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UMIH W UmWHlJlit ' liiL I .. Student Jlcje ?4 rfcadettUct 64 ZH Uncteui 96 nee6 2t0 0%$4uttyUi6 t6 270 Sfi ite 326 100 l ??JM )0 ' JtT tvtttv) attttM 1 unkuilZ, -5-. ' t rn ' miM? InvriitU ' aoavcw ■ . Jl 1 I I I I ■ II : 13 1 J ! 4 H J r r 4 I S , ' :. ' linited.... The University of Mississippi has a student body united in pursuing the goal of being ' A Great American Public University ' With each diverse group of students on campus, a new outlook touches our University with each student ' s powerful influence. Right: Ole Miss R.O.T.C. members march with the colors. Below: A proud parent takes a photograph of her daughter on Graduation Day. The Ole Miss Gospel Choir performs in the Grove, uniting student body in rejoice and song. II %i -ROBERT JORDAN " Communities are created when • m myn interests. 4 Tfte OCe Miss community is uniquc Sfy virtue ofjQvtr- diversity in age, J. • i « ■ .• ;.y - background) ethnicity r rfi gious affitiation, and sociai it%er£sts, which . .tr ; f residts in our (Xyntinuing 1 the 15 3 -year I - • : ' r • legacy of serving as a laboratory for leaders. The vcd le that unites .-•» . us is respect for the dignity of every $ ' individiud and tfie commitment 1 « H we share in inteftecttiat, emotional . iltjft! physical develqpfneM!! - Chancettor Ro64rf£Sayat ' . i ■ . ..,.,- - ip — .»■ ' : - £_ -.. " - The Ole Miss campus and its beauty offers many spots for relaxation and study. Here students unite in recreation and studies in the Grove. -PHOTOS BY ROBERT JORDAN fi -A •f ■» 1 •ft (- • . - k ' V " I ( ■ 2 kT - » .-y BJ Ilnited.... Ole Miss fans show their spirit while supporting the Rebels at football games, basketball games, and other sporting events on campus. Painting their faces and wearing the red and blue have become Ole Miss tradition. Below: Rebel fans show their excitement after purchasing season football ti ckets. A Rebel basketball fan holds up her ' Rebel Rag ' as part of game-day celebration in the Tad Smith Coliseum. iwn South in Mi s a spot that ever c8| among the (litis en old Alma Maters halls. the trees lift nigh their whispering Southern breeze © le Miss is calling, calling hearts ' fond memories. -Ole Miss AlmfkMater ilhsr i ? t I xi V. cheerleader paints the arm of a young girl as part of the Red Blue Week celebration. Left: The Ole Miss Pride of the South shows their pride at a football me. Below: A ' little ' g Rebel fan takes her Barbie along on ne-day to cheer on the Rebels. OBERT JORDAN 1 -ROBERT JORDAN -ROBERT JORDAN Vaulted.. The Ole Miss student community shares lunch, laughter, and stories during a beautiful day in the Grove. Right: A girl snuggles underneath a tree on a crisp, fall day to read a book. Bottom right: Two girls share ideas while studying for an uncoming test. Center: A group of students take their dog for an afternoon walk. Pets are a common appearance on campus on days like this one. Below: A group of students take a break from class to enjoy the sunshine as they eat lunch. V r wb rs f H Jut S«ff w v » 1 ; m8£? »lf T2 Lv mW w L i w t» « « ' BT i v Br akS Sv VJi v i r ' Uli - OBERT JORDAN ...In Commuhit «£r ■ m ■ V ' -«yi BAW |tt» f -ROBERT JORDAN Opening @ The Ole Miss oanmunky shares a common interest in the arts, entertainment, and school spirit. Right: A group of art students observe this vibrant painting by visiting artist Norm Magnusson in Bryant Hall Gallery. Top Far Right: A family and new students take a stroll through the Walk of Champions to see all that the campus has to offer. Above: Students take advantage of the newly renovated spot in the Circle to read and make a phone call between classes. ♦ 9 v ij X V Right: Mississippi native, Morgan Freeman records his voice for an upcomi Ole Miss advertisement. V. 1 II , V . ' 4 | -£u| QBpi £ ■ 1 V i jHI 1 liuibi -PHOTOS BY ROBERT JORDAN Student Xx ■Student Life Division - . -KEVIN BAIN I " Ole Miss is history and legacy, bringing together friends and family for over 150 years and for many years to come. The University of Mississippi offers much more than an education. People can get involved with anything from athletics to campus ministries. fcv nW -ROBERT JORDAN KEVIN BAIN JEREMY LODEN " College is a refuge from hasty judgement " - Robert Frost, July 1961 © Student Life - - -JOE ELLIS fc L • Iki 1 © t I BPHr iJ I i Wfi iv- II .„ - - _ Z£ W- t jp x ! A N £ m k " P " " " ' " 2339 ! i£fc| ■t " I ---- ir- 1 ' Mf k jjj tjj i l r T Bl The best thing about Ole Miss is the friendships that are made. Everywhere you turn people are hugging, smiling and saying ' how are ya doin? " Tressie Prewett, junior electrical engineering major from Pontotoc. " The aim of education is the knowledge not of facts but of values " -William Inge, 1917 Student Life Montage aJUWs so fss -JEREMY LODEN 9.1 -ROBERT JORDAN -KEVIN BAIN -JEREMY LODEN " When I think about Ole Miss, what comes In 1951, the Associated Student Body was created by the adoption of the to mind is deep southern tradition; girls making ASB Constitution. Its organization is based on the pattern of our national their way to McAlister ' s for brunch, and guys sitting government, with executive, legislative, and judicial branches. There is a around the bar talking about 5EC football. " comprehensive codification of laws passed since the founding of ASB. -Otie Latham, senior English major from Jackson, M5 I |E] I Studau Life Left-These art students work on various sketches from the C ' irele. Artists find numerous inspirations from the picturesque campus. Below- During Movc-in-Mania, volunteers help freshmen settle i nto their dorms, making the transition from home to college a little easier. Far Left- students enjoy the newly constructed sitting area around the flagpole in the Circle, where they can study, eat lunch, or meet friends between classes. Taking time out from the chaos of daily life, Ole Miss students, faculty, and Oxford residents alike enjoy lounging in the Grove; this student takes time to catch up on the week ' s news. -ROBERT JORDAN Campus Scenes © © -JEREMY LODEN Above- On April 28, 2001, the Lyceum was redcdicated after a complete renovation, which started in 1999. Right-At the Chapel dedication, members of various religions united symbolizing the diversity within the Ole Miss community. Student Life -JEREMY tODEN . He dopd o igon das two wmoI and one. pedal dioision ft consists o{j 26 stops cowip iising 22 nowles, 1642 pipes in dl giomg it a oo(We and tonal!, oa uety tRat cme quite Qewaoas {jo l a building o|j tRis size. " -Daoid S cmeK Steed On April 28, 2001 the newly-constructed Paris-Yates Chapel and Peddle Bell Tower were officially dedicated to the... campus of The University of Mississippi. Members of the Chapel committee were present, along with university faculty, staff, students and fellow Oxonians, who watched in anticipation of the long-awaited campus addition. " The addition of the Pari s- Yates Chapel to the university community not only adds one more beautiful building to our campus, but gives faculty and students of all faiths a place to come together and worship freely, " said Ryan Wally, sophomore Biology major from McComb, who also attended the dedication ceremony. Among those present at the dedication were Chancellor Robert Khayat and The Reverend Ruth Black, Director of Pastoral Services, and Faculty of the School of Medicine at The University of Mississippi Medical Center. Black gave the benediction of the chapel, which was followed by a performance of the Ole Miss Alma Mater by Jean -ROBERT JORDAN Jordan, Co-Chair of the Chapel Committee. The Mississippi Brass Ensemble and The University of Mississippi Concert Singers provided musical presentations throughout the dedication ceremony. Following the ceremony, an organ presentation was given by Warren Steel, Associate Professor of Music, as well as a tour of the chapel. According to the Paris-Yates Chapel and Peddle Bell Tower Dedication booklet, a Chapel Fund was created in 1975 after Ole Miss students expressed an interest in making the chapel their charitable goal. Chancellor Porter L. Fortune, Jr. appointed a chapel committee in 1976 to begin planning. As quoted in the dedication booklet, " the Paris-Yates Chapel provides a spiritual home on our campus where members of the Ole Miss family may seek peace, guidance, trust and wisdom, equipping them for leadership in Mississippi and our world in the 21st century. " -WRITTEN BY KATHLEEM HILLMAN Chapel Dedication St Lyceum Rakdkation study abroad four stories -COURTESY OF LAUREN SMITH " It wasn ' t the place, or getting to travel all over Europe. I did that, but places don ' t touch you the way people do. " Lauren Smith, a chemical engineering major from Hattiesburg, Miss.- " I took the plunge, asked my parents, and they supported me, so that was that. The Dutch are as fluent in English as we are so I didn ' t have much culture shock arriving. There was a dorm for international students where I lived along with my new friends from Lima, Dublin, the U.S., and Belgium. Now I have friends all over the world. I was accustomed to steering a bike through traffic so the first time I hopped in my car, once home, it felt like a tank. My world view ®of different people and cultures is so much Student Life brighter. " South Water Caye, Belize -COURTESY OF MARCUS CHRISTOFFERSON " The land was beautiful, and we were able to canoe down the Mopan river, explore a couple of caves, and even hike up to some waterfalls. " Marcus Christofferson,a biological science with chemistry major from Homedale, Idaho- " We spent three weeks on the island and one week inland. It took me a year to finally get the nerve to just go all out and study abroad. I realized that as a career I wanted to work with wild ani- mals and thought this adventure would allow me to observe and maybe handle wild animals in their natural habitat. The best times and memories were on the island, times I will never forget. I slept in a hammock the whole trip, no running water, three meals a day that eventually seemed to be the same thing over and over. Just being able to snorkel twice a day for each of the two courses we took was all worth it. I could have spent the whole summer on that island. " " When you go abroad to study, you ' re learning constantly, " said Susan Oliphant, coordinator of Ole Miss ' Study Abroad Program. " But what you ' re really learning about is yourself. Nothing allows you to see Mississippi and your hometown like seeing them through the eyes of another country. You come back a wiser person. " -COURTESY OP SHERRY BLOUNT " The hands-on activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling on the barrier reef were extraordinary. " Sherry Blount, a biology major from Brandon, Mississippi- " My study abroad experience was incredible; I earned 8 hours of credit for my major while studying coral reefs. " -COURTESY OF JULIE RAUCH " I traveled all over France while making good friends with people from Spain and Italy. In Paris, my favorite was Montst Michele. " Julie Rauch, an International Business major from Annisten, Alabama- " I learned so much about French culture and language. I saw Lance Armstrong win the Tour de France and take his winning lap around the Champ Elysees. I met people from Ole Miss that I would have never met otherwise. By far my favorite night was Bastille Day, which was July 1 4th; We watched fireworks exploding over the Eiffel Tower from the top of the Mont Parnasse. Then we went to a Firemen ' s Ball; I traveled to Giverny, where Monet painted and was inspired by the beauty. " Study Abroad " ANTHROPOLOGISTS TELL US THAT DOGS WERE THE FIRST DOMESTICATED ANIMAL, SURPASSING BY THOUSANDS OF YEARS COWS, CHICKENS, GOATS AND OTHER FOOD ANIMALS. MANKIND DOMESTICATED DOGS LONG BEFORE WE SETTLED TO FARMING. " -OXFORD-LAFAYETTE HUMANE SOCIETY Puppy dogs are a great way to attract attention I on campus and an easy way to meet people. •KELSl HOLMAN This dog has its own set agenda for lounging around. Those just passing by are always willing to stop and pet the animals. Student Life ck OOfJ! MSO ! •JEREMY LODEN GQAWAHQH 2001 Four years ago, stepping on to this campus was like stepping into a whole new world. You didn ' t know whom you... Q would meet, whom you would become friends with or what in the world might happen to you. But times change and here we are: on the verge of a completely different life away from all the charms and headaches of college life. Wherever you are, you ' ll still be rooting on the Rebels in football, basketball, baseball and every other sport. You ' ll still be reading the Daily Mississippian on the Internet and complaining about how the liberal rag is full of it. You might even find your way back on to campus for a party or two. But it won ' t be the same and hopefully you ' ll have more money and won ' t have to drink the cheap beer. On the night of graduation we should all come together and burn every last green parking ticket that was ever written. Never having to share a room Sludcni Life or an apartment with a person you have never seen or met before Hallelujah! Having to pay double your tuition for three books that you will never crack the binder of and thank God college only lasts for four years. Having to find -JEREMY LODEN a parking space when every space allotted for commuters is surrounded by a gray wall and good riddance. Nevertheless, looking back on the last four years, Ole Miss has changed dramatically for the better. From the sesquicentennial to the renovated Lyceum to the election of two African Americans as Associated Student Body president, from the myriad of construction projects on campus to the capture of a Phi Beta Kappa chapter, the university has grown by leaps and bounds in these last few years. Coming to Ole Miss as an intrepid freshman and not knowing a soul on campus or anything about its history was a major culture shock for me back in 1997. Now, after meeting hundreds of people and making dozens of friends, spending countless hours laboring and toiling away the nights at The DM, missing classes left, right, sideways and curved, it ' s over. All the work, fun times and experiences are new chapter is hard unbelievable over and a opening up. -WRITTEN BY BRIAN ROSENKRANS THE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY GRADUATION WAS HELD ON SATURDAY, MAY 12, 2001, IN THE THOMAS N. TURNER CENTER, PHYSICAL EDUCATION, AND RECREATION CENTER AT 1:30 IN THE AFTERNOON. DURING THE CEREMONY, 62 GRADUATES RECEIVED THE DEGREE OF SCIENCE IN PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES. SEVEN GRADUATES WITH THE DEGREE OF MASTER, AND EIGHT DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY DEGREES WITHIN THE SCHOOL WERE RECOGNIZED. - m Key note speaker, James Barksdale imparts his words of inspiration to the Class of 2001 -JEREMY LODEN Seated by alphabetical order, graduates listen patiently; parents surround edges of the seated group. Graduation the sixth annual KSM DECKE rday, April 28 i ii i 4 .Y Left-Artisan tents set up around the courthouse ranged in items from The Daily Plant-It »f the A fSRQg v GranM innie Pou. ation of " American Gothic " ears in jellybean style. W - - t rtsy j £fl?KS SIR Jj$k apsg ' ■ ■ " ' , ' • 1? -JEREMY LOD Ifll Lr. ' - y i MM ; ,»!» Stuifeni Life i|T Above- Van Burean Avenu provides extra space for the countless vendors and the roaming clowns and jugglers, who entertained all day. Left- Local musicians played both on the Budweiser and Coca- Cola stage including Syd Straw, The Silos, and The Dirty Dozen Brass Band. M •ARTWORK BY BLAIR HOBBS « OxfjO d, Mississippi -JEREMY LODEN -JEREMY LODEN T " -JEREMY LODEN -JEREMY LODEN " Double Decker is important because is shows the best " Its a time when the town turns out for its own party of funky arts and side of a great community. Oxford prides itself on arts and crafts, lip-smacking food, and fabulous food. The Double Decker is unique culture. Double Decker is a great way to showcase that, because its the perfect size-not too small to be dull, not so big that the and it ' s a great way to give something fun and free back brain shuts down from sensory overkill " -Blair Hobbs to the people of Oxford and Ole Miss ' . ' -Mayor Richard Howorth Double Decker I AHMED j EMAM, a doctoral COURTESY OF AHMEN EMAM stu( j ent in Civil Engineering, " I received my B.S. degree from Cairo University of Egypt, my native country. Currently, I am conducting my Ph.D. research at Edward G. Schlieder Urban Environmental Systems Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Egypt Engineers Syndicate, the National Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, the National Civil Engineering Honor Society of Chi Epsilon, and GSC. I am married to Renee Givens-Emam of Mount Hermon, Louisiana. " TAMEKA PARHAM, a candidate for Master of Science in Exercise Science, " Oxford, Mississippi has always been my second home because I have spent countless days and summers here visiting my grandparents and other relatives. After spending my undergraduate years two hundred miles away, I decided to pursue my Masters at a university closer to my family. The University of Mississippi experience has been quite different from the historically black university that I had grown accustomed. Upon commencing graduate school, I found myself desolate; therefore, I sought organizations for the social and academic support that I desired. I became active with the Graduate Student Council and the Black Graduate and Professional Student Association. Besides being active in academic affairs, I find time to engage in travel, bowling, shopping, playing tennis and spending quality time with family and friends. The University of Mississippi has been a memorable step on my academic ladder. After graduating in May 2002, I will make a more distant step to podiatry school. The time spent here will definitely be heartfelt in the circle of my life. " NAKUL S. TELANG, a doctoral student in Medicinal Chemistry, " I came to Ole Miss because of the good research facilities and the good and friendly environment for studying. " EREMY tODEN Student Life KIMBERLY KRAFT, doctoral student in Exercise Physiology, " I am from Tullahoma, Tennessee. I came to Ole Miss as a Freshman in 1992. It ' s an interesting story. It was April of my senior year in high school, and I had narrowed my collegiate choices down to two (Ole Miss was not included!). I then came to Ole Miss during Red and Blue Weekend, simply because someone suggested that it was something I needed to experience. That ' s all it took!!! I have been here lever since. I received a B.A. in Psychology in 1996, a M.S. in Wellness in 1999, and I am still here. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience Ole Miss as a student, as a teacher, as a sorority member, as an advisor, jas a Graduate Assistant, and as a true Rebel fan! These are life lessons that I will carry with me always and that I will cherish. I have had so many priceless experiences along the way. It is hard to believe that my tenure with the University lis quickly coming to an end; however, I know that I am one of those people who will NEVER graduate Yom Ole Miss! " JOHN BOWLING, a doctoral student in Pharmacognosy, " Growing up in Memphis, I have always been familiar with Ole Miss. The convenience of having one of the few remaining Pharmacognosy programs close to home was the selling point for me. Outside of school, I have always enjoyed being athletic and playing outdoors. " -COURTESY OF I0HN BOWLING graduate school: six stories The Graduate School of The University of Mississippi offers over 70 degree programs leading to the master ' s, specialist, and doctoral degrees. Courses at the graduate level were first offered in 1870, and in this year the comprehensive examination was established as a requirement for the master ' s degree. -JEREMY LODEN AMIT S. PATEL, a doctoral student in Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management in Pharmacy Administration Department, " Originally I am from Bombay, India, and after getting a Masters Degree in Pharmacy Administration from St. John ' s University, New York, I enrolled in the Ph.D program here at Ole Miss. The Pharmacy Administration department here is one of the oldest and top-ranked departments in the USA. As a person I love small university townships, Ole Miss is like a small community which has a very friendly and comfortable environment for a student to live in. Also. I love southern food, and believe me, the southern and Mexican food here in Oxford is one of the best that I have eaten so far. I encourage other students to come and experience the student life here at Ole Miss, because if you don ' t come and experience it , you will not believe it " . Student Profiles Qed 6 " g ifc Vede -JEREMY LODEN -JEREMY LOOEN -JEREMY LODEN -JEREMY LODEN Red and Blue Week leads up to the Grove Bowl, in which There are many activities on campus, like bands, rock climbing, candle the varsity football team is divided in two, and they art, free food, the Annual Jean Jones Memorial, scrimmage. Red and Blue builds up student pride and meeting the football players, and getting autographs. The Student anticipation for the upcoming football season. Free Programming Board Special Events Committee plans the weeks activities. handouts are given to the students in front of the union. m Student Life Luau k tk GGW£ -KEVIN BAIN On August 24, 2001, the welcome back luau in the Grove had free food, music, volleyball and meet the Ole Miss cheerleaders and Colonel Reb. Bxd Bfue Week ■ Luau in the Grove " University of Mississippi students visit the Ole Miss The International Christian Fellowship at Ole Miss currently Baptist Student Union to fellowship with other believers has about 600 attending international students, most of which are from and to learn about God. 5tudents of Ole Miss have a Asia including students from Malaysia, Taiwan, great opportunity to build long-lasting relationships, and Singapore, China, and India. experience God through Bible study and worship ' . ' -B5U website igious SxpeJiienCes Looking @ tit U As a division of Oxford Church of Christ, located at 409 North Lamar, the University Christians focus on a campus ministry at their center located at 409 Jackson Avenue West. It is a residence facility for up to thirty men and women and is also designed to serve as a " home away from home " for all interested students. In service since 1960, the center has a lounge area, a kitchen and dining area, a game room, TV room, library, and office complex. Residents have scheduled meals and devotionals together. During students ' first week back nio-ejisrty Ci ustians on campus in the fall, University Christians sponsored a trolley tour of Oxford and the Ole Miss campus, bowling at Kiamie Lanes, various Bible classes, and a cookout social. Tailgating in the grove gives members yet another chance to interact with the entire community. On Sunday November the eleventh, 2001, the group sang at Azalea Gardens and visited with residents. Throughout the semester, Glen and Kathy Henton oversee the organization of activities and keep members informed of plans. -WRITTEN BY ASHLEY WILLIAMS @ Student Life EACH YEAR THE DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION OFFERS THE FORUM " SERIES. INVITED SPEAKERS COME FROM A VARIETY OF BACKGROUNDS. ALL EVENTS ARE FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. PAST SPEAKERS INCLUDE: ALVIN PLANTINGA, KAI NIELSEN, LAURENCE THOMAS, AND DAVID CHALMERS. •JEREMY LODEN Above- Several Catholic students make weekly visits to the Food Pantry in Oxford to help out with various tasks. Right- At Reformed University Fellowship, members are treated to a special musical performance as part of their weekly meeting. -JEREMY LODEN Relujious Experiences K Hffl (rop- ' fhe Prh lays the " 1 i ' |B ™ Q MJD TQMXnojfc I -JEREMY LODEN -JEREMY LODEN -JEREMY LODEN -JEREMY LODEN " Every time we head out to the Qrove, I look for that " Groving is a fun time to meet up with friends and get in the one tent that is just above and beyond anything I have football spirit. My friends and I enjoy visiting all the different tents seen the previous game; sometimes I ' ll see a tent that and hearing the band play ' Dixie ' " -Blair by far surpasses any tent I ' ve seen that whole season. Jacobson, a junior marketing major from Daytona Beach, Florida What a great tradition! " - Katie Manchester, a junior international studies m fiixriJads5on,Mi35. Graving Traditions 00%! 2AQADZ-. m)sroM20oi Ole Miss alum Louis Houston. But he isn ' t of the painted variety, creat- ed for a charity fund-raiser that is causing quite a ruckus in the city. And among the animal-shaped artworks is Brandt ' s favorite cow, " Ole Moos in The Grove, " which bears scenes straight from the Ole Miss- Brandt is seeing cows in downtown asking why. The comely cows are... For " CowParade Houston, " 320 fiberglass sculptures were created in three basic designs, which then were offered for sponsorship. Working with local artists, sponsors can have their cows custom painted and exhibited throughout the said. And so, on a visit to the Oxford campus, he brought a " CowParade " brochure, met with Sabrina Brown, the creative director of university publications, and talked about possible designs for a cow that would promote his alma mater. Oxford campus, including The Lyceum and a bustling game day in The Grove. Houston ' s Ronald McDonald House at Texas Children ' s Hospital is the beneficiary of the bovine bonanza, named " CowParade Houston. " Similar projects have been highly successful in New York and Chicago. city. Brandt, BBA 1959, said he and his wife Allison became involved when the exhibi- tions chief fund-raiser Emily Crosswell asked them to participate. Her son Allen is a graduate of the UM School of Business. " I thought it would be neat to do something to advertise Ole Miss, " Louis Brandt Houston artist Mary Cooley Craddock, whose nephew John Plumb is a UM fresh- man, agreed to take on the painting assignment. " Ole Moos in the Grove " has recently been on display at a premium location in Tranquility Park next to Houston ' s City Hall, Brandt said. -WRITTEN BY PATSY BRUMFIELD Student Life DSAlTM VA jicfvmesQ 2 2001 Camille Apostle, a senior from Jackson, Mississippi, Molly Michaelson, a senior from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Emily Johns, a senior from Jackson, Tennessee, collect donations in the Union for Lee National Denim Day, which 100% benefits the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. In the past five years, this nation-wide fund raiser has collected over $24 million dollars. This money is dedicated to research, education, screening, and treatment programs. -ASHLEY WILLIAMS mAjAt ' BJQMZs, AMD ' ELAMco Q TSIT GL4ss This fall, the Military Science 1 1 Class taught by Major Geoffrey Yoste, Reserved Officers Training Corp (ROTC), had a series of guest lecturers from outside the military to discuss leadership. During the three class periods set aside, Chancellor Robert Khayat, Head Basketball Coach Rod Barnes and Head Baseball Coach Mike Bianco gave their views on leadership to the students. The speakers discussed attributes of leaders such as excellence, courage and integrity. " They were all tremendously moving speakers, " Yoste said. " These were all things the students could use in their everyday lives as a student or when they go into business, on the playing field or court. It was really interchangeable. The presentation made by the Chancellor was the first time he had been in a classroom in almost five years, " Yoste said. " Vision, " Yoste said. " A leader has got to have vision and must be able to clearly articulate it to the folks they are trying to lead. I thought this was interesting particularly because they each had clearly different missions, but they courtesy of the each felt one of the important attributes they must have to be successful was their vision for their organization. " The speakers had an impact the students didn ' t expect. Thomas Blake, a senior majoring in English and political science from Laurel, Mississippi really didn ' t realize the knowledge these speakers had about being leaders. REBEL STANDARD " I didn ' t realize the thought and planning they put into their presentations, " Blake said. " It made me a better person and a better leader. ' -WRITTEN BY AMANDA JOHNSON Unique Happenings THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI ART DEPARTMENT IS DEDICATED TO EDUCATION, RESEARCH, AND SERVICE IN THE VISUAL ARTS. CERAMICS, SCULPTURE, PAINTING, PRINTMAKING, GRAPHIC DESIGN, COMPUTER GRAPHICS, ART HISTORY, AND ART EDUCATION ARE ALL AVAILABLE FOR CONCENTRATED STUDIES IN EITHER A B.A. OR B.F.A. PROGRAM. Rusty Ballentine, a senior graphic design major from Clarksdale, Mississippi shows off his working fountain for his sculpture class. -KELSI HOLMAN -KELSI HOLMAN -KELSI HOLMAN Kittic Kong, a junior graphic design computer image-making major from Starkville, Mississippi works on a teapot with four matching cups for her ceramics class. Camille Collins, a senior art major from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, uses the September 1 1 terrorism attacks as inspiration for this piece. Student Life AM JPRsTs (YLQy. " Studying a it can en iicd students ' expe iienCes and itip tdew discol e i t .ei t node in society. In adi ou l classes we want to p ioDide a nu itu iing enU-i ionw.ent {yO i C ieatiO-e wo ile - a p ace wde ie people deU-edop c iiticad Cognitive skidds and Sedfy - discipline as hjM as seCjy - expression and c ieatio-ity. " -Jan MuMQij, ant depanttnent cnaiii -KELSI HOLMAN Above- Sarah Stanton, a sophomore international studies and art history major from Nashville, Tennessee, shows her work motivated by the outpour of America ' s support for the victims of September 1 1 , 200 1 . Right- Kendrick Greer, from Kosciusko, paints at Rowan Oak. -KELSI HOLMAN Above- Paul Temple ' s watercolor class meets at Saint Peter ' s Episcopal Church to paint the annual pumpkin sale. Center Charlie Buckley, a sophomore fine arts major from Olive Branch, Miss, makes a pot on the wheel for ceramics class. Art Work " IF THE UNIVERSITY WAS JUST A BUNCH OF CONCRETE BLOCKS, I DON ' T THINK WE WOULD HAVE AS MANY STUDENTS AS WE DO NOW, " SAID WILMA WEBBER-COLBERT, MANAGER OF EMPLOYEE RELATIONS. " THERE ' S SOMETHING ABOUT SOUTHERN UNIVERSITIES, AND IT NEEDS TO LOOK LIKE A SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY WITH MAGNOLIA TREES, AZALEA BUSHES AND LOTS OF GREENERY AND FLOWERS. " ROBIN FREEMAN Applcbee ' s provides Oxford residents and students alike another dining out option on Sundays and later during the week; during peak hours, patrons can easily wait over an hour. Student Life QMAMGES JAf OXgOPD The little town of Oxford has undergone a big makeover throughout the last year. Upon returning to my beloved... Alma Mater, any alumni might fancier approach to eating out. Market is now the Sanctuary. be surprised to see all the changes to the campus and town, many of which have been met with opposition by students, or Oxonians. For example, the addition of a Super Wal-mart, which is under construction at this time, had many people jumping from their seats. Many people believe that this will draw business away from the Oxford Mall, which already suffered the loss of a few stores last year. However, many residents, including students, are excited about the new and improved super- store, which will make grocery shopping and basic shopping easier on everyone. Now they can go to one store to get everything they need. Last year Kroger, housing its very own Starbucks Coffee, was relocated to a brand new shopping center. Driving down West Jackson, one can ' t help but notice some of the newest restaurants lining the street. The highly anticipated Applebee ' s has given residents a new option for lunch and dinner, as well as Don Pancho ' s Spanish Caribbean food, a smaller and Approaching University, Avenue it ' s impossible to miss the recent changes, like the brand new entrance to Downtown Oxford, located across from the new band hall. The building which once housed the popular Buster Roodies deli is now home to -ROBIN FREEMEN the Ole South Steak House, and further down University is Doe ' s Eat Place. Making a trip around the Square will leave heads turning as well. The newly con- structed University Club, as well as The Blue Marlin, which offers fresh seafood and the Sneaky Tiki bar, are hard to miss. And the famous Dan Fax The University campus is experiencing some major changes, as well. The construction of a brand new performing arts building, across from the Education building, is currently underway. Also, the Circle has been closed to all traffic, and the University keeps moving more and more toward a walking campus. The Paris- Yates Chapel and Bell Tower is a welcomed addition, bringing students and many others together to a place of worship and prayer. Many renovations have taken place inside the Student Union, including new furniture in the lounge and dining hall and new tiling, among other improvements. Old Chemistry, home to the Graduate school, is still undergoing major ren- ovations. And finally the boards have been taken down, to display the beautiful and beloved Lyceum, which was hidden for months behind a wall of renovations. Even with all the recent changes to the campus and community, Ole Miss and Oxford have not lost their small-town charm, and it ' s still HOME. -WRITTEN BY KATHLEEN HILLMAN Changes in Oxford In medieval times, the groom would most often pay for the bride ' s hand in marriage. Precious stones were often included in this payment as a symbol of his intent to marry. While this practice eventually stopped, the gift of the precious stone as a symbol of intent remains today. -COURTESY Of SARA CONERLY " The wedding is set for July 20, 2002. We are getting married at Trinity Baptist Church in Vicksburg. The reception will follow at the B ' nai B ' rith Literary Club Ballroom in Downtown Vicksburg. " Colin Leach, a management information systems major from Vicksburg, and Sara Conerly, a print journalism major from Vicksburg,- " Colin and I have both lived in Vicksburg since we were little. My cousin, Michael, has been friends with Colin ever since they were four or five. Our freshman year in college, we both happened to be home for Spring Break. We clicked instantly and had a blast that night. Slowly but surely, our relationship evolved. We have been dating {H) Student Life since March 13, 1998. " Nancy Boler Kevin Keeton sjteMss t nu to -j -COURTESY OF NANCY BOLER " It is difficult being apart and in dif- ferent cities, in Jackson and Oxford, but this is just a glimpse of the trials that are to come in marriage. " Kevin Keeton, a P5 pharmacy major from Morton, and Nancy Boler, a junior pharmacy major from Liberty- " Kevin and I met at the Wesley Foundation my freshman year. As the year went on we developed a friendship that soon developed into a closer relationship as we began to spend more and more time with one another. Kevin and I both knew that we were meant for each other very early in the relationship and began discussing possible marriage. Kevin proposed in March of 2001 at the Downtown Grill just before we were to see Phantom of the Opera. " a life long commitment -COURTESY OF BETH RUSH " Stephen is my best friend. He listens to me no matter what, and he is more understanding than anyone I have ever known. I love him because he cares for me and makes me the best person I can be. " Beth Rush, a telecommunications major from Jackson and Stephen Hammack, a second year medical student at UMC in Jackson- " We met back in 1998 when Beth was at Ole Miss for a summer program for rising high school seniors. And I was working at that program the summer after my soph- omore year. We started dating in December of 1999 and the next nine months were the only ones where we lived in the same city. We were engaged Christmas Eve the following year and will get mar- ried June 8th, 2002. Beth is the best thing that ever happened to me. She has a way of both being sup- portive of everything I do as well as keeping me from becoming so engrossed in what I do that I for- get what is really important. " -COURTESY OF KIM LINDSEY " We ' ve learned the art of compromise, which is important in any relationship. Nic is in the band here and I am on the color guard. We both graduate in May " Nic Penny, a management information systems major from Tupelo, and Kim Lindsey, a political science major from Fulton- " Nic and I met at Itawamba Community College. We hit it off the very first date. Even when we had only known each other a couple of weeks it seemed as if we had always been together. I don ' t know how I knew he was the " one " but I just knew. He became my best friend. Our relationship works because we always have a lot of fun together no matter what we are doing. We got engaged last April Fools Day, and we are getting married on June 2, 2001. We will be moving to Memphis, Tennessee. r ' Engagements OK ieCming 2001 -JEREMY LODEN -JEREMY LODEN ! f K? V - J III -JEREMY LODEN -JEREMY LODEN © Student Life " I enjoyed being a part of Homecoming at Ole Miss as a student. The On Friday, October 19, 2001, Homecoming events included the following theme, ' Coming Home to Ole Miss ' , was made even more significant activities: at 3:30 p.m. the Alumni Awards Day ceremony honored hall of because this university is my home and will be long after I graduate. Oh Fame recipients, at 5:30 the Homecoming parade and Pep Rally headed yeah, seeing the Rebels beat Middle Tennessee wasn ' t bad either - 5ally towards the Oxford Square, and at 8 p.m. the Black Comedy tour performed. Medullar, a sophomore MarHeting and Management major from Water Valley A Sv eefe c% Adimies -JEREMY LODEN " nightlife in Oxford is not exactly like that of a big city. Jim Bulian and Stefano Capornazza opened the doors to the first However, I love the small town setting Old Venice Pizza Company in March 1997, on the Oxford Square. because anywhere you go you always Overnight, Ole Venice became a favorite for Ole Miss see someone you know " -5cott Roberts, students and townspeople, alike. a senior mechanical engineering major from Coldwater . Jligfo in Oxjyoiid -ROBIN FREEMEN I FREEMAN Taking time for just a girls night out, these Ole Miss students take advantage of the new Applebee ' s. FREEMAN Top-Proud Larry ' s always provides a night of good music in a relaxed atmosphere. Bottom- Hooligans, an improvisation com- edy group, provides not only Ole Miss but also the Oxford community with a unique experience. Nightlife jfUlj ASHLEY WILLIAMS RIMA CHADDHA, a sophomore journalism major original- ly from Canada, " After much debate with my parents, I decided (in other words, I was told) to come to Ole Miss. I didn ' t expect much from this school, especially from what so many of my friends had told me about it. However, when I finally arrived, I found that many of the comments people made were derived from their own misconceptions of what a " Southern school " should be, rather than from personal experience. I have met many great people and I have had the pleasure of getting to know several faculty members who are experts in their fields. My time here has led to many fantastic experiences. " LANCE BAKER, a senior criminal justice major from Brandon, " This is my fourth college to attend, and I have found the atmosphere at the University of Mississippi the most inviting. I came here because of friends and I know that I will be leaving here having made twice as many friends. Having served as a Resident Advisor at Stockard Hall and participating in the Army ROTC program, I can say that my experience at this university has been that of total involvement from the word go. And as a graduating member of the Army ROTC, I will have the honor of receiving a commission as a Second Lieutenant upon graduation. My experience differs greatly from that many of my fellow students in that I have seen the rest and now I am seeing the best right here. Even the early mornings at Guyton Hall for physical training and the late nights at Stockard helping Freshman make it through that tough first year will remain as good memories of this place we fondly call, " Ole Miss. " This place does something to a person that changes him or her forever. I know that long after I leave this place, I will still consider Ole Miss home. " ARTHUR McLAURIN, a junior banking and finance major from Magee, Miss. " My experience thus far at the University has been a challenging, yet memorable one. A few of the things that has made it challenging is Army ROTC, student government, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Inc., and the number of odd jobs. Army ROTC has taught me that there is no obstacle that I can ' t overcome. Looking back at my fraternity, I see what an influence one can have on his peers. " -ASHLEY WILLIAMS PAIGE ZASTOUPIL, sophomore business major from Piano, Texas, " This is my second year to be at Ole Miss and it has been filled with many memories. I was very nervous about coming to Mississippi because I lived in Dallas all of my life. Also, the ten hour drive is horrible. However, the people here on campus are very friendly, and they made me feel welcome the |minute I got here. For the past two years I have participated in band. Colorguard has taken up a lot of time, but the friend- ships that I have made helped the two hours everyday seem fun. There is a spirit at Ole Miss that no other college has. I have enjoyed learning about Oxford and about the people at Ole Miss. " ANTWAN MOORE, a junior majoring in psychology from Nettleton, " I have had a great experience here at Ole Miss. I have made many friends here and discovered many great opportunities. " Student Life -ASHLEY WILLIAMS undergraduates: six stories The University of Mississippi Department of Journalism was founded more than 50 years ago. It is one of only 109 journalism programs accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. The Dow Jones Newspaper Fund lists the accredited programs under the heading " Colleges Known for Outstanding Programs. " -COURTESY OF KRISTEN MEEHAN KRISTEN MEEHAN, a senior majoring in journalism from Pass Christian, " When I first arrived at Ole Miss, I honestly did not know what to expect. You have so many ideas of what college is like when you inch closer and closer to it and then boom you are there. I remember my first day here, and I know I will be sadd when the last day comes. Ole Miss is more than a university, it is a family. I have met so many wonderful people during my four years here, and I am so grateful for how each and everyone has touched my life. If I could offer any student any advice it would be to get involved. I have had the opportunity to work at the Daily Mississippian and with ASB, as well as reside as President of the Model United Nations Association. The opportunities and friendships that I have been afforded are endless. So above all learn, but do not forget to live " . Undergraduate Profdcs UniO-eASitt) Ihatiit Ptoductions -ROBERT JORDAN The Musical Theatre program offers concentrated studio Moby Dick Rehearsed ran November 1-3, 2001 in the training in vocal, dance, and performance for every genre Studio Theatre in Bryant Hall with shows lasting of musical theatre. With at least two musical theatre for roughly two hours. Tickets were available through productions, students not only receive comprehensive the Central Ticket Office for $5. training, they also get extensive opportunities to display their skills. Student Life Opposite page-Dancing at Lughnasa, directed by Krista Scott, was performed February eighth, through the tenth of 2001, including the follow- ing Bachelor of Fine Arts students: Priscilla Parchia, Sar Szymanski, Craig Clary, and Jeff Prewitt. Below- Showstoppers was performed in Fulton Auditorium on April twenty-sixth through the twenty-eighth under the direction and chore- ography of Rene Pulliam. Below- Based on the Gospel according to Saint Matthew, Godspell ran from October eighteenth through the twentieth, 2001, in Fulton Auditorium. Middle Right-Directed and choreographed by Rene Pulliam, Cabaret ran March twenty-ninth through the thirty-first of 2001 and starred Mary Nye, Joey Abramowicz, and Chad Jenkins. IEREMY LODEN fc •S -ROBERT JORDAN Buried Child ran from September twenty-first and second 200 1 under the direction of Katie Simons, light design by -ROBERT JORDAN Bert Foregger, set design by Dex Edwards, and costume design by Mary Young. University Theatre © Student Life November 5, 2001 i . Mow and Dad, This semeseter has gone by so fast; I can ' t believe I ' ll be home for Thanksgiving in less than 2 weeks; It will be nice ot have the whole week off for the first time instead of a random Friday off for a " fall break " ; I am not, however, in the least looking foward to an 8 a.m. final on Saturday. Time has gone by so quickly; I ' m starting to get really nervous about studying abroad next semester in 5ydney, Australia; It ' s the chance of a life time, I know, and I am thankful for the opportunity to see who I really am away from everything and everyone who has made me who I am. Don ' t worry I ' ll manage somehow; Things on campus and even in Oxford have changed so much from freshmen year. We ' ve become huge patrons of Applebee ' s and trips to Super Kroger makes me really happy; I ' m not exactly sure what I think about the Super Wal-Mart; The constructon on Jackson Avenue, the new enterences by the redone Band Mall, and the new perfoming arts center are or will all be finished by this time next year. By the time I am coming here to visit my little brother the town will have grown so much. I hope it never loses the small town charm. Oxford is like my own little haven from the dreaded Veal world ' and all its harsh realities. On the morning of September 11, 2001, all that changed; I was still in bed when I heard one of the girls talking about the attacks in the hall. Turning on CNN, I watched in disbelief as terrorism struck American soil, causing the loss of numerous innocent victums. As tears rolled down my cheek, I struggled to understand how anyone could participate in an act so horrific. Over the next few weeks, I watched in amazement as not only my usually apathic generation but also entire communities rallied behind everything that is so great about our country. On campus, there was a prayer vigil in the Union plaza and service in the newly constructed Paris-Yates Chapel. Stories of heroism filled the news and even here on campus stories about actually seeing Ground Zero trickled back. There are not enough words. Over this last weekend, the Rebels and Hogs battled it out in an unprecidented 7 overtimes, with the Rebels eventually losing. The Grove is starting to look like the essence of fall with the changing leaves, and the grass is starting to suffer from foot- ball game crowds. The shops on the Square are filled with holiday merchandise already, and we can finally buy a sweater and actaully wear it! And don ' t worry Dad, I am going to class and staying on top of my homework, or at least trying. My teachers think that just because I am taking 300 and 400 level classes that all I want to do is study! I ' m still not sure if I will graduate on time, but if not I would be there with Abigail for one semester. I ' m looking forward to moving off campus, but not dealing with commuter parking or actually finding the Yight ' apart- ment! Anyway, I ' m off to a review session for my huge test on Thursday; Talk to you soon! Hotty Toddy ! Love Your Favoite Rebel Dear Mom Dad v - " V Vv m stf KELLEY HUNSBURGER Above-Cara Witherspoon, St and Cod Giles head to the Bl Martin for Halloween night fun Center- These F I Charro patrons enjoyed a dinner with friends. Bot , ,, Ralph Brascth and Traei Mi • enjoy the Student Media pai n of Delta Sigma Thei.; nizani ed aunted house for children of the Oxford community 6-9 p.m. complete with LaToya Green dre ed as from Hnmy. " TRICK-OR-TREATING IS THOUGHT TO HAVE STARTED WITH A NINTH-CENTURY EUROPEAN CUSTOM CALLED SOULING. EARLY CHRISTIANS WOULD WALK FROM VILLAGE TO VILLAGE BEGGING FOR " SOUL CAKES, " WHICH WERE MADE OUT OF BREAD PIECES WITH CURRANTS IN THEM ON NOVEMBER 2, ALL SOULS DAY. THE MORE CAKES GIVEN TO THE BEGGERS PROMISED MORE PRAYERS FOR DEAD RELATIVES. 