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Student j£t£e 6 s4cade0tic4 66 ?2t4ttHCti6H 98 Peafdz 1 38 tyiee i, 210 0%yjuUfati H 270 S-fant 3 QiA VOLUME 105 6fr . 7. 1 ■ W ROBERT JORDAN The University Of Mississippi Enrollment 1 1,405 University, MS 38677 Karen Smith Editor-in-Chief Bryant Glisson Ryan Pierini Business Manager Marketing Director Head Photographer Section Editors Amy Bonds Organizations Editor Mandy Fong Distinctions Editor Katie Greer People Editor Re becca Henley Sports Editor Brandy Stewart Greek Editor John Weatherford Academics Editor Ashley Williams Student Life Editor j Editorial Assistants Lynn Brown Kelsi Holman Kelley Hunsberger Anna McGahey Amanda Mogle Beth Rush Advisor Traci Mitchell r .v4 « w • - ? . 5 - • .- w ?v meres a s .wm Ki Ml ever ca QWhere among the hiffs enfvfded, stand o(d ' fflma (Mater ' s haiis, Where the trees Cift high their branches to the whispering Southern hreeze LJlC JVL155 15 Cillll -Ole Miss Rlma Mater |1 Openin w B Left: During one of the many beautiful daysl class sits outside in the Grove and enjoys i lui UIIIIIIIIV.I nirni un [uuik In -ROBERT JORDAN Below: The University of Mississippi is seek! complete renovations, including the addition- controls, for Rowan Oak, William Faulkner ' ! r ; ! " ■ •— — • 1 If ; II r t i i - ■ Q -ROBERT JORDAN Above: spectacular view of Tad Smith Coliseum during one of the Rebels ' many home basketball games. Right: University of Mississippi student Susan Sullivan, a senior English major from Cleveland, Hiss., basks in the afternoon sunshine. Monday April 17, 2000. on the plaza of the Student I nion building on the school ' s Oxford campus. Multitudes of students took advantage of clear skies and temps in the low 70 T s to relax and study outdoors. mm Oyenin W r . ttg w6e 3, .« ' t W ' tee omet fieofoie. OCe )0ti t mood, em foettoMtaCttcf. One l fiAyUcai, ! t tfivutctaC. Oae i f e TinivenAitcf i icafiectect, fact OCe TWite, i Coved. ?6e TitUvetAtty ytvet a UftComa aetct teyietfrtCfy te miaate4, teaane, yfat te neve yiacUiate fctam OCe 70tt44 " -cwUttea f tJie Cote ' pianA S- Swiett, {fa. -ROBERT JORDAN Above: Fans park the Grove, wearing red and bine, to eiperienre Ole Hiss ' pre-pme tailgating tradition. Opening m% Right: LI. Iiih. Amy Tuck Irmlril a graduate of Mississippi Stale I mi mil » . lakes a lour of the I niversity of Mississippi campus with I haniellor lioberl khayat (right) and He Andy Mullins Heft), executive assistant to the chancellor. Turk ' s tour followed her noon address at a day-long seminar on elder Ian held on Oxford campus and sponsored by the ori li Mississippi lineal Legal Services. She said I he slate must spend more on assistance to the elderly. Turk urged Mississippi lo lake greater advantage of available federal funds from Medicare and called on the legislature to consider using money from the tobacco trust settlement, Below: In arial view of laughl-Hemingway Stadium during the Ole Miss " Pride of the South " half-time performance. mm Opening f I I 0% lit i Above: ADVANCE FOR SI 111 FEB. 27th, : ' l| from the alional Institute on llrni ' Abuse, Project at The diversity of Mississippi i nl!| plies research-grade cannabis material lor Left: diversity of Mississippi sophomore of Madison, Mississippi, participates in the ' event during the diversity ' s 7th annual III Wednesday afternoon, February it M, on the Diversity ' s main campus in tlvford. diversity ' s offices of (ireek Life and Mulli-I the two-day event drew multi-racial teams different greek-letter organizations from I Opening 7 " (Re UniUeASrty o(j f fe (jo i its, dfiDeJopwfiKt ojj feack lt Ok Miss, tdfi. cRcifiwges in i oppontmties a j f hded outsi- e4awC£. oppojttuni 4s you toa (eJL udtlzt Row oata Acting ty € 4 i I ' J " Ofe ' Miss is unique among ' American universities. As a Cab oratory for Ceaders with a strong foundation in the fiumanities y sciences, and arts , our students are provided extraordinary educationaC wrtunities. rorui academic urogram andCo at j liates H W recognit one of America ' s g universit til and safe acuity, staff, enamedus to as tyufcfic -Cfianeettor " Robert C. %fiayat Left: Oxford ' s famous double-decker bus cruises down [Diversity Avenue and around the Circle, while giving tours to locals and visitors alike. -ROBERT JORDAN Opening CI I I fie ' University ' s nickname OLE MISS became apart of t fie " University over 100 years ago, in 1896, when it was sefected in a contest fefdto identify a new student yuffication, the yearbook. It was suggested by tfie fate ' Miss " Zfma ' Meek ofOxj succeeding copy o fas feen given tni: identity. T ' fe nam became synonymo " University and is treasured segment history. ■■Mb ! P%, wrm mi ' Right: 1 student approai lies a liliniiiiiii» dip nml l m on (he way to class during a beautiful Spring day. ffik Oy ■i ■1 K.» grime , -PROVIDED 3ING SERVICES Left: Workers lor I ii mi lliml ing In.. based in Birmingham. , take a wilier lnciik Wednesday afternoon, Sept. liili. :!llllll, while installing clay tiles on the roof of the Chapel on The I niversil i of Mississippi campus. The I ' llll-seal interdenominational chapel is on schedule to he finished in mid-llecemher and will provide a quiet place for meditation and serve campus and community activities, musical produc- tions, convocations, weddings and more. The almost M ion cost of the chapel and Si-fool hell tower is being covered completely by private funds. ,. 4B -ROBERT JORDAN Above: Identical (wins Monipe I. Robertson Heft) and ii Imlr IE. liiiliiTisnii I ri nli 1 1 hunt il up fur the camera Thursday, Hay 1th, I ' llllll mi Hie I niversit) of Mississippi ram- pus. The duo are the first former Hississippi Teacher Imps members to earn their doctorate degrees from Die Miss. The pair earned their master ' s degrees at Ole Miss in 1997 while serving as high school teachers in (ireenwood, Miss. Born just three minutes apart, the llangor, Maine, sisters are among I. l:l. " i Ole Miss degree candidates scheduled to receive diplomas at commencement ceremonies in The (irove on iliirdayJIaylUllll. Right: I nil mil i of Mississippi art professor Greg lniniii I stirs molten bronze in a Hill-degree fahrenheit melting furnace during a si nipt hit class Tuesday afternoon, April 18, I ' llllll, outside of Bryant Hall on the School ' s Oxford campus. Once melted, the bronze is poured into plaster casts to form the desired sculpture. fflj Openin, v •■ ' - V-, V . ■■■ ,:•; • • — ■V 4 ♦fRrfg " When 1 think ofofe Miss, Q usuaffy think ahout the Circfe in front of the Lyceum, fight ed on a coof faff night. 1 am reminded of aff those who have worked to make this the unique yface that it is. 1 think- ahout the work, hove, tears, joys, faifures, and triumphs that have comhinedto make this simpfe syot one of the most special on earth. " SJ)i ' Associate -Sparky ' Reari TJean of Studi yfon tents -ROBERI JORDAN Left: The colors of Fall are alive around campus, as shown by the oranges, yellows, and reds of Ole Hiss ' countless number of trees. Two students enjoy their scenic walk as they go to class. Below: library that many shelves in the J.D, ; the ongoing construction of the chapel PHOTO SERVICES Faces in the Grov An Ole Miss Tradition hong th fcre ' s an The memories loom a rustling branches. Th undying breez A squirrel could make its way across the sidewalk any minute now, and at least some shred of a memory would come back; a story to be told. The Grove is in many ways the heart of campus, drawing people from all over the country by its fame. This place consistently remains diverse in color, from the months of evergreen to the misty dew of wintery days. But even the bleakness of a rainy day will not stray those from its path. It ' s not just about Saturday football games, musi- cal events or afternoon picnics. There ' s a speciality about it that runs much deeper in each and every one of us. It ' s the tradition that is Ole Miss; that sits beneath the sky; beneath the clouds. The home of millions of moments, nostalgia drifting overhead through the air; one can almost smell it. The Grove not only symbolizes the beauty that lives on the Ole Miss campus; it is the tradition that will endure forever. It calls to us ever presently, and when we return we remember... -BY KATHLEEN HILLMAN -ARTWORK BY STEPHANIE DUKES -RYAN PIERINI ftljl Student Life -BRANDY STEWART Physical Plant employees go Grove-ing on the morning after the game. They don ' t bring spinach dip or Ole Miss parapherna- lia. They pick up trash. As much as 20 tons of trash are left in the Grove after game day, according to Physical Plant Director Paul Hale. " That ' s just the Grove. The rest of campus will have many truckloads of garbage, " Hale said. The Physical Plant provides about 150 trash cans in addition to the stationary Grove trash cans. It also provides trash bags throughout the Grove beneath signs reading " Trash+Trashcan=Happy Grove. " -PAMELA Hamilton T ' fie (grove fflU .rWNPIEWM Red Blue Week March 27-31, 2000 Monday LASER TAG Union Plaza brought by Kramer International, Inc., an entertainment company Tuesday AIR ASCENSION brought by Kramer International Inc., from Grand Rapids, Ml Wednesday " WHO WANTS FREE STUFF? " Trivia Game on the Union Steps Thursday " THE DATING GAME " See lonely Ole Miss students find love! ASB President, John Joseph, scored a date. Friday SPORTS NOVELTY ACTS SEC CONFERENCE CALL Union Plaza Saturday 2nd ANNUAL JEAN JONES MEMORIAL RUN WALK FOR CANCER _ B YftN P EB M On Wednesday, Kyle Miller, host of the trivia game, tricks all the contestants trying to win their free stuff. Opposite page ten Sullivan enjoys the aerial view of the campus at 100 feet in the air. The Student Programming Board Special Events Committee, under Melissa Gong Susan Sullivan, was in charge of the week ' s events LM Student Life ' Red and ' B fuc fiQ 4fofUi 29, 2000 mite ?cut, cut Z u4£e Z ec6e SS2. 6-0M D xc K4,fociw (2 mmcc£ Stdecua£ Saie ' P Utc fia£i«up aqcume vttetefautte i tcCcuU«t outique yi U 4 4fo4,, Ositiqece s tare j, cCatfawp antiques tutet ut 4t vie4.. .accU re-Jt uciattt i o££e U«t ? tut ecCecUc teUttfiCiay, £ t6e one , ' Seat ccUttne. l eyawai eitt ve td na tacCtcduty Ktiate-u, frottenA, UMMtt convent., eutet y uui cnafatttui 4e££t ty t evi cneaU w . Square ?avt Tttcupic S6 tv4. y Steve 76o k4A Stottfteefat? cvU6 " Reveeca (k «ti$4 t T Ceute TVitfatw . " Tttatic f t£e SCacene 1£a n4£e i4. wtt6, t6e f t Uo i 1R.a«Pt £e iA. e t D%e4 ect Pet (? Ue4t ' Pen onmtuiee y " Patey 4 Sc£go£ o£ tfam«t4UtfU6 -ARTWORK BY DEBBIE BERNET The beloved Double Decker bus gives tourists and residence alike rides around town. The lest dressed pet contest lakes place at I. p.m. Registration was from 10 a.m. until 11:15 a.m. -RYAN PIERINI -KAREN SMITH £3 Student Life Clowns, jugglers, face were all over the Square; the University Sporting Goods lini ' i ' ii an. Oxford Bank Issoi Fax ' s Market, Chamber of Commerce rluecn all the artists ' booths and shops, ciemine nils something spectacular. -KAREN SMITH Local musicians provided music all day. At 8pm on the Oxford American Stage, Wilco performed. ( Dou9(e (Decker Sm Living On Campus There ' s always room for improvement. Campus housing is no exception to the rule. " What we ' re striving for... are noticeable improvements in facilities, staff, customer service, in community development and lastly, academic support services, " said Director of Student Housing Bill McCartney. " Everything we do should be aimed at how we get better in providing services for students. " The 2000-2001 school year brought a number of changes to campus housing activities and proce- dures. For starters, there is no longer housing on campus reserved strictly for freshmen. Both freshmen and upperclassmen occupy the dormi- tories, excluding Guess Hall, which is restricted by gender and age. (A student must be at least 21 to live in Guess.) The Residence Hall Association voted in favor of this change last year. " We believe students should be able to choose to live where they would like to, " McCartney said. Kristen LaBan, a sophomore vocal education major from Madison, thinks the change is not beneficial. " When freshmen come to Ole Miss, they should go through the first year experience living togeth- " u er, " said LaBan. " They need to go through the change of being away from home and learning responsibilities, something that upperclassmen have already experienced. " Other changes for the year include the elimination of all halogen lights in dorms for safety precautions, and as of August 1, 2000, this is the first year that all residence halls are smoke-free. " Dinner with 6 Strangers " was another big addition for campus residents this year. Campus residents can come by Student Housing and sign up to have dinner in the home of a faculty, or staff, member who has volunteered to be a part of the event. " We wanted to find ways to connect students and faculty, " McCartney said. " It allows faculty to see students differently. " Among the changes taking this year, the housing department also submitted a proposal to have the University accepted into the National Student Exchange Program, which will allow students to attend 160 other colleges and universities across the United States, and at no additional cost. Student Housing is the house office and responsible for student recruitment. -DEMISE WILLIAMS €3 Student Life -BY KATHLEEN HILLMAN Annie Pettit, an International Business major from Springfield, Missouri, and Ashley Williams, an undecided major from Roswell, • Georgia, live in • 701 Crosby. The girls on their floor dubbed • the room THE PURPLE PALACE since the carpet, desk chairs and pillows are all purple; even the walls seem a purple tint. After being roommates their freshmen year, these two have the perfectly decorated room •complete with numerous angel items, matching bedspreads, and hanging Chinese • •lanterns. • -ASHLEY WILLIAMS Campus 1-fousing £ IGORD. JARAMILLO GRADUATE STUDENT GEOLOGY GEOLOGICAL ENGINEERING ECUADOR, SOUTH AMERICA I would say that I came to Ole Miss in a rather unexpected manner. I was in Ecuador when I assisted in a short course on Geographic Information Systems in August 1997. There is where I met Dr. Greg Easson, my current advisor. I did not know what Ole Miss was back then, but I kept in touch with Dr. Easson and after almost a year, I was traveling to the US. I was finally accepted in Spring 1999 and was ready to start this journey in an American university. There are a lot of things I like about Ole Miss, such as the campus, because it is small enough where almost everybody knows each other. I also like the friendliness that most people demonstrate-a part of southern culture that I have started to appreciate. Ole Miss is different from the campuses in my country because of the size and the number of cars around. I would prefer students riding bikes. The most inter- esting thing was the football season. I saw probably hundreds of people in the stadium cheering for the Ole Miss Rebels. I expect to graduate in May 200 1 . JORGE W.VINUEZA MARKETING INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS QUITO, ECUADOR I chose Ole Miss because I was offered a scholarship as a transfer student. It was somewhat a cultural shock when I came here, even though I lived in Kansas for four years prior to my arrival. Although I do not like small towns, I will take with me many good memories from Oxford. The friendly people, that traditional southern envi- ronment, and the friends that I ' ve made here. Cheerleading is probably the single activity that I had the most fun doing. It is something that I ' ll always remember from college. ere are 448 students i International Program TIFFANY HAMELIN JOURNALISM FRENCH YUBA CITY, CALIFORNIA What can I say about France? From the bountiful dog poop on the streets and the break-your- teeth hard baguettes to the coziness of a sidewalk cafe and " la vie en rose " ... it was quite a trip. I studied in Rennes, a rainy city in northwestern France. I made memorable friends from all over the world, traveled and learned a lot. £3 Student Life I MARIA CELESTE FREY DIETETICS AND NUTRITION RECONQUISTA, ARGENTINA I came to Ole Miss as a tennis player from University in Miami, and the program at Ole Miss is one of the top in the Nation. I wanted to improve my game, and compete in the SEC. What I like about Ole Miss is the campus, the people (especially those who sup- port Ole Miss athletic events), the professors, and the small town. The food was very different at the beginning; I was used to cooking my own food in Miami or eating in Latino restaurants. , NTERNAT|0NAL BUSINESS SAN PEDRO SULA, HONDURAS I came to Ole Miss because I was offered a scholarship. I enjoy my times sitting out in the Grove and, well... let ' s not leave out the tailgating adventures during the fall. The main differ- ence between Ole Miss and my country are the way people act and also their definition of partying. We enjoy a good place to dance and be with friends and family. At Ole Miss, partying refers to " getting plastered " . The Croft Institute has been some- thing Ole Miss should be very proud of. I ' m proud to say that through them, many Ole Miss students have and will continue to learn about various international cultures and realize that there is a world out there besides the States. IRA EUGENE GADDY IV PRE-MED GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI Of my eight semesters of college, the one I spent in Tilburg, Holland is incomparably the best. I didn ' t learn as much in class and didn ' t see one football game, yet I learned more in six months of European life than years in the States. Study Abroad should be a requirement. You get bombarded for months with an entirely new perspective on life and realize that much of it fits you better than what is offered at home. Having to choose new friends, make travel plans with no influences, and being in a place where no one cares what you do allows you to figure out what kind of life you want to live. I met my fiance ' in Europe. I walked around places I ' d only read about and felt more at home than any other time in my life. Coming back to the States was a culture shock. I decided not to go to medical school and plan to go to writing school next year. I think that if I hadn ' t gotten away from all the people who influence me, I wouldn ' t have made the decision. Studying abroad saved me from a later crisis by helping me figure out who I really am. 42% of eligime international studies Majors made Chancellor ' s Honor Roll International Students StudCy ( A6road r Em 303 So a6 Jlam , SCod. 2SI-054S 400 SoutA Fornax, Suite 3 234-27?? 40? SautA umat 236-3747 Ox td Kid @ . ?24 (? Mcit6au ie. Saccate 236-3339 307 S wt6 u uvi 232-443X ??0? 1 z t 3u e t rfveaue 23S-2X72 Sctn Oxfact. cam 400 S ntt6 .uma , Suite (? 234-3949 ?0?3 pe en M 4 venue 5?3-0209 % ANTIOTES MTS UNTERIORS 707071 M of the Town ' s owners are Marj Nell Smith Robbie Willis. Elizabeth Christopher Collection specializes in antiques, accents and uteriors. -PHOTOS BY RYAN PIERINI £ a Student Life lliivs and km In Lamb are the owners of this eclectic gift shop which features : ' l colors of M IH ' s along with numerous Oxford related gifts. They carry a large selection of Halloween costumes during October and always have numerous Ole Hiss items. Offering various types of massages and services like manicures and facials, Cicada quickly became everyone ' s favorite stop. There are also numerous lines of relavation beautv times available. -PHOTOS BY RYAN PIERINI Hundreds of Tourists visit Oxford each, month! ' Nt r Shops Ctf -» £3 Student Life October 9, 2000 Dear Mom and Dad, How are things back home? I ' m missing you so much, but Ole Miss is so beautiful, and I ' m loving it here more and more every day. The weather ' s getting much colder up here, and I ' m having to pull out the sweaters and gloves. The wind is so strong; sometimes I feel like I ' m going to be blown away. I ' m definitely not used to that yet at all. The scenery is so beautiful up here, and the leaves are start- ing to turn colors already. Sometimes there ' s the occasional thunderstorm that lasts for a week, but other than that, it ' s always nice outside. Home is on my mind constantly, but classes keep me preoccupied, and in spite of all the studying, I ' m having no trouble at all getting involved on campus. There are so many activities and organiza- tions to be apart of, and I ' m meeting tons of people. With everything going on, there isn ' t a lot of time left over for sleep. The dorm stays pretty loud at night, making it impossible to get any shut-eye before midnight, but I wouldn ' t take back the experience so far. I ' ve made so many friends on the hall. The college experience is pretty exciting! You ' ve got to come up for a game one weekend, but count on having to reserve a hotel room about a year in advanc e. It ' s impossible if you wait too long. On game days the Grove is packed with tailgaters, and you really can ' t see from one end of the Grove to the other. There are hordes of people and tents everywhere with all kinds of food to munch on; not too good for a healthy diet. The girls here dress up for all of the games like they are making an appearance at a movie premiere in New York or something. I ' ve never seen so much black leather and animal print in my life. Everywhere you turn there ' s another designer handbag, or zebra-print skirt. I miss getting to just throw on a sweat shirt and jeans to head out to a game, but those days are pretty much over here, unless I don ' t mind being the center of some negative attention. The guys show up all spiffy in their suits with red and blue ties, and they ' ve definit ely got the whole shaggy mop top thing going on. I ' ve never seen guys with so much hair on their head. I ' m still trying to get use to it, and I continue to scope out the guys around campus looking for boyfriend material (hee hee). It ' s definitely not like I thought it would be. For some reason, I imagined that college meant you automatically met somebody and started dating, but it ' s a slower process than I counted on. Classes have been strenuous at times, and I ' ve discovered, after months of being warned, that if you don ' t keep up with the reading, it ' s pretty easy to fall behind. Don ' t worry, I haven ' t missed a class yet; still going strong. But I am surprised at how many kids actually don ' t show up for class, especial- ly on Fridays. According to most people here, Thursday nights are the official start of the weekend. Last week everyone I know on the hall went out to some clubs in town. The Library, (not the one with all of the books), seems to be a popular spot. The Gin, too, but I have a feeling that ' s mainly a big freshmen hangout. That ' s all most of the girls ever talk about. Tons of pretty well-known local bands play around town all the time, and even on campus, so this place is a fairly big music scene for little ol ' Oxford. We have Grove concerts all the time, and trust me when I say there ' s never a boring moment here. I continue to count down the days til Thanksgiving. I can ' t wait to see you all again! It ' s just not the same without my family close by, but I ' ve adjusted well. I didn ' t realize, though, how hard it would be to go ten hours away from everything and everyone I ever knew. However, everyday I ' m more and more certain that this is the place I ' m suppose to be. These past couple of months have proven to me how fated it was that I found Ole Miss and made it my new home. I can ' t imagine any- thing better. Until we meet again, XOXOXO!!! Hotty Toddy, Kathleen Hillman T)ear Mom an d ' Dad Whether you are walking around construction sites or searching for a place to park, getting around at Ole Miss can sometimes be difficult. Enrollment is the high- est it has ever been, and the University continues to receive millions for new buildings or special projects. That means more construction is taking place while more students are on campus trying to get to class on time. Some students ride bicycles or motorcycles to class, but most people walk. Walking can be dangerous as illustrated by the fact that three pedestrians were hit by cars last year. The University has since lowered the speed limit to 1 8 mph. Parking seems to have always been a problem, and the number of tickets being given indicate the problem is getting worse. During the ' 99- ' 00 school year, a total of 75,464 tickets were written by the University Police Department. That is more than 8 tickets for every undergraduate at Ole Miss. The total amount of money collected from the tickets was $1,136,767.00, and a majority of this money goes into the University ' s general scholarship fund. The selling of decals to faculty, staff, and students generated $424,255 in ' 99- ' 00. Most of this money went to the Physical Plant who builds parking spaces, puts up signs, paints crosswalks, etc. The Physical Plant has been con- structing parking spaces behind the Turner Center, and a parking area next to the Depot, and the New Fine Arts Center will hopefully be completed by the first of the year. Parking tickets went up this year to $ 1 for the first offense, $20 for the second, and $40 for the third. The parking and traffic committee composed of faculty, staff, students, and representatives from UPD are the ones who decided to raise the cost of tickets. -HAYS BURCHFIELD -DENISE WILLIAMS Everyone hustles to arrive on time, and walking in without disrupting class is motivation enough. On and nil - campus students find biking a great way to get around. UPD registers and marks bikes in rase of theft. £3 Student Life ransvortatwn Q STEPHANIE DUKES GRAPHIC DESIGN BUSINESS GALLATIN, TEXAS " I had in do this piece lor an assignment, and I really wanted to capture the very essence of nightlife here in Oxford. Everything about our town is so unique that I mi ii i I ' d my art to reflect that. In fact, so many people had positive comments that I made prints. " -KELSI HOLMAN During the 1999-2000 academic year, 166 DUI arrests were made by TJPD. IDENTIFICATION PLEASE! Patrons constantly show their IDs around the Oxford bars. Some establishments may keep the ID while people are inside or may require them to show it again at the bar. But for those of age, there are many plates to enjoy a relaxing f EtM Student Lift -DENISE WILLIAMS -DENISE WILLIAMS T a c ct t£e% on, SocU? PijfefUa Pud f90 Oeteute Sex on t6e Sfcume ' pwiette ' (} 70 eaUutMUtf a td Outten, TttcuUy 70 zte tyaM Sex w. t6e Squ ie Sex «h t£e SeacA Pt ud atrtf ' ' 1 «d 1a Uc So Many Places to Visit, so Little Time With little time left after last call, patrons of the local bar scene slowly start heading towards their ne tdes- 1 iiiaiiiin-iinni her party or home lor the night. -DENISE WILLIAMS ianv±.ire Q imenictut, IQect i 44 ' ZfctfkUtf fa ' Zfccmtuiity Oxfaind- tifaufette ccm ute Society Oxfand- afaicfcUc tfe iacy ( cutccC Safiti t ' TVtem UtU ame i e ' fty tfUce Vo£uatee i4, 7{ Uted Ti ay £ Oxfand -BARBARA LOWE -ASHLEY WILLIAMS llniir: Jenny lliiltli anil Innie Pettil enjoy their victory in the Phi Kappa Psi volleyball tonrnament which benefited the Oxford Humane Society. Leap Frog is a I nited Hay funded orpization which helps local first and second graders t hrough an after-school prognun. -BARBARA LOWE t J Student life - Building Homes Diversity nl Mississippi llnliilal [or lliiiiuinii offers siiiilciiis Hie riiiml i In ln l|i Imilil affordable limisiiiy alongside families who wish to Become independent homeowners. rkinsi [with regional llaliilal rliaplcrsi lni al volunteers, anil Hie families themselves, We Hiss slmlenls ave Hie chance In painl. use power tools, anil aiil in all areas of construe! -RYAN PIERINI -RYAN PIERINI " Through, my volunteer experiences, I have learned to appreciate everything I have and gained a better understanding of different backgrounds. " -Jennifer Good VoCunteer Work €3 Artist Series SHERMAN Paul Taylor Dance Trio March 30, 1999 Orpheus Chamber Orchestra November 11, 1999 -COURTESY OF ARTIST SERIES Ohio Ballet October 3, 2000 -J.J. PREKOP - University Theater v I Mil is ii romance, an a(l cnlure story, y laic thai asks its actors to communicate ies as well as their voices. ( i has a lot to say al and snnielimes do not relate to one mi photos) -PHOTOS COURTESY OF UNIVERSITY THEATER The University Artist Theatre Series offers students and people throughout the community an opportunity to see a series of dance, music, and theatre every year. This year includes the performances of A Christmas Carol, The Little Clay Cart, Dancing at Lughnasa, Showstoppers, and Cabaret. The Artist Series bring four terrific performances to the campus each year. This year ' s series presents the Ohio Ballet, the Boston Camerata directed by Joel Cohen, the all African- American cast of George Gershwin ' s musical, Porgy and Bess, and the Scottish fiddlers trio, Bonnie Rideout. -WRITTEN BY AMANDA JOHNSON university Theater fefA hr ml in life mi campus consists nf mnrr than just altrndins classes. Between studying, working, unci Irips In i In ' lill machines, We Hiss students stay eitremeh bnsv. -PHOTOS BY ROBIN FREEMAN 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL WORK CONFERENCE In the Union Ballroom 10:00 a.m. - 5 p.m. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED CAMPUS FEST brought by the Student Programming Board 10:00 a.m. MAGAZINE WEEK " Linking Print the Web " Farley Hall room 305 12 p.m. PERFORMANCE BY PURPLE MUSTARD On the Union Steps 3:00 p.m. FACULTY-to-FACULTY TECHNOLOGY FORUM 206 Peabody Hall 7:30 p.m. 10 p.m. STUDENT HOUSING RESIDENCE LIFE PRESENT " SHAFT " Showing in the Turner Center for $1 with Ole Miss ID A Day a Ole Miss November 3, 2000 fjljl Student Life jhsw m» ■ r • ■ V ' ' f November 3, 2000 f f KUDZU KINGS UNIQUE BLEND OF COUNTRY, BLUEGRASS, ROCK AND ROLL OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI In their five years together, the band has gained a strong foothold on the Southeast, filling several prominent music venues and is beginning to spread their talent to the rest of the nation. They have shared the stage with the likes of Widespread Panic, Leftover Salmon, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Junior Brown, and Col. Bruce Hampton with Aquarium Rescue Unit, just to name a few. Their debut CD was recorded with Grammy Award winning produc- er Jim Gaines at the helm. So far, Kudzu Kings have sold over 9,000 units without the benefit of national distribution and received considerable radio play. SWOLE BLEND OF FUNK METAL OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI In February of the year 2000, Danny Henning, Charlie Dawson, and Brian Walker formed the intergalactic metal protected soul band, Swole. Swole ' s variety is partly due to the multi-talented members switching instruments between songs, but mostly attributed to their sheer emotional roller- coasting between soft and heavy styles of soundscapes. Swole energies the crowd with its elec- tric blend of funk, metal, and exchanges which ensure as much variety in the crowd as in the band. £ ' 3 Student Life fl " " J k k M+ -COURTESY OF BLUE MOUNTAI m wtA W BLUE MOUNTIAN Blue Mountain is a soulful band that BLUES brings you down to your roots of rock OXFORD, MISSISSIPI | and roll. They are characterized by their hard-driving rhythm and blues, gripping ballads, and the wild hair of George, the new rhythm guitar player. Another great time is guaranteed at Proud Larry ' s when they make it back to town! COURTESY OF SWOLE -COURTESY OF HONEY BLONDE R.L. BURNSI BLU LAYFAYETTE COUNTY, MISSISSIP The ultimate paradox of blues music, R.L. Burnside, is the last genuine performer of raw Mississippi, hill-country sound, as well as the most cutting edge crossover artist the blues has had in the past 30 years. " Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down, " his new record, is the accumulation of 73 years of hard-earned experience and contains some of R.L. ' s best singing ever. His voice has gained maturity and depth, while his phrasing is detailed and emotional. NEY BLONDE CROCK 0, MISSISSIPPI Honey Blonde provides a diverse soundscape with an eclectic mix of grass, world beat, and ck, built upon solid harmonies and mixed ntation. The Oxford Town the band as " proving that need a Hoover Dam stack iers to be a rock and roll ile creating a sound that impossible to sit still. " is currently touring the t in support of their self-titled debut album and has been pleasing listeners from Memphis, TN, to Baton Rouge, LA. LEE SMITH INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS BROOKHAVEN, MISSISSIPPI BENTLEY PEMBROOK MARKETING MEMPHIS, TENNESSE These two ATO fraternity brothers enjoy playing together at Forrester ' s. -COURTESY OF LEE SMITH Loca( Musk o Rioted awiy ' t Smitty £ S 4ietd ' 7?t d€Ut 7V Ue tyuM OCeC 1 eatce if a wt fra Uf -ROBIN FREEMAN I Around the Square there are numerous choices for eating, and of course, usually a wait. Robin Hap anil Joe) llaniinnnil enjoy the sights while waiting for a coveted table at Cily Grocery, (ahove) After deciding lor a while, these girls My make a choice of where to eat (far left) One of Old Venice ' s workers takes a moment to catch upon the day ' s events, (left) -ROBIN FREEMAN %l Student Life The I iiiiiii proves In In 1 a popular ilinino plan 1 for breakfast, lunr and dinner. Minimis also mjiiy paling nulsidp of I lir I niun in ilir liailr til ilii 1 Grove or simply on one of I In- numerous linn hes around campus. Ilininf mil is alsn aum lu-r pnpular choice. -COURTESY OF JULIE RAUCH ' Dinner T ' ime £3 2 University ol Mississippi runnino hark llcm r MrAllistcr SS catches a pass and runs it in [or the first Mr Hiss lonrhdou in the third quarter ag, Tnlane Saturday, September 02, 2000atVangnt-Hemingwa] Sladium llollinpuorlh Field 01 the Die Hiss campus. -ROBERT JORDAN £A Student Life LSU Tigers vs. Ole Miss Rebels November 1 1 , 2000 Oxford, Mississippi Tulane Green Wave vs. Ole Miss Rebels September 2, 2000 Oxford, Mississippi mtiiWS. -RYAN PIERINI WS4- Vanderbilt Commodores vs. Ole Miss Rebels September 16,2000 Nashville, Tennessee ira ' CAM 4 ; 3 1. -CHRIS STEWART dumber 22 45 Let it SNOW! At 7:34 p.m. on January 27, 2000, the Ole Miss campus was slowly transformed into one giant winter wonder- land. The first campus snow of 2000 sent hearts jumping and students rac- ing for the doors. No one was left unaware of the -photos BY RYAN pierini frosty flakes as dorm residents were heard screaming, " It ' s snowing, it ' s snowing. " For some it was the sigh •of relief, " No class tomorrow. " For others, it was the beginning of a very long and cold •weekend. As residents grabbed their coats and hats, they made their way outside the halls to experience the thrill of the new-fallen snow. Students were the culprits of countless snowball tights, and stayed up until early morning sliding down the snow- covered hills behind Deaton and Stewart Hall. All different ages and genders revisited •their childhood and enjoyed the snow while it lasted. Snowpeople and snow angels •graced the campus, as students ran around disturbing the white perfection of the 9 ground. As the snow began to melt on Saturday evening, students faced the realization -that classes would continue on Monday, and the fun was coming to an end. • -WRITTEN BY KATHLEEN HILLMAN LISA BAILEY Rebel Ride 2000 . Tickets for " Rebel Ride, " the University ' s new trolley system, went on sale for $ 1 each in the area between the " Y " building and Union Plaza. The tickets sold from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for an entire week and were available to anyone interested, including students, faculty and Oxford residents. A ticket provided unlimited rides for three weeks, the pilot period for the project. The trolley system, which included two trolleys, ran Monday through Saturday from 2 p.m. until the early morning. One trolley ran a daytime route, while the other had an evening schedule. Both had professional drivers. The daytime trolley ran from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. in a northeast to southwest direction. It travelled in a 20 minute loop, including the outer loop of campus and the mall. The afternoon and evening schedule started at 6 p.m. and ended when everyone had been taken home. It •also ran in 20 minute loops, except on Thursday through Saturday when it ran every • 10 to 12 minutes. After the pilot period, project organizers gauged student interest to •determine if Rebel Ride will become permanent, said Lew Yoder, a member of the stu- dent committee which developed the trolley idea. " If this works, we will see how the m routes go, and then talk to students and do student surveys, " Yoder said. If the trolley becomes permanent, semester passes will be available. A price for the passes has not •been set. -WRITTEN BY JULIE FINLEY C3 Student Life Drinking Getting Drunk Aren ' t the Same Mike Green, the nationally known leader in the field of drug and alcohol education, stressed the difference in drinking and getting drunk Monday night when he spoke to Ole Miss students. Green began his speech standing behind a table , covered with various kinds of alcoholic drinks and other soda drinks. He poured some •of the alcoholic drink into a cup and showed it around to the students. He then asked •the students questions about their drinking habits. He asked the students if they drank, •and if they throw up from drinking. He received cheers from the crowd of students as a response each time. Green, a recovering alcoholic, started to point out the bad side effects of binge drinking. He said that one does not have to be an alcoholic to have an " alcohol problem. " Green said getting drunk is a different thing from drinking. • " Drinking is for entertainment and getting drunk is for escape, " Green said. Getting •drunk embarrasses you, your family, or makes somebody else look bad, Green said. " There is nothing to prove by how much you drink, " Green said. " You can always say ' I have had enough to drink. ' " Green said binge drinking is the real problem. It is not •only a short time problem because it could have a life-time effect or result, he said. " In •one night, you can lose everything, " Green said. Green encouraged the students to look •out for others who might be drinking too much. " I hope you would take care of your friends, " Green said in his closing of the 50-minute speech. Some students realized how dangerous alcohol can be during Green ' s speech. " I realized that I need to watch •out for my friends a lot more, " said Lauren Spencer, a freshman from Little Rock, Ark. Other students were surprised with how interesting the speech was. " I found it more interesting than I expected, " said Marie Harkins from Jackson. " I think he did a great ob in getting his point across. " Emily Gingham, a freshman from Biloxi, agreed with Harkins. " I think it is a really interesting subject which made me really eager to go and listen to the speaker although it is part of my requirements for the course (University Studies), " Gingham said. Freshman students were required to attend the speech as part of the University Studies course, US 101, which is one credit hour, and part of the core requirements. The event was sponsored by the University Counseling Center, A «B Distributing, and the University faculty, staff, and peer •leaders. -written by ola galal SpeciaC tEvents CV growth and a closer religious walk have a wide range of ministries to participate in on campus. Ole Miss is home to a number of campus min- istries, including Westminster Fellowship; the Muslim Student Association; Lutheran Student Fellowship; Chi Alpha; and Student Mobilization. That ' s only naming a few. Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC), under the direction of Isaac Jenkins, is a large ministry made up of about 400 stu- dents. Students participate in various Bible studies during the week and worship service Tuesday nights in Farley audi- torium. The Wesley Foundation is a ministry of the United Methodist Church. However, it ministers to all, regardless of denomination. Wesley members take part in Bible study ses- sions weekly, as well as semester retreats. The Baptist Student Union welcomes all students for fellowship and praise on Tuesday Nights Together (TNT). Fresh Start, a freshmen only Bible study, is another activity sponsored by the BSU each fall semester. While providing entertainment, the Gathering, a small drama group and Gift of Song, an ensemble consisting of 1 2 singers, send a message to stu- dents about their walk with God. Many campus athletes and other interested students participate in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which " presents ath- letes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, " said FCA Director Wes Yeary. Each week about 150 participants gather for small group Bible study and various meetings, inclu ding prayer and disciple- ship. During the year, FCA members attend retreats to bring the group closer together. They participate in " Activity Night " , a night of speakers, music, skits, games and testimonies, as well as " Team Night " , in which FCA meetings are held at sports events on campus. Friendspeak, a service to International stu dents, is offered to help them perfect their knowledge of the English language and study the Bible. The 25 active partici- pants work with UC volunteers an hour each week. This will be the first year that the Common Ground Association, for- merly the Worldwide Church of God, will open its doors to Ole Miss students. The association is still seeking final approval from the University. Student Advisor Michael Lampley said the association exists to " provide a common ground between all denominations and stress Biblical inter- pretations from a non-denominational point of view. " Students currently attend Biblical interpretation classes at the main library weekly. -COURTESY OF BSU -WRITTEN BY KATHLEEN HILLMAN | £j Student Life I -COURTESY WESLEY FOUNDATION lift: This member of Ihe IVesh Foundation helps out In painting a wall. Supported by Ihe Hum li of ( hri t. Iniversit) Italians onsists of -II plus student who attend n ensiie college level Bible study classes and dailv detotionals. evelopinc HEART that| MIND that WORJ LIVE WITH. AND HOMI THAT LA T J ITUHRI JTIAN -COURTESY UNIVERSITY CHRISTIANS llefigious Cfioices £ : ; S H BETHGU N DL CH Homecoming Week October 23-27, 2000 Monday ROCK WALL BUNGEE RUN Tuesday GIANT OBSTACLE COURSE MISS OLE MISTER PAGEANT Wednesday MOTION CARDS MAKE YOUR OWN CANDLES Thursday BOXERBOTS M-4 " HALLOW MAN " Movie in the Grove Friday HALL OF FAME AWARDS CEREMONY Honoring Raymond L. Brown, Larry Martindale, Otis L. Sanford, R. Faser Triplett, Sr. William G. Yates CIRCUIT RIDERS PERFORMANCE HOMECOMING PARADE Saturday PRE-GAME CEREMONY OLE MISS VS. NEVADA-LAS VEGAS Halftime- Crowning of the Homecoming Queen Rebel Band performance Ilurintjt the week, everyone look advantage of the activities in the Li Plaza. And the week was lapped oil a win from the Rebels during overti against Nevada-Las hm. -CHRIS STEWART f Student Life -SARAH-ELIZABETH GUNDLACH The School of Business Administration enjoys the Homecoming parade with their third place float built by twelve people. Elton l) ' eal, their presi- dent, helped design the float which, " will recreate the pavilion between the business and accountancy schools. " (above) kappa Alpha iheta and Sigma Phi Epsilon take first place with their float. A total of eleven floats were entered for Friday ' s parade, (left) The Freshmen Homecoming Maids, Mary Unlet Swaney and Rachel Lynn Wood, enjoy the parade route, (below) -SARAH-ELIZABETH GUNDLACH ■i ;tio Construe CJLCJi A WA -j Jii i. During the 1 999-2000 acad the university spent about 76 million dollars on new construction and renovations on I campus, and the projected cost for this year is close I to the same. It is hard for students to walk to class I without hearing the " beep, beep, beep " of a crane I backing up, the sound of a diesel engine of a back hoe, or other noises that come from construction equipment. Pedestrians have to walk around board- ed up or fenced off areas surrounding construction sites, and some parking spaces for cars have been taken away to make room for construction. The Lyceum renovation is the big project that just about everyone is conscious of since it is so centrally locat- ed and students have to pass by it on their way to class. The 10.5 million dollar renovation is project- ed to be complete in mid-December. There are many other renovations going on around campus. The " Y " Building, Fulton Chapel, and the Turner Center are all undergoing renovations using money provided by the state. The Performing Arts Complex is a huge project with a budget of over 6 1 million dollars that came from private donations and the state. The project also includes building the Ford Campus Theater and renovating the gym in the education building for the band to use. Ole Miss is also getting a new chapel that is projected to be complete by December. The $3,758,889 chapel is being built entirely from private funds. The Circle had a makeover this year with the addition of wide sidewalks outlined by bricks. One anonymous per- son donated the money for the project that was started in July and completed in October. Two other construction projects about to start are the redbrick entrance gateway that will be visible as you enter the campus across from the education building and the south end zone enclosure at Vaught- Hemmingway Stadium. Ole Miss is definitely grow- ing, and it has the construction to prove it. -WRITTEN BY HAYS BURCHFIELD Bricklayers Sergio avarro (lower left I and Melchos Olguien compare the height of the top course of finish bricks against the height of the The University of Mississippi ' s hiss of 2000- sponsored facelift area of the Circle on Friday. August III 2000. Vmirro and III Valley Masonry (!o. of Memphis, Tennessee. of the ien work for on le the ZJJ Student Life p This worker I rims down lirani tics in I he JCirilNiiroiijiinrliiiiiuillillii ' iTiiiiiili-lin!! Construction Zone ee P6 we Take a look around the Ole Miss campus. It ' s almost guaranteed that a person talking on a cell phone will be in the line of vision. Cell phones have increased in popu- larity over the last few years because prices have gone down making them more affordable for everyone, espe- cially students. The cell phone companies have found quite a market among college students for a number of reasons. College is a time in a young person ' s life when they stray further from home; in most cases more than parents have ever experienced. Their parents know they will be driving long distances by themselves so they find the need to supply their daughters and sons with a phone for emergencies. However, students look at cell phones as a tool to be used other than for emergencies. They find it to be one of their main means for communication with friends and family. Many companies come with calling plans that include statewide and even nationwide calling for a low flat fee and for a certain number of minutes. A very tempting addition to the plans is unlim- ited night and weekend calling. A growing concern with the use of cell phones is use while driving, which can cause distraction. There have been movements to pass legislation so that it is illegal to talk on one while driv- ing. The laws governing use of phones are still in consid- eration, but the phone companies are ahead of the law- makers with devices that make phones hands-free. Cell phones are a part of life for most people. The technolo- gy is so advanced now that phones can receive email and users can surf the Internet through their phones. Cell phones have become the ultimate accessory with every color and design of faceplates imaginable. The impor- tance of such a small accompaniment to life has had one huge impact connecting people. -WRITTEN BY AMANDA JOHNSON 9 iojW JnBnr - -RYAN PIERINI 411 over campos, people use their phooes even on the short iralk to and limn class. People even make rails from the library. -RYAN PIERINI -SC0H HOPKINS tU Student Life What Ole Miss Students said about cell phones! J TIM ROBINSON ART JOURNALISM FOREST, MISSISSIPPI " They ' re great Everyone needs one, hm milt passengers in cars should lie aide In use them, or Ihe driver in an emewnrv. " -scon HOPKINS GORDON GENT INTERNATIONAL STUDIES GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI " Cell phones seem to have become a permanent part of stu- dents ' lives here at Ole Hiss. Students roam the campus every- day walking and talking on them, even taking them into the classroom. Everywhere you look you see people driving and chatting while narrowly missing pedestrians. I must admit that I do the same thing with my cell phone use it ' s so convenient. " AMANDA WILLIS MARKETING KENNETT, MISSOURI " Well, I think that they are good in emergency situations and il there is an important reason to reach someone: however, they should be turned oil in class, because getting a call in class is verv -COURTESY OF AMANDA WILLIS CeCfTdones fy -COURTESY OF ASHLEY NATIONS -0 ptftf £ a Student Life -ANNE PETTIT -COURTESY OF SUZY REED w ° -ASHLEY WILLIAMS -COURTESY OF AMY S. HOLMES 5oUK SN( I October 31. 2000 1-faffaween fe| MONEY! MONEY! [ UM M W!l i M i m I V!F. Including the not-so-marvelous land of debt. Most college students are very susceptible to the lure of plastic and the thrill of " not having to pay. " Unfortunately, the bills must be paid sooner or later. College students are the most popular targets of credit providers, and their vulnerability is a weakness that proves to be lethal. A study done by Pennsylvania State University of three northeastern colleges showed that out of 1,022 students, 735 owned at least one credit card. The average number of cards owned by these students was 2.66, and the average monthly balance was $846. These numbers are staggering, and the problem is increasing. Each year, the number of students in debt grows. Students need to become more aware of the negative effects bad credit can have on their lives. Years of bad credit can seriously impair your life. Without good credit, it is nearly impossible to buy a car or a home. Before acquir- ing a credit card, students should take advantage of various resources offered by card issuers. The most rep- utable providers, such as Visa or MasterCard, have special information sections for stu- dents. By becoming more informed, we better our chances for a sunny credit forecast. -WRITTEN BY KATIE SMITH -RYAN PIERINI -RYAN PIERINI EJ Student Life l!r nlr Hie cost ill hi iiiiilh ni lending college, students hii r I fi i ■ costs ill going mil ill infill mill usually rating r in- twice n week. Ilni ' rmilil easily spend S.1II or iiiiut mi line ni! hi mil. Numerous students take advantage of the free or low cost events which are on campus and around the Oxford area. For example, the Student Housing and Residence life department shows movies in the Turner Center Auditorium on selected Friday nights for $1. The Student Programming Board also provides great entertainment such as the numerous concerts and events in the Union plaza during Homecoming and Red Blue Week. Other students may opt to find low cost activities outside of Oxford like visiting Graceland II in Holly Springs, Mississippi. Regardless, there is always something to do. -written by ashley Williams ' Money, ' Money fc3 e Battle for History on Hold -ASHLEY WILLIAMS X J " HK«n ifliott F »HB£ " •1 -RYAN PIERINI Above: Throughout Lafayette i mini y, there were five voting districts. The National Armory was one of the three for district one. The polls opened at 1 a.m. and closed at 1 p.m. Around campus on Election day, there was little campaigning as both the College Democrats and Republicans had already helped voters register. 60 Student Life TUvewfoi 7, 2000 As President Clinton ' s admin istration came to an end, a new president was elected to begin a new century. Three major contenders were up for the seat of Chief Executive: Al Gore, current Vice President and Democrat Nominee; George W. Bush, current Governor of Texas, son of former President George Bush, and Republican Nominee; and Ralph Nader, of the Green Party. The election was a big topic of conversation on the Ole Miss campus. It was also a major issue for the student organiza- tions supporting each candidate including the College Democrats, College Republicans and The Ole Miss Green Party. Each organization worked hard to promote their can- didates. The Democrats had a table set up in the Union since school began in support of Al Gore. They held numerous voter registration drives and provided information about absentee ballots. The College Republicans were influential in bringing U. S. Senator Trent Lott, a former Ole Miss cheer- leader and alumnus, to campus in September. The Republicans also held a voter registration drive to get stu- dents registered as the deadline approached. The University Greens, which the Ole Miss Green Party is commonly referred to, was very active on campus in support of the elec- tion. They had a table set up inside and in front of the Union throughout the semester. One event hosted by the Greens that made news was the silent protest held while Senator Lott visited Ole Miss. About 1 2 members of the Greens partici- pated in the protest. All three groups hosted debates throughout the semester and all these student political organizations were active in their strive to get the attention of students turned to voting and supporting the candidate they felt would best represent the country as Commander in Chief. -WRITTEN BY AMANDA JOHNSON he White THE FLORIDA RECOUNT Bush vs. Gore In the nation ' s first contested and most con- troversial presidential election, it will take the United States Supreme Court to determine which votes, cast by the American public, will decide who will win the battle for the White House. As Americans stayed glued to their television sets and twiddled their thumbs, the question that continues to loom in everyone ' s mind is not just who will become the next President, but when will the controversy end? On Election night, even the networks couldn ' t determine who the next President would be, while America watched and waited. Early in the evening on November 7, 2000, networks began predicting that Vice President Al Gore won the state of Florida, later calling Texas Governor George W. Bush the winner. In the early hours of November 8, Bush was named the 43rd President Elect of the United States. Gore, on his way to give his concession speech, received a phone call from an advisor telling Gore not to concede; that he might have won Florida after all. Amazingly, one cell phone call started a chain of events that spiraled out of control and sent the nation into a state of uncer- tainty and chaos. What followed were numerous nights of CNN election coverage. Passing from one millenni- um to the next, can the " greatest nation in the world " heal and unite behind this nation ' s first President of the 2 1 st century? -WRITTEN BY KATHLEEN HILLMAN (REPUBLICAN) GEORGE W. BUSH pre aw NT DICK CHENEY vice president (DEMOCRAT) AL GORE PRE SBENT JOE LIEBERMAN vicf president 3 Q 5 0 (MORON PARTY) Q- 4 ' M S UCH A compete idotttol artrmigti imeantto vote lor Core, Ivrastaftledby Iris eriremely simple ballot lam clearly too stupid lobe inclided in trie process of electing a president Official Florida Presidential Ballot Follow the arrow and Punch the appropriate dol. Tresidfentia f CEfection C m -KAREN SMITH C Student Life K . November 8, 2000 Dear Mom and Dad, As I look back over the last year, I can ' t believe how fast time has gone by since I started my freshmen year at Ole Miss. I remember thinking how out of place I felt and how everyone else on campus seemed so settled and sure of themselves. Now I realize how true those feelings really are for a majority of freshmen. Everything within my life drastically changed within a short period of time; I moved away from my hometown of Roswell, Georgia to the small, college town of Oxford, Mississippi, and that in itself was a culture shock. Once I actually left for school (after totally buying out Bed, Bath Beyond) and I moved into my new home-410 Martin, I was bombarded with a virtual stranger for a roommate, a new school, and changes in every aspect of my life. As the semester went on, I dove into classes and joined several campus organizations, and slowly I started recognizing more and more people on campus. Slowly we formed our circle of friends and started having all the stories and inside jokes that friends have. Between football game weekends, road-trips to Memphis, and days shopping on the Square, somehow I managed to survive the fall semester. On the ride back from holiday break, I realized that I too had become another college student thinking that my school was the best. I adorned my car with University of Mississippi stickers and really started to enjoy the " college experience " for exactly that! I still don ' t have a major or any inkling to what career I want to have, but I have realized that some simply settle for the first option that comes along; however, I want to actually be passionate about whatever career path I chose. Coming back to school this fall, I finally understood that the freshmen experience is simply that. This fall has been amazing; everywhere I go I see people I know and have started running into peo- ple that I knew back in the day. Every tradition that at first seemed so strange is now like second nature. When I look back over the friends that have come and gone over the last year, I appreciate those true friends that I have made and kept. As this semester winds down and last minute studying is done, I have absolutely no regrets about coming to Ole Miss and in fact, I know that I changed for the better by being here. I read a quote from a fellow student referring to Oxford as " Disneyland for twenty-somethings " and I couldn ' t describe it any better. 