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I TABLE OF CONTENTS Opening 1 Student Life 12 Administration 58 C asses 90 Distinction 158 Organizations 204 Greel s 262 Sports 336 Index 378 C osing 390 RIDING THE WAVE OF TRADITION INTO THE FUTURE... Opening 1 Flying Ahead ... Welcome to Ole Miss. Very few students know what to expect upon entering college. You have Just left high school, where you were with people you have known forever, to walk into a university of about 10,000 people of whom you know no one. Some are lucky to have some of the tried and true friends from high school with them, but it ' s amazing how much like strangers even those people will seem. Welcome to college. It can be pretty scarey, but there is something truly special about Ole Miss. She opens her arms to everyone entering her halls, and you won ' t feel like a stranger for long. There are as many diverse organizations and activities on campus as there are diver- sities among the students who attend. Ole Miss be- comes a home, and you will be sur- prised during that first break. " T nT 4 ji Photo by Greg Coleman that one you had so longed for those early days, to find that you Just can not wait to get back. For most, college is also the first time you are out from under your parents ' watchful eye. Managing not to be over- come by the heady feeling of independence and new responsibilities can be overwhelming , but there are perks to being so far away from home; new friends and new places means ... opening 3 Below - Keith Campbell congratrules Malikia Griffin on a terrific play. Right - " Hark! Is that a touchdown I see? " Mr. Wilson keeps an eye on the game as the band continues to rock the fans. Far Right - Andy Berger, Joe Woods, TaBoris Fisher, and Roell Preston t ake a quick break fi-om the game. 4 Opening Above - Jo Creel exhibits her Ole Miss Pride as she cheers on the team. Right - A wall of defense faces the opposing Aubum ofTense. Getting to the games let ' s get JiCM Photo by Scott King Left - Colonel Reb pauses to pose as he takes a break from entertaining the crowd. Above - The Rebelettes give everything they ' ve got to dazzle the crowd during the half-time show. Photo by Scott King Opening 5 Right - Is it dead yet?! ' An- gelique Harrison, Emma Harri- son, Sarah Huggett, Renee Cas- ton, and Nathan Parkin grill out at Sardis Lalse. Below - rred Casper and Misty stop from their stroll along campus so that Tred can explain to her who is taking who for a walk. fun. That can mean a lot of things here at the University of Mississip- pi. Whether your idea of fun is going to clubs, late nights, t)arbecuing at Sardis, small par- ties with close friends, or merely picnicing in the Grove you can do all of that and more while sur- rounded by the beauty of the Ole Miss campus. Though we have had quite a reputation of being a party school " , we are also very commit- ted to learning ... 6 Opening Doing what comes naturally... Opposite page - ' 7 7 get that fly if it s the last thing Ido. " Chris Thom- as practices Karate on the Grove stage. Far Left - Getting it all out, a co-ed expresses her feel- ings of the moment out at Sardis Lake. Left - An Ole Miss student at- tempts to dodge the sprinkler system on her way to class. Above - Ra- leigh Ohlmeyer 111 and Amanda Mixon study diligently in the Grove. (I think Amanda is distract- ed by the barbecue on the opposite page.) Doing what comes naturally... A walk on the liOifcl Side] Right - Rex and Keighley Cotonio share the same taste in ties. Above - Jamie Terguson and natalie Dixon smile for the camera. All Photos by Scott King 8 Opening Far Left -Scott King is surrounded by the Blues Brothers, oh no, wait, that ' s Jeff Crimenger and Steven Peyronnin. Left ■ Ann Regan Mead is overwhelmed by the good time she is having in the Qrove. Below - UPD works to remove alcohol from the game. They don t reach some students soon enough! Above - An Ole Miss co-ed explains the game to a young child. Left - Grove dwellers captured on film, and you were able to see it right here, folks! Opening 9 Doing what ' s got to be done... I Above - Elwyn McJunkins and Brandy Box work together at the Delta Gamma house. Right - Ya- tin Chachad and Kendall Harris work on a heat transfer in thermo insulation project. Hey, who said that mechanical engineering doc- toral candidates had no fun. Op- posite page - Rafael Griffin and friends study away their time in the Union. 10 Opening J_L Left - Mini Moorehead of Mis- sissippi Blood Services signs up another generous donor. Below - " Only three hundred more... " An Ole Miss student works out at Flex One. Photo by K. LaRue Roberts ...and growing academically. The University is working hard with reno- vations to the library, and a new pharmacy building, as well as other improvements throughout the uni- versity to improve the learning en- vironment on campus . Ole Miss is dedicated to making her students the best individuals possible with an outstanding academic background, true friends, and fond memories. Each student, in turn, also gives a little of themselves back to help shape and change the atmosphere of the university. Photo by Kavan Breazeale Opening 11 § student Life Editor- Jennifer Busliong 4 1 W dki Mi student Life r t ' ' ' y rf » -I II ' » ' tudent Life is the best part of y college experience. ij||_ - It ' s friday night. There is no game everyone you Is now is either going home or hibernating in their rooms. So, you look at your roommate and think. You know, if they mysteriously fall out of the window, I could get a 4.0 and I won t have to study for that Biology test " Actually, that part about the 4.0 is a malicious rumor. So you ' ll end up studying for that Biology test in ceil 210 with someone big named Bertha or Bubba, who does not bathe. (Almost sounds like dorm life, right!) Your next thought is ROAD TRIP!! You hit the road, headed for who knows where, and return late Sunday to real- ize that you still have to study for that Biolo- gy test. The friendships, relationships, the parties, football games, and road trips - all a part of student life here at Ole Miss, and as Dickens would say " It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. ' ' IT ' S C t Freshman Alan Wright and pal. Amy Cowan, dance the night away at " Hotty Toddy ' s " . A popular place on Sunday nights. Thursdays start the weekend here at Ole Miss. Laf yettes Is always a great place to go and hear a band. " Hotty Toddy ' s " Is a great place to go and sit and talk with your friends or to dance away the night as this guy Is. I Student Life I IT ' S fiss. to Crowd Shot! Mold on a second ! I ' ve gotta finish this. " This group picture captures night life in Oxford. Talking, laughing, and looking around at everyone who comes in. Ail photos by Jont Fool plays a major role in bar life here in Oxford. Guys attempt to pick up girls and girls pretend to tx impressed. Some play for money, others Just for kicks but it does make things more interesting. tude;!i Life 15 Football Game? »%;:. ' ■ ■-■■■fi ' . ' - ' JWmX-, . ' «» itt I op game. Right Top: tents dot the grove on game day while some friends eat under it. Below: " Okay everyone stop eating, we are going to take a picture. " Far Below: " Look they are stealing our cooler and the beer ' s still in it. " l lRuc HolwrtY Below: I wish she would Just take the picture already. Really I " Par Below: This shows what tailflatlna Is all about, good friends. i ■HMB g gg I ' B I taiHI m mmHHI PIC ' jBk aii H " . -.«»«jc2e3 I ■l IHltiH I | m[l H H p P l - ..JiBKgfl H v f k ' ' f " B - ' 91 1 1 1 [ IPl ! H HNp v ' What Football Game? The calm before the storm. What Their still partying in the grove. Don ' t they ever go home? Photo by Chance Reqina Student Life 17 Homecoming The week leading up to Homecoming game Is jam pa( ecJ with more fun than one p son can handle. The week st ted off with Monday nigl football in the Union. All throuc the week caricatures were dor in the lobby of the Union. Tuesday night there was gar bling In the Union. Thursdi night all kinds of things went oj Bungy running, Sumo Wrestlinj and boxing to name a few. Top Left: Fun Flicks offered a] (jrcat time to those that dared to do it. Top Left: Prizes, prizes,} prizes. Middle: Draw nic! Bottom: Baby needs a new| pair of shoes! " y " ..V y vs Ls i ■ ■i ,.. m, 1 T H ift I? fl 1 i M Life Week m L- M K EsPHj K " - ' - jk ( e thing that drew the most attention was the Fun Flicl . This is where you act out a film on a green bacl ground and you appear in the movie. The week was a blast, every- one had a good time and en- joyed the week. The day of the game came and everyone was n a winning mood. SPB should be congratulated for a job well done. Top Left: rm stuck on you. " Top Right: A new way for roommates to workout prob- lems. Middle: " I think I can, I [think I can. Oh well maybe 1 can ' t. " Bottom: And you thought Sumo Wrestlers were ough. The Parade Photo b Chance Regina Top Left: The local fire depart- ment gives the cheerleaders a lift during the parade. Top Right: The cheerleaders of the future lend a hand in getting the crowd ready for the big game. Bottom: Colonel Reb gets a ride for the parade. Photo by Chance Regina 20 Student Life Ut_? " V;v. » ' ' ' Ji ■«! 4 i -, ■•-«■ Photo by Chance Regina Top Left: Junior Maid Renee Thiry and friends and family get together before the game to celebrate the pending victory. Top Right: Jo Creel and escort make the long walk down the 50 yard line. Bottom: Homecoming Queen Cully Johnson and escort get a laugh on the field. Pholo by Chance Regina Student Life 21 J sic at 0)e Miss ll H re Is going on by a unIvS |r6rchoir there 1 graduate studa|| H Plnin indep endent igroup. Musici H Rportant part of the jm atd H He can hear a large nusic. Anytrm H H to gospel, or from voice. Thie mix H Bran meet anyones ' you are majorm | K° tal ng a class ]a requirement, thej H ' ' " " |here at Ole Miss goes beyond a grade to understanding. w This summer the concert choir went on tour ci round Europe. They visited several cities includ- ing Oxfords sister city; Aubigny-Sunere, France. They went to Tours, France for the competition. At the competition there were two other choirs from the United States, both from Texas. When I inter- viewed two young women who went on the trip, they said this was the best performance they had ever done. The choir was well received and enjoy- ed by everyone. The choir won all of the awards except one. When I asked Jennifer Dudley which award she thought was the best that they won, she said the grand prize because it shows that they were the best and no one else could touch them. The two songs that she talked about were " What Hell Was Like " and " He ' s Got The Whole World In His Hands " . She and Qwen Stanton said that ' What " was a very difficult because of how atonal it was. Qwen raved about how the people received them. She said that they loved their mu- sic and the clapping and stomping went on even after they left the stage. Jennifer said that this being her last year here, this showed that Ole Miss choirs are above the rest and she hopes this will bring more recognition to The University and its choirs. AcrossiThe Choir on stage at the competition. Side: The bike tour in Belgium. H ' I i Mmm Top: Oh, the buses. On this trip They got tired of the Bus travel. Bottom Right: Jerry Jordan, director of the award winning choir. Bottom Left: Some choir members stand around the list of all the competitors. _ M » B ; i lgt J. - ■ - ' - - » ■ ■ - V •H _- - iif ik f. 1 ■up BAHCkLQMc " • 1 HlQh hondarribia " " i 1 r 1 F TT n -rwi II 1 i iiQciisa 1 M 1 QUEZON CITY s H V A U ' ll SlliUmiPW-l M 1 3 Li B» OXFORD ■■ bIbrno M t ■hniACH »P V ■uanT " f ■ - IHpurvmrnw ■ HBBI III 1 11 - II " II " iT Student Life 25 • v VC 4 «r?-: Ole Miss AIDS Awareness Week was a huge success. People on this campus have been shown more about the subject than they ever have been. The week of Piovem- ber 28- December 2 was AIDS Awareness Week, here at Ole Miss. The Rebels With A Cause were in charge of the week. They had a booth in the Union lobby with information about AIDS. They also put on skits through out the day on the 30th dealing with AIDS. Some local churches held healing services on Wed- nesday and Thursday. Also on Thursday there was a candle- light vigil on the square, there was also a moment of silence at 1:40 on Thursday. In today ' s so- ciety being prepared involves being educated, the Rebels With A Cause helped to bring that ed- ucation. Top: The theater department takes to put on a production for AIDS Awareness Week. Bot- tom: The sign says it all. Middle: Unity is a catch word for AIDS Awareness Week. We all , are the same under the skin. -itudent Life Get ' s Educated Top: Playing with the candles was just part of the reason for coming out to the candle light vigil. Side: Contemplation was the key to understanding on Thursday. Middle: The booth that was set up in the Union all week to let people know about AIDS. Bottom: " Can we talk abot AIDS? " The theater department helps spread the message. student Life 29 stitmnt! I II Photo By Tammie Daily 30 Student Life « i Photo By Scott King ow! Did you get a chai to see the things thi ame to Ole Miss thij ear. Well if you did not tch you up. Carrot toj as here and was he fun y. Well, whatever. h( (ept the crowd rolling ii e aisles or was that th rowd sitting in the aislesi ell that was not all thai appened, Phish cann nd brought a huge crow ith them. The thing mo eople will remember it ow their parking was st( n for four days not ho eat the band was. I can ' wait to see what co- es next, hope to se ere. student Life 31 Habitat for Habitat for Humanity is an or- ganization on campus that does community service. They offer help to those peo- ple that need it, such as put- ting a new roof on a house where people could not af- ford it, they also widen door frames to allow wheelchairs through. They do fundraisers such as 5K runs and sell t- shirts. The help they offer to the comunity is invaluable. They need as much assis- tance as they can get so if you like to help others and don ' t mind a little hard work, this is for you. Humanity a Photo by Courtney Coleman Photo by Courtney Coleman Top: " ' Maybe we should move this over there. " Yeah right ! Bottom Left: Wow this looks like fun, she is really tearing down the house. Bottom Right: " Are we having fun yet ? " Photo by Courtney Coleman 32 Student Life ) " Hopefully after a five year period 1 will have graduated, with a degree in advertising . . . that will defiantly be useful in my tfevels across Europe ' Erin Sutherland- 19 e - I ' ll be a little scrug in a law firm doing research and help- ing to prepare .cases " Michelle Whitt- Senior b ' e. I g I I hope to be working for a net- work aflfiliate TV station in liasli- ville or Denver. " Therese Apel- 20 student Life 55 Happy Photo by Deidra Wallers Photo by Matt Mitchell Top Left: Allison Morris was looking to get a really great Christmas gift from Santa, so she gave him a little incentive. Top Right: Three of Santa ' s elves or just college stu- dents glad exams are over, you decide. Bottom: The warm weather of the beach (and the really cute guys) could almost make you forget about school. 34 Student Life Photo by Mikki tiale Holidays I Photo by Tom O ' Hare nioto by Mikki Male Top Left: When you go to FAO Swartz be sure to look up these two guys, don ' t they look marvelous. Top Right: A cruise was a great break idea. Warm weather, and good company, the best com- bination. Bottom: Good friends and good times go to- gether. ' lit i ' ' ' " -:jiBt student Life 35 Photo by Kristen Phillips Did you Have Fun? Top: The Guardian Angels and Jonna, enough said. Bottom Left: A mob scene from Times Square. The legend says that if you catch a green piece you will have good luck all year long. Bottom Right: Mew Years Eve on Bourbon Street, as much fun as Times Square. h 36 Student Life Photo by Jennifer Bushong Photo by Kristen Phillips I They Did! . H ' — - i 3— S HiP ji HPTftl v H B fl H BElii iiiiniMiiii ' ifi« Hl ' ' v l Bi!IH ' .lll-ifl B K Photo by Jennifer Bushong Top Left: Julie McEachern and Tonya Glover took a time out during the Cowboy-Saints game to pose for a pic- ture. Top Left: The sign behind these two says it all, ' Mixed Huts " . Bot- tom: Rob Johnson and Kavanaugh Breazeale on vacation on a wild hog hunt. 5tudent Life 37 Graduation, Graduation, the day we are all waiting for. I get chills just thinking about walking into Tad Smith Coliseum that final time. Cross- ing the stage and receiving the piece of pa- per which says that you a have spent hours studying and pulled many all nighters, that you have gone to football games and to late nights that, in essence, you have become an adult. While this is going on your parents, friends (who are on the five, six, seven... year plan), and any other relatives who care to come are up in the stands listening to your mother say ' there goes my baby " or something to that effect. It is one of the few times that you really don ' t care how they embarrass you, you are so glad to be out in the real world that it is okay with you. The pictures are taken and you are free sort of. It is at this point that you realize that they still have the diploma and that it gets mailed to you. At this thought you become terrified because the mail people are the ones that lost your rent check just last week. Take a few deep breaths and relax you have waited this long, you can wait a few more weeks, right!?! Photo by Kim Jergens Top: ' Yes, IBM here I come. Bottom: A parting shot. I Photo by Kim Jergens 38 Student Life Finally! Top Left: " Thanks, I needed that. " Top Right: Vm outta here! " Bottom: Yes they even have a cer- emony in August. Photo By Kim Jergens Student Life 39 Funky ' I want to wear my blue pants. " " So wear them. " " But I want to wear my boots and they just don ' t go together. " " Oh, well than you can always wear your blue jeans. " Does this sound familiar? Most girls go through this with their roomma- tes at least once a week. Trying to match your foot wear and your outfit can sometimes be more difficult than making to an eight o ' clock class on time. People on this cam- pus wear a variety of shoes but the majority seem to wear boots with everything from shorts to dress pants. The shoe trends are different where ever you go fi ' om boots to Berkinstocks. The shoes on these pages are just a sample of the cur- rent trend. Photo by Brooke Beard Top: The slippers here are the current trend in shower shoes. Bottom Left: Fuzzy slippers are the foot wear of choice in most dorms. Bottom Left: Here are the classic example of tennis shoes, aren ' t they? 40 Student Life Photo by Brooke Beard Photo by Jennifer Bushong Footwear Photo by Jennifer Bushong Top Left: Attention! Guess who these shoes belong to. Top Right: Birks are the in thing to wear in the summer, but in the winter? Bot- tom: Walking through the Union you see all kinds of shoes. Photo by Jennifer Bushong student Life 41 A Year Later As the snow fell almost a year after the ice storm of 93 people went into a near panic to get to the stores and gas stations to be pre- pared for the worst. As students all over the campus and Oxford prayed for the snow to stick, it soon became apparent that the storm was no where near as bad as last year and people started to enjoy the winter weather. The campus came alive about 10 p.m. with people sliding down hills and having major snowball fights. The next day you could see melting snowmen and the sand thrown down for our protection and even see people slip on places that were missed. All in all the snow was a great end to a weekend. I AM photos by Jonna Jones 42 Student Life I i We ' re Hit Again • 1 ' . ' " " ' - J — fc- • • • • . •■■ ■»- ■■ ■ • •. -y - ..y . • T -ij " ' - — -v Jem " SfH Student Life 43 The University The University museums are one of tile many resources that this campus has. The museums have many different exhibits, some that stay year round and some that travel around. They have several ' trunks " that travel around the state, the Civil War trunk and the Afro-American trunk are just a few. The museums are also responsi- ble for the brown bag lunches that are on campus every so often. They also sponsor events such as the " Martin Luther King Convoca- tion " . The museum also offers a place for art students to show their work to the public. I Photo by Jonna Jones Top: The sign shows the enthusiasm of the museum staff. Bottom Left: One of the many collages seen throughout the museum. Bottom Right: These are some of the paintings that cover the walls of the museum. I 44 Student Life Photo by Jonna Jones Photo by Jonna Jones Museums I many itings -■ •e-; • - ' " Photo by Jonna Jones Top: This collage brings young and old together. Bottom Left: One of the many events that the museum has done is invite story tellers to tell stories about different lands and customs. Bottom Right: Yet an- other collage. Photo by Jonna Jones Photo by Jonna Jones 3tUdGnt LJfC 45 Taekwondo The University of Mississippi Taei wondo Club was establistied on november 12, 1992 by Larry Weeden, Jr. He passes on liis knowledge of this 2,000 year old Korean martial art under the guidance and permission of the Honorable Grandmaster Yoo Jun Saeng of Yoo ' s Authentic Martial Arts, located in Alexandria, Va. This club is W.T.F certified and a member of the U.S.T.U. Here the students do not only learn Taekwondo, but they leam Korean language and culture as well, which is very important when you are trying to leam this martial art. Top:(L to R) Percy L. Townes, Larry D. Weeden, Robert M. Belknap. Bottom Left: Class shot from Virginia, Grand- master Yoo Jun Saeng is standing at the far right. Bottom Left: Dora Dicl el and Percy Townes are doing a form, a bunch of stances, l icks, and punches representing simulat- ed combat. 46 Student Life At Ole Miss oberttl. Qrand- Bottom Top Left: Students become very close like that of a family, through the years of practicing together. On their way to Iowa they enjoy food from the China House. Top Right: Rob Belknap performs a double board break (Kyukpa) with a side kick. Bottom Left: Students compete in full contact Qyoroogi (sparring) once a year, in order to apply their skills and know that they are able to protect themselves with what they have learned. Bottom Right: Jason O ' Bryant executes a straight back kick. Student Life 47 Just For Fun Top Left: Some band members show their support for the cannon. Top Right: We all love to dress up before going out. Bottom Left: Courtney and her roommate relax in their report. Bottom Right: The sign says it all. Photo by Brooke Beard Photo by Scott King 48 Student Life Sesquicentennial » lat does sesquicentennial mean? It is a hundrea and fifty years of whatever you are talking about. What does that mean to the University of Mississippi? Well it . means that the University has had its doors open for one hundred and fifty years, it has educated thousands of people from all over the world and that it plans to keep on doing this for the next 150 years. The ses- ' quicentennial celebration started on February 24th 1994 and will go through the graduation of the class of 1998. Through the years of the celebration there will be a number of activities going on at the campus and in the outlying branches of the campus. Each school will be given a six month period in which they will havei speakers and other events within their school. A four- teen minute video was produced about the sesqui- centennial containing interviews with alumni and also with current students attending the University. The ses- quicentennial offers an opportunity to look at every- thing Ole Miss has done in the past and also gives a look into what the University will be doing in the future. In this section we will get a look into the future with eight fi-eshman. Here they have given us a look at where they are and where they think they are going. Looking Into Todd Beauctaamp Tm from FIcdmont, CallTomla, which Is a small town about 20 minutes from San rranclsco. I graduated from Piedmont High School, where I played varsity golf, volley- ball, and baskcti all. I was also a student senator Tor Tour years and was Involved with fundralsing Tor several local charities. " " Mere at Olc Miss I am a member of Sigma Phi Epsllon, where I am Involved In many aspects of chapter activities. I also occasionally do work for the Benny Qoet2 program on Rebel Radio. I look forward to becoming more active on campus In the years to come. " Tm an Accounting m jor and will be staying here at Ole Miss for five years In order to complete both my Bachelors and Master ' s degrees. I would IlKe to then become a Cer- tified Public Accountant and wortt for one of the Big Six accounting ftrms, " Danielle Aderholdt " I ' m from Clarksdale, Mississippi where I have been since right after I was bom. I ' m an onlycJilld of Margaret and FYank Aderholdt. I have attended every kind of school from private to home teaching. I graduated from l e Academy and I ' m now here at Ole Miss. I never planned on going here but by father talked me out of my first choice because he did not want me to go to school so far away from home. It took me a lltUe while to settle In but now I am glad to be here. I ' m an English m£ )or, and there ' s no better place to be a writer than Olc Miss. Mississippi as a whole has such a rich tradition for producing great writers, and I ' m so proud to be a writer myself and be surrounded by memories of legends such as William raulkner and Tennessee Williams, and current pop- ular writers Lany Brown, Wtllle Morris, John Qrisham, and Barry Hannah. My biggest goal for myself Is to be a wife and mother, as well as a writer on the side. I also may be an English teacher. We ' ll see. I ' m still only a frcshmani " " Since coming to Ole Miss, I ' ve had the chance to b«»me Involved In some exciting activities. The campus Presby- terian ministry. Reformed University Fellowship, has been the best Influence I could have In my life right now. " The teaching and fellowship are Incredible, emd 1 know the things I ' ve learned and friends I ' ve made there will stay with me (or the rest of my life. I have a great Job with the Dally MIs- slsslpplan as an advertising production artist. It ' s a great feeling for me to open up the paper everyday and see ads that I actually madel To better my writing skills, 1 also act as one of the Dally MIsslsslppians staff writers. That Job has definitely taught me the me£inlng of a deadllnel I ' m proud to be an Ole Miss student and look forward to the opportunities that I ' ll have In the rest of my time here. " 48C Nary Kelly Findley " I ' m a freshmein from Jackson, Mississippi. Enrolled In the college of Liberal Arts, I plan to pursue a degree In either English or Political Science. With experience and Interest In school, local, and national government and public service, 1 have continued my involvement In service organizations here at Ole Miss. I ' m a member of the Executive Task Porcc and ASB Judiciary Committee. " " As a member of Chi Omega sorority I represent my pledge class as a representative to the Jr. Panhellenlc. I am also Involved In the Chancellor ' s Leadership Class, Re- formed University Fetiowshlp and the Honors Program. Over the next four years I Intend to pursue a comprehensive education which not only Includes a commitment to ac- ademics, but a devotion to service and Involvement My only goal Is that In four years I will be able to look at my ex periencc here at Ole Miss and say that It has Increased my knowledge of the truth encouraged my service to others, and strengthened my character as an Individual. " Benita Myles «;. " As a college freshman. It Is perhaps too easy to become engrossed In all the pleasures and excitement that life has to offer. However, as a freshman at the University of Missis- sippi, I have found my special place In this community enabling me to experience many aspects of life In Ihe pro- cess of exploring the unique combination which constitutes my Individuality. Why am I here? " " Life Is brief and very fragile. Do that which makes you happy. This Is your time and you arc a part of the world. Take the risk of living. " (Plavia Weedn) " 1 am here not only for academic preparation but that I may gain experience and a taste of the reality to come. I am here to follow. I am here to leam of people. And because this Is my time as a part of this world, i am here at the University of Mississippi to build a foundation enabling me to take the risk of living. ' " ' Although my pre-med biology m or classes and studies occupy a mzdority of my time, membership In organizations such as Chancellor ' s Leadership Class, University of Mis- sissippi Qospel Choir, Black Student Union, and Baptist Student Union has definitely enhanced my freshman ex- perience. " " WlUiln my four years here at Ole Miss, not only do I hope to take advantage of ail tiiat the Institution has to offer, but I also desire to contribute of my time and resources In eveiy capacity such that perhaps in some small way, 1 along wltii my peers can help to shape tlie future of Ole Miss, After all. not only Is It what the University of Mississippi can do for you, but what you can do for Ole Miss. " 48D Susan Wang " Living In Oxford my whole life, I never Imagined that 1 would actually attend the University of Mississippi. Ole Hiss was always Just a part of the faraway and mysterious realm of college life, I looked at a few Ivy League schools, for which my parents and I would have to pay large amounts of money to attend, theri, when I looked back at Ole Miss, offering scholarships, like the Carrier. Adicr, Bcnard, and National Merit Hnallst, and to top It all, free tuition, Ole Miss became the only choice for the second child of an engineer and a physldsL " " So I moved out of the house, and Into MartJn, ten min- utes away, and dorm life Is great I ' ve met manv friendly people, but the tenth floor rocKs. Moving on to classes — classes are the same no matter what college anyone at- lends. In fact, Ole Miss offers a vast variety of classes In many different fields, and the quality of the classes Is com- parable to any other school I could have attended. At least I am finished with University Studies 101 forever. When Im not In my room attempting to either sleep or study (or goof off), I keep myself busy. I have a Job doing research at the national Center for Physical Acoustics, along with being a member of the Chancellor ' s Leadership Class, the Society of Women Engineers, The Society of Physics Students, and the Honors Program, Plus, I am the quintessential band goob. After seven years of band, and two In the Mississippi Lions All-State band. Ive finally Joined the Pride of the South, and Tau Beta Sigma, the band sorority. Nothing can compare witli the thrilTof finishing a great performance to thunderous applause. Though I am not a music mgjor, piano and wood- wind performance will always be a part of my life. " Ben Newton " 1 grew up In Qulfport. and graduated from St John Catholic High School. I am now a freshman here at Ole Hiss. I had the choice to attend college anywhere I wanted and 1 think that one of the best decisions I ever made was to attend the University of Mississippi. I quickly got Involved with Campus life. " " I was selected to be a member of the Mississippi Oovem- mental Affairs Committee. I am really looking forward to doing a lot with the committee. I had the experience because I had been a page In txjth the Mississippi Senate and house of Repre- sentatives and for Qovemor Klrh Pordlce. I am also one of two youth appointed by the Qovemor to serve on one of the Qov- emor ' s committees, I also Joined the ASB Diversity Task Force as well. " " I am also a member of the Multl Day events committee of the Student Programming Board. I am a member of the College Republicans and the Bicentennial Committee. 1 am also proud to be an Ole Miss Ambassador. One of the things I really er )oy doing Is being able to represent the people of QHH as Vice President of the OHM Mali Council. " 1 am Involved with other groups as well such as the Federalist Society, The Baptist Student Union, and the Wesley Foundation. I like doing volunteer work too. I helped as a poll worker In the Homecoming elecdons and I serve as an Intern In Senator Trent Lott ' s office. As far as athletics go, I am Involved with the Ole Miss Fencing Club and serve as the Treasurer. " The main thing I want to do here at Ole Miss Is make a difference. When I graduate from the University I want to feel like I have made an Impact. The University has been good to me so far. I feel like I am going to get a tot out of Ole Miss and therefore I want to put a lot Into ft. In four years I want to know that I have accomplished something here. My ultimate goal Is to be the ASB President and hopefully leave a legacy of accomplishments behind. ' Kenneth Woo ' I ' m from Inverness, Mississippi which Is located In the fannlands of the Delta. I graduated high school from In- dlanolQ Academy and pEUtldpated In school actlvides such as national Honors Sodety, Student Coundl, Varsity tennis, and various other activities. " " I am now a freshman at the University of Mississippi m£(]orlng In pre-pharmacy. Although I am still uncertain about this mE(]or, my plans are to complete the required courses and graduate with a degree !n pharmacy. The un- certainty does not worry me because that Is what college Is for, to find what you like to do and m£ jor In It " " However, I am not Just Involved at the University ac- ademically. As of rl t now I am a pledge of Chi PsI and have thus far er joyed the good times I have had with the fra- ternity. In addition, I am er joying the challenge of trying to stay in shape by continuing to lift weights, run, and play tennis. " " Hopefully, after graduation, I will attend pharmacy school and If things go accordingly 1 would like to remain In the state of Mississippi and begin my practice. But life can change quickly and 1 am ready for anything. " Danyl Young ' My name Is Darryl l eAnthony Young. I was bom June 21, 1976, at J. Paul Jones Hospital, In Camden, Alabama. I graduated high school from Wilcox Central High school. Camden, Alabama. I ' m a freshman here at the University of Mississippi. I ' m mejorlng In Mechanical Engineering. I do not know really how i chose Mechanical Engineering, mayt)e It Is because I love working on machines and solving protv Icms. Im a member of the fraternity of Kappa Kappa PsI, In four or maybe five years I plan on graduating, I ' m not sure whether or not I will go to graduate school. Hopefully I will work for a company like General Motors or General Electric I plan to marry, hopefully, Ms. Deshonda Lee, and move to Alabama or maybe some part of Georgia. We plan to have three Kids. " 48F I The Future Editor Jennifer Busliong Thanks to Ben Allen for m£ this possible. Thanks to LaRue Russell for ear- ly morning shots in a baret. Thanks to Rashid for standing out in the cold. Thanks to Chance Regina for helping out on such short no- tice. Th anks to the eight students that went the extra mile to make this possible. Thanks to Jonna Jones for £ill of her help and patience. Did You Vote? Photo by Matt Mitchell Top Left: Is counting the votes that fun or are they laughing at the winner? Top Right: Make your vote count as this student did. Bottom: The only time the picketers leave you alone is when they are mugging for the camera. Left Bottom: Ahh, shoe polish, it has so many uses. Right Bottom: " Wait for me I need a ride to class! " 1 JWM M Lis - Z Ja ' " L « O H V a B B a wIk ' ' ' it flj I " ■ ■ J ' ■ i ' 1 B|fr. ' - •yT fc;, ' ' - ■ ' i-s i :,;■: ___ Photo by Brian Crider Plioto by Deldra Walters Student Life 49 n ■- ' Vvl ! Dorm Lifellii Living in a dorm is some- ing with a wide variety of «;hnu «: r : :;: r f cinkc i3 ' i : ' ' v " j : ' w ' j: ' ;:o tiling every freshman people is bad enough, but must do o , ■ TiTtatv,vr - then you must venture in quirement gives many to the bathrooms. What is )eople a lot of grief. Deal- really growing in the of people and get volved on campus e; er. There are always ' ' ( l { ' j -i:i •-,1 ' :--. ' -v« -A - Ni ' , ' card games .i; tudy breaks " , laughing in the halls, and getting stuck unique necessary part of Ole iMiss. Sandy Taylor, who ' wrote this, is a freshman w ' J- y V ' ' -. . ' , " -- --: M. , , . . . , Photo by LaRue Roberts • y ' v " , ' ' ■ ' ■ " v " . ' iC At left Jbnna expresses her feelings for dorm ' - , , . life. Top Left shows RA Caroline Askew renting - ' v a video to freshman Ozma Khan. Above shows the close friendship that dorm life brings to- gether as Tawan Blunt, LaRue Roberts, and Anita Ellerby pose for a picture. ' ' A ' r ' ! ' - ,- ' -i: iv--r ' !: I mym cii ' ijdu ' ! must work- lyhut everyday. " ' ' Yeah! Gosh dosen ' t that girl ' ' ' imake you sick, she must walk all the time. I if:iam going to start working out everyday, star- :png tomorrow. " Sound familiar? It should : ' ' Kk)n any given day on this campus you can ?5ofi ar something similar to- the exchange X;}; Sijabove. What is it with fitness that has Ole Miss rS -and America running to do it? 1 don ' t know J i si Residence Advisors, aren ' t they great 7; i } Well, sometimes. If you liave ever lived in a ;{ ' :V dorm then you know that the R. A. s can J: ■§:, be good or bad. They are not your mother - : C ' r your maid, they kinda hang out and if .; 5; :f;i%ou need them they ' re around some- r lrj where. As a freshman we all had to live in [i; - the dorm. That ' s where they do the most 5 ' ' ood. If you were homesick or school sick :}| they had a million ways to help you get through it. By the end of the year they were iv; ' - ' % friend to you and still when you see them Photo by Chance Regina , " ' ;-_ . ' ' ; op: R.A. Keith Wilson helps a student check out a movie while on j ' ; duty. Bottom Left: " ' Fio pictures please " says R.A. Jason Brown on - ' - ; - - his way to duty. Bottom Right: This picture disproves what people . r -; - ' ' - " VHo. f fhniinht all ainnn thp shjdent housina DeoDle do know howto ' !-i rrt5 %it. Top Righ t: In the Country Wife (LtoR) Brad Bond, J ' M Jt Katie Witt, Brooke Perry, and (Back)Britt Hancock ' ,s i(0i ooW on witli mixed feelings. Bottom: Good Hews :A ' »k " anotlier oart of Show StoDD another part of Show Stoppers. The theater depart- ment here at Ole Miss has put on sev- eral productions in the last year. Last spring they put on Show Stoppers which had parts from Smile, Good Hews, and Rocky Horror Picture Show . It was fantastic! Also last spring they did ai - J proc tQM left Tills ftien doiif leet gettii mmBsoTA V-w- ' y . K. ■x--- I ' ' T ' i ' .r : icock )art- f production of Coun- Ole 3trx_Wife which also l-Mi ' 4 sev- left the audience wanting to see more? : :J This fall the depart- ment has already done Lips Together Teeth Apart and is getting ready to do the Homecoming play Mack and Mabel which should be :% r« UPD The University Police Department is a large influence on the campus. Most people think of tickets when they think of UPD but that ' s not all they do. When 1 spoke with Linda Christian, an investigator for UPD, she point- ed out several other things that the department is doing to make the campus a safer place. Photo by Andrew Tyer Top: An ofRcer explains directions to a confused co-ed. Bottom: Elizabeth Tyer finds a small suprise on the windshield of her car. While UPD does not like to give out tickets, the money goes to scholarships and suppling equipment for the police department. Book ' em Dano. What ' s going on here? The blue emergency lights are a prime example and a very visable one. This is a two way communication system in which a person who is having a problem (i.e. a flat tire or is being chased) can talk with a dispatcher and she will have a car there in two minutes. Another thing on campus that is quite visable is the Rebel Patrol. They are an escort service. They are outside of dorms, the library, and any buildings that are used at night. Christian says that many students as well as faculty have said how much safer they feel with all the things being done. These things plus more UPD patrols and card readers are making this a better, safer campus. UP riEXT: Rebel Bike Patrol !?! 56 Student Life |p Uncovered nfluence lienltiej I SDOkp The university has a great asset in Chief Stewart who leads a major force on campus, the University Police Department. He believes that communication between the police and the community is the key to making this a safer campus, and he likes to hear what the public has to say. pic and a on system .aflaltire idshewll II campus ; an escort tiiatmarty safer they i a better. Photo by Susie Salber The Annual Staff and friends go crazy. But the UPD is there to take them in. He stresses that when you park your car lock the doors and do not walk by yourself at night or during the day if you can help it. The police can do many things to protect you but if you do not help yourself then they can not do their job. Mis main goal is public safety, not the parking situation. He does not make out the parking areas he just enforces what the university tells him. He has three goals for the next three to five years: 1) reduce loses victims 2) crediblity in the eyes of the university communi- ty reliability and 3) a feeling of public safety. In the past thirteen years he has been here, he has moved the police department to a more physical and personal level and kept the crime rate from rising. He is one of the reasons our campus is the safe place it is today. : ! Photo b) Sh.jwn Jenkins Top: Two co-eds use the card system to get into Crosby Hall. Bottom: (L to R)Emmanuel Williams, Linda Christian, and Reggie Blanchard pose before a blue emergancy light. The two young men are in the Rebel Patrol. Student Life 57 I Administration Co-Editors : Jennifer Busiiong Jonna Jones .. 38 Administration ? - ' ;s f v •v " f -4 . ■ Iministrators, teachei s, and ad- ,visors; those people who induce the Istressful times into our college lives, frustrations in the offices, we won ' t [even talk about registration or the Bur- Isar, 5 tests in one week, tenure, the [list goes on and on. These are the same people who will Igive us the knowledge, strength, and capabilities to meet our futures with a smile, grace, and confidence. istration 59 GOVERNOR KIRK FORDICE Kirk Fordice, prior to his election as Governor, lived in Vicksburg, Mississip- pi, for more than 30 years. He earned a bachelor ' s degree in civil engineering in 1956 and a master ' s degree in indus- trial management in 1957 from Purdue University. He was a member of Tau Beta Pi, the engineering honorary, and Chi Epsilon, the civil engineering hon- orary. Following graduation he served two years as an engineer officer in the U.S. Army. In 1977, he retired from the Army Reserve at the rank of colonel. Before his election as Governor, he was a professional engineer and president of Fordice Construction Company, which specializes in heavy construction and highway bridge construction. He is past president of the Associated Gener- al Contractors, whose 32,000 member companies represent 3.5 million em- ployees, making it the largest trade as- sociation in the construction industry. While president, he was recognized by the minority Contractors Association for the work he did to improve relations between the associations. Living up to his businessman-governor reputation. Governor Fordice has suc- cessfully s upported fiscally responsible legislation that allows the State to bud- get only 98% of its projected revenues and establishes a rainy day fund to avoid budget cuts. He also assured passage of one of the country ' s most sweeping civil justice reform measures, and elimination of capital gains tax- ation on Mississippi investments, a $0 to $5 million increase in tourism fund- ing for the State, an aggressive prison- building program , and Mississippi ' s first-ever comprehensive welfare re- form legislation. Since beginning his hands-on, CEO to CEO " approach to industry recruitment two years ago, 113,000 net new jobs have been cre- ated in the State of Mississippi — one of the largest increases in recent his- tory. At the same time, Kirk Fordice has doubled the amount of capital invest- ment in Mississippi by approximately $2.7 billi ;i , While creating private sec- tor jobs, b:cknets show that Governor Fordice has iiaited government bu- reaucracy grov.ih hy systematically cut- ting out almost 2C()0 state government positions and elimination agency waste at a savings of more than $50 million to the people of Mississippi. In 1994, the Washington, D.C. based Cato Institute recognized Govemor Fordice as one of only three governors in the nation to receive an A grade for fiscal policy. Governor Fordice and his wife, the for- mer Patricia Owens, have four children Fron Bi and seven grandchildren. They have been active United Methodist Church, in Vicksburg, Mississippi, Photo by Hawkins in the Crawford for many years. Photography Street 60 Administrations BOARD OF TRUSTEES 1994 - 1995 Board of Trustees Front Row : (Left to Right) - Ricki R. Garrett, Clinton; Diane Martin Miller, President, QulfJDort; Sidney L. Rushing, Qulfport; W. Ray Cleere, Commissioner, Jackson; Cass Pennington, Indianola Back Row: (Left to Right) - Han McGahey Baker, Vice-President, Winona; William S. Crawford, Meridian; Carl riicholson,Jr., Hattiesburg; Will A. Hickman, Oxford; J. P. " Jake " Mills, Tupelo; Frank Crosthwait,Jr., Indianola; J. Marlin Ivey, Kosciusko; and James W. Luvene, Holly Springs Administrations 61 CHANCELLOR R. GERALD TURNER Just as the University of Mississippi began its ISOtln anniversary celebra- tion of its ctiartering tlnis year, Chan- cellor R. Gerald Turner marked an im- portant date-his 10th anniversary as the University ' s 22nd chief executive. Since 1984, Dr. Turner has worked to promote and support excellence in Mississippi higher education-not just for the University he leads but for all the state ' s institution of higher learn- ing. Chancellor Tumer ' s administration has brought to fruition an unprece- dented period of construction on both campuses. Over $200 million in new construction, in fact, has been com- pleted or is underway or approved for planning on both campuses. Collabo- rative efforts resulted in privately gen- erated funds to construct the Medical Pavilion, Children ' s Cancer Clinic, Ronald McDonald House and the Ar- thur C. Quyton Laboratory Research Building at The University of Mississip- pi Medical Center(UMMC). Currently, $100 million in construction is un- derway at UMMC, bringing about the largest, most dramatic changes to the UMMC physical plant and programs since the School of Medicine moved to Jackson in 1955. He and his wife, Gail, have two daughters, Jessica, a senior at Oxford High, and Angela Turner Wilson, a 1994 graduate of Ole Miss. Angela is attending the Mew England Conserva- tory of Music and her husband, Mi- chael, also a 1994 graduate of Ole Miss, is studying law at the Mew Eng- land School of Law. 62 Administrations VICE CHAPiCELLORS Don Fruge University Affairs Donald C. Peters Student Affairs I 1 i Hi ' mKk 1 R m ' Doyle Russell Administrative Affairs Gerald Walton Academic Affairs Les Wyatt Executive Affairs Administrations 63 Accounting Dean James Davis 64 Administrations The School of Accountancy is unique in that it is one of the few in the country that is not simply a department within the busi- ness school. At Ole Miss, the School of Accountancy is com- pletely separate and was esta- blished sixteen years ago. The school awards a Bachelor of Ac- countancy after four years and a Masters degree after five years. The School of Accountancy is ftilly accredited at both the Bach- elors and Masters level. Students completing a program in ac- counting are very well prepared for jobs in CPA firms, industry, education, or government as well as for professional exami- nation. Photo by Brooke Beard Photo by BrooKe bi. Administrations 65 Business Dean Randy Boxx Above: Public speaking is a tough chore, but the School of Business offers opportunities at every turn. Below: Computer knowledge is a necessary skill in the job market, no matter what career you choose, especially business. 