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m £IL£S " .}-- - ' 4-, ■ ■• • . r •»• ■ lor -■ - ' . k • • ' ' •■ ,5-, ! ' . I ■ -• ! pi9| 1 1 S s UNIVERSITY O] VOLUME 103 Enrollment 13,305 University, MS 38677 lOOlSSIPPI 5r d: 4v « V:l ■ .- t X v-, . ' ' %• . v-n:- f»» . rtn •nmm t I i nw ii it i.. ■• S " ? ' " K .» ;■■: ■•«.• « ! JS Wii m -jA .. XZ ' . 99 r Summer Owens Editor-in-Chief .C 2, yjHIi urn ' ! u ■ ' ■ rr t u« ■ Afi ' Um I n n in ' r r ' ' « ' - 5 v ' r kn 1 a ■1 f ' ' %iM 210 Peter Watts Copy Editor Jamie Elliott Photo Editor Stephen Miles Head Photographer Dee Dee Burt Student Life Editor Claire Hust Academics Editor Karen Smith Classes Editor Scarlet Lawrence Distinctions Editor Bryant Glisson Sports Editor Will Odom Sports Editor Marie Garrard Organizations Editor Collin Brown Greek Editor Editorial Assistants Katie Greer Curt Bell Kate Defuniak Michelle Ryan Jennifer Palemio Jessica Carr Kristen Duncan Margaret Cousley Karin Deberry Kelly Shankle Kelly Phillips Dupree Robb Tiffany Kilpatrick Staff Writers Kim Warren Meg Evans Kevin Flood Lindsay Lester Mary Katherine Harper Heather McEwen Vincent Henderson T ' wanna Walker Sarah Robey Monica Lester Kimberly Rivers Memory Nix Carley Cade Melissa Gong Sarah McCusker Staff Photographers Kat Riddell Stephen Long Sarah Gundlach Lindsay Doty Jason Baker Matt Lott Anna Smith Joe Moftltt Tejas Spandya Melissa Elliott Public Relations Staff Vicki Rideout Lloyd Caulifield Jolyn Pittman Advisor Traci Mitchell Opening mcetience ■e Miss stu- nts mingle with Oxford residents at the 3rd Annual Double Decker Festival on the square in Oxford. Jason Baker There is a spirit lurking in the souls of all who call them- selves Rebels. It is a spirit which has produced great physicians and star athletes. It is this spirit that dwells in talented artists, world leaders and famous writers. It is a spirit of excellence that finds common ground in Rebels everywhere. It is a dignified spirit that is found in the heart of Colonel Reb. It is a spirit of red and blue, and of young and old. Once found the Ole Miss spirit can never leave. Rebel Pride has swept through Oxford, Mississippi and the World. Traditions surround students not just at Ole Miss, but after they have made their way in life. Ole Miss no longer strives to be the best university in Mississippi, we now seek to be the best in the World. Through new programs and improved academics Ole Miss is getting closer to these goals. The Ole Miss community is working to redefine excellence in school, life and beyond. i ichael Boone wears a sticker his helmet in memory of his fellow teammate, Joey Embry. 1 ' 1 V U 1 1 1 1- ' V.».L im » » r»-ij 14, ' ? Vill ' (f. ) j , ' ) • » ' i i ryant Hall ich is one of the oldest buildings on campus accommo- dates part of the Fine Arts Department. • f f?IH» ' HI ' Uh ■ I r ' t ' - •-4 ' .:»( 0 1 1 •••♦ j f, ■ ' .■ Mhi V|, 1 view of the completely remodeled Student rvices Building which will accommodate many student needs. (Above) •Heritage and history where restored in Ventress Hall which houses the College of Liberal Arts . (Right) 1 ' 4ii i ( «l ' k ' ■■ 6 • Opening uxundatlansy - I V " Some of Ole Miss " most beloved buildings have received face lifts. Ventress hall, which has housed the University ' s library and law school, has recently been turned into a headquarters for the College of Liberal Arts. Martindale, which had fallen into grave disrepair has been undergoing a complete remodeling. The new expanded building will house The Student Services Center. This will accommodate all of the branches of stu- dent services in one building, and make life much easier for students. The remodeling of buildings will continue in the future, when both the " Y " building and the Lyceum will be remodeled. This commitment to preserving the University ' s architectural integrity shows students and alumni that the University is indeed redefining excel- lence, by Peter Watts Opening J; ' ?V: A « 1 TO great athlete ws everyone what he thinks of the Rebels, (above) • Army ROTC practice their rou- tines, (left) 4 I " lUcimies The University of Mississippi has received much acclaim for the many victories they have won in the past year. Students and facuhy are rising to new heights in research and education. Research done on this campus is helping the world to strive in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, biology, physics, psychology and more. Whether it is the Ole Miss Women ' s Volleyball team or the Football team, athletes are striving to be the best ever. Many of our Rebel teams have won awards and tourna- ments in their athletic endeavors. Also, student leaders are continually making this campus a better place to learn and grow. The student leaders have taken on community projects, blood drives, and campus clean-ups to make Ole Miss beautiful. Alumni are also contributing to make Ole Miss one of America ' s great institutions. Hewly dedicated alk of Champions " serves as a reminded to all those who enter the Grove, (left) • An eager stu- dent gives blood in the Union for the Transylvania Bowl Blood Drive sponsored by the ASB.(left) Opening • 9 on members perform at the annual ZX Derby Day which sup- ports their phil- anthropy, (right) ir . ' L V M " 1 ' r ' ■. ,ii - ,CV .• H i olonel Reb holds up his hands in a victory celebration with the Rebels on their win over SMU. (top) • The circle is always a beautiful sight in spring, (bottom) 10 • Opening eiuflna oun mnitaoje S xt, " : ifS in HDften com- n THuters bike to classes to avoid parking Ih problems. - SjC " 1 In the midst of a chaotic world there is still one place to find quiet serenity, friendly faces and a warm smile. So many people come to this place to find themselves or maybe even to get away from themselves. It is a place where history and heritage are treasured and memories are cherished forever. It is The University of Mississippi. Here we honor our alumni and dedicate knowledge to all of the new students who choose to enroll at Ole Miss. These are the students who will be cherished in the future. It is the past and the present and the future that we honor most here. There is no other place that is so bound to its heritage yet so technologi- cally minded. This is why students, professors, alumni and friends of the university think so highly of this beau- tiful place. It is truly " Your Home, Your Life. Your Future, •summer Owens Opening • 1 1 Stephen Miles " Respect for the past, pride in the present, vision for the future - rich in history and steeped in tradition " the University of Mississippi proudly celebrates 150 years of academic excel- lence. At the dawn of a new millennium Ole Miss is striving to meet the needs of a technologically advancing world. The race for excellence however will never end. This is an ongoing task that must be taken on by each incoming freshman class, each new professor, and each alumni. The University of Mississippi is expanding rapidly each year with new students, new build- ings, new professors and faculty, and new educational methods and knowledge. tudents Ik to class on a cool fall afternoon, (above) • Joe Moff itt and a friend cheer on the Rebels at a home football game, (right) Jason Baker n athlete its anxiously for the next play, (right) • Ready to go home, this stu- dent hurriedly gets on his motorcycle, (below) r Stephen Miles Jason Baker 14 • Opening ■« 1 ' ! ' .. i ' - ♦ I I M ii I - u . i m H Hl -m ' m } I ' Mfi (;♦■ rti i! Mt ft ,1 fill fi m k ' M li ' J) t»i w ' »•; tTfi; . Wft I ' M »i1 I :t V • t le Miss Pom uad smiles for a picture during the foot- ball game.(left) • Two Ole Miss students pose for a quick pic. (above) k. ' P ' - ■ ' : m —-,■■» " ' ■Ireg Shellnut, ulpture profes- sor also enjoys the relaxation that goes along with painting, (above) • Many student enjoy the spring time weather by walking to class, (left) muclnq Jason Baker lUt, ofes- lys in )ng int ring fby The University of Mississippi has received much acclaim for the many victories they have won in the past year. Students and facuhy are rising to new heights in research and education. Research done on this campus is helping the world to strive in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, biology, physics, psychology and more. Whether it is the Ole Miss Women ' s Volleyball team or the Football team, athletes are striving to be the best ever. Many of our Rebel teams have won awards and tourna- ments in their athletic endeavors. Also, student leaders are continually making this campus a better place to learn and grow. The student leaders have taken on community projects, blood drives, and campus clean-ups to make Ole Miss beautiful. Alumni are also contributing to make Ole Miss one of America ' s great institutions. ewly dedicated alk of Champions " serves as a reminded to all those who enter the Grove, (left) • An eager stu- dent gives blood in the Union for the Transylvania Bowl Blood Drive sponsored by the ASB.(left) Opening » 17 • Gov. Kirk Fordice speaks to the onlookers at the Sesquincentenial convocation, (right) Stephen Miles ' • A member of Delta Gamma sorori- ty talks with an elementary school student while volunteering for the Leap Frog program, (top) • A proud student holds up the sesquinsentenial banner for the School of Medicine, (bottom) 18 » Opening ki mm A A A flamesyol successy Jlf Hg 1 i pi 1 • Many stu- dents find that riding a bike to school lends them greater suc- cess in finding a parking place. Stephen Miles For many years the University of Mississippi has been famous for the suc- cesses that they have gained. Whether it be in the talented athletic program, the Law School, the Medical School, the cre- ative art department or the College of Liberal Arts... success is clearly evident. The goals of this University are clearly to push for success in every aspect of this campus. However, each and every one of us must strive for excellence to make this place the best it can be. We are all dedi- cated to making Ole Miss not just a school but the best school it could possibly be for all the students yet to come, •summer owens TV y- . Opening • 19 Sitting in the crowded Union Food Court during lunch, walking across the sunlight paths of the Grove on a breezy fall afternoon, or standing in the middle of a cheering crowd on game day in Vaught- Hemingway Stadium... Look closer at these scenes and what do you see? A myriad of faces stares back at you. Look up at the ceiling from your table in the Union. A multitude of tlags hang above your head representing the states and nations from around the globe that identify these faces. These are the faces from different back- STLDENT LIFE grounds, different ethnicities, different religions--a myriad of peo- ple coming together in the spirit of excellence and knowledge. National Merit Scholars, Pre-Med majors. Star Athletes, Chemistry Professors, Greek Presidents, Liberal Arts majors, they are all represented in this institution fondly called " Ole Miss " . There is one factor that unites these vastly different students and faculty at Ole Miss; they are all striving toward the same goal— to make Ole Miss one of America ' s great public universities. •Liiulsey Ia ' sIit Studeni 1998 ••••25ESE»- m iiTm 150 ' j and Cnoudedae tAaMeEm.MB!:jaii«acti r.,. ■ ■«.«.. ..».. ! ...r " , raT« i (,»,- ' .rfi fc Jl! " I» Stephen Miles • Govenor Kirk Fordice spoke to the crowd of Ole Miss students, alumnae and- faculty at the Sesquicentennial Convocation, November 6, 1998 (opposite page). • Randy Boxx dean of the business school enters the celebration (above). • The Men ' s Glee Club sings at the dedication of Martindale. Student Life • 23 24 • Student Life I Stephen Miles • Director of the Sesquicentennial Gloria D. Kellum takes a moment from her hectic schedule to look over some books (opposite page). • The Sesquicentennial Quilt was on display for all to enjoy (above). • Chancellor Khayat listens as Pro Vice Chancellor of Oxford University Sir Peter North spoke at the convocation. Stephen Miles Student Life • 25 • Sir Peter North spoke to the convocation crowd about he importance of higher education in England and the United States. He served as Vice-Chancellor (President) of Oxford University from 1993- 1997 (opposite page). • Ole Miss faculty, alum- nae and guest listen to the University Concert singers perform the the musical selection " Deep River " (below). • Chancellor Khayat leads the way into the Convocation, (right) Stephen Miles 26 • Student Life Stephen Miles Student Life • 27 Stephen Miles 28 ' Student Life s « • 1 Homecoming week is proba- bly the most anticipated and celebrated time on any college campus. On the won drous occasion, a football game is played, a homecoming queen is crowned, and many special events are planned for students This Homecoming, Ole Miss played against Arkansas State University. The game wasn ' t a breeze, but Ole Miss won with a final score of 30-17. To top off the game, the Ole Miss Marching Band welcomed Homecoming Queen, Caroline McQueen, Jimbo Williams as Colonel Reb, and a homecom ing court of beautiful and talented students. The spirit of the Ole Miss students, alumni, and other par ticipants during Homecoming is amazing. Fans cheered the Ole Miss Rebels when they scored touchdowns and even more when they were attempting to make a first down. That ' s the one reason why the Rebels were victorious on game day and made their school proud. m e4 o m i n a 9 5 9 During Homecoming week numerous activities were arranged courtesy of the Student Programming Board. Some of the free events includ- ed an artist specializing in caricatures, simulated skydiving, a rock- climbimg station, and obstacle course, and a virtual ride, all of which took place around the Union. Other events came with small charge but were just as popular. These events included car smashing, a dunking booth, and the pagent Miss Ole Mister Homecoming week at Ole Miss is one of those weeks you might not want to have that many tests. There are so many fun events planned and so _ many great parties to attend. From dunking your favorite teacher or the one who didn ' t give you an A to trashing an old hooptie car. there is always a choice on how to celebrate. So, when this time rolls around next year, remember, Ole Miss Homecomings only get better. Student Life • 29 The Parade HOMECOMING L 30 ' Student Life T44 kad w cyvaal time lAxyminc any tne llaai cdJy uieek, (uaI tidinc an they Itaai dwdn tne f2aAjadey uia tk aesl. Student Life • 31 d, a nv e a o u Stephen Miles r m 32 • Student Life 1 umey toy me , mij patents (umv uMnt txx scnaat at S xkcm as State . SoU uionied US to eat tfiem teoMi ud . - mo K veis Stephen Miles Student Life • 33 ' - ' wf " ' eSr-s %. .r POR a iss ISSippi Iw V ...iJik- 34 • Student Life W3FW1 J eaH %om and } Ad, I ' , ietto and Hottif Xoddy! f. ow U etfe iftkiiiu lack at kow e! ell, tkit ke e at Ole ItHU ai e m uU m Ctaw taUed oh utiuft 19. ?k additm to oiiMi to cU f tkeu au iHany otkeh actioitUi tkat ? coutd et i voloeb in ot cainpu uek a lathAtHUi d fpoi t f l{1i , CaiHpuf Ci u ade and academe ft atemtie . Once dawi a e ooei mtk h tke day, tke campus lUikt up mtk makif ituhenti oin to fi atemUf paMe , torn kati ' Oidi OH occa ioHoUy coHcei ts in tke i§MOe, One of iHtf fattoHte and a popular one atHOiu tudent mi tke CaMehii concei t fiuce CaubMoic kaf not i elea eb an alf uiti in io etme, tke coHcei t mi inuck anticipated aiHOiu iH4k Ole lltiii itudenti, Xkeu a e iotne HiO e oob lanbi comiiu to tke MQe and tke CoUieuin latei in tke ifeah, Alett, ? am kaoiiu a Ua t and itudifiH(i iome, too, ii ehifoue kai made me feel bielcome and accepted, ? am ve if emteb alout tke upcoming ea . " i ' ll tatk to i oulatei . mm ;|;|:|l, ,,,,. o«ii. Hew J etefc 1 UlLl ll 11 II,,,,, .J ' ' •■ I mill Hi Katie ' ' tudent Life DERBY D AY SIGMA CHI 1998 marked the thirty-fifth anniver- sary of Sigma Chi Derby Day. Derby day is an event that helps to raise money for Sigma Chi ' s philanthropies. The Mississippi Kidney Foundation and the Mississippi Easter Seals both benefited from this year ' s Derby Day. This year ' s Derby Day was a financial suc- cess. The ten sororities on campus raised over twenty-six thousand dol- lars in fun and fierce competition. The money is raised through a series of events. The week kicks off with a cook-out that the sororities attend. Other events include the Derby Dash, and a penny drop. The most important event is the hunt for the derby. In this event the sororities follow a series of clues in order to find a derby hat. Derby day comes to a close with a dance competition between the sororities. After the dance is complete the Derby Day Queen is crowned. The Delta Gamma sorority won the overall champi- onship after a week of fierce competition. The Derby Day Jason Baker queen was Phi Mu ' s Jennifer Flowers. This year ' s Derby Daddy, master of ceremonies, was senior John Mark Sharpe. Derby Day is a fun competition and its profits go to two great causes. by Sarah Mc Cusker Jason Baker 36 • Student Life Jason Baker Student Life • 37 38 • Student Life What ' s for Dinner OUR FAVORITE RESTAURANTS Oxford offers a wide selection of restaurants for stu dents to choose from. Whether stu- dents are looking for five star dining or they just want a little Captain D ' s, Oxford is able accommodate. The City Grocery is thought by some to be Oxford ' s finest restaurant. Its location on the Oxford square puts it in the heart of the city. Their house special, shrimp and grits, has received much acclaim. The Downtown Grill, also located on the Oxford square, gives the City Grocery a lot of competition. Their catfish special- ty was recently ranked as the number two catfish in the United States. This is impressive indeed. If students are in the mood for ethnic food there are many choices to choose from. There are four choices for Chinese food. Ruby Chinese, Hunans,The Far East, and the China House all offer a variety of Chinese dishes. El Charro and the recently opened Casa Monterey offer heaping plates of Mexican food for hungry students. The popular Old Venice Pizza Company has added an Italian flair to the city. If students are in the mood for some late night food Abners offers some of the best chicken tenders in town. Also, popular with students returning home _ from long nights of studying are V Dominoes, Papa John ' s and Coop Deville. These restaurants del iver their food well into the evening. Student Life • 39 uv x o r Upon arriving at the Ole IVIiss campus freshmen learn that they are required to live on campus. They reside in the six freshman dorms for their first year of college. Once they have completed their first year they have the option of living off campus or continuing to live in a dorm. Many students enjoy dorm life because of their rooms close proximity to academic buildings. It ' s also fun to live in a communal environment full of friendly people. Dorm residents are also insured of having a parking place close to their room. The convenience of living on campus is apparent to all that reside in dormitories. Moving into an apartment is a deci- sion that many students make. They enjoy having their own bathrooms and being able to cook their own food. They also appreciate the added freedom that living off campus gives them. One problem with living off campus is find- ing a parking place in the morning. Commuters are required to walk a long distance to their classes. Many com- muters think that this is a small price to pay for the freedom that they find. It is up to the individual student to figure out which option is best for them. PETER WATTS 40 • Student Life d. 1 - cr " mmttmttf m } 1 f Student I.i 42 • Student Life Workout Many Ole Miss students are able to relieve stress by working out. During the fall and spring seasons many stu- dents choose to walk or jog to the square and back. This two mile course has been an Ole Miss tradition for many years. When the weather gets colder stu- dents must go inside if they want to stay fit. Many can be found at the recently ren- ovated, on campus, Turner Center. The Turner Center offers state of the art machines that students can use free of charge. This is a vast improvement over old weight room. Unfortunately there are not enough machines for all of the people exercising. There are often people waiting to use the machines during peak hours. This can be frusterating for people who want to get their workout done quickly. For people who can ' t stand to wait there is another option. Orions Wellness Center is a option for those who re service oriented and don ' t mind paying for it. Orions is a small private gym located off campus. For the fee of forty dollars a month students are able to enjoy hassle free working out. Orions also offers aerobics and spin classes which are taught by licensed instructors. Orions also offers personal train- ers, free of charge, that can help students plan a workout schedule to meet their fit- ness needs. They get into the spirit of Holidays with an Easter egg hunt on Easter and Halloween Candy. Many people enjoy Orions for its personal feel and helpful staff. Regardless of where and when students work out it is important that get their exer- cise. The old adage that a healthy body makes for a healthy mind is quite true. Peter Watts Student Life • 43 • The Grove is a very common place to find students studying away during everytime of year. 44 • Student Life Stephen Miles HITTING THE BOOKS Academic success at the University of Mississippi relies on numerous things. Sharpening cognitive abilities, practicing time management skills, and seeking aca- demic assistance are a few ways students journey the road to academic excellence. But,in order to ensure their goals are attained, many must learn to have these areas balanced. One popular way to achieve this balance is through study groups. Study groups are no new phenom- enon to Ole Miss students. Many have been known to have participated in one or more by the time they reach college level. However, the atmosphere and the impor- tance of study groups changes as one crosses the bridge from high school to col- lege curriculum. In secondary schools, a study group is generally known as an occasion- al hour long study session among friends. Then, members usually say their " good nights, " go home, and get to bed by eleven so they can make it to school by eight the next morning. However, once a freshman enters the realm of college life, they swift- ly learn the former definition of a study group is no longer politically correct. A study group becomes constant and long. And, knowing anything other than fellow members ' first names and tele- phone numbers becomes irrelevant. In fact, that is all one needs to know of their fellow classmates as well. The only thing students really need in common is the desire to succeed. Study groups are networks that profoundly aid and deter- mine students ' progress. As T ' Wanna Walker, a junior, puts it, " study groups are opportunities to share ideas of survival with others that have goals similar to yours. " Student Life • 45 The Miss Ole Mister pageant is an annual Homecoming event sponsored by the Student Programming Board. This year there were five contestants. Moanica Lewinsky (Jeremy Wallace) dressed for the occasion in a black dress and a strand of pearls. Moanica sang a ren- dition of Marilyn Monroe ' s " Happy Birthday Mr. President " and the Divinyls ' " I Touch Myself. " The sec- ond beauty to grace the stage was Wilma Bell (William Bell). Wilma tap danced to " My Heart Will Go On " and the Spice Girl ' s " Wannabe. " Hazel Ruth Twain (William Koberga) was the third contestant of the evening. Hazel may not have won the heart of the judges, but she won the cowboys with her performance of Shania Twain ' s " Any Man of Man. " Contestants held nothing back and got jiggy with it. Jiggy Josephine Underwood (John Robert Undrewood) performed a cheerleading dance mix including " I Got Your Boyfriend " and " Donkey Butt. " Ferasha Boogie (Lee Smith) was the fifth contestant of the evening. Ferasha was dressed in green and glitter and danced to " Flashdance " and " Maniac " . Though there were only five contestants it was a tough competition. Jiggy Josephine Underwood stole the stage and the judges vote. Jiggy Josephine was awarded $300 in cash and prizes. Ferasha Boogie placed first runner up and Moanica Lewinsky placed second runner up. 46 • Student Life 48 • Student Life It should not be a sur- prise to anyone that the Grove is the game day get-a-way. On game days and other occasions deemed special, stu- dents, alumni, faculty, the Oxford community, and visitors from all ends of the globe come out to enjoy the Grove ' s beauty. Tents, tables, barbeques, and tons of refreshments crowd the greenery of the grove while the trees provide a canopy of shade. The atmosphere is always friendly and always full of families bonding, children play- ing, and students dressed to a " T " . Traditionally, the grove has been a place where pa dit ,;WU ' ' - BiiM il I o n p o V I n q celebrations take place. Whether its students taking a break between classes or this year ' s Sequisentennial events, the Grove has man- aged to maintain its place and remain a very impor- tant part of the University. It not only houses some of the most beautiful forrestry in Oxford, it also p rovides students with a safe place to go when they want to get away from the hectic schedule of dorm life or the srtess of campus. This past semester, stu- dents have enjoyed many different events sponsored by the Student Programming Board and other campus organiza- tions. Some of the events include live concerts per- formed by different bands from and around the Oxford area, pizza parties, and other recreational events which take place at the area connecting the Union and the Grove. Groving is a tra- dition and has always played a central role at Ole Miss. The Grove has been a part of the University for many years. That is why the preservation of the Grove is so very impor- tant. It ' s also an impor- tant part of University ' s history and says a lot about our campus-based community. So, next home game, next home- coming, or the next time you need a break, go out into the Grove, and keep the Ole Miss tradition alive. Student Life • 49 . " ' f- t -c ' " " ' M ■ ! ,.-; ii lfe«,. f ' - Tfe 4 A V Halloween is known as a horror fest filled with blood, scary ghosts, witches, and black cats. But, on the Ole Miss campus, the meaning of Halloween is taken to an entirely differ- ent level. At Ole Miss, Halloween is a time when all of Oxford ' s students get together. For the past couple of years, the University has worked closely with the Oxford community to provide the children of Oxford and University stu- dents with a fun way to celebrate Halloween. Every year. University dormito- ries such as Crosby Hall set up a contest to see who can decorate their room doors the best. Not only does this get students in the mood for the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays, it makes the dormitories look more festive for all and serves as a safe place for the chil- dren to trick-or-treat. After Ole Miss students have bought all of the candy that Wal-Mart had to offer and spent endless hours decorating their dorms,they get ready for all of the fairy princesses, power rangers, and all of the other little crea- tures that are anxious to get goodies. Many Ole Miss students dressed up as well. It ' s great that college students lend a hand to create excitement for children and help bridge our two com- munities. ?ii:g mMaK .SB Halloween at Ole Miss is a very special time for children and college students. It ' s a time when generosity and friendship are exchanged. Halloween takes us back to a time when it took a whole neighborhood to raise a child. The University ' s warm and close knit campus makes it a wonderful place to visit and a home away from home. Next Halloween, make an extra effort to decorate your home on or off campus the way that you would decorate your parent ' s home, and put a smile on the face of the little ones. t tr n ' I MALAYSIAN NITE Malaysian Nite is an event sponsored by the Malaysian Student Association. The event unites three cultures and gives all University students an opportuni- ty to learn about Malaysian cul- ture. Ole Miss students from China, Malaysia and India join together for a night of fun and entertainment. These students perform traditional dances from their countries as well as skits and songs. The entertainment began with students, dressed in the clothing of their natives lands, lining up across the stage and singing the national anthem. The students performed in front of a painted representaion of the tra- ditional Malaysian kite, known as the Wau. Malaysian Nite is one of the many activities the Malaysian Student Association present. The MSA was founded in 1982, with the two main objectives. One was to promote greater under- standing among Malaysian stu- dents and to introduce the Malaysian culture and hospitality to the Oxford and University community. • A students performs in a front of a painted repre- sentaion of the Wau, a traditional Malaysian kite. Kat Ridded 52 • Student Life Kat Riddell Student Life • 53 etting your light (vine 54 • Student Located in the midst of the Bible Beh, the University is rich with rehgious diversity and provides opportunities for all students no matter what their religious preference. " Religious organizations provide a place for students to go to meet others with similar values and beliefs, " said Marie Garrard, a senior journalism student from Olive Branch. Organizations include: the Baptist Student Union, Campus Crusades for Christ, Catholic Campus Ministry, Chi Alpha, Chinese Christian Fellowship, Covenant Fellowship at UM, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, International Christian Fellowship, Latter-Day Saints Student Association, Muslim Student Association, Pentecostal Youth Fellowship, Reformed University Fellowship, Student Mobilization, University Christians, Wesley Foundation and Westminster Fellowship. These organizations add to the diversity of the campus, provide fellowship with other students, open the doors to meet new people, promote religious instruction and provide opportu- nities for spiritual growth. A large majority of them focus on Christianity and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the cam- pus. Unless otherwise noted in the M-Book, all organizations are open to any student. " The Baptist Student Union is a great place to meet with other Christians that are on campus and worship with them, " said Rob Smith, a junior business administration major from Olive Branch. " It is also a good place to meet friends as well as get involved with things that allow you share your faith. " These groups can be seen around campus participating in several activities such as the Blood Drive, hosting speakers on campus, or just setting up a table in the Grove on game days. One of the newest opportunities for students on campus is Students Praying for Awakening Revival on Campus (S.P.A.R.C). The group meets the first Monday of every month to pray for a spiritual awakening on the Ole Miss cam- pus. S.P.A.R.C. began meeting in September and is led by David Robins and David Ruff. Ole Miss has numerous religious opportunities on cam- pus, and students should take advantage of what is available to them and become involved with an organization. — Will Odom Student Life • 55 GER bicycle crossing I Commuter parking, parking tickets, outrageous bursar bills or bicycles, exercise, and a bill you can pay.. .this is the choice that many students are now faced with. While many still rely on their chances at luck, some have found bicyling to class to be very beneficial. More and more students are leaving the cars at home and finding new means of getting to class. These stu- dents seems to avoid the usual problems of commuter parking and tickets. They get to park right in front of the buildings in which they have their classes, they get lots of good exercise and they don ' t have to spend as much money on gas back and forth to school. There are problems to this method of transportation however such as the cold days of winter. This often puts a damper on the bike riders ability to actually make it to class without freezing first. • A student parks his bike just before he heads to class on one of the bike racks that appear all around campus (opposite page). • Careful not to spill your coffee... A student decides to walk his bike to class (above). • One of many students who no longer walk to class. Student Life 51 Hi hf L.i-Q: ' Though peaceful during the day, the night Hfe in Oxford is a real wild ride. On weeknights students often find themselves taking a study break at one of the local bars or restaurants. Casa Monterey offers a Monday night Nitro and football special, and El Charros always has those to-die-for margaritas. If you are not in the mood for a fieste you can go to the Gin and enjoy their infamous " penny pitch- ers " or Duffy ' s Bar and Grill. Also the Oxford Billiard Club offers Monday night specials and kareoke (not for the| weak at heart!). The bars are open until 12:00 Monday through Wednesday. But Thursday is when the fun really begins. Almost every bar in Oxford is packed on Thursday nights. It seems that many students like to begin their weekends early, a fact obvious to their professors as they walk into empty Friday morning classes. On Friday and Saturday night the excitement rages on. It ' s dinner and a band night tonight! You can always find a band you want to hear whether it is a con- cert at the Coliseum, the Library or at Proud Larry ' s. After a long hard night of partying, after the bars close and the town begins to go to sleep, the innovative Ole Miss student makes his way to late night parties off cam- pus. At the end of the night or approaching dawn you can always find those late nighters grabbing chicken on the stick at Chevron or eating at the Huddle House. Yet a true party animal fears the day, and now it is finally time to rest. ' «l ' .A Nl 58 • Student Life li HPs. H ' ►i ' Student Life • 59 L CC Leap Frog, a tutoring program for first and second graders, was start- ed in 1989 at St. Peter ' s Episcopal Church with 12 children. Since then it has grown to three locations with over 74 kids and 345 volunteers serving as tutors, enrichment volunteers, or car- pool drivers. Funded by the United Way contributions from Oxford- University Methodist Church and St. Peters, Leap Frog is described by assistant director Amanda Pekoe as " one of the most rewarding experi- ences a student can have during their time here at Ole Miss. " Students whose teachers feel they need additional attention that they may not be receiving at home recom- mend them to Leap Frog who in turn, pairs the student with a college student who will serve as a tutor for either one or two semesters. Twice a week the tutor meets either at St. Peters, O-U Methodist, or Lafayette Elementary School for one hour tutoring session followed by an hour of playtime. Occasionally a special speaker is brought in to teach the students about topics ranging from bus safety to folk art and Indian history. Students are also treated with field trips to St. Peter ' s Halloween pumpkin patch and a local petting zoo. Also, at the end of the semester a Christmas party is held with each child getting a present, their picture made with Santa, and playing pie-in-the-face BINGO where the win- ners get to choose any of the volun- teers and shove a whip cream pie in their face. Speaking from first hand knowledge, every hour spent at Leap Frog is an hour you can treasure. Not only are you having fun but you are helping a child establish basic reading, writing and mathematical skills they will use the rest of their life. Not to mention the joy everyone involved experiences when a child reads a com- plete book by themselves, makes an " A-I- " on a spelling test you both worked so hard studying for, or is able to count to a hundred for the first time. - Reed Martz 60 • Student Life • A Leap Frog tutor enjoys reading a book with one of her students (left). • Michaella Caldwell helps her student study for her spelling test on Friday (bottom left). • Using building blocks, Reed Martz explains to his student Dillon how the force of gravity works (below). 61 • Student Life I J • On November 18, 1998, the diversity committee at the University of Mississippi sponsored an Apollo show. The show was a re-enactment of the Apollo Show that is broadcasted out of New York. The cast and contestants were a mixture of some of Ole Miss ' Hnest students, and a few of Oxford ' s most talent- ed residents; the audience was full of supporting friends, relatives, faculty staff and fellow peers. Each act was furnished with originality and spunk. Even the contestants who did not meet the audience ' s critical demands offered five-minute presenta- tions of variety. There were comedians, singers, rappers, dancers, and a touch of jazzy poetry. Indeed, every hemisphere of performing arts was represented. However, the originality and spunk were not enough to win. If the con- testant wanted to win the show and get a chance to perform in New York, he had to pacify the crowd, which was not an easy task. The crowd was intimidat- ing and demanding. It only took one bad note before you could hear " boo ' s " making their way to the stage. In fact, a few acts did not last any longer than the time it took Sandman to arrive and kick them off. The acts that met the audience ' s approval and survived until the end of the show got good results, but only one got a standing ovation. It was a group of Lafayette high school students who sang " In the Still Of The Night. " They blew the audience away with the performance of the song. It was almost impossible to hear the difference between the original album and their live performance. As a reward the boys won two hundred dollars in cash and a chance to perform live at the Apollo Theater in New York City, New York. On November 18,1998, Ole Miss was one place on Earth where dreams were coming true. 62 • Student Life 1 f 1 p i 1 - H fi H Student Life • 63 EADING In every, state, country there are citizens who take the initiative to make hfe better for themselves and others. They pave the way for new ideas, technology, and needed rights. These deserving human beings are in every profes- sion from politics to teaching. Some of these future and present day leaders are the students of the University of Mississippi. Students like Natasha Gregoire, Summer Owens, Brad Davis, James Swindle and Numukunda Jr. are just a few examples of the individuals who industriously devote their leadership skills to student life. These votive people have ventured out of the security of the norm to prototypes determined to guide the way of their fellow peers. Natashia Gregoire, a native if the Carribbean, arrived at this campus three years ago. When she came, she did not come empty-handed. She brought with her a love she had nurtured and aggregated since she was a child—writing. Now, she is presently known as Natasha, the editor of The Daily Mississippian— Ole Miss ' prize winning student paper. In 1995 a young man by the name of Numunkunda found himself at the door steps of the University of Mississippi. He was truly unique and alone, for he was the first Gambian to attend Ole Miss. But since then, he has carved the way for his younger sister and uncle, and has increased Ole Miss ' Gambian population threefold. When Summer Owens first transferred to Ole Miss a year ago, she was curious but yet unsure about her experi- ence here. Unlike many of us, she did not let that stifle her growth as an individual. After being at Ole Miss for only a year, Summer became an essential part of Ole Miss life. She is editor of the yearbook. Together these four students have added a great deal to the University of Mississippi. They have given this cam- pus a new generation of leaders. And others like them are what make this campus special. They are the students lead- ing the way. 64 • Student Life • Summer Owens, editor of the 1999 Ole Miss, works diligently to complete dead- lines. (above) • Brad Davis, ASB President, speaks at the dedication of the new Martindale Student Center.(left) Student Life • 65 WITH " A CAUSE The mission of " Rebels With A Cause " is to take a proactive stance to educate the students of Ole Miss on health and wellness topics. By using crative tech- niques such as theatrical skits and discussion groups the Peer Educators can effectively meet the needs of the students. Professionals in the fields of sexual assault, body image, drugs alchohol, mental health issues and sexual health extensively train the Peer Educators. " Rebels With A Cause " also play an active Sexual Assault Awareness Week Sponsored by Ran- vi is Services " Rebels With a r role in planning events such as Sexual Assault and Body Image WAwareness weeks. World AIDS Day, and Great Am erican Smokeout. " Rebels With A Cause " members serve as resources to their peers, and partici- pate in many campus leadership activities. The Health Educators also have the opportunity to attend many conferences and workshops on health topics and to meet other Ole Miss student leaders. They pride themselves by being one of the most diverse groups on campus. Another branch of " Rebels With A Cause " is " GEAR " (Greeks Educating About Responsibilty). This group of health educators focuses on the unique needs of the Ole Miss Greek population. GEAR has representatives from many Greek organizations and strives to strengthen the Greek system through programming and dedication. " Rebels With A CAuse " and " GEAR " are sponsored by the University Counseling Center, a branch of the Division of Student Life. 66 • Student Lifd Opposite page:Members of " Rebels With A Cause " work at an educational booth distributing litera- ture during Sexual Assault Awareness Week. Right: Amanda Robinson and Ashley Bourn, Kappa Alpha Theta members GEAR at the " Ropes Course " adventure. Bottom: Mike " Greeny " Green spoke to over 800 students in Fulton Chapel on alcohol and how " one night could change your life. " Pictured here with Kimberly Kraft, Jennifer Jones and Jennifer Mcintosh- University Counseling Center Programming Staff. Student Life • 67 The newest fitness craze around campus is power walking. Early morning, midday, late afternoon and well into the evening all around campus students can be seen walk- ing. Ashley Boeckmann an Ole Miss stu- dents claims that she looks forward to walking daily. She said " It is great to get out of the dorm, get away from studying and enjoy the beautiful weather. " Many Ole Miss students agree that walking not only keeps them in shape, but it also improves their well being. Susan Brown, one of the many Ole Miss students who can be seen walking around campus every afternoon stated " Exercising is one the most important parts of my day. It gives me the energy I need to make it through the long nights of studying and makes me feel better about myself. " From early morning to late hours of the night you can see students walking through the grove, around the circle, down Fraternity Row or headed to the square. Out of all the different paths to choose from it seems that most walkers choose to walk to the square. Many begin on cam- pus and go down University Avenue until they turn on Lamar to go around the square. They loop the square and start the trail back to the dorms, or their houses. • We are almost there, a group of students are on there way back from the the walk to the square (below). • A group of girls just begin their afternoon exercise (right). 68 • Student Life • These two students catch up on all the weeks activities as they walk down the side- walks of University Avenue. • Two students enjoying the beautiful weath- er and getting a work out to. Stephen Miles Stephen Miles Student Life • 69 70 • Student Life i student Life • 71 72 • Student Life r v5 + $ n. wr Student Life • 73 Whether fresh from high school , a transfer from junior college, or coming back to tackle the knowledge after being out in the real world, classes are the focus of life while at Ole Miss. The University of Mississippi offers a variety of courses and majors that prepare students for the future in whatever field they choose. Students !lC SiDEIYIICS come from around the world to experience the educa- tional opportunities at Ole Miss. Upon arrival students are encouraged to participate in various activities on campus. However, they are pushed to do their absolute best in the classes they choose to enroll in. The leading purpose of enrollment at this university is to educate its future leaders. •summer Owens 74 • Academics «tf I % ■ r. onnett- The Honors College is officially dedicated to providing the ultimate challenge for Mississippi ' s brightest students. The McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College sup- plies " people with extraordinary ability with extraordi- nary opportunities, " according to Chancellor Robert Khayat. Jim and Sally Barksdale ' s $5.4 million dona- tion initiated the restructuring and expansion of the original Honors Program that was first established in 1953. The result of their contribution is the McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College. The McDonnell- Honors College was offi- cially dedicated September 24, 1998 after several years of adminis- trative and student plan- ning. Mr. Barksdale com- mented, " Often, when you make a gift, you are uncer- tain of where the money is going. With the Honors College, we can see results, and we are delighted. We can tell it is making a difference, and that ' s what ' we wanted to do. It is most gratifying. " In addition to the creation of the Honors College and its new home, the Barksdale ' s donation funds four annual scholarships of $24,000 each for honor students. The Honors College promotes student involvement in Ole Miss academics as well as on campus and in the community. With 352 of Mississippi ' s brightest students, the Honors College requires students to take four interdis- ciplinary classes only offered to honors students, per- form twenty hours of community service work, and complete a junior year research project and senior hon- ors thesis. In addition, honors stu- dents are also encouraged to become a computer literate. To aid in honors students ' studies, the Honors College provides multime- dia classrooms, study rooms, a state of the art computer lab with the latest technology, and even a small kitchen and television room for relaxing. The mission of the Honors College is to give students a chance to give back to Mississippi through academics and public ser- vice. The Honors College lures some of the state ' s top students, such as Markeeva Morgan, to the University of Mississippi. As he stated during the Honors College Dedication, " The McDonnell- Barksdale Honors College has allowed us to have a center in Mississippi where we can quench our thirst for knowledge, satisfy our intellectual desires, and hold on to our spiritual values. home. " by Claire Hust 76 • Academics • The Ole Miss Gospel Choir gave a superior performance at the dedication of the Honors College, (below) • Chancellor Khayat speaks with Mr. Jim Barksdale at the ded- ication ceremony, (right) " I know this university is at a turning point: the new commitments, the rekin(jle(j passions; the pursuit of excellence an(d a (jrive for greater inclusiveness. " Academics • 77 Stephen Miles Stephen Miles •The Croft Institute ' s new home is the George Street University House, a newly renovated building convenient- ly located next to the library, (top) •The flags in the Union symbolize the Croft Institute ' s commitment to pro- viding the best international studies program in the region, (bottom) " The Croft Institute ' s mission includes a holistic approach that recognizes the fact that Mississippi-like every other region of the world-must take into consid- eration the changing circumstances of a global economy, global envi- ronmental issues, and an interna- tional political scene that is more fluid than at any time since the 1930 ' s. " 78 • Stu dent Life nsiUute «•■ % fox?) i vte u udLonal The newly established Croft Institute allows Ole Miss students, for the first time in the history of the University of Mississippi, to receive a foundation for International Studies. The Croft Institute combines its curriculum with study abroad programs and intern- ships to offer students a B.A. degree in International and Security and Peace. The Croft Institute for International Studies emphasizes study abroad programs and foreign lan- guage proficiency. Students must spend at least one semester abroad in an approved study abroad program. Ole Miss offers programs in France, Germany. Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Studies. On a daily basis, our world is becoming more international. The Croft Institute C7 ) C29 (j, C • , Foreign language exams ar e also hC -ilmjl Vnstdute administered by the Institute. will prepare Ole Miss students for business, leadership, and public service roles. Consequently, Ole Miss students will promote business as cultural developments in Mississippi and surrounding areas throughout the world. The Croft Institute offers Ole Miss students classes from the College of Liberal Arts and the schools of Business Administration. Is w newy addUlon toy tk ' MeyTFUss camy- i }7Us students Law, and Accountancy. The interna- ' J J J Uj. tional studies curriculum focuses on - ' GJ IW yVlWUW- Mississippi ' s main trading partners, fj, d J i ' Asia, Latin America, and Europe. A C ' ' vU ' 2X mAACOlUm . Bachelor of Arts in International Studies requires 37 semester hours. — — — — — — — — — The students of the Croft Institute must take introduc- tory international studies classes and core classes such as Asian Studies, European Studies, and Latin American Studies. In addition, students must fulfill the requirement of three regional courses that are spe- cific to one geographic area and two specialization module courses such as Advanced Industrial Societies In an effort to extend the educa- tion of Ole Miss students to the international level, the Croft Institute will bring international and regional scholars to campus each year. The international symposium and international visiting scholars programs are part of the Croft Institute ' s World Outreach mission. The visiting scholars will provide Ole Miss students with workshops and lectures to educate students about global issues. The $60 million Joseph E. Bancroft Charitable and Education " " " " " " " ■ " Fund has made the establishment of the Croft Institute and its scholarships possible. This year, ten inaugural Croft scholarships were awarded. The first class of the Croft Institute consists of 100 outstanding freshmen who will set the pre cedent for future students of the Croft Institute. story by Claire Hust Academics • 79 H N il ' ZoAeAi ewi te WiL Students , As you remember 1998-99, 1 hope you will be filled with a sense of achievement. This truly remarkable year was characterized by your energy, leadership, vitality, and spirit. As a University community —individually and collectively- we enjoyed our time togeth- er as we worked to attain personal and university goals. Our students assured that our Sesquicentennial year would not only celebrate our noble history but inspire us to pre- pare for the future. During this year, we submitted our application for Phi Beta Kappa and became one of seven universities from the fifty-one applicants to secure a site visit from Phi Beta Kappa. We continue to be named in the top 100 most beautiful col- lege campuses list and to be recognized for our technological advances through selection as one of top 100 " most wired " universi- ties. Our McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College and the inaugural class of the Croft Institute for International Studies emphasized our commitment to strengthening our academic programs. Plans for a new Gertrude Castellow Ford Center for the Performing Arts and the designation of the Porter L. Fortune, Jr., Cultural Center reflected our dedication to the importance of the arts at Ole Miss. The Martindale Student Services Center opened its doors to provide more efficient and friendly service for our students in a beautiful modem facility. We witnessed our football stadium expansion welcome a record number of fans and the tremendous growth in our women ' s athletic events with the opening of the new Women ' s Athletic Center. The celebration of our Sesquicentennial marks a new era in the life of the University of Mississippi. We all sense that we are moving forward-together-meeting the challenges of this age armed with the courage, resilience, and vision of our predecessors. As a University Stephen Miles community, we are ready to assume our well-deserved acceptance in the circle of great public universities. To the 1999 graduates, we wish you success as you pursue your personal and professional aspirations. Your degree is valued and respected. We are proud of you, and we thank you for your contributions to Ole Miss. Please carry the torch forward, visit the campus often, and continue your quest for excellence in your life. God bless each of you. The faculty and staff join me in thanking you for all you have done to enrich this community. 