4jn XOXOXO!!! Hotty Toddy, Ashley Williams Overview vna !-r ' :n : [?j ■ i y " -- " . r . .i. ' a BH ' ■ W V€ n ! - • m W- " - BPu. Mz M •• - - jfepTJI ' ; ■ ' SS L4 m X f •to %.U-- " « " " " " - -SARAH-ELIZABETH GUNDLACH r 1.IMHUI. " ' — S9HMI . j -r " ' . ' - - ' W ' ' — ■ ' • - -• • - Jii Sr: =3g fe - " . i. r J t -v -ll i gg S ■ ■ jf ■ jggg z£- ' ft» -BRANDY STEWARll « 5c3 «l HE. :5 s CHANCELLOR ?£j q t © This edition, our 106th of The Ole Miss reflects the remarkable vigor and excitement of the 2000-200 1 academic year at The University of Mississippi. For students, facul- ty, staff, and alumni, this yearbook is a record of a memorable year filled with mean- ingful experiences across the spectrum of life in our unique community. We have seen a renewed commitment to insuring that every student, faculty, and staff member has optimum opportunities to pursue his or her academic goals. Academic programs were strengthened, research funds made available, and laboratories, libraries, and lecture halls enhanced to reflect today ' s technology. Ole Miss has long been recognized as fertile ground for Mississippi ' s leaders. Our graduates hold positions of leadership around the globe, and the opening of the Trent Lott Leadership Institute enabled us to enhance student leadership development opportunities. With a commitment to providing a nurturing, safe campus, we have enhanced the natural beauty of our grounds and have created one of America ' s most attractive university communities. The reputation of Ole Miss at Oxford as a haven for cultural activities was strengthened by the excitement surrounding the construction of the Gertrude Castellow Center for the Performing Arts. Our community and campus groups supported the performing, visual, and literary arts with exciting plays, art exhibits, thoughtful readings, and delightful concerts. Students continue to pursue noble goals as they provide leadership in campus gover- nance, philanthropy, print and broadcast journalism, athletics, and general goodwill in the community. We have embraced respect for others as a primary value of our community. . .a value reflected in this yearbook. This 2000-200 1 yearbook is a composite of the lives of our students, the dedication of our faculty, the support of our staff, and the loyalty of our alumni. Thank you for your contributions to the University and for a memorable year. Robert C. Khayat Chancellor ' Academics Chancellor Robert Khayat T ' fie Cdanceffor £n Scfioof of ' Accountancy ( Ms. Tina Tife We66 Q ' Acadi emics , Tina Webb graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1992, with a Bachelor of Accountancy degree and in 1993, with a Master of Accountancy degree and an emphasis in taxation. She also received a Taylor Medal in accountancy. Webb is currently a Senior Manager in the tax department of KPMG LLP in Memphis, Tennessee as well as serving as a primary recruiter for the firm. During Webb ' s years at Ole Miss in the School of Accountancy, the professors showed an individual interest in each student, especially those who put forth their best effort to be suc- cessful. Webb obtained many technical skills from her years at Ole Miss. However, the knowledge she received from her experience at Ole Miss was far beyond the needed technical skills. From team projects, presentations, and the concern and encouragement of professors, she obtained the communications skills and confidence needed to be successful in public accounting. Webb has the following to say about the Ole Miss School of Accountancy: " The School of Accountancy at the University of Mississippi is a program well equipped to prepare students for the work force. I have many thanks to give to the dedicated faculty in the School of Accountancy for the progress I have made in my career. Many of them are still in the program including the Dean of the Accountancy School, Dr. James W. Davis. The one professor I cannot thank enough at this point who deserves much recognition is Mr. H. E. Peery. -SARAH-ELIZABETH GUNDLACH -SARAH-ELIZABETH GUNDLACH School of ' Accountancy fc£J The School of Business Administration is proud to nominate Edward C. Maloney as this year ' s most distinguished alumnus. Maloney graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Ole Miss in 1972. He is the president of Cowboy Maloney ' s Electric City with 13 store chains in Mississippi and Tennessee. He is the vice-president of the Metro Multi Media (advertising agency), vice-president of C D Investments (real estate) and the chairman of the Ole Miss Business Advisory Council. Maloney has been and is currently very active in the Jackson community. He is the past president of Jackson Preparatory INC., past president of the Board of Jackson Preparatory School Foundation and past president of the Country Club of Jackson. He has served on numerous boards such as the Jackson Touchdown Club, Sertoma Club of Jackson and St. Richard ' s Parish. Maloney is also a past board member of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Besides being a great businessman and civic volunteer, Maloney is a true fan of baseball. He is the minority owner with Nolan Ryan of the Round Rock Express baseball team, which is the AA franchise of the Houston Astros. The Round Rock Express won the Texas League Championship and set an AA attendance record of over 600,000. Maloney is married to the former Rhoda Naff of Memphis, TN. She graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1972. They have three daughters who all have either graduated from or are currently attending the University of Mississippi. Lindsey Maloney graduated from Ole Miss in 1998; Leigh Anne Maloney graduated in 2000; and Kelly Maloney is currently a junior at Ole Miss. -WRITTEN BY HAYS BURCHFIELD © ' AcacCe emics % fMr. ' Eddie MaConey - p -SARAH-ELIZABETH GUNDLACH -SARAH-ELIZABETH GUNDLACH Scfioof of (Business ' Administration fil Dr. David Cole is this year ' s nominee for most distinguished alumnus from the School of Education. Cole graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree from Ole Miss in 1969. He went on to earn a Master ' s degree in Administration and Ph.D. in Educational Leadership. While at Ole Miss, Cole enjoyed working in journalism as a reporter and feature writer for the Oxford Eagle. He was also the vice-president of the Alumni Association for one year and the president for two years. Cole taught in the South Panola school district for 2 years before becoming the superintendent of South Panola school district for 20 years. He has been the president of Ittawamba Community College since 1993, and he is currently on a leave of absence to be the chief of staff for Governor Ronnie Musgrove. This is not Cole ' s first time to be recognized for his outstanding accomplishments. He was the School of Education ' s Alumnus of the Year in 1993. Dr. David Cole loves Ole Miss, and he credits the University for giving him a strong background in education and leadership skills. " I give all the credit to Ole Miss for laying the foundations that have allowed me to serve in these capacities, " Cole said. -WRITTEN BY HAYS BURCHFIELD © ' Acacfi emics Scfioof of Education C3 Scfioof of Engineering The Ole Miss School of Engineering was founded in 1900 and is the oldest engineering school in the state of Mississippi. The School of Engineering is also the third oldest school on the Ole Miss campus. This year marked the eighth continuous year of growth with over 650 students. The School of Engineering is very pleased to have a job placement rate of 100 percent. Students base their success on the average class size of 10 students. The School of Engineering is housed in several buildings on the University campus, with Carrier Hall containing the dean ' s office and the departments of civil engineering, geology, and geological engineering, and mechanical engineering. Also located in Carrier Hall is the Center for Computational Hydroscience and Engineering. Anderson Hall, which is connected to Carrier by a hallway, contains the departments of chemical engineering and electrical engineering. Electrical engineering also has research facilities in the old engineering building located next to Carrier and Anderson Halls. To the west of Carrier Hall is the old chemistry building, which houses the Mississippi Mineral Resource Institute and laboratories for geological engineering. Weir Hall houses the department of Computer Science. -WRITTEN BY JOHN WEATHERF0RD Q ' Acadi emics -RYAN PIERINI -SARAH-ELIZABETH GUNDLACH -SARAH-ELIZABETH GUNDLACH Scfioof of ' Engineering m rfke (graduate ScfiooC The Graduate School ' s main goal is to provide students with an education beyond the undergraduate degree. The Graduate School has been working towards this goal for over 72 years. Over 500 courses are taught at the Graduate School. A student may gain a Masters degree in any of the 25 programs offered. If a students wishes to seek a Doctorate, there are 43 programs he or she may choose from. The Graduate School has some of the finest teachers in the country, who serve to help keep the student enrollment over 1,800 students. The school also works with many national organizations, such as the Center for National Acoustics, the National Center for the Development of National Products, the Center for Wetlands and Water Resources, the Center for Computational Hydroscience Engineering, and the National Food Service Management Institute. -WRITTEN BY JOHN WEATHERFORD © ' Acadi emics GRADUATE SCHOOL mm OF RESEARCH -PHOTOS BY SARAH-ELIZABETH GUNDLACH T ' ke (graduate ScfiooC £l The University of Mississippi Law School is the fourth-oldest law school in the United States. The law school boasts leaders that work in all levels of law - locally, statewide and nationally. Just in the 20th Century, nine of Mississippi ' s governors, nearly one-third of the lieutenant governors, half of the Mississippi Supreme Court justices and nearly two-thirds of the presidents of the Mississippi Bar Association have been graduates of the Ole Miss School of Law. Currently both of the Mississippi senators, one of the five U.S. representatives, two 5th Circuit Court of Appeals judges, nine district court judges, the Lieutenant Governor, the state Attorney General, the state Treasurer and the Chancellor of the University are all graduates of the School of Law. The Ole Miss Law School is nationally recognized with an enrollment of about 500 students, 26 full-time legal scholars and a library containing more than 270,000 volumes. The Law School is enabled to enrich its aca- demic program by eleven endowed lecturers. Through these lecturers, the school is able to bring in jurists, scholars and educators to campus from all over the nation to share a wide variety of views about legal issues. The traditional law program is among the most innovative in the country, incorporating lawyer skills, legal ethics and professionalism throughout the curriculum. The trial practice and advocacy programs give students valuable exposure to law practice. Small classes, a caring faculty and a diverse body of students make the University of Mississippi School Law outstanding. -WRITTEN BY AMANDA JOHNSON © Tlcade emics JOSH GUEST School of Law fe£J On November 6, 1848, The University of Mississippi College of Liberal Arts, consisting of only four professors, opened its doors to students, marking the legacy of a diverse educational experience. Today, the tradition endures as the largest and oldest division of the University, which consists of nearly 30,000 graduates, and continues to grow and offer a wide range of courses. Students in the School of Liberal Arts can work toward a Bachelor of Arts degree, offered through 29 majors, and can also seek other areas of study leading to Bachelor of Science, music, fine arts and or social work degrees. A general curriculum is offered, which includes humanities, fine arts, and the biological, physical and social sciences. The College of Liberal Arts is composed of 21 departments and 230 professors, as well as numerous instructors and graduate assistants. It is home to over 4,000 undergraduates from all over the U.S. The College is also responsible for coming up with curriculum for the Center of the Study of Southern Culture and the Sarah Isom Center for Women ' s Studies. The main functions of the College are " providing a liberal education for its own stu- dents and to provide liberal, non-professional courses for students in the professional schools. " As stated on the College of Liberal Arts home page, " the faculty seek not only to offer a sound curriculum, but also to encourage the development of graduate study and to stimulate research, which is vital to good teaching and faculty growth. " Various scholarships are awarded annually by the College of Liberal Arts students. They include the Adams Scholarship, offered to juniors and seniors, who are Lafayette County residents, demonstrating financial need and high scholastic achievement. The Davis Scholarship is offered to junior and senior residents of Mississippi, preferably the counties of Alcorn and Chickasaw, who show financial need. The Gamblin Scholarship and the Recklin Scholarship are two other honors awarded to students each year who meet the mandatory scholarship requirements. Ventress Hall is home to the College of Liberal Arts, which is overseen by newly appointed Dean, Dr. Glenn W. Hopkins, chair and professor of mathematics. -WRITTEN BY KATHLEEN HILLMAN ' Udt t emics BRANDY STEWART Scfiooi of LiberaC ' ' Arts MM In 1984, Dr. David Gregory graduated from Ole Miss with a B.S. in pharmacy, and he completed a Doctorate in pharmacy via the non-traditional program in 1999. He is presently the manager of pharmacy services for Vanderbilt Children ' s Hospital, which serves the middle Tennessee community as well as southern Kentucky and northern Alabama. He has practiced pharmacy as a pediatric pharmacist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center since his graduation from Ole Miss. Dr. Gregory is a member of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy, American Society of Hospital Pharmacy, board member of the Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group, and he is board certified by the American Pharmaceutical Association as a specialist in Pharmacotherapy. Since service to others is one of Dr. Gregory ' s top priorities, he has participated in several medical and evangelical mission trips, and he coaches youth football and basketball. Even though Dr. Gregory keeps a busy schedule, he makes time for Ole Miss students in the School of Pharmacy by serving as a preceptor. Ole Miss provided Dr. Gregory more than just a superior education; it provided an opportunity for him to form genuine friendships with colleagues and with the Lord. In his own words Dr. Gregory said, " Ole Miss taught me that people are basically the same from many different walks of life. I grew a tremendous amount both spiritual- ly and physically at that time in my life. Most of all, I made genuine friends that will last a lifetime. The education I received was superior in my field, but the relationships with the individuals which God placed in my path have had the most impact. " -WRITTEN BY HAYS BURCHFIELD © TKcadi emics RYAN PIERINI -RYAN PIERINI -BRANDY STEWART School of (Pharmacy ti£2 Tfe Mc r Donne((- r Barksc(aie ' Honors Coffme Samuel Calvin Thigpen is a 1999 McDonnell-Barksdale honor graduate of the University of Mississippi. He received a B.S. in chemistry and math from Ole Miss, and he is currently working towards his B.A. in philosophy and psychology from Oxford University in Oxford, England. Since Thigpen has been at Oxford University, he has enjoyed making friends with people from all across the world, and he runs cross-coun- try for the University and plays darts and basketball for Brasenose College. Besides being an active academic and athletic student, Thigpen plans to be married this summer to Lee Ann Coppenbarger, a 1998 graduate of Ole Miss. Thigpen was very active during his four years at Ole Miss. Some of his activities include track and field and cross-country, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, M-Club, Undergraduate Council, and a member of Sigma Nu fraternity. He was also especially active in student government, with Ole Miss Associated Student Body. Thigpen was an ASB senator from 1994-1996, and he was the 1997-1998 ASB President. While at Ole Miss, Thigpen gained a better understanding of people. He learned about the difference other people make in lives, challenges of bringing together people from a wide range of backgrounds, and about the importance of a unified voice in making social and educational progress. Thigpen said, " Most importantly, though, I learned that friends, both younger and older, are an invaluable source of wisdom, strength, and encouragement. " -WRITTEN BY HAYS BURCHFIELD Q ' Acadi emics Mr. Samuef Cafvin T ' fiigpen -RYAN PIERINI -JOSH GUEST ' Tl c ' Mc ' DonneCC- ' Barkscfafe honors Cottege fc!3 T ' fie Croft Institute The Croft Institute for International Studies was established at The University of Mississippi in 1997 by the Joseph C. Brancroft Charitable and Educational Fund. Since beginning operations in July 1998, the Institute has added eight tenured professors to the Ole Miss faculty and has funded several visiting faculty members. In Fall 2000, 112 Ole Miss students were pursuing a major in international studies through the Croft Institute, of whom 29 receive Croft Scholarships of $8,000 per year or other scholarship support from the Institute. The international studies major requires students to acquire significant proficiency in a language other than English, concentrate on both a world area (East Asia, Europe, or Latin America) and on a set of global issues (ecology and environmental policy, global economics and business, international peace and security, politics and economics in transition, or social and cultural identity), and to study abroad for at least one semester. Many Croft students intern in international businesses, government offices, or non-governmental organizations for a summer during their studies at the Institute. So far, international studies majors have studied abroad in Argentina, Costa Rica, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Scotland, and Spain, with more destinations to come in the near future. -WRITTEN BY MICHAEL METCALF ' Acadi emics • m- m ' -mi iinmnifi -RYAN PIERINI -JOSH GUEST lUe Croft Institute U The Mississippi Alliance for Minority Participation (MAMP) was created in 1991, funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation and matched by funds from the hosting university. The Alliance serves all eight state universities. Dr. Charles Alexander is the state-wide IMAGE (Increasing Minority Access to Graduate Education) coordinator and the MAMP site coordinator. The Ole Miss staff includes Jaculine Vinson, program coordinator and Jamie Sturdivant, secretary. The goal of MAMP is to increase the number of minority (African-American, Native American, Hispanic) students in the areas of science, engineering, and mathematics (SEM). MAMP encourages and assists students in achieving high academic standards, thus preparing them for graduate school. IMAGE offers varied pathways to progress including Guaranteed 4.0 workshops and seminars, opportunities to attend professional conferences, peer mentoring, tutoring sessions, special seminars, retreats, and social gatherings. Information regarding research opportunities is available to the IMAGE scholars, and they are encouraged to network with students in their fields throughout the state and nation. High academic achievers are awarded scholarships based on the availability of funds. MAMP programs are viable tools for minority students who are willing to put forth extra effort in their undergraduate studies, not only increasing access to graduate education, but becoming equipped to increase the number of minorities as professionals in the fields of science, engineering, and mathematics. IMAGE as a minority organization at The University of Mississippi promotes a three- fold mission: to increase the academic standing of minorities underrepresented in the sciences, math, and engineering; to increase the number of the underrepresented minorities matriculating from The University of Mississippi; and to make IMAGE a catalyst for positive things in and around The University of Mississippi community. -WRITTEN BY JACQULINE VINSON ' Acadi cnucs -PHOTOS BY JACQUUNE VINSON The ' M ' A ' MT A highlight of many students ' college years is the chance to study abroad. The study abroad office is located in the newly refurbished George Street House, next door to the J.D. Williams library and across the street from the Lyceum. The program has trips that can last anywhere from 15 days to a full academic year. Participants may study in places such as Fiji or Iceland or even closer to home as Mexico or Canada. Students can study a diverse range of topics ranging from English literature to ecology of the coral reef. The study abroad program is open to students from all majors. Most students decide to participate during their sophomore or junior years. The cost of studying abroad is not much more than studying at Ole Miss. If interested contact Ms. Susan Oliphant at the George Street House. -WRITTEN BY JOHN WEATHERFORD TKcadi emics Located in Martindale, the Career Center at The University of Mississippi was developed to help students develop career goals, identify potential job opportunities, and learn job search and marketing strategies. Students of differing careers are encour- aged to take advantage of the many programs offered through the Career Center. Students searching for permanent jobs and internships are assisted by the recruiting department ' s campus interview program. Each semester the Career Center holds a Career Day which gives students the unique opportunity to meet with over 200 poten- tial employers on a face-to-face basis. In preparation for Career Day and post graduate employment, the Career Center assists students in developing interviewing strategies, searching for career opportunities, acquiring an internship, and other related topics. The Job Location and Development Program aids students in finding part-time, off- campus jobs. The Career Research Library houses many published resources for career opportunities both in the United States and in the international arena. The Career Counseling Department aids students in career development and assessment. -WRITTEN BY GINA STARNES TKcadi emics il T ' fie Career Center C (Academic Support Center © The Academic Support Center at the University of Mississippi includes the development and implementation of academic support services offered to students, placing particular emphasis on academic advising, and including advisement of stu- dents without declared majors as well as advisement and support for students in health professions degree programs and pre-professional tracks. The goal of the Academic Support Center is to meet the advising needs of students at The University of Mississippi while helping them decide on a degree program that will ensure a timely graduation and ultimately a successful career path. In addition, Academic Support Center advisors can help students learn about and take advantage of other support units on the UM campus. The Academic Support Center coordinates the academic advising program during summer orientation for all entering freshmen and provides support for faculty advisors, including workshops, printed materials, and an advising web page. The Academic Support Center ' s web page ( depts asc ) includes documents for students (e.g. " Self-Help Study Packet, " " Choosing a Major, " etc.) and links to many useful resources (on such topics as study skills, major and career infor- mation, etc.). The Academic Support Center also works with other offices on campus in various aspects of student academic performance and retention. -WRITTEN BY CHARLES R. GATES TKcadi emics I $ -RYAN PIERINI -RYAN PIERINI ' Academic Support Center E3 w ELLIS } ■ X • • • • m 8RJAM1W3BIKRANS Colonel Reb k. l Miss Ole Miss ( •1 (Distinctions Miss Ole Miss Laura j George Haymans Payne Colonel Reb -PHOTOGRAPHS BY RYAN PIERINI Coioncf ' RcO ' Mi.vs Ofe ' Miss The omecoming I ■ u i ' « I il.iJ ' vlif I Queen Annabeth Freeman escorted liv flic Lull -PHOTOGRAPHS BY RYAN PIERINI Annabeth Freeman was elected the 2000 Ole Miss Homecoming Queen. Annabeth is a senior journalism major from Vicksburg, Mississippi. She is a member of Phi Mu Sorority where she serves as president. Annabeth devotes her time to the Leap Frog Tutoring Program, Campus Crusade, and the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council. Annabeth also serves as an Ole Miss Ambassador, SPB Pageants director, ASB member, and is a ember of Mortar Board. She is proud to have the opportunity represent a school such as Ole Miss: " It ' s an honor to be xted Ole Miss Homecoming Queen and to represent the stu- nt body. Ole Miss will always hold a special place in my heart. " The Ole Miss Student M Club is responsible for selecting the niversity ' s Homecoming Court. Each active member of the M lub nominates individuals who are deserving and will be good rpresentatives of Ole Miss. After each nominee ' s name has been ibmitted, the nominees are invited to a social and are intro- aced to the M Club members. To be eligible, the candidates must be females who are enrolled full-time students and are not previous Homecoming Court members. The election is done by secret ballot. Active members are allowed to vote for two candi- ates in each class (a total of eight selections). After the votes are Hinted, the results are submitted to the Dean of Students. Each student who has been selected is then notified. They are escorted by male members of the M Club during the Homecoming court presentation at halftime of the football game. -WRITTEN BY TAMARA GATEW00D 1 00 ' Distinctions Freshman maid Mary Lindley Swaney escorted by Jason Harrison Freshman maid Rachel Wood escorted bv Brendan Fisher sx W ? j 1 M J Junioi Hlaid Jaime Burns escorted by Aaron Fenzei Sophomore maid Cindy Bowlini escorted hi Joel Lvons Junior Maid Tamara McCullen escorted by Eddie Strong ; .! " , %. ft? 1 ■ I. a ■: £ ' LiNlRIJltidl 1J 1 1 1 1 II i K i rmmmmmnmm escorted hv Jon Dickens ififil IimN T ' fie homecoming Court 1 01 Senior Clas Offi icers President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary rfffe Trey Jones In May of 2000, the mem- bers of the Senior Class elected three officers whose duties include overseeing the planning, organizing, and fundraising for the Senior Class gift as well as other Senior Class activities. The officers created a new Senior Executive Committee com- posed of 15-20 seniors who are in charge of public rela- tions, setting up and facili- tating social functions, and contributing ideas for the Senior Class gift. Senior Class activities include a senior faculty social func- tion, the making of a senior book, fundraising for the ' Distinctions Scott Walker Senior Class gift, and a sen- ior philanthropy event. " With the Senior Executive Committee, I hope to have more inclusive senior class participation as well as a senior year filled with events that no one will ever forget, " said Senior Class President, Trey Jones. Senior Class Vice-President, Scott Walker, stated, " I hope this senior class will be remembered as the first class of the millen- nium. This class has some great standout students that will help us be remem- bered. " -WRITTEN BY HAYS BURCHFIELD DiAnne Owen Senior Executive Committee aiilen I lull Scott I ' rili lirll. Miin Beth Justice, lllisnn liniliain. Miii Snider, I llwi O ' Neal, I ' able Hawkins. ,Shai|iiifa I ' ruill, Tessa lliii ' lirv Lisa kino, li ' liss,i Limn, llnanna Hark. ishlej llai in linr. lleiimn ft, Lauren Hi Uillwiiiv Liz Hope. Wiley liililimiv lilain I ' enneliaker. Innalielh Freeman. George Hannans -PHOTOGRAPHS BY RYAN PIERINI Miss University Megan Flowers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Flowers of Dublin, Mississippi, was crowned Miss University on the night of Thursday, February 17, 2000. While at Ole Miss, Flowers, an English major, was president of her sorority and an ASB senator. She was selected as one of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. She was also a member of the Mortar Board, Chancellor ' s Leadership Class, Golden Key, Phi Kappa Phi, and Order of Omega. During the course of the pageant, Flowers won the swimsuit competition and tied for first place in the talent competition. She went on to com- pete at the Miss Mississippi pag- eant in July. Flowers also compet- ed in the 1998 Miss University pageant where she was the first runner up. -HAYS BURCHFIELD ■Miss llniversity IIjX) The Truman olar lam Hiii ' h w niii .11, -in in ww lauri i ' unaii yiiiiiar ■. -- c John Joseph of Decatur. Alabama, was the only student in Mississippi chosen for a 1999-2000 Truman Scholarship. The Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation, me federal memori- ur thirty-third President, meritiasec 00 mips to college students an to pursue careers in mem or elsewhere in service, and wish to graduate or professional to help prepare for their Truman Scholars par- ticipate in leadership develop- ment programs and have spe- cial opportunities for intern- ships and employment with ' ■ rv.- ' -.: ' . -;;-. government. Joseph majored in Political Science with a minor in ::... ' ■;.. •} -;•: ' ;-;: :t:r.a :ht ASB President, he gained a great deal of fiilfillment through Students Envisioning Equality through Diversity, Habitat for Humanity, and working with high school youth at retreats. Joseph is currently interning in Washington, D.C. at the White House with Oval Office Operations. H;s future plans are to go to law school. John Josephs message for all Ole students is. 1 hope this award reminds students tha can compete with students from all across the country. My time in Oxford prepared me to aim high and believe in myself. I hope all students will take advantage of the opportuni- ties the University offers. " . _i - ■ Elsie M. Hood Teacher of the Year in. tave Gilbert Since 1966. the Elsie M. Hood Award has recognized Ole Miss instruct rs : : their standing work. Dr. Faye W. Gilbert, associate professor of marketing and pharmacy admin- istration was the 2000 recipient of the Elsie M. Hood Outstanding Teacher Award. Gilbert was announced the winner of the award as a part of Honors Day on April 8. 2000. Chancellor Khayat presented Dr. Gilbert with a plaque and a check for S4.000. Dr. Gilbert is the 54th recipient of this award. Dr. Gilbert said, receiving this honor at Ole Miss is one of the most exciting humbling experiences ;: " my Life Gilbert is a native of Ocean Springy Mississippi. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration and her Master ' s degree from the University ;: " Southern Mississippi, and earned her Doctorate ' s degree from North Texas University. Gilbert has spent 1 1 erf her 1 " years of teaching at Ole Miss. Gilbert is currently teaching marketing research, sales management, and entrepre- neurship classes. Dr. Gilber encourages stu- dents at Ole Miss to remember where they come from and take a part of Ole Miss with them, and especially, remember the teachers who had a part in your life. Receiving this honor at Ole Miss is one of the most exciting and humbling experiences of my life. " -Br. ftp Gilbert 1 - . -. v . .v. v - - . ) .. c I s s Wes Barnett Courtney McCullough Charles | Marion Class Tavorites 1 09 The Taylor Medalists College of Liberal Arts kiiilimi Linilsri Halle. Jesse Kurt l!riiniinel I. Aaron darter Butler, Matthew Daniel Council, Andrea Marie I ' iiit, Anna Clayton Hale, Angela Can n Innman, Amanda Lynn Marplis, Elizabeth Anne Monteith, Ryan Christopher Palmer, Emily Ann Phillips, Anthony John Plohetski, Matthew Brian Rowan, Vera A. Sazonova, Wendy D. Smith School of Accountancy Amy Lynn Andrews Jill Lynn Case Dorothy Carmeletta Horn Dan Kelly lmna Irena Mihailova Pamela Jill Perry Brian Carter Smith -MEDAL COURTESY OF BRYANT GLISSON School of Engineering Chalmers Bryant Glisson Kenneth Ned Mitchell Leah Salathe Worrel School of Education Kristie J. Carter 111! Dlliil II. I ' ll.lli! School of Business Adminstration Brooke Jessica Bond, Alison I Dickey, Stephen Charles King, Brian Daniel Marble School of Pharmacy Annie Meaghin Burke, Sarah Ruth Eddy, Julie Elaine Hockaday, Daniel Joseph Dodgers, Jerry Stephen Walker fffti Williams T. Taylor established the Taylor Medal in 1904 in mem- ory of his son, an honored alumnus of the Class of 1 87 1 . As a part of the April 8, 2000 Honors Day, Chancellor Khayat presented this year ' s recipients a medal for their outstanding academic work. C. Bryant Glisson, one of the 36 recipients of the Taylor Medal, said, " I never even thought to be considered for the Taylor Medal, but I ' m pleased to have been cho- sen as a recipient. " This memorial fund provides scholarship medals to students nominated for out- ' Distinctions standing scholarship in a particular field combined with superior work in all other subjects. The number awarded annually may not be more than 1 percent of the student body. Each medal has engraved on it the name of the nominating depart- ment. A faculty committee recom- mends those students to be recog- nized for " meritorious scholarship and deportment " from those nominated by the participating division of the University. The Undergraduate Council and the Academic Council give formal approval for recognition. Eligible students must have a grade-point average of 3.80 or higher, senior standing, and at least 18 hours completed in the school or college in which the nomination origi- nates. Transfer students need to earn 45 semester hours at the University prior to being nominated. -TAMARA GATEWOOD The Goldwater Scholar John Ma, a pharmaceutical science major, and a student in the McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College, is a recipient of one of the coveted and prestigious Goldwater Scholarships. The Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation was estab- lished in 1986 as a tribute to Senator Barry M. Goldwater. For the past 14 years, the program has fostered academic excellence by encouraging and awarding out- standing students in the fields of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering. Ma won a Goldwater Scholarship by having an excellent academic record and by submitting an essay, " Measuring Depression, " which discussed his research while serving as an assistant to Dr. John Piletz, a professor of psychiatry at The University of Mississippi Medical Center. Under Piletz, Ma helped develop a new method to objectively and biologically meas- ure depression in humans. Ma will receive a total of $15,000 over his junior and senior years. After Ma receives his degree in pharmaceuti- cal sciences, he plans to attend medical school and specialize in pharmacology toxicology and neuro-science, and hopefully acquire a job at the National Institutes of Health. Ma is a member of Lambda Sigma and Phi Kappa Phi honor societies, the pharmacy fraternity of Phi Delta Chi, pre-med health society of Alpha Epsilon Delta, fencing club, a senator in the Honors College, and he volunteers for the Mississippi Veterans ' Home. The following are who Ma credits for his success: " I would like to thank my professor and mentor Dr. John Piletz, the Honors College, and my parents Drs. Tangeng and Zhi He Ma. " -WRITTEN BY HAYS BURCHFIELD •Tlit (gofdwater Scfiofar 1111 UM Earns Phi Beta Kappa Chapter Xh During the late afternoon on October 21, 2000, students stop- ping for a visit on the Ole Miss home page were informed of the outcome of one of the most important recognitions in the University ' s history up to date. " Phi Beta Kappa and academic excellence are synonymous, and being awarded this chapter places the University of Mississippi in the company of the most prestigious institutions in the nation, " said Dr. Glenn Hopkins, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Professor of Mathematics. The decision for acceptance of a chap- ter at Ole Miss was made by 300 delegates of the Phi Beta Kappa Council, who voted at the Phi Beta Kappa national convention in Philadelphia, Penn., the weekend of Oct. 20 through Oct. 22. With the " in favor of vote, Ole Miss became the first public institution in Mississippi to have a Phi Beta Kappa chapter. Hopkins said that the Ole Miss " faculty, students, alumni, friends, and especially our chancellor, made this honor possible. " " We are grateful to them for their unflagging support for the College of Liberal Arts and our commitment to a liberal education, " Hopkins said. Founded on Dec. 5, 1776 at the College of William and Mary, Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest and most influential honor society in the nation, has 255 chapters in exis- tence nationwide. Liberal Arts graduates in the top 10 percent of their class are eligible to be in the (Distinctions I liiiiii rlliir Robert khayat and Dr. Ron Schroder, chair of the Faculty Application Committee, congratulate one another alter the pest lor a I ' hi Beta kappa chapter ends following the formal announcement in Philadelphia, Pi. society, and members are expected to be inducted in the spring of 2001, according to campus officials. " Our students richly deserve the opportunity to be members of Phi Beta Kappa, " Hopkins said. " Membership is an honor that signals to everyone, including potential employers and graduate schools, that this student ' s scholarship has met the highest standards. " After a year of prepa- ration, the University submitted the application for the acceptance of a Phi Beta Kappa chapter in October 1997. New programs and restorations on campus, like the McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College and the newly renovated J.D. Williams Library, was an impressive factor in the final deci- sion for acceptance. In 1987, Ole Miss applied for a chapter, but was denied acceptance. " To receive a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa means that, in some sense, we have received national recognition for the excellence of our programs and our faculty, " Hopkins said. " And that excellence has been pro- claimed to the public at large. That is very important, for we want everyone to know that an education at the University of Mississippi is of the highest caliber. " -WRITTEN BY KATHLEEN HILLMAN Congratulations Ok Miss -BRIAN ROSENKRANS Following the formal announcement in Philadelphia, Chancellor hhaval informs university officials in prestigious honor society, Phi lleta Kappa. Dean of Liberal Arts lilenn Hopkins, Provost Emeritus Gerald Walton, w Once the announcement was made, I liri made calls to other Hie Hiss -BRIAN ROSENKRANS I other university administrators gathered at the Public delations office in anticipation of the Phi lleia kappa announcement. T ' Beta ' Kappa (ff) (ft) To be inducted in the Hall of Fame is a pres- tigious honor given to a selected few who have shown above average academic performance, community service, lead- ership ability, and poten- tial for continued suc- cess. This year ' s ten Hall of Fame inductees were selected from ninety-eight students who were selected for Who ' s Who Among American Universities and Colleges. The ninety-eight students were chosen by a panel consisting of academic deans, the presidents of the Black Student Union and the Associated Student Body, and the edi- tors of the Ole Miss Yearbook and the Daily Mississippian. The basis for selection was academic excellence, leadership posi- tions held, community service, and the activities involved in while a student at Ole Miss. The dean of students, Dr. Judith Trott, supervises the selection of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges and the Ole Miss Student Hall of Fame. The ten members of the 200 1 Hall of Fame are Brynna Clark, Melissa Gong, Hart Hazard, Timothy Hotard, Tessa Hughes, Trey Jones, Jessica Mitchell, Markeeva Morgan, Scott Pritchett, and Micajah Sturdivant. Brynna Clark, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Clark of Brandon, MS, is a Political Science major. Her activities include: ASB VP, chair of ASB finance committee, Phi Eta Sigma President, Mortar Board secretary, Honors College senator, sorority pledge class president, ' Distinctions The 2001 Hall of Fame Ten individuals honored for achievements and contributions to University -WRITTEN BY HAYS BURCHFIELD the sorority social chair, Rebel Recruiter, Ambassador, and summer campaign mana r for Attorney General Mike Mooie. Melissa Gong, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W Gong of Jackson, MS, is double majoring in Journalism and Psychology. Her activities include: SPB director, SPB co-director of special events, ASB presiden- tial cabinet, ASB director of academic affairs, ASB senate executive council par- liamentarian, ASB chair of the peer con- sulting task force, Mortar Board co-chair of membership, and intramural tennis champion in doubles. Hart Hazard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hazard of West Point, MS, is double majoring in English and Psychology. Her activities include: sorority rush and philan- thropy chairman, Mortar Board member- ship selection chairman, Habitat for Humanity Vice President- Volunteers, ASB senator, senate campus liaison, senate aca- demic affairs and ethics committee chairman, and class favorite. Tim Hotard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hotard of Gretna, LA, is majoring in Management. His activities include: School of Business Administration student body VP, Ambassador and director of tours, Golden Key corresponding secre- tary, Resident Advisor, Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, Coaches vs. Cancer, and the Christmas Store volunteer. Tessa Hughes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. limi Ron igrato- s So I ' m i In iilliiuiii!) plays his plaque to a I ' iiiiiili iiii ' iii- r. PHOTOS BY ROBERT JORDAN Larry Hughes of Eupora, MS, is majoring in merchandising. Her activities include: President and Director of PR in Merchandising Association, President of Ebony Elegance Modeling Board, President of Ole Miss Modeling Board, ASB elections commissioner, ASB sena- tor, orientation leader, Resident Advisor, Habitat for Humanity VP of public relations, Mortar Board, and Rebel Recruiter. Trey Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Jones of Germantown, TN, is majoring in Accounting. His activities include: Senior Class President, President of the Associated Accounting Student Body, ASB senator, fraternity treasurer, pledge trainer, intramural chairman, rush chairman, class favorite, volunteer for United Way, American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, and Boys Club. Jessica Mitchell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Mitchell of Columbus, MS, is majoring in English. Her activities include: Mortar Board President, Ole Miss Ambassador Executive Director, Sigma Tau Delta VP, sorority pro- gramming and member education VP, ASB Senate Executive Council sergeant-at-arms, Lambda Sigma selection coordinator, ambassador, Honors College senator, and Associated Student Body senator. Markeeva Morgan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Morgan of Senatobia, MS, is an electrical engineering major. His activities include: ASB judicial council chair, Black Student Union VP, fraterni- ty President, Tau Beta Pi treasurer, selection coordinator and coordi- nator of new ambassador training, intramural basketball coach, and Honors College senate. Scott Pritchett, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Pritchett of Germantown, TN, is majoring in Accounting. His activities include: Mortar Board treasurer, fraternity secre- tary, academic scholarship chair, and judicial chair, ASB senator, volunteer at Boys Club, Special Olympics, St. Jude, Red Cross, and domestic violence shelter, and intramural tennis champion in sin- gles, doubles, and mixed doubles. Micajah Sturdivant, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sturdivant of Itta Bena, MS, is majoring in Business with an emphasis in international business, marketing, and manage- rial economics. His activities include fraternity President, phi- lanthropy chairman, and alumni relations chairman, IFC VP, Mortar Board, ASB senator, and volunteer for the American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, and Special Olympics. tfaft of Tame (ffi (fta ' Distinctions Timothy Edward Hotard Matt of Tame Bj ' Distinctions tfaftofTame (ffi) David Pritchett (Distinctions In Their Own Words " What makes this so special is that I get to share the recognition with nine other intelligent, hard-working, and dedicated Ole Miss students, with whom I ' ve worked over the past (our years. Each of us has tried to give back to this university in many different ways, and it ' s just an added bonus to be named to the Hall of Fame among such an elite group. " -Melissa Gong " I must thank God, my father, mother, and brother. They have given me the unconditional love and support I have needed throughout my life. I wish to express my eternal gratitude to all the members of the Ole Miss community. I have learned more than I ever thought possi- ble from their diverse skills, talents, and experiences. " -Tim Hotard " Being in the Hall of Fame is rewarding, but it is not the real honor. The honor is to work with students and serve Ole Miss. The honor is being able to give back to the university after it has given so much to me. Each and every one of us shares in the real honor of being a part of Ole Miss. " -Trey Jones " I have always focused on two goals to receive the best education from Ole Miss and to make the biggest difference I could while going to school here. The most important thing is that the education you receive from Ole Miss will benefit you far more than could any dis- tinction vou mav receive from the university. " -Scott Pritchett " 1 will graduate from The University of Mississipi ii knowing that others have challenged me, but more importantly, that I have learned to challenge myscl to take the extra step needed to do well in a variety of activities in college, bill li academic illy and cxtrai ur- ricnlar. Challenge yourself to he involve!, bill alw ays remember 1 lie true reason for vour effort n " -Jessica Mitchell " My advice to lower classmen is to take advantage of every opportu- nity, to meet as many and as diverse people as you can, because every one of them will teach you something that you will take with you for the rest of your life, and to believe in yourself and keep doing w hat you love and what you believe in no matter what life presents. " -Hart Hazard " 1 have loved and visited this universiti all mv life. Mv grandpar- ents, parents, and older sister have all »i iiiliial cil from Ole Miss. 1 am just proud that in my years here 1 was ible to give bar k to this imi- versify because it means so much to my family and me. it -Brynna Clark " Our spirit has been molded by the accomplishments of predecessors and the inspiration of peers. History and culture imprint the under- standing of balance between education and experience as we grow beyond the classroom. The university shapes our souls, touched for- ever by the spirit of Ole Miss. " -Micajah Sturdivant " Ole Miss will always have a special place in my heart. It was truly my home away from home. This university is filled with special and genuine people who have had a major impact on mi life in the past four years. Upon graduation, 1 can truly say that 1 uill be a success- ful and proud alumnus of the University of MS. " -Tessa Hughes -QUOTES GATHERED BY HAYS BURCHFIELD tfatfofTame (Q Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Robert Gerald Barlow, III Hal Minn!. IS Hanking and Finance INI! Senator, thief Emissary Officer Merchants an d Parmer ' s Hank Siholarship Campos Crusade (or Christ, Fraternity Pledgi I lass President and E eruliie Council Stanley Holland Black 1 Iml mi. IIS Managerial Finance Hanking and finance Sterne, Igee, and Inn li Srlmlarsliip. Business Idiisorv Hoard. Chief Emissary Officer, Financier ' s (M-President, liolden Key, Hi lloiiiiell Harksdalc Honors College Beverly Beth Boatright Oxford. IIS Hasten in Elementary Education Chancellor ' s Leadership Class. Lambda Sipa. Hush Counselor, liolden key. Phi Helta kappa. Helta Gamma-Director of Activities, Assistant Director of New Members Sarah Ashley Boeckmann Wynne, 111 Hospitality Management President -llphn Hum rim Pi. Order of Omega, Omicron Delia kappa. Fraternity Sweetheart, liolden key National lliinur Society, Hehel Recruiter, Chancellor ' s Honor Roil Abigail Bowen llano, T In mi ii I ,inu In iiiiiii.iiii i lliiinni liiiilemic Ichievemenl luard. Phi kappa Phi. I ' J ' l ' l Orientation Leader, Peer Career Counselor, llcllnnnell- llarksdiile llontirs College, Pi llela Phi MICIH ' ill Jeff Boyd Tupelo. IIS lliochcmislry in iiiiiineii-iiarksiiaie Honors iniiege. widen key alional Honor Society, tinier of Omega. Minimi llohili aliou. kappa Sipa Fraternity. Ill- (merit an Scholar nsnncnons r Byron Brown Tricia Lynn Broyles Kelley Chiaventone l.iTiiiiiiii iih ii, i Accountancy Doniphan, III) Pharmacy HriTiii. It I ' hariiiiii i Kappa Sigma Fraternity -Presideiit 1999-2000, rin Holla (In. lire President and Fundraiser School ol I ' harniiirv Sluilenl limit President, Order nl Omega, linn (iamma Sigma, i.nlili ' ii 1 " mum hi 1 riiiiirniiin: Hough lliarmai y Si Imlar: Mortar lliiaril. Order ol llinefa. Phi kappa Phi Key, Chancellor ' s Honor Hull. Dean ' s List Earh I jiin Pharmacy Student; American Pharmarcntiral Association-Academy of .Students nl Pharmacy; ( haniellor ' s Honor Hull Honor Society, It ho 1 hi, Phi II n Sorority Head nl Standards ' ' f i Brynna McVey Clark Brandon, MS Political Science 1SII lire President. President of the INI! Senate. Mortar Hoard Secretary, Order of Omega, limn run Helta kappa, Helta liamnia Sorority Jill Clark Hi ran Springs. MS Magazine Journalism Public Delations Hehel Itadio VA Production Manager, Phi kappa Phi. Mortar Hoard. IEJNI ational Magazine I ompei ii inii-inl place startup cale- gorv. Orientation Leader, Helta Gamma I Chris Coats luka. MS Accountancy Phi kappa Phi. Mortar Hoard. Hum run Helta kappa, (iolden key, Trent Lull Leadership Institute, lleia Alpha Psi Accountancy Honor Sociotv lice-President Betsy Collier iSavannah, T Momentary Mm iiiinn kappa lli ' ltii Pri ' siili ' iit. lorre .lading Slegall Leadership Award, Order nl Omega, College [Republicans, liolden key Sm ii ' ti. Olr Miss L ihaii!!i ' I lull Lyn Covington Mi I miih. MS Accountancy Order nl Omega. Golden key. liamnia Heta Phi. iimhila Sigma. Heta Alpha Psi. Chancellor ' s adership I lass, Sororitv Treasurer Who ' s Who 123 Jessica L. Crockett Milwaukee, Wl llirlelics ulrilinn Women ' s Rifle Team Captain (19981999), Southeastern Conference Icademii lliiniir Hull. Illlll Honor Cull. 11 111 Mil 11,1 Program Scholar Mentor, Dean ' s Honor Roll Siirma liamnia Hint Sun rill. Inc. Narci Darvish Piano, TX Managerial Finame I liiei Emissarj Officers, Hidden kev alinual lliiiinr Societ] . Illi (Association of 1 ill iiniia linn Tei hnnlug) Professionals), Die Hiss linbassadni , Habitat for Humanity. S(S (National Societ] of CoUegiate Scholars) Carolyn Dyer Picayune, lis Iccmmtancj lleta tlphn Psi Honor Society -lice-President, liiililen key llnnur Society, Haplist Student 1 ' nion. Chancellor ' s Melissa English lli ' iil mi. Ill Chemical Engineering Mmleiil llnliili iiliiiii. Imeriiiiii Institute ill Chemical Engineers I lllliFI-Prrsident, Phi ka|i|iii Phi. iiin lleta Pi. liiililen key. Hi llnnncll-Harksdalr Humus College Lauren Ephgrave Holiilc, II, Hanking Finance kappa kappa Gamma-President, Campos Crusade for Christ llihle Study Leader. Financier ' s ITuli-Serrrlan Trcasurer, ISI! Md mini ii Committee, Order ul Omega, Chancellor ' s llnnur Hull Michael D. Fortenberry I lull mi. IIS llusiness lllue liuld Society-President, liulden key alinnal llnnur Society, Die Hiss College Republicans, Chancellor ' s llnnur Hull. Dean ' s llnnur Hull, Hetired aval Officer Award Hecipienl Mary Martha Foust Harksdale, IIS li riiuiilnnn Phi kappa Phi. liiililen ket aliunal llnnur Society, Second lice President nl lleta liniiimu Sigma, School of Accounting Student limit ireasurer. lleta llpha Psi. Treasurer II ul I hi Omega Snrnrih C. Bi r yant Glisson Oxford. MS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Taylor lledal n Fngineering ' . ' Illlll. Phi kappa Phi. Campus Crusade fur Christ, Common liriiiiml Association President Co-Founder. IISAA (cade mi ill-American atiunal 1 nllegiale Engineering Award 11 inner ■■ Amy Melissa Gong Jackson, MS Journalism and Psyi ihology Student Programming Hoard Director, Associated Student Body Director of Academic Affairs, Mortar Board Co-chair of Membership, Phi kappa Phi, Omicron Delta kappa. Mi lloonell-liarksdale Honors College Stephen Harrell Coupler Science Orientation Leader, Freshmen Itesiilenl Advisor, Ole Miss Ambassador, University Hand, Associated Student Body - Senator and mhi. r Weslef Foundation I y Virgina Hart Hazard West Point, MS English and Psychoiog] Associated Sludeiil Body-Senator, Surorili-lP Membership, Philanthropy Chair: Hortar Board-Membership Selection Chair; llahiliil fiirlliiiiiiiiiiU.IPIoliinleers Breck R. Hines Jackson, MS Managerial Finance, Banking Finance, Ileal Estate Hearin-Hess Business Scholar, Beta Gamma Siiniiii-PiTsideiii. Sigma Chi Fraternity- Treasurer, ASB Student Services Committee- Chairman, Mortar Board, Phi kappa Phi J W 7 ' ■ " - ■■■■Mm Lou Ann Hopkins Clarksdale, MS Accountancy Mortar Board, Sorority Rush Chairman. Accounting School Secretary, Tau Memorial Scholarship, Beta Alpha Psi, Order of Omega Tessa Hughes Eupora, MS Fashion Merctianilisin!! Mortar Board, kappa Omicron u. Omicron Delta kappa, Dean ' s Honor Boll, Ole Miss ! hOiiru, i.Mt i II Brad Ingram Lambda Sigma-lice President. Alpha Epsilon Helta-Secretary, Baptist Student Union-Vice President. Golden key Honor Society, Mortal Hoard, Chancellor ' s Leadership Class Who ' s Who 125 Amanda Carol James llalniil.HS riiiiriiiiiii University Christians, I ' lii kii|i|iii Phi. Chancellor ' s lliiniir Hull, linlden Key, damma liciii I ' lii. iiiimiiil I ommiinily Pharmacists ' Association Andy James liriindiin. IIS lliston llcllonnell-llnrksdalc lliiiiiirs College, Phi kii|i|iii I ' lii. Presbyterian Westminster Fellowship. Miiili ' iils Ijmsi mini Equality Through Hiiersity ISFBI Melva James Jackson, IIS Chemistry Students Envisioning Epalit) Thronsh Uivcrsity (SEEDI-Ming Chief Organizer, llcHonnell-Harksdalr Honors College, I ' lii kapiia I ' lii. Mortar Hoard. Sigma Alpha Iota- IIiimi I iiiiiiiiil Iit Chair Henry Johnson Greenwood, MS Hioloov Chancellor ' s Leadership, Golden Key, I ' lii kappa I ' hi. Judicial Council, Alpha Fpsilon Delia Kelley Jones Memphis. T Marketing Ml! Special Events Co-director, Order of Omega Social Co-director, liolden key. American Marketing issociation -President, Sorority Social Cliairmaii Trey Jones lieriiianlovvn,THI Accountancy Senior Class President. President -School ol Accountancy, Class favorite, INI! Senator. Fraternity -Treasurer, Pledge Trainer, Hush Chairman Chancellor ' s Leadership Class Susan Anthony Keith Loii!! Heai li. IIS Managerial Finance Issocialed Student llody Treasurer, Trent Lot) Leadership Institute, llearin-lless Scholar, PM Kappa Phi, Mortar Board, kappa Helta Sororil i -Treasurer nstincuons Meredith Kirk Tupelo. IIS lliorhcmislry Helta Gamma-lire President Communications. President of the Celebrity Golf Classic, Mortar Hoard. Order ol Omega, llcllnnnell-Harksdalr Honors College, Alpha Epsilon Helta mLhalP % J . ■ Stacy Koon Piidgcland, MS I I ' lii kiippn Phi, liolden key Honor Society, limn nm Helta kappa, Sorority IF ( hapler Development, Sorority IP Finance, II IF, Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Nic Lott Taylorsville, MS Political Science American Bed Cross Leadership Facilitator, President ol Mississippi Federation lit I ollegr Republicans, Model I iiiii ' d Nations Campos Liaison, (lie Hiss Evchange I ' lnli. I l! Senator. INI! Charles Fuller Marion Jr. Madison. IIS Accowilanci Class Favorite, liolden key. liTounlino Student Body lire President, Sigma u Fraternitvllush Chairman fTBESfBf: i " ' Jeremy Allen Martin Tupelo, MS Political Science Phi kappa Phi. liolden key, 1SB Director iif Standing Committees, 1M! Committee to Investigate Governmental Accountability and Responsibility, Chairman College Republicans, Chairman. Lee Countv Christian Businessmen 1 Kisha McNulty Bngue Hull ii. MS English SPB Diversity Committee, ISB Cabinet, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority-President, Chief Officer ii) SEED, liolden key, Ole Miss Embassadors Amy McCullough Clinton, MS Journalism Ole Miss Embassador. American Advertising Federation (AAF)-VP, Sorority-Director of Public Relations, Herin-lless Scholar, ' ksilale Honors I nlleoe Robyn Rochelle McDonald Jackson. MS Pharmacy Chancellor ' s Honor Roll, (iolden key. Alpha kappa Alpha Sorority. Inr.