma Theta Members: Jamaal Thompson, Tarrus Metcalf, Jason Payne, and Keylon Simpkins. " S7P Fraternity Fac t Nickname: Phi Psi Chapter: Mississippi Alpha National Founding: 1852 Ole Miss Founding: 1857 Governing Council: IFC Colors: Cardinal Red and Hunter Green Famous Alumni: Roy Schneider, Owen Garriott, Evan Bayh, Woodrow Wilson, Paul Coverdale Biggest Event: Riverside Blues I 2 E J A fill Ail ' ml f W V ' III i |TV Mfcr • - r- k -■ i it a »- . ■ H . Y H ID m ' ■ .• • T? Actives R .m Anderson. JuMin Appelbee, Will Am.. Id rorornyBachus And) Banks Bsirj B.. .... ..... . ...... Bullock Rin ( ....... Raj Decs rodd I fin Gordon Gent locyGctet Patrick [feland R ,.n taekson l.r Keel) Dustin I eBlanc leu Ucwcllyn I n Logsdon Kyle Masse) Reese McLelUui. John l Dougal. Cliff Kftmtjoy David uuhrt Bill PeroncGrep Plidpv M,ir hjll Rivers Bud Schneider. Andre Smnh, tim Str ...... Ben Wilkerson M.irt. Williams and Sierhc. Williams Pledges Will A r pd, Austin Berr) x.i,.... Carta Brian Clark. Rjn Gjnen. Nick Hogan. Scott Holman (...rrr.i Howse. ) Kirk . Daniel Livingston. Steven Lulburrow Nicholas Mjru..i Uex McKinney. John Noihdurft. Drew Rainer. Ellis Roussel, Zuch Rowalt I ' m Sicver Rs..n Smith Scott) Taylor Mart Walket R jn Whitney lohn Wilben, and Chris Wilson. Steve Williams and Whitney happy together. John McDougal and Dustin Burton show some brotherly love on Bid Day 2002. We, luu e, a wMj clote-kwt gtoup of gugi cud Uu gem cti a iwjbn,, hi been able, to tee, muuj poiiftve, ckcutgei 1fa, cfaptvi luxi mde, ov v tiz laifcfw i mi. T ie, young v guyi uJiM defiiuteSf Step up cud bi good leadw (on, MiUUilppi Alpha. " -MmluM R ' u w, Settion, Mmb v John McDougal, Jim Strong, and Ray Dees get a little dirty playing in a hurricane. The Sigma strut their steps at a Greek Show. The Sigmas have step practice almost every night. This is a tree on the Howard University campus where Phi Beta Sigma was founded. Darrel Black with Jason Thompsons sister at the Sigma House Officers Eugene McLemore, Corresponding Secretary. Jason Thompson. President; Marc Woods. Treasurer, and E.J Patterson. Second Vice President. attd Shhh.The Sigmas are coming The is the place the Sigmas call home I Phi lgma Members: Vernon Rayford, Lorenzo Grimes, Aaron Thompson, Derrick -iervee. and Brad Howard. stf-m ■ ,-■■ r . K F V If ' % «1 ■ 4i t i i — t V _J Lorenzo Grimes and Eugene McClemore show everyone the right moves. m i his Sigma shows everyone whats up Fratprnity F a C t S CD O •i-H CD o o S-i CD o en CD a CD 315 Nickname: Sigma Chapter: Eta Beta Ai National Founding: 1914 Ole Miss Founding: 1975 Colors: Royal Blue and Pure White Governing Council: NPHC Number of National Chapters: 600 Principles: Brotherhood, Service, nd Scholarship National Programs: Bigger and Better Business, Social Action, and Education. J a heta ■ BfJjT ' r.w ' % 1 t yJ I -? ■flM Members Michael Addison. Kennedy Anderson, David Black Richard Broun. Winston Collier, Mason Cousins. Jonathan Davis. Will Daw Brady Galley Miles Gresham. Evans Gunn Will Mickey, Andv Hillmer David Holmes, Dunbar Jenkins, Trey Lanaux Tim Mashbum, Bany •■■■ j ri Parker Edward Peacock, HethermlunStory. Cameron Stubbs. Charle Swayze, Andrew Taylor Pralt Thomas. Austin BranKlI Adam Brown, Hardy Case, Sluarl Collier. Robert Cook, Ramsome Foose, Randy Genlry. Clay Gibson. Chuck Goldberg, Tripp Hammett. JamJ Hargrove. Taylor Howell, Michael Johnson, Sparky Luster. Robert maxwell, Ryan Miller. Clifton Mosteller. John Calvin Patterson, Bl Clayton Smith, Brett Soldevila, James Sllkeleather, Jonathan Vines. Harland Webster, Peter Williams, James Wise, Witt Wittenburg. Marshall I Wood, Josh Young. Johnson Berry, Taylor Bevllle, Sam Boyer, Patrick Can. Charlie Clark, Wynne Cox. Thomas Diano. Malthew Douglas. V Dukes. Thomas Eatherly. David Frailer Owen Gaddis. Miller Gunn. Brad Hawkins. Lvles Holifteld. Roberi Hunter, Miller Jan-ell. J J Jemiganl Robert Leow. Jones Luster, Ben McMullan, John Milam, Hunter Mills, Brandon O ' Mell, Robert Otis, Brenl Sanders, Will Seely, Dixon Seymou| Andrew Stephenson. Burke Stockett, Phillip Stone. Clark Taylor. Preston Thomas Philip Adkins. Kirk Anna, Conner Bills, Charles Blount. Thomas Box, B.J. Brewer, Austin Bntt. Clayton Caden, Clay Carroll, Patrick Cooney, John Cooper. Drew Cowan. Will Cowan, Craig Davis. Jordan Earp, Edward Elliot, Curran FoOM 1 IwrllOn I liles, Roy Granger, Reid Gresham. Mark Hardin, Lee Harris. Josh Hotlman. Hunter Hollmcjsworth. Heath Houston, Ross James. WillJones. StephenLee, Davis McPhillips, Bill Mueller, David Nichols, Field Norris, Kirkham Pov.| Elliot Quma Hunter Qvunn. Weejy Rogers L gan Rutledge. James Sarpy. Chns Scott. Drew Shands. Justin Sharpe. Chris Sherman David Smitherman, Jamie Strlbllng, John Stringer. Colin Tackett. John Tayloe. Taylor Tre evant, Dan Walker. Sam Waller. Jacob Whelm, Eustace Winn William Wood, and Justin Worlhingten • ' • 1 P J Jon Hammett, Cameron Stubbs, Winston Collier, and Pratt Thomas. ..What are brothers for? Fraternity Facts £ Nickname: Phi Delt Chapter: Mississippi Alpha National Founding: 1848 Ole Miss Founding: 1877 Colors: Azure and Argent Governing Council: IFC Philanthropy: ALS-Lou Gehrigs Disease House Mother: Eloise Rollins bol: Pallas Athena and her Swoetlieart: Mollie McKenzie Flower: White Cam, it ion Sister Organization: Delta Gamma Famous Alumni: Burt Reynolds, Neil Armstrong, and William Mascot: Owl Winter The new members of Phi Delt get a chance to get to know each other and the new brothers at Pledge Retreat held at Tishimingo State Par Voung, Dunbar Jenkins, Mathis Young, David Holn and Dab McMurray have fun at a Phi Delt party. % Wise, le Phi Delts spend one day each year playing in the mud at Mud Day. Marcus Jones. Wes Jones, and John Ducrest enjoy a weekend afternoon. Matt Carpenter and John Ducrest hang out at the Phi Tau house before a party. ore a Officers Vic Dantin, Social Chair; Drew Clevland. Vice President of Alumni Affairs; Brian Serakas. Membership Orientation Officer; Daniel Trout, President, J. A. Rummler, Vice President, John Ducrest, Secretary, and Black Bee, Rush Chairman. rid Tm titltA fowe, of mug, the, pou) v or one,. Brian Serakas, J.A. Rummler, John Ducrest, Grant Champion, and Rage Ostrenga get ready to do a little target practice. Brian Serakas and John Ducrest have spring fever. They practice casting and boat safety skills before a weekend excusrion to Sardis. ' This pledge celebrates being a new brother inding: 1969 Colors: Harvard Red and Old Gold Governing Council: IFC Philanthropy: Hole in the Wall Gang Biggest Event of the Year: Jim Jones ed Carnation symbol: Unicorn Sweetheart: Chalon Dominick House Mother: Nancy Jennings Famous Alumni: Paul Newman. Jerry Clower, and Tom Stennis Pi ' W Alpha Kappa •S . . • - i . r PWtmji .■■:, ' " ■■ M . ■. -■ vnBacon. J-»h Hi ' I i ■ i ■ I-- ■ ■. n I-. ■ G i- B B Bnnon Butler. Brett Canalc, Chn» Carimn, Pew Inn Darwin Crawford, GregCroa, Man Da) diffD I ■ - ■ Dan I Clayton Graham Med Gravin I elm «d Griffin ' hni Hamilron Man Heidgen Bi nd leb Hill Brad Hw ' ■I ■ I I ■ ■ ,i i i ,i I I . ..I, |li, ,, ' 1 , . ,, V! i. ,, !■ ,,■ ,,, .■■ i I,., i |. I in- I... !■! ii I i. ii i.l I H i ' ■ ■ . ! .in.. ' l.u ' i I i. ' ii..i... ( liriN li. U.J- ■ -. I lin M " fi -. Uk " M ' !■ M i. h..|, hi-.rm ' i ii.ii- . p Gibbon Pender, Jim Pen B Peyi Luou Portcra, Colin Prince, Taylor Presley. Bobby Riui«. Cose) Rodget Aubrt] Rogers I harlii s..m ' I ...i I . . s n ■■. hi M,. m KyanSha ! : Dm V..„„.C..rl.l.. v . i m. ■ .H,„ WiUWyarr.l ' ■ ■ B i I i P i B B - I Hall « illiam Brighan [acol B ten Michael B i B i- ■ ■ Wiilliam Brown, DerekBurkc Be i H i Ldam Chirwood ( ' . i « I ........ . Collin Coarello |ohn Dedcci Prewon D I " I I I H ■■ ii I ' ■ ■ nl ■ |ohd i ' I- i ■ I ' -in ..ii I « mi ' -irl. ■-. I ijIimn. Kurt it Fuqiu. Kiiii-hiiiil- Piirliin Currt 1 . . .. ■ i ■ ■ , I ■ . I cm Mini M.ill ill. I I. ill H.trii I! John Michael " I ■ BradMalon i U Masoi D IN I i.BenM res, Brian Newman, J. K. O ' Brien, Samuel Pi n.DawdP nton, Nkl ' Mark B Is, Mar Saxton, I d» urd Scanlon William Scanl .m n. " -. . ...i i..d w r. ht Michael Arnemann oversees the awards. Fraternity Facts Nickname: Pike Chapter: Gamma Iota National Founding: 1856 Ole Miss Founding: 1866 Governing Council: IFC Colors: Garnet and Old Gold Mascot: Dalmation Flower: Lily of the Valley Philanthropy: Pike Calendar for St. Judes Childrens Hospital Sweetheart: Elaine Lehniowski Colby Mason and Charlotte Geno celebrate Pike-style at a football party. Once, a Pike., Afaagl A Pike,. This Pike is looking mighty handsome. Mark Runnels waiting for friends. Fbart ib ltu Lit Parties his Pike knows how to have a good time. Graving is a fraternity tradition. The Phi Taus always have a tent in The Grove. Brothers These Kappa Sigs know brotherhood is about having fun S ° together. ,o 2 3 i ' tad til It, If) , B i crt It, e, t, It, d , o t tf l 6?$ reek Shows M ml )mega Phi Psis are known for their presence at he Greek Shows. Stepping Philanthropy r A Stepping is a way of life for fraternity guys. Service with a smile is what a fraternity man does best. Others above self... always. CD CJ •i-H CD O o CD -+— o S-H CO CD a CD psilon Actives Allen Healon. Jim Hogan, Matt Kiser. John Langston. Ashton Pearson, James Robinson, Ross Smith, Shep Tohill, Alexander Avery, Lewis Dodson, Rob Dowdie, Christian Elliot, Baxter Ferguson, Will Hood II, Ham Huber, Andrew Maddux, Sumpter McGowm, Sam Miles, Christopher Mouron. Taliaferro Oates, Bart Outzen. Carroll Pat ton Kipp Ramsey, Buck Rogers. Alex Temple, Patrick Anderson. Beck Barnes. B J Billups. Kyle Cornelius, Rob Dawkins, J T Fitts. David Flautt, Ken! Gowen. IV, Ed Hanger, Bates Hite, Travis Holland, Robert Jones, Jemison Jones, Daniel Knotts, Ryan Maguire. Michael Maz2anti. Dan Millen, Grant Mitchell. Matt Pearson. Brian Phillips, Tre Prater. III. Elliot Robertson. Hayden Smith. Toby Troberman, Andy Turnbow. Brian Vanlandingham, Stuart Williams. Blake Williamson. Ledyard Williamson, Craig Adams, Andrew Atkins, Andrew Alias, Matthew Brennan. Owen Caldwell, Coleman Card, Robert Coleman, Matthew Cooper, Alex Crumpler, Cameron Dean, Hunter Doyle. Nathan Eldndge, Wilkes Evans, John Fuchs. Rushton Garrett. Kelley Glover. Grey Hammett. III. Mark Harris. Willie Harte, Morgan Henry, Travis Howard, John Ireland, Chris Jones, Trey Kitchens, Sean Koszarek. Rawson Livezey, Joey Lyons, Barrett Macgowan, Austin Marshall, Matt Massey. Alex McArthur. Dennis McClelland, Spike McClinton, Allen McDowell, Alex McMillon, Bailey Merrell. Stephen Morse. Louise Muller. Andrew Phillips. Charles Sims, Chip Slade, Trey Underwood, Mills Waterhouse, John Watkins, and Jack Zir Carroll Patton, Elliot Robertson, Josh Walker, and Rob Dowdie sit down for dinner at formal. F r a t e r n itv Facts Nickname: SAE National Chapters: 200+ Chapter: Mississippi Gamma Philanthropy: Boxing For a National Founding: 1856 Cure Ole Miss Founding: 1866 House Mother: Anne Kossman Colors: Old Gold and Royal Mascot: Lion Purple Sweetheart: Mollie McKenzie Governing Council: IFC Symbol: Phoenix Anne Kossman and Kirk Adams display an award that SAE won. Patrick Anderson and some ladies get up close and personal. fhe guys of SAE hang out with some ladies before going to a party at the SAE House gooduoiM cud m acute, kwit of ptoptijety. . . Muiim of£AE Molly Benoist, Allen Heaton, and John Langston hang out at the bar. Taliaferro Oates and the Budweiser girls hang out at Boxing for a Cure. jam Miles, a friend, and Matt Hodges spend a lazy afternoon at the SAE House. Sumpter McGowan and Buck Rogers fight it out for charity at Boxing for a Cure. Chad Blackburn, Bentley Harris, and Brandon White at Derby Day. The guys were coaches for the Chi Os. The slogan for the team was, " Nothin ' Runs like a Chi O for Sigma Chi. Officers: Joe Bell, Magister, Adam Quick. Pro Consul; Bobby Croswell, Consul; Will Bradley, Annotator; and Jay Desai, Treasurer Wt ck kwehy fo m owae ei ufo m auocwtlm fon, H dei e pim(tofti iwbim pomm oft udid, tie, fium fee ngi of tie, kevifr, and fo v tfa, piotuotlm of fiimokldp aid awgaua offe£ ng. - Tlt Fowdw of £igim Club David McKinnon, Len Reeves, Bobby Croswell, and Robert Miller celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Caroline Coley, Jenny Kingery, Diane Wilson, Laura-Catherine Sheffield, and Lauren Pigford wait in ancticipation for their dates to formal. Bobby Croswell and James Whitney Rawlings go head to head at Groundhog Day. Jennifer Germany, Bobby Croswell, Jim Jacobs, Meredith Coleman, and Chris Dickens at a Chi Omega date party. S 3 B o 325 Shuf Muldin and Chad Blackburn fish in Gulf Shores. Fratfirnity r a fi T S Chapter: Eta Governing Council: IFC National Founding: 1855 Biggest Event: Derby Days Ole Miss Founding: 1857 Sweetheart: Tara Darby Colors: Blue and Gold Philanthropy: Childrens Miracle Network Sigma CD CD O »■ Hayden A ■ Sidney Allfn. P; . ,.l [ .■..! I .,,.....1 Br,..k, Mk!i.,U lir . nada Brettl ., ii Dovtdl ami i ■■ ■■■■ ■ L Decker. And enlcy WWDenloi U EUloll Beat 1 lib Chaal men ... Peyton Everett, r.j, ■ ■ . LaneCampbef. Wam« ithanGochran KyttCok Buddy Cotton DontueCounti UcnCnin Bud Crawl Pels tX-Wccx. Sam DiWnm. Paul Dill. David DunaJdnin, John Donovan, dim DouoJea, Gaina I cmFdlowi Brail i i.-i.i... BUI Fkweri, Kan Ford, Taylor I ■■■ I ' ...u.n .h Han. i u .:U.-r Hemdon ;..i,r, 1 1. , --i I., . i HIHmen I ■ Hudgjru rh » Ingram Beau JarreU, Kyle lohi Jonca. Bradley Kellum. AoT.m K. !.!.■- -. PhOlp KUttbal ChfVaKlHi JekeKkM D avleakl Bryan KrulU T.eyLan. Simmons Laudcidak. Lucai Leigh. Drew Lcvanway, Jimmy LlenbE, Jeffery Link-. Settl Link Hayi Livingston. Will Lomai Thomas Lyons, Ehaha M Ryan Mattel, W« Mam ct,jii v MlI iik-t.v j.-it M.- .. " t McNecl, Cherte McVea, Hunt Maun Montgomery, Brian Murphy, Cawy My r». Alien Mycn Nick Nabort, Malt Nc4l, Ryan Nation lam la Ryan Pratt. Talmadoy Roy, I Ray. Curt Revektu RyanRi Harris Rh ■ lohn Roach, KtU Robenon, Kyk Roger Aaron Swnufb JayShlpp Jason Smith rayJor Smith Ban S h.Owi Syndet, Reed Si. . ■ r i-i- Stubba Keith Stubbard Rob i lykn I o I v. I. t Men rhlgpen Will Todd Seoul wn Jell Tomlbnn. Chuck T ■ ... i i ■ Jell Ward. MK:ha i Walton, BUm Wat PitMon WNmnaton, Bremen WHbam Bob Wtteon Man Win ' - 1 Man r...i. Aven, Brtca Bailey, Johnny Banahan, Michael Berg, Tumei Berry, Brunei Blrdon Sanden Bohlki Kyh Bi i .i.l.i. Chm i i ton, Adam Oar [YeyOari i. ,r, h„v |,i.», Hu ■ ■■ i ■ « i I! i v k( Derby Woody DeWeew Kyi Di Wffl Drumrnond. Hunler Ferguson. Sam Ford I I Coddnl GnagG la HakB.-nH.ii .mi.I. Chailei Harm K.jss Hunt, Hanwn Horr Knighi Barton Klmfaro ChrkKbrand Vanei Lamai John Lattna. Adam Levanu Jay McArthur, Mallhew McCabr. Sean McCiar .. M.I " .i, ( h lordan McKlrJey Trey MHaaiihaliini i BnmeJ Monti. Biad Morrow. S Nabur . Brad Petri, Mali Pterw, i w Pbuiell rem Rl : ■■ , ,. ' .. n lucU Sarttn Patndi Shapley Spcnca Shuti Kuh Sum Chm Smith, Daw) Thlgpen, Alan Trapp, Matt Trttiehlei DusUn Turn.-r M»i,wi w,i,i„ u. n,„i w ,-, i ,i iv„w.-i i -■■■. w,n, .,„.! w -J v Woodnilf, Paul Dill, Jason Birch, Jay Shipp, David Carroll, Ellis Stubbs, and Ty Bullard at Talledegga. Fraternity Facts Chapter: Epsilon Xi National Founding: 1869 Ole Miss Founding: 1927 Colors: Black and Gold Governing Council: 1FC Biggest Event of the Year: Woodstock Philanthropy: Charity Bowl House Mother: Georgia Wise Mascot: Snake Sweetheart: Marjorie Britt Famous Alumni: Trent Lott, Archie Manning, Paul Bear Bryant, Roger Wicker, Tim Ford, Harrison Ford, Bob Banker, and Pat Riley. Taylor Forrester and Tice Young hang out with some Tri Deltas at Woodstock. Officers: David Carroll. President; Ray Talmadge, Vice President; Ryan Pratt, Treasurer; and John Herzog, Rush Chair. T ie, Bpkiim Xl Ckaptm of£iguta Nvu. . Bccefflttg u)(tlo Hoim. Jay Shipp, Talmadge Ray, Jeff Ward, and David Carroll in the student section of Vaught Hemingway Stadium. Justin Vaughan, a Delta Gamma, and Jamie Hudgins at a DG and Sigma N Disco Swap. Justin Waldrup, Allen Myers, Paul Tucker, and H.L. Ray with their dates at Woodstock. The Sigma Nus raised $85,000 for their philanthropy at Charity Bowl last year. Christopher Reeve was the guest of honor re presenting his foundation for paralysis research. Warner Cannada, Jeff McCrary, and John Herzog at an alumni party. se Sig Eps, the Edwards brothers, and Josh Ousley want everyone to see their perfect teeth. Officers: Nathan Witt, Treasurer, Ben Murphy, Social Chair. Will Abdo, President; Matt Carter, Rush Chairman; and Patrick Klar. Secretary ike, name, of Sigma PU FpiiAn, uoai bomn, in the, plriloiopluj of (b e,- ttue, ottly foundation on, middle tjte, u)o M can luu e, peace,. Tldl U tie, p ticiHp(k oh, u kcA om fiatemu utai founded. " -Ca Hte c Aifitdn, Jenklni, Founding Fa m 0 Sigma PU Fpidbn Some of the Sig Eps go skiing on a vacation from school. The Sig Eps have something to celebrate with their new members. Sigm a wU Epsilon es Will Abdo. James Adair, Rom Barrel!. Chad Baskin. Ed Bassine. Bobby Beaver, Mail Bedingfleld.Lee Berry. Jonathan Bottom . Bryan Ireau . Justin Bum. Malt Deaton, Chase Edward . Garret Emerson, David Etling, Kenny Flippin. Jarrod Gardner Jell Griffin, Brian Hall. Col " " lee, Sterling Howry. Patrick Klar, Jack Koban. BJ Llndsey. Austin Lott. Waller Lydlck, Josh Mclntyre. Mike Myrick. Mat Northcutl. Chris !. Chns Roby, Trevor Russell. Hunter Slaton. James Stanley. Adam Steele, Griffin Tanner, Bobby Walters, William Wbitaker. Daniel White, Williams. Nathan Witt Pledgee Robert Allen. Parker Aldredge, John David Barr, Christophei Brock, John BroJovich. Trav.s Buckner, ■..,.■ i- ■ .!, i ,n mil i, Mark Geary, I lavld Cockrell, Patrick I omes, l hrlsDan I oope Ryan ( ui jham, Sean I, Matthew DorrtS, Jake Dufour, Hal Dungan, Matt Gabrlal. Martin Gainer. Harrison Gould, Joseph Grantham. Michael Guerrero, Price larrison. Kent HnrKog. Uavid Henderson. l_ e Hendnck. Nicholas Hurst. George Jackson. James Johnson. Ryan Jones, Cory Jones, Kevin ordan, Andrew Kehoe. Patrick Knight, William Kurts. Andrew Uoyd. Dan Luke. Edmund Marttn. Patrick Means. Will Monow. Patrick Muldoon. e Northlngton. Brian Richardson, Race Richardson, William Rogers, John Sheann. Daniel Sparks. William Steele. William Steele. Evan , Joseph Sturgeon, David Watson Contributed Cole Hodges, Leah Forrest, Ryan Hagan, Chase Edwards, and Amanda Stone enjoy a laugh. CD CD O O CD CD " a a CD and Patrick Klar in The Grove Fraternity Facts In ■8 329 Nickname: Sig Ep Chapter: Mississippi Alpha National Founding: 1901 Local Founding: 1928 Colors: Red and Purple I j Motto: Virtue, Divulgence, and Brotherly Love Flower: Violet and Red Rose Famous Alumni: John Goodman, Orel Hershiser, Rich Gannon, Dave Thomas Philanthropy: lean Jones Run Walk for Cancer Governing Council: IFC Sweetheart: Laura Ann Mackey Biggest Event of the Year: Wild Wild West by Ashley Williams The Rebel Athletic program creates a balance between the athletes ' dedications to the sport, to the classroom, and to the ever-present Rebel fans. Many SEC fans are completely devoted to their favorite sports, Mary Claire Town, a freshman geological engineering major from Baton Rogue, La. said, " the spirit of Th e Gr ove andThe excitement of the fans sends a rush through your body that is just (FlzdilCCLtlOTL unexplainararTTrre mkh m OT meHrorTy Toady is something only a true Rebel knows how to do. " Director of Athletics Pete Boone acknowledges the lure of belonging to the Ole Miss family, having previously served in his current position from 1995-98. Boone understands the role of athletics with our community; " I ' ll tell you that its really hard — since 1968 when I came on campus as a 6 foot 4 inch, 185-pound lineman, — to stay away. You just fall in love vykh Qlp Miss, No matter what victory happens or how long we stay away, Ole Miss keeps drawing us back. Beyond the coaches, Sports Information, the Loyalty Foundation, support staffs, and others who keep Rebel athletes operating smoothly, there is such a rich tradition of fan support, regardless of the outcome of any given. Qflm e. As Jeremy Stewart, a junior psychology and political science major from Teamwork Horn Lake, Miss. saidT ' ' Rebel spirit is not measured by wins and losses, but by good times and good friends! ' theEND athletic s fay ' AsfiCeyWiCfiams Micfieffe ifixon T rey Young 90 Danny Wysong. 38 Lanier Goethie, and the Rebels charge e out from the tunnel ready for the opposition Running through campus, the cross country team trains for their up-coming meet. Preparing for their next match, these Laby Rebels concentrate on their doubles ' game . The Lady Rebel Soccer team collectively mentally prepares for their game. On basketball media day 23 Justin Reed can be found in The Circle signing posters. 2 Cheryl Wilson and 7 Erin Newson high five after a good play against Alabama Men ' s Basketball teams goes 8-0 at home by MarshallRivers The 2001-2002 men ' s basketball season proved the Tad Smith Coliseum to be one of the most feared places to play in the SEC. During the 2001-2002 season, the Rebels were an incredible 8-0 in home SEC games, including big wins over Florida, Mississippi State, and an 84-56 regular season ending win over Alabama. While this season saw the end to one of the nation ' s longest home court non-conference winning streaks when the Rebs lost to George Mason in December, the team would not suffer another home defeat the rest of the season. While the Rebels were almost unbeatable at home, the same cannot be said on the road. In conference play, the Rebels were only 1-7 with the lone win coming on a 70-64 defeat of Arkansas in January. In postseason play, the Rebels were upset in the first round or the SEC tournament by South Carolina. Even so, the team ' s 20-10 mark earned them their second consecutive NCAA tournament birth. The UCLA Bruins then brought the Ole Miss season to close beating the Rebs in the opening round. While the team went through a few rough times in the season, 2001-2002 marked the fourth consecutive postseason appearance by the Rebels under Coach Rod Barnes. Coach Barnes really looked to the team ' s lone senior point guard Jason Harrison to lead a very young squad. Perhaps the most storied player in Ole Miss basketball history, Harrison came up big many times for the Rebels leading them to win after win. Many talented younger players made up for what the Rebels lacked in experience. The " Provine Posse " , including Wooden Award Candidate and All- SEC performer Justin Reed, highflying David Sanders, and sharp shooter Aaron Harper, turned in great performances in their second season as members of the Rebel squad. Last season also featured big time contributions from junior college transfer Derrick Allen and veterans Emmanuel Wade and Richard Kirklin. Freshmen Kendrick Fox, Justin Johnson and Cavadas Nunnery each contributed to the depth of the young Rebel squad. While every fan and player alike will sorely miss " Swole " (Jason Harrison), the remainder of the impressive 2001-2002 Ole Miss hoops team will return back to the hardwood in 2002-2003 for what looks to be an experienced and talented Rebel team. theEND Emmanuel Wade applies heavy defensive pressure to LSU. looking to force one of the Rebels ' 18 turnovers versus the Tigers. David Sanders explodes to the rim and slams it home with a free-style dunk. Derrick Allen dominates the LSU " D " laying it in for two to help the Rebs take out LSU 77-55. Basketball Lineup Rod Barnes, Head Coach Players VV ' x y, ;:•» K% li Kenclrick Fox Aaron Harper Spence Shutt lason Harper Justin Johnson David Sanders Cavadas Nunnery 23 Justin Reed 31 John Cunn 32 Emmanuel Wade 33 Chris Rhodes 40 Derrick Allen 44 Jonathan Loe 45 Richard Kirklin Coaches Support Staff d Barnes, Head Coach ire Dukes, Assistant Coach c Bozeman, Assistant Coach jyne Brent, Assistant Coach muel Jones, Crad. Administrative Aide t Moore, Senior Athletic Trainer vjrant Pate, Administrative Assistant Tony Smith, Sr. Strength and Conditioning Coach Brian Russell, Coliseum Manager Rod Wilson, Dustin Harris, Xavier Johnson, Chris - lylor, Scott Thompson, Seth Walker, and Patrick ' ilcher. Team Managers Far Left: Aggressive and explosive forward Justin Reed shows why he ' s one of the toughest players in the SEC. Center: The Rebels soar above the competition securing an easy two points. Bottom Right: Rebel forward Kirklin checks to find an open man. Aaron Harper demostrates his abilites from under the basket against Vanderbuilt. 