3-oQfJiiMG ox5o(?d (jam CMOVQ Calvin Ellis, a senior vocal music education major, listened to Oxford ' s need for a youth singing ensemble. Now, Ellis... Ellis is conducting his one that he began: Oxford Children ' s Choir, which has four concerts coming in all started with prodding from attentive Department of Music faculty who inspired the Millington, Tenn., native to follow a dream he hopes to take professionally. Well-attended auditions in May 2000 singled out 32 talented young vocal- ists. Several months later, the Oxford Children ' s Choir debuted in solo per- formances and with the elite University Concert Singers at First Baptist Church. The choir performed again last spring at First Presbyterian -Kevin bain Church in Oxford, where the ensemble regularly rehearses. Last year, Ellis secured a $900 grant for the choir from the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council, an Oxford organization that offers financial and technical assistance to local and county artists. The money helped youngsters pay for music, supplies, and other expenses. Elaine Abadie, the council ' s executive director, said Ellis impressed the panel with his group ' s goals and public good: " I think it ' s outstanding what he ' s doing. " " Many musicians, as accomplished as Calvin is, have a difficult time explaining musical concepts to children, " said Dr. Steve Brown, chair of the music department. " He ' s very conversant with children and adults. I look forward to having him in music education. He ' ll be a 31 .Student Life wonderful asset in that area of the program. " Dr. Debra Spurgeon, UM ' s new assistant professor of choral music education, helps Ellis with the Oxford Children ' s Choir. Spurgeon, who has conducted high school and collegiate honors choirs throughout the Southwest, said Ellis approaches his role with a special touch. " When Ellis isn ' t in class or working with the children, he is singing as a member of Blue-Ten Harmony, a popular UM-student formed all-male a cappella group, and The Spirit ofOle Miss, UM ' s premiere vocal jazz ensemble. Every year since 1998, Ellis has been honored for his vocal performances at annual National Association of Teachers of Singing conferences, placing in the top three berths. Ellis, who also is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, last year was honored in the inaugural group of Gates Millennium Scholars, a scholarship program funded by a $1 billion grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and administered by the United Negro College Fund. He and other recipients were honored for academic achievement, community service and leadership potential. Ellis hopes to one day conduct classical choral music or a jazz ensemble. He said he was proud to have won the scholarship because up to that point, he had spent a lot of time and effort in measuring up to the award criteria, which he had painstakingly documented on the application. The prestigious scholarships pay full tuition each year through graduation. " I was happy that my hard work had paid off, " Ellis said. -WRITTEN BY OEIDRA JACKSON TOPS $100 MUJQAf Research and service efforts at The University of Mississippi (UM) have passed another milestone, topping $100 million for the current fiscal year. Faculty and scientists on the Oxford campus and at The University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson have attracted $109.1 million in external funding for research, service and education projects during fiscal year 2000-01, which ends June 30. The previous record was a combined $67.7 million in fiscal year 1998-99. " This dramatic increase in external funding reflects our long- standingcommitment to research and the more recent work of the Office of Research, " said Dr. Dan Jones, associate vice chancel- lor for health affairs at the Medical Center. " We have a very talented reservoir of investigators who, with appropriate funding, will make major contributions to the health of our nation. " •WRITTEN BY MITCHELL DIGGS IX VaM Qdk wmd {jftst assisted ptoUost 501 lAute lJfolrf qjtjOifis Thirty-one years ago, Donald Cole spoke up for equal rights at The University of Mississ ippi (UM). Today, he is at the forefront of minority opportunities on the UM campus. Associate dean of the UM Graduate School and associate professor of mathematics, Cole has been named assistant provost for multi-cultural affairs, a new post. " My job is to make sure diversity issues, when they come up, are properly addressed in the academic sector, " Cole explained. " This University has a unique history that makes it a prime candidate to be a model, not just for Mississippi, but for the entire nation in the area of diversity. " He said he expects to be working with deans, department chairs, the Faculty Senate andthe Staff Council to ensure, " a proactive, coordinatedeffort. " Provost Carolyn Ellis Staton said Cole was chosen for the job because he has COURTESY OF IMAGI been a driving force to broad- en opportunities for students and faculty of all races and nationalities. " Many of the University ' s accomplishments in the area of diversification can be traced back to the work of Dr. Cole, " Staton said. " We hope his appointment will allow him to expand his efforts in this important endeavor. " Cole ' s initial goal is to attract more black, American Indian and Hispanic faculty so the Oxford campus will more closely reflect the state ' s ethnic makeup. " We as a university want to represent us as a state, " he explained. " We feel we ' re the flagship institution in Mississippi, so it ' s our job to take the leadership role in these diversity issues 1 and set an example. " Cole said he will continue to teach, which he said helps him stay in touch with faculty issues. -WRITTEN BY MITCHELL DIGGS Straight from the News Desk United in Ox(yO l d September 11, 200l -ROBERT JORDAN ' let ' s show whoever did this what being an American is all about. " This is a time to take special care of ourselves and each other. Let ' s let them see what each stripe in our flag represents; United, driven by love, respect, thoughtfulness, and kindness: the bloodshed for our own freedom. Let ' s show them the unbreakable we will as , Mr Faulkner has said, not only endure, bond of our people, who may not all have the same beliefs, but put prevail " Chancellor Robert Khayat share a common bond of unbreakable faith " Kimberley Dudley, a journalism major from Oxford Student Lift Middle Right-Mississippi Blood Services turns potential donors away after the enormous response caused the short blood supply for those in New York City. Donors were asked to schedule appointments later since the initial needs were met. Bclow-Studcnts and teachers alike watch in disbelief as the events of September 1 1, 2001 unfold on the television. Although the University did not cancel classes the following day many teachers did, and classes were canceled on Friday for the National Day of Rememberence. • • t " 4 yf. r m ' • m -ROBERT I0RDAN I 9 W -ROBERT JORDAN -ROBERT JORDAN Above-Attendees of the prayer service held in the Paris- Yates Chapel arrive to, as a community, remember the innocent victims of the terrorist attack. Right- With standing room only, these students support each other during the ceremony. -ROBERT JORDAN September 11, 2001 -JOE ELLIS " The purpose of a university is not only to produce scholars, but to encourage the self-discovery and development of personal values and to help each individual to recognize human dignity in his fellow students. Life at Ole Miss is a kaleidoscope of sights and sound, people, places, and events " Going to Ole Miss and living in Oxford is like living in your own little piece of the world. There ' s Q Student Life that create a vast knowledge in culture and in life. It is hoped that each student may emerge from his college experience with a balanced development of body, mind, and character, which shall fit him for life in the world of today 9 -the 1966 Ole Miss m -JEREMY LODEN KELIS HOLMAN ASHLEY WILLIAMS no place like it anywhere else! -Katie Huch, a senior journalism major from Marietta, Georgia Student Life Montage |F5fl| Academics Division OTOS BY ROBERT JORDAN emics codemics Division ff j Letter from the Chancellor Dear Ole Miss Students: A great university is a portal to learning and teaching, research and discovery, service and outreach. This 106th edition of the Ole Miss is a permanent record of the past years success in all those areas. It is a composite of the lives of students, the dedication of our faculty, the support of our staff, the loyalty of our alumni, and the strength of our commitment to being a Great American Public University. In 1897, when the Ole Miss was first published, the unnamed editor wrote: " We began this years work as strong, morally, mentally and physically, as any class anywhere. We have won distinction in athletics, oratory, in scholarship - in all things for which we have contested ' . ' The sentiment holds true for 2001. We entered the 21st century leading the way as a great public university, shaping our community, responding to the challenges of an uncertain time, increasing the opportunities for the success of our grad- uates, and opening the avenues of learning to every deserving student. In 2001, every aspect of life at the University dramatically improved. Last spring, we hosted a three-day event -- Celebration Weekend -- for alumni, friends, students, faculty, and staff to mark our campus-wide achievements. We announced to the University community that the Commitment to Excellence Campaign had far exceeded our expectations: graduates and friends of Ole Miss contributed a record $525.9 million in donations to improve educational opportunities for our students. Last May, the first graduates of the McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College recei ved their diplomas. The fall semester marked the beginning of the fourth year of the Croft Institute for International Studies and the end of the first full year for the Barksdale Reading Institute. In April, we inducted our first Phi Beta Kappa class. Last summer, the Trent Lott Leadership Institute welcomed hundreds of students from across the Southeast to its first summer program. The Oxford campus benefitted from more than $200 million in construction and building improvements including the $30 million Gertrude C. Ford Center for the Performing Arts, the Paris- Yates Chapel and Peddle Bell Tower, the Old Chemistry Renovation, and the Vaught-Hemingway south end zone enclosure. This year the largest and most diverse class in history embarked on their lives at Ole Miss. More than 3000 incoming freshmen and transfer students joined us. Our academic programs were strengthened, and we offered abundant opportunities in all of our fourteen colleges and schoo ls. Our distinguished faculty remained committed to the search for and communication of knowledge. Our students, faculty, and staff played leading roles in shaping our society - on and off campus. We enjoyed a successful athletics program of the highest integrity and the continued support of a loyal Alumni Association. Being a " Great American Public University is no longer merely our goal, it is our destiny. Thank you all for a memorable year. Warmest regards, faux t r Robert C. Khayat Chancellor -KEVIN BAIN The Chancellor is engaged in an animated conversation with a stu- dent during a tour of the campus. II 31 Academics -JEREMY LOOEN He applauds at the Paris- Yates Chapel dedication. -JEREMY LODEN Dr. Khayat converses with Jim Barksdale before the graduation ceremony. -JEREMY LODEN Governor Ronnie Musgrove listens as the Chancellor speaks at the Lyceum Rededication. -KEVIN BAIN Chancellor Khayat stands among distinguished guests during the announcement of the Overby Center donation. Robert Conrad Khayat -Date taken office: 1995 i -Degrees Held: B.A.E, J.D, LL.M -Years as a Washington Redskin (NFL): 1960-64 -Honors Received: GM Student Hall of Fame, NFL Alumni ' s Career Achievement Award, Ole Miss Athletic Hall of Fame, 1 993-94 Outstanding Law Professor of the Year -Achievements while in office: Establishing the McDonnell- Barksdale Honors College and the Croft Institute for International Studies, awarding of a Phi Beta Kappa Chapter, raising $525.9 million during the Commitment to Excellence Campaign Letter from Chancellor E.H. Patterson School of Accountancy Conner Hall Date construction began: 1959 Date construction completed: 1961 Date renovation completed: 1 998 CONNER hall hl " PATTERSON SCHOOL Ol ACCOUNTANCY -JEREMY LODEN The E.H. Patterson School of Accountancy was the first School of Accountancy in the state of Mississippi to receive separate accounting accreditation at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. It has the privilege of owning a rare 100% placement rate in the accountancy profession. It is also ranked among the top 100 of schools that produce accounting graduates who go on to become Big-5 partners. In August of 2001, the school received yet another honor when it was selected to house the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Library, the largest and most prestigious accounting library collection in the world. The library includes over 126,000 items such as books, pamphlets, and journals, and is permanently housed in the J.D. Williams Library . Ole Miss was chosen over schools such as Michigan, Ohio and New York, because of the combined efforts of Chancellor Khayat and administration within the School of Accountancy. These accomplishments are particularly admirable considering the school is only in its 22nd year at Ole Miss. Accounting has been taught as a subject since the beginning in 1848, but not until 1979 did it become a separate school. Achievements such as these in the School of Accountancy are tremendous and part of what makes the ongoing effort of national recognition at the University of Mississippi a successful endeavor in Oxford. -WRITTEN BY CASSIE HOWARD -JEREMY LODEN jl Academics -JEREMY LODEN Students congregate outside of Conner between classes. -JEREMY LODEN A student marches in graduation carrying the School of Accountancy Banner. -ROBERT JORDAN A typical class in one of the many stadium seating rooms in Conner Hall About the School of Accountancy -100% of our graduates are placed in well-paying jobs, and many students have employment offers as early as 18 months before they graduate -75% of University of Mississippi accountancy majors with masters degrees join Big-5 firms upon graduation -Year-in, year-out, Ole Miss grad- uates earn Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals on the CPA exam -From the School of Accountacy Recruiting Brochure EH Patterson Schooi of Accountancy School of Business Adminstration Holman Hall Date built: 1997 Built by: Eley Associates Architects PA, Inman Construction Corp Named for: The Holman family, supporters of The University of Mississippi since the early 1 900s. -JEREMY LODEN The School of Business opened its doors in 1917 and has continued to expand and strengthen over the years. The Administration holds aspirations to reinforce core values. " Our vision is to strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of the learning environment in the School of Business Administration, thereby, providing all students with innovative interdisciplinary programs of study while substantively contributing to the body of business knowledge in the theoretical, as well as the practical, realms of research! ' While providing a strong foundation for the marketplace, the school is dedicated to business preparation, direction, and research. Ole Miss is ranked as a Research Intensive Institution by the Carnegie Foundation, and the Business School is also widely known for its national prominence. Along with its commitment to provide all students with the highest quality of information and technology, the Business School allows multiple opportunties to get involved through their wide range of organizations. Some of these include: AITR The American Marketing Associations and Beta Gamma Sigma. The school is housed in Holman Hall, a technological wonder- land. It features classrooms which hold lectures for the students and group study areas that provide a Academics space for students to prepare for tests and projects with their peers. Each of these study rooms have 4 network connections that allows accessibility to Internet. There are approximately 2,000 network connections throughout the Connor-Holman Complex that speed data transmission up to 100 million bits per second using switched Ethernet technology. Holman also provides students with a professional environment which prepares them for the global business world. Conference rooms and lounges are scattered throughout the building as a convenient mean for students to rest, set laptops up to check e-mail, or congregate with one another to unite ideas. -WRITTEN BY ASHLEY JONES A student outside in Holman. diligently works on her homework the atrium between Conner and ■ROBERT JORDAN Students enjoy the pleasant fall weather between classes. •ROBERT! -JEREMY LODEN The classrooms in the business accountancy complex have some of the most advanced instructional technology. About the School of Business Administration -Date established: 1917 -Levels of Degrees offered: bachelors, masters and doctoral -Famous Alumni: Jim Barksdale, BBA 1965 -Number of majors offered within the school of business: 1 1 -Some companies recruiting Ole Miss BBA Students: IBM, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, WorldCom, National Bank of Commerce, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., International Paper Schooi of Business Administration School of Education Education Building Date built: 1929 Date expanded: 1956 li.irksibli Rcudi Mi-.sissippi iiaclnr f urpv Mivsisvippi h.ulur FeUonihip Procrjni Niulh Mississippi h Hut Jtt.ui ( onsorlium World Qa ffacfciai Ctntti -JEREMY LODEN Since 1903, The School of Education has been preparing students to be professional teachers and educational administrators. Through classroom instruction, research and field experiences, the School of Educations goal is to " prepare skilled professionals who positively and effectively interact with all persons regardless of race, culture, gender, age, ability and or development levels! ' Students who desire to receive a degree in elementary education will acquire the skills to become a positive influence on young minds. Ultimately, they will frame the cognitive and social development of these children. This field of education interacts with children in kindergarten through sixth grade. Students who receive degrees in secondary education learn the effective classroom management and teaching methods needed to work with children in grades seven through twelve. They will strive to mold the minds of pre-teens and teens. They will also provide guidance that will aid students in goal attainment. The School of Education also offers degrees in special education. These students learn how to teach, relate and communicate with a diverse group of learners. They also concentrate on providing one on one attention to the kids. The University of Mississippi ' s education department emphasizes that teachers are life long learners. These life long learners are responsible for turning students ' aspirations into achievements and dreams into reality. -WRITTEN BY ASHLEY JONES © Academics Honey Witt, 2001 graduate, prepares herself for the march into the Grove with the School of Education banner. The new markers on University Avenue marking entrance to the campus is right by the Education Building. Chip Mitchell recruits some education majors for the Teach for America program. About the School of Education -Date established: 1903 -Undergraduates in the school of educa- tion can chose from these programs elementary education, special educa- tion, and secondary education -Special programs offered through the school: The Barksdale Reading Institute, Mississippi Teacher Fellowship Program, World Class Teacher Program, Mississippi Teacher Corps, North Mississippi Education Consortium, Making Excellent New Teachers of Reading Source: School of Education Website -PHOTOS BY JEREMY LODEN School oj Education |Rfl School of Engineering Carrier Hall Date built: 1970 Sister building: Anderson Hall Contains: Deans Office and the departments of Civil Engineering, Geology and Geological Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Center for Computational Hydroscience and Engineering. Named for: Robert M. Carrier, one of the Gniversitys most generous benefactors, also endowing a large academic scholarship fund, donating considerable funds to athletic programs, and donating the Carrier Home, the Chancellors residence. -JEREMY LODEN The School of Engineering at The University of Mississippi " strives to continuously improve the quality of teaching, research and service! ' It was founded in 1900. It is the oldest engineering school in the state. The dean of the school is Dr. Kai Fong Lee. The School of Engineering is nationally and internationally respected in seven areas including: computational hydroscience and engineering, electromagnetic fields and waves, composite materials processing, marine materials and mining technology, heat transfer and energy conservation, highway pave- ments and telecommunications. The School of Engineering undergraduate programs include chemical, civil, electrical, geological and mechanical engineering along with telecommunications and computer science. The school houses the National Center for Computational Hydroscience (NCCHE), The Composite Materials Research Group (CMRG) and The Mississippi Resources Institute (MMRI). Students working with these programs and the School of Engineering are working to prevent pollution from pesticides, make our water safer, make our home more efficient, make our highways smoother and make our airplanes faster. The School of Engineering is also home to many prestigious honor societies including Tau Beta Pi Association, Chi Epsilon, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Gamma Epsilon and the Student Branch of the American societies of Chemical Engineers, Civil Engineers, and Mechanical Engineers. The University of Mississippi chapter of Chi Epsilon was established in 1937 and was the first to be authorized in all of the southeastern states. -WRITTEN BY KELLEY HUNSBERGER © Academics Students diligently work in the computer lab of Carrier Hall. -ROBERT JORDAN A worker helps to clear out old technology at the University. .„»«»,--».„ J -ROBERT JORDAN A professor conducts a demonstration using his bed of nails. -ROBERT JORDAN About the School of Engineering -Date established: 1854 -Little Known Fact: Our program is the oldest engineering school in the state -Dean: Dr. Kai-Fong Lee -Levels of Degrees offered: bachelors, masters and doctoral Source: School of Engineering Website School of Engineering The Graduate School Old Chemistry Building Date built: 1923 Date most recently renovated: 2001 -JEREMY LODEN The Graduate School of The Gniversity of Mississippi has been a source of pride for Ole Miss for many decades. Since courses at the graduate level first began to be offered in 1870, the graduate school has come a long way. It now offers over 70 degree programs leading to the masters, specialist, and doctoral degrees. The Graduate School administers all graduate study at the Gniversity, and is a member of the Council of Graduate Schools in the United States. The School works closely with the Council of Graduate Schools to ensure that policy is followed to maintain the standards, quality, and integrity that is vital to having a successful graduate program. A diverse and qualified faculty of approximately 400 members are helping the Graduate School to continually raise the standard of higher education in our university community. The Gniversity of Mississippi Graduate School attracts over 1,800 students from around the globe who come to Oxford to receive superior graduate training combined with the beautiful small town atmosphere of Oxford. These students are working towards the goal of not only obtaining knowledge about a particular subject, but obtaining that knowledge to the degree that they can make an original and independent contribution to that particular field. By 1873, the Gniversitys catalog stated the requirements for the Ph.D. degree; however, the first doctorate awarded was an honorary one. It was granted in 1877 to Robert Hill Loughbridge (class of 1871), who served on the faculty of the Gniversity of California for many years, ho honorary Ph.D.s have been awarded since. The Gniversity also granted its first two " earned " Master of Arts degrees in 1873. The graduate school office is housed in the Old Chemistry Building and managed by Associate Dean Don Cole and Assistant Dean Judith Cole. -WRITTEN BY CASSIE HOWARD Academics The class marshall leads the Graduate Schools procession into the Grove for commencement. Students converse on the front steps of Bondurant Hall. This nameplate for the Graduate School can be found on Bondurant Hall, the original home the school. -PHOTOS BY JEREMY LODEN About the Graduate Program -Date established: 1927 -Degrees offered: Master of Arts , Master of Science, Master of Education, Designated Masteis Degree Programs, Specialist Degree, Doctor of Arts , Doctor of Education, Doctor of Philosophy -By 1873, the Gniversitys catalog stated the requirements for the Ph.D. degree; however, the first doctorate awarded was an honorary one. It was granted in 1877 to Robert Hill Loughbridge (class of 1871), who served on the faculty of the Clniversity of California for many years. No honorary Ph.D.s have been awarded since. The Clniversity also granted its first two " earned " Master of Arts degrees in 1873. Source: The Graduate School Website The Graduate School School of Law Lamar Hall The Law Center Date built: 1977 Named for: Lucius Quintus Cincinatus Lamar, who taught on the first law fac- ulty here, and pioneered the case method of teach- ing law (which is now used almost universally in law instruction) -JEREMY LODEN The University of Mississippi Law School may be one of the oldest of its kind in the nation, but it is continually progressing to meet the demands of a premier institution of the 21st Century. Leading the law school in this endeavor is Dean Samuel Davis, who is most qualified to be the head of a school striving toward an unprecedented degree of excellence. Under the leadership of Dean Davis, the Law School has posted such numbers as a 96% career placement rate in 2001 . The Law School attracts students from all over the nation, with 13 states and 52 schools represented in the 2001 class. Lamar Hall has been the home of The University of Mississippi Law Center since 1978 and also holds the Law Library, an extensive collection of more than 270,000 books and volume equivalents in microform and audiovisual resources. The Law School, which is accredited by the American Bar Association and is a member of Association of American Law Schools, has a variety of organizations and programs that appeal to a diverse group of students. CIS News and World Report ranks The University of Mississippi School of Law as a second tier law school. Specific organizations include publications such as the Mississippi Law Journal and The Journal of Natural Security Law and a variety of other journals and The Journal of Natural Security Law and a variety of other groups that highlight particular interests such as the Christian Legal Society and Black Law Students Association. The law school also offers exciting programs that can lead students to study in places like Cambridge and Hawaii. The state of Mississippi and the nation is littered with outstanding leaders that have graduated from this esteemed law school, and undoubtedly the future only holds more exciting possibilities for The University of Mississippi Law School. -WRITTEN BY CASSIE HOWARD © Academics The composites of the School of Law graduates line the walls in Lamar Hall. The actual name plaque for the School of Law can be found in Farley Hall, where the school was once housed. A group of law students converse in the lounge area of the Law School Library. 1 out the School of Law -Date established: 1854 -Little Known Fact: It is the fourth oldest public law school in the coun- try -CIS News and World Report ranks The University of Mississippi School of Law as a second tier law school. -About the 2001 entering class: Average Age=24, Applications received=l 165, Number enrolled=163, Average LSAT score=153 Source: School of Law Website -PHOTOS BY JEREMY LODEN School of Law wU. College of Liberal Arts Ventress Hall Date built: 1889 Cost of the original construction: $35,000 Former uses of the building: library, Law School (1911-1929), the state Geological Survey (1929-1963), the Department of Geology. Named in 1985 for: James Alexander Ventress, who is called the " Father of the University " Historic Feature: its large stained -glass window presented to the University by the Alumni Association and Delta Gamma, honoring the University Greys, a company of students who fought in the Civil War -JEREMY LODEN The College of Liberal Arts here at the University of Mississippi is the largest and oldest academic division. It was founded in 1848 and continues to flourish as the Gniversity grows. While there were only 4 professors teaching the curriculm at its birth, the College of Liberal Arts now has over 250 dedicated faculty members. Today the school is proudly and successfully making adjustments for the 21st century, In 2001, the school has shown a reflection to the Clniversitys Commitment to Excellence. Perhaps, one of the greatest accomplishments under the school is the $5 million donation given to the journalism department in August. Donated by the Freedom Forum, the money will create the Overby Center for Southern Journalism and Politics which is named in honor of Ole Miss alumnus Charles Overby. This is the largest grant that the Freedom Forum has ever donated to any university, and it is expected to transform the journalism department and make renovations to Farley Hall. Another exciting achievement is the completion of renovating Bondurant Hall, a building which holds many Liberal Arts classrooms. These " top to bottom " improvements, made with $2.5 million, will make a more com- fortable learning environment for stu- dents. The addition of a new roof, refinished stairwells, upgraded elevators and technological advances were part of the renovation. Also, a new floor plan configuration was created and the basement now houses an inviting language resource center. Bondurant is named after Professor Alexander Bondurant who suggested that the school colors be blue and red. Ventress Hall houses the College of Liberal Arts. Found on the outside corner of the grove, this historic building continues to open its door for generations of students to come. -WRITTEN BY ASHLEY JONES ] I Academics A student takes advantage of the nice fall weather by sketching outside. -JEREMY LODEN Painting in the grass A student studies on the front steps of Peabody Hall. -ROBERT JORDAN A student experiments with the potters wheel -JEREMY LODEN .. OTHH -KELSI HOLMAN Studying outside About the College of Liberal Arts -Date established: 1848 -Levels of Degrees offered: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Music, and Bachelor of Science degrees in over 30 fields of study -Most Recent accolade: awarding of a Phi Beta Kappa Chapter on October 21, 2000 -ROBERT JORDAN College of Liberal Arts School of Pharmacy Faser Hall Date built: 1969 Original Cost of Construction: $1.5 Million Amount of Money Donated by the National Institutes of Health for Renovations in 2000: $1 Million Total Estimated Cost of the Gpcoming 3 Stage Renovation: between $8 million and $10 million -JEREMY LODEN In the early 1960s, Charles W. Hartman saw a need for developing the undergraduate and graduate program in pharmacy administration. He wanted to add to the education of competent pharmacists and teachers. He created an outstanding faculty by 1965. This program is one of only two in the nation to have doctoral students enrolled every year for the past 34 years. Ole Miss has had the highest cumulative enrollment of M.S. and Ph.D. students since it began. The department currently has five full time, seven joint appointees, two part-time, and 16 adjunct faculty members. The department has maintained a graduate program with a primary interest in the marketing and economics of pharmacy products and the role of pharmacists in the delivery and management of health care. The scientists in the department use national mail surveys, focus groups, telephone and face-to-face interviews, psychological experiments, and computers in their research. Through their research, the faculty has made many contributions to the areas of consumer behavior; marketing, management, and the economics of pharmaceuticals; health related quality of life; drug consumption behavior; and pharmacist intervention effectiveness. There are a number of roads a pharmacy student can take in the versatile field. Tracks offered for the B.S. in Pharmaceutical Science are Practice Track, Pharmaceutical Management Marketing Track, Pharmacology Toxicology Track, Pharmaceutics Track, Medicinal Chemistry Track, Natural Product Drug Discovery and Development Track. -WRIHEN BY AMANDA JOHNSON E3| Academics Pharmacy graduates march to the Inside the Thad Cochran Research Entering the Natural Product Center Grove. Center Pharmacy students discuss career opportunities at Walgreens at Career Day. About the School of Pharmacy -Date established: 1908 -Degrees offered: Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Doctor of Pharmacy -Tracks offered for the BS: Practice Track, Pharmaceutical Management Marketing Track, Pharmacology Toxicology Track, Pharmaceutics Track, Medicinal Chemistry Track, Natural Product Drug Discovery and Development Track. -Academic Departments within the school: Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacognosy, Medicinal Chemistry, Pha rmacology.Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy Administration -Outstanding accomplishment: establishing a Bioterrorism Information website PHOTOS BY JEREMY LODEN School of Pharmacy McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College The • McDonnell- 3B Barksdale Honors College Date built: 1972 du I Amount of the Barksdale IJl gift that established the • MBHC: $5.4 million Formerly know as: Alpha Delta Pi house it ' ' ■ 1 ' E ' ' H ' MB " ownim.. r Honors College -JEREMY LODEN The McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College is a relatively new addition to the University of Mississi ppi, but already it is making an impact on the quality of intellectual life at Ole Miss. Founded in 1997 by a gift from James and Sally Barksdale, the Honors College has the unique quality of combining an education similar to that of a prestigious, private liberal arts school or university with the low cost of a public institution. Scholarships are offered to incoming students to help attract them to the University and the Honor College. These Barksdale Scholarships totaling $24,000 ($6,000 per year) limited to Mississippi residents, Pichitino Scholarships, six annual awards val- ued at $24,000 ($6,000 per year) Academics open to all applicants, and Harold Parker Scholarships, two annual awards valued at $24,000 ($6,000 per year) open to all applicants. The Honors curriculum encourages critical thinking and emphasizes community service. Honors students are a diverse community from many different majors. Students enter the program as freshmen and the honors curriculum is intertwined with the degree requirements for all majors. In their junior year, students are required to do a junior research project, and seniors complete a senior thesis. Honors students are also required to do a minimum of 10 service hours per semester. To graduate with an honors degree students should have at least 29 hours of honors credit and a minimum 3.5 gpa. Though the curriculum is more rigorous than a normal degree program, many honors students find that the atmosphere of fellow students and faculty who appreciate the pursuit of knowledge to be worth the more difficult curriculum. The McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College has its own facility on campus with a 24-hour access computer lab, full kitchen, living room with fireplace, several study areas, and an outdoor deck. The classrooms of the Honors College are state of the art, designed to accommodate the average class size of about 15 and equipped with television, DVD, VCR, and computer hook ups. -WRITTEN BY CASSIE HOWARD » . . . . j . , , ... Many students find that it is easier to study for test with others. A student is engrossed in a book outside. J 3 A recent addition to the MBHC building, the outside deck, is used for social gatherings such as cook-outs as well as occasional class meetings during nice days. About the MBHC -Date established: 1997 - Average ACT score of 31 and SAT score of 1350 and high school grade point average of 3.85 of incoming freshman -Minimum requirements : 29 hours of Honor Credit and a 3.5 cumulative grade point average -Scholarships offered to students in the MBHC: Barksdale Scholarships- $24,000 ($6,000 per year) limited to Mississippi residents, Pichitino Scholarships, six annual awards valued | at $24,000 ($6,000 per year) open to all applicants, Harold Parker Scholarships, two annual awards valued at $24,000 ($6,000 per year) open to all applicants. Source: MBHC website -PHOTOS BY JEREMY LOOEN McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College IE The Croft Institute for International Studies The Croft Building Date built: 1853 Served as: a convocation hall and chapel and for years housed the YMCA Former name: the " Y " Building, or the Old Chapel Fact: It is the second oldest building on campus. -JEREMY LODEN Since it first became operational in 1998, the Croft Institute for International Studies has been working to prepare students for leadership in many areas such as law, business, taxation, accountancy, public service, education, and other fields through recognizing that in the 21st century, our world is becoming increasingly interdependent, and an understanding of other countries religions, languages, economic situations, legal systems, and culture is vital to the future of many businesses. Students who major in International Studies must acquire significant proficiency in a language other than English and concentrate on a specific world area and set of global issues. In addition to these requirements, Croft students study abroad for at least one semester. The Croft Institute for International Studies has the important goal of preparing not only students of the University of Mississippi to be aware of the growing demands of international dependency, but other citizens throughout the state as well. The Croft Institute is developing the introduction of international studies to Mississippi schoolchildren and wants to work with teachers and state off icials to further their goals in the early education of international issues. The Croft Institute also plans to assist the states businesses and industries prepare for increased global ventures. A program such as the Croft Institute for International Studies is an important part of the University of Mississippi and follows right along with the goal of not only handing out degrees but enriching the state of Mississippi and its inhabitants. The Croft Institute was funded by the largest gift in the states higher education history, $60 million from the Joseph E. Bancroft Charitable and Educational Fund -WRITTEN BY CASSIE HOWARD IJ Academics 1 r J JLU F ■■ ■l " " l - B Students study in the recently renovated union lounge. International Students proudly hold the flags of their home countries. -JEREMY LODEN KELSI HOLMAN The Croft Building has a lovely porch that faces the Grove. -JEREMY LODEN About The Croft -Date established: 1997 -Funded by: the largest gift in the states higher education history, $60 million from the Joseph E. Bancroft Charitable and Educational Fund Prepares students for leadership in busi- ness, law, taxation, accountancy, public service, education and other fields with a deeper knowledge of our increasingly interdependent world -Offers Brown Bag Lectures that are free ' and open to the public -First Executive Director: Dr. Michael F Metcalf -Number of scholarships given annually to incoming freshmen: 10 Tfie Croft Institute for Internotionaf Studies L J School of Applied Sciences George Street University House Date built:: 1914 Original purpose of the University House: to serve as the home of Professor Thomas H. Somerville Named for: the late George M. Street, director emeritus of University Relations in 1998 Cost of renovation: $500,000 from the state legislature The School of Applied Sciences and Professional Studies was created to encompass the academic programs that emphasize scholarship, professional training, and human health service. This new school includes the Departments of Communicative Disorders, Social Work, Exercise Science and Leisure Management, Family and Consumer Sciences and Court Reporting. Dr. Thomas Crowe, chair and professor of Communicative Disorders, serves as the dean of the school. Linda Chitwood, chair and associate professor of the Exercise Science and Leisure Management, serves as the interim associate dean. Academics The school is located in the George Street House. It enables the interaction between disciplines by creating a single administrative structure. Human society ' s health and well-being is the mission of the school. The goal is to accomplish this through programs in child and family life, communicative sciences and disorders, diet and nutrition, exercis e science, lei sure management, health promotion, hospital management, legal studies, merchandising and social work. The plans for the new school began to take shape in the fall of 1999. The proposal for the school was presented to the State -JEREMY LODEN College Board after much discussion and planning for which departments would benefit from the merge. " Through exposure to interdisciplinary research, funding, human service activities, and other cooperative efforts, the students stand to gain a great deal from this merge, " Crowe said. " We want to offer the best education possible to our students. The School became official in July 2001. The students enrolled in the departments covered by the merger transferred to the new school. -WRITTEN BY AMANDA JOHNSON Students study in the Grove. -JEREMY LODEN Students chat on the benches outside of the Union. -JEREMY LODEN 9 ' jf An Ole Miss Ambassador talks with a prospective student about college life. -KELSI HOLMAN About the School of Applied Sciences -Date established: 2001 -Different departments of the school: Communicative Disorders, Court Reporting, Family and Consumer Sciences, Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management, Social Work, and Speech and Hearing Center - The schools mission: to enhance human societys health and well-being by offering educational programs in child and family life, communicative sciences and disorders, dietetics and nutrition, exercise science, leisure management, health promotion, hos- pital management, legal studies, mer- chandising and social work. School of Allied Sciences |ftE The Career Center Martindale Student Service Center Date reded icated: October 30, 1998 Formerly know as: Old Gym Keynote speaker at the rededication: Sen. Trent Lott, Senate Majority Leader at the time Named for: Larry and Susan Martindale Renovation total: $7 million in state funds -JEREMY LODEN Most students attend college with the hopes of one day enjoying a career that is perfectly suited for them, but it is not always that simple. That is why the Career Center at Ole Miss is an aid to many grateful students. The Career Center helps students from freshmen on up. Their many areas of assistance include picking the career that is right for individual students and helping them find the available jobs in that career. The Career Center has many programs that can show students their career options, help them construct a resume, connect them with an Ole Miss alum in their particular field of interest, and provide them with all types of information regarding future employment. The Career Center also hosts numerous workshops and events designed to help students in choosing a career and obtaining the necessary skills to prosper in their career. Teacher Recruitment Day and Pharmacy Recruitment Day are two major events held by the Career Center that provide the opportunity for students within a certain major to talk to employers about future job possibilities. The most popular event sponsored by the Career Center is Career Day, when over 100 employers come to The University of Mississippi to recruit for their companies and allow students a chance to get a taste of the job market. A visit to the Ole Miss Career Center usually begins with The Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator and the Strong Vocational Interest Inventory which a counselor interprets and uses to provide options for careers that seem catered to indi- vidual interests. The Career Center is open to all students who are looking for help in finding employment and is located on the third floor of the Martindale Student Services Center. -WRITTEN BY CASSIE HOWARD Academics A student learns about opportunities at AmSouth Bank at Career Day. Kara Giessner hands a copy of her resume to a recruiter at Career Day. Tim Robbins is one of the many student workers at the Natnan Ford ' a P eer career counselor, helps a student with Career Center. her resume. A bird ' s eye view of Career Day at the Turner Center Gym. Over 1 00 employers came out to meet Ole Miss students. -PHOTOS BY JEREMY LODEN The Carter Center Mississippi Alliance for Minority Particpation ASB President and member of the McDonnell- Barksdale Honors College, Clarence Webster, speaks during Celebration Weekend A student is advised on what classes she should take for the upcoming semester. The Mississippi Alliance for Minority Participation (MAMP) is made possible by a joint effort between the National Science Foundation, the state of Mississippi, and Mississippi eight public universities. The goal of MAMP is to increase graduates in science, engineering, and mathematics that are members of traditionally under-represented minorities. A summer bridge program for entering freshman is offered through MAMP The Guaranteed 4.0 Program, provides seminars on skills for academic success and financial incentives for qualified applicants. Another program, which is part of MAMP called IMAGE (Increasing Minority Access to Graduate Education) offers tutoring, mentoring, professional conferences, and summer research internships. The program also offers study sessions, statewide retreats, networking, financial support, a walk-in center and other activities during the academic year. -WRinEN BY AMANDA JOHNSON Academics PHOTOS BY JEREMY LODEN Trent Lott Leadership Institute . ■ hi J p jg ts The Gniversity of Mississippi opened the Trent Lott Leadership Institute in the fall of 2000. The goal of the institute is to offer academic enrichment for Ole Miss students, as well as leadership training for other individuals. It was created to honor Trent Lott, one of the most outstanding graduates f rom the Gniversity. Lott is the former Senate Majority Leader and now the Senate Minority Leader. The Institute was part of the academic quest made by the Gniversity with the additions of the McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College, the Croft Institute for International Studies, and Phi Beta Kappa. The Institute offers an undergraduate minor in leadership development, an annual national international symposium exploring a leadership issue, summer institute for high school and college students, programs for students at other higher education institutions in the state and programs for business and industry professionals as well as those in other fields. " We want to honor Trent Lott, one of our most outstanding graduates, by creating a premier leadership institute in his name ' , ' said Ole Miss Chancellor Robert Khayat. " The Gniversity of Mississippi has long been recognized for its successful preparation of leaders, and our -PHOTOS BY JEREMY LODEN graduates hold positions of leadership in many disciplines literally around the globe. " With the Trent Lott Leadership Institute, we can focus even more energy toward preparing our students for leadership roles, as well as provide unparalleled leadership development for other groups " the chancellor said. " The Trent Lott Leadership Institute will have a tremendous impact on our state, region and nation with extraordinary resources fully com- mitted to preparing future leaders " The Trent Lott Leadership Institute is currently housed in Vardaman Hall and will move to LaBauve Hall once renovated. -WRITTEN BY AMANDA I0HNS0N Lott Leadership Institute Study Abroad These students studied in Belize as part of the Field Study in Marine Science program. -PHOTO COURTESY OF MISSY EUBANKS The Study Abroad Program allows students to participate in other academic p rograms in other countries and at other universities in the United States. Students pay fees for approved programs to the University and receive credit for their study Any grants, loans, and scholarships the student has may be applied to costs because they are considered to be in residence at Ole Miss. Many of the programs originate at the University and many are in cooperation with those through membership in the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), the Council for International Educational Exchange, and agreements with the American Universities International Program, the Interamerican University Studies Institute, the Cooperative Center for Study Abroad, the Butler University Institute for Study Abroad, the Beaver College Center for Education Abroad, and the University of Kansas. Two types of study abroad programs exist at Ole Miss: individual and group exchange. Individuals can participate in many programs offered in several Countries and through the National Student Exchange, which allows students to pay the cost for Ole Miss to attend 1 70 other schools in the United States fora semester or year. Group study opportunities include summer, semester, or full-year programs in various locations. Some of the semester programs include: Australia - Bond University, Monash University, or University of Queensland; England - Semester Internship in London, Liverpool Hope University College, or University of Reading; France - Study Abroad in Montpellier or Cannes; Mexico - Study in Queretaro, Mexico; New Zealand - Victoria University; Scotland - Stirling; and Spain. Summer programs to the following places are available: Belize - Field Study in Marine Science, Beijing, China - Summer Study, Costa Rica, England - International Accounting in London, England - Summer Internship in London, France, Germany, Mexico, Scotland, and Spain. -WRITTEN BY AMANDA JOHNSON Academics Academic Support Center 1 y§ ! H P If you ' re a student with an undecided major, you can probably relate to that little white feather floating around in " Forest Gump " ; like you have absolutely no direction and no determined destination. This feeling can make the college years pretty strenuous, and ' burn out ' can start to set in. Whatever happens, please dorit fret. There is help out there. The Academic Support Center exists to assist students, particularly those with undeclared majors, in finding a course of study that interests them and helping them prepare an academic course layout for their college career. " We are pleased to be part of the academic mission of The University of Mississippi " said ASC Director Charles Gates. " Academic Support Center staff, working with the Gniversitys academic departments, colleges and schools, as well as the various student support and service units on campus, are committed to helping students make informed decisions about courses, major and professional track, and to developing and implementing enhanced academic support and retention programs " Academic advising sessions are offered to students to assist them in obtaining the necessary requirements for the major they choose, which will prepare them for the chosen career. An academic advising program is also overseen by the ASC during Freshmen Summer Orientation. Advisement tools are offered to faculty advisors as well. They have the opportunity to participate in workshops and receive printed materials. Advisors also have access to an advising webpage. Students pursuing careers in various Health fields, including Medicine, Dentistry, and Physical Therapy, among several others, can take part -PHOTOS BY JEREMY LODEN in one-on-one advising session. Advisors help students prepare the necessary materials for application portfolios and interviews. Students benefit from taking part in various forums and workshops. Funded through the Luckday Foundation, the " Steps to Success program is another way for students to stay focused academically and have a successful college experience. The program offers the necessary support to incoming students, particularly freshmen, who are new to college life and being on their own. Information for achieving first-year success is available, along with personal guidance and support from program staff members. -WRITTEN BY KATHLEEN HILLMAN Academic Support Center 31,843 Donors H ■% Performing Arts Center Com mi to Mil % .- .- inctions Distinctions Division KEVIN I aient f 1 $291 Million Endowment Croft Institute Distinct xons Division IF S y£E W L 4 ct Richie Haik and Jenny Zeleskey " I love the traditions and family atmosphere of Ole Miss. This university will always hold a special place in my heart! 1 -Jenny Zeleskey Miss Ole Miss -JEREMY LODEN Above: Jenny Zeleskey and Richie Haik celebrate after winning Colonel Reb and Miss Ole Miss Distinctions ■ JEREMY LODEN Jenny Zeleskey is a marketing major from Lufkin, Texas. She is the daughter of James and Terri Zeleskey. Jenny is involved in many campus activities. She is a member of Mortar Board and Order of Omega and serves as President of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, SPB Special Events Coordinator and Golden Key Historian. " I am so excited to be elected Miss Ole Miss. It is an honor to represent the University as well as my sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma " -JEREMY LODEN c to yi? b -JEREMY LODEN Richard Haik is the son of Kathleen and Judge Richard Haik Sr. He is an English major from New Iberia, Louisiana. Richie is a member of Kappa Sigma fraternity, where he serves as a pledge trainer, a member of the public relations committee and a member of the alumni committee. He is on Chancellor ' s Honor Roll and works with the Leukemia Society ' s " Light the Night! ' " It was a huge surprise to be voted Colonel Reb. To have so many people support me and go out of their way to help me was, without a doubt, one of the most incredi- ble experiences of my life. To be asked to represent the University by the students of the University is an amazing honor! ' Coiond Rc6 Miss Ok Miss Homecoming Queen " Walking across the field made me realize even more what an awesome honor this was. To know that I was chosen to represent Ole Miss was something I will always be grateful for! ' -Kathleen Valentine %J ¥ 1 C-J % N " P ' ziSZ ' 4 Kathleen Valentine said she was " absulutely ecstatic " to be chosen as Ole Miss ' Homecoming Queen. " It was so overwhelming to have so many peo- ple behind me during the campaign and for all their work to pay off was incredible! " Valentine, a journalism major from Brookhaven, Miss., is the daughter of Dennis and Amy Valentine. She is a member of Kappa Delta Sorority and has served as their Public Relations Chairman and Rush Chairman. Valentine is also a member of Golden Key Honor Society, College Republicans fTTflf I ' i.slnii ' luni.s and Student Loyalty Foundation and is a former writer for The Daily Mississippian. Valentine was escorted by Associated Student Body President Clarence Webster. Webster, from Pocahontas, Miss., is the son of Dorothy Jean and Clarence Webster Jr. Valentine says she will be sad to leave Ole Miss. " The friendships I have made here will last a lifetime. The sense of tradition that Ole Miss has is a feeling that I could not have anywhere else. I feel like Ole Miss is a family, and I am so proud to be a part of it! ' -PHOTOS BY JEREMY LODEN Homecoming Freshman Maid Escort: David Sanders Escort: Noah Cosby Senior Mlnici Escort: Peter Montrenes Freshman Maid Escort: Ion Reeder junior Maid Escort: Matthew Carter k , k - .2 - 3 " J SeniorMaid Escort: Ben Lowery Sophomore Maid Escort: Walt Sligh Junior Maid itutiacf ' Piece Escort: Daniel Landrum iC - Sfe H? Spnirtr MaiH Escort: Emmanuel Wade Homecomiuq Court l f[IJ| l Senior Class CLASS FAUpRITE John Beck III is a marketing major from Brandon, Miss. He is the son of Sondra and John Beck Jr. He is a member of Kappa Sigma fraternity and serves on its alumni committee. He also serves on the Greek Standards Committee, Public Relations Committee, Associated Student Body elections commission and AAF membership committee. Johnny is also a member of Order of Omega and Campus Crusade for Christ. " I have always loved Ole Miss and feel as though I should leave a positive impact on each person I come into contact with. Through the years I have tried to do so, and I hope that when my name is mentioned in the future people will smile. I am just thankful to have such supportive friends who have always been there and helped in any way possible when I was in need! ' OBITE CL Emily Black is a social work major from Tupelo, Miss. She is the daughter of Jane and Bob Black. She is a varsity cheerleader, a member of Campus Crusade for Christ, a volunteer with North Mississippi Regional Center, a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority, Chancellor Leadership Class and a Sigma Chi Sweetheart. " It is truly one of the nicest honors that I have ever received, and I will remember it for the rest of my life! ' " I can only attempt to explain Ole Miss to others as being one of those places you see in a movie or a cartoon that is protected by a bubble. There is no other place on earth like it. You will never find another place like it, nor will you find other people who compare to the Ole Miss students. The students here are more courteous and outgoing than any other school can offer. It has been said that Ole Miss is a feeling, mood, emotion and spirit. This statement is very much true, but it is the students who make this statement true. The University of Mississippi is always changing, yet the Ole Miss family remains the same! ' -Johnny Beck Distinctions CLASS.FAVQRJTE T t ta Su44Ul o f 6«t Anna Susan Boykin is the daughter of Jane and Thurman Boykin. She is from Jackson, Miss., and is elementary education major. Anna is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, secretary of Order of Omega, a member of Mississippi Association of Educators and a Rebel Recruiter. Anna says her favorite thing about Ole Miss is the unity. " Ole Miss is diverse in countless ways, but with everything the students are involved in we always seem to come together. The students make such a difference in the Ole Miss community. Always leading, always striving to be the best and always unified! ' " It was the ultimate reward for my commitment and involvement at Ole Miss. I felt and still feel honored and blessed to receive such great recognition from the entire student body! ' -PHOTOS BY JEREMY LODEN CLASS FAVORITE Courtney Christopher is from Murray, Kentucky. She is a psychology major with a minor in business. Her parents are Ell i e and Ron Christopher. Courtney serves as Co-director of special events for SPB and as an orientation leader. She is also a member of Order of Omega, Golden Key, Delta Delta Delta sorority, Campus Crusade for Christ and Ole Miss Ambassadors. " I feel so blessed to be surrounded by the people that I am and to be in a place that makes me feel so happy to be a part of it all. Ole Miss is just a great feeling! ' CLASS FAVORITE Dawn Denton is the daughter of William and Lucy Denton. She is a journalism major from Biloxi, Miss. Her emphasis is in public relations. Dawn is a member of the Exchange Club, Habitat for Humanity, SPB special events committee, Order of Omega, Golden Key, College Democrats, Phi Eta Sigma, Chancellors Honor Roll and The National Society of Collegiate Scholars. She also serves as president of Kappa Delta sorority. " I felt very surprised and excited when I was voted as an Ole Miss favorite. It is a wonderful honor for which I am very thankful! ' Class Favorites |iTrT| LLAad r AVUKI I t Laurence Esposito is a marketing major from Nashville, Tennessee. He is the son of Lisa and Larry Phelps. Lee is a member of Kappa Sigma fraternity and active with the Associated Student Body. " The pride I hold dearly toward Ole Miss comes in a close second to all the friends that I have made! ' -PHOTOS BY JEREMY LODEN S6 74to4%e Sha Moore is an accountancy major from Southaven, Miss. She is the daughter of Ben and Patricia Moore. Sha said she was honored to be chosen as a class favorite. " I have loved my time here at Ole Miss and this was a perfect way to end my college career! ' While at Ole Miss she has been very active in the Associated Student Body. She serves as ASB Treasurer and is a member of the cabinet. She was also vice-president of Mortar Board and treasurer of Delta Gamma Sorori- ty- " The signs that used to be around campus say it all: ' Ole Miss, the place where everyone speaks! Ole Miss has a unique close- knit community like no other university! ' CLASS F WORITt rt i i taut Atkins Trout is the son of Thomas and Beverly Trout. He is an English major from New Albany, Miss. Atkins is a member of Sigma Nu fraternity and a Delta Gamma Anchor Man. " My favorite thing about Ole Miss is the sense of community I ' ve felt here. After the death of our friend Tommy Tosh, I saw the students, faculty and administration of this university pull together to comfort and support his family and each other. It made me proud to be a part of such a great group of people. " )istinctions CLASS FAVORITE Jonathan Werne is a philosophy major from Brandon, Miss. His parents are Richard and Pat Werne. While attending Ole Miss Jonathan has been a member of Chancellor Leadership Class, Golden Key Honor Society, Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society and Phi Beta Phi Honor Society. He has also been an active member of the Associated Student Body and Sigma Nu fraternity. " One of the best things about Ole Miss is its diversity. Not only are we a university with many students with many different backgrounds and cultures, but also we are fortunate enough to go to a university that offers so many opportunities for students to achieve and study in a variety of areas! ' ■ ■tl V ' w c c c v Din Pratt Wilkinson is from Florence, Alabama. He is a business major and is the son of Gary and janette Wilkinson. While at Ole Miss he has been a member of Golden Key National Honor Society, Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. " The best thing about Ole Miss to me are the people that I have met! ' " I hope to leave footprints of leadership and involvement. The only way to make a name for yourself is to be yourself. Committing yourself to making a difference is seen in a person ' s involvement. There is no greater reward than being recognized as a class favorite for my involvement and commitment to our school! ' -Anna Susan Boykin Class Favorites Iffi Cane t,ce Wk " I felt that I could make a • A • positive difference for the student body here at Ole Miss. " © Clarence Webster, from Pocahontas, Miss., is the son of Dorothy Jean and Clarence Webster Jr. In the 2001 ASB Presidential Election only 22 votes separated Webster an his competitor. His platform included strengthening communication between students and university administration and improving student housing. Webster, who is majoring in history with a Distinctions -KELLEY HUNSBERGER minor in political science, has also served as ASB Executive Liaison, ASB Director of Standing Committees and ASB Director of Rapid Response. He is also a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, the Black Student Union and Omicron Delta Kappa. Webster says his favorite thing about Ole Miss is " the atmosphere created by the people and the location! ' -WRITTEN BY KELLEY HUNSBERGER SenLr Class -KELLEY HUNSBERGER -KELLEY HUNSBERGER PRE N Jim Morrison, the son of Larry and Aileen Morrison, is a managerial finance major from Jackson, Miss. Morrison is also a member of the Ole Miss track and cross-country team and is active in Campus Crusade. Morrison said one of his goals as Senior Class President was to give seniors a year filled with exciting events and activities. " We just want to say thank you for everything that they have done to better this incredible university. " " My four years at Ole Miss have been so rewarding and such a blessing because of the seniors here at Ole Mis s! ' VICE PRESIDENT Matt Grenfell is a business major from Jackson, Miss. He is a member of Sigma Nu fraternity. SECRE W flx6 t4- ASURER Emily Johns, the daughter of Hugh E. and Pam Johns, is a double major in marketing and banking and finance from Jackson, Tenn. Johns is also President of the Panhellenic Council, Business School CEO, a member of the Mortar Board and of Phi Kappa Phi. " I wanted to be a Senior Class Officer because I saw it as a great opportunity for leadership! ' " I am excited about working toward a Senior project that will provide a lasting memory for all of the Class of 2002! ' Senior Ctass Officers |lTif2J Tn " My dream was to help people..! ' •JEREMY LODEN It didn ' t take long for the Truman Scholar selection committee to see that Keyana Mitchell was a deserving candidate. " There were tears and lots of laughter dur- ing the interview, but there was no discussion following the interview " said Chancellor Robert Khayat. " We knew Keyana was a truly amazing woman. She was heart-warming and inspirational. We knew she deserved to be a Truman Scholar! ' Mitchell, a biology major from Clarksdale, Miss., is the daughter of Macretta and Clinton Booker. She graduat- ed with honors from the Mississippi School of Math and Science. As a Truman Scholar she will receive $3,000 her senior year and $27,000 for graduate study. Mitchell hopes to work with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It is Mitchell ' s long-term goal to one day open up a free clinic in the Delta. " My dream was to help peo- ple, and it seemed so simple. It ' s still a very long term goal and something I hope to accomplish " said Mitchell. Mitchell had a 3.96 GPA her junior year. She is involved in many activities on and off campus. She is Vice Presi- dent of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Co-Chair of the University ASB Judicial Council, Secretary of Habitat for Humanity, a volunteer of Increasing Minority Access to Graduate Education (IMAGE), a volunteer reader at Willie Price Nursery School and is a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta, a pre-med honor society. Dr. Elizabeth Payne, director of the UM McDonnell- Barksdale Honors College and faculty representative for the Truman scholar encouraged Mitchell during the selection process. She knew of her commitment to pub- lic service and her involvment in activities on and off the Ole Miss Campus. " Her actions reflect the assumed and lived purpose of one who is deeply gifted with intellect and character} ' said Payne. -WRITTEN BY KELLEY HUNSBERGER Distinctions G ° ' v. vate Scholar CltlOtl l ayfrnct would like to thank God, my parents Van and herry Rayford, Dr. Jordan Zjawiony, Professor in the Department of armacognosy, and a very ecial thanks for being so helpful during the application process to Dr. Debra Brown-Young, University Scholarship and Internship Coordinator! ' Vernon Rayford, an early-entry pharmacy major, and a student in the McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College, is a recipient of one of 302 Goldwater Scholarships awarded for the 2001-2002 academic year to under- graduate sophomores and juniors from the 50 states and Puerto Rico. He will receive a total of $ I 5,000 over his junior and senior years. The Goldwater Scholars were selected on the basis of academic merit from a field of 1,164 mathematics, sci- ence, and engineering students who were nominated by the faculties of colleges and universities nationwide. The scholarship program honoring Senator Barry M. Gold- water was designed to foster and encourage outstand- ing students to pursue careers in the fields of mathe- matics, the natural sciences, and engineering. Rayford won a Goldwater Scholarship by having an excellent academic record and by submitting an essay that focused on his research of the synthesis of poten- tial compounds extracted from plants that could even- -JEREMY LODEN tually serve as the next generation of antibiotics aimed at opportunistic infections that accompany the suppres- sion of the immune system by AIDS, chemotherapy, or organ transplant. " I am very honored to be chosen amongst such a dynamic group of young scientists " Ray- ford said. " I am more honored at having the chance to participate in such important research that could total- ly change the way we look at some of the scariest dis- eases! ' Rayford ' s future plans include receiving a PharmD in 2005 and either going on to medical school or pursuing a PhD in Pharmacognosy. He said he is leaning toward a career in research in one or the other. Rayford is very active outside of class as well. He is the president of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, president-elect of the Student National Pharmacy Association, historian of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, and a member of the Ameri- can Pharmaceutical Association and American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. -WRITTEN BY HAYS BURCHFIELD Goldwater Scholar liTi l Elise Kathleen Meador Margaret M. Milam William Matthew Cole Angela Joann Crawford W. Brad Creel Andrea Leigh Dunn Candice Carol Hargett Virginia Hart Hazard Clayton Anderson James Henry Parker Johnson SCWPOJL OF Mary Amanda Nail Joyce Anne Dolenak Lynn Huntington Will SCHOOL OF Kevin Lee Keeton Steven Matthew Burton Leah McRae Walling Stephanie Dante Jones Jessica Larkin Mitchell Micah Todd Monaghan Carrie Leigh Murrah Jeremy Wayne Powell Christine Ann Rolland Brockton Jolly Sansing Margaret Elizabeth Shelton Emily Melissa Sindelar SCHOOL OF David Brantley Blackburn Christopher Alan Childers OQL OF Ching-Sia Lim Evelyn Lee-Yee Chan Brandon Wayne Skelton Breck Ridley Hines Timothy Edward Hotard Amanda Rachelle Robins Sara Lee Ann Schauberger Andrew Paxton Scott Micajah Purnell Sturdivant Distinctions te 7ft. Wo Schro -KELLEY HUNSBERGER Only one person a ear gets honored for t and to be singled ut among all other teachers at Ole Miss, it is a great honor to received -BRIAN ROSENKRANS English professor Ronald Schroeder was the 35th recipient of the Elsie M. Hood Teacher of the Year Award. The award was founded in 1966 to acknowledge excellence in teaching. Schroeder was presented four thousand dol- lars by Chancellor Robert Khayat. Schroeder, who is from Illinois, received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Middleton, Conn., and his PhD. from Northwestern. Schroeder also served as President of the Ole Miss chapter of Phi Beta Kappa for the 200 1- 2002. " I am grateful to the people who nom- inated me. The process is secret, so whoever they are, I would like to thank them! ' Elsie (. I lood Teacher o the Tear |iTTl| Wtanctef ' poxy Webb, Mississippi Management Information Systems V M ■ " " • ■ , ' ' Vft Vice-President, Association of Information Technology Professionals; Executive Board, Golden Key; Lambda Sigma; Ole Miss Yearbook Section Editor; Mortar Board; McDonnell- Barksdale Honors College; National Dean ' s List 1 fiiW IFF H. V H . 