-Financial Secretary. Student National Pharmaceutical Association-President, Academy of Students in Pharmacy. National Minority Leadership Award Amber Claire Miller Pearl, MS Civil Engineering Engineering Student Body President. Chi Epsilon. lice-President American Society of Civil Engineers, Secretary Tau Beta Pi. Habitat for Humanity, I ' Diversity Chamber Who ' s Who 12, Ryan Timothy Miller Oxford, MS InliTnatiiMii Chancellor ' s Scholar, Golden Key, llnlrr of Omega, iiiiiiiiiiii rin Beta, Concert Singers, llpha Tan llmeya Fraternity Jessica Larkin Mitchell I olunibiis, IIS English limine Board-President, Ole Miss linliassadors- Kxecntive Director, Pin kappa Phi limine IP. Hi Hmiiii ' ll HiiilMiiilr Honors I ' nllege Senator, milium HiiiIit Scholar i ' ue Host lliihlaiiiliiiLi Humanities Division Student. Iliita liamnia- lire- President Programming and lire-President e Mm ,il inn % +t 1 w Lance Mohamed BclzoniJIS Accountann lleilee of Him iga, liiildni key National Honor Society, Alphu Lambda Delta, I ' hi Delta Theta Fralcrnitv Secretary, Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Honorary. Deputy Attorney Genera] Jeannie Shannon Mood Ihlnrd. MS Psychology Journalism Phi kappa Phi. Mrllnnnell-Barksdale Honors College, Baptist Student Union-Vice President. Hie Hiss Orientation Leader Isiiiiiiiht l!l!l!ll. Hie Hiss Ambassadors, Lamda Sigma Paul Moore Pasragoula. IIS ISB Elections Commissioner, Sigma u Philanthropy Chairman. Alpha Kpsilnn Delta. Celebrity Lull Classic Board of Directors, liiililen kei Honor Society, Phi Eta Sigma Markeeva A. Morgan ( oldwater, IIS Elertriral Engineering Estella G. Hefley Outstanding Male Freshman. Eta kappa u Outstanding Student in Electrical Engineering, Ole Hiss Ambassador ol the Year. Phi kappa Phi, Judicial Council Ihairman. Mcllonnell-Barksdale Honors Joseph Edward Mulrooney III ireenvilleJS HoiiillnloSislems en Key-YP, Student Representative oo e. i met Emissary Officer for the Business School, Phi Kappa hi. Beta Gamma Sigma. Forrest I . Hnbley Scholarship Memory Michele Nix Jackson, IIS Elementary Education Hum i nn Delta kappa, Order of Omega. Phi lln Sororili Puliln llelaiiiiiis Director, Ole Miss Modeling Hoard, Student] L Programming Hoard, Die Miss Ambassador Johnna Norman Houston. IIS Accountancy Beta I ii in inn Siti inn Lambda Sigma Selci Hun liiiiiiiiiiiiT. Student Alumni Council-Mentor Program. Beta Alpha Psi. Wesley Foundation. leu kev William Allen Pepper III lleieland.MS Banking and Finance (lie Miss Co. President. 11(1. Charter Member Foil Leadership Institute Scholar. Business School (El), Sigma u Fraternity, Bl F memhcr. Helta Sigma Pi llonoran i Tiffani Sherell Norman Little Bock. IB Elementary IjIih alion Helta Sigma iheta Sorority Inc.. Chancellor ' s I Diversity of Mississippi (iospel ' . Special Olympics. Iniiersity ol ' fenestra, Hail Secretary Charlie Perkins Mat on. MS Management larsity Football. Student -Athlete Advisory (ommittee lire President. Unity Council, M- Clob, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, CHIMP Li m Elton O ' Neal MarieltaJil Minnl Inlo Snlrms School of Business Idiiiinislralion Student Bndi- President Business Srhool Student Idiison Board! liuirman HTP (Association ol luloroiiiliiin Teehneleg; Pnilessiooiilsl-lP ol the 1999 iilinnal llutslandintf Student (hauler Inard Microsoft Certified Professional in llioilims ST Server l.ll 1 ' hancellor ' s lliuioi ' Bull [ ' 3MW Business Idniinislralion Ircountaun Ni lmliirslii|i llei ipirnl V 1 - 2 ■ V Ginger Pope cu Albany. MS P liarmarv Pharmacy School Honor Council Vleslev Foundation American Society ol Health Systems Pharmacists (lice President! kappa Lpsilnn Pharmacy Fraternity (Sen ice i Km limn Intramural Sports Scott Pritchett iiermnniui»ii.i Accountancy Phi kappa Phi. Mortar Board-Treasurer llmicron Helta kappa-Serrelary Treasurer Lambda Sigma. Beta liamma Sigma Phi kappa Tau-Sci relary, Judicial, Arademi Allison Pruitt Lucedale. MS Journalism Political Science Daily Mississippiau. Assistant Editor. (He Miss Ambassador. Student Alumni Council, dolden Rev Honors Society, E change Hub Amanda Robins hillirnillr. I Managerial Finanee llaplisl Sluilenl I ninn-lnrrnih hiiiniiillrr. Ilrllonniil-Barksilalc lliiiiiir College, I ' lii kii|i|iii I ' lii. Hie Hiss Ambassador, Bearin-Hess Scholar, linlilen Kei Robert Brian Rosenkrans lleer Park, I A Business Juiiriiiilisiii Managing Editor, The Daily llississippian Editor, Oxford Health Fitness, 1999 Mark o Excellence - llest Magazine Lainhiln Sigma liolilenkeUSIISennlnr Don Ross lliiiliMin. IIS Biochemistry Psychology IM! Senate, llcii ' iiliilion Leader, Phi kappa Phi. Lamhila Sigma-President, Mortar lloard- lire President, I ' hi kappa iau Fraternity, s Crusade for Chris! » Lance Sannino New Orleans, 1. 1 International kappa Sigma President 1998-1999, lioldi ' ii Key, Order of Omega, Omirron Holla Kappa, ASBEIectio Regan Scanlon PillsloriUl Sociolog] III llomens Soccer Team-Captain Chancellors Honor Hull. ALL-SEC Academii Honor Hull, liolilen key Member, II I Inh Fellowship of Christian Athletes Sara LeeAnn Schauberger Hussclhille, kV Marketing (He Miss Women ' s Soccer Team. I ' hi kappa I ' lii. Mortar Hoanl. liolilcn key. Fellowship of Christian Athletes, M-Clnb Karen Smith Florence, IIS Hankino. ami Finance Managerial Finance 2000-2001 Vearl k Editor-in-Chief, 1998- I ' llllll Yearbook Section Editor. Baptist Slmleni Union, Financier ' s Clnb, Chancellor ' s Honor Hull, Iiolilcn kei Lee Smith lirookliaieii. IIS International Business Economics I ' hi kappa I ' hi. Ilmicron Delia kappa. Ilela liaiiiiiia SiLMiin. Ilrllnnncll-Barksilale s College, liiilih ' ii key Honor Society, t of Omega Nicholas Smith Aberdeen. MS Pharmacy Pharmacy-Pi (lass IF, kappa Psi. Mortar Hoard, (liiiirrim Helta kappa, Golden key, Plough lliiirniiii 1 Scho larship Recipient Kannan Stubbs tall, MS Accountancy Phi kappa Phi, Golden Key, Chancellor ' s Honor Roll, tola Gamma Sigma, Sigma u DdentBodv Micajah Sturdivant Ilia llciia, IIS Business Studies linliT nl ' Omega Co-Social Chairman, Phi lli ' lta Theta Fraternity President, SI5 Sergeants Vrms. Ill I in 1 President-Rash, Lambda Sigma Honorary (Selection Committee), llrllimniil Barksdale Honors College Scott Anderson Trammell , II, International Dusiness Gamma Beta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Delia Pi, Golden key, Chancellor ' s Honor Hull. Litton Industries llusiness Scholar i Armin Hans Wahl OrfordJS Mathematics Semper Fidcis-President, Acting Marine Officer Instructor, Naval ROW Phi kappa Phi, Pi Mu, Helta Phi Alpha i - Hz Scott Walker Ocean Springs, MS Managerial Finance Order of Omega-President, Director of Student Services 2000-2001, Elections Comissioner 1998-2000, lit ( ' President of Senior Class, Campus Favorite, ASH Senator 1997-1998 Windy Carley Ward SI. Louis, M0 Masters in Secondary Math Golden key National Honor Society, kappn Delta Pi. Tutor, Rush Counselor, Ambassador I Diversity of Mississippi Graduate Assistant Jamie Wicker Garde ndale, AL Accountancy Ole Miss Renelettcs-Caplain, Phi kappa Phi. ■olden key, Raptist Student Union, Lambda Sigma, Accountancy Alumni Academic Ichievemenl Award Who ' s Who 131 Honey Witt Jackson, MS Elementary Education rin kii|i|iii 1 ' ln. Mortar Board, Chancellor ' s lliiiiiir Hull, i In llmcgii Cardinal Cabinet Director, Lynda liamcj Education Si Imliir. Iliilrr ill llmcoa Sarah L. Wong Vancouver, Canada Marketing (si Irani III Ml in 1997, Member nf first lllc Mi s Soccer Irani In iiin Ml western division title 1999 and I ' lillll. Beta Lamina Sigma. Academic Ill-Mil ' - years in a run. Golden Key, We Miss AthJetic M Club Champs Lite Ski Leah Salathe Worrel llalticshurg.lIS Chemical Engineering I in I or lledal. Outstanding Sophomore Chemical Engineer. Outstanding Junior Chemical Engineer. Mortar Board. Idler Engineering Scholar. Hush Counselor Smith McMullan Wyckoff Columbus, MS Political Science PreMed Fraternity, lice President. Ilinicron Helta kii|i|ia. tinier ol llmeiia. Iiiildeu key. llplia Epsilon Delta, Exchange Clnb, Leap Frog ALL WHO ' S WHO PHOTOGRAPHS BY KEVIN BAIN AT IMAGING SERVICES Monica Barnett (lave Spring, liA Exercise Science llarsity Track anil 1 1H1I Team, Exercise Science ilnli. liniversity nl lliwi M|i|ii i;ii |icl I ' lmir. Fellowship ill Christian hill Honor Hull, Hi Leadership Team Jesse Kurt Brummett 0 ! ' nrd,MS I ' ln kiipiiii 1 ' ln lliiiinr lire President, llaplisl Student I iiiim iiiililrn Key, Taylor llednl, Jiilicn IS. Tatmn Memorial Iwan William Francis Campbell vicksburg, MS l!iiilni!i i ' ln Kappa PI i. McDonnell Rarksiliilr Honors College, Clianrrlliir ' s 1 eadersbip Class, Sigma ii- rlinliir lii|i Chairman, Limji Frnglolunlrer.linlilriikc) Scott Daniel Crane Fnilu HI. 1 Business Studies Navel llllli Flight Commander, Air Force llllil Flight liiiniiiiiiiili ' r. Residence Assistant, Baptist Minimi Union, liolden key, I ' ln kappa Phi Jennifer Leigh Foster Pulaski, TN Exercise Science Imiliiis Instructor fur tlir University, Chancellor ' s Honor Itiill, Dean ' s List, dnlileii Key, Plii liumiiiu llela II i Societj George Haymans Jackson, IIS l.mji Chancellor ' s Leadership Class, Chancellor ' s Honor I! Rmicriin Hell a kappa, Col. I!eli, lire President of i liilerfriilernih I mini il. Fratcrnili Rush I iii.mi Kristy Jayati ' Alicia Hollingsworth Laurel, MS Elementary I iilm al iiiii Teachers of Tomorrow Director of Public Relations. Ileliel Recruiter, OleMiss Modeling Hoard, Futures Leaders of Jonesl | ; ! f ! ' ' ' « ' ' County, Federated Women ' s Scholar, Inlcrkt Imcrit orps Deuce McAllister Morton, MS I rimiii Varsity Foolhall Team-Captain, M-I ' luh, Fel I hrislian ilhleles. Die Miss Record for Rushino lards. Romaro Miller Shannon, MS Riiilin Tl Varsity Fnnt hall Team- Captain. (He Miss Record for II Plan, M-Club. Fellow ship of Christian Ilhleles. Illlll Volunteer Jason Daniel Niblett Rrandou.MS Broadcast Journalism Itavatrh ' l - news director, executive producer, anchor Society of Professional Journalists. Die Miss Chapter - presi- dent. RTfflA, Baptist Student I mini Jason Russell Savarese Long Reach, MS Nil ii al Science IF( -President. Italian I luh-1 P. Pi Sigma Upha lliinor Society, liolden key. Ilrder of Dmega, ational Society of Collegiate Scholars Margaret Shelton Drew, MS History Phi Alpha Thela-Prcsidenl, Lamhila Sigma-Treasurer Mi Donnell-Harksdale Honors ( allege Senator, Mortar Hoard, liolden key. Phi kappa Phi Charles Thomas Tomlinson I | Allison Walker Jackson, MS Human Resource Manaoemenl [ iJackson, MS Sigma u Fraternity, Mi Donnell-Harksdale Honors I ollege, Chancellor ' s Honor Roll, Phi kappa Phi, (iolden key, Alpha kappa Psi Panlielleiiii lice President of Rush, Mortar Hoard. Class IFamrilr, Panlielleiiii Model Pledge. Pi llela Phi Sorority, Jason Eugene Wilkins Tishomingo, MS History ISI! Senator, Mi Donncll-Rarksrialr Honors (ollege. Pi Sigma llpha-Presidenl. Students Envisioning E Diversity ISFFIII, Phi kappa Phi, liolden key Kira Zschau lluncdin. 11 Fnglish laristy Volleyball Teani-loCaplain, Pi Rela Phi Sorority, (iolden key, sFI Honor Roll, M 1 lull. Fellntvshi|i of Christian Ilhleles Who ' s Who 133 The 69th fffr Eighty-two contest- ants vied for the title of Most Beautiful in the 69th Parade of Beauties, which was held on the night of January 17, 2001. Many spectators filled Fulton Chapel to see the pageant that is sponsored annually by Programming Board. Blue Ten Harmony provided the entertainment; Eddie and Cheryl Meterjean were the auditors; and Annabeth Freeman and Julie Westbrook were the emcees for the evening. Before the night of the pageant, all the contest- ants were given a three-minute inter- view by the four judges. The interviews comprised twenty-five percent of the contestants ' scores, and the other seven- ty-five percent came from the evening gown competition. First the top twenty- five beauties were selected, and then the field was narrowed down even further to the top ten. The top ten beauties for 2001 include Ashlee Douglas, Brenna Davis, Lindsey McGrew, Beth Richards, Memory Nix, Tara Darby, Brittany McDonald, Abby Gregory, Debbie Frazier and Courtney Senter. Rounding out the top twenty-five were Marin Wollerman, Mariah Mavromatis, Marley Hogan, Ashley King, Delores Hoskins, Elizabeth Wright, Calley Dunn, ' Distinctions Parade of Beauties Sara Lammel " Most Beautifu pageant held i Chapel the Student named I " at the n Fulton Kathleen Valentine, Lindsey Pryor, Catherine Leech, Nicole Scontrino, Nixon Powell, Lauren Wright and Courtney Williams. The Most Beautiful title went to Sara Lammel, the daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Joseph Lammel of Memphis. Lammel is a junior fashion merchandising major and member of Phi Mu Sorority where she is a Panhellenic delegate, social chairman, and risk man- agement officer. She is also on the Associated Student Body Campus Affairs Committee and the Student Programming Board Pageant Committee. Lammel was a top ten finalist in last year ' s Parade of Beauties, and she was the 1999 Memphis Cotton Carnival Regency Princess. Lammel not only has beauty, but brains as well, because she received special honors in 1999 and 2000. Sara Lammel was very honored to be crowned Most Beautiful, and she stat- ed, " Being in the Parade of Beauties at a school as prestigious as Ole Miss is such a tremendous honor in itself. To win it was absolutely unbelievable. This is such an amazing experience, and I am so thrilled that I was able to take part in this special tradition. " -WRITTEN BY HAYS BURCHFIELD «b Hosl Beautiful ' Sara Ijimiiirl is congratulated hi lamilv anil friends I -IMAGING SERVICES Si ' illllii ' V Sam l.iiiiiini ' 1 poses with llir Tii|t Ten Beauties Ishlee llouglas. Brenna llaiis, Lindsei nil.irw. Belli llii hards, llcninn i . Tara Darin. Ilrii laiii Hi Donald, liiiii Gregory, Hriiiiir Fraaer, anil Courtney Senter. -IMAGING SERVICES noalirlli Fireman. Ml! Pagnitl nllirriliir. nrliomes imrsh In the event -RYAN PIERINI ii ' ii Harmony prut idcd usiral entertainment lor the eiening. -RYAN PIERINI llrmphiaii Sara Lamnicl. a earns after being crowne -IMAGING SERVICES 5v iiirlTliii sl Bcanliliil. ng major. Taracfe of (Beauties U -RYAN PIERINI Abbott, Caroline Atlanta, GA Abston, Sarah Adair, James Adair, Lucy Adams, Allison Adrian, Robert Agnew, Stefano Ales, Gavin Alexander, LaKenzye Allen, Christopher Allen, Cooper Allen, Joshua Madison, MS Utica, MS Byhalia, MS Fort North, TX Memphis, TN Baldwyn, MS Batesville, MS : Trumann, AR Monroeville, AL Jackson, MS Rossville, TN Allen, Paula Germantown, TN Almon, Wendy Clarksdale, MS Ambrose, Ryan Pace, FL Anderson, Andrew Memphis, TN Anderson, Ashanti Sledge, MS Anderson, Christian Greenville,SC ,( ' f • ' Jl A t 4 1 C QJ £ ; % — «=r Anderson, Franklin Lambert, MS Anderson, Mary Kent Marietta,GA Andrews, Elizabeth Greenville, MS Apple, Jarold Celina, TX Applon, Barbara Carrollton, MS Arnemann, Michael New Orleans, LA Askew, Tiffany Atkinson, Scott Aumiller, Bryan Aune, Mike Autry, Lauren Ayers, Amanda Babb, Melissa Bahm, Jonathan Bailey, Kevin Greenville, MS Cleveland, MS Texarkana, TX Oxford, MS Holly Springs, MS Coffeeville, MS Nesbit, MS Oxford, MS Madison, MS Baine, Samantha Cumming, GA Baker, Laura Baldwin, Leigh Ball, Mallory Banahan, Jessica Banchetti, Carl Banks, Emily Barefoot, Brett Barnes, Kelly Griffin, GA Jackson, MS Atlanta, GA Pascagoula, MS Vicksburg, MS Blytheville, AR Charleston, MS Portageville, MO 138 Peop(e w% r i- i Barnes, Lacy Barron, William Basile, Florencia Baudo, Brooke Baughman, Chris Beasley, Courtney Benton, AR Clarksdale, MS Argentina Jackson, TN Amory, MS Mandeville, LA Beasley, Tia Tupelo, MS Bell, Joseph Tupelo, MS Bellande, Betsy Birmingham, AL Bender, Ariana Pachuta, MS Benedetti, Rebecca Amory, MS Benoist, Carrie Madison, MS Benoist, Molly B enoit, Julie Bergandi, Sara Berryhill, Jenny Bertrand, Aimee Bethea, Catherine Madison, MS Oxford, MS Taylors, SC Jackson, MS Kingwood, TX Birmingham, AL 1 11 4 — ii P ! Bevis, Kristy Muscle Shoals, AL f ' ft 1 -T T Beyer, Lisha Bibb, Harrison Billman, Lauren Bishop, Kelly Blackwell, Nicole Houston, TX Bellaire, TX Arlington, TX Sikeston, MO Long Beach, MS Blackwell, Richard West Point, MS Bland, Jason Water Valley, MS Boler, Jeremy Falkner, MS Bond, Christopher Ocean Springs, MS Bottoms, Jonathan Marietta, GA Boulware, Leesel Birmingham, AL Boyd, Stewart Boylan, Brooks Bradley, Karen Brantley, Erica Brantley, Leonard Brashier, Grant Jackson, MS Birmingham, AL Florence, AL Forest, MS Moss Point, MS Sebastopol, MS Breedlove, Mary Ann Brewer, Ann-Aldridge Brickey, Tyndale Bristow, Robert Britt, Lollie Brooks, Elizabeth Kosciusko, MS Alexandria, LA Cordova, TN Memphis, TN Oxford, MS Lafayette, LA Tresfimen 1 39 Brown, Amanda Brown, Cannon Brown, Cecil Brown, Kaleshia Brown, Keena Bryant, Paige Pontotoc, MS Memphis, TN Schlater, MS Jackson, MS Jackson, MS Horn Lake, MS Buchanan, Scott Jackson, MS Buckman, Ashley Kenner, LA Bullard, Wendy Oxford, MS Burch, Jason Holly Springs, MS Burchfield, Hays Eupora, MS Burdine, Geof Kosciusko, MS Burford, Alaina Cordova, TN Burgess, Caroline Collierville, TN Burks, Demetria Potts Camp, MS Burns, Tayla Kossuth, MS Burton, Heather Collierville, TN Burton, Leigh Portageville, MO b «1 ' -1 Butler, Allison Butler, Heather Butts, Casey Byrd, Isaac Cabaniss, Laura Camp, Robert Campany, Haley Campbell, James Campbell, Kim Campesi, Kat Canion, Andy Cannada, Warner Jackson, MS Goodlettsville, TN Laurel, MS Louisville, MS Minden, LA Starkville, MS Olive Branch, MS Olive Branch, MS Winona, MS Mandeville, LA Columbus, MS Jackson, MS Card, Morgan Clarksdale, MS Cardosi, Amy Memphis, TN Carmichael, Elizabeth Jackson, MS Carmichael, Lee PampaTX Carr, Charlie Louise, MS Chambliss, Amy Horn Lake, MS Chance, Mary Hamilton, MS Chatham, Michelle Oxford, MS Chester, Jennifer Memphis, TN Christian, Daniel Saltillo, MS Christopher, Martha Ellen Clinton, MS Clausen, Shane Kosciusko, MS 140 9eopCe Cochran, Carrie Coffey, Rory Cokcr, Stacey Coleman, Ford Collins, Trekela Kosciusko, MS Seminary, MS Macon, MS Germantown, TN Alligator, MS Combes, Joshua Keith Southaven, MS Conner, Robert Cook, Amanda Cook, Melissa Cook, Robert Cooke, Luke Cordova, TN Dexter, MO Brandon, MS Mobile, AL Bartlett, TN Cooley, Kimberly Duck Hill, MS Copeland, Gretchen New Madrid, MO Copley, Stephanie Muscle Shoals, AL Cornelius, Samuel Morris Chapel, TN Course, Freda Clarksdale, MS Craft, Audry Laurel, MS Craft, Jennifer Winona, MS ;? S . M .t m A • 1 I i ♦ It ' ' - ' I iiW Cramblitt, Joy Crawford, Leslie Crowley, Sheridan Crum, Katie Meridian, MS Winona, MS Bruce, MS Corinth, MS Crutcher, Kristen Olive Branch, MS Cummins, Amy Meadville, MS Damico, Karen Madison, MS Daniel, Latina Tupelo, MS Dankins, Derrics Columbus, MS Darby, Kathryn Tara BuTningham,AL Darby, Rebecca Sardis, MS Davenport, Lauren Olive Branch, MS Davis, Alyssa Davis, Molly Davis, Victoria Dearman, Russell Dearth, Tiffany Dees, Katie Denley, Preston DePew, Kellene Dickerson, Laura Dismuke, Jacquelyn DiVincenti, Mariana Dixon, Shaundra Hattiesburg, MS Marietta,GA Cleveland, MS Jackson, MS Madison, MS Olive Branch, MS Charleston, MS Bellaire, TX Caledonia, MS Germantown, TN Baton Rouge, LA Greenwood, MS Tresfimen 1 41 Dodson, Lewis Jackson, MS Donnellan, Will Birmingham, AL Douglas, Amanda Somerville TN Douglas, Chris Gulfport, MS Douglas, Joy Ocean Springs, MS Drennen, Jay Birmingham, AL Droke, Claire Ducking, Johnny Dudding, Michael Dudley, Kimberly Duplantis, Jenee Corinth, MS Greenville, MS Tupelo, MS Oxford, MS Thibodaux, LA Duran, Michael New Albany, MS Dusza, Alexander Dyer, Patrick Easterling, Sy Edgeston, Donna Edwards, Karla Edwards, Wesley Madison, MS Nashville, TN Hattiesburg, MS Ripley, MS Natchez, MS Richland, MS n f § .- ' ' ' - t fW-0 , • Elam, Justin Elliott, Cayce Elliott, Chris Elliot, LaTonya Ellzey, Allison Ellzey, Jennifer Emerson, Chas Evans, Diana Everett, Allen Ewing, Virginia Exley, Vance Fair, Caroline Brentwood, TN Valley Oakon, TN Corinth, MS Verona, MS Petal, MS Petal, MS Hernando, MS Clinton, MS Holly Springs, MS Anguilla, MS Atlanta, GA Louisville MS Fargason, Baxter Mobile, AL Farmer, Emily Nashville, TN Farmer, MaryAnn Hattiesburg, MS Fazzio, Chad Vancleave MS Feher, Sara Signal Mountain, TN Ferguson, Keisha Lucedale MS Ferris, Emily Fidler, Stacie Fleming, Anna Flint, Felicity Flores, Mario Flowers, Cruse Tupelo, MS Honolulu, HI Ocean Springs MS Batesville, MS Silver Springs, MD Birmingham, AL fl t% ftA, 142 Peop(e Foose, Ransome Formby, David Forquer, Brandon Foster, Jessica Fout, Daniel Fox, Marnette French, Jennifer French, Megan Fuller, Dan Fuller, John Mobile, AL Vicksburg MS Carrolltown, TN Moss Point, MS Toomsuba, MS Grenada, MS Morton, MS Dumas, MS Jackson, TN Jackson, MS Gamma, Bethany Montgomery, AL Gangi, Jessica Madison, MS Gardino, Julie Memphis, TN Gardner, Keyonda Aberdeen, MS Gates, Andy Oxford, MS Gates, Kelli Batesville, MS Gentry, Whitney Tupelo, MS Geraci, Courtney New Orleans, LA mmtm f) PS — r. % c w: r . 1 I if i PI t Gex, Meredith Gilner, Julian Gilpin, Amanda Ginn, Matt Glenn, Benjamin Gobert, Andrew Grenada, MS Clarksdale, MS Hattiesburg, MS Raymond, MS Germantown, TN Jasper, TX Golliday, Veronica Gore Springs, MS Goodwin, Amanda Ocean Springs, MS Gorman, Susan Ainsley Southaven, MS Grant, Emily Meridian, MS Graves, Andrew Oxford, MS Graves, Garry Jackson, MS Greene, Austin Greene, Justin Griggs, Michael Grusenmeyer, Erin Guild, Patrick Guthrie, Sara Hailey, Kristy Hall, Dwayne Hall, Jamey Hall, Kevin Hammett, Tripp Hammond, Kate Lake Charles, LA Lake Charles, LA Charleston, MS New Orleans, LA Gulfport, MS Long Beach, MS Brentwood, TN Ethel, LA Bartlett, TN Tupelo, MS Lexington, MS Jackson, MS Tresfimen 1 43 Hancock, Christen Handford, Jermaine Hankins, Meredith Hankins, Natalie Hansen, Ron Hanson, Emily Senatobia, MS Moss Point, MS Brandon, MS Cleveland, MS Memphis, TN Starkville, MS Harboe, Karem Hardin, Brent Harney, Jill Harper, Erica Chile Greenwood, MS Gulfport, MS Jackson, MS Harrell, Jacqueline Bruce, MS Harris, Andy West Des Moines, IO Harris, Suzanne Germantown, TN Hartsfield, Bo Birmingham, AL Hattix, Ebony Blue Springs, MS Hayes, Carey Beth Huntsville, AL Haynes, Maggie Fairhope, AL Haynes, Mary-Grace Baldwyn, MS V r I — Pi t ' • ' ' ■$4 , U.S. MAIL Heard, Rasheeda Jackson, MS Hearne, John Ocean Springs, MS Henley, Hap Hazlehurst, MS Henry, Anya Vicksburg, MS Henslee, Cole Brandon, MS Henson, Khalida Jackson, MS Herbert, Josie McCarley, MS Herndon, Susan Herndon, Tucker Herzog, John Hester, John Hiland, Katie Hill, Kathryn Hillard, Elliot Hines, Marc Hinkle, David Hodge, Cedric Bartlett, TN Jackson, TN Jackson, MS Jackson, MS Oxford, MS Paducah, KY Oxford, MS Pearl, MS Greenville, MS Jackson, MS Hodges, Caroline Jackson, MS Holifield, Heather Hollis, Alisha Hollis, Kathryn Hollister, Danica Holmes, Amy Holmes, Amy Sue Meridian, MS Jackson, MS Starkville, MS Water Valley, MS Franklin, TN Birmingham, AL 144 Peop(e L 1 n ! 1 jMk .0 1 A J 1 RgN 1 PI I T L 1 n tm r»M!Ni Holt, Jessica Hopkins, Scott Howard, Cassie Howard, Phillip Hudson, Camille Hudson, John Pocahontas. AR Forest. MS Gordo. AL Olive Branch, MS Louisville, MS El Dorado, AR 7 Hudson, Lawrence Webb, MS Huff, Rosemary Yazoo City, MS Hui, Chi Chung Hong Kong Hulsey, Laura Corinth. MS Hunter, Laura Macon, MS Hutchins, Bradford Carrollton, MS Hutson, Brandi Hynes, Joel Ilion, Timiko Ivie, Justin Jacobs, Mike James, Kristi Paris, TN Shreveport, LA Sledge, MS Jackson, MS Jackson, MS Jackson. MS MWF ?■ Jefferies, Kofi Germantown, TN Jennings, Christina Jobe, Pamela Johns, Kyle Johnson, Chad Johnson, David Jones, Abby Jones, Anna Jones, Camille Jones, Demarius Jones, Julie Jordan, Keyana Pensacola. FL Camden, MS Hazlehurst, MS Natchez, MS Scott, AR Amory, MS Collierville, TN Clarksdale, MS Tutwiler, MS Water Valley, MS Pachuta, MS Joy, Lashonda Oxford. MS Keel, Charles Mark Oxford. MS Kellerhals, Courtney Kenner, LA Kemp, Lauren Hazlehurst, MS Kemper, Stephanie Germantown, TN Kidd, Kellie New Albany, MS King, Karen King, Lindsey Macon. MS Greenwood. MS Kingery, Jennifer Alexandria, VA Kitchens, Kellen Kling, Joseph Knight, Bridget Sardis, MS Rowlett, TX Jackson. MS Tresfimen 1 45 Knox, Shelia Grenada, MS Koltko, Alyssa Ukraine Krout, Connie Fort Lauderdale, FL Kuehnle, Lauren Mobile, AL Labas, Katy Corinth, MS Laborde, Corey Laplace, LA Lail, Heath Lancaster, April Landreth, Dex Landsdale, Kristen C Langston, Kerri I Lawson, Weston Leasure, Elizabeth Lee, Amber I Lee, Preston Leland, Darius Levidiotis, Reagan Levy, Jim Byhalia, MS Bartlett, TN Belleville, IL Caruthersville, MO Hattiesburg, MS Olive Branch, MS Madisonville, KY Long Beach, MS Greenville, MS Batesville, MS 1 Oxford, MS Memphis, TN W ! - t n n t T K 1 w ft Lewis, Andrea Nashville, TN Little, Leslie Oxford, MS Little, Seth Shreveport, LA Lo Porto, Kathryn Fairhope, AL Logan, Syretta Little Rock, AR Lovett, Mike Phoenix, AZ Lowther, Melissa Jackson, MS Loyd, Marie Magee, Ann Magro, Todd Mallettte, Angie Mansel, Ferriday Maples, Steven Maranto, Amie Marsh, Summer Martin, Craig Gadsden, AL Jackson, MS Collierville, TN Vancleave, MS Oxford, MS Oxford, MS Greenville, MS Humbodlt, TN Houston, TX Martindale, Howard Dallas, TX Martinez, Peter Columbia, TN Masso, Alexis Sterling, VA Matthews, Christal Clarksdale, MS Maxwell, LaShaundra Clarksdale, MS McCain, Jill Eupora, MS McCay, Scott New Albany, MS McClatchy, Charly Holly Springs, MS 146 TeopCe k e i n ! 1 1 1 El i Jst iiii lii ' U— 1 Zl }■ rn n ■ l m — «— f) a r 9 McCoy, April Liberty, MS McCullar, Keith Lambert, MS McCullar, Salley Water Valley, MS McCullough, Austin Baton Rouge, LA McDermott, Megan Wynne, AR McDonald, Courtney Knoxville, TN McDougal, Brooke North Little Rock, AR McGaha, James Paxton Shreveport, LA McGraw, Shana Brandon, MS McLemore, Eugene II Jackson, MS McMaster, Johnny Ripley, MS McMullan, Emily Naples, FL McRight, Hunter Greenville, MS Megel, Ashlee Alpharetta, GA Meisenheimer, Hunter Paducah, KY Meyers, Margie Vesta Hills, AL Miller, Adrian Gardendale, AL Miller, Allison Huntsville, AL w .- v ' ( o f S i «-« g ■ i IS. [ ' . i H - | Miller, Kalisa Weir, MS Miller, Robert Holly Springs, MS Miller, Ryan Memphis, TN Milne, William Jacksonville, FL Mitchell, Amanda Richmond, TX Mitchell, April Clarksdale, MS Mitchell, Brooke West Memphis, AR Mitchell, Megan Monsour, Jamie Moore, Joel Forest, MS Brandon, MS Clinton, MS Moore, Kawonder Sikeston, MO Mosley, Courtney Oxford, MS Moss, Helen Muller, Virginia Murrah, Christy Muruako, Michael Myers, Casey Myrick, Joshua Jackson, MS Pass Christian, MS New Albany, MS Holly Springs, MS Tupelo, MS Huntsville, AL Nadeau, Meghan Woodinville, WA Nash, Lindsay Soddy Daisy, TN Newell, Kelly Jackson, MS Newman, Joey Weston, FL Nichols, Jennifer Tupelo, MS Niemeyer, Brandon Olive Branch, MS Treskmen 1 47 Noblitt, Tatum Jackson, MS Norton, Cassie Jackson, MS Nunnally, Christina Ripley, MS O ' Bryan, Brad McCarley, MS O ' Neal, Catherine Birmingham, AL Odom, David Pope, MS Osbom, Lynn Ellen Birmingham, AL Overstreet, Ross Kosciusko, MS Oxford, Karla Long Beach, MS Oxner, Chris Memphis, TN Ozier, Ann Memphis, TN Padalino, Meredith Mountain Brook, AL Palmer, Corey Pardew, Garner Parker, Lyndsey Parks, John Parnell, Catherine Pate, Abby Jackson, MS Jonesboro, AR Clarksdale, MS Brandon, MS Montgomery, AL Brandon, MS i k ►•«%-av 1$ f r IS! a Patil, Raj Patton, Simonee Payne, Carter Peck, Katie Pegram, Kathleen Cordova, TN Clinton, MS Jackson, MS Memphis, TN Tunica, MS Perkins, Philip North Little Rock, AR Perry, Earlon Persick, Lauren Phelan, Donovan Phillips, Ashleigh Phillips, Lauren Phillips, Taylor Piazza, Laura Pierce, Nicholas Pilcher, Chad Piletz, Aaron Pillault, Stacey Poe, Thomas Pollard, Clayton Poison, Melissa Poole, Lane Pope, Brandon Porter, Henry ( Portera, Lucas Centreville, MS Grosse Tete, LA i Steens, MS i Wake Village, TX Yazoo City, MS Batesville, MS Jackson, MS Calhoun City, MS West Monroe, LA Madison, MS Vidalia, LA Carrollton, MS Memphis, TN Olive Branch, MS Brandon, MS Danville, KY Germantown, TN Greenville, MS | 7 148 Peop(e A f MA. ' HI ■■n r 1 A X . p ] Btt " " Powell, Joseph Atoka, TN Powell, Matt Antioch, TN Pratt, Ryan Jackson, MS Price-Williams, Taylor Mobile, AL Pugh, Parker Brooksville, MS Quails, Ashley Portageville, MO Rana, Sulakshana University, MS RatclifF, Clinton Justin Brookhaven, MS Rayburn, Wes Olive Branch, MS Red, Sara Page Lookout Mountain, TN Redwine, Julia Grenada, MS Rego, Marta Portugal Renick, Suzy Revere, Robert Reynolds, Abbey Rhodes, Carroll II Rials, Christopher Rice, Tameka Ashland, MS Jackson, MS Richmond, VA Hazlehurst, MS Vicksburg, MS Batesville, MS t % n n % Richard, KathrynMiehele EvansviHe, IN Richmond, Sonia Hernando, MS Riggins, Lindsey Texarkana, TX Roberson, Denise Charleston, MS Roberson, Kristopher Charleston, MS Robinson, Timothy Forest, MS Ross, Chris Ross, Gina Ross, Shannon Roy, Jessica Russell, Anne Madison, MS Eunice, MO Kingwood, TX Harahan, LA Beaumont, TX Rutherfurd, Walker Mobile, AL RutledgeSchmidt Rosanne Sacramento, CA Sackett, Les Bay St. Louis, MS Sanford, Houston Starkville, MS Santmyer, Kimberly Columbus, MS Sayre, Errol Lexington, KY Schaffer, Jill Memphis, TN Scruggs, Daniel Seale, Hamilton Searcy, Jasmyne Serakas, Brian Shaw, Heather Shephard, Chris Memphis, TN Holly Springs, MS Oxford, MS Palm City, FL Philadelphia, MS Columbus, MS Treskmen 1 49 Shoemaker, Robert Oxford, MS Shumake, April Olive Branch, MS Sides, Shea Kosciusko, MS Simmons, Jason Clarksdale, MS Simmons, Laura Yazoo City, MS Simpson, Nicklaus Wiggins, MS Simpson, Sarah Sims, Ann Sims, Lavee Sims, Malcolm Sirirnaturos, Michael Smith, Brooke Madison, MS Jackson, MS Moss Point, MS Tupelo, MS Cape Girardeau, MO St. Petersburg, FL Smith, Christopher Ripley, MS Smith, Karia Olive Branch, MS Smith, Mary Beth Marks, MS Smith, Nathan Oxford, MS Smith, Nina West Helena, AR Smith, Rebecca Franklin, TN f» t ill S «w v -A V Smith, Sharee Smith, Sharon Smith, Tiffany Snipes, Emily Soldevila, Brett South, Barry Greenwood, MS Brandon, MS Terry, MS Tupelo, MS Clarksdale, MS Meridian, MS Spencer, Lauren Little Rock, AR Stewart, April Olive Branch, MS Stewart, Mindy New Port Richey, FL Stewart, Sedrick Clarksdale, MS Still, Natalie Sardis, MS Stone, Linsey Jackson, TN Strange, Jonathan Strickland, Amy Strickland, Lawrence Stuart, Morgan Stubblefield, Tonya Studdard, Keith Vicksburg, MS Pheba, MS Monticello, AR Macon, MS Ripley, MS Jackson, MS Suber, Christopher Bruce, MS Sutton, Ashley Pearl, MS Swaney, Mary Linley Oxford, MS Taylor, Mary New Albany, MS Taylor, Thomas Grenada, MS Taylor, Tiffany Paige Brandon, MS 150 TeopCe H . .«v« §52r g b m m Teel, Jonathan Pittsburgh, PA Tew, Audra Thacker, DJ Tharpe, Lauren Thomas, Elizabeth Thomas, Ross Thompson, Adrian Thompson, Amanda Thompson, Amy Thompson, Tiawanna Thweatt, Nikki Timbes, Karley Pearl, MS Senatobia, MS Brandon, MS Shrcvcport, LA Wynne, AR Jackson, MS Birmin$iam,AL Brandon, MS Jackson, MS Paris, MS Jackson, TN Todd, Hunter Chapel Hill, TN Tolbert, Matt Torquati, Jennifer Townsend, Leslie Travis, Jerrett Woodville, MS Carriere, MS Jackson, MS Springfield, IL Tredway, Michelle Lakeland, TN ». V i Triplett, Themesha University, MS Turner, Maggie Madison, AL Turner, Raney-Mills Jackson, MS Twombly, John Lousiville, KY Tyler, Kenneth Farmington, ME Ufford, Kimberlv Roswell, GA Vaughn, Michelle Vinson, Jessica Waites, Asheley Waldrop, Benjamin Wally, Ryan Walters, Katie Canton, MS Meridian, MS Raleigh, MS Memphis, TN McComb, MS Hatley, MS Walton, Lakeia Ward, Angela Ward, Spence Waters, Travis Watkins, Melita Watson, Osheia Holly Springs, MS Ridgeland, MS Oskosh, WI Germantown, TN Sharon, MS Gulfport, MS Watts, Kimberly Jackson, MS Weatherford, John Forest, MS Weathersbee, Cedric Belzoni, MS Webber, Janice Gulfport, MS Webster, Erika Jackson, MS Weeden, Jenny Blue Springs, MS Tresfimen 1 51 Weekley, Trisha Weiss, Tiffany Welch, Thomas Wesson, Jeff Charleston, MS Dallas, TX Harrisville, MS Nolensville, TN Weston, Kimberly Charleston, MS Whatlev, Marv Elizabeth Greenville, MS White, Josh Whybrew, Sarah Wicker, Sally Wiggins, Leann Wilbanks, Paulie Wilkins, Joshua Olive Branch, MS Jonesboro, AR Gardendale, AL Brandon, MS Walnut, MS Springfield, TN Williams, Cristie Williams, Jeremy Williams, Lindsey Williams, Stuart Williams, Terrol Jr. Williamson, Jacob Ripley, MS Oxford, MS Winchester, TN Oxford, MS New Orleans, LA Shreveport, LA W 1 • f WPf i 1 w. t I I w. Williamson, Matt Ridgeland, MS Willis, Rachael Pascagoula, MS Wilson, Gray Brentwood, TN Wilson, Kenorus Courtland, MS Winans, Audrey Piano, TX Windsor, Courtney Livermore, CA Winsett, Katherine Woo. Edward Wood. Marshall Woodall, Earnest Wright, Trey Wvnn, Brandon Dane Memphis, TN Sumner, MS Mobil, AL Jackson, MS Bruce, MS Flowood, MS Yamin, Mark Bloomfield Hill, MI Yan. Baoqiang China Yates, Tiffany Murrayville, IL Young, Adrianne Long Beach, MS Young. 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IL Magnolia, MS Phillip, MS Laurel, MS Sardis, MS Frankfort, KY kag Juniors 169 Ellison, Alisha Russellville, AL Emigh, Emily Missouri City, TX Engle, Granville Vicksburg, MS Englert, Derek Calvert City, KY English, Jana Oakvale, MS Eubanks, Missy Lucedale, MS Fair, Carla Booneville, MS Fair, Emily Louisville, MS aaa Faulkner, Marlon Holly Springs, MS tsi Favret, Lori New Orleans, LA kag Ferguson, Adam Coldwater, MS Fields, Kisha Oxford, MS Fields, Lauchlin Clinton, MS Fischer, Lindsay Pass Christian, MS Aon Flechas, Miguel Pascagoula, MS Flemons, Toyal Abbeville, MS Fong, Mandy Webb, MS Ford, Joanna Tuscaloosa, AL ka 11 f» a , @ ■it •; 1 r A • ST— a j - — , J • - . S-i ■■ ' ■ ' ■ " ■■ ' ■ JLr -«f 3 ! 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Molly Holliday, Tiffany Holmes, Brad Hooper, Jason Hopson, Jamie Hosick, Alana Hovas, Alicia Howard, Bradley Howard, Kimberly Hu, Stanley Hudson, April Jackson, MS om Jackson, MS McComb, MS Oxford, MS Mathiston, MS Yazoo City, MS San Diego, CA Senatobia, MS Belmont, MS Brookhaven, MS Starkville, MS Laurel, MS Hurst, Amber-Leigh Bruce, MS Hurt, Rodney Lumberton, MS Hyde, Jill Water Valley, MS Inchcombe, Susan Carthage, MS Ingram, Amy Madison, MS Ivy, Mindy Richton, MS ¥ " vji . ' tunc wmXi M Jackson, Alma Jarrett, Lee Ann Aberdeen, MS Jonesboro, AR Jefferson, LaToya Centreville, MS Jeffery, Hollie Jeppe, Rachel Johnson, Forrest Bruce, MS Southaven, MS Natchez, MS Johnson, Jerome Nettleton, MS Johnson, Lauren Hot Springs, AR reo Johnson, Shulanda Clarksdale, MS Johnson, Tiffany West Memphis, AR Jones, Amy Grenada, MS Aon Jones, Crystal Tupelo, MS Jones, Danyale Starkville, MS Jones, Jenifer Carrollton, MS Jones, Mary Susan Oxford, MS Jones, Melissa Shannon, MS Jordan, Crystal Ocean Springs, MS Jue, Tiffany Memphis, TN Julian, Tom Justice, James Kantarev, Emil Brandon, MS Corinth, MS Batesville, MS Kendrick, Brian Birmingham, AL Kennedy, Jason New Albany, MS Kenney, Krista Pontotoc, MS 172 TeopCe ! •I 1 I Kcrley, Jamie Meridian, MS Kimmons, Katina Sardis, MS King, Kristen Olive Branch, MS Kirk, Brandon Myrtle, MS Kitchen, Lauren New Orleans, LA Klimek, Michael Jackson, MS Knight, Kimberly Jackson, MS Knighton, Anna Koon, Stacy Kuhn, Paul Kuykendall, Erin Kymes, Mason Corinth, MS Memphis, TN Natchez, MS Ripley, MS Madison, MS Ladner, Patricia Germantown, TN Lafferty, Sara Nashville, TN Lai, Jessy Malaysia Lamb, Tinika Calhoun City, MS Lamm, Ashley Florence, AL Lancaster, Amanda NewAlbany, MS ' (■ B? - T:5 = £» ' ♦ t K Mi Lancaster, Kurt Ripley, MS Lassiter, Jeremy State Line, MS Lasyone, Terry Coldwater, MS Lawrence, Amanda Hartselle, AL Lea, Elizabeth Minter City, MS Leifheit, Serena Booneville, MS ' A Leonard, Laurie Corinth, MS xo Lewis, Beverly Olive Branch, MS Lewis, George Kosciusko, MS Lewis, Jennifer Olive Branch, MS Liberto, Zach Walls, MS Lincoln, Deborah Mandeville, LA Lindsey, Kim Smithville, MS Lindsey, Mary Kylie Tupelo, MS Ar Lintner, John Cohay, MS Little, Justin Olive Branch, MS Little, Paxton Oxford. MS Lobb, Erin Jackson MS mrrZZgzk Lofton, Katie Logan, Arica Lott, Melissa Lowry, Wiley Luster, Elizabeth Luther, Steve Newton. MS Oxford. MS Moss Point, MS Oxford. MS Clarksd ale, MS Demopolis, AL Juniors 173 Lyle, Brad Lyon, Claire Lyons, Nathan Ma, John Magee, Lori Oxford, MS Indianola, MS Kennett, MO Jackson, MS Lawrenceburg, TN Maholm, Michael Holly Springs, MS Malone, Antoinette Batesville, MS Mann, Danielle Liberty, MS Marlar, Brad Iuka, MS Marshall, Avril Memphis, TN Marshall, Scott West Point, MS Martin, Andrew Batesville, MS Martin, Bailey Albany, GA iibo Martin, Erin Rosemark, TN ka Maschek, Abby Germantown, TN Mauldin, Shuff Laurel, MS zx Mavromatis, Mariah Southaven, MS Aon McCarley, Joey Grenada, MS J I ■ II 11 i T. A McClelland, Lindsey Jackson, MS xn McCollough, Ricky Petal, MS McConnell, Meghann Nashville, TN McCrory, Keith Hernando, MS McCullen, Tamara Hattiesburg, MS McDuffie, Jason Nettleton, MS McFerrin, Jodie Mantachie, MS McGahey, Anna Jackson, MS McGregor, Amanda Bruce, MS Mcintosh, Ashley Tupelo, MS McLarty, Brian Olive Branch, MS McLarty, Shane Olive Branch, MS McLaurin, Holly McMillan, Reid McMinn, Riley McNeel, Kathy Savannah, GA om Jackson, MS Carrollton, MS ake Walls, MS McNulty, Lane Lake Charles, LA McNutt, Jennifer Naperville, IL McRaney, Lacie Collins, MS Meador, Elise Oxford, MS Medley, Andrew Jackson, MS oag Meek, Susan Ellen St. Louis, MO Mehmedic, Damir Oxford, MS Meisenheimer, Drew Memphis, TN in 174 ( Peoj)fe F Melton, Blcwctt Greenwood, MS xo Mctealf, Ticryaa Chauryn Clarksdalc, MS Michaels, Joseph Clearwater, FL Michaelson, Lindsey Baton Rouge, LA ka Milam, Blake Oxford, MS Miller, Ashlie Grapevine, TX Miller, Shuni Weir, MS Mitchell, James Little Rock, AR Mitchell, Keyana Clarksdale, MS azq Mitchcner, John Jacksonville, AL iae Monsour, Mike Jackson, MS nxA Moody, Joel Oxford, MS Moore, Amanda Moore, Jcrmaine Moore, Sha Moore, Tina Jackson, MS aaa Okolona, MS Southaven, MS Ar Batesvillc, MS Moore, Wilson Murphysboro, IL Morgan, Amanda Lexington, TN ffr I 1 r i j . 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' r fe I Wi JM 1 1 r « CA? 1 4 watm fcni mm Pickle, Laura Kosciusko, MS Pinion, Jade Biloxi, MS Pittman, Meghan Covington, LA Pollan, Jarett Roxie, MS Posey, Michael Baton Rouge, LA Press, Christen Memphis, TN Preston, Rachel 5 Prewett, Adam 1 Price, Jason Pruitt, Shaquita ( Pryor, Lindsay Purser, Amelia Putnam, David Queen, Titus Ragsdale, Elizabeth Ann Rains, Amy Ray, Charles Southaven, MS Kosciusko, MS Gold Hill, NC Columbus, MS Sturgis, KY riBO Madison, MS Ar Brandon, MS Laurel, MS i Brandon, MS ka Gadsden, AL Tupelo, MS Reid, Ashley Helen Southaven, MS zta Reid, Laura Baytown, TX Aon Revels, Carey Leigh Hattiesburg, MS Rich, Amy Cypress Inn, TN Rich, Shanna Amarillo, TX kag Richards, Beth Laurel, MS Riley, Erin Laurel, MS ix t- ' m ■ l| i v x H k ; w A iia 176 PeopCe ▼ w H ppl jr ' M 1 • V_ a " - Riley, Gidget Riley, Marcie Robbins, Brad Roberts, Mark Robey, Laura Robin, Amy Fulton. MS McComb, MS Myrtle. MS Oxford. MS Long Beach. MS Madisonville, LA Robinson, Kenya Holly Springs. MS Rochelle, Margaret Memphis, TN Rochester, Joanna Clyde, NC Roebuck, Emily Meridian, MS Rogers, Stephen Meridian, MS Roman, Anthony Ridgeland, MS Ross, Peter Oxford. MS Ross, Troy Ocean Springs. MS Rossi, David Columbia. MS Roussel, Caroline Destrehan. LA Ruff, Emily Athens, GA Rushing, Jason Natchez. MS ■-ANKffiETH " ! M m .£- " L- 1 ' m ■ rt Russ, Jamie Jackson, MS Russell, Heather Madison. MS RusseD, Jennifer Greenwood Springs, MS Ryan, Amber LaVergne. TN Sam, Valarie Carthage, MS Sanderson, Shane Booneville. MS Sanford, Shelley Savorgnan, Andrea Sawyer, Mike Saxon, Brandon Scanlon, Lauralee Memphis, TN Smithdale, MS Katy. TX Tyler. TX Jackson, TN Scara, Warren Ocean Springs. MS Scheldt, Sarah St. Peters. MO Schilleci, Phillip Birmingham. AL Schiro, Sara Long Beach, MS Schrage, Lara Elizabeth St. Louis. MO Scioneaux, Monica LaPlace, LA Scott, Caroline Jackson, MS Scrimpshire. Alex Laurel. MS Segrest, Andy Jackson. MS Segrest, Shelley Laurel, MS Seibels, Ryan Montgomery. AL Shappley, Will Vicksburg, MS Shields, Richard Brandon, MS Juniors 1 77 Shirey, Jennifer Shirey, Richard Shorter, Eric Shumpert, Kristin Shumpert, Lori Batesville, MS Batesville, MS University, MS Tupelo, MS Fulton, MS Simmons, Candace Ooean Spring, MS a k a Simpson, Sydney Sims, Stacye Singletary, Beth Skinner, Rebecca Smith, Adam Smith, Amanda Smith, Andrew Smith, Heather Smith, Lauren Smith, Lindsey Smith, Melinda Smith, Sara Ackerman, MS Dyersburg, TN Jackson, MS aaa Iuka, MS Aon Brandon, MS Pearl, MS om Natchez, MS Waterford, MS Hattiesburg, MS Ar Hattiesburg, MS kag Tacoma, WA Leland, MS i n _ - { n i W7% a Smith, Tiffany Wynne, AR Smithey, Kelly New Albany, MS Solon, Courtney Germantown, TN kag Sparks, Andrew Booneville, MS Sparks, Kimberly Belmont, MS Stanfield, Stephanie Oxford, MS Stanford, Loretta Starks, Keonna Staten, Cindy Stegall, Grady Steimle, Landon Stewart, Brandy Oxford, MS Guntown, MS Charleston, MS Tupelo, MS Protageville, MO Pontotoc, MS Stevens, Drew Natchez, MS Stilgenbauer, Adam Houston, TX Stoltz, Devi Florence, AL St ovall, Josh Coldwater, MS Strevel, Joseph Amory, MS Strickland, Lyle Laurel, MS Stroup, Lindsey Madison, MS Stuart, Houston Ocean Springs, MS Szymanski, Sarah Long Beach, MS Tallie, Latoya Holly Springs, MS Taylor, Alexandria Gautier, MS Taylor, Janae Memphis, TN 1 78 Teovfe m I p pi 1 - J 1 j 9 I nJ-W mrm ,H H pi 4 % ' I Sw BH |p| 11 • s 1 sj " tf " »- V ' %i Taylor, Sovent Clarksdale, MS obi Taylor, Sue Ellen Hayti, MO Taylor, William Oxford, MS Tendall, Caroline Swartz Creek, MI Tesseneer, Derrick Dennis, MS Tew, Jeff Brandon, MS ki Thacker, Paul Olive Branch, MS atq Theophilus, Eenga Bahamas Thomas, Casey Sandy Hook, MS Thomas, Courtney Sandy Hook, MS Thomas, Kate Yazoo City, MS Thomas, Kathryn Shreveport, LA kkt Thomas, Wesley Jackson, MS Thompson, Ashley Bradenton, FL Thompson, Melissa Memphis, TN aaa Thompson, Stacy Columbus, MS xo Thomson, Blair Jackson, TN Tillman, Jesse Tillatoba, MS Todsen, Jennifer Savannah, GA Tran, Tuan Anh Trewolla, Page Truong, Phuong Tryon, Deana Tubertini, Andrew Tupelo, MS Brandon, MS Biloxi, MS Pontotoc, MS Greenville, MS Turner, Cheryl Myrtle, MS Valentine, Jessica Evergreen, TX Valentine, Kathleen Brookhaven, MS VanDevender, Jill DeKalb, MS Vinson, Holly Olive Branch, MS Vinson, Jonathan Katy, TX Wade, George Wahl, Amanda Walker, Graham Walkley, Philip Wall, Grant Washington, Cedric Richmond, VA Vicksburg, MS Germantown, TN Oxford, MS Corinth, MS Grenada, MS Watkins, Michael Monticello, MS Watkins, Shantay Brookhaven, MS Watts, Jennifer Water Valley, MS Weakley, Allison Piano, TX Weaver, Heather Gloster, MS Webb, Beth Amory, MS Juniors 1 79 Webb, Lauren Welch, Emily Welch, Emily Weldon, David Welsh, Patrick Wesley, Mark Belleville, IL Olive Branch, MS Oxford, MS Lawrenceburg, TN Oxford, MS Sardis, MS West, Mary Lucy Canton, MS aaa Wheat, Jaclyn Germantown, TN White, Everett Baton Rouge, LA Whitehouse, Nowel Conway, AR Whittington, Zack Decatur, AL Wiginton, John Water Valley, MS Wilbanks, Beth Wilbanks, Sarah Wilkins, Brian Williams, Erin Oxford, MS Cleburne, TX Hollandale, MS Collierville, TN Williams, Johannah Williams, Justin Etta, MS Oxford, MS M S Williams, Kelly Williams, Lisa Meridian, MS Ar Grenada, MS Williamson, Todd Vicksburg, MS Wills, Emily Wilsey, Rachelle Wilson, Adrian England Mosspoint, MS Jackson, MS Wilson, Cheryl Birmingham, AL Wilson, Erica Clarksdale, MS Wilson, Jac Vicksburg, MS Winstead, Kimberly Jackson, MS Witherow, Sam Sheridan, AR Woodley, Benita Winona, MS Woods, Marc Woods, Wendy Word, Mary Wright, James Young, Dwight Young, Katherine Oxford, MS Duck Hill, MS Okolona, MS Knoxville, TN Oxford, MS Jackson, MS Young, Lisa Tupelo, MS Young, Mendi Houlka, MS Young, Teresa Mae Clarksdale, MS Zeidman, Ben Jackson, MS Zito, Jaclyn Baton Rouge, LA ! o 1 WW i, . • ■ » A- £ 4 T [TJT ■r I A 1 uii 180 Teopie m r - w n in £1 V | m k Abies, Chris Abramowicz, Joey Accvedo, Luis Adams, Brooke Aldridgc, Brad Aldy, Brittany Jackson, MS New Orleans, LA a o Madison, MS Columbia, TN Greenwood, MS Oxford, MS ka Alford, Jesse Kentwood, LA Alford, Yolanda Allen, Hank Amerman, Jarrett Amin, Stutee Ammons, Tracy Anast, Tyson Anderson, William Andrews, Brandi Appelbee, Jill Arrington, Debra Atkins, Lindsey Charleston, MS Jackson, MS Houston, TX kz Laurel, MS Garland, TX Clarksdale, MS Philadelphia, MS qk i McComb, MS Madison, MS Oxford, MS Columbus, MS 1 ■ ' 1 i j | 1 it X m i t 2 M P ' ?fi ' Austin, Adam Austin, Kasheika Avant, Laurie Averill, Lauren Azzone, Daniel Benton, AR Tupelo, MS aka Pratville, AL Metairie, LA iibo Richland, MS Bailey, Sarah Beth Conway, AR reo Baker, Melanie Columbus, MS Baker, Natalie Duck Hill, MS Baker, Shannon Oxford, MS Baldwin, Richard Covington, TN Ball, Samantha New Albany, MS Banchetti, Nick Vicksburg, MS Barksdale, Matt Peachtree City, GA ioe Barlow, Robert Hattiesburg, MS o kt Barnett, Brandy Cave Spring, GA Barnett, Jodie Clinton, MS Barnett, Monica Cave Spring, GA Barnett, Wes Germantown, TN in Barr, Dereck Barrett, Clay Bass, Olivia Bell, Anthony Bell, Curt Bennett, Scott Pontotoc, MS obi McComb, MS Madison, MS Saltillo, MS Dewitt, AR Olive Branch, MS ok Seniors 1 81 Bet-Sayad, Will Bevilaqua, Kacie Bienvenu, John Black, Darrell Black, Jonathan Black, Stan England Nashville, TN Brandon, MS Ripley, MS obi Bedford, TX ok Clinton, MS Blackburn, Glenna Hernando, MS Blakely, Rachel Water Valley, MS Bland, Melissa Grenada, MS Blaylock, Leslie Hernando, MS Blossom, Becky Forest, MS aaa Boeckmann, Ashley Wynne, AR Aon Boggs, Elizabeth Olive Branch, MS Aon Bolen, Marty Ecru, MS Boles, Elishua Thaxton, MS Bondioche, Christine Houston, TX Bonds, Amy Newport, AR Bonds, Ashley Iuka, MS n I HFjS| ft 1 f M m ■ f V 1 IP Bl ¥-. A P Bonney, Elizabeth Cranford, NJ Booth, Robert Greensboro, NC Bora, Ainit University, MS Bost, Kerri Pontotoc, MS Bostwick, Claire New Albany, MS xn Boudreaux, Amie Mandeville, LA ka Boutwell, William University, MS Bowie, Paul Byhalia, MS Bowlin, Wendy Denhom Springs, LA Bowling,Barbara Calhoun City, MS Boyd, Alma Newton, MS Boyd, Jennifer Sardis, MS Ar Bradley, Ginger Branson, Chad Brashier, Kristy Bratton, Benjamin Brawner, Emily Bray, Bradley Saltillo, MS Nettleton, MS Meridian, MS Sardis, MS cj Ki|i Corinth, MS Oxford, MS Briggs, Ron Memphis, TN Briscoe, Jeremy Holly Springs, MS Britt, Megan Clarksdale, MS Broadaway, Reeca Pocahontas, AR zta Broadwater, Michael Quincy, IL Brookhart, Lisa Burke, VA kag 1 82 Teapfe Brooks, Allyson Monroe, LA Brown, Byron Germantown, TN Brown, Carly Horn Lake, MS Brown, Keesha M adison, WI Brown, Mary Rebecca New Orieans, LA Brown, Robert Ackerman, MS Brown, Shonte Broyles, Tricia Bruce, Kimberly Brumfield, Joseph Oxford, MS Doniphan, MO Oxford, MS Summit, MS Bruner, Natascha Water Valley, MS Bryant, Heather Paducah, KY Aon Bryant, Karen Bullard, Stephanie Burkhalter, Tiffani Burns, Meagan Burns, William Memphis, TN Corinth, MS Gulfport, MS Indianola, MS aaa Gautier, MS Burton, Steven Michigan City, MS Buse, Amanda Butler, Aaron Butler, Beau Cado, Jennifer Callahan, Sheree Baldwyn, MS Paducah, KY Memphis, TN Ruston, LA Meridian, MS Canerdy, John Micheal Myrtle, MS Carius, Stephanie St. Louis, MO Carlyle, Wolfe Canton, MS Carney, Carson Jackson, MS Carney, David Hattiesburg, MS Carnley, Meredith Brandon, MS Carpenter, Melissa Baldwyn, MS Carpenter-Wan], Tyra The Dalles, OR Carr, Jessica Newton, MS Carrigan, Brenna Caledonia, MS Carter, Saiena Tupelo, MS Cartwright, Molly Booneville, MS Cartwright, Shelly Booneville, MS Casey, George Cassada, Matthew Castillo, Emily Caughorn, James Chamblee, Luke Chamness, Jason Jackson, TN Oxford, MS Honduras ak i Nashville, TN Jackson, MS in Jackson, MS riK Seniors 1 83 Chan. Evelyn Chandler. Jason Chandler. Patty Chapman. Autumn Malaysia Pontotoc, MS Pontotoc. MS Selmer. TN Chapman. Catherine Jackson. MS Chapman. Nicole Pontotoc. MS Charvat. Julie Destrehan. LA Chatman. Jauna Memphis. TN Chatman, Toria Lawanda Summit, MS Chau, Andi Clarksdale, MS Chau, Serena Greenwood, MS Chaware, Raghunandan Maharashtra Chenault, Kelly Tupelo, MS Chencharick, Marianne Seminary, MS Cheng, Yee Chiaventone, Kelley Malaysia «Ki|) Herrin, IL om Childers, Christopher Myrtle, MS Chin, Denis Malaysia + T- Chiok, Kal Yong Oxford, MS Chisman, Ben Cape Girardeau. MO Choong. Aik Min Malaysia Christensen. David Franklin, TN Cianciolo. Dominic Memphis. TN Cipriani. Luis Fort Lauderdale. FL ( lark manda Clark hi! O Clark Paula Clark. Tracie Claverie. Kathryn Clements. Dennis Kosciusko. MS Ocean Springs. MS Shannon. MS Enterprise. MS m Metairie. LA lis Amorv. MS Clemmer. Melissa Coats. Chris Cochran. Alan Coker. Donald Cole. Mia Cole. Zeanrea Ripley. MS Oxford. MS Bartlett. TN University. MS University. MS Louisville. MS Coleman. Ian Jackson, MS Coleman, Robert Van Oxford. MS Colley, Darcy Oxford. MS Collietta. Basset Jackson. MS Collins, James Long Beach, MS i e Compton. Lisa Biloxi. MS hbcd Rl f v r» 184 TeopCe 1 I ' i r Mi W i ' ft " Conerly, Sara Conn, Adrianna Conwill, Amy Cooksey, Jason Cooper, Courtney Couch, Brian Vicksburg, MS Gulfport, MS Tupelo, MS Corinth, MS Batesvillc, MS Hernando, MS Cox, Suzanne Shaddix Oxford, MS Cox, William Crampton, Neil Crane, Scott Crawford, Angela Crawford, Tamara Collierville, TN Meridian, MS Endwell, NY Como, MS New Albany, MS Creecy, Neal Senatobia, MS Creel, Kori Pontotoc, MS Crockett, Jessica Brown Deer, WI irp Cummings, Jamie Jackson, MS Cupit, Tamara Odessa, TX Currie, Bryan Peachtree City, GA ok •« Curry, Suzanne Hernando, MS Cutcliff, Xan Amory, MS Dabbs, Anna Jackson, MS Daily, Deanna Birmingham, AL Daniel, Elizabeth Lafayette, LA Daniel, Joshua Oxford. MS Daniels, Jerry Diamondhead. MS Darby, Clint Germantown. TN Darvish, Narci Piano. TX Davidson, Millicent Elaine, AR Davis, Landria Oxford. MS Dawuda, Khalilah Coldwater, MS Dearman, Lea Jackson, MS DeBerry, Karin Florence. MS Deerman, Georgi Guntersville, AL DeLapp, Julia North Carrollton, MS DeLara, Catherine Virginia Beach. VA DeLara, Freddieric Oxford. MS Delony, Jeremy Olive Branch, MS Derossette, Javier Jackson, MS Dial, Maya Dickerson, Mark Dilback, Matt Dill, Justin Brandon. MS Lucedale. MS Sturgis. KY Memphis. TN Seniors Dillon, Daniel Ditto, Jessica Dorcheus, Lauren Dorris, April Downing, Melinda Leland, MS Vicksburg, MS Houston, TX Cleveland, MS Wiggins, MS Downs, Julie New Albany, MS Dowty, Jennifer New Orleans, LA Doyle, Carrie Oxford, MS Drayton, Katrina Oxford, MS Driver, Rodney Etta, MS Dukes, Stephanie Gallatin, TN Dunlap, Jade Corinth, MS Dupuy, Dottee New Orleans, LA kkt Dyer, Carolyn Picayune, MS Dykes, Melanie Mandeville, LA Easterling, Adair Marks, MS Eber, Susan Oxford, MS Edmonds, Jennifer Lyles, TN rv f% 1 ¥ BlB 1 ■ ■ . { r T J 4 " : V ■ f) n K " I - - I- ] i - ' • H m A V » !tl ' ?