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v. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Tammie Daily BUSINESS MANAGER fc ' ir- ' iHf .- " f " " ' { 5cott Kin ADVI50R Trad Mitcfied Times .- i.- OPENING 1-13 } Tammie Daily 5TUDENT LIFE 14-43 Angle, Lift FEATURE5 44-65 Hecahex Lovett Mary Hawkins ' • ADMINI5TRATI0N 66-9 7 Kdiha Cromeans Stacy EttxiMarshaS. CLASSES 98-155 Tammie Daiiy HONORS 156-193 Lisa Chow ORGANIZATIONS 194-257 Tammie Daily 5PORT5 258-305 Jonnajones GREEKS 306-379 Tammie Daily Lisa Goid CL05ING 380-400 Tammie. Daily ' mnnnr) ' , SouikeMv toAAiixm UAjeSy an . (n dUiati is denned as the I ' landin dawn a inpj-rmatiati. beliefs, and customs ' (u uiwid of mould (M- u example fioftt one generation to- tfie next iiHtiiaul uMiiieiv instiucUan. ' Joi iieats tlie Ltniuetsitij of " Iflisissippi (w (teen a scivaol oj " laditian " , and each ( ear tJie uniuersiti) cntotls a new i totifi of ' eiels to- cavu on ttie tie ' iliiss tuidiUon. " uen uMiA sl onf efpixts la conlrot cenialn Vui- ditians. ' {e ' Hiss students and adimni ate still pM-ind uuuUit tlie ' } elxt (ta , i lhtuj, ' ' ' HxMi bad- dij " , and sin in the uKxtds of " ixie ' " . vVhal exte v tlie liduxe o @6 ' lUiss holds, lue ivili iitulottlUcdlii de sure- tiud uisitinf tail titu in tiie loue, dxessijif ufi (arqame . ' lfieltelflafs, " ixie " . " ' }{atti %oddi ' " , ixte ' Veeh and patti i w-ill a((aut- ' le ' ' liss into tlie dnije. ▲ 2 pholo by Garth Segroves A 3 photo by Garth Segroves A 4 photo by Garth Segroves ▲ 5 photo by Garth Segrovem I A photo by B J Mannix . This lone y Dixie Hag shows old traditions don ' t die easily. 2. Dressing up for Ole Miss has always been at iradilion and |.KI Kemp Stone and AAA, Whitney Wakefield seem to enjoy it. 3. Future Ole Miss Rebels who will help Koop the tradition alive. 4. One of the many spirited Ole Miss eenter pieces you will find whild walking through he Orove during a home game. .V These Iraternity brothers Chris " li ard " Bennett. Chris I oposser and Bill 1-erdl enjoy visiting in the Grove before the games. 6. Whether the Rebels are winning or losing the OI M ' i v s?„ ' fL ' i?r I ' ] AF V ' " " ? ' ■ " ' " ' ' r ' ' ■ • •P ' l " " - ' ' ) " " ' i Stewart Bryson enjoy the football games in Ol Miss Southern style 8. Ole Miss always draws a variety of fans. 9. Scott Pedigo shows his southern gt-ntlcman nature as he opens the door and lets the ladies enter first 10 mn.[nl T- ' ' ' An i " ' r ' ' ?r ' ' ' ' " .?rr- ' ' ' " " " l " " tradition. 1 1 . These Betas celebrate Bid Day in the traditional Tru rln n U ' , " ] ' ■ • ' ' •■ ' f C ' ■ " " ' " S ' -T. Ryan Schwarts, and Chip Smith show that working hard is another irauition all Ule Miss pledges prove. i A plimohv HJ Mannix A photo by Scull King f 2 A photo by Scolt King vie " J by Allison Finklea ▲ Iphoio by Louisa Gee A Aphiiia by Allison Finklea A 5pholo by Kaihryn Henry ' (( .ft ' ir. ii ' C, If 7JDt y. ▲ bphnto h - Amiy Slramer A iphiito hi Mvaghan Stacey Good friends arc so hard to find, but it is in your college years that you will meet the friends that you will always remember. I. Friends Jenny Mason. Rebecca Bourland, and Kathy Hess pose together in a picture for their scrap book. 2. Not only friends, but Mardi Gras followers. Lisa James. Kelly Webb. Suzy Gee, Mary Gee. Mark Solomon, and Rob Springbok, pose between parades. 3. Friends and Pi Phi sisters. Laine Ritter and Beth Hinsely. decide that posing for a picture is more fun than studying. 4. Hugging after winning the intramural track meet are friends and Tri-Delt sisters Ann Marie Henry and Thea Hock. 5. Looking up for a quick picture are friends Molly Baine. Gina Goodrum. Leslie Fella, Ginger Noah, and Gillian Moris. 6.Friends and Phi Tau brothers, Ed Scott and Grant Murchison. enjoy a game of one-on- one in the hot Mississippi sun. 7. Friends. Joy Perno, Amanda Leurs. and Meredith Bush, head out to hitch a ride to class. S.Eliza Eller and Hallie Hollingsworth gossip about old times. 9.These two friends. Tricia Petric and Jennifer Griffis, enjoy getting ready together to go cheer on the Rebels to another victory. lO.These two prove that even though you are roommates you can still be friends. A 1 photo by Jennifer Medley A lOphoio hy Trail Lcit;tt TbompM A )pholo hy Ueaghan Slaiey €umpusy liey 10 ntP ' f l FTb ' mifFTu ffTr 11 12 " mP ' mp imi ' ' m WH ' ?F}M ( IP 13 I ince the beginning, Ole Miss has not only brought about an atmosphere of higher »• learning, but students have also learned that " the true college experience " would not be possible without the social aspects. When Ole Miss opened its doors to women in 1882, the need for socializing became apparent. This is when dancing became the major social function. Later, gathering at diners and in the cafeteria to discuss the days events and the latest gossip became a regular pasttime. Today ' s socializing takes place everywhere from classes, the Grove, bars, games, and even the gyms. The types of Student Life activities has changed over the years but the idea has stayed the same, an opor- tunity to meet new people and to enjoy campus life. . Si 16 qjp) .sr.ii . f8irTo ' £ ' -j-T A pkoto by Eric ' eish smm f £?fM ( Ui® 17 " " (gj M " " S Um ' SlHi ' SffM ▲ phoio by Rob Johnson Homecoming ' 93 Homecoming Queen Rosemary McGowin Escort Sandy Sanford Colonel Reb smi fh - ??cv ni 19 The University of Mississippi The- ater department put on several pro- ductions this past year. Among them were Craig Luca ' s Prelude to a Kiss which ran from February 1 1 to Feb- ruary 13 of the 1993 spring semes- ter. This powerful fairy tale gives a portrait of sex, death, and compas- sion in a modem setting starring Bill Sloan, Kelly Clinton, and Charles Frazure. Blithe Spirit, which ran April 22-24. and April 27 till May 1, is hailed by critics as Noel Coward ' s best work. It starred Valerie Wilson, Jim Craven, Kelly Clinton, and Kate Rose. On December 3, 4, and 5, the University Theater depart- ment presented Mississippi: The Dance Company in Mississippian Movements, a show telling southern history. Showstoppers ran from March 25 through March 27. This presentation showed off some of Broadway ' s most memorable hits such as Phantom of the Opera . 20 ( jp) cS ' v uyj }n ' £d7g PICTURES COURTESY OF THEATER DEPARTMENT 1. Jcnncfcr Morris, Jim Craven, Melissa Hammock, Valerie Wilson, and Tom Ar- riola in Blithe Spirit. 2. Mississippi: The Dance Company 3. Bill Sloan and Kelly Clinton in Prelude to a Kiss . 4. Angela Tur- ner and Marcus Bar- ber in a scene from Phantom of the Opera — part of 1993 ' zow- stoppers. 3. smtm fto s g qip 21 1. Guest Star Mary Donnelay and Matt Lindahl in Into the Woods. 2. Guest Star Marilyn MeCoo and student Christi Al- leman in Into the Woods. 3. Professional actors Paul Micsau and Vicki Sparks in the Festival of Southern Theater pro- duction of The Asceusine of Lili. 4. Professional actors Becky Saunders and Paul Micsau in the Festival of Southern Theater production Walkin ' After Midnight. 5. Jay Duval and Lisa Okray in Crimes of the Heart. 22 jjp smmwm, £3 gwumm ' m ' e?fM ( nP 23 y . Partying Oxford style!!! Wf 24 ip) A, 3. pholo hy B.J. MuniiLx A 5, pliolo hy B.J. Maiimx mm=8 w=e?fM 1 . Girls at Lafayette ' s arc having fun. 2. Travis Bedwell is proud to help out a customer in need of a pen. 3. Here ' s to you!!! 4. Are you sure you don ' t want another? 5. Hey! Is that your pitcher? 6. Here ' s your change, hurry back!! 7. What would you like? 8. Proud Larry ' s is one of Oxfords ' newest places to visit at night. 9. Some of Ole Miss ' finest are relaxing at Lafayettes! A 7. i hulo by H.J. Mannix The night life in Oxford is a large part of an Ole Miss student. Planning for a night out begins as early as breakfast. While glancing over the Daily Mississippian, Students scan the pages for bands, specials, and other enticements which will lure them away from their studies and into downtown Oxford. The evenings are what friendships are all about. Getting together with your friends just to get away from studying seems to be what everyone does. Although there are different places everyone gathers Oxford is sure to be full every night. Of course, you have the local bars to go to such as Forrester ' s, the Gin, Lafayette ' s, Proud Larry ' s, Ireland ' s, and Sloth ' s just for starters. But it seems no one ever misses the " late nights " at the fraternity houses. And on a typical night in Oxford anywhere from three to five bands are in town. That is good for a small town such as Oxford. There are also places like the Hoka that provide a different kind of entertainment. Known for its hot fudge pie, cheese cake, and cinnamon coffee. Everyone drops by the Hoka sooner or later to hear the jazz and blues that the Hoka occasionally provides. Although the Oxford square is booming at night time, the town finally shuts down around 3 a.m. to rest and start preparing for another typical Oxford night. No matter what your tastes are Oxford can provide you some sort of entertainment. A 9 phi ' inhv HJ t,mnix sxfwsfsnrh e?f7t nr® 25 pholo by Scolt King 26 Min I r suum m, j7 .. ..-11 . t i phoio by Scoli ICing smtm s ' jw esfM ' mp 27 ▲ pholo by Anna DeMarco 1. " TAKING REQUESTS? — Ashley Anderson, Rebel Radio, station manager, pops in a CD to fulfill a stu- dent ' s request. To make your request, call 232-7697. " 2. Sumo-wrestlers having fun in front of the Union. 3. On September 30, the SPB sposored the Connells in concert in the Grove. 4. The Connells are entertaining the Ole Miss students. ▲ 3 pholo by Sammy Prudhomme 28 qnp SW.If : )R, ' -J. Wg A 4 pholo by Hammy i ' rudhomme photo by Garth Seagroves On September 29, the Student Pro- gramming Board sponsored the BUz- zard of Bucks. One of the contests was a struggle to put snakes back into the cans. Another contest was to stuff your pants with balloons. All Blizzard of Buck ' s events were held in the Un- ion. It was a truly entertaining event. A photo by Garih Seagroves mi3f =)w=e?f ( np 29 photo by Scott King photo by Garth Seagroves 30 np miw¥}U ' s M miE w jii M pholo by David Hiti photo by Scoll Kin pholo by Scon King photo by Deborah Quarles swummu e?i ffP 3i :citing changes have been planned for the Ole miss campus. There are many renovations taking place that will help to improve the appearance and efficiency of our facilities. These changes are ones whose effects flow from the new field house locker room at, Vaught-Hemingway stadium, through the Natural Products Center, between Coulter and Faser Hall. Stop- ping within the John Davis WiUiams Library doors. Also in the works are automatic doors and ramps to im- prove accessibility for the disabled. The library is the main focus of the renovations on campus. Its expansion will increase students ability to utilize this facility. Something everyone on campus is excited about. The reno- vations improving the quality and or- ganization of the library will help in- crease the students at the facility. These additions should prove worth while to the whole student body. Each of these renovations when complete will play a part in continuing the Ole Miss tradition of excellence. -Lori House Jenni Risher 32 smm g ' ym 9 ..PH " - " " v d H ' " mil ,|ir|?ll!S ' - ir. A 4 p ioio fty Sn ( ring ' - ▲ 5. pAo(o jy Scoti King ▲ 7. p jofo by Steve Rosamund 1 . A construction worker preparing the library ' s new facilities. 2. The new handicap doors automatically open if the button is pushed. 3. Construction workers use the crane to lower materials into the new library addition. 4. The Natural Products Center is the newest building on campus connected to Coulter and Faser Hall. It can be found on University Avenue across from the Grove. 5. The library ' s new back entrance is under construction. 6. This crane has been on campus all year with renovations being made to the library. 7. Work never stops. Construction con- tinues on the addition of the John D. Williams li- brary. A 6. photo by Scott King smiw f ' es s 1(1 33 34 IP A 4 photo by Richard McNeer A 5 pholo by Garih Segrvves A 6 photo by Garth Segroves I jmmmm ' ssfM gn lSfl ypifies Ole Miss ft m lMffMhe Grove. For generalions it bos served the students and alumni of Ole Miss. Located in the middle of campus, the Grove is bard to miss as you enter campus. Tbe Grove is tbe place to be on tbose beautiful spring days wbetber you are walking tbe dog, tbrowing afrisbee, taking a nap, or having a picnic. Bikers and walkers can be seen taking a shortcut through the Grove to University Avenue while others use the path of the Grove to the Union. Most anytime you pass by tbe Grove you can find nmeone studying or reading under the big oaks. The Grove is also the spot for entertainment not only on weekends but during tbe week also. With the Connells coming to Ole Miss, the Grove was once again the spot of excitement not only for UM students but for students across tbe snttt. During tbe football weekends the Grove is tbe place to be. Rebel fans make long Journeys on Friday nights to get to the Grove in plenty of time to set up for tbe festivities of Saturday. Never will you find so many Ole Miss fans true to tbe red and blue. The Grove is decorated by tables, arrange- ments, and flags showing how Rebels enjoy spend- ing their football Saturdays. Tbe Grove is many different things to each student at Ole Miss wbetber its the place to go to get away from your roommate, tbe quiet place to study, or a place to sit alone with the trees and watch tbe squirrels cut up. Whatever tbe Grove is to you, it is tbe part of Ole Miss that will never change. t ' t A (i pholo by Garth Segroves 1 . The Grove in true lurm on a loolball Saturday. 2. Jenn Steffes and Billy Boone are prepartying in the Grove before an Ole Miss football game. 3. The (Die Miss players are walking through the Grove to the stadium before the game. 4. The Grove is the place for recreation for Rebel fans to enjoy themselves. 5. During the Georgia game fans picnic in the Grove. 6. Rebel fans show their Rebel spirit by decorating their tables in red and blue. 7. Garth Segroves is ready to cheer on the Rebels to victory. 8. A Rebel fan gets ready to grab a bite before the game. 9. Tate Moore and his date Lynn Dixon are enjoying themselves before the game. 10. " Old Man " Kevin Myers finds time away from the Mississippi Hi way Patrol Academy to attend the Grove before the game. 1 1 . Polly Bobo and her mother get together in the Grove before the game. 12. A student enjoys the peacefulness of the campus while she studies. s um m e M Hllr 35 " (o by Richard McSeer Voter ' -3 ' ' radon HERE -t ▲ phaio by Garth Segroves 6 4T he 1993 elections for Colo- A nel Reb, Miss Ole Miss, Homecoming Queen, and Favorites were held in October. As always, the elections at Ole Miss calls for a great amount of campaigning. Stu- dents rise early at Ole Miss to tote their signs around the Union, Law Center, Conner Hall, and Carrier Hall. Campaigners try to get one more vote for their candidate by offering rides to students so they do not have to walk to class. This year the ASB offered stick- ers to wear after students voted, that read " I VOTED " . That way, students were not harassed to vote and could go on their way in peace. Although there was a successful election again this year, there is al- ways room for improvement. Next year there are bills up in the ASB to eliminate cars from blowing their horns and many more ideas to help elections run smoother. i;fi!irfiSii " 4 ■ ii Ml A photo by Debbie McAnally ( np .ST.WJJ tUllj ifJ ▲ photo by Scott King All photos by Emmy Cenzalli s um ' m ' £?fM ( fP 37 ( tp . (k VV . , , 1 •- phoio by Kavanaugh Breazcale 38 m® phoUi hv Kavanaugh HrcazeaU- si immth ' n jiM phoio by Kavanaugh Breazeaie wmmr)m e g Fn® 39 photo by Scoit King np .sT ' m ji ' iiJ. ' jriWf photo by Scott King cS ' um ' gm, " ji ffM qin® 41 42 nTP M i( ' : hfZ £?f7 ' A pHoio by Richard SIcNeer swu ' m es s lll 43 9 " I ' m fat! " " I need to lose 10 pounds! " " I am going to workout tomorrow. I prom- ise fH " " These jeans are too tight! " Ole Miss is losing weight and feeling great! I.Fred Casper provides support while she builds those bicep muscles. 2.Jay Carmean pulls it down just one more time before he can take a break! 3.Faster! Faster! Faster! 4. 1-2-3! Arms out! Step up! Step down! 5. If I smile it has to get better! 6.Laura Saig makes good use of her time and studies while riding the bikes. tiffVri " . . A I photo by Scon King 3 photo by .Scolt King 44 P smm r ' =esfM A 4 photo by Scon King A 5 photo by Scott King I ( A 6 p )o o by S oll King The University of Mississippi is stepping in the 21st century in shape. It seems every student is out on those cool afternoons walldng or jogging. The normal path seems to start some where around the Grove and continue up University Avenue and ei- ther down Old Taylor road or up to the Oxford Square. Speed walkers cannot be missed on campus because they are the ones that walk out in front of cars without stopping. The cars then have to throw on their brakes fast so they will not hit the runner. At Flex and Gold ' s gym you can hop up on the stair-master or treadmill to get your cardiovascular system going. Or if you prefer, join in on one of the many aerobic classes. And then there is always the weights that are available to make you stronger. Working out is an excellent way for friends to get together and get their mind off the books for a while and do something for themselves. Oxford and Ole Miss have some great places to get into shape wheth- er you choose to go off campus or go to the Turner Center on campus for some of the recreational fa- cilities offered. Getting in shape is not only good for you, but is the trend at Ole Miss. Whether it is taking a brisk walk, going to the gym for step aerobics or maybe for the big muscles on campus the circuit training. But at Ole Miss you have to do the brisk walk just to get to class on time. This campus, with the steep hills and distant parking lots, is just made for the well- conditioned student even if the student doesn ' t want the exercise. t smmmn e?fM photo by Scoti King 46 |p) .sifrnM-srcr, " sg? photo by Scott King cfmmf n. .e fjf. ( np 47 f he beauty here at Ole Miss has been quite I apparent for many years not only in its - ' campus, but also in its people. It has been said that Ole Miss has some of the prettiest girls in the state. We find this to be true when we see our girls become Miss Mississippi and even Miss America. This year we would like to remember a little history of features at Ole Miss. In 1929 Miss Ole Miss and Most Beautiful were selected for the first time. In the 1940 ' s the Ole Miss Student Body selected campus favorites and for the first time in the history of Ole Miss, male favorites were chosen in 1 99 1 . This year we have just one new addition, a male pageant winner. We not only have beautiful young women here at Ole Miss,but we also have good looking young men. However, we must remember that the majority of these students possess something more than just external beauty, but internal beauty as well. Through their experiences her at Ole Miss they mature into fine young men and women leaving behind a lasting impression of their kindness and sincerity. ga 92 oW W 5 @ " Wfe 50 TOlF J6 WL(? t S Dan Shell Colonel Rcb for 1993 is Dan Shell, son of Dr. Dan Shell ami Mrs. Delaine Shell of Memphis, TN. Dan, a Biology major, has been an outstanding leader with in his IVatcrnity and all over campus. As a member of the Kappa Alpha Order, Dan has served the offices of Rush Chairman, Recording Secretary and President. On the Ole Miss campus Dan has spent 3 years as a Summer Orientation Leader, as well as being a mem- ber of many other campus groups which include: Academic Affairs, Governmental Affairs, the Host Committee for Special Events, UM Ambassador, and Order of Omega. With all Dan has to offer to the University it is quite easy to see why his fellow students chose Dan for Colonel Reb. Ashley Hollis Miss Ole Miss for 1 993 is Ashley Hollis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hollis of Jackson, MS. Ashley is a Banking and Finance major and can be seen everywhere on campus. While at Ole Miss she has been involved in Mortar Board, Order of Ome- ga, UM Ambassador, ASB SPB Committees, Student Representative for the University Com- mittee, UM Modeling Board, Golden Key Na- tional Honor Society, Sigma Chi Sweetheart, M- Club Sweetheart, Wall Street South, College Re- publicans, and Intramurals. With in her sorority, Delta Delta Delta, she has served as Pledge Class President, Panhellenic Representative, Model Of- ficer, and Rush Chairman. She has established herself as a leader on campus in many organ- izations such as Director of School Spirit for the ASB Cabinet, and Vice President of Lamda Sigma. Because of all of her activities Ashley was the obvious choice for Miss Ole Miss. W sffm S ( nip 51 ' ieylflis ' JauKyutes Will Smith Will is a senior, majoring in Political Scienc with a minor in English. In the time Will has spent here at Ole Miss, he has become very active in a number of activities. He is the secretary of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, a member of IPC, Gamma Beta Phi, Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science Honorary), Golden Key Honor Society, and the Order of Omega. Will ' s hobbies include picking the guitar and playing golf. While doing all this he has managed to maintain a 3.3 GPA, which has put him on the Dean ' s List and the Chancellor ' s Honor Roll. 52 np s4wim s Mary Tison Quaka Paul Kagel Mary is from Jackson. MS and is a senior, majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. While attending Die Miss, she has held the positions of Rush Chair- nan and Social Chairman for the Chi Omega So- " ority, ASB Senator, and Ole Miss Cheerleader. She las also been a member of fiAK, R.U.F., Intramurals, ind Who ' s Who Among American Universities. Vhile being active in all of these organizations she las also maintained a spot on the Chancellor ' s Honor oU. Paul is from Amarillo, Tx and is a senior majoring in Business Management. In his Fraternity, he is Pledge Educator, Intramurals Chairman and he was the Pledge Vice-President of his Pledge Class. He is also an Ole Miss Cheerleader and a member of the Re- formed University Fellowship. Melissa Malouf Melissa is a senior from Jackson, MS. As a member of the Delta Gamma Sorority, she holds a position as a Rush Officer and the House Corporations. Melissa is also an ASB Senator and a member of the College Republicans, Interhall Council, Bacchus and In- tramurals for soccer and football. ' T s ' fmf cS ( jji® 53 Alan Moore Jana McBride Alan, a Senior from Memphis, TN is a Pre-Med Physics major. Alan has served as SPB director and as a Phi Delta Theta officer. He has also been a member of ODK and Mortar Board. Jana, a Senior from Germantown, TN, is majoring in Political Science with a minor in History. Jana served as Secretary of the Student Body, Chairman of the elections Commission, ODK, and on the Mortar Board Executive Committee. She also served as Phi Kappa Tau Sweetheart and Sigma Chi little sister. While participating in these activities, Jana managed to remain on the Chancellor ' s Honor Roll. Jana is a member of Delta Delta Delta Sorority. Amy Foster- Vann 54 ( fp) T s Wf S Rocky Wilkins Katelyn Brown Rocky, a junior. Political Science major, from Jack- son, MS, has been active on campus in many different areas. As a member of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity he has served as Vice President and Social Chairman. After graduation, he hopes to attend Law School here at Ole Miss. Katelyn, a senior, from Biloxi, MS is an Accounting major and a very active student on campus. Some of her many activities include ASB Attorney General, Director of the UM Ambassador Program, Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Lamda Sigma, Order of Omega, Greek-Independent Relations, Beta Alpha Psi, and ASB School Spirit Committee. While being extremely involved on campus, Katelyn has managed to maintain a place on the Chancellor ' s Honor Roll and the Dean ' s List. Todd Perkins Todd, a senior from Jackson, MS, is an Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipient. His activities on campus include ASB Senate, SPB Dixie Week Com- mittee, Golden Key National Honor Society, Gamma Beta Phi, Young Financer ' s Club, Wall Street South, Order of Omega Treasurer, and Fraternity Officer. ' Ms Wl i S ( ip) 55 9fZ . taxJi tJMmemey Darryl Demetrius Thomas Darryl, 21, is a junior majoring in Forensic Science Biochemistry with an emphasis in Russian. He currently holds the Mr. Black Universe title. He also holds the title for Mr. Black Mississippi 93-94. His other activities include: Former member of Mississippi: The Dance Co., Professional Dance Entertainer, Ole Miss J.V Cheerleader 91-93, Image Scholar, member of Risque Business Drama Troupe, Former secretary and active member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, and he is also an Intensive Enghsh Instructor for International Students. qip) 56 wi I r T s m i s Nikitia Hollingsworth Nikitia Hollingsworth, daughter of John and Janice HoUingsworth of Laurel, was crowned this year ' s Miss Black and Gold. Nikitia is a Senior majoring in English with plans to attend Law school next fall. She is active in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., the Black Student Union, the Pre-Law Society, and various other organizations around campus. She also serves as an Oxford Elementary Mentor, a Chancellor ' s Honor Student, and a nominee for Who ' s Who. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., sponsors the Miss Black and Gold pageant and the winner also serves as the Fraternity ' s sweetheart. The proceeds from the pageant are donated to the March of Dimes. •Ms mm s ' mp 57 Candy Carlisle, the daughter of Glen and Jo Carlisle of Brandon, Mississippi is this year ' s reigning Miss University. While at Ole Miss, Candy was a top 10 finalist in the Miss Mississippi Pageant and a Campus Beauty. Candy, a Rush Chairman for Alpha Omicron Pi sorority, was also active in NASW, Roundball Recruiters and Rebel Recruiters, and served as Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity sweetheart. Already holding a degree in Social Work, she is currently pursuing a second degree in English. 58 fP M ns ' m s 994 7}iis lfUssissipf2l Pholo ukco al The Orpheum Thealre. Memphis. TN esliey ifw dixm Leslie, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Jetton of Germantown, is a Junior majonng in Television Broadcast Journalism and English. She is on the Chancellor ' s Honor Roll and Dean ' s List. She has served as an officer in her soronty, Pi Beta Phi, as a Rebel Recruiter, and an Ole Miss Ambassador. Leslie is a member of Golden Key Honor Society, the Student Programming Board Special Events Committee, and the Society of Professional Journalists. Leslie was named a Top Ten Beauty for 1992-1993 and 1993-1994. ' Ms fWlB qjp) 59 1 Tliosl emdUfiJy Ashlee Lauren Harvey Ashlee daughter of Jo D. Tullos and George L. Harvey of Bay Springs, MS, is the 1 994 Most Beautiful. She is a sophomore, majoring in Performing Arts with a minor in English. Pageants are certainly not new for Ashlee, she is a former " Teen " Little Miss Mississippi and was named a Top Ten Beauty m 1993. Ashlee is also involved in freelance modeling. Her campus activities include ASB Spirit Committee, ASB Campaign Committee, SPB, Greek-Independent Relations, R.U.F., and Delta Delta Deha Soronty. Ashlee was spon- sored for Most Beautiful by the Delta Delta Delta Sorority as weU. 60 qip) 9 s lf ScS Amy Atwood Amy is a junior from Madison, MS. She is a member of Kappa Delta Sorority, a 1 992 Pike Calender girl, and the 1 993 Kappa Sigma Sweet- heart. She was sponsored by Kappa Sigma. Paige Greer Paige is a Senior from Scoby, MS, majoring in Liberal Arts. This is Paige ' s first year in the Parade of Beauties. Her activities include the Independent Affairs Committee, Ole Miss An- nual Staff, and she is a Peer Educator. She was sponsored by Alpha Tau Omega. Amy Epley Amy is a Senior from Starkville, MS, majoring in Court Reporting. She was Assistant Rush Chairman for Chi Omega Sorority, an Ole Miss Ammbassador for three years, Matchmate Cap- tian, Fraternity Little Sister, and she is on the Dean ' s List. Lydia Lewis Lydia is a Senior from Oxford, majoring in Ar t. She was a 1 99 1 -92 Ole Miss Beauty, is a member of Chi Omega Sorority, and was the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity Sweetheart for 1991-92. ' sfm s ( np 61 Brooke Atwood Brooke is a freshman from Madison, MS, with a major in Liberal Arts. She is a member of Kappa Delta Sorority, ASB School Spirit Committee, Students for Environmental Awareness, and is a 1 994 Pike Calendar girl. Brooke was sponsored by Kappa Delta. Arlene McDonald Arlene is a freshman from Tupelo, MS, with a major in Biology Anthropology. She is a mem- ber of Delta Gamma Sorority and several ASB committees. Arlene was sponsored by Delta Gamma. Hope Ladner Hope is a junior from Jackson, MS, with a major in Psychology. She is vice-pres. of Rush for Delta Gamma Sorority. She is president of the Catholic Student Assoc, a member of ODK, Golden Key, ASB Task Force, ASB Ambassa- dors. Hope was sponsored by Delta Gamma. Jennifer Cheek Jennifer is a freshman from Brandon, MS, with a major in General Business. She is a member of the Modeling Board, College Republicans, and a volunteer dance teacher for the Rankin County Public School System. Jennifer was sponsored by Alpha Omicron Pi. 62 np J i mifR ' S Cecilia Burell Leslie Jetton Cecilia, a junior Liberal Arts major from Ben- ton, MS, is a 1994 Pike Calendar Girl and a Diamond Girl. She is also on the Ole Miss Modeling Board, ASB School Spirit and Well- ness Committees. Pi Beta Phi Sorority spon- sored Cecilia for the pageant. Leslie, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Jetton of Germantow n, is a Junior majoring in Television Broadcast Journalism and English and is on the Chancellor ' s and Dean ' s list. She has also served as an officer in her sorority. Pi Beta Phi, as a Rebel Recruiter, and a UM Am- bassador. Leslie is a member of the Golden Key Honor Society, the Student Programming Board Special Events Committee, and the Society of Professional Journalists. Leslie was named a Top Ten Beauty for 1992-93 and 1993-94. ' Ms m s.s ( fP 63 1993 -Hxxmj2xxmuna ' ShAjeeyv Rosemary is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Stphen McGowin of Greenville, Alabama. She is a Senior majoring in Art History with a minor in English. Rosemary has stayed very active on campus during her time at Ole Miss. Some of her activities include Sorority Officer, ASB Human Relations, ASB Oxford University Relations, Fraternity Little Sister President, Pike Calender Girl, College Republicans, SAE Sweetheart, Senior Class Committee, SPB Promotions, SPB Pageant Committee, University Museum Volunteer, and ASB Elections Committee. 64 nirP T s Wl S Amy Kerbow Senior maid Debbie McCain Senior maid Nicole House Junior maid Kyle Davis Junior maid Shanon Watkins Sophomore maid Tracy Felts Sophmore maid Traci Lynn Smith Sophomore maid Frances Redmond Freshman maid Melissa Russo Freshman maid 65 r t is often those who help us find our I I direction in Ufe, whom we will con- tinue to praise for the rest of our lives. Always ready to help, advise, or explain, administrators guide us through scheduling, registering and eventually graduation. The professors and their staff have continued the Ole Miss tradition of excellence. They are more than just professors or instructors, but role models that influence each of our lives. Their advice and their knowl- edge are with us when we leave Ole Miss and will affect the decisions we make in our lives. I ' GOVERNOR KIRK FORDICE Kirk Fordice had resided in Vicksburg, Missis- sippi, for more than 30 years prior to his election as Governor. He earned a bachelor ' s degree in civil engineering in 1956 and a master ' s degree in in- dustrial management in 1957 from Purdue Uni- versity. He was a member of Tan Beta Pi, the en- gineering honorary, and Chi Epsilon, the civil engineering honary. Following graduation, he served two years active duty as an engineer officer in the U.S. Army. In 1977, he retired from the Army Reserve at the rank of colonel. Before his election as Governor, he was a pro- fessional engineer and president of Fordice Con- struction Company, which specializes in heavy con- struction and highway bridge construction. He is past president of the Associated General Contrac- tors, whose 32,000 member companies represent 3.5 million employees, making it the largest trade as- sociation in the construction industry. While pres- ident, he was recognized by the Minority Contractors Association for the work he did to better relations between the two associatons. Living up to his businessman-governor reputa- tion. Governor Fordice has successfully supported fiscally responsible legislation that requires the State to budget only 98% of its project revenues and to establish a rainy day fund to avoid budget cuts. He also assured passage of one of the country ' s most sweeping civil justice reform measures, a $0 to $5 million increase in tourism funding for the State, and Mississippi ' s first-ever comprehensive welfare reform legislation. Since beginning his hands-on, " CEO to CEO " approach to industry recruitment, a net of more than 82,000 new jobs have been created in the State of Mississippi — one of the largest increases in recent memory. At the same time. Kirk Fordice has doubled the amount of capital invest- ment in Mississippi to the tune of some $1.5 billion. While creating private sector jobs, budgets show that Governer Fordice has haulted government bureau- cracy growth by systematically cutting out more than 1,000 state government positions and eliminating agency waste at a savings of more than $35 million to the people of Mississippi. Governor Fordice and his wife, the former Pa- tricia Owens, have four children and six grand- children. They have been active in the Crawford Street United Methodist Church, in Vicksburg, Mis- sissippi, for many years. 68 fP Mmnmi ' dsmis ' d i BOARD OF TRUSTEES From TOW from left: J. Martin Ivey, Kosciusko; Sidney L. Rushing, Gulfport; Frank Crosthwait, Jr., president, Tndianola; Wilt A. Hickman, Oxford; and Cass Pennington, Indianola. Backrow from left: Cart Nicholson, Jr., Hattiesburg; Ricki R. Garrett, Clinton; James W. Luvene, Hotly Springs; W. Ray Cteere, commissioner, Jackson; Nan McGahey Baker, Winona; J. P. ' Jake " Mitts, Tupelo; Diane Martin Miller, Gulfport; and William S. Crauford, Meridian. 