80 • Academics ' ■ VEJ ISSIFPl The Scnaoi Accounting, considered to be an integral part of any university curriculum, was part of Ole Miss ' initial curriculum when the University opened in 1848. The School of Accountancy was officially established as a separate school in 1979 making it one of the first Schools of Accountancy in the country. The School of employers. The School of Accountancy is committed to main- taining the most qualified faculty in the state. Each pro- fessional member of the school is a Certified Public Accountant. They are dedicated to consistently updating and improving the curriculum. The Donald W. Reynolds %Ae ScAaalaf s4ccounyUincu is acaderviicy ( xm£sy ed tecknotac , ciLsUn( AAlsAed focy- uhij , and dedi- ceded students . Accountancy was a forerunner in accounting education; it Foundation furthers the faculty ' s academic efforts to ben- was the first program in the state to implement accredited efit Ole Miss students. The $3 million endowment fund, established in 1997, will help Accountancy faculty " reinvigorate our knowledge base. " The faculty also teach- es students to apply their knowledge to real life situations and problems. Research is key to the School of bachelor ' s and master ' s programs. The newly renovated Conner Hall is home of the Accountancy School. With a 50,000 square foot addition, the new facilities include state-of-the-art computer workstations and the latest audio-visual equipment. One classroom in Conner Hall con- tains a sophisticated computer system that allows instructors to have control over the entire classroom without from their desks. Ole Miss is the first edu- cational institution in the country to contain this modern technology. The new equipment continues to uphold Ole Miss ' distinction as one of the nation ' s most wired colleges, and it is proof of the Accountancy School ' s success in providing a superior aca- demic program. The School of Accountancy has four fields of study: public, man- agement, government, and taxation accounting. In addi- tion to the undergraduate program, the school also offers a Master of Accountancy, Master of Taxation, and Ph.D. in Accountancy. The high standards of the programs give Ole Miss students an excellent foundation. Ole Miss graduates have a notable success rate on the Certified Public Accountant exam, and the academic reputation of the School of Accountancy attracts numerous potential 82 • Academics I Accountancy. The National Tax History Research Center and the National EDP i Audit Archival Center reside on the Ole Miss campus. The School of Accountancy ' s commitment to research is made possible by modem technology and well-qualified faculty and students. On campus organizations encour- ' . age Ole Miss students to become involved in the School of Accountancy. Beta Alpha Psi, the national professional accounting fraternity, was established on the Ole Miss campus in 1951. The Associated Accounting Student Body works closely with Beta Alpha Psi to pro- mote student involvement. Future leaders of international accounting firms. Fortune 500 companies, our nafion ' s government, and other businesses throughout the region graduate from the School of Accountancy. The school gives Ole Miss stu- dents the knowledge and confidence to lead Mississippi and the nadon into the 21st century. story by Claire Hust Stephen Miles rledepA in e xceMenc£y. . . " The leadership and opportunity that the School of Accountancy provides is tremendous. The faculty genuinely cares about each and every student. The nationally recognized academic pro- gram of the school has helped prepare me for a successful future. " •Professor Laura Kreissl explains yet another accounting principle to her class, (top) •Students work together on a group project in Holman Hall ' s new state-of-the-art computer lab. (middle) •An accountancy student has learned the key to survival: fresh coffee, a caluclator. and detailed notes, (bottom) Academics • 83 Stephen Miles cAT ' ■ d. - W|C ' •: , V f l Alls I Stephen Miles •Dr. Mark ZanBoening captivates his Econ 403 class with his explana- tions and figures drawn on the board, (above) •Senior Joel Thaxton catches up on current events during a break between classes, (above) •Holman Hall, one of Ole Miss ' newest addi- tions, contains class- rooms and computer labs with the latest tech- nology, (right) 84 • Academics Stephen Miles " The new Business School has pro- vided an inspiring and intellectual envi ronment for the pursuit of a grad- uate or undergraduate degree. " ' business s4clniinislmiion Stephen Miles The Sckaoi 1% of usmess s4dmlmsi iaUon As Chancellor Khayat continues to take great strides to make Ole Miss one of the nation ' s great public universities and to incorporate quality, vision, and integrity into the overall spectrum of the univer- sity, the School of Business Administration holds his hand as they begin to live the dream. In collaboration with the goal of charting a course to national prominence, the School of Business Administration not only reengineered the MBA pro- gram, it also reengineered the physical learning environment. In celebration of the University ' s Sesquicentennial and the Business School ' s eighty years, the School of Business Administration is leading the nation into a new age of techno- logical education. Upon comple- tion of the new business complex this fall, the new Business School is well equipped to prepare busi- ness students for the competitive global marketplace. These and dedicated faculty, the interaction of traditional and innovative business techniques, and the joining of business practice and business theory. Through its curriculum, the Business School strives to produce analytical minds with a deep understanding of con- ceptual and practical busi- ness knowledge. In its sup- port of various student organizations such as American Marketing Association, Wall Street South, and Association of Information Technology Professionals, the Business School endeavors to pro- vide students with the opportunities to develop team work and leadership skills while gaining prag- matic knowledge. The Business School is adapting their curriculum to the consistent changes in the global marketplace as they sit on the cutting edge is poAdnq taads to suo- J fliss siudents uMin o tnai uili t (Ximi tkenv inta tney iuxenii -ji isi centutu . exceptional facilities offer the best possible learning of technology and competition. The school thrives environment to students of business and accountancy, not only from support of a nationwide alumni net- With 1 16,000 square feet, the complex includes the most advanced instructional technology available. The complex includes distance learning classrooms, multimedia presentation facilities, 55 networked microcomputer workstations, and video conferencing capabilities. While addressing a contemporary business curriculum, students benefit from the highly regarded work but also from the ongoing funding from the business community. As the School of Business Administration benefits from its new facilities and capitalizes on its opportunities and resources, the school is redefining excellence and molding future business leaders. story by Lindsey Home Academics • 85 SCHOOL GI- BUS l i;sS ADMIMSTRATION The oldest division of the University, the College of Liberal Arts was founded in 1 848 with only four pro- fessors. Now the largest school at Ole Miss, its compre- hensive courses of study range from the fine arts and humanities to the biological, physical, and social sci- ences. Under the leadership of Dean H. Dale Abadie and Associate Dean Michael P. Dean, the college continues to strive toward the ideals set at its birth 150 years ago. The newly restored Ventress Hall is a landmark on the Ole Miss campus, and the build- ing is representative of the past academic success of the College of Liberal Arts and its vision for future academic excellence. The College of Liberal Arts offers students seeking a broad and general education the opportunity to acquire knowledge of a wide variety of subjects while preparing themselves for future academic and profes- sional endeavors. Most stu- dents planning to attend law, medical, or theological schools prepare for their specialized training through the the education that the College of Liberal Arts provides. Students may choose the more common Bachelor of Arts route or opt for one of the more specialized Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Social Work degrees. Each student in the College of Liberal Arts is required to complete coursework in the arts, humanities, ScAaat of iAe ial s4ttsy, and te Wlissy students carv- tlnu£y toy ax: uUe o dJAjieAse a SOAS , msUinc sxJwyia i , and otkeA students. English, languages, mathematics, social sciences, and natural sciences. Students are given some freedom to choose which courses they will take within the specified areas. This coursework is generally taken during the freshman and sophomore years and allows the individual to assess his her interests and strengths and choose a field of major. The junior and senior Liberal Arts student will primarily enroll in advanced courses in his her chosen field. In order to receive a degree from the College of Liberal Arts, degree candi- dates must complete a major course of study totaling 24 or more hours in a single department and maintain an overall grade point average of C or above. The manda- tory minor course of study allows each student to cus- tomize his educafion by choosing a second field that is of particular interest or will complement his major. In addition to teaching, faculty members of the College of Liberal Arts are also committed to research. They provide Ole Miss students with a personalized educafion that prepares students for future leadership, business, or teaching roles. The College of Liberal Arts enables students to gather the knowledge, confiden ce, and resources necessary to impact Mississippi and the nafion in the 21st century. story by Amy Hall 86 • Academics " The College of Liberal Arts seems to be working hard to improve their reputation not just in the state of Mississippi but in the nation. They have assembled a ded- icated faculty who really care about their students and the University ' s academic reputation. " Stephen Miles •Ventress Hall, once the University Library, is now the new home of the College of Liberal Arts, (above) •Students outside the Union relax and do some last minute studying, (right) Will Odom Academics • 87 e xcetience . . . " The faculty ' s instruction and preparation has prepared me for my student teaching. I have had hands-on experi- ence in a real classroom set- ting. I know I will be prepared for one day having my own classroom and students. " •Alison Gaines helps tie the shoelace of a kindergartener during her student teaching, (top) •The School of Education is the home of the Education department as well as Family and Consumer Sciences and Exercise and Leisure Management. 88 • Academics .OF EDo nit UNI ' ERSin Nussissim Scnaot e (iuj(jailcm The School of Education, under the leadership of Dean Jimmy Chambless, includes the departments of Curriculum and Instruction; Education Leadership and Educational Psychology; Exercise Science and Leisure Management; and Family and Consumer Sciences. The School of Education stresses the importance of problem solving, human development, communications, and social action in addition to sev- eral other goals. The faculty of the school has expanded its interdisciplinary courses to include the latest tech- nology, scholarship, and research to prepare Ole Miss students for the 21st century. The faculty and students of the School of Education are chal- lenged to give future teachers, counselors, and educational lead- ers the latest instruction and teach- ing methods to make learning exciting for students. In a con- stantly changing world, education is one element of our society that is imperative to the future of our nation. Education and health institutions as well as other agen- cies and organizations rely on the School of Education to produce leaders who will meet their demands. Elementary education majors complete their core classes in three years. The fall semester of the fourth year consists of rotations between three weeks of seminars led by Ole Miss professors on campus and three weeks of assisting a teacher in a local ele- mentary school. Students must teach a lesson, design a lesson plan, and participate in the daily duties and snif2 taies in um exiuco - tlon , kealth , and cxm - sume i saence activites in the classroom. During the spring semes- ter, elementary education majors teach in the same class for the whole semester giving them a hands-on experience in a real life education setting. The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences offers Ole Miss students B.A. and B.S. degrees in Family and Consumer Sciences with an emphasis in Fashion Merchandising; Dietetics and Nutrition; or Child and Family Life. The department is accredited by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. The faculty is committed to instilling knowledge in students that can be practically applied to their higher education or career. The Exercise Science division of the School of Education gives students the choice of two programs: Biomechanics Motor Control or Exercise Physiology. The mission of the department is " promot- ing health, fitness, and leisure activity for the new millennium. We are narrowing the gap between knowledge, behavior, and the health-related problems of our society through three components. ..teaching, research, and service. " The three degree programs of the Exercise Science Department prepare Ole Miss students for a career of service in the health, fitness, sports, or recreation fields. story by Claire Hust Academics • 89 THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING The Schaoi The School of Engineering set the precedent for an intense academic program in 1900 when it became the first Engineering Department in Mississippi. The founding of the School of Engineering was spurred by Chancellor Barnard who demanded " quality education for his engineering. ..stu dents. " Engineering is the third oldest school at the University of Mississippi, and it is nationally known for its focus on engineering principles, fundamentals, and practical application to . modem day problems and issues. The School of Engineering offers degrees in chemical, civil, computer, electrical, geological, mechan- ical, environmental, and telecommunications engineer- ing nection society. Distinguished faculty members challenge students in small class settings to gear their minds toward logical and organized problem solving. The School of Engineering ' s international reputation has solicited top students who are lured to Ole Miss by state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge research. The School of Engineering has seven main areas of research includ- ing hydroscience and engineering, electromagnetic fields and waves, and marine minerals and mining technology. The reputation of Ole Miss provoked the U.S. Department of the Interior to locate its Marine Minerals Technology Center on the Ole Miss campus. This nationally recognized addition enlarged the engi- ke ScAaoyt Op Engineenng is the con- | L Aettmlnn, ion between science and ? D o au i eruilWinrvierU and ImpAOAjincj cuA v soxileiLj . neering budget by more than $1 million. The USDA ' s Agricultural Research Service also uses Ole Miss Engineering students to examine and search for solutions to erosion problems. Furthermore, the Ole Miss School of Engineering is identified as one of the nation ' s top five research groups in electromagnetic fields and waves. Ole Miss has one of only two pultrusion machines found on any university campus in the nation. The machines aid in the process of compressing materials into solid shapes that can be used commercially. The research that Ole Miss is con- ducting will establish a more cost efficient and environmental- ly friendly method of making advanced composites. This process is invaluable to industry in the 2 1 st century. Ole Miss engineering students graduate will a solid background in mathematics and physical sci- ences. The School of Engineering uses models and simulations as well as academic knowledge to prepare students for the career world. An engi- neering degree guarantees that a graduate will be able to compete in the working world and contribute to the betterment of our society. Ole Miss engineering stu- dents are the future leaders of our nation. They will strive to make the environment in which we live more economical, healthier, and safer. story by Claire Hust 90 • Academics Tejas Spandya njedepMiru " Here at the University of Mississippi, we are preparing for the future of the engineer- ing, and fronn what I have seen it is a bright one. " Stephen Miles •Heng Wang and Junhong Chen work on Wind Tunnel research in the Mechanical Engineering Department, (top) •Engineering students take a break from their rigorous schedule, (middle) •Members of the School of Engineering continue to attract nation- al recognition for their cutting edge research, (bottom) Academics • 91 Tejas Spandya •Kim Clark, a senior Pharmacy major, takes a moment to study for a Microbiology test. " The reputation of the Ole Miss School of Pharmacy is the main reason I came to Ole Miss. The school is known to be the top in the country in research and academics. " 1 Student Stephen Miles •The National Center for the Development of Natural Products is distinguished for its cutting edge research. 92 • Academics ir=rsA ' of nmmacw The School of Pharmacy furthers Ole Miss ' com- mitment to academic excellence. Research and a rigor- ous academic program distinguish the School of Pharmacy as one of the top Pharmacy Schools in the nation. The Board of Trustees founded the School of Pharmacy in 1908 with the objective of providing Ole Miss students with a solid pharmacy foundation that would enable them to better the health of the nation. The School of Pharmacy prepares grad- uates to provide pharmaceutical care in the community, institutions, managed care organizations, and various other aspects of society. The School of Pharmacy offers two degrees: the Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Science and a Doctorate of Pharmacy. Academic departments of the School of Pharmacy include Pharmacognosy, Medicinal Chemistry. Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy Administration, and Clinical Pharmacy Practice. Each depart- ment prepares Ole Miss students for a specialized area of the Pharmacy field. Cutting edge research is key to the development of the academic program of the School of Pharmacy. In addition to research in each department, the Research Institute directs two main programs. The National Center for the Development of Natural Products and the Environmental and Community Health Research Programs are invaluable to the future of our state and our nation ' s healthcare. The Natural Products Utilization Research Unit was established in October of 1996. In just two years, the NPURU has received nationwide recognition for the research and discovery of natural products that are potentially beneficial to the pharmaceu- tical and agrochemical industries. The Pharmacy Entrepreneurship Program is yet another step toward the School of Pharmacy ' s goal of providing the best pharmacy education in the nation. The program, made possible by a $60,000 grant from the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, will help pharmacists adapt to growing competition in the pharmacy market. Research, (P, J. Ij xD ± C information, and instruction about V-, t.. ,y v , v i. » .. v.- t -N.-i . c r busmess skills will prepare Ole . . Miss Pharmacy students and other Cmd dedicated iuCuliU and pharmacists nationwide for the 21st century. StudeniS at t(w ScAaal Ol ,, The Bureau of V Pharmaceutical Services is another .A , department that extends the aca- vm imaCU a ie OiiAjOCimX demlc reputation of the School of Pharmacy. The department is naUonal oMentUxn a tAeW nationally recognized for its con- ( trihiitions to nharmacv continninp op tke naUcxn . tributions to pharmacy continuing education. The department aids Ole Miss students by organizing field trips, job interviews, and recruitment. The knowledge and research that the School of Pharmacy is committed to provid- ing has established an excellent reputation that attracts potential employers. A dedicated faculty and top students from across the nation come to the Ole Miss campus to continue the School of Pharmacy ' s mission of improving the health of Mississippi ' s citizens and impacting healthcare across the world. The academic program educates future pharmacy practitioners, scientists, and other health professionals. The impact of the School of Pharmacy will be felt well into the 21st century. story by Claire Hust Academics • 93 THE UNivERsny OF MISSISSIPPI THE GRADUATE SCHOOL EST 1927 The Graduate School celebrates 7 1 years of excellence this year as Ole Miss continues to move toward its goal of maintaining and expanding its top academic program. The Graduate Program was first organized in 1927 to allow students to reach a higher degree of education. Research and academic excel- lence are two main goals of the Graduate Program. With over 500 courses offered and 25 masters and 43 doctoral programs available, 1715 grad- uate students seek higher edu- cation at Ole Miss. The University of Mississippi offers graduate students masters and doctorate degrees in business administration, accountancy and taxation, music, science, social science, and fine arts. In 1994, Ole Miss was recognized as one of the top 125 research universities in the country according to Carnegie Classifications. The strong emphasis on research at Ole Miss has been evident. Ole Miss faculty members have received over $20.5 million from outside agencies. $1.3 million has been appropriated specifically for graduate students ' research. The Graduate School consistently updates its technology, enrolls a diverse student popu- lation, and attracts top professors willing to encourage and educate students. The strong academic reputation of Ole Miss entices top students, potential employers, and well- known faculty. Job placement for Ole Miss ptonv Accountancy graduate students is virtually 100%. Distinguished faculty member Dr. Tonya Flesher uses her experience gained by creating the National History Research Center to provide Ole Miss students with the latest information and research invaluable to quality education. The engineering program combines state-of- the-art technology, models, and simulations to supply graduate students with practical knowl- edge. This knowledge can be applied to improve our society. The Center for Computational Hydroscience and Engineering ± cf 1} Q l J • J. 1 ' is nationally recognized, and it to. mle nUsS to mnimue „„i,,3 academics and research ,o solve problems and apply them tkeh StudleSy in W laCUSed ' ' situations, currently, P the center is researching erosion , and its effects to help the gov- eiVM lX:i4 irVient thai Si ieSSeS emment soWe the problem of erosion that is so common to the South. The graduate programs in Mathematics, English, Fine Arts, Science, and Southern Culture are among the best in the state. Each program encour- ages students to research, expand their minds, and for- mulate their own perceptions in order to receive the best higher education possible. Aided by the latest technology, professors and students worked together closely to progress toward professional goals. story by Claire Hust inuxUiiemeni and teseoAxJi a y ujieM OS cieademics . 94 • Academics ♦ " In my four years at Ole Miss, I have sen tremendous leaps forward in graduate education. The University is committed to graduate education, and the academic program is definitely moving in the right direction. " laduatey Student Stephen Miles Tejas Spandya • Fine Arts Graduate student finishes one of her latest projects, (above left) •Dan He. MBA student from China, finds time for extra research, (above) •Anthony Steinriede, a student in the Master of Accountancy program, stud- ies during a quiet moment in the library, (left) Tejas Spandya Academics • 95 " The personable professors seek one-on- one relationships with students. Additionally, the faculty has a pronounced interest in providing the best legal education available. " d ' ui tiJea t ' jOMP Student •A law student catches up on some last minute studying before her class, (top) •Students share notes and studying tips after class, (middle) •Reading, reading, reading. school is noto- rious for its incredible amount of work, (bottom) Academics • 96 Stephen Miles The ScnacU or CUAJy The University of Mississippi The University of Mississippi School of Law legal scholars to the Ole Miss campus to expand each has a tradition of academic excellence. The law student ' s education and continue the legacy of academ department at Ole Miss was created by the Mississippi ic excellence. Every four years, the 5th Circuit Court State Legislature in 1854, just six years after the open- of Appeals hears cases on the Ole Miss campus. The ing of the University. Seven students and one professor justices visited Oxford this past February to hold a started the law department making the Ole Miss School court session. of Law the fourth oldest state- supported law school in the United States. Before the open- ing of the University of Mississippi law department, many Mississippians traveled to the University of Virginia for law school or they apprenticed under attorneys. In 1921, the University of Mississippi officially established the School of Law. The initial department has evolved into today ' s Law Center. The mod- em Lamar Hall, the home of the Law Center, was named after L.Q.C. Lamar. Lamar was the first law professor at Ole Miss and a former Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. The American Bar Association endorses the Law School, and it is a mem- ber of the Association of American Law Schools. The University of Mississippi Law Center includes the School of Law, the Law Research Institute, the Criminal Justice Institute, and the Institute of Continuing Legal Education. Ninety credits are required to graduate, and law school students may obtain a J.D. or J.D. M.B.A. degree. The School of Law has eleven endowed lectures and chairs that bring The Law Center has 504 students from various states and universities. Twenty-eight fac- ulty members are legal scholars who focus on research in addi- tion to scholarship. The Law Library, a valuable tool for research and studying, contains over 260,000 volumes. In keep- s4sy tke oudA aldesi ing with the technological ScAool ol aVUy CCmUrV ' improvemems at the University, V the Law Library now has an . . online system and microcom- lyves Us te xici of acudemio puter lab exceMencey, scAaia isAifZ; and tesewixJi . I Student involvement is key to the legal education that the Law Center provides. Law students edit and publish the Mississippi Law Journal, and they administer the Moot Court program. The rigorous academ- ic program attracts prospective employers to Ole Miss law students; therefore, one hundred potential employ- ers interview Ole Miss students each year. Distinguished students coupled with a dedicated faculty continue to further the academic reputation of the Ole Miss School of Law throughout the nation. The School of Law produces leaders who will influence our society well into the 21st century. story by Claire Hust Academics • 97 The ,cpf (JuxincefWUnomJtu In 1991, a five-year program known as MAMP was implemented at the University of Mississippi. The program is operated by Dr. Charles Alexander, Site Coordinator; Mrs. Jacqueline Vinson, Program Coordinator; and Mrs. Jamie Sturdivant, Secretary. Since the program ' s creation, the program in their field of study. In addition to job placement, the program provides monetary assistance to ensure that students have the resources they need to pursue their education. Another service that MAMP provides is a par- allel supportive affiliation known as IMAGE. has started its second five-year phase presently known IMAGE stands for Increasing Minority Accessibility as the Mississippi Alliance Minority Participation Program. The Mississippi Alliance Minority Participation Program (MAMP) is an honorary pro- gram for minority students who display a strong academic ability. The goal of MAMP is to offer minority students the skills and assistance they need to become professionals in the fields in which they are least represented. These fields include Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Sociology, Mathematics, and Engineering. MAMP encourages academic excellence among minority students by offering free tutoring, accessible mentoring, and workshops that train stu- dents in how to best tackle their academic journey. MAMP also helps students find jobs and internships 98 • Academics frUpWi9 arui ?f}fls4 moAey educo ' to Graduate Education. IMAGE offers students of the MAMP program the chance to attain graduate education after completing their undergraduate work as MAMP scholars. IMAGE has goals and pro- grams similar to MAMP, but IMAGE provides students with tJnny nn Jy nrnApmlry P rjpL- ' " " ' opportunities to apply for mm emu atXUiemUy e XUM feno .hips and scholarships. In addition, IMAGE enables graduate students to have the opportunity to help younger members of MAMP program by acting as tutors and mentors. IMAGE and MAMP target dif- ferent educational levels and offer various forms of assis- tance. However, they do have common goals. IMAGE and MAMP exist to make dreams come true. The two programs give students the tools they need to become successful in the profession they love. story by Monica Lester tencey occessiAley to muicmiies . Monica Lester Academics • 99 LULULU.nlEmiBB.E ...Email. ..the world wide web. ..projects... ...word processing. ..research... Computers are making the lives of Ole Miss students easier or possibly more complicated. Ole Miss continues to be distinguished as one of the top 100 " most wired " universities for good reason. The Ole Miss campus has many computer labs supplied with the latest technology. Holmon Hall and the newly renovated Conner Hall both have state-of- the-art computer work- stations and multimedia facilities. The writing center specializes in word processing. Weir Hall has undergone several expan- sions to accommodate the needs of Ole Miss stu- dents. Nearly every build- ing on campus, as well as most dorm rooms, have computers linked to the world wide web where a diversity of information is only a click of the mouse away. Students and facul- ty members often commu- nicate via email, and email is used as a medium for class discussions. Listservs are rampant because each club, organi- zation, and department uses listservs as their form of bulk mailouts. Some professors even request that students turn in assignments by email. The University home page has online reg- istration, news updates, calendars, and students can even check their grades. The home pages of each department also have a wealth of useful information. Some claim to be addicted to email while others are intimidated by today ' s deluge of comput- ers and technology. While many students used to fear computers, the conve- nience and ease of com- puters are changing stu- dents ' minds. The inter- net, email, and other soft- ware programs that com- puters offer are revolu- tionizing Ole Miss and the lives of its students. story by Claire Hust Stephen Miles Stephen Miles 100 • Academics 4 Academics • 101 1 3 1 H ■L B i Bj " " ShH 1 H H ™ . Hj P " I 1 sG. r» 102 • Academics 1 f 1 HK ' " ' " ' 1 li 1 • 1 i ; y I i J " " P Academics •103 It is impossible to be a student at The University of Mississippi without experiencing the joys Ole Miss friends can bring. Students from around the globe come to Ole Miss to study in the many fields offered on the Oxford campus. These students are the ones who become our future leaders in communities across the nation. These people are the friends and the fond memories that students take with them when they leave this beautiful campus. It is these few that cherish and support this institution and vow to make it a greater place for other students like themselves to procure a meaningful education. ' Summer Owens 104 • People v i N •- , People • 105 m El-Rahim Asraf Abd Egypt Krishna Adluru India Carol Allen New Albany, MS Phanidhar Annamreddy India Ravinder Avala Oxford, MS Vishnu Ayyagar India Mengtian Bai China Rajesh Bajracharya Nepal Tanya Bartee Gautier, MS Astrid Beckers University Laura Belew St. Louis, MO Alisha Bingham Lacombe, LA Ananda Bollu India Mohammed Bsat University Rachel Bumette Sardis, MS Brett Byrnes Corinth, MS Ricardo Cadavid Columbus, MS Eric Campbell Oxford, MS Fuhin I- Li Cheng China Lei Caz University Kishore Chitrapu India Young-Mi Cho Korea Tonya Collins Winona, MS Shelby Craddock Columbus, MS Gregory Crofton University April Crommett Memphis, TN Michael Croom Lufkin, TX Numukunda Darboe University Ken Daugherty Sand Rock, AL Lisa Davis Madison, MS Guoqiang Duan China Ingrid Dudek Germany Cynthia Durant Biloxi, MS Sastry Durvasula India Patricia Ellis Greenwood, MS Ahmed Emam Oxford, MS Rama Joga Eranki India James Foley Mount Vernon, NY Hongfeng Gao China Hongman Gao Oxford, MS Hongmei Gao China Zhiqun Gao Oxford, MS 106 • People Lynn Gardner Oxford, MS Jennifer Gaston Gulfport, MS Justus Gichaba Kenya Iman Gohar Egypt Jagannath Gopalakrishnan India Anupa Gopinath Oxford, MS Nina Goza Bradford, AR Les Green Hernando, MS Josh Guest Oxford, MS Provinfa Gurung University Yuko Hamaie Japan Lan He China Kenosha Hobson Pontotoc, MS Kara Holecamp Slidell, LA Chi Sheng Hsu University Pemg-Fei Huang University Jae Won Hwang Korea Ashok lUapakurthy India 1 , ■i(i ■ Henry Irving Oxford, MS Ismail Ismail Egypt Andrew Jameson England Tamara Johnson Vicksburg, MS Chronda Jones Coldwater, MS Jennifer Jones University Imran Kader Bangladesh Honore Kamssu Oxford, MS Aurore Kenmegne Cameroon Mohammed Khan Bangladesh Maggie Klepzig Oxford, MS Geoffrey Kohl Oxford, MS Kimberly Kraft TuUahoma, TN Ya-Chin Lan University Anthony Lee Ocean Springs, MS Johg Bok Lee Korea Shujung Lee Taiwan Donghua Li China Shuanglian Li China Wei Li China Qing Liu University Yang Liu University Molly Lomax Waynesboro, MS Michelle Lowery Charleston, MS People • 107 Gregory Lush Louisville, KY Shannon MacArthur Gulfport, MS Jeff Magruder Vicksburg, MS Vicki Mahan Oxford, MS Mike Maschek Germantown, TN Matt Massey Citronelle, AL Richard Massey Oxford, MS Andrew McCampbeU Sweetwater, TN Marise Melo-Furtado Oxford, MS Tomoko Mineno Japan Tarun Mittal India Kyoko Miwa Japan Shirisha Moola India Allison Mull Oxford, MS Sri Sesha Bal Munukutla India Ashish Nagarsekar India Anjan Nan India Brian O ' Flynn Ireland %1f- m " • .« . ' -a -«h. Ruxandra Olariu Oxford, MS Everelee Palmer Memphis, TN Tejas Pandya India Betty Patterson Rienzi, MS John Pendergrass Hattiesburg, MS Ryan Piemi Chicago, IL Deepa Pikle India Teresa Pitts Laurel, MS Stella Porter Jackson, MS Rajesh Potturi Oxford, MS Vasantha Potturi Oxford, MS Nirmal Pugh Canada Javed Rahman Bangladesh Ira Rajbhandri Nepal Pramen Rajbhandri Nepal Anand Ramakrishnan India Greg Ratcliff Clinton, MS Chuangang Ren China Charlene Richardson Winona, MS Dalia Sabri Egypt cent Rodriquez-Pereyra Oxford, MS Susan Sasser Bolivar, TN Jacquelyn Sergi Batesville, MS Saurabh Sewak India 108 • People Manish Shakra Nepal David Simcox Oxford, MS Peter Slade United Kingdom Kimberly Smith Hattiesburg, MS Guangchun Song China Penny Stacy Ackerman, MS Jennifer Stewart Tupelo, MS Keith Stirrup Water Valley, MS Maya Stoyanova Bulgaria Rama Subgani India Mei Sun University Arun Sureddi India Maki Tanaka Japan Lin Tang China Fortini Terzi Oxford, MS Heath Trost Oxford, MS Chih-Hung Tsai Taiwan Tsung-yi Tsai Taiwan Prabin Tuladham Nepal Raminderjit Vansal India Sandeep Vansal India Radha Tummala Oxford, MS Sudharshan Vazhkodai India Luminita Velea Romania Gregory Vidal West Indies Sunita Vontel India Nehal Vyas India Hsin-Hui Wang Taiwan Wendy Wang China Zhongming Wang China Connie Webb Southaven, MS John Wells Paintsville, KY Alan Williams New Albany, MS Melissa Windham Louin, MS Zachary Wong Singapore WanliWu China Zhang Xia University Jie Xu University Ziad Yahia University Konrad Yapp Malaysia Melissa Yeoh Malaysia QunZhu Oxford, MS L w.- r 1 5% People • 109 Lisa Ahlberg Brandon, MS Keith Alleman Baton Rouge, LA Brad Allen Waterford, MS Jaime Andrews Olive Branch, MS Angela Anglin Saltillo, MS Dana Arrington Batesville, MS Heather Ashley Flora, MS Nia Avant Maben, MS Leah Ballard Natchez, MS Jennifer Battles Portageville, MO Nikki Bender Aberdeen, MS Deidra Blakely Brandon, MS Cassandra Boyett Sandersville, MS Shanna Breckenridge DeKalb, MS Stephanie Brown Tupelo, MS Tricia Broyles Doniphan, MO Christy Burnham Florence, MS Brielle Burrea Oxford, MS 1 i ' ' 1 I i. ' iii 111! ii in ' . SJS.. Joan Butler Oxford, MS Whitney Canterbury Morton, MS David Carlisle Tupelo, MS Kelly Chiaventone Herrin, IL Kimberly Clark Forrson, GA Kim Coker Clarksdale, MS Aaron Cook Gideon, MO Christy Coward Utica, MS Tara Cowart Terrell, TX Kamonica Craig Louisville, MS Kelly Craig West Myrtle, MS J.Q. Dickerson Batesville, MS Karen Diffey Angulilla, MS Amanda Dixon Hattiesburg, MS Maronda Dixon Brookhaven, MS Theresa Dixon Detroit, MI Sarah Eddy Germantown, TN Lisa Flowerday Clinton, MS Kelly Gable Medora, IL Christine Gaskill Ocean Springs, MS Amy Gomillion Walnut Grove, MS Bethany Grantham Jackson, MS Spencer Harpe Florence, MS Lee Ann Harper West Point, MS 110 • People Rhonda Heustess Hernando, MS Linh Hoang St. Martin, MS Sharron Hood Tupelo, MS Shea Jackson Sturgis, MS Amy Jones Grenada, MS Kevin Keeton Morton, MS Heather Kelly Nortii Port, AL Brian Kendrick Helena, AL Michael Knight Tupelo, MS Lauren Kramer Belleville, IL Jessica Lee Germantown, TN Lindsay Lester Stringer, MS Brent Lindley Hattiesburg, MS Leslie Middleton Natchez, MS Alyson Moore Clinton, MS Shelley Nordstrom University Heather O ' DonneU Philadelphia, MS Amy Pasco Magee, MS 4 r ti ••» ■ " " •.•• - .. Sejal Patel Oxford, MS PJ. Pattridge Batesville, MS Melissa Pearson Meridian, MS Larry Pilcher Ellisville, MS Staci Poole Gautier, MS Stephen Poole Collinsville, MS Ginger Pope New Albany, MS Margaret Povall Cleveland, MS Cara Pumphrey Houston, MS Amanda Roberson Ashland, MS Lisbeth Roberts Ridgeland, MS Kera Robertson Poplar Bluff, MO Amanda Robinson Meridian, MS Marvin Robinson Batesville, MS Joey Rodgers Clemson, SC Ginger Rone Kosciusko. MS Kim Rosso Hattiesburg, MS Jessica Russell Jackson, MS Carrie Rutherford Tupelo, MS Laura Sanders Oxford, MS Amar Sethi Jackson, MS Jennifer Shaw Oxford, MS Alisa Smith Buchatunna, MS Jamie Smith Horn Lake. MS People • 111 Kelly Smith Jackson, MS Janna Stewart Carriere, MS Sue Ellen Taylor Hayti, MO Paul Thacker Olive Branch, MS Gina Thomas Sandy Hook, MS Andee Thurman Fisk, MO Jennifer Tisdale Seminary, MS Gai Truong University Kristi Walker Ripley, MS Jessica Wallace Bogue Chitto, MS Jessica Walling Ocean Springs, MS Richard Watson Athens, GA Ginger Waycaster Tupelo, MS Robert Welch Pontotoc, MS James Whittington in McComb,MS Amber Wilbanks Athens, AL Blair Wilson Corinth, MS Molly Wilson Pinson, AL Connie Wong Greenwood, MS i .y y.. .« » n 112 • People " s - V I ,»v,,- M iSheria Abbott Caruthersville, MO Bruce Ainsworth Brandon, MS Ashley Akers St. Simons Island, GA Ijessica Albright Minden, LA ICrace Alexander Kosciusko, MS Whitney Alexander Oxford, MS iLeahbeth Alford Madison, MS Robby Allen Brandon, MS Wilson Allen Brandon, MS Kelly Allison Jackson, TN Magnum Ambrose Fairfield, CT lEric Anderson Madison, MS iKeita Anderson Byhalia, MS Desha Anthony Water Valley, MS Ken Anthony Hattiesburg, MS Hallie Archer Meridian, MS Kristin Arendale Greenville, MS I Nicholas Aronson Marietta, G A c Enjoli Ausmer Gulfport, MS Sarah Baggett Camden, AL Nick Bain Corinth, MS Chasitty Banks Oxford, MS Brad Barker Oxford, MS Ross Barkley New Albany, MS William Barlow Ocean Springs, MS Carly Barnes Birmingham, AL Jill Barnes Jackson, MS Mary Barnett Natchez, MS Shannon Barr Ridgeland, MS Ashley Barron Birmingham, AL Anna Bartholomew CoUierville, TN Meredith Baxter Benton, AR Sarah Beasley Muscle Shoals, AL Mandie Beck Batesville, AR Tracy Beecham Henderson, TN Samantha Benard Greenville, MS Tim Bergan Ocean Springs, MS Jenna Berghuis Caledonia, MS Jennifer Betsayad Madison, AL Lindsey Marie Birdsong Southaven, MS Mary Bise Huntsville, AL Emily Black Tupelo, MS 113 • People Crystal Bland Charleston, MS Lee Christine Blaschke Plantation, FL Wade BkxKieau Barrett Battn Rouge, LA Sherry Blount Brandon, MS Latasha Bobo Sardis, MS Mary Ellen Bobo Germantown, TN Ginny Bodenhamer Philadelphia, MS Elizabeth Bonney Jacksonville, FL Martha Boswell Greenwood, MS Christie Bolen Tupelo, MS Ben Boteler Jackson, MS Jennifer Boyd Ripley, MS Anna Susan Boykin Jackson, MS Latasha Bradford Cascilla, MS Adam Brewer Raymond, MS Janna Brown Brandon, MS Keesha Brown Madison, MS Natosha Brown Holly Springs, MS ■ ' kr: m a g i- ) c . Teri Brown Clarksdale, MS Josh Brunt Senatobia, MS Jeremy Bruss Oxford, MS Caroline Bryant Hazlehurst, MS Philip Buchanan Jackson, MS Wytisha Buckles Clarksdale, MS Brooke Bufflngton Brandon, MS Vendella Buford Abbeville, MS Tiffany Bullock Sardis, MS Sherlena Burgess Batesville, MS Taylor Burgess Collierville, TN Beth Burnett Bruce, MS Scott Burton Marrieta, GA Melissa Burttram Alabaster, AL Stephanie Butts Laurel, MS Robert Byford West Memphis, AR Samantha Bynum Southaven, MS Carley Cade Carrollton, MS Mindy Cadle Booneville, MS Andrian Campbell Water Valley, MS Hank Campbell Birmingham, AL Derek Cannon Philadelphia, MS Mike Carr Clarksdale, MS Shelley Cartwright Booneville, MS 114 • People Charlie Chandler West Point, MS Scott Cheatwood Mandeville, LA Rachel Childers El Campo, TX Whitney Childress Delhi, LA Yulhyun Cho University Marcus Christofferssen Homedale, ED Chika Chuka Largo, MD Lanitra Clark Holly Springs, MS Rebecca Clark Gulfport, MS Rebecca Clayton Indianola, MS Sara Coleman Natchez, MS Coles Nashville, TN E? I Emily Cooke New Albany, MS Artisa Cooley Winona, MS Ijohn Cooper Potts Camp, MS Amy Cox Pontotoc. MS Mandy Cox Memphis, TN Tarra Craigen Nesbit, MS iMegan Cralle St. Louis. MO Ijessica Crawley Pontotoc. MS JKyle Cressman CoUierville, TN I Audrey Crick Louisville, MS Dylan Crowell Batesville, MS I Ashley Crutcher Hattiesburg, MS I Philip Cruzen, Jr. Germantown, TN Pam Cuevas Pass Christian. MS Elizabeth Cullins Ocean Springs, MS Kimberly Cyr Vicksburg, MS Ashalond Daniel Abardeen, MS ISarah Dausmann Poplar Bluff, MO fBrenna Davis New Albany, MS Cori Davis Flora, MS Loriann Davis Lexington, TN Taylor Dearman Clinton, MS Jim Delaughter Jackson, MS Dawn Denton Biloxi, MS 115 • People Edward Denton Greenwood, MS Ashlee Dick Biloxi, MS Drew Dickey Tupelo, MS Jeff Dickey Water Valley, MS Kitsy Dixon Columbus, MS Ashlee Douglas Newton, MS Kimberly Dowdy Olive Branch, MS Tracey Dowling Atlanta, GA Whitney Drury Morganfield, KY John Ducrest Memphis, TN Konina Echols Coldwater, MS Molly Edrington Jackson, MS Lyn Edwards Jackson, MS Howard Ehrlich Olney, MD Erin Eiter Morganfield, KY Donald Eiyessie Guntown, MS Adam Emerson Hernando, MS Emily Emigh Bethel, CT t » " i M-: ■: : Ty Missy Eubanks Lucedale, MS Emily Fair Louisville, MS Nicole Farris Fulton, MS Georgette Faulk Eupora, MS Angela Faulkner Aberdeen, MS Marlon Faulkner HoOy Springs, MS Max Fenn Oxford, MS Kisha Fields Memphis, TN Christopher Fienup Germantown, TN Lindsay Fischer Pass Christian, MS Samuel Fischer Nashville, TN Mike Flechas, IV Pascagoula, MS Latoya Flowers Kilmichael, MS Matthew Flynn Senatobia, MS Amanda Fong Webb, MS Joanna Ford Tuscaloosa, AL Kimberly Fortenberry New Orleans, LA John Fortner Jackson, TN Cheree Franco Madison, MS Frazier Earl Fyke IV Jackson, MS Christy Gaither Collierville, TN Kate Galbreath Germantown, TN Erin Gann Senatobia, MS Qiusheng Gao China IStephanie Garibaldi Pontotoc, MS Rebecca Garrott Batesville, MS Andrea Garth Aberdeen, MS Makenzie George Jackson, MS Ashley Geraci New Orleans, LA Lindsey Gibson Philadelphia, MS iMeg Gieselmann Memphis, TN Kelly Given Potts Camp, MS Fran Goodwin Brentwood, TN Paul Gould Germantown, TN Rita Govan Water Valley, MS Istacie Gravlee Florence. AL [Crystal Grayson Tupelo, MS JRaychel Green Clarksdale, MS Katie Greer Memphis. TN Ijulie Gregory Okolona, MS Matt Grenfeil Jackson, MS Ijason Griggs Houlka, MS 1 ;j ' [Natalie Guckert Jackson, MS Lesley Gunn Jackson, MS Maureen Haik New Iberia. LA Michael Hailey Madison. MS Deborah Haining Memphis, TN iMisty Hairston Jackson. MS I Douglas Hall Jonesborro. AR Ijacinta Hall Jackson. MS April Hamilton Tupelo, MS Nic Hammond Lexington. AL Adam Haneline Monroe, LA JErika Hardy Hernando. MS linda Hare Tupelo. MS I Cody Harrell Jackson. MS Amy Harris Ocean Springs. MS Huntleigh Harris Palestine, TX I Jeff Harris Olive Branch, MS JKatie Harris Homlake. MS tilla Harris Holly Springs, MS Ijulie Harrison Clarksville. TN Erin Harvey Kosciusko. MS Syretta Hawkins Grenada. MS JTonya Haynes Jackson. MS I Alii Hay ward Covington. LA 117 • People David Hendrickson Ocean Springs, MS Lori Hendry Tupelo, MS Louis Hengen Biloxi, MS Michael Henry Greenville, MS Dave Henslee Brandon, MS Amanda Herndon Bartlett, TN Chase Herndon Jackson, TN Lewis Herrington Brandon, MS Suzanne Herron Meridian, MS Gantt Hickman Ridgeland, MS Katrenia Hilliard Pontotoc, MS Jennifer Hinds Southaven, MS Natalie Hines St. Louis, MO Shay Hitchcock Gosnell, AR Susan Hobson Olive Branch, MS Nathaniel Hoffman Paris, TN Marley Hogan Jackson, MS Molly Hogue Jackson, MS •- .• --y I I I I •I mm }H i; - Amanda Holmes Biloxi, MS Melissa Holmes Roanoke, VA Sean Holmes Virginia Beach, VA Jason Holsomback Alabaster, AL Meghan Hopper Faulkner, MS Meghan Householder Carrollton, MS Katie Huch Marietta, GA David Huckaby Oxford, MS Daniel Hudson Baton Rouge, LA Mckaye Hudson Natchez, MS Porsha Hughes Eupora, MS Tessa Hughes Eupora, MS Andrew Hunt Kerville, TX Mary Hunter Nashville, TN Susan Inchcombe Carthage, MS David Inge Mobile, AL Eric Ingram Dallas, TX Dax Ivins San Antonio, TX Alma Jackson Aberdeen, MS Shasta Jackson Senatobia, MS David Jarrett Picayune, MS Lee Ann Jarrett Jonesboro, AR Willie Jefferies Holly Springs Forrest Johnson Natchez, MS 118 ' People Ijonquil Johnson Clarksdale, MS Ijerome Johnson Nettleton, MS Lauren Johnson Hot Springs, AR Ranada Johnson Greenwood, MS JTiffany Johnson West Memphis, AR lEmily Johnston CoUierville, TN I Cindy Jones Southaven, MS Ijenifer Jones Carrollton, MS Ijennifer Jones Jaclc.son, MO Marcus Jones Cape Girardeau, MO Mary Shelton Jones Hazlehurst, MS Michelle Jones Carthage, MS lAimee Jordan Andrews, SC IXiffany Jue Memphis, TN iMeghan Jumper Etta, MS Ijulie Kelley Booneville, AR Elizabeth Kelly Versailles,KY Rondale Kettle McComb, MS i: iKyle Kimbriel Jackson, MS Kristin King Olive Branch, MS Whitney Kirk Cabot, AR Lauren Kitchen New Orleans. LA Michael Klimek Madison, MS Kimberly Knight Jackson, MS lAnna Knighton Corinth. MS IStacy Koon Memphis, TN I Patricia Ladner Germantown, TN Ashley Lamm Florence, AL Sara Lammel Memphis. TN [Christopher Lamont Houston. TX iFarra Landers Benton. AR Ashley Lavelle New Orleans. LA Meisha Lawson Southaven. MS Ryan Lea Baton Rouge, LA Laura Ledford Cleveland, TN Sang Xoll Lee Korea IMeghan Lees Mobile, AL Laura Leonard Corinth, MS I Jonathan Limbaugh Germantown, TN iDeborah Lincoln Natchez, MS Paxton Little Oxford, MS Katie Lofton Newton, MS 119 -People Arica Logan Memphis, TN Stephen Long Huntsville, AL Amanda Love Kilmichael, MS Jeannie Lovett Louisville, KY Wiley Lowry Jackson, MS Phil Lucchese Park Ridge, IL Ben Luck Richmond, VA Brooke Lummus Dyersburg, TN Elizabeth Luster Clarksdale, MS Claire Lyon Indianola, MS Avon Lyons Nashville, TN John Ma Jackson, MS Aaron Madson Areola, IL Lori Beth Magee Lawrenceburg, TN Stacy Mahr Harrisburg, TN Danielle Mann Liberty, MS Jay Marconi West Memphis, AR Robb Marlar Corinth, MS g .1 7 ■• » - - ' ' WQpw ' _--. ' «;-Z- ' ? ?5: »i.r ■sitSSl ! » 4 Scott Marshall West Point, MS Andrew Martin Batesville, MS Erin Martin Rosemark, TN Katie Martin Oxford, MS Stephen Martini Park City, UT Darren Martt Kenner, LA Abby Maschek Germantown, TN Corby Mason Philadelphia, MS Gwen Mason Walthall, MS Ladeana Mason Bruce, MS ShuffMauldin Laurel, MS Jane Mayo Louisville, MS Lindsey McClelland Jackson, MS Ashley McClinton Hubbard, TX Tamara McCullen Jackson, MS Preston McDonnell Hazlehurst, MS Amanda McGregor Bruce, MS William McKenzie Batesville, MS Kimberley McKinney Batesville, MS Holly McLaurin Savannah, GA Allison McManus Brandon, MS Lane McNulty Lake Charles, LA Jennifer McNutt Memphis, TN Andrew Medley Jackson, MS 120 • People iKristen Meehan Pass Christian, MS Emily Megginson Tupelo, MS Blewett Melton Greenwood, MS Richard Mestayer Bay St. Louis, MS jTieryaa Metcalf Clarksdale, MS iLindsey Michaelson Baton Rouge, LA iBIake Milam Pascagoula, MS Shuni Miller Weir. MS Alysson Mills Fuhon, MS Melissa Miner Ocean Springs, MS jjamie Mitchell Charleston, MS kana Mitchell Clarksdale, MS iTameka Mitchell Memphis, TN JMichele Moll Sikeston, MO DeSha Moore Southaven.MS Wilson Moore Murphysboro, IL Scott Morgan Brandon. MS Ijairl Moss Greenwood, MS »t " " .7 fe lulie Motley Redford, TX [Joseph Mulrooney Greenville. MS Bounthanom Munxayaphom Vientiane Shane Murphree Myrtle. MS Ijennifer Myers Batesville, MS Emily Nail Tupelo, MS [Brooke Nation Atlanta, GA Scott Neilsen Memphis. TN ISara Anne Nelson Birmingham, AL JAmanda Nettles Carthage. MS Ben Nichols Jackson. MS ICharlotte Noel Hernando. MS lAmelie Nolen Decatur, AL iGy Odom Jackson. MS Beth Odum Olive Branch. MS ICarIa May Ohnemus Meridian. MS IStephen Oneal Jackson, MS Phaedra Page Ellisville. MS I Rachel Palmertree Sardis, MS Priscilla Parchia Lithia Springs, GA Coasie Parker Batesville, MS Martha Anne Parker Meridian. MS Allison Parrott Houston. TX Melanie Paulson Memphis, TN 121 • People Melissa Paulson Memphis, TN Mary Grace Penick Houston, MS Matthew Perez New Orleans, LA Julie Perry Clinton, MS Molly Petersen Leawood, KS Carly Peterson Germantown, TN Ashley Phillips Ocean Springs, MS Kelly Phillips Memphis, TN Lucy Phillips Tunica, MS Win Pieralisi Leland, MS Elizabeth Pigford Memphis, TN Yolanda Pinckney Columbus, MS Meghan Pittman Covington, LA Regina Pitts Abbeville, MS Hamilton Pounds Birmingham, AL Anna Powers Madison, MS Kelly Pratt Madison, MS Jason Pressgrove Cleveland, MS m ' ■ l l ' 9) L . %f Mi. X0 Danny Prestage Fulton, MS Ashleigh Price Hazlehurst, MS Myrt Price Sardis, MS Alexa Prince Gautier, MS Natasha Procter Alexandria, LA Lindsay Pryor Sturgis, KY Carrie Pugh Natchez, MS Amelia Purser Madison, MS Clinton Pye Memphis, TN Becke Quillin Oklahoma City, OK James Raper Clarksdale, MS Ozie Ratcliff Jr. Jackson, MS Calvit Ratcliffe Natchez, MS Melissa Rawson Carthage, MS Charles Ray Tupelo, MS Lauren Rea Madison, MS Grahame Read University Amy Reed Philadelphia, MS Ashley Reid Southaven, MS Carey Leigh Revels Hattiesburg, MS Matt Rhyne Alpharetta, GA Michael Rhyne Water Valley, MS Amy Rich Cypress Inn, TN Shanna Rich Amarillo, TX 122 • People ICaroline Ricks Millington, TN KatRiddell Tupelo, MS Erin Riley Laurel, MS Marcie Ripley McComb, MS JTim Robbins Koscuisko, MS Mark Roberts Oxford, MS iHoney Robertson Faulkner. MS Andrea Robeson Ripley, MS Laura Robey Long Beach, MS Lindy Robison Hernando, MS Ijoanna Rochester Clyde, NC I Anthony Roman Brandon, MS [Pete os xford, MS iDavid Rossi Columbia, MS [Caroline Tate Roussel Destrehan, LA [Heather Russell Madison, MS Mary Hunter Russell Madison, MS lAmber Ryan Lavergne, FR Ijeremy Sartain Water Valley, MS IScott Satchfield Covington, LA Amy Sauls Gadsden, AL Brandon Saxon Troup, TX [Melissa Schenk Champaign, IL Kevin Schipper Ripley, MS [Wendi Schipper Ripley, MS ISara Schiro Longbeach, MS Monica Scioneaux LaPlace, LA ICaroline Scott Jackson, MS Lavonda Scott Verona, MS Katosha Seals Shannon. MS lAndy Segrest Jackson, MS JGretchen Senecal Columbus, OH [Glenda Shack Mooreville. MS [Cecilia Shaffield University Sundeep Shakya Nepal Will Shappley Vicksburg, MS I Katie Sharp Vicksburg, MS Brandon Sheper Biloxi, MS Nolan Sherrill Knoxville, TN Richard Shields Brandon, MS William Shirey Batesville, MS Eric Shorter New Albany, MS 123 • People Lori Shumpert Fulton, MS Kathryn Sigler Jackson, MS Candace Simmons Ocean Springs, MS Michael Simmons Columbia, MS Stacye Sims Dyersburg, TN Allison Smith Signal Mountain, TN Amanda Smith Pearl, MS Demeka Smith Water Valley, MS Hunter Smith Memphis, TN Kevin Smith Oxford, MS Lauren Smith Hattiesburg, MS Rush Smith Cleveland, MS Suzanne Smith Kiln, MS Courtney Solon Germantown, TN Anna Claire Sorey Vicksburg, MS Sara Sovall Belen, MS Taylor Sovent University James Stanley Madisonville, KY f . 