1 . " 1 have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Ole Miss, learning and growing from all my experiences. To be recognized for my contributions by being named to the Hall of Fame is such an incredible honor. but serving the university is the greatest honor and truly a privilege. " W TM " I guess my favorite thing about Ole Miss is that during my four years, we have always been trying to improve. Even when that " improvement " wasrt in my personal opinion the type of improvement we should have been targeting, we were nevertheless always trying to be just a little better. And I always found that self-conscious aspiration to be something more very inspiring! ' -Pamela Hamilton iTFI Distinctions TO. £o U e iyea Biloxi, Mississippi Political Science Vice-President, Associated Student Body; Trent Lott Leadership Institute; Chancellor ' s Leadership Class; Sigma Nu Fraternity; Eagle Scout; College Republicans; Chairman of Campus Affairs Committee, ASB " This award reflects the passion and hard work that I put forth with every task that I encountered. This award can be attributed to my family, friends, and the faculty. " Columbus, Mississippi Journalism and English Editor, The Daily Mississippian; News Editor, The Daily Mississippian; McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College Senator; Secretary, Lambda Sigma; Mortar Board; National Association of Black Journalists " For me it means Pve made a contribution to Ole Miss, and that feels good beacuse you don ' t want to leave a place without making at least a tiny difference! ' Jackson, Mississippi Managerial Finance Senior Class President; ASB: Men ' s Varsity Cross Country and Track; Chancellor ' s Leadership Class; National Society of Collegiate Scholars; All-SEC Honor Roll; Chapter President and State Secretary of Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society " The beauty of this campus and the friendliness of the faculty and their desire to help the students has been my favorite thing about Ole Miss. " Olive Branch, Mississippi Biology Harry S. Truman Scholar; Co-Chair, ASB University Judicial Council; Phi Beta Kappa; President IMAGE; Black Student Union; Alpha Lambda Delta; Secretary, Ole Miss Chapter of Habitat for Humanity; Phi Eta Sigma; Golden Key; ASB Academic Affairs Committee " My dream was to help people and it seemed so simple and it is still a very long term goal and it is still something I hope to accomplish! ' © Distinctions Grenada, Mississippi Marketing President, National Pan-Hellenic Council; Vice President, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; ASB; President, Black Student Union; Organizer, Mississippi Summit on Race Relations " My favorite thing about Ole Miss is the mystique that surrounds our beloved university. Yes, she has expe- rienced many horrific events that have caused many tears to be shed. But Ole Miss has also been the birthplace of many joyous encounters that have been life altering. Until one becomes a part of the Ole Miss family, he or she has no clue why the mystique surrounding Ole Miss causes its alumni to fight tooth and nail to preserve the flagship institution of the magnolia state! ' Jackson, Mississippi Biology Senator, McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College; Secretary, Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Carrier Scholar; Chancellor ' s Leadership Class; Golden Key; Membership Co-Chair, Mortar Board; Alpha Epsilon Delta; " All the recipients have very different backgrounds, present involvements and futures. But one common thread runs through every application: dedication to a goal, whatever that goal may be. That is how I believe each of us earned this honor " Wall of Fame Brandon, Mississippi Philosophy United Way Chairman; Sigma Nu Fraternity Chaplain; Director of Campus Affairs, ASB; Omicron Delta Kappa; Mortar Board; Phi Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Senior Class Favorite; Habitat for Humanity; Chancellor ' s Leadership Class " I felt very honored and blessed to be recognized..! ' Jackson, Mississippi History President, Associated Student Body; President, Lambda Sigma; ASB Director of Rapid Response; Ole Miss First Committee; College Democrats; UM Forensic Team; Phi Kappa Phi; Jones Scholar; Mr. Black Student Union; Project IMPACT; National Society of Collegiate Scholars On what he likes best about Ole Miss: " The atmosphere created by the people and the location! ' Distinctions Lufkin, Texas Marketing President, Kappa Kappa Delta; Miss Ole Miss, 200 1; Order of Omega Model Active of the Year, 2001; Student Athletic Board; Ole Miss Ambassadors; Welcome Week 2001 Coordinator; Gamma Beta Phi; Golden Key " Being named to Hall of Fame is one of the greatest honors. I am so happy I became a part of the family here at Ole Miss. Let the tradition of a great education, a loving atmosphere and the best college experiences always continue! ' " The opportunity to be a part of the vario us life experiences that only Ole Miss can offer has been the best thing about my time at Ole Miss. From the nights causing near riots in the dorms to memorizing the number to Abner ' s, these life experiences, I believe, will help me greatly as I continue on my long journey known as life " -Cedric Washington Haf i of Farm rf pio ty S w- . «.««-.. fc z @oMeye Activities Honors: Associated Student Body Senator; McDonnell- Barksdale Honors College; Black Student Union Secretary; President, Martin-Stockard Hall Council; Phi Eta Sigma Activities Honors: American Advertising Federaation; Senior Class Executive Committee; Delta Delta Delta Sorority; Order of Omega; Yaknapatawpha Arts Council 4ccaci iUutc t Pa tlcai Science Activities Honors: President, E.H. Patterson School of Accountancy; ASB Senator; ASB Deputy Attorney General: Vice President, Beta Alpha Psi; Sigma Chi; Mortar Board Alpha Lambda Delta Activities Honors: Ole Miss Ambassadors; UM Gospel Choir; Phi Beta Sigma; Black Student Union; National Association of Black Accountants; IMAGE Scholar; Men ' s Glee Club Activities Honors: American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists; Kappa Psi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; School of Pharmacy Executive Council; National Dean ' s List @ Activities Honors: Society of Women Engineers; National Society of Collegiate Scholars; Alpha Lamda Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Lamda Sigma; Sorority Vice President TVteetavt Scee Activities Honors: Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Delta Theta; Mortar Board; Order of Omega; National Society of Collegiate Scholars; Lamda Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Golden Key " P utuicecctccai Scce tce Activities Honors: Treasurer, Student National Pharmaceutical Association; Black Student Union; Plough Scholar; Mississippi Alliance for Minority Participation; Habitat for Humanity Distinctions Activities Honors: President, Association of Information Technology Professionals; Chief Emissary Officer, School of Business Administration; Golden Key; Beta Gamma Sigma SxetciAe Scce«tce Activities Honors: Director of Campus Affairs, ASB; Exercise Science Club; Golden Key; National Society of Collegiate Scholars; McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College Activities Honors: President, School of Business Administration; President, Business School Advisory Board; Sigma Chi; Campus Crusade for Christ; Student Advancement Foundation Activities Honors: Student Programming Board Director; McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College; Leap Frog; Student Leaders Council; ASB Minority Affairs Committee Activities Honors: President, Ole Miss M-Club; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; UM Cross Country; UM Track and Field; Senior Executive Committee; Chancellor ' s Honor Roll 7ftcc4tC Activities Honors: Membership Chairman, Omicron Delta Kappa; Secretary, Golden Key; Sigma Alpha lota; University Orchestra; Ole Miss Ambassadors; Delta Gamma Scott gity. Activities Honors: Secretary, Croft Student Union; Society of Professional Journalists; McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College; The Daily Mississippian Staff Writer; Golden Key fay De4ai Tvett P U U, TtUt . io£o$y. ' Phytic . ' P MfC £ H2 f Activities Honors: Gamma Beta Phi; National Society of Collegiate Scholars; Chancellor ' s Leadership Class; ASB Finance Committee; Gujarati Samaj of America; Golden Key " It ' s a milestone that rewards dedication and perseverance. This award says to its recipients that others have noticed the pride you take in yourself and those activities deemed worthy of your time. --Amelia Purser Who ' s Who Activities Honors: Editorial Assistant, The Daily Mississippian; Society of Professional Journalists; Yocnapatawa Arts Council; Leap Frog; Habitat for Humanity; Golden Key Activities Honors: Interfraternity Council; Chancellor ' s Leadership Class; Phi Delta Theta Fraternity; ASB Special Events Committee; Staff writer, The Daily Mississippian; s4cc uc ittu ic t Activities Honors: Senior Class Executive Committee; Chancellor ' s Honor Roll; Sigma Nu; Phi Kappa Phi; Golden Key; National Society of Collegiate Scholars; Alpha Lambda Delta 70eU, TKu . ' Activities Honors: Association of Information Technology Professionals; ASB; The 0 e Miss Yearbook Staff; Golden Key; Mortar Board; McDonnell- Barksdale Honors College Activities Honors: President, Phi Delta Theta; Vice President and Executive Council; Gamma lota Sigma; Interfraternity Council; Financiers ' Club; Habitat for Humanity Activities Honors: President, Sigma Nu; Order of Omega; Chancellor ' s Leadership Class; Beta Alpha Psi; Interfraternity Council; Golden Key; Gamma Beta Phi Society Activities Honors: Ole Miss Ambassadors Executive Committee; President, Golden Key; Lambda Sigma; Ole Miss Marines: McDonnell- Barksdale Honors College; Student Alumni Council Activities Honors: Habitat for Humanity, Executive Committee; UM Women ' s Varsity Tennis Team; Mortar Board; Phi Kappa Phi; Chi Omega; M-Club; Golden Key; Phi Eta Sigma " This honor simply recognizes those people who actually get the full college experience by working Distinctions Activities Honors: Senior Class Vice President; Lambda Sigma; Sigma Nu; Phi Kappa Phi; Golden Key; Reformed University Fellowship; Chancellor ' s Honor Roll; Gamma Beta Phi ntentuUitK U Studies, " pxettcA Activities Honors: McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College; Phi Kappa Phi; Women ' s Glee Club; Delta Gamma; Pi Delta Phi; Society of Professional Journalists; Alpha Lambda Delta Activities Honors: Editor, The Daily Mississippian; McDonnell- Barksdale Honors College; Chancellor ' s Leadership Class; Lambda Sigma; National Association of Black Journalists ' Sioc emte tff Activities Honors: Ole Miss Ambassadors; McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College Senator; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Student Alumni Council; Goldwater Scholar; Alpha Lambda Delta ottfaaq. a ttt " piaeutce Activities Honors: President, Delta Gamma; Student Programming Board; Mortar Board; Order of Omega; Financiers Club; Ole Miss Greek Council; Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Activities Honors: Chancellor ' s Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Sigma Nu; Lambda Sigma; Senior Class Executive Committee; Alpha Lambda Delta; Order of Omega; Phi Eta Sigma; 72taaayeni i£ " pittance Activities Honors: President, Financiers ' Club; ASB Deputy Attorney General; Phi Delta Theta; Ole Miss Exchange Club; College Republicans; Alpha Kappa Psi; Dean ' s List " Po£ttie a£ Science Activities Honors: Vice President, ASB Senate; Chancellor ' s Leadership Class; Sigma Nu; College Republicans; Trent Lott Leadership Institute; Campus Crusade for Christ hard at many different things-not just in the classroom! ' -Ashley Geraci Who ' s Who " Being in Who ' s Who is a great honor for me. When you think about it, there are only 99 people chosen TVtUex l aMey, TtU x. Itttentutfiotuzi Studies Po£ttU £ Science Activities Honors: President and Founder, UM Model United Nations; ASB; Pi Sigma Alpha; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Chancellor ' s Honor Roll; Russain Honors Award Activities Honors: Vice President, Student Athlete Advisory Committee; UM Women ' s Golf Team; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Golden Key; Phi Kappa Phi Secondary £et " pieticA. Activities Honors: Ole Miss Volleyball Team; Student Athlete Advisory Committee; National Society of Collegiate Scholars; M-Club; Fellowship of Christian Athletes Activities Honors: Mississippi College Accounting Society Vice President; Phi Theta Kappa; Delta Mu Delta; Alpha Chi; Mississippi College School of Business Advisory Board Activities Honors: McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College Senate; ASB; Phi Mu; Mortar Board Historian; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; National Dean ' s List " ■» " 4 P| | A r J 4 V ' ! • ' J4tein4eU ty z t6i up and Activities Honors: President, Panhellenic Council; Senior Class Secretary Treasurer; American Marketing Association; Mortar Board; Ole Miss Ambassadors Activities Honors: Vice President and Rush Chairman, Phi Delta Theta; ASB; Order of Omega; Pi Sigma Alpha; Sigma Tau Delta; Chancellor ' s Leadership Class; College Republicans Activities Honors: President, Alpha Omicron Pi; ASB; Student Programming Board; Ole Miss Ambassadors; Phi Kappa Phi; Mortar Board; Omicron Delta Kappa; Psi Chi; Order of Omega I ' l.StllUlIOII.s out of around 2000, so it ' s a pretty prestigious award to receive " -Reynolds Moore " Ttt lty ScC4€Ul jk te4 Activities Honors: Chairman, Student Memorial Day Committee; Delta Delta Delta; ASB; Order of Omega; Chancellor ' s Leadership Class; Phi Eta Sigma; Golden Key Activities Honors: Vice President, Beta Gamma Sigma; Delta Delta Delta; Mortar Board; Beta Alpha Psi; Chancellor ' s Honor Roll; Senior Class Executive Committee; Golden Key Activities Honors: American Advertising Federation; Alpha Lambda Delta; Delta Gamma; Phi Eta Sigma; American Marketing Association; Student Alumni Council; Phi Kappa Phi Activities Honors: Student Director, McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College; Secretary, Mortar Board; Vice President, Pharmacy School Student Body; Phi Eta Sigma; Lambda Sigma Activities Honors: Vice President, Delta Gamma; Chancellor ' s Leadership Class; Phi Kappa Phi; Order of Omega; Phi Eta Sigma; Lambda Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma Wit . Activities Honors: Chi Omega; Chancellor ' s Leadership Class; Golden Key; Campus Crusade for Christ; Yoknapotawpha Arts Council; Order of Omega; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Gamma Beta Activities Honors: Senator, McDonnell- Barksdale Honors College; Goldwater Scholar; UM Fencing Club; Phi Delta Chi; Mississippi Academy of Sciences; Phi Kappa Phi; Lambda Sigma Watt Poutt, 7?Um,. Activities Honors: Vice President, Accounting Associated Student Body; Sigma Chi; President, Beta Alpha Psi; Treasurer, Mortar Board; Phi Kappa Phi; Golden Key; Phi Eta Sigma Who ' s Who Activities Honors: President, Chi Omega; Orientation Leader; Mortar Board; Golden Key; Order of Omega; Gamma Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Student Rebel Athletic Foundation Activities Honors: Sigma Tau Delta; Ole Miss Ambassadors; Mortar Board; Hooligans; McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College; Oxford Literacy Council; Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Activities Honors: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Chancellor ' s Leadership Class; American Pharmaceutical Association; Homecoming Maid; Dean ' s List; Lambda Sigma; INROADS Scholar Activities Honors: Editorial Board, The Daily Mississippian; Editorial Intern, National Geographic Traveler; Layout Editor, Oxford Health and Fitness; Golden Key yatewuzttotuzC Studies " piettcA Activities Honors: Junior Auxiliary of Desoto County; Needs Networking Committee; Chancellor ' s Honor Roll; Teachers of Tomorrow; Mississippi Association of Educators Activities Honors: Co-Chair, ASB Judicial Council; Truman Scholar; President, IMAGE; Black Student Union; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Vice President, Delta Sigma Theta Activities Honors: President, Delta Delta Delta Sorority; Senior Executive Council; Ole Miss Ambassador; Order of Omega; Phi Kappa Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Mortar Board Wane Activities Honors: Executive Director, Ole Miss Ambassadors; Mortar Board; Chief of Staff, ASB; Golden Key; Senior Class Executive Committee; McDonnell- Barksdale Honors College " I am so very honored and humbled by this achievement. I know that I am only here by the grace of God. I am so proud to be a part of this Distinctions S6a 74to »ie Activities Honors: Treasurer, ASB; Vice President, Mortar Board; Order of Omega; Treasurer, Delta Gamma; President, Alpha Lambda Delta; Senior Class Favorite; Golden Key Activities Honors: Senior Class President; ASB; President, Gamma Beta Phi; Varsity Track and Field; Chancellor ' s Leadership Class; All-SEC Honor Roll; Phi Eta Sigma; Golden Key; Leap Frog Activities Honors: President, Mortar Board; Vice President, Order of Omega; Secretary, Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Golden Key; McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College Activities Honors: Treasurer, Phi Delta Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Lambda Sigma; National Society of Collegiate Scholars; Chancellor ' s Honor Roll; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi Pet t ' Pattnidae, (h. Activities Honors: President, Delta Psi; Senator, ASB; Vice President, P-2 Pharmacy Class; Orientation Leader; Mortar Board; Lambda Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Golden Key Sana s4 t ie ' P Mven Activities Honors: Secretary, ASB; Vice President, Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Alpha Theta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board; Phi Beta Kappa; McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College Activities Honors: Senator, McDonnell- Barksdale Honors College; Mortar Board; Order of Omega; Phi Kappa Phi; ASB; Omicron Delta Kappa; Golden Key; Delta Gamma m ' m i r Activities Honors: President, Teachers of Tomorrow; Mississippi Association of Educators; Dean ' s List; AmeriCorps; Teacher Education Committee for the School of Education elite group and will always stand up a little taller, prouder, and self-confident because of this award " - Ben Brewer Who ' s Who " I am humbled by the achievements each person has accomplished and am overwhelmed to be M i Tfi nt 9 4 System j. Activities Honors: Gamma Beta Phi; Student Programming Board; Association of Information Technology Professionals; Phi Kappa Phi; McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College Activities Honors: Honorary Vice President, Phi Kappa Phi: Treasurer, Sigma Alpha lota; Golden Key; Ole Miss Marching Band; Jazz Band; U.S. Army Reserves; Baptist Student Union Activities Honors: Treasurer, Sigma Chi; Senator, ASB; Chancellor ' s Leadership Class; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Golden Key; Fincanciers Club; Easter Seals Activities Honors: Editor, The O e Miss; Dean ' s List; Student Leaders ' Council; Student Programming Board; Student Art Association; Yearbook Selection Committee; Society of Professional Journalists ' P atttuiceuUcai Science Activities Honors: Class President, Pharmacy School; Alpha Epsilon Delta; American Pharmaceutical Association; Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Kappa Phi Activities Honors: President, Radio, Television and News Directors Association; News Director, Rebel Radio; Baptist Student Union; Student Alumni Council; Gamma Beta Phi Activities Honors: Co-Founder, Blue Ten Harmony; Ole Miss Wesely Foundation; Phi Kappa Lambda; Phi Kappa Phi; Ole Miss Ambassador; ASB; Chancellor ' s Honor Roll; Golden Key Mcvuf Wde Tt cxU Activities Honors: President, Law School Student Body; Law School Yearbook staff; Public Interest Law Clinic; Women ' s Law Association; Poverty Law Volunteer Distinctions remembered among the members of the 2002 Who ' s Who! ' - Dereck Barr 7?fa i6etia? Activities Honors: Vice President, Alpha Phi Alpha; President, Black Student Union; President, National Panhellenic Council; Editorial Board, The Daily Mississippian; College Democrats s4ccott tte«tcy Activities Honors: Treasurer, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Vice President, ASB; Student Programming Board; Exchange Club; Dean ' s List; Order of Omega; Beat Alpha Phi Activities Honors: President, ASB; President, Alpha Phi Alpha; President, Lambda Sigma; Treasurer, Black Student Union; Phi Beta Kappa; Greek Council; Mr. Black Student Union Activities Honors: Director of Campus Affairs, ASB Cabinet; Mortar Board; Chaplain, Sigma Nu; Senior Class Favorite; Golden Key; Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Beta Phi ftp T tMiamt, tytee utt££e, 7ttt44. ' P a u uice«cUc x£ Science Activities Honors: Vice President, UM Gospel Choir; President, Alpha Kappa Alpha; Walgreen ' s Scholar; 1 998-2000 Pre- Pharmacy Student of the Year; Dean ' s List; Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Activities Honors: News Editor, The Daily Mississippian; Journalism Senator, Graduate Student Council; Online Pacemaker Finalist, The Daily Mississippian; Society of Professional Journalists Who ' s Who s4 PKWy S ,—.. — Who Activities Honors: Co-sponsor: Teachers of Tomorrow; Editor: Phi Delta Kappa Newsletter; UM Alumni Association; Golden Key; Kappa Delta Pi; Life Member of Tau Beta Sigma; VOietitutt gate Activities Honors: Phi Kappa Phi; Golden Key; Kappa Alpha Tau; Taylor Medalist; Who ' s Who Among American Junior Colleges; Northeast Mississippi Community College Phi Theta Kappa Tetany 4 iei % vuy Activities Honors: ASB Senate Executive Council; Phi Kappa Phi; American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists; Phi Delta Chi; Senior Executive Council; Mortar Board Activities Honors: Co-Founder and Business Manager, Blue Ten Harmony; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Student Programming Board; Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Activities Honors: Treasurer, Alpha Tau Omega; Chief Emissary Officer, School of Business; Dean ' s Honor Roll; McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College; Sigma Tau Delta; Phi Eta Sigma Sacied TOotA Activities Honors: ASB Senator; Chi Omega; Campus Crusade for Christ; Mortar Board; Student Social Work Organization; Chancellor ' s Honor Roll; Golden Key; Alpha Lambda Delta Activities Honors: Treasurer, Golden Key; Secretary-Treasurer, Pharmacy School P2 class; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Phi Eta Sigma; ASB; Gamma Beta Phi; Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Activities Honors: UM Baseball Team; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Dean ' s Honor Roll; Reading with the Rebels; SEC Academic Honor Roll; Campus Crusade for Christ Activities Honors: Junior Auxiliary of Desoto County; Dean ' s List; Needs Networking Committee; Chancellor ' s Honor Roll; Teachers of Tomorrow; Mississippi Association of Educators Distinctions Not Pictured... Activities Honors: Phi Kappa Phi; UM Ultimate Frisbee Club; Alpha Epsilon Delta; American Institute for Chemical Engineers; Chancellor ' s Honor Roll; Russell Aven Scholar Activities Honors: ASB; Order of Omega; Mortar Board; Rebel Recruiter; Chi Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Golden Key; Campus Crusade for Christ; United Way Activities Honors: Hamilton County, Tenn., Character Award; Golden Key; Dean ' s List; Graduated Cum Laude, University of Tennessee; Hamilton County, Tenn., Critical Friends Group Activities Honors: Teachers of Tomorrow; University Showstoppers; Campus Crusade for Christ; Golden Key; Mississippi Professional Educators; Chancellor ' s Honor Roll; Dean ' s List Activities Honors: Co-captain, Lady Rebel Basketball Team; M-Club; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Student Athlete Advisory Board; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dean ' s List ' Pax w, Scott 7tta ui jfe Uci£ " penance Activities Honors: Vice President, Sigma Chi; Financiers ' Club; Taylor Medallist; Young Bankers Scholar; University Museums volunteer; Mississippi Young Bankers Scholar Activities Honors: Station Manager, Rebel Radio; Pi Beta Phi; Chancellor ' s Leadership Class; Oxford Literacy Council; Dean ' s List; Society of Professional Journalist; Leap Frog Activities Honors: Co-captain, UM Volleyball Team; M-Club; Delta Gamma; All American Scholar; All-SEC Academic; Champs for Life Skills; Reading with the Rebels; Dean ' s List Activities Honors: President, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Miss Ole Miss; Student Programming Board; Golden Key; Orientation Leader; Mortar Board; American Marketing Association Who ' s Who ALUMNJLHALL OF FAME Five distinguished alumni were inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame, and the first ever Outstanding Young Alumni Award was awarded this year. These distinguished alumni awards recognize those alumni who have made outstanding contributions to their country, their state and The University of Mississippi through their leadership, loyal support, service and dedication. Janet Griffin Farrington of Jackson, Samuel Bond Haskell II I of Los Angeles, Henry Paris of Indianola, Aubrey B. Patterson of Tupelo and Gail Jones Pittman of Ridgeland were inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame. Robyn M. Tannehill was the recipient of The Outstanding Young Alumni Award, which was created this year to honor younger alumni who have graduated less than 10 years ago. Tannehill is the senior vice-president of Godwin Group, a full-service corporate communications firm headquartered in Jackson, with offices in Oxford and Biloxi. She was named the Mississippi Business Woman of the Year by Mississippi Business Journal. Tannehill has created and coordinated the Double Decker Festivals in Oxford, secured a 2 percent Bed and Breakfast tax passed by the Mississippi Legislature in 1 997, successfully recruited the Slovenian Olympic Track and Field teams to train in Oxford before traveling to Atlanta for the 1996 Olympics and has generated positive media coverage of Oxford that reached more than 17 million readers. Farrington helped found the Medical Support and Development Organization Inc. in 1986 and has since been its executive director. Haskell works for the William Morris Agency as their worldwide head of television and oversees packaging series such as " Everybody Loves Raymond, " " The Weakest Link " and " Who Wants to be a Millionaire? " Paris served as the director of the Mississippi Economic Council and received the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation ' s Captain of Industry Award in 1 993. Patterson is chairman and chief executive officer of BancorpSouth Inc. and was inducted into the Mississippi Business Hall of Fame in 1997 Pittman is founder and president of Gail Pittman Inc., a retail chain including a broad selection of hand-crafted, hand-painted pottery, dinnerware, accessory pieces and custom tile, wall coverings, fabrics and rugs. The awards were created in 1974 by The University of Mississippi Alumni Association, and a seven-member selection committee chooses the recipients from nominations received throughout the year. -WRITTEN BY HAYS BURCHFIELD Janet Class of 1963 d6eU??t Class of 1 977 [rrnj Distinctions Class of 1 97 1 Outs landing Young Alumni Class of 1 992 Afumni Had qfFante Members in Course Debra Anne Arrington, French Gene LeFlore Bidwell III, Biochemistry Benjamin Gilbert Bryant, History William Francis Campbell, Biological Science Benjamin Cameron Chisman, Math James Houston Collins, Political Science W. Brad Creel, Biochemistry Dennis Michael Duncan, Classical Civilization Andrea Leigh Dunn, Math Amanda Carole Elkin, Psychology Emily Suzanne Garner, Biological Science Amanda Grey Griffin, Biological Science Amanda Nicole Guth, Psychology Steve Anthony Hamric, Physics Candice Carol Hargett, Political Science Jennifer Rose Hayes, Political Science Virginia Hart Hazard, English Rachel Anne Hutchins, Biochemistry Melva Tonisha James, Chemistry Clayton Anderson James, History Lee Ann Jarrett, Psychology Henry Parker Johnson, Biological Science Stephanie Dante Jones, Biological Science Jong Taek Kim, Biological Science Dana Floy Knowles, Political Science Christopher Kazumi Lamont, International Studies Joshua Paul Lindsey, English Amanda Lynn Margolis, English Elise Kathleen Meador, International Studies Caroline Merrill Meng, Political Science Margaret M. Milam, English Douglas Wayne Miller, Biological Science Jessica Larkin Mitchell, English Keyana Renee Mitchell, Biological Science Micah Todd Monaghan, Biochemistry Jeannie Shannon Mood, Journalism and Psychology Monica Rene Morrison, Political Science Mary Ann Pillow Moss, English Carrie Leigh Murrah, English Margaret Cope Povall, Political Science Jeremy Wayne Powell, English Sara Anna Powers, Englsih Charmaine A. Ramlogan, Biological Science Courtney Kathleen Riddell, International Studies Ernest Donald Ross, Psychology Brockton Jolly Sansing, Biological Science Nathan Lee Shefveland, Biochemistry Margaret Elizabeth Shelton, History Emily Melissa Sindelar, International Studies Jacob Mason Spencer, Classical Civilization Holly Elizabeth Storms, English Eleanor Kathryn Vernon, Philosophy Armin Hans Wahl, Math Clarence Webster III, International Studies Michael Vinson Williams, History Nikita Shenay Wilson, Biological Science Chapter Officers, 2001-02 Office President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Historian Name Ronald A. Schroeder Robbie Ethridge Maribeth Stolzenburg Ted M. Ownby Department English Anthropology and Southern Studies Physics and Astronomy History and Southern Studies Distinctions Ole Miss is the only public university in Mississippi with a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. In order to become a member of Phi Beta Kappa you mush be majoring in an area of liberal arts or science and have a minimum 3.8 GPA. -PHOTOS BY BRIAN ROSENKRANS Ole Miss inducts its First Class of Members in Course into Phi Beta Kappa Famous members include Alexander Graham Bell, Helen Keller, Tom Brokaw, Glenn Close, Bill Clinton and Peyton Manning. Pfti Beta Kappa Miss University " Representing Ole Miss as Miss University has been a great honor and a wonderful experience! ' -USA BAILEY " ..Rea was exceptional from interview on ' -Susan Atkin Lynch, Miss University Pageant judge and Miss America 1986 W A k. rnaz - jes " " - 1 _ — - issmm Above: Miss University Misty Rea rides in the Homecoming Parade. -P EMY L0DEN Misty Rea, daughter of Wayne and Joyce Rea, was crowned Miss University 2001 in Fulton Chapel on the evening of Friday, February 23, 2001. Rea, a senior majoring in psychology and print journalism, is from Houston, Miss. Some of her honors and activities include Phi Kappa Phi, Chancellor Honor Roll and recipient of the McDonnell-Barksdale Scholarship and the Albert T. Bledsoe Scholarship. As winner of the Miss University Pageant, Rea won a $1,000 scholarship and the opportunity to compete in the Miss Mississippi Pageant in the summer of 2001 in Vicksburg. Rea succeeded in achieving her goal of making the top 10 in the Miss Mississippi Pageant. Her platform as Miss University has been to raise awareness, to promote advocacy, and to be a best friend for people with mental retardation or developmental disabilities. Rea ' s future plans are to work for a couple of years and then attend graduate school. Distinctions Rea has enjoyed her reign as Miss University. " Representing Ole Miss as Miss University has been a great honor and a wonderful experience! ' Rea said. " Many thanks to the volunteers who made this possible and to the University for its outstanding support! ' Miss America 1986 Susan Akin Lynch was one of the five judges in the 2001 Miss University Pageant. She was Miss University 1985 before becoming Miss Mississippi and later Miss America. She thought that Rea was the best all-around woman in the pageant. " I was looking for someone who was good across the board in every category, and Rea was exceptional from interview on! ' Lynch said. " I think she ' ll be a great representative at the Miss Mississippi pageant. " -WRITTEN BY HAYS BURCHFIELD A Look Back On February 23, 2001 the Miss University Pageant celebrated its 50th anniversary. Clockwise from top left: Susan Atkin, Miss University and Miss America (1986); Carissa Wells (1997); Cheryl Stewart (1980); Barbara Fitch Straub (1966); Nancy Carole Land (1969); Martha Tate Stokely (1968); Pam Hague (1979); Ladye Love Long (1987) Parade of Beauties 7 ?2 " Material Girls " was the theme of the 2001 Parade of Beauties, which took place on November 6. The Co-directors of the pageant were Amy Strickland and Jason Clark. The Top 12 Beauties are: (starting from the top row; left to right): Mary Lucia Jones; Tara Darby; Annie Kate Keenen; jan VanDerender; Rachel Bullard; Mariah Mavromatis; (second row) Emilie A. Cooke; Jennifer Jernigan; Lauren Wright; Katherine Leech; Anna K. Freeland; Elizabeth Wright -PHOTOS BY JEREMY LODEN Distinctions utiful I didn ' t really believe that I had won until I saw all of my family and friends cheering and crying in the audience! ' -Abbey Gregory Abbey Gregory was named Ole Miss ' Most Beautiful at the 2001 Parade of Beauties sponsored by the Student Programming Board. She is a junior journalism major from Little Rock, Arkansas and is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. James Gregory. Gregory is a member of Delta Gamma Sorority where she serves as social chairman. She is also a member of the McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College, Society of Professional Journalists, College Republicans, Campus Crusade for Christ and is a volunteer tutor for Leap Frog. Gregory said she was surprised when they called out -ROBERT ALEXANDER her name as Most Beautiful. " Honestly, I thought there had been a mistake. I didn ' t really believe that I had won until I saw all of my family and friends cheering and crying in the audience. I ' ve never won anything like this before in my whole life, and I was so humbled and surprised that the judges chose me as Most Beautiful! ' she said. " Obviously they have never seen me at my 8 o ' clock class! ' Since her freshman year Gregory has been nominated by her sorority to participate in the pageant. " I definitely never thought that I would become Most Beautiful two years later! ' she said. JEREMY LODEN Gregory said she hopes to bring more responsibility to the Most Beautiful title. " I, or any Most Beautiful, could be a great asset to Ole Miss through helping out with recruitment of new students, alumni events such as the Alumni Hall of Fame ceremonies held over homecoming, orientation, or as a spokesperson for other elections and pageants on campus. I would really like to be given the opportunity to do some of these things during my short time as Most Beautiful ' , ' she said. -WRITTEN BY KELLEY HUNSBERGER Parade of Beauties PeopCe Division i ' i..t%i- " People Duos ion Abide, David Greenville, MS Acred, Angela Jackson, MS Adderholt, Shara University, MS Allemand Jr, KevinPerkinston, MS Allen, Abigail Oxford, Ms Allen, Martha Lyon, MS Amerman, Brent Beaumont, TX Andrews, Toy Milton, FL Anthony, Jill Hattisburg, MS Arnemann, Michael Metairie, LA Ash, Amber University, MS Avery, Katherine Houston, Tx Bailey, Brittany Bailey, Katie Jackson, MS Conway AR Baker, Bradley Olive Branch, MS Ball, Chelsey Ball, Roynaldo Banister, John Acworth, GA Indianola, MS Chesapeake, VA 3 1 I ) t A swai ££ Banks, Nicole Bardwell, Susan Barnes, Sidney Barrow, Leigh Baskin, Chad Bates, Colleen Lambert, MS University, MS Birmingham, AL Guntersville, AL Nashville, TN Sikeston, MO Beaver, Robert Beaumont, TX Beck, Carabeth Birmingham, AL Beckman, Lindsey Anchorage, KY Benvenutti, Nicholas Bay StLouis, MS Berrons, Kathryn Lilburn, GA Berry, Juntin R Tupelo, MSi Berryhill, Ashlyn ' Billings, Mallory Bivens, Stacey Blackburn, Ann Blackwell, Genia Graham, TX Springfield, IL Collirville, TN Vicksburg, MS Oxford, MS Blankenship, Wendy Jackson, MO Bobo Crady University, MS Bollinger, Jennifer Marietta, GA Booker, Robert Bower, Kate Boyd, Anna Boyd, Claire Jackson, MS Edmond, OK Olive Branch, MS Tunica,MS r =v M fc ■ " » m w A t .1 a V Boyd, Laura Boyles, Jessica Brame, Laura Brewer, Jennifer Brewer, Kristen Brooks, Lenwod Ripley, MS Russellville, AL Laurel, MS Oxford, MS Summit, MS Flowood, MS n A i v ft Ji ' I VKtf 7 j: r Brown, Bobby University, MS Brown, Marquita Florence, MS Brown, Mary Hayes Schlater, MS Bui, Rose Biloxi, MS Bullard, Amanda Fpo, AE Buntin, Holly West Memhis, AR Burgess, Kahryn Water Valley, MS Buckhead, Rachel Burks, Makila Bushing, Jessica Bush, Michael Butler, Tasheltha Oxford, MS Jackson, MS Jackson, MS Indianola, MS Natchez, MS ■TJ a - i! ™ w ' - r£ j nieii ' - - " " - •«- ' SSf.M ' 1 m Mmi m j ' ■ £ Campbell, Annie Hattiesburg, MS Carpenter, Lindsey Lexinton, MS Carrington, Emery Byahlia, MS Carroll, Codie Carthage, MS Carroll, Crista Tulsa, OK Cartwright, CourtneyHernado, MS Cartwright, Sally Booneville, MS Casey, Christina Clarksdale, MS Caudel, Lyndsey Glasgow, KY Chadwick, Jennifer Clarksdale, MS Chambers, Chaeli Pope, MS Chancellor, LaurenHattiesburg, MS Chaney, Lacey Vicksburg, MS Chapman, Adam Pascagoula, MS Chapman, Sonya Newton, MS Chassanial, Mimi Winona, MS Cheng, Lee- Young Oxford, MS Chi, Ying Shan ghai, China Chinn, Courtney Claney, Meghan Clark, Hannah Cobb, Beth Coffield, Emily Cole, Kacey Jackson, MS Collierville, TN Pascagoula, MS Lena, MS Fayetteville, AR Sumrall, MS Cole II, Donald Oxford, MS Collins, Michael Olive Branch, MS Cook, Sarah Pelahatchie, MS Cooke, Peter Bartlett, TN Copeland, Pranati Guntown, MS Coughlin,AutumnMadisonville, KY Cowan, SherolynHolly Springs, MS Crain, Allen Holly Springs, MS Crawford, April Vicksburg, MS Crews, Elizabeth Carrollton, TX Cross, Lesley Nashville, MS Culliver, Vanessa Louin, MS Culver, Alexis Curry, La ' Shonn Dahlman, Alex Dana, Jessica Daveat, Nicole Davis, Kimberly Smithville, MS Lyon, MS Brandon, MS Madison, MS New Orleans, LA Ridgeland, MS a n a B ▼ r € f ? i Dees, Ray University, MS Dehenre, Saheba Laurel, MS Delarosa, Patrick Pascagoula, MS Deloach, Regina Columbus, MS Deweese, Drew Jacksonville, MS Donahoe,MeredithCrystalSprings, MS Donalson, David Jasper, AL Doramus, Paul Benton, AR Douglas, Lauren Jackson, MS Downing, JacquelinePhiladephia, MS Downs, Randall Spanish Fort, AL Drago, Gaines Mobile, Al Dukes, Latisha Durst, Catherine Duval, Shanda Earnshaw, Amanda Easley, Jane Edwards, Andrea Roe, AR Anguilla, MS Oakville, WA Dallas, TX Dundee, MS Itta Bena, MS Etlinger, David Evans, Emily Everett, Matilda Fant, Janette Feathers, Ashley Fee, Marie Houston, TX Mendenhall, MS Lamar, MS Bradenton, FL Collierville, TN Marks, MS ft J, rA J ?M , - - • S r t " S K J fj W r Felder, Ryan Fellows, Gordon Ferchill, Edward Ferguson, Erica Fewell, Kari Figlestahler, Ryan Fondren, Michael Ford, Elizabeth Foster, Megan Foster, Robert Fox, Ariel Freeman, Palmer Liberty, MS Belden, MS Fortworth, TX Kosciusko, MS Sumrall, MS Lilburn, GA Clarksdale, MS Columbus, MS Memphis, TN Hernando, MS Collierville, TN Simsonville, SC Frese, Adam Birmingham, AL Fullilove, Grace Duncan, MS Galligan, Chelsea Kosciusko, MS Garren, Laurieanne Madison, MS Garriga, Joy Lynn Pearl, MS Gatewood, Cathy Forest, MS , . M »: -V-V V lt % ( -% - r K: Gentry, Julie Jennifer, Geotes Gilliam, Jennifer Gilson, Jamar Glass, Jabarie Goldman, Roveta Gun town, MS Gulfport, MS Greenville, MS University, MS Jackson, MS Oxford, MS Graham, MattewHighland Village,TX Gray, John Southlake, TX Green, Andrew Soso, MS Greer, Anna Holly Springs, MS Gregory, LaurenLawrenceville, GA Griffin, Carl Okolona, MS Griffin, Elizabeth University, MS Griffin, James Grogan, Laura Guckert, Kimbely Guess, Audrey Camden, MS Vicksburg, MS Jackson, MS Stewart, MS Gunnell, Katherine Bartlett, TN Gwin, Yvonne New Orleans, LA Gyetunji, Shakirat University, MS Hadd, Anna Crestview, FL Haggstrom, Maja Malibu, CA Hall, Karen Southlake, TX Hancock, Matthew Union, WV Hardy, Rowdy Bethel Springs, TN Harle, Stephen Spanish Fort, AL Harmon, Matt Olive Branch, MS Harper, Lindsay Columbus, MS Harris, Anita Shannon, MS Harris, Justin Cartersville, GA Harris, Robbie Pearl, MS Harris, Samantha Omaha, NE Harris, Watson Tunica, MS Harrod, LindseyN. Little Rock, AR Hatch, Philip Clarksville, TN Hawthorne, EricaPrince George, VA Hayes, Adam Pinson, TN Haynes, Miranda Clarksdale, MS Hazlewood, Amy He, Fen Healtherly, Eric Martin, TN Beijing, China Leland, MS Heinz, Ashely Hattiesburg, MS y Sffry y A If 4 v. Henning, Jillian Hickman, Clint Hill, Anna Hitt, Adrienne Hoag, Cristen Mobile, AL Brandon, MS Tupelo, MS Grenada, MS Collierville, TN Hobson, Shundral Jackson, MS Hodges, Demarco Hopkins, Ginna Hopper, Bailey Houston, Laura Howell, Joesph Howell, Shawanda Belden, MS Clarksdale, MS Brandon, MS Saltillo, MS Aberdeen, MS Waterford, MS Howery, Marika Lamar, MS Huber, Ryan Nashville, TN Huk, Autumn Pass Christian, MS Hunt, Julius Memphis, TN Hunter, William Brandon, MS Hurston, Sara Hattiesburg, MS Husband, Jonathan Jackson, MS Hutsell, Allison Jackson, Fallon Jackson, Tiffany James, Amber Janezic, Dana Searcy, AR Grenada, MS Jackson, MS Amory, MS Oxford, MS • -. £Mi v a Jeffries, Monica Waterford, MS Jenkins, Dekesha Water Valley, MS Jenkins, Misty Ridgeland, MS Jennings, Lindsey Huntsville, AL Jernigan, Jennifer Madison, MS Johnson, Austen Mobile, AL Johnson, Dominca Univeristy, MS Johnson, Elosha Rosedale, MS Joiner, Lauren Jolly, Sara Jones, Austin Jones, Brandie Mobile, AL Vicksburg, MS New Orleans, LA Huntsville, AL Jones, Courtney Germantown, TN Jones, Danielle Philadelphia, MS Jones, Deveshia Holly Springs, MS Jones, Ryan Brandon, MS Jones, Sally Birmingham, AL Jones, Walter Richton, MS wm M I s J V m Jordan, Jennifer Joseph, Mark Jourdan, Mollie Keene, Whitney Hernando, MS Dallas, TX Iuka, MS Rome, GA Kelly, ChristopherBlue Springs, MS Kemp, Melanie Camilla, GA Kennedy, Scott Mandeville, LA Kennell, Natoria Kilburn, Corey King, Michael Kitchens, Brent Klimek, Lindsay Itta Bena, MS Houston, TX Bolivar, TN Abbeville, MS Helena, AR Kniepkamp, Jared Belleville, IL Knutson, Meredith Greenville, MS Kollath, Carlie Gulfport, MS Komosinski, CarolynKingwood, TX Lamberth, Nicole Memphis, TN Landrum, Brandi Bailey, MS Langford, Kelly Nettleton, MS Lantrell, Brett Jackson, MS Lapiikas, Brandie Madison, MS Latham, Celeste Beech Bluff, TN Lawrence, Charlene Houston, MS Lawrence, John Bocaraton, FL Leblanc, DustinOcean Springs, MS Lee, Lucas Leigh, Lucas Leland, Kianna Lewis, Jennifer Ligon, Will Linzy, Jena Long, Wilson Lott, Neely Love, Latoya D. Lucius, Charles Luster, Jones P.J. Malysia Hernando, MS Batesville, MS Drew, MS Marvell, AR Sledge,MS Tupelo, MS Grenada, MS Courtland, MS Marietta, GA Clarksdale, MS Luster, roy Madison, MS Lyle, Karen Jackson, MS Lyon, Lorrie Olive Branch, MS Mackey,Laura-AnnVestavia Hills,AL Mahalite, Tara Rolling Rock, MS Marshall, Lues Fayetteville, TN • -m J fT. 1 U ■i » +■ MOk1 V k£J .1 ' ;, Martin, Courtney Martin, Rebecca Mays, Tasha McCaskill, Andrea McCaskill, Chasza McConnell, Ryan Waterford, MS Gautier, MS Byhalla, MS Grenada, MS Coldwater, MS Houston, TX McCullough,William Lexinton,KY McFarland,FrederickVicksburg,MS McGee, Haley Scottsboro, AL McKenzie,LaurieLawrenceville,MS McKinney, Marlena Batesville, MS McKnight, Michael Edwards, MS McMurray,Kimberly Byram, MS McVey, Molly Melvin, Brenda Menard, Kristal Messer, Jon Meyer, Jennifer Jackson, MS University, MS Crestwood, KY Brandon, MS River Ridge, LA Miles, Jay Weatherford, OK Minor, Daniel Waterford, MS Mister, Jeffrey Grenada, MS Mitchell, TameciaHolly Springs, MS Mixon, Kelly Oxford, MS Moore, Kimberly Pascaboula, MS l¥ " ! t M «?l - ) « V 4 . 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Hermon,LA Paulk, Melissa Amory, MS Pearson, Matthew Knoxville, TN Perkins, Darcy Moss Point, MS Peugh, Kelly Phillips, Justin Phillips, Meg Pierce, Courtney Powell, Sarah Pratt, Brandon Aberdeen, MS Clarksdale, MS Jackson, MS Okolona, MS Olive Branch, MS University, MS 4 Puckett, Katherine Jackson, MS Purnell, Regina Kilmichael, MS Ragland, Hley Germantown, TN Rayburn, Samantha Wiggins,. MS Reddick, Laura Memphis, Tn Reeder, Lauren Biloxi, MS Reid, Ryan Centreville, MS Replogle,JennyLake Cormorant,MS Rice, Stephanie Rockville, MD Riley, Lucas Benton, AR Rings, Jacquelyn Madison, MS Riordan, Jennifer New Hope, PA Roberts,MargaretMurfreesboro, TN Roberts, Megan Rodgers, Clay Rogan, Brendan Rogers, Corey Rogers, Kyle Oxford, MS Henderson, TN Pacific, MO Pearl, MS Tupelo, MS Roper, Kaycee Jackson, TN Rose, Erica Greenville, MS Rosenblatt, Sara Hart Jackson, MS Rosson, Rebekah Macon, GA Rucker, ShalondaMichigan City, MS Russell, Cole Thaxton, MS a ' ft bp K " L « B HBnT " JMr Jh Russell, Edward Yazoo City, MS Rutherford, Molly Meridian, MS Rutherford, Rachael Picayune, MS Ryan, Tiean Pascagoula, MS Sabatier, Celeste University, MS Saffold, Beverly Dallas, TX Sain, Robert Bolivar, TN Samuels, Joshua Water Valley, MS Sanford, Rebecca Alpharetta, GA Schuchard, Scott University, MS Schchs, Carrie Fulton, MS Scott, Barner University, MS Seawright, Molly Semmes, Diana Settles, Lindsey Shaw, Rhondalyn Shayeb, Joseph Pontotoc, MS Meridian, MS Versailles, KY Gretna, LA Jackson, MS Sheckels, Brandon Cincinnati, OH Shelley, Ro ' Pageous Baldwyn, MS Angela, Shelton Olive Branch, MS Sherman,BrandonOcean Springs,MS Sherrod, Angela Shelby, MS Shrestha, RoshanKathmandu, Nepal Shu-ya, Hsu Taipei, Tiwan v ' p8in ■ - ' ' ' wy X u I m v ill Jm A oJ Shull, Laura Leigh Siddons, Darren Sindelar, Melissa Singleton, Jacqlyn Sinko, Carlotte Slaughter, Terica Smith, Amanda Smith, Cassandra Smith, Erica Smith, Julie Smith, Justin Ridgely, TN Springfield, IL Oxford, MS Texarkana, TX Columbus, MS Columbus, MS Perkinston, MS Jackson, MS Memphis, TN Jackson, TN Pontotoc, MS Smith, Kayla Olive Branch, MS Smith, Leah Tupelo, MS Smithhart, Sara Jackson, MS Sneed, Adam Lookout Mtn., TN Snell, Angela L. New Hebron, MS Snow, Lena Oxford, MS Southerland, Allan Meadville, MS ? 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' „ tm% 3 " HM Cooley, Kimberly Oxford, MS Copeland,GretchenNew Madrid,MO Copley, Stephanie Fairhope, AL Course, Freda Jackson, MS Cramblitt, Joy Oxford, MS Crawford, April Como, MS Crawford, Ginger Heemitage, TN Cressman, Jennifer Savannah, GA Cunningham, Claire Tchula, MS Damico, Melissa Madison, MS Daniel, Latina Tupelo, MS Dankins, Derricek Columbus, MS Davenport, Lauren Oxford, MS Davis, Chasity Ellensburg, WA Davis, Megan Davis, Wes Dawson, Chris Flowood, MS Ripley, MS Raymond, MS Dickerson, Laura Caledonia, MS Dill, Sarah Clinton, MS Dilley, Adam University, MS Dodson, Lewis Brandon, MS Donald, Kathryn University, MS Douglas, Amanda Somerville, TN Douglas, Joy M Oxford, MS H MieMiiHH m F M l W " T 1 ™ i I ' Lfe " JJ 4 m t ' • ' 1 r J • 1 11 v.- • » - - 1 • ■ • Ducking, Johnny Greenville, MS Dudding, Michael Tupelo, MS Dudley, Kimberly Oxford, MS Duncan, Desi Morganfield, KY Dusza, Alexander Madison, AL Earnshaw, Thomas Dallas, TX Easterling, Sy Echols, Danny Edgeston Edwards, Karla Elam, Justin Elder, Crystal Hattiesburg, MS Holly Springs, MS Ripley, MS Natchez, MS Brentwood, TN Carthage, MO Elliott, Cayce Elliott, Latoya Ellzey, Allison Ellzey, Jennifer Elsherbeni, Darla Etthad, Brian Buchanan, TN Verona, MS University, MS University, MS Oxford, MS Atoka, TN Ht m up] II! 