66 Administrations Established in 1917, the School of Business Administra- tion is committed to preparing students to b e future leaders in business, govemment, and oth- er organizations. The School ' s comprehensive programs pro- vide students with a professional background in economics, fi- nance, management, marketing, operations, accounting, informa- tion technology, statistics and quantitative methods. The School of Business Administra- tion is fully accredited at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, with a mission that em- phasizes quality and continuous, improvement in teaching, scho- larly research, and service. Far Above: Taking a breather between classes, business majors need every break they can get. Above: Courtney Eason and Allison Sisk, both marketing majors, study for midterm exams. Administrations 67 Created in 1903, the School of Education is dedicated to the preparation of persons for effective leadership and ser- vice in school, home, and community. The mission of the school is to prepare skilled professionals who positively and effectively interact with all persons regardless of race, culture, gender, age, ability and or development level. The School of Education prepares leaders in the areas of teach- ing, exercise science, leisure management, fashion mer-_ chandising, dietetics and ser- vice management. m fc J tI W i m " • " ■m ' mmm i -• t ■ •.r ; Ah ' . ' . -f . ' » •• Photo by Julie McEachem Far Above: Education students are working to provide a better future for our kids and the country as a whole. Above: Relaxing in the „ circle is an integral part of school here at Ole Miss. 68 Administrations Education Dean James Payne I ' holo lj Jalii- Administrations 69 70 Administrations The University of Mississippi Engineering School was foun- ded in 1854. Headed by Dean Allie M. Smith, the Ole Miss School of Engineering is pres- ently the oldest school of its kind in the state and this southern territory. Comprised of six academic departments, the programs offered stress the engineering sciences and are based on natural sciences and mathematical concepts. Advancing student career objectives such as medicine. Jaw, or business, the Engineer- " ing School has produced many of the nations leaders. raw ttoove: Computers mark the present and the future in Engineering. Above: Engineering is more than just computers and brains, a lot of hands-on work is also done. Engineering Dean Allie M. Smith Administrations 71 The University of Mississip- pi offered its first courses in 1848. Graduate courses leading to a master ' s degree were offered beginning in 1870, and its first Pii.D. de- gree was awarded in 1893. Tiie Graduate School of the University of Mississippi was established in 1927 to coor- dinate and administer gradu- ate study and research at the University. Michael R. Dinger- son is the current and sev- enth Dean of the School, lo- cated on the ground floor of the Old Chemistry building. i Photo by Mhoeneek Milliard " y . 72 Administrations Photo by Brooke Beard Graduate School Dean Michael Dingerson Photo by BrooKe Beard Admjnistrations 73 Established in 1854, tiie University of Mississippi Law School is the fourth oldest state-supported law school in the country. It is fully ap- proved by the national accrediting agencies, is a member of the Associa- tion of American Law Schools, and is listed as an approved school by the American Bar Association. The building which houses the law school is one of the best designed and equipped law teaching facilities in the United States. A model law teaching facility, the building features six classrooms, three seminar rooms, and a library with seating for four hundred sixty-five. Also included in the law school is a Moot Court area with two fully equipped courtrooms, two witness rooms, and a jury room. Each year, the law school has enroll- ment of approximately five hundred students. 74 Administrations Law School Dean Louis Westerfield Photo by Matt Mitchell Administrations 75 LIBERAL ARTS Dean H. Dale Abadie 76 Administrations Founded in 1848 with only four professors, the College of Liberal Arts is the oldest and largest division of the University. It offers a broad and comprehen- sive course of study including most areas of knowledge in the humanities, the fine arts, and the biological, physical, and social sciences. Students seeking a general education may acquire intellectual and civic compe- tence; lay the broad foundation needed for specialized training in law, medicine, theology, and other professional fields; pre- pare themselves for advanced study, research, and teaching in_ the humanities, fine arts, and sciences. riiDii. bj eiisuii Cod Far Above: Yes, scuba diving is a major! Actually, Leisure Management covers many areas of recreational activity. Above: History majors have a tremendous opportunity to view relics In thie museums around Oxford. Administrations 77 Dean Kenneth B. Roberts Pharmacy 78 Administrations The School of Pharmacy, established in 1908, is recognized among the finest pharmacy education institutions in the country. With world class programs in natural products chemistry and pharmaceutical marketing, the School has established an outstanding record of achievement in teaching, research, service and patient care. The professional degree programs, the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees, prepare students for challenging careers in pharmacy practice. Recent program addi- tions include the new Bachelor of Science in Phar- maceutical Sciences and an entry-level Doctor of Phar- macy degree as well as the long standing Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Professional program students are prepared for challenging careers as practitioners in therapeutics management, patient counseling and medication utilization evaluation. Pharmacists practice in various specialty environments including institution- al, geriatrics, pediatrics, medicine, psychopharmacy, nutritional support, ambulatory care, community pharmacy, long term care and other emerging areas. In addition to traditional pharmacy practice environ- ments, graduates find opportunities in various sectors of the pharmaceutical industry, governmental agen- cies and academia. Pharmacy offers diverse career opportunities in science, research, management, " marketing, administration, teaching, service and pa- tient care. Far Above: " The correct answer is... " AboverStudy, study, study if you want to pass Administrations 79 Administration Eugene R. Anderson Chair ofExcercise Science and Leisure Management riolan Aughenbaugh Acting CiTair Dept. of Geology and Geological Engineering Steven Averett Acting Director of Law Library Henry Bass nCPA, Physics and Astronomy Danny Benjamin Director of Auditing Pete Boone Athletic Director Raleigh H. Byars Small Business Development Buddy Chain Director of personnel Charles I.. Clark Assistant Vice Cfiancellor Public services and Continuing Studies Janice Bounds Chair of Court Reporting Dana Brammer Director Public Policy Research Center « ' M f Ulmer Bullock Director of Food Services IE w T ■ J 80 Administrations Mary Ann Connell University Attorney Robert P. Cook Engineering CIS Thomas A. Crowe Chair Communicative Disorders Eric Dahl Director Student health Services John Daigle Director Center of Wireless Communication Michael Danahy Chair of Nodem Languages Larry Debord Chair Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology Herbert Dewees Executive Director of Alumni Affairs S. Gale Denley General Manager, Student Media Administrations 81 Administration William Ferris Director Center for Study of Southern Culture Dewey Gamer Chair Phannacy Adrrunistration Jack Gamer Bursar Margaret Gorove Chair Dept. Of Art Linda Qoza Director University Writing Center Lt. Col. Stephen Gray Chair Dept. Air Froce ROTC Aerospace Robert M. Hackett Chair Civil Engineering Paul Hale Director of Physical Plant David Hargrove Chair Dept. of Psychology Michael Harrington Chair of Philosophy and Keligion Monroe Harrison Director of Stud ' ii tl0U ! ' i( Joanne Hau K Director of Sarsh I so t . Ce i(ei 82 Administrations i Dr. Rees T. Bowen H.E. Peery Chair and Professor My recent teaching assignment consists of taxation courses in the School of Accountancy, commencing Fall semester, 1994. Much earlier in my life, in Graduate and Law Schools at the University, I first taught Introductory Ac- counting as an instructor. In the professional practice of accountancy and law most of my career; however, I taught many courses during that time, including a course in the Masters of Taxation program at Baylor University and was also responsible for designing and teaching firm-wide training programs. Developing tomorrows business leaders is an important role of the School of Accountancy. Taxation plays a significant part in all major business decisions. Encouraging and teaching students to comprehend complex tax is- sues solutions assists in broadening the students ability to undertake other difificult assignments. My career with public accounting, law and teaching has been focused on business and taxation. The intellectual challenge of mastering complex tax- driven techniques and applying the techniques to varying business situations, led me into the careeer I have followed. Teaching alllows one to develop others; to give something back ft-om the experiences leamed and mastered. The student should be prepared to understand that complexity is part of our tax law. That complexity often leads to a lack ofa clear " black or white " answer to a problem. Often the tax law provides opportunities for planning through unanswered questions. The student studying taxation must leam to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty, searching to find the opportunity that exists. 1 would like the students to remember me as a mentor; someone who challenged, building their self-confidence and integrity. A quote I like is by Winston Churchill: " Never, never give up! " Robert Haws Chair Dept. of History Thomas Hoar Director of Publications Shelia Hood Director of Career Services and Placement Thomas Hood Director of Financial Aid Glenn Hopkins Chair Dept. of Mathematics Beckett Howorth Director ofAmlsslorts and Records Administrations 83 Administration Samir Husni Acting Chair Dept. of Journalism Leslie Johnson Director Mississippi Judicial College Alan B. Jones Pharrriaceutics Chair Don Jones Director Teleproductions Resource Center Jean Jones Director Student Development i i V Col.J W Kahler Chair Dept. of naval S imce Mickey Smith F.A.P. Barnard Professor of Parmacy Administration He has been on the faculty since 1966. He currently teaches an Introduction to Pharmacy course and a course in Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing for Undergraduates. At the graduate level the course is Advanced Pharmaceutical Marketing as well as directing these courses and dissertations. Smith sees his department leading pharmacy and pharmaceuticals into the future. He states that Ole Miss has an international reputation in pharmaceutical marketing and mangement. Smith made two career choices. The first was pharmacy and he was influenced while he was in high school. The second choice was to teach and it was influenced by two people, A professor from his alma mater and then by the late Dean Charles Hartman at Ole Miss. To students interested in enrolling in his class he suggests you listen, read, open your mind to anything inside or outside the classroom that will expand your understanding of your world. What he would like students to remember about him is that he has respected the students as future colleagues in his profession of Pharmacy and tried to make learning a pleasurable experience. He has two favorite questions: " No Man is exempt from speaking nonsense. The mistake is to do it solemnly. " by Montaigne and " If you done it, it ain ' t braggin " by " Dizzy " Dean. 84 Administrations Bill Kitigery Directing Recreational Sewices Bonnie Krause Director of University Museums James Kushlan Cliair Bioiogy Donald R. Cole Assistant Dean of the Graduate Schoool and Associate Professor of Mathematics I have a total of more than five years teaching here at the University. I am currently teaching a graduate mathematics course {Partial Differential Equations). My field of mathematics has alw ays been and will always be among the core of any undergraduate curriculum at this institution. I see my field as one which prepares this nation with quality teachers, and sup- port scientific research. I was never a good debater nor did I like debating. My earlier years in mathematics provided me with opportunities to express myself without debate. Many admirable and concerned teachers were at the right place at the right time in my life to influence and encourage me into my discipline of study. My career choice was influenced much by the beauty of the subject and the rational inferences obtained from its study. My advice to a student entering my class would be don ' t miss a single day of class. Help me in making the class both enjoyable and beneficial. Picture the subject as a foreign language- the more you talk about it, the more fluent you will become. I would want students to remember that I made the class interes ting, " he taught me more than mathematics. He added more that what I could have read in the book. " Remember - " The race is not given to the swift, but to him that endure to the end " Deeborah Love Director Afflrmitiue Action Roger Lyies Director of Purchasing mpi Gregory Mahler Chair of Political Science ' Wo ) Administrations 85 Administration Josephine Martin tiationat Food Service Management Institute John Meador Dean University Libraries Ed Meek Director of Public Reiations and Resource Development Ardessa Minor Director of the Learning Development Center Allen Qlisson, Jr. Professor of Electrical Engineering 1 have been teaching at Die Miss since 1978. 1 regularly teach the undergraduate electrical engineering courses Modulation, Noise and Communications and Digital Systems Laboratoryand the graduate course Numerical Methods in Electromagnetics. I have also taught the undergraduate courses Engineering mathematics and Electric Curcuit Theory and Laboratory, and graduate special topics courses in Green s Functions and Dielectric Resonator Antennas. The field of engineering, in general, and my own field of electrical engineering should grow stronger at Die Miss in the Future. The need for engineers with a broad- based engineering science background will increase with our increas- ingly complex technology. We have outstanding faculty members who continue to extend our knowledge through research and to provide students wdth an up-to-date engineering education. I chose the field of electrical engineering because I was interested in designing or " tinkering " with things, and because I enjoyed math- ematics. Engineering provided me with the opportunity to combine these interests in a rapidly changing field where I can always look forward to something new. As a professor, the interaction with students and participation in research is both fun and rewarding. 1 would advise a student enrolling in my class to be prepared to work hard, to ask questions in class when something is not clear, and to seek help outside of class if it is needed. I hope that my students will remember me as someone who required them to work hard, but who was fair, who was interested in their success, and who did whatever he could to help them leam if they put forth the necessary effort. " Always do the best you can, no matter how small the task. If something is worth doing, its worth doing right. " 86 Administrations Dwight Morse Military Science Robert Moysey Chair Dept. of Classics James nichols Director Bureau of University Planning and Institution Research Robert Osterling Director of Continuing Studies Ernest Oliver Ole Miss Bookstore Steven Owens University Development Joseph Q.P. Paolillo Management and Marl eting Columbus H. Pusey Registrar Jefferey Roux Chair Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Bob Samuels Publishing Center James Shollenberger Chair Dept. of Theatre Arts Robert D. Sindelar Medicinal Chemistry _.Liation5 87 Administration nolan Shepard Director International Programs Charles Smith Chair Dept. of Electrical engineering Erskine Smith Director Nome Economics Andrew Stefani Chair Dept. of Chemistry Mike Stewart Chief University Police Dept. Peter SuKanek Chair Chemical Engineering John D. Johnson Associate Professor of Management and Marketing I have been teaching at Ole Miss for six years. Before coming to Die Miss I was an assistant professor of Econom ics at Southem Methodist University in Dallas, Texas where I tought micro and macro economics as well as case studied in finance. Upon arriving at Ole Miss I was an Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance. At the undergraduate level I taught principles of micro-economics, managerial economics, first and second semester statis- tics. I also taught graduate courses in managerial economics and statistics. While teaching the graduate statistics course I fully integrated the use of microcomputers and spreedsheets into the course. In 1990 1 moved to tyhe department of Management and Marketing to teach management informa- tion systems. I have taught undergraduate Intro to MIS course as well as our intermediate MIS (MIS 309) course. I also teach a course on decision support systems, expert systems, and neural networks. At the graduate level I teach the M.B.A. core MIS course and a Ph.D. seminar on neural networks. Information systems are at the center of all that we do or will do in the future. 1 see Ole Miss as becoming nationally recognized as a major player in information system research, most notably in highly computational activities. One of my major interests is in neural networks, which are highly simplified computer models of the brain. These models are capable of changing the way we think about computers and the way they interact with us. My career choice was influenced most by my desire to learn. Being a professor is one of the greatest opportunities in the world to be constantly involved in leaming and expanding ones mind. I think professor and students form a community of scholars involved in pushing forward the boundaries of knowledge. The greatest advice I can give to students is to see the vision of this community. A university is a place to come to expand ones vision, not merely a place to obtain a degree. A student should desire to leam in order to cleariy view the worid. 1 want students to remember me as a person who sparks their interest to be creative in expanding the frontiers of knowledge. My favorite quote is " Great spirits have always encountered violent opposi- tion from mediocre minds " Albert Einstein. 88 Administrations Judy Trott Dean of Students Ronald Vemon Chair, Music Thomas D. Wallace Associate Vice Cl ancellor of Student Affairs John W. Winkle III Professor of Political Science He has been here for 20 years teaching constitutional law, judicial behavior, and law and literature, among others. He sees the study of law and politics continuing to be a vital part of the curriculum in the College of Liberal Arts. An understanding of legal and political forces is essential to a well-rounded ed- ucation and ultimately to informed participation in our dem- ocratic society. When asked what influenced him to study American govern- ment he says that working for a U.S. Senator in Washington D.C. inspired him. While at Duke University Professor Peter Fish showed him the way to academia. His advice for students who take his class is to come with an energetic curiosity, an attentive mind, and a willingness to take intellectual risks. He wants students to remember he challenged me to reach be- yond myself intellectually, and he respected me as an individu- al. His favorite quote: " Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things. " Philippi- ans Daniel Williams Chair .English David Willson Director of University Bands n. Keith Womer Eco iom ics rinance Classes Editor: Jodi Jordan i i 1 90 Classes " f, f " ' V ' ■•w V fSi, % •%■ - W i( arents tell us that the best fnen we ' ll ever have are the friends that we ' ll make in college. During our stay here, we help each other and watch each oth- er along the way. From freshman year to graduation, we all grow and leam to- gether. We share hello ' s, dorm life (good roommates and bad) , not getting mail, getting too much junk mail, new friends, fire alarms at 3 am, credit ca rds, Itears, laughs, and along the way a few goodbyes. The students are what makes the University what it is and through it all, these are the people you will remem- ber when you look back on your days here at Ole Miss. •■5 91 Abbott, Leigh; Bus., Tn., M Abraham, Lisa: Educ, IL ,116 Aderholdt, Danielle; Eng. Allen, Bella; in Allen, Krisi; Bus. Allen, Brooke; Bio. Allendorph, Treble; Fhy.Ther., LA Anderson, Adrienne; Fhy.Ther., AAA Anderson, Ryan; Lib. Arts; 2)X Annestedt, Amy; Educ, TM, . An Arant, Jeremy; Mkt., AR Ashley, Kellan; Eng. Avant, Stacey; AOII Averett, Amy; Psych. Ayers, Ferrel; Pol.Sci., CA. AI " Baggett, Michael; Physics Bain, Hope Baker, Colleen; Bus., AR Baker, Deidre; Eng. Ballew, Bess; Xfi Barber, Media; Fre-Law Barker. Lauren; XS! Barkley, Ty; Chem., AR Barnes, Mistie; Pre-Med Barron, Chet; Pharm., LA Baskett, Latania; Bio.Sci. Bass, Cheryl; TPI Bass, Christie; Lib.Arts Batog, Michael; Acct., PL, rA Baumann, Lynn; Eng., AR Beard, E. Brook; Hist., QA, Aon Beauchamp, Todd; AccL, CA, S E Behm, Bill; Pre-Med, Trt, iX Bell, Joel; Eng,, MO Benoit, Qermaine; Fhy.Ther., LA,XS! Berry, SheRonda; Eng. Berryhill, Tim; Eng., LA Bills, Kirby; Pre-Med, XSi Black, Brandon; Phil. Blackburn, Lynn; Lib.Arts, TX, Xi! Boatman, Anita; Eng., TH, IIB Roone, Anne; Leis. Mgmt, QA, Xi! 92 Freshmen Boone, Daphnie BoncosKy, Brenna; L. Arts, IL, AA0 Braddock, Hope: Lib. Arts, Xf! Brasell, Justine; Bus., EN Breeding, John; Lib. Arts Brewer, Leigha; Lib. Arts Bridgewater, Chris; Eng. Brodofsl y, Heather; Bus., ZTA Brooks, Emily; Lib. Arts Brown, Andrea; Lib. Arts, AR, AAA Brown, Angela; Lib. Arts Brown, Bent; Lib. Arts, K Brown, Lawanda; Lib. Arts Brown, Michael; Eng. Browning, Greg; Lib. Arts, i KT Bryan, Robert; Eng. Bryant, Carrie; Lib. Arts, AF Bums, Chris; Lib. Arts, TO Bumgardner, Ben; Lib. Arts, S$E Cain, Tracey; Lib. Arts, OB Cann, Carrie; Lib. Arts, FL Cannon, Christie; Lib. Arts Capers, Jamie; Lib. Arts, SC Capers, Jamie; Lib. Arts, SC Cariisle, Karen; Lib. Arts, AOn Carpenter, Preston; Bus., TO, 2 Carter, Judson; Lib. Arts, LA Case Chad; Accy Case Jr., James; Lib. Arts Casey, Cort:; Bus. Sch., TM Castellano, Janine; L. Arts, Fl, KKF Caston, Renee; Lib. Arts Catlin, Keith; Accy, Fl, SX Champion, Clarissa; Lib. Arts, ZTA Chancy, Craig; Eng., UT Chastain, Amanda; Lib. Arts, Fl, AF Cheek, Amy; Lib. Arts Cheng, Ming Fai; lEP, Hong Kong Childress, Robin; Educ, KA Childs, Chesley; Bus. S :h. Clark, Marcus; Lib. Aiti Clark, Missy; Lib. Aits Freshmen 93 Corley, Shane; For. Sci. Cole, Candice; Pre-Opt. Cole, Jennifer; Educ, AF Cole, Julie; OK, KKP Coleman, Lee; 2X Collins, Karen; KY, AOn Comfort, Jason; Pol.Sci., 800 Commerce, rieil; VA, 8011 Cowan, Amy; Joum., TM, ZTA Cox, Kristin; in, " tM Crabtree, Lance; Qeo., VA, I rA Craddock, Shelby; Acct. Cravens, Candi; Acct., MO, . 0n Cvitanovich, Chris; Bus., LA Crumbley, Stacy; Psych. Cullins, Jennipher; Psych. Cummings, Karrie; Pre-Med, Tn Cunningham, Andy; Bus. Cunningham, Sarah; Joum. Cunnon Jr., George; Physics Dalomba, Jason; Pre-Med Dancy, Mike; Bus., Tn Daniel, Marion; AAA Darden, Laurie; Lib. Arts, AI ' Davis. Cliff; Acct., TM DeCoudres, Jennifer; Educ, AL, M Demilio, Peter; Acct., i B Denman, Rena; Phy. Ther. Didier, Lee Ellen; Acct., AP Dixon, Jonathan; Theatre, TX Dobbs, Claire; Lib. Arts, AF Dodson, Jenny; Lib. Arts, TX, IIB Doss, Burton M.; Bus., IL, M ' A Duke, Cole; Eng., IL, : K Dunnlgan, Kelly; Bus., LA Durris, April; Electrical Eng. Dyess, Julie; Chem. Eng. Dykes, Dabney; Joum., LA, ZT. Earp, Elizabeth; Mursing, AAA Easterling 111, Jay; Phy. Ther. Eaves, Tiffany; Lib. Arts; AI ' Edge, David; Electrical Eng. 94 Freshmen Elfert, Thomas; Bus., iAQ Ellington, Bethany; Lib. Art, KA Elmore, Paige; Lib. Art, AAIl Ertle, Stephanie; Phy. Ther. Ervine, Hally;Bus., TX, IIB Eubanks, Mark; Math, 2N Evans, Debra; Bus. Evans, Elliot; Fre-Med., TM Farrell, Ann; Bus., XS2 Ferrell, Dena; Mrkt., M Ferrell, Jami; Pol. Sci., rindley, Mary Kelly; Soc. Wk., Xa Finke, Beverly; Pre-Med Flautt, Braxton; nursing, TM, AAA Ford, Grant; Math Foster, Doug; Joum. Frazier, Stephanie; Educ, AF Fredlake, Jamie; Lib. Art, in, $M Fry, Hap; Lib. Art, OK, ■S-FA Fryzel, Kimberly; Bus., FL, I M Gaines, Heather; Comm. Dis., 0M Galls, Heard; Bus., GA, SX Gamer, LeAnne; Eng., Til, KA0 Gary, Leila; Math Gary, Makemia; Acct. Gassaway, Sam; Bus., TPi, i A0 Gaston, Jennifer; Lib. Art, AAn Gatlin, Monica; Pol. Sci. Qearhart, Jason; Bio., AR, S E George, Qretta; Bio., TI , KA0 Gilliam, Justin; Ex. Sci. Giuliano, Amy; Joum., QA, KA0 Goin, Altie; Pre-Med., AR Goodwin, Melanie; Lib. AR Goolsby, Anthony; Phy. Ther. Grabowsky, noelle; Drama, GA Griffin, Robin; Acct. Grafton, Crystal; Fre-Med, AOH Graham, Will; Lib. Art, Tri, ' Qrandy, Monica; Lib. Ai Greene, Matt; Bus.. L; . Greer, Kris; Pol. Sd., LA, Aaii Freshmen 95 Qresham, Elizabeth; Bus.. XS) Quidry. Amy; Fre-Med., LA. . OII QiiUedge, James; MIS Qunther, Jennifer; Lib. Art, LA, ZT. Quy, Jennifer; Int. Design, AOIl Hadank, Amy; MIS, AOn Hale, Misty; Art Mall, Billy; Bus., :: E Hall. Susan; Art. 9. Hall, Valerie; Court Rep. Hamed, Piabil; Eng. Harper, Louise Anne; Fre-Med., Harrell, Ashley; Lib. Art. AR Hartley, Sara; Bus., OH Harwell, Heather; Educ, TX Hauck, Read; Bus., iN Haverlah, Susie; Fsy., TX Hawkins, Dennis P.; Ace., Tfl, . TSi Hawkins, Sarah; Bus., KY, M Heam, Zachary; FOI. Sci., FA, Meiden, Kimberely; Bus., QA, ZT. Henry, Dawn; Bio., IL Herrman, Cory; Sp. Med., FL, B0II Hillhouse, Toni; Lib. Art Hohorst, Megan; LA Holland, Emily; Lib. Art, FL, M Hooker, Tricia; Acct. Horan, Heather; Eng. Homer, Karen; Eng., TM Hounihan, Brandy; Educ, TM, AMI Howell, Holly; Educ, AAA Hudson, David; Bus., . TS! Hunt, David; Elec Eng. Inzer, Shannon; Lib. Art, AK, AOIl Jacob, Rebekah; AAA Jenkins, Paul; Bio. Jensen, Gordon; Chem. Eng Johnson, Alexandra; Int. Design, AL Johnson, Chad; Fre-Opt. Jones, Chris; Acct. Jones, David; Lib. Art Jones, Jana; Dietetics; M 96 Freshmen Jones, Jennifer; Joum., KA0 Jones, William; Pol. Sci., Tn Jowers, Stacy; Psy., TX, AAA Justice, Jeremy; Comp. Sci. Kayse, Lucinda; Civil Eng., KY l ehoe, Mary Clare; Pol. Sci, M Keller, Kara; Bus., AR Keller, Mark; Comp. Sci., TM Kennedy, Brad; Therapy Kimbel, Karly; Bio., AR, -WU Kincade, Allison; HE King, Jenifer; Acct., AF Klepzig, Maggie; Acct. LaSaiie, Heather; Pre-Med., LA Lavacki, Melissa; Educ, I M Lawrence, Amy; Educ. Lawrence, Robert; Br. Jour., IL, X Laws, Schuyler; Bio. Lee, Brooke; Educ. Lee, Christian; Pol. Sci., Tn Lee, Heather; Med. Tech. Lee, Martha ; Spec. Ed., TX, M Lee, Michael; Pol. Sci. Lee, Renika; Pre-Med. Leopard, Jackie; Bus. Lesley, Melinda; Pre-nursing Leslie, Corina; Educ, AL Leung, Cammy; Eng., HK Lewis, Marty; Civil Eng., PA Liles, Lucy; Educ, AOII Lockwood, Wendy; Bus. Loftin, Emily; Acct. Lomax, Molly; Bus. Lomax, nikie; Eng. Lott, Matt; Civil Eng. Lusk, Mary Margaret; Lib. Art, Xfi Louis, Helen; Lib. Art, XSJ Low, Chee Meng; Bus. Lynch, Carter; Psy., VA, M Magee, Mary Margaret; Joumi., KA Makey, Micola; Lib. .■Vrt. iAA Malone, Allison; AL, i!8 Freshmen 97 Elizabeth, Carrie, Johnna, Emmy, and Karen get togetl er before starting the weekly meeting of Rebels With a Cause in order to team more about certain issues in order to educate fellow students. D. Motley, M. Logan. Q, Barkett, £. Clark, K. Bennington, ft. Bottorff, L.Boone, M. Brown, C.Holcomb, n. Hotcomb, S. Trusty, S. Balcemo, t . Currry, J. Ferguson,fi. Seguin, T. Crawford, J.Vigil, E.Johnson, K. Jennings,E. Cenzalll, L. tiraus, M. Taylor, A. Hutchinson, C. Moore, E. nosey, K. Davis, P. Bums, M. Stroud Malone, Kirsten: hursing, AL, I1B I Marsh, Erin; Int. Bus. Martin. Henry; El. Eng., .V ' l ' .! Mattison, Qena; Lib. Art. AI ' May. Edward; Acct., Tn, . T ' .; May, Lori Ellen; Acct., AL, K. w McAnally, Jonathan; MIS McCllntock, Whitney; Acct., IIH McCollum, Ginger; Mus. Educ, K. (-) McCoy, April; Educ, AR. . 01I McCoy, Brian; Fsy., - 1 K McCraw, Matt; :;X I 98 Freshmen Uoimn ' ,6m K. Gregory, B. Wait, B. Strickland, J. Moore, S. tiezlep, K.Cantretl, KReddy, C. King, K. Schnoberg,T. Craddock, E. Cheathem, t1. Maclemore, L. Tribble, L Tonstall, Tiffany, tiristen, and l ura are so enttiusiastic about being a part of Rebels With a Cause, as they prepare for the upcoming events of AIDS Awareness Week. McDaniel, Ben: Mech. Eng., TO McQee, Mitzi; Comp. Sci. McQhee, Jennifer; Fsy. NcQonagill, Tina; Lib. Art McQregory, Eleni; Pol. Sci., CA, ZT. Mclnteer, Braden; Lib. Arts, LA McKey, Mancy; Lib. Art, Af Mcl air, t mberely; Dielti:; McneilL Chris; Pol. Sci., OA, 1. J Merciiant, Mesha; Therafiv Messenger, Kellv ' " - " E Mister. Karriiel, 1: Freshmen 99 Mitchell, John; Fsy., IL Mixon, Amanda; Eng. Lit Phil. Moomey, Butch; Bus., AR l 1oore, Marie; Lib. Art, AT Morgan, Cassandra; Bio. Morgan, Standon; Acct. Morris, Tina; Joum., LA Morrison, William; For. Sci., n Murphy, Brian; Eng., IL Myles, Benita Meely, Turkesha; Chem. Eng. newton, Ben; Pol. Sci. riewton. Matt; Bus. MIcholas, Jeff; Art Adv., TM, . TO lilcholas, Mark; Chem. Eng. Oglesby, Kristeen; Bus., TX, AAD Otto, Mancy; Joum., TX, IIB Parker, Ashley; Lib. Art, TM, KA0 Patterson, Stacy; Bio. Patton, Cathryn; Comm. Dis., AOn Fedigo, Phillip; Eng., Tn, B0I1 Ferry, Kathryn; Mrkt., in, KAB Peterson, Bethany; For. Sci., Til Petty, Lachell; Bio. Pilgrim, Michael; Comp. Sci. Fovall, Mary Eliszabeth; XS! Prater, Tara; Pre-Med., KA0 Pratt, Geoffrey; Civil Eng., MM Frefontaine, Kevin; Comm., m, HKA Premathilake, Kumudika;Eng,S.L. Frewett, Emily; Mech. Eng. Price III, Henry; MM, K I ' Proctor, Jamaes; Oen. Eng., LA Fryor, Billie; Court Rep. Rader, Chris; Pol. Sci., OM, JIA Ralney, Brad; Eng., TM, S E Rakow, K.C.; Bus., TM, Kl Ratcliffe, Bryant; Bus., KA Rayford, Shane; Pol. Sci., La, rA Reed, Tanisha; El. Eng., QA Relchle, Hank; History, A(-) Renaud, Jason; Comp. Sci., MO 100 rreshmen li Vi- nk Rhoden, Chad; Bio. Richardson Renee; Lib. Art Rico, William; Fre-Med Ridden, Robin; Lib. Art, HB Riley, Cesarina; Fsy., in, AOn Riley, Tatum; Educ, Xn Robinson, Leigh; Mursing, Xn Robinson, Molly; Lib. Arts, AT Rogers, Claire; riursing Rogers, Julie; Civ. Eng., TM, AF Rogge, Sarah; Eng., TX, KA0 Rougon, Qinny; Qr. Des., LA, KKP Russell, Ashley; Lib. Arts, MO, M Salisbury, Cary Beth; Bus., TX, M Sandifer, Christine; Lib. Arts, LA, AAA Sarpy, Kathleen; Bio., CT Sasser, Susan; Med. Tech., TM Schwarz, Jennifer; Music, AR, . 0U Seamster, Alison; Bus., LA, KA Searcey, Maggie; Theater, TX, AF Shankle, Charles; Mngmt. Shappley, Katherine; Xfi Sharp, Lee; Eng. Shegog, Jonathan; Banking Shepherd, Cameron; Leis.,TX,AOn Shields, Shana; Acct., M Shipp, Karen; Fsy. Simmons, David; Lib. Art, SX Simmons, Joy; Fre-Law, nB Simmons, LaToya; Bio. Sisk, Adam; Fre-Med., TM, ATQ Smith, Amy; Bio. Smith, C.J.; ZTA Smith. Clint; Chem. Eng. Smith, Rhonda; Merch. Smith, Samantha; Tn Smith, Sarah; Adv., QA, KA Smith, Trisha; Mus. Ed., AL Song, Sen; Biocheni, Speir, Jorja; Fhy. lb Spillers, Jennifer; ;. . Stamps, Paige; Comp. Sci., M freshmen 101 Statom, Gabriel; Mus., AL, KK Steger, nick; Bus., LA, t rA Stephens, Shane; Art Stephenson, Amanda; Joum., AL Stevens, Jennie; ELEducTM, KA Stewart, Ashlye; Eng.,TX, AF Still, Amanda; Lib. Art., AT Stokes, Valeria; E;ng. Psych. Strickland, Dana; Geo. Eng., QA Strider, Lauren; Lib. Art., AT Stringer, Robert; Bio. Swanson, Julie; El. Educ, TN, K. 0 Swayze, Melissa; Lib. Art., XS2 Tallon, Tara; Mus., TX Taylor, Camie; Fharm., AT Taylor, Chrissy; Chem. Tawes, Mary; Crim. JusL, GA, ZT.V Thigpen, Calvin; Lib. Arts, SX Thompson, Laura; Joum. Thompson, Tonja; Acct. Thompson, Tonya; Lib. Arts.AR, M Tinnin, Ashley; Lib. Art., Q Torello, Joseph; Sp. Med., PA, Travillo, Amy; Comm., TX, K.U-) Tribble, Melanie; Phy. Ther. Triplett, Montana; Bus., CA, M Trout, Erin; Mus. Ed., AT Turner, Crytal; Acct. Urmann, Kyle; Lib. Arts, LA Van Camp, Morgan; Comm. ,AL, AAA Van Canneyt; Vocal Perf. Vance, Cindy; Bio. Vinson, heather; Pol. Sci. Vanderburg, Brandon; Bio., AR, S I E Walberg, Lane; Psych. Walden, Laura; Pre-Mcd, AAA Walker, Dawn; Mus. Educ, TB: Walker, Susan; Lib. Arts Wang, hsin-Hui; lEP Wang, Susan; Mech.Eng. Fhysics Wasteney, Cherie; Eng.,rL,K.V0 Weaver, Amanda; Lib. Art.; AI " 102 Freshmen Webster, Dana; Occ. Ther., Tn Wells, Benjamin; Nrkt. White, Amanda; Bus., TM, AMI White, Cameron; Fre-Hurse., AAA White, Jennifer; El. Educ, KKF Whiting, Eric, Eng., FL Whittington, Diane; Psych., AL Wilemon, Lisa; Joum., ' i ' .M Wilkinson, Andy; Math., TH, 2 E WilKinson, Chris; nat. Sci., KT Williamson, April; Fre-Fharm Wimberiy. April; Comm. Dis., Ar Windham, Melissa; Lib. Art., KA Winston, Courtney; Lib. Art., AAA Wong, Elaine; Int. Bus. Wong, nina: Eng. Fhil. Woo, Kenneth; Fre-Fharm, X Wood, Jessica; Joum., ' tM Wooten, Summer; Eng.. AR, KA Word, Amy; Bus., KKT Word, Kathryn; Lib. Art., AF Wright, Alan; Biomed. Sci. Wright, Allison; Comm. Dis., AOn Xu, Sunny; Int. Bus., MA Young, Amy; Fol. Sci., QA Young, Darryl; Mech. Eng., AL Young, Jacquelynne; Bio. Fre-Med Freshmen 105 Allen, Sonja; Pol. 5ci. Allmond, Elizabeth; Speech Path. Anderson, Robert; History, 3X Anderson, Stephen; Public Adm. Andreson, Stephen; Bus., Tn, KT Apel, Therese; Joum., KAQ Arnold, Chad; Finance, MO, ' tKT Aryal, Ashish; Bio. Ash, Stepanie; Pol. Sci., XAU Atkinson, Julie; Lib. Art, AL Baily, Bo; Bio, 2. Bailey, Melissa; Bio. Bailey, Stephanie; Fsy., ZT. Barlow, Lynn; Pharm. Bamette, Kyle; Theater, SC Bean, DeMeka; Bio. Beaugez, Julia; Pharm. Bedwell, Tom; Finance, Tn Beegle, heather; Fashion Merch., Ml Beers, Stephanie; Educ, . OII Bell, Jenney; Bio. Bevill, Jennifer; Bus., .VOU Black, Rogena; Psy. Blossom, Benjamin; Bio., 2X Blount, Katie; Pol. Sci., K. fi Bobo, Chad; Pol. Sci. Bounds, Jennifer; Educ Psy., LA, Bourland. Rebecca; Phann, AAA Boxx, Mary; Fre-Dent., AOIl Boyd, Shelia; Engl., AAA Brannon, Melanie; Bio., TM, FIB Brasher, Kris; Therapy Brawner, Sara; Bio., AAA Breaux, Kelley; Mech. Eng. LA, AOII Brocato, Emily; Joum. A ' i KKr Brodnax, Mora; Joum. SC Adv.. IN! Brookfield, Kathryn; Bus., Tn, AF Brooks, Courtney; Joum., MO, KKF Brooks, Rhonda; Educ. Brown, Chad; Bio., 2X Brown Chan; Bio., i:X Brown, Qreg; Pol. Sci., " tRT 104 Sophomore Browne, Reffique; Eng.,St. Vincent Bubrig, Eric; Ace, LA Buford, Terrence; Pol. Sci. Bush l artin, Martin; Crt. Rep.,AR Buskirk, Katie; Comm. Dis., Ar Butler, Sam; Bio Camaclno, Camille: Fol. Sci.. VA Campbell, Eric; Trench Qerman Campbell, Qeof; Intl. Bus., QA Campbell, Ginny; Lib. Art, AAA Carraway, Kortney; Fash., AAA Carskadden, Canie; Bus.,MD,KKr Casto, Lesley; Bus. Cave, Chris; Fol. Sci., Tfl Chambers, Wendy; Art, KKP Chaney, Kimberly; Joum., m Chang, Thai Heng; Mrkt, Charles, Brinsley; Civil Eng., MA Cheatam, Tory; Bio., . An Chiles, Caroll; Graphic Design Chin, Tanya; Bio. Choo, Ru-Chin; Markt. Ciscel, Jim; Joum. Clark, Rachel; Lib. Art, AL, AAA Cobem, Kenneth; Mech. Eng. Coleman, Courtney; Joum. Collier, Jill; Engl., LA Cook, Tamekia; Fsy. Cooper.Traci; Comm. Dis., MO Craig, Libba; Comm. Dis., AAA Crozier, Danny; Acct., SX Culberson, Anita; Joum. Darnell, Caroline; Fsy., Tn, KA0 Davidson, Johnny; Bus., ATQ Davis, Michael; Bio. Dawson, Charles; Bio. Day, Michael; Leisure M gt., QA Devoto, Billie; Fre-Mursing, MO. IIB Di, , Shawnda; MIS ' Donald, Cheryl; Thi:.. . . , Downs, Russel; Bus., AL Duncan, Melissa; Educ. Sophomore 105 Dunk, Jimmy; Lib. Art, MJ, ATQ Dunnam, Qina; Chem,, J r Dunnam, Ginger; Eng., -ir Dupont, DeAnna; Bus., LA, . 00 Dykes, Stephanie; Fsy., AL, JIB ' t Earvin, Michelle; Acct. Edwards, Carrie; Educ, KY, KKT Edwards, Phoebe; Acct., Tri, KKT Ellis, Brad; Bus. Elwin, Ken; Eng., West Indies Eskridge, Misty; Bus., TN Etheredge, Wade; Bus., QA, : E Faul, Becky; Bio. Faust, George; Joum., LA ferrell. Holly; Bus., I M Ferrell, hatalie; Bus., KA Figura, Kelly; Bus., TX Fincher, Lori; Eng., TO Flatness, Gary; Mech. Eng., TO Flemons, Tasha; Bio. Sci. Flowers, Erin; Pol. Sci., VA Garrison, Charissa; Elect. Eng. Gendosa, Frank; Crim. Just., LA George, Robert; Mursing Gilmore, Earl; Bio. Pre-Med Givens, Jennifer; Bio., KY, KKF Graham, Shelley; Joum. Green, Catherine; Fre-Pharm., ZT. Gregory, Angele; Eng., FL Grenn, Moelle; Mursing, XV. Griffin, Renita; nursing Qrilfis, Jessica; Crt. Rep.. K. (-) Qoss, Kathryn; Eng., AAA Grounds, Rebecca; Mus. Educ , TM Qough, Kevin; Geo. Eng. If Gunnoe, Mauree; Bus. Mrkt., CA Gumo, Michael; Bus. Haley, Josh; Bus. Mrkt., GA, KA Halford, Brandi; Acct., KKF Hallahan, nancy; Joum., MO Hammcrii, Angela; Adm.,LA,A()lI Hanson, Brandi; Elem. Educ, II B4 106 Sophomore Harper, Mary; Math. Harris, Honey; Joum., KAQ Harris, Talteshelia; Civ. Eng. Harrison, Cyntliia; Real Est. Harrison, Emma; Am. St., Cheshire Han ill, Andrea; Pol. Sci., QA, DB Harwell, Ashley; Elem. Educ, TPi, xn Hayes, Ineatha; Mech.Eng. Hoffrnan, Christian; Ex. Sci., LA Hinkle, Dustin; Engl., LA Hilliard, Shantae; Lib. Art;. Hill, Leslie; Acct. Hickman, Kendrick; Acc t. Hewes, Anne; Elem. Educ, OB Herrington, Sheldon; Fre-Med Bio. Herman, Beau; Eng., LA, A Hendry, Courtney; Bus., LA, KA Hazlett, Jason; Ex. Sci., TM Holekamp, Kara; Math., LA Hollimon, Bradford; Bus. Opt., LA Holt, Ginger; Bus., KA Hooper, Sheryl; Acct. Horton, Magdalun; Bio. Hoskin, Karia; Joum. House, Lori; Acct, AP Howe, Teresa; Art Educ. Hudson, Kameron; Chem. Eng., AL number, Anna; Acct., KKL Hutchens, Alvin; Fin., in, I rA Hutchinson, Martha; Eng., in Jackson, Karen; Bus., KA Jackson, Kendra; Fsy., IL Jao, Pei-Hui; Mrkt. Jayasinghe, Amalee; Bio. Sci, Sri- Lanka Jeffries, Jennifer; Bio. Johnson, Juantina; Bio. Pre-Med Johnson, Warren; Fin., AL Jones, Chanetra; Math. Jones, John; Pre-Med, I. ' ' ' Jordan, Jodi; Pub. Rei Karam, Medita; Am : Kawamoto, Do ' ' 5ophomore 107 Kemp, Jacy; Psy. Kennedy, Leslie; EI.Educ, TM, XV. Ketchum, Lisa; l rkt. Kian Seng, Ke; EI.Eng., Malaysia Kiddy, Amber; Art, TH King, Merrill; Fsy., AF Kingrea, Catherine; EI.Educ, QA, xa Kingrea, Cythia; EI.Educ, QA, . n Kitchen, Boyd; Acct., LA Kitchens, Jennifer; Acct., MO Kull, Katy; Ex.Sci., Tr(,. AII Labat, Mercedes; Fin. Labella, Melanie; Bus. Landry, Trevor; Radio TV, LA Langston, Shana; Joum. Laskey, Margaux; Theatre Lau, Sze-Sian; Mrkt. Lauck, [Rebecca; Joum., LA ' Ok le GoiM Hoop Squad Recruiters are a sup- port organization for coaches, play- ers, and staff. Twenty girls are selec- ted based on campus involvement, school spirit, and the ability to work with others. Each girl must have communicative skills in order to sur- vive in the ' Basketball World " . These girls attend every home bas- ketball game and help the athletic program with prospects who might be visiting the University. Hoop Sqiiads Kecniiters: K. Cromeans, T. Williams, L. Thompson, K. Hoskln, N. Logan, S. Saulsbeny, V.CMlders, n. House, S. Culberson, T. Martin, A. Barnes, H. Swords, C. Freeman, A. Denicola, S. Dennis, and Cft) 108 Sophomore QemiteJiS ICER ►GETY Ledet, Al; Fsy., IL Lee, Robert; Bus. Levi, Joanne; Bus., AL, XU Lewis, Emily; Phy.Ther., xn, Xfi Liles, Maggie; Comm.Dls. Liu, Mei-yan; Bus. Long, Carissa; Art, MO, KA0 Longino, Reade;Mrkt., XQ Loper, Michelle; Bus., FL Lorenz, Alexander; Educ., LA Lowe, Valerie; Acct. Lucius, Tara; El. Educ. Lynch, Mac; Bus., QA Maag, Tom; Pol. 5ci., IL McAlexander, Leah; Bus. McCallum, Tara; Pol.Sci.,MO,ZTA McElwain, Meg,- Joum., AP McQeehan, Natasha; Sp.,VA,AAn Members of the Hoop Squad Recruiters rest before having to work for the coaches and players before and during the game. M. Moore, r. Redmond, T. Spiuey, C. Hayes, C.Donald Sophomore 109 Magee, Thomas; Fsy., LA Mai, Thanh-Mai; Pharm. MaKinster, Dean; Bus., KT Mallini, Kristen; Bus., SC, KKT Mann, Heather; Occ.Ther. Martin, Julie; Eng., LA Martin, Rachel; Bio. Sci., TI , AF Maxwell, James; Bus., KA Medlock, Gary; Hist. Meredith, Mark; Fre-Med, KY, rA Meyer, Bradley; Bio. Miller, Amy; Joum., IL Miller, Ann; Art Miller, Stephen; Comp.Sci. Milons, Anita; Eng. Mims, Tanya; Finance, K. 0 Miyagawa, Eri; Econ., TH Montgomery, Gray; Ins. Moore, Laura; Art, ' J ' M Moore, Mesle; Bio. Fre-nurse. Moorehead, Jon; Acct., K. Morris, Marianne; Ex. Sci.,TX,nB4 Morrison, Angelique; Am. St., Eng. Mosier, Emily; Soc, CA, AAII Munir, Arif; Comp.Sci. Murph, Rose; EI.Educ. Myers, Kathryn; Eng., KA Myrick, Teresa; nursing l eely. Angel; Bio., AOll rielson. Art; Mech.Eng., : 1 E nelson, Karoline nelson, Paul; Joum., TX neubauer, Stacey; Acct.. IL, FIB no, Hai-Chua; Mrkt. nohsey, Elizabeth; Dis.,Tri,AOIl northam, Justin; Bus., AL Morthcutt Jr., Danny; Bio., i.X Ohimeyer, Raleigh; Eng., LA, KT Osadchuk, Elecia; Germ., TX, UK Ouyong, Siew-Mooi; Mngmt. Owens, Jennifer; Chem.Eng., AL Padgett, Jeffrey; Crim.Just. 110 Sophomore Fainter, Laura; Lib.Art., TM, AAA Parker, Kimberly; Occ.Ther., KA0 Fatei, Vaisu; Chem., MO Fatton, Billy; Chem.Eng. Federson, Casey; Mecfi.Eng., OB Perkins, Allyson; Comm.Dis., AAA Perkins, Holly; Joum. Peyton, Melissa; Soc.Wk,, AAA Phillips, Chris; MIS Phillips, Stuart; Finance Pike, Jamie; Comm.Dis., IL, . An Pitts, Teresa; Hist., KA0 Posey, Hal; Bio.Sci., SX Powell, Brandon; South. St., QA Pratt, Brandon; Acct. Prestage, Courtney; Fre-Med, AF Prewitt, Frank; South. St., 2X Quinn, Micah; Mursing, TM, IIB Rainey, Ashley; EI.Educ, AR, KKF Read, Sonya; Bus., XS! Ravaglia, Amy; EI.Educ, LA Redmond, Frances; Educ. lnt.Des. Reeves, Bryan; MIS Renfroe, Kimberly; Fsy. Rester, Jimmy; Hist., KA Reynolds, Maya; Biomed.Sci. Reynolds, Grant; Fre-Med, AL, ■I KT Rhodes, Bo; Bio., TM Rhodes, Karen; Fsy. Richardson, LisaAnn; Hist., LA Robbins, Bobby; Anth. Roberts, Chris; Comp.Sci. Robertson, Leigh; Pre-med, KY, AAn Robertson, Melanie; Lib.Art. Robertson, Rob; Joum. Rodriguez, Renee; Soc.Wk., IIB Rogers, Hart; Eng. Chem., Ross, Michael; Chem.Eng. Rowe, Stephanie; Mu? r ' ; Rowland, Alyssa; El !. ; Royer, Ro-Anne; ' . Sam, Siao-HO! II „ Sophomore 111 Saulsbury, Catrina; Fre-Med Seigman, Carrie; Bio. Sellers, Laurie; Joum., LA Sewell, Marty; Joum. Sharp, Kober; Bio. Fre-Med, in Shelor, Melanie; Sp., KS Shelton, Steven; Bus. Shepherd, Rob; Crim.Just., nc, Shillingford, Mahala; Sci., Dominica Simpson, Melanie; Joum., LA Singleton, Jamie; Fre-Med Bio., Ti Singleton, Meredith; Fol.Sci. Sitarz, Julia; Bus., FL Smith, Amy; Fre-Med, KA Smith, David; Acct., MO, I KT Snead, Kate; Acct., MO, KSn Solomon, Brian; Mech.Eng., m, X Spivey, Tara; Fharm., IL Stacy, Penny; Lib.Art. Steckler, Karla; Art Educ, AF Steele, Suzanne; Joum., IIB Stephens, William; Bus. Stephenson, Jeannine; Bio.,Dom. Stewart, Chad; Bus. Stone, Jennifer; Bus. Stone, Trey; Fre-Dent. Stricliiand, Heather; Eng., nB Sullivan, Sherri; Bio., U Suszel , Tami; Educ. Sutherland, Erin; Econ., I M Tan, TIen-Ung; Mrkt. Tate, John; Lib.Art, " tK Taylor, LeeAnn; Bus. Acct. Taylor, Marya; Joum. Taylor, Meredith; Cm.Dls., FL, KA0 Taylor, Sandy; Mrkt., M Thomas, Clark; Bio, AL, SN Thomas, Terwanda; nursing Thompson, Jeff; Acct., AR, i:X Thompson, Lori; Ls.Mgmt.,AL,Al " Thornton, Keasia; Acct. Tin-ell, Rebekha; nursing 112 Sophomore Todd, Laurie; Fsy., TX, KA0 Trice, Hunter; Bus., VA Turner, Amanda; Cm.Dis., TM, AOn Waldrup, Susan; AOn Ward, Heather; Bio. Ware, Teresa; Crim.Just. Warren, Sergio; Ex.Sci. Webb, Jacob; Eng. Webb, Laurie; Int.Des., AAA Weems, Marsha; Eng., XS) Weigandt, Scott; El.Educ, Tl Wells, Carissa; Psy. Wells, Matt; Lib.Art., 2X Wenzel, Lynn; Pre-Mursing, XS2 West, Heidi; Diet., TM West, Whitney; Acct. Weston, Thomas; Crt.Rep., LA Wetzler, Courtnee; Eng., AR, AALI White, Derrick; Phy.Ther. White, Gregory; Soc.Wk. White, Melinda; Ex.Sci. Whitwell, Fletcher; Brdcst., Williams, Amy; Acct. Williams, Matt; Bus. Williams, Tracee; Crt;.Rep. Williamson, Laura; Murs., Tfl, AF Wold, Fulton; Bus., TM, 1 A0 Woo, Laurie; Pre-[ urs. Wood, Jonathan; Bio., Tl , X Wood, Lisa; Acct. Vassileva, Christina; Bio., Bulgaria Vaughn, Kimberly; El.Educ. Vick, Laurie; Comm. lnt.Des., QA Zepponi, Laura; Fre-Med, XQ Yew, Qiek-Hun; Fin. Young, Karen; Phy.Ther., ZTA Yoshida, Tomoko Zimmerman, Brian; Tn 5ophomore 113 Ackerman, Jeannie; Acct. Acuff, Chris; Vocal Peri., Tn Adams, John; Bio. Adams, Stephen; El. Eng. Alam, Mohammad; El. Eng. Alcock, Stephanie; Bus. Aldinger, Sean; Bio. Alexander, Shannon; Bus., iK ' Alexander, Tammy; Lib. Art, TM Allen, Elizabeth; Fsy. Anderson, Cassie; Pub. Rel., AAA Anthony, Jennifer; Murs., TPI, AOn Arbelaez, Isabel; Int. Bus., FL, Ash, Bonnie; Fre-Med. Ashe, Ginger; Ex. Sci., TO Bailey, Karen; Fashion Merch., M Bailey, Jeannette; Engl., PA Baird, Lauren; Comm. Dis. Baker, Anthony; MIS Baker, Matthew; Bio. Baldwin, Holly; MarkL 6f Advt., TX Balsamo, Stacey; Bus., QA Barfield, Paige; Engl., AR Barnes, Jeffery; Banking Fin., TM Bames, Kenneth; Mangt. Barnes, Valeree; Educ. Bartling, Betsy; Engl., XS! Barr, Randy; Bio., 1 E Baskin, Chiquita; Pol. Sci. Beard, Suzanne; Court Rep. Beattie, Molly; Lib. Art, AAA Beck, Dawn; Joum. Bell, Kelly; Comm. Dis., TM, P. Belue, Jennifer; Eng. Joum.,AL,KA(-) Bishop, Brent; Bus., K 1 ' Bizot, Kathy; Bio. Fsy, LA, . ()ll BJorklund, Brandie; History Black, Vicki; Int. Design, Al ' Blair, Josh; Bio., iN Bland, Amy; Mngmt. Finance, M Bolden, Janet; Acct. Bolen, John; Bio. 114 Juniors Booker, Yolanda; MIS. Borst, Bonnie; Music Bounds. Christy; Music Educ. Bounds. Jennifer; Court Rep., KA Box. Brandy; Educ. M ' Bramlett, Cynthia; Comm. Dis. Braziel, Shirl; Fashion Merch. Brewer, Allison; Educ. Bright, Kristna; Bus., ZT. Briley, Michael; Petr. Land Mangt. Brissenden. Jill; Lib. Art. IL. IIB Britt. Dana; nursing Brooks. Melissa; Educ. Tn, KA Broussard. Micheel; Educ. LA. K. 0 Brown, LoRunda; Therapy Bub, John; MngmL Bubrig, Denny; Pol. Sci.. AR. Buckmaster. Sam; Finance. QA, Buford, Tracy; Ace, AKA Burge. Cheir; Psy.. TN. KA Bunch JR. Richard; Pol. Sci.. VA Bums. Warren; Classics Bushong. Jennifer; history. VA Buskirk. Anna; Acct.. AT Byars, Jerry; Acct. Bynum. Tonya; Court Rep. Byrd, Claudia; Acct. Callender, Brad; Joum. Carlson, Emily; Pre-Med., KA0 Carlson Kent; Bio. Carmichael, Beth; Pol. Sci.. KA0 Carney. Jessica; Pre-Med. Carter. Fran; Educ. XSJ Carter. Jonathan; Bio. Carter. LaChonda; Soc Wk. Catanese, Ashley; Cmm.Dis..LA.ZTA Champion. Chris; Banking Cheng, Annie; Comp. Sci. Chestnut, Melissa; Sor. V, ' Chia. Ah-Leong; Fin; " ! _ Childs. Marlon; Finance Chin. Lian-Ling; Comp. Sci. QA. Juniors 115 Chiu Hiufai: Mrtst. Hong Kong Christian Mattlic »: Bio., K 1 ' Christopher Reganr Bk)., LA. KKT Clark BriKe- Bus. Clarti Carrie: Pol. Sci History Clark, Jami: Joum.,, PR, AF Clark, Lois; Histor Cla ton. Joseph: Acct. Clem Do iie Damian: Cng., AR Clemons, Son a: Ps . Cobb. Bradford: Lib. ' Art., :. Codiran, Rebecca: Educ, TM. Cod Cristal: Joum. Cole. Denise: Ex, Sci. Cole R an: Pharm. Coleman, Shannon: Joum. PR Collins, Stacey: El. Educ, TM, .KOIl Colston, Katrina: Bus. Comer Paul: Bus. IX Commons, Bets : Educ. TM Commons Kimberh : Opera Commons 5tac : Bio Phy., QA Cook, William: Bus. Cooper, Clarence: Psy. Crabtree, Don: Bus., VA, tFA Crass DawTi: Mus. Educ Crain, Ken: Real Est, TM Crocco Dominic: Acct. Mr gmt Crum Donald Mrlvt Cruse Krystal: Eng. Crutchfiekj Jennifer Bus. Adm. Cuellar . drian: Bio. Daily Tammie: Math, CA 7.T Dale Gimp: , cct., K. Dalton, Maria; El. Educ, FL Daniels, Marsiia; Home Ccon Dantone. Cindy: Acct., AAA Das Saurabh- Comp.Sci. Da is, Andrea: El. Educ Da is Clinton: Crim. Just., OH Da is, Micde: AccL Davis, Patrick: Psy., . Tn 115 Juniors Davis, Ryan.Leis. MngmL, TM, AOfl Davis, Susan; Art, AR, ZTA Day, Kelly; Bio,, TM, HB Dean, Emiko: Eng. Joum. Dennis, Stacie; Plurs. BSn Dobbs, Kathleen; Ex.Sci., Af Dogan, Angela; Acct. Dohan, Marguerite; MrhL Douglas, Vonzetta; Bio. Dukes, Macon; Psy., U Duncan, Kelly; Mus, Educ. Duncan, Marissa: See. Wk. Dyer, Erika; Voc. Ferf. Eartiart, Austin; Eng., 3X Easley, Heather; Joum. Ellis. Shane; Pub. Adm, Ellison, Todd; Bio. Ennis. Morgan; Acct., TM Entrekin, Eric; Pol. Sci, Estes, Brett; MIS, 3 E Evans, Michael; MngmL Fair, Laura; Bus., AAA Felts, Tracy; Bio., HB Findley, Bunny; Math., XS Finley, Courtney; Fin., TM, M Fitzgerald. John; MD, 2X Flake, Connie; Painting Flowers, Angela; Crim. Just. Follett. Michael; Fin.. OH Fogle, Jennifer; Bio., QA Force, Larry; Bus. Adm. Ford, Mary Burton; InsL Mngnt, AAA Fomeris, Tino; Educ, IL, .X Foster, Cinnamon; Pre-Med Fowler, Terri; Pol, Sci., KY, AFA Freeman, Camisha; Pub. Adm. Fuller, Patrick; Mech. Eng., Tn. KT Qabrielly, Elizat eth; Mngmt,AZ,AAn Qalbreath, Lori; Soc , ; " ■ Qaley, Ryan; Eng., ::N Gardner, nichalos; C .