£ Wf ' l V . V " " Edwards, Bethy Lexington, MS om Edwards, Meg Paducah, KY kkt Edwards, Sheneirka Holly Springs, MS aka Efanova, Daria Russia Eleopoulos, Dimitra Sautillo, MS Ellard, Mary Olive Branch, MS Ellender, Marisa Ellington, Katie Emel, MacKinzie Engle, Campbell English, Melissa Engstrom, John Houma, LA riBo Kosciusko, MS Oxford, MS Vicksburg, MS xn Benton, AR Paragould, AR Enochs, Candler Philadelphia, MS Evans, Nikki Brandon, MS Fabianke, Emily Red Bay, AL Farmer, Darry Courtland, MS Faulk, Laura Hope Louisville, MS Felker, Lance Jackson, MS Fellows, Hannah Fenn, Max Fenzel, Aaron Fields, Mary Fillingane, Tasha Mobile, AL Summit, MS Grafton, OH Meridian, MS Sumrall, MS Finch, Emily Collierville, TN 1 86 Teov(e n o 1 A... B V 1 • h n ■ " 1 i 1 " 1 f isfiftiL. ' i 1 H ! .1 M cfltMNw F , Fine, Amanda Finger, Palmer Finnern, Laura Flemming, Stacy Foley, James Ford, Nathan Brentwood, TN Point Clear, AL Memphis, TN Macon, GA Oxford, MS Saucher, MS Forstall, Christoper New Orleans, LA Fortenberry, Michael Clinton, MS Foster, Jennifer Pulaski, TN Foster, Jill Pontotoc, MS Foust, Mary Martha Clarksdale, MS Freeman, Walter Senatobia, MS Freer, Jonathan Coffeeville, MS Frey, Maria Argentina Fuhrmann, Dominik Germany Funderburg, Sally Corpus Christi, TX Gable, Robert Columbus, MS Gallien, Sarah Martin, TN -. ££ . u k $mF? 1 n n Galloway, Margaret Tuscaloosa, AL xn Garner, Christopher Oxford, MS Garner, Emily Yazoo City, MS Garrett, Robert University, MS Garrison, Laurel Belden, MS Gaston, Elizabeth Gulfport, MS Gatewood, Tamara Holly Springs, MS aka Gaunt, Stacy Tupelo, MS om Gay, Ginny Atlanta, GA Gay, Laura-Murph y Columbia, LA Geldreich, Ginger Franklin, TN Aon George, Leah Jackson, MS German, Nekisha Memphis, TN Gevorgyan, Gohar Yerevan Gex, Correy Waveland, MS Gibbons, Ashley Prattville, AL Gibson, Katrina Marks, MS Gilbert, Van Olive Branch, MS Gillock, Amber Brentwood, TN Glisson, Bryant Oxford, MS Ben Goh Siew-Lian Malaysia Gong, Melissa Jackson, MS Goodson, Julia Batesville, MS Goodwin, Ronnie Sherwood, AR Seniors 1 87 Gore, Thomas Houston, TX Gossett, Tiffany Southaven, MS Graham, Allison Vicksburg, MS kag Graham, Douglas Philadelphia, MS Grant, Ja ' Wanda Ocean Springs, MS irp Grant, William Oxford, MS Gray, Chandler Grayson, Daven Grayson, Jamie Greer, Angela Grey, Derek Griffith, Becky Oxford, MS Tutwiler, MS Searey, AR a|0 Philadelphia, MS Vicksburg, MS Tulsa, OK Griggs, Scott Grisle, Sonja Gronemeyer, Melissa Guido, Leslie Dothan, AL Forest, MS St. Louis, MO Natchez, MS Guidry, Elise Gullett, James New Orleans, LA Oxford, MS ' v t 0 r a A. n I k l 2 : 4 H Bfl Gummow, Bradley Rockton, IL Guncflach, Sarah-Elizabeth FatLaudadab,FL Guy, Rasheena Olive Branch, MS Haden, Beau Columbia, MS Hair, Jason Greenville, MS Hales-Dansbv, Leah Laurel, MS Hall, Bethany Hall. Lakeisha Hall, Mike Hall, Nikki Hamburger, Anne Collierville. TN University, MS Vicksburg, MS Clarksdale, MS Netherlands Hamilton. Elizabeth Austin, TX Hancock. Jack Hancock, Jamie Baldwyn, MS Katv, TX Hargett, Candice Charleston, MS Harjes, Jennifer Harkins, Sarah Harper. Scott Jackson, MS Jackson, MS Tishamingo, MS Harrell, Stephen Savannah, TN Harrington, Pamela Ripley, MS Harris, Jesse Nacogdoches, TX Harris, Kris Jackson. MS Harris, Tiffany Guntown. MS Harrison. Brenda Coldwater, MS 1 88 VeapCe Hathaway, Kyle Germantown, TN Ben Hattaway, Mandy Yazoo City, MS Hawkins, Katherine Madisonville, KY Hazard, Hart West Point, MS aaa Hearn, Heather Poplarville, MS Helveston, Campbell West Point, MS Henderson, Jennifer Henderson, Olivia Hendrix, Jo Ellen Hengen, Heather Henry, Ashley Hensley, Robert Herod, Debra Heros, Lisa Herrington, Shea Hester, Candace Hickman, Haley Mandeville, LA Houston, TX Whitfield, MS Biloxi, MS Okolona, MS Tupelo, MS Abbeville, MS Memphis, TN Quitman, MS Oxford, MS Brandon, MS Hill, Jorja Holly Springs, MS WZ ' i •kwwi f O - — 1. Hill, Kristy Nashville, IL Aon Hill, Nicholas Yazoo City, MS Hines, Beth Laurel, MS Mines, Breck Jackson, MS ix Hipp, Michael Oxford, MS Hitt, Rebekah Memphis, TN Hoang, Thuy Hattiesburg, MS Hodge, Mark Laurel, MS Hodges, Susannah Jackson, MS xn Hogue, Susan Brandon, MS Aon Holden, Crista Deerfield Beach, FL nB4 Holeman, Tony Jr. Florence, MS Holland, Candace Holly Springs, MS Holland, Maggie Collierville, MS Hollingsworth, David McComb, MS ix Hollingsworth, Kristy Laurel, MS Holman, Kelsi Vicksburg, MS Holmes, Melissa Roanoke, VA nBo Homan, Candice Hood, Amber Hood, Elizabeth Hood, LaDeana Hoover, Vickey Hopkins, Lou Ann Saltillo, MS Guntown, MS Memphis, TN Bruce, MS Pontotoc, MS Clarksdale, MS Seniors Hom, Homer. Jeff Horobetz, Mark HotanLTim Houston. Earl Houston. Rex Oxford. MS Jackson. MS ■lTN Gretna. LA Pontotoc MS Batesvilk-MS HowcL Core Myrtle. MS Hovel. Kesha Oxford. MS .KimtaahBah OiemndPakKS Hubbard. Cynthia tuka.MS Hudson. Brett Soulharen. MS Holies. Jennifer MrauriCay.TX Hushes. Ke::h Bnfl| Spn-gs. MS K Tessi Eupora. MS Hunley. Gregory Byhaba. MS osz HunLNeil Pride. LA Hunt, Robert Picayune. MS HurlbirL Brooke Amnion, TX m o e i f n P i o Hutching Amy Adair G ambus,MS Hiitcfains. Rachel Poplarville, MS Hallo. Patrick Waynesboro. MS Ingram. Brad Madison, MS Ingram. Stephanie Jackson, MS Irby, LaSherry BatesviDe. MS Ky. Joseph Nettkton, MS Jackson. Corfame Oxford, MS Jackson, Kent Ocean Springs, MS Jackson, Robert Orlando. FL Jacobs. Johnny Crowder, MS Jadhav. Prakash India James, Amanda James, Andy James, Mdva James, Rita Jeflers, Scott Walnut, MS Brandon. MS Jackson, MS Booneville. MS Frankfort, KY Jeffries, Tracy HoOy Springs, MS Jenkins, Samantha Oxford, MS Jia. Haifeng University, MS Johnson, Chris Booneville, MS Johnson. Elizabeth Gntemihe. AL Johnson, Niki Hot Springs, AR k«x GermartOKHLTN 190 4fey£ Jones. Devona Tnpdo-MS Conntan LMS Ore Branch. MS Ho Sprats. MS si i i " Jones. Keney Gni— iiiiw«- TN Jones. Lance Jones. Marearet Carthage. MS One Jones. T Jones. Trey G ein u mom n. TS Jordan. Clay Doihan.AL Joynec. April ConkncnV-TN Justice. Mans Belli Madran.MS « e Justus. Matthem- HeberSpans. AR n r 4 rv . al 1H| r uanuV nun. rv una uw ■ V ¥ " ?| - i 1 1 l JJJJ |f. k- :; ?- ;r TupekxMS Kaurysheva. Olena Jackson. TN Rcan. eap Cheng Malaysia Keetou. Keith Morton. MS Keelson. Kevin Morton. MS k: S_ z Loag Beach. MS Keney. Ryu Kennedy. Kesfcr. Catenae KidUCoranda Kins. CecSa Houston TX SbddLLA GadsdenAL AAA Diw. MS z=s Hazfchurst. MS = Kia FiancisCade Indianoia.MS Knt. Meredidi Tupelo. MS jt Kkpqg. Jane Abbevnfe. MS Kneppfc. Derek Oaricsvnfc. TN Knight. Ben Madison. MS ftu tt. Geoff McCaaa.AL Knott. Jane Paris. TN Knomtes. Foster Anhnore. AL Knox. Monica New Albany. MS zrg Karn tg a rc. Marei Savannah. GA Kolsonares.Chrisu PcarL VIS Krets. Lana Augusta. AR -o Xtivtv 191 Kuljis, Jorge Kuljis, Yure Laine, Brian Lamb, Lyndsey Bolivia Bolivia New Orleans, LA Oxford, MS Lambert, Matthew Lampton, Barton Florence, AL Jackson, MS Lancaster, Olivia West Point, MS Land, Justin Batesville, MS Landreth, Rex Poplar Bluff, MO Landrum, Wesley Meridian, MS Langley, Corrie Yazoo City, MS Latham, Gayle Vicksburg, MS Lawrence, John Dierks, AR ioe Lawrence, Scarlet Palm Harbor, FL kag Lawyer, Brooke Meridian, MS aaa Le, Lyndsey Biloxi, MS Leach, Colin Vicksburg, MS atq Leas, Jaclyn Hilton Head Island, SC xo f% — ■ C w f r i » ' ' n J Lee, Juli Leon, Barbara Lester, Peggy Lim, Ching-Sia Lindsey, Joshua Tupelo, MS Vicksburg, MS Batesville, MS Malaysia Petal, MS Lindsey, Ruthie St.Francisville, LA Lindsey, William Winfield, AL 0Ki|i Lloyd, Denise Loden, Jeremy Loden, Monica Lofton, Brenylle Logan, Ashley Logan, Wanda Lomas, James Lomax, Kelly Lott, Ashley Lott, Joel Lott, Nic Pope, MS Kosciusko, MS Carrollton, MS Courtland, MS Birmingham, AL aaa Webb, MS Petal, MS Waynesboro, MS Greenwood, MS Brandon, MS Taylorsville, MS Loudermilk, Sarah Columbus, MS Loveland, Ben Sautee, GA Lynch, Kelly Germantown, TN MacArthur, Ashley Gulfport, MS dm Mack, Brandy Akron, OH aka Malone, Brooke Sikeston, MO Aon 192 9eop(e f WM a p V n © a • t c m A % h tl Mangum, Camille Margolis, Mandy Marion, Charles Martin, Allison Martin, Jeremy Tupelo, MS Edwards, MS Madison, MS Oxford, MS Tupelo. MS Martin, Syletricka University, MS Martini, Stephen Park City, UT Mason, LaKesha Holly Springs, MS Mauldin, Megan Laurel, MS Maxey, Charles Davis Jackson, MS Mayne, Michelle Lake St. Louis, MO McAllister, Ray Aberdeen, MS McAnally, Molly Belmont, MS kag McCaskill, Rivers Jackson, MS aaa McClelland, David Jackson, MS McCool, Brian Waynesboro MS McCullough, Amy Clinton, MS Ar McCullough, Courtney Baton Rouge, LA Ar O r a McDaniel, Justin McDaniel, Lesley McDonald, Robyn McFarland, Anna McCool, MS Tupelo, MS Jackson, MS aka Jackson, MS McFarland, Robert Ridgeland, MS ato McGrew, Lindsey Memphis, TN xq McKissack, April McKnatt, Kerri McKnight, Rick McLennan, Milly McMorris, Stuart McMurray, Jake Dothan, AL om Batesville, MS Jackson, MS Jackson, MS Oxford, MS Gate City, VA McNally, Rebecca Madison, MS McNeil, Tomica Holly Springs, MS Medlin, Kevin Olive Branch, MS Medlin, Melissa Olive Branch, MS Melton, Jessica Dallas, TX Melton, Michale Grena Tillatoba, MS Meng, Caroline Meng, Susannah Messmer-Nickefl Rebecca Metts, Shawn Michaels, Dana Milam, Margaret Natchez, MS Natchez, MS Benton, MO Oxford, MS Oxford, MS Madison, MS Seniors 1 93 Milchen, Erin Miller, Amber Miller, Douglas Miller, Dustin Miller, James Miller, Michael Miller, Ryan Miller, Trisha Mills, Jessica Minyard, Ashley Mitchell, Bryan Mitchell, Jay Elyria, OH Pearl, MS Pearl, MS Houston, TX Mandeville, LA Oxford, MS Oxford, MS atq Houston, MO kag Tremont, MS McCarley, MS Hatley, MS Little Rock, AR Mitchell, Jessica Cleveland, MS Ar Mitchell-Rains, Lisa Oxford, MS Mixon, Avery Oxford, MS Mixon, Sarah Jackson, MS Mobley, Marales Pascagoula, MS Mohler, William Ocean Springs, MS ato tx u r t mmm t f% o " T 1 Molck, Jennifer Southaven, MS Monsour, Stephanie Jackson, MS Montanaro, Pasquale Cleveland, OH Mood, Jeannie Oxford, MS Moore, Betsy Picayune, MS Moore, Matthew Mobile, AL Moore, Melanie Moore, Paul Morgan, Devan Morris, Lisa Moss, Gina Moss, Kellis Chicago, IL Pascagoula, MS Pope, MS Grenada, MS Lucedale, MS Vicksburg, MS Moss, Mary Ann Jackson, MS xo Moulder, Lori Brookhaven, MS Mounicou, Sonny Kenner, LA Muller, Katherine New Orleans, LA Mulrooney, Joseph Oxford, MS Murphy, Brian Marion, IL $kt Murrah, Carrie New Albany, MS Myatt, Rebecca Bon Aqua, TN Nabers, David Stephen Richland, WA Namorato, Michael Oxford, MS Namorato, Rachel Marie Oxford, MS zta Nasif, Chris - Vicksburg, MS 194 Teoj)fe K o -). £V Iff) if J n c f ft Nccley, Michelle Neese, Ellen Nelson, Amy Netterville, Liz Marietta, MS Paris, TN kag McComb. MS kag Woodville, MS Newman, Jason Ocean Springs, MS Newsom, Mary-Neff Greenville, MS Newson, Ravonda Holly Springs, MS Newto n, Amanda Newton, Brooke Newton, Julie Ng, Ji Yau Nicholson, Nigel Corinth, MS Aon Vicksburg, MS Oxford, MS Oxford, MS Oxford, MS Nix, Memory Jackson, MS Nixon, Jeri Anne Corinth, MS kkt Norman, Johnna Houston, MS Norman, Tiffani Sherell Little Rock, AR aig Norquist, Stewart Yazoo City, MS xq Norris, Brock Macon, MS -- ► 1 r tfvM o V3n J %X J n . . j I i . Northrup, Carrie Nowlin, Angie O ' Neal, Elton Oakley, Brad Altadena, CA kag Memphis, TN xq Marietta, GA Cadiz, KY ix Okeke, Obianuju Southaven, MS Oliver, Scott Columbia, MS Ollyhill, Latonia Moreno Valley, CA Orange, Untray Oxford, MS Owen, DiAnne New Albany, MS Owens, Bobby Jackson, MS Palan, Dan Hattiesburg, MS Parker, Tisha Houston, TX Jackson, MS Hattiesburg, MS Houston, TX Decatur, MS Southaven, MS Laurel, MS Parkes, Jade Decatur, MS Parks, Lexie Southaven, MS Patel, Chad Laurel, MS Patterson, Chris CapeGiraideau,MO ok " Patterson, E.J. Patton, Amy Corinth, MS obi Iuka, MS Peden, Brandi Senatobia. MS Pekoe, Amanda Olive Branch, MS Pendarvis, Alania Wiggins, MS Pennebaker, Adam Meridian, MS Pennington, Jaime Collierville, TN Pentecost, Bo Indianola, MS Seniors 1 95 Pepper, Will Perry, Elizabeth Perry, Jennifer Petrie, Stacy Pharis, Matthew Phillips, Amanda Phiffips, John Christopher Phillips, Julia Phoon, Lye Yee Pittman, Jolyn Pollard, William Ponder, Chris Cleveland, MS Houston, TX Benton, AR Paris, TN Frairs Point, MS Brand on, MS Oxford, MS Tunica, MS Malaysia McComb, MS Springfield, IL Vicksburg, MS Pope, Allison Carrollton, MS Pope, Anna New Albany, MS Pope, Ginger New Albany, MS Poquette, Brooke Canton, MS Porter, Tori New Albany, MS Posey, Hal Abbeville, MS v NH| §1 ft ' ' 1 i 1 |7 j- 1 fl S i • ! V. ' ' Pr 1 1 7 V J% Jt ■ " i ? - . " " " x - " 1 W i t J, i m r Potts, Amanda Olive Branch, MS Povall, Margaret Cleveland, MS xo Pradhan, Hirak India Pratt, Kelly Ocean Springs, MS nB4 Price, Casandra Oxford, MS Pritchett, Scott Germantown, TN okt Pruitt, Allison Puckett, Suzy Pugh, Cara Pulliam, Corey Pulliam, LaSonya Purdum, Adriane Purselley, Buck Raggio, Neil Rahman, Zaki Rainer, Brooke Rains, Scott Rainwater, Beth Lucedale, MS Jackson, MS aaa Brooksville, MS obo Houston, MS obi Tupelo, MS Metairie, LA Ft. Worth, TX Jackson, MS ix Bangladesh Redwood, MS Oxford, MS Savannah, TN ka a 7 " f iX , $ L. Rankins, Brooke Bakersfield, CA Ratliff, Chris Rau, Taylor Rawls, Claire Ray, Miranda Belmont, MS Brentwood, TN ihka Houston, TX Areola, MS Ray, Nancy Margaret - Water sSSey, MS k ag ( 196 TeovCe ' -ff h ft n £ ' p 1 1 rfc Rayburn, Samantha Olive Branch, MS Recce, Lynn Southaven, MS Reid, Ashley Memphis, TN Reiland, Christine Rockton, IL Aon Reimer, Beth Bowling Green, KY Reynolds, Michelle New Philadelphia, OH Rezk, Amira Rhea, Misty Rhodes, Justin Rice, Suzanne Madison, MS Olive Branch, MS Pelahatchie, MS Florence, MS Richardson, Jennifer Mandeville, LA Rickenbacher, Lauren Nashville, TN Riels, Lance Riley, Leah Riley, T.J. Ringo, Tangelas Ritchie, Tara Robb, Dupree Petal, MS Moss Point, MS Ramer, TN Starkville, MS Memphis, TN Memphis, TN f • m rt ATHI R V ■■■ « P ' V I i ) % Vi i Roberts, Samuel Robertson, Devin Robins, Amanda Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Banks Coldwater, MS Corinth, MS Collierville, TN Indianapolis, IN Camilla, GA ki Rodrigue, Wayne Jr. Vacherie, LA Rogers, Duane Northglenn, CO Rogers, Marcos Corpus Christi, TX Roper, Zachary Fayetteville, AR Ross, Amber Southaven, MS Ross, Brandon Lucedale, MS Ross, Don Madison, MS Rossetti, Benjamin New Albany, MS Rouse, John Grenada, MS Rowland, Kathy Oxford, MS Russell, Ann Yazoo City, MS Russell, Jessica Montgomery, AL Rutledge, Tony Tupelo, MS Ryan, Allison Dallas, TX Ryder, Megan New Orleans, LA Aon Sabatier, Charley Oxford, MS Samford, Lauren Longview, TX Sanders, Rachel Brandon, MS kao Sanneh, Isatou University, MS Seniors 1 97 Sappington. Jonathan Give Branch, MS Saulsberry, Yulanda Give Branch, MS Savarese. Jason Long Beach, MS t K«fi Sayre, Emery Lexington, KY Schaefer, Martine Brandon, MS rm Scott, Cameron Greenville, MS Sexton, Jennifer Ripley, MS Shackelford, Amanda Give Branch, MS Shah, Salena Ocean Springs, MS Shah, Sima Memphis, TN Shands, Leslie New Albany, MS Ar Shands, Nancy New Albany, MS Ar Shaner, Samuel Brendan Newnan, GA Shannon, Shea Shapkoff, Caleb Ripley, MS Christopher, IL Shaw, Heather Bellefontaine, MS Shaw, Jolanda Shaw, Vickie Taylor, MS Memphis, TN n v ) ■ £ % t Shelton, Margaret Drew, MS Ar Sheppard, Misty Brandon, MS Shewmake, McKenna Topeka, KS Showers, Rochelle Anchorage, AK Sibley, Rachel Amory, MS Sigrest, Laura Jackson, MS Sindelar. Emily Oxford, MS Sing. Cynthia Southaven, MS Skelton. Brandon Clinton, MS Sloan. Brad Saltillo, MS Smith. Darrell Jackson, MS Smith, Ginny Rome, GA Smith, Gretchen Gretna, LA Smith, Jamee Marion, AR Smith. Karen Florence, MS Smith. Keysla Paducah. KY Smith, Kim Brandon, MS Smith, Lee Brookhaven, MS Smith, Matthew Greer, SC Smith, Melissa Meridian, MS Smith, Mike Hampton, VA Smith. Mollie Magee, MS Smith. Robert Olive Branch, MS Smith-Jenkins. Lisa Brandon, MS n. 198 9eoj)fe n 1 i n R Smothers, De Wayne Memphis, TN Snider, Amanda Bald Knob, AR Sobotka, Anne Oxford, MS Sorrell, Cassandra Rienzi, MS Sorrell, Eddie Jr. Boonevillc, MS ctyo Sparks, Christopher St. Louis, MO 1 Spencer, Landon Tupelo, MS Splaingard, Dave Wavwatosa, WI Srowen, Abigail St. John, John Stacy, Kristen Piano, TX Southaven, MS Houston, TX Aon O " 5 Stainback, Meredith Greenwood, MS aaa- Stall, Stephanie Naperville, IL Stallings, Christopher Okolona, MS Standifer, Selena Smithville, MS Staton, Michael Jackson, MS Steward, Dana Red Banks, MS Stewart, Audrey Anguilla, MS ! » % v _• ' ) 4 rv I Stewart, Urica Corinth, MS Stillwell, Shannon Oxford, MS Storms, Holly Ruston, LA Strange, Elizabeth Anne Demopolis, AL Strawb ridge, James Jackson, MS okiIj Stribling, Lee Sebastopol, MS Strickland, Amanda Strickland, Katie Strong, Natalie Su, Hsiao-Ting Sullivan, Courtney Bloomburg, TX Pheba, MS Canton, MS Taiwan Southaven, MS kag Sutterfield, Lea Nicole Give Branch, MS Sutton, Ethan Synnott, Bradley Tallie, Brandy Tan, Gek Yee Taylor, Brandy Taylor, Leigh Corinth, MS Houston, TX Water Valley, MS Oxford, MS Florence, MS Pensacola, MS aaa Taylor, Randy Clarksdale, MS obi Taylor, Shannon Booneville, MS Tee, Jaycee Ngah-Loui Malaysia Thigpen, Brian Picayune, MS Thomas, Terrence Bruce, MS Thompson, Anne Doylestown, PA Ar Seniors 1 99 Thompson, Johnathan Oxford, MS Thompson, Shanna Tupelo, MS Thompson, William Scott Rienzi, MS Thornton, Candace Senatobia, MS Ting-Wee, Tang Oxford, MS Tolliver, Lameka Vicksburg, MS Aie Tonore, Kathleen Clinton, MS Townes, Stephanie Charleston, MS Treadway, Michael Ooean Springs, MS o k t Triplett, Dexter Louisville, MS n o Trout, George Charleston, MS t kt Turner, Tiffany Morton, MS Van Pelt, Darin Long Beach, MS Van Sickle, Christopher Marietta, GA Vasilyev, Scott Oxford, MS Vaughan, William Oxford, MS Vavrunek, Vince Pearl, MS Vickers, Lelie Birmingham, AL P f % r --»- Vincent, Katherine Pelham, AL Vincent, Sabrina Port Sulphur, LA Vinueza, Jorge Quito, Ecuador Vyas, Kinnari Oxford, MS Wadsworth, Audra Burlison, TN Waggoner. Ashley Powder Springs, GA kag Wahl, Armin Walker. Allison Walker, Amanda Walker. Ansley Walker. Fant Walker. Kimberly Walker, Yolonda Wallace, Corey Wallis, Michael Jr. Warren, Jennifer Warriner, Amy San Diego, CA Jackson, MS Oxford, MS Oxford, MS Gulfport, MS Memphis, TN Corinth, MS Memphis, TN Brandon, MS Meridian, MS Brandon, MS Watson, Ray Wade Holly Bluff, MS Webb, Kevin Weir, Robert Welch, Jaimee Wells, Jace Wells. Jason Madison, MS Jackson, MS Clinton, MS Hatley, MS Oxford, MS Wells. Jennifer Ocean Springs, MS 200 Peop(e Hk ( n nl m m f ■K L n A M • w — m Wells, Jennifer Clinton, MS Westmoreland, Danielle Tupelo, MS Whaley, Stacy Potts Camp, MS Whelan, Amanda Brandon, MS White, Ann-Hoover Baldwyn, MS White, Bryan Oxford, MS Wicker, Jamie Wiggins, Joey Wiggins, Kim Wilder, Bill Wilhite, Skye Gardendale, AL Brandon, MS Memphis, TN Signal Mountain, TN New Albany, MS Wilkerson, Ben Meridian, MS ix Wilkins, Jason Cairo, MS ai Williams, Ben Waynesboro, MS Williams, Chantea Oxford, MS Williams, Chase Quitman, MS Williams, Denise Houston, MS Williams, Gabriel Yazoo City, MS o k $ i i ill iii fc Williams, Ivy Jovan Greenville, MS aka Williams, Kara Williams, Melissa Williams, Michael Williams, Mike Williamson, John Piano, TX Mount Olive, MS Etta, MS New Iberia, LA Franklin, TN Williamson, Michael Slidell, LA ki Wilson, Amelie New Orleans, LA i ibo Wilson, Ashley Collins, MS Wilson, Blair Corinth, MS Wilson, Cody Clarksville, TN Wilson. Omar Senatobia, MS Wimpee, Lauren San Angelo, TX kkt Winchester, Martha Florence, AL Windham. Jake Pearl, MS Wiscovich, Eric Huntsville, AL Wise, LaRanda Pontotoc, MS Witherspoon, Chereka Tupelo, MS Witt, Honey Jackson, MS Wong, Connie Greenwood, MS Wong, Fei-Ni Hong Kong Wong, Joo-Guan Malaysia Wong, Kenneth Malaysia Wong, Sarah Canada Seniors 201 Woods, William Winona, MS Worrel, Leah Hattiesburg, MS Worthem, Joe Oxford, MS Wren, Josh Raymond, MS Wrighton, Lauren Aberdeen, MS Wyckoff. Smith Columbus, MS Yacharn, Nongnart Thailand Yancey, Katherine Somerville, AL Yarborough, Katie Mandeville, LA Yates, Lucas New Hebron, MS Young, Mandy Nashville, TN Zainey, Margaret Metairie, LA Zbinden, Susanne Cape Coral, FL Zeleskey, James Lufkin, TX Zschiedrich, Jody Houma, LA o a rt % ( P m ■ T% i • _ r £ kw di nun «« » l f ' J ' , ■ ••• I r. m ■ i 202 Teopfe n i. J p r 1 ft n 1 Almad, Ashwini India Anugandula, Madhu Oxford, MS Bachuwar, Santosh Kumar Oxford, MS Bajracharya, Rajesh Nepal Brooks, Lawrence Belden, MS Brummett, Kurt Oxford, MS Budun, Arun University, MS Bullion, Hanh Vietnam Carter, Mark Oxford, MS Chanda, Pranojit University, MS Chen, Shuo University, MS Chen, Xin University, MS Claassen, Bjoern Germany Cobb, Natalie Pulaski, TN Coleman, Michelle Oxford, MS Collins, Tonya Winona, MS Copeland, Nicole Belmont, MS Cunningham, Ravyn Columbus, MS f 1 U- m V - ' l pVPH X3f •T ' — -v W 1 V N. i y v " T 4 s z Zui .. -,-■$ v i t hI r- ? • 7 l ' n : rr - F o l O Q) 3 " Q. O C o Q + ro Daniel, Jeffrey Nashville, TN Darboe, Numukunda Gambia Davis, Megan Nashville, TN Deaton, Heather Pontotoc, MS Didigam, Harikrishna India Dorrough, Marlow Oxford, MS Dossett, Misti Doyle, Jennifer Eftink, Jacob Emam, Ahmed Fang, Ting Jackson, MS St. Louis, MO Oxford, MS r China Farrenburg, Elizabeth Sikeston, MO Fillingim, Jennifer Jackson, MS Gent, Lauren Gerrie, Glenn Gildner, Andreas Giove, Stephen Goon, Subhrajit Gulfport, MS Nickerson, KS Oxford, MS Hollywood, FL India Gore, Laurie Woodand, MS Govindaraju, Janakiram India Govindaraju, Ramakrishna India Green, Justin Memphis, TN Guettler, Thomas Germany Gulledge, Frankie Pittsboro, MS (graduate School 203 Haenel, Christoph Germany Harvey, Jandee Biloxi, MS Herman, Beau Morgan City, LA Horton, Melinda Cofreeville, MS Jerrolds, Kevin Savannah, TN Johnson, Paul Poplarville, MS Jones, Stacy Falcon, MS Joshi, Upendra Lai Nepal Kandhari, Shilpa Oxford, MS Kelly, Warren Gates, TN Khoo, Lay Menn Malaysia K.ovuru, Kishore Oxford, MS Kraft, Kimberly Tullahoma, TN Kuhajek, Jeanne Crystal Lake, IL Lee, Sangyoll Chunchon South Korea Lee, SeungJin Repubic of Korea Li, Ying China Liu, Zhaoxia China 3 Lott, Matt Greenville, MS Makkena, Murali India Malla, Sajan Man Nepal Mamidi, Rupesh Kumar Oxford, MS Maschek, Paul Germantown, TN Massie, John Memphis, TN Matta, Vamsee India McDaniel, Kathy Fairview, PA McNeill, Lauren Evans, GA Mehta, Pritesh Davis, MS Mishra, Hetal India Monroe, Sally Memphis, TN Moola, Shirisha India Morris, William Huntsville, AL Myadala, Vinay Oxford, MS Nanagiri, Yamini India Narkar, Yogeeta India O ' Donnell, Heather Ph iladelphia, MS Ong, Swee Huat Malaysia Palle, Sridhar Oxford, MS Pan, Shou-Wen China Patangay, Soni India Patil, Vikram India Peavy, Joan Pat Oxford, MS ' ' V fS i M ' tv L mi T y 1 1 Fl ' 1 mm 1 F N 204 TeoyCe Picrini, Ryan Pcachtree City, GA Portera, Sam Greenville, MS Prima, Fastria Indonesia Puglisi, Melany Guam Qin, Changyong China Rahim, Ashraf Oxford, MS Rajbhandari, Ira Nepal Raman, Aparna India Ramaswamy, Venkatesh India Reksulak, Michael Germany Ricalde, Lia Peru Ridgway, Jessica Tupelo, MS Riedel, Christian Germany Roberson, Shed Ormond Beach, FL Rutledge, Bryan Charlotte, NC Rutledge, Ceci Charlotte, NC Salonen, Tina Finland Savage, Phoenix Philadelphia, PA lu. Saxena, Mohit Raj Oxford, MS Schumacher, Michael Shelby, NC Shah, Mansi India Shakya, Anjib Nepal Shrestha, Saroj Nepal Simon, Andrew Malaysia Smith, Pamela Springer, Brent Stonhouse, Megan Stringer, Seth Sutton, Robert Taj, Mohammed Newton, MS Jasper, AL Moss Point, MS Foxworth, MS Brandon, MS University, MS Thomas, Vandana University, MS Tinnin, Natalie Jackson, MS Towers, Kelvin Mound Bayou, MS Trost, Heath Oxford, MS Uddin, Rukhsana University, MS Upton, Michael Tupelo, MS Vadakapurapu, Srikanth University, MS Vatti, Mallikharjunaao India Waldrop, Tamara New Albany, MS Walker, Jay Greers Ferry, AR Wang, Shiru China Wells, Angela Oxford, MS (graduate School 205 Windham, Shane Ripley, MS Wong, Dennis Greenwood, MS Wood, Anthony University, MS Wright, Ashley Kosciusko, MS Wu, Ya-Ling Taiwan Xiong, Yuan China Xu, Yaguan Oxford, MS Yoste, Elizabeth Jackson, MS Zhu, Qun University, MS ■ m j [■ V . 206 Tec i i -PHOTOS BY RYAN PIERINI n n. ULVt TWAIH m ' - ■ ' :- n . 1i rrr -. jR?W fcj£ « »I w Candicfs 207 J J fi ■ ■ YAN PIERINI - - V- Panhellenic Council: Intra-Fraternal Council: r . - ' - - - Margaret Zainey, -. ' .- ' . - v. naniL Jaci Leas, Camille ale, Kelly Kuyken dalh ' ' . ;: :.;; H ..■ ' .-;■ ' r c- . .V. r .-; ■ ' ; V: .i. ' - " ' : ' ;: ' . ' ' . therine Willi by ' -. - ' ' . ' - • ' ' . Sara Lan Kjmberly Jason Savarest 2 ilL Geoige i Manning .Phillips- Chris Menefee. Brad Pa mcititt Ben Knight. P.J. i ttridge. Jc i a toine Sec I B on Biown . M arkeeva Morgan, Micajah Sturdivant. L ' ; - - -. - : ;- ; ' :: ' ' . r. • ' ' ■ V. Martin - in, KelJis M . Campbell Hdvestoo, Dorr. . ' ;-••_ ' • ' ing. Philip r , -. ' -.- ' - : - : : Ian, Adam - - . 1 Twiford. Nolan Sberri]]. And:. : :..- .. Cooper Efc -nett, Ben Knight. Justin Saffle. : - .-... c- P-;;d, Brad ■...■ ' ■ ' ,■■.■ ' ■■■ Hunley Panhellcnic Officers r. r pictured »: : V.1Z. T- IPC Officers: ■ . _ -. , _ - . 1 A 1 " 1 SORORITY CANDIDS MW Ljrcek ■fc-- Kr 9 F - If H ' " P — ■— ■i r BB V T i. 9 ' 1 ' " J i» Ir " bp p • y flp :: t " nam. " T B . _— •- A M 11 Itii K 0- % (jjrtvfc Cancticfs WW ALPHA HAPPA ALPHA Jleia Psi Ckpiex Jlatlowjl CiapteK JJouwdacL 1908 Ok Miss CJtoptex jomM, 1974 Sywiboi Toy £ea(j- Pink Tea Pose. Cote: SdWon Piwfe and _ 4ppC£ Gtem MotiO: " SeWXCfi. to di widnfeiwd " Jjawious afiiMni: Maya 4ngebu, Go ietta Scott King, Posa PcmJes, Jada Piitot-SMitR, PRytoa Qoskxd ' Ekotkk Organization Ra PRi Ahpkx VUoAtkopty education, j-Qmb), Heohl and £coKO niCS and LeadeAsRip " DeMopweRt C) Qreeizs V V theza Psr c lapizq KoskMx L Austin, Ibwaia (i CiiQM{jokd, Laloya okc ss, Gfoiisty Qmz GoiA Q cfoiie 0 Guhr, Ofoustina Nomok, DeD-onQ Jones, " Sandy VbcJe, Tangyei | b(tan£, LaKesfca Moo ie, KandaCE S. Vbs(k), Tcmmx AqQMjm, (?obyn P. M ' DokqW, Jmufreii MftAfott, Co Lofe (9tdes, Gawdace L. Simmons, Sbony StOKfjo id, SameJea TRomas, Shannon THompSon, TO) JoQ-Qk Viffiams -RYAN PIERINI Jlfc r «mN " 1 « Kb jfl -PHOTOS COURTESY OF ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA 5l p ia Ka pa ' Alpha K ALPHA OMICRQN n 1807 1058 Mascot Panda Joqiewwjt Pose. Cote Motto, '£cA) " PMtaA yktte Peseaidt cUktQoszBcA I AV) (greeks -RYAN PIERINI -A tiOeS: Kelly Mdlison, Jean .Agustine, Katie. " BanbouA, Kate " Bawiou, 7 iacy BeecRam, .Afifefei FendeA, Many Welen Hobo, _x4sR£ey ' B ' oecJanann, CdizabetR Hoggs, C iistie Hodm Launa KetR KootRe, Lacey Kongognoni, Lesdie KoweAS, JeACia " Bowie, Me drtR Known, Susan Known, CaAAie " Skce, Idlison " Swine, WeatReA " B iyant, CoAodine CaRidl, LauAen Caddwell, M gan COAdsten, ' S ' etRany GaujjieM, -Aianda CloAte, Comidle Codlms, Casey CoopeA, Jew%eA CAOin, LoAi lwn Daws, Paige Dougdas, Cawi Awl Smmons, Jlte Soans, Lindsey JjfsciieA, Many fundong, GingeA Geldiieid CoAodyn Gft SanaR GAOCe, Modlie GAojeOn, Melissa GAonemeyeA, Qiiti tobet, JennifreA yaAjes, SdizObetR HawA, Knisty Widl, Liz fclogue, -Any fcJoMand, .ARdey Nood, AsMty button, Modly Tuy, _Ageda Jenkins, .Aiy Jones, Cindy Jones, Donna Jones, TngAid Jongenson, Melissa KingeAy, Lana Kieis, .MsRdey Lawn, Jenni(jeA Legge, Stacy MoRa, " Skootee. Madone, .Aita ManJy, Conby Mason, MaAiaR Maunonatis, Lydia McCalop, Lawien McGee, " SeCfey Medoin, Angela Midam, .Aianda fAfaen, Jill MwpRy, Katy _Afaiden, yitnanda fewton, PacRe! JlficRods, PebeCCa PaAfeeA, Kim PaAfees, J[4oitit VouHsok Modly PeteASon, Monica PRidlipS, Akxa PAinCe, Jidl Padtfee, Lawia Paid, .AloiA Peed, C iistine Peidond, " BetR PeimeA, Jenni(jeA Pisdey, KOAen Podniguez, Co iodine Pousse!, Megan PydeA, SoaoR ScJleldt, Kelly SRonfede, PebeCCa SIsinneA, GnetcRen SmitR, Knisten Stacy, adey StewdAt, JeneOieUe Suggs, Jenni(jeA TRompson, Kelly S aAe, JennifjeA S aAAen, LauAen Sv ebb, Mancie ' VRitdey, SoaoR Sv idliOmS VkdtyeS,-. -AlAienne Ateiiqh, Launa SateeA, Q ddeAie " SaugRn, Countney " Seosdey, Judie " Senoit, yiiwee " SeAtAdnd Rwanda " SeOidd, Melissa K iealefjield, Danielle Campbell, C eAyd CoAney, KaAen CdabougR, Alicia Code, CoAodine Codey, SabAina DaaenpoAt, Sun Dew, " Sedgy S ans-6|oung, QAAginia £wing, Kiistin GidmeA, AIkum Gooddet, Sam GAUSenmeyeA, Pobyn fcfagan, CRnisten tianCoCfc, .Afatadie Nankins, MaAie yankins, Casey klaAAis, klod!and kloAneA, StepRanie KempeA, Jemima KingeAy, .Adnea Lewis, Ejum. Lobb, .Agie Madlette, Ctestad MattRews, Jodie Mc JeAAin, " Etoofee MrtcM, Jessica jJiitdM, CVinginia MudleA, StepRanie Jlui, Kelly Jlfeweld, CoAey PadmeA, yisRIey PRidlips, LoAi PicJsens, Sun Paines, Countney PRoden, Monica Pobbins, Cassidy Saaage, Misty Simpson, SdizObetR Sdoan, Kiistin St. loony, jA ancy Staggs, Mi dy Stewant, Jaclyn laydoA, Jessica Q inson, HetRany VannoCfe, Idlison Rite, Launa HetR C k Ritte«, Dianne °Vlilso Suzanne ZimmeA ■liflF r ' ' ' £%c%J A W Kw ft . ■Li j " m B L Jh " w ?7 " • W Ar " V K mk ' S r §Bk 5f i - -A -PHOTOS COURTESY OF ALPHA OMICRON PI CHI OMEGA lay(3aptex JlatiovdL CJlopiex j-owcki 18Q5 Ok Miss CJlopiex owkti ISQQ Mascot. Od Sytubofe: r)i(MOKcls and Peoxk j-huex-. A Rite Co motion Gob iS: Goidinad and Si taw Sekx oxd, Moalj _ W JVbb , Lynda Le£ M d PRibKi Lopy : Ga LdineiL-Si vMOws Horn. jOK Giiife biggest Qj i c% tRe. (Jecuu 0 -0 GtesiC TewuS TouiuiOwewt 1? iotdeA O igoKizatioK: Kappa Sig a jKunta ojj 4ctiife MewbeAS: 201 fc) Cjreeks ybilteS: Ahjtda Guynes A(h% Kuami yfc, Lo ii yltAy, BlMj .Alans, Lindsey . tens, Katie " BafeeA, .Aastasia ' BoMtos., Oaty " BaAnes, Jmiften Lynn 1?eaiid, Fonnie " BenhiAtR, ClaiAe " Bostwicte, MaAtRa B ' osweit LeigRton BAaddoCte, Lynn " Known, .Afata e " Blown, CaAodine " Bkyant, Katie GadeM, Me ieditR GaifsoK, GawdSe Ctoife, Rebecca Ctayton, Suwna CWents, SRAj GftitrfjOAjd, Page Gobww, CoAolW. Gotewan, " Bk) ConolWi, _ foce B iougRton Cox, f ldudy CAOw fid, Jo(!y Cuwnins, MsRIiey Daois, yibby " DiddSe, SkzabetR " Dixon, SRannon " Donafcl CawbeE SngSe, LauAie ftslU, Mauj McwRa . oust, Casey oanco, Many yowaid 2J-Aeei an, Kate GatoneatR, Missy GaMoway, KAistin Gawiett, Meg GieselVann, Gawififfa GouM, Coibjk QtWes, Gne.tcJlen Gtow, " B u tlaiASton, C fdL tiaK, Dea ttawnett, " Bentfey ' Uawis, Libby -tlauis, MaAy £ue£yw Hawu ' s, Mandy tiafiaway, MaAy 1?etR -fcJazelwood, SniHy ■feteing, Liter: i JiW, Lawia felobbs, SusannaR lodges, MaAy " febeR Motty Nogue, Ctae WotcoMb, Lou .An itoptens, layto i WoUtous, CaAttey WowOAd, IsRtey Jacfes, " Bess JoRnson, _Anie Kcrte Keenan, CoAmen Keys, Cade King, MaAy Mife Lane, Rebecca LaugRtin, Jaci Leas, Lawue Leonaid, Bessie Liedtlee, Qiin Leon, Lestie Logan, StizabetR LusteA, CfaiAe Lyon, Kate MabAey, Lama Mown, Lindsey McCteltand, StepRanie McCforfon, Lindsey McGAew, Cfoisten McKinney, BWett MAon, QadA MatzQeA, Motty MicRaetson, jTnan MiwS, Jitt Morgan, AM. MoAton, Many Ann Moss, Sopfce foid, StewOAt _AfoAquiSt, Angie_ fowfon, f OHikx Amt Patoi, Kate Patterson, MantRa Patton, Many Gates PeAMenteA, Julie Petno, Pebecca Peuy, Sun PitscR, Kate PeASon, CtaiAe PtyteA, }At a Poote, MoAgaiet PouaCI, AsRfegR Piice, Louden f?ea Abby PicRaAds, Casey PoaAte, yn P?ocmJg, Lendy Pobison, Landi Sandifrea, Lawia Lee Scanbn, ' WRitney ScRna»t, JoAn Sea?e, CoUAtney SenteA, BetR SRepOAd, £mi?y SinwonS, ■Htibty SmitR, J AOn Sofowon, LynSee. Stat jjoid, Mefcssa Stocfe Katie StAicfefcmd, Lee Stwidiuant, KatHAyn SofceA, SJizabet Sut?i , ylffison Taupy, Ma " y cascW Hawes, Stacy TRompson, Lauien Tlapp, £Mi?y Amt TuWa, £?eanoA TwijjoAd, S eezie Qcm KiAfe, Jok. Q tinn, StoHey ' WifcugRby, SiWton ' VindRaw, fcJoney ' Vitt, J ma Sv oods, SfozabetR Aigfa, ClaiAe (jates eS-. Amt EfcabetR _4AAington, Mwam. A e AsMtiqi " BaAbee, Leigfoon Katte, COAAie " B " enoiSt, M Aj " Benoist, PebeCCa " L?eAtiiCCi, Leesei " BbultaaAe, Tyndafe " SkicJasy, Loffae ' Em, SfeabetR " Baowh, Lee CoAMidaef, ' VRitney GaAmicdaef, Jane Ctanb?ess, M«Aedi GoJewan, Lawien CosteMo, Pebecca " DdAby, 1?iuDofee DonalM, Katkjn " DonaW, Haf£ie SppeASon, Joanna " CeMing, f leqCM }ox, Jenni eA GetaOny, JennifjtA C U. GetaOny, tyieK iiil Go ie, £ini?y Gutfoie, KatReAine Wa8l Jufci Wanna GouAtney b(enAy, Sumy blewto, GoAofane Wodges, Kat Ayn " fcJoffis, Cawife Jones, MaAy Lucia Jones, KendaK, KetcRuw, SokA SfczabetR LeFkmc, _4sWey MacKenzie 2?eAAiday ManseS, SoaoR Marfan Stawon McCain, CoMtit McMitov MaAy MoAganet Mife MaAy Kat Ayn Mi ble?ew Moss, .Aty Wandin MuApRy, Sun JlenMiM, Me edi Padafcno, CatReAine PoAneK, COAteA Payne, TaybA PRffipS, Katie Quafea yaini?.ton Sea?e, Kaiy Siwtnons, Kit Siwwons, SaAaR AsMeiqi Simpson, Uy StAiCJzktad, Jessica Sweeney, tiiaAy TaybA, l?aney-Mife TuiweA, StewOAt " VRitbcfe, Lindsey c K i8 ams, Launai c U Aigfo -PHOTOS COURTESY OF CHI OMEGA Chi Omega WIO DELTA DELTA DELTA JlatiovdL Chptex JomM, 1888 Ok Miss Chptex founded 1004 Mascot Peojii and Pine. Pansy Gote: Sife Go?d, and Mjie. Motto. " Let us steadjjOStfiy (tau-e. owe anotdeJi " Jja ous yibvmi: OyntRia Gemy, Katie. 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IsRfey CnutcRen, QosM Dabbs, Knysten Daniel, Buwiet Dauby, Tana Danby, Luanda Dawfe, GeoAgi DeenmOn, Laine DiSSingRam, Jacquelyn DiSmufee, Jenni(jeA Donato, AiOnda Downing, Leanne DAummond, CanHey Dufaney, Jade Dunlap, Pifey Dunbin, Snelie Sltein, PebeCCa £l!is, StepRanie SnCoe, Kelly cAicfeson, Launie EXWnS, Suzanne Stfenette, Canodine JJaiA, Casey JJaiAey, Geongette }aA, tiannaR . enton, Smidy 2 eAAis, A IiACinda facR, (?ebecca Gandnen, MicaR Gibson, KatRlleen GiflE, Amanda Gidpin, Bneanna Goodman, SwiCy Joy Giant, Maggie GiuMes, Many Sv ade Gnoses, Megan Gneen, Q eOzey Gneendee Kate tiad(joAd, Kate Nammond, Lindsay ■Wand, Many KatReAine fctoApen, Countney Hays, fclant ■Wazand, Tate fc(ebfon, Staci Benson, Lisa yeaoS, CoAinne Ni?d, SdizObetR Nodcombe, Lindsey tioddiday, StoneA Uu fo, HooUen tiugRes, MeAeditR WugRes, Lyndsey NynetnOn, Launen Jaboun, Blaine James, Kindald Jeanes, Qadd Jett, Jessie Jones, Kedley Jones, Many SRedton Jones, Many Susan Jones, Ritten JoAdan, Launa Kessden, Katie Knotts, SdizabetR Koestden, Kelly Kuykendatl, Kelly Lampton, Laina Langston, Bnoofee LawyeA, _ 4sRley Logan, .An MaQee, Jennijjen Magness, Canodine Malsey, Many Sdlen Maples, Launen McWindaSe, Sana Massengidl, Lucy MatusiewCz, Kate Maufdin, Mega McwMn, StefjOni MdzUAfeiewiCz, " BAOndy McCabe Kitty McCaity, PitMs MeCasfeiM, Safley McCuIIoa, Patnicia McDowell, Launen Mc alt Moffiy M Kenzie, KeMy McLennan, M«?ly McLennan, 4nn WunteA McMwiAOy. Mongan McMtWiay, Iffison M e, Katie MeAAiweatReA, Mangie MeyeAS, M g Mi K AiOnda MooAe, Suzanne M pRy. Tcrtu fobfot, Stesa foAMdn, " BAeanne funaffy, Inn Ostenson, Am OzieA, LauAO Payne, f?eed PegAOw, £«i{y Penicfe Many Gnace Penicle, Caify PeteASon, Ritney Pettey, Ska Jean PRiflips, Pebecca Pontis, Mwam PnyoA, Suzy Pucfeett, MicMe l?ay, Dougtas Peau-es, Coney LeigR Revels., MsRfey (?Rodes, Lindsey Pice, Meg (?icRands, Km ' sten PicRbung, Clone PiteRie, in bobbins, .Aty Poebucfe Uben f?osa Angela (?osa JoAdan Posetti, CotRenine t?uss, Jaime Puss, .Awe t?ussell Gina Russell Many blunten Pussell, CoAoSine Scott, GnetcRen Segnest, SRefley Segnest, 4bby Sellens, MsRIey SRelton, Launa Simmons, " BetR Singteany, " Bnittany SingktOAy, Claine SwitR B ' nittney SwitR, Conoline Spanfes, MeneditR Stainbecfe, MdAy Linley Swaney, LeigR TaybA, Melissa TRompson, J cm TRompson, Rebecca TRompson, Melinda Tnotten, Sana SfoabetR TunneA, Mongan ' Vambde, ClaiAe ' Vebb, Many Lucy est, 8lyn VRite, £llm ' Viffiams, JeOsmQm S iCliams, Monin oKeAman, Katie tjoAbnougR Gnace (joung, Launa Opmq -BRANDY STEWART -PHOTOS COURTESY OF DELTA DELTA DELTA " Delta ' Delta Delta ft DELTA GAMMA Jiaaaid Ckptea }cMki lff 3 1872 Mascot Cote " Soize, Pwfe ad 13k " Do good " Joan LtMJen, Jufia Lcuis- ' Dieyftuss, Jufia Sueeiey T%M iop( SeiiQt jjaiSigfe Biggest M ofr tfe 6jearu K© (greeks 4ctiOeS= AAi Ab dt, " VatfeAlly Ahm loom Baifey, Jwwy 1 Akki ' Belli, Betty Founds, AsShj) Bowman, Jane Clone. Boyd, JemfteA Boyd, Manjoiu ' e Biu ' tt, Ku ' stina Bkown, Mitesa Bkown, WannaR Buyout, Bkandy Buse, Awa Cabell Lexit Ccmdli Biiynna OBouUe. Gaify Otoife, Jiffi. Gtodz, Amt Coffins, Katie. Comwislsey, £mi2y Coote, OatRyune GoOington, Ca iHa O . friannie DeaUouns, Smilly Dees, Jemima Dunn, cmi(!y Sdge, f Ioffij SdAington, Jewu(jeA cwH Debbie nozieA, LeaR JJudgRuw, SlwiCy GaAnet, Pebecca Gauott, Suangeline GidlL _A e i Giffiocfe, Sana Giiay, -4bby Giegoiiy, Judie Giiegoiiy, .Aianda GiufjfreK, Jaime, -tiancocfe WRitney tianey, SanaR fcla«feins, in fctowey, Bkitton yefciionneA, Lesdie -fcleSIWAS, Ka ia tJeJiges, Galley tiicfeman, Jessica tJiffi Susan blobson SaiaR tJoopeA, MicaR Ronton, Mefesa tiu?ing, StepRanie rngftam, MsRdey Jacfeson, Emi?y JoRns, StizObetR JoRnson, Liz JoRnson, _ lbby Jones, Katie Joadan, Knistin King, Paige Kinsfow, fAeiuditk Kinfe, Lautoi KitcRen, jiWj KoeAneA, Saw Jam. Lewis, Maw) KyJie Lindsey, CoAofine Long, M fesa Lott, . loon Lyons, Keffij Madoney, KeJii MaAtin, Itoa Massey, _Age! McColfougR _Aiy McCoKougR Courtney McCoffiigR Sv Ritney Meiian, Jl Midey, Jessica MitcReffi £mi(!y Moody, SRa Moo ie Moij MoAgan, -Awe Mowiis, Lindsey MyeAS, Rwanda Jlfaii £mi(!y JlfaiS, Sana AtmjSehoK _AiOnda Jdettles, Je iw(j«A Pennington, Ju(!ie Pewiy, Liz PRiffips, " Dawn Pontious, -Aiedia PumseA, Moffij PeCtoA, -4sRl!ey Peid, Connie PiCe, Suzanne f?iCe, Biu ' ttany PicfemOn, Sdie Pobinson, cmi(!y l?u(jfr, Missy PusseM, Bebe Safj oW, Lawa SandeAS, E zabetR Sewnes, Leslie SRands, Jlfancy SRcinds, MoAgaAet SRefaon, Jemima SmitR Jessica SmitR Lawien SmitR SaiaR Stetfens, KOAen Stimpson, Woffiy StoAmS, Awe. TRompSon, KatRdeen TonoAe, Sana BetR TonoAe. Q anessa Q bydes, Chlsea Sv edcR, Jenni Hv eis, AsM ' VRrtfjieM, KeKy Sv idfons, Courtney Wife, QoM Sv ifougRby, Doty Sv oRAman, LeaR Sv oAAel, M Opt ,eS: ScuiaR ylbston, S endy . (Won, IsRJey Baddowi, Cassie Bos. u. B ioofee Baudo, fclesteA Bkwn, Lawia Cabaniss, Katie CMsueli Awa CRisw, MairtRa Sffien CfestopRei, Awa Cosnefius, Ctoie CunningRoM, fAcmj) Maigcuiet V nw, Lizzie Duewt, Katie Eaton, LeaR " oiuiesteJi, Loni GaitReA, Ju?ie Gadino, Aivekij) GodMOn, Katy Gnau-es, Jaime t4aga(le, Jemi ja yaga?e, piemki yanfeins, AsHkq Hoiwell Many Gnace Waynes, Haydew tiiiek, AeM bJoweffi Jlfatabe Diby, Meogan Jellies, Ju?ie Jones, Lisa Jondan, Jessica Liggett, Jessica Long, M issa LowtReA, Caioi Inne Ma u ' on, Lawien McrtRis, 4sRk) McCuwiacR StepRanie Mfc Jaiwe Monsoun, AsUeiJj Jios Ht, Ckis Owx, Aoty Pate Lawia Piazza Lawien PRiffips, Ctesten Pniest, Awt Pusseffi fJ[ Mi Sancbs, SWy Sewnes, Lawia SRiiuk), SRea Sides, Sun Simmons, Morgan Stuait, Amanda TRompson, Katfey TTmbes, Betsy (JWa, Maiy SfczabetR H RatCey, Leann Jaime " -k idson, 4nne c k iwsRip, JennijjeA (joe -Aiy (joungbfood .A«A - .I 1 . JL3 ' • l Bj j - J i «.(M4 " . l- " " P L .« bi» -C ?2 V ftiMW «9 ■ A Jl ' ii 0h ,; r% V X t. -.- j », »tW i vn ii yfl j ' 5? A - ' JS9 -PHOTOS COURTESY OF DELTA G MMA amma DETA SIGMA THETA 1912 Ok Miss ORapieA }omM; 1074 Oitnson and G ieQwi Motto. " SisteJiRood, scilotedip and seAOtCe " Jfowious y%mi-. Lena WoA ie, Jlfifefei GioDOuKi, ' Bohboxa Jo idaw, .AetRa 2Jiiawld!in, Cicely Tyson Figgest Suewt ojy tRe. (jeaiu yiwKua TRawfesgiaing DiwueA ) (greeks MewbeAS: KisRa fAoJIvky, Seto Gate , K awa h iaoML iomlm lolfovex, AUa Jaclssow, Qaco Daais, f egiwa Pitts, JokMk S ata, (JoSawda Piucta), Laloya Gum, " lijyfjOw ojimom, .Aa yiutiiy, Ooudice. Comon, Gaudace. ofcd O ujStd Gxaysow, G.K. Tabdes, LaSonya PuU oi, Towawda PqIWa, Pauotd Mewsoti -KAREN SMITH -PHOTOS COURTESY OF DELTA SIGMA THETA T)efta Sigma ' Yfieta HAPPA ALPHA THETA Jlfationad Ckiptex 2foun(ki 1870 Ok Miss CAapiex }omdeA IQ7Q Mascot: Kile. ' Ekxck. and GoCd Pansy Cote-. Made and Gold JJcMoas „4Wi : SkwjL C cw, ManCa TRo qs, 4wy G iant, Sdie. " BuCfeeE Pfc?OK-t OpL): Cou it appointed Special Mdoocates biggest c0er1 ofj tde. (Jacw.-. Diamond Days fcj ) (greeks -BRANDY STEWART AwOrtkx Joy JfavG, li. Ami AhxoudeK Lizzie. _Adbws, f lcWj GHaney A x kk .Aianda _ 4yeAS, Katie Kailfey, StepRanie Bolm, LeigR Baldwin, Kely Saiwes, _ 1sRI ey Kawiow, JennifreA " Betsayad, Jacquellyn Black, Jessica LeigR Hftacfewow, Jlficode Htocfewel, Blue BodjjOAd, K us BAacle, Jlwi-yiWAidge BAeweA, Lisa B iooteRuAt, SdizabetR BAootes, _ 4(!ison ' B ' lUMjjieM, .ARUey BucJanan, Katie ( S imj n !i, Pobyn GaAson, .AdAey GoRenouA, Lcma OongHeton, 4pAi( Ckawjjond, Ginget CAOwjjoAd, Tifj OMy DeaAtR, DaACy DecteeA, SaAaR DeBoand, CAisten Dickson, SanaR DM, Ca t Dow, Jufa Duoai Sja Cast, Sage EggeA, CAystad, BdeA, Lindsey Sis, Jessica Sscew, MaAy -4hk °joimK NeatReA oaa, JennijyeA AOnkfon, SlzabetR J ey, LoAi JaOAet, BetRany Gamma Lead Goiwk MaAy Am Gawiga, ytsRiey GM, Allison GaoRom, Rwanda GaoRom, Lawia Gneen, Katie GAeeA, SfczabetR fatten, SaAaR tiaiviby, Maggie Naynes, LoAi NendAy, SRonnon tienneJ2es, GlaiAe Venning, Kelly NenAy, IsRIey NigginS, Katie M, AwOrtfo lodges, AsMty yogue, Na(?ey ifoddeA, Katie HdU.CM, JiatoSit Noneycutt, -Ageda Wudon, CouAtney Nu(W, Buooke ■tJumtouat, ' Mitney Jacieson, tieatReA James, Cfcsy Jennings, Aoty JoRwson, MaAy BetR Justice, ORHoe KedscR, Mag Ke£tneA, KeMj Kendnicfe, SA Ritney Kinfe, Dana LaaWx, StepRanie Lfoyd, SasRa LawbeAt, Ga ly LawiiewCe, Scakt LawAenCe, _Adi Lea, LauAa LedfjOAd, MoAgan Maitane, Katie May, KoAtney [azoci, KatReAine McC steA, Bennet McDougad, Kristin McGianeA, SRaaMtGiac, TaisR Mife, Gouuitwey Mi gton, .Aianda MitcM, -ARdey Mongan, £fe vfeese AmMJj JlehotA, Gawiie JlfontRAup, Awiada Jioitkup, BetR Odum, fiances Patterson, KeffiyPeAfeiws, Launen Pexside, £»u(!y Peyton, Wa(!ey PReilps, _ lsR£ey PReSps, Katie Pinto, Many Gnace Poofe, Many ' B ' tofee Ramsey, Jlfancy MaAgaAet Pay, Sana-Page Ped, Celeste Peep, Sun PeiteA, SRanna Qick CoAie PiCe, SRane PicRaidson, Lindsey Piggins, Jim PobeAts, McmgaAet PocMe, Cwifoj PoebucJa, PacM Sandas, SRetoy SeweE SaiaR SRafyfjeAy, SfazabetR Stode, ' B ' toofee SmrtR, Katie SiviitR, ' B ' ecca SwitR, Lindsey SwitR, Goantney Sofon, SasanwaR Speed, Gowitney SuiiOOn, AzUty lanneJi " SetRany TeMp?es- Wayes, Gassie TieACe, }A(Mk Tieadway, Inne 7ynda8C Atfot Q bnCe, 4sR?ey S aggoneA, AzUty Sv aites, -4feon %ldl ' B ' toiA Sv oweA, SfezabetR itoeit, -luaVey Ninons, iJiia a) S ooWiu ' dge, IsRIey (joung -PHOTOS COURTESY OF KAPPA ALPHA THETA %apva ' Afjfda T ' fteta SB HArPA DELTA JiatiovdL CJbptex founded 18Q7 Ok Miss Cfaptex founded 1027 Mascot: Teddy " Becm Sv fcte. Pose Cote: Ofcife Gjieen and Peaid, Sv fcte MottO: " Let us StuiUe. {jO i tkft did is RoKOJiabde, bearti{ju2» and fewest " PfcdaKtfoiopy: [attowaE PieDewtiOH. ofr CRiM Ibase biggest CaeKt ojj- tRe. (jeau OiOwjjisR panty ) JVc ' fe5 it M CitUeS, Betsy Goffi-v ton, ifonna Tdyto, Lo«£K AnrtcxSuiOi«eiJmc JetwjjexOfcoe, A Guy Qu Motfin, Ma gotet .An : .Jteaux, Jenw| t Cado, Gatie Coulee C lof aH Liz Daniel, s Lauta MutpRy Gay, Me«ditR ttampton. Susan I uft LatRa . . Jewijja McGuite, Qieen McMillan, Blait MicRaefccn, .ARley Micfelet. StepRonie. Maeow, Jessica Pattetson, SatoR Guxe. I R Poawotet, Launa PcfeenbacRet, .An PussA Lisa SmifRReOtt, Matgate.t Zainey, Btrttany ylldy, .Ana Lacet M ' , ' ! «) - fctOndet, SybA _ : fyiCfei Bobo, StepfL- usCetj, Kale. C awfjO«l anily Gtowe, fcWee Douglas, jond, M«««« fciife, BetR fciouston. . Jamie. Ketley, K K»d M KnigRl, 4wa KnigRton, .Aiy Lauteii Lee, Kate Lofytin, Katie Lofrton, Kindsey Micflaelson, Mondy . idlote, ■tteatRet PusseE Lindsey Sandets, SRelley SaKjjOnd, Gatoline. SRepOtd SfteUey Slack, Page Ttewofla KatRletn Q olentine, . J . so .ARley DtabmOn, SRelley Gaxy, Missy Jlaf SRetti Abbott, c WKHnefj AkxOndek -Adtey fc, -felattie .Aton, Kiistei .■-JUcn, Lindsey BuWey. yWMo igan ' BioofejjiefcLfei i -cutenButt. ■ -idrf Lisa Ganged Ratafee Catpentet, Liza Gotten, KeleigR Gattet, Aptyl. CMds ■ommisfeaj, AsRley Cotwet, Motcie " Dep Mouteen Dotgan, AsRley Doue, LeigR Am. Sllis, Kelley fountain. .ARiiey JnOam, Penee. tid Lowa LatRo , GatRetine. LeecR, LeaR LowOx, Meteditd Long, Joan Lu xte McDonald MeagayVlcDougal, .zabetR McGeRee, Lucy Mudtet, fyictoi .... , Dixie Pigjjond, Elizaabetd Pagsdafe, Lauiun PeUete, Lean Stubbs, tyista SuMiuan, fc(eatRe: ' J fotie Glaite ' Webb, AsRley " Vfe. KatRetine Sv ffis, Aii Si»uns, MeteditRMottis, TSetesa Scott |es= ficole ' NiiKt. . Jane. Motie Jettolds, Susannah JoRnson, Jana Killen, Ketti Langston, Maty J elda Lott, Jlox : son, Blait Mowing, " fiijfcawj Motto, Peatce. MougRt, SataR McKee, Snily McMiito, • J 1 ... i - . ' dsey Mitoi. fi( i J e. . wtOH, Gassie._A(otton, Jennifjex C Soto 3 " 0y Petets, Louie Petto, Katie Pigfcotd, Coiuune. Pont, KatRtyn Paley, fclay8ey Peed, Am Sims, April Stewott, Gtoe .Alows. Jocqoefe. Bctet, Jessica " L?o«aJian, Jennijjet Batty, JotdoK Boggs. ' VesJey Gattet, Jessica Gatoin, Sfeabetil Qasoli Catky Gossiddy, Qfolait Cfctlets, CotRy CtafrtOK. SRawoit GuwMings, Leslie Daois, Dtew Denton, Jufea Dolezof, Am da Dougfcis, Cfciite Dtofee, LeOwie. Dungon, Keiwet Sffiis, Diana SuonS, Jessica Jffostet, Amy Gtant, Louten Gtobwyet, Ginget Guzzetta Suzanne. Haiuiis, Ke% fcleto»ian, M fcfitt, tkatRet HcA ' {jieM, Paige Tayto, A i TJtowr. Leslie Townsend, IsRk) Iwifjotd PacRoei c ife, _AdteQ (jeaget -PHOTOS COURTESY OF KAPPA DELTA %ajrpa T efta HAPPA bAITA GAMMA JlatiovdL Qhptex founded 1870 Ok Miss Cioptex Jjounckt 1947 Mascot: Od Sufbol. GodcbiKey Jjkyi-ck-tes Gote: Ligfo ' Eke. and Dank ' Ekt JjQinoas Abrni-. Kate. Spade, _ 4s kj JuaU Jane. Pauik) biggest Suewt o(y tde. (Jean, Kappa K Law(yis ft §ree£f nrn r?P£| - iCtilteS: Lemma CoiteW, Dott« Dupuye, Meq Edwcwds, lemon £pl | ■ .i(V;»nr ' ; ' Stacy Sewing, Katie JftiescM, ( ' tttae I lid, JlM JoRmsow, Lif- | Laml ewis, Ahfma Lewis, Ga il ye Muwwwg, Lauren MCViiaws, Liz yMeteAUiPle, Tanoa SwitR, Lautew late, ielit QAcfeAS, Sfeye ifee, KaAa ' VffiaMG, Launeu ' k i«| bjiig! ■ .. ■ Maftlene Ha , _ 4nna Susan Boytein, .Aby BWHey, M ( ' non, Kiiissj I ebetipott, .yWe " Desteftanis, .Avoiiy Suing, Lil toy . ' Jfoyd, Ka R ■! ( iwaid, ' k Riiwy fngPr:, M " ' .j ' I SawR Judd Issie Knapp, .ARley MaMin, Mandy Matfcs, fJieqkm M Wf, MowQ I MclG Tana Jl leon Jufe Motley, JennijyeA MyeAs, jKatcfe PRiflips, Libby Sexton, GatR jiine Sm£ Efcabe.tR SwtR, KatRAyn " Romas, Jenni(jeA Sv atts, Alison Weakley, EWy ' i i tot , .ARCey .AAington, Lacey Baidey, Jjicok oSeiK Ste{jany Kate, Lawi™ Safoex, - feon BftaodwoAtR, Bliidgett BuonKon, BetR B iitt, TaAyn Buitfce, BPaiA Bwwc, Kelly GaiipeKteft, Stacey GasR, Siica Gonislin, Kiistin Guess, Buenna Daois, GaCley Dunn, .Adi " Berts. Eliot, Sun Quell Gafle Swing, Launen JoneggeA, JacJaye Gnay, Cfostie G ieeA, Liz Niffi, GoWitney Je(j(jAieS, Jenny Jones, EfcabetR Kelly, Lauiiie LawbeAt, .Agelique LeUann, Gassie Martin, Bea McCdoStej, .Ane Matins, Manianne Miranda May Lyons MitcMC, Pebecca MwipRy, Je ii -Ane ixon, Launen PaEeAwo, Linday Powell, .AdAea QobeMS, laydoii Puggdes, BetR (Russell, Susanne SRjiopsRilie, BdoolSe Stegalt .An Tayfai, Lesfce TfeasR, jJiehssa TiaWII, JennijjeA Watson JeAee Reat, CoWitney c Wtl awS, KiwbeA?y Sv iugRt PfteiigeS: -Mffi yiweAman, MaAy Kent -AdeASon, CatReAine BetReO, LeigR BonneA, .An MoAgan Bdendle, Lacey B ittt, AkMx BuAjjOAd COAofone Bungess, BetR BwinRam, Dabbs Gage Lindsey CaApewteA, £$ai CJtoite, Jledie Glement, Loni GAOig, Joy Daws, StepRanie Dodson, fctotR DupAee, DeStin Jf aiiunan, Tina AOngiamoAe, Jenny GadlifjeA, MeAaditR Gex, MegRan Gaoca Kate HOMpton, Lee .Awe WanfeinS, _ATiCCi aAAell, JennifreA tlawiison, tla?ey tiinton, LauAO WiAn, SRannOn Jafyfj, Knistine Jacoby, Kliisti James, f?0E) Jelfes, Ejiin Joiidan, LauAO Kelly, JennifjeA Kiinfee, SdizObetR LeOSWie, Susan LoCleaAt, Kusten Lowfty, J we. Lucriesi, McGafl Manning, .ARIee Megef, JoAdan }Ms,, MegRon JlfadeOU, Launen ObeAwOn, Qiin Owdii, LesCey Onlansley, Lynn £?len Osbonne, Kyndsey PoAfeeA, Lacy Pantenson, Missy PatAicJe, Kelly Qucis, yibbey l?eyno{ds, .An f?i?ey, GatReAine PobeAtson, TT fjOwy l?0SS, f?Ondell Sanjjond, Jufce SReO iin MaAy Stufto, Painne Sufliuan, Insfey TRowas, SfoabetR Tiowas, MicMe Q augRn, SoaoR °VJoMv , Janice S ebbeA -RYAN PIERINI -PHOTOS COURTESY OF KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA ' Kayya %ayya (gamma SB PHI MU J !atlowjl Ckptek }oiM(kX: 1852 Ok Miss Claptex founded IQ26 Mascot: Lion Rose. Carnation OofojiS: f ose QkcI fcte f iottO: " Les Soeu is jldEks ' - j-oi ftl SisteAS JJCMOUS yifeiMRi: Mcwj Efc Sv ebba, Pat 3° Pfcbnt iopL): La ' Bov rn C ikkms Nospitad biggest Ebetrf o{j tRe, (Jeou yiwKuaC Goft(j- Touiwawewt (greeks yiciilteS: Mofa!y CoAtwftigRt, Kefey CRiauentone, D anna 1j»cu lj, . Wanda £ten, Candfa QocHs, omi(!y abicmfee, fcfciy(!ey Jawiis, BetR JoSteA, Labatd . Aeeman, Jenni -A r ' }wfl Stacy Gaunt, Lee.Atn GoocR, .Aty fclutcRinS, Suzanne. Jofe i ■ King, .ARPey MacAt Rua, j iiC MeKissak, MemoAy J ix, Di-Ane Owen, c k endy PogeAS, MicWIe. Pounsaoifaie, Sfazabe.tR SRoiit, Cammie Stamps, Katie StAuPle, Mandy Thompson, yiudAa adswoAtR, GRAiStie. Sv Rite, LeaRbetR _ 4£{jOAXi .AtbeASy _ fc, MaAy Kempton I Jana BfaxkbuAn, Mandy Bkt, ' VRitwey GRifaJAess, Maty Cooke, Lind-. it; wsoh, " TAacie. Denny, LauAen NankinS, Linda yauswan, MaAlk) ogan, Lee_An JaAAett, Cindy Jones, ■ Me Ke% SOAaR Lammelfa SfczObetR Lee, tio(!i!y McLauAen, fJiicMk MoM, ORoAofattte jifoet yUanda PooSe, Kay PAottoA, Jenn%eA PobeASon, SussannaR Simon, CouAtney Smedik), _AiOnda SmitR Melissa SmitR Jlfatafae StAong, SReEey StuaAt, Stacy Stunllese, -AtbeA Suggs, Katie Tompkins, Svufaj Sv iggins, Alison Hv idfiOmSon, Snifaj ' B ' cft Keiy BkgeAon, QoAA BAOme, MaAy BetR BiiidgeAS, M gan BAown, Jlfatafae Buyant, Jenny GameAon, CoASon CaOtn, .ARlley GoAdua Biiooke GiawjjoAd Lindsey Da(!by, Buee DaaenpoAt, Becfey Dennis, .ARfiey Dunn, SfazObetR TisReA, Maty AOzieA, Lana ClaiAe " Aeeman, Lesfae Gaoss, MaAgaAet Difcbn Guest, QioOma yawkins, Lindsey fcfayes, Jufae yobSon, Cindy NutcRinS, LauAO Ketting, Study Key, Kiusten Long, B ' etR Piohw, Mandy Mc Ana% Sana GatReAine McGoAmicJe, Q iAginia Mclmrate, MoAgan McJVfufcty, CamiEfai M cRinSon, Jenni(jeA Owen, Minnie PAiCe, SRea PAitdett, LeigR PeCfoA, Suzy t?eed - IsRfey SpAaybeAty, Suzy St. CtoiAe, SamontRa StaAks, GingeA StAode, Lisa StAong, Jodit TRanp, Nayfa y Catkins, Sd idfaams, PacRei 4 AigRt Pftedges-. fAadehw, Athens, Smifaj Banks, Jessica BaAts, MoACefe Beaufaeu, LisRa BeyeA, Me-gRan Bickley, Jackie Bowman, tJayEey BAeweA, Sun BubenRojjeA, Jloidit BuitnS, HeatReA Bkton, _Aty GOAdosi, Me ssa Cook, Swelie Cooke, GAetcikn Copefand -Auj Cummins, Dawn Daniels, Katie Daois, -Ana DeOiney, Launa DiCkeASon, fJlonkm DitfenCenti, Jessica Dowd GfeiStie SSam, Lindsey Sscue, GAeta abianke, GoUAtney GeAOCi, Jenn%eA Gdass, JennijjeA Guiggs, GAystafan NeatR, Jenny tienfey, Sfase Hickman, Jessica Hofo, LauAO WunteA, Sfaaine IcRinowski, KeAi James, GoaoC Inn JoAdan, KciAen King, Ifexis KAa(jt,GoAey LaboAde, Rebecca Lee, Jlfati Lentino, KatRAyn LopoAto, IsRfey Mass, Countney Mc-AtRuA, MoACie McGlain MoAgan McGwiAy, GatReAine Mosely, SSaineJlfaboAS, GtaAeJlfelson, Sana efeon, yisREey Padew, SfazObetR Pate, KatRieen PeagAOm, Laine Poofai, Jlfixon Powe!fa Launen Pictoidson Denise PobeASon, SRannon t?oss, Gina PounsaOifa Kim SmitR Lindsey Stone, Me edrtR TRomas, GameAon TRompSon, Sana loinpkins, LauAen Tnippett, Jayne. Tiiiltette, Lyndi Q dndoAen, Sa5ly ' ViCkeA, feon S iiams -PHOTOS COURTESY OF PHI MU PI BETA PHI Mississippi ' Beta Cioptex JlotiovdL Ck)ptex }o(Mkd, 1867 Ok Miss Chptex ouwded 1962 Mascot S v ine. CaAKation. Gob iS: cUiw ovd Sibex ' Bkt Jqmous Jhirm-. Susan A a, Miss _ VeAica 1986 Pfcbni Lopy : Links to LiteAQCL) OkcI Pi Pdi PSayofjfjS biggest Soewt ofj tk. (jeoi: " Beaux, and „A)tows Sp iing JlfuwtbeA o|j Me e s= 170 JlWbeJi ojj GftapteJis jKationa% 133 ) §ree£s ybtil)eS: ieiiie. y hcand% Jewujjfill Alh-K Pusfy . IppP ' brny, Scmcill Betd 6 Dates BW, -Adie B il l , rawy E ' i )l I iz Kolew, Cteiine Koudloueie, . ■ ■ ■ uem, i(!y Knady, Mctou Catou-A, Julie CaApenfeA, Casey CaiiteA, onily CflandleA, .Atuwn f i,ipiw«, Kiw G emj, Lisa Gowpton, Tijytjany " omt Daois, CWon Dowiwicfe, Sv Ritney DAwiy, MaAissa aiewdeA, .ARley f aoiey, LeaR Jo aest, f?obin J-Aeman, § !i» ted Gfem, (C » SaAaR Gleaton, SaiaR " Kioofee. GobeA, Jenni(yeA Good, _Ane GAay, JwitfX G)logan, LesGey Ounn, Megan ya(jwA, Lindy Hcft onily Na?e, _A(ancy Nanteins, Maty (C NaAfeins, Am, «Wawus, Jackie Wauis, Julie tlawiisow, Pebefica Nen!ey, CoAley Cities, Melissa iJo(Ws, 4sRfetJ ' I J ' xiUen, -Allison TugnQM, Ni!laAy Jacteon, Snin Kelly, Lauiien KAOweA, _ 4sR£ey Long, AtMeq k(3MoK LaaiQ McTwty £w°iy McGinnis, Bailey Ma in- uly Meggiwson, Stacey Micc ty, Melissa M wa, Suzanne MwtpRy. Candace oble, Megan PaddoCfe, KatReAine PaynfeA, .Awe Pettft, Ck Ritney PieAAon, Kelly P iOtt, Liwdsey PityoA, GaiQ PugR, -AiAiane Pumdon, Julie (?aucH, Lea heading, SJIen Reynolds, Kelly KWill, BetR PusR, Susan Mussel, Tate QusseH Jen Gustecxosfei. Peagon Scanlon, MoAiy ScJlaefreA, Monica Scioneoux, CaneAon Scott, PebefeaR SRafjfreA, " Miacy SRiAaR Paegin SwtR TeAAi StnitR, f?ebecca Stofeey, Uanda Stone, KaiReAine TRiele, Jufe Tyndal, Allison Sv dteex, Julie estbuoofee, Meliwda Sv Rite, Aslfoij Sv fcws, .Aianda Willis, Aw$it Wilson, Lindsay RVibon, _ 4(!icia " V ugRt, Jacleie Zcto, Kina Zsciau P?£djgeS: -Aiy Fissell, Lawien " Bkady, JuPie Benson, Allison BuileA, SlizObeiR CaiMicfiaei, Kiw OaApeMeA, Lisa GoAteA, Qadd Caten, Amanda CRapwan, SPizabetR Cfade, .Adxea Qox, l?yan Daoies, Sydney TJaOis, Kara DePocRe, " Desi " Duncan, Abx JfeAsRIleiseA, Lizzy jhm Ctestina GaboiA, Lee. GoAdon, KAistin GAaoati, Kelly GAieSSeA, Saw GuiRxie, KAisty tlailey, 4?lison yanlon, yiwy WanAis, Saw Hili Aw ClizabetR oWs, Aty Sue tlo(Ws, Launa Houston, Kiw. Katapodis, LauneK Kemp, Awa Lewis, Sewneca Lewis, Cindy MobAey, HAandy Margin }AioMh MaAOnto, Kiwey McCaAtRy, Megan McDeAwotf, IsRIey Mfc yisRIey JlfatioHS, Gat O ' JIedL, Jemi yeA PRillips, yiudAey PopRan, 4sRiey PopRam, San PawiAez, " Bkigitf e. t?anfein, Kate PicRaAds, SaIh f?iess, Kate PoaVan, Collin SawyeA, Jill Sda(j|yeA, J iCok SconiAino, _ 4sR!ey SCAuggs, SRannen Siemens, QadMe. SiniiR Katie So ionson, LaoAeu SpeuCeA, MndAea StepRenSon, IdAian TRowpSon, Mandy TuiweA COAey ' Vatson, Lindsey SJiUiaiws, Ti jOny Urates -RYAN PIERINI -PHOTOS COURTESY OF PI BETA PHI Ti ' Beta ?fii Cjreek Candids SB ALPHA TAU OMEGA Veta Psi Clopiex Jlfationd Chptex jomM, 1865 Ok Miss Clapiex founded 1Q27 Mascot: 2iQQtOJi SupbdL Mofoese Ckoss gWeA: Svfe Tea Pose Cote: Roupl and Go d Motto, " Jlfo g ieatet (bue RatR. a jhQr tRan to by fcs (!%e. down jjo i a b totRet " eiTelatiOK 14 PRidORt OpL): Oitaist as Stone Swap State Spwuiiei, KeitR Jacfesow, Jade [ngiLOM, Jade kewp " Biggest Suewt o j tfa Hem-. Gatobasft Jim laujtok § R !!i!l mhhb ' 11 " " .11 ii reeks AtWeS: VaiAhwh, PicRod Kcidwin, McCoy ' fecwdbui. Cfois Fjiowh, Hoi fcuwtei ' Ves " BkHeA, D iew Ge(ja?u, Pocfey Gtoife, Cfoi ■■■■.. . ifioir, Justta Ctofrt, " Emj 7 iipp Dixon 7k Qfcs, Ctoike FjwiX Gufe ofey, s 27o»stciM, c Wes Goodwin HtfOt GkxigR. Matt G gony, Gawiett GimMa , Gum GimilhoK Pawcfe Hon vc, ' beau Ahm , lb k fadX Mails Hotobate, (?ob Jo% Joseph LawRo ine, Ada lea, Cofcn LeacR, Daoid Paii Mc£Mai cL Vita McDaniet Pobetf JAq JoAmX Com McQueen C iis Mew ee. Pyan M 2H Saw Mi a, ViSE MoWk, Scott Mo igaM, Pictad PaddocJs, Lew Paifcs, Jason PaMn " B ' euikj Vw ■ I Lee. Pwicei, Justin Sa -Ady Sea?e, _Aia»n SfoiCey, Tiiye Sigwund Lee. SwitR QatkM SurtR. Stewa it SpacRf, T iHHy Spews, " Bkiaw StaufjfreA, Joe Tatum, tiMex Twifoond, B ieKf iMiaws, QiiC S indRaM, GWie Sv oftfetton PWgeS: JeAe »iy Allm, JosRua (?yan ffiat, JoRn .AdeASon, tia«y Dudley .Anoto, F iyan AimlleK KeOin Gfocfe, PobeAt B ustow, Duoaffi " BWby, Scott " SieitbawR -AaW Jacob Fnod JoRn " Bkfee, MaJife CRaney, TiwotRy Oon n, DaUid Cftowe, MattRey OAowRey, Cte Daws, Weston Dausmann, MattRew £aton, " BW foglle, Daoid J-o iwby, GKju ' stopReji Gautteaux, " Saw G(Wa, JosRua Ginn, Gawy G iaues, DeAeie G iey, Justin Hdl Sv es Ho$l Oad Houmous, Todd yaynes, Scott locking, Jordan Woopen, Donadd Nopton- Jones, Patticfe Matd, TiwotRy JoRnson, TRowas Lacey, Qctoext Lotto, KeoiH Lawfai, yeatR Lemonds, CAowdki LockRcwt, GnaRaw Mi - 4naW Misttetta " Bawiy jl IwipRW, JosRua Myu , " BWJbi PlWpton, Gfcnton PoweAS, JoRn (?eid, Ridoid Podugue, MaAty Cogens, JonatRan Scmdejis, StepRan SRaw, f?obeAt SRoAes, JlficfeCaus Simpson, Lanct Sipes, JeftyAey Stolsey, JonatRan StAOnge, Lee StAibfeng, Avdiw URd, Gkm tydktdw, Biad S aSt ORa?es S fetc JosRua Sv itens, Sue S ilaws, InaW ' Vikoii 7l 7c7 ' Tan Omega WjW chi rsi Jlatiatol Cfoptex founded 1841 Ok Miss Qktyta JJouwdfidL 1858 Mascot: S Cote: Pwipk aid GkM Motto: u lGii Psi iS {jtliSt and |jOA£MOSt a geKiSmOK. 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Hemingway biggest £ue rf oft tfa, (jeau Saints and MysteJiy Sv aefeeKd. _ 4uckey Go Waueii Jjuwta ojy Mctilfe Me eiiS: 22 J uwba ojy GRapteJis JlfatioKC% 10 g rem fc J I I I - I - I nCiilteS: Jlfate. I5aik), ficie Bain, .Jikvuwy Nawii( toH, Jlfic awwond, Ian KmddlL, AvdKm Ma itin, A ym Mixow, Ripx McCMawd, PJ. Pattnidge, - Icbn SmA Matt SwiitR, Jason c U ifens PfodgeS: Ofcoeii " Box, JlfoaR " 6W, Janes Justice, idHiaw Justice, Ofcustian LaaW, Justin Lance, Daniel Saiuggs Scott Q kckjOw, Vwt Sv elabw, Nays IBkcRfyield -PHOTOS COURTESY OF DELTA PSI Cta 9si happa ALPHA 1865 Ok Miss Ciopiex }omdeA 1Q00 JjGowek Magnoto and Red Qost Ca1w o a and Odd Qoki Motto. " Diea ei ks Ddvues " QWous -Abmi-. GeMXol Geonge S. Pattow, " Ben C eushuj, Page. McCowm , and SoKwy MontgotneiUj PRfatRfcopy: Muscu(!ai Dyst iopRy Association Higgest Suewt oft tRe 6jeai : OCd SoutR Bet JlfuwibeA o(j M MbeiiS: go JlfiMJbeii o(y GRaptexs Jlfationa% 126 ) gralfc Me beAS: Bitten AM, jAiohd .AMm, Bii Awzihovq, IiWL ' BandiuS, c J ' §x(M Bo aon, Biad " B ' otte, G ad 1?