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n T " ' I -v - I ft. 1 m f i ■mut Higgins, Ashley Metaine LA Hiland, Katie Oxford, MS Hill, Katie Paducah, KY Hitt, Mary Gift Aberdeen, MS Hodge, Cedric Jackson, MS Hollister, Danica Water Valley, MS Honeycutt, Natalie Grenada, MS Howell, Lacie Kosoiusko, MS Hudson, Lawrence Webb, MS Huff, Rosemary Yazoo City, MS Hulsey, Laura Corinth, MS Hunter, Laura Macon, MS Ireland, Patrick Longview, TX Jacobs, Mike Jackson, MS Jacobsen, Melissa Katy, TX Jameel, Allen Oxford, MS James, Nick Bruce, MS Jeffries, Kofi University, MS v R io hi I- § Jennings, Christina Pensacola, FL Jobe, Pamela Johns, Tracy Johnson, David Johnson, Jennifer Jones, Camille Camden, MS Webb, MS Scott, AK Flora, MS Clarksdale, MS Jones, Julie Jones, Shaneka Jordan, Keyana Jordan, Lisa Joy, Lasonda Water Valley, MS Jackson, MS Pachuta, MS Germantown, TN Oxford, MS Kennedy, Kevin Jacksonville, FL Ketchum, Kendall Yazoo City, MS Knight, Bridget Jackson, MS Koestler, Elizabeth Greenville, MS Krinke, Jennifer Metairie, LA Kuklinski, Ryan Eagon, MN Kwasek, Matt Buffalo, WY Lancaster, April Bartlett, TN Lance, Justin Nesbit, MS Lawson, Weston Olive Branch, MS Lee, Jacqueline Hattiesburg, MS Leland, Darius Batesville, MS Lewis, Erica Kosciusko, MS Liggett, Jessica Pulaski, TN Linkins, Bryan French Camp, MS Loporto, Kathryn Fairhope, AL Mallette, Angela Vancleave, MS Manning, Blair Meridian, MS Manning, Brian New Albany, MS Mansel, Ferriday Oxford, MS Maranto, Amie Greenville, MS Marion, Carol Anne Madison, MS Martin, William Highland, CA Masif, Blake Oxford, MS Mauldin, Kate Laurel, MS Maxwell, LasaundraClarksdale, MS Mazoch, Kortney McCain, Jill McCarthy, Kinney McCay, Rebekah McCoy, April Katy, TX Eupora, MS Corinth, MS Meridian, MS Liberty, MS !• ' McCullar, Keith Lambert, MS McCullar, Salley Water Valley, MS McDougal, BennetSan Antonio, TX McDowell, JonathanHuntsville AL McGraw, Shana Brandon, MS Mclntyre, Josh White Oak, MS McLaughlin,CrystalLong Beach MS McLemore, Eugene Jackson, MS Meisenheimer,Hunter Paducah,KY Meyers, Margie Birmingham, AL Miller, Angela Weir, MS Miller, Kalisa Weir, MS Miller, Ryan Miller, Stewart Milne, William Mims, Tara Memphis, TN Brentwood, TN Jacksonville, FL Vardaman, MS Mitchell, Amanda Richmond, TX Mitchell, Ashley Nashville, TN Mitchell, Kyle West Frankfort, IL Mitchke, Brooke Oxford, MS Moore, Kawonder Sikeston, MO Mosavizahed, Mariam Tupelo, MS Moss, Ashley Oxford, MS Muller, Virginia University, MS i - ' m J f% w i , !l ;--ftt i iH Murrah, Christy New Albany, MS Muruako,Michael HollySprings,MS Myers, Casey Tupelo, MS Nash, Lindsay Oxford, MS Nations, Ashley Marietta, GA Newell, Kelly Renee Jackson, MS Newman, Keenya Nguyen, Anh Nichols, Amanda Noblitt, Tatum Norton, Cassie O ' Neill, Brad Vaiden, MS Vietman Hernando, MS Jackson, MS Jackson, MS Houston, TX Orchard, Lindsey Metairie, LA Osborn, Christopher Carthage, MS Otte, Jared Paducah, KY Overton, Chip Brandon, MS Oxner, Chris Memphis, TN Oyetunji, Jariat Nigeria - L -r- 1 H - m ■ t ' s f l 1 k ■ •PH ' V ' ™ ii!i_ Palmer, Corey Parker, John Parker, Kristen Payne, Carter Pegram, Kathleen Perry, Earlon Persick, Lauren Phelan, Donovan Phillips, Lauren Phillips, Taylor Piazza, Laura Pickens, Lori Jackson, MS Oxford, MS Fort Mill, SC Jackson, MS Tunica, MS University, MS Grosse Tete, LA Columbus, MS Yazoo City, MS Batesville, MS Jackson, MS Clinton, MS Pilcher, Chad Piletz, Aaron Pillault, Stacey Porter, Henry Prather, Dennis Price, Connie Priest, Christen Pugh, Parker Quaka, Katie Quails, Ashley Rayburn, Wes Ready, Ashley West Monroe, LA Madison, MS Oxford, MS Germantown, TN Oxford, MS Etta, MS Centreville, MS Oxford, MS Jackson, MS Portageville, MO Oxford, MS Meridian, MS Red, Sara-Page Lookout Mnt., TN Redmond, Katrina Reed, Lashundra Reed, Tiffany Renick, Suzy Reynolds, Abbey Rials, Christopher Rice, Tameka Richardson, Shane Richmond, Sonia Roberson, Jay Roberts, Tanaka Durant, MS Como, MS Memphis, TN Oxford, MS Maidens, VA Taylor, MS Batesville, MS Union, MS Hernando, MS Jackson, MS University, MS Ross, Chris Madison, MS Ross, Shannon Kingwood, TX Rudd, Lasonya Batesville, MS Rutledge, RosanneSacramento, CA Sabatier, Joe University, MS Santmyer, KimberlyColumbus, MS r v 4 V I H 7 F i c. Scales, Samantha Indioanola, MS Schussler, Michelle Oxford, MS Sehar, Jennifer Olive Branch, MS Selvam, Arunkumar Oxford, MS Serio,Mary Margaret McCarley,MS Shaw, Heather Philadelphia, MS £ sZ V I ' M Shaw, Ryan Sides, Shea Simmons, Jason Sims, Malcolm Valparaiso, IN Kosciusko, MS Clarksdale, MS Tupelo, MS r te£ Sirimaturos,MichaelCapGirardeau,MO Smith, Becca Franklin, TN Smith, Brooke St. Petersburg, FL Smith, Katherine Sherwood, AR Smith, Mary Beth Marks, MS Smith, Sharee Greenwood, MS Smithers, Charles Grenada, MS Smothers, Kara Tupelo, MS Speed, Susannah Meridian, MS Stephens,ChiquitaUpper Marlboro,MD Stewart, Jeremy University, MS Stewart, Sedrick Clarksdale, MS Stokes, Kamillia Horn Lake, MS Stone, Linsey Jackson, MS 1 Pi V A 1 ■tlv r i :; » Bv» l fr ' - T ii H £- i M Storey, Matthew Strickland, Amy Stuart, Morgan Sullivan, Joshua Tanner, Shelley Houston, TX Pheba, MS Macon, MS Columbia, TN Cordova, TN Temples-Hayles, BethanyCabot, AR Testin, Rebecca Auburndale, FL Thacker, DJ Thaler, Lindsay Tharpe, Lauren Thigpen, Allen Senatobia, MS Brenham, TX Brandon, MS Jackson, MS r -.« ' r . h J Thomas, Elizabeth Shreveport, LA Thomas, StephenOlive Branch, MS Thompson, Amy Brandon, MS Thompson, Jason University, MS Thompson, Lane Oxford, MS Thompson, Tiawana Jackson, MS Thweatt, Nikki Paris,MS e»l« EE .4 k »— ™ m m M W t m tL V 1 , , ' | H l £m j ■ 7 ' Timbes, Korley Jackson, MS Tolbert, Chritopher Woodville, MS Toney, Julie Helena, AR Torquati, Jennifer Carriere, MS Townsend, Sydnia Jackson, MS Tucker, Christina Clinton, MS Turner, Maggie Madison, AL Turner, Raney-Mills Jackson, MS Ufford, Kimberly Roswell, GA Usnik, Jennifer Natchez, MS Vaidya, Asmita Kathmandu, Nepal Vaughn, Michelle Canton, MS Veazey, Blair Sommerville, TN Vinson, Jessica Wade, Lance Wahl, Jessica Waites, Asheley Walters, Katies Meridian, MS Paducah, KY Pontotoc, MS Louin, MS Smithville, MS Walton, Laketa University, MS Warner, Mary Abbeville, MS Warnock, Bethany Oxford, MS Washington, Tikesha HollySprings,MS Walters, Travis Germantown, TN Watkins, Melita Sharon, MS Weatherford, John Forest, MS Weeden, Jenny Blue Springs, MS Welch, Thomas Harrisville, MS Welgan, Michael Oxford, MS Weeson, Jeff Nolensville, TN Westmorland, Zackilias Bruce, MS White, Alexandria Greneda, MS White, Elizabeth Water Valley, MS White, Joshua Olive Branch, MS Whittle, Aimee Oxford, MS Whybrew, Sarah Jonesboro, AR Wicker, Sally Morris, AL Wilbanks, Paulie Wilburn, Mindy Wilkins, Joshua Williams, Jeremy Walnut, MS Oxford, MS Springfield, TN Oxford, MS Williams,Saundra Old Hickory, TN Williams, Winter McComb, MS Williams, Terrol University, MS Williamson, Matt Jackson, MS Willingham, Andranita Sardis, MS Willis, Rachel Pascagoula, MS Wilson, Dianne Murfreesboro, TN Wilson, Jamie Minden, LA Windsor, Courtnev Livermore, CA Winsett, Katie Yates, Tiffany Memphis, TN Murrayville, IL Young, Adrianne Long Beach, MS Young, Khalida Young, Trey Youngblood, Amy Zastoupil, Paige Jackson, MS Kingwood, TX Tupelo,MS Piano, TX • ' Ste , -• • ,. tk- XI , ' «» «fe. 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Pleasant, SC V k fi 4 V Carr, Mike Carroll, Lexie Carter, Matt Carver, Patrick Casey, Candice Cleveland, MS Brandon, MS Marietta, GA Clarksville, TN Civington, LA Chamberlin, Clay Magnolia, MS Chambers, Andrew Forest, MS IChamblee, Leah Fulton, MS Chassaniol, Mary Rae Winona, MS Chernyak,YekaterinaKrasndyarsk,Russia Chesney, Jennifer Meridian, MS Chockley, Randy Jefferson City, MO Choe, Hye-Jin Cleland, Andrew Clifford, Shelly Cofer, John Coggins, Heath Korea Oxford, MS Memphis, TN Grenada, MS Baldwyn, MS Coleman, Chenda Carthage, MS Coleman, Eric Cottontown, TN Collier, Winston Searey, AR Collins, Annie Calhoun City, MS Collins, Taylor Jackson, MS Congleton, Laura Charlotte, NC Cook, Megan Cooper, Brian Corua, Ashley Counts, Jason Covington, Jason Vicksburg, MS University, MS Madison, MS Carrollton, MS Oxford, MS Covington, Regina Coffeeville, MS Cox, Dianna Crawford, Brooke Crim, Rich Crowe, Justin Crusoe, Natasha University, MS Batesville, MS Washville, TN Columbus, MS Jackson, MS Daniels,Dawn Renee Ft.Worth,TX Dantin Vic Davis, Amy Davis, Kerrie Davis, Lisa Davis, Ryan Day, Leslie Oxford, MS Brandon, MS New Orleans, LA Verona, MS Birmingham, AL Nesbit, MS Dear, Benjamin Hickory, MS Decker, Chris Decker, Darcy Delsa, Chris Dennis, Becky Desai, Jay Jackson, MS Jefferson, LA Metairie, LA Jackson, MS West Point, MS Dickerson, Jacob Southhaven, MS Dixon, Bradford Scott Depot, WV Donahue Jr, Patrick Sirdell, LA Douglas, Paige West Monroe, LA Drewrey, Jessica Oxford, MS Dunbar, Dustin Compton, CA East, Eija St. Louis, MO Eaton, Eric University, MS Emmons, Caorl Anne Iuka, MS Engle, Granville Vicksburg, MS Erickson, Kelly Yazoo City, MS Ferreira, Renate Oxford, MS . V i if I v=, f 2 jjr%- Ferrell, Clyde I Fields, Zakiyo Filley, Shauna Findley, Erin Flanner, Jennifer Flechtl, Jessica Forman, Shane Foster, Holly Frazier, Debbie Freeman, Mary Frier, Todd Fulton, Memory French Camp, MS Indianola, MS Booneville, MS Madison, MS r Purvis, MS Mcallen, TX Oxford, MS New Albany, MS Kosciusko, MS Greenwood, MS Brandon, MS Nesbit, MS Furlong, Laurence Mississippi Garrard, Beebe Garrard, Nick Gathitu, Benson Gay, Kearney Greene, Sarah University, MS Isola, MS University, MS New Orleans, LA Hattiesburg, MS Gibson, Lindsey Walnut Grove, MS Gill, Carolyn Germantown, TN Glen, Elizabeth Germantown, TN Glisson, Richard Oxford, GA Gober, Sarah University, MS Grace, Sarah Baton Rouge, LA I i m m ■t v fV¥J ' v-V V Graham, Amanda Oxford,MS Graham, Justin Gravatt, Neal Gray, Brad Gray, Tiffany Green, Caroline Myrtle, MS University, MS Water Valley, MS Tupelo, MS Oxford,MS Gregory, Courtney New Albany, MS Gregory, Stuart The Woodlands, TX Griffin, Brenda Batesville, MS Griffith, Clark Oxford, MS Grigoryan, Tigran Yerevav, Armenia Grimes, Mark Fulton, MS Guest, Ishmael Luke Oxford, MS Guyton, Joshua West Point, MS Guyton, Mary Jane Russellville, AL Haarmann, Patricia Oxford, MS Hall, Lindy Collierville, TN Hall, Valerie Brookhaven, MS J i 7 i !■ ' irV... Hamberlin, Christopher Nesbit, MS Hamblin, Melanie Blue Springs, MS Hamilton IVJames Long Beach,MS Hankins, Christipher New Albany,MS Hankins, James Ripley, MS Hankins, Johnathan Ripley, MS Hankins, Nacy Hannah, Devario Harbert, Erin Harkey, Jimmy Omaha, NE Memphis, TN Jackson, TN Burnsville, MS Harris, Bentley Germantown, TN Havens, Wendy Water Valley, MS Hayes, Lindsey Germantown, TN Hector, Kara Dominica Heffingtonjohn David University,MS Henson, Staci Jackson, MS Hight, Tedric Michie, TN Hillman, Kathleen Springs, TX Hillmer, Andrew Hobson, Julie Hoehn, Mary Hogue, Ashley Hollinger, Michael Hollis, Laniva Knoxville, TN Charleston, MS Brentwood, TN Collierville, TN Metairie, LA Cascilla, MS Holmes, Amy Holtz, Nicholas Hood, Ashley Home, Maria Hotard, Dave Howell, Meri Franklin, TN Mobile, AL Duncan, MS New Albany, MS Terrytown, LA Lucedale, MS Hubert, Burgundy Hui, Chi Chung Huling, Melissa Hurd, Courtney Hutton, Ashley lies. 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Hamilton, April Oxford, MS Lauderdale, FL Nettleton, MS Jonesboro, AR Jackson, MS Tupelo, MS Hamilton, Jessica Nashville, TN Haneline, Adam Hardin, Elizabeth Hardy, Erika Hare, Melinda Harkins, Patrick Monroe, LA Oxford, MS Nesbit, MS Tupelo, MS Jackson, MS Harper, Scott Tishomingo, MS Harrell, Cody Harris, Kris Harris, Melissa Harris, Russell Harris, Tiffany Oxford, MS Jackson, MS Southaven, MS Lyon, MS Sardis, MS r n ■ ■ Sk K Hayes, Tabioys Winona, MS Haynes, Tonya Jackson, MS Haynes, Veronica Louisville, MS Heidel, Kate Vancleave, MS Henderson, JenniferMandeville, LA Hendrix, David Batesville, MS Henegan, Clark Hengen, Louis Herron, Candice Hicks, Amy Hill, Jorja I Hill, Kristi Oxford, MS Biloxi, MS : Coldwater, MS Hernando, MS Holly Springs, MS Sumrall, MS Hill, Nicholas Oxford, MS Hinds, Jennifer Southaven, MS Hoang, Thuy Hattiesburg, MS Hoffman, Elizabeth Oxford, MS Hogan, Marley Jackson, MS Hogue, Molly Jackson, MS v m r i h I N Holder, Alisha Holder, Haley Holder, Jason Holliday, Tiffany Holliman, Alex Hollowell, Kim Holman, Kelsi Homan, Candice Hood, Ladeana Hooper, Jason Hopper, Megan Fulton, MS Long Beach, MS Vancleave, MS McComb, MS Columbus, MS Oxford, MS Vicksburg, MS Saltillo, MS Oxford, MS Maben, MS Falkner, MS Hopson, James Yazoo City, MS Horobetz, Mark Hoskins, Delores Howard, Beth Howard, Bradley Howard, Larita Howell, Corey Oxford, MS Chicago, II Helena, AR Bemont, MS Noxapater, MS Myrtle, MS Hubanks, JonMudlick Hollow, KY Hudson, April Laurel, MS Huff, Kimberly Natchez, MS Hughes, Keith Holly Springs, MS Hughes, Porsha Oxford, MS Hurst, Amber-Leigh Oxford, MS Ingram, Amy Ingram, Carol Ivy, Joseph Ivy, Mindy Jackson, Yolanda Madison, MS Southaven, MS Nettleton, MS Richton, MS Baldwyn, MS James, Edward Olive Branch, MS James, Melva James, Oshea Jarrett, David Jarrett, Lee Ann Jeanes, Kindal Jackson, MS Greenville, MS Oxford, MS Jonesboro, AR Oxford, MS WM R n Jefferson, Lawonica Gautier, MS Jeffus, Clint Roxie, MS Jenkins, Candy Oxford, MS Jeppe, Rachel Southaven, MS Johnson, Deana Walls, MS Johnson, Tameshia Oxford, MS Johnson, Tarah Joliet, IL a m 11 1 1L m X y? f) Jjii mi?,-— - IM Wf. L TflC ' lB!f uni : - jl .-JiH f w wB m ... - Johnson, Tiffany West Memphis, AR Jolly, Brandi New Albany, MS Jones, Amy Grenada, MS Jones, Brian Holly Springs, MS Jones, Cindy Southaven, MS Jones, Jenifer Carrolltown, MS » - __2P£E 1 JpeOi H i r ■r ii i ■■ 3 r • :«. ... 1 Jones, Mary Susan Birmingham, AL Jordan, Crystal Oxford, MS Jue, Tiffany Memphis, TN Julian, Tom Brandon, MS Justic, James Corinth, MS K.C., Archana Kathmandu, Nepal Kelley, Julie Booneville, AR Kendrick, Richard Helena, AL Kennedy, Jason New Albany, MS Kim, Sangbeom Korea Kim, Young Koun Seoul, Korea Kimbriel, Kyle Jackson, MS King, Ashley Monroe, LA Kirk, Brandon Myrtle, MS Kitchen, Lauren New Orleans, LA Kniaz, Christine Cadiz, KY Knight, Geoffrey McColla, AL Knight, Jennifer McKinney, TX Knight, Kimberly Knighton, Anna Kohne, Aimee Koon, Stacy Krutz, Patrick Kumar, Minu Kuykendall, Erin Kuykendall, Kim Lafferty, Sara Lai, Ket-Mei Laine, Brian Lamm, Ashley Jackson, MS Corinth, MS Cordova, TN Bartlett, TN Madison, MS University,MS Ripley, MS Tremont, MS Pegram, TN Malaysia Kenner, LA Florence, AL Lampking, Natosha Oxford, MS Lancaster, AmandaNew Albany, MS Lancaster, Kurt Ripley, MS Lasyone, Terry Coldwater, MS Lauderdale,Christopher Hernando,MS Lauderdale, Jessica Pontotoc, MS !! fl: a : -»k y K 4 K " V -V . Layne, Valerie Tupelo, MS Lazaridi, PavelAlmaty, Kazakhstan Lea, Beth Oxford, MS Ledford, Laura Cleveland, TN Lee, Amanda Olive Branch, MS Lee, Jong Min Seoul, Korea Leon, Barbara Leon, Erin Lester, Lindsay Lewis, Trey Lincoln, Deborah Lindsey, Kimberly Little, Amanda Little, Paxton Loden, Jeremy Lofton, Katie Logan, Ginger Lott, Ashley Love, Marshall Lovell, Katharine Lowe, Timothy Lowery, Jenna Lowry, Wiley Lu, Sheng Vicksburg, MS Madison, MS Stringer, MS University, MS Oxford, MS f Smithville, MS Belden, MS Oxford, MS Kosciusko, MS Newton, MS Nettleton, MS Greenwood, MS Yazoo City, MS Oxford, MS Oxford, MS Oxford, MS Jackson, MS Shanghai, China Lyon, Claire Lyons, Nathan Ma, John Indianola, MS Kennett, MO Ridgeland, MS Maholm, Michael University, MS Mahr, Stacy Marlar, Brad Mars, Chad Martin, Andrew Martin, Bailey Martin, Katie Maschek, Abby Mason, Corby Harrisburg, SC Iuka, MS Ridgeland, MS Batesville, MS Albany, GA Cartersville, GA Germantown, TN Philadelphia, MS Mayer, Mary BethPotts Camp, MS McAllister, Ray Aberdeen, MS McBride, Monica Kilmichael, MS McClelland, RyanNew Albany, MS McCollough, Ricky Petal, MS McCormick, RochelleMemphis, TN i m £ i McCrory, Keith University, MS McCullen, TamaraHattiesburg, MS McDaniel, Justin McCool, MS McFarland, AndrewWest Point, MS McFerrin, Jodie Mantachie, MS McGahey, Anna Jackson, MS Mcintosh, Ashley Tupelo, MS McKissack, April Dothan, AL McKinney, KimberlyBatesville, MS McLarty, Brian Olive Branch, MS McLarty, Shane Oxfod, MS McNeal, James Oxford, MS McNeel, Kathy Walls, MS McNulty, Lane Lake Charles, LA McNutt, Jennifer Naperville, IL McRaney, Lacie Collins, MS Meador, Elise Oxford, MS Meeks, Charles Tiplersville, MS Mehmedic, Damir Oxford, MS Mehta, Priteshkumar Corinth, MS Meisenheimer, DrewGermantown, TN Melvin, Julie New Albany, MS Mobley, Marales Pascagoula, MS Mock, Hayley Senatobia, MS it V F 1 ftp J P " IB Monsour, Mike Moore, Amanda Moore, Jenny Moore, Sha Moore, Tammye Moore, Tina Jackson, MS Jackson, MS Stewart, MS Southaven, MS Selmer, TN Batesville, MS Moore, Wilson Murphysboro, IL Morgan, Andria Morgan, David Morgan, Kendra Morgan, Scott Morris, Bret Oxford, MS Oxford, MS Oxford, MS Brandon, MS Vicksburg Morrison, Jim Jackson, MS Morrison, Tessa Pontotoc, MS Moton, Tashondrea Prattville, AL Muller, KatherinePass Christian, MS Munxayaphom,BounthanomOxford,MS Murphree, Matthew Myrtle, MS £ 1 ' Murray, William Myers, Lindsey Nabors, Jeremy Nail, Emily Nelson, Sara Bi Nettles, Amanda Newton, Nicole Nielson, Scott Nittala, Kalyan Nolen, Amelie Nunley, Michaellea Oh, Donghun Ventress, LA Jackson, MS Cordova, TN Tupelo, MS Birmingham, AL Carthage, MS Oxford, MS University, MS Oxford, MS Hunts ville, AL l Desoto, KS Korea O ' Neal, Stephen Oxford, MS Odom, Gy Jackson, MS Oneal, Gregory Estill Springs, TN Oneke, Obianuju Oxford, MS Paddock, Megan River Ridge, LA Palmer, Debbie Corinth, MS Parent, Morgan Parker, Maggie Parker, Martha Parks, Robin Pattridge, PJ Paulson, Melissa Grenada, MS McComb, MS Meridian, MS Horn Lake, MS Batesville, MS Oxford, MS Payne, Chrystal Pearson, Markee Pearson, Marsha Perez, Matthew Peters, Manuela Peterson, Molly Tupelo, MS Oxford, MS Oxford, MS River Ridge, LA Nettleton, MS Leawood, KS Phillips, Ashley Ocean Springs, MS Phillips, Kelly Pinto, Katie Pittman, Meghan Pittman, Robert Pollan, Jarett Memphis, TN Metairie, LA Covington, LA Columbus, MS Roxie, MS Pollock, Ashley Horn Lake, MS Pope, Chris Carrollton, MS Pope, Tekela Batesville, MS Powers, Sara Anna Madison, MS Poynor, Meghann Pontotoc, MS Prechter, ScottMudlick Hollow, KY ;l in in Prestage, Danny Fulton, MS Prewett, Adam Price, Myrt Prince, Alexa Pulliam, Corey Purser, Amelia Kosciusko, MS Sardis, MS Oxford, MS Houston, MS Madison, MS Queen, Titus Laurel, MS Rains, Amy Gadsden, AL Ramakrishnan, AnandUniversity, MS Randall, Trace Indianola, MS Randle, Carla Indianola, MS Ratcliffe, Calvit Natchez, MS Ratcliff, Chris Belmont, MS Reekstin, Rebecca Columbia, TN Reel, Valerie Olive Branch, MS Reid, Ashley Southaven, MS Reid, Laura Oxford, MS Reimer, Beth Bowling Green, KY Revels, Carey Rezk, Amira Rhodes, Clayton University ,MS Madison, MS Tuscolousa, AL Rhyne, Michael Water Valley, MS Rice, Trey Rich, Amy Jackson ,MS Cypress Inn, TN v J 1 ' b ( ■♦ M A f k a A ' 1 w ' Si w ' " mp X HF8 Fa ■1 f n ■ 1 hJkrkJ SL - LA $ 1 Rich, Shanna Amarillo, TX Richard, Michele Oxford, MS Riley, Erica West Point, MS Robbins, Brad Myrtle, MS Robbins, Timothy Oxford, MS Robertson, Ryan Greenwood, MS Robey, Laura Bellbrook, OH Robinson, Banks Camilla, GA Robinson, Jennifer Montrose, MS Robinson, KenyaHolly Springs, MS Rochester, Joanna Clyde, NC Rogers, Stephen Meridian, MS Roman, Anthony Ross, Peter Roussel, Caroline Rupolph, Ryan Russ, Jamie Russell, Angela Ridgeland, MS Oxford, MS Destrehan, LA Brentwood, TN Jackson, MS Oxford, MS i w 4f 5 Br " " ■ " " ' tB 1 1 ft 1 i " A. 7 W ff ' r r Russell, Heather Russell, Mary Rutland, Tim Rutledge, Tony Ryan, Amber Ryder, Megan Madison, MS Madison, MS Centreville, MS Oxford, MS Lavergne, TN New Orleans, LA Salley, Laura Cleveland, MS Sanderson, Shane Booneville, MS Sartain, Jeremy Water Valley, MS Saulsberry, YulondaOlive Branch, MS Savorgnan, Andrea Smithdale, MS Sawyer, Mike Katy, TX Saxon, Brandon Scanlon, Lauralee Scara, Warren Schoggin, Andy Scioneaux, Monica Scrimpshire, Alex Tyler, TX Jackson, TN University, MS Bruce, MS Laplace, LA Laurel, MS Segrest, Shelley Laurel, MS Sexton, Jennifer University, MS Shakya, SundeepKathmandu, Nepal Shands, Leslie New Albany, MS Shands, Nancy New Albany, MS Shappley, Will Vicksburg, MS Sharp, Katie Shattles, Leigh Shelby, Cynthia Shields, Richard Shumpert, Kristin Shumpert, Lori Vicksburg, MS Atlanta, GA Senatobia, MS Brandon, MS Tupelo, MS Fulton, MS Simmons, CandaceOcean Springs, MS Sinclair, Derek Siqueira, Alice Skinner, Rebecca Slade, Jeremy Slater, Jonathan Smart, Janet Smith, Adam Smith, Amanda Smith, Andrew Smith, Darrell Smith, Daryl Oxford, MS Slidell, LA Iuka, MS Gulfport, MS Tullahoma, TN Tupelo, MS Collierville, TN Pearl, MS Natchez, MS Pearl, MS University, MS n f- " ? A t | r Smith, Heather Waterford, MS Smith, Joey Smith, Lauren Smith, Kelly Smith, Sara Smith, Stephen Olive Branch, MS Hattiesburg, MS Jackson, MS Leland, MS Jackson, MS Smith, Tiffany Sorrell, Eddie Spragins, Martha Sparks, Byron Oxford, MS Booneville, MS Oxford, MS Booneville, MS Sparks, Kimberly New Albany, MS Speed, Holley Meridian, MS Sprague, Bourke Sturgis, KY St. John, John Southaven, MS Stamper, Bridgette Decatur, MS Stanford, Lorie New Albany, MS Stanford, Maria Oxford, MS Stanley, James Fulton, MS Steele, Joy Stewart, Audrey Stewart, Brandy Stewart, Tanja Stilgenbaver, Adam Stillwell, Shannon Jackson, MS Anguilla, MS Pontotoc, MS Sallis, MS Houston, TX Terry, MS », W 1 ( ' } S sm B K 0 K " V Stoltz, Devi Stomprud, Kari Strack, Emily Srickland, Lyle Strong, Natalie Stroup, Lindsey University, MS Amory, MS Oxford, MS Heidelberg, MS Oxford, MS Oxford, MS •Pi r — " Stuart, Katie Oxford, MS Stubblefield, StephaniePontotoc, MS Sullivan, Elizabeth Meadville, MS Summerforn, Carrie Tremont, MS Sumners, Cara-AnnMontgomery, AL Sumrall, Tiffany Picayune, MS Szymanski, Sarah Oxford, MS Taylor, Janae ' Taylor, Natalie Taylor, Sovent Taylor, Sue Teague, Clay Oxford, MS Southaven, MS Clarksdale, MS Oxford, MS Minden, LA stf U SRjj tM jti£| Hp % -- £ ■ iim % % IF ..J B £t 1 v T ' M Teague, Jay Teoh, View Thacker, Paul Thomas, Casey Paris, TX Penag Malaysia Olive Branch, MS Sandy Hook, MS Thomas, Kathryn Shreveport, LA Thompson, Jan Saltillo, MS ' f Thompson, Laura Thompson, Melissa Thompson, Sarah Thompson, Blair Tigrett, Maryann Tillman, Jesse Brandon, MS Memphis, TN Vicksburg, MS Jackson, TN Brandon, MS Tillatoba, MS fc. Todd, Tamara Tremont, MS Tomaso, Michael Longwood, FL Truong, Phuong Biloxi, MS Tubertini, Andrew Oxford, MS Valentine, Jessica Oxford, MS Vanderloo, John Hattiesburg, MS Vandevender, Jill Dekalb, MS Vinson, Holly Olive Branch, MS Volz, Katherine Rolla, MO Wade, George Richmond, VA Wadgaonkar, Bakul University, MS Wahl, Amanda Vicksburg, MS Walker, Hope Walkley, Philip Wall, Grant Warren, Anthony Warren, Jennifer Brandon, MS Jonesboro, AR Corinth, MS Oxford, MS Meridian, MS Watkins, Shantay Brookhaven, MS Webb, Lauren Belleville, IL Webber, Emily Ocean Springs, MS Webster, Thomas Columbia, TN Welch, Emily Oxford, MS Weston, Chagueta Charleston, MS Wheat, Jaclyn Germantown, TN White, Tarsha Oxford, MS Whitehouse, Nowel Conway, AR Whitley, Jennifer Booneville, MS Whittington, Zackery Decatur, AL Wilbanks, Sarabeth Corinth, MS Williams, Courtney Oxford, MS Williams, Ellen Philadelphia, MS Williams, Erin Collierville, MS • 4 (fW a • i N • 1 1 $ ' ■Pill n . » « •» ? m w » W K [INT ' « Williams, Ivy Jovan Oxford, MS Williams, Johannah Etta, MS Williams, Lisa Grenada, MS Williams, Scott Huntsville, AL Williamson, Todd Vicksburg, MS Wilson, Omar Senatobia, MS ■ j £Jr » III, £I« Wong, Connie Wood, Wesley Woods, Marc Word, Mary Worthem, Joe Wright, James Wyckoff, Smith Xiong, Yuan Young, Andy Young, Crystal Young, Katie Zeidman, Ben Greenwood, MS Nashville, TN Oxford, MS Okolona, MS Oxford, MS Knoxville, TN Columbus, MS University, MS University, MS Myrtle, MS Jackson, MS Brandon, MS Zito, Jackie Baton Rouge, LA - trPk V- , » -» . . ' I ' wT • 1 M kJri . -w I it- ! m 1 f im j .4 W H 1.1 4 ' H Alexander, Antoine Albany, GA Ayyalasmoayajula, Narasimharop Bagade, Sumeet University, MS Barnett, Brandy University, MS Barnett, Monica University, MS Bell, Adrian University, MS Bone, Deborah Greenville, MS Boston, CaryclDominica,West Indies Brummett, Kurt Oxford, MS Cen, Yuncan University, MS Chanda, Pranojit University, MS Cheboyina,Sreekhar Hyderabadjndia Chen,Fen-Fang PanchiaoTaipei, Taiwan Chen, Shuo University, MS Chiba, Nobuyuki University, MS Childers, Christopher Myrtle, MS ■ w : X V Q) (UO i Hi If -a |v „ Lit 3te e LM TTT is 1 a i Chin, Po-Loong Malaysia Claassen, BjoernLueneburg, Germany Clifford, Kathryn Oxford, MS Daniel, Jeffrey Nashville, TN Darbhamulla, Ravikumar Australia Das, Manirupa University, MS Davis, Brad Ripley, MS Ding, Yuanyuan Shandong, China Downing, Melinda Wiggins, MS Duan, Qiang Shijiazhuang, China Duke, Robin Southaven, MS Feng, Liang University, MS Gangarapu, Ravi kanthUniversity, MS Garcia, Javier Mexico Gent, Lauren Gulfport, MS Ginne, SahithiVisakhapatnam, India ■ r W P T i B ■■■k 1 IB - fl ' ' 4SJ r " " " T J ' ir I a? Ki ' V ■Tirffr - ($ " « " «- - - 5. 1 t . fcr ► RING M-CLUB ME1 f N I t " OLE M IS S • ' ■- ' wf ft : ' • ' .; ■ Gomez, Lorena Bogota, Columbia Grandhi, Sai SridharHyderabad, India Greenoe, Bethany Brentwood, TN Gunther, ChristianeArnstadt, Germany Haifeng, Jia University, MS Harikrishana, Didigam India Harrison, Brenda Hilliard, Shantee Jadhav, Prakash Jerrolds, Kevin Jeyashekar, Nigil Jian, Yu Coldwater, MS University, MS Oxford, MS Oxford, MS India Neijiang, SC Jianfeng, Jiang University, MS Jinnette, Allen Oxford, MS Kanukolanu,RamakanthUniversity,MS Khoo, Lay MennSelangor, Malaysia O v v n K I JSA -.-■ ' t - tk at.. .am £ , - ' " K% ' m % 5 • 1 $ i H Koduri, Skianth Konde, Kiran Li, Hai-Tao LIm, Ching-Sin Liu, Jun Liu, Qiang Liu, Yi Liu, Ying Mai, Liuqing Makkena, Murali Oxford, MS University, MS University, MS University, MS University, MS Oxford, MS University, MS Beijing, China China Oxford, MS Malla, Sajan Kathmandu, Nepal Mann, Richa India Maron, Maureen Maron, Ruth Matta, Vamsee McNeil, Lauren Oxford, MS Oxford, MS Oxford, MS University, MS ■ ?.., O fTS QaseAs - " ft m ■ i i ' -it ■ X.v» • " 4 — r : - fc£L ... -. -•• . I 30 ti. - • r 1 k- i Meda, Chaitali India Metcalf, Tieryan Clarksdale, MS Mididoddi, PraveenKarimnagar, India Newton, Julie Oxford, MS Newsom, Michael Jackson, TN Noguchi, Kenji Oxford, MS Norman, Johnna Houston, MS Ong, Swee-HuatPetaling Jaya, Malaysia Orange, Untray Oxford, MS Parkes, Jade Decatur, MS Parupalli, SamathaVijayawada, India Philip, Ashok University, MS Ramaswamy, VenkateshUnivesity, MS Ray, Miranda Areola, MS Rogers, Paul University, MS Schachtsiek, Kristina Oxford, MS K f j Mil . 1 Pt " " 1 r -V Ir7il } ' ' 1 " F » ll " ! f d Wins 10 Ihe Chancellot s Office By April ) IN ■ ini««i uui iiidiiudiing liiuoii i h ■ " i gaaaa rcrenTm r nononnn „.i Helping o», «„,,,i„.„,„„ Icnloll v I m q © ■ ■ r r3:j£a feM ■ itllL to l tiS ■•■■ ■ l-JBH, ' • L R Sharp, Felicia Byhalia, MS Shrestha, Saroj Kathmandu, Nepal Sijher, Taninder Jalandhar, India Simon, Andrew Selavgov, Malaysia Siruguri, Jaisimhaq University, MS Smith, Melinda Coffeeville, MS Smith, Pamela Spencer, Carrie Sridhar, Anand Stamey, Michael Stennis, Rhonda Sumrall, Alfred Oxford, MS Batesville, MS Bombay, India Oxford, MS Memphis, TN Gulfport, MS Tadepalli, Pallavi University, MS Tadepalli, Tezeswi University, MS Talwadker, Ameet University, MS Tan, Fei China i I I St l .i Hiw ? » i Mr 1 - lime __ « £ftftt£M mm i i i ■ i i i i. PHWtr- »«»fi. ijfrii V v v - .,; - .. I ' Telang, Nakul University, MS Tennin, LC Jackson, MS Towers, Kelvin Mound Bayou, MS Upton, Michael Tupelo, MS Vadakapurapu, Srikanth India Venkata, Tumuluri University, MS Vinueza, Jorge Quinto, Ecuador Wang, Gang University, MS Wang, Wendy Guang Dong, China Wells, Angela Oxford, MS k A A § fc» ««MN»ap»|0, 4 I , 7 1 1 Wicker, Jamie Morns, AL Witt, Honey Jackson, MS Xu, Xiaobo China Yang, NanPeoples Republic of Lanzhou Zhang, Jie Univesity, MS Zhang, Wanfa Guiyang, China Zheng, Guiping University, MS Zhou, Lina China Zhou, Shuxia University, MS Zou, Xu University, MS . 7 K rs f i 9 y •( • y v »_ •» . , 1 ' « ; ' A - - " - " l GREAT AMERICAN PUBUC UNIVERSITY m i V s - k . . : • y m i - t ■ IV . K t ' A 1fe; - .• »w-y. • ' • ... 4 ' » w - son m i •• . i • ,k t .r flpnii 1 Si , n « , ' • — 1 r n»iii I ' $T •• ) i ' « - v • • ' . H ' ' H. ' irn J ' uUii Diinii ,j ■ ss _x_ ti. VH • ' J ■ fa t fli- y T N r . 1 I V a ai ' ». ffl — . -y- ' V. tf , V,.- imi Greek Divi; sum Greek Division Panhellenic Council Panhellenic Delegates: Bethany Caulfield, Ashley Davis, Catie Baker, Elizabeth Holcombe, Lexie Carroll, Connie Rice, Kristin hcQraner, Cristen Dichson, Erin Martin, Allison Weakley, Tina Frangiamore, Carson Cavin, Mandy McAnally, Jackie Zito, 5arah Oleaton Officers: President- Emily Johns Vice-President of Rush- Molly Michaelson V ice-Presdient of Judicial Affairs- Ashley Cordua Director of Public Relations Community Service- Cam 7 e Apostle Secretary Treasurer- 5asha Lambert -KELSI HOLMAN Greek -KELSI HOLMAN Intra-Fraternal Council -KELSI HOLMAN Delegates: Nolan Sherrill, Reid McMillan, Jack Koban, Daniel Scruggs, Richard Chandler, Calvin Holeman, Patrick Ross, Corey Clark, Grant Ciremillion, Graham Miller, Jay Mitchell, Stephen Fountain, Matt Williamson, James Rawlings, Thomas Blake, Paxton Little, Davey Gernhauser, Justin Gentry, Steven Kilgore, Peter Riley, Dallas Quinn, Grant Gannon, Andrew Buckley, Kirk Adams Officers: President- holan 5herrill Vice-President Rush- Dallas Quinn Vice-Presdient Judicial Education Affairs- fie ' d McMillin Director of Public Relations- Grant Gannon Secretary Treasurer- Andrew Buckley Vcmhditnk, J IFC Na ti on a l Pan-Hellenic Council Delegates in Picture: Cedric Washington-President Melissa Campbell-Philanthropist Penelope Blissett-Graduate Advisor Regina Pitts Gerald Williams-Secretary Yolanda Pinckney-Judicial Chair Tamika Montgomery-Public Relations Darrell Black-Parliamentarian EJ Patterson Delegates Mot Pictured: Christopher Carter-Graduate Advisor, Courtney Williams-Vice President, Eddie Sorrell-Treasure, Vidalia Sanders, Korah Pounds, Tamara Crawford, Jerome Johnson -KELSI HOLMAN zrp Sigma Gamma Rho Chapter National Chapter Founded: Movember 12, 1922 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: October 28, 1994 Number of Active Members: 3 Number of Chapters Nationally: Over 400 Mascot: French Toy Poodle Flower: Yellow Tea Rose Colors: Royal Blue Gold Motto: Greater 5ervice, Greater Progress Philanthropy: March of Dimes, Big Book Bag, Wee Savers, Project Africare, Mwanamugimu Essay Contest Famous Alumni: Anna Maria Hartsford Grezk -KELSI HOLMAN Members: Adrian Bell, Melissa Campbell, Deatrice Cox, Tamekia Cook, Jackie Certion, 5onya Qrisle, Patricia 5atterwhite NPHC Sigma Gamma Rho Candids | AKA Alpha Kappa Alpha Theta Ps ' Chapter National Chapter Founded: January 15, 1908 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: May 12, 1974 Number of Active Members: 21 Number of Chapters Nationally: 860+ ' Symbol: Ivy Leaf Flower: Pink Tea Rose Colors: 5almon Pink Si Apple Green Motto: Service to ail Mankind Philanthropy: Education, Pamily, Health, Economic and Leadership Development Famous Alumni: Maya Angelou, Coretta 5cott King, Ros a Parks, Jada Pinkett-5mith, Phylicia Rashad Brother Organization: Alpha Phi Alpha (g[ Greek Members: Basileus: Jennifer McNutt, Anti-Ba5ileu5: Lakeshia " Kiki " Moore, Qrammateus: Courtney Williams, Anti-(jrammateu5: Tamara Crawford, Pecuniou5 Grammateus: Shannon Thompson, Tamiochous: Tamara McCullen, Hodegos: Candace Simmons, Epistoleus: 5umeka Thomas, Philactor: Kandace Mosley, Ivy Leaf Reporter: Kandace Mosley, Parlimentarian: Ivy Jovan Williams, Tarra Craigen, Toya Brooks, Lenora Morris, 5imonee Patton, Michelle Franklin, Tameka Rice, Jacinta Hall, Kimberly Dudley, Zakiyo Fields, Kimberly Knight, Tonya Maynes -KELSI HOLMAN PHOTOS COURTESY OF ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY Aon I M II Alpha Omicron Pi hu Beta Chapter National Chapter Founded: 1897 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: 1958 Number of Active Members: 171 Mascot: Panda Symbol: 5heaf of Wheat Flower: Jaquieminot rose Colors: Cardinal Motto: Victorious Life Philanthropy: Arthritis research Favorite Traditions: White Rose Ball Biggest Event of the Year: Dr. Jean Jones Memorial Run Walk for Cancer Housemother: Laura Reid Greed Actives: President: Cindy Jones, VP Administration: Ashley Lamm, W Academic Development: Carol Anne Emmons, UP Member Recruitment: Katie Barbour, JP Education: Caroline Cahill, Treasurer Becky Melvin, Chapter Relations Chair. Jennifer Thompson, Philanthropy Chair: Ashley Mood, tlew Member Educator: Mary Furlong, Social Chair Lindsey Fischer, Risk Management: Jill Radtke, Public Relations Chair. Jennifer Risley, Panhellenic Delegate: Bethany Caulfield, Alumnae Relations Chair: Ashley Mutton, Recording Secretary: Carolyn Gil, Corresponding Secretary: Amanda Milner, Mouse Manager: Amanda Jenkins, Kelly Allison, Laura Baker, Kate Barron, Valerie Baughn, Tracy Beecham, Nikki Bender, Julie Benoit, Aimee Bertrand, Amanda Bevill, Laura Beth Boothe, Lacey Borgognoni, Ashley Bouldin, Melissa Breakfield, Meredith Brown, Carrie Bruce, Lauren Caldwell, Danielle Campbell, Amanda Clark, Alicia Cole, Caroline Coley, Camille Collins, Jennifer Crain, Paige Douglas, Virginia Ewing, 5arah Grace, Robyn flagan, Natalie Mankins, Erin Marbert, Marie Harkins, Casey Harris, Ashley Harwell, Holland Horner, Donna Jones, Ingrid Jorgenson, Stephanie Kemper, Jennifer Kingery, Erin Lobb, 5tacy Mahr, Anita Manly, Corby Mason, Christal Matthews, Jodie McFerrin, Lauren McGee, Angela Milam, Jessica Mitchell, Virginia Muller, Katy Nailen, Kelly Hewell, Rachel Michols, Corey Palmer, Rebecca Parker, Kimberly Parks, Ashleigh Phillips, Lori Pickens, Alexa Prince, Erin Raines, Adair Reid, Laura Reid, Courtney Rhoden, Katie Rike, Monica Robbins, Karen Rodriquez, Caroline Roussel, 5arah Scheldt, Meredith Scott, Misty Simpson, Kelly 5mith, Kristin 5t. Ivany, Haley Stewart, Mindy 5tewart, Jennifer Thompson, Jessica Vinson, Kelly Ware, Allison White, Sarah Williams, Dianne Wilson Pledges: Agelia Acred, Amanda Baker, Meredith Barkett, Melinda Bishop, Jennifer Bollinger, Hatalie Bottoms, Alicia Bowles, Carrie Brabner, Laura Brame, Anka Cannon, Brooke Caudel, Delia Charest, Hannah Clark, 5hawna Cook, Jessica Dana, Marielle DePeters, Amanda Earnshaw, Christina Edwards, Sarah Everman, Nicci Feathers, Ashley Fricks, Emily Frye, Joy Lynn Garriga, Whitney Gentry, Heather Grant, Courtney Gregory, Ashley Heinz, Maura Hurley, Ashley Jobson, Laura Keaveny, Sarah Kelly, Lindsey Krouse, Maggie Laird, Sarah Lamar, Brandie Laikas, Celeste Latham, Leslie Little, Elizabeth McClure, Kimberly Miller, Fallon Mills, Emily Napier, Toni Nguyen, Casey Nolan, Dolly Oaks, Corinne Peters, Lauren Pigford, Katie Portera, Lorrin Pruitt, Emily Rawlings, Lauren Renfro, Jenny Replogle, Rebecca Seabaugh, Laura-Catherine Sheffield, Amanda 5mith, Natalie Smith, Ashley Southerland, Susan Todd, Elizabeth Wahl, Millie Waring, Jenny Weeden, Stevie Weeks, Brianna Weldon, Laura Wilson PHOTOS COURTESY OF ALPHA OMICRON PI SORORITY n Alpha Omicron Pi Chi Omega Tau Chapter National Chapter Founded: 1895 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: 1899 Number of Active Members: 210 Mascot: Owl Symbol: Diamonds Pearls Flower: White Carnation Colors: Cardinal 5traw Philanthropy: CJardiner-5immons Home for Girls Famous Alumni: 5ela Ward. Mary Ann Mobley, Lynda Lee Mead Favorite Traditions: 5taff Christmas Party and Big 5J5 UI 5is Biggest Event of the Year: Chi-0 Classic Tennis Tournament Housemother: Ms. 5ara Duke Brother Organization: Kappa 5igma w Greek Actives: President: Lindsey McClelland, Vice President: Meta Poole, 5ecretary: Kathryn 5ulser, Treasurer: Martha Anne Parker, Personnel: Claire Lyon, Pledge Trainer Meg Gieselmann, Rush Chairmen: Lauren Rea and Lee Sturdivant, Panhellenic: Ashley Davis and Catie Baker, Treasurer II: Bentley Harris, Alynda Guynes Allen, Karen Allen, Lori Atchley, Miriam Avery, Catie Baker, Anastasia Ballas, Ashleigh Barbee, Carly Barnes, Leighton Batte, Carrie Benoist, Molly Benoist, Rebecca Bertucci, Martha Boswell, Leesel Boulware, Leighton Braddock, Tyndale Brickey, Lollie Britt, Lynn Brown, Caroline Bryant, Katie Caden, Meredith Carlson, Lee Carmichael, Jane Chambliss, Camille Clark, Rebecca Clayton, Summer Clements, Shelley Clifford, Caroline Coleman, Meredith Coleman, Megan Cook, Lauren Costello, Alice B. Cox, Joly Cummins, Rebecca Darby, Ashley Davis, Abby Diddie, Elizabeth Dixon, Kathryn Donald, Shannon Donald, Mallie Epperson, Joanna Fleming, Megan Fox, Mary Howard Freeman, Jennifer 5. Germany, Jennifer W. Germany, Meg Gieselmann, Meredith Gore, Carlyle Graves, Gretchen Grenn, Emily Guthrie, Bri Hairston, Katherine Hall, Val Hall, Dea Hammett, Bentley Harris, Libby Harris, Mary Beth Hazelwood, Courtney Henry, Emmy Hewlett, Caroline Hodges, Mary Hoehn, Claire Holcombe, Kathryn Mollis, Carley Howard, Ashley Jacks, Camille Jones, Mary Lucia Jones, Annie Kate Keenan, Kendall Ketchum, Mary Mills Lane, Rebecca Laughlin, Meredith Leach, Laurie Leonard, Bessie Liedtke, Erin Leon, Elizabeth Luster, Claire Lyon, Ashley mackenzie, Ferriday Mansel, Sarah Markham, Laura Martin, Shannon McCain, Lindsey mcClelland, Christen McKinney, Callie McMillin, Blewett Melton, Mary Margaret Miller, Mary-Kathryn Milner, Fran Minis, Jill Morgan, MH Morton, Helen Moss, Amy Hardin Murphey, Erin Hewman, Sophie tlord, Ariel Owens, Meredith Padalino, Martha Anne Parker, Catherine Prnell, Kate Patterson, Martha Patton, Carter Payne, Mary Cates Permenter, Kate Person, Taylor Phillips, Meta Poole, Ashleigh Price, Katie Quaka, Lauren Rea, Lindy Robison, Landi Sandifer, Lauralee Scanlon, Hamilton Seale, Beth Shepard, Katie Simmons, Kit Simmons, Haley Smith, Lynlee Stafford, Melissa Stock, Amy Strickland, Lee Sturdivant, Kathryn Sulser, Elizabeth Sutliff, Jessica Sweeney, Allison Tarpy, Hillary Taylor, Mary Herschel Thames, Stacy Thompson, Raney-Mills Turner, Weezie Van Kirk, Jane Vann, Stewart Whitlock, Storey Willoughby, Anna Woods, Elizabeth Wright, Lauren Wright Pledges: Marcy Adams, Martha Allen, Sid Barnes, Leigh Ann Barrow, Katie Batte, Jenna Blackwell, Allison Boatner, Merrel Boswell, Claire Boyd, Mary Haynes Brown, Sue Bryan, Annie Campbell, Christina Casey, Mancy Chamoun, Whitney Cole, Kathleen Cowley, Dorsey Cox, Kristin Davis, Sidney Davis, Leighton Denman, Meredith Donahoe, Meredith Ford, Anna Freeland, Besty Galloway, Kelly Greene, Malone Gregory, Sibby Gwin, Caroline Harper, Ginna Hopkins, Ali Howard, Caroline Hoyt, Allison Hutsell, Mary Lindsey Johnson, Anna Kathryn Jones, Libby Jones, LeAnn Kemp, Micole Lamberth, Heely Lauderdale, DeeDee Laughlin, Sarah St. John Lewis, Erin Lober, Mary John Lovelace, Amanda Manning, Haley McCay, Haley McGee, Caroline McKibben, Terra Moody, Emily Moore, Halley Morton, Julie Movarese, Tulin Ozyurt, Melissa Parker, Elizabeth Parsons, Jessica Perno, Lauren Reeder, Annie Rhoades, Sarah Hart Rosenblatt, Elise Russell, Helene Stadler, Caroline Sieindorf, Susanna Stewart, Kelley Stocks, Caroline Sutton, Patricia Tamminga, Clark Thomason, Liza Thompson, Julie Vescovo, Leslie Waring, Sarah Thorne Williams, Candy Witt, Jennifer Yoakum . ' -PHOTOS COURTESY OF CHI OMEGA SORORITY 7 0 • ' : ft r SZ? % X Ole Miss Chapter Founded: 1904 Number of Active Members: 225 Mascot: Dolphin Symbol: Pearl, Pine, Pansy Flower: Pansy Colors: Blue, Silver, Gold Motto: Let Us 5teadfast Love One Another Philanthropy: 5t. Jude ' s Children ' s Research hospital Famous Alumni: Cynthia Geary, Katie Couric, Barbara Doyle Favorite Traditions: Pancakes for Kids Biggest Event of the Year: Pancakes for Kids hcClean Fletcher Foundation Fundraiser Housemother: Julia Baker Greek Actives: President: Amanda Moore, W Chapter Development: Mary Shelton Jones, flew Member Educator: Caroline Sparks, Academic Development Chairman: Mary Hunter Russell, Social Development Chairman: Shelley Cartwright, KIP Administration: Jamie Russ, Secretary: Caroline Coleman, IP Finance: Staci Menson, Treasurer: Melissa Thompson, house Manager: Casey Fairey, Activities Chairman: Courtney Christopher, Asst hew Member Educator: Melinda Trotter, Philanthropy Chairman: Ashley Crutcher, Social Events Chairman: Carey Leigh Revels, Asst. Social Events: Camille Apostle, IP Membership: Qretchen Segrest, Asst IP Membership. Morgan Wamble, Reference Chairman: Laurie Evans, Rush Entertainment Chairman: Catherine Russ, IP Public Relations Veazey Greenlee, Sponsor Chairman Amanda Downing, Panhellenic Representatives: Elizabeth Molcombe, Continuing Education: Mary Ellen Maples, Collegiate Alumni Relations Kelly Erickson, Risk Management: Kelly Kuykendall, Intramural Chairman: Kathleen Gill, Chapter Correspondent: Beth Singletary, Spirit Chairman: Georgette Faulk, Music Chairman: Mmdy Cadle, Emily Abernethy, Laura Accardi, Courtney Anderson, Katy Apostle, Mallie Archer, Reagan Aycock, Nicole Gabbit, Lisa Bailey, Jenny Berryhill, Brittany Best, Emily Black, Elizabeth Blount, Daisy Bobo, Ashley Britt, Mope Brown, Katie Buck, Kelh Butler, Marilyn Callahan, Morgan Card, Jordan Chew, Amanda Chick, Amie Clayton, Katy Clinton, Sara Lib Cole, Lindsay Conerly, Kate Cooper, Katie Coxhead, 5arah Crumbley, Burchett Darby, Tara Darby, Laine Dillingham, Jacquelyn Dismuke, Jennifer Donato, Leanne Drummond, Carley Dulaney, Riley Durbin, Lyn Edwards, Emelie Elkin, Rebecca Ellis, 5tephanie Enloe, Caroline Fair, Emily Fair, Hannah Fenton, Emily Ferris, Rebecca Gardner, Micah Gibson, Amanda Gilpin, Breanne Goodman, Emily Joy Grant, Maggie Graves, Kate Halford, Kate Hammond, Tate Heblon, Corinne Hill, 5toner Huff, Meredith Hughes, Lauren Jabour, Blaire James, Kindal Jeanes, Rachel Jett, Emeline Johnston, Jessie Jones, Mary 5usan Jones, Whitten Jordan, Katie Knotts, Elizabeth Koestler, Kelly Lampton, Ann Magee, Jennifer Magness, Caroline Makey, 5arah Manning, 5ara Massengill, Kate Mauldin, 5stefane Mazurkiewicz, Kitty McCarty, Salley McCullar, Tricia McDowell, Lauren McFall Molly McKenzie, Kelly McLennan, Morgan McMurray, Allison Mee, Katie Merriwether, Margie Meyers, Tatum Hoblitt, Elissa Norman, Breanne Hunanlly, Ann Ozier, Emily Penick, Mary Grace Penick, Carly Peterson, Whitney Pettey, Elsa Jean Phillips, rebecca Portis, Miriam Pryor, Michelle Ray, Douglas Reaves, Ashley Rhodes, Kristen Richburg, Clare Ritchie, Erin Robbins, Amy Roebuck, Amber Rosa, Angela Rosa, Jordyn Rosetti, Anne Russell, Ginna Russell, Caroline Scott, Shelley Segrest, Abby Sellars, Leigh Shattles, Laura Simmons, Clare Smith, Kara Smothers, Mary Linley Swaney, Rebecca Thompson, Sara Elizabeth Turner, Ann Walker, Claire Webb, Allyn White, Ellen Williams, Marin Wollerman, Katie Yarborough, Grace Young, Laura Young, Lindsey Holliday, Anna Walker Pledges: Jill Anthony, Anne Archer, Ann Barret Blackburn, Rebekah Blakeslee, Jessica Boggan, Anna Bradley, Maury Bruton, Jessica Busching, Lauren Chancellor, Mimi Chassaniol, Callie Clayton, Kristin Cook, Kristin Dunavent, Jane Easley, Camden Eggers, Emily Evans, Ashley Fry, Grace Fullilove, Laurie Anne Garren, Laura Godwin, Lillie Graves, Taylor Greenlee, Lauren Gregory, Sarah Grenfell, Katie Grogan, Jane Hedges, Ashley Jew, Afton Jones, Lee Kauerz, Finley Kellum, Mary Chris Kellum, Kristin Kuykendall, Lauren Lacey, Ashley Lanaux, Natalie Lefoldt, Erin Leport, Molly Matthews, Kimberly McMurray, Molly McVey, Mary Ellen Morgan, Elizabeth Newman, Elizabeth Horberg, Ginger Northcutt, Brooks Anne O ' Briant, Courtney Phillips, Meg Phillips, Carlton Posey, Kaycee Roper, Gigi Russ, Ramey Russ, Jenifer Russell, Molly Rutherford, Rebecca 5andifer, Virginia Shields, Anna Smith, Elizabeth Stephenson, Morgan Stone, Anna Stuart, Kacy Summers, Jessica Thrash, Allison Ulmer, Elise Veazey, Toni Vick, Lindsey Wamble, Lauren Watkins, Garland Weavil, Mary Rollins White, Elizabeth Whittington PHOTOS COURTESY OF DELTA DELTA DELTA SORORITY Delta Delta Delta |K?3 ? " Delta Gamma Alpha Psi Chapter National Chapter Founded: 1873 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: 1873 Number of Active Members: 206 Number of Chapters Nationally: 142 Mascot: Hannah Doll Symbol: Anchor Flower: Cream Rose Colors: Bronze, Pink, Blue Motto: " Do Good " Philanthropy: Service for 5ight Famous Alumni: Joan Lunden, Julia Louis- Dreyfuss, Julia 5weeney Favorite Traditions: MMRC Christmas Party with OA0, Riverboat Formal Biggest Event of the Year: Anchor 5plash Housemother: Mancy Mattox Brother Organization: Phi Delta Theta Greek Actives: President: Whitney Haney, VP Programming: Mary Kylie Lindsey, VP 5ocial Standards: Emily flail, VP Membership Education: Ashley Abide, VP Finance: Emily Barnes, VP Communications: Julie Gregory, VP Panhellenic: Lexie Carroll, VP Foundation: 5arah Hooper, Sarah Abston, Waverly Almon, Wendy Almon, Ashley Baddour, Lauren Bailey, Jenny Barlow, Cassie Baskin, Brooke Baudo, Alde n Belk, Becky Bounds, Ashley Bowman, Marjorie Britt, Melissa Brown, Nannah Bryant, Brandy Buse, Katie Caldwell, Anna Chism, Martha Ellen Christopher, Carly Clark, Annie Collins, Katie Commisky, Emily Cooke, Anna Cornelius, Catherine Covington, Carla Crosby, Claire Cunningham, Frannie Deavours, Emily Dees, Mary Margaret Drew, Lizzie Duerr, Jennifer Dunn, Katie Eaton, Emily Edge, Molly Edrington, Leah Forrester, Jennifer Fowler, Debbie Frazier, Lori Gaither, Julie Gardino, Rebecca Garrott, Vange Gill, Ainsley Gorman, Katy Graves, Sara Gray, Abby Gregory, Jennifer Flagale, Lydia Mailman, Meredith Hankins, Erin Harvey, Mary Grace Haynes, Britton Heilbronner, Jessica Hill, Hayden Hiter, Susan Hobson, Micah Horton, Meri Howell, Melissa Huling, Meagan Jeffries, Emily Johns, Elizabeth Johnson, Liz Johnson, Abby Jones, Julie Jones, Lisa Jordan, Paige Kinslow, Lauren Kitchen, Melissa Lott, Melissa Lowther, Carol Anne Marion, Alecia Massey, Lauren Mathis, Finy Koerner, Jessica Liggett, Jessica Long, Ashley McCurrach, Whitney Mehan, Jill Miley, 5tephanie Miller, Alysson Mills, Jamie Monsour, Sha Moore, Anne Morris, Lindsey Myers, Ashley hance, Sara Anne Nelson, Amanda Mettles, Abby Pate, Jennifer Pennington, Julie Perry, Lauren Phillips, Liz Phillips, Lauren Piazza, Dawn Pontious, Christen Priest, Amelia Purser, Connie Rice, Edie Robinson, Emily Ruff, Anne Russell, Missy Russell, Laura Sanders, Marti Sanders, Elizabeth Semmes, Emily Semmes, Laura Shirley, 5hea Sides, Erin Simmons, Jennifer Smith, Jessica Smith, Lauren Smith, Sarah Stevens, Morgan Stuart, Amanda Thompson, Karley Timbes, Sarah Beth Tonore, Chelsea Welch, Mary Elizabeth Whatley, Leann Wiggens, Jamie Wilson, Anne Winship, Doty Wohrman, Jill Yoe, Amy Youngblood Pledges: Kim Ainsworth, Kay Avery, Joanne Bagley, Brittany Bailey, Ashley Beal, Kate Bower, Courtney Cartwright, Jenny Christopher, Meghan Claney, Alex Clark, Jaquelyn Correro, Rachel Donahue, Amy Allison Edwards, Laura Evans, Blair Ferguson, Elizabeth Ford, Lauren Fowler, Virginia Gage, Cathy Gatewood, Julie Gentry, Amanda George, Chrissy Gilder, Natalie Gomez, Sarah Goodin, Kimberly Guckert, Jessica Gullung, Sophie Hanafee, Lindsay Harper, Joanna Hebb, Anna Hill, Cristen Hoag, Erin Hornsby, Carrie Jussely, Jordan Lancaster, Merideth Lee, Emily Lott, Tara Mahalitc, Missy Mavar, Ashley McLeod, Whitney Moore, Lauren Moorehead, Margaret Morrison, Lauren Nail, Jessica Nesbitt, Whitney Owen, Rachel Marie Paris, Ashley Parker, Natalie Pitts, Emily Pounds, Audrey Powell, Ashlie Randazza, Laura REddick, Lauren Reeves, Moni Reynolds, Elizabeth Rhodes, Ashley Rickels, Jill Rosamond, Beverly Saffold, Amanda Shows, Laura Leigh Shull, Whitney Skelton, LeAnn Stone, Brenda Swain, Sally Swearengen, Anne Thompson, Keller Tonore, Katie Touchstone, Meredith Turnage, Merediith Turner, Carrie Ward, Claudia Wills JEREMY LODEN Delta Gamma vsjf Kappa Alpha Theta Epsilon Zeta Chapter National Chapter Founded: 1870 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: 1979 Number of Active Members: 175 Number of Chapters Nationally: 123 Symbol: Kite Flower: Pansy Colors: Black Gold Philanthropy: Court Appointed Special Advocates Famous Alumni: 5heryl Crow, Maria Thomas, Amy Grant, Edie Brickell, Laura Bush, Lynne Cheney Biggest Event of the Year: Diamond Days Housemother: hiss Nancy Brother Organization: Phi Gamma Delta Greek Actives: President: Ashley Barron, Vice Pres. Administration: Brie Bodford, Vice Pres. Development: Ashley hogue, Vice Pres. Finance. Whitney Kirk, Vice Pres. Public Relations: Kristin Mcdraner, Membership. Frances Patterson, Recruitment: Margaret Rochelle, 5ocial: Allie Vance, Service: Amanda Joy Akins, Member Education: Erin Reiter, RisH Management: haley Phelps, 5cholarship: Laura Congleton, Ritualist: Chrissy Jennings, Facility Manager: Ashley Phillips, Points Chairman: 5hanna Rich, Recommendations: Dana Ladner, Computer Chain Darcy Decker, Recording Secretary: Katie hill, Administrative Secretary: Emily Peyton, Editor: Ashley Buckman, Archivist historian-. Kelly Perkins, Alumnae Relations. Ashley Young, Spirit and Activities: Morgan Malone, Purchase Fund: Audrey Cohenour, Music Chair Ashley Miggins, Alternate Panhellenic: Cristen Dickson, 5ports Chair: Le ' Anne Alexander, T-5hirt Chair: Courtney Millington, Amanda Joy Akins, Le ' Anne Alexander, Lizzie Andrews, Mary Chaney Arthur, Amanda Ayers, Kelly Barnes, Ashley Barron, Jennifer Betsayad, Jacki Black, Brie Bodford, Ann Aldridge Brewer, Alison Brumfield, Ashley Buckman, Kat Campeci, Audrey Cohenour, Laura Congleton, April Crawford, dinger Crawford, Tiffany Dearth, Darcy Decker, Cristen Dickson, 5arah Dill, Eija East, 5age Egger, Jessica Eskew, Mary Ann Farmer, Heather Farr, Lori Favret, Elizabeth Frey, Bethany damma, Leah darner, Mary Ann darriga, Ashley dill, Amanda draham, Katie dreer, Elizabeth Flatten, Maggie Maynes, Lori Mendry, Shannon flennekes, Claire Flenning, Ashley Fliggins, Katie Hill, Ashley Hogue, Haley Holder, Katy Holman, Chrissy Jennings, Meg Keltner, Kelly Kendrick, Whitney Kirk, Dana Ladner, 5asha Lambert, Carly Lawrence, Laura Ledford, Morgan Malone, Kortney Mazoch, Katherine McClister, Bennet McDougal, Kristin Mcdraner, 5hana Mcdraw, Courtney Millington, Amanda Mitchell, Beth Odum, Alii Parrot, Frances Patterson, Kelly Perkins, Lauren Persick, Emily Peyton, Haley Phelps, Ashley Phillips, Katie Pinto, Mary drace Poole, Anna Powers, Mary Ramsey, Sarah Page Red, Erin Reiter, Shanna Rich, hikki Roberts, Margaret Rochelle, Emily Roebuck, Shelby Sewell, Sarah Shaffery, Becca Smith, Brooke Smith, Katie Smith, Lindsay Smith, Bethany Temples, Allie Vance, Alison Wall, Ashley Young Pledges: Walton Allen, Shanna Andrew, Kristen Azzano, Kelleigh Barron, Ashlyn Berryhill, Stacey Bivens, Beth Booker, Ashley Boyer, Ashley Buffington, Holly Buntin, Jessica Byrd, Lauren Canale, Natalie Cathcart, Mandy Clancy, Ashley Conroy, Sarah Cook, Elizabeth Criswell, Lesley Cross, Ashley Crowley, Emily Deloach, Heather Duffy, Janette Fant, Holli Fisher, Harper Fuller, Chelsea dalligan, Emily darvin, Jennifer dilliam, Jessica dillum, Kerri Harbin, Meghan Healy, Brandi Hewell, Stephanie Jennings, Stephanie Jones, Whitney Keene, Mandy Klepzig, Meredith Langston, Bonnie Leach, Jennifer Lewis, Megan Majori, Meredith Marr, Courtney McDonald, Hallee Minor, Kelly Mixon, Rachel Morgan, Amy Mueller, Lindsay Muma, Lacy Myrick, Jennifer Nail, Angela Pasca, Ashley Ready, Margaret Roberts, Lindsey Rogers, Bri Samuels, Courtney Sanchez, 5helley Schoenburger, 5arah Senjem, Charlotte Sinko, dinny Stearns, Hillary Stinson, Stephanie Stoner, Jennifer Sunseri, Erin Tabor, Lindsey Thaler, Julie Toney, Jennifer Usnik, Sarah Veazy, Hannah Walker, Tracy Warren-Wohlford, Erin Welch, Jodie Worsham PHOTOS COURTESY OF KAPPA ALPHA THETA SORORITY Kaffa Afpria Tfteta Kappa Delta Alpha Mu Chapter National Chapter Founded: 1897 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: 1927 Number of Active Members: 204 Number of Chapters Nationally: 120 Mascot: Teddy Bear Symbol: Dagger Flower: White Rose Colors: Green White Motto: " Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest " Philanthropy: National Center for Child Abuse Famous Alumni: Ali Landry, Dr. Bonnie Dunbar Favorite Traditions: Kappa Delta Crawfish Biggest Event of the Year: 5hamrock Golf Tournament Housemother: Kitty Rainey Brother Organization: 5igma Chi Greek. Actives: President: Dawn Denton, Pledge Education. Leann Stubbs, Secretary .- Anne-Morgan Brookfield, Membership Chair. Mimi Tyler, Public Relations: Kathleen Valentine, Treasurer. Margaret Cousley, Standards Chair: Shelley Sanford, Asst. Treasurer Meagan McDougal, Panellenic Chair Erin Martin, Whitney Alexander, Sybil Assaf, Vicki Bobo, Stephanie Butt5, Kate Crawford, Kim Dowdy, Joanna Ford, Maureen hails, 5uzanne herron, Beth Houston, Jaime Berley, Kyle Kimbrel, Miriam Knight, Anna Knighton, Amy Lauren Lee, Kate Loftin, Katie Lofton, Lindsey Michaelson, Hether Russell, Lindsey Sanders, Caroline Shepard, Shelley Slade, Manna Taylor, Page Trewolla, Jac Wilson, Ashley Drabman, 5helley Gary, Missy Haybors, Lauren Fitzgerald, Sherri Abbott, Whitney Alexander, Audrey Allen, Flattie Alton, Lindsey Bromley, Kristen Bruce, Lauren Burrow, Kristen Calfwell, Lisa Cangelosi, Matalie Carpenter, Liza Carter, Keleigh Carter, Apryl Childs, Christy Commisky, Ashley Conner, Marcie Depta, Maureen Dorgan, Ashley Dove, Leigh Ann Ellis, Kelley Fountain, Ashley Freiburg, Renee hebert, Elizabeth Flerrington, dinger Jackson, Laura Latham, Catherine Leech, Leah Lomax, Meredith Long, Brittany McDonald, Brooke McDonald, Mary Liz McQehee, Lucy Mudter, Victoria Parchman, Laurin Revere, Florie Claire Webb, Ashley Wilkinson, Alii Sims, Teresa 5cott, Sara Mel I Walker, Burgendy Hubbard, Whitney Wydell, Clare Adams, Jacqueline Baker, Jessica Banahan, Jennifer Barry, Jordan Boggs, Wesley Carter, Jessica Carvin, Liz Casali, Carly Cassibry, Valerie Childress, Cathy Crafton, Shannon Cummings, Leslie Davis, Drew Denton, Julia Dolezal, Amanda Douglas, Claire Droke, Leanne Dungan, Diana Evans, Jessica Foster, Amy Grant, Lauren Qrobmeyer, dinger Quzzetta, Suzanne Harris, Mary Clift Hitt, Jane Marie Jerrolds, Susannah Johnson, Jana Killen, Kerri Langston, Mary Melda Lott, Matalie Makamson, Blair Manning, 5arah McKee, Emily McMullan, Julie Mertenm Lindsey Milam, Mikki Meely, Leigh Mewton, Cassie Morton, Jennifer O ' Meal, Sara Fay Peters, Laurie Petro, Kathryn Potts, Jennifer Puckett, Andrea Raley, Mayley Reed, Ann Sims, April Stewart, Paige Taylor, Amy Thompson, Leslie Townsend, Ashley Twiford, Rachael Willis, Andrea Yeager Pledges: Irby Albriton, Ashley Atiyeh, Callie Bernet, Kristen Brewer, Mathaway Brown, Anne Brueck, Mancy Burkhalter, Courtney Chinn, Kristen Cobb, Lauren Collins, Whitney Crews, Win Daniels, Lindsey Davis, Lauren Ezell, Mary Walker Goza, Tiffany dray, Lee Ellen Maskins, Beth Henson, EA Merron, Bailey hopper, Sara Murston, Jennifer Jernigan, Meryl Jones, Sally Jones, Mollie Jourdan, dinger King, Abbey Kirby, Memrie Lary, Jessica Long, Tress McAlister, Allie McBee, Megan McFarland, Abby McQrew,Lindsay Miller, Lindsay Millete, Teri Moak, Matalie Murphy, Jackie Myatt, Lila Lee Meely, Katie Meighbors, Robyn O ' Brannon, Kristen Patrick, Darcy Perkins, Maribeth Porter, Annie Powers, Elizabeth Russell, Pamela Sain, Ann Claire Sanders, Margie Scroggins, Amy Scruggs, Molly Seawright, Matalie Sikes, Kara Simonton, Sara Smithhart, Emily Sumrall, Logan Tankersley, Sarah Teller, Courtney Temple, Becky Tillman, Katie Toche, Linda Trewalla, Kimsey Troxler, Katherine Walker, Paige Walsh, Laura Watson, Kiley Wilt, Summer Windham, Megan Wylie, Embry Yeessick, Amne Young, Sunny Young PHOTOS COURTESY OF KAPPA DELTA SORORITY Kappa Kappa Gamma Delta Rho Chapter National Chapter Founded: 1870 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: 1947 Number of Active Members: 180 Number of Chapters Nationally: 129 Mascot: Owl Symbol: Golden Key Flower: Fleur-de-lis Colors: 5ky Royal Blue Philanthropy: Mississippi Diabetes Foundation Famous Alumni: Kate 5pade, Kate Jackson, Ashley Judd, Jane Pauley Favorite Traditions: Kappa Krawfish, Pledge Retreat Biggest Event of the Year: Kappa Kickoff Housemother: Carole Green Brother Organization: 5igma Alpha Epsilon Greek Actives: President: Jenny Zeleskey, JP 5tandards: Bea McCrosky, WP Organizations: Kimberly Wright, Recording 5ecretary: Marianne Miranda, Marshall: Liz Hill, Treasurer: Bridgett Brannon, Hew Member Chairman: Leslie Thrash, Mouse Chairman: Jenny Jones, 5ocial Chairman: Taryn Burke, Philanthropy Chairman: Mary Lyons Mitchell, Public Relations: Elizabeth Kelly, Risk Management: Nicole Maxwell, Panhellenic: Allison Weakley, Panhellenic: Tina Frangiamore, 5cholarship Chairman: Allison Bloodworth, Registrar: Meghan Nadeau, Corresponding 5ecretary: Ann Taylor, Jordan Albright, Casey Amborn, Marlene Bown, Anna 5usan Boykin, Abbey Brumley, Mollie Cannon, Krissy Debenport, Anne Destefanis, Amery Ewing, Libby Floyd, Whitney Inglis, Sarah Judd, Issie Knapp, Mandy Mathis, Ashley Martin, Meghan McConnell, Tara Meon, Julie Motley, Jennifer Myers, Natalie Phillips, Libby Sexton, Catherine Smeltzer, Elizabeth Smith, Jennifer Watts, Kathryn Thomas, Emily Webber, Ashley Arrington, Lacey Bailey, hicole Baker, Lauren Barber, Blair Burns, Kelly Carpenter, Kristen Cress, Calley Dunn, Andi Beck Elliot, Lauren Eorrger, Jackye Gray, Christie Greer, Laurie Lambert, Angelique Lehman, Cassie Martin, Rebbecca Murphy, Lauren Palermo, Tatlor Ruggles, Beth Russell, Susanne Shropshire, Brooke 5tegall, Melissa Tidwell, Jerree Wheat, Ali Amerman, Catherine Bethea, Leigh Bonner, Ann Morgan Brendle, Caroline Burgess, Beth Burnham, Dabbs Cage, Ellen Clark, Healie Clement, Lori Craig, Joy Davis, 5tephanie Dodson, Heath Dupree, Destin Fairman, Jenny Galliher, Nicci Harrell, Jennifer Harrison, Haley Hinton, Laura Him, Shannon Huff, Kristi Jacoby, Rory Jelks, Erin Jordan, Laura Kelly, Jennifer Krinke, Elizabeth Leasure, Susan Lockhart, Kristen Lowry, McCall Manning, Jordan Mills, Lauren Oberman, Lesly Orlansky, Ashlee Meagle, Lynn Ellen Osborn, Lacey Parkinson, Kelly Quails, Abbey Reynolds, Sawyer Riley, C.C. Robertson, Tiffany Ross, Randall Sanford, Mary Dudley Stulb, Ansley Thomas, Elizabeth Thomas, Michelle Vaughn, Renee Webber, Jennifer Gibson, Lauren Griff Pledges: Ashley Alford, Cassie Ball, Meghan Barnett, Rachel Beard, Genia Blackwell, Epris Blankenship, Whitney Brent, Ashley Cage, Regan Campbell, Sarah Carter, Ashley Charles, Emily Coffield, Lauren Coltharp, Ashley Crowlely, Catherine Durst, Holly Fooshee, Elenor Forehand, Annie Gaia, Elena Garcia, Angela Gates, Charlotte Geno, Emma Greathouse, Lindsey Harrod, Jillian Henning, Grace Ann Hoffman, Jeannette Howell, Leslie Johnstone, Caroline Copeland, Ali Lunati, Jennifer Mackey, Lindsey Madison, Lauren Mansour, Katie Maxon, Bailey McDonald, Amanda Meng, Maren Monahan, Amy Moore, Anna Melson, Whitney Newton, Marie Nix, Quinn Norwood, Rachael Parnell, Mary Helen Peacock, Nancy Pedergrast, Jennifer Pyle, Gary Rader, Caroline Rea, Nicole Ressguet, Mary Rockwell, Blair Rodgers, Liz Rosson, Jill 5anchez, Leah Sanders, Lindsey Settles, Murray Sexton, Anne Short, Katherine Smith, Jana Stubbs, Jeanne Svendson, Audrey Thorp, Forsyth Tynes, Mary Katherine Ulmer, Kathryn Uncapher, Natalie Underwood, Camille West, Shannon York, Rebecca Zerilla PHOTOS COURTESY OF KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA SORORITY Phi Mu Alpha Delta Chapter National Chapter Founded: 1852 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: 1926 Mascot: 5ir ridel Flower: Rose Carnation Colors: Rose White Motto: " Les 5oeurs Hdeles " Philanthropy: Children ' s Miracle Network Famous Alumni: Mary Ellen Webber, Pat Fordice Favorite Traditions: Christmas Dinner, Social on the 5quare Biggest Event of the Year: Parents Weekend Housemother: " Doc " Brother Organization: Kappa Alpha Order Greek Actives: President: Marley Hogan, Wee President: Tracy Denny, Treasurer Julie Kelley, Recording Secretary. Jenny Cameron, Corresponding Secretary.