-. Eng. Gary, Kevin; PreLaw ' Juniors 117 Qeraghty, Arden; El. Educ, LA, Kl Gibbons, Dottie; El. Educ, LA, Xn Gibson in, Turley; Acct., AR, I1K. Qinn, Micah; Broad., VA Qlover, Tonya; Fsy, LA Godfrey, Paula; El. Educ, CO, KKP Qoggans, Trena; Eng. Golden, Kimberly; Bus.,- An Goldston, Tippins; Fsy., FL Qoswami, Debjyoti; Comp.Sci. Goza, Jim; Fsy. Gracy, Michelle; Acct., AR TO£ f?£F8L The Rebel Recaiiters are a group of girls that work for the Football depart- ment in recruiting services. The girls were selected based on personality, campus activities, academic accom- plishments, and the ability to get along with others. The girls were often seen in their navy skirts and red blazers selling tee-shirts, cups, and stickers in order to raise money to attend the Ole Miss- Tulane game. The girls were busy be- hind the scenes painting signs, making presents for the players, and showing prospects to their seats, while all the other students were just getting to the Grove in order to eat before the game. Rebel Recruiters: R. Thompson, L Fella, J. Collier, M. Moore, C. Yarbrough, J. Jordan, K. Smith, T.Reedy. K.Thompson, R. Louis, M. Malone, M. Campbell, B. A. Still, B. Martin, M. Hancock, G. Crawford, Sol to 118 Juniors Graham, Brent; Man. Fin. Qraham. Chris; Acct. Gray. Jermaine; Bio. Gray, Michael; Hist., AR, rA Green, Latonia; Crim. Just. Greener, Jason; Bus., -AE Greer, Karen; Soc.Wk. Gregory, E.J.; Pub. Adm., KA Griffin, Dwayne; Math. Grubbs, Holly; Man. rin.. ZTA Quffin, Kimberly; Joum. Adv., TL Quiledge, Chris; MIS I £GI?UITSPS Gunther, Troy; Bus., LA, K ' I ' ' M ' M. Eaves, K. Croom, E. Patten, T. Felts, D. Soljan, E. norris, B. Hinesley, K. Parker, S. Hooper j;{m The Rebel Recruiters take a break in a Mew Orieans mall before going to the Ole Miss Tulane game after spending the weekend in new Orleans. Jill, Dee Dee, nim, Kay. and Jodi stop to pose in front of a fountain on the riverfront of new Orleans. 1 : Juniors 119 Ounn, Jeana; Bus., QA, Xil Qutierrez, Kayra; Chem. Eng. Haggerty, David; Pol. Sci. Hale, Laura; Educ, AAIl Hale, r ikki; Mngmt. rin., TM, ZTA Hall, Kelly; Hotel Mngmt., TX, KA Hall, Lisa; Bus. Hamblin, Beverly; Acct. Hancock, Wesley; Fsy. Hannah, Doris; Ex. Sci. Hardaway, Erica; Pol. Sci. Harris, Aaron; Pol. Sci. Harrison, Andy; Acct. Harrell, Kristen; Pol. Sci. Harvey, William; Mrkt. Hasseltine, Jr. Hanley E.; Bio., 2X Hathcock, Jay; Fsy. Hays, Eugene; Acct., TPI Haynes, Michael; Bus., SN Hazlewood, Kenneth E.; Educ. Head, James; Chem. Eng., QA Henderson, Heather; Comm. Dis. Henderson, Stephanie; Lib. Art, AR Henry, Kathryn; Pol. Sci., TX, OB Henry, Shane; Psy., in, KKT Herbert, Kristi; Lib. Art Herron, Haley; Educ. Herron, Jason; Educ. Hester, Pieeli; Acct., AI " Hewlett, Fiona; Essex Hill, Catonyia; Bus. Hill, Emily; Joum. Hill, Jennifer; Educ, AL, AAII Ho, Wing Yan; Comp. Sci. Hobbs, Arica; Educ. Hogan, Michelle; Bus. Holder, Ryan; Finance, AR, SX Holland, Tommy; Bio. Holley, Wesley; History Hollingsworth, Courtney;Eng.,AAA Hollingsworth, Lisa; Pharm. Hollingsworth, Wendy; Psy. 120 Juniors Homan, Tina,- Acct., AT Hong, Yan-Sze; Mngmt. Hood, Laney; Educ. Hora, Miel; Bio., 2X Horn, Joni; Educ. Houston, Rebecca; Music Ed. Huang, Darling; Comp. 5ci. Hubbard, Marilyn; Pol. Sci. Huggins, Kathy; Comm. Dis. Huxford, Cameron; Bio., AL, KA Jackson, Jennifer; Chem. Jacobs, Jennifer; Com.Dis.,QA,KKr Jenl ins, Karen; Court Rep. Jenkins, James; Acct. Jenkins, Dana; Mrkt. Jefcoat, Candace; l rkt., KA Jones, Stacy; Finance James, Margie; Acct. Ingram, James; Bio. Jennings, Russ; Chiem. Jolinson, Annmarie; Ex. Sci., KS Jolinson, Cliarissa; Fsy. Jolinson, Harper; Mrkt., SX Jolinson, Hoily; Acct., AR, I M Jolinson, Margaret; History .Johnson, Rich; Joum., LA, I. E Johnsosn, Sherryin; Chem. Eng. Johnson, Walt; Mngmt. Finance Jones, Dena; Bio. Jones,Jonna; Joum. Bus., MD Jones, Stacy; Chem. Jones, Terri; Engl. Joyce, Skip; Pol. Sci., jn Kader, Imran; Ele. Eng., QTQ Kalmykov, Azret; Ling., Russia Keller, Kimberely; Spanish Kelley, Joette; Ex Sci., AL, XQ Kelly, Jeffery; Bus. Kenney, John; Bio., LA. K " Kerr, John; Pol. Sci. Key, Sally; Mrkt., AK, iii.l ' Keys, Davey; Educ, GA Juniors 121 Rhan, Muhammed; Eng., Bangladesh Rim, John; Acct. King, Thomas; Bio., KT Kirk, David; Bio, IMein, Chris; Joum., TX RIoud, Sarah; Engl., MO, . An Roh, Riang-Wooi; Mrkt. Rrouse, Kelly; Mdn. Lang., RY, AOn Landers, Bryna; Fol.Sci., AL, ZT. Laster, Sally; Joum., KA Lavers, Sarah; Engl., . 0n Leasy, Barabbas; Acct. LeBlanc, Egbert; Ele. Eng., Dominca LeBlanc, Marci; Fol.Sci., LA Lee, Deste; French Lee, Rhai-Fatt; Mrkt., Malaysia Lee, Thad; Fhil. Engl., IX Leggett, Lessie; Finance, KA Lester, Brook; Acct., 2N Leto, Victoria; Lib. Art, MO, . An Levi, Mary; Educ, TO, KKF Lowe, Jody; Acct. Lewis, Patrick; Bus., SN Li, Li-jung; Bus. Lim, Lai-Lin; Finance Long, Jody; Spec. Ed. Lord, Mike; Bus., m, KT Lotterhos,Teresa; Mrkt ., TO, Xff Love, Caroline; Engl., AAA Love, Drew; Lib. Art Levitt, Charlotte; Educ. Lowe, Charlotte; Math, AAA Lovelace, Stephanie; Educ, AAA Lovell, Milton; Bus., AR, X Lupton, Matt; Finance, TX, I ' AM Magill, Monica; Comm. Dis. Marcis, Douglas; Pre-Med., TM Martin, Rathryn; Dietitics, XS! Mason IV, Brad; History, SN Mason, Yancey; Bio., . l)II Mattox, Jason; Bio. Marter, Beth; Lib. Art. 122 Juniors mm mmmmi ' wsimBs:vxsa ?ssfm ' -iaixmfv r- " ' -• ' ' •i-. ' -atoM. ' h agaagrs ' sssaa BsiawBi - ' Bsssseirt Martinez, Scott; Joum., X May, Kathleen; Mngmt., KA0 ' ' layer, Keith; Acct. layfield, Janna; Acct. MtArthur, Mandi; MIS, TX, AP ■ ' IcCallum, Tara; Foi. Sci., MO, McCarver, Jennifer; Ther. Ex. Sci. McCoy, Usheryll; Acct. McCurley, Crystal; Dietetics McDaniel, Kirsten; Acct., TPI McDaniel, Scott; Bio., KY, ATfl McDavitt, Sarah; Engl., TM, HB McEwen, Aaron; Art History, B0n McEwen, Heather; Joum., Tn, riB McQee, Timothy; Fol. Sci. McQehee, Leigh; Educ, XSJ McKee, David; Pre-Med. McCarty, Chad; Eng. Meredith, Betty; Educ. Metcalf, Ryan; Fsy., m Meyer, Miclole; Vis. Cm., MO, KKF Middendorf, Allison; Ther., IL, AAH Milling, Laura; Ther. Mims, Amanda; Spec. Ed. Mirzoev, Timur; Bus., KBR Mitchell, Andrea; Soc. Work Mize, David; Visual Comm., FL, i K Moak, Jennifer; Math Span., AOIl Moore, Michelle; Bio. Moore, Shellie; Acct. Monroe, Lanny; Bio. Morales, Ulises; Fol. Sci. Morehead, Amy; Educ, QA Morgan, Amy; Mursing, AT Morgan, Kristen; Engl., LA, KA Moreau, Jameson; Joum. Adv., MA Morgan, Stephanie; Acct. Morris, Jeremy; Eng Morrow, Micolle; Pre-Dc Morse, Mel; Music Eo ■ Moss, Janet; Enai Moulder, Benjy; i,; j.. AP Juniors 123 Mroz, Jo; Anth. Mullen, Mandy: Finance, QA, K. (-) Munn, Ann; Fsy., AL, || M Myatt, Leigh; Int. Design, xn, AAII Manney, Kristie; Dietetics riaquin. Donna; E;duc., LA neal, Jada; Mrkt. nelly, Sherridan; Int. Design, TX Oakes, Jamie; Comm. Dis., Kd Ohman, Catherine; Phil., AF OMara, Stephen; Finance, -10 Farham, Josh; Fsy., TX, ' tAO Parish, Melissa; Acct. Parker, Candy; Bio., [IB Parker, Derek; Bio. Parker, Kathy; Fre-Dent. Parker, Shanan; Fsy. Parker, Yolanda; Educ, AR Parvin, Elisha; Ther., AI " Fatel, Jaymini; Mngmt. Paul, Michelle; Engl., ZT. Payne, Mark; Bus. Peacor.Rick; Civil Eng. Pearson, Chris; Civil Eng. Feede, Thomas; Pol. Sci. Pegues, Chreyl; Finance Perez, Femando; Mrkt., Spain Person, Dana; Bio. Peters, Carolyn; Leisure Mngmt. Phillips, Whitney; Bus., AAA Fietrow(ski, Amy; Fsy., Ml Porta, Marc; History, FL Price, Jason; Pol. Sci., Th Pruitt, Jackie; Comm. Dis. Quillinan, John; Eng., HJ Quinn, Kell; Mrkt. Rahman, Javed; Ele. Eng. Rainer, Jeffery; Bus. Mngmt. Randle, Suzann; Comm. Dis. Raper , Kevin; Mech.Eng. Redditt, Chad; Pol. Sci. Reed, Tanya; riursing S k 124 Juniors Reynolds, Ashley; Acct., AR, S)M Richardson.Tonja, Comp. Sci. Riddle, Richie; Social WorK Riley, Deanna; Forensic Sci. Riley, Melanie; Music Educ. Ritts Melissa; Court Rep. Roaten, Richie; Finance Roberson II, William; Bus., i @ Robinson Angie; Fsy., AR Robinson, Jennifer; Pharm. Rose, Brandon; Sports Med. Rose, Kristin; Ther., LA Rowan, Kathy; Soc. Work Rowell, Brian; Fsy, TX Rucker, LaReeca; Joum. Russ, Michael; Acct., IX Russ III, Wilson; Finance, AL Russell, Frederick; History Russsell, Jami; Bio., IL Rutland, Emy; Educ. Saig, Laura; Inst. Mngmt., AR, XQ Saul, Betsy; Educ, AF Sawyer, Monica; riursing Scheibe, Clark; TN Schonberg, Kristen; Joum., LA Schmitz, Max; Mrkt., A0 Scroggins, Leanne; Joum., KKF Seibels, Emmet; Bus., AL, 2X Sellers, Katie; Comm. Dis. Senter, Kristi; Comm. Dis. Senter, Melissa; Sociology St Bio., AL Senter, Ryan T.; Fol.Sci. Eng.,TX,IX Serrano, Edgar; Mrkt. Sewell, Lisa; Ins. Seymour, Jenny; Bio., TH Shackelford, Jennifer; Eng.,MO,. 0n Shelton, Jayson; Fol. ScL Simpson, Thomas; Comp. Sci Sit, Fung; MIS Skidmore, Robert- Pol. Sri., OH Smith, Bill; Comp. Sci. Smith, Christy; Comm. Dis., LA ihihi . s o Juniors 125 Smith. Molly; El. Educ. ZT.V Smith. Marcie; Bus. Smith. Mary-Ouida; Bio. Smith. Stephanie; Mrkt.. AR Smothemian, Elizabeth;rin..Tri.AOII Soljan, DeeDee; Math., IIB Sparrenberger, Michael; Bus. Adm. Sprouse, Barbara; El. Educ, QA, Stanley, Rachel; Mngmt. Mrkt. Stark, Matt; Music Educ. Stevens. Elizabeth; Bus. Mngmt., TM Stewart, Brad; Bio. Strickland, Shannen; Comp. Sci. Supple. Catherine; Bus. Swan. Thomas; Mech. Eng. Tackett, William; Real Est. Talley. Brian; Bio.. 3N Talmadge. Kristen; Acct., LA. AI " Tan. Annie Yen-nee; Tin. Teh, Meng-Chuan; Mngmt. Tembotov, Artur; Bus.. Russia Tharp, Misty; Bio. Thomas. Jack; Man. Fin. Thigpen. Maggie; Psy. Thomas. Joanne; El. Educ. SV Thomas. Kristi; Joum., IIB Thomas. Rebecca; Lib. Art.. AAA Thompson. Jennifer; Psy., m, ' I ' .M Thompson. Melissa; Eng. Thompson. Rebecca; Bio., nc Tibbs, Michele; Bus. Adm. Tillman. Anne; Lib. Art. Tillman. Jeff; Eng., Jn, . Tongue. Ginger; Pharm. Townes. Percy; Bus. Tranum, Jami; MIS Travis. Collin; Acct.. AAA Tuminello, Domonique; Speech, Af Tumage, Laura; Cm. Dis., MO, M Van, Phong; Chemistry Fre-Med Vance, Jennie; Engl. Coach. Vega. Jason; Phy. Ther.,B(-)Il 126 Juniors Waddell, Lori; El. Educ. Waldon, Suzanne; Bus. Wallace, Jana; Acct., Tn Wallace, Triphinia; Fsy., Dominica Walley, Consuelo; Crim. Just. Walters, DIedra; Joum., Ar Walton. Anne Ladd; Educ, Tn, K. 0 Wang, Anita; Bus. Adm. WatKins, Trey; Fsy., 3X Washington, Carrie; El. Educ. Whaley, Mitchell; Radio TV White, Bo; Bus., in, SN White, Calvin; Acct. White, Christy; Eng. White, Geoff; Pol. Sci., VA White, nancy: Fsy., IIB White, Tonya; Ex. Sci. Whitehead, Robert; Bank. Fin. Whilbanks, Bart; Chem. Eng. Wilson, Brian; Crim. Just. Williams, Fam; Crim. Just. WilUingham, Freston; Bus., $BE Williams, Michael; Bus. Adm., VA Wilson, Whitney; Soc. Wk., TX, KKr Winters, Tetra; El. Eng. Weeden, Larry; Fub. Adm., VA Wellborn, Bradley; History, KA West, Stephanie; Fsy. Westerfield, Joanie; Fsy. Wright, Douglas; Mech. Eng. Wright, Melanie-Anne; El. Educ. Wong, Tom; Bank. 8f Fin. Wood, Qus; Eng., AO Wood, Tina; Acct., AAD Woodard, Abby; Joum., KKr Wooten, Roy; Acct. Worsham, Wesley; Man. Fin., SX Wu, Chee-You; MIS Yates, Dennis; Joum. Zagst, Brandon; Bio. Zepponi, Robin; El. Educ Juniors 127 Abraham, Fran; Bio., AF Adams, Dee; Comp. Sci. Adams, Shunta; Mursing, AZQ Ahmed, Tanvir; Comp. Sci., CA Afaunov, Vladimir; Fsy. Ling., KBR Alfonsi, Joe; Pol. Sci., VA, ATO Allen, AM; Educ, KKF Alvis, Adam; Bio., l rA Anderson, Ashley,Jour.,TX,KKr Arbuckle, [lancy; Anthr. Ard, Michelle; Soc. Wk. Armstrong, Audra; Sp. Path., KKF Arnold, Paula; Engl. Arnold, Rebecca; Soc.Wk., in, Xn Asaduzzaman, Mohammad;Comp. Askew, Peter; South. St., QA, S E Avant, John; Bio. Baeshen, Moda; Lib. Art Baker, Justin; Bio. Bailey, Randy; Joum., TX, K. Barclay, James; Leis. Mngmt. Balderson, Stephanie; Eng.,VA,AF Bames Mary; Chem. Bames, Russell; Math Bamhart, Scott; Acct., lA Barrett, Jason; Fsy., Tn, SN Bateman, John; Engl. Econ., ' tFA Beck, Julie; Graphic Des., Tn, , ()II Beelman, Everett; Soc. Bennett, Robin; Mngmt. Bennington, Robin; Engl., Tfl Berey, Bethany; Soc. Work, LA, .vol I Bertman, Jenifer; Art hist., TX, IIB Bickerstaff, Traci; Joum., TX, K. 0 Bland, Kristy; Mngmt. Fin., Th, K. 0 Blasen, Jennifer; Joum. He Mrkt., TM Blaylock, Dwayne; Bus. Bonds, Michael; Acct., AR Bounds, Jeff; Math, AL, : E Boyles, Rachel; Eng. Bradshaw, Aaron; Bus., AL, A Bray, Jennifer; Mngmt. 128 Seniors im Bridgers, Kristy; Educ. Briggs, Jonathan; Bio., QA Brock, Heather; Educ. Brown, Jason; Bus., TX Brown, Melba; Pol. Sci. Brown, Sessions; Bus. Browning, l imberely; Fin. Bruening, Stephanie; Ex. Sci. Bryant, Anne; Fsy. Eng., TX BuclOey, Laura; Psy., AAA Baeshen, Hesham; Eng. Bumgamer, Jeremy; MIS Bumham, Anna; Tel. Com., KY, I M Bums, Rebecca; Comm. Dis., KA0 ISusby, Amanda; Nrkt. r yrd, Trent; Real Est. Cado. Monica; Intl. Bus., LA, M Camp, Samuel; MIS, TX, K. Cannon, Christina; Comm. Dis. Cannon, Laura; Soc. Work, AL, Xf! Carlilse, Bethany; Joum., QA, AT Carson, Jeff; Pol. Sci., SN Carter, Leigh; Educ. Cartwright, Brandon; Mngmt. Cashion, Bryant; Bus., K Cates, Vicki; Educ. Cencula, Aiiyson; Mngmt. Fin., TH Chen, Ling-Chuan; Joum. Chen, Momo; Acct. Childers, Valerie; Acct., AOIl Chinery, Angela; Home Econ., Tn Chisolm, Richard; Civ. Eng. Chong, Shiaw-Yang; Acct., Malaysia Chotard, Amy; Psy., Xn Chow, Lisa; Acct., xn Christopher, Leslie; Pol.Sci.,LA,, on Chung, Chih-Chan; Bus., Taiwan Clark, Andrew; Fsy. Clark Jr., Don; Ex. Sci. Clark, Elizabeth; Engl,, Cia, iU Clavier, Jodi; Comm. Dis., LA Clearman, Amanda; Engi. Sth. St. Seniors 129 Clearman, Curtis; MIS Cockerham, Steven; Eng. Cody, Melanie; Math; ITB Connell, Ben; Eng.; TX; EX Cornelius, Butterscoth; Eng.; iVA Cornelius, Orangejello; Joum,; Conner, Qarrick; Psy. Cook, Bruce; Eng. Cook, Jason; Bio.; EL. Cook, Shannon; Psy.; nj Cooper, Tim; Acct.; TM; . T0 Coomarasamy, Aren; Leis. Mngmt Cotton, Elizabeth; Sp. Path.; Xn Courtney, Claudia; Math; LA; Cox, Amy; Eng. Cox, Christine; Psy.; QA Cran, Clifton; Eng. Crane, Regena; Psy Soc. Crawford, Amy; Soc. Work Crawford, Geneva; Accy.; AK.K Creasy, Steven; Chem.; MC Crider, Brain; Comp. Sci.; rA Cromeans, Keitha; Soc; ZT. Cruse, Christi; Bank. Fin. Culbreath, Susan; Des. Bus. Cummings, Trad; Ex. Sci.; QA Cunningham, Sharon; Fash. Merch. Curry, Karen; Psy.; LA; M Cannimore, Cydney; Fash. Merch. Daesch, Curtis; Mark.; FL Darby, Sandra; Accy. Davis, Alicia; Psy. Davis, Candace; Soc. Work Davis, Rebekah; Math Davis, Steven; his. Davis, Timothy; Psy. Mark. Denckhoff, Robert; Eng.; MO; 2. Dendy, Amy: Math Denley, John; Eng. Dickson, Pip; Econ. Mark.; AUST. Dillard, Andrew; Musicc Ed.; TM Dirauiyam, Dhirauiya; Eng. 130 Seniors Donahue, Page; El. Educ. Dorsett, Jane; Bio. Dudley, Jennifer; Mus. Ed.; FL; 11 B Duke, Melanie; Acct. Dunagan, Josph; Acct.; TM Durham, Britt; i ark.; A0 Easiey, Taylor Bank, rin.; HI Eaves, Mary; Eng. Edwards, Cindy; Acct. Edwards, Gwendolyn; Elm. Ed. Edwards, Willis; Bio. Sci.; FL Ehlinger, Martha: Crt. Rep. Ellis, Amy; Acct; AF Embry, Brock; Mis. Embry, Lori; Comm. Dis. Entrekin, Allison; Acct. Erwin, Lea; Elm. Ed.;AOn Eubanks, Brigid; Diet.; AAA Ewing, Martha; Econ.; . 0n Fancher, Mark; Bio.; AL Farrell, Starke; Psy. Feminella, Rana; Bus.; ITB Ferguson, Jim; Eng.; KE Ferguson, Troy; Crim. Just.; CA Fields, Valeria; Lib. Arts Fimiano, Dominick; Eng. His. Finklea, Allison; Art; AL; AAA Firment, Jeffery; Mngt. Fitzgerald, Bridget; Acct. Fivaeash, Kristie; Acct.; - 0n Fivecoat, Phillip; Bio. Flemons, Tiffany; Art Flemister, Dondi; Ex. Sci.; QA;KA Floyd, Aimee; Psy.; KA Fong, Fuishan; Acct. Fooshee, Susan; Fsh. Mch.; FL; Fox, Sheila; Eng.; IL Fuell, Craig,- MIS Fulgham, Wes; Arc ! Qadrix, Chris; Mt. ' l Qaines, Cynthia; Psy.; X:; Gammons, Zeb; Mngt.; OA; .VTO Seniors 131 Gan, Chee-Qee; Mngmt.Fin. Garvin, Kim; Acct., TM, OM Gates, Ciayt; Inst. Mngmt., i KT Gates, Michelle; Pol. Sci. Gibson, Ben; Bio., TM, SX Gilbert, Hope; Bio., KA0 Glamser, Kate; Fsy. 5p., AF Gober, Jane; El. Educ, VA Godwin, John; Bank. Fin., H9 GolT, John; Soc. Soc. Wk. Qooch, Cricket; Bus. Gonzalez, Dianna; Bus., .VOIl Qoss, Terrance; Comp. Sci. Gourley, John; Ex. Sci., FA, 2N Grabert, Aimee; Dent.Hyg., LA, AAH Green, Matthew; MIS, TM, X Gregory, Meg; Bus., AF Gremillion, Leslie; 5p. Educ, KY, AF Griffin, Jason; Joum. Griffin, Rafael; Joum., MY Griffing, Bethany; Soc. Wk. Gross, Mark; Bus. Mngmt., Gunnoe, Paul; Phy. Ther. Guthrie, Stacey; Psy. AF X Gutierrez, Anselveno; Fin. Quttensohn, Mark; Comp. Sci., AL Mairston, Ginia; Soc. Wk. Hales, Jeramy; Mrkt., XSl Hall, Brian; Mist. Mall, Whitney; South. St., MO Hammond, Terrie; Bus. Hampton, Paula; Acct., Z ' Mi Man, Mao Mao; Chem., AL Hancock, Melissa; Eng. Hand, Ben; Mrkt., W. Maney, Laura; Lib. Arts, AL, l i-i Mankins, Vivian; Bus. Mardee, Caria; Mngmt., TX, AF Hardin, Pettey; Bus., rx Harmon, Alison; Bio., K.VH Marries, Dewayne; Bio., b: Harrison, Lance; Eng., IL 132 Seniors Hawkins, Mary-Heather; Ad.,OH, M Hawkins, Stacia; Fin., TO, KKF Hayden, Rosalind; Eng., KA Haynes, Demondes; Bio., A A Haynes, Reggie; Bus. Hayn es, Robbe; Mrkt., TM, SN Hazelrigg, Robin; i an. Fin., KA0 Heard, LA; Pol. Sci. Hecking, Dirck; MIS, QA Heidt, Chris; Crim. Just., FL Henry, Ann Marie; Bio., AAA Herring, Amy; Math Eng., AF Herring, Dawn; For. Sci. Hester, Steven; El. Eng. Hicks, Brian; Acct., TO, ' tKT Higgs, Hatasha; Chem. Pre-Med Hill, Tina; Eng. Hilliard, Mhoeneehk; Eng. Joum. Hodges, Jerry; Fsy. Halcomb, Chris; Joum. Hogan, Heather; Mrkt., TX Holcomb, riicole; El. Educ. Holden, Allison; El. Educ, AL Holmes, Richard; Chem. Holland, Heather; Fas. Mer., FL, t M Holland, Martin; Man. Fin., B0n Hood, Mike; Crim. Just. Hoover, Christi; Bio., AF Homischer, Heather; EducWLKKF Houston, Marlon; Bus. Howard 111, John; Joum. Hughes, April; Mngmt., TM, I M Hughes, Steven; Pol. Sci., QA, KA Humphrey, Fearline; Acct. Hunter, Cindy; Soc. Wk. Hunter, Tita; Span. Hurdle, Eric; Bank. Si Fin Hutchinson, Chad; Ace ' Jackson, Charles; Pt i. : Jackson, Jacqueliti.: !ir Jackson, Stephe. ' . ■ James, Jeno: Bi. Seniors 133 James, Kim; Fsy., OK James, Laura; Spec. Educ, LA Jenkins, Byron; Acct., A-Il Jennings, Kristina; Eng., TM, iM Johnson, Sean; Pub. Adm. Johnson, Seth; Hist. rr., TM Johnson, Victoria; Fr., AL Johnston, Jebb; Joum. Johnston, Matthew; Bus. Mngmt. Jones, Billy Ray; Ex. Sci. Jones, Hank; Mech. Eng., 2X Jones, Lisa; MIS Bus. Students for Environmental Awareness is a student-led group that plans many environmental activities such as Earthfest, tree planting, Adopt-A-Stream, and re- cycling. Earthfest is an annual event in the spring sponsored by SEA. In the Grove during Earth- fest, there are information booths and bands that go until the early moming hours. In the past three years, SEA has planted almost 10,000 trees in its annual tree planting day. Adopt-A-Stream is a new program this year. SEA has adopted Tobby Creek and picks up trash monthly. SEA has also helped to start a recycling pro- gram on campus. Each building on campus has its own unique program designed by a member of SEA and Aaron Burkett of R and R Recycling. S. o. . 154 Seniors Justice, Bradley; Chem. Eng. Keenum, Mark; Comp. Sci. Kelly, Roy; Spec. Educ. Kemm, Michelle; Eng., HM Kennedy, Bradley; Acct. Kennedy, John; Eng. Kennedy, Marie; Eng. Kennedy, Tanya; MrKt., m Kennington, Katie; Bank rin., XQ Kesler, Melody; Fash. Merch., AT Kimbrough, Andy; Qrap. Des. King, Colleen; Fsy. Crim. Just. r«n- _y V, ' k H. • Seniors 135 Kitchen, Aimee; Bank. Tin., LA Kooshian, Carrie; Ex. Sci., VA, ■I ' M Kooshian, Kelly; Soc, VA Korybski, John; Math, SC Kostelak, Shawn; Chem. Eng., LA Kramer, Angela; Com.Dis.,Tn,. OIl Krieser, Lisa; Pol. Sci., ME Ladner, Mope; Fsy., Ar LaQrone, Patricia; Bank. Fin. LaQrone, Ronnie; Mus. Comp. Sci. Lambert, Karen; Educ, Th, KX@ Landry, Julie; El. Educ, LA Lane, Gray; HisL, TPI, : E Lantern, Reginald; MIS Mrkt. Loupe, Thomas; Mrkt., TX Leavell, Laurie; Mm. Ec, TX, OB Ledbetter, Cathy; Acct., Tfl, Xfi Lee, Clancy; Educ. Lee, Mow; MIS Lee, See-Seong; Man. Fin. Leeth, Sharon; Bus. Real Est. Lee, Stephen; Bio., -X Lefoldt, Lisa; Bus. Joum., AAA Lehman, Wendy; Math., KA ' Leopold, Kelli; Leis. Mngmt., IL, ; AOn Lester, Erin; Soc. Wk., CA, ZT. 1 Le-Sueur, Reg-Jee; Pol. Sci., TNQ ( Ley, David; Phil. Psy., MD Listenbee, Ladell; Educ. ' Locke, James; Bus. Locke, Jayna; Sp. Path., LIB Loden, Kip; El. Eng. Loh, Ying-Lai; Journ. Lohrbach, Jonathan; Bio. Long, Sherry; Soc. Wk. Lorio, Franz; MIS, Ki Lott, James; Bio., KT Lyie, Fenni; Soc. Wk., TX, I M Magee, David; Vis. Comm. Magruder, Jeff; Pol. Sci. Malone, Jennifer; Eng., Tn Malone, Scott; Comp. Sci., AL 156 Seniors Malone, Stephanie; Lib. Arts Bio. Maples, Tracy; Fash. I erch., AL Mapson, Tarsha; Soc. Wk. Martin, Belinda; Soc. Wk. Martin, Brad; Geo. Eng.. LA Martin, Tina; El. Educ, ZT. Martinez, Gil; Bank. Tin. Martinek, Darrell; Env. Eng., IL Massengale, Amy; Crt. Rep., AL McAlexander, Shana; Fsy. McAnally, Melody; Eng. McClain, Veronica; Bio. McConnell, Amber; Bio. McCoy, Brian; Bio. McDonough, William; Fin., LA, SN McElroy, Marietta; Crt. Rep., Tn McFarlin, Larry; Math McGonagill, Phillip; Pol. Sci., B0n McGregor, Lynn; AccL, KKF Mclntyre, rieil; Bio. Pre-Dent McLean, David; Eng. McLemore, Holly; Cm. Dis., TN, . ()n McLeod, Kevin; Civ. Eng. McMillon, Anthony; Bus. McRaney, Todd; Bio. McVay, Rhea; Eng, Medley, Jennifer; Eng. Joum., Xn Nelear, KB; Acct.. LA, X ■lelton, Eric; Pub. Adm. lendello, Michelle; El. Educ, GA Mendoza, Mandy; Acct., LA, .M Meredith, Ashley;Educ., Tn, KKF Meredith, Brian; Pub. Adm., Tn, X Michaels, Meg; AccL, Tn, ' i ' M Miller, Lydell; Hist., CA Miller, Mark; Fsy., AR Mogridge, Chris; Mrkt., K5 Mok, Mun Wah; Comp. w. Montgomery, Matalie: Cna ' Ecoii. Moore, Jamie; Enr, Moore, Jennifer r, Moran, Amancij; ' . ' Seniors 137 Morgan, Todd; Music Ed., I MA Monschein, Karri;Jour.,MO,KKr Morrison, Julie; Bus., KA Mull, McKenna; Engl. Muller, Chris; Pol. Sci. Mullins, Lisa; El. Educ, ZTA Munir, Asif; MIS Murphey, Beth; Joum. Murtagh, David; Eng. labors, Jason; Pol. Sci., naidu, Srimaraj; Mngmt. Meal, Daryl; Ex. Sci. nelson, Mark; Mrl t. nelson, Tarsha; Sp. Fatli., . K. hichols, Paul; Eng. Mix IV, Victor; Int. Des., IL, 4 rA Mowell, Andrea; Engl., TM, M ODonnell, Dana; MrKt., LA, AF Olmstead, Holly; Lib. Arts, AR Olsen, Amanda; Soc. Work, UT, Ong, Jason; Comp. Sci., Malaysia Orr, James; Eng. Pack, Kenyatte; Acct., Ai " 0 Palmertree, Barry; Eng., TX Pannell, Russell; Crim. Just. Parker, Christy; Eash. Mer., AP Parkes, Brandi; Acct. Paterson, Lydia; Phy. Patrick, Kimberly; Bus. Mngmt., TX Paul, Angela; Court Rep. Pegg, Mary; Pin., K. f-) Pender, John; Acct.. TM, rx Pennington, Christopher; Mngmt. Perkins, Chariotte; Mrkt., TX, AAA Perkins, Lance; Psy Perry, Amy; Joum. Perry, Beverly; Pol. Sci. Perry, Denise; El. Educ. Perry, Karen; Joum., TX Petry, Caren; Pub. Adm., AL Pieralisi, Jay; Acct. Fietrowski, Scott; Pol. Sci. 138 Seniors Firillos, Christoforos; Eng. Fitzer, Brad; Eng., MO Pittman, Bill; Bus., Ta Fharr, riatalie; Joum. FR, AF Phillips, Beth; Acct. Phillips, Courtney; Psy., AAA Phillips, Dianne; El. Educ. Phillips, Klmberly; Joum., LA Porter, Melissa; Soc. Work Potts, Perry; Acct. Posey, Brandi; Acct. Pound, Qerrid; Leis. Mngt. Powell, Chasie; Eng., VA, AT Powell, Preston; Acct. Price, Johnny; Comp. Sci. Propes, Elizabeth; His., IL Pruitt, Brandy; Sp. Path., KKP Fulling Jr., James; Sp. Ed., VA Querin, Ashley; Bio. Fsy., Ar Raines, Leslie; Crim. Just. Raines, Michael; Psy. Rainey, Tamara; Bus., Jn Rakow, Jill; Fash. Merch., TM, KKF Ratliff, Cassandra; Bus. Mngmt. Ray, Larry; His. Red, Rachel; El. Educ. Reed, Bethany; Bio., AAA Reisch, Chris; Anth. Rhodes, Melanie; lnt.Des.,QA,KA0 Rice, Fenny; Phs. Richardson, Mary; Soc. Work Riddle, riancy; Acct. Riley, Amy; El. Educ. Roberts, Cassandra; Fol. Sci., TM Roberts, Michelle; Math, AR, OB Robertson, Connie; Bio., AR Robertson, Kimberly; El. Educ, IL Rogers, Mark; Bio. Math Rosenbaum, Jana; Bus. Rowland, Rob; Ins. Sanderson, Brian; Int. Bus.; ATO Sartor, Michelle; Bio. Seniors 139 Scott, Derrick: Crim. Just K Scott, Ed; Math, TO, ' SKT Scott, Rhodes; Mngmt., in, ' tAB Scruggs, Kimberly; Pol. Sci. Sekul, Jennifer; hist. Sepko, John; Crim. Just., in. X ' VE Settlemires, Steven; Crim. Just. Sexton, Leslie; Home r,con., AR Sharp, Barry; [;iect. E ng. Sharp, Jennifer; Sp. !Muc. Sheikh, Rashed; Acct. BanglacJish Shumaker, Dana; El. Educ. Slew, Sheuelianq; Bus., Malaysia Simm, Kirk; Health Mngmt., ;N ' Slaughter, Elise; Mrhl., III! Smith, Adrian; Man. Fin. Smith, Arrah; El. Educ, KY, K. f-) Smith. Carter; Acct.. ■t ' Ae 140 Seniors Smith, Reginald; Bus., t BS Smith, Shelley; Eng., LA, i M Smith, Stacey; Bus. Spence, Christie; Lib. Arts Spiers, Alan; Int. Des. Sprenger, Valerie; Int. Bus. Spriggs, Catherine, Eng., VA Spiller, Burke; Real Est., KA Stacey, Meaghan; Joum. m, KKr Stephens, Kellye; Comm. Dis. Stevens, Candace; Mist. Still, Becky Anne; Mrkt., $M Stokes, Robert:; Eng. Stone, Steven; Man. Fin., TIN. -tP:! Stork, Amy; El. Educ. - .. . Strawn, Keith; Bus. Strickland, Tametric:; i ' nj. Stroud, Jennifer; E(ig, Soc. Seniors 141 Stroud, Matt; Eng., X Suman, Mary; Joum., VA Sumrall, Shannon; Fsy., KKF Tan, See-Kian; Acct., Malaysia Taylor, Cathy; Soc. Wk. Taylor, Kathleen; El. Educ, VA Tee, Keng; El. Eng., CA Teh, Eet-Hong; Man. Fin., Malaysia Thomas, Ben; Home Econ., A0 Thomas, Daryl; For. Sci., LA, " t ' BS Thomas, Missy; Acct., XS! Thompson, Robert; Civ. Eng. Thomberry, Allen; Acct., AR Thomhi ll, Jen; Bus. Adm. Thornton, Chester; Anth. Tillman, Mary; Fsy. Mus. Educ, TB2 Tinnin, Tracy; Soc. Wk., MO Tollison, Lee; Mrkt., in, nK. Tompkins, Qina; Bus. Torry, Justine; Fsh.Mrch., LA,K, 0 Townes, Tracy; Pre-Med, KA Trusty, Shannon; Psy., . 0n Tucker, April; Psy., AAA Turner, Lacie; Bus. Turner, Mineasa; Lib. Arts, Z ' J ' B Tuten, Maradith; Acct., LA, KA Tyler, Lindsey; El. Educ, KA Tyler, Sharissa; Eng., Th Tyner, Rob; Pub. Adm., Af-) Underwood, Todd; Joum., FL, 1IK. Upton, Sonya; El. Educ. Van, Kenneth; El. Eng. Vandiver, Katherine; Cnmp. Sci., IL Vann, Paige; Psy., AAA Vascek, Sean; Joum., PiJ Vega, Robert; Eng., FL, ni Vickery, Rob; Pol. Sci. Vigil, Joseph; Psy., LA, X Vowell, Chris; Bus. Mngmt. Vuncannon, Denise; Mrkt. Waggoner, Tiffany; Bio. Wait, Brian; Eng., MD 142 Seniors Walker Jr, James; Physics, AL Walsh, Ronald; Joum., TL Ward, Ozella; Home Econ. Warriner, Wendy; Bus. Joum., Xn Weaver, Elizabeth; Comm. Dis., AF Webb Jr., Alvin; Math Weber, Michael; Fsy., LA, KS Weeks, Misty; Acct. White, Kirk; Eng. White, Suzanne; Joum., FL Whiteside, Danielle; El. Educ. Whitt, Ed; History, FL Whitt, Michelle; Bank.KFin., MO Whitwell Jr., Quentin; History, 2N Whitworth, nikki; El. Educ. Whitwer, Karla; Ex. Sci. Wigington, William; Bio. Wilkins. Robert; Pol. Sci., DKA Willard, Judson; Bus., Ki; Williams, Allison; Int. Bus., LA, iM Williams, Dalton; Civ. Eng. Williams, Jeff; Geo. Eng. Williams, Jonathan; Bus. Mrkt. Williams, Juli; Bank. Fin. Williams, Karen; Bio. Williams, Vemita; Eng., AKA Williamson, Carol; MIS Willingham, Melissa; Comm. Dis. Wilson, Albert; Bus. Mngmt. Windham, Greg; Bank Fin. Winkler, Vanessa; Bus. Pre-Law, Wolfe, Matthew; Civ. Eng. Wolford, Laurie; Diet. Wood, Jill; Bio. Wong, Edward; Acct, Wong, Miew-Sum; Acct. Wong, Poi-Loong; MIS Wong, Yih-Shyue; Man., f-ii. Malaysia Yamashita, Keiko r Yancey, Kimberl . I it;. " t. Yeoman, Hal; Mrkt., . ' •;ri Young, Cheri; Cit. Rer... AR Seniors 145 Afzal, Mohammad; Telecomm. Ai, Liping; Telecomm., China Alec, Qinamarie; Anth., FA Al-Harran, Mohammid; Pol. Sci. Al-Tweam, nasser; Pol. Sci., Arnold, Harold; Educ. Psy. Banerjee, Debjyoti; Mech. Eng. Barker, Thomas; MBA Barksdale, Bryan; Educ. Lead., Th Basuchoudhary, Atin; Econ., India Beelaram, Aruna; Chem. Eng. Bennett, Kyle; South. ST. Boles, Russell; MBA Bontemps, Joseph; Chem. Eng, Brown, Stephen; Eng. Bu, Qingmei; Chem. Burnett, Michael; Theatre Burrus, Christopher; Fharm., MO Byrd, Christy; Math Cain, Stacy; Math Campbell, Sara; Educ. Carraway, Michael; Acct. Carvalho, Donaldo; Telecomm. Cecil, Rebecca; Educ. Fhil., KY, KA0 Chachad, Yatin; Mech. Eng., PA Chai, San San; Mrkt., Malaysia Chang, Muiyao; Bus. Adm., R.O.C. Chang, Sui-fen; TESOL Chaudhury, Jay; Comp. Sci., TX Chiu, MingChih; MBA, Taiwan Chitirala, Pushpavathi; Geo. Eng. Choudhury, Shihab; Eng. Clark, Mary; Acct. Coleman, Janice; Eng. Commer, Beth; Audio., llB t Davis, Danielle; Joum., IL, .VKA DiLollo, Anthony; Comm. Dis. Doss, Richard; Psy., IL, .V4 . Duan, Quohong; Mech. Eng. Dye, Bryan; South. St., TM Ekuta, Jethro; Phami., rtigeria Elmahdy, Hesham; Comp. Sci. 144 Graduates fan, Chungui: Chem. Fan, Peter; Chem. Fernandez, Francisco; Eng., Cquad. Flowers, Merle; MBA, AL Frede, Ari; South. St., MM Fu, Jie; MBA Qadde, Venu; Civ. Eng. Gentry, Tim; Civ. Eng. Qeorge, Michael; Educ. Fsy., TO Qhimire, Pradeep; MBA, nepal Gillespie, Michael; Eng. Goodman-Hill, Sharron; Joum. Goodwin, Qayla; Sp. Path. Qoudelock, Ann; MBA Quo, Jing; El. Eng. Hasan, Meer; Acct., I Y Harris, David; MBA, LA, ! B2 Harrison, Lee; El. Eng. Hatch, DeAnna; Pharm. Heck, James; Psy. Henderson, Mary Jane; Acct. Hsu, Chi-Feng; Pol. Sci. Hu, Jian; Chem. Huang, Chiu-Kuei; TESOL Huang, Kitjeen; MBA Hurst, Fair; Math Hurst, Paul; Law Hwang, Chen-Pei; MIS Ito, Masashi; Pol. Sci., Japan Jain, Sanjay; Fin. Javaraiah, Dayanand; India Jenkins, Shawn; Joum. Jones, Matthew; Renal Phys. Joseph, Ajith; Civ. Eng. Kong, Jun; MBA Kabir, SoHail; Geo. Eng. Khan, Omer; El. Eng. Knippers, Dana; Math Ko, Shu-ling; Joum Kong, Shun-fai; M! ■ vong Kowsika, Murtliy; i ' itv . ojiv,. Kumpaty, Hephribah; Chetn. Graduates 145 Lambert, Susan; MBA Lauhasaran, Funjang Lee, Seungkoo; Leis. Mngmt. Lee, Hyoyoung; Chem. Leong, Chun Man; MBA Li, Yuanya; CCHE Lim, Chee-KeK; MBA Lim, Moole; MBA, Malaysia Lin, Ching-Wen; MBA, Taiwan Lin, Lang; Chem. Liu, Lei; Eng., China Liu, Ling; Civ. Eng. Low, KengTei; MBA Lu, Long-Chuan; Mrkt. Luo, Yushan; Acct., China Myao, Hal; Hist. Soc. Means, James; Theatre Melo-furtado, Marise; Fhatm. Meng, Wei-Te; MBA, Taiwan McCain, Debbie; Educ. Lead., AKA McCline, Fragen; Comp. Sci. McDavitt, Susan; Ed.Psy.,Tn,nB I ' McKay, Kevin; Art McMeer, Richard; MIS Min, Zhu; Telecomm. Moellenhoft, Bruce; MBA Mondal, MD.Ashraf; Env. Eng. Morris, Daniel; Educ. Fsy. Morris, Melanie; Educ. Fsy. Mi, Xiang; Telecomm., China Ming, SweeFah; MBA, Malaysia Mittaya. Aekkachai; Fin. Moppahunwijai, Fanya; Eng., Thai. Orabi. Khaled; Fharm. Faganos, George; MBA, Cyprus Fal, DipanKar; Mech. Eng. Fan, Zhou; Civ. Eng. Farker, David; Math Farker, Stephanie; Educ, Ml, Ai0 Farkin, Mate; MBA, England Fatterson, Deanna; 5p. Fath. Perkins, Chandra; Math, LA 146 Qraduates Phillips, Kimberly; Educ. Fsy., VA Porter, Robert; Joum., KY Found, John; Span. Priyadarshini, Frabhoo; Econ. Fu, Yangwei; Chem. Qin, Wenlong; Telecomm. Raines, Michael; Eng. Rasica, Meiko; Anth., rHetherlands Reid, Rachel; MBA Rhodes, J. Michelle; Acct. Richardson, Fat; Educ, AR Roberson, Kyra; Educ, IL Rodriguez, Vicente; Eng. Sci. Sanders, Chris; Acct. Say, Peng-Yun; MBA, Malaysia Sen, nirmalya; Joum., West Bengal Sen, Tinni; Econ., India Schaefer, Paula; Educ. Psy. Schumacher, Michael; Acct., QA Scruggs, Helen; Educ Shaw, Wayne; Math SheKharan, Raja; Civ. Eng. Shidler, Cassandra; Mus. Educ Shiffman, Shuang; MBA Shixiong, Dai; El. Eng., China Smillie, Troy; Pharm. Smith, Rebecca; Soc. Sci. Song, Samuel; Bus., Singapore Stames, Christi; MBA, TPI Stewart, Beveriy Strieker, Steve; Fsy. Stokes, Leah; Joum. Strombeck, Stephen; Mrkt., CA Su, Wun-Tyng; MBA, Taiwan Sun, Yongzhao; Comp. Sci. Sutaria, Milind; Chem. Eng. Sykes, Gregory; Acct., Q Tan, Puei-Ling,- Chem., Malaysia Tan, Sekgee; MBA, HI Tankha, Anil; MBA, UP Thangavelu, Poonuvic .i. . ;., India Thadkamalla, Qanesh; ' Iv.Eng., VA Graduates 147 • ■ ' Thomas, Timothy; Bus. Thompson, Dusty; Educ. Lead. Tickle, Heidi; Ed, LA Tickle, Fat; Ed. Adm. Trotter, Lisa; Comm. Dis. Truelove, Kristan; Sp. Path. Tupaz, Jesse; MBA Tyer, Andrew; Joum. Ubale, Arun; Chem. Eng. Vepa, Tagore; Eng. Vyavahare, Sanjeev; MBA Wang, Haibo; Chem., CA Wang, Xiaoping; Comp. Sci. Wages, David; Acct. Walker, Joseph; Leis. Mngmt. Wang, Jing; MBA Weddle, Jeff; Eng. Weir, Kristin; Acct. Cheerleaders - Dates - Picnics - Crowds -Binoculars - Bleachers Ok Miss. J. Photo by Scott King Photo by Mhoeneek HilliaTt) Autumn Leaves - Traditions - Coolers - Rebel Flags - Rainy Dai s - Football Players- Drinks- Ik 148 Graduates Williams, Cassandra; Soc. Williams, Heather; Acct. Wilson, Angle; Comm. Dis. Wilson, David; Acct, CT Wingard, George; Math Wu, Min; Civ. Eng., Shanghai Xu, Jin; MBA Yeh, Hsueh-Ylng; MBA, Taiwan Yeo, Sim-Long; MBA, Johor Yu, heng; Civ. Eng. Zanzlg, Jeffrey; Acct., AL Zen, Welw en; CSCI Zhang, Weizi; Civ. Eng. Zhang, Wenxla; Telecomm. Zheng, Weiplng; El. Eng. Zhou, Li; Chem., Hangzhou The Grove - Touchdowns - Popcorn - Cameras The Band - High Heels Ties - Families - Pom Poms - M Flags - Ponchos - Hot Dog: Graduates 149 Adams, Molly; III Acton, Darlene; II Ancell, David; MO, Fre-Fharm. Anderson, Jennifer; II Anderson, Saili; AAA, I Arafat, Samar; Fre-Fharm. Ayers, Chris; III Bacon, Tricia; I Barnes, Christel; III Bamett, Lori; KE, IV Bates, Alice; III Bear, Jan; III Beasley, Kristi; AL, Fre-Fharm. Benson, Sallye; III Belk, Hope; Fre-Pharm. Berry Jr., David; in. I Biddle, Margaret; Fre-Fharm. Bishop, Lisa; I Black, Samantha; III Boatman, Amy; III Bond, Brandon; III Borrell, Tonya; III Boutwell, Kelly; III Boyd, Jennifer; Tri,.U)II, I Bradford, Christy; 1 Breland, Michelle; I Brewer, Beffie; III Brookshire, Charlotte; III Brown, Billy; I Brown, Christi; II Buckler, Amy; III Bryan, Stacy; I Cotten, Tanji; III Cam, Robin; III Carlson, Amy; IL, Carr, Karen; I Carter, Montez; I Chandler, natalie; III Causey, Stacey; III Cimon, Catherine; I Clark, Tonya; III Collier, Maley; IV 150 Pharmacy Comelison, Chris; I Couvillion, Kristen; I Crawford, Kenneth; IV Credille, Brian; I Dallison, Daria; 1 Deneke, Heather; I Dewitt. Connie; SAX, 1 Cowart, Deidra; 111 Criswell, Terry; III Dean, Ginger; III Diffey, Dayle; III Douglas, Brooke; Xfi, Fre-Fharm. Duncan, rtikki; KKF, Fre-Fharm. Eldridge, Sharon; 1 tLIIison, Dawn; I Emfinger, Ryan; III English, Elle; IV EnIow,Chai; III Evans, Susan; II Everett, Scott; KT, III Farmer, Clayton; III Fong, Cindy; I Freeny, Jennifer; III Gardner, Sedji; III Geno, Ginger; III Giddings, Julie; III Qoff, Angle; IV Griffin Verdell; III Guntharp, Randy; 111 Qoode, Stephanie; IV Graham, Donna; I Griffin, Edith; Pre-Phar. Gunn, Angela; I Quyton, Ginger; riB , Fre-Fharm. Ha, Emily; IV Hammill, Melanie; III Hardy, Alyson; TM, Pre-Pharm. Harrell, Kris; I Hathcock, Bridgett; I Hathom, Landall; 1 Hayes, Charieye; AKA, I Hendry, Ginger; 111 Pharmacy 151 Hemdon, Karen; III Higgason, Mache; II Hillman, Lisa; III Hollingsworth, Kevin; Holloway, Misty; I Holmes, Jeremy; II Holt. Billy; Tn, I Hosey, Kelli; II Hudson, RaeAnne; I Ishee, Brad; 111 Iyer, Sangeeta; III Jackson, Lana; IV Jarvis, Kim; 111 Johnson, Anna; IV Johnson, Brian; 111 Johnson, Charlton; Fre-Fharm. Johnson, Chasity; I Johnson, Corie; II Johnson, Jana; I Johnson, Moniquea; IV Jones, Michael; 1 Jue, Dianna; Fre-Fharm. Killingsworth, Kerri; Fre-Fharm. Kiepzig, Jana; 111 Lawrence, Jennifer; I Leathers, Edward; I Lee, DeShonda; I Lee, Mark; 111 Lenard, Amanda; I Lewis, Kelli; AT, 111 Lolley, Cheryl; II Long, Robert; AL, rA, Fre-Fharm. Lowe. Julie; 111 Lowery. Michelle; 1 M. Fre-Fharm. Lucas, Crystal; I Macintosh, Stephanie; III Mahaffey, Laura; IV Mahan, Christy; IV Mangum, Benetra; I Massengill, Sallie; 1 Mathis, Tonya; 111 Matkins, Jill; I 15Z Pharmacy J " °o Uo O flci McCarthy, Shauna; III McCord, Jennifer; Fre-Fharm. McCullar, Marsha; I McKay, Steven; III McKinney, Jaochim; B2, Fre- Fharm. Mcrseil, Patricia; III Mcrieer, Edward; Fre-Fharm. Miller, Piicole; I Misskelley, Fatty; I Misskelley. Susan; M, Pre-Fharm. Mitchell, MikKi; III Moe, Tania; FrePharm. Moore, Christa; IV Moore, Michela; Fre-Fharm. Mullen, Qail; IV Mullins, Amie; II Murphree, Melanie; IV helson, Lori; II Olbricht, Renee; III Oswatt, Lewanda; Fre-Fharm. Oswalt, Jeffrey; III Parker, Shan; III Parks, Grace; I Fatel, Bhavna; Fre-Fharm. Fatel, Samsita; III Feitz, Qretchen; II Penkova, Stacie; II Phillips, Jason; J Phillips, Terry; IV Fickle, Rob; III Finkerton, Leslie; Xn, AAA, I Flunk, Jerry; I Foff. Erick; IV Porter, Jeff; 111 Powell, Christy; Fre-Fharm. Powell, John; I ringle, Benita; ASS, 1 Keves, Chris; III Rexroat, Todd; MO, I Rickles, Sandi; HI Rico, Sharon; !ll Robinson, Lri;; ' i ; , i : Pharmacy 155 Robinson, Rick; III Roux, Jeff; 111 Rowley, Teresa; III Russell, rormika; III Sasser, Pam; III Schueth, Qail; AR, IIB . I Sears, Robin; III Seematter, Christina; I Shah, Vipal; IV Shaw, Jennifer; I Shields, Steven; III Sims, Stephanie; III Shores, Misty; LA, I Simmons, Sharon; XQ, I Skelton, Mitch; III Smith, Michelle; Fre-Fharm. Smith, Rachel; II Smythe, Lauren; KKT, I Spell, Rebecca; J A. , I Stanford, Kim; II Stevens, Monica; I Stewart, Chad; III Street, Shannon; III Sullivan, Jennifer; III Sykes, Jimmy; I Tatum, Joy; Fre-Pharm. Tatum, nicole; Fre-Pharm. Taylor, Jennifer; 111 Thompson, Marcy; III Tinsley, Julie; Fre-Fharm. Todaro. Michael; WA. I Tubb, Phillip; III Turner, Tracey; I Tumage, Robert; III Tumage, Susan; III Umphcrs, Jack; III Vandiver, Leigh; KM-), IV Waller, Jana; I Walters, Shelley; III Warman, Sammy; III Warren, Emily; I Warren, Michael; I 154 Pharmacy Wasson, Mike; III West, Donna; III Wcsterfield, Jason; ME, I u hceless, Lynne; III White, Jason; 1 Williams, Melinda; 111 Williamson, Tim; 1 Wilson, Amanda; III Wilson, Davis; III Wilson, Kim; 111 Wilson, Susan; 111 Woods, Amy; IV Woo, Mack; I Young, Kelly; II ■r ' " :Z ' ' ' «a% 5 - yL. . - Pharmacy 155 we ' ve all 156 Classes ad our share. Classes 157 I Distinction Editor: Courtney Coleman 158 Distinction ' A » .; «;■ liv " istinction is defined as the sta- te of being different or distinguishable, and a marli of honor. ' Every student at Ole Miss is unique and special in their own way; however, there are certain students who take college life one step further. These are the people who study just a little harder, commit to that extra organization, or volunteer a little more of their time to help others. The University of Mississippi is known for having some of the most beautiful people in the U.S., both inside and out. These people are truly distin- guishable, and deserving of the mark of honors placed on them by th fellow students. .Si .,011 159 ' Colonel Keb and Miss OicMiss I 7 ' rf .60 Distinction % chad Hutchinson r m F H H r;-: » 2 s- L tm i Colonel Reb for 1994 Is Chad Hutchin- son, son of Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Hutchinson of Clinton, Miss. Chad is a senior ma- joring in Accountancy. He is a member of many academic honoraries such as Mor- tar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa and Chancellor ' s Leadership Class. His leadership involvement inclu- des ASB Cabinet Director of Academic Affairs, ASB Senator, Chairman of Stu- dent Affairs, Ole Miss Ambassador Representative, and ASB Standing Com- mittee of MS Qovemment Affairs. As a member of Sigma Flu Fratemity, he has served as President. Meredith Makers Miss Ole Miss for 1994 is Meredith Magers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Magers of Dallas, Texas. Meredith is a senior majoring in English. Her aca- demic honoraries include Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Or- der of Omega. She is actively involved in campus organizations such as Pre- Law Society, Student Programming Board, and Associated Student Body committees. She has served as a lead- er in ASB, holding such offices as Press Secretary and President ' s Cabinet. As a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma So- rority, she has served as President and as a Panhellenic Representative. " «jw - ' ' iWW K jOtE MISS 1 FA VORITES iAKJ I Allison Battle Allison, a senior from Tunica, Miss., is majoring in psyciiology. She is a member of tlie Associ- ate Student Body Cabinet. Slie is listed on the Dean ' s honor Roll and is a member of Psi Chi, a psychology honorary. Allison is a Sigma Piu Little Sister and a representative for Panhellenic. She is a member of Delta Delta Delta Sorority. Lee Brown Lee, a senior from Grenada Miss., is a finance major. He is a member of the Golden Key national honor Society and Omicron Delta Epsilon. As a member of Sigma Chi Fraterni- ty, he has served as rush chairman. % ■ % f h •■) • m . ' « " " ' A U-) Disliiidion Hardy Hill Hardy, a senior from Indiaiiola, Miss., is ma- joring in Business with an emphasis in Fi- nance. He is a member of Order of Omega and Who ' s Who Among American Universi- ties. Hardy has held many leadership posi- tions such as IFC President, AM A Executive Vice-President, and IPC Conesponding Sec- retary. He is listed on the Dean ' s Honor Roll. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Fraternity, in which he has ser ed as secretary ' . Austin Frazier Austin, a senior from Jackson, Miss., is majoring in Business Management. He is a member of Omicron Delta Epsilon Economic Honorary ' , American Mark- eting Association, College Republicans, and Habitat for Humanity. He is listed on the Dean ' s Honor Roll. As a member of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, he has ser ed as social chainnan. Lisa Lefoldt Lisa, a senior from Jackson, Miss., is a Business Journalism, and Ad- vertising major. She has served as an Associated Student Body Sena- tor and a member of the Executive Task Force. She has also served as senior class president. As a member of Delta Delta Delta Sorority, sh has served as philanthropy ch man and social chairman. J i.t ' .T- »•. . ' iction 165 Rhodes Scott Rhodes, a senior majoring in Manage- ment. Me is a member of American Mark- eting Association and habitat for humani- ty, he has served as fraternity rush chairman and fraternity Intramurals. he was also awarded the David Carr Award, a fraternity scholarship award. Jamie Murphy Jamie, a senior from Jackson, Miss., is a Public Relations major, he is a mem- ber of Reformed University Fellowship and has served on Associate Student Body committees. Jamie has taken an active part in intramurals. he has also served as a fratemity officer for Sigma Chi. Maradith Tuten Maradith, a senior from Ruston, La., is an accountancy major. She has served as Associate Student Body Senator and Order of Omega Vice-President. She is a member of Ole Miss Student Alumni Council and the Pre-Law Society. She has also served as President of her sorority. :lf)4 DisliiKtion ■■mzp IPS ' Wendy Warriner Wendy, a senior from Brandon, Miss., is a business journalism ma- jor. Slie lias been involved in SPB committees and intramurals such as swimming and track. As a member of Chi Omega Sorority, she has served as pledge trainer and vice-president of promotion. Deidre Parker Deidre is a senior from Jackson, Miss., majoring in fashion mer- chandising with a minor in busi- ness. She has been involved with ASB and SPB committees while attending Ole Miss. She al- so participates in intramural sports such as flag football and basketball. She is also a mem- ber of Kappa Delta Sorority. ■J W , ' j ' ' JE IIIi 5rf ' ■ :W w; " • ■ - ■ , . ' -,». V " . •:_ ' T ' ; ..; ' " -: : ' M ' -i - w- f. Jon 165 v rleen nicole McDonald Arleen, the daughter of Billy and Vicki McDonald of Tupelo, Mississippi, is this year ' s reigning Miss University. She is a junior majoring in biology with a i minor in anthropology. While at Ole Miss, she placed as a top ten Ole Miss beauty finalist in 1993. She has had six years in vocal performance and acting. r? 166 Distinction - ' ■ irw- , (Diss " Black and Gold Mi Photo by La Rue Russell LaTonya Harris ction 167 Most Beautiful Melissa Windham 168 Distinction Amy Atwood Brooke Atwood Top Ten Beauties Jennifer Cheek Liz deFuniak fe Courtney Fin ley ■m M Hope Ladner Vv Kelli Lewis All photos by Chance Regina Ashley Simmons Maradith Tuten Distinction 169 HOMECOMING QUEEN CULLY JOHNSON , ' r uf . " " ' ■ j Homecoming mal • Saddler, Jo Creel. Anne Marie Vameli Stephen Pryor. 1 70 Distinction e, Bethany EH Mcnalr, Fred Jo I 994 HOMECOMING COURT Freshmen maids Anne Marie Varnell Bethany Ellington « J! :.- " I Ej s h ■yn ■=» - iMI Jun iU9M9Ki Renee Thiry Tanya Heed I ovhomore maids Hatie Buskirk Charleye Hayes l E, ■■■M... ' m M. - iUJMMiMk aids Josephine ' Jo ' Creel Cully Johnson Sabrina McNair 171 Distinction • - Mary Abraham 1 72 Distinction .m d utchinson Henry Jones ..Distinction 175 • bbie M A 174 Distinction Brian Sander • Melissa Swetland " w ' Quentin Whitwell istinction 175 WHO ' S WHO ASB Secretary Delta Qamma Activities Chiairman Jl " ' A Chancellor ' s Leadership Class Lambda Sigma Delta Camnia J- - " " fc Executive Task Force Mortar Board Order of Omega Omicron Delta Kappa Alpha Epsilon Delta ■ Mary Frances Abraham 1 Bioloqy Lady Rebel M-Club American Maiteting Association Student Athlete Advisory Committee Lady Rebel M-Club Treasurer Honor Roll C.H.A.M.P.S Scholar Athlete Best Defensive Flayer Most Improved iusan (parole Byrd Management and Marketing Picture Not Available Richard Eric Circeo Law national Moot Court Team Moot Court Board Phi Delta Phi Golden Key Judge Etheiidge Memorial Scholarship Marry Case Memorial Scholarship Die Miss Law Joumal Mississippi Trial Lawyer ' s Association 176 Distinction WHO ' S WHO ■ j F Lady Rebel M-Club Officer ■i Kl W ASB Senator I B Inner Mall Council Mt Representative K Fellowship of Christian K ' J Atliletes H H ' ii Chancellor ' s Honor Roll -—-m fimM Association of the U. S. k jQ hILi Army Award V w Army ROTC ■i Hft. t . Channel 12 Sports ■IHpB r Anchor and Reporter ■ Joaepi line Eva-Laura Dreel m Broadcast Journalism U Fratemity Treasurer BSD Worship Chaimian Phi Beta Lambda Phi lS,appa Tau Clii Omega Houseboy Phi iSappa Phi Accountancy Excellence Scholarship Golden Key Chancellor ' s Scholarship Kick 1 1. Dye Banking and Finance ASB Executive Assistant ASB Senator Vice-Chaimian of Senate Finance Committee ASB Human Relations Committee Hearin-Hess Scliolarship US Senate Youth Scholarsiiip Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Beta Qamtna Sigma Omicron Delta Epsilon Alpha Lambda Delta J Fratemity Rush Chaintian ABM Interfratemity Council i j 1 Financiers Club 4«fc«?i Order of Omega Dean ' s Honor Roll 1 -C Interfi-atemity Council President Interfratemity Corresponding Secretary Fratemity Recording Secretary tS yWyers Managerial Finance ■ Panhellenic President Panhellenic Vice- President K j " ft ' , Sorority Historian ASB Elections fc-oc ' ' jB Commission ASB Wellness Committee Parade of Beauties Dean ' s List Pi Society Sigma riu Charity Bowl FL Court Suzanne Jamison General Business 77 Distinction WHO ' S WHO , •l Chancellor ' s Leadership Class Order of Omega President A5B Director of Academic Affairs ASB Senator Chairman of Student Affairs Mr. Colonel Reb Mortar Board Phi Kappa Phi Lambda Sigma Chad Roberts flutchinson Beta Alpha fsI Accounting Q° ' " " ' ifui r Pl 1 Soroilty President WHb 1 Model Active 1 f - Mortar Board 1 L 1 Omicron Delta Kappa 1 « A Order of Omega 1 Sigma Tau Delta 1 g k Pre-Law Society 1 SPB ■ ASB ■ Miss Ole Miss ■ ' M k H Chancellor ' s Honor Roll ■ T nerealdrnlysha Magers 1 I English 1 v4 ■ Rob I Che Alpha Epsilon Delta Programs Chairman Phi Kappa Phi Tau Beta Pi Order of Omega Golden Key Lambda Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Chancellor ' s Honor Roll obert James Kennedy Chemical Engineering rMci Sigma Tau Delta Risque Business ASB Financial Aid Committee Miss Black and Gold Junior and Senior Homecoming Maid Sorority Officer Resident Advisor Debbie EsteUa McCain English Picture Mot Available Golden Key Chapter Development Chairperson Beta Alpha Psi President Mortar ASB Academic Affairs Rebel Recruiter Pi Delta Phi Phi Kappa Phi Chancellor ' s Scholarship Regional Scholar Accountancy Academic Cathryn Rae Ledbetter Achievement Award Accounting f riancers Club ASB Student Loan Services Business School Student Body President Wall Street South Investment Club President Business School Advisory Board Chaimian Business School Honor Council Chairman " U illiam Anthony McDonough Banking and Finance Managerial Finance I IKID Franz Rene Lorio Business DPMA Student Chapter President Academic All SEC Honor Roll UMAA Honor Roll I mo Rebel MIS and Computer Science Tutor fraternity Officer Business School Advisory | Board President Varsity Tootball Athlete Member of Student Athlete Advisory Board M- l i . Ambassadors Golden Key ME - r ASB President ' s Committee IH -, tk-- Phi Kappa Phi - ' J Beta Alpha Psi • Order of Omega v . Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Golden Key Vice ntna Margaret nU President chaels Accountancy 178 Distinction WHO ' S WHO J ' ' " M Academy of Students Fharmarcy Secretai-y Phannacy Class Vice President k -T ' K Sorority Fanhellenic Officer Phi lambda Sigma Kappa Epsilon Omicron Delta Kappa Qolden Key Lambda Sigma Gamma Beta Phi Lort Ann Nelso n Pharmacy X 0H ASB Human r 1 Relations r 1 Committee Honors Program Senate Phi Qamma Nu ' •mr Omicron Delta Epsilon Pre Law Society national Merit J Scholar Academic William Alcus Fittman U Excellence Award International Business Honors Program Scholarship Picture Wot Available Lamtxla Sigma Scholarship Chairman Pledge Class Officer Phi Eta Sigma Treasurer Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Kappa Phi Qolden Key Honors Program Carrier Scholar Roderick Seal Russ IV English History f ■■ ASB Public Relations Committee T - " i SPB Executive Task Force JCi Rush Chairman SPB Elections Committee SPB Single Day Events " % Committee SPB Housing Committee Society of Professional Journalists 5nS?HraP Trice Journalise n Mortar Board President Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Lambda Sigma Omicron Delta Kappa Ebony Elegance Modeling Board Aloha Phi Alpha President Panhellenic Council Vice- President lerry Dancy Redmond Jr. History unction 179 WHO ' S WHO r ASB Executive Task Force Senior Class President Outstanding Sorority Officer Advertising Association Society of Professional Journalists Plii Beta Lambda ASB Senator ASB School Spirit Committee Chainnan Business Journalism 1 80 Distinction I WHO ' S WHO m Lambda Sigma Vice- President M V ' ' I A Mortar Board Cliapter ft a Editor Sorority Vice-President mM Alpha Lambda Delta Daily MississiDcian staff writer Golden Key ASB Spirit Committee HBV Honors Program natalie Joyce Pharr Journalism PR m mm Brian Walker Sanderson International Business SPB Director Fraternity President Omicron Delta Kappa Vice-President Mortar Board Selection Chainnan ASB President Cabinet Pre-Law Society ASB Secretarial Assistant ASB Executive Task Force University Honors Program Panhellenic Vice-President Rush Sorority Treasurer Beta Alpha Psi Vice- President Mortar Board ASB Executive Tasl Force Golden Key Order of Omega Lamtxla Sigma Beta Gamma Sigma Mandy Kay Mendoza Accounting Sorority President Sorority Historian ASB Academic Affairs Committee ASB Spirit Committee ASB Wellness Committee Mortar Board Treasurer Lambda Sigma Secretary Financiers Club Vice- President Elizabeth Kathleen ' ' Katie " Kennington Banking and Finance Picture Not Available Robert C. Khayat English Chancellor ' s leadership Class ASB Senate Mortar Board Vice- President Lambda Sigma Officer ASB Senate Committee Alpha Lambda Delta Spanish Club SPB Single Day Eve Committee ction 181 WHO ' S WHO Cym Sorority Treasurer ASB Elections Commission Vice Cliairman ASB Elections Supervisory Chairman Fraternity Little Sister ASB Campaign Coordinator Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega tta Langaton Gaines Psychology ' Vi lope Wan Psychology iner Omicron Delta Kappa Treasurer Tau Beta Sigma Pledge Secretary Academic Excellence Scholarship Ambassadors ASB Executive Tasl Force ASB Elections Commission Golden Key Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Mariners A ' _ yf . Fraternity President f ' ' M Fraternity Secretary ' • " H Fratemity Corresponding Secretary ASB Senate ASB Director of Student Housing ASB Director of Alumni Affairs SFB Concert Committee obert ara iam SextOfiAcademic Excellence Biology Pre Med Scholarship I? " narcus cnaries liogers Biology Math Alpha Epsilon Delta Recording Secretary Golden Key Recording Secretary Honors Senate ASB Deputy Attorney General ASB Senator ASB Honors Program Liaison Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Pi Mu Epsilon TfoniurSTWest Pharmacy Phamiacy Student Body President Pre-Phannacy Club Vice-President Kappa Epsilon Fundraising Chairman NARD President Phi Eta Sigma President Ole Miss Ambassador Rho Chi Parmacy Honorary mser Psychology Spanish ASB Director of Campus Affairs, Secretary ASB Executive Community Council Golden Key Treasurer Greek lmdep endent Relations Committee Secretary Board of Directors Student Alumni Council Sorority Treasurer Academic Excellence Scholarship 1 82 Distinction WHO ' S WHO Picture Mot Available Ole Miss Modeling Board Captain Ole Miss Annual Section Editor Sorority Officer Beta Alplia Psi Officer Orientation Leader TASB Diversity Task Force Mehmie Lisa Elisabeth CliouAmbassador Accountancy r " • Channel 12 Executive Producer It T Cliannel 12 Station i Manager Colonel Reb Campaign Manager ASB Human Relations Task Force ASBQreek lndepyendent Affairs Ambassadors Channel 12 Piews Sports Anchor ■ ■i l Society of Professional ■ 1 Jerr y Dale Strickland n Jo " " ,ahsts ■ 1 Broadcast Journalism M .-M. M ASB Senator M ' Lambda Sigma f Executive Officer Iw il Sorority Committee m 11 Ctiairman Jt li Sorority Officer " m m Senate Committee Cliainnan ft r ' Ciiancellor ' s ■- Leadership Class Spirit Committee I Laura Marion Bet .» French Award non . , Psychology Order of Omega Picture riot Available Catina Brandon Pharmacy Pre-Phamiacy Club Vice-President Sorority Recording Secretary Sorority President Square and Compass Club President ASB Race Relations Task Porce Ambassadors Ole Miss Gospel Choir Phi Delta Chi - , ► ASB Press Secretary i|i .m ASB Director of Public ■ r T ' ft Relations H n " M ASB Executive Task ■ Ita - ' " B Force ■ ' hIB ASB Human Relations B Sorority Vice-President 1 4 PR ■ Sorority Secretary 1 Mortar Board ■ Qolden Key H Sigma g 1 Joanna Katherine Holland I 1 [ Journalism PR M ASB Vice-President ASB Director of University Relations ASB Senate Phi l ppa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Golden Key Order of Omega nelissa Ann Swetland Political Science ASB Elections Commissioner ASB Deputy Attorney General Sorority Philanthropy Chairperson ASB Election Supervisory Chaiiperson ASBAcadeniit Affairs Conimi: ASB Code Re ASBScr. Marian Hanes Montgomerij English PoetA inction 183 WHO ' S WHO Picture Dot Available Emily Dale Ash Pharmacy Fhamiacy School Vice-Presidnet Fhannacy School Student Body Vice- President Student Alumni Council Pre-Phamiacy Club Kappa Epsilon Golden Key Phannacy School Executive Council m . Sorority Fledae B p % 1 rainer H m sororitv Social H M- Lhairmaii H ANA Vice-President of ■ mx j:: i Promotion H W ' Publicity Committee H Chancellor ' s H J « Leadersiilp Class ■ Beta Oamma Sigma 1 Qainma Beta Phi H Sorority nadonal ■ ■UJI Hy Delegate ■ 1 Wendy Elizabeth Warriner 1 Business Journalism M A Qolden Key Secretary Phi Gamma nu Vice-President 1 z;- . i Sorority Chapter ' Programming Board Phi Eta Sigma Gamma Beta Phi Alpha Lambda Delta Deans Honor Roll Carla Kay Hardee Hotel Motel Restaurant Management M 184 Distinction WHO ' S WHO Soroiity Treasurer Sorority Assistant P ' ' Treasurer Sorority Computer Bwi ' ' a Chair jK.i ASB Academic Affairs Committee k Omicron Delta 1 Kappa fl Order of Omega A) Mortar Board g,i Qp.dem l u 1 Jo Carol f lobison B Accounting Intern. itional Business Phi Delta Pfii fl Ajnerican f- Marketing Association Ole Miss .«f Advertising Club Phi Kappa Phi Dean ' s List -ik •■• q Society for the Advancement of k Management 1 James Alius McCuUough Law . B 1 Rho Chi HJJJII B Historian Fraternity Ft i E Historian ' i Phi Kappa Phi - ' Order of Omega , Kappa Psi M saB Qolden Key _ Pharmacy Orientation Leader I Jeffrey J. Row J. Qamma Beta Phi L Pharmacy A Sorority fundreaising m m Chairman » " m ASB Elections ■ . M Committee Student Alumni Council f Senior Class Committee Qamma Beta Phi V Alpha Lamtxla Delta J Deans Honor Roll barker Christy MicheUe I Fashion Merchandising M Jt K BSD Executive r Committee | % juJ Interhall Council L. ' - ' . k Rebel Recruiter UM Mentor HHh Hi PrograiTi " A l ' Students for Progress BSD member J Debbie Rochelle Johnson 1 English M Picture riot Available Management and Marketing Doctoral Student President Southern Marketing Association Ole Miss Rugby Football Club Qabitat for Humanity Outstanding Marketitig Ph.D. Student George Warren Stone Marketing Di sanction 185 II WHO ' S WHO Demondes Haynes Biology BSU Executive Assistant to President Omicron Delta Kappa Students for Progress Resident Advisor Chancellor ' s Leadership Class Fraternity Vice- President Fraternity Chaplin Fraternity Secretary Ole Miss MBA Association Resume Book Committee Chaimian Picture Not Available Aubum Alpha Kappa Psi Aubum Phi Kappa Phi Aubum Beta Gamma Sigma Merideth Lynn AUphin Aubum Alpha Business Lambda Delta 186 Distinction I ekmd tke ccMi Photo by Thomas Loupe In the mist of the small town of Oxford, trees shade the path that leads to a place where histo- ry now resides. More than just a historical site. Rowan Oak was the home of Oxford ' s most renown writer, William Faulkner. I chose this site to take photographs of Ole Miss Favorites, Miss Ole Miss, and Colonel Reb because William Faulkner is an integral part of Oxford, as integral as the students are to Ole Miss. Rowan Oak was named for the trees that grow there, whose roots have been the foundation of Faulkner s success springing from the aura of Oxford. Rowan Oak symbolizes a place of heritage and hope for those who call Oxford and the Universi- ty their home. Distinction 187 ALPHA EPSILOn DELTA Alpha Epsilon Delta, the Missis- sippi Beta Chapter of the inter- national premedical honor so- ciety, encourages and recognizes superior scholastic achievement. Opportunities for developing organizational lead- ership and initiative abound within a full program of com- munity service and profession- al activities. Students preparing for careers in all healthcare fields, who fulfill both course and scholastic requirements may join this fellowship devot- ed to premedical education. Al- pha Epsilon Delta activities in- clude interview and MCAT preparation as well as a unique " Buddy System " and hospital volunteer program. Officers: Emily Carlson, Shannon Kelley, Bethany Reed, Bob Kennedy, Jonathan Lohrbach, Jason Mary Frances Abraham Jonathan Briggs Johnnie " Todd ' Dawson David Benjamin Gibson Ronald Justin Gregg Maohao Han Ann Marie Henry Richard Dana Holmes Bailey, Jill Wood, l 1ark Rogers John Keith Stephen Lee Wendy Ploel Lehman Christopher Mathews Qayla Anne McCaa Brian Darrell McCoy David Powell McElreath Patrick OMara Michael Perry Joseph Christian Scales Dennie Smith, Jr. Tracy Ann Townes Phong Van Tiffany Waggoner James Walker, Jr. Jennifer Wong : ALPHA KAPPA DELTA Alpha Kappa Delta is an in- ternational sociology hon- or society dedicated to the ideal of Anthropon Ka- tamanthanein Diakonesein: " to investi- gate humanity for the pur- pose of service. " The pur- pose of this society is to promote an interest in the study of sociology and oth- er social and intellectual activities as will lead to improvement in the human condition. Graduate Student Members: Rhonda Cooper Jeannie Douglas-Sevier Rhonda Hallmark l icah Roberts Photo hy T. Daily Undergraduate Student Members Regena Crane Rachael Durham Jennifer Wong Faculty Advisor: Elise Lake 188 Distinction 4 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA 1 W 1 5 Photo by Scott King President: John Jones, Vice-President: Hart Rogers, Secretary: Kathy Myers, Treasurer: Brett Bagley, Historian:Jennifer Soper, Advisors: Dr. Joanne Hawks, Dr. Eva Meumaier 1 Wl) Fall 1993 Robyn Bell David Alan Brasher Robin Bryan Christine Cheri Burge Joe Clarice Melanie Cody Steven Creasy Kathleen Dobbs Dee Hobbs t aren Elizabeth Lambert Fernando Perez Merchan Jenny Rutherford Sharon Spears Jason Marcel Vega Kim Westerfield Spring 1994 David Ancell Brett Bagley Lynn Barlow Jerald Bretton Beauchamp Emily Bellew Kurt Boland Rebecca Ann Bouriand Sara Hodges Brawner Kathryn Elizabeth Brookfield Courtney English Brooks James Gregory Brown Jay Brown Brittny Layne Bryan Virginia Lynne Campbell Tanya Chin Courtney Dee Coleman Caroline Christina Damell Lucy DLxon Micole Duncan Holly Erickson Katrina Ferrell Matalie Page Ferrell Anne Qleason Christopher Glenn Chris Haley Mary Margaret Harper Amy Michelle Headley Heather Hill Kara Holekamp Martha Hutchinson Lynn Antoinette James John Jones Raeline Kemer Kecia Jewell Kitchens Merrill King Catherine Kingrea Cynthia Kingrea Mercedes Labat Portia Lary Elizabeth Macy Jennifer Leigh Mason Moss Butler Melton Addy Mills Elizabeth Barry Moore Anne Murphy Kathryn Bell Myers Susannah Morthart Daniel Pieralisi J. Richard Pittman, Jr. Elizabeth Pugh Sara Whelan Randall Chris Roberts David Roberts Lee Hartwell Rogers Rachel Ariene Seguin Melanie Simpson Kimberiy Michelle Smith Jennifer Leigh Soper Sherri Elizabeth Sullivan John Hugh Tate Kathryn Abbie Thompson Bethany Laura Tompkins Casey Traxler Michael Lynn Warren Jennifer Whealdon Joseph Tyson Wilkins, IV Alycia Williams Lisa Stubbs Williams Penny Wood Jami Wyatt Jo Anne J. Trovi ' Av ard Jami Clark Estella G. Heflev Awards Tanya Elizabeth Chin Christopher L. Roberts Alpha Lambda Delta is a na- tional freshman honor soci- ety w hose purpose is to en- courage superior scholastic achievement among stu- dents in their first year in in- stitutions of higher educa- tion. Students inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta must have attained a 3.5 QPA. Distinction 189 Beta Alpha Fsi is the national hon- or society and professional frater- nity for students planning to enter the accounting profession. The ob- jectives of the fraternity include: promotion of the study and prac- tice of accounting, recognition of outstanding academic achieve- ments in the field of accounting, encouragement of a sense of eth- ical, social, and public responsi- bilities, provision of opportunities for self-development and leader- ship, provision of ideas for career goals and role models through in- terface with practicing professional accountants, and promotion of so- cial poise through association among members and practicing accountants. BETA ALPHA FSI I Chris Adair Dana Alexander Jay Allen Denise Avant Scott Bamhart Lance Berry Lori Boone Jenny Borden Kris Brady Dorothy Brown Katelyn Brown Michael Carraway Lisa Chow Allison Chrestman Mary Cay Clark Scott Clark Geneva Crawford Darrell Davis Lisa Davis Kristie Fiveash Brian Fyfe Dabney Garrison Chad Gilliland Kendra Qoddard Michael Heidelberg Jason Herring Chad Hutchinson Byron Jenkins Brad Jones Julee King Cathy Ledbetter Ricky Livingston Laura Luckett Louis Malfait Mandy Mendoza Meg Michaels Michelle Miller Jonathan Pennington Preston Powell Julie Richardson Hannah Smith Heather Smith Steven Smith Tara Taranto Kim Taylor Missy Thomas Trey Tumage Maradith Tuten Photo by Scott King Jill Underwood David Wages David Walls Kristin Weir Melinda Whitten Christopher Wiginton Bill Williams Robert Williams Heather Wood Beta Gamma Sigma is a national scholastic honor society in the fields of business administration and ac- countancy. Beta Gamma Sigma chap- ters may be char tered only in those schools of business and accountancy accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business. The Alpha of Mississippi chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma was chartered at Ole Miss in 1944. To be eligible for Beta Gamma Sigma membership, students must rank in the top seven percent of the junior class, the top ten percent of the senior class, or in the top twenty percent of those students receiving master ' s degrees. Students who have completed all requirements for the doctoral degree conferred by the School of Business or School of Accountancy are also eligible for membership in Beta Gamma Sigma. The purposes of Beta Gamma Sigma are to encourage and recognize scholarship and accomplishment among students of business adminis- tration, to promote the advancement of education in the art and science of business, and to foster integrity in all aspects of life. BETA GAMMA SIGMA President: fNora C. Stephens Gooch Vice • President: C. Alexander Meadowcroft Faculty Advisor, Secretary ■ Treasurer: Edgar W. Wood Dana Leigh Alexander Michail Trent Briley Amanda Gail Busby Thomas Bradford Childress Kristie Michelle Fiveash Brian Webster Fyfe Michael Chad Gilliland Plora C. Stephens Gooch Jason Lee Moneycutt William Bowen Mcrae C. Alexander Meadowcroft Mina Margaret Michaels Shavona Dwanstella Mullin Robert Andrew norris Dana Katherine O ' Donnell Kurt Qallivan Rademacher Brain Walker Sanderson Adrian Todd Smith Robert Turner Steams Melissa Thomas Ben Hill Thomas Dana Lynn Vanderford Elizabeth Butler Waller Wendy Elizabeth Warriner Allison Suzanne Williams Bailey Robert Williams, Jr. Heather Rene Wood Jennifer Jill Yates Photo by Chance Regina 190 Distinction CHAPiCELLOR ' S LEADERSHIP ScMliij Jenny Abdo Kellan Ashley Anita Beth Boatman Lyndsey Bolen Alan Brockman Renee Caston Keith Catlin Amanda Chastain Angela Clark Travis Cocke Lee Coleman Lee Ann Coppenbarger John Decker Dana Dosher Brooke Douglas Cole Duke Tiffany Eaves Thomas Elfert Jeremy Engelken Mark Eubanks Jami Ferrell Mary Findley Grant Ford Doug Foster Heard Galis Philip Garcia Amy Giuliano Angela Glover Houston Graves Elizabeth Gresham Donna Guest Ginger Guyton Lora Hampton Grant Hawkins Karen Homer James Albert Hutcheson Fred Johnson Brad Kennedy Adam Kline Schuyler Laws Grayson Lewis riikie Lomax Matt Lott Amy Lowe Mary Margaret Lusk rielms McClatchy Mac McCool Chris McNeill Julia Meyers Marie Moore Mollie Murphy Benita Myles Laura Kathryn nipper Abb Payne Robert Perry Julie Rogers Todd Rushing Alexis Smith Lauren Smythe Ashlye Stewart Melanie Moore Tatum Calvin Thigpen Christopher Thompson Laura Walden Susan Wang Toby Welch Prentiss Williams April Wimberly Carolyn Yates Lew Yoder Darryl Young DeMeka Bean Tiffany Clepper John Hugh Tate Photo by Susie Salber The Chancellors Leader- ship Class, which is in its 10th year, is made up of freshmen who were nom- inated for participation by their high school principals and then selected for mem- bership by a campus com- mittee. The Chancellors Leadership Class meets each week to discuss ap- proaches to leadership with Chancellor Tumer as well as with various visiting leaders from education, government, the pro- fessional world, and the arts. Special events include a fall retreat, a holiday party at the Chancellor ' s home, and a spring field trip to Jackson. Participating stu- dents are eligible to receive a leadership scholarship and one hour of class cred- it. :« Distinction 191 f Chi Epsilon is a national honor society for Civil Engineering students. There are over one hundred chapters nationally. The Ole Miss Chapter was founded in 1937 as the fourteenth chapter in the United States and the first chapter in the Southeast. The objectives of the Ole Miss Chapter are to maintain and promote the status of Civil En- gineering as an ideal profession at the Uni- versity of Mississippi, to bestow honor upon Civil Engineering juniors, seniors, and grad- uate students who have demonstrated excep- tional scholarship and to develop the qual- ities of character, practicality and sociability in each member of the chapter. In order to carry out these objectives the chapter pro- vides a number of services such as organ- izing a FE review course, providing free tutor- ing to other civil engineering students, recognizing the outstanding civil engineering freshman and senior civil engeneering schol- ar, organizing and providing funds for field trips, writing an annual alumni newsletter, setting up displays and projects for Career Day and assisting in Engineering High School programs such as a statewide high school engineering model contest and Mathcounts. To foster sociability, members participate in pizza parties, bowling outings, etc. CHI EPSILON Pholo by Kavanaugh Breazeale President: Dalton Wiliams; Vice President: Shawn Yates; Secretary: Scott Swatzell; Treasurer: Raja Shekharan; Editor: Francisco Fernandez; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Samuel L. DeLeeuw; Trustee: Mr. Tracy Lusk, John White John Blssell Fok Long Chee Richard Chisolm Tim Oentry Kelly liolioman C U(C ( JenlKins ith Joseph Karen Mardis Chucl Plaxico Robert Wells William Rigby Roland Adams David Daniels Kent HOLveli Wliiiam Ivy James iVhite Faculty: Dr. Abdulrahman Dr. Burle Dr. Qordji Dr. Hackett Dr. Lozano Dr. Prasad n pu pn an re( ASCE The School of Engineering is recognized by the American So- ciety of Civil Engineers, as is a student chapter of that society at the University. The chapter meets regularly and the pro- grams consist of addresses by members of the engineering profession, technical papers prepared by students and at- tendance at the semi-annual state meetings. The society and its members are devoted to advancing the profession of civil engineering. Photo by Kavanaugh Breazeale Editor: Shawn Yates; Vice President: Jim Ferguson; Treasurer: Matt Wolfe; Secretary: Betsy de Masi Raja Shekharan Tim Gentry Scott Swatzell David Cappell Dalton Williams nick Gardner David Murtagh Robert Wells Chuck Plaxico Boby Thompson Geroge Virden Charles Williams Richard Chisolm Gresham Griffin Steven Cockerham 192 Distinction GAMMA BETA PHI !S iqUisk, The Gamma Beta Phi Society is an honorary organization whose purpose is to serve the community by undertaking projects that promote and enhance education. The Society stresses both service and scholastic achievement as equally important activities, and requires its members to maintain a healthy balance between the two. I jeflasi Jeanie Ackerman Chris Adair Amanda Aldis Majla Baeskeur Brett Bagley Mark Bates John Bateman Emily Bellow Jennifer Belue Dana Blanton Bethany Berey Jason Blazakis Amanda Bolen Susan Bonifield Sara Brauner Greg Brown Rebecca Bowland Kathryn Brookfield Courtney Brooks Monique Brown Brittany Bryan Angela Burchan Rebecca Buns Chip Butts Qinny Campbell Elizabeth Cassagne Lesley Casto Tanaya Chin Rachael Clark Courtney Coleman Stacey Collins Libba Craig Stacy Creel Eileen Crimmins Loisa Davis Leslie Denton Tana Dobbins riikki Duncan Todd Ellison Holly Erickson natalie Ferrell Katrina Ferrell Anne Ferrer Kristie Fiveash Susan Frye riick Gardner Chris Glenn Jason Greener Angela Gregary Ashley Griffin Ken Grigsby Mary Margaret Harper Amy Herring Richard Holmes Lori Howell Christina Humber Ashley Hutchinson Martha Hutchinson Margaret Johnson Rebeca Johnson Ashley Galiff Ashley Griffen John Jones Jodi Jardau Jord Raeline Hemer Merrill King Catherine Kingrea Cynthia Kingrea Kecia Kitchins Laura Koon Mercedes Labae Kim LaCour Danielle La Gerda Anthony Lee Jamey Leggitt Rede Longino Charolette Lowe Jenny Mason Jamie Moore Jennifer Milton Eri Mujayawa Amy Moss Anne Murphy Kathy Meyers Helen McCullough Ann Olivier Elecia Osadchut Amy Palmer Michael Pong Libby Pugh Sara Whelan Randall Hart Rogers Jenny Seymour Gary Smith Adrian Smith Michelle Smith Rachael Smith Brian Talley John Tale Sandy Taylor Abbie Thompson Bethany Tompkins Traci Leigh Thompson Casey Traxler Laura Tumage Robert Vega Michael Warren Wendy Wariner Scott Weigandt Distinction 193 GOLDEIS KEY Photo by Tammie Dally The Golden Key national Honor Society was founded at Georgia State University on November 29, 1977. Membersliip is extended to tiie top fifteen percent of all juniors and seniors. This in- terdisciplinary society seeks to recognize the top stu- dents in all courses of study. Golden Key honors its members each year with an induction ceremony and reception. Photo by Tammie Dally President: Allison Williams Vice President Just the Facts: Dana O ' Donnell Vice President Campus Awareness: Meg Michaels Recording Secretary: Mark Rogers Corresponding Secretary: Carla Hardee Treasurer: Kate Qlamser Advisors: Dr. riatalie Schroeder Dr. Ronald Schroeder 194 Distinction HOISORS PROGRAM Honors Senate:Elizabeth CassagneX.A. Heard, Martha Mutchinson,Anne rerrer,Mark Rogers,Bill Pittman, Ginger Dunnamjennifer Soper.Jay Morris Jill Wood Assistant Student Director:Ginger Dunnam Student DirectorrElizabeth Propes Roy Alexander Anne Carson Alias Treble Allendorph Adam Alvis Richard Anderson Linda Arrington Stephanie Ash Kellan Ashley Michael Atkinson Ferreil Ayers Brian Baggett Brett Bagley Jeanette Bailey Ty Barkley Lynn Barlow Betsy Battling Paul Battle William Behm Jennifer Belue Margaret Biddle Lynn BlacKbum Ben Blossom Anita Beth Boatman Susan Bonifield Kendall Bowlin Kevin Boyd Kathryn BrooKfield Ashley Brooks James Brown Jessica Brown Monique Brown Carrie Bryant Matt Calhoun Emily Carlson Michael Carraway Elizabeth Cassagne Kim Chaney Chesley Childs Tanya Chin Jami Clark Joe Clarke Chris Clay Lawrence Coco ee Ann Conpenbarger Caroline Cound Monika Cox Kim Croon Jennifer Cullins Karrie Cummings Wes Curry Dodds Dehmer Melissa Dingerson Lucy Dixon Brett Douglas Brooke Douglas Carrie Downing Marcus Dukes Leslie Macon DuKes Qina Dunnam Ginger Dunnam Rick Dye Julie Dyess Susan Evans Scott Everett Brigitte Fara Ann Earrell Katrina rerrell Anne Eerrer Bunny Findley Mary Kelly Findley Kristie Fiveash Jennifer Fogle Grant Ford Molly Franks Michael Frazier Chad Galloway Mat Gee Janet Gerber nicole Germain Chris Qleason Brodie Gordon Ginger Gordon Deb Goswami Crystal Grafton Tom Graves Christy Green Emily Ma Anna Hale Laura Male Louise Harper Chris Harrison Amy Hastings Ros Mayden Elizabeth Hays Michelle Meadley L.A. Heard Robert Joseph Mendrickson Scott Hendrix Dawn Henry Amy Herring Steven Hester Shannon Hill David Mitt Kara Holekamp Courtney Hollingsworth Martha Hutchinson Cameron Huxford Patrick Johnson Rebecca Johnson Hank Jones John Jones Shannon Jones Robert Jordan Jeremy Justice Amanda Kieth Kara Keller Bob Kennedy Kim Kiamie Kariy Kimbel Candace King Thomas King Jeremy Kinsell Jeremy Kirkland Kecia Kitchens Adam Kline Laura Koon hany Kopf Patricia Kopf Auburn Kopkau Schuyler Laws Gary Lawson Slade Lewis Jonathan Lohrbach Molly Lomax Mary Margaret Lusk Clark Mackey Liz Macy Micola Makey Melanie Mark John Mayo Mandi McArthur rielms McClatchy Scott McDaniel Braden Mclnteer Christine McKenzie Chris McMullan Brett Mehalic Moss Melton Mark Meredith Addy Mills Jeremy Milum Meghan Mitchell Becky Mitchell Sarah Mitchell Chip Monroe Jay Morris Kathryn Myers Benita Myles Karoline nelson Elecia Osadchuk Mancy Otto Robert Page Lydia Paterson Erin Patten Doug Paul nataiie Pharr Crymes Pittman Richard Pittman Bill Pittman Brad Pitzer Geoffrey Pratt Plan Prince Elizabeth Propes Michael Pujol Keli Quinn Sara Whelan Randall Elizabeth Rawlins Bethany Reed Matt Reonas Chris Roberts Molly Robinson Walker Rogers Hart Rogers Mark Rogers Sarah Rogge Todd Rushing Claude Russ Brian Sanderson Lee Scott Robin Sears Emmet Siebles Vince Seller Jennifer Sekul Melissa Senter Jenny Seymour Jaye-J Shackelford Katherine Shappley Wayne Shaw Cameron Shepherd Sharon Simmons Thomas Simpson John Sledge Gary Smith Elizabeth Smotherman Sen Song Jennifer Soper Amanda Stephenson Robert Stephenson Alex Stevens Ashlye Stewart Kathryn Sullivan Michael Sullivan David Summers Shannon Sumrall Liz Swenson Melissa Swetland Joy Tatum Calvin Thigpen Chris Thomas Mike Thompson Ashley Tinnin Leslie Tribble Jack Umphers Lauren Vettel David Wages Qretchen Wagner Sally Walbom Jay Walker Susan Wang Adrienne Warren Kristin Weir Toby Welch Brad Wellborn Donna West Christy White Quentin Whitwell Allison Williams Jennifer Wilson nina Wong Tom Wong Jill Wood Rich Young John Zoeller Photo by Scott King The Honors Program, established in 1953 and re- structured in 1982, coordinates special academic offerings that intensify the educational experience of the exceptional student and facilitates the arrange- ment of a program of studies for superior undergrad- uate students in any school or college at the Univer- sity of Mississippi. Distinction 195 The Beta Beta Chapter of Kap- pa Kappa Psi, a national Hon- orary Band Fraternity, was founded on the Ole Miss cam- pus in 1948. Being the 50th chapter founded, it has the dis- tinction of being l own nation- ally as " the Golden Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi. " United through fraternal brotherhood, members work for the better- ment of the band through ser- vice and selection of worth- while projects. KAPPA KAPPA PSI Photo by Chance Regina President: Mike Bonds; Vice President: Lester Watt; Secretary: Lester Watt; Treasurer: Russell Leasy; Historian: Tim l atlock; Alumni Coordinator: Lee Moyer; Sponsor:David Willson Mike Cliapman Stephen Womack J.J. Kahrs Chris King George Cannon Darryl Young Rusty Downs Leiand Sphar Jacob Webb Lambda Sigma is a sopho- more honor society which is quite active on campus and in the community. The so- ciety ' s fundamental pur- poses are to foster leader- ship, scholarship, and the spirit of service as well as promoting and serving in every way possible the inter- est of the University. LAMBDA SIGMA Pholo by Emmy Cenzalli President: Hart Rogers; Vice President: Richard Fittman; Secretary: Emily Bellew; Treasurer: Elizabeth Perry; Scholarship: John Jones; Philanthropy: Cathryn Brookfield riajla Baeshen Jamie Eergreson Lee Laird Brett Bagley riatalie Ferrell Jane Langino John David Roberts Emily Bellew Kenneth Qrigsby Portia Lary Hart Rogers Benjamin Blossom Chris Haley Traci Massey Jennifer Soper Kathryn Brookfield Martha Hutchinson Kathryn Myers John Tate Courtney Brooks John Jones Stephanie Mapper Sandy Taylor Douglas Buglewicz Jodi Jordan Emily Meal Clark Thomas Charles Butts Merrill King Mary Catherine OSteen Leslie Tribble Emmy Cenzalli Catherine Kingrea Elizabeth Perry Ivana Vujic Wes Curry Cynthia Kingrea Richard Pittman Jennifer Whealdon Leslie Denton Kecia Kitchens Sara Whelan Randall rietcher Whitweil Qina Dunnam Laura Koon James Rester Jami Wyatt Qinger Dunnam Hancy Kopf Rich Richardson 196 Distinction fresidi Jer?) ' Wce ' Pri Roben Secreta Allison ' feasur tie 11 5«lectio Brians Chapter Natalie Alumni J itiao ' Elisors; »iini ' sti } Joanne I MORTAR BOARD KRepa Photo by Emmy Cenzalli Established originally as a national women ' s honor society. Mortar Board is one of the highest senior honor groups for both men and women. Tassels, the local chapter, has been active on the Ole Miss campus since its foun- ding in 1930. With a 40 member limit. Mortar Board selects members based on leadership, scholarship of at least a 3.0 GPA, and service. Mortar Board is an organization that challenges the individual to provide thoughtful leadership to the campus and community, to create an environment of effective communication, and to move toward the improvement of the status of men and women. President: Jerry Redmond Vice-President: Robert Khayat Secretary: Allison Williams Treasurer: Katie Kennington Selections: Brian Sanderson Chapter Editor: Natalie Pharr Alumni Representative: Dana O ' Donnell Advisors: Dr. Gay Hatfield, Dr. Ann Canty, Ms. Sheila Mood Administrative Liaison: Joanne Hawks Photo by Emmy Cenzalli Mary Frances Abraham Debra Ann Ainsworth Jennifer Donnell Belue Susan Lynn Bonifield Michael Trent Briley Bethany Carlisle Margaret Ann Ferris Allison Anne Finklea Cynthia Langston Gaines Kate Glamser Amy Helen Herring Joanna Holland Chad Hutchinson Elizabeth Kennington Robert Khayat Patricia Kopf Cathryn Rae Ledbetter Jonathan Christopher Lohrbach Meredith Alysha Magers Bowen McRae Mandy Mendoza Dana Katherine ODonnell Michael McConnell Perry Natalie Joyce Pharr Richard Scott Pietrowski Kurt Gallivan Rademacher Jerry Redmond, Jr. Bethany Lane Reed Jo Carol Robison Mark Rogers Brian Walker Sanderson Joseph Christian Scales Flora Christine Stephens Robert Truman Stokes Melissa Swetland Maradith Tuten Robert Cayago Vega Quentin Whitwell Allison Suzanne Williams Distinction 197 OMICROn DELTA KAPPA Omicron Delta Kappa, founded December 5, 1914, at Washington and Lee University, places emphasis upon the whole person, both as a present member of his college community and as a prospective contributor to a better society. The Society believes that while good scholarship and intellectual development are the chief objectives of college years, the life of the mind is not the only life students will have to cope with as a result of their college e, perience. It is not enough to be merely a scholar ' — other indispensable qualities have to be cultivated also. Students and faculty members have to more clearly understand that the self is truly a composite of the hand, the heart, and the spirit as well as the mind. Omicron Delta Kappa believes that the real search for truth, the promotion of good will, the development of consideration and understanding, good taste, and sense of humor, learning how to get along and cooperate with others, and the assumptions of duty and responsibility, are important lessons and personal qualities which one learns and develops through and integrated program of academic and e.xtracurricular education. Members of Omicron Delta Kappa are selected in areas of achieve- ment in scholarship, athletics, or campus or community service, social and religious activities and campus gov- emment, journalism, speech, and the mass media, and the creative and performing arts. President: Amy Herring Vice President: Brian Sanderson Treasurer: Hope Ladner Faculty Secretary: Dr. Judith D. Trott Faculty Advisor: Dr. George Everett Fran Abraham Jennifer Beiue Bethany Berey Amy Bland Susan Bonifield John Bonnette Bethany Carlisle Rick Dye Hayes Ellison Margaret Ann Ferris Dana Freeman Cynthia Gaines Kate QIamser Desmondes Haynes Anne Marie Henry Amy Herring Joanna Holland Chad Hutchinson Jank Jones Katie Kennington Tricia Kopf Hope Ladner Clark Love Meredith Magers Photo Mandy Mendoza Lori nelson Dana ODonnell Michael Ferry Tricia Petrie Matalie Pharr Kurt Rademacher Jerry Redmond Bethany Reed Brian Ridgew ay Jo Carol Robison Brian Sanderson by Emmy Cenzalli Graham Sexton Gary Smith Robert Steams Cricket Stephens Mary Suman Melissa Swetland Maradith Tuten Robert Vega Founded nationally at the University of Illinois March 22. 1923. Phi Eta Sigma established a Mississippi chapter at the University of Mississippi in 1929. A na- tional college scholastic honor society for freshmen, Phi Eta Sigma recognizes, en- courages, and rewards high scholastic achievement among freshmen at approx- imately 235 institutions of higher learn- ing in the United States, All freshmen who have a cumulative gradepoint aver- age equivalent to a 3,5 or better on a 4.00 scale at the end of fall semester are eligible to join Phi Eta Sigma at Ole Miss. Inducting ceremonies are held during the spring semester of each year. President: Hart Rogers Vice President: John Jones Secretary: Mercedes Labat Treasurer: Kathryn Brookfield Advisor: Marianne Bradford Ptn ETA SIGMA 198 Carey Lynn Acerra John Alwood Ashish Aryai Stephanie Ash Chad Ayres Plajla Baeshen Brett Olivia Bagley Eva Lynn Barlow Sarah Renee Bartelt Jennifer Laiidon Bartlow Paul Battle Jcrald Bretton Bcauchamp Nope BelK Mary Emily Bellew Margaret Bca Bethay Jason Blazakis Thomas Thurston Bodinc Rebecca Ann Bourland Sara Brawncr Kathryn Elizabeth Brookfield Courtney Brooks Qreg Brown Jay Brown Monique Akim Brown Brittny Laync Bryan Leslie Kay Bumgamer Charles Michael Butts Virginia Lynne Campbell Cecilia Lynne Cannada Lesley Casto Victoria Cayle Cheatham Tanya Elizabeht Chin Rachel Holmes Clark Tiffany nicole Clepper Courtney Dee Coleman Tamekia Shurwanne Cook Libba Craig RicK Crawford Eileen Elizabeth Crimmins Bumice Wesley Curry Caroline Darnell Tommy Defer Steven Del.uca Leslie Denton Lucy Rainer Dixon Micolc Elizabeth Duncan Holly Lahelle EricKson Katruna Fcrrell Molly Lynn Franks Susan Frye hichalos Dewey Gardner Shahyar Michael Oharacholou Anne Gleason Christopher Daniel Glenn Kathryn Davant Goss James Franklin Greene Angeic Michele Gregory Leigh FJizaheht Griffiths Kenneth Jermaine Grigsby Joshua Cain Guest Christopher Lynn Haley Mary Margaret Harper Amy Laura Hastings John Hennessey Robert Ramsey Herrington Heatiier Leigh HitI Kara Leah Holekamp Lori Adele House Christina Humber Martha Elizabeth Hutchinson Lynn Antoinette James Todd Jeffreys Ashley Jolliff John Jones Raeline Rhonda Lee Kemer Jay Ma. Kilpatrick Merrill Da is King Catherine Ann Kingrea Cynthia Irene Kingrea Kecia Kitchens Laura Jane Koon r ancy Elizabeth Kopf Jamie Komegay Mercedes Labat Kimberly Lynn Lacour Portia Lary John Levin Kennon Slade Lewis Robert Craig Long Jane Reade Longino Christian Marquette Jennifer Leigh Mason Moss Butler Melton Melissa Dawn Miller Addy Marie Mills Eri Miyagawa Photo by Scott King Barry Moore Katrina Moore Christian Alison Moses Amy Beth Moss Anne Marie Murphy Kathryn Bell Myers Stephanie Mapper Emily Suzanne Heal Megan Beth Flewcome Elliott riipper Susannah Lynne Morthart Ann Olivier Elecia Osadchuk Penny Stacy John Hugh Tate Sandra Leigh Taylor Abbie Thompson Stephen Thompson Bethany Tompkins Metrica Michelle Trammel I Casey Traxler Christina Vassileva Ivana Vujic Michael Warren .. . - . Scott Allen Weiqandl Mary Cathenne Osteen j . eigh Whealdon Lewanda Lynn Oswalt riotrh r whit,., ii Amy Renee Palmer Randi Carolyn Peresich Maryann Elizabeth Perry Richard Pittman Elizabeht Poemer Ten ell Polk Elizabeth Pugh Sara Whelan Randall Jimmy Rester Todd Rexroat Mark River Chris Roberts John David Roberts Lee Hartwetl Rogers Rachel Elizabeth Schilling Rachel Shepard Melanie Anne Simpson Kimberly Michelle Smith Jennifer Leigh Soper Fletcher Whitwell Lisa Stubbs Williams AlyciaWilliam Laura Elizabeth Williamson Johnnie VaShon Wilson Brandy Lavon Winston Penny Renee Wood Jami Lynn Wyatt Gracey Young James Richard Young Fa( 1! PHI LAMBDA SIGMA Phi Lambda Sigma, the nation- al pharmacy Leadership honor society, serves to instill self- confidence and to promote greater effort toward the ad- vancement of pharmacy through their exemplary lead- ership, character, and achieve- ment. lith ' M6 phens m etland [uten President- Kim Young, Vice President- Roy Arnold and Jason White , Historian- Michael Jones, Faculty Advisor- Dr. Alice Clark Dr. Ron Borne Donna West Kim Young Tanji Gotten Becky Spell Dayle Dillon Diffey Stephanie Sims Dr. Alice Clark Susan Tumage Laura Mahaffey Alice Bates Stacey Causey Dr. Tom Brown Patrick Fairley Roy Arnold Chris Ayers Chad Stewart Jason White Dean Kenneth Roberts Barbie Creager Lori nelson Amie Mullins Emily Ash Tracey Turner Leigh Ellen Robinson Shan Parker Dr. Charles Hufford Dr Robert Sindelar Dr. Marvin Wilson Michael Jones Trey Crawford I FI MU EPSILOIS President: Amy Herring Vice President: Susan Bonifield Treasurer: Bunny Findley Secretary: Claudia Courtney Immediate Past President: Wayne Shaw Faculty Advisor: Dr. Frieda Qanter Photo by Chance Regina Valerie Boyd Marty NcFariin Dr. Gerard Buskes Michael Perry Melanie Cody Mark Petrus David Coppit Natasha Poularikas Stephen Hester Mark Rogers Wendy Lehman Dr. William Trott The Mississippi Alpha Chapter of the Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honorary was granted its chapter at the University of Mississippi on 1968. It was the 136th chapter to be char- tered nationally and was the first of three chapters to be chartered in the state of Mis- sissippi. Pi Mu Epsilon is a non-secret organ- ization whose purpose is the promotion of scholarly activity in mathematics among stu- dents in academic institutions. It aims to do this by: (1) electing members on an honorary basis according to their proficiency in mathemat- ics. (2) by engaging in activities designed to pro- mote the mathematical and scholarly devel- opment of its members (3) by taking any other measures that will further the purpose stated above. Mississippi Alpha promotes faculty student relations and intellectual growth through var- ious functions during the school year such as periodic mathematical lectures and social gatherings. 199 FHI KAPPA PHI The national Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, founded in 1897, was originated by a group of students who felt the need to recognize scholarship in all disciplines. The society was soon transformed into a national organization by action of a com- mittee composed of the presidents of the University of Maine, the University of Tennessee, and Pennsylvania State College. The University of Mississippi chapter was chartered in May 1959, as the 77th chapter of Phi Kappa Phi. Today, there are approx- imately 250 chapters in 50 states, Puerto Rico and the Phil- ippines. To qualify for membership, undergraduates must be seniors or second semester juniors with high standards of schol- arship and character. Graduate students and students in pro- fessional schools must have distinguished records placing them among the ablest in their classes. Faculty members must have made significant contributions to their disciplines. The motto of Phi Kappa Phi is Philosopia Krateito Photon: Let the love of learning rule mankind. Pholo by Chance Regina 200 Distinction Spring 1994 Initiates LIBERAL ARTS EDUCATIOIS GRADUATE SCHOOL B Debra Ann Ainsworth Jerry Wayne Averett Jr. Charles F. Barrett Bethany Owen Berey Holly Danner Bergeson Lennon Eiias Bowen IV Barbara Qail Brown Bethany Ann Carlisle Edward Peacock Connell Jr. Claudia Lucinda Courtney Brandt Frederic! Eichman Margaret Ann Ferris Allison Anne Finklea Cynthia Lynn Fong John Kevin Hardwell Hope Sullivan Ladner Stephen Frederick Lee Emerentiana W. Leeflang Sandy Lee McKinney Charles Michael Merkel Patrick Wright O ' Mara Victoria Elizabeth Person Courtney Lynnette Phillips Roderick S. Russ IV Gary Wade Smith Melissa Ann Swetland Jennifer Dawn Traughber John D. Watson Maria Ester Zubizarretta ACCOUISTAISCY Michael Chad Qilliland William Brian Hicks Jason Lee Honeycutt John Robert Jordan Charles Alexander Meadowcroft Nina Margaret Michaels Shavona Dwanstella Mullin Kurt Qallivan Rademacher FACULTY Ronald R. Borne Charles D. Hufford Joe B. McCaskill Daniel E. Williams Stacy Lynette Creel Katheryn Thompson Medlin Stacy Michelle Sowell Kathleen Marie Taylor Amy Joy Kotouc Turner Ryan Daniel Webb EJSGIPiEERIISG Tanvir Ahmed John Lewis Bonnette II Douglas Matthew Bradshaw Franklin Dale Cox Gang Fang Mark F. Guttensohn Winn Elliott Hutchraft Henry Lee Jones II Robert James Kennedy Patricia J. Kopf Gregory Wayne Morris Jason K. Ong Md Sajjid Reza Alexander Davis Ruxton PHARl IACY Sara Margaret Anderson Catherine P. Cimon Brett Glen Douglas Loan Phi Ha Melanie Dawn Murphree LAW Samuel Ernest Linton Anderson Sarah Frances Brent Jeffrey A. Mannisto Lanny Ray Pace Shelby Porter Ricketts Carmen Melanie Shindala Holley Davis Thames Ernest Russell Turner Thomas Grayson Easterling III William Branyon Fitzgerald IV Thomas Howard Goggans Patrick Charles Kirkendall Kristi L. Gregar Lancaster WeiQi Li Barbara Lowe Laura Lynn McKnight Sally Leigh McWhite Colleen Mary Mortell Amelia Carroll Fiapier Anita Lynn Hewell Karyn Larlee Ott Barbara Sue Prather-Corry Wallace Len Raines Sriram Jayanthan Ramanathan Amy Beth Robinson Donna Santucci Lisa A. Carver Towery Carole Elizabeth Woods Williams Juanita Gail Williams Amy Elizabeth Wilson BUSIISESS Man-Mei Chang Richard McLure Dye Elizabeth Kathleen Kennington Cathryn Rae Ledbetter Ching-Wen Lin Robert Andrew Norris Dana Katherine O ' Donnell Leslie Elizabeth Price Jo Carol Robison Brian Walker Sanderson riora Christine Stephens Qina P. Tompkins Allison Suzanne Williams Heather Rene Wood •■ Distinction 201 RHOCHI Rho Chi is the honor society of the School of Pharmacy. The organiza- tion promotes advancement in all areas of the pharmaceutical scien- ces through scholastic achieve- ments. Chi chapter at Ole Miss was founded in 1937. Every year mem- bers host Talk About Prescrip- tions Day " on the campus. Rho Chi members have the opportunity to counsel students on their med- ications and educate them about over the counter products as well. President: Amy Boatman Vice President: Lori Vinson Faculty Secretary: Mancy Fuller Faculty Treasurer: Dr. Christy Wyandt Historian: Jeff Roux Jim Ainsworth John Bentley Amy Boatman Dr. Ron Borne Dr. Tom Brown Dr. Joe Byrd Rita Cedira Dr. Alice Clark Tanji Gotten Dina Courtney Kim Currie Kaye Dearman William Day M. K. Ebube Jethro Ckuta Chan Cnlow Mancy Fuller Kristen Qoehring David Keith Qoins Kim Griffins Dr. Nark Mamann Dr. Ahmed tiikal Jennifer Hollingsworth Oera Mudson Dr. Charles Mufford Dr. Alan Jones Dr. John Juer gens Dr. Idlan Khan nancy Lublaneski Dr. Jim McChesney Rajeshwar Motheram Alison Plimrod Renee Olbricht Khaled Orabi riavneet Pun Sriram Ramanatha Kumar Ramu Laurie Risher Deran Kenneth Roberts Rachel Robinson Samir Anis Ross Jeff Roux Teresa Rowley Dr. Robert Sindelar Dr. Mickey Smith Photo by Susie Salber Anita Srivastava Ranjan Srivastava Marcy Thompson Susan Tumage Traci Vance Lori Vinson Dr. Michael Vinson Shelley Walters Donna West Scott Weston Lynne Wheeless Dr. John Williamson Dr. Marvin Wilson Susan Wilson Dr. Christy Wyandt Tau Beta Sigma is a national Honor society for college and university band members. The Beta Tau chapter was char- tered on the Ole Miss campus on April 19, 1959. Along with Kappa Kappa Psi, our brother organization. Chapters from all over the United States work in their respective schools to pro- mote an appreciation and re- spect of music not only to its own members, but also to the listening public everywhere. TAU BETA SIGMA President: Leilani Leith Hope Ladtier Vice President: Kameron Hudson Christy Bounds Secretary: Ashley Bannettler Melissa Carey Treasurer: ISristen McDaniel Misty Shores Sergeant at Arms: Melissa Melisa Taylor Putman Carta Rhyne Historian: Misty Sims Deirdre Baker Social Coordinator: Mary ShannonHill Elizabeht Tillman Kara Holekamp Brenda Cullom Becky Taul Photo by BrooKc Rcard Jenney Bell Jennifer Bounds Julia Beaugez Susan Wang Dawn Henry Schuyler Laws Leigha Brewer Mistie Bames Susan Sasser Michell Borzik 202 TAU BETA PI President: Robert Stokes Vice President: John Denley Secretary: Elliott Hutchcraf t Treasurer: Dale Cox Cataloger: Shawn Yates Chief Chapter Advisor: Damon Wall Chapter Advisors: James Vaughan Allen Wilbum Qlisson Jr. Samuel Deleeuw Mary Evelyn Barnes Fhoto by Chance Regina John Bonnette David Wayne Coppit Randell Dean Harbor Hank Jones Les Jumper Bob Kennedy Tricia Kopf Clark Love Richard Thomas Miller Keng-Teck Tee Tau Beta Pi is the national engineering honorary founded in 1885, to recog- nize the outstanding leaders and scho- lars among students in all fields of engi- neering. A chapter is awarded to a school after the entire school, including the curriculum and faculty are given a very vigorous inspection by neigh- boring chapters and national head- quarters, The Mississippi Beta Chapter at the University of Mississippi, char- tered in 1969, is one of the only two chapters in the state of Mississippi. The Beta Chapter strives to promote profes- sionalism and to encourage scholar- ship among engineering students. Its members initiate projects toward this end and support such work in other student organizations. Most of the members of Tau Beta Pi are officers in other professional organizations of the school. Membership is by invitation and is restricted to juniors and seniors who are near the top of their class scholastically and have shown exem- plary character. ORDER OF OMEGA Photo by Brooke Beard Mary Frances Abraham Joseph Martin Alfonsi Stephanie Balderson John William Bateman Laura Marion Benton Bethany Gwen Berey Alison Brooke Bible Susan Lynn Bonlfield Rebecca Ann Bums Monica Ann Cado Bethany Carlisle Jeffrey Lee Carson Thomas Bradford Childress Amelia Lynne Chotard Michael Ciaverelli Robert Michael Edgar Allison Anne Finklea Cynthia Langston Gaines Michael Chad Gilliland Kate Borie Glamser Ginger Michelle Gordon J era my Elizabeth Hales Jeremy Ashley Hebert Mardy Myers Hill Joanna Katherine Holland Chad Roberts Hutchinson Candice Leigh Jenkins Henry Lee Jones John Charles Keith Robert James Kennedy Elizabeth Kathleen Kennington Lori Michelle King Hope Sullivan Ladner John Clark Love Milton Lloyd Lovell Meredith Alysha Magers William Bowen McRae Kerry Brian Melear Mandy Mendoza Ashley Garst Meredith nina Margaret Michaels Sandra Renoe Morals Julie Gordon Morrison Dana O Donnell Shawn Patrick Parry William Lawrence Ponder Kurt Gallivan Rademacher Bethany Lane Reed Jo Carol Robinson Laura Sims Rogers Brian Walker Sanderson Joseph Christian Scales Robert Graham Sexton Catherine Redwine Shipp Arrah Clarice Smith Reginald Bertrand Smith Robert Tumer Steams Melissa Ann Swetiand Joseph Christopher Tignor Tracy Ann Townes Maradith Allyn Tuten Wendy Elizabeth Warriner Robert Quentin Whitwell Robert Wilkins Allison Suzanne Williams Heather Rene Wood The purpose of The Order of Omega is to recognize those students who have attained a high standard of leadership in inter-Greel activities, to encourage them to continue along this line, and to inspire others to strive for similar con- spicuous attainment. Secondly, it is to bring together the most representative fratemity and sorority members, and to create an organization which will help to mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercolle- giate affairs. Thirdly, it is to bring to- gether members of the faculty, alumni, and student members of the institu- tion ' s fratemities and sororities on a basis of mutual interest, under- standing, and helpfulness. Distinction 203 if Organizations Editor: Lester Watt I (F 204 Organizations rganizations on cai chance for every student to be invol- ved if they choose to do so. These organizations cover the range of di- verse desires and people on campus, and they offer an opportunity to be with other people who share your viewpoints, and beliefs. Being involved in these organizations can only help you when the time comes to face the real world. Today ' s president of the ASB could be the next governor, or even President of the U.S. Whatever your hopes for the future, being in- volved in an organization on campus offers a chance to grow, and me more great people. 