334 Lone senior in 2001 2002. Jason Harrison led his team on and off the court, earning numerous honors and accolades for his play and leadership. Forward Derrick Allen tries to seal the deal with two key free throw attempts. Since 1996- ' 97, Ole Miss has been one of the best programs in the Southeastern Conference 108- The most overall wins oi any SEC Western Division team and second among all SEC squads. 9- The highest national ranking ever in Rebel History. Ole Miss was ranked no. 9 in the 2000-2001 coaches poll. 66- The most even wins in a three-year period in Ole Miss history ( 1 999-200 1 ) 3- The highest seed in the NCAA Tournament play for Ole Miss (2001); also the number of Rebel players who have represented the US in international play. 43-The urrenl win streak versus non-league opponents at home, the third largest in the nation. 2- The Rebels have had two National Coach of the Year recipients-Rod Barnes in 2001, Rob Evans un 1997. David Sanders shows his versatility as an offensive threat, cutting to the hole for an easy lay-in. ▼ ▼ Ladv Rebel Basketball 2002-2003 Schedule Ron Aldy, Head Coach November at Montana Stale UM-Milwaukee »;.« at Arkansas State Chattanooga South Alabama at University of Central Flori Fairleigh Dickinson University of Georgia Mississippi Stale at Auburn February at LSU University 01 Kentucky Above: Tywanna lnmon runs the ball down the court with senior Sherika Wright. Right: Saundra Jackson goes for an uncontested for two. Tenisha Gist patiently sets up the offense transition. w N, fc fl «aM I ¥ m w K W Ally Kelly scans the court for her next move. Rebel basketball great ' If you haven ' ever been to a then you should make it your goal go this year! V w omen ' s Has lady rebels have impressive season by AmandaGeorge The 2001-2002 Lady Rebels had an impressive season earning respect, individual awards, and a spot for one of their very own in the Women ' s National Basketball Association. Our ladies fought hard this year having many of their unfortunate losses come within ten points of a victory, but more importantly they had several high scoring games that showed everyone that they really know how to play ball. Our lady Rebels did not slack off against University of Arkansas Little Rock, as Saundra Jackson scored 27 points helping the team complete an impressive 101-57 victory. Into the middle of the season, our team shook up the Razorbacks with an exciting 81-46 victory, as Sherika Wright finished with 16 points. These Lady Rebs gave us a great treat against Auburn with a 63-53 win and also against the University or Kentucky as Von Kirk had 24 points leading the team to a 76-66 victory. After a great season, these ladies enjoyed a hard earned season-ending banquet, receiving many well-respected awards. Senior, Von Kirk, walked away with the MVP award with an impressive 11.5 points per game and finishing her Ole Miss career ranked third on the chart for three pointers made totaling 141 in her three years here. Freshmen, Carletta Brown and Ally Kelly, both received the Newcomer of the Year award; Kelly was also named to the Gran-Tree Thanksgiving Classic Tournament Team. Freshman, Amber Watts, was handed the Best Defensive player award, ranking third in the SEC with 50 blocks during the season. Leading the team in steals with 57 for the season, Sherika Wright earned the Playmaker Award. Junior, Leah Henley, received the Lady Rebel Award for being the player that provides the most inspiration throughout the season. Having an unbelievable year and career, senior, Saundra Jackson was awarded the Best Offensive Player Award that did not impress only our fans. Jackson was drafted in the third round of the WNBA draft to the Orlando Miracle. Jackson is the third Lady Rebel to make it to the WNBA. The prestigious Scholar-Athlete Award was given to senior, Tashondrea Moton, who is a three-time member of the SEC Academic Honor Roll. Moton was also named to the 2002 SEC Good Works Team and was the recipient of the 2002 Eugenia Connor Award. This season s finals stats were: overall (1 1-17) that combines their (3-12) conference games and (8-5) non-conference. This excellent group of ladies definitely made their impression this season and proved once more that hard work pays off. theEND Hi 337 I ii il j r rfc f I b a rt e ( b a 1 1 the players of the 2001-2002 season Players 21 Kay la Madewell 45 Marie Deparrons 2 Tenisha Gist 22 Leah Henley 5 Elizabeth Cansdale 23 Candace Holley Coaches 10 Sherika Wright 25 Tia Wdison Ron Aldy head coach 11 12 13 20 Carletta Brown Kim Ufford Ally Kelly TaShondrea Moton 32 33 34 44 Von Kirk Amber Watts Tywanna Inmom Saundra Jackson Gil Thompson, assistant coach Kim Rosamond, assistant coach Kim Dowell, assistant coach ba 339 Ally Kelly avoids a UALR defender with some nifty dribbling. II 140 1 en ' s Basebal 1 Ml $ Ti iU Ml il I I the 2002 spring season by MarshallRivers The 2002 Ole Miss baseball season can best be described as a season marked with extreme highs countered by devastating lows. The pinnacle of the season came when the Rebels reeled off impressive SEC wins and rose to a number six overall ranking nationally. In the end, the Rebels posted a 37-19 record and narrowly missed an NCAA tournament birth. One could hardly imagine that the Rebs ' early season success would only lead to a ninth place finish in the SEC and leave the Rebels without an SEC tournament invitation. Even though the Rebels missed out on the postseason, the 2002 season remains a success story for the Ole Miss program. The Rebels have won 76 games over the last two seasons under the guidance of Coach Mike Bianco, more than in any other two-year period in the program ' s history. While this years team will miss seniors Burney Hutchinson and Pete Montrenes, last season provided an opportunity for the fans to see the future of the Ole Miss program. The emergence of SEC Freshman of the Year Seth Smith proved to be possibly the best part of the 2002 campaign. Smith posted an amazing .402 batting average and broke six Ole Miss freshman records. Along with Smith, first round MLB draft pick Alan Home turned in a quite impressive 5-2 record while earning Honorable Mention Freshman All-America honors. Newcomers TJ. Beam and J.R. Pickens also added a huge spark to the team providing excellent pitching throughout the season. In addition, consistent play from veterans Chad Sterbens, Charlie Waite, and Matt Tolbert remained a vital part of the team ' s success in the 2002 season. One of the best moments in the Rebels ' season came when Ole Miss defeated archrival Mississippi State in the annual Mayors Trophy game in Jackson. The highlight of the game was a two run homer by designated hitter Josh Christian The Ole Miss baseball team celebrates one of its numerous SEC wins. w JMl m tne seventn inning as the Rebels went on to defeat the Bulldogs 8-4. Even though the Diamond Rebels did not live up to early season expectations, last season will hopefully prove to be a learning experience for a young nucleus of very talented Rebel players. theEND Coach Clint Carver huddles at home plate to discuss some issues before the game starts. Working hard to increase the number of runs for the Rebels, this hitter sends the ball flying to the outfield. Far Left: Drew Rogers leaps to make a grad before colliding with the outfield wall. Center: Colonal Reb makes sure to appear in uniform at all the games. Bottom Right: Concentration and patience is key to performing well as a pitcher. Front Row : .Megan Kozar. Jenny Cox. Lindsay Price. Brittle Hardy. Becky Testin. Phyllis Manley. Second Row : Manager Monica Barnert. Julie Baumann. Brooke Turner. Manager Kim Hoilowell. Third Row: Lindsey Wh=- Andrea Brahs. Leslie Day. DeDe Justice. Jessica Hamilton. Back Row: Z)es:ree La-.— .2.-.. Assistant Coach Heather Swinney. Head Coach Candi Letts. Assistant Coach Infielder. Desiree Layman gets prepared to fire this one home! Rebel Infielder Desiree Layman goes for the dou- ble play SWING BATTER! SWING 1 lady rebel softball by KelleyHunsburger A strong start during the 2002 season helped give the Lady Rebel Softball team a 25-29 record, the best ever in school history. The season opened with a first place win at the University ot New Mexico Diamond Invitational. Six games later and with only one lost it seemed that the Rebels were on a roll. One after another they knocked off Indiana. Marshall Herd. Florida A M and UT-Martin. In the end the Lady Rebel softball team would win two tournament rides, the LXM Diamond Invitational and the Rebel Easton Invitational, which took place in February. The team couldn ' t keep up the momentum. however, and ended the season without qualifying for SEC tournament play after a shutout by LSL " During the 2002 banquet senior Leslie Day was named the MVP for the season and Most Improved Player. Day. from Xesbit. MS. ended the season with a l. 8 ERA. 3 shutouts and 10 wins. Also receiving awards was Jessica Hamilton, an outfielder for the team. She was presented with the C. Lee Mullins Award and the Rebel Rouser Avi srd. This team isn t slowing down though since eivine Ole Miss is best ever softball finish. During the 2002 Rebel Fall Classic played in September the Lady Rebel softball team finished first with a 6-0 record. The team beat Jackson State University Mississippi University for Women. West Alabama. Delta State University and Christian Brothers University. Leslie Day pitched a no hitter against Delta State on the last day of the tournament. " Overall things went well, went really well. " said Coach Candi Letts about the tournament. The Lady Rebels will begin the 2005 season with a double-header against Jackson State. They will participate in four tournaments and will end the season with a 50 game slate against all SEC teams. " This years schedule is going to be much more difficult. " said Lutts. theEXD " Overall things went well, went really well? -Candi Letts. Head Coach. Ole Miss Lady Softball team by RobinFreeman Head Coach Woody Cowart entered his 9th season here at Ole Miss with a men ' s golf team that faced a year full of promises. The team lost the talent of two members, Troy Muller and Phil Caravia, due to graduation. Only lour upperclassmen were left to lead the team. Upon the loss of a few came a team with 5 new freshman. The top two newcomers, Jordan Dempsey and Jarrod Gardner, both helped to strengthen the young team. Gardner, after an exemplary high school career, competed in four tournaments lor the Rebels during his first year on the team. This season brought the hope of making it to the «t J ( qrrlnpr x tq z fourth NCAA regional and the third NCAA Championship. Of :he 13 players each one has had their share of successes. The season, which spanne d from Septen iber incredible as a true freshman T , , . ,.,,.,«, , „ to June, gave each player a chance to display his talents. 1 1 e team played all this fall. He is the future and is the over the SEC, as well as in Rhode Island, finishing off the ;eason with th. COmerStOne Od building for the next NCAA cham P ionshi P in ° hio Of the returning members Junior Andrew Medley , had the best scores, boasting a stroking average cf 73.25. level! ' -Woody Cowart, B44 Head Coach The golf team also has high expectations for their new £ olf center, wh ch is to be constructed near the practice greens at the University G lf Course. W ith the generous donations of alumni John and Marianne Whitten, t le golf team v ill soon have a state of the art center to complete practices in. The golf t( am will now be able to better build on all their success. During the 2001-2002 season, the mens golf team placed in two top five finishes. Th; t was not where they stopped, going on to place twice in top ten finishes. There was hope for leadership fro n both the ne v members as well as the returning team mates. The Rebels went on to continue with their strategies, placi ng in multiple tournaments and proving to be a great team despite the loss of a few members. theEND V Brian Swope, a senior from Wesley Chapel, Floridia. prepared for the 2001-2002 season by competing in the Southeastern Amateur, US Open and US Amateur Qualifier over the auiiuiitsi. shooting for a fourth straight NCAA appearence Men ' s Golf fl II Lj IT U l I I H I NIH ii Rebel Golf Schedule Sept i IB Mason Rudolph Invitational egends ( ourse lin r. Oct. . ' ■ ( daeni ( up » Newport Newport ( ountr) lub port R.I (), 75-6 Gary Koi h ( d veland I lo ' lid Memorial Coll ' lub Tampa Fla ()( 29 10 ountr) ( lub hi ( 1 ltll ol hi Feb i • Ping rizona Inten ollegiate laven Colli lub Tu ■ on, v Feb l 1-15 Taylormade Big Island Inten ollegiate ingi ourse i ona 1 Man 4-5 ( .j ( arolina ln itational ' ,rand Dun s ( lo Resort Myrt i ft ii ri March 11-12 Seminole Inter ollegiate Golden Eagle ' ountr) lub Taltahassei Fla Wan h 15-17 ( onrad Rehling Spring Invitational ) ' ( o ony ' .( ' . ii hist aloosa, M.i pril 19-21 SEl ( hampionships ieaside ourse i land a Wa) " l-lune i Nt ( hampionships ■ arlel ourse 1 i, Inn, hit. Ohio ■J ■ Jordan Dempsy, a newcomer to the Mens Golf Team, turned in his best finish at the Adams Cup of Newport when he posted a tie for ninth and led the team. Andrew Medley shows impressive skill while leading his team with a stroke average of 71.75. 345 J7 in Arnette. Tommy Clement. Jordan Dempsey. Jarrod Gardner, y Glorioso, Bryan Kane. Josh Kelley, Ben Lowery. Dan Luke, drew Medley, David Shields, Brian Swope, and Graham Worsham. 346 Women sutfolf playing to your personal best by Ashley Williams Lead by first year head coach Meghan Bolger and assistant coach Katherine Mowat, the Lady Rebel golf team prepared for their 2001-2002 season with a lone senior and a large group of juniors. Elizabeth Hoffman definitely counted on her younger teammates to rise to the challenge of competitive SEC play. For their performances during the season, Hoffman along with Teesha Ash were named to the National Golf Coaches Association squad. Hoffman ended her Ole Miss career by competing in all four tournaments in the fall with a 78.41 stroke average and achieved a top twenty finish at the Capstone Intercollegiate, resulting in « ' iy ' • r o-iric hoc a f ' e or a tn pl ' lce - The team did, however, miss the presence of Roiann Boisture, a junior from Princeton, Ky., in the fall; Coach Bolger said, " despite her injuries, Roiann is one of grown a lot as a player x y the hardest workers on the team. She wants to get back out there and play and make a mentally and enjOyS the game, difference: Lori Cate remained an asset to the Rebels ' during their season. Specifically cl Krinrrc -i t ncif-i-u ctttiiiiAp during the USF Beacon Woods Invitational, Cate fired her personal best of 72, securing a 19t place finish. Kerrie Davis lead the team at the Edwin Watts Palmetto Intercollegiate, finishing with a tie for 15th place. Bernadette Luse earned her career low -JVLegnan .DOlger score with a 73 at the Beacon Woods Invitational, compared to her sophomore season at the LSU-Cleveland Golf Classic. Teesha Ash competed for the fall with a 78.16 average, also earning her highest finish yet of third place. Her scores at Capstone helped push the team into a second place finish. Although Lisha Beyer and Jade Polonich were redshirted for the 2000-2001 season, next season, they will be vali able assets. Two freshmen did experience play. Nikki Hadd played in two tournaments with a 79.83 stroke ave age while Brooke Hixon earned the low round or the day with a 72 at Kiawah Island. At the UCF Inv tational, the team improved by nine strokes to hold steady and claim the fifth place spot at the UCF Inv tational on Tuesday with a score of 3 13-304-617. The Lady Rebels had three players finish in the top 20 as Keirie Davis, Elizabeth Hoffman and Bernadette Luse all tied for the No. 17 spot. Despite being a young team, the Rebels proved themselves on the course throughout the season. theEND Roiann Boisture. a Junior from Princeton, KY. talks with Coach Bolger about new golf strategies for the up and coming season. By practicing her drivers, this lady Rebel improves her game. V • f__ ' Bernadette Luse waits in anticipation for her line drive to enter the hole. Lori Cate plows the golfball to its final destination, perhaps a| hole-in-one. 7A k Kerrie Davis, a Junior, shows impressive skills as she leads the team in stroke averages. Ladv Rebel Golf Schedule Fall 2001 l,h. • , September Mason Rudolph Invitational () tober USF Beacon Woods Invitational Alabama Capstone Intercollegiate November Edwin Watts palmetio Intercollegiate If W H Spring 2002 February UCF Invitational Suntrusl I ady Gator March Tulane Greenwave Classic Liz Murphey Collegiate April ESU Cleveland Classic SEC Championship May NCAA Regional NCAA Championship llll ■III m 347 Teesha Ash, Lisha Beyer, Roiann Boisture, Lori Cate, Kerrie Davis, Nikki Hadd, Brooke Hixon, Elizabeth Hoffman, Bernadette Luse, Jade Polonich, Head Coach Meghan Bolger, and Assistant Coach Katherine Mowat Patrick Chucri, Paul Ciorascu, Mason Cousins, David Donaldson, Ben Ferguson, Mikhail Frolov, Catalin Gard Alex Hartman, Claes Lindholm, Martin Selin, Kristofer Stahlberg. s i ' ii .hi n Billy Chadwick-head coach, Chris Groer-a coach, Jeff Simpson- volunteer coach i . 1 1 1 « i . 1 1 17-20 24 29 31 February 7-10 March Sf( hull u a ( hampionship Lexington, KY rkansas Little Ro k ( hi, ,kI. MS Louisiana-Monroe Oxford, MS River Hill ' . ( up a kson, MS (( ) c Miss versus State) USTA HA Louisville, M l Florida Gainesville, FL April South ( arolina Columbia, SC 5 8 Kentucky Lexington, KY 7 10 Vapderbilt Nashville, TN 10 13 Indinia State Oxford, MS 13 15 Auburn Oxford, MS 18-21 17 Mabama Oxford, MS TN 21 Memphis Memphis, TN May 26 Tulane Oxford, MS 10-12 29 Georgia Oxford, MS 18-26 U lennessee Oxford MS Championships rkansas Fayetteville, AK LSU Baton Rouge. LA South Florida Oxford, MS Mississippi State ( )xford, MS SEC Championships Knoxville, NCAA Regionals NCAA final l( and Individual •111 en ' s tennis T by AlexScrimpshirc |he 2002 Men ' s Ole Miss Tennis team had another strong year. The Rebels finished the regular season with an impressive 17-4 overall and an 8-3 record in the SEC, good enough for an SEC Western division championship. Individually, Ole Miss was led by Paul Ciorascu with a 26- 1 5 record, Catalin Gard at 17-4, Alex Hartman finishing with a 16-12 record, while Claes Lindholm ended at 22-3, and Martin Selin finished up with 17-9 record, and Kristofer Stahlberg at 14-8. In doubles, the leaders ' records are at follows, Stahlberg Selin 11-8, Hartman Lindholm, 7-1, Gard Chucri X ltil thcif piety 2 ' Gard Ciorascu 7-4, Hartman Gard 2-1, and Ciorascu Lindholm 5-3. These 111 2002 A(TV3.nC102 impressive records led to a number four national ranking heading into the SEC ■j-q fhp " SwPPt SixfPPfl If! tournament: - In the first round, the Rebels played Kentucky. They lost a heartbreaker t VlP M( A A Tni 1 rn flmpnt - ' Head Coach Billy Chadwick said after the game, " This was a great match, it 1 VlP T? pKpIq arid nnthpr was P rett y mucn what I expected. We put ourselves in position at the end to win the • „ „• „ i . . . „ match, we just fell a little short. You have to give Kentucky credit, both teams fought impressive chapter to y s • i i • • hard and they came out on top. It is a shame someone had to lose that match " Looking its rich tradition. to rebound form that loss, the Rebel netters, played Brown and then Middle Tennessee in the first two rounds of the Tournament. After winning these two hard-fought matches, the Rebels marched on to the " Sweet Sixteen " where they fell to a very good Pepperdine team, 4-3. Even with the season ending loss, this was a very successful season for the Ole Miss Men ' s Tennis team. They won the SEC Western division crown, and hosted a regional for the SEC Tournament. This team played a lot of close matches and won many of them. Even after the losses however, they came back strong, and that is the mark of a good team. They are looking forward to next season, when they hope the success of the past year will help to go even farther, as they try to bring a Tennis Championship to Ole Miss. theEND S. 349 During practice, players work on their form. Player takes a deep stance awaiting to blast the ball back to his opponent. This is the making of a true tennis pro showing skill and excellence smashing the ball into another stratosphere. W o in e n ' s iTue n n i s the 2002 spring season r by AlexScrimpehire he Ole Miss lady Rebels had a successful campaign for the Spring of 2002. They concluded the regular season winning three in a row to improve to 1 1-9 overall and 4-7 in the SEC. They went on to finish 35th in the Nation at the end of the season. Many Lady Rebels, individually had great seasons. Those that had at least 10 singles wins were: Audra Adams, who finished with a 14-20 record, Florencia Basile, who compiled a 19-17 record, Karem Harboe, who had an impressive 22-1 1 finish, Alesya Ignatieva also played well for a 21-9 record, Sabrina Peppl who came in at 13-18, and Mira Radu who led the team in wins, finished with an amazing 33-15 record. On the doubles side of the action, the Lady Rebels also had some good seasons, the team