1992-93 TEACHER OF THE YEAR- Raymond K. Liebau (left), a 24-year teaching veteran in the Department of Music, was named The University of Mississippi ' s 1992-93 recipient of the campus-wide Elsie m. Hood Outstanding Teacher Award. The plaque and $2,000 check that accompany the award were presented by Chancellor R. Gerald Tur- ner (right) during Honors Day ceremo- nies. (mn?ni? s ' ?zs 9 t " np 69 Chancellor R. Gerald Turner Serving as the 22nd Chancellor of the University of Mississippi, Chancellor Gerald Turner has shaped Ole Miss into a more substantial institution. Promoting the students best interest and the University, Turner has traveled throughout the state sharing ideas with business leaders, legislatures, club members, alumni supporters and other various institution leaders. A University of Mississippi ambassador along with his wife Gail, Chancellor Turner sees an increase in the Ole Miss endowment under his leadership. An advocate to better know and understand the students or the institution, Turner created a weekly student forum allowing students the opportunity to express ideas and problems with him. 70 • ip. Ujmmi9smis ' ?m}i VICE CHANCELLORS Don Fruge, University Affairs Ray Hoops, Academic Affairs Doyle L. Russell, Administrative Affairs J. Leslie Wyatt, Executive Affairs Thomas D. Wallace, Student Affairs ACCOUNTING The School of Accountancy is unique in that it is one of the few in the country that is not simply a department within the business school. At Ole Miss, the School of Accountancy is completly separate and was established fifteen years ago. ' rne school awards a Bachelor of Accountancy after four years and a M " ,ters degree after five years. The School of Accountancy is fully accredited at both the Bachelors and Masters level. Students com- pleting a program in accounting are very well prepared for jobs in CPA firms, industry, education, or government as well as for the professional certification examination. Dean James Davis 72 Inp rA minr) l ' -3S ' K£ ,fr ) I s TH ' l ' dS n fTo ' I ' m I ( HF BUSINESS Dean Dr. Randy Boxx I Asst. Dean Dr. Ann Canty 74 jp) ■yimni ' -j i i mf K a ' iw 1 1 The business world is constantly changing and growing, as is the de- mand for those that are educated in understanding and dealing with the changes. The School of Business Ad- ministration is devoted to preparing its students to enter today ' s business world with the ability to take re- sponsibilities at the administrative level whether in the private business sector or in public, non-profit, area. s ts m ' ?nwswKs ' ?) ' mi np 75 EDUCATION Created in 1903, the School of Education is dedicated to the preparation of persons for effective leadership and service in school, home, and community. The mission of the school is to improve the auality of life in Mississippi, the region, and the nation by having exemplary programs for the preparation and contiriuing education of teachers, school counselors and lead- ers. The School of Education prepares leaders in areas of teaching, exercise science, leisure management, fashion mer- chandising, dietetics, and food service management. Dean James Payne 76 ip) . AUjnt ' ' mswRs ' mi swgp z9 y ?fef59 I mw 77 ENGINEERING The University of Mississippi Engineering School was found- ed in 1854. Headed by Dean Allie Smith, the Ole Miss School of Engineering is presently the oldest school of its kind in the state and this southern territory. Comprised of six academic departments, the program offered stress engineering sciences and are based on natural science and mathematics fundamental concepts. Advancing student career objectives such as medicine, law, or business, the Engineering School has produced many of the nations leaders. Dean Allie M. Smith 78 jH .A ' jj)nmi ' dS ' =??s 9mi s mnmi c K f ' d ' m i ( fp) 79 GRADUATE SCHOOL Founded in 1927, the University of Mississippi Graduate School offers graduate students degrees in more than fifty areas including Master ' s degrees, doctoral degrees, and specialist degrees. Organized in 1927, the Ole Miss Graduate School coordinates and administers graduate study in research at the university. Located in the Old Chemistry building, the Graduate School is headed by Dean Michael Dingerson. The school currently requires a minimum residence requirement or one academic year, which previously began in 1890. Dean Michael Dingerson 80 fp) sm ' ni ' ni ' DSWifis wo } I S)W9 79c5 ?e sf59 ' I np 81 LAW SCHOOL Established in 1854, the University of Mississippi Law School is the fourth oldest state-supported law school in the country. It is fully approved by the national accrediting agencies, is a member of the Association of American Law Schools, and is listed as an approved school by the American Bar Association. The building which houses the law school is one of the best designed and equipped law teaching facilities in the United States. A model law teaching facility, the building features six classrooms, three seminar rooms, and a library with seating for four hundred sixty-five. Also included in the law school is a Moot Court area with two fully equipped courtrooms, two witness rooms, and a jury room. Each year, the law school has enrollment of approximately five hundred students. K r-E Dean David E. Shipley : mmf 82 ( np s mtimvd.s zs ' ' d ' mi stmwsFn swRs f mt qjp) 83 LIBERAL ARTS Founded in 1848 with only four professors, the College of Liberal Arts is the oldest and largest division of the University. It offers a broad and comprehensive course of study including most areas of knowledge in the humanities, the fine arts, and the biological, physical, and social sciences. Students seeking a general education may acquire intellectual and civic com- petence; lay the broad foundation needed for specialized train- ing in law, medicine, theology, and other professional fields; prepare themselves for advanced study, research, and teaching in the humanities, fine arts, and sciences. Dean H. Dale Abadie 84 jp) ■■A%m ' ?Fn9smis ' ?) ' mi Mmiv?n vdS ' ns ' d ' m i np 85 PHARMACY The School of Pharmacy was created by the Board of Trustees onfuly 1, 1908. The objective of the pharmacy curriculum is to provide an academic foundation with adequate professional experience to enable a graduate to successfully practice phar- macy in any of its various forms- community practice, in- stitutional practice, pharmaceutical sales representative, gov- ernment service, etc. In order to accomplish this objective, the school offers two degree programs, (1) a five-year baccalaureate degree, and (2) advanced professional two-year doctor of phar- macy degree. Dean Kenneth B. Roberts 86 • nrp s m?Fmsmis ' ?m}i smm?F} mg ns ' ?)fm i ( p) 87 ADMINISTRATORS Warner Alford Dir. Intercollegiate Athletics Langston Rogers Assistant Athletic Dir. Sports Information Eugene Anderson Chair of Exercise Sci- ence and Leisure Management Marie Antoon Dir. Teleproductions Dr. Santo L. Arico Modern Languages Dr. Henry Bass Physics Astronomy Pam Belcher Career Services Danny Benjamin Auditing Marion Boeheim Dir. Affirmative Ac- tion 88 ( iP s4mnmi9S ' n ' 9 mi Janis Bounds Chair Court Report- ing Ulmer T. Bullock Food Services Raleigh Byars Small Business Devel- opment BelaJ. Chain, Jr. Director of Personnel Jean W. Cheek Home Economics Kay Christian Student Activities Herbert E. Cihak Director Law Library Charles Clark Continuing Education Willie Clark Telephone Exchange s ' m ' ?ni ' ?), =nsf ' d i qip) 89 Mary Ann Connell University Attorney Thomas A. Crowe Communicative Disor- ders Eric P. Dahl Student Health S. Gale Denley Mgr. Student Media Herbert Dewees Dir. Alumni Affairs Oren Dickens University Services Robert E. Dowdy Comptroller Joseph Elmore Dir. Student Union Ltc. Gary Engen Chair Military Science 90 fp) . i jynmws ' i sm George Everett Dir. Honors Program Bill Ferris Dir. Southern Studies Paul Hale Dir. of Physical Plant Donald Hanson Electrical Engineering D.S. Hargrove Chair of Psychology Michael Harrington Chair Philosophy and Religion Monroe Harrison Dir. Student Housing foanne Hawks Dir. Women ' s Studies Beckett Howorth Dir. Admissions s4mnf:Fu9SF f?zs ?) ' mi qfp) 91 Thomas Hood Financial Aid Alan B. Jones Pharmaceutics Chair Jean Jones Student Development Col.J.W. Kahler Commanding Officer NROTC Mark Kidd Programming Board Leone D. King Chancellor ' s Assistant William Kingery Recreational Services Bonnie Kraus Universtiy Museums James Kushlan Chair Biology 92 ( fp Aydmmi ' ?)cS ' =R o ' ?myi Roger K. Lyles Dir. of Purchasing Greg Mahler Chair of Political Sci- ence Josephine Martin Food Service Manage- ment Inst. Ernest Oliver Ole Miss Bookstore James Nichols University Planning Dr. Ed Meek Public Relations Joseph Paolillo Management and Marketing Ronald Partridge Chair of Educ. Lead- ership and Educ. Psy- chology James Payne ' Afro-Amer. Studies s mnff) [ " Ds i f mf) i qnp) 93 Columbus Posey Registrar Thomas Reardon Assistant Dean of Stu- dents Sans Russell University Develop- ment Bob Samuels University Printing Nolan Shepard International Pro- grams Don Sneed Chair of Journalism Susan Smith J.D. Williams Library Michael H. Stewart Police Chief Peter Sukanek Chemical Engineering 94 ( fjp ■:Ammn9sm is ' ?m}i Judy Trott Dean of Students Ronald F. Vernon Chair Music Depart- ment T. Pride Vinson Education Charles Walker Director Land Man- agement Gerald Walton Assoc. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs N. Keith Womer Economics and Fi- nance , ' Ammmws n f ' d ' mi ( HF 95 96 £A3f)n?n I ' ds is o ' d ' m icS qnF 97 Each year the University enroll a new group of rebels, constituting a new " class " of students. Each person that enters the University has a common goal, the reward of graduation. For most students the college experience is 4-6 years. And Much like high school, the classes stick together and form a bond. A bond that starts the first day of freshman orientation and will last a life- time. It is with these people you study with and eventually socialize with be- yond the books. As close as these friend- ships become between students the com- petition still exists in the classroom. Competing in honoraries, test scores, interviews and jobs. A competition that develops each student into an individ- ual success of achieving personal goals. r Freshmen Adams,Laura; Lib.Arts.Fort Pierce,FL Adams, Stephen; Eng., N. Carrolton Adkins, Allen; Bus. Sch., Savannah, TN Allen, Sonja; Lib.Arts, Roxie Aiicell, Charles; Pharm, Sikeston, MO Anderson, Callie; Lib.Arts, Morganfield, KY Arrington, Rhoda; Lib.Arts, Newton Ash, Stephanie; Lib.Arts, Potts Camp Aryal, Ashish; Lib.Arts, Holly Springs Atkinson, Julie; Lib.Arts, Hoover, AL Atkinson, Matthew; Lib.Arts, Houston Ayres, Chad; Lib.Arts, Grenada Baeshen, Najla; Lib.Arts, Oxford Bagley, Brett; Bus. Sch., Forest Bailey, Laura; Lib.Arts. Winona Baker, Todd; Lib.Arts, Pascagoula Barham, Michael; Lib.Arts, Meridian Barlow, Lynn E.; Pharm, Florence Baxley,Christopher;Bus.Sch.,Montgomery,AL, ■I-KT Bean, Demeka; Lib.Arts, Holly Springs Bell, Chassidy; Lib.Arts, Charthage Bell, Jenney; Lib.Arts, Ocean Springs Bell, Kimberly;Pharm,Ethelsville,AL,ZTA Bell, Robert; Lib.Arts, Water Valley Bellew, Mary; Bus. Sch., Hickman, KY Bennett, David; Bus. Sch., Oxford Berry, Jack; Lib.Arts, Morrow, GA Bevill, Jennifer; Lib.Arts,Memphis,TN,AOII Boihem, Lisa; Lib.Arts, Metairie, LA Bourland, Rebecca; Pharm, Coldwater, AAA Bradshaw,Kelly;Lib.Arts,Collierville,TN, KA0 Broadway, Bill; Accy Sch., Shreveport, LA Brocato, Emily; Bus. Sch., Brandon, KKT Brodnax, Moira; Pharm, Starkville Brookfield, Kathryn; Bus. Sch.,Memphis,TN, Brooks,Courtney;Lib.Arts,Poplar Blufi " ,MO, KKT Brown, Chan; Lib.Arts, Forest Brown, Chad; Lib.Arts, Forest Brown, James; Bus. Sch., Belden, I KT Brown, Jeanette; Lib.Arts, Oxford Brunt, Jovonda; Lib.Arts, Senatobia Bushkirk, Emily; Lib.Arts, New Albany llt J if.- w i 15 ' i wt i m k •! 100 qjp) e=£Ms s Burt, Tami; I.ib.Arts, Duck Hill Bush, Rebecca; Lib. Arts, Kthclsville, AL, ZTA Bull, Kristin; Lib, Arts, Joncsboro, AR Buford, Terrcnee; I.ib.Arts, Water Valley BuFKvss, James; Lib. Arts, Marks Bryan, Brillny; Lib. Arts, Baton Rouge, LA Byrne, Melanie; Lib. Arts, Gulfport, A.OTI CampbeU, Virginia; Lib.Arts, Birmingham, AL Carraway, Kortney; Educ, Birmingham, AL Carson, Amy; Lib.Arts, Raymond Caston, Lesley; Bus. Sch., Moss Point ChafTm, [Catherine; Lib, Arts, Clarksdale, AAA Chambers, Wendy; Lib.Arts, luka, KKT Chaney, Kimberly; Lib.Arts, Bartlett, TN Chatham, Camille; Lib.Arts, Nesbit, AT Cheatham, Victoria; Lib.Arts, Rolling Fork Chesnut, Angela; Lib.Arts, Oxford, AL Chiles, Mary; Lib.Arts, Clarksdale, AOIl Cho, Kijung; Lib.Arts, University Chuang, Yuh-Shy Ciscell, James; Bus. Sch., Falkner Coleman, Courtney; Lib.Arts, Batesville Corry, David; Lib.Arts, Brandon Cox, Jennifer; Pharm, Natchez Craft, Katrina; Lib.Arts, Winona Craig, Elizabeth; Lib, Arts, Jackson Crawford, Richard; Bus, Sch., Ruston, LA Croft, Carolyn; Lib.Arts, Madison, KKT Croom, Kimberly; Lib.Arts, Campbell, MO, Crosby, Martha; Lib.Arts, Jackson wto by Stephanie Shephard photo by Laura llaney mMs s 101 Freshmen Culberson, Anitra; Lib. Arts, Noxapater Cummings, Ginny; Lib.Arts, Jackson, ZTA Darby, Mary Claire; i ' harm, Batesville, M Davidson, John CuUcn III; Bus. Sch., Canton, ATfl Uavis, Jason; Lib.Arts, Pearl Davis, Michael; Lib.Arts, Clinton Davis, Sherry Ann; Lib.Arts, Tupelo Dawson, Charles; Lib.Arts, Batesville Derosa, David; Lib.Arts, Palm Harbor, FL Dix, Shawnda Mae; Bus. Sch., Ramer, TN Dixon, Lucy; Pharm, Yazoo City Donald, Cheryl; Lib.Arts, Ft. Campbell, KY Dudley, Michael; Eng., Coffeeville Dunnam, Ginger; Lib.Arts, Pascagoula, Ar Dykes, Stephanie; Lib.Arts, Mountain Brook, AL, nB Earvin, Antwana; Accy Sch., Ackerman Egan, Emily; Lib.Arts, Metairie, LA, AT Elliott, Reid; Lib.Arts, St.Louis, MO Elsohly, Mona; Pharm, Oxford Elshohly, Shahira; Pharm, OXford Enoch, Joellyn; Lib.Arts, Dyersburg, TN Erickson, Holly; Lib.Arts, Burleson, TX Eskridge, Misty Lynn; Eng., Selmer, TN Evans, Angela; Lib.Arts, Jackson, ZTA Evans, Juli-Ann; Lib.Arts, Greenwood Feng, Wei; Eng., University Ferguson, Jamie; Lib.Arts, Slidell, LA, AT Ferguson, Johnna; Bus. Sch., Liberty Ferguson, Julie; Lib.Arts, Homewood, AL Ferrell, Natalie; Lib.Arts, Batesville, KA photo by Andy Strauser photo by Scott King 102 ( mp ' ( LfAcS.S ' 6S KiRura, Kelly; Eng.. Dallas, TX I ' inchcr, Lori; Eng., Jackson, TN hinni ' ll. Ix ' slle; Lib.Ans, Huntsvillc, AL, KAH Kit KiTuld, John; Lib. Arts, Columbia, MD, IX Klcmons. Tasha; Lib. Arts, Abbeville Fletcher. Amy; Lib. Arts, San Diego, CA Flowers, Erin; Lib.Arts, Newport News, VA Flynt, Kcri; Bus. Sch., New Orleans, LA Klynt. Molli; Bus. Sch., New Orleans. LA, 1 M Franklin, Melissa; Lib.Arts, Fort Thomas, KY Gaines, Christopher; Lib.Arts, Pulaski, TN Galloway, Jason; Eng., Colorado Springs, CO Gardner, Nichalos; Eng., Myrtle Garner, Kimberly; Bus. Sch., Ashland Gendusa, Frank; Lib.Arts, Metairie, LA George, Rober; Lib.Arts, Jackson Gibson, Apollo; Lib.Arts, CofFeeville Givens, Jennifer; Lib.Arts, Lexington, KY, KKT Gleason, Christopher; Bus.Sch., Huntsville, AL Gosa, Victoria; Accy Sch., Greenwood Goss, Kathryn; Lib.Arts, Clarksdale, AAA Grabert, Aimee R. Green, Catherine; Pharm, Pascagoula Green, Joyce; Educ, Stone Mountain, GA Guthrie, Shelley; Lib.Arts, Jackson Gutierrez, Glenda; Lib.Arts, Brookhaven Hale, Amber; Lib.Arts, Oxford Haley. Chris; Lib.Arts, Senatobia Hallahan, Nancy; Lib.Arts, St. Louis, MO, ZTA Hancock, G. Wesley; Bus. Sch., Oxford Hano, Stephanie; Lib.Arts. Oxford Haraway, William; Lib.Arts, Millington, TN, ! A0 Harmon, Stacy Lynn; Lib.Arts, New Albany Harper, Mary Margaret; Lib.Arts, Taylorsville Harris. Natalie; Lib.Arts. Deland, IL Harris. Tanesheha; Eng., Oxford Hartman, Andrea; Educ, Largo, FL Hartnett, Christy; Lib.Arts. Memphis, TN Harvey, Dwana; Lib.. rts, Oakland Hassell, Jenny; Educ, Laurel Hatcher. John; Lib.Arts. Richmond, VA Hatley. Kevin; Lib.Arts, Crenshaw " a SSF s m 103 Freshmen Hayes, Kameron; Pharm sch, Holly Springs Henderson, Cormac: Lib.Arts, Monroe LA Hendry, Courtney; L;o.Arts, Baton Rouge LA Herrington, Tmiothy; Lib.Arts, Grenada Heyde, Heather; Lib.Arts, Chesterfield MO Hilliard, Shantae; Lib.Arts, Europa Holifield, Jacuelin; Lib.Arts, Searcy AR Holly, Robert; Bus. Sch., Holly Springs Horn, Jennifer; Lib.Arts, Franklin TN Horton, Magdalun; Lib.Arts, Webb Hoskin, Karla; Bus. Sch., Noxapater Hudson, Kameron; Eng., Horton AL Hutchens, Alvin; Bus. Sch., Memphis TN Hutchinson, Martha; Lib.Arts, Gallatin TN Ivy, Kevin; Eng. sch. Holly Springs Jackson, Kendra; Lib.Arts, Bellville IL Jarrett, Amy; Lib.Arts, Stone Mountain GA Jeffries, Jennifer; Lib.Arts, Holly Springs Johnson, Warren; Bus. Sch., University Johnson, Juanita; Lib.Arts, Dekalb Johnson, Gerald; Lib.Arts, Pass Christian Johnson, Charlton; Pharm Sch, Holly Spring Jones, William J.; Lib.Arts, Madison, KT Jones, John; Lib.Arts, Richton Jordan. Jodi; Bus. Sch., Cookville TN,KA0 Keaveny, Erin; Lib.Arts, Maryland Hts Kimble, Trina; Lib.Arts, Port Gibson King, Scott; Lib.Arts, Marietta GA Kinsell, Jeremy; Lib.Arts, Mimier IL Kitchens, Jennifer; Accy Sch., Kennett MO Koon, Laura; Bus. Sch., Jackson Labat, Jennifer; Bus. Sch., Bay St. Louis Lafferty, Michael Jr.; Pharm Sch, Pegram TN Langston, Shana; Lib.Arts, Southhaven Laskey, Margaux; Lib.Arts, Valdotso GA Leask, Christian; Eng., New Orleans, K2 Ledet, Albert; Lib.Arts, Waukegan IL Leggitt, James; Pharm, Oxford Leto, Victoria; Lib.Arts, St. Louis MO, AAII Lewis, Emily; Lib.Arts, Dyersburg TN, Xfl Lewis, Veronica; Lib.Arts, McComb Littleton, Geofferey; Bus. Sch., Fairfax VA 104 p ' =£ SMS Liuzza. Glcnda; Lib. Arts. Kenncr LA LoKan. Jason; Accy Sch., Banner Lord. Billc, Lib. Arts, C ' arrolUon L )(t. Ji-nnifcr, Bus. Sch., Hallisburg, AI ' Louis, Rcnac; Lib. Arts, Abbeville l »e, Valerie; Accy Sch., Jackson Lucius, Tara; Educ, Vardaman Luckett, Holly; Lib. Arts, Raymond, KA Lee, Lu; Bus. Sch., University Lynch, Edward; Bus. Sch., Atlanta GA Lynch, Elizabeth; Lib. Arts, Florence SC Maag, Thomas; Lib.Arts, Edwardsville IL Magee, Thomas; Lib.Arts, Franklinton LA Makinster, Dean; Bus. Sch., Jackson, I KT Mallini. Kristen; Lib.Arts, Columbia SC Mangum, Bentra; Pharm, Pearl Martin, Matthew; Lib.Arts, Little Rock AR Martinez, Jessie; Lib.Arts, Laurel Mason, Jennifer; Lib.Arts, Apple Vally MN Massengale, Brian; Lib.Arts, Trussville AL Massey, Traci; Lib.Arts, Batesville, I MR McCalb, April; Accy Sch.. Madison McCallum, Tara; Lib.Arts, St, Louis, ZTA McClellan, Jennifer; Lib.Arts, Marietta GA McCord, Jennifer; Lib.Arts, Oxford McCurley, Amanda; Lib.Arts, Dothan Al McElwain, Margaret; Lib.Arts, Grenada, AT McKay, Horace; Educ, University McKay, Candace; Lib.Arts, Edwards McNeer, Richard; Lib.Arts, Greenwood Melton, Moss; Accy Sch., University, $A9 Meredith, Mark; Lib.Arts, Bowling Green KY Miller, Amy; Lib.Arts, Mounds IL Miller, Amy; Lib.Arts, Moriaty NM Miller, William IV; Lib.Arts, Chadston Miyagawa, Eri; Bus. Sch., Jackson Moody, Rita; Bus. Sch., Coffeevile Moore, Laura; Lib.Arts, Winona Moore, Michele; Pharm, Winona Moore, Nesie; Lib.Arts, Winona Morgan, Laurie; Bus. Sch., Mount Olive, KA Morris, Marianne; Educ, Dallas TX " aSMS S V) 105 Freshmen Morrow, Jolette; Lib.Arts, Gulfport Mosie, Emily; Bus. Sch., Saratoga CA Munir, Arif; Eng., Oxford Murph, Rose; Lib.Arts, Winowna Myers, Kathryn; Lib.Arts, Dundee Myrick, Teresa; Lib.Arts, Water Vally Napper, Stephanie; Educ, Rusto La Nash, Leslie; Lib.Arts, Concord NC Nash, Rebecca; Lib.Arts, SlideU LA Neal, Anntionette; Lib.Arts, Roxie Neal, Emily; Bus. Sch., Memphis TN, KA Neely, Angela; Lib.Arts, Magee Nelson, Allison; Bus. Sch., Montgomery, AL Neubauer, Stacey; Accy Sch., Belleville, IL Newcome, Megan; Lib.Arts, Cox ' s Creek, KY Noone, Christopher; Lib.Arts, Jackson Nohsey, Elizabeth; Educ, Union City, TN Oatis, Julius; Eng., Coffeeville Ohlmeyer, Raleigh; Lib.Arts, New Orleans, La, XKT Osadchuk, Elecia; Lib.Arts, Midland, TX Oswalt, Lewanda; Pharm, Wier Page, Anita; Lib.Arts, Hattiesburg Palmer, Amy; Lib.Arts, Hoover, AL Park, Kyoungyong; University Patterson, Heather; Lib.Arts, Ocean Springs Payne, Jesse; Pharm, Aberdeen Pederse n, Casey; Eng., Hurley Perkins, Allyson; Lib.Arts, Jackson Perrin, Connie; Eng., Baton Rouge, LA Person, Dana; Lib.Arts, Natchez Pfeiffer, Brenda; Educ, St. Charles, IL. Phillips, Catherine; Lib.Arts, Bolton Phillips, Cynthia; Pharm, Blue Mountain Pieralisi, Daniel; Bus. Sch., Greenville Pigford, Hillary; Lib.Arts, Memphis, TN. Plunkett, Candice; Lib.Arts, Jackson Poindexter, Rebecca; Lib.Arts, Eupora Powell, Shelly; Lib.Arts, DTberville Prestage, Courtney; Lib.Arts, Fulton, AF Prewitt, Frank; Lib.Arts, Jackson Quinn, Micah; Lib.Arts, Memphis, TN, IIB Reaves, Amy; Lib.Arts, Decatur, AL 106 fp) ' C X iS.S ' S Keddy. Rckha; Lib. Arts. Brandon Ri ' di ' kiT, Terry; Lib. Arts, San Bernardino, CA Kcdmond. 1 ranees; Lib. Arts, Lriars Point Htfd, Joan; Lib. Arts, Worthington, KY Reeves, David; Lib. Arts, St. Petersburg, FL, XKT Rcmbert, Korie; Lib.Arts, Pascagoula Rcnfroc, Kimberly; Lib.Arts, Tupelo Restcr, James; Bus. Sch., Ackerman,KA Reynolds, Maya; Lib.Arts, Webb Rice, Christie; Lib.Arts, Portland, AR Rilette, Shannon; Educ, Katy,TX Riley, Elizabeth; Pharm. Brandon Riordan, Michael; Bus. Sch., Alpharetta, GA, 2AE Risher, Jessica; Lib.Arts, Natchez, ZTA Roberts, Christopher; Eng., Tupelo Roberts, John; Bus. Sch., Oxford Roberts, Jonathan; Lib.Arts, Columbia, TN Robertson, Melanie; Lib.Arts, New Albany Rogers, Lee; Lib.Arts, Tupelo Rogers, Renee; Lib.Arts, Mary Esther, FL Rowe, Stephanie; Lib.Arts, Star City, AR Rowland, Alyssa; Lib.Arts, Charleston, ' I M Sanders, Carrie; Educ, Homsby,TN Sander, Stephanie; Bus. Sch., Chesterfield, MO Scanlon, John; Lib.Arts, Jackson, 2X Schee, Susan; Pharm, Camden, AR Scott, Brittney; Pharm, Union City.TN Schonberg, Kristen; Lib.Arts, Covington, LA, KA0 Schuler, Jill; Lib.Arts, Royds Knobs, IN Schwartz, Ryan; Lib.Arts, Hillsboro, IL phoio by Scott King photo by Richard Mc ' eer " SS SS ( p) 107 Freshman I Searty, Salwan; Eng., Oxford Serrano, Edgar; University Sewell, Marty; Eng., Crowder Sharp, Kober; Lib.Arts, Cordova, TN Shaw, Jennifer; Pharm, Waterford Shaw, Nicolette; Lib.Arts, University Simpkins, Erich; Lib.Arts, Princeton, IL Simpson, Melanie; Lib.Arts,New Orleans,LA Skinner, Patrick; Eng., Pine Bluff, AR, X Spiers, Dustin; Lib.Arts, Picayune Soleme, Aydin; University Smith, Amy; Lib.Arts, Brookhaven, KA Smith, Angenette; Lib.Arts, Coldwater, AKA Smith, Morton; Lib.Arts, Corinth Smith, Kimberly; Pharm., Florence Smith, Ellen; Lib.Arts, Batesville Smith, Kristy; Lib.Arts, University, $M Smith, Melanie; Pharm., Jackson Stacy, Penny; Lib.Arts, Ackerman Starks, Lavonne; Lib.Arts, Memphis, TN Steckler, Karla; Lib.Arts, Biloxi Stevens, Margaret; Lib.Arts, Quitman Stomsky, Christopher; Lib.Arts, University Storm, Joshua; Bus. Sch., University Strickland, Heather; Lib.Arts, Southaven Sutherland, Erin; Bus. Sch., Springfield, MO Sullivan, Sherri; Lib.Arts, Cleveland Sugihara, Yukako; University Suggs, Erica; Bus. Sch., Tillatoba Taylor, Angela; Lib.Arts, Oakland £k photo by Deborah Quarks photo by Deborah Quarles 108 ( fp) e=£MSS S Taylor, Lee; Bus. Sch., Verona Taylor, Marya; Lib, Arts, Soulhavcn laylor,Michcllf; Lib. Arts. Marietta, GA, IIB I avior.Sandra; Bus. Sch., Holly Spring.s, M lual. John; Bus. Sch., Dallas, TX 1 hanh, Mai; Pharm., Jackson Tinsley, Julie; Pharm., Thaxton Tirrell, Rebckha; Lib. Arts, University Tran, Anh; Lib. Arts, Oxford Trofimova, Maria; Bus. Sch., Oxford Urbanek, James; Bus. Sch., Oxford Vaccaro, Nicolas; Lib.Arts, Covington, LA Vaughn, Kimberly; Lib.Arts, Water Valley Vaughn, Mitchell; Lib.Arts, Pearl Vinson, Tara; Pharm., Jackson Voltz, Carolyn; Accy Sch., Montgomery, AL Wagner, Gretchen; Accy Sch., Baton Rouge, LA Waldrup, Susan; Lib.Arts, Batesville Warren, Michael; Pharm., Oxford Watson, Daniel; Lib.Arts, Brookhaven Watt, Lester; Lib.Arts, Grenada Walker, Alisha; Lib.Arts, Pontotoc Ward, Chenata; Lib.Arts, Abbeville Wardlaw, Bryan; Accy Sch., Clinton Webb, Laurie; Lib.Arts, Sumner Weeks, Latoya; Lib.Arts, Winona Weigandt, Scott; Educ, Vienna, WV Wells, Carissa; Lib.Arts, Hamilton Wells, Jennifer; Accy Sch., Newark, DE, 4 M Wenzel, Laura; Lib.Arts, Tunica West, Heidi; Pharm., Germantown, TN West, Whitney; Lib.Arts, Lyon Weston, Thomas; Lib.Arts, New Orleans, LA Whealdon, Jennifer; Bus.Sch., Carrollton, TX AAA White, Melinda; Lib.Arts, Lumberton Whitwell, Fletcher; Lib.Arts, Oxford, 2N Wichser, George; Lib.Arts, New Orleans, LA Wilkinson, Charles; Accy Sch., Gretna, LA Williams, Juan; Lib.Arts, Vaiden Williams, Alycia; Bus. Sch., Laurel, ZTA Wilson, Johnnie; Lib.Arts, Okolona Woo, Laurie; Lib.Arts, Indianola 109 Freshman Wood, Susanne Accy Sch., Brandon Woods, PolJy; Lib.Arts, Olive Branch Woodall. Kiraberly; Lib.Arts,, Tupelo Yarbrough, Courtney; Lib.Arts, Marietta, GA Yates, Jason; Lib.Arts, Jackson Yeh, Hsueh-Ying; Bus. Sch., University Young, Karen; Pharm., Pearl Young, Rich; Bus. Sch., Madison Zimmerman, Brian; Lib.Arts, CoUierville, TN Watson, Brent; Lib.Arts, Lineville, AL pholo by Scolt Km); 110 np e ' Ass s Sophomore ■4 Ai ' ki ' rman. Jcaniiic. Accy Sch., Columbus Acurf, ( linstoplicr; l.ib.Arls, Jackson.TN AkcK ' k. Slc-phanlc; Bus. Sch., Pontotoc Allin. kimhcrly; Iduc, Indianola. KKP Allen. Patrick; 1 ih. Arts, Oxford Anderson, Stephen; Lib. Arts, Ulica Andrews, William; Bus.Sch., Muscle Shoals, Al Anasrdi, Jennifer; Lib.Arts, Kenner, LA Baker. Anthony; Bus. Sch., Hernando Barber, Bridget; Lib.Arts, Tupelo, KA Barficld. Barbara; Lib.Arts, Blytheville, AR Bargman, Ginger; tduc, Dallas, TX, KA Barnes. JefTery; Bus. Sch., Franklin, TN Bartling, Ruth; Lib.Arts, Jackson, XS] Baskin, Chiquita; Lib.Arts. University Beach, Peirce; Lib.Arts, Natchez Beattie, Molly; Lib.Arts, Starkville. AAA Bell, Kelly; Lib.Arts, Dyersburg, TN Xn BelL Robyn; Lib.Arts, Amarrillo, Tx Belue, Jennifer; Lib.Arts, Florence, Al, KA6 Bishop. Sharmon; Educ, Oxford, $K Bishop, Larry; Bus. Sch., Oxford Black, Vicki; Lib.Arts, Ackerman, AF Blossom, Benjamin; Lib.Arts, Forest, 2N Bonds, Anna; Lib.Arts, luka, KAQ Borst, Bonnie; Lib.Arts, Clinton Box, Brandy; Lib.Arts, Ackerman, AF Brewer, Michael; Bus.Sch., Memphis, TN, K Brissenden. Jill; Lib.Arts, Flora, IL, HE Britt, Dana; Pharm.Sch., Natchez Bubrig. Dennis; Lib.Arts, Pocahontas, Ar Buddendeck, Michael; Lib.Arts, Falls Church. VA Buford, Tracy; Accy Sch., Oxford Buglewicz, Douglas; Lib.Arts. Vicksburg, X4 ' Bundy, William; Eng., Sch., Shreveport, La, ' KT Burge, Christine; Lib.Arts, Bartlett. Tn. KA Bushong. Jennifer; Lib.Arts. Woodbridge VA Buskirk, Anna; Accy Sch.. New Albany, AF Bynum. Tonya; Law Ctr. Oxford Callcnder, Bradlev; Lib. Arts. Mccorab Cardwell, Mary; Lib.Arts. Clarksdale. AAII Carlson, Emily; Lib.Arts, Ocean Springs, KA0 " s es sMs frp 111 Sophomore Carmen, Jay; Lib.Arts, Caruthersville, MO Carmon, Jason; Lib. is. Bowling Green, KY Carney, is- ica; Lib.Arts, Meridian Carter, Dd: .c; Pharm.Sch, Ackerman Carter, Frances; Lib.Arts, Tupelo, Xn Cartwright, James; Bus. Sch., Ackerman Cassagne, Elizabeth; Lib.Arts, Carriere Catlett, Lindsey; Lib.Arts, Blytheville, AR, IIB Catlin, William; Bus.Sch., Jacksonville, Fl 2X Chancellor, Rainey; Lib.Arts, Meridian, KA Chapin, Tonya; Lib.Arts, New Albany Chapman, Traci; Educ, Dunwoody, GA Cheairs, William; Accy Sch., Covington, TN, 2N Cheng, Annie; Eng., University Childs, Marlon; Bus. Sch., Ruleville Chism, Jennifer; Lib.Arts, New Albany AOn Chiu, Hiufai; Bus. Sch., University Chong, Shiaw; Accy Sch., East Orange, NJ Christopher, Regan; Lib.Arts, New Roads, LA, KKT Clark, Jami; Lib.Arts, Ocean Springs, AT Clay, Audrey; Lib.Arts, Houston Cobb, Bradford; Lib.Arts, Tunica, 2X Cochran, Rebecca; Educ, German, TN, IIB Coffey, Lyndie; Lib.Arts, Etta photo by Elizabeth Bauch photo by Lyn Lynch 112 • fnP ' ' - ASMS roRKins, Tcrri; Lib. Arts, Blaine, Ar ( oil-. Richard; Pharm, Columbus C ' uk-man, Nira; l.ib.Arts, Jackson Collins, Slaccy, Hduc, Chcstcrricld, VAAOIl Colston, Katrina. l.ib.Arts, Abbeville Cox, Brvan; Bus. Sch., Birmingham, AL, X Daily, Tammie; Accy Sch., lone, CA, ZTA Crec, Joshua; Pharm, Hendersonnnville, TN Crays, Brian; Lib. Arts, Hernando Craddock, Tyler, Lib.Arts, Columbus, ATJi Crabtree, Donald; Bus. Sch., University, rA Cox, Larae; Lib.Arts, Horn Lake Daniels, Marsha; Lib.Arts, Pelahatchie Davidson. Jenny; Accy Sch., Orange Park, FL, ZTA Davis, Andrea; Bus. Sch., Water Valley Davis, Larice; Lib.Arts, Terry, AKA Davis, Micheele; Accy Sch., Ripley Day, Kelly; Lib.Arts, Memphis, TN, HB Deak, Dario; Lib.Arts, University Dees, Jennifer; Lib.Arts, Oxford Dehmer, Dodds; Bus. Sch., Jackson, 2X Dekoster, John; Lib.Arts, Waterloo, lA, X Deloach, Lisa; Lib.Arts, Caseyville, IL, AAA Deneke, Heather; Phann, Cape Girardeau, Mo Derrick, Michelle; Lib.Arts. Pontotoc Dickson, Elizabeth; Lib. Arts.Hattiesburg, AAA Dllworhth, Heather; Lib.Arts, HuntsviUe, Al nB Dodge, Elizabeth; Educ, Tupelo, nx Dohan. Marguerite; Accy Sch., Bailey Dowe, Tracy; Educ, Tylertown Ducy, Kimberly; Bus, Sch., Piano, TX Duncan. Marissa; Lib.Arts, Ripley Dyer, Erika; Lib.Arts, Long Beach Earhart, Austin; Lib.Arts, Baton Rouge, LA, 2X Ellison, Todd: Lib.Arts, Madison Ennis, William; Accy Sch.,Jackson, TN, ATfl Estes, Wesley; Eng., Natchez, S E Everett. Scott; Pharm, Jackson. I KT Felts, Tracy; Lib.Arts. Greenville. OB Finch, Sunnye; Lib.Arts, University, KA Findlcy, Carol; Lib.Arts, Jackson, XO Finley, Courtney; Bus, Sch., Wrentham, MA, S g s c S cV ' mp 113 Sophomore Fenwick, Rosemary; Educ.,Kosciusko,AAA Flake, ' ' i.nie; Lib. Arts, Oxford Ford, Mar: , Bus. Sch., Jackson, AAA Foster, Cinnaaon; Lib.Arts, Water Valley Fowler, Terri; Lib.Arts, Mayfield Gaston, Amanda; Educ., Meridian,Xn Gamblin, Brady; Bus. Sch., Philadelphia, KKT Gabrielly, Elizabeth; Lib.Arts, Arlington,TX, AAH Gibbons, Dorothy; Educ, New Orleans,LA, XQ Glover, Tonya; Lib.Arts, Mandeville, LA Goodrum, Gina; Lib.Arts, Savannah, TN, IIB Goswami, Debjyoti; Eng., Clinton Graham, Brent; Bus. Sch., Natchez Graham, Chris; Accy Sch., Florence Gray, Michael; Lib.Arts, Little Rock, AR Geenhaw, Jennifer; Lib.Arts, Armory, KKT Griffin, Dwayne; Pharm, Columbus Grubbs, Holly; Bus. Sch., New Albany, ZTA Gunther, Troy; Accy Sch.,Mandeville,LA, I K Gunn, Elizabeth; Bus. Sch., Macon, GA, Xfi Hale, Laura; Educ, Oxford, AAII Hale, Nikki; Bus.Sch.,Hendersonville,TN, ZTA Han, Maohao; Lib.Arts, University Hannah, Doris; Bus. Sch., Amory Hanson, Nicole; Lib.Arts, Southaven Hardaway, Erica; Lib.Arts, Holly Springs Harpole, Charles; Eng., Lexa, AR Harris, Edward; Pharm, Chesterfield, VA Hartley, Margaret; Lib.Arts, Natchez, xo) Harvey, Wilham; Lib.Arts, Biloxi Hasseltine, Hanley; Lib.Arts, Jackson, 2 E Head, James; Eng., Port Wentworth, GA Herron, Haley; Educ, Batesville Herron, Jason; Educ, Batesville Hester, Neeli; Accy Sch., Anguila, AT Hill, Jennifer; Bus.Sch.,Birmingham,AL,AAn Ho Wing, Yan; Eng., University Hoffman, Candace; Lib.Arts, Stuart, PL, AOII Hollingswortb, Wendy; Bus. Sch., Oxford Holmes, Molly; Lib.Arts, Houston, TX, KA0 Hood, Stacey; Lib.Arts, Pearl Howard, John; Lib.Arts, Clinton 114 ( fp ' £MSSr S .Icfcoal, Candacc; Accy Sch., Shaw, KA Jenkins. Karen; Lib. Arts, Oxford Jcnninf(s, Brad, Lib. Arts, University, IN JcnninKS. George; l.ib.Arts. Pearl Johnson. Holly; Lib. Arts, Sherwood, AR, M Johnson, Margaret; Lib. Arts, Osyka Johnson. Rebecca; Lib.Arts, Osyka Johnston, Elizabeth; Lib.Arts, Atlanta, GA KA Jones, Clarissa; Lib.Arts, Holly Springs Jones, Jonna; Lib.Arts, Lusby, MD Jones, Robert; Accy Sch., Tylertown Jones, Steven; Phann., Pontotoc Jones, Ten-i; Lib.Arts, Grenada Jordan, Jason; Eng., Como Jordan, Tamela; Lib.Arts, Han-isville Kader, Imran; Eng., University Kelley, Amy; Educ, Jasper, AL, Xn Kelly, Lynn; Bus. Sch., Winona Kenney, John; Lib.Arts, Shreveport, LA, K2 Keys, David; Educ, Macon, GA Khan, Muhammed; Eng., University Kraft, Kimberly; Lib.Arts, T-Town, TN, AAIl Lacoss, Tara; Lib.Arts, Brandon Laragione, Charles; Bus. Sch., Oreland, PA photo by Steve Rosamond photo by Debbie McAnatly mMss cS ( ip) 115 Sophomore Laster, L-se; Lib. Arts, Grenada, KA Lee, Anthony; Lib.Art s, Ocean Springs Lee, Dtdric; Lib.Arts, Hattiesburg Lee, Deste; Lib.Arts, Pearl Lefort, Catina; Accy Sch., Grand Bay, Al Leggett. Lessie; Bus. Sch., Greenwood, KA Le-Sueur, Reginald; Lib.Arts, Holly Srings Levi, Mary; Educ, Tennesse, KKT Lewis, Kelli; Pharm, Petal Li, Li-Jung; Bus. Sch., University Lotterhos, Teresa; Bus. Sch., Germantown XJ) Lovell, Milton; Bus. Sch., Crossett, AR, X Marshall, Stacy; Lib.Arts, MayersvUle Mardis, Jennifer; Eng., Clinton, LA Marcis, Douglas; Lib.Arts, Jackson, TN Magee, Tara; Eng., Hattiesburg Lucas, Christopher; Lib.Arts, Wesson, BQIl Lowe, Charlotte; Lib.Arts,, Oxford, z AA Martin, Kathryn; Educ, Jackson, Xfi May, Margaret; Bus. Sch., Jackson, KA0 Mayfield, Janna; Accy Sch., Etta McCarver, Jennifer; Lib.Arts, Tupelo, KA0 McCausland, Allison; Lib.Arts, New Orleans, LAXn McCoy, Laura; Educ, Shubuta, AAII McCuUoch, Chris; Lib.Arts, Mexia, TX McDaniel, Kirsten; Lib.Arts, Franklin, TN McEachern, Julie; Lib.Arts, Minden, LA McEwen, Heather; Lib.Arts, Brentwood, TN, IIB Mcintosh, Jennifer; Lib.Arts, Paducah, KY, AOn McKianey, Joachim; Pharm., West Point McNabb,Coriey;Lib.Arts,Centreville ,Ar McNeer, Edward; Pharm,Carrollton Meyer, Nicole; Lib.Arts, Kirkwood, MO,KKr Miles, Jenny; Accy Sch., Poplarville, iM Mitchell, Michael; Accy Sch., Starkville, K Mize, David; Lib.Arts, Oxford Moore, Alison; Lib.Arts, Olive Branch Morales, Oriando; Bus. Sch., Pearl Morgan, Kristen; Lib.Arts, Baton Rouge, LA, KA Morris, Cynthia; Educ, Dallas, TX, KA0 Morris, Lee; Lib.Arts, Grenada, 2N Mroz, Jo; Lib.Arts, New Albany 116 nip e FASs s i Mullen. Amanda; lib.Arts. Allanla.GA.KAH Munn. Ann; lib.Arts, Wilmcr, Al., I ' M Muse. Carolyn; lib.Arts, Dallas, TX, AAA Myatt, Michelle; Lib.Arts, Gcrmantown, TN, AAH Naquin, Donna; Educ, University Ncely, Carol; Lib.Arts, Palm City, FL.AOH Nelly, Sherridan; Educ, Houston, TX Oakes, Jamie; Lib.Arts, Homlake, KA Odom, Edcardo; Bus. Sch., Byromville. GA Ogden, Anne; L ib.Arts, Metairie, LA, KA Oliver, Bethany; Lib.Arts, Oxford Parish, Melissa; Accy Sch., Amory Parker, Allison; Lib.Arts, Indianola, AT Parker, Kristy; Lib.Arts, University Parks, Beth; Lib.Arts, Flowood Parvin, Elisha; Lib.Arts, Corinth, AT Pasquale, Jennifer; Lib.Arts, Oxford Paul, Michelle; Lib.Arts, Brandon Peacor, Darrol; Eng., Yazoo City Peede, Thomas; Lib.Arts, Brandon Peters, Christy; Lib.Arts, Scooba Petty, Sharon; Lib.Arts, Calhoun City Phelps, Patricia; Lib.Arts, Jackson, Xil Phipps, Melba; Accy Sch., University Pickering, Brian; Lib.Arts, Natchez, HE Pickett, Bradley; Lib.Arts, Pope Pittman, Paul; Accy Sch., Columbus, Ben Pluckett, Jessie; Accy Sch., Pontotoc Powell, Christy; Pharm, Calhoun City Powell, Melissa; Lib.Arts, Melbourne, FL Prince, Nancy; Lib.Arts, Aberdeen, AT Pugh, James; Eng., Signal Mtn.,TN Quinn, Angela; Bus. Sch.. Water Valley Quillinan. John; Eng.. Morris Plains. NJ Rahman. Javed; Eng.. University RatlifT, Laura; Love, Pharm, Raymond,XQ Ricca, Brandi; Lib.Arts, New Orleans,LA Roberts, Kendra; Lib.Arts, Columbus Roberts, Michelle; Lib.Arts, Pine Bluff, Ar, IIB Roberts. William; Lib.Arts. Dallas, TX Roberson, William; Bus. Sch., Greenwood, Ae Romine, Stacy; Accy Sch., Walls ' SeMSMcS ip) 117 Sophomore Rose, Kristin; Lib. Arts, Natchitoches, LA Ross, EUzabeth; .Arts, Ridgeland, AT Rowell. B;- ' : ! lib.Arts, Pasadena, TX F :; ■ 2r, Lareeca; Lib.Arts, Etta Rue, Adam; Eng., Muscle Shoals, AL Russ, William; Accy Sch., Jackson, 2X Russell, Frederick; Lib.Arts, University Russell, Jami; Lib.Arts, Hillsboro, IL Schueth, Gail; Pharm, Crossett, AR, HB Sides, Rebecca; Lib.Arts, Dundee, XQ Simpson, Thomas; Eng., Ferawood Sit, Fung; Bus. Sch., University Smith, Christy; Lib.Arts, Haynesville, LA Smith, Marcia; Bus. Sch., Pontotoc Amith, Timothy; Lib.Arts, Ecru Snyder, Nathanial; Lib.Arts, Morris Chapel, TN Soljan, Deedee; Lib.Arts, Biloxi, IIB$ Sorrell, Leslie; Bus. Sch., Hopkinsville, KY, AOn Sorrells, Maureen; Lib.Arts,GreenweU Spgs, LA, AOn Stanley, Rachel; Bus. Sch., Waynesboro, KA Stewart, Brad; Lib.Arts, Olive Branch Stinson, Michael; Lib.Arts, Marion, IL Stringer, Alison; Lib.Arts, Pearl Summers, Jenny; Bus. Sch., Duncan, KA H K W Z -M J m Kjj V L a| M WM 9V9 H pholo by Scoii King photo by Scott King 118 qnp i £M.H.S gS Samfurd. I aurcn, I ihArls, I.ongvicw, TX, AMI Saufley, Matthew; Bus. Sch., Richmond, VA Scars, Robin; Pharm., Florence Scibcis, Robert; Bus. Sch., Montgomery, AL, Seller. Vincent; Accy Sch., Corinth Sewell, Lisa; Bus. Sch., Clarksdale Seymour. Holly; Lib.Arts, Hernando Seymour. Jenny; Lib.Arts, CoUierville, TN Thomas, Kristi; Lib.Arts, Gautier Thompson, Melissa; Lib.Arts, Louisville Thoms, Marcy; Bus. Sch., Richton, AAA Thomson, Kathleen; Bus.Sch.,New Orleans.LA, AAH Thornton, Thomas; Lib.Arts, Coldwater Toralinson, Jim; Lib.Arts, Walnut Touchette, Amy; Lib.Arts, Belleville, IL Townes, Percy; Bus. Sch., Charleston Travis, Collin; Accy Sch., Picayune, AAA Troncone, Christy; Accy Sch., Hunlsville, AL Tumlnello, Domonique; Lib.Arts,Vicksburg, AF Turgeon, Stephanie; Bus.Sch., Baton Rouge, LA, ZTA Turnage, Laura; Lib.Arts, Springfield, MO, M Underwood, Jeff; Lib.Arts, Pope Van, Phong; Lib.Arts, North Biloxi Vance, Jennie; Lib.Arts, Philadelphia Vega, Jason; Lib.Arts, Heidelberg, B8II Vester, Amy; Educ, Hurst, TX, AT Vines, Clifford; Lib.Arts, Byhalia Wagner, Clay; Bus. Sch., Paducah, KY, ' I ' K ' I ' VValburn, Sally; Lib.Arts, Tuscaloosa, AL, AAA Walters, Deidra; Lib.Arts,, Laurel, AT Walton, Anne; Educ, Newbem, TN, KA0 Weber, Micheal; Lib.Arts.Baton Rouge,LA, Weeden, Larry; Accy Sch., Katy, TX Westphal, Todd; Lib.Arts, Grenada White, Christy; Eng., Falkner, AOn White, Nancy; Educ, Pascagoula, HE White, Robert; Bus. Sch., Jackson, TN, 2N Whitt, Angela; Lib.Arts, Pontotoc Wilbanks, Kristine; Lib.Arts, Olive Branch Williams. Amy; Educ, Dyersburg. TN, XO Williams, Reginald; Lib.Arts. Jackson Willingham, Preston; Bus. Sch., Water Valley MSS S • np 119 Sophomore Wilson, Brian; Bus. Sch., Natchez Wilson, Kflilio ' n; Accy Sch., Batesville VViygul, David; Bus. Sch., Tupelo Wong, Dick; Bus. Sch., Corinth Wong, Tom; Bus. Sch., Corinth, X Woo, Mack; Pharm., Belzoni Wood, Gustavus; Bus.Sch., Nashville, TN, Wright, Douglas; Educ, Arlington, TX Wyrosdick, Shanon; Lib. Arts, Gulfport Yanik, Leslie; Bus. Sch., Ocean Springs Yates, Dennis; Lib. Arts, University Yeager, Laura; Educ, Boyle, KA Zagst, Brandon; Lib. Arts, Kosciusko pholu by Scoll King 120 ( ip) t X AcScS S Abraham. Mary; Lib.Arts, Vicksburg, AP Alltn, Mcrri; Educ, Jackson, KKP Allen, James; Bus. Sth.. Jackson, £N Ainsworlh, Dcbra; Pharm, Hernando, M ' Ahmed. Tanvir; Eng., Los Angeles, CA Adams, Shunta; Lib.Arts, Balesville Alvis, Adam; Lib.Arts, Franklin, TN l rA Anderson, Regina; Pharm, Goodman Arbclaez. Isabel; Bus. Sch., Pensacola, FL AOll Arbuckle, Nancy; Lib.Arts, Oxford Arnold, Paula; Lib.Arts, University Arnold, Rebecca; Lib.Arts, Brentwood, TN Xil Askew, Peter; Lib.Arts, Atlanta,GA 2 E Austin, Kristy; Lib.Arts, Sallis, AAII Baeshen, Hoda; Lib.Arts, Oxford Baisier, Bernard; Lib.Arts, Metairie, LA Baker, Jason; Pharm, Batesville Baker, Justin; Lib.Arts, Batesville Balderson, Stephanie; Eng., Vienna, VA AT Barclay, James; Educ, Columbus Barksdale, Patricia; Lib.Arts, Oxford Barmettler, Jane; Lib.Arts, University Barnes, Jacqueline; Lib.Arts, Southaven Barrett, Jason; Lib.Arts, Cordova, TN 2N Beavers, Thomas; Lib.Arts, Del Rio, TX Beelman, Everett; Lib.Arts, New Orleans, LA Bennett, Robin; Bus. Sch., Jackson Berey, Bethany; Lib.Arts, Mandeville, LA AOn Bergeson, Holly; Lib.Arts, St.Louis.MO Xfl Bland, Kimberiy; Bus. Sch., Germantown, TN KA0 Bonds, Charles; Accy Sch., Newport, AR Bougard. Kashun; Eng., University Bourgeois, Paul; Lib.Arts, Lafayette, LA Bradshaw, Aaron; Bus. Sch., Mobile, AL A Brock, Heather; Educ, Columbus Brown, Anita; Lib.Arts, Winona Brown, Dennis; Pharm, University Brown, Jason; Bus. Sch., Coppell, TX Brown, Jennifer; Bus. Sch., Water Valley. IIB Brown, Melba; Lib.Arts, Abbeville Bryan, Stephen; Lib.Arts, Carriere Buchman, Kara; Lib.Arts, Cincinnati, OH " S eMSS S " mF 121 Junior Buckley, Laura; Lib. , its, Hattiesburg, AAA Burgess, ' aleri; Lib.Arts, Marks, Xfi Burkes, Kimberly; Lib.Arts, Pearl, $M BumhaiE, innn; Eng., Frankfort, KY, M Burnbam, Susan; Lib.Arts, Jackson Burton, Mark; Bus. Sch., Ethel Busby, Amanda; Bus. Sch., Oxford Bushong, David; Eng., St.Louis, MO, rA Cado, Monica; Bus. Sch., Met airie, LA, $M Calhoun, Matthew; Lib.Arts, Monticello Carlisle, Bethany; Lib.Arts, Alpharetta, GA AT Carney, Angela; Bus. Sch., Memphis, TN AAII Carothers, Cotena; Eng., Taylor, AKA Carson, Lauren; Lib.Arts, Biloxi Carter, Leigh; Educ, Winona Case, Tracy; Lib.Arts, Gautier Cencula, Allyson; Lib.Arts, Memphis, TN Chang, Hsiu; Bus. Sch., University Chen, Sen-Khuen; Bus. Sch., University Chesnut, Melissa; Lib.Arts, Oxford, AL Childers, Valerie; Accy Sch., Myrtle, AOII Chinery, Angela; Educ, Memphis, TN Choi, Yin; Eng., University Chow, Lisa; Accy Sch., Clarksdale, Xfi Chua, Wei; Bus. Sch., University Chung, Chih-Chan; Bus. Sch., University Clark, James; Lib.Arts, Centreville Clavier, Jodi; Lib.Arts, Marrero, LA Clearman, Amanda; Lib.Arts, Petal, AAII Cody, Melanie; Lib.Arts, Baldwyn, IIB$ Cook, Bruce; Eng., Courtland Cope, John; Bus. Sch., HoUandale, A0 Courtney, Claudia; Lib.Arts, Shreveport, LA Cox, Christine; Lib.Arts, Smyrna, GA Crawford, Geneva; Accy Sch., University, AKA Crider, Kelly; Eng., Nesbit, UCD Cromeans, Keitha; Lib.Arts, Golden, ZTA Crosby, James; Lib.Arts, Dumas Crosby, Kay; Lib.Arts, Jackson, AT Cunningham, Sharon; Educ, Pearl Dambrino, Elizabeth; Educ, Gulfport Davis, Darrell; Bus. Sch., Olive Branch, 2N J£»? H 122 fp i ' seMss s Davis, Rcbekah; Lib. Arts, Ricnzi Davis, Timothy; Lib. Arts, Brandon Dcnckhofr, Robert; Lib. Arts, St. Louis MO Deon, Connie; Bus. Sch., Carthage Diggs, James; Lib. Arts, Poquoson VA Dillard, Andrew; Lib.Arts, Milan TN Dillard, KeUie; Lib.Arts, Oxford Downing, Carrie; Lib.Arts, Jonesboro AR, I M Dudley, Jennifer; Lib.Arts, St. Petersburg FL IIB Dunagan, Joseph; Accy Sch., Collierville Duren, Tawana; Lib.Arts, Jackson Eaves, Mary; Lib.Arts, Gulfport Eckols, Tametrice; Lib.Arts, Lambert Edgar, Robert; Accy Sch., Ridgeland. KA Edwards, Gwendolyn; Educ, University Embry, Brock; Lib.Arts, University Erwin, Lea; Educ, Clinton AOn Famer, Melissa; Lib.Arts, Bruce Ferris, Margaret; Lib.Arts, Jackson, AAA Fitzgerald, Bridget; Accy Sch., New Albany Fiveash, Kristie; Accy Sch., Corinth . OII Fivecoat, Phillip; Pharm, Jackson Flint, Cynthia; Lib.Arts, Biloxi, AAA Fong, Cynthia; Lib.Arts, Webb Fowler, Natalie; Lib.Arts, Pensacola FL AAA Fox, Shelia; Lib.Arts, Chicago IL,AAn Fraley, Shannon; Lib.Arts, Macon Fuell, Craig; Bus. Sch., Courtiand Gains. Cynthia; Lib.Arts, Gulfport, Xfi Gammons, Zeb; Bus. Sch., Marietta GA, ATO Gan, Chee-Gee; Bus. Sch., University Gee, Louisa; Lib.Arts, Carrollton Glamser, Kate; Lib.Arts, Hattiesburg, AT Gober, Jane; Educ, Springfield VA Gonzalez, Dianna; Accy Sch., Clinton, . on Gordon, Ginger; Lib.Arts, Bay Springs, M Grant, Traci; Bus. Sch., Hoover AL Grantham. Cheryl; Lib.Arts, Duck Hill Green, Ralph; Educ, Ripley Gulledge. Christopher; Bus. Sch.. Jackson Gurtensohn, Mark; Eng., Huntsville AL Hailey, Mathilde; Educ, Canton. AAA " s es ss s qnip 123 Hancock, Melissa Lib. Arts, Bentonia Haney, Sh: ;■ ' , 3us. Sch., Crosby Hardee, Carla. f iuc, Tomball, TX Ar Hardin, J-ihn, Bus. Sch., Jackson, IX Harris, Mi.key, Lib. Arts, Hattiesburg Harrison, Lance, Eng., Decatur, IL Hart, Kimberly, Lib. Arts, Oxford Hawkins, Mary, Bus. Sch., Columbus, $M Hawkins, Stacia, Accy Sch., Memphis,TN KKT Haynes, Michael, Bus. Sch., Baldwyn Heard, Leigh, Lib. Arts, Ridgeland Heliums, Suzanne, Lib. Arts, Bruce Henry, Ann Marie, Lib. Arts, Jackson, AAA Herring, Leticia, Lib. Arts, Ocean Springs Hicks, William, Accy Sch., Memphis,TN KT Higgs, Natasha, Lib. Arts, Oakvale High, Kimberly, Educ, Hendersonville,TN KA0 Hill, Joel, Lib. Arts, Greenville, A0 Hill, Tina, Lib. Arts, Water Valley Hodges, Jerry, Lib. Arts, Greenwood Holden, Allison, Educ, Dothan, AL Holmes, Richard, Lib. Arts, Tylertown Hood, Edward, Lib. Arts. University Hornesburger, Daralyn, Bus. Sch., Louisville Hornischer, Heather, Educ, Merrill, WI KKT Hoover, Christi, Lib. Arts, Olive Branch, AT 124 Ilouscr, Joseph. Lib. Arts, McLean, VA S+E Hutchinson, Ashley, Lib. Arts, Shreveport.LA K AH llulchinson, Chad. Accy Sch., Clinlon. 