1 " Die Mi s. ? Mzss Landon Steimle Portageville, MO Snellen Stephenson Southaven, MS Brandy Stewart Pontotoc, MS Adam Stilgenbauer Houston, TX Devi Stoltz Florence, AL M. C. Stone Atlanta, GA Natalie Strong Madison, MS Stacey Sturlese New Iberia, LA Amber Suggs New Iberia, LA Jennifer Sumrall Vicksburg, MS Lea Sutterfield Olive Branch, MS Sarah Szymanski Long Beach, MS Allison Tarpy McComb, MS Janae Taylor Memphis, TN Jessica Taylor Birmingham, AL Hanna Taylor Pascagoula, MS Brandon Teer Pascagoula, MS Heather Temple Pearl, MS Catherine Thomas Yazoo City, MS Kathryn Thomas Shreveport, LA Kimberly Thomas Jackson, MS Tracey Thomas Madison, MS Mark Thompson Columbus, MS Jacqueline Thornhill Atlanta, GA BBHEs ' k ' •» wSm i Zd 124 • People I Katie Tompkins Florence, AL Casey Torr Goodlettsville, TN JQuida Townsend Forest, MS Ijosh Treadway Conroe, TX Ross Troy Ocean Springs, MS Phuong Truong Biloxi, MS [Andrew Tubertini Clinton, MS Matt Tuck Knoxville, TN iTiffany Turner Sharpsburg, GA Ijarrett Underwood Pope, MS Ijessica Valentine Evergreen, TX Kathleen Valentine Brookhaven, MS iPyke Van Dalsem Perryville, AR Ijane Vann Birmingham, AL IChris Vansickle Xenon, GA Marshall Vaught Greenwood, MS Ijon Vermillion Bristol, VA Kat Vincent Pelham, AL i 1 KK,!) ,J ifiJ. ,, ' ,r " . ' i f :, - " iJi ■r I George Wade Richmond, VA Mitchell Wade Winona, MS JAmanda Wahl Vicksburg. MS ■Graham Walker Germantown, TN Hope Walker Brandon, MS ICedric Washington G renada, MS [Marcus Washington Moss Point, MS I Claire Webb Greenwood, MS JLauren Webb Belleville, IL Emily Welch Olive Branch, MS Patrick Welsh Jackson. MS Frederick West Clarksdale, MS [Mary Lucy West Canton, MS Ijaclyn Wheat Germantown, TN Everette White Baton Rouge, LA Ashley Wilbanks Carthage, MS ISarah Wilbanks Cleburne, TX [Brian Wilkins Hollandale, MS [Aarolyn Williams Clarksdale, MS Angela Williams Winston Salem, NC Dermarcus Williams Coldwater, MS Dewon Williams Memphis, TN JErin Williams Collier ' ille, TN Lisa Williams Grenada, MS 125 • People Scott Williams Huntsville, AL Wendy Williams Jackson, MS Erica Wilson Clarksdale, MS Matt Wilson Cape Girandeau, MO Nikita Wilson Aberdeen, MS Anthony Wood University Jennifer Woods Havelock, NC Marc Woods Oxford, MS Wendy Woods Duck Hill, MS Mary Word Okolona, MS Mendi Young Houlka, MS II i%i. f ' ' J H - c « ' 1 V, ; •rT-t-n.,, ' -. wBpBKiSBlp- ' 126 • People I Austin Abemathy Decater AL Brandon Adams Madison, MS jJoceyAdkins Savannah, TN Brad Aidridge Greenwood, MS Yolanda Alford Charleston, MS I Tracy Ammons Houston, TX [Daniel Anderson Hattiesburg, MS Brandi Andrews McComb, MS Alicia Jill Appelbee Madison, MS I Stephen ArendaJe Greenville, MS Debra Arrington Oxford Lindsey Atkias Columbas, MS lAdam Austin Benton, AR Alina Autry Holly Springs MS Amanda Bailey Olive Branch, MS Sarahbeth Bailey Conway, AR Melanie Baker Columbus, MS iTanika Baker Batesville, MS » 1 1 . 1 I 1 r I Heather Bantz Ham Lake, MN Ijon Barber Opelika, AL iBrandy Bamett Cave Spring. GA iMonica Bamett Cave Spring, GA iDereck Barr Oxford I Steve Berg South Seaville, NJ [Matthew Berry Collierville, TN iBonnie Berryhill Jackson. MS (Channing Bessire Memphis, TN Warren Black Oxford JGlenna Blackburn Hernando, MS I Becky Blossom Forest, MS lAndie Bobb Marietta, GA JAshley Boeckmann Wynne, AR Wilner Bolden Sledge, MS Amy Bonds Newport, AR IChristine Boudloche Houston, TX lAmie Bourdreaux Mandeville. LA iJerica Bowie Lucedale, MS I Christine Bowling Calhoun City, MS iLaniese Bowman Hernando, MS [Abigail Bowen Piano, TX [Jennifer Boyd Sardis, MS iKristy Brashier University 127 • People Bradley Bray Oxford Kami Bridges Hattiesburg, MS Reeca Broadway Pocahontas, AR Jerrod Brooks Corinth, MS Carly Brown Horn Lake, MS Matthew Brown Natchez, MS Marc Brunson Jonesboro, AR Jennifer Buggey Memphis, TN Laura Bullock Pascagoula, MS Jay Burnett Little Rock AR Dee Dee Burt Fort Payne, AL Aaron Butler Paducah, KY Tiffany Campbell Woodbury, TN Amber Cannon Bartlett, TN Carson Carney Jackson, MS Tyra Carpenter Oxford Jessica Carr Newton, MS Selena Carter Tupelo, MS % T :., Stk— JUi c y m J T -- %! p-ffoft Z Molly Cartwright Booneville, MS Matt Cassada Oxford Candice Cattron Memphis, TN Lloyd CaulHeld Water Valley, MS Regan Caviness Amarillo, TX Jason Chamness University Autumn Chapman Selmer, TN Julie Charvat Destrehan, LA Juana Chatman Memphis, TN Kelly Chenault Tupelo, MS Ben Chisman Cape Girardeau, MO Van Chung Hernando, MS Brynna Clark Brandon, MS Jill Clark Vicksburg, MS Nicolle Clark Bentonia, MS Blair Clayton Tunica, MS Ryan Cogan Sicklerville, NJ Mia Cole Clarksdale, MS Ian Coleman Jackson, MS Darcy CoUey Pope, MS Elizabeth Collier Savannah, TN Christy Collins Columbus, MS James Collins Long Beach, MS Stephanie Collins University 128 -People I Lisa Compton Biloxi. MS Sara Coneriy Vicksburg, MS Ijoseph Congleton Pinson, AL I Courtney Cooper Batesville, MS I Christine Cowan Houston, TX JGinger Cox Hatticsburg, MS I Neil Crampton Meridian, MS Scott Crane Endwell, NY ■Angela Crawford Como, MS ■Jamie Cummings Jackson, MS iTamara Cupit Clarksdale, MS Bryan Currie Peachtree City, GA Ijulie Currie Peachtree City, GA iKristi Currie Oxford Kevin Cuthbertson Holly Springs, MS JDeannaDaily Bimingham, AL I Jostua Daniel C Giraideau, MO Krysten Daniel University t I i f V- ;t I Chris Davis Roundrock, TX Ijaime Davis University JAmanda Dawkins Sardis, MS Karin DeBerry Florence, MS Georgi Deerman Gunterville, AL Ijessica Dennis Amelia Island, FL iSarvazya Devyanz Batesville, MS I Amy Dew Oxford Ijessica Ditto Vicksburg, MS Barrett Donahoe Crystal Springs, MS IjuUe Downs Myrtle, MS Damian Duhon Oxford Ijade Dunlap Rienzi, MS I Andrea Dunn Hattiesburg, MS 1 Carolyn Dyer Oxford Melanie Dykes University Michael Eason Holly Springs, MS Ijennifer Edmonds Lyles, TN Sheneirka Edwards Holly Springs. MS Marisa Ellender Houma, LA JAlyssa Ellis Lexington, MS Campbell Engle Vicksburg, MS Melissa English Benton, AR Ijohn Engstrom Paragould, AR People 129 Candler Enochs Philadelphia, MS Lauren Ephgrave Mobile, AL Donell Evans Starkville, MS Rashida Everett Duck Hill, MS Seth Farley Jackson, MS Hannah Fellows Eightmile, AL Aaron Fenzel University Laura Finnern Bartlet, TN Gordan Fisher Ocean Springs, MS Anthony Flores Fairview Heights, FL Susan Flowers Nesbit, MS Don-Tyre! Fonte Fayetteville, AR Emily Fontenot University Nathan Ford Saucier, MS Christopher ForstaD New Orleans, LA Michael Fortenberry University Jennifer Foster Pulaski, TN Annabeth Freeman Vicksburg,MS —s jJr m " ■- ' David Freeman Clinton, MS Emily Gamer Yazoo City, MS Elizabeth Gaston Gulfport, MS Tamara Gatewood Holly SpringJVlS Ginny Gay Atlanta, GA Amy Gean Tyranza, AR Courtney Geiselbreth Oxford Lauryn Gibb Memphis, TN Amber Gillock Brentwood, TN Bryant Glisson Oxford Latonya Goliday Charleston, MS Melissa Gong Jackson, MS Thad Gordan Oxford Mary Dare Gore Vardaman, MS Allison Graham Vicksburg, MS Jawanda Grant Ocean Springs, MS Jamie Grayson Searcy, AR Alicia Gresham Ashland, MS Amanda Griffin Cruger, MS Becky Griffith Bixby, OK Melissa Gronemeyer St Louis, MO Leslie Guido University James GuUett Oxford Gregory Gullung Hattiesburg, MS 130 ' People ISarah Gundlach Ft. Lau derdale, FL Valerie Gunn Okolona, MS Nicole Guy Jakson, MS Bethany Hall Collierville, TN Nikki Hall Clarksdale, MS I Sarah Hamby Oxford I Tiffany Hamelin Biloxi, MS Meredith Hampton Hopkinsville, KY Elizabeth Hardin Cressona, PA Candice Hargett Charleston, MS Mary Katherine Harper Laurel, MS Amy Harris Oxford iMandy Hattaway Yazoo City, MS ILa-Toria Haven New Orleans, LA Cody Hawkins Searcy, AR Istark Hayden Grenada, MS IPatrick Hebert River Ridge, LA Ijennifer Henderson Mandeville,LA .■M.. [Vincent Henderson Little Rock, AR Douglas Herndon Bartlett, TN Debra Herod Abbeville, MS Lisa Heros Memphis, TN Candace Heros Oxford jjorja Hill Holly Springs, MS Liles Hill Oxford Beth Hines Laurel, MS Rebekah Hitt Memphis, TN Liz Hogue Brandon, MS Christa Holden Columbia, IL I Calvin Holeman Northport. AL I Amy Holland Lucedale, MS Candace Holland Holly Springs, MS Kelsi Holman Oxford Shane Honan Saltillo, MS Larkin Honea University iDelores Hoskins Oxford Hotard Gretna, MS I Rex Houston Batesville, MS Lisa Howard Houston, TX Rusty Hudson Batesville, MS Keith Hughes Holly Springs, MS [Gregory Hunley Byhalia, MS Pronlc • 1 1 Brooke Hurlbut Arlington, TX Rachel Hutchins Poplarville, MS Brad Ingram Madison, MS Stephanie Ingram University Robert Isom Unversity Taylor Jabour Oxford Robert Jackson Orlando, FL Tracy Jackson Pascagoula, MS Andy James Brandon, MS Melva James Jackson, MS James Jard Houston, TX Scott Jefcoat Batesville, MS Lawonica Jefferson Gautier, Andrea Johnson Oxford Henry Johnson Greenwood, MS Niki Johnson University Robert Johnson Diamondhead.MS | Suzanne Johnson Germantown, TN iT ' Jeri Johnston McComb, MS Andrea Joiner Courtland, MS Brian Jones Oxford Carkeysha Jones Jackson, MS Jeremy Jones Signal Mt., TN Kathryn Justus University Ben Justus Heber Springs, AR Brandi Kamakua University Olena Kamysheva Jackson, TN Keith Ketton Morton, MS Laura Kessler Gadsden, AL Misty Kilgore Courtland, MS Cecilia King Hazelhurst, MS Felicia King Natchez, MS Frances King Indianola, MS Lindsay King Kingsport, TN Meredith Kirk Tupelo, MS Derek Knepple Clarksville, TN Ben Knight Madison, MS Jeffrey Knight McCalla, AL Julie Knott Paris, TN Lori Knowles Franklin, TN Avery Kohm Jackson, MO Marci Kornegay Oxford 132 • People , 1 .. 9 mi « " " M ) { (L. -i I Michael Koyongian Indonesia Lena Kreis Augusta, AR Brian Lane Kenner, LA Matthew Lambert Florence, AL lOlivia Lancaster West Point, MS Corrie Langley Yazoo City, MS iGayie Laytham Oxford Ijohn Lawrence Dierks, AR Ryan Leopold New Orleans, LA Angela Lewis Pearl, MS iMeridith Lewis El Dorado, AR lua Lindsey Petal, MS IWilliam Lindsey Winfield, AL iDenise Lloyd University Rahim Lockhart Mendenhall. MS iLeslie Logan Brentwood, TN Wanda Logan Webb, MS lAshley Long Jackson, TN % 4E K ri - VA S i [Nicolas Lott Taylorsville, MS Sarah Loudermilk Columbus. MS IXony Luong University iMarlon Lyies University ICassidy Lyons Vicksburg, MS Brandy Mack Akron, OH [Michael Maholm Holly Springs, MS Brooke Malone Sikestone, MO I Sam Malone Atlanta. GA Tonya Malone Abbeville,MS I Tlmgyd Malone Holly Springs, MS Leigh Marcy Saltillo, MS [Chad Martin Oxford ISyletricka Martin Holly Springs, MS [Lakesha Mason Holly Springs, MS Lucy Matusiewicz Jackson, MS Megan Mauldin Laurel. MS [Catherine McCaskill Jackson. MS McCullough Clinton, MS iRobyn McDonald Jackson, MS Heather McEwen Corinth, MS Robert McFarlan d Ridgeland, MS Lindsey McGrew Memphis, TN April McKissak Dothan, AL People • 133 Kerri McKnatt Batesville, MS Rick McKnight Jackson, MS Anna McMains Decatur, AL Lauren McNeill Evans, GA Tomica McNeiU Holly Springs, MS Kisha McNulty Bogue Chitto, MS Michale Melton Tillatoba, MS Caroline Meng Natchez, MS Susannah Meng Natchez, MS Tim Meredith Cold Water, MS Margaret Milam Madison, MS Erin Milchen University Amber Miller Pearl, MS Elizabeth Minor Jackson. MS Jessica Mitchell Cleveland, MS Avery Mixon Oxford Sarah Mixon Mermanville, MS Marales Mobley Pascagoula, MS s " ' M ».i Hayley Mock Senatobia, MS William Mohler Ocean Springs, MS Stephanie Monsour Jackson, MS Jeannie Mood Oxford Betsy Moore Picayune, MS Kirk Moore Hattiesburg, MS Matthew Moore Mobile, AL Willie Moore Berky, MO Jennifer Morgan Corinth, MS Markeeva Morgan Senatobia, MS Gina Moss Lucedale, MS Mary Ann Moss Jackson, MS Lori Moulder Brookhaven, MS Carrie Murrah New Albany, MS Rebecca Myatt Bon Aqua, TN Dave Nabers London, AR Amanda Nail Tupelo, MS Angle Nail Chattanooga, TN Rachel Namorato Oxford Anne Nash San Marcos, TX Ellen Neese Paris, TN Amy Nelson McComb, MS Jason Newman Ocean Springs, MS| Ravonda Newson Holly Springs, 134 • People f ; ' m »im ' ffr; jI H H IL l iNigel Nicholson Oxford Memory Nix Vicksburg, MS loiivia Nix Pope, MS David Nolan University Ijohnna Norman Houston, MS I Stewart Norquist Yazoo City, MS I Carrie Northup Altadena, CA Angie Nowlin Memphis, TN iMary Nye Lawrenceville, GA Ijessica O ' Neill University Sarah Old Holly Springs, MS Chris Oneal Oxford lUntray Orange Oxford Ann Ostenson Jackson, MS Qiana Palmer Little Rock, AR Emmy Parks Meridian, MS Stephanie Pasquale Bruce, MS Amanda Patterson Long Beach, MS ' m V ' : t i I Chris Patterson Cape Girardeau, MO Hope Patterson Bolton, MS Chrystal Payne Tupelo, MS Marsha Pearson Oxford Arnold Pegues Oxford I Adam Pennebaker Meridian, MS Ijamie Pennington CoUierville, TN Will Pepper Cleveland, MS Isaih Perkins Jackson, MS Ijenni Perry Benton, AR Istacy Petri Paris. TN iPaxton Pettit Kosciusko. MS I Amanda Pexol Nesbit, MS Sarah Grace Phipps Corinth, MS Shaquinta Pickett Memphis. TN Ijolyn Pittman McComb, MS ICerissa Pittman Jackson, MS Melody Polen Laurel, MS [vVillian ollard Springfield, IL ■Anna Pope New Albany. MS JTori Porter Myrtle, MS JHirak Pradham University Christen Press Memphis, TN ISuzv Puckett Jackson, MS People ' OS Pamela Pugh Brooksville, MS Michael Pullen University Adriane Purdam Metarie, LA Jaime Purdy Meridian, MS Brooke Rainer University Beth Rainwater Savannah, TN Charmaine Ramlogan Trinidad, WI Brooke Rankins Bakersfield, CA Nancy Ray Water Valley, MS Misty Rea Houston, MS Rebecca Rekstin Oxford Celestial Reep Warren, AR Samantha Reid Olive Branch, MS Christie Reiland Rockton, IL Andrea Reiss Swansea, IL MicheUe Reynolds New FtiiladelfiTia, OH Amira Rezk Madison, MS Suzanne Rice University .f n. f f Abby Richards Brownsville, TN Catherine Riggs St. Louis, MO Elizabeth Riley Olive Branch, MS Tara Ritchie Memphis, TN Kimberly Rivers University Allison Roan Dallas, TX Sean Robertson Hattiesburg, MS Beth Robichauz Alexandria, LA Victoria Robin Foxworth, MS Amanda Robins Collierville, TN Banks Robinson Oxford Katie Robinson Clarksville, TN Wendy Rogers Laurel, MS Cynnamon Roland Canton, MS Nick Rose Hilton Head, SC Brandon Ross Lucedale, MS Don Ross Madison, MS Kelly Rumrill Alpharetta, GA Fran Russell Jackson, MS Megan Ryder New Orleans, LA Charley Sabatier Oxford Jonathan Sappington Olive Branch, MS Melanie Sarno University Yulonda Salsbury OUve Branch, MS 136 • People iMartine Schaefer Brandon, MS Nathan Schimmel Stuttgart, AR jAmber Scholes Roers, AR Robert Schultze Hattiesburg, MS Will Seawright Pontotoc, MS I Courtney Senter Memphis, TN I Katie Shaffer Koscusko, MS Sima Shah Memphis, TN Leslie Shands New Albany, MS Nancy Shands New Albany, MS Brendan Shaner Newnan, GA ICaleb Shapkof Mulkeytown, IL [Rickey Shaw Holly Springs, MS Blake Shell University Ashley Shelton Madison, MS Margaret Shelton Drew, MS Misty Sheppard Brandon, MS Phillips Sherrod Mobile, AL - t „ 1 . -» If i i iRochelle Showers Anchorage, AL William Shruyer Memphis, TN Laura Sigrest Brandon, MS Emily Sindelar Oxford Brandon Skelton Oxford Edgar Smith IV University iGretchen Smith Gretna, LA Ijamee Smith Marion, AR Ijosh Smith Pinson, AL Karen Smith Florence, MS Katricia Smith Drew, MS Lee Smith Brookhaven, MS iMollie Smith Magee. MS Lisa Smithart Jackson, MS ■Amanda Snider Bald Knob, AR Katie Snodgrass University I Anne Sobotka Oxford Bradley Solomon Wiggins, MS Ijason Spangler Narrows, VA lAlexis Spencer Geneva, NY MattStine Jackson. TN VVendy Stinson Richton. MS JDemetrica Stokes Oxford iHoIIy Storms Ruston, LA People ' IS? Greg Strawbridge University Savante Stringfellow Jackson, MS I Courtney Sullivan Southaven, MS | Nicholas Sweet Oxford Jennifer Swint HoUandale, MS Brandy Tallie Water Valley, MS Anna Tarver Brandon, MS Alexandria Taylor Gautier, MS Bethany Taylor Memphis, TN Karen Taylor Oxford Leigh Taylor Pensacola, FL Caroline Tendall University Kathryn Thiele Ellisville, MS Tara Thomason Collierville, TN Anne Thompson University William Scott Thompson Rienzi, MS Teresa Thornton Bruce, MS Mitchell Thweatt Oxford i I ' r James Tillman Sallis, MS Shelley Todd Ripley, MS Courtney Tomes Livermore, KY Stephanie Townes Charleston, MS Tiffany TXimer Collierville, TN Eleanor Twiford Birmingham, AL Christophw Vanaresdale Germantown, ' Amy Vance Oxford Elizabeth VanNorman Kenner, LA Darin Vanpelt Longbeach, MS Scott Vasilyev Oxford Julia Vickers Birmingham, AL Rachel Vise Meridian, MS Vanessa Voyles Ooltewah, TN Chris Wade Atlanta, GA Sudra Wadsworth Burlison, TN Allison Walker Jackson, MS Amanda Walker Waynesboro, TN Fant Walker Gulfport, MS John Walker Greenwood, MS Yolanda Walker University Amanda Waller Memphis, TN Shanika Ward Water Valley, MS Matthew Warren Memphis, TN 138 • People I Matthew Watson Olive Branch, MS Roy Watson Holly Bluff, MS Amy Weeden Ecru, MS IShalikina Weeden Oxford IShaunda Weeden Pontotoc, MS iKofi Weeks Vaden, MS Ijaimee Welch Clinton, MS Mason Wells Oxford Jennifer Wells Clinton, MS Ijennifer Wells Ocean Springs, MS JAngela Westbrook Glen, MS Chaquetta Weston Charleston, MS [cher Wheat Sumrall, MS JAmanda Whelan Brandon, MS Christ! White Memphis, TN Daniel Wicker Paris MS Ijamie Wicker Gardendale, AL Ijoey Wiggins Brandon, MS iBil ilder Signal Mtn., TN Mason Wilkins Tishomingo, MS Chantae Williams Corinth, MS I Gabriel Williams Yazoo City, MS I Gerald Williams Noxapater, MS llvy Williams Greenville, MS I Michael Williamson Slidell, LA JAdrian Wilson Jackson, MS lAmeUe Wilson New Orleans, LA Cody Wilson Clarkville, TN Omar Wilson Senatobia, MS Lauren Wimpee San Angelo, TX I Erin Winchester Florence, AL Eric Wiscovich Huntsville. AL Chereka Witherspoon Tupelo, MS Honey Witt Jackson, MS ISarah Wong Canada I Leah Worrel Hattiesburg, MS I Joe Worthem Oxford April Wright Batesville. MS Smith Wyckoff Columbus, MS I Claire Yates Eurpora, MS I Carol Young Noxapater, MS Vicky Young Charleston. MS iBem Zeldman Brandon. MS Abeer Zein University Brandy Tallie Water Valley. MS I Jawanda Grant Ocean Springs, MS I Taylor Rau University ii People • 139 Luis Acevedo Madison, MS Emily Aldridge University Sam Alexander Moulton, AL Denise Allen Winona, MS Jonathan Allen Boone, NC Margaret Allen Fairhope, AL Chrissy Anderson University Kristi Anderson Senatobia MS William Anderson Philadelphia, MS | Julie Arrexi Amory, MS Laura Arrwood Nesbit, MS Claire Atkinson Summit, mS Emily Atkinson Cleveland, MS Michelle Augustin Addison, TX Lauren Averill Metaire, LA Daniel Azzone Richland, MS Elisha Bacon Houston, MS Thomas Baird Batesville, MS O c 3 ' --4 V. KU - Samantha Ball University Jaime Banks Florence MS Angela Barkley New Albany MS | Clay Barrett McComb, MS John Beal Oxford Jason Beghtol Tupelo, MS Curt Bell Dewitt, AR Roslyn Bethel University Garrett Bilbo Mandeville, LA Jennifer Black Oxford Jonathan Black Broken Arrow, AR Linda Black Oxford Sara Blaylock Cascilla, MS Kimberly Blount Southaven, MS Beth Boatright Oxford Marty Bolen Pontotoc, MS Elishua Boles Thaxton, MS Elizabeth Booker luka, MS Whitney Boone Meridian, MS Kerri Bost Pontotoc, MS Ashley Bourn Sewanee, GA Paul Bowie Byhalia, MS Kathleen Bowling Southaven, MS Miranda Branch University 140 • People iLamisha Brantly Moss Point MS Richard Brendel Birmingham AL Emily Brewer Greenwood, MS Missy Brewer Summit, MS JQuentin Brewer Oxford Ijenee Briggs Baton Rouge, LA iRon Briggs Memphis, TN Michael Broadwater Quick, IL BIythe Brown Etta, MS Cherry Brown Clarksdale, MS Dewanda Brown Grenada, MS Ijonathan Brown Oxford iTravis Brown Fort Worth TX Chitteria Brown Clarksdale MS Mary Bruce Ripley, MS Kurt Brummett Oxford Elizabeth Brusevold Kingwood,TX iTammy Bryant Ripley, MS » --%. V lArron Buchanan Mario Buchanan Melissa Buford [Andy Buglewicz Ijennifer Bullock Praire, MS Oxford Abbeville, MS Oxford Jackson, MS Amy Burge Sandhill, MS iBerry Burnside Newellton, LA Michelle Burrrage Clinton, MS Ijoseph Busby Slidell, LA iLatisha Bush University J P Caldwell Oxford Iwin Calvert Woodville, MS [Matthew Campbell Oxford lAndrew Caputo Perrysburg, OH I Patrick Carpenter Vaiden, MS Michelle Carr White Oak. MO Brenna Carigan Caledonia, MS Anna Carter New Albany, MS ■Jamie Carter Alpharetta, GA I Lee Casey Vicksburg, MS Emily Castillo Honduras Barry Caulfield Water Valley, MS ISasha Champlin Columbus MS iNicole Chapman Pontotoc, MS People ' 141 Patricia Chandler Pontotoc MS Richard Chandler Pontotoc MS Paul Chaney Clinton, LA Kelly Charette Oxford Alison Chastain Windermere, FL Toria Chatman Summit, MS Robert Chestnut Tupelo, MS Denise Chevalier Humble, TX Kenny Chin University Kal Yong Chick University Lisa Chism Etta, MS Hyung Cho Metaire, LA Philip Chustz Oxford Joe Clark Pontotoc, MS Kaytee Clark Oxford Meredith Cleland Jackson, MS Kathryn Clifford University Alan Cochran Dickson, TN I k ' I ' %. " ' w. t ii Samantha Coker Baldwyn, MS Janie Cole Batesville, MS Katy Cole Ripley, MS Tommie Coley Camden, AL Jason Collum Tupelo, MS Tarsha Cooper Abbeville, MS Nicole Copeland Oxford Traci Copeland University Kris Corpstein New Albany MS Myron Counsil Oxford Holly Cox Winona, MS Kevin Cozart Randolph, MS Alisha Crabtree Detroit, MI Paula Crawford Philadelphia MS Tamara Crawford New Albany MS Kori Creel Pontotoc, MS Joel Crim Nashville, TN Jessica Crockett Milwaukie, WI Tracie Crosbie Oxford Tina Cruse Pontotoc, MS Mercee Cummings luka, MS Nathan D ' Mello Oxford Rebecca Daech Collinsville, IL Mary Paige Darby Sardis, MS 142 • People 1 f " ■ " A 1 i F .; 7f iRomana Darnell Coldwater MS Shatosha Daugherty Hdly Spring, MS Ann Davis Abbeville, MS Charissa Leanne Davis Oxford Christopher Davis Oxford Gate Davis Brandon, MS iMary Davis Pascagoula, MS Randall Davis Oxford Ellen Dean Madison, MS Tori Deaton Southaven, MS Ijim DeGrasso Lewisburg, TN Ijami Dennie Horn Lake, MS IJavier Derossette Jackson, MS James Dew Yazoo City, MS ISubas Dhungana University Alison Dickey Tupelo, MS Kate Dillon New Albany, MS I Elizabeth Doiron Mandeville, LA ■||HpH t B K S MB S - riTA I Melissa Donegan Saltillo, MS Nileshwar Dosooye University Tracy Dowdy Oxford Melinda Downing Wiggins, MS jjennifer Doyle Manchester, MO Eleanor Draughn Jackson, MS IJon Dropco Oxford ICasey Duncan Caledonia, MS Kristin Duncan Southaven, MS Sally Duncan Corinth, MS Billy Dycus Pascagoula, MS Andrea Eberly Bartlett, TN [Heather Edmondson University Ben Edwards Oxford Daria Efanova Russia Rosemary Eicher University I Ashley Eley Pascagoula, MS IChristy Ellington Carthage, MS I Misty Ellington Carthage, MS Robert Ellis University iThomas Elzen Jackson, MS Mary Ernst Natchez, MS Eric Evans Laurel, MS Melissa Eversmever Metaire, LA People • 143 Elizabeth Farrenburg Sikeston, Amanda Fergeson New Albany, MS Beth Flanagan Clinton, MS Stacy Flowers Tupelo, MS Linnette Forshag Metaire, LA Jeffery Fredericks luka, MS Karen Freeman Belden, MS Jonathan Freer Coffeeville, MS Leigh Frisbee Lewisville, TX Maria Frye Ashford, AL Robert Gable Columbus, MS Daniel Galloway Pontotoc MS Joni Ganger Oxford Ginger Garrison Blue Mountain, MS Brad Gentry Belmont, MS Leah George Jackson, MS Natalie Gessler Fayetteville, AR Van Gilbert Olive Branch MS t 1 f Michael Gill Germantown, TN Justin Glass Covington, TN Eddie Gordon University Marvell Gordon Batesville MS Laurie Gore Woodland, MS Morla Gorrondona Oxford Juli Graham Hattiesburg, MS Katelin Graves Baton Rouge, LA Jonathan Gray Paducah, KY Pamverly Green Pontotoc, MS Angela Greer Philadelphia, MS Brooks Gregory Olive Branch , : Joshua Gregory Kailua, HI Ryan Griffin Laurel, MS Allison Grisham Fayetteville, AR Sonja Grisle Forest, MS Jean-Marie Grower Baton Rouge, LA Jennifer Guckert Jackson, MS Allyson Gunnell Summit, MS Christiane Gunther Senatobia, MS Antoinnette Gurley Paris, MS Enrique Guzman Oxford Chastity Hahs Oxford Karla Haines Olive Branch, MS 144 • People Ijason Hair Oxford I Scott Haley Holly Springs MS iKristy Hammons Oxford Daya Hampton Memphis, TN Ijohn Hancock University |Amy Hanneman Piano, TX iLatonya Harden Abbeville MS Stephen Harrell Savannah TN Carla Harrelson Pontotoc MS Heather Harris Byhalia, MS Kathy Harris Oxford Courtney Harrison Oxford iBarbara Hartman Lilbum, GA May Hassell Oxford Whitney Hathcock Olive Branch, MS Beth Helton luka. MS Olivia Henderson Houston, TX Ijo Ellen Hendrix Oxford " . " " mr w POSTW " 5 k ' m 1 wm .f ' fj I Courtney Hendry Tupelo MS Heather Hengen Biloxi, MS Heather Henry Quincy, IL Michelle Henry West Point, MS Ijustin Hicks Laurel, MS I Marcus Hicks Jackson, TN iChris Hill Norris City, IL Mitchell Hill Oxford JThuy Hoang University IToni Hofer Oxford Audrey Hogue Oxford Ijay Hollis Oxford [Catash lolt Oxford Ijulie Hoover Nashville, TN Melinda Horton Coffeville, MS Vashni Hoskins University Poh-Ning Huang Natchez MS iKimberly Hubbard Chatawa, MS I Andrew Hudson Hernando, MS Brian Hudson Oxford Stacy Hudson Jackson, TN Michelle Hughey Memphis, TN Amy Hull Philadelphis, MS Meredith Hunter Oxford People • 145 Angela Innman Oxford Crystal Ivey Pascagoula, MS Joseph Jackson Oxford Kent Jackson University Etoya James Mound Bayou MS O ' Shea James University Quiton James Laurel, MS Rita James Booneville, MS Robin Jamison Festus, MO Tommy Jarvis DeKalb, MS Tracy Jeffries Holly Springs MS Jacob Jenkins Oxford Kevin Jenkins Senatobia, MS Shea Joffrion Oxford Amy Johnson Southaven, MS Shanita Johnson Charleston, MS Aivin Johnson Memphis, TN Lora Johnston Coldwater, MS . ' i ' . ' " ' ; ' , " ; •? ■ ' ' ' VfT fmd Anthony Jones Oxford Courtney Jones Tupelo, MS Dashawn Jones Grenada, MS David Jones Ocean Springs, MS Jeremy Jones Brandon, MS Joy Lynn Jones Franklinton, Brooke Jordan Phoenix City, Cassandra Joyner Coldwater , MS Michael Juhas Metairie, LA Matthew Justus Heber Springs, AR Melissa Kahlstorf Tupelo, MS Emily Kea Madison, MS Kara Keller La Place, LA Christopher Ray Kendrick BandGaMS Coronda Kidd DREW MS Sara Kimball MEMPHIS LaQuinda Kincaid Courtland MS I Deborah King Coldwater, MS Kathy King Oxford Ian Kistlep Oxford Jennifer Klerk Mt. Hermon, LA Elise Knapp Oxford Corey Knighton Myrtle, MS Foster Knowles Ardmore, AL 146 • People Ijoshua Konrad Glendale, CA Stacy Koon Ridgeland, MS Kiara Kraus-Parr Milwaukee, WI Molly Kuykendall Columbia MS IChris Lancaster Houston, MS IRcx Landreth Dumphries, VA iKhoo Lay Menn Oxford Steven Ledbetter Tupelo, MS ICrocker Lee Greenville, MS Monica Lester Batesville, MS Katie Lewand Oxford iTeck Yong Lin University ICarrie Linder Collierville, TN Monica Loden Greenwood, MS Neil Lollar Booneville, MS iRodney Long Tupelo, MS iKimber Lowrey Booneville, MS iRobert Maddox University 00y i ' 3i ,. : Ijulie Mangum Lawrence, MS Mandy Margolis Edwards, MS Kyle Marshall University Amber Massey Philadelphia Brian Massey Natchez, MS lOenise Mathus Walnut, MS jEmily Maxey Oxford Michelle Mavne Lake St Louis MO Molly MacAnnally Belmont MS Ijohn Mayoral New Orleans, LA Richard McBride Oxford I Shelly McCarthy Tupelo. MS I Jennifer McClure New Albany MS Mark McCool Laurel. MS Deborah McCoy Tupelo. MS Clint McCullough Baton RougeLA JKathy McDaniel Erie, PA lAnna McFarland Ridgeland MS MS [Steven McGowen Hernando Jennifer McGuire Oxford [Melanie McKenzie Batesville, MS Joanna McKinney Laurel. MS iLakesha McKinney Belden MS Michael McNallv Oxford People • 147 Kevin Mediin Olive Branch Emily Meek Eupora, MS Amberlyn Melton Greenwood, MS Rachel Meter Oxford Laura Beth Miller Charleston, MS Lisa Miller Oxford Mandy Miller Rossville, GA Ashley Minyard Oxford Joshua Misner Dyersburg, TN Kenneth Mitchell Cleveland MS Sally Monroe Memphis, TN Hugh Monteith Senatobia Carson Montgomery Jackson Jeri Moore Coffeeville, MS Shamecca Moore Houlka, MS Nathan Morales University Devan Morgan University Crystal Morris New Albany MS ' It - - - -?C? u Davin Morris Canton, MS Will Mooris University Tyler Moss Corinth, MS Sonny Mounicou Kenner, LA Katherine Muller Metaire, LA Danny Murietta Laurel, MS Brandi Nation Clinton, MS Devon Neely Olive Branch MS Elizabeth Nelson Charleston MS Robin Netterville Centreville MS Allison Neubauer Belleville IL Julie Newton Oxford Kara Norman Cartherville, IL Donna Oathout Booneville, MS WillOdom Batesville, MS Judson Offner River Ridge, LA Elton Oneal Univeristy Swee Huat Ong University Craig Orrison Oxford Ruth Owens Demopolis Jennifer Palmertree Oxford Patricia Pendergrass Hattiesburg, MS Robert Perkins Oxford David Peters Halifax, NS 148 • People I Todd Petty Union City. TN Jaime Phillips Oxford iChase Pittman Memphis, TN Cherra Pittman Oxford, MS Angela Pollen Eupora, MS Chris Pope CarroUton, MS iTarasha Posey Hattiesburg. MS Kristina Price Charleston, MS Michelle Priest Saltillo. MS Joshua Provosty Atlanta, GA LaSonya Pullium Tupelo, MS Buck Purselley Ft. Worth TX [Edwin Quinn Jackson MS Eron Randle Guntown. MS Tiffany Rapier Oxford April Ravencraft University Erin Redmond Memphis, TN I Karen Reese University ' - " « r- ' J- y Brad Rhea Hickory Flat. MS Whitney Rice Columbus, GA Patrick Rigby Oxford Bobby Roach Corinth. MS April Robbins Hernando. MS David Robbins Jackson, MS Nick Roberts Eads, TN Makeshia Robey University Sarah Robey Long Beach MS Andrew Robinson Boonville MS .Amelia Rodgers Blue Mountain. MS Courtenay Rodgers Oxford Preston Roland Gulfport MS Shellie Ross Lucedale MS William Rottgering Peducah KY David Ruff Oxford .Ashley Russell Tupelo. MS Tommy Sanderson Tupelo, MS John Sandifer Oxford Felisha Sandford Courtland MS Jason Sappington Rolla. MO Jason Savarese Gulfport, MS Vera Sazonova Russia Erinn .Schermann CapeGirdtdeaaMO PeoDle • 149 April Schalt Houston, TX Jody Schmelzer Oxford Coy Schnadelbach Olive Branch MS Jason Scott Ripley, MS Lara Schrage St. Louis, MO Mason Sellars Franklin. TN Oliver Sellers Franklin, TN Missye Selman Jackson, MS Michael Sery Duluth, GA Darrington Seward Yazoo City, MS John Sexton Oxford Suzanne Shaddix University Shea Shannon Ripley, MS Steve Sharp Scooba, MS Patrick Shaw Holly Springs MS Michael Siau University Gina Sibley Marks, MS Thomas Sides Dundee, MS ii« 2 •J. i 15 W -i : !l»r i K - ■ . 4 ' . a . t . ■ . ' Julianne Signaigo Oxford Andrew Simon Oxford David Sisk Columbia, TN Andy Sistrunk Forest, MS Brad Skinner Little Rock, AR Betty Thomas Slade Greenville, MS Darrell Slimmon Duluth, GA Allison Smith Little Rock AR Charla Smith Eupora, MS Chaunte Smith Batesville MS Joseph Smith Natchez, MS Robert Smith Olive Branch MS Summer Smith Belden, MS Emily Sole Lake Charles LA Mark Sorgenfrei Jackson MS Kara Spanelli Mt. Laurel, NJ Brendi Sparks Water Valley, MS Mejilda Spearman Bruce, MS Brent Springer Jasper, AL Lauren Springfield Oxford Stephanie Stall University Michael Stamey Madison, MS Katherine Stano Brentwood TN | April Stanton Hickory Flat MS H s ' ' i H 150 • People : I Mary Stanton New Albany, MS Urica Stewart Corinth. MS Heather Still Blue Mountain MS Megan Stonhouse Pascagoula MS Lauren Street Greenville, MS Amanda Strickland Bloomburg.TX iSeth Stringer Foxworth. MS David Stripling Decat ur, AL Shelly Stuart Hattiesburg MS Znequet Stubbs University Alfie Sumrall Gulfport, MS Heather Swinney Nashville TN I William Tamke University Alissa Taylor Smith, AR Randy Taylor Clarksdale MS Ijimmy Tee University Sammie Tellis Charleston MS iTimur Tembotov University - " 1 Wr . «b Ijennifer Tharp Winona, MS I Ashley Thibaut New Roads LA ■Bill Thompson Gretna, LA Renee Thompson Sardis. MS Robert Thompson Pensacola FL iNatalie Tinnin Ridgeland MS I Brand! Tolbert Brandon. MS I Mandy Touchstone Shreveport LA iHope Townsend Winona, MS Christopher Toy Oxford Angela Tubbs Oxford Ijennifer Tubwell University I Jerome Tucker Calhoun Cit MS Melissa Turgeon Baton Roug LA Keith Tutor Batesville, MS Michael Upton Tupelo, MS I Sean Urban Woodbridge VA Debra Valas Gemiantown TN I Brian Vance Wichita Falls TX Emily Vance Oxford jjessica Vannoy Madison. Al It. J. Vanzant Oxford Kimiranda Vaughn Oxford I Evelyn Voon University Kimberly Walker Memphis, TN Kimberly Walker University Leslie Walker Senatobia, MS T ' Wanna Walker University Corey Wallace Memphis, TN Lindsay Wallace Gillett, AR Alexis Warner Holly Springs, MS Amy Warriner Brandon, MS Michael Watson Pascagoula MS Bethann Wattigny Oxford Chris Weaver Walnut, MS Leann Weaver Oxford Kevin Webb Madison, MS Thomas Webster Columbia TN Heather Weeden Pontotoc, MS Heather Westberry Columbus MS Keri Wester Pontotoc, MS MaryBrunson Whafley Opelika,AL ©• -A. ,% ' li REBEL PATROL Mitchell Whaley Ackerman, MS Tarrah White Jackson, MS Jamie Whitworth Batesville MS Holley-Marie WiDdns Germartown,TN Emily Williams Enterprise AL Stacy Williams University, MS Kimberly Williams University Kristina Williams Sikeston MO LaTaryl Williams Oxford Monica Williams Magnolia MS Zola Williams Como, MS Cassie Williford Houston, MS Jon Wilson Laurel, MS John Windsor Oxford Hillery Wise Pontotoc, MS Amy Wright Batesville, MS Ashley Wright West, MS Hubbard Young Jackson, MS Brenda Young Clarksdale MS Jennifer Knapp Oxford, MS 152 • People nif r« ililiP it!! ' Ill ' ; lw ' ' .. •S. f- « i li v«ilMl» ss:?x .♦. - People • 153 Meghann Abernathy Laurel, MS Rener Acree Oxford Bart Adams Ripley, MS Jack Adams French Camp, MS Oscar Adams Cleveland, MS Paul Adamson Morganville, KY Karyn Aldridge Columbus, MS Jemiifer Alexander Southaven, MS Lance Alexis Eupora, MS Paul Alfonso Gulfport, MS James Alford Lake, MS Muhammad Ali Oxford Ronnetta Allen Ashland, MS Christy Ancarrow Richmond, MS Stephanie Anders Hot Springs, AR Kerry Anderson Senatobia, MS Lisa Anderson Senatobia, MS Rhett Armistead OUve Branch. MS CO o c CO S -.4 " 3 agv-E Christy Arnold Batesville, MS Virginia Assaf McComb, MS Heather Bachelder R Laudeidale, FL Amanda Bacon Florence, MS Najla Baeshen Saudi Arabia Jody Bailey Coffeeville, MS Jennifer Baker Covington, TN Roy Baker Gautier, MS Lori Bakutis Jackson, MS Richard Baldwin Covington, LA Rachel Ball Columbia, TN Bess Ballew Jackson, MS Meg Barham Laurel, MS Kenneth Barnes Southaven, MS Mistie Barnes Ripley, MS Ian Bartlett Hernando, MS Aubrey Barton Carlsbad, NM Janet Baumann Oxford Reid Beesley Montgomery, AL Al Bell Kosciusko, MS AleciaBell Gulfport, MS Kimberly Bennett Marietta, GA Upasana Bhandary Nepal Kayron Bibbs Winona, MS 154 • People ■ ■l ri H [Van Lynn Blackie Nashville, TN ISteven Blair Oxford Anna Bland Natchez, MS Eric Bland Long Beach, MS T.J. Bland Padulah, KY iGeraldine Blattner Switzerland Blaylock Fulton, MS iDaniel Blaylock Durant, MS Casey Bobbitt Cleveland, MS Emily Boling Brandon, MS Daphnie Boone Pontotoc, MS jjudy Bost Pontotoc, MS iCaryl Boston Dominica Ijamie Bourgoin Pine Bluff, AR JAmanda Bourn Oxford Ashley Bourn University JLawanda Bowdry Senatobia, MS Bowen Florence, MS -i - ll 1 iP P3 H| ILaKatria Bowens Houston, MS Brent Bowlin Greenwood, MS Dave Box Oxford I Tommy Boyles Florence, MS I Allison Brand Raymond, MS I Brooke Brandon Forest Park. GA Ijeff Bravvner Corinth, MS IninLeonBreckenridgein Ra mcndMS Ijennifer Brenton Petersburg. IN Leigha Brewer Wiggins, MS Ijoe Brister Southaven. MS Vanessa Brocks Jackson, MS Ijennifer Brown Jackson, MS Brandon Buffington Ra Tnond. MS Kasey Bull Jasper, AL Ijennifer Bullock New Albany. MS Bill Bunting Madison, FL Brooks Burnette Hernando. MS iLaTonya Burnette Sardis. MS Kenneth Burrell Vaiden. MS Angela Busby Byhalia. MS ISam Butler Leland, MS Whit Byrd Batesville, MS Rebecca Cage HoUandale, MS Rich Call New Orleans, LA Octavia Campbell Kansas City, KS Whitney Campbell Hoover, AL April Canup Tremont, MS Melissa Carey Manhatten Beach, CA Cara Carter Tyler, TX Kelli Carver Long Beach. MS Courtney Caulfield Dallas, TX Kellye Cauthen Clarksdale, MS Victoria Cheatham Rolling Fork, MS Brandy Chisholm Aberdeen, MS Wayne Chrestman Houlka, MS Jacqueline Chung Malaysia Anne Peyton Clark Brandon, MS | Nikki Clark Smithville, MS Jeffrey Clark Pascagoula, MS Jamie Clayton New Albany, MS Kristi Clements Batesville, MS ' C ▼ 0 Andrew Clouatre Slidell, LA Natalie Ann Cobb Pulaksi, TN Jennifer Coburn Southaven, MS Holly Cogbill Halls, TN Lisa Coggin Columbus, MS Eddie Coleman Mathiston, MS Jacey Cook Tupelo, MS Lisa Cook Houston, TX Stan Cook Jackson, MS Kathryn Cooke luka, MS Bettina Copeland Senatobia, MS Adam Corley Pontotoc, MS Ginger Counce Corinth, MS Neely Cousar New Albany, MS Ben Cousins Memphis, TN Deatrice Cox Greenville, MS Tiffany Cox Marks, MS Kimberly Cozart Red Banks. MS | Marc Crawford Charleston, IL Rebecca Crawley Pontotoc, MS Charles Crouch, Jr. Sardis, MS Sarah Cunningham Little Rock, AR Carey Cupit Fayetteville, AR Angela Currie Oxford 156 • People iRoblynn Shaw Curtis HaHiesbuig, MS Clay Dabbs Clarksdale, MS Ijennifer Dance Brandon, MS Ijennifer Daniel Dallas, TX Brad Davis Ripley, MS I Carol Davis Calhoun City, MS IChuck Davis Southaven, MS Ijosiyn Davis II Oxford I Patrick Davis Akron, OH Scott Dees Ocean Springs, MS Rebecca Deloach Oxford I Kathleen Dempsey Rochester, NY lAmiee Dickerson Oxford Kendall Dixon Baton Rouge, LA JApril Dorris Cleveland, MS I Jeremy Dorrough New Albany, MS Karmel Doss Pontotoc, MS iMisti Dossett Jackson, MS V M%4lri i jL iMonica Douglas Toccopola, MS Nancy Douglas Senatobia, MS Marty Downs Wheeler, MS Regina Dudley Dominica Keisha Duffy Duson, LA iKevin Dunahue Mrytle, MS Ijimmy Dunk Woodstown, NJ Chachurat Dunpigul University Martin Durbin Bardstown, KY Danny Durkee Gulfport, MS Renee Dyson Columbus. MS David Edge Oxford [Stephen Edge Vaughan. MS Andrea Edwards Camthersville, MO Holly Edwards Lucedale, MS Anna Kate Eftink Oxford Courtney Ellington Atlanta, GA Ashley Elliot Crowder, MS I Shaiee England RanchoCucamongaCA IStephanie Ertle Bentonia, MS Ijean Paul Escudier Metairie, LA JKristi Estes Nesbit, MS JAndrea Evans Hernando, MS I Jonathan-Pope Ea ans Falkville, AL People • 157 Bob Everett Magee, MS ToddEweli Sherwood, AR Jinny Fachman Water Valley, MS | Erika Fariley Gauiter, MS John Farmer Southaven, MS Joy Farmer Atlanta, GA Robby Farmer Cleveland, MS Angelia Faulkner Hernando, MS Vickie Felton Tupelo, MS Jennifer Fentress Mobile, AL Molly Fenwick Oxford Jennifer Fillingim Jackson, MS Alicia Fisher Madison, MS Elizabeth Fisher Indianola, MS Tasha Flemons Oxford Jeff Flint Houston, TX Grant Ford Jackson, MS Mica Foret Boutte, LA « rif . sxai Iitex W ' 0t Kim Franks Lawrenceburg, TN Brandie Freed Eupora, MS Anna Freeman Waynesboro, MS Cynthia Freeman Senatobia, MS Dennis Frisbee Highland, TX Lyndsay Fuller Columbia, TN Leslie Gable Columbus, MS Jennie Gadd Yorba Linda, CA Kathy Gaines Batesville, MS John Watson Galloway Guliport, MS Anna Gambrell Denton, TX Holley Gandy Germantown, TN Reanna Gandy Marie Garrard LeKeeta Gatlin Monica Gatlin Potts Camp, MS OUve Branch, MS Terry, MS Terry, MS BenningGau Midland, TX Nicole Genger Dallas, TX Stephen Gent Gulfport, MS Gretta George Maryville, TN Michael George Memphis, TN Rebecca Gilmer Kennett, MO Lisa Ginn Little Rock, AR Jennifer Goates Tyler, TX 158 • People iHeather Godwin Philcambell, AL Warren Goodson Oxford Ijennifer Graham Vicksburg, MS peldrick Gray Forest, MS Lester Green Buffalo. NY Natashia Gregoire Dominica Shari-Anne Gregoire Dominica Patrick Grisham Memphis. TN iFrankie Guliedge, Jr. Oxford Tanya Halfacre Verona, MS Amy Hall Potts Camp, MS Kristi Hamer Clinton, MS iBrenden Hammond Cleveland, MS Rob Hammons Petal. MS Laura Hargraves Springfield, TN Amanda Harlan Oxford, MS Candi Harris Water Valley, MS iTamtara Harting Clinton, MS m 19 OXFORD STREET-- [Rebecca Hawkins Vicksburg, MS Ijennifer Heard Plantersville, MS Laura Heller Canton, MS Marc Hellrung Jerseyville, IL Pamela Hendricks Oxford ICharlotte Hendrix Auburn, AL I Dawn Henry Quincy, IL Tracy Henry Winona, MS Shannon Herbert Covington, LA I Thomas Herrington Columbia, MS iDarrick Hervey Water Valley, MS Kimberly Hickey Yacca Valley, CA iBrandy Higgason Myrtle. MS Michelle Higgins Slidell. LA Landra Hill Coldwater. MS Walt Hill Oxford Pamela Hilson Sumner. MS Melana Hinson Natchez. MS iMiriam Hobbs Oxford Alana Hobson Lamar, MS Margaret Hodges Tupelo, MS JGinger Hogue Pascagoula, MS iMandy Holden Horn Lake, MS Istuart Hollingsworth Laurel, MS People • 159 Brad Holmes Tylertown, MS Michelle Holmes Abbeville, MS Scott Holt Oxford Allison Hooten Searcy, AR Amy Hopper Ripley, MS Li-Cheng Hoi Malaysia Julie Horn Flora, MS Lindsey Home Memphis, TN Rennie Howell Hatley, MS Ginny Howry Austin, TX Chun Huang Jackson, TN Will Hudson Tupelo, MS Rachel Huff Jackson, MS Ivy Huggins Southaven, MS Stacy Hunt Brandon, MS Claire Hust Germantown, TN Pamela Hutcherson Horn Lake, MS Matthew Hutsell Searcy, AR w inoBiiii m J Y; ' - Phillip Jackson Bruce, MS Vashun Jackson Fayette, MS Richard James Corinth, MS Angel Jara Galveston, TX Brenda Jenkins Jackson, MS Charles Jenkins New Orleans, LA Kevin Jerrolds Savannah, TN Jeff Johnson Fayetteville, AR Lorn Johnson Poplarville, MS Rachelle Johnson Jackson, MS Amy Jones Starkville, MS Jeremy Jones Oxford Jill Jones Holly Springs, MS Tammy Jones Tupelo, MS Timeka Jones Tupelo, MS Marisol Juarez Houston, TX Cyndi Kesler Dallas, TX Moneika King Bayhlia, MS HopeKizer Milan, TN Paula Klepzig Abbevile, MS Christi Knight Saltillo, MS Melissa Knight Ridgeway, CO Mia Knighton Corinth, MS Julie Kosanovich Ft. Worth, TX PI 160 ' People J Kelly Kreis Bartlett, TN jjennifer Kreyger Corinth, MS JDaniel Kuek Malaysia Daniel Laing Spring Lake, NJ David Landrum Daleville, MS Matthew Langreck West Monroe, LA I Rob Lawrence Peoria, IL Chris Leconte Largo. FL Larry Leins Oxford, MS Keryn Lemieux Destrehan, LA Lea Anne Lemmons Tupelo, MS Paula Lenard Vaiden, MS iSuat-Lian Lim Malaysia Stuart Lindley Hillsborough, NC iTyra Lindstrom Rockville, MD Ijeremy Linton luka, MS Matt Lott Greenville, MS Matthew Lott Vancleave, MS V ff I I Sally Lott Greenville, MS Nancy Love Amory, MS Kristy Lowe Oxford, MS Stephanie Lynch Jackson. MS Nathaniel MacAdams Holland, PA I Karen Allen Macy Greenwood. MS iPeter Magielnicki Preston, VA Erin Malone Huntsville, MS Gena Manning Lucedale, MS I Jennifer Marionneaux Monroe, LA Deverall Marks Bruce. MS Casev Marsh Humboldt. TN iKristen Marsh Elise Marshall Karen Martin I Paul Maschek Melanie Mask Humboldt, TN Madison. MS Corinth. MS Germantovvn, TN Pope, MS Leigh Ann Massey Mendenhall, MS Ijason McAfee Jackson, MS I Suzanne Mc. ninch Hernando. MS Ijoshua McCrory Brandon. MS ITamika McCullar Renzi, MS Marsha McCuller Lambert. MS I Shannon McDa id Brookhaven, MS People • 161 Brent McDowell Bartlett, TN Dixon McGonagill Germantown, TN Mary Shannon McGowan JacksCTi,lVIS Michael McGuire Lawrenceburg, TN Christine Mclntyre Nesbit, MS Courtney Mclntyre Cedar Blufif, MS I Amy Mcintosh Olive Branch, MS David McKee Gautier, MS Ashley McVey Jackson, MS John Meader III Oxford, MS Jane Meek Cleveland, MS Melissa Meeks Sacramento, C Vinessa Merrell Menden, LA Allison Miles Fulton, MS Stephen Miles Columbus, MS Loleatha Miller Hernando, MS Jason Miller Clinton, MS Bed Mitdiefl MianPfaibcrBeadxFL , % % i u»-«- ' v Betsy Mitchell Yazoo City, MS Holly Mitchell Columbia, IL Leigh Mitchell Eupora, MS Bruce Mize Oxford, MS MiMiMonagnet Pass Christian, MS Kirsten Monson Long Beach, MS Joseph Montgomery Pontotoc, MS Keith Montgomery, Jr. Clinton, MS Mary Lacy Maitgwnery Hattiesbuig,MS Roy Mooney Little Rock, AR Heather Moore Crystal Springs, MS John Morgan Brandon, MS Sheldon Morris Jacksonville, Caria Mosley Coldwater, MS Perry Moulds Gulfport, MS Tim Mounce Ecru, MS Audra Mullen Atlanta, GA Renee Mullins Oxford, MS Jennifer Murchison Waterford, MS Bill Myers Vicksburg, MS Chris Nagel St. Louis, MO Erin Nance Cairo, IL Andrew Neel Southaven, MS Adrienne Nelson Pine Bluff. 162 • People I Katie Newkirk Stuttgart, AR Matt Newman Clinton, MS ijohn Newton Vicksburg, MS Lani Nguyen Biloxi, MS Ijennifer Nichols Southaven, MS IWhitney Nick Greenville, MS iNathan Nix Jackson, MS Kelly Nobile Moorehead, MS Russ Nobile Natchez, MS Shelly Nolen Myrtle, MS Cory Norden Suwanee, GA Ixiffani Norman Little Rock, AR Ijamie O ' Neal Tunica, MS Richard Orintas Ridgeland, MS ISam Owen Gulfport. MS ISummer Owens Petal, MS Mark Page Rosedale, MS I Larry Parten Long Beach, MS " ■ ' .t Vk i t_ . tr- - iSager Patel Columbus, MS IShannon Patrick Braxton, MS Laura Patton Quitman, MS llna Payne Emporia, KS Stacey Pay ton Cordova, TN mrandylyn Pearson Pocahontas, TN iKristie Pearson Houston, MS ICecille Pemberton Dominica iGloria Perkins Coldwater. MS iHayden Perkins Hollandale, MS Lachell Petty West Point, MS Brad Pfranger Brookhaven, MS I Mike Phelan Memphis. TN Chad Pickens Vicksburg, MS Corbett Plaxico Macon, GA Anitra Polk Olive Branch, MS Ijohn Pospisil Wharton, TX iFrankie Prescott Myrtle, MS Ijessica Press Gulfport, MS Ijoe Pressler McComb. MS IChris Price Metairie, LA IShelly Price Brookhaven, MS Carlos Pruitt, Jr. Oxford. MS leilliePrvor Calhoun City. MS People • 163 Laura Psencik Meridian, MS Jenny Puff Hernando, MS KelliPugh Warsaw, VA Melanie Radich Hernando, MS Richard Raff Piney Flats, TN Cara Rasmussen Decatur, AL Holly Ratcliff Brookhaven, MS Jennifer Reape Jackson, MS Angela Reed Columbus, MS Eddie Reed Batesville, MS Lori Reep University Annette Reese Carlsbad, NM Justin Rhodes Pelahatchie, MS Terry Rhodes Marietta, GA Carla Rhyne Macon, GA Angela Ricks Grenada, MS Jessica Ridgeway Tupelo, MS John Rings Canton, MS r ' » Jennifer Ritz Oxford, MS Jessica Roan Dallas, TX Greg Robbins Pontotoc, MS Tracy Robbins Pontotoc, MS Bradley Roberson Ripley, MS Mandy Roberts Oxford, MS John Robinson, Jr. Oxford, MS Leigh Robinson Meridian, MS Shannon Rodgers Courtland, MS Kate Rogers Columbia, MS Mogan Romiah Malaysia Nicole Rosamond Oxford, MS Angelyne Rose Pachuta, MS Brent Ross Biloxi, MS Rhonda Ross Mt. Olive, MS Lindy Rounsaville Grenada, MS Todd Rowland Hernando, MS Stacey Roy Jackson, MS Nick Sagona New Orleans, LA Peyton Salmon Charleston, MS Carmen Saunders Greensboro, NC Lindsay Schieffer Austin, TX Katie Schueth Crossett, AR Paula Scott Palm Harbor, FL 164 • People I Shea Scott New Albany, MS IXracy Ann Scott University Amanda Scrimpshire Jackson, MS Lee Sharp Patoka, TN Laura Shields Crowder, MS Lynn Shillingford Oxford, MS Ijason Simon Columbia, MS Melissa Sims Abbeville. MS Stephanie Singley Meridian, MS Kimberly Sisk Okolona, MS I Jonathan Skinner Little Rock. AR iBrad Sloan Oxford, MS lAnn-Taylor Smith Columbus, MS Christi Smith Olive Branch, MS Clint Smith Henderson, TX ■Jessica Smith Columbia, MS Laura Smith Summit. MS iLee Smith Natchez, MS iMarie Smith Houston, MS Shea Smith Greenwood, MS Whitney Smith Oxford, MS Pamela Snider Coffeeville, MS Eileen Soo Malaysia Landon Spencer Tupelo. MS ISarah Sprinkle Memphis. TN ISusan Sprott Memphis, TN iKristen Spruiell Oxford, MS IChristi Stevenson Oxford. MS Brannon Stewart Oxford. MS Beth Stidman Winona. MS [MattsSl Batesville. MS Da id Stoddard Calhoun City, MS Stacy Stout Conway, AR Daniel Stovall Belen, MS Randy Stovall Caf)e Girardeau, MO Courtney Stroupe Holly Springs. MS iLinda Stubbs Ripley. MS Skye Sturlese New Iberia. LA Ijennifer Sullivan Batesville. MS Angela Summers Tupelo. MS I Timothy Sumrall II Vicksburg. MS IXanya Swanson Paris, TN People • 165 Val Swanson Senatobia, MS Rebecca Swimmer luka, MS James Swindoll Brandon, MS Marcy Swogger Sikeston, MO Don Tapscott Nettleton, MS Michael Tate New Albany, MS Joy Tatum Taylor, MS Alison Taylor Gretna, LA Jeffrey Taylor Senatobia, MS Jessica Taylor Murfreesboro, TN Aaron Terry Denver, CO Mandi Tettleton Farmerville, LA Jennifer Thomas Tupelo, MS Jennifer Thompson Hazlehurst, MS Pamela Thompson Okolona, MS Dustin Thorn Rossville, GA Thomas Tillman Bruce, MS Brandi Todd Hernando, MS .y, V -•. Katharine Todd Jackson, MS Lissa Todd Birmingham, AL Eric Tramel Raleigh, MS Monica Trela Tinley Park, IL Jennifer Trimble Pulaski, TN Stephanie Vaglica Tampa, FL Linda Vance Oxford, MS Brandon Vanderburg West]VfaTi{iTis,AR Amber Vaughn Bruce, MS Pamela Vaughn Grenada, MS Andrew Vincent French Camp, MS Heather Vinson Olive Branch, MS Margaux Viox Meridith Volk Lesli Vollrath Heather Wade Florence, KY Kenner, LA Reynoldsburg, OH Bartlett, TN Rebecca Waldrop Pontotoc, MS Alisha Walker Pontotoc, MS Jimmy Wallace Olive Branch, MS Jason Walters Batesville, MS Bruce Ware Newton, MS Jessica Warren Philadelphia, MS April Watson Jackson, MS Chris Watson Pascagoula, MS 166 • People I Julie Weakley Cape Girardeau, MO 1 Brandon Webb West Memphis. AR Angela Weckl Chesterfield. MO Femi Welch Starkville, MS Jeff Wells Oxford Midiefle-LynneWesHnan SaiArtriaTX [Ann Vest Clarksdale, MS Cindy West Fulton. MS Amy Whaley Knoxville, TN Bryan White Oxford. MS Leah White Jackson. TN Naketa White Oxford iThomasina Wliite Water Valley. MS Rodney Willhite Coldwater. MS Bobbie Williams Bartlett. TN Danny Williams Jackson, MS Ijason Williams Columbus. MS JKimberlv Williams Clarksdale, MS iJ-f- 9%. - ■f 4ii4 iTheona Williams Dominica Vanessa Williams Como, MS Wade Williams Nettleton, MS Laura Williamson Slidell. LA Amanda Wilson Hope. AR I Natalie Wilson Aberdeen, MS iZeb Winstead Jackson. MS Wendy Wolf Bay St. Louis. MS Ijanet Wolfe Olive Branch. MS Ijoey Wolfe Vicksburg, MS I Nicholas Wolfe Vicksburg. MS Robin Wood Saltillo. MS iGretchen Woods Mandeville. LA Wayne Woollery Jamacia David Wright Lexington. TN Karen Wright Holly Springs. MS Kexin Wright Hendersonville. MS IXrenton Wright Mobile. AL I Diane Yam Blashia Pang Yong Loong University Latina Young University I Sarah Bisland Young Jackson. MS iTammy Zegledi Winter Park, FL I Heather Hitchcock Oxford. MS People • 167 • • • • imp ,»ut AJnivetsiTf ' yi m ' - [ ■ " ■% ri fj " : ' HlfpL A « vt;- y,.vi: ¥. a t V. ► .MS- - sa . ' f -■% § d Yi v« i--, I 170 • People M c ffr " ' N3f t -% w r . UBU ¥ M5 v- V • ! ' ip. Jl v b ir )l A - » iPB ». l« H)( Ji I ■■. «» t |;» «!i. ' «v, " •.