(!ackaAd ' EmdoiA ' Bkrtsot, " Bkoofe Boylian, MidM BAantow, G andlk BAown, . JeAewy Bkss, GoAey Buaiows, Tsaaa TSynd, Mifee. CatA, £ay CaiteA, Bex Clarion, J ok Claxton, Scun Co?£, Jjo td Gorman, web ConneA, JauieA DePossette, PauE ' DestafjOnis, Clay Deweese, Jake. DicleeASon, Dennis Donato, JosR. Sdson, Bfofee. £MeK My SngteR, Tayfo i ctReAedge, Q anCe. E cfietj, Miciae£ Sfewiis, C iuse. JjbaeAS, Picfad Jjmcft, JoRn JJudK Daoid Qok, Daotd GeAnRauseA CoAAei) Gex, Bex Qkm, Bmt GooaVan, Daaid G icmtRaM, Mi cd Giuggs, JoAdan Guidty, Tufa Wawiis, JoRn NesteA, Justin M, Houston osteins, Chok Ni%fj, Pycin 4 asfe£y, DaDid JoRnson, Tufa. 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Naife, Tim Ho$o% Paywond -i Jawuson, GPyiw -l J- ■ BWt yeMing, Joey NubaP, Biu ' an Jacfeson, JeiieMiaR JoRmsok, low .JuPi «, (uj a . KuppP ' A, Qowit KiCpctOucJe, Jim Kopj, S iPI LassiteA, " BkidEay Lis e, Ben LoweAy, Lane. Mccone, Josd fAonivo, GRad Man-tin, PicRajid MaAtin, Axm McGoiunicJs, Jay Mitf-RA Bkt Mowis, Justin M ' .Awon JlfasR, f?yan O ' Garm, GAeg O ' JIeal H(M Pettit, £oss PotonCici, .Ady (?iCe, Banks Robinson, R v iPI PoSS, f?yan PudoPpR, LanCe Scwtiwo, Scott SatC%eid, Jlfoton SReAiPJ, .Alow StiPgeubaueA, (?oss StoweAS, Houston Stucuit, JosR StucJaey, Ramsey TdylbA, C4ay league, Jefrfr Tew, SRane TuPios, Jason Q aiwado, Scott c alteex, Ctoy Watson, JoRn c WiPiiawson, fAiclad SViPiiatnSow, Ben ZieaVan, Biu ' Cm Ziscfe, J.P Vinson, TiiaaiS LOMOKte, JeAewy ClvAistopReA P QeS: Zad -APeii, GRiustian -AdeAson, Bnyan -AwstAowg, MoaIs " Scvwett, .Abu Bean, Gondow BeAAy, Hawu ' sow Bibb, Tiiewt Bums, TdyPoA Bynd, Jack Byiwe, low CaugRPiu, Tow. GAideA, PicRaAd DougRty, Sv esPey DougPas, JoKatRan DuRon, iic SPJsiws, Buyce Jimd, Sddie Geise, Matt Ginu, ylndy iJawu ' s, Daniel. blause, Nap New£ey, Ckis HiPi, Scott iJuwteA, " Bkawdow Jewfeiws, Ho Jowes, " 6 iyan Kawe, HiPiy KiPdu(y|j, MattRew Kwasefe, JVlcittRew LawHei, Justiiv Lees, SRane Lewis, JosRua Mantiw, Zone MontiM, MictoeP. McCa tRy, PicJeieJlfefeow, Hmd Jlfic oPs, JoRuatRow PeteAS, Jawiett PieACe, C ad PiUcReA, (?yan Pique, tlewiy PoAteA, CoAey PapeA, GeAdAd (?ydeA, Qdo SRawds, " DeAefe SRepOAd " Dauid SRields, MatReA StoAey, Matt StAaatwam, GoPewiau Howpsow, Scott HuiuneA, S iPi JhuAod, JosRua Tidwei, CtestopReA7i?gRwaw, GfestopRa TDiey, •Wawpton " Vest, JoRr SA iw Ad Matt ye«son, JoRwy Maxcy, JeatR PapeA, Matt SRaApe, Micdae£ Hyuwe, Rip IstAe. -PHOTOS COURTESY OF KAPPA SIGMA %ajypa Sigma PHI DETA THETA Mississippi Jfykl JlcrtioKad Claptex founded 1848 Ok Miss Qiopiex founded 1877 Jffoweiu Sv fate Carnation Cofo iS: 4zaiie and .Agent Motto: " One. wOn is no man " PfcblKt LOpL): fcfoops jjo L Kids SisteA Organization Defoa GdwunQ Sweetheart: MeAadrtR Stainbede Jjanous _ 4(Wi : Jjjiawfe LPoyd c W ugfe, Lou Gekig, " SW Peynolids, J el .Anst iong, Imogen Sbeirt " Kiggest £i)orf 8 lay League ® e I ' r ,v h rem fc J£j_J£] Adii teS: Mod Cuwwings, Tiwwy Gifam , ( ' ■ il 1 1 whns, £yun Hany, PRi i| i - Ems, JosepR JoRnson, Tiu ' t) Jones, CKai ' s KiAby, GltOOes M «wpE f -k iffi McDonald Lour?. MoRuwed, Sv aCteA MonAoe, Fliot Mussel, JoRn SCAuggs, Scott Sealle, -AdAew SwtR, . ■ • tDOfy MieajaR Stwuiiaant, £ob TaylbA, Jay JiMn, M 1 d f I wps «, , JoRn f k aEieeA, Poss ' t eJ Jason Sv Reat, laybi ' Vinn, iiam Kpft Km E?otefex, MaAsRaffi fciiown, Hucfe C nningRaw, Feau DuAbin, (bedding Scuip, Jocob Sastdand Case !wbny, Seed ft wq, QossM ' ' Jliyi, StepRen fountain, fctawi(iton SfAey, PobeAt Gibson, Kawett fclaife, Pusseffi ifauiis, M f ' ! ' ' ' ' . HvMaw Weii aj, KippcA lodges, Denson £Jo(!l!iS, GAOnt JoineA, Koyt Kitj A, Coau Law | ' Vade Litton, Peid M Mi lan, -AaW M dH " Dewy Moss, 4 ftucteX JAoujA, fJioti Paufett, Justin Patticls, fAiciad Patterson, Bo PetAo, Logan PRffips, Qobm Qaidi JoRn I? Matt SaengeA, StepRen SwitR, Gene Stock, fAoi kk Q dugRt, PAatt c K itenson, Justin c k iPJ ' i MicRaei yladison, Kennedy .AdeASon, Daaid Black (?ictod Baowh, Bo Bwike, CfUtS ( ' iSSii J Winston GodlieA, Mason Cousins, JonOtRan Daaid S iffi DawkinS, Bid Joe Denton, Olin( ' [.Am, MattRew Dunn, ck es SMoAdt, PogeA SStfti, Scott £Ab, Fen planing, Sv iffi . Row Bkady Gailiey, Mfe GAesRow, Sacms Guww, Jon yawwett, SvM WiCkey, .Ady Wi(WA, Dauid No(Ws, Tiiey Lanaux, liw MasRbwn, BaiAy Maynad, Matt Mckenzie - kton Me-eks. low MtAiweat A, °k i2£. MontgoweAy, Dacid Moaais, Steaen PankeA, SdoOAd Peacock, Pobbie Pittwan, TdtoeAt Qea, Bkd PogeAS, CRoncMk Qoqas, StewdAt Putfkige, SRa SoAy, NetReAiKgton StoAy, CoweAon Stubbs, CRaA e Swayze, _AdAew TdyfoA, Paoh TRowas, CRip Tubbs, Motfcs young P edgeS: Austin " Baomscuw, _ 4daw " Baowh, Cte FuacR, tlaAdy Case, StuaAt GoffiieA, f?obeAt Coofe, InaW Dauidson, Sy SasteAfcng, GAaydon jkxas., f?ansowe Joose, yindy jox, f?ondL) GentAy, Clay Gibson, (joAte Gill Gokfoenq, Rate. Guswus, Hupp tlaMwett, " B ieKt yaAdin, Daaid iJoAgett, Jawes HaAgAoae, Ko tlaAts(jield Hob blines, Gkm tloffcngswoAtR, Doug HooleeA, Ty?a yoAn, lay?oA HaixH Michael, JoKnson, Ctes Lowax, Joel Long, Spanfey LusteA, VinCe MoAtelfo, PobeAt Mawei, Dab McMuwciy. Wunta }J[dRiqh, f?yan Mi?K C jjton MosteieA, (?oss M«wiay, Jonathan Jlfi(iok, JaRn Ca?ain PatteAson Josn Pittwan, t?andaffi PobeASon, HuAfes f?ogeAS, l?obeAt Pusfaon, Clint ScMng, Clayton SwitH " Biett SoddeOita, Jawes StileefeatneA, PobeAt StAOnge, .Mdaw HowOS, Jonathan Q ines, Q ' augKw H ateA, -WaAtand IdostA, JosR S yan, Sv itt H fcttenbeAg, PeteA S iiaws, Jawes H ise MoasM S ood JosR tjoung -BRANDY STEWART -PHOTOS COURTESY OF PHI DELTA THETA ' Phi ' Delta ' Thcta ) PHI HAITA PSI JiatiovdL Qhptex }o mM, 1852 Ok Miss OAopiex omki 1857 Jacqueminot Qosz Cofo iS: Oaidinci Red and NunteA G ieai Motto, " He joy ojj sewing otdejis " Pfeftant iopy-. Q b6£eybaC£ tou mawent benefjitting tRe Oxfjo td kliMOwe Society and Kanaofee Jlfigfe benefitting tde Pope Crisis Centex famous _ 1(Wni : Sv oodhow Sv feon Joftn Jj KenwedL), Jjl, PeteA GnaOes biggest Stent PiOexside " Ste W c-jnvb » . ' £ 41 yiciiileS: Qipx .AdeAson, c aIMi m .AdeAson, Scott BWt, Tim KeAgan, JomqiRoh Blade, Benjamin Bnatton, Bawiy B ioussoAd, Jason B iown, JeAmy Baoum, aiion Bufode, Jason O anwess, Pcrtxicfe GKewi BidHy CoyGe, BAian Gwuiie, CHay " Dewybewiy, Mfe j€ecAas, Todd 9 Gordon Octet, Joey GeteA, Biiian klawiis, Qip Koikes, Buian klopleins, c VJilHiCM Lindseij, Jeb LlWefyn, Justin Logsdon, Ky e McGi£% MoasM PiUeAS, Jason Saua iese, " Bkadljond. ScJWideA, B tad SfeinneA, Bnad Sobwon, Texas Song, Joseph Spinfes, Gkeq St iawbAidge, Jl icJWas Sweet, Scott Q asidyetf, PobeAt Sv eiA, StepRew c Wi2 OMS PfkAaes-. Matt Nek)a QJlih pid Montjou, Ckaig jJicmm, Jkheu SwiitR. Qiic TRibodeaux, Manfe S ffiaws, Pod Km jJifee. Jwl, JovatkM Ted, Tk rnwian, Matt Sv nigfa, Gheqq PMpS,, VUxp l ogeAS, lodd MaOAo, Ba« Ziege4o)in -BRANDY STEWART -PHOTOS COURTESY OF PHI KAPPA PSI PHI hAPrA TAU JtatladL C aptex JJouhcM 1906 Ok Miss Clopta oimM 1969 Symbol Ui uCoiw Red Carnation Gob iS: tooo id P d and Ok Goftd SwectRfidtti Katie f5a ibait famous yibuKi: Pa J eiAMQK biggest )eKt: Jk Jones Lost Weekend Cjreeks 4cttOeS: JeA ny Banlow, to. K iodojjSley, Lfoyd Cou eM, GilorI OKowpion, Coney Ofcude, Jason CHa ife, Dnew OMand, Joe GoleeA, Jamie GopaBiw, ScoK G Via Dowtiw, .AJb " Dauis, Jok Duaiest, ! fcc Baton, ' k iftt .°Jw8oHg, Mcmcus Jones, Matt Jones, Tiauis Jones, Rtmnetf LcMeuCe, Lulse. Leg iOnd jifat Mcmtin, Jamie A toaw, Gna Ow MdntosR, Kyde, j [iHk% Ghafaw. Vbo ie, Ionian Mwif% -Ady Ostnenga, KeDin Oumy, Cikis PotteKSon, Jiw PeAieo, Kii Potoid Scott Purtcfett, Ft Pile , Don Poss, PottiCfe Poss, J_A PuhwiK Patticfc Si?UeAtootR, Matt " ReilWaMR, MieM Tleadaway, Gal TJiottf P edgeS: " Bto. " See, Dustin Dunba L, Cte Gneggs, loan Gnegony, " SHotee. Ni1!l PicJbid. Kostd, Sv iGson MayfjieM, Jason Mey Jay fAncMl Daoid Mos sa, Jo k Pontes, Mfe Pewilley, Cite f?oss, Gneg Scuiton, " Sjuok Seiiafeas, J.O. SRepcmd, Titian 7ewfeRo(y(y, liaois Sv ateits, " Bant ' Zieq hm -BRANDY STEWART -PHOTOS COURTESY OF PHI KAPPA TAU Tdi %ayya T ' au PI bAPPA ALPHA JlatiadL Chptex JJouKd d 1868 Ok Miss QiopieK JJoURded 1027 Mascot: DdWcrtidH Svffool. Gote: Ga £.t qkcI Odd GoCd MotiO: " Okce a Pibe, dWays a Pitee. " PRi(btf(ta)py: Pifee. Cdmdoi SwetfReCfct, Go L y PeteASon Jjawous Jhmi: Had Goc lqh and ' Eiad Dye " Eiggest £uE rf: •£) (greeks 1 ti 1 nKA Bid Day i i jM Mtfrfl r yloiilteS: K wop. AmSikM, Bamett A densa ' k es . UAJ, Aficfe -Aonson, Jon KoAweffi, SwitR Koyfein, Lei)in Knueteen, Geo ige fekmnon, Cloy Kuch i . Btatio, Taybl BuKwelffi, Snic Gaston, Jack GauneJi, Gtoy CoCfeexilaM, Gl ta, . tndy Coot?, M«t Coppocfe C p Ck%ton, StepRfiti OAoppeA, G ieg Caoss, O u ' s CAoxdalle, Daniel Denton, E MUfee, Gate Swing, PicRcmd wnfefcw, J.P. fjufei, Tayfai Gawugan, Goug GiMcwd, Tot PeteA GfoseA, Caw Goodwin, _Afeil G iaoatl, , Ji KJob -I taafcon, Ote •Wcuui i, Geonge 1 1 .. Matin Neidgen, feb fcJens( ey, Ctee Umdo Jejjfr fcligdon, Sv idcoK o icW, fJlickvl " BWt Jacfeson, . IndAew JoRnSon, K iadfiey JoRnSon, ,°JoJiAest JoRnSon, JbsR JoRnSon, Syd Jones, Dauid Juntein, jl bu KeipeA, Ji KA . PRffip LadneA, Cfaifc LaweAenCe, M«fe Mcuifeow, Scott M Afecse, Jake McPde, PfcKipe MicU Matt Mfe M MonSouii, fess Moody, Cfois Moigan, Bo Jlfeeily, Danny Newman, fendy euMCin, Ken Jl icRofc, " Biocfe Jlfowas, Lee Jlfonton, Stacy OlAfeal!, Dauid OlWstead, Matt Osbo we, Bkad Oum, Gibbon PendeA, Matt Pewywan, Qlostiit PllaucRe, Jason Pnessgiiotfe, Jon Vtildku, jJionk Pzinsfei, ' Wade fetc%e, Tayfo i feu, JosR fed, " Ben fesseE Sv AigRt Scott, JeAewy SwitR, fesR SwitR, JlfiCle Snapto, Dftew Stuart, JlfatRan Stubbs, fennie Thompson, „Ady TiCeA, Jiick 7iiotti an, DaOid TwweA, Scott TwineA, Tayfon " Vebb, Matt ' Vikon, " B ioofes Sv incReSteA, KeOin Sv oods, SvM Sv yatt P exigeS: Nante yfc, f?yan . Wose, MicRael!. -Anman, SRawn Bacon, Tdyfo i ISkxikj, Jlficls " Bugide, Gneg FucReA, Joe " Bkfee, " Button " Butte Cfais Canton, CanaSe. 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Peyton SaeAett, ' Elli fcweAS, Joh fcJaAdwiCfc, Jaiwe fcJdAt, TuCfeeA NeAndon, JoRn HeAzog, " B Aad HMmOa, Clayton felo(!fond Joey tlynes, Kyfe JoRns, " Sen Jones, Jacob KiseA, Simtnons LaudeAda?£, Am. LawAenCe, " DAew LeOOnway, Jiivwiy Lientz, JefefjAey Lfttdc, SetR LrttEe, (?yan Mattei, Qkxtt McCtotcfly, ■tJunta MeisenReiweA, BAian k M? Casey MyeAS, " Daaid MyeAS, f?yan Pitafo, Qipn Vnott, 7dy?oA PAiCe-S ffiaMS, Dauid t?ay, (?ycm l eUeAe, Cody f?idgeway, (OustopReA (?obeASon, Matt f?oss, MicM. SaucieA, TdytoA SwitR, Peed Stacy, CRes Stan?ey, KeitR StuddoAd (2ob IdboA, _ Uos TRawes, Aim TRigpen, Ckx loteon, CRucfe Tiaya?, Mac, Tnout, PoaRow lulos, Sbtes Q eOzSey, AOnCiS " VeaUeA, Fenjamin ' VReeleA, MattRew ffidms, StudAt ' VtiawS, Matt °K ise -PHOTOS COURTESY OF SIGMA NU SIGMA PHI EPSILON 1QO1 Ok Miss CJbpiex }omkj± IQ28 Hemt 3 kMex.. tyiokt oja DciAle Red Rost Jjowious Ahum-. Date TRowas, Joh GoocUqk V kMkopUj-. Q caiely Cbb o{y Mwpfas }a yoMtt 7 LQditioKS: Higgest Siten-t oft tRe (jeau ViW, Vi8d Sv est GiwgeJi GeM iei($ JtfuwtbeJi ojj- G apieAS JlfatioKC%. 270 J uwibeA ojy . 4ctiUe. M MbeAS: 65 §ree£s AoilDeS: %!§, Jbdo, Vim Adorns, Daws 1?ai(!ey, Danie£ ' Bqi om, Matt ' Boitesddk Matt " Bedingfrefcl, Pycm Hue, Matt Huown, " Ben " Bwpit, Panto Camp, DeAAele GoaaoI Matt CaAteA, Jason GHu icR, Dowunic, C ancio(!o, DiaAcm Otoy, James Cofe, (?icRa id. Cox, Tk Dauis, Cftase Eduoids, yidaiw SmeASon, Clayton Jaqqext Guy oote, Joita GciAAett, JeOK-Pau?. GisdaiA, C Kt G iaues, JeftjAey Gnij jtn, S ade Giujj w, Mate Glumes, G iant Gui d, Pyan fclagen, Doug NaK, DeAefe fcJaney, Jason WaAAis, Jay Nawieins, Daoid tiens(!ee, Code lodges, SteAfong fcJowny, " SW Jaueau, Patrick KGcm, Jade Kobaw, Dauid LaiAd, Jonn LawAence, Austin Lott, Fatt Lusfe, Tybi McKfc MicAaefc MyucJe, J.J. CBoyb C us OlAfeol Jos£ OusCey, Titus Queen, Gabe PobeAts, Tlaais Pobentson, Daniel . SiCi a Midtae£ Switft, James Stanley, Ada . Steele, Justin SuddutK, Pylee Q an Dadsew, Jetony Q aug n, Jay c k a(!to, D Sv a ie, JeAewy Sv anweA, Danie£ S fcte, StnitR S ycJeojjjy, Jonn Zya eS: Jatnes _ 4daiA, Tate .AdeASon, Sepd 4ndeASon, Jonn -Aiington, Jacob ' Boowi, Jonn Fottoms, Mides " SWby, PatAicfe DyeA, Justin fanning, f?idey Jibies, C ad Gibson, _AaW Gnaaes, Matt 4 awielt Cob tlens?ee, " Siad fclu{jfroAd, Stuatt Mi eA, Joed, MooAe, JacR MoAAison, 1?en. MuApny, JoAdan Oaa, Josiaft. OeAStAeet, Raj PatiU, Tiioy PeteAS, DAew QuisenbeAAy, Nunten PiCe, " Kuan S AteA, 1?Aad Sks, _ 4aAon SwitR, JeAewy StewOAt, JosRua Su DOn, f?yan Tom hSow, CedAiC Sv etfteASbee, Mifee S edgon, Jacob SvMawson, jKatiian Sv ftt Sigma ' Tin ' Epsilon i tt) FRATEBJMriY CANDIDS SORORTlY AND FHATEHNlflf CANDIDS £) Cjvcck (greek Candids " JORDAN Xi STUDENT » « SN r, The Ole Miss Student Media Center is a combination of faculty advisors and students who bring entertainment and news to the Oxford Lafayette county areas. Comprised of the Daily Mississippian, Ole Miss Yearbook, Rebel Radio, Channel 12 Newswatch, Know Oxford magazine, and Health Fitness magazine, the student media shows every aspect of life on and off campus. Dedication and long hours can be seen and heard throughout the various mediums. The Ole Miss Student Media has won many awards and has gotten countless recognitions for their work. Compared to other col- leges, the . Ole Miss student Media proves over and over again that they are superior in their fields. Day in and day out these staff members make sure that things get done on time. On behalf of all of the Student Media members, thank-you. -PICTURES COURTESY OF RYAN PIERINI, STUDENT MEDIA, AND ROBERT JORDAN Organization! I MEDIA Tfic Umvmily of Mississippi Media Cente iedia YEARBOO Karen Smith BUSINESS MANAGER Bryant Glisson SECTION EDITORS John Weatheiford - academics Mandy Fong - distinctions Brandy Stewart - greeks Amy Bonds - organizations Katie Greer - people Rebecca Henley - sports Ashley Williams - student life ASSISTANTS Lynn Brown - academics Beth Rush - greeks ina McGahey - organizations Kelley Hunsberger - people Amanda Mogle - sports Kelsi Holman - student life HEAD PHOTOGRAPHER Ryan Pierini ADVISOR Traci Mitchell BRYANT GLISSON H li. m -PHOTOS BY RYAN PIERINI AND KAREN SMITH 0 KAREN SMITH v- • rta REBECCA HENLEY Organizations TAFF to oc X LU CO Us ■■ w JOHN WEATHERFORD AMANDA MOGLE RYAN PIERINI MANDY FONG HIES FOR 2001 2 5 . T % 1— . • , 4 — m lu K I f I CO KELLEY HUNSBERGER ffi Or Organizations ISSISSIPPIAN ... if ■ l 1 -PHOTOS BY RYAN PIERINI DaflyMississippiai Jniversitv of Mississippi October 6, 2000 Vol. 93, No. 98 ■ » - http: dm.ok October 6, 2000 » VoL 93, No. 98 ' s 2 a.m. Three major news stories broke tonight. You have follow-ups to about for tomorrow ' s edition. And your media law midterm is tomorrow. Such a stressful scenario is typical for The Daily Mississippian, a completely student-run newspaper at the University of Mississippi. The DM runs year-long, interrupting publishing only on weekends, during final examinations, and for three weeks in May. The DM has a circulation of 12,500 during the school year and 7,000 during the summer. The editorial staff is composed of 20 students, who, during the year, balance a full load of classes while working at the newspaper. Editors begin arriving around 4 p.m. to read the first drafts of stories. At 6:30 p.m., the production staff arrives to begin laying out the pages. By 9 p.m., copy editors have arrived. By midnight, the staff gets the paper ready for the printers, who arrive at 4:30 the next morning to run the presses. It would be impossible for the editorial staff to adhere to its schedule without the hard work and effort of a staff of 30 writers, who work to meet deadlines con- sistently. When you ' re trying to accomplish the mundane task of getting a newspaper out everyday, it ' s easy to lose sight of the ultimate goals of the paper. The mission of the DM is to serve the university and Oxford community, providing accurate infor- mation that allows the community to uplift itself. A community should never be content to remain unchanged for the worse, and a newspaper should try to give the community the tools it needs to improve itself. -WRITTEN BY PAMELA HAMILTON AND MARK ROBERTS .edu EDITOR Pamela Hamilton ASSISTANT EDITOR Allison Pruitt PRODUCTION MANAGER Brain Rosenkrans NEWS EDITOR Julie Finley OPINION EDITOR Blake Aued SPORTS EDITOR Joey Vaughn ARTS LIFE EDITOR Will Renick PHOTO EDITOR Nathan Latil ASSISTANT PHOTO EDITOR Lisa Bailey ONLINE EDITOR Jimmy Miller The DM advertising staff, winner of numerous nation- al, regional, and state awards for excellence, provides the financial backbone for the newspaper. The ad staff services customers in the Oxford area as they help businesses design advertising that will reach the campus community. Each year the sales staff is selected, trained, and a sales strategy is developed which will enable the staff to reach the local area. This on-the-job training provides invaluable experience for students as they face daily deadlines. Building rapport with their clients and encouraging repeat bu siness builds pro- fessionalism. Close coopera- tion with the editorial and production staff is also vital for building team work which provides a quality newspaper for The University of Mississippi. I III I hi; I II stiff PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS Alison Armgard Noah Bunn Clay Chandler Sarah Lollar Jessica Russell COPY EDITOR Ben Bryant Jamee Smith PRTISII STAFF BUSINESS MANAGER Mark Roberts AD SALES REPS Lauren McNiell Will Mohler Eric Wiscovich Lea Dearmon AD PRODUCTION SUPERVISOI Bo Pentecost AD PRODUCTION Matt Cole Leslie Guido Amy McCollough Jeanne McCollister Milly McLennan Carrie Stone SECRETARIES Beth Richards Misty Rea CREATIVE TECHNICAL SUPERVISOR Peter Cleary T ' fie ' DaiCy " Mhsissippian € Newswatch 1 2 is not only the home of " Mississippi ' s best college newscast, " but it is also one of the best in the country. Channel 1 2 produces a live, 30-minute newscast every week- night. In addition to the Ole Miss campus, Newswatch reaches 5,200 tel- evision sets in Oxford, 185 in Abbeville, and another 3,000 in the rest of Lafayette county. Being Oxford ' s only local television news sta- tion carries extra accountability. Newswatch 1 2 has undergone a dramatic transformation this past year. We ' ve seen the most extensive physical and structural renovations in the Newswatch ' s history. Channel 1 2 has redefined the newscast, and raised the bar for their performance. More local news, better news coverage, and an experienced and qualified staff brings students and residents throughout Lafayette County up-to-the minute news and coverage. No other news medium, including even the Internet, has the immediacy and accessibility that television news has to offer. Newswatch 1 2 is completely student produced. Students write, direct, oper- ate, and even anchor the newscast. Ethical, technical, and legal questions are all researched and answered by the students. There are over 40 staff members for Channel 1 2 and each one plays their part in assembling the newscast. I can ' t imagine a better star! to bring to you the news of this year. We ' ve succeeded together, we ' ve failed together, we ' ve assessed in our progress, and we ' ve raised the standard for those who take our place. We ' ve run the race as a team. Brandon Ross Newswatch 1 2 Station Manager 2000-2001 rflanizations NEWSWATCH ISS ' NEWS SOURCE MANAGEMENT Station Manager Brandon Ross News Editor Jason Niblett News Manager Riley McDermid Sports Director Hugh Keeton Sales Manager Ashley Smith STAFF Wendy Bell Margie Benson Georgi Deerman Keisha Ferguson Ashley Gibbons Liz Hogue Justin Ivie Alyona Koltko Courtney McDonald Lee Ponton Myrt Price Page Trewolla Rachel Willoughby ANCHORS MONDAY Ashley Gibbons Scott Satchfield Carter Dobbs Hugh Keeton TUESDAY Sarah Beth Bailey Kitsy Dixon Beth Nick Garrard WENESDAY Georgi Deerman Amelie Wilson Lauren Smith Carey Watson THURSDAY Jason Niblett Courtney Senter Hope Walker Dave Hotard FRIDAY Brandon Ross Lauren Johnson Ashley Smith Kelli O ' Brien Nate Clark Channel i 2 RADIO 92.1 Rebel Radio is one of the only student-run com- mercial alternative college stations. The towering power of 6,000 watts reach- es a 50 mile radius of Ole Miss. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This past year the staff competed with other pro- fessional stations in Mississippi at the Mississippi Association of Broadcasters convention. The proud staff of 92. 1 received the most awards the station has ever been given this year; 1 1 gold and silver awards. Organizations ss ' ssi ' Ppi ' s " ew STATION MANAGER Nate Downs PROGRAMMING DIRECTOR Mike Staton MUSIC DIRECTOR Ty Tumlin PRODUCTION MANAGER Jill Clark SPORTS DIRECTOR Hugh Keeton NEWS DIRECTOR Hope Walker THE PRIDE OF THE S( BEL SOUND FEATURE TWIRLERS DIRECTOR David Willson ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Steve Barnett DRUM MAJOR Jason Carson VOICE OF THE PRIDE OF THE SOUTH Dr. John Mcauley GRADUATE ASSISTANTS Paul Heindl Rebekah Toner Bruce Dobbs Matt Rowan REBELETTE COORDINATOR Katie Yarborough SECRETARY Kristi Boggan tjiy Organizations DTK MARCHING BAND H wthe In 1928 a 26 member band was organized on campus. Today we band as the roaring sounds of the 278 member Pride of the South Marching Band. The band serves the university as a center of spirit and support. Whether it ' s pep- ping up the crowd in the Grove, playing Dixie during the pre-game show, or amaz- ing the crowd with half-time performances, the members of the band participate in an organization that has become a tradition at Ole Miss. The University Of Mississippi Marching band is... dii THE PRIDE OF THE SOUTH I 3 " the ' Pride of the South W« ■ OH BAPTIST STUDENT UNION r- n C t - DIRECTOR Keith Gating ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR Beverly Parrish PRESIDENT Ashley Minyard V Iv-vJC jJT XVJ OJLJL JCylN J. Brad Ingram OUTREACH Bridgett Greene SUMMER MISSIONS Chris Childers TRANSFERS Corey Howell LOCAL MISSIONS David Carney DISCIPLESHIP Deanna Daily OUTREACH Jamie Hopson VICE PRESIDED Jeannie Mood MINISTRY TEAMS Jessica Carr INREACH Jolyn Pittman PUBLIC RELATIONS Megan Norris WORSHIP Nathan Jones FRESHSTART Scott Williams GATHERING Tommy Sanderson GIFT OF SONG Ginny Bodenhamer The Ole Miss Baptist Student Union, established in 1928, is an organization of all Chri stian students who wish to join together to grow closer to Christ. Such growth is achieved through Bible study, discipleship, weekly fellowship, and other activities spon- sored by the Baptist Student Union. The BSU also conducts campus and com- munity outreach projects which give stu- dents the opportunity to minister to others. Organizations TEACHERS Teachers of Tomorrow is a service ori- ented organization for pre-service teachers. The organization promotes teaching as a profession and provides community projects for its members. " ...teaching the leaders of tomorrow. " OF TOMORROW JSi u -RYAN PIERINI PRESIDENT Vanessa Voyles VICE PRESIDENT MEMBERSHIP Ginny Gay VICE PRESIDENT PROGRAMS Brittany Riekman USURER Anna Dabbs SECRETARY Angie Nowlin PUBLIC RELATIONS Kristy Hollingsworth SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Julie Downs AD FEDERATION The American Advertising Federation is the unifying voice for advertising. Its pur- pose is to provide and promote a better understanding of the functions of adver- tising and its values, to stimulate and encourage advertising professionalism through education, to apply the skills, creativity, and energy of advertising to help solve social problems, to develop the individual abilities of its members, and to promote fellowship and free exchange of ideas. PRESIDENT - Michael Thompson, VICE PRESIDENTS - Amy McCullough, Chris Sparks; SECRETARY - Lisa Brookhart, TREASURER - Milly McLennan, SPONSOR - Victoria Bush MEMBERS - Terrence Black, Shelley Cartwright, Tara Childers, Matt Cole, Jennifer Crain, Haley Farris, Melissa Furlong, Tiffany Gossett, Leslie Guido, Luke Hall, Cable Hawkins, Michael Henry, Kelsi Holman, Ingrid Jorgenson, Sarah Jane Lewis, Stephanie McClinton, Jeanne McCollister, Dan Palan, Bentley Pembroke, Calvit Ratcliffe, Elliott Russell, Lindsay Sanders, Cindy Sing, Emily Simmons, Kathleen Valentine, Jason Wheat ' T ' eackers of Tomorrow ■ ' ' American Ad Tedera tion fc AMBASSADORS I s« v »)«? s L JC Ole Miss Ambassadors, approximately 120 volunteers, are dedicated to sharing diverse aca- demic, cultural, and extracurricular interest with perspective students and their families. Ambassadors work through the admissions office in recruiting the type of student tha reflects well on Ole Miss, by sharing the wealth of opportunities to be found at the University of Mississippi. AMBASSADORS... DIRECTOR - Reynolds Moore -PHOTOS BY RYAN PIERINI pfiSM .8BASSAD0R MMf msm mmooK Ashley Abide, Whitney Drury, Brock Sansing, Nic Hammond, Nate Bailey, Hope Walker, Andrew Martin, Natalie Carpenter, Narci Darvish, Stacye Sims, Sarah Hooper, Denise Williams, Joey Wiggins, Ashley Dunn, Meredith Skelton, LaToya Funchess, Matt Bedingfield, Victoria Parchman, Corby Mason, Anne-Morgan Brookfield, Memory Fulton, Brian Hayes, Reeca Broadway, Brooke Bufflngton, Jenny Zelesky, Eric Shorter, Marshal Rivers, Reynolds Moore, Kimzey Smith, Ryan McClelland, Emily Clarke, Zakiyo Fields, DeVario Hannah, Katie Solomonson, Tonya Haynes, Sarah Wybrew, Randy Taylor, Sarah Dill, Les Sackett, C.C Robertson, Apryl Childs, Daysha Driskell, Chris Douglas, Nicole Babbitt, Jennifer Ellzey, Eric Thibodeaux, Veronica Haynes, Clare Holcomb, Mariam Mosavizahed, Berni Hazlewood, Lizzie Andrews, Tricia McDowell, Jessica Eskew, Tia Beasley, April Shumake, Resheda Stayton, Lollie Britt, Allison Ellzey, Todd Magro, Courtney Geraci, Abby Jones, Grant Brashier, Jessi Easley, Tejuan Leland, Ryan Tomlinson, Anna Walker, Fran Minis, Jessica Roy, Elizabeth Johnson, Matt Sleep, Adrienne Williams, Brooks boylan, Teresa Young, Ashley Tanner, Bentley Harris, Aaron Thompson, Jason Thompson, Becca Smith, Natale Burns, Tyndale Brickey, Jonathon Barnes, Terrance Black, Debbie Frazier, David Gale, Amanda Gilpin, Amanda Johnson, Josh Combes, Heather Bryant, Maggie Turner, Diala Dusni, Philip Walkley, Deborah Lincoln, Sue Ellen Taylor, Anne Howell, Isla Schuchs, Blair Bannerman, Mindy Bishop, Sherry Blount, Amanda Clark, Lisa Brookhart, Dixie Pigford, Connie Rice, Mary Mills Lane, Anna Pope, Stephanie Neel, Tori Porter, Corey Nichols, Dave Hotard, Tim Hotard, Ashley Geraci, Aicha Davis, David Knight, Erika Hardy, Cindy Jones, Chyrissee Bertheaud, Elizabeth Hardin, Elizabeth Blakely, Stephen Harrell, Steve Ansuini, Linda Hausmann, Megan Crallc, Jennifer McNutt Ofe Miss ' Ambassadors TAE KWON DO The University of Mississippi Tae Kwon Do Club was founded on November 17, 1992 by head instructor Larry D. Weeden, Jr. and became an official student organization on April 23, 1993. Sung Yol Ra was promoted to instruc- tor in the fall of 1999. This is the club ' s eighth year of instruction, operat- ing as a branch of Yoo ' s Authentic Martial Arts, located in Alexandria, Virginia, founded by Grandmaster Yoo Jun Saeng. The Ole Miss Tae Kwon Do Club ' s purpose is to spread the knowledge of the 2,000 plus year-old Korean martial art. The club helps students increase self-confi- dence, self-control, lose weight, stay in shape, and most importantly develop a mind. ESY OF OLE MISS TAE KWON DO CLUB Junmo Chung, Autumn Simon, Scott Bethay, Pavel Lazaridi, Sindy Rekewitz, Clark Griffith, Lee Ami Jarrett, Philip Tatum, Brain Dahl, Cheryl Faubion, Reed Martz, Dee Dee Burt, Kristy Posey, Rick Seaton, Taeyun Kim, Clay Fulks, Malcolm Sims INSTRUCTOR - Sung Yol Ra, PRESIDENT - Connie Wong, VICE PRESIDENT - Regina Pitts, NEWSLETTER EDITOR - Leigh Marcy, ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR - Max Heidel, WEB- MASTER - Dennis Wong, AUXILIARY ADVISOR - Jeanne Kuhajek, ADVISOR - Dr. Linda Spargo " OIR PIRPOSE IS TO SPREAD THEKlWLLliE OF THE 2,000 PLIS YEAR-OLD K0Rli4 MARTIAL ART ' Ofe Miss ' " fae % von ' Do • ,AIR— J 50(Ts Garret Bilbo, Billy Cole, Robert Gable, Corev McBride 100 ' s Matthew Cook, Anna Coyle, Stacie Fidler, Mitchell Foy, Ronnie Hansen, Tim Hebertein, Will Hendrick, Benjamin Jenkins, Francie Pruett, Malcolm Sims, Saundra Williams 300 ' s Chris Edmondson, Amanda Knighton 400 ? s Scott Crane, Michael Hipp, Jonathon Sappington, Carolyn Simpson, Twila Vauglian COURTESY OF AIR FORCE ROTC ROTC ARM 1 NAVY IR FOL Hi ROT 4 - - r| ■% . ■ CADRE Lt. Col. Hollowell Mag. Yoste Sgt. Kavenaugh Msg. Jones i MS IV CADETS Wilson C. Blythe, Jr. Robert L. Chesnut Clay H. Derryberry Robert L. Jenkins Foster E. Knowles Em mitt J. Lawrence Rebecca A. Nickell Curt H. Schultheis Samuel B. Shaner Stephanie D. Clarett Ray C. McAllister MS III CADETS Oliver J. Box John L, Brooks Joshua L. Carter Gilbert J. Comley Gino C. Davis Tristan P. DeBord Pamela L. Feilds Justin P. Fisk RANGERS MS IV CADET Curt H. Schultheis MS III CADETS Oliver J. Box John L. Brooks Joshua L. Carter Tristan P. Fisk Mark B McCool Marcos R. Rogers Sean R. Skrmetta Joseph L. Smith. MS II CADET Matthew P. Woolsey i Nicholas B. Guice Aaron R. Jolly Mark B. McCool Joan L. Morris Marcos R. Rogers Joseph T. Ross Sean R. Skrmetta Joseph L. Smith Patricia L. Spearman Justin D. Spinks MS II CONTRACTRD CADETS Sarah J. Debord Jeb S. Llewellyn Patrick J. Wall Matthew P. Woolsey MS I CONTRACTED CADETS Brooke A. Mitchke Andrew C. Wilson The Army ROTC is a pro- gram of leadership and mili- tary skills training. It oilers The University of Mississippi students the opportunity to serve as officers in the active Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard fol- lowing graduation. He ill -PHOTOS BY AMY BONDS ROTC ' V. FIRST PLATOON PLT CDR - Thomas, PLT SGT - Jarrett FIRST SQUAD Michaels, Fortenberry, Haley, Thompson. Felder SECOND SQUAD Nalley, Stanley, Van Dalsem, Bowman, Ollvhill THIRD SQUAD SSGT - Delara, OC - Triplett, SSGT- Duhon, SGT - Wahl, OC - Cycyk, SECOND PLATOON PLT CDR - Yates, PLT SGT Haarmami FIRST SQUAD Flores, Gilland, Doiron, Hodges, Sims SECOND SQUAD Schneider, Rials, Reilly, Hodge, Ourso THIRD SQUAD Smith, Hines, Powell, Welgan The mission of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps is to develop midshipmen morally, mentally, and physically to imbue them with the high- est ideals of duty, honor, and loyalty in order to commission college graduates s officers who possess a basic profes- sional background, are motivated oward careers in the Naval Service, and have a potential for future develop- ment in mind and character so as to assume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship, and government, STAFF CO - Evans, XO - Moore, OPS - Perkins, COCDR - Grissett, ATFTLOFF - Cromwell, BTL CHIEF - Carter, CO CHIEF -Gobin NOID PICTURES COURTESY NAVY ROTC r d wnizations BLUE GOLD SOCIETY III Jlue Gold Society is for Navy Option Midshipmen that all unit midshipmen may join. The society ' s purpose is to enhance the professional development of the midship- men while fostering unit cama- raderie. PRESIDENT- Patricia Haarmann, VICE-PRESIDENT- Christine Schneider. TREASURER-Mccabe Felder, SECRETARY - Anna Hodges MEMBERS- Donnell Evans. Michael Fortenberry, Latonia Oltyhill, Perry Perkins. Robert Thompson, Thomas Bowman. Christopher Carter, David Jarrett, Joseph Michaels, William Van Dalsem, David Nalley. Mario Flores, Marc Hines, Cedric Hodge, Joseph Powell, Meredith Reilly, Christopher Rials, Christine Schneider, Bradford Sims, Jonathon Smith, Michael Welgan MARINERS The Ole Miss Mariners is an organization that works with the Navy ROTC. Their activities include helping the Navy ROTC with training exercises, planning social events, and community serv- ice projects. Mariners involves meeting new people, making a differ- ence in the community, and having fun. -PICTURE COURTESY OF MARINERS OFFICERS - ADVISOR - Gunnery Sargent T.J. Rupert, PRESIDENT - Lynn Woo, Vice President - Jennifer Boyd, TREASURER - Emily Emigh MEMBERS- Erin Williams, Laura Colinet, Courtney Losset, Karen Johnson, Mindy Gibson, Lisa Ernis, Cindy Herbert, Jennifer Jefcoats The Business School Advisory Board consists of representatives from each of the 14 business organizations, the Business School President, and represen- tatives of the Dean and School of Business Administration. Since 1991, the board has acted as a liaison between the students body and the Business School Administration -RYAN P1ERINI PRESIDENT- Elton O ' Neal VICE PRESIDENT- Timothy Hotard COMMITTEE MEMBERS - Stan Black, Jennifer Edmonds, Will Pepper. Arnan Boles, Jonathon Bishop. Will McDonald, Kelly Jones. Breck Hines, Robert Jackson, Michael Thompson, Maria Johnson. Kelley Jones, Johnathan Bishop, Lee Smith Jeremy Bartow B(ue Cjofd Society, Simper Ti, ' Mariners, ' Business School Student ' Advisory ' Bo i WjW The Ole Miss Gospel Choir started as the Black Student Union Choir in 1 974. Today, it has emerged as the University of Mississippi Gospel Choir and, more importantly, the first college gospel Choir to sign with a major gospel record label. This student run organization has faithfully sung the Lord ' s praises for the last 25 years. Generations of African American students have found fellowship, sup- port, and inspiration as they have strived for musical and academic excel- lence. ADVISORS- Dr. Ethel Young-Minor, Lloyd Holmes DIRECTOR- Thomas Dee HEAD MUSICIAN- Zeke Listenbee PRESIDENT- Christi Richardson VICE PRESIDENT- Calvin Ellis SECRETARY- Jauna Chatman TREASURER- Chaqueta Weston SOPRANOS SECTION LEADERS- Vinessa Merrell and Javon Williams Tiffany Bullock, Jauna Chatman, Tonya Collins, Tonya Gray, Crystal Grayson, Tiffany Harris, Delores Hoskins, Coronda Kidd, Tiffani Norman, Vidalia Sanders, Sara Smith, Dee Thomas, Shanika Ward, Chaqueta Weston, Kimberly Weston, Tycin Williams, Bernadette Wilson, Taiya Woods ALTOS SECTION LEADER- Linda Mullins Brandy Barnett, Monica Barnett, Shetwan Bobo, Regenia Bogan, Carmen Brooks, Keena Brown, Elisha Dameron, Rosalind Diilion, Renetha Frierson, Keyonda Gardner, Jacinta Hall, Chitwita Herrod, Latasha Jones, Canetha Kimble, Bridget Knight, Kimberly Knight, Kisha McNulty, Tamika Montgomery, Pamela Moore, -PICTURE COURTESY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI GOSPEL CHOIR Renee Redd, April Rembert, Christi Richardson, Latonya Slater, Brandie Tallie, Sydnis Townsend, Chamara Vaughn, Christin Webb, Willette Woods TENORS SECTION LEADERS- Ron Briggs and Marales Mobley Marlon Bankhead, Donald Boyd, Desman Cooley, Calvin Ellis, Ti Ford, Jason Gordon, Michael Jones, Kellen Kitchens, Daniel Landrum, Tejuan Leland, Patricia Satterwhite, Lavee Sims, Antonio Wilson, Kenorus Wilson, Chris Yancy BASSES SECTION LEADER- Dereck Barr Elishua Boles, James Ezell, Jr., Ant wan Moore, Justin Wright, Jr. Organizations SIGMA SOCIETY -PHOTO BY SCOTT HOPKINS The Lambda Sigma Society is a national honor society for sophomore men and women. PRESIDENT Drew Snider VICE PRESIDENT Bentley Harris SECRETARY Staci Henson TREASURER Marshall Rivers ADVISOR Lloyd Holmes I Morrow Bailey, Ashley Bowman, Megan Brown, Andrew Bryant, Kristin Clad well, Regina Covington, Carla Crosby, Jake Dickerson, Emily Edge, Erin Findley, Jessica Foshee, Sarah French, Renetha Frierson, Trey Hankins, Bentley Harris, Staci Henson, Elizabeth Holcolm, Sarah Hooper, Dave Hotard, Melissa Huling, Tom Ireland, Elizabeth Johnson, Bradley Kellum, Mary Mills Lane, Mary Ellen Maples, Matt McKenzie, Molly McKenzie. Kelly McLennan, Katherine Patterson, Yolonda Richmond, Marshall Rivers, Gabe Roberts, Amy Roebuck, Chandler Rogers, Beth Rush, Laura Sanders, Isla Schuchs, Meredith Skelton, Latonya Slater, Drew Snider. Sarah Stevens, Elizabeth Sutliff, Scott Thomlinson, Melinda Trotter, Melanie Tyner, Andrew White, Trent Yates, Tripp Yates, Mathis Young ' Lambda Siama Society ij -PHOTO BY THORNTON STUDIOS The Society of Human Resource management is a professional organ- ization devoted to enhance the knowledge and educational experi- ence of students interested in Human Resource Management. Recipients of the 1999-2000 Superior Merit Award, the Society of Human Resource Management was nationally recognized for out- standing professional activities. SHRM is committed to helping students at Ole Miss by providing guest speakers, company tours, and numerous networking opportunities. PRESIDENT Jennifer Edmonds VICE PRESIDENT Arnan Boles TREASURER Maria Johnson Dee Dee Burt Brooke Curry John Beat Brock Norris Steven Dunn Marcus Luckett Chuck Tomlinson BETA SIGMA -PHOTO BY THORNTON STUDIOS Tau Beta Sigma is the national honorary sorority, established in March of 1946 at Oklahoma State University, for college and university bandswomen. The Beta Tau chapter was founded at the University of Mississippi on April 19, 1959. Tau Beta Sigma is a non-profit organization focused on promot- ing service and excellence for the ippi band tms which include the Pride of the South Marching band, able, and University Symphonic band. PRESIDENT Amanda VVuhl VICE PRESIDENT Sarah Christopher TREASURER Jill Ward SECRETARY Mai-sha Russell SARGEANT i MS Katie Bradshaw HISTORIAN Amclic Nolen iionds. Brcnna Carrigan, Olivia Lancaster, Tiffany Johnson, Melinda Downing, Anna McGahcy. Kim mber Cannon, Jennifer Shircy, Kieshahn Koepp. Amanda Joy DonnaJIy, Courtney Windsor, Michelle Sommerfield, Katie Walters. Stephanie Pace. Mara Villa, Paige upil. Marie Loyd mccy, inner. Tera r Hannah Fellows, k Kim Lindsay. Elizabeth Trah The nations second oldest honor society, Tau Beta Pi, rec- ognizes outstanding engineering students and professionals while encouraging them to par- ticipate in the college commu- nity, and non-technical fields. PRESIDENT Brandon Skelton VICE PRESIDENT Jeremy Smith SECRETARY Julie Charvat TREASURER Markeeva Morgan ADVISOR Dr. Ellen Lackey Christopher Clark, Andrew Richardson. Jon Wilson, Adam Austin. Julie Charvat. Melissa English, Robert Garrett, Bryant Glisson. Kyle Hathaway, Bradley Howard, Amber Miller, David Morgan. Markeeva Morgan, Hirak Pradhan. Andrea Reiss, Whit Robertson, Emery Sayre. Brandon Skelton, Jeremy Smith, Matthew Stine, William Vaughan, Cody Wilson, Leah Worrel, Clint Jeffus SOCIAL WORK ORGANIZATION The Student Social Work Organization is a volunteer group through which stu- dents can develop a support network of peers, develop skills in organization, leader- ship, and voluntcerism. The students provide social work visibility in the Oxford- Lafayette community as they each provide at least 20 hours of volunteer work per semester. The organization also provides input into the Department of Social Work ' s operations and offerings. PHOTO BY THORNTON STUDIOS PRESIDENT David Laird. VICE PRESIDENT - Julie Knott. SECRETARY - Chassity Smith, TREASURER Patton. PUBLICITY CHAIR- Denisc Lloyd, SOCIAL CHAIR - Julia DcLapp. SERVICE CHAIR- Matt Cassada. VOLUNTEER CHAIR - Jodi Baniett, Sherry Carr, Veronica Haynes, Jill Collins i Lautosha Rudd. Davis Heard. Gwen Reed. Anne Destcfanis, Jennifer Boyd. Meg Gicselmann. Allison Pope. Angela Adams. Molly Canwright, Denise Small. Ralein Keisling, Kathy Ead Williams. Sundia Bennett. Sarah Greene. Kelly Bradway. Samantha Jenkins, Leslie Bowers, Amanda Newton, Ashley Minyard. Michelle Reynolds. Anne Sobotka, Devin rtson, Stephanie Johi Jennifer Hanna, Glcnda Tedford. Bryan Estcs, Beth Loudermilk. Kim Smith. Zeandrea Cole. Whitl Childress, Amy Brown. Chris Lancaster, Ellen N Christina Chapieis, Michelle Ray, Tera Hai Mitchell. Brittney Aldey. Erin Marrill. Kevin Wells, Hollie JefTery, Felicia King. T.J. Hav ta Stanford Organizations CLUB The Financier ' s Club is a stu- dent run organization that pro- motes interest and develops con- tacts in the field of finance. Through guest speakers and tours, the club helps students understand career opportunities in finance. ADIVSOR Dr. Bob Edmister -PHOTO BY THORNTON STUDIOS PRESIDENT Stan Black VICE PRESIDENT Derek Knepple SECRETARY TREASURER Lauren Ephgrave JUNIOR VICE PRESIDENT Elizabeth Johnson KARATE INSTRUCTORS James Reid Bobby Tubbs Tim Simmons Phil Wells Tim Simmons TREASURER George Nock The Ole Miss Karate Club was established as an Isshin-ryu club in September 1975 when Bob Nance came to Ole Miss and brought with him the teachings of Isshin-ryu Karate. The club is a member of the Isshin Kai and the Okinawa Karate Kobudo Kokusai Tomo No Kai. The club ' s purpose is to study Isshin-ryu Karate, Okinawa Kobudo, improve health and increase self-defense awareness. Classes are held in the Turner Center dance studio. ADVISOR HEAD INSRUCTOR Cherry Douglas TECHNICAL ADVISOR Arsenio Advincula Financier ' s Club, Ole ' Miss ' Kami — .. CAPTAINS Maggie Holland Jamie Wicker CO-CAPTAINS Wendy Bowlin Laura-Murphy Gay Tara Madsen, Molly Rector, Tomica McNeil, Becky Bounds, Melissa Paulson, Kelly Williams, Lauren Kramer, Heather Russell, Erin Pigford, Carmen Keys, Casey Franco, Jessica Fiechtl, Julie Hataway, Crystal Jordan, Heather Burton, Leslie Woods, Erin Simms, Julie Gardino The Rebelettes, coached by Katie Yarborough, are consid- ered to be one of the top colle- giate dance programs in the nation. On football weekends the Varsity Rebelettes can be found in the Grove performing their pre-game pep-rally, and at the stadium cheering on the Rebels. The Rebelettes also love being a part of the SEC men ' s basketball action. -PHOTOS COURTESY OF MISSY REID VARSITY REBELETTES ie Junior varsity Rebelettes are a group of 14 to 16 tal- ented dancers chosen by competitive auditions each September. The squad takes to the court for men ' s and women ' s basketball games in the spring. The squad also holds the distinction of being invited by the SEC to per- form at the women ' s SEC basketball tournament for four consecutive years. 1 COACH Missy Reid NOT PICTURED Audrey Allen Marian Mavromatis, Amy Holmes, Nikki Bender, Elaine Ichniowski, Kelli O ' Brien, Elizabeth Casali, Jessica Dowd, Sarah Scheldt, Andi Riess, Sue Ellen Meek, Sally Wicker, Morgan Futrell, Catherine Covington, Erin Riess, Tiffany Holliday Organizations CHRISTIANS University Christians are members of a campus ministry group. Diverse in backgrounds, they arc united in their desire to honor Jesus Christ in their lives. -PHOTO COURTESY OF GLEN HENTON Airmee Hall, Amanda James, Billy Crabtree, Brittany Thorn, Chring Zhu, Glen Simmons, Jason Martin, John Bienvenu, J.R. Duke, Kevin Kennedy, Leah Hale, Matt Cole, Nate Bailey, Rob Simpson, Steven Burton, Valerie Weedman, Alisha Holder, Ann Davis, Bradley Kellum, Brooke Lawrence, Chris Martin, Greg Hatchett, Jennifer Drewery, John Massie, Katy Genton, Lana Pepper, Lori Pickens, Micah Horton, nathan Pitner, Sara Feher, Titus Queen, Wheeler Howard, Allen Drewery, Ashley McBride, Brett Davis, Chad Dixon, Dave Peters, Jaromy Kuhl, Jennifer Hanna, Jonathon Pharr, Kedall Phillips, Lanie Brooks, Luke Kellum, Molly Covington, Nic Lott, Sarah Beasley, Toria Chatman, Yanhai Sun, Allison Graddy, Bert Phillips, Brian Dahl, Chalis Pomeroy, Glen Coleman, Jasmyne Searcy, Jeremy Rutherford, Jordan Pitner, Ken Montgomery, LaShawn Stewart, Lyle Strickland, Natalie Cobb, Peter Johnson, Sarah Dill, Trenika Mitchell INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS i 1 v?. EMISSARY OFFICERS -PHOTO BY THORNTON STUDIOS The University of Mississippi American Institute of Chemical Engineers student chap- ter was founded in 1955. Its purpose is to promote excellence in chemical engineering education and practice. Blair Bannerman, Shannon Barr, Kevin Block, Jeremy Boler, Keith Conner, Derek Englert, Melissa English, Emily Finch, Rachael Goodwin, Trey Hankins, Kyle Hathaway, Jared Holland, Tiffany Johnson, Ket-Mai Lai, Matt Lambert, Andi Lea, David Lee, Preston Lee, David Morgan, Jaime Rench, Andrea Riess, Erin Riess. Whit Robertson, Chun Hwa See, Tiffany Smith, Brent Springer, Yongquiang Tan, Mike Williams, Leah Worrel -PHOTO BY THORNTON STUDIOS PRESIDENT - Robert Jackson, CHIEF OF OPERATIONS - Meredith Skelton, CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER - Narci Darvish, SECRETARY - Hunter Stuckey, SPECIAL EVENTS CHAIRMAN - Sha Snider, PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN - Lucy Matusiewicz Elton O ' Neal, Brooke Hurlbut, Todd Rowland, Nikki Evans, Stan Black, Randy Newman, Joey Wiggins, Justin Croft, Will Pepper, Elizabeth Johnson, Keith Burba, Andrew Bryant, Angie Nail, Melissa Furlong, Brenylle Lofton, Jeremy Allen, Emily Johns, Carly Peterson, Robert Barlow tlniversity Christians, ' American Institute of Chemical ' Engineers, Chief ' Emissary Officers • EPSILON DELTA The Mississippi chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta, a national honorary society for pre-med- ical pre-dental and other quali- fied pre-health students, was chartered at Ole Miss in 1938. The goals of the organization are to encourage and recognize scholastic excellence and leader- ship among students, to provide activities which support their goals, and to serve the health care needs of the campus com- munity. -PHOTO BY THORNTON STUDIOS ADVISOR Dr. James O ' Neal PRESIDENT Anna Pope VICE PRESIDENT John Sandifer SECRETARY Brad Ingram TREASURER Brock Sansing OUTREACH CHAIR Jeremiah Harris FRESHMAN CHAIR Don Ross TRANSFER CHAIR Brad Creel PROGRAM CHAIR Carly Brown HISTORIAN Mollie Smith INTERNET CHAIR Clay Borden MINORITIES CHAIR Keyana Mitchell MARKETING ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT Kelley Jones VICE PRESIDENT Meg Richards VICE PRESIDENT OF PROGRAMS Organizations Azure Yates VICE PRESIDENT OF ADVERTISING Chris Sparks VICE PRESIDENT OF CAREERS The American Marketing Association is an international professional organization for people involved in the prac- tice study and teaching of marketing. The organization strives to advance the science and ethical practice of its member ' s marketing ideas. It spreads the ideas of marketing for a greater good. -PHOTO BY THORNTON STUDIOS Michael Williamson VICE PRESIDENT OF COMMUNICATIONS Erin Roark MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN Stephanie McClinton SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS Lauren Averill, Van Gilbert, Robert Hunt, Joseph Hitt, Upendra Joshi, Yeap Cheng Kean, Yure Kuljis, Jessica Landry, Yiqin Li, Amber Miller, Lia Ricalde, Peechara Dhiraj Rao, Emery Sayre, Saroj Shrestha, Prabin Trladhar, Omar Uddin, Nanagiri Yamini Varma, Cody Wilson, Jeff Ward, David Carroll, Richard Mestayer, Fatou Bayo PRESIDENT James Caughorn VICE PRESIDENT Xan Cutcliff EPSILON Dr. Chris Mullen PRESIDENT Van Gilbert VICE PRESIDENT Amber Miller SECRETARY Emery Sayre EDITOR Codv Wilson The American Society of Civil Engineers provides civil engi- neering students with opportuni- ties to develop relationships with fellow students, faculty, and professionals. The Ole Miss student chapter participates in such activities as the ASCE Southeast Regional competition and the Adopt-A-Highway pro- gram sponsored by the Mississippi Department of Transportation. -PHOTO BY THORNTON STUDIOS ADVISOR Dr. Brian Barkdell TREASURER Rob Screws SECRETARY Lucy Phillips The Chi Epsilon is a civil engi- neering honor society that repre- sents the top third of students enrolled in civil engineering class- es. The Ole Miss chapter was founded in 1937 as the four- teenth chapter in the United States. The groups objectives are to maintain and promote the status of civil engineering as a profes- sion at the University of Mississippi, to bestow honor upon civil engineering juniors, seniors, and graduate students who have demonstrated excep- tional scholarship, and to develop the qualities of character and sociability in each member in the chapter. -PHOTO BY THORNTON STUDIOS ' American Society of Civil ' Engineers, Chi Epsilon W1A STUDENT SSOCIATION PRESIDENT Patrick Cheng Yee VICE PRESIDENT Jessy Lai SECRETARY Jaycee Tee TREASURER Denis Chin PUBLIC RELATIONS Jennifer Yacharn ACTIVITY OFFICER Steve Ong ACTIVITY OFFICER Andrew Simon The Malaysian Student Association was founded in 1989 and has since given Malaysian students studying abroad an opportunity to share academic and social experiences with stu- dents of other cultures. The stu- dents of the MSA organizes an annual campus event known as " Malaysian Night " . This event showcases the multicultures of Malaysia as well as to provide a sample of Malaysian cuisine to all who attend. MSA hopes to add definition to the already unique blend of culture that exists in the University. -PHOTO BY THORNTON STUDIOS SILVER WINGS Evelyn Chan, Chan Chung Yong, Paul Chin, Chiok Kal Yong, Choong Aik Min, Goh Siew Lian, Raymond Khoo, Lim Ching Sia, Lim Teck Yong, Lye Chuan Heng, Jerrold Ng, Melanie Phoon, Pun Yen Ling, See Chun Hwa, Su Hsiao Ting, Tan Gek Yee, Tang Ting Wee, Wong Joo Guan, Kenneth Wong GAMMA SIGMA ££) Angel Flight Silver Wings is a national, co-ed, profes- sional organization in affilia- tion with the Air Force. It is dedicated to creating proactive, knowledgeable, and effective civic leaders through community service and education about nation- al defense. PHOTOS BY THORNTON STUDIOS PRESIDENT - Patricia Thornton, VICE PRESIDENT - Sarah Sprinkle, SECRETARY - Sarah Reynolds, TREASURER - Jessica Drewery, CHAPTER DEVELOPMENT - Blair Bannerman, ACTIVITIES OFFICER - Susan Inchcombe Sarah Christopher, Theresa Yancey Students elected to membership in Beta Gamma Sigma are recognized with the highest national honor that a student in business or man- agement at an AACSB accredited institution can attain. They are truly " the best in business " . tESlDENT - Breck Hincs. VICE PRESIDENT - Mary Foust, ADVISOR - Dr. Ann Canty, Alicia Appelbec, Lindsey Atkins, Larry Baily. .lonathon Bishop. Dyron Brown, Kristina Brown. Mohammad Bsat, Jennifer Cado, Anon Buchanan. Jefferson Carter, Breuion Cunningham. 