2N .Jackson, Stephen, Bus. Sch., University .Jacobs, Christopher, Lib. Arts, Jackson, IIKA .Jacobscn, Matthew, Bus. Sch., Columbus James, Kimberly.Lib. Arts.Oklahoma City.OK •Jennings, Kri$tina,Lib. Arts, Hendersonville, TN, J M Johnson, Robert, Lib. Arts, Jackson Johnson, Seth, Lib. Arts. Tishomingo Johnson, Syretta, Lib. Arts. Duck Hill Johnston, Jebb, Lib. Arts, Corinth Jones, Billy, Educ, Jackson Jones, Kevin, Lib. Arts, Oxford Jones, Lisa. Bus. Sch., Vicksburg Jones, Robin, Lib. Arts. Caledonia Kemm, Michelle, Lib. Arts. Albuquerque. NM Kemp, Daniel, Lib. Arts. Silver Spring, MD Kennedy, Bradley, Accy Sch.. Blue Springs Kennedy, John. Lib. Arts. Meridian Kennedy, Tanya, Bus. Sch.. Memphis. TN Kennington, Elizabeth, Bus. Sch.. Grenada. Xfi Kilpatrick, Tommie. Lib. Arts, Isola. ZTA King, Stacy, Lib. Arts, Ocean Springs hoto by Scon King photo by Scott King 125 Junior Kirkland, Jeremy, Bus. Sch., Lumberton.X s asft-ryi Kitchen, Aimee, Bus. Sch., New Orleans, LA Kloud, Sarah, Lib. Arts, St Louis, MO, AAH Kotouc, Amy, Educ, Montgumery, AL, AAA Ladner, Hope, Lib. Arts, Jackson, AF Lagrone, Patricia, Bus. Sch., Shannon Lambert,Karen, Educ, Germantown, TN, KA0 Landry ,Julie, Euc, Harahan, LA Lane,Allan, Lib. Arts, Lookout Mountian, TN, 2$E Lane,Chris, Lib. Arts, Ackerman Lay, Sharon, Eng., Waterford Leavell,Laura, Lib. Arts, Dallas, TX, IIB Ledbetter,Cathy, Bus. Sch., Memphis, TN,Xn Lee,Clancy, Educ, Meridian Lee,Lih-Sin, Bus. Sch., University Lee,See, Bus. Sch., University Lee,Stephen, Lib. Arts, Jackson, 2X LeBBett,Meredith, Lib. Arts, Little Rock, AR, ZTA Lehman,Wendy, Lib. Arts, Madison, KA Ley,David, Lib. Arts, Shady Side, MD Little,Terry, Lib. Arts, Tupelo Locke,James, Bus. Sch., Marks Locke,Jayna, Lib. Arts, Ripley Logan, Katina, Educ, Oxford Loh,Ying-Lai, Lib. Arts, University Lott,James, Lib. Arts, Hattiesburg, ' J KT Lovett,Heather, Lib. Arts, Phoenix, AZ Macy,Elizabeth, Lib. Arts, O ' Fallon, IL Malone,Scott, Eng., Huntsville, AL Martin,Belinda, Lib. Arts, Fulton Martin,Bradley, Eng., Ferriday, LA Martin,Christian, Educ, Batesville, ZTA Mayo,Hal, Lib. Arts, Jackson McAlexander.Shana, Lib. Arts, Oxford McAnally, Melody, Lib. Arts, Dennis McCalop.Mathew, Lib. Arts, Cleveland McCullough,Helen, Lib. Arts, Charieston McDonough.William, Bus. Sch., Vidalia, LA, 2N McGregor,Paula, Educ, Oxford McKay,Tara, Educ, Germantown, TN McLemore,Holly, Lib. Arts, Huntingdon, TN, AOn McMillon,Anthony, Bus. Sch., Kosciusko 126 ( fjip e£siss s A A «M McRac. William, Bus. Sch., Marianna, FL, ZN Medley, Jennifer, l.ib. Arts, Gulfport.XSi Mclcar.K.B., Accy Sch., I-ranklinton, LA, X Melton. Christopher, Lib. Arts, Walnut Melton, John, Bus. Sch., Grenada Mcndoza,Mandy, Accy Sch., Mandeville, LA, •I ' M Mcredith,Ashley, Educ, Memphis, TN, KKF Meredith, Brian, Lib. Arts, Memphis, TN, X Michaels,Nina, Accy Sch., University, " tM Middlecoff,Elizabeth, Pharm,Germantown,TN KA Miller,Allison, Accy Sch., Meridian Miller,James, Lib. Arts, New Albany Miller,Amy, Bus. Sch., Brandon Misner,Sarah, Lib. Arts, University.KKT Mogridge, Christopher, Bus. Sch., Ft Levenworth, KS Mok,Mun, Eng., University Mollick.Taufiqur, Bus. Sch., University Montgomery, Natalie, Lib. Arts, Pontotoc Moore.James, Lib. Arts, Kosciusko Moore,Jennifer, Lib. Arts, CarroUton Morris, Monte, Lib. Arts, Water Valley Morrison,Julie, Lib. Arts, Madison, KA Moulder,Robert, Lib. Arts, Clinton Mullins,Melissa, Accy Sch., Nesbit Munir,Asf, Bus. Sch., Oxford Murphey, Elizabeth, Lib. Arts, Oxford Murphree,Sheila, Lib. Arts, Oxford Nabors,Jason, Lib. Arts, Oxford Nabors, Susan, Bus. Sch., BalesviUe, ' tM Nations. Merri, Lib. Arts, Marion, IL Nelson,Tarsha, Lib. Arts. Yazoo City.AKA Neville.Evelyn, Lib. Arts. Oxford. Xn Noone.Suzanne. Educ. Madison, KA O ' Donnell.Dana. Bus. Sch., Metairie, LA, AT Ogden,Terri, Bus. Sch., Aberdeen, AF Olsen.Amanda, Lib. Arts, Salt Lake City. UT, ■I ' M Pack,Kenyatte, Accy Sch., Okolona Palmer.Tamara. Lib. Arts. Indianola Panncll. Russell. Lib. Arts, Pontotoc Paredes,Jennifer, Lib. Arts. University Parkes.Brandi, Accy Sch., Decatur Patel,Jaymini, Bus. Sch.. Oxford ' MS S ( fJlP 127 Junior Patrick, Kimberly, Bus.Sch.,CaiTollton,TX, ZTA Peay, Charles, Lib. Arts, Ackerman Pegg, Mary, Bus. Sch., Tupelo, KA0 Perkins, Rouell, Lib. Arts, Batesville Perry, Amy, Lib. Arts, Jackson Pharr, Natalie, Lib. Arts, Vicksburg, AT Phillips, Nedra, Accy Sch., BoonevUle Pietrowski, Richard, Lib. Arts, Oxford Pigues, Joel, Lib. Arts, Coldwater Pittman, William, Bus. Sch., Columbia, ATO Poe, Edwin, Lib. Arts, Senatobia Porter, Melissa, Educ, Myrtle Posey, Brandi, Accy Sch., Ecru Pound, Jamison, Lib. Arts, Tupelo, 2X Powell, Lynda, Bus. Sch., Mount Olive Powell, Preston, Accy Sch., Clinton Price, James, Bus. Sch., Pine Bluff, AR Price, Johnny, Lib. Arts, Jayess Pyron, David, Lib. Arts, Jackson Quinn, Sonja, Lib. Arts, Louisville Raines, Leslie, Lib. Arts, Tupelo Rainey, Lara, Lib. Arts, Meridian, $M Rakow, Jill, Educ, Columbia, TN, KKT Ratliff, Cassandra, Bus. Sch., Duckbill Reed, Bethany, Lib. Arts, Columbus, AAA Rice, Penny, Lib. Arts, Oakland Richardson, Julie, Accy Sch., Palmyra, TN Ries, Margaret, Lib. Arts, Greenville Rhodes, Melanie, Lib. Arts, Augusta, GA, KAe Roberts, Cassandra, Lib. Arts, MiUington, TN Robertson, Christopher, Lib. Arts, Oxford Rogers, Marcus, Lib. Arts, Cleveland Rosamond, Sonya, Educ, Eupora Ross, Brent, Eng., Biloxi Rowan, Dana, Lib. Arts, New Albany Rowell, Sammy, Bus. Sch., Bay Springs Rowland, Jamie, Educ, Corinth Sahadi, Whitney, Lib. Arts, Oxford, ZTA Sanderson, Brian, Bus. Sch., Pascagoula, ATfl Sartor, Michelle, Lib. Arts, Pearl Scarpate, Jason, Eng., Melbourne, PL Schnierle, Tiffany, Bus. Sch., Bement, IL 128 np ' :=eMSS § Sccmaltcr.Christina, Pharm,Williamsvillc,MO Scvcranace, Kimbcrly, Lib. Arts, Meridian Sharp, Jennifer, Educ, Oxford Sheikh, Rashcdul, Accy Sch., University Shocmakv, Anne, Lib. Arts, Collins SiRRelkow, Valerie, Lib. Arts, Carrollton Simmons.Sharon, Pharm, Jackson, Xil Sims, Sharon, Lib. Arts, Clinton, AL Skelton, Noelle, Lib. Arts. Oxford Slayton, Slacey, Lib. Arts, Meridian Smith, Adrian, Bus. Sch., Meadville Smith, Arrah, Educ.Bowling Green,KY,KA8 Smith, Gary, Lib. Arts, Petal Smith, Heather, Accy Sch., Oxford Smith, Kelly, Bus. Sch., Natchez Smith, Reginald, Bus.Sch.,Senatobia, 1 B2 Smith, Shelley, Educ.,Shreveport, LA, M Smith, Stacey, Bus. Sch., Decatur Snook, John, Bus. Sch., Oxford Sprenger, Valerie, Bus. Sch., University Stamps, Elliot, Lib. Arts, University ,A Stephens, Kelly, Lib. Arts, Hickory Flat Stephens, Nora, Bus. Sch., Hernando Stewart, John, Bus. Sch., Jackson Stokes, Robert, Eng., Greenville Stroud, Howard, Lib. Arts, Hattiesburg, X Su, Ya-Mei, Lib. Arts, University Sumrall, Shannon, Lib. Arts, Jackson, KKT Swearengin, Melissa, Lib. Arts, Oxford Tang, Min, Eng., University Taylor, Cathy, Lib. Arts, Grenada Taylor, Melinda, Lib. Arts, Oxford Tee, Keng, Eng., University Teh, Eet-Hong, Bus. Sch., University Tey, Lee-Peng, Bus. Sch., University Thigpen, Van, Eng., Middleton, TN, X Thomas, Darryl. Lib. Arts, Shreveport. LA. Ihornberry, Allen. Accy Sch., Benton. AR Thornhill, Jennifer, Bus. Sch.. Kokomo Thrasher, Kerri. Bus. Sch.. Adamsville, TN Tinkler, Mary, Lib. Arts, Winchester, MA, Tinnin, Tracy, Lib. Arts, Sikeston, MO, AOn ' i MSS S ( m 129 Junior Todd, Jennifer, Bus. Sch., Ripley, AT ToUison, Jerry, Bus. Sch., Memphis, TN, riKA Tompkins, Gina, Bus. Sch., Walls Torry Justine, Educ, New Orleans, LA, KA0 Turner, Lacie, Bus. Sch., Yazoo City Turner, Mineasa, Lib. Arts, Myrtle Turner, Ten, Lib. Arts, Nesbit Tuten, Maradith, Accy Sch., Ruston, LA, KA Tutor, Corey, Lib. Arts, Oxford Tyler, Lindsey, Lib. Arts, Oxford Upton, Sonya, Educ, Tupelo Van, Kenneth, Eng., North Biloxi Vanderford, Dana, Accy Sch., Oxford Vascek, Sean, Lib. Arts, Woodstown, NJ Vickery, Robert, Lib. Arts, Jackson Vigil, Joseph, Lib. Arts, Covington, LA Vowell, Chris, Bus. Sch., Oxford Wait, Brian, Lib. Arts, WaldrofMD Walden, Natalie, Educ, NashviUe, TN, KKT Walker, James, Lib. Arts, Enterprise, AL Warriner, Wendy, Bus. Sch., Brandon, Xfl Watts, Michael, Lib. Arts, Madison Weaver, Martha, Lib. Arts, Kosciusko, AT Webster, Sonya, Educ, Eupora Weeks, Misty, Accy Sch., Algoma Wcems, William, Accy Sch., Greenville Whitt, Michelle, Bus. Sch., Ballwin, MO Whittington, Melissa, Bus. Sch., Madison White, Suzanne, Lib. Arts, Pembroke Pines, FL, AAn Whiteside, Ten, Educ, New Albany Wigington, William, Lib. Arts, New Hebron Williard, Bradley, Eng., Etta Wilkins, Robert, Lib. Arts, Brandon, IlKA Wilkinson, Beverly, Lib. Arts, Smithdale Williams, Allison, Bus. Sch., Houma, LA, I M Williams, Vernita, Lib. Arts, Courtland, AKA 130 flrp ' sA.SS S Winkler, Vanessa, Bus. Sch., Olive Branch, M Windham, John, Bus. Sch., Booneville Winter, James, Lib. Arts, Houston Winter, Joey, Lib. Arts, Greenville, " I ' M Winter, Prentis, Lib. Arts, Holly Springs, Ar Winters, Hank, Lib. Arts, Oxford Wolford, Laurie, Educ, Olive Branch Wong, Jennifer, Lib. Arts, University Wong, Poi-Loong, Bus. Sch., University Wong, Yih-Shyue, Bus. Sch., Bemidji, MN Woolbright, James, Eng., Upatdi, GA Wood, Jill, Lib. Arts, Tylertown Woods, Gwen, Lib. Arts, Stewart Wright, David, Educ, Verona Young, Cheri, Lib. Arts, Hughes, AR ' 1 0 by Scott King photo by Louisa Gee " eMss s m 131 Senior Abdo, Elizabeth,Accy Sch.,GulfBreeze,FL, AAA Abney, Robert, Lib. Arts, Oxford, A0 Adair, Christopher, Accy Sch., Dumas Adams, Jason, Lib. Arts, Batesville Adcock, Tracy, Educ, Kosciusko Akins, Candice, Lib. Arts, Canton, Xn Alexander, April, Lib. Arts, McCool Alexander, Cristopher,Bus.Sch.,Memphis,TN 2N Alt, Mario, Lib. Arts, Gulfport Anderson, Catherine,Lib.Arts,BowlingGreen, AAH Antwine, John, Bus. Sch., Jackson Arnold, Jan, Lib. Arts, Slidell, La,Ar Askew, Paula, Lib. Arts, Crenshaw Ayers, Sandra, Educ, New Albany Baily,Brian, Lib. Arts, Leland Baily, Jason, Bus. Sch., Woodland Baine, John, Lib. Arts, El Dorado, AR Baker, Melissa, Lib. Arts, Indianola Barnhart, Scott, Accy Sch., Atalissa, lA Bartbolomy, Brady, Bus. Sch., Long Beach, CA Barton, Angela, Lib. Arts, Brandon Bassett, Michael, Bus. Sch,, Oxford Beall, Jennifer, Lib. Arts, Batesville Bell, Kerry, Lib. Arts, Meridian Benton, Angela, Accy Sch., Kosciusko Bertin, Clifford, Lib. Arts, New Orleans, LA Bethay, Daniel, Eng., Nettleton Bevill, Jartett, Lib. Arts, Tupelo Blackburn, Shea, Educ, Brandon, AT Blasen, Jennifer, Bus. Sch., Trenton, AAII Blaylock, Dwayne, Pharm., Greenville Boatner, Barry, Lib. Arts, Myrtle Bobo, Polly, Lib. Arts, Germantown, TN, KA Bonner, I ura, Lib. Arts, New Orleans, LA Borden, Jenny, Accy Sch., Byhalia Borden, Lisa, Lib. Arts, Dyersburg, TN Boyd, Valerie, Lib. Arts, Summit Brantley, Kara, Lib. Arts, Madden, z A Brewer, Lucy, Bus. Sch., Senatobia Briggs, Jonathan, Lib. Arts, Cornelia, GA Britt, Martha, Educ, Winona Britt, Eddie, Lib. Arts, Atlanta, GA 132 Sff(|p. . Brown, Kenneth, Lib. Arts, Bloomington, In Brown, Margaret. Lib. Arts. Jackson, X5i Burnett, Patrick, Lib. Arts, Memphis. TN, I AH Burns, Kendra, Lib. Arts, Indianola, ZTA Bush, Angela, Accy Sch., Stuttgart, AR, AAA Bush, Jason, Lib. Arts. Laurel. " tAQ Butscher, Karen, Lib. Arts, Slidell, LA Bynum, Mary, Lib. Arts. Senatobia Cade, Shayne, Lib. Arts. Munford, AL, X Cain, Jennifer, Educ, Water Valley Cain, Kenneth, Lib. Arts, Oxford Campbell, La ' Keldra, Bus. Sch., Sardis CampbeU, Michael, Bus. Sch., Pontotoc Campbell, Nycole, Lib. Arts, Water Valley, AK, Canada, Brad, Lib. Arts, Hernando, 2N Canerdy, Sherry, Lib. Arts, Oxford Carlson, Kristen, Accy Sch., Ocean Springs, AAn Carruthers, Gloria, Lib. Arts, Tupelo Caudle, Melanie, Educ, Jacl«on, TN Chan, Shin-Yi, Bus. Sch., University Chang, Man-Mei, Bus. Sch., University Chase, Ryan, Bus. Sch., Jackson, 2N Cheam, Heng, Bus. Sch., University Cheatham, Dana, Lib. Arts, Marietta Chen, Keng, Bus. Sch., University Chen, Tuck, Bus. Sch., University Chew, Gan, Eng., University Ch ' ng Kar, Eng., University Chong, Kim, Bus. Sch., University Chretien, Larry, Pharm, University Chua, Goeh-kok, Eng,, University Clark, Mary, Accy Sch., Chunky Clements, Cass, Lib. Arts, Batesville Clemmer, Stephanie, Lib. Arts, Ripley, ASe Cobb, Christopher, Accy Sch.. Amory, KT Cobb, James, Lib. Arts, Houston, TX Cochran, Kelly, Educ, Pearl River,LA, AT Cockroft, Jennifer, Bus. Sch., Carthage Collier, Wendy, Lib. Arts, Macon, GA, AT Collins, Stephens, Bus. Sch., Bruce Colon, Angelle, Eng.. Metairie, LA, AAA Coramer, Polly, Lib. Arts, Gulfport, HB ' eMsms ( ip) 133 Senior Cook, Shannon. Lib. Arts, Grenada Coomarasamy, Aren, Educ, University Cordle, Sylvia, Lib. Arts, Summerville, GA Cornish, Kimberly, Lib. Arts,Ackerman, AT Coston, Kimberly, Educ, Houston, TX, HE Cotten, Robin, Bus. Sch., Germantown, TN, $KT Creswell, Lisa, Lib. Arts, Cordova, TN Covey, Cindi, Lib. Arts, Memphis, TN, AAIl Crocker, Marion, Educ, Brandon, KA Crowder, Elizabeth, Bus. Sch., Tupelo Cuevas, Jennifer, Accy Sch., Pascagoula, AT Dailey, April, Educ, Walls Dale, Thomas, Bus. Sch., Jackson, A0 Dandridge, Lance, Bus. Sch., Coldwater Darby, Leigh, Accy Sch., Sardis, KA0 David, Suzan, Lib. Arts, Tupelo Davis, Emily, Eng., University Davis, Landon, Lib. Arts, Clinton Davis, Lindley, Bus. Sch., Corinth, AT Davis, Steven, Lib. Arts, New Albany Derrick, Amy, Eng., Palm Harbor, FL Dickey, Melissa, Lib. Arts, Athens, AL Diestelmeier, Deana, Bus. Sch., Jackson, KA Diraviyam, Dhiraviya, Eng., University Dobbins, Tara, Accy Sch., Ocean Springs Dollar, Carey, Educ, Germantown, TN, KKT Donat, Lynn, Educ, Oxford Duckworth, Deanna, Lib. Arts, Booneville, KA0 Duke, Melanie, Accy Sch., Grenada Dunlap, Joan, Lib. Arts, Houston, TX, IIB Eason, Jennifer, Bus. Sch., Brandon, M Echelberry, Robert, Lib. Arts, DTberville Eggleston, Matthew, Lib. Arts, Memphis, TN $A0 Eielson, Harry, Accy Sch., Nashville, TN Elkins, Elizabeth, Educ, McComb, MA EUard, Joe, Lib. Arts, Dallas, TX, S -E Eller, Dianna, Lib. Arts, Marion, TX Ellis, Gregory, Lib. Arts, Lambert Ellis, Joseph, Lib. Arts, Niceville, FL, A Ellison, Hayes, Lib. Arts, Jackson, AAA Embry, Lori, Lib. Arts, Lambert Erwin, Charles, Bus. Sch., Park City, UT, 2 E ki M 134 np i ' J AcS.S ' -.S Eubanks, Christy. Lib. Arts, Lumberton, Ar F.ubanks, l aura. Lib. Arts. Ij;akcsville Kvans, Mcchillc. Bus. .Sch.. Soulhaven Kvans, Michael. Lib. Arts. Calhoun City Kwing, Martha. Lib. Arts, University K . .cl, Ruth. Lib. Arts. Tcrrytown. LA Falkcnheiner, Steven, Lib. Arts, Vidaha.LA, :;n Fan, Peter, Lib. Arts, University Fang, Gang, Eng., University Farlow, Adam, Bus. Sch.. Vicksburg, X Favors, Karen. Bus. Sch., Arkabutla Feighl, Eric, Lib. Arts, Houston, TX, 2AE : Scon Kin photo hy Scon King " eMSS s qniF 135 Senior Fowlkes, Francis, Bus. Sch., PUchmond.VA, KA Foster, Lara, Educ, Houston, TX, ZTA Franks, Chad, Bus. Sch., Jackson, KA Freeman, Dana, Lib. Arts, Newton, XQ Freshour, David, Lib. Arts, Ackerman Frey, Melissa, Lib. Arts, Courtland Galloway, Julie, Lib. Arts, Natchez Gates, Clay, Educ, Senatobia, KT Gates, Michelle, Lib. Arts, Oxford George, Michael, Lib. Arts, Nashville, TN Gibson, Gary, Lib. Arts, CoUinsville Gold, Lisa, Lib. Arts, Broken Arrow, OK, KA Gorton, Sidney, Lib. Arts, Belzoni, KA Graham, Marion, Lib. Arts, Abbeville Gray, Charlyne, Lib. Arts, Jackson Green, Matthew, Accy Sch., Memphis, TN, X Greer, Paige, Lib. Arts, Scobey Griffin, Rafael, Lib. Arts, Brooklyn, NY photo by Keith Gains photo by Scott King 136 ( mp ' =£MSS S Griffis, Jennifer, Accy Sch., Grenada, KA6 Guest, Starr, Educ, Water Valley llafTey, Heather, lib. Arts. Lexington Hall, Richard, Bus. Sch., Brandon Hall, Thomas, Eng., University Mallmann, Heidi, Lib. Arts, Grosse Pointe,MI Hampton, Paula, Accy Sch., Michigan City Hao, Jie, Eng., University hardwell, John, Lib. Arts, Braxton Harith, Norharita, Bus. Sch., University Harper, David, Accy Sch., Taylorsville Harrington, Ainsley, Educ, Aberdeen Harrison, Don, Educ, Oxford Harrison, Rebecca, Lib. Arts, Oxford Hart, Sue, Bus. Sch., Newton, XO Harwell, Dana, Lib. Arts, Oxford Hathorne, Christi, Educ, Pittsboro Hauenstein, George, Lib. Arts, Laurel Herndon, James, Bus. Sch., Hattiesburg Herring, Amy, Lib. Arts, Brandon, Ar Heryey, Leslie, Lib. Arts, Jackson Hew, Terence, Bus. Sch., University Hickman, James, Eng., Ciffeeville Hill, Dorothy, Lib. Arts, Ashland Hilliard, Mhoeneehk, Lib. Arts, Eupora Ho, Howh-Lank, Bus. Sch., University Ho, Leong, Bus. Sch., University HoUaner, Karen, Bus. Sch., Humphrey, AR Hollingsworth, Nikitia, Lib. Arts, Laurel, AKA Holmes, Harold, Bus. Sch., Oxford Hong, Chi-Hong, Bus. Sch., University Hontzas, Anastasia, Lib. Arts, Jackson, AAA Hodd, KJmberly, Bus. Sch., Nesbit Hopkins, Danielle, Lib. Arts, Nashville, TN M Horan, Sean, Lib. Arts, Water Valley Home, William, Bus. Sch., Belden Hotze, Caterine, Educ, Houston, TX, Ar Hovas, Dawn, Lib. Arts, Kilmichael Huang, Kit, Eng., University Hurdle, Eric, Bus. Sch., Oxford Hussey, Alesha, Eng., Corinth Jackson, Cedrick, Educ, Coldwater, A A " aEMSSFgS qniF 137 Senior Khan, Muhammad, Eng., University Khoo, Chin, Bus. Sch., University Khoo, Huoy, Eng., University Killebrew, Jennifer, Lib. Arts, Kosciusko Kincaid, Jessica, Eng., University King, Elizabeth, Bus. Sch., Tupelo King, Julee, Accy Sch., Missouri City, TX King, Robert, Lib. Arts, Pascagoula Kinkade, Keith, Bus. Sch., Spring, TX, ATO Klenk, Tracy, Bus. Sch., Horn Lake Kloha, Carole, Educ, Holly Springs, M Klotz, Melinda, Lib. Arts, Mobile, AL, AAA Knight, Stephanie, Lib. Arts, Corinth Koh, Chee, Eng., University Koh, Liang, Bus. Sch., University Kong, Sien, Bus. Sch., University Kong, Tze-Hui, Bus. Sch., University Kopf, Patricia, Eng., Brentwood, TN, XQ Kostelak, Shawn, Eng., Kenner, LA Kraus, Ann, Lib. Arts, Pass Christian, KA0 James, Jena, Pharm, Walls Jessen, Kelly, Lib. Arts, Paragould, AR Johnson, Jennifer, Lib. Arts, Booneville Johnson, Mary, Lib. Arts, Jackson, AAA Johnson, Victoria, Lib. Arts, Munford, AL Jones, Brian, Bus. Sch., Batesville Jones,Christina, Lib. Arts, South Fulton, TN, AOn Jones, Matthew, Lib. Arts, Laurel Jordan, Daniel, Accy Sch., Cleveland Jordan, John, Accy Sch., University Labrot, Paula, Bus. Sch., Dexter, MO, AOn Lack, William, Bus. Sch., Brandon Lagarde, James, Eng., New Orleans, LA, iTA Lagerda, Danielle, Lib. Arts, Ocean Springs, AAn Landers, Allison, Lib. Arts, Eldorado, AR, KKT Latham, Danny, Bus. Sch., Hernando Law, Kim-Tam, Bus. Sch., Universtiy Lawson, Gregory, Lib. Arts, Adamsville, AL, $K Lay, Lisa, Bus. Sch., Clinton, KA0 Leeth, Sharon, Bus. Sch., Corinth Leggett, Brandi, Lib. Arts, Grenada Lenderman, Hill, Lib. Arts, Nashville, TN, A0 138 • mp 6,£s4SS SS lycnoir, Frank, Bus. Sch., Aberdeen, " tBj; Ix:ung, Man, Accy Sch., Drew Lim, Chcc-Kek, Bus. Sch., University Lim, Pee, Eng., University, Ching-Wen, Bus. Sch., University Litton, Bradley, Lib. Arts, Pontotoc Lockhart, Geoffrey, Lib. Arts, Columbus I ockhart, John, Lib. Arts, Columbus I kc, Sen-Wei, Bus. Sch., University Long, Kristen, Educ, Jacksonville, FL, AAA Looi, Kim-Bee, Bus. Sch., University Low, G, Eng., Oxford Lowery, Jennifer, Lib. Arts, Mize Loyd, Brooke, Lib. Arts, Lake St. Louis, MO, ZTA Lye, Chuan, Eng., University Magee, Sherry, Lib. Arts, Magee Malone, Stephanie, Lib. Arts, Darling Malouf, Melissa, Lib. Arts, Jackson, AF Mangum, Elizabeth, Lib. Arts, Tunica Marion, Peggy, Educ, Bruce Martin, Rhonda, Bus. Sch., Holly Springs Martin, Patricia, Bus. Sch., Jackson Matthews, Jason, Lib. Arts, Oxford May, Ann, Lib. Arts, Middletown, CT McBride, Jana, Lib. Arts, Germantown, TN, AAA McCarty, Michael, Bus. Sch., Magee, SIN McCauley, Elizabeth, Bus. Sch., Devalls Bluff, AR McCoy, Robert, Eng., Southave, X McCrory, Jennifer, Lib. Arts, Kosciusko McCurdy, Martha, Educ, Batesville McGowin, Joseph, Lib. Arts, Meridian McKenzie, Thomas, Lib. Arts, Cariisle, KY McKinney, Ashley, Accy Sch., West Point, KA0 McMullen, Melissa, Lib. Arts, Jackson McNees, Melissa, Bus. Sch., Memphis, TN, ZTA McVay, Rhea, Lib. Arts, Tupelo, ZTA Meadows, Jamie, Educ. Jackson, M Meek, John, Lib. Arts, Courtland Melton, Floyd, Accy Sch., Greenwood. Ae Miller, Laura, Lib. Arts, Huntsville, AL Miller, Michelle, Accy Sch., Pascagoula, KA Mills, John, Bus. Sch., Batesville ' esEMS .S ( jp) 139 Senior Minor, Julia, Educ, Jackson, ZSA4 Mitchell, Elizabeth, Lib. Arts, Tupelo, KA Mokaddem, Asem, Eng., University Moore, Catharine, Lib. Arts, Jackson Moore, Alan, Lib. Arts, Oxford, A0 Moore, Belinda, Lib. Arts, Tutwiler, AJCA Moore, Donald, Accy Sch., Wheeler Morrow, Jamie, Educ, Corinth Mortimer, Virginia, Educ, Flora, AOn Muniandy, Suppiah, Bus. Sch., University Murphy, Catherine, Lib. Arts, Lucedale, AT Nelson, Celeste, Educ, Hixson, TN Nichols, Tracie, Bus. Sch., Belden Nichols, Valerie, Bus. Sch., Starkville, AAA Nix, Victor, Lib. Arts, Ingleside, IL, $rA Nolan, Bruce, Eng., Metairie, LA Norton, Tiffany, Lib. Arts, New Orieans, LA, IIB Nylandcr, Lisa, Educ, North Carrollton Ogden, Natalie, Lib. Arts, University Ong, Siew-Eng, Bus. Sch., University Ong, Tee, Bus. Sch., University Orr, Kathryn, Lib. Arts, Brandon Ousley, Corbin, Bus. Sch., Madison, IIKA Pacetti, Vandy, Lib. Arts, University Palmer, Laura, Lib. Arts, Baldwyn Pang, Michael, Lib. Arts, Columbus Parker, Christy, Educ, Columbus, AT Pate, Pammie, Lib. Arts, Houlka Paterson, Lydia, Lib. Arts, Oxford Patrick, Latrina, Lib. Arts, Jackson Patterson, Sidra, Lib. Arts, Pontotoc Patton, Amy, Lib. Arts, Pascagoula Peaster, Margaret, Lib. Arts, Yazoo City, Xfl Pedigo, Scott, Bus. Sch., Jackson, K2 Person, Victoria, Lib. Arts, New Orleans, LA, AAn Pettit, Denise, Lib. Arts, Nesbit Pieralisi, James, Accy Sch., Greenville Pittman, Jennifer, Lib. Arts, Pascagoula polk, Jennifer, Lib. Arts, Hattiesburg, AAA Powell, Stephanie, Educ, Pine Bluff, AR, KKP Preston, Elizabeth, Educ, Metropolis, IL, Aon Purnell, David, Educ, Ridgeland, KT 140 ( jp) e sAcSs s i •T 14 Pynkala, Jason, Lib. Arts, Oxford Quaid, Amy, Hduc, Baton Rouge, LA, KA Quaka, Mary, Pharm, Jackson, Xfi Quun, David, Lib. Arts, Lexington Tafaro, Robert, Lib. Arts, University Tan, Chi, Eng., University Tan, Donald, Bus. Sch., University Tan, Hock, Eng., University Tan, Yun-Sen, Bus. Sch., University Tanzbcrger, Todd, Accy Sch.,Manchester,MO Taranto, Tara, Accy Sch., University, AT Taylor, Charles, Lilj. Arts, Grenada Taylor, Kimberly, Accy Sch., Tupelo, AT Teh, Tien, Eng., Oxford Tennison, Bradley, Lib. Arts, Tishomingo Teoh, Hock, Bus. Sch., University Tham, Min, Eng., University Thames, Mary, Lib. Arts, Oxford Tharp, Margaret, Lib. Arts, Winona Til lman, Mary, Lib. Arts, University Tisdale, James, Lib. Arts, Ellisville, ATO Toh, Ai, Bus. Sch., University Townes, Tracy, Lib. Arts, Charleston, A.KA Townsend, Sally, Educ, Clarksdale, Xfi photo by Scon King phoio by Scon King " a ss s m 141 Senior Traughber, Jennifer, Lib. Arts, Elkton, Ky, AOn Travers, Robert, Bus. Sch., Ridgewood, NJ Trotter, Lisa, Lib. Arts, Belzoni Tucker, Ashlea, Lib. Arts, Jackson, AT Turlington, George, Lib. Arts, Fort Worth, TX Tumage, Edward, Accy Sch., Meridan Tumage, Robert, Pharm, Water Valley Tutor, Christopher, Lib. Arts, Pontotoc Tutor, Irene, Lib. Arts, Como Underwood, Jill, Accy Sch., Jackson, XJ) Underwood, Todd, Lib. Arts, Oxford Upton, Jennifer, Educ, West Point, AAA Raines, Michael, Lib. Arts, Dumas Ramage, James, Lib. Arts, West Ramalingam, Muralikrishnan, Eng.,University Randall, Vickie, Bus. Sch,, Tupelo Raseley, Davina, Lib. Arts, Phoenix, AZ, AAIl Reaves, Angela, Bus. Sch., Abbeville phoW hy Scott King photo by Scott Kinf 142 mp ' F=£MSS S MiK Richards, Christa, Bus. Sch., Collierville, TN, I ' M Risher, Christy, Bus. Sch., Brandon, KA Rives, Mason, Lib. Arts, University Robbins, Brett. Lib. Arts, Carson, ATSi Roberts, Martha, Lib. Arts, Dallas, TX, M Robinson, Margaret, Lib. Arts, Tupelo, AMI RodriKuez, Fernando, Bus. Sch., University Rocconi, Rodney. Lib. Arts, Collierville, TN Rodrigucz-Pereyra, Vicente, Eng., University Rogers, Sims, Bus. Sch.. Tupelo, Ar Roland, Michael, Educ, University Rorie, Kimberly, Educ, Jackson Rosamond, Stephen, Lib. Arts, Eupora Ross, Glenn, Bus. Sch., Thaxton Rotenberry, John, Eng., Water Valley Russell, Brian, Educ, Oxford Salters, Denecise, Educ, Blue Springs Samuels, Pamela, Educ, Water Valley Sanders, Jason, Lib. Arts, Alexandria. LA Sansing, Amy. Lib. Arts, Columbus, AOn Sartin, John, Lib. Arts, Winnsboro, LA, X Sartin, Melissa, Lib. Arts, Brentwood. TN Say, Peng, Eng., University Schmidt, David, Bus. Sch., Bonita Springs, FL Schneider, Christopher, Bus. Sch., Tupelo Schniff, Gregory, Accy Sch., Oxford Schucker, Laura, Educ. Baton Rouge, LA Scott, Ronald, Lib. Arts, Myrtle Scott, William, Lib. Arts, Holly Springs Seale, IV, Robert, Bus. Sch. Sears, Renee, Lib. Arts, Oxford Seet, Wan-Chi, Bus. Sch., University Segars, Leasha. Educ, Saltillo Sekul, Jennifer, Lib. Arts, Biloxi Shaw, Wayne, Lib. Arts, Kosciusko Sheffield, David, Lib. Arts, Southaven Shell, Daniel, Lib. Arts, Memphis, TN, KA Shows, Scott, Accy Sch., Hattiesburg, KA Silket, Francis, Lib. Arts, Clarksdale Simmons, Amy, Educ, Plantersville, AAIl Simpson, Chariotte, Lib. Arts, Oxford Simpson, Dawn, Eng., Ecru ' = £sA.§§ S ' m 143 Senior Slaughter, Gwendolyn, Educ, Greenwood Sluder, Charlotte, Bus. Sch., Batesville Smith, Alice, Lib. Arts, Gulfport, KA Smith, John, Eng., Oxford Smith, Mary, Educ, Abbeville Smith, Wilboum, Lib. Arts, Batesville, IIKA Song, Samuel, Educ, University South, Selina, Educ, Batesville Sowell, Stacy, Educ, Jackson, AOIl Spaht, Ashley, Lib. Arts, Dallas, TX Spears, Rebecca, Lib. Arts, University Spencer, Michael, Eng., Clarksdale, A$A Spera, David, Lib. Arts, Gretna, LA Spiers, Alan, Lib. Arts, Picayune Stanford, Robert, Bus. Sch., Corinth Stapleton, Lashunya, Lib. Arts, University Stephens, Amanda, Bus. Sch., Hernando Stephens, Penny, Educ, Eupora Stewart, Baker, Lib. Arts, Brownsville, TN, 2N Stewart, Kimberly, Educ, Brandon Still, Lee, Bus. Sch., Batesville, 2N Stokes, Leah, Lib. Arts, Clinton Stone, John, Lib. Arts, University Stone, Kempton, Bus. Sch., University, € KT Strawn, Barry, Bus. Sch., New Albany Sumrall, Shannon, Lib. Arts, EUisville Sumrall, Tara, Bus. Sch., Oxford, AT Vance, Jo hn, Bus. Sch., Grenada, K2 Vega, Robert, Eng., Pensacola, FL Velleman, Amy, Educ, Metairie, LA Vestal, Katharine, Lib. Arts, University, KA0 Wages, David, Accy Sch., Tupelo Waggoner, TifTany, Lib. Arts, Pearl Walker, Martin, Bus. Sch., Leland, A0 Walker, Michael, Bus. Sch., Laurel, 2E Wall, Johnny, Lib. Arts, Newton Wallace, Amy, Lib. Arts, Brandon, $M Wallace, Patti, Educ, Pontotc Wallace, Sherri, Lib. Arts, Brentwood, TN Wallace, Stacey, Educ, Germantown, TN, M Wardlaw, Paula, Educ, University Webb, Alvin, Lib. Arts, Indianola 144 jp ' eMSSFis i Webb, Arin, Lib. Arts. Huntsvillc, AL Webb, Kimberly, Lib. Arts, lx)uise, AP Wee, Kah Hian, Bus. Sch., University Wcedcn, Jennifer, Lib. Arts, New Albany Weir, Kristin, Accy Sch., Florence Wells, Kelleen, Lib. Arts, Belleville, IL, IIB Wheeler, David, Lib. Arts, Laurel White, August, Lib. Arts, Cascilla Whitfield, Chylynda, Lib. Arts.Fort Smith,AR Whittaker, Ervinado, Eng., Greenwood Whitten, Melinda, Accy Sch., Monroe, LA Wilborn, Melissa, Lib. Arts, Melbourne, FL Wilkerson, Anita, Educ, Homlake Wilkes, Thurston, Lib. Arts, Oxford Williams, Dalton, Eng., University Williams, Heather, Accy Sch., Goodman, KA8 Williams, Jeffrey, Eng., New Albany Williams, Joanna, Lib. Arts, El Dorado, AR, Williams, Karen, Lib. Arts, University Williams, Katrina, Lib. Arts, Shuqualak, A28 Williams, Kelley, Bus. Sch., Jackson, KA Williams, Mark, Educ, Jackson Williams, Tracy, Bus. Sch., Crowder Williamson, Stephanie, Lib. Arts,Sheffield,AL Wilson, Brian, Lib. Arts, Micon, TTKA Wilson, James, Bus. Sch., Banner Wilson, Keith, Lib. Arts, Centreville Windhorst, Richard, Eng., Metropolis, IL Winters, Terrance, Bus. Sch.,Holcomb Wolfe, Kenneth, Lib. Arts, Tupelo Wong, Edward, Accy Sch., Oxford Wong, Kok-Lum, Bus. Sch.. Oxford Wood, Stephan, Lib. Arts, Corinth Xu, Hui, Accy Sch., Worcester, MA Yates, Shawn, Eng.. Morton Yeo, Sim. Bus. Sch.. University Yielding, . manda, Educ, Tremont Young, Amber, Lib. Arts, Saltillo, KKT Young, Dennis, Bus. Sch., Marianna, AR, 2N Zerfoss, George, Eng., Jackson, TN, K2 Zurkanain, Mohd, Bus. Sch., University ' aSMSS cS qfp) 145 Grad School Arnold, Harold, University Bailey, Susan, University Banerjee, Debjyoti, Mechanical Engin. .Oxford Barnes, Alison, Clarksdale Betapudi, Rajakumar, University Bice, Blair, Alexandria, LA Brown, Stephen, Oxford Bu, Qingmei, University BiuTus, Christopher, St. Louis, MO Butchee, Tracy, Jackson Chaudhury, Jayanta, University Cecil, Rebecca, Winchester, KY Chen, How-Wen, University Chen, Wei-Ning, University Chen, Yanhua, University Collins, Ketra, Senatobia Cooperwood, John, Pontotoc Davis, Michelle, Oxford Dhingra, Vikas, Oxford Doss, Richard, Oxford Downx, Melissa, Batesville Eldridge, Valisa, University Elmore, Paul, Springfield, MO Epps, Denise, Vicksburg Flake, Timothy, Oxford Ghimire, Pradeep, University Gillespie, Rodney, Vardaman Ginn, Robert, Monterey, VA Graham, Belva, Jefferson, TX Grass, Amelia, University Gulati, Manish, Uinversity Gurley, Amy, Rienzi Hamlin, Angela, Corinth Harris, Pamela, Pascagoula Hemmen, James, Birmingham, AL Holmes, Lloyd, University Hsieh, Kuei-Yu, University Hsu, Wenchung, University Huang, Ching-Chieh, University Hunn, Isis, University Hwang, Chen-Pei, University Jarrell, Sundra, Greenwood Springs 146 ( fp) e MS s M.M: Jha, Bijoy, University Johnston, Janis. Duck Hill .Johnson, Julie, Com. Disorders, Hernando .Johnson, Sylvia, Eupora Kapoor, Sumit. University Kaw, Kok Hui, University Kempt, Heidrun, University Riser, Kristen, Gcrmantown Komatusbara, Honoo, University Kong, Jun, University Kosaraju, Sridhar, University Kg, Shu-Ling, University Lancaster, Nina, Booneville Lee, Kwai-Weng, University I eong, Kai, Oxford Leong, Kok, University Jjcrtussawawiwat, Somchai, University Li, Weiqi, University Lim, Keng, University Lin, Lang, University Liu, Chan, University Liu, Lei, University Liu, Wen, University Loh, Yew, University Lu, Long-Chuan, University Madhusudhan, Galappa, University Maniece, Robert, Oxford Mar, Han, University Ma, Tina, University Mattingly, Jennifer, Elizabethtown, KY Maynor, Debra, Greenwood Mazumder, Raja, University McKay, Kelly, Smithville McKay, Kevin, Pelahatchie McKinney, Carole, Oxford McLendon, Michael, Waynesboro Melton, Patricia, Courtland Meyyappan, Saradha, University Moore, Rebecca, Fulton Neblett, Mary, Clarksdale Neo, Woon-Sing, University Nimrod, Alison, Greenville ' eMs s c UP 147 Grad School Nori, Chandrasekhar, University Nunnally, Matthew, Avon, NJ Nurnberg, Ronald, St. Louis, MO Nylander, Albert, N. CarroUton Owens, Chadwick, Clarksdale Pan, Zhou, University Panda, Sanjay, Cambridge, MA Pekarek, Milan, University Pereira, Dominic, University Periyaswamy, Devasenapathy, University Perkins, Stacy, Batesville Peters, Jimmy, Corinth Rasica, Melko, University Rice, Kimberly, Brownsville, TN Rong, Dee, University Sun, Yongzhao, University Su, Ching-Yu, Tupelo Song, Qilai, University Smith, Mechell, University Smith, Mae, Coahoma Siew, Hoi, University Seawright, Connie, University Shekharan, Raja, University Shen, Shu, University Shilder, Cassander, Aberdeen Tan, Fuel, University Tang, Choong, University Tang, Yongming, University Tate, Pamela, Myrtle Teng, Ching-Hua, University Tew, Phillip, Russellville, AR Thadkamalla, Ganesh, University Tickle, Heidi, Metairie, LA Tutor, Gerald, University Valliappan, Meyyappan, University Vangipuram, Radesh, University Vyavahare, Sanjeev, University Weddle, Leo, Prestonsburg, KY Williams. Kenneth, Oxford Williams, Peter, Oxford Wiygul, Shirley, Tupelo Wong, Soong, University 148 qUP £ SS S I Wu, Min, University Nu, Tsui-Hua, Oxford u, Jin. University cc, Po, University Ncn, Ping-Hsin, University Yow, Yoke, University Yu, Baoan, University Zhang, Cui, University Zhang, Xiaoyun, Oxford Zheng, Gang, University I »o Pharmacy III Adams, Angela Angel, Cheryll Austin, Gena Bell, Charles Bell, Garland Blanton, Angela Bobb, Amanda Burns, Ben Busby, Audra Byrd, Michael Cambell, Katherine Carter, Gwyneeda Chandler, Andrew Crane, James Davis, Bridget DeCosta, Darlene Ddashmet, Arthur Depperschmidt, James Carey ' aEMSS S 149 Pharmacy III Dunn, Robert Davis, Chris Entrekin, Daniel Ewing, Andrew Faeser, Shannon Foxworth, Jason Franklin, Holly Freudenberg, Julie Gill, Pamela Ginn, Alice Dawn Hansen, Jennifer Harder, William Harrison, Charles Hedgepaetb, Tanya Higgs, Darren Holland, Lisa Huan, Adelene Humphrey, Jason Hutto, Tricia Jackson, James Joe, Glenn Jones, William Jordan, Chad Jue, Debbie King, Billy Klepzig, Mike Lambert, Christine Lee, Todd Lewis, Warren McDaniel, Laurine McDonald, Jeanette McGuire, Catherine McMaster, Amy McMillion, Stacie Mellenger, Michelle Neese, Susan Olbricht, Renee O ' neal, Kimsey O ' Quinn, Wendy Jane Paul, Rachelle Perkins, Steven Laura, Phillips 150 qnp i C. ASS ' ' gc ' i Phillips, Mary Pratt, Dcnise Potts, Shannon Reeves, Wimbcrly Kobbins, (caAnn Roberts, Robert Robertson, Leah Rogers, Jill Williamson Rouse, Clay Sartin, Vicki Shackelford, Tonya Shaw, Rachelle Shaw, Susan Sims, Denton Smith, Dana Smith, Melanie Smith, Tonja Smithmier, Joelle Spurgeon, Greg Starr, Celeste Stewart, Courtney Stewart, Felicia Stringer, Gwen Tapp, Laura Teasley, Gary Tubbs, Elizabeth Turberville, David Vandevender, Tol Walters, Dawna Wansley, Joy Lynn Watson, Blythe Wilson, Jerri Wilson, Todd Wright, Archie ' eaSMSS S ( ip) 151 Pharmacy II Adams, Molly, Jackson Anderson, Alan, Brandon Bailey, Victor, Lambert Barnes, Christel, Clinton Bean, Janet, Columbus Benson, Sallye, Water Valley Black, Carolyn, Sardis Boatman, Amy, Corinth, AAA Borrel, Tanya, Meridian Boutwell, William, Wesson Brewer, Elizabeth, Inverness Brookshite, Charlotte, Meridian Buckles, Amy, Natchez Burnham, Chasity, Oxford Chipley, Robin, Carthage Clark, Tonya, Gulfport Gotten, Tanji, MeadvUle Courtney, Dina, Forest,$M Cowart, Diedre, Richton Creager, Barbra, Madison Criswell, Terry, Ethel Currie, Kim, Raleigh Cuthbert, Evelyn, Germantown, TN Dean, Ginger, luka Dearman, Belinda, Quitman Dewitt, Connie, Oxford Dillon, Virginia Dayle, Lexington Dunnam, Greta, Pascagoula Edwards, Lydia, Oxford Enlow, Chart, Pontotoc Freeny, Jennfier, Oxford Gardner, Sedjinon, State Line Geno, Ginger, Rienzi Giddings, Julie, Lexingtion Goehring, Kristen, Jackson, TN Graham, Pamelia, Oxford Griffin, Kim, Decatur herndon, Karen, Amory Hillman, Lisa, Independence Hollingsworth, Jennifer, Raleigh Hollingsworth, Kevin, Oxford Holston, Johnny, Oxford 152 " niF e=£Mss=i s i llovas, Todd, Kilmlchael Hudson, Gera, Morton Ishce, Bradley, Wesson .I()hnson, Hugh, Belzoni KinK, JelTrey, Ml. Olive Knit, Samantha, Columbus Lee, Mark, Hernando McCarthy, Shuana, Mantachie McKay, Steven, Indianola McLaurin, Christopher, Corinth Melton, Daniel, Oxford Mir, Tara, Oxford Mullen, Donna, Belzoni Olbricht, Susan, Thayer. MO Oswalt, Jeffrey, Senatobia Parish, Richard, Oxford Parker, Shan, University Patel, Sangita, Columbus Peitz, Gretchen, Vaughan Porter, Jeff, Walls Reves, Christopher, Jackson Risher, Laurie, Oxford Robinson, Richard, Oxford Rowley, Teresa, Silver Creek Rutherford, Eddie, Koscuisko Shields, Steven, Richland Sims, Stephanie, Dyersburg, TN, XO Smith, Benny, Clinton Smith, Bradley, Oxford Stanford, Kiraberly, Tupelo Stewart, Chad, Jackson Sullivant, Jennifer, Courtland Taylor, Jennifer, Gulport Thompson, Marcy, Philadelphia Tubb, Phillip, Fulton Turnage, Susan, Thaxton Vance, Traci, Starkville Vinson, Lone, Oxford Waller, Jana, Lambert Walters, Shelley, Centreville Webb, Rebecca, Amory Welch, Patti. Oxford " ae s s ( fjjp 153 Pharmacy II West, Donna, Germantown, TN Wilson, Amanda, Memphis, TN Wilson, James, Pearl Wilson, Susan, Philadelphia Wheeless, Loretta, University Young, Kelly, McComb teM Pharmacy I Acton, Mary, Tupelo Anderson, Jennifer, Decatur Ash, Emily, Oxford Barnett, Lorena, Columbus Blount, Terence, Greenwood Brackett, Kimberly, Columbus, Z$B Bradford, Christy, Forest Brandon, Catina, Aberdeen Brown, Christi, Mantachie Bond, Brandon, Pontotoc Boyles, Leisha, Batesville Burns, Christy, Oxford Collier, Haley, Waterford Cone, Brian, Bassfield Credille, Brian, Belmont Dallison, Darla, Booneville Edge, Angela, Fulton Edwards, Ronald, Wiggins English, Jo Ellen, Taylorsville Fairley, Patrick, Oxford Flagg, Melissa, Sikeston, MO Glisson, James, Oxford Goff, Angela, Tunica Gray, Jason, Cleveland 154 mm l (L, AS, ' S I Griffith, Ne ' Tarsha, Ruleville I la. Loan, University llardcc, Scott, Waynesboro Harrison, Martha, Clinton Hayes, Crandall, Louisville, A ' l ' A Holmes, Jeremy, Tylertown Holt, William, Pulaski, TN Hosey, Kelli, Oxford Johnson, Anna, Tylertown Johnson, Code, Tylertown Johnson, Jana, Oxford Jones, David, Winona Lamb, Deanna, Hernando lawrence, Jennifer, Booneville Lolley, Cheryl, Gulfport Mahaffey, Laura, Jackson Mahan, Christy, Pontotoc Matkins, Jill, New Albany McNeal, Jenny, University Moore, Vickie, Okolona Mullins, Amie, Jackson, KA Nelson, Lori, Brandon, XQ Odem, Joseph, Saucier Parks, Grace, Jackson Payne, Michael, Jackson Penkova, Stacie, Jackson Poff, William, Ashland Powell, John, Mount Olive Robinson, Leigh, Olive Branch Rogers, Candace, Dalton, GA, KKT Ruiz, Cynthia, Lacombe, LA Rushing, Robbie, Tylertown Spell, Rebecca, Eupora Swenson, Elizabeth, Red Oak, lA KA9 Sykes, Jimmy, Indianola Turner, Tracey, Ellisville Upchurch, Kala, Horn Lake Vandiver, Leigh, Jackson, KAf) Williamson, Timothy, Collins White, Jason, Rienzi Woods, Amy, Walls " esEMSsr s ( fP 155 -:!.