of Ignatieva Adams finished at 1 1-17, to end the season as the only doubles team with at least 10 wins. Other successes were the team of Radu Harboe who went 5-4 on the year, the duo of Gould Basile finished with a 3-3 record, while Harboe Basile were second on the team in wins with 6, finishing with a 6-1 1 record, and the team of Radu Gould came in strong with their 5-6 record. This version of the Lady Rebel netters, started the season off strong, winning their first six. Then the SEC season began and the Lady rebels suffered losses in their first 5 matches. However after starting of 0-5, they bounced back to finish strong at 4-7 in conference, including a 4-0 beating of arch rival Mississippi State to end the regular season. In SEC tournament play, they defeated Alabama for the second time on the year, to advance to play number one seeded Georgia in the second round. Georgia proved to a little too strong for the Rebs, head Coach Mark Beyers still thought Ole Miss could have made it closer, " We had our chances in doubles, but Georgia came back and won both matches we were leading. In singles, Georgia just played great, and we couldn ' t do anything about it " From there, they bounced back and went on to play in the NCAA tournament. In the first round they played a very good South Alabama team, who beat Ole Miss 4-0 to end the Lady Rebels season. Even with the first round exit on the NCAA tournament, this version of the Ole Miss again 2.S USU3.1. We Helve SOme women ' s tennis team was a successful one. They finished the season strong in conference play, great home matches with two of ancl hope that momentum carries tncm forward t0 £ reat thir g s next season. theEND the top five teams in the nation coming to Oxford. " -Mark Beyers, head coach " The SEC is loaded Assistant Coach Whitt Taber, Sabrina Peppl, Camilla Gould, Florencia Basile. Karem Harboe, Audra Adams, Mira Radu, Alesya Ignatieva, Head Coach Mark Beyers, and Agathe DeRouck Q Karem Harboe P k Jk 1 B52 Front Row: Megan Kozar, Jenny Cox, Lindsay Price, Bnttie Hardy. Becky Testin, Phyllis Manley. Second Row: Manager Monica Barnett, Julie Baumann, Brooke Turner, Manager Kim Hollowell. Third Row: Lindsey Whatley, Andrea Brahs, Leslie Day, DeDe Justice, Jessica Hamilton. Back Row: Desiree Layman, Assistant Coach Heather Swinney, Head Coach Candi Letts, Assistant Coach Dedeann Pendleton, Nicole Alger. PACE ■ Octavia Carter finishes her high jump to send the track team into the Icitl Head Coach, Joe Walker, oversees practices and gives his final inputs before the big meet. At the start of this event, this Rebel Track star shows his strength and skills in throwing the javelin. • track and field by RachelParks The 2002 Ole Miss track and field season can be classified as record breaking and special recognition. Each team member represented the University admirably this season. The records set this year will not be forgotten. Ole Miss track and field head coach Joe Walker will remember this season with pride. Walker was named the United States Track and Field Coach of the year and he was nominated as the United States Olympic Committee coach of the year. Walker has been at Ole Miss since 1988. During his time here, he where he has produced three NCAA Champions. The Ole Miss men s track and field teams swept the Arkansas state meet. The Ole Miss men ' s squad won the competition with 151 points, followed by Memphis followed with 85 points and Arkansas State third with 7 1 . Ole Miss women ' s team also won their meet with 152 points. Arkansas State followed with 95 points and Memphis third with 75 points. Kendrick Triggs led the men to victory, winning the 200-meter with a time of 21.27 seconds, which broke the previous meet record of 21.72 set by Memphis ' Larry Crawford in 1999. Triggs ' time also set a new Arkansas State Convocation record, breaking the previous record of 21.38 seconds set by Louisiana Tech ' s Kevin Loyd in 1988. Triggs also placed third in the 55-meters with a time of 6.35 seconds. Chiquita Stephens was the lady of the day. She led the women ' s team to a first place victory. Stephens walked j n the spr j ng tne new away from the x ° meet with two-first place finishes in the 55 and 200-meter events. Antwon Hicks is another name to remember from the 2002 season. The Hot Springs, Ark, native is the first individual in Ole Miss history to win a title at the World Junior Championships. Hicks shattered his personal record in the 110-meter hurdle, clocking in at 13.32 seconds at the IAAF World Junior Championship. He also broke an Ole Miss school record, beating his previous time of 13.59 seconds. theEND $2.5 million Mondo Track facility was completed, part of the $60 million plan to expand and renovate athletic facilites. JT-. l 354 Rebel Football ft 6 1H 1 1) a by MarshallRivers The 2002 football season was filled with much hype and hoopla early in the year. The Rebels raced off to a 5-1 record highlighted by a 17-14 victory over the sixth ranked Florida Gators. The Rebels also defeated Louisiana-Monroe, Memphis, Arkansas State, and Vanderbilt early in the season with the Rebels only loss in their first six games occurring in a road defeat at the hands of the Texas Tech Red Raiders. After six games, the Rebels were firmly placed in the top 25 of both major polls. But as good as the first half of the season was for the Rebels, the latter half of the season was equally as bad. The Rebels dropped two consecutive road games to Alabama and Arkansas before barely falling at home to Auburn. The Rebs then missed an opportunity to pull off a big win against rival LSU with a 14-13 loss in Death Valley. The lone highlight of the second half of the season was a 24-12 victory over the hapless MSU Bulldogs. With the 6-6 record, the Rebels received an invitation to play in the Independence Bowl on December 27th against Nebraska. Eli Manning once again posted great numbers for the Rebels. In only two years as a starter, Eli has basically rewritten the Ole Miss record books passing previous marks set by former Ole Miss players Archie Manning and Romero Miller. The 2002 campaign also marked the return of Ole Miss defensive leader Eddie Strong. Eddie had a good season culminating in several postseason accolades. Other stars for the 2002 season included senior defensive back Matt Grier, senior center Ben Claxton and junior wide receiver Chris Collins. Many younger players including freshmen Tref Stallings, Travis Johnson, McKinley Boykin, and Jayme Mitchell turned in a very good season for the Rebels as well. The last half of the season was also marked by standout performances by junior defensive back Von Hutchins and junior running back Tremaine Turner. The Rebels seemed to be only a couple of breaks away from having a much better record, but unfortunately the Rebs came up a little short. Hopefully, the Rebs will be able to right the ship and compete f or an SEC title next year. theEND 15, Ronald McClendon, celebrates after a touchdown with fellow teammates, 47 Tremaine Turner, 55 Ben Claxton, and 9 Jason Armstead. 8, Chris Collins, runs a pass toward the end zone for a touchdown. m • - N 4 1 ' 31, Desmon Johnson, concentrates hard and gets into position to defend the Rebels . ■ Football David Cutcliffe, Head Coach ' Coaches Chuck Drk-sh.K ' h - Defensive Coordinator Linebackers |ohn Latina - Off. Coordinator OL Coach Marion Hobby - Defensive Ends Coach Matt Luke - Tight Ends Asst Offensive Line Coach Mike Maclntyre - Secondary Recruiting Coordinator Ron Middleton - Running Backs Special Teams Rick Petri - Defensive Tackles Coa ch Kurt Roper - Quarterbacks Coach Thomas (T.D.) Woods - Receivers Walker (ones - Graduate Assistant Roger Wilson - Graduate Assistant David Abernethy - Asst. Strength and Conditioning Gerry Dickey - Assistant AD for Football Operations Noel Durfey - Asst. Strength and Conditioning Ruben Mendoza - Coordinator of Strength and Conditioning Leroy Mullins - Director of Sports Medicine Tim Mullins - Head Athletic Trainer John Ross - Head Equipment Manage UPp- 3T Assisting to make the tackle, 1 Eddie Strong helps secure the Rebs victory over Florida. 35S r . " w X TIT -Wl I Far Left: 10, Eli Manning, hands the ball off to 5, Ronald McClendon, in hopes I of winning the Memphis I game. Center:01e Miss Rebels play aggressive during the Arkansas State game. 74, Cliff Woodruff, land 24, Vashon Pearson stop at nothing to get possession of the ball. Right: 97, Cody Ridgeway, is brought in during the Vanderbilt game to punt the I ball. 356 92 Slate Amos 30 Tavarus Home 45 Josh Perry 85 Charlie Anderson 6 Vick Horn 48 Matt Pierce 67 Stacy Andrews 32 Keith Houston 28 Chad Pilcher 9 Jason Armstead 99 Thomas Humbarger 21 Jamal Pittman 67 Billy Armstrong 5 Von Hutchins 64 John Pratt 49 Ross Barkley Ian Bass 27 58 Brandon Jacobs Belton Johnson 69 13 Don Prince 20 Hunter Quinn m 7 Taye Biddle 31 Desmon Johnson 42 Rick Razzano 1 13 Travis Blanchard 60 Jamey Johnson 80 Eric Rice 14 Ben Boatright 2 Kerry Johnson 97 Cody Ridgeway 65 Tony Bonds 76 Marcus Johnson 81 Rob Robertson 61 Daniel Booth 34 Shawn Johnson 96 Cory Robinson 45 Ken Bournes 25 Travis Johnson 39 Kelvin Robinson 51 Ben Boyce 98 Yahrek Johnson 93 Lee Rogers 68 McKinley Boykin Michael Bozeman 63 Ryan Jones 23 49 Jeremy Ruffin 72 60 A.J. Kiamie Chase Sackett 30 Joshua Braithwaite 47 Doug King 66 Antonio Sanders 43 Hunter Bray 7M Jay Kirkland 6 Toward Sanford 83 Jimmy Brooks 22 Chris Knight 53 Justin Sawyer 4 Bryan Brown 58 ffl R nraine 17 Chris Scott 37 Wesley Bryan 20 Trey Lamar 17 Wes Scott 62 Doug Buckles 56 Germain Landrum 12 Seth Smith 71 James Campbell 57 Brian Lester 22 Barry South 92 Dedrick Clark 88 Lawrence Lilly 48 L.P. Spence 55 Ben Claxton 10 Eli Manning 73 Chris Spencer 36 Jon Claxton Jonathan Martin 16 Micheal Spurlock 8 Chris Collins Joe McClendon 70 Tre ' Stallings 99 Josh Cooper Ronald McClendon 1 Eddie Strong 31 David Dorris US James McCoy Sidney ' McLaurjn 74 Carlton Sylvester 11 Mike Espy 14 Bryant Thomas 43 Michael Evans ¥ ! 44 Lorenzo Townsend 98 Liam Fanning ll Taylor McNeel 47 Tremaine Turner 97 Brandon Farrar Patrick Means 59 Shelby Van Every 19 Ethan Flatt 33 % Chip mUS 41 Marvin Vaughan 84 Bill Flowers 42 ■ C!ar| Mill! 51 Justin Wade 40 Mike Gibson 77 " Wayme Mitchell 9 Leroy Wallace 53 Allen Glenn 95 l?sse MitSell 81 Jason Washington 38 Lanier Goethie 8 Zacnar vfoore 41 Keith White 44 Matt Grier 64 Donny Moran 91 Andrew Wicker 11 Steven Hall 15 David Morris 19 Johnny Wickham 33 Ryan Hamilton 83 Cameron Myers 96 Andrew Wilson 75 Bobby Harris 85 Rickie Nelson 74 Cliff Woodruff 34 Bo Hartsfield 50 Brad Nichols 29 Kenmateril Woods 1 Adam Hayes 86 Jonathan Nichols 29 Marcus Woodson . 52 Chris Herring 54 Jamil Northcutt 90 Danny Wysong 87 Mario Hill 26 Eric Oliver 89 Doug Zeigler 90 Anthony Hobgood 46 Shae Orrell 36 John Zimmerman 46 Craig Holcomb 24 Vashon Pearson " In the third quarter I could tell they weren ' t as physical running the football and knew we had a chance to get the upper hand. We were able to get them into several third-and-long situations which is not their preference and we had a big advantage there! ' -Eddie Strong on the Independence Bowl game Louisiana-Monroe Head Coach Bobby Keasler said, " It was great to play here. Ole Miss has a fine football team and fine facilities " In a series first meeting with Louisiana-Monroe, the Rebs gained a win of 31 to 3. With one season remaining, Manning already holds 24 school records, which includes 6,519 career passing yards and 52 touchdowns. Amy Holmes rallies the crowd in The Grove. C 2002-2003 J Varsity Rebeletts Roster 1 Jessica Fiechtl Casey Franco Julie Gardino Carmen Keys Elizabeth Pigford Heather Russell Erin Simmons Leslie Wood Amy Holmes Ashlie Randazza Catherine Covington Cristala Poole Katie Smith Lindsey Harrod Meghan Claney Kate Bower Ashley McCurrach Jessica Dowd Amanda Pirani Drew Bagley Jennie Sherman Jennie Fiechtl Ashley Buffington Cristala Poole keeps perfect form during one of the many dances Rebelettes Rebelettes take a break after the half time show to pose for the camera. Hotty Toddy! Ole Miss fans get pumped up by the Rebelettes in the are required to perform. Julie Gardino performs during half time. grove and the pre- game shows. Rebelette TUiie Telle supporting our rebels by RobinFreeman The Ole Miss Pride of the South Band would not be complete with out the talent of the varsity Rebelettes. Every year, girls try out to become part of this talented group. In the end, two groups are formed, the varsity and the junior varsity. The varsity girls work with the band to complete football half-time shows and routines to be performed in the grove. Rigorous practices and long hours go into these girls daily lives when football season approaches. These women don ' t stop the rest of the year, however. Parades, competition, philanthropy work and yes, even school, fill the rest of the girls year. This year will be the last year for the talents of seniors such as Jessie Fiechtl, Amy Holmes and Carmen Keys. There is o much friendship that has been found over the years, and it can be seen that they are such a strong group of girls. Each one comes from diverse dance background. Many have had classical and modern training, while others have specialized in hip hop and jazz techniques. Every home game a rebel fan will eventually J ; p +- rv | be found at the theater in the grove listening to the band Bk W j k " B £ - A I f ' a y Dixie iUU ' f ' 11 - ' Rebelettes lead in a spirited chant of Hotty Toddy. There is no doubt that when these girls step foot on the field there is sure to be an amazing routine. The Rebelettes are always on the sidelines of Rebel football game to help the crowd get excited for the anticipated victory. These women do not stop at just football games, but they aiso compete in dance competitions , representing the University of Mississippi. No one member makes this team great , but rather it is the collective group of girls who make this team fantastic. The Rebelettes are as much a part of a football Saturday as the football team, band and cheerleaders. As the team continues to build, their routines and moves only get better. theEND 359 , ' V by MichelleNixon After undergoing a rigorous tryout, the Ole Miss Cheerleaders produced two squads: varsity and junior varsity. Both squads consist of an equal number of men and women making partner stunting the highlight of every event. At each football game, the squad proudly proceeds the football team on to the field. One of the best things about cheering at Ole Miss is the national television yChee Heading Varisity Squad Benji Borrelli Matt Stringer Chris Suber Cory Sims Jake Lyons E.J. Patterson Mark Harvey Andrea Lewis Hannah Fenton Abby Diddle Jenna Torjusen Ginger Harrell Laura Ann Mackey Martha Ellen Christopher exposure and fan support. Being in the SEC conference, the varsity Cheerleaders have the opportunity of traveling to most of the away games. This year the cheerleaders plan to travel to the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, Louisiana where they plan on cheering the Rebs to a victory. However, the fun does not stop with football season. The cheerleaders look forward to cheering during the basketball season. The varsity cheer on the men while the JV show their support for the Lady Rebels. The squads also travel to post season tournaments. No game would be complete if the tans couldn ' t hear the cheerleaders yelling, " Hotty Toddy " . thcTND The cheerleaders execute a two two one pyramid at the Independence Bowl. " We draw draw from each others strength in everything we do from twenty hour practice weekends to game days, displaying our great enthusiasm for Ole Miss athletics. " -Laura Ann Macky, a accoLinting major from San Antonio, Texas : Laura Ann Macky and Corey Sims do a one arm liberty at the Lousianna Monroe game to open the Rebels ' home season. £ V if ' St Preparing for the tigers, cheerleaders anticipate the excitement of playing LSI). Midfielder. 10 Kristal Menard, passes the ball up the sideline for an attempted shot on goal. 19 Kelly Renie plays hard defense in the midfield. 1 1 Kristin Chapman plays hard defense blocking a pass. 10 Kristal Menard jumps higher than her competitor to head the ball during a penalty kick. • by DaveHotard Claiming the SEC Western division title is annual goal for head coach Steve Holeman and the Ole Miss Lady Rebel Soccer Team. The 2001-2002 squad ' s desire to claim the title was in full effect this season, and the Lady Rebs would stop at nothing to attain it. But little did this year ' s Ole Miss team expect that a new landmark in Lady Rebel Soccer was waiting in the wings: the program ' s first ever NCAA Tournament bid. The Lady Rebs started the season staring adversity in the face early, losing both senior Courtney Biddle and freshman Brittney Potts to season ending injuries. With only two seniors left in Anna Sanders and Kristin Chapman to the lead the team, the Lady Rebs faced numerous tough opponents throughout the duration of the season. After enduring a grueling SEC schedule that proved unpredictable, the Lady Rebs fell short of their initial goal of winning the SEC Western division title. But although the team did not manage to bring the elusive title home to Oxford in Steve Holeman ' s eighth year as head coach, they did manage to reach higher pinnacle than any other Lady Rebel team in program history. The 2001-2002 Ole Miss squad received and NCAA tournament bid for the first time ever. with a 13-4-2 record for the season and with their sixth straight appearance in the SEC tournament, the Lady Rebs were invited to Tallahassee, Florida in the first round of the NCAA journey to take on the then number 2 1 ranked host team Florida State. The matchup was very close at times, but in the end, the Lady Rebs came up two goals short of advancing to the second round or the tourney. Despite the loss, the team pulled positives from the experience and have their eyes set on another NCAA tournament bid and hopes for a national title waiting in the wings theEND " The staff is very proud of this team. We had an unbelievable season " said Steve Holeman, the only coach in the eight-year history of Ole Miss soccer. lady rebel soccer NCAA Tournament }b4 Front Row: Ashley Hanne, Brittney Potts. Anna Sanders, Kristin Chapman, Courtney Biddle, Kelly Renie, Lisa Mestayer. Second Row: Amy Sample, Liz Holder, Karen Hall, Lyndsey Williams, Luara Price, Ramey Rush, Erin Cooper, Ashlee Rogers, Shellie Harmon. Third Row: Kathryn White, Lindley Beckman, Hillary Beckman, Leigh Barrow, Brittany Gillespie, Heather Wileman, Megan Morton, Erin Edmundson. Cait lyn Gibson, Kristal Menard. Back Row: Student Assistant Tiffany Weiss, Volunteer Assistant Erin Aubry, Assistant Coach Derek Greene. Head Coach Steve Holeman, Assistant Coach Lori Spitler, Trainer Elsie Lo, Manager Shannon Fox. " Not only is the 2002 Ole Miss squad the first in the program ' s history to play in the post season, but also the first Division 1 team from the state of Mississippi to make the NCAAs. What a tremendous accomplishment for head coach Steve Holeman and his Rebels. " -Lamar Chance, Associate Sports Information Director. 23 Bnttney Potts hustles the ball, as a forward midfielder. Jimmy Lohmar pushes himself to beat the clock. Preparing for the meet, teammates and offer each motivation. The Crimson Classic allowed this relatively young team a success. 366 by RachelParks Both the men and women ' s cross-country team had a memorable season. The Ole Miss Rebels finished 10th in the SEC, while the Lady Rebels finished 12th in the SEC Cross-Country Championships. Throughout the season, both teams continued to improve. Though the rosters were full of young runners, the talent was not lacking. The freshmen on the teams proved their ability thoroughly. At each meet the team met it ' s goal. The Rebels and Lady Rebels built on their progress and bettered their running times. Their 1 HIS continuing stamina earned the Rebels a sixth place finish in the 1 5th Annual Crimson year We had the Classic Cross Country meet, while the Lady Rebels took home a 3rd place finish. yOUngeSt team Competing in The Crimson Classic set the pace for the Rebels. They took their success the SEC Throughout the SeaSOn an( headed to the SEC Championships that were held at the University of W p crrpw tOP ' Pfhpr 51S a fPRTTI ar c 1 Florida. At the meet the Lady Rebels were led by freshman Rachel Ellison am fiillv rnnfidpnf th f wp will wno finished 52nd with a time of 24:04 in the 5K race. Other noted _.• . 1 i j j i • finishes include freshman Amanda Marcak who finished 59th with a continue to work hard and achieve time of 24:24, sophomore Elizabeth Brorby finished 65th with a time of 24:38, freshman Stephanie Barber came in 83rd with a time of 26:22 and freshman Mary Galtney placed 86th and clocked in at 27:03. At the championship, the men were led by freshman Jimmy Lohmar who completed the 8K race with a time of 27:49 while freshmen Caleb Hammons came in 56th with a time of 28:28, Patrick Journey finished in 66th and clocked in at 30:15, Bryce McKay in came in 69th with a time of 31:43 and Matthew Merritt finished 70th and clocked in at 31:56. theEND our common goal in the future. " -Mike Atkins, a freshman journalism major from Oxford, Miss. running against the clock I run Country 11 u l) i) The SEC Championships held at the University of Florida provided valuable experience for everyone. Mary Galtney, Rachel Ellison, Trista McKee, Stephanie Barber, and Beth Barory wait for their event. Amanda McCrack hustles towards the finish line. n H JF7I Joe Walker, head coach, was nominated by the USA Track Field for the United States Olympic Committee ' s 2002 Recognition Program. 