University of Mississippi - Ole Miss Yearbook (Oxford, MS)

 - Class of 2000

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University of Mississippi - Ole Miss Yearbook (Oxford, MS) online yearbook collection, 2000 Edition, Page 393 of 406
Page 393 of 406

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Page 393 text:

I just wanted to thank the entire staff for such a great year and I hope everyone is as proud of the book as I am. It was a pleasure working with each and everyone of you. I would like to extend a special thanks to Traci Mitchell, our yearbook advisor, for all her support and motiva- tion when some of us were pulling all- nighters in order to make deadline. She has been there for us all year and we owe her so much. I would like to thank Paul and Mike, wherever you are, for doing a wonderful job with our pictures and for introducing me to " new things. " You will be missed. I would also like to thank my bff s, you know who you are, for some really great times: free pool, Halloween and the huddle house at 4 am! This year certainly would not have been the same without you. I would also like to send special thanks to my fiancee, Paul, for being there for me and for sup- porting me in ALL my endeavors. I love you. Regretfully, I will not be on staff next year and so I want to wish you all luck with next year ' s book, I know it will be great. And finally, to all the students of Ole Miss, I hope you will all take into consideration all the work we have put in over this past year in order to bring you a book in which you can be proud. I love Ole Miss and it has been a pleasure serv- ing the student body and faculty, please enjoy your yearbook. Karin Deberry Serving as Distinctions section editor this past year has been a tremendous task. Without the help of several people, my job would not have been possible. I would like to extend my thanks to Elaine Pugh and everyone else at the Public Relations Department on campus. They helped me track down pictures for my section. I would also like to thank Dr. Judy Trott for her help with the Who ' s Who and Hall of Fame pages. ;Without her assistance, these pages would be blank. I also appreciate the help I received for Martha Bowles in the Provost Office for the Taylor Medalists page. To the photographers of The Daily Mississippian, thanks for sharing your pictures with me. I also would like to thank all the people featured in my sec- tion: Class Favorites, Col. Reb, Miss Ole Miss, Dr. Stuckey, Senior Class Officers, Who ' s Who Winners, and everyone else for their cooperation and patience in scheduling photographs. Lastly, my sin- cerest thanks goes to Summer Owens and Traci Mitchell for their guidance. Without their help, I would not have known where to start or who to contact. Mandy Fong The staff would like to thank the staff and owners of Piggy ' s for a wonderful night out. 391

Page 392 text:

Dear Friends and fellow Rebels, This year has been so hectic, besides being a transfer students and trying to adjust to life at Ole Miss, I was also given the opportunity to be apart of something immortal. The Yearbook Staff has been a great learning experience I would not trade, but I couldn ' t have done my best without a little help from my friends. I would like to extend my first thank you to the Editor of the Ole Miss, Summer Owens. She has made this yearbook into something spectacular, while finding the time to be a great friend, I would chase a FedEx truck for you dude ! I would also like to thank the rest of the staff and my circle of friends that have been a rock for me to lean on. We ' ve had some great times, whether we were beating on my door for 10 minutes, or enjoying some Cake, it was " all good " . I think you guys are one in a million. Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank Traci Mitchell our yearbook advisor for being our mom away from home. In closing I would like to give everyone the highlights to an almost perfect year, If it ' s in my blue cup I have to drink it . . . She is a horrible person, she really is. . . Have you ever seen Fatboy Slim and George in the same place at the same time. . . Can I have two instead of one. . . My shoes are platinum. . .blah blah blah. . . bane of my existence. . .Oh my Gosh. . . How old is that meat? . . . The green froo froo pen ... A little bit of Lou Bega . . .Amanda Kaye Fong, and its spelled with an " E " . . . 1 -minute repri- mand . . . Did you see our Christmas Tree. . .1 guess the bet is off . . .what ' s that shape again? . . . creamy milk chocolate, and slow roasted peanuts . . .He gave her a glass of his nut milk. . . Who the hell is Kenny from Burger King ... So they took you downtown . . .Pvirgin and slut soap. . . lady bugs DO bite . . .80 ' s prom queens . . .that ' s her game. . .Dirty Jenga. . .Sheep go to heaven , Goats go to hell . . .I ' m a sinner. . .1 don ' t want to go to your church. . .1 don ' t believe those books exist . . .do you date guys from Northwest . . .1 don ' t hate anyone . . .1 hate her . . .1 love ya ' ll but not that much . . . she filed the stars under M . . .Does your roommate have a file. . .She ' s my BFF . .Power for Living . . . Party like Rock Stars!!!!!! Camilla Taylor is ■ Special thanks to the individ- ual schools of the University, Chancellor Khayat, MAMP, the Study Abroad program, McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College, the Croft Institute, the Career Center, and the Academic Support Center for their cooperation in putting together this yearbook. Kristen Duncan Dear Friends, I would like to thank you for making the 2000 yearbook a success. Putting together a yearbook is no simple task and each member of the staff worked very hard on their respective sections. Without your cooperation, things would not have run nearly as smooth as they did. I was new to my particular section, organizations. This whole year has been a learning experience for me. Having your cooperation and patience meant more than you ' ll ever know. I would like to thank all of the organizations that participated in this year ' s annual. I would also like to thank the University Public Relations office and the office of Campus Sports Clubs. I look forward to work- ing with you all next year. Though I have thanked all of my help for the actual production of my section, I cannot let two important people slip by without recognition, my boyfriend, Will, and my roommate, Rebecca. Both of which have had to listen to my endless rattle about dead- lines and paperwork. Thank you for being so patient. I would l ike to close with a thanks to the Ole Miss staff members themselves. I have met many good friends though the yearbook office and have cherished being a part of such dilemmas as, the guy with the cool leather jacket, crazy cats and of course, the coupon bait and switch. I have enjoyed working with you. Thanks to everyone at Sports Information for the use of their time, patience, and resources. Thanks to Coach David Cutcliffe, Marcus Hicks, Justin Huisman, Audra Wadsworth, Irena and Ivona Mihailova, Regan Scanlon, Lauren Dorcheus, Teneeshia Jones, Phil Caravia, Robyn Rinaldo, and Jessica Crockett for submitting sports diaries. 390 Karen Smith Jessica Carr