• here are select students aiid groups that represent the best of what Ole Miss has to offer. After long hours of studying and many years of learning and achieving a great num- ber of students are honored each year by being named to some of the highest honoraries on campus. For the student, an honor is a reward for hours of study- ing. Only the top ten to fifteen percent of each class participate in such honors and only eight students each year are elected to the University ' s Hall of Fame. The students who prove themselves dur- ing their time spent at Ole Miss are not only remembered as campus leaders but also as leaders of tomorrow. 3» IV ii i !»•• } . » !»--».» Hall of Fame Katelyn Brown Katelyn, an accounting major from Biloxi and a Leadership Schol- 1 arship member, has contributed her leadership to the Associated Student Body by holding the offices of ASB Attorney General and an ASB Senator. She has also been active in Omicron Delta Kappa, Lambda Sigma, Order of Omega, and Beta Alpha Psi. Katelyn has also been a volunteer Income Tax Assistant and a volunteer for the Rape Crisis Center in Oxford. Still, with all her activities, she is | part of the Chancellor ' s Honor Roll and the Dean ' s List. k » Hall of Fame Lisa Lay Lisa, a Human Resource Management Marketing major from I Cliton, has contributed a lot of her time to the Associated Student Body by holding the office of ASB Vice-President and organizing I the first annual Leadership Conference. She has also served as assistant treasurer and Vice- Chair for Mississippi Governmental 1 Affairs and for Student Services. Her other activities include the | Business School Advisory Board, American Marketing Associ- ation, Delta Sigma Pi and the Ole Miss Debate Club. Hall of Fame Scott Pedigo Scott, a Banking . Finance and Manangerial Finance major from Jackson, is a Hearin-Hess Scholar. He has been active not only in I his fraternity but also in the IFC by serving as IFC Corresponding Secretary, IFC Vice-President, Rush. He has also served as Vice- Chair of Senate Student Affairs Committee, Campus Senator, and Order of Omega President. Scott ' s other activities include the Pre- Law Society, Wall Street South, Financier ' s Club, Phi Beta Lamb- |da. Lambda Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Omicron Delta] Kappa. li: Hall of Fame Sims Rogers Sims, a Managerial Finance major from Tupelo, has shown her leadership through her offices as Mortar Board Vice-President, Golden Key National Honor Society President, Ambassadors Di- 1 rector, and Sorority Vice President, Standards and Scholarship. She has also been active in such activities as Chancellor ' s Lead- 1 ership Class, Honors Program, Lambda Sigma, Omicron Delta ] Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, and Phi Kappa Phi Hall of Fame Gordon (Sandy) Sanford Sandy, an Accounting major from Pascagoula, is the 1993-1994 I ASB President. He is also the Mississippi Student Body Presidents ! Council Chairman, Fraternity President, and Alpha Lambda Delta Vice-President. He is also active in Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, Order of Omega, Golden Key, Phi Eta Sigma, and Chan- [ j cellor ' s Leadership Class. rTTi ' ij z . zl --rr %mmm: :;ifffft!::!;t;Mt!i ' ' iiUi;. ' :ia Hall of Fame Scott Sartin I Scott, an English major from Winnsborro, LA, has been active on I campus as Omicron Delta Kappa President, Honors Senator, ASB I Attorney General, Presidential Assistant, Executive Task Force, Lambda Sigma Outstanding Member, Mortar Board, Phi Kapp Phi Order of Omega, Delta Phi Alpha, Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha | j Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, and Chancellor ' s Leadership Class. He also coordinated the ASB Charity Week for Children ' s Cancer | Clinic, and the Mortar Board Fundraiser for the Code Blue System. Hall of Fame John Wilbourne John, an English major from Hammond, LA, has served on the Associated Student Body Cabinet for 3 years. He is also the Di- rector of Academic Affairs, Alpha Lambda Delta Secretary, and Academic Affairs Committee Chairman. His other activities in- clude Phi Kapp Phi, Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Golden Key, Order of Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi, and Chancellor ' s Leadership Class. k Who ' s Who Elizabeth Ann Abdo Accounting SPB-BoardofDir Academic Excellence Scholar Golden Key Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Beta Gamma Sigma Sorority Treasurer Christopher Michael Adair Accounting Delta Sigma Pi President Beta Alpha Psi Vice Presi- dent IMA Treasurer Ole Miss Annual Gramma Beta Phi Sara Katherine Barrett History and English Pre-Law Society Pres Sec Eta Sigma Phi President Mortar Board Phi Kappa Phi Sigma Tau Delta Lambda Sigma ■■ John Patrick Baxter Political Science IPC President Fraternity President Chancellor ' s Diversity Award Oreintation Leader Ole Miss Favorite Holly Danner Bergeson English Modeling Board-Captain UM Ambassadors UM Orchestra Sigma Tau Delta Academic Excellence Scholar Gamma Beta Phi Elizabeth Landry Bowen Business Journal- ism Advertising Sorority President ASB Student Leader Phi Kappa Phi Order of Omega Delta Kappa Mortar Board Douglas Matthew Brad- shaw General Engineering Tau Beta Pi VP Phi Theta Kappa Scholar Brevard Scholar Tau Beta Pi Trident Honor Society NROTC Helm ■f ' 1 . ]H |tl B w Kara LeAllison Brantley Biology Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Academic ExceUence Scholar UM Ambassadors Honors Program 166 nF }(wn $Ks Who ' s Who Lucy Moore Brewer Hv B H General Business Tf ■ ' r- H SPB Director i K li . ' H UM Ambassador HhI ' 7 ? Jr If H Mortar Board r H B Li H Omicron Delta Kappa Lambda Sigma Golden Key Katelyn Annette Brown Accounting ASH Attorney General UM Ambassador Director Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega ASB Senator of the Year Angela Willese Burcham Visual Communications SPB Board of Directors Angelia Editor Golden Key Historian Kappa Pi Gamma Beta Phi Showstoppers Patrick Thompson Bur- nett English and German Senior Class President Fraternity VP SPB Board of Directors Order of Omega Golden Key Sigma Tau Delta Robert Bradley Canada Biology Alpha Epsilon Delta Pres. Phi Kappa Phi Carrier Scholar Society of Physics Sec. UM Ambassadors Phi Eta Sigma Michael Allen Carraway Accounting Baptist Student Union Lead- er Golden Key Phi Kappa Phi Beta Alpha Psi Phi Eta Sigma Accounting Excellence Schol- ar Paloma Collantes Marketing MS Amateur Athelete of the Year All American in Women ' s Teimis Tennis All-SEC All-SEC Academic SEC Sportsmanship Award Ted Connell History Fraternity President Order of Omega Golden Key Lambda Sigma Eta Sigma Phi Phi Eta Sigma Xf n m P 167 Who ' s Who Virginia Dayle Dillon Pharmacy Ole Miss Editor ASP President Phi Lambda Sigma Historian Kappa Epsilon Kappa Psi Lil Sis NARD Jennifer Courtney Eason Marketing AMA President Sorority Officer Business School Advisory Board ASB Senate Panhellenic Delegate Phi Eta Sigma Dax McRee Eckard Biology Fraternity Officer Alpha Epsilon Delta VP IPC Order of Omega Phi Eta Sigma Gamma Beta Phi Hayes Forbes Ellison Psychology Sorority President Psi Chi Sec. Treas. Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Sigma Tau Delta Christy Leigh Eubanks Politiod Science Eng- lish Sorority President Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Sigma Tau Delta Order of Omega Frank Love Fair Scholar Adam Benjamin Farlow International Business College Republican Chair- man UM Debate Qub Founder Lacrosse VP Phi Kappa Phi Scholar Beta Bamma Sigma Excellence in MS Scholar m Sean Edward Gallagher Marketing j| UM Cheerleader Captain UM Cheerleader Coach School Spirit Committee ■1 UCA Collegiate Cheerieader Compitition Winner Intramurals H Robert Chad Gilliland Accounting Alpha Lambda Delta Secre- tary Gamma Beta Phi Lambda Sigma Golden Key SOC Scholar Chancellor ' s Leadership Class 1168 rp MWn KS Who ' s Who Natasha Yvette Hall Marketing Mortar Board Sorority VP Rebel Recruiter Exec ASB Exec. Assistant BSU Treasurer UM Ambassador Treasurer Lambda Sigma Scott R. Hendrix General Business G.E.A.R. Founder Fraternity Officer Phi Kappa Phi Litton Scholar Order of Omega Academic Excellence Scholar 1 David Clifton Harbison Managerial Finace Banking Finance Fraternity Officer Financier ' s Club President UM Ambassadors Mortar Board Order of Omega Omicron Delta Kappa Jason y. Herring Accounting Fraternity Treasurer Beta Alpha Psi President Beta Gamma Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Order of Omega Omicron Delta Kappa Lambda Sigma {■■ ■■■■l Mary Ashley Hollis H H Rflnkinff M5infl0( !ri»l H H nanra P - I H j l ' Bi i : J H 1 992 Most Beautiful 1 ASB Spirit Director H H||H| | Fraternity Sweetheart B ' ' w ' ! B itmhiiA H H I Officer { ■■■■■■■■H Anastasia Frances H Hnnt7»« ■ § H Psychology 1 H Senior Qass Sec. Treas. " H Officer i H Phi Kappa 1 H Golden Key H Phi Eta H Alpha Lambda Shonda Jean HoUomon Accounting Magna Cum Laude Graduate Phi Kappa Phi Accounting Student Body Sec. Treas. Beta Alpha Psi Beta Gamma Sigma Golden Key Carole I. Kloha Elementary Education Panhellenic President ASB Director of Pageants United Way Fund Student Coor. Omicron Delta Kappa Treas- urer Mortar Board ' ' Xf n ' mzs p) 169 Who ' s Who M elinda Elaine Klotz Broadcast Journalism Mortar Board Sec. Sorority Officer Lambda Sigma PR Omicron Delta Kappa Golden Key UM Ambassador ASB Elections Commission Lisa Yrette Lay Human Resource Manage ment Marketing ASBVP Sorority VP Debate Club Treas. College Republicans Stat Sec. Senate Etics Comm. Co Chair Ricky Pharris Living- ston Accounting Phi Kappa Phi Beta Alpha Psi Beta Gamma Sigma Miss. Tax Inst. Scholar IMA Campus Crusade Jana Lynn McBride Political Science ASB Secretary ASB Elections Commission Chair Mortar Board Exec. Board Sorority Officer ASB Cabinent Fraternity Sweetheart Michelle Leigh Miller Accounting Hl H Accy Student Body VP Sorority Treasurer Beta Alpha Psi Sec. Mortar Board Accounting Excellence Schol- KSS tHj K HEi Phi Kappa Phi Meredith Marsh Marketing Sorority VP SPB Golf Tourney Co-Chair SPB Pageant Contestant Chair Univ. Develpment Co-Chair Phi Eta Sigma UM Ambassador Debbie Estella McCain English Risque Business Homecomming Maid Miss Black and Gold Fraternity Sweetheart Top 25 Beauties Miss MS Pageant Alan Rather Moore H| H Physics Director of SPB Lambda Sigma Officer Fraternity Officer Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Order of Omega Lambda Sigma 170 ( ip), mf}vm s Who ' s Who James Philip Naftel English Fraternity Officer Phi Eta Sigma Sec. Mortar Board Lambda Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Golden Key Omicron Deha Kappa Valerie Nicole Nichols International Business D ' ' l l l Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Deha Kappa Mortar Board SPB Assoc. Dir. SPB Board of Dir. Sorority Officer George Elias Paganos Marketing Management Circolo Italiano Exec Comm. O.M.E.G.A. Management Award Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board Italian Award Scott Walker Pedigo Banking Finace Managerial Finance IFC Officer Order of Omega Pres. Fraternity Officer Phi Kappa Phi Co-Editor of " Angelia " Mortar Board Rachel Dianne Reid Banking Fi- nance Managerial Finance i H H Beta Gamma Sigma VP L 1 Financer ' s Qub VP UM Ambassadors Exec. r " - ' S ? .♦ " ' fc I Board ■ iif ' ¥tt a Gamma Beta Phi Officer Phi Kappa Phi fmmmsk Golden Key Sangita R. Patel Pharmacy Pharmacy Student Body VP " Ole Miss Pharmacist " Ed- itor ASP Sec. Kappa Psi Lil Sis, Sec-Treas. Kappa Epsilon India Assn. Sec. Mary Tison Quaka Biology Sorority Officer Omicron Delta Kappa JV Cheerleader Fraternity Lil Sis Phi Eta Sigma Golden Key ASB Student Services Vice Chair. Dorothy Patricia Rich- ardson Institutional Manage- ment Phi Beta Lambda VP Home Ec Assn. Phi Beta Lambda Award Cub Scouts FBLA District II Comm. 9{M)t r KS fp 171 Who ' s Who Lam-a Sims Rogers Managerial Finance Hall of Fame Most Outstanding Woman in Jr Class Golden Key Pres. Mortar Board VP Ambassadors Director Sorority VP Gamma Beta Phi Treas John Scott Sartin English Omicron Delta Kappa Pres ASB Attorney General ASB Exec Task Force Chair Mortar Board Phi Kappa Phi Sandy Sanford Accounting ASB President Fraternity Pres IFC Treasm ' er Alpha Lambda Delta VP Omicron Delta Kappa HaU of Fame Order of Omega Steven Browning Schoenly,Jr. Accounting Fraternity Officer UM Lacrosse Club Dobro Slovo Golden Key Lambda Sigma UM Honors Pgm. WtKKt ' p ■■■■ Bradley Scott Smith Pharmacy Phi Beta Lambda Pres Pharmacy Class Pres Phi Delta Chi VP Phi Lambda Sigma Fillaur Scholar Phaimacy Exec Council Baker Lee Stewart Biology " 1 Alpha Lambda Delta Pres Alpha Epsilon Delta VP ASB Cabinet Golden Key VP Hefley Most Outstanding Freshman Mortar Board P ' ' i -WSSSKttk || ___||_ Lee Winchester Sum- H mers H B Elementary Education H ' Phi Kappa Phi L A Sr. Class VP m Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Eta Sigma M Golden Key llv), . Academic Excellence Scholar fidmberly Kay Taylor Accounting Phi Kappa Phi Beta Alph Psi VP Sorority Treas Mortar Board Beta Gamma Sigma Order of Omega Golden Key 172 np ' Mni KS Who ' s Who Ivan Trevino Business M.B.A. UM Varsity Tennis Captain Academic SEC Tennis All-American All SEC Tennis Team Student Athelete Advisory M-Club UMAA Honor RoU Jill Jeffreys Underwood Accounting Byrd Scholar Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board Sorority VP Lambda Sigma Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Steven Kyle Ward Marketing Gen. Busi- ness Fraternity Pres IPC Order of Omega AMA Fraternity Natl Exec Comm. Angela Nicole Wells Accounting School of Accy Pres Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Beta Alpha Psi Beta Gamma Sigma Golden Key John Rankin Wilbourne English ASB Cabinet Fraternity Officer Alpha Lambda Delta Sec Phi Kappa Phi Academic Excellence Scholar Mortar Board Order of Omega Heather Caroline Wil- liams Accounting Phi Theta Kappa Scholar UM Ambassador Golden Key Gamma Beta Phi Homecoming Maid Richard Brian Wilson Political Sci- ence History ASBVP Fraternity VP ASB Cabinet College Rep Vice Chair ASB Senator Deputy Attorney General Buford Douglas Wood III English Fraternity VP Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Golden Key Sigma Tau Delta Gamma Beta Phi ' x mi ' m s fp 173 Who ' s Who William Gully Yates III Gen. Busi- ness Managerial Fi- nance ASB Cabinet Byrd Scholar Phi Kappa Phi Order of the Scroll All-Amer Scholar Fraternity Sec Dallas Webster Younce English History ASB Exec Task Force R 1 Lambda Sigma Pres Phi Eta Sigma Treas Mortar Board ■ iV--; ,,. Phi Kappa Phi Golden Key It ' , Gamma Beta Phi Lisa Ann Ruby Basara Pharmacy Adm. APA RhoChi " Searching for Magic Bul- lets " Who ' s Who Worldwide AMA Amer Society of Hospital Pharmacists ' -- MK - j „. = ' William Berlin Genetti Chemical Engineering Tau Beta Pi Sec Amer Inst. Chem. Eng. VP NASA Space Grant Scholar Sec Efron L. Parks Award All Amer Scholar Frank McGarret Lenoir Managerial Finance UM C heerleader Captain Student Gov ' t Assn. Phi Beta Lambda VP Fraternity Chaplain IFC Black Student Union Alvin Maurice McLaughlin Broadcast Journal- ism Psychology Black Student Union Pres. ASB Judicial Council Afro-Amer. Assn. Chaplain Phi Beta Lambda UM Gospel Choir Kevin Roderick McAlpin Business MBA Spanish Club Pres Phi Kappa Phi Sec Academic Corporal Athletic Corporal Intramural Captain Citadel Scholar Tracy Lynn Butchee Business Adminstration English Club Treas Phi Beta Kappa Phi Eta Sigma Sigma Tau Delta J.E. Birmingham Memorial Scholar MBA Assn. 174 qnp jm rm K Who ' s Who Brett Donald Robbins m Biology Mortar Board Pres Alpha Epsilon DeUa Treas ASB Senate Pres Pro Tem- OL pore Fraternity Officer Byrd Scholar Omicron Delta Kappa s Scott Alan Shows Accounting MGAC Chair Pre-Law Society Sec Fraternity VP UM Ambassador Order of Omega Phi Beta Lambda 1 Susan Louise Turnage Pharmacy Chancellor ' s Scholar Plough Scholar RhoChi ASPVP Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy School Sec Treas Tricia Dianne Petrie English Sorority Vice President Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Golden Key Academic Excellence Scholar Phi Eta Sigma David Lee Snlliyan Law Law School Student Body President Law School Student Body Vice-President Moot Court Board Phi Delta Phi American Bar Association Steen-Reynolds Trial Competition Mississippi Trial Lawyers Assn. Donald Sionghoe Tan Marketing Mu Kappa Tau Phi Kappa Phi Beta Gamma Sigma American Marketing Assn. VP Student Association of Singapore-Secretary Treasurer Photographic Society Dennis W. Young Real Estate Business School Student Body President Phi Gamma Nu Alpha Lambda Delta Alumni Association Scholarship Business School Advisory Board Honor Council Chairman of Business School 96 ®F V ( jp) 175 Phi Kappa Phi The University ' s Highest Academic Honorary The National Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, founded in 1 897, was originated by a group of students who felt the need to recognize scholarship in all disciplines. The society was soon transformed into a national organization by action of a committee composed of the presidents of the University of Maine, the University of Ten- nessee and Pennsylvania State College. The University of Mis- sissippi chapter was chartered in May 1959, as the 77th chapter of Phi Kappa Phi. Today, there are approximately 250 chapters in 50 states, Puerto Rico and the Phillipines. To qualify for membership, undergraduates must be seniors or second semester juniors with high standards of scholarship and character. Graduate students and students in professional schools must have distinguished records placing them among the ablest in their classes. Faculty members must have made significant contributions to their disciplines. Philosopia Rrateito Photon: Let the love of learning rule mankind. 1993-1994 Phi Kappa Phi Officers Top to bottom, left to right: Beth F. King, Vice President; Euphaizene B. Gray, Secretary; Conny E. Parham, Vice President; Dale L. Flesher, Treasurer; Jay K. Johnson, President; Timothy L. Walshe, President Elect; not pictured: Herbert E. Cihak, Executive Committee; James W. Davis, Executive Committee; Joanne V. Hawks, Executive Committee; Richard F. Ittenbach, Executive Committee; Jean M. Shaw, Immediate Past President. 176 |p) ' M ' mMJKS 1993 Fall Initiates Liberal Arts Accountancy Engineering Graduate KclH I n»na " s braham . MkIuicI Vikinson 1 nn Honil ' icld t n BraddovK in osl Br son .ci nn Hums tian I .miar Gibson II Monroe tausc Gmn Rhonda Sullivan Hallmark v-T« Mane Mono. lolcn Herring N lion Chnsuna Kelley - i.inie Caroline Knight I U abcih Lee tian Chnslopher Lohrbach V ..1 i. nne McCaa M.n t. McGregor 1 li .ibeih Schlaier Miichell 1 .lu-j Jo Palmer 1 v;i.i i Pan I dij Paierson N.naiie Jo ce Pharr Chariotie Eli abelh Prop Liirn Da es Ra . Jo Beihan Lane Reed " M,i:cjrei Mien Reese .Ili:k- [■ " rani.xs Riispess Li; iis t ' h.irle ' . Rogers H.- ' naivi Pemn Rotcn. Jr. Jason 1 eo sandere ken nn coll JennikT Marie Sekul Roben itior Tom.- Jenniler Louise Wiemann Jill DuiTet Wood ' James Vndrew ' elton K.ris Roberson Brad Monio t ' hen Man. Cay Clark Chad R. Hutchinson Oaniel Meniing Jordan .lulee 1 n King Laura nne I uckett Maiul K.i Mcndova Daniel Lee Hethay Kar Seong Ch ' ng David Wayne Coppit Steven Lee Hester Henr. I ee Jones II Chee Keoot Koh Patricia J. Kopi _ Liberal Arts John VMTtiam AUen. Jr Sara Kaihcfinc BtirreU TraMs en Best Carol Nr.:ev Boals Laura N uihet BoniM Kara LcallisoD Brantley JefTrcN Lynn BurgC John Watson CrOD eyer Melissa Daphne Didoy Hayes Forbes ElIi5on Garland Denise Go( Frank Clarke Holmei James Fero Holmes Stephanie Claire Henr Anastasia Frances Honi; Kelly Jo Jessen Mar Phillips Johnson Lung Ko Gregor D. Lawson Jennifer Renee McCrory Joseph Kim McGowin. Jr. Belinda Ann Moore Elizabeth Dewees Ponder James Michael Pnest. Jr. Amy Elizabeth Reid Susan Lee Rice Margaret Kelli Robinson Lissa Lynn Lowe Schwing Rebecca Jewel Spears Roger Dale Stafford Michael Sean Sullivan Susan Regina Symons Chandra Leigh Thrash Jennifer Norsworthy Vernon Jennifer Leigh Weeden Jennifer Knslm West John Rankin Wilboume III Sharon Lynn Wilson Shirley Elizabeth Wiygul Fulton Lewis oung III Chnstopher Michael Adair Michael Allen Carraway Harry Halbert Eielson lavi ' d Richmond Harper lon V, Herring Mark E, Jobe Rjck Pharris Livingston MjeheUe Leigh Miller Daniel Thomas Mueller. Jr. Tara LeeTaranto Kimberly Ka Taylor hn Edward Wafendzik, Jr iFaculty Tiffani Suzanne Darnell Adam Benjamin Farlow Paula L. Goodman Scott R. Hendnx Kok Hui Kaw Sen- Wei Loke Valerie Nicole Nichols Boi Ling Ooi Scott Walker Pcdigo Rachel Diannc Reid Laura Sims Rogers Young Thiem Samuel Song Siong-Hoe Donald Tan Yoke Thin Yow Mohd Zarak Zurkanain Dun I.. Frugt W. Franklm (lllmo H. Ra Hoops Kenneth B. Ruben Education m Marion Virginia Crocker Debra Lynetle Hambcrs Pamela White Samuels Lee Winchester Summers Asem Mokaddem Amy Lynn Rowdl Pharmacy Susan Amelia Blanton Amy Leigh Boatman Angela Jean Byrd Dosha Frances Cummins Donna S. West Rebania Bandyopadhyay Cecile Dianne Bunch David Daigcnault William Paul Deal Sharon K. Ford I ' amela S. Harris Lloyd Allen Holmes Ryan Wade Jones Stephanie Kav Martin Sally Leigh McWhite Patricia Rca Pnce Sylvia Yale Robcrlshaw Knstin Schudy Shu Shcn o Jeffrey Wcddlc 1 Charles Donald Aaron Rama Raju Sai Alluru Jing-Yang Chen Xueyu Chen Sen Kaye Green Ferguson Heather Carohne Hopkins-Baker Janet Sue Jedhcka Shern Eh abeth Lusk Carole Anne Dye McKinney John Ronald McKinney. Jr. Martha Lou Simpson McQuary Khak-d Youssef Orabi Lmda Emerspn Sabm Harrylyn Gra es Sallis Janet Leigh Swan lager Kathryn rtne Thomas Meyyappan Valliappan Bo yung Yang Samantha Appleberry Thomas Meade W, Mitchell K mi ' m s qjp) 177 Golden Key The Golden Key National Honor Society was founded at Georgia State University on November 29, 1977. Membership is extended to the top fifteen percent of all juniors and seniors. This interdisciplinary society seeks to recognize the top students in all courses of study. Golden Key honors its members each year with an induction ceremony and reception. Officers: Sims Rogers-President, Leah Stokes and Baker Stewart- Vice-Presidents, Leigh Vandiver-Recording Secretary, Kather- ine Vestal-Corresponding Secretary, David Harper-Treasurer, Angela Burcham-Historian, Dr. Natalie Schroeder and Dr. Ronald Schroeder-Advisors. Fran Abraham Jason Harold Adams Debra Ann Ainswonh Roger C. Alberson 111 Dana Leigh Alexander Jay Allen Adam Mason Alvis Ricky Amisano Jennifer Anderson Gregory Angelo Emily D. Ash Mike Atkinson Juslin Baker Michael Nathaniel Barbera Jane Ashley Barmettler Jacqueline M. Barnes Jason Barrett John Bateman Shaundi Bates C. Robin Bennington Bethany Berey Amy Wallace Bethshares Krisly Bland Siisan Bonifield John L. Bonnelte II Jeffery James Bounds Natalie Boyd Kns Roberson Brady David I. Bndgers III Michael T, Bnley Susan Lee Ann Broom Barbara Gail Brown Laura Elizabeth Buckley Chasily Burnham Rebecca Bums Yancy B. Bums Amanda G. Busby Matthew Calhoun Laura Cannon Lauren Melody Carson Dawn Cates Valene Rana Childers Thomas Bradford Chil- dress Jeffrey Alan Chipman Lisa Chow Allison Chreslman Catherine Cimon William Scott Clark Melanie Cody Dennis Coleman Amy Elizabeth Connelly Russell Allen Cooke David Wayne Coppit Elizabeth Gotten Claudia L. Courtney Dina M. Courtney David B. Craddock Geneva Crawford Steven R. Creasy Stacy Lynette Creel James M. Crosby Judith A. Dakin Darrell Glenn Davis Kyle Davis Lisa J. Davis Rebekah Hayes Davis Belinda Kaye Dearman John B. Denley Melissa Daphne Dickey Tara Kay Duett Cristopher D. Duperier Rick Dye Charles G. Edwards Matthew Kristian Eggle- ston Bngid Eubanks Laura J. Eubanks Margaret Ann Ferris Saar Thomas Fishman Kristic Fiveash Melissa Flagg Alex S. Fong R. David Ford M ichelle Angelique Gadberry Cynthia Gaines Blaise Lucian Gallahue Ginger Geno John David Gerrie Gary Lamar Gibson II Ben Gibson Kate Glamser Kendra Lea Goodard Stephanie Goode Ginger Gordon Carlton Gorton Eason Greene Lenore Gresham Susan Ashley Griffin Jennifer GrifTis Mark Gross Mark Fredrick Gulten- sohn Loan Emily Ha Chnstopher Nathan Haire Michael Hall Rhonda Sullivan Hall- mark Caria Hardee Lance Harrison Ellie Harty Rosilind Cecilia Hayden Jessie Mae Haynes Suzanne Heliums Ann Marie Henry Stephanie Claire Henry Amy Hemng Lelica Dawn Herring Bnan Hicks Michelle L. Hill Casey , lan Hixson Kathleen Hollingsworih Jason L. Honeycult Gera L. Hudson Apnl Hughes W. Elliot Hutchcraft Ashley Hutchison Chad Hutchison Leslie Jetton Jennifer Nicole Johnson Matthew Brain Jones Michael Jones Hank Jones Cynthia Marie Kahler Lynn Williams Kelly Michelle Louise Kemm Bradley Lamar Kennedy Gina Marie Kennedy Katie Kennington Lon King Sarah H. Kloud Tricia Koph Hope Ladner Cathy Ledbetter Wendy Lehman David J. Ley, Jr. Jayna Lynn Locke Iven Kiplyn Loden Jonathan Christopher Lohrbach Nicole Dykes Long Laura Anne Luckett Casey Lyon Elizabeth Emma Lyons Elizabeth Leigh Macy Joyn Phillip Malouf Christopher Hamilton Matthews Jill A. Matkins Shannon Lee May Jeff McClanahan Brain Darrell McCoy David Powell McEIreath Sandy Lee McKinney Bowen MaRae Charles Meadowcroft Mandy Mendo a Meg Michaels Christin Elizabeth Miller Richard Thomas Miller Meghan Christine Mitch- ell Jamie Moore Derek Moreton M, Jay Morris Melissa Eileen MuUins Jason Nabors Susan Nabors Danielle Renee Neil Lori Nelson Robert A. Norris Lisa B. Nylander Dana O ' Donnell Patrick O ' Mara Deano C. Orr Eric Tyler Overstreet Laura Jo Palmer Brandi Crystal Parkes Lydia Paterson Sidra Clare Patterson Douglas R. Paul Jonathan Cory Peden Jonathan Pennington Caren Mane Petry Courtney Phillips Richard Scott Pietrowski Crymes Piltman Brad Pitzer Jamison Faulkner Pound John Hansford Powers IV Leslie E. Pnce C. Elizabeth Propes Sonja M. Quinn Vickie Randall Bethany Reed Wendy Reed Melody Dianne Rice Penny Ann Rice Christopher C. Robinson Leigh Ellen Robinson Jo Carol Robinson Candace Shane Rogers Amy L. Smith Rowell JAson Lee Sanders Henry J. Sanders IV Brain Sanderson David J. Schmidt KeriAnn Scott Kimberly Terese Scruggs Christina Sue Seematter David Wmtfrod Sheffield Catherine Shipp Anne Ashlye Shoemake Adrian Todd Smith Carter Smith Gary Smith Stacey Denise Smith Michael Solomon Randall J. Spivey Kelly Renae Stephens Shannon Stephens Jennifer Victoria Steward Robert Stokes Steven Stone Amy Stork Jennifer Stroud James Stubbs Mary J. Suman Shannon Sumrall Jennifer Supple Melissa Swearengin Liz Swenson Melissa Swetland Kathleen Marie Taylor Ben H. Thomas Michael Thompson, III Jennifer Jo Todd Katrina A. Todd Robert Victor Toney Chnstopher M- Traeger Terri Kay Turner Maradith Tuten Kathryn Valentine Karleen Rainey Vincent Denise Vuncannon Phillip M. Walker James Edward Walker, Jr. Pattie D. Wallace Shem Wallace Elizabeth Butler Waller Thomas H. Ward Wendy Warriner Justin Robert Wert Ashley White Tameka Rachelle WTiite Nikki Whitworth Phillip Shane Wilkes Allison Williams Cheryl Ann Williams Jennifer Lee Williams Robert Williams Stephanie J. Wilson James Robert Winter, Jr. Laurie Anne Wolford Jennifer Wong Heather Wood Jill Wood Kenneth Alan Yan Jennifer J. Yates 178 FTP r((ni(( KS Mortar Board I ' slablishcd as a national women ' s honor so- ciety. Mortar Board is one of the highest senior honor groups for both men and women. Tas- sels, the local chapter, has been active on the Ole Miss campus since its founding in 1930. With a 40 member limit. Mortar Board selects members based on leadership, scholarship of at least a 3.0 GPA, and service. Mortar Board is an organization that challenges the individual to provide thoughtful leadership to the campus and community, to create an environment of effective communiation and to move toward the improvement of the status of men and women. Jan Rachel .Arnold Sara Katherine Barrett Elizabeth Landry Bowen Lucy Moore Brewer Katelyn Annette Brown Marion Virginia Crocker Hayes Forbes Ellison Christy Leigh Eubanks Adam Benjamin Farlow Dana Gaye Freeman Garland Denise Goddard David C. Harbison Natasha Yvette Hall Scott R. Hendrix Mary Ashley HoUis Helen Olivia Johnson Henry L. Jones II Carole Irene KJoha Melinda Elaine KJotz Jana Lynn McBride Margaret Ashley McKin- ney Michelle Leigh Miller Alan Rather Moore James Phillip Naftel Valerie Nicole Nichols Scott Wlker Pedigo Tricia Dianne Petrie Amy Elizabeth Quaid Brett Donald Robbins Laura Sims Rogers Gordon U. Sanford Baker Lee Stewart Tara Lee Taranto Kimberly Kay Taylor Jill Jeffreys Underwood Leigh Carol Vandiver Kimberly S. Walls Barry Lee Wicktom John Rankin Wilboume Dallas Webster Younce O JmKS ' m © 179 Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Gamma Sigma is a national honor so- ciety in the H ' ids of business administration and accoun.ancy. Beta Gamma Sigma chapters may be chartered only in those schools of busi- ness and accountancy which are accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business. The Alpha of Mississippi chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma was chartered in 1 944. To be selected for Beta Gamma Sigma mem- bership, students must rank in the top five percent of the junior class, the top ten percent of the senior class, or in the top twenty percent of those students receiving master ' s degrees. Students who have completed all requirements for the doctoral degree conferred by a school of business or accountancy are also eligible for membership in Beta Gamma Sigma. The purposes of Beta Gamma Sigma are to encourage and recognize scholarship and ac- complishment among students of business ad- ministration, to promote the advancement of education in the art and science of business, and to foster integrity in all aspects of life.Educ. Officers: President, Harry Halbert Eielson; Vice-President, Rachel Dianne Reid; Faculty Advisor, Secretary-Treasurer, Edgar W. Wood; Members: Elizabeth Ann Abdo, Jac- queline Suzanne Cranston, Tiffani S. Johnson Darnell, Tara Celeste Dobbins, David C. Harbison, Scott R. Hendrix, Jason V. Herring, Julee Lyn King, Ricky Pharris Livingston, Lxjuis Malfait, Robert Cameron Massengill, Suppiah Muniandy, W. Colin Seibert, Young Thiem (Samuel) Song, Tara Lee Taranto, Andrea Lynn Wainright, Martin Heard Walker, Melinda Kay Whitten, Shelly Rae Woodard Hui Xu. Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta, the Mississippi Beta Chapter of the international pre- medical honor society, encourages and recognizes superior scholastic achievement. Opportunities for de- veloping organizational leadership and initiative abound within a full program of community service and professional activities. Students pre- paring for careers in all healthcare fields, who fulfill both course and scholastic requirements may join this fellowship devoted to premedical ed- ucation. Alpha Epsilon Delta activ- ities include interview and MCAT preparation as well as a unique " Buddy System " and hospital volun- teer program Officers: Brad Canada, President; Dax Eckard, Jonathan Lohrbach, Baker Stewart, Vice Presidents; Brett Robbins, Treasurer; Margaret Tharp, Secretary; Bethany Reed, His- torian. 