6 " N Lady Rebel Volleyball J 2002 Schedule Joe Getzin, Head Coach 30 3! Ob 07 13 , August Eastern Kentucky- Montana Invitational Boise State- Montana Invitational Montana- Montana Invitational September Baylor- Baylor Classic UT-Arlington- Baylor Classic Arkansas-Little Rock- Baylor Classic Charleston Southern- UCF Classic Central Florida- UCF Classic 20 Arkansas- Li It le Rock 24 Arkansas State 27 Florida 29 Georgia October 04 Alabama 06 Auburn 08 Memphis 1 1 Georgia 1 3 Florida 10 Mississippi State 18 Tennessee 25 LSU 27 Arkansas November 01 South Carolina 03 Kentucky 08 Arkansas 10 LSU 13 Mississippi State 17 Auburn i 368 F|P lOC : » jW 1 ' ' , I Ylflflfff Jade Polonich, Katie Kriffin, Amie Ewing, Sarah Lansden, Karla Zschai Betsy Sanders, Katherine Jensen, and Nikki Veach. Standing: Cheryl Wilson, Elena Garcia, McAmy Tiner, Erin Newsom, Rachel Refenes, Stacy Spears, Mary Nell Bennett, Erica Trico, and Megan McCune. • •%.. X CE ' --■ ' i«jSPP ' ' 10 Jade Polonich The Ole Miss Lady 1 ' " ' " ' sets the ball to Mary Rebels make the Nell Bennett block. " 13 Kate Griffin spikes the ball. Setting a volley, the Rebels defend. Volleyball toll eyD il 11 lady rebels have impressive season by DaveHotard After last season, the Ole Miss Lady Rebel Volleyball Team needed a change. They got that change with the hiring of their new head coach Joe Getzin. Getzin hailed from South Carolina prior to becoming the Lady Rebs ' sixth head coach in program history. Coach Getzin faced the tough challenge of turning around a lackluster Lady Rebel squad that managed only three SEC wins and only seven wins total on the season. In his first year at the helm, Coach Getzin brought a new, re-energized, and fun attitude to Ole Miss and helped lead his team to better overall and SEC records than last year. With a slew of newcomers and strong leadership from a five member senior class, the Lady Rebs compiled an 1 1 and 1 7 overall record, with a 4 and 1 2 record in SEC play. Despite ending up under the 500 mark for the season, Getzin and his crew know that there are many improvements they can still make to be extremely successful in the future. Ole Miss graduated five seniors from this years squad in Amie Ewing, Sarah Lansden, Erin Newsom, Erica Tricco, and Cheryl Wilson. Each senior left her legacy with the Ole Miss volleyball program and will be missed sorely on next years squad. However, with up and coming stars forming in such players as sophomore Elena Garcia, freshman Rachel Refenes, and many others, next years Lady Rebel squad will look to keep improving and making a mark in the history books for the Joe Getzin era of Ole Miss volleyball. theEND ' a 369 10 Jade Polonich. 6 Mary Nell Bennett. 13 Katie Griffin, and team prepare for their match against MSU. Right: Megan Roberts works on her shot from a kneeling position. " This has been the best year for the Ole Miss Rifle Team so far. We have a great chance to compete at the national level " said Maranda Stockton, a senior from Livingston, Tenn. vro Ray McAllister, Equipment Manager, Megan Roberts, Misty Ballard, Maranda Stockton, Kristen Parker, Shanda Duval. Megan Sandage, Samantha Lead, and Valerie Boothe, Head Coach. Shanda Duval attempts to hit the bulls eye. Maranda Stockton lines up her front sight. • rifle team by JeremyRoberts The 2002 Women ' s Rifle Team proved to have an impressive season. Four of the returning members along with two freshmen composed this year ' s team. Coach Valerie Boothe completed her sixth season as head coach. The 2001 season was one of the record-breaking performances and 2002 proved to be no different. " We are hoping to take our success and continue to build on that. We have the ability to make incredible gains in this sport as a team, " said Coach Boothe. Misty Ballard, a senior from Glen, Miss., competed in every air rifle event with a recorded averageof 1105 in smallbore and posted a 366.5 average in the air rifle division. She also fired a team all time high of 377 at the Tiger Invitational in Memphis to lead the team to a first place finish. Maranda Stockton, a junior from Livingston, Tenn., also competed in every event with a 1085.5 average in smallbore and a posted 366.4 average in air rifle. She also finished second on the team at the NCAA Sectionals in smallbore with a season-high score of 1 1 18. " She is a leader and most vocal of the bunch. She has what it takes to keep the team together shooting and be a leader, " said Coach Boothe. Katie Trickett, a sophomore from Woburn ,Mass., posted a 380.0 average for the season with the highest score on the team. She holds the Ole Miss record for air ri fle of 388 and smallbore of 1 130. Kristin Parker, also a sophomore from Fort Mill, S. C, scored a season-high of 380 to push Ole Miss to victory against Austin Peay and Arkansas. She also posted a 371.3 average in air rifle. The two new comers to the team are both freshmen. Shanda Duval is from Oakville, WA. and Megan Roberts is from Oxford, Miss. We are eagerly waiting tosee what they have to offer to this phenomenal team. Keep up the EXCELLENT work ladies. theEND 1 571 Honors $ Xwar ds Honors 1 w a r o demostrating excellence in the SEC Men ' s Basketball Women ' s Basketball Women ' s Tennis NCAA Tournament Justin Reed, All-SEC Jason Harrison, SEC Good Works Team John Engstrom, SEC Academic Honor Roll Socce r Kelly Renie, SEC Freshman of the Year, All-SEC first team Kristal Menard, All-SEC first team Ramey Rush, NSCAA Team Academic Award Kristin Chapman, Verizon Academic All-District Women ' s Soccer First Team Verizon Leigh Barrow, second team TaShondrea Moton, SEC Good Works Team TaShondrea Moton, Becky Myatt, Stephanie Murphy, Shayla Day, Von Kirk-SEC Academic Honor Roll TaShondrea Moton, Eugenia Connor Award Track Field Made 10th NCAA appearance Final national ranking of No. 35 ITA All-Academic Team for seventh consecutive year Mira Radu,All-America and All- SEC honors Mira Radu, Camilla Gould, ITA Scholar-Athletes Mira Radu, Camilla Gould- SEC Academic Honor Roll Baseball All- American-Rebel 4x 100-meter relay team (James Shelton, Kendrick Triggs, Chris Lawson and Taye Biddle), Antwon Hicks (1 10-meter hurdles), Kendrick Triggs (200 meters), Shantel Glass (long jump) Marquita Aldridge, participated in the long both the World and U.S. Junior meets Brandon Atkinson, participated in the triple jump at the U.S. Junior meet Seth Smith, Burney Hutchinson - All SEC Seth Smith, SEC Freshman of the Year Seth Smith, Alan Horne-National All-Freshman Team Josh Christian, Jon Dickens, Clint Farrar, Ronnie Goodwin, Burney Hutchinson, Lance Jones and Nathan Lyons-SEC Academic Honor Roll SEC Western Division Champions NCAA " Sweet Sixteen " Final national ranking of No. 9 Five nationally ranked players in singles and doubles Alex Hartman, Kristofer Stahlberg -All-SEC honors Alex Hartman, ITA Scholar-Athlete Alex Hartman, Kristofer Stahlberg and Mason Cousins-the SEC Academic Honor Roll Football Matt Grier, Eddie Strong-All SEC first team Ben Claxton, Chris Collins, Matt Grier, Eli Manning-second team All SEC freshmen- Boykin McKinley, Mike Espy, Travis Johnson, Tre Starlings Lanier Goethie-SEC player of the week; special teams-Jason Armstead, Jonathon Nicholas, Jason Armstead " Ole Miss athletics are unparallel to any other school ' s athletic teams. Nothing compares... " -Larry O ' Conner, a sophomore journalism major from Morris Town, New Jersey Women ' s Golf Teesha Ash, Elizabeth Hoffman- Academic All-America Elizabeth Hoffman, Verizon Academic All-District VI - Volleyball Erin Newsom, Jade Polonich- named to Ruby ' s Inn Montana Invitational All-Tournament Team Elena Garcia, Erin Newsom- named to the UCF Classic All-Tournament Team I 373 iTommy Clement, Academic lAll-America |Andrew Medley, Tommy Clement, Josh Kelly, Phil Caravia, Robert iDreyfus, Troy Muller-Academic All-SEC Lindsay Price- 2002 Verizon Academic All-District Softball First Team, SEC, Academic Honor Roll Leslie Day- 2002 Verizon Academic All-District Softball Second Team, Phyllis Manley- SEC Good Works Team, SEC Academic Honor Roll Julie Baumann- SEC Academic Honor Roll Collegiate Coaches Academic Award (Academic All-America) - Kristin Parker Misty Ballard Maranda Stockton Academic All-SEC - Misty Ballard Maranda Stockton Verizon Academic All-District VI - Maranda Stockton A, Abbott. Todd 214 Abdo, Will 242, 328, 329 Abide, Ashley 92, 103, 148. 164. 242 Abide, David 214 Abies, Christopher 198 Abies, Diana 198 Abston, Sarah 150, 176, 228 Acred, Angela 214 Adair, Way 285 Adams. Allison 167. 176. 228, 261 Adams, Audra 351 Adams, Kirk 322 Adams, Nate 228 Adams. Suzanne 198 Adcock, Andrew 145 Adderholt. Shara 214 Agnew, Shananda 228 Aikman, Kathryn 214 Aills, Brittany 198 Akins. Amanda Joy 242 Albriton, John 228 Albritton. Robert 112 Andrews, Ashley 198 Andrews. Lizzie 92. 228, 289 Andrews, Toy 179, 214 Anet, Keili 214 Angelo, Robert 104 Anipindi, Diwaker 264 Anklam. Marty 307 Apple, Jarold 228 Apple, Joseph 242 Applon. Barbara 228 Arendale, Kristin 242 Ariza, Federico 214 Armour, Adam 228 Armstead, Jason 354 Armstead-Shaw, Cherie 214 Armstrong, Sarah 198 Arnemann, Michael 320 Arnette. John 345 Arnold. Lindsey 198 Ash, Amber 214, 297 Ash, Teesha 347 Ashaw, Cherie 221 Ashford, Miranda 242 Assaf, Sybil 264 Atapattu, Kaumudi 131, 214 Atchley, Lori 281 Atkins, Ashley 242 Atkins, Michael 198 Aldredge. Courtney 69. 198 Aldridge, Will 13, 198 Ales, Gavin 133, 228 Alexander, Crace 228 Alexander, Elizabeth 231. 253 Alexander. Le ' Anne 242 Alexander, Liz 154 Alexander. Trey 176, 228 Alexander. Whitney 116, 242 Alford. Ashley 293 Alger. Nicole 342, 352 Algood. Jesse 198 — i Allemand, Kevin Jr. 214 4 Allen, Abigail 214 Allen, April 228 Allen. Audrey 242 Allen, Clayton 242 Allen, Derrick 333, 334 Allen, Gregory 198 Allen, Jennifer 234, 242, 272, 297 Allen, Jeremy 191 Allen, Martha 214 Allen, Paula 228 Allen, Rebecca 152 Allen, Robin 228 Allen, Scott 198 Allen, Susan 214 Allison. Kelly 278 Almon, Waverly 242, 285 Almon, Wendy 228 Alvord. Betsy 228 Amacker, Becky 198 Amborn, Andrew 198 Amborn, Robert 214 Anakapalli, Manoj 264 Anazia, Gregg 166 Anderson, Ashanti 175, 228 Anderson, Bill 159, 170, Anderson, Collin 172 Anderson, Franklin 190, 192, 228 Anderson, Keita 211. 242 Anderson, Kristy 198 Anderson, Patrick 323 Anderson, Ryan Collin 228 Anderson, Steph 228 Anderson, William 159, 242 Atkinson, Scott 228 Austin, Matt 191 Austin, Wilson 198 Autry, Lauren 286 Avant, Alyssa 242 Avent, Rebecca 242 Avery, Katherine 214 Avery, Stephanie 242 Aycock, Anna 198 Aycock, Regan 228 Ayers, Amanda 228 Ayers, Jessica 189 B6 Babb, Melissa 228 Babbitt, Nicole 169, 228 Baber, Teia 198 Babineaux, Charie 341 Babu, Revanth 264 Bachus, Tammy 148 Bacon, Brandy 167, 198 Bailess, Oren 242 Bailey, Aaron 214 Bailey, Brittany 214 Bailey, David III 214 Bailey, Katie 80, 148, 297 Bailey, Kevin 228 Bailey, Lisa 92 Bailey, Mary Katherine 214 Bailey, Matt 198 Bailey, Morrow 92, 159, 172, 242 Bajaj. Parul 214 Baker. Amanda 214, 279 Baker, Bradley 214 Baker. Dorothy 242 Baker, Katie 281 Baker, Laura 242, 278 Baker, Matt 214 Baker, Mo 152 Balducci, Lou Ann 198 Bales, Misty 242 Ball. Emily 242 Ball, Kristi 242 Ball, Roynaldo 214 Ball. Ruth 286 Ball, Sara Martin 198 Ballard, Misty 370 Ballas, Anastasia 281 Ballentine, Dennis 242 Banahan, Jessica 148. 228 Banchetti, Carl 228 Banchetti, Vincent 198 Bandre. Bonnie 178 Bangal, Jaideep 264 Bankston, Dustin 172, 198 Bannerman, Blair 145, 159, 242 Baranski, Daeon 242 Barbour, Mary Kathryn 242 Bardwell, Margaret 214 Bardwell, Will 82, 92, 149, 242, 309 Barefield, Demeka 191, 242 Barham, Daniel 170 Barham, Patrick 214, 304 Barkley, Ashley 198 Barkley, Benecia 242 Barkley. Corrie 198 Barkley, Ross 92 Barksdale, Matt 176. 242 Barner, Amanda 228. 286 Barnes, Alison 242 Barnes, Jonathan 242 Barnes, Melissa 228 Barnes, Yamica 198, 241, 252 Barnes. Jonathan 263 Barnett, Monica 342 Barr, Tiffany 243, 298 Barrett, Austin 243 Barron, Katherine 243 Barrow, Leigh 214 Barry, Jennifer 291 Barter, Sheila 198 Bartlett, Andrew 228 Bartlett, Martin 214 Barton, Franklin 214 Barton, Priscilla 192 Bartz, Jessica 294 Baskin. Cassie 228 Bass. Jonathan 198 Bass, Lakesia211, 242 Bassett, Lisa 243 Bates, Colleen 214 Batte, Leighton 228 Baudo, Brooke 229 Bauer, Brad 243 Baugh, Jonathan 179 Baugh, Leah 243 Baughman, Chris 229 Baughn, Valerie 278 Baumann, Jared 172 Baumhardt, Gail 165 Baumann, Julie 342, 352 Bayo, Fatou 130, 243 Beall, Carlisle 243 Bean, Lakenna 221 Beard, Mary Grace 243 Beasley, Earnest 307 Blackburn, Chad 92, 143, 159, 243, 324, 325 Blackburn, Jordan 199 Bailey, Sarah 92, 287 Bain, Lesley 242 Beam, T.J. 341 Bean, Alan 149. 229 Beasley. Tia 65. 69, 268 Beaven, Ann 214 Beck, Carabeth 214 Beckingfield, Matt 328 Beckmann. Paul 243 Becknell, Lindsey 198 Bee. Blake 229. 319 Beeks, Eugenia 198 Beeler, Ryan 198 Beene, Corrie 229 Bell, Amekia 243 Bell, Joe 324 Bell, Kellie 198 Bell, William 167 Bello, German 69 Bender, Nikki 243 Bennett, John 179 Bennett, Johnnie 198 Bennett, Mary Nell 368, 369 Bennett, Reginald 198 Benoist, Carrie 229, 281 Benoist, Molly 170, 229, 281, 323 Benoit. Julie 229 Benson, Jon 214, 230 Bentley, William 148, 229 Benton, Hubert 214 Benvenutti, Nicholas 215 Berg, Michael 198 Bergandi, Sara 55, 59, 229 Berrong, Kathryn 215 Berry, Lee 215 Berryhill, Ashlyn 215 Berryhill, Jennifer 229, 282 Bertrand, Aimee 92, 148, 229, 278 Bertrand, Rebecca 37, 148, 169, 199 Bertucci, Stephen 215 Best, Brittany 178 Betsayad, Jennifer 173 Betts, Yashida 235 Beuis, Kristy 241 Bevans, William 199 Beyer, Lisha 229. 347 Bhandary, Richa 243 Bibb, Harrison 229 Bice, Courtney 199 Bickerstaff, Sarah Love 199 Biddix, Patrick 304 Biddle. Courtney 243 Bid well. Gene 104 Bigham. Crystal 229 Billings, Majorie 279 Billingsley, Margaret 199 Billingsley, Scott 229 Billman, Lauren 174, 229 Bingham, Elyse 199 Binns, Nena 199 Birch, Jason 326 Bishop, Mindy 243 Bishop, Richard 148 Bivens, Stacey 215 Black, Andrea 199 Black, Chase 174 Black, Darrel 314 Black, David 243 Black, Jacob 229 Black, Jacque 289 Black, Meghann 199 Blackburn, Ann Barrett 215. 282 Blakburn, Joseph 144 Blackwell, Garreth 157 Blackwell. Jenna 215 Blackwell, Mindy 199 Blackwell, Richard 229 Blackwood, Jennifer 199 Blake, Justin 69 Bland, Bridgett 286 Bland, Jason 229 Blankenship, Wendy 215 Blankinship, Demetric 243 Blanks, David 243 Blaylock, Ann-Marie 161, 188, 231 Blockyou, Thomas 199 Blount, Emily 199 Blue, Ryan 243 Blythe, Robert 199 Bobo, Crady 56 Bobo, Daisy 282 Bobo. Mary Helen 176 Bogan, Jessica 174 Boggan, Emily 230, 243 Boggan, Natalie 243 Boggs, Doug 143 Bogue, Brian 163 Boisture, Roiann 69, 347 Bokka, Sankar 264 Bolen, Elizabeth 296. 243 Boler, Jeremy 229 Boler, Nancy 243 Boles. Brandi 153 Bolger, Russell 215 Bonds. Amy 264 Bonds, Brent 104 Booker, Patrick 167 Boone, Philip 215 Boone, Tancia 286 Boone. Wilson 243 Boothe, Anderson 199 Boothe. Laura Beth 175 Boozer, Martha-Carroll 229 Bora, Amit 264 Boswell, Tim 56 Bottoms. Jonathan 229 Bouldin, Ashley 158 Bounds, Courtney 154, 243 Bourdeaux, Norma 204 Bowen, Sarah 215 Bowers, Paul 199 Bowles, Stephen 243 Bowling, John 162 Bowman, Ashley 159, 174, 243, 285 Box, Thomas 199 Boyd, Ashley 199 Boyd. Claire 215 Boyd. Laura 154, 215 Boykin, Christopher 229 Boylan, Brooks 142, 229 Boyles, Jessica 215 Braddock, Leighton 243 Bradley. Allen 243 Bradley. Anna 215, 282 Bradley, Jason 243 Bradley, Karen 229 Bradley, Natalie 199 Bradley, Will 324 Bradshaw, Nick 229. 341 Brady, Lauren 229 Brahs, Andrea 342, 352 pa - - ■ • Braithwaite, Joshua 215 Brame. Laura 215 Brame, Rachel 175, 243, 294 Branch, Yolanda 13, 199 Brand, Walker 197 Brandon, Bridgett 116 Brann, Matthew 243 Brannon, Bridgett 243 Brantley. Erica 155 Brantley, Leonard 46, 262, 302 Branton, Donald 243 Braseth, Ralph 182 Brashier, Grant 158 Bratton, Jon 199 Bravo, Blythe 199 Brawner, Jill 199 Bray. Laura 199 Breland, Camille 199 Breland, Jared 143, 243 Brent, Whitney 215 Bressler, Patrick 243 Brett, Joseph 199 Brewer. Benjamin 215 Brewer, Kristen 215 Brewer. Martina 225. 243 Brewer, Sandra 199, 225 Brickey, Karen 199 Brickey, Tyndale 229 Bridgers, Boyd 229 Bridget, Knight 299 Brune, Shelby 199 Bruner, Shannon 243, 244 Bruss, Jeremy 264 Bryan, Josh 243, 244 Bryan, Spencer 148 Bryant, Andrew 93, 172 Bryant, Hannah 243, 244 Bryant, Joshua 244 Buckman, Ashley 229 Buckner, Jennifer 193 Buffington, Ashley 215 Bui, Rose 132, 215 Bullard, Amanda 154 Bullard, Lauren 214 Bullard, Rachel 215 Bullard, Ty 326 Bullock, Aaron 243, 244 Bullock, Ryan 199 Bullock, Tiffany 243, 244 Bunniran, Suvapun 243, 244 Buntin, Holly 215 Buntyn, Brandee 199 Burchfield, Hays 153, 154, 229 Burgess. Caroline 229 Burgess. Kathryn 215 Burke, Taryn 244 Burkeens, Michael 199 Burkes, Lindsay 244 Burkhead, Charisa 229, 300 Briggs. Jessica 215 Bright, Michael 243 Brinkley, Taylor 199 Brislin, Kallie 158 Britt, Ashley 282 Britt, Lollie 229 Brodofsky, Ike 145 Bronthey, Leonard 221 Brookfield, Anne-Morgan 91, 93, 243. 290 Brooks, Jennifer 215 Brooks, John 243 Brooks, Lenwood 148, 215 Brooks, Lindsey 264, 215 Brooks, Toya 243, 270 Broussard, John 199 Browarek, John 215 Brown, Allya 199 Brown, Amanda 229, 243 Brown, Candance 229 Brown, Carletta 339 Brown, Cecil 282 Brown, Chris 243 Brown, Damion 229 Brown, Demetrios 167, 199, 218 Brown, Derrick 264 Brown, Felicia 215 Brown, Jamie 190 Brown, Jeffrey 165 Brown, Kaleshia 229 Brown, Keena 286 Brown, Kristin 199 Brown, Lindsey 199 Brown, Marquita 193 Brown, Mary Hayes 215 Brown, Megan 93, 159, 243 Brown, Nicholas 93, 243, 244 Brown, Nora 229 Brown, Whitney 199 Browner, Leslie 229 Brownlee, Rachel 104 Brubaker, Jacquelyn 178 Bruce. Ashley 243, 244 Brueck, Anne 215, 290 Brumfield, Ab 243, 244 Burkhead, Rachel 263 Burnette, Alana 244 Burns. Blair 244 Burns. Justin 215 Burns. Kellie 244 Burnside, Dewaski 244 Burrow, Lauren 244 Burson, Sarah 215 Burton, Dustin 186, 313 Busby, Freda 244 Busby, Robert 199 Busching, Jessica 215 Buse, Brandy 245, 285 Bush, Breann 229 Bush, Michael 215 Bush, Zach 279 Butala, Harshala 264 Butler, Denaya 215 Butler, Kevin 245 Butler, Lauren 199 Butler, Rachel 245 Butler, Tasheitha 148, 215 Butts, Casey 148, 229 Bynum. Sarah 199 Byrd, Christian 245 Byrd, Eric 245 Byrd, Isaac 308 Byrd, Jason 229 Byrd, Jeff 177 Byrd, Mindy Jo 229 Byrd. Nakedra 199 Byrd, Susan 245 Byrne, Jack 149, 154 G Cade, Catherine Carley 245 Cagle, Lindsey 199 Cain, Lisa 143 Cain, Marquita 199 Calcote, Garrieth 215 Caldwell, Flora 193 Caldwell, Katie 285 Caldwell, Kristen 93. 245 Caldwell, Lauren 245 Caley, Joseph 245 Callahan, Marilyn 282 Callahan, Vicki 245 Callahan, Wesley 36, 199 Callegari, Jonathan 199 Calvert, Joanna 229 Camburn, Rachel 199 Cameron, Jennifer 93, 245, 294 Campbell, Dawn 264 Campbell, Jeremy 264 Campbell, Melissa 245, 300 Campbell, Shaunna 229 Campbell, Stephanie 172 Campesi, Kat 229 Cannada, Baker 199 Cannada, Katie 199 Cannada, Warner 327 Cannon, Benjamin 245 Cannon, Robin 59 Canoy, Amanda 229 Cansdale. Elizabeth 69, 339 Cantrell. Whitney 229 Canty, Ann 160 Card, Morgan 282 Carder, Adam 199 Cardosi, Amy 229, 294 Carlson, Meredith 245 Carmel, Michelle 215 Carmichael, Elizabeth 229, 297 Carothers. Andrew 199 Carpenter, Julie 245 Carpenter, Kelly 245 Carpenter, Lindsey 215 Carpenter, Matt 318 Carpenter, Melissa 245 Carpenter, Natalie 245 Carr, Christy 229 Carr, Marc 245 Carr, Matthew 245 Carrillo. Heather 135 Carroll, Clayton 199 Carroll, Crista 215 Carroll, David 192, 326, 327 Carroll, Lexie 245, 285 Carroll, Stephanie 229 Carsten, Brianna 262 Carter, Keleigh 245 Carter. Lauren 245 Carter, Lisa 230 Carter, Matt 245, 328 Carter, Sara 293 Carter, Octavia 352 Cartwright. Sally 215 Carver. Patrick 245 Carwell, Augustus 245 Carwell, Veronica 158 Casali, Elizabeth 230 Case. Hardy 148 Caskey, Curtis 200 Cassidy, Christopher 317 Castillo, Loidha 245 Castle, Amanda 230 Cate, Lori 346 Caten, Anna 200, 297 Caten, Rachel 230, 297 Catenn, Leah 245 Cathcart, Natalie 142, 230 Caughlin, Tom 230 Caulfield, Bethany 245, 278 Ceasar, Melissa 200 Cease, Meghan 200 Certion, Erica 200 Certion, Jackie 190 Certion, Jaqueline 300 Cerveny, Allison 172 Cerveny, George 172 Cerveny, Jennifer 172 Cerveny, Mary 172 Chaddha, Rima 264 Chadwick, Hudson 25 Chaffin, Mioshi 167, 215 Chaffin, Robert 200 Chamberlin, Claiborne 245 Chambers, Mary 200 Chamblee, Robby 230 Chambless, Jim 114 Chambliss, Jane 230 Champ, Jacob 179 Champion, Chris 200 Champion, Grant 318 Chancellor, Lauren 215, 282 Chandler, Charlie 245 Chandler, Emily 245 Chaney, Lacey 215 Chapman, Adam 215 Chapman, Jauna 299 Chapman, Jennifer 200 Chapman, Kristin 362 Chapman, Sonya 215 Chappell, Robyn 245 Chara, Melissa 245 Charbonnet, Hunter 200 Chassaniol, Mimi 215 Chatman, Jauna 245 Cheek, Hollee 200 Cheek, Megan 178 Chen, Fen-Fang 264 Chen, Qi 264 Chen, Shuo 264 Chennupati, Venugopal 264 Chernyak, Yekaterina 131. 245 Chesney, Jennifer 245 Chesnu, Robert 264 Chi, Ying 264 Childers, Jennifer 230 Childers, Veronica 230 Childress, Valerie 230 Childs. Apryl 94, 245 Childs, Litisha 200 Chilukuri, Mukesh 264 Chittibomma, Muralidhar 264 Chitwood, Linda 108 Chockley, Randy 245 Choong, Aik Min 166, 264 Chrestman, Timothy 245 Christopher, Jenny 215 Christopher, Martha Ellen 230 Chuku, Chika 245, 353 Chung, Que 215 Church, Jacob 167 Church, Jason 245 Churchill, Meghan 200 Ciorascu, Paul 348 Citchens, Victoria 211 Clabough, Karen 168 Claney, Meghan 215 Clapp, Katherine 200 Clarett, Stephanie 298 Clark, Amanda 200 Clark, Andrew 245 Clark, Brian 200 Clark, Corey 94, 245. 274 Clark, Elizabeth 230 Clark, Jason 175 Clark, Justin 230 Clark, Katherine 245 Clark, Liz 297 Clark, Mark II 230 Clark, Meki 181, 200 Clark, Nicholas 230 Clark, Paula 230 Clark, Trey 200 Clarke, Emily 169, 245 Claxton, Ben 354 Clay, Adam 201 Clay, Alexis 263 Clay, Wesley 230 Clayton, Aimee 245 Clement, Tommy 345 Clements, Hrin 201 Clements, Summer 68, 94, 245, 281 Clifford, Shelley 245, 275 Coaten, William 230 Cochran, Adorea 245 Coffield, Lauren 216 Coggin, Clint 201 Coggins, Heath 245 Coghlan, Eric 14 Coker, Joshua 201 Coker, Stacey 245 Coker, Tara 181 Cole, Alicia 104 Cole, Chris 262 Cole, Christopher 201 Cole, DC. 216 Cole, Judith 162 Cole, Kacey 154, 216, 231 Cole, Sam 308 Cole, Sara-Elizabeth 246, 282 Coleman, Chenoa 246 Coleman, Eric 230 Coleman, Meredith 325 Coley, Robert 246 Collier, Kristie 230 Collier, Winston 83, 90, 94, 316. 230 Collins, Chris 354 Collins, Lauren 201, 216 Collins, Michaela 246 Collins, Shawn 246 Collins, Taylor 230 Coin, Patrick 201 Colpitts, Patrick 246 Combes, Josh 166, 170, 230 Comes, Barbara 264 Commiskey, Katie 174, 246 Compton, Amanda 246 Compton, Christina 246 Compton, John Hays 201 Conerly, Priscilla 201 Congleton, Laura 246 Conkin, Timothy 149, 230 Conley, Arlissa 155 Conlon, Catherine 230 Conner, Bethany 201 Conner, Rit 313 Cook, Dustin 246 Cook, Eric 201 Cook, Jason 201 Cook, Jenny 230 Cook, Megan 246 Cook, Melissa 181 Cook, Nicole Marie 201 Cook, Sarah 216 Cook-Mendoza, Nicholas 201 Cooke, Emilie 295 Cooley, Demetrise 201 Cooper, Candice 230 Cooper, Jason 144 Cooper, Kelly 216 Cooper, Mandy 201 Cooper, Marjorie 216 Copeland, Gretchen 230, 294 Copeland, Pranati 216 Copeland, Willie 230 Copper, Mandy 221 Cordua, Ashley 94, 246, 275, 294 Cornelius, Centeria 201 Correro, Jacquelyn 216 = X 375 Clayton, Rachael 245 Cleary, Mark 201 Cosby, Noah 230 Costello, Reagan 117 Cottrell, Carroll 216 Cottrell, Savery 264 Cotwright. Carla 264 Coughlin. Autumn 216 Counts, Jason 246 Course, Freda 230 Course, M.C. Ill 193, 230 Cousins, Mason 348 Covington, Catherine 285 Covington, Jason 246 Covington, Regina 155, 246 Covington, Ronisha 193 Cowan, Julia 201 Cox, Andrea 166, 230, 297, 300 Cox. Beau 246 Cox, Carrington 246 Cox, Cortney 246 Cox, Dianna 246 Cox, Dorsey 216 C ox, Jenny 342, 352 Cox, Laurie 201 Cozart, Ashley 230 Craig, Camp 228 Craig. Marlania 246 Craig. Sam 216 Crain, Allen 216 Crain, Brewer 143 Cramblitt, Joy 230 Dalbey, Lindsey 246 Dale, Laurie 201 Dale, Ron 105 Daley, Lamar 217, 264 Damico, Karen Melissa 231 Daniel, Charity 246 Daniel, Latina 231 Daniels. Dawn Renee 246 Dantin, Vic 246 Dara, Raghuraj 264 Darby, Rebecca 148 Darby, Tara 80, 324 Darnall, Devin 201 Darnall, Jennifer 201 Darrow, Kerri 201 Darsey, Louis 225 Dasmahapatra, Asok 218 Dauzat, Nicole 154, 217 Davenport, Bree 246 Davidson, Jane 246 Davis, Christopher 231 Davis, Darcy 189 Davis, Elizabeth 294 Davis, Jessica 201 Davis, Jessie 154 Davis, Kerrie 247. 