- 5hea Pritchett, Rush Chairman: Mary Cooke, Assistant Bush Chairman: Lindsey Mayes, Pledge Trainer: Elizabeth Lee, Public Relations: Ashley Dunn, 5oaa Chairman: Samantha Starks, Panhellenic: Carson Calvin, Panhellenic: Mandy McAnally Leahbeth Alford, Madelyn Ayers, Emily Ball, Emily Banks, Jessica Bartz, Marcelle Beaulieu, Kelly Bergeron, Lisha Beyer, Meghan Bickley, Mary Kempton Bise, Jana Blackburn, Jackie Bowman, Rachel Brame, Mary Beth Bridgers, Megan Brown, Erin Bubenhofer, Natale Burns, Heather Burton, Amy Cardosi, Whitney Childress, Melissa Cook. Emilie Cooke, Gretchen Copeland, Ashely Cordua, Brooke Crawford, Lindsay Dalbey, Dawn Daniels, Bree Davenport, Elizabeth Davis, Katie Davis, Lindsey Dawson, Becky Dennis, Laura Dickerson, Jessica Dowd, Lindsay Escue, Greta Eabianke, Elizabeth fisher, Lana Claire Freeman, Jennifer Glass, Leslie Grass, Jennifer Griggs, Margaret Dillon Guest, Loren Mankins, Linda Mausman, Lindsey Hayes, Crystalin Heath, Jenny Henley, Elise Hickman, Julie Hobson, Jessica Holt, Laura Hunter, Cindy Hutchins, Elaine Ichnoiwski, Keri James, Lee Ann Jarrett, Cindy Jones, Carol Ann Jordan, Laura Kettig, Karen King, Alexis Krafft, Sara Lammel, Becca Lee, Nati Lentino, Kristen Long, Kathryn LoPorto, Beth Malone, Ashley Mass, Marcie McClain, Sara Katherine McCormick, Macy McCurry, Holly McLauren, Morgan McHulty, Michele Moll, Camille Murchinson, Elaine Habors, Claire Nelson, Sara Nelson, Charlotte Noel, Jennifer Owen, Ashley Pardew, Kathleen Pegram, Amanda Poole, Laine Poole, Nixon Powell, Annie Price, Kay Proctor, Leigh Rector, Suzy Reed, Lauren Richardson, Denise Roberson, Jennifer Roberson, Shannon Ross, Gina Rounsaville, Susannah Simon, Amanda Smith, Kim Smith, Melissa Smith, Ashley Sprayberry, Suzy St. Claire, Lindsey Stone, Ginger Strode, Lisa Strong, Shelly Stuart, Stacy Sturlese, Jodie Tharp, Cameron Thompson, Lyndi VanDoren, Hayley Watkins, Kimberly Watts, Sally Wicker, Emily Wiggins, Allison Williams, Allison Williamson, Rachel Wright Pledges: Kathryn Aikman, Kristen Ashby, Jessica Bagwell, Kathryn Berrong, Rachel Butler, Lisa Carey, Sally Cartwright, Lacey Chaney, Lindsay Champan, Julie Chicola, Casey Coleman, Catherine Cromeans, Mary Patton Dantin, Mamie Dean, Whitney Drury, Ashley Edwards, Emily Evans, Hayley Fellows, Kassie Floyd, Claire Fulton, Julia Gagliano, Anna Greer, Katie Hall, Sara Hansenn, Leslie Harper, Ashley Hatfield, Leah Hazelwood, Kelly HeiRonimus, Adrienne Mitt, Lauren Hopper, Jennifer Jordan, Lindsay Klimek, Carolyn Komosinski, Kim Kosman, Amanda Lane, Lauren Ann Mackey, Katrina Mayo, Sarah McCurry, Laurie McKenzie, Terri Laine McNutt, Tyler Moore, Morgan Morella, Meridith Muzzi, Ashley Nobile, Caroline Noel, Misty Pender, Merry Cline Pickenpaugh, 5arah Quilter, Melissa Robinson, JK Sanders, Jana Segura, Miranda Shields, Ashley Shoemaker, Joanna Shoemaker, Brooke Simmons, Dottie Smith, Julie Smith, Mary Beth Smith, Christine Stafeil, Maegan Taylor, Stacie Thompson, Kristi Wall, Emily Wesley, Lindsey Watley, Karen Whinery, Sarah Whybrew, Josie Williams, Hayley Wilson, Erica Wyatt, Missy Yarbrough PHOTOS COURTESY OF PHI MU SORORITY Pfti Mu Pi Beta Phi Mississippi Beta Chapter National Chapter Founded: April 28, 1867 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: 1961 Number of Active Members: 168 Number of Chapters Nationally: 129 Mascot: Angel Symbol: Arrow Flower: Wine Carnation Colors: Wine 5ilver Blue Philanthropy: Links to Literacy Famous Alumni: 5usan Akin, Grace Goodhue Coolidge, 5usan Lucci, Faye Dunaway Favorite Traditions: Cookie 5hine Biggest Event of the Year: Pi Phi Playoffs Housemother: Ms. Barbara Brother Organization: Beta Theta Pi Greek Actives: President: Monica Scioneaux, VP Moral: Elizabeth Glenn, VP Mental: Beth Rush, VP Sodal: Rebekah 5haffer, Secretary.- Emory McGinnis, Treasurer Erin Kelly, Panhellenic: Jackie Zito, Rush: Jen Ruszkowski, 5oc a .- Megan Paddock, Membership. Mary K. Harkins, R sk Management: Raegin 5mith, house Manager Jennifer Allen, Philanthropy: Amy Harris, Amy Bissel, Jenny Bobb, Liz Bolen, Emily Brady, Lauren Brady, Elizabeth Carmichael, Julie Carpenter, Rachel Caten, Emily Chandler, Amanda Chapman, Kim Cherry, Liz Clark, Andrea Cox, Tiffany Daku, Ryan Davies, Sydney Davis, Chalon Dominick, Whitney Drury, Ashley Fairey, Leah Forrest, Robin Freeman, Christina Galvan, Kara Giessner, 5arah Gleaton, Sarah Brooke Gober, Jennifer Good, Kristin Gravatt, Anne Gray, Kelly Griesser, Jennifer Grogan, Leslie Gunn, Sara Guthrie, Lindy Mall, liancy Mankins, Amy Harris, Julie Harrison, Rebecca Henley, Sara Alice Hill, Corley Hines, Amy Holmes, Laura Houston, Hillary Jackson, Lauren Kemp, Anna Lewis, Cindi Mabrey, Michelle Maranto, Bailey Martin, Kinney McCarthy, Ashley McClinton, Emily Megginson, Stacey Micallef, Ashley Miller, Ashley Nations, Cat O ' Neal, Anne Petit, Whitney Pierron, Audrey Popham, Ashley Popham, Kelly Pratt, Lindsay Pryor, Julie Rauch, Ellen Reynolds, Kate Richard, Erin Riess, Kate Rodman, Susan Russell, Tate Russell, Collin Sawyer, Nicole Scontrino, Ashley Scruggs, Shannan Siemens, Terri Smith, Katie Solmonson, Andrea 5tephenson, Rebecca Stokey, Amanda Stone, Julie Tyndall, Melinda White, Ashley Williams, Lindsey Williams, Amanda Willis, Lindsey Wilson, Tiffany Yates Pledges: Keili Anet, Amber Ash, Katie Bailey, Ann Beaven, Carabeth Beck, Rachel Bullard, 5arah Burson, Crista Carroll, Karen Carter, Katie Carver, Allison Cody, Autumn Coughlin, Katie Cranfill, Leslie Davidson, Kristy Echols, Elizabeth Feder, Laura Lee Fleming, Joanna Ford, Sarah Fugua, Mia Giannini, Marci Girdley, Heather Harfiel, Heather Hodges, Liz Holder, Lindsey Jennings, Brooke Johnson, Lacey Joyner, Lauren Kelly, Holly Kirby, Mary Catherine Lee, Sally Manning, Rebecca Martin, Ashley Mayo, Savanna McGehee, Lindsey Mcshan, Carlea Morisak, Caroline Morris, Eileen Morrison, Haylee Morrison, Abbey Morrisey, Whitney Oliver, Whitney Patterson, Renee Pittman, Jessica Rigsby, Jackie Rings, Jennifer Riordan, Meagan Roberts, Saranne Robertson, Natalie Rose, Jo Beth Scherer, Margie Scott, Kasey Silman, Shannon Smith, Aleah Strano, Kristen 5trieker, Lindsay Sutton, Jade Thompson, Tiffany Travelstead, Jillian VanZelfden, Cori Varmilyea, Lyndsey Ward, Stephanie Whalen, Randi Wilkins, Nancy Williams, Brennan Worthington, Stephanie Yohn PHOTOS COURTESY OF PI BETA PHI SORORITY Zeta Phi Beta Tau Eta Chapter National Chapter Founded: January 16, 1920 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: Mov. 13, 1976 Number of Active Members: 14 Number of Chapters Nationally: 754 Mascot: Kitten Symbol: Dove Flower: White Rose Colors: Royal Blue Pure White Motto: " All things conquered by labor " Philanthropy: 5tork ' s Nest through March of Dimes and National Education Foundation Famous Alumni: Zora heal Hurston, Esther Rolle, 5arah Vaughn, 5heryl Underwood Favorite Traditions: Finer Womanhood Week Biggest Event of the Year: 5pring Bash Brother Organization: Phi Beta 5igma Grezk Actives: President: Tamika Montgomery, Vice President: Roshelle Duren, 5ecretary: Chantea Williams, Treasurer: Latasha Smaple, Parlimentarian: Vidalia 5anders, 5oc a Chair: Joni Smart, 5tep-Team Captain: Tieryaa Metcalf, House Director: Patti Smith, Erika Webster, Jauna Chatman, Tekela Pope, Lashanda Bledsoe, Stephanie Clarett, Shameka Haslett PHOTOS COURTESY OF ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY I Alpha Tau Omega Delta Psi Chapter National Chapter Founded: Sept. 11, 1865 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: Feb. 4, 1927 Symbol: Maltese Cross Flower: White Tea Rose Colors: Old Gold 5ky Blue Motto: For no greater love hath a man than he lay down his life for his brother Philanthropy: Chucky Mullins Courage Award, Christmas Store Famous Alumni: Steve Spurrier, Jack Kemp, Greg Kinnear, Tennessee Williams, Garry Marshall Biggest Event of the Year: Ciatorbash Sweetheart: Ashley Mickler II Greek Actives: Ryan Allen, Bryan Aumiler, Kevin Block, 5cott Breitbarth, Robert Bristow, Andrew Brod, Wes Butler, Mark Chaney, Rocky Clark, Timothy Conkin, Justin Croft, David Crowe, Tripp Dixon, Matt Eaton, Brent Fogle, David Formby, Christopher Gautreaux, Bart Gilmer, Josh Ginn, Wesley Goodwin, Garrett Gremillion, Derek Grey, Justin Hall, Wes hall, Patrick harkins, Todd Haynes, Beau Henry, 5cott Hocking, Tib Hooper, Trey Hopton-Jones, Timothy Johnson, Rob Jolly, Kevin Lawler, Colin Leach, Heath Lemonds, Chandler Lockhart, William McDaniel, Graham Miller, Ryan Miller, Sam Miller, 5cott Morgan, Barry Murphree, Josh Myrick, Bentley Pembroke, Brendon Plumpton, Lee Purcell, John Reid, Justin Saffle, Robert Shores, Trey Sigmund, Lance Sipes, Randall Smith, Brian 5tauffer, Jonathan Strange, Joe Tatum, Hunter Twiford, Glenn Valentine, Brad Wall, Charlie White, Josh Wilkons, Brent Wiliams, Andrew Wilson, Eric Windham Pledges: Todd Abbott, Brandon Adams, Kyle Barnes, Hicholas Benvenutti, Tyler Bier, Evan Boswell, Casey Boyette, Philip Cancelleri, Peter Clausen, Christopher Gift, Morgan Curcio, Chris Dawson, Jordan Eagan, Todd Fontenot, Webster Ford, John Friesen, Robert Gay, Carlton Greene, Patrick Guild, Thomas Harmon, William Hartley, Marty Hayes, John Heath, Jason Hollingsworth, Matthew Hritz, Hamilton Jones, Jared Kniepkamp, Seth LaBarre, Travis Llewellyn, Michael Marsh, Justin McCarty, Nathan Mcintosh, Christopher McQueen, Benjamin Mintz, Andrew Moler, William Haron, Lawrence O ' Conner, James Osteen, Justin Palmer, Clayton Payne, Wheeler Penick, Angus Powell, Martin Rhea, Cole Russell, Edward Russell, Charles Schuchard, Richie Schwab, Barner Scott, Michael Seeling, Franklin Shepard, Todd Stauffer, John Sullivan, Justin Thames, Baron Thomas, Jared Tucker, Cory Valentine, Jess Wesberry, Payne Wingate, Wesley Wise -KELSI HOLMAN -PHOTOS COURTESY OF ALPHA TAU OMEGA FRATERNITY -KELSI HOLMAN Afpfk Taxi Omega Chi Psi Alpha Gamma Chapter National Chapter Founded: 1841 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: 1858 Mascot: Eagle Symbol: Purple Gold Motto: " A Chi Psi is first and foremost a gentleman " Philanthropy: American Cancer Society Famous Alumni: Pete Coors, Prince Albert of Monaco, 5tephen Ambrose, Bill Belichick, 5.C. Johnson, Robert Fulton Biggest Event of the Year: Philip 5pencer Sweetheart: Lauren Webb Greek Actives: Cooper Barnett, 5eth Barnett, Ian Benson, Thompson Billings, John Bissette, Will Blythe, Bradley Brumfield, Jason Bruks, Chris Carter, Mick Cook, Rob Draughon, Joey Fletcher, 5eth Harris, John Hughey, Jesse Jacks, Matt Johnston, 5cott Kitchens, Ben Knight, Tyler McLellan, 5hawn Morton, Peter Reiley, 5teve 5hafer, Justin 5hurley, Rich 5tevenson, 5pencer Ward, Chris Wagner, Jordan Williams, Andy Young -KELSI HOLMAN -PHOTOS COURTESY OF CHI PSI FRATERNITY Delta Psi St. Anthony Hall Phi Chapter National Chapter Founded: 1847 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: 1855 Symbol: Tau Cross Colors: Azure Blue Gold Philanthropy: Habitat for Humanity, Oxford Lafayette Literacy Council Famous Alumni: Charles Kuralt, Tom 5wayze, Judge William Hemingway, Admiral " Bull " Halsey, Bishop Charles B. Galloway, Hugh White, G.T. Gillespie, Walter 5illers, Will Whittington Biggest Event of the Year: 5aints Angels Ball Sweetheart: Kristen Caldwell Greek -KELSI HOLMAN Actives: Mick Bain, Oliver Box, Noah Bunn, Hays Burchfield, Ross Coley, Clyde Ferrell, Jimmy Hamilton, hie Hammond, Tom Ireland, James Justice, William Justice, Christian Ladner, Justin Lance, Kyle Lewis, Drew Martin, Ryan McClelland, PJ. Pattridge, Dave Robison, Adam 5mith, Matt 5mith, Dave Weldon, Jason Wilkins Pledges: Marty Anklam, Andy Balthrop, Ernest Beasley, Dustin Belk, Adam Chapman, Tyler Copeland, Robyn Crawford, Alex Dahlman, Greg Earnest, John Harrington, Matt McLinden, William Milne, Chris Mossing, Daniel 5cruggs, Matt Wood -PHOTOS COURTESY OF DELTA PSI FRATERNITY h • ■ ■ ■ Kappa Alpha Order Alpha Upsilon Chapter National Chapter Founded: 1865 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: 1900 Flower: Magnolia Red Rose Colors: Crimson Old Gold Motto: Dieu Et Les Dames Philanthropy: Muscular Dystrophy Associations Famous Alumni: General George 5. Patton, Ben Crenshaw, Page McConnel, 5onny Montgomery Biggest Event of the Year: Old 5outh Ball Sweetheart: Veazey Greenlee Greefi Actives: Paxton Little-Mo. I, Chris, 5am Cole-Mo. Ill, Ford Williams-Mo. IV, Mike Carr-ho.V, Ben Glenn-Mo. VI, Brooks Boylan-Mo.VII, Mathan Richardson-Mo. VIII, Cruse Flowers-hclX, Michael Allen, Billy Armstrong, Will Bardwell, Brad Batte, Chad Blackard, Brendan Bledsoe, Chandler Brown, Duvall Brumby, Jonathan Burch, Isaac Byrd, Ray Carter, Ben Claxton, Jon Claxton, Ford Coleman, Rob Conner, Paul Destefanis, Clay Deweese, Jake Dickerson, Dennis Donato, Josh Edson, Blake Elder, Taylor Etheredge,Michael Ferris, Richard French, John Fuller, David Gale, Davey Gernhauser, David Grantham, Michael Griggs, Tyler Harris, John Eric hester, David Johnson, Tyler Johnson,Adam King, Lee Langston, David Lynch, Howard Martindale, Beau Patrick, Thomas James Ricojohn Paul Rowan, Walker Rutherfurd, Josh 5anders, Trey 5andifer, 5tuart 5aunders, Will 5chmitt, Darrington 5eward, Jason Simmons, Tom Taff, Richie Tanner, hunter Todd, J.J. Waller, 5teven Warren, David Welch, Jay Wood, Doug Zeigler Pledges: David Abide, John Charles Bailey, James Brooks, Charles Caldwell, Bryce Carlson, David Chance, Alex Coughlin, Peyton Cuevas, 5cott Currie, Joe Dawn, Charles Drennon, Jonathan Dubose, Peyton Dunlap, Joey Edwards, Blake Etheridge, Ben Ferguson, Michael Fondren, Whitney Gomila, O ' Keefe Graham, John hennessy, Craig holcomb, Bryce horton, Kellen Jex, Griffin Jones, Ryan Jones, 5am Kincaid, Will Kinney, Chase Kinslow, Josh Kirkland, Will Klinke, 5kip Langley, Jack Larmour, August Lashley, Andrew Levy, Mark Levy, Ruffin Lowry, Jay Lynch, Jimmy Martin, 5tuart Meadors, Cory Messer, Jake Mitchell, Chris hewman, Mike Parker, Michael Parks, Ben Patton, Cooper Pettway, Justin Phillips, 5ean Pigg, Paul Pless, Will 5artain, hathan 5cammerhom, Kyle Sinclair, Paul Stephenson, Jeff 5tokey, Clark Thompson, Braxton Tullos, Raymond Tullos, Joel Whitfield, Andrew Whittington, Tyler Williams, Jonathan Zoghby PHOTOS COURTESY OF KAPPA ALPHA ORDER Kappa Sigma Delta Ki Chapter National Chapter Founded: December 10, 1869 Ofe Miss Chapter Founded: October 8, 1926 Symbol: The Star Crescent Flower: Lily of the Valley Colors: Scarlet, White, Emerald Green Motto: The Star Si Crescent Shall Mot Be Worn By Every Man... Philanthropy: Music Test Famous Alumni: Robert Redford, Ted Turner, Bob Dole, Jerry Jones, Jimmy Buffett Biggest Event of the Year: South Seas, Spring Formal Number of Chapters Nationally: 246 Housemother: Sarah Gough Sweetheart: Lynlee Stafford Sister Organization: Chi Omega Greed -KELSI HOLMAN Actives: Grand Master. Jay Mitchell, Grand Procurator Brian Jackson, Grand Master of Ceremonies: Justin Feezell, Grand Treasurer Travis LeMonte, Grand 5cribe: Greg O ' Neal, Ryan Adair, Robby Allen, Zach Allen, Ken Anthony, 5tuart Atnipp, Mark Barnett, Alan Bean, Johnny Beck, Michael Beeson, Gordon Berry, Tanner Berryhill, Harrison Bibb, John Boydstun, Sam Brewster, Byron Brown, Ab Brumfield, Brent Burns, Trent Burns, Taylor Byrd, Tom Caughlin, Jeremy Christopher, Rich Crim, Spencer Davenport, Drew Doughty, Jonathan Duhon, Eric Elkins, Granviille Engle, Ryan Engler, Todd English, Lee Esposito, Brendan Fisher, Beau Fleming, Jeffrey Fratesi, Stewart Fresh, Grant Gannon, Kearney Gay, Ben Goodall, Scott Griggs, Richie Haik, Tim Marian, Andy Harris, Daniel Hause, Map Menley, Brett Herring, Dax Ivins, Jeremiah Johnson, Jonathan Jones, Tom Julian, Bryan Kane, Corbin Kappler, Ronnie Kilpatrick, Tyler King, Jim Kopf, Matt Kwasek, Matt Lammel, Will Lassiter, Bradley Lisle, Chad Martin, Christopher Martin, Richard Martin, Johnny Maxcy, Michael McCarthy, Alan McCormick, Brett Morris, Rickie Helson, Hart Pettit, Chad Pilcher, Ryan Pique, Ross Polancich, Henry Porter, John Porter, Corey Raper, Will Ross, Ryan Rudolph, Gerard Ryder, Scott 5atchfield, Rod Shands, Derek Shepard, Molan 5herrill, David Shields, Adam Stilgenbauer, Matt Storey, Ross Stowers, Matt Straatmann, Josh Stuckey, Coleman Thompson, Will Thurmond, Chris Tilghman, Jason Varnado, JP Vinson, Scott Walker, Clay Watson, John Williamson, John Winford Pledges: Bryan Armsrong, Adam Boardman, Bryan Butler, Jordan Carter, Taylor Collins, Taylor Froeba, Forrest Gholsten, Derek Gillespy, Matt Ginn, Brad Grayson, Matt Hadden, Justin Harris, Andrew Husband, Andrew Jewett, Garner Johnson, Zack Jones, Garrett Kalinowsky, Michael Keegan, Josh Kelley, Tommy Landrum, Charles Lucius, Robert Malkowski, Matt McGuire, Cameron Myers, Scott Myers, Brayton Norwood, Sal Passalusqua, John Phillips, Jarrett Pierce, Andrew Rauch, Andrew Ross, Kyle Sannino, Evans Smith, Josh Steele, Michael Thompson, Josh Tidwell, Scott Tuminello, Zack Usilton, Dax Warmbrunn, Rush Wilbanks, Tyler Williams •PHOTOS COURTESY OF KAPPA SIGMA FRATERNITY -KELSI HOLMAN i £§y Phi Beta Sigma Eta Beta Chapter National Chapter Founded: January 9, 1914 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: February 26, 1975 Mascot: Dove Flower: Carnation Colors: Royal Blue Pure White Motto: " Culture for service and service for humanity " Philanthropy: 5igmas Waging War Against Cancer Famous Alumni: Jerry Rice, Morris Chestnut, Blair Underwood, Karl halone Biggest Event of the Year: Spring Bash Greek Actives: Advisor: David Harris, President: Vernon Rayford, 1st Vice President: Tejuan Leland, 2nd Vice President: Darrell Black, Recording Secretary: Lorenzo Grimes, Corresponding Secretary: Jason Thompson, Treasurer: Derech Barr, Director of Social Activities: Calvin Ellis, Director of Social Relations: Chris 5hephard, Chaplain: Antonio Wilson, James Calvert, Marlon Faulkner, Brad Howard, Eugene McLemore, Corey Pulliam, 5ovent Taylor, Aarron Thompson Phi Delta Theta Mississippi Alpha Chapter National Chapter Founded: 1848 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: 1877 Mascot: Pallas Athena her owl Symbol: 5word 5hield Flower: White Carnation Colors: Ardent Azure Motto: " One man i5 no man " Philanthropy: Hoops for Kids Famous Alumni: Burt Reynolds, Neil Armstrong, Lou Gehrig, Benjamin Harrison Biggest Event of the Year: Ivy League Sweetheart: Cassie Martin (gj Greek Acitves President: Stephen Fountain, Rush Chairmen: Winston Collier, Roger Elfert, Will Fulghom, Matt McKenzie, Philanthropy: Wes Ehrhardt, Vaughan Walker, Pledge Trainer Hamilton Frey, Ftobert Pittman, Chaplain: Brent Hardin, VP Rush. Grant Joiner, Risk Management: Wade Litton, 5ocial: Alston Meeks, Treasurer Matt Parker, Scholarship: Justin Patrick, Intramural Chair Calvit Ratcliffe, Alumni Relations: Chandler Rogers, VP Judicial: Matt 5aenger, Secretary: Andrew Taylor, Warden: Pratt Wilkinson, Michael Addison, Kennedy Anderson, William Bell, David Black, Ben Boteler, Austin Branscum, Adam Brown, Marshall Brown, Richard Brown, Hardy Case, Chris Cassidy, Stuart Collier, Robert Cook, Mason Cousins, Buck Cunningham, Andrew Davidson, Jonathan Davis, Will Dawkins, Clint Dunn, Matthew Dunn, Beau Durbm, Redding Earp, 5y Easterling, Jacob Eastland, Case Embry, 5cott Erb, Ben Fleming, 5keet Fleming, Ransome Foose, Andrew Fox, Brady Gailey, Randall Gentry, Clay Gibson, Robert Gibson, York Gill, Chuck Goldberg, Miles Gresham, Evans Gunn, Frank Gusmus, Barrett Haik, Tripp Hammett, James Hargrove, Russell Harris, Bo Hartsfield, Michael Henry, William Henry, William Hicky, Andrew Hillmer, Bob Hmes, Denson Mollis, David Holmes, Tyler Horn, Taylor Howell, Dunbar Jenkins, Michael Johnson, Kalih Dahbuh, Koyt Kifer, Trey Lanaux, Wade Litton, Joel Long, Sparky Luster, Vince Martello, Tim Mashburn, Robert Maxwell, Barry Maynard, Matt McKenzie, Dab McMurray, Hunter McRight, Andrew Medley, Thomas Meriwether, Ryan Miller, Will Montgomery, David Morris, Denny Moss, Clifton Mosteller, Ross Murray, Jonathan Nichols, Hunter Howell, 5teven Parker, Michael Patterson, John Calvin Patterson, Ed Peacock, Bo Petro, Logan Phillips, Josh Pittman, Hamilton Pounds, Talbert Rea, Randall Roberson, Burks Rogers, Brad Rogers, John Rouse, 5tewart Rutledge, Clinton Schilling, Stephen Smith, Clayton Smith, Brett 5oldevila, Shea Sory, James 5tikeleather, Gene Stock, Hetherington Story, Cameron Stubbs, Charlie Swayze, Adam Thomas, Pratt Thomas, Chip Tubbs, Marshall Vaught, Jonathan Vines, John Walker, Harland Webster, Josh Whelan, Justin Williams, Peter Williams, James Wise, Whit Wittenburg, Marshall Wood, Josh Young Pledges Johnson Berry, Taylor Beville, Sam Boyer, Tyler Brown, Patrick Carr, Brian Chopin, Charlie Clark, Wynne Cox, Thomas Diano, Matt Douglas, Witt Dukes, Hunter Durbin, Thomas Eatherly, Alan Ellis, David Frazier, Will Freeman, Palmer Freeman, Owens Gaddis, Miller Gunn, Brandon Havens, Brad Hawkins, Lyles Holifield, Robert Hunter, Miller Jarrell, Justin Jernigan, Bo Jolly, Wyatt King, Rob Leow, Jones Luster, Thorton Marley, Ben McMullan, John Milam, Hunter Mills, Brandon O ' Mell, Robert Otts, Jack Phillips, Clay Purcell, Sam Ridge, Jason Russell, Brent Sanders, Mason Sanders, Will Seely, Dixon Seymour, Andrew Stephenson, Burke Stockett, Phillip Stone, Clark Taylor, Preston Thomas, Andrew Wallace, Aubrey Wilson -KELSI HOLMAN PHOTOS COURTESY OP PHI DELTA THETA FRATERNITY I Phi Delta Tfu ' ta $Kibj Phi Kappa Psi Mississippi Alpha Chapter National Chapter Founded: February 19, 1852 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: November 1, 1857 Flower: Jaqueminot Rose Colors: Cardinal Red Si Hunter Green Motto: " Live Ever! Die Never! " Philanthropy: Karaoke Might benefitting North Mississippi Family Crisis Center Volleyball benefitting Oxford Humane Society Famous Alumni: Woodrow Wilson, Peter Graves, Big Gen. William " Billy " hitched Biggest Event of the Year: Riverside Blues Sweetheart: Misty Rea Greek Actives: President: Mike Hechas, Vice President: Todd Frier, Treasurer: Jeb Llewellyn, Ryan Anderson, Ben Bratton, Barry Broussard, Aaron BullocK, Joey Geter, Tim Inman, Justin Logsdon, Cliff Montjoy, Greg Phelps, Philip Rogers, Brad Schneider, Andrew Smith, Mark Williams, 5teve Williams, Bart Ziegenhorn Pledges: Adam 5mith, Andy Banks, Ben Wilkerson, Bill Perrone, Brad Read, Bradley Alexander, Brian Kacinko, Chris Phelps, Cody Burns, David Oubre, Douglas 5mith, Dustin Burton, Dustin Leblanc, Jacob McDougal, Jamie Estes, Jim 5trawn, John McDougal, Jon 5cala, Joshua Kin, Justin Applebee, Justin Ivie, Kyle Massey, Patrick Ireland, Ray Dees, Reese McLellan, Ritt Conner, Ryan Jackson, Tim Kelly, Tommy Bachus, Tony Simmons, Will Arnold -KELSI HOLMAN Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Tau Delta Gamma Chapter National Chapter Founded: March 17, 1906 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: March 23, 1969 Symbol: Unicorn Flower: Red Carnation Colors: Harvard Red Old Gold Motto: " The force of many, the power of one " Philanthropy: Hole in the Wall Gang Famous Alumni: Paul Mewman Biggest Event of the Year: Jim Jones Sweetheart: Ashley Dunn Greek Acitves: President: Corey Clark, Vice President: Drew Cleland, hush Chair: Matt Theilemann, VP Alumni Relations: Andy Ostrenga, JP Education: Eric Eaton, 5oc ' a Chair: Vic Dantin, Pledge Trainer: Lloyd Caulfield, 5ecretary: J. A. Rummler, Tony Arnold, Blake Bee, Grant Champion, Joe Coker, Scott Cote, Adam Davis, John Ducrest, Ivan Gregory, 5tuart Gregory, Bill Gundlach, Blake Hill, Marcus Jones, Matt Jones, Travis Jones, Ricky Kostal, Justin Laumbattus, Emmett Lawrence, Luke LeGrand, hat Martin, Wilson Mayfield, Graham Mcintosh, Jason Meyer, Graham Moore, Kevin Oury, John Parks, Corey Patrick, Jim Perko, Andy Phelan, Bill Pollard, Chris Price, Bill Pullen, Mike Remley, Chris Ross, Patrick Ross, Greg Sartor, Brian 5erakas, J.C. 5hepard, Cal Trout, Daniel Trout, Travis Waters, Jarrad Zaiser Pledges: Houston Brown, Matt Carpenter, Austin Chandler, Jesse Cole, Michael Collins, Brandon Corbett, Barry Delcambre, Mick Fendler, Sam Fletcher, Robert Foster, Adam Frese, Tom Griesedieck, Chris Grillis, Miles Landrem, Robert Mayfield, Rowdy Ryan McConnell, Brenton Mewman, Matt Nichols, Josh Munnelee, Matt Owens, Robert Parker, Doug Penner, Mike Peterson, Andrew Prewitt, Jordan 5cott, Brandon Sheckles, Justin Tallant, Zac Taylor, Joe-Joe Johnson, Wes Vallotten, Drew Weldon, M.R. Windle, Blake Young PHOTOS COURTESY OF PHI KAPPA TAU FRATERNITY nK Pi Kappa Alpha Gamma lota Chapter National Chapter Founded: March 1, 1868 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: hay 27, 1927 Mascot: Dalmation Symbol: Fire Truck Colors: Garnet Old Gold Philanthropy: Pike Calendar Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive Famous Alumni: Senator Thad Cochran, former Lt. Governor Brad Dye Biggest Event of the Year: Charles 5umner Weekend Sweetheart: Paige Coburn rtlffi HKJ5 jtik 1 ■ ill 2001 Pledge Class Sill Greek !KA Actives: President: Matt Wilson, Vice President: Lockwood Griffin, Vice President: Chad Johnson, Treasurer Chris Coletta, Assistant Treasurer David Junkin, Secretary: 5tacy O ' Neal, Exec-at-Large-. Clark Lawrence, Bruce Ainsworth, Barrett Anderson, Michael Arnemann, Wes Arnold, Shawn Bacon, Jon Barnwell, Taylor Bradley, George Brannon, Greg Bucher, Clay Buckingham, Jason Bueno, Taylor Burwell, Brett Canale, Chris Carlton, Eric Carlton, Chris Coletta, Andy Cook, Chip Crafton, Stephen Cropper, Greg Cross, Matt Day, Cliff Decker, Brian Dismuke, Richard Franklin, Parrish Gilliland, Clayton Graham, heal Gravatt, Lockwood Griffin, Chris Hamilton, Chris Harrell, Marty Meidgen, Rob flensley, Chase flerndon, Jeff liigdon, Brad Migdon, Brad liise, Michael Howell, Chip Howorth, Brent Jackson, Ashton Jennings, Bradley Johnson, Chad Johnson, Forrest Johnson, 5yd Jones, David Junkin, Kahil Katool, Brandon Keane, Jimmy Keller, Clark Lawrence, Mark Markow, Jake McRae, Phillipe Michel, Matt Mills, Russ Moody, Brett Moses, Danny Newman, Ben Nichols, Jedd Nichols, Lee Norton, David Olmstead, 5tacy O ' Neal, Rickie Pares, Gibbon Pender, Jim Peterson, Charlie Plauche, Lucas Portera, Taylor Presley, Wade Radcliffe, Josh Reid, Casey Rodgers, Charlie Scott, Wright 5cott, Jack 5hannon, Jeremy 5mith, Nick Snapka, Drew Stuart, Andrew 5tubbs, Ronnie Thompson, David Turner, Drew Vann, Taylor Webb, Matt Williamson, Brooks Winchester, Kevin Woods, Will Wyatt Pledges: Nick Aposlet, Mark Baur, Josh Bird, Benjamin Brewer, John Burns, Britton Butler, Pete Coletta, Darwin Crawford, Evan Dickey, Wesley Douglas, Scott Ellis, Ryan Hglestahler, Chris Fore, Mike Frey, Brett Henderson, Caleb Hill, Mark Holmes, Criag Jobe, Jay Johnson, Greg LaFoe, Clay Long, Chris Miklos, John Morris, Donny Newsome, Justin Odom, Bobby Peyton, Colin Prince, Bobby Risner, Aubrey Rogers, Hank Rush, Ryan Shaw, Rod Shreiber, Chase Stewart, Drew Stewart, Josh Stuart, Carlyle Watt, Graham Worsham, Thomas Young -PHOTOS COURTESY OF PI KAPPA AtPHA FRATERNITY I i nKA Sigma Alpha Epsilon Mississippi Gamma Chapter National Chapter Founded: 1865 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: 1866 Mascot: Lion Flower: Violet Colors: Purple Gold Motto: " Phi Alpha " Philanthropy: 5AE Tight Might Famous Alumni: Haley Barbour, 5am Elliot, LQC Lamar, William Faulkner, Kirh Adams, William Wilder III, Earnsworth Cline Biggest Event of the Year: Paddy Murphy Sweetheart: Emily Ball Greek 2001 Pledge Class Actives: Eminent Archon: Kirk Adams, Eminent Deputy Archon: John Mitchener, Eminent Treasurer. Matthew Hodges, Eminent Recorder: Robert 5indelar, Philanthropy Chairman: 5haler Alias, Scholarship Chairman: Robert 5indelar, 5oc ' a Chairman: Allen Heaton, Rush Chairmen: K.B. Parkes 81 Josh Walker, Pledge Educators: Taliaferro Oates Mike Persia, Evan Alford, Alexander Avery, Philip Buchanan, 5heaford Davidson, Lewis Dodson, Rob Dowdle, Luke Dreher, John Max Edwards, Christian Elliott, Baxter Fargason, Matt Frost, Marshall Gilmore, Jr., Will hammack, Billy Hoffman, Jim flogan, John holladay, Bert Holland, Will Hood II, Ham Huber, 5tuart Irby, Jr., Matt Kiser, John Langston, Haden Lundy, Andrew Maddux, Russell McCarty, 5umpter McGowin, Richard Mestayer, 5am Miles, Rollins Miller, Barrier Mitchell, Chris Mouron, 5cott Moble, Bart Outzen, Carroll Patton, Chip Pearson, Kipp Ramsey, Jay Robinson, Buck Rodgers, Derek 5hive, Ross Smith, Bourke 5prague, Carlton 5tewart, Alex Temple, Peter Thompson, Daniel Thompson, 5hep Tohill, Fred Wells, Wesley Williams, Ronnie Willis, Jr. Pledges: Patrick Anderson, Beck Barnes, B. J. Billips, Nathan Burkhalter, Kyle Cornelius, Rob Dawkins, Paul Doramus, J. T. Fitts, David Flautt, Reese Goode, Bubba Goodman, Kent Gowen IV, Kendall Hale, Ed Hanger, Will Herrington, Bates Hite, Travis Holland, Robert Jones, Jemison Jones, Daniel Knotts, Jake Lockard, Ryan Maguire, Michael Mazzanti, George Medley, Dan Millen, Grant Mitchell, Jake Parrott, Matt Pearson, Brian Phillips, Trey Prater III, Elliott Robertson, Hayden Smith, Toby Troberman, Andy Turnbow, Brian Vanlandingham, 5tuart Williams, Blake Williamson, Ledyard Williamson -PHOTOS COURTESY OF SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON FRATERNITY Sigma Atfha Epsifon Sigma Chi Eta Chapter National Chapter Founded: 1855 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: October 10, 1857 Flower: White Rose Colors: Blue Old Gold Philanthropy: Governor ' s Office of Literacy Mississippi Kidney Foundation Famous Alumni: John Wayne, Mike Ditka, Brad Pitt, David LeHerman, Warren Beatty, Tom 5elleck Biggest Event of the Year: Derby Day Sweetheart: Emily Black m Greei Actives: Consul: James Whitney Rawlings, Pro Counsul: Charlie Chandler, Annotator Clayton Allen, Magisten Patrick 5trong, Quaester. Ryan Seibels, Rush Chairmen: Robert Clark, Matt McGraw, Adam Quick, and Matt Word, 5oc a Chair- 5huff Mauldin and Clyde McGee, Tribune: Andrew George, Chapter Editor Thomas Blake, 5cho arsh p Chairman. Jay Desai, Chaplin-. Ben Brewer, historian: Carrington Cox, Picture Chairman: Robert Mason, Public Relations: Thomas Blake, Philanthropy: Erin Riley, Kustos.- Preston McDonnell, Risk Management: Doug Grant, IFC repre- sentative: Thomas Blake, Intramural Chairman: Ryan Robertson, T-shirt chairman: Lewis Herrington, House Chairmen: Chad Blackburn, Will Bradley, Coy Meeks, Qeorge flicols and Ryan Robertson, Peterson Chairman: Jeff 5tancill, Ritual Cha rman-Paul Blake, Derby Day Chairmen: Ben Brewer and Scott Marshall, Tom Abdalla, Frazier Abraham, nelson Adrian, John Albriton, Wade Aldridge, Bo Allen, Cooper Allen, Mike Bailey, Carl Banchetti, Ross Barkley, Austin Barrett, Joe Bell, Tyler Bennett, David Blanks, Wilson Boone, Will Bradley, Jason Bushby, Casey Butts, Robert Camp, Brent Cappaert, Davis Carpenter, Mick Case, Carson Claybrook, John Cofer, Jack Coleman, Bobby Croswell, Jonathan Daniels, Matt Daniel, Jay Desai, Adrian Dickey, Jake Dornbusch, Cole Eaton, 5am Eaton, Battle Ewing, Robert Finger, Ellis Fischer, Bill Gardner, Kris Gavin, Ben Gilbert, Guy Glorioso, Blake Gore, Eric Graeber, Jeff Harris, Brian Henderson, Gantt Hickman, Breck Hines, Hank Hutto, Jim Jacobs, Jake Jones, Brannon Kahlstorf, hick Kaminer, A.J. Kiamie, Steven King, Grayson Lacey, Barton Lampton, Cal Laney, Preston Lee III, Parker Leggett, Marshall Love, Tyler Lovelace, Robert Mason, Joey McCool, Coy Meeks, Troy Musolf, Stephen O ' heal, Jake Ott, Stephen Perkins, Dallas Quinn, Neil Raggio, John Rea, Doug Reeves, John Rogers, Lee Rogers, Robert Russ, Tim Rutland, Houston Sanford, Phillip Schilleci, Ryan Seibels, Will Smallwood, Hunter Smith, Stephen Spencer, Hunter Summerford, Michael Sutherland, David Taylor, Will Thomas, David Twiford, Melson Valentine, Evans Wells, Andrew White, Barrett White, Brandon White, Everett White, Hed Wikle, Win Williams, Andy Williamson, Matt Wooten, Matt Word, Trent Yates, Tripp Yates Pledges: Rob Amborn, John Beard, Josh Blackledge, Davis Bond, Sam Bowen, Adam Brooks, Will Burroughs, John Campbell, Cory Cannon, Sam Craig, Evan Crosby, Jay Culpepper, Reid Davis, Chris Dickens, Turner Douglas, Woody Drake, Cory Duncan, Greg Gibbes, Adam Goodman, Rhett Gore, Justin Harding, Chris Harris, Watson Harris, Cal Haskins, Roger Haughton, Jordan Helveston, Jamie Houston, Jay Howell, Josh Jenkins, Walt Jones, Grant Kennedy, Cole Kimbrough, Adam Lawson, Wilson Long, Barrett Lovorn, Jake Malatesta, Sidney McLauren, Robert Miller, 5cott Murray, Brett Person, John Plumb, Ryan Posey, Brandon Pratt, Len Reeves, Jake Sessums, Key Smith, Greg Spellman, Robert Threckhold, Patton Valentine, Lee White -PHOTOS COURTESY OF SIGMA CHI FRATERNITY -JEREMY LODEN M % V t i : -J V Sigma Nu Epsilon K Chapter National Chapter Founded: 1869 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: 1927 Mascot: 5nake Flower: English Plorabunda Colors: Black, Gold White Philanthropy: Charity Bowl Famous Alumni: Trent Lott, Archie Manning, Roger Wicker, Ed Bryant, Tim Ford, Terry Ewert Biggest Event of the Year: Woodstock Sweetheart: Caroline 5parks Greek Mfe Actives: Commander: Justin Gentry, Lieutenant Commander Andrew BucKley, Treasurer Steven Kilgore, 5ocial Chair Matt Perkins, Rush Chair: David Carroll, Allen Lincoln, Sidney Allen, Will Ashley, Matt Austin, Morrow Bailey, Kevin Bailey, Brett Barefoot, Justin Beard, Mathan Best, 5tewart Boyd, Michalos Brown, Andrew Bryant, hicholas Brown, Drew Bryant, Kyle Buck, Andrew Buckley, Clay Byars, Brennan Cam, Warmer Cannada, David Carroll, Ben Chapman, Jonathan Cochron, Kyle Cole, Donnie Counts, Brad Crawford, Wes Davis, Chris Decker, Andrew Decous, Preston Denley, Will Denton, Pete DeWeese, Paul Dill, Chris Douglas, Chris Elliot, Christopher Ellis, Chas Emerson, Peyton Everett, Brent Fletcher, Matthew Flynn, Ken Ford, John Fortner, Justin Gentry, Paul Gould, Mike Greene, Matt Grenfell, Grant Griffin, Cody harrell, Jamie Hart, Loius Mengen, Tucker Merndon, John Merzog, Brad Millman, Jay Mollon, Matthew Ingram, Beau Jarrell, Kyle Johns, Bradley Kellum, Phillip Kimball, Chrsi Kirk, Jake Kiser, Zach Kowalski, Bryan Krutz, 5immons Lauderdale, Drew Levenwa, Jimmy Lientz, Jeffery Little, 5eth Little, hays Livingston, Eli Manning, Ryan Mattei, Peyton Mattei, Wil Matthews, Charly McClatchy, Jeff McCrary, William McKenzie, Manning McPhillips, Charlie McVea, hunter Meisenheimer, Drew Meisenheimer, Miles Mitchell, Brian Murphy, Gregg Myatt, David Meyers, Casey Myers, Garlon Pemberton, Matt Perkins, Ryan Pratt, Taylor Price-Williams, David Ray, Talmadge Ray, Curt Revelette, Jourdan Rhea, Cody Ridgeway, John Roach, Kris Roberson, Michael Saucier, Andy Segrest, Jay 5hipp, Jason Smith, Talyor Smith, Drew Snyder, Reed 5tacy, C hes Stanley, Keith Studdard, Rob Taylor, Allen Thigpen, Ben Tolbert, Scott Tomlinson, J.R. Toole, Tommy Tosh, Chuck Trayal, Atkins Trout, Clard Trout, Slates Veazey, Ray Waddell, Justin Wade, Daniel Walker, Gray Wallace, Jeff Wallace, Blake Watts, Jonathan Werne, Matt Williams, Matt Wise Pledges: hayden Alexander, Parker Amis, Trey Bertucci, Josh Bomer, Lenwood Brooks, Lane Campbell, Brett Cantrell, Lyon Chadwick, Buddy Cotton, Alan Crane, Scott Crawford, Kelly Crowe, Sam DeWeese, David Donaldson, John Donovan, Gaines Drago, Gordon Fellows, Taylor Forrester, henry Gantz, Rus Green, Chris Harkey, Drew harvard, Jamie hudgins, Austeb Johnson, Austin Jones, Aaron Kidder, Jeff Kilgore, Cody Knauss, Denny Koerner, Cole Krutz, Denny Koerner, 5teven Ladner, Trey Lamar, Lucas Leigh, Will Lomax, Thomas Lyons, Peter Maida, Speed McDonald, Josh McEwen, Michael McGinnis, Taylor Mcheel, Jay Miles, Allen Myers, hick flabors, Matt heil, Ryan helson, James Pendley, Wesley Persia, h.L. Ray, Harris Rhea, Drew Richey, Kyle Rogers, Aaron Samuels, Matt Schneider, hathan Shreve, Bart Smith, Ellis Stubbs, Timbo Taylor, Will Todd, Jeff Tomlinson, Spence Tribble, Paul Tucker, Parham Tullos, Mick Ursic, Justin Vaughn, Justin Waldrop, Ryan Walker, Will Walker, Michael Walton, Preston Whittington, Brannon Williams, Bob Wilson, Tice Young, Chris Zainey -KELS1 HOLMAN -PHOTOS COURTESY OF SIGMA NU FRATERNITY Sigma Nu x ws Sigma Phi Epsilon Mississppi Alpha Chapter National Chapter Founded: November 1, 1901 Ole Miss Chapter Founded: 1928 Flower: Red Rose Violet Colors: Violet Sanguine Philanthropy: American Heart Association Mississippi Blood 5ervices Famous Alumni: Rich Gannon, John Goodman, Orel Hershiser, J.C. 5nead, Carroll O ' Conner, Dave Thomas, Theodore 5. " Dr. 5eus " Geisel, James Maismith Biggest Event of the Year: Wild Wil d West Sweetheart: Waverly Almon £$y •■ ■ % Greek ■. t wm®}i% tem wJrn KELSI HOLMAN Actives: President: Jeremy Vaughn, Treasurer. Will Abdo, 5ocial Chair. Sterling dowry, Rush Chain Clayton Faggert, JP Brotherhood Development: Bart Lusk. James Adair, Bryan Aycock, Davis Bailey, Griff Barbor, Daniel Barham, Ross Barnett, Chad Baskin, Ed Bassine, Bobby Bearer, Matt Bedingfield, Lee Berry, Justin Bertheaud, Ryan Blue, John Bottoms, Bryan Boudreaux, Gray Bowles, Bobby Brown, Chris Brown, Justin Burns, Miles Buzby, Des Carroll, Matt Carter, Chris Cecil, Jason Church, Jonathan Caldwell, Jonathan Collier, Richard Cox, Matt Deaton, AJ Denny, Matthew DiGiusto, Cameron Edwards, Chase Edwards, Matthew Eidt, Adam Emerson, BJ Emerson, Garret Emerson, David Etlinger, Brian Ferguson, Kenny Flippin, Guy Foote, Michael Galardi, Jarrod Gardner, John Oarlock, John Garrett, Andrew George, Josh Gilbert, Jeff Griffin, Wade Griffin, Mark Grimes, Ryan Magan, Matt Mailey, Chris Makenjos, Brian Mall, Jason Harris, Jay Hawkins, Ben Henickell, Cole Henslee, Michael Hill, Elliot Hobson, Cole Hodges, Kyle Hovatter, Drew Howard, Jarrett Hudson, Blair Hunt, Stephen Jackson, Joey Johnson, Logan King, Patrick Klar, Jack Koban, John Lawrence, BJ Lindsey, Marcus Little, James Littlejohn, Chip Lofton, Austin Lott, Walter Lydick, James McAlpin, Heath McCrory, Josh Mclntyre, Tyler McKellar, Chris Morland, Zach Morrison, Mike Moseley, Ben Murphy, Mike Myrick, Mac horthcutt, JJ. O ' Boyle, Josh Ousley, Josiah Overstreet, Brett Parker, Jonathan Partridge, Meil Patil, Raj Patil, Matt Pollock, Philip Poston, Chris Powell, Chris Power, Titus Queen, Rob Renfroe, Gabe Roberts, Clay Robertson, Travis Robertson, Chris Roby, Corey Rogers, Brad Ross, Trevor Russell, Matt Rutherford, Brian 5chluter, Dan Sicilia, Hunter 5laton, James Stanley, Justin 5udduth, Clay Summers, Griffin Tanner, 5hawn Todd, Pyke Van Dalsem, Lewis Walker, Bobby Walters, William Whitaker, Dan White, Cory Williams, Mathan Witt, Jake Yates, John Zver -PHOTOS COURTESY Of SIGMA PHI EPSILON FRATERNITY - •• 1 i y , Y$ fr Sigma Pfu Epsifon I ■ fr I Candids (pfifi Organizations Division Organization Division | ■ (S ■w f I " } a r ' L ■■■■■ Sept. 1U 2«01 !•« Student The University of Mississippi Organizations Student Media Center Faculty and Staff Front Row: Peter Cleary, Darcy Colley, Traci Mitchell, Melanie Wadkins; Back Row: Ralph Braseth, Jarvis Busby, Benny Rikard, Melanie Stone I n terms of sheer numbers, the Ole Miss Student Media Center is one of the largest media organizations in the state. Our center is staffed by eight professionals and employs some 180 paid stu- dent workers. The goal of the Student Media Center is to provide our students with professional and hands-on training in communi- cations related areas and to produce high quality products people want to read, listen to, watch, and advertise in. We are very proud of our long history and new accom- plishments. The Student Media Center publishes the Ole Miss Annual, which started over 100 years ago. The Daily Mississippian is the only daily college newspaper in the state and has been continuously published for 90 years. Rebel Radio, WUMS-FM, 92.1 is one of a handful of FCC liscensed commercial college stations in the country. ChanneM2 Newswatch is a daily, live, 30- minute newscast which can reach all cable ready homes in Lafayette County. Recently we entered the magazine publish- ing business with Know Oxford, which was recognized as the best college magazine for general excellence in the United States by the Society of Professional Journalists. Last year we began publishing a quarterly magazine titled Oxford Health and Fitness. The Student Media Center has also begun publishing books written by students. To date, we have published three stu- dent books and plan to do more in the future. Last April, the Student Media Center launched its new and improved online medium, This is the place to visit for anyone inter- ested in Ole Miss and the Ole Miss Student Media Center to keep up with our student news coverage. Our broadcast stu- dents who have built Rebel Radio into a nationally recog- nized college radio power- house are proud to let you know you can hear the station on the web: RebelRadio.ole- org Students who have spent a significant amount of time in Student media say in hindsight those long days and nights spent in Farley Hall were among the most fun, the most miserable, and the most mean- ingful in the college experi- ence. It is the mission of the Student Media Center to make sure those opportunities con- tinue to exist year after year. Dr. Ralph Braseth Director of Student Media Student Media Center Brandy Stewart emy studeaLJifi raci Mitchell DarcyCo || ey Organizations distinctioi greeks ' S Burcl ays Burchf ield Kelley Hunsberger olman eatherford sports ley Jones Mandy Fong I»Mogle Oughton -PHOTOS BY JEREMY LODEN Yearbook Staff JEREMY LODEN luiie Finiey ®|?rirjp® d Jnu ar ar Elizabeth Yoste Suzanne McKay d®@[fftg @( M(o)[f ay Chandler Nathan Latil Joy Douglas ( © ' SM ®ggjgft§) lindsey Ellis (§®[w (g jlftoirg Josh Miljer sssa Cc teven Godfrey Vanessa Cook Bobby Varghan Smith Wyck rycfe ogtodgg DiMimastgo 3 Lisa Bailey Cristen Dickson Matt Barksdale Grant Brashier [p)[r®(oj»D®[Jl) gMgXg[TVQg@F Matt Cole o) ?@®m(m© Jill Yoe Emily Simmons Todd Parker Nathan Davis Organizations DM Editor Julie Finiey looks on as staff members take a break from late-night work. DM News Editor Elizabeth Yoste deals with the stress of filling up a news section on a daily basis. Balancing a full class load and being responsible for every news story in the paper often calls for a little Tylenol. Its a labor of love. Spending your nights in a stuffy basement producing a newspaper that will go out to 1 2,500 criticizing readers the next day is hard work. The daily grind can often become too much for a staff composed of full-time students. Even if we stay until 5 a.m. working on the paper, something will be wrong, and someone will call. Someone will call us The Daily Mistake, without knowing how hard we work. But thats okay, because we love it, and no matter what people say they still read our paper. We get thrills out of informing the Ole Miss and Oxford communities. We love a big story, and this year was full of them. All the big stories of the past paled in comparison to what happened on September 1 1, and our staff pulled together like never before to cover the news. The staff is composed of about 15 editorial staff members and up to 40 writers. The editorial staff comes to work around 4 p.m. and stays until the job is done. On a good night everyone is gone by 1:30 a.m. On a bad night, it may be 6 a.m. The DM presses, housed in the Farley Hall basement, start running at 5 a.m., and the paper is out by the time the next work day begins. The DM publishes daily, except weekends and holidays. -Julie Finley, editor Arts Life Editor Steven Godfrey grabs a bite during office hours. Food runs are a highlight of every night in the DM office. -PHOTOS BY NATHAN LATIL Trie Daily Mississippian ewsw Row 1: (left to right) Ashley Smith, Garreth Blackwell, Kate Barron, Laualee Scanlon Row 2: Brandon Weaver, Myrt Price, Karen Clabough, Dave Hotard, Hugh Keeton, Hope Walker, Holley Speed, Keisha Ferguson, Martin Bartlett, Ashley Dunn, Claire Nelson, Elizabeth Bolen, Chelsey Ball, Emily Clarke, Kathleen Gill sffley Smitl ' .ee onton tors© J£ ' fugn Keeton kJ ewswatch 12 provides a daily, live 30-minute newscast for Ole Miss, Oxford and Lafayette County. Our staff of reporters, photographers, producers, writers, video editors and graphic designers put together a newscast much in the same way a professional television station would. The staff and management of Newswatch 12 is composed completely of students from all majors and backgrounds, many of whom have no experience with broadcast journalism until they join the staff. Reporters and photographers work hand in hand with the days producer and assignment editor to produce stories for that evenings news. Stories often concentrate on local ties to national stories and issues as well as issues concerning the students of Ole Miss and residents of the city of Oxford and Lafayette County. Because Newswatch employs students from different majors, stories produced come from a wide and varied perspective. Anchors, weather anchors, and sports anchors are assigned to a news team for one night of the week. Newswatch 12 can be seen nightly Monday through Friday at 5:30 p.m. on channel 12. -Ashley Smith, Station Manager Organizations Students from the Television Technology class run the Teleprompter during the newscast. Editors are in short supply as it gets to crunch time. Anchors Hope Walker and Martin Bartlett ad lib about a " kicker " story. -PHOTOS JEREMY LOOEN Newswatch- 12 P h » l Pa nvvvl IX CI -JEREMY LODEN DJs: John St. John, Ashley Dunn, Jennifer Allen, Wendy Bell, Aimee Bertrand, Wesley Duffee- Braun, Scooch, Jon Rawl Rebel Radio is one of 10 commercially licensed college radio stations in the U.S. is student run and broadcasts 24 7, 365 days a year. Rebel Radio is online at Rebel Radio received 22 awards this year from the Mississippi Association of Broadcasters. Each semester, Rebel Radio employs around 30 DJs, including specialty show DJs. Rebel Radio plays alternative rock along with several specialty show hours that broadcast on Sundays. On Sundays, you can experience Country 101, the Widespread Gospel Hour, the Backbone, and S.RA.M. II Jason Wiltz Allison Adams Aimee Bertrand Julia DuVal Jordan Williams Wendy Bell John St. John Sommer Rae Fields Jason Lynn Station Manager Lauren Johnson Program Director Laura Lea Daugherty Music Director Chandler Lockhart Production Manager Sarah Abston ®d[°)@[rto(goi)ft Efegftotrg Sales Manager Keith Sisson News Director Hope Walker Sports Director Scott Satchfeild Metal Director Cooper Barnett Ashley Dunn Jennifer Allen Paul Parkerson Travis Llewellyn John Lawrence Wilson Moore Mary Helen Bobo Chip Barber Mark Chaney Phillip Howard Aaron Johnson Wesley Duffee-Braun Specialty Shows: Jason Lynn DeMatt Harkins Cooper Barnett Jon Rawl Organizations -JEREMY LODEN Left to right: Hope Walker, News Director; Lauren Johnson, Station Manager; Chandler Lockhart, Music Director; Laura Lea Daugherty, Program Director; Sarah Abston, Production Manager Rebel Radio |E5| N R iti ..! ' 9 « X - 1 j tj? HKMi 1 m F 5 - il ™ Mr David Willson Mr. Steve Barnett ° 0©U°)tf fe pro ©If fe g(°: r John McCauley Jason Beghtol Brenna Carrigan Randy Dale Chad Spires Jason Carson -JEREMY LODEN Organizations T his years Pride of the South is the largest in University history with 290 members. Band stu- dents come from every discipline in the University to enjoy a special comradery striving for excellence with nearly 300 friends, while serving Ole Miss. These students are the unsung heroes of the University, balancing academics, social lives, work and family. Fielding the largest and most exciting band in the history of Ole Miss, this years band continues a decade of growth and excellence. The Pride of the South is truly the center of spirit at Ole Miss and is one of the finest university bands in the nation. Jennifer Hayes irsty Echols of the The Prufe of the. South |ET!1 m % • ttt b -KELSI HOLMAN Row 1: (left to right) Elaine Ichniowski, Audrey Allen, Crystalin Heath, Shannon Johnson Row 2: Rachel Harris, Jessica Dowd, Jennifer Donato, Erin Riess, Kathryn Uncapher Row 3: Carabeth beck, Melissa Cook, Randi Wilkins, Leslie Harper, Ashley McCurrach X he Junior Varsity Rebelettes are a group of 14 dancers selected through auditions in September. The squad dances at all womens basketball games, and you will see them perform at a few mens games, too! Each year, JV Rebelettes travel to the SEC Womens Basketball Tournament to perform. This is a talented, close-knit group of girls. - Katie Yarborough, coach Organizations Row 1: (left to right) Leigh Newton, Jenny Christopher, Amber Reid, Laura Ann Mackey, Meredith Turner, Emily Fabianke, Andrea Lewis Row 2: Trevor Quails, Jake Lyons, John Michael Hearne, Chris Loyd, Chris Suber, Stephen Bartucci, Richard Tanner T he Junior Varsity Cheerleaders are a group of 14 members selected in August. They cheer at home football games and womens basketball games. They help promote school spirit and work all year long for the University. Row 1: (left to right, kneeling) Nikita Wilson, Samantha Ball, )ill McCain, Paula Cook, Tiffany Barr, Mary Ann Farmer, Shannon Johnson, Simone Patton, Courtney McDonald, Ashley Hogue, Ariana Bender, Lizzie Andrews Row 2:(seated) Mia Mosavizahed, Whitney Cole, Meredith Scott, Christie Curry T he Rebel Recruiters assist coaches and athletic personnel on game day, and guide prospective student-athletes and their parents on visits to the Ole Miss campus. The Recruiters represent in a positive light the Ole Miss Athletic Department and entire University family when in contact with players and fam ilies. They also also help with office work and game day preparations. Organizations -JEREMY LODEN Row 1: Audrey Allen, Lauren Reeder, Alika Ramirez, Suzy Renick, Alexa Prince, Jill Rosamond, Jennifer Pennington Row 2: Bessie Liedtke, Kimberly Kosman, Ashley Watkins, Andrea Savorgnan, Kendra Moehring, Lindsay Thaler, Chalon Dominick, Ashley Hatfield, Mary Clift Hitt, Catherine Leech Row 3: Courtney McDonald, Jennifer Allen, Becky Malvin, Stacey Mahr, Ashley Hutton, Sarah Jean LaMar, Kerri Langston, Leah Lomax, Jessica Banahan, Amy Tompson, Debbie Frazier Row 4: Laura Dickerson, Roiann Boisture, Susan Hobson, Jennifer Betsayad, Christy Gaither, Raychel Green, Ashley Dove, Laurin Revere, Amelia Purser, Ashley Sprayberry Not Pictured: Carla Crosby, Sophie Nord, Katherine Paul, Dawn Pontious, Laura Shirley The Ole Miss Baseball Diamond Girls is a group of 40 girls whose main goal is to have fun and bring energy to the baseball team and fans. The squad is selected in the fall. They work to raise money and get new members for the Rebel Bullpen Club. They also pre- pare for the start of baseball by advertis- ing and promoting the upcoming sea- son. Andrea Savorgnan, Laurin Revere, and Jennifer Betsayad at the SEC Tournament The girls work all of the home games selling programs, working bats and fou lines, as well as interacting with the crowd by doing promotions. There are opportunities for the girls to travel with the team to all Southeastern Conference weekends, along with the Mayors Trophy game against Mississippi State in Jackson, Mississippi. Diamond Girls also have the opportunity to travel with the team to the NCAA Championships. Under the guidance of Clint Carver, David Krouse, and Sally Worsham, the Diamond Girls are an essential part of the Ole Miss Baseball program. Susan Hobson, Mandy Hattaway, Jennifer Betsayad, and Boisture at the SEC Tournament Selling programs at the Mayors Trophy game Re6ef Recruiters St Diamond Girts U.J • I (6 {q) - _ mm hl Ik%. h v I fi Iff le Miss Ambassadors, approximately 120 volunteers, are dedicated to sharing diverse academic, cultural, and extracurricular interests with perspective students and their families. Ambassadors work through the admissions office in recruting the type of student that reflects well on Ole Miss, by sharing the wealth of opportunities to be found at the University of Mississippi. i T — r jS ufl flu nrj m aRsAK ® m vfrrn Co-Directors Chyrissee Bertheaud Corey Nichols Tours Todd Magro Tyndale Brickey Special Events Lizzie Andrews Sarah Whybrew Public Relations Ashley Geraci Executive Committee Webmaster Dave Hotard Secretary Treasurer Courtney Geraci Housing Matt Sleep Josh Combes Letters Marshall Rivers Natalie Cathcart Dustin Addy Buddy Apple Parul Bajaj Anastasia Ballas Jonathan Barns Martin Bartlett Chad Baskin Justin Bertheaud Jessica Boggan Natalie Boggan Grant Brashier Ashley Buckman Rose Bui Rachel Burkhead Natalie Carpender Summer Clements Donald Cole Camille Comer Alex Dahlman Laura Uickerson Organizations Elizabeth Dickerson Abby Diddle Sarah Dill David Donaldson Chris Douglas Cayce Elliott Jennifer Ellzey Allison Ellzey Emily Evans Emily Ferris Allison Fewell Jennifer Foil Jessica Foster Megan Foster David Gale Jabarie Glass Patrick Guild Shanna Guin Caleb Hallauer Jill Harney Linsay Harper Carey Beth hayes Mary-Grace Haynes Miranda Haynes Katie Hill De ' Marco Hodges Micah Horton Phillip Howard Laura Hulsey Amanda Johnson Julie Jones Abby Jones Carrie Jussely Rayn Keefe Amanda Kesel Kristen Kuykendall Bao Lam Justin Lance Summer Loftin McCall Manning Ferridy Mansel Lucas Marshall Drew Martin Chasza McCaskill Salley McCullar Tricia McDowell Haley McGee Mary Margaret Miller Nickie Milliet Marianne Maranda Amanda Mitchell Kelly Mixon Jamie Monsour Rebecca Murphy Stephanie Neel Lila lee Rachel Noel David Odom Meredith Padalino Ashley Parker Doug Penner Lauren Persick Greg Phelps Courtney Pierce Brandon Pratt Clark Province Jennifer Riordan Haydn Roberts C. C. Robertson Jessica Roy Landon Rutherford Les Sackett Kim Santmyer Brendan Sartin JoBeth Schuchs April Shumake Shea Sides Melissa Sindelar Meredith Skelton Fundraising Tonya Haynes Spirit of Ambassdors Maggie Turner Points Secretary Brooks Boylan Advisor Suzanne Thigpen Staci Slaton Becca Smith Justin Smith April Stewart Bianca Lyn Thibedeau Ryan Tomlinson Laura Treppendahl Jillian Vanzelfden Michelle Vaughn Will Walker Bethany Warnock Melissa Webster Adrienne Williams Ryan Williams Kenorue Wilson Ashley Wimberly Dana Windham Katie Winsett T he Gospel Choir began as the Black Student