180 ip runif KS Lambda Sigma •■♦ v Officers- Dodds Dehmer-President, Jami Clark-Vice-President, Rebecca Thomas-Secretary, Macon Dukes- Treasurer Robert Seibels-Scholarship, Diebra Walters-Philanthropy. Members: Anthony Baker, Ginger Bargman, Betsy Bartling. Amy Bland, Emily Carlson, Tyler Craddock, Bunny Findley, Lori Galbreath, Dottie Gibbons Bradiev Glaze, Debjyoti Goswami, Jermaine Gray, Laura Hale, Justin Harris, Damion Henderson, Dee Hobbs Brad Jennings, Stacy Jones, Chad Long, Milton Lovell, Charlotte Lowe, Tamsen McCabe, Scott McDaniel Kathleen McDill, Katherine Moates, Katherine Murphy, Meredith Murray, Richard Pietrowski, Nancv Prince, Zach Scruggs, Rashedul Sheikh, Sharon Simmons, Elizabeth Smotherman, Valene Sprenger, Candv Thompson, Traci Thompson, Marcy Moye Thoms, Laura Tumage, Bradley Vance, Michael Weber, Bo White Tom Wong. Kay Christian-Advisor, Mark Kidd-Advisor. The Society ' s fundamental purposes are to foster leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and the spirit of service as well as promoting and serving in every way possible in the interests of the University of Mississippi. Delta Sigma Pi Officers: Chris Adair, President; Reggie Rutherford, Vice President; Bo White, Vice President-Pledge Education; Traci Stokes, Vice President, Professional Activities; Roy Alexander, Chapter Operations; Kristie Fivash, Secretary; Charlotte Perkins, Treasurer; Members: Brent Bishop, Lisa Lay, Margaret McKinney, Kenneth Young, David Lane, Paul Snow, Traci Bufford-pledge. Assistant Advisor, Del Martin; Faculty Advisor, Dr. Frank Wiebe. The international fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi was founded at New York University on Novermber 7, 1907, to foster the study of business in uni- versities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advance- ment by research and practice; to pro- mote the commerce and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and com- mercial welfare of the community. ' -X mi KS p 181 Omicron Delta Kappa ODK Officers Scott Sartin, President Patrick Burnett, Vice-President Carole Kloha, Treasurer Dr. Judith Trott, Secretary Omicron Delta Kappa, founded December 3, 1914 at Washington and Lee University, places emphasis upon the whole person, both as a present mem- ber of his college community and as a prospective contributor to a better society. The Society believes that while good scholarship and intellectual development are the chief objectives of college years, the life of the mind is not the only life students will have to cope with as a result of their college experience. It is not enoough to be merely a " scholar " — other indispensable qualities have to be cultivated also. Students and facluty members have to more clearly understand that the self is truly a composite of the hand, the heart, and the spirit as well as the mind. Omicron Delta Kappa believes that the real search for truth, the promotion of good will, the development of consideration and understanding, good taste, and sense of humor, learning how to get along and cooperate with others, and the assumptions of duty and responsibility, are important lessons and personal qualities which one learns and develops through an integrated program of academic and extracurricular education. Members of Omicron Delta Kappa are selected in areas of achievement in scholarship, athletics, or campus or community service, social and religious activities and campus government, jou rnalism, speech, and the mass media, and the creative and perfroming arts. 182 ( np ' .iv(inN( ? cS Omicron Delta Kappa ODK Members Sims Rogers Scott Sartin Carole KJoha ICatelyn Brown Rachel Arnold Garland Goddard Edward RatlifT David Harbison Brett Robbins Alan Moore Jennifer Vernon Dax Eckard Nicole Nichols Katherine Vestal Christy Eubanks Jim Naftel Jeff Warren Adam Farlow Kara Brantley Mary Tison Quaka Scott Hendrix Rankin Wilbourne Sandv Sanford Douglas Wood Lucy Brewer William Yates Melinda Klotz Fran Abraham Baker Stewart Paula Goodman William Bronson Elizabeth Wiygul Ashley McKinney Kurt Rademacher Tara Taranto Katherine Barrett Patrick Burnett Amy Herring Leigh Miller Alice Smith Jill Underwood Leigh Boatman 1 Stephen Earnest Jason Herring Lee Summers Elizabeth Bowen Kimberly Taylor Kimberly Brackett Jana McBride Sally Townsend Nycole Campbell James Nichols Leigh Vandiver Edward Connell Scott Pedigo Angela Wells Hayes Ellison Micheal Perry Dana Freeman Tricia Petrie Barry Wicktom Julie Golden Natalie Pharr Sharon Wilson xmimj s ni D 183 Chancellor ' s Leadership Class In 1985 Chancellor Turner announced the formation of the Chancellor ' s Leadership Class. As a result, the University launched a search for about sixty prospective freshman men and women to join the proud ranks of the CLC. These students are chosen for their accomplishments in high school and are encouraged to further develop their leadership abilities. As preparation for their leadership roles, the members of the CLC attend leadership functions and seminars throughout the year. Leading the discussions of these events are members of the administration, internationally known professors, students holding top offices in campus groups, and government and business leaders. Class members are encouraged not only to take part in the various organizations on campus, but to continue to participate in civic and state affairs after graduation. 184 ( ip) ' xmnmxs Honors Program The Honors Program, established in 1953 and restructured in 1982, coordinates special academic offerings that intensify t he | educational experience of the exceptional student and facilitates the arrangement of a program of studies for superior undergraduate students in any school or college at the University of Mississippi. Student Director-Chris Clay Assistant Student Director-Elizabeth Propes Senators: Susan Blanton, Valerie Boyd, Leigh Ann Heard, Amy Herring, Jay Morris, Bill Pittman, Hart Rogers, Jennifer Sekul, Jill Wood . ngela Adams Scott Everett John Jones Jim Naftel Elizabeth Smotherman Roy . iexander Bndgitte Fara Tern Jones Karoline Nelson Christy Soper Adam AJvTS Adam Farlow Robert Jordan James Nichols Jennifer Soper Richard Anderson Kalrina Ferrell Amanda Keith Electa Osadchuk Robert Stephenson Lmda Amngion Anne Ferrer Robert Kennedy Robert Page Baker Stewart Stephanie Ash Bunny Findley Jennifer Killebrew Lydia Paterson Holly Strange George Aikinson Knstie Fiveash Clay King Enn Patten Michael Sullivan Brett Bagley Jennifer Fogle Jeremy Kinsell Douglas Paul David Summers Jcanelte Bailey Brent Fox Jeremy Kirkland Natalie Pharr Shannon Sumrall Lynn Barlow Molly Franks Kecia Kitchens Crymes Pittman Melissa Swetland Ruth Bartling Michael Frazier Carole Kloha John Pittman Chistopher Thomas Jennifer Belue Nathaniel Gee Laura Koon Brad Piuer Michael Thompson Ben Blossom Nicole Germain Nancy Koph Nan Prince Leshe Tnbble Susan Bonefield Chris Gleason Tricia Koph Michael Pujol Jack Umphers Mar Bnnkmeyer Garland Goddard Rebecca Ladd Keli Quinn Jill Underwood Katheryn Brookfield Paula Goodman Daneille Lagerda Sara Whalan Randall Jennifer Vernon James Brovb-n Ben Gordon Cathy Lantnp Bethany Reed David Wages Burkes Ginger Gordon Gary LAwson Wimberiy Reeves Grelchen Wagner ndrew Bums Deb Goswani Slade Lewis Matt Reonas Adrienne Warren Matt Calhoun Brenda Gray Jonathan Lohrbach Susan Rice James Walker Brad Canada Catherine Green Amanda Lucas Brett Robbins Sally Walbura Emily Carlson Christy Green Grelchen Luke Chnstopher Roberts Knstin Weir Knsten Carlson Loan Ha Clark Mackey Eleanor Rogers Brad Wellbome Michael Carraway Laura Hale Wlizabeth Macy Sims Rogers Donna West Elizabeth Cassagne William Hamson John Mayo Hart Rogers Chnsly While Kimberly Chancy Amy Hastings Melanie Mark Bonnie Roll Quentin Whiiwell Tanya Chin Rosiland Hayden Mandi McAnhur Joseph Sams Barry Wicktom J ami Clark Scott Hendnx Allyson McCollum Brain Sanderson Rankin Wilboume Lawrence Coco Steven Hester Scott McDaniel Scott Sartin Allison Williams Kim Croom David Hilt Chnstine McKenzie Mack Sealand Jennifer Wilson Wes Curr Kara Hoekamp Heather McKibben Robin Sears Sharon Wilson TifTani Darnell Melissa Holhngswonh Brett Mehalic Robert Seibels Kenneth Wolfe Dodds Dchmer Clarke Holmes Moss Melton Emmet Seiler Tom Wong Lucy Dixon Lain Hughes Mark Meredith Melissa Senler William Yates Breit Douglas Martha Hutchinson Addy Mills Jenny Seymour Web Younce Came Downing Camerson Huxford Jeremy Milum Susan Shaw Amber Young Macon Dukes David Jacks Meghan Mitchell Sharon S immons James Young Ginger Dunnam Mary Johnson Becky Mitchell Thomas Simpson John Zoeller Gina Dunnam Patrick Johnson Sarah Mitchell John Sledge LeeScolt Richard Dye Rebecca Johnson Chip Monroe Marquis Sledge Hank Jones Kalhryn Myers Gary Smith xmjmKS qnip 185 Phi Eta Sigma Founded nationaly at the university of Illinois March 22, 1923, Phi Eta Sigma established a Mississippi chapter at the University of Mississippi in 1929. A national college Scholastic honor society for freshmen, Phi Eta Sigma recognizes, encourages and rewards high scSsT among freshmen at approximately 229 institutions of higher learning in the United States Alfreshm have a cumulative gradepoint average equivalent to a 3.5 or better on a 4.00 scale at the close of any cimclar penod dunng their first year are eligible to join Phi Eta Sigma at Ole Miss. Inducting ceremonies are held dunng the spnng semester ot each year. Officers: Cindy Dantone- President, Emily Purifoy- Secretary, Emmet Seibels- Treasurer Advisor: Marianne Bradford Jeannie Ackerman Roy E. Alexander Cassie Connell Anderson Jennifer L. Anthony Jason Chad Amelle Jason L. Bailey Jeannelle L. Bailey Anthony Jason Baker Chuck A. Baker Ginger Ayres Bargman Ruth Elizabeth Bartling Ke)Iy O ' Bnen Bell Jerry Don Bell.Jr. Jennifer D. Belue Warren Gilbert Biddle Kathenne Mary Bizot Caroline Harper Blackwell Daniel Bolongaro James Alan Borland. Jr. Bonnie Anne Borst Jennifer Lynn Boyd Melissa Dianne Brooks .lason Reid Brown Anna Kalhryn Brush Brandy Joan Bullard Chen Burge Wilham Walters Bumham Emily S. Carlson Chen Ann Can Lindy Susannc Caslle Clarence Wanen Chapman. Jr. Regan Alenc Christopher Jami Clark Brent Clunan I awrence Murry Coco III Lyndie Leigh Coffey Clifton Riley Dabbs Brandi Llewelyn Daniel Cynthia Ann Dantone Dodds Munay Dehmer Lisa Lynne DeLoach Heather Michelle Denekc Tara Rene Donnelly Oliver Frednek Doughtie Daniel W. Drake Leslie Macon Dukes Michael Andrew Dunavant Thomas Nathan Eck James Allen Edmonds Lakely Susanne Felten Anne Alicia Ferrer Bunny Findley Brett Finkelstein Jennifer Marie Fogle Tern L. Fowler Mary Elizabeth Fuglcr Amy Kathleen Galatzan Loraine Harriet Balbreath Carl Andrew Gamer III Dorothy Sanders Gibbons Bradley M. Glaze Jennifer E. Golemi Markus Samuel Graves Christy L. Green Jason Stnbling Greener Laura Lee Hale Nikki Charmaine Hale Peter Michael Harper Margaret Leigh Hartley Paul Head Charies Robert Heflin Stephanie C. Henry Haley Elizabeth Henon Nceli Michelle Hester W. David Hitt Michelle Elaine Hogan Shannon Elizabeth Holden Melissa Courtney Hollingsworth Sarah Darlynn Hudson Michael Emory Johnson Chns Jones Robert Lee Jordan III Clay King Rebecca Anne Ladd Karen Elizabeth Lambert Sarah Diane Lavers Anthony Wayne Lee Brook Lester Becky Lominac Milton Lloyd Lovell Chariotte Cathryn Lowe Cratin Luckett Kevin Andrew Lyon Jennifer Scott MacKenzie Thomas Bradford Maley Laura Jill Malone Kathryn E. Martin Reed Mask Jane Canoll Mauldin William Owen McCraney Scott Andrew McDaniel Mary Kathleen McDill Sara Nan McKellip Chnstine Elaine McKenzie Mary Moore McKenzie Shelby Milam Gregory Wayne Miller Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell Lanny Lee Monroe. Jr. Amy H. Morehead Knsten Kay Morgan Lee Delgadillo Morris Courtney Lynn Mortimer Jo Calhenne Mroz Ann Munn Meredith Anne Murray Carolyn Elizabeth Muse Mary Meade Musgrave Margaret Christian Noble Vanessa Page Ogdcn Alyson Brooke Ogilvie Aimee E. Owings William Leighton Page Allyn Price Penncbaker Jennifer Ann Perkins Nann Prince Michael Partlow Pujol Emily Anne Punfoy Melody Dianne Rice Knstin Melissa Rose Wilham Michael Russ Jami Lynn Russell Elizabeth Gibson Schadt Jennifer Anne Schneider Gail Elizabeth Schuelh Leanne Elizabeth Scott Zach Scruggs Robin Lyn Sears Robert Emmet Seibels IV Melissa Senter Meredith Sexton Jenny Lnyy Seymour Jennifer Leigh Shackelford Sharon Lee Simmons Chnsty Lynn Smith Elizabeth C. Smotherman Valerie Sprengcr Rachel Toney Stanley Ryan Chnstopher Stewart David Summers Wendy Leigh Taylor E. Rebecca Thomas Marcy Moye Thorns Jeff Chnstopher Tillman Collin Renne Travis McLean Trotter Laura Tumagc Bradley Vance Jason Marcel Vega Clay Wagner Sally Hodo Walbum Joy Ann Warr David Enos Watson Todd Patnck Westphal Chnsty LeAnne While Robert B. White Chnstopher Lee Wiginton .Mex Wimpelberg David Smoak Winter Mack Davison Woo Tina Mane Wood A. Wood IV Brian Scott Woodard Douglas Wnght I 186 fP xmymRS Alpha Lambda Delta ' " h l 11_ -ut ' Alpha Lambda Delta is a national freshman honor society whose purpose is to encourage superior scholastic achievement among students in their first year in institutions of higher education. Students inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta must have attained a 3.5 GPA. OFFICERS; Presi den 1- Jason Baker V-Presideni-And Garner Secrelao -Jennifer Fogle Treasurer-Jami Oark Hislonan-Nan Prince DVISORS: Dr. Joanne Hawks Dr. Eva Neumaier INITI. TES-FaII 1992 Mar Dudle Bndgforth Michael T. Bnle tJennis Michael Brown m Ehsabelh Farragut Krislie Michelle Fiveash F.ason Greene Michelle Uigh Hill Palnck HoUoway Pam B, H de Chen Jen-Hwa Robert James Kennedy Tan Jail Ming J. Michelle Rhodes Holl Rcncc ' Seymour Wendy Wamner Ashley W White Mohd Zarak Zurkanain IN ' ITI. TES-Spnng 1993 Jean Mane Ackerman Rov Alexander Cassie Connell Anderson Jason Bailey Jeaneiie L. Bailey Chuck A Baker Jason Baker Ginger A Tes Bargman Betsy Bartlmg Jennifer Belue Bethany Gwen Berey Warren Gilben Biddle Caroline BlackweU Bonnie Borsl Melissa Dianne Brooks Kaihryn Brush Brandy Joan Bullard William Bumham Emily S. Carlson Lind y Susanne Castle Clarence Chapman Annie Cheng Regan Chnslopher Jami Clark Brent Clunan Lawrence Coco Lyndie Leigh Coffey Clifton Riley Dabbs Brandi Llwewlyn Daniel Cindy Dantone Dodds Dehmer Lisa DeLoach Heather Michelle Deneke Macon Dukes Michael Andrew Dunavant Gregory A. Elrod Anne Ferrer Bunny Findley Brett Finkclstem Jennifer Mane Fogle Amy Galat an Lon Galbrealh Andy Gamer Dottie Gibbons Jennifer Eileen Golemi Markus Samuel Grapes Christy Green Jason S, Greene Laura Lee Hale Leigh Hartley Paul Head Chuck Heflin Shane Henry Neeli Hcslcr Shannon Holden Courtnc Hoilingsworth Michelle Hogan Sarah Hudson Michael Johnson Chns Jones Bo Jordan Clay King Rebecca Ann Ladd Jennie Beth Lee Brook Lester Milton Lloyd Lovell Charlotte Lowe Robert Cratin Lucketl Kevin Lyon Thomas Bradford Maley Melanie Mark Kathr n Martin Reed Mask Jane Carroll Mauldin Will McCraney Scotl .Andrew McDaniel Christine McKcn ie Vijeev Menon Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell Chip Monroe Knsten Morgan Lee D. Morris Courtney Mortimer Meredith Murray Carolyn Elizabeth Muse Meade Musgravc Margaret Noble Leighton Page Jennifer Perkins Chnsi Peters Nanc Anne Prince Michael Pujol Emily Purfoy Meredith Quinn Melod Dianne Rice Knslin Rose Michael Russ Elizabeth Schadt Gail Schueth Zach Scruggs Robin Lyn Scan Emmet Seibels Meredith Sexton Jenny Seymour Jennifer Leigh Shackelford Sharon Lee Simmons Jay Van Slyke Christy Smith Elizabeth Smolherman Rachel Stanley Ryan Chnslopher Stewart Wendy Taylor Marcy Thoms Rebecca Thomas John McLean TroUer Laura Tumage Tammy Rcnee ' Tyre Sally Hodo Walbum Micah Walker David Watson Timothy Wamgny Robert B. White. Ill Alex Phillip Wimpelberg David Winter Tom Wong Gus A. Wood Tina M. Wood Douglas S. Wright mii mis m 1) 187 Tau Beta Sigma Tau Beta Sijjma is a national honor society for college and university band members. The Beta Tau Chap- ter was chartered on the Ole Miss campus on April 19, 1959. Along with Kappa Kappa Psi, our brother organization. Chapters from all over the United States work in their re- spective schools to promote an ap- preciation and respect of music not only to its own members, but also to the hstening pubHc everywhere. Mary Elizabeth Tillman-President, Paige Barfield-Vice President, Sarah Walsh- Recording Secretary, Wanda Terral-Cooresponding Secretary, Becky Fesmire-Treasurer, Gail Heimer-Sergeant-at-Arms, Ashley Barmettler- Co-Historian, Lani Leath-Co- Historian, Krista Adams-Service Coodinator, Lori Haynie-Social Coodinator, Members: Laura Bailey, Stacy Creel, Brenda Cullom, Kameron Hudson, Sundra Jarrell, Paige Kirkpatrick, Hope Ladner, Kirsten McDaniel, Melissa Putnam, Jeannie Scott, Missy Simmons. David Willson-Sponsor. Kappa Kappa Psi The Beta Beta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, a National Honorary Band Fraternity, was founded on the Ole Miss campus in 1 948. Being the 50th chapter founded, it has the dis- tinction of being known nationally as " the Golden Chapter of Kappa Kap- pa Psi. " United through fraternal brotherhood, members work for the betterment of the band through ser- vice and selection of worthwhile proj- ects. Officers: David Stanfield, President; Andrew Dillard, Vice President; Steven Deater, Secretary; Bart Herrington, Treasurer; Russell Leasy, Parliamentarian; James Kent, Historian; Raymond Kelly, Historian; William D. Scott IV, Alumni Coordinator; David Wilson, Sponsor; Chapter Members: Mike Bonds, Chris Hughes, Cedrick Jackson, Wayne King, Steve Watson; Fall 1993 Pledge Class: Bryan Blake, Mike Chapman, Tracy May, Tim Matlock, Lee Moyer, Todd Sears, Bryan Wardlaw, Lester Watt, Stephen Womack. 188 qip) 96miMns Psi Chi Executive Triumverite: Todd Doyle, Kate Glamser, Jennifer Traughber; Members; Christy Jones, Laura Buckley, Courtney Phillips, Tracy Rohm, Geri Ashbum, Paige Vann, Barbara Brown, Susan Broom, Karen Butscher. Christine Cox, Christopher Dupeneir, Cynthia Gaines, Emily Garland, Angie Flowers, Stacy Heath, Wendy Collier, Shannon Trusty, Allison Landers, Holly Seymour, Shelby Thompson, Meg Brown, Mandy Aldis, Justin Clements, Claudia Vettel, Kristen Mc Clelland, Melissa Wilbom; Associate MembersiColleen King, Tippins Goldston. Amy Sansing, Stephen Correro, Kristen Wallace, Laura Palmer, Doug Buglewicz, John Massev, Chuck James, Jessica Yoste; Psi Chi is the national honor society in psychology. We meet montly to discuss and view videotapes on cur- rent issues and discoveries in the field of psychology. It ' s an opportunity to meet people and expand one ' s knowl- edge of psychological phenomena. Rho Chi I MTicers: President. Michelle Mellengcr, Vice President, Jim Jackson; Faculty Secretary. Dr. John Williamson; Faculty Treasurer. Dr. Christy V yandt; Histonan, Jennifer Hansen; Faculty Advisors. Dr. Robert Sindelar. Dr. Paycinger. Members: Micheal Bales. Rebanta Bandyopadhyay. Amanda Bobb. . udra Dusby. Scotty Byrd, Darlene Decosta, Cale Dunahoo. Nkere Ebubce. Lisa Adelene Huam. Dr. Ikhlas Khan, Mahcsh Knshnan. . my McMasler, Dr. James O ' Neal, Laura Phillips, Snram Jayanthan Ramanathan, Wimberly Reeves Gayle, Lea Ann Robbins. Rob Roberts. Leah Meadows Robertson, Rachel Robinson. Clay Rouse, Mary Sanders. Tonya Shakelford. Melanie Smith. Troy Tompkins. Joy Wansley. Jill Williamson. Archie Wnght. Faculty Members: Dr. Baker, Dr. Benson, Dr. Dingham, Dr. Borne, Dr. Brown, Dr. Byrd, Dr. Clark, Dr. Crabtree, Dr. Davis, Dr. Fischer, Ms. Fuller, Dr. Gamer, Dr. Hikal, Dr HulTord. Dr. Jones, Dr. Juergens, Ms. Lublanezki. Mr. McCaskill, Dr. McChesney, Dr Mack, Dr. Matthews. Dr. Pace. Dr. Parks. Dr. Sharpe. Dr. Smith, Dr. Summers. Dr. Szeinbach. Dr. Verlangeri. Dr, Vinson. Dr, Waters. Dr. Wilson, Rho Chi is a pharmacy honor society that promotes the advancement of the pharmaceutical sciences through the encouragement and recognition of sound scholarship. The Ole Miss Chapter was founded in 1937. As a fulfillment of the society ' s objective of increasing the awareness of the ethical and social responsibilities fo the profession, the Chi Chapter holds an annual " Talk about Prescription Day " on campus to illustrate the pharmacist ' s role on patient counsel- ing. xm)LmrRS qfP 189 Gamma Beta Phi Currently in its 28th year on the Ole Miss Campus, the Gamma Beta Phi Society is a national honorary recognizing excellence in scholarship and stressing the importance of service and the development of character. The Ole Miss chapter of Gamma Beta Phi actively supports local charities and works with local schools through tutoring and donations. . .in an effort to foster and desseminate education. The Ole Miss chapter consistently receives the National Distinguished Chapter Award, one of the highest awards a chapter of Gamma Beta Phi can receive. President Gary W. Smith Vice President Wayne Shaw Recording Secretary Cricket Stephens Points Secretary Kimberly Brackett Corresponding Secretary Laura Bonner Treasurer Allison Williams Advisor Dr. David Bazard Members: Chns Adair Jeannie Ackcrman Ginger Bargman John Bateman Jennifer Belue Bethany Berey Caroline Blackwell Amy Bland Susan Bonifield Bonnie Borsi Angela Burcham Rebecca Burns Yancy Bums Hmily Carlson Regan Christopher Jami Clark Jennifer Cockrofl Lyndie Coffey Cindy [Jantone Lisa [Jel-oach Heather Dcneke Tara Dobbins Macon Dukes Anne Ferrer Bunny l-indley Knstie I ' lveash Nalabe Fowler Andy CJarner Dottie Clibbons Kate Glamser Christy Green Brad Scoti Jason Greener Robin Sears Laura Hale Jenniler Sekul Leigh Hartley Ashlyc Shoemake Paula Henderson Elizabeth Smotherman Shane Henry Valene Sprenger Chad Hcnson Susan Svmons Neeli Hester Marcv Thoms Michelle Kemm Laura Tumage Danielle LaGerda Jason Vega Karen Lambert Kimbcrlv Waddell Anthony Lee Philip Walker Millon Lovell Wendy Wamner Charlotte Lowe Ronnie Weems Brad Maley Chnsty White Melanie Mark Robert " Bo ' " White Scott McDaniel Melinda Whilten Joseph McGowin Tom Wong Conrad Meyer Mack Woo Beth Muse Douglas Wnght Michael Pang Dou as Paul Fall 1993 Inductees: Jenniler Perkins Lisa Davis Leslie Pnce Rebecca Johnson Ran Pnnce Helen McCullough Elizabeth Propes Jamie Moore Bethany Reed Vickie Randall Mark Rogers Jenny Seymour Knsten Rose Rachel Smith Michael Russ Kelly Stephens Gait Schucth 190 ( np M ' ammns Beta Alpha Psi NT o Beta Alpha Psi is the national honor society and professional fraternity for students planning to enter the accounting profession. The objectives of the fraternity include: (1) promotion of the study and practice of accounting, (2) recognition of outstanding academic achievements in the field of accounting, (3) encouragement of a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibilities, (4) provision of opportunities for self-development and leadership, (5) provision of ideas for career goals and role models through interface with practicing professional accountants, and (6) promotion of social poise through as- sociation among members and practicing accountants. President-Jason Herring Vice Presidents-Chris Adair, Kim Taylor Secretaries-Michelle Miller, Melinda Whitten Treasurer-Julee King Sponsor-Dr. Homer Burkett Members: Scott A. Barnhart Jenny Rebecca Lenderman Borden Katelyn A. Brown Michael Carraway Allison Chrestman Mary Cay Clark William S. Clark Christopher Cobb K. Michael Heidelberg Ricky Livingston Laura Luckett Melissa Majovski Louis C. Malfait Floyd Mortimer Melton III Julie Lynn Richardson Tara Lee Taranto Kim Treadway Edward Wilson Tumage III Jill Underwood David Wages Kristin h. Weir James W. Williams ' X )i KS ( fn® 191 Pi Mu Epsilon Dr. Frieda M. Ganter-Chapter Director Wayne Shaw-President Amy Herring- Vice-President Susan Bonifield-Secretary Dr. Talmage James Reid-Director Emeritus Members: Ricky Amisano JefT Bounds Valerie Boyd Melanie Cody David Coppit Claudia Courtney Bunny Findley Wendy Lehman Jennifer McCrory Micheal Perry Natasha Poularikas Marcus Rogers Barry Wicktom The Mississippi Alpha Chapter of the Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honorary was granted its chapter at the University of Mississippi on 1968. It was the 1 36th chapter to be chartered nationally and was the first of three chapters to be chartered in the state of Mississippi. Pi Mu Epsilon is a non- secret organization whose purpose is the promotion of scholarly activity in mathematics among students in academic institutions. It aims to do this by: ( 1 ) electing members on an honorary basis according to their proficiency in mathematics. (2) by engaging in activities designed to promote the mathematical and scholarly development of its members, and (3) by taking any other measures that will further the purpose stated above. Mississippi Alpha promotes faculty student relations and intellectual growth through various functions during the school year such as periodic mathematical lectures and social gatherings. 192 •WTF -X Hf KS Phi Lambda Sigma Phi Lambda Sigma, the national pharmacy leadership honor society, serves to instill self- confidence and to promote greater effort toward the advancement of pharmacy. Mem- bers are selected by peer recognition and are dedicated to the advancement of pharmacy through their exemplory leadership, character, and achievement. Members include: Dr. Ron Borne, Audra Busby, Natalie Ellis, Dr. Dew- ey Gamer, Pam Gill, Jennifer Hol- lingsworth. Brad Ishee, Mike Klepzig, Scott Long, Nancy Lublaneski, Joe McCaskill, Michelle Mellenger, Phil- lis Maret, Dr. Henry Pace, Brad Smith, Dr. Mickey Smith, Vic Watts, Donna West, and Dr. Marvin Wilson Officers are: Stephanie Sims, President Chris Ayers, Vice President Chad Stewart, Secreatry Treasurer Dayle Dillon, Historian Dr. Alice M. Clark, Faculty Advisor xmjimKS ' m © 193 i ot only is going to class an irn- , I portant part of being a college student, but so is getting in- volved in campus activities. There are over 200 different organizations avail- able on campus that allow for experi- ence in interacting with people that will be valuable after college life. It will heighten your ability to adapt to lead- ership roles as well as learning to work with others. It gives you the opportunity to accept other ideas that differ from your own. Being involved in campus organizations helps prepare you for a life of change, which is what the real world is all about. r Editor-in-Cfiief Tontmie Daify Business Manager Scott Kln Section Editors: Stmfent Life Angle Life Features Heather Lovett Administration Keitha Cromeans Honors Lisa Cfiow Sports Jonna Jones -5 ?-■ n (U T? } 196 (qnip •m s fvd s o ' D ' mis :P 1 » • H z! Ll jl Advisor: Traci Mitchell Office Workers: Emmy Cenzalli David Bush mZ Ol ' D%s ' d IS mF 197 THE DAILY ISSISSIPPIAN The Daily Mississippian publishes with a circulation of 10,000 Monday through Friday and is primarily funded through advertising, the newspaper has more than 50 staff members who not only report the news, but learn to edit copy, write headlines, design pages, and develop and print photos. It is the only college newspaper which has full members in the Mississippi Press Association. The MPA, The Mississippian competes annually with professional newspapers state wide. Since 1911, The Mississippian has served the students of Ole Miss. In 1962, the paper became the first and only daily student-run newspaper. Printed in the basement of Farley Hall, the paper is usually available to students by 8 a.m. each day in most campus buildings and in many local businesses. Jesse Holland Heather Foster David Rushing Kavanaugh Breazeale Editor Business Manager Production Manager Photo Editor 198 ( fp) ' «m oi9%s o m} IS MISSISSIPPIAN ADVERTISING STAFF m s i ' d% f 9mis nii 199 Station Manager-Ashley Anderson Program Director-Trey Jordan Music Director- Virginia Lee Business Manager-Trent Lehman News Director-Jerry Strickland Sports Director-Jerry Strickland qjp) m s n UMTV Executive Producer Station Manager Tom Faust Associate Producer Sharyn Alfonsi News Director Sports Director Luke Abney Business Manager Wilson Stribling m s Vd%s ' 9 lS ( |p ASB Officers President-Sandy Sanford Vice-President-Brian Wilson Secretary-Jana McBride Treasurer-Joey Tignor The purpose of the Associated Student Body is expressly stated in the Constitution: " The purpose of this organ- ization is to deal effectively with matters of student affairs, to perpetuate the traditions of the University of Mis- sissippi, to promote the best understanding between faculty and students, to control all matters which are delegated to the student association by the administration of the Uni- versity of Mississippi, to work with the administration in all matters affecting the welfare of the student body, and to supervise all student activity in order that it may be con- ducted for the best interest of the student body as a whole and to the credit of the University of Mississippi. " Art. 1 Sec. 2. 202 nTP (0 K s l9%s ' d ' lS ASB Senate The Associated Student Body Senate is a group composed of fifty-eight elected representatives that carry out legislation dealing with campus affairs. The Senators are elected during an early fall campus wide election, and bring into the group opinions and need of virtually every area of campus life. The Senate delegates rules to the Elections Commission and also allocates funds for various student organizations. f s ni ' diZ f ' d ' mtS ( ip) 203 Mississippi Governmental Affairs Committee Mississippi Governmental Affairs Com- mittee is the portion of the Associated Student Body which is responsible for lobbying the Mississippi Legislature and State Leaders for the interest of Ole Miss, and its students. This is done through letter writing campaigns, fo- rums, and trips to Jackson during the Legislative Session. The MGAC assists the University in hosting receptions for legislators and state officials. Back Row from Lefl to Right Dodds Dehmer, J.R. Graves, Bradford Cobb, Bnan Quarles, Brad Norton, E.J. Gregory, Sean Johnson Seated Left to Right Scott Shows, Kiisten Morgan. Scott Pedigo, Joanna Holland, Lisa Lay COMMITTEE MEMBERS 1993-94 Brian Ridgeway, Dodds Dehmer, Brian Quarles, Missy Thomas, Rocky Wilkins, Scott Pedigo, Brad Norton, Michael Russ, Chad Long, J.R. Graves, Michelle Miller, Matt Stroud, Matt Wade, Adam Farlow, Kristen Morgan, Joel Smith, Lisa Lay, Joanna Holland, Amanda Lewis, Sean Johnson, Bradley Weblam, John Clark Love, Michael Walker, Scott Shaws, Scott Pietrowski, E.J. Gregory-Chairman, John Jones, Trey Smith, Bubba Battle, Michael Joe, Bradford Cobb, Keeley Moore Oxford-University Liason The Oxford Liason Committee fosters good relations between the Oxford com- munity and Ole Miss and hosts a re- ception between the ASB and the Ox- ford-Lafayette County Chamber of Commerce. In addition, this committee assists in community service projects and sponsors the Student Discount cards. 204 np Oxford-Universily Liaison CHAIRMAN:Dee Hobbs. Kathryn Martin. Deb Ainsworth, Chad Ayers. Emily Bellew. Shawn Berry, Jennifer Bounds. Kalhi n Brush, Angela Burcham. Rebecca Bums, Amy Campbell, Lauren Carson, Christopher Cave . Vicloria Cheatham, Heath CowgiU. Dodds Dehmer. Elizabeth Elkins. Clay Erwin. Laura Fair, Margaret Ann Ferris. Dottie Gibbons, Laura Lee Hale. Holly Hiett. Marcy Hutheson, Happy Jett. Jimmy Kitchens, Chuck Laionde, Jamey Leggilt, Emily Lewis. Charlotte Lowe. Rosemary McGowin. Barry Moore. Courtney Mortimor. Meade Musgrave, Kathy Myers. Elizabeth Owens, Jenny Phillips, Scott Pietrowski, Sara Whelan Randall. Julie Robbins, David Roberts, Stacy Romine, Laura Saig. Gail Elizabeth Schueth, Yancy Seibert, Ashley Shoemake. Texie Shotts, Emmet Siebels, Sharon Simmons, Patrick Spruiell. Paige Vann, Wendy Warriner. Will Wilson, Bradford Cobb, Courtney Roccon, Mandy Whitfield ' m s Fm f ' d ' mis 1 Human Relations ASB HUMAN RELATIONS COMMITTEE Chairperson:Tom Wong. Reporter Millon Level] Public Relations; Andy Gamer. Secretary; Laura Tumage. Program Developer; Ryan Senter, Statistician; Matt Bennett. Director of Campus Affairs Department; .Allison Williams. Beth Ballard. Emily Ballard. Elizabeth Barnwell. Dale Beavers, Jennifer Belue. Laura Benton. Jennifer Bertman. Will Bird. Chnsty Bolls, Monique Bndges. Moira Brodna. . Melissa Brooks. Rolanda Brown. Brandy Bullard. Heather Chamberlin. Craig Cifreo. Cindi Covey. Heath Cowgill. Mana Dalton. Cindy Dantone. Mary Darby. Elizabeth DeCoux. Holly Edwards. Nlaggie Edwards. Elizabeth Elkins. Mary Estess. .Adam Farlow. Leslie Finnell. Kristen Gal lin. Noelle Grenn. Lenore Gresham. Rafael GnfTin, Kenneth Gngsby. Glenda Gutierrez. .Alyson Hardy. Leigh Hartley. Andrea Hartman. Neeli Hester. Mhoeneehk HiUiard. Jason Hogue. Ferns Holwadel, Knstma Jennings, Stacy Jones. Enk Kahlstorf. Cathenne Kingrea. Chns Lane. Lisa Lay, Amy Lee, Joanne Levi, Ben Long, Katy Love, Dominic Mandola, Rachel Martin, Jessica McConiiack. Kathleen McDill. Roseman McGowm, Poppy McNeer. Catherine Ohman. Randi Peresich. Randy Pogue. Brett Randle. Laura RatlifT. .Am Ravaglia. Ashley Reynolds. Katie Reynolds, Bonnie Roll, Wilson Russ. Power Seawright. June Sedwick. Melissa Sims. Stacy Sowell, Patrick Spruiell. Jerry Slnckland, Stephanie Summer, Elizabeth Taylor, Laurie Todd. Marcy Thoms, Rebecca Thomas, Bethany Tompkins, Kacy TraxJer, Kevin Visenun,Christy While, Mandy Wilkinson, Liz Williams, Douglas Wood The ASB Human Relations Commitlec under Ihc Department of Campus Affairs exists to aid any university efforts in promoting peaceful relations among all people at the University of Mississippi. We seek to do this by coordinationg programs and activities designed to expose and thus educate our campus population to the multiplicity of cultures represented here at Ole Miss. One of these planned activities and our largest project for the school year, Human Diversity Week took place during the week of the Alabama football game. It was a great time of celebration of the diversity of our university population through music, cancing, speakers, information tables, speakers, and many other fun events. Independent Affairs The Independent Affairs Committee is composed of fourteen independent stu- dents. These students deal with all mat- ters concerning independents. The com- mittee meets regularly to discuss independent projects and ways to plan activities that will mix together aU stu- dents from all different areas of campus. rfi © 205 Summer Orientation Leaders The Summer Orientation Leaders first started in 1989, assist new stude nts in making the transition from high school or junior college to Ole Miss. Students fill out applications and are chosen based on outstanding leadership skills, academics, and planning skills. Leaders are enrolled in EDLD 309, Leadership Seminar, in the spring. They assist in planning, and implementing summer orientation workshops, fall orientation and welcome week. 206 ( fp ((f s W%s mf) IS 1 Communications Commission Executive Task Force A committee designed to assist the ASB President in generating new and helpful ideas to benefit the campus, as well as researching projects already underway. Tara Duett, Christopher Cave, Rich Johnson, Elizabeth Owens, Vicki Wiliatns, Trey Abraham. Emmet Seibels, Andy Gamer, Deb Goswami, Hoda Baeshen. Maureen Sorrells. Webb Younce, Lisa Williams, Fletcher Whitwell, Laura Koon. Hart Rogers. Kerry Melear. Brian Meredith. Hope Ladner, John JOnes. Najla Baeshen. Kimberly Brackett. Rashed Sheik h. Brian Ridgeeway. Jimmy Rester. Scott Sartin m sOl ' d%a ' ?) ' US qnF 207 Enviromental Awarneness The Envionnental Awareness Commit- tee was a newly created committee set up tostudy the practices and processes of the University waste management. Some of the things proposed by the committee have beento discontinue the use of styrofoam cups in the Union and to have paper recycling drops around campus. Deb Ainsworth, Tasha Flemons, Susan Sumons, Richard Eby, Collier Fyfe, Patrick McCraney, Margie Peaster, Allison Wimbisl Barton McWhorter, Susan Broom, Douglas Wood, Kathenne Williams, Candice Jenkins, Jennie Owens. Mary Lee Freemai Christi Winterstein, Jennifer Pittman, Phillip Embry, Bo Graham, April McCaleb, Charles Davidson, Holly Hiett, Angel Chestnut, Stacy Winetroub, Katie Davison, Jenny Hutt, Kjisten Wallace, Natalie Cummings, Elizabeth Perry Brooke Atwooc Catherine Shipp, Tori Gosa, Wesley Brett Estes, Courtney Lynch, Charlotte Lowe, John Piazza, Barry Moore, Dax Eckard. Ka Crosby, Michele Moore, Claire Stanly, Adam Smith, Gary Wilkinson, Caroline Ragsdale, Gracy Young, Bart Greenhaw, Philli McGonagill, Brad Broadrick, Abby Woodard, Jennifer Sekul, Jill Johnson, Noel Ann Summar, Ann Reagan Head, Beth Bake Mandy Waticins, Cynthia Gaines, Natalie Tunnello, Scott King, Amanda Clearman, Noelle Grenn, Sarah Kloud, Michelle Stmi Avery Mounger, Rachel Clark, Tara Duett, April Hughes, Deann Delaney, Wendy Collier, Jamie Meadows, Tara Lacey, Am Piazza, Sarah C. Bradley, Emily Cheatham, Chuck Barnes, John Rauscher, Jennifer Bounds, Terri Ogden Student Housin The Student Houing Committee acts as a liason between the ASB office and the interhall councils, comprised of mem- bers from every campus dormitoru. The committeehas representatives in dormi- tories on campus, allowing residents to easily present ideas or problems to the dorm administration. Director of Housing-Baker Stewart.Chair of Housing-Rashed Sheikh,Co-Chair of Housing-Jeremy Kirkland Committee:Matt Wells, Jennifer Kitchens, Chuck Hamlett, Andy Heusel, Jennifer Longley, Elizabeth Prestoi Mike Castasus, Bradley Stephens, Jennifer Fritts, Phillip Embry, Amy Saning, Stacy Heath, Lavonne Starks, Ja Allen, Brock Tompkins, Meredith Singleton, J. Mercedes Labat, Christopher Holsenbeck, Eleni Matheos Karolir Nelson, Natalie Page Ferrell, Francis B. Khan, Neeli Hester, Asif Munir, and Imran Kader. 208 mP ' m s l ' ?)%s ' ?) ' miS ASB Ambassadors The Olc Miss Ambassadors and Region- al Representatives play an important role in the high school and junior college relations activities of the Pre- Admissions office. A student organization within the ex- ecutive branch of the ASB government, the Ambassadors provide tours, assist campus visitors, write letters to prospec- tive students, house visitors that stay overnight, and participate in other pro- grams that communicate information about Ole Miss. Ambassadors:Caroline askew, Jennifer Belue, Kristy Bland, Jill Brissenden, Jennifer Bushong, Brad Callender, Kristen Carlson, Jennifer Cockroft, Heather Deneke, Kathleen Dobbs, Cindy Flint, Elizabeth Gabrielly, Kim Garvin, Laura Hale, Crandall Hayes, Leslie Jetton, Chevette Lones, Robin Jones,Jeremy Kirkland, Hope Ladner, Chris Lane, Charlotte Lowe, Meredith Marsh, Jennifer Medley, Tonya Merriweather, Sarah Mitchell, Monroe Neal. Susan Lee Rice, Sims Rogers, Angie Robinson. Scott Sartin, Elizabeth Smotherman, Joanne Thomas, Kerri Thrasher, Leigh Vandiver, Deidra Walters, Rankin Wilboume, Sharon Wilson. Regional Reps:Larice Davis. Elizabeth Dickinson, Bunny Findley, Sean Haynes, Rich Johnson, elizabeth Jones, Jenny Jones, Robert McCoy, Beth McHaney, Ellen Norris, Bethany Reed, L.aRhonda Thompson, Marcy Thorns Laura Tumage, Jennifer Wilson, Tobie Baker, Anna Bonds, Valerie Boyd, Jamie Clark, Lisa Chow, Brandi Daniel, Brett Bagley, Rogena Black, Christy Bolls, Rolanda Brown, Stacey Collins, Doug Comfort, Traci Cummings. Kristie Fiveash, Holly Fortier, Kimberly Golden, Kristen Hinkle, Chad Hutchinson, Emily Johnson, John Jones, Merrill King, Jenni Kingery, Jeremy Kinsell, Molly Logan, Dean MaKinster, Tara McCallum, Heather McEwen, Mark Meredith, Joel Montgomery, Kristen Morgan, Courtney Mortimer, Katherine Murphy, Stephanie Napper, Courtney Newton, Mark Parrish, Leshe Price, Cary Ralls, Jimmy Raster. m s T?)