347 Davis, Kim 46 Davis, Lindsey 217, 231 Cranfill, Katie 216, 297 Crawford, Alexander 216 Crawford, Brittany 201 Crawford, Brooke 143, 246 Crawford. Elspeth 201 Crawford, Leslie 205 Crawley, Jessica 246 Crews, Nathan 201 Crim, Rich 246 Cromeans, Catherine 216 Cromwell, Adam 179 Crosby, Carla 88, 94, 149, 164, _ 246, 285 ' ' 7 6 Cross, Lesley 289 Cross, Regis 231 Croswell, Bobby 94, 246, 324 Crow, Anna 201 Crowe, Justin 246, 305 Crowley, Ashley 216 Crowson, Mary Claire 104 Crowson, Meredith 217 Crum, Stephanie 154 Cruzen, Stephen 201 Cubley, Laura 201 Cuchens, Chris 201 Culbertson, Mallory 201 Culliver, Vanessa 217 Culver, Alexis 217 Cummings, Keith 217 Cummings, Lauren 217 Cummins, Amy 231 Cummins, Joly 246 Cunningham, Buck 145, 192 Cunningham, Candace 201, 261 Cunningham, Claire 231 Cunningham, Ryan 201 Cunningham, Tiffany 217 Cupp, Anthony 341 Curran, Addie 201 Curry, Billy 246 Curry, Christie 246 Curry, Keisha 231 Curry, La ' Shonn 217 Cutcliffe, Daryn 201 D d Davis. Lisa 247 Davis, Marquita 201 Davis. Megan 247 Davis, Ryan 247 Davis, Sam 109, 123 Davis, Sara 217 Davis, Sydney 247, 296 Davis, Teresa 201 Dawkins, Megan 201 Day, Brandy 247 Day, Leslie 342, 352 De Weerdt, Phyllis 154, 201 Dean, Brenda 201 Dean, Jason 112, 264, 274 Dean, Mamie 201 Dear, Benjamin 247 Dear, Todd 247 Debold, Joshua 159 DeCastro, Taylor 107, 201 Decker, Darcy 247 Dees, Emily 65, 247 Dees, Ray 313 Dehenre, Saheba Bebe 170, 217 Delius, Becky 252 Deloach, Lindsey 201 Deloach, Regina 217 Delong, Lindsey 201 Delozier, Scott 264 Delsa, Chris 247 Dement, Mary 247 Dempsey, Jordan 345 Denny, Aj 217 Denson, Lashaunda 201 Denton, Drew 290 Deparrons, Marie 339 Depeters, Marielle 217 Derden, Spruce 189, 217 DeRouck, Agatha 351 Desai, Jay 104, 247, 324 Devulapalli, Sasikanth 264 Deweese, Drew 217 Dickens, Chris 325 Dickerson, Jacob 247 Dickerson, Jake 91, 94, 308, 309 Dickerson, Laura 231 Dickson, Carly 201 Diddle, Abby 69 Diffee, Miles 201 Dill, Paul 326 Dillard, Forrest 231 Dillon, Edward 201 Dillon, Rosalind 247 Diltz, Chris 192, 217 Dipasquale, James 179 Dixon, Latanya 247, 277 Dixon, Lindsey 231 Dixon, Robert 217 Dobbs, Carter 94 Dobbs, Kaneisha 201 Dodson, Lewis 231 Dodson, Stephanie 247 Dodson, Willie 260 Domian, Anne 217 Dominick, Chalon 141, 173, 247 Donald. Eiyessie 252 Donald, Kacie 231 Donald, Kathryn 231 Donaldson, David 217, 348 Donovan, Justin 341 Dorgan, Maureen 247, 290 Dorris, Matthew 201 Dorrough, Marlow 123 Dorsey, Louis 172, 201 Doss, Brian 167. 247 Dossett, Sarah Kathryn 153 Doss, Jessica 201 Dotson, Patti 202 Douglas, Amanda 231 Douglas. Chris 231 Douglas, Joy 158 Douglas, Lauren 217 Douglas, Paige 191, 247 Dove, Ashley 173 Dowdle, Rob 322 Dowdle, Robert 231 Downing, Michael 247 Dozier, Melanie 202 Drago, Gaines 217 Draper, Sharhonda 247 Drew, Magee 206 Drew, Mary Margaret 285 Drewrey, Jessica 159, 247 Droke, Claire 290 Drummond, LeAnn 247, 282 Drummond, William 202 Ducker, Greg 264 Ducking, Johnny 231 Ducrest, John 318 Ducrest, Matt 318 Dudding, Michael 231 Duddleston, Jennifer 202 Dudley, Kimberly 190, 193, 231 Duffy, Heather 217 Dufour, Jacob 202 Dugas, Allison 247 Duhon, Jonathan 231 Dunavant, Kristin 145 Dunbar, Dustin 247 Duncan. Desi 231 Duncan. Monica 202 Dunn. Ashley 176, 247, 294 Dunn, Jennifer 247 Dunnigan, Arielle 231 Dunnigan, Erika 247 Dunsford, Michelle 247 Duquesnay, Henry 202 Duran, Rochelle 299 Durastanti, Angela 202 Durdin. Josh 143 Durst, Catherine 165 Dusza, Alexander 231 Eubanks, Cheryl 231 Eubanks, Mildred 248 1 Duval, Jules 176 Duval, Shanda 370 Dye, Caroline 202 Dye, Lauren 202 Dyer, Patrick 308 Dykes, Jennifer 217 Eagles, Charles 56 Earls, Leanne 247 Earnshaw, Amanda 217 Easley, Jane 145, 217. 282 Eason, Ann Lowery 197 East, Autumn 202 Easterling, Sy 317 Eaton, Eric 247 Eaton, Katie 285 Echols, Danny 270 Echols, Kirsty 210 Edens, Lauren 202 Edge. Emily 95. 247 Edgeston. Donna 231 Edwards, Amy Allison 148 Edwards, Andrea 166, 217 Edwards, Anna 230 Edwards, Chase 328, 329 Edwards, Karla 231, 286 Edwards, Paulita 248 Edwards, Stewart 179 Eftink, Maurice 114, 162 Ehrhardt, Wes 317 Einhart, Angela 248 Elam, Justin 231 Elder, Blake 308 Eleazer, Suzanne 231 Elfert, Roger 317 Elliott, Cayce 142, 231 Elliott, Latoya 231 Ellis, Bear 231 Ellis, Kim 248 Ellzey, Allison 142, 248 Ellzey, Jennifer 142, 248 Elsherbeni, Dalia 231 Emerson, Beth 202 Emerson, Garret 217 Emerson, Jill 202 Emmons, Carol Ann 248, 278 Enggano, Brian 217 Engle, Campbell 264 Engle, Granville 248 English, Joclyn 166 Ervin, Theresa 154 Erwin, Tiffany 217 Eskew, Jessica 289 Estes, Jarrod 176 Evans, Diana 291 Evans, Emily 198. 217 Evans, Jessica 217 Evans, Laurie 90, 95, 248, 282 Evans, JJ 169 Evans, Sarah 154, 217 Evilcizer, Timothy 248 Ewing, Amie 368 Ewing, Battle 231. 274, 303 Ewing. Virginia 232 Ezelle, Lauren 80 Ff Duren, Roshelle 247, 298 Durham, Angela 231 Etheredge, Taylor 231 Etlinger, David 217 Fair, Caroline 282 Fair, Shirlaunce 148 Fairbank. Jared 262 Fairbanks, Haley 232, 262 Fairey, Ashley 248 Fairey, David 172, 232 Fargason, Baxter 232 Farmer, Emily 154, 232 Farmer, Katherine 202 Farmer, Kevin 248 Farmer, Mayann 232 Fan, Heather 232 Farrar, Brandon 202 Farrar, Hunter 202 Faulk, Johannah 202 Faulkner. Mario 248 Faulks, Emily 202 Favre, Cassandra 217 Feathers, Nicci 217 Fellows. Gordon 149, 217 Feng, Liang 264 Fenton, Hannah 232 Fenton, Kate 181 Ferguson, Ben 348 Ferguson. Blair 65. 232 Ferguson, Brian 217 Ferguson. Erica 217 Ferguson, Jennifer 248 Ferguson, Keisha 169. 232 Ferreira, Renate 232 Ferrell, Amy 232 Ferrell, Anne 191 Ferrell, Clyde 248 Ferril, Geoff 202 Fewell, Kari Allison 217 Fidler, Stacie 167, 232 Fiechtl, Jessica 248 Fields, Tina 232 Fields, Zakiyo 95, 248, 277 Figlesthler, Ryan 217 Filley. Shauna 248 Fillhart, Robyn 217 Findley, Erin 248 Fineout, Sarah 205 Finley, Julie 83, 95, 156 Finney, Emilea 202 Fischer, Elizabeth 202 Flanner, Jennifer 248 Fleming, Laura Lee 217 Flemons, Toyal 228 Fletcher, Amanda 202 Fletcher. Brent 79, 89, 95, 174, 248 Flinn, Dunbar 202 Flowers, Bill 21, 232 Flowers, Chad 202 Flowers, Chris 167 Flowers, Latoya 217 Flowers, Tymingie 220, 232 Floyd, Joanna 248 Fly, Beth 248 Fong, Mandy 104 Foose, Curran 202 Foose, Ransome 232 Forbes, Eloise 202 Ford, Adrian 232 Ford, Elizabeth 217 Ford, Jamie 233 Ford, Joanna 217 Ford, Jori 179 Ford, Justin 148 Ford, Tomisha 202 Forehand, Eleanor 293 Forrest, Leah 329 Forsman, Adam 202 Foster, Andrea 202 Foster, Angela 174 Foster, Holly 248 Foster, Jessica 233 Foster, Megan 264 Fountain, Candice 248, 300 Fountain, Kelly 153, 248 Foust, Susan 135 Fowler, Laura 233 Fowler, Lauren 217 Fox, Kendrick 333 Foy, Mitchell 167 Frangiamore, Tina 275 Franklin, Christopher 193 Franks, Brad 248 Frashier, William 248 Fratesi, Elaine 202 Fratesi, Jeffrey 248 Frazier, Amber 248 Frazier, Debbie 65, 80, 248 Freeman, Lana Claire 248, 294 Freeman, Robin 188, 242, 313 French, Megan 233 Frey, Elizabeth 289 Friar, J.W. 220 Frink, Regan 154 Frolov, Mikhail 348 Frost, Kristin 202 Fry, Trey 202 Gardino, Julie 233 Gardner, Jarrod 345 Gardner, Jonathan 218 Gardner, Latonya 163 Gardner, Tabatha 248 Gardner, William 122 Garmon, Krishna 248 Garner, Christine 233 Garner, Kathryn 202 Garner, Kip 241 Garner, William 233 Garrard, Beebe 248 Garrard, Nick 248 Garren, Laurieanne 218 Garrett, Ashley 218 Garriga, Joy Lynn 218 Garriga. Mary Ann 104 Gates, Kelli 233 Gates. Sara Elizabeth 218 Gatewood, Cathy 218 Gathitu, Benson 248 Gatlin, Grant 218 Gauravreddy, Nukala 264 Gautreaux, Chris 233 Gay, Kearney 248 Gay, Ross 180 Geddie, Nathan 161, 189, 218 Geffert, Greg 202 Gehrett, Richard 233 Gent, Gordon 24, 95, 248, 313 Gent, Kristen 202 Gentry, Julie 218 Gentry, Whitney 233, 278 George, Amanda 218, 221, 285 Georige, Makenzie 248 Geotes, Jennifer 218 Geraci, Ashley 104 Geraci, Courtney 1 1 German, Jonathan 202 Germany. Jennifer 117, 148, 233, 281,325 Giannini, Mia 218 Gibbs, Vernicia 219 Gibson, Micah 248, 282 Giessner, Kara 71, 95, 147, 154, 178, 248 Gilbert, Robin 248 Frye, Emily 217 Fu, Mingxian 264 Fulghom, Will 317 Fullilove, Grace 145, 217 Fulton, Memory 248 Fulton, Naomi 204 Funchess, Latoya 248 Fuqua, Sarah 217 Furlong, Mary 248 Furlow, C ole 202 Furtado, Cintia 130, 193, 264 v 8 Gadd, Stefanie 202 Gaddam, Madan 145, 264 Gagliano, Julia 217 Galbreath, Kate 170 Galligan, Chelsea 217 Galloway, Shamaro 202 GallowayMaberr, Quentiny 202 Galvan, Christina 297 Gandy, William 218 Gannon, Grant 95 Garcia, Elena 368 Gard, Catalin 348 Gardiner Tim 218 Gilder, Chrissy 148 Gilfeather, Spencer 218 Gilfeather, Samuel 179 Gill, Ashley 233 Gill, Carolyn 248 Gill, Kathleen 169, 248, 282 Gillentine, Jenny 202 Gillespie, Brittney 172 Gilliam, Jennifer 218 Gilliam, Mark 203 Gillum, Jessica 218 Gilly, Shannon 218 Gilner, Julian 150, 170, 233 Gilson, Jamar 218 Ginn, Bucky 233 Ginn, Matt 311 Ginne, Sahithi 264 Girdhani, Hitesh 218 Girdley, Marci 218 Gist, Tenisha 336, 339 Givens, Julia 203 Givens. Kara 203 Gladney, Jeremy 248 Glass, Jabarie 148 Glass, Jennifer 159, 233 Glass, Shantell 69 Gleaton, Sarah 297 Glenn, Allen 233 Glenn, Liz 248 Glisson, Richard 233 Glorioso, Guy 345 Gober, Sarah Brooke 234, 248, 300 Godfrey, Murrell 162 Godfrey, Steven 156 Goethie, Lanier 103, 331 Golden, Marcus 163 Gomez, Lorena 265 Gomez, Natalie 218 Gong, Michael 233 Good, Jennifer 248, 296 Goodman, Breanna 233, 282 Goodman, Cheryl 233 Goodman, Tresa 248 Goodrum, Jonathan 233 Goodwin, Jan 1 12 Goodwin, Madeline 203 Goolsby, Astria 218, 219 Gordon. Jenny 263 Gordon. Kabriska 263 Gordon, Tuesdie 203 Gore, Blake 248 Gore, Meredith 95, 96, 249, 280 Gorog, Elliot 178 Gould, Camilla 350 Graham, Amanda 249. 289 Graham, Amy 249 Graham, Matthew 218 Graham, T.J. 233 Grandhi, Pushpalatha 265 Grandhi, Sai Sridhar 265 Grant, Emily Joy 233 Grant, Jalarna 203 Grantham, Emily 233 Grantham, Myrinda 218, 154 Gravatt, Kristin 233, 296 Gravatt, Neal 249 Graves, John 203 Gray, Adam 218 Gray, Anne 249, 296 Gray, Austin 203 Gray, Brittni 203 Gray, James 203 Gray. Tiffany 93, 230, 249 Grear. Betsy 181 Green, Andrew 218 Green, Lori 203 Green, Pat 318 Green, Raychel 49 Green, Robert 179 Green, Timothy 249 Green, Tom 203 Greene, Nicholas 203 Greene, Sarah 178, 249 Greenlee, Veazey 93, 249, 282 Greer, Christie 249 Greer, Ken Yon 203 Greer, Shannon 249 Gregory, Brooks 265 Gregory, Courtney 231, 249 Gregory, Stuart 249 Gries, Veronica 203 Griesser, Kelly 233, 297 Griffin, Allyse 198 Griffin, Carl 167 Griffin, Elizabeth 218 Griffin, Jake 203 Griffin, James 218 Griffin, Katie 369 Griffin, Steven 203 Griffith, Clark 249 Griffith, Eleanor 104. 172 Grillis. Kenneth 218 Grimes, Lorenzo 252, 315 Grimes, Mark 143 Grimes, Morgan 203 Grissett, Gideon 179 Grissom, Emily 218 Grogan, Katie 218 Grogan, Rachel 249 Gronseth, James 203 Gross, Meredith 203 Gu, Linwu 265 Guckert, Kimberly 218 Guess, Audrey 218 Guest, Luke 249 Guin, Mark 249 Hankins. Nancy 79, 96, 185, 249, 297 Guinn, Marcus 225, 233 Gundamraju, Soujanya 265 Gunn, John 333 Gunnell, Katie 218 Gunter, Barry 341 Gunther, Christiane 265 Guo, Wendy 93, 265 Gusmus, Frank 317 Guth, Amanda 104 Guthrie, Emily 233 Guthrie, Sara 233, 296 Guyton, Demerris 219 Guyton, Emily 203 Guyton, Joshua 249 Guyton, Mary Jane 249 Gwin, Sibby 219 Hr, Haarmann, Patricia 179, 249 Hadd, Anna 219 Hadd, Nikki 347 Hagan, Robyn 249, 278 Hagan, Ryan 328, 329 Hailey, David 219 Haimes, Megan 203 Hair, Jason 249 Hale, Barry 179, 203 Hale, Leah 143 Hale, Lindsay 233 Hall, Ann Marie 203 Hall, Clint 203 Hall, Courtney 219 Hall, Crystal 203 Hall, Dwayne 69 Hall, Kevin 155. 233 Hall, Lindy 249 Hall, O.Z 249 Hall, Steven 233 Hall, Valerie 249 Hall. Wes 249 Hallaver, Caleb 142, 170 Hamberlin, Chris 233 Hamblin, Melanie 249 Hamblin. Susan 219 Hamilton, Brandy 203 Hamilton, James 249 Hamilton, Jennifer 249 Hamilton, Jessica 342, 352 Hamilton, Joey 307 Hamilton, Thomas 219 Hamlet, Latisha N. 219 Hamlin, Brittnie 55, 59, 252 Hammett, Jon 316, 317 Hammond, Kate 282 Hanafee, Sophie 219 Hankins, Natalie 233 Hankins, Trey 96 Harbert, Erin 249 Harboe, Karem 351 Hardgrave, Drew 203 Hardin, Brent 233, 317 Hardy, Brittle 342. 352 Hargrove, Erin 145 Harkins, Marie 233 Harkins, Mary K 249, 297 Harle, Stephen 219 Harper, April 203 Harper, Aaron 334, 334 Harper, Leslie 181 Harper, Lindsay 148, 170, 219 Harper, Randall 219 Harrell. Ginger 360 Harrell. Lauren 181, 264 Harrell, Yolanda 233 Harrington, Jennifer 203 Harris, Bentley 71, 96. 150, 249, 281,324 Harris, Charles 203 Harris. Courtney 203 Harris, Laura 203 Harris, Libby 170, 249, 281 Harris, Rachel 219 Harris, Rashonda 219 Harris, Robert 219 Harris, Yannick 203 Harrison. Ashley 203 Harrison, Ford 188 Harrison, Jason 333, 334 Harrison, Kristen 219 Harrison, Price 233 Harrod, Lindsey 219 Harter, Michael 145 Hartfield, Heather 219 Hartman, Alexander 96, 348 Hartwell, Latoya 167 Harvey, James 167 Harvey, Leigh Anne 203 Harvey, Michael 1 14 Haskins, Lindsay 154, 219 Haslett, Shameka 249, 299 Hassell, Jozette 249 Hattix, Ebony 192 Hawkins, Syretta 167 Hawks, Laura 203 Hayes, Adam 219 Hayes, Christye 249 Hayes, Josh 333 Hayes, Lindsey 249 Ha yes, Vakissere 249 Haynes, Brian 96, 190, 249 Haynes, Mary-Grace 189. 233 Haynes, Miranda 219, 224 X Hancock, Kara 233 Hankins. Chris 233 Hankins. James 249 Haynes. Tanya 277 Haywood. Leah 219 Hazelwood, Stacy 233 Hazlewood. Amy 219 Head, Joneeta 203 Head. Stephen 341 Heard. Brandi 286 Heard, Rasheeda 233 Hearne, James 203 Hearne. John Michael 180 Heath, Crystahn 294 Heaton, Allen 323 Hebb, Joanna 219 Hebert, Rebekah 148, 203 Hector. Karl 249 Hederman. Mollie 203 Heffington, John David 249 Heidgen. Marty 249 Helmes. David 249 Hemphill, April 203, 253 Henderson, Roreques 204 Hendrick. Will 167 Hendrix. David 249 Henley. Hap 233 Henley. Leah 339 Henley, Rebecca 249. 269 Hennekes, Shannon 233 Hill, Sydney 204 Hilliard, Chris 166 Hinds, Jennifer 265 Hines. Bob 317 Hines. Mark 341 Hines, Jessica 250 Hinton, Amy 219 Hinton, Haley 250 Hipp, Max 260 Hiranandani, Manish 265 Hite, Bates 323 Hitt, Adrienne 219 Hitt, Justin 233 Hitt, Mary Clift 290 Hixon, Brooke 347 Hobbs, Brian 167, 204 Hobgood, Anthony 204 Hobson. Susan 104 Hodge, Cedric 234 Hodges, Cole 329 Hodges, De ' Marco 219 Hodges, Deidra 204 Hodges. Greg 155 Hodges, Jonathan 307 Hodges, Matthew 250, 323 Henslee, Cole 233 Henson. Staci 66, 96, 249, 282, 308 Herbert, Rebecca 204 Herndon, Amanda 249 Herndon, Douglas 219 Herndon, Susan 233 Heros, Lisa 265 Herr, Magen 204 Herr, Robert IV 219 Herring, Tommy 165 Herrington, Laura Elizabeth 204 Herrod. Chiqwita 249 Herron. Terica 204 Hervey, Preston 230 _ Herzog. John 327 78 Hesson. R.L. 204 Hester, Haley 204 Hester. Jon Eric 308 Hewell, Brandi 288 Hewlett, Emmy 281 Hickinbottom, Tanice 249 Hickman, Clint 219 Hicky, Will 249 Higgenbotham, Candis 154 Higgins, Ashley 233, 289 Hight, Tedric 249 Hightower, Carroll 138 Hill, Anna 219 Hill, Demetrees 233 Hill, Elizabeth 249 Hill. James 193 Hill, Jeremy 250 Hill, Jessica 65, 78 Hoehn, Mary 250 Hogan, Marley 250 Hoggard. Megan 69, 204 Hogue, Ashley 250 Holcomb, Clare 250, 281 Holcomb, Craig 308 Holden, Lauren 219 Holeman, Julie 265 Holifield, Chris 234 Holland, Joyce 204 Holland, Lauren 204 Holley, Candace 339 Holliman, Mark 341 Holliman, Melva 204 Hollowell, Kim 342 Holman, Katy 234 Holmes, Amy 250, 358 Holmes. David 317 Holmes. Jacob 104 Holmes, Lakisha 234 Holmes, Llyod 150 Holmes, Richard 250 Holmquist. Richard 234 Holt, Jessica 234, 295 Holt, Nate 56 Holtz, Nicholas 148, 250 Honeycutt, Natalie 234 Hood, Ashley 250 Hood, Emily 221 Hood, William 234 Hooks, Ashley 204 Hooper, Jordan 219 Hopkins, Ginna 219 Hopkins, Glen 108 Hill, Kathryn 233 Hill. Katie 289 Hill, Kristi 104 Hill, Sarah Alice 233 Hopkins, Scott 234 Hopper. Bailey 219. 221 Home, Maria 250 Horner, Jeff 265 Horrell. Jason 235 Horton, Bryce 219 Horton, Micah 250 Horton, Will 204 Hotard, Dave 96, 168, 250, 263 Hou. Jianwei 265 Houghland, Jason 204 Houpt, Dana 104 Houston, Laura 156. 220 Hovey, Joshua 204 Howard. Ali 220 Howard, Brad 59. 303 Howard, Jonathan 234 Howard, Phillip 234 Howard. Sterling 328 Howell. Jeannette 220 Howell, Joseph 220 Howery, Marika 220 Howie, Christina 198 Howorth, Richard 52 Hrust, Tierney 251 Huang, Liang 265 Hubbard, Tomeco 220, 261 Huckabee, Trevor 304 Huddleston, Elizabeth 204 Hudgins, Jamie 327 Hudson, Camille 234 Hudson, Jason 250 Hudson, Lawrence 234 Huff, Stoner 234, 282 Hughes, Hoover 104 Hughes, Janna 169. 193, 204 Hughes. Jeremy 179 Hughes, Keith 205 Hughes, Lauren 204 Hughes, Meredith 250 Hughey, John 250 Huk. Autumn 154, 220 Huling, Melissa 96, 164, 251 Humphries, Alicia 251 Hunsberger, Kelley 160, 189, 234 Hunter, Laura 234 Hunter, William 179 Hurd, April 251 Hurgobin, Yossina 204 Hurley, Laura 59 Hurley, Maura 252 Hurst, Ross 204 Hurst, Sene 204 Hurt, Sarah 251 Husbands, Nicholas 251 Hushes, Keith 251 Hutcheson, Ryan 251 Hutchins, Palmer 197 Hutchison, William 204 Hutsell, Allison 220 Hutton, Ashley 251, 279 Huynh, Leslie 234 Hyde, Robert 265 Hysmith, Nathan 163 I Ignatieva, Alesya 351 Ingram, Matthew 251 Inmom, Tywanna 336. 339 Irby, Stuart 104 Ireland, Patrick 234 Isbell, Rachel 251 Ishee, Sarah 96 Israel, Jennifer 204 Ivie, Justin 234 Ivory, Natasha 251 Ivy, Amanda 234 Ivy, Makedra 47. 299 Ivy, Molly 178. 251 Jj Jabour, Lauren 251 Jacks, Ashley 251 Jackson, Ashley 251 Jackson, Brent 251 Jackson, Brian 31 1 Jackson, Christianna 150, 154 Jackson, Danny 251 Jackson, Eddie Jr. 204 Jackson, Fallon 220, 252 Jackson, Marlon 155. 220 Jackson, Nicole 276 Jackson, Octavia 220, 252 Jackson, Saundra 251, 299, 336, 339 Jackson. Brian 311 Jacobs. Barbara 53 Jacobs. Jim 94, 97, 159, 164, 251, 325 Jacobs, Mike 234 Jacobson, Barbara 219, 228 Jaisimha, Siruguri 145 Jalnawala, Nekshan 265 James, Amanda 251 James, Amber 220 James, Anna 251 James, Emily Blair 234 James, Kelley 204. 214 Janezic. Dana 220 Jarrett, David 1 79 Jarrett, Lee Ann 104 Jasmine, Randy 172 Jayasinghe. Indika 204 Jeanes, Kelley 204 Jeansonne, Jennifer 169 Jefcoat, Debralee 97, 230, 251 Jefferson, Latoya 251 Jefferson, Michael 265 Jefferson, Tywanda 251 Jeffries, Kofi 234 Jeffries, Lashonna 251 Jenkins, Angela 251 Jenkins, Ben 167 Jenkins. Dekesha 220 Jenkins, Dunbar 317 Jenkins, Josh 251 Jenkins, Steven 204 Jennings, Chrissy 172, 289 Jennings, Christina 251 Johnson, Liz 178 Johnson, Marlena 251 Johnson, Patrice 235 Johnson, Penny 234 Johnson, Shannon 170, 180 Johnson, Stacy 251 Johnson, Tameshia 251, 287 Johnson, Tim 143 Johnson, Travis 21 Johnston, Christopher 197 Johnston, David 205 Johnston, Emmeline 251 Johnston, Kirk 234 Johnston, Matt 205 Johnston, Ryan 234, 242 Joiner, Lauren 174 Jones, Afton 282 Jones, April 205 Jones, Ashley 45, 234 Jones, Austin 220 Jones, Brian 265 Jones, Cameron 205 Jones, Camille 234 Jones, Carmen 265 Jones, Chris 251 Jones, Deveshia 225 Jones, Gregg 158, 177, 205 Jones, Jason 251 Jones, Jennifer 251 Jones, Jesimine 286 Jones, Jessie 234 Jones, Joseph 251 Jones, Julie 174, 234, 285 Jones, Kevin 144 Jones, Kimberly 205 Jones, Kristin 205 Jones, Libby 220 Jones, Marcus Jones, Matthew 251 Jones, Melissa 251 Jones, Michael 59 Jones, Michelle 172 Jennings. George 220 Jennings, Whitney 181, 204 Jensen, Brandon 204 Jensen, Katherine 368 Jernigan, Jennifer 81, 220, 290 Jerrold, Jane Marie 234, 219 Jett, Rachel 251 Jew, Ashley 197 Jex, Kellen 308 Jeyashekar, Nigil 265 Jia, Haifeng 265 Jiang, Jian Feng 265 Jobe, Pamela 234 Joe, Janelle 220 Johnson, Amanda 45, 97, 189, 251 Johnson, April 251 Johnson, Chad 234 Johnson, Christy 251 Johnson, Desmon 355 Johnson, Erica 251, 286 Johnson, Hellen 204 Johnson, J.D. 97, 157, 158, 159 Johnson, James 251 Johnson, Jason 159, 251 Johnson, Jay 220 Johnson, Jennifer 251 Johnson, Jerome 143, 302 Johnson, Justin 333 Johnson, Katrina 251 Johnson, Laurel 234 Johnson, Lauren 204 Johnson, Leslie 204 Jones, Morgan 205 Jones, Paul 145 Jones, Sally 220 Jones, Stephanie 220 Jones, Tammy 234 Jones, Teandrea 205 Jones, Travis 251 Jones, Walt 220 Jones, Wes 170, 318 Jordan, Carol Ann 234 Jordan, Ellen 205 Jordan, Jennifer 220 Jordan, Jessica 220 Jordan, Josh 251 Jordan, Keyana 234 Joseph, Mark 220, 264 Joshi, Rohit 265 Joshi, Saraswati 265 Joy, Lashonda 234 Judson, Jennifer 205 Judson, Karen 205 Jue, Michelle 251 Jurgensen, Carrie 220 Justice, DeDe 342, 352 Justice, William 234 Kf ■: at pie h Kai, Guo 265 Kai-FongLee 109 Kaigler, Leeann 205 Kane, Bryan 345 Kanekar, Shantesh 265 Kanta, Chandra Saraswathi 265 Kanukolanu, Ramakanth 265 Kartiganer, Lyn 204 Kay, Andrea 228 Keefe, Ryan 252 Keen. Tanya 169, 234 Keenan. Annie Kate 80, 252, 281 Keene, Whitney 220, 288 Kehoe, Andrew 205 Kelley, Josh 310 Kellum, Finley 220 Kellum, Matthew 252 Kellum, Roy 252 Kelly, Ally 336, 339 Kelly, Erin 252 Kelly, Warren 265 Kemp, Jonathan 205 Kemp, Lauren 234, 296 Kemper, Stephanie 97, 100, 234, 278 Kendall. Ryan 178 Kendall, Tara 205 Kendrick, Joseph 205 Kennedy, Heather 252 Kennedy, Josh 172 Kennedy, Scott 220 Kennell, Natoria 220 Kenny. Michelle 205 Ketchum, Kendall 235 Kettig, Laura 252 Key, Tara 252 Khayat. Robert 110 Kidd, Comonda 298 Kieffer, Chris 158. 220 Kilburn, Brad 235 Kilgore. Steven 97. 148. 172. 274 Kilpatrick, Kimberly 205 Kilpatrick, Ronnie 252 Kimble, Canetha 235 Kimbrough, Cole 220 Kincaide, Julia 154 King, Brandon 220, 252 King, Chereda 97, 252, 299 King, Felicia 252 King, Gregory 252 King. Jerrica 204. 252 King. Katie 205 King, Kelli 252 King. Leigh 205 King. Michael 220 King. Mindy 205 King, Steven 252 King, Virginia 220 Kingery, Jennifer 278 Kin, Josh 304 Kinsey. Kathryn 205 Kinslow, Chase 308 Kinslow, Paige 252 Kirk, Amanda 252 Kirk, Brandon 265 Kirk, Jessica 252 Kirk, Von 339 Kirkland, Kacie 60 Kirkland, Tammy 252 Kirkley, James 205 Kirklin, Richard 333 Kiste, Patricia 252 Kitchens, Brent 221 Kitchens, Trey 205 Kizer, Lane 235 Kizer. Makeshi 193, 252, 286 Klar. Patrick 252, 328, 329 Klimek, Lindsay 221 Kling, Joseph 235 Kniaz. Christine 252 Knight, Bradley 205 Knight, David 178 Knight, James 265 Knight, Natacha 252 Knispel, Sandra 265 Knotts, Katie 8, 252 Koban, John 252 Koestler, Elizabeth 170, 235 Kollath, Carlie 157, 221 Koltko, Olena 252 Komosinski, Carolyn 221 Kondapalli, Sailaja 265 Koolwal, Sulabh 265 Korolewicz, Michelle 221 Korolewicz. Shelly 264 Kosko, Mark 205 Kosman, Kimberly 221 Koury. Michael 221 Kozar, Megan 342, 352 Kraeske, Whitney 288 Krafft, Alexis 235 Kraft, Kimberly 265 Kretz, Casey 205 Krouse, Lindsey 278, 279 Krueger, Susi 252 Kuchnie, Lauren 54, 235, 252 Kuhl, Brent 252 Kuhnle. Alyssa 154 Kukinski, Ryan 341 Kulkarni, Raghavender 265 Kumar, Kottala Niranjan 266 Kumar, Minu 265 Kurlinski, Ryan 235 Kurts. William 205 Kuykendall, Erin 252 u Lacey, Grayson 252 Ladner. Christian 235 Ladner. Justin 205 Ladner. Patricia 252 Lail. Heath 221 Laird, Emily 205 Lamar, Vance 228 Lamb. Jenna 252 Lamb, Joshua 179 Lamb, Tinika 252 Lamb. Travis 171 Lamberth, Nicole 221 Lan, Ying 265 Lancaster, April 235 Lancaster, Jordan 156, 158, 221 Lancaster, Kori Blair 252 Lance, Justin 306, 307 Landreth, Dex 167 Landrum, Brandi 221 Landrum, Daniel 253 Landry, Jessica 192, 253 La ndurm, Germain 20 Lane, Carlos 205 Lane, Mary Mills 97, 252, 281 Laney, Brad 205 Laney, Cal 253 Lang, Cassie 205 Lange, Kristopher 235 Langford, Kelly 221, 253 Langston, Callie 126 Langston, Hannah 221 Langston, John 323 Langston. Kerri 235 Lansden, Sarah 368 Laporte, Jotham 235 Larmour, Jack 235 Larry, Genevieve 205 Larry, Kaily 144 Lashley, August 221 Lasiter, Russell 253 Lauderdale, Neely 221 Lavallee, Ryan 221 Lawrence, Alex 221 I .iwri ' iic c, I in ii iki ' : " ■ ! Lawrence, Carly 253 Lawrence, Clark 97, 174 Lawrence, John 176, 253 Lawson, Weston III 235 Lawton, Lisa 221, 289 Layman, Desiree 342, 352 Layne, Bryan 235 Lazaridi, Pavel 104 Leach, Meredith 148 Leach, Samantha 370 Ledbetter, Amanda 205 Lee, Adam 180 Lee, Andrekeus 253. 