1995 OLE MISS Photo by Joiina Jones 1995 Ole Miss Annual Staff Editor Jonna Jones Business Manager Tammie Daily Student Life Jennifer Busliong Administration Jonna Jones Jennifer Bushong Sports Erin Sutlierland Classes Jodi Jordan Organizations Lester Watt Greeks Brian Crider Photo by LaRue Russell Far Above : Tammie Daily, Business Editor Above Left : Traci Mitchieil, Advisor Ahove : Jonna Jones, Editor 206 Organizations ' i II V y V ,nJenWn5 I i Above - 1995 Section Editors: (First Row) Brian Crider, Courtney Coleman, Keitha Cromeans, Angie Lipe, (Back Row) Jennifer Bushong, Lester Watt, and Erin Sutiierland. (Not Pictured) Jodi Jordan Left - The Gang is all here! The 1995 Ole Miss Annual staff: Tammie Daily, Susie Salber, Barabas Leasy, Jonna Jones, Brian Crider, Laura Moore, Mhoeneelk Milliard, Keitha Cromeans, Courtney Coleman, Jennifer Mead, Angie Lipe, Rita Moody, Jennifer Bushong, Lester Watt, Traci Mitchell, and Erin Sutherland. Photo by Shawn Jenkins Organizations 207 THE DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN ilea 1995 Staff Anna DeMarco, Editor Rob Robertson, Mews Editor Therese Apel, Campus Editor MK Dirga, Opinion Editor Don Deynoodt, Sports Editor Melanie Simpson, Editorial Assistant Jamie Claris, Assignment Editor The Daily Mississippian publishes daily circulation oi 11,500 Monday through Friday and is funded through adf jr vertising and student fees. The newspaper ' s staff is com posed of university students who not only report the news but learn to edit copy, write headlines, design pages anc develop and print photos. Students who work at The Mis sissippian also gain valuable knowledge in state-of-the-ar desktop publishing. The Mississippian is the only student run, daily college newspaper in the state, as well as being °l the only college newspaper that is a member of the Mis ' nienil sissippi Press Association. Annually, The Mississippiar competes with professional newspapers state-wide. Sine EV i 1911, The Mississippian has been a source of news to the Sgesofi students of Ole Miss and the Oxford community. In 1962 the paper became daily. Printed in Fariey Hall, the paper i usually available to students by 8 a.m. in most campu; buildings and in many local businesses. TheDi ertisitig ndthes aily nen fddudio istotner; mi 208 Organizations II THE ADVERTISING STAFF Photo by Alan Wright Front: (L to R) Tiffany Cadle, Brandie Bjorklund, Jennifer Blasen, Danielle Aderholdt, Terri Turner, Cynthia Mosley Back:(L to R) Andy Tyer, Virginia Lee, Mary Heather Hawkins, Peter Cleary, Rusty Crump int tfisco ' ittliew pages an at The te-of-tti nlvstut as of the ississiPP ' ' news to The Daily Mississippian continues to serve the ad- (lirougha|;rtising needs of The University of Mississippi, Oxford id the surrounding area with the highest-circulation ally newspaper in Lafayette County. The sales and " oduction staff have worked together closely to pro- jce innovative, striking ads and ad campaigns for its jstomers. The series of Gold ' s Gym ads in the DM . slped the Oxford Gold ' s Gym location win a national .,j 2w-membership competition within the corporation. le Advertising Department has taken advantage of 2w equipment and technology to ensure that the ages of The Daily Mississippian remain an attractive l§ loice for the area ' s advertisers. tliepapef ostcaiuP ' Organizations 209 1995 Rebel Radio Staff Ashley Anderson, Station Manager; Fletcher Whitwell, Program Director; Stacey Slayton, Business Manager; Jerry Stricl and, Mews Sports Director. Staff Travis Bedwell, Reggie Blanchard, Doyne Clem, Rusty Crump, Chris Decider, Matt Deming, Rachel Durham, Ted Durham, Ted Qainey, Bart Galloway, Jamie Ferguson, Steven Gilbert, Micah Ginn, Rich Johnnson, Clay Jones, Scott King, Trevor Landry, Stacy Marshall, Scott McCraw, Ted Olson, Scott Porter, Jennifer Rice, Greg Richie, Aimee Roberts, Jason Talavs, Heather Thompson, Paul Tucker, Brian Wilson, Taylor Wood, Beth Murphey. Photo by Emmy Canzalli Photo by Sumer Tatum Rebel Radio is Ole Miss ' com- mercial-college radio station. It is a Student run station, where students D.J., anchor newscasts, and sell advertis- ing for the station. Rebel Ra dio 92.1 FM is an alternative music station, but features specialty shows including jazz, blues, rap r b, and talk shows. " )Stni 210 Organizations From unmatched coverage of the Boyd kidnapping to news of the riCAA violations against Rebel foot- ball, Channel 12 Newswatch esta- blished them- selves as a news leader in Oxford. This fully student produced, an- chored, and crewed daily newscast provides Oxford with their only local t.v. news. Five days a week Chaririel 12 new- swatch allows students t gain valuable experience in tH e com titive career of television Joumalism. id tall 1995 Channel 12 Newswatch Staff Jerry Strickland, Executive Producer Station Manager Brandon Ryan, Mews Director Hailie Hoilingswortii, Associate Producer Chris Latimer, Sports Director • • exieii ' c locAi tv mi _ IE... Organizations 211 1995 ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY 1995 ASB 0£Bcers ASB President The 1995 ASB President, Quentin Whitwell is chiarged with the responsibility of seeing laws obeyed. The President appoints all officers and assistants necessary to discharge the duties of the office. Within the executive branch, each administrative department is headed by a member of the President ' s Cabinet. ASB Vice President The lawmaking body of the ASB is the Campus Senate. It is made up of Senators from various districts both on and off campus and is presided over by the ASB Vice President. Melissa Swetland, the ASB Vice President, is from Tupelo, MS, and is a senior majoring in Political Science and Accounting. She is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, Order of Omega, Golden Key, Pi Sigma Alpha, and the Honors Program. ASB Secretary The ASB Secretary, Fran Abraham, fulfills many roles in the Executive Branch. It is her duty to keep an event of all ASB meetings and activities. The Secretary also acts as office manager of the ASB Office. The Secretary attends all Cabinet meetings and keeps accurate minutes of the proceedings. ASB Treasurer The ASB Treasurer is responsible for allocating all finances for the ASB organizations and special interest groups of the University of Mississippi. The ASB Treasurer is Ryan Senter, from Hurst, TX, and is majoring in Political Science and English. Other organizations in which he is involved are Omicron Delta Kappa, Pre-Law Society, Inter-f ratemity Council, and Chancellor ' s University Standing Committees. ASB Judicial Council The ASB Judicial Branch is vested in the Student Judicial Council. The seven- member body hears and determines matters relating to student review, the ASB Code, and Constitution. The chair of the Judicial Council is Jason Greener, a junior from Jackson, MS, is majoring in Business Administration. He has been on the Chancellor ' s Honor Roll and Dean ' s Honor Roll while at Ole Miss and currently maintains a college career 3.50 G.P.A. He has been inducted into numerous academic honoraries during his tenure at Ole Miss. ASB Vice President Melissa Swetland 2 1 2 Organizations 1995 ASB OFFICERS Photo by Brooke Beard ASB Secretary Fran Abraham 3Eicaa ASB Treasurer Ryan Senter Photo by Matt Mitchell Photo by Kavan Breazeale Judicial Council Chair Jason Greener Photo by Matt Mitch l 1995 ASB Officers Organizations 213 STUDENT JUDICIAL COUNCIL The University of Mississippi Student Judicial Council, the highest tribunal in the Associated Student Body, consists of a Chairman , a Clerk, a Prosecutor, six associate members, and two alternate members. To it the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs refers almost all disciplinary cases which arise for investigation. Almost without exception the recommendations of the Student Judicial Council are approved. The Student Judicial Council also has jurisdiction over all matters of student review, as well as to hear and decide all matters relative to the inter- pretation of the Associated Student Body Con- stitution, all Associated Student Body elec- tions, and any and all laws or resolution duly passed by the University of Mississippi Campus Senate, in which its decision on such matters shall be final. Photo by Kavan Breazeale ASB Judicial Council Chairman Jason Greener 1995 Judicial Council Jenny Simmons, Clerk, Emily Bellew, Pieffie Qatewood, Salley Laster, Cindy Dantone. Hank Jones, Prosecutor, Jeffery Barnes, Joshua Van, Erin Flowers. riot pictured: Rashed Sheikh. Photo by Kavan Breazeale 214 Organizations I DEPARTMENT OF ATHLETIC RELATIONS Director of Athletic Department Relations Lance Hall School Spirit Committee Lance Hall, Lisa Lefoldt, Co-Chalrs Department of Athletic Relations Elizabeth Qabrielly The Department of Athletic Relations serves as a direct link between the student body and the university athletic department. The director works hand in hand with the athletic director and coaches to further enhance their relationship with the students. Furthermore, the School Spirit Committee helps the director by working closely with the cheerleaders in preparation for spirit activities such as pep rallies and sign making. Photo by Matt Mitchell Organizations 215 DEPARTMENT OF UNIVERSITY RELATIONS Mississippi Government Affairs Committee Lee Tollison, Reagan Burford, Co-Chairs Oxford University Liaison Committee Jimbo Price, Merrill King, Co-Chairs The Department of University Relations promotes the University of Mississippi within the community, state, and surrounding region through various committees that communicate with local public officials, the state legislature, the State Institutions of Higher Learning Board of Trustees, and other universities. The director coordinates the activities of three committees: the Mississippi Governmental Affairs Committee, the Student Advisory Committee, and the Oxford Liaison Committee. Photo by Malt Milctiell I i 2 1 6 Organizations DEPARTMENT OF ALUMNI RELATIONS :tie ate ree The Department of Alumni Relations helps Ole Miss raise funds, promotes University Alumni contributions, and generates overall alumni support. It works closely with the University Development Committee as well as the Alumni Relations Committee. I (trf Photo by Matt Mitchell Organizations 217 DEPARTMENT OF STUDENT LIFE I .■ r Si - ' s;?i;,«siiiJE ,« Director of Student Life Chad Long tlands-On Environmeiital Landscape Project fI.E.L.P Chris Haley, Chairman Student and Campus Betterment Committee Brad Vance, Chairman The Department of Student Life is composed of two committees that help the ASB effectively meet the needs of the students at the University of Mississippi. The director is responsible for aiding and assisting the ASB President in the effort to enhance student life at the University, i Fliolo by Matt Mitchell 2 1 8 Organizations DEPARTMENT OF STUDENT DEVELOPMENT I I Director of Student Development Stephanie Balderson, Student Health Advisory Brian Wait, Chainnan Student Wellness Committee Tracey Felts, Kathleen Dobbs, Co-Chainnen Environmental Awareness Don Crabtree, Chainnan The Department of Student Development is responsible for helping students attain physical, social, emotional, and intellectual fitness. The ASB president appoints a director of this department who appoints chairs to three committees: the Student Wellness Committee, the student Health Advisory Council, and the Committee on Environmental Awareness. Each is responsible for educating the Ole Miss community about developing a healthy lifestyle. ItHtl Photo by Matt Mitchell Organizations 219 DEPARTMENT OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS « The director of Academic Affairs consists of the Standing Committee on Academic Affairs. This committee has 10 students appointed by the director who serves as chair. The committee deals with all matters that concern academic policies such as grading scales, honor code, and administrative faculty question of cheating. The committee can make resolutions to be presented to the University ' s Academic Council. These are presented to Council by the director who sits as the student member on this University committee. Photo by Tariiniic Dail 220 Organizations s DEPARTMENT OF CAMPUS AFFAIRS I « Director of Campus Affairs Kate Qlamser Independent-Greek Relations Committee Jennifer Fogle, Chairman Human Relations Laura Tumage, Chairman Independent Denny Bubrig, Chairman The ASB Department of Campus Affairs works to unite various student groups on campus and create an understanding of appreciation for diversity. It is responsible for alleviating any tensions existing between various student groups. Three committees within the Department of Campus Affairs encourage positive relations between students on campus. The Human Relations Task Force promotes diversity awareness on campus. Some of the issues addressed by this committee include the following: disabilities, gender, international student affairs, race, and religion. The Independent Affairs Committee deals with the concern of students who are not affiliated with a social fratemity or sorority. Some of their tasks include recruiting and independent students to get involved in ASB and promoting independent functions. The Independent- Greek Relations Committee helps independents and Greeks better understand one another and opens lines of communications. All of these committees work to make the years spent at Ole Miss an enjoyable and positive experience for everyone. Organizations 221 DEPARTMENT OF STUDENT HOUSING II Director Of Student Housing 1 Jei t y Redmond V l I Student Housing Committee 1 Tracey Buford, Chairman B I The Director of Student Housing acts as liaison between the ASB and Inter-Hall Council and helps to coordinate an open dorm policy for the University. The Director must conduct a survey of student housing in order to examine the needs of campus housed student. Th( Photo by Man Mitchell 222 Organizations G ! irvey I UNIVERSITY DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE The University Development Committee raises funds tiirougii the Parent ' s Fundraising Drive, which includes appropriate fundraising letters with the support of this department. Photo by flat; MItcncli Organizations 225 ASB CABINET Each spring the newly elected ASB President appoints students to direct the major department within the Executive Branch. These directors, as well as the other appointed cabinet members, meet with the President on a weekly basis. Each director serves in the cabinet for one year. Photo by Matt Mitchell 224 Organizations LADY REBEL M CLUB I I The Lady Rebel M-Club is an organization for female athletes. The club ' s main objectives are to promote not only female athletes at the university, but all ath- letes and to participate in community service projects. The most re- cent project have been to help out at the Salva- tion Army store and participating in the reading program at the local elementary schools. The Lady Reb- el M-Club is proud to promote athletics and represent the university across the country. 1995 Officers Jennie Vance, President Donna Wesley, Vice-President Catina Lefort, Secretary Susan Byrd, Treasurer Photo by Tammie Daily Photo by Tamnv Members Margo Akin, Ann Bird, Kathy Bizot, Susan Byrd, Joanne Caldwell, Katrecia Craig, Jo Creel, Angela Farias, Taylor i Ivf.iing, )orianne Johnson, Catina Lefort, Deion Luster, Sabrina McPlair, Laticia Mathis, Angel rieely. Amy newman, Kim Rosamond. Jennifer iayman, Jill Schuler, Regan Seybert, Julia Sitarz, Renee Thiry, Jennie Vance, Donna Wesley. INot pictured Heather Beegle, Andrea Seltz, Marie-Laure Bougnol, Teri Martin, Jennie Owens, Leslie Pinkerton, Liz Poemer, Valerie Sprenger, Melinda White. Mikkie White. I Organizations 225 KAPPA PSI I 1 2 Photo by LaRue Russell 1995 Members: Christopher Ayers, William Boutwell, Eugene Brown Jr., Kenneth Crawford 111, Brian Credille, Ronald Edwards, Ryan Emfinger, Patrick fairiey, Jason Gray, Thomas Quntharp, Scott Hardee, Jeremy Holmes, Bradley Ishee, Hugh Johnson, William Johnson, David Jones, David Kent, Christopher McLaurin, Richard Parish, Shan Parker, Thomas Paterson, Michael Payne, Robert Pickle, Morgan Poe, Jeff Porter, John Powell, Christopher Reves, Jeffrey Roux, Robert Rushing Jr., Craig Simm, Michael Sloan, Chad Stewart, Jimmy Sykes, James Taylor, Samuel Warman, Jason White, Timothy Williamson. ■■ MM ■■ ■■ KOREAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION I Photo by Eniniy Ccnzalli 1995 Members: Obyung Kwun, YeungKi Suk, Dr. Mankil Jung, daeryoug Kim, MamYoun Kim, Hyo-Young Lee, Sang Young Lee, Pyeong-Soo Jung, Dr. Byung-Am Ra, Boseung Kim, Kyeongsik Rhew, Wonyoung Seo, Byungho Han, Dr. Kwangsik Yun, Inho Lee. Joohee Hong, Sooyoung Lee, Chong Min Bak, Seung-Koo Lee, Jihoon Cho, Kyoung Yong Park Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity represents a so- ciety whose objectives are to promote the advance- ment of the profession of pharmacy educationally, fraternally, and socially. The Beta Rho chapter at Ole Miss is not a coed fra- ternity; however, we do maintain a strong little sis- ter program. All third year males are invited to join the brothers of Beta Rho. Pledging begins in the fall semester and initiation follows in the spring se- mester. All pledges are ex- pected to maintain a 2.0 grade point average while they are pledging. The Korean Student Asso- ciation was founded at Ole Miss in 1987, with the goal Unity for its mem- bers and Friendship be- tween Koreans and Amer- icans on campus. " In order to carry out its goal, KSA sponsors vari- ous activities such as cul- ture, social, and academic meetings, Korean Student recruitment, spring and fall picnics and annual in- ternational festivities. I 226 Organizations se. ASSOCIATED ACCOUNTING STUDENT BODY Photo by MhoeneelK Milliard 1995 Officers Casey Lyon, President; Jay Allen, Vice-President; Robert Williams, Secretary Treasurer; Michelle Miller, Graduate Senator; Dr. Jimmy Davis, Dean The Associated Accountancy Stu- dent Body is the organization of students enrolled in the Ole Miss School of Accountancy. Elected officers advise the Office of the Dean on matters related to stu- dents issues ranging from curricu- lum and advising to professional job placement. The organization serves as a communication medi- um to inform students of oppor- tunities in the field of accountancy and to encourage student enroll- ment in the School of Accountan- cy. The officers coordinate activi- ties with other school organizations such as Beta Alpha Psi and Institute of Management Accountants. Organizations 227 ENGINEERING STUDENT BODY 1995 Organizations American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics riational Society of Professional Engineers American Institute of Chemical Engineers University of Mississippi Geological Society American Society of Civil Engineers Society of Women Engineers American Society of Mechanical Engineers American Military Engineers Association of Computing Machinery Tau Beta Pi Association of Engineering Geologists Chi Epsilon Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Eta Kappa Piu National Society of Black Engineers Sigma Gamma Epsilon 1995 C Jasofi f i z:fSLiL =X3SK.v 2 tiiSiui I «krSa ' ««j f. Photo by Susan Salber The School of Engineering of the University of Mississippi, established in 1900, is the first engineering department founded in Mississippi. Mot only are the admissions standards for the School higher than for any other school at the University, but also higher than any program of the State ' s eight publicly- 228 Organizations supported universities. The School offers de- grees in chemical, civil, electrical, geological, and mechanical engineering as well as computer science and telecommunications. Engineering students come to Ole Miss from all parts of the worid and are very involved in all aspects of University life. I 1995 Oi ! FINAINCIEK ' S CLUB Photo by Emmy Cenzalli 1995 Officers Adrian Smith, President; Katie Kennington, Vice-President; |; Jason Howard, Secretary; Greg Windham, Treasurer; Dr. Stephen Graham, Faculty Advisor. PHI DELTA CHI fers i - ludents edin The University of Mississippi ' s Financier ' s Club is primarily composed of students majoring in banking and finance and managerial finance; however, the club Is open to all Ole Miss students interested in the area of finance. Annual dues are used to entertain guest speak- ers and to hold a fall and spring party. The speakers bring infor- mation about the current bank- ing and finance business world. The objective of the club is to familiarize its member with many aspects of various finance professions and to aid them in making career decisions. Phi Delta Chi is a profession- al Pharmacy fraternity dedi- cated to the advancement of the science of pharmacy and its many facets. Phi Delta Chi was established in 1883 as an all male professional ft-a- temlty. The organization saw the need for equality and is now coeducational. It provi- des a chance for pharmacy students to be involved in numerous community ser- vice projects, as well as soci- ally enlightening fijnctions. The Alpha Epsilon Chapter of the University of Mississippi boasts the achievement award for 1993 for comple- tion of services and scholas- tic activities. Phi Delta Chi is a promoter of academic achievement and involve- ment. ' I 1995 Officers Roy Arnold, President; Brandon Bond, Vice-President; Becky Spell, Correspondent; i etarsha Griffith, Secretary; Rachel Smith, Treasurer; Cynthia Ruiz, Champlain; Barbie Creager, Alumni Liason; Kim Stanford, Alumni Liason; James Qlisson, Inner Guard; Kelli liosey, Master At Arms; Susan Evans, Pledge Trainer. Organizaitons 229 NATIONAL SOCIETY OF BLACK ENGINEERS riSBE sets the standaids of excellence in providing service to science and engineering students. We maximize our potential collectively to facilitate the development of quality minority en- gineers. We are advancing a cultural paridigm which inspires the African-American community to achieve greater engineer- ing and scientific feats than ever before. Photo by Susie Salber Germain McConnell, President; Melissa Henderson, Vice-President; Turkesha Pleely, Secretary; Kimberly Rollins, Treasurer; Christopher Pearson, Parlimentarian; nicholas Gardener, PCI; Sharon Lay, Fundraising; Lora Hampton, Membership; April Dorris, Publications. Members: Merdith Boyd, Sherrylyn Johnson, Stephen Miller, Alvin Dozier, Chevette Jones, Tanesha Harris, Billy Bailey, Kathleen Sarpy, Milton Butler III, Terrance Riley, Edwin Cox, Tanisha Reed, In eatha Hayes, Latania Baskett, Turkesha neely, Beldon Love, Donte Harris, LaShaundra Cox, Tracey Buford, Keisha Duffy, Malcolm Williams, Vintrice Qoss, Valeria Stokes, Leila F. Gary, Alise Keel. PHI GAMMA NU Phi Gamma nu is a national professional business fi-atemity which has been on the Ole Miss campus for over 40 years. Phi Gamma Tin is open to all majors with 6 or more credit hours of business courses and a GPA greater than 2.0. In the 1994- 1995 school year. Phi Gamma nu activities included participa- tion in the business school phone-a-thon, a national con- vention in Cleveland, Ohio, a re- sume workshop for all inter- ested parties, and professional speakers from the Oxford- Lafayatte area. Members of Phi Gamma Mu are involved in vari- ous other campus and commu- nity wide activities that range from the Business School Stu- dent Advisory Board to working on election campaigns in the Oxford area. Photo by Brooke Beard 1995 Officers and Members John Godwin, President; Jonathan Barrett, Vice-President; John McCann, Secretary; Alan Sala, Treasurer. Members; Dan Dear, Sam Buckmaster, Meg Gregory, Caria Hardee, Partrick Spruell, Ken Byar, Jaime Flechas. ' •istiiia 230 Organizations CATHOLIC STUDENT ASSOCIATION 7 lan: inisha The Catholic Student As- sociation, a student-led group, plans and cooridi- nates spiritual, social, ser- vice, and educational ac- tivities for its members. Open to all interested per- sons who attend the uni- versity, CSA meets weekly on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. in the Union. CSA officers for 1994- 1995 are Jennifer Belue, President; Scott Janus, Treasurer; Kelly Krouse, Secretary; David Ancel, Spirituality Chair; Cather- ine Ohman, Service chair; Hope Ladner and Cooper Ray, Social Chairs; Advi- sors: Lorraine Turgeon, Campus minister; and Fa- ther Kevin Slattery, Pas- tor. The Master of Business Administration Associa- ■ tion (MBA) is open to ail H students enrolled in the WmbA program. The prima- " ry objectives of the MBA Association are to foster i student faculty relations, interact with the business community, provide as- sistance with career devel- P opment, and socialize on k a regular basis. In addi- Htion to the academic and B career direction aspect of Hthe MBA Association, a ' " ' •strong social calendar f second to none among I graduate schools is a top Ipriority. Halloween, JtChristmas, and spring lu- au are three of the top so- cial functions of the year. jilW " " MBA ASSOCIATION Photo by !■ ' i -.iril 1995 Members Merle Flowers, President; Jessie Tupaz, Vice-President; Loretta Redd, Secrei iry; Susan Lambert, John Randolph, Allison Chrestman, Greg Sykes, Tee Boon Ong, Bill Mullins, Brett Bur-ell, Christi Stames, Judy Peters, Dilip Marda, Raymond Leung, Jin Xu, Rachel Reid, Merideth Allphir., Mary Phillips Johnson, Awanish Ranjan, Swee Fah Ning, Moo Le Lim, Ming Chih Chiu, Tiffany Curtis, Tami Daughdrill, Cathy McWilliams, Kevin McAlpin, Sonny Lane, Peng Yun Say, Shannon Barrett, Skip Seawright, Beverly Stewart, Bhupender Akula, Waynell Henson, Yolanda M England, Sheila Carcio. Organizations 251 STUDENT ALUMNI COUNCIL Photo by Emmy Cenzalli The Student Alumni Council is an organiza- tion designed to bridge the gap between students and alumni and is sponsored by The University of Mississippi Alumni Association. SAC is composed of represen- tatives from classes, academic units, campus organizations, and geographic dis- tricts. Their goal is to create an awareness among the students of the alumni program and its interests, ideals, goals, and services to the University. The SAC involves students in alumni-related activities so they can meet alumni and learn about the Associa- tion and what it has to offer. I II. 8, H lnCustai 1995 Officers Joellen Meiti- President Jennifer Wong-Vice-President Courtney Prestage- Secretary Kecia Kitchens-Public Relations Board of Directors Dewayne Harries Mandy i endoza Anna Bumham Elizabeth Weaver riatalie Ferrell Martha Ewnng Photo by Emmy Cen .illi jvfembers Julian Flores, Angela Kramer, Denise Alexander, Port;ia Lary, Dabney Dykes, Kimbery Renfroe, Cathryn Patton, Martha Ewing, Elizabeth Bowen, Tracy Buford, Lesley Casto, Amanda Caston, Christopher Cave, Jennifer DeCoudres, Julie Qraham, Ginger Quyton, Cynthia Harrison, Micole House, Martha Hutchinson, Salley Laster, Cynthia Mosley, Susie Osten, Kimberiy Phillips, Kristi Senter, Mary-Ouida Smith, Lauren Smythe, Robert Wilkins, 252 Organizations WALL STREET SOUTH Wall Street South In- vestment Club inf orms students, faculty, and staff about practical investment opportuni- ties, investment in- struments, portfolio se- lection, and goal setting. Club membership is open to students, facul- ty, and staff of the Uni- versity of Mississippi. tions Photo by BrooKe Beard oencers William McDotiough, President; Leonard Hude, Vice-President- Allen Piohsey, Secretary; Kelly Smith, Treasurer. Members Jennifer Yates, K. B. Melear, Rusty Fraiser, Scott Gould, Todd Janaberger, Melanie Duke, Edward Wong, Kane Savell, Martha Ewing, Michelle Whitt, Jon Cushman, Mary Beth Walker, Chris Baxley, Pate Huguley, Robert Jones, Lowell Easterling, Phil Malone, Kevin Uptegraph, John Madden, Damon Evans, Dan Deer. WESLEY FOUNDATION 1995 Leadership Team Tonya Bynum, Wesley Intern; Stephen Sparks, Susan nabors, David Bryan, Matt Green, Hanley Hasseltine, JeffSartain, Emily Carlson, Holly McLemore, Heather Deneke, Mike Davis, Susan Lee, Robbie Torrey. Honorary Members Hannah Holland and Lisa Garvin Photo by Chance Regina The Wesley Foundation, Campus Ministry of the Uni- ted Methodist Church, holds two weekly worship times: Tuesday nights, free meal at 6:30 p.m. and worship at 7 p.m; Thursday night, wor- ship at 6 p.m. Worship is an exciting time for students to sing together, pray together, encounter scripture, and be refreshed by God ' s love and grace. Wesley ministers to the needs of students through the Disciple Bible Studies,retreats, service pro- jects, and christians fellow- ship. All Wesley activities are held at the Student Center at 425 W. Jackson Ave. across from Stockard Martin dorms. All students are wel- come. Organizations 233 PRELAW SOCIETY Photo by Scott King 1995 Officers John McCann, President; Bethany Carlisle, Vice-President; Jenna Glass, Treasurer; Kristen Morgan, Recording Secretary; Renee Elizabeth Thiry, Corresponding Secretary; Kirk Milam, 5ergeant-At-Arms; Mary Ann Reed Bowen, Sponsor. STUDENT SOCIAL WORK ORGANIZATION The Ole Miss Fre-Law Society, an ' honorary group formed at the Uni- i versity of Mississippi in the spring ; of 1990 was established to aidi students in their quest to become legal professionals. The society j acts as an information clear- 1 inghouse and also as a support! group for students wishing to pur- sue legal studies at the graduate ; level. The society provides infor-i matlon on applying to law schools, on LSAT test preparation and scheduling, and enhances the professionalism of its mem- bers. In addition, the society sponsors speakers from different: areas of law: law students, law school officials, and practicing professionals. The Student Social Work Or- ganization is a volunteer group through which students can de- velop a support network of peers, develop skills in organ- ization, leadership, and volunteerism, and provide so- cial work visibility in the Ox- ford-University community. The organization also provides input into the Social Work De- partment ' s policies, opera- tions, and offerings. As a whole, the group also decides upon academic enrichment, social, fund-raising, and service events. I ' huLu b Mjll Mitchell 1995 Officers Jan Bamett, President; Belinda Martin, Vice-President; Alex Molcombe, Secretary; Penni Lyie, Treasurer; Micole Bennett, Service; Becky Arnold, Publicity; Alice Scott, newsletter; Laura Cannon, Social Chariman. Members Libby Miller, Sherly Koontz, Ann Kraus, Debbie Ayers, Paige Mevill, Tracy Tinnin, Bethany Berey, Kathy Rowan, Sherry Long, Qreg White, Molly f.dwards, Michelle Ard, Lillie Dunlap, Candance Davis, Melissa Chestnut, Amy Crawford, Sandra Jett, Mandy Olsen, Julie Warner, Carol Davis, Mende Malouf, Casey Traxler, Sasha Willis, Faith Fillingame, Qerra Johnston, Amy Lawrence, Claire Colquitt, Mary Rowsey, Tamyne Couch, Andrea Mitchell, Julie Johnston, Marti Richardson, Shea Qilliland, Mary Clark, Cathy Taylor, Whitney Wilson, Felicia Yarbough, Kelly Kellum, Blake Howard, Stacey Qoliday. Shana McAlexander. I 234 Organizations PHI BETA LAMBDA lenls, i practic Photo b Chance Regina 1995 Phi Beta Lambda Officers Tom Wong, President; Jeremy Kirkland, Vice-President; Emmet Seibles, Vice-President; John Pender, Vice- ' resident; Janna Mayfield, Secretary; Miclielle Whitt, Vice-President; Valerie Childers, Treasurer; Kathryn Wilson, Historian; Beth Phillips, Vice-President; Mike Thompson, Vice-President. Phi Beta Lambda is a national business fraternity dedicated to developing those skills necessary for successful business leadership through competitions and seminars. Phi Beta Lambda encom- passes all areas of business and busi- ness education. The Gamma Tau Chap- ter, founded in 1961, is proud to have three state officers this year and looks forward to continu- ing its winning tradi- tions at state and na- tional conferences. MARINERS Photo by Chance Regina Mariners is the Davy ROTC auxiliary. We help the midship- men during their fun- draisers and com- munity service projects. Our own service project each semester is visiting the VA hospital in Memphis. Organizations 235 AIR FORCE ROTC The mission of the Air Force is to defend the United States through the control and exploitation of air and space. The mission of Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps here at Ole Miss is to train young men and women as officers to accomplish these missions. OfTicership in the Air Force is not just a job, it is a calling. A calling of distinguishing leadership traits of intergrity, loyalty, decisiveness and selflessness. Air Force ROTC provides the tools and training for young men and women to achieve the se high standards and be- come officers in the world ' s finest air force. Ole Miss ROTC offers a two and four year commissioning program with numerous scholar- ship opportunities. Ole Miss ROTC C Coi Michael Watson, C Col Jack Bissell, C Maj Brad Pitzer, C Maj John huwes, C Capt Kevin Jones, C Capt Barry Palmertree, C Capt Jason Ohiyant, C 2Lt Monroe Pieal, C 2Lt Paul riichols, C 2Lt Aaron McEwen, C 2Lt Eric Hurdle, Sheronda Berry, Justin Brasell, Adam Duncan, Zack Heam, Jennifer Kulick, Stuart Lindley, James Pitman, Melissa Putnam, Wesley Rhoad, Shelly Ross, Lee Sanderson, Stacey Stafford, Howard Suggs, Jason Thome, Wil- liam Wilkinson, Trent Batey, James Bodine, Chip Butts, Richard McCurdy, Rose Murph, Charles Ritter, Barry Russell, Robert Shep- herd, Mike Teal, Sean Gray. Col 236 Organizations ARMY ROTC Photo by Chance Regina Front Row: L-R Jeff Aycox, CSM, and John Bonnette, Battalion Commander 2nd Row: Chris Dalton, SI; Trey Ray, S3; Dan Kemp, S4; Rusty Comley, S5. 5rd Row; Allen East, A-Troop Commander; Ed Thompson, A Troop ISG; Catina Lefort, Rob Board, Charles Wright, Yancy Bums, Mike Gray, Jeff Hopkins, Dexter Moore 4th Row: Steve Jenkins, B-Battery Commander; Marcus Campbell, B-Battery ISQ, Chris Smith, Todd Rainer, Jack Rhoades, Trent Fivecoat, Kelly Todd, Everet Beelman 5th Row: James Dougherty, Ranger Company Commander; Brad Glaze, Chris White. Photo by Chance Regina Army Little Sisters Sitting; Shana Langston, Tammie Daily 2nd Row: Kay Thomson, Raeline Kemer, Tamsen McCabe, Teresa Pitts, Milari McCollum, Leslie Tribble, Sonya Cole, Kristie Trubiana, Ellen Smith, nikki Manis, Emily Breazeale, Turkesha Fieely, Sarah Few, Courtney Yarbough Top Row: Karen Young, Lori Fincher, Leslie Finnel, Kathy Steriing, Kim Parker, Tory Cheatham, Courtney Coleman, Cameron Shepherd, Renee Thiry, Brandy Box, Ferrell Ayers, Maggie Uden, Ruth King Piabors, Carolyn Yates, Allyson Howe Army ROTC is a pro- gram which offers college students the opportunity to grad- uate as officers and serve in the US Ar- my, the Army Nation- al Guard, or the US Army Reserves. Ar- my ROTC enhances a student ' s educa- tion by providing uni- que leadership and management train- ing, along with prac- tical experience. It helps students to de- velop many of the qualities basic to success in the Army or in their chosen ci- vilian career. The Army ROTC pro- gram was activated at the University of Mississippi as an In- fantry unit on March 11, 1936. It was orig- inally housed in the Peabody building where it remained until World War II. The unit was moved to its present loca- tion in Guyton Hall in 1961. Originally ROTC was compul- sory for all male stu- dents, and remained so until 1970, when it became voluntary. To date over 1,300 cadets have received their commission at Ole Miss and ten of them have attained the rank of General. Organizations 237 NAVAL ROTC r r r " o . iJi! ji O :f i C -.; my lit Photo by Chance Regina The naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (MROTC) was established at Ole Miss in June, 1946, with the purpose of training Ole Miss stu- dents for future naval careers. PiROTC students are classified ei- ther Scholarship or College Pro- gram Midshipmen. All commis- sioned scholarship students must serve four years on active duty. At the end of the four year period commissioned students may choose to leave the active service and be commissioned in the Maval Reserve. For information about scho- larships and career opportunities available through the MROTC pro- gram, please contact Lieutennant Kim Hill collect at (601)232-5831. ]L Photo by Chance Regina MROTC OFFICERS Front 1-r Qy Sgt. Jose Mazrio, Col. Jerry Kahler, LCDR Paul Whiteaker, Maj. Ken Lissner. Middle Row LT. Ben Rowan, LT. Kim Hill, Martha Lyles, YHC Sharon Melton. BacK Row Ens Doug Bradshaw, QMC John Chambers, SKCS Terry Phillips, Ens Bruce nolan. 238 Organizations ■Kappa Epsilon is the rational professional fraternity that repre- sents women in phar- Inacy. Its purpose is to Imite women students 5f pharmacy, to coop- rate with the faculties ||)f the colleges where :hapters are es- ablished, to stimulate In its members a desire jor high scholarship, to loster a professional lonsciousness, and to rrovide a bond of last- ng loyalty, interest, Ind friendship. KAPPA EPSILON Photo by Mhoeneeh Milliard 1995 New Initiates Jennifer Anderson, Kristen Arender, Amy Atwood, Lisa Bishop, Kelley Blake, Amanda Bright, Stacy Christian, Sharon Eldridge, Dawn Ellison, Missy Qiachelli, Donna Graham, Melanie Mammill, Bridgett Hatcock, Mache Higgason, Darian Hogue! Kristy Johnson, Julie Lowe, Mikki Mitchell, Kim Morvell, Benita Pringle, Leigh Ann Ramsey, Jennifer Steward, Shannon Street, Elizabeth Strickland, Robin Sears, Ginger Tongue, Beth Harrison, Patricia McNeil, Amy Patton, Michelle Breland, Bridget Warren, nicole Miller, Stacie Penkova, Erica Bolden, Kristen Couvillion, Ginger Hendry, Brenda Higginbotham, Rae Anne Hudson, Kelli Lewis, Sissy Miller! Elizabeth Robinson, Monica Stevens, Mary Emily McBride. PHI MU ALPHA li Mu Alpha Sinfonia was unded on October 6, 1898 ' Ossian E. Mills at Bos- n ' s riew England Con- :rvatory. The everlasting irposes of this professional usic fratemity shall be: to icourage and actively pro- ote the highest standards creativity, performance, iucation, and research in usic in America, to devel- ) and encourage loyalty to e Alma Mater, to foster the utual welfare and brother- lod of students of music, develop the truest frater- 1 spirit among its mem- rs, and to instill in all peo- : an awareness of music ' s iportant role in the enrich- snt of the human spirit. Photo b ' Chance Reglna 1995 Members Calvin Dumas, President; Mel Morse, Vice-President; Todd Morgan, Heath Hopper, Alumni Secretary; John Charles Rea, EEC; Sam Horns, riot pictured Barabbas Leasy, Treasurer; Lester Watt, Secretary; Sheldon Herrington, Historian. Organizations 239 UM GOSPEL CHOIR 1995 Members Stefanie Ashford, Latania Baskett, Demeka Bean, Adorea Cochran, Edwin Cox, Sheree Culberson, Marietta Cummin; Doneil Darr, George Davidson, Tawana Duren, Sfiairease Faulkner, Andrea Ferebee, Erin Flowers, Waynell Menson, Sheldon lierringtc Catonyia Mill, Letriece Hodges, LoSonja Morton, Karia Moskin, Jacqueline Jackson, Chariton Johnson, Shante Lindsay, Benetra Mangu Timothy Matlock, UsheryJl McCoy, Monroe Neal, Turkesha i eely, Lachell Petty, Gay Polk, Jackie Pruitt, Korei Rembert, Maya Reynolc Rodney Ringo, Roger Ringo, LaShonda Smith, LaRhonda Thompson, Percy Townes, Sharon Vaughn, Alvin Webb Jr., Derrick Whi Jorian Williams, Lisa Willis, Tetra Winters, Jacquelyn Young, Steve Miller, Loretta Redd, Shorranda Mays, Willie Sims. Mark Kidd, a Cathy Marshall-Smith Advisors. iCI fStudem 1995 UM GOSPEL CHOIR The choir began in the early seventies with the Black Student Union Choir as its name. Throug the years, the choir has undergone a name change, and is currently known as the University c Mississippi Gospel Choir. To date we have approximately 40 members and are under the direction of Ms. Shairease Faulkner. The purpose of the choir is still much the same as it was then, which is to promote spiritual growth and to provide the students with a place that they can call home. It continues to serve as a place to share heavy burdens with others struggling for the same cause. It is also a place to find sisterhood and brotherhood for those of us far from home. But, to us all, the choir serves as a meeting ground where we, the members, find peace and joy; and where all students are welcome to come together to magnify the name of the Lord! fationii K Admin iBusinesi " liehveeii fecoi 240 Organizations I INSTITUTE OF WANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANTS he Institute of Management Accoun- jnts is a nationally recognized organ- ation which was founded in 1919. To- ay it is the largest management ccounting organization in the world ith 94,000 members in more than 00 chapters across the United States, he Institute is an educational organ- ation whose purpose is to develop le Individual management accountant rofessionally and to instruct business lanagement in the most advanced :chniques and procedures. The Uni- ;rsity of Mississippi Student Chapter " IMA was established in 1992. In ©3, the student chapter of IMA re- vived the Student Chapter Award of cellence for its broad spectrum of ;tivities and services to its members. lOto by Mhoeneek Hilliard itleniiigto traNanji STUDENT ADVISORY BOARD iSCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINSTRATION Ttiroug -ersity sit was atW a|«e Student Advisory Board is comprised | r representatives from each student or- nization in the Ole Miss School of Busi- :ss Administration and is chaired by the udent Body President. The SAB provi- ;s opportunities for students to voice eir opinions and concerns, to represent e Business School, and to act as a liai- n between Business students and facul- In its monthly meetings, this group akes recommendations regarding any :ets of the School ' s operations. US far anie of . -Scott King 1995 SAB Members Jeramy Males, Mary Beth Walker, Matt Green, Tom Wung, Adrian Smith, Marc Thompson, Virginia Lee, Franz Lorio, William McDonough, President; John Goodwin, Crickett Gooch, Robert ' Bo " White, Shannon Alexander, and Stanley Peden Organizations 241 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Since 1928, the Ole Miss Baptist Student Union lias been an organ- ization for all Christian students who wish to join in order to grow closer to Christ. Such growth is achieved through Bible studies, discipleship, weekly fellowship, and prayer sponsored by the BSD. The BSU also conducts campus and community outreach projects which gives students the opportu- nity to minister to others. The BSD comes together on Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. for a time of wor- ship, fellowship, and challenge from God ' s word. 1995 BSU Officers Front 1-r: Keith Head, Robert Stokes, Jennifer Lott, Jason Baker, Candy Akins, Keith Gating Middle: Terri Coggins, Debbie Wallace, Brandon Powell, Amy Fletcher, James Lott, Jennifer Pasquale, Chris AcuflF Back: Brad Stewart, Matt Jacobsen, Brian Hicks, Ronnie Weatheriy lOto by Kavanaugh Breazeale 1995 BSU Members 242 Organizations ACADEMY OF STUDENTS OF PHARMACY 1995 ASF Officers 4th Year Officers Partick Fairley, President; Lori nelson. Secretary; Leisha Boyles, Treasurer; Deanna Lamb, Activities; Beci y Spell, Membership; Ron Edwards, Elections; rie ' Tarsha Griffith, Program; Elle English, Fundraising; Cnythia Ruiz, Publicity. 3rd Year Officers Doug Paul, President-elect; Melanie Hammill, Vice-President; Sharon Simmons, Secretary; Mack Woo, Treasurer; Robin Sears, Activities; Mikki Mitchell, Membership; Shannon Street, Elections; Mary Emily McBride, Program; Brenda Migginbotham, Fundraising; Julia Lowe, Publicity; Jennifer Robinson, IPSF. The Academy of Students of Pharmacy is the student branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association (APhA). APhA is the national professional society of pharmacists and is comprised of practitioners, pharmaceutical scientists, and pharmacy students. APhA promotes the professional practice interests of pharmacists and pharmacy students, establishes programs and activities for its members, and provides a means for members to participate in APhA ' s policy making process. Organizations 243 STUDENT PROGRAMMING BOARD The University of Mississippi Student Program- ming Board is tine major programming body of tiie University. Tiie Board is composed of two elected officers, a Board of Directors, and nu- merous committee members. There are six committees to serve on, with about twenty to forty members on each committee. The SPB is a great way to get involved with campus activi- ties and their productions. 