%s ' ?) ' mis D 209 ASB Elections Committee It is the responsiblity of the Elections Commission to oversee all aspects of the election process. All hearings for campain violations and counting of all ballots in a fair manner are taken care of by this body. Judicial Council The Student Judicial Councial, the highest court in the Associated Student Body, consits of an elected chairman and six associated chairman. Their du- ties include review of legislation and constitutional matters of the campus senate in addition to over four hundred disciplinary cases a year. Associate members are selected from six different areas of campus life. 210 1BP ' (dlR. seu ' d s ' d ' miS Elections Supervisory Committee The Election Supervisory isrcsponsible for the actual running of the campus election process. They make sure that the voting polls are manned and op- crating correctly. This committee does much toward insuring that the elections are held in a legally fair manner. Code Revision Committee The Code Revision Committee is resposible for studying the ASB Code of Laws and Constitution and determining what changes or revisions could make it more consistentand practical. Working throughout thr year, they are one of the primary sources of Senate Bills dealing with this area of correction, addition, or deletion. IS m® 211 ASB Cabinet The Associated Student Body Cabinet is comprised of student leaders who are appointed by the Senate. There are thir- teen departments in the Cabinet and each represents a different aspect of the campus. Employee and Cost Awareness Chad Long-Chairman, Lee Still, Scott Roussel, Amy Smith, Carla White, Rogena Black, Karen Botorff.Michael Russ, Veronica Roberts, Neffie Gatewood 212 ( fp) ((J K ' e, vd%s o ' D ' wns Academic Affairs Committee The ASB Academic Affairs Committee deals with matters that concern Aca- demic policies, such as advising, Library Hours, and Administrative Faculty questions of cheating. The committee can make resolutions to be presented to the University ' s Academic Council. m s l ' 9%s 9 2 fp) 213 School Spirit Committee I The School Spirit Committee is respon- sible for the planning, direction, and operation of activities concerning school spirit. Much of the preparation for school spirit activities is accom- plished by the committee under the di- rector ' s supervision. The committee oversees spirit activities such as pep ral- lies and sign making. Beth Abdo. SaUy Adkms Stacie AIek, Jennifer ALen. Cassie Anderson. Elizabeth Anderson, Brook Alwood, Rachel AzzareUo. Stacy Balsamo Bndgel Barber Ehzabeth Barnwell, Shanna Bartlell, Jennifer Bartlow, Elizabeth Belk, Kelly Bell, Emily Bellew. Laura Benton, Shea Blackburn Amanda Bolen Anna l e Bonds, Laura Boone, Rebecca Bourland, Courtney Brooks, Denny Brubng, Brittany Bryan, William Buh, Brandy Bullard, Cecelia Burell ' Tncia Burke, Anna Bumham, Bennan Bumwell, Ginny Campbell, Cydney Cannimore, Knsten Canlrell. sarah Carmean, Uuren Carson Fran Carter ' Mike Castasus Kimberly Chaney, Victona Cheatham, Rachel Clark, Tiffany Cleper, Bradley Clowney, Melanie Cody, Courtney Coleman Wendy Collier, Doug Comfort, Elizabeth Cotten, Stephen Crawford, Natalie Cummings, Mana Dalton, Tiffani Damell, Brand! Daniel, Allison Daniels Cindy Dantone Charles Davidson, Lmdley Davis. Katie Davison, Ginny Dean, Elizabeth DECoux, Deann Delaney, Elizabeth Dickson, Bess Dodge Tara Duett, Shea, Trey Duling, Came Edwards, Faith Ellis, Holly Enckson, JuUe Evans, Jamie Ferguson, Jenny Festa, Angle Flowers, Aimme Floyd David Fortenberry Mana Foster, Carter Fowler, Melissa Franklin, David Gadd, Came Gardner, Kim Garvin, Dottie Gibbons, Carlton Gorton Patnck Gough, Aimee Grabert, Kathy Green, Jennifer Greenhaw, Meg Gregory, Lenore Gresham, Jennifer GrifTis, Jeana Gunn, Chns Haik, Suzanne Hamilton Chuck Hamlett, Angle Hammerh, Carla Hardee, Usley Hardy, Stacy Harmon. Sue Hart, Leigh Hartley, Andrea Hartman, Jane Har vell, Stacia Hawkins, Robin Hazelngg Denise Hebert, Kim He.del, Knston Helmer, Courtney Hendry, Beth Henley. Beau Herman, Jason Hemng, Ashley Hester Andy Heusel Shanda Hezlep, Jana Hill, Knsrin Hinkle, Candy Hoffman, Jason Holland, Courtney Hollingsworth, Ginger Holt, Fems Holwadel Tina Homan Apnl Hughes Marcy Hutcheson, Jenny Hutt, Cameron Huxford, Karen Jackson, Candace Jefcoat, Sheme Jenkins, Ashley JoUiff, Jenny Jones Brook Jordan, Kane Kenninglon, Memll King, Cathenne Kjngrea, Jennifer Kitchens, Sarah Kloud, Claire Uney, Amy URue, Sally Uster Virginia Lee Wendy Lehman Bnan Lesley, Bryant Leslie, Emily Lewis, Canssa Long, Minni Long, Reade Longino, Jennifer Longley, Teresa Lotterhos Holly Luckett. Knsten Mallini, Rachel Manin, Jenny Mason, tamsen McCabe, Ane McCallum, Tara McCallum, Tisha McCorkel, Meredith McCov Justin McCrann. Brandice McCreary, Aliso McDonnell, Leigh McGehee. Candace McKey. Banon McWhoner. Jamie Medows, Mandy Mendoza Ashley Meredith Chnsten MiUer, William Miller, Allison Moore, Keely Moore, Derek Moreton, Minta Moss, Darenda Motley, Avery Monger Camille Moms Meade Muspve, Leigh Myatt, Emily Neal, Paige Neville, Suzy Noone, Mary Osleen, Jennie Owens. Amy Palmer. Candace Parker Adriana Patton ' Mary Pegg Randi Peresich, Jenniler Perkins, Elizabeth Perry, Tncia Phelps, Cambi Phillips, Adnenne Poe, Melissa Powell, Jay Radciffe, Sonya Read ' Tami Reed, Wendy Reed, Katie Reynolds, Roben Rhodes, Jennifer Risher, Julie Robbins, Stacy Romine, Heather Ross, Sarah Ross Jenny Rutherford Laura Saig Benjamin Sale, GaU schueth. Power Seawnght, June Sedwick, Rachel Seguin, Meredith Sexton, Jenny Seymour, John Shealy Ashley Shomake, Texie Sholts,Rebecca Sides, Ashley Simmons, Melissa Sims, Chnsty Smith, Mary Smith, Claire Stanley, Alhson Steen, Natalie Steward Michelle Sting, Noel Street, Heather Stnckland, Lee Summers, Steven Swanson, John Tale, Sandy Taylor, Emily Terrell, Rebecca thomas Marcy Thoms Justine Torry, Uslie Tnbble, Jill Tully, Paige Vann. Mac Vickers. Carolyn Voltz, Knsten Wallace, Elizabeth Weaver, Malt Wells, Lynn Wenzel Kim Westerfield Suzanne White. Mandy WUkinson, Liz WiUiams, Tasha WiUiams, Uura Williamson, Stacy Winetroub, Jennifer Wisenhunt Lisa Wood, Bndget Woorms, Knsten Zeller 214 ( np ' mz sOt9%s ' d ' mis I ASB Greek-Independent Relations The purpose of the Greek-Independent Relations Committee is to try to pro- mote positive interactions between members of the Greek community and Independent students. We hope to ac- complish this through many activities through the year. Our Main activity will include the new Greek Independent Games. These games will promote bet- ter understanding among the different groups on the University campus. Beth Abdo Sally Adkins, Stacie Aick, Bill Allen, Jennifer Allen, Cassie Anderson, Isabel Arbalaez, Rachel Azzarello Emily Ballard, Stacy Balsamo, Chuck Barnes, Jason Barrett, Dale Beavers, Jennifer Bertman, Jennifer Blasen Benjamin Blossom, Amanda Bolen, Christy Bolls, Anna Bonds, Alisa Bonham, Karen Bottorff, Sarah Bradley, Aaron Bradshaw, Kathryn Brookfield, Melissa Brooks, Courtney Brooks, Kathryn Brush, Bnttny Bryan, William Bull Rebecca Bums, Brennan Burwell, Jennifer Bushong, Ginny Campbell, Kristin Cantrell, Kevin Cario William Catlin, Emmy Cenzalli, Heather Chamberlain, Emily Cheatham, Adam Chrestman, Michael Ciaverelli Craig Cireo, Tiffany Clepper, Bradley Clouney, Bradford Cobb, Melaine Cooky, Tobie Corban, Tamyne Couch Cindi Covey, Don Crabtree, David Cradock, Stephen Craford, Brandi Daniel, Allison Daniels, Mary Claire Darby Tiffani Darnell, Elizabeth Decoux, Robert Denkhoff, Elizabeth Dickson, Bnan Drennan, Kristen Eaton Dax Eckard, Carrie Edwards, Maggie Edwards, Faith Ellis, Seibels Emmett, Holly Enckson, Wesley Estes Laura Fair, Jenny Festa, Jennifer Fogle, David Fortenberry, Holly Fortier, Mana Foster, Christy Foushee, Carler Fowler Melissa Franklin, Jennifer Fritts, Carrie Gardner, Adam Gamer, Kim Barvin, NefTie Gatewood, Hope Gilbert, Brodie Gordon, Dylan Gordy, Tori Gosa, Patrick Gough, Aimee Grbert, Meg Gregory, Jennifer Gnffis Leigh GrifTiths, Chris Haik, Suzanne Hamilton, Angie Hammerii, David Harbison, Lesley Hardy, Jay Hatcher, Robin Hazelrigg, Courtney Heary, Kim Heidel, Betts Henley, Scott Higgins, Tina Hill, Jana Hill, Cam Hillver Courtney Hollingsworth, Ginger Holt, Tina Homan, Cameron Huxford, Sherne Jenkins, Knstina Jennings Michael Joe, Ashley Jolliff, Joanna Jones, Jodi Jordan, Brook Jordan, Kelli Kadlecek, Chns Keller, Scott Kilpatrick. Tucker Knight, Tara Lacey, Chuck Laionde, Claire Laney, Amy Larue, Salley Uster, Lisa Ufoldt, Wendy Uhman, Brian Lesley, Bryant Uslie, Terry Little, Carissa Long, Reade Longino, Holly Luckett, Courtney Lynch ' , Kathryn Martin, Anne McCallum, Meredith McCoy, Brandice McCreary, Mary McDonald, Brady McFalls, Laurie McGee, Joshua McKay, Joel Montgomery, Julie Morrison, Courtney Mortimer, Leigh Myatt, Monroe Neal, Emily Neal, Courtney Newton, Elizabeth Owens, Candace Parker, Shawn Parry, Adnana Patton, Carabi Phillips, Amy Piazza, Scott Pietrowski, John Piozza, Adrienne Poe, Ryan Pogue, Bill Ponder, Jay Radcliffe, Jill Rakow, Chris Rankin, John Rauscher, Sonya Read, Charese RecouUey, Maya Reynolds, David Roberts. Cassandra Roberts, Candace Rogers, Heather Ross, Melissa Russo, Jenny Rutherford, Knsten Schon- berg, Rachel Seguin, Nicolette Shaw, Catherine Shipp, Rebecca Sides, Lindsay Simon, Joel Smith, Trey Smith, Allison Steen, Natalie Steward. Jerrv Strickland, Heather Strickland, Lee Summers, Steven Swanson, Elizabeth Tavlor, Sandv Tavlor, Emily Terrell, Missy Thomas, Bethany Tompkins, Brock Tompkins, Justine Torry, Casey Traxler, April Tucker, Jill TuUv. Amy Vester. Mac Vickers, Adrienne Warren, Wendy Wamner, Benjamin Weaver, Bradley Wellborn, Kim ' Westerfield, Christy White, Caria White, Suzanne White, Juan Wilhams, Lisa Wood, Bridget Woolems, Jami Wyatl m?f s m9 zs ' d ' ®fis np 215 University Development The University Development Commit- tee is responsible for student fundrais- ing, promotion of the University alumni contributions, and planning and imple- menting projects to better Ole Miss fi- nancially. The committee also develops students ' ideas into programs that can enhance the University ' s environment. John Jones-Chairman, Chris Allen, Emily Ash, Brent Bishop, Gaston Carby, Kim Cornish, Cameron DeShazo, Shea Duling, Kristen Earon, Mark Gross, Sally Kay Haire, Carla Hardee, Sue Hart, Anna Blair Haynes, Beav Herman, Molly Holmes, Candice Jenkins, Billy Jones, Jodi Jordan, Chris Keller, Tucker Knight Virginia Lee, John Lockhart, Katy Love, Tara McCallum, Robert McCoy, Kathleen McDill, Christin Elizabeth Miller, Derek Moreton, Tammy Nichols, Amy Palmer, Carol Phillips, Wendy Reed, Ashley Reynolds, Benjamin N. Sale, Jennifer Sekul, Carter Smith, Elliot Stamps, Sherri Sullivan, Matt Wade, Marsha Weems, Will Wilson, Heather Wood, Kristen ZeUer UPD Relations The Student-UPD relations committee strives to strengthen communication ties between the students and the Police Department. The committee is respon- sible for enforcing the importance of public safety at the University. Michael Perry-Chairman, Moss Melton, Jeff Avigian, Christian Leask, Laura Haney, Lawrence Coco, Richard Pittman, Hank Jones, Trey Phillips, John Hennessey, Todd Jeffries, Adam Smith, Sam Whitfield, Philip McGonagill, Amanda Lewis, J.R. Graves, Bill Pittman, Scott Pedigo, Patrick Skinner. Kristen Eaton, Amy Williams, Don Crabtree, Billy Catlin, Michael Ciaverelli, Adam Chrestman, Bill Ponder, Robert Denckoff, Jason Herring, Candace McKey, Laura Boone, Jenni Risher 216 ( np X ' =e,s i ' d%s ' d ' mis Student Loan Services Student Loan Services is an ASB fund- ed-committee that provide short-term loans to students in need of financial assistance. The loans, which cannot ex- ceed $100, must be paid back within 30 days. Dana O ' Donnell (Chairman), Candace JefTcoat, John Pender III, Portia Lary, Thomas Loope, Tasha Williams, .auri McGee, Rafael Griffin, Griff Gulley, Matthew Kamler Food Services Committee The Food Service Committee serves as a bridge between the students and the food services available to them. Respon- sibilities of the committee include re- viewing existing policies, making sug- gestions, and bringing complaints to the University. m s t9% fr7 ' ?) ' m hs fp 217 Hands on Environmental Landscape Project Meghan Mitchell-Chairman, Sherri Sullivan, Kelly Jones, James Dunk, Dean MaKinster, Wes Curry, Kathryn Goss, Done Gunnoe, Brad Broadrick, Abby Woodard, Ramsey Herrington, Michelle Moore, Kriston Sunshine Helmer, Tanya Chin, Kathryn Martin, Les Spivey, Trey Burgess, Traci Massey, Angela Chestnut, Jennifer Bartlow, Trey Duling, Adrienne Warren, Douglas Wood, Bill Allen, Dabney Herring Student Health Advisory The Student Health Advisory Commit- tee is designed to provide input into the Student Health Services, and to help make recommendations for improve- ment. It also serves to inform and ed- ucate students of current health issues. 218 ( ip) Carrie Downing, Matt Stroud, Heather Lovett, Meghan Mitchell, Shannon May, Virginia Lee, Benji Cervetti, Brandon Bond, Stephanie Balderson, Tina Hill, Tasha Flemons, Benjamin Blossom, Missy Marks, Mary Tison Quaka, Amy Palmer, Kristen McClelland, Wendy Reed, Mirai Long, Jenny Mortimer, Amanda Johnson, William McDonough, Jennifer Traughber, Bethany Reed, Patrick Skinner, John Hones, Eason Greene, April Tucker, Amy Wallace, Margaret Whitehead, Stephen Lee, Courtney Fortinberry, Richmond McCarty, Francis Silket, Kristy Bland, Lisa Trotter, Meg Brown, Ginger Gordon, Maryland Burgess, LeAnn Van Slyke, Darryl Davis, Katherine Williams, Brian Wait, Billy Jones, Richard Holmes John Lockhart, Mandy Watkins, Mary Margaret Estess, Cully Johnson, Glenda Gutierrer, Jull Brissenden, Melanie Smith, Bob Kennedy, Ann Marie Henry ' mn fm%s o ' mn i s ASB Student Wellness The Student Wellness Committee, aided in part by the University Student De- velopment Center educates students emotional, intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual needs by providing coun- seling, hosting speakers and sponsoring projects. Activities include a co- sponsorship of the National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week in October, a health fair and various other smaller projects. Courtney Fortinberry, Richmond McCarty, Jennifer Whisehunt, Jenny Jones, Charese Recoueley, Meg Johnson, Meg Brown. Nancy Kopf, Lisa Chow, Kristen McClelland, David Harbison, Jennifer Belue, Meridith Bush, Lindley Davis, Kecia Kitchens, Darryl Davis, Catherine Ohman, Sally Kay Haire, Will Bird, Noel Ann Summar, Jenny Mortimer. Amanda Johnson, Ann Reagan Head, William McDonough, Elizabeth Preston, Bethany Reed, April McCaleb, Kathy Green. Jane Ashley Harwell, Christy Smith, Aimee Floyd, Tricia Phelps, Doug Comfort, Jennifer Perkins, Tami Reed, Jennifer Lott, Chris Lane, Trice Warriner, Cynthia Fhnt, Eason Greene, Candace Rogers. Margaret Ann Ferris, Amy Vester, Jennifer Gay, Todd Richie, Lisa Trotter, Dena Pickett, Allison Wimbish, Shanna Bartlett, Emily Ash, Alison McDonnell, Maryland Burgess, Susan Broom, Ginger Bargman, LeAnn Van Slyke, Lori Gordon, Mandi McArthur, Kathryn Brookfield, Angle Flowers, Traci Chapman, Jill Johnson, Suzanne Fish, Brian Wait, Mary L e Freeman, Christi Winterstein, Elizabeth Gotten, Jennifer Traughber. Natalie Tunnello. Kristin Hinkle. Bridget Barber, Denise Hebert, Suzy Noone, Rebecca Bourland, Paige Neville, Carolyn Blair Voltz, Cecilia Carol Burell, Jenny Mason, John Hugh Tate, Stacy Sowell, Kevin Visentin, Michael Walker. Bo Graham, Amanda Cleannan, Jill Brissenden, L uis Jones m s nvd% ' ?m)us np 219 Student Programming Board The University of Mississippi Student Program- ming Board is the major programming body of the University. The Board is composed of two elected officers, a Board of Directors, and numerous com- mittees to serve on, with about twenty to forty members on each committee. The SPB is a great way to get involved with campus activities and their production. Committee member selection is done by an ap- plication process. Any Ole Miss student is eligible and encouraged to apply. Selection is done at the beginning of each semester. Director-Alan Moore; Associate Director-Nici Nichols; Concerts-Patrick Burnett; Production- Germain McConnell; Asst. Production-Derek Valone; Pageants-Carole Kloha; Multiple Day Events-Marcy Hutcheson; Single-Day Events- Giselle Smith; Diversity Programming-Rashed Sheikh; Promotion-Beth Abdo; Assistant Promo- tion-Angela Burcham; SPB ASB Liason-Brian Sanderson I ' 220 np ((.m ' is ) I ' dZs o ' d m IS ll 23 " w S mi s vd%s ' t) ' us " nF 221 I J ■ : 222 " np rc ) s n %s ' ?m)is m nw% ( ' d i ' - ' i nT 223 Black Graduate and Professional Student Association I The Black Graduate and Professional Student Association was founded in 1 988 by men and women who saw value in the unification of those graduates seeking the common goal of higher education. Through progressiveness and soli- darity we stand as representatives of positivity and achievement. Thus we proudly adorn the motto, " The Black Graduate and Professioanl Student Association: An exhibition of excellence. " It symbolizes the committment and dedication of the BGPSA members toward masters degrees, law degrees, and Ph.D. ' s. The BGPSA serves as a medium for developing the lead- ership potential and ability of its members. We network to create an environment of our economic status as indi- viduals and people. We believe that the strides we make toward furthering our education will serve as effective tools in the furtherment of our people and our race. The BGPSA promised and delivered a dynamic and pro- gressive year. Among the various social and academic activities were a host of seminars and workshops. These intensive sessions were designed in collaboration with ad- ministration to assist in the financial and well-being of the BGPSA members. Some of the seminars presented were: ' 1 . Strategies for Successful Matriculation of Minority 2. Stress Management Workshop 3. Financial Investment and Money Management Workshop I 4. Improving Our Dating Relationships Currently, there are more than 250 African-American Stu- dents enrolled in Graduate programs at the university. It is the goal of the BGPSA to facilitate in ensuring that the academic endeavors of its members will culminate in ad- vanced and terminal degrees. row 1: Kimberly Rice, Vice-President; Kim Snow, Valisa Eldridge, Secretary; Velsie Pate, Richard Doss, President row 2: Valeasia Gary, Tammy Gross, Audrey Miller, Beverly Merriweather row 3: Angela Heard, LaTonya Taylor, Ka- trenia Seals, Michael McLendon,(Editor, The Exhibition) row 4: Kenneth Jones, Treasurer; David Lindzey, Lloyd Holmes 224 q|p) ■ im i ' is4ii9 .s m!ni i ! I 1. Law students are a part of BGPSA too! We strive on different paths towards higher levels of achievement. 2. Strategies for Successfull Matriculation: How to Survive! Another well attended workshop with a dynamic panel of professors and administrators. 3. BGPSA members and non- members find themselves entranced by one of our many insightful workshops. 4. Presidents Collaborate! Richard Doss and Dr. James Payne have realized their interwoven missions. m s m9 f 9 is fP 225 tldj2y oh tke SoAAilv Tamara Easterling, Joe Vigil, Kevin Thompson, Jay Jay Thomas, Terell Matlock, James Kent, Chris Morrow, Mike Thurman, Derrick White, David Nolan, Jay Pitcock, Hop Hopkins, Steven Deater, Tim Matlock Bryan Wardlaw, Bryan Blake, Lee Meyer, Kevin Gouch Graduate Assistant:Wanda Terral, Cassie Shidler; Director:David Wilson; DrummajoriBob Bailey; Assistant DirectorMark Howie; Graduate Assis- tants:Alan Alexander, Tim Huckaby 226 fp) ' «fn s nf?)TUMo ' ?m is Ole Miss Rebel Band ; rah Walsh. Laura Bailey. Uura Moore, Steve Watson. Tim Whitten. Mel L jrse. Melissia Putman, Brenda Cullom, Renae Price Jennifer Ayers. Brian Crider. Lori Haynie, Jacob Efnik, Bobby Thorton, Seth Johnson. J.J. Kahrs, Steven Womack. Michael Chapman, Bart Her- rington, Andy Harrison, Kevin Herrea, Slade Lewis, Bil Scott ....-ley Wigyul. Traci Cooper, Jennifer Ludvidico, Becky Fesmire, Emily )avis ' . Jennifer Mead, Paige Barfield, Vandy Pacetti. Jonna Jones, Susan •chee, E mily Carlson Feature Twirlers: Hope Ladner and Debbie Hinds Drummajor: Bob Bailey ®n- f)l ' ? %s f hs W 227 Air Force ROTC The mission of the Air Force is to fly, fight, and win in order to preserve America ' s freedom. The goal of Air Force ROTC, here at Ole Miss, is to train interested young men and women to be prepared and willing to accomplish this mission. Being an officer in the United States Air Force is not just a job or position-it is a way of life. The demanding qualifications to become an officer assure entry of well-educated specialists who meet the high academic standards required to fill various po- sitions in our vast military organizations. Air Force ROTC at Ole Miss offers two routes to an Air Force commission. Entering students may enroll in the four-year pro- gram, and students with at least two academic years remaining in college may apply for the two-year program. Jack Bissell C Col, Mike Eader C Col, John Hawes C lLt, Kevin Jones C lLt Jason E. O ' Bryant C lLt, Barry Palmertree C lLt, Brad Pitzer C lLt, Mike Watson C 2Lt,Chip Butts, Trent Batey, Joe Fain, Julie Garvin, Kevin Gough, Sean Gray, Chris Haley, Rogin Harrigill, Donald Uymon, Richard McCurdy! Katrina Mitchell, Neal Neal, Von Ritter, Barry Russell, Rob Sheppard Mike Teal, Jill Weeks 228 ( np f( ? £mt ' d z f ' ' mi Army ROTC I From Lefl lo Right; r Front Row. (BN CDR)Blaise Gallahue fond Row:Michacl Vicars, Joel Moor«. ton Hill. Mat Zerfoss. John James. Joe Sam Stephens. riicl Shing %» -.Danny Da idson. Sherry Craig. Leonard Kergosien. Harmon Donald. Chns Dallon. Shawn 1 Row:Charles Gadd. . ' Man East. John Bonnelte, Trey Ray. Saar Fish, Caren Petry. Dan Kemp I 1 Kim:Chns Stomsky. Ed Thompson. James Dougherty. Calvin Dumas. Bradley Glaze, John M William Forester. Chns White. James McCullar. Chns Painter. Michelle Hill. JefTrey Back Row:Steven Jenkins i=====s From Left to Right: Front Row. Chris Dalton, (REDLEG lSG)Chris Stomsky, William Forster Back Row: Steven Jenkins, (REDLEG CDR)Michael Bthd Vicars, Ed Thomp- son, Alan East From Left to Right: Front Row: (RGR CO CDR)John Bonnette(RGR CO ISGjJeffrey Aycock Second Row:Dan Kemp, Matt Zerfoss, Jo Beavis Creel, John Polleys Thrid Row: Charles Gadd, Alan East, Steven Jenkins Fourth Row:Bradley Glaze, James Doughty, Ed ThompsonCalvin Dumas Back Row;Leonard Kergosien, Chris Painter, Trey Ray, James McCullar ( HF 229 Naval ROTC The Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) was established at Ole Miss in June, 1 946, with the purpose of training Ole Miss students for future Na- val careers. NROTC students are classified either Scholarship or College Program Midshipmen. All commissioned scholarship students must serve four years on active duty. At the end of the four year period commis- sioned students may choose to leave the active service and be commissioned in the Naval Reserve. ENS Tim Evans, QMC John Cuambers, ENS Chris Moorehead, ENS Andy Walton, CDR Jay EAds, Col. Jerry Kahler, Lt. Ryan Cox, Capl. Ken Lissner, Martha Lyles, Lt. Kim Hill, Karen Smith, Gy Sgt. Jose Nazario, YNC Suaron Vansickle, SKCS Terry Phillips FOR INFORMATION ABOUT SCHOLARSHIPS AND CAREER OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE THROUGH THE NROTC PROGRAM, PLEASE CONTACT LIEUTENNANT KIM HILL COL- LECT AT (601)232-583L 230 ' mp CO K C,.-A I l ' : ' )%£ WiKLf ) iS Mariners Mariners is the Navy ROTC auxil- iary. Wc help the midshipmen during their fundraisers and community ser- vice projects. Our own service project each semester is visiting the VA hos- pital in Memphis. Members include;Deb Ainsworth, Kim Bell, Missy Burns, Becky Bush, Kay Crosby, Ginny Cummings, Nikki Evans, Nancy Hallahan, Al- lison hatch, Jennifer Hill, Kaky Lavander, Elizabeth Mangum, Tina Martin, Tara McKay, Lisa Mullins, Stacey Neubauer, Kim Patrick, Michelle Paul, Lesli Roberts, Carrie Sanders, Alycia Williams, and Sherry Wolf. Rebel M-Club Lady Rebel M-club consists of women athletes who have earned a varsity letter in their par- ticular sport. Our clubs serves as a social or- ganization and support group for women ath- letes that also serves the Oxford area and local schools Pascale Piquemal, Shae Powell. Susan Byrd, (Treasurer); Kim Ingraham, (Vice-President); Amy Kerbow, (President); Teri Martin, (Secretary), Kacy Williams, Earnestine Slo- cum, Valerie Spenger, Laynette Schwartz,(Sponsor); Natasha Poularikas. Jo Creel, Sabrina McNair. Marie-Laure Bougond, Angela Karris, Renee Thiary, Kathy Bizot, De- tris Whitten. Dorrianne Johnson, Catina Lefort, Jennie Vance, Taylor Reming, Andrea Blelz, Peggie Gilliam,(Sponsor) @?3q £«f)??)S:»S 9 ' ?cS ' niF 231 Academy of Students of Pharmacy The Academy of Students of Phar- macy (ASP) is the student branch of the American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation(APhA). APhA represents pharmacists throughout the country in all practice settings. ASP is a ser- vice oriented organization providing its services to students in all levels of education as well as to professional pharmacy students and the commu- nity. Projects include blood pressure screenings, ordering lab coats, text- books, and study aids for pharmacy students and answering questions from prospective pharmacy students at Careers Day. Each year students represent the Ole Miss chapter at an ASP regional meeting and at the APhA ASP na- tional meeting. This year the Ole Miss ASP chapter was the host chap- ter for our region welcoming students from 13 other pharmacy schools in the southeastern United States and Puerto Rico. Students also attended the APhA ASP national meeting in Seattle, Washington. Bradford, Brandon, Beffie Brewer, Charlo.te BrooksLe,Chris.rB own Eugene B orAmy I " „ Tf • ' = " B™ ' " = " ; e-ha Boyles, K,mberly Bracke.t, Chns, Stacey Causey. Manm Chandler, Robin Ch.pley, Tonya Clark, Haley Collier Jerri Conlee Tmm C Uen D n i Cnnr lv l H r w ' t n " ,? " . o ' ' ' ™ " ' " = " ' ' ' • • ' h " " Shawn Campbell, Gwyneeda Carte Cuthben, Darla Dalhson, Bndget Davis, Chan Dav.s Gmger Dean Lye Dear an Darlele? Crawford Barb.e Creager, Bnan CrediUe, Terry Cnswell, Kim Cume, Evely Dunnam, Chns Duraj, Dawn Edge, Lydia Edwards, Ronald Edwards, Nalahe TlUs ' ElL English D?melEntrekmt T ' " ' t ° ' PJ ' T " ' " " ' - ' ° ' " " ' ' ™ ' " ' " " ' ' ° ' " °° ' " ' Dunahoo, Gre, Freudenberg, Sedj, Gardner, W.mberly Reeves, Gmger Geno, Juhe G.ddings Pamela GH Jame GlIsLT Knsln r„th?,„„ wing Shannon Faeser, P atnck Fairley, Melissa Flagg, Jason Foxwonh, Jennifer Freeny, Jul Frifilth, Randy Gunlharp, Emily Ha. katie Hall. Jennifer Hansen Sc Ha to WUi mHrder Be hH rn Stephanie Goude. Pam Graham. Jason Gray. Kim GnfTm, Verdell GnfTin, NeTarsl Lisa Holland, Jennifer HoUingswonh, Kevin Hollmgswonh, Jeremy HolSohnnyHSsM,ytl " rHosr " ' T ' ' ! " " ? ™ ' ™- ° ' ' " = " " ' - ' " " " " ' Una Jackson, Steven Jackson, K.mberly Jarvis, Glenn Joe, Bnan Johnson Todd Johnson Cone Johnson AnnLVnh J l=,n, i ? Adelene Huam, Gera Hudson, Jason Humphreys, Tncia Hulto, Brad Ishee, Jim Jackso. Kent, BUly King, Jeffery King, Mike Klepzig, Samantha, Deanna Cmb Chmtr Umben Ste ' nlan S " ? " " M T? " ' w ' " " ' , " " " ' " ft " " ' ' ' " " " • ' ° ' ' " ' - " " ' " " ' ■ 8™°- Laura Mahaffey, Chnsly Mahan, Jill Matkins, Tern Mattox. Shauna McCarthy LrurieMcDame " ' JeaneUe McDn lH r,,h mT I . V ' ' - . " ' " " - ' " = ' ' ° " ' - " ' ' " Stephanie Maclntosl Daniel Melton. Tim Millis, Tara Mir. Vickie Moore, Charle Moss Gad MuUen AmPe Xlhns M anie M . h?,. m ' , m ' 5 " =™ " M ' Kay, Chns McUunn, Stacie McMillan, Becky McNeal, Michelle Mellenge Pansh, Shan Parker, Grace Parks, Tommy Pa.erson RachelePaui, Jason Payne G™ c n Pe ' .z S ac entova Steven erkiS; m " ,, Ph " , " ; ' 7 ' ' ' °pvm ' ' T " " oT; " ' ° ' " " " - " " ' ' ' ' ° " ' " ' " - ' ' ' ' ' ' ' O™ " ' - " Shannon Potts, John Powell, Denise Pratt, Chnstopher Reves, Sandi Rickles, Tim R gdon UunlR sher Efaabeth RobWn vZ h ' " ' " ' J " Io ' " :. ' " - ■ ' ' ' " ' " ' ' ° ' ' ' ' ' ° ' - " " " ' ' ' ° ' - ' ' ' " ' ' Rogers, Sarah Ross, Charlie Rouse, Jeff Roux, Teresa Rowley, Cynthia Ruiz RobTnSneTobbie RushinrFHH e R.l.rfn ? r , c J ' v ' ? ' , ' ' °« " ' ' R " ' ard Robinson, Uigh Ellen Robinson, JUl Rogers, Canda. Craig Simm, Denton Sims, Stephanie Sims, Michael Sloan, Tonja Smith Dana Jo SmfthMeCeSmthfaLsL hB™ s ,H r ' " J,° " J ' l ' ' ' « ' " = " ' r ' ' - ' ' ' " " ' ' ' " - ' " ' ' " ' ' - ' ™ " ' ' Spurgeon, Kim Stanford, Stephanie Starr, Felicia Stewan, Courtney Stewart Chad Stewarl AnX BlTnton Sinver i L m t ' c 7 u " " ' ' ? ' ' ' ' ' = ' " " " ' ' ' " " Smithmier, James Snyder, Becky SpeU, Gn Teasley, Hope Tedford, Marcy Thompson, Troy Tompkrns Ph " mp Lbb Euiabe h Tub Siln T . Li T x S " an Sullivan, Jennifer SuUivant, Jimmy Sykes, Uura Lee Tapp, Jennifer Taylor, James Taylor, Gai Bnan Walker, Jana Waller, Dawna Walters, Shelley Waters Joy Wansley M cha 1 Walon Slwalfon Re kv wT w ' " " ' ' " " " w 7 ' - ° anDevender, Leigh Vandiver, Lone Vmson, Christa Waldro, Guy WUkins, Melinda WUliams, T,m WiU.amson. ' Ban, WUso A JfJa wlLt ' S u Wm ' ot kdUrw " olle, Twoo " - ' " " " ' " ' ' " " " ' ' " ' - ' ■ ' ' " ' ' - ' " - - « ' ' Officers: President- Dayle Dillon Vice President- Susan Tumage Secretary- Donna West Treasurer- Shan Parker Activities Director- Gretchen Peitz Elections Director- Pam Graham Fundraising Director- Julie Giddings Membership Director- Barbie Creager Program Director- Stephanie Sims Publicity Director- Kim Young 232 • niF Kappa Epsilon -.11 . neel Pam Gill Leah Meadows. Ua Ann Robbins, Melanie Smith, Dawna Walters, Sangita Patel, Amy Buckles Amy Boatman Chasity Burnham Dina onlv GinsS Dean Lydia Edwards Ginger Geno, Kim GrifTm, Gera Hudson, Ga.l Mullen, Teresa Rowley. Marcy Thompson, Jana Waller, Donna West, Kam o ' g. Ton sfr eu Chri tTBrown Darla Dallison. Melissa Flagg. Cor.e Johnson. Jenn.fer Uwrence. Becky McNeal. f - ' " bmso usan Su ' l.van.JC a murch mv Woods Audra Busby Tanya Hedgepeth, Michell Mellenger. Vicki Sartm, Gwen Stnnger, Jill Williamson, Tonya Clark, Molly Adams. Tanya BorreU on Chip eTSume Kave Dearmal. Char?Enlow. Julie G.dd.ngs. Karen Herndon. Shauna McCarthy. Stephanie S sTr e, Vance. Shelley .Mel nda Williams, Dariene Acton. Leisha Boyles. Christy Bums. Dawn Edge, Stephanie Goode, Jana Johnson. Che ; l- ey- A y MuUin . . nson Leigh Vandiver Wimberly Gayle. Adelene Huam, Jenni Hansen. Dana Jo Smith. Laura Lea Tapp, Kristen Goehnng. Kim Jarvis, Chnstel Barnes Berne Tanii Couen Evdyn Cuthbert. Dayle Dillon. Sedji Gardner, Pam Graham, Jennifer Hollingsworth, Tara Mir, LauneRisher. Jennifer Taylor Lon« V nson, . u ih Lsan wnsorEmily Ash, thristy Bradford, Haley Collier, Elle English, Anna Johnson, Deanna Lamb, Tern Long, Lon Nelson, Sarah Ross, Tracy Turner, joe Womble Copa Epsilon is a national professional fraternity that promotes women in (hrmacy. The Alpha Gamma Chapter of the University of Mississippi was hrtered in 1 960 with the purpose of uniting female pharmacy students and Touraging the advancement of the female pharmacist. Since the founding of h; organization, KE has instilled with its members a desire for high scholarship. ice 60% of the students now enrolled in pharmacy school are women, KE is lb needed as a place to develop leadership skills, strive for excellence, and Ifelop lifelong friendships which members can carry into their chosen fields iri the new challenges facing women in pharmacy. OFFICERS:Lydia Ed- wards, Dina Courtney, Laurie Risher, Tanya Bor- reU, Gail Mullen, Donna West, Kaye Dearman, Tanji Gotten, Ghristel Barnes, Lorie Vinson, Jen- nifer Hollingsworth ADVlSOR.Ms. Nancy Fuller em s vd%s ' d ' m cS ( np 233 College Republicans qip) 234 1 1 1 r ■((B s ' l ' d%s o ' ?m)iS Pre-Law Society Adam Farlow. Shannon Rummul. Jay Woods Steve Wallace, Nicole Germain, Bill Pittman, Brian Sanderson, Stephen Collins, Colleen King. Jay Allen, Jeff Carson, Jason Barrett, Maradith Tuten, Tara Lacey, Catherine Sipp, Charles Merkel. John Bataman, Sherri Wallace, Jennifer Williams, Wayne Averett, Rebecca McRae, Comeline Bostick, Jason Johnen, Stacy marshall, Robert Denckhoff, Mandy Mendza, Paloma Collantes, Jamison Leigh, Lucy Brewer, David Tan, Jeremy Chelmers, Rosemary Euher, Laura Polk The Olc Miss Prc-Law Society was formed al the University of Missis- sippi in the spring of 1 990, as a socity and honorary, to aid students in their quest for legal studies. The society acts as an infrmation clearing house and support group. It provides in- formation on applying to law schools, and on LSAT test dates. Also, the society sponsors speakers from dif- fernt ares of law, law students, law school officials, and other related subjucts. The Society inducts new members twice a year. These mem- bers are chosen on the basis of ac- ademic achievement, outstanding character, ability, and personality. OfficersrKatherine Barrett, Jeremy Hebert, Scott Shaws, Sharon Wilson ' @p sf)l ' dZs ' D ' m LS • nip 235 Business School Advisory Board Phi Beta Lambda Phi Beta Lambda is a national busi- ness fraternity dedicated to develop- ing those skills necessary for success- ful business leadership through competitions and seminars. Phi Beta Lambda encompasses all areas of business and business education. The Gamma Tau Chapter, founded in 1961, is proud to have three state officers this year and looks forward to continuing its winning traditions at state and national conferences. President Gary Smilh Vice Prcsidcnl. Palh Barry Wicklom Vice President, Public Relations Janna Mayfield Vice President, Meeting and Speakers Tom Wong Vice President, Membership Phyllis Smith Vice President, I-oundation Chad Aldis Vice President, Conference Coordination. Paula Goodman Secretary Sharon Wilson Secretary Jennifer Cockroft Chief Financial Officer Philip Tew Management Information Systems Michael Thompson 236 fTlr ' (L K q Ui ' i)% ' ' M )lS Laura Luckett, Clay Camp, Eleni Matheos, John David Bailey, Revecca McRae, Deana Diestelmeir, Allison Williams, Mark Burton, Danny Floyd, Lacie Turner, Beth Phillips, Stacey Smith, Alex Fong Elise Slaugh- ter, April Hughes, Brent Graham, Priscilla Fong, Kim Garvin, Robert Deackhoff, Jeremy Chalmers. Katie Davison, Jennifer Weme, Nancy Donham, Valerie Childers, Chades Biederbeck, Leslie Price, Noel Street. Kim Cornish, Cricket Stephens, Tara Lacey, Candice Jenkins, Heather Wood, Natalie Ferrell, Kristy Bland Gamma Iota Siema Gamma Iota Sigma is a national col- legiate insurance fraternity, the only one of its kind in the United States. Its purpose is to ensure the quality of an Ole Miss insurance education, while serving as a liasion between the campus and the insurance commu- nity. The Mu Chapter at Ole Miss was chartered in 1976, and the fra- ternity has been active ever since. In any given year the organization hosts more than two dozen speakers, who lecture on all segments of the insur- ance industry. Phi Gamma Nu Phi Gamma Nu is a national pro- fessional business fraternity which has been on the Ole Miss campus for over 40 years. Phi Gamma Nu is open to all majors with 6 or more credit hours of business courses and a GPA greater than 2.0. In the 1993- 1994 school year, Phi Gamma Nu activities included participation in the business school phone-a-thon, a national convention in Cleveland, Ohio, a resume workshop for all in- terested parties, and professional speakers from the Oxford-Lafayatte area. Members of Phi Gamma Nu are in- volved in various other campus and community wide activities that range from the Business School Student Advisory Board to working on elec- tion campaigns in the Oxford area. ( jp) 237 Weslev Foundation The Wesley Foundation, Campus Min- istry of the United Methodist Church, holds worship on Tuesday Nights at 6:30 p.m. in the Student Center located at 425 W. Jackson Ave. across from Stockard Martin Dorms. Each week there is a free homecooked meal and then an hour wor- ship experience. This is a fun and exciting time to encounter God ' s love and the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Wesley min- isters to the needs of students through weekly discipleship on Thursday nights, and several service projects during the year. This is an inclusive ministry — all students are invited and welcomed. The Campus Minister, Rev. Wade Holland, is always available for counseling and as- sistance. Wesley Foundation Leadership Team: Todd Davis, Susan Nabors, Hanley Has- seltine, Stephen Sparks, David Wages, Ryan Webb, Laura Schucker, Matt Green, Tonya Bynum, David Harbison, Robbie Torry, Heather Denehe, Jennifer Todd, and Lisa Garvin. Catholic Student Association The Catholic Student Association, a student-led group, plans and coordi- nates spiritual, social, service, and educational activities for its mem- bers. Open to all interested persons who attend the university, CSA meets weekly on Wenesday evenings at 8:00 p.m. in the Union. CSA officers for 1993-94 are: Hope Ladner, president; Jeannie Ackerman, secretary; Leigh Moniot, treasurer; Terri Hudson, spirituality chair; Jennifer Belue and Jill Jeter, social chairs; Jeff Aycock, service chair. Advisors are Sister Bar- bara Brumleve. SSND, campus min- ister; and Father Kevin Slattery, pas- tor. 238 qfp (c } s fm%s ' d ' m IS UM Gospel Choir m s v?)