286 Lee, Charles 221 Lee, Jacquelyn 235 Lee, Markesha 253 Lee, Mary Catherine 221 ,247 Lee, Preston 235 Lee, Rebecca 235 Leech, Catherine 253 Leech, Rachel 206 Lefoldt, Natalie 282 Legg, Mandy 206, 221 Leggett. Parker 253 Leland, Darius L. 204. 235. 252 Leland. Kianna 252 Leland, Tejuan 47. 314 Lemar, Jennifer 235 Lenoir, Christina 206 Leport, Erin 221 Lester, David 253 LeSeuer, Jerwarn 165 Leung, Tina 235 Levanduski, Heather 253 Levy, Jim 235 Lewis, Andrea 65, 360 Lewis, Charles 253 Lewis, Erica 235 Liu, Jia 265 Liu, Jun 265 Liu, Yi 265 Liu, Yuan 265 Llewellyn, Travis 169, 176 Lobb, Erin 198 Lobrano, Thomas 206 Lochridge. Adam 235 Lockart, Susan 235 M m Mabrey, Cindi 159, 178, 235, 296 Mackenzie, Ashley 281 Mackey, Laura Ann 221, 295 Mackey, Rhonda 235 Locklear, Jodi 206 Loden, Jus tin 221 Loe, Jonathan 333 Loftin, Summer 253 Lofton, Stephanie 253 Logan, Chad 235 Logan, Elizabeth 253 Logan, Sarah 235 Lograsso, Michael 253 Logsdon. Justin 167 Logsdon. William 253 Lollar, Sarah 156 Lomas, James 163 Lomax. Christopher 235 Lomax, Leah 290 Lomax, Sarah Rose 206 Long, Kristen 294 Long. Meredith 116 Long, Nathan 253 Loo, Wee Chen 166 Lewis. Jennifer 219. 224 Lewis, Spencer 206 Li, Yang 265 Liberti, Rita 112 Liddell, Summer 192 Liedtke, Bessie 253, 281 Liggett, Jessica 235 Lim, Sia 166, 265 Lindholm, Claes 348 Lindsay, Ben 167 Lindsey, Courtney 221 Line, Kathryn 180, 206 Linton, Miranda 153, 253 Lishman. Ashley 206 Lites, Caroline 206 Little, Ashley 253 Little, Christina 253 Lasuzzo, Brandee 265 Latham, Andrew 235 Latil, Nathan 156, 158 Latil, Rebecca 205, 262 Little, Leslie 235 Little, Marcie McKee 206 Little, Olivia 206 Little, Stan 49 Losset. Courtney 253 Lott. Neely 155. 166. 170. 190. 193,221.230. 276. 277 Love, Latoya 221 Love, Matthew 206 Love, Melissa 206 Loving, Tamika 235 Low, Laura Ann 206 Lowe, Emily 253 Lowery, Ben 345 Lowry, Kate 181 Loyd, Marie 170, 190 Loyd, Jeanne Beth 235 Lu, Sheng 265 Lucas, Jeremy 235 Lucas, Lorelei 206 Lui, Zhaoxia 265 Luke, Dan 253, 345 Lummus, Brooke 253 Lundy, Jeffrey II 235 Luo, Zheyuan 265 Lusco, Olivia 180, 206 Luse, Bernadette 346, 347 Lynch, Amanda 80 Lynch, David 308 Lynn, Jason 176, 261 Lyon, Jennifer 206 Lyon, Lorrie 168 Lyons, Chris 220 Lyons, Jacob 221 Macky, Laura Ann 361 Madewell, Kayla 339 Magee, Ann 282 Magro. Todd 142, 235 Maguire, Ryan 323 Mahan. Lori 253 Makamson, Natalie 235, 291 Maki, Jonathan 206 Malkowski, Robert 310. 311 Mallette, Angela 235 Malone. Antoinette 191, 253 Malone, Morgan 289 Malpass, Kelly 265 Mamrack, Kristen 253 Manley, Phyllis 342, 343, 352 Manly. Anita Kay 154, 253 Mann, Rebecca 236 Manning, Blair 291 Manning, Eli 21, 355 Manning, Sarah 158 Maples, Mary Ellen 253, 282. 283 Marant, Michelle 236 Marascalco, Diana 206 Marascalco, Jennifer 206 Marascalco, Joseph 221 Marcak, Amanda 172 Marchant. Melissa 206 Maria, Ana 206 Marker. Paul 253 Markwell. Richard 254 Marr. Meredith 236 Mars. Chad 254 Marshall. Kayla 206 Marshall. Lucas 56, 142, 221 Martin, Brad 236 Martin. Christopher 145 Martin. Dan 206 Martin, Elizabeth 236 Martin, Leigh Anne 206 Martin, Rebecca 221 Martinez, Leon 206 Martinez, Vince 236 Maruca. Nicholas 179 Mason, Colby 320 Mason, Jessica 154 Massey. Alecia 254 Massey, Bruce 254 Massey, Cameron 179 Massey, Kyle 221 Mathena, Lee 206 Mathews, Ben 206 Matthews, Meredith Veda 206 Mauldin, Kate 282 May, Caleb 236 Mayer. Mary Beth 104 Maynard. Amanda 154. 206 Mayo. Erin 206 Mayo, Katrina 236, 294. 295 Mayo, Rush 206 Mayo, Shannon 177, 254 Mays, Tamieka 220, 236 Mays, Tasha 221 Mayse, Adrian 206 McAlister, Jenna 206 McAlister, Tress 148 McAllister, Ray 254 McAnally, Mandy 294 McArthur, James 206 McBride. Federick 254 McBride, Jade 206 McCain. Jill 236. 263 McCarlhey, Kinney 297, 236 McCaughn. Tyler 236 McCay, Rebekah 236 McCharen. Jason 264 McClain. Marcie 236 McClatchy. Sam 254 McClellan. Dominique 206 McClelland. Ryan 104 McClendon. Ronald 354. 355 McClemore, Eugene 315 McClinton, Spencer 206 McClure, Rachael 169 McCollough, Angel 254 McConnell, Ryan 221 McCool, Joey 254 McCord, Nicole Rachelle 206 McCormick, Alan 254 McCormick. Sarah Rose 254 McCoy, Alia 206 McCoy, Sarah 206 McCracken, Chad 170, 175, 265 McKinnon. David 222, 324 McKnight, Michael 179, 222 McLarty, Brian 255 McLaughlin, Nicole 263 McLaurin, Arthur 302 McLellan, Curtis 255 McLellen, Nathan 236 McLennan, Kelly 255, 282 McLeod. Ashley 222 McLeod, Christiana 255 McLeod. Paul 24 McMaster, Carl 236 McMaster. Johnny 236 McMickin, Ashley 255 McMillen, Jeremy 255 McMillen, Stephanie 206 McMinn, David 255 McMurray, Dab 317 McMurray, Kimberly 282 McNally, Henry 167, 206 McNeel, Taylor 148. 222 McNitt. Benjamin 255 McNulty. Morgan 255 McRee, Angela 236 McRight, Hunter 317 McVea. Charlie 148 McVey, Molly 222 McWilliams, Kristle 222 McCraney. Shamara 211, 231, 242 McCrary, Jeff 254. 327 McCraw, Emily 206 McCullar. Keith 236 McCullar, Salley 236 McCullen. Tamara 277 McCullough, Mandy 231 McCullough, William 221 McCune, Megan 368 McCurrach, Ashley 236 McCurry, Macy 185 McCurry, Sarah 221 iSo McCutcheon, Taylor 206, 221 McDill, Emily 206, 221,311 McDonald, Brittany 254 McDonald, Brooke 254 McDonald, Courtney 236, 289 McDougal, John 221, 313 McDougal, Megan 290 McDowell, Jonathan 171, 236 McDowell, Tricia 282 McGee, Clyde 265 McGee, Haley 222 McGee, Lauren 254 McGehee, Austin 206 McGeeHee, Mary Liz 148 McGhee, Michael 254 McGinnis, Emory 254, 297 McGowan, Sumpter 323 McGraw, Shana 236 Mclngvale, Virginia 255 Mclntyre, Stacy 255 McKay, Suzanna 158 McKee, Taylor 206 McKenzie, Matt 88, 317 McKenzie, Molly 71, 84, 146, 148 McKibben, Caroline 222 McKibben, Dusty 171 McKinney, Christien 255 McKinney, Kimberly 255 McKinney. Marlena 222 McKinney, Meghan 206 McKinney, Meredith 206 McKinney, Shermila 255 McKinney. William 206 McWilliams. Patrick 236 Meda, Chaitali 265 Medley, Andrew 345 Medlin, Lydia 236 Mee, Allison 282 Meehan, Kristen 255 Meeks, Hardie 236 Meeks, Jonathan 236 Megel, Ashlee 236 Mehan, Whitney 255 Meisenheimer, Tyler 206 Melton, Candice 207 Melvin. Becky 255 Melvin, Brenda 236 Menard, Kristal 362, 363 Menard, Kristi 158 Meredith, Amy 255 Merrell, Kathryn 207 Merrell, Katie 181 Merrill. Beth 207 Merriwether. Karen 207 Metcalf, Daniel 255 Metcalf, Tarrus 270. 312 Metcalf, Tierra 270, 299 Metzger, Robert 207 Meyer, Abigail 222 Michael. Michael 241 Miles, Sam 323 Miley, Jill 255 Miller, Angela 236, 300 Miller, Cathryn 207 Miller, Julie 255 Miller, Lindsay 222 Miller, Mary Margaret 236 Miller, Robert 324 Miller, Romanda 222 Miller, Ryan 236 Milliet, Nickie 153 Millington. Courtney 255, 288. 289 Mills, Jordan 292 Mills, Michael 207 Milne, William 236, 307 Milne, William 307 Milner, Adam 207 Milner, Amanda 255, 278 Milo, Stephanie 207 Mims. Shay 236 Minor, Daniel 222 Minton. Kimberly 222 Miranda, Marianne 191, 255 Mister, Jeffrey 222, 225, 230 Mitchell, Bryan 265 Mitchell, Kyle 236 Mitchell, Mary Lyons 117, 255 Mitchell, Megan 236 Mitchell, Tamecia 222 Mitchell, Traci 189 Mitchell-Carwell, Veronica 266 Mitchem, Kaisha 255 Mixon, Kelly 222 Mize, Emily 236 Moak, Elizabeth 236 Mobley, Marales 143, 255 Moehring, Kendra 173, 222 Moffett, Benjamin 255 Moktan, Shama 61 Mondics, Jonathan 207 Monsour, Jamie 236 Monsour, Meredith 207 Montanaro, Pasquale 266 Montgomery, Arabella 207 Montgomery, Brenton 8, 207 Montgomery, Erica 223 Montgomery. Kristie 207, 253 Montgomery, Tamika 255, 298, 299 Montgomery, Traci 255 Montgomery, Will 317 Montiel, Judith 207 Montjoy, Cliff 236 Monts, Kimmel 207 Moore, Amanda 104 Moore, Andrew 13, 207 Moore, Antwan 255, 270, 302 Moore, Carroll 207 Moore, Danyale 207 Moore, J. 220 Moore, Jacqueline 255 Moore, Joel 149, 175 Moore. Kawonder 236 Moore, Kiki 178, 277 Moore, Kimberly 223 Moore, Kristi 255 Moore, Kyrie 207 Moore, Lakeshia 255 Moore, Lauren 207 Moore, Shamecca 255 Moore, Tammye 255 Moore, Tico 255 Moore, Tyler 207 Moran. Jessica 236 Morella, Morgan 295 Morgan, Eddie 207 Morgan, Issac 236 Morgan, Jill 255 Morgan, Natalie 207 Morgan, Trey 255 Neff, Christopher 256 Neff, Jennifer 256 Nelson, Carnesha 207 Morisak, Carlea 223 Morris. Dana 236 Morris, Lenora 255 Morris, Marci 165 Morris. Matt 207 Morris, Megan 255 Morns, Meredith 255 Morrison, Bryce 341 Morrison. David 172 Morrison. Sarah 207 Morrissey, Abigail 223 Morrisson. Jenna 207 Morrow, Charles 266 Morsak, Carlie 297 Morton, Chris 328 Morton, M.H. 143, 255 Mosavizahed, Miriam 236 Mosley, Courtney 187 Mosley, Kandace 276 Moss, Helen 280, 281 Moss, Samuel 223 Mossberg, Matthew 255, 341 Mostellar, Clifton 236. 274 Moton, Tashondrea 338, 339 Mott. Joanna 148, 207, 297 Muhammad, Akwete 155 Mukoro, Quincy 236 Muldin, Shuf 325 Mullins. Alex 255 Mullins, Preston 255 Murchison, Camille 255, 294 Murphey, Amy Hardin 236, 280 Murphree, Caroline 207 Murphy, Andy 236 Murphy, Ben 328 Murphy, Brian 159 Murphy, Katie 170 Murphy, Kayla 236 Murphy, Rebecca 255 Murrah, Christy 237 Murray, Alisha 207 Murry, Valerie 223 Murty, MadugulaS.R. 218 Muruako, Michael 155, 237 Musolf, Troy 255 Musselwhite, Jennifer 255 Mwangi. Esther 266 Myers, Allen 327 Myers, Casey 237 Myers. Chuckkena 223 Myers, Marin 237 Myrick, Lacy 223 N„ Miller. Justin 207 Miller, Krista 255 Morgan, Jessica 236 Naeger, Mark 255 Nail, Angela 207 Nail, Lauren 223 Nail, Nancy 255 Nalley, David 179 Nance, Elizabeth 237 Naramore, Randell 180 Nash, Lindsay 237 Nasif, Neely 207, 290 Nason, Lillie 223 Nations, Ashley 220, 237 Nations, Sarah 145 Neal, Jomonique 207 Neal, Rebekah 256 Neely, Lila Lee 223 Nelson, Claire 169, 176, 256 Nelson, Marketta 300 Nesbit, Jessica 285 Netherland, Jeanette 237 Netterville, Matthew 223 Neveleff, Alley 223 Nevels, Tawan 256 Newell, Kelly 237, 278 Newman, Brent 223 Newman, Elizabeth 197 Newman, Kelitia 145, 256 Newsom, Erin 368 Newsom. Michael 207 Newsom, Rebecca 207 Newsom, Tiffany 237 Newson, Erin 331 Newson, Gregory 261 Newton, Haley 237 Newton, Leigh 290 Nguyen, Sally 256 Nicholas, Justin 256 Nichols, Amanda 237 Nichols, Antone 256 Nichols, Corey 93, 103 Nichols, Joli 256 Nichols, Sissie 237 Nickols, Corey 11 Nimma, Sridhar 266 Nixon, Michelle 189 Noah, Tamara 207 Nobles, Donique 276 Nobles, Jennifer 107 Noblitt, Tatum 282 Noel, Lauren 207, 242 Noel, Rachel 49 Nolan, Casey 237 Nolan, David 167 Norah, Tamara 263 Norburg, Elizabeth 154 Nord, Sophie 170, 256 Northcutt, Ginger 282 Northrup, Amanda 256 Norton, Cas sie 149, 237, 290 Norton, Halley 242 Novarese, Julie 218 Nozenich, Matt 304 Null, Jessica 256 Null, Kyle 256 Nunley, David 256 Nunley, Jema 256 Nunn, Alexandra 207 Nutall, Alicia 256 o. O ' Bannon. Robyn 223 O ' Brient, Brooks Ann 282 O ' Neal, Stacy 256 O ' Neil, Jennifer 207 O ' Rear, Erica 207 O ' Rear, William 256 Oakes, Darby 256 Oakes, Elizabeth 256 Oates, Taliaferro 323 Oberman, Lauren 292 Odie, Kenisha 207 Odom, David 142 Odom, Ronald Jr. 223, 228 Ogden, Elizabeth 207 Ohwofasa, Eruke 207, 262 Olds, Elizabeth 223 Oliver. Scott 153 Olivier. Whitney 223 Onwubiko, Chin 56, 84, 149, 154, 159, 256 Orsborn, Laura 207 Osborne, Lynn Ellen 180 Osmonov, Asylbek 256 Ostrenga, Andrew 256 Ostrenga, Rage 318 Oswald, Sarah 207 Otis, Leslie 207 Ousley, Josh 328 Overstreet, Kyle 207 Overstreet, Ross 237 Owen, Jennifer Owens, Adriane 207 Oxner, Chris 237 Oxner, Wendy 256 Oyetunji, Jariat 237 Oyetunji, Lara 60, 145 Oyetunji, Shakirat 223 Ozier, Ann 237 ■f Pace, Adam 307 Pace, Lekisha 223 Pace, Robin 237 Palermo, Lauren 256 Palmer, Madision 256 Palmer, Whitney 256 Pankey, Melynda 207 Parakkal, Santosh 266 Pardee, James 237 Paris, Rachel Marie 223 Parker, Ashley 223 Parker, Donal 256 Parker, Kristen 370 Parker, Matthew 104 Parker, Rebecca 278 Parker, Todd 107, 158, 256 Parker, Tricia 260 Parkes, Kimberly 256, 278 Park, Bryan 179 Parks, John 237 Parks, Marcus 302 Parks, Rachael 125, 148, 153, 189, 223 Parnell, Catherine Parn 280 Parsons, Brigitte 237 Parsons, Elizabeth 223 Parupalli, Samatha 266 Paschall, Erica 154 Pasquale, Stephanie 256 Pate, Abby 237. 285 Pate, Hannah 237 Patel, Amit 162 Patel, Anju 256 Patel, Shalin 256 Patrick, Amy 37, 161, 189, 207, 253 Patrick, Beau 308 Patrick, Corey 256 Patrick, Kristen 223 Patronik, Michael 223 Patten. Katherine 266 Patterson, E.J. 314, 360 Patterson, Joshua 237 Patterson, Leah 237 Patterson, Whitney Nicole 237 Patton, Carroll 322 Patton, Martha 256, 281 Patton, Sam 25, 320 Patton, Simonee 237 Paul, Alicia 256 Paul, Katherine 256 Payne, Brad 208 Payne, Jason 271, 312 Payne, Lavitta 256 Payne, Tiffany 208 Peacock, Jason 256 Pearce, Jonathan 214 Pearson, Ashton 256 Pearson, Chip 274 Pearson, Kenneth 256 Pearson, Matt 223, 323 Pearson, Vashon 355 Peavy, John 266 Pee, John 14 Peel, Haley 208 Pegues, Louisa 220, 256 Pender, Misty 223 Pennington, Jennifer 256 Pennington, Lauren 208 Pennington, Russell 256 Pentecost, Lindsey 237 Pepper. Will 266 Peppl, Sabrina 351 Perkins, Darcy 223 Perkins, Gail 256 Perkins, Kashundra 218 Perry, Earlon 237 Perry, Heather 256 Perry, Lottie 223 Perry, Rebecca 256 Perry, Trudie 178 Perryman, Ashley 208 Persick, Lauren 237, 289 Peters. Sara Fay 169, 189, 237, 263 Petter, Whitney 282 Pettigrew, Charles 256 Pettit. Anne 234, 256, 269, 296 Petty, Christopher 256 Pevey, Carter 223 Peyton, Emily 256, 288 Phelps, Haley 256 Phillips, Ashley 266 Phillips, Brian 237. 256 Phillips, Lauren 237 Phillips, Lucy 104 Phillips, Meg 223 Phillips, Michael 237 Piazza, Elizabeth 148, 208 Piazza, Laura 148, 154 Pickens, Katherine 223 Pickens, Lori 278 Pierce, Courtney 154, 170, 223, 231 Pierce, Kyle 310 Pierce, Natalie 208 Pierce, Rebekah 208 Pierotti, Nick 208 Pierron, Whitney 257, 313 Pigford, Kezia 190, 204, 223, 252 Pilcher, Chad 237 Piletz, Aaron 237 Piletz, Andrew 208 Pilgrim, Mary Ruth 208 Pilkinton. William 208 Pitre, Anne 208 Pittman, Camilia 214 Pittman, Josh 317 Pless, Paul 223 Poe, Deanna 223 Poindexter, Shadda 257 Polido, Jamie 305 Polk, Latoya 208 Pollard, Jacob 1 7 1 Polonich, Jade 347, 368 Polston, Scotty 208 Ponton, Lee 168 Poole, Christopher Glenn 208 Poole, Cristala 223, 231, 358 Poole, Mary Grace 282 Poole, Tana Laine 237 Pope, Tekela 298 Popham, Audrey 191 Porter, Kerry 257 Posey, Carlton 223 Potts, Rachel 237 Pounds, Bobbi 237 Pounds, Korah 277 Powell, Joseph 179 Powell, Katrice 167, 237 Powell, Lee 228 Powell, Sarah 223 Powers, Eugenia Mckee 257 Powers, Sara Anna 104 Prakash. Jadhav 210 Pratt, Brandon 223 Pratt, Ryan 117 Presley, Taylor 237 Presnell, Michael 208 Pretti, Ashley 208 Prewett, Tressie 257 Price, Allison 237 Price, Erin 209 Price, Lindsay 342. 352 Price, Myrt 193 Price, Tyler 257 Price, Ve rna 257 Price-Williams, Taylor 281 Priddy, Kelly 209 Pritchett, Scott 266 Pritchett, Shea 172 Privette, Matthew 54 Prodduturi, Suneela 266 Pruitt, L.J. 158 Pruitt, Lorrin 223 Pryor, Katie 223, 296 Pryor, Lou 223, 296 Pryor, O ' Barcus 167 Puckett, Jennifer 237 Puckett, Robin 257 Pugh, Parker 237 Pulido, Jamie 304 Pullen, Melinda 192 Pun. Yen-Ling 257 Purnell, Regina 155, 167, 223 Putchala, Swapwa 266 Rakestraw, Christopher 257 Rakestraw, Lesley 237 Ramaswamy, Venkatesh 267 Rhodes, C.J. 149. 238 Rials, Christopher 179 Rice, Anna 257 Q Qin. Changyong 266 Quails, Ashley 237 Quarles, Marvin 154 Quattlebaum, Heaven 223, 263 Queen, Adam 257 Quick, Adam 257, 324 Quilenderino, Johnny 145, 179 Quilter, Sarah 223 Quinn, Jennifer 237 Quinn, Letitia 209, 253 Quinn. Matt 257 R. Rachakatla, Pradeep 266 Rackley, Paul 257 Radican, Chris 223 Radtke, Jill 257 Radu, Mira 257, 351 Raggio. Neilson 104 Rahaim, Erin 257 Rahming, Lynaire 257 Raines, Emily 257 Raines, Erin 257, 279 Rains, Amy 174, 257 Rajkarnikar, Bikash 266 Raju, Arun 158, 220 Ramsey, James 257 Ramsey, Royce 237 Ramsey, Sadie 209 Randall, Kyle 257 Randazza, Ashlie 223 Randle, Elizabeth 223 Randolph, Kaylia 209 Rauch, Andrew 223 Rauch, Julie 257, 296 Rawlings, James Whitney 324 Ray. Deanna 237 Ray, H.L. 148, 327 Ray, Stephanie 166, 257 Ray, Talmadge 327 Rayburn, Sam 172 Rayburn, Samantha 223 Rayburn, Wes 172 Rayford, Twana 237 Rayford, Vernon 85, 150, 252 Rea, Randi 257 Rea, Talbert 172 Ready, Ashley 237 Reale, Jerit 179 Red, Sara Page 337, 289 Redd, Renee 257 Reed, Brandon 209 Reed, Hayley 238 Reed, Jonathan 238 Reed, Justin 331, 333, 334 Reed, Rhonda 286 Reed, Suzy 257, 294, 295 Reed, Tiffany 238 Reeder, Lauren 223 Reese, Jay 238 Reeves, Amber 154 Reeves, Anna 209 Reeves, Bob 304 Reeves. Daniel 179 Reeves. Lauren 224 Reeves, Len 324 Reeves, Robert 238 Reeves. Bob 304 Rego, Marta 257 Reid, Adair 257 Reilly, Meredith 179 Reiss, Erin 181 Reithel, Brian 143 Reiter, Erin 257, 288, 289 Rembert, April 257 Renfrow, Ryan 238 Renick, Ricki 278 Renie, Kelly 362 Reno, Chesa 154, 224 Replogle, Jenny 224 Reuther, Julie 209 Revelette, Curt 257 Reynolds, Kristin 209 Reynolds, Megan 257 Rice, David 267 Rice, Katherine 209 Rice, Lindsey 238 Rice, Stephanie 224 Rice, Tameka 191, 238 Richard, Kate 238 Richard, Melissa Paige 209 Richardson. Nathan 257 Richardson, Steven 209 Richardson, Wesley 238 Richmond, Yolonda 257, 286, 287 Rickels, Ashley 224 Ricks, Caroline 277 Rider, Dustin 167 Rider, Jarah 224 Ridgeway, Cody 355 Riemann, Jeff 235 Riess, Erin 238 Riess, Laura 257 Riffe, Tish 238 Rigby, James 104 Rigby, Laura 209 Rigsby, Jessica 224 Riley, Erin 238 Riley, Kenneth 209 Riley, Lucas 224 Riley, Shirley 238 Rimes, John 238 Rimmer, Suzanne 238 Rings, Jackie 224, 269. 297 Riordan, Jen 224, 297 Risley, Jennifer 257, 278 Ritchie, Charlotte 257 River. Heather 209 Rivers, Brandy 180, 209 Rivers, Marshall 71, 85, 100, 147, 159, 164, 257 Rizer, Makeshi 260 Robakiewicz, Kat 144 Robbins, Meg 104 Roberson, Randall 257 Roberts, Gabe 86, 100, 149, 257, 328 Roberts, Hadyn 86, 100, 149. 175 Roberts, Jennifer 238 Roberts, Jeremy 35, 189, 209 Roberts, Lauren 209 Roberts, Margaret 224 Roberts, Megan 370 Roberts, Rachel 209 Roberts, Stephanie 239 Roberts, Tanaka 239 Robertson, Ashley 224 Robertson, Brenda 139 Robertson, Elliot 322 Robichaux, Kevin 257 ?Sl Rhea, Mindy 257 Rhoden, Courtney 278 Robinson, Candace 209 Robinson, Catherine 209 Robinson, Chris 219 Robinson, Drew 341 Robinson, Edie 257, 285 Robinson. Kate 257 Robinson. Kenya 257 Robinson. Marandia 204 Robinson. Melissa 224 Robinson. Robert 123. 191 Roby, Chanda 193, 231, 257 Rocconi. Meredith 209 Rochester, Joanna 104 Rockette, Edna 224 Roddy, Ta ' Mika 163 Rodgers. Nikki 257 Rodman, Kate 239 Rodriguez. Karen 239 Roe. Jerrell 209 Roe. Mary Elizabeth 209, 296 Roebuck, Amy 116 Roebuck. Carol Ann 209 Rogan. Brendan 157. 224 Rogel. Brynn 209 Roger, LaShaunda 241 Rogers. Aubrey 239 Rogers. Buck 323 Russell. Brandon 258 Russell, Cole 224 Russell, John 258 Russell, Keith 209 Russell. Melissa 258 Russell. Tate 191,297 Russell. Virginia Lee 160 Rutherford, Amy 258 Rutherford. Landon 258 Rutherford. Matt 56 Rutherford. Molly 224, 242 Rutherford, Rachael 224 Rutherford. Walker 274 Rutledge, Sarah 104 Rutledge-Schmidt, Rosanne 174, 239 Ryan, Cayce 224 Ryan. Meg 209 Ryan, Tieah 224 Sabatier, Celeste 165 Sabatier, Joseph 239 Rogers, Chandler 148, 257, 317 Rogers, Chris 239 Rogers, Drew 341 Rogers, Dustin 209 Rogers, Kyle 224 Rogers, Lashaunda 209 Rogers, Laura 263 Rogers. Paul 267 Rogers, Rick 153 Rogers, Rogers 209 Rogers. Stephen 257 Roland, Amber 174 Rollins, Kevin 209 Rollins. Mary 197 Rondla, Sahithi 267 __ Roper, Kaycee 224, 282 ? 82 Rosa, Joshua 209 Rosamond, Jill 173 Rose, Erica 209 Rose, Natalie 224 Rosenblatt, Sara Hart 150. 175, 224 Ross, Alice 257 Ross, Shannon 239 Ross, Valerie 190 Rossi, Quinn 257 Rosson, Rebekah 224 Rotenberry, Shelly 239 Rouse, John 104 Roussell, Peter 258 Rowalt, Zach 209 Rowan, Scott 239 Rucker, Brandy 224 Rucker, Shalonda 224 Rudd, Keenya 100, 258 Rudolph, Mallory 209 Rule, Caroline 209 Rummler, JA 318 Runnels, Mark 320 Rushing, Nate 132 Rusk, James 258 Russ, Catherine 282 Russ, Gigi 197 Russ, Gina 307 Russ, William 209 Russell, Amanda 209 Russell, Ann 285 Russell, Anne 239 Russell, Benjamin 145, 172, 192, 258 Sabbatini, Austin 209 Sadasivan, Ravi 162, 267 Sage, Christina 209 Saia, Joey 239 Sain. Ashley 209 Sajja, Srikrishnamoh 267 Sales, Christina 224 Sample, Amy 362 Sample. Catrice 298 Samuels. Brianne 224 Sandage, Megan 370 Sanders. Andrea 258 Sanders, Anna 258, 362 Sanders, Betsy 368 Sanders, David 69, 332, 333, 335 Sanders, Jacob 209 Sanders, Tony 172, 192 Sanders, Vidalia 258, 299 Sandifer, Rebecca 224 Sandifer, Trey 308 Santmyer, Kimberly 239 Sargent, Denise 209 Sartain. Jeremy 239 Sartin, Brendan 258 Satchfield, Scott 176 Satterwhite, Patricia 300 Satumba, John 162 Saunders, Jane Kathryn 224 Saunders, Stewart 308 Sawyer, Collin 239 Scala, Jennifer 258 Scanlon, Edward 209 Scanlon, William 209 Scarbrough, Carol 209 Schafer, Jill 143 Schaffhauser, Suzy 209 Scheldt, Sarah 258 Scherer, Jobeth 224 Schilling, Clint 317 Schneider, Christine 179 Schoggins, Margie 224 Schuchs. Isla 100, 161, 159, 258 Schuh, Louis 209 Schuman, April 239 Schwalenberg, Lesley 180, 258 Schwartz, Jeanne 258 Schwartz, Kathryn 259 Scott, Jerry 224 Scott, Lauren 154 Scott, Mary-Sada 209 Scott, Meredith 259 Scott. Omega 259 Scott, Wes 100 Scripmshire, Alex 259 Scruggs, Ashley 259 Seabaugh. Rebecca 224 Seago, Mike 239 Searcy, Jasmyne 65, 69 See. Chun Hwa 166 Segrest, Gretchen 282 Sego, Andrew 239 Seguin. Daniel 259 Sehar, Jennifer 192 Self, Jerry 259 Self, Regina 224 Selin, Martin 348 Semmes, Diana 165, 224 Serakas, Brian 318 Sexton, Jason 259 Sexton, Jennifer 259 Sexton, Murray 224 Shaffer, Rebekah 259 Shaffery, Sarah 57 Shamaly, Salimeh 209 Shands, Leslie 267 Shands. Nancy 267 Shannon, Chaquita 239 Sharpe, Peggy 123 Shaw, Heather 239 Shaw, Ryan 239 Shell, Kendra 259 Shelley, Robageous 224, 263 Shelnutt, Crissy 209 Shelnutt, Cristina 179 Shelton, Angela 224 Sherman. Granville 239 Shi, Tao 267 Shields, David 345 Shields. Lynley 209 Shields, Miranda 224 Shields, Richard 259 Shields, Virginia 189, 224, 301 Shipman, Josh 239 Shipp, Jay 326, 327 Shirley, Laura 149, 239 Shoemaker, Ashley 224 Shoemaker, Joanna 225 Shorter, Eric 148 Shows. Amanda 225 Shrestha, Roshan 225 Shropshire, Susanne 259 Shumake, April 239 Shumaker, Demondrick 69 Shumpert, Kristin 259 Shutt, Spence 333 Sickler, Jennifer-Rose 259 Simpkins, Marcia 47 225 Simpson, Brandon 210 Smith, Kathryn 259 Simpson, Nicklaus 153, 239 Smith, Katie 154 Sims, Alii 259 Smith, Kayla 225 Sims, Andrae 148, 210 Smith, Kelly 104 Sims, Ann 239, 290 Smith, Key 225 Sims, Bradford 179 Smith, Leah 225 Sims, Chevonne 210 Smith, Matt 225 Sims, Corey 361 Smith, Melissa 210 Sims, David 210 Smith, Meredith 210 Sims, Joshua 259 Sims, Kendra 210 Sims, Malcolm 239 Sinclair, Derek 259 Sinclair, James Kyle 225 Sinclair, Kyle 309 Sinclair, Leslie 259 Sindelar. Melissa 225 Sindelar, Robert 74, 101 Siqueira, Alice 259 Sirimaturos, Michael 239. 