Union Choir in 1974. Today, they have emerged as The University of Mississippi Gospel Choir, and more importantly, the first college gospel choir to sign with a major gospel record label and to be nominated for a Grammy. The student run organization has faithfully sung the Lords praises for the last 28 years. Generations of African American students have found fellow- ship, support, and inspiration as they have striven for musical and academic excellence at the University. From small wooden c hurches to grand concert halls, with the rich harmonies of African American spirituals and the mellow grooves of contemporary gospel, the choir sings praises to God from the heart. Drawing from rich musical and spiritual heritage that came from Africa and found a new home in Mississippi, the choir brings its own contribution to the life and sounds of the University. The choirs diversity in membership allows for an amazing ministry through song. Their testimony is that God breaks down barriers and gives visions that make lives and situations new. Their prayer is that they will continue to " Send Up the Praise " here at The University of Mississippi, in the great state of Mississippi and beyond. -KEVIN BAIN Dereck Barr, President Lela Tedford, Vice President Jovan Williams, Recording Secretary Neely Lott, Corresponding Secretary LaTanya Dixon, Treasurer Kenorus Wilson, Director Herbert Jones, Business Manager Zeke Listenbee, Head Musician Renee Redd, Wardrobe Consultant Lloyd Holmes and Valerie Ross, Advisors Soprano Section Leaders: Vinessa Merrell, Sharonda Norwood, Jovan Williams Alto Section Leaders: Renee Reed, Christin Webb Tenor Section Leaders: Dereck Barr, Tejuan Leland Tenors Basses Stefano Agnew Chasza McCaskill Jackqueline Barnes Dereck Barr Brad Bernard Curtis Ezell Jabarie Glass Tejuan Leland Marales Mobley Antwan Moore Nicholas Pierce Jerry Scott Craig Tolbert Justin Wright Sop Reneatta Austin Shawnece Black Angela Brown LaTanya Dixon Marisha Golden Candice Fountain Shemeka Haslett Sarah Ivy April Jones Twanda Jordan Kianna Leland Vinessa Merrell ranos Sharonda Norwood Joshlyn Pickens Leslie Roberson Jacqueline Shelby Sara Smith Susan Swindall Janae Taylor Lela Tedford Jovan Williams Tycin Williams Altos Karen Cannon Kimberly Davis Rosalind Dillon Jacinta Hall Dekesha Jenkins Canetha Kimble Bridget Knight Kimberly Knight Neely Lott Trenika Mitchell Pamela Moore Donique Nobles Renee Reed Keenya Rudd Rosalyn Vinson Christin Webb Willette Woods Ambassadors ■ Gospef Crioir S.Vi-i - - Tolliver Gates Trey Bendrick Kyle Young K.B. Parkes Brent Korsower Matt Frost Brent McCall Riley McMinn Lightning Bob The Guy Greg Spellman Spencer Ward for Hire British Rigal del Tony ason Lane Ryan Figlestahler Huey Lewis and the News Steven Stewart Justin Allbritton Scott Delozier Wilson Stooksberry Auston Jones Will Rote Brian Austin Norm Robert Justin Vega Dave Grenley PHOTOS KELSI HOLMAN A rmy ROTC is a program of leadership and military skills training. It offers The University of Mississippi students the opportunity to serve as active officers in the active Army or an Army Reserve component. At The University of Mississippi, over 200 students of the " Rebel Battalion " take Army ROTC courses each year. In the school year 2001-2002, ten Ole Miss students will complete the Army ROTC program and earn presi- dential appointments as Army officers. -KELSI HOLMAN The Ole Miss Rebel Battalion cadre are: LTC Joseph Blackburn, Professor of Military Science LTC (R) William Hollowell, Assisstant Professor of Military Science MAJ David Harvey, Assisstant Professor of Military Science MAJ Geoffrey Yoste, Assisstant Professor of Military Science MSG Kevin Jones, Senior Instructor SFC William Kavanaugh III, Training NCO SGT Kailey Larry, Supply NCO Ms Judy Cooper, Battalion Secretary Ms Kat Robakiewicz, Admin Technician MS IVs Joe Smith Tristan DeBord Lance Baker Justin Fisk John Brooks Joshua Carter Aaron Jolly Brendan Shaner Ray McAllister Mark McCool Troy Ross Joey Comley Sean Skrmetta Gino Davis Joan Morris Nicholas Cuice Timothy Herd Rob Chesnut MS lis Jason Bradley Walter Lane Jake Thompson Andrew Wilson Joshua Adames Stephanie Campbel Sarah DeBord Ennis Ferrell Jonathon Friar Shane Honan Daniel landrum Robert Mathis J.J. Morrison MS Ills Joe Tull James Woods Derek Carroll Eric Coleman Colin Faulkner Webster Ford Matt Hodges Chris Jumey Jeb Llewellyn MS Is Stephen Foote Troy Luster Erica Hawthorne David Ross Eric Heatherly Matt Wood Arthur McLaurin Carol Smith Patrick Wall Matt Woolsey Keita Anderson Riley Forrest(Rust College) LaDarrell Odum(Rust) Rugby Team Army ROTC Midshipmen 1 C Thomas Bowman Christopher Carter Adam Cromwell Michael Fortenberry Matthew Haley David Jarrett Joseph Michaels Wilson Moore lames Stanley Wesley Thomas Midshipmen 2 C Cordon Felder Gideon Grissett Patricia Haarman David Nalley Jonathan Smith Midshipmen 3 C Stephen Doiron Marc Hines Christian Ladner Joseph Powell Meredith Reilly Christopher Rials Christine Schneider Bradford Sims Michael Welgan Midshipmen 4 C Toy Andrews Ian H utter Jill Barnes Jonathan Baugh Jacob Champ Christopher Davis Stuart Edwards Spencer Gilfeather Miller Cunn Cedric Hodge William Hunter Joshua Lamb Michael McKnight Tammy Paynter Johnny Quilenderino Daniel Reeves Marcus Vaughn Richard Nguyen Active Duty: Officer Candidate Paul Keeney Sergeant Christopher Kurka Sergeant Nathanael Leon Staff: Commander Roberts Lieutenant Commander Goertzen Captain McRae Lieutenant Spears Gunnery Sergeant Ruppert Chief Gainer Chief McClendon Mrs. Melton Mrs. Dubbs Organizations T he Mariners is a service organization that serves as an auxiliary unit of the NROTC. Members assist the NROTC in the organization and planning of its functions and engagements. Shavonne Sicher, President Lynn Woo, Vice President Courtney Lossett, Secretary Kellie Chatham, Treasurer T.J. Ruppert, Advisor Michelle Chatham Ashley Gill Michelle Sommerfield Heather Owens Amanda Ayers Katie Huch i olden Key International Honor Society seeks to honor top students in all courses of study. Membership is open to the top 15% of all juniors and seniors. Ashley Geraci, President Lauren Webb, VP Just the Facts Reynolds Moore, VP Campus Awareness Sherry Blount, Corresponding Secretary Stephanie Crabtree, Co-Recording Secretary Amelia Purser, Co-Historian Public Relations Jenny Zelesky, Co-Historian Mandy Fong, Webmaster Advisors: Dr. Natalie Schroeder, Dr. Ron Schroeder 100 ' s Amanda Brower Regina Purnel Saheba Dehere Paul Doramus Holly Harland Roger Haughton Reggie Jackson Billy Naron Dustin Rider Tony Simmons Justin Thame Quarletta Turner Sasha Whitfield Karen Bradley Jacob Church Paula Cook Stacie Fidler Mitchell Foy Ron Hansen James Haskins Will Hendrick 200 ' s Ben Jenkins Dex Landreth Katrice Powell Francie Pruett Brad Ross Forrest Smith Saundra Williams A ir Force ROTC is an organization dedicated to producing future leaders for the Air Force and to build better citizens for America. By living up to our Core Values of integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do, we offer the best of ROTC and develop the character essential in making Americas military the greatest the world has ever seen. Cadre: Lt. Col. Kilpatrick Maj. Beyer MSGT Jackson SSGT Wallace EREMIQDEN 400 ' s 300 ' s Chris Edmonson Patrick Booker Syretta Hawkins Brian Doss Amanda Knighton Russell Lasiter Scott Nielsen Justin Lodgson David Nolan Michael Taylor Kelsey Roberts Nate Rushing NROTC Manrwrs,Goidm Key, AFROTC T he University of Mississippi chapter of Habitat for Humanity International, Inc. was established to help the national organization in its mission to eliminate poverty housing from the world. . Dr. Don Cole and Dr. Thomas J. " Sparky " Reardon, Advisors Chin Onwubiko, President Katie Winsett, Vice President of Funraising Financial Affairs Hays Burchfield, Vice President of Public Relations Jake Dickerson, Vice President of Volunteer Coordination Mike Angelo, Vice President of Special Projects Keyana Mitchell, Secretary " A decent house in a decent community for Gods people in need. " T he Residence Hall Association began on the Ole Miss campus in 1 978. Since that time, it has worked on programs and issues for all students living on campus. With nationwide contacts and a focus on campus residence life, this organization is ideal for all students who wish to learn leadership skills and serve fellow students. Holly Hallman, Advisor Jeremy Stewart Ebony Hattix Themesha Triplett Summer Liddell Ryan Felder Lacy Ann Myrick Erica Ferguson Amanda Kesel Margaret Roberts Michael Dudding Christopher Dilz Mariam Mosavizahed Natalie Hankins Katherine Campesi Charles Washington Clay Summers Elizabeth White Janette Fant Jacqueline Downing Chad Irving Greg King Justin Cox Ragan Watson Matt Di Ciustio Emery Carrington Kacey Cole Rebecca Reyenga Tamica Stephens Faith Johnson Jessica Ayers Andrew Stephenson Charles Loften Philip Chancerelli ffl Organizations Q micron Delta Kappa is an organization that places emphasis on the whole person, both as a member of a college community and as a future contributor to a better society. This highly selective organization believes that while scholarship and intellectual development are the chief objectives of the college years, they are not the only goals to be obtained. As a result, members of Omicron Delta Kappa are selected based on achievement in the areas of scholarship, athletics, campus and community service, social and religious activities, campus government, journalism, speech, and the creative and performing arts. Amelia Purser, President Alysson Mills, Vice President Drew Dickey, Secretary Treasurer Dean Jimmy Davis, Faculty Advisor Mrs. JoAnn Edwards, Faculty Secretary Marcus Christoffersen Drew Cleland Emily Cooke Jessica Crockett Drew Dickey Rebecca Garrott Kara Giessner Whitney Haney Amy Harris Lee Ann Jarrett Cindy Jones Emily Johns Julie Lynn Kelley Kelly Kuykendall Elizabeth Lee Scott Marshall Alysson Mills Sha Moore Emily Nail Amelia Purser Stewart Rutledge Clarence Webster Jonathan Werne Jenny Zelesky Habitat, RHA, Omkron Delta Kappa Marine ROTC presents the colors for the national anthem at a football game. £g| Organizations A couple of the University first initiates to Phi Beta Kappa Army ROTC conducts Change of Command Ceremony for Spring 2002 m T he ASCE provides civil engineering students with opportunities to develop relationships with fellow students, faculty, and professionals. The Ole Miss Student Chapter participates n activities such as the ASCE Southeast Regional Competition and the Adopt-A-Highway program sponsored by the Mississippi Department of Transportation. Jessica Landry, President Lucy Phillips, Vice President Austin Banks, Secretary Audrey Stewart, Treasurer Brian Barkdoll, Advisor Tezeswi Tadepalli Erik Jones Jon Hobson Jason Mooney Vijay N. Emani Richard Mestayer Jason Potts Marcus Stuckett Russell Childs Kelitia Newman Shane Satterwhite Rob Frazier Brooks Wallas Ben Russell Kaumudi Atapattu Saroj Shrestha The Engineering Honor Society J2J Organizations A IChE promotes excellence in engineering education and practice by advancing the exchange of knowledge, upholding professional ethics, and providing lifelong career development. The University of Mississippi chapter was founded in 1955 and continues to offer students the opportunity to participate in field trips, community service, design, paper competitions, and networking with alumni. David Morgan, President Blair Banneman, Vice President Ket-Mei " Jessy " Lai, Secretary Trey Hankins, Treasurrer Shannon Barr, Public Relations Clant Harrison, Senior Representative Paul Jones, Junior Representative Tiffany Smith, Sophomore Representative Sarah Gates, Freshman Representative - T he Association of Information Technology Professionals promotes a better understanding of the vital role of information systems to management and the necessity for a professional attitude. Its mission is to provide leadership and education in IT. It is dedicated to using the synergy of IT partnerships to provide education benefits to its members, and to working with the industry to assist in overall promotion and direction of information technology. Jonathan Bishop, President Mandy Fong, Vice President Connie Wong, Secretary Jerome Johnson, Treasurer Markee Pearson, BSAB Representative Lisa Cain, Operations Officer Dr. Brian Reithe, Advisor Nuno Bah Rajesh Baisyet Megan Britt Kal Young Chiok Narci Darvish Rodney Driver LaToya Green Mike Hall Thomas Hayden Porsha Hughes Robert Jackson Joshua Johnson Christopher McClinton Nic Penny Jonathan Poole Tim Robbins Laura Robey Bill Smith Katie Strickland Sunder Upadhyay Jennifer Warren Thomas C. Webster, IV Daniel Boroff Kelvin Willingham Chad Blackburn Ben Lowry Jared Breland Crystal Young Phoung Troung Le Che Nick Reagan Cooper Len Cao Yen Nguyen Jennifer Usnick David Grantham ASCE, Tau Beta Pi, AICfiE, AITP D eta Alpha Psi is a National Accounting Honorary and Professional Society. The organization holds meetings and hosts guest speakers in the field of accounting. Beta Alpha Psi uses its resources to prepare its members for interviews and the CPA exam prior to entry into the profession. Beta Alpha Psi is the nations largest accounting honorary society, emphasizing ethics and excellence in the field. Marcie Riley President Michael Nelson Bailey, Vice President of Activities Scott Marshall, Vice President of Recruiting Elizabeth Lea, Treasurer Mary Beth Mayer, Reporting Secretary amma lota Sigma is a national collegiate insurance fraternity. The purpose of Gamma lota Sigma is to improve the qualtity of insurance education and to serve as liasion between the campus and the insurance industry. Gamma lota Sigma is open to all insurance majors who are in good academic standing with the University. Phuong Truong, President Matthew Dunn, Vice President for Career Development Andrew Martin, Vice President for Industry Relations Jay Teague, Vice President for Finance Micheal Green, Vice President for Industry Realtions Steven Fountain, Vice President for Publicity T he AASB is the student body of the E.H. Patterson School of Accountancy. The officers work closely with the administration regarding student concerns and affairs. The AASB represents students ' interests and provides a direct connection to the Dean and the Faculty. Organizations Michael Nelson Bailey, President Scott Taylor Marshall, Vice President Administration Jairl Dennis Moss, Vice President Publicity Elizabeth Neal Lea, Secretary Amy Elizabeth Cox, Treasurer Walter Harris Monroe IV, Graduate Representative hool Student ' Uyy £ EOs is a campus organization dedicated to representing the Business School and its interests. Meredith Skelton, President Carly Peterson, Vice President Katie Hill, Secretary Andrew Bryant, Special Events Coordinator Ashley Bowman, Public Relations Coordinator Jonathan Bishop, Web Designer Mandy Fong, Web Designer Tyndale Brickley, Justin Croft, Emily Johns, Ingrid Jorgenson, Clark Lawrence, Christina Nesbit, Peter Reiley, Maggie Turner, Sarah Kay Whybrew T he purpose of the Business School Student Advisory Board is to serve as a liaison between the administration, faculty and the students, and to provide opportunities for business students to voice their opinions. The Board consists of representatives from each of the 14 business organizations, the Business School President and Vice President, and representatives of the Dean of the School of Business Administration. Ben Brewer, President Brent Flecher, Vice President Sue Ellen Taylor, Phuong Truong, Bentley Pembroke, Ashley King, Tiffany Jue, Jonathan Bishop, Adam Braddock, James Whitney Rawlings, Meredith Skelton H A AF provides numerous programs to guide its college students through advertising curriculum and job placement. The Ole Miss AAF chapter competes in AAFs National Student Advertising Competition that provides more than 3,000 students with " real world " experience in the advertising business. Lisa Bailey, President Tico Moore, Vice President Membership Camille Apostle, Vice President Fundraising Calvit Ratcliffe, Secretary Anne Elizabeth Sutphin, Treasurer Dr. Victoria Bush, Advisor A MA works experience, -keIsi HOLMAN with students who seek marketing leadership skills, and a professional image. AMA is active in assisting business students in career planning, and preparing students for the professional world. Bentley Pembroke, President Ashley Whitfield, Vice President Jamie Rose and Jeremy Delony, Vice President of Programming J.D. Johnson and Cori Davis, Vice President of Promotion Maria Johnson and Alexa Prince, Vice President of Membership Timothy Chrestman, Vice President of Fundraising Marilyn Callahan and Taylor Howell, Vice President of Social Events Julie Perry, Treasurer Beta Afprm Psi, Gamma lota Sigma, AASB, CEO Business School, Ad Fed, AMA I r t The ASB President, Clarence Webster, ensures that the ASB is serving the students of Ole Miss by maintaining an open communication line between the student body and the administration. His responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of the Executive Branch including the appointments of the presidential cabinet and the appointments of any and all special task forces. The ASB Vice-President, Louis Hengen, presides over the ASB Senate which is made up of Ole Miss students from various districts both on and off campus. The Senate has the power to introduce and pass legislation concerning the lives of Ole Miss students and to override a presidential veto by a two-thirds majority vote. The ASB Vice President also heads a seven-member executive council that ranks as the highest ranking offices in the ASB Senate. Organizations The ASB Treasurer, Sha Moore, is responsible for allocating all finances for the ASB, organizations, and special interest groups of the University of Mississippi. This is done by drafting a budget in early September. In determining the amount allocated to each group, hearings shall take place in the presence of the Senate Finance Committee and the ASB Treasurer for all groups requesting financial support. The ASB Secretary, Anna Powers, must insure that the ASB office is fully staffed and open to any stu dents who might have questions concerning the ASB. She is available for all ASB Officers and cabinet members to aid them in any clerical work that is needed. It is also the Secretarys duty to keep a calendar of events for all ASB meetings and activities, as well as to type up lists of all new Cabinets to send to various departments on campus. I n 1951, the Associated Student Body was created by the adoption of the ASB Constitution. Its organization is based on the pattern of our national government, with executive, legislative, and judicial branches. There is a comprehensive codification of all laws passed since the adoption of the ASB Constitution called the ASB Code, which guides the daily operation and policies of the government. The ASB promotes the welfare of each student attending this institution. Therefore, the Associated Student Body attempts to allow the maximum personal, social, and political development of the Ole Miss student, individually and collectively. The University of Mississippi Associated Student Body government is a great way for Ole Miss students to take part in the administration of our school. From ASB Senate to executive committees, there is something for everyone. Its purpose is to work for you, and it can function effectively only if Ole Miss students voice their concerns. Our goal is to provide a positive experience for every student by effectively communicating their feelings to the administration of the University. By applying to serve as a part of the student government, contacting your student representative, or voting in the student body elections, you can ensure that the Associated Student Body is fulfilling its purpose and giving you a memorable college career. -Louis Hengen, ASB Vice President The purpose of the Associated Student Body is expressly stated in the Constitution: " The purpose of this organization is to deal effectively with matters of student affairs, to perpetuate the traditions of The University of Mississippi, to promote the best understanding between faculty and students, to control all matters which are delegated to the student association by the administration in all matters affecting the welfare of the student body, and to supervise all student activity in order that it may be conducted for the best interest of the student body as a whole and to the credit of The University of Mississippi " - Article 1, Section 2 Associated Student Body Clarence Webster, ASB President Reynolds Moore, Chief of Staff Cedric Washington, Executive Liaison Alicia Andrews, Director of Communications Casey O Shea, Attorney General Winston Collier, Elections Co-Commissioner C.J. Rhodes, Elections Co-Commissioner Kristen McGraner, Director of Academic Affairs Nicholas Holtz, Campus Affair Director Marshall Rivers, Campus Affairs Director Josh Combes, Director of Standing Committees Carter Dobbs, Director of Student Services Kara Giessner and Lauren Webb, Executive Assistants Organizations Louis Hengen, Vice President Robyn Hagan, Legislation Monitor Eric Shorter, Parliamentarian Scott Walker, Committee Director Emily Nail, Reading Clerk Allison Weakley and Jessica Banahan, Special Assistants Carla Crosby, Public Relations Director Laura Shirley, Campus Liaison Matt McKenzie, Sergeant at Arms Gordon Fellows Steven King Jason Hyland J. B. Ward Joe Bell Will Bardwell Patrick Guild Drew Snyder Laura Piazza Thomas Blake Kelly Mixon PJ. Pattridge Cassie Norton Natalie Hankins Lauren Douglas Katie Bailey Molly McKenzie Andrew Taylor RaShonda Harris Mary Elizabeth McGehee Ashley Bruce Jack Byrne Brian Starling Tiffany Yates Matthew Dunn Sara Hart Rosenblatt Wes Hisaw Christopher Phirman Gregory King Jonathan Werne Katie Caldwell Jeremy Stewart Associated S Joe Congleton H. Lenwood Brooks Jim Hogan Charles Washington Ashley Abide Susan Brotherton David Lynch H. L. Ray Ryan Felder Ben Newton Gabe Roberts Patrick Donahue Christianna Jackson Andrew Buckley Timothy Conkin 15 T he ASB Judicial Council has jurisdiction over the ASB Constitution, all ASB elections, and any laws duly passed by the ASB Senate. Members of the Judicial Council serve in their greatest capacity as the student representatives of the University Judicial Council, the highest tribunal at Ole Miss. Consisting of eight students and eight faculty members under the advisement of the Dean of Students, the board decides all matters relative to the interpretation of the M Book. The board is a majority council directed by the ASB Judicial Chair. Amelia Purser, Chair Keyana Mitchell, Vice Chair Sarah Abston Emily Cooke Robert Foster Bentley Harris Advisor: Lloyd Holmes, Dean of Judicial and Multicultural Affairs Sarah Hooper Mary Mills Lane Nicholas Read Organizations Mike Bailey William Bell Ginny Bodenhamer Emily Cooke Margaret Cousley Drew Dickey Mandy Fong Mary Ann Garriga C stablished as a national womens honor society, Mortar Board is " one of the highest senior honor groups for both men and women. Tassels, the local chapter, has been active on the Ole Miss campus since its founding in 1930. With a 40 member limit, Mortar Board selects members based on leadership, scholarship, and service. Candidates for membership must have at least a 3.0 GPA. Mortar Board is an organization that challenges the individual to provide thoughtful leadership to the campus and community, to create an environment of effective communication and to move toward the improvement of the status of men and women. Emily Nail, President Sha Moore, Vice President Deborah Lincoln, Secretary Scott Marshall, Treasurer Lee Ann Jarrett, Historian Cara Giessner, Communications Director Lindsey McClelland and Amelia Purser, Membership Chairs Meg Giesselman Camilla Gould Matt Grenfell Pamela Hamilton Whitney Haney Emily Johns Cindy Jones Mary Shelton Jones Kelly Kuykendall Ryan McClelland Molly Michaelson Alysson Mills Amanda moore Reynolds Moore Jim Morrison PJ. Pattridge Anna Powers James Whitney Beth Rush Stewart Rutledge Candace Simmons Beth Singletary Jonathan Werne Jenny Zelesky ASB Judicial Council §£ Mortar Board C igma Alpha lota is a Music Fratenity for Women. Members come from different majors, and share a common bond through a love of music. Suzanne de Marche, President Jennifer Hodges, Vice President Membership Jill Ward, Vice President Ritual Amy Rains, Secretary Rosanne Rutledge-Schmidt, Corresponding Secretary Joanna Rochester, Treasurer Brooke Lummus, Editor Advisors: Dr. Carol Dale, Dr. Laurdella Foulks-Levy, Ms. Cynthia Linton, Ms. Nancy Maria Balach The Student Social Work Organization promotes the professional development of students seeking careers in professional soc ial work practice. The organization embodies principles of the Social Work Code of Ethics on the National Association of Social Workers. Members are encouraged to serve humanity through promotion of academic enrichment and service. Each member is required to volunteer at least 20 hours per semester. Corey Pulliam, President Shamecca Moore, Deidre Mooneyham, Volunteer Coordinator Vice President Angela Cohran, Kim Kuykendall, Secretary Social Coordinator Brittany Best, Treasurer _ Mary Ann Tigrett Trudie Perry, Pub ' ,c,t V Coordinator Service Coordinator .. Keonna Starks, Membership Coordinator Angie Denley, Joey Kimbrough, Glenda Tedford, Angela Adams, Brian Cooper, Molly Ivy, Jill Collins, Kiki Moore, Janice Stetz, Melissa Floyd, Susan Eftink, David Knight, Branda Lanford, Deanna Cummings, Melissa Hendrix, Sarah Bowen, Rhonda Dye, Amy Brown, Mandy Brown, Samantha Stokes, Lisa Byars Cooper, Sundra Pettit, Sherry Carr, Crittany Thorn, Toya Brooks, Kelley Livingston, Pam McNeal, Sheils Sykes, Lisa Winders, Heather Ray Brooke Burt Gavin Ales Joel Moore Raney-Mills Turner LeeAnn Jarret Melissa Sindelar Chris Ross Anna Cabell Mary K. Harkins Ginny Bodenhamer Freda Busby Brandon Russell Kinsley Manning Hannah Bryant Katie Winsett Laura Hulsey Camille Comer Jon N. Benson U yperbole is an undergraduate literary magazine that serves as an outlet for the literary and artistic talents of Ole Miss students. The first edition was published in April 2001 , under the direction of its first editor, Megan Norris of Jackson, Miss. The first edition was made possible through the support of the McDonnell Barksdale Honors College and the encouragement of Dr. Elizabeth Payne, director of the Honors College, and Dr. David Galef, advisor. Editors: Shane Richardson Anna Fleming Amy Rich Mary Johnson Jannifer Chadwick Megan Norris Palmer Brown Emily Peyton Organizations Paige Zastoupil Michelle Sommerfield Marie Lloyd Kieshahn Koepp Anna McGahey Amelie Nolen Amber Cannon Amanda Ayers Amber Ryan Katie Bradshaw Jocelyn English Lauren Joiner Diana Semmes Jacqlyn Singleton Terica Slaughter Lauren Wibbenmeyer Jamie Williams Susanna Baral ■£-. esas tot Hie fyri Kayte Lathouwers Mary Virginia Barnett Sarah Jane Lewis Sara Gray Tiffany Jue Earnest Woodall Heather Russell Janlyn Ledbetter Marshall Rivers Jason Zemek Melissa Daniels Nicklaus Simpson Rachael Parks Dominique Crouch Sarah Kathryn Dossett Mary Ann Farmer Amy Rich Eric Coleman Gabe Roberts Laura Latham Liza Carter Lidsey Bromley Ashley Gill Tadd Magro Haley Phelps Ashley Barron Jill McCain Chris Davis Christopher Purser Angela Marie Hudon Jennifer Thompson Philip Rogers, Jr. Tan Beta Sigma is a National Honorary Band Fraternity, rhe Beta Tau chapter at rhe University of Mississippi was established April 19, 1959. Tau Beta Sigmas focus is on promoting the Universitys band program, including The Pride of the South Man hing Band, Wind Ensemble, and Symphonic Band. Theresa Yancey, President Mara Villa, Vice President Melinda Downing, Treasurer Kim Henson, Secretary Courtney Windsor, Historian Mr. David Willson, Advisor T he Student Alumni Council works with the Universitys Alumni Association to create a link between students and alumni. The Council also helps with Homecoming activities and other campus events. Carter Dobbs Emily Emigh Candie Simmons Sue Ellen Taylor Tiffany Weiss Hays Burchfield Sheila Dossett Camille Collins Lauren Billman Josh Combes Matt Dossett Kelly Fountain Grady Stegall Julie Perry Hope Walker Kelly Phillips Stacy Koon Melinda Hare Danny Jetter Michelle Jue Sigma Alpha lota, Social Work, Hyperbole., TauBeta Sigma, Student Alumni Council I MAGE (Increasing Minority Access to Graduate Education) is a minority organization which promotes a threefold mission: to increase the academic standing of minorities under-represented in the sciences, math, and engineering; to increase the number of under-represented minorities matriculating to The University of Mississippi; and to make IMAGE a catalyst for positive things in and around The University of Mississippi community. Elizabeth Wells, President Yolonda Richmond, Vice President Erica Brantley, Secretary Kaleshia Brown, Assistant Secretary Tancia Boone, Treasurer Melody Petty and Tonya Haynes, External Publicists Regina Covington and Kora Pounds, Internal Publicists )ohanna Williams and Kevin Hall, Newsletter Editors Cnah Chung Yong Patrick Cheng Yee Denis Chin Paul Chin Po-Loong Chiok Kal Yong Choong Aik Min Raymond Khoo Lay Menn Jessy Lai Ket Mei Lucas Lee Kwok Ting Lim Ching Sia Loo Wee Chen Lye Chuan Heng Steve Ong Swee Huat Pun Yen Ling See Chun Hwa Andrew E. Simon Adeline Su Hsiao Ting Ce amal Datang! Welcome to our half page on the Yearbook. MSA has been a pari of the Ole Miss experience for the past 20 years. Our purpose is to promote a greater understanding amongst Malaysian students and to introduce Malaysian culture and hospitality to the Oxford and University community. In keeping with their goals, a multicultural event dubbed the " Malaysian Nite " has annually graced the Ole Miss entertainment scene. In 2000, we were thrilled to be nominated for the Helping Hands Organizational Leadership Award. We ' d like to thank all Malaysians for being a part of MSA. You guys have made Oxford a home away from home. So, till next time... lumpa Lagi! -MSA T he GLBA serves four functions: 1) To provide support for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, their friends, and supporters 2) To educate the campus and community about gay, lesbian, and bisexual issues 3) To provide a social setting conducive to positive interaction for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, their friends, and supporters 4) To sponsor, support, and provide advocacy for the GLBA community on the University of Mississippi campus, in the Oxford community, and in the state and nation. pictured are: Jeremey Dobbins, President Adam Burns, Vice President Tiffany Kilpatrick, Secretary-Treasurer Karen Raber and Jennifer Mizenko, Faculty Advisors Chris Kelly Wendy Carter Chris Patton MAMP IMAGE, Malaysian Student Assoc, GLBA ' -JEREMY LODEN T he Baptist Student Union is open to all students on the Ole Miss campus. The BSU seeks to help students in their spiritual development through large group worship, small group Bible study, community service projects, spring break and summer mission opportunities, and social activities. Row 1: (left to right) Beverly Parrish, Mike Sawyer, Jamie Hopson, Brooks Delk, Kathy King Row 2: Andrea Thorton, Wendy Havens, Tiffany Sumrall, Emily Edge, Maggie Parker Row 3: Ginny Bodenhamer, Emily Welch, Recey Williamson, Janna Brown, Natalie Brown Jamie Hopson, President Ginny Bodenhamer, Vice President anna Brown, Publicity Christine Byrd, Worship Brooks Delk, Ministry Teams Emily Edge, Summer Missions Wendy Havens, Internationals Amy Ingram, Socials Maggie Parker, Transfers Mike Sawyer and Recey Williamson, Fresh Start Tiffany Sumrall, Local Missions Emily Welch, Gift of Song Organizations T he Friendship Association of Chinese Students and Scholars (FACSS) is a non-profit international students and scholars organization. The purpose of FACSS is to introduce Chinese culture to the local community, to help new students adjust to life in Oxford and to improve understanding among old and new students. Anyone who is interested in FACSS activities is welcome to be a member. All Chinese students and scholars at The University of Mississippi and in Oxford are automatically accepted as members. These students take advantage of a beautiful fall day at Sarclis Lake. This was a rare chance to see snow on the Ole Miss campus. Baptist Student Union, Friendship Assoc, of Chinese Students Scholars . ! I T he University of Mississippi Taekwondo Club was founded November 17, 1992 by Larry Darnell Weeden Jr. This is their 9th year of instruction, operating as a branch of Grandmaster Yoo Jun Saeng founder of Yoos Authentic Martial Arts located in Alexandria, VA. Sung Yol Ra, a Kukkiwon certified black belt, has been the instructor of the club since Fall 1999. Our purpose is to spread the knowledge of this 2,000+ year old Korean martial art. The club also helps students increase self confidence, self control, lose weight, stay in shape, and most importantly, develop a sound mind. Sung Yol Ra, Insructor Connie Wong, President and Assistant Instructor Pavel Lazaridi, Vice President Clark Griffith, Secretary Treasurer Kacie Kirkland, Austin Banks, Courtney Riddell, Chris Kelly, Jong-Min Lee, Joshua Miller, Dustin Ryder T he Order of Omega is an h onor society that recognizes outstanding students that are members of the Greek society at Ole Miss. Members are juniors and seniors that are active in their fraternity sorority and in the Ole Miss community while maintaining excellent GPAs in their academic work. The Order of Omega sponsors new member orientation during Fall rush, recognizes one outstanding Greek man and woman each year, and performs various community services. Cabe Roberts, President Emily Nail, Vice President Anna Susan Boykin, Secretary Amelia Purser, Treasurer Grant Joiner, University Relations Tommy Blake, Public Relations Brenna Davis, Philanthropy Coordinator Kara Giesner, Project Development Adam Braddock, President Emily Roberts, Vice President Angela Crowell, Secretary Wendi Herring, Treasurer Mariann Miranda, Membership Public Relations Chandler Enoch, Program Director 21 Organizations A o o J %J m 1 b : - k i I The Catholic Student Association is dedicated to the spiritual, moral, educational, and social well-being of the student at the University of Mississippi. This is achieved through daily worship schedules, workshops, retreats, service projects, and social events. The goal of St. Johns Catholic Student Association is to help students to balance mind, body, and soul. Amanda Wahl, President Jennifer Foil, Vice President Anna McGahey, Secretary Jeffrey Brown, Treasurer Student Members of the Parish Council Jennifer Foil Byron Bellman Gail Baumhardt Courtney Henry W ' s.Jflhn " Cadrf it Own f ' . M-A 1 l: - { f C Taekwondo, Order of Omega, Soc. of HR Managers, Catholic Student Assoc. he Student Programming Board plans and promotes a variety of events and activities for the University community. The SPB is the eyes and ears of the campus, assessing the needs of students and the striving to provide cutting edge programs and activities to meet these needs. Under the leadership of a sixteen-member Board of Directors, the SPB is funded by students, run by the students, for the benefit of the students. Lisa Cain, Director Zakiyo Fields, Assodiate Director Whitney Haney and Anna Walker, Directors of Campus and Community Activities Tonya Haynes, Director of Diversity Joel Moore and Kathryn Thomas, Directors of Graduate School Activites Jason Clark and Amy Strickland, Directors of Pageants Courtney Christopher, Bessie Leidtke, Jennifer Thompson, and Jenny Zelesky, Directors of Special Events Ashley Barron, Director of Surveys and Assessments Laura Robey, Webmaster Mission: An organization formed by students to promote the activity of student life through special events, multi-cultural events, pageants, and musical entertainment. T he Diversity Committee reaches out to the diverse Ole Miss student body. The committee organizes a variety of activities such as Apollo Night, Fun Flicks music videos, and Village Fun Day to enhance the college life for students of different cultures. Committee members explore and showcase the different cultures that make up the Ole Miss community. Organizations Tonya Haynes, Ashanti Anderson Jessica Ayers Michael Gordan Nekishia Harris Shunclral Hobson Marika Hovvrey Kristi Kinnel Elosha Jojnson Jena Linzy Director Tieryaa Metcalf Michael Muruako Donique Nobles Yolonda Richmond Sharee Smith Willette Thomas Erika Webster Tikia Wiley The Entertainment Committee opens doors to hands-on experience with the music business. Directors and committee members plan a variety of concerts, from the Rumble in the Grove during Welcome Week to sellout shows in Tad Smith Coliseum during the year to our Union Unplugged Series on Ihursd.iys, featuring local and upcoming artist. Joel Moore and Kathryn Thomas, Directors Brandon Adams Bradley Baker Caroline Bryant Carter Dobbs Erin Ewell Eric Gracher Andy Hilmer Whitney Ingliss Nickie Milliet Brent Newman Price Rials Sawyer Riley Libby Sexton Josh Sullivan Camilla Taylor Elizabeth Thomas T he Special Event Committe aims to reach all Ole Miss students through various weeklong and single-day activities. Directors and committee members plan events for Welcome Week, Homecoming Week, Red Blue Week, the Oxford Christmas Parade and University Christmas Tree Lighting, as well as numerous single-day events. Courtney Christopher, Bessie Liedtke, and Jenny Zelesky Directors Brooks Boylan Anne Russell Clare Norton Anna Greer Emily Farris Sophie Nord Gretchen Segrest Leighton Batte Sarah Dill Martha Patton Tina Leung Hayden Roberts Nicole Babbitt Jane Chambliss Allison Weakley Hf i HSf I m WL i ' T he Pageants Committee takes its members backstage and behind the scenes of the Parade of Beauties, Miss University, and the Miss Ole Mister pageants. Committee members help with developing pageant themes, selecting judges, designing programs, choosing costumes, and choreographing dances for each of these pageants held annually at Ole Miss. Jason Clark and Amy Strickland, Directors Lacey Bailey Camille Jones Allison Bloodworth Kathryn T Donald Jennifer Good Kendrick Greer Ashley Jacks Sara Lammel Catherine Parnell Lori Pickens Lorrin Pruitt Bethany Warnock Student Programming Boarcf Row 1: (left to right) Laura Robey, Abby Jones, Bridget Knight, Kimberly Weston, Kevin Hal Row 2: Morgan Stuart, Marlena Johnson, Brooke Crawford, Ashley Geraci, Chereda King Row 3: Hays Burchfield, Tarra Tellis, Lora Freiman, Natalie Honeycutt, Katrina Johnson, Sydnia Townsend, Justin Nicholas Row 4: Marcus Christoffersen, Jonathan Werne, Jennifer Musselwhite, Brooke Lawrence, Karla Edwards, Laura Piazza r he Gamma Beta Phi Society is an honor service organization for colleges and universities in the United States. It is non-secret, non-profit and co-educational. Membership therein does not exclude a student from member- ship in any other organization. The motto of Gamma Beta Phi is " Progress per Eruditionem " ; its watchwords are " Scholarship " " Service " and " Character! ' Kimberly Weston, President Kevin Hall, Vice President Will Hicky, Treasurer Abby Jones, Historian Anna Walker, Corresponding Secretary Bridget Knight, Point Secretary Laura Robey, Communications Director Scott Atkinson, Membership Director Jim Morrison and Austin Barrett, Directors of State Convention The National Association of Black Journalists (NAB)) ' was founded by 44 men , nc women on December 2, 1975 in Washington, DC. for comradery and issues important to the Black Press. The NABj is comprised of professional and student chapters nationwide. One of the purposes of the association is to educate, encourage and provide scholarship, among other academic opportunities, for those students who are working towards a career in the field of mass communications. Ronisha Covington, President ames Hill, Vice President Willette Thomas, Secretary Brandie Thomas, Treasurer Dr. Flora Caldwell, Advisor Row 1, Left to Right: Brandie Thomas, Willette Thomas, Ronisha Covington, James Hill Row 2: Dr. Flora Caldwell, Chanda Roby, Pamela Hamilton, Rosalyn Vinson Row 3: M.C. Course III, Jamee Smith, Neely Lott Row 4: Christopher Franklin, Jeremy Williams Not Pictured: Jennifer Buckner, Shulanda Johnson, Makesha Kizer, Marquita Brown, Jerrica King, Jessica Gators, Yolanda Moore -ANNA MCGAHEY J ournalism Exploring gives hands-on experience in newspaper, television and radio careers. Explorers also participate in civic and social activities. Janette Fant, General Manager Lauren Douglas, Editor Ashley Buckman, Producer Jon Rawl, Advisor Left to Right: Curt Clayton, Janette Fant, Steven Griffin, Lauren Douglas, Michael Atkins, Jon Rawl Gamma Beta Phi, NABJ, Journalism EitpCorers Amelia Purser and Emily Cooke of Omicron Delta Kappa ThePride of the Souths Grove routine has become game day tradition 4 JEREMY LODEN Taekwondo demonstration Yearbook staffers always find ways to stay busy. -KELLEY HUNSBERGER Greek Section Editor, Kelsi Holman, smiles in front of the camera, for a change. ' V » 4 . r V jfe jy £ ' " MlS- r L. i if Mp ?-- 1 a jk W «fc r »1 Gamma lota Sigma ? f A« t The GLBA ' s other yearbook pose! -KELLEY HUNSBERGER Tricia Oughton takes a rare break from her busy job as Sports Section Assistant. The Taekwondo Club Organizations Candids The Rebel Battalion Ranger Challenge team prepares for competition I if ■:. ' ■ m J i; " ; i blftl ' y SrV Wf%r- r? »■ , ' M 1 1 M Cadet Eric Heatherly officially " contracts " with the Army ROTC. A participating cadet rappels off the 40 foot tower during Rappel -ANNA MCGAHEY Tail Beta Sigma members, Susanna Baral, Jamie Williams, and Jocelyn English at the annual TBS Kappa Kappa Psi Christmas party. Organizations Above: Members of the Association of Information Technology Professionals enjoy the Grove on game day. Below: Jonathan Bishop and Sunder Upadhyay win Honarable Mention in AITP Region 3 Networking. David Grantham and Jared Breland win First Place in AITP Region 3 Networking. Right: Chaun Smith, Mandy Fong, Brooke Wurlburt, and Sha Snider at 2001 AITP National Conference in Chicago. -ANNA MCGAHEY Above: The Pride of the South Drum Line warms up in the Circle before game time. Above, right: The Pride of the South Color Guard prepares equipment for daily practice on the field behind the Band Hall. Right: Color guard members Jocelyn English and Sarah Christopher are happy to have a cold drink before marching to the stadium for Pre-game. -ANNA MCGAHEY Organizations Candids This page: The Rebel Recruiters assist coaches and athletic per- sonnel on game day, and guide prospective student-athletes and their parents on visits to the Ole Miss campus. Left: Lizzie Andrews with Colonel Reb Ashley Hogue and Courtney McDonald Organizations Jennifer Betsayad, Courtney McDonald, Jessica Banahan Diamond Girls at the Oxford Christmas Parade Standing, Left to Right: Ashley, Lindsay Thaler, Lauren Reeder, Catherine Leech, Leah Lomax Front: Courtney McDonald, Kendra Moering Lauren Reeder, Jennifer Betsayad, Andrea Sovorgnan, Courtney McDonald Jennifer Betsayad and Courtney McDonald Above and right: The Junior Varsity Rebelettes in between entertaining the crowd at one of their many appearances at Ole Miss basketball games Organizations Candids I Svorts Sports Division w , -v - -ROBERT JORDAN L ? » Itf WVe 3 © T •PHOTO COURTESY OF SPORTS INFORMATION :001 Mens Golf Roste f: ! Name Year Exp. j 1 John Arnette FR HS : Phil Caravia SR 2L : : Allen Chaney JR SO : Tommy Clement JR SQ j : Robert Dreyfus SR 1L ; : Brendan Fisher SO 1L : : Bryan Kane FR HS i • Josh Kelley FR RS ; : Ben Lowery JR SQ i : Andrew Medley SO 1L i : Troy Muller SR 3L i : Buck Purselley SR 1L i : David Shields FR HS : : J.J. Thomspson JR TR : v oacJkes : •Head Coach: : Woody Cowart ■ •Asst. Coach: : Haymes Snedeker 1 Ole Miss Golf ScLeJ uile: Sports i Date Tournament • : 10 3-4 Adams Cup Collegiate j : 10 16-17 Gary Koch Cleveland Intercollegiate : : 10 30-31 Couniry Club of Louisiana Intercollegiate ; : 1 1 6-7 Henry Giffitts Baylor Invitational : i 1 29-30 Ping-Arizona Intercollegiate : 2 10-11 Gator Invitational : 2 19-20 Beau Chene Collegiate : 3 5-6 Matlock Collegiate ■ : 3 12-13 Louisiana Classics : : 3 23-25 Alabama Spring Invitational j 4 6-8 Billy Hitchcock Intercollegiate i 4 21-23 SEC Championships : 5 17-19 NCAA Regionals j : 5 30-9 2 NCAA National Championships : The 2000-2001 version of the Ole Miss Mens Golf. team was a very successful one. The team finished ' 5th in the SEC championships and earned a birth to play in the NCAA regionals in Williamsburg, Virginia. They defeated Duke University in a one-hole playoff at the 200 1 NCAA East Regional to advance to the NCAA Championships May 30- June 2 at the Duke University Club in Durham, N.C. This marks the fourth time in school history that the Rebels have advanced to the NCAA Championships. ' Ole Miss also made appearances in 1984, 1985, and s 1999. This also marked the second time in three years that the Rebels were in the NCAA Championships. In the NCAA championships, the Ole Miss Mens Golf team shot a second-round 296i Thursday to miss the cut for the finals of the NCAA Championships by two strokes. The Rebels finished! the two rounds with a 296-296-592 to tie for 18th, only six strokes out of the top 1 0. The top 1 5 teams advanced to Fridays and Saturdays final rounds. Not only did Ole Miss make it to the NCAA championships, they had many top 5 finish in their other tournaments during the year. In the SEC Championships, The Rebels were led by J.J. Thompson (73-71-73-217) and Andrew Medley (67-73-77-217) who finished tied for 12th place. Phil Caravia tied for 17th place with a 73-75-70-218. Tommy Clement fired a 54-hole total of 77-73-76-226 to tie for 39th place. Troy Muller finished the weekend tied for 54th place with a 77-77-80-234. In the NCAA East Regional Leading the way the Rebels was Phil Caravia. The senior from Belleville, III., carded a 73-68-68=209 to finish tied for eighth place overall. Andrew Medley tied for 17th place with a 70-73-68=211. Troy Muller carded a 54-hole total of 69-73-71=213 to tie for 28th place. J.J. Thompson fired a 3-day total of 73-77-73=223 to tie for 86th place. Tommy Clement scored a 74-78-75=227and finished the weekend tied for 105th place. Then in the NCAA Championships J.J. Thompson shot 2 scores of 74 73 —147 for a tie for 49th, while he tied teammate Andrew Medly who shot two scores of 73 74—147. Troy Muller carded a two-day total of 149 and a tie for 61st ( 76 73 1 49). Phil Caravia end the tournament by shooting 74 76--1 50 and tying for 81st, while Tommy Clement fired two scores of 75 76-1 51 to tie for 102nd place. The future is bright for the Ole Miss Mens golf team. With the success they enjoyed in 2000-2001, the team should be expecting another great year. J -WRITTEN BY ALEX SCRIMPSH1RE PHOTOS COURTESY Of SPORTS INFORMATION Meni; Golf X oos TXoo Sa qi a g teat Reeling I e penieKCed today as my teawiates and I uaated ebon tile eoncoaftse at Logan .ykjipojtt h Boston, | L4 T frefa Deny pnoad to be. tuaoefawg witd my (jeffiow teammates, and to nep iesent Ob Miss at tile .Atom ' s Cop htexdolkqiatt k JlfewpoJrt, Qiodt Island TReite we. wejte, affi {yit)e o(j as, st ioil ng tikoagR tde ai ipo it, and I tKougfo to wyse%, " Lijye doesn ' t get mA better titan tfos " . Sv itat a wondeitfjut yeai it (lad been so jycui, and ure itad so na($ b(yt Sv e. a ie affi a teCM titat pafe togetitat to Mpete and expaienCe tile Rigils and bws tRat co ne witR. it. I Itaoe experienced a bt o(y new tilings and new pilaces, and it is exciting to boa titat titaie is tvio e to co e. He, sp iing season wi?£ be HeJie soon, and I bole {jo iuoid to wftat it b iinqs. I wiffi experience o ie tilings, bat it uM all be done k tile pansait of, om iain goa inning! Sports %ci peffi - Q m£n r i VVCV A ' S C)Uf {5%tR tlmE in iviLj godfr ca ieeA, I RaDe been placed into tRe Rands oftamj coacll (jet, (jo i tRe {jt ist timt in mjLj go% canee i, I(j6e£ Eiiee a pant ojj sometRing speciad-sometRing beautifjd -sometRing rnone tRanjust a college go% team £toen giftfe OkcI two CoacRes compose ou i (jOmidy. Sv e Raoe been tR iougR tougR times togetiU, and we Raile been Oictonious togetRet -A unspoken tiiust, ok undeniable deOed ofr nespect, and an intense desiiie to succeed ate tRe (joundations tRat make as st iong. Sv Hetfteii we weiie waiting it out at tRe Rospitad, boot-sfeootin m asRoife on getting pfay-by-pCay commentany and lUsRing to see on tj tRe East 4 oireiitimes, we wejie fjOJiming a bond tRat can neOei be bltoieen. Since August, MegRan and KatReAine RaOe oOeASeen a tJianS{jOJimation in attitude eneAgy, Conscience, and most impojitantdy, tean unity. A group o(j ginfe wRo Eess tRan a yea i ago Roped not to (jinisR. East in out tourna- ment (jtellds, now not only belieOes tRat it can, but also pdans tRat it nM WjAf eOeJiy eOent. Ojj Couiise tRis in ambitious goat but tRe Ode Miss Qol j Team oai £ not be toGd tRat any mdimcm is too RigR to climb. OR wd, not tRis year. As I bole bade on my fast ijeaji o(j co ege gc%, my Reart is (yidled witR intense pride and tRantes. I came so close to graduating witRout eOer bowing Row wondeAjjil tRis experience could be and I (bole to tRose wRo Relped mOlee tRe dl(j(jeiienCe witR eyes oft Rumble appreciation. Jl kgRan KatReiiine " Trainer IS iiOn, " Jlfe- SRowalteA, Wes (jeaiy, and most importantly, my teammates, tRe deptR o(j my gratitude is beyond words. £li ' loJ dbk tfmjrr+ s+ Go (jf Diaries ti Wjsfp- QePc- I -PHOTO COURTESY OF SPORTS INFORMATION !{J01 Womens vjoif JKoster : Name Yr Exp. • : Teesha Ash FR-HS • • Lisha Beyer FR-HS • • : Roiann Boisture SOIL : : Teresa Brown SR-3L • • : Lori Cate SO-TR • : Kerrie Davis SOIL : : Elizabeth Hoffman JR-1L ; : Marci Kornegay SR-3L • : Bernadette Luse SOIL | Jade Polonich FR-HS • • : Brooke Smith FR-HS ■ Head Coach: Keil Purdom Asst. Coach: Meghan Bolger Manager: Aelish McCreary !Wc ©mnens Cjrolf OclrieJ uile: • Date Tournament • : 9 8-10 Auburn Tiger Derby Invitational • • 9 22-24 LADY REBEL 1NTERCOLLIGIATE ; : 10 13-15 Mercedes-Benz Womenis Collegiate Champ. : : 10 31-11 1 Rainbow Wahini Invitational : i 2 23-25 SunTrust Lady Gator Invitational : • 3 16-18 Lady Gamecock Classic • • 3 30-4 1 Liz Murphy Collegiate Classic • • 4 6-8 LSD Cleveland Classic • • 4 20-22 SEC Championship • • • : 5 10-12 NCAA Regionals • • i 5 23-26 NCAA National Championship • • Sports The 2000-200 1 Ole Miss Lady Rebel golf team leaders were as follows: Bernadette Luse played in 1 8 tournaments. She had a 78.72 scoring average and a low round of 73 with her best finish being 12th at the LSI Cleveland Classic. Marci korncgav played in 24 tournaments, had a 79.33 scoring average, and fired a low round of 71. Her best finish was 17th in the Lady Rebel Intercollegiate Tournament. Teresa Brown played in 27 rounds and ended up with a 79.44 scoring average. Teresa had a low score of 73, and low tournament of 3rd in the Lady Rebel Intercollegiate Tournament. Kerrie Davis participated in 24 tournaments and carded an 80.83 per round average with 74 being her low round, kerrie finished her best tournament at 14th in the Lady Rebel Intercollegiate Tournament. Lori Cate was in 12 tournaments and had an average of 81.42 while firing a low round of 76. Her best finish was 22nd at the Lady Rebel Intercollegiate Tournament. Elizabeth Hoffman ties with teammate Teresa Brown to play in a team-high 27 tournaments and finish with an 8 1.73 average for her rounds. Elizabeth ' s low was 72. and her best finish was 6th also at the Lady Rebel Intercollegiate Tournament. Brooke Smith was involved in tournament play 3 times this year with an 84.67 scoring average while carding a single round low of 80. Her best finish was 51st at the Lady Rebel Intercollegiate Tournament. Teesha Ash participated in 12 tournaments and had a scoring average of 86.75. Her best round was an 80. and Teesha ' s best tournament finish was 56th at the Lady Gamecock Classic. Roiann Boisture played in 3 tournaments during the year and had an 89.67 per round scoring average. While she fired a low round of 86, Roiann had a tournament best finish of 68th at the Lady Rebel Intercollegiate Tournament. As a team the Lady Rebels were involved in 27 tournaments with a team average of 317.41 with one top 5 finish at the Lady Rebel Intercollegiate Tournament and five top 10 finishes during the year. The team came up just short in the SEC Championships where they finished 9th. shooting a 937. 3-day team total. Even without advancing past the SEC Championships, the Lady Rebels still had many successes as a team and individually. They are looking forward to next year with optimism and hope to use the experience gained from the 2000-2001 season to help them in the upcoming years. -WRITTEN BY ALEX SCRIMPSHIRE PHOTOS COURTESY OF SPORTS INFORMATION «tf ? Ma£n Womens GoCf I £3 1 sit? Rebel erte Roster Melissa Paulson Kelly Williams Jessica Fiechtl am Heather Russell Kate Bower Wendy Bowlin Meghan Claney Catherine Covington Casey Franco Julie Gardino Lindsey Harrod Amy Holmes Crystal Jordan Carmen Keys Sport5 Pigford Crissy Poole Ashlie Randazza Leah Sanders Laura-Catherine Sheffield Erin Simmons Katie Smith Leslie Wood AA. i t fiM iy f v • ¥ y i|gjg W? Mk MSH ' i v «■■ m 7 ITWJ J. " 1 1 PHOTO COURTESY OF SPORTS INFORMATION v oacJi ©acmes David Cutcliffe - Head Coach Richard Bisaccia - Assistant Head Coach RBs Special Teams John Latina - Off. Coordinator OL Coach Don Lindsey - Def. Coordinator Linebackers Marion Hobby - Defensive Ends Coach Ron Middleton - Tight Ends Coach Rick Petri - Defensive Tackles Coach Kurt Roper - Quarterbacks Coach Thomas (T.D.) Woods - Receivers PHOTOS BY JEREMY LODEN l l Sports •j .. " % " rp n H l ' | • ■ i -• m ' • !f V W -|Q li » » • K BBX ' , t. ffM tmf 85 Charlie Anderson 9 Jason Armstead 59 Billy Armstrong 7 Jamie Armstrong 49 Ross Barkley 20 Ian Bas 63 German Bello 88 Taye Biddle 37 Justin Blake 13 Travis Blanchard 42 Chad Blazer 14 Ben Boat right 65 Tony Bonds 61 Daniel Booth 68 McKinley Boykin 72 Michael Bozeman 91 Dusty Braddock 94 Jimmy Brook 48 Chris Brown 23 Wesley Bryan 62 Doug Buckles 66 Cory Burrow 63 Billy Calvert 71 James Campbell 78 Augustus Carwell 32 Justin Chunn 82 Shawn Clark 44 Jon Clavton 55 Ben Clavton 21 Justin Coleman 43 Clifton Collins 8 Chris Collins 99 Josh Cooper 45 Lamar Daley 36 Johnny Ducking 11 Mike Espy 84 Bill Flowers 3 Trej Fiyfogle 89 Thomas Gee 40 Mike Gibson 2 Lanier Goelhie 44 Malt Grier 28 Joe Gnriu 33 Ryan Hamilton 75 Bobby Harris 001=2002 Football Roster 34 Bo Hartsfield 26 Eric Oliver 1 Adam Hayes 46 Shae Orrcll 17 Jay Hepfer 24 Vashon Pearson 87 Mario Hill 28 Chad Pllcher 46 Craig Holcomb 55 John Pratt 30 Tavarus Home 69 Don Prime 35 Lawrence Hudson 4 Omar Rayford 99 Thomas Humbarger 42 Rick Razzano 5 Von Hut chins 80 Eric Rice 92 Kenny Jackson 97 Cody Ridgeway 27 Brandon Jacobs 81 Rob Robertson 7 Antoine James 96 Cory Robinson 31 Desmon Johnson 39 Kelvin Robinson 58 Belton Johnson 41 Brandon Roddy •9 JET Kerry Johnson 58 Clay Rodgers 76 Marcus Johnson 93 Lee Rogers 25 Travis Johnson 6 Toward Sanford 98 Yahrek Johnson 53 Justin Sawyer 33 Rickey Jones 17 Wes Scott 41 Nick Jones 32 Anthony Sims 52 Ryan Jones 90 Mitch Skrmetta 60 A.J. Kiamie 12 Seth Smith Adam King 48 L.P. Spence Chris Knight 73 Chris Spencer 98 Jonathan Knowles 16 Michael Spurlock 77 Matt Koon 45 Charles Stackhouse 20 Trey Lamar 70 lie Shillings 56 Germain Landmen 1 Eddie Strong 57 Brian Lester 9 Joseph Swingle 21 Chris Lcvcrson 23 Synikcr Taylor 52 Travis Macon 38 Kevin Thomas 10 Eli Manning 14 Bryant Thomas 92 Sidney McLaurin 91 Shawn Todd 67 Eugene McLemore 47 Trcmaine Turner 2 Taylor McNeel 59 Shelby Van Even 49 John Meeks 51 Justin Wade 79 Terrence Metcalf «3 Keith White 95 Jesse Mitchell 19 Johnny Wickham 88 Andy Moler 35 Robert Williams 15 David Morris 74 Cliff Woodruff 82 Cameron Myers 29 Marcus Woodson 85 Rickie Nelson 90 Danny Wysong 50 Brad Nichols 64 Brian Yeck 86 Jonathan Nichols 89 Doug Zeigler 54 Jamil Northcutt Football o ' - V ? . h IV 1M V | ' .- -,: ■ .. .-a.. va. w " 1 W T £ « W ' u 4 ' r tt2 1 m k 1 aP mCj s 1 ' 1 1 CtvM y m - : m .1 a- rHk • ' » ■ l fcifeHI ■D VHDWA ►C V •» % ■». 