1995 SPB BOARD MEMBERS Joe Walker, Brian Sanderson, Director; Jason Bailey, Rockey Wilkins, Brain Barksdale, Candice Jenkins, riatalie Pharr, Hashed Sheikh, Amanda Gaston, Amy Pietrowski ZVof Pictured: Katie Davidson, Assistant Director. I " iu if 9 1 . " a. • m W af 1 1 B r .•■■ " - Wj r% i«6 " fl K ill 1 rnoio Dj 1995 Board of Directors scotnyn fe Photo by Scott King|| 1995 Student Programming Board 244 Organizations Photo by Mhoeneek HiMiard •, Sumo Wrestling Casino riigW i lOto by Emmy Ccrizdlli Tun nicks " S P B Organizations 245 " Caricatures ' Phish ' S P " CBS College Tour ' 246 Organizations oby Tammie Daily Casino night " S P B CarrotTop " Xhris Rock ' Organizations 247 THE PRIDE OF THE SOUTH 1995 Die Miss Rebel Band Photo by UM Band The Ole Miss Band, The Pride of the South " , consistently maintains a performance standard o excellence while providing each individual band member an environment of social activities anc lasting friendships. The Rebel Band is committed to serve the University, surrounding community of Oxford, and the State of Mississippi. The band offers an exciting opportunity for qualified instrumentalists and color guard specialists. The marching style for its approximate 200 merr organization consists of up-beat music combined with intricate dnll design. The Rebel ban . ■ has within it the Rebelettes, which is a 19 member dance team that performs with the ban ' IM football games, and other band-related activities. The marching band has attended numerous bowl games including the Sugar Bowl, the Independence Bowl, the Qator Bowl The Libertv Bowl, the Peach Bowl, and the Cotton Bowl. The band has also made appearances in such events as the Worid Music Festival in Holland, the Worid ' s fair m Belgium, and the 1990 St. Patrick ' s Day festival in Dublin, Ireland. 248 Organizations OLE MISS REBEL BAND h fia2 ia6i( ,V.i ' ?rt. ? 4£!S: Ltfatt Photo by Scott King Photo by Scott King A lUKBVl idardc iesaiK ng !ii(yfof :iiiiate n.Ttie rfomis ndtias Oator ade elgiu " 3i 1995 Rebel Band Staff Director of Bands: David Willson Assistant Director of Bands: Mark Howie Instructor of Percussion: Ricky Burkhead Graduate Assistants: Ken Ortlepp James Bailey Jamie Cummings Drum Major: Tim Whitten Color Guard Instructor: Rosena Hitson Rebelette Coordinator: Cheryl Cannon Rebelette Captains: Angela McDaniel Ali Allen Rebelette Co-Captains: r Lindsey Tyler Band Secretary: Donna Slayton Band Announcer: Dr. John McCauley " T ie Voice of the Rebel Band ' .. I ' .- ' ■ " Z. " i ' - ' .-- ' ■ ' . ' 4 ' " -- i T«i.j..v;.i± ' au.:. ' ■ ■ - .■■ — - — — - - ' .v. -■ ■u ' ■. --! fi. .Ui; U ' |g Photo by Scott Ring 9 Organization GAMMA IOTA SIGMA Gamma Iota Sigma stands for " collegiate insurance society, " and it is the only Nation- al Collegiate insurance fraternity in north America. The purpose of Gamma Iota Sigma is to promote, encourage, and sustain stu- dent interest in insurance as a profession; to encourage the high moral and scholastic attainments of its members; to cooperate with educational institutions, industry, stu- dents, professional men and women of in- surance through fostering research activi- ties, scholarship and improved public relations. Mu Chapter at the University of Mississippi was chartered October 16, 1976. Its graduates are numbered among the out- standing insurance people in the United States, and scores of agents, company reps, defense attorneys, and regulators have spo- ken to its members over the last fifteen years. Mu chapter is a co-sponsor of the annual Insurance Excellence Day Seminar, and provides moderators for the sessions. 1995 Members Lee Peden, President; Lisa Sewell, Vice-President; Derrick Whittington Secretary; Joey Bonargo, Treasurer; Chuck Cooper, Public Relations; Shannon Alexani der. Delegate to the Deans Advisory Council; Michael Bland, William Cook, Thomas Elfertl Lee Lin-Sin, Fiing Swee Fah, Yakeisha Richard, Rob Rowland Tan See-Kian, Toh Ai Lingj Gina Tompkins, Ray West. DELTA SIGMA PI Delta Sigma Pi is an International Business Fraternity open to all business and accounting majors. The Alpha Phi chapter was foun- ded in 1927 and upholds the Del- ta Sigma Pi tradition of fostering the study of business, partaking in community service, and preparing its members for the world of busi- ness. 1995 Members Bo White, President; Tracey Buford, Senior Vice-President; Byron Jenkins, Vice President- Pledge Education; Roy Alexander, Vice-President- Chapter Operations; Geneva Crawford, Vice-President-Professional Program; Brent Bishop, Treasurer; LaRhonda Thompson, Christy Fiveash, James Locke, Sheila Jones, Will Cook, Cynthia Harrison, Albert Wilson, Elaine Wong. 250 Organizations The Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi, is the oldest, largest and most representative organization Jof its kind serving the profession of Uoumalism. Founded in 1909, the Soci- |ety unites joumalists all over the coun- try in support of a free press and recog- nizing achievement in print and |broadcast journalism. Chartered April 14, 1964, the Ole Miss student chapter onnects young journalists with the orofessionals and sponsors programs 3n the campus scene. ' ! SPJ fMp 1 %%: Photoby LaRiic Russell 1995 Members Chris Allen Baker, President; Leah Stokes, Vice-President; Errol Castens, Secretary; Anna DeMarco, Amy Solomon, Julie Respess, Lauren Carson, i irmalya Sen, Caroline Ragsdale, Polly Woods, Ashley Anderson, Melissa Metcalfe, Jerry Strickland, Don Deyroodt, Trey Jordan, Shelly Robertson, Fiirmala Bhat, Wendy Lewis. RTNDA he Radio Television news Directors .ssociation is well-represented on the )le Miss campus with over 70 broad- ist majors as members. The club pro- ides broadcast joumalists at the Uni- ersity of Mississippi with job listings, 2sume ' , tape critiques, and air checks, nd guest speakers from the radio and ilevision news industry. 18 members f the Ole Miss RTMDA chapter attend- d RTriDA ' s national convention in Los ngeles this year which was the largest ollege group in attendance at the con- ention. iiS,Vio Chrisl Organizations 251 AMBASSADORS The Ole Miss Ambassadors and Regional Representatives play an important role in the high school and junior college relations activities of the Pre- Admissions office. A student organization within the execu- tive branch of the ASB govern- ment, the Ambassadors pro- vide tours, assist campus visitors, write letters to pros- pective students, house vis- tors that stay overnight, and participate in other programs that communicate informa- tion about Ole Miss. Photo by Matt Mitchell 1995 Ambassador OHicers Brett Bagley, Susan Bonefleld, Qina Dunnam, Ken Qrigsby, Laura Hale, Amy Herring, Catherine Kingrea, Cynthia Kingrea, Charlotte Lowe, Mark Meredith, Rita Moody, Jennifer Whealdon. Photo by Matt Mitchell 1995 Ambassadors Sonja Allen, Deirdre Baker, Jason Baker, Tobie Baker, Mistie Barnes, Lynn Baumann, Jennifer Belue, Margaret Biddle, Bejamin Blosson, Meredith Boyd, Moira Brodnax, Denny Bubrig, Brad Calendar, Camille Camacho, Karen Carlisle, Renee Caston, Christopher Cave, Amanda Chastan, Jami Clark, Jennifer Cole, Stacey Collins, William Cook, Andy Cunningham, Jennifer Decoudres, Billie Devoto, Ashley Drinkard, Cole Duke, Ginger Dunnam, Mark Eubanks, Todd Everett, Bunny Findley, Macey risher, Kristie Piveash, Grant Ford, Andy Gamer, Dabney Garrison, Kim Garvin, Leiia Gary, Kristin Qaughen, Ginger Gordon, Kayra Gutierrez, Pat Hagaley, Angle Hammerii, Alysan Hardy, Lesley Hardy, Sara Hartley, Andrea Harvill, Jay Hatcher, Jennifer Hayes, Anna Blair Hayes, Latonyia Haynes, Tina Hill, Pieely Hines, Heather Holdsworth, Christopher Hoskins, Lori Howell, Jean Clare Huggings, H Byran Jenkings, Laurel Joachim, Emily Johnson, Juantine Johnson, John Jones, Jodi Jordon, Kara Keller, Merrill King, Jenni Kingery, Kecia Kitchens, Laura Koon, Tu Lam, Martha Lee, Joanne Levi, Emily Lewis, Molly Logan, Molly Lomax, Amy Lowe, Allison Malone, Erin Marsh, Scott Martinez, Yancey Mason, Meg Michaels, Joel Montgomery, Laura Moore, Marie Moore, Laurie Morgan, Tina Morris, Tara McCallum, Whitney McClintock, Ginger McCollum, Matasha McQeehan, John neil Mclntyre, Dean McKinster, Andy McMahan, Stephanie Mapper, Monroe neal, Benjamin Newton, Ellen Morris, hancy Jane Otto, Ashley Parker, Robin Freaus, Courtney Prestage, Leslie Price, Tricia Quigney, Andrew Ratcliffe, Jimmy Rester, Maya Reynolds, Bo Rhodes, Robin Riddell, Cassandra Ann Roberts, David Robertson, Renee Rodriguez, Hart Rogers, Heather Scale, Kristi Senter, Cameron Shepherd, Shana Shields, Erich Simpkins, Amy Smith, Michelle Smith, Elizabeth Smotherman, Maureen Sorrells, Chad Spencer, Ashlye Stewart, Valeria Stokes, Erin Sutherland, Brian Talley, John Hugh Tate, Angela Taylor, Danielle Taylor, Sandy Taylor, Wendy Temples, Calvin Thigpen, Larhonda Thompson, Ashley Tinnin, Leslie Tribble, Laura Tumage, Elizabeth Waller, Jennifer Wells, Philip Wentworth, Heidi West, Bo White, Christy White, Michelle Whitt, Prentiss Williams, Tyson Wilkins. 252 Organizations BLACK STUDENT UNION ors ves the ege Pre- lent :cu- em- }ro- pus and The Black Student Union is an organization tliat is designed to promote tlie participation and interests of all students on campus. It is not an inclusive or- ganization primarily for African American students but is open to all students of different ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, creeds, and color. The mission of the BSU is to provide an atmosphere conclusive for learning in the academic as well as the social arena. They sponsor a wide range of events such as financial aid and stress management workshops, picnics in the Grove, and a formal to end the year recapping the accomplishments of that semester. The BSU also sponsors other activities and community service projects to reach back into the community in- stilling, in todays youth that education is the key to success. The BSU continues to strive to be an effective group of determined, goal oriented students willing to bring about a positive change. Photo by Matt Mitchell 1995 BSU OFFICERS )B0 [lien ell ipiilli liiie Debbie Jones, George Davidson, Demondes Hayes, Percy Townes, Ken Qrigsby, Michael Robinson, Monroe Heal, Rafael Griffin, Carissa Wells. [ Organizations 253 BLACK GRADUATE AND PROFESSIONAL STUDENT ASSOCL TION The Black Graduate and Professional Student Association was founded in 1988 by men and women who saw value in the unification of those graduates seeking the common goal of higher education. Through progressiveness and solidarity we stand as adorn the motto, " The Black Graduate and Professional Student Association: An exhibition of excellence. " It symbolizes the committment and dedication of the BGPSA members toward masters degrees, law deg rees, and Ph.D. ' s. The BGPSA serves as a medium for developing the leadership potential and ability of its members. We network to create an environment for the African-American graduate student that will promote both the enhancement of professionalism and the advancement of our economic status as individuals and people. We believe that the strides we make toward furthering our education will serve as effective tools in the futherment of our people and our race. The BGPSA promised and delivered a dynamic and progressive year. Among the various social and academic activities were a host of seminars and workshops. These intensive sessions were designed in collaboration with administration to assist in the financial, professional, personal, psychological, and academic support and well- being of the BGPSA members. Some of the seminars presented were: 1. Strategies for Successful Matriculation of Minority Graduate Students Mow to Survive 2. Stress Management Workshop 3. Financial Investment and Money Management Workshop 4. Improving Our Dating Relationships Currently, there are more than 250 African-American students enrolled in Graduate programs at the University. It is the goal of the BPQSA to facilitate in ensuring that the academic endeavors of its members will culminate in advanced and terminal degrees. 91 pi m. m in Li osep ISC ly l 5 ' ,iSiii.nnif .iiiil!S!2SI!! ' Photo by BrooKe Beard 1995 BGPSA Officers Sharon Vaghn, Secretary; Shawn Clark, Treasurer; Richard Doss, Vice-President; Kendall Harris, President 254 Organizations T tan Chri 101 ! MALAYSIAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION The Malaysian Student Association (MSA) )f Ole Miss was established on March 1, L982, with the objective of promoting greater goodwill and understanding mong Malaysian students, and introdu- cing the Malaysian culture and hospitality io the Oxford and University community. 1995 Malaysian Student Association Officers vevin Khoo Kah Liang, President; Chia AH Keong, Vice-President; Annie Tan Yen nee. Secretary; Low Keng Fei, Treasurer; lim Lai Lin, Auditor; Koh Kiang Wool, P.R. Officer; rieo Woon Sing, Yew Qiek Peng, oseph Teh Meng Chuan, Activity Officers; Jason Ong Khian Beng, Editor; Shirley Mh Ying Lai, Andrew Chuah Mooi Leong, Sub-Editors. Risque Business is a high-energy contemporary performing group that combines music, comedy, and drama in an entertaining, ed- ucational format to address social concerns. The show, which is writ- ten, directed, and performed by a cast of college students, focuses on issues that are pressing in the lives of young people today, the group ' s purpose is th heighten public awareness of Issues rel- evant to student life and to pro- mote the adoption of wellness lifestyles through the use of con- temporary drama. 1995 Risque Business Team Chad Bobo, Rogena Black, Darryl Thomas, Margaux Laskey, Carrisa Wells, rieffie Qatewood, Chris Cave, Michelle Broussard. Photo by Tammie Daily RISQUE BUSINESS Organizations 255 1995 ASB COMMITTEES The effectiveness of the ASB depends on student involvement. Being involved requires a simple visit to the ASB Office located in Room 408 of the Student Union. In addition to the branches and departments listed here, there are several more not listed. The extent of a student ' s involvement totally depends on his or her desire. With a wide selection of volunteer work available in the many areas of the ASB, students should find something interesting that suits them. The next few pages highlight those students who have given their time to serve on an ASB committee. ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT RELATIONS Lance Hail, Director School Spirit Lisa Lefoldt, Co-Chair Kayla Harrell Sum mer Wooten Stacy Meubauer Kristan Seabrook Ali Kafka Kortney Carraway Kristen Schonberg Wesley Scruggs Stewart Motley Ellen Finke Courtney Holiingsworth Robin Preaus Kelly O ' Brian Bell Page Hickman Missy Hickman Rachel Martin Laura Painter Libba Craig Sara Whelan Randall Cindy Dantone Elizabeth Earp Dena Ferrell nicole Morrow Heather McEwen Jennifer Price Carrie Bryant Stacey Crumbley Tara Elizabeth McCallum Laura Moore Katie Reynolds Ashley JollifT Lori Bosarge Kristen Ingram Christy Smith Daneille Languin Cheri Burge Jenny Jones Courtney Hendry Steven Dick Heather Seale Allison Malone Jennifer DeCoudres Lesley Hardy Tina Homan Laura Jocco Susan Sasser Leigh Ann Hatcher Joy Simmons Amy Avertt Julie Graham Kimberly Renfroe Kristi L. Senter Mary-Ouida Smith Renee Rodriguez Michael Schloegel Betsy Saul Amanda Chastain Heather Horan Anne Feilding Barker Heather Harwell Jennifer Qunther Leslie riichoie Finnell Marcus Dukes William Cook Tiffany Eaves April James Amanda Weaver Bethany Carlisle Johanna Eicke Logan Collier John P. Chapman John Decker Preston Carpenter Jennifer Allen Mallory Olivier Amy Word Kathryn Word Kelly Wilson Rachel Michelle Trosclair Heather LaSalle Amy Regan Stephanie Fraizer Alan Brockman Jason Ainsworth Louise Ann Harper Chris Qilland Stuart Maxey Aspen Trauth Chris Huff Allison Langley Anna Staton Diane Whittington K.C. Rakow Carolyn Roby Clopton Allyson Perkins Allison Qnemi Amanda Reeves Holly Dunn Qinny Chandler Holly Howell Jeff Nicholes Ashley Hester Tiffany Clepper Laura Walden Melanie Cody Candy Parker Jennifer Templeton Houston Graves Kristen Malone Department of Athletic Relations Elizabeth GabiiellyX Ta rman Don Richardson Jami Ferrell Kelly McDonald Tyson Wilkins Mac Chiles Mike Schenk Margaret rioble Kim Fryzel Lall Whittemore Tory Cheatham Hillary Pigford Eric Thompson Eric Hyde Lew Yoder Jason Patterson Emily Lewis Heather Lauren Mann Angelle Schouest Kathryn Brookfield Yancey Manson Laura Alferman Rebecca Cochran Travis McCraw Dee Hubbs Christopher Rives Susan Middleton Jason Waldrop Parkes Owen Chad McCartney Ed McAlexander Chris Landis Tim Dawson Stacy Luke Victoria Vanderbrook Merrick McKlnnie Josh Amold 256 Organizations i isitto lents son i, lents iton STUDENT LIFE chad Long, Director Hands-On Environinental Landscape Project fI.E.L.P. Cbris Haley, Chainnan Olivia Erwin Amy Qiuliano Carrie Westbrool Sloane Flewton Mandi McArthur Lem Montgomery Charies Summers Corey Loclynan i ac McCooI Hayes Mci illian rancher Smitli Elliot Barker Lee Haraway Justin Eifling Steven Dick Rob Anders Amy Ellis Jason Saenger Bess Dodge Teresa Lotterhos Kathryn Brush Sam Logan Danny Watson Jamie Found Jimmy Kitchens Rebecca Sides Harry Lott Jason Moore Student t Campus Betterment Committee Brad Vance, Chairman Amy Qiuliano Emily Johnson Granger Scruggs Ryan O ' Conner Hunter Peyton Mary Kehoe Susan Wang Holly Terrell Amy Lowe Bess Dodge Rebecca Sides Katherine Brush Teresa Lotterhos Duncan Qalbreath Will Harper Drew Evans Cynthia Kingrea Catherine Kingrea STUDENT SERVICES Rich Johnson Nicole Stofer, Co-Directors Student-UPD Relations Committee er J.D, Smith, Chairman Travis Young Scott Martinez Justin Gamer Peter Demilin Shelby Winchester David Bament Paige Stamps Christian Qroeneveld Gina Goodrum Matt Green 1 rook nie i Rana Feminella Greg Wilson James McCaslin Jackson Webb Bo White Les Spivey Helen Vorwerk Elisa Perry Amy Allen Moel Keathley Mike Roberts Derrick White Organizations 257 CAMPUS AFFAIRS Kate Glamser, Director Independent-Greek Relations Committee Jennifer Fogle, Chairman Lisa Abraham Meredith Bailey Traci Bickerstaff Lindsey Bolen Brett Byrnes Jennifer Cole Kristin Cox Robert Dencl hoff Billie Devoto Jenny Dodson Steven Duke Qina Dunnam Brandi Qheesling Jennifer Harris Susan Hurst Cameron Huxford Laurel Joachim Michael Joe Farrell Kaufman Kecia Kitchens Martha Lee Lucy Liles Kevin Lyon John Majure Traci Massey Phillip McQonagill Shawn Perry Robert Perry Elizabeth Powell Mary Anne Pride Tricia Qulgney Sonya Read Julie Rogers Leo Seicshnayde John Sharpe Trey Smith Beth Temple Wendy Temples Paige Vann Christy White Tad Wood Courtney Yarbrough Ham Bates Chris White Cassie Ray Tracey Cain Kimberiy Parker Chad Greer Curtis Eustis Streett Kaigler Sarah Kloud Aimee Qrabert Courtney Newton Kimberiy Kraft Lori Coulter Valeria Stokes Eddie Coleman Shannon Tucui Allison Collins I Human Relations Laura Tumage, Chairman Brett Bagley Lacy Bobo Christy Bolls Jennipher Cullins Allison Daniels Thomas Elfert Erin Flowers Philip Qarciate Suzanne Hamilton Jennifer Lynn Harris Denny Bubrig, Chairman Deidre Baker Renee Caston Honea Henderson Anne Hewes Scott Higgins Troy Inmon Chuck Lalonde Ned Laughlin Qena Mattison David Mayo Chris McMullan Mary Noble Catherine Ohman Mary Elizabeth Povall Hank Reiche Stephen Rhoden Melanie Tatum David Taylor Pravin Thakkar Jennifer Thompson Domonique Tuminello Paige Vann Christy White Craig Willis Independent Jennipher Cullins Gavin Edwards Lori Fincher Wilson Russ Danielle Taylor Emily Taylor Scott Elliott Merideth Murray Jason Aalonga James Derrick Laurie Leavell Amy Laurence Blake Little Jeremy Roemershauser Jennifer Sozer Christy Swartz Emily Reimer Sarah Saucier ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Chad Hutchinson, Director Andy Garner, Committee Chair April Dorris Mark Eubanks Jennifer Rice Ashley Tinnin Mary Harper Lynn Bariow Brook Lester Lauren Smythe Patrick Byme Brian Talley Brandi Daniel Wendy Lehman Ginger Dunnam Neil Mclntyre Erich Simpkins Adam Powers Sam Qassaway Jeff Gordon Michael Dunavant Kathy Myers Ashlye Stewart Jenifer King Tanya Chin Grant Ford Brad Mason Martha Hutchinson 258 Organizations I Food Service Commission Student Loan Service Committee Hart Rogers, Chainnan Carter Lynch Heather Holdsworth David Qressler Karen Carlisle Dana O ' Donnell, Chairman Seth Randle Cary Salisbury Candace Jefcoat Samuel Hix William McDonough Shannon Morris COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION Hallie HoUingsworth, Director Meredith Nagers, Director of Campus Communications Allison Langley Michelle Mall ■ Robert Lawrence nelms McClatchy Lisa Wilemon Beth Miller nancy Otto Ann Crivello Anna Slaton Lauren Smythe Meg Stacey Audra Armstrong STUDENT DEVELOPMENT Stephanie Balderson, Director Student Health Advisory lauser Brian Wait, Chairman Karen Buttorf Ashley Hutchinson Keisha Davis Lolita Tunstall Johnna Ferguson Amy Piazza Kristin Cantrell Shanda Hezlep Tracy Felts Kathleen Dobbs. Co-Chairmen Candy Thompson Elizabeth Bowen Jennifer Belue Kappi Wise Laura Koon Candi Flippin Elizabeth Weaver Mandi McArthur Jodi Jordan Emmy Cenzalli Chuck Heflin Shahira Elsohly Kristina Jennings Regan Christopher Tobie Baker Mollie Logan Karen Curry Sean Hayes Tyler Craddock Christie Rossie Mandi McArthur Poppy McMeer Liza Lindley Kathleen Dabbs Claire Dobbs Tracy Felts Student Wellness Committee Carrie Kooshian April Hughes Amy Palmer Kelly Kooshian Jana Davis Alison Seamster Robin Riddell Holly McLemore Shannon Trusty Andrew Ratcliffe Macey Fisher Courtney Prestage Tracy Felts Kathleen Dobbs Angela Kramer Liza Lindley Christie Rossie Regan Christopher Elise Faulk Ann Munn Courtney Prestage Elise Faulk Mary Magee Leslie Tribble Ann Munn Aimee Owings Richard Holmes Courtney Winston Marion Daniel Aimee Owings Tisha McCorkle Christian Campanile Courtney Winston nicola Makey Marion Daniel Mona Elsohly Environmental Awareness Don Crabtree, Chair Jason Strong Elizabeth Sobotha Stacy Huffrnan Jennie Owens Leigh Abbott Kelly Kooshian James Wyatt Treble Allendorph Dewayne Liggett Robert Boulware Robin Riddell Claire Dobbs Andrea Harvill Angela Kramer Candy Thompson Kappi Wise Carrie Kooshian Kenneth Woo Melissa Lavacki Don Crabtree Sarah Bouchein Rebecca Vaugh Meredith Stuart Caroline Monsour Christy Couch Laurie Ritter Elliot Qras Brittny Bryan Organizations 259 PUBLIC RELATIOnS Amy Herring, Director Charity Week Committee Hart Rogers, Chairman Brett Bagley Meredith Bailey Traci Bici erstaff Jennifer Brown Carrie Bryant Christian Campanile Lindy Castle Lesley Casto Robin Childress Mac Chiles Tiffany Clepper Stacy Crumbley Marian Daniel Tiffany Eaves Dena Terrell Mary Kelly Findley Rachel Qaller Phillip Qarclade Amy Qiuliano Gina Qoodrum Michelle Mall tleather Holdsworth Missy Hurt Michael Joe Brigham Johnson Candance King Jennifer King Merrill King Kecia Kitchens John Majure Kristen Mallini Heather McEwen Nacy Mckey Merritt Mendoza Shannon Morris Nicolle Morrow Courtney Mortimer Kathy Myers Sloane riewton Charlotte Perkins Elizabeth Powell Jennifer Price Mary Anne Pride Enley Reynolds Molly Robinson Todd Rushing Mike Schenk John Marc Sharpe Lauren Smythe Chad Spencer Meredith Stuart Melanie Moore Tatum Laura Tumage Carrie Westbrook Tyson Wilkins Jami Wyatt ALUMNI RELATIONS Alumni Relations Committee Dodds Dehmer, Chair Chan Brown Wade Stooksberry Wilson Eatheriy Elizabeth Anderson Gordon Fleming Dabney Garrison Mistic Bames Paul Monsour Jennifer Abel Sara Katharine Rea Sandy Taylor Katie Crowe Michael Kelley John Morgan Calvin Thigpen Cynthia Harrison Christopher Cave Whitney McClintock Courtney Brooks Robert Farrow Michael Russ Liz DeFuniak Amy Fields Anne McCallum Susan Frye Jill Medley Caroline Brown Lindsay Brown Merritt Mendoza Lesley Casto Amy Bland Ashley Ellen Marshall Patti Colliek Merrill King Rachel Stanley Ashley Jordan Courtney Mortimer University Development Committee Jennie Risher, Cf alr Minta Moss, Vice-Chair Benjamin Blossom rieeli Hester Laurie Morgan Libby Carter Melissa Brooks Ashley Griffin Portia Lary Amy Russel Stephanie Stone Susie Osten Hope Gilbert Christopher Cave Lindsay Terry Loftin Ripley Anne McCallum Amy Fields 260 Organizations ELECTIONS COMMISSION V 1 Jim Mclntyre, Chainnan Merrill King Ted Durham, VIce-Chairman Hope Ladner Jenefer Weme. Elections Supervisory Committee Kurre Luber Rocky Wilkins, A.S.B. Attorney General Raj riaidu Tracey Buford Michael Sicuro Justin Crockett DeAnn Thomas Cynthia Gains Rayna Wenerski 1 STUDENT HOUSING COMMITTEE Jeriy Redmond, Director Tracey Buford, Chair Matalie Ferreli Amy Madank Deshonda Lee Amber McCraw Richard Raff Anthony Steinriede Jorian Keith Williams Sheldon Herrington UNIVERSITY RELATIONS Mississippi Governmental Affairs Committee Lee Tollison Reagan Burford, Co-Chairs Audra Armstrong Rachel Qailer Don Qober Jermey Hales Matt Hallbrook Julie Morrison John Pender Alan Sala Missy Thomas Jennifer Boydstun Bradford Cobb Fate Huguley Salley Laster Clark Thomas Lee Laird Laura Painter Adrian Parker Richard Pittman Jenny Risher Matt Wade Lauren White Lisa Williams Justin Brasell Adam Kline Benjamin riewton Oxford University Liason Committee Jimbo Price Merrill King, Co-Chairmen Martha Ewing Tina Hill Chariotte Perkins Patrick Spruiell Chris Graham Brad Jennings Charlotte Lowe Jenni Kingery Lauren Barker Kimberiy Gregory Ginger Guyton Ashley Russell Jessica Wood Danielle Taylor Paige Elmore Organizations 261 Greeks Editor: Brian Crider 262 Cnreek ' m y? i -i ;-.i i i ' [ ) W ' - . t sv iOf ' ■M " mm. ' » - MV, .any students go through rush upon entering Ole Miss. The brother and sisterhood that the greek organ- izations offer appeals to those stu- dents and it gives them an environ- ment of people who will support them and help them grow through their next four years of college. These groups spend many hours doing charity work, and they strive to make sure that each person in the organization does as well as they possibly can. After grad- uation, not only will they carry with them good memories, but they will also have the deep friendships that they have developed through soror and fraternity life. Greek 2t e m i A 264 Greeks Qreeks Z65 Inteifraternity Council OFFICERS Mark Meredith - Vice President of Judicial, Robbie Edgar - President, CJiris Hoskins - Vice President of Rush, Jason Greener - Secretary Treasurer, Brian Strickland - Public Relations, Orlando Trainer - Vice President of nPHC. COUNCIL Charlie Pennick, Robb Board, Paul Pittman, Curt Hasty, Beau Merman, Arthur Stewart, Monroe Pieal, Guy Cochran, Sam Logan, Chester Butts, Reginald Smith, William Bumham, Patrick McCraney, Will Graham, Shane Rayford, Aarron Huber, Herron Odie, Mark Parrish, Will Cochran, Ryan Senter, Chad Biggs, Reece Jones, Steven Austin, Bart Gunkel. ' i 266 Greeks I Panhellenic OFFICERS President - Suzanne Fish Vice President of Education Judicial - Jill Brissenden Vice President of Rush - Mandy Mendoza Vice President of HPHC - Meffie Qatewood Secretary Treasurer - Sandy Morais Director of Public Relations Publications - Tammie Daily [ REPRESENTATIVES Karl Barton, Kim Kraft, Sarah Kloud, Vemita Williams, Tracy Townes, Stephanie Flapper, Susan Bonifield, Bunny Pindley, Macon Dukes, Sarah Field, Allison Battle, Allison Finklea, Rebecca Cole, Lillian Gilchrist, Jodi Jordan, Arrah Smith, Liz Jones, Meredith Tuten, Candace Rogers, Ashley Anderson, Meredith Magers, riicole Stofer, Krishna Jennings, Monica Cado, Darenda Motley, Emily Terrell, Lori King, Paula Hampton, Robbin Smith, Mikki Male, Michelle Mill. Qreeks 267 268 Greeks M Greeks 269 I Greeks 271 1=1 o c o u £ O x: a u u O CO w o u E to ■o c 3 b h w a a s u 00 in tN 2 (L. u V e 3 s .. " u TO W ( I (fl c ' 5 E O _ w cog w o if) Qi O _L av 3 O •a c ra ra - •V b ro c ra -J E «5 c C trt C ill M •• •• 5 .2 a 3 §■ 1 5 6 ro i (U 1) „ rc ns a u V) a x: x: -I— I E 5 « 1- 4, 1- ' S ' o u O o .. « 1-2 Is iD (8 £ .. a «i (8 U .« Q) (A 0 0 b .J d. x:ti -, °- « 5. a- « E s ::« u c ■50 " = = 5 o « 1 E t: o t. g c O •o r-i |S Oi H a t Q 05 c " 3 i: y c o 272 Greeks 3n n n t 4 Qreeks 273 Ji u 1) " is c c E o u " S 2 r .2 a ■a ia E 10 u z: 05 CO X a in E 71 • • •• ■O " O -c s s 3 3 p U V a a 9 R j: u s (8 O (A b to O (U CO _ .. «5 — CO C g (U «3 5 t! g 3 ■■2 5 E u «iE ,V 3 £ . oca; O W 0) U U. tH ._ Ol £ H 05 U CTl cnH c ' io i-i C == 5 E C o Q £ IS to 05 05 iH iS z: ' - ' ro CD O -c tc x; u H O 3 = § 1-2 CO s ill U U 7, « CO z: u i 5G 274 Greeks wx.,; 4-V. ®i «? Oi • (S)! ! } : Q); ! -0 .-j m. 6)! -aj i«J v o. Q ' Dl JOl K in , yrf ?! } f A I? ' ' MV ' urn m i m ' ' h ) iHTJ! ■ ' i)?! vrmi rr ' iA) PlB ! ( i )i ' ' ' i )! 1 @)! j« ' Q reeks 275 276 Qreeks » » II ' - 1 » . ' H 4UV ( ll j f f i K - ' ' 1 ' i ? ' : ' »•» . - t i M m ) •« i O ♦IK ' ' r ? t : ♦« J t7 II) i = en „ ■; °( l iJ ■+-» c m i ' ' 5l V0 HH N - 1 . i -i ♦» W ' ♦? i S l l d i d )i © GS Ji ' ' hT iTiP v i ' ' Qreehs 277 03 « 05 a 3 g u O to to 00 00 V V u u c s S 3 o o h hi a a. a a s « s •- E K O c n u ° EC o k: O o u E (U u C U TO 3 -O A O n u III E « (h 52 c o ■ " s. •n « c c o £ c o u x: - (75 , s a V J3 « is B. CO 13 Q a .. u ti R S £ 2 ll u X O O S 5 •• z: « •• i " , £ a u as £ u E 1 o o ■5 o ■o to a; ■a o CO g 278 Greeks ®;Ol® ' §| . . Qreehs 279 3 CO a CO a a u c D I CO . Q O 00 c 3 u a r u s 00 en s Urn u a 2 U ra " u cu Q. CD c o a a 3 O a •a E u fO z: O b. ' ■5 S2 « u (A u u £ c CO u o o . as " 22 " 5 E 5 I " (5 to 5 5 ' 5 c o ■o ' - " ;= O £: I ■o 2 € TO •Q E g i o ■Q 280 Greeks i Greeks 281 a Q. i c 05 c n o c o u 3 3 to tn ,« c o ri c Its u ' r r- i " O £ S « m S " 05 .2 E « " O : O O 4) B. 4) S- jj .. ifl O is S W „ O " a o ® 5 2 a 5 a ' 2 •O 3 o.« 2 = O S « C re £ •= 05 i:3 b fi. ca b in u a viS to i (0 ca u ■0 u 0)h -0 sua •C « ' C sis ( ( ( ( i 282 Qreeks ■k fm i S ! i y)j « )! Greeks 283 (0 a i4 03 a a R3 a a Urn a en in lO o z: •• •• V u s s 3 3 i. i. a a 3 CO u " (3 s (5 u It O u (A Q ■a c TO W 3 ca m ■§ u s? 3 IS o. u c to -5 C O CO u TO TO £3 3 o In « (A b. U b. it: O u 2 03 a a £ C (5 S| E w i .. hi £ E V u E I ■a is w Q. 2 ns I 2 o 10 V) ■Q o 3) ns I n 284 Greeks i •£ ! t . S W Ss a j %v m mm Mk m •shr (1 iSPt II » il » » » u. J- w m ji iih - - i ) ( 1 (5)i ( 1 ( )| ( )l i || 6jj S» fe 4SM T j lI . Greeks 285 (0 to t « S CO E U 2 ■a c c to TO w 3 r CD CD « CO f-i 1? o ts CO H -• o CO Dm fS — u 5 o CN H S led: Apri led: Man i u CO 4-1 E • • s CO 3 c 3 o s s CO Q E o (8 E 3 3 b. b. c o E 1 c 5 •o • • £ a a 1 re U 5 S i:E (8 U U CO c o t 3 5 (D £ U • • • • b « 3 41 S 3 e: £ _0 h •c « _E ■a «s 1 a «3 E !c TO g S 3 EOS (A b u b fi. E oa e 5 •o r5 ? ■ 2S 286 Greeks oidoi tii ' -A €)I €)IC I t»ft» . 1 ' i Greeks 287 s « Cl in cs S -i b 3 3 O a CO o E M § CO 2 a S u i. im .2 2 S 3 n U .2 c -1 E 8 I c TO d) O a: « a a s II £ £ ka CQ Q. 2 c , " 1 3 — (13 3) ■a S 5 5 Q ■Si 35 O 288 Greeks Greeks 289 SI g CO 05 00 H iri u U o ti O ■0 V ■0 s 3 b u « «5 c o •■§ 1 3 O u c (0 O in I ill y c ro (u w re ' w !« E C re ™ c :£ « re ™ • re g 3 c o) l ls = i u -a S (s B w n ° ox: B c E « u B. e- n 33 « c o c 3 o a o -i: 03 290 Greeks Greeks 291 CO ■o c u c c s o o 2« Q. g . (N f) ■2 2 Dm ,: • • •• ■0 V o ii V c s s 2 c x: u S 3 O Q xj £ pter Fi pter F (J If) o and Ol fAII, Se a a o £ £ w Z U U w ro 01 ■3 « ■ •• ?.- s •- ha « " OS V b 2 a C b u s en c x: ■ t a. x: a .. -o « -o ■ . en x: a .■5 ' £ 5 C id = 2- 5 2 H h - p u B 5 u I CQ Cfl .E c 3 Si s s ■■3 g ' 2| H E M ■■M apM O b. b. TO TO s 2« S S .2 S « (A 2 o Q. £ o S 5 CO -o z 05 ■■■ Vy l tf k Si c H H " ' ' ' B l m C Its 2 292 Greeks I r Greeks 293 CO 3 C3 OS ID CO a ( ) u- •• •• V V V V V V s s s s b. b. U U I W V a a (8 (S ( ) t— a c 11 4-. x: 3 TO O " £J c o TO o Si « s i (u w a i l 5 a V s» 2 B = (A U. U (8 U IT CO tf) E n s a U u II o 5 ns 294 Greeks I @ »?tr ' •« Q Ea B O 4 1 O ■l l Ii9 tit W 49» 1 1 31 E3 jp 4S 1 9 ES %= 19%, ' Wll J i Greeks 295 pqi I 2 I 3 E 3 E ' en o .- « 1 a to 00 05 CO u ■o B S O . ii a n £ « B c o V V B S u fc. 3 IB " " o e u u c £ u c g E I! 5 « o c — to tfl O • • B Qi • .. « S Is b. b. ra ft) IS TO ! 5 O a. 10 3 n i „ to ro -a c£: (D (9 B ' S n « U a n j: u U •• i B a u a u £ B. CO E 296 Greeks I my V) . (S X Greeks 297 X in u (8 CO in o (J K3 C o o ■s u c •c D_ c o CO 00 . h V a (5 £ U s (8 ■c § o S £ o u c .;: « " S . « 3 «5 S O U b U u ly a: w o CO u — c TO t U c u c a CD a E u •c s Ti « 2 i3 in CD ■■s U CO ■a T3 J E = C c l E •- F, ■D r lU B. 13 C 2 - o .. _ « .?S - CQ (A C w S ' 1 g c Cfl u (U ( ) n o o V S u u _ u o O o =) = .. (8 S 1-2 Is 5 a£ U 1 I? I ) w 4; Q, 298 Qreeks Greeks 299 f w O) (13 ■Q I 03 C IT 1) -o o a a a in 00 Q -3 • • •• V V u u ■o ■« s s s s u u 4-1 ' W a a £ £ U J •a 2 « S E O C o ' u o (0 _ 2 8 i I •o c CO o 5 3 o 5 £ O 2 £ 3 U 3 k S a u £ E S o " 0 O o .. CO c -•I 3 CO • • t I-I en Q a U Q. S.i2 5 ■« o u 3 B- u s £ «3 S V o to c « hi 3 o ha £ B 3 3) a ■a 3 31 ■■s ■o i 300 Greeks f iV liL c S .fH f s: t»? - CB 9i |; C f € S C C (S i € ; CF : C 9: C C!! j C ! € ! C i : C i @! ! 1 1 e i i 8 t i c9| 1 ! F ! cs i : « i ®9 m m -f ' H 3 -♦» I ' - ©31 " " 1 c Si € i sSi 9 ; i t ! : C i Cs ! C! ! «i ! 1 G ! € ! | : : crs i eM tsv 1p C Si ® s c j CsS; S | € 3i l l C : C! | Ca j Q ; €S CS ; Greeks 301 ' ' Hi a a to o 3 w ja E u Q O u u ■D -a C B S 3 b b u u a a n n £ re tn c o -5 o Q o u 3 re E i75 c P U5 ■ " O S u w u - -. 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N c ro TO E CD in iS w CQ !E u n S •a c o n •• t; 3 C 0) o s -4— t ■ U •c o o CD 2 CO Q. a; H " £ (A o O CO a s n « a DO CD u U .0 S ) E .2 u o a II q S ■Q O O 3 504 Greeks k«Br B ! ■ ■■ Ki W 1 11 K W w H 1 H i H 1 ■■Ba v ' iij iS jJ H 3 1 Qreeks 305 wm _j w • W 9 J -x ' ' 9E P • " • " a W -J ll M p — « - d • 1 H ■M Q U 03 a 00 00 W 03 •a u s 3 b 4 a a n (8 £ u s s £ u in I I g TO TO C U TO j2 Si 3 5 • • •• ir, 2 b U ■o w ■:= x: O w o o •2, a 5 2 « O to a !c [1. O 5 ■P -7 a: § ' - V 5 " Q.£ O ■ " O (J. .. S a u £ 3 5 ? TO s. .. u C " 2 " b s S- . £ 2 TO I ) £ O «i l« w ■ Q c .. c u ■■ •• 22 t p s p s „ s u V U tfl J u 2 S s p (A (A E 31 a ■a S o o ■C5 U E o w w s 3 P 306 Greeks « :fei ts i im 1 9 1 9 - ' % 1 ' " Syr - i , . j %i ©5 1 Greeks 307 00 00 05 H H (N to « -c X a a a 5 ■d s b ha a a u u Z w -■ z: O ,C (V) o 1- c o cc U c c x: o -5 W 2 o o u E (J U £■•5 S .. S I s n = 1 CO Q f3 « « E o -M s (ta e (« aj s 3 i .y « ZZ a u -) CQ 6- 1 O ID O S - ' P3 u r CQ 2 _ u u s (A B Q. 1 1 O a 2 308 Greeks t3 2f 1 i ' tsv ¥ ' wSBC m r -. . ■ . ■-5:- Greeks 309 O o 03 3 I e C o (0 a a u C iD iD 00 CO B C o 3 S b: 0 b b O k. . = ■ ! £ o ■a c o O) en •C « 5 E 5 -5 u a a w 3 a u .2 • s E O U. J £ w w u -c -c pa •• ■• u 3 5 2 0- H in O s u 6. B3 E E 5 ? £ S - •■= (5 f lb B. .?£ CQ CO 3 g lb .J b. O (8 u s B a CO to :i: s .. (5 , C l« .2 z: 5 S b ) z: V 5 So, ■ « ra ar n U (0 c 2 ■Q .iS £ O .a ij 3 I I 310 Qreeks Greeks 311 :3 H a a ■o o Urn a O ID CTl CD H !N •• •• s c 3 3 p 2 o o 2 O c TO c o C 3 O [L. a a U B s E n " 3 - 5 w ro c o tf5 25S P SV. - £ 3 . s a V (A (I. U si,l ( 5 C en it f8 in in (8 B s z in u ca (A E a (3 £ u s 3 .2 g. ■ O IB ■o 312 Greeks »?«v ■ ' iir " i 4. 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CO (A 01 u o o ■a •Q ■5 2 ■ .o)S « o Si 320 Greeks i5 - :! 4 : 1 €iS c : S ' C i C i - fgri: ® i5L G-: 1 Cp «3 3 : (;| i J QreeKs 521 C O ' Jo a (75 o O E fN V V ■o ■« s e 3 3 b b. a a (9 « u s a U ' S o 3 O •o o f- .- ■a C = S = •• 2 « 3 1 s -4-J CO c o I en c o • • (A U t « o 4-1 S u 0-2 -w to I ) (J a: o _1 o .. i: u .i 2 V V iT) w o 0) o CO b I « o 7 £3 « u u « S U 3 •- 2 (A E C ly « o w « u S S CO o c w to i S 1-1 Si a a A n u U 0) e .?3 T a: E . ■a c 5 I t 322 Greeks tx ? ? ( s c Hi (Si W , 1 t7 e. ■v: 7 d t7 PS C I Sj fl! 3i ©? € l M ? ! C j I«IP G! ; A£) © i C i ' C Sl l? i ©M! @ ! te., jHH fikJ L ®9i i m fc 3 p j ' C!9j ! ' 1 3; Greeks 323 o ns ■Q C u z: (L. 10 CD • " O 2 w 3 £ CQ 00 CO V V ■o s 3 ■o ■o s 3 b. u a a (S (8 £ £ u u ■a e •- E (0 " 2 o O X3 c « (U in 5 O 2 = i « la E E 1 « s 1 = i| (8 f ifl ■o E to u . - V ' 5 , o o 2 S g x: U M Oi 2 ■r U •r « _ V h U GO b. CO E E ro u Q • • •pa n D. E BJ 2 (8 « n c o (J 4-t a re x: u E O ■55 a 3 (8 e o •pa (8 z: « « ■2 (8 E £ V u 0) U •- CQ 05 « S ' S (8 ka a (8 £ £ s S z: c 1 o s rz •J) Z -J CD 324 Greeks r Greeks 325 Alpha Delta Pi All-Sim This year Alpha Delta Pi sponsored their fourth annu- al All-Sing competition on Mov. 18, 1994. All-Sing is a school wide musical presen- tation that AAIl brought back to the Ole Miss campus four years ago. They had great participation this year with Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority placing first, Kappa Alpha Theta sorority placing second and Pi Beta Phi soror- ity placing third. All proceeds from the All- Sing competition go towards the Ronald McDonald House, Alpha Delta Pi ' s national phi- lanthropy. The Ronald Mc- Donald house is a home away from home for the fami- lies of critically ill children as they seek treatment at hospi- tals across the country. These houses cannot func- tion without support from events such as this. Photo by Chance Regtna Photo by Chance Regina t - i Photo by Chance Regina 326 Greeks Phi Delta Theta iJoops fjO L Kids Phi Delta Theta has sponsored " Hoops for Kids " for the last three years to raise money for the American Cancer Society. The event con- sists of a 3-on-3 basketball tournament with prizes going to the winners in each division. Other activities include a sports auction, dunk contest, calutia and other events. " Hoops for Kids " has raised over twenty thousand dollars to build a Childrens ' Cancer Camp. Photo by 5hawn Jenkins Greeks 327 Sigma Mu This past year, Sigma riu earned over $40,000 for Thomas Hudson (pictured right). The fiftl annual Charity Bow l raised more money this year than last year. Thomas and his mother wen very pleased with the outcome of the event. They are seen here pictured with the Minister of nortl Mississippi Medical Center, a friend of the family, Hal Keaigler (Philanthropy Chairman) and Sigma Hu alumni. 328 Greeks Pfti Gamma Delta Returns to Ole Miss 1 e Founding Fathers of the Eta Deuteron Chapter pose for a photo. Back row, left to right: Brian Crider, John Drew, Mike Gray, James ■ garde, Mark Meredith, David Bushong, Chris Graham, Mike Strelecki, John Zoeller, Drew Horman and Manuel Rodriguez. Middle row, left ' light: Adam Alvis, Craig Long, Chad Wright, Terry Redeker, Joey Flynt, Joe Gex, Mike Todaro, Tobie Baker, Van l ix, Andy Piorris, Ward shart, Ken Jamison, Don Crabtree, Brian Massengale, Kevin Wright and Chuck Counce. Front row, left to right: Jason Hampton, Russ iois, David Hyde, Jose Rodriguez, John Bateman, Sean Haynes, Steve Stone, Justin Cabral, Alvln Hutchens and Andy Voelker. 1 February 18, 1992, a group of men at the University of Mississippi pledged to uphold the traditions and values Phi Gamma Delta. It had been over a century since the Fraternity last had a chapter on campus; however, this id not deter the Delta Colony from breaking into one of the most traditional and foreboding Greek systems in the a)uth. Two years later, the colony ' s petition to be rechartered as a fijlly recognized chapter was accepted, pursuit of the charter. Phi Gams pushed for excellence in all areas of campus life. From student government and Jbs to professional and honorary societies, brothers of Phi Gamma Delta have been active in a wide range of ganizations. Members are encouraged to excel in all areas of student life, le culmination of these efforts led to the Colony ' s reestablishment as the Eta Deuteron Chapter on April 23, )94. Brothers from Alabama, Mississippi State, north Alabama and Tulane helped to usher the Chapter into the Ids of Phi Gamma Delta. Archon President Mike Shipley, Ritualist Bill Miller, Executive Director Bill Martin, rector of Chapter Services Bob Baney, and Section Chief John Allelo directed the chartering weekend. The larter was presented by Legate Tom Garrett (Tennessee ' 37), whose grandfather, Thomas B. Garrett, was an liie fifl 7 5 graduate of the original Eta Deuteron Chapter at Ole Miss. therW ' evening, the formal banquet was held at the University Inn in Oxford, where almost 200 Phi Gams and ' " ' i mily members were in attendance. Eta Deuteron presented the International Fratemity with a complete set of jned works by Oxford writer John Grisham. Special thanks were given to two graduate brothers who had been ost helpful to Ole Miss Phi Gams along the way: Gary Huckaby (Alabama ' 86) and Keith Henley (fiorth Alabama 9). Associate Dean of Students Sparky Reardon was also thanked for his help. i Eta Deuteron continues to shine at Ole Miss, the brothers will move forward in the quest for excellence. As in e past, the challenges of the future will be met full force. Phi Gamma Delta at Ole Miss is here to stay. Greeks 329 .rofNort 330 Greeks jreeK5 331 332 Greeks Qreeks 333 334 Greeks Qreeks 335 Sports Editor: Erin Sutherland by Scott King •:- r •»; i m i V U V iC ' ' ' V , ,|)|ir. 4 J : ?ifri I ports is an integral part colleges, and Ole Miss is no different. What would the fall semester be like without football; tailgating in the Grove; cheering on the team on a bright, chilly afternoon; or partying afterwards on frat row. Inside of the Coliseum is the place to be for basketball fans when the cold weather hits, and spring semester is welcomed in by the crack of a bat out at Swayze field. There is also a wide variety of other sports to suit everyone here at the University, including soccer, rugby, golf, tennis, vol- leyball, and track. Even those of us who are not the next BkD Jac kson or Arnold Palmer, can be involved with sports through the intramural games held throughout the year. Whatever the future holds for sports at Ole Miss, the feelings and memories evoked by the sights and sounds of Rebel sports will be with us always. Sports 337 1994 FootbaU Scorecard Opponent Rebels 22 Aubum 17 3 Southern Illinois 59 14 Vanderbilt 20 17 Georgia 14 38 Florida 14 31 Arkansas 7 21 LSU 34 17 Memphis 16 Tulane 38 21 Mississippi State 17 1994 Rebel Roster 1 Robby Carr 54 Omar Edwards 1 Roell Preston 54 Richard Ford 2 Michael Lowry 55 Chris Eaves 3 Joe Woods 55 Chris Peery 4 David Lloyd 56 Darren Moncus 4 Chris McCardle 57 Otis Fox 5 LeMay Thomas 58 David Vinson 6 Fred Thomas 59 Michael Day 7 Eli Anding 59 Chris May 8 John April 60 David Evans 8 Antonnious Bonner 61 Shannon Frovencher 9 Keith Campbell 63 Johnny Jones 10 Ta Boris Fisher 64 Woody Janssen 11 Mark Smith 65 Eric Bubrig 12 Stewart Patridge 66 Jody Coulter 13 Paul Mead 67 Alex McRee 14 Broc Kreitz 68 Michael Myers 15 Josh Nelson 69 James Molcombe 16 Walter Grant 70 Jetr Miller 16 Todd Vowell 71 Ross Tucker 17 l wrence Adams 72 Orlando Trainer 20 Randall Qreen 73 Terrell Burks 21 Steve Lindsey 74 Scott Sumner 22 Dou Innocent 75 Ahmed Shahid 23 Sidney Carmichael 76 Chris Cola 24 Derek Jones 76 Skip Joyce 25 Paul Winlield 77 Kendrick Hickman 26 nakia Magee 78 Boyd Kitchen 27 Moine rticholson 79 Jonathan Casey 28 Artie Moore 80 Frank Wilson 29 Walker Jones 81 Andy Berger 30 Trafton Trotter 81 Charles Williams 31 Malikia Qriflin 82 Lance Harrison 32 David Knott 82 Kris Mangum 33 Rich Robich 83 Chris Tumer 35 John Knight 84 David McQowan 36 Bubba Bonds 84 Pat Monis 37 Mike Peters 85 Alvin Herman 38 Alundis Brice 86 Stuart Brown 39 Lonny Calicchio 86 Andre Hollis 40 Renard Brown 87 Devon Cobum 41 Mate Wayne 88 Wendell Davis 42 Mike Worley 89 Damon Bilbrew 43 Kyle Wicker 89 Jetr Boutwell 44 Trey Wicker 90 Morman Hand 45 Eddie Bibbins 91 neil Alford 46 Jerry Qraeber 92 Ed Fortson 48 Tim Montz 93 Anthony Panzarella 49 Jon Desler 94 Troy " Huch " Ferguson 50 Flint Ussery 95 Monis Scott 51 Kyron Motton 96 Jeremy Morris 52 John Evans 97 Stacy Wilson 53 Abdul Jaci on 99 Darryl Gibbs Rebel Coacliing Staff Joe Lee Dunn Interim Head Coach Jim Carmody Assistant Head Coach Defensive Line Keith Daniels-Running Backs Freeman Horton-Outside Linebackers Larry Kueck-Offenslve Coordinator John Neal-Secondary Melvin Smith-Wide Receivers Joe Wlokllne-Offensive Line Gary WlthrowTight Ends Reorultlng Coordinator I t Photo by Chance Regina J Photo by L Rue Russell With the opening of the 1994 football season, Ole Miss fans were subject to several changes. In addition to an afternoon spent tailgating in the Grove, listening to the " Pride of the South " play, and observing the players in their traditional walk through the mass of excited Rebel fans. . . spectators can now view one of Ole Miss ' newest accomplishments, the Michael S. Starnes Athletic Training Center. As the Rebs began to prepare for the upcoming season, the newly finished facilities were utilized in the Rebels ' rigorous preparations. :-jport5 559 The Ole Miss Rebels opened the 1994 football season in electrifying style. In their first game of the season the Rebels found themselves playing at home in front of 4 1 ,000 screaming fans against the nationally ranked Auburn Tigers. Auburn jumped out to an early 14 point first quarter lead behind the running of Stephen Da- vis, but the Rebel defense stiffened, led by pre- season All-American candidate Abdul Jackson at linebacker, and shut down the Tigers high scor- ing offense for the rest of the half. As the Ole Miss defense continued to punish the Tiger offense, the Rebel offense began to pick up steam. Quarterback Josh Nelson, a junior college transfer from California, began picking Auburn ' s highly touted secondary apart with pinpoint ac- curacy. The Rebels closed the gap late in the first quarter when Nelson hit wide receiver Roell Pres- ton in the end zone for a touchdown to make it 14- 7 Tigers. With time running out in the half. Nel- son threw to Preston in the end zone, who made a spectacular diving catch through two defenders, to tie the game at 14-14. In the second half. Au- burn managed to punch the ball into the end zone and hit the two point conversion to take a 22-14 lead. Not to be outdone. Nelson again directed a drive that culminated in a Tim Montz 48 yard field goal, cutting the Tiger lead to 5 points. Both teams struggled offensively in the fourth quarter, but with time running out, Ole Miss found themselves with possession and a chance to steal the game. But, when the Rebels failed to convert on a fourth down play, the Tigers escaped with a 22-17 win. — by Robb Delleo- All The Way: Junior, Dou Innocent slides past the Tiger defense during the Auburn game. Welcome To Ole Miss: Junior, Josh Kelson takes a brief moment to survey the field, during his first game as a Rebel. OLE MISS 17 AUBURN 22 «; All photos by Chance Regina i aifii A i ' ' «««r ' i.