304 Siruguri, Jaisimha 267 Sisk, Brandi 231. 239, 253 Sisk, Katrina 210 Skelton, Meredith 101 Skinner, Brad 170 Skinner, Michael 259 Slade, Chip 210 Slater, Latoya 259 Slater, Tonya 286 Slaughter, Terica 225 Slay ton, Staci 259 Sleep, Matt 142 Siemens, Shannan 239 Slocum, Harlan 259 Small, Niccole 210, 263 Smart, Joni 259, 299 Smart, Toni 239, 260 Smercak, Robert 210 Sminth, Christy 259 Smith, Adam 259 Smith, Andrew 259 Smith, April 259 Smith, Austin 210 Smith, Becca 239 Siddons, Darren 225 Smith, Bill 143 Sides, Shea 239, 285 Smith, Brook 289 Sigler, Christy 259 Smith, Brooke 210, 239 Sijher, Taninder 267 Smith, Carter 178 Silman, Kasey 209 Smith, Cassie 210 Simmons, Anthony 225 Smith, Clare 282 Simmons, Chad 259 Smith, Charles 239 Simmons, Erin 239 Smith, Cindy 239 Simmons, Jason 239 Smith, Erica L. 231 Simmons, Kathryn 210 Smith, Erik 239 Simmons, Katie 239 Smith, Erin 193 Simmons, Kit 239 Smith, Forrest 167 Simmons, Laura 239, 282 Smith, Haley 259 Simmons, Pamela 259 Smith. Jamee 193, 267 Simmons. Samuel 210 Smith, Jennifer 259, 282 Simmons, Tony 167 Smith, Jonathan 179, 259 Simon, Andrew 267 Smith, Julie 225 Simpkins, Keylon 271, 312 Smith, Justin 142, 148, 170, 175 Smith, Michael 163. 210 Smith, Nate 180 Smith, Pamela 267 Smith, Patti 298 Smith, Rachelle 239 Smith, Rhonda 259 Smith, Sara 259 Smith, Sataria Olivia 210 Smith, Seth 341 Smith, Shannon 225 Smith. Sharee 239 Smith, Shelley 210 Smith, Tara 210 Smith, Terri 296 Smith. Tracey 210 Smith, Whitman 170 Smithers, Charles 145 Smithey, Jeremy 239 Smithhart, Lisa 267 Smothers, Kara 239 Snead. Sherrie 259 Sneed, Adam 225 Snell, Angela 225 Snipes, Emily 239 Snow, Lena 210 Snowden, Lindsay 239 Snyder, Drew 70, 87, 101. 146. 259 Snyder, Jess 225 Soldevila, Brett 150, 239 Song, Seung-Jae 259 Sooter, Hannah 210 Sorey, Ashley 210, 313 Sorgenfrei, Brian 242 Sory, Sha 317 Sosnowski, Lauren 210 Souligny, Ruth 259 Sparks. Caroline 89. 101, 282 Sparks, Daniel 239 Spears, Stacy 368 Speck, James 259 Speck, Mary Sue 259 Speed, Susannah 240 Speed, Tom 163 Spence, LaToya 235 Spencer, Iris 235 Spencer, Meredith 253 Spencer, Lindsey 240 Splainguard, David 104 Sprayberry, Ashley 259 Springer, Tasha Megan 210 Spruill, Meredith 210 Srivastav, Prakhar 267 St. Claire. Suzy 259 Stacks. Jeannie 210 Stafeil, Christine 225 Stafford, Lynlee 100, 259 Stahlberg, Kris 69, 348 Stance, Keona 298 Stancill, Jeff 259 Stanfield, Jamie 225 Stanfield, Munita 210 Stanford, Brooke 225, 231 Stanley, Catherine 210 Stanley, James 179 Stanley, Jason 171 Staples, Brooke 80 Starks, Samantha 259, 294 Staton, Carolyn 115 Stead, Joanna 259 Steams, Ginny 225, 289 Steele, Adam 259 Steele, David 240 Steenkamp, Joy 267 Steffan, Matthew 179 Stegall, Brooke 259 Stegall, Ryan 308 Stehenson, Paul 242 Steindorf, Caroline 80 Stephens, Tamica 259 Stephenson, Elizabeth 225, 282 Stephenson, Jennifer 259 Stephenson, Paul 225 Sterbens, Chad 341 Stevens, Heath 225 Stevens, Kim 240 Stevens, Sarah 260 Stevenson, Cedric 260 Steverson, Jessica 260 Stewart, Amber 260 Stewart, Anna 197 Stewart, Haley 278 Stewart, Heather 210 Stewart, Jeremy 240, 304 Stewart, Stephanie 225 Sthapit, Engela 267 Stilgenbauer, Adam 260 Still, Natalie 240 Stine, Timothy 210 Stipe, Michael 188 Stocks, Morris 108 Stockton, Maranda 370 Stokes, Demetrica 260 Stokes, Kamillia 170, 240 Stoll, Julia 181, 210 | Stone, Amanda 329 Stone, Leann 225 Stone, Linsey 240. 294 Stone, Matthew 240 Stone, Morgan 174, 197, 282 Storey, Matthew 311 Story, Hetherington 260 Straatman, Matthew 311 llStrader, Emily 225 Straight, June 193, 210 Straker, Stacy 260 Strange, Ashley 210 Strange, Randy 167 Strickland, Amy 101, 175 Stricklin, Jeff 180 Strock, Haley 311 Strode, Ginger 294, 310, 311 Strode, Kyle 310 Strode, Strode 210 Strong, Eddie 355 Strong, Jim 313 Strong, Lisa 260, 294 Strong, Natalie 172 Strzalka, Sarah 154, 211 Stuart, Samuel 179 Stuart, Morgan 163 Stubbs, Cameron 316 Stubbs, Ellis 326 Stubbs, Kannon 104 Stuckey, Dennis 211 5turdivant, Lee 89, 260, 281 Sudha, Kishore 267 5uggs, Roshandra 211 Sullinger, Robert 260 Sullivan, Josh 240 Sullivan, Vista 260 Summerford, John 104 Summerlin, Michael 14 Sumrall, Alfred 267 Sumrall, Emily 225 Sumrall, Natalie 211 Sumrall, Tiffany 159, 260 Sun, Yang 267 Sundar, Sai Narayan 267 Sunseri, Jennifer 225 Surrell, Stephen 211 Sutliff, Elizabeth 260 Sutter, Preston 211 Sutton, Charlotte 211 Swaney, Mary Linley 282 Swayze, Charlie 317 Swearengen, Sally 225 Swearingen, Johnathan 341 Swindall, Susan 225 Swope, Adam 235 Swope, Brian 344, 345 Sykes, Sean 171, 241 Sylvester, Eric 191 Ti Tabor, Erin 240 Tadepalli, Pallavi 267 Tadepalli, Tezeswi 267 Tadlock, Stephen 211 Taduri, Dheeraj 267 Taff, Rachel 211 Talbot, Pierre 211 Taliaferro, Brandon 240 Tallie, La Toya 260 Tallie, Trenisha 211 Tang, Wenbin 267 Tanner, Kimberley 145 Tapp, Mary 211 Tate Anderson, 304 Tate, Lavell 225 Tatum, Joe 260 Taylor, Andrew 148 Taylor, Ann 260 Taylor, Christen 116 Taylor, David 260 Taylor, Drew 240 Taylor, Jennifer 43 Taylor, Jeremy 225 Taylor, Jordan 211 Taylor, Kathryn 260 Taylor, Lesley 240 Taylor, Mariilyn 204 Taylor, Michael 167 Taylor, Michelle 225 Taylor, Patricia 260 Taylor, Precious 155 Taylor, Richard 103 Taylor, Tom 165 Tedford, Lela 148, 260 Teel, Erica 225 Telang, Nakul 267 Teller, Sarah 225 Tellis, Tarra 260 Telukuntla, Sireesha 267 Tenkhoff, Brian 145 Terry, Tabatha 240 Testin, Becky 342, 352 Tew, Mary Melinda 211 Thacker, D.J. 240 Thaler, Lindsay 173 Thames, Kimberly 211 Tharp, Jodie 260 Theophilus, Eenga 220, 260, 286 Thibedeau, Bianca Lyn 225 Thigpen, Suzanne 142 Thomas, Anwen 211 Thomas, Brandie 193, 225 Thomas, Daniel 260 Thomas, Kristy 211 Thomas, Krystal 211 Thomas, Nicholas 225 Thomas, Pratt 260, 316, 317 Thomas, Samantha 211 Thomas, Sharessa 211 Thomas, Sumeka 260 Thomas, Tori 240 Thomas, Willette 170, 193, 211, 225 Thompson, Aaron 314 Thompson, Amanda 240 Thompson, Amy 240 Thompson, Chris 341 Thompson, Heather 100, 260 Thompson, Jamaal 271, 312 Thompson, James 171 Thompson, Jason 314 Thompson, Jennifer 175, 260 Thompson, Katie 211 Thompson, Matt 240 Thompson, Shannon 240, 276 Thompson, Shelby 174 Thompson, Tiawanna 240 Thompson, William 240 Thomburg, Nick 225 Thornton, Katherine 211 Thornton, Patricia 260 Thrash, Leslie 260 Thrasher, Christi 230, 260 Thrasher, Christine 100 Thurber, Alicia 211 Thurmond, Liz 152 Thweatt, Nikki 240 Tiemann, Justin 226 Tillman, Jonathan 226 Timbes, Karley 285 Tindall, Ashleigh211 Tindall, Candace 240 Tindoll, Casey 226 Tinerm Amy 368 Tisdaie, Nicole 211, 261 Todd, Amanda 170 Todd, Cassie 240 Todd, Dustin 148, 211 Todd, Jacob 211 Todd, Jake 180 Todd, William 226 Tolbert, Jennifer 211 Tolbert, Matt 69, 341 Toliver, Melissa 211 Tollison, Ansley 211 Tomlinson, Ryan 75 Tonore, Keller 226 Toohig, John 163 Totten, Danielle 211 Touchstone, Katie 226 Townes, Marquita 226 Towns, Tiffany 221 Tracy, Erin 153 Troxler, Kimsey 226 True, Kathy 260 Truesdale, Ryan 260 Tubbs.Chip 317 Tuberville, Ben 240 Tuccio, Michelle 261 Tucker, Allison 226 Tucker, Benjamin 261 Tucker, Christina 240 Tucker, Emily 226 Tucker, Paul 327 lull, Samuel III 211 Tullos, Braxton 240 Tullos, Raymond 226 Turnage, Meredith 226 Turner, Brooke 342, 352 Turner, David 261 Turner, Heather 211 Turner, Jennifer 261 Turner, Maggie 240 Turner, Meredith 226 Turner, Raney-Mills 240 Turner, Sara Beth 282 Turner, Tremaine 354 Tutor, Charlie 240 Tutor, Kimberly 261 Tutor, Maranda 211 Tutor, Merrill 211 Twombly, John 240 Tyndall, Julie 261, 296 Tynes, Forsyth 226 Uu Uddin, Usman 167 Uddin, Waheed 172 Ufford, Kim 339 Uncapher, Kathryn 226 Underwood. Phillip 261 Upshaw, Ryan 212 Urgo, Joseph 123 Usnik, Jennifer 143, 154, 159, 166, 174, 240 Vv Valentine, Nelson 261 Vallas, Lindsay 240 Vallier, Kanisha 219 Vallotton, Wes 226 Tracy, Josie 267 Tracy, Kelly 153 Tran, MinhAnh 260 Travelstead, Tiffany 226, 296 Traylor, Cherish 294 Treppendahl, Wettlin 211 Trevor Moore, Trevor 255 Trewolla, Linda 226 Triplett, Themesha 298, 299 Trotter, Melinda 260 Van Kirk, Weezie 281 Van Zelfden, Jillian 142, 169 Vance, Allie 143. 275. 298 Vanderford, Kathy 212 Vanghn, Kimiranda 240 Vankirk, Weezie 261 Vanzelfden, Jillian 210 Vasilyev, Joey 261 Vaughan, Justin 327 Vaughan, Lauren 212 Veach. Nikki 368 Veazey, Blair 240 Veazey, Elise 227 Veazey, Kyle 157 Veazey, Sarah 227 Venugaopal, Suresh 267 Vescovo, Julie 218, 227 Veteto, Amanda 227 Vezey, Kyle 1 58 Victory, Jennifer 181, 227 Villa, Mara 166 Vinson, Jessica 240, 278 Vinson, Rosalyn 193 Vinueza, Jorge 163. 267 Vinzant, Walt 144 Vitell, Caren 204 Voigt, Samantha 167 Vollor, Phillip 240 w w Wade, Emmanuel 332 Wade, Lawrence 270 Wade, Raymond 212 Wadgaonkar, Bakul 267 Wadley, Regina 261 Wait, Pam 261 Waite, Charlie 341 Waites, Allison 212 Waites, Russ 212 Wakefield, Michael 212 Waldon, Elise 261 Waldrop, Ryan 240 Waldrup, Justin 327 Walker, Anna 101, 164, 261. 275, 328 Walker, Chavonti 212 Walker, Jonathan 212 Walker, Josh 322 Walker, Katy 212 Walker, Kim 163, 267 Walker, Marc 212 Walker, Marcoe 261 Walker, Rakeisha 253 Walker, Will 148 Walkley, Mark 54, 55 Walkley, Phillip 104 Wall. Sarah 212 Wall, Steven 104 Wallace, Amanda 212, 261 Wallace, Leslie 49 Wally, Ryan 240 Walmsley, Thomas Semmes 212 Walsh, Paige 227 Walters, Brooke 261 Walton, Kelly 59 Walton, Lakeia 240 Walton, Patrick 212 Wamble, Morgan 282 Wambler, Lindsey 197 Wang, Gang 267 Wang, Haiyan 267 Wang, Wendy 267 Wantland, Megan 212, 272 Ward, Carrie 227 Ward, China 184 Ward, Cliff 227 Ward, J.B. 149 Ward, Jeff 327 Ward, Jill 174. 261 Ward, John 227 Ward, Lyndsey 227 Ward, Sela 53 = 3S3 Thank you to these alumni v YEARBOOKS TO OUR COLLECTION, WHICH WILL BE DISPLAYED PERMAMENTLY IN THE STUDENT MEDIA CENTER IN FARLEY HALL. Ware, Shayla 227 Ware, Whitney 261 Waring, Leslie 227 Waring, Millie 154 Warren. Demitra 240 Warren, Logan 240 Warren, Givinia 261 Warrington, Laurie 240 Washington, Charles III 166, 227 Washington, Jason 212 Waska. Autumn 213 Waterhouse, Mills 213 Waters, John 172 Waters, Travis 240, 264 Watkins, Jeffrey 213 Watkins. Melita 240 Watson, Arlena 252 Watson, Christine 213 Watson, David 213 Watson, Michael 148 Watson, Tia 339 Watts, Amber 69, 227, 338 Watts, Brian 213 Watts. James 213, 228 Waycaster, Amy 213 Waycaster, Jill 148. 213 Weatherford, John 240 Weaver, Brandon 169, 261 Weaver, Jennifer 213 Weaver, Stacey 227 Weaver, Wilson 213 Weavil, Garland 227 Webb, Christopher 240 Webb, Heather 162 Webb, Johnny 144 Webb, Taylor 261 Webb, Tiffany 204, 213 Webber, Trisaina 227, 235, 262 Webre, Jennifer 213 Webster, Erika 299 Webster, Melissa 142 Weekley, Trisha 252, 262 Weinstein, Johathan 267 Weiss, Tiffany 261 Welch, Amy 267 Welch, Chelsea 261, 285 Welch, Jerry 261 Welch, Thomas 240 Welgan, Michael 179, 240 Wells, Barbara 109 Wells, Cals 197 Wells, Elizabeth 286 Wells, Jaceon 267 Wells, Jonathan 261 Wells, Renee 213 Werne, Catherine 80 Werne, Jonathan 104 Wesson, Jeff 240 West, Christina 191 West, Jessica 213 Wester, Erika 298 Westergard, Tim 227 Westmoreland, Vickie 26 1 Weston. Kimberly 261 Whatley, Lindsey 342, 352 Whatley, Mary Elizabeth 241 Wheat, James 261 Wheat, Matthew 241 Whelan, Andrew 227 Whiffen, Harold Whisenant, Mikki 261 Whitaker, Warren 261 Whitaker, Whitney 261 Whitaker, William 227 White. Alexandria 170, 189, 241 White. Alexis 213 White, Allison 278 White, Andrew 90, 261 White, Brandon 324 White, Elizabeth 241 White, Grace 169, 181 White, Jennie 213 White, Maggie 213 White, Melinda 241 White, Randi 213 White, Taylor 148 White, Tracy 261 White, Will 175, 262 Whitehouse, Nowel 267 Whitlock, Stewart 281 Whitney, Ryan 313 Whitney, Whitney 261 Whitson, Micah 262 Whitten, Kara 262 Whittington, Andrew 308 Whittington, Zack 59, 198, 262 Whybrew, Sarah Kay 241 Wick, Christie 262 Wicker, Caroline 148, 213 Wicker, Daniel 241 Wicker, Sally 241, 294 Wickham, Kathleen 122 Wiebe, Frank 160 Wiginton, John 262 Wilbanks, RJ, 241 Wilbanks, Sarah 262 Wilbert, John 213, 241 Wilburn, Sandra 262 Wilcher, Patrick 101 Wiley, Lanetra 213 Wiley, Ronnie 213 Wiley, Tikia 227 Wilkes, Alexandra 227 Wilkes, Evelyn 213 Wilkins, Emily 213 Wilkins, Justin 262 Wilkins, Randi 227 Wilkinson, Ashley 262 Wilks, Jennifer 224. 227 Williams, Adrienne 262, 301 Williams, Ashley 101, 188. 234, 262, 388 Williams, Bradley 262 Williams, Chontea 298 Williams, Cory 227 Williams, Courtney 277 Williams, Edith 262 Williams, Ford 67, 308 Williams, Jeremy 193 Williams, Jessica 213 Williams, Joey 213 Williams, Josh 227 Williams, Josie 227 Williams, Jovan 277 Williams, Lerald 241 Williams, Lindsey 227, 241, 307 Williams, Lisa 262 Williams, Mark 241 Williams, Matthew 241 Williams, Pamela 227 Williams, Rachel 213 Williams, Robert 20 Williams, Ryan 145, 148, 227, 262 Williams, Sarah-Thorne 227 Williams, Stacy 227 Williams, Steve 102, 262. 313 Williams, Tycin 241 Williams, Tyese 193, 227 Williams, Tyler 308, 309 Williams, Victoria 241 Williamson, Ben 213 Williamson, Matt 274 Williamson, Michael 213 Williamson, Ryan 167 Williford, Josh 213, 219 Willingham, Andranita 241 Willis, Amanda 16, 262, 296 Willis, Candayce 262 Willson, David 122 Wilson, Bernadette 224 Wilson, Brian 227 Wilson, Cheryl 331, 368 Wilson, Chris 148, 213 Wilson, Diane 278 Wilson, Erik 227 Wilson, Herbert 227 Wilson, Jenny 213 Wilson, Kenorus 241 Wilson, Nancy 213 Wilson, Robbie 241 Windham, Dana 227, 231 Windham, Summer 65, 80, 227. 290 Winford, John 241. 311 Winfun, Candies 241 Wing, Eric 262 Wininger, Delena 262 Winsett, Katie 241 Winslow, Kellen 112 Winters, Alex 213 Winters, David 143 Wise, James 31 7 Witt, Candy 227 Witt, David 213 Witt, Honey 267 Witt, Nathan 328 Witt, Sara 213 Wohlgemuth, Matthew 241 Wohlweno-Ballard, Jacqueline 241 Wohrman, Doty 102, 262, 285 Wolfe, Jennifer 262 Wong, David 191, 262 Wong, Julie 189, 241 Wong, Kristen 213 Woo, Edward 262 Wood, James 176 Wood, Keli 213 Wood, Kristen 227 Wood, Matt 227 Wood, Wesley 262 Wood, Virginia 159 Woodall, Earnest 262 Woodard, Timothy 24 1 Woodard, Virginia 178 Woddruff, Cliff 355 Woods, James 219, 241 Woods, Marc 252, 262, 314 Woods, Noe 159. 166 Woods, Taiya 193 Worley, Allison 213 Worsham, Graham 345 Wortham, Taylor 213 Worthem, Kenaz 213 Worthem, Macedonia 213 Worthem, Macy 214 Worthington. Brennan 227 Wright, Brae 341 Wright, James 262 Wright, Jane 241 Wright, Kimberly 262 Wright, Mark 341 Wright, Sherika 262, 336, 339 Wrighton, Erin 262 Wu, Ya-Ling 267 Wu, Yinghua 267 Wyatt, Erica 227 Wylie, Megan 221, 227 Wymer, Matt 55 Wyrick, Michael 213 Wysong, Danny 331 X; Xiong, Yuan 267 Xu, Xiaobo 267 Xu, Yaquan 267 Xu, Yichum 263 Y v Yoe, Jennifer 49 Yoe, Jill 158 Yohn, Stephanie 227 Yoi Ra, Sung 60 Yoousef, Ned 55 Yoste, Geoffrey 144 Young, Adrianne 241 Young, Grace 263 Young, Josh 317 Young, Kevin 263 Young, Mary Allyson 213 Young, Mathis 317 Young, Trey 189, 241 Youngblood, Amy 241, 285 Yousef, Nedal 263 Yow, Charles 263 Yow, Nathan 263 Zabaneh, Sophia 213 Zastoupil, Paige 166, 174 Zeigler, Doug 102 Zellich, Clay 263 Zemek, Jason 241 Zhang, Ping 267 Zhang, Ying 267 Zheng, Guiping 267 Zhou, Rui 267 Zhu, Xue Liang 267 Zhu, Zhuoni 227 Zick. Jeremy 341 Ziegelmayer, Jennifer 143, 162 Zoghby, Jonathan 227 Zorbino, Joe 213 Zorn, Stacie 102 Zschau, Karla 368 Yancey, Theresa 262 Yarber, Holley 213 Yarbrough, Shawn 341 Yasay, Justin 262 Yates, Tiffany 149, 241. 297 Yates, Trent 79, 102, 150, 262 Yates, Tripp 102, 262 Yates, William 172 who have generously donated past If you are interested in making a contribution to our collection, please email, write smc, 233 farley, university, ms 38677, OR CALL (662) 915-5503. 1906 JACK MCLEMORE MARITA P. WILLIAMS in memory of Meyer A. and Merle R Pigford 1920 MRS. A.L. GERRARD in memory of Albert L. (Bud) Gerrard, 1950. 1925. 1926, 1930 BILL Jack McLemore III, class of 1987, recieved this book from his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. William B. Buddy Booker. Mrs. Booker found the book in attic of her aunt, Nan Holberg Demarest in Macon, Miss. Originially, the book belonged to Mrs. Demarests cousin, Leslie Woodward Holberg, the son of L. Ferdinand Holberg and Nannie Woodward Holberg of Macon. Leslie was born August 15. 1897, and was found dead in his dorm room at Ole Miss on November 17, 1907 1933, 1934, 1935 MR. W.P. MITCHELL SUSAN WATSON n memory of Malcolm Dent Watson ■B M 1 . «SI 1 i R ' 1 1958,1960 DONAVAN 3 Q BAUCCUM 1951 DICK iOLDHAMMER WEBB from the library of Nellie S. Keirn 1960 GEORGE A. MURPHY in memory of all the Ole Miss Navy Five Termers; see page 1 1 1 of the 1960 yearbook 1951 JAMES COLEMAN graduated from Ole Miss in 1953 1927 SARAF. TATUM by SpruceDerden go to Jeremy Loden for aiding in the receipt of my shared position with Rob in Freeman. I must give him the most thanks in giving the effort to illustrate to Ashley Williams, editor, my great desire and abilities to receive the position as a head photographer for the Ole Miss Yearbook. Ashley and Robin, I must thank you for your patience and support of this receipt. You have been very helpfull in educating me on what has now become my career as a photographer professionally. Amy, Nathan, and Jeremy (ROOKIE) must be thanked for their willingness to lend their friendships of which helped in aiding my sanity as the pressure and stresses of life grew throughout the year. Kelley, thanks for the meaningful, daily hugs you gave as I made the decision to pursue my career by leaving the staff. Julie thanks for letting me tell about your famous video. Everyone on the staff, you all have reached points of meaning in my life throughout this year of publishing the finest yearbook in OLE MISS history. Please feel assured that each of you will retain a specialpart in my life. You and your traits will be fondly remembered. I l by SaraFayPeters Most importantly I would like to thank Ashley Williams for her admirable leadership. She not only taught me how to edit a section, but she resembled the kind of leader that I aspire to be. Thank you Ashley for helping me every step of the way! I am also so grateful to everyone that wrote a perspective for personalities. You are awesome! Julie, you are a great section editor and friend. I am so glad that we were able to work together. Thanks to Jeremy, we could not have asked for a more dedicated and hard working assistant. Thank you Ralph and Darcy for letting us use your laptop. You made the picture process much easier! I would also like to thank the whole yearbook staff for putting up with my brilliant remarks and ideas. To everyone who got their picture taken, you are what made this section possible. Arun, you were so helpful, thank you for always putting our ads in the DM even when it wasn ' t convenient. I would like to thank Whitney Wydall and Amanda Douglas for making my like easier, you are true friends. Most of all I would like to thank my mom for everything! Thank you mom for spending your weekend helping me identify everyone in the section countless times over. This was a remarkable year and Simply Classic would not be possible without all of you! by MaryGraceHaynes This year has been a wonderful experience. Working on The Ole Miss, I have learned so many wonderful lessons. To Hays, my wonderful assistant, thanks for all your hard work! You never cease to amaze me! I don ' t see how you do it! I am so glad to have had the opportunity. To Ashley our fearless leader, thanks so much for everything, especially your patience. You have been so understanding. Thanks for always helping me when I have no ■ x clue what I am doing. You have been a constant ;? encouragement. Kelley, the wonderful mentor, 5 thanks for your patience in answering all of my many questions! Jeremy, thanks for all your help 386 and I love those Beastie Boys moves! Robin, thanks for helping me stalk people to get their picture. I am so glad to have gotten to know each and every one of you this year. I have had lots of fun! by JulieWong On behalf of the personalities section, I would like to thank everyone that actually trudged to the Union to have his or her picture taken. Obviously, without your mugshots, there would be no personalities section! I would also like to thank those who contributed perspectives, especially those who wrote them at l ast minutes notice. To Sara Fay. my section co-editor: it was great working with you especially when you kept us upbeat with your singing on late nights! I hope you ' re as proud of our hard work on our section as I am. To Jeremy, our assistant: you are wonderful! You were the rookie that was always there for us and the entire staff to do a lot of our dirty work. This year has been a whirlwind, and so many friends and memories have been made. Ashley, you were THE fearless leader, especially when we returned your constant encouragement with blank stares and confused looks (e.g. when you introduced the new ' photo system ' ). On top of being awesome, you ' re famous. Will you autograph my copy of OH F? Spruce, from the beginning of the summer, you kept life that much more interesting. And I bet you just love when my name shows up on your caller id! Amy, you kept us well entertained with your everyday dilemmas! For everyone, if I should ever go into psychiatry or counseling as a career, I ' ll be well on my way with the practice I got through our frequent group therapy ' sessions. Also, Nate, I have to say that I will always laugh when I drive down the big hill in Oxford! And I guess my quote started the ' wall of quotes! Well, we never really had Saturday night poker, but thanks to Kelley and Amanda (and Ole Miss Express) we did play that game horserace! Thanks to everyone for the great memories and our wonderful roadtrips. Of course, we ' ve got next year to look forward to for yearbook meetings! by RobinFreeman To thank everyone who has helped me this year, would take up the 400 pages that make up this wonderful book. I don ' t think I would of made it through this with out the help and humor of Spruce, who made the load a little lighter. Through all the gallons of Diet Coke and dinners of Ajax take-out 1 just want to let the staff know; y ' all rock my world. I never thought that I would have so much fun doing one thing. All I have ever wanted to do is be a photographer and this year I was given a great opportunity and along with that, a staff of newly found and dear friends. Ashley, or may I call you Mollie Smythe, these past 4 years have proven to give me not only a fabulous friend, but a wonderful co-worker as well. Somehow, we made it past the shady friends, deer camp and sports editors. I think it had to be the catfish at Taylor Grocery. Always remember to drink a margarita when you are stressed and go Ashley style in New York! To all my photographers, thank you for doing wha t I told you to even though it might not of been fun or convenient. I wish you all the best of luck on the book in the upcoming years. Hudson... where did you go? Meredith, thank god you went bowling with us that night, you are an awesome addition to my staff. Amy, no more chatting with the frat boys! Yall, I promise all the requests will have proper tracking numbers! Ralph, Traci and Darcy... why do y ' all put up with us? Thanks for all of your help and support on this crazy effort. J.D, thanks for the donated pictures and for being a cooperative photo editor. Nathan, I know you were not contracted out by another department. ..thanks anyways for all your jokes and help. I promise I will always remember to " save as " ! YBW, you know who you are. are amazing, in more ways than one! Thanks for doing whatever I tell you to no matter what! Kelley. Where do I begin... we are both official members of the 3 AM club and somehow we made it through! Good luck next year, I know you will rock the next head photogs world! I know my parents are so proud of all the hard work this year, but I know they are more proud of the fact that I am graduating and maybe getting a real job. Thanks mom and dad for supporting all my crazy ideas and career adventures, I promise they ' ll be worth all the stress. I love you 2 and there will never be a better set of parents, EVER! I can ' t forget the one person who put up with most of my complaining and bad moods; Dustin. Thanks for just listening when I flew off the handle those few (ok, many) times and just telling me that it would all be worth it in the end. Hey, its amazing what can happen when you get to know the first person you met in Oxford. I love you. Joey, too bad you missed this year to hear my stories. ..I think you planned it that way! Come home to me soon, I miss you and want to thank you for all the support and friendship you ' ve given me since the day we met (that fateful day in the post office). 