7-9 7o-« - ; • V : ... ' sj , 1 1 l r ii ' . ' il ' illl ■tt Pfrb i C hp6, The Ole Miss football team was out to prove all the critics wrong in the 2001 season. After being picked to finish last in the SEC West by many preseason magazines, the Rebels knew they had some- thing to prove. They started the season very strong with a blow out of Murray State, then a comeback attempt that came up just short at Auburn, the Rebels reeled off 5 straight wins including at 27-24 win over Alabama, and a 35-24 win in Baton Rouge over the LSI) Tigers. Then a hot Arkansas team rolled into town, but it took them a while to leave. The game was one for the record books. A record seven overtime thriller that lasted over 4 hours and set numerous national, conference and team records. In the end, the Razorbacks pulled out the win 58-56 in the longest college football game ever played. That loss seemed to take some air out of the team, as they lost to Georgia and archrival Mississippi State, before winning the rescheduled game against Vanderbilt to finish the season at 7-4. The Rebels were overlooked for a bowl game in favor of most notably Alabama who finished 6-5. Even with no bowl game, there were many bright spots for this Rebel Team. Quarterback Eli Manning was awarded the Connerly Trophy given to the best collegiate player in Mississippi. Also offensive tackle Terrance Metcalf and cornerback Syniker Taylor were both All-SEC first teamers as well as being listed by many publications on their All-American teams. Senior running back Joe Gunn, junior linebacker Eddie Strong and junior center Ben Claxton were named second team All-SEC. The Rebels will look to avenge being overlooked for a bowl game in a big way next year. With a wealth of talent returning the Rebels have their sights set on an SEC championship, and more in the upcoming season. WRITTEN BY ALEX SCRIMPSHIRE M UK = t - ' », - ' ■« s 1 ft +u ■•■ Mr J Jto PHOTOS BY JEREMY LODEN Foot6alT |Jf] jpzff SrS. Ba Glen fl Craig ance Jon 1 Liifferty rent Walker s Cox Mike Gray Jeff McGregor Dan McShea Nathan Lyons Michael Posey Rob Robertson RHP inf 35 Lauriri Stephen Ryan Ktik Neil Hunt ;icens Sledge Floyd Joel Lyons Dwayne Hall Walt Bounds Holt Montgomery Nick Bradshaw Sam Graham ■MPHHi RHP LHP LHP INF OF RHP OF RHP fiik-JPS I The 2001 season was the Rebels ' first under head coach Mike Bianco. A former player and assistant coach under the legendary Skip Bertman at LSI!, Bianco guided Ole Miss to one of the best seasons in school history with a 39-23-1 record and an appearance in the NCAA Regionals. He was named the Rebels ' skipper on June 7, 2000 after three seasons as the head coach o f McNe es State (1998-2000L ojnjalinA aiai mark with th Cowboys that included Southland Conferen Championship and an N€ Regiosr.. nth in 2000 Biancos four-year career record now stands at 139-94 1. Ole Miss spent 10 v major college bas Baseball Top 3© since finishing the 1 97 season finished 1 7-1 3 attendance ihis seas previous record was 5 dance of 14,372 for the M three-game series 5d in 1989. The Rebels in one of the g a ranking as high as No. 9 in the April 30 Collegiate as the Rebels highest, and their first top 10 ratin " gmBpSll egia feq BBll poll The 2001 1,11 if i in nny B fHfftl record for total home fHir ' Jl datey ail avergjge of 1,900 per game. ' e 1 995 team in 34 home games. The three-day atte Sta series WT TS, ranks as the second-largest (m Swayze Field since the fac lity ne hel n-| the third and fourth largest crowds, respectively, in the stadiums history when 5,364 watched the Saturday, May 12 game, and 5,137 saw the Friday May 1 1 contest. -WRITTEN BY AMANDA MOGLE -PHOTOS BY JEREMY LODEN Baseball 2001 Baseoall SclkeJuile : : DATE OPPONENT j 2 9-1 1 ARKANASA-LITTLE ROCK j : 2 13-14 SE LOUISIANA i j 2 16-18 SE MISSOURI STATE j j 2 21 AUSTIN PEAY : 2 23-25 Louisiana Tech : j 2 27 UT-MARTIN j : 3 2 ST. FRANCIS (NY) j : 3 3 ARIZONA : j 3 4 SOUTHERN MISS j i 3 7 Arkansas State : j 3 9-3 11 KENTUCKY j j 3 13-14 MURRAY STATE j i 3 16-18 Auburn : j 3 20 Memphis j : 3 23-25 ALABAMA i j 3 28 Mayors Trophy • j 3 30-4 1 GEORGIA | 14 3 MEMPHIS j 4 6-8 Arkansas • : 4 11 Southern Miss j : 4 13-15 LSU : j 4 18 ARKANSAS STATE j : 4 20-22 FLORIDA : j 4 24-25 LOUISIANA-MONROE j : 4 27-29 Vanderbilt : j 5 4-6 Tennessee : : 5 11-13 MISSISSIPPI STATE : 5 16-20 j 5 25-27 SEC Tournament i NCAA Regionals : All CA PS denotes home games : -COURTESY OF SPORTS INFORMATION Coaches Head Coach: Mike Bianco Assistants: Dan McDonnell Clint Carver Butch Millet Trainer: Steve Beiermann Strength Coach: Noel Durfey Managers: Ryan Avent Jan od Cooper COURTESY OF SPORTS INFORMATION Bose6aff No. 01 02 04 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 17 19 20 21 22 28 Name Amanda Leho Brttte Hardy Desiree Layman Jenny Cox Jennifer Poore Kristi DiMarco Phyllis Manley Lindsay Price Julie Baumann Jennifer Hughes Amber Slaton Leslie Day Tina Sclafani Jamie Cummings Jessica Hamilton Rachel Davenport Holly Burris Mackenzie Emel v oaclies Head Coach: Candi Letts Assistant Coaches: Dedeann Pendelton Arleen McKnight .Sports -JEREMY LODEN : Date OPPONENT • : 2 1-4 NM Tournament : •2 10-11 OLE MISS TOURN. : : 2 16-18 REBEL INV. : : 2 23-24 OSSU Tournament : : 3 3-4 SOUTH CAROLINA • i 3 6 SE Missouri State : : 3 10-11 TENNESSEE i : 3 15-18 Capital Classic Tourn: •3 21 SE MISSOURI STATE : : 3 24-25 Kentucky : 3 27-28 MISSISSIPPI STATE : i 3 31-4 1 AUBURN | : 4 4 SOUTHERN MISS : 4 7-8 Florida : 4 14-15 Alabama i 4 18-19 Arkansas : : 4 21-22 GEORGIA : 4 28-29 LSU : • 5 2S. Illinois at SEMO • i 5 10-13 SEC Tournament : ; All CAPS denotes home games j The 2001 season was a long one for the Lady Rebels Softball Team. The Rebels finished there season overall 18-49 and 5-22 in the SEC. As the season came to an end, Ole Miss Jamie Cummings was named to the 2001 in Academic All-America Softball Third Team ty. Cummings was a senior outfielder from Jackson and graduated in May. Lindsay Price was named to the Verizon Academic All-District oft ball Team. She is a sophomore pitcher from Terry, Mississippi. Price posted five wins ind a 2.77 ERA in 18 appearances last season. She also tossed her first two career shutouts against Southeast Missouri andj ntucKy. During the 2001 season there were four team mem- bers names to the SEC Acadeir Seniors Jamie Cummings from Jackson, and Mackenzie Eihel from Belief onte, Pa., made their second straight appearance on the list, while sophomores Julie Baumann from Memphis, and Lindsay Price, were first-time honorees. Ole Mis s was 1 3-1 7 verses non-Southeastern Conference opponents this season. This year, Ole Miss hit 50 points higher in non-conference play than in SEC games at .242, and the team ERA is more than a run lower at 2.37. Jennifer Poore, lead the squad in non-league games with a .361 average and 14 RBI. Jessica Hamilton hit .326 and Jamie Cummings .260. Desiree Layman and Kristi DiMarco both batted .250 with a homer and 12 and 10 RBI, respectively. -WRITTEN BY AMANDA MOGLE -PHOTOS BY JEREMY LODEN come to Ode Miss at tRe stout o{j wljjuwoil yean ajjten pitcRing my frinst yeans at tRe (JniQensity o{y SoutReAn Ga(?%onnia A ta two yeans at (JSC, r wOKtexi ai opportunity to be a stowing pitden ik tRe confyeAenCe natation. Spending tRe summen pdaying in tRe. Gape Cod League in MossacRusettS, T Rod a cRance to play against some o j tie best ptayens in tRe nation. It was tRene I famed 05- an opportunity to come to Ok Miss, awd possible (yiffi tRe node as a Afo. 1 stouten Afctek Raaing wRat I jjefct was a success ! 1 , summen in tRe Gape I was excited tRat r was going to get to pitci in tRe best Coiege ConfrenenCe in _ 4meniCa r Rad afiways Reand about Row gneat tRe competition was in tRe S£G, but afrten seeing it {yinst Rand, it was eoen betteji tRan I couHd RaOe imagined Avd not just tRe p(kiyens in tRe (league, but tRe wRo e atmospRene ojj- Co(!lege basebad-tRe stadiums witR tRe (!aige cnowds, all yaw games being on tRe nadio, TO ! and newspapers coo-ening yoiw games-it certainly was dijyfreneKt tRan wRat r expenienCed in my (yinst tnjo yeans 0(5- College l eing ilkjio. 1 stanten at Oa SEG scRood wains tRat you ' (! £ usuaiy afiways be going against tRe otReA team ' s ace pitcRen on Jfniday nigRt. TRe, eleCtniCrty o{y a Jfniday nigRt is inCAedibde. Slteny pitd Counts in tRose games as om mistake CouEd mean tRe difyfreAenCe between winning and Cosing. As youn team ' s Mo. 1 stanten, yai get tRe opportunity to set tRe. tone {yon yaw. team ' s weekend. I(y you pitcR wel£ h tRat Jjniday nigRt game and youn team wins witRout RaOing to go deep into tie, bulpen, you set youn teOm up {yon a success weekend Likewise ify you stnuggte in tRat game and yai Ratte to go to yaw butlpen eonlj, it may mean a bng weekend. Nat)ing tRat cRafllenge ptoced begone me eaci week was SometRing tRat I (looked (yonwand to. TRe yean, bejjone I came to Ode Miss, E was Deny fyortunate to ptoy on a team at (JSG tRat went to tRe Gollege Sv aifid. SeAieS, RoweDen, I ftdt male Qt Rome in Oxjyond witR tRe guys I was pftaying witR ReAe tRan I Roue eOen (y-elt begone " By tRe time tRe yean was oOen we neaped Row dose and Row mucR. ofy a {yOmidy we Rod become [ tRink tRat tigRt-knit freeing tRat we Rod neatly Relped us olMCome some obstacles we {yOCed duning tRe season and (Mowed, us to Compete fyon tRe ConfreAenCe cRampionsRip untid tRe {yinad weeks o{y tRe Season. Sa Ri we ocRieDed some ojj aw goads duning tRe season, tike adoanCing to a negionad, we stidl. (yeed Eike we RaOe mone. to do. S e want to become a pnognam tRat eDeny yean wild Compete (jon confyenenCe CnOmpionsRips, go to negionad and ultimately get to tRe Gotlege Sv ondd SeAieS and Contend (yon national dompionsRipS. Pen MouTftup 6 P £L i .Sports I COn ' t betoe I ' m now in tRe middle o{j my tRind yean as a Pebefc pacSkx jyo L tRe OCe Miss so tbalE tea , Ik time Ras fiom by, but not witRout waking a (lasting and wonden(yul monk. I tnuly naira expected tRe ted o{y intensity, on mpoiiaMed tRnill, o(j Competition at tRe DiDision I, r began pitcRing at tk tenden age. o{y nine, unden tRe guidance o(j a wonden l CoacR and menton PRil Oanten. It seems like only a Deny sRont wRile ago -tRat I was a Rope u! beginnen Wing Softball afjten sofrtbaH to CoacR PRil, pnaying {jon Contnoi but intent on developing speed Jjon tRe next eigRt yeans, sojytbai was a centnal tReme in my lijye and I yea wed {jon tRe day tRat I would nepnesent a majon unitfensity on tRe fjield r Came to Oxjjond in August o{y IQQQ as On anxious, intimidated fjnesRman Romesicfe Ond mone tRan a littSe afraid o{j {jailing. " Hut, tRe, eDents ojy tRe jjoKtawing too and a Ra% yeans Ra oe dnamatica(!l y sRaped we and Relped we to gnow in countless ways as oa atRlete as a student, and as a penson TRe noad Rasn ' t been easy. Waking up at 5=20 am fjon weigRts and conditioning still newains a stnugg(?e as well as pusRing tRnougR timed swimming and imivq exencises. Duning oun season it is also difrjjicult to stay on top ofr academic Responsibilities became ojj oun extensile tnaoel scRedule thx inDollteS missing numenous classes and Study Sessions. Despite tRe RandsRipS, I Still nememben tRe OmOziiflq way I (jelt tRe {jinst time tRat we watcRed tk sun nise wRile nunning tRe steps ojj- Q augRt emmingway Stadium--so pnoud to be a pant ofr tRe pnognam, and so excited obcM wRat tk jjutwie would bning. Sueny tea i ojj jynustnation etieny moment ojj stness, etfeny sone. muscle and eOeiy dnop ojj- sweat Ras been oUenwRelmingly woitk it. r am blessed to Roue tRe oppontunity to be a student-atRlete at Ok Miss. I am tRanJejjul fton tRe, many wondenjjul expenienCes tRat I wiH nemembet fjonelten. A (jew ojj- tRese Q-eny special moments include, sitting in tRe GnoOe ovi a cnisp fM fjootball afjtennoon being a pant ojj- tRe Rebel fjOn {jOmily scneOming tRe " klotty Toddy " deen witR inexplicable passion, suiting up in my Ole MiSS So(jtbaH unijjOJim witR pne-gome jtttens, winning a big game in tRe last inning witR a teammate ' s gnand slam defeating osa S£0 nioal by tRe menaj nule, and Ranging out witR a gnoup ojj- young ladies wRo ane so mucR w okt tRan teammates. TRey oxt my Deny close (j-niends. It ale IM a framiCy tRat sticks togetRen tRnougR tRiCk and tRin I Raoe leanned so mucR. tfiow. tRem and tRe coaching sta fo about Respecting one onotRen ' s difj enences and unique stnengtRs, about tRe teOiA impnoOement tRat can be acRieDed by eacR ojj- us pusRing ounseltfes and one OnotRen to get betten, and about tRe deptR 05- tRe bond between US tRat COn only be bonne fjnow Rand wonfe and determination to acRieae On impontant Common goal. Foe adso leanned Row to say goodbye. SacR yean OnotRen gnoup o(j uppenc£assmen m oun sofrtba!!! jjOmfy Ras played tRein last game as a Qebd Softball playen, and it Ras cnossed my mind mone tRan once tRat tRis day is coming too soon {jon me, OS, well r tRanle God |jon blessing me witR sucA oa amazing oppontunity to nepnesent Nim tRnougR atRletics, and I tRank Him {jon my wonden|jiJil jjOmily ido Coidimes to suppont and enCounage me It is witR tnemendous pnide tRat I step on to tRe mound xep- ne enting tRe, (JniO-ensity ojj- Mississippi, and r wiH (yoneDel cRelisR tRese wondenjjul mfiwo u ' es and Special jjniendsRipS. rfJurdiSOJUL £. PjwUL Diaiit ' 1 .. 1 I ( Sf 11 f , i 11 If - ' TPf J P ' - - - ' ■Br JTJWu a " i -j ' ... ' :■• ' ■ yB mk ? " £-§ p J 3 r» » 3 MI Ate -PHOTOS BY RYAN PIERINI ■ ® 4 • i • i « • w.T »«i» oi u Th, •PHOTOS BY JEREMY LODEN : j :iedtsH.ciuiaii team took a big step b ! !€AA tournament this year, with a 3 record, and a trip to efoeSs had a very good non-confer- y SEC victories over Alabama, una, and Kentucky. In the eat South Carolina 75-68, and i : anally ranked Georgia in the b short at game, but ve a bid to play in the Womens NIT. In the WNIT, the Lady Rebels Kentucky team, only to lose in a shootout 95-92. With their taste of suc- gram is definitely on the rise, and they will be gunning for another trip to y will aim to be a big factor in the SEC race this year as they try to 10 »» » ve ? ports -COURTESY OF SPORTS INFORMATION ' 001 Mens Basketlkal! Roster S n No. IVamc Pos. Yr. Exp. 40 Derrick Allen F Jr-JC 21 Carey Crain G Fr-HS 54 John Engstrom C Jr-2L 22 Jason Flanigan G Sr-3L 31 John Gunn F C So-IL 05 Aaron Harper G Fr-HS 11 Jason Harrison G Jr-2L 30 Josh Hayes F Fr.-Sq 20 Jason Holmes G Sr-IL 45 Richard Kirklin F So-IL 44 Rahini Lockhart F Sr-3L 10 John Pilger G Fr-HS 23 Justin Reed F Fr-HS 15 David Sanders G So-JC 32 Emmanuel Wade G So-IL 1 1 m SM53P ■w -©acnes Head Coach: Rod Barnes Assistant Coaches: Marc Dukes Eric Bozemon Wayne Brent Administrative Asst: Grant Pate Graduate Admin. Aide: Lemuel Jones M%2 ft The 2000-2001 Rebel basketball team not only surprised Ole Miss fans, but surprised the nation. The Rebels used smothering defense and great team play to make a great run into the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament. The Rebels success includes wins against national powerhouse and SEC champs Kentucky, nationally ranked Tennessee, as well as sweeps of SEC West foes, Auburn and Arkansas. With the regular season finale thrashing of Alabama 105-71, the Rebels secured the SEC West Title. In the SEC tournament Ole Miss beat Tennessee in the first round, then avenged an earlier loss to Florida in the second round of the tournament. In the SEC championship game the Rebels came up short against Kentucky, but received a 3 seed in the Midwest regional of the NCAA tournament. In the first round of the tournament, the Rebels played an upset-minded Iona team but pulled out a 72-70 victory. They advanced to the second round were they ran into Notre Dame. In a very close ball game, the vaunted Rebel defense stood tall again as they held off Notre Dame 59-56. The Sweet 16 game put Ole Miss against eventual tournament runner-ups, the Arizona Wildcats. Arizona won the game 66-56, but the Rebels had the lead at the half, and was in the game until the very end. The Rebels set a school record for wins in a season with 27. Also, Coach Rod Barnes earned the award for Naismith Coach of the year. The Rebels lost great Seniors in Rahim Lockhart, Jason Holmes, Jason Flanigan, and John Engstrom, but have a wealth of talent returning next year. Hopes are high around the future of Rebel hoops. -WRITTEN BY ALEX SCRIMPSHIRE -JEREMY LODEN - RYAN PIERINI Meni BaskexBatf OOYMe B S i DATE OPPONENT : 11 18 ARKANSAS-PINE BLUFF j j 1 1 22 SAM HOUSTON STATE j j 1 1 25 Virginia Commonwealth : 1 1 28 LOUISIANA-MONROE : : 12 2 OKLAHOMA j : 12 5 KANSAS STATE i 12 9 Memphis j 12 13 S.E. LOUISIANA : 12 18 TROY STATE : j 12 21 Southern Illinois : 12 22 Southern Cal : j 12 23 Iowa State : 12 30 MORRIS BROWN : 1 06 Vanderbilt j 1 10 Arkansas : 1 13 GEORGIA : 1 17 Alabama : 1 20 KENTUCKY : 1 27 Mississippi State jl 3 ARKANSAS : 2 03 Auburn LSU j TENNESSEE j : 2 07 j 2 10 ! 2 14 MISSISSIPPI STATE j 2 17 South Carolina : 2 21 Florida : j 2 24 AUBURN j LSU j : 2 28 : 3 03 ALABAMA : 3 09 Tennessee : 3 10 Florida j : 3 11 Kentucky : 3 16 lona j : 3 18 Notre Dame : 3 23 Arizona j All CAPS denotes home games h -RYAN PIERINI • 1 - RYAN PIERINI Mens Basketball tXAj C£ D - 2 s leofc tie song " Qe Sb«g MoMad " 10 ij d goes boefe to lost Modtcid ilk -. I fc 3d wA u teammates ad coades a. om J. lA 4 HxsmQmeKt m. z ..f Jt a Ctoesome r tie T?ig Do -•- •- . " : ' ..: . " . J. k .. ■ i .---- _ . - " . -■-- : 7 ... Itfo : . IflkiitfcJftlA bltf DeCicA moment wQS wRfiR sue ployed -AizonQ in 4t gc e, bctf sue. also Rod imt to owtseft) Atowo. T taoorfed anouad tie. Crtu ' s - ..» .-...■ u ' - --- - :es did T iXScfed tie . toko Otod otle . memo 3t tie {jixst iwgRt I ofong uxtl Josoh H owusoh, jftst but ct was ott k good {jun, so T did »d Sv e lod tie oppottuwttj to pfoy bejjoae San -Atowo Spins, tie Jllomo ' Dome. I was i Deny long season, but any Jrttexs o {jeefengs o(j ines a«d my teammates berate tie game. Ik tie - 3 eooel, a d I locked a ouHd tie xoom and °We eft iaeiai ' t leady to go (tame, oil JjO£ tie .yfozoita I fetoa? we gain % MOtiJ " sfc Kg MOM£MtS " Upon completing RigR seRoot many cdiSegetound students expect coffiege to be, moAe ofr tde " sane odd stt%5- M tRey Roue been dang (50A tRe past {joua yeas, r was one. ofr tRose coffiege (jAesRman ad boy did r get a Aude auxatoiKQ. T toofe tRe bug Aoute ik (finding out just Row di|j{jeAent Coffiege Aeaffiy is jjAo RigR scRood Jjxst 0(5- aft Mom was not tReAe to wafee me up wRen my afcmm (focie didn ' t My " extita - minutes " sometimes tuxned into tRiAty. " Kg istafeei TeOcReAS don ' t COAe ifr you OAe not in doss. THe. mateAiail is wot On updated OeASion oft fcist yeOAS, awl you OAe not tRe on!!y SmOAt pupA in cfciss a j oAe (jou Raoe (yeioeJi tests, so tRat deaoes eOen Sess loom, (joa a bad gAade. Cooking, deaning, wasRing-cdd tRat to a 15 Do List (joa tRe flst tine. THis is tRe ?%e 0(5- a typical coffiege (jAesRman, minus att tRe panties. Sv Rat about tRe student atRfetes?! Sv e. Raoe to manage, affi tRese tasks, aJong uetK. endSe: Rouas ofj Raxd g iitty practices, ad tRen (jind time to eat and s(!eep!(jea in tRat o de TCe (jixst instil is to quit, to gioe into a forfe adoeASfty. 1?ut wRo woufd be winning? Jiot you, ad tRat is eft tRat matteAS. I ' m not SUAe tRat (jAesRmen OAe aoane. ofr tRe. vMo ol StandOAd 0(5- {jinisRing ul StOAted tod woAle neUeA. kitted anyone,- ct ondy made. tRem betteA. A betteA OtRiete ad a betteA peison. T, OS a SopRomoAe women ' S basketbaffi pdoyeA, On a feuing witness to tRat. r went tRAougn tRe. same stAuggfes and (jaced tRe same adoeAsity tRat many {jAesRmcm OAe going tRAougR. now. Na g ' tReAei My AewOAds weAe AeOped in-season wRen my ieOtA was winning ad my (jOmity, (jAiends, and {jOnS weAe Aigltt tReAe Aooting my team on So take a woAd (jAom tRe wise, " BucfeJe down. Tt ' s not so bad Ojjtex tRat (jfcsl ofrReM! -JwffD-- IlS C ieeYTfeacteY -JEREMY LODEN -NATHAN LATIL ; Varsity l_xJkeerleader Jrvostter Ray Carter Matt Storey Brad Sloan Matt Stringer Bob Reeves Cory Sims Jamie Kerley Abby Diddle Lynn Ellen Osborn Martha Ellen Christopher Emily Black Lesley Schwalenburg Hannah Fenton Sports -NATHAN LATIL -JEREMY LODEN C H E h, -NATHAN LATIL -JEREMY LODEN Varsity Cheer Le )§ter I ame CL-EXP Misty Ballard Sr.-IL Shanda Duval Fr.-HS Kristin Parker So.-IL Megan Roberts Fr.-HS Maranda Stockton Jr.-2L Kathleen Trickett So.-IL 2001= ■02 Rifle Schedule : Date Opponent : 10 13 UT-MARTIN 10 21 OVC GARC Invitational 10 26-27 OLE MISS INVITATIONAL : 10 28 Tiger Invitational 11 02 Walsh Invitational 11 04 West Virginia : 11 17 Wolf Creek Invitational 11 18 Jacksonville State : 1 25 IT-Martin Invitational j 1 26 Withrow Invitational : 2 10 Collegiate Sectionals j 2 23-24 GARC Tournament ALL CAPS denotes home matches Q .Sports ■— (Loaches Head Coach: Valerie Boothe Manager: Ray McAllister WORM ' S ££ - {)m iSiito Iia Lejyfection o(j practice, today, I iLeafcze et en wioit row tdan eaa Row mucll ofr a eKtat game tRat ujjfe is. t?i(jfe is di(y(yeAent tRan most spo Lts, because we as a team do not pRysicaKy interact wftR. OnotRer team on eOen witR, eocd oiRfi L Owl personal sco Les soMy depend on Row weffi eacR ojj- as Ras done wRen we step o{y{y tRe fene. My score depends on my Concentration {yocus, and aim TRerefyore, as a sRooter, I kedizt tdat wiy greatest Competition is myse%. I striOe eacR. tme. I get on tRe dm to beat my fast score. Tn order to do tRiS, I must mafee eacR. sRot my best sRot. 15 me, ?%e is a hi (fe tRiS. Sv RateUer T aim (yor in Ci e, I must striOe. (jo l, gioing eaci day oil ead opportunity wy best sRot. Jlfo one Can win tRe matcR. jyor me, just OS no one can 8i0e my ?%e (jo l me. (jet, at tRe same tmt, I fenow a?£ tRiS woudd not be possible. ify T try acfceDing my goafs afone. My teOn members a Le Constantly standing befend me, pUsRing me wRen I need it and Cifyting me wflen Fm down. " BgetRelL we toe dreams and expectations o(j breaking records and showing Ok Miss tRe RigRest sco Les tRey Ratfe eOer seen. logetRer we accotvipEisR. tRese goafs, because we befcetfe in eacil otReiL as we weffi as in ou LSefoes. As, a senior, liedizt tRat m days as a rifyfe atRfete are coding to a close. " Being a part ofr tRis team not onfy Refps k tRe day to day f%e as a student, but afso teacfces fessons tHat can be used k (A o(j fifte. j jtex graduating {yrom Ok Miss, it wiffi be ujyfe and my teammates tRat I wift miss tRe most. NoweDeJ L, it is Stifi inetfitabfe tRat f%e nM go ovi and so wiffi 1. 1 dM afways treasure tRe memories made, Wessons feained and frriendsRipS gained as an Ofe Miss atRfete. Rifle. Diary Hemjzfy- -COURTESY OF SPORTS INFORMATION ocliectuie : : Date Match : • Jan. 15 MIDDLE TENNESSE STATE j : Jan. 20 SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI ! Jan. 23 SAMFORD : Jan. 26 New Mexico • : Jan. 27 Kansas State : : Jan. 29 Brigham Young : Feb. 10 ARKANASAS i Feb. 18 South Alabama : : Feb. 21 TEXAS : Feb. 24 KENTUCKY i • Mar. 3 MISSISSIPPI STATE ■ : Mar. 7 Georgia : i Mar. 9 Auburn : Mar. 1 6 William Mary : Mar. 18 Vanderbilt : Mar. 23 South Carolina : Mar. 27 ALABAMA i : Apr. 1 Tennessee : j Apr. 7 LSI] ; : Apr. 1 3 FLORIDA i Apr. 19-22 SEC Tournament Home matches in ALL CAPS w« » ©naeiis T« ennis iter : : Name Yr Exp. i : Hanna-Katri Aalto Fr.-HS : : Audra Adams Fr-HS : : Florencia Basile Fr-HS ! : Julie DeRoo So-IL : Camilla Gould Jr-2L : : Karein Harboe Fr-HS | : Alesya Ignatieva Jr-2L : : Sabrina Peppl Fr-HS : : Mira Radu So-IL : Head Coach: Jerry Montgomery: Assistant Coach: Whitt Taber Sports fc ' ' rr The 2001 Ole Miss Womens Tennis team finished with a 10-13 overall record and a 3-8 record in Southeastern Conference play. They had big wins over Middle Tennessee State 7-0, Southern Mississippi 7-0, Samford 6-1, New Mexico 6-1. and Kansas State 7-0, to start off the season strong. This start gave promise to the young season as the wins began to mount. During the middle portion of the season, however, the team struggled to put many wins together and lost more than they won. They did turn the season around near the end. After losing 10 of 12 they did regroup and win 3 of their final 6 matches, one of which included a 4-1 win against LSI! in the NCAA Team Championships ' first round. Then, they came up short against Stanford in the second round, losing 4-0. Their year did include big SEC wins against LSI), Mississippi State and Auburn. The Lady Rebel tennis team has a proud tradition and with some big wins this year they helped to continue that tradition. They are looking forward to another great year next year and hope to build on the late year success of beating LSI] in the NCAA Team Championships. WRITTEN BY ALEX SCRIMPSHIRE -PHOTOS BY JEREMY LODEN Womcrts Tennis It ' s sunny! It ' s about 00 deques outside, I Rean tRe CAowd sateaming qrcI cReeiing, but it is wot tRe Pebet (jOns T ReOL " toie we, go ISuffidogs! Let ' s ba iy tRe fast Rebel pfayei " T gfonCe up ok tRe sco ieboand and it neads : Ok Miss 3, Geongia 2. I can fyee£ tRat tRe aowd moires toward my count, but i don ' t foofe. SudcWy, my (iegs get Reaito and my stomacR CAOmps up. I can see tile scenario afeeady. " Sefcn (bses deciding matcR against Jlo. 2 nanleed Geongia. " I t iy to ease tRose tRougRts, and instead concen ate on my own task. My " tasle is to m tRis matd. AWL my teammates Count on me. At tRis time, my Count is suaounded by C iOzy (jOns. Tfos SCena tio is sometRing eaeiiyone diieams ofr, but tRe neiiOousness tRat comes witR it is devastating. My wcrtcR is as tied as it can be. All I toe to do is seOen moiie points. I bofe at my CoacR and Re says-. " He ' s mo ie ti ied tRan you. " My coacil Ras neaeii been wnong. Tiuist me!! Soeiiy point in tRe tie-bneale (yeft falee. nunning a manatRon, and ajjteit winning tRe (ji ist point I tRougRt, " Sa A I onSy toe Six ma iOtRonS Ee(jt. " SomeRow, I managed to get mysedjy in tRe position to win tRe matcR. Just owi mo ie point. Jlfext tRing r know, cffi my teammates Come KDwivq towO ids me. T ujoia wDi onfy {jo i me, but fjO i tRe team TRat (jeeiing is unbefieOObk TRe sunny weekend and 90 deg iee weatRa one dowmo Reiie in Ox(jOlid, but tRe tennis d iama tRat day bade in 1998 is SometRing tRat hM Come up in my mind etfeiiy time I tRinleo(jOfeMiss. Sports T)em Dicmy, r Cou(!d neoa begin to exptoin uoRot being Ok otRlete at Ode Miss fas weant to we. Jenny Montgoweny opened tRe doon (jo l we to pday tennis (jO l Ode, Miss, and wRen I (yinst stepped or cawpus I faw tRis was tRe pdace (jo l we. £oen tRougR. sowe ofr tRese cMdenges seewed insunwountabde, T lenew I Rad wy coacfes and teaw- wates to Wp guide and teacd we tRnougRout wy yeans at Ode Miss. TRnougd tiwes o(j tniuwpn 1 and tiwes c% bss, I Rat)e begun to understand tRe tJiue weaning ofr being a cJtawpion, and wRat it tafees to be successful " To we, being a Me cfawpion weans wucR wo ie tRan winning a S E on Jlfationad ORowpionsRip. It weans pdaying wy Reant out and neOeA giOing up etfeny tiwe I step on tRe count not just {jo l wyse£(j, but (jon a teaw tRat fyeeds just to a (yawidy, and (jo l a scfcod, tRat Ras gilten we wo ie tRan r coudd eoen gioe bade I Raoe Eea ined tRis yiow watcfong wy coacftes and teawwates day in and day out, especiadl!y Gountaney Ofapwan. My (ynesRwan yean, in tRe S83 tounnowent cRawpionsRip watci against Jjdonida, sRe was down o-4 in tRe tRind set, but sRe km gaae up sRe (jougRt tiC£ tRe end and sRe dead Ok Miss to a SSO OfawpionsRip. I Ow pniOideged to be on a teaw at Ok M iss (jtffied witR winnens and cfawpions. 4££ tRe obstacles and cfaddenges we (jace afong tRe way becowe wucR swafa and easien to oOencowe. Instead o(j just playing iemis indaiduaiy, we pday tennis as a teaw, Constantly guiding and wotioating one anotRen to lead ou i goads. Jlfo watten wRene we go on Row (jcm we tnaoed, OEe Miss uai adways be owl Rowe avd we can adways (jind a (bya(!. Ok Miss (yan anound etfeny connen. 3faa% tRinfeing bade oia all wy yeans at Ok Miss bnings bade sowe o(y tRe (jondest wewonies tRat I Rai)e eOeii experienced. CamWa Goiid Teiwis Diaries ve -COURTESY OF SPORTS INFORMATION ! 000=2 001 Men ' s Tennis Roster Jylens iennis Dclieclnlo • l ame Yr Exp. : David Blackburn Sr-3L : : Conor Casey Fr-HS ! : Patrick Chucri So-IL : Paul Ciorascu Fr-HS : Mason Cousins Fr-RS : Alexander Hartman So-IL i • Jim Jacobs Fr-RS ; : ii mil Shetty Fr-HS : Martin Selin Jr-2L : James Shortall Sr-3L : : Kristofer Stahlberg Jr-2L v ©aches Head Coach: Billy Chadwick Assistant Coach: Mark Beyers Manager: Buddy McKay .Sports DATE MATCH 1 1 8-2 1 SEC Indoor Championships 2 3 ARKANSAS-LITTLE ROCK 2 6 MEMPHIS 2 8 Mississippi State 2 11 MTSU 2 1 5-1 8 USTA ITA Ntl Team Indoor 2 23 Arkansas 3 2 Alabama 3 4 Auburn 3 8 West Florida 3 14 INDIANA 3 18 SOUTH FLORIDA 3 20 LOUISIANA-MONROE 3 23 GEORGIA 3 25 SOUTH CAROLINA 3 30 Kentucky 4 1 Vanderbilt 4 6 TENNESSEE 4 8 FLORIDA 4 11 LSU 4 14 MISSISSIPPI STATE 4 19-22 SEC Championships 5 1 2-1 3 NCAA Regionals 5 19-27 NCAA Final 16 individual Championships The Rebel Tennis team continued its reputation of great tennis with a stellar campaign in 2001. They went 18-8 overall, posted an amazing 1 1-2 home record, and a very impressive 7-4 SEC record. They posted a 14-8 record against ranked opponents. They also made it to the NCAA Mens Tennis regional final where they barely lost out to a very good Southern Cal team 4-3. Individually, Alexander II. n I man led the team by posting a 28-1 5 overall record and a 12-4 tournament record. James Shoriall and Kristofer Stahlberg were right behind with 24-7 and 24-8 overall records respectively. Also, Harlman had an incredible individual run that took him all the way to the round of 16. The teams SEC wins include victories over Mississippi State, Arkansas, Auburn, South Carolina, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and Florida. With success like the Mens tennis team experienced this year, there is no reason not to expect another great year in what has become a powerhouse in Mens tennis for the Ole Miss Rebels. 1 m A -PHOTOS BY JEREMY LODEN Mens Tennis |E5 | Cefochesf GtfoghF c zch Ole Miss Coaching Career • Head Coach, University of Mississippi, 1998-present — Record: 66-35 (Three years) • Assistant Coach, University of Mississippi, 1 993-98 — Record: 76-63 (Five years) • Student Assistant Coach, University of Mississippi. 1988-89 — Record: 15-1 Assistant Coach, World University Games, Summer 2001 • Naismith National Coach of the Year • Collegelnsider. corn ' s National Coach Of The Year • SEC Coach of the Year By Leagues Coaches Quote: " First, I would like to thank God for the opportunity we had to play basketball and represent the University this year. " It was a magical season for everyone-coaches, players, and fans- associated with the basketball program and Ole Miss! ' - PHOTOS COURTESY OF SPORTS INFORMATION [gg| s ? ons h i4L BuHjropfiy 8t Candids -Vc cJfc. -vi eH |2001 Track and Jr lei A JK©ste r Name Events Name Events Tobias Anderson Sprints Brandy Barnett Jumps Heptathlon Stacy Andrews Throws Monica Barnett Jumps Franz Bernard Sprints Cindy Bowling Jumps Heptathlon Hank Campbell Distances Demetria Burks Middle Distances Brett Canale Throws Candice Cattron Sprints Matt Carter Distances Lashana Canty Jumps Ben Chisman Distances Chika Chuku Sprints Middle Marcus Christoffersen Sprints Jumps Cheryl Faubion Hurdles Chris Collins Sprints Jumps Natalie Gerke Sprints Middle Noah Cosby Pole Vault Fran Goodwin Heptathlon Chad Dixon Distances Amanda Harvey Throws Aaron Fenzel Sprints Jennifer Jones Distances Clinton Fletcher Sprints Teneeshia Jones Sprints Hurdles Bill Flowers Sprints Hurdles Brandy Mack Sprints Jumps Dominik Fuhrmann Middle Distances Monique McClure Multi-Events Larry Goodine Sprints Katy ailen Distances Damon Harris Sprints Tisha Parker Sprints Jumps Marc Hines Pole Vault April Rembert Jumps Hurdles Daniel Landrum Sprints Jumps Tarjatta Rose Hurdles Sprints Raheem Lay Middle Distances Chiquita Stephens Sprints Stewart Miller Pole Vault Heather Swinney Throws Willie Moore Sprints Wanikka Vance Sprints Jim Morrison Distances Angela Westbrook Distances Jimmy Radford Pole Vault Rachel Wood Sprints Brandon Saxon Pole Vault Willette Woods Sprints James Shelton Sprints Walt Sligh Throws Savante Stringfellow Jumps Sprints Scott Thompson Distances Kevin Timothee Sprints Hurdles Kendrick Triggs Sprints Lawrence Wade Sprints Adrian Washington Sprints Sports Head Coach: Joe Walker Assistant Coaches: Doug Blackwell Daya Hampton Brian O ' Neal Managers: Erica Davis Kenya Iverson Erin Milchen Brian Walker Luke Walker Trainer: Meredith Erwin Student Trainer: Landon Summers The 2001 season for Track Field was extraordinary. During this season there were a couple of names mentioned frequently throughout the season. Senior Savante ' Stringfellow was the first undergraduate from Ole Miss to represent the United States in the Olympics. Throughout the season, Teneeshia Jones was named SEC athlete of the week repeatedly. Jones, a seven-time Ail-American, provisionally qualified for the 2001 NCAA Outdoor Championships. Stringfellow set both the indoor and outdoor long jump records in 2001. There were many record setters during the 2001 track season. Some of them are: Stacy Andrews (indoor weight throw, outdoor discus, outdoor hammer throw), Brandy Barnett (outdoor high jump), M unique McClure (indoor shot put, indoor weight throw, outdoor shot put), Heather Swinney (outdoor hammer throw), Kendrick Triggs (indoor 200 meters), Wanikka Vance (4x1 00-meter relay, 4x200-meter relay), Willette Woods (4x1 00-meter relay, 4x200-meter relay). -WRITTEN BY AMANDA MOGLE -PHOTOS COURTESY OF SPORTS INFORMATION Track Fiefcf D e. r VUr 7 Punning Otoss-CountMj and Tiacle at Ofe Miss Ras been one. oft -tRe Raiidest, yet most JiewO iding expeiiienCes oft my College ca teelL Sv Rew. I ftiASt made my decision to m. k college, I knew tRat mwivq would be mucR tougRen due to tRe many outside inftluences tRat would su ixound me Once I a aiaed ok campus T neafced tRat it was going to be mud mone diftfticult tRan I expected One oft tRe Randest tRings I Rad to adapt to was tRe time commitment. }ok Ojioss-Oount iy I Rad to begin training k June Mt ftOist it was oay diftftcult to keep (jocused ovi tRe season aRead, because it did not stout until tRe beginning oft September SacR day I Rad to Jiun at least onCe, and most o(j tRe time twice just to p iepOfte myselft fto i tRe upcoming season ft was du iing tRiS summeA tRat I befoeOe I tJiuCy feanned wRat Sefft determination meant. TRe time Commitment was Oexy seitious fto i me because a wio di aftteii tRe Gaoss-Gountny season ended, tRe Indoon Hack season sta ited TRen quiclefy tRe kdoon season was oueii, and befto ie I Rad tim to tck a bJieak, tRe out- door Tlacle season Rad begun. Ms tRe scRool yea. came to o end, so did tRe Titacfe season It Rad been a long time now (ll montRs), since I Stanted tltaining, and my body needed a test. Ms I {earned quicie- {y tRougR, to Compete at tRis tell oft atRletiCS, I can ' t take, any time to iiest. MltRougR I Raae been endu- ing a large time Commitment, tRe last two and a Raljy yeOXS tRat I Raae been running ReJie at Ole Miss RaOe been aery Rewarding. Mil oft my teammates Raae been Oeiiy encouraging, and tRey Raae become some oft my closest ft iiends. My teammates Raae afways been tReiie to Relp me wRen I started to lose my (jocus, and I out tRem fto i Relping me stay o tRe tigRt patR tRrougRout tRe years. My coaches Raae also been a big Reip, because tRey Roue afways been tReiie wReneOeA I Raae needed to talk to tRem. Rumitq Ras made my expedience Reiie at Ole Miss aery speCiad I will neDer. ftonget tRe ft iiends T Raae made and tRe many lessons tRat I Raae lea ined I afeo belieae tRat running Ras Relped me to become a bette i Student and a more Com- plete person Jlfo matter. Row Rand I Raae wo deed, I how tRat r would neae i Raae been ab?e to get to tRis point witRout tRe encouragement oft my (jOmily, ftJiiends and eoacRes, and to tRem I would like to say tRanks. Sports X e X i j So it ' s OnotReii ea ify mo ming stout today, we woke up to tRe pdeasant sound ofr an ota im. Despite tRe (jact we wake up at 5:20, we stiSE sRow up at piiactice at 6:05. Ahfooql my Hoommate and I toe been doing tfcs jjon weeks, we stiffi RaiWt gotten used to it. " Re c cRe " tRe mo ie you do sometRing tRe easier it becomes, " does not appdy to wo wing cuoss-Countny practice. So as tRe team moseys into tRe TikneA Center we p iomptfy get oun wo ikout (j Lom Goad ' BkxohueH and a ie o(j(j to tRe sleeping st ieets ojj Ox{yo id Vb ming pnactices a ie usuaKy not Deny di cufo wo ikouts, we usuafly nun 3 to 5 mifes. Afttex p iactice, T get neady pn Qwtkn st iuggfe, tRe st iuggfe ofr staying awake eking dosses. " Sy tRe end c% tRe day tRougR, we one neady (joji anotReA pnacttCe. 4{jteiinoon p iactiCe is mo ie enjoyabde, tRe t tacfe team is tRene, and tRe Ciioss-countny ieiM is awake and we actuary taCte, wReAe as k tRe mo wing we just tiiy to get tRe woAkout done. TRe wo ikouts fjOA tRe ajjteiinoon Qa iy moAe too. Sometimes we do dong JtunS OAound OxjjOAd oil we Aim to tRe pa ife and do Aepeats. Repeats one wRae we m a set amount oft- distance many times and t iy to get a Consistent time, wRicR is moAe (jUn tRan going on a noAmaC distance AUn. y{ jiex tRe monotonous week o{j practice two times a day, tRe weekend is a wefcomed cRange, eaen ifr we Raoe a meet. Meet weekends arte a Cot o(j (jun Sv e get money, good (jood and a cRanCe to socialize witR tRe team. TRe AaCe itse% h my opinion is ftun TRe Competition and team points .d E tRe meet affi tRe moAe exciting. TRe gi ife usuaffly m OnywReke (yAom two mides to a 6k. Jlfo matteii wReiie we go tRe Hide is unbea iab(!y boning, etfay single person jjafe asfeep, except jjo i me and wRo- eOeA tRe d iiOeA is at tRe time. oweoa, tRe dinneA and nice RoteS, koow wd , up jjoi tRe boAedom. TRe CAoss-countAy teo Reiie at Ok Miss is a jjun team, wRetReii we a ie getting Jieady ftoA a big Aace on a (tang toad nun, eDeAybody Ras a smife on tReiA fjace C Qcm - Oce r C AnPc C ross Country JR.©§ier Name Class • : Hank Campbell Sr. : : Matt Carter Jr. i • Marcus Christoffersen Sr. i : Chad Dixon Sr. : : Clinton Fletcher Fr. i David Gemhauser Fr. : Keller Glass Fr. : : Jim Morrison Sr. i : Elizabeth Brorby Fr. : i Demetria Burks So. : i Chika Chuku Sr. : : Lesley Cross Fr. : : Natalie Gerke Jr. : Jennifer Jones Jr. : : Erin Jordan Fr. i ■©acmes Head Coach: Joe Walker Assistant Coaches: Doug Blackwell Brian Neal - PHOTOS COURTESY OF SPORTS INFORMATION Sports The 2001 Ole Miss Mens and Womens Cross Country teams each had successful seasons, as both competed in the NCAA South Regional Meet hosted by LAB and Alabama. The Rebels finished ninth and the Lady Rebels 1 2th at SEC Cross Country Championships in Auburn, Alabama at Indian Pines Golf Course. W. Ole Miss was led by Senior Hank Campbell who finished 42nd with a time of 26:08.54. Junior Matt Carter finished 58th with a tune of 26:48.29 and senior Chad Dixon finished 60th with a time of 27:06.41. Rounding out the scoring for the Rebels were Keller Glass and Marcus Christoffersen who finished 75th and 76th, respectively. Ole Miss was led by sophomore Demetria Burks and freshman Erin Jordan. Burks finished 63rd with a time of 22:32. 52 and Jordan finished 64th with a time of 22:37.30. Freshman Elizabeth Brorby fin- ished 77th with a time of 23:26.67. Senior Chika Chuku finished 85th with a time of 25:54.47 and Lesley Cross finished 86th with a time of 27:16.83. In the NCAA South Regional, both teams had many individuals competing. For the Ole Miss women freshman Erin Jordan led the way. Jordan finished the 6,000 meter course with a time of 24:46.16, to finish in 102nd place. Hank Campbell was the fastest Rebel finisher as he came in 63rd place with a time of 33:23.85 in the 10,000 meter race. The Ole Miss Finishers Ole Miss Women 102. Erin Jordan, 24:46.16 104. Demetria Burks, 24:50.09 119. Beth Brorby, 25:53.44 Ole Miss Men 63. Hank Campbell, 33:23.85 83. Matt Carter, 34:09.06 104. Chad Dixon, 35:17.70 109. Marcus Christoffersen, 35:52.75 119. Keller Glass, 37:03.81 With the success of making the NCAA South Regional the Rebels can look back on a successful season and also look forward to even better things in the upcoming year. - COURTESY OF SPORTS INFORMATION Cross Country V ff tfpzff • : • 2001 Volleylall Ro ster • IVame Pos Cl. Exp. i ; 1 Sarah Lansden MB Jr. 2L : : 2 Cheryl Wilson S OP Jr. IL i 3 Mary IVell Bennett OPP Fr. HS : • 4 Erica Tricco OH Jr. 2L : 5 Elena Garcia OH Fr. HS i 6 Abby Hollander MB Sr. 3L : 7 Erin Newsom MB Jr. 2L • 8 Amie Ewing DS Jr. IL : 9 Megan McCune OH Fr. HS : • 10 Jade Polonich S DS So. IL i 11 Karla Zschau OH So. IL : 12 Katherine Davis DS So. HS i 13 Jaime Burns Oh Sr. 3L : 14 Leigh Rittiner OPP Sr. 3L i 15 Stacy Spears MB Fr. HS : -Courtesy of Sports Information Vo ' ciuecUille 5port5 : Date Opponent : 8 31 James Madison : : 8 31 Rutgers i i 9 01 Xavier • : 9 07 SAMFORD : i 9 07 SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI • :9 08 UT-Martin : : 9 08 Arkansas State • :9 14 Oral Roberts :9 15 Santa Clara : : 9 21 Alabama : 9 23 Auburn : : 9 28 Jacksonville State • |9 30 South Carolina i 10 05 Arkansas : i 10 07 LSL | : 10 12 Florida : i 10 14 Georgia • : 10 19 LSI : i 10 21 Arkansas : : 10 26 KENTLCKY i 10 28 TENNESSEE i | 1 1 02 ALBURN i : 1 1 04 ALABAMA : : 1 1 08 Mississippi State • jll H MISSISSIPPI STATE : The 2001 Lady Rebel Volleyball learn l finished the year on a very positive note. After being down to archrival Mississippi State 0-2, the Lady Rebels came back to jwin 3 straight, The Lady Rebels rallied to twin a thrilling game five to take the match 26-30. 33-35, 30-28. 30-28, 21-19 on senior day at the Gillom Spoils » Center. For the year the Lady Rebels finished with a 7-18 overall record and a 3-12 conference record. A bright spot for the team was the news that Abby Hollander, a senior member of the volleyball team, was named to the 2001 Verizon Academic All- America District VI Second Team. This Volleyball team will look to improve on the momentum gained in those last three games against Mississippi State and take that into the next season. WRITTEN BY ALEX SCRtMPSHIRE C, Head Coach: John Blair Assistant Coaches: Michelle York Kelli Fisher Athletic Trainer: Steve Beiermann Managers: Gail Baumhardt Lindsey Prater PHOTOS BY JEREMY LODEN Votteybatt s» l j anyone had told me frou . yeais ago tRat I woudd be pdaying aodlleybadd at tRe UwUejiSfty ofr Mississippi, I woudd toe caied tRem aazy. jJeaa in a mid on yeans did T tRink tRat I woudd get tRe cRanCe to pday DiUision 1 aoddeybadd. " Sat ReJie I am fookkg back on my senio i season and wondaing wReiie tRe tost {youn yea is went. Goming to OEe Miss and playing aoddeybadd Ras taugRt me so mud about myse%. MfrteA. sunoioing tRe Romesickness c% my jjiiesRmOn yeOJi, I now know tRat I Raae tRe abidity to moiee it on my own " Being away (j iom Rome also made me Aeadize Row mu($ my (jOmifcj meant to me It is so easy to take (jOJi granted tde. tRings OAound you eaeAyday. 1?ut I soon (jound myse% su uiounded by a new (yOmidij 0(5- Pebed atRdetes. As a atRdete I Raae Jiead- ized tRat it is in tRe times 05- dsappointment and unexpected stuuggdes tRat you (jind youn tnue stagtR. -Ad it is tRose txying times tRat make success so sweet. I still get excited wRen I tfowfe about coming back (j iom 0-2 to beat Georgia in ftttt games my junioii Season Avd Row wondsA d and iiewOiidng It was to (yinisR owl Season and my coieex by beating Mississippi State on Senior Day tRis qeai I coudd not Raae asked (joft moke I freed so ducky to Raae Rad tRe opportunity to be 0 Ok Miss atRdete I Raoe t iaaeded around tRe country and Raae met peopde fjfiom add walfe oft fc(je. I kxdt (jound a Rome away jjiiom Rome and Raae made yuendsRips tRat r wid£ cRexisR pk tRe lest o j my fejje. My teammates Raae become my (jOmidy and I widd miss tRem all deandy. fAa peopde ask me wRy I came to Ok Miss, [just bote at tRem smide and ask % tRey Raae eOei been to OxjyOJid TEen r tedd tRem tRat tRe moment I wadked onto campus I knew tRat tRis was tRe pdace (jOIl me TRe atmospReie tRe RistoAy, tRe scRood pride, tRe beauty oft tRe campus, and just tRe " soutReJiwness " ojy it (M makes Ok Miss a Deity unique pdace, I may be gnaduating k M y but Ode Miss widd be wttR me adways. 15 tRose ofr you wRo r Raae met adong tRe way Ovd o Raae made my lifrt Reiie so wonde you adways. Sports Gezz, Row time {jfes. ft seems fe just yesterday I was moOtng into efjIJy and getting ready (jo l preseason. Owi tRkg I biour (jor sure is f wouM. weDeji go bade to tRat {yirst preseason. J !om, it is crazy to see ((our mucR. T toe grown, but most importantly to see Row mucli. owl tedwi Ras cRanged. Sv e. toe deftwitefy to owl ups and down but tRat is dot Ras wade us tile team we are today. Just tRmfeing bade to road trips, some 05- tiWt fofje wafeiKg, some Reart brealeing, a?£ ofr tRem fcjje changing, I wouldn ' t toe it any otRer way. I ujos wateng a Lound campus tRe otRer day, and add ofr a sudden I just stopped and foofeed abound I reafeed tRat (joil tRe (ji ist time in my fcjje I awi trufcj Rappy and I mt it di to tRe peoplie around me. T toe some p ietty incredibk peopfe in my fefje and I am so tRante f, to toe tRe opportunity to be a pa tt o(j sometRing owiOzkq. es put it best wRen Re said ' - s teammates, as Pebefe, no matter wRat tRe circumstance, ok wRat we may jyace, Set ' s (jind strength and encouragement k eacR otRer so tRat we may {yinisd tRe luxe and become tRe wm, wovaw and teJM we are COpabfe o(j being and tRat God desi Les us to be. " Sv e toe eft added owl om fcttfe sometRing to tRe (jOmify. A RetRer it be 0 encouraging wott k a teammate ' s maitoox, a batR Loom staffi confressionai oa occasional! game o(j " wtfei toe I ei)er " , or just a smite befto Le 120, r cm a better person today because oft owl team and owl abitey to persevere. Diaiu ' 5 roster 001 ©ccer ochedluiJle No. 03 Name Pos. Yr. Exp. Fr. HS Leigh Barrow D 06 Lindley Beckman M Fr. HS 02 Courtney Biddle F Jr. 2L 14 Megan Bowman M Jr. 2L 11 Kristin Chapman D Jr. IL 07 Michaela Collins M Jr. 2L 05 Erin Cooper F So. IL 22 Erin Edmundson D So. IL 01 Brittany Gillespie GK So. IL 17 Karen Hall D M Fr. HS 18 Liz Holder M Fr. HS 10 Kristal Menar F Fr. HS 04 Laura Price F Fr. HS 19 Kellie Renie M Fr. HS 08 Ramey Rush M Fr. HS 12 Amy Sample F So. IL 16 Anna Sander M Jr. 2L 24 Melinda Smith GK Sr. 3L 23 Mary Kathcrine timer M Fr. HS 67 Tiffany Weiss F M So. IL 00 Heather Wilemon GK So. IL Sports Date 9 1 Opponent Virginia 9 3 James Madison 9 7 UAB 9 11 TCU 9 14 JACKSONVILLE ST 9 16 Memphis 9 21 Arizona State 9 23 Northern Arizona 9 26 ALABAMA A M 9 28 UTEP ! 9 30 DUQUESNE 10 5 LSU 10 7 Arkansas 10 12 ALABAMA 10 14 AUBURN 10 19 KENTUCKY 10 21 VANDERBILT 10 26 South Carolina 10 28 Florida 11 2 MISSISSIPPI STATE 11 8-11 SEC Tournament 11 14-12 9 NCAA Tournament ALL CAPS denotes home games After a season that saw the Rebel soccer team earn a fifth straight SECTournament bid and advance to the semifinal round, the Rebels remained the winningest team in the SEC West over the past five sea- sons. The goal for the 2001 Womens Soccer team was a third straight SEC West cham- piosnhip. That quest came down to the last game, until the Lady Rebels lost an overtime thriller to Mississippi State. However, this team did continue its winning ways even while hurt with numerous injuries to key players. They finished with a 10-10-1 mark, giving the Rebels their sixth consecutive season with a .500 or better record. Senior Melinda Smith was voted team MVP. Not only did Smith have an outstanding year in goal, she was also a team leader off the field. Smith leaves Oxford as Ole Miss all-time leader in every goalkeeping statistical category with a 1.53 goals-against average, 232 saves, 14.7 shutouts and 29 victories in goal. The Lady Rebels look to get back to their SEC West championship form and more in the upsominf season. - WRITTEN BY ALEX SCRIMPSHIRE v oaclie§ Head Coach: Steve Holeman Assistant Coach: Louis Richard Lori Spitler C ch Mike Bianco Baseball Rod Barnes Men ' s Basketball rnijg | Megan Bolger Women ' s Golf David Cutcliffe Football Woody Cowart Men ' s Golf Joe Walker Cross Country Track and Field Sports Billy Chadwick Mens Tennis Ron Aldy Women ' s Basketball Candi Letts Softball Jerry Montgomery Women ' s Tennis John Blair Volleyball Steve Holeman Soccer Coaches Aw cd J BASEBALL ALL-SEC Team: Burney Hutchinson - 1st team Josh Christian - 2nd team Carl Lafferty - 2nd team Pete Montrenes - 2nd team SEC ALL-TOURNAMENT: Josh Christian Lance Jones SEC AT-LARGE GOOD WORKS TEAM: Lance Jones VERIZON CoSIDA ACADEMIC DISTRICT VI TEAM: Lance Jones SEC POSTGRADUATE COMMUNITY SERVICE SCHOLARSHIP: Lance Jones NCAA NEW ORLEANS ALL-REGIONAL TEAM: Josh Christian Ronnie Goodwin ABCA ALL-SOUTH REGION: Burney Hutchins Pete Montrene SEC ACADEMIC HONOR ROLL: Clint Farrarr Ronnie Goodwin Burney Hutchinson Lance Jones Joel Lyons Nathan Lyons Craig Nugen FOOTBALL AH SEC Team: Terrence MetCalf-lst team Syniker Taylor-lst team Joe Gunn-2nd team Eddie Strong-2nd team -s. Ben Claxton-2nd team Sports Senior Bowl: Charles Stackhouse Terrence Metcalf Verizon District VI All Academic Team: Eli Manning-lst team Van Hut chins- 1 si team German Bello-2nd team All SEC Freshman Team: Jonathan Nichols Eric Oliver Brian Lester Rob Robertson Conerly Trophy: Eli Manning MEN ' S TENNIS Sec Honor Roll: Alex Hartman John Jacobs Martin Selin James Shortall Kristofer Staihberg David Blackburn All SEc Team: Alex Hartman-lst team James Shortall- 2md team Kristofer Stahlberg- 2nd team NCAA championships: Alex Hartman, James Shortall Kristofer Stahlberg VOLLEYBALL SEC Honor Roll: Jaime Burns Abby Hollander Leigh Rittiner Amie Ewig Sarah Lansden In Memory of ' Bof) T ' owery September 9, lgso-Vecember 9, 2001 During his tenure at Ole Miss, from 1966 to 1985, Mr. Towery served the students of Ole Miss as the Director of Student Activities and the Director of the Ole Miss Union. Included in his area of responsibilities was advising the Ole Miss yearbook staff. The 2002 Ole Miss year- book is dedicated in his honor for his service and support of the students at Ole Miss. You will be missed. r Verizon Academic All-America District Vi: Abby Hollander - 2nd team SOCCER NSCAA All Central Region 2nd team: Kristin Chapman All SEC Teams: Kristin Chapman -1st team Tiffany Weiss - 2nd team Kristal Menard - 2md team WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL AP All SEC Honorable Mention Team: Becky Myatt SEC Good Works Team: Becky Myatt Sec Honor Roll: Takela Corbitt Shayla Day Von Kirk Tashondrea Moton Stephanie Murphy MEN ' S BASKETBALL Planet Basketball All Stars Team: Richard Kirklin SEC Honor Roll: John Engstrom NABC All District 6 first team: Rahim Lockha GOLF All SEC Team: Troy Muller-2nd team TRACK AND FIELD NCCA Championships: Savante Stringfellow All American: Savante Stringfellow -PHOTOS BY JEREMY LODEN Awards " Aa AASB: 301 Abdo,Will: 163 Abide. Ashley: 163 Abide, David: 140 Abies, Chris: 176 Abies, David: 176 Academics: 65 Acred, Angela: 140 Ad Fed: 301 Adair, James: 152 Adair, Kennon: 163 Adams, Allison: 152 Adams, Caroline: 120 Adderholt, Shara: 140 AFROTC: 293 Ahlberg, Lisa: 176 AHMED EM AM: 30 AITP: 299 Akins, Amanda Joy: 163 Albright, Jessica: 176 Ales, Gavin: 152 Alexander, Antoin: 194 Alexander, David: 176 Alexander, Melissa: 163 Allemand Jr. Kevin: 140 Allen, Abigail: 140 Allen, Audrey: 163,284,287 Allen, Christopher: 152 Allen, Jennifer: 163 Allen, Martha: 140 Allen, Paula: 152 Allen, Robin: 152 Allen, Wilson: 176 Allison, Kelly: 176 Almon,Waverly: 163 Alpha Kappa Alpha: 216 Alpha Omicron Pi: 216 Alpha Tau Omega: 240 Alyea, Sarah: 152 Ambassadors: 289 Amber Reid: 285 American Institute of Chemical Engineers: 299 American Marketing Association: 301 Amerman, Brent: 140 Anderson, Andrew: 152 Anderson, Ashanti: 152 Anderson, Franklin: 152 Anderson, Ryan: 163 Andrews, Alicia: 118,304 Andrews, Lizzie: 152 Andrews, Stacy: 163 140 Angela, Shelton: 148 Anglin, Angela: 176 Anthony, Jill: 140 Apostle, Camille: 1 18 Apple, Jarold: 152 Apple, Joseph: 163 Applon, Barbara: 152 Arendale, Kristin: 176 Armour, Adam: 163 Army ROTC: 291 Arnemann, Michael: 140 Arnett, Brandy: 152 Arnold, Lindsey: 152 Arrington, Debra Anne: 106 ASB Judicial Council: 307 ASCE: 299 Ash, Amber: 140 Asprion, Ryan: 176 Assaf, Sybil: 176 Associated Student Body Cabinet: 305 Associated Student Body offi- cers: 303 Associated Student Body Senate: 305 Atkinson, Scott: 152 Augustin, Michelle: 176 Austin, Brian: 176 Autry, Lauren: 152 Avant, Alyssa: 163 Avent, Rebecca: 163 Avery, Katherine: 140 Avery, Stephanie: 163 Awpers, Joseph: 163 Ay cock, Regan: 152 Ayers, Amanda: 152 Ayyalasmoayajula, Narasimharop: 194 Azzone, Jared: 176 $6 Index Andrews, Toy: Babb, Melissa: 152 Babbitt, Nicole: 152 Badenhorst, Izalda: 163 Bagade, Sumeet: 194 Bailey, Brittany: 140 Bailey, Cori: 176 Bailey, Katie: 140 Bailey, Kevin: 152 Bailey, Michael: 176 Bailey, Sarah: 163 Bain, Lesley: 163 Bain, Nicholas: 176 Baine, Samantha: 152 Bajracharva, Ruza: 152 Baker, Bradley: 140 Baker, Laura: 152 Ball, Chelsey: 140,278 Ball,Roynaldo: 140 Ballard, Misty: 176 Banahan, Jessica: 152,287,325 Banister, John: 140 Banks, Emily: 152 Banks, Nicole: 140 Bannerman, Blair: 163 Baptist Student Union: 313 Barber, Sarah: 152 BarbourJVlary: 163 Bardwell, Susan: 140 Bardwell, William: 163 Baria, Laura: 176 Barksdale,Matt: 176 Barner, Amanda: 152 Barnes, Alison: 163 Barnes, Carly: 176 Barnes, Jill: 163 Barnes, Jonathan: 176 Barnes, Kelly: 152 Barnes, Sidney: 140 Barnett, Brandy: 194 Barnett, Monica: 194 Barr, Dereck: 118, 176 Ban ' , Shannon: 176 Barr, Tiffany: 163 Barrett, Austin: 163 Barrow, Leigh: 140 Bartholomew,Shannon: 163 Barton, Priscilla: 163 Bartz, Jessica: 152 Baskin,Chad: 140 Bates, Colleen: 140 Baudo, Brooke: 152 Baughman, Chris: 152 Baumann, Julie: 163 Baxter, J arrod: 176 Beard, Ruthie: 176 Beasley, Sarah: 176 Beasley, Tia: 152 Beaver, Robert: 140 Beck, Carabeth: 140,284 Beck, Johnny: 110 Beckman, Lindsey: 140 Beckman, Paul: 163 Becky Malvin: 287 Bee, Blake: 152 Beecham, Tracy: 176 Belk, Misty: 176 Bell, Adrian: 194 Bell, Joseph: 152 Bell, Wendy: 163,280 Bender, Ariana: 152,286 Bender, Lawrence: 176 Benoist, Molly: 152 Benoit, Julie: 152 Benvenutti, Nicholas: 140 Bergandi, Sara: 152 Berghuis, Jenna: 176 Bermel, Michelle: 152 Berrons, Kathryn: 140 Berry, Juntin R: 140 Berryhill,Ashlyn: 140 Bertrand, Aimee: 153,280 Bessie Liedtke: 287 Beta Alpha Psi: 301 Betsayad, Jennifer: 176,278,325 Bevilaqua, Kacie: 176 Bhandary, Richa: 163 Bibb, Harrison: 153 Bidwell, Gene LeFlore: 106 Bigbee, April: 153 Billings, Mallory: 140 Billman, Lauren: 153 Bishop, Brent: 176 Bishop, Jonathan: 119,323 Bishop, Melinda: 163 Bishop, Mindy: 163 Bivens, Stacey: 140 Black, David: 163 Black, Emily: 110 Black, Fish: 153 Black, Fowler: 120,176 Black, Jacquelyn: 153 Black, Terrence: 176 Blackburn, Ann: 140 Blackburn, David: 106 Blackburn, Chad: 163 Blackwell,Genia: 140 Blackwell, Richard: 153 Blake, Thomas: 176 Bland, Jason: 153 Bland, Melissa: 176 Blankenship, Wendy: 140 Blankinship,Demetric: 163 Blanks, David: 163 B lay lock, Sara: 176 Bledsoe, Lashanda: 176 Bloodworth, Allison: 163 Blount. Sherry: 176 Boatright, Ben: 163 BoboCrady: 140 Bodenhamer,Ginny: 176 Boeckmann, Jacob: 163 Boggan, Emily: 164 Boggan, Natalie: 164 Bolen, Christie: 177 Bolen, Elizabeth: 278 Boler, Jeremy: 153 Boler, Nancy: 164 Bollinger, Jennifer: 140 Bonds, BH: 177 Bone, Deborah: 194 Booker, Robert: 140 Boone, Lauren: 164 Boone, Tanua: 164 Boothe, Laurabeth: 164 Boston ,Carycl: 194 Bottoms, Jonathan: 153 Bower, Kate: 140 Bowers, Barrett: 164 Bowles, Paul: 177 Bowling, John: 30 Bowman, Ashley: 164 Bowman, Erin: 177 Bowman, Thomas: 177 Boyd, Anna: 140 Boyd, Claire: 140 Boyd, Jennifer: 177 Boyd, Laura: 141 Boykin, Anna Susan: 111 Boylan, Brooks: 153 Boyles, Jessica: 141 Braddock, Adam: 177 Bradley, Allen: 164 Bradley, Karen: 153 Bradshaw, Nick: 153 Brame, Laura: 141 Brame, Maridee: 164 Branch, Katie: 177 Brandon, Joseph: 153 Brann, Mathew: 164 Brantley, Erica: 153 Brantley, Leonard: 153 Brasfield, Ashley: 164 Brashier, Grant: 153,276 Braun, Wesley Duffee: 280 Breakfield, Melissa: 164 Breck Ridley Hines: 106 Breedlove, Maryann: 153 Bressler, Patrick: 164 Brewer, Adam: 119 Brewer, Annaldridge: 153 Brewer, Benjamin: 119 Brewer, Jennifer: 141 Brewer, Kristen: 141 Brewer, Martina: 164 Briggs,RonE: 164 Bright, Micheal: 177 Brock, Bo: 164 Brock, Casey: 164 Brodofsky, Ike: 164 Brookfield, Anne-Morgan: 164 Brooks, Lenwod: 141 Brooks, Toya: 177 Broussard, Barry: 164 Brown, Amanda: 153 Brown, Amy: 177 Brown, Benjamin: 153 Brown, Bobby: 141 Brown, Candace: 153 Brown, Chris: 177 Brown, Elisabeth: 177 Brown, Emily: 164 Brown, Hester: 153 Brown, Janna: 177 Brown, Jason: 177 Brown, Jeffrey: 315 Brown, Keena: 153 Brown, Marquita: 141 Brown, Mary Hayes: 141 Brown, Megan: 164 Brown, Robert: 177 Brown, Shonte: 177 Brown, Timeka: 164 Browner, Leslie: 153 Bruce, Ashley: 164 Bruce, Carrie: 164 Brumfield,AB: 164 Brumfield, Alison: 164 Brummett, Kurt: 194 Bruss, Jeremy: 177 Bryant, Benjamin: 106 Bryant, Caroline: 177 Bryant, Hanna: 164 Bryant, Natalie: 177 Buckhead, Rachel: 141 Buckles, Wytisha: 164 Buckley, Charles: 41 Buckman, Ashely: 153 Bui, Rose: 141 Bullard, Amanda: 141 Bullard, Stephanie: 177 Buntin, Holly: 141 Burchfield, Hays: 153,275, 318 Burdine, Geof: 153 Burford, Alaina: 153 Burgess, Kahryn: 141 Burkley, Hannah: 164 Burks, Adrain: 164 Burks, Demetria: 153 Burks, Makila: 141 Burnett, Carrie: 177 Burns, Brodie: 164 Burns, Kellie: 164 Burnside, Dcwaski: 177 Burt, Amanda: 177 Burt, Brooke: 177 Burt, Preston: 177 Burton, Micah: 177 Busby, Freda: 164 Bush, Michael: 141 Bushing, Jessica: 141 Business School Student Advisory Board: 301 Butler, Allison: 153 Butler, Tasheltha: 141 Butts, Casey: 153 Cc Cadle,Mindy: 177 Cahill, Caroline: 177 Cain, Lisa: 177 Caldwell, Jonathan: 164 Caldwell, Kristen: 164 Caldwell, Lauren: 164 Callahan, Marilyn: 164 Callahan, Vicki: 164 Caluert, Billy: 177 Calvert, Joanna: 153 Calvi, Michael: 177 Cambliss, Jane: 154 Camp, David: 153 Camp, Robet: 153 Campbell, Annie: 141 Campbell, Melissa: 164 Campesi, Kat: 153 Caputo, Daniel: 177 Card, Morgan: 153 Cardosi, Amy: 153 Carlson, Meredith: 164 Carlton, Chris: 153 Carmichael, Elizabeth: 153 Carnley, Meredith: 177 Carpenter, Kelly: 165 Carpenter, Lindsey: 141 Carr,Mike: 165 Carrington, Emery: 141 Carroll, Codie: 141 Carroll, Crista: 141 Carroll, Karen: 154 Carroll, Lexie: 165 Carson, Jason: 282 Carter, Lauren: 177 Carter, Matt: 165 Carter, Wendy: 177 Carter, Wesley: 154 Cartwright, Courtney: 141 Cartwright, Sally: 141 Cartwright. Shelley: 177 Carver, Patrick: 165 Casali, Elizabeth: 154 Casey, Brad: 177 Casey, Candice: 165 Casey, Christina: 141 Casey, George M: 177 Cassisa, Jennifer: 154 Caten, Leah: 177 Cates, Meghan: 177 Cathcart, Mathalie: 154 Catherine Leech: 287, 325 Catholic Student Association 315 Caudel, Lyndsey: 141 Cayson,Ada: 177 Cen, Yuncan: 194 Chadwick, Jennifer: 141 Chalon, Dominick: 287 Chamberlin, Clay: 165 Chambers, Andrew: 165 Chambers, Chaeli: 141 Chamblee, Leah: 165 Chan, Evelyn Lee-Yee: 106 Chancellor, Lauren: 141 Chanda, Pranojit: 194 Chandler, Clay: 276 Chaney, Lacey: 141 Chapman, Adam: 141 Chapman, Donna: 178, 178, 178 Chapman, Sonya: 141 Chassanial, Mimi: 141 Chassaniol, Mary Rae: 165 Chatman, Toria: 178, 178, 178 Chau, Andrea: 178, 178, 178 Cheat man,Leanne: 178, 178. 