Page 394 text:

A Abdalla, Jerry 173 Abies, Chris 156 Acevedo, Luis 17} Adams, Abagaii 173 Adams, Jason 173 Addaganti, Subbarao 194 Ahuja, Mohit 17 Albrecht, Paul 156 Aldmon,lendyi7} Aldridge, Brad 156 Aldridge, Emily 71, 76,95, 173 Alexander, Felicia 156 Alexander, Quentin 173 Alexis, Lance 194 Alford, Jesse 156 Alford, Yolanda 156 Allen, Cuthbert 173 Allen, Jonathan 86, 173 Allison, Anna 156 Amerman,Jarretti$6 Anderson, (hrissy 173 Anderson, Kristi 173 Anderson, Rebecca 173 Anderson, Tobias 156 Anderson, William 173 Andrews, Amy 173 Andrews, Brandi 156 Anglin, Angela 173 Annamreddy, Phanidhar 194 Ansuini, Steve 173 Appelbee, Jill 156 Arbuckle, Chasity 156 Armgard, Alison 156 Armstrong, Emily 156 Arrington, Debra 156 Arwood, Laura 156 Ashmore, Karen 173 Asprion, Ryan 156 Atkins, Addie 156 Atkins, Lindsey 156 Atkinson, Claire 173 Atkinson, Florinda 173 Augustine, Jean 156 Austin, Adam 156 Autrey, Alina 156 Avant, Nia 86, 173 Avant, Stacy 175 Averill, Lauren 173 Azzone, Daniel 173 B Bacon, Elisha 173 Bagepalli, Madhavlr 194 392 Bahan, Patrick 173 Bailey, Amanda 156 Bailey, Jason 65 Bailey, Jason W. 86 Bailey, Sarah 156 Bailey, Tracy 156 Baisyet, Rajesh 173 Bajracharya, Rajesh 194 Baker, Natalie 173 Bakir, Aysen 194 Ball, Samantha 173 Ballard, Leah 173 Ballard, Nate 173 Bambury, Karen 173 Banchetti, Nick 156 Banks, Jaime 173 Barham, Jamey 156 Barkley, Angela 173 Barnes, Yakesha 173 Barnett, Brandy 156 Barnett, Jodie 156 Barnett, Monica 65, 156 Barnum, John 173 Berry, Wesley 194 Bet-sayad, Will 173 Bihlmaier, Kerstin 194 Bingham, Alisha 97 Birdsong, Stacie 156 Bishop, Spring 156 Bjornsdottir, Birna 173 Black, Jennifer 17 Black, Jonathan 173 Black, Linda 174 Black, Randy 174 Blackburn, David 63, 86 Blackburn, Josh 174 Blackburn, Laura 174 Blackburn, Mary 174 Blake, Daphne 174 Blakely, Harold 174 Blakeney, Rebecca 174 Blanchard, Reggie 174 Bland, T.J. 174 Blaschke, Christine 156 Blaylock, Sara 174 Bledsoe, Jeanette 174 Bostick, Susan 174 Bostwick, Claire 156 Boudloche, Christine 156 Boulais, Nicole 95 Bourn, Ashley 174 Bowen, Abigail 156 Bowie, Paul 174 Bowling, Christy 156 Bowling, Kathleen 174 Bowman, Lamise 156 Box, Tracy 174 Boyd, Franklin 174 Boyd, Janet 174 Boyd, Jennifer 156 Boyett, Cassandra 174 Boykin, Smith 72 Brack, Kristina 157 Bradley, Ginger 157 Bradley, Rebecca 174 Bradshaw, Katie 157 Branch, Anna 157 Brandon, Brooke 18 Branson.Chad 157 Barr, Oereck 156 Barrett, Clay 156 Barron, Elizabeth 173 Barton, Aubrey 173 Basden, Belinda 156 Bass, Olivia 156 Batte, Lindsey 86 Battles, Jennifer 173 Baucom, Jamie 173 Beach, Pam 173 Beal, John 173 Behroozi, Patrick 173 Bennett, Brian 173 Bennett, Scott 156 Benson, Brenda 194 Blossom, Becky 156 Boatright, Beth 