1405 Jefferson... our drama made this year worth it! 1 love y ' all. To all those who are returning and to the next head photo, you ' ve got one hell of a book to follow up to and that is all I have to say! by MeredithSpencei My photography journey started to pick up about two years ago, when I was at Copiah-Lincoln Community College. I met one of the sweetest ladies I know today and she saw something in me that not many people did. I would like to thank Natalie Davis for pushing me very hard and for talking me into coming to Ole Miss. If it was not for you Natalie then I would not have had the chance to have this awesome experience. I would also thank my old man and my mom for also believing in me and pushing me as well. I would like to thank my cousin Lee Spencer, because if it was not for him then 1 would have never went bowling that night and would have not met my buddy Robin. If I had not met Robin 1 would have gone crazy. I needed some type of photography job and could not find one. Thank you so much Robin for giving me a chance and being a good friend. I would like to thank Kelley Hamburger, Trey Young, Mary-Grace Haynes, Jeremy Roberts, Amanda Johnson, Nathan Geddie, Amy Patrick, Ann Marie, and Dr. Wong for being so very nice to me even though I have not been on the ride the whole way. I am also so very glad to become good friends with all of you and I am looking forward to next year. Last but not least the Editor-in- Chief, Ashley. 1 want to thank you so much for letting me on staff and keeping me. Also for giving me a lot of confidence and for being so honest about my pictures and telling me exactly what you wanted. This made my job so much more fun and easier on me. Once again 1 think all of you are wonderful people and I thank you for opening the doors for me and being my friends. Thank you all. by Michelle-Nixon Thank you to the entire Sports Information office. The rosters, captions, awards, and anything else we requested were greatly appreciated. Thanks to the Daily Mississippian photographers, especially J.D. Johnson and Nathan Latil. Thank you to Dave. Thank you to all the individuals who wrote copy for us. You made our job much easier. Thank you to Kelley and Amanda for helping us with our pages. We could not have done it without you. Trey, thanks for sticking it out with me, despite the fact that everything seemed to be chaos around us. On a personal note, thank you from the bottom of my heart to Ashley. You were so patient with me and very kind when things didn ' t go the right way. Thank you for your fearless leadership. = by KelleyHunsberger There is no way I could have done the campus life section without the help of so many people. First of all, my assistant Rachel Parks, who was always willing to write a story, track down some pictures or find a quote. To Sara Bergandi for sitting up in the yearbook office with me for hours identifying people and getting quotes. To everyone who wrote a story from me. To Robin (who is the best!), Spruce, Amy, Ann Marie, Meredith, Hudson, and David for taking my pictures at a moments notice. To Nathan Geddie and Amy Patrick, who have not only helped me with yearbook and OH F, but have also become good friends. To the wall in the yearbook office, the quotes on it always made me laugh. Thanks to my parents for being the most supportive parents a girl could ask for. To Paul McCleod for a great time a Graceland Too and helping us with a great story. To Darcy Davis, who is like a rock to everyone on yearbook staff. I still wonder how you don ' t want to kill us all sometimes. To Traci Mitchell for always being so supportive. Finally thank you to Ashley, who without, this book would not have happengcj and who has set a bar that will be hard to follow. byJeremyRoberts, YBW First and foremost, I would like to thank Ashley for giving me the opportunity to join the Yearbook Staff. I know I have put you through some hell that you should not have had to go through, thank you so very much for just putting up with me and teaching me what I needed to know! Thanks to Ralph, Traci, and Darcy for welcoming me to the SMC staff. The time spent in this " vortex " of an office will never be forgotten. I know I have made several lifelong friends throughout this tedious process of organizing the best damn yearbook Ole Miss has ever seen thus far. We have been together through all the good times and bad times. I know I have changed for the better and Ole Miss has grown to become my new home. I have met a lot of new and diverse people while being on staff. Spruce... Tree, I am still " The Rookie. " Robin... my friend, thank you so much. Words just can not express or say or anything what I feel or how I appreciate you. Who is your world rocker? Kelley... Hamburger with ketchup and pickles on the side, thank you so much for teaching me so much about Ole Miss and about Yearbook! Amy...P, my best friend, thanks for still being here for me when I need it the most. Julie.. .Dr. Wong, you are the best. Amanda, thank you for running to the store all those nights and using my debit card to further my college drinking experience. Mary-Grace... MG the DG, girl you will be Miss Thing. Sara Fay, you are absolutely the coolest person I know. Jessica, my girl! And last but certainly not least, thanks to Doug! I by Amandajohnson Being on yearbook staff has been a rewarding experience for me thanks to all the people involved. I want to thank my fellow staff members for being some of the best friends in the world. I ' d like to thank my assistant, Jennifer, for all her help. I ' d also like to thank Jeremy for doing all the little things I asked him to do. Thanks to Ashley for calling the cops to take me to my car, for going with me to harass fraternity boys, and for all the encouragement along the way. Thanks to all of you for being the special people you are. Thanks to Kelley for being my best friend and roommate. I love ya, girl. I ' m glad to know I have a friend like you. I ' d like to thank Warren, my fiance, for listening to all my complaints when I got stressed out about deadlines and for making me so happy. Thanks to my parents and many brothers and sisters for all your love and support. Thanks to Darcy for all your help with the random things I came to you with. Thanks to all the people who made the Greek section the best it ' s ever been, especially Jason Dean and the members of the IFC, Panhellenic, and NPHC. Thanks to all the presidents and public relations chairs of each fraternity and sorority that put up with my endless pleas for pictures and information. I hope you all love the simply classic book we put together for all Ole Miss students. by VirginiaShields This year was my first time to work on a yearbook staff, and while I enjoyed myself thoroughly, it has not been easy. I ' ve had to learn a lot in a short amount : f time in order to finish my section, ind I never could have accomplished inything without the help of several neople. First and foremost, I ' d like to rhank Ashley for giving me, as inexperienced as I was, a chance to ;vork on staff. Ashley has helped me in rountless ways along the road to the anal product, and I can ' t express how grateful I am for her leadership and dndness. Also, thank you to my issistant, Nathan, who helped me learn low to use Quark and Photoshop. Mathan has always been there to help ne with anything and everything, and I ion ' t know if I could have made it hrough each deadline without him. Thanks to everyone else on staff for nspiring me to work hard and live up o the awesome work you all have done, ' ve made great friends this past year, ind I lo ok forward to producing another ncredible book with y ' all next year! by NathanGeddie Once again, here I sit in the yearbook office, after midnight working, but this time I am here to thank the people who have made this year such a success for myself and this great publication. Alter the first semester here at Ole Miss, I knew my decision to transfer here was the best decision I have ever made. In one semester I have fallen in love with a career, made friends that I will cherish forever and made memories that I will never forget. After working on yearbook for four years in high school, 1 never would have thought I would come to college and continue being a yearbook staffer. The yearbook staff is an eclectic group of people. A group that, this year, joined together to create one of the best yearbooks Ole Miss has ever seen and all under the leadership of " our fearless leader, " Ashley. I have never seen anyone have more love and determination for a yearbook than Ashley. Over the year, Ashley took a vision and made that vision a reality. She did whatever it took to get there, even if it meant not sleeping for 36 hours, calling people in the middle of the night and demanding information, or carrying odd things such as pillows, leaf blowers, and even wooden stakes across campus. Thank you Ashley for giving me a chance- to join the staff and be apart of this yearbook. Ashley, job well done and good luck in the coming years! Many people have helped me this year to complete my small part in this book. Thanks to Darcy for telling me " the scoop " before I could get upstairs, putting up with me after I would miss payroll deadlines, and for everything else you did and put up with. Thanks to Ralph and Traci for offering me great opportunities. Amy, thanks for selling ads with me and becoming a great friend (by the way, the hair it ' s perfect, even the color). Kelley, your ' re great even if I do nag you all the time, thanks for becoming another great friend and try not to say " I hate you " too much next year. Robin, you rock my world; you can contract me out for your department anytime. Julie, you ' re the greatest, keep smiling and keep us out of trouble. Thanks to my section editor, Virginia, we have encountered some strange people throughout the year working on our section; thanks for making it a fun experience and I look forward to working with you in the future. And last but not least, Amanda, what ' s the number for ? To the rest of the staff, it ' s been real! _. , , Chancellor Khayat and the Vice Chancellors for believing in our importance, especially Thomas Wallace, the Dean of Students; our SMC counterparts; Photo Services; Landscaping for " letting " us use the stakes; Brad Schultz for sharing 340 with us; Johnson ' s furniture; The Rebel Shop; Sebastian Chiri; Frank, Norah, and Dave for their musical inspirations; to everyone who contributed pictures; the restaurants that kept us fed during our all night adventures; Tellie and Judy for all the help making copies; Doug Stewart; all those who took mug shots and sat on the big, RED couch; Tami, Ben, Karen, and Brandy at Taylor; UPD; Virginia Chavis, everyone we called " asking " for information immediately; James, Katharine, and Amy; Arun and the ad staff; the Farley custodians; Peter, Melx2, Ralph, Traci, and Darcy for providing the best learning experience possible. We could not have put together this publication without the help and support from numerous sources. 38 ank ou 188 If an average spread takes four hours from start to finish, a hundred pages of proofs take six hours to correct, and staff and section editors meet biweekly, I have spent at least 37 consecutive 24 hour days in Farley room 34()D. This doesn ' t include countless all-nighters to meet publishing deadlines, problems that inevitably rose at the most inconvenient times, and spreads that seemed impossible to complete; however, working on a publication of this size with an early spring delivery, failure was not an option. I dared my staff to take my sometimes drastic and always nitpicking " suggestions " and continue raising the standard for our publicati jri f uttiru; Ine book Before my friends, my school work, and at times, my life, I am so proud of our end product. I Tabutpus cannot convey what this experience has meant to me. As a scared freshman, I entered the office for the first time and asked the Editor, if there were any positions open, offering to even index, which all yearbookers abhor. Over the next three years, I watched three very different leaders produce something incredible. I also saw how the role of Editor-in-Chief took over every aspect of their lives and perhaps was only tricking myself when promising not take on such responsibility; however, I have always been drawn to yearbooks; there is something very magical about the whole process. In the spring of 2002, while studying abroad in Sydney, Australia, I took on this daunting task, leaving my mark on Ole Miss, through 400 glossy pages in all color. My goal was to create a publication that would exemplify what our time here means. I wanted to have a concrete shovxcllfce p{ exactly how di erse we are apdl fcat it really mtans to be an Ole Miss Rebel. This is the concept b ehind Simply Classic. know this edition brings us to a new level in design, photography, and writing. Basically, we rock ! Over the last four years, I managed to find a group of friends that despite distance and time will always be important. At 254 Rebel Drive, I realized that angels are often disguised as friends willing to help you along with way. Who knew so much drama could occur, but we managed to have a pretty good time no matter where we went and survived crossing Jackson Avenue. Along the way, I realized that de rTe beingthede initionrtf dysfunctional at times, my family is an amazing source of strength and Special love. I m opting not to " find alnew family, but keep yall around, at least for a little longer! Thank tor believing in me, through all my crazy plans and teaching what unconditional love means, and for Aunt Ann for deciding that Ole Miss was a good place for me. So after a year in planning and being something only myself and 20 something staffers ever saw, The 2003 Ole Miss, Simply Classic is out there. . .and it is fabulous ! theEND DWcUfce x f exactly hov Stipe, tor . . h „_ rB , ri Although irTa traditional yearbook sense, our theme is extremely abstract, 1 Editor tfb GUJk o a word from the fearless leader Below: Abigail, Benjamin, and I on The Square. Middle: Seeing sights like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge almost £ ■ ' daily, I can ' t even begin to describe Australia; p.s. Dad- The National Bank Sq Left: Everyone should have a picture like this. As spring arrives, campus quickly fills with an enormous array of flowers. As situations abroad become intense, the flag becomes an increasingly power symbol. I r The empty stage of the Gertrude C. Ford awaits upcoming performances and speakers. The Paris- Yates Chapel provides the Ole Miss community a place for quiet reflection and prayer. by AshleyWilliams As another semester winds down, with the madness of finals and last minute projects, we step closer to the inevitable end of our time here. After only eight or nine semester of college, we are thrust from the safety of our educational setting, where we have comfortably been Ib more than a decade, into the unknown. Our entire lives we have been preparing tQjflake our mark on sfcciety, and now that time has arrived. Time in Oxford passes all too quickly, soon becoming memories. We changed from scared freshmen into the men and women we will be for the rest of our lives. The experiences of life in Oxford will continue to im continue to impact our lives long aft " Simply Classic " illustrates the eleme lives long after graduation. e elements of life at Ole Miss that make the decision to attend one that is never regretted. We have learned what it means to a Rebel in every aspect of our lives. From the classroom, to student life activities, and to the athletic fields, The University provides us with the experiences to succeed. Along the way, we met a div erse a rray of people, who icffTuenced our experience, and taught us how much we are capable ' and staff, who took time out for us, to our friends, who stood by us during good times and bad, and to the traditions, which allowed us to paraticipate in the unique Ole Miss life, we will forever be indebted to this great University, after all " one never graduates from Ole Miss. " theEND ms Mix four bachelors, modem rock with a twist of Southern flavor and a favorite Oxford bar, and it equals Ingram Hill. vys felt that there is hing to do, whether it ' s t on The Square or ng in The Grove. One of RITES IS DOUBLE DECKER IN ?RING WHEN PEOPLE COME L OVER TO CELEBRATE THE iz Holder, a sophomore ation major from Marietta, Ga. At the final performance in the LO-U- Summer Sunset Series, a member of the Germantown Symphony Orchestra tunes her violin. " More than anything I ' ve learned a lot about life. ole mlss is the best school in the state without a doubt, with an , ATMOSPHERE THAT IS AWESOME. YOU DOlfe places like the square and the Here else. Oxford is a great town; enior finance [saial ).iy l n ik in. irks lli. « ' (jiiiniti() o another itcturai |ue day in Oxford, ( 01 rplete Willi ,111 mill. ml .llrr hill. I ' ly sky. As the sun rises over campus, Jerry Hollingsworth Field is still covered, waiting for another game day and packed Vaught- Hemingway stadium. After an afternoon of showers, the beauty of this rainbow makes staying inside worthwhile. ...AT THE TIME I WAS REALLY AN OLE MISS FAN, AND TO THIS DAY I STILL CAN ' T FIGURE OUT WHY I DIDN ' T ENROLL AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI -Jimmy Buffet • M jkw y L y 1 .-,• i h A . ' - . t ' . ■ ' • : - I I i COLOPHON GENERAL: The Ole Miss has been the official yearbook of the University of Mississippi since 1897. That same year Elma Meek submitted the name " Ole Miss " in a contest to determine the name of the yearbook. Gradually, the name became an affectionate nickname for the University. The 107th volume was published by Taylor Publishing Company in Dallas, Texas. Ben Allen served as the publishing representative andTami McConnell as the account executive. The Ole Miss was produced by a staff of 22 students as part of the Student Media Center; editorial content does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the University of Mississippi. COVER ENDSHEETS: The Ole Miss staff publicized a campus-wide cover design competition, resulting in the final cover collaboration. Those involved were graphic design students Bill Abney, Crace Alexander, Brandon Casey, Sara Alice Hill, Jennifer Hume, and Susan M. Prince, the Ole Miss staff, and Taylor Publishing Company designers. The base for back cover and wrap is Marina 13 Daniel felt. The quarter bound front is Oyster 60 with an existing 6 point deboss bead. The quarter bound also has a Cordova grain. The images on the cover were taken by the grapnic design students and then were embossed with a hand rub of Ink 5515. The endsheets are Sandstone with a front short sided endsheet with the table of contents printed on the reverse side; the ink on the endsheets is Midnight Blue 17. PHOTOGRAPHY: Personality pictures were taken byThorton Studios of New York City, New York. Photo credits listed as contributed either came from Imaging Services, Sports Information, or the individuals pictured. All other photographs were taken by staff photographers: Ann-Marie Blaylock, Hudson Chadwick, Spruce Derden, Robin Freeman, Amy Patrick, Meredith Spencer, and David Steele. A majority of the pictures were taken digitally with a Nikon Di; film cameras used include: Nikon N80 and b w camera types. All pictures were scanned and imported by the Ole Miss staff using UMAX. Film was developed at Wal-Mart and Super D Pharmacy. Red couch pictures appearring in the index were taken as part of a first ever " Picture Yourself " week. TYPE SPECS: All body copy is 10 point Gourmand Roman with bylines in 12 point. Captions appear in 7.5 Momento Roman. The folios are in 8 point Apple Chancery, and photo credits are 4 point Gourmand Roman. Other fonts used include: Times, Jefferson Script, Hoefler Text, Embassy, Typewriter, Onyx, Athena and Ballardvale. DISTRIBUTION: The Ole Miss is distributed to full-time students through a drive thru pick-up at the Tad Smith Coliseum in the spring. Funding comes from tuition and fees. The total budget is $177,627. PRODUCTION: The 400 page book was produced on 4 Power Macintosh computers using Quark Xpress 4.1, ACDSee and Photoshop 6.0 and 7.0 software. The press run was 6500 copies. Taylor Publishing printed the Spectra all-color book using the SuperPerfector Press. SIMPLY C L A S S I C® "

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