1 leather Deaton, Jennifer Edmonds. Rosemary Either, Courtney Hays. Andre Honoree, Timothy Hotard, Neal Jackson, Emily Johns, Ian Kendall, Anna Matusiewit James McKnight. Johnna Norman, Jennifer Olive, David Pritchctt, Adrienne Purdum, Sarah Robcy. Amanda Robins. Elliot Russell. Sara Schaubcrgcr, Andrew Scot!, Prentiss Smith. Dave Splaingard, Stephen Slrombeck. William Stubbs, Micajah Sturdivanl, Tara Sudderth, Graham Sutliff. Gek Yee Tan. Michael Thompson. Mitchell Thwcatt. Charles Tomlinson, Jingyi Wang. Jason Wells. Johns Wells. Wendell Wiggins, Jack Wilson. Sarah Wong, Claire Yates Organization: UNITED NATIONS PRESIDENT Robyn Hagan 1st VICE PRESIDENT Luke Payne 2nd VICE PRESIDENT Joey Hammond PHOTO BY RYAN PIERINI SECRETARY Kristen Meehan TREASURER Elizabeth Blakey OFFICER-AT-LARGE Geoffrey Knight The University of Mississippi Model United Nations orgai tion is a special interest organiza- tion that affords members the opportunity to learn more about international affairs, diplomacy, and the United Nations. Ole Miss students participating in MUN attend conferences at the state, regional, and national lev- els. In its three years on campus, UM Model UN has received numerous awards for its work from the Southern Regional Model United Nations Conference and the Mississippi State University Model Security Council. ADVISORS Alan Man waiting Tim Nordstrom KAPPA PSI Sigma Alpha Iota, an international women ' s music fraternity, began at the University School of Music in Ann Arbor, MI in 1903. The Ole Miss Alpha Omega chapter strives to involve itself in all aspects of the musical life of the uni- versitv. PRESIDENT - Elizabeth McFarland SECRETARY - Emmy Parks TREASURER - Joanna Rochester ADVISORS - Dr. Laura Levy, Dr. Carol Dale, Dr. Cynthia Linton Emily Cooke, Suzanne Demarche, Hannah Fellows, Heather Henry, Jennifer Hodges, Melva James, Kieshahn Koepp, Brooke Lummus, Amy Rains, Amber Ryan, Jennifer Shirev, Ashley Tanner, Amanda Wahl, Jill Ward Kappa Kappa Psi, on campus since 1 948, is an honorary service organization whose sole purpose is to serve the university band program through serv- ice projects, fundrais- ers, social events, and other projects as needed. PRESIDENT Richard Shirev VICE PRESIDENT Zeke Listenbee -PHOTO BY AMY BONDS SECRETARY Scott Nielson TREASURER Jared Bauman ADVISOR David Willson Clay Barrett. Steve Beitz. John Black. Jeff Davis, Tejuan Leland, Brent Springer. Matt McDonald. Jody Sarith, Jeff Tilghman lAodei United Nations, Sigma ( A(yfia ' lota, %am a %appa Tsi © ASSOCIATION Scot Stretch, Shukrit Chi mote, Stan Cook, -photo by ryan pierini Bo Orintas, Carolyn Stockton, Billy Meyers, Jessica Ridgway, Meg Hodges, Ally Hanson, Heather O ' Donnell, Terri Hudson, Bryan Rutledge, Rob Sutton, Frankie Gulledge, Steve Dunn, Davis Amman, Jim Marshall, Craig Cooper, Lacey Smith, Jennifer Strode, Scott Day, Jay Walker, Julie Cline, John Rouse, Marcus Luckett, Derrick Huntley, Matt Lott, Robby Corley, Steve Griner, Russ Bailess, Rachel Huff, Stewart Copenhaver, Charlie Moutoux, Tara Blaylock, John Watson Galloway, Bridget Tatum, Jennifer Hux, Paul Maschek, Mickey Paduda, Leiah Parham, Ashley Wilson The MBA Association is wholly represented by MBA students and acts as the gov- erning body for the Ole Miss MBA program. The primary responsibilities of the MBA Association are to organize student events, promote the Ole Miss MBA program, address student concerns, and contribute to our com- munity. PRESIDENT Rob Corley VICE PRESIDENT Bryan Rutledge TREASURER Bo Orintas SOCIAL CO-CHAIRMAN Carolyn Stockton SOCIAL CO-CHAIRMAN Scott Day MODELING BOARD fr) Org The Ole Miss Italian Club ' s purpose is to foster an understand- ing of and opportuni- ties for Italian culture, history, and language among the student body. ■aanizations PRESIDENT Todd Frier VICE PRESIDENT Jason Savarese TREASURER Shaddox Cox SECRETARY Anna Cabell Modeling Board is a highly selective organization that chooses many women based on their poise, self-confi- dence, and modeling experience. The board puts on two to three fashion shows a year involving many stores from around the Oxford community. Keita Anderson, Laura Beth Boothe, Carmen Brookes, Bess Coles, Leah Dansby, Latoya Elliot, Renetha Frieson, Meredith Hankins, Tasha Harris, Rasheeda Heard, Amy Holmes, Tessa Hughes, Diala Husni, Carmen Keys, Karen King, Natosha Lampkin, Tomica McNeil, Margie Meyers, Meredith Padalino, Latisha Pollard, Lavee Sims, Ashley Tanner, Temesha Triplett, Mary Elizabeth Whatley, Alexandria White. Denise Williams STUDENT SENATE Jacob Patton VP FINANCE Caroline Tendall VP COMMUNITY OUTREACH Kristin Caldwell VP INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES Laura Congleton EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT OZ Hall III SENATORS-AT-LARGE Zach Jones, Isla Schuchs, ■ ■ ■ i r - VTIONAL .p„0T0 COURTESY OF JACOB PATON Marty O ' Rear, Chris Lamont, Laura Ledford VP PROGRAMMING PUBLIC RELATIONS Steven King The Croft Student Senate benefits students of the Croft Institute for International Studies by informing them of recreational and academic opportunities locally and abroad. Throughout the year, the Senate plans a variety of pro- grams and events including stu- dent retreats, a " conversation partner " program with interna- tional students, and several global-themed events such as Wherefair and World Fest. In addition, the Croft Student Senate represents the Croft stu- dent body in communicating their interests and ideas to the directors of the institute. STUDENT BODY The Associated Accounting Student Body is an organization comprised of students in the E.H. Patterson School of Accountancy at Ole Miss. The organization acts as a communication medium to inform students in the field of Accounting. The officers also participate in special events sponsored by the School of Accountancy. -PHOTO COURTESY OF TREY JONES PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Trey Jones Charles Marion Kannan Stubbs Wayne Hopkins Mary Martha Faust Crc t Student Senate, ' Accounting Student ' Body • IOTA SIGMA PRESIDENT Will McDonald VICE PRESIDENT CAREER DEVELOPMENT Ross Webster VICE PRESIDENT INDUSTRY RELATIONS Nolan Andrews ICE PRESIDENT COMMUNICATIONS Jay Teague VICE PRESIDENT FINANCE Phuong Truong Gamma Iota Sigma is a national collegiate insurance fraternity. The purpose of Gamma Iota Sigma is to improve the quality of insur- ance education and to serve as a liaison between the campus and the insurance industry. The Ole Miss chapter of Gamma Iota Sigma is sponsored by the chair of Insurance Excellence, Dr. Larry Cox, and is open to all insurance majors who are in good standing with the university. -PHOTO BY THORNTON STUDIOS ADVISOR Dr. Larry Cox OXFORD MAGAZINE Know Oxford is a completely student staffed magazine. Circulated in Oxford and the surrounding areas, Know Oxford provides information on everything from education to entertainment in town. Published bi-annuaily, Know Oxford supplies readers with information for leisure, inter- est, and even necessity. ADVISOR Dr. Samir Husni raanizations LE MISS The Student Alumni Council connects the students of Ole Miss with University alumni. The main focus of SAC is its mentor pro- gram, which involves pairing members with alumni who share career interests. By working together and discussing ideas or problems, the stu- dent can be made aware of job opportunities previously unknown to him or her. It also helps the student learn what is required of him or her after graduation. The SAC also works with the University ' s recruitment team by visiting high schools around the state, writing letters, and making phone calls to prospective students. SAC actively participates in Homecoming and other activities and programs that arise throughout the academic year. Jarrett Amerman, Steve Ansuini, Emily Barnes, Reeca Broadway. Je Brown, Stephanie Bullard, Hays Burchfield, Jenny Cameron, Eric Coleman, Lisa Compton, Mary Cooke, Aicha Davis, Tracie Denny, Carter Dobbs, Ashlee Douglas, Amanda Downing, Emily Emigh, Nikki Evans. Carla Fair, LaToya Funchess, Kara Giessner, Megan Hafner, Melinda Hare, Tate Hoblon, Jo Ellen Hendrix, Cindy Hubbard, Emily Johns, Elizabeth Johnson, Lauren Johnson, Michelle Jue, Tiffany Jue, Bridget Knight, Stacey Koon. Elizabeth Lee, Katie Lofton, Sha Moore, Aaron Nash, Johnna Norman, DiAnne Owen, Melody Petty, Kelly Phillips, Samantha Ramirez, Trace Randall, Amy Roebuck, Cantrice Sample, Marti Sanders, Candie Simmons, Ebony Sims, Jessica Smith, Devi Stoltz, Sue Ellen Taylor, Sumeka Thomas, Sydnia Townsend, Hope Walker, John Walker, Tiffany Weiss . VICE PRESIDENT INTERNAL Trace Randall VICE PRESIDENT EXTERNAL LaToya Funchess SECRETARY TREASURER Megan Hafner ADVISOR Tom Black Student ' Afumni Councif ffi vC lxl-e, y t_-c-o-c - Candids NATIONAL -PHOTO COURTESY OF DR. ROBERT SINDELAR Gina Starnes Abbey, Abigail Bowen, Julie Newton, Dale Flesher, Tyler Hodeges, Joey Wiggins, Euphiazene Gray, Bob Sindelar, Michael Dean, Joan Wyiie Hall, Rebecca Moreton, James W. Davis, Morris Stocks, Joe Mulrooney, Colby Kullman The National Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, founded in 1897, was originated by a group of students who felt the need to recog- nize scholarship in all disciplines. The socie- ty was soon transformed into a national organization by action of a committee com- posed of the presidents of the University of Maine, The University of Tennessee, and Pennsylvania College. The University of Mississippi Chapter was chartered in May 1959 as the 77th chapter of Phi Kappa Phi. Today, there are approxi- mately 250 chapters in the 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. To qualify for membership, undergraduates must be seniors or second-semester juniors with high standards of scholarship and char- acter. Graduate students and students in pro- fessional schools must have distinguished records, placing them among the ablest in their classes. Faculty members must have made significant contributions to their disci- plin PHI KAPPA PHI OFFICERS PRESIDENT Michael Dean, Ph.D VICE PRESIDENT Robert Sindelar, Ph.D SECRETARY Euphiazene B. Gray TREASURER Dale L. Flesher, Ph.D EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS H. Dale Abadie, Ph.D James W. Davis, Ph.D Joan W. Hall, Ph.D Rebecca Moreton Morris Stocks, Ph.D Colby Kullman HONOR VICE PRESIDENTS Kathryn Batte Jesse Brummett Matthew Council Alison Dickey Andrea Fun- Julie Hockaday Angela Innman Stephen King Ryan Palmer Emily Phillips Brian Smith [ilo OvciciuizcH HONOR SOCIETY PIIOKIV Let tfie Love of Learning ' Rule ' Humanity LIBERAL ARTS Regina Stames Abbey Gerald Abdalla, Jr. Mary Bass Rebecca Blossom Benjamin Bryant Christy Campbell Heather Chambl James Collins Jamie Cummings Christine Gunther Virginia Hazard Sarah Ann Hick, Michael Howell Rachael Hutchins Stephanie Ingram Henry Johnson Joshua Linds, Wanda Logan Michael Martz Merissa Melton Douglas Miller Jessica Mitchell Micah Monaghan Man Pamela Murphy Carrie Murrah Julie Newton Laura Pa Tie Anthony Plohetski Margaret Povall Jeremy Powell Sara Powers Misty Rea Christine Reiland Brock Sansing Jacob Spenser Holly Storms Jennifer Trapp Mary Warren Michael Williams Lucinda Windham Joshua Wren Anna Carter Gina William Stubbs Mitchell Thweatt Jamie Wicker Jack Wilson Bl SI ESS IIMl ISTItAT10 Sara Han Breck Hines Ian Kendall ma Matusiewicz Joseph Mulrooney. Ill Amanda Robins Prentiss Smith David Splaingard Micajah Sturdivant Graham SutlifT Gek-Yee Tan Wendall Wiggins Clare Yal EDUCATION Julie Downs Anna Fletcher Candice Hargett Nail Ammie Riley Jason Wilkins EJUilO Shafiullah ler an Julie Char a Engl; Robert Garrett. Jr. Hirak Pradhan m Rag- Stine PHARMAC1 Kelley Chiaventone Kevin Keeton OR VIII ATE SI IIOOL Patricia Boudreaux Coronica Hall Carla JeflV Zhihai Liu irgaret McGehee cuner Donna Noe Baoping Shang Rona Skinner ki Tanaka Tamara Waldrop artha Wilson Richard Windham gela Winfi LAW Susan O ' N Aileen Ajootian Glenn Hopkins Brenda Rober rv Stuc- STUDENT The Associated Student Body of the University of Mississippi is comprised of the undergraduate, Graduate, Law, and Pharmacy students enrolled on the Oxford campus. The Associated Student Body aims to deal with stu- dent affairs, perpetrate the traditions of the university, promote the best understanding between faculty and students, and to supervise student activity so that it may be conducted or the best interest of the student body as a whole. Created in 1951 by the adoption of the ASB con- stitution, the ASB pro- motes the welfare of each student attending this institution, allowing maxi- mum personal, social and political development in the Ole Miss student. The ASB is organized along the pattern of our national government, with the executive branch over- seen by the ASB president, the legislative branch over- seen by the vice president and the judicial branch overseen by the judicial chairman. BODY A SB CABINET ASB PRESIDENT Nic Lott CHIEF OF STAFF Gabe Roberts EXECUTIVE LIASON Clarence Webster III PUBLIC RELATIONS J anna Brown DIRECTOR OF CAMPUS AFFAIRS Jonathan Werne Annabeth Freeman ATTORNEY GENERAL Casey O ' Shea DIRECTOR OF STANDING COMMITTEES Jeremy Martin DIRECTOR OF STUDENT SERVICES Scott Walker DIRECTOR OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Monica Morrison EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTS Robyn Hagan Erskine Smith •AS ' B Cabinet ® AFFAIRS The Department of Campus Affairs holds the duties of rep- resenting the Student Body in all aspects of student life on campus. The department is composed of two communities which play specific roles within the workings of the following areas: Oxford liaison, responsi- ble for the coordinate of a reception between the ASB and the Oxford-Lafayette public officials to promote good rela- tions; the placement of student representatives on the Oxford Board of Alderman and the Oxford Chamber of Commerce; activity fee advisement to the Vice-Chancellor of Student Life in matters concerning the activity fees and as how best to allocate these additional funds; athletic advisement to the University of Mississippi Athletic Department on issues such as student ticket prices, security at sporting events, and student seating; and human relations, which was created to help the University ' s efforts to promote better relations and mutual understanding between students of differing racial, eth- nic, gender, and cultural back- grounds to participate in the ASB government. CO-DIRECTOR Jonathon Werne Anna Boykin Karen Bryant Hays Burchfield Amy Hutchins Amber Gillock Lee Ann Jarrett Cindy Jones Keyana Jordan Steven King Sara Lammel Mary Lindsey CO-DIRECTOR Annabeth Freeman Angel McCollough Tricia McDowell Michele Moll Dianne Owen Jennifer Owen Abby Pate Simonee Patton Carter Payne Laura Sanders Aaron Thompson Jason Thompson Allison Weakley %P Orgai mzations EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Each spring the newly elected ASB Vice President appoints a ten-member council to serve as a liaison between the Administration and the President of the ASB Senate. The council meets with the Vice President on a weekly basis to discuss upcoming Senate legislation for each ASB Senate meeting. VICE PRESIDENT Brynna Clark CAMPUS LIAISON Molly McKenzie LEGISLATOR MONITOR Kathleen Tonore PARLIAMENTARIAN Melissa Gong PUBLIC RELATIONS Mary Susan Jones SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Grant Joiner EXC LIAISON Clarence Webster COMMITTEE DIRECTOR Shaquinta Pickett READING CLERK Sha Moore -PHOTOS COURTESY OF MELISSA GONG SPECIAL ASSISTANTS Eric Shorter Andv Rice MEMBERS The ASB Senate is the law-making branch of the Associated Student Body. The 67-member Senate meets weekly to discuss matters that affect the campus and its stu- dents. Because of its ability to make changes concerning Ole Miss, it plays a vital role in the Ole Miss student government. Ryan Alien, Alicia Andrews, Nicole Babbitt, Jessica Banahan, Kelly Barry, Alan Bean, Harrison Bibb. Tommy Blake, Tyndale Brickey. Anne-Morgan Brookfield, Andrew Bryant, Andrew Buckley, Jack Byrne, Ross Coley, Winston Collier. Joshua Combes, Carla Crosby, Kara DeRoche, Jay Desai, Carter Dobbs, Ryan Dowler, Grant Gannon, Kara Giessner, Matt Grenfell, Patrick Guild, Hart Hazard, Louis Hengen, Elizabeth Holcombe, Nicholas Holtz, Tessa Hughes, Jim Jacobs, Brannon Kahlstorf, Steven King, Foster Knowles, Finy Koerner, Paxton Little, Josh Marino, Kristen McGraner, Matt McKenzie, Jim Morrison, Clifton Mostellar, Emily Nail, Ben Newton, Steven O ' Neal, Jennifer Owen, Lale Ozyurt, Corey Palmer, Carter Payne, Laura Piazza, Will Pieschel, Chad Pilcher, Ryan Pratt. Scott Pritchett, Haydn Roberts, Lindsey Sanders, David Shaw, Laura Shirley, Drew Snider, Brian Starling, Mary Linley Swaney, Cara-Ann Sumners, Sumeka Thomas, Melinda Trotter, Clark Trout, Cedric Washington, Andrew White, Denise Williams ' AS ' B Senate fit} SERVICES COMMITTEE DIRECTOR OF STUDENT SERVICES Scott Walker COMMITTEE CHAIR Sue Ellen Taylor Regina Covington Lee Esposito Marley Hogan Carly Peterson Andy Rice Allison Walker Jenny Zeleskey JUDICIAL MEMBERS Consisting of an elected chair, co-chair, and seven associate members, the stu- dent council has a jurisdic- tion over the ASB constitu- tion, all ASB elections, and any laws duly passed by the ASB Senate. Members of the ASB Judicial Council serve in their greatest capacity as the eight student representa- tives selected to preside on the University of Mississippi Judicial Board. The University Judicial Board is the highest tribunal at Ole Miss. Consisting of eight students and eight fac- ulty members under the advisement of the Dean of Students, the board decides all matters relative to the interpretation of the M- Book and any student revi- sions placed through the University Police Department, the board is a majority council and is directed by the ASB judicial chair. CHAIR VICE CHAIR Amelia Purser Keyana Mitchell James Blachly Robert Foster James Collins Henry Johnson Emily Cooke Sarah Hooper Mary Mills Lane i ' AS B Judicial Council ffi AFFAIRS COMMITTEE 11 The Associated Student Body Academic Affairs Committee assists the Academic Support Center in reaching out to fresh- man that have not selected majors. In addition, the Academic Affairs Committee continues to research on the Honor Code and Peer Consulting. The committee is responsible for the publi- cation of the Honor Societies guide. DIRECTOR OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Monica Morrison COMMITTEE CHAIR Tricia McDowell Jacinta Hall Corrinne Porr Laura Robey Blake Smith anu ionizations Kg w »W » aM The Associated Student Body office assistants aid the ASB officers and cabi- net members in any office or errand needs. Beth Rainwater Brigette Rankin Hannah Bryant Candler Enochs Lanitra Clark Chin Onwubiko Nadia Ahmed Aicha Davis Kristen Nedoma Lauren Spencer Jessica Dollar Anna Susan Boykin Jariat Oyetunji Ryan Annison Julie Westbrook ' AS ' B Office ' Assistants ALL ASSOCIATION NA BJjS Or The Residence Hall Association rep- resents all students living on the University of Mississippi campus. The primary objective is to enhance life within the halls. Each hall elects a hall council that, in conjunction with the executive board, make up the RHA general electing body. Hall councils work to develop program- ming within their halls. The general elective body works to produce cam- pus-wide events such as Fall Fest in October and Spring Break II in the week following spring break. Every year RHA sends delegates to regional and national conferences, SAACURH and NACURH, to interact with other schools and share ideas to bring back to the Ole Miss campus. Aside from the programming responsibilities, RHA also provides suggestions of pol- icy changes to the Department of Housing that better suit the needs of the residents. PRESIDENT Brooke Rankins VICE PRESIDENT Themesha Triplett SECRETARY Mariam Mosavizahed TIONAL COMMUNICATIONS LaShonda Jefferies, Chereda King, Izalda Badenhorst, Katrina Matthews, Kawana Moore, Monica Williams, Yick Ahuja, Justin R. Yasay, Jarod Zaiser, Theodore Jennings, Kyle Lewis, Dan Keyier, Reggie Abaeo, Connie Kraut, Anne Hamburger, Sula Vanderplank, Elizabeth Bigger, Kamilla Stokes, Keonna Starks, Courtney Hurd, Keloise Gates, Joy Douglas, Ebony Hatti x, William Miline, Chad Irving, Paul Cook, Ivan Gregory, Chris Yancey, Justin Lance, Andrew Wilson, Zachary Morrison, Rosanne Rutledge-Schmidt, Ashley Nance, Anna Fleming, Sara Bergandi -PHOTOS BY THORNTON STUDIOS COORDINATOR Jeremy Stewart FINANCE COORDINATOR Jason Whalum SECRETARY Mariam Mosavizahed PROGRAM COORDINATOR Nikki Gibbs NATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR IN TRAINING Stephen Brandon rganizations TRAFFIC APPEALS BOARD The Student Traffic Appeals Board is comprised of seven students who represent different aspects of student life. The Board meets regularly to hear and discuss parking citations appealed by students. ADVISOR Paula Park PRESIDENT John Revella SECRETARY Kerri McKnatt -PHOTO BY THORNTON STUDIOS Eric Shorter Hirak Pradhan Brad Palmertree Mike Fason Chandra Dorsey Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society is a professional organization committed to helping chemistry-related degree students and students just interested in chemistry, obtain experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences, to foster a pro- fessional spirit among the members, to instill professional pride, to foster an awareness of the responsibilities and challenges, and to have fun with chemistry. AFFILIATES OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY -PHOTO BY THORNTON STUDIOS PRESIDENT SECRETARY PUBLIC RELATIONS T.J. Riley Katie Shaffer Stutee Amin Brad Creel Melva James Nick Boudreaux Lisa Fedoroff VICE PRESIDENT TREASURER Anna Edwards Brooke Rankins Alex Fong Melissa Gronemeyer Jenni Perry Duane Rogers David Weldon Brian Hopkins Student Traffic ' Appeals ' Board, Student ' AJfiCiates of the ' American Chemical Society SB PROGRAMMING DIRECTOR Melissa Gong ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR Meghan Pittman DIVERSITY DIRECTOR Memory Fulton DIRECTORS OF ENTERTAINMENT Lisa Cain and Jim Dorrah DIRECTORS OF PAGEANTS Annabeth Freeman and Julie Westbrook DIRECTORS OF SPECIAL EVENTS Zakiyo Fields and Kelley Jones Tiffany Bullock, Christie Curry, Veronica Haynes, Marley Hogan, Angela Miller, Shaquinta Pruitt, Anne Russell, Samantha Scales, Tiffany Sharp, Joni Smart, Brandy Tallie, Shanika Ward, Christin Webb, Carter Dobbs, Leslie Cover, Jennifer Haily, Tamika McNeil EmRTMlEITCOMMi™ Courtney Christopher, Joe Coker, Ashley Cordua, Jessica Dollar, Rob Draughon, Michael Eason, Virginia Ewing, Mandy Fong, Angela Foster, Jen Halpern, Nicholas Holtz, Allison Mee, Joel Moore, Amy Newkirk, Jolyn Pittman, Clay Rhodes, Blake Smith, Daniel Snowden, Aaron Thompson, Jason Thompson ffi Oi -cjanizations BOARD The Student Programming Board is a stu- dent organization composed of four commit- tees - diversity, entertainment, pageants, and special events. The Diversity Committee attempts to promote cultural diversity on the Ole Miss campus through events such as Apollo Night and Village Fun Day. The Entertainment Committee is in charge of con- certs on campus, from 3 Doors Down in Tad Smith Coliseum, to Rumble in the Grove, to the Union Unplugged series every Thursday. It is the responsibility of the Pageants com- mittee to hold three pageants annually includ- ing Miss Ole Mister, Parade of Beauties, and Miss University. All of the events for home- coming week, Red and Blue Week, and fun single-day events on campus are organized by the Special Events Committee. Under the leadership of a nine-member board of directors, the SPB is funded by stu- dents, run by students, for the benefit of stu- dents. It is the job of the SPB to provide quality programs and entertainment for the Ole Miss student body. MM 1 rurrrr Sarah Beth Baily, Lee Bidwell, James Blachly, Shelley Cartwright, Roshelle Duren, Devario Hannah, Lisa Heros, Clare Holcomb, Ashley King, Avril Marshall, Sheri Ladner, Kyle Miller, Memory Nix, Rebecca Portis, Haydn Roberts, Latasha Sample, Monica Scioneaux, Hamilton Seale, Gretchen Segrest, Shelley Segrest, Caroline Sparks, Lindsey Stroup I) jriw ii. WWHV 1.1:, Carson Carney, Jason Clark, Tracie Denny, Haley Farris, Debbie Frazier, Renetha Frierson, Leigh Ann Gooch, Jennifer Good, Kendrick Greer, Linda Hausmann, George Haymans, Josie Herbert, Sara Lammel, Victoria Parchman, Amanda Poole, Kay Proctor, Adair Reid, Lindsay Sanders, Courtney Senter, Tracy Shiran, Brandy Stewart, George Wade, Shelton Windham Student ' Programming ' Board ® CATHOLIC STUDENT ASSOCIATION -PHOTO BY THORNTON STUDIOS Pictured: Ian Coleman, Anna McGahey, Jody Zschiedrich, Heather O ' Donnell, Jeffrey Brown, Jennifer Foil, Jennifer Flanner, Jennifer Torquiati, Matt Williams, Reagan Levitiotis, Amanda Wahl (VICE PRESIDENT), Charles Sabatier (PRESIDENT), Nicholas Holtz (TREASURER), Kyle Hathaway, Abby Jones, Rachel Goodwyn, Gregory White; not pictured: Caroline Tendall (SECRETARY) The backbone of the St. John ' s Catholic Campus Ministry at Ole Miss is the Catholic Student Association. The CSA is a group of students led by a council. The council and the cam- pus minister work together to plan, promote, and organize the events and activities of the St. John ' s CCM. The goal is to help the student balance mind, body, and soul. The CSA helps to achieve this through active liturgy, parish involvement, and fellowship at St. John ' s. It is a good mixture of fun, work, and spiritual thought. -Debbie Shows, CAMPUS MINISTER ■■■■■PBH liii ' livi ' ar.iiiniiKK ' Rt ' ipriitipaK ' in Last spring, llicy joined nlhm from I ami oninrsilins mi a I rip In Sallillu. Ikon mzatwns r 8 -CANDIDS COURTESY OF CSA OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONALS ADIVSOR Dr. Brian Reithel PRESIDENT Chris Floyd VICE PRESIDENT Elton O ' Neal SECRETARY LaQuinda Kincaid TREASURER Leo Seicshnaydre OPERATIONS OFFICER Randall Newman BSAB REPRESENTATIVE Jonathan Bishop The Association of Information Technology Professionals promotes a better understanding of the vital role of information systems to management, and the necessity for a professional attitude. Its mission is to provide leadership and education in IT. It is dedicated to using the synergy of IT partnerships to provide education, and benefits to its members and to working with the industry to assist in overall promotion and direction of information technology. Numo Bah, Leijuana Banks, William Barian, Patrick Behroozi, Megan Britt, Micah Burton, Allen Chaney, Brian Couch, Narci Darvish, Rodney Driver, William Earnst, Lance Felker, Mandy Fong, John Watson Galloway, LaToya Green, Markee Grimes, Soujanya Gundamraju, Michael Hall, Stark Hayden, Hunter Herren, Wilson Holifield, Porsha Hughes, Brooke Hurlbut, Robert Jackson, Jerome Johnson, Joshua Johnson, Andrea Joiner, Anthony Jones, Clark Lawrence, Lindsey Le, Phillip Lewallen, Ashley MacArthur, Leigh Marcy, Michelle Mayne, Christopher McClinton, Aletha McDonald, Kent Montgomery,Sonny Mounicou, Ben Nichols, Kaveh Nickoli, Markee Pearson, Dave Peters, April Pitts, Jonathan Poole, Kris Price, Jessica Querin, Zaki Rahman, Laqulia Randle, Tim Robbins, Laura Robey, Todd Rowland, Bill Smith, Chaun Smith, Sha Snider, Joel Stallings, Katie Strickland, Wayne Sutherland, Sunder Upadhyay, Jennifer Warren, Thomas C. Webster IV, Gabriel Williams, Antonio Wilson, Jennifer Windham, Connie Wong, Rusty Woods -GROUP PHOTO BY THORNTON STUDIOS -CANDID PHOTOS COURTESY OF AITP ation Technology ' Professionals A} ELTA KAPPA I -PHOTOS BY THORNTON STUDIOS PRESIDENT Allison Walker VICE PRESIDENT Monica Morrison SECRETARY TREASURER Scott Pritchett Jill Case, Brynna Clark, Jill Clark, Chris Coats, Bryant Glisson, Melissa Gong, Courtney Hays, Hart Hazard, Tim Hotard, Tessa Hughes, Ashley McArthur, Lucy Matusieweicz, Jessica Mitchell, Markeeva Morgan, Jim Morrison, Monica Morrison, Memory Nix, Margaret Povall, Anna Powers, Scott Pritchett, Don Ross, Lance Sannino, Lee Smith, Nick Smith, Micajah Sturdivant, Graham Sutliff, Allison Walker, Clarence Webster, Michael Williamson Omicron Delta Kappa was founded on December 3, 1914 at Washington and Lee University. It is an organization that places emphasis upon a whole person, both as a present member of his or her college community and as a prospective contributor to a better society. The society believes that while good scholarships and intellectual development are the chief objectives of college years, the life of the minute is not the only life that a student will have to cope with as a result of their college experiences. Members of Omicron Delta Kappa are selected in areas of achievement, scholarship, athletics, campus and community service, social and religious activities, campus government, journalism, speech, and the creative and performing arts. Organizations BOARD I Julie Charvat, Kelley Chiaventone, Brynna Clark, Jill Clark, Christopher Coats, Amanda Elkin, Annabeth Freeman, Siew-lian Goh, Melissa Gong, Hart Hazard, Breck Hines, Lou Ann Hopkins, Tessa Hughes, Brad Ingram, Stephanie Ingram, Andy James, Melva James, Brian Jones, Susan Keith, Meredith Kirk, Courtney McCullough, Jennifer McGuire, Lucy Matusiewicz, Jessica Mitchell, Markeeva Morgan, Mary Ann Moss, Ellen Neese, Laura Payne, Anna Pope, Scott Pritchett, Don Ross, Brock Sansing, Marty Schaefer, Sara Schauberger, Margaret Shelton, Nicholas Smith, Micajah Sturdivant, Allison Walker, Honey Witt, Leah Worrel PRESIDENT Jessica Mitchell VICE PRESIDENT Don Ross SECRETARY Brynna Clark TREASURER Scott Pritchett -PHOTO BY THORNTON STUDIOS HISTORIAN Annabeth Freeman COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR Susan Keith MEMBERSHIP CHAIRS Hart Hazard Melissa Gong Mortar Board is... Established as a national women ' s honor society, Mortar Board is one of the highest senior honor groups for both men and women. Tassels, the local chapter, has been active on the Ole Miss cam- pus since its founding in 1930. With a 40 member limit, Mortar board selects members based on leadership, scholarship of at least a 3.0 GPA, and service. Mortar Board is an organization that challenges the individual to provide thoughtful leadership to the campus and community, to create an environment of effec- tive communication and to move toward the improvement of the status of men and women. • • i IV " ■-•» Sj fTV - ' ft A- " I fe Men ' s Basketball For the second time in the program ' s history, the Rebels advanced to the quarterfinals of the national invitation tournament. The 1999-2000 season brought yet another winning record (19-13) for the Ole Miss men ' s basketball team, posting the program ' s fourth straight winning season. The Rebels extended their home-court winning streak versus non-conference opponents to thirty-four straight, currently the third longest streak in the nation. The winning record brought Head Coach Rod Barnes to thirty-nine wins in his first two seasons as head coach, giving him the all time record of winning more games than any other head coach in their first two seasons at Ole Miss. Besides their regular season honors, the men ' s bas- ketball team recorded a remarkable post season with their fourth consecutive post-season tournament berth with a bid to the 2000 National Invitation Tournament, marking the first time since 1980-83 that Ole Miss has played in four straight post-season tournaments. The Rebels advanced to quarterfinals of the NIT for the second time in the program ' s history, defeating University of North Carolina-Charlotte in the first round and Southwest Missouri State in the second round before falling to North Carolina State. Sophomore guard Jason Harrison finished the season with Associated Press All-Southeastern Conference third team honors, marking the fourth straight year that at least one Ole Miss player was named to the AP All-SEC squad. The Rebels shined off the court as well. Redshirt junior center John Engstrom was named to the 1999- 2000 SEC Academic Honor Roll. This was the second straight season that Engstrom received the honor. Showing the art of teamwork in the community, jun- ior forward Rahim Lockhart was selected to the SEC Good Works Team. Both on and off the court, the 1999-2000 Rebels made Ole Miss proud. 7 ' ff. -ROBERT JORDAN RYAN PIERINI Mens •Basketball fc -PHOTO BY SPORTS INFORMATION Ole Miss Men ' s Basketball 1999-2000 Schedule Nov. 19 Jacksonville State W 74-59 I Nov. 23 McNeese State W 86-59 ! Nov. 26 Furman W 75-61 ; Nov. 27 Oregon State W 77-58 | Nov. 28 Wisconsin W 57-53 i Dec. 1 Alabama State W 77-65 i Dec. 4 Oklahoma L 73-81 Dec. 7 Virginia Commonwealth W 75-62 j Dec. 1 1 Memphis W 74-64 ! Dec. 15 Southeastern Louisiana W 77-46 j Dec. 19 Louisiana-Monroe W 76-60 ! Dec. 29 Prairie View A M W 98-74 j Jan. 2 Birmingham-Southern W 89-48 | Jan. 8 Florida L 71-75 Jan. 12 Mississippi State L 59-61 Jan. 15 Tennessee L 60-98 Jan. 19 Kentucky L 69-74 j Jan. 20 Auburn W 79-77 j Jan. 29 Alabama L 67-96 Feb. 2 Arkansas W 87-82 : Feb.9 South Carolina W 83-75 j Feb. 12 Georgia L 65-71 i Feb. 16 LSU L 53-97 Feb. 19 Auburn L 72-75 Feb. 23 Mississippi State L 67-80 j Feb. 26 Vanderbilt W 75-67 i Mar. 1 Alabama W 63-59 | Mar. 4 LSU L 60-64 Ole Miss Men ' s Basketball 1999-2000 Roster No. Name ! io Marrow Baile 21 Darrian Brown 1 3 Rodney Driver 54 John Engstrom 22 Jason Flanigan 31 John Gunn 1 11 Jason Harison 30 Josh Hayes 24 Marcus Hicks 20 Jason Holmes : 45 Richard Kirklin 44 Rahim Lockhart 23 Syniker Taylor 15 Ray Waddell 32 Emmanuel Wade 25 Lataryl Williams SEC Tournament : Mar. 8 Florida NIT Tournament L 67-89 ! Mar. 15 UNC Charlotte W 62-45 : Mar. 21 SW Missouri State W 70-48 j Mar. 23 North Carolina State L 54-77 | Sports ens ' Bas kcti ll Je c v wc y How can I truly measure my success as a division f afhlete? Can it realkj be measured by wins and losses, or statistics? is its true test the amount of sacrifice given in blood, sweat, and tears? Man) see the value in such things, value that will last onhj temporarily. I see the value of such an experience being in the development of character and growing closer to the man that Qod has me to be. Championship rings will tarnish, and sweat will eventually dry, but the experiences I have encountered, the lessons I have learned, and the friends that I have made will last forever. during the process of a college athletic career, you get to experience a lot of things that normal students just do not get the opportunity to be a part of. I have seen victories when no one thought we could win. (have seen losses when no one thought we could lose. There come times of pride to be a part of the tern, and there come times of frustration when all you want to do is quit. There is definitely a give and take relation- ship that goes with being an athlete. And with it comes an experience that can ' t be written in words, and that is what makes it priceless. Perhaps the greatest lessons I have learned come from how well life relates to basketball. In life, just as in basketball, there are times when it seems everything is going wrong. And it is during those times you can ' t quit, but you have to push through. Throughout my life Shave grown fond of the statement, " tough times don ' t last, tough people do, ' and t have found that statement to be true. You never know what changes lie just out of sight, and it takes faith to push past the tough times in order to take hold of what lies ahead. Basketball has helped me to see such things, and I look forward to what it teaches me in the future. I have learned so much during my years here, and everything, the good and the bad, I hold dear. ' But by far the most special aspect of my school has been to see Qod work in the hearts of people. I have seen how Qod can take a hardheaded punk kjd, mold him into a man of Qod, and then blossom a tremendous friendship. The desire of my heart is to give glory to Qod that He may be known, and I have found nothing more special than to see Qod move in the lives of my teammates and friends. I am grateful for many things, things that I have been given and blessed with. I am thankful for lessons of life and friendships that tran- scend race and background, lam thankful to a University where not only knowledge is taught, but where people have invested their lives in me. And lam thankful to a Qod and testify to the difference that Jesus Christ has made in my life by giving me hope, so that I may give my all in a class, on a court, or most importantly, in life. 4k 54 John Engstrom W Sports Takela COKBITT J) r tyara , It ' s 11:00 pm on Monday night, as my roommate and I put up our books in order to get at least five hours of sleep. Practice, in the morning was to be at 5:30 am. We were both in treatment, so we had to be there at 4:30. Several days before, we had just finished our preseason workouts. This was supposed to be our much anticipated first week of practice. por some reason we were told we were to be glad preseason was over and practice was beginning. Hot us!! Why would anyone be happy about being up playing basketball at 5:30 in the morn- ing? We had just barely made it through preseason conditioning; now we were practicing 3 hours a day, had weights after practice, taking 17 hours of class, and going to study hall 8 hours a week We had to either give up sleeping or eating!! We both agreed it would have to be food, because we were dead tired everyday. To make things worse, we hadn ' t even played a game yet. Being freshmen, my roommate Angela davidson and I were not adjusting well from high school to college. We often questioned ourselves that year about what we were Sing here at Ole Miss, and whether this stressful lifestyle was actually for us. We used to ask ourselves, " Why are we not just regular students? How much more fun and time would we have if we didn ' t play basketball? ' There was really no need to discuss these scenarios since our season had already started and the pressure for us to preform was getting more intense. Neither of us had played well up to this point, and in December we had Oklahoma at home as a non conference opponent. I was finally having a good game, as f had hit four of five threes and hit a couple of short jumpers. I hadn ' t turned the ball over but once, and i had dished out six, assists. However, we were still tied at 68 with 5.6 seconds left in regulation. While it was our ball, we called a time-out in order to draw up a play to travel the length of the floor. I decided as we left the huddle that if ( got the ball I was going all the way. Vollrath, took the ball out and handed it to me. 1 pushed the ball up the length of the court crossed over their 6-fooTtall point guard, and hit a left hand lay-up on the buzzer to win the game. I Sdn ' t even celebrate. I just watched in astonishment as my teammates ran off the bench to congratulate me. I saw the excitement in their eyes as they hugged and grabbed. 1 didn ' t even move. I just stood there because at that moment I realized why I worked so hard in conditioning, why I practice so hard at 5:30 in the morning, and why I had sacrificed a normal college life, and it became clear that it wasn ' t about me or for me. It was for my 14 teammates that deserved nothing less from me than my very best. I would do anything for them, and it was clear that f wasn ' t really missing out on anything after all. ' Bas etSaft Ttiary (j£il Women ' s Basketball The 1999-2000 Lady Rebels ' basketball team finished the season after breaking four records. The 1999-2000 women ' s basketball team fin- ished the season after breaking four records. The Lady Rebels set the single season record for three- pointers with 203 and led the Southeastern Conference in three-pointers made per game with an average of 7.25. In addition, the Lady Rebels set an impressive school record for three-pointers in a game by two teams with 31. The women ' s basketball team also claimed the win at the Montana State Gran Tree Classic. Frankie Boyd was named the Gran Tree Classic Tournament Most Valuable Player and Becky Myatt joined her on the Gran Tree Classic and Hilton Garden Inn Classic All-Tournament teams. Lady Rebel Becky Myatt produced a number of high individual achievements. She scored her 800th career point and with 843 total career points, needs only 157 to become the 19th Lady Rebel to score 1,000 points in a career. She also moved into second place on the career three-point chart and is only 26 three-pointers short of becom- ing the all-time leader. In addition to their basketball honors, the Lady Rebels ranked high in academic and commun ity service status. Six players-Tanya Bolden, Takela Corbitt, Chandra Dorsey, Ta Shondrea Moton, Stephanie Murphy, and Becky Myatt-were named to the SEC Academic Honor Roll, and Tanya Bolden joined the ranks of the SEC Good Works Team. The 1999-2000 Lady Rebels shined bright- ly both on and off the court. -WRITTEN BY MELISSA HOLMES -, V g?-. t ' 1 ■ d iilr i m -PHOT PHOTOS BY MCLEAN ANDERSON Women ' s ' Basketball ) I » r w r A 1 $ 1 ? R jt -PHOTO BY SPORTS INFORMATION Ole Miss Women ' s Basketball 1999-2000 Schedul e ! Nov. 7 Houston Jags W 99-94 j Nov. 13 Australia W 68-54 Nov. 19 Memphis W 71-50 Nov. 22 Clemson L 63-71 j Nov. 30 Arkansas- Little Rock W 68-56 ! Dec. 16 Middle Tennessee W 76-44 Dec. 29 Southern Mississippi W 62-60 Jan. 2 Tennessee Tech W 72-65 Jan. 9 Vanderbilt L 38-60 j Jan. 13 Mississippi State L 58-82 j Jan. 15 Belmont W 79-58 Jan. 20 Alabama L 67-69 Jan. 23 LSU L 59-69 Jan. 27 Georgia L 51-75 Jan. 30 Alabama L 67-69 Feb. 3 Mississippi State L 60-66 Feb. 6 South Carolina L 58-75 Feb. 10 Tennessee L 49-70 Feb. 13 Vanderbilt L 51-59 Feb. 17 Florida L 51-80 Feb. 20 Auburn L 63-67 Feb. 24 Kentucky L 57-59 Feb. 27 Arkansas W 78-63 Mar. 2 Mississippi State L 59-75 Montana State Lady Kat State Farm Classic Nov. 26 Nov. 27 Bowling Green Montana State W 80-73 W 69-60 J) Sports Ole Miss Women ' s Basketball 1999-2000 Roster No. Name 13 Heather Bantz I 52 Tanya Bolden 54 Frankie Boyd 3 Takela Corbitt 15 Shayla Day 24 Chandra Dorsey 55 LaTasha Haris I 22 Leah Henley ! 30 Kesha Howell ! 32 Von-Gretchen Kirk I ! 21 Kayla Madewell ! 33 Latasha Moore j 20 TaShondrea Moton i 1 23 Stephanie Murphy 1 1 25 Becky Myatt : 14 Sinissia Wysiner South Florida Classic I Dec. 3 Delaware W 90-55 Dec. 4 California-Poly Northern Arizona Classic W 79-66 j Dec. 20 San Jose State W 77-43 j Dec. 21 Northern Arizona L 65-78 j Women ' s (BasfzetSaff Baseball Claiming the Mayors Trophy for the second year in a row, the 2000 season lad claim to many victories. The Rebels opened the 2000 season to Nicholls State. This first home game win was the Rebels ' 1 9th straight season and home-opening win. The last time Ole Miss lost a season or home-opener was to Livingston (8-6) in 1981. The 8-0 shutout was the Rebels ' first season-opening shutout since blanking Tennessee-Martin (5-0) to start the 1995 season. The Rebels pushed through the beginning of their season with many wins. The season only got better from there. Next they had the SEC opener in Gainsville, FL. Chad Hill hit his second home run of the year for the Rebels with a solo shot in the fifth to cut the Florida lead to 4-1. Jude Voltz added a two-run shot in the ninth, his fifth of the year, for the 13-3 final score. The Rebels took the series win at Florida. They went on to play the Mayor ' s Trophy Tournament in Jackson, MS against the Mississippi State Bulldogs. With the win, Ole Miss (16-11) claimed the Mayor ' s Trophy for the second straight year, marking the first time the Rebels have done so since the annual game started in 1980. Following the Mayor ' s Trophy win, the Rebels went on alternating wins and losses. The Rebels ' season came to a close with the Rebels being 30-25 overall and 12-17 in the SEC. A school record of nine members of the 2000 Ole Miss baseball team were named to the SEC Academic Honor Roll. Those named were: Clint Farrar, Ronnie Goodwin, Nathan Lyons, Jude Voltz, Joey Cramblitt, Ryan Davis, Jon Dickens, Ben Edwards, and Bailey Patridge. For the second time in three years, Ole Miss finished a half-game out of the final spot to the SEC Tournament. Kentucky took the eighth and final spot to the conference tournament. Senior first baseman Jude Voltz was named the team ' s MVP at Ole Miss ' season-ending banquet. With the success of the Rebels ' on and off the field, the future of the Rebels looks promising. -WRITTEN BY AMANDA M0GLE £ i rfx 31c -PHOTO BY SPORTS INFORMATION 29 1 17 49 28 48 27 4 40 45 Ole Miss Baseball 2000 Roster A.J. Cochet Evan Conley Kris Cox Joey Cramblitt Bobby Croswell Billy Curry Chris Davis Ryan Davis Jon Dickens Ben Edwards Clint Farrar Casey Fuller Ronnie Goodwin 10 Chad Hill 44 36 Blake Holly 12 37 Neil Hunt 2 30 Justin Huisman 13 7 Burney Hutchinson 35 14 Lance Jones 5 41 Stephen Kirkpatrick 19 15 Carl Lafferty 9 21 Joseph Liberto 6 42 Joel Lyons 18 24 Nathan Lyons 33 34 Jeff McAvoy 3 Dan McShea Matthew Miller Glen Morris Matt Mossberg Craig Nugen Bailey Partridge Banks Robinson Sim Shanks Chad Sterbens Jude Voltz Charlie Waite Brett Young -WILL BET-AYSAYAD MCLEAN ANDERSON ■Basdhid ' k 2000 Ole Miss Baseball Schedule j 2 11 Nicholls State W 8-0 4 01 Kentucky W 8-5 j 2 12 Nicholls State L 0-3 4 02 Kentucky L 0-3 1 2 13 Nicholls State W 9-6 4 04 Louisiana-Monroe W 5-4 | 2 17 Abilene Christian W 9-3 4 05 Memphis W 6-2 | 2 18 Louisiana Tech W 9-2 4 07 Auburn W 8-3 j 2 19 Louisiana Tech W 13-3 4 08 Auburn L 8-16 2 20 Louisiana Tech W 4-1 4 09 Auburn W 7-2 j 1 2 25 South Alabama L 7-14 4 12 Arkansas State W 4-3 2 26 South Alabama W 6-2 4 14 Mississippi State W 4-1 ! 2 27 South Alabama W 3-2 4 15 Mississippi State L 4-10 I 2 29 Southern Mississippi L 14-15 4 16 Mississippi State L 3-12 j 3 03 SE Missouri State W 5-1 4 18 UT-Martin W 14-5 3 04 SE Missouri State W 7-4 4 21 Alabama L 7-15 3 07 Baylor L 2-5 4 22 Alabama L 7-12 3 08 Baylor L 3-4 4 23 Alabama W 9-8 3 10 Florida W 11-5 4 25 Memphis W 11-5 3 11 Florida W 15-12 4 26 Austin Peay W 9-4 3 12 Florida L 3-13 4 28 LSU L 6-12 3 14 Southern Mississippi W 12-4 4 29 LSU W 6-4 3 17 Tennessee L 2-12 4 30 LSU L 2-9 3 18 Tennessee L 2-8 5 02 Arkansas-Little Rock L 4-5 3 21 Louisiana-Monroe L 2-9 5 05 Georgia L 2-5 3 24 Vanderbilt W 4-0 5 06 Georgia L 4-5 3 25 Vanderbilt W 7-5 5 07 Georgia W 6-3 3 26 Vanderbilt L 2-3 5 12 Arkansas L 1-6 3 28 UT-Martin L 5-8 : 5 13 Arkansas W 12-5 3 29 Mississippi State W 3-2 5 14 Arkansas L 1-8 3 31 Kentucky L 5-6 fcfcM Sports )jU a JAx _- The most exciting moment in my career thus far at Ole Miss was during my freshman gear against -florida. It was a Saturday night game that started out pretty normal. It was a close game with several lead changes early. ' Both teams pitchers were throwing well, and the hitters were struggling. I was holding down the bench this gams, because I was in a pretty legitimate slump. I didn ' t expect to even have a chance to play, but my opportunity presented itself in the bottom of the 11th inning. The bases were loaded with one out. They brought in their closer who was throwing " bb ' s " , and I had just gotten finished thinking, Tm glad I don ' t have to hit off of this guy, " when Coach yells, " tBurney, get a bat; you ' re up. " My stomach dropped and the adrenaline started to flow. I walked to the plate, worked the count to 3 2, and then hit a line drive down the right field line to score the winning run. I was extremely relieved and excited. This moment is one that I will always remember because it came at a time when I was struggling, and there is nothing sweeter than breaking out of a slump. % » BUKNEY Hutchinson ft) Sports Amanda Lehotak Vear D a u Coming to Ole Miss was a dream come true. M my gears of hard work had finally paid off . I am a division athlete, at a top school, and in one of the toughest conferences in the nation. Jfter a few months a of practicing and playing on the team, I realized that this experience was more than the actual game itself. It is about the true definition of team work In a short period of time you have to come together with a group of people you have never met. We learn to trust each other by hard work for that one common goal. 3ut even more important than all of that is the life long friendships and memories that will forever be sketched in our minds. Who could ever forget: karaoke in the bus, the biker with blue hair in San francisco, the come back win against -florida State, Coach showing us the proper way to kjck dirt on an umpire, our first team party, our cardboard table in the ({rove, people getting sick on airplane rides, running through the airport terminal, our dance parties in the team room for pregame, the whole team in treatment, monkey girl, the umpire goin g to the bathroom in the middle of the inning, the win over Southern Miss, and last but not least, who could forget all of our hard work? To the team of IffiWOOO I hope those memories will never fade. To the team of 2000 2001 1 hope we find new memories to sketch in our hearts. i Sofibatt Viary B Women ' s Softball " I THINK ITS IMPORTANT THAT WE JUST GO OUT AND PLAY THE GAME. We DON ' T NEED to worry about the consequences of winning and losing, " -Coach Candi Letts The softball team started the 2000 season in Arlington, Texas at the Isuzu Motors Invitational, with one of the hardest schedules in the SEC. After hosting an invitational in Oxford on Feb 19-20, the team did not play another game at home until March 31st. Luckily the Lady Rebels came out of their win- less streak with four wins during their invitational in Oxford. After playing twenty-two home games last season, a majority of the games were on the road this season. The Lady Rebels found themselves one spot out of the SEC Tournament. Trailing Auburn by a half a game, they needed to win three of the four games to advance to the SEC tournament. The Lady Rebels were 8-18 going into the Tournament. Ole Miss soft- ball had a difficult time scoring runs this season. Only eleven times have they scored five or more runs this season, with only three times in the last 30 games. The Lady Rebels closed out their season to the Arkansas Razorbacks in a pair of double-headers. Leading the team with a .286 batting average, Amanda Lehotak started every game this season, having her first career homerun against Nicholls State. Head Coach Candi Letts claimed that " It is not important for the team to worry with the wins or loss- es, but that the seven seniors on the team finish well and be remembered for their accomplishments. " The team had an adequate performance offensively, with Mandy Shklar, senior short stop, having a hot bat for the team. The Lady Rebels ended the season overall with 21 wins and 42 losses. In the SEC, they finished 8-22. -WRITTEN BY AMANDA M0GLE Ole Miss Softball 2000 Roster No. Name -PHOTO BY SPORTS INFORMATION Julie Baumann Holly Burris Kara Chapman Kaci Coffee Jamie Cummings Rachel Davenport Mackenzie Emel Amanda Fine Jessica Hamilton Jennifer Hughes Korrie Kashuba Amanda Lehotak Phyllis Manley Brittany Maxey Lindsay Price Mandy Shklar Heather Swinney Audra Wadsworth Allison Willwrath Bobbi Wurth Head Coach: Candi Letts Assistant: Arleen McKnight Dedeann Pendelton Athletic Trainer: Ed Livingston Managers: Josh Davenport Sarah Wass RYAN PIERINI -MCLEAN ANDERSON Sojtbatf Men ' s Tennis Dominating the SEC, the Rebels finished the season with a 19-6 record and WERE RANKED I4TH IN THE NATION The 2000 Ole Miss Men ' s Tennis Team did an excellent job this year finishing their winning season ranked 14th in the nation with a 19-6 record. The Rebels dominated the SEC by defeating Tennessee, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Auburn, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, and Mississippi State. Their 10-3 record in the SEC was good enough to finish third in the nation ' s top conference (SEC). Alex Hartman and James Shortall were named All- SEC. The Rebels also went on to play in the NCAA Championships where they defeated Virginia Tech but lost to Virginia Commonwealth. James Shortall, Alex Hartman, and Vikrant Chadha participated in the NCAA Individual Championships, and Shortall and Chadha reached the NCAA Doubles Championship Final Four. Alex Hartman was named the ITA Region III Player to Watch. Not only do the Rebels dominate on the court, but they also do extremely well in academics. The Men ' s Tennis Team was named an ITA All- Academic Team in 2000. This award is the high- est scholastic honor for a team, and it is based on the team ' s overall GPA. James Shortall, Vikrant Chadha, and David Blackburn earned Academic All-America honors. Martin Selin, Kristofer Stahlberg, David Blackburn, and James Shortall were named to the SEC Academic Honor Roll. -WRITTEN BY HAYS BURCHFIELD -BRIAN ROSENKRANS -BRIAN ROSENKRANS lb mSSSi -RYAN PIERINI -BRIAN ROSENKRANS BRIAN ROSENKRANS Men ' s tennis g Ofi£V O r x y, When I finished high school in Sweden, I had to make one of the biggest decisions in my life; to continue studying at a university in Sweden, try the Pro Tour in tennis, or come to America where I could combine full time tennis with a high-level education, I have definitely not regretted my decision. Playing for die Miss has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I had never before been part of a team, and the team spirit that comes with it is unbelievable. I had always seen tennis as an individual sport, but now after being a member of the Die Miss tennis team for over a year, my view of the game is completely different. As a team you practice and compete together, and you especially help each other both on and off the court. As a team we travel and have fun together, and the members of the team become your best friends. It ' s like your own little " ■fraternity " but much closer. The greatest moment that I have had so far was during the spring of 2000 when we played Mississippi State in the S£6 tournament in Starkville, I had never seen anything like it before! M of a sudden more than a thousand screaming bulldog fans turned into warriors. They were stomping in the stands and applauding even if you hit a double fault. (It is like an unwritten rule, in tennis you do not applaud when some- one hits a double fault.) My doubles partner and I played the final doubles match to determine the winner of the Subles point. It was in the tie- breaker for the match when I missed my first serve, and all of a sudden the SullSg fans were going crazy, screaming and shouting: " He is going to choke! He will never make it! " We ended up winning the Subles and taking home the whole match. We left Starkville that day after beating the Bulldogs for the third time that season. The feeling that the team shared was great. I really like Ole Miss because of the kindness among people. It is like a big family, and even though the students here treat each other with great respect, there is still this " Wassup, brother " attitude. When I came to Oxford to start school, because of my small experiences with the American culture, I was expecting to see skyscrapers, yellow cabs, and people running around the street without even noticing me. This could be because the only place in America I ever went to before was Hew York I was so wrong in thinking this! Oxford has shown me another side of America. It has shown me kindness, a down to earth attitude, and a love for varsity sports on campus. Jnd by the way, there is only one cab in Oxford. Alexander Hartman Julie De floo (£W Si mfr Standing in the locker room, eyes fixed on the strings of my racket, I hear my teammates talking to each other. St was another game for them, nothing special. Slowly and gradually, their words became whispers and soon, f couldn ' t hear them anymore. My mind was entirely turned toward the upcoming game. It would be my baptism of fire, my first match for the Lady Vebels.Js I thought about it, I couldn ' t help but be taken over by the nervous anxiety of how important this game was. I had to make a good start for the season; it was necessary. " You ' ve done that a thousand times before, " I kept telling myself, trying to calm down; but the fact that I would now play for a team changed everylhing. This would be different from my previous tennis experiences. As I walked out onto the court for the tennis presentation, I thought about what one friend had told me: " Just hit the four first balls into the fence. You ' ll fed better. " Iven fhough I knew I wouldn ' t it, having that in mind helped me relax,. My opponent won the toss. She ' ll receive first; in my mind, it would be my first chance to break her serve. The two first games were tight. The tension still remained all over me, and my hand was shaking as I held my racket. Then, I heard my teammates cheering. Not that they hadn ' t done it before, I just couldn ' t hear them. It was the signal, the dick -from this point, I felt free and played much better, out-distancing my opponent game after game, i would cheer for my friends who were playing, as they would cheer for me. My confidence built up, and soon (sooner than I expected), the game was over. I had won my first match as a Lady Vebel. It felt good. I walked to my " girls to enjoy it with them, and supported fhose who were still playing. Many emotions were mixing up in my mind. Ml were so good. Winning for others is a great feeling, -few hours later, we had won. Although I enjoy every single win, this one had a particular meaning. It was my first as a member of this team, -from this, I understood what " team spirit " meant, and what it was to be part of a team. We were a group of people from different couniries, who decided to be part of a team, and to form a family, helping and supporting each other as much as we could. In only one match, each of us showed how much we could bring to the team, and vice versa. We proved to each other how much we could accomplish if we come together as one, and this is the first step on the way to success. ennis ' Diary tt Women ' s Tennis In addition to a winning season with a 1 6-8 record, the Lady Rebels finished among the top four in the sec for the i4th time. The 2000 Ole Miss Women ' s Tennis Team continued their consistency of excellence by fin- ishing the year ranked 18th in the nation. Besides having a winning season with a 16-8 record, the Lady Rebels finished among the top four in the SEC for the 14th time, and they earned their fourth consecutive trip to the NCAA Championships. Ivona Mihailova, Celeste Frey, Mira Radu, and Julie DeRoo qualified for the NCAA Individual Championships. The Lady Rebels also performed well, defeating eight SEC schools during the season, and they ended the season with an 8-4 record in the SEC. Mariana Eberle was named to the All-SEC first team in singles, and Ivona Mihailova was named to the All-SEC second team in singles. Not only can the Lady Rebels dominate on the court, but they also do extremely well in aca- demics. For the fourth consecutive year the Ole Miss Women ' s Tennis Team was named an ITA All-Academic Team. Ivona and Irena Mihailova were named Academic All-Americans. Ivona Mihailova, Irena Mihailova, Camilla Gould, Marianna Eberle, and Celeste Frey were all named to the SEC Academic Honor Roll. Ivona Mihailova was a finalist for the H. Boyd McWhorter SEC Postgraduate Scholarship, and she received a $5,000 scholarship for being the top female student-athlete at Ole Miss. Ivona Mihailova received the ITA Arthur Ashe Jr. Leadership and Sportsmanship Award. -WRIHEN BY HAYS BURCHFIELD B " V 1 -PHOTOS BY BRIAN ROSENKRANS Women ' s T ' ennis ££ 2000 SEC Scoreboard Date Opponent Score March 7 Tennessee W4-3 March 16 Kentucky W5-2 March 19 Florida L2-5 March 26 Vanderbilt W7-0 March 29 LSU L 1-6 March 3 1 Auburn W5-2 April 4 Alabama W5-2 April 7 South Carolina W5-2 April 9 Georgia W4-3 April 12 Arkansas W6-0 April 16 MSU W6-1 April 21-22 SEC Championships MSU W4-3 Florida L3-4 May 13-14 NCAA Championships Virginia Tech W4-0 Virginia Commonwealth L 3-4 Men ' s Tennis Roster Name Year David Blackburn Junior ; Vikrant Chadha Senior Patrick Chucri Freshman I Mason Cousins Freshman j Alex Hartman Freshman Jim Jacobs Freshman j Bo Petro Sophomore Martin Selin Sophomore James Shortall Junior Kristofer Stahlberg Sophomore Anders Stenman Junior Head Coach: Billy Chadwick Assistant Coach: Mark Beyers Manager: Buddy McKay Trainer: Masai Takahashi Sports -PHOTO BY SPORTS INFORMATION Women ' s Tennis Roster Name Year Julie Charvat Junior Julie DeRoo Freshman Mariana Eberle Senior Celeste Frey Senior Camilla Gould Sophomore Alesya Ignatieva Sophomore Irena Mihailova Senior Ivona Mihailova Senior Mira Radu Freshman Head Coach: Jerry Montgomery Assistant Coach: Pat Breen 2000 SEC Scoreboard Date Opponent Score February 13 Alabama VV8-1 February 27 Kentucky W6-3 March 3 Arkansas W5-1 I March 8 Florida L4-5 ! March 17 Vanderbilt L3-6 | March 26 Auburn W7-2 March 30 MSU W7-2 April 2 Georgia L3-6 April 7 Tennessee W5-4 | April 9 South Carolina W6-0 I April 15 LSU W6-0 April 21 SEC Championships Tennessee L4-5 May 13-14 NCAA Championships Middle TN State W5-1 South Alabama L4-5 -PHOTO BY SPORTS INFORMATION Women ' s tennis T ' eam ®U Men ' s Golf Under the leadership of their five returning seniors, the mens golf team climbed ranks to become sixth in the sec championships. The 1999-2000 Rebel Golf team had a strong season. Returning seniors Jon Bartlett, Robert Dreyfus, Chris Malloy, Buck Purselley, and Danny Sanford brought leadership and strength to the team. Overall, the season ' s highest finish for the Rebels took place at the Collegiate Golf Classic, in which they finished second place. Also, the Rebels shot an 845 at the 2000 Gator Invitational. This was quite a game, ranking in as the fourth lowest tournament score in school his- tory. They finished the season coming in seventh in the District 3 South rankings. These polls are established through the votes of the NCAA com- mittee. The Ole Miss Rebel Golf team also placed an impressive number of seven student athletes on the 2000 Southeastern Conference Academic Honor Roll; this number is, overall, the highest in the conference. Phil Caravia, Troy Muller, Allen Chaney, Tommy Clement, Robert Dreyfus, Andrew Medley, and Brendan Fisher were the individuals that represented the Rebels on the Honor Roll. Looking at the individual players, Senior Jon Bartlett led the Rebels this year with a stroke aver- age of 72.19. Furthermore, this average earned Bartlett the ranking of seventh in the Southeastern Conference. He also placed within in the top twenty in the last eight tournaments. Overall, the team finished sixth in the Southeastern Conference Championships. Bartlett was the team ' s highest finisher in sixth place. Ole Miss Men ' s Golf 1999-2000 Roster Name Year Hometown John Bartlett SR Ocala, FL Phil Caravia JR Belleville, IL Allen Chaney SO Columbus, MS Tommy Clement SO Mobile, AL Cedric Dennis JR Paris, France Robert Dreyfus SR Meridian, MS Brendan Fisher SO Augusta, GA Josh Kelley FR Augusta, GA Ben Lowery SO Jackson, MS Chris Malloy SR Duluth, GA Andrew Medley SO Jackson, MS Troy Muller JR Braithwaite, LA Buck Purselley SR Ft. Worth, TX Danny Sanford SR Scottsdale, AZ Head Coach: Woody Cowart Mens -PHOTOS BY SPORTS INFORMATION lj4 Being a golfer has its ups and fawns. As a member of Hie Ole Miss golf team, I have gained a great deal of experience that will help me in the long run. -from the moment I came to visit this campus I knew that this was the place for me. The times that I have had here were different to say the least. When I came here I saw the team that I was a part of. We were mediocre at best. We did not have any sort of guidance or leadership in anything we did. We would go to tournaments and finish in the top ten and be happy that we did not finish last. I remember Phil daravia and I going to the golf course every day wondering if this would ever get better, since we were the only ones that would ever really go out to the course for any given length of time. However, as time passed, f started to see some changes in the program. These changes were so strange for me because we started to become a team that everyone was noticing. We were finishing in the top 5 in tournaments now and starting to open people ' s eyes that our golf team could play. We began to receive some guidance from several of the play- ers and some of the seniors were beginning to take some sort of a leadership role. Leadership and harmony amongst any team has always been a huge value in my life. When Hook to see if anything IS is successful, I always look to see how leadership affected what happened for the good or the bad. A good team needs to have leadership skills and a certain kjnd of peace amongst the team members. Harmony for a team should be the driving fuel to succeed. If everyone on a team has friction with one another, and especially the coach, then you will not perform as well as you should As my years have gone by at Ole Miss, I have seen a big change in the two words leadership and harmony. We used to have no leadership on our team and now we have a great deal of guidance and enthusiasm from the players. All of the team members get along very well and do their best to help each other out. We are starting to play as a team. It feels good when you are part of a team instead of an individual among a group claiming to be a team. I have matured a lot in the time that I have been here and my golf game has improved tremendously. When I was younger, I would often go to golf tournaments and try to play my best. I was a decent golfer and had only that to strive from. As I became a junior and now a senior, I have started to become a true golfer by filling in some of the gaps that I have had in my game my whole life. I had my first collegiate win in Tampa, -PL in October and it felt incredible to be able to accomplish something of that magnitude. That was one of my goals this year, and now I how that I have surpassed this goal, but I also know that I have to keep striving for excellence. Troy MULLER Teresa Brown dear fiiary, When I first arrived at Ole Miss my freshmen year, I did not know how much time and effort would go into playing golf I did not know about the qualifying rounds, countless hours of practice, and playing tournaments dur- ing Spring ' Break I realized that playing golf for Ole Miss would not only make me a better golfer, but it would also teach me about myself I was amazed to discover that f possessed Hie discipline to practice on my weekends off and to spend hours a night frying to catch up on the work I missed, because we had gone from Wednesday to Sunday for a tourna- ment Ml the practice and playing has been well worth it though. When I am playing in a tournament and I know my teammates are counting on me, I never let that thought leave my head. That is what gets me through all the tough times. We don ' t always play in sunny weather. In fact, our rainsuits are used more than any uniform. So when its 45 degrees and the rain is coming down hard, you can ' t give up because there are four other girls out fhere fighting for you. My c areer at Ole Miss is almost over, but I will remember many fhings, with the most important being my team. Jnd as I walk up to ihe last hole and f see my teammates, coaches, and family watching me, knowing I have given nothing less than my best, it is and will always be the best feeling in the world. 