- ' riH I ' fK ' Vi ' K " Ei i , 3 I g ¥ 1 ■■■■ ' ' ' ■■■ ' ■. % . , ' ' m ■p ■■• fe;: - ; " ' t: ' : " V ' ' -- :i: ' ?: Wl mm " Zi ■ i J ., i i ' - " ' " ' . . M U ' - -, Vf) •■ ' iiiiv -r ii5 i:- ' S sr [ ■ ' .sfcKiiws ' . V-! 15 For One-hundred and fifty years the University of Mississippi has challenged students to excell in all areas of campus life. Students devote great amounts of time and effort to these extra-curricular activities. As seniors, a select few of the student leaders are recog- nized for their acheivements. These are the students that can be found on the following pages. Whether DISTINCTIONS winning beauty pageants or being selected as a mem- ber of the Ole Miss Hall of Fame, these students are recognized for their talents and determination. They have strived for excellence in order to make Ole Miss a greater institution. These honors are just one way that Ole Miss is able to say " Thank You for being such an important part of the Ole Miss community. " •PETER WATTS 174 • Distinctions CoIoneI REb ANd Miss OIe Miss EacN year two stucJents receive tNe hoNOREd tjtLes of CoIoneI REb ancI Miss OIe Miss. AflER A fJERCE WEEk lONQ COMpETJTJON, JiMbo WilliAMS WAS NAMEcJ CoIoNeI REb, ANcJ MiRiAM Hobbs WAS NAMEd Miss OLe Miss. MiRiAM pARTicipATEs In numerous ACTiviTiEs, ON ANd off cAMpus. ShE is A MEMbER of Chi OmEQA SORORiiy iN which shE SERVEd AS ihE pRESidENT ANd pANhEflENiC REpRE- SENTATiVE. ShE WAS AN ORiENTATJON lEAdER ANd iS aLsO A MEMbER of ORdER of OmEQA, ANd SludENT AihlETic BoARd. MiRiAM sERVEd AS viCE-pREsidENT of GoLdEN Key NATiONAl Honor Society. As a MEMbER of ASB, shE SERVEd ON ihE ChARlTY WeeK committee ANd ThE OxfoRd LiAsoN Committee. As A MEMbER of SPB, shE SERVEd ON ThE MuItI-EVENTS CoMMITTEE ANd ThE SplRJT CoMMITTEE. JiMbo WilliAMS is A MEMbER of Phi Kappa Tau fRATERNlTY, In which hE SERVEd AS Rush ChAJRMAN, ViCE-PRESidENT, JudlClAl ChAlRMAN, Risk MaNAQEMENT ChAlRMAN, ANd IPC REPRESENTATIVE. He participates In HAbiTAT foR Humanity, Leap Froq, ANd CAMpus CRUsAdE foR ChRlsT. JiMbo is Also A MEMbER of TrI-BeTA, EtA SIQMA Phi, ANd ORdER of OmEQA In which hE SERVEd AS socIaI chAlRMAN. He pARTlClpATEd IN ThE SPB SUMMER STAff ANd SpEClAl EVENTS CoMMITTEE. As A MEMbER of ASB, hE SERVEd ON ThE SENATE ExECUTIVE CoUNCll ANd WAS ThE UnIVERSITY DeVeIoPMENT Committee ChAlRMAN. JiMbo WilliAMS MiRiAM Hobbs 176 • Distinctions ykf . m CoIoneI REb JiMbo WilliAMs Miss OIe Miss MiRlAM Hobbs Oim ' ' il jCjC 178 • Distinctions Iu Jcma iUes Distinctions • 179 1 80 • Distinctions Iass J-cuixydiesy Distinctions • 181 1998 6wu £im JUcQlaeea Caroline is a pre-dental English Imajor minoring im Chmeistry and Biology. She is amember of Alpha Epsilon Delta and | Sigam Tau Delta honoraries. She partici- Ipates in Mississippi Young Republicans, I Reformed University Fellowship, ASB Student Services Committee, SPB Single Day Events Committee, and the Physics and Astronomy Board. Caroline is a mem- Iber of Phi Mu sorority in which she served las Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, and Intramural Chair. Caroline McQueen was escorted by Brad Davis. Caroline poses with Colonel Reb. 182 • Distinctions Fran Goodwin was escort- ed by David Blackburn Mary Lacy Montgomery was escorted by Larkin Honea Felicia Woods was escorted by Anthony Boone Mary Mac Porter was escorted by Ryan Davis r Brandy Mack was escorted by Jimmy Love Kayla Harrell was escorted by Peter Pugh Brandy Barnett was escort- ed by Alonzo Banks. Carly Peterson was escorted by Walt Hill. Melissa Kahlstof was escort- ed by Brad Henderson Distinctions • 183 fup ' s fio 1998 Michelle Dubuc Courtney Stroupe Matt Still Candace King Michelle Dubuc . ■ !:2r; 2i 3SsXlt;t! .J!i! 1 84 • Distinctions ' s L.1998 Ben Thompson Kristi Walker Brad Davis Ashley Tucker April Canup Kyle Chandler Distinctions • 185 ' WLp ' s ' Wfio 1998 fup ' s. ' WL.1998 Chase Maxey Kelly Craig Matt Hutsell Katherine Cox James Swindle Jenny Puff Distinctions • 187 M Li. ' s ' Wfup1998 William Seibels Mary Elisabeth Roberts Charles D. Sherman III Michelle Gill Katheryne Brand 188 • Distinctions fWL s fio 1998 i It; A Ashley Baier Stephen Poole Whitney Campbell Miriam Hobbs Carrie Breitbarth Jason Muggins Distinctions • 189 fup ' s ' =WLi 1998 i.iti ' ffffittitra ' m Brooks Burnette Nikola Vujic Najla Brashen A n n i Brad Raines Jennifer iVIarionneaux 190 • Distinctions nAJWs ' Lp 1998 Laura Williamsand Preston Frazer J l1 Jacey Cook Kayretha McKinney w mnmm Heard Gal is Laura Margraves Distinctions •191 |a4 VWA 99(S Tiffany Cox Haymes Snedeker Kerry Anderson Rob Lawrence Chad Webb 192 • Distinctions S4 Aa V 995 Bonnie Morris Stephen Gent Amy Hall Distinctions • 193 fup ' s fux 1998 194 • Distinctions " WAa: 1998 » Mary Martha Hodge Matt Sanders Megan Breen Allison Nailes Dusty Schultz Kim Franks Distinctions • 195 W 3 V 995 1 i I Mi !• 196 • Distinctions i XLSS Distinctions • 197 198 • Distinctions cd t ot J atm TTloidcU 200 • Distinctions Distinctions • 201 202 • Distinctions Distinctions • 203 204 • Distinctions Distinctions • 205 o tade oiy fa exi iA tves I 206 • Distinctions Each year members of the Senior Class elect three officers whose duty it is to over- see the Senior Class project as well as other Senior Class activities. The officers of the Class of 1999 began work soon after their election in order to find a project that would reflect the interests of their class as well as the needs of the University. Thanks to their efforts the Class of 1999 will play an important role in the develop- lg|g||||§gi[|i||gg §|g||gf the newgQ||§|g||mi Th BHHgi brei will take place in May. The Grove Stage will be used for ail types of campus activi- ties rangeing from concerts to theatrical performances. The officers believe that the stage will become an important part of the Ole Miss campus and will remind everyone of the contributions and achievements of the Class of 1999. President: fiOnef ' EamfiMl Vice President: xMu muiny Secretary Treasurer: Jmnf uip Sv. " Uss Ijlce isy Distinctions • 207 With the dawn of a new millennium, a new era in Ole Miss sports has also begun. Where ever one looks there are winning programs on campus, from tennis to basketball to football. With every victory, Ole Miss is gaining more and more attention nationally as a winning sports program. The credit for this goes to the coaches, fans, and especially SPORTS the student athletes, who must balance the demands of academics with the pressures of athletics. Athletic compe- tition is what gives life to a campus. Here at Ole Miss one can feel that life pulsating from the soccer field to Vaught- Hemingway Stadium. Sports are an integral part of any campus, but here at Ole Miss they are treasured and hon- ored. •Kevin Flood 208 • Sports The 1998 Ole Miss Rebel footbaU team got off to a great start this year as they bat- tled to a 30- 10 victory over the Memphis Tigers, and new arrival quarterback Romaro Miller threw for over tliree hundred yards to lead his team to this impressive victory. The Rebels did not fare so well against their next opponents, losing 17-0 to Aubum. Everyone has a bad day, and the team would prove that as they stmng together three consecutive wins against Vanderbuilt, SMU, and South Carolina. Unfortunately, this winning streak would not last. The Rebels were plagued with injuries from the beginning. In the second play against Vanderbuilt, offensive Hneman Terrence Metcalf was put out for the season with a bro- ken leg. After batting down what could have been the killing blow in a near LSU win, defen- sive back Synicker Taylor went down with a broken ankle in one of the practices following the game. Finally, in one of the last plays against Georgia, Romaro Miller went down with a broken clavicle, making it impossible for him to play in the most important game of the year for every Rebel, the Egg Bowl. Even through great misfortune, the Ole Miss Rebels still managed a 6-5 overall record for a winning season in what Coach Tommy Tuberville had termed a rebuilding year. Now there is a new light for the Ole Miss football. With the departure of Coach Tuberville, former offensive coordinator for Tennessee, David CutcUffe has arrived, fired up and ready to play. One can only wonder at what success is in store for us next year. - Sports Editor: Bryant Glisson 1 ! I Jason Baker Quarterback Romaro Miller looks downfield for an open teammate to pass the ball to. Miller attempted 326 passes and completed 184 of them for a total of 153 passing yards, (above) 199 Date Septs Sept 12 Sept 19 Sept 26 Oct 3 Oct 10 Oct 24 Octal Nov? Nov 21 Nov. 26 Opposing Team Memphis (JP) Auburn (SS) at Vanderbilt (JP) at SMU South Carolina at Alabama Arkansas State (HO) LSU (S) at Arkansas (JP) at Georgia Mississippi State (ESPN) RD Score 30-10 (W) 17-0 (L) 30-6 (W) 48-41 (W)-OT 31-30 (W) 20-17 (L) 30-17 (W) 37-31 (W)-OT 34-0 (L) 24-17 (L) 28-6 (L) HC- Homecoming S- Sesquicentennial Week-End TV- Jefferson Pilot (JP), Fox Sports South (SS), ESPN Jason Baker Wide receiver Jamie Armstrong goes up for against Auburn. Ole Miss lost 17-0. (above) Sports • 211 1998 Football Roster No. Name Pos. Hometown 1 Eddie Strong LB Batesville, MS 2 Ronnie Heard LB Lake Jackson, TX 3 Todd Campbell WR Franklin, TN 3 Timothy Strickland CB Memphis, TN 4 Ben Shaw QB Ruston, La. 4 Armegis Spearman LB Bruce, MS (High) 5 Maurice Flournoy HB Ft. Meyers, FL 7 Jamie Armstrong WR Plantersville, MS 8 Darius Tate DB Atlanta, GA 9 Rufus French TE Amory, MS 10 Tom Davis QB Batesville, MS 10 Walt Hill LB Oxford, MS 11 Romaro Miller QB Shannon, MS 12 Kenny Woods SS Grenada, MS 13 Brent McDowell FS Bartlett, TN 13 Jake Hill QB Tupelo, MS 14 Doug Zeigler TE Wilmington, OH 15 David Morris QB Mobile, AL 16 Reagan King P Ackerman, MS 17 Timothy Gallahan QB Birmingham, AL 19 Ronnie Letson WR Norcross, GA 20 Toward Sanford RB Batesville, MS 21 Justin Coleman DB Columbus, GA 22 Deuce McAllister RB Morton, MS 23 Syniker Taylor DB Gulfport, MS 24 Ken Lucas WR Cleveland, MS 25 Markee Pearson DB Oxford, MS 26 Chico Chandler LB Houston, MS 27 Ryan Huskey WR Brentwood, TN 27 Anthony Magee SS Collins, MS 28 Joe Gunn RB Amory, MS 29 Clyde Gill DB Sardis, MS 30 Arthur Spear DB Killeen, TX 31 Desmon Johnson DB Okmulgee, OK 32 Anthony Sims DE Memphis, TN 33 Tony Cannion RB Melbourne, FL 34 Allen Copeland RB Pontotoc, MS 36 Demond James LB Pontotoc, MS 36 Ross Barkley HB-K New Albany, MS 37 Justin Blake DE Selbyville, DE 38 Gary Thigpen CB Cleveland, MS 39 Kevin Thomas DB Courtland, MS 40 Ben Brown LB Columbus, MS 40 Shawn Johnson LB Brewton, AL 41 Malcolm Williams LB Big Creek, MS 42 Dexter Hines LB Brownsville, TN 43 Antionne Scott DT Memphis, TN 44 Chad Cook LB Calhoun City, MS 45 Charles Stackhouse LB-RB West Memphis, AR 46 Amzie Williams LB Philadelphia, MS 47 Chris Brown LB Batesville, MS 47 Trent Wright WR Mobile, AL 48 Ben Craddock P McComb, MS 49 Donald Juneau K Daphne, AL 49 John Meeks RB Walnut, MS 50 Dusty Braddock DT Laurel, MS 50 Matt Luke C Gulfport, MS 51 Jason Partin LB Zachary, LA 53 Rickey Jones LB Hollandale, MS 54 Mitch Baker OL Germantown, TN 54 Brian Yeck C Oxford, MS v (roster continued on page 214) a 212 • Sports Wide Receiver Cory Peterson works his way toward the end zone through two SMU Mustangs. Peterson received a total of 601 yards for four touch- downs during the season, (right) Joe Gunn leaves the Mustangs in the dust as he moves down- field. Gunn had a total of 546 rushing yards and six touchdowns for the season, (above) I II I ' 1 ki Running Back Toward Sanford of Batesville digs in to get past SMU Mustangs, (right) Jason Baker Jason Baker Jason Baker Bacl ed up by his teammates, Running Back Deuce McAllister plows through the ASU Indian ' s defense. Only the second running back to rush over 1,000 yards, McAllister had a seaons total of 1082 rushing yards for seven touchdowns, (above) Sports • 213 V (roster continued. . .) No. Name Pos ;. Hometown 55 Ben Claxton Dublin, GA 56 Derrick Burgess DE Riverdale, MD 56 Matthew Walker OG Mobile, AL 57 Brad Synnott OL Houston, TX 58 Evan Alford LB New Orleans, LA 59 Shane Elam DE Covington, TN 59 Belton Johnson OL Coffeeville, MS 60 A.J. Kiamie C Oxford, MS 61 Correy Gex LB Bay St. Louis, MS 62 Michael Boone DT West Helena, AR 62 Jeff Nichols OL Columbus, GA 63 German Bello OL Pompano Beach, 64 G. Davis Wilson OL Paris, KY 65 John Keith OL Mooreville, MS 66 Bobby Killion C Crowley, TX 66 Jackson Moran LB Franklin, TN 67 Chad Jennings DE Southaven, MS 67 Charlie Perkins C Macon, MS 68 Shane Grice OL Shannon, MS 71 Todd Wade OL Jackson, MS 72 John McGarvey OL Flowery Branch, GA 73 Keydrick Vincent OL Bartow, FL 74 Mike Hamilton OL Tupelo, MS 75 David Peden OL Nashville, TN 76 Tutan Reyes OL Queens, NY 77 Matt Koon C Myrtle, MS 78 Augustus Carwell OL Ft. Lauderdale, FL 79 Terrence Metcalf OL Clarksdale, MS 80 Shawn Clark WR Holly Springs, MS 80 Al Rice LB Hattiesburg, MS 81 Adam Bettis TE Sherwood, AR 83 Mike Salters WR Homestead, FL 84 Comone Fisher DT Houston, TX 85 Cory Peterson WR Germantown, TN 86 Sheldon Morris HB Jacksonville, FL 87 Kahlil Nash DE Harrisburg, PA 88 Grant Heard WR Lake Jackson, TX 89 L.J. Taylor HB Clewiston, FL 89 Thomas Gee LB Shickley, NE 90 Mitch Skrmetta TE Biloxi, MS 91 Jon Claxton TE Dublin, GA 91 Frank Lucchese K Park Ridge, IL 92 Tyler Williams DT Mayslanding, NJ 93 Walker Hunsicker DE Oxford, MS 94 Luke Chamblee TE Jackson, MS 95 Morris Scott DE Louisville, MS 96 Kendrick Clancy DT Tuscaloosa, AL 97 Carlisle McGee K Greenville, MS 98 Yahrek Johnson DE Atlanta, GA 99 Robert Gates DE Decatur, GA Head Coach: Tommy Tuberville 1 Defensive Tackles: Don Dunn Running Backs: Eddie Gran Defensive Coordinator Linebackers: Art Kaufman Wide Receivers: Greg Knox Defensive Backs: John Lovett Offensive Coordinator Quarterbacks: Noel Mazzone Offensive Line: Hugh Nail Tight Ends Special Teams: Joe Pannunzio Defensive Ends: Terry Price Head Athletic Trainer: Leroy Mi jllins Head Strength Conditioning Coach: Benjy Pierce Head Equipment Maganger . John Ross 214 Sports Jason Baker A powerful Rebel defense, shuts down Vanderbuilt with a crush- ing quarterbacksack.(above) I r Jason Baker Determination is a key attribute for the fleet of foot. Never let a man get by. (above) II Center Back Gary Thigpen dives to bring down a Vanderbilt Commodore. The Rebels beat Vandy 30-6 on their home turf in Nashville, (below) The Rebels pile up to bring down an Auburn Tiger during the game in Oxford. Despite valiant efforts, the Rebels lost the game 17-0. (below) Three Rebels work as a team to bring an end to the ride of an SMU Mustang. The Rebels won the game 48-41 in overtime, (bottom) Cutcliffe Committed to Coaching at Ole IVIiss • UT assistant takes over the Rebels for Independence Bowl. David Cutcliffe has every intention Miss coach. Cutcliffe returned to Cutcliffe and Ole Miss overcame of being at Mississippi well past the Knoxville for Tennessee ' s practice. numerous obstacles Thursday night, fourth anniversary of his hiring, unlike " I am looking forward to getting beating Texas Tech 35-18 to make him the coach he replaced. started. Obviously I have a job to go a winner in his coaching debut. Cutcliffe, the 16-year assistant back to that I have to finish, that I ' m " I am not tired ... not a bone in my coach for top-ranked Tennessee, was committed to finish, " said Cutcliffe, body, " Cutcliffe said. " Being the introduced Dec. 2 as the Rebels ' new head coach, saying Ole Miss is the place he planned to retire from. " The challenge I ' ve got is to suc- ceed well enough that I am allowed to retire here, " said Cutcliffe, 44. " I have no interest in another job. That ' s just kind of my nature, once I get settled in, I ' m going to be setded in. " Those comments were encouraging to Ole Miss fans and players, many whom felt betrayed by Tommy Tuberville ' s departure - after weeks of denial - to become Auburn ' s coach. Tuberville, hired exactly four years before Cutcliffe ' s introduction as his replacement, was 25-20 at Oxford David Cutliffe despite inheriting two years of NCAA who in 1992 was promoted to offen- probation. sive coordinator and assistant head But after his third winning season, coach at Tennessee after serving on Independence underdog sometimes works in your advantage. We had a plan from the very first meeting ... and we stuck with that plan. " I said a lot of prayers in the last three weeks. But tonight I ' m going to say a prayer of thanksgiving for this opportunity. The good Lord has really guided me into a good spot. " Cutcliffe, still in pain for an inflamed pancreas and about 20 pounds lighter than when he was hired Dec. 2, became the first Ole Miss coach in 20 years to win his first game. And he did it with a squad with just six seniors. Romaro Miller, a sophomore see- ing his first action since breaking his collarbone Nov. 21, threw an Bowl-record three with a squad that played just five sen- iors this year, Tuberville used Ole Miss (his first head coaching job) as a step- ping stone to Auburn - a volatile situa- tion, but one that doubled his salary. that staff since 1982. touchdown passes, the last a 26-yarder Cutcliffe returned to Oxford with to Cory Peterson with 8:22 left in the plans to assemble a coaching staff, step game. Miller was 14-of-23 for 216 full-speed into recruiting and prepare yards and was the game ' s offensive Ole Miss (6-5) for its second straight MVR " We wanted a person who would be postseason bowl game. Cutcliffe made " It ' s OK, it felt good to me, " Miller committed to not just take this job, but his head coaching debut in the Dec. 31 said of his arm. " All week I have been finish it, " said athletic director John Independence Bowl at Shreveport, La. throwing without it hurting. It showed Shafer, who conducted the search for Eight of Tuberville ' s nine assistants tonight. " Tuberville ' s replacement with Ole Miss have joined him at Auburn, but rumors And Miller was already looking Chancellor Robert Khayat. persist that several of them want to ahead to next season, when Cutcliffe Cutcliffe took on the job full-time at return to Ole Miss. Cutcliffe ' s new Ole Miss after finishing his current job, staff consists of Gerry Dickey, Art that as offensive coordinator and quar- Kaufman, Marion Hobby, Kurt Roper, terbacks coach at Tennessee (11-0), Jerry Colquitt, John Latina, Richard which played Mississippi State in the Bisaccia, Mike Maclntyre, Ron Southeastern Conference Champion- Middleton, Rick Petri and Tom ship Game. Cutcliffe did not stay at Lavigne. Tennessee for the Vols ' bowl game. Cutcliffe got a four-year contract, the Rebels Rout Texas Tech longest allowed for state employees in The game plan for Thursday night ' s Mississippi, worth $1.6 miUion, Shafer Independence Bowl mixed Ole Miss ' said. The contract includes incentives regular offense with a few twists and other perks. Cutcliffe brought with him from After his introduction as the Ole Tennessee 216 • Sports will have his offensive system installed. " We can come back and do it better next year, " Miller said. Ole Miss (7-5) clinched the game 30 seconds after Miller ' s third TD when Anthony Magee intercepted Matt Tittle ' s pass and returned it to the Texas Tech 31. Eight plays later. Deuce McAllister scored on a 4-yard run. Texas Tech (7-5) got its last score on Kevin McCullar ' s 14-yard fumble return in the final minute, but Ole 1998 Ole Miss Rebel Football Team ' V - 9M8 ' ' £yj l l «SviSl3AlV4ls 46il7flSi2 il i, Miss responded immediately on McAlliste r ' s 43-yard return of an onside kick. Ole Miss ' first victory since Oct. 31 came less than a month after Cutcliffe was hired to replace Tommy Tuberville. The coaches were forced to learn what the Rebels had done all season. And the players responded with a 355-yard effort against Tech, which was ranked eighth nationally in total defense (285 yards per game). It was only the second meeting between the teams and a rematch of the 1986 Independence Bowl that Ole Miss won 20-17, coincidentally in the coaching debut of Tech coach Spike Dykes. Miller threw several long passes, including one that flew almost 65 yards - well past the intended receiver and two defensive backs who fell down after they collided. When Ole Miss drove 75 yards in 1 1 plays to take a 14-7 lead, it was McAllister doing most of the work. He had eight carries for 32 yards and turned a short swing pass from Miller into a 32-yard TD with 6:04 left in the second quarter. McAllister, who this season became only the second 1,000-yard rusher in Ole Miss history, finished with 79 yards on 27 carries. Miller ' s fumble midway through the first quarter, after being hit by Kris Independence Bowl Trophy Kocurek, led to Texas Tech ' s 7-0 lead. Three plays after Ty Ardoin ' s recovery at the Ole Miss 25, Rob Peters threw a 22-yard TD to Derek Dorris. Peters, the starter, was 5-of-ll passing for 69 yards. Tittle was 11-of- 19 for 134 yards with two intercep- Uons. Ricky Williams, the other great run- ning back from a Texas school but not the Heisman Trophy winner, was limit- ed to 85 yards on 23 carries after run- ning for 1,582 yards during the regular season. Ole Miss got even when Miller hit Ken Lucas for a 33-yard TD. Lucas, who caught just two passes during the regular season while primarily play- ing defensive back, made the catch after working around defensive back Darwin Brown at the goalline. The tying touchdown with 1:18 left in the first quarter came on the first play after a 29-yard punt. The Red Raiders had been pushed back after Kendrick Clancy ' s third-down sack of Peters. Texas Tech got within 14-10 when Chris Birkholz kicked a 49-yard field goal with 2:18 left in the first half. The kick, a line drive that barely cleared the crossbar, was the longest by the Red Raiders in 23 postseason games. Steve Sloan won in his Ole Miss debut in 1978, but Billy Brewer (1983), Joe Lee Dunn (1994) and Tuberville (1995) all lost their open- ers. — Sports Information Sports • 217 Ole Miss Spirit is an important pait of any athletic event, and who better to keep up school spirit than the Ole Miss Cheerleading squads? They keep the fans shouting during the games and support the teams that represent the university. They can be seen at various sporting events, but behind all the smiles and cheers, there is a great deal of hard work. " The cheerleaders are very dedicated and loyal to the school, " said Head Coach Missy Scott. " This year ' s squads are very spirited, and they work hard to lead the crowd through stunts and cheering. " The three groups-varsity, junior varsity, and the volleyball soccer squad-practice daily from 4-6 p.m. in the Education Gym. This year marks the first time Ole Miss has had three squads. " The talent level has risen the last cou- ple of years, " said Scott. " We have a lot of talent this year, and this enabled us to create a third squad. " During practice they work on jumps, gymnastics and popping stunts. Cheers, including words and motions, must also be ready for the big games. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, they are required to participate in a weight program, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, they jog at 6 a.m. to help with cardiovascular conditioning. Not only do the cheerleaders participate in the games, but they also host pep rallies that let the ath- letes know that the crowd will be cheering for them. They also help with community projects such as Very Special Arts. " We are not only here for the athletes, " said Scott, " but we also help promote the school. " They not only work hard to represent the univer- sity, but they also put themselves on the hne to show their dedication to the teams. Seen cheering at football games, men ' s and women ' s basketball games, volleyball games, and soccer games, the cheerleaders work hard to get the crowd on their feet. Their diligence builds school spirit and makes games a fun place to be. story by Carley Cade J Jason Baker P.J. Malone boosts Stephanie Collins into the air as they try to lift Rebel spirits. Both Malone and Collins are on the Varsity squad, (above) f fl Melissa Elliot The 1998-99 cheerleaders are: (first row) Katy Clinton, Tiger White, Monica McKiever, Krissie Cox, Nicole Copeland, Kari Fair, David Brewer, Stephanie Collins, Emily Fabianke; (second row) Enjoli Ausmer, Laurie Leonard, Brad Sloan, Heather Russel, Jamie Kerley, Laura Finnern, Tanya Swanson, Ashley Long, Landon Spencer, Kristin Smith; (third row) Jay Burnett, Charles Wright, Derrick Knepple, Brad Kadue, Zach Lee, Cory Swain, Brad Gentry; (fourth row) Jamie Riley, Jeremy Skupien, Reagan Costello, Jason Lott, P.J. Malone; (fifth row) Bryan Sheals, Jody Zschiedrich, Mark Harvey, Vincent Bobo, Emily Black. Not pictured are Head Coaches Ed Scott and Missy Scott. Colonel Reb Mascots are Jeff Magruder and John Lawrence. IffeW 1 Jason Baker With pom-pons in hand, two small Rebel cheerleaders show their school spirit and shout for the team, (above) Wamttecls energetic, mjii- loving, cleclicatea, atJiletic stuioeinitts mterestteci m pro " motting Oie jyiiss Dpirit at atJiietic events Sports •219 Jason Baker Cheerleader Nicole Copeland excitedly waves her pom-pons. doing her best to get the crowd into the game, (above) Brad Gentry holds Ole Miss ' M flag overhead, truly a testament to his spirit and dedication, (right) All cheer for the Rebels as they rumble over SMU. (below) m ' ■ ' V ; Z ' 9 H cs - « • «- .- V ' l 1 ' T-V-.1 m i BB p £: w - a .. -: ' « POh -» ' K Itt-. ' T . k ' i i H 1 K " I-— r ff i m II Stephen Miles - - . -_ i?»- " ♦O 220 • Sports Jason Baker iu L ] Stephen Miles Jason Baker Some of the cheerleaders join with Colonel Reb to express their school spirit, (top) Brad Kadue, Stephanie Collins, Nicole Copeland, and David Brewer form a pyramid to show their support for the team, (above) Enjoli Ausmer does her best with a cheer to get the crowd on her feet, (left) Sports • 221 The 1997-98 Lady Rebels are: 4-Gena Hendrix (G) of Memphis, Tenn.; 11 -G. K. Tables (G) of Potts Camp, Miss.; 12-Kim Rosamond (G) of Louisville, Miss.; 13-Heather Bantz (G F) of Ham Lake, Minn.; 14-Sinissia Wysinger (F) of Many, La.; 20-Tiffany Adkins (F G) of Yorkville, Tenn.; 23-Stephanie Murphy (F G) of Webb, Miss.; 24-Ghandra Dorsey (G) of Amite, La.; 25-Becky Myatt (G) of Bon Aqua, Tenn.; 32-Julianne Signaigo (F C) ofCollierville, Tenn.; 33-Jennie Gadd (C) of Yorba Linda, Calif.; 35-Tarsha Bethley (F G) of Hollandale, Miss.; 40-Lesli Vollrath (F) of Shreveport, La.; 52-Tonya Bolden (C) of Water Valley, Miss.Coaching staff consists of Head Coach Ron Aldy and Assistant Coaches John Ishee, Kathy Wilson and Tiffany King. The Lady Rebels started off the season strong with three consecutive wins, but struggled to maintain the streak as they lapsed into a string of losses. After a tough streak the Lady Rebels finally got back on their feet with a 93-86 win over Memphis, and continued to play well with interspersed losses through the remainder of the season. They finished the season on a winning note as they were victorious over their last five opponents, including wins over final four participant Arkansas and a first round win over Georgia. The team also achieved great victory when a teammate, Tarsha Bethley was named to the 1998 All-Southeastern Conference second team. Bethley is the ninth Lady Rebel to receive this honor in the history of the team. Bethley also scored her 900th career point in the Auburn game in February. She ended the year with 956 points and needs only 44 points to become the 18th Lady Rebel to notch 1,000 points in a career. Also, Jennie Gadd, Kim Rosamond and LesU Vollrath were named to the 1998 SEC Women ' s Basketball Academic Honor Roll. With Kim Rosamond ' s selection to the 1998 SEC Academic Honor Roll, she received SEC Academic Honor Roll accolades for the fourth consecutive year, becoming the first player in Lady Rebel history to accomphsh this and the second player in the SEC history to accomphsh such a feat. The Lady Rebels are committed to excellence on and off the court. Tiffany Adkins fights two Lady Auburn Tigers for the rebound dur- ing the game in CM. " Tad " Smith Coliseum, (above) Fighting off two Lady Bulldogs, Becky Myatt dribbles the ball to the basket. The Lady Rebels won the match 83-74. (right) Sports • 223 1997-98 Women ' s I S Date Nov. 5 Nov. 10 Nov. 15 Nov. 18 Nov. 21 Nov. 23 Nov. 26 Nov. 29 Dec. 2 Dec. 5-6 Opposing Team Mississippi All-Stars Czech Republic (Exhibition) at Middle Tennessee at Tennessee Tulane at Florida Atlantic at Florida State at Tennessee Tech Mennphis Lady Rebel Classic Score 91-58 (W) 76-72 (W) 61-60 (W) 92-54 (L) 68-55 (L) 71-63 (L) 64-54 (L) 52-49 (L) 93-86 (W) Oxford, MS Southeastern Louisiana vs. Mississippi Valley UT-Pan American vs. Ole Miss Consolation Game Championship Game Mississippi Valley vs. Ole Miss Dec. Mat Oklahoma Dec. 18-20 Northern Lights Inv. Pepperdine vs. Ole Miss Wisconsin vs. Ole Miss Texas A M vs. Ole Miss Rice Vanderbilt (DH) at Mississippi State at Kentucky Alabama atLSU Mississippi State (DH) Georgia (DH) Auburn at South Carolina Tennessee at Florida atUAB Arkansas Arkansas State at Auburn 90-38 (W) Dec 29 Jan. 3 Jan. 7 Jan. 10 Jan. 14 Jan. 18 Jan. 21 Jan. 24 Jan. 28 Jan. 3 Feb. 4 Feb. 8 Feb. 11 Feb. 14 Feb. 16 Feb .21 71-62 (W) 89-85 (L) Anchorage, AK 68-66 (W) 83-63 (L) 82-79 (W) 67-65 (W) 66-56 (L) 80-76 (L) 76-49 (W) 82-62 (L) 69-56 (L) 83-74 (W) 65-85 (L) 65-44 (L) 79-72 (L) 91-45 (L) 79-60 (L) 57-51 (L) 68-50 (W) 85-68 (W) 76-56 (L) Tiffany Adkins drives the ball down the court for two against the Lady Bulldogs, (above) 224 • Sports No. 41 Anthony Boone is congratulated by Chancellor Robert Khayat after Boone ' s jersey was retired at the end of the season, (above) 1997=98 Men ' s Scorboard Date Nov. 7 Nov. 13 Nov. 19 Nov. 22 Nov. 24 Dec. 5-6 Dec. 13 Dec. 17 Dec. 20 Dec. 22 Dec. 30 Jan. 3 Jan. Jan. 7 10 Jan. 17 Jan. 21 Jan. 24 Jan. 28 Jan. 31 Feb. 5 Feb. Feb. Feb. 14 Feb. 18 Feb. 21 Feb. 25 Feb. 28 Mar. 5-8 7 11 Opposing Team Score Sakalai (Lithuania) 87-75 Spirit Express 128-58 Louis iana Tech 88-56 Temple 87-74 Arkansas-Pine Bluff 81-36 Ball State Tournament Muncie, IN Ole Miss vs. Long Island 102-99 Ball State vs. Maine 70-66 at Wichita State 71-48 Belmon 100-59 Prairie View 106-59 at Louisville (FoxSS-TV 74-70 Northwestern State 99-52 South Carolina (DH)(JP-TV) 73-54 Florida 90-79 at Alabama (CBS-TV) 74-63 at Tennessee (FoxSS-TV) 77-67 Louisiana State (DH) 80-58 Mississippi State (DH) 81-77 at Georgia (JP-TV) 70-68 at Auburn (FoxSS-TV) 68-67 at Arkansas (ESPN-TV) 1 00-87 Alabama 75-74 Vanderbilt 87-76 at Kentucky (JP-TV) 73-64 at Louisiana State 83-57 at Mississippi State 82-78 Arkansas (JP-TV) 81-65 Auburn 74-67 SEC Tournament Atlanta, GA W) W) W) W) W) W) L) W) W) W) W) W) W) W) W) L) W) W) L) L) L) W) W) W) W) W) W) W) Km ri The 1997-98 men ' s basketball players are: (I to r) 00-Jon Cantrell (F) of Germantown, Tenn.; 40-Michael Boone (F) of West Helena, Ark.; 33-Keith Carter (G) of Perryville, Ark.; 11-Joezon Darby (G) of Jackson, Miss.; 22-Michael White (G) of Tempe, Ariz.; 3-Jason Flanigan (G) of Little Rock, Ark.; 30-Hunter Carpenter (G) of Little Rock, Ark.; 10-Chris Oney (G) of Tallulah, La.; 4-Jason Smith (F) of Wheatley, Ark.; 41 -Anthony Boone (F) of West Helena, Ark.; 5-Ansu Sesay (F) of Houston, Texas; 54-John Engstrom (C) of Paragould, Ark; 13-Johnnie Rogers (F) of Laurel, Miss.; 44-Rahim Lockhart (F) of Piney Woods, Miss. The coaching staff consists of Head Coach Rob Evans and Assistant Coaches Russ Pennell, Rod Barnes and Dan O ' Dowd. The support staff is Athletic Trainer Jeffrey Moore, Coliseum Manager Brian Russell, Student Assistant Trainer Kris Brasher and Team Managers Jamie Capers, Scott Aldridge and Derrick Wrobel. The 1997-98 season was one of the best that the Ole Miss Men ' s Basketball program has ever seen. Out of the twenty-nine games they played, they lost only seven over the whole year, one of which was to Final Four participant Valparaiso in the SEC j I Tournament. They broke record after record in their quest for the win. With their Feb. 28 win over Auburn, the Rebels had 12 SEC , ' victories, the most ever single season wins, and for the second year in a row claimed the title of SEC Western Division Champions. At the height of the season, they were ranked as high as 10th and finished 13th in the AP Poll and finished 20th in the ESPN ( 5A Today | Top 25 Poll, making this the first time ever to finish the season ranked in both polls. Also, the Rebels turned out a perfect 14-0 record | at Tad Smith Coliseum, bringing the home-game win streak up to an impressive 20 games. The graduating seniors made lasting impres- sions of their own. Ansu Sesay became one of two Rebels in the history of Ole Miss to have 1,000 points, 600 rebounds, and 200 assists | in a career. Along with a plethora of other honors, he was named SEC Player of the Year and was picked to the AU-SEC first team and ! the John R. Wooden All-America team, and now plays in the NBA for the Dallas Mavericks. Joezon Darby hit a total of 131 career three-pointers, making him one three Rebels to hit over 100. Anthony Boone, known for his unyielding leadership on and off " the court, 1 is one of only two Rebels in the history of Ole Miss Athletics to have his number. No. 41, retired. One of the Rebels best weapons. Keith Carter, finished the season with a career total of 173 three-pointers and was chosen as a member of the 1998 US Goodwill Games Basketball Team. The Rebels earned honors in the classroom as well with Hunter Carpenter making the Chancellor ' s Honor Roll and Jon Cantrell, Keith Carter, John Engstrom, Rahim Lockhart, Jason Smith, and Michael White all making the University of Mississippi Athletic Association Honor Roll. John Carpenter and Michael White earned the additional honor of being named to the SEC Academic Honor Roll. With the proper balance of leadership, discipline, and that ever soaring Rebel spirit, Ole Miss basketball has reached a new level, and the future looks bright. But no matter how great they become, we must always remember the foundation that was built here, this year, by a team of dedicated players. Bryant Glisson Sports • 225 After capturing the SEC Western Division Cliampionship for the second year in a row, the No. 10 ranked Ole Miss Rebel basketball team headed to ' Atlanta for the 1998 SEC Tournament. Held at the Georgia Dome, with a basketball seating capacity of 26,000, the March 5-8 tournament brought in fans from across the Southeastern Conference. Coach Rob Evans led Ole Miss into the tournament as the ' top seed from the Western Division. After receiving a bye in the first round, the Rebels took on Georgia, the No. 4 team from the Eastern Division. The Rebels beat Georgia in an exciting 72-67 point win. [ They were lead by senior, Joezon Darby, who scored a season high of 23 points. Their next opponents were the No. 15 Gamecocks of South Carolina. Breaking an eight-game winning streak, the Rebels fell in their semifinal game 87-77. -Melissa Gong Matt Lott Jason Smith, junior, drives tiie lane against South Carolina. (above) 226 • Sports ■ |UL8 OLE 1988 MR Keith Carter breezes past defenders for an easy lay-up. (above) First round NBA draft picl , Ansu Sesay, slams one home for the Rebs.(left) Senior Joezon Darby pulls up for a quick basket against Georgia, (top right) No. 22 Michael White shoots a jumper over the head of a stunned South Carolina player (right) Sport! " .Ml The Ole Miss 1998 baseball team ' opened their season with a 7-4 victory over Southeast Missouri State on February 13. Ole Miss continued their fast start by taking all three games ; from Southeast. It was in the third game of the series that pitcher Justin Huisman recorded his first collegiate save. His brother shortstop Jason Huisman extended his hitting streak from last sea- son with a three-run homer in the second inning of his 15th game. On March 24, Ole Miss swept the two-game sea- ' son series from Arkansas State as Bobby Keilty extended his hitting streak to eleven games. Unfortunately, the team fell to archrival Mississippi State on April 1 in Jackson. This sparked a four-game losing streak for the Rebels. However, they maganged to redeem themselves against the Eagles when the University of Southern Mississippi visited Oxford. During this game, Jason Huisman hit two home runs to break David Delucci ' s single-season home run record of 17 set in 1995. The Rebels, as a team, hit five home runs to break the single-season team record of 66 set in 1977. While playing the Memphis Tigers April 21, Michael Rosamond hit his eleventh home run to give Ole Miss four players with 10 or more home runs for the first time in the school ' s history. On May 1 against Georgia, Jason Huisman became the first Rebel in history to hit 20 home runs in one season, and he continued to make news on May 8 as he became the first Rebel to record seventy RBIs in a single season. Jeff McAvoy had his first career complete game shutout during the Louisiana State game. It was a huge victory for the Rebels as LSU was defeated for the first time in 157 games. The Rebels record of 30-23 was a marked improvement over the 1996-1997 season. The 1997-98 season was filled with new records set by some of the most talented players in Rebel history. The final record of the year was set for the most runs scored-414. -Kim Rivers I Pitcher Jeff McAvoy winds up to deliver a pitch. McAvoy had his first career complete game shutout during the LSU game, (above) 228 • Sports his Ready to give orders, Head Baseball Coach Pat Harrison observes the team ' s progress from the dugout, (above) l998 Baseball RosterX No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 13 14 15 16 17 18 21 22 23 26 27 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 37 40 43 44 45 48 49 Head Coach: Pat Harrison Assistant Coaches: Keith Kesslnger, Darby Carmichael and Tom Fleenor Student Assistant: Brent Achord Sports • 229 Name Pos. Hometown Brandon Skelton c Clinton, Miss. Sonny Shelton INF Centreville, Miss. Dan McShea P Columbia, Miss. Ryan Davis INF Arlington, Texas Will Mosley P Suisun, Calif. Jude Voltz 18 Metairie, La. Bobby Kielty OF Moreno Valley, Calif. Justin Huisman INF Thornton, III. Matt Ceriani c Vacaville, Calif. Chad Hill OF Oxford, Miss. Alex Williamson OF Tupelo, Miss. Josh Huisman UTL Jr.-IL Thornton, III. Carl Lafferty c Pine Bluff, Ark. Brad Henderson 2B Tupelo, Miss. J.T. Harrison INF Oxford, Miss. Michael Rosamond OF Madison, Miss. Nakia Magee OF Franklinton, La. Robert Shelton INF Columbus, Miss. Lance Tolbert P Brandon, Miss. Ryan Bukvich P Brandon, Miss. Larkin Honea P Magee, Miss. A.J. Cochet OF Oxford, Miss. Jason Huisman 88 Thornton, III. Rhett Fordham OF Nashville, Tenn. Ben Edwards P Columbia, Tenn. John Massey C 3B Adamsville, Tenn. Jeff McAvoy PR-R Palmer, Mass. David Swan C Arabi, La. Chad Davis P Ocean Springs, Miss Jon Dickens P Cordova, Tenn. Chandler Gray P OF Jackson, Miss. Chad Mead P UTL Woodward, Okla. Lynn Fox P Memphis, Tenn. Scott Parsonage P Cerritos, Calif. Joey Cramblitt P Meridian, Miss. Catcher Matt Ceriani swings for a base hit during a game at Rebel Stadium, (above) 230 Second baseman Brad Henderson keeps his eye on a fly ball as he digs in for first base, (above) Glove on the ground, Infielder Justin Huisman gets ready to catch a line drive. Huisman recorded his first colle- giate save during the third game against SE Missouri, (left) Outfielder Chad Hill follows through with his swing as he hits a line drive, (right) Ml 199, Date Opposing Team Feb. 13 SE Missouri State Feb. 14 SE Missouri State Feb. 15 SE Missouri State Feb. 17 Austin Peay State Feb. 18 Freed-Hardeman Feb. 20 at Texas A M Feb. 21 at Texas A M Feb. 22 at Texas A M Feb. 24 UAB Feb. 26 Army Feb. 27 West Virginia Feb. 28 Memphis Mar. 1 Air Force Mar. 3 Arkansas State Mar. 4 Murray State Mar. 6 Auburn Mar. 8 Auburn Mar. 11 Delta State Mar. 13 at Kentucky Mar. 14 at Kentucky Mar. 15 at Kentucky Mar. 17 at Northeast Louisiana Mar. 20 at Mississippi State Mar. 21 at Mississippi State Mar. 22 at Mississippi State Mar. 24 at Arkansas State Mar. 27 Arkansas Mar. 28 Arkansas Mar. 29 Arlamsas April 1 at Mississippi State @ April 3 South Carolina April 4 South Carolina April 5 South Carolina April 7 at Southern Mississippi April 8 at Southern Mississippi April 10 at Florida April 11 at Florida April 12 at Florida April 14 Southern Mississippi April 15 Southern Mississippi April 17 Vanderbilt April 19 Vanderbilt April 19 Vanderbilt April 21 at Memphis April 24 at Alabama April 25 at Alabama April 26 at Alabama April 28 Memphis May 1 at Georgia May 2 at Georgia May 8 LSU May 9 LSU May 10 LSU SEC Game @ Mayor ' s Trophy Game, Jackson, Miss Score 7-4 (W) 4-3 (W) 15-9 (W) 4-15 (L) 8-3 (W) 17-3 (W) 3-6 (L) 2-3 (L) 9-8 (W) 14-3 (W) 1-8 (L) 1-4 (L) 15-2 (W) 6-5 (W) 9-8 (W) 6-5 (W) 5-7 (L) 1-0 (W) 8-1 (W) 6-7 (L) 21-8 (W) 16-4 (W) 1-2 (L) 7-5 (W) 3-9 (W) 10-2 (W) 10-12 ' L) 8-16 (L) 13-10 ( W) 2-6 (L) 8-10 (L) 2-4 (L) 7-9 (L) 19-7 (W) 10-17 ( L) 6-19 (L) 9-13 (L) 10-6 [W) 6-10 ;l) 15-7 ' W) 9-11 ( L) 3-2 (W) 5-1 (W) 20-4 { W) 7-10 ( L) 8-6 (W) 2-5 (L) 6-0 (W) 7-1 (W) 10-8 ( W) 4-11 ( L) 9-0 ( :w) 10-8 ( W) Sports -231 Ol- M The Ole Miss Lady Rebel Softball team ended the 1998 season with a 26-40 record and were 9-21 in the Southeastern Conference. In only their second year in existence, the Lady Rebels could boast of an All-SEC Team member. They also captured third place in the SEC academic rat- ings, with six members listed in the SEC Academic Honor Roll. Sophomore pitcher designated hitter Amanda Fine of Brentwood, Tennessee, was named to the All-SEC Second Team as a utility player. Fine finished the season with a 14-15 win- loss record, the team high batting average of .301 and a 2.01 earned run average. The SEC honored Augusta Schaefer, Misti Dossett, Stephanie Vaglica, Amanda Fine, Heather Swinney, and Allison Willwrath as members of the 1998 SEC Academic Honor Roll. Also worthy of praise is sophomore Bobbi Wurth of Highland, Illinois, who finished the season tied for eighth in the nation with four pitching saves. She tied for the lead in saves in the SEC and also set a univer- sity record for a single season and a career. The Lady Rebels also had quite a few other accomplishments to brag about during the 1998 season. On March 28 they handed LSU a come- from-behind loss, only the Tiger ' s fifth of the sea- son as they finished tenth in the nation. The soft- I ball team recorded its hundredth game with a 6-0 win over MSU with an overall 39-61 record. They returned home after a visit to the Sunshine State with a third place finish in the FSU Invitational Tournament. After wins over Marshall, Belmont, Georgia State, and Hofstra, the team fell to Purdue, but advanced to the final four after a win over Southern Illinois. They were handed another loss by Florida State to finsish third in the 24 team field. The Ladies finished the season with a 3-0 loss to Arkansas and elimination from the Southeastern Tournament. -Lindsay Lester 232 • Sports No. 1 2 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 17 21 23 24 28 30 34 40 44 Name Augusta Schaefer Stephanie Vaglica Amanda Fine Kara Chapman Christie Swain Bobbi Wurth Misti Dossett April Caraway Valera Webb Heather Swinney Brittany Maxey Kari Ceriani Mandy Shklar Rachel Davenport Meredith Blocker Kaci Coffee Mackenzie Emel Allison Willrath Misty Claude Jamie Cummings Holly Mitchell iALL Pos. CL OF Sr. OF Jr. P 2B So. OF Fr. IF P IF 18 OF C P P SS IF OF 3B IB C C OF OF Sr. So. Jr. Jr. Sr. So. So. Jr. So. Fr. So. So. Fr. So. Fr. Fr. Sr. Head Coach: Joyce Maudie Assistant Coaches: Rosemary Kalisak, Jodi Swagel Athletic Trainer: Joe Bishop The 1997-98 are: (front row) Misti Dossett, Rachel Davenport, April Caraway, Amanda Fine, Heather Swin- ney, Augusta Schaefer, Valera Webb, Allison Willrath; (second row) Stephanie Baglica, Jamie Cummings, Brittany Maxey, Mandy Shklar, Christie Swain, Kaci Coffee, Holly Mitchell, Bobbi Wurth, Kara Chapman; (back row) Mackenzie Emel, Misty Claude, Kari Ceriani and Meredith Blocker, (above) Kaci Coffee looks on with anticipation at an oncoming pitch. (far left) Sports • 233 Amanda Fine puts her back into it as she bullets a pitch over the plate, (right) Mandy Shklar keeps her eyes on the batter as she waits for the hit that will send her to third, (below) Rachel Davenport grits her teeth just before crushing the ball into the sky. (above) The team rallies before a game, making ready for a big win. (below) m Sf :.rts • 234 199 Date Opposing Team Feb. 13 UT Arlington Feb. 13 Tulsa Feb. 14 Texas A M Feb. 14 Oklahoma State Feb. 14 SW Texas State Feb. 20 NE Louisiana Feb. 20 Southern III Feb. 20 Tennessee Feb. 21 Tulsa Feb. 21 Centenary Feb. 21 Nicholls State Feb. 25 Middle TN State Feb. 27 Georgia Tech Feb. 28-Mar. 1 Georgia Tech Feb. 28-Mar. 1 Georgia State Feb. 28-Mar. 1 NW Louisiana Mar. 1 St. Louis Mar. 1 Tennessee Tech Mar. 5 Texas Mar. 6 Florida Atlantic Mar. 6 Hofstra Mar. 7 Robert Morris Mar. 7 Michigan State Mar. 13-15 Marshall Mar. 13-15 Belmont Mar. 13-15 Georgia State Mar. 13-15 Hofstra Mar. 13-15 Purdue Mar. 13-15 So. Illinois Mar. 13-15 Florida State Mar. 18 Delta State Mar. 21 Georgia Mar. 22 South Carolina Mar. 28-29 LSU Mar. 28-29 LSU Mar. 31 Mississippi State April 4-5 Alabama April 4-5 Alabama April 10 Tennessee April 17 Samford April 18 Auburn April 19 Auburn April 25 Mississippi State April 28-29 Arkansas April 28-29 Arkansas CORBOARD Score SEC Game 2-1 (W) 4-5 (L) 2-3 (L) 0-5 (L) 9-8 (W) 1-2 (L) 4-8 (L) 0-8 (L) 0-3 (L) 7-3 (W) 0-4 (L) 3-2 (W), 5-12 (L) 8-1 (L), 1-0 (L) 4-2 (W) 3-2 (W) 0-10 (L) 1-2 (L) 0-8 (L) 0-2 (L) 4-5 (L) 0-5 (L) 3-2 (W) 6-4 (W) 6-5 (W) 10-2 (W) 2-1 (W) 2-0 (W) 1-3 (L) 4-0 (W) 2-4 (L) 10-0 (W), 1-0 (W) 5-0 (W). 0-2 (L) 0-4 (W), 0-5 (L) 3-4 (L), 6-5 (W) 2-6 (L), 0-9 (L) 0-7 (L), 3-5 (L) 0-6 (L), 1-9 (L) 1-6 (L), 1-3 (L) 4-7 (W), 0-10 (L) 7-2 (W), 1-2 (L) 4-0 (W), 0-8 (L) 4-3 (W), 10-2 (W) 0-11 ( L), 3-4 (L) 1-2 (L), 4-3 (W) 1-0 (W), 0-3 (L) 7 235 • Sports Q Q The 1998 Ole Miss Men ' s Tenis team proved to be quite outstanding, finishing with a record of 18-8. They also had a tremendous SEC record of 8-5. In the SEC, they defeated Arkansas (6-1), South Carolina (4-3), Tennessee (4-3), Alabama (6-1), Kentucky (4- 3), Auburn (5-2), Vanderbuilt (6-1), and again Tennessee (4-1). With the leadership of Sebastian DeChaunac, preasean number two in the nation, Martin Sjoqvist, number twenty- four, and Vikrant Chada, number fifty, they were able to become the SEC champions we knew they were. The Ole Miss Men ' s Tennis team was able to finish the season ranked number four in the nation. Junior Barry Hassell, sophomore Ben Cousins, and freshmen David Blackburn, Sebastien Lami, Martin Lundin, James Shortall, and Anders Stenman also helped to make this possible. The men ' s tennis team received the presti- gious ITA AU-American Academic Team Award, the highest scholastic honor for a team based on its GPA. The Rebels finished the sea- son with a 3.51 grade point average, the highest of all teams in the final ITA collegiate rankings. Ole Miss is joined by NCAA Champion Stanford as one of the only two teams in the nation to receive this honor. — Kelly Shankle Junior Barry Hassel leaps for a powerful serve, (left) 236 • Sports % « Members of the 1998 Ole Miss Men ' s Tennis Team are (front from I to r) Barry Hassell, Ben Cousins, David Blackburn, (middle) Head Coach Billy Chadwick, Manager Scott Burklow, Martin Sjoqvist, Sebastien DeChaunac, Martin Lundin, Assisstant Coach Mark Beyers, (back) Sebastien Lami, Anders Stenman, James Shortall, Vikrant Chada. Sophomore Ben Cousins concentrates on his target. Ben was a member of the UMAA Honor Roll in 1998. (above) Ail-American, All-SEC Sebastien DeChaunac follows through on a shot. He was preseason number two in the nation as well as 1998 ' s SEC Tournament Most Valuable Player, (right) Sports • 237 Members of the 1998 Ole Miss Women ' s Tennis Team are (front from I to r) Martina Criia, Courtenay Chapman, Agnes Muzamel, Ivon Mihailova, Head Coach Jerry Montgomery, (bacl ) Julie Charvat, Cindy Ammann, Mariana Eberle, Missy Brewer, Irena Mihailova, Amanda Ballinger, Assistant Head Coach Kevin Cory. The 1998 Ole Miss Women ' s Tennis team had a sensational record this year finishing the season with a record of 17-6. Their SEC record was also outstanding, 8-4. In the SEC they defeated Auburn (8-1), Tennessee (5-2), Kentucky (8-1), Arkansas (5-4), Mississippi State (5-1), Alabama (9-0), South CaroHna (6-1), and LSU (5- 4). In 1998 the Lady Rebels began the season ranked ninth in the country. They were led by Agnes Muzamel, a two-time All- American who began the season ranked third in the country. Fourteenth ranked Ivona Mihailova and two time All- American Courtenay Chapman also led the Lady Rebels to their memorable finish. Also during the 1998 season the Lady Rebels earned their second consecutive trip to the NCAA Team Championships and, finishing among the top ten teams in the country, won a NCAA Regional Championship. The Lady Rebels were assisted on the courts by the great effort of senior Martina Crha, junior Amanda Ballinger, soph- omores Missy Brewer, Mariana Eberle, and Irena Mihailova, and freshmen Cindy Ammann and Julie Charvat. The team received the prestigious ITA Ail-American Academic Team Award last year as well. This is considered to be the highest scholastic award and is based on the team ' s overall GPA. The Lady Rebels finished the season with a GPA of 3.21 and were one of the only three teams to receive this award and be ranked in the top ten nation- _ wide. — Kelly S hankie I 238 • Sports 3 Ivon Mihailova casually bats the ball over the net. She was namd 1998 All- SEC and captured the SEC Fall Championships Singles Title, (above) Sophomore Mariana Eberle snaps a shot back at her opponent. She was 1998 All-SEC. (above) Anges Muzamel, preseason number one in the nation, dashes to meet the oncoming ball. She ' s a two-time Ail-American as well as two- time All-SEC. (right) I Sports • 239 ai y 8 cMi« You can call the 1998 Lady Rebel soccer sea- son many things, but do not call it boring. Ole Miss ' fall schedule was full of record-breaking moments, winning streaks and first-time achievements for the soccer program. The Lady Rebels jumped out to a six-game win streak, endured an eight-game winless streak, only to win its last three games of the year, and earn its best finish in the Southeastern Conference in school history. " We had an exciting season, " said Lady Rebel head I coach Steve Holeman. " I am proud that our team did not quit after a tough stretch of games. It is a testa- ment to our players ' commitment to the team that we I finished the year strong. Our team is very young, but, we gained a lot of valuable experience that we hope will help us next season. " The Lady Rebels finished the 1998 SEC season with a second-place finish in the west and drew a first round meeting with the SEC East third-seed, Kentucky. While Ole Miss did not come away with a win, losing to UK 4-1, the Lady Rebels did accom- plish an Ole Miss milestone. Sophomore Jennifer Soileau assisted sophomore Sarah Wong on the school ' s first goal in SEC tournament play. " Last year we were shut out, " said Holeman. " This year, by playing well in the SEC tournament we took another step forward towards establishing a top 25 program. " This season ' s experience will benefit the young Lady Rebels, as they will return nine of their 11 starters next season. -Sports Information Stephen Miles During the game against Arkansas, Junior Amy Lucas keeps her eye on the ball as she drives it toward the goal, (above) 240 • Sports 199 ' OCCER KOSTE No. Name Pos. Hometown Birna Bjomsdottir GK Reykjavik, Iceland 1 Aelish McCreary GK Markham, Ontario 2 Natalie Martt F M Kenner, La. 3 Brooke Riley D Gulfport, Miss. 4 Amahs Smith F Spring, Texas 5 Amy Lucas D M Tallahassee, Fla. 6 Elizabeth Lee D M Collierville, Tenn. 7 Michelle Dubuc F M Baton Rouge, La. 8 Sarah Wong F M Vancouver, B.C. 9 Dallas Bird D M Tulsa, Okla. 10 Jennifer Soileau F M Baton Rouge, La. 11 Tammy Zegledi F M Winter Park, Fla. 12 Leigh Frisbee D Lewisville, Texas 13 Jessica O ' Neill D Vancouver, B. C. 15 Ashley Martin F M Baton Rouge, La. 16 Melissa Seymour D Lilburn, Ga. 17 Leah Rutledge F Chapel Hill, N.C. 19 Ashley Thompson M Bradenton, Fla. 20 Sara Schauberger D Russellville, Ky. 21 Mary Ann Moss M Jackson, Miss. 22 Jenny Curry F Fort Walton Beach, Fla 23 Regan Scanlon F Pittsford, N.Y. 24 Melinda Smith GK Tacoma, Wash. Head Coach: Steve Holeman Assistant Coach: Lisa Cole Assistant Coach: Jay Entlich Trainer: Larry Dobson V Manager: Holly Strachan Stephen Miles Senior Leah Rutledge kicks the ball downfield as she keeps an eye on the opposing team. With 45 career assists, Rutledge is the current SEC and Ole Miss all-time assists leader, (above) Sports • 24 1 h N.998 Socc5:i Sco ' x ' .iOKij) Date Opponent Site Resu Its Sept. 1 at Southern Mississippi 4-0 (W) Sept. 5 UT-Chattanooga 8-0 (W) Sept. 6 UT-IViartin 12-0 1 :w) Sept. 11 Louisiana State 5-1 (W) Sept. 13 Arl ansas 2-1 (W) Sept. 18 Soutii Alabama 3-0 (W) Sept. 25 at Alabama 4-3 (L) Sept. 27 at Aubum 2-1 (L) Oct. 3 at Colorado College 3-2 (L) Oct. 4 at Pepperdine 1-1 (T)-(ot) Oct. 8 at Memphis 2-2 (T)-(ot) Oct. 16 at South Carolina 4-0 (L) Oct. 18 at Florida 9-1 (L) Oct. 23 Georgia 3-0 (L) Oct. 25 at Mississippi State 1-0 (W) Oct. 27 at Arkansas-Little Rock 3-0 (W) Nov. 1 SE Louisiana 1-0 (W) Nov. 5 Kentucky! 