174 Boeckmann, Ashley 156 Bogan, Regenia 156 Boggs, Elizabeth 156 Bolden, Tanya 65 Bolen, Marty 174 Boles, Elishua 174 Bonds, Amy 156 Bonds, Valerie 174 Booker, Elizabeth 174 Boone, Whitney 174 Booth, Robert 174 Boroff, Daniel 156 Bost, Kerri 174 Brantley, Lamisha 174 Branton, Lisa 174 Braswell, (ervinia 174 Bratton, JoAnn 174 Brawner, Emily 157 Breazeale, Glenn 86, 174 Brendel, Richard 174 Brewer, David 174 Brewer, Emily 174 Brewer, Missy 63, 174 Brewer, Quentin 174 Bridges, Kami 157 Briggs.Ronzo Brinkley, Ellen 174 Brister, Amanda 174 Brister, Davis 87 Britt, Cori 194 Broadway, Reeca 157 Brock, (acey 157 Brooks, Allyson 157 Broussard, Stacie 174 Brown, Blythe 157 Brown, Byron 157 Brown, Laura 174 Brown, Ryan 174 Broyles, Tricia 157 Bruce, Chiterria 174 Bruce, Kimberly 157 Bruce, Meg 174 Brummett, Kurt 174 Brunfield, Brad 157 Brunson, Marc 157 Bryant, Heather 157 Bryant, Katherine 174 Bryant, Tammy 174 Buchanan, Arron 77, 87, 174 Buduri, Arun 194 Buford, Melissa 174 Buggey, Jennifer 157 Buglewicz, Andy 174 Bull, Sarah 174 Bullet, Irving 174 Bullock, Kimberly 174 Bullock, Laura 157 Burge, Amy 175 Burke, Meaghin 87, 175 Burkhalter, Tiffani 157 Burnette, Brooks 96 Burnett, James 157 Burnside, Berry 175 Burrage, Michelle 175 Burt, Amanda 157 Burt, Dee Dee 157 Burton, Steven 157 Busby, Joseph 175 Buse, Allison 157 Buse, Amanda 157 Butler, Jennifer 175 Byrd, Mary 175 ( Cafiero, Christina 175 Cage, Rebecca 175 Caldwell, Melissa 175 Caldwell, Michaela 175 Callahan, Sheree 157 Campbell, Kendra 175 Campbell, Matthew 175 Cannon, Amber 157 Canterbury, Whitney 87, 175 (aples, Emily 175 Caputo, Andrew 175 Carpenter, Melissa 157 Carpenter, Patrick 175 Carpenter, Warren 96 Carr, Jessica 157 Carr, Michelle 175 (arson, Jason 157 Carter, Anna 175 Carter, Cara 96 Carter, Gipson 175 Carter, Jamie 175 Carter, Selena 157 Carter, Wendy 175 (artwright, Emily 175 (artwright, Molly 157 Case, Jill 87, 175 Casey, Mike 157 Castillo, Emily 157 (athey, Robert 175 Cattron, Candice 157 Caughorn, James 175 Caulfield, Lloyd 157 (hamness, Jason 157 Champlin, Sasha 175 Chan, Evelyn 157 (handa, Pranojit 194 (handler, Patricia 175 Chandler, Richard 175 (haney, Paul 175 Chapman, Autumn 157 Chapman, Nicole 175 Charette, Kelly 175 Charlton, Donna 175 (harvat, Julie 157 (hastain, Alison 87, 17$ (hau, Andrea 157 (hau, Serena 157 (hen, Weiwei 194 Chenault, Kelly 158 Cheng, Yee 158 (hesnut, Robert 175 Chevalier, Denise 87, 175 Chiaventone, Kelley 158 (hilders, Beth 175 Childers, Christopher 158 Childers, Sarah 175 Chin, Kenny 175 Chin, Po-Loong 175 (hing, Erin 175 Chiok, Kal Yong 158 (hisholm, Chad 175 (hism, Lisa 175 (hisman, Ben 158

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