4 IAJUW. v QoCf Diary Women ' s Golf The Lady Rebels ended the season with three top-five finishes, and the team was placed in the top-ten five times. The Lady Rebels had a rebuilding year as a team, but this was overcome by the individual accomplishments of several team members dur- ing their 1999-2000 season. The team finished eleventh at the Southeastern Conference Championships. The Lady Rebel ' s highest finisher, Robyn Rinaldo came in at twelfth place. Overall, the team ' s best showing was at the Auburn Tiger-Derby Invitational. Here, the Lady Rebel ' s pulled in at fifth place and shot a 919. At the Palmetto Intercollegiate they shot a 909, which was the third lowest score in team history. At the Cleveland Classic, the team went on to shoot a 958. Marci Kornegay earned the teams ' highest individual finish when she came in as a second place tie while playing at the Louisiana State University-Cleveland Classic. Robyn Rinaldo tied the fourth lowest individual score in school history with a 221 shot at the Palmetto Intercolligiate. Her final round of 69 was a career low and tied the third lowest round ever by a Lady Rebel. The Lady Rebels ended the season by posting three top-five finishes and the team was placed in the top-ten five times. -WRITTEN BY LYNN BROWN II S Sports Ole Miss Women ' s Golf 1999-2000 Roster Name Year Roiann Boisture SO Teresa Brown JR Allison Burrow SO Kerrie Davis FR Elizabeth Hoffman SO Marci Kornegay JR Robyn Rinaldo SR Kim Tudor SO £ iR Hometown Princeton, KY Windermere, FL Garland, TX New Orleans, LA Kingwood, TX Orlando, FL Dade City, FL Winter Garden, FL Head Coach: Keil Purdom, Ole Miss, 1991 PHOTOS BY SPORTS INFORMATION Women ' s Qo(f @| Track and Field Setting the standard, the Ole Miss Track and Field Teams spent the year breaking school records and qualifying for the gold. Record breaking, qualifying, and successful. No other words better describe the 2000 Ole Miss Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field teams. Each of the teams brought prestige to the Ole Miss Athletic Department. The men ' s indoor team placed ninth at the SEC Championship, while the women ' s indoor team placed eighth in the Championship. The women ' s indoor team also placed eighteenth at the NCAA Championships, which is an Ole Miss record. With their numerous impressive performances, individual Ole Miss Track and Field team members showed they had what it takes to win. Three team members, Savante Stringfellow and Teneeshia Jones, for the long jump, and Tisha Parker, for the 100 and 200 meter run, qualified for the Olympic Trials which were held in Sacramento, CA, during the summer. Stringfellow, Jones and Parker along with Brandy Mack of the outdoor team and James Shelton, Kino Mosley, and Brandy Barnnett of the indoor team, qualified for the NCAA Championships. Stringfellow also broke Ralph Spry ' s seventeen- year-old school long jump record, while Brandy Barnnett broke the school high jump record. Stacy Andrews, a discus thrower from Camden, Arkansas, broke the men ' s weight throw record six times and finished fourth at the SEC Championships. The list of accomplishments for the 2000 Ole Miss Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field teams can go on and on. As the 2001 team gets set for their season, they are setting their sites on an even more record breaking and successful season. -WRITTEN BY KELLEY HUNSBERGER -PAM HAMILTON Ole Miss Men ' s Track and Field Roster Tobias Anderson Stacy Andrews Chad Blackburn Thomas Blackwell Hank Campbell Matt Carter Ben Chisman Marcus Christoffersen Reggie Collins Alex Constien Chad Dixon Aaron Fenzel John Frierson Dominik Fuhrmann Raheem Lay Willie Moore Jim Morrison Kino Mosley Ryan Palmer William Ramthun Brandon Saxon James Shelton Walt Sligh Savante ' Stringfellow Scott Thompson Wes True Kyle Wallace Ole Miss Women ' s Track and Field Roster Brandy Barnett Monica Barnett Lauren Beaulieu Cindy Bowling Candice Cattron Chika Chuku Dawn Dickerson Cheryl Faubion Kelly Gable Natalie Gerke Fran Goodwin Daya Hampton Dawn Harden Teneeshia Jones Brandy Mack Katy Nailen Tisha Parker Cathy Prior April Rembert Tarjatta Rose Wanikka Vance Angela Westbrook Leah White Willette Woods RYAN PIERINI MCLEAN ANDERSON MCLEAN ANDERSON ' Track and ' Field W ) Ve«( D,v This is the day I have been waiting for. This is the day where I will finally accomplish one of my dreams, the dream of most athletes. This was my Olympic moment. I arrived at the warm up facility at eight in the morning. This was not the moment that I expected when I dreamed about this the night before. It was a rainy, gloomy morning of about 55 degrees. As I began my warm- up, I noticed a lot of other athletes doing whatever they could to avoid getting wet. I saw a (Canadian jogging inside, and the -French would jog a lap and then run back inside. I just endured it. Before proceeding with my normal warm- up, I put on my red, white, and blue Hike rain suit and a skull cap with the Swoosh in the front. As they made the first call for the long- jump, I noticed Coach Walker and went to talk to him. He reminded me that this is what we have been working for, and this was my time to shine. This was when my nerves began to set in. I began to really think hey, I am one of the best athletes in the WOVLJ). As all the long jumpers were getting their bags checked in, this was when I saw the other United States long jumpers. We said a word of prayer and it was on. After our bags were checked, we were taken to another warm-up area before we went to the final destination. Yall belter be ready, It ' s showtime, and a bunch of other jibberish from some countries I have never heard of rang in the warm up area. I walked around staring, frying to intimidate the competition with direct eye contact and a gleaming blue Superman t shirt. I was read) for whatever was going to happen. All the nervousness was gone, and there was nothing else I could do. Ho more training, no more Joe Walker ' s world famous talks. It was really showtime. When I stepped into Olympic Stadium in front of 100,000 people, I was surprised that I found my parents in the stands and they held up their flag, smiling from ear to ear. To them I was already a Qold medalist. I was their Olympic hero. Savante Stringfellow Maranda Stockton W - O tP Sitting in front of the fine, with diary in hand, f sag one final prayer, hoping that today will be a good day. I look up and glance around the range at my teammates and coach, and smile as I realize how far we have come in such a short period of time. It seems like just yesterday I was picking up a gun for the first time, and now I am shooting for one of the fastest growing programs in the nation. I allow my mind to wander back to dream of Olympics one final time, and take a deep breath. I am ready to be the best today. With the proper calls from the Vange Officer, we are directed onto the line and into position to begin shooting. At the sound of " Commence -firing!, " I lift my rifle to my shoulder, and begin the long journey toward my goal: today I will beat myself. As I look through the sight at that old familiar bull, I listen to Coach ' s last words of encouragement again: You can do it, don ' t settle for any- thing less than the best. " I align my sights and there it is, the perfect shot. Steady, aim, fire 3ullseye! Qyod; again. I lower my rifle, reload and begin the process again. That was only the first match; 39 more and we can call it a day.... The pressure is on; everyone is doing very well, but i have a dream. I will succeed. I will be the best. One last shot. Again I lift my gun to my tired shoulder, and as I lower my hot sweaty cheek down onto the gun, I hear that calm voice of encouragement whispering in my ear, Don ' t give up! " I close my eyes for a moment and imagine that perfect shot again. As i open my eyes it is there again; wait, wait, fire $ ullseye! I win again! I may not have won the match today, but I beat the toughest competitor out there: myself. And I will be content with that until another day when I require the best I have to offer again, when I reach for my dreams. As I leave the line and look up at the coach, I know we have done it again and will take another proud victory back home with us to share with those who love us and support us. ' Rifle ' Diary ft Women ' s Rifle Reaching to set new school records, the lady rebels finished their best ever in the ncaa collegiate sectional. The 1999-2 000 Lady Rebel Rifle Team, led by Coach Valerie Boothe, had a very successful fourth season. With a 3-1-1 record in match play, the ladies reached a new school record for high- est team air rifle score with a 1459 at the Buckeye Invitational in Columbus, Ohio. On November 21, the team placed sixth at Jacksonville State. Sadly, they fell one point short from setting the new school record for air rifle. The team also finished their best ever in the NCAA Collegiate Sectional. The girls placed sixth in smallbore rifle, with a score of 4034, and seventh in the sir rifle, with a score of 1409. Along with these team accomplishments the Lady Rebel Rifle team also had numerous individual standouts. Team Captain Jessica Crockett, a senior from Brown Deer, Wisconsin, scored 548 in her final match and won her first career match against Centenary at home. Maranda Stockton placed second in the final competition, while Samantha Bell finished fourth and Jennifer Curry finished sixth. With a score of 374.8, Stockton, who is from Livingston, TN, obtained the highest air rifle mark average ever held by a Lady Rebel. She also broke the record for the highest Ole Miss individual high score with a score of 383, which she reached at the Tiger Invitational at Memphis. Stockton entered the 2000 season as a freshman and was one of the top junior shoot- ers in Tennessee. -WRITTEN BY KELLEY HUNSBERGER -PHOTO BY SPORTS INFORMATION Ole Miss Rifle 1999-2000 Roster Samantha Ball Sr. Jill Barnes Jr. Jessica Crockett Sr. Jennifer Curry Sr. Maranda Stockton So. Head Coach: Valarie Boothe Manager: Ray McAllister :ij f r " fiP " li L kit wt-i ' ' 1 m ■M fB: E PHOTOS BY RYAN PIERINI ' .Rifle Cross-Country The Ole Miss men looked to senior Chad Dixon to lead them at the conference champi- onships. Dixon, who was named the SEC Runner of the Week twice this season, has also finished in the top 1 in three of four meets this year, and has led the Rebels to three straight top-five team finishes. The Lady Rebels Cross-Country team, looked to challenge for the top spot behind soph- omore Katy Nailen and freshman Demetria Burks. Nailen and Burks led Ole Miss in each of their meets this season. To conclude, Chad Dixon led the Rebels to an eighth place team finish at this season ' s SEC Championships. The senior from West Plains, Missouri finished in 1 8th place with a time of 26:05.85. Sophomore Matt Carter also had a strong showing for the Rebels as he crossed the finish line in 28th place with a time of 26:40.20. The Lady Rebels struggled at the SEC Championships, coming in 1 2th place. Sophomore Katy Nailen was the first Ole Miss runner to cross the finish line. Nailen finished in 72nd place with a time of 24:53.89. -WRITTEN BY AMANDA MOGLE [•£ Head Coach: Joe Walker Assistant Coaches: Doug Blackwell, Brian O ' Neal Ole Miss Cross-Country 2000 Roster Men ' s Name Yr. Chad Blackburn So. Hank Campbell Jr. Matt Carter So. Ben Chisman Jr. Marcus Christoffersen So. Chad Dixon Sr. Dominik Fuhrmann Fr. Davey Gernhauser Fr. Raheem Lay Sr. Jim Morrison So. Scott Thompson Sr. Women ' s Name Demetria Burks Chika Chuku Cheryl Faubion Natalie Gerke Dawn Harden Britte Hardy Jennifer Jones Corey Laborde Brandy Mack Katy Nailen April Rembert Tarjatta Rose Angela Westbrook Yr. Fr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Jr. So. So. Fr. Sr. -PHOTOS COURTESY OF SPORTS INFORMATION Cross-Country iWt). The finish line is in sight. I ' m on the " homestretch " as I train for the last meet of my Ole Miss cross-country career. This race started four years ago when I stepped onto the track for the first time as a college athlete. My start was slow and weak as I adjusted to a new and higher level of running . . . competing in the Southeastern Conference. Js the race progressed, I became stronger and more focused on the goal before me ... to not only finish the race, but to give it all I ' ve got and then some. The race has been a long, difficult journey. A journey plagued with illness, injury, and a constant struggle to stay on course. To many of the sideline cross-country runners compete on sheer talent, when in reality it takes so much more. It takes constant dedication and motivation. The memories of this race are endless. Ml the hard hours of practice, two a days, personal goals obtained, meets won and lost, the tears shed, and the pain endured; but most of all, the friend- ships built over the years. As I cross the finish line, I ' ll smile and thank Qod that I was able to finish the race that few are given the chance to run. Aid I ' ll cherish the memories and friendships that have helped mold me into the person I am today. O Ajk u) tW2 Angela Westbrook -PHOTO BY SPORTS INFORMATION Abby Diddle tkjJC t My whole life I have worked for filings and fried to achieve goals fhat were sometimes unattainable. Yet, I have reached some of fhese goals, and they have kept growing into bigger and better realities. Becoming a cheerleader at Ole Miss was one of the most exciting days of my life, and I wouldn ' t change it for anything. ( have had so much fun and way too many memories to turn back now! I have made so many friends that have always and will always be there for me, and we are lucky to have a great coach who knows fhe difference between practice and play. The best part about cheerleading though, are the games. My favorite football memory is going to Alburn, Aabama to play the Tigers. I knew this was a huge game because Tommy Tubberv ille had left to go to Aburn and we got david dutcliffe from Tennessee. We played an incredible game; fhe fans were so loud at times that you couldn ' t hear the Alburn fans at all. Our team must have been ecstatic over all fhe energy from fhe fans. The game went into overtime, and we were all as nervous as can be. Of course we knew which team was better and which team should win, but it was down to the wire. We started a million " Hofty Toddy " cheers, and the crowd screamed at the team in hopes to pick fhem up and lead them to a victory. Overtime came, and we got the ball first. It was so intense that we almost couldn ' t watch, but we didn ' t want to miss a single moment. I remember it so clearly; Cory Peterson dove in fhe back of fhe end zone to catch a pass from Vpmaro Miller. The che erleaders freaked out, and I didn ' t know what to do, so I just jumped up and down and screamed in awe of what had just happened. Then Aburn got fhe ball. Our Ole Miss defense stopped them over and over again to hold fhem off, and we won. We beat fhe Aburn Tigers in overtime, and we rushed the field. The greatest part was standing on fhe Aburn field swaying to the slow version of dm after we won; it gave me the chills. That is W moment from cheerleading that S will never forget. Cfieerfeacfing (Diary 0Sf Cheerleading In order to keep high spirits at Ole Miss, the school recruited a select few to perform this duty. School spirit is an essential part of the University of Mississippi, not only for the athletes, but the student body as well. In order to keep high s pirits at the University, the school recruited a select few to perform this duty. The varsity squad has fourteen members that were chosen to promote excitement and pride for the Ole Miss athletes. There are seven men and seven women who work together as our cheerleaders. The varsity team is supported in their work by the fourteen mem- ber junior varsity team. The junior varsity cheerleaders for 2000-2001 are as follows: Martha Christopher, Summer Clements, Ben Collins, Steven Fayed, Alecia Massey, Lauren McGee, Randell Naramore, Lynn Ellen Osborn, Ashley Rogers, Lesley Schualenberg, Cory Sims, Matt Story, Jeff Stricklin, Chris Suber, and Eric Wilson. Their year begins during the summer when the cheer- leaders attend a strenuous training camp. This year they traveled to the University of Alabama for camp where cheers and jumps were perfected through hours of labor and hard work. Once the school year began, the team went to work early when they hosted a cheer clinic for younger girls in Oxford. In addition to their time spent on the field and on the court, the cheerleaders have quite a few other activities. Every year, the cheerleaders have a tradition of traveling to New Albany, where they ride in the Fourth of July Parade. Colonel Reb also makes his debut, appearing in both the Miss Mississippi Parade and the Christmas Parade in Houston, Mississippi. Furthermore, the cheerleaders are always asked to serve as judges for local high school tryouts and competitions. The Ole Miss cheerleaders are extremely dedicated to their tasks and to the school. Their antics and support are integral to the morale of the University and its stu- dents. -WRITTEN BY REBECCA HENLEY -PHOTO COURTESY OF DR. JUDY TROTT Ole Miss Varsity Cheerleader 2000 Roster Emily Black Ray Carter Abby Diddle Brooke Donald Emily Fabianke Hannah Fenton Jamie Kerley Alina King E.J. Patterson Jeremy Skupien Brad Sloan Landon Spencer Eric Wilson Jorge Vinueza Mascots: Rob Chestnut Brendan Shaner -CHRIS STEWART CheerCeadCin V Volleyball Even though the team experienced some hard times, the Lady Rebels were not without their stars. The 2000 Lady Rebel volleyball squad began its season at the Texas-San Antonio invitational with a pair of wins against Sam Houston and Wyoming, and losses to the host team at Oregon. The team went on to a similar outcome a few days later at the Jayhawk Invitational, once more turning in a pair of wins and losses each. The squad continued to have problems through- out the season, producing a string of alternating vic- tories and defeats. Despite their considerable effort and a number of close games, the 2000 Lady Rebel volleyball squad ' s season ended disappointingly with a final loss to Alabama, bringing their regular season record to a close at 15-15, just short of a winning season. Even though the team experienced some hard times, the Lady Rebs were not without their stars. Senior Kira Zschau finished the season with a team high of 481 kills, 380 digs, and 53 receptions. Just behind her was Junior Jaime Burns with 419 kills, 298 digs, and 37 receptions. Both played integral parts in the squad ' s wins through the season. Also contributing to the team was Senior Renata Nowacki. Renata led the team in blocks on the sea- son and contributed generously in many other areas of play as well. Sophomores Sarah Lansden and Erin Newsom turned in impressive performances for the season just behind the team leaders, demon- strating great potential for their remaining seasons at Ole Miss. The Lady Rebels ' veteran players and rising stars end the season with bright hopes for the future, as well as appreciation of the graduating seniors who contributed so much to this year ' s team. -WRITTEN BY BRYANT GLISS0N ( » 1 -PHOTO BY SPORTS INFORMATION Ole Miss Volleyball 2000 Roster No. Name Pos. MB Year 1 Sarah Lansden So 2 Cheryl Wilson S So 3 Renata Nowacki S Sr 4 Erica Tricco OH So 5 Kira Zschau OH Sr 6 Abby Hollander MB Jr 7 Erin Newsom MB So 8 Amie Ewing DS So 10 Jade Polonich S Fr 1 1 Karla Zschau MB Fr 12 Julie McCue OH Jr 13 Jaime Burns OH Jr 14 Leigh Rittiner OPP Jr Head Coach: John Blair Assistant Coaches: Michelle York Matthew Ginipro rJ J -ROBERT JORDAN -RYAN PIERINI OU w ROBERT JORDAN Looking back over my volleyball career, the Georgia game was implemental for our team. It proved so much not only to ourselves, but to all. The Georgia game was our first Sit win of the season. Our team overcame some amazing odds. Ole Miss had not beaten Georgia in over five gears. We were down one game and well into the second. Our team was down hit Qeorgia thought the game was over. A timeout was called. I remember looking at the faces of my teammates, and I knew we were not about to give up. Something changed after that timeout; we started playing for each other by putting our hearts into that game. We came back, won that game, and we beat them in four. That match will never be forgotten because our team proved what we could do. Choosing Ole Miss was a hard decision for me, being so far away from home, but I have had no regrets. The experience of collegiate volleyball goes beyond a 3 out of 5 game match. It has taught me life changing values mentally, physically, and spiritually. The daily practices and meetings are only a small part of our commitment. We gave our all everyday. Some of my best friends are on this team, and we have all put our hearts, minds, and souls into this program, fhis season, and into each practice and match. My freshman year I came in with three others, and I am finishing with only one. y the end of this season, Venata and I will walk away from four years of practices, matches, good times and bad times, never to play Ole Miss Volleyball again. Our team has shared some powerful wins and some heartbreaking losses. Volleyball has been such a huge part of my life, and I will forever be changed. .Ml the blood, sweat, and tears, as well as the injuries and the mental battles are all worth it to be a part of this team. Ml these things are incorporated into my life now, making me better. I have had the privilege to be on a team committed far beyond the court, giving more than asked of them. I believe this team has proved we can overcome anything. I can ' t describe what they have meant to me. I can only thank each person who has helped us. -from fellow teammates, to managers, to trainers, to coaches, and not forgetting all who have given us sup- port, Thank you all! " You have made my four years amazing, and I am truly blessed. [p J 5 KlflA ZSCHAU Jennifer Soileau Never in a million years did I expect to play soccer at Hne University of Mississippi. In fact, after my visit here I thought for sure I would not be here. $ut Hiings happen and coming here to play soccer has been the best decision of my life. Looking back on my four years here, there are a lot of memories that really stand out. -for example, as a freshman, our first Sit win over Arkansas; going to Hie Sit tournament finals my junior year and winning Hie Sit Western division. Ml of these were great experiences, but Hie Hiing Hiat I will remember the most about my experience as an athlete here is my teammates and coaches. My teammates are awesome, and I cannot imagine experiencing all these things without them. It is hard to express to people just how much time we really spend together. We practice every day together, we lift weights togeth- er, we spend fourday weekends togeHier, we live together, we have class together, we study together, and we party together. When people spend that much time together, Hiey are no longer friends. They are family. I was watching Hie Olympics on television, and I came to a realization. Ml Ihe aHiletes Hiat won individual gold medals did not get to share Hiat experience with anyone. No one, not even their families, could know what they were feeling. I am so thankful Hiat when we win or I score a goal, I am surrounded by my best friends and we are able to celebrate together. I know that Hie friends I have made here will be my friends for life. The memories and the feelings we felt when we accomplished something great will fade, but the memo- ries we made together will stay with me forever. off ' Diary ) Soccer Following a couple of early losses, the Lady Rebs went on to produce a RARELY INTERRUPTED The Lady Rebel Soccer team had yet another out- standing year during the 2000 season. Previously named SEC Western Division Champs for the 1999 season, they had a lot to live up to this year. Following a couple of close losses at the season ' s start, the Lady Rebs went on to produce a rarely interrupted string of victories. Staying strong throughout the season, the Lady Rebs hopes of reclaiming their title as Western Division Champions quickly came within reach. In a dramatic confrontation with Mississippi State, they once again secured their place as SEC West Champs in a double overtime tie with their rivals. The Lady Rebs finished the regular season with a record of 13-5-1. They later went on to participate in the SEC Tournament as the number two seed. Unfortunately, the post-season was over as soon as it began as the team suffered a 2-0 loss to Georgia, bringing their record to a final count of 13-6-1. Though every member of the soccer team made a STRING OF VICTORIES. significant impact on the season ' s outcome, a few play- ers deserve special mention. Most notable is senior kicker Jennifer Soileau. Soileau shined throughout the year, leading the Lady Rebels in scores and assists for the season. Named to the 2000 All-SEC first team, she ended her stay at Ole Miss as its all-time leading scorer with 99 career points. Sophomore transfer Kristin Chapman also earned All-SEC honors as she was named second team All-SEC. Fellow sophomores Anna Sanders and Bridget Brooks also turned in impressive scoring records for the year. Senior Regan Scanlon made SEC Player of the Week at mid-season and has remained a solid player for the Rebs throughout her career. One does not have to look far to find talent in Lady Rebel Soccer. This year we say goodbye to several play- ers who have helped raise the standard for Ole Miss soc- cer. As a legacy to its seniors, the rising stars of Rebel soccer will carry the team into the new millennium. -WRITTEN BY BRYANT GLISS0N Ole Miss Women ' s Soc Name Courtney Biddle Dallas Bird Megan Bowman Bridget Brooks Kristin Chapman Michaela Collins Erin Cooper Erin Edmundson Jennifer Gibson Brittany Gillespie Jessica O ' Neill Coach: Steve H Assistant Coach: L Trainer: Audra Manager: Shan Academic Advisor: S Strength Coach: Student Assistants: Brooke B» ;■«■ SfifiSi k . r + -KEVIN BAIN -RYAN PIERINI Soccer ffi Football The Ole Miss Rebels have once again had another successful season by finishing the year with a 7-4 record. It was the fourth straight winning season for the Rebels, and the 2000 Senior Class leaves Ole Miss as the first class since the 1956 Class to have four straight winning sea- sons. The season opened with a 49-20 over the Tulane Green Wave. Ole Miss trailed early, before erupting for 2 1 points in the third quarter on their way to the win. Deuce McAllister had three touchdowns for the Rebels. Next up for the Rebels was the return of former head coach Tommy Tuberville and his Auburn Tigers. In a much-anticipated contest, the Rebels fell short 35-27 and Tuberville escaped Oxford with a smile on his face. McAllister once again dazzled Rebel fans scoring three touchdowns, including an 87-yard punt return for a score. Ole Miss ' s first road game of the season was a success as the Rebels took care of Vanderbilt 1 2-7 in Nashville. Next up was a Kentucky team with 300-pound quarter- back Jared Lorenzen. Although outweigh- ing the whole defense, Lorenzen struggled against the Rebel defense as Ole Miss eas- ily defeated Kentucky 35-17. Ole Miss led 35-3 late in the fourth quarter, before two meaningless touchdowns. The Rebel offense continued to hit on all cylinders as they pounded Arkansas State 35-10 in Oxford the following week. Ole Miss then traveled to Tuscaloosa for what was marked as one of the biggest games before the season started. History was against the Rebels as Ole Miss had lost 12-straight years to the Tide. The Rebels seemed shell-shocked as Alabama released a season full on frustration, whip- ping them 45-7. After a week off to regroup, Ole Miss bounced back with a 43-40 overtime homecoming win over UNLV. The fol- lowing week the Ole Miss program made school history by winning in Fayetteville, Ark. for the first time ever. The 38-24 win gave the Rebels one of their most impres- sive wins of the season. The next two weeks were tough for the Rebels losing to LSU 20-9 at home, and then losing at Georgia 32-14. The Ole Miss offense struggled during the two games only scoring only one offensive touchdown in the two contests. Ole Miss made up for their lackluster performances against LSU and Georgia with a huge win over rival Mississippi State in the annual Egg Bowl. After trail- ing 16-0 in the second quarter to the Bulldogs, the Rebel offense came to life, scoring 28 unanswered points to take a 28-16 lead. After Mississippi State battled back to gain a 30-28 lead, Ole Miss seniors took control of the game leading the Rebels to a 45-30 win in the rain. McAllister ran for three touchdowns and passed for one, while quarterback Romaro Miller threw two scores and caught a third. Although the Rebels did not win the SEC West, Ole Miss still had a successful season. They are the only SEC West School to go to four straight bowl games. With the return of several talented athletes a fifth straight winning season is within grasp. Ole Miss head coach David Cutcliffe has established the Rebels as a constant top 25 national program. -WRITTEN BY PETER ROSS mmm ■ ' . % • -jam -JOSH GUEST 2000-2001 Football Schedule September 2 September 9 September 16 September 30 October 7 October 14 October 28 November 4 November 1 1 November 18 November 23 Tulane W 49-20 Auburn L 35-27 Vanderbilt W 12-7 Kentucky W 35-17 Arkansas State W 35-10 Alabama L 45-7 UNLV W 43-40 (OT) Arkansas W 38-24 LSU L 20-9 Georgia L 32-14 Mississippi State W 45-30 home games in bold denotes SEC game Football f v " ' » ' . . ■:j Vf n li Be f ' v Tv f — . » ; 1 i mjR K - s= t V -CHRIS STEWART -CHRIS STEWART : ; tt«to £tt -CHRIS STEWART ihmrd 1 i i « ¥ ' AN PIERINI -RYAN PIERINI wrfrs -CHRIS STEWART M ,? u v f ■yn -CHRIS STEWART TootSaCf fe I ■ r i iiu ' iii Il -PHOTO BY SPORTS INFORMATION Ole Miss Football 2000 Roster No. Name Pos. Yr. No. Name Pos. Yr. No. Name Pos. Yr. 1 Eddie Strong LB Fr 33 Ryan Hamilton LB So 62 Doug Buckles OL Fr i 2 Lanier Goethie LB So 34 Ryan Huskey WR So 63 German Bello OL So i 3 Trey Fryfogle WR Fr 34 Bo Hartsfield TE Fr 64 Brian Yeck DE So i 4 Omar Rayford WR Fr 35 Robert Williams RB So 65 David Peden OL Fr i 4 Trey Sandifer QB Fr 36 Demond James LB Sr 66 Davis Carpenter OL Fr ; i 5 Von Hutchins DB Fr 36 Johnny Ducking LB Fr 67 Charlie Perkins C Sr . • 6 Toward Sanford RB So 37 Justin Blake DE So 68 Shane Grice OL Sr : 7 Jamie Armstrong WR Jr 37 Chris R. Brown K Fr 69 Don Prince OL Fr j ; 8 Chris Collins WR Fr 38 Anthony Magee DB Sr 71 James Campbell OL Fr i 9 Les Binkley K Sr 39 Kevin Thomas LB Fr 72 John McGarvey OL Fr ' i 10 Eli Manning QB Fr 40 Shawn Johnson LB Sr 73 Keydrick Vincent OL Sr ! i 11 Romaro Miller QB Sr 41 Brandon Roddy DT Fr 74 Cliff Woodruff OL Fr ; i 12 Tom Davis WR Sr 42 Jon Claxton RB So 75 Theo Harris OL Fr j i 12 Kenny Woods DB Sr 42 Rick Razzano FB Fr 76 Marcus Johnson OL Fr j ; 13 Travis Blanchard DB Fr 43 Antionne Scott DT Sr 77 Matt Koon OL Fr ! ! 14 Ben Boatright K Fr 44 Chad Cook LB Sr 78 Augustus Carwell OL So i i 14 L.J. Taylor WR Sr 45 Charles Stackhouse RB Jr 79 Terrence Metcalf OL Fr j ! 15 David Morris QB Fr 46 Amzie Williams LB Sr 80 Eric Tucker TE Fr j i 16 Reagan King P Sr 47 Tremaine Turner RB So 81 Rob Robertson LB Fr ! i 17 Jay Hepfer QB Fr 48 Chris Brown RB So 83 Justin Sawyer TE So j i 17 Wes Scott DB So 48 Ben Craddock P Sr 84 Bill Flowers WR Fr j i 19 Kerry Johnson QB Fr 49 Ross Barkley WR Fr 85 Charlie Anderson DE Fr ! i 20 Ian Bass RB So 49 John Meeks RB Fr 86 Jonathan Nichols PK Fr j i 21 Chris Leverson DB Fr 50 Billy Crabtree OL Fr 87 Phil Lucchese K Fr j ! 21 Justin Coleman DB Fr 50 John Romm DE Sr 88 Grant Heard WR Sr j ! 22 Deuce McAllister RB Sr 51 Justin Wade LB Fr 89 Thomas Gee LB So j ! 23 Syniker Taylor DB Fr 53 Rickey Jones LB Fr 89 Doug Zeigler TE So i ! 24 Ken Lucas WR Sr 53 Charles Ray OL Fr 90 Alex Constien DT Fr i i 25 Lee Jackson WR Fr 54 Jamil Northcutt LB Fr 90 Mitch Skrmetta TE Fr j i 26 Gino Davis DB Fr 55 Dulani Kincaid LB Fr 91 Dusty Braddock DT So : 26 Chico Chandler RB So 55 Ben Claxton C So 92 Kenny Jackson DT Jr j : 27 Kevin Timothee DB Fr 56 Derrick Burgess DE Sr 93 Lee Rogers K Fr j 1 28 Joe Gunn RB Fr 57 Brad Synnott OL Jr 93 Walker Hunsicker DE Sr i ! 29 Marcus Woodson DB Fr 57 Brian Lester LB Fr 94 Barnabas Harris DE Fr i 30 Matt Davenport WR Fr 58 Will Smallwood DB Fr 95 Jesse Mitchell DT Fr j ! 30 Tavarus Home DB Fr 58 Belton Johnson OL So 96 Cory Robinson DE Fr i i 31 Dcsmon Johnson CB So 59 Shane Elam DE Sr 97 Cody Ridgeway P Fr i 32 Cohern Landry DB Fr 60 A.J. Kiamie C So 98 Yahrek Johnson DT So i 32 Anthony Sims DT Fr 61 Daniel Booth DT Fr 99 Josh Cooper DE Fr j y S V arts Music City Bowl Nashville. TN Decem bi 28, 2(XX) The Ole Miss senior class went into the Music City Bowl looking for their fourth consecutive win, but the West Virginia Mountaineers stunned the Rebels 49-38 in front of 47,1 19 at Adelphia Coliseum in Nashville, TN. The Mountaineers ended a seven game bowl-los- ing streak and gave coach Don Nehlen a win in his final game. West Virginia came out smoking, building a 35-9 halftime lead and a 49-9 lead midway through the third quarter. But the Rebels did not quit as they scored the game ' s final 29 points. " I was proud of our team for fighting back and continuing to fight, even when it really got bleak, further into the second half, " Ole Miss head coach David Cutcliffe said. " I ' m real proud of our seniors that we have. These young men have contributed great numbers to the Ole Miss pro- gram, 30 wins in four years, four straight bowl games, and more records than I can count as a class. " In the Mississippi State game, McAllister and Miller ran and passed the ball at will as the two accounted for six touchdowns. Against the Mountaineers, the duo were held in check as McAllister rushed for 22 yards on 1 3 carries, while Miller completed 1 6-of-3 1 passes for 221 yards, no touchdowns, and two interceptions. West Virginia quarterback Brad Lewis was in total control in the first half as he completed all seven pass attempts for 216 yards and four touchdowns. Lewis, who was named the MVP, completed 1 l-of-14 passes for 276 yards and five touchdowns. Wide receivers Antonio Brown and Khori Brown burned the Rebel secondary with two touchdowns apiece. Brown caught three passes for 129 yards while Ivy halted in five receptions for 84 yards. Although Ole Miss out-gained West Virginia 482 to 432 of total offensive yards, the Rebels struggled to get the ball in the end zone in the first half, resulting in three field goals instead of touch- downs. Back up quarterback Eli Manning gave the Rebels a spark off the bench in the fourth quarter with three touchdowns passes, but it was not enough to change the outcome of the game. Freshman wide receiver Chris Collins led the Rebels in receiving with five receptions for 65 yards, and was one of 1 1 differ- ent Rebels to catch a pass in the contest. Ole Miss fell to 7-5 on the season, while West Virginia improved to 7-5. -WRITTEN BY PETER ROSS -PHOTOS BY JOSH GUEST ' Music City Bow( ft -CHRIS STEWART ' fl -PAM HAMILTON if 4 . RYAN PIFRINI " ffirnfltofip NICOLE SEALE -KEVIN BAIN Coaches Awards MEN ' S BASKETBALL Jason Harrision- Associated Press All-SEC 3rd Team Rahim Lockhart- SEC Good Works Team WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Tanya Bolden- SEC Good Works Team Frankie Boyd- Gran Tree Classic Tournament MVP BASEBALL Joey Cramblitt- GTE CoSIDA District Six Academic All- American 1st Team Jude Volt- GTE CoSIDA District Six Academic Ail- American 1st Team GOLF Jon Bartlett- All-American honorable mention; NCAA Championships Robyn Rinaldo- ranked 21st in the SEC A W A R D S TENNIS Vikranl Chadha- National Semifinals lexander Hartman- All-SEC 2nd Team rena Mihailova-finalist for the 1 1 ' • y l orter SEC Scholarship Athlete ( the Year Award; SEC Postgraduate Scholarshi , Taylor Medal; GTE CoSIDA National Academic All American Team Ivona Mihailova- GTE CoSIDA Dis k Academic All-American Tear James Shortall- National Semifinals; All SIX. 2nd Team TRACK AND FIELD Teneeshia Jones- Olympic Tria Savante v Stringfellow- Olympic Trials Tisha Parker-Olympic Trials Steve Holeman Soccer Candi Letts Softball Jerry Montgomery Women ' s Tenni Keil Purdom Women ' s Golf Joe Walker Cross Country Track and Field Coaches and ' Awards fi Cfosing jB fcfft A Anthony, Desha 166 Anthony, Ken 166 Abbott, Caroline 138 Anugandula, Madhu 203 Abbott, Sheri 166 Appelbee, Jill 181 Abdo, Will 153 Apple, Jarold 138 Abide, Ashley 153 Applon, Barbara 138 Abies, Chris 181 Ards, Jacqueline 153 Abramowicz, Joey 181 Arendale, Kristin 166 Abston, Sarah 138 Armstrong, William 153 Abt, John 166 Amemann, Michael 138 Accardi, Laura 153 Arrington, Dana 166 Acevedo, Luis 181 Arrington, Debra 181 Adair, James 138 Askew, Tiffany 138 Adair, Lucy 138 Asprion, Ryan 166 Adams, Allison 138 Assaf, Sybil 166 Adams, Angela 166 Atkins, Lindsey 181 Adams, Brooke 181 Atkinson, Scott 138 Adams, Lesley 166 Atwood, Laura 153 Adrian, Robert 138 Aultman, Tara 166 Agnew, Stetano 138 Aumiller, Bryan 138 Ahmed, Nadia 153 Aune, Mike 138 Akins, Amanda Joy 153 Austin, Adam 181 Albright, Jessica 166 Austin, Kasheika 181 Aldridge, Brad 181 Autry, Lauren 138 Aldy, Brittany 181 Avant, Laurie 181 Ales, Gavin 138 Averill, Lauren 181 Alexander, Cory 166 Ayers, Amanda 138 Alexander, Elizabeth 166 Azzone, Daniel 181 Alexander, LaKenzye 138 Azzone, Jared 166 Alexander, Le ' Anne 153 Alexander, Whitney 153 Alford, Jesse 181 B Alford, Leahbeth 7, 166 Alford, Yolanda 181 Babb, Melissa 138 Allen, Christopher 138 Bachmann, Kristen 153 Allen, Cooper 138 Bachuwar, Santosh Kumar 203 Allen, Hank 181 Bagley, Brooke 153 Allen, Jennifer 153 Bahm, Jonathan 138 Allen, Joshua 138 Bailey, Davis 166 Allen, Paula 138 Bailey, Jennifer 166 Allen, Robby 166 Bailey, Kathy 166 Allen, Wilson 166 Bailey, Kevin 138 Allison, Kelly 166 Bailey, Lisa 153 Almad, Ashwini 203 Bailey, Mike 166 Almon, Waverly 153 Bailey, Morrow 153 Almon, Wendy 138 Bailey, Sarah 153 Amborn, Casey 166 Bailey, Sarah Beth 181 Ambrose, Ryan 138 Baine, Samantha 138 Amerman, Jarrett 181 Baisyet, Rajesh 166 Amin, Stutee 181 Bajracharya, Rajesh 203 Ammons, Tracy 181 Baker, Laura 138 Anast, Tyson 181 Baker, Melanie 181 Anderson, Andrew 138 Baker, Natalie 181 Anderson, Ashanti 138 Baker, Shannon 181 Anderson, Christian 138 Baker, Sharonda 166 Anderson, Conrad IV 153 Baldwin, Leigh 138 Anderson, Franklin 138 Baldwin, Richard 181 Anderson, Joseph 153 Bales, Misty 166 Anderson, Kennedy 153 Ball, Mallory 138 Anderson, Mary Kent 138 Ball, Samantha 181 Anderson, Rob 166 Ballard, Misty 166 Anderson, Ryan 153 Banahan, Jessica 138 Anderson, William 181 Banchetti, Carl 138 Andrews, Brandi 181 Banchetti, Nick 181 Andrews, Elizabeth 138 Banks, Emily 138 Andrews, Tynisha 166 Bankston, Shawn 166 Bannerman, Blair 153 Bardwell, Will 153 Barefoot, Brett 138 Barham, Dani el 166 Baria, Laura 166 Barksdale, Matt 181 Barlow, Jenny 153 Barlow, Jeremy 122, 181 Barnes, Emily 166 Barnes, Jonathan 166 Barnes, Kelly 138 Barnes, Lacy 139 Barnett, Brandy 181 Barnett, Jodie 181 Barnett, Mary 166 Barnett, Monica 133, 181 Barnett, Wes 181 Barr, Dereck 181 Barr, Shannon 166 Barrett, Austin 1 53 Barrett, Clay 181 Barron, William 139 Bartholomew, Anna 166 Barton, Priscilla 1 53 Basile, Florencia 139 Bass, Olivia 181 Bates, Jeffrey 1 66 Baudo, Brooke 139 Baughman, Chris 139 Bayo, Fatou 153 Beard, Kimberly 153 Beard, Ruthie 166 Beasley, Courtney 139 Beasley, Sarah 166 Beasley, Tia 139 Beck, Johnny 166 Beecham, Tracy 167 Beitz, Steven 167 Bell, Anthony 181 Bell, Curt 181 Bell, Joseph 139 Bell, Wendy 153 Bellande, Betsy 139 Benard, Samantha 167 Bender, Ariana 139 Bender, Nikki 167 Benedetti, Rebecca 139 Benefield, Simmie 167 Bennett, Scott 181 Benoist, Ca rrie 139 Benoist, Molly 139 Benoit, Julie 139 Bergan, Timothy 167 Bergandi, Sara 139 Berghuis, Jenna 167 Berryhill, Jenny 139 Bertrand, Aimee 139 Bet-Sayad, Will 182 Bethea, Catherine 139 Betsayad, Jennifer 167 Bevilaqua, Kacie 182 Bevilaqua, Steven 153 Bevis, Kristy 139 Beyer, Lisha 139 Bibb, Harrison 139 Bibbs, Undra 167 Biddle, Courtney 153 Bidwell, Lee 167 Bienvenu, John 182 Billman, Lauren 139 Bise, Mary Kempton 167 Bishop, Kelly 139 Bishop, Mindy 153 Bishop, Spring 167 Blachly, James 167 Black, Darrell 182 Black, David 153 Black, Fowler 167 Black, Jonathan 182 Black, Stan 122, 182 Blackburn, Glenna 182 Blackwell, Nicole 139 Blackwell, Richard 139 Blake, Thomas 167 Blakely, Rachel 182 Blakey, Elizabeth 153 Blanchard, Kelly 153 Bland, Crystal 167 Bland, Jason 139 Bland, Melissa 182 Blaylock, Leslie 182 Blossom, Becky 182 Blount, Sherry 167 Boatright, Ben 153 Boatright, Beverly 122 Bobb, Jennifer 153 Bobb, Jenny 34 Bobbitt, Dustin 153 Bodenhamer, Virginia 167 Boeckmann, Ashley 122, 182 Boggs, Elizabeth 182 Boisture, Roiann 167 Bolen, Christie 167 Bolen, Elizabeth 153 Bolen, Marty 182 Boler, Jeremy 139 Boler, Nancy 153 Boles, Elishua 182 Bond, Christopher 139 Bondioche, Christine 182 Bonds, Amy 182, 273 Bonds, Ashley 182 Bonney, Elizabeth 182 Boone, Tancia 153 Boone, Wilson 153 Booth, Robert 182 Bora, Ainit 182 Bost, Kerri 182 Bostwick, Claire 182 Boswell, Martha 167 Bottoms, Jonathan 139 Boudreaux, Amie 182 Boulware, Leesel 139 Bounds, James 167 Bounds, Julie 167 Boutwell, William 182 Bowen, Abigail 122 Bowerman, Barrett 154 Bowers, Barrett 154 Bowie, Paul 182 Bowlin, Wendy 182 Bowling, Cindy 154 Bowling, Barbara 182 Bowman, Ashley 154 Bowman, Thomas 167 Boyd, Alma 182 Boyd, Jeff 122 Boyd, Jennifer 167, 182 Boyd, Stewart 139 Boykin, Anna Susan 167 Boylan, Brooks 139 Bradley, Allen 154 Bradley, Ginger 182 Bradley, Karen 139 Brady, Emily 154 Brame, Rachel 154 Branch, Katie 167 Brannon, Bridgett 154 Branson, Chad 182 Brantley, Erica 139 Brantley, Leonard 139 Brantley, Nikki 154 Brasher, Mac 167 Brashier, Grant 139 Brashier, Kristy 182 Bratton, Benjamin 182 Brawner, Emily 182 Bray, Bradley 182 Breakfield, Melissa 154 Breedlove, Mary Ann 139 Brewer, Ann-Aldridge 139 Brewer, Ben 167 Brewer, Martina 154 Brickey, Tyndale 139 Bridgers, Mary Beth 154 Briggs, Ron 182 Bright, Micheal 167 Briscoe, Jeremy 182 Bristow, Robert 139 Britt, Lollie 139 Britt, Marjorie 154 Britt, Megan 182 Broadaway, Reeca 182 Broadwater, Michael 182 Brock, Brandy 167 Brodofsky, Ike 154 Brookhart, Lisa 182 Brooks, Allyson 183 Brooks, Carmen 154 Brooks, Elizabeth 139 Brooks, Lawrence 203 Broussard, Barry 154 Brown, Amanda 140 Brown, Amy 167 Brown, Ben 167 Brown, Byron 123, 183 Brown, Cannon 140 Brown, Carly 183 Brown, Cecil 140 Brown, Dana 167 Brown, Elisabeth 167 Brown, Emily 154 Brown, Hope 154 Brown, Janna 167 Brown, Jeffrey 167 Brown, Jeremy 154 Brown, Kaleshia 140 Brown, Keena 140 Indi ex Brown, Keesha 183 Brown, Lynn 272 Brown, Mary Rebecca 183 Brown, Megan 154 Brown, Nicholas 154 Brown, Robert 183 Brown, Shonte 183 Brown, Teresa 355 Brown, Teri 167 Brownlee, Rachel 167 Broyles, Tricia 123, 183 Brubaker, Jacquelyn 154 Bruce, Carrie 154 Bruce, Kimberly 183 Brumfield, Ab 167 Brumfield, Joseph 183 Brummett, Jesse 133 Brummett, Kurt 203 Bruner, Natascha 183 Bruss, Jeremy 167 Bryant, Andrew 154 Bryant, Heather 183 Bryant, Karen 183 Bryant, Natalie 167 Bryant, Paige 140 Buchanan, Scott 140 Buckman, Ashley 140 Buduri, Arun 203 Buford, Josh 168 Buford, Raven 154 Bullard, Stephanie 183 Bullard, Wendy 140 Bullion, Hanh 203 Bullock, Aaron 154 Bullock, Tiffany 168 Burch, Jason 140 Burchtield, Hays 140 Burdine, Geof 140 Burford, Alaina 140 Burgess, Caroline 140 Burke, Taryn 1 54 Burkhalter, Tiffani 183 Burkley, Brian 168 Burkley, Hannah 154 Burks, Demetria 140 Burnett, Carrie Elizabeth 1 68 Burns, Brodie 154 Burns, Meagan 183 Burns, Tayla 140 Burns, William 183 Bumside, Dewaski 168 Burris, Holly 154 Burrow, Lauren 154 Burton, Heather 140 Burton, Leigh 140 Burton, Scott 168 Burton, Steven 183 Buse, Amanda 183 Buse, Brandy 154 Butler, Aaron 183 Butler, Allison 140 Butler, Ashley 168 Butler, Beau 183 Butler, Heather 140 Butler, William 154 Butts, Casey 140 Butts, Stephanie Byrd, Isaac 140 68 Cabaniss, Laura 140 Cado, Jennifer 183 Cahill, Caroline 154 Caldwell, Lauren 154 Callahan, Marilyn 154 Callahan, Sheree 183 Calvi, Michael 168 Camp, Robert 140 Campany, Haley 140 Campbell, James 140 Campbell, Kim 140 Campbell, William 133 Campesi, Kat 140 Canerdy, John Micheal 183 Canion, Andy 140 Cannada, Warner 140 Cannon, Amber 168 Card, Morgan 140 Carden, Matt 154 Cardosi, Amy 140 Carius, Stephanie 183 Carlson, Meredith 154 Carlyle, Wolfe 183 Carmichael, Elizabeth 140 Carmichael, Lee 140 Carney, Carson 183 Carney, David 183 Carnley, Meredith 183 Carpenter, Julie 154 Carpenter, Kelly 154 Carpenter, Melissa 183 Carpenter, Natalie 154 Carpenter-Wahl, Tyra 183 Carr, Charlie 140 Carr, Jessica 183 Carr, Marc 1 54 Carr, Michael 155 Carrigan, Brenna 183 Carroll, Alexis 155 Carter, Keleigh 155 Carter, Liza 155 Carter, Mark 203 Carter, Saiena 183 Cartwright, Molly 183 Cartwright, Shelly 183 Case, Nick 168 Casey, Brad 168 Casey, George 183 Cassada, Matthew 183 Castillo, Emily 25, 183 Castillo, Loidha 155 Caughorn, James 183 Caulfield, Bethany 155 Cavin, Carson 155 Chamberlin, Claiborne 155 Chamblee, Luke 183 Chambliss, Amy 140 Chamness, Jason 183 Chan, Evelyn 184 Chance, Mary 140 Chanda, Pranojit 203 Chandler, Charlie 168 Chandler, Emily 155 Chandler, Jason 184 Chandler, Patty 184 Chandler, Richard 168 Chapman, Autumn 184 Chapman, Catherine 184 Chapman, Nicole 184 Charvat, Julie 184 Chatham, Michelle 140 Chatman, Jauna 184 Chatman, Toria Lawanda 184 Chau, Andi 184 Chau, Serena 184 Chaware, Raghunandan 184 Chen, Shuo 203 Chen, Xin 203 Chenault, Kelly 184 Chencharick, Marianne 184 Cheng, Yee 184 Chester, Jennifer 140 Chewning, Blair 168 Chiaventone, Kelley 123, 184 Childers, Brandon 168 Childers, Christopher 184 Childress, Whitney 168 Chin, Denis 184 Chiok, Kal Yong 184 Chisman, Ben 184 Chockley, Randy 155 Choong, Aik Min 184 Chrestman, Timothy 168 Christensen, David 184 Christensen, Joshua 168 Christian, Daniel 140 Christoffersen, Marcus 168 Christopher, Courtney 168 Christopher, Jeremy 155 Christopher, Martha Ellen 140 Cianciolo, Dominic 184 Cipriani, Luis 184 Claassen, Bjoern 203 Clark, Amanda 155, 184 Clark, Brynna 116, 123 Clark, Carly 155 Clark, Corey 155 Clark, Jill 123, 184 Clark, Lanitra 168 Clark, Paula 184 Clark, Tracie 184 Clausen, Shane 140 Claverie, Kathryn 184 Clay, Adam 155 Clayton, Rebecca 168 Cleland, Drew 155 Clements, Dennis 184 Clements, Summer 155 Clemmer, Melissa 184 Coats, Chris 123, 184 Cobb, Natalie 203 Cochran, Alan 184 Cochran, Carrie 141 Cofer, John 155 Coffey, Rory 141 Cohenour, Audrey 168 Coker, Christopher 168 Coker, Donald 184 Coker, Jennifer 168 Coker, Stacey 141 Cole, Alicia 168 Cole, Mia 184 Cole, Sam 155 Cole, Zeanrea 184 Coleman, Caroline 168 Coleman, Chenoa 155 Coleman, Ford 141 Coleman, Ian 184 Coleman, Michelle 203 Coleman, Robert Van 184 Coley, Robert 168 Colinet, Laura 168 Colley, Darcy 184 Collier, Betsy 123 Collietta, Basset 184 Collins, Annie 155 Collins, Ben 168 Collins, James 184 Collins, Taylor 155 Collins, Tonya 203 Collins, Trekela 141 Combes, Joshua Keith 141 Combs, Erin 168 Compton, Amanda 168 Compton, Lisa 184 Conerly, Sara 185 Congleton, Laura 155 Conn, Adrianna 185 Conner, Robert 141 Conwill, Amy 185 Cook, Amanda 141 Cook, Melissa 141 Cook, Robert 141 Cook, Suzanne 155 Cook, Vanessa 168 Cooke, Luke 141 Cooksey, Jason 185 Cooley, Kimberly 141 Cooper, Casey 155 Cooper, Courtney 185 Cooper, Leah Celeste 168 Copeland, Gretchen 141 Copeland, Nicole 203 Copley, Stephanie 141 Corbitt, Takela 168, 331 Cordua, Ashley 155 Cornelison, Brad 168 Cornelius, Samuel Morris 141 Costello, Regan 168 Cotoli, Kacey 168 Couch, Brian 185 Coulter, Andy 168 Course, Freda 141 Cousin, Lealue 168 Covington, Catherine 155 Covington, Lyn 123 Covington, Regina 155 Cox, Amy 169 Cox, Carrington 155 Cox, Dianna 155 Cox, Suzanne Shaddix 185 Cox, William 185 Craft, Audry 141 Craft, Jennifer 141 Craig, Kristin 169 Craigen, Tarra 169 Cramblitt, Joy 141 Crampton, Neil 185 Crane, Scott 133, 185 Crawford, Angela 185 Crawford, Brooke 155 Crawford, Leslie 141 Crawford, Tamara 185 Creecy, Neal 185 Creel, Kori 185 Crick, Audrey 169 Crim, Rich 155 Crockett, Jessica 124, 185 Crosby, Carla 155 Croswell, Bobby 155 Crowley, Sheridan 141 Crum, Katie 141 Crusoe, Natasha 155 Crutcher, Ashley 169 Crutcher, Kristen 141 Cruzen, Philip Jr. 169 Cuevas, Pam 169 Cummings, Ashley 169 Cummings, Jamie 185 Cummins, Amy 141 Cummins, Joly 155 Cunningham, Ravyn 203 Cupit, Tamara 185 Currie, Bryan 185 Curry, Christie 155 Curry, Kristen 1 69 Curry, Suzanne 185 Cutbertson, Kevin 169 Cutcliff, Xan185 D Dabbs, Anna 185 Dabbs, David 169 Dahduh, Kalil 155 Daily, Deanna 185 Damico, Karen 141 Damron, Elisha 155 Daniel, Dashmond 169 Daniel, Elizabeth 185 Daniel, Jeffrey 203 Daniel, Jonathan 169 Daniel, Joshua 185 Daniel, Latina 141 Daniels, Jerry 185 Dankins, Derrics 141 Dantin, Vic 155 Darboe, Numukunda 203 Darby, Clint 185 Darby, Kathryn Tara 141 Darby, Rebecca 141 Darvish, Narci 124, 185 Davenport, Lauren 141 Davenport, Matt 155 Davenport, Whitney 169 Davidson, Millicent 185 Davis, Aicha 155 Incfe ex ifffr ® Davis, Alyssa 141 Davis, Amy 156 Davis, Brenna 169 Davis, Josh 156 Davis, Kerrie 156 Davis, Landria 185 Davis, Mark 169 Davis, Megan 203 Davis, Molly 141 Davis, Ryan 156 Davis, Sherry 169 Davis, Victoria 141 Davis, Wesley 1 69 Dawuda, Khalilah 185 Day, Brandy 169 Dearman, Lea 185 Dearman, Russell 141 Dearth, Tiffany 141 Deaton, Heather 203 Debattista, Allison 169 DeBerry, Karin 185 Decker, Darcy 156 Deerman, Georgi 185 Dees, Katie 141 DeLapp, Julia 185 DeLara, Catherine 185 DeLara, Freddieric 185 Delk, Brooks 169 Delony, Jeremy 185 Delozier, Scott 169 Delsa, Chris 156 Denham, Geoff 169 Denley, Preston 141 Dennis, Becky 156 Denny, Tracie 169 DePew, Kellene 141 DeRoo, Julie 347 Derossette, Javier 185 Desai, Jay 156 Dial, Maya 185 Dickerson, Jacob 156 Dickerson, Laura 141 Dickerson, Mark 185 Diddle, Abby 367 Didigam, Harikrishna 203 Dilback, Matt 185 Dill, Justin 185 Dillard, Forrest 169 Dillon, Daniel 186 Diltz, Moniece 169 Dismuke, Jacquelyn 141 Ditto, Jessica 186 DiVincenti, Mariana 141 Dixon, Kitsy 169 Dixon, Shaundra 141 Dixon, Tripp 169 Dobbs, Carter 156 Dodson, Lewis 142 Doles, Shari 169 Donald, Eiyessie 169 Donnally, Joy 169 Donnellan, Will 142 Dorcheus, Lauren 186 Dorgan, Maureen 156 Dorris, April 186 Dorrough, Marlow 203 Index Dossett, Misti 