%s ' 9mu ' nr® 239 Modeling Board r r $MA Sinfonia 240 qUP am s fii ZMTo ' d ' mis Student Alumni Council Lori Fincher. Jennifer Wong. Emily Harmon. Dewayne Harries. Shanda Hezlep. Jana Hill, Tina Hill. Molly Holmes. April Hughes, Manha Hutchmson, Elizabeth Weaver. Candice Jenidos, Robin Jones. Colleen Keilh Kinkade, Kecia K.ilchens. Laura Kilchens. Lessie Leggetl. Kellie Lewis. Canissa Long. Stephanie Balderson. Knsty Bland, Ginny Boyd. Anna Bumham, Rebecca Bums. Brennan Burwell, Robert Chandler. Stacey Collins. Katie Davison. Natalie Pate Ferrell. Knstie Fiveash. David Fortenberry. Laura Fowler, Kate Glamser, Ginger Gordon, Meg Gregor), Jennifer GnflTis. William Hardin. Maradilh Tuten, Milton Lovell. Couriney Lynch. Tara McCallum. Kristen Mallini. Joellen Meitl. Mandy Mendoza. Natalie Montgomery, Julie Morrison. Suzanne Noone. Catherine Ohman. Dawn Parker. Mary Pegg. Payton Petty. Courtney Prestige. Leslie Price. Tracy Randle. Christy Risher, Tracy Rohn, Mason Rollins. Greg Sirmon, .Mice Smith . rrah Smith Maureen Sorrells, Amy Stephens, Michelle Sting. Traci-Leigh Thompson. Apnl Tucker. Kim Cornish. Dow Canup OFFICERS: Advisor-Curtis Simon President-Dow Canup Vice-President-Kim Cornish Secretary-Joellen Meitl Public Relations-Courtney Fortinberry The SAC, sponsored by the Ole Miss Alumni Association, is comprised of students who rep- resent classes, academic departments, campus organizations, and geographical districts. The SAC acts as the " bridge " between the univer- sity ' s students and alumni. One of the Principle goals of the council is to educate these rep- resentatives about the alumni program and all its functions. Through the SAC, students dis- cover opportunities the association has to offer BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Jennifer Wong, Tina Hill, Keith Kinkade, Rebecca Bums, Cricket Stephens, Kelli Lewis mi s m ' d is ' dwns nP 241 Phi Delta Chi Phi Delta Chi is a professional fra- ternity dedicated to the advancement of the science of pharmacy. It pro- vides a chance for involvement in both professional and social activi- ties, The Kappa Psi Pharmacentical Fraternity is a professional fraternity for pharmacy students. The fraternity was founded in 1 879 but was not established at Ole Miss until 1926. Kappa Psi has its roots in the medical community, but was split off to from the fraternity as we know it today. Beta Rho is the chapter of Kappa Psi here at Ole Miss and is one of the strongest chapters in the south. Kappa Psi has both male and female members abroad, but the Beta Rho chapter is all male. Our fraternity has many different functions and areas of service to both our university and our community. The Beta Rho chap- ter is active in many community service projects such as Adopt-A-Highway and Adopt-A-Friend. The fraternity also has a rich heritage of leadership and scholastic achievement. Kappa Psi is also an active participant in intramural activities. The fraternity was founded on four principles: fellowship, sobriety, industry, and high ideals. The Beta Rho chapter is proud of its accomplishments and strives to pro- mote the profession of pharmacy. Kappa Psi 242 qip) (Lf ; f(W( 1 1 ' % ' d ' mis National Society of Black Engineers m f)i ' d%s ' d ' IS qjp) 243 Financier ' s Club Chris Alexander, Will Bowers, Jennifer Colditz, Brad Davis, Chad Franks, David Harbison, Sedia Hill, Gred Illich, Melissa McNees, Scott Pedigo, Rachel Reid, Mason Rollins, Glen Ross, Noel Street, Mamie Thomas Faculty Advisor: Dr. Steven Graham President: David Harbison Vice President: Rachel Reid The University of Mississippi ' s Financier ' s Club is pri- i marily made up of students majoring in banking and fi- I nance and managerial finance; however, the club is open to ! all Ole Miss Students interested in the area of finance. i Annual dues are used to entertain guest speakers and to | hold a fall and spring party. The speakers bring infor- j mation about the current banking and finance business j world. The objective of the club is to familiarize its mem- ber with many aspects of various finance professions and to aid them in making career decisions. 244 lill ' 6mf s )i9 is fTcfm}is [ Associated Accounting Student Body The associated Accountancy Student Body is the organization of students cnroolled in the Ole Miss School of Accountancy. Elected officers advise the Office of the Dean on matters related to students issues ranging from curriculum and advising to pro- fessional job placement. The organ- ization serves as a communication medium to inform students of op- portunities in the field of accountan- cy and to encourage student enroll- ment in the School of Accountancy. The officers coordinate activities with other school organizations such as Beta Alpha Psi and Institute of Management Accountants. Those pictured arc (left lo right): Dr Dale L. Flcshcr, As- sociated Dean; Shonda Hollomon. Secretary Treasurer; Michelle Miller, Vicc-prcsidenf. Nicole Wells, president; and Dr. James W. Davis, Dean American Marketing Association The University of Mississippi Amer- ican Marketing Association Colle- giate is an organization that provides students the opportunities to partic- ipate in professional marketing ac- tivities while relationships are made with peers, faculty, and business pro- fessionals. mi ) n l?) ' Z (t,?)t IS ( ip) 245 Chi Epsilon is a national honor society for Civil Engineering students. There are over one hundred chapters, nationally. The Ole Miss Chapter was founded in 1937 as the fourteenth chapter in the United States and the first chap- ter in the Southeast. The objectives of the Ole Miss Chapter are to maintain and promote the status of Civil En- gineering as an ideal profession at the Uni- versity of Mississippi, to bestow honor upon Civil Engineering juniors, seniors and graduate students who have demonstrated exceptional scholarship and to develop the qualities of character, practicality and sociablity in each member of the chapter. In order to carry out these objectives the Chapter provides a num- ber of services such as organizing a FE review course, providing free tutoring to other civil engineering students, recognizing the outstand- ing civil engineering freshman and senior civil engineering scholar, organizing and providing funds for field trips, writing an annual alumni newsletter, setting up displays and projects for Career Day and assisting in Engineering High School programs such as TEAMS and MATHCOUNTS. To foster sociability, mem- bers participate in pizza parties, bowling out- ings and a Spring picnic. Chi Epsilon Kt American Society of Civil Engineers The School of Engineering is recog- nized by the American Society of Civil Engineers, as is a student chap- ter of that Socity at the university. The Chapter meets regularly and the programs consist of addresses by members of the engineering profes- sion, technical papers prepared by students and attendance at the semi- annual state meetings. The society and its members are devoid to ad- vancing the profession of civil en- gineering. 246 ( np m A ' ' (- A I if)%s ' ?m } IS Malaysian Student Association The Malaysian Student Association is currently the largest international student body on campus with about 150 members. Formed in 1982, the organization seeks tofoster friendship and understanding between Malay- sian students and other students, as well as, to share the diverse and unique Malaysian culture with the university and the Oxford commu- nity. Various activties are held year round to achieve these goals. The most elaborate being the " Malysian Nite " which is held in the fall of every year. " Malaysian Nite " is celebrated with dances, songs, food, exhibition and culture native to their country. Korean Student Association Understanding, Unity, and Friend- ship on Campus. The Korean Student Association (KSA) of the University of Missis- sippi was founded in 1987. The ma- jor goal of KSA is to create a high level of understanding and unity for its members and to enhance mutual understanding and friendship be- tween Koreans and Americans in the University community. KSA spon- sors and encourages its members to participate in culture, social and ac- ademic meetings, Korean student recrutment, spring and fall picnics and annual International Festivities. Kim Daeryon, Cho Kijung, Kim Boseung, Park Young-Bae, Lee Inho, Lee Youngkoo, Suk Yeungki, Kwun Obyung, Han Byungho , m sOl9%s 9 ' miS RP 247 A . Q 0|j Distinction Academic excellence has been the foremost pursuit of The University of Mississippi for almost 1 50 years- an ideal that remains with Ole Miss throughout the years and is as ever- changing as the generations of sprited alumni who know that although one receives a diploma one never really graduates from Ole Miss. As years go by students come and go. Many students have left their mark on the Ole Miss campus and are ready to embark on what the world has to offer them. They are ready to make their mark on society. Whether they leave Ole Miss with a Liberal Arts degree, a Music degree or a Business degree they are capable of using it to their advantage to become attorneys, preformers, doctors, politicians, or whaterever they aspire to be. And this year we would like to honor those alumni who used their education at Ole Miss to their advantage. wMMMkt THE UNlVllilTY if REfPCCTIR iUT Oil llff It tOVlft THE UHlVERilTV OIVEi A DinO U AND SEGRETfUlLY TIRMINAT19 TINURC, BUT OWI KEVER GRADUATE! FIOII OH Mlft euliti Pf H 9 248 FP -1959- Miss America -1966- Young Woman of America -1979- Mississippi Woman of the Year -1981- first woman honored in the Uni- versity of Mississippi Alumni Hall of Fame AA t An allstar athlete during his college years went on to be a longtime quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. In 1986 during a special day of tributes, joined by his family and former coach Johnny Vaught, Archie was honored by having his jersey ( 18) retired. iQQi Mkat i dl o(j y-Qn ie, (from left) Bobby Crespmo, Larry Williams, John- ny Brewer Jr. (accepting for Jonny Brewer Sr.), Frank Crosthwait (accepting for Archie Manning) and Coolidge Ball. qip 249 j [ob{)S,jL Elected on l ember 3, 1987 as the 60th Governor of the state of Mississippi, the nation ' s youngest governor at 39. lorn Spaafes -Majored in jounalism x bife at Ole Miss -joined the Nixon administration in 1974 -August 5, 1983 appointed Assitant to the President and Principal Deputy Press Secretary (from left) J. Lucian Smith, Patrick E. McNamy, George M. Street, Louis L. Svlya, Louis K. Brandt. 250 ( fp Vcd S esta GkcAcm Dr. Paul Wesly Graham is rembered as the first alumnu to receive the Doctor of Education Degree. He used his degree teaching at the Uni- versity onthe Milsaps campus. Blue Mountian College, Union Uni- versity, and Palm Beach community College. Graham was honored this past fall when he was selected for inclusionin Plam Beach Community College ' s 60th Anniversary Walk of Fane. Auim I960- copy editor, Better Homes and Gardens 1970- editor-in-chief, Better Homes and Gardens 1981- UM Distinguished Alumni — retired as Sr. Vice-President of the Meredith Corp. Tkmt Latt qjjiP 251 Qia o|y Distinction The students here at Ole Miss take pride in their activities and spirit here on campus. And from time to time they Uke to share it with others. Every person that visits Ole Miss leaves with an impression. They usually leave with a good im- pression and will hopefully return as a student one day. The enterainers and speakers that we bring to Ole Miss also leave with an impression and it is just as important they leave with the feeling of the spirit of the Red and Blue. John Grisham Fall 1993 Martin Luther King III Spring 1 994 252 ( nip George Wallace Fall 1992 Hank Williams,Jr. Spring 1988 Indigo Girls Fall 1989 The Chinese Magic Revue Fall 1988 ( ni® 253 P ' B iJ " .0 S ' : ». i. I ' T . • H H 254 fP ft ' ? fn9% ( ' d ' mis m fiw%s ft, ' d ' mi s qm® 255 ■ unA Budweiser 256 rnP ' ((mf s fm%s f 9m}lS :if w mz m9%s ' ?) i IS ( jjy© 257 « ' ince the beginning, Ole Miss has always carried on a legacy of competition, ex- tending from the rowdy fans hollering the words of " Dixie " in the stands to the players giving it all they ' ve got on the field. The feeling the players get from all the excitement of com- petition is what produces the champions beyond the University. From having an all star NFL quarterback to an Olympic gold medalist, Ole Miss is where these champions first felt the integrity brought about by hard, honest team- work and the thrill of a well deserved victory. i ;• ♦■• Loo Back into. rn Trad Alexander Bondurant or(! on an Octobei H u in K the beginning of versity of Mlssiss b; however, they they played,5E have " f u g seasons until If said to Mr. BondurSf " We will see lis attitude has le century of Ole how bleak thinf ran ' d be at tJDie, ed, we 262 ( fp ,sTMf?rr; v photo by Joe Ellis photo by Richard A t.Vt ' tv The Rebels opened their 1993 home campaign in style when the Univer- sity of Tennessee-Chattanooga Moooa- sins slithered into Vaught- Hemingway Stadium, with a 40-7 thrashing for their first victory of the season. The Rebel defense, sparked by the re- turn of linebacker Cassius Ware after a one game suspension, dominated the first half, shutting down the Moc- casin offense and holding them score- less. After a slow start, the Rebel offense began to heat up and scored on its first five possessions of the second half to put the game out of reach. The Rebel offense also put themselves into the Ole Miss record books by gaining 17 first downs through the air, tying a 24 year old school record. AH in all the offense averaged nearly 7 yards a play enroute to a 529 total yard out- burst. Place Kicker, Walter Grant, paced the Rebel offense with 16 points-including a mammoth 50 yard field goal, the longest for Ole Miss since 1991. Not to be outdone, the Rebel defense continued to punish UTC, keeping them out of the endzone until the 4:28 mark of the final quarter, and holding them to a mere 239 total yards of offense for the game. The Rebel ' s ability to dominate on both sides of the ball showed the su- perb balance of the team and raised high hopes for a strong showing in the Southeastern Conference. -Robb Delleo OLE MISS 40 TJT-CHATTANOOGA 7 photo by BJ Mannix S M! m,S mF 263 Crusliing the 264 ( p t 1;,. farem the gs ' the fln l w b«H took • (1. I ' able R -ho uti . sir Oxi ' a 4hea l to Uie Ctourgia gauie ■-) 7 HV Oppositio DB MISS 31 OORGIA 14 fiuouessiui Sr H WtnK Whoii oue ireniendouB play, iUS Wb ' " ■ ■► ' • ' ' hi- l;;i) i 3m Geojf . .; r : A : ■ ' , ■ : .1 ' •-: • • • r... •! ; VI ' ; ' ' - • i ■ f I • OLE MISS KENTUCKY 31 The 21-0 loss to the Kentucky Wild- cats marked the first shutout against Ole Miss since the 1986 game in Arkansas. The Wildcats gained a total of 3S0 yards in 73 plays during the game. Their de- fense was ready and waiting for our Rehels and fought to keep them at 201 yards in 48 plays. (Ole Miss had been averaging 391 yards per game). The Rebel D also got stopped In their tracks when Kentucky scored 13 points in their first tli possessions. They had not allot more than 50 yards rushing nine games. This did not deter ( defense, led by Dixon and Wa who held the Wildcats scoreless all of the third and most of fourth. The Rebels played a li game against Kentucky, but Wildcats stiU managed to beat Die Miss Rebels and end their th game winning streak. -JJ ' ' i photo by Jimmy Nogle After a shutout by Kentucky the week before, the Rebels came into the game ready for war. They came back to crush the Razorbacks with a shutout of their own. Walter Grant was a key player in the game, earning 12 points with four field goals totaling 130 yards. Our only touchdown was earned by Reuard Brown in the fourth quarter, marking his first career touchdown. Ole Miss offense photo by Bryon Cohron rushed for a total of 258 yards. Defense once again stole the show by holding the Hogs to 238 yards and sacking Lunney four times for 26 yards. In the first quarter, the mighty Rebel D held Arkansas to one first down and 34 yards. Alundls Brlce Intercepted his fourth pass this season, and Gas- sius Ware and Michael Lowry teamed up to crush the only scor- ing threat of the day.-JJ -|! OLE MISS 19 ARKANSAS 266 ip c fm oS ti loss to Memphis State ter by Walter Grant. m [[■ked the third loss In a Michael Lowry Intercept- ) for Ole Miss. Memphis ed a throw by quarterback OTjE IVEXSS S unaged to hold the Steve Matthews, giving V JJOM a XAOii? % eels to a mere 31 -yard the Rebels the ball at their ltd goal, which was own 46-yard line, and glv- IVTElVIPHISl ST.A.TE 19 sieved with 1:13 re- Ing Lowry his second In- • ' ' •■•• " ■••■•■■X ' iXU ft9J.XXa.XJ J. £7 lining In the first quar- terception this season. • iilli- ' i SSOCM s :mm,s Sfffpa) 267 1993 Egg Bowl %j.;v a.7-. -, S " — . ' - . " ' y. On November 27, 1993 tlie Egg Bowl Trophy went back to Mississippi State with a SO-13 defeat of Ole Miss. The win on Saturday was State ' s first win since October 16, when tbey beat South. Carolina. Mississippi State ' s strength came in their running game led by Mi- chael Davis, who rushed for a game career high of 154 yards la 40 at- tempts. Our defense came on strong, malting the Bulldog ' s work for their points; however, offen- sively we only managed one touch- down and two field goals. Ole Miss ' only touchdown came when the Bulldog ' s Scott Gumlna fumbled the catch and Ole Miss re- covered on the State 13. Our Rebel ' s pushed towards the endzone with 5 yards in two plays; then on the third down, Adams passed to Roell Preston, who carried It Into the endzone for the touchdown. Later in the game, fans hopes soared as the Rebels drove the ball from their own 40 yard line to the State 16; however, the Bulldog de- fense antagonized Adams, causing him to overshoot his receivers. During the second half, the Rebels managed four first downs, and eight penalties for 80 yards. The loss was disappointing for Rebel faxis, but watch out Jackie Sherrill, the Rebels are coming back next year smd we are bringing the Egg Bowl Trophy Is coming back home to Ole Miss. JJ Ole Miss 13 Mississippi State 20 all photos by Bryon Cohron 1993 Homecoming ■■ • ' I. ViL — 1 . mzt 1 II all photos by Rob Johnson le UIss Rebels not only gave I blowout game In celebration 8 year ' s homecoming, but tbe se also stopped LeSlion Jobn- rom aeblevlnC 2.000 varda ng In one season. Tbe defense 7olin8on to a season-low of 89 ., keeping him from Joining inks of only three other NCAA .on 1-A players. 1 the homecoming court and ueen walked out during half- thA PnhAln fl.lT AA 1v hA 1 a. Z-Ci Both the offense and the de- rp were in top form for today ' s ftebel D proved to everyone they are one of the highest ed in the nation, scoring 16 points and numerous ftimbles and interceptions. The first intercep- tion this season for Cassius Ware also marked the first of the game, starting a 6 play drive that ended 1 Grant.Alundls Brice intercepted his seventh of the season and car- ried it back to the endzone 37 yards to score. One of the greatest plays in the game came when split-end Eddie Small took a pass from Adams and c for a touchdown with the help of Chris May. It was the perfect way to end the homecoming festivities. -JJ- OLE MISS 44 NORTHERN ILLINOIS OLE MISS 14 ALABAMA 19 It waa quite possibly the game in Ole Miss football history. The scenario was niarly perfect: the Rebels would be play- ing the defending national champion and 4th ranked Crimson Tide of Ala- bama, in Oxford, and in front of a record 43,500 flag waving fans. The nationally televised game was also big enough to draw ABC ' s number one broadcasting team of Keith Jackson and Bob Griese. What better way to celebrate 100 years of Ole Miss football. Both teams came into the game sporting highly ranked defenses and both teams expected and got an offensive struggle. Ole Miss drew first blood midway through the first quarter when quar- terback Lawrence Adams found split and Eddie Small in the front corner of the endzone for a 81 yard scoring strike, but could not produce another point in the half. Alabama, on the other hand, could only muster two field goals as the Rebel defense allowed Just one yard rushing. Ole Miss went to the locker room with a slim 7-6 advantage and prepared for the second half. Both teams came back onto the field as motivated as before. Ole Miss seemed to strike a devastating blow to the Tide when big Tim Bowens leveled ' Bama quarterback Jay Barker early in the third quarter and knocked him out of the game. The Tide was still able to chalk up another field goal and took a 9-7 lead. With both offenses sputtering and un- able to move, Alabama put all-purpose king David Palmer in at the quarterback position and he just flat out carried the Tide from there. Palmer ran, threw, and caught passes for more than SOO yards in the total offense and helped set up ' Bama ' s only touchdown midway through the fourth quarter. With the Tide leading 19-7, the Rebels went on an impressive 58 second, six play, 72 yard drive capped off by an Ad- ams to T ' Boris Fisher touchdown pass that cut the lead to 19-14 with less than three minutes remaining. However, the aggressiveness of the Rebel defense eventually got the better of them, as penalties enabled Alabama to run out the clock and escape with the victory. The Ole Miss defense once again, with flashes of dominance, showed why it de- sei ves to be ranked in the top ten de- fenses In the country. The game was a monumental event in Ole Miss football. It proved to the nation that the Rebels could play with any team in the country. Rebel fans will long re- member the electricity flowing through the stadium and the performance of their favorite team. As ABC ' s Keith Jack- son put it time and time again, " Whoa Nelliel What a game. It was a dandy. " -Robb Delleo »■ i. 270 fp) s -pm s All photos by BJ Mannix I OLE MISS 17 LSU 19 Ole Miss fans received an early Hal loween fright on October 30, when our Rebels lost by a mere two points to one of our biggest rivals, LSU. Ole Miss took off to an early lead with an 18 yard completed pass to Ta ' Borls Fisher for a touchdown. Rebel defense held the Tigers off until second quarter where they finally managed to tie up the game. The second Ole Miss touchdown oo- cured after the Rebels batted down the punt, gaining the ball on LSU ' s one yard line, quickly scoring. The Tigers scored three touchdowns throughout the game(thls Is the most touchdowns that the Rebel defense has allowed since Ken tucky. With 58 seconds left In the game, Ole Miss fans sat with fingers crossed eis our Rebels attempted a 34 yard field goal. The attempt was unsuccessful, giving LSU the win. all photos by Joe Ellis s m ns qjp) 271 Fourtli Dowi]| 1994 Senio ' ' 272 • np s ' m s nd Goal flayers Dameion Logan Eddie Small Greg Morris Brian Mays Franz Lorio j m |W ¥4 . .t g bii Wesley Melton hilly Brewer has been liead coacti over these players their four years |iere. They have shared le cheers of victory, the Bars of defeat, and have Imffered through trage- liles together with the |jlass of true Ole Miss iebels. Out of the players graduating this year, I will go pro, some 11 not; but through it all ley will always have the luemories of Ole Miss and Iwl ll always have a spot in bur hearts for the dedica- ;ion and spirit they showed in every game. Cassius Ware S ' m oS qip) 273 Nothing but Net. . 274 Ip m ' H oS phalc by liJ Manmx s jmm s qnp) 275 1993-1994 University of Mississippi RebeU LJ » .r The Ole Miss Rebels play a strong game. With the hall or without, the fans know that the players will always give one hundred and ten percent effort. Every game is exciting, win or lose you know that you are in for a good time watching the Rebels play. Coach Rob Evans and his players are def- initely a team to con- tend with. t , ' ♦ » ■ ■ ' -mA ' (- y 276 p) s m s - alt photos by BJ Xfannix S ' S ( JP 277 ed P 0) (0 cd n 0) M IQ •H 0) iH o rH I to 0) rH 278 ' np .wm s 03 CD M CQ pq CQ o CQ CQ CD r—J o i-H to O) O) -5f]« «W :V ( fp) 279 VanCliancellor ' s Ladies The 1993-1994 Ole Miss Lady Rebels are the most recent rep- resentation of the University of Mississippi ' s women ' s basketball team was founded 146 years ago on November 6, 1848. Since then they have proven time and time again that not only do they dom- inate at home in Tad Smith Col- iseum and away, but they do It with the class and grace that only Ole Miss could give to the game. This season marks the 30th sea- son that Coach VanChancellor has been a coachand 16th that he has controlled the team as head coach. All those years have been spent at Ole Miss. His time and dedication that he has given to the University over the years has paid off until this past sea- son. For 10 years, starting in 1982, the Lady Rebels have par- ticipated in the NCAA confer- ence. The 1993 season marks the end of the streak. Hopefully, the 1993-1994 season will show the beginning of an- other winning streak for the women ' s team. With the ability that the team possesses, under the guidance and talent of Coach VanChancellor, there is no doubt to how far they can go. all photos by BJ Mannix 280 qnp) s m s FAR ABOVE- Yolanda Moore, senior, leaps over the opposition. ABOVE- Kacy Williams, also a senior, pre- pares to score. FAR LEFT and LEFT- Susan Byrd shows time and time again that Ole Miss scores above the competition. BELOW LEFT- Regan Seyhert, freshman player, fits into the winning team and promises good things for the future. ( jpi 281 alt photos by BJ Mannix Tile Lady Rebel Netters are a tre- mendous team to watch play. These girls possess a spirit and talent that makes any game, win or lose, a thrill to see. FAR ABOVE- The ladles toy with Southern as they pass the ball between them. ABOVE- Katreoia Craig files through the air In an attempt to score. FAR RIGHT- Yo- landa Moore, sophomore, files above the rest. ABOVE RIGHT- Yo- landa takes It to the hoop to score for Ole Miss. RIGHT — The Lady Rebels never allow the com- petition to scare them, as one cuts right through the center of the opposing team to the basket. 282 ( |p .s ' m s photos by BJ Manmx S9 m cS IP 283 VOLLEYBALL 1 1993 Ole Miss Lady Rebels OPPOSITE PAGE — (from left)Laurie Sellers, Liz Poeriier,Heat]i Beegle,Julia Sitarz,Jeniiie Owens, Brigette Datclier,Genevi6 ' ' Sliy,De Luster, Taylor Fleming, Lisa Yensen,Amy Kerbow, Sli; Powell. 284 m .s pm s S m S nF 285 MEN ' S GOLF ABOVE — The Ole Miss Men ' s Golf Team includes (from left to right, front row) Nick Brown, Ramsey Day, Bonargo, Ben DuPont, Brian Rowell, (second row) Tim Cantwell, Ttiad Hudgens, John Howard, Will Power, o h. Gunn, Mike Griffin, and Coach Woody Cowart. 1994 marks the beginning for head coach, Woody Cowart, and a bright fu- ture for the Ole Miss Men ' s Golf Team. Cowart has served as a Class A Assistant Professional at the Country Club in Jackson for the past three years. He takes over the Ole Miss team with vet- eran players such as Tim Cantwell, 1993 Wisconsin Amateur Champion, and sen- ior William Powers leadership ; and some impressive recruits, such as top signees , Ramsey Day and Josh Gunn. So far the combination of Coach Cowart and the team has been a successful o: K The fall season proved victorious for t K Rebels, with a 15-stroke win in ts Bay Pepsi Invitational in Fairfield. T e spring season arrives with many exc r ing opportunities for the men includi i the SEC Championships. In 1993, (9 Miss finished 10th in the SEC Cha- pionships, Cowart hopes to top that i this year ' s competition. 286 ( np S JHO) S WOMEN ' S GOLF JCE — THe Ole Miss Women ' s Golf Team includes (from left to rignt, front row) Jennifer Haley, Margo Akin, Ij.a Farias, Rebecca Schmidt, Marianne Morris, (second row) Joanne Cladwell, Amy Newman, and Coach n .f er Sayman. 9 ' 3 was one of the most successful a PS for the team. They finished the Hjon with three tournament titles, 136 medal winners, and seven top ten ishes. The previous year, the Link- ups took four top ten finishes in five rrnaments. 1] Ole Miss Lady Linksters will have to e:e on the incoming recruits a lot. Irgo Akin, freshman including 1991, 8i2, and 1993 Arkansas high school tite Championships. A fellow fresh- Dn, Joanne Cladwell, from England, also heads the recruits being the 1991 Sutton Coldfield champion, and the 1993 semifinalist in the Warkwickshire County Championships. Combine this incoming talent and the leadership of veteren players, Angela Farias, and Jen- nifer Haley; they have a good chance of better placement in the SEC Champion- ship. S ' K S • m® 287 MEN ' S TENNIS 288 n P FAR ABOVE — THe 1993-1994 Ole Miss Men ' s Tennis Team. Players in Action. ABOVE — Ivan Trevino goes deep with a powerful backHand. RIGHT — Johan Hede serves the ball. S9MFm S WOMEN ' S TENNIS ABOVE — 1993-1994 Ole Miss Women ' s Tennis (Back Row, from left) Valerie Sprenger, Lizzie Barnes, Marie Laure Bougnol, and Rebecca Case. (Front Row, from left) Paloma Collantes, Head Coach Jerry Montgomery and Pascale Piquemal. Some of the stars of the team. . . LEFT — Nathional Clay Court Champion, Marie-Laure Bougnol, and Lady Rebels head coach, Jerry Montgom- ery. ABOVE — Paloma Collantes s -m s rP 289 OLE MISS RUGBY Founded in 1973, tlie Ole Miss Rugby team is well into it ' s twenty — first year on the Oxford campus. Rugby is a rugged sport played without any pro- tection except that of a mouth guard. If you have ever had the privelage to wit- ness a rugby game, you may be won- dering where they find people crazy enough to put themselves on a field of men with the immense danger of great bodily harm. Well these men are any- thing but crazy. It takes great physical ability, determination of steel, and nerves to match. It takes a tough man to be able to play this game, emotionally and physically. The Ole Miss Rugby Club is sponsored by the University and plays in the Mid — South Rugby Football Union. The season had a weak beginning this fall for the mighty men. However, the club returned with a vengeance this spring by defeating Rhodes College, Mississippi State, and Arkansas. The Rugby Club also went on to place im the Mardi Gras Festival in Baton Rouge, and the Memphis in May Rug- by Tournament in Memphis. The twenty — one years of service and survival already displayed by the Ole Miss Rugby Club promises a future of fierce men and fighting spirit. Ole Miss Rugby Club — pictured above — Back Row : Robin Harrigal, Jason Proctor, Clir McGhee, Hole, Jay Vinson, Dave Ainsworth, Will Russell and Jeremy Chulmers. First Row: Na Parker, Ben Brase, Ben Weaver, Elvis, James Thomas, Mike Kahler and James Barclay. N( pictured — Hal Mayo, Shannon Sumrall, Scott Hickman, John Sledge, Rocky Smiley, Robe: Christopher, Lee Scott and Shane Johnson. 290 ( np s ' .p m s » TRACK HIGHLIGHTS 4. s xm s fP 291 1993 OLE MISS TRACK ABOVE- The Ole Miss Relay Team, ranked 4tli in the nation, in- cludes Marcus Brooks, Donavan Bassett, Ed Odom, and Brad Pride. LEFT- Donavan Bassett tackles yet another hurdle. In only his second year at Ole Miss, he fin- ished 6th In the 400 hurdles. Donavan la also a member of the indoor sprint medley relay team which ranked second in school records and set a meet record at the ASU relays. He was part of the 1600 relay team. The 1600 relay team ranks third in out- door record books. FAR LEFT- Senlor distance runner, Pablo Si- erra, won the Southeastern Con- ference Championships with a time of 24:59.1 and was selected SEC Cross Country Runner of the Year. Pablo is also the first Rebel cross country runner to partic- ipate in nationals. 292 ( jp) b ' m oS Running Away With It ! The Ole Miss Rebel Track Team finished 13th at the NCAA Out- door Championships, landing them at the best end-of-the year finish by any Ole Miss sport. This marks the second time In three years In which the team has held that honor for our school. A strong force for the Rebel team Is the SEC Champion 1600M Relay Team of Brad Pride, Donavan Bas- sett, Edcardo Odom, and Marcus Brooks. This group set a new SEC Meet Record with their time of 3:03.30. The Rebel Track members are a group to watch, with the expe- rienced members growing stronger; and the new talent bursting out with great speed and ability. Freshman Greg Sad- dler broke the Miss Invitational and Ole Miss Stadium records In the 100 and 800 that were previously held by 1992 Olympian, Tony Dees Look Into our recent past and you will see the kind of talent that Ole Miss puts out. In the 1992 Olympic games Alvln Haynes, triple Jump, was a con- tender for Barbados In Barcelo- na, Spain. Tony Dees was a silver medalist In the 110 hurdles, rep- resenting the U.S.A. Not to men- tion success In the Goodwill games In 1990; Including a gold medalist, George Kush, and sil- ver medalist, Clarence Daniel. Ole Miss has a history of producing Incredible talent and shows promise for even greater In the future. A Step ahead of the rest! ABOVE LEFT- Detrls Whltten, a fresh- man from Batesvllle, broke the Meet of Champions record In the 1600 and was a part of the record breaking 1600 relay team, as well as finishing first in the state in the 1600 ' s. ABOVE- An- drea Beltz prepares to start the race. In high school, Andrea held a state 3A record in the hurdles, as well as being a state cham- pion. As a freshman, we can ex- pect great things from Andrea. FAR LEFT- Having obtained a time of 9:35.2 at the Ole Miss In- vitatio nal in 1992, Chance Reglne now ranks third In the school records in the steeple- chase. LEFT- Jo Creel has a list of achievements a mile long. In 1992 alone she won first place In cross country at both the Mem- phis State and Ole Miss Invlta- tlonals. She also set a school rec- ord at the SEC Championships with a time of 38:04.52. S Wl S nr® 293 P o C0 n iH 0) Q) A •H to H 294 qip cS MmT S dogs, apple pie, and .shall. These are the .3 of America ' s ear- kys and they bring to I the warm, breezy ng afternoons of h. The sounds of a bat ting solidly against a and the sounds of le cheering, filling OLE MISS 1993 BASEBALL Sometimes it feels as if nation. There is a grassy those days are gone for- ever. Well, on Old Taylor road, Ole Miss has one of the top baseball facilities in the area where Ole Miss stu- dents can relax with friends and enjoy one of the most exciting games you are likely to see. This year ' s team has a great deal of talent, and depth among the players. Under the direction of Coach Kessinger, our Reb- el baseball team has the potential to go far. So, on those crisp spring days, join the fun. Every game promises to be excit- ing, win or lose. -JJ- i: sf ' m s ( nF 295 HIGHT-Catoher, Hick Carone swings against Austin Peay. BELOW- Ole Miss students relax and enjoy a day of sunning and Ole Miss Baseball. 296 rp ABOVE- Marc MacMiUan slides into the base in an attempt to score against William Carey. ABOVE RIGHT- Ole Miss Baseball players give every bit of them- selves during the game, to make every game exciting. RIGHT- Wil- liam Carey ' s runner stretches to the limit in an attempt to beat the ball. With Richy Harrelson on the bag, the runner ' s chances are slim. rS .K n%S LEFT- " There ' s the pilch! " ABOVE- Dave Dellucci heads lor first in the game against Delta State. BELOW LEFT- Richy Harrelson proves to this Vanderbilt player, that he always gets his man. BELOW- Catcher. Rick Carone snags the ball. Vanderbilt doesn ' t stand a chance. X- m, ; s -m s ( in® 297 ■ " Coacli Kessinger is a player ' s coacli. He ' s a good coach, to play for tecause he ' s on your level. You can always talk to him. " " I grew up in Mississippi; so, I guess you could say that I grew up bleeding red and blue. " " I want our team to be able to be major competition in the SEC, and I would like to see the team go to the NCAA Tournajnent annually. " I .. JH 298 qjp) s ' . «=n ,s " TMs year ' s team has a lot more depth than any team I ' ve seen here. We can go a long way if the chemistry comes together " " This year ' s team has a lot of experience. We have a good chance to go to the regionals, and the College World Series. " " I like beating the opposing team away from home. You do your job and shut them up. " STK m- ' S nF 299 Intramurati 300 np s m s I Sports s mm s qip) 301 1993-1994 Ole Miss Clieerleaders photo by BJ Manntx The Ole Miss Cheerleaciers. We see them at every game entertaining the crowds, and boosting enthusiasm. Through a lot of hard work and rigorous exer- cise they are able to per- form the different stunts for the fans. This hard work pays off, as the Reb- el squad saw this year at Cheerleading camp. They ended camp with three top finishes. Beyond the shows they put on for the University, A pholo by Joe Ellis pholo by BJ Mannix 302 qnp .S ' .f mTToS - ABOVE LEFT — Tracy Hunt, Alex Moore, and Lynn Haynes cheer the Rebels on to victory. ABOVE- Some Ole Miss cheerleaders give a yell on a break from the cheers. LEFT — The flirtatious Colonel Reb addresses the ladies in the crowd I during the Memphis game. BELOW LEFT — Ole Miss cheerleader, Alex J Moore supports the team during a cold November game BELOW — Colo- nel Reb strikes again, this time welcoming the opponent ' s cheer- leaders. a photos by Rob Johnson S9 m ' S (SUp) 303 ' ' The Rebellettes " 1993-1994 Ole Miss Pom Pom Squad 1 TMs group of girls, tradi- tionally known as the Rebellettes, consists of sixteen memlDers in the fall, and fifteen in the spring. They cheer at foot- ball games, and basketball games; and they dance during halftime to the music of the Pride of the South Marching Band. These girls also perform in the community by danc- ing at the Special Arts Fes- tival for the Retardation Center, and marching with the band during pa- rades. For the last two years the Rebellettes have attended Nationals, placing 9th and 10th out of about 75 com- petitors. In the Spring of 1994 they will be return- ing to Nationals to repi sent Ole Miss under t leadership of Sherrill Ca non. The Ole Miss Pi Pom captains are Angi McDaniel, and Lau: Long. The Ole Miss Rebellettes do their best during every game to entertain the crowd as they cheer throughout the game, and dance with the band at halftime. all photos by Rob Johnson 304 qnip cSTMf??t5c The " Rebellettes " hand out souvenir footballs to the fans during the games, and they always do It with a smile. pholoby R ' h J. ' hns. ' H s -m s qip) 305 » . i or years the fraternal system ' at Ole Miss has been a part of the history associated with the Uni- versity. Greeks have long been known to support a good time, and they still do that, but also with a good cause for each other, the community, and the Univer- sity. Being Greek at Ole Miss provides you with friendships, a social life, and a new family. It isn ' t just something to do while enjoying the college experience, but a lifestyle that begins the night of initiation and continues for the rest of your life. } X. ♦ ' 308 qip) W KS =i s xs FiP 309 Interfraternity Council OFFICERS John Baxter — President Darrick Ward — Vice-President (NPHC) Scott Pedigo — Vice-President (RUSH) Hal Kaigler — Vice-President (Judicial) Philip Walker — Recording Secretary Hardy Hill — Corresponding Secretary Michael Perry — Treasurer COUNCIL Jerry Redmond Jr., Michael Spencer, Cedrick Jackson, Stacy Spearman, Ben Foster, Kevin Fultz, Jason Vega, Rob Board, Paul Pittman, Jer- emy Kirkland, Adam Farlow, Chris Clay, Dan Shell, Robbie Edgar, William Tayloe, Darrick Ward, Reginal Rutherford, Monroe Neal Jr., Bret Hobson, Michael Perry, Kurt Rademachier, Reginald Smith, Dewayne Harries, Ted Connell, Bill Ponder, William Burnham, Clay McKissack, Sean Haynes, Craig Long, David Biddle, Russ Brewer, Aaron Huber, Brandon Ryan, Heath Walters, Robert Steams, Will Smith, Brooks Ver- schoyle. Drew Watson, Steve Ward, Brec Esnard, Ryan Hall, John Waits, Jeff Carson, Matt Hal- brook, E;ic Overstreet, Shawn Parry, Steve Aus- tin. 310 [P (flP SKS Panhellenic OFFICERS President — Carole KJoha Vice-President — Suzanne Fish NPHC Vice President — Angela Heard Secretary — Lisa Huber Treasurer -Alice Smith REPRESENTATIVES Sally Townsend, Zeita Parker, Lori Nelson. Jen- nifer Polk, Missy Marks, Anastasia Hontzas, Christy Eubanks, Lisa Huber, Cynthia Hargrove, Anitra Ellerby, Amanda McAbee, Ashley McK- inney, Tricia Petrie, Jennifer Griffis, Julie Gold- en, Alice Smith, Beth Bowen, Ali Allen, Jennifer Black, Holly Johnson, Candice Jenkins, Carole Kloha, Susan McDavitt, Kimberly Coston, Ken- dra Goddard, NefTie Gatewood, Angela Terry, Mary Suman, Elizabeth Tutle, Susan-Lee Rice, Cathy Anderson, Nikitia HoUingsworth f ' SKS rP 311 1 o •a § a o B 1 3 CS •a •c o C ■5b H 1:2 s ° ° s i - " o S D- U ° rt Ji Tl-O g y, ,Q. 2 o § §.