4-1 (L) SEC Game L SEC Tournament (First Round) J Sophomore Sarah Wong drives the ball past the goalie to score. Wong posted a team-high 11 goals this sea- son, (above) Midfielder Jennifer Soileau kicks the ball past two South- east Louisiana team members. (right) Soileau, a sopho- more, led Ole Miss with three game- winning goals this season and in total points with 32. She had nine goals and a team-high 14 assists. Stephen Miles 242 • Sports L Senior Tammy Zegledi is assist- ed by team members Jennifer Soileau, Mary Ann Moss and Sarali Wong as she tries to score a goal, (left) Zegledi rewrote the Ole Miss career points record with two goals in a 5-1 win over LSU on Sept. 11. Her 92 career points are the most in Lady Rebel history. With fancy footwork, Amaris Smith steals the ball from an opposing team member. Smith, with 13 points, is one of the five players to score double digits and had four goals and five assists. (below) Stephen Miles I 1998 proved to be a disappointing season for the Lady Rebels Volleyball Team, but with a young team the future looks bright for the coming years. The Lady Rebs will only be losing one player, senior Danielle Atzinger, to graduation. Atzinger provided a lot of leadership for the young team and recorded an impressive twelve digs in her final game for Ole Miss. Unfortunately the strong play from Atzinger as well as juniors Kari Elggren, Lauren Dorcheus and sophomore Kira Zschau, was not enough to upset Georgia. Ole Miss fin- ished the season with a record of 9-23. There were several individual honors attained by members of this years team. Elggren was awarded all-tournament honors at the Ole Miss Invitational and at the Southern Methodist University Invitational. Junior Lisa Frannino has moved into second place on the assists list in the Ole Miss record book. Frannino currently has 3,212 assists and she only needs 760 assists next year in order take over the number one spot in the record book. Three freshman on this years team got considerable playing time. Jaime Bums, Leigh Rittiner and Abby Hollander all made contributions to the team. Sophomore Anna Hackbarth also played well during the sea- son. With an added year of experience 1999 will surely be a great year for the Lady Rebels Volleyball team. Peter Watts Stephen Miles Junior Kari Elggren keeps her eye on the ball as she sets up to send a serve over the net. Elggren led the Lady Rebels in kills this season with 447. (above) 244 • Sports ! T " " - Fmu Qu f W 1 W ' w k I ' ti .fJ ,: K! K ' t-Vl 1 L j! i.N 1 1 -•i| r m I ' a ' - a ■ ,fW r« ' • k 1 V i3ffWj " W n -¥ r ■5|»i ar , H B i iiiSi,J s§ l-. ' ' J ' ■?! -- kl S fii - " SssK-r - HB| Top row: (I to r) Athletic Trainer Todd Bullard, Kira Zschau, Anna Hackbarth, Abby Hollander, Assistant Coach Jenny Meeks, Head Coach John Blair, Leigh Rittiner, Lauren Dorcheus, Lisa Frannino, Manager Jamie Pennington. Bottom row: Ragan Howard, Danielle Atzinger, Kari Elggren, Renata Nowacki, Korrie Kabusha, Lauren Bourgeois, Jaime Burns, Rebecca Rider, (above) f 1998 Volleyball Roster Stephen Miles Against the Lady Bulldogs, Anna Hackbath and Leigh Rittiner team up and try to reach for the ball to send it back over the net. (above) No. Name Pos. Hometown 1 Kari Elggren OH Sandy, Utah 2 Lauren Bourgeois OH Houma, La. 3 Renata Nowacki S DS Stoney Creek, Ontario 4 Ragan Howard OH Savannah, Ga. 5 Kira Zschau OH Dunedin, Fla. 6 Abby Hollander MB St. Charles, Mo. 7 Danielle Atzinger OH Louisville, Ky. 8 Rebecca Rider OH Fort Myers, Fla. 9 Korrie Kashuba OPP Seabeck, Wash. 10 Lisa Frannino S Metairie, La. 11 Lauren Dorcheus MB Houston, Texas 12 Anna Hackbarth MB Chaska, Minn. 13 Jaime Burns OH Englewood, Colo. 14 Leigh Rittiner OP MB New Orleans, La. Head Coach: John Blair Assistant Coach: Jenny Meeks Sports • 245 . 1998 Volleyball Scoreboard Date Feb. 13 Sept. 1 Sept. 4-5 Sept. 4 Sept. 5 Sept. 11-12 Sept. 11 Sept. 12 Sept. 15 Sept. 18-19 Sept. 18 Sept. 19 Sept. 25 Sept. 27 Oct. 2 Oct. 4 Oct. 9 Oct. 11 Oct. 13 Oct. 16 Oct. 18 Oct. 20 Oct. 23 Oct. 24 Oct. 30 Nov. 1 Nov. 3 Nov. 6 Nov. 7 Nov. 12 Nov. 15 Nov. 19-22 Nov. 20 Opposing Team SE Missouri State at Tennessee-Martin Ole Miss Invitational Florida A M vs. Rhode Island Ole Miss vs. Jacksonville State Rhode Island vs. Jacksonville State Ole Miss vs. Florida A M Florida A M vs. Jacksonville State Ole Miss vs. Rhode Island Score 7-4 (W) 3-0 (L) 3-1 (W) 3-1 (W) 3-1 (L) Bristol Hotels-Resorts SMU Invitational - Dallas, Texas Hosted by Southern Methodist University Ole Miss vs. Northwestern State 3-0 (W) Ole Miss vs. Liberty 3-1 (L) Ole Miss vs. SMU 3-2 (L) Arkansas State 3-2 (W) Evanston Holiday Inn Wildcat Classic Evanston, III. Hosted by Northwestern University Ole Miss vs. Lehigh Ole Miss vs. Northwestern Ole Miss vs. Towson Ole Miss vs. Missouri Georgia South Carolina at Tennessee at Kentucky at Arkansas at LSU Louisiana Tech Alabama Auburn at Memphis at Florida at Stetson at Auburn at Alabama at Arkansas State LSU Arkansas Mississippi State 3-1 (W) 3-0 (L) 3-0 (W) 3-1 (L) 3-1 (L) 3-1 (L) 3-1 (L) 3-1 (L) 3-1 (L) 3-2 (W) 3-0 ( L) 3-1 (W) 3-0 (L) 3-2 (L) 3-0 (L) 3-0 (W) 3-0 (L 3-1 (L) 3-0 (L) 3-0 (L) 3-0 (L) 3-0 (L) at Mississippi State (fox sports south) 3-1 (L) SEC Tournament Fayetteville, Ark. Georgia 4-1 (L) SEC matches Note: Schedule pending approval by Athletic Council Stephen Miles 246 • Sports i Senior Danielle Atzinger sets her sights and aims to fire the ball over the net. Atzinger, along with Korrie Kashuba, was honored by the SEC by being named to the Conference Academic Honor Roll, (left) During a game against LSU, Jaime Burns sends the ball back to the Lady Tigers. The Lady Rebs won the home game 3-2 and lost the away game 3-0. (oppostie page, left) Junior Lisa Frannino is backed up by Anna Hackbarth and Leigh Rittiner as she attempts to keep the Lady Bulldogs from spiking the ball (below left) Sophomore Kira Zschau takes to the air to knock the ball back to the Lady Bulldogs, (below) Sports • 247 01 O The Ole Miss Rebel men ' s cross country team had a successful spring 1998 season. They are a young, strong team that should be good for years to come. They were lead by Junior Bernard Kuria. Kuria has led Ole Miss in track and cross country for several seasons and he continued to perform well in 1998. He finished seventeenth in NCAA South Regional Championships and in doing so lead the Rebels to a sev- enth place finish. This is quite impressive with there being twenty- four talented teams at the meet. Larry Henderson, a sophomore from San Diego, California, finished twenty-eighth, which shows out- standing promise for a sophomore. The best finish of the season was a second place finish at Plough Park Invitational. The team was led by sophomore Gordon Fisher and sen- ior Calvin Thigpen. Thigpen, a senior on the team, con- tributed valuable leadership and pro- vided a great example for the younger runners to follow. He wrapped up a solid four year per- formance by finishing seventy-sev- enth at the NCAA South Regional Championship. The Rebels should do very well in 1999. They will return their top four runners and have a lot of young run- ners waiting for their opportunity to step into the spotlight. — Peter Watts Senior Calvin Thigpen strives to make this a good race as he rounds the corner, (above) 248 • Sports 1997-98 Men ' s Cross Cou ntry Roster Name Thomas Blackwell Ben Chrisman Chad Dixon Gordon Fisher Justin Glass Larry Henderson Taylor Jabour Bernard " Bernie " Kuria Calvin Thigpen Scott Thompson Hometown Oxford, Miss. Cape Girardeau, Mo. West Plains, Mo. Ocean Springs, Miss. Covington, Tenn. San Diego, Calif Vicksburg, Miss. Kiambu, Kenya Jackson, Miss. Rienzi, Miss. Head Coach: Joe Walker Assistant Coach: Doug Blackwell and Brian O ' Neal Barnard Kuria attempts to take the lead from a Murray State runner, (above) C - Sports • 249 Leah White concentrates as she sets her sights for the finish line, (right) Thomas Blackwell pulls out in front of the other runners, (opposite page) The 1998 women ' s cross country team had a frustrating season. They were plagued with injuries all year long and were unable to field a complete team for the South Eastern Conference Championships. The highest finisher in that meet was freshman Kelly Gable, who finished 122nd in the five kilometer race. The team was extremely young this year. Eight out of the twelve members on the roster were freshmen. The lone senior on the team was Leah White, who was unable to run in many of the races this season. White has had an incredibly successful career at Ole Miss and led the Lady Rebels last season as their number one runner. Many women stepped up this year to help the team compete. Freshman Laren Beaulieu and somphomore Angle Westbrook worked hard in order to keep the Lady Rebs competitive. Help also came from unexpected sources. Freshman Brandy Mack, a sprinter and hurdler, broke into the top five runners during the course of the season. Next year should be far improved for the women ' s cross country team. Their runners will be more experienced, and if they are able to stay injury-free, they should be in excellent shape for years to come. - Peter Watts 1997=98 Women ' s Cross Name Elizabeth Brusevold Kimberly Dial Kelly Gable Susie Haverlah Allison Hays Sherlonda Johnson Angela Westbrook Leah White Roster Hometown Kingwood, Texas Cape Girardeau, Mo. Medora, III. New Ulm, Texas Arlington, Texas Greenwood, Miss. Glen, Miss. Jackson, Tenn. Head Coach: Joe Walker Assistant Coach: Doug Blackwell and Brian O ' Neal 250 • Sports Sports • 2j i Track saw an extraordinary year in 1998. It all started off well in the Arkansas State Kickoff Classic when Larry Henderson set a new meet record in the 3,000 meter run with a time of 8:30:47, leaving behind the old record by fifteen seconds. In the same event on the women ' s court Leah White came in first place as we. Freshman Vante Stringfellow in high jump, Marcus Jones in triple jump, Tisha Parker in the 200 meter race, and Latoria Jordan in long jump also had exemplary performances in their first meet of the season, each capturing first in these events. Just to show that they had no intention of letting up, in the SIU Booster ' s Club Invitational, Freshman Brandy Mack broke the Ole Miss school record in the 600 meter race, bettering it by two seconds, and captured one of two first place finishes for the Lady Rebs in the meet. Men ' s first place finishes came in the mile run by Larry Henderson and the Pole Vault by Kyle Wallace. The Ole Miss Rebels ' string of vic- tories did not end here but extended through the entire season as they shattered record after record. Not a meet went by without a Rebel in the spotlight. Another outstanding member of the Rebel track team was senior Jon Parry, whose leadership and dedication set a shining example for his team as he came through with a number of honors in many of the outdoor track competitions. His success invited others to step up their game, and they did. With the experience of the older members of the Men ' s and Women ' s teams at their aid, the new arrivals set out to show their stuff, making their own invaluable con- tributions to the team. It ' s not hard to see the brilliant future that lies before both Men ' s and Women ' s track. Both Programs have some incredible up-and-coming names that with a little fine-tuning could very well lead their teams to heights unforeseen. One would be wise to keep a watchful eye on Ole Miss Track, for with such promise one can only wonder what they ' ll achieve next. 252 • Sports il Kelly Gable sprints patiently along, keeping her mind on the prize. (above) Daya Hampton wat-ches along with a few onlookers as she awaits the final des- tination of her toss, (left) Charlie Kodat ainns high as he prepares to rocket his avelin into the distance, (far left) Sports • 253 Wayne Woolery, ready to make his dash to victory, grasps the bar from his teammate, (above) Savante Stringfellow makes a tremendous leap and reach- es for the sky. (right) With hulkish strength John Frierson pushes the shotput on. (left) Leah White races patietly ahead of the competition, (below) 254 • Sports P HH ' . Sports • 255 Members of 1998 Ole Miss Men ' s Golf Team are (front row) Troy Muller, Allen Chaney, Phil Caravia, Ben Dupont, Haymes Snedeker, Wes Willis, Chris Malloy, Ben Lowry; (back row) Danny Sanford, Sande Slutsky, Ryan Schwartz, John Bartlett, Matt Armstrong, Lane Pippin, Tommy Clement, Peter Pugh and Coach Woody Cowart. 1998 was a great year for the Ole Miss men ' s golf team. Ole Miss won it ' s first tournament since the 1994- 1995 season as they prevailed at the SLU-Mardi Gras Invitational. The Rebels finsished the tournament with a season-low 284 in the second round and a season-low total of 864. They finished the Spring season in the top ten in every tournament. Ole Miss played sensationally in the Gator Invitational by placing eighth, followed by a tenth place finish at the Matlock Collegiate Classic. The Ole Miss Rebels placed ninth at the Tennessee Tournament of Champions and tied for eighth at the New Mexico State Coca-Cola Classic. They then went on to finish sixth at the Florida State Seminole Classic, tied for ninth at the Alabama Spring Invitational, won the SLU-Mardi Gras Invitational, finished eighth at the Billy Hitchcock Intercollegiate, and topped the season off with seventh place at the SEC Championships. The Ole Miss men ' s golf team was led by three seniors, Lane Pippin, Matt Armstrong, and Ben Dupont. Ole miss was also helped on the course by juniors Haymes Snedeker, Peter Pugh 11, and Wess Willis, by sophomores Troy Muller and Danny Sanford, and by freshmen Phil Caravia, Allen Chaney, Tommy Clement, and Ben Lowery. — Kelly Shankle 256 • Sports Senior Matt Armstrong takes a practice swing before sending the ball on its way. (above) Haymes Snedeker keeps his eyes on the ball as he contemplates the stroke. Haymes finished the season with the team high stroke average of 73.5. (top right) Lane Pippin of Ocean Springs demonstrates his form for the cameras. He was named All- SEC in 1997. (right) Sports • 257 o N e=M !L% Members of the 1998 Ole Miss Women ' s Golf team are (from L to R): Annie Leigh Long, Anna Kirchner, Megan Breen, Marianne Morris, Margo Akin, Teresa Brown, Robyn Rinaldo, Marci Kornegay, Lauren Mellen, and Head Coach Keil Purdom. The University of Mississippi ladies golf team had a sensational showing during their 1998 season. They finished the season as one of the elite eight teams in the South District and repre- sented the South District in the NCAA East Regional in Durham, North Carolina. Ole Miss com- peted against eighteen other teams. It was the first time that the Ole Miss Lady Rebels were invit- ed to the East Regional. Leadership on the Ole Miss team was provided by three talened seniors. Lauren Mellen, Margo, Akin and Marianne Morris all set great examples both on and off the course. Ole Miss was also helped by the inspired play of both Junior Megan Breen and Sophomore Robyn Rinaldo. There were many Ole Miss records that were shattered by the 1998 team. The team stroke aver- age was 309.78, ten strokes lower than the previous record that was recorded during the 1997 sea- son. Although the Lady Rebs did not advance to the NCAA Championships, they will have a strong team in 1999 and will be competing for top honors. Individual awards were won by several members of the team. Mellen and Breen were selected as membe rs of the second SEC team. Rinaldo was selected for the SEC honorable mention team. Mellen, Breen, and Rinaldo also each won an individual tournament. — Peter Watts 258 • Sports I 4 ' : } I Senior Lauren Mellen looks on as her ball soars into the distance. She fin- ished the year with a team-leading stroke average of 75.78. (above) Using the perfect touch, Robyn Rinaldo carefully taps on a put. Only a sopho- more, she was named 1997 All-SEC and qualified for the US Women ' s Amateur Championships as well, (top right) Junior Megan Breen strolls on to her next challenge. She made All-SEC for two years in a row, 1996 and 1997, (right) Sports • 259 In only their second season of competition, the Women ' s Rifle team posted a winning record. The object of riflery is to shoot targets from ten meters away using a 0.177 caliber air rifle. The size of the buUseye is one half of a millimeter, so hitting it takes considerable skill. The Lady Rebs have up to eighty minutes to squeeze off forty shots. A perfect score is a 400. The Lady Rebels were led by a very talented group of seniors. Senior Kimberly Hickey has led the women in scoring average for the last two years. Hickey also earned academic honors, finishing fall smester on the Dean ' s Honor Roll and spring semester on the Chancellor ' s Honor Roll. Seniors Spring Bishop, Melissa Putnam, and Amy Pyron also won letters and helped make the season successful. The 1999 season could prove to be a challenge for the Lady Rebs. Junior Jessica Crockett is the only letter winner that will be returning. Coach Valerie Boothe will have to mold a new group of women into a cohesive unit. Boothe has already begun this process in recruiting two of the top shooters in Mississippi, Jill Barnes and Jennifer McKinney, who will add more firepower to the team. Returning member Cinnamon Pugh will also contribute experience to the team, after joining the team last season. — Peter Watts - S w 01 R Si Hi SI 3C Members of the 1998 Ole Miss Rifle Team are: (front row, I to r) Spring Bishop, Melissa Putnam, (back row) Amy Pyron, Jessica Crockett, Kimberly Hickey. Ar sic off 26 Jei 260 • Sports Junior Melissa Putnam takes aim at her target. She finished the fall with a 343 average and on the UMAA Honor Roll, (above) Sophomore Kimberley Hickey checks her rifle. She led the team with a 360 average and made the Dean ' s Honor Roll, (right) Amy Pyron checks the sights before sqeezing off a few rounds, (page 262) Jessica Crockett pre- pares to fire. She post- ed a career-best of 354 at the Walsh Invitation- al, (page 263) Sports • 261 262 • Sports Sports • 263 I u CO CO ME V ' S BASKETBALL SEC Player of the Year, All-American, John Wooden Award Finalist, All-SEC 1 st Team - Ansu Sesay All-SEC 2nd Team - Keith Carter LADY REBEL BASKETBALL All-SEC 2nd Team - Tarsha Bethley BASEBALL 2nd Team All SEC - Brad Henderson SOFTBALL 1st All-SEC 2nd Team- Amanda Fine NFCA Academic All-American - Stephanie Vaglica MEN ' S TENNIS GTE All-American, All-SEC 1st Team, All-American - Sebastian DeChaunac ITA Academic All-American Team WOMEN ' S TENNIS All-American - Courtenay Chapman, Agnes Muzamel All-SEC - Agnes Muzamel ITA Academic All-American Team FOOTBALL All-American, All-SEC 1st Team- Rufus French All-SEC 2nd Team - Deuce McCallister, Gary Thigpen, Armegis Spearman Independence Bowl MVP - Romaro Miller All-SEC Freshman Team - Eddie Strong SOCCER All-SEC, NSCA All-Central Region 3rd Team - Jennifer Soileau MEN ' S GOLF SEC Academic Honor Roll - Haymes Snedeker, Peter Pugh, Phil Caravia, Ryan Schwartz WOMEN ' S GOLF All-SEC - Lauren Mellen, Robyn Renaldo, Megan Breen VOLLEYBALL SEC Academic Honor Roll - Danielle Atzinger, Korrie Kabusha TRACK Ail-SEC Indoor - Larry Henderson, Marcus Jones, Wayne Woolery, Chad Dixon, Gordon Fisher, Savante Stringfellow, Emily Fontenot, Tisha Parker All-SEC Outdoor - Joe Bernard, Thomas Blackwell, Sylvester Houston, Marcus Jones, Wayne Woolery, Tobias Anderson, Aaron Fenzel, Jonathan Voyles, Emily Fontenot, Latoria Jordan, Brandy Mack, Tisha Parker CROSS COUNTRY All-SEC - Bernard Kuria Ca Id Juc Alf k{ 264 • Sports Ole Miss M-Ciub The Ole Miss M Club is an honorary and service organization composed of those men and women who have earned a varsity letter in one of the intercollegiate sports sponsored by the University. The purposes of the M Club are to: (1) represent student-athletes on campus; (2) encourage and develop school spirit and loyalty; (3) provide social and serv- ice opportunities for members; (4) assist in recruiting future student-athletes; and (5) promote joint membership activi- ties with the M Club Alumni Association. During its history on campus M Club members have received many presti- gious leadership, academic, Ail-American, SEC Academic Honor Roll, Rhodes Scholar, NCAA Post Graduate Scholarships, Who ' s Who Among American Colleges Universities, and many other awards. Baseball Ryan Bukvich Joey Cramblitt AJ Cochet Chad Davis Ryan Davis Jon Dickens Lynn Fox J.T. Harrison Brad Henderson Chad Hill Justin Huisman Bobbie Kielty Carl Lafferty Jeff McAvoy Dan McShea John Massey Chad Mead Michael Rosamond Robert Shelton Jude Voltz Alex Williamson Men ' s Basketball Michael Boone Jon Cantrell Hunter Carpenter Keith Carter Jason Flanigan Rahim Lackhart Johnie Rogers Jason Smith Michael Wliite Football Mitch Baker Adam Bettis Michael Boone Derrick Burgess Anthony Cannion Chad Cook Comone Fisher Rufus French Robert Gates Dewayne Graham LaShane Grice Grant Heard Ronnie Heard Walt Hill Andrew Horton Bobby Killion Reagan King Ronnie Letson Kenyatta Lucas Matt Luke Anthony MaGee Deuce McAllister Terrance Metcalf Romaro Miller Charles Perkins Cory Peterson Tutan Reyes AlRice Bradley Robinson Antionne Scott Harvey Scott Armegis Spearman Timothy Strickland Gary Thigpen Keydrick Vincent Todd Wade Britt Wicker G.D. Wilson Sheldon Morris LT Taylor Amzie Williams Trent Wright Men ' s Tennis David Blackburn Ben Cousins Vikrant Chadha Barry Hassell Sebastein Lami Martin Lundin James Shortall Martin Sjoqvist Anders Stenman Men ' s Golf Phillip Caravia Troy Muller Peter Pugh Danny Sanford Haymes Snedeker Robert Willis Women ' s Basketball Heather Bantz Tarsha Bethley Chandra Dorsey Jenny Gadd Stephanie Murphy Becky Myatt Julianne Signaigo Leslie Vollrath Sinissia Wysinger Tanya Bolden Men ' s Track Field Tobias Anderson Leon Baker Alonzo Banks Thomas Blackwell Robert Buske Chad Dixon Aaron Fenzel Gordon Fisher John Frierson Larry Henderson Jay Hollis Taylor Jabour Marcus Jones Jimmy Love Ryan Kelley Charlie Kodat Bernard Kuria Tristan McCord Wilhs Moore Ryan Palmer Savante Stringfellow Calvin Thigpen Wesley True Jonathan Voyles Kyle Wallace j Wayne Wollery Softball Kari Ceriani Kara Chapman Kaci Coffee Rachel Davenport Amanda Fine Brittany Maxey MAndy Shklar Heather Swinney Stephanie Vaglica AUson Willrath Bobbi Wurth Women ' s Golf Megan Breen Teresa Brown Anna Kirchner Marci Komegay Robyn Rinaldo Soccer Bima Bjomsdottir Michelle Dubuc Jenny Curry Leigh Frisbee Elizabeth Lee Amy Lucas Natalie Martt Aelish McCreary Mary Ann Moss Jessica O ' Neill Brooke Riley Leah Rutledge Regan Scanlon Sara Schauberger Jennifer Soileau Holly Strachan Sara Wong Tammy Zegledi Women ' s Tennis Cecilia Ampuero Courtenay Chapman Julie Charvat Marianna Eberle Irena Mihailova Ivona Mihailova Agnes Muzamel Women ' s Track Field Brandy Bamett Monica Bamett Cheryl Faubion Emily Fontenot Kelly Gable Daya Hampton Allison Hays Brandy Mack Tisha Parker Jeannette Smith Angela Westbrook Leah White Volleyball Danielle Atzinger Lauren Dorcheus Lisa Frannino Anna Hackbarth Korrie Kashuba Renata Nowacki Kira Zschau Rifle Jessica Crockett Sports • 265 eo Barnes elevated to head coach Roderick K. Barnes came to Ole Miss from Satartia, Mississippi, in 1984 hoping to earn a degree and play Southeastern Conference basketball. In 1988, Barnes received a B.A. in Business Management and completed four successful seasons as a Rebel player. Ten years later on April 9, 1998, he was named the head coach and leader of the Ole Miss basketball program At 32-years old, Barnes is the youngest head coach in the SEC, but his age does not necessarily indicate his experience. While at Ole Miss, Barnes started in 86 consecutive games and became the first player in Ole Miss history to record 500 points, 100 rebounds and 100 assists in a season. In 1988, he served as a student assis- tant coach at Ole Miss, and after four years as an assistant coach and administrative assistant at Livingston University, he returned to Rebel basketball as an assistant under Coach Rob Evans in 1993. " The great thing about Rod Barnes is that he ' s been here as a suc- cessful student-athlete and assistant coach, " said Athletic Director John Shafer. " He has knowledge of the game, the SEC, this pro- gram and Ole Miss. " Barnes has also added a new coaching staff including Marc Dukes, Eric Bozeman and Wayne Brent. " I chose these men as my assistants because they wanted to be at Ole Miss, have the same philosophy about recruiting student-athletes has him and believe in the family type atmosphere I try to create, " he said. — Melissa Gong Rod Barnes Candi Letts 266 • Sports i UM hires new softball coach Last year Ole Miss welcomed its first female fast-pitch soft- ball team. The new Lady Rebels had a disappointing season, but now they have a new season ahead of them with a new coach. This year ' s Lady Rebels are being led by a very talented woman by the name of Candi Letts. She arrived on campus July 1 and came to Ole Miss from Colorado State University. Coach Letts has been working very hard with the girls and is very enthusiastic about the team ' s potential. " I congratulate the girls on their athleticism and on their 2-3 record, " said Letts. " I believe that out team will come out the underdog. " This fall the Lady Rebels have warmed up by playing in a series of practice games. The Lady Rebels are now playing in a state-of-the-art facility that is located just off campus. The facil- ity is about a year old and has room to comfortably seat all the team ' s fans, families and friends. With the guidance and expertise of a new head coach, the hard work and dedication of the team and the support of the fans, the Lady Rebels are looking forward to very bright season. -T ' wanna Walker Ron Aldy Lady Rebel Basketball John Blair Volleyball «f Valerie Boothe Women ' s Rifle . Billy Chadwicl Men ' s Tennis Sports • 267 ■ MCT Woody Cowart Men ' s Golf Steve Holeman Women ' s Soccer Pat Harrison Baseball Jerry Montgom ery Women ' s Tennis 268 • Sports Keil Purdom Lady Rebel Golf Joe Walker Track Cross Country Tommy Tuberville Football Other Coaching Staff Mark Beyers, Assistant Men ' s Tennis Coach Doug Blackwell, Assistant Track Field Coach Eric Bozeman, Assistant Men ' s Basketball Coach Wayne Brent, Assistant Men ' s Basketball Coach Darby Carmichael, Assistant Baseball Coach Hollie Chadwick, Assistant Softball Coach Lisa Cole, Assistant Soccer Coach Kevin Cory, Assistant Women ' s Tennis Coach Marc Dukes, Assistant Men ' s Basketball Coach Jay Entlich, Assistant Soccer Coach Cathrine Erickson, Assistant Track Field Coach John Ishee, Assistant Women ' s Basketball Coach Keith Kessinger, Assistant Baseball Coach Arleen McKnight, Assistant Softball Coach Jenny Meeks, Assistant Volleyball Coach Ed Odom, Graduate Assistant Track Field Coach Brian O ' Neal, Assistant Track Field Coach Kim Rosamond, Assistant Women ' s Basketball Coach Kathy Wilson, Assistant Women ' s Basketball Coach Sports ' 269 For some, extra-curricular participation at the University of Mississippi is a long-time family tradition. For others, it is a very first time experience. Whether we students possess a casu- al interest or a passion for one or more of the 200 organizations sponsored at Ole Miss, our involvement significantly defines who we are as an individual and who we are as a student body. Current enrollment at Ole Miss exceeds 13,000. Many share the same objectives, while others continue the search for their niche OllG JlNIZATIONS amidst the various names and faces about campus. Everyone has the opportunity to become actively involved in a wide-range of campus organizations which include academic, athletic, hon- orary, and socially oriented groups representing cultural diver- sity. The University of Mississippi extra-curricular organiza- tional structure takes great pride in its history and heritage. It also offers a kaleidoscope of invaluable memories to those who choose to volunteer their time and efforts in order to promote the unique spirit and persona of Ole Miss. •Memory nix 270 • Organizations V gfcsociated q raduate Student %odv Stephen Miles ficers James Foley Treasure Scott Wilkins President Jack McCants Vice President Carl Rebman Secretary Stephen Miles □ The AGSB strives to achieve higher academic standards, promote democrat- ic principles, foster close cooperation between students and faculty, facilitate graduate interdepartmental communica- tion, encourage worthy projects in the interests of the student body, and serve the general welfare of Ole Miss. □ Officers of the AGSB represent the entire graduate body, while the senators represent specific departments granting graduate degrees on the Oxford cam- pus. 272 • Organizations Ol Ri Pr( Da JOf s4. .SS . Senate Stephen Miles ®le 9Mss 9aigbY □ The Ole Miss Rugby team, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary next year, is open to all UM stu- dents who are willing to commit to participating in both practices and matches. □ This year the team estab- lished the University of Mississippi Rugby Alumni Association. □ The Old Boys beat the current team in an upset at a match that was held to cele- brate the creation of the new alumni association. ] Ole Miss Rugby: Greg Jeton Clay Cockerham Jimy Kellar Richard Shields Rich Call Coach Match Scott Delozler Foster Knowles Steve Signaigo President Secretary Grant Gibson Brent Korsower Mitch Soper Dave Woolworth Brian Austin Tasker Hewitt Jake McCormack Shannon Sumrall Vice President Bubba Cefalu Josh Johnson Tyler McKellar Jon Boling Dan Christensen Lorn Johnson Geno Moody Treasurer Dave Christensen Peyton Johnston Jerry Orta Organizaii. s4n %rce . m . ' €. i □ The University of Mississippi Air Force Officer Training Corps offers stu- dents the opportunity fo become officers in the United States Air Force. AH Pai Ali( Phi Aoi Nai Shi Jar Sai Tra Jyli Jer □ Arnold Air Society is an organization within AF R.O.T.C. that dedicates itself to the service of the campus and the conrununity. Arnold Air Society Members: Michelle Gille, AAS Commander Jennifer Kulic Steve Young Rex Landreth Lee Sanderson Corey McBride Carmen Saundera Garret Bilbo ' Nathaniel Bartusiak Jon Sappington Dax Wade Brian Vance Billy Coyle Scott Crane Sarah Forte Laura Roby 274 • Organizations Air Force R.O.T. C. Members: AS 100 Sarah Forte Laura Robey Chris Wilson AS 200 Scott Crane Gabriel Grissett Cody Hawkins Ben Justice Jon Sappington Gabriel Williams AS 300 Nathaniel Bartusiak Garret Bilbo Billy Coyle Robert Gable Daniel Guice Rex Landreth Corey McBride Oscar Portillo David Stripling Brian Vance Dax Wade Kyle Wallace AS 400 Paul Adamson Eric Bixel Bill Clemets Lee Cummerford Onutase DeHenre Michelle Gill Carmen Saunders Eric Tramel Steve Young AS 700 Daniel Ferris Jennifer Kulic Lee Sanderson b hi Coi h to Die Clii Lai les Oil I 1 «9faLerican stitute of emical ngineerh □ AIChE promotes profes- sional development of its members and encourages fel- lowship among students and faculty. □ AIChE activities include a back-to-school picnic, field trips, community servicepro- jects, paper presentations at local and national levels, intramural sports and an endo-of-the-year awards banquet. S AIChE Members: Paul Adamson Alicia Andrews Phanidhar Annanroddy Najla Baeshen Shannon Barr Janet Baumann Sara Bednorz Tracy Beecham Julie Bounds Jenee Briggs Polly Brinkly Bill Burns Joseph Busby Samual Butler Raymond Carlisle Paul Chaney Hyung Cho Jennifer Dance Jasper Dickson Thomas Doll, Jr. Monica Douglas Marcus Dukes Derek Englert Melissa English Alicia Flemming Paul Ford Frank Foster Jason French Will Furlong Leslie Gable Michelle Gill Rachael Goodwin JaWanda Grant Jimmy Hamilton John Hart Gene Hauck Clark Henegan Jennifer Hinds Julie Holden Michael Hunter Alma Jackson Clint Jeffus Tiffany Johnson Nathan Jones Matt Lambert Corrie Langley Larry Leins Deborah Lincoln Josh Lockhart Stephanie Lynch Robert McClellan Jacob McMurray Sam Milton David Morgan Bret Morris Lisa Morris Matt Perkins Shaquinta Pickett 9 lpha Dsilon ®elta Anand Ramakrishanan Christian Reed Derek Reeves Andrea Riess Whit Robertson Will Rottgering Lee Sanderson Erinn Schermann Adam Smith Lauren Smith Suzanne Smith Brad Soloman Brent Springer Landon Steimie Randy Stovall Janae Taylor Graham Walker Mike Williams Stacy Williams Amanda Wilson Shanna Woodard Leah Worrel □ AED, the Mississippi Beta Chapter of the international premedical honor society, encourages and recognizes superior scholastic achieve- ment. □ AED activities include interview and MCAT prepa- ration as well as an unique " Buddy System " and hospi- tal volunteer program. Alpha Epsilon Delta Members: Marc Hellrung, President Courtney Stroupe. Vice President Mary Tana Person, Fresliman Activity Chair Deon Cistrunk, Minority Affairs Ctiair Laura Margraves. Outreach Chair Preston McAlexander, Programs Chair Jake Kidder. Treasurer Neil Haraway, Secretary Courtney Mclntire, l-listorian Leati Ballard Olivia Bass Jane Boyd Emily Brewer Recca Broadway Lawanda Brown Janet Callahan John Calvert Jason Carter Philip Chustz Wesley Clark Ben Cousins Laura DeVaughn Holly Edwards Jean Paul Escudier Alex Fong Carrie Fortner Reanna Gandy Bettina Gaycken John Givens Jarrod Gregg Michael Hall Candace Harris Chad Houseman Jacqueline Howe ll Will Hudson Ivy Huggins Jeff Johnson Emily Kahler Joseph KardounI Candace King Son Lam Mark Mazurkiewicz Clay McCoy Roger McGee Caroline McQueen Matthew McGlasson Ron Medlin Brian Oliver Sam Owen Chanda Owens Sagar Patel Christine Sandifer John Sandifer Ben Seale John Shipp Adam Sisk Brandon Skelton Adam Strebeck Anthony Stringer Timothy Sumrall Marcy Swogger Bessevelyn Tables Leah Thompson Dena Todd Leslie Vowell Pearson Windham John Winton Shanna Woodard Dora Woodard Claire Yates Charlotte Young Organizatioi U The American Marketing Association is a business association that is open to students of all majors. Q The University of Mississippi A.M.A. chapter, founded on May 9, 1991, serves to promote friendly relations between students, faculty and business people. American TyZarketing gfssociation A.M.A. Mkmbers: Meghann Abernathy Karyn Aldridge Antje Bernau Laura Blackburn Mary Morgan Blackburn Daphnie Boone Jennifer Boudoin Dion Bryce-Wells Amy Burge Melissa Carey Michelle Carr Toria Chatman Derrick Cook Kelli Copeland Marc Crawford Wendy Daniel Scott Dees Jon Dropco Gibson Eatherly Misty Ellington Christy Ellington Todd Ewell Justin Fitch Jason Garner Natalie Gessler Juli Graham David Griffin Frankie Gulledge Haywood Hamilton Sara Harvey Pam Hendricks Ashley Hill Meg Hodges Audrey Hogue Courtney Holliday Stuart Hollingsworth Lindsey Home Rachel Huff Zaur Jabbarov Richard Johnson Moneika King Katherine Kuykendall Amy Lefoldt Collin Maley Al Mamedow Ian Marshall Kostas Matheos Matt Mitchell Mary Craig McBee Memrie McCubbin Kathy McDaniel Brian A. McGilliuray Lynn McKey Arlean McMullan Warren McPhatter Ashley McVey Adrienne Nelson Jennifer Nichols Prokopovich Oxana Patricia Pendergrass Benjamin Philley John Pittman Frannie Pitts Picture by Andrea Platz Cally Pounds Carl Rebman Angela Reed Caria Rhyne Jessica Roan Sarah J. Robey Lindsay J. Schieffer Saurabh Sewak Pamela Snider Susan Spurlock Katie Stevens Jeff Thomas Melissa Elliott Blake Thompson Natalie Tinnin Mac Usher Brian H. Vance Meredith Volk Kimberly Walker Allyson West Cory Whittaker Rogia Williams III Danny Williams Ashley Wright 9!fmerican o of vil ngineers ,.□ The Oie Miss student chapter of ASCE provides civil engineering students with opportunities to develop relationships with fellow students, faculty and professionals. □ Students in the Ole Miss chapter received first place for best final prod- uct in the 1997-98 region- al concrete canoe design competition. A.S.C.E. Members: Bailey Adams Muhammad Ali Lauren Averill Najla Baeshen Kyle Barron 276 • Organizations Melanie Bean Xan Cutcliff Ahmed Emam Kim Franl s Katie Funderburk Reanna Gandy Van Gilbert Warren Goodson Johnny Kelly Matt Lott John Watson Galloway Amber Miller Ned Mitchell Yongxin Brent Ross Emery Sayre Jason Simon Omar Uddin Amanda Wilson Cody Wilson John Witherspoon Corel American ociet esigners □ The American Society of Interior Designers is an orga nization that promotes pro- fessional development among interior designers. □ A.S.I.D. is open to all interior design majors. I A.S.I.D. Members: Corbett Plaxico President Lesley Aldridge Secretary Jennifer Smith Treasurer Anna Taylor President Elec. Laura Antonow Faculty Advisor Maura Bahm Laura Hudson Elizabeth Fitspatrick Elizabeth Brusevold Debra Valas Melisa Turgeon Molly McAnally Not pictured: Robyn Bishop Becky Blossom Whitney Boone Suzanne Burks Maiiee Fields Katherine Patterson Mindy Spence Auril Warner «9 merican ocietv of 7 Zechanical Engineers □ The American Society of Mechanical Engineers is a professional organization that promotes learning and technical development in the area of mechanical engineer- ing. □ The organization serves to educate Ole Miss and the community about mechani- cal engineering and related fields. A.S.M.E. Members: Lesley Cover Julie Harrison Brent Keller Stacey Taylor Corey Alford Justin Elliot Tabious Hayes Derek Morris Chad Teague Harold Blakely Jason Evans Kelly Hicks Dawn Norton Karia Thomas Elizabeth Bonney Lori Favret Brandy Higgason Gary Ralls Ty Traxler Jessica Byrum Daniel Ferris Allison Hooten John Schove Sam Witherow Recardo Cadavid Brad Gates Dave Huang Lee Sharp Kevin Wright Andrew Clouatre Denver Glazier David Jones Rickey Shaw Kenneth Cook Thomas Gore Marcus Jones Janae Taylor Organizations • 277 9fssociation of information technology ofessionals U The AITP student pro- gram serves to enhance stu- dents ' understanding of the Information Technology Program. Q AITP provides opportuni- ties to obtain a more practi- cal view of what is learned in the classroom through company shadow programs and by inviting speakers from top firms in the field to attend monthly meetings. Q AITP takes part in jfundraisers, student confer- ences, computer workshops, and information systems industrial tours. A.I.T.P. Officers: Theona Williams, president Andrew Christ, vice president Regina Dudley, secretary Picture by Stephen Miles Conrad Miller, treasurer Monica Trela, Business School Advisory Board Representative Dr. Brian Reithel, faculty advisor i nsineerins cSludent od Q The Engineering Student □ The ESB encourages the □ The groupsponsors sev- mote the practice and pro- Body is comprised of all undergraduate engineering, computer science and telecommunication stu- dents enrolled in the School of Engineering. 278 • Organizations development of profession- al attitudes and provides an atmosphere in which engi- neering students may prac- tice the art of working together effectively. eral activities such as an Alumni Homecoming Brunch and an Engineering School picnic as well as " Engineering Week " which is held in the spring to pro- fession of engineering. l« 1 i k % ft , ' Co i k Ca k Ca Da Co 7 ackr- tu d gnt Jii on B.S.U. Officers: Jennifer E. Brown President Markeeva Morgan Vice President Olivia Robinson-IVIacon Secretary Vanessa Brocks Treasurer m □ Beta Alpha Psi is a nation- al honor society and profes- sional fraternity for students planning to enter the accounting profession. □ Alpha Theta, the Ole Miss Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi, was established in 1951. □ Chapters of the organiza- tion are established at insti- tutions where accounting programs have reached a high level of academic and professional achievement. Picture by Melissa Elliott Beta Alpha Psi Duane Chambers Molly Hodge Ricardo J. Merlos Brian C. Smith Digvijay Vaghcia Members: Starling Cousley Jason Huggins Rachel Mills Shannon Spell Jason D. Whaley Virginia Assaf Lyn Covington Richard C. James Betsy Mitchell Kristen Spruiell Laura Williamson Courtney Baucom Lee W. DeCoux Thomas A. Jones Tara Mitchell Nathan Stimson W. Howard Williamson Kimberly Bennett Leigh Anne Duncan Tracey Kelley Stewart Motley Amy Suliano Caryl Boston Mark Eubanks Maggie Klepzig Allen O ' Briant Jennifer Sullivan Kendall Bowlin Andrea K. Evans Kelly Kreis Vicky Poole Michael C. Tate Caton L. Brooks Heather Godwin Cheng Li Clayton C. Purdom Joy Tatum David Bush Jeremy Griffin Jennifer Marionneaux Shannon Quon Michael Taylor Courtney Chaffin Stephen Griner Marsha K. McCullar Matt Sanders Ashley Tucker Organizations • 27 ' J The Alpha Gamma Chapter of Kappa Epsilon was chartered in 1960 to unite female pharmacy stu- dents and encourage the advancement of the female pharmacist. □ Since the founding of the organization, KE has instilled in its members a desire for higher scholarship and has provided its mem- bers with a setting in which to develop leadership skills, Ito strive for excellence and " to develop lifelong friend- ships which members carry with them into the future. KiPPA Epsilon Members: Aaron Cook President Kathy Lindsay Cara Pumphrey Chaplain Jennifer Tisdale Jennifer Battles Tara Cowart Lee Ann Harper Jeni Little, Pledge Trainer Lisbeth Roberts Stephanie Thorton Deidra Blakely, President Kelly Craig, Treasurer Rhonda Heustess Jill Medley Ginger Rone Kristi Walker Secretary Catrina Began Saraii Eddy Jamie Hines Leslie Middleton Kim Rosso Jessica Wallace Sandy Boyett Lisa Flowerday Julie Hockaday Alyson Moore, Service Jessica Russell Kelly Walsh Shana Breckenridge, Big IVlillie Gamble Sharon Hood Holly Myers Laura Sanders Ginger Waycaster, Sis LiI Sis Laura Goff Shea Jackson Heather O ' Donnell Alisa Smith Historian Stephanie Brown Betliany Grantham, Heather Kelly Sejal Patel Janna Stewart Kathy Yancy Tricia Broyles Intramurals Jessica Kimble, Fundraiser Andrea Platz Marcy Swogger ■Whitney Canterbury Kristi Gregory, Vice Tara Lang Ginger Pope Andee Thurman b Dc Pn Bri Vi( Q The Malaysian Student Association at the University |of Mississippi was founded March 1, 1982. Q Currently there are over 20 active members on campus. Q Membership is open to all students based on enthusiasm, interest and deportment. □ The MSA strives to pro- mote greater understanding among Malaysian students and to introduce the Malaysian culture and hospi- tality to the Oxford and University communities. Malaysian Student AssooATioN Members: Andrew Simon Chun Hwa See Chui Wei Tee Chung Chan Evelyn Siaw Lin Voon WZalavsian 9 ssociation Eileen EE Leng Soo Connie Susan Wong Fumihiko Yuki Ito Hsiao Daniel Kuek Hsiao Ting Su Jacqueline Pel Yong Chung Jimmy Tee Kal Chiok Kong Yew Cin Konrad Su Leong Yapp Kui Naam Chong Lay Khoo Li Ching Hor Melissa Yeoh Melvin Manickava Sagam Michael Siau Mogan Ramiah Poh Ning Huang Soo Yee Yam Swee Ong Vanita Upadhyay Wee Chen Loo Wei Chuen Won Yogisvary Subramaniam Yong Loong Pang Yu Chi Su Zachary Choon Kit Wong h Jer h Jefi Vice 80 • Organizations cSgma Lambda Sigma Officers: Don Ross President Brad Ingram Vice President Olivia Bass Secretary Margaret Shelton Treasurer □ Lambda Sigma is an hon- orary for sophomores with emphasis on leadership and scholarship. □ The organization consists of fifty members chosen on the basis of academics, lead- ership, service and well- roundedness. □ Members participate in projects which include the Very Special Arts Fair at the North Mississippi Regional Center, Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army Angel Tree and Lafayette Elementary Mentorship. Xiappa i Kappa Kappa Psi Members: Jeff Vickers President Jeff Davis Vice President David Duckworth Recording Secretary Mike Pilgram Corresponding Secretary Jonathan Black Treasurer Picture by Melissa Elliott Stan Clark Matt Rowan Brent Springer Shawn Snow □ Kappa Kappa Psi is one of the top 250 active band fra- ternities in the United States. □ The organization ' s goals include providing the band with organized and concen- trated service activities as well as experience in organi- zation, leadership, brother- hood and social contacts. Organizatioi □ The Rebelettes make up what is considered to be one of the premiere collegiate dance programs in the nation. □ On football weekends, one will find the Varsity Rebelettes center stage with the Pride of the South Band. □ The Rebelettes also enjoy being a part of SEC men ' s basketball action. Varsity Rebelettes: Front Row Joy Jones Becky Bounds Kelly Williams Cori Pegg- Captain Rachel Tijerina- Captain Maggie Holland- Co-Captain Jessica Vannoy Katie McCaslin Lachondra Daniels Varsity Rebelette Coordinator: Katie Yarborough Not pictured: Nikki Bradshaw Allison Brune Jacey Adkins Back Row Ashlee Douglas Melissa Paulson Jamie Wicker Suzzane Johnson Daya Hampton Tara Madseu Marci Herges Amanda Hughes Tomica McNeil Wendy Bowlin Skye Sturlese- Co-Captain Laura Murphy Gay 282 • Organizations niorS arsity belettes □ This year, many University of Mississippi women received scholarships to dance with the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams at Ole Miss athletic events. □ The Junior Varsity Rebelettes take to the court during all women ' s basket- ball contests and men ' s non- conference matchups. Junior Varsity Rebelettes: Ginger Geldreich Faculty Advisor Becky Griffith Missy Reid Cindy Jones Captain Crystal Jordan Jenny Legge Saraln Judd Captain Anna Kniglnton IVIelanie Radich Lauren Kramer Erin Pigford Amy Richardson Summer Roberson Stacey Sturlese Courtney Williams t © 1 m ▼ Ai fJ Wd i M ■»• ' -i? f % --V- 283 • Orgar, - «dllilL Wortar J Mortar Board is a national honor society for college seniors. CJ Tassels, the University of Mississippi chapter, has a 40 member limit. □ The Mortar Board selects members on the basis of leadership, service and scholarship (minimum GPA Iof3.0j. Q Tassels advisors: Dr. Mark Wilder, Dr. Colby Kullman, Dr. Ken Sufka and Dr. Judith Trott. Mortar Board Members: Kate Brand Carrie Breitbarth Caton Brooks Coliin Brown , Jennifer Brown Brooks Burnette Whitney Campbell Jacey Cook Katie Cox Tiffany Cox Brad Davis Holly Edwards Q The University of Mississippi Modeling Board was founded in 1974. □ The UMMB is a group of students that have been selected to represent the University in a unique " fash- ion. " G The board not only repre- sents Ole Miss Students in the fashion industry, but it also strives to serve a promi- nent role in both the univer- sity and community. Jennifer Fillinghann Kimberiy Franks Charles Gufford Amy Hall Allison Hooten Lindsay Home Ivy Huggins Shea Jackson Jeff Johnson Vanessa Lackey Jane Meek Bonnie Morris Perry Moulds Mary Tana Person Jenny Puff John Revella Matt Sanders Ben Seale Timothy Sumrall Marcy Swogger Benjamin Thompson Melissa Tichenor Bruce Ware Leah White Lindsay Wilson Sarah Bisland Young " officers me mss modeling %)ard Ole Miss Modeling Board Officers: Melissa Caldwell Captain Brandy Loving Co-Captain Harold Moman Co-Captain Robyne Atkins Secretary , 284 • Organizations I ' e 9 fiss 9fhibassador □ The Ole Miss Ambassadors play an impor- tant role in the high school and junior college relations activities of the Pre- Admissions office. □ As an organization within the executive branch of the ASB, the Ambassadors pro- vide tours, write letters to prospective students, house visitors that stay overnight and participate in other pro- grams that communicate about Ole Miss. Ole Miss Ambassadors: Emily Allen Stephen Ansuini Karen Ashmore Emily Atkinson Lauren Averill Patrick Bahan Rachel Ball Billy Barlow Wendi Bennett Claire Bostwick Jennifer Boyd Kate Brand Reeca Broadway Brooke Buffington Meaghin Burke Aubry Burr Carson Carney Jill Case Duane Chambers Autumn Chapman Kelly Chenault Denise Chevalier Courteny Christopher Brynna Clark Jill Clark Camille Collins Ginger Cox Megan Cralle Katy Daly Narci Darvish Jamie Davis Justin Davis Maya Dial Theresa Dixon Jennifer Doyle Kim Dowdy Christy Ellington Meg Evans Elizabeth Farrenburh Nathan Ford Annabeth Freeman Andrea Furr Earl Fyke Stephen Gent Justin Glass Laurie Gore Jean-Marie Grower Nick Guice Courtney George Ashley Geraci Crystal Grayson Megan Hafner Misty Hairston Pam Hamilton Stephen Hammock Nic Hammond Terra Hargett Laura Hargraves Deidrick Harmon Stephen Harrell Hart Hazard Melanie Headley Blair Hill Brad Ingram Leeland Jenkins Katie Jordan Susan Keithj Joey Kilgore Nykeba King Tiffany Kilpatrick John Lawrence Mary Kylie Lindsey Marina Luybimova Ashley McArthru Lucy Matusiewicz Mary Craig McBee Ryan McClelland Elizabeth McFerrin Jennifer McGuire Nancy McKey Arlean McMullan Jennifer McNutt Keisha McNulty Meg Milam Ned Mitchell Julie Montgomery Jeannie Mood Reynolds Moore Walter Morgan Lenora Morris Gina Moss Sara Anne Nelson Memory Nix Jonathan Nobles Johnna Norman Katie O ' Neil Dianne Owen Allison Parrott Laura Patton Anna Pope Tori Porter Tarasha Posey Anna Powers Allison Pruitt LaSonya Pulliam Jay Ramer Abby Randolph Erin Redmond Christie Reiland John Revella Amanda Robins Kristen Rooney Shellie Ross Marti Schaffer Eric Shorter Emily Sindelar Lauren Smith Holly Storms Lauren Street Bethany Taylor Sue Ellen Taylor Vanessa Thomas Dena Todd Ashley Tucker John Underwood Ashley Vacca Kathleen Valentine Sommer Warren Clarence Webster Jennifer Wells Organization ; • 28. 