-- ' If Coming off a tough loss to SEC rival Auburn, the Rebels took out their frustrations on the seemingly helpless Southern Illinois Salukls. Die Miss dominated on every side of the ball. The stingy Rebel defense gave up only 185 yards of total offense to the Salukis. Highlight- ing this strong defensive effort was the secon- dary, allowing a mere 54 yards through the air. The Rebel offense had no trouble with the Saluki defense as they racked up an impressive 539 yards of total offense, spotlighted by Ren- ard Brown ' s 49 yard touchdown pass to Roell Preston, who finished the game with 106 yards receiving. The Rebs put 59 points on the board while giving up only 3, as they picked up their first win of the 1994 season. — by Robb Delleo- Beating the Salukls: Freshman, Rich Robich, and his Ole Miss teammates use their talents to tackle a S. Illinois player. Just Kickln ' Back: Sophomore, Tim Montz punts the ball during the S. Illinois game. OLE MISS 59 SO. ILLINOIS 3 Ole Miss traveled to Nashville looking for their first conference victory of the 1994 sea- son against Vanderbilt. The Rebels took an early lead, but watched the Commodores rally to come back, and take the lead at 14-10. Quarterback, Josh Nelson then took charge and the Rebels stormed back on their way to a 20-14 victory. The Rebels win over Vanderbilt was their first win on the road in two seasons, and evened the SEC record at 1-1. Once again the Rebel defensive secondary was impressive, holding the Commodores to only 73 passing yards. — by Robb Delleo- Crood. rorm: Junior, Josh Nelson passes the ball to his teammate, resulting in a touchdown. Toiiclidown: Senior, Roell Preston helps to lead the Rebels to a win over Vanderbilt, as he leaps Into the endzone. OLE MISS 20 VANDERBILT 14 caa jports 341 1 I ■ Photo by Chance Regina For the first time in Ole Miss football history, the 1 team in the nation was coming to town and the Rebels were ready. The 1 Gators of Florida slid into Oxford as the nation ' s top scoring offense ready to square off against the Rebels staunch defense. Florida showed why they were number one when they scored on the fourth play of their opening drive barely a minute into the game. After forcing Ole Miss into a punting situation, the Gators managed to block the kick and return the ball 19 yards for a touchdown and a 14-0 lead. Ole Miss found itself trailing with just two minutes gone by in the game. The Rebels wouldn ' t quit however, and quarterback Josh Nelson en- gineered a picture-perfect eight play, 80 yard touchdown drive that cut the Gator lead to seven. The Rebels gained some much needed confidence from the scoring drive and the defense responded. After Florida had driven deep into Rebel territory, linebacker Nate Wayne charged through the middle of the Gator line pressuring quarterback Terry Dean to make an ill-advised pass straight into the waiting arms of defensive back, Fred Thomas, who then proceeded to electrify the entire Rebel faithful with one of the most spectacular interception returns in Ole Miss football his- tory, culminating in a spread eagle dive across the endzo- ne. Ole Miss fans went crazy. The Rebs had fought back to tie the nation ' s 1 team at 14-14. Florida showed they had some character as well, and scored on their next two possessions while holding the Rebels scoreless to improve their lead to 28-14 at half time. The second half belonged to the Gator defense. They repeatedly hounded Rebel quar- terback Josh Nelson, sacking him six times, and held the Rebs steady running game to a minus 28 yards. Though the Rebel defense would hold Gator offense to just ten points in the second half, it would be enough as Florida remained l with a 38-14 victory in Oxford. by Robb Detleo OLE MISS 14 FLORIDA 38 Get Bxclted:Led by Rich Robich, the Rebels take the field in anticipation of the game against Flor- ida. In The Endzone:Junlor, Fred Thomas, slips by the Gator defense for a touchdown. Photo by Chance Regina i HOMECOMING 1994 i Photo b Kavanaugh Breazeale OLE MISS 34 LSU21 In The Air: Freshman, Nate Wayne, dives for the ball during the LSXJ game. Sweet Victory: Sophomore, Ta ' Boris Fisher, displays ex- citement about the win over the LSU Tigers. On Your Knees: Junior, David Knott, breaks through the Tiger defense. When the Louisiana Tigers trotted on to the field in Vaught- Hemingway Stadium two days before Halloween, they knew they ' d be playing in front of more than 40,000 maniacal Rebel fans and they knew that it would be Ole Miss ' Homecoming game. What they didn ' t know was that the demons couldn ' t wait until Halloween. The demons came In the form of the Ole Miss football team and they were hungry for blood. The Rebel defense scared the Tiger offense into four first half turnovers and smashed anyone in their way. The Rebel offense was equally wicked, taking three of the turnovers and converting them into a 24-0 lead at the half. In the second half the Rebel defense picked up where it left off, forcing another turnover and the offense again converted to take a 31-0 lead. The Tigers tried to fight back, scoring three un- answered touchdowns, cutting the Rebel lead to ten, but Ole Miss put the nail in the coffin with another field goal making the score 34-21 and putting the game out of reach. The Homecoming effort was one of the Rebels best outings of the season as both the offense and the defense clicked together and began running on all cylinders. For the Tigers, it was a wasted trip as they received only tricks instead of treats. by Robb Delleo EGG BOWL 1994 Photo by Chance Regina There is something to be said about the great college football rivalry. It doesn ' t matter if both teams are undefeated or winless, a rivalry game always seems to come down to the wire and both teams end up looking like national champions. That is just the type of game the Oxford faithful were treated to when the Rebels hosted the Mis- sissippi State Bulldogs in the annual Egg Bowl. Both teams came out fired up and the game was a see-saw battle with both offenses shining. The Bulldogs got on the scoreboard first with a field goal early in the second quarter, but Ole Miss came right back when quarterback Josh Melson found Roell Preston for a 30 yard score putting the Rebs up 7-3. After State scored a touchdown of their own to retake the lead 9-7, Josh Nelson again found the open man hitting LeMay Thomas on a short screen pass that he turned into a beautiful 83 yard TD scamper, giving the lead back to Ole Miss, 14-9. Again State managed to slip into the endzone, but the Rebel defense refused to give up the two point conversion and the Bulldog lead was only 15-14. After another impressive Rebel drive, kicker Tim Montz split the uprights with a 34 yard field goal, giving the lead back to the Rebs, 17-14. The Bulldogs fought their way back into the lead shortly before the half with another touchdown making the halftime score 21- 17. The second half belonged to both defenses. Time after time the Rebel defense slammed the State offense, forcing punt after punt. Rebel linebacker Abdul Jackson led all tacklers, in his final game as a Rebel, with 10. Kyle Motten also recorded eight tackles in a valiant defensive effort. The Bulldog defense wasn ' t as devastating, but equal- ly effective as neither team was able to muster a score in the second half and State took the Egg Bowl Trophy home for one more season. Despite a disappointing season that saw Ole Miss lose more than their share of heartbreakers, the Rebels proved that they were a team with heart and courage as they put a pasting on the nationally ranked Bulldogs and finished their season on a proud note. by Robb Delleo a - Fhoto by Chance Regina For the Touchdo ' wn:Dou Innocent successfully slides past the Bulldog defense, and heads downfield. Stop State:The Rebel defense " gives It their all " as they make yet another tackle. InterceptiontAlundis Brice takes a dive to intercept a Bulldog pass during the game. I Photo by Chance Regina 344 Sports ' mm Photo by Chance Regina ■ 5port5 345 1994-1995 REBEL BASKETBALL 1994-1995 REBELS Front RowrJ.J. Sims; Ervin Gar- nes; David Johnson; L.J. Goolsby; Cedric Brim; Robert Butler; Fred Jolinigan; Marlon Childs. Back Row:Dan O ' Dowd, Assistant Coacli; Rot) Evans, Head Coach; Brian Russell, Head Manager; Jon Cantrell; John Jackson; Andre Burnside; Ansu Sesay; Anthony Boone; Jeff Moore, Athletic Train- er; Rod Barnes, Assistant Coach; Russ Pennell, Assistant Coach. In The Alr:Tlie Rebels shoot for two during the game against Florida Atlantic. Reliel Defense:The Rebels try to keep their op- ponents from scoring throughout the Florida At- lantic game. Photo h l.aKLic Kiissell Fhotn by LaRue Russell SLAM •ttf - Zt] 348 Sports IX ' UNK! i- Sports 349 350 Sports LADY REBELS BASKETBALL 1994-1995 LADY REBS Susan Byrd; Katrecia Craig; Dorianne Johnson; Latlcia Mathis; Sabrina McMair; Lisa Miller; Anita Milons; Yolanda Moore; Leslie Pinkerton; Kim Rosamund; Regan Seybert; Melinda White. LADY REBS COACHING STAFF Head Coach: Van Chancellor. Assistant Coaclies:Peggie Gillom; Steve Curtis; Tif- fany Archie. Managers:Jennle Vance; Chassidy Bell. Trainer:Lynette Schwartz. The Ole Miss Lady Rebels basketball team began their 1994-1995 basketball season with hopes of improving upon their successful 1993-1994 season. With the Ole Miss fans watching, and under the coaching of Lady Rebs Coach Van Chancellor, the Lady Rebels were able to spend this season as one of the top 85 teams in the nation. As the season progressed the Lady Rebels faced some of the best teams in the SEC but they were fierce competition for any opponent, as they moved toward another winning season. LADY REBELS I 352 Sports ON THE MOVE! ti •• m •» dH N i m$ •♦ •• •• • At M 9 mm «• «». t 4w -t t « r « 5port5 353 i i 1994 Ole Miss Rebels 134 Uatt Ateniatby 31 TomAfenir 39 Charles Barboxir 9 BUly Bernard 22 David Blevlns 28 Michael Bomboy 48 BoBowen 17 Doyle Bryan 30 Mickey Callaway 26 Jim Cook 20 David DeUiici 38 Derek Eaves 16 John Putrell 13 Bichy Happellaon 8 PatilHead as WlUiaopkins 3 Tony Huntley 10 JoelgnatixiB 33 Jeffrey Johnaon 11 Keith Lewla 23 Waw. MflTiWlllan 4 ChTis MoCardle 37 Jason McKenzle 27 EricMcMahan 18 John McHeese 12 ToddMensik 14 Jim Morgan 19 Jarret Nichols 43 Jamey Price 40 Stephen Pryor 24 JimBeynolds 13 Jeff BobinAon 45 Billy Slone 42 Chris Vowell 21 Eyan Yoking A SltimmeT-.Li.v. ' i Delltusci comes to bat for the Almost Home: Another close call, as the Bebels slide invi r.onie. Jk« fc2 ■ 4 ' d 1 k W ' n I I Photo by Bmce newtnan Rebel Pride: Ole Miss makes yet another " Great play! " in the game against Mississippi State. 556 Sports rtinto l: ShduTi Jenkins The Pitclier ' s Hound: Jamey Price takes the mound, and prepares to pitch for the Rebels. At Bat: Another member of the Rebel baseball team, Richy Harrelson bats for the Rebs. A Close Call: Todd Menslk slides safely into home. Photo by Bruce Fiewman 5port5 357 Hey, Batter: Jim Reynolds waits for the pitch. Warming XJp:Davld Swan takes some time for practice before the game. Hold Tight: Jeff Robinson gets a grip on a Rebel opponent. Pholo by Scott King Photo by Shawn JcnKins TrappediDavlcl Dellucci tries to make it past his team- mates in practice. Ready:A fellow Rebel teammate waits forDavid Delluc- cito make it home. SafeiDavid Dellucci makes it home just in time for the umpire ' s call. i OLE MISS TRACK FIELD Photo by Chance Regina Concentration:Rebel cross country runners give a strong showing in competition. An Even Strlde:Distance runner, Michael George gives it his all during the race. Photo by Chance Regina " " 0 Sports AT THE STARTING LINE gfi Rebel Run.ner:Greg Saddler takes a " breather " In be- tween events. Taking the LeadiTlie Lady Rebels hand off the baton at a quick pace at a spring invitational. Setting th.e Pace:Rebel runner, Jo Creel, paces herself in a Rebel matchup with McNeese State. 1994-1995 Ole Miss Track Roster Beltz, Andrea Bizot, Kathy Bird, Ann Brown, Monique Clay, Angelia Creel, Jo Hudson, Stacy Ingram, Kim Jackson, Joy James, Elizabeth Johnson, Sherlonda LeFort, Catina Martin, Teri Neely, Angel Newcome, Megan Poularikas, Natasha Price, Nickie Schuler, Jill Slocum, Earnestine Strong, Rosieland Thiry, Renee Walker, Tomeka Whltten, Detris Bassett, Donovan Bernard, Joseph Dawson, Charlie Gadd, Charles George, Michael Hall, Kenji Hardy, Patrick Manogin, Terrance Noone, Chris O ' Donnel, Jeff Odom, Edcardo Perez, Fernando Pride, Brad Reisch, Chris Saddler, Greg Varn, Chuck Walker, Joseph Sports 561 OLE MISS LADY REBELS VOLLEYBALL 1994 Lady Rebels VoUeyball: (Left to Right) Liz Poerner, Alexandra tTohnson, Nicole Clineay, Leslie Bourgeious, Julia Sitarz, Stephanie Somers, Delon Luster, Brigitte Datchen, Genevieve Shy, Jennifer Owens, Taylor Fleming, Karen Horner, Susan Angue, Laurie Sellers. Dominating The Net: The Lady Rebels head to the net, to successfully hlock the attempts made by their opponent. Spilce: An Ole Miss Lady Rebel, goes to the net during a match. Rebel Serve: The Lady Rebels serve for a winning set, at Tad Smith Coliseum. Photo by Chance Regina Photo by Chance Rcgina J OLE MISS WOMEN ' S GOLF 1994-1995 Lady Rebels Golf Lady Rebels Golf Teani:Kell Purdom, Coach; Anna Kircliner; Margo Akin; An- gela Chancellor; Lauren Mellon; Betsy Trent; Heather Albright; Amy Newman; Joanne Calwell; Jennifer Saymian; Mari- anne Morris. i- Dl 364 Sports 4 OLE MISS MEN ' S GOLF 1994-1995 Rebel Golf Joe Bonargo, Ramsey Day, Ben Dupont, Adam Grogan, John Howard, Thad Hudgens, Peter Kelly, Brian Rowell, Ryan Schwartz, Haymes Snedeker, Wes Truett, Will White, Robert Willis, nvHipniavnR J Sports 565 OLE MISS TENNIS 1994-1995 Men ' s Tennis MaliestL BtLupattLi, Remi Fene- on, Hogan Gidley, Ali Hamadeh., Jolian Hede, Johan Landsberg, Brett Lesley, Mi- chael Pritctiard, Van Van Lingen, Lock Ward. Rebel Tennis:Sophomore, Johan Hede, practi- ces his swing for the next big match. CENTER COURT Follow Through.:Lady Rebel, Marie-Laura Bougnol, drills on her forehand for the afternoon. 1994-1995 Women ' s Tennis Marie-Laure Bougnol, Perrine Galon, Rebecca Case, Martina Crlia, Melissa Metcalf, Jennifer Milligan, Joelene Neilson, Valer- ie Sprenger, Miclielle Wagner. ' Sports 567 j— OLE MISS RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB Founded in 1973, the Ole Miss Rugby team is well into its twenty-second year on the Oxford campus. Rugby is a rugged sport played without any protection except that of a mouth guard. If you have ever had the privilege to witness a rugby game, you may be wondering where they find people crazy enough to put themselves on a field of men with the immense danger of great bodily harm. Well, these men are anything but crazy. It takes great physical ability, determination of steel, and nerves to match. It takes a tough man to be able to play this game, emotionally and physically. The Ole Miss Rugby Club is sponsored by the University and plays in the Mid-South Rugby Football Union. The season had a strong beginning this fall for the mighty men, with victories over Mississippi State, Auburn, Middle Tennessee State, and Western Kentucky. The club returned this spring with victories over Rhodes College, Louisiana Tech, and the University of Southern Mississippi. The Rugby club also went on to place in the Mardi Gras Festival in Baton Rouge, and the Hog Wild Rugby Tournament in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The twenty-two years of service and survival already displayed by the Ole Miss Rugby Club promises a future of fierce men and fighting spirit. i Front Row:Jason Spector, Ben Brase, Tonuny Bodine, James Reiss, Mark Huckerby, James Barclay, Mike Gurno, Shane Johnson. Back RowrHal Mayo-Player Coach, John Sledge, Kent Carlson, Seth Harris, John Wible, Bryan Streety, David Kimbrough, Hale Dees, Warren " Moon " , Orlando Ortega, Rich Pudleiner, Tyson Bridge, Jimi Siegal, Carl Magill, John Clingan, Mate Parkin. Not PicturediTlm Goulding, James Bodine, Brad Boyd, Kurt Bider, Will Russell, Robin Harrigill, Jeremy Chulmers. -568 Sports 1 REBEL SPORTS 1994-1995 Sports 569 REBEL SPIRIT The Ole Miss Cheerleaders, we see them at nearly every event, with their smiling faces, loud cheers, and stunts, but, behind all of these im- pressive acts is a large amount of both time and energy. The Ole Miss Cheerleaders spend many long hours practicing for competition, and cheering at the games. Every year the Ole Miss Cheerleaders help to build and maintain the spirit on campus with their appear- ances at the pep rallies and games. All of this hard work on the part of the Ole Miss Chee rleaders is obviously no- ticed and appreciated by the Rebel fans, as they help to cheer on the various athletic teams. Photo by Scott King The Big Game: Ole Miss Cheerleader, Jennifer Patterson takes a break to watch the Rebs play. Back Row: Coach Lowell Bogott, Lonnie Coats, Fred Casper, John Piovarcy, Jason Stickney, Ed Scott, John Judkins, Anthony Michael, Col. Reb-Jody Lowe. Front Row: Lynn Haynes, Laura Millings, Tanya Kennedy, Missy Waldron, Betsy Soul, Liz Rolison. 570 Sports Photo by Kavanaugh Breazeale Rebs 1: The Ole Miss Cheerleaders get together for a picture after the Rebels beat Southern Illinois. Shout It Out: Ole Miss Cheerleader, Missy Waldron gets the spirit up at the Florida game. Go Rebs: The Ole Miss Cheerleaders help to get the crowd in- volved and excited at the beginning of the LSU game. Pholo by Scott King Photo by Scott King Sports 571 1 Front RowiChonda Carter, All Allen, Anne Marie Varnell, Kendoll Williams, Erin McDonald, Becky Riley. Second Row:Claire Dobbs, Katy Yarborough, Gristle Swartz, Vanessa Winkler, Angela Brignole, Angela McDaniel. Back Row: Trainer-Laurie Campbell, Caroline Still Andrea Haag, Laura Krayer, Micah Quinn, Kelly Bradshaw, Lindsey Taylor, Jennifer Cox, Coach-Cheryl Cannon. 1994-1995 OLE MISS POM SQUAD The Die Miss Pom Pom Squad can be seen at football and basketball games, performing for the crowd. This group of girls, traditionally known as the " Rebellettes " , consists of sixteen members in the fall, and fourteen in the spring. The Die Miss Pom Pom Squad performs to the music of the Pride of the South Marching Band during halftime at the football games, while the squad also performs during timeouts and halftime at the basketball games. The " Rebellettes " also perform in the community, and march with the band during parades. This spring the Die Miss Pom Pom Squad will be representing Ole Miss as they go to compete in Nationals, under the direction of Coach Cheryl Cannon. Performance:During a halftime performance, of the Ole Miss vs. LSU game, Rebellette,Ali Allen, prepares to entertain the crowd. Photo by Chance Reglna 372 Sports " REBELLETTES " Entliusiasm:01e Miss Rebellettes, Andrea Haag, and Caroline Still help to get the fans involved at the Flor- ida game. Halftime:01e Miss Rebellettes, Andrea Haag, Becky Ri- ley, Kendoll Williams, and Caroline Still perform with the Ole Miss band at the Florida game. Get TogethertThe Rebellettes gather for a sideline pho- to. Photo by Scott King Sports 573 f OLE MISS t 4 SPORTS NTRAUMURALS 5P0RT5 575 Photo by LaRue Roberts F hoto by LaRue Russell Photo b ChaiKC Regina 376 Sports i Photo by LaRue Roberts Photo by LaRue Roberts Photo by Chance Regina Sports 577 A Ard, Michelle 128 Kenneth 114 Biddle, Margaret 150 Armstrong, Audra 128, 259, Lizzie 396 Bilbrew, Damon 338 261 Mary E. 203 Bills, Kirby 92 Aalonga, Jason 258 Arnold, Chad 104 Mistic 260 Bishop, Brent 114 Abbott, Leigh 92 259 Harold 144 Mistie 92 Lisa 150 Abdo, Jenny 191 Josh 256 Russell 128 Bissell, John 192 Abdulrahman, Dr. 192 Paula 128 Valeree 114 Bizot, Kathy 114 Abel, Jennifer 260 Rebecca 128 Barnett, Lori 150 Bjorklund, Brandie 114, 209 Abraham, Fran 128, 198 213 Roy 199, 229 Barnette, Kyle 104 Black, Brandon 92 Lisa 92, 258 Aryai, Ashish 104, 198 Barnhart, Scott 128, 190 Robert R. " Bert " 400 Mary F. 176, 188, 197 203 Asaduzzaman, Mohammad 128 Barr, Randy 114 Rogena 104 Acerra, Carey L. 198 Ash, Bonnie 114 Barrett, Charles F. 201 Samantha 150 Ackerman, Jeannie 114 Emily 184 199 Jason 128 Vicki 114 Acton, Darlene 150 Stephanie 104, 198 Shannon 231 Blackburn, Lynn 92 Acuff, Chris 114 Ashe, Qinger 114 Barron, Chet 92 Blair, Josh 114 Adair, Chris 190 Ashley, Kellan 92 191 Bartelt, Sarah R. 198 Blanchard, Reggie 57 210 Adams, Dee 128 Askew, Caroline 51 Bartling, Betsy 114, 169 Bland, Amy 114 198 260 John 114 Peter 128 Bartlow, Jennifer L. 198 Kristy 128 Lawrence 338 Atkinson, Julie 104 Baskett, Latania 92 Blasen, Jennifer 128 209 Molly 150 Atwood, Amy 168 176 Baskin, Chiquita 114 Blaylock, Dwayne 128 Roland 192 Brooke 168 Bass, Cheryl 92 Blazakis, Jason 198 Shunta 128 Aughenbaugh, holan 80 Christie 92 Blossom, Benjamin 104, 196, Stephen 114 Avant, Denise 190 Henry 80 260 Aderholdt, Danielle 92 209 John 128 Basuchoudhary, Atin 144 Blount, Katie 104 Afaunov, Vladimir 128 Stacey 92 Bateman, John 128, 203 329 Blunt, Tawan 51 Afzai, Mohammad 144 Averett, Amy 92 256 Bates, Alice 150 199 Boatman, Amy 150 Ahmed, Tanvir 128 201 Steven 80 Ham 258 Anita 92 191 Ai, Liping 144 Averett Jr., Jerry W. 201 Batog, Michael 92 Bobo, Chad 104 Ainsworth, Debra A. 197 201 Ayers, Christopher 150, 199, Battle, Allison 162 Lacy 258 Jason 256 226 Paul 198 Bodine, Thomas T. 198 Akula, Bhupender 231 Ferrel 92 Baumann, Lynn 92 Bogott, Coach L. 370 Al-harran, Mohammid 144 Ayres, Chad 198 Baxley, Chris 233 Boland, Kurt 189 Al-Tweam, hasser 144 Bean, DeMeka 104 191 Bolden, Janet 114 Alam, Mohammad 114 B Bear, Jan 150 Bolen, John 114 Alcock, Stephanie 114 Beard, E. B. 92 Lindsey 258 Aldinger, 5ean 114 Suzanne 114 Lyndsey 191 Aleo, Qinamarie 144 Bacon, Tricia 150 Beasley, Kristi 150 Boles, Russell 144 Alexander, Dana L. 190 Baeshen, Mesham 129 Beattie, Molly 114 Bolls, Christy 258 Denise 252 Moda 128 Beauchamp, Jerald B. 189 198 Bonargo, Joe 365 Shannon 114 Majla Baggett, Michael Bagley, Brett 189, 196 198 Todd 92 Boncosky, Brenna 95 Tammy 114 92 Beaugez, Julia 104 Bond, Brandon 150 229 Alferman, Laura 256 196, 198, Beck, Dawn 114 Bonds, Bubba 358 Alfonsi, Joseph M. 128, 176, 258 260 Julie 128 Michael 128 196 205 Bailey, Jeannette 114 Bedwell, Tom 104 Bonifield, Susan L. 182, 197, Alford, heil 338 Karen 114 Travis 210 198 199 203 Allen, All 128 Melissa 104 Beegle, Heather 104 Bonner, Antonnious 338 Amy 257 Meredith 258 260 Beelaram, Aruna 144 Bonnette II, John L. 183, 198, Bella 92 Randy Stephanie Bailey Robert Williams, 128 Beelman, Everett 128 201 203 Brooke 92 104 Beers, Stephanie 104 Bontemps, Joseph 144 Elizabeth 114 Jr. 190 Behm, Bill 92 Booker, Yolanda 115 Jay 190 227 Baily, Bo Bain, hope 104 Belk, Mope 150 198 Boone, Anne 92 Jennifer 256 92 Belknap, Robert H. 46 Lori 190 Krisi 92 Baird, Lauren 114 Bell, Jenney 104 Pete 80 Sonja 104 Bak, Chong M. Baker, Anthony 226 Joel 92 Boonne, Daphnie 93 Allendorph, Treble 92 259 114 Kelly 114 Borden, Jenny 190 Allmond, Elizabeth 104 Colleen 92 Kelly 0. 256 Borne, Dr. R. 199 Allphin, Merideth L. 186 231 Deidre 92 258 Robyn 189 Ronald R. 201 Aluis, Adam 128 329 Justin 128 Bellew, Emily 189 196 214 Borrell, Tonya 150 Alwood, John 198 Matthew 114 Mary E. 198 Borst, Bonnie 115 Ancell, David 150 189 251 Tobie 259 329 Belue, Jennifer D. 114, 197, Bosarge, Lori 256 Anders, Rob 257 Balcemo, S. 98 198 251 259 Bottorff, K. 98 Anderson, Adrienne 92 Balderson, Stephanie 128, 176, Benjamin, Danny 80 Bouchein, Sarah 259 Ashley 128 210 203 219 Bennett, Kyle 144 Bougnol, Marie-Laure 567 Cassie 114 Baldwin, Molly 114 Robin 128 Boulware, Robert 259 Elizabeth 26 0 Ballew, Bess 92 Bennington, R. 98 Bounds, Christy 115 Eugene R. 80 Balsamo, Stacy 114 Robin 128 Janice 80 Jennifer Robert 150 104 Banerjee, Debjyoti Barber, Media 144 92 Benoit, Qermaine Benson, Sallye 92 150 Jeff Jennifer 104 128 115 Ryan 92 Barclay, James 128 Benton, Laura M. 183 203 Bourgeious, Leslie 363 5aili 150 Barfield, Paige Barker, Anne F. 114 Berey, Bethany 128, 185, 198, Bourland, Rebecca A. 189 198 Sara M. 201 256 201 203 Boutwell, Jeff 338 Stephen 104 Elliot 257 Berger, Andy 4 338 Kelly 150 Anding, Eli 338 Lauren 92 261 Bergeson, Holly D, 201 William 226 Angie, Robinson 125 Thomas 144 Berry, Lance 190 Bowen, Elizabeth 232 259 Angue, Susan 363 Barkley, Ty Barksdale, Bryan 92 SheRonda 92 Bowen IV, Lennon E. 201 Annestedt, Amy 92 144 Berry Jr., David 150 Box, Brandy 10 115 Anthony, Jennifer 114 Barlow, Lynn 104 189, 198, Berryhill, Tim 92 Boxx, Mary 104 Apel, Therese 104 , 208 258 Bethay, Margaret B. 198 Boyd, Jennifer 150 April, John 358 Barnent, David 257 Bevill, Jennifer 104 Sheila 104 Arafat, Samar 150 Barnes, A. 108 Bhupathi, Mahesh 366 Valerie 199 Arant, Jeremy 92 Christel 150 Bibbins, Eddie 338 Boydstun, Jennifer 261 Arbelaez, Isabel 114 Jeffery 114 214 Bible, Alison B. 203 Boyles, Rachel 128 Arbuckle, hancy 128 Bickerstaff, Traci 128 258 260 Braddock, Hope 93 378 Index 358 150 226 252,259 201 10,115 104 150 104 199 261 128 95 Bradford, Christy 150 David 233 Cann, Carrie 93 Cheatham, Tory 256 Marianne 198 Robert 93 Cannada, Cecilia L. 198 Victoria C. 198 Bradshaw, Aaron 128 Robin 189 Canneyt, Van 102 Cheathem, E. 99 Douglas M. 201 Stacy 150 Cannimore, Cydney 130 Chee, Fok L. 192 Brady, Kris 190 Bryant, Anne 129 Cannon, Christie 93 Cheek, Amy 93 Bramlett, Cynthia 115 Carrie 95 256 260 Christina 129 Jennifer 169 Brammer, Dana 80 Bu, Qingmei 144 Qeorge 196 Chen, Ling-Chuan 129 Brandon, Catina 183 Bub, John 115 Laura 129 Momo 129 Brannon, Melanie 104 Bubrig, Denny 115 221 Cantrell, Kristin 259 Cheng, Annie 115 Brasell, Justine 93 261 Eric 105 Canty, Ann 197 Ming P. 93 Brasher, David A. 189 Eric 338 Capers, Jamie 95 Chestnut, Melissa 115 Kris 104 Buckler, Amy 150 Cappell, David 192 Chia, Ah-Leong 115 Brawner, 5ara 104 189 198 Buckley, Laura 129 Carcio, Sheila 231 Childers, Valerie 129 Bray, Jennifer 128 Buckmaster, Sam 115 Carlisle, Bethany A. 129, 182, Childress, Robin 93 260 Braziel, 5hirl 115 Buford, Terrence 105 197, 198, 201 205 256 Thomas B. 190 203 Breaux, Kelley 104 Tracey 222 261 Karen 95 259 Childs, Chesley 95 Breeding, John 93 Tracy 115 232 Carlson, Amy 150 Marlon 115 Breland, Michelle 150 Buglewicz, Douglas 196 Emily 115 253 Chiles, Caroll 105 Brent, Sarah P. 201 Bullock, Ulmer 80 Carmichael, Beth 115 Mac 256 260 Brewer, Allison 115 Bumgardner, Ben 93 Sidney 338 Chin, Lian-Ling 115 Beffie 150 Bumgarner, Jeremy 129 Cam, Robin 150 Tanya E. 105, 189 198 258 Leigha 93 Leslie K. 198 Carney, Jessica 115 Chinery, Angela 129 Brice, Alundis 338 Burford, Reagan 215 261 Carpenter, Preston 93 256 Chipman, Jeff 591 Bridgers, Kristy 129 Burge, Cheir 115 Carr, Karen 150 Chisolm, Richard 129 192 Bridgewater, Chris 93 Christine C. 189 256 Robby 558 Chitirala, Pushpavathi 144 Briggs, Jonathan 129 188 Burks, Terrell 338 Carraway, Kortney 105 256 Chiu, Hiufai 116 Bright, Kristna 115 Burle, Dr. 192 Michael 144 190 Ming C, 231 Briley, Michail T. 115, 119, 176, Burnett, Michael 144 Carskadden, Carrie 105 MingChih 144 190 Burnham, Anna 129 232 Carson, Jeff 129 Cho, Jihoon 226 Brissenden, Jill 115 Burns, Chris 93 Jeffrey L. 203 Chong, Shiaw-Yang 129 Britt, Dana 115 P. 98 Carter, Fran 115 Choo, Ru-Chin 105 Brocato, Emily 104 F ebecca 129 Jonathan 115 Chotard, Amelia L. 203 Brock, Meather 129 Rebecca A. 203 Judson 93 Amy 129 Brockman, Alan 191 256 Warren 115 LaChonda 115 Choudhury, Shihab 144 Brodnax, Mora 104 Burrell, Brett 231 Leigh 129 Chow, Lisa 129 190 Brodofsky, Meather 93 Burrus, Christopher 144 Libby 260 Chrestman, Allison 190 231 Brookfield, Cathryn 196 Busby, Amanda 129 Montez 150 Christian, Linda 57 Kathryn E. 104, 189, 196, Amanda Q. 190 Cartwright, Brandon 129 Matthew 116 198 256 Bush Martin, Martin 105 Carvalho, Donaldo 144 Christopher, Leslie 129 Brooks, Courtney E. 104, 189, Bushart, Ward 329 Case, Rebecca 367 Regan 116 259 196 198 260 Bushong, David 329 Case Jr., James 93 Chua, Chong Q. 400 Emily 93 Jennifer 115, 206 207 Casey, Cort 93 Chung, Chih-Chan 129 Melissa 115 260 Buskes, Dr. Q. 199 Jonathan 338 Ciaverelli, Michael 203 Rhonda 104 Buskirk, Anna 115 Cashion, Bryant 129 Cimon, Catherine 150 Brookshire, Charlotte 150 Katie 105, 170 171 Casper, Fred 370 Catherine P. 201 Broussard, Micheel 115 Butler, Sam 105 Castellano, Janine 93 Circeo, Richard E. 176 Brown, Andrea 93 Buttorf, Karen 259 Castle, Lindy 260 Ciscel, Jim 105 Angela 93 Butts, Charles 196 Casto, Lesley 105, 198, 232, Claerman, Curtis 130 Barbara Q. 201 Charles M. 198 260 Clark, Andrew 129 Bent 93 Byars, Jerry 115 Caston, Amanda 232 Angela 191 Billy 150 Raleigh M. 80 Renee 93 191 258 Bruce 116 Caroline 260 Bynum, Tonya 115 233 Catanese, Ashley 115 Carrie 116 Chad 104 Byrd, Christy 144 Cates, Vicki 129 Charles L. 80 Chan 260 Claudia 115 Catlin, Keith 93 191 Dr. A. 199 Christi 150 Susan C. 176 Causey, Stacey 150 199 E. 98 Dorothy 190 Trent 129 Cave, Chris 105 Elizabeth 129 Dr. T, 199 Byrne, Patrick 258 Christopher 232 260 Jami 116 189 Qreg 104, 198 Byrnes, Brett 258 Cecil, Rebecca 144 Jamie 208 James Q. 189 Cencula, Allyson 129 Lois 116 Jason 53 129 c Cenzalli, E. 98 Marcus 93 Jay 189 198 Emmy 196 259 Mary 144 Jennifer 260 Chachad, Yatin 10 144 Mary C. 190 Katelyn 190 Cabral, Justin 329 Chad, Case 93 Missy 93 Lawanda 93 Cadle, Tiffany 209 Chai, San S. 144 Rachel 105 Lee 162 Cado, Monica 129 Chain, Buddy 80 Rachel M, 198 Lindsay 260 Monica A. 203 Chambers, Wendy 105 Scott 190 LoRunda 115 Cain, Stacy 144 Champion, Chris 115 Tonya 150 Melba 129 Tracey 93, 258 Clarissa 93 Cla rk Jr., Don 129 Michael 93, 98 Calicchio, Lonny 338 Chan, Brown 104 Clarke, Joe 189 Monique A. 198 Callender, Brad 115 Chancy, Craig 93 Clavier, Jodi 129 Renard 338 Calon, Perrine 367 Chandler, Qinny 255 Clayton, Joseph 116 Sessions 129 Camacho, Camille 105 Natalie 150 Clearman, Amanda 129 Stephen 144 Camp, Samuel 129 Chaney, Kimberly 105 Cleary, Peter 209 Stuart 338 Campanile, Christian 259, 260 Chang, liuiyao 144 Clem, Doyne D. 116, 210 Brown Jr., Eugene 226 Campbell, Eric 105 Man-Mel 201 demons, Sonya 116 Browne, Reffique 105 Qeof 105 Sui-fen 144 Clepper, Tiffany M. 191, 198, Browning, Doug 391 Qinny 105 Thai M. 105 255, 250 Qreg 93 Keith 4 Chapman, John P. 256 Clineay, hicole 353 Kimberely 129 Keith 338 Mike 196 Clopton, Carolyn R. 255 Bruening, Stephanie 129 M. 118 Charles, Brinsley 105 Coats, Lonnie 370 Brush, Katherine 257 Sara 144 Chastain, Amanda 93, 191, 256 Cobb, Bradford 116, 261 Kathryn 257 Virginia L. 189, 198 Chaudhury, Jay 144 Cobern, Kenneth 105 Bryan, Brittny L. 189 198 259 Cheatam, Tory 105 Coburn, Devon 338 Index 379 Cochran, Rebecca 116, 256 Cocke, Travis 191 Cockerham, 5teven 150,192 Cody, Cristal 116 Melanie 130, 189, 199, 256 Cola, Chris 358 Cole, Candice 94 Denise 116 Jennifer 94, 258 Julie 94 Ryan 116 Coleman, Courtney D. 105, 189, 198, 207 Eddie 258 Janice 144 Lee 94, 191 Shannon 116 Colliek, Patti 260 Collier, Maley 150 Jill 105, 118 Logan 256 Collins, Allison 258 Karen 94 5tacey 1 16 Colston, Katrina 116 Comer, Paul 116 Comfort, Jason 94 Commer, Beth 144 Commerce, Neil 94 Commons, Betsy 116 Kimberly 116 Stacy 116 Connell, Ben 130 Mary A. 81 Connell Jr., Edward P. 201 Conner, Qarrick 130 Cook, Bruce 130 Jason 130 Robert P. 81 Shannon 130 Tamekia 105 Tamekia 5. 198 William 116,256 Coomarasamy, Aren 150 Cooper, Clarence 116 Rhonda 188 Tim 130 Traci 105 Coppenbarger, Lee A, 191 Coppit, Dauid 199 David W. 203 Corley, Shane 94 Cornelison, Chris 151 Cornelius, Butterscoth 150 Orangejello 150 Cotonio, Keighley 8 Cotten, Tanji 150, 199 Cotton, Elizabeth 150 Couch, Christy 259 Coulter, Jody 338 Lori 258 Counce, Chuck 529 Courtney, Claudia 150, 199 Claudia L. 201 Couvillion, Kristen 151 Cowan, Amy 14, 94 Cowart, Deidra 151 Cox, Amy 130 Christine 130 Franklin D. 201, 205 Kristin 94, 258 Crabtree, Don 116,219,259, 329 Lance 94 Craddock, Shelby 94 T. 99 Tyler 259 Craig, Libba 105, 198, 256 Crain, Ken 115 Cran, Clifton 150 Crane, Regena 150, 188 Crass, Dawn 1 16 Cravens, Candi 94 Crawford, Amy Q. Geneva Kenneth Rick T. Trey Crawford III, Kenneth Creager, Barbie Creasy, Steven Credille, Brian Creel, Josephine " Jo " 150, 176, 199 150 151 4, 171 Stacy L. Crha, Martina Crider, Brian 130, 206, Crimenger, Jeff Crimmins, Eileen E. Criswell, Terry Crivello, Ann Crocco, Dominic Crockett, Justin Cromeans, K. Keitha 150, 206, Croom, K. Crowe, Katie Thomas A. Crozier, Danny Crum, Donald Crumbley, Stacey Stacy 94, Crump, Rusty 209, Cruse, Christi Krystal Crutchfield, Jennifer Cuellar, Adrian Culberson, Anita S. Culbreath, Susan Cullins, Jennipher 94, Cummings, Karrie Traci Cunningham, Andy Sarah Sharon Cunnon Jr., Cjeorge Currry, K. Curry, Burnice W. Karen 150 Wes Curtis, Tiffany Cushman, Jon Cvitanovich, Chris 150 118 190 151 198 98 199 226 229 189 226 170, 177 201 367 207, 529 9 198 151 259 116 261 108 207 119 260 81 105 116 256 260 210 130 116 116 116 105 108 150 258 94 130 94 94 130 94 98 198 , 259 196 251 255 94 D. Trott, Dr. J. Dabbs, Kathleen Daesch, Curtis Dahl, Eric Daigle, John Daily, Tammie Dale, Qimp Dallison, Darla Dalomba, Jason Dalton, Maria Dana, O ' Donnell Danahy, Michael Dancy, Mike Daniel, Brand! Marian Marion Daniels, Allison David Marsha Dantone, Cindy Darby, Sandra Darden, Laurie Darnell, Caroline Caroline C. 198 259 150 81 81 116, 206, 207 116 151 94 116 138 81 94 258 260 94, 259 258 192 116 116, 214, 256 150 94 105 189, 198 Das, Saurabh 116 Datchen, Brigitte 363 Daughdrill, Tami 231 Davidson, Johnny 105 Davis, Alicia 130 Andrea 116 Candace 130 Cliff 94 Clinton 116 Danielle 144 Darren 190 Dr. J. 227 Jana 259 K. 98 Keisha 259 Lisa 190 Michael 105 Mike 233 Micole 116 Patrick 116 Rebekah 130 Russ 329 Ryan 117 Steven 130 Susan 117 Timothy 130 Wendell 338 Dawson, Charles 105 Johnnie " Todd " 188 Tim 256 Day, Kelly 117 Michael 105 Michael 338 Ramsey 365 Dean, Emiko 117 Ginger 151 Debord, Larry 81 Decker, Chris 210 John 191, 256 DeCoudres, Jennifer 94, 252, 256 Deer, Dan 233 Defer, Tommy 198 DeFuniak, Liz 169, 260 Dehmer, Dodds 217, 260 DeLeeuw, Samuel L. 192, 205 Dellucci, David 355, 559 DeLuca, Steven 198 DeMarco, Anna 208 Demilin, Peter 257 Demilio, Peter 94 Deming, Matt 210 Denckhoff, Robert 150, 258 Dendy, Amy 150 Deneke, Heather 151, 255 Denicola, A. 108 Denley, John 150, 205 5. Q. 81 Denman, Rena 94 Dennie Smith, Jr. 188 Dennis, S. 108 Stacie 117 Denny Bubrig, Chairman 258 Denton, Leslie 196, 198 Derrick, James 258 Desler, Jon 558 Devoto, Billie 105, 258 Dewees, Herbert 81 Dewitt, Connie 151 Deynoodt, Don 208 Dick, 5teven 256, 257 Dickson, Pip 150 Didier, Lee E. 94 Diffey, Dayle 151 Dayle D. 199 Dillard, Andrew 130 DiLollo, Anthony 144 Dirauiyam, Dhirauiya 130 Dirga, Mik 208 Dix, Shawnda 105 Dixon, Jonathan 94 Lucy 189 Lucy R. 198 151, 24, 94, 131, liatalie Dobbs, Claire 94, Kathleen 117, 189, 219, Dodge, Bess Dodson, Jenny 94, Dogan, Angela Dohan, Marguerite Donahue, Page Donald, Cheryl Dorris, April Dorsett, Jane Dosher, Dana Doss, Burton M. Richard Douglas, Brett Q Brooke Vonzetta Douglas-Sevier, Jeannie Dowdy, Robert Downs, Russel Rusty Drew, John Duagan, Josph Duan, Quohong Dudley, Jennifer Duke, Cole Melanie Steven Dukes, Macon Marcus Dunavant, Michael Duncan, Kelly Marissa Melissa hicole Nicole E. Nikki Dunk, Jimmy Dunn, Molly Dunnam, Qina Ginger Dunnigan, Kelly DuPont, Ben Dupont, DeAnna Durham, Britt Rachael Rachel Ted Ted Durris, April Dye, Bryan Richard M. Rick Rick M. Dyer, Erika Dyess, Julie Dykes, Dabney 94, Stephanie 52, 106, 196, 106, 196, 170, 8 259 259 257 258 117 117 151 105 258 151 191 94 144 201 191 117 188 81 105 196 529 151 144 151 191 255 258 117 256 258 117 117 105 189 198 151 106 256 258 258 94 565 106 151 188 210 210 261 94 144 201 198 177 117 94 252 106 V Earhart, Austin 117 Earp, Elizabeth 94, 256 Earvin, Michelle 106 Easley, Meather 117 Taylor 151 Easterling, Lowell 235 Easterling III, Jay 94 Thomas Q. 201 Eatherly, Wilson 260 Eaves, Chris 558 M 119 Mary 151 Tiffany 94, 191, 256, 260 Edgar, Robert M. 205 Edge, David 94 Edwards, Carrie 106 Cindy 131 Gavin 258 Gwendolyn 151 Omar 558 380 Index Phoebe 106 Feneon, Remi 566 Freeman, C. 108 Gilliland, Chad 190 Ronald 226 Fergreson, Jamie 196 Camisha 117 Michael C. 190, 201, 205 Willis 131 Ferguson, Jamie 8, 98 210 Dana 198 Gilmore, Earl 106 Ehlinger, Martha 151 Jim 131 192 Freeny, Jennifer 151 Ginn, Micah 118, 210 Eichman, Brandt F. 201 Johnna 259 Fry, Map 95 Giuliano, Amy 95, 191, 257, Eicke, Johanna 256 Troy 131 Frye, Susan 198, 260 260 Eifling, Justin 257 Troy " Muck " 338 Fryz el, Kimberly 95, 256 Givens, Jennifer 106 Ekuta, Jethro 144 Fernandez, Francisco 145 192 Fu, Jie 145 Glamser, Kate B, 152, 182, 194, Eldridge, Sharon 151 Ferrel, Molly 106 Fuell, Craig 131 197, 198, 205, 221 Elfert, Thomas 95 191 258 Matalie 106 Fulgham, Wes 131 Qleason, Anne 189, 198 Elisabeth Chow, Melanie L, 185 Ferrell, Dena 95, 256 260 Fuller, Patrick 117 Glenn, Christopher 189 Ellerby, Anita 51 Molly 257 Fyfe, Brian 190 Christopher D. 198 Ellington, Bethany 95 170 171 Jami 95, 191 256 Brian W. 190 Glisson, James 229 Elliott, Scott 258 Katrina 189 Glisson Jr., Allen W. 203 Ellis, Amy 131 257 Katruna 198 G Glover, Angela 191 Brad 106 hatalie P. 189, 196, 232 261 Tonya 118 Shane 117 Ferris, Margaret A. 197, 198, Gnemi, Allison 256 Ellison, Dawn 151 201 Qabrielly, Elizabeth 117, 215, Qober, Don 261 Hayes 198 William 82 256 Jane 132 Todd 117 Fields, Amy 260 Gadde, Venu 145 Qoddard, Kendra 190 Elmahdy, hesham 144 Valeria 131 Gadrix, Chris 131 Godfrey, Paula 118 Elmore, David 81 Figura, Kelly 106 Gaines, Cynthia L. 131, 182, Godwin, John 132 Paige 95 261 Fimiano, Dominick 151 197, 198 ,203 261 Goff, Angle 151 Elsohly, Mona 259 Fincher, Lori 106 258 heather 95 John 132 Shahira 259 Findley, Bunny 117 199 Qainey, Ted 210 Goggans, Thomas M. 201 Elwin, Ken 106 Mary K. 95, 191 260 Galbreath, Duncan 257 Trena 118 Embry, Brock 131 Finke, Beverly 95 Lori 117 Goin, Altie 95 Lorl 131 Ellen 256 Qaley, Ryan 117 Golden, Kimberly 118 Emfinger, Ryan 151 226 Finklea, Allison 151 Qalis, Heard 95 191 Goldston, Tippins 118 Engelken, Jeremy 191 Allison A. 197, 201 205 Qaller, Rachel 260 261 Gonzalez, Dianna 132 England, Yolanda M 251 Finley, Courtney 117 169 Galloway, Bart 210 Gooch, Cricket 132 English, Elle 151 Finnell, Leslie h. 256 Gammons, 2eb 131 Mora C. " Cricket " 181 Enlow, Chai 151 Firment, Jeffery 131 Gan, Chee-Qee 152 Goode, Stephanie 151 Ennis, Morgan 117 Fish, Suzanne J. 177 Qanter, Dr. F. 199 Goodman-Mill, Sharron 145 Entrekin, Allison 151 Fisher, Macey 259 Garcia, Philip 191 Goodnight, Boyd " Clay 400 Eric 117 Ta B. 338 Garciate, Philip 258 Goodrum, Gina 257 260 Erickson, Molly 189 TaBoris 4 Garclade, Phillip 260 Goodwin, Gayla 145 Molly L. 198 Fitzgerald, Bridget 131 Gardner, Nichalos 117 Melanie 95 Ertle, Stephanie 95 John 117 Michalos D. 198 Goolsby, Anthony 95 Ervine, Mally 95 Fitzgerald IV, William B 201 hick 192 Gordji, Dr. 192 Erwin, Lea 151 Fivaeash, Kristie 151 Sedji 151 Gordon, Ginger M. 184 203 Olivia 257 Fiveash, Kristie 190 Garner, Andy 220 258 Jeff 258 Eskridge, Misty 106 Kristie M. 190 Dewey 82 Gorove, Margaret 82 Estes, Brett 117 Fivecoat, Phillip 131 Jack 82 Goss, Kathryn 106 Etheredge, Wade 106 Flake, Connie 117 Justin 257 Kathryn D. 198 Eubanks, Brigid 131 Flatness, Qary 106 LeAnne 95 Terrance 132 Mark 95, 191 258 Flautt, Braxton 95 Garrison, Charissa 106 Goswami, Debjyoti 118 Eustis, Curtis 258 Fleming, Gordon 260 Dabney 190 260 Goudelock, Ann 145 Evans, Damon 233 Taylor 363 Garvin, Kim 132 Gough, Kevin 106 David 338 Flemister, Dondi 131 Qary, Kevin 117 Gould, Scott 233 Debra 95 Flemons, Tasha 106 Leila 95 Gourley, John 132 Drew 257 Tiffany 131 Makemia 95 Goza, Jim 118 Elliot 95 Flippin, Candi 259 Gassaway, Sam 95 258 Linda 82 John 338 Flores, Julian 232 Gaston, Jennifer 95 Grabert, Aimee 152 258 Michael 117 Flowers, Angela 117 Gates, Clayt 152 Qrabowsky, Moelle 95 Susan 151 229 Erin 106, 214 258 Michelle 152 Gracy, Michelle 118 Everett, Dr. C3. 198 Merle 145 251 Qatewood, Meffie 214 Qraeber, Jerry 338 George 81 Floyd, Aimee 151 Gatlin, Monica 95 Grafton, Crystal 95 Scott 151 Flynt, Joey 529 Qearhart, Jason 95 Graham, Brent 119 Ewing, Martha 131, 232, 235, Fogle, Jennifer 117, 221 258 Gendosa, Frank 106 Chris 119 261 329 261 Follett, Michael 117 Geno, Ginger 151 Donna 151 Fong, Cindy 151 Gentry, Tim 145 192 Dr. 5. 229 F Cynthia L. 201 George, Gretta 95 Julie 252 256 Puishan 131 Michael 145 Shelley 106 Fooshee, Susan 131 Robert 106 Will 95 Fair, Laura 117 Force, Larry 117 Geraghty, Arden 118 Grandy, Monica 95 Fairley, Patrick 199 226 Ford, Grant 95, 191 258 Gex, Joe 529 Grant, Walter 338 Fan, Chungui Peter 145 Mary B, 117 Qharacholou, Shahyar M. 198 Qras, Elliot 259 145 Richard 338 Qheesling, Brandi 258 Graves, Houston 191 256 Fancher, Mark 131 Forneris, Tino 117 Qhimire, Pradeep 145 Gray, Jason 226 Fang, Qang 201 Fortson, Ed 338 Gibbons, Debbie 118 Jermaine 119 Farmer, Clayton 151 Foster, Cinnamon 117 Gibbs, Darryl 338 Michael 119 Farrell, Ann 95 Doug 95 191 Gibson, Ben 132 Mike 329 Starke 151 Fowler, Terri 117 David B. 188 Green, Catherine 106 Farrow, Robert 260 Fox, Otis 338 Gibson III, Turley 118 Latonia 119 Faul, Becky 106 Sheila 131 Giddings, Julie 151 Matthew 132 233 257 Faulk, Elise 259 Fraiser, Rusty 233 Gidley, Mogan 366 Randall 358 Faust, George 106 Fraizer, Stephanie 256 Gilbert, Mope 132 260 Greene, James F. 198 Fella, L. 118 Franks, Molly L. 198 Steven 210 Matt 95 Felts, Tracey 219 Frazier, Austin 163 Gilland, Chris 256 Greener, Jason 119 213 Tracy 117 119 259 Stephanie 95 Gillespie, Michael 145 Greer, Chad 258 Feminella, Rana 131 257 Frede, Ari Fredlake, Jamie 145 95 Gilliam, Justin 95 Karen Kris 119 95 Index 381 Gregg, Ronald J. 188 Lance 215 Haverlah, Susie 96 Hill, Catonyia 120 Gregory, Angele 106 Lisa 120 Hawkins, Dennis P. 96 Emily 120 Angele M. 198 Michelle 259, 260 Grant 191 Hardy M. 163, 177, 203 EJ, 119 Susan 96 Mary H. 209 Heather 189 Kimberly 261 Valerie 96 Mary-Heather 133 Heather L. 198 Meg 132 Whitney 132 Sarah 96 Jennifer 120 R. 99 hallahan, Mancy 106 Stacia 133 Leslie 107 Qremillion, Leslie 132 Mallbrook, Matt 261 Hawks, Dr. J. 189 Tina 133, 261 Qrenn, doelle 106 Hallmark, Rhonda 188 Joanne 82, 197 Hillhouse, Toni 96 Qresham, Elizabeth 96, 191 Hamadeh, All 366 Haws, Robert 83 Hilliard, Mhoeneehk 133 Qressler, David 259 Hamblin, Beverly 120 Hayden, Rosalind 133 Mhoeneelk 207 Qrlffin, Ashley 260 Hamed, Mabil 96 Hayes, C. 109 Shantae 107 Dwayne 119 Hamill, Melanie 151 Charleye 151, 170, 171 Hillman, Lisa 152 Edith 151 Hamilton, Suzanne 258 Ineatha 107 Hinesley, B. 119 Qresham 192 Hammerii, Angela 106 Sean 259 Hinkle, Dustin 107 Jason 132 Hammond, Terrie 132 Haynes, Demondes 133, 186 Hix, Samuel 259 Malikia 4 Hampton, Jason 329 Desmondes 198 Ho, WingY. 120 Malikia 338 Lora 191 Michael 120 Hoar, Thomas 83 Rafael 10, 132 Paula 132 Reggie 133 Hobbs, Arica 120 Renita 106 Paula P. 177 Rob be 133 Dee 189 Robin 95 Han, Byungho 226 Sean 329 Hodges, Jerry 133 Qriffing, Bethany 132 MaoH, 132 Hays, Eugene 120 Hoffman, Christian 107 Qriffis, Jp=isica 106 Maohao 188 hazelrigg, Robin 133 Hogan, Heather 133 Griffith, He ' tarsha 229 Hancock, M. 118 Hazlett, Jason 107 Michelle 120 Griffiths, Leigh E. 198 Melissa 132 Hazlewood, Kenneth E. 120 Hohorst, Megan 96 Qrigsby, Kenneth 196 Wesley 120 Head, Ann R. 9 Holcomb, M. 98 Kenneth J. 198 Hand, Ben 132 James 120 hicole 133 Qroeneveld, Christian 257 Morman 338 Paul 338 Holcombe, James 338 Grogan, Adam 365 haney, Laura 132 Headley, Amy M. 189 Holden, Allison 133 Gross, MarK 132 hankins, Vivian 132 Heard, Lj 133 Allison M. 177 Grounds, Rebecca 106 Hannah, Doris 120 Hearn, Zachary 96 Holder, Ryan 120 Grubbs, Holly 119 Hanson, Brandi 106 hebert, Jeremy A. 203 Holdsworth, Heather 259 260 Guest, Donna 191 Haraway, Lee 257 Heck, James 145 Holekamp, Kara 107 189 Joshua C. 198 Harbor, Randell D. 203 Hecking, Dirck 133 Kara L. 198 Guffin, Kimberly 119 Hardaway, Erica 120 Hede, Johan 170 366 Holland, Emily 96 Guidry, Amy 96 Hardee, Caria 132, 194 Heflin, Chuck 259 Heather 133 Gulledge, Chris 119 Caria K. 184 Heidelberg, Michael 190 Joanna 197 198 James 96 5cott 226 Heiden, Kimberely 96 Joanna K. 185 203 Gunn, Angela 151 Hardin, Pettey 132 Heidt, Chris 133 Martin 133 Jeana 120 Hardwell, John K. 201 Henderson, Heather 120 Tommy 120 Gunnoe, Mauree 106 Hardy, Alyson 151 Honea 258 Holley, Wesley 120 Paul 132 Lesley 256 Mary J. 145 Hollimon, Bradford 107 Guntharp, Randy 151 Hargrove, David 82 Stephanie 120 Hollingsworth, Courtney 120, Thomas 226 Harmon, Alison 132 Hendry, Courtney 107 256 256 Gunther, Jennifer 96, 256 Harper, Louise A. 96, 256 Ginger 151 Hallie 211 Troy 119 Mary M, 107, 189, 198, 258 Hennessey, John 198 Jennifer J. 184 Quo, JIng 145 Will 257 Henry, Ann M. 133 188 Kevin 152 Gurno, Michael 106 Harrell, Ashley 96 Anne M. 198 Lisa 120 Guthrie, 5tacey 132 Kayla 255 Dawn 96 Wendy 120 Gutierrez, Anseluino 132 Kristen 120, 151 Debbie 76 Hollis, Andre 338 Kayra 120 Harrelson, Richy 357 Kathryn 120 Holloman, Kelly 192 Guttensohn, Mark 132 Harries, Dewayne 152, 232 Shane 120 Holloway, Misty 152 Mark F. 201 Harrington, Michael 82 Henson, Waynell 231 Holmes, Jeremy 152 226 Guy, Jennifer 96 Harris, Aaron; 120 Herbert, Kristi 120 Richard 133 259 Quyton, Ginger 151, 191, 252, David 145 Herman, Alvin 338 Richard D. 188 261 Honey 107 Beau 107 Holt, Billy 152 Jennifer 258 Herndon, Karen 152 Ginger 107 H Jennifer L. 258 Herring, Amy H. 155, 180, 197, Homan, Tina 121 256 Kendall 10 198 199 Honeycutt, Jason L. 190 201 LaTonya 167 Dawn 133 Hong, Joohee 226 Ma, Emily Loan P. 151 TaMesheha 107 Jason 190 Yan-Sze 121 201 Harrison, Andy 120 Herrington, Robert R. 198 Hood, Laney 121 Hackett, Dr. 192 Cynthia 107 252, 260 Sheldon 107 261 Mike 133 Robert M. 82 Emma 107 Herrman, Cory 96 Sheila 197 Hadank, Amy 96, 261 Lance 132 Herron, Haley 120 Shelia 83 Haggerty, David 120 Lance 338 Jason 120 Thomas 83 Hairston, Ginia 152 Lee 145 Hester, Ashley 256 Hooker, Tricia 96 Malcomb, Chris 133 Monroe 82 tieeli 120 260 Hooper, Sheryl 107 119 Hale, Laura 120 Hartley, Sara 96 Stephen 199 hoover, Christi 133 Misty 96 Harvey, William 120 Steven 133 Kevin D, 400 hikki 120 harvill, Andrea 107, 259 Hewes, Anne 107 258 Hopkins, Glenn 83 Paul 82 Harwell, Ashley 107 Hewlett, Fiona 120 hora, Miel 121 Hales, Jeramy 132 Heather 96, 256 Hezlep, S. 99 horan. Heather 96 256 Jeramy E. 203 Hasan, Meer 145 Shanda 259 horn, Joni 121 Jermey Haley, Christopher 261 Hasseltine, Jr. M. ' E. " 120, 233 Hickman, Kendrick 107 Horner, Karen 96 191 363 189, 196, Hastings, Amy L. 198 Kendrick 358 hornischer. Heather 133 198 218, 257 Hatch, DeAnna 145 Missy 256 horton, Magdalun 107 Josh 106 Hatcher, Leigh A. 256 Page 256 hosey, Kelli 152 229 Halford, Brandi 106 Hatfield, Gay 197 Hicks, Brian 133 hoskin, Karia 107 108 Hall, Billy Brian 96 Hathcock, Bridgett 151 William B. 177 201 hounihan. Brandy 96 152 Jay 120 Higgason, Mache 152 house, Lori 107 Kelly 120 Mathorn, Landall 151 Higgins, Scott 258 Lori A. 198 Hauck, Read 96 Higgs, hatasha 133 M. 108 382 Index Micole 232 Lana 152 Dena 121 Kerr, John 121 Houston, Marlon 135 Stephen 133 Derek 338 Kesler, Melody 135 Rebecca 121 Jacob, Flebekah 96 Don 84 Ketchum, Lisa 108 Moward, Jason 229 Jacobs, Jennifer 121 Mank 134 203 214 Key, Sally 121 John 365 Jain, Sanjay 145 Henry L. 203 Keys, Davey 121 Howard III, John 133 James, April 256 Jana 96 Khan, Muhammed 122 Howe, Teresa 107 Jena 133 Jank 198 Omer 145 Mowell, Molly 96, 256 Kim 134 Jean 84 Ozma 51 fSent 192 Laura 134 Jennifer 97 Khayat, Robert 197 Moworth, Beckett 83 Lynn A. 189 198 Jenny 256 Robert C. 181 Hsu, Chi-Feng 145 Margie 121 John 107, 189 196 198 Kian Seng, Ke 108 Mu, Jian 145 James Walker, Jr. 188 Johnny 338 Kiddy, Amber 108 Huang, Chiu-Kuei 145 Jamison, Ken 329 Jonna 121 206 207 Kiepzig, Jana 152 Darling 121 Janaberger, Todd 233 Lisa 134 Killingsworth, Kerri 152 Kitjeen 145 Janssen, Woody 338 Matthew 145 Kilpatrick, Jay M. 198 Hubbard, Marilyn 121 Janus, Scott 231 Michael 152 199 Kim, Boseung 226 Hubbs, Dee 256 Jao, Pei-Hui 107 Robert 233 Daeryoug 226 Hude, Leonard 255 Jarvis, Kim 152 Stacy 121 John 122 Hudgens, Thad 365 Javaraiah, Dayanand 145 Terri 121 ham-Youn 226 Hudson, David 96 Jayasinghe, Amalee 107 Walker 338 Kimbel, Karly 97 Kameron 107 Jefcoat, Candace 121 259 William 97 Kimbrough, Andy 135 RaeAnne 152 Jeffcoat, John 396 Jones II, Henry L. 201 Kincade, Allison 97 Muff, Chris 256 Jeffreys, Todd 198 Jordan, Ashley 260 King, C. 99 Huffman, Stacy 259 Jeffries, Jennifer 107 Jodi 107, 118, 196, 206, Candance 260 Mufford, Charles D. 201 Jenkins, Byron 134 190 207 259 Chris 196 Dr. C. 199 Candice L. 203 Joel 170 Colleen 135 Huggett, Sarah 50 Chuck 192 John R. 201 Jenifer 97 258 Huggins, ISathy 121 Dana 121 Joseph, Ajith 145 192 Jennifer 260 Hughes, April 133, 259 James 121 Jowers, Stacy 97 Julee 190 Steven 133 Karen 121 Joyce, Skip 121 Lori M. 203 Huguley, Pate 233, 261 Paul 96 Skip 338 Merrill 108, 189, 196, 198, Humber, Anna 107 Shawn 145 Judkins, John 370 216 260 261 Christina 198 Jennings, Brad 261 Jue, Dianna 152 Scott 9 210 Humphrey, Pearline 133 K. 98 Jumper, Les 203 Thomas 122 Hunt, David 96 Kristina 134 259 Jung, Dr. M. 226 Kingery, Bill 85 Hunter, Cindy 133 Russ 121 Pyeong-Soo 226 Jenni 261 Tita 133 Jensen, Gordon 96 Justice, Bradley 135 Kingrea, Catherine A. 108, 189, Hurdle, Eric 133 Jerry Redmond, Jr. 197 Jeremy 97 196 198 257 Murst, Fair 145 Joachim, Laurel 258 Cynthia 108, 189, 196, 198, Paul 145 Jocco, Laura 256 K 257 Paul A. 177 Joe, Michael 258 260 Kirk, David 122 Susan 258 Johnigan, Fred 170 Kirkendall, Patrick C. 201 Hurt, Missy 260 Johnnson, Rich 210 Kabir, SoMail 145 Kitchen, Aimee 136 Musni, Samir 84 Johnson, Alexandra 96 363 Kader, Imran 121 Boyd 108 Mutchcraft, Elliott 203 Anna 152 Kafka, Ali 256 Boyd 338 Hutchens, Alvin 107, 329 Brian 152 Kahler, J.W. 84 Kitchens, Jennifer 108 Hutcheson, James A. 191 Brigham 260 Kahrs, J.J. 196 Jimmy 257 Hutchinson, A. 98 Chad 96 Kaigler, Streett 258 Kecia J. 189, 196, 198, 232, Ashley 259 Charissa 121 Kalmykov, Azret 121 258 260 Chad R. 133, 161, 178, 190, Charlton 152 Karam, Medita 107 Klein, Chris 122 197 198, 203 Chasity 152 Kaufman, Farrell 258 Kiepzig, Maggie 97 Martha E. 107, 189, 196, Corie 152 Kawamoto, Dov 107 Kline, Adam 191 261 198 232, 258 Cully 170 171 Kayse, Lucinda 97 Kloud, Sarah 122 258 Hutchraft, Winn E. 201 Debbie R. 185 Keathley, hoel 257 Knight, John 338 Huxford, Cameron 121, 258 Emily 257 Keenum, Mark 135 Knippers, Dana 145 Hwang, Chen-Pei 145 Fred 191 Kehoe, Mary C. 97 257 Knott, David 338 Hyde, David 329 Harper 121 Keith, John 188 Ko, Shu-ling 145 Eric 256 Holly 121 John C. 203 Koh, Kiang-Wooi 122 Hugh 226 Keller, Kara 97 Kong, Jun 145 1 Jana 152 Kimberely 121 Shun-fai 145 Juantina 107 Mark 97 Koon, Laura J. 196 198 259 Leslie 84 Kelley, Joette 121 Kooshian, Carrie 136 259 Ingram, James 121 Margaret 121 Michael 260 Kelly 136 259 Kristen 256 Mary P. 231 Kelly, Jeffery 121 Kopf, Mancy 196 Inmon, Troy 258 Moniquea 152 Peter 365 Hancy E. 198 Innocent, Dou 338 Rich 121 180 Roy 135 Patricia 197 Inzer, Shannon 96 Sean 134 Kemm, Michelle 135 Patricia J. 201 Ishee, Brad 152 Seth 134 Kemp, Jacy 108 Tricia 198 203 Bradley 226 Victoria 134 Kennedy, Bob 203 Kornegay, Jamie 198 Ito, Masashi 145 Walt 121 Bradley 97, 135 191 Korybski, John 136 Ivy, William 192 Warren 107 John 135 Kostelak, Shawn 136 Iyer, Sangeeta 152 William 226 Leslie 108 Kotouc Turner, Amy J. 201 Johnsosn, Sherryin 121 Marie 135 Kowsika, Murthy 145 J Johnston, Jebb 134 Robert J. 178, 201 203 Kraft, Kimberly 258 Matthew 134 Tanya 135 370 Kramer, Angela 136 232 259 Jolliff, Ashley 198 256 Kenney, John 121 Kraus, L. 98 Jackson Abdul 338 Jones, Alan B. 84 Kennington, Elizabeth K. ' Katie " Krause, Bonnie 85 Charles 133 Billy R. 134 135, 181, 197, 198, 201, Kreitz, Broc 338 Jacqueline Jennifer 133 121 Brad Chanetra 190 107 Kent, Carlson 203 229 115 Krieser, Lisa Krouse, Kelly 122 136 231 V_ 1 II 1 1 1 V_ 1 Karen 107 Chris 96 David 226 Kull, Katy 108 Kendra 107 Clay 210 Kerner, Raeline 189 Kumpaty, Mephzibah 145 David 96 226 Kushlan, James 85 Index 383 Kwun, Obyung 226 Thad 122 Lorio, Franz 156 Meather L. 256 Virginia 209 Franz R. 178 Mannisto, Jeffrey A. 201 L Lee Kerner, Raeline R. 198 Lott, Marry 257 Mansh, Erin 98 Leeflang, Emerentiana W. 201 James 136 Manson, Yancey 256 Leeth, Sharon 156 Matt 97 191 Maples, Tracy 137 Labat, Mercedes 108 189 198 Lefoldt, Lisa 156, 165, 180, Lotterhos, Teresa 122 257 Mapson, Tarsha 137 Labella, Melanie 108 215 256 Louis, Melen 97 Marcis, Douglas 122 Lacour, Kimberly L. 198 Leggett, Lessie 122 R. 118 Marda, Dilip 231 Ladner, Mope 5. 