178 Cheboyina.Sreekhar: 194 Chen,Shuo: 194 Chen, Fen-Fang: 194 Chenault, Kelly: 178, 178, 178 Chencharick, Marianne: 178. 178, 178 Cheng, Lee- Young: 141 Chernyak,Yekaterina: 165 Chesney, Jennifer: 165 Chewning, Blair: 178, 178, 178 Chi Omega: 220 Chi Psi: 242 Chiba, Nobuyuki: 194 Chief Executive Index Officers: 301 Childers, Christopher: 106, 194 Childress, Valerie: 154 Childress, Whitney: 178, 178, 178 Chin, Po-Loong: 196 Ching-Sia Lim: 106 Chinn, Courtney: 141 Chisman, Benjamin: 106 Chockley, Randy: 165 Choe, Hye-Jin: 165 Choong,AlkMin: 178, 178, 178 Christian, Daniel: 154 Christoffersen, Marcus: 178, 178, 178 Christopher, Courtney: 1 1 1 Christopher, Jenny: 285 Claassen, Bjoern: 196 Clabough, Karen: 154 Clancy, Mendy: 154 Claney, Meghan: 141 Clarett, Stephanie: 178, Clarke, Emily: 278 Clark, Hannah: 141 Clark, Jason: 136 Clark, Lanitra: 178, 178, 178 Clark, Nate: 178, 178, 178 Clark, Paula: 154 Clausen, Shane: 154 Clay brook, Thomas: 154 Clayton, Rebecca: 178, 178, 178 Cleland, Andrew: 165 Clement, Nealie: 154 Clifford, Kathryn: 196 Clifford, Shelly: 165 Cobb, Beth: 141 Cofer, John: 165 Coffield, Emily: 141 Coggins, Heath: 165 Coker, Donald: 178, 178, 178 Coker, Stacey: 154 Cole II, Donald: 142 Cole, Alicia: 178, 178, 178 Cole.Kacey: 141 Cole, William Matthew: 120 Coleman, Chenda: 165 Coleman, Eric: 165 Coles, Bess: 178, 178, 178 Coley, Rober: 178 Coley, Robert: 178, 178 Collier, Corinne: 154 Collier, Winston: 165 Collins, Annie: 165 Index Collins, Camille: 40, 178 Collins, Michael: 142 Collins, Taylor: 165 Combes, Joshua: 154, 304 Comer, Camille: 154 Compton, Amanda: 178, 178, 178 Congleton, Laura: 165 Cook, Megan: 165 Cook, Sarah: 142 Cooke, Emily: 119,320 Cooke, Emily A.: 136 Cooke, Peter: 142 Cooley, Kimberly: 154 Cooper, Brian: 165 Cooper. Reagan: 178, 178, 178 Copeland, Pranati: 142 Copeland,Gretchen: 154 Copley, Stephanie: 154 Corcoran, Leigh Ann: 178, 178, 178 Corder, Brooks: 178, 178, 178 Corkern,Amy: 178, 178, 178 Cornelison, Brad: 178, 178, 178 Corua, Ashley: 165 Cotoli,Kacey: 178, 178, 178 Coughlin, Autumn: 142 Counts, Jason: 165 Course, Freda: 154 Cousin, Lealue: 178, 178, 178 Covington, Dana: 178, 178, 178 Covington, Jason: 165 Covington, Regina: 165 Cowan, Sherolyn: 142 Cox, Amy: 178, 178, 178 Cox, Dianna: 165 Crain, Allen: 142 Cramblitt, Joy: 154 Crawford, April: 142, 154 Crawford, Brooke: 1 65 , 3 1 8 Crawford, Ginger: 154 Crawford Tamara: 178, 178, 178 Creckmore, Stacy: 178, 178, 178 Cressman, Jennifer: 154 Crews, Elizabeth: 142 Crim.Rich: 165 Cristen Dickson: 276 Crosby, Carla: 287 Cross, Lesley: 142 Crowe, Justin: 165 Crusoe, Natasha: 165 Cruzen, Philip: 178, 178. 178 Culliver, Vanessa: 142 Culver, Alexis: 142 Cunningham. Claire: 154 Curry. Christie: 286 Curry. La ' Shonn: 142 Curt Clayton: 319 Cyr, Kimberly: 178, 178, 178 VcC D ' Mello, Nathan: 179, 179, 179 Dahlman, Alex: 142 Damico, Melissa: 154 Dana, Jessica: 142 Daniel, Charity: 178 Daniel, Jeffrey: 196 Daniel, Latina: 154 Daniels,Dawn Renee: 165 Dankins, Derricek: 154 Dantin,Vic: 165 Darbhamulla, Ravikumar: 196 Das, Manirupa: 196 Daveat, Nicole: 142 Davenport, Lauren: 154 Davenport, Whitney: 178, 178, 178 Davis, Amy: 165 Davis, Brad: 196 Davis, Brenna: 178, 178, 178 Davis, Chasity: 154 Davis, Chris: 178, 178, 178 Davis, Kerrie: 165 Davis, Kimberly: 142 Davis, Lisa: 165 Davis, Megan: 154 Davis, Ryan: 165 Davis, Wes: 154 Dawson, Chris: 154 Day, Brandy: 178, 178, 178 Day, Leslie: 165 Dear, Benjamin: 166 Debattista,Allison: 178, 178. 178 Decker, Chris: 166 Decker, Darcy: 166 Dees, Ray: 142 Dehenre, Saheba: 142 Delarosa, Patrick: 142 Delk, Brooks: 178, 178, 178 Deloach, Regina: 142 Delong, Jeremy: 178, 178, 178 Delozier, Scott: 178, 178, 178 Delsa, Chris: 166 Delta Delta Delta: 222 Delta Gamma: 224 Delta Psi: 244 Dennis, Becky: 166 Dennis, Jessica: 179, 179, 179 Denton, Dawn: 1 1 1 Desai,Jay: 119,166 Deweese, Drew: 142 Diamond Girls: 287 Dickerson, Jacob: 166 Dickerson, Laura: 154 Dill, Sarah: 154 Dilley,Adam: 154 Ding, Yuanyuan: 196 Distinctions: 96 Dixon, Bradford: 166 Dixon, Elizabeth: 179 Dixon Tripp: 179 Dobbs, Carter: 304 Dodson, Lewis: 154 Doles, Shari: 179 Donahoe, Meredith: 142 Donahue Jr, Patrick: 166 Donald, Kathryn: 154 Donalson, David: 142 Donate Jennifer: 284 Donnaway, John: 179, 179. 179 Doramus, Paul: 142 Douglas, Amanda: 154 Douglas, Joy M: 154,276,277 Douglas, Lauren: 142 Douglas, Paige: 166 Dove, Ashley: 287 Dowd, Jessica: 284 Dowdy, Joshua: 179 Downing, Jacqueline: 142 Downing, Melinda: 196 Downs, Randall: 142 Drago, Gaines: 142 Draper, Sybil: 179, 179, 179 Dravida.Shantharam: 179, 179, 179 Drewrey, Jessica: 166 Driskell, Daysna: 179, 179, 179 Driver, Rodney: 179, 179, 179 Drury, Whitney: 179, 179, 179 Duan, Qiang: 196 Ducking, Johnny: 155 Dudding, Michael: 155 Dudley, Kimberly: 155 Dugas, Allison: 179, 179, 179 Duke, Robin: 196 Dukes, Latisha: 142 Dunaway, Shanna: 179, 179, 179 Dunbar, Dustin: 166 Duncan, Desi: 155 Dunn, Ashley: 278, 280 Dunn, Clark: 179, 179. 179 Durst, Catherine: 142 Dusza, Alexander: 155 Duval, Shanda: 142 179 Evans, Diana: 155 Evans, Emily: 142 Everett, Matilda: 142 Ewing, Battle: 155 Ed Ealey, Bryn: 179, 179, 179 Earnshaw, Amanda: 142 Earnshaw, Thomas: 155 Easley, Jane: 142 Eason, Micael: 179, 179, 179 East, Eija: 166 Easterling, Sy: 155 Eaton, Cole: 179, 179, 179 Eaton, Eric: 166 Echols, Danny: 155 Edwards, Andrea: 142 Edwards, Harvey: 179, 179, 179 Edwards, Karla: 155 Edwards, Mary: 179, 179, 179 Edwards, Paulita: 179, 179, 179 Eiter,Erin: 179, 179, 179 Elam, Justin: 155 Elder, Crystal: 155 Elliott, Cayce: 155 Elliott, Latoya: 155 Ellis, Lindsey: 120,276 Ellzey, Allison: 155 Ellzey, Jennifer: 155 Elsherbeni, Darla: 155 Elzem, Thomas: 179, 179, 179 Embry, Case: 120 Emigh, Emily: 179, 179, 179 Emmons, Carol Anne: 166 Engle, Granville: 166 Englert, Derek: 179, 179, 179 Erickson, Kelly: 166 Etlinger, David: 142 Etthad, Brian: 155 Eubanks, Missy: 179, 179, f Fabianke, Emily: 285 Fair,Carla: 179, 179, 179 Fair, Caroline: 1 55 Fair, Emily: 179, 179, 179 Fairbanks, Haley: 155 Fant, Janette: 142,319 Farmer, Emily: 155 Farmer, Mary ann: 155 Fair, Heather: 155 Farrar, Clint: 120 Faulkner, Mario: 155 Feathers, Ashley: 142 Fee, Marie: 142 Felder, Ryan: 143 Fellows, Gordon: 143 Feng, Liang: 196 Ferchill, Edward: 143 Ferguson, Adam: 179, 179, 179 Ferguson, Erica: 143 Ferguson, Jennifer: 179, 179, 179 Ferguson, Keisha: 155 Ferreira, Renate: 166 Ferrell, Clyde: 166 Ferris, Emily: 155 Fewell, Kari: 143 Fields, Kisha: 179, 179, 179 Fields, Zakiyo: 166 Figlestahler, Ryan: 143 Filder, Stacie: 155 Filley, Shauna: 166 Findley, Erin: 166 Finley, Julie: 179, 179, 179 Fischer, Lindsay: 179, 179, 179 Flagg, Bethany: 179, 179, 179 Flanner, Jennifer: 166 Flechas, Mike: 179, 179, 179 Flechtl, Jessica: 166 Fleming, Anna: 155 Fleming, Shelley: 179, 179, 179 Flynn, Matthew: 120, 179 Foil, Jennifer: 315 Fondren, Michael: 143 Fong,Mandy: 112, 120, 179, 275,323 Foose, Ransome: 155 Ford, Elizabeth: 143 Ford, Jamie: 155 Ford, Joanna: 179 Forler, Danielle: 179 Forman, Shane: 166 Forquer, Brandon: 155 Former, John: 179, 179, 179 Foster, Frank: 179, 179, 179 Foster, Holly: 166 Foster, Jessica: 155 Foster, Megan: 143 Foster, Robert: 143 Fowler, Laura: 1 55 Fox, Ariel: 143 Franklin, Christopher: 319 Frazier, Debbie: 166,287 Freeland, Anna K.: 136 Freeman, Mary: 166 Freeman, Palmer: 143 Freiman, Lora: 155 French, Jennifer: 155 French, Megan: 155 Frese,Adam: 143 Friendship Association of Chinese Students Scholars: 313 Frier, Todd: 166 Fullilove, Grace: 143 Fulton, Memory: 166 Furlong, Laurence: 166 % Gaither, Christy: 287 Galligan, Chelsea: 143 Gamma Beta Phi: 319 Gamma Iota Sigma: 301 Gangarapu, Ravikanth: 196 Garcia, Javier: 196 Gardner, Keyonda: 155 Garrard, Beebe: 166 Garrard, Nick: 166 Garren, Laurieanne: 143 Garreth Blackwell: 278 Garriga, Mary Ann: 120 Garriga, Joy Lynn: 143 Gaters, Jessica: 155 Gatewood, Cathy: 143 Gathitu, Benson: 166 Gavin Ales: 48 Gay, Kearney: 166 Gehrett, Richard: 155 Gent, Lauren: 196 (Icntry, Julie: 143 Gentry, Whitney: 155 Geotes, Jennifer: 143 Geraci, Ashley: 120,318 Germany, Jennifer: 156 Gex, Meredith: 156 Gibson, Lindsey: 166 Giles, Cody: 56 Gill, Ashley: 156 Gill, Carolyn: 166 Gillespie, Brittany: 156 Gilliam, Jennifer: 143 Gilner, Julian: 156 Gilpin, Amanda: 156 Gilson, Jamar: 143 Ginne, Sahithi: 196 Glass, Jabarie: 143 Glass, Jennifer: 156 GLBA: 311 Glen, Elizabeth: 166 Glisson, Richard: 166 Gober, Sarah: 166 Gobert, James: 156 Golden Key: 293 Goldman, Roveta: 143 Gomez, Lorena: 198 Gong, Michael: 156 Gore, Meredith: 156 Gorman, Ainsley: 156 Gospel Choir: 289 Gould, Camilla: 120 Grace, Sarah: 166 Graham, Amanda: 167,324 Graham, Justin: 167 Graham JVlattew: 143 Grandhi, Sai: 198 Grantham, David: 323 Grantham, Jonathan: 156 Gravatt, Neal: 167 Graves, Kathryn: 156 Gray, Brad: 167 Gray, John: 143 Gray, Tiffany: 167 Greeks: 210 Green, Andrew: 143 Green, Caroline: 167 Greene, Sarah: 166 Greenoe, Bethany: 198 Greer, Anna: 143 Gregory, Abbey: 137 Gregory, Courtney: 167 Gregory, Lauren: 143 Gregory, Stuart: 167 Grey, Derek: 156 Griffin, Brenda: 167 Index Griffin, Carl: 143 Griffin, Elizabeth: 143 Griffin, James: 143 Griffith, Clark: 167 Griggs, Michael: 156 Grigoryan,Tigran: 167 Grimes, Lorenzo: 156 Grimes, Mark: 167 Grogan, Laura: 143 Guckert, Kimbely: 143 Guess, Audrey: 143 Guest, Ishmael Luke: 167 Guild, Patrick: 156 Guinn, Marcus: 156 Gunnell, Katherine: 143 Gunther, Christiane: 198 Gurner, Andrea: 156 Guthrie, Sara: 156 Guy McCoy: 57 Guyton, Joshua: 167 Guy ton, Mary Jane: 167 Gwin, Yvonne: 143 Gyetunji, Shakirat: 143 ltd Haarmann, Patricia: 167 Habitat for Humanity: 295 Hadd,Anna: 143 Haggstrom, Maja: 143 Haifeng,Jia: 198 Hall, Karen: 143 HalLLindy: 167 Hall, Valerie: 167 Hamberlin, Christopher: 167 Hamblin, Melanie: 167 Hamilton IVJames: 167 Hammett, Tripp: 156 Hammond, Kate: 156 Hancock, Matthew: 143 Hankins, Christipher: 167 Hankins, James: 167 Hankins, Johnathan: 167 Hankins, Nacy: 167 Hanson, Amily: 156 Harbert, Erin: 167 Hardin, Brent: 156 Hardy, Rowdy: 144 Hargrove, Erin: 156 Harikrishana, Didigam: 198 Harkey, Jimmy: 167 Harkins, Marie: 156 Harle, Stephen: 144 Harmon, Matt: 144 Harper, Lindsay: 144 Index Harrell,Cody: 121 HarrelkNicci: 156 Harris, Anita: 144 Harris, Bentley: 167 Harris, Damon: 156 Harris, Derek: 156 Harris, Justin: 144 Harris, Robbie: 144 Harris, Samantha: 144 Harris, Watson: 144 Harrison, Brenda: 198 Harrod, Lindsey: 144 Hart, Jamie: 156 Hatch, Philip: 144 Hatfield, Ashley: 287 Hatten, Elizabeth: 156 Hattix, Ebony: 156 Havens, Wendy: 167 Hawkins, Natalie: 156 Hawthorne, Erica: 144 Hayes, Adam: 144 Hayes, Jennifer Rose: 283 Hayes, Lindsey: 167 Haynes, Maggie: 156 Haynes, Miranda: 144 Hazlewood, Amy: 144 He, Fen: 144 Healtherly, Eric: 144 Heard, Rasheeda: 156 Hearne,John: 156,285 Heath, Crystalin: 284 Hector, Kara: 167 Heffingtonjohn David: 167 Heinz, Ashely: 144 Henegan, Lewis: 121 Henley, Hap: 156 Henley, Jenny: 156 Hennekes, Shannon: 156 Henning, Jillian: 144 Henslee, Cole: 156 Henson, Staci: 167 Herndon, Susan: 156 Hickman, Clint: 144 Higgins, Ashley: 157 Hight,Tedric: 167 Hiland, Katie: 157 Hill, Al: 146 Hill, Anna: 144 Hill, James: 319 Hill, Katie: 157 Hilliard, Shantee: 198 Hillman, Kathleen: 167 Hillmer, Andrew: 167 Hitson, Micah: 174 Hitt, Adrienne: 144 Hitt, Mary Cliff. 157 Hoag, Cristen: 144 Hobson, Julie: 167 Hobson, Shundral: 144 Hodge, Cedric: 157 Hodges, Demarco: 144 Hoehn, Mary: 167 Hogue, Ashley: 167,286,324 Hoffman, Elise: 120 Hollander, Abigail: 120 Hollinger, Michael: 167 Hollis, Laniva: 167 Hollister, Danica: 157 Holman, Kelsi: 275,321 Holmes, Amy: 168 Holtz, Nicholas: 168 Honey Robertson: 121 Honeycutt, Natalie: 157 Hood, Ashley: 168 Hopkins, Ginna: 144 Hopper, Bailey: 144 Home, Maria: 168 Hotard,Dave: 168,278 Houston, Laura: 144 Howell, Joesph: 144 Howell, Lacie: 157 Howell, Meri: 168 Howell, Shawanda: 144 Howery, Marika: 144 Huber, Ryan: 144 Hubert, Burgundy: 168 Hudson, Lawrence: 157 Huff, Rosemary: 157 Hugh Keeton: 278 Hui, Chi Chung: 168 Huk, Autumn: 144 Huling, Melissa: 168 Hulsey, Laura: 157 Hunsberger, Kelley: 275 Hunt, Julius: 144 Hunter, Laura: 157 Hunter, William: 144 Hurd, Courtney: 168 Hurston, Sara: 144 Husband, Jonathan: 144 Hutsell, Allison: 144 Hutton, Ashley: 168,287 Hyperbole Literary Magazine: 309 1% Ichniowshi, Elaine:284 lies, Josh: 168 Ingram, Amy: 182 Ingram, Carol: 182 Inman, Brandi: 168 Intra-Fraternal Council: 213 Ireland, Patrick: 157 Isabell, Rachel: 168 Ivory, Natasha: 168 Ivy, Joseph: 182 Ivy, Makedra: 168 3j Jackson, Fallon: 144 Jackson, Tiffany: 144 Jackson, Yolanda: 182 Jacobs, Chris: 168 Jacobs, Jim: 168 Jacobs, Mike: 157 Jacobsen, Blair: 168 Jacobsen, Melissa: 157 Jadhav, Prakash: 198 Jake Lyons: 285 Jameel, Allen: 157 James, Amanda: 168 James, Amber: 144 James, Edward: 182 James, Melva: 182 James, Nick: 157 James, Oshea: 182 Janezic, Dana: 144 Jarrett, David: 182 Jarrett, Lee Ann: 182 Jeanes, Kindal: 182 Jefcoat, Debralee: 168 Jefferson, Lawonica: 182 Jeffries, Kofi: 157 Jeffries, Monica: 145 Jeffus, Clint: 182 Jenkins, Angela: 168 Jenkins, Candy: 182 Jenkins, Dekesha: 145 Jenkins, Misty: 145 Jennings, Christina: 157 Jennings, Lindsey: 145 Jernigan, Jennifer: 136 Jeyashekar, Nigil: 198 Jian, Yu: 198 Jianfeng, Jiang: 198 Jinnette, Allen: 198 Jobe, Pamela: 157 Jocelyn English: 322, 323 Johns, Emily: 111,120 Johns, Tracy: 157 Johnson, Amanda: 275 Johnson, April: 168 Johnson, Austen: 145 Johnson, Christy: 168 Johnson, David: 157 Johnson, Deana: 182 Johnson, Dominca: 145 Johnson, Elosha: 145 Johnson, Faith: 168 Johnson, James: 168 Johnson, Jason: 168 Johnson, Jennifer: 157 Johnson, Katrina: 168 Johnson, Marlena: 168 Johnson, Megan: 168 Johnson, Nakita: 168 Johnson, Scott: 168 Johnson, Shannon: 168 Johnson, Stacy: 168 Johnson, Tameshia: 182 Johnson, Tarah: 182 Johnson, Tiffany: 182 Johnson JEmmeline: 168 Joiner, Lauren: 145 Jolly, Branch: 182 Jolly, Sara: 145 JonRawl: 280,319 Jones, Abby: 318 Jones, Amy: 182 Jones, Ashley: 275 Jones, Austin: 145 Jones, Brandie: 145 Jones, Brian: 182 Jones, Camille: 157 Jones, Chris: 168 Jones, Cindy: 120, 182 Jones, Courtney: 145 Jones, Danielle: 145 Jones, Deveshia: 145 Jones, Jenifer: 182 Jones, Jennifer: 168 Jones, Joseph: 168 Jones, Julie: 157 Jones, Mary Susan: 182 Jones, Matthew: 168 Jones, Paul: 168 Jones, Ryan: 145 Jones, Sally: 145 Jones, Shaneka: 157 Jones, Walter: 145 Jordan, Crystal: 182 Jordan, Jennifer: 145 Jordan, Keyana: 157 Jordan, Lisa: 157 Joseph, Mark: 145 Jourdan, Mollie: 145 Journalism Explorers: 319 Joy, Lasonda: 157 Joyner, Grant: 120 Jue, Michelle: 168 Jue, Tiffany: 182 Julian, Tom: 182 Julie Finley: 276 Juraev,Shairbck: 168 Justic, James: 182 Justin Croft: 120 Justin Gentry: 120 Justin Nicholas: 318 JV Cheerleaders: 285 JV Rebelettes: 285 Ki K.CArchana: 182 KanukolanuJ amakanth: 198 Kappa Alpha Order: 246 Kappa Alpha Theta: 226 Kappa Delta: 228 Kappa Kappa Gamma: 230 Kappa Sigma: 248 Kappler, Corbin: 169 Keefe,Ryan: 169 Keenen, Annie Kate: 136 Keene, Whitney: 145 Keisha Ferguson: 278 Keith Sisson: 281 Kelley, Julie: 182 Kellum, Matt: 169 Kellum, Roy: 169 Kelly Kuykendall: 121 Kelly, Christopher: 145 KelsiHolman: 275,321 Kemp, Melanie: 145 Kendra Moehring: 287 Kendra Moering: 325 Kendrick, Richard: 182 Kennedy, Jason: 182 Kennedy, Kevin: 157 Kennedy, Scott: 145 Kennell, Natoria: 145 Kerri Langston: 287 Ketchum, Kendall: 157 Kettig, Laura: 169 Kevin Hall: 318 Kevin Keeton: 44 Keyana Mitchell: 108, 114, 120 Khoo, LayMenn: 198 Kilburn, Corey: 145 Kim Lindsey: 45 Kim, Sangbeom: 182 Kim, Young Koun: 182 Kimberly Kosman: 287 Kimberly Weston: 318 Kimbriel, Kyle: 182 King, Ashley: 182 King, Brandon: 169 King, Bryan: 169 King,Chereda: 169,318 King, Gregory: 169 King, Michael: 145 King, Steven: 169 Kirk, Brandon: 182 Kirk, Jessica: 169 Kirkland, Tammy: 169 Kirsty Echols: 283 Kitchen, Lauren: 182 Kitchens, Brent: 145 Kittie Kong: 40 Klar, Patrick: 169 Klimek, Lindsay: 145 Kniaz, Christine: 182 Kniepkamp, Jared: 145 Knight, Bridget: 157,318 Knight, Geoffrey: 182 Knight, Jennifer: 182 Knight, Kimberly: 183 Knight, Natcha: 169 Knighton, Anna: 183 Knutson, Meredith: 145 Koban,Jack: 169 Koduri,Skianth: 200 Koestler, Elizabeth: 157 Kohne,Aimee: 183 Kollath, Carlie: 145 Komosinski, Carolyn: 145 Konde, Kiran: 200 Koon, Stacy: 183 Krinke, Jennifer: 157 Kristen McGraner: 304 Krutz, Patrick: 183 Kuklinski, Ryan: 157 Kumar, Minu: 183 Kuykendall, Erin: 183 Kuykendall, Kim: 183 Kwasek, Matt: 157 Kyle, Leslie: 169 £f Laban, Kristen: 169 Lafferty, Sara: 183 Lai,Ket-Mei: 183 Laine, Brian: 183 Lamberth, Nicole: 145 Lamm, Ashley: 183 Lampking, Natosha: 183 Lancaster, Amanda: 183 Lancaster, April: 157 Lancaster, Kurt: 183 LANCE BAKER: 50 Lance, Justin: 157 Landrum, Brandi: 145 Landry, Jessica: 169 Landschulze, Sebastian: 169 Lane, Mary Mills: 169 Laney,Cal: 169 Lang ford, Kelly: 145 Lantrell, Brett: 145 Lapiikas, Brandie: 145 Laporte, Jotham: 169 Las iter, Russell: 169 Lasyone, Terry: 183 Latham, Celeste: 145 Laualee Scanlon: 278 Lauderdale, Jessica: 183 Lauderdale,Christopher: 183 Lawrence, Amanda: 169 Lawrence, Brooke: 169,318 Lawrence, Charlene: 145 Lawrence, John: 145 Lawson, Weston: 157 Layne, Valerie: 183 Lazaridi, Pavel: 183 Lea, Beth: 183 Leach, Colin: 44 Leach, Meredith: 169 Leah Lomax: 287, 325 Leblanc, Dustin: 146 Ledford, Laura: 183 Lee, Amanda: 183 Lee, Jacqueline: 157 Lee, Jiyeon: 169 Lee, Jong Min: 183 Lee, Lucas: 146 Leigh Newton: 285 Leigh Rittner: 121 Leigh, Lucas: 146 Leland, Darius: 157 Leland, Kianna: 146 Leland, Tejuan: 169 Leon, Barbara: 183 Leon, Erin: 183 Leslie Harper: 284 Lester, Lindsay: 183 Lewis, Andrea: 285 Lewis, Charles: 169 Lewis, Erica: 157 Lewis, Jennifer: 146 Lewis, Trey: 183 Li, Hai-Tao: 200 Liggett, Jessica: 158 Ligon, Will: 146 LIm, Ching-Sin: 200 Lincoln, Deborah: 183, 121 Lindsay Thaler: 287, 325 Lindsey McClelland: 120 Lindsey, Kimberly: 183 Linkins, Bryan: Index 158 Linzy, Jena: 146 Lisa Bailey: 276 Lisa Cain: 119 Little, Amanda: 183 Little, Paxton: 183 Liu, Jun: 200 Liu. Qiang: 200 Liu. Yi: 200 Liu, Ying: 200 Lizzie Andrews: 286, 324 Lockhart, Chandler: 281 Loden, Jeremy: 183,274 Lofton, Katie: 183 Logan, Bridget: 169 Logan, Ginger: 183 Long, Nathan: 169 Long.Wilson: 146 Loporto, Kathryn: 158 Lora Freiman: 318 Lott, Ashley: 183 Lott, Austin: 169 Lott, Neely: 146 Louis Hengen: 121, 302 Love, Latoya D.: 146 Love, Marshall: 183 Lovelace, Andrea: 169 Lovell, Katharine: 183 Lowe, Timothy: 183 Lowery, Jenna: 183 Lowry, Wiley: 183 Loyd, Chris: 285 Lu,Sheng: 183 Lucius, Charles: 146 Luster, Elizabeth: 121 Luster, Jones: 146 Luster, Roy: 146 Lyle,Karen: 146 Lynahping, Laurie: 169 Lyon, Claire: 184 Lyon, Lorrie: 146 Lyons, Nathan: 184 (Mm M.C. Course III: 319 Ma, John: 121,184 Mackey,Laura-Ann: 146 Macon, Phanaka: 169 MadewelLKayla: 169 Mahal ite.Tara: 146 Mahan, Lori A: 169 Maholm, Michael: 184 M ah r, Stacy: 184 Mai, Liuqing: 200 Makkena. Murali: 200 Index Malaysian Student Association: 3 1 1 Malla, Sajan: 200 Mallette, Angela: 158 Malone, Antoinette: 169 Malone, Linette: 169 MAMP IMAGE: 3 1 1 Mann, Richa: 200 Manning, Blair: 158 Manning, Brian: 158 Mansel, Ferriday: 158 Maranto, Amie: 158 Mariners: 293 Marion, Carol Anne: 158 Marlar, Brad: 184 Maron, Maureen: 200 Maron, Ruth: 200 Mars, Chad: 184 Marshall, Lues: 146 Martin Bartlett: 278,279 Martin, Andrew: 184 Martin, Bailey: 184 Martin, Brad: 169 Martin, Courtney: 146 Martin, Katie: 184 Martin, Rebecca: 146 Martin, William: 158 Maschek,Abby: 184 Masif, Blake: 158 Mason, Corby: 184 Matta, Vamsee: 200 Mauldin, Kate: 158 Maxwell, Lasaundra: 158 Mayer, Mary Beth: 184 Mays,Tasha: 146 Mazoch, Kortney: 158 McAlister, Vanessa: 169 McAllister, Ray: 184 McBride, Monica: 184 McCain. Jill: 158,286 McCarthy, Kinney: 158 McCaskill, Andrea: 146 McCaskilLChasza: 146 McCay, Rebekah: 158 McClatchy, Sam: 169 McClelland, Ryan: 184 McCollough, Angel: 170 McCollough, Ricky: 184 McConnell, Ryan: 146 McCormick, Alan: 170 McCormick, Rochelle: 184 McCoy, April: 158 McCrory, Keith: 184 McCullar, Keith: 158 McCullar, Salley: 158 McCullen, Tamara: 184 McCullough.William: 146 McCurrach, Ashley: 284 McDaniel, Justin: 184 McDonald, Courtney: 286, 287,324,325 McDougal, Bennet: 158 McDowell, Jonathan: 158 McFarland, Andrew: 184 McFarland, Frederic: 146 McFerrin, Jodie: 184 McGahey, Anna: 184,275, 315 McGee, Haley: 146 McGinnis, Megan: 170 McGraw, Shana: 158 Mclngvale, Virginia: 170 M cintosh, Ashley: 184 Mclntyre, Josh: 158 Mclntyre, Stacy: 170 McKay, Suzanne: 170 McKee, Eugenia: 170 McKenzie .Laurie: 146 McKinney, Kimberly: 184 McKinney, Marlena: 146 McKinney, Shermila: 170 McKissack, April: 184 McKnight, Michae: 146 McLarty, Brian: 184 McLarty, Shane: 184 McLaughlin,Crystal: 158 McLaurin, Arthur: 50 McLemore. Eugene: 158 McMaster, Carl: 170 McMurray,Kimberl: 146 McNeal, James: 184 McNeeLKathy: 184 McNeil, Lauren: 200 McNulty. Lane: 184 McNutt, Jennifer: 184 McRaney, Lacie: 184 McVey, Molly: 146 Meador, Elise: 184 Meda, Chaitali: 202 Medlock, Gary: 170 Meeks, Charles: 184 Meeks, Hardie: 170 Meg Gieselmann: 120 Meghan Pittman: 275 Mehmedic, Damir: 184 Mehta, Priteshkumar: 184 Meisenheimer, Drew: 184 Meisenheimer.Hunter: 158 Melissa Cook: 284 Melvin, Brenda: 146 Melvin, Julie: 184 Menard, Kristal: 146 Meredith Scott: 286 Meredith Turner: 285 Messer, Jon: 146 Metcalf, Daniel: 170 Metcalf, Tieryan: 202 Meyer, Jennifer: 146 Meyers, Margie: 158 Mia Mosavizahed: 286 Michael Atkins: 319 Mididoddi,Praveen: 202 Mike Bailey: 118 Miles, Jay: 146 Miller, Angela: 158 Miller, Josh: 120,276,277 Miller, Julie: 170 Miller, Kalisa: 158 Miller, Krista: 170 Miller, Ryan: 158 Miller, Stewart: 158 Millington, Courtney: 170 Mills, Alysson: 120 Milne, William: 158 Milner, Amanda: 170 Mims,Tara: 158 Minor, Daniel: 146 Mister, Jeffrey: 146 Misty Rea: 134 Mitchell, Amanda: 158 Mitchell, Ashley: 158 Mitchell, Kyle: 158 Mitchell, Tamecia: 146 Mitchke, Brooke: 158 Mixon, Kelly: 146 Mobley, Marales: 184 Mock,Hayley: 184 Mogle, Amanda: 275 Monsour, Mike: 185 Montgomery, Tamika: 1 70 Montgomery, Traci: 170 Mooney, Timothy: 170 Moore, Amanda: 120, 185 Moore, Antwan: 50 Moore, Jenny: 185 Moore, Kawonder: 158 Moore, Kimberly: 146 Moore, Sha: 185 Moore, Shamecca: 170 Moore, Tammye: 185 Moore, Tina: 185 Moore, Trevor: 1 70 Moore, Wilson: 185 Morgan Stuart: 318 Morgan, Andria: 185 Morgan, David: 185 Morgan, Jill: 170 Morgan, Kendra: 185 Morgan, Scott: 185 Morris, Bret: 185 Morris, Meredith: 170 Morrison, Jim: 111,114,121,185 Morrison, Tessa: 185 Mortar Board: 307 Mosavizahed, Mariam: 158 Mosley, Kandace: 170 Moss, Ashley: 158 Moton,Tashondrea: 185 Muller, Katherine: 185 Muller, Virginia: 158 Munxayaphom.Bounthanom: 185 Murchison, Camille: 170 Murphree, Matthew: 185 Murphy, Rebecca: 170 Murrah, Christy: 159 Murray, William: 185 Murry, Ida: 170 Muruako, Michael: 159 Musolf,Troy: 170 Musselwhite Jennifer: 170,318 Mutyala, Revanth: 170 Myers, Casey: 159 Myers, Jason: 170 Myers, Lindsey: 185 Myrick, Michael: 170 OSfn NABJ: 319 Nabors, Elaine: 170 Nabors, Jeremy: 185 Nail, Emily: 121, 185 Nalley, Maria: 170 Nancy Boler: 44 Nash, Lindsay: 159 Natalie Honeycutt: 318 Nathan Davis: 276 Nathan Latil: 276 National Pan-Hellenic Council: 214 Nations, Ashley: 159 Neal, Rebekah: 170 Neely Lott: 319 Nelson, Claire: 170,278 Nelson, Sara: 185 Nettles, Amanda: 185 Newell, Kelly Renee: 159 Newman, Keenya: 159 Newsm, Rosalind: 147 Newsom, Michael: 202 Newswatch 12: 279 Newton, Julie: 202 Newton, Nicole: 185 Nguyen, Anh: 159 Nguyen, Sally: 170 Nichols, Amanda: 159 Nichols, Joli: 170 Nichols, Rachel: 170 Nick, Le Che: 170 Nielson, Scott: 185 Nikita Wilson: 286 Nittala, Kalyan: 185 Noblitt,Tatum: 159 Noel, Caroline: 147 Noel, Rachel: 147 Noguchi, Kenji: 202 Nolan, Matt: 147 Nolen. Amelie: 185 Norman, Johnna: 202 Norris, Megan: 170 Norton, Cassie: 159 NROTC: 293 Nunley, Jema: 170 Nunley, Michaellea: 185 Oyetunji, Jariat: 159 Pj Oo O ' BriantJSrooks Anne: 147 O ' Neal, Stacey: 171 O ' Neal, Stephen: 185 O ' Neill, Brad: 159 O ' Shea, Casey: 304 Oakes, Elizabeth: 171 Odom Jr., Ronald: 147 Odom,Gy: 185 Oh,Donghun: 185 Okes,John: 147 Omicron Delta Kappa: 295 Oneal, Gregory: 185 Oneke, Obianuju: 185 Ong, Swee-Huat: 202 Onwubiko, Chinwendu: 171 Opening: 2 Orange, Untray: 202 Orchard, Lindsey: 159 Order of Omega: 3 1 5 Organizations: 271 Osborn, Christopher: 159 Osmonov, Asylbek: 171 Ostrenga, Andrew: 171 Otte,Jared: 159 Oughton, Patricia: 171 Overton, Chip: 159 Owen, Jennifer: 171 Owen, Whitney: 147 Oxner, Chris: 159 Paddock, Megan: 185 Pafford, Michael: 147 Page, Lekisha: 147 Palmer, Corey: 159 Palmer, Debbie: 185 Palmer, Whitney: 171 Panhellenic Council: 212 Parakkal, Santosh: 171 Parent, Morgan: 185 Parker, Ashley: 147 Parker, Donald: 171 Parker, John: 159 Parker, Kristen: 159 Parker, Maggie: 185 Parker, Martha: 185 Parker, Melissa: 147 Parkerson, Russell: 171 Parkes, Jade: 202 Parks, Rachel: 147 Parks, Robin: 185 Parupalli, Samatha: 202 Patel,AmitS.: 31 PateLNeha: 171 Patel, Shalin: 171 Patricia Oughton: 275 Patterson, Mikki: 171 Patterson,Lindsey: 147 Patton, Demetra: 171 Patton, Martha: 171 Pattridge, PJ: 185 Paul, Alicia: 171 Paula Cook: 286 Paulk, Melissa: 147 Paulson, Melissa: 185 Payne, Carter: 159 Payne, Chrystal: 186 Peacock, Jason: 171 Pearson, Ashton: 171 Pearson, Markee: 186 Pearson, Marsha: 186 Pearson, Matthew: 147 Pegram, Kathleen: 159 Pennington, Russel: 171 Penningtonjennifer: 171,287 People: 138 Perez, Matthew: 186 Perkins, Darcy: 147 Perkins, Gail: 171 Perry, Earlon: 159 Persick, Lauren: 159 Peters, Manuela: 186 Peterson, Molly: 186 Pettit, Anne: 48 Petty. Christopher: 171 Peugh, Kelly: 147 Peyton, Emily: 171 Phelan, Donovan: 159 Phelps. Haley: 171 Phi Beta Sigma: 250 Phi Delta Theta: 252 Phi Kappa Psi: 254 Phi Kappa Tau: 256 Phi Mu: 232 Philip, Ashok: 202 Phillip Walkley III: 120 Phillips, Ashley: 186 Phillips, Justin: 147 Phillips. Kelly: 186 Phillips, Lauren: 159 Phillips. Meg: 147 Phillips, Taylor: 159 Pi Beta Phi: 234 Pi Kappa Alpha: 258 Piazza, Laura: 159 Pickens, Lori: 159 Pierce, Courtney: 147 Pilcher, Chad: 159 Piletz, Aaron: 159 Pillault, Stacey: 159 Pinto, Katie: 186 Pittman. Meghan: 186 Pittman, Robert: 186 Pollan, Jarett: 186 Pollock, Ashley: 186 Pontious, Dawn: 287 Pope, Chris: 186 Pope,Tekela: 186 Porter, Henry: 159 Powell, Sarah: 147 Powers. Sara Anna: 186. 302 Poynor, Meghann: 186 Prather, Dennis: 159 Pratt Wilkinson: 105 Pratt, Brandon: 147 Prechter, Scott Mudlick: 1 86 Prestage, Danny: 186 Prewett, Adam: 186 Prewett.Tressie: 171 Price, Connie: 159 Price, Jason: 171 Price, Myrt: 186 Priest, Christen: 159 Prince, Alexa: 186,287 Pritchett, Shea: 171 Puckett, Katherine: 147 Pugh, Parker: 159 Pulliam, Corey: 186 Purnell, Regina: 147 Index Purser, Amelia: 115. 121 186,287,320 Q$ Quaka, Katie: 159 Quails, Ashley: 159 Queen, Titus: 186 ■Rr Rackley, Paul: 171 Ragland, Hley: 147 Raines, Erin: 171 Rains, Amy: 186 Rakestraw, Meredith: 171 Ramakrishnan, Anand: 186 Ramalingham, Vijay: 171 Ramaswamy, Venkatesh: 202 Ramirez, Alika: 287 Ramsey, Mary Blake: 171 Randall, Trace: 186 Randi Wilkins: 284 Randle, Carla: 186 Ratcliff, Chris: 186 Ratcliffe, Calvit: 186 Ray, Michelle: 171 Ray, Miranda: 202 Ray, Stephanie: 171 Rayburn, Samantha: 147 Rayburn, Wes: 159 Raychel Green: 287 Rea, Randi: 171 Ready, Ashley: 159 Rebecca Horn: 120 Rebel Radio: 281 Rebel Recruiters: 287 Red, Greg: 171 Red, Sara- Page: 160 Redd, Renee Marie: 171 Reddick, Laura: 147 Redding, Chad: 171 Redmond, Katrina: 160 Reed, Lashundra: 160 Reed, Tiffany: 160 Reeder, Lauren: 147 Reekstin, Rebecca: 186 Reel, Valerie: 186 Reid, Ashley: 186 Reid, Laura: 1X6 Reid, Ryan: 148 Reimer, Beth: 186 Reis.Erin: 284 Reiter, Erin: 171 Renick, Suzy: 160 Renkewit , Sindy: 172 Index Reploglejenny: 148 Revels, Carey: 186 Revere, Laurin: 172 Reynolds Moore: 120, 304 Reynolds, Abbey: 160 Rezk, Amira: 186 RHA: 295 Rhea, Mindy: 172 Rhodes, C.J.: 304 Rhodes, Clayton: 186 Rhyne, Michael: 186 Rials, Christopher: 160 Rice, Stephanie: 148 Rice,Tameka: 160 Rice, Trey: 186 Rich, Amy: 186 Rich, Shanna: 187 Richard, Michele: 187 Richardson, Shane: 160 Richmond, Sonia: 160 Rigby, Rosie: 172 Riley, Erica: 187 Riley, Lucas: 148 Rings, Jacquelyn: 148 Riordan, Jennifer: 148 Risley, Jennifer: 172 Ritchie, Charlotte: 172 Rivers, Marshall: 172 Robbins, Brad: 187 Roberson, Jay: 160 Roberts, Gabe: 172 Roberts, Megan: 148 Roberts, Tanaka: 160 Roberts, Margaret: 148 Robertson, Ryan: 187 Roby, Chanda: 319 Robey, Laura: 120, 187,311 Robin Freeman: 48 Robinson, Banks: 187 Robinson, Edie: 172 Robinson, Emily: 172 Robinson, Jennifer: 187 Robinson, Kenya: 187 Robinson, Tameka: 172 Robison, David: 172 Roby, Chanda: 172 Roby, Melanie: 172 Roby, Michelle: 172 Rochester, Joanna: 187 Rodgers, Amy: 172 Rodgers, Clay: 148 Rodriguez, Karen: 172 Rogan, Brendan: 148 Rogers, Corey: 148 Rogers, Kyle: 148 Rogers, Paul: 202 Rogers, Stephen: 187 Roiann Boisture: 287 Roman, Anthony: 187 Ronisha Covington: 319 Roper, Kaycee: 148 Rosalyn Vinson: 319 Rosamond, Jill: 287 Rose, Erica: 148 Rosen, Mollie: 172 Rosenblatt, Sara: 148 Ross, Chris: 160 Ross, Dana Lee: 172 Ross, Peter: 187 Ross, Shannon: 160 Rosson, Rebekah: 148 Roussel, Caroline: 187 Rowan, Scott: 172 Rowe, Paul Shan: 172 Rucker, Shalonda: 148 Rudd, Keenya: 172 Rudd, Lasonya: 160 Rugby Team: 291 Rupolph, Ryan: 187 Rush, Beth: 45 Rusk, James: 172 Russ, Jamie: 187 Russel, Susan: 172 Russell Harris: 121 Russell, Angela: 187 Russell, Cole: 148 Russell, Edward: 148 Russell, Heather: 187 Russell, John: 172 Russell, Mary: 187 Russell, Melissa: 172 Rusty Ballentine: 40 Rutherford, Landon: 172 Rutherford, Molly: 148 Rutherford, Rachae: 148 Rutland, Tim: 187 Rutledge, Rosanne: 160 Rutledge,Tony: 187 Ryan McClelland: 120 Ryan, Amber: 187 Ryan,Tiean: 148 Ryder, Megan: 187 Ss Sabatier, Celeste: 148 Sabatier, Joe: 160 Saffold, Beverly: 148 Sain, Robert: 148 Salley, Laura: 187 Samantha Ball: 286 Samuels, Joshua: 148 Sanders, John: 172 Sanderson, Shane: 187 Sanford, Rebecca: 148 Santmyer, Kimberly: 160 Sartain, Jeremy: 187 Sartin, Brendan: 172 Saulsberry, Yulonda: 187 Savorgnan, Andrea: 187,287, 325 Sawyer, Mike: 187 Saxon, Brandon: 187 Scala, Jennifer: 172 Scales, Samantha: 160 Scanlon, Lauralee: 187 Scara, Warren: 187 Schachtsiek, Kristina: 202 Schchs, Carrie: 148 Schenk, Ann Elizabeth: 121 Schneider, Bradford: 172 Schoggin, Andy: 187 Schuchard, Scott: 148 Schuchs, Isla Anne: 172 Schussler, Michelle: 160 Schwalenberg,Lesley: 172 Scioneaux, Monica: 187 Scott, Marshall: 123 Scott, Barner: 148 Scott, Meredith: 172 Scott, Omega: 172 Scrimpshire, Alex: 187 Scruggs, Ashley: 172 Seawright, Molly: 148 Segrest, Shelley: 187 Seguin, Daniel: 172 Sehar, Jennifer: 160 Ryan Seibels: 120 Self, Jerry: 172 Selvam, Arunkumar: 160 Semmes, Diana: 148 SerioJVlary Margaret: 160 Settles, Lindsey: 148 Sewell, Shelby: 172 Sexton, Jason: 172 Sexton, Jennifer: 187 Sha Snider: 323 Shaffer, Rebekah: 172 Shaffrey, Sarah: 172 Shakya, Sundeep: 187 Shands, Leslie: 187 Shands, Nancy: 187 Shannon Johnson: 284, 286 Shappley.Will: 187 Sharp, Felicia: 204 Sharp, Katie: 188 Shattles, Leigh: 188 Shaw, Heather: 160 Shaw, Rhondalyn: 148 Shaw, Ryan: 160 Shaw, Tracy: 173 Shay Hitchcock: 120 Shayeb, Joseph: 148 Sheckels, Brandon: 148 Shelby, Cynthia: 188 Shelley, Ro ' Pageous: 148 Shelton, James: 173 Sherman, Brandon: 148 Sherrod, Angela: 148 Shields, Richard: 188 Shrestha, Roshan: 148 Shrestha, Saroj: 204 Shu-ya, Hsu: 148 Shull, Laura Leigh: 149 Shumpert, Kristin: 188 Shumpert, Lori: 188 Sickler, Jennifer Rose: 173 Siddons, Darren: 149 Sides, Shea: 160 Sigma Alpha Epsilon: 260 Sigma Alpha Iota: 309 Sigma Chi: 262 Sigma Gamma Rho: 214 Sigma Nu: 264 Sigma Phi Epsilon: 266 Sijher, Taninder: 204 Simmons, Candace: 188 Simmons, Emily: 276 Simmons, Jason: 160 Simon, Andrew: 204 Simone Patton: 286 Sims, Alii: 173 Sims, Malcolm: 160 Sinclair, Derek: 188 Sindelar, Melissa: 149 Singleton, Jacqlyn: 149 Sinko, Carlotte: 149 Siqueira, Alice: 188 Sirimaturos,Michael: 160 Siruguri, Jaisimhaq: 204 Skinner, Rebecca: 188 Slade, Jeremy: 188 Slater, Jonathan: 188 Slaughter, Terica: 149 Slayton, Staci: 173 Slocum, Harlan: 173 Smart, Janet: 188 Smart, Toni: 173 Smith Wyckoff: 276, 277 Smith, Adam: 188 Smith, Amanda: 149, 188 Smith, Andrew: 188 Smith, April: 173 Smith, Ashley: 278, 279 Smith, Becca: 160 Smith, Brooke: 160 Smith, Cassandra: 149 Smith, Chaun: 323 Smith, Darrell: 188 Smith, Daryl: 188 Smith, Douglas: 173 Smith, Erica: 149 Smith, Heather: 188 Smith, Jamee: 319 Smith, Jeremy: 173 Smith, Jessica: 173 Smith, Joey: 188 Smith, Julie: 149 Smith, Justin: 149 Smith, Katherine: 160 Smith, Kay la: 149 Smith, Kelly: 188 Smith, Lauren: 188 Smith, Leah: 149 Smith, Mary Beth: 160 Smith, Melinda: 204 Smith, Michael: 173 Smith, Pamela: 204 Smith, Raegin: 173 Smith, Sara: 188 Smith, Sharee: 160 Smith, Smitty: 173 Smith, Stephen: 188 Smith, Terri: 173 Smith, Thomas: 173 Smith, Tiffany: 188 Smithers, Charles: 160 Smithey, Jereny: 173 Smithhart, Sara: 149 Smothers, Kara: 160 Snead, Sherrie: 173 Sneed,Adam: 149 Snell, Angela L: 149 Snow, Lena: 149 Snyder, Drew: 173 Society of Human Resource Managers: 315 Sophie Nord: 287 Sorgenerei, Brian: 173 Sorrel 1, Eddie: 188 Southerland, Allan: 149 Sparks, Byron: 188 Sparks, Daniel: 173 Sparks, Kimberly: 188 Speed, Holley: 188,278 Speed, Susannah: 160 Spencer, Carrie: 204 Spencer, Lee: 173 Speros, Billy: 173 Spikes, Dwan: 149 Sports: 326 Spragins, Martha: 188 Sprague, Bourke: 188 Sprayberry, Ashley: 173,287 Srickland, Lyle: 189 Sridhar,Anand: 204 St Claire, Su .y: 173 St. John, John: 188 Stadler, Helene: 149 Stafeil, Christine: 149 Stafford, Brooke: 173 Stamey, Michael: 204 Stamper, Bridgette: 188 StancilkJeff: 173 Stanford, Brooke: 149 Stanford, Lorie: 1 88 Stanford, Maria: 188 Stanley, James: 188 Starks, Samantha: 173 Stasio, Nicholas: 149 Stearns, Ginny: 149 Steele, Joy: 188 Stennis, Rhonda: 204 Stephen Bartucci: 285 Stephen Fountain: 120 Stephen Hammack: 45 Stephens, Chiquita: 160 Stephenson,Andrew: 149 Stephenson Jennifer: 173 Stevenson ,Cedric: 173 Stewart, Brandy: 120,274 Stewart, Amber: 173 Stewart, Audrey: 188 Stewart, Jeremy: 160 Stewart, Sedrick: 160 Stewart, Stephanie: 149 Stewart, Susanna: 149 Stewart, Tanja: 188 Stewart,Brandy: 188 Stilgenbaver, Adam: 188 Stillwell, Shannon: 188 Stinnett, Kevin: 173 Stockton, Maranda: 173 Stokes, Kamillia: 160 Stoltz, Devi: 189 Stomprud, Kari: 189 Stone, Linsey: 160 Storey, Matthew: 161 S track, Emily: 189 Strickland, Amy: 161 Strickland, Christopher: 149 Strong, Lisa: 173 Strong, Natalie: 189 Stroup, Lindsey: 189 Stuart, Anna: 149 Stuart, Katie: 189 Stuart, Morgan: 161 Stubblefield, Stephanie: 189 Stubbs, Cameron: 173 Student Alumni Council: $09 Student Life: 14 Student Media Center: 272 Student Programming Board: 317 Student Social Social Work: 309 Sturdivant, Lee: 173 Suber, Chirs: 285 Sullivan, Elizabeth: 189 Sullivan, Joshua: 161 Summerforn, Carrie: 189 Sumners, Cara-Ann: 189 Sumrall, Alfred: 204 Sumrall, Emily: 149 Sumrall, Tiffany: 189 Sunder Upadhyay: 323 Szymanski, Sarah: 189 ft Tadepalli, Pallavi: 204 Tadepalli,Tezeswi: 204 Taekwondo: 315 Taliaferro, Brandon: 173 Tallie, Latoya: 173 Talwadker, Ameet: 204 Tamera McCullen: 120 Tan,Fei: 204 Tani,Keiko: 149 Tanner, Shelley: 161 Tatum, Joe: 173 Tau Beta Pi: 299 Tau Beta Sigma: 309 Taylor, Janae ' : 189 Taylor, Jeremy: 149 Taylor, Maegan: 149 Taylor, Natalie: 189 Taylor, Sovent: 189 Taylor, Sue: 189 Teague,Clay: 189 Teague, Jay: 189 Telang, Nakul: 206 Teller,Sarah: 149 Tellis,Tarra: 173 Temples-Hayles, Bethany: 161 Tennin, LC: 206 Teoh,View: 189 Testin, Rebecca: 161 Tettit,Anne: 171 Tettit,Hart: 171 Thacker. DJ: 161 Index Thacker, Paul: 189 Thaler. Lindsay: 161 Tharp, Jodie: 173 Tharpe. Lauren: 161 The Daily Mississippian: 277 The Pride of the South: 283 Thibedeau, Bianca: 149 Thigpen, Allen: 161 Thomas, Brandie: 319 Thomas, Casey: 189 Thomas, Devesha: 149 Thomas, Elizabeth: 161 Thomas, Kathryn: 189 Thomas, Pratt: 173 Thomas, Stephen: 161 Thomas, Sumeka: 174 Thomas, Willette: 149 Thomas, William: 149 Thompson, Amy: 161 Thompson, Blair: 189 Thompson, Heather: 174 Thompson, Jan: 189 Thompson, Jason: 161 Thompson, Lane: 161 Thompson, Laura: 189 Thompson, Melissa: 189 Thompson, Sarah: 189 Thompson, Stephanie: 149 Thompson, Tiawana: 161 Thompson, Trace: 149 Thornburg, Nick: 149 Thrasher, Christi: 174 Threatt, Sherita: 150 Thweatt, Nikki: 161 Tiffany Barr: 286 Tigrett, Maryann: 189 Tillman, Dere: 150 Tillman, Jesse: 189 Timbes, Korley: 161 Timothy Herd: 297 Toche, Kathryn: 150 Todd, Susan: 150 Todd,Tamara: 189 Todd, Will: 150 Tolbert, Chritopher: 161 Tolbert, Morris: 150 Tomaso, Michael: 189 Tompson,Amy: 287 Toney, Julie: 161 Torquati, Jennifer: 161 lowers, Kelvin Mound: 206 Townes, Marquita: 150 Townsend, Sydnia: 161 Treppendahi , Laura: 1 50 Trewolla, Linda: 150 Trotter, Melinda: 174 Index Trout. Atkins: 104 Troxler, Kimsey: 150 Troy, Mary: 174 Truesdale,Ryan: 174 Truong, Phuong: 189 Tubertini, Andrew: 189 Tuccio, Michelle: 174 Tucker, Allison: 150 Tucker, Christina: 161 Tucker, Emily: 150 Tucker, Jared: 150 Tucker, Tiffany: 174 Tuladhar, Sangeeta: 174 Turnage, Meredith: 150 Turner, Jennifer: 174 Turner, Maggie: 161 Turner, Quarletta: 150 Turner, Raney-Mills: 161 Tynes, Elizabeth: 150 Ww liu Ufford, Kimberly: 161 Upton, Michael: 206 Usnik, Jennifer: 161 Vv © Vadakapurapu, Srikanth: 206 Vaidya, Asmita: 161 Valentine, Cory: 150 Valentine, Jessica: 189 Vance Exley: 57 Vanderloo, John: 189 Vandevender, Jan: 136, 174 Vande vender, Jill: 189 Varnado, Jason: 174 Vassiouta, Alexei: 150 Vaughan, Bobby: 276 Vaughn, Michelle: 161 Veazey, Blair: 161 Veazy, Sarah: 150 Venkata, Tumuluri: 206 Vercruysse, Brandon: 174 Vermilyea, Corinna: 150 Vernon Rayford: 109 Vick,Toni: 150 Villa, Mara: 174 Vinson, Holly: 189 Vinson, Jessica: 161 Vinueza, Jorge: 206 Virgil, Shanette: 174 Vnson, Rosalyn: 150 Volz, Katherine: 189 Vowell, Joseph: 174 Waddell, Whitney: 174 Wade, George: 189 Wade, Lance: 161 Wadgaonkar.Bakul: 189 Wahl, Amanda: 189,315 Wahl, Jessica: 161 Wailen, Katy: 174 Wait,Pam: 174 Waites, Asheley: 161 Waldon, Elise: 174 Walker, Anna: 174 Walker, Hope: 120,190,278,279,281 Walker, Lewis Eden: 150 Walker, Will: 151 Walkley, Philip: 190 Walkner, Marcoe: 174 Wall, Alison: 174 Wall, Grant: 190 Waller, Kevin: 174 Walsh, Paige: 151 Walters, Brooke: 174 Walters, Josh: 174 Walters, Katies: 161 Walters, Travis: 161 Walton, Laketa: 161 Walton, Latonya: 174 Wang, Gang: 206 Wang, Wendy: 206 Ward, Cliff: 151 Ward, Jill: 174 Waring, Leslie: 151 Warner, Mary: 161 Warnock, Bethany: 161 Warren, Anthony: 190 Warren, Jennifer: 190 Washington, Cedric: 115, 121,304 Washington ,Tikesha: 161 Watkins, Ashley: 287 Watkins, Melita: 161 Watkins, Shantay: 190 Watts, Jonathan: 174 Weakley, Allison: 121 Weatherford,John: 162,275 Weathersby, Sharonda: 1 74 Weaver, Brandon: 174,278 Webb, Blair: 57 Webb, Lauren: 190 Webber, Emily: 190 Webster, Clarence: 106, 110, 114, 121,302,304 Webster, Thomas: 190 Weeden, Brent: 174 Weeson,Jeff: 162 Welch, Emily: 190 Welch, Thomas: 162 Welgan, Michael: 162 Wells, Angela: 206 Werne, Jonathan: 105,114,121,318 Wesmoreland,Vickie: 174 West, Haley: 151 Westmorland, Zackilias: 162 Weston, Chagueta: 190 Weston, Kimberly: 174 Wheat, Jaclyn: 190 Wheeler, Autumia: 151 White, Alexandria: 162 White, Andrew: 174 White, Elizabeth: 162 White, Joshua: 162 White, Tarsha: 190 White, Tracy: 174 Whitehead, Michael: 174 Whitehouse, Nowel: 190 Whitley, Jennifer: 190 Whittaker, Travis: 174 Whittington, Preston: 151 Whittington, Zackery: 190 Whittle, Aimee: 162 Whybrew, Sarah: 162 Wibbenmeyer, Lauren: 151 Wick, Christie: 174 Wicker, Jamie: 208 Wicker, Sally: 162 Wilbanks, Paulie: 162 Wilbanks, Sarabeth: 190 Wilburn, Mindy: 162 Wilburn, William: 174 Wilkins, Joshua: 162 Wilkins, Justin: 175 Wilkins, Randi: 151 Wilkinson, Ashley: 175 Wilks. Jennifer: 151 Williams, Ashley: 55, 274 Willams.SarahThorne: 151 Willard, Sarah: 175 Williams Bradley: 175 Williams, Adrienne: 175 Williams, Ashley: 175 Williams, Courtney: 190 Williams, Ellen: 190 Williams, Erin: 190 Williams, Gerald: 175 Williams, Ivy Jovan: 121, 191 Williams, Jamie: 322 Williams, Jenecy: 175 Williams, Jeremy: 162,319 Williams, Johannah: 191 Yates, Tiffany: 162 Williams, Josie: 151 Yates, Trent: 175 Williams, Kondra: 175 Yearbook Staff: 274 Williams, Lisa: 191 Yen-Ling, Pun: 175 Williams, Ryan: 151 Yi, Juyeon: 175 Williams, Scott: 191 Yoste, Elizabeth: Williams, Stacy: 151 121,276.277 Williams, Terrol: 162 Young, Adrianne: 162 Williams, Tyese: 151 Young, Andy: 191 Williams, Winter: 162 Young, Charles: 151 Williams.Saundra: 162 Young, Crystal: 191 Williamson, Matt: 162 Young, Grace: 175 Williamson, Todd: 191 Young, Katie: 191 Willingham, Andranita: 162 Young, Kevin: 175 Willis, Rachel: 162 Young, Khalida: 162 Wilson, Brian: 151 Young, Trey: 162 Wilson, Cameron: 175 Youngblood, Amy: Wilson, Dianne: 162 162 Wilson, Erica: 151 Zz Wilson, Herbert: 151 Wilson, Jamie: 162 Wilson, Omar: 191 Zaborski, Kristen: 151 Wilson, Robbie: 175 Zainey, Chris: 151 Wilson.Shaquita: 175 Zastoupil, Paige: 162 Windham, Benjamin: 175 Zeidman, Ben: 191 Windsor, Courtney: 162 Zelesky, Jenny: 98, Winfun, Candies: 175 115, 121 Winsett, Katie: 162 Zellieh, Clay: 175 Winters, Lakisha: 175 Zeta Phi Beta: 236 Witherspoon, Cara: 56 Zhang, Jie: 208 Witt, Candy: 151 Zhang, Wanfa: 208 Witt, Honey: 208 Zheng, Guiping: 208 Wohrman, Doty: 175 Zhou, Lina: 208 Wong, Connie: 191 Zhou,Rui: 175 Wong, David: 175 Zhou, Shuxia: 208 Wood, Matt: 151 Zito, Jackie: 191 Wood, Wesley: 191 Zou, Xu: 208 Woods, James: 175 Zuccaro, Chris: 175 Woods, Marc: 191 Word, Mary: 191 Worthem,Joe: 191 Wright, Elizabeth: 136 Wright, James: 191 Wurlburt, Brooke: 318 Wyckoff, Smith: 191 Wylie, Megan: 151 J jC Xiong,Yuan: 191 Xu,Xiaobo:208 y Yancey, Theresa: 175 Yang, Nan Peoples: 208 COLOTtfOlf The 2002, Volume 106, of The Ole Miss was published by Taylor Publishing Company in Dallas Texas and produeed by a staff of students at The University of Mississippi with no direct affiliation with the University ' s Department of Journalism. The Taylor representative for The Ole Miss was Ben Allen Distributed in the spring semester to fulltime students, The Ole Miss is paid for through tuition and fees. Produced on Power Macintosh computers using Quark Xpress 4.1 and Adobe Photoshop 6.0 software. Typefaces used most commonly throughout are TimesT- Roman, Embassy T, EricCondT-Roman, and Apple Chancery. Photography in the classes section were taken by Thornton Studios of New York City, New York. The majority of all other photographs were taken digitally by Head Photographer Jeremy Loden with a Canon Dl camera. All other photographs were provided by groups, individuals, Robert Jordan, Kevin Bain, and Sports Information. Cover and Endsheet design were a collaborative project by the Ole Miss staff and a Taylor Publishing Company designer. The cover design contains a four color tip-on designed by Jeremy Loden. Endsheet stock used is Passport Gypsum, foil stamped with Super Blue. The total copies run for the 2002 Ole Miss was 6500. The Ole Miss is a student-run publication of The University of Mississippi. No portion of this book may be reproduced without the written consent of the editor-in-chief or the advisor. All viewpoints represented in this book are solely those of the yearbook staff and do not necessarily reflect those of The University of Mississippi. Index Working on yearbook staff has almost always been a part of my Life since my junior year in high school. I can remember flipping through the pages of my mother and sister ' s high school annuals as a child, anticipating the day I would be in high school. When I was in high school, I then turned to their college yearbook, The Ole Miss, to gain an idea of how the next chapter in my life would read. I was not sure at the time that I would be following in the footsteps of my mother and sister by making The University of Mississippi my college home, nor did I anticipate working on The Ole Miss staff for 3 years. I have served as Distinctions Editor and Academics Editor during my tenure. Through my position on the yearbook staff, I have learned much about the university and met many wonderful people along the way. I have had the pleasure of working with 3 talented editors. Summer, thanks for giving me my first opportunity on staff, tossing me head first into the Distinctions section, and exposing me to the world of pressing deadlines. Karen, your organization and management skills inspire me. We are all glad that you stepped up and took on the role of leader. Brandy, you have taken the yearbook to another level of excellence with your leadership and artistic skills. I have had so much fun working with all the different staff members. Best of luck to next year ' s staff. I must thank Ashley Jones, my — assistant this year. You ' ve done a fabulous job helping me out. I wish I had had an assistant like you two years before! Jeremy, I appreciate all your wonderful photographs. You did a wonderful job as head photographer! To my copy writers, thanks for meeting my deadlines. To all my friends at Taylor Publishing-Ben, Toni, and Tami- We ' ll always have deer camp-in Dallas and Oxford. To our advisor Traci Mitchell and advisor in training Darcy Colley, thanks for your never-ending support and patience. Serving on the yearbook staff has been an honor and a pleasure. Thanks for the memories! I joined the Ole Miss yearbok staff my senior year and regret that I didn ' t join my freshman year. I didn ' t realize how great the people on staff are and how much fun I would have. I enjoyed and will never forget the years I spent at Ole Miss, especially my last year and a half while being on the yearbook staff. I encourage anyone who wants to meet great people and have good time to join the Ole Miss yearbook staff. I would like to thank all the 2002 Ole Miss staff members; Katie, Brandy, Kelley, Ashley W., Hays, Anna, Meghan, Mandy, Ashley J., Amanda J., John, Jeremy, Karen, Amanda M., Trisha, Traci, and Darcy for all their hardwork and help through the year. I would also like to give a special thanks to Ben, Tammi, and the rest of Taylor Publishing. Our yearbook could not happen without these people. We ' ll always have Deer camp. I wish everyone the best of luck and I will miss you. Thanks, Kelsi Holman Student Life Assistant Greek Editor 2002 2001 Mandy Fong Academic Section Editor 2002 Distinctions Section Editor 200: 2000 Dear Friends, As the sports section editor, it has definitely been a challenging but rewarding experience. I hope that all the pages turn out and everyone likes them. This was my second year on staff, and I have enjoyed it very much. I would like the thank Sports Information for getting me pictures for the section that I need- ed. Thanks to all of you who wrote a sports diary, you know who you are!!! I would also like to thank my copy writer Alex Scrimpshire. I thank everyone on the staff for making the year a very memorable one. Also many thanks to Brandy for helping me out and assisting me when I had trouble, and all the other staff members too THANK YOU. I would also like to thank Jeremy for taking pictures without a request, I really appreciat- ed it!! Last but not least I would like to thank my assistant Tricia Oughton, who helped me make the section happen. She was there when I needed someone to run and get pictures, and there to help with the tedious work. Tricia thanks for being so helpful and understanding. Thanks again to everyone. Sincerely, Amanda Mogle Sports Section Editor This is my final year at Olc Miss, and my final year as a Yearbook staffer. I ' ve enjoyed every minute of both, and I think all the hard work really was worth it... no matter what I said while I was working. I ' ve truly had a valuable experience. My only regret is that I only worked on the Yearbook for two short years. Thank you to Brandy for sweating through Yearbook stress few of us will ever understand, and most of us never saw. You ' re really good a keeping your cool. Meghan, thank for being my willing servant. I hope you enjoyed working with me as much as I enjoyed having you around. Please be in touch when we ' re both out in the real world. Thank you to the rest of the staff, especially Darcy and Traci. You ' re all really great people, and a lot of fun to work with.Also, thanks to Jeffrey, without whom I might not remember to laugh sometimes. Thank you, An na McGahey Organizations Section Editor 2002 Well my sophomore year is com- plete, and that means that my part of the yearbook has to be done. It is such a relief to get the book out of my schedule. I had the great privalege of having to work on the yearbook during the Christmas break! Thanks goes out to my mom for numbering every single picture that was in my section. Thanks Kim and Scott for cropping and just being there to scare away ghosts. Farley Hall really is haunt- ed, I promise! Thanks " Nanny " for putting all the pictures in correct order. I also want to thank my assistant for all her hard work on everyone else ' s sections! Thanks Amanda! John Weatherford People Section Editor 2002 Thanks to everyone on the yearbook staff for a great year. I had a blast. Thanks especially to Brandy, Kelsi and Ashley W. for always showing me a good time. Thanks to Darcy and Ashley W. for a great trip to New Orleans. Thanks to Hays for being a loyal assisstant. Thanks to Ashley J. for studying with me and keeping me entertained in class. Thanks to Amanda J. and Katie for being great friends and listening to me complain and cry over every- thing. And always remember to never put flowers in your mouth at Deer Camp, someone might have a camera!! Kelley Hunsberger Distinctions Section Editor 2002 Being on The Ole Miss staff is something very few understand, so I would first like to thank y ' all. Deer Camp was certainly an adventure for us all. Needless to say, what goes on at Deer Camp stays at Deer Camp but here ' s to my MARGARITA sisters, my bottle- drinking buds, the TALL man, dinner at Morton ' s! Brandy deserves her own entire book of praise for not only listen- ing to all my crazy ideas but also for deal- ing with deadlines, missing photos, lost copy without ever completely losing it in front of us. Will-thank you for taking care of her after we drove her to craziness. To my New Orleans Rock Stars, we survived the van ride, managed to attended numerous sessions, made to time to shop ...if only we had called Ben! To the girls at 254 Rebel Drive, where would I be without yall! Anne, M.I.A., J Bobb, SB, Kate the Great, Willis, Bethy, J Good, Henley, JA, MK, Liz, Nancy, Whit- who has some orbit? Thanks to the grad- uate and study abroad students, who pro- vided photos along with their stories in the quickest manner ever in the last three years! That leaves my family, who loves me enough to let me run literally half way around the world to play with kangaroos and go on an adventure I can ' t even begin to dream of. And as always- Stipe for President Ashley Gault Williams Student Life Section Editor 2002 Words from the Staff Pinm th » (Editor I I have to first start off by saying what a great year it has been. The last year of my college experience has been quite exciting and at times a bit overwhelming. I never thought that four years of college would come to an end so quickly. It seems like only yesterday I was walking across campus behind my orientation leader. Now I ' m graduating soon and I constantly find myself looking back on all the memories I have of my time here as an Ole Miss Rebel. I will never forget the friends I have made, the lessons I have learned, and the hard work it took to bring me to this point in my life. Working as yearbook editor has come to mean a lot to me. I have been blessed to work with such a talented group of people who each have come together to assist in creating the 2002 Ole Miss. I have learned through the past two years on staff how important teamwork and dedication are to the success of any task. Without the hard-working staff that I was able to work with, this book would not have reached its full potential. Thank you to all the staff members who worked so hard, day and night, to help me make sure that all deadlines were met. And, hey, we had some fun along the way, too. Thank you also, Traci, Darcy and Karen. Your help has been greatly appreciated. You all are kind, special people who are always willing to help out. Thank you, Traci for your praise and encouragement. Karen, you were my inspiration for even considering applying for yearbook editor this year. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and dedication. You are truly a good person and friend. Thank you Ben and Tami for taking good care of 06705. I appreciate you more than you know. You made Deer Camp a tradition that we have to continue! I now want to thank my family for all their encouragement and love. Without my family I wouldn ' t be the person I am. Grandmother and Granny, you are the backbones of my family. I thank God for you both and thank you for my wonderful parents. Daddy and Mama, thank you mostly for knowing me the best. You know how to say the right things, you keep me from getting too stressed, and you both continue to show me what things really do matter in life. I love you both. Sissy loves you, John. I am very excited to be able to see the young man that you are becoming, and I know that your accomplishments will be great. You yourself will be an Ole Miss Rebel before you realize how much time has passed. Will, you are an important part of my life. I appreciate all you do, and I am grateful for our close relationship. Thank you for listening and sticking beside me through it all. I love you. Thanks also to all my best friends- Kristin, Brooke, Kimme, Julie, Caroline, and Molly- who cheer me on and keep me laughing through stressful times. We ' ve definitely got some stories to tell. After all, without friends it sure would be a lonely world, wouldn ' t it? I love you all. Finally, I want to thank God for His continued guidance and the opportunity to do my best everyday. Mostly I thank God for allowing me to have such wonderful people in my life. Without Him I would not be so fortunate. „ . _ Brandy Stewart Editor-in-chief The 2002 Ole Miss 22| Words from the Editor M ■ ■siST » f J UUj - 1 1 1 g KZ x-sXSw%s

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