1 Picture by Melissa Elliott ?86 • Organizations MIDN 1 C Bill Benham Tim Berryhill Eddie Llerenas Jennifer Martine Dustin Thorn Albert Dozier MIDN 2 C Edmund Chinchar Shane Duffle Sean Gobin Jonathon Gray Josh Gregory Jason Hair Matt Langrek Nathan Morales Will Neal Perry Perkins Elliot Porter Gourtenay Rogers Preston Roland Carolyn Simpson Robert Thompson Sean Urban MIDN 3 C Jon Barber Donnell Evans Robert Fisher Mike Fortenberry Foster Knowles Latonia Ollyhill Sam Malone Kevin Reardon Bethany Ross Edgar Smith Robert Smith MIDN 4 C Tom Bowman Chris Carter Adam Cromwell Clay Derryberry Andrew Erickson Miguel Flechas Matthew Haley Mark harris Sean Holmes Eric Ingram David Jarrett Hugh McDonals Jay Mitchell Wil Moore James Stanley Jonathon Stumpf Will Vandalsem WJ Young MECP SGT Freddieric Delara SGT D J Duhon SGT Justin Fletcher SSGT Laurie Gillespie SGT Marc Hudzinski SSGT Jeff Knight SGT Steven Lowry SGT Michael Privett SGT John Stout ECEP OC Steve Ansuini OC John Cycyk OC Steve Liberty OC Sam Robinson OC Steve Hardin □ The Naval Reserve officer Atraining Corps unit was established at Ole Miss to train students to be future officers in teh United States Navy and Marine Corps, □ A NROTC student can earn 2 to 4-year scholarships and, upon graduation, be commissioned into either the Navy or Marine Corps for a minimum of four years. □ The regimen of a NROTC student consists of certain military classes, weekly physical training and excel- lent leadership training. ■ ' ! I Organization @e mss Allege %nublicans Q The Oie Miss College Republicans is a group of young Americans who sup- port the goals of the national Republican Party. Q The Ole Miss College Republicans promote eco- nomic and political freedom, reduction of the onerous bur- den of government, the rule of law, victims ' rights, love of country, the traditional family, conservation of the enviomment and respect for human life from conception through natural death. □ The group participates in political campaigns, invites guest speakers to campus, works with Habitat for Humanity and brings togeth- er Ole Miss students who share conservative values. ficers Nicholas A. Lott President Scott A. Oliver Vice President Howie Morgan Vice President Troy Ross Treasurer Tony Flores Secretary James Miller Web-Master Dr.J.R. Hall Advisor Pictures by Melissa Elliott 288 COLIEOE Repubucans; Amanda Arbelle Julia Armes Lauren E. Averill Leah Ballard William Bartow Adam Bednick Amy Bsnnet Ben Bryant Chris Seeker Christie Bolen Sara Blaylock Amanda Brister Oliver Box Sarah Bailey Toria Chatman Rachel Chllders Steven Cole Joel Wesley Grim • Organizations Jessica Dawn Carr Kathryn Chaires Robert Caldwell Lisa Compton Van Chung Justin Davis Megan Dickinson Billy Dycus Martin Durbin William Ernst Marlsa Ellander Michael Emerson Margaret Evans Tony Flores Smith Fuller Elizabeth Fisher Frazler Fyke Max Fenn Joni Ganger Ryan Griffin Andrew George Melana Hinson Gregory Henderson Ryan Holmes Audrey Hogne Megan Mather John Helmert Blair Hill Jason Holly Tiffany Hamlin John Hayes Ashley Hoover James Herrington George Haymans Melinda Hare Tracy Jackson Marc Jenkins Paul Kennedy Jessica Killens Jenni Kendricks Ian Kendall Elizabeth Kelly Nicholas Lott Steven Lovelace Rachel Lewand James Lockhart Ahsley Loftin Sara Lafferty Rex Landreth Deborah Lincoln Jimmy Miller Howie Morgan Carr McKay Brian McGool Leigh Murray Gabrielle McCart Jeffrey Magruder Mary Montgomery Jeff Noah Angela Nail Scott Oliver Bo Oswalt Hayden Perkins Isaiah Perkins Anna Powers Kristi perdue Charles Peterson Adriane Purdum John Pendergrass William Pepper Titus Queen Derek Reeves Troy Ross David Register Nolan Sherrill Courtney Senter John Stevens Charlene Smith William Sloan Misty Sheppard Robert Sutton Graham Sutliff Eli Strange Christopher Skidmore John Sexton Suellen Stephenson Adam Schowalter Lara Schrage Joseph Spinks Regan Scanlon Julie Satchfield Tracy Shirah Brandon Teer Tiffany Thornton George Trout Jeffery Taylor Amanda Touchstone Karla Tubertini Katherine Tackett Michael Upton Justin Vega Kathleen Valentine Adrian Wilson Shaunda Weeden Jonathan Walker Matan Wolfson Tiger White Sarah Wilbanks Lauren Webb Amanda Whelan Denise Walters David Weldon Angela Williams Jennifer Xu Abeer Zein e 7 ftss S crosse □ The Ole Miss Lacrosse Club, which joined the Southeastern Conference in the Spring of 1996, plays against conference teams which include the following: Emory, The Citadel, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Auburn, Clemson, Alabama, Georgia Tech, Gergia, South Carolina and Georgia Southern. □ The club begins regular practice in the spring. □ Lacrosse games begin in early February and end in late April at theSoutheastem Lacrosse tourna- ment and National Club Championships. 289 . Orga □ The Ole Miss Pre-Law Society was founded to aid students in their quest to become legal professionals. □ The Society provides information on applying to law schools, on LSAT test preparation and scheduling. □ The organization also sponsors speakers from the many areas of law. S.P.A.U. Officers: Brett Byrnes President Larry Ray Vice President Elizabeth Ott Secretary Treasurer Organizations • 290 □ Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology, founded for the purpose of encourag- ing, stimulating, and main- taining excellence in scholarship and advancing the science of psychology. I □ Membership is open to graduate and undergradu- ate men and women who are making psychology one of their areas of majo: interest. m Heather Adams Elizabeth Ballew Lisa Beard Lee Christine Blaschke Koren Boggs Ashley Bourn Allison Brand Mary Margaret Bruce Susan Butts Kristi Clements Amy Conwill Stacy Crumbly Nathaniel Downs Anna Nicole Freeman Peggy Lyndsay Fuller Kelly Grady Shari-Anne Gregoire Amy Hanneman Candice Harris Heather Henry Sarah Hoffman Olivia Holmes Stacy Hudson Edward Hudspeth Robin Jamison Sally Lott Katherine Louis Karen Macy Jessica Malone Terrance Manogin Martha Massey Jamie Neal Joe Pressler, Jr. Kelli Pugh Misty Rea Eon Regons Ginnyann Reynolds Rhonda Rosamond Laura Smith Elizabeth Stephens Alfreta Stewart Brad Strowd Angela Summers Jennifer Trimple Mary Ann Unsell Margaux Viox Julie Weakley Michelle Well Psi ChiMembers: Type in Roster c ociety for 9diman source 9 Zanagement I President Rosemary Etcher Vice-President Kimberly Chaney Secretary Kara Spanelli Director of Programs Lindsay Schieffer Director of PR l lembership Anne-Taylor Smith Treasurer Arnan Boles Will Pepper Karyn Aldridge Anna Bland James F. Gulledge Ashley McVey Katie Newkirk Albert Lou Wei Tee Advisor Dr. Bob Robinson □ The Society for Human Resource Management is a profes- sional, business organi- zation. This group spon- sor such activities as: mock interviews, profes- sional speakers, shadow programs, and intern- ships. □ The group recently received a grant from Emerson Electric to help pursue professional activities. m 291 •Organ; i% J U The National Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, founded in 1897, was orig- inated by a group of stu- dents who felt the need to recognize scholarship in all disciplines. □ The University of Mississippi Chapter was chartered in May 1959 as the 77th chapter of Phi Kappa Phi. □ To qualify for member- ship, undergraduates must be seniors or second- semester juniors with high standards of scholarship and character. □ Graduate students and students in professional schools must have distin- guished records placing them amontg the ablest in their class. □ Faculty members must have made significant con- tributions to their disci- plines. ' ' Let the love of learning rule humanity. ' ' ?92 • Organizations Picture by Melissa Elliott Phi Kappa Phi Members: Front Row: Courtney Stroupe, Alicia Fisiier, Mandi Henry. Middle Hon ; Julie Walton, Jacey Cook, Ashley Joiner, Jamie Bourgoin, Jennifer Graham, Holly Edwards. Back Row: Bob Sindelar, Dale Flesher, Michael Dean, Colby Kullman, Sue Hale, Tim Walsh, Euphiazene Gray. PHI KAPPA PHI OFFICERS THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI CHAPTER 1998-99 ACADEMIC YEAR Sue T. Hale President Kolby Kullman, Ph.D President-Elect Dewey D. Garner, Ph.D. Past-President Robert Sindelar, Ph.D. Vice-President for Public Relations Juliet H. Walton, Ph.D. Vice President for Arrangements Euphiazine Gray Secretary Dale Flesher, Ph.D. Treasurer Executive Committee Michael P Dean, Ph.D. James W. Davis, Ph.D. Rebecca Moreton Honor Vice Presidnets Jennifer Gale Fillingim Samuel Calvin Thigpen Kimberii Dawn Pigg Ashley Elisabeth Tinnin College of Liberal Arts Leslie Ellen Ayres Emily Hope Bain Carmon Marie Bolton Jason Daniel Carter Kellye Buckner Cauthen Leonidas McLean Coleman Alicia Marissa Fisher Laurie Ann Gillespie Rebecca C. Haithcoat Heather Louis Holdsworth Galen Tibariaus Holley Sara Lynn Johnson Ashley Barrett Joiner Margaret Jessica Keith William Preston McAlexander Michael Alan McGuire Jane Bryan Meek John Taylor Moses Erin Kateri Nance Charlie Denise Neely Sagar Hasmukh Patel Mary Tana Person Jennifer Lynn Puff Scotty Paul Reed Alicia Jo Schroeder Rose-Claire St. Hilaire Stephanie Marie Stone Brad Alexander Strowd School of Accountancy Courtney Elaine Baucom Caton Lane Brooks Warren Hunter Carpenter Andrea Kathleen Evans Jason Enloe Graeber Jeremy Brian Griffin Mitzi Lynn Holmes Jimmy Van Knighton II Marsha Kay McCullar Claude Fair Russ Kristen Suzanne Spruiell Matthew Banks Still Jason David Whaley School of Business Administration Jamie Machelle Bourgoin Megan Marie Breen Brooks Harrington Burnette Richard J. Call IV Jennifer Scott Graham Rachel Ann Huff Chong-Thye Ki Joshua Cecil McCrory Leigh Erin McLaurin Shea Stewart Scott Tyler F Sutliff Aaron L. Terry Sarah Bisland Young School of Education Jacey Lynn Cook Dena Joy Stark Ferrell Marie Dendy Smith Lori Wildmon Taylor Rachel Francesca Tijerina Jennifer Lusanne Trimble Jennifer Anne Winter School of Engineering Polly A. Hutchison Brinkley Jasper Lane Dickson John Michael Earwood Kimberly Day Franks School of Pharmacy Deidra Anne Blakely Spencer Elkin Harpe Lena Shea Jackson Wesley Clifton Pitts Marcy Marie Swogger Law Center Michelle E. Mattox Hentz Graduate School Bonnie Anne Borst Julia Minor Gaines Dana Lee Glazier Gwendolyn Anglee Green Janice Anita Halford Hatcher Jonithan Paul Hatcher Patricia Jane Kelly Hendrei Alice Page Elizabeth Hull Theresa Lynn Johnson Ellen Gibson Johnston Michael Burnett Joiner Michael Lane Oeize Nirmal D. Pugh Emily M. Pulliam Monique A. Robertson Nicole B. Robertson Karyn Aletha Smith Vanessa Yovonne Wakefieh James Edward Walker, Jr. Heng Wang Yujin Wang HisayoYoshikawa School of Law Rachel Lane LaVigne Baile) Michael Todd Bartley Yancy B. Burns Faculty Administration Joan Wylie Hall Kathleen L. Sukanek Thomas D. Wallace Christy M. Wyand- Organizations 293 iJ I %S1 ssociaiion □ The Residence Hall Ass ociation is an organiza- tion that serves as a voice for students living on campus. □ R.H.A. acts as a liason by communicating the needs and wants of the residents to the Student Life administra- tion. □ R.H.A. also sponsors and participates in events such as Move-in-Mania, Domestic Violence rise prevention. Spring Break II and several conferences with R.H.A. groups from other schools. R.H.A. Members: First Row: Michelle Lowery, April Dorris, Van Chung, Alecia Baird, Brad Hudspeth, Talunja Eskridge. Second Row: Selena Carter, Sheneirka Edwards, Nikki Hall, Devon Neely, Karin Deberry. Third Row: Syletricka Martin, LaQuanda Payne, Lamisha Brantley, Lynn Woo. Fourtli Row: Jason Savarese, Kevin Cozart, Charlotte Ray, April West. f ' R.H.A. Officers: Talunja Eskridge President Michael Juhas Vice President April Dorris Secretary Van Chung N.C.C. Alecia Baird N.C.C.I.T. Brad Hudspeth Public Relations and Programming Michelle Lowery Staff Advisor Luke Boswell Student Advisox Bonnie Reid Administrative Advisor 294 • Organizations r- gma pha Sigma Alpha Iota Members: Dawn Henry, president Becky Fletcher, vice president of member- ship Amy Sanders, vice president ritual Heather Henry, treasurer Picture by Melissa Elliott Melissa Meeks, secretary Elizabeth Doiron, sergeant-at-arms Brenda Jenkins, social chair Angle Innman Brenna Carrigan Hanah Fellows Picture by Melissa Elliott R.T.N.D.A. Officerss: James Swindle, President Aimee Deptuy, Vice President Monica Webb, Secretary-Treasurer □ The Radio and Television News Directors Association was chartered at Ole Miss in 1990 and continues to look toward the future of journal- ism. □ RTNDA strives to pro- mote awareness and innova- tion in the field of broadcast journalism to its members. m 41 Organizations cSbcietv of Sibmen Engineers J The Society of Women Engineers is a non-profit, educational service organization. □ The Society of Women Engineers is an organization that strives to stimulate women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders. Society of Women Engineers Members: Najla Baeshen, president Amanda Wilson, vice- president Corrie Langley, secre- tary Elizabeth Boggs, treas- urer Lauren Averill Janet Baumann Tracy Beecham Autunnn Chapman Jennifer Dance Monica Douglas Melissa English Kim Franks Katie Funderburk Leslie Gable Reanna Gandy Ashley Geraci Jennifer Henderson Allison Hooten Stephanie Lynch Rebecca Reekstin Beth Reimer Erin Scherwin Shanna Woodard Si Al B( Ka Dii As □ Teachers of Tomorrow provides a support net- work for University of Mississippi education majors. □ The organization pro- motes the prestige of the teaching profession through exemplary com- munity involvement and services. achers of tomorrow Picture by Richard Massey Teachers of Tomorrow Members: Front row: Rebekah Findeisen; Mercee Cummings; Christie Swain; Audra Mullen, treasurer; Marisol Juarez, president; Julie Horn, vice-president; Amanda Harlan, secretary; L8Ann Weaver; Rennie Howell; Anne Peyton Clark. Second row: Rebecca DeLoach, Dave Box, Lori Bakutis, Jennifer Goates, Augusta Schaefer, Shea Joffrion, Kristy Lowe, Mary Martha Hodge, Cyndi Kesler. 296 • Organizations Student Athletic Board: Karen Macy Director Anna West Ashley Clowney Penny Brotherton Curt Bell Mandy McKlttrick Stephen Ansuini Janna Brown Kelly Chenault Courtney Ellington Talunja Eskridge Rebecca Friesen Dea Gannaway Melissa Gong Miriam Hobbs Berniece Marshall Cristine Marquez Lib Morgan Jolyn Pittman Susan Sasser Andrew Simon James Swindle Heather Vinson □ The Student Athletic Board is a student run organizatoin that acts to promote spirit and stu- dent involvement with sports on campus. □ Members work to assist coaches from each sport, increase student attendance at all sport events, make banners, advertise games and par- ticipate in Pep Ralhes. □ SAB sponsors campus activites like the Arkansas Hog Roast and Midnight Madness. Natasha Kennedy Brad Skinner Student cSbcial T4 rk Picture by Stephen Miles □ The Student Social Work Organization is comprised of social work majors and minors. □ S.S.W.O. is a service organization that promotes community involvement. □ Members of S.S.W.O. gain new insight into th field of social work. i Organization ' ' ??esident cpfdvisors Brown: Jennifer Perry Tracy- Ann Scott Brandie Freed Isatou Sanneh 9?esident cS dvisors Crosby: Jennifer Bullock Gai Troung Lachell Petty Regina Dudley Charlotte Ward Jaime Banks Tiffani Norman Lynn Shillingford Lindy Rounsaville Erica Wilson sident cS dvisors Deaton: Eddit Gordon Marvell Gordon Myrt Price 298 • Organizations 93rown ■ foshy 9 iill eaton 9 1 1 I I 1 yes 9 11 9 sident cS dvisors Garland-Hedleston- Mayes: Chris Holland Michael McGuIre Kyle Schappachar Hyung Cho Tim Bobbins Lee Casey Duane Rogers q uess 9t ll " fesident cpfdvisors Guess: Cara Carter Marko Kostic Laura Heller Lynn Gardner Carolyn Simpson Dion Bryce-Wells Q i-flev " fesident cS dvisors Hefley: Sabriana Vincent Tamika McCullar Ravonda Newson Caryl Boston Organizationv ■ 7)9 fesident c dvisors Howry Falkner : Larry Partem Dezra Peltier Shetwan Bobo 9dr)wr 1kner9 ]k 9?esident cPfdvisors Kinard: Nick Sagona Patricl Behroozi Luke Boswell Ian Coleman Matt Dilback narH M " fesident cS dvisors Kincannon: Reginald Blanchard Chad Williams Jeremy Rice Cleve Robertson Marc hellrung Jacob Eftink Robert Knight 9Gncannon 9 11 KINCANNOIl HALL )tpai«nKiii Of Stndeii ltmsing And Resi 300 • Organizations SKaHin " sident cS dvisors Martin: Stockard: Chalis Pameroy Benjamin Wells Betsy Moore Ray McCallister Vinessa Merrell Scott Oliver Hanna F ellows Omar Wilson Juana Chatman Nicholas Lott Maria Johnson Matthew Lambert Jessica Rhoads Edwin Quinn Jessica Crokett Marales Mobley Amanda Bacon Edward Denton Susan Allmon Brian Kendrick iller 9 !all 9 sident cS dvisors Miller: Amy Pyron Kristy Gore Angela Greer LeKeeta Gatlin Tammy Collier Anitra Polk Chastity Smith 9 sident c fdvisors Stewart: Theona Williams Chaqueta Weston Nia Avant Melissa Thompson Kim Walker Amber Cannon Organizations ' . i tudent Qgramming ' oard I ireciui Stephen Miles Q The Student Programming Board is formed with the election of two officers who in turn select a Board of Directors. □ The SPB is an organiza- tion founded by students, run by students, for the benefit of all students. SPB Board of Directors: Ben Seale Director Courtney Stroupe Associate Director Denise Chevalier Diversity Chairman Kent Jackson Entertainment Co-Chairman Alison Taylor Entertainment Co-Chairman Molly Fenwick Pageant Co-Chairman Raymond Kelly Pageant Co-Chairman Jennifer Guckert Special Events Co-Chairman Jennifer Knapp Special Events Co-Chairman 302 • Organizations Picture by Stephen Miles nversuy □ The SPB Diversity Committee plans and pro- duces programs that show- case different cultures and their heritage. □ The committee also plans the International Fair and Fun Day in the Village. □ The highlight of the year ' s events showcases a prominant black leader to speak at the annual Martin Luther King Convocation. SPB Diversity Committee Members Demise Chevalier Director Tiffani Bullock David Griffin Natasha Kennedy Devon Neely Felicia Shad Patti Smith Organizations • 303 Pictures by Stephen Miles I J □ Members of the SPB entertainment committee keep Ole Miss tuned in to the hottest entertainers in the nation and plan the Union Unplugged Series. □ The committee hosted three concerts: Candle Box and Drivin ' -N-Cryin ' with Jack Ingram, both held in the grove, and Lenny Kravitz with opening act Sean Lennon, held in CM. Tad Smith Coliseum. SPB Entertainment Committee Members: Kent Jackson Co-Director Alison Taylor Co-Director Ginger Albritton Jonathan Brand Kate Brand Jim Dorrah Carrie Northup Kyle Hathaway Frank Kossen Meisha Lawson John Revella Ginny Smith SPB t Molly Mic Megh Elizat Annal SPBS Even: Memi Jennif; Co-Bin 304 Organizations eants %mmittee □ Members of the SPB Pageant Committee plan and play a significant role in the annual Miss University and Parade of Beauties pageants. □ This year the committee sponsored the second annual Miss Ole Mister, Ole Miss ' only womanless beauty pag- eant. □ Members also help con- testants get ready for pag- eants, prepare for programs and go to Vicksburg to see the Miss Mississippi pag- eant. Stephen Miles SPB Pageants Committee Members: Molly Fenwick Director Meghann Abernathy Elizabeth Farenburg Annabeth Freeman Joy Jones Kate Rogers Wesley Sellers Tricia Solberg Julie Westbrook vents mmittee □ The Special Events com- mittee plans all homecoming events as well as the Red and Blue Week in the Spring. □ The committee also plans all the single and multi-day events on campus like Extreme Air and Night golf . □ This year, the committee sponsored the road trips to the Alabama and Georgia games. SPB Special Events Committee Members: Jennifer Guckert Co-Director Jennifer Knapp Co-Director Jamie Davis Ashley Loftin Lucy Matusiewicz Stephanie McClinton Meghan Pittman Dan Thomas John UndenA ood Anna West Samantha Bynum Carey Cupit Stephen Miles Chandler Enochs Hart Hazzard Blair Hill Kerri Martin Monica Morrison Tarasha Posey Ryan Rodriguez Nick Rose Courtney Smedley Anne-Taylor Smith Susan Sullivan Lindsey Stroup Organizations • 3k)f The University of iVIississippi iSudentTKedia " Writer The University of Mississippi Student Media Center (SMC) includes the Daily Mississippian college lewspaper, UMTV [Channel 12 NewsWatch, UMS 92.1 FM Rebel Radio and the Ole Miss Yearbook. Dr. Ralph Braseth, Director of the Student Media Center and Professor of Journalism, says, " Ultimately, the UM stu- dent media is the voice of the student body. Over 200 students contribute to the 24-hour operation of the SMC, making it the largest such organization at Ole Miss. " First established in 1897, the SMC offers a foram to participate in a hands-on approach to each of the UM media commu- lications. It is extremely instrumental in career preparation for journalists, photographers, news reporters, editors, graphic designers, radio DJs, TV anchors, teachers, attorneys and various other occupa- tions. It is also a place where employees and vol- unteers develop lasting friendships and profession- al work ethics. Separately, each of these four award-winning operations offers a distinc- tively different media appeal. Collectively, they provide news, sports, enter- tainment, history and many memorable events for the Ole Miss Rebels, Alumni and countless friends and family of the University of Mississippi. Memory Nix STUDENT MEDIA CENTER r% Tke mii ersitij ot Mississippi Iw Stephen Miles Stephen Miles 2 Newswatch □ Daily Mississippian □ Rebel Radio □ Ole Miss Annual 306 • Organizations @iiicron @elta ?Cappa Omicron Delta Kappa Members: Front row: Brad Davis; Carrie Breitbarth, President; Lindsay Wilson; IVlarcy Swogger. Second row: Timothy Sumrall II; Zeb Winstead, Vice President; Stephen Hammack; Ivy Muggins; Melissa Tichenor; Lindsey Home; Ben Seale. " Know ford 9 2azine Brian Rosenkrans Know Oxford Staff: Features Copy Editor Advertising Consultant Bill Bunting Dr. Samir Husni Brian Rosenkrans Geoffrey Kohl Greg Crofton Ma(;. zinh Advisor Photography Editor Coordinator Jim Dorroh Merideth Finney Curt Bell Marie Garrard Dhpartmlnts Editor Editorial Assistant Suzanne Alford Jennifer Guckert Jaime Phillips Heather Ratliff Brad Allen Nathan Harris Design Editor Advertising Director Carolyn Arenz Courtney Lindsay Jennifer Janus Robert Skelton Tommy Boyles MiMi Montagnet □ The Omicron Delta Kappa society believes that the col- lege student must be devel- oped in intellectual as well as cultural circles, □ Members are selected in areas of achievement in scholarship, athletics and service to the campus and community. □ This year, Dr. Samir Husni ' s magazine class along with the UM Student Media Center produced Volume 1, Number 1 of Know Oxford Magazine □ Know Oxford is the essen- tial guide to Oxford ' s cul- ture, history, entertainment and progressivism. □ Journali sm students are responsible for each aspect of the magazine ' s creation: writing, design, ad sales and photography. Will Odom Hunter Peyton Summer Smith Shea Stewart Vonda Stringfellow Kelly Tidwell Marcus Wilkes Organization [Q Membership in the ' Golden Key Honor Society is open to the top fifteen per- cent of all juniors and seniors. |Q Golden Key seeks to ■honor top students in all courses of study. Golden Key National Honor Society Members: Matt Lett President Miriam Hobbs Vice President, Just the Facts Mark Mazurkiewicz Vice President, Campus Awareness Marcy Swogger Treasurer Katie Schueth Corresponding Secretary Picture by Kat Riddel I Libby Monteith Public Relations Director Whitney Campbell Historian S:udent dietetic pfesociation Student Dietetic Assocution: Brandy Chisholm Cecilia Ellis Ann E rvine Ginger Hogue Allison McCamey MiS • Organizations Lisa Miller Kirsten Monsen Amy Murphy- ViCE President Kelly Nobile Jennifer Patterson Jett Perry Graham Pigford- Secretary Jennie Pitts Shelly Price- President Laura Shields Erskine Smith, PhD- RD-Chair Marie Smith Natalie Smith- Treasurer Heather Still Diane Tidwell, PhD- RD-Faculty Advisor Rachel Tijerina April Williamson Not Pictured: Jeremy Barthel Kathryn Clifford Janie Cole Anita Cook Heather Diffee Adair Easterling Leigh Frisbee Kathy Knight Vicki Hideout Vicki South Mandy Touchstone Susie Wasserman Picture by Jamie Elliott □ Classroom discussions on leadership and management training give students confidential self-discipline necessary to succeed in their studies at Ole Miss. □ Labs and field training exercises on topics such as land navigation, weapons, water survival and other military related skills prepare cadets to become officers in the United States Army. □ Students pursuing a career are also offered career counseling and opportunities to apply for scholarships. Organizations • 309 Picture by Brian Rosenkrans Q Chi Epsilon is a national honor society for civil engi- neering students. □ The Ole Miss Chapter was founded in 1937 as the 14th chapter in the United States and the first in the South. Q The group ' s objectives are to maintain and promote the status of Civil Engineering as the ideal profession at the University of Mississippi, to bestow honor upon Civil Engineering juniors, seniors and graduate students who have demonstrated excep- tional scholarship and to develop the qualities of char- acter and sociability in each member of the chapter. i Epsilon Chi Epsilon Members: Katie Funderburk President Jason Simon Vice-President Amanda Wilson Secretary Ahmed Emam Treasurer Kim Franks Editor 310 • Organizations Matt Lett Marshall Dr. Chris Mullen Advisor Baily Adams Muhammed AN Nashia Baeshen Bernard LeBlanc Daniel Kuek Jennifer Kulick Robert Neely III Lee Sanderson Micheal Williamson f au 9feta yigma □ Tau Beta Sigma is a national honorary sorori- ty for college and uni- versity bandswomen. □ Tau Beta Sigma works closely with its brother fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi, to promote ideals of bandsmanship in the University of Mississippi Bands. Tau Beta Sigma Members: David Wilson Sponsor Brenna Carrigan President Rebecca Swimmer Vice President Olivia Lancaster Secretary Erin Christopher Treasurer Shannon Sprinkle Sergeant at Arms Julie Arrexi Amy Bonds Katie Bradshaw Jennifer Buggey Amber Cannon Laurie Coley Mande Davis Melinda Downing Hannah Fellows Lisa Howard Tiffany Jonnson Marsha Russell Amber Ryan Jennifer Shirey Amanda Wahl Kelly Weatherford Student 9Cfiliates of the 5«foierican emical ocii Organization UniyeYsitv of Wissi Soutn 312 • Organizations ippi T rching and j Director of bands: g David Wilson Assistant Director OF Bands: iSI IVIark Howie Percussion Instructor: Ricky Burkhead Secretary: Kristi Boggan Graduate Assistants: Christy Bounds Mel Morse Amy Sanders Buffy Tolstedt Voice of the Rebel Band: Dr. John McCauley Drum Major: Matt Rowan Organization- owsnip Westminster Fellowship Peer Ministers: Christy Campbell Andy James □ The Westminster Fellowship is the organization through which the Presbyterian Church USA ministers to Ole Miss stu- dents, faculty and staff on campus and in the Oxford community. □ The goal of the Westminster Fellowship is to help strengthen students ' spiritual lives and Christian faith through regular Bible studies, group discussions, retreats and community service pro- jects such as The Pantry, The Christmas Store and Habitat for Humanity in Oxford. □ Activities are coordinated through committees of the First Presbyterian Church of Oxford and campus peer ministers on behalf of the Mississippi Campus Ministry Board of the Synod of Living Waters. 1M • Orgaoizations .1 ' . m ' ' - il . ►a feiversilyor Mssissipp =? ospel oir □ University of Mississippi Gospel Choir Officers: Tiffani Norman President Brenda Young Vice President LaTonya Harden Secretary Lester Green Business Manager Patrice Reed Assistant Business Manager Rhonda Thompson Treasurer OhQ recording and release of the University of Mississippi Gospel Choir ' s first album " Send Up The Praise " is the latest chapter in the 24 year story of gospel music at the University. Started as the Black Student Union Choir in 1974, the choir has seen generations of students striving for recognition and excel- lence. From small wooden churches to concert halls, from the rich harmonies of the spirituals to the groove of contemporary gospel, the choir sings praises to God from the heart. Drawing from a rich musical and spiritual heritage that came from Africa and found a new home in Mississippi, the choir brings its own contribution to the life and sounds of the University. Our testimony is that God does break down barriers and gives His people vision and power to make lives and situations new. Our prayer is that we will continue to send up the praise at the University, in Mississippi and beyond. Organizaiio y SSOcinteH r tiident 9 orly I " The purpose of the ASB is to maintain open lines of communication between the administra- tion, the state govern- ment, other Mississippi universities and the stu- dents ofOle Miss. " Brad Davis, ASB President □ Created in 1951 by the adop- tion of the ASB Constitution, the ASB is based on patterns of the national government, with exec- utive, legislative and judicial branches. □ There are five elected officers in the ASB: the President, who oversees the Executive Branch of the government; the Vice President, who presides as presi- dent over the Campus Senate; the Treasurer, who keeps up with expenditures; the Secretary, who keeps a calendar of events for all ASB activities and meetings and informs departments on campus about changes in the ASB cabi- net; and the Judicial Council Chairman, who heads the Judicial Branch. Associated Student Body Officers: Brad Davis President Ivy Muggins Vice President Charles Gufford Treasurer Melissa Tichenor Secretary Timothy Sumrall Judicial Chair ?16 • Organizations uncii □ The ASB Judicial Council has a jurisdiction over the ASB Constitution, all ASB elections and any laws duly passed by the ASB Senate. □ Consisting of eight stu- dents and eight faculty mem- bers under the advisement of the Dean of Students, the Board decides all matters relative to the interpretation of the M-Book and any stu- dent reviews placed through the University Police Department. □ The Board is a student majority council and is directed by the ASB Judicial Chair. Associated Student Body Judicial Council: Elise Marshal Melissa Gong Alison Chastain Tim Sumrall Chairman Bill Myers John Revella Jeff Johnson Michael Juhas Markeeva Morgan Co-Chair Organization.s i I □ The ASB Cabinet consists of ten students appointed by the ASB president. Q The ASB Cabinet com- prises the Executive Branch of the ASB. Q The Cabinet meets weekly to discuss various activities that are taking place within member ' s departments. ' 8 •Organizations Associated Student Body Cabinet: Brad Davis President Zeb Winstead Chief of Staff Cassie Williford Executive Assistant Smith Boykin Executive Liaison Keith Sisson Public Relations Director Perry Moulds Attorney-General Whitney Wilt Elections Commissioner Stephen Hammack Director of Academic Affairs Samantha Davis Director of Standing Committees Stephen Harrell Director of Student Services Scott Walker Office Assistant cSenate □ The ASB Senate is the lawmaking body of the ASB. It is made up of Senators from various districts both on and off campus and has the authority to introduce and pass legislation govern- ing all aspects of ASB. The senate may also override a presidential veto by a two- thirds vote. □ Each Senate Committee holds regular meetingsin order to discuss bills coming to the Senate floor. They will also meet to discuss problems tin the areas that they oversee and formulate solutions through bills and resolutions. Associated Student Body Senate: ASB Vice-President Ivy Muggins Legislation Monitor Whitney Campbell Special Assistant Emily Perry Special Assistant Jim Williams Senate Clerk Brenda Young Parliamentarian Jonathan Allen Sergeant-at-Arms Jessica Mitchell Organizations i:v " J i c eiiciLe executive □ Each spring, the newly elected ASB vice-president appoints a nine member council to serve as a liaison between the administration and the president of the cam- pus senate. Q The council meets with the ASB vice-president on a bi-weekly basis to discuss upcoming senate legislation for each campus senate meeting, Q Each council member is appointed to serve a one year term. Associated Student Body Senate: Ivy Muggins ASB Vice-President Whitney Campbell Legislation Monitor Emily Perry Special Assistant Jim Williams Special Assistant Brenda Young Senate Clerk Jonathan Allen Parliamentarian Jessica Mitchell Sergeant- at-Arms 320 • Organizations S4 sley Campus 9 7yinistry n iAie Studu □ The Wesley Foundation is the ministry of the United Methodist Church to the facul- ty, staff and students of the University of Mississippi. □ All are welcome to join the group for Christian fellowship, worship, Bible study, food and other activities, including Intramural sports and retreats. Stephen Miles Organizations J Established in 1928, the Ole Miss Baptist Student Union has been an organization open to all Christian students wishing to grow closer to Christ. □ The BSU gathers weekly for worship, fel- lowship and a message from God ' s word at their TNT (Tuesday Nights Together) services at the Baptist Student Center on University Avenue. □ The BSU also con- ducts campus, communi- ty and foreign mission projects which give stu- dents the opportunity to minister to others. 93cn uncil 1 Baptist Student Union Executive Council Members: (left to right) Front Row: Daniel Blaylock, Keith Gating, Jason Head, Thomas Herrington. Middle Row: Lisbeth Roberts, Lee Sharp, Paula Lenard, Marianna Craft, Shea Jackson, Alison Smith, Kathy King, Shelley McCarthy, April Canup. Back Row: Joe Moffat, Tommy Sanderson, Aaron Butler, Blair Wilson, Chris Townsend, Jay Ramer, Kimily Waldron. 9 aptist cSludent " Z ion flfmffyffvfi c» ' ■ A£ W ' r 322 • Organizations umni iafcVvri-fiHTinTi-ii---- " " Erin Sarrett □ The Student Alumni Council, which serves as a liason between the stu- dents and the alumni of Ole Miss, is sponsored by the University of Mississippi Alumni Association. □ Participation by coun- cil members in alumni events provides opportu- nities for them to help define their roles as future alumni and to establish relationships with alumni and friends. Student Alumni Council Members: Ashley Alez Rebecca Anderson Melanie Baker Michele Battle Amanda Benefield Lindsay Bennett Christie Bolen Ryan Cain J. P. Caldwell Carson Carney Kelly Chenault Brandy Chisholm Nikki Clark Jason Cousar Joel Crim Ashley Crutcher Jennifer Daniel Jamie Davis Kasey Dorsett Eleanor Draughn Billy Dyens Bethy Edwards Rosemary Eicher Ashey Eley Justin Fitch Linnette Forshag Annabeth Freeman Rebecca Friesen Joni Granger Ashley Geraci Nicholas Hammond Whitney Haney Michael Blair Hill Susan Hobson Ashley Holt Meghan Householder Creadence Ivy Jennifer Jones Jenni Kendricks Whitney Kirk Sarah Lockhart Corby Mason Kostas Matheos Lucy Matusiewicz Stefani Mazurkiewiez Molly McFarland Allison McMann Allison McManus Arlean McMullen Kellie Milner Keyanna Mitchell MiMi Montagnet Mary Lacy Montgomery Sha Moore Gina Moss Anne Nash Allison Neubauer Johnna Norman Elizabeth Perry Cally Pounds Allison Pruitt Katherine Pugh Holly Ratcliff Kristen Rooney Troy Ross Lindsay Schieffer Misty Sheppard Ebony Sims Leigh Singletary Chris Skidmore Lindsay Smith Devi Stolz Anna Taylor Brandon Teer Ashley Thibaut Kate Thomas Pam Thompson Bruce Ware Kara Williams Kelly Williams Kimberly Williams Ashlee Shae Wilson Lauren Wimpee 323 • Orear ailv mssissi The Daily Mississippian Editorial Staff □ The Daily Natashia Gregoire Editor Mississippian, the only daily college newspaper ill Glover News Editor in the state, has served bj,, . the University of Mississippi since 1911. Brian Rosenkrans Photo Editor □ The DM is independ- Josh Miller Opinion Editor ently run by students and u • -n. t- , . : . Chris Thompson Entertainment Editor has a circulation of 12,000. Mji e Qjll Production Supervisor IVIica Foret Production Assistant Regina Dudley. Editorial Assistant Allison Pruitt Editorial Assistant Peter Cleary. Creative Technical Director Heather Ratliff Ad Production Supervisor Robert Skelton Business Manager Ralph Braseth Director of Student Media 324 • Organizations Creative Technical Director Peter Cleary, Sports Editor Bill Bunting and News Editor Will Glover make revisions on the DM lay- out. Mike Gill, editor Natahshia Gregoire and Josh Miller discuss changes for an opinion colunnn. (left) Brian Rosenkrans Organizations • ' " WUMS 92. FM U Rebel Radio, WUMS 92.1 FM, is a 6,000 watt commercial college radio station serving the Oxford and Ole Miss communi- ties. Q The studios and trans- mitter are located on the Ole Miss campus. Q WUMS-FM is run entirely by students who work as dj ' s, sales staff, news reporters and man- agement team. It rri " w 4 Q Since first going on the M Bfl f • air on April 10, 1989, the H H f m » predominant format of p| | 1 H K WUMS has been college M B V and commercial alternative W In l HI L music, but the station does mLS HH H v feature blues, rap and reg- Hp " H B ji gae music programs as B Bttt B fc well as political, minority L -.j Hp • Tall S w and sports talk shows. W m t 7 Stephen Miles The Rebel Radio Staff John Graves DJ ' s: Matt Crain Mike Junas Station Manager Alan Hitt David Hendrickson Brandon Ross Jessica Humpreville Colin Chase Joe Ringold Josh Mabus Program News Director Mike George Rob Mickler Kevin Williams M. X XX- ' V.JJ.XJ LI V 1 1— » ' fcj A— LI X ■ Xw-- A V LX Karen Reece Ginger Cox Brad Martin Beth Vance Jill Clark Bill Bunting Hunter Twilford BusEVESS Manager Nate Downs Jeff Thompson Josh Miller David Stripling Arthur Baker Mary Stanton Bob Brinkmeyer Production Manager Nicole Seale George Eleazer Debra Rae Cohen Davit; Rri ?tpr John Todd Shay Hitchcock John Cane L.. C4VIO L l lOlwl Alex Rushing Jim Ciscell David Nagal Sports Director Ty Tumlin Gregory Little Caton Brooks Brad Pfranger Brenden Shaner Katie Furlong Sarah Forte Music Directoi John Algood Jolie Spears )26 • Organizations Organizations • 327 ( a The Newswatch Staff Q Channel 12 NewsWatch is a student- run television station at the Un iversity of Mississippi. □ The newscasts are pro- duced by journalism stu- dents and provide an excellent opportunity for experience in the field of broadcast journalism. Q Located in Farley hall, the station provides a 30- minute news program every weekday. James Swindle Station Manager Davis Brister Sports Director Ashley Billington Photographer Monica Webb News Director Aimee Deputy. Associate Producer Christopher Rives Photographer Kirk Daniel Production assistant Matt Peace News Director 328 • Organizations Organization Collin Brown Claire Hust Marie Garrard , " ■ «r J I Y . Bryant Glisson r 1999 OuE Miss Staff 330 • Organizations Karen Smith Traci Mitchell t waii.w ' Summer Owens exHt r-i irChi - IKii aw wii I s Dee Dee Burt Not Pictured: Scarlet Lawrence Distinctions Editor Organizations • 33 1 Greeks, a group that has come under scrutiny across the nation. Plagued by accidents and villified by the media, Greeks have been characterized as reckless partiers who are accidents waiting to hap- pen. However, those who have been involved in a Greek organin- zation know that the reality is quite different. Greek Life is some- thing entirely unique. It is true that the members enjoy several par- ties during the year but rarely does a group have more than a dozen. This leaves 353 days each year that Greeks are just, well, being Greeks. h}i :v The photos in this section celebrate the festive parties and the mem- orable nights. But in the hearts and memories of every member are the cherished moments that no camera can capture. Sitting up late talking with the boys, having a shoulder to cry on or a friend to hear your troubles. Pledge retreats, the exuberance of Bid Day, the late night road trips, shopping trips to Memphis, initiation night, or your best friends candlelight. These are the experiences that truely char- acterize Greek Life and it is to these fond memories that this section is dedicated. • Collin Brown 332 • Greeks p M y . % anheUenic Council 1 Frtsident Andrealdwards ViccFrtsidentof ' RMsh: Rebecca Hawkins Director of Bxiadons: AngelaWecki Greeks • 334 AKA AOn XO AAA AT A2T KAG KA KKF M HB Z B ZTA Inter Tratcrnali Council I i ■ t WW Fresident: Ben Thompson VictVrzsidentofNPHC: Xavier Davis VkeFresidentofJucMd Echcadon: Mcxri. Johnson Vict President of Bjusfi: Scott Henwood — Greeks • 335 I AT12 en X K2 BE A0 TA K KA 2AE 2X 2N I IE dtcUeAnitu uititn (yieat cUue ' isiiU ' and ioueyond lespeci toy att ii S ' (snotke i . " TBiT r ' S " Me Tniss iafite loimcled : 9eLumf , 1927 iZuniAe op ' Aaf2le iSy ' yZaticuviMij : 175 ' Cousemotne i : Swjeeihewvi : uik ' mMm ' yyiandi ' %ettieton ' 336 • Greeks Officers Worthy Master- Brady Williamson Worthy Marshall- David Sisk Worthy Chaplin- Matt Moore Worthy Keeper of the Exchequec- Pryor Landrum Worthy Keeper of the Annuals- Ned Mitchell Worthy Scribe- Tom Powers Worthy Sentinel- John Sylvester Worthy Usher- Blake Tatum Seniors A! Bell, John Curiae, Caton Brooks, Johnny Givens, Russ Graham, Michael Hall, Rob Mammons, Clayton McKay, Lee Notestone, Roy Nowell, Ben Seale, Adam Smith, Matt Todsen, Ryan Wallace, Chris Wren Juniors Will Anderson, David Buford, Andrew Cefalu, Tim Dailey, John dunn, Daniel French, Garth Gladney Greg Guiliano, Walker Hunsicker, Brad Jones, Bill Jolly, Chris Menefee, Clint Moody, Judson Offner, Louis Parchman, David Sisk, Todd Travillo, Todd Wallace Sophomores Richard Baldwin, Ben Burell, Jason Causey, Chris Craig, Eddie Crenshaw, Xan Cutclliff, Tim Ellis, Clarke Enwin, Cullen Foley Chns Forstall, Tom Gautreux, Brian Gough, Matt Gregory, Grant Gremillion, Lee Jones Joesph Lawhorne, Adam Lea, Neil Lollar, David Paul McClelland, Robert McFarland, Cam McQueen, Lew Parks, Jason Partin, Curt Schultheis, Andy Seale, Lee Smith, Mitch Soper, Jacob Spencer, Chip Steiberg, Matt Warren New Initiates Paul Albrecht, McCay Bowdin, Wes Butler, Mike Canty, Will Mohler, Richard Paddock, Todd Petty, Casey Reed, Trey Sigmund, Joel Smith, Pledges Jonathon Brown, David Choate, Rocky Clark, Brad Crafton, Jonathon Crittenden, Justin Croft, Tripp Dixon, David Dorman, Daniel Flint, Eric George, Wesley Goodwin, Garret Gremillion, Patrick Harkins, Beau Henry, Tib Holland, Patrick Hotze, Rob Jolly Matt Ledbetter, Paxton Little, Jonathon Long, Tyler McQueen, Ryan Miller, Sam Miller, Scott Morgan, Bentley Pembroke, Beua Perez, Robbie Pittman, Donnie Prestage, Leiand Prevost, Lee Purcell, Josh Reid, Jon Rettig, Adam Shirley Brian Stauffer, Eric Sylevester, P.J. Thaker, Ashton Vidrire, Paul Ward, Brent Williams, Eric Windham, Wes Wood Greeks • 337 eto M ence . eel thai mw emicned asy o xe vM ot lolnmo wie keto 1 I " MeyTms iOfteyvlounded : June. 5, 1879 175 S nne ' ilst iafZy 338 • Greeks President-J. McNeil Vice President- John Revella Tresurer- Thomas Elzen, Bryant Glisson Secretary- Ben Brower ' Actives- Andy Banahan, Ben Benham, Ben Brower, Doug Comfort,Jason Comfort, Paul Comfort, John Denny , Chris Dicus, Michael Eason, Thomas Elzen, Bryant Glisson, Blake Hardin, Huntleigh Harris, Kyle Hathaway, Jay Hencken, Vincent Henderson, Matt James, Jason Lynn, J McNeil, Garrett Pendergrass, John Revella, Kyle Remont, Joe Scopin, Michael Simmons, Eric Watkins, Peter Watts, Scott Woodford Greeks • 339 w -r m ' ii sb kas 0 k(xmey kmey at tne i nlumslti , ix)y mt xeiu m tcp 1858 55 ' Jta ' ui auiav 340 • Greeks Actives Stace Bare, Andy Buglewicz, Doug Buglewicz, Rich Call, Tres Martini, Allen Etheridge, Alex Farlow, Robert Forsythe, Brad Gummow, Erik Jorgensen, Chet Kirkham, Ben Knight, Tony Lair, Jason Lindsay, Donald McKenzie, John Meador, John Molettiere, Shawn Morton, Bill Myers, Sean Perkins, Michael Pullen, Jocob Ritchey, Jeff Grim, Preston Roland, Steve Shafer, Ty Tumlin, Jay Vaughan, Roy White, Zeb Winstead, Dave Mayo, Brian Strickland, Cooper Barnett, Chris Carter, Joey Fletcher, Foster Knowl es, Philip Peterson, Andy Young, Rob Rains, Scott Smith Greeks • 341 " yXUfZpOy SififUl ' fias men w vroI apfwi - tuniiu jo v me. v kcuiey made piiend- snips ' tnat lulli tost a tl iime ' and ' o p.tace ' wilt aiuxoijs cxiit home . " Scoii ' VJaike-v " Ble TnAss hofte lmmded : " cicdeA S 1926 rlunmeA of ' Aaf2ieAS ' ' rh:dionatlu . 216 SaArnv ' ouofv Ue liinJdetj ZAl • Greeks President- Jason Leach Vice President- IVIatt Grain Secretary- Brian Cox Treasurer- Josh Miller Historian- Ben Ridings Rush Chairman- John Underwood, Matt Meredith Actives - Pierce Adkins, Sam Alexander, John Allen, Ben Allen, Matt Ambrose, Jarrett Amerman, Patrick Bahan, Jason Bailey, Micheal Barrett, Brad Binkly, Brian Brister, Jeff Boyd, Bryon Brown, Travis Brown, Brent Burns, Ryan Cain, Patrick Carlton, Wilks Carter, Jamie Caldwell, Marty Chiles, Allen Chaney, Wes Clark, Matt Collins, Will Cook, Brian Cox, Joel Crim, Spencer Davenport, Jeff Early, Stewart Fresh, Cody Giles, Jeremiah Gill, Denver Glazier, Ben Goodall, Scott Griggs, Glenn Hayes, Brad Kadue, Marc Jenkins, Scott Jeffers, Jeremy Johnson, Will Koberg, Scott Lewis, Ben Lowery, Richard Martin, Dustin Miller, John Miller, Jack Moores, Aaron Nash, Danny Neely, Josh Oglesbee, Nick Radar, Andy Rice, Ben Ridley, Chase Roady, Jackson Ross, Lance Sannino, John Sexton, Andy Short, Brett Schubert, Matt Stahls, Ramsay Taylor, Chad Teague, Stephen Terrel, Walker Terry, Josh Tucker, Scott Walker, Brad Westerfield, John Williamson, Micheal Williamson, Chris Vansickle, Brian Zischke Pledges - J. P. Vinson, Mike Angelo, Anthony Kenn, Scott Satchfield, Tim Harlan, Brett Morris. Tom Julian, Allen Wilson, Max Kerr, Jay Mitchell, Richie Haik, Stuart Atnipp. Vince Vavrunek, Adam Stilgenbauer, Nolan Sherril, Brian Jackson, Bradley Lisle, Justin Fisk, Will Ross, Jeremiah Johnson, Ryan Rudolph, Josh Stuckey, Shane Tullos, Justin Clisby Lee Esposito, Clay Teague, Ben Zeldman, Robbie Allen, , Raymond Harrison, Rock Lea, Dax Ivins, Bret Herring, Brenden Fisher, John Beck, John Boydstun Greeks • 343 Slq4na leLucm lh, 1975 600 ' ' nitanttviapu : 344 • Greeks H . K ■ ■ I H M ■■ b ' -T H Bl ' ' 8 |P Bk v- ' ' ' - ' ; , ' VB 9 ■ ftt T ■ ;,■.;■ ' i ' -i :?-? K ' i 11 ? I 1 L Br 1 H President- Marvell Gordon Vice President- Corey Wallace Treasurer- Marcus White Secretary- Ricollo Harbin Social Chairman- Benjamin Wells Members Arthur Cheeks Malikia Griffin Carver Sims Darnell Lewis Tony Hattaway Bernard Kuria Randy Taylor Advisors Robbie Buford David Harris Greeks • 345 " ke ideo , of coutse , Ls ' ta sfzut- eue unde xadu- ate ta teute v aciiayv, wnixJv, auxn oo i. te-vman ; tAai is one a tho ' main ' oAfectS ' lacA of tAc ' piate ' tniti idea. " 9 fw ' ' " m sss ts " M lrUs ' kapi pounded. : 1877 ' VlumAe of ' €Aafzte s ' yi itianaMu : no toiseyyZaMins ' XJUlAinRWKMM lzid 346 • Greeks • • • M P LI J 1 f President- Mark Johnson Vice President of Judicial- Jonothan Adams Vice President of Rush- Wade Smith Secretary- Justin Marlett Treasurer- Matt Sanders Chaplain- Neil Haraway Warden- B Jones Rush Chairmen- Buddy Allen, Bo Brister.Adams Jones.Powell Litton Actives - Jerry AbdaJla.Josh Adams.Meridith Allen, Nolan Andrews, Russ Bailess,Dylan Baily.Lee Ballew.Armour Barnes.William Bell, Allen Bible, Davis Brister,Chip Brown, Marshall Brown, Pierce Brown, Guy Bumpas,Jimmy Carr,Steven Cole, Marl Cummings,Buck Cunningham, Caine Dearman,Dent Denton, Brad Dickerson, Andrew Duff,Bo Durbin, Redding Earp,Jacob Eastland, Hiram Eastland, Gibson Eatherly,Case Embry,Will Fava, Russell Flynt.Larson Fry.John Gee, Brent Germany,Robert Gibson, Timmy Gilliam, Barrert Haik, Russell Harris.Hunter Haugseth, Cable Hawkins, Michael Henery,Ryan Henery,William Henery,Kipper Hodges,Mathew Holleman,Jason Huggins,David Indge, Phillips Jenkins,Grant Joiner, Trey Jones,Jackson Jordan, Chris Kirby.Peter Kleuser,Jack Laney,Cory Langston, Andrew Laws. Wade Utten,Dan Lowery,Collon Maley,Graves Maxwell, Will McDonald, Reid McMillian, Andrew Medely.Matt Mitchel, Lance Mohamed, Walter Monroe. Duncan Moore, Denny Moss, Nick Nichols, Mattew Parker,Frank Pearson, Winn Pieralsi.John Rouse, Clay Purdom, Elliot Russell, Matt Saenger,Jim Saig, Daniel Samford,J.P. Sandifer,John Scruggs. Scott Seale, Chuck Sherman, Andrew Smith. Wilson Stookesberry.Micajah Sturdivant.Rob Tayloe.Jay Thakker.Elton Thomas,Michael Thompson. Matt Trusfy.CooperTyner.Marshell Vaught.John Walker.Ross Webster.Jason Wheat. Hassell Wilkson. Pratt Wilkson.Justin Williams.Riley Winchester.Person Windham, Taylor Winn. Jacob Womack Spring Pledges - Chris Beeker.Ben Botler, Preston Brooks,Kahlil Dahduh, Richard Fleming, Stephen Fountain, Hamilton Frey,Brad Glahn.Denson Hollis,Bryon Kelly,Koy1 Kifer.Hunter Nowell.Will O ' Reilly.Justin Patrick, Michael Patterson. Bo Petro.Logan Phillips.Clavit Ratcliffe.Grahme Read, Stephen Smith.Jeff Temple, Matthew Walker Greeks • 347 jawv (jeans ' cu U didrv ' t knoAAP umai w inaieAruiw uxa ' . and knoup tnai ' u nojuey tewined OS ' inucn cmaut tije ' puxm tniS ' place US ' 9 kaxi ptanv aM ' a mu classes ' " %oUin ' = town ' amma ' yiumAe op ' Aaj2leAS ' ' }Zcitioncillu ' . 