156, 169, 182, Lehman, Wendy M. 156, 188, Loupe, Thomas 156 Mardis, Karen 192 198, 201, 203 251 261 199 258 Love, Caroline 122 Marquette, Christian 198 Lagarde, James 529 Lenard, Amanda 152 Clark 198 205 Marshall, Ashley E. 260 LaQrone, Patricia 136 Leong, Chun M, 146 Dee bo rah 85 Stacy 210 Ronnie 136 Leopard, Jackie 97 Drew 122 Marter, Beth 122 Laird, Lee 196 261 Leopold, Kelli 136 John C. 205 Martin, B. 118 Lake, Elise 188 Lesley, Brett 366 Lovelace, Stephanie 122 Belinda 137 Lalonde, Chuck 258 Melinda 97 Lovell, Mi lton 122 Brad 137 Lambert, Karen 156 Leslie, Corina 97 Milton L. 203 henry 98 Karen E. 189 Lester, Brook 122 258 Lovitt, Charlotte 122 Josephine 86 5u5an 146 251 Erin 156 Low, Chee M. 97 Julie 110 Landers, 5ally 122 Leto, Victoria 122 Keng-Fei 146 Kathryn 122 Landes, Bryna 122 Leung, Cammy 97 Lowe, Amy 191 257 Rachel 110 256 Landis, Chris 256 Raymond 231 Barbara 201 T. 108 Landry, Julie 156 Levi, Joanne 109 Charlotte 122 261 Tina 137 Trevor 108 Mary 122 Jody 122 Martinek, Darrell 137 Landsberg, Johan Lane, Gray 566 Levin, John 198 Julie 152 Martinez, Qil 137 156 Lewis, Emily 109 256 Valerie 109 Scott 123 257 Sonny 251 Qrayson 191 Lowery, Michelle 152 Mary, Barnes 128 Langino, Jane 196 Kelli 152 169 Lowry, Michael 558 Masi, Betsy d. 192 Langley, Allison 256 259 Kennon S. 198 Lozano, Dr. 192 Mason, Brad 258 Langston, 5hana 108 Marty 97 Lu, Long-Chuan 146 Jennifer L. 189 198 Languin, Daneille 256 Patrick 122 Luber, Kurre 261 Yancey 122 Lantern, Reginald 156 Ley, David 136 Lucas, Crystal 152 Mason IV, Brad 122 Lary, Portia 189, 196, 198, 206, Li, Li-jung 122 Lucius, Tara 109 Massengale, Amy 137 232 260 WeiQi 201 Luckett, Laura 190 Brian 329 LaSalle, Heather 97, 256 Yuanya 146 Luke, Stacy 256 Massengill, Sallie 152 Laskey, Margaux 108 Liggett, Dewayne 259 Luo, Yushan 146 Massey, Traci 196 258 Laster, Salley 214 252, 261 Liles, Lucy 97 258 Lupton, Matt 122 Mathews, Christopher 188 Latimer, Chris 211 Maggie 109 Lusk, Mary M. 97 191 Mathis, Tonya 152 Lau, 5ze-5ian 108 Lim, Chee-Kek 146 Luster, Deion 563 Matkins, Jill 152 Lauck, Rebecca 108 Lai-Lin 122 Lyie, Penni 156 Matlock, Tim 196 Laughlin, hed 258 Moo L. 231 Lyies, Roger 85 Mattison, Qena 98 258 Lauhasaran, Punjang 146 Moole 146 Lynch, Carter 97 259 Mattox, Jason 122 Lavacki, Melissa 97, 259 Lin, Ching-Wen 146 201 Mac 109 Mauler, Benjy 76 Lavers, Sarah 122 Lang 146 Lyon, Casey 227 Maxey, Stuart 256 Lawrence, Amy 97, 258 Lindgram, Beth 52 Kevin 258 Maxwell, James 110 Jennifer 152 Lindley, Liza 259 May, Chris 338 Robert 97, 259 Lindsey, Steve 338 M Edward 98 Laws, Schuyler 97, 191 Lingen, Van V. 566 Kathleen 123 Le-5ueur, Reg-Jee 156 Linton Anderson, Samuel 201 Lori E, 98 Leasy, Barabas 207 Lipe, Angie 206 207 Maag, Tom 109 Mayer, Keith 123 Barabbas 122 Listenbee, Ladell 156 Macintosh, Stephanie 152 Mayfield, Janna 123 Russell 196 Little, Blake 258 Maclemore, H. 99 Mayo, David 258 Leathers, Edward 152 Liu, Lei 146 Macy, Elizabeth 189 hal 146 Leavell, Laurie 156, 258 Ling 146 Madden, John 255 McAlexander, Ed 256 LeBlanc, Egbert 122 Mei-yan 109 Magee, David 156 Leah 109 Marci 122 Livingston, Ricky 190 Mary M. 97 259 Shana 137 Ledbetter, Cathryn R. 178, 197, Lloyd, David 338 Makia 558 McAlpin, Kevin 251 201 Locke, James 136 Thomas 110 McAnally, Jontthan 98 Cathy 156, 190 Jayna 136 Magers, Meredith A. 161, 178, Melody 137 Ledet, Al 109 Lockman, Corey 257 197, 198 205 259 McArthur, Mandi 125 257 259 Lee, Brooke 97 Lockwood, Wendy 97 Magill, Monica 122 McCaa, Qayla A. 188 Christian 97 Loden, Kip 136 Magruder, Jeff 156 McCain, Debbie 146 174 Clancy 156 Loftin, Emily 97 Mahaffey, Laura 152 199 Debbie E, 178 DeShonda 152, 261 Logan, M. 98 108 Mahan, Christy 152 McCallum, Anne 260 Deste 122 Mollie 259 Mahler, Gregory 85 Tara 109 125 heather 97 Sam 257 Mai, Thanh-Mai 110 Tara E. 256 Mow 156 Loh, Ying-Lai 136 Majure, John 258, 260 McCardle, Chris 338 Myoyoung 146, 226 Lohrbach, Jonathan 136 Makey, hicola 97, 259 McCarthy, Shauna 153 Inho 226 Jonathan C, 197 MaKinster, Dean 110 McCartney, Chad 256 Khai-ratt 122 Lolley, Cheryl 152 Malfait, Louis 190 McCarty, Chad 123 Mark 152 Lomax, Molly 97 Mallini, Kristen 110, 260 McCarver, Jennifer 123 Martha 97, 258 Mikie 97 191 Malone, Allison 97, 256 McCaskill, Joe B. 201 Michael 97 Long, Carlssa 109 Jennifer 156 McCaslin, James 257 Renika 97 Chad 218 Kirsten 98 McClain, Veronica 137 Robert 109 Jody 122 Kristen 256 McClatchy, Melms 191, 259 Sang Y, 226 Robert 152 M. 118 McCline, Fragen 146 5ee-5eong 156 Robert C, 198 529 Phil 255 McClintock, Whitney 98, 260 Seungkoo 146 226 Sherry 136 Scott 136 McCollum, Ginger 98 Sooyoung 226 Longino, Jane R, 198 Stephanie 137 McConnell, Amber 157 Stephen 156 188 Reade 109 Mangum, Benetra 152 McCool, Mac 191, 257 Stephen F. 201 Loper, Michelle 109 Kris 358 McCord, Jennifer 155 Susan 255 Lord, Mike Lorenz, Alexander 122 109 Mann, heather 110 McCorkle, Tisha McCoy, April 259 98 384 Index 191,25? 15! 255 i Brian 98, 157 Kerry B, 205 233 Christa 155 196, 198, 258, 260 Brian D. 188 Melissa, Ritts 125 Elizabeth B, 189, 198 Michael 338 Usheryil 125 Melo-Furtado, Marise 146 J. 99 Myles, Benita 100, 191 McCraw, Amber 261 Melton, Eric 157 Jamie 157 Myrick, Teresa 110 Matt 98 Moss B. 189 198 Jason 257 5cott 210 Mendello, Michelle 157 Jennifer 157 N Travis 256 Mendoza, Mandy 157, 190, 197, Katrina 198 McCullar, Marsha 155 198 205 252 Laura 110 207, 256 McCullough II, James A 185 Mandy K. 181 Marie 100, 109, 118, 191 (labors, Jason 138 McCurley, Crystal 123 Merritt 260 Michela 155 Susan 233 McDaniel, Ben 99 Meng, Wei-Te 146 Michelle 125 Maidu, Raj 261 Kirsten 125 Mensik, Todd 557 Mesle 110 Srimaraj 138 5cott 125 Merchan, Fernando P. 189 Shellie 125 Manney, Kristie 124 McDavitt, Sarah 123 Merchant, Mesha 99 Moorehead, Jon 110 Mapier, Amelia C, 201 Susan 146 Meredith, Ashley 137 Morals, Sandra R, 203 Mapper, Stephanie 196, 198 Susan E. 186 Ashley J. 203 Morales, Ulises 123 Maquin, Donna 124 McDonald, Arleen h. 166 Betty 123 Moran, Amanda 137 Meal, Daryl 138 Kelly 256 Brian 157 Moreau, Jameson 125 Emily 196 McDonough, William A. 137, Mark 110 529 Morehead, Amy 123 Emily S. 198 178, 255, 259 Merkel, Charles M. 201 Morgan, Amy 123 Jada 124 McElreath, David P. 188 Messenger, Kelly 99 Cassandra 100 Meely, Angel 110 McElroy, Marietta 157 Metcalf, Melissa 367 John 260 Turkesha 100 McElwain, Meg 109 Ryan 123 Kristen 123 Meilson, Joelene 367 McEwen, Aaron 123 Meyer, Bradley 110 Laurie 260 Melly, Sherridan 124 Heather 125, 256, 260 Midole 123 Standon 100 Melson, Art 110 McFarlin, Larry 137 Meyers, Julia 191 Stephanie 123 Josh 338 Marty 199 Michael, Anthony 570 Todd 158 Karoline 110 McQee, Mitzi 99 Michaels, Meg 157 190 194 Morris, Daniel 146 Lori 155 198, 199 Timothy 125 Mina M. 178, 190 201 205 Gregory W. 201 Lori A. 179 McQeehan, hatasha 109 Middendorf, Allison 125 Jeremy 125 MarK 138 McQehee, Leigh 125 Middleton, Susan 256 Jeremy 338 Paul 110 McQhee, Jennifer 99 Miller, Amy 110 Marianne 110 Tarsha 138 McQonagill, Phillip 157, 258 Ann 110 Melanie 146 Meubauer, Stacey 110 Tina 99 Beth 259 Pat 538 Stacy 256 McQowan, David 558 Jeff 338 Shannon 259 260 Meumaier, Dr. E. 189 McGregor, Lynn 157 Lydell 137 Tina 100 Mewcome, Megan B. 198 McQregory, Eleni 99 Mark 137 Morrison, Angelique 110 Mewell, Anita L. 201 Mclnteer, Braden 99 Melissa D. 198 Joyce R. 186 Mewton, Ben 100 Mclntyre, Jim 261 Michelle 190 227 Julie Q, 158 205 261 Benjamin 261 neil 157, 258 Micole 153 William 100 Courtney 258 McJunKins, Elwyn 10 Richard T. 203 Morrow, Micole 256 Matt 100 McKay, Kevin 146 Stephen 110 Micolle 125 260 Sloane 257, 260 Steven 155 Milligan, Jennifer 367 Morse, Dwight 87 MQ, Hai-Chua 110 McKee, David 123 Milling, Laura 123 Mel 125 Mi, iang 146 Mckey, riacy 260 Millings, Laura 370 Morten, Colleen M. 201 Micholas, Jeff 100 McKey, Mancy 99 Mills, Addy 189 Mortimer, Courtney 260 Mark 100 McKJnney, Jaochim 153 Addy M. 198 Moses, Christian A. 198 Micholes, Jeff 256 Sandy L. 201 Milons, Anita 110 Mosier, Emily 110 Michols, James 87 McKinnie, Merrick 256 Mims, Amanda 123 Mosley, Cynthia 209 252 Paul 138 McKnight, Laura L. 201 Tanya 110 Moss, Amy B, 198 Micholson, Moine 338 McLaurin, Christopher 226 Min, Zhu 146 Janet 123 Ming, Swee F. 231 McLean, David 157 Minor, Ardessa 86 Minta 223 260 Swee-Fah 146 McLemore, Holly 137, 255, 259 Mirzoev, Timur 123 Motley, D. 98 Mipper, Elliott 198 McLeod, Kevin 157 Misskelley, Patty 153 Stewart 256 Laura K. 191 McMillian, Hayes 257 Susan 153 Motion, Kyron 538 Mittaya, Aekkachai 146 McMillon, Anthony 157 Mister, Karmel 99 Moulder, Benjy 123 Mix, Van 158, 529 McMullan, Chris 258 Mitchell, Andrea 123 Moyer, Lee 196 Moble, Margaret 256 McMair, Kimberely 99 John 100 Moysey, Robert 87 Mary 258 Sabrina 170, 171 Mikki 155 Mroz, Jo 124 Mohsey, Allen 233 McMeer, Edward 155 Traci 206 207 Mull, McKenna 158 Elizabeth 110 Poppy 259 Mixon, Amanda 7 100 Mullen, Donna 153 Moppakunwijai, Panya 146 Richard 146 Miyagawa, Eri 110 198 Mandy 124 Morman, Drew 329 McHeil, Patricia 155 Mize, David 125 Muller, Chris 158 Morris, Andy 329 McMeill, Chris 99, 191 Moak, Jennifer 123 Mullin, Shavona D. 190 201 E. 119 Mcrae, William B. 190, 197, 205 Moe, Tania 153 Mullins, Amie 155 199 Robert A. 190, 201 McRae Jr., William B, 184 Moellenhoft, Bruce 146 Bill 251 Mortham, Justin 110 Mcl=ianey, Todd 157 Mogridge, Chris 157 Lisa 138 Morthart, Susannah 189 McRee, Alex 538 Mok, Mun W. 157 Munir, Arif 110 Susannah L. 198 McVay, Rhea 137 Moncus, Darrell 558 Asif 158 Morthcutt Jr., Danny 110 McWhite, Sally L, 201 Mondal, MD.Ashraf 146 Munn, Ann 124 259 Mosey, E. 98 McWilliams, Cathy 251 Monroe, Lanny 125 Murph, Rose 110 Mowell, Andrea 138 Mead, Jennifer 207 Monschein, Karri 138 Murphey, Beth 158 210 Meador, John 86 Monsour, Caroline 259 Murphree, Melanie 155 Meadowcroft, C. A. 190 Paul 260 Melanie D. 201 Charles A. 201 Montgomery, Qray 110 Murphy, Anne 189 Means, James 146 Lem 257 Anne M. 198 O ' Conner, Ryan 257 Medley, Jennifer 157 Marian H. 183 Brian 100 O ' Donnell, Dana K. 186, 190, Jill 260 Matalie 137 Jamie 164 194, 198, 201 203, 259 Medlin, Katheryn T, 201 Montz, Tim 338 Mollie 191 O ' Mara, Patrick 188 Medlock, Qary 110 Moody, Rita 207 Murray, Merideth 258 Patrick W 201 Meek, Ed 86 Moomey, Butch 100 Murtagh, David 158 192 1 t LI 1 . 1 1 VV . O ' Steen, Mary C. 196 MeitI, Joellen 252 Moore, Artie 338 Myatt, Leigh 124 Oakes, Jamie 124 Melear, KB 157 C 98 Myers, Kathryn B. 110, 189, Index 385 Oglesby, Kristeen 100 Jason 256 Pitts, Teresa 111 Rademacher, Kurt Q, 190, 197, Ohimeyer, Raleigh 110 Jennifer 370 Pitzer, Brad 139 198 201 203 Ohinneyer III, Raleigh 7 Stacy 100 Plaxico, Chuck 192 Rader, Chris 100 Ohman, Catherine 124, 231, Patton, Billy 111 Plunk, Jerry 153 Raff, Richard 261 258 Cathryn 100, 232 Poe, Morgan 226 Rahman, Javed 124 Olbricht, Renee 153 Paul, Angela 138 Poerner, Ellzabeht 198 Rainer, Jeffery 124 Oliver, Ernest 87 Michelle 124 Liz 363 Raines, Leslie 139 Olivier, Ann 198 Payne, Abb 191 Poff, Erick 153 Michael 139 147 Mallory 256 Mark 124 Polk, Terrell 198 Wallace L. 201 Olmstead, Molly 138 Michael 226 Ponder, William L, 205 Rainey, Ashley 111 Olsen, Annanda 138 Peacor, Rick 124 Porta, Marc 124 Brad 100 Olson, Ted 210 Pearson, Chris 124 Porter, Jeff 153 226 Tamara 139 OMara, Stephen 124 Pederson, Casey 111 Melissa 139 Rakow, Jill 139 Ong, Jason 138 Pedigo, Phillip 100 Robert 147 K.C. 100 256 Jason K. 201 Peede, Thomas 124 Scott 210 Ramanathan, Sriram J. 201 TeeB 231 Peery, Chris 338 Posey, Brandi 139 Randall, Sara W. 189, 196, 198, Orabi, Khaled 146 Pegg, Mary 138 Hal 111 256 Orr, James 138 Pegues, Chreyl 124 Potts, Perry 139 Randle, Seth 259 Osadchuk, Elecia 110 198 Peitz, Qretchen 153 Poularikas, Matasha 199 Suzann 124 Osteen, Mary C. 198 Pender, John 138, 261 Pound, Qerrid 139 Randolph, John 231 Osten, Susie 232 260 Penkova, Stacie 153 Jamie 257 Ranjan, Awanish 231 Osterling, Robert 87 Pennington, Christopher 138 John 147 Raper, Kevin 124 Oswalt, Jeffrey 153 Jonathan 190 Povall, Mary E. 100 258 Rasica, Meiko 147 Lewanda L. 198 Peresich, Randi C. 198 Powell, Brandon 111 Ratcliffe, Andrew 259 Oswatt, Lewanda 153 Perez, Fernando 124 Chasie 139 Bryant 100 Ott, Karyn L. 201 Perkins, Allyson 111, 256 Christy 153 Ratliff, Cassandra 139 Otto, hancy 100 259 Chandra 146 Elizabeth 258 260 Ravaglia, Amy 111 Ouyong, 5iew-Mooi 110 Charlotte 138, 260, 261 John 153 226 Ray, Cassie 258 Owen, Parkes 256 Molly 111 Preston 139 190 Cooper 231 Owens, Jennie 259 Lance 138 Powers, Adam 258 Larry 159 Jennifer 110 363 Perry, Amy 138 Prasad, Dr. 192 Rayford, Shane 100 Steven 87 Beverly 138 Prater, Tara 100 Rea, Sara K. 260 Owings, Aimee 259 Denise 138 Prather-Corry, Barbara S. 201 Read, Sonya 111 258 O ' Donnell, Dana 197 Elisa 257 Pratt, Brandon 111 Rebecca, Bourland. 104 Elizabeth 196 Geoffrey 100 Red, Rachel 139 P Karen 138 Preaus, Robin 256 Redd, Loretta 231 Kathryn 100 Prefontaine, Kevin 100 Redditt, Chad 124 Maryann E. 198 Premathilake, Kumudika 100 Redeker, Terry 329 Pace, Lanny R. 201 Michael 188, 197, 198, 199 Prestage, Courtney Ill, 232, Redmond, F. 109 Pack, Kenyatte Padgett, Jeffrey Paganos, Qeorge Painter, Laura 111 138 Robert 191, 258 259 Frances 111 110 Shawn 258 Preston, Roell 4 Jerry 197 198 222 146 Person, Dana 124 Roell 338 Redmond Jr., Jerry D. 179 256 261 Victoria E. 201 Prewett, Emily 100 Reed, Bethany 139, 197, 198, Pal, Dipankar 146 Peters, Carolyn 124 Prewitt, Frank 111 203 Palnner, Amy R. 198 259 Judy 231 Price, Jamey 357 Tanisha 100 Palmertree, Barry 138 Mike 338 Jason 124 Tanya 124 170 171 Pan, Zhou 146 Peterson, Bethany 100 Jennifer 256 260 Reeves, Amanda 256 Pannell, Russell 138 Petrie, Tricia 198 Jimbo 179 216 261 Bryan 111 Panzarella, Anthony 338 Petrus, Mark 199 Johnny 139 Regan, Amy 256 Paolillo, Joseph Q, 87 Petry, Caren 138 Leslie E. 201 Reiche, Mank 100 258 Parham, Josh 124 Petty, Lachell 100 Price III, Menry 100 Reid, Rachel 147 231 Parish, Melissa 124 Peyronnin, Steven 9 Pride, Mary A. 25 8 260 Reimer, Emily 258 Richard 226 Peyton, Munter 257 Pringle, Benita 153 Reisch, Chris 139 Park, Kyoung Y. Parker, Adrian 226 Melissa 111 Pritchard, Michael 366 Renaud, Jason 100 261 Pharr, hatalie 139, 181, 197, Priyadarshini, Prabhoo 147 Renee, Richardson 101 Ashley 100 198 Proctor, Jamaes 100 Renfroe, Kimberly HI, 232, Candy 124 256 Phillips, Beth 139 Propes, Elizabeth 139 256 Christy Christy M. 138 Chris 111 Provencher, Shannon 338 Rester, James 111 196 198 185 Courtney 139 Pruitt, Brandy 139 Reves, Christopher 153 226 David 146 Courtney L, 201 Jackie 124 Rexroat, Todd 153 198 Deidre 165 Dianne 139 Pryor, Billie 100 Reynolds, Ashley 125 Derek 124 Jason 153 Stephen 170 Enley 260 Kathy 124 Kimberly 139, 147, 232 Pu, Yangwei 147 Grant 111 Kimberly 111 119 258 Stuart 111 Pugh, Elizabeth 189 198 Jim 358 Shanan 124, 153 199 226 Terry 153 Pulling Jr., James 139 Katie 256 Stephanie 146 Whitney 124 Purdom, Keil 364 Maya 111 Yolanda 124 Piazza, Amy 259 Pusey, Columbus M, 87 Reza, Md S. 201 Parkes, Brandi 138 Pickle, Rob 153 Rhew, Kyeongsik 226 Parkin, riate 146 Robert 226 Q Rhoden, Chad 101 Parks, Qrace 153 Pieralisi, Daniel 189 Stephen 258 Parry, Shawn P. 203 Jay 138 Rhodes, Bo 111 Parvin, Elisha 124 Pietrowski, Amy 124 Qin, Wenlong 147 J, M, 147 Patel, Bhavna 153 Richard 5, 197 Querin, Ashley 139 Karen 111 Jaymini 124 Scott 138 Quigney, Tricia 258 Melanie 159 Samsita 153 Pigford, Miliary 256 Quillinan, John 124 Rice, Jennifer 210, 258 Vaisu 111 Pike, Jamie 111 Quinn, Keli 124 Penny 139 Paterson, Lydia 138 Pilgrim, Michael 100 Micah 111 Richard, Bunch J. 115 Thomas 226 Pinkerton, Leslie 153 Richardson, Don 256 Patrick, Kimberly 138 Piovarcy, John 370 R Julie 190 Patridge, Stewart 338 Pirillos, Christopher 139 LisaAnn 111 Patten, E. 119 Pittman, Bill 139 Mary 139 Patterson, Deanna 146 Richard 189, 196, Pittman II, William A. 198, 261 179 Ra, Dr. B. 226 Pat Rich 147 196 386 Index 01,205 Tonja 125 Rowley, Teresa 154 Seguin, R. 98 Sit, Fung 125 100 Richie, Qreg 210 Royer, Ro-Anne 111 Rachel A. 189 Sitarz, Julia 112, 365 261 RicKetts, Shelby P. 201 Rucker, LaReeca 125 Seibels, Emmet 125 Skelton, Mitch 154 124 Rickies, 5andi 153 Ruiz, Cynthia 229 Seicshnayde, Leo 258 Skidmore, Robert 125 124 Rico, 5haron 153 Rushing, Todd 191, 260 Seigman, Carrie 112 Slaton, Anna 259 139 39,14? 201 111 100 139 . 159 00,256 201 96,198, 256 259 124 231 231 124 14? 259 William 101 Rushing Jr., Robert 226 Sekul, Jennifer 140 Slattery, Kevin 251 Riddell, Robin 101 259 Russ, Michael 125, 260 Sellers, Katie 125 Slaughter, Elise 140 Riddle, hancy 159 Wilson 258 Laurie 112 Slayton, Stacey 210 Richie 125 Russ III, Wilson 125 Sellers., Laurie 363 Sloan, Michael 226 Ridgeway, Brian 198 Russ IV, Roderick 5. 201 Sen, Hirmalya 147 Smillie, Troy 147 Brian D. 179 Roderick 5. 179 Tinni 147 Smith, Adrian T. 140, 190, 229 Rigby, William 192 Russel, Amy 260 Senter, Kristi 125, 232 Alexis 191 Riley, Amy 139 Russell, Ashley 101, 261 Kristi L. 256 Amy 101, 112 Cesarina 101 Formika 154 Melissa 125 Arrah 140 Deanna 125 Frederick 125 Ryan T. 125, 213 Arrah C. 185, 205 Melanie 125 Russsell, Jami 125 Seo, Wonyoung 226 Bill 125 latum 101 Rutherford, Jenny 189 Sepko, John 140 C.J. 101 Ripley, Loftin 260 Rutland, Emy 125 Serrano, Edgar 125 Carter 140 Risher, Jennie 225, 260 261 Ruxton, Alexander D. 201 Settlemires, Steven 140 Carter P. 179 Laurie L. 184 Ryan, Brandon 211 Sewell, Donald W. 400 Charles 88 Ritter, Laurie 259 Lisa 125 Christy 125, 256, 392 River, Mark 198 s Marty 112 Clint 101 Rives, Christopher 256 Sexton, Qraham 198 David 112 Roaten, Richie 125 Leslie 140 Erskine 88 100 139 HI Robbins, Bobby 111 Saddler, Qreg 170 Robert Q. 182, 203 Fancher 257 Roberson, Kyra 147 Saenger, Jason 257 Seymour, Jenny 125 Qary 141 198 Roberson II, William 125 Saig, Laura Salisbury, Cary B. 125 Shackelford, Jennifer 125 Gary W. 201 258 Roberts, Aimee 210 101, 259 Shah, Vipal 154 Hannah 190 231 Cassandra 139 Sala, Alan 261 Shahid, Ahmed 338 Heather 141 190 139 Christopher L. Ill, 189, 198 Salber, Susie 207 Shankle, Charles 101 Holly 126 100 David 189 Sam, Siao-Hoong 111 Shappley, Katherine 101 J.D. 257 260 Dean K. 199 Samuels, Bob 87 Sharp, Barry 140 James 141 111,258 John D. 196, 198 Sanders, Chris 147 Jennifer 140 K. 118 104 LaRue 51 Sanderson, Brian W. 139, 174, Kober 112 Kelly 141 235 139 Micah 188 181, 190, 197, 198, 201, Lee 101 Kimberly M. 189 198 251 Michelle 139 205 Sharpe, John 258 LaShonda 141 124 Mike 257 Sandifer, Christine 101 JohnM. 260 Marcie 126 329 Robertson, Connie 139 Santucci, Donna 201 Shaw, Jennifer 154 Mark 538 109 Kimberly 139 Sarpy, Kathleen 101 Wayne 147, 199 Mary-Ouida 126, 232 256 111 Leigh 111 Sartain, Jeff 253 Shegog, Jonathan 101 Michelle 154 198,222 Melanie 111 Sartor, Michelle 159 Sheikh, Rashed 140, 214 Mickey 84 1?9 Rob 111 208 Sasser, Pam 154 Shekharam, Raja 147, 192 Rachel 154 229 19?, 198, Robich, Rich 538 Susan 101 256 Shelor, Melanie 112 Rebecca 147 203 Robinson, Amy B. 201 Saucier, Sarah 258 Shelton, Jayson 125 Reginald 141 100 Jeff 358 Saul, Betsy 125 256 Steven 112 Reginald B. 203 1?0,171 Jennifer 125 Saulsberry, S. 108 Shepard, Molan 88 Rhonda 101 256 JoC. 203 Saulsbury, Catrina 112 Rachel 198 Samantha 101 111 Leigh 101 Savell, Kane 253 Shepherd, Cameron 101 Sarah 101 256 Leigh E. 155 199 Sawyer, Monica 125 Rob 112 Shelley 141 100,258 Molly 101 260 Say, Peng Y. 147 231 Shidler, Cassandra 147 Stacey 141 14?, 231 Rick 154 Scales, Joseph C, 188 197 205 Shields, Shana 101 Stephanie 126 258 Robison, Jo C. 185, 197, 198, Schaefer, Paula 147 Steven 154 Steven 190 159 201 Scheibe, Clark 125 Shiffman, Shuang 147 Trey 258 100 Rodriguez, Jose 329 Schenk, Mike 256 260 Shillingford, Mahala 112 Trisha 101 101 Manuel 329 Schilling, Rachel E. Schloegel, Michael Schmitz, Max 198 Shindala, Carmen M. 201 Smotherman, Elizabeth 126 111,232, Renee 111 256 256 Shipp, Catherine R. 205 Smythe, Lauren 154, 191, 232, 256 Vicente 147 125 Karen 101 258 259 260 196,198 Roemershauser, Jeremy 258 Schnoberg, K. 99 Shixiong, Dai 147 Snead, Kate 112 153,226 Rogers, Claire 101 Schonberg, Kristen 125 256 Shollenberger, James 87 Snedeker, Haymes 365 153,198 Hart HI, 189, 196, 198, Schouest, Angelle 256 Shores, Misty 154 Sobotha, Elizabeth 259 125 259 260 Schroeder, Dr. h. 194 Shumaker, Dana 140 Soljan, D. 119 260 Julie 101 191 258 Dr. R. 194 Shy, C3enevieve 363 DeeDee 126 111 Laura 5. 203 Schueth, Qail 154 Sicuro, Michael 261 Solomon, Brian 112 358 LeeM. 189 198 Schumacher, Michael 147 Sides, Rebecca 257 Somers, Stephanie 565 256 Marcus C. 182 Schwartz, Ryan 565 Slew, Sheuelianq 140 Song, Samuel 147 111 Mark 139, 194 197 199 Schwarz, Jennifer 101 Simm, Craig 226 Sen 101 201 Wes 591 Scott, Derrick 140 Kirk 140 Soper, Jennifer L. 189 196 198 226 Rogge, Sarah 101 Ed 140 570 Simmons, Ashley 169 Soul, Betsy 570 101 Rolison., Liz 370 Morris 558 David 101 Sowell, Stacy M, 201 258 Rose, Brandon 125 Rhodes 140 164 Jenny 214 Sozer, Jennifer 258 111 Kristin 125 Scroggins, Leanne Scruggs, Granger 125 Joy 101, 256 Sparks, Stephen 255 14? Rosenbaum, Jana 139 257 LaToya 101 Sparrenburger, Michae 126 Ill Ross, Michael 111 Helen 147 Sharon 154 Spears, Sharon 189 139 210,258 159 Rossie, Christie 259 Kimberly 140 Simpkins, Erich 258 Speir, Jorja 101 Rougon, Qinny 101 Wesley 256 Simpson, Melanie A. 112, 198, Spell, Becky 199 , 229 Roux, Jefferey 87 , 154 Seabrook, Kristan 256 208 Rebecca 154 115 Jeffrey 226 Seale, heather 256 Thomas 125 Spence, Christy 141 256 Jeffrey J. 185 Seamster, Alison 101 , 259 Sims, Stephanie 154, 199 Spencer, Chad 260 190 Rowan, Kathy 125 Searcey, Maggie 101 Sindelar, Dr. R. 199 Sphar, Leiand 196 111 Rowe, Stephanie 111 Sears, Robin 154 Robert D. 87 Spiers, Alan 141 139 14? 196 Rowell, Brian 125 , 565 Seawright, Skip 251 Singleton, Jamie 112 Spiller, Burke 141 Rowland, Alyssa 111 Seematter, Christina 154 Mer edith 112 Spillers, Jennifer 101 Rob 139 Sisk, Adam 101 Spivey, Les 257 Index 387 ■:i T, Tara 5prenger, Valerie 141, Spriggs, Catherine Sprouse, Barbara 5pruieli, Patrick 5tacey, Meaghan Meg 5tacy, Fenny Stamps, Paige Stanford, l im Stanley, Rachel Stanton, Qwen Stark, Matt Starnes, Christi Statom, Gabriel Staton, Anna Stearns, Robert T. Steckler, Karia Steele, Suzanne Stefani, Andrew Steger, Mick Steinriede, Anthony Stephen Qray, Lt. C. Stephens, Cricket Kellye Mora C. Shane William Stephens Qooch, Mora Stephenson, Amanda Jeannine Stevens, Candace Elizabeth Jennie Monica Stewart, Ashlye 102, Beverly Brad Chad 112, 154 Mike Stickney, Jason Still, Amanda B. A. Becky A. Caroline Sting, Michelle Stokes, Leah Robert!. 141 Valeria Stone, Qeorge W, Jennifer Stephanie Steven Trey Stooksberry, Wade Stork, Amy Strawn, Keith Street, Shannon Strelecki, Mike Strieker, Steve Strickland, B. Dana Meather Jerry Shannen Tametrice Strickland II, Jerry D, Strider, Lauren Stringer, Robert Strombeck, Stephen Strong, Jason Stroud, Jennifer M. Matt Stuart, Meredith Su, Wun-Tyng Suk, Yeung-Ki Sukanek, Peter Sullivan, Jennifer Sherri Sherri E. 109 112 179, 367 141 126 261 141 259 112, 198 101, 257 154, 229 126, 260 24 126 147, 231 102 256 190, 198, 203 112 112 88 102 261 82 198 141 197, 201 102 112 C, 190 102 112 141 126 102 154 , 191, 258 147, 231 126 , 199, 226 88 370 102 118 141 373 400 147 , 197, 203 102, 258 185 112 260 141, 529 112 260 141, 396 141 154 329 147 99 102 112 210, 211 126 141 183 102 102 147 259 141 98 142 259, 260 147 226 88 154 112 189 Suman, Mary 142, 198 Summers, Charles 257 Sumner, Scott 338 Sumrall, Shannon 142 Sun, Yongzhao 147 Supple, Catherine 126 Suszek, Tami 112 Sutaria, Milind 147 Sutherland, Erin 112,206,207 Swan, David 358 Thomas 126 Swanson, Julie 102 Swartz, Christy 258 Swatzell, Scott 192 Swayze, Melissa 102 Swetland, Melissa A. 175, 183, 197, 198, 201, 203, 212 Swords, h. 108 Sykes, Gregory 147, 231 Jimmy 154, 226 Tackett, William Talavs, Jason Talley, Brian 126, Tallon, Tara Talmadge, Kristen Tan, Annie Y. Puei-Ling See-Kian Sekgee Tien-Ung Tankha, Anil Taranto, Tara Tate, John 11. 112, 189, 196, Tatum, Joy MelanieM. 191, 258, hicole Tawes, Mary Taylor, Camle Cathy Chrissy Danielle 258, David Emily James Jennifer Kathleen Kathleen M. Kim LeeAnn M. Marya Meredith Sandra L. Sandy 112, 196, Tee, Keng Keng-Teck Teh, Eet-Mong Meng-Chuan Tembotov, Artur Temple, Beth Temples, Wendy Templeton, Jennifer Terry, Lindsay Thadkamalla, Qanesh Thakkar, Pravin Thames, Molley D. Thangavelu, Poonuvlali Tharp, Misty Thigpen, Calvin 102, 191, Maggie Thiry, Renee 170, Thomas, Ben Ben M, Chris Clark 112, 196, Daryl DeAnn 126 210 258 102 126 126 147 142 147 112 147 190 191, 198 154 260 154 102 102 142 102 261 258 258 226 154 142 201 190 112 98 112 112 198 260 142 203 142 126 126 258 258 256 260 147 258 201 147 126 260 126 171 142 190 7 261 142 261 Fred Jack Joanne Kristi LeMay Melissa Missy 142, Rebecca Terwanda Timothy Thompson, Boby Candy Christopher Dusty Eric Heather Jeff Jennifer Kathryn A. Laura Lori Marcy Melissa R, Rebecca Robert Stephen Tonja Tonya Thornberry, Allen Thornhill, Jen Thornton, Chester Keasia Tibbs, Michele Tickle, Heidi Pat Tignor, Joseph C. Tillman, Anne Jeff Mary Tinnin, Ashley Tracy Tinsley, Julie Tirrell, Rebekha Todaro, Michael Mike Todd, Laurie Tollison, Lee 142 Tompkins, Bethany L. Qina Qina P. Tongue, dinger Tonstall, L, Torello, Joseph Torry, Justine Towery, Lisa A. Townes, Percy Percy L. Tracy Tracy A. Trainer, Orlando Trammell, Metrica M. Tranum, Jami Traughber, Jennifer D Trauth, Aspe n Travillo, Amy Travis, Collin Traxler, Casey Tribble, L. Leslie Melanie Trice, Hunter Triplett, Montana Trosclair, Rachel M, Trott, Dr. W. Judy Trotter, Lisa Trafton Trafton Trout, Erin Truelove, Kristan Truett, Wes Trusty, S. 338 126 126 126 338 190 190, 261 126 112 148 192 259 191 148 256 210 112 126, 258 189, 198 102, 108 112 154 126 118 126 142 198 102 102 142 142 142 112 126 148 148 203 126 126 142 102, 258 142 154 112 154 529 113 216, 261 189, 198 142 201 126 99 102 142 201 126 46 142 188, 205 338 198 126 201 256 102 126 189, 198 99 196, 259 102 113 102 256 199 89 148 170 338 102 148 365 98 Shannon Tubb, Phillip Tucker, April Paul Ross Tucui, Shannon Tumage, Laura Tuminello, Domonique Tunstall, Lolita Tupaz, Jesse Jessie Turgeon, Lorraine Turnage, Laura Robert Susan Trey Turner, Amanda Chris Crytal Ernest R. Lacie Mineasa Terri Tracey Tush, Lacey Tuten, Maradith A. 169, 184, 190, Tyer, Andrew Andy Elizabeth Tyler, Lindsey Sharissa Tyner, Rob u Ubale, Arun Umphers, Jack Underwood, Jill Todd Uptegraph, Kevin Upton, Sonya Urmann, Kyle Ussery, Flint 142, 259 154 142 210 338 258 126 126, 258 259 148 231 231 221, 260 154 154, 199 190 113 338 102 201 142 142 209 154, 199 192 142, 164, 197, 198, 203 148 209 56 142 142 142 148 154 190 142 233 142 102 338 V Vaghela, Sonal Van, Joshua Kenneth Phong Van Camp, Morgan Vance, Brad Cindy Jennie Vanderbrook, Victoria Vanderburg, Brandon Vanderford, Dana L. Vandiver, Katherine Leigh Vanjani, Mahesh B Vann, Paige Varnell, Anne M. Vascek, Sean Vassileva, Christina Vaugh, Rebecca Vaughan, James Vaughn, Kimberly Vega, Jason Jason M. Robert C, 142 Vepa, Tagore Verdell, Griffin Vernon, Ronald Vick, Laurie Vickery, Rob Vigil, Joseph Vinson, David David L. 400 214 142 126, 188 102 218, 257 102 126 256 102 190 142 154 186 142, 258 170, 171 142 113, 198 259 203 113 126 189 197, 198 148 151 89 113 142 142 338 180 I t 388 Index 154 1« 210 558 258 251 251 221,260 » 154,199 190 115 558 102 201 142 209 1X199 192 142,164, 19M98. 56 142 142 142 154 190 142 255 142 102 358 218,257 102 126 256 102 190 142 154 186 142,258 110,171 142 113,198 259 205 113 126 113 142 142 338 Meather Jayson Virden, George Voelker, Andy Vorwerk, Melen Vowell, 16Todd Chris Vujic, luana Vuncannon, Denise Vyavahare, 5anjeev w Waddell, Lori Wade, Matt Wages, David Waggoner, Tiffany Wagner,, Michelle Wait, B. Brian 142 Walberg, Lane Walden, Laura 102, Waldon, Suzanne Waldron, Missy Waldrop, Jason Waldrup, Susan Walker, Dawn Joseph Mary B. Susan Walker Jr, James Wall, Damon Wallace, Jana Thomas D. Triphinia Waller, Elizabeth B, Jana Walley, Consuelo Walls, David Walsh, Ronald Walters, Diedra Shelley Walton, Anne L. Wang, Anita Maibo Msin-hui Jing Susan 102, ? iaoping Ward, heather Ozena Ward., Lock Ware, Teresa Warman, Sammy Samuel Warren, Chad A. Emily Michael L. 154, Sergio Warriner, Wendy E. 184, Washington, Carrie Wasson, Mike Wasteney, Cherie Watkins, Trey Watson, Danny John D, Watt, Lester 196, Wayne, Mate Weaver, Amanda Elizabeth 143, Webb, Jackson Jacob Laurie F(yan D, Webb Jr., Alvin Weber, Michael Webster, Dana Weddle, Jeff Weeden, Larry D. Weeks, Misty 102 400 192 329 257 338 142 196, 198 142 148 127 261 148, 190 142, 188 567 99 , 219, 259 102 191, 256 127 370, 371 256 113 102 148 233 102 143 203 127 89 127 190 154 127 190 143 127 154 127 127 148 102 148 191, 257 148 113 143 366 113 154 226 400 154 189, 198 113 143, 165, 190, 203 127 155 102 127 257 201 206, 207 338 102, 256 232, 259 257 113, 196 113 201 143 143 103 148 46, 127 143 Weems, Marsha Weigandt, Scott Scott A, Weir, Kristin Welch, Toby Wellborn, Bradley Wells, Benjamin Carissa Matt Flobert Wenerski, Rayna Wenzel, Lynn Werne, Jenefer West, Donna Donna S. Meidi Stephanie Whitney Westbrook, Carrie Westerfield, Jason Joanie Kim Weston, Thomas Wetzler, Courtnee Whaley, Mitchell Whealdon, Jennifer Jennifer L. Wheeless, Lynne Whilbanks, Bart White, Amanda Bo Calvin Cameron Christy Derrick Geoff Gregory James Jason 155, Jennifer John Kirk Lauren Melinda hancy Suzanne Tonya Will Whitehead, FSobert Whiteside, Danielle Whiting, Eric Whitt, Ed Michelle Whittemore, Lail Whitten, Melinda Whittington, Diane Whitwell, Fletcher Whitwell Jr., Robert Q. 175, 181, 197, Whitwer, Karia Whitworth, hikki Wicker, Kyle Trey Wigington, William Wiginton, Christopher Wilemon, Lisa Wiliams, Dalton Wilkins, Robert " Rocky 180, 203, Tyson Wilkins IV, Joseph T. Wilkinson, Andy Chris Willard, Judson Williams, Allison S. 190, 194, 197, Alycia Amy Bill Cassandra Charles Charles 113 115 198 148, 190 191 127 103 113 113 192 261 113 261 155, 199 182 113 127 113 257, 260 155 127 189 113 113 127 189, 196 198 155 127 105 127, 257 127 103 127, 258 113, 257 127 113 192 199, 226 103 192 143 261 113 127 143 127 365 127 143 103 143 143, 233 256 190 105, 256 115, 196, 198, 210 143, 170, 203, 212 143 143 338 338 143 190 103, 259 192 143, 232, 261 256, 260 189 103 103 143 143, 180, 201, 203 189 113 190 149 192 338 Dalton Daniel Daniel E, Emmanuel Meather Jeff Jonathan Jorian K. Juanita Q. Juli Karen Lisa S. 189, Matt Melinda Michael Fam Prentiss Robert T, Vernita Williamson, April Carol Laura Laura E. Tim Timothy Willingham, Melissa Willis, Craig Willis., Robert Willlingham, Preston Willson, David Wilson, Albert Amanda Amy E. Angle Brian David Davis Dr. M. Frank Greg Johnnie V. Keith Kelly Kim Stacy Stephanie J. Susan Whitney Wimberly, April Winchester, Shelby Windham, Greg Melissa Winfield, Paul Wingard, George Winkler, Vanessa Winston, Brandy L. Courtney Winters, Tetra Wise, Kappi Wold, Fulton Wolfe, Matthew Wolford, Laurie Womack, Stephen Womer, n. K, Wong, Edward Elaine Jennifer Miew-Sum Mina Poi-Loong Tom Yih-Shyue Woo, Kenneth Laurie Mack Wood, Edgar W. Gus Meather Meather R. 180, Jessica Jill 143 143, 192 89 201 57 149 143 143 261 201 143 143 198, 261 113 155 127 127 191 190, 227 108 113, 143 103 145 113 198 155 226 143 258 365 127 89, 196 145 155 201 149 127, 210 149 155 199 338 257 198 55 256 155 338 180 155 127 103, 191 257 143, 229 103 338 149 143 198 103, 259 127 259 113 143, 192 143 196 89 143, 233 103 188, 232 143 103 143 127 143 103, 259 113 155 190 127 190 190, 201, 203 103, 261 Jonathan 113 Lisa 115 Penny 189 Penny R. 198 Tad 258 Taylor 210 Tina 127 Woodard, Abby 127 Woods, Amy 155 Joe 4 Joe 538 Wooten, Roy 127 Summer 103, 256 Word, Amy 103, 256 Kathryn 105, 256 Worley, Mike 338 Worsham, Wesley 127 Wright, Alan 14, 103 Allison 103 Chad 329 Douglas 127 Kevin 329 Melanie-Anne 127 Wu, Chee-You 127 Min 149 Wyatt, James 259 Jami L 189, 196, 198, 260 Su, Jin Sunny 149, 251 103 Yamashita, Keiko 143 Yancey, Kimberly 143 Yarbrough, C. 118 Courtney 258 Yates, Carolyn 191 Dennis 127 Jennifer J. 190 233 Shawn 192 203 Yeh, Msueh-YIng 149 Yeo, Sim-Long 149 Yeoman, Mai 143 Yew, Giek-Mun 113 Yoder, Lew 191 256 Yoshida, Tomoko 113 Young, Amy 103 Cheri 143 Darryl 103, 191 196 Gracey 198 Jacquelynne 105 James R, 198 Karen 113 Kelly 155 Kim 199 Ryan 170 Travis 257 Yu, Meng 149 Yun, Dr. K. 226 Zagst, Brandon 127 Zanzig, Jeffrey 149 Zen, Weiwen 149 Zepponi, Laura 113 Robin 127 Zhang, Weizi 149 Wenxia 149 Zheng, Weiping 149 Zhou, Li 149 Zimmerman, Brian 113 Zoeller, John 329 Zubizarretta, Maria E 201 Index 389 390 Closing A Look Back As this school year comes rashing to a close , the Ole liss family faces a multi- ude of changes. 1995 was 1 year of surprises as the iCAA investigations led to a lefty four year probation ind a new era in Ole Miss DOtball under the guidance »f an entirely new coaching taff. After the sports news lied down, the University as faced with yet another pheaval in our traditions, ■.hancellor Gerald Turner, ho has served for over a ecade, announced that he would be leaving for South- ern Methodist University. Elections also gave us the first female ASB President since World War 11, who will take over for the 1995-1996 school year. While dealing with our own growth on campus, the world around us was also turning topsy-turvy. The Re- publican party took back the majority of both Houses with a Democratic President still in office. Califomians faced deadly flooding and mudslides, and Japan was dealt the blow of one of the most devastating earthquakes in an area that was designed to be " earthquake proof " . Things are never what they seem to be, and this past year succeeded in showing Ole Miss and the world just how uncer- tain everything truly is. Through it all, the students that attend the University of Mississippi will face the future with certainty, hope, and strength because through all of our differences there is a common string that blends us together as a family to build Ole Miss ' future. Enjoy your memories, and open your hearts and your minds to the new things that are taking shape on our campus. By working together we can ride the wave of tradition into 1996 and beyond. Pholo by Paige Iwans Left: Jeff Chipman, Doug Browning, and Wes Rogers — all members of Spirit — performing " Cool Water " for some Ole Miss students. Above: The Ole Miss Annual editor finishes proofing the pages. Mo, wait, that ' s Qatsby, an 8- year -old cocker spaniel. Closing 391 Below: These girls are having a blast at Mardi Qras. Far Below, Left: Chris Smith gives a quick squeeze to let his friend know how much he cares. Far Below, Right: Grumpy, Dopey, Sneezy, Sleepy, and Doc protest the Baseball strike. 392 Closing Closing 593 Below: This group shares their talent to entertain some Ole Miss students. Far Below: Mardi Qras is a celebration that should not be missed. These girls obviously already knew that. 394 Closing Left: Holding a candle at the vigil held during national Aids week reminds us to be stop the spread of AIDS, and to offer hope for those who are infected. Below: Too excited for words, this student weathered the icy temperatures to support his favorite candidate in the ASB elections. Fhoto by Thomas Loupe Photo by Brooke Beard Left: J.J. O ' Bryant and a friend share some good cheer. Above: Getting involved in campus affairs is the only way to make a positive difference on the Ole Miss campus. This co- ed casts her vote for the ASB elections. Closing 595 rriendsMps are what makes the world go rowrd. We need friends to share our good times and our tears. Below: Whitney and her friends always enjoy each others company. Right: The candlelight was an emotional experience, sharing it with a friend only added to the moment. Far Below. Left: Even Qretchen knows the importance of tnie friendships! Far Below, Right: John Jeffcoat, Lizzie Barnes, and Amy Stork cant be seperated. 396 Closing Sa3ing Goodbye after over a decade of leadership. Dear Ole I iss Students, One of the first things that attracted me :o The University of Mississippi 11 years ago was its legion of devoted students, ' acuity, alumni and friends. I could see ;hen that Ole Miss inspired rare spirit. After more than a decade as its Chan- ;ellor, I, too, have a deep, abiding love for his great University. During my tenure ' lere, we have shared times of achieve- ment and times of disappointment. To- gether, we celebrated many major accom- plishments, including the Campaign for Die Miss, Drive for Athletics, academic urogram enhancements, new construc- ion, and important renovations. But like amilies everywhere, we have also dealt vith our share of tragedy, such as the Chi 3mega accident and Chucky Mullins ' ieath. With a ponderance of good times icross these 11 years, you have shown ny family and me that we have been fortu- late to be a part of the Ole Miss family. As the 1994-95 academic year closes, ve will be leaving Oxford to accept the )residency of Southern Methodist Univer- ;ity in Dallas, Texas. The decision to nake this move was one of the most lifficult of my personal and professional ife. We will always be devoted to Ole Miss md look forward to returning with you for jpecial events. Our bond with this Uni- ' ersity, its students, faculty, alumni and riends developed, grew, and was con- inually strengthened by our work togeth- er. One of the major events of 1994 was he initiation of a four-year Sesquicenten- lial celebration with the observation of )ur Charter Day on February 24. Recogni- ion of each academic school during this period was begun by highlighting the ichievements within the College of Liber- j1 Arts and the School of Law during the L994-95 year. We know that technology is going to be he key to pushing forward the frontiers of uiowledge, imagination and expertise necessary for a productive life in an in- creasingly complex society and competi- jive world. To meet these challenges, the ' Sesquicentennial celebration has already Degun to focus on generating funds to develop an advanced telecommunica- :ions system that links every campus lassroom, laboratory, dormitory office ' H with the worid — a very expensive enter- prise. Students — along with faculty and staff members — have been asked to gen- erate goals, priorities and proposals dur- ing this Sesquicentennial, and 1 hope you continue to embrace this opportunity with your investment of talent and time. Great things are happening on the Uni- versity ' s two campuses, and there is a feeling of excitement as people rededicate themselves to meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow. The Sesquicentenni- al will provide the opportunity to help en- sure the quality and strength of our Uni- versity for the future. As my family and 1 leave with the Class of 1995, we carry with us 11 years of memories — including challenges, accom- plishments and, most of all, people. And for these memories, I thank you. My best to the Class of 1995. It ' s Over!!! Well, I sure began to doubt that this day would ever come. I ' m not saying that the year hasn ' t been fun. just long, and stressful. I just hope that all the time and effort that went into this years annual teas ivorth it. and that everyone enjoys the 1993 book. Of course, there are a ton of people that I need and sincerely would like to thank. Jennifer, I screamed at you. stomped around the room, argued over stupid things, and generally took out all of my aggresions on you. Soon, you will open the windotv and turn on that light. So, get along now little grasshopper. :) Then there are the rest of my closest friends who just looked at me a little wierd and slnugged ivhen my behavior veered off of the norm. Jason, Tom, Missy, Missie, Rob, Dave, Shue, Chad, Carrie, Danver ' s Man, Trish, and the rest of the crew - Thanks I know I had to drive you guys crazy. Steven - Is the door still open? Huh?!? Traci - tvhat can I say, there were times you ivere more help than I can even say. Things shouldn ' t have been the way they were sometimes, but everything is a learning experience, right? The beginning picture thing brought back some bad memories, but you handled everything. THANK YOU. ' . ' . ' . ' Emmy , Tve said it all year and Til say it this one last time. The office tvotdd have fallen apart without you. You are incredible. Thanks to Alan also, I know I ran your legs off, but hey, you ' re a freshman and yon deserved it. While I am thinking about it, to the Dallas crew, I would like to thank you for the fun times and the memories, and wish you gu)s another Tim Smith, more ' sex on the beach ' , and yet another year of magic hands. It makes me sad to see how quickly things can change, but I guess that ' s life. Ben, you disappointed me more than I can find words to say. Taniniie, thank you for the help you offered, it was ap- preciated. Also, a great big thanks to the photographers and developers, you guys really saved the day! Hey, Fonzie. Til be talking to you about blue feet and red nails later! Sandals and peppermints until we die. The section editors this year were incredible! Most of you came into the book with little or no experience and spent many long hours learning the new computer system and doing your pages. 1 I I am so grateful that- u ivere so aeaicaf- ecl and I hope that yoti are truly proud of u ' hat you have accompli-shed. " % : " tvould li Ctk thanyQav ' id Magee for sharing his talent with us, and drawing the endsheets. You read my mind! I would also like to thank Eddie Diaz in Dallas for helping me with the cover. I never thought that we could get that out of my hea4 0nd onto pa lj .ly Toni Woods — You ivent above and beyond to make sure that things went smoothly, and that everything turned out as wonderful as possible, thank you! ■4 ' f would also like to thank the people who work at SID. PR, the V ice Chancellor s office, and the Oxford Eagle; you ivere always iviUing to lend a hand ivhen ive needed it. Finally - I would like to thank my family for the love and support you have given me all of my life. There were times this year 1 tvould have gladly gotten on the plane for home. Thanks for loving me no matter what, I knoiv I ' m very trying at times. Also thanks to God, who am I without you? iwh?: i mi innioiPttiuim " GTo WF 6 no u ff m wsspma, Jl lnonci|lri We are eoiUOTminiffiP Iro pan Jl n FS 6 um a tlriainia| a6 wepano remeinriiDi ' iniiniCiff ijn ons nsuni 7fVI Mam obo ff mi . ? eipu|| pte ' adcuil dioilnilr iDiffiniffcilrlni, s u conn ci wan i Iriom We liiPMiriui lo e Irall »J n irv 6ucn a mine i smn€ Jn ms mouqim our m nw s nur d. no Wiir cjinic ' eowroiqs? wlllMnc J ns Wono to do id " Woir L U not " l«?l il d Toltiefl orte Je u T p t luK trieinni ci meM comt d men e ru dun Wilt lesi e mA ijl meinpiu] fauqlri toip Inioirinie. nsira Wff iw pa«is©, Wnot? ainc ' tor, fi " WjH tnjmilK of on anomer, mi irrtiS ' (h ' o j n dr " iipi?, per lnionee alons, ■f Wim Wainnra neafll " lojue Ts top toinie. e can vur l m v on06 Wnieri elnicur wh cold human riainid ini0 Where jione AlliiDitT oan r mmzin e can meeir cnquMiiij imi lrlnioiuiin|lnilr. a chss ' nm Mml: ¥mi JLs if doum mal Jais i s Keepir JlMWre Qooo " for pre se!rtt ii Gioo© tor pi =CLXtte Sro e, 1888 oirT«?nii ' oud L loij] Doodiraiqhit 111, oqwra. JU 0tre R6 ' Old 0511(011.0 y.l c»i|inie C eW«?l[ La " $«?rt " oX a Mact , u fo wiTO afps manu ws? mat- Wsif ne ' eir- 6e«? oir-aaaafion jrom m«? Zlna «?ir iii| oj «JiUd68 da|: ' nand and fcilloW 6ll ' iuic ' «?n ' Idd an boSoi, owl ' Iwair ' dpSnt ana m lou mal lmffii| oiPOMgnl lo on OT our mi! Pholo by LaRue Russelt ua, m. tfl I ' « lb COLOPHON The 1995 Ole Miss is published by Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas, Texas. Specifications of the book include 400 pages nneasuring 9 x 12, printed on 80 lb. enamel paper. The cover was designed by Jonna Jones and Eddie Diaz of Taylor Publishing. The base material of the cover is blue 452 with embossing used on the flog. Applied colors used on the cover are red 804, white 911, and debossed gold foil stomp.. The endsheets ore talc with 100% sapphire 13 and red X9247. Endsheets were drawn by David Mogee. The total operating budget was $167,357 with $28,000 coming from Greeks and honoraries, $134,056 coming from students, $5,301 from book sales. All Ole Miss pages were designed using UltraVision software from Taylor Publishing Company. All photos were token by contributing photographers, with the exceptions or Hall of Fame, Beauties, Favorites, Homecoming Court, and Classes which were taken by Professional Images of Jackson, MS. The 1995 Ole Miss is a student edited publication produced at the University of Mississippi. The viewpoints represented ore those solely of the yearbook staff and in no way reflect those of the University of Mississippi.

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