203 Douglas, Amanda 142 Douglas, Ashlee 169 Douglas, Chris 142 Douglas, Joy 142 Douglas, Paige 156 Dove, Ashley 156 Dowling, Amanda 169 Downing, Amanda 156 Downing, Melinda 186 Downs, Julie 186 Dowty, Jennifer 186 Doyle, Carrie 186 Doyle, Jennifer 203 Draper, Sharhonda 156 Drayton, Katrina 186 Drennen, Jay 142 Drewrey, Jessica 156 Driver, Rodney 186 Droke, Claire 142 Drury, Whitney 1 69 Ducking, Johnny 142 Dudding, Michael 142 Dudley, Kimberly 142 Dukes, Stephanie 186 Dunbar, Dustin 156 Dunlap, Jade 186 Dunlap, Joel 169 Dunn, Ashley 156 Duplantis, Jenee 142 Dupuy, Dottee 186 Duran, Michael 142 Durbin, Beau 169 Dusza, Alexander 142 Dyer, Carolyn 124, 186 Dyer, Patrick 1 42 Dykes, Melanie 186 Ealey, Bryn 169 Easley, Jessica 169 Easterling, Adair 186 Easterling, Sy 142 Eaton, Eric 156 Eber, Susan 186 Echols, Marcus 169 Edgeston, Donna 142 Edmonds, Jennifer 186 Edwards, Bethy 186 Edwards, Chase 169 Edwards, Karla 142 Edwards, Lazandra 169 Edwards, Meg 186 Edwards, Sheneirka 186 Edwards, Wesley 142 Efanova, Daria 186 Eftink, Jacob 203 Elam, Justin 142 Eleopoulos, Dimitra 186 Ell ard, Mary 186 Ellender, Marisa 186 Ellington, Katie 186 Elliot, LaTonya142 Elliott, Cayce 142 Elliott, Chris 142 Elliott, Kathleen 156 Ellis, Lindsey 169 Ellison, Alisha 170 Ellzey, Allison 142 Ellzey, Jennifer 142 Emam, Ahmed 203 Emel, MacKinzie 186 Emerson, Chas 142 Emigh, Emily 170 Emmons, Carol Anne 156 Engle, Campbell 186 Engle, Granville 170 Englert, Derek 170 English, Jana 170 English, John 156 English, Melissa 124, 186 Engstrom, John 186, 330 Enochs, Candler 186 Ephgrave, Lauren 124 Erickson, Kelly 156 Etheredge, Taylor 156 Eubanks, Missy 170 Evans, Diana 142 Evans, Nikki 186 Everett, Allen 142 Everett, Suzanne Banks 1 56 Ewing, Virginia 142 Exley, Vance 142 Fabianke, Emily 186 Faggert, Clayton 156 Fair, Carla 170 Fair, Caroline 142 Fair, Emily 170 Fang, Ting 203 Fargason, Baxter 142 Farmer, Darry 186 Farmer, Emily 142 Farmer, MaryAnn 142 Farrenburg, Elizabeth 203 Faulk, Laura Hope 186 Faulkner, Mario 156 Faulkner, Marlon 170 Favret, Lori 170 Fazzio, Chad 142 Feher, Sara 142 Felker, Lance 186 Fellows, Hannah 186 Fenn, Max 186 Fenzel, Aaron 186 Ferguson, Adam 170 Ferguson, Keisha 142 Ferris, Emily 142 Fidler, Stacie 142 Fiechtl, Jessica 156 Fields, Kisha 170 Fields, Lauchlin 170 Fields, Mary 186 Fields, Zakiyo 156 Fillingane, Tasha 186 Fillingim, Jennifer 203 Filtsch, Gregg 156 inch, Emily 186 indley, Erin 156 ine, Amanda 187 inger, Palmer 187 inley, Julie 156 innern, Laura 187 ischer, Lindsay 170 itch, Miranda 156 lanner, Jennifer 156 lechas, Miguel 170 leming, Anna 142 lemming, Stacy 187 lemons, Toyal 170 letcher, Brent 156 lint, Felicity 142 lores, Mario 142 lowers, Cruse 142 oley, James 187 ong, Mandy 170, 273 oose, Ransome 143 ord, Joanna 170 ord, Ken 156 ord, Nathan 187 ormby, David 143 orquer, Brandon 143 orstall, Christo per 187 ortenberry, Michael 124, 187 ortenberry, Troy 170 ortner, John 170 oshee, Olivia 156 oster, Brian 156 oster, Jennifer 133, 187 oster, Jessica 143 oster, Jill 187 oster, Tinikia 156 oust, Mary Martha 124, 187 out, Daniel 143 ox, Marnette 143 ranco, Casey 170 ranklin, Michelle 170 razier, Debbie 156 razier, Meghan 156 reeman, Walter 187 reer, Jonathan 187 rench, Jennifer 143 rench, Megan 143 rey, Celeste 25 rey, Maria 187 rier, Todd 1 56 rieson, Renetha 157 uhrmann, Dominik 187 uller, Dan 143 uller, John 143 ulton, Memory 157 unchess, Latoya 157 underburg, Sally 187 urlong, Mary 157 Gable, Robert 187 Gaddy, Ira Eugene IV 25 Gaither, Christy 170 Gallaher, PJ170 Gallien, Sarah 187 Galloway, Margaret 187 Gamber, Scot 157 Gamma, Bethany 143 Gangi, Jessica 143 Gardino, Julie 143 Gardner, Keyonda 143 Gardner, Tabatha 157 Garner, Christopher 187 Garner, Emily 187 Garrard, Nick 157 Garrett, Robert 187 Garriga, MaryAnn 170 Garrison, Laurel 187 Gary, Shelly 170 Gaston, Elizabeth 187 Gates, Andy 143 Gates, Hunter 170 Gates, Kelli 143 Gatewood, Tamara 187 Gathitu, Benson 157 Gaunt, Stacy 187 Gay, Ginny 187 Gay, Laura-Murphy 187 Geldreich, Ginger 187 Gent, Gordon 55, 157 Gent, Lauren 203 Gentry, Whitney 143 George, Eric 170 George, Leah 187 George, Makenzie 170 George, Michelle 170 Geraci, Ashley 170 Geraci, Courtney 143 German, Nekisha 187 Gerrie, Glenn 203 Geter, Joey 157 Gevorgyan, Gohar 187 Gex, Correy 187 Gex, Meredith 143 Gibbons, Ashley 187 Gibbs, Vernicia 157 Gibson, Katrina 187 Gibson, Lindsey 157 Gieselmann, Meg 170 Giessner, Kara 157 Gilbert, Van 187 Gildner, Andreas 203 Gill, Carolyn 157 Gill, Evangeline 157 Gill, Kathleen 157 Gillespie, Jennifer 170 Gillespie, Leigh Ann 170 Gillock, Amber 187 Gilner, Julian 143 Gilpin, Amanda 143 Ginn, Matt 143 Giove, Stephen 203 Glaser, Peter 170 Glenn, Benjamin 143 Glenn, Elizabeth 157 Glisson, Bryant 124, 187,272 Glover, Tera 157 Gobert, Andrew 143 GohSiew-Lian 187 Golliday, Veronica 143 Gong, Melissa 1 1 6, 1 25, 1 87 Good, Jennifer 157 Goodman, Levanda 157 Goodson, Julia 187 Goodwin, Amanda 143 Goodwin, Laura 170 Goodwin, Ronnie 187 Goon, Subhrajit 203 Gordon, Michael 170 Gordon, Tammie 170 Gore, Laurie 203 Gore, Thomas 188 Gorman, Susan Ainsley 143 Gossett, Tiffany 1 88 Govan, Rita 1 70 Govindaraju, Janakiram 203 Govindaraju, Ramakrishna 203 Graeber, Eric 170 Graham, Allison 188 Graham, David 170 Graham, Douglas 188 Grant, Doug 170 Grant, Emily 143 Grant, Ja ' Wanda188 Grant, William 188 Grantham, David 157 Gravatt, Neal 1 57 Graves, Andrew 143 Graves, Garry 143 Gray, Chandler 188 Gray, Tiffany 1 57 Grayson, Daven 188 Grayson, Jamie 188 Green, Bo 171 Green, Caroline 157 Green, Justin 203 Green, Latoya 171 Green, Raychel 171 Greene, Austin 143 Greene, Justin 143 Greene, Sarah 157 Greenlee, Veazey 157 Greer, Angela 188 Greer, Katie 171, 273 Gregory, Abby 157 Grenfell, Matt 171 Grey, Derek 188 Griffith, Becky 188 Griffith, Clark 157 Griffith, Ellie 171 Griggs, Jason 171 Griggs, Michael 143 Griggs, Scott 188 Grimes, Mark 157 Grisle, Sonja 188 Gronemeyer, Melissa 188 Gross, Stacy 171 Grusenmeyer, Erin 143 Guest, Ishmael Luke 157 Guettler, Thomas 203 Guido, Leslie 188 Guidry, Elise 188 Guild, Patrick 143 Gulledge, Frankie 203 Gullett, James 188 Gummow, Bradley 188 Gundlach, Sarah-Elizabeth 188 Gundlach, William 157 Gunn, Evans 157 Guth, Amanda 171 Guthrie, Sara 143 Guy, Rasheena 188 Guyton, Demerris 157 Guyton, Mary Jane 157 H Haarmann, Patricia 157 Hadaway, Laura 171 Haden, Beau 188 Haenel, Christoph 204 Hagan, Robyn 157 Hagen, Robin 42 Hailey, Kristy 143 Hair, Jason 188 Haislip, Rob 171 Hales-Dansby, Leah 188 Hall, Bethany 188 Hall, Douglas 171 Hall, Dwayne 143 Hall, Jacinta 171 Hall, Jamey 143 Hall, Kevin 143 Hall, Lakeisha 188 Hall, Lindy 157 Hall, Mike 188 Hall, Nikki 188 Hall, Wesley 157 Hamburger, Anne 188 Hamelin, Tiffany 24 Hamilton, April 171 Hamilton, Elizabeth 188 Hamilton, Lorie 171 Hamlet, Latisha 171 Hammett, Tripp 143 Hammond, Joey 42 Hammond, Kate 143 Hammond, Nicholas 171 Hancock, Christen 144 Hancock, Jack 188 Hancock, Jamie 188 Handford, Jermaine 144 Handy, Sandra 157 Haney, Whitney 171 Hankins, James 157 Hankins, Meredith 144 Hankins, Nancy 157 Hankins, Natalie 144 Hanlon, Aileen 171 Hannah, DeVario 158 Hansen, Ron 144 Hanson, Emily 144 Harboe, Karem 144 Hardin, Brent 144 Hardin, Elizabeth 171 Hardwick, Jon 158 Hardy, Erika 171 Hare, Melinda 171 Hargett, Candice 188 Harjes, Jennifer 188 Harjes, Katherine 158 Harkins, Mary 158 Harkms, Patrick 171 Harkins, Sarah 188 Harney, Jill 144 Harper, Erica 144 Harper, Scott 188 Harrell, Jacqueline 144 Harrell, Stephen 125, 188 Harrelson, Devani 171 Harrington, Pamela 188 Harris, Amy 171 Harris, Andy 144 Harris, Bentley 158 Harris, Jeff 171 Harris, Jesse 188 Harris, Katie 171 Harris, Kris 188 Harris, LaTasha 158 Harris, Libby 158 Harris, Melissa 171 Harris, Suzanne 144 Harris, Tiffany 188 Harrison, Brenda 188 Hartman, Alex 346 Hartsfield, Bo 144 Harvey, Amanda 171 Harvey, Erin 171 Harvey, Jandee 204 Hathaway, Kyle 189 Hathcock, Cori 171 Hattaway, Mandy 189 Hattix, Ebony 144 Havens, Wendy 158 Hawkins, Katherine 189 Hayes, Carey Beth 144 Haymans, George 133 Haynes, Brian 158 Haynes, Maggie 144 Haynes, Mary-Grace 144 Haynes, Tonya 171 Haynes, Veronica 171 Hazard, Hart 117, 125, 189 Hazlewood, Mary Beth 158 Heard, Rasheeda 144 Hearn, Heather 189 Hearne, John 144 Heblon, Tate 158 Heidel, Katie 171 Heilbronner, Britton 158 Helveston, Campbell 189 Henderson, Jennifer 189 Henderson, Olivia 189 Hendricks, Nicholas 171 Hendrix, David 171 Hendrix, Jo Ellen 189 Hengen, Heather 189 Hengen, Louis 171 Henley, Hap 144 Henley, Leah 158 Henley, Rebecca 158, 272 Henry, Anya 144 Henry, Ashley 189 Henslee, Cole 144 Hensley, Robert 189 Henson, Khalida 144 Henson, Staci 158 Hepert, Renee 158 Herbert, Josie 144 Herges, Karah 171 Herman, Beau 204 Herndon, Amanda 171 Herndon, Susan 144 Herndon, Tucker 144 Herod, Debra 189 Heros, Lisa 189 Herrington, Elizabeth 158 Herrington, Shea 189 Herrod, Chiqwita 158 Herzog, John 144 Hester, Candace 189 Hester, John 144 Hickman, Haley 189 Hicky, Will 158 Hiers, Corrie 158 Hiland, Katie 144 Hill, Jeremy 158 Hill, Jorja 189 Hill, Kathryn 144 Hill, Kristi 171 Hill, Kristy 189 Hill, Nicholas 189 Hillard, Elliot 144 Hillman, Kathleen 158 Hinds, Jennifer 171 Hines, Beth 189 Hines, Breck 125, 189 Hines, Marc 144 Hinkle, David 144 Hipp, Michael 189 Hitt, Rebekah 189 Hoang, Thuy 189 Hobson, Julie 158 Hobson, Susan 171 Hodge, Cedric 144 Hodge, Mark 189 Hodges, Caroline 144 Hodges, Matthew 158 Hodges, Susannah 189 Hogan, Marley 172 Hogue, Ashley 158 Hogue, Molly 172 Hogue, Susan 189 Holcomb, Clarance 158 Holden, Crista 189 Holeman, Tony Jr. 189 Holifield, Heather 144 Holland, Candace 189 Holland, Maggie 189 Holliday, Tiffany 172 Hollingsworth, David 189 Hollingsworth, Kristy 133, 189 Hollis, Alisha 144 Hollis, Kathryn 144 Hollister, Danica 144 Holman, Kelsi 189,272 Holmes, Amy 144 Holmes, Amy Sue 144 Holmes, Brad 172 Holmes, Melissa 189 Holt, Jessica 145 Holtz, Nicholas 158 Homan, Candice 189 Hood, Amber 189 Hood, Ashley 158 Hood, Elizabeth 189 Hood, LaDeana 189 Hooper, Jason 172 Hoover, Vickey 189 Hopkins, Lou Ann 125, 189 Hopkins, Scott 145 Hopson, Jamie 172 Horn, Carmin 190 Horner, Jeff 190 Horobetz, Mark 190 Horton, Melinda 204 Horton, Micah 158 Hosick, Alana 172 Hotard, Dave 158 Hotard.Tim 117, 125, 190 Houston, Earl 190 Houston, Rex 190 Hovas, Alicia 172 Howard, Bradley 172 Howard, Cassie 145 Howard, Kimberly 172 Howard, Phillip 145 Howell, Anne 158 Howell, Corey 190 Howell, Kesha 190 Hu, Stanley 172 Huang, Kimberly Beth 190 Hubbard, Cynthia 190 Hudson, April 172 Hudson, Brett 190 Hudson, Camille 145 Hudson, John 145 Hudson, Lawrence 145 Huff, Rosemary 145 Hughes, Jennifer 190 Hughes, Keith 190 Hughes, Meredith 158 Hughes, Tessa 11 8, 125,190 Hui, Chi Chung 145 Huling, Melissa 158 Hulsey, Laura 145 Hunley, Gregory 190 Hunsberger, Kelley 273 Hunt, Neil 190 Hunt, Robert 190 Hunter, Laura 145 Hurd, Courtney 158 Hurlbut, Brooke 190 Hurst, Amber-Leigh 172 Hurt, Rodney 172 Hutchins, Amy Adair 190 Hutchins, Bradford 145 Hutchins, Cindy 158 Hutchins, Rachel 190 Hutchinson, Burney 340 Hutson, Brandi 145 Hutto, Patrick 190 Hutton. Ashley 158 Hyde, Jill 172 Hynes, Joel 145 lion, Timiko 145 Indi ex % Inchcombe, Susan 172 Ingram, Amy 172 Ingram, Brad 125, 190 Ingram, Matthew 158 Ingram, Stephanie 190 Irby, LaSherry 190 Ireland, Tom 158 Ishee, Sarah 158 Ivie, Justin 145 Ivy, Joseph 190 Ivy, Mindy 172 Ivy, Molly Ann 158 Jackson, Alma 172 Jackson, Corinne 190 Jackson, Danny 158 Jackson, Kent 190 Jackson, Robert 190 Jacobs, Chris 158 Jacobs, Jim 159 Jacobs, Johnny 190 Jacobs, Mike 145 Jadhay, Prakash 190 James, Amanda 190 James, Amanda 126 James, Andy 126, 190 James, Heather 159 James, Kristi 145 James, Melva 126, 190 James, Rita 190 Jaramillo, Igor 24 Jarrett, Lee Ann 172 Jetferies, Kofi 145 Jefters, Scott 190 Jefferson, LaToya 172 Jeffery, Hollie 172 Jeffries, Cashonna 159 Jeffries, Tracy 190 Jenkins, Angela Marie 159 Jenkins, Samantha 190 Jennings, Christina 145 Jennings, Theo 159 Jeppe, Rachel 172 Jerrolds, Kevin 204 Jia, Haifeng 190 Jobe, Pamela 145 Johns, Kyle 145 Johnson, Amanda 159 Johnson, Chad 145 Johnson, Chris 190 Johnson, David 145 Johnson, Elizabeth 190 Johnson, Faith 159 Johnson, Forrest 172 Johnson, Henry 126 Johnson, Jason 159 Johnson, Jerome 172 Johnson, Karen 159 Johnson, Katrina 159 Johnson, Lauren 172 Johnson, Marlena 159 Johnson, Niki 190 Johnson, Paul 204 Johnson, Shulanda 172 Johnson, Suzanne 190 Johnson, Tarah 191 Johnson, Tiffany 172 Johnston, Kenneth 159 Joiner, Andrea 191 Jones, Abby 145 Jones, Abigail 159 Jones, Amy 172 Jones, Anna 145 Jones, Anthony 191 Jones, Brian 191 Jones, Camille 145 Jones, Crystal 172 Jones, Danyale 172 Jones, Dashawn 191 Jones, Demarius 145 Jones, Devona 191 Jones, Jenifer 172 Jones, Jennifer 159 Jones, Jeremy 191 Jones, Julie 145 Jones, Kelley 126, 191 Jones, Lance 191 Jones, Margaret 191 Jones, Mary Susan 172 Jones, Matt 159 Jones, Melissa 172 Jones, Shane 191 Jones, Stacy 204 Jones, Stephanie 191 Jones, Sydney 159 Jones, Teneeshia 191 Jones, Trey 118, 126, 191 Jones, Zachary 159 Jordan, Clay 191 Jordan, Crystal 172 Jordan, Keyana 145 Joshi, Upendra Lai 204 Joy, Lashonda 145 Joyner, April 191 Jue, Michelle 159 Jue, Tiffany 172 Julian, Tom 172 Justice, James 172 Justice, Mary Beth 191 Justus, Matthew 191 K K.C., Archana 159 Kahlstorf, Brannon 191 Kamysheva, Olena 191 Kandhari, Shilpa 204 Kantarev, Emil 172 Kappler, Corbin 159 Kean, Yeap Cheng 191 Kearney, William 159 Keefe, Ryan 159 Keel, Charles Mark 145 Keeton, Keith 191 Keeton, Kevin 191 Keiper, Matt 159 Keith, Susan 126, 191 Kellerhals, Courtney 145 fe Index Kelley, Joshua 159 Kelley, Ryan 191 Kellum, Matt 159 Kellum, Roy 159 Kelly, Warren 204 Kemp, Lauren 145 Kemper, Stephanie 145 Kendrick, Brian 172 Kennedy, Jason 172 Kennedy, Maureen 191 Kenney, Krista 172 Kerley, Jamie 173 Kessler, Catherine Laura 191 Kettig, Laura 159 Key, Emily 159 Keys, Carmen 159 Khoo, Lay Menn 204 Kidd, Coronda 191 Kidd, Kellie 145 Kimmons, Katina 173 King, Brandon 159 King, Cecilia 191 King, Chereda 159 King, Francis Cade 191 King, Gregory 159 King, Karen 145 King, Kristen 173 King, Lindsey 145 King, Steven 159 Kingery, Jennifer 145 Kinslow, Paige 159 Kirk, Amanda 159 Kirk, Brandon 173 Kirk, Meredith 126, 191 Kirkland, Tammy 159 Kirkpatrick, Stephen 159 Kitchen, Jeremy 159 Kitchen, Lauren 173 Kitchens, Kellen 145 Kizer, Makeshi 159 Klar, Patrick 159 Klepzig, Julie 191 Klimek, Michael 173 Klimetz, Paul 159 Kling, Joseph 145 Knepple, Derek 191 Knight, Ben 191 Knight, Bridget 145 Knight, David 159 Knight, Geoff 191 Knight, Kimberly 173 Knighton, Anna 173 Knott, Julie 191 Knowles, Foster 191 Knox, Monica 191 Knox, Shelia 146 Koban, Jack 160 Koltko, Alyssa 146 Koon, Stacy 127, 173 Kornegay, Marci 191 Kotsonaros, Christy 191 Kovuru, Kishore 204 Kraft, Kimberly 204 Kreis, Lana 191 Krout, Connie 146 Krutz, Bryan 160 Kuehnle, Lauren 146 Kuhajek, Jeanne 204 Kuhl, Brent 160 Kuhn, Paul 173 Kuljis, Jorge 192 Kuljis, Yure 192 Kuykendall, Erin 173 Kymes, Mason 173 LaBan, Kristen 160 Labas, Katy 146 Laborde, Corey 146 Lacey, Grayson 160 Ladner, Patricia 173 Lafferty, Sara 1 73 Lai, Jessy 173 Lail, Heath 146 Laine, Brian 192 Laird, Lani 160 Lamb, Lyndsey 192 Lamb, Susan 160 Lamb, Tinika 173 Lambert, Matthew 192 Lamm, Ashley 173 Lammel, Sara 135 Lampton, Barton 192 Lancaster, Amanda 1 73 Lancaster, April 146 Lancaster, Kurt 173 Lancaster, Olivia 192 Land, Justin 192 Landreth, Dex 146 Landreth, Rex 192 Landrum, Wesley 192 Landry, Jessica 160 Landsdale, Kristen 146 Lane, Mary Mills 160 Laney, Cal 160 Langley, Corrie 192 Langston, Kerri 146 Langton, Lauren 160 Lasiter, Russell 160 Lassiter, Jeremy 173 Lasyone, Terry 1 73 Latham, Gayle 192 Lawrence, Amanda 173 Lawrence, Brooke 160 Lawrence, Carly 160 Lawrence, John 192 Lawrence, Scarlet 192 Lawson, Weston 146 Lawyer, Brooke 192 Le, Lyndsey 192 Lea, Elizabeth 173 Leach, Colin 192 Leas, Jaclyn 192 Leasure, Elizabeth 146 Lee, Amber 146 Lee, Juli 192 Lee, Preston 146 Lee, Sangyoll Chunchon 204 Lee, SeungJin 204 Lehotak, Amanda 341 Leifheit, Serena 173 Leland, Darius 146 Leland, Tejuan 160 Leon, Barbara 192 Leonard, Laurie 173 Lester, Peggy 192 Levidiotis, Reagan 146 Levy, Jim 146 Lewis, Andrea 146 Lewis, Beverly 173 Lewis, Charles 160 Lewis, George 173 Lewis, Jennifer 173 Li, Ying 204 Liberto, Zach 173 Liedtke, Bessie 160 Lim, Ching-Sia 192 Lincoln, Deborah 173 Lindsey, Joshua 192 Lindsey, Kim 173 Lindsey, Mary Kylie 173 Lindsey, Ruthie 192 Lindsey, William 192 Lintner, John 173 Little, Justin 173 Little, Leslie 146 Little, Paxton 173 Little, Seth 146 Liu, Zhaoxia 204 Livingston, Sara 8 Lloyd, Denise 192 Lo Porto, Kathryn 146 Lobb, Erin 173 Lockhart, Paula 160 Loden, Jeremy 192 Loden, Monica 192 Loftin, Summer 160 Lofton, Brenylle 192 Lofton, Katie 173 Logan, Arica 173 Logan, Ashley 192 Logan, Syretta 146 Logan, Wanda 192 Lomas, James 192 Lomax, Kelly 192 Long, Nathan 160 Lott, Ashley 192 Lott, Austin 160 Lott, Joel 192 Lott, Matt 204 Lott, Melissa 173 Lott, Nic 127, 192 Loudermilk, Sarah 192 Lovelace, Andrea 160 Loveland, Ben 192 Lovett, Mike 146 Lowry, Wiley 173 Lowther, Melissa 146 Loyd, Marie 146 Luster, Elizabeth 173 Luther, Steve 173 Lyle, Brad 174 Lynch, Kelly 192 Lyon, Claire 174 Lyons, Nathan 174 M McClelland, David 193 Medlin, Kevin 193 Molck, Jennifer 194 Nabors, Chris 175 McClelland, Lindsey 174 Medlin, Melissa 193 Monroe, Sally 204 Nadeau, Meghan 147 Ma, John 174 McCollough, Angel 160 Mee, Allison 160 Monsour, Jamie 147 Nail, Emily 175 MacArthur, Ashley 192 McCollough, Ricky 174 Meek, Susan Ellen 174 Monsour, Mike 175 Nailen, Katy 161 Mack, Brandy 192 McConnell, Meghann 174 Megel, Ashlee 147 Monsour, Stephanie 194 Namorato, Michael 194 Magee, Ann 146 McCool, Brian 193 Mehmedic, Damir 174 Montanaro, Pasquale 194 Namorato, Rachel Marie 194 Magee, Lori 174 McCormick, Alan 160 Mehta, Pritesh 204 Montgomery, Traci 161 Nanagiri, Yamini 204 Magro, Todd 146 McCoy, April 147 Meisenheimer, Drew 174 Mood, Jeannie 128, 194 Narkar, Yogeeta 204 Maholm, Michael 174 McCrory, Keith 174 Meisenheimer, Hunter 147 Moody, Joel 175 Nash, Lindsay 147 Makkena, Murali 204 McCullar, Keith 147 Melton, Blewett 175 Moola, Shirisha 204 Nasif, Chris 194 Malla, Sajan Man 204 McCullar, Salley 147 Melton, Jessica 193 Moore, Amanda 175 Neal, Cynthia 175 Mallettte, Angie 146 McCullen, Tamara 174 Melton, Michale Grena 193 Moore, Antwan 161 Neeley, Michelle 195 Malone, Antoinette 174 McCullough, Amy 127, 193 Melvin, Becky 161 Moore, Betsy 194 Neese, Ellen 195 Malone, Brooke 192 McCullough, Austin 147 Meng, Caroline 193 Moore, Jaci 161 Negan, Paddock 175 Mamidi, Rupesh Kumar 204 McCullough, Courtney 193 Meng, Susannah 193 Moore, Jermaine 175 Nelson, Amy 195 Mangum, Camille 193 McDaniel, Justin 193 Messmer-Nickell Rebecca 193 Moore, Joel 147 Nelson, Claire 161 Manly, Anita 160 McDaniel, Kathy 204 Metcalt, Tieryaa Chauryn 1 75 Moore, Kawonder 147 Nelson, Sara Anne 175 Mann, Danielle 174 McDaniel, Lesley 193 Metts, Shawn 193 Moore, Matthew 194 Nesbitt, Christina 161 Mansel, Ferriday 146 McDermott, Megan 147 Meyers, Margie 147 Moore, Melanie 194 Netterville, Liz 195 Maples, Mary Ellen 160 McDonald, Benjamin 160 Michaels, Dana 193 Moore, Pamela 161 Newell, Kelly 147 Maples, Steven 146 McDonald, Courtney 147 Michaels, Joseph 175 Moore, Paul 128, 194 Newman, Jason 195 Maranto, Amie 146 McDonald, Robyn 127, 193 Michaelson, Lindsey 175 Moore, Sha 175 Newman, Joey 147 Margolis, Mandy 193 McDougal, Brooke 147 Milam, Angela 161 Moore, Tina 175 Newman, Kelitia 161 Marion, Charles 127, 193 McDuttie, Jason 174 Milam, Blake 175 Moore, Wilson 175 Newsom, Mary-Neff 195 Marlar, Brad 174 McFarland, Anna 193 Milam, Margaret 193 Morgan, Amanda 175 Newson, Ravonda 195 Marsh, Summer 146 McFarland, Robert 193 Milchen, Erin 194 Morgan, Devan 194 Newton, Amanda 195 Marshall, Avril 174 McFerrin, Jodie 174 Miller, Adrian 147 Morgan, Kendra 175 Newton, Brooke 195 Marshall, Scott 174 McGaha, James Paxton 1 47 Miller Allison 147 Morgan, Markeeva119, 128 Newton, Julie 195 Martin, Allison 193 McGahey, Anna 174, 273 Miller Amber 127, 194 Morgan, Scott 175 Newton, Natalie Nicole 175 Martin, Andrew 174 McGraw, Shana 147 Miller Ashlie 175 Morris, Lisa 194 Ng, Ji Yau 195 Martin, Bailey 174 McGregor, Amanda 174 Miller Douglas 194 Morris, William 204 Niblett, Jason 133 Martin, Craig 146 McGrew. Lindsey 193 Miller Dustin 194 Morrison, Jim 175 Nichols, Jennifer 147 Martin, Erin 174 Mclngvale, Virginia 160 Miller James 194 Morton, Mary Fair 161 Nichols, Rachel 161 Martin, Jeremy 127, 193 Mcintosh, Ashley 174 Miller Kalisa 147 Mosley, Courtney 147 Nicholson, Nigel 195 Martin, Justin 160 Mcintosh, Jonathan 160 Miller Krista 161 Moss, Gina 194 Nielsen, Scott 175 Martin, Kristi 160 McKenzie, Molly 160 Miller Kyle 18, 161 Moss, Helen 147 Niemeyer, Brandon 147 Martin, Syletricka 193 McKinney, Kimberley 160 Miller Michael 194 Moss, Kellis 1 94 Niolet, Shirley 175 Martindale, Howard 146 McKissack, April 193 Miller Robert 147 Moss, Mary Ann 194 Nix, Memory 128, 195 Martinez, Peter 146 McKnatt, Kerri 193 Miller Romaro 133 Moton, TaShondrea 175 Nixon, Jeri Anne 195 Martini, Stephen 193 McKnight, Rick 193 Miller Ryan 128, 147, 194 Moulder, Lori 194 Njoroge, Bernard 175 Maschek, Abby 174 McLarty, Brian 174 Miller Shuni 175 Mounicou, Sonny 194 Noblitt, Tatum 148 Maschek, Paul 204 Mclarty, Shane 174 Miller Trisha 194 Muller, Katherine 194 Noel, Charlotte 175 Mason, LaKesha 193 McLaurin, Arthur 160 Millington, Courtney 161 Muller, Troy 354 Nolen, Amelie 175 Massie, John 204 McLaurin, Holly 174 Mills, Jessica 194 Muller, Virginia 147 Nord, Sophie 161 Masso, Alexis 146 McLemore, Eugene I1 147 Milne, William 147 Mulrooney, Joe 128, 194 Norman, Johnna 129, 195 Matta, Vamsee 204 McLennan, Kelly 160 Milner, Amanda 161 Munxayaphom, Bouthanom 175 Norman, Tiffani 129 Matthews, Christal 1 46 McLennan, Milly 193 Minyard, Ashley 194 Murchison, Camille 161 Norman, Tiffani Sherell 1 95 Matthews, Katrinna 160 McMaster, Johnny 147 Mishra, Hetal 204 Murphree, Shane 175 Norquist, Stewart 195 Mauldin, Megan 193 McMillan, Reid 174 Mitchell, Amanda 147 Murphy, Brian 194 Norris, Brock 195 Mauldin, Shuff 174 McMillen, Jeremy 160 Mitchell April 147 Murphy, Rebecca 161 Norris, Megan 161 Mavromatis, Mariah 174 McMinn, Riley 174 Mitchell Brooke 147 Murrah, Carrie 194 Northcutt, Jamil 161 Maxey, Charles Davis 193 McMorris, Stuart 193 Mitchell Bryan 194 Murrah, Christy 147 Northrup, Carrie 195 Maxwell, LaShaundra 146 McMullan, Emily 147 Mitchell James 175 Muruako, Michael 147 Norton, Cassie 148 May, Nathan 160 McMurray, Jake 193 Mitchell Jay 194 Musolf, Troy 161 Nowlin, Angie 195 Mayne, Michelle 193 McNally, Rebecca 193 Mitchell Jessica 119, 128, 194 Musselwhite, Jennifer 161 Nunley, Michaellea 175 McAllister, Deuce 44, 133 McNeel, Kathy 174 Mitchell Keyana 175 Myadala, Vinay 204 Nunnally, Christina 148 McAllister, Ray 193 McNeil, Tomica 193 Mitchell Megan 147 Myatt, Rebecca 194 Nye, Richard 175 McAnally, Molly 193 McNeill, Lauren 204 Mitchell-Rains, Lisa 194 Myers, Casey 147 McBride, Frederick 160 McNulty, Kisha 127 Mitchener, John 175 Myers, Lindsey 175 McCain, Jill 146 McNulty, Lane 174 Mixon, Avery 194 Myrick, Joshua 147 McCalop, Lydia 160 McNutt, Jennifer 174 Mixon, Sarah 194 Myrick, Michael 161 f in r i -t a r McCarley, Joey 174 McCaskill, Rivers 193 McCay, Scott 1 46 McRaney, Lacie 174 McRight, Hunter 147 McSherry, Erin 8 Mize, Kathryn 161 Mobley, Marales 194 Mogle, Amanda 161, 273 N Bryan, Brad 148 O ' Donnell, Heather 204 O ' Neal, Catherine 148 Mil 1 T 1 i -Jf " -4 r f " McClatchy, Charly 146 Meador, Elise 174 Mohamed. Lance 128 O Neal, Elton 129, 195 McClatchy, Sam 160 Medley, Andrew 174 Mohle r, William 194 Nabers, David Stephen 194 O ' Neal, Stacy 161 lnde ex ffi Oakes, Elizabeth 161 Oakley, Brad 195 Odom, David 148 Odum, Audrey 175 Okeke, Obianuju 195 Oliver, Scott 195 Olivis, Wendy 175 Ollyhill, Latonia 195 Ong, Swee Huat 204 Onwubiko, Chinwendu 161 Orange, Untray 195 Orman, Jonathan 161 Osborn, Lynn Ellen 148 Ostrenga, Andrew 161 Oughton, Tricia 161 Overstreet, Josiah 161 Overstreet, Ross 148 Owen, DiAnne 195 Owen, Jennifer 161 Owens, Bobby 195 Oxford, Karla 148 Oxner, Chris 148 Ozbirn, Christopher 175 Ozier, Ann 148 Pace, Stefanie 161 Padalino, Meredith 148 Pailet, Rachael 175 Palan, Dan 195 Palle, Sridhar 204 Palmer, Corey 148 Palmer, Debra 176 Palmertree, Christy 176 Pan, Shou-Wen 204 Parchman, Victoria 161 Pardew, Garner 148 Parker, Donal 161 Parker, Lyndsey 148 Parker, Matt 1 76 Parker, Rebecca 161 Parker, Tisha 195 Parkes, Jade 195 Parkes, Kimberly 161 Parks, John 148 Parks, Lexie 195 Parks, Marcus 161 Parnell, Catherine 148 Patangay, Soni 204 Pate, Abby 148 Patel, Bhavika 161 Patel, Chad 195 Patel, Shalin 161 Patil, Raj 148 Patil, Vikram 204 Patterson, Chris 195 Patterson, E.J. 195 Patterson, Katherine 162 Patterson, Michael 176 Patton, Amy 195 Patton, Martha 162 Patton, Simonee 148 Paul, Katherine 162 Paulson, Melanie 176 ) Index Paulson, Melissa 176 Payne, Carter 148 Peavy, Joan Pat 204 Peck, Katie 148 Peden, Brandi 195 Pegram, Kathleen 148 Pegues, Tomeeka 162 Pekoe, Amanda 195 Pembrook, Bentley 41 Pendarvis, Alania 195 Penick, Mary Grace 176 Pennebaker, Adam 195 Pennington, Jaime 195 Pennington, Jennifer 162 Pentecost, Bo 195 Pepper, Will 129, 196 Perkins, Charlie 129 Perkins, Kelly 162 Perkins, Matthew 176 Perkins, Philip 148 Perry, Earlon 148 Perry, Elizabeth 196 Perry, Jennifer 196 Perry, Rebecca 162 Perry, Wayne 176 Persick, Lauren 148 Person, Kate 176 Peters, Troy 1 76 Petrie, Stacy 196 Petroskey, Stephanie 176 Pettit, Anne 162 Pettit, Annie 34 Petty, Christopher 162 Petty, Melody 162 Pharis, Matthew 196 Pharr, Benjamin 162 Phelan, Donovan 148 Phelps, Haley 162 Phillips, Amanda 196 Phillips, Ashleigh 148 Phillips, Ashley 176 Phillips, James 176 Phillips, John Christopher 196 Phillips, Julia 196 Phillips, Kelly 176 Phillips, Kendall 176 Phillips, Lauren 148 Phillips, Lucy Dove 176 Phillips, Michael 176 Phillips, Monica 162 Phillips, Taylor 148 Phoon, Lye Yee 196 Piazza, Laura 148 Pickle, Laura 176 Pierce, Nicholas 148 Pierini, Ryan 205, 273 Pilcher, Chad 148 Piletz, Aaron 148 Pillault, Stacey 148 Pinion, Jade 176 Pittman, Jolyn 196 Pittman, Meghan 176 Poe, Thomas 148 Pollan, Jarett 176 Pollard, Adam 162 Pollard, Clayton 148 Pollard, NaTisha 162 Pollard, William 196 Poison, Melissa 148 Ponder, Chris 196 Ponton, Lee 162 Poole, Lane 148 Pope, Allison 196 Pope, Anna 196 Pope, Brandon 148 Pope, Ginger 129, 196 Poquette, Brooke 196 Porter, Henry 148 Porter, Tori 196 Portera, Lucas 148 Portera, Sam 205 Posey, Hal 196 Posey, Michael 176 Potts, Amanda 196 Potts, Denise 162 Povall, Margaret 196 Powell, Joseph 149 Powell, Matt 149 Pradhan, Hirak 196 Pratt, Kelly 196 Pratt, Ryan 149 Press, Christen 176 Preston, Rachel 176 Prewett, Adam 1 76 Prewett, Tressie 162 Price, Casandra 196 Price, Jason 176 Price, Timmy 162 Price-Williams, Taylor 149 Prima, Fastria 205 Pritchett, Scott 120,121,129,196 Pruitt, Allison 129, 196 Pruitt, Shaquita 176 Pryor, Lindsay 176 Puckett, Suzy 196 Pugh, Cara 196 Pugh, Parker 149 Puglisi, Melany 205 Pulliam, Corey 196 Pulliam, LaSonya 196 Pun, Yen-Ling 162 Purdum, Adriane 196 Purselley, Buck 196 Purser, Amelia 176 Putnam, David 176 Q Qin, Changyong 205 Quails, Ashley 149 Queen, Titus 176 Ra, Sung 162 Raggio, Neil 196 Ragsdale, Elizabeth Ann 176 Rahaim, Erin 162 Rahim, Ashraf 205 Rahman, Zaki 196 Rainer, Brooke 196 Raines, Erin 162 Rains, Amy 176 Rains, Scott 196 Rainwater, Beth 196 Rajbhandari, Ira 205 Raman, Aparna 205 Ramaswamy, Venkatesh 205 Ramirez, Aliya 162 Ramthun, Will 162 Rana, Sulakshana 149 Randle, Leslie 162 Rankin, Brigitte 162 Rankins, Brooke 196 Ratcliff, Clinton Justin 149 Ratliff, Chris 196 Rau, Taylor 196 Rawls, Claire 196 Ray, Charles 176 Ray, Miranda 196 Ray, Nancy Margaret 196 Rayburn, Samantha 197 Rayburn, Wes 149 Rayford, Vernon 162 Red, Sara Page 149 Redd, Ren ' ee 162 Redwine, Julia 149 Reece, Lynn 197 Reed, Olivia 162 Reed, Suzy 162 Rego, Marta 149 Reid, Adair 162 Reid, Ashley 197 Reid, Ashley Helen 176 Reid, Laura 176 Reiland, Christine 197 Reimer, Beth 197 Reiter, Erin 162 Reksulak, Michael 205 Renick, Suzy 149 Revels, Carey Leigh 176 Revere, Laurin 162 Revere, Robert 149 Reynolds, Abbey 149 Reynolds, Michelle 197 Reyton, Emily 162 Rezk, Amira 197 Rhea, Misty 197 Rhodes, Ashley 162 Rhodes, Carroll I1 149 Rhodes, Justin 197 Rials, Christopher 149 Ricalde, Lia 205 Rice, Connie 162 Rice, Suzanne 197 Rice, Tameka 149 Rich, Amy 176 Rich, Shanna 176 Richard, Kathryn Michele 149 Richards, Beth 176 Richardson, Jennifer 197 Richmond, Sonia 149 Rickenbacher, Lauren 197 Ridgway, Jessica 205 Riedel, Christian 205 Riels, Lance 197 Riess, Laura 162 Riggins, Lindsey 149 Riley, Erin 176 Riley, Gidget 177 Riley, Leah 197 Riley, Marcie 177 Riley, T.J. 197 Ringo, Tangelas 197 Risley, Jennifer 162 Ritchie, Charlotte 162 Ritchie, Tara 197 Rivers, Marshall 162 Robb, Dupree 197 Robbins, Brad 177 Roberson, Denise 149 Roberson, Kristopher 149 Roberson, Shed 205 Roberts, Gabe 162 Roberts, Mark 177 Roberts, Samuel 197 Robertson, Devin 197 Robertson, Monique 12 Robertson, Nichole B. 12 Robey, Laura 177 Robin, Amy 177 Robins, Amanda 130, 197 Robinson, Andrew 197 Robinson, Banks 197 Robinson, Edie 163 Robinson, Kenya 177 Robinson, Tim 55, 149 Rochelle, Margaret 177 Rochester, Joanna 177 Rodgers, Amy 163 Rodrigue, Wayne Jr. 197 Roebuck, Amy 163 Roebuck, Emily 177 Rogers, Duane 197 Rogers, Marcos 197 Rogers, Stephen 177 Roman, Anthony 177 Roper, Zachary 197 Rosenkrans, Brian 130 Ross, Amber 197 Ross, Brandon 197 Ross, Chris 149 Ross, Don 130, 197 Ross, Gina 149 Ross, Peter 177 Ross, Shannon 149 Ross, Troy 177 Rossetti, Benjamin 197 Rossi, David 177 Rouse, John 197 Roussel, Caroline 177 Roussel, Peter 163 Rowland, Kathy 197 Roy, Jessica 149 Ruff, Emily 177 Rush, Beth 163,273 Rushing, Jason 177 Russ, Jamie 177 Russel, Susan 163 Russell, Ann 197 Russell, Anne 149 Russell, Heather 177 Russell, Jennifer 177 Russell, Jessica 197 Russell, Meliisa 163 Rutherfurd, Walker 149 Rutledge, Bryan 205 Rutledge, Ceci 205 Rutledge, Tony 197 Rutledge-Schmidt Rosanne 149 Ryan, Allison 197 Ryan, Amber 177 Ryder, Megan 197 Saartin, Brendan 163 Sabatier, Charley 197 Sackett, Les 149 Saffle, Justin 1 63 Saffold, Beebe 163 Salonen, Tina 205 Sam, Valarie 177 Samford, Lauren 197 Sanders, John 163 Sanders, Rachel 197 Sanders, Vidalia 163 Sanderson, Shane 177 Sanford, Houston 149 Sanford, Shelley 177 Sanneh, Isatou 197 Sannino, Lance 130 Santmyer, Kimberly 149 Sappington, Jonathan 198 Saulsberry, Yulanda 198 Savage, Phoenix 205 Savarese, Jason 133, 198 Savorgnan, Andrea 177 Sawyer, Mike 177 Saxena, Mohit Raj 205 Saxon, Brandon 177 Sayre, Emery 198 Sayre, Errol 149 Scanlon, Lauralee 177 Scanlon, Regan 130 Scara, Warren 177 Schaefer, Martine 198 Schaffer, Jill 149 Schauberger, Sara 130 Scheldt, Sarah 177 Schilleci, Phillip 177 Schiro, Sara 177 Schneider, Bradford 163 Schoggin, Andy 163 Schrage, Lara Elizabeth 177 Schuchs, Islaanne 163 Schumacher, Michael 205 Schwalenberg, Lesley 163 Scioneaux, Monica 177 Scott, Cameron 198 Scott, Caroline 177 Scott, Meredith 163 Scrimpshire, Alex 177 Scruggs, Daniel 149 Seale, Hamilton 149 Searcy, Jasmyne 149 Segrest, Andy 177 Segrest, Shelley 177 Seibels, Ryan 177 Serakas, Brian 149 Sewell, Shelby 163 Sexton, Jason 163 Sexton, Jennifer 198 Shackelford, Amanda 198 Shah, Mansi 205 Shah, Salena 198 Shah, Sima 198 Shakya, Anjib 205 Shands, Leslie 198 Shands, Nancy 198 Shaner, Samuel Brendan 198 Shannon , Albert 163 Shannon, Shea 198 Shapkoff, Caleb 198 Shappley, Will 177 Shaw, Heather 149, 198 Shaw, Jolanda 198 Shaw, Vickie 198 Shelton, James 163 Shelton, Margaret 133, 198 Shephard, Chris 149 Sheppard, Misty 198 Shewmake, McKenna 198 Shields, Richard 177 Shirey, Jennifer 178 Shirey, Richard 178 Shoemaker, Robert 150 Shorter, Eric 178 Showers, Rochelle 198 Shrestha, Saroj 205 Shropshire, Susanne 163 Shumake, April 150 Shumpert, Kristin 178 Shumpert, Lori 178 Sibley, Rachel 198 Sides, Shea 150 Sigrest, Laura 198 Simmons, Candace 178 Simmons, Jason 150 Simmons, Laura 150 Simon, Andrew 205 Simpson, Misty 163 Simpson, Nicklaus 150 Simpson, Sarah 150 Simpson, Sydney 178 Sims, Ann 150 Sims, Lavee 150 Sims, Malcolm 150 Sims, Stacye 178 Sindelar, Emily 198 Sing, Cynthia 198 Singletary, Beth 178 Sirimaturos, Michael 150 Skelton, Brandon 198 Skinner, Michael 163 Skinner, Rebecca 178 Slater, LaTonya 1 63 Sloan, Brad 198 Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Smrth Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm th.Adam 178 th, Amanda 178 th, Andrew 178 th, April 163 th, Brittney 163 Brooke 150 Carol 163 Christopher 150 Darrell 198 Ginny 198 Gretchen 198 Heather 178 Jamee 198 Jason 163 Jennifer 163 Jessica 163 Karen 130, 198, 272 Karia 150 Keysla 198 Kim 198 Lauren 178 Lee 41, 130, 198 Lindsey 178 Mary Beth 1 50 Matthew 198 Melinda 178 Melissa 198 Mike 198 Mollie 198 Nathan 150 Nicholas 131 Nina 150 Nyla 163 Pamela 205 Raegin 163 Rebecca 150 Robert 198 Sara 178 Sharee 150 Sharon 150 Terri 163 Tiffany 150, 178 th-Jenkins, Lisa 198 they, Kelly 178 Smothers, DeWayne 199 Snider, Amanda 199 Snipes, Emily 150 Snyder, Drew 163 Sobotka, Anne 199 Soileau, Jennifer 373 Soldevila, Brett 150 Solon, Courtney 178 Sommerfeld, Michelle 163 Song, Tex 1 63 Sorgenerei, Brian 163 Sorrell, Cassandra 199 Sorrell, Eddie Jr 199 Sorrick, Daniel 163 South, Barry 150 Sparks, Andrew 178 Sparks, Caroline 163 Sparks, Christopher 199 Sparks, Kimberly 178 Spencer, Landon 199 Spencer, Lauren 150 Splaingard, Dave 199 Springer, Brent 205 Srowen, Abigail 199 St. John, John 199 Stacy, Kristen 199 Stafford, Lynlee 163 Stainback, Meredith 199 Stall, Stephanie 199 Stallings, Christopher 199 Stancill, Jeff 163 Standifer, Selena 199 Stanfield, Stephanie 178 Stanford, Loretta 178 Starks, Keonna 178 Starks, Samantha 164 Staten, Cindy 178 Staton, Michael 199 Steele, Laurie 164 Stegall. Grady 178 Steimle, Landon 178 Stephens, Tamica 164 Sterling, Jason 164 Stevens, Drew 178 Stevens, Sarah 164 Stevenson, Cedric 164 Steward, Dana 199 Stewart, April 150 Stewart, Audrey 1 99 Stewart, Brandy 178, 273 Stewart, Mindy 150 Stewart, Sedrick 150 Stewart, Urica 199 Stilgenbauer, Adam 178 Still, Natalie 150 Stillwell, Shannon 199 Stockton, Maranda 361 Stoltz, Devi 1 78 Stone, Linsey 150 Stonhouse, Megan 205 Storms, Holly 199 Story, Hetherington 164 Stovall, Josh 178 Strange, Elizabeth Anne 199 Strange, Jonathan 150 Strawbridge, James 199 Streich, Keith 164 Strevel, Joseph 178 Stribling, Lee 199 Strickland, Amanda 199 Strickland, Amy 150 Strickland, Katie 199 Strickland, Lawrence 150 Strickland, Lyle 178 Stringer, Seth 205 Stringfellow, Savante 360 Strong, Natalie 199 Stroup, Lindsey 178 Stuart, Houston 178 Stuart, Morgan 150 Stubblefield, Tonya 150 Stubbs, Kannan 131 Studdard, Keith 150 Sturdivant, Micajah 120, 131 Su, Hsiao-Ting 199 Suber, Christopher 150 Sullivan, Courtney 199 Sullivan, Susan 4, 18 Sullivan, Vista 164 Sumrall, Tiffany 164 Sutterfield, Lea Nicole 199 Sutton, Ashley 150 Sutton, Ethan 199 Sutton, Robert 205 Swaney, Mary Lmley 51 , 1 50 Synnott, Bradley 199 Szymanski, Sarah 178 Taff, Thomas 164 Taj, Mohammed 205 Taliaferro, Brandon 164 Tallie, Brandy 199 Tallie, Latoya 1 78 Tan, Gek Yee 199 Tatum, Joe 164 Taylor, Alexandria 178 Taylor, Brandy 199 Taylor, Janae 178 Taylor, Kathryn 164 Taylor, Leigh 199 Taylor, Mary 1 50 Taylor, Randy 199 Taylor, Shannon 199 Taylor, Sovent 179 Taylor, Sue Ellen 179 Taylor, Thomas 150 Taylor, Tiffany Paige 1 50 Taylor, William 179 Tee, Jaycee Ngah-Loui 199 Teel, Jonathan 151 Te Mis, Tarra 164 Tendall, Caroline 179 Tesseneer, Derrick 179 Tew, Audra 1 51 Tew, Jeff 179 Thacker, DJ 151 Thacker, Paul 179 Tharp, Jodie 164 Tharpe, Lauren 151 Theophilus, Eenga 179 Thielemann, Matt 164 Thigpen, Brian 199 Thomas, Casey 179 Thomas, Courtney 179 Thomas, Elizabeth 151 Thomas, Kate 179 Thomas, Kathryn 179 Thomas, Ross 151 Thomas, Sumeka 164 Thomas, Terrence 199 Thomas, Vandana 205 Thomas, Wesley 179 Thompson, Adrian 151 Thompson, Amanda 151 Thompson, Amy 151 Thompson, Anne 199 Thompson, Ashley 179 Thompson, Heather 164 Thompson, James 164 Thompson, Jennifer 164 Thompson, Johnathan 200 Thompson, Melissa 179 Thompson, Shanna 200 Thompson, Shannon 164 Thompson, Stacy 179 Thompson, Tiawanna 151 Incfe ex Thompson, William Scott 200 Thomson, Blair 179 Thornton, Candace 200 Thrasher, Christi 164 Thurlow, Brian 164 Thweatt, Nikki 151 Tillman, Jesse 179 Timbes, Karley 151 Ting-Wee, Tang 200 Tinnin, Natalie 205 Todd, Hunter 151 Todsen, Jennifer 179 Tolbert, Matt 151 Tolliver, Lameka 200 Tomlinson, Charles 133 Tonore, Kathleen 200 Tonore, Sarah Beth 1 64 Torquati, Jennifer 151 Towers, Kelvin 205 Townes, Stephanie 200 Townsend, Leslie 151 Trammell, Scott 131 Tran, Tuan Anh 179 Travis, Jerrett 151 Treadway, Michael 200 Tredway, Michelle 151 Trewolla, Page 179 Triplett, Dexter 200 Triplett, Themesha 151 Trost, Heath 205 Trotter, Melinda 164 Trout, George 200 Truong, Phuong 179 Tryon, Deana 179 Tubertini, Andrew 179 Tucker, Tiffany 1 64 Turner, Cheryl 179 Turner, LaTondria 164 Turner, Maggie 151 Turner, Raney-Mills 151 Turner, Tiffany 200 Twombly, John 151 Tyler, Kenneth 151 Tyner, Corrie 164 U Uddin, Rukhsana 205 Ufford, Kimberly 151 Upton, Michael 205 V Vadakapurapu, Srikanth 205 Valentine, Jessica 179 Valentine, Kathleen 179 Van Pelt, Darin 200 Van Sickle, Christopher 200 Vance, Allie 164 VanDevender, Jill 179 Varnado, Jason 164 Vasilyev, Scott 200 Vatti, Mallikharjunaao 205 Vaughan, William 200 Vaughn, Chamara 164 Vaughn, Michelle 151 Vavrunek, Vince 200 Vercruysse, Brandon 164 Vickers, Lelie 200 Vincent, Katherine 200 Vincent, Sabrina 200 Vinson, Holly 179 Vinson, Jessica 151 Vinson, Jonathan 179 Vinueza, Jorge 24, 200 Vyas, Kinnari 200 w Wade, George 179 Wadsworth, Audra 200 Waggoner, Ashley 200 Wahl, Amanda 179 Wahl, Armin 131, 200 Waites, Asheley 151 Waldrop, Benjamin 151 Waldrop, Tamara 205 Waldrop, William 164 Walker, Allison 133, 200 Amanda 200 Anna 164 Ansley 200 Diana 164 Fant 200 Graham 179 Jay 205 Jolande 164 Kimberly 200 Scott 131 Yolonda 200 Walkley, Philip 179 Wall, Grant 179 Wallace, Corey 200 Wallis, Michael Jr. 200 Wally, Ryan 151 Walters, Brooke 164 Walters, Josh 164 Walters, Katie 151 Walton, Lakeia 151 Wang, Shim 205 Ward, Angela 151 Ward, Jill Annette 164 Ward, Spence 151 Ward, Windy 131 Ware, Whitney 164 Warren, Jennifer 200 Warriner, Amy 200 Washington, Cedric 179 Washington, Monique 164 Waters, Travis 151 Watkins, Hayley 165 Watkins, Marcus 165 Watkins, Melita 1 51 Watkins, Michael 179 Watkins, Shantay 179 Watson, Osheia 151 Watson, Ray Wade 200 Watts, Jennifer 179 Watts, Jonathan 165 Walker Walker Walker Walker Walker Walker Walker Walker Walker Walker Walker g -Index Watts, Kimberly 151 Weakley, Allison 179 Weatherford, John 151, 273 Weathersbee, Cedric 151 Weaver, Heather 179 Weaver, John 165 Webb, Beth 179 Webb, Kevin 200 Webb, Lauren 180 Webber, Janice 151 Webster, Erika 151 Weeden, Jenny 151 Weekley, Trisha 152 Weir, Robert 200 Weiss, Tiffany 152 Welch, Emily 180 Welch, Jaimee 200 Welch, Thomas 152 Weldon, David 180 Wells, Angela 205 Wells, Elizabeth Adoree 165 Wells, Jace 200 Wells, Jason 200 Wells, Jennifer 200, 201 Welsh, Patrick 180 Wesley, Mark 180 Wesson, Jeff 152 West, Mary Lucy 180 Westbrook, Angela 366 Westmoreland, Danielle 201 Westmoreland, Zackilius 1 65 Weston, Kimberly 152 Whaley, Stacy 201 Whatley, Mary Elizabeth 152 Wheat, Jaclyn 180 Whelan, Amanda 201 Whitaker, Danielle 165 White, Andrew 165 White, Ann-Hoover 201 White, Bryan 201 White, Everett 180 White, Josh 152 Whitehouse, Nowel 180 Whitson, Micah 165 Whittington, Zack 1 80 Whybrew, Sarah 152 Wick, Christie 165 Wicker, Jamie 131, 201 Wicker, Sally 152 Wiggins, Joey 201 Wiggins, Kim 201 Wiggins, Leann 152 Wiginton, John 180 Wilbanks, Beth 180 Wilbanks, Paulie 152 Wilbanks, Sarah 180 Wilder, Bill 201 Wilemon, HeatherLea 165 Wilhite, Skye 201 Wilkerson, Ben 201 Wilkins, Brian 180 Wilkins, Jason 133,201 Wilkins, Joshua 152 Wilkinson, Ashley 165 Willard, Sarah 165 Williams, Adrienne 165 Wi l l Wi il lliams, April 165 lliams, Ashley 165, 273 lliams, Ben 201 lliams, Chantea 201 lliams, Chase 201 lliams, Cristie 152 lliams, Denise 201 lliams, Erin 180 lliams, Gabriel 201 lliams, Ivy Jovan 201 lliams, Jenecy 165 lliams, Jeremy 152 lliams, Johannah 180 lliams, Justin 180 lliams, Kara 201 lliams, Kelly 180 lliams, Lindsey 152 lliams, Lisa 180 lliams, Melissa 201 lliams, Michael 201 lliams, Mike 201 lliams, Stephen 165 lliams, Stuart 152 lliams, Terrol Jr. 152 lliamson, Jacob 152 lliamson, John 201 lliamson, Matt 152 lliamson, Michael 201 lliamson, Todd 180 His, Amanda 55 His, Rachael 152 lloughby, Rachael 165 lis, Emily 180 Isey, Rachelle 180 Wilson, Adrian 180 Wilson, Amelie 201 Wilson, Antonio 165 Wilson, Ashley 201 Wilson, Blair 201 Wilson, Cheryl 180 Wilson, Cody 201 Wilson, Erica 180 Wilson, Gray 152 Wilson, Jac 180 Wilson, Kenorus 152 Wilson, Omar 201 Wimpee, Lauren 201 Winans, Audrey 152 Winchester, Martha 201 Windham, Benjamin 165 Windham, Jake 201 Windham, Shane 206 Windsor, Courtney 152 Wing, Eric 165 Winsett, Katherine 152 Winstead, Kimberly 180 Winters, Lakisha 165 Wiscovich, Eric 201 Wise, LaRanda 201 Witherow, Sam 180 Witherspoon, Chereka 201 Witt, Honey 132, 201 Wohrman, Doty 165 Wong, Connie 201 Wong, David 165 Wong, Dennis 206 Wi Wi Wil Wil Wil Wong, Fei-Ni 201 Wong, Joo-Guan 201 Wong, Kenneth 201 Wong, Sarah 132, 201 Woo, Edward 152 Wood, Amanda 165 Wood, Anthony 206 Wood, Marshall 152 Wood, Rachel Lynn 51 Woodall, Earnest 152 Woodley, Benita 180 Woods, Anna 165 Woods, James 165 Woods, Marc 180 Woods, Wendy 180 Woods, William 202 Woolsey, Matt 165 Word, Mary 180 Word, Matt 165 Worrel, Leah 132,202 Worthem, Joe 202 Wren, Josh 202 Wright, Ashley 206 Wright, James 180 Wright, Justin 165 Wright, Trey 152 Wrighton, Lauren 202 Wu, Ya-Ling 206 Wyckoff, Smith 132,202 Wynn, Brandon Dane 152 Xiong, Yuan 206 Xu, Yaguan 206 Yacharn, Nongnart 202 Yamin, Mark 152 Yan, Baoqiang 152 Yancey, Katherine 202 Yancey, Theresa 165 Yarborough, Katie 165, 202 Yates, Claire 132 Yates, Lucas 202 Yates, Tiffany 1 52 Yates, Tripp 165 Yoste, Elizabeth 206 Young, Adrianne 152 Young, Dwight 180 Young, Grace 165 Young, Katherine 180 Young, Kristal 152 Young, Lisa 180 Young, Mandy 202 Young, Mendi 180 Young, Teresa Mae 180 Young, Trey 152 Young, Twanda 152 Youngblood, Amy 152 Youngblood, Patrick 152 Yousef, Ned 165 Zainey, Margaret 202 Zaiontz, Aimee 165 Zbinden, Susanne 202 Zeidman, Ben 180 Zeleskey, James 202 Zellich, Clay 165 Zhu, Qun 206 Zito, Jaclyn 180 Zschau, Kira 133, 372 Zschiedrich, Jody 202 Zuccaro, Chris 165 colophon Volume 105 of The Ole Miss was printed by Taylor Publishing Company in Dallas, Texas and produced by a staff of student volunteers with no direct affiliation with the University ' s Department of Journalism. Ben Allen was the Taylor representative for The Ole Miss. DISTRIBUTION: The book is distributed in the spring semester. Full time students at the University pay for The Ole Miss through tuition and fees. PRODUCTION: The Ole Miss was produced on four Macintosh computers using QuarkXpress 4.0 and Adobe PhotoShop 5.5. The press run was 6500. COVER ENDSHEETS: The original cover was designed by Bobby Mikuchonis at Taylor Publishing Company. The base material of the cover is Blue Lexatone 452 with Mission grain and Red Lexatone 023. The cover includes gold silkscreen 9 1 7 and gold met- alique, and is quarter bound. The endsheet stock is Gypsum Passport, and is gold foil stamped. The end- sheets were designed by Karen Smith. TYPE: The main typefaces used throughout the book are TimesT-Roman, Charcoal, Onyx, BernCondT-Regular, Apple Chancery, and Carpenter ICG. PHOTOGRAPHY: Class photos were taken by Thornton Studios of New York City, NY. All other pho- tos were provided by Imaging Services, Sports Information, and by students using black and white T- Max and Kodak Gold color film. Black and white pho- tography was developed by volunteer staff members. The Ole Miss 200 1 is a student-run publication of the University of Mississippi. No portion of this book may be reproduced without the expressed written consent of the editor-in-chief or yearbook advisor. Opinions expressed in this book do not necessarily reflect those of the administration, faculty, or staff at The University of Mississippi. The editor assumes the responsibility for the book ' s content. Index cV CoCovfion f fi Working on the yearbook staff as Distinctions Section Editor for the past two years has been challenging, yet rewarding. I would like to thank all my copy writers: Hays Burchfield, Katy Hillman, and Tamara Gatewood for meeting the copy deadlines I set for them. Their cooperation helped me and the rest of the staff meet our shipping deadlines. The staff at University Communications, Imaging Services, and our photographers also contributed greatly to the Distinctions sec- tion. I would like to thank everyone featured in my section for all of their cooperation and patience in scheduling pictures: Col. Reb George Haymans, Miss Ole Miss Laura Payne, the Homecoming Court, Miss University Megan Flowers, Dr. Gilbert, the Class Favorites, Hall of Fame inductees, Who ' s Who winners, and all other " distinct " people. You are all busy, and I appreciate you making time in your schedules for me. My sincerest thanks goes to our advisor Traci Mitchell who we haven ' t seen much of this year, but has been with us in spirit. To all our friends and fellow " deer campers " at Taylor Publishing-Ben, Tami, and Toni-your encouragement and guidance has been unbelievable. 6705 rules! Lastly, I would like to thank Karen Smith for taking on the tremendous responsibility of being editor-in- chief and doing such a wonderful job at it. Mandy Fong Distinctions Editor 2001 I would like to thank Karen and Traci for giving me this oppor- tunity. Yearbook has been a valuable experience. Thank you, Amy, for letting me be your little helper, as little help as I could be... you ' ve got everything under control. Best of luck for the future! I know you will be successful no matter what you do... but I hope you stay in Oxford! Also, many thanks to all the other section editors and assistants for making it all fun, and keeping me from getting lost. As always, thank you, Jeffrey, for your infinite patience. Ww t l£- ITj tp cy A special thanks to all the photographers and writers for taking the time out of their busy schedules to pho- tograph and write about Ole Miss student life. You did a great job in portraying what it is like being a student here. Also, thanks to the bands and organizations who let us borrow their wonderful pictures to fill our pages. Another special thanks to Stephanie Dukes for her wonderful artwork that decorated the the Student Life pages. Last, but not least, thanks to Ashley Williams for her great ideas and layout for the the Student Life section, and thanks to Karen Smith for being a great editor. Without these people we would not have been able to successfully get our job done. Jl ' jf v- As Greek section editor I have learned a lot about time management and depending on others to get your work done on time. A big thanks goes out to all sorority and fraternity presidents who got all materi- als to me on time. Thank you, Ryan for all the great photographs. Everything turned out fine after all! Beth Rush, you are a great person, well-organized and always willing to help. Thank you for being a great assistant. To all the " deer-campers " from Dallas, don ' t forget about the ' club ' . Ben, you ' re the best! You are invited back to Oxford anytime. Thanks to Ben and Traci for the encouragement and praise. You both always have a lot of wisdom to shine on a situa- tion. Finally, I would like to thank Karen Smith for being such a dedicated editor. You have b een a tremendous help this year, and I thank you for all your time and shared knowledge. I couldn ' t have done this without you. Well, here we are at the end of another year and another successful yearbook. I met a lot of new friends and I hope you all are pleased with your pages. It is next to impossible to get through a year without a few snags in communication along the way - for that I apologize. Mainly I want to take this time to thank everyone involved. We had more organizations this year than last year in the book and that meant a lot of juggling of schedules to make time for dropping off contracts, scheduling pictures, and dropping off infor- mation to the office. I wish to thank each organiza- tion for their cooperation and dedication. This sec- tion also would not have been possible without the help of Anna McGahey who helped me make phone calls, proof pages, and remember to attend meetings. Thank-you. I would like to thank Will Blythe, my boyfriend, for listening to me when I had a bad day at the office or couldn ' t get up enough energy to get off of my couch. Thanks for all the good times. Oh, yes last but not least I would like to thank all of my fellow staff members for their help from time to time. And I think that Karen did a great job getting us all togeth- er. Thanks. Words from the Staff Serving as the People section editor has definitely been a challenging and rewarding experience. I would not have survived, though, if it were not for the peo- ple who helped me. To Kelley, for being a wonderful and dedicated assistant. I would not have completed the section without her. To Karen, my editor, who was so patient through everything and made my experi- ence on the yearbook staff so enjoyable. To Kelsi, who helped me with my biggest deadline without any ques- tion. To Ryan and Amy, who gave me pictures to use in the section. They were greatly appreciated. I would also like to thank everybody who helped during class pictures and my deadline. You all made my job so much easier, and I wouldn ' t know what I would do without you. To a wonderful staff, thanks for a great year. 3$e ec oir) " Ecllor Hello Friends, I would like to give a special thanks to the many people who helped me with my section of the yearbook. I would like to thank each Dean and their secretaries from each school for contributing information. I am so grateful to Chancellor Khayat for his generous support for the year- book. I would also like to thank MAMP, the Study Abroad program, McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College, the Croft Institute, the Career Center, and the Academic Support Center. Special thanks also goes to Mr. Edward C. Maloney, Mr. Calvin Thigpen, Ms. Tina File Webb, Dr. David Cole, and Ms. Julie Grimes for their efforts in helping to make the " Academic " section better. I would also like to thank Hays Burchfield, Amanda Johnson, and Kathleen Hillman for their copy writing. Special thanks goes to Sarah-Elizabeth Gundlach, Ryan Pierini, Brandy Stewart, Josh Guest, and Denise Williams for the photographs in my section. The biggest thank you of them all goes to the Editor, Karen Smith. Thanks Karen for taking the chance on having a " Freshman " as a section editor. After three years on yearbook staff, Em a lit- tle sorry to see it all end. So it goes though. Of each staff I ' ve worked with, I ' ve probably enjoyed this one the most. There was Ryan the Pirate, and Karen the high commander and lady of much organization. There was John the jokester, Ashley the ever stressed, Amy the delicious cake maker. There was Ben the ever generous patron of yearbook dining and all the others who made this ride so unforgettable. Then there was Traci, the ever faithful and overworked advisor who put up with us for just one more year. It ' s been such a blessing to work with each and every one of you. Thanks for making my yearbook experience such an awesome one! at- Dear Friends, On the behalf of the Sports section, I would like to say thanks to Sports Information for providing a majority of the pictures in the Sports section, and for your time, patience, and resources. I would also like to thank my copy writers: Hays Burchfield and Peter Ross. Without your articles, the section would not have happened. Many thanks go out to everyone who wrote a sports diary: John Engstrom, Takela Corbitt, Burney Hutchinson, Amanda Lehotak, Alex Hartman, Julie DeRoo, Troy Muller, Teresa Brown, Maranda Stockton, Jennifer Soileau, Angela Westbrook, Savante Stringfellow, Abby Diddle, and Kira Zschau. I would also like to thank everyone on yearbook staff for helping me out my first year on staff. THANK YOU, KAREN!! I appre- ciate all the help you gave me, and I look forward to being on staff next year. Lastly but not least, I would like to thank my roommate Tricia Oughton who helped me out during times that were tight. Thanks again to everyone. foltftk %MXK$» How do I begin to thank all the people that looked after me during late nights at Farley, and during deadline weeks when my mad sci- entist hair was a daily occurance, and I was constantly forgetting to eat! Foremost, I am nothing without my family; when we faced dis- aster, I completely realized our amazing strength and our courage to continue this crazy journey of life. Mom, you are my angel in so many ways I could never even begin to explain. You remind me every day of the woman I want to become. And Dad, you are ever present to give me a glimpse of my exact personality and laugh along with my crazy schemes. Abigail-your name could never be anything else and I am the favorite; Ben-please don ' t turn into a real boy. And to my wonderful friends and sisters at Ole Miss.... where would I be without you! Y ' all have been there for everything: the mohawk issue, my numerous mental breakdowns, dropping classes (Why would anyone take over 1 2 by choice?), all the chaos of life-a.k.a. UG A game, shady toxic people, and the good things like quality boys, presents, cookies, and Oprah. And as always- STIPE FOR PRESIDENT. Ashley G. Williams Student Life Editor 200 1 Words from the Staff WW Working with the yearbook has been something I ' ve enjoyed doing ever since high school. I wanted to continue that opportuni- ty when I came to Ole Miss, but as a fresh- man, I wasn ' t sure how I could get involved. However, as soon as I saw an ad in the DM at the end of my freshman year to be on staff, I responded immediately and became involved as a section editor. I then set a goal to one day be the editor- in-chief, but that goal somewhat faded once I saw how much time and work it required (a lot more than in high school!). Focusing on my school work has always been my number one priority, and I was afraid that my grades would suffer if I chose to take on such a big responsi- bility. However, when the time came to select a new editor at the end of my junior year, I felt the Lord leading me to apply for the position. I had to have faith that He would give me the strength, patience, and time to get through it, and He did! This year has been a wonderful experience, and one that I have not regretted. I want to thank Chancellor Khayat and Thomas Wallace for taking time out of your busy schedules to talk with me, and for your tremendous sup- port. Thanks to Robert Jordan, Kevin Bain, and Joe Ellis at Imaging Services for rescu- ing me on several occasions! Thanks to everyone in the Public Relations office, Lamar Chance and the rest of the staff at Sports Information, the Daily Mississippian, Peter Cleary, Kristy Lowe, Darcy Colley, Leslie Walker, and Melanie Wadkins. Thank you, Ralph and Traci for your support and encouragement. Thank you to everyone at Taylor Publishing Company, especially Ben and Tami for your time, support, and patience-you are THE BEST! A big thanks to all of the section editors, assistants, writers, and photographers for your hard work, time, and commitment. You made my job so much easier! Thank you, Summer, for always being there when I needed help! Thank you to all my friends and family, espe- cially my mom and dad, for supporting me and 1 for believing in me- I love you! Thank you, Jeremy, for your love, support, and patience. I i could not have made it without you- I LOVE YOU! And last but not least- thank You, Jesus, for using me and working through me to do Your work. All that I am is Yours. B Words from tfie ' Editor 1 n. i

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