137 ' Vonsematnei : €anoline ' ' e l 348 • Greeks Prosident- Todd Phillips Treasurer- Mark Mountford Recording Secretary- Patrick Wasden Corresponding Secretary- Chris Sparks Historian- Kevin Flood Rush Chairman- Mark Burke Social Chairman- Josh Smith Instability Chairman- Matt Banderman House Manager- Thomas Webster Actives Matthew Bandermann, Collin Brown, Wesly Bryant, Robert Burger, Mark Burke, John Busby, David Denison, Danny Durkee, Jean-Paul Escudiar, Kevin Flood, Will Graham, Philip Grey, Jonathan Harris, Cody Hawkins, Drew Hyde, Barry Jackson, Christopher LaConte, Christopher Malloy, Mark Mounttord, Todd Phillips, Edward Silverbach, Joshua Smith, Christopher Sparks, Mark Tomer, Patrick Wasden, Thomas Webster, Tommy Weisinger, Kevin Wright Pledges Tommy Blake, Adam Campbell, Dereck Cannon, Matthew Cahill, Robert Cook, Dylan Crowell, Phillip Cruzen, Clayton Durden, Howard Ehrlich, Bob Elliot, Justin Fletcher, Carelton Fuller, Daniel G. Funk, Jason Griggs, Sean Gobin, Lee Hyde, Micheal Kramer, Micheal Lagrasso, Ethan Lane, Jonathon Limbaugh, Jake McCormack, Andrew McGlinchy, Fred Puggi, Rusty Risher, Jeremy Rodgers, Joseph Ross, John Sevier, Bryan Stotts, Phillip Verdung, Brian Watkins Greeks • 349 K • • ' Wiississippi S ipAo set out toy jo mi O newy tt pey Of piatmnlU that si ve s d teadensnip and acadermcS ' OS ' lAxeM OS e tcMisfv- ino O tiie ' tune moinemaacL. ' ' lad Skinm " eLium lS, 1957 ' l lMfn e o ' Aaf2ten ' yiMiionatli : 90 Tyixxtto.: Suieetnea ii : ' {£ itnet ' ' n iuant ' 350 • Greeks Officers President- Stephen Gent Vice President- Brad Skinner Treasurer- Billy Coyle Correspond ing Secretary- Bryan Currie Recording Secretary- Jason Chamness Historian- Jonathan Black Chaplain- Greg Strawbridge Messenger- Nicholas Sweet Sergeant-at-Arms- Ryan Murphy Members Cori Britt Casey Cook Clay Derryberry Brian Hopkins Bill Lindsey Tim Meredith Whit Robertson Cory St. John Edgar Smith Brad Solomon Matt Stine Greeks -SSI ' FW%au ' cidti ' - {Mtes 0 unique Mend of SoutAe n ea uif2nica dwe - sUi tAcd siAesses ' tksy impotianceaf S atAexAoiXcl, cUA- tetlcs and acade - mics . " mju ' cinuaMf15, 1927 120 352 • Greeks M RW " - - I H H| L- i i l M H riiiii iBifgfl H ■ i President- Chris Price Vice President- Chris Patterson Vice President of Household Facilities- Lloyd Caufield Rush Chairmen- Mike Gill Jim Williams Social Chairman- Emmett Lawrence Treasurer- Stephan Hammack Secretary- Frank Linville Actives Rhett Armistead, Greg Brown, John Bullard, Jamie Copelin, Phil Daughdrill, Adam Davis, K.C. Harbour, Aron Irby, Allen Kelly, Justin Laumbattus, Emmett Lawrence, Ted Leemon, Andy Lino, Greg Little, P.J Malone, Nat Martin, Reed Martz, Graham Mcintosh, Colin Mcintosh, Brian Mill, Brian Murphy, Allen O ' Briant, Sloan Ozanne, Bill Pollard, Scott Pritchett, David Rakestraw, Mark Ross, Don Ross, Caleb Rowland, Stuart Slover, Darell Sneed, Derek Wells, Jim Williams Pledges L.P. Gaddis, Frank Foster, Mike Flechas, Fowler Black, Paul Bowles, Patrick Silvertooth, Drew Stevens, Scott Alan Beasley, Chad Blackard, John Ducrest, Welsey Jones, Brock Lovett, Brad Lowe, Ryan Hagen, Pete Smith, Rob Byford, William Furlong, Evan Byrne, Ben Johnson, Brad Barker Greeks • 353 rrUfZ?, 1927 238 354 • Greeks Officers President- Tim Cook First Vice President- John Harvey Second Vice President- Matt Perryman Seretary-Justin Broderick Treasurer- Coy Schandelbach Executive at Large- Eric Veith Actives Andy James, Jon Barnwell, Hunter Bealey, Sam Benson, Smith Boykin, Jeff Bracken, George Brannon, Richard Brendal, Richard Brown, Eric Carlton, Jack Carmer, Clay Cockerham, Steven Cropper, Jim Dorrah, Shane Elam, Taylor Garrigan, Doug Gilliand, Cam Goodwin, Leiand Grantham, Josh Gregory, Robert Hawley, George Haymans, John Hearn, Rob Hensley, Jeff Higdon, Brad Hill, Tripp Hise, Josh Johnson, Jim Lovell, Pete Magielnicki, Scott McNeese, Lance McWilllams, Chris Morgan, Milton Morgan, John Nellis, Randy Newman, Brock Norris, Lee Norton, David Olmstead, Matt Osborne, Ben Patterson, Elliot Porter, John Pritchett, Taylor Rau, Ben Russell, Jay Sheridan, Brian Simmons, Jason Smith, Nick Snapka, Hank Stout, Drew Stuart, Matt Taylor, Nick Trottman, Scott Turner, Bill Watt, Kenton Watt, Marcus Wilkes Pledges Marshall Adkisson, Nelson Ainsworth. Barrett Anderson, Craig Andreana, Nicholas Aronson, Brian Austin, David Axelrod, Brian Baker. Alex Blagg, Levin Bracken, Jason Bueno, Leslie Burwell, Benjamin Cannon, Cliff Cannon, Daniel Christensen, John Coletta, Andrew Cook, Matthew Coppock, George Crafton, Chris Croxdale, Bryan Dismuke, Ronald Durastanti, Michael Durr, Caleb Ewing, Phillip Franklin, Chris Harrell, Chase Herndon, Andrew Holmes, Eli Jello, Bradley Johnson, Forrest Johnson, Phillip Ladner, Peter Markow, William Massey, Jacob McRae, Phillippe Michel, Mitchell Monsour, James Moody, Daniel Newman, Benjamin Nichols, John Partin, John Peacock, Charles Plauche, Jason Pressgrove, William Scott, Barret Smith, Gregory Smith, Jeremy Smith, Matthew Thomason, Andrew Tiger, Justin Tiffin, Joshua Treadway, David Turner, Philip Walsh, Lucas Watt, Matthew Wilson, Richard Winchester Greeks • 355 " ifloine is caue tnenv, jatkeASy finance tkem , oikeA iuu euni ' m m , ' Itls ' ' {.eauen p iatects tnem , and tney zesl a ie diuided an the- suA- S idho vttnknoutn ' Me.mis ' iapie lounded: 1866 niJianm iomj : tousemomRn : .EAnne ' ' y xxssman 356 • Greeks Eminent Archon- Brooks Rice Eminent Deputy Archon- Carver Rayburn Eminent Treasurer- Graham Sutliff Eminent Recorder- Brian Lambiotte Rush Chairmen- Will Seawright, John Tatum, Sheaford Davidson Pledge Educators- Parks McNabb, Houston Tohill, Bobby Hale Chapter Warden- Sheaford Davidson Actives - Brian Abraham, Christopher Adams, Corey Addy, Shaler Alias, Justin Anniso, William Austin, Jason Bailey, Hugh Lee, Ryan Baird, David Blackburn, John Blount, Walter Brown, Philip Buchannan, Kevin Butler, Andrew Carmines, Brian Frank, William Clements, Benjamin Cousins, Joel Coxhead, Jack Deese. Jonathon Dunn, Jordan Durke, Ben Estes, Micheal Flowers, Drew Funderburk, Walker Godin, Luke Hall, Micheal Hall, William Hammack, Scott Henwood, Bert Holland, Gregory Huffman, Stuart Irby, James Johnson, Jonathan Lauderdale, Christopher Lauderdale, Ryan Leopold, Jay Lucius, William Lundy, Robert Maddox, Harrison McCarty, Drew McMullan,m Lane McNulty, Richard Mestayer, Rollins Miller, John Mitchner, Austin Moore, Herbert Morris, Kellis Moss, Clinton Peterman, Tyler Plaxico, Charles Pettigrew, Christopher Ponder, John Powell, Brent Ratliff, Shelby Rayburn, Bradley Rayner, Jeffery Roddick, David Reynolds, Scott Richardson, Nicholas Rose, Hugh Ruggles, Wesley Sellers, Micheal Simon, Hunter Simpson, Dan Singley, Bourke Sprague, Cullen Stackpole, Thomas Stockton, John Stokes, Wade Strozier, William Sumners, Graham Sutliff, Jeremy Thompson, Josh Tupman, Clinton Tyra, Micah Wallace, Fred Wells, Carter Wilkes, Jonathan Bellinger, Todd Williamson. Elliot Yamada, Geoffrey Yoste, William Yoste Greeks • 357 SUynw SK,no ' UTniss. ' iafzte founded: " claie fO, 1857 rZumAeA ot ' ' zAapie i rlxUlonal 229 tou ejmoikeA : SuieeineoAJy: ' MCU ' ' uydon ' lYLciAtha Jrancis i Pnn 358 • Greeks D mn I pm m mm Wmh hbbm DDDD ulUulUD President- Kyle Chandler Actives - Troy Anderson, Peyton Atchley.Nick Banchetti.Jay Barrett, Zach Bennet.Josh Blackburn, Glenn Breazeale, Heath Brister,Cameron Bunwell, Jaime Campbell, Joel Carson, Jason Carter, Vaiden Clark, Brandon Clarke, Chuck Coleman, Conner Collins, Charles Copeland, Jason Cousar, William Cox, Woody Craig, Clay Dabbs.Neil Davis, Mark Davis, Bill Defenbaugh, Barrett Donahoe,Drew Donahoe,Ty Duett, Aaron Edwards, Ken Edwards, Tate Ellington, Paul Fedric, David Farris, Palmer Finger,Barrett Ford, Greg Freeman, Jesse Frohn, Thomas Gore, Jim Goss, Jason Graeber.Parker Graves, Haywood Hamilton, Josh Harris, Ben Harris, Jay Hassell, Stuart Hederman, Campbell Helveston,Breck Hines, David Hollingsworth,Jay Hollis,Chad Hosemann,Tory Johnson, Bo Johnson, Paul JoinerBrannon Kahlstorf,Jonathon Keenan,Bo Kiebach, Steve King,Jared Kobs, Barton Lampton, Philip Levy,Jeffrey Lohmeier, Tyler Marks, Rich Marlar,JohnMarsalis, Gordon Mason, Chase Maxey,Clint McCullough, Roger McGee,Rick McKnight,Sam Milton, Charles MontgomeryKirk Moore, RansomMyers, Matt Nabors, David NageLMatt Nicholas, Jason Nickel, Jack Norris.Brad Oakley,Jeremy Page, Adam Pennebaker,Ryan Perkins, Benjamin PhilleyBen Pierce, Kap Primes, Michael Rabalais,Neil Raggio, Jason Raley,BeauRaymond,Will Renovich, David Robbins,Sean Robertson, Bill Robinson, Harrison Russell, Way Rutherford, Jody Schmelzer,Jason SchneebergenPaxton Scott, William Seibels.Alex Sherling,Will Shields, Kevin Shoemaker,Michael Sides, Dan SingletaryBrian Smith, Ryan Smith, Reid Stone, Douglas Strong, Earl Stubblefield.Tom Sutherland, Rob Tatum, Joel Thaxton.Ryan Thomas, Ty Traxler,Tom TuckerBen Turner.Jonathon Voyles, David Wall, Roth Walsh, Chris Wastbrook,Ed White.Bill Wilder,Ben Wilderson,Gene Williams, Andy Williamson, John Windsor,Harrison Young Pledges - John Allen, Michael Bailey,Ross Barkley.William Bedwell.Joseph Best, Wade Blondeau, David Brawner,Maury Breazeale, Benjamin Brewer,Scott Burr,Alan Cappaert, Nicholas Case, Charles Chandler,Jonathan Daniel, Andrew Dickey.Albert Dornbusch, Matthew Dunn, Samuel C, Eaton, S amuel D. Eaton. Harvey FisherAndrew George, Guy Glorioso.Eric Graeber,Frederick Grant, Michael Hamilton, Timothy Hardin, Jonathan Harris, Parker Harris. Lewis Herrington, Frederick Hickman, Larkin Honea, Alexander Kiamie, Bobby KnobbyMattew Leathers, Marshall Love. Robert Marlar.Scott Marshall. Daniel Martin, Mitchell Mauldin, Joseph McCool, Preston McDonnell, Clyde McGee, Clayton NeelyGeorge Nicols, Stephen O ' Neal, Stephen Perkins, Dallas Quinn, James Rawlings,Erin RileyStewart Rutledge. Phillip Schilleci.Ryan Seibels. William ShappleyPatrick Strong. John Summerford.Joe Sutherland. William Thomas, Matthew Tuck, Wesley Turnage, Everett White. Edward Wikle, Matthew Wooten Greeks • 359 " nu takes U ' out ' ijewv l tiendsAifi ' and tu ins ' it into w li eionf AOtke - nood . " ' u tui %ilt " Bie Mis uipie founded : f927 fZunwe vol ' Aaf2teA fhitlcmullu . 244 hausematAen : c teana ' i wtiam SmeeikeoAl : ' )fla uu ' €e ifes 360 • Greeks H ■P H ■ : " SI H| E!r3H 1 B t--. .. m M- i«i Hu fcjP B|k " SP •• ' 1 M Hk ' ;. ' ! ' V ' li r 1 ? ' ' ■ Sigma Nu Officers: Commander- Ben Thompson Lt. Commander- Jeff Johnson Treasurer Receivables- Matt Hayden Treasurer Payables- Dusty Schultz Recorder- Justin Dill House Manager- Keith File Rush Chairman- Charles Marion. Clay Jordan. Clint Darby, Burgett Tonsmeire Marshalls- Weston Russ. Jack Wohrman PhilanthropyMartin Millette Alumni Relations- Elliott Teague Social Chairman- Ben Nelson Intramurals- Michael Phillips. Michael Watson Actives - Heath Allen, Henry Allen, Jonathan Allen, Christopher Alves, John Ashford. Leon Bailey. Jonathon Barber. Marvin Bamett, David Beene, Micheal Berry. Robert Bittle. Ryan Buck. Davis Burk, William Campbell, William Carpenter, Richard Castle, Louis Chamblee, Phillip Chustz. Thomas Clement. William Cox. David Douglas, Marcus Elliot, Eric Evans. Craig Eversole. Justin Fitch. John Galloway, Chris Gamer. Stephan Griner. William Gunn. Roland Hancock. Erik Harkey. Daniel Harris. Harry Hassell. Mack Heidelberg. Micheal Herman. Richard Herman. Lionel Holley. Will Hudson, Charles Hussey. Matthew Hutsell. John Jabour. William Jemigan. John Jones, Cooper Jones. Wes Jones. James Kaigler.Lawrence Keltner, Donald Kilgore. Conner Kilpatrick. Jason Kirk, Jason Krohn. Thomas Knitz. Stephen Logan. Dan Loma.x. Brad Love. Russell Manning. Spence Maners. Mark Mazurkiewicz, William McAlexander, Luke McKey, James McRae, Paul Moore. Christopher Nance, George Omdorff, Christopher Ottinger, Daniel Palan, William Pepper, Dax Pitalo, Jacob Ray, Bo Rhea, Michael Rhodes, Brandon Ridgeway. David Ruff. John Shell, John Shipp, Matthew Shirley, Bill Sinis, Jermey Smith, Matthew Smith, Jonathan Sorrels, Justin Sorrels, Phillip Spinosa. Jacob Stanley, Matthew Still, Dani el Stimpson, William Stubbs, Elliot Teague, Charles Tomlinson. Denny Tosh, Scott Trammell, Robert Walker, Jonathan Walker, Eric Warren, Charles Webb. Raun Wetzel, John Williams. Eric Wiscovich Pledges - Sidney aRbour, Clay Bowen. Jerrod Brooks, Andrew Buckley. Ben Chapman. John Cleveland. Brad Coke. Jonathan Fancher. Matthew Flynn. John Former. Rush Galloway. Justin Gentry. John Gerry. Paul Gould. Mike Greene. Matt Grenfell. Jeremiah harris. Louis Hengen. Jay Hollon. Josh Jarrett, Port Kaigler, Hunter Kramer, Joesph Lindsey, Clay Markham, Peyton Mattel, John McKay, William McKenzie, Manning McPhillips. Drew Meisenheimer. Trey O ' Bryant, Matt Perkins. John Pope, Will Reid, Jourdan Rhea, Clay Rhodes, Andy Segrest, Brandon Shemper, Russell Stubblefield. JR. Toole. Tommy Tosh. Clark Trout. AtkinsTrout. Gray Wallace. Jonathan Weme. Dax Yoder Greeks • 361 a o memS-et of uxondeApyit exfze - lience ui ' tke tesponsiiiiiti of sametAinf ' psiion " un Z, 1928 271 S ndnea {f()Rwu 1)( 1 • Greeks I I President- Milt Drewer Vice President of Brotherhood Development- j.r Gisciair Vice President of Programming- Brent Jarreau Vice President of Finance- Dereck Knepple Vice President of Recruitment- Jim Stallcup Chaplin- David Laird Actives - Drew Adams, Davis Bailey, Mat Barksdale, Jon Boling, Jeff Bower, Matt Brown, Ben Bryant, Bill Bunting, Nathan Bynum, Parker Camp, Dominic Cianciolo, Adam Cleveland, David Coker, James Collins, Dick Cox, Marc Crawford, Mitchell Crawford, Tim Davis, Jasper Dickson, Brad Duckworth, Byron Eckols, Adam Emerson, Eddie Estrada, Ty Fonte, Mike Frank, Tommy Gardner, Grant Gibson, Wade Griffin, Rob Haberkamp, Doug Hall, Derek Haney, David Margraves, Jason Harris, David Henslee, Micheal Hutchison, Eric Ingram, Skeeter Jones, John Lawerence, Eric Lea, Tyler McKeller, Rob Mickler, Butch Moomey, Perry Moulds, Richard Newton, J.J. O ' Boyle, Chris O ' Neal, Sam Parkin, Titus Queen, Jamie Riley, Winston Shows, Dan Sicilia, Mike Smith, Will Stevens, Jason Tabereaux, John Todd, Jeff Townsend, Pyke Van Dalsem, Brandon Vanderburg, Jeremy Vaughn, Jeremy Warner, Smith Wyckoff, Ryan Zajicek, John Zver Greeks • 363 A Mtpha w mwy amilij , it nas ' mcome mu namey OAMiU ' piom name . ' ? AAjLanza MAie v Oitet ' 860 Surmiat: Saimcxn ' LnK anc( S f2f2ie ' ' ieen ' 364 • Greeks President- Pamela Hilton Vice President- Aaron Buchanan Grammateus- Tamieka McCullar Pecunious Grammateus- Jennifer Heard Tamiouchos- Naketa Wlnite Epistoleus- Kimberly Walker Parliamentarian- Latonya Burnette Ivy Leaf Reporter- Raquel Johnson Anti-Grammateus- Tamara Crawford Philacter- Shaquinta Pickett Members Nia Avent Kwanza Carter Timeka Jones Cassandra Joyner Moneika King Jada Love Latoya Orange Tarasha Posey Eon Reggans Kyna Robinson Shamorrow Thomas Latina Young 365 • Greeks U ' L unpo Uant ' ta 9 2 Jee pxund seic- eiai ' jTAaces tcx ' cait mu aoMV, .S i L me one y can altaaus depend an . " ' Iz taaue ' " Me mis hapte lcumAed : eLucm ZZ, 1958 ' YlumAe Q ' iapieA ' ' yicdlcxnaMi : 173 ' VausemomeA : " ucMe YYlcmk " YYlascxii : ' ondo ' eaA 366 • Greeks President- Jennifer Bischof V. P. Administration- Elizabeth Roy V.P. Education- IVIelanie Hutclnerson New Member Education- Robin Jamison Membership- Katie Weaver Chapter Treasurer- Lauren Gent House Treasurer- Jennifer Hawkins Rush Chairman- Sarah Tapley Chapter Relations- Dareth Vinson Corresponding Secretary- Ashley Ledgerwood Recording Secretary- Christy Campbell Social Chairman- Karen Bambury House Manager- Jacey Cook Panhellenic- Karen Heidel Risk Managment- Sterling Walker Alumnae Relations- Crystal Wilson Public Relations- Liz Hogue Scholarship Chairman-Christine Gaskill Members Kelly Allison, Carrie Allred, Alison Armgard, Robyn Atkins. Jean Augustine. Carly Barker, Liz Barron. Tracy Beecham. Wendi Bennett. Mary Helen Bobo. Ashley Boeckman. Elizabeth Boggs, Susan Bostick, Leslie Bowers. Allison Boxx, Meredith Brown. Susan Brown. Heather Bryant. Dee Dee Burt. Michaela Caldwell. Christy Campbell. Whitney Canterbury Rachel Chambers. Camille Collins. Stephanie Collins, Katherine Cone. Jacey Cook, Anna Coutoumanos, Jennifer Crain. Candice Cruthirds. Lori Ann Davis. Ann Katherine Dettweiller. Tally Dicket. Deanna Dozier. Lindsey Fisher. Heather Fooshee. Jennifer Foster. Kimberly Franks. Kathleen Furlong, Leslie Gable, Cam Gaddis, Colette Gamot, Suzanne Gardiner, Christine Gaskill, Shannon Gates. Amy Gean. Sarah Gedemer. Ginger Geldreich. Stacie Gravlee. Mollie Grojean. Melissa Gronemeyer. Jennifer Harjes. Amy Harrison. Angela Harrison. Elizabeth HanA ell, Karen Heidi. Kristen Henderson. Cory High. Kristy Hill, Liz Hogue, Amy Holland, Amy Hopper, Katherine Huch, Claire Hudson, Jessica Hunt, Mary Elizabeth Johnson, Cindy Jones, Donna Jones. Mary Katherine Jones, Ingrid Jorgenson, Kathryn Justice, Melissa Kingery, Hope Kizer, Lori Knowles, Courtney Kraft, Lana Kreis, Ashley Lamm, Ashley Legerwood, Jenny Legge, Lea Ann Lemmons. Stacy Mahr. Brooke Malone. Avril Marshall, Erin Martin, Corby Mason. Mariah Mavromatis. Jane Mayo. Kate MaKenzie. Sally Monroe. Katherine Muller. Jill Murphy. Jill Updyke. Melanie Paulson. Amanda Pekoe, Molly Peterson, Monica Phillips, Elizabeth Pigford, Kelly Powell, Alexa Prince, Karen Reese, Laura Reid, Christine Reiland, Beth Reimer. Kelly Riddle. Caroline Roussel, Victoria Roy. Megan Ryder, Kelly Shankle, C.K. Shuffield, Rebecca Skinner, Kelly Smith, Gretchen Smith, Melissa Smith, Whitney Smith, Heather Soriano, Jolie Spiers, Carrie Stone, Shelley Straker, Sarah Tapley Kerri Turner, Dareth Vinson, Margaux Viox, Shannon Wages, Sterling Walker. Abby Ware. Kelly Ware, Lauren Webb, Angela Week!, Molli White, Jessica Williams, Krissi Williams, Sarah Williams, Kelly Wilson Greeks • 367 " pf neup pimili cub ' me. nis uxiik uxnanvV can iau U, auj , poAiij , studw, do aoaci Ixi v oineis , mo isnip , and mo t ap (M - e ' inusell... " -uawva ' xxm es ' 368 • Greeks President- Miriam Hobbs Vice President- Mary Tana Person Secretary- Jamie Bourgoin Treasurer- Jennifer Graham Pledge Trainer- Brooks Burnette Personnel- Melissa Harrell Rush Chairman- Martha Frances Harris Mary Ellen Buford Panhellenic- Ashley Joiner Melissa Tichenor Social Chairman- Lucy Gaston Corresponding Secretary- Katie Cox Mary Morgan Blackburn Campus Activities- Kelly Mobile Community Service- Megan Flowers Sisterhood- Emily Phillips Career Development- Lisa Fisher Actives - Whitney Bills, Kasey Bull, Mary Margaret Clayton , Diana Dornan. Andrea Edwards. Carrie Fortner, Maggie Hanbury, Buffy Lambert, Ali McCain, Meg Newman, Jett Perry, Mario Purvis. Jessica Roan, Courtney Rogers, Laura Schmelzer, Hallie Swetland, Katherine Todd, Kelly Turner, Natalie Wade. Medora Wilson. Lendy Alderson. Laurie Avant. Katherine Bryant, Jill Case. Macy Chester. Anna Cliknkscale. Carre Anne Crutcher. Caty Cunningham, Claire Dornbusch. Elizabeth Filzpatrick. Laura Anne Fonda, Nan Fox, Mysti Futral, Taylor Gibbes. Meg Goodman. Haley Hall. Beth Hamilton, Sarah Hamilton, Sara Harvey Blair Holmes. Laura Hudson. Allison Johnson. Lindsay Lee. Memrie McCubbin. Mimi Norsworthy Carter G ' Ferrall. Katie O ' Neil, Emily Perry, Jill Perry, Emily Phillips, Frannie Pitts, Brooke Riley, Kate Robertson, Susan Spurlock. Lain Tindall. Lauren Street. Amy Warriner. Elizabeth Williams. Christen Wynne. Austin Abernathy. Lindsey Atkins. Bonnie Benkwith, Julie Bobo. Claire Bostwick. Natalie Brown. Margaret Bushart, Catherine Crocker. Jamie Elliot. Alyssa Ellis. Campbell Engle. Mary Martha Foust. Missy Galloway Kristen Garrett. Meredith Green. Mandy Hattaway Liles Hill. Laura Hobbs. Susannah Hodges, Lou Ann Hodges, Talyor Hovious. Bess Johnson. Bette Killebrew. Jaclyn Leas. Leslie Logan. Stephanie McClinton, Kate Mabry. Mary Ann Moss. Stewart Norquist, Angle Nowlin. Ruth Overstreet. Julie Perno. Claire Plyer. Margaret Povall. Natalie Rice. Abby Richards. Allison Roan. Eryn Roark, Whitney Schram. Courtney Senter, Emily Simmons. Katie Strickland. Taylor McCall. Mary Tisdale. Lauren Trapp, Eleanor Twiford. Kala White, Shelton Windham. Honey Witt. Claire Yates Pledges - Ashley Akers. Carley Barnes. Martha Boswell. Caroline Bryant. Rebecca Clayton. Lee Cobb. Mandy Crawford. Ashley Davis. Elizabeth Dixon, Shannon Donald. Kate Galbreath, Meg Gieselmann, Jessie Goodman, Camilla Gould. Carlyle Graves. Dea Hammett. Emily Herring. Molly Hogue. Carlley Howard, Cade King, Anna Koonce. Rebecca Laughjiin, Erin Leon, Laurie Leonard. Elizabeth Luster, Claire Lyon, Gabrielle McCart, Lindsey McClellnad. Blewett Melton. Molly Michealson. Ariel Owens. Martha Parker. Mary Cates Permenter, Erin Plisch, Meta Poole, Ashleigh Price, Laur en Rea. Casey Roark. Lindy Robison. Laura Lee Scanlon. Kathryn Sulser. Allison Tarpy. Mary Herschel Thames. Stacy Thompson, Emily Anne Turner, Jane Vann, Courtney Wages, Lanier Whitlock. Elizabeth Wright. Emily Young Greeks • 369 l)n an unlamiteAy place xi eil has- encauxat ed ' and, suppjatled ' me to take- adxionia Of eueAU af2piiitunitu tkai kaA)je teen qixten. ' . roid ' mo h lnipx3Aianilu %w ' Sbeii na acjc p ted mje ioA uma am . " K.lai ve tusi rZumAe op ' napiens rZationaMu . 130 ' hou ematke : yulio viaKe ' kilantn uxpu ' : kmuAa ti KMrvceA KM nteA Greeks • 370 President- Kellye Cauthen Vice President Finance- Stacy Koon Vice President Administration- Tara Mitchell Vice President Public Relation- Angela Reed Treasurer- Robin Kennedy Secretary- Courtney Chaffin Panhellenic- Rachel Huff Katheryn Kuykendal Rush Chairman- Jennifer Decker Social Development- Mary Lacy Montgomery Academic Development Chairman- Vanessa Lackey Actives - Courtney Abercrombie, Rebecca Abernathy Brandon Adams, Laura Allen, Mary Wilsford Allen, Gwendolyn Anderson, Katie Anderson, Erin Bell, Allison Berry, Channing Bessire, Alison Bloom, Becky Blossom, Katherine Blount, Laura Boaz, Katie Bolen, Louanna Boutwell, Mary Kelly Bradway, Emily Brewer, Megan Britt, Margaret Buchanan, Meagan Burns, Alison Buse, Alyson Bustamante, Traci Cappaert, Caroline Castle, Heather Chambliss, Sallie Kate Champion, Erin Ching, Blair Clayton, Sarah Cunningham, Rachel Dabbs, Hallie Daddario, Kristen Daniel, Amanda Dawkins, Virgina Dawson, Georgi Deerman, Kate Defuniak, Jade Dunlap, Madison Foster, Charlotte Gage, Alison Gaines, Natalie Gessler, Erica Gilmer, Anne Miller Goodrum. Katelin Graves, Megan Green, Elizabeth Greeson, Anna Gregory, Mary Gregory Erica Hand, Mary Katherine Harper, Lauren Hasty, Courtney Hayes, Hart Hazaard, Lisa Heros, Leigh Herrington, Polly Heur, Margaret Hodges, Sara Neal Holder, Amanda Hopkins, Lindsey Home, Catherine Howell, Hoover Hughes, Claire Hust, Kelley Jones, Laura Kessler, Mary Kirkland, Elizabeth Lambert, Laura Langson, Brooke Lawyer, Caroline Leake, Robin Lee, Amy Lefoldt, Ashley Logan, Melinda Mardick, Kostas Matheos, Lucy Matusiewicz, Megan Mauldin, Brandy McCabe, Rivers McCaskill, Milly McClennan, Mandy McClure, Sarah McCusker, Cassie McMahan, Anne Elizabeth Mcintosh, Meg McKenzie, Arlean McMullen, Kristen McMullen, Ashley Mcyey Ann Hunter McMurray, Meg Milam, Brooke Miller, Elizabeth Minor, Emily Mitchell, Suzanne Murphy, Lee Nichols, Jeri Anna Norton. Anne Ostenson, Laura Payne, Patricia Pendergrass, Anelyse Pitts. Melody Polen, Mary Mac Porter. Angela Pounds, Suzy Puckett, Abigail Randolph, Carol Reese, Meg Richards, Victoria Rideout, Leigh Ann Rooker, Melanie Sarno, Ashley Shelton, Leigh Singletary, Shea Smith, Mary Smith, Meredith Stainback, Leigh Taylor, Nan Thompson, Rachel Vise, Alexis Warren Caroline Whittle, Holley Marie Wilkins, Lindsay Wilson, Ann Alise Young, Sarah Bisland Young, Pledges - Emily Abernathy Camille Apostle, Hallie Archer, Emily Black. Katie Buck, Mindy Cadle. Caroline Cain, She llwy Cartwright, Jordan Chew, Courtney Christopher, Katy Clinton, Ashley Crutcher, Lynn Edwards, Emily Fair, Casey Fairey, Georgette Faulk, Hillery Foster, Mary Wade Graves, Abbey Houseworth, Kindal Jeans, Mary Shelton Jones, Susan Jones, Lindsey Lang, Margaret Anne Lientz, Sarah Manning, Stefani Mazurkiewicz, Amanda Moore, Rachel Palmtree, Betsy Pandue, Mary Grace Penick, Carly Peterson, Douglas Reaves, Carey Revels. Clare Ritchie, Jordan Rosetti. Jamie Russ, Mary Russell, Caroline Scott, Shelley Seagrest, Leigh Shaffles, Beth Singletary, Sarah Leigh Smith, Mary Stone, Jill Thompson. Anne Chancellor Walker, Claire Webb, Lucy West, Ellen Williams, Caroline Makey Caroline Coleman Greeks • 371 f oMe i U memAe iS oatfv O ptace toy deuetofz- tnein, Lndi- uidiuultuy and oulcd l uenci mp tmut ta t ammo 1873 rZumAe ojy ' napte i rhMcxnaMtj . ' UxusemoineA : ' ' Xanoj ' yyicMoiC 372 • Greeks President- Tiffany Cox Vice President- Programming- Kimberly Smith Social Standards- Ivy Muggins Fraternity Education- Susan Sprott Membership- Allison McCamey Finance- April Canup Foundations- Alison Chastain Panhellenic- Alison Dickey Communications- Jennifer Guckert Vice President Vice President Vice President Vice President Vice President Vice President Vice President Directors Scholarship- Emily Aldridge Rituals- Karen Ashmore Social Events- Ashley Wilbourn Assistant Social Events-Rebekah Sumrall Sponsorship- Leigh Ann Maloney House Management-Holly Edwards New Members- Angela Barkley Assistant New Members-Beth Boatright Actives : Lesley Aldridge, Donna Ash, Shea Baddour, Meg Barham, Abby Barker, Olivia Bass, Courtney Baucom, Kim Bennett, Beth Boatright, Jennifer Boudoin, Jane Claire Boyd, Jennifer Boyd. Kristina Brown, Amy Burges, Michelle Burrage, Jacqueline Busby, Anne Peyton Clark, Brynna Clark, Jill Clark. Jessica Cooper, Kelli Copeland, Traci Copeland, Melissa Craig, , Chrisina Driggers. Katherine Duerr, Christy Ellington. Misty Ellington. Mailee Fields. Beth Flanagan, Sydney Fletcher, Carrie Ford, Leah Fulgum. Andrea Furr, Emily Gardner, Benning Gau, Jordan Gau, Amber Gillock, Laurie Gore, Alison Gorman, Juli Graham. Amand Griffin, Elise Guidry, Amy Hall, Sarah Harkins, Suzi Harrison, Ann Hart, Micci Henry, Haley Hickman, Ashley Hill, Ginger Hogue, Elizabeth Hood. Julie Horn. Stephanie, Ingram, Margaret Jones, Meredith Kirk, Molly Kuykendall. Claire Lane, Jessica Lay. Crocker Lee. Carrie Linder. Caroline Long. Cassidy Lyons. Maria Marascaico, Kerri Martin, Sara Mayer, Amy McCullough, Courtney McCullough, Lyn McKey, Amy Miller, Jessica Mitchell, Emily Moody, Molly Morgan. Davin Morris, Sarah Murrow, Amanda Nail, Brandi Nation, Mary Neff Newsom, Jodi Overby, Carmen Overstreet, Dacia Petersen, Jennifer Phillips. Jill Quong, Jennifer Rambo. Ashley Reid. Suzanne Rice, Brittany Rickman, Victoria Robin, Christy Rogers, Kate Rogers, Jenny Sayle, Missye Selman, Leslie Shands. Nancy Shands, Margaret Shelton, Betty Thomas Slade, Jennifer Smith, Elizabeth Steele, Holly Storms, Emily Tarant, Ali Thomas, Anne Thompson, Kathleen Tonore, Vanessa Voyles, Amy Walker, Jennifer Wells. Emily Williams. Shanna Woodard. Leah Worrel Ashley Wright Pledges :Lauren Bailey, Emily Barnes. Becky Bounds. Emily Cooke, Katherine Cox. Franny Deavours. Molly Edrington, Rebecca Garrott, Kelly Given, Fran Goodwin. Kara Gray, Julie Gregory, Natalie Guckert, Lydia Hailman, Jamie Hancock, Whitney Haney, Erin Harvey. Karah Herges, Susan Hobson, Anna Claire Hosemann. Emily Johns. Katie Jorday. Kristin King. Lauren Kitchen, Finny Koerner, Sara Jane Lewis, Mary Kylie Lindsay. Melissa Lott, Avon lyons, Kelly Maloney, Meridith Mann, Elizabeth McFerrin, Alysson Mills. Julie Montgomery, Sha Moore, Emily Nail, Sara Anne Nelson, Amanda Nettles, Julie Perry. Liz Phillips. Lynsie Proctor. Carrie Pugh. Amelia Purser, Molly Rector, Emily Puff, Elizabeth Semmes, Stacye Sims, Lauren Smith, Gracie West, Ashley Whitfield. Kelly Williams, Courtney Willis, Mary Word, Emeri Yelverton. Greeks • 373 and exfieMenceS ' that kajue ' mned imxnupv mto haxie, neified me to mcom the- lAxaman ' thai ' ?) aiuuu uionted ta Ste . Aeto is not JMsl fout Ideals ' ... iis o lifetime . " s4nna ' West W 7nis €Aaf2i launded: 1979 Sunrnat:: VxUe 374 • Greeks President- Lee Ann Harper Vice President Finance- Angela Tubbs Vice President Administration- iVlolly Fenwick Vice President Development- Andrea Erwin Vice President Public Relation- Keren Boggs Finance Deputy- Mary Beth Justice Recording Secretary- Margaret Allen Corresponding Secretary- Melissa Eversmeyer Rush Chairman- Corey Fowler Social Chairman- Lyndsay Fuller Actives Robyn Bishop, Jennifer Black, Ashley Bourn Carrie Breitbarth, Kris Brak, Robyn Carson, Jamie Carter, Beth Childers, Tracie Crosbie, Carey Cupit, Lorri Dove, Stephanie Dukes, Jenny Eber, Meredith Foley, Leigh Frisbee, Katie Funderburd, Melissa Furlong, Lisa Ginn, Bree Glass, Maggie Golden, Laura Green, Sarah Hamby. Marirose Harmon, Candi Harris, Courtney Hendry, Brooke Hurlbut, Jana Kellems, Julie Kosanovich, Ellen Lacey, Scarlet Lawrence, Andi Lea. Keryn Lemieux, Tyra Lindstrom, Natalie Martt, Katie May, Molly McAnally, Anna McFarland, Tricia Miller, Jennifer Mims, Kristy Mims, Audra Mullen, Ellen Neese, Amy Nelson, Carrie Northrup, Franny Oilschlager, Susan Oliver, Kelli Pugh, Nancy Margaret Ray, Celeste Reep, Meghan Rishel, Kate Robinson, Shellie Ross, Autumn Ryan, Rachel Sanders, Erin Schermann, Kelly Simonton, Angle Smith, Katie Snodgrass, April Suddith, Courteny Sullivan, Marcy Swagger, Bethnay Taylor, Holly Thacker, Liz Trainor, Jessica Vannoy, Ashley Waggoner, Angel Walters, Julie Weakly, Anna West, Cherry Wheat Pledges Jane Aldinger, Sarah Baggett, Kara Barnett, Brianna Bedford, Samantha Bynum, Audrey Cohenour, Tammy Cohrn, Brooke Cooper, Kacer Cotoli, Lori Favret, Mary Ann Garriga, Katie Greer, Lori Hendry, Tracy Hickerson, Julie Holden, Haley Holder, Kristen Hollenkamp, Brooks Hooker, Jenifer Jones, Colleen Kelly, Annemarie Kendrigan, Elizabeth Klepzig, Dana Ladner, Sasha Lambert, Meisha Lawson, Laura Ledford, Brooke Nation, Beth Odum, Stephanie Owens, BlakeParrot, Ashley Phillips. Brittany Pierce, Kaite Pinto, Lindsey Plunk, Anna Powers, Shana Rich. Amelia Riehm, Margarett Rochelle, Michelle Ryan, JulieSatchfield, Grechen Senecal, Lindsay Smith, Courtney Solon, Tracee Spagnolo. Lindsey Stroup, Tracey Thomas, Tiffany Turner, Brooke Tutor Greeks • 375 el4a rtri S ' anuwuj 15, 1927 120 SiA£ ' flcxcconi 376 • Greeks President- Angle Redmond Secretary- Ellen Brinkley Treasurer- Lyn Covington Vice President Pledge Eduction- Claire Atkinson Vice President Public Relations- Brand! Tolbert Vice President Standards- Graham Pigford Vice President Membership- Anna Hale Assistant Treasurer- Amy Sims Panhellenic- Laura Blackburn Efficiency Chairman- Gipson Carter House Manager- Kathryn Clifford Actives - Haley Antici, Virginia Assai, Leslie Ayers, Ashley Baler, Courtney Bailey, Amanda Bourn, Christie Butts, Whitney Campbell, Courtney Chapman, Amy Davidson, Lee Decoux, Susanna Deviney, Margot Blake Easterling, Christie Evens, Amy Harkins, Suzanne Herbert, Michelle Higgins, Mary Matha Hodge, Kara Ligon, Suzanne Lindsay, Anna Mcllwain, Jenny Mclntyre, Laura Lee McRae, Anna Smith, Meredith Swaim, Mandi Tettleton, Shannon Thompson, Frannie Trum, Lindsey Turk, Ashley Wilson, Heather Wilson, Heather Whittler, Leah Meyer, Mamie Morgan, Ellie Binkley, Laura Blackburn, Whitney Boone, Missy Brewer, Ellen Brinkley, Berry Burnside, Robin Carlin, Lyn Covington, Lindy Dingerson, Stephanie Dove, Mary Margaret Ernst, Allison Graves, Heather Hengen, Ashley Holt, Lisa Holt, Kelly Jones, Mellissa Kahlstorf, Peyton Long, Luly Loret de Mola, Christi Lynch, Caitlin Magbee, Melissa Magee, Emily Middlecoff, Kim Milano, Ansley Pitts, Gina Sibley, Margaret Smith, Brittainy Spah t, Katie Stevens, Christi Swalm, Heather Willis, Whitney Wilt, Brittney Aldy, Maragaret Anne Beech, Carrie Biter, Amie Boudreaux, Ashley, Bradley, Jennifer Cado, Catie Carlyle Chapman, Besty Collier, Amy Crow der, Katy Daly. Elizabeth Daniel, Adair Easterling, Amy Enders, Laura Finnem, Anna Fletcher, Ginny Gay, Laura-Murphey Gay, Nicole Guy, Meredith Hampton, Stacy Henderson, LeeAnne Henry, Beth Hines, Lacey Horton, Susan Keith, Leigh Ann Keller, Monique Legendre, Gayle Latham, Shannon Looney, Jennifer McGuire, Anna Lacey McMains, Cecily McMath, Greer McMillan, Blair Michaelson, Ashley Mickler, Haley Mock, Stephanie Monsour, Jennifer Olive, Jessica Patterson, Sarah Grace Phipps, Jamie Purdy, Beth Rainwater, Laurn Rickenbocker, Anne Russell, Emily Saik, Lisa Smithhart, Amy Wilson, Katie Yarbrough, Mandy Young, Margaret Zaney, Jamie Perkins, Mami Morgan Pledges -Nancy Adams, Whitney Alexander, Sybil Assaf, Vicki Bobo, Ruth Broderick, Stephanie Butts, Margaret Cousley, Katherine Crawford, Emily Crowe, Dawn Denton. Ashlee Douglas, Kimberly Dowdy, Melissa Flanagan, Joanna Ford, Mary Grady, Maureen Haik. Suzanne Herron, Lucy House, Dorothy Houston, Janet Hudson, Emily Jolliff, Jamie Kerley, Elizabeth Kimbriel, Katherine Kirk, Miriam Knight. Anna Knighton, Amy Lee, Mary Loftin, Sarah Marks, Erin Martin, Elizabeth Maxwell, Allison McManus, Rebecca Michaelson, Amanda Nichols, Andrea Robeson, Heather Russell, Lindsay Sanders, Shelley Sanford, Caroline Shephard, Caroline Shields, Shelley Slade, Elizabeth Smith, Hanna Taylor, Laura Thompson, Helen Trewolla, Kathleen Valentine, Wendy Williams, Jacqueline Wilson. Johannah Wilson Greeks • 377 F itecause even tkouc utey came puurv oue ten dtp- jetenl siaies ' and a ie suctv a dUteise voup , yCapfzo nas ■| i um At CIS tac eiAei and made US uu}ndeApA,l piiend " ' aleu£ ' Mands ' ammo " Bl Tnis Juifzte founded : mcmJi 15, 19 7 rZumAeA o ' AapteAS ' VlxitionaMu . 150 tonsemom n : KalervV d av tne ' S meAlcan ' ioAetes ' S ssoc . 378 • Greeks President- Ashley Tucker Vice President Standards- Elise Knapp Vice President Organizations-Courteny Mclntire Recording Secretary- Amanda Maxwell Corresponding Secretary- Valerie Bonds Treasurer- Molly McFarland Registrar- Rebecca Friesen Fraternity Education- Debra Valas Membership- Natalie Patterson Public Relation- Melissa Turegeon Scholarship- Rosamond Hawkins Social- Amanda Dawson Panhellenic- Anna Taylor Stephanie McKittrick 7th Row - Alisa Herring, Bonnie Morris, Dana McCormick, Michelle Huff, Teri Smith, Emily Ryan, Jenny Smith, Allison Rogers, Meridith Miskelly Karen Macy, Katie, O ' Brien, Allie Grisham, Charlie Neely, Mandy McKittrick, Leah White, Cristy Waldrup, Adrienne Nelson, Kirsten Monson, Jessica Taylor, Brandy Chisholm, Courtney Mclntire 6th Row - Ashley Tucker, Lindsay Deaton. MimI Montagnet. Dottee Dupuy, Liz Netterville, Jordan Albright, Erin Sarrett, Kimmie Labelle, Kristen Nedoma. Tiffany Hannah, Leigh McLaurin, Rebecca Friesen, Jane Preston Moore, Cathehne Leake, Katie Krooss. Callie Turner, Natalie Miller 5th Row - Mollie Cannon, Libby Floyd, Molly McFarland. Elise Knapp, Krissy Debenport, Amanda Maxell, Sloan Weakly, Amanda Dawson, Suzanne Vickery. Fances Masterson, Laurie Cain Smith, Camie Spatola. Helen Trotter, Brittaney Belvins, Stacey Flemming, Issie Knapp, Katie Friesen, Lindsey Smith, Meg Edwards, Lauren McWilliams, Kendall Wright, Catherine Hill, Julie Manning, Mandy Mathis, Nikki Johnson, Ginny Smith, Mary Page Darby Emily Sole, Amber Ramage, Beth Marascaico 4th Row - Emily Webber, Ashley Artigues, Valerie Bonds, Natalie Patterson, Libby Littlejohn, Sarah Lockart, Jennifer Watts, Sarah Judd, Allison Weakley Leiie Vickers, Leah Howerdd, Lauren Ephgrave, Julie Motley Kara Williams, Windy Ward. Kelly Barrett, Sherri Lee, Ashele Pears, Blair Thomson, Lauren Wimpee, Anna Nash, Abby Brumley. Jennifer Mayes, Amanda Sutherlin, Lindsey Bates 3rd Row - Melissa Turgeon, Skye Wilhite, Meghan Jumper. Jessica Hanchey. Bevin Colvert. Jill McEachern. Meggan Jones. Katherine Farris. Stephanie Hansen. Marlene Brown. Tare Meon. Debra Haining. Anna Claire Sorey. Megan Smith. Susie Wasserman, Casey Amborn. Rosemond Hawkins. Elizabeth Smith. Anna Taylor, Amery Ewing 2nd Row - Whitney Lawson. Kristen Johse. Lale Ozyurt. Sarah Bickley. Shea Hussey. Kelly Bruno. Courtney Morgan. Conley Narozniak. Whitney Inglies. Libby Sexton, Anna Boykin. Erika Hansen, Jennifer Summerlin, Lauren Tate, Jennifer Sumrall, Katherine Thomas, Danielle Mann, Monica McEachern. Hannah West. Carlye Manning 1st Row -Katherine Pugh. Blaine Estes. Natalie Phillips. Alayana Lewis. Anna Destefanis, Candice Harron Greeks • 379 is» Inte icit part op axmmunU . " 44 heme Aeetv o itunate eu iu aspect op ' enni ' kaAfi ' " une.?, 1926 ' Zlw e op ' €Aap.te4s rZaUanaMu . 131 380 • Greeks TT W President-Amy Mcintosh Vice President- Melanie McKenzie Recording Secretary- Catherine IVIaurin Corresponding Secretary- Caroline McQueen Public Relations- Jennifer Tharp Rush Chairman- Elizabeth Haik Phi Director- Jennifer Knapp Panhellenic- Amy Hanneman Tricia Solberg Treasurer- Elizabeth Farrenburg Actives Megan Abernathy Sarah Alford. Emily Allen, Elizabeth Ansardi, Rachel Ball, Jala Barton, Casey Bobbit, Cami Bridges, Elizabeth Brusevold, Bee Callan, Emily Cartwright, Mollie Cartwright, Kelly Chiaventone, Kathryn-Taylor Cooke, Deanna Daily Bethy Edwards, Amanda Elkin, Raney English, Candler Enochs, Emily Fabianke, Nicole Farber, Haley Farris, Jennifer Fillingam, Jennifer Flowers, Beth Foster, Rae Ann Francis, Annabeth Freeman, Presley Gainspoletti, Laurel Garrison, Stacy Gaunt, Bettina Guyken, Lauren Gibbs, Christen Guest, Ashlie Hart, Kat Hawkins, Amanda Hearn, Taylor Huffman, Amy Hutchins, Shea Jackson. Suzanne Johnson, Joy Jones, Jodi Kesler, Cecila King, Lisa King, Ashley Loftin, Katherine Louis, Ashley MacArthur, Jessica Malone, Jeanne McCollister, Kathy McDaniel, Joanna McKinley, April McKissack, Andrea McNeil, Laura Beth Miller, Michell Moore, Monica Morrison, Katherine Mosby Memory Nix. Dianne Owen, Holly Peacock, Peyton Pickenpaugh, Tara Pierre, Kendall Poole, Kris Price, Shelly Price, Jenny Puff, Jessica Querin, Susan Ray, Jessica Ridgeway Wendy Rodgers, Michelle Rounsaville, Elizabeth Short, Rachel Sibley, Jessica Smith, Natalie Smith, Jennifer Starnes, Heather Still, Courtney Stroupe, Katie Stubble, Skye Sturlese, Jessica Styron, Susan Sullivan, Jane Sutherland, Jennifer Tharp, Mandi Thompson, Beth Tosh, Audra Wadsworth, Emily Waters, Mary Brunson Whatley, Christi White, Laura Williamson, Gretchen Woods Pledges Leahbeth Alford, Amberly Allen, Laurie Anderson, Alana Best, Mary Kempton Bise, Jana Blackburn, Whitney Childress, Katherine Clark-Keene. Mary Cooke, Megan Cralle, Lindsey Dawson, Shannon Dawson, Shannon Denley Tracie Denny, Anna Ewell, Lorie Hamilton, Loren Hankins, Erika Hardy, Linda Hausmann, Marley Hogan, Meghan Householder. Lee Ann Jarrett, Nicole Johnson, Cindy Jones, Julie Jones, Julie Kelly, Kristin Kerbow, Kristin Lacher, Sara Lammel, Brooke Landreneau, Elizabeth Lee, Lindsay McKinney Holly McLaurin, Michele Moll, Charlotte Noel, Tracy Ponnath, Amanda Poole, Amy Richarson, Jennifer Roberson, Lindsay Schaffler, Callie Shirley, Katie Sigler, Susannah Simon, Courtney Smedley Amanda Smith, Cammie Stamps, Melanie Stevens, Natalie Strong, Shelley Stuart, Stacey Sturlese, Amber Suggs, Emily Wiggins, Amanda Wilkerson, Allison, Williamson, Ashley Winger. Greeks • 381 " ke pasi onA ijewtA ' keAjS koKije ufke te else cjouid kaue met iuJi down ' - tO ' -ewdk ' , uiander ui ' Itls . (Mn ' V Imagine nouiy coMe ' uuxuld kcwe iijeAtv uutkoui tAenv. memonie ' . iManwyOAfzat UcK mi moAJilO, 1962 no fHanuno ' CeuAacA 382 • Greeks President- Emily Kahler Vice President Moral- Jennifer McRae Vice President Mental- Anne Ervine Vice President Social- Maya Dial Secretary- Lauren Averill Treasurer- Amanda Brister Panhellenic Represenative- Allyson West Membership Chairman- Amanda Arbelle Rush Chairman- Tiffany Kilpatrick Interest Group Chairman-JennI Kendricks Risk Management Chairman- Jaqueline Howell House Manager- Becky Daech Etfeciency Chairman- Katherine Stano Actives - Lettle Alexander, Rebecca Anderson, Sarah Beth Bailey, Michele Battle, Megan Bernard, Jennifer Blackwell, Rebecca Blakeney, Andie Bobb, Christine Boudloche, Abigail Bowen, Anne Bryant, Sarah Bull. Carson Carney, Anna Carter, Casey Carter. Lane Carter, Mallory Cavin, Autumn Chapman, Julie Charvat, Sara Clairain, Eliza Clark, Lisa Compton, Jennifer Daniel. Jaime Davis. Beth Davenport. Kathleeen Dempsey Kan Dietnch, Eleanor Draughn. Ashley Eley. Marisa Ellender, Courtney Ellington, Lisa Ervine, Alycia Fogie, Becky Freeland, Paige Gillam, Megan Hafner, Laura Hargraves, Jackie Harris, Stacy Harns, Allison Hays. Meg Henson. Hallie. Crystin Hohmann. Crista Holden. Ashley Hooverl. Allison Ingram. Tori Isham. Sarah Jones. Gina Liberto. Ashley Long, Jennifer McClure, Suzanne Murphy, Liz Naughton. Allison Neubauer. Corey Norden. Jennifer Palermo. Laura Patton. Katherine Paynter. Rheanne Pierson. Corbett Plaxico. Melanie Puckett. Cara Pugh. Adriane Purdum, Kelly Quinn. Kate Ronhausen. Glynda Rosenthal. Kelly Rumrill, Brandi Russell, Fran Russell, Regan Scanlon, Marty Schaefer, Katie Schueth, Cameron Scott, Tracy Shirah, Katy Stone, Stacy Stout, Holly Strachan, Kathryn Thiele. Allison Walker, Jennifer Wall, Sommer Warren, Julie Westbrook, Kelly Williams, Stacey Williams. Amelie Wilson. Ashlee Wilson. Melissa Wise. Alicia Wright. Kira Zschau Pleges - Lindsay Abbot. Kelly Arnold. Anna Bartholomew, Meredith Baxter, Marion Bonner, Taylor Burgess. Tara Chllders, Courtney Cole, Allison DeBattista, Hayly Dillard, Carrie Dobbs, Whitney Drury, Erin Eiter. Amy Farrish. Shelley Fleming. Leah Forrest. Molly Goode. Carrie Grafe, Jennifer Grogan, Lesley Gunn, Emily Hale, Amy Harris, Julie Harrison, Natalie Hines Melissa Holmes, Audrey Johnson, Lauren Johnson, Stephanie Kahler, Callie Kincaid, Julie Knott, Lauren Kramer, Jess amy Logan, Bailey Martin, Ashley McClinton, Emily Megginson, Melissa Miner, Mary Katherine Murphey, Candice Noble, Sarah Pace, Megan Paddock, Kelly Pratt, Lindsay Pryor, Lee Reading, Ellen Reynolds. Brittany Russell. Avery Sampson, Monica Scioneaux, Amber Sowell, Rebecca Stockey, Amanda Stone. Dena Todd. Jennifer Vermillion, Natalie Warren, Jackie Zito Greeks • 383 I If eta fZumAe ojy ' uifzte iS ' ' l ' Xcdlo4 nilaritmanw: StcyiK ' s flesi 384 • Greeks Active Members: Veronica Agnew Tina Bills Gall Braxton Shonte Brown Andrea Carr LaChandra Daniels Gwendolyn Evans Shirley Fuller Shemeka Haslett Shanta Jones Amanda Keys Deborah King Monica Knox Shundria Mabry Patina Mabry Kim Mayfield Shorranda Mays Alexandria Taylor Teresa Walton Kimberly Webb Demetra Wilson Greeks • 385 iiett sfzeaciat ueoA ta me- tecxiuse ' eta iuUecLil ' lOOik ijejOA o sistenAcxad ' 7nicMU €a M¥ m iniss. kapim. " bounded : 225 s4uce auio i ' kilaninofi : yQteas ' ance doundcUian ' ■m i. - " sm 386 • Greeks Officers President- Erin Redmond Vice President- Sarah Robey Treasurer- Kendall Dixon Secretary- Sarah Wass Panhellenic- Reeca Broadway Historian- Michelle Carr New Member Coordinator- Michelle Hughey Membership- Vannessa Thomas Actives Daphnie Boone, Mary Brown, Holly Cogbill Christine Cowan, Holly Cox, Kimberly Cozart Elizabeth Crowley Kimberly Douglas Jennifer Dowty, Heather Finch, Susan Flowers Linnette Forshag, Taryn Garner, Barbara Hartman Olivia Lancaster, Kathy Lindsey, Rachel Malone Rachel Namorato, Elizabeth Nelson, Dawn Norton Jamie O ' Neal, Ruth Owens, Tori Porter Jessica Russell, Heather Vinson, Kimberly Warren Adriann Wolfe Pledges Virgina Mullen, Brandy Taylor, Lee Blaschke Rachel Childers, Mary Barber, Kelly Phillips Stacy Koon, Meredith Howell, Holly Vinson Kat Riddell, Lindsay Leake, Tip Campbell Stacy Barnes, Lea Sutterfield, Stacey Crocker Laura Robey, Hope Walker, Amanda Bailey Carley Cade, Amy Hull, Ashley Reid Greeks • 387 ' i 388 • Greeks Greeks • 389 390 • Greeks Greeks • 391 392 • Greeks Greeks • 393 cPf Ahhott. Sheria 113 Abd, El-Rahim Asraf 106 Ahercronibie, Courtney 371 Abernathy. Austin 1 27 Abcrnathy, Emily 371 Abernathy, Meghann 154. 381 Abernathy, Rebecca 371 Acevedo. Luis 140 Acree, Rener 1 54 Adams. Bart 154 Adams, Brandon 127.371 Adams. Jack 154 Adams. Nancy 377 Adams. Oscar 154 Adamson. Paul 154 Adkins. Jocey Adkins 127 Adiuru. Krishna 106 Ahlberg. Lisa 110 Ainsworth. Bruce 113 Akers. Ashley 113 Albright. Jordan 379 Albright, Jessica 113 Alderson, Lendy 369 Aldinger. Jane 375 Aldridge. Brad 127 Aldridge. Emily 140 Aldridge. Karyn 154 Aldy. Brittney 377 Alexander. Grace 1 1 3 Alexander. Jennifer 154 Alexander. Sam 140 Alexander. Whitney 113.377 Alexis. Lance 154 Alfonso. Paul 154 Alford. James 154 Alford. Leahbeth 113 Alford. Sarah 381 Alford. Yolanda 127 Ali, Muhammad 154 Alleman, Keith 110 Allen. Brad 110 Allen. Carol 106 Allen. Denise 140 Allen. Emily 381 Allen. Jonathan 140 Allen. Margaret 140 Allen. Ronnetta 154 Allen. Wilson 113 Allison. Kelly 113 Ambrose. Magnum 1 1 3 Ammons. Tracy 127 Ancarrow. Christy 154 Anders. Stephanie 154 Anderson. Chrissy 140 Anderson. Daniel 127 Anderson. Eric 113 Anderson. Keita 1 1 3 Anderson. Kerry 154, 192 Anderson. Kristi 140 .(Anderson. Lisa 154 Anderson. William 140 Andrews. Brandi 127 Andrews. Jaime 1 10 Anglin, Angela 110 Annamreddy. Phanidhar 106 Ansardi. Elizabeth 381 Anthony. Ken 1 1 3 Anlici. Haley 377 Apostle. Camille 371 Applebee. Alicia Jill 127 Arbelle. Amanda 383 Archer. Hallie 113.371 Arendale, Kristin 1 13 Arendale. Stephen 127 Armistead. Rhett 154 Arnold. Christy 154 Arnold. Kelly 383 Aronson. Nicholas 1 13 Arrexi, Julie 140 Arrington. Dana 1 10 Arrington. Debra 1 27 Arrwood. Laura 140 Ashley Tucker 185 Ashley. Heather 1 10 Assaf. Sybil 377 Assaf. Virginia 1 54 Assai. Virginia 377 Atkins. Lindsey 127 Atkinson. Claire 377 .Atkinson, Emily 140 Ausmer, Enjoli 1 13 Aulry. Alina 127 Avala. Ravinder 106 Avant. Nia 1 10 Averill. Lauren 140 Ayyagar. Vishnu 106 Azzone. Daniel 140 1R Bachelder. Heather 154 Bacon. Amanda 154 Bacon. Elisha 140 Baeshen. Najla 154 Baggett. Sarah 113 Baier. Ashley 189 Bailey. Amanda 127. 387 Bailey. Jody 154 Bailey. Sarah Beth 127 Bain. Nick 113 Baird. Thomas 140 Bajracharya. Rajesh 106 Baker. Jason 3 Baker. Jennifer 154 Baker. Melanie 127 Baker. Roy 154 Baker. Tanika 127 Bakutis. Lori 154 Balckbum. Jana 381 Baldwin. Richard 154 Ball. Rachel 154.381 Ball. Samanlha 140 Ballard. Leah 110 Ballew. Bess 154 Banks. Chasitty 113 Banks. Jaime 140 Bantz. Heather 127 Barber. Jon 1 27 Barber. Mary 387 Barham. Meg 154 Barkely. Angela 140 Barker. Brad 113 Barkley. Ross 1 1 3 Barlow. William 113 Barnes, Carly 113 Barnes, Jill 113 Barnes, Kenneth 154 Barnes, Mistie 154 Barnes, Stacy 387 Bamett, Brandy 127 Bamett, Mary 1 1 3 Bamelt, Monica 127 Barr, Dereck 127 Barr, Shannon 1 13 Barrett, Clay 140 Barrett, Kelly 379 Barrett, Wade Blondeau 114 Barron. Ashley 113 Bartee. Tanya 106 Bartholomew, Anna 1 13, 383 Bartlett, Ian 154 Barton, Aubrey 154 Barton. Jala 381 Battle. Michele 383 Battles. Jennifer 110 Baumann. Janet 154 Baxter. Meredith 113. 383 Beal. John 140 Beasley. Sarah 1 13 Beck. Mandie 113 Beckers. Astrid 106 Beecham. Tracy 1 1 3 Beesley. Reid 154 Beghlol. Jason 140 Bell.AI 154 Bell.Alecia 154 Bell. Curt 3. 140 Bell, Erin 371 Belvins, Brittaney 379 Benard. Samantha 113 Bender, Nikki 110 Benkwiih, Bonnie 369 Bennett, Kimberly 154, 195 Berg, Steve 127 Bergan, Tim 1 1 3 Berghuis, Jenna 113 Bernard. Megan 383 Berry. Allison 371 Berry. Matthew 127 Berryhill, Bonnie 127 Bessire, Channing 127,371 Best, Alana 381 Bethel, Roslyn 140 Betsayad, Jennifer 113 Bhandary, Upasana 154 Bibbs, Kayron 154 Bilbo, Garrett 140 Bills, Whitney 369 Bingham, Alisha 106 Bise, Mary 1 13 Bishop. Robyn 375 Black. Emily 113 Black. Fowler 353 Black. Jennifer 140. 375 Black. Jonathan 140 Black. Linda 140 Black. Warren 127 Blackard. Chad 353 Blackburn. Glenna 127 Blackburrn. Mary Morgan 369 Blackie. Van Lynn 155 Blair. Steven 155 Blakely. Deidra 110 Blakeney. Rebecca 383 Bland. Anna 155 Bland. Crystal 114 Bland. Eric 155 Bland. T.J. 155 Blaschke, Lee 387 Blattner. Geraldine 155 Blaylock. Dale 155 Blaylock. Daniel 155 Blaylock. Sara 140 Bloom. Alison 371 Blossom. Becky 127.371 Blount. Kimberiey 140 Blount. Sherry 114 Boatright. Beth 140 Bobb. Andie 127.383 Bobbit. Casey 381 Bobbitt. Casey 155 Bobo. Julie 369 Bobo. Latasha 1 14 Bobo. Mary Ellen 1 14 BoBo. Vicki 377 Bodenhamer. Ginny 114 Boeckmann. Ashley 127 Boggs. Koren 375 Bolden. Wilner 127 Bolen. Christie 114 Bolen. Marty 140 Boles. Elishua 140 Boling. Emily 155 Bollu. Ananda 106 Bonds. Amy 127 Bonds. Valerie 379 Bonney. Elizabeth 114. 140 Boone. Anthony 183 Boone. Daphnie 155. 387 Boone. Michael 4 Boone. Whitney 140.377 Bost. Judy 155 Bost. Kerri 140 Boston. Caryl 1 55 Boswell. Martha 114. 369 Boteler. Ben 114 Boudloche. Christine 127 Boudry. Lawanda 155 Bourdreaux. Amie 127 Bourgoin. Jamie 369 Bourn, Amanda 155. 377 Bourn, Ashley 140. 155 Boutgoin. Jamie 155 Bowen. Abigail 383 Bowen. Paul 155 Bowens. LaKatria 155 Bowie. Jerica 127 Bowie. Paul 140 Bowles. Paul 353 Bowlin. Brent 155 Bowling. Christine 127 Bowling. Kathleen 140 Bowman. Laniese 127 Box. Dave 155 Boyd. Jennifer 114. 127 Boyett. Cassandra 110 Boykin. Anna Susan 1 14. 379 Boyles. Tommy 155 Bradford. Latasha 1 14 Brak, Kris 375 Branch, Miranda 140 Brand, Allison 155 Brand, Katheryne 188 Brandon, Brooke 155 Brantley, Lamisha 141 Brashen, Najla 190 Brashier, Kristy 127 Brawner, Jeff 155 Bray, Bradley 128 Breckenridge, Shanna 110 Breitbanh. Carrie 189 Brendel. Richard 141 Brenton. Jennifer 155 Brewer, Emily 141 Brewer, Leigha 155 Brewer. Missy 141.377 Brewer. Quentin 141 Bridges. Cami 381 Bridges. Kami 128 Briggs. Jenee 141 Briggs. Ron 141 Brister. Joe 155 Britt, Megan 371 Broadwater, Michael 141 Broadway, Reeca 387 Broadway, Reeca 128 Brocks, Vanessa 1 55 Broderick, Justin 355 Broderick, Ruth 377 Brooks, Caton 195 Brooks, Jerrod 128 Brown, Blythe 141 Brown, Carly 128 Brown, Cherry 141 Brown. Chitteria 141 Brown. Collin 3, 207 Brown. Dewanda 141 Brown. Janna 1 14 Brown. Jennifer 155 Brown. Jonathan 141 Brown. Keesha 1 14 Brown. Mary 387 Brown. Matthew 128 Brown. Natalie 369 Brown. Natosha 1 14 Brown. Stephanie 110 Brown. Teri 1 14 Brown. Travis 141 Broyles. Tricia 110 Bruce. Mary 141 Brumley. Abby 379 Brummet, Kurt 141 Bruno, Kelly 379 Brunson, Marc 1 28 Brunson, Mary 152 Brunt, Josh 114 Brusevold, Elizabeth 141,381 Bruss. Jeremy 114 Bryant. Caroline 1 14 Bryant. Tammy 141 Bsat. Mohammed 106 Buchanan. Arron 141 Buchanan. Mario 141 Buchanan. Philip 1 14 Buckles. Wytisha 114 Buffington. Brandon 155 Buffington. Brooke 1 14 Buford. Melissa 141 Buford, Vendella 114 Buggey. Jennifer 128 Buglewicz. Andy 141 Bull. Kasey 155. 369 Bullock. Jennifer 155 Bullock, Jennifer 141 Bullock, Laura 128 Bullock, Tiffany 114 Bunting, Bill 155 Burge, Amy 141 Burgess, Sherlena 1 14 Burgess, Taylor 1 14. 383 Burnett, Beth 114 Burnett. Jay 128 Bumelte. Brooks 155. 190, 369 Bumette, LaTonya 155 Bumette, Rachel 106 Bumham, Christy 110 Burns, Meagan 371 Bumside, Berry 141,377 Burrage, Michelle 141 Burrea, Brielle 1 10 Burrell, Kenneth 155 Burt, Dee Dee 3, 128 Burton. Scott 114 Burttram. Melissa 114 Busby. Angela 155 Busby. Joseph 141 Buse. Alison 371 Bush, Latisha 141 Bustamante, Alyson 371 Butler. Joan 110 Butler. Sam 155 Butts. Christie 377 Butts. Stephanie 377 Butts. Stephanie 114 Byford. Rob 353 By ford. Robert 114 Bynum. Samantha 114,375 Byrd, Whit 155 Byrne, Evan 353 Byrnes, Brett 106 Cadavid, Ricardo 106 Cade, Carley 3, 114,387 Cadle, Mindy 114,371 Cage, Rebecca 155 Cain, Caroline 371 Caldwell, J P 141 Call. Rich 156 Callan. Bee 381 Calrk. Eliza 383 Calvert. Win 141 Campbell. Andrian 114 Campbell. Eric 106 Campbell. Hank 114 Campbell. Matthew 141 Campbell. Octavia 156 Campbell. Tiffany 128 Campbell. Tip 387 Campbell. Whitney 1.56. 189. 377 Cannon. Amber 128 Cannon. Derek 1 14 Cannon. Mollie 379 Canterbury. Whitney 110 Canup. April 156, 185 Cappaert, Traci 371 Caputo, Andrew 141 Carey, Melissa 156 Carigan, Brenna 141 Carlin, Robin 377 Carlisle, David 1 10 Carney, Carson 128 Carpenter, Hunter 193 Carpenter, Patrick 141 Carpenter. Tyra 128 Carr. Jessica 3, 128 Carr, Michelle 141,387 Carr. Mike 114 Carson. Robyn 375 Carter. Anna 141.383 Carter, Cara 1 56 Carter, Casey 383 Carter, Gipson 377 Carter, Jamie 141, 375 Carter, Lane 383 Carter, Selena 128 Cartwright, Molly 128 Cartwright, Shelley 114 Carver, Kelli 156 Casey Duncan 143 Casey, Lee 141 Cassada, Matt 128 Castillo, Emily 141 Cattron, Candice 128 Caulfield. Ban7 141 Caulfield, Courtney 156 Caulfield, Lloyd 3, 128 Cauthen, Kellye 156 Cauthen, Kellye 371 Caviness. Regan 128 Caz, Lei 106 Chambliss. Heather 371 Chamness. Jason 128 Champion. Sallie Kate 371 Champlin. Sasha 141 Chandler. Charlie 115 Chandler. Kyle 180. 185 Chandler Patricia 142 Chandler Richard 142 Chancy. Paul 142 Chapman. Autumn 128 Chapman. Courtney 179. 377 Chapman. Nicole 141 Charette. Kelly Charette 142 Charvat. Julie 128.383 Chastain. Alison 142 Chatman. Juana 128 Chatman, Toria 142 Cheatham, Victoria 156 Cheatwood, Scott 115 Chenault, Kelly 128 Cheng, Li 106 Chester. Macy 369 Chestnut. Robert 142 Chevalier, Denise 142 Chew, Jordan 371 Chiaventone, Kelly 110,381 Childers, Beth 375 Childers. Rachel 115,387 Childers, Tara 383 Childress, Whitney 115,381 Chin, Kenny 142 Ching, Erin 371 Chiok,Kal Yong 142 Chisholm, Brandy 156,379 Chism, Lisa 142 Chisman, Ben 128 Cho, Hyung 142 Cho. Young-Mi 106 Cho.Yulhyun 115 Chrestman. Wayne 156 Christofferson. Marcus 115 Chuka. Chika 115 Chung. Jacqueline 156 Chung. Van 128 Chustz. Philip 142 Clairainr Sara 383 Clark. Anne Peyton 156 Clark. Brynna 128 Clark. Jeffrey 156 Clark, Jill 128 Clark, Joe 142 Clark. Kaytee 142 Clark. Lanitra Clark 115 Clark. Nicolle 128 Clark, Nikki 156 Clark, Rebecca 115 Clark, Shawn 195 Clayton, Blair 128,371 Clayton, Jamie 156 Clayton, Mary Margaret 369 Clayton, Rebecca 115,369 Cleland. Meredith 142 Clements. Kristi 156 Clifford. Kathryn 142 394 • Index Clouatre, Andrew 156 Cobb, Lee 369 Cobb, Natalie Ann 156 Cobum, Jennifer 156 Cochran, Alan 142 Cogan, Ryan 128 CogbiU, Holly 156,387 Coggin, Lisa 156 Cohenour, Audrey 375 Cohm, Tammy 375 Coker, Kim 110 Coker, Samantha 142 Cole, Courtney 383 Cole, Janie 142 Cole, Katy 142 Cole, Mia 128 Coleman, Eddie 156 Coleman, Ian 128 Coleman, Sara 1 15 Coles, Bess 115 Coley, Tommie 142 Colley, Darcy 128 Collier, Besty 377 Collier, Elizabeth 128 Collins, Camille 115 Collins. Christy 128 Collins, James 128 Collins. Patrick 115 Collins. Stephanie 128 Collins. Tonya 106 Collum. Jason 142 Colony, Deborah 115 Colvert, Belvin 379 Compton, Lisa 129 Conell, April 115 Conerly, Sara 129 Congleton, Joseph 129 Connelly. Katherine 115 Cook, Aaron 110 Cook, Jacey 156, 191 Cook, Lisa 156 Cook, Stan 156 Cook. Tim 355 Cooke. Emily 115 Cooke, Kathryn-Taylor 156, 179 Cooley, Artisa 115 Cooper, Brooke 375 Cooper, Courtney 129 Cooper, John 1 1 5 Cooper, Tarsha 1 42 Copeland, Bettina 156 Copeland, Nicole 142 Copeland. Traci 142 Corley. Adam 156 Corpstein, Kris 142 Counce. Ginger 156 Counsil, Myron 142 Cousar, Neely 1 56 Cousins, Ben 156 Cousley, Margaret 3 Cowan, Chnstine 129, 387 Coward, Christy 1 10 Cowart, Tara 1 10 Cox. Amy 115 Cox, Deatrice 156 Cox. Ginger 129 Cox. Holly 142,387 Cox. Katherine 187 Cox, Katie 369 Cox, Mandy 115 Cox, Tiffany 156, 180, 192 Cozart, Kevin 142 Cozan, Kimberiy 156, 387 Crabtree, Alisha 142 Craddock. Shelby 106 Craig, Kamonica 1 10 Craig, Kelly 110, 187 Craigen. Tarra 115 Cralle. Megan 115.381 Crampton. Neil 129 Crane. Scott 129 Crawford. Angela 129 Crawford. Marc 156 Crawford. Paula 142 Crawford, Tamara 142 Crawley, Jessica 115 Crawley, Rebecca 156 Creel, Kori 142 Cressman, Kyle 1 15 Crick, Audrey 1 1 5 Cnm, Joel 142 Crocker, Stacey 387 Crockett, Jessica 142 Crofton, Gregory 106 Crommett, April 106 Croom, Michael 106 Crosbie, Tracie 142,375 Crouch, Charles Jr. 156 Crowe, Emily 377 Crowell, Dylan 115 Crowley, Elizabeth 387 Cruse, Tina 142 Crutcher, Ashley 115 Cruzen, Philip Jr. 115 Cuevas, Pam 1 1 5 Cullins, Elizabeth 115 Cummings, Jamie 129 Cunningham, Sarah 156 Cupit, Carey 156 Cupit, Tamara 129 Currie, Angela 156 Currie. Bryan 129 Currie. Julie 129 Currie, Kristi 129 Curtis, Roblynn 157 Cuthbertson, Kevin 129 Cyr, Kimberiy 1 15 D ' Mello, Nathan 142 Dabbs, Clay 157 Dabbs, Rachel 371 Daddario, Hallie 371 Daech. Becky 383 Daech. Rebecca 142 Daily, Deanna 129.381 Dance, Jennifer 157 Daniel, Krysten 129 Daniel, Ashalond 115 Daniel, Elizabeth 377 Daniel, Jennifer 157, 383 Daniel, Joshua 129 Darboe, Numukunda 106 Darby, Mary Paige 142 Darnell, Romana 143 Daughtery, Ken 106 Daughtery, Shatosha 143 Dausmann, Sarah 1 15 Davenport. Beth 383 Davis, Anne 143 Davis, Brad 157, 182, 185 Davis, Brenna 1 15 Davis, Carol 157 Davis, Charissa Leanne 143 Davis, Chns 129 Davis, Christopher 143 Davis, Chuck 157 Davis, Con 115 Davis, Gate 143 Davis, Jaime 129.383 Davis, Joslyn 157 Davis, Loriann 1 15 Davis, Mary 143 Davis, Patrick 157 Davis, Randall 143 Dawkins, Amanda 129 Dawson, Virgina 371 Dawsopn, Shannon 381 Dean, Ellen 143 Dearman, Taylor 115 Deaton, Tori 143 DeBattista, Allison 383 DeBerry, Karin 3, 129 Decker, Jennifer 371 Deerman, Georgi 129,371 Dees, Scott 157 Defuniak, Kate 3 DeGrasso, Jim 143 Delaughter, Jim 115 Deloach, Rebecca 157 Dempsey, Kathleen 157 Denley, Shannon 381 Dennie, Jami 143 Dennis, Jessica 129 Denny, Tracie 381 Denton, Dawn 115, 377 Denton, Edward 1 16 Deputy. Aimee 186 Derossette, Javier 143 Desha Anthony 1 13 Deviney, Susanna 377 Devyanz, Sarvazya 129 Dew, Amy 129 Dew, James 143 Dhungana. Subas 143 Dial, Maya 383 Dick. Ashlee 116 Dickerson, Amiee 157 Dickerson, J.Q. 110 Dickey, Alison 143 Dickey. Drew 116 Dickey, Jeff 116 Diffey, Karen 1 10 Dillard, Bayly 383 Dillon, Kate 143 Dingerson, Lindy 377 Ditto, Jessica 129 Dixon, Amanda 110 Dixon, Elizabeth 369 Dixon, Kendall 157,387 Dixon, Kitsy 116 Dixon, Maronda 110 Dixon, Theresa 110 Doiron, Elizabeth 143 Donahoe, Barrett 129 Donald, Shannon 369 Donegan , Melissa 143 Doman, Diana 369 Dorris, April 157 Dorrough, Jeremy 157 Dosoye, Nileshwar 143 Doss, Karmel 157 Dossett, Misti 157 Doty, Lindsey 3 Douglas, Ashlee 116 Douglas. Kimberiy 387 Douglas. Monica 157 Douglas. Nancy 157 Dove. Stephanie 377 Dowdy. Kimberiy 1 16 Dowdy. Tracy 143 Downing. Melin da 143 Downs, Julie 129 Downs, Marty 157 Dowty, Jennifer 387 Doyle, Jennifer 143 Draughn, Eleanor 143, 383 Dropco, Jon 143 Drury, Whitney 116,383 Duan, Guoqiang 106 Dubuc, Michelle 184 Ducrest, John 116.353 Dudek. Ingnd 106 Dudley, Regina 157 Duffy, Keisha 157 Duhon, Damian 129 Dukes. Stephanie 375 Dunahue. Kevin 157 Duncan. Kristen 3, 143 Duncan. Sally 143 Dunk. Jimmy 157 Dunlap. Jade 129.371 Dunn. Andrea 129 Dunpigul. Chachurat 157 Dupuy. Dottee 379 Durant, Cynthia 106 Durbin, Martin 157 Durkee. Danny 157 Durvasula. Sastry 106 Dycus. Billy 143 Dyer. Carolyn 129 Dykes. Melanie 129 Dyson. Renee 157 Everett, Bob 158 Edwards. Holly 157 Elliot. Ashley 157 Ertle. Stephanie 157 Evans. Jonathan-Pope 157 Eason, Michael 129 Easterling. Adair 377 Eberly. Andrea 143 Echols. Konina 1 16 Eddy, Sarah 110 Edge, David 157 Edge, Stephen 157 Edmonds, Jennifer 129 Edmondson, Heather 143 Edrington, Molly 1 16 Edwards, Andrea 157, 193 Edwards, Ben 143 Edwards, Lyn 116,371 Edwards, Meg 379 Edwards, Sheneirka 129 Efanova, Daria 143 Eftmk, Anna-Kate 157, 195 Ehrlich, Howard 1 16 Eicher, Rosemary 143 Liter, Erin 383 Liter, Enn 1 16 Eiyessie, Donald 116 Eley, Ashley 143 Ellender, Marisa 129 Ellington, Christy 143 Ellington, Courtney 157 Ellington, Misty 143 Elliott, Jamie 3. 369 Elliott, Melissa 3 Ellis, Alyssa 129,369 Ellis, Patricia 106 Ellis, Robert 143 Elzen, Thomas 143 Emam, Ahmed 106 Emerson, Adam 116 Emily, Megginson 121 Engle, Campbell 129, 369 English, Melissa 129 English, Raney 381 Engstrom, John 129 Enigh, Emily 1 16 Enochs, Candler 130 Ephgrave, Lauren 130 Eranki, Rama Joga 106 Ernst, Mary 143 Escudier, Jean Paul 157 Estes, Blaine 379 Estes, Kristi 157 Eubanks, Missy 1 16 Evans, Andrea 157 Evans, Donell 130 Evans, Eric 143 Evans, Meg 3 Everett, Rashida 130 Eversmeyer, Melissa 143 EweU.Todd 158 Fachman. Jinny 158 Fair. Emily 116,371 Fairey, Casey 371 Farber, Nicole 381 Fariey, Enka 158 Farley, Seth 130 Farmer, John 158 Farmer, Joy 158 Farmer, Robby 158 Farrenburg, Elizabeth 144, 381 Farris, Haley 381 Farris, Nicole 1 16 Faulk, Georgette 116, 371 Faulkner, Angela 116,158 Faulkner, Marlon 1 16 Felton, Vickie 1 58 Fenn, Max 1 16 Fentress, Jennifer 158 Fenwick, Molly 158,375 Fenzel, Aaron 130 Fergeson, Amanda 144 Fertenberry, Michael 130 Fields, Kisha 116 Fienup, Christopher 1 16 Fillingim, Jennifer 158, 381 Pillows, Hannah 130 Finch, Heather 387 Finnem, Laura 130 Fischer, Lindsay 1 16 Fischer, Samuel 1 16 Fisher, Alicia 158 Fisher, Elizabeth 158 Fisher, Gordan 1 30 Fisher, Lisa 369 Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth 369 Flanagan, Beth 144 Flechas, Mike 116,353 Flemming, Stacey 379 Flemons, Tasha 158 Fletcher, Anna 377 Flint, Jeff 158 Flood, Kevin 3 Flores, Anthony 130 Flowerday, Lisa 1 10 Flowers, Jennifer 181,381 Flowers, Latoya 1 16 Flowers, Megan 369 Flowers. Stacy 144 Flowers. Susan 130. 387 Flynn. Matthew 1 16 Fogle. Alycia 383 Foley. James 106 Fonda. Laura Anne 369 Fong. Amanda 116 Fonte. Don-Tyrel 1 30 Fontenot. Emily 130 Ford. Grant 158 Ford. Joanna 116,377 Ford, Nathan 130 Foret, Mica 158 Forrest, Leah 383 Forshag, Linnette 144, 387 Forstall, Christopher 130 Fortenherry, Kimberiy 1 16 Fortner, John 1 16 Foster, Beth 381 Foster, Frank 353 Foster, Hillery 371 Foster, Jennifer 130 Foster, Madison 371 Fowler, Corey 375 Fox. Nan 369 Francis, Rae Ann 38 1 Franco, Cheree 116 Franks, Kim 158 Frazer. Preston 191 Fredericks, Jeffery 144 Freed, Brandie 158 Freeland, Becky 383 Freeman, .• nna 158 Freeman. Annabeth 1 30 Freeman. Cynthia 158 Freeman. David 130 Freeman. Karen 144 Freer. Jonathan 144 Friesen. Rebecca 379 Frisbee. Dennis 158 Frishee. Leigh 144 Frye. Maria 144 Fuller. Lyndsay 158.375 Furlong. William 353 Futral. Mysti 369 Fvke. Frazier 1 16 Gable, Kelly 110 Gable, Leslie 158 Gable. Robert 144 Gaddis, L.R 353 Gage. Chariotte 371 Gaines. Alison 371 Gaines. Kathy 158 Gainspoletti. Presley 381 Gaither. Christy 116 Galbrealh. Kate 116 Galis. Heard 191 Galloway, Daniel 144 Galloway, John Watson 158 Galloway, Missy 369 Gandy, Holley 158 Gandy, Reanna 158 Ganger, Joni 144 Gann. Erin 1 16 Gao. Hongfeng 106 Gao, Hongman 106 Gao, Hongmei 106 Gao, Qiusheng 1 16 Gao, Zhiqun 106 Gardner, Lynn 107 Garibaldi, Stephanie 117 Gamer, Emily 130 Gamer, Taryn 387 Garrard, Marie 3, 158 Garrison, Ginger 144 Garrott, Rebecca 1 1 7 Garth, Andrea 117 Gaskill, Chnstine 1 10 Gaston, Elizabeth 130 Gaston, Jennifer 107 Gaston, Lucy 369 Gatewood, Tamara 1 30 Gatlin, LeKeeta 158 Gatlin, Monica 158 Gaunt, Stacy 381 Gay, Ginny 130,377 Gean. Amy 130 Geiselbreth, Courtney 130 Gent, Stephen 158, 193 Gentry, Brad 144 George, Leah 144 George, Makenzie 117 George, Michael 158 Gessler, Natalie 144.371 Gihb. Lauryn 130 Gichaba. Justus 107 Gieselmann. Meg 1 17, 369 Gilbert. Van 144 Gill. Michelle 188 Gilliam. Paige 383 Gillock. Amber 130 Gilmer. Erica 371 Gilmer. Rebecca 158 Given. Kelly 117 Glass. Bree 375 Glass. Justin 144 Glisson. Bryant 3. 130 Goates. Jennifer 158 Godwin. Heather 159 Gohar, Iman 107 Golden, Maggie 375 Goliday, Latonya 1 30 Gomillion, Amy 110 Gong, Melissa 3 Gong, Melissa 130 Goode. Molly 383 Goodman, Meg 369 Goodson, Warren 159 Goodwin, Fran 117, 183 Gopalaknshnan. Jagannath 107 Gopinath, Anupa 107 Gordan, Thad 130 Gordon, Eddie 144 Gordon, Marvell 144 Gore, Laurie 144 Gore, Mary Dare 130 Gorrondona, Morla 144 Gould, Camilla 369 Gould, Paul 117 Govan. Rita 1 17 Goza, Nina 107 Grady, Mary 377 Graham, .Allison 130 Graham, Jennifer 369 Graham. Juli 144 Grant. Jawanda 1 30 Grantham. Bethany 1 10 Index • 395 r v %wi Graves. Allison 377 Graves, Katelin 144 Graves, Mar Wade ,171 Gravlee, Stacie 1 17 Gray, Jonathan 144 Grayson, Crystal 117 Grayson, Jamie 130 Green, Les 107 Green. Lester 159 Green, Megan 371 Green, Pamverly 144 Green, Raychel 1 17 Greer, Angela 144 Greer, Katie 3, 117 Greeson, Elizabeth 371 Gregoire, Natasha 159, 201 Gregoire, Shan-Anne 159 Gregory, Brooks 144 Gregory, Joshua 144 Gregory, Julie 117 Grenfell, Matt 117 Gresham, Alicia 130 Griffin, Amanda 130 Griftm, Ryan 144 Griffith, Becky 130 Griggs, Jason 117 Grisham, Allie 379 Grisham, Allison 144 Grisle, Sonja 144 Grogan, Jennifer 383 Gronemeyer, Melissa 130 Grower, Jean-Marie 144 Guckert, Jennifer 144 Guckert, Natalie 1 17 Guest, Christen 381 Guest, Josh 107 Guido, Leslie 130 Gulledge. Frank 159 Gullett, James 130 Gullung, Gregory 130 Gundlach. Sarah 3 Gundlach, Sarah 131 Gunn, Lesley 383 Gunn, Lesley 1 17 Gunn, Valerie 131 Gunnel!, Allyson 144 Gunther, Christiane 144 Gurley, Antoinnette 144 Gurung, Provinfa 107 Guy, Nicole 131,377 Gu man, Enrique 144 9C Hafner, Megan 383 Hagen, Ryan 353 Hahs, Chastity 144 Haik, Elizabeth 381 Haik. Maureen 117,377 Hailey, Michael 1 17 Haines, Karla 144 Haining. Deborah 117.379 Hair, Jason 145 Hairston, Misty 1 17 Hale, Anna 377 Halfacre, Tanya 159 Hall, Amy 159, 193 Hall, Bethany 131 Hall, Douglas 117 Hall, Haley 369 Hall, Jacinla 117 Hall, Nikki 131 Hamaie, Yuko 107 Hamby, Sarah 131 Hamelin, Tiffany 131 Hamer, Kristi 159 Hamilton. April 117 Hamilton, Beth 369 Hammctt, Dea 369 Hammond, Nic 1 17 Hammons, Kristy 145 Hampton, Daya 145 Hampton. Meredith 131 Hancock. John 145 Hand. Erica 371 Haneline. .Adam 1 17 Hankins. Loren 381 Hannah. Tiffany 379 Hanneman. Amy 145 Hansen. Erika 379 Hansen. Stephanie 379 Harden. Latonya 145 Hardin. Elizabeth 131 Hardy, Erika 117.381 Hare. Melinda 117 Hargett. Candice 131 Hargraves. Laura 159.191 Harlan. Amanda 159 Harpe. Spencer 1 10 Harper. Lee Ann 110.375 Harper. Mary Katherine 3 Harrell. Cody 117 Harrell. Kayla 183 Harrell. Stephen 145 Harrelson. Caria 145 Hams. Amy 117. 131 Hams. Candi 159.375 Harris. Heather 145 Hams. Huntleigh 117 Harris. Jackie 383 Harris. Jeff 117 Harris, Kathy 145 Harris, Katie 117 Harris, Martha Frances 369 Harris, Martilla 117 Harris, Stacy 383 Harrison, Courtney 145 Harrison, Julie 117, 383 Harron, Candice 379 Harting, Tamtara 159 Hartman. Barbara 145. 387 Harvey. Erin 117 Harvey. John 355 Harvey. Sara 369 Hassell. Jay 145 Hathcock. Whitney 145 Hattaway. Mandy 131 Haven. La-Toria 131 Hawkins. Cody 131 Hawkins. Rosamond 379 Hawkins. Rebecca 159 Hawkins. Syretta 1 17 Hayden. Stark 131 Haynes. Tonya 117 Hays. Allison 383 Hayward. Alii 117 Hazard. Hart 37 1 He. Lan 107 Heard. Jennifer 1 59 Hebert, Patrick 131 Heller. Laura 159 Hellrung. Marc 159 Helton, Beth 145 Henderson. Brad 183 Henderson. Jennifer 131 Henderson. Olivia 145 Henderson. Stacy 377 Henderson. Vincent 3.131 Hendricks. Pamela 159 Hendrickson. David 118 Hendrix. Charlotte 159 Hendrix. Jo Ellen 145 Hendry, Courtney 145 Hendry, Lori 118 Hengen, Heather 145, 377 Hengen, Louis 1 18 Henry, Dawn 159 Henry, Heather 1 45 Henry, LeeAnne 377 Henry, Michael 118 Henry, Michelle 145 Henry, Tracy 1 59 Henslee, Dave 118 Henson, Meg 383 Herbert, Shannon 159 Herbert, Suzanne 377 Hemdon, Amanda 118 Hemdon. Chase 118 Hemdon. Douglas 131 Herod. Debra 131 Heros. Candace 131 Herring. Alisa 379 Herring. Emily 369 Herrington. Lewis 1 18 Herrinton. Thomas 159 Herron. SuzaYine 1 18. 377 Hervey. Darrick 1 59 Heur. Polly 371 Heustess. Rhonda 1 1 1 Hickerson. Tracy 375 Hickey. Kimberiy 159 Hickman. Gantt 1 18 Hicks. Justin 145 Hicks. Marcus 145 Higgason. Brandy 159 Higgins. Michelle 377 Hill. Chris 145 Hill, Jorja 131 Hill. Landra 159 Hill. Liles 131.369 Hill. Michael 145 Hill. Walt 159, 183 Hilliard. Katrenia 1 18 Hilson. Pamela 159 Hinds. Jennifer 1 18 Hines. Beth 131.377 Hines. Natalie 118.383 Hinson Melana 159 Hitchcock. Shay 118 Hitt. Rebekah 131 Hoang. Thuy 145 Hobbs. Minam 1.59. 176. 189. 369 Hobson. Alana 159 Hobson. Kenosha 107 Hobson. Susan 1 18 Hodges. Margaret 159 Hodges. Susannah 369 Hofer, Toni 145 Hoffman. Nathaniel 118 Hogan, Marley 1 18 Hogue. Audrey 145 Hogue, Ginger 159 Hogue. Liz 131 Hogue. Molly 118.369 Hohmann. Crystin 383 Hoi. Li-Cheng 160 Holden. Christa 131 Holden. Julie 375 Holden. Mandy 159 Holder. Haley 375 Holder. Sara Neal 37 1 Holecamp. Kara 107 Holeman. Calvin 131 Holland. Amy 131 Holland. Candace 131 Hollingsworth. Stuart 159 Hollis. Jay 145 Holman. Kelsi 131 Holmes. Amanda 118 Holmes. Blair 369 Holmes. Brad 160 Holmes. Margaret 159 Holmes. Melissa 1 18 Holmes. Michelle 160 Holmes, Sean 1 18 Holsomback. Jason 118 Holt. Catasha 145 Holt. Scott 160 Honan. Shane 131 Honea. Larkin 131 Hood. Sharron 1 1 1 Hoolen. Allison 160 Hoover. Julie 145 Hopper. Amy 160 Hopper. Meghan 1 18 Horn. Julie 160 Home. Lindsey 160 Horton. Lacey 377 Horton. Melinda 145 Hoskins. Delores 131 Hoskins. Vashni 145 Hotard. Tim 131 House. Lucy 377 Householder. Meghan 1 1 8 Houseworth. Abbey 371 Houston. Dorothy 377 Houston. Rex 131 Howard. Carlley 369 Howell. Jaqueline 383 Howell. Meredith 387 Howell. Rennie 160 Howery. Ginny 160 Howrad. Lisa 131 Hsu. Chi Sheng 107 Huang. Chun 160 Huang. Perng-Fei 107 Huang. Poh-Ning 145 Hubbard, Kimberiy 145 Huch, Katie 118 Huckaby. David 118 Hudson. Andrew 145 Hudson. Brian 145 Hudson. Daniel 118 Hudson. Janet 377 Hudson. Mckaye 118 Hudson. Rusty 131 Hudson. Stacy 145 Hudson. Will 160 Huff. Michelle 379 Huff. Rachel 160. 371 Huffman. Taylor 381 Huggins. Ivy 160. 199 Huggins. Jason 189 Higgins. Michelle 159 Hughes, Hoover 371 Hughes, Keith 131 Hughes, Porsha 118 Hughes, Tessa 118 Hughey, Michelle 145, 387 Hull, Amy 145,387 Hunley, Gregory 131 Hunt, Andrew 118 Hunt, Stacy 160 Hunter. Mary 1 1 8 Hunter. Meredith 145 Huribut. Brooke 132.375 Hussey. Shea 379 Hust, Claire 3. 160.371 Hutcherson. Pamela 160 Hutchins, Rachel 132 Hutsell, Matthew 160 Hwang. Jae Won 107 Hwerdd.Leah 379 Innman. Angela 146 Inchcombe. Susan 118 Inge. David 118 Inglies. Whitney 379 Ingram. Allison 383 Ingram. Brad 1 32 Ingram. Eric 1 1 8 Ingram. Stephanie 132 Irby. Aron 353 Irving. Henry 107 Isham. Tori 383 Ismail. Ismail 107 Isom. Robert 132 Ivey. Crystal 146 Ivins. Dax 118 Jabour. Taylor 132 Jackson. Alma 118 Jackson. Joseph 146 Jackson. Kent 146 Jackson. Phillip 160 Jackson. Robert 132 Jackson. Shasta 1 18 Jackson. Shea 111. 193. 381 Jackson. Tracy 132 Jackson. Vashun 160 James. A.idy 1 32. 355 James. Etoya 146 James. Melva 132 James. O ' Shea 146 James. Quiton 146 James. Richard 160 James. Rita 146 Jameson. Andrew 107 Jamison. Robin 146 Jara. Angel 160 Jard. James 1 32 Jarrett. David 1 1 8 Jarrett. Lee Ann 118.381 Jarvis. Tommy 146 Jeans. Kindal 371 Jefcoat. Scott 132 Jefferies. Willie 118 Jefferson. Lawonica 132 Jeffries. Tracy 146 Jenkins. Brenda 160 Jenkins. Charles 160 Jenkins. Jacob 146 Jerrolds. Kevin 160 Joffrion. Shea 146 Johnson. Allison 369 Johnson. Alvin 146 Johnson. Amy 146 Johnson, Andrea 132 Johnson, Ben 353 Johnson, Bess 369 Johnson, Forrest 1 18 Johnson, Henry 132 Johnson, Jeff 160 Johnson, Jerome 119 Johnson, Jonquil 119 Johnson, Lauren 1 19 Johnson, Lorn 160 Johnson, Lora 146 Johnson, Nicole 381 Johnson, Nikki 132,379 Johnson. Rachelle 160 Johnson. Ranada 1 19 Johnson, Robert 132 Johnson. Shanita 146 Johnson. Suzanne 132.381 Johnson. Tamara 107 Johnson. Tiffany 119 Johnston. Emily 1 19 Johnston. Jeri 132 Joiner. Andrea 132 Joiner. Ashley 369 Jones. Amy 111. 160 Jones. Anthony 146 Jones. Brian 132 Jones. Chronda 107 Jones. Cindy 1 19 Jones. Courtney 146 Jones. Dashawn 146 Jones. David 146 Jones. Jenifer 1 19 Jones. Jennifer 107. 375 Jones. Jeremy 132. 146, 160 Jones. Jill 160 Jones. Joy 146. 381 Jones. Kelley 371 Jones. Marcus 1 19 Jones. Mary Shelton 1 19 Jones. Meggan 379 Jones. Michelle 1 19 Jones. Susan 371 Jones. Timeka 160 Jones. Welsey 353 Jordan. Aimee 119 Jordan. Brooke 146 Joshua. Carkeysha 132 Joyner. Cassandra 146 Juarez. Marisol 160 Jue. Tiffany 119 Juhas, Michael 146 Jumper. Meghan 1 19 Justus. Ben 132 Justus. Kathryn 132 Justus, Matthew 146 X Kahlstorf, Melissa 146 Kader, Imran 107 Kahler. Stephanie 383 Kahlstof. Melissa 183 Kamakua. Brandi 132 Kamssu. Honore 107 Kamysheva. Olena 132 Kea, Emily 146 Keith, Susan 377 Kellems, Jana 375 Keller, Kara 146 Keller, Leigh Ann 377 Kelley, Julie 119 Kelly, Colleen 375 Kelly, Ehzabeth 119 Kelly, Heather 1 1 1 Kendrick, Brian 1 1 1 Kendrick, Christopher 146 Kenmegne, Aurore 107 Kennedy, Robin 371 Kerley, Jamie 377 Kesler. Cyndi 160 Kesler. Jodi 381 Kessler, Laura 132 Kettle, Rondale 119 Ketton, Keith 132 Kevin Keeton 1 1 1 Khan, Mohammed 107 Kidd, Coronda 146 Kilgore, Misty 132 Kilpatrick, Tiffany 3, 383 Kim Rosso 1 1 1 Kimball, Sara 146 Kimberiy Clark 110 Kimberiy Dowdy 377 Kimbnel, Elizabeth 377 Kimbnel, Kyle 119 Kimmie Labelle 379 Kincaid, Callie 383 Kincaid, LaQuinda 146 King, Cade 369 King, Candace 184 King, Cecilia 132 King, Deborah 146 King, Felecia 132 King, Frances 132 King, Kathy 146 King, Kristin 119 King, Lindsay 132 King, Moneika 160 Kirk, Meredith 132 Kirk, Whitney 119 Kishore Chitrapu 106 Kistlep, Ian 146 Kitchen, Lauren 1 19 Kizer, Hope 160 Klepzig, Elizabeth 375 Klepzig, Maggie 107 Klepzig, Paula 160 Klerk, Jennifer 146 Klimek, Michael 119 Knapp, Elise 146, 379 Knapp, Issie 379 Knapp, Jennifer 152, 381 Knepple, Derek 132 Knight. Ben 132 Knight, Christi 160 Knight, Jeffrey 132 Knight, Kimberiy 119 Knight, Melissa 160 Knight, Michael 1 1 1 Knight, Miriam 377 Knighton, Anna 119,377 Knighton, Corey 146 Knighton, Mia 160 Knott, Julie 132 Knowles, Foster 146 Knowles, Lori 132 Kohl, Geoffrey 107 Kohm, Avery 132 Konegay, Marci 132 Konrad, Joshua 147 Koon, Stacy 119, 147, 371, 387 Kosanovich, Julie 160 Koyongian, Michael 133 Kraft, Kimberiy 107 Kraus-Parr, Kiara 147 Kreis, Kelly 161 396 • Index Kreis, Lana 133 Kreyger, Jennifer 161 Kuek. Daniel 161 Kuykendall, Molly 147 • Lancaster, Chris 147 Loong, Pang Yang 167 Lackey. Vanessa 371 Ladner, Dana 375 Ladner. Patricia 1 19 Laing, Daniel 161 Lambert, Buffy 369 Lambert, Matthew 133 Lamm, Ashley 119 Lammel, Sara 119. 381 Lamont, Christopher 119 Lan, Ya-Chin 107 Lancaster, Chris 147 Lancaster, Olivia 133,387 Landers, Farra 1 19 Landreneau, Brooke 381 Landreth, Rex 147 Landrum. David 161 Lane. Brian 133 Langley, Corrie 1 33 Langreck, Matthew 161 Latham, Gayle 377 Laughjilin, Rebecca 369 Lavelle, Ashley 119 Lawrence, John 133 Lawrence, Rob 161, 192 Lawrence. Scarlet 3. 375 Lawson. Meisha 1 19 Lawson, Whitney 379 Laytham, Gayle 133 Lea, Andi 375 Lea, Ryan 119 Leake, Lindsay 387 Leas, Jaclyn 369 Leconte, Chris 161 Ledbetter, Steven 147 Ledford, Laura 1 19 Lee Christine Blaschke 1 14 Lee, Anthony 107 Lee, Crocker 147 Lee, Elizabeth 381 Lee, Jessica 1 1 1 Lee, JohgBok 107 Lee, Robin 371 Lee, Sang Xoll 119 Lee, Sherri 379 Lee, Shujung 107 Lees. Meghan 1 19 Leins. Larry 161 Lemieux. Keryn 161,375 Lemmons, Lea Anne 161 Lenard. Paula 161 Leon. Erin 369 Leonard. Laura 1 19 Leopold, Ryan 1 33 Lester, Lindsay 3, 1 1 1 Lester, Monica 3, 147 Lewand, Katie 147 Lewis, Alayana 379 Lewis, Angela 133 Lewis. Meridith 133 Li. Donghua 107 Li. Shuanglian 107 Li. Wei 107 Liberie. Gina 383 Lim. Suat-Lian 161 Limbaugh. Jonathan 1 1 9 Lin. Teck Yong 147 Lincoln. Deborah 1 19 Linder. Carrie 147 Lindley, Brent 1 1 1 Lindley, Stuart 161 Lindsey, Joshua 133 Lindsey, Kathy 387 Lindsey, Suzanne 377 Lindsey. William 133 Lindstrom. Tyra 161. 375 Linton, Jeremy 161 Linh Hoang 1 1 1 Lisa Davis 106 Lisa Heros 1 3 1 Little, Paxton 119 Liu, Qing 107 Liu, Yang 107 Lloyd, Denise 133 Lockhart, Rahim 133 Loden, Monica 147 Lofton, Katie 1 1 9 Logan. Arica 1 20 Logan. Leslie 133 Logan. Wanda 133 Lomax. Molly 107 Long. Ashley 133 Long. Peyton 377 Long, Rodney 147 Long. Stephen 3, 120 Looney, Shannon 377 Loong, Pang Yang 167 Lott, Matthew 161 Lett, Matt 3, 161 Lott, Nicolas 133 Lott, Sally 161 Loudermilk, Sarah 133 Love, Amanda 120 Love, Jimmy 183 Love, Kristy 161 Love, Nancy 161 Lovett. Brock 353 Lovett. Jeannie 120 Lowe, Brad 353 Lowery, Kimber 147 Lowery, Michelle 107 Lowry, Wiley 120 Lucchese, Phil 120 Luck. Ben 120 Lummus, Brooke 120 Luong. Tony 133 Lush. Gregory 108 Luster. Elizabeth 120 Lyies. Marlon 133 Lynch, Christi 377 Lynch. Staphani 161 Lyoin . Claire 120. 369 Lyons, Avon 120 Lyons, Cassidy 133 m Ma. John 120 Mac Arthur, Shannon 108 MacAdams, Nathaniel 161 MacAnnally, Molly 147 Mack, Brandy 1 33 Macy, Karen Allen 161 Maddox, Robert 147 Magbee, Caitlin 377 Magee, Lon Beth 120 Magielnicki, Peter 161 Magruder, Jeff 108 Mahan. Vicki 108 Maholm. Michael 133 Mahr. Stacy 120 Malone. Brooke 133 Malone. Erin 161 Malone. PJ 353 Malone. Rachel 387 Malone. Sam 133 Malone. Tonya 133 Malone. Tungyel 133 Mangum. Julie 147 Mann. Danielle 120. 379 Manning. Gena 161 Mantagnet. Mimi 379 Marconi. Jay 120 Marcus Washington 1 25 Marcy. Leigh 133 Margolis. Mandy 147 Marionneaus. Jennifer 161. 190 Maritn. Nat 353 Marks. Deverall 161 Marlar, Robb 1 20 Marsh. Casey 161 Marsh. Kristen 161 Marshall, Erin 161 Marshall, Kyle 147 Marshall, Scott 1 20 Martin, Andrew 120 Martin, Bailey 383 Martin, Chad 1 33 Martin. Erin 120. 161.377 Martin. Katie 120 Martini. Stephen 120 Martt. Darren 1 20 Martt. Natalie 375 Martz. Reed 353 Maschek, Mike 108 Maschek. Paul 161 Mask. Melanie 161 Mason. Corby 120 Mason. Gwen 120 Mason. Ladeana 120 Mason. Lakesha 133 Massey. Amber 147 Massey. Brian 147 Massey. Leigh Ann 161 Massey. Matt 108 Massey. Richard 108 Masterson. Fances 379 Matheos. Kostas 37 1 Mathus. Denise 147 Matsiewicz. Lucy 1 33 Matt. Perryman 355 Mauldin. Megan 133.371 Mauldin. Shuff 120 Maxey. Chase 187 Maxey. Emily 147 Maxwell. Elizabeth 377 Mayes. Jennifer 379 Mayne. Michelle 147 Mayo. Jane 120 Mayoral, John 147 Mazukiewicz. Stefani 371 McAfree. Jason 161 McAnally. Molly 375 McBride. Richard 147 McCahe, Brandy 371 McCampbell. Andrew 108 McCart. Gahnelle 369 McCarthy. Shelly 147 McCaskiU. Cathenne 133 McCaskill. Rivers 371 McCian. AM 369 McClennan . Milly 371 McClinton. Ashley 120 McClure. Jennifer 147. 383 McCollister. Jeanne 381 McCollough. Amy 133 McCool. Mark 147 McConmick, Dana 379 McCoy. Deborah 147 McCrory. Joshua 161 McCuUen. Tamara 120 McCuller. Marsha 161 McCuller. Tamika 161 McCullough. Clint 147 McCusker. Sarah 3.371 McDaniel. Kathy 147 McDavid. Shannon 161 McDonald. Robyn 133 McDonnell. Preston 120 McDowell. Brent 162 McEachem. Monica 379 McEwen. Heather 3. 133 McFariand. Anna 147 McFariand. Molly 379 McFariand, Robert 133 McGonagill. Dixon 162 McGowan, Mary Shannon 162 McGowen. Steve n 147 McGregor. Amanda 120 McGrew. Lindsey 133 McGuire. Jennifer 147 McGuire, Michael 162 Mclntire. Courteny 379 Mcintosh. Amy 162 Mcintosh. Colin 353 Mcintosh. Graham 353 Mclntyre. Christine 162 Mclntyre, Courtney 162 McKee. David 162 McKensie. Meg 371 McKenzie, Melanie 147, 381 McKenzie, William 120 McKinney, Kimberley 120 McKinney, Lakesha 147 McKinney, Kayretha 191 McKissack, April 133,381 McKnatt, Keni 133 McKnight, Rick 134 McLaurin, Holly 120,381 McManis, Anna 134 McManus, Allison 120,377 McMillan, Greer 377 McMuUen, Arlean 371 McNally, Michael 147 McNeill, Lauren 134 McNeill. Tomica 134 McNulty. Lane 120 McNutt. Jennifer 120 McNutty. Kisha 134 McVey, Ashley 152 Meader. John 162 Medley, Andrew 120 Medlin. Kevin 148 Meehan. Kristen 121 Meek. Emily 148 Meek. Jane 162 Meeks. Melissa 162 Melo-Furtado. Marise 108 Melton. Amberlyn 148 Melton. Blewett 121 Melton. Michale 134 Meng. Caroline 134 Meng. Susannah 1 34 Menn. Khoo Lay 147 Meon. Tare 379 Meredith. Tim 134 Merrell. Vinessa 162 Mestayer. Richard 121 Metcalf. Tieryaa 121 Meter. Rachel 148 chael Gill 144 chaelson. Lindsey 121 chaelson. Rebecca 377 ddleton. Leslie 1 1 1 lam. Blake 121 lam. Margaret 1 34 lam. Meg 371 lao. Kim 377 Ichen. Erin 134 les. Allison 162 les. Stephen 3. 162 11. Bnan 353 Her. Amber 134 Her. Jason 162 Her. Laura Beth 148 Her. Lisa 148 Her. Loleatha 162 Her. Mandy 148 Her. Natalie 379 Her. Shuni 121 Her, Tricia 375 lis, Alysson 121 neno. Tomoko 108 ner. Melissa 121 nor. Elizabeth 134. 371 nyard. Ashley 148 sner. Joshua 148 tchell, Becky 162 tchell, Betsy 162 tchell. Holly 162 tchell, Jamie 121 tchell, Jessica 134 tchell. Kenneth 148 tchell. Keyana 121 tchell. Leigh 162 tchell. Tameka 121 tchell. Tara 371 tchell. Traci 3 ttal.Tarun 108 wa. Kyoko 108 xon. Avery 134 xon. Sarah 1 34 Mize. Bruce 162 Mobley. Marales 134 Mock. Haley 377 Mock. Hayley 1 34 Moffitt. Joe 3. 1 2 Mohler. William 134 Mole. Michele 121,381 Montagnet, Mi Mi 162 Montgomery. Carson 148 Montgomery. Joseph 162 Monroe. Sally 148 Monson, Kirsten 162 Monsour. Stephanie 134.377 Monteith. Hugh 148 Montgomery Jr.. Keith 162 Montgomery. Mary Lacy 162. 183 Mood. Jeannie 134 Moola. Shinsha 108 Mooney. Roy 162 Moore. Alyson 1 1 1 Moore. Betsy 134 Moore. DeSha 121 Moore. Heather 162 Moore, Jane Preston 379 Moore, Jeri 148 Moore, Kirk 134 Moore. Matthew 134 Moore, Michell 381 Moore, Shamecca 148 Moore, Willie 134 Moore, Wilson 121 Morgan, Devon 148 Morgan. Jennifer 134 Morgan. John 162 Morgan. Mami 377 Morgan. Markeeva 134 Morgan. Scott 121 Mon-is. Bonnie 193.379 Morris. Crystal 148 Morris. Davin 148 Morris. Sheldon 162 Morris. Will 148 Morrison. Monica 381 Mosley. Carla 162 Moss. Gina 134 Moss. Jairl 121 Moss. Mary Ann 134 Moss. Tyler 148 Motley, Julie 121 Moulder. Lori 134 Moulds. Pen-y 162, 186 Mounce, Tim 162 Mounicou. Sonny 148 Mull. Allison 108 Mullen, Audra 162,375 Mullen, Virginia 387 Mullins, Renee 162 Muller, Katherine 148 Mulrooney, Joseph 121 Munukulta. Sri Sesha Bal 108 Munxayaphon. Bounthanom 121 Murchison. Jennifer 162 Murietta. Danny 148 Murphee. Shane 121 Murphy. Brian 353 Murphy. Suzanne 371.383 Murrah. Carrie 134 Myatt. Rebecca 134 Myers. Bill 162 Mvers. Jennifer 121 " n Nash, Anne 134 Nation. Brandi 148 Nation. Brooke 121 Neel. Andrew 162 Neely, Chariie 379 Neely, Devon 148 Neese, Ellen 134 Neilsen. Scott 121 Nelson. Adrienne 162.379 Nelson. Amy 134 Nelson. Elizabeth 148, 387 Nelson. Sara Anne 121 Netterville. Robin 148 Nettles. Amanda 121 Neubauer, Allison 148 .383 Newkirk. Katie 163 Newman. Jason 134 Newman. Matt 163 Newman. Meg 369 Newson. Ravonda 134 Newton. John 163 Newton. Julie 148 Nguyen. Lani 163 Nichols. Ben 121 Nichols. Jennifer 163 Nicholson. Nigel 134 Nick, Whitney 163 Nix, Memory 3, 135 Nix, Nathan 163 Nix. Olivia 135 Nobile, Kelly 163,369 Nobile, Russ 163 Noel, Charlotte 121. 381 Nolan, David 1 35 Nolen.Amelie 121 Nolen, Shelly 163 Norden, Corey 163, 383 Nordstrom, Shelley 1 1 1 Norman, Johnna 135 Norman, Kara 148 Norman, Tiffani 163 Norquist, Stewart 135 Norsworthy. Mimi 369 Northup. Carrie 135 Norton. Dawn 387 Nowlin, Angle 135, 369 Nye, Mary 1 35 Nabers, Dave 1 34 Nagel, Chris 162 Nagarsekar. Ashish 108 Nail, Amanda 134 Nail. Angle 134 Nail, Emily 121 Namorato, Rachel 134.387 Nan. Anjan 108 Nance. Erin 162 Narozniak. Conley 379 O ' Briant. Allen 353 O ' Donnell. Heather 1 1 1 O ' Flynn, Brian 108 O ' Neal. Jamie 163,387 O ' Neil, Jessica 135 Oathout, Donna 148 Odom. Gy 121 Odom. Will 3. 148 Odum. Beth 121 Offner. Judson 148 Ohnenius. Carla May 121 Oilschlager. Franny 375 Olanu. Ruxandra 108 Old. Sarah 135 Oliver. Susan 375 Oneal. Chris 135 Oneal. Elton 148 Ong. SweeHuat 148 Orange. Untray 1 35 Orintas. Richard 163 Orrison. Craig 148 Overstreet. Ruth 369 Owen, Dianne 381 Owen. Sam 163 Owens. Ariel 369 Owens, Ruth 148,387 Owens, Summers, 163 Ozanne. Sloan 353 Ozvurt, Lale 379 Paddock. Megan 383 Page. Mark 163 Index • 397 Page. Phaedra 121 Palermo. Jennifer 3 Palmer, Everelee 108 Palmertree. Jennifer 148 Palmertree. Rachel 121, 371 Pandya. Tejas 3. 108 Parchia. Priscilla 121 Parker. Coasie 1 2 1 Parker. Martha Anne 121. 369 Perkins, Hayden 163 Parrot, Blake 375 Par rott. Allison 121 Parten. Larry 163 Pasco. Amy 1 1 1 Pasquale. Stephanie 135 Patel. Sejal 1 1 1 Patterson. Amanda 135 Patterson. Betty 108 Patterson. Chris 135 Patterson. Hope 135 Patterson. Natalie 379 Patton, Laura 163 Pattridge. PJ. 1 1 1 Paulson, Melanie 121 Paulson, Melissa 122 Payne, Chrystal 135 Peacock, Holly 38 1 Pears, Ashele 379 Pearson. Marsha 135 Pearson. Melissa 1 1 1 Pegues. Arnold 135 Pendergrass. John 108 Pendergrass. Patricia 148. 371 Pennebaker. Adam 135 Pennington. Jamie 135 Pepper. Will 135 Perez. Matthew 122 Perkins, Gloria 163 Perkins, Isaih 135 Perkins, Jamie 377 Perkins, Robert 148 Perry, Emily 369 Perry, Jenni 135 Perry, Julie 122 Person, Mary Tana 369 Peters. David 148 Petersen. Molly 122 Peterson. Cariy 122. 183 Petri. Stacy 1 35 Pettit. Paxton 135 Petty. Todd 149 Pexol. Amanda 135 Phillips. Ashley 122 Phillips, Emily 369 Phillips. Jaime 149 Phillips, Kelly 3, 122,387 Phillips, Lucy 122 Phillips, Natalie 379 Phipps, Sarah Grace 1 35 Pickenpaugh, Peyton 381 Pickens. Chad 163 Pickett. Shaquinta 135 Pieralisi, Win 122 Pierce. Brittany 375 Piemi, Ryan 108 Pierre. Tara 381 Pierson, Rheanne 383 Pigford, Elizabeth 1 22 Pigford, Graham 377 Pikle, Deepa 108 Pilcher, Larry 1 1 1 Pinckney, Yolanda 122 Pinto, Kaite 375 Piltman, Cerissa 135 Pittman, Chase 149 Pittman, Cherra 149 Pittman, Jolyn 3, 135 Pittman, Meghan 122 Pitts, Ansley 377 Pitls, Frannie 369 Pitts, Regina 122 Pitts, Teresa 108 Plaxico, Corbett 383 Plisch. Erin 369 Plyer. Claire 369 Polen. Melody 135 Pollard. Bill 353 Pollard. William 135 Pollen. Angela 149 Ponnath. Tracy 381 Poole. Kendall 381 Poole. Staci 1 1 1 Poole. Stephen 111, 189 Pope, Anna 1 35 Pope, Chris 149 Pope, Ginger 1 1 1 Porter, Mary Mac 183 Porter, Stella 108 Porter, Tori 135,387 Potturi. Rajesh 108 Pottun, Vasantha 108 Pounds, Angela 371 Pounds, Hamilton 122 Povall, Margaret 1 1 1 Powers, Anna 122 Pradham, Hirak 135 Pratt, Kelly 122 Prescott, Frankie 163 Press, Christen 135 Pressgrove, Jason 122 Pressler. Joe 163 Prestage. Danny 122 Price. Ashleigh 122 Price, Myrt 1 22 Price, Shelley 163,381 Prince, Alexa 122 Pritchett, Scott 353 Procter, Natasha 122 Pryor, Billie 163 Pryor, Lindsay 122 Puckett, Suzy 135 Puff, Jenny 164. 187 Pugh, Cara 383 Pugh, Carrie 122 Pugh, Kelli 164 Pugh, KeUi 375 Pugh, Nirmal 108 Pugh. Pamela 135 Pullen, Michael 136 Pumphrey, Cara 1 1 1 Purdam, Adriane 1 36 Purdum, Adriane 383 Purdy, Jaime 1 36, 377 Purser, Amelia 122 Pye, Clinton 122 Quillin, Becke 122 Quinn, Kelly 383 Radich, Melanie 164 Raff, Richard 164 Rahman, Javed 108 Rainer, Brooke 136 Raines. Brad 190 Rainwater. Beth 136 Rajbhandri. Ira 108 Rajbhandri. Pramen 108 Rakestraw. David 353 Ramage. Amber 379 Ramakrishnan. Anand 108 Ramlogan, Charmaine 136 Randolph, Abigail 371 Rankins, Brooke 136 Raper, James 122 Rasmussen, Cara 164 Ratcliff. Greg 108 Ratcliff, Holly 164 Ratcliff, Ozie Jr 122 Ratcliffe, Calvit 122 Rawson, Melissa 122 Ray. Charies 122 Ray. Nancy Margaret 1 36. 375 Ray. Susan 381 Rea. Lauren 122 Rea, Misty 136 Read. Grahame 122 Reape. Jennifer 164 Reaves. Douglas 371 Redmond. Angle 377 Redmond. Erin 387 Reed. Amy 122 Reep. Celeste 136.375 Reid, Ashley 122.387 Reid. Samantha 136 Reilnad. Christie 136 Rekstin. Rebecca 136 Ren. Chuangang 108 Revels. Carey Leigh 122 Reynolds. Michelle 136 Rezk. Amira 136 Rhodes. Terry 1 64 Rhyne. Matt 122 Rhyne. Michael 122 Rice. Natalie 369 Rice. Suzanne 136 Rich. Amy 122 Rich. Shana 122.375 Richards. Abby 136.369 Richards. Meg 37 1 Richardson. Charlene 108 Ricks. Angela 164 Ricks. Caroline 123 Riddell. Kat 3. 123.387 Rideout. Victoria 3, 371 Ridgeway, Jessica 164 Riggs, Catherine 136 Riley, Elizabeth 136 Riley, Erin 123 Rings, John 164 Ripley, Marcie 123 Ritchie. Clare 37 1 Ritchie. Tara 1 36 Rivers. Kimberly 3. 1 36 Roan. Allison 136. 369 Roan, Jessica 164 Roark, Eryn 369 Robb. Dupree 3 Robbins, Greg 164 Robbins, Tim 123 Roberson, Amanda 1 1 1 Roberson, Bradley 164 Roberts, Lisbelh 1 1 1 Roberts, Mark 123 Roberts, Mary Elisabeth 188 Robertson, Honey 123 Robertson, Kera 1 1 1 Robertson, Sean 136 Robeson, Andrea 123 Robey, Laura 387 Robey, Laura 123 Robey, Sarah 3, 387 Robichauz, Beth 136 Robin, Victoria 136 Robins, Amanda 111,136 Robinson, Banks 136 Robinson, Katie 136 Robinson, Leigh 164 Robison, Lindy 123 Robison, Marvin 1 1 1 Rochester, Joanna 123 Rodgers, Joey 1 1 1 Rodgers, Wendy 38 1 Rodriquez-Pereyra, Vincent 108 Rogers, Allison 379 Roland, Cynnamon 136 Roman, Anthony 123 Rone, Ginger 1 1 1 Rose, Nick 136 Rosenthal. Glynda 383 Rosetti. Jordan 371 Ross, Brandon 136 Ross, Brent 164 Ross, Don 136.353 Ross, Mark 353 Ross, Peter 123 Ross, Shellie 375 Rossi, David 123 Roussel, Caroline Tate 123 Rowland, Caleb 353 Rowland, Todd 164 Roy, Stacey 164 Rumnll, Kelly 136 Russell, Brandi 383 Russell, Fran 136,383 Russell, Heather 123,377 Russell. Jamie 371 Russell. Jessica 111, 387 Russell, Mary 371 Rutherford, Carrie 1 1 1 Ryan, Amber 123 Ryan, Emily 379 Ryder, Megan 1 36 s Sabatier, Charley 1 36 Sabri, Dalia 108 Saik, Emily 377 Salsbury, Yulonda 136 Sandersm, Rachel 375 Sanderson, Tommy 149 Sandford, Felisha 149 Sandifer, John 149 Sappington, Jonathan 136 Sappingtong, Jason 149 Samo, Melanie 136 San-ett, Enn 379 Sartain, Jeremy 123 Sasser, Susan 108 Satchfield. Scott 123 Sauls, Amy 123 Savarese, Jason 149 Saxon, Brandon 1 23 Sazonova, Vera 149 Scanlon, Regan 383 Schaefer, Martine 1 36 Schalt, April 150 Schandelbach, Coy 355 Schenk, Melissa 123 Schermann, Erinn 149, 375 Schieffer, Linsay 164 Schimmel, Nathan 137 Schipper, Kevin 123 Schipper, Wendi 123 Schiro, Sara 1 23 Schmelzer, Jody 150 Schnadelbach, Cody 150 Scholes, Amber 137 Schrage, Lara 150 Schram, Whitney 369 Schultze, Robert 137 Scioneaux, Monica 123,383 Scott, Cameron 383 Scott, Caroline 123 Scott, Jason 150 Scott, Lavonda 1 23 Scott, Shea 165 Scrimpshire, Amanda 165 Seals, Katosha 123 Seawright, Will 137 Segrest, Andy 123 Seibels, William 188 Sellars, Mason 150 Sellars, Oliver 150 Selman, Missye 150 Seneca, Grechen 123,375 Senter, Courtney 137 Sergi, Jacquelyn 108 Sery, Michael 150 Sethi, Amar 1 1 1 Sewak, Saurabh 108 Sexton, John 150 Shack, Glenda 123 Shaddix, Suzanne 150 Shaffer, Katie 137 Shaff ield. Cecilia 123 Shah, Sima 137 Shakra, Manish 109 Shakya, Sundeep 123 Shands, Leslie 137 Shands, Nancy 137 Shaner, Brendan 137 Shankle, Kelly 3 Shapkof, Caleb 137 Shappley, Will 123 Sharp, Katie 123 Sharp, Steve 150 Shaw, Jennifer 1 1 1 Shaw, Patrick 150 Shaw, Rickey 137 Shell, Blake 137 Shelton, Margaret 137 Sheper, Brandon 123 Sheppard, Misty 137 Sherman, Charies D. 188 Shen-ill, Nolan 123 Shen-od, Phillips 137 Shields, Richard 123 Shirah, Tracy 383 Shirey, William 123 Shirley, Callie 381 Shorter. Eric 123 Showers. Rochelle 137 Shruger. William 137 Shumbert. Lori 124 Siau. Michael 150 Sibley. Gina 150.377 Sides. Thomas 150 Sigler. Kathryn 124 Signago. Julianne 150 Sigrest. Laura 137 Silvertooth. Patrick 353 Simcox. David 109 Simmons. Candace 124 Simmons, Michael 124 Simon, Andrew 150 Simon, Susannah 381 Sims, Stacye 124 Sindelar, Emily 137 Singletary, Leigh 371 Sisk, David 150 Sistrunk, Andy 150 Skelton, Brandon 137 Skinner, Brad 150 Skinner, Jonathan 165 Slade, Betty Thomas 150 Slade, Peter 109 Slade, Shelley 377 Slimmon, Darrell 150 Sloan, Brad 165 Slover, Stuart 353 Smith lY, Edgar 137 Smith, Alisa 111 Smith, Allison 124, 150 Smith, Amanda 124, 381 Smith, Ann-Taylor 165 Smith, Anna 3 Smith, Charia 150 Smith, Chaunte 150 Smith, Demeka 124 Smith, Ginny 379 Smith, Gretchen 137 Smith, Hunter 124 Smith, Jamee 137 Smith, Jamie 1 1 1 Smith, Joseph 150 Smith, Josh 137 Smith, Karen 137 Smith, Katricia 137 Smith, Kelly 112 Smith, Kevin 124 Smith, Kimbedy 109, 186 Smith, Lauren 124 Smith, Lee 137 Smith, Megan 379 Smith, MoUie 137 Smith, Natalie 381 Smith, Pete 353 Smith, Robert 150 Smith, Rush 124 Smith. Shea 165.371 Smith. Summer 150 Smith, Suzanne 124 Smith. Teri 379 Smithhart. Lisa 137 Snedeker. Haymes Snedeker 192 Sneed. Darell 353 Snider. Amanda 137 Snodgrass. Katie 137 Sobotka. Anne 1 37 Solberg. Tricia 381 Sole, Emily 150 Soloman, Bradley 137 Solon, Courtney 124,375 Song, Guangchun 109 Soo, Eileen 165 Sorey, Anna Claire 124 Sorgenfrei, Mark 1 50 Sovall, Sara 124 Sovent. Taylor 124 Spagnolo, Tracee 375 Spaht, Brittainy 377 Spanelli, Kara 150 Spangler, Jason 137 Sparks, Brendi 150 Spatola, Camie 379 Spearman, Mejilda 150 Spencer, Alexis 137 Spencer, Landon 165 Springer, Brent 150 Springfield, Lauren 150 Sprinkle, Sarah 165 Sprott, Susan 165 Spruiell, Kristen 165 Spurlock, Susan 369 Stacy, Penny 109 Stall, Stephanie 150 Stamey, Michael 150 Stamps, Cammie 381 Stanley, James 124 Stano, Katherine 150 Stanton, April 150 Stanton, Mary 151 Steimie, Landon 124 Stephen, O ' Neal 121 Stephenson, Suellen 124 Stevens, Drew 353 Stewart, Brandy 124 Stewart, Janna 112 Stewart, Jennifer 109 Stilgenbauer, Adam 124 Still, Heather 151,381 Still, Matt 165. 184 Stine, Matt 137 Stinson, Wendy 137 Stirrup, Keith 109 Stockey, Rebecca 383 Stoddard, David 165 Stokes, Demetrica 137 Stoltz, Devi 124 Stone, M.C. 124 Stonhouse, Megan 151 Storms, Holly 137 Stout, Stacy 383 Stovall, Daniel 165 Stoyanova, Maya 109 Strachan, Holly Strachan 383 Strawbridge, Greg 137 Street, Lauren 151 Strickland, Amanda 151 Stringer, Seth 151 Stringfellow, Savante 138 Stripling, David 151 Strong, Natalie 124,381 Stroupe, Courtney 165.184, 381 Stuart, Shelley 151,381 Stubhs, Linda 165 Stubbs, Znequet 151 Sturiese, Skye 381 Sturiese, Stacey 124.381 Subgani, Rama 109 Suddith, Apnl 375 Suggs, Amber 124 Sullivan, Courteny 138,375 Sullivan, Susan 381 Summers, Angela 165 SumrallAlfie 151 Sumrall, Jennifer 124 Sun, Mei 109 Sureddi, Anm 109 Sutherland, Jane 381 Sutterfield, Lea 124,387 Swalm. Christi 377 398 • Index Swantson, Val 166 Sweet, Nicholas 138 Swetland. Hallie 369 Swindle. James 166, 187 Swinney, Heather 151 Swinl. Jennifer 138 Szymanski, Sarah 124 % Tallie. Brandy 138 Tamke. William 151 Tanaka, Maki 109 Tang. Lin 109 Tapscott. Don 166 Tarpy. Allison 124.369 Tale. Michael 166 Taylor. Alexandria 138 Taylor. Allison 151. 166 Taylor, Bethany 138 Taylor. Brandy 387 Taylor. Hannah 124, 377 Taylor, Janae 124 Taylor, Jeffrey 166 Taylor, Jessica 124, 166 Taylor, Karen 138 Taylor, Leigh 138 Taylor, Randy 151 Taylor, Sue Ellen 1 12 Tee, Jimmy 151 Teer, Brandon 124 Tellis, Sammie 151 Tembotov, Timur 151 Temple, Heather 124 Tendall, Caroline 138 Terver, Anna 138 Terzi, Fortini 109 Tettleton, Mandi 377 Thacker, Holly 375 Thacker, Paul 112 Tharp, Jennifer 151 Thibaut, Ashley 15! Thiele, Kathryn 138 Thomas, Catherine 124 Thomas, Gina 1 12 Thomas, Kathryn 124 Thomas, Kimberiy 124 Thomas, Tracey 375 Thomas. Tracey 1 24 Thomas, Vannessa 387 Thomason, Tara 138 Thompson, Anne 138 Thompson, Ben 181, 185 Thompson, Bill 151 Thompson, Mark 124 Thompson, Nan 371 Thompson, Renee 151 Thompson, Robert 151 Thompson, Stacy 369 Thompson, William Scott 138 Thorn, Dustin 166 Thornhill, Jacqueline 124 Thornton, Teresa 138 Thurman, Andee 112 Thweatt, Mitchell 138 Tiehenor, Melissa 186 Tillman, James 138 Tillman, Thomas 166 Tindall, Lain 369 Tinnin, Natalie 151 Tisdale, Jennifer 1 12 Todd, Dena 383 Todd, Katharine 166 Todd, Lissa 166 Todd, Shelley 138 Tolbert, Brandi 151 Tolben, Brandi 377 Tomes, Counney 138 Tompkins, Katie 125 Torr, Casey 1 25 Touchstone, Mandy 151 Towers, Stephanie 138 Townsend. Hope 151 Townsend. Quida 125 Toy, Christopher 151 Tracey Dowling 1 16 Treadway, Josh ! 25 Trela, Monica 166 Trewolla. Helen 377 Trimble, Jennifer 166 Trost, Heath 109 Trotter. Helen 379 Trout. Erin 195 Troy. Ross 1 25 Trum. Frannie 377 Truong. Gai 1 12 Truong. Phuong 125 Tsai. Chih-Hung 109 Tsai. Tsung-yi 109 Tubbs. Angela 151,375 Tubertini, Andrew 125 Tubwell, Jennifer 151 Tuck, Matt 125 Tucker, Jerome 151 Tuladham, Prahin 109 Tummala, Radha 109 Turgeon, Melissa 151 Turk. Lindsey 377 Turner. Callie 379 Turner. Tiffany 125. 138. 375 Tutor. Keith 151 Twiford. Eleanor 138, 369 " U Underwood, Jarrett 1 25 Upton, Michael 151 Urban, Sean 151 Vadenburg, Brandon 166 Vaglica, Stephanie 166 Valas, Debra 151 Valas, Debra 379 Valentine, Jessica 125 Valentine, Kathleen 125 Van Dalsem. Pyke 125 Van Norman, Elizabeth 138 Vanaresdale, Christopher 138 Vance, Amy 138 Vance, Brian 151 Vance, Emily 151 Vance, Linda 166 Vann, Jane 125,369 Vannoy, Jessica 151 Vanpelt, Darin 138 Vansal, Raminderjit 109 Vansal. Sandeep 109 Vansickle. Chris 125 Vanzant. T J. 151 Vasilyev. Scott 138 Vaughn. Amber 166 Vaughn, Kimiranda 151 Vaughn. Pamela 166 Vazkodai, Sudharshan 109 Veith, Eric 355 Velea, Luminita 109 Vermillion, Jon 125 Vidal, Gregory 109 Vikers, Julia 138 Vincent, Andrew 166 Vincent, Kat 1 25 Vinson, Heather 166, 387 Vinson, Holly 387 Viox. Margaux 166 Vise, Rachel 138,371 Volk, Mendith 166 Vollrath, Lesli 166 Vontel, Sunita Vontcl 109 Voon, Evelyn 151 Voyles, Vanessa 138 Vujic, Nikola 190 Vvas, Nehal 109 Wade, Chris 138 Wade, George 125 Wade, Heather 166 Wade, Mitchell 125 Wade, Natalie 369 Wadsworht, Audra 138,381 Wahl, Amanda 125 Waldrup, Cristy 379 Walker, Allison 138,383 Walker. Amanda 138 Walker, Fant 138 Walker. Graham 125 Walker, Hope 125,387 Walker, John 138 Walker, Kimberiy 152 Walker, Kristi 112, 185 Walker, Leslie 1 52 Walker, TWanna 3, 152 Walker, Yolanda 138 Wallace. Corey 152 Waller, Amanda 138 Walters, Angel 375 Wang, Hsin-Hui 109 Wang, Wendy 109 Wang, Zhongming 109 Ward, Shanika 138 Ward, Windy 379 Ware, Bruce 166 Warner, Alexis 152,371 Warren, Jessica 166 Warren, Kimberiy 3, 387 Warren, Matthew 138 Warren, Natalie 383 Warren, Sommer 383 Warriner, Amy 1 52 Washington, Cedric 125 Wass, Sarah 387 Wasserman, Susie 379 Waters, Emily 381 Watson, April 166 Watson, Chris 166 Watson, Matthew 138 Watson, Michael 152 Watson, Richard 1 1 2 Watson, Roy 1 39 Wattigny, Bethann 1 52 Watts, Peter 3 Waycaster, Ginger 1 12 Weakley. Allison 379 Weakly. Sloan 379 Weaver. Chris 152 Weaver. Leann 152 Webb. Brandon 167 Webb. Chad 192 Webb. Claire 125 Webb. Connie 109 Webb, Kevin 152 Webb, Lauren 125 Weckl, Angela 167 Weeden, Amy 1 39 Weeden, Heather 152 Weeden. Shalikina 139 Weeden, Shaunda 139 Welch, Emily 125 Welch, Femi 167 Welch, Jaimee 139 Welch, Roben 1 1 2 Wells, Derek 353 Wells, Jason 139 Wells, Jeff 167 Wells, Jennifer 139 Wells, John 109 Welsh, Patnck 125 West, Allyson 383 West, Cindy 167 West, Frederick 125 West, Hannah 379 West, Mary Lucy 1 25 Westbrook. Angela 139 Weston, Chaquetta 1 39 Whaley. Amy 167 Wheat. Cherry 1 39. 375 Wheat. Jaclyn 125 Whelan. Amanda 139 White. Chrisli 139.381 White, Everette 125 White. Leah 167 White. Naketa 167 Whitter. Heather 377 Whittington III. James 112 Wicker, Daniel 139 Wicker, Jamie 1 39 Wiggins, Joey 139 Wilbanks, Amber 112 Wilbanks, Ashley 125 Wilbanks, Sarah 125 Wilder, Bill 139 Wilhite, Skye 379 Wilkins, Brian 125 Wilkins. Holley Mane 371 Wilkins. Jason 1.39 Williams. Alan 109 Williams, Angela 1 25 Williams, Chantae 139 Williams, Danny 167 Williams, Dermarcus 125 Williams, Dewon 125 Williams, Erin 125 Williams, Gabriel 139 Williams, Gerald 139 Williams, Ivy 139 Williams, Jason 167 Williams, Jimbo 176 Williams, Lisa 125 Williams, Monica 152 Will iams. Scott 126 Williams, Stacey 152,383 Williams. Vanessa 167 Williams, Wendy 126.377 Williams, Zola 152 Williamsand, Laura 191 Williamson, Allison 381 Williamson, Laura 167 Williamson, Michael 139 Williford, Cassie 152 Willis, Heather 377 Wilson , Johannah 377 Wilson, Adrian 139 Wilson, Amelie 139 Wilson, Blair 112 Wilson, Cody 139 Wilson, Erica 126 Wilson. Heather 377 Wilson. Jacqueline 377 Wilson. Jon 152 Wilson. Matt 126 Wilson. Medora 369 Wilson. Molly 112 Wilson. Natalie 167 Wilson. Nikita 126 Wilson, Omar 139 Wilt. Whitney 377 Wimpee. Lauren 139 Winchester. Erin 139 Windham, Melissa 109 Windsor, John 152 Winstead, Zeh 167, 186 Wiscovich, Eric 1 39 Wise, Hillery 152 Witherspoon, Chereka 139 Witt, Honey 139,369 Wolf, Wendy 167 Wolfe, Adriann 387 Wolfe. Joey 167 Wolfe, Nicholas 167 Wong. Connie 1 12 Wong, Sarah 139 Wong, Zachary 109 Wood, Anthony 1 26 Wood, Robin 167 Woods, Gretchen 167, 381 Woods, Jennifer 126 Woods, Marc 1 26 Woods, Wendy 126 Woollery, Wayne 167 Word, Mary 1 26 Worrel. Leah 139 Worthem, Joe 139 Wright. Alicia 383 Wright. Amy 152 Wright. April 139 Wright. Ashley 152 Wright. David 167 Wright. Karen 167 Wright. Kendall 379 Wright. Kevin 167 Wright. Trenton 167 Wu, Wanii 109 Wyekoff. Smith 1 39 Wynne. Christen 369 ge Xia. Zhang 109 Xu.Jie 109 Yapp, Konrad 109 Yates. Claire 139 Yeoh, Melissa 109 Young. Brenda 152 Young. Carol 139 Young. Emily 369 Young. Hubbard 152 Young. Latida 167 Young. Mendi 126 Young. Sarah 167 Young. Vicky 1 39 ■=¥ Yahia. Ziad 109 Yam. Diane 167 Zegledi, Tammy 167 Zeldman. Bern 139 Zein, Abeer 139 Zhu. Qun 109 Zito. Jackie 383 Zschau. Kira 383 COLOPHON The 1999 Ole Miss was printed by Taylor Publishing Company in Dallas, Texas and produced by a staff of student volunteers with no direct affiliation with the University ' s Department of Journalism. i tii idku : The book is distributed in the spring semester. Full time students at the University pay for the Ole Miss through tuition and fees. lodiictian: The Ole Miss was produced on two Power Macintosh computers using QuarkXpress 4.0. The press run was 6500. ' € iii-e Sc ' ndsAeei : The original cover was designed by Summer Owens with the assistance of designers at Taylor Publishing Company. The base material of the cover is blue with a Whirlpool grain. It is blind embossed with a gold mylar stamp. The endsheets were printed on Genesis stock tortoise paper with a gold foil stamp. ' %iff2e ' : The main typefaces used throughout the book is Times. Jack Roman, and AmazoniaT. nata uifz u : Class photos were taken by Thornton Studios of New York City. NY. All other photos were taken by students using black and white T-Max and Kodak Gold color. Black and white pho- tographs were developed by Ole Miss staff members. The 1999 Ole Miss is a student-run publication of The University of Mississippi. No portion of this book may be reproduced without the expressed writ- ten consent of the editor-in-chief or yearbook advisor. The viewpoints represented in this book are solely those of the yearbook staff, and do not necessarily reflect those of The University of Mississippi. Index • 399 a note from the edutai During my interview last spring I can remember being asked if I thought this project should be viewed as an artistic endeavor or a journalistic effort. | Myself being an art major quickly replied with no hesitation that it should be totally artistic. However, after many long, stressful hours of working on this project I have come to the conclusion that it is really neither. There is only one clear answer that I have found and that is teamwork. Without such a wonderful staff this book could have never been completed. There dedication and loyalty to the completion of this book and there support for the decisions I had to make truly made this a wonderful experience for me and a fantastic book... hopefully one of the best. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to meet each one of these truly talent- ed individuals who I now very proudly call my friends. There are so many people that I want to thank for giving me the courage to tackle such a task and for supporting me throughout the process. I have truly been blessed with family and friends who have always believed in me and pushed me to be the very best. I would first like to thank God for giving me the patience, the sanity, and the talent to be able to complete this project. I would like to give a very special thanks to Traci. Thank you so much for being my second mother, for watching out for me and for encouraging me to be more outgo- ing. ..but thank you most of all for being such a wonderful friend. Thank you also to all of I the workers, faculty and staff in the Student Media Center. You have all loften made my days a little brighter just by encouraging me and letting me Iknow that I am a very important part of the SMC. I surely could not go [without thanking my family for the major role they have played throughout Imy college experience. Daddy, thank you for never complaining about the joutrageous phone bills from Mom trying to calm me down from the stress- Iful days. I also want to thank you for instilling in me the christian values which our family is based on, for teaching me that hard work does pay off land for loving me as your own. Mom, thank you for your diligent prayers land concerns for me. Thank you so much for always listening to my prob- llems and believing in me no matter how outrageous or foolish my ideas have been and most of all for bailing me out when my independence got the best of me. Gaggy, thank you for loving me unconditionally, for holding me up to such high standards, and for showing me that life does go on. You are truly my hero! How could I forget my baby brothers? Jimbo,l you have grown up to be such a wonderful person. I am truly grateful to have such a wonderful best friend. ' Thank you for always being such a good influence for me even if you are younger and thank you for always making me believe! Chance, you are very unique. ..thank you for giving me all of the codes to those crazy video games and for making me laugh when I wanted to cry. Of course I can ' t forget Tim. He has been there for me whenl no one else seemed to understand or care if this book was ever completed. ThankI you for standing beside me, for listening and understanding, and for being the lovel of my life as well as my best friend...! Love You! Much of my appreciation goes] to my roommate, Tracy, for being the absolute most patient and understanding per- son ever. Thank you for laughing with me at things normal people would not thinkl funny. I must also thank Ben, Scott, Toni, Melody, and all of the staff at Taylorl Publishing in Dallas for all of work they have put into this book. Thank you fori the encouragement, the laughs, and all of the fun times... hopefully we ' ll see you inl Dallas again this summer! Thank you also to all of the staff atl Thornton Studios in NYC for all of the work they have put into mak-l ing this book possible. I also want to thank all of my professors inl the art department for being so very patient with me. I hope as you look through the pages of this book you see that I really have learned a few things from you guys! I also want to dedi- cate all of the hard work I have put into this book to my grandfather, a man who I know would have been very proud of me, someone who never had a chance to experience the joys of Ole Miss but was truly a rebel at heart. For all of the people who have believed in me, I hope I have made you proud. ..proud to call me a friend. Thank you to everyone who has had a part in this book. I hope it shows the true spirit of the Ole Miss community and the pride of true Rebels 400 • Index QmiMnen Owetu

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