£ ■53 OiJ-, g 3 O i, ui •o „ o «j " a ij 5J B «3 It: ,2 c ■o - c s. :; ' 9301:= ' -a 2;S- «-g " .a: 5i-° Si t; i " cd dj u- O 3_ D. OJ . " 1 Stx X) a 0.2 . a i a . rt a o D5 o « o 3J- ,, ?f B s oP S a S e Q,ae ■ft, -; u « K 3 ' - a ' us- Qii— 50573 ooo t.-S Et o ii-gO a j2 S c g ■ ■_S . oQ =« o So. E ■O -, ' fc T !!? ii i! F S " o rt 3 c u o — w, o u u a " ft E « 2 « « g « o E c ™_ u " =3 o D- 2 S EOX rt fl U t- u f 3 n! 3 O OJ s ) ' " ■■= ,2 mS S eg i i - cd a E- Q " " S (U S ad c EiS ' a S5 03 , a 1: " o ■ .s-s D—s ■- 5 o S o i (u ■§■ " 2 " .9-= IE ■!?« o2.£:.2 4) St 5 r " 4S- QO O |3 D. 3 !-■ 9 ■ . e-S § S| g e- ■aXcu c iPJ a ■(T u ' - o o ' a 3 a ' ' a o ii t. o -a o ' ■- o E2S(i.i«2« n •o a o a 00 .•a S T3 r S-i « mi ©5 CO 3 ft! o (Zl a . -a u. a o. o. a ex. 5 o 2 O o ■— 1 ' o : 5 J3 U OS ?:; xj lh ' J3 O O- O 1 t 5 O (U i T3 S xt !- ja ;J3 O cd c« «i a ex a 03 ;::5 " J " " -e ,73 : T3 1- C3 «J U 2 " O ■ -• cd O « w S w ■? o ' a ' o 5t3 . cx : 2.« cu 3 o ii 2 ed « T3 " " w on (U (D ja -jn t3 ca s n) ■fl -g . o 3 is 3 6 " 1 a O 3 li. .9 - " n ° ca ra .-,i a i ' :■= c o 3 " ., .2 ( (U (30 • 3 u. c 5 a) O a-5, cu a2 t;--; 2 t- (D D 3 , 3 « .5? b o C o ' 3 (u °»§« ■sas g a ™ o cd Ho ' " O - O U =? as CO a §5 O ' C Q. 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I EA t 00 — Cl .-. irt H ! 3 O CO j= •- e e •_— OO c3 ca 75 " ,_: cd CO r " j= s t 1 o •- CO 8 . « 3 X .2 j= O J3 c_ « (J o • " -. 1) [2i§ JL (i l-r ■e y •n o at a 3 T3 o (J o ii O B-© o UU 3 ft u O. - a nn o a n T3 H u ci •o O « (11 C a " .« rio _u ■c n V- C : (U ._ Q q CO M Ko a C - -c £• « CO (D 2 J= P ' . mg 1 fc J o u o Qi W H 2 Q Q s D c J 2 t 5 a ■— - o M rt u S " i ' ( 5 — ' C ' " ' " " ' e g g a 8 (rt OO -1 crt 5 c2 feA rt 5i 3 r3 1 f i c f , |€ 1 c r c kl il N ' i :fi rt i ! . £7j 11 fc c M c f 5 ' P S ■ -3 e J -5 1 I Jl : Qi [ ' ' QQi J t7 Hi | ji£ |5 1 f i! I i 1 £ ' ' i £ p P2 r B3 ' ' Kl £ ' fe c l cj 13 M c at a. 2 2 o a a PQ C a a. ■a c 2 •c O a CD O 3 X u O « _iS T3 _i T3 d •3 BJ C rt 2 u o a S S 2 . ' S •-: « 6 ■tl 5 D CJ u 00 d : C ' ' i M " S; ' C ' S e 3 m teQ CF , C If fP o! S: fj _ ' ■r. 3- C Jv j ' C ' S «? CNJ: t7 — » — » . • ; 7 :| | f t7 u:» e i Jj i c i c? c s l € . C ! 15 ' f l 1 { S c jS f ! 5 ; S F SN CydtiBoJ With a crowd of over 2,000 in the stands, Sigma Nu fraternity captured the fourth annual Charity Bowl friday night at Oxford High school with a 20-0 win over Kappa Sigma. The game was played to benefit Jacob Lee, who was paralyzed in a hunting accident. The two fraternities raised over $35,000 in pledges. ' Tm glad to see people beared the weather to support such a worthy cause " said Robert Shealow, co- philanthropy chairman. For the third straight year Sigma Nu won the Na- tional Philanthropy Award and exceed $100,000 in four years. 374 FTP s ' m .s Ar Anchor Splash The Delta Gammas raised more than $4,000 to benefit their national philanthropy Sight Conscrv- tion and Aid to the Blind during the eighth anna! Anchor Splash. Some of the fundraising events included a pool louramcnt, a pre splash, at La- fayette ' s, t-shirt sales and several fraternity com- petitions. Also, Lauren White, a member of Kappa Delta sorority, won the most Beautiful Eyes con- test. Members of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity won the vollyball tournament. The Sigma Chi frater- nity won the synchronized swimming events with their 9-to-5 theme. Matt Root, representing Sigma Chi fraternity, won the tittle of Mr. Anchor Splash and Kappa Alpha finished in first place overall. Sigma Phi Epsilon placed second overall with Phi Delta Theta fin- ishing third. Mr. Anchor Splash TP 375 $M Pledge Olympics has become an annual event for the Phi Mu pledge class. Sorority and fraternity pledge classes are invited to participate in fun games to win a trophy. Some of the games played this year were the ballon popping relay, three legged race, and the tug of war. The activities were held on the ViUage Field, October 14,1993. The pledge classes that came out on top were Alpha Tau Omega and Kappa Delta. All of the fun that day greatly benefitted the LeBonheur Children ' s Hospital in Memphis. The money raised from entry fees and t-shirt sales were donated to the hospital as Phi Mu ' s philanthropy. The Phi Mu pledge class of 1993 would like to thank all of those who participated and made the activity possible. Pledge Olympics 376 qnip (ff § ' gKS Hoods ib Kids For the past two years Phi Delta Theta has spon- sored " Hoops For Kids " to raise money for the American Cancer Society. The event consists of a three on three basketball tournament with prizes going to the winners in each division. Other ac- tivities include a sports auction, dunk contest, cal- lutia, and other events. For the past two years " Hoops For Kids " has raised over twenty thousand dollars to build a Childrens Cancer Camp. The tournament has continued to grow and hopes to be a success again this April. ■f:r -::.KS a . ' - 1 B r i 1 -MM- :A - Mtf r Jt B r xi mm ® 14 1 Tk -m ' f i ■ ' ■ - i W m t 1 liJIHP BII ■■ H k ' ,-i ' i H S ' SB 1 1 TmHI BKi ' Po ™ J O lr iM L ' " ' v K x v lBP I 0 378 qnp. ' ;,VA ' V,K ? ' 1 ? % i q ' g ' g S ' qfp 379 380 ( fp) e£ ' ®S9 i 381 382 qfp ( yoS ' ?niP ' m?ni mp 383 ' ( L ' (0 W} " lf Cfiancettor s Letter I Viir OU Miw .Suulrnt5: Ihr soumlv of irrt bnuvhts iiiuppim) wukt the weight ii( (ayers of tcr H ' iU pri bdM ' nrplflff thr soumU of Ci ' ruinurium in yoia nwndi as -. ' u L»i k bofk uinm this PortinUiir schin l v ar- Thr " ke vSuimi of " 9-1 " thnui rrumy o us xnto ihc cold oiu dartt and wreaked fuivi c acwss ihe campus oiul .•Eumiuruuru) arras. Tfu liestnictum {eft 5can that wifi uiu ' eara to ' overuime but resiHency is a vUa( part of the Ok Miss spirit. As is often the case. tAL d Ltastrr tm iuifit out ilic best in peopt. A perfai c;ta»npCr m-os tfw hrmif effort of many members of tht Vhvsicai riam stuff, pimiaikniv tho t in ttie Id-iincal I i-pimnu ' nt, whosf arouml thr cU- ik work rvMorvd warmth and (i hi to nu ' st of tiie fampus M ' tthm four days- In oiilitum, fnipL ' vcf » " I t ' i ' l .Sfn ' ui- , . ituJrtit Affairs, atvi many otiitr area pnn ' idtd assistance and sustenance to rnr mbm of t(w Unuri:sitv anil i " ater Oxford communitiM. Many of y.m aiso pitdiM in. jocusin your energies on cleaning up the dtbns Ifft in the storm ' s wake, and your scn-itr made a trying lune tnonr bearabie. Another siomi tJuit ilLstnuti ' d u. ; U m mir pursuit this spring was lordice vs. Aycrs, a iingeiing (egal battle to reduu the racial iitrmifiobility of (LiSL ' :sippi ' s iritjht puMii- univfrsitirj;. Thf ability to wrathf r stomus wltrthfT natural dL-sostrrs or political oruf fimmfinf cfiaflf ng« is a ftaflmart of thi Ok Miss family. Hinvc rr, wcrr not just sun-ivors. We oiways fmcrye from iiiffini(tir.s sironqtr and morv vibrant, rfoify to pusfi forwani the frontiirrs of knowledne, imagination and expertise neccssaiy to impmvf tin: quality of Ufe fifrv m Ntississippt arid afar. I ' roof is fourul ihrou fuiut the iiwtiuaiim ' s 150 v ar fiistoiy of odiievemeni, ' wfiidt we beqon aUinutin this spring, just as our aiehmtion of 100 years of OU Miss football dreu- to a close. The four- yfor .Scsquicrntertmaf observance is a tirmr tii revisit the irwtilutitm ' s histoTy, toofe upon it5 pntseru, ami lay the aymersutne for Us fUlUTY. Inouanmil ornLs on rt-bruary 24-25, 199-1, were t ' hartfr Day amvocmumi on the Ox oni and Jackson compuiCi arul a reteptitin homyring Mi5 i5jippi lau-maiitTS in tht .Suite t ' apitoL All were to comniemiirote the l egistotune ' s jorwigfit in establishing fugher eiuauion in Mi- ' yissifpi thn wjh tKe chortCTin of the University 150 years ago. With ' leadership for the 2 Is ' t t ' entur) ' " us the thetne of our eiijuieentennwl, a rrmjor goaf of tlie eeletrotiim Ls to sfiorpen our visitm of what tJu Unnrrsity needs ui be in onler ti ' prepaa yi ' u ami fiuurc genennion.s of other student to meet t u ' challenge. ' ; of tlie n£A " t century. ' I ' his -isum can only be achieved by input from tixc total University community. To iJii end. I am amf erring witfi studc»U5y joculty, 5laf , and alumni concerning future plans for the University. l unngthe neAt four years, the contnirutions of one of ourSdiooCs ortlie College of Lt£tcnilArt5 will be ftighlighte f eac i ivc mont ii. In adilitiim. all Umversity-MTiie c ' ents ore being mode part of tlie .Sesquicentenniol cetd rmum. The 199-1-98 gromioting classes wiCbefenown OS the .Sesquicemenmol classes, ami dipd ' mos awarded dunng the four-year pertod will bear the 1 50tii anniversary seal The capsu ne of the .Sesquicentennial celebration will be a campaign to raise pnvate fuiuls sotey for academic purposes. Tfie goal of tht campaign will be to buiM an endowment which will help to ensua tlu ' (ligfi quality of the University ' s academic offerings inu) tiie 21st ceruury. V ' e welcome student input into the goals, pnoritu-s, ond pmposals for the furuiing drive. [ " ortimaieiv, we hm-c a very staing academu: fouruiatum ti carry us into tite future. Tde disscminotiim of fem ' wlcdge was tlie top pritirity when the dinars ui tlte Lyceurri opened in 181ii, ami it has remincitiuit lofty posititm. Because of tluu, the University prepares its students for leadership m the suite arui notiim. Distingiushei law school alumni ali ne irurlude nine govermirs, si lieutenaru governors, 29 Mississippi Supreme Court justices, 11 U.S. representatives, arul jour U.S. scnouirs. To better ser ' e the Ok Miss community in the near future, the long awaited $14.5-millitm expansion and renovoition of tlte J. D. Wdliajns Library is weli uiuierway, as is coiLsiructiim and rem vatitin of an otliletic training center serving alt sports. Work has ateady begun on tlie $2-milIiim oddttiim tc Lewis llaH, which houses physics and ostrommiy. V ' isiiins for the University ' s fiuiire iiwiude an advanced teleaimmunicatitins system linking every campus classroom, tobinoti ' Ty, diirmiuny room, oruf office witfi the worii; eATiansitm of heaiih care for Mtssissippians tKrough $100-miffion in new Medieai Center construction, including a new cliildrrn ' s hospiwC perinatal center, interusive care odditiiin, and miirc; a perlorming arts complex with a 2,500-scat tiieatcr arul rental halls; e;«iansi .m of efforts it ' iing satellite u-chmiliigy lo transmit instnictiimal poi arrL; from tlie campus ui hiimes statewide; and a a ntinued commitment to diveristy u-ithin the University tfiat fuHy rejtects the many cu xirts throughtiut our state and nation, Indeed. the future of the flagship univeristy holds great promise. To you 1 994 graduates, I bm success in Both your persorial and pro essional cruicavors. As new alumni, 1 urge you to be active supporters witiiin tite University family, enabling us to amkmie Ui feindle the fire of inteQeetuaf groutii so vitaf to preserving our undying aimmitmem ui pnividing quality teaciung, researclt and service. I e rtend a special invitatiim for you ui ma plans miw ic return for the 5equiceniennial Jinale on the 150th anniversary of our opening date, November 6, 199S. ' £ S J)K ' , w 385 A Aaron, Charles Donald 177 Abadie, H Dale 84 Abdo, Beth 214,215,220 Abdo, Elizabeth 132 Abdo, Elizabeth Ann 166, 180 Abide, Gary 272 Abney, Luke 201 Abney, Robert 132 Abraham, Fran 178,183 Abraham, Mary 121 Abraham, Mary Frances 177 Abraham. Trey 207 Ackerman, Jeannie 1 1 1 , 1 86 Acton, Darlene 232, 233 Acton, Mary 1 54 Acnff, Christopher 1 1 1 Adair, Chris 181 Adair, Christopher 132 Adair, Christopher Michael . 1 66, 177 Adams, Angela 149, 185, 232 Adams, Dee 206 Adams, Jason 132 Adams, Jason Harold 1 78 Adams, Laura 100 Adams, Molly 152,232,233 Adams, Shunta 121 Adams, Stephen 1 DO Adcock, Tracy 132 Adkins, Allen 100 Adkins, Sally 214,215 AfTairs, Director of 205 Ahmed, Tanvir 121 Aick, Stacie 215 Ainsworth, Dave 290 Ainsworth, Deb 208, 231 Ainsworth, Debra 121 Ainsworth, Debra Ann 178 Ainsworth, Kathryn Martin .... 204 Akin, Margo 287 Akins, Candice 132 Alcock, Stephanie Ill Aldis, Chad Louis 177 Alek, Stacie 214 Alexander, Alan 226 Alexander, April 132 Alexander, Chris 244 Alexander, Cristopher 1 32 Alexander, Dana Leigh 178 Alexander, Denise 206 Alexander, Roy 181, 185 Alexander, Roy E 1 86 Alfonsi, Sharyn 201 Alford, Warner 88 Alleman, Christi 22 Allen, Ali 311 Allen, Bill 215, 218 Allen, Chris 216 Allen, James 121 Allen, Jay 178, 208, 235 Allen, Jennifer 214,215 Allen, John William 177 Allen, KJmberly Ill Allen, Merri 121 Allen, Patrick Ill Allen, Sonja 100 Allum, Rama Raju 177 Alt, Mario 132 AlTis, Adam 121, 185 Alris, Adam Mason 178 Amisano, Ricky 178 Ana.srdi, Jennifer Ill Anccll. Charles 100 Anderson, Alan 152, 232 Anderson, Ashley 28 Anderson, Callie 100 Anderson, Cassie 214, 215 Anderson, Cassie Connell 186 Anderson, Catherine 132 Anderson, Cathy 311 Anderson, Elizabeth 214 Anderson, Eugene 88 Anderson, Jennifer . . 154, 178, 232 Anderson, Regina 121 Anderson, Richard 185 Anderson, Stephen Ill Andrews, William Ill Angel, Cheryll 149, 232, 233 Angelo, Gregory 178 Ann, Kraus 138 Anthony, Jennifer L 186 Antoon, Marie 88 Antwine, John 132 Arbalaez, Isabel 215 Arbelaez, Isabel 121 Arbnckle, Nancy 121 Arico, Dr Santo 88 Amette, Jason Chad 186 Arnold, Harold 146 Arnold, Jan 1 32 Arnold, Jan Rachel 179 Arnold, Paula 121 Arnold, Rachel 183 Arnold, Rebecca 121 Arnold, Roy 232 Arlington, Linda 185 Arrington, Rhoda 100 Arriola, Tom 21 Aryal, Ashish 100 Ash, Emily 154,216,219,232,233 Ash, Emily D 178 Ash, Stephanie 100, 185 askew, Caroline 209 Askew, Paula 1 32 Askew, Peter 121 Atkinson, George 185 Atkinson, George Michael 177 Atkinson, Julie 100 Atkinson, Matthew 100 Atkinson, Mike 178 Atwood, Amy 61 Atwood, Brook 214 Atwood, Brooke 62 Atwood, Elizabeth Perry 208 Austin, Gena 149, 232 Austin, Kristy 121 Austin, Steve 310 Averett, Wayne 235 Arigian, Jeff 216 Aycock, Jeffrey 229 Ayers, Chad 204 Ayers, Chris 232 Ayers, Jennifer 227 Ayers, Sandra 1 32 Ayres, Chad 100 AzzareUo, Rachel 214,215 B qifp) Baeshen, Hoda 121, 207 Baeshen, Naila 206 Baeshen, Najla 100,207 Bagley. Brett 100, 185, 209 Bagwell, Ronnie 232 Bailey, Bob 226, 227 Bailey, James 272 Bailey, Jason L 186 Bailey, Jeanette 185 Bailey, Jeannette L 186 Bailey, John David 236 Bailey, Uura 100, 227 Bailey, Susan 146 Bailey, Victor 152,232 Baily, Brian 132 Baily, Jason 132 Baine, John 132 Baine, Molly 7 Baisier, Bernard 121 Baker, Anthony Ill, 181 Baker, Anthony Jason 186 Baker, Beth 208 Baker, Chuck A 186 Baker, Jason 121 Baker, Justin 121, 178 Baker, Melissa 132 Baker, Nan McGahey 69 Baker, Tobie 209 Baker, Todd 100 Balderson, Stephanie . 1 2 1 , 2 1 8, 24 1 Bales, Michael 232 Ballard, Emily 205, 215 Balsamo, Stacy 214, 215 Bandyopadbyay, Rebanta 177 Banerjee, Debjyoti 146 Barber, Bridget 111,214,219 Barber, Marcus 21 Barbera, Michael Nathaniel .... 178 Barclay, James 121,290 Barfield, Barbara Ill Barfield, Paige 227 Bargman, Ginger 111,181,219 Bargman, Ginger Ayres 186 Barham, Michael 100 Barksdale, Patricia 121 Barlow, Lynn 185 Barlow, Lynn E 100 Barmettler, Jane 121 Barmettler, Jane Ashley 178 Barnes, Alison 146 Barnes, Christel 152,232,233 Barnes, Chuck 208,215 Barnes, JacqueUne 121 Barnes, Jacqueline M 178 Barnes, Jeffery Ill Barnes, Lizzie 289 Bamett, Lorena 1 54 Bamett, Lori 232, 233 Bamhart, Scott 132 BamweU, EUzabeth 205, 214 Barrett, Jason ... 121,178,215,235 Barrett, Katherine 1 83, 235 Barrett, Sara Katherine ... 166, 177, 179 Bartholomy, Brady 132 Bartlett, Shanna 214,219 Bartling, Betsy 181 BarUing, Ruth Ill, 185 BarUing, Ruth Elizabeth 186 Bartlow, Jennifer 214, 218 Barton, Angela 132 Barrin, Kim 215 Basara, Lisa Ann 1 74 Baskin, Chiquita Ill Bass, Dr Henry 88 Bassett, Donavan 292 Bassett, Michael 132 Bataman, John 235 Bateman, John 178 Bates, Shaundi 178 Batey, Trent 228 Battle, Bubba 204 Baxley, Christopher 100 Baxter, John 310 Baxter, John Patrick 166 Beach, Peirce Ill Beall, Jennifer 132 Bean, Demeka 100 Bean, Janet 152, 232 Beattie, Molly Ill Beayers, Dale 205,215 Beavers, Thomas 121 Bedwell, Travis 25 Beegle, Heather 284 Beelman, Everett 121 Belcher, Pam 88 Belk, Elizabeth 206, 214 Bell, Charlie 232 BeU, Charles 149 Bell, Chassidy 100 Bell, Garland 149,232 Bell, Jenney 100 Bell, Jerry Don 186 BeU, Jon 272 Bell, Kelly 111,214 Bell, Kelly O ' Brien 186 Bell, Kerry 132 Bell, Kim 231 Bell, Kimberly 100 Bell, Robert 100 Bell, Robyn Ill Bellew, Emily 204,214 Bellew, Mary 100 Beltz, Andrea 293 Belue, Jennifer . 111,185, 205, 209, 219 Belue, Jennifer D 186 Benjamin, Danny 88 Bennett, Chris " lizard " 5 Bennett, David 100 Bennett, Robin 121 Bennett, Statistician: Matt 205 Bennett, Pony 26 1 I Bennington, C Robin 17( Benson, Sallye 1 52, 23: Benton, Angela 13; Bent on, Laura 205, 21 Berey, Bethany 121, 17! Bergeson, Holly 121 Bergeson, Holly Danner 16( Berry, Jack 10( Berry, Shawn 20 Bertin, Qifford 13; Bertman, Jennifer 205, 21. ' Best, Travis Allen 17 ' Betapudi, Rajakumar 14( Bethay, Daniel 13: Bethay, Daniel Lee 17 ' , Bethsbares, Amy Wallace 17f Beviil, Jarrett 13: Berill, Jennifer 10( Bice, Blair He Biddle, David 31( Biddle, Warren Gilbert I8( Biederfoeck, Charles 23( ' Bird, Will 205, 21 Bishop, Brent 181, 21i Bishop, Larry 11 Bishop, Shannon II BisseU, Jack 221 Bizot, Katherine Mary 18l Bizot, Kathy 23 Black, Carolyn 152,23; Black, Jennifer 31 Black, Rogena 209, 21! Black, Vicki 11 Blackburn, Shea 132, 21. BlackwelL, Caroline Harper .... 18i Blake, Bryan 22i Blake, W B 261 Bland, Amy 181,33: Bland, Kimberiy 12 Bland, Kristy ... 178, 209, 218, 236 24 Blanton, Angela 14 ' Blanton, Susan 185, 23 Blanton, Susan Amelia 17 Blasen, Jennifer 132, 21 Blaylock, Dwayne 13 Bletz, Andrea 23 Blossom, Ben 18 Blossom, Benjamin ... 111,215,21 Blount, Mache 23 Blount, Terence 15 Boals, Carol Ashley 17 Board, Rob 31 Boatman, Amy 152, 232, 23 , Boatman, Amy Leigh 17 Boatman, Leigh 18 Boatner, Barry 13 Bobb, Amanda 149,23 Bobo, Polly 35, 13 Boebeim, Marion 8 Boihem, Lisa 10 Bolen, Amanda 214, 21 Bolls, Christy 205, 209, 21 Bolongaro, Daniel 18 Bonargo, Joe 28 Bond, Brandon 154,218,23 Bonds, Anna 111,209,21 Bonds, Anna Lee 21 Bonds, Charles 12 Bondorant, Dr A 26 Bonefield, Susan 18 Bonham, Alisa 21 Bonifleld, Susan 178,20 Bonifield, Susan Lynn 17 Bonner, Laura 13 Bonner, Laura Vulliet 17 Bonnette, John 22 Boone, Billy 3 Boone, Laura 214, 21 Booth, R V 26 Bordeaux, R H 26 Borden, Jenny 13 Borden, Lisa 13 Borland, James Alan 18 Borrel, Tanya 15 Borrell, Tanya 232, 23 Borst, Bonnie 11 Borst, Bonnie Anne 18 Boseung, Kim 24 Bostick, Comeline 23 BotorfT, Karen 21 Bottorff, Karen 21 386 wnp HouRird. kashun 121 BnuKnol. Marif-l ure 28 " Houitnol, Marie Laure 28 ' ' Bougond, Mane-Laure 231 Hounds Janis 89 Bimndm JcfTcr) James 178 Bound . Jennifer 204, 208 BoumenK Paul 121 Bourland, Rebecca 7. 100. 214. il " BoulKi-ll. Kelly 232 Boutwcll, William 152 Bowcn, Hclh 311 Bo " cn. lli ahelh 183 Bowcn, Elizabeth Landry 166, I 7 ) Bowers, Will 244 Bo . Brandy Ill Bow, Or Randy 74 Boyd,Ciinny 206, 241 Boyd, Jennifer Lynn 1 86 Bovd, Natalie 1 78 Bovd. Valerie 132. 185, 209 Bovlcs. 1 cisha 154.232,233 Brarkctt, Kimbcrly 154. 183, 207. 232 Br«ddock. Jixrila D 177 Bradford, Christy 154,232.233 Bradford. Marianne 186 Bradley, Sarah 215 Bradley, Sarah C 208 Bradshaw, Aaron 121,215 Bradshaw, l ouglas Matthew 166 Bradshaw, Kelly 100 Brady, Kris Roberson 177, 178 Brady, LP 260 Brandon, C ' atina 1 54, 232 Brantley, Kara 132, 183 Brantley, Kara LeAllison 166, 177, Ben 290 Brewer, BelTie 232, 233 Brewer, Billy 26 1 Brewer, Elizabeth 152 Brewer, Lucy 132, 183. 235 Brewer, Lucy Moore 167, 179 Brewer, Michael Ill Brewer, Russ 310 Bridiies, Monique 205 BrifiKs, Jonathan 132 Briley, Michael T 178 Brinkmever, Mary 185 Brissenden. Jill 111,209. 219 Brissenden, Jull 218 Britl, Dana Ill Britt Eddie 132 Britt. Martha 132 Broadrick, Brad 208, 218 Broadway, Bill 100 Brocato, Emily 100 Brock. Heather 121 Brodnax. Moira 100, 205 Bronson, William 183 Brookfield, Katheryn 185 Brookfield. Kathryn 100,215,219 Brooks, Counney 100, 214, 215 Brooks, Marcus 292 Brooks, Melissa 205,215 Brooks, Melissa Dianne 186 Brookshire, Charlotte 232 Brookshite, Charlotte 152 Broom, Susan 208, 2 1 9 Broom, Susan Lee 178 Brown, Anita 121 BrowTi, Barbara Gail 178 Brown, Chad 100 Brown, Chan 100 Brown. Christi 154, 232, 233 Brown, Dennis 121 Brown, Eugene 232 Brown, James 100,185 Brown, Jason 121 BrowTi, Jason Reid 186 Brown, Jeanctte 100 Brown, Jennifer 121 Brown, Katclyn 55, 158, 183 Brown, Katelyn Annette 167, 179 Brown, Kenneth 133 Brown, Margaret 133 BrowTi, Meg 218,219 [Brown, Melba 121 ! Brown, Nick 286 Brown, Rolanda 205, 209 Brown, Stephen 1 46 Brubrig. Denny 214 Bninl, Jovonda 100 Brwih, Anna Kathryn 186 Brmh, Kathryn 204, 2 1 5 Bryan, Brillany 214 Bryan, Bnltny 101,215 Bryan, Stephen 121 Bryion, Stewart 5 Bryson, Stewart West 177 Bu, Omgmci 146 BubriR, Dennis Ill BubriR, Denny 206 Burhman, Kara 121 Buckles, Amy 152, 232. 233 Buckley, Laura 122 Buckley, Laura Elizabeth 178 Buddendeck, Michael Ill Bufford, Traci 181 Buford, Mark 206 Buford, lerrence 101 Buford, Tracy Ill Buglewicz, Douglas Ill BuM, Knstin 101 BuM, William 214. 215 Bullarti, Brandy 205,214 Bullard, Brandy Joan 186 Bullock, UlmcrT 89 Bunch, Cccilc Dianne 177 Bundy, William Ill Burcham, Angela 178, 204, 220 Burcham, Angela Willese 167 Burell, Cecelia 214 Burell, Cecilia Carol 219 Burge, Chen 186 Burge, Christine Ill BuTKC Jeffrey Lynn 177 Burgess, James 101 Burgess, Maryland 218,219 Burgess, Trey 218 Burgess, Valeri 122 Burke, Tricia 214 Burkes, Kim 185 Burkes, Kimberly 122 Burnett, Patrick 133, 182, 183, 220 Burnett, Patrick Thompson 167 Bamham, Anna 122,214,241,332 Bamham, Chasity . 152, 178, 232, 233 Bumham, Susan 1 22 Bumham, William 310 Bumham, William Walters 186 Burns, Andrew 185 Bums, Ben 149 Bums, Christy 154, 232, 2 11 Bums, Kendra 133, 206 Bums, Missy 231 Bums, Rebecca 178,204,215,241 Boms, Rebecca Ann 177 Bums, Yancy B 178 BumwelL Bennan 214 Burms, Christopher 146 Burt, Tami 101 Burton, Mark 122,236 BurweU, Brennan 215,241 Busby, Amanda 122 BuslTy, Amanda G 178 Busby, Audra 149, 232, 233 Bush, Angela 133 Bush, Becky 231 Bush, David 197 Bush, Jason 133 Bush, Meredith 7 Bush, Meridith 219 Bush, Rebecca 101 Bushkirk, Emily 100 Bushong, David 122 Bushong, Jennifer .... 111,209,215 Buskirk, Anna Ill Bntchee, Tracy 146 Bntchee, Tracy Lynn 1 74 Butscher, Karen 133 Butts, Chip 228 Byars, Raleigh 89 Bynum, Mary 133 Bynum, Tonya Ill Byrd, Angela Jean 177 B Td, Michael 149 Byrd, Scottie 232 Byrd, Susan 231,281 Byrne, Melanie 101 Byungho, Han 247 ( ffp) Cade, Shayne 133 Cado, Monica 122 Cain, Jennifer 1 33 Cain, Kenneth 1 33 Calhoun, Mall 185 Calhoun, Matthew 122, 178 Callcnder, Brad 209 Callender, Bradley Ill Cambell, Katherine 149 Camp, Clay 236 Campbell, Amy 204 CampbeU, Ginny 214. 215 Campbell, Katherine Shawn 232 Campbell, UKeldra 133 Campbell, Michael 133 Campbell, Nycole 133,183 Campbell, Virginia 101 Canada, Brad 133, 180, 185 Canada, Robert Bradley 167 Canerdy, Sherry 133 Cannimore, Cydney 214 Cannon, Glenn 261 Cannon, 1-aura 1 78 CantreU, Kristen 214 Cantrell, Kristin 215 CantweB, Tim 286 Canty, Dr Ann 74 Canup, Dow 241 Carby, Gaston 216 Cardwell, Mary Ill Carey, William 296 Cario, Kevin 215 Carlisle, Bethany 122 Carlisle, Candy 58 Carlson, Emily 111,181,185,227 Carlson, Emily S 186 Carlson, Kristen 133,185,209 Carmean, Jay 44 Carmean, sarah 214 Carmen, Jay 112 Cannon, Jason 112 Carney, Angela 122 Carney, Jessica 112 Carone, Rick 296, 297 Carothers, Cotena 122 Carr, Cheri Ann 186 Carraway, Kortney 101 Carraway, Michael 185 Carraway, Michael Allen . 167, 177 Carmthers, Gloria 133 Carson, Amy 101 Carson, Jeff 235, 310 Carson, Lauren 122, 204, 214 Carson, Lauren Melody 178 Carter, David 112 Carter, Fran 214 Carter, Frances 112 Carter, Gwyneeda 149, 232 Carter, Leigh 122 Cartwright, James 112 Case, Rebecca 289 Case, Tracy 1 22 Casper, Fred 44 Cassagne, Elizabeth 1 12, 185 Castasus, Mike 208, 214 Castle, Lindy Susanne 186 Caston, Lesley 101 Cates, Dawn 178 Catlett, Lindsey 112 Catlin, Billy 216 Catlin, William 1 12, 215 Caudle, Melanie 133 Causey, Stacey 232 Cave, Christopher 204, 207 CeciL Rebecca 146 Cencula, Allyson 122 Cenzalli, Emmy 197, 215 Cervetti, Benji 218 Ch ' ng, Kar Seong 177 ChafTin, Katherine 101 Chain, Dr Bela 89 Chalmers, Jeremy 236 Chamberlain, Heather 215 Chamberlin, Heather 205 Chambers, Wendy 101 Chan, Shin Yi 133 Chancellor, Kainey 112 Chandler, Andrew 149 Chandler, Martin 232 Chandler, Robert 241 Chaney, Kimberly ... 101, 185, 214 Chans, Hsiu 122 Chang, Man-Mei 133 Chapin, Tonya 112 Chapman, Clarence Warren 186 Chapman, Michael 227 Chapman, Traci . 1 12, 219 Chue, Ryan 133 Chatham, Camillc 101 Cbaudhury, Jayanta 146 Cheairs, William 112 Cheam, Heng 133 Cheatham, Dana 133 Cheatham, Emily 208,215 Cheatham, Victoria 101, 204, 214 Check, Jean W 89 Check, Jennifer 62 Chelmers, Jeremy 235 Chen, How- Wen 146 Chen, Jing-Yang 177 Chen, Kcng 133 Chen, Momo 177 Chen, Scn-KJiuen 1 22 Chen, Tuck 133 Chen, Wei-Ning 146 Chen, Xucyu 177 Chen, Yanhua 146 Cheng, Annie 112 Chesnut, Angela 101 Chesnul, Melissa 122 Chestnut, Angela 208, 218 Chew, Gan 133 Childers, Valerie 122, 236 Childers, Valerie Rana 178 Childress, Thomas Bradford . . 1 78 Childs, Marlon 112 Chiles, Mary 101 Chin, Tanya 185,218 Chinery, Angela 122 Chipley, Robin 152,232.233 Chipman, Jeffrey AJan 1 78 Chism, Jennifer 112 Chiu, Hiufai 112 Cho, Kijung 101 Choi, Yin 122 Chong, Kim 133 Chong, Shiaw 112 Chow, Lisa 122, 178, 209, 219 Chresbnan, Adam 215, 216 Chrestman, Allison 178 Chretien, Larry 133 Christian, Kay 89, 181 Christopher, Regan 112 Christopher, Regan Alene 1 86 Christopher, Robert 290 Christy, Powell 117 Chna, Goeh-kok 133 Chua, Wei 122 Chuang, Yuh-Shy 101 Chulmers, Jeremy 290 Chung, Chih-Chan 122 Ciaverelli, Michael 215,216 Cifreo, Craig 205 Cihak, Herbert E 89 Cimon, Catherine 178 Cireo, Craig 215 Ciscell, James 101 Cladwell, Joanne 287 Clark, Charles 89 Oark, James 122 Oark, Jami 112, 181, 185, 186 Clark, Jamie 209 Oark, Mary 133 Clark, Mary Cay 177 Clark, Rachel 208,214 Clark, Tonya 152, 232, 233 Clark, Willie 89 Clark, William Scott 178 Clarier, Jodi 1 22 Clay, Audrey 112 Clay, Chris 185,310 Clearman, Amanda .. . 122,208,219 Clcere, W Ray 69 Clements, Cass 133 Clemmer, Stephanie 133 Oeper, Tiffany 214 Clepper, TifTany 215 INDEX ( ip) 387 CUiHon,KeUy 21 Oonney, Bradley 215 Oowney, Bradley 214 Clanan, Brent ' 86 Cobb, Bradford 112,204,215 Cobb, Christopher 133 Cobb, James 133 Cochran, Kelly 133 Cochran, Rebecca 112 Cockroft, Jennifer 133, 209 Coco, Lawrence 185, 216 Cody, Melanie 122, 178, 214 Coffey, Lyndie 112 Coffey, Lyndie Leigh 1 86 Coggins, Terri 113 Colditz, Jennifer 244 Cole, Richard 113 Coleman, Courtney 101, 214 Coleman, Dennis 178 Coleman, Nira 113 Collantes, Paloma . . 167, 235, 289 Collier, Haley 154,232,233 Collier, Tony 272 Collier, W C 260 Collier, Wendy 133,208,214 Collins, Andy 5 Collins, Ketra 146 Collins, Kristi Dianne 177 Collins, Stacey 113, 209, 241 Collins, Stephen 235 Collins, Stephens 133 Colon, Angelle 133 Colston, Katrina 113 Comfort, Doug 209,214.219 Commer, Polly 133 Cone, Brian 154 Conerly, Charlie 261 Conlee, Clint 272 Conlee, Jerri 232 Connel, Edward 183 Connell, Mary Ann 90 Connell,Ted 167, 310 Connelly, Amy Elizabeth 178 Cook, Bruce 122 Cook, Shannon 1 34 Cook, W H 260 Cooke, Russell Allen 178 Cooky, Melaine 215 Coomarasamy, Aren 134 Cooper, Traci 227 Coopcrwood, John 1 46 Cope, John 122 CoppiL, David Wayne 177, 178 Corban, Tobie 215 Cordle, Sylvia 134 Cornish, Kim 216,236,241 Cornish, Kimberly 1 34 Corry, David 101 Coston, Kimberly 134, 311 Cotten, Elizabeth 178,214,219 Cotten, Robin 134 Cotten, Tanji 152, 232, 233 Conch, Tamyne 215 Courtney, Claudia 1 22 Courtney, Claudia L 178 Courtney, Dina 152,232,233 Courtney, Dina M 178 Courtney, Marvin 272 Covey, Cindi 134, 205, 215 Cowart, Diedre 152, 232 Cowart, Woody 286 Cowcn, J K 260 Cowgill, Heath 204, 205 Cox, Bryan 113 Cox, Christine 122 Cox, Jennifer 101 Cox, Larae 113 Cox, Ryan 230 Coy, Edwin 206 Crabtree, Don 215,216 Crabtree, Donald 113 Craddock, David B 178 Craddock, Tyler 113, 181 Cradock, David 215 Craford, Stephen 215 Craft, Katrina 101 Craig, Elizabeth 101 Craig, Katrecia 282 Craig, Sherry 229 Crane, James 1 49 Cranston, Jacqueline Suzanne 180 Craven, Jim 21 Crawford, Geneva 122, 178 Crawford, Richard 101 Crawford, Stephen 214 Crawford, Trey 232 Crawford, WilUam S 69 Crays, Brian 113 Creager, Barbie 232 Creager, Barbra 152 Creasy, Steven R 178 CrediUe, Brian 154, 232 Cree, Joshua 113 Creel, Jo 231,293 Creel, Jo Beavis 229 Creel, Stacy Lynette 178 CreswelL Lisa 1 34 Crider, Brian 227 Crider, Kelly 122 Criminger, Jeff 5 Criswell, Terry 152,232 Crocker, Marion 134 Crocker, Marion Virginia . . 177, 179 Croft, Carolyn 101 Cromeans, Keitha 122 Crongeyer, John Watson 177 Croom, Kim 185 Croom, Kimberly 101 Crosby, James 1 22 Crosby, James M 178 Crosby, Kay 122, 208, 231 Crosby, Martha 101 Crosthwait, Frank Jr 69 Crowder, Elizabeth 1 34 Crowe, Thomas A 90 Cuambers, John 230 Cuevas, Jennifer 1 34 Culberson, Anitra 102 CuUom, Brenda 227 Cummings, Ginny 102, 231 Cnmmings, Natalie 208, 214 Cummings, Traci 209 Cummins, Dosha Frances 177 Cunningham, Sharon 122 Currie, Kim 152,232,233 Currie, Kim Leah 177 Curry, Wes 185,218 Cuthbert, Evelyn 152, 232, 233 D Dabbs, Clifton Riley 1 86 Daeryon, Kim 247 Dahl, Dr Eric 90 Daigenaolt, David 177 Dailey, April 134 Daily, Tammie 113 Dakin, Judith A 178 Dale, Thomas 1 34 Dallison, Darl a 1 54, 232, 233 Dalton, Chris 229 Dalton, Maria 205,214 Dambrino, Elizabeth 122 Darnell, Tiffani 214 Dandridge, Lance 134 Daniel, Brandi 209, 214, 215 Daniel, Brandi Llewelyn 186 Daniels, Allison 214,215 Daniels, Marsha 113 Dantone, Cindy . 186, 205, 206, 214 Darby, Leigh 134 Darby, Mary 205 Darby, Mary Claire 102, 215 Darnell, Tiffani 185, 215 Darnell, Tiffani S 1 80 Darnell, Tiffani Suzanne 177 Datcher, Brigette 284 David, Suzan 134 Davidson, Charles 208, 214 Davidson, Danny 229 Davidson, Jenny 113 Davidson, John Cullen 102 Davis, Andrea 113 Davis, Brad 244 Davis, Bridget 149, 232 Davis, Chari 232 Davis, Chris 1 50 Davis, Darrell 122 Davis, Darrell Glenn 178 Davis, Darryl 218,219 Davis, Emily 134, 22? • Davis, James 72 Davis, Jason 102 Davis, Kyle 65, 178 Davis, Landon 134 Davis, Larice 113,209 Davis, Lindley 134, 214, 219 Davis, Lisa J 178 Davis, Michael 102 Davis, Michelle 1 46 Davis, Rebekah 123 Davis, Rebekah Hayes 178 Davis, Sherry Ann 1 02 Davis, Steven 1 34 Davis, Timothy 123 Davison, Katie . 208, 214, 236, 241 Dawson, Charles 102 Day, Kelly 113 Day, Ramsey 286 Deackhoff, Robert 236 Deak, Dario 113 Deal, William Paul 177 Dean, Ginger 152, 232, 233 Dean, Ginny 214 Dearman, Belinda 152 Dearman, Belinda Kaye ... 177, 178 Dearman, Kaye 232, 233 Deater, Steven 226 DeCosta, Darlene 149, 232 DeCoux, Elizabeth . 205,214,215 Dees, Jennifer 1 1 3, 206 Dehmer, Dodds . . 1 13, 181, 185, 204 Dekoster, John 113 Delaney, Deann 208,214 Delashmet, Arthur 149, 232 DeUucci, Dave 297 Dellucci. David 298 Deloach, Lisa 113 Denckhoff, Robert 123,235 Denckoff, Robert 216 Deneke, Heather 1 13, 209 Denkhoff, Robert 215 Denley, John B 178 Denley, S Gale 90 Denson, Dawn Ginn 232 Deon, Connie 123 Depperschmidt, James 232 Depperschmidt, James Carey ... 1 49 Derosa, David 1 02 Derrick, Amy 1 34 Derrick, Michelle 113 DeShazo, Cameron 216 Dewees, Herbert 90 Dewitt, Connie 152,232 Dbingra, Vikas 146 Dickens, Oren 90 Dickey, Melissa 134 Dickey, Melissa Daphne ... 177, 178 Dickinson, Elizabeth 209 Dickson, Elizabeth ... 113,214,215 Diestelmeir, Deana 236 Diestelmeier, Deana 1 34 Diggs, James 1 23 Dill, Kenny 261 Dillard, Andrew 123 DiUard, Kellie 123 Dillon, Dayle 232, 233 Dillon, Virginia Dayle 1 52, 1 68 Dilworhth, Heather 113 Dingerson, Michael 80 Diraviyam, Dhiraviya 1 34 Dix, Shavmda Mae 102 Dixon, Johnny 272 Dixon, Lloyd E 354 Dixon, Lucy 102, 185 Dixon, Lynn 35 Dobbins, Tara 1 34 Dobbins, Tara Celeste 1 80 Dobbs, Kathleen 209 Dodge, Bess 214 Dodge, Elizabeth 113 Dohan, Marguerite 113 Dollar, Carey 1 34 Donald, Cheryl 102 Donald, Harmon 229 Donat, Lynn 1 34 Donham, Nancy 236 Doss, Richard 146, 224 Dotson, Dewayne 272 Dottlcy, John " Kayo " 26 1 Dougherty, James 229 Doughty, James 229 | Douglas, Brett 185 Dowdy, Robert E 90 Dowe, Tracy 113 Downing, Carrie 123, 185, 218 Downx, MeUssa : . . . 146 Drennan, Brian 215 I Duckworth, Deanna 134 ' Ducy, Kimberly 113 Dudley, Jennifer 123 Dudley, Michael 102 Duett, Tara 207, 208, 214 Duett, Tara Kay 178 Duke, Melanie 134 Dukes, Macon 181, 185 ' Doling, Shea 214,216 DnUng, Trey 214,218 Dumas, Calvin 229 Dunagan, Joseph 123 Dunaboo, Cale 232 Dunaway, Jim 261 1 Duncan, Marissa 1131 Dunk, James 218 Dunlap, Joan 1 34 Dunn, Robert 150 Dunnam, Gina 185i Dunnam, Ginger 102, 185i Dunnam, Greta 152, 232 Duperier, Cristopher D 1781 DuPont, Ben 286| Duraj, Chris 232 Dnren, Tawana 123 Duval, Jay 22 Dye, Richard 185 Dye, Rick 17f Dyer, Erika 113 Dykes, Stephanie 5, 10 E ( fp) Eader, Mike 22: EAds, Jay 23i Earhart, Austin 11 Earnest, Stephen 18 Earon, Kristen 21 ' Earvin, Antwana 10 Eason, Jennifer 13 Eason, Jennifer Courtney 16 East, Alan 22 Easterling, Tamara 22 Eaton, Kristen 215, 21 Eaves, Mary 12 Eby, Richard 20 Echelberry, Robert 13 Eckard, Dax 183, 208, 21 Eckard, Dax Jonathan ISlw Eckard, Dax McRee 16 Eckols, Tametrice 12 Edgar, Robbie 31 Edgar, Robert 12 Edge, Angela 15 Edge, Dawn 232, 23 Edwards, Carrie 214,21 Edwards, Charles G 17 Edwards, Gwendolyn 12 Edwards, Holly 20 Edwards, Lydia 232, 23 Edwards, Maggie 205, 21 Edwards, Ronald 1 54, 2? Efnik, Jacob 22 Egan, Emily 10 Eggleston, Matthew 13 Eggleston, Matthew Kristian ... 17 Eichman, Brandt 18 Eielson, Harry 13 Eielson, Harry Halbert .... 177,18 Eldridge, Valisa 146, 22 Elkins, Elizabeth 134, 204, 20 Ellard, Joe 13 Eller, Dianna 13 Eller, Eliza Ellerby, Anitra 31 Elliott, Reid 10 Ellis, Faith 214,21 Ellis, Gregory 13 Ellis, Joseph 13 Ellis, Natalie 23 388 qnp Kllison. Haves 134, 183 KllUon, Hayes Forbes 168. 177, I7 ) Ellison, Todd 113 KImorr. Joseph 90 KImorc, Paul 146 KIshohl) , Shahira 102 KIsohl), Mona 102 Kmbr . »rotk 123 Kmbr , 1 ori 134 Kmbr). I ' hillip 208 Kmmett, Seibels 215 Kngen. 1 tc Gary 90 Knglish, Kile 232, 233 Knglish, Jo Ellen 154 Enlow, Than 1 52, 233 Knnls, William 113 Knoch, Jocllyn 102 Entrekin, Daniel 1 50 Epiy. Amy 61 Epps, Denise 146 Erickson. Holly 102, 214, 215 Erwin. Charles 1 34 Erwin. Clay 204 Erwin, Lea 123 , EskridKc. Misty Lynn 102 Esnard, Brcc 310 Eslcs, W csley 1 1 3. 2 1 5 Esics. Wesley Brett 208 Estcss, Mary 205 Estess, Mary Margaret 218 I Eubanks, Biigid 1 78 Euhanks, Christy 135, 183, 31 1 Eubanks, Christy Leigh . . 168, 179 Eubanks. Laura 135 Eabanks, Laura J 178 Euher, Rosemary 235 Evans, Angela 102 Evans, Juli-Ann 102 Evans, Julie 214 Evans, Mechille 135 Evans, Michael 135 Evans, Nikki 231 Evans, Tim 230 Everett George 91 Everett Scott 113, 185 Ewing. Andrew 1 50 Ewing. Daniel Entrekin 232 F.ning, Martha 135 EzzeLRulh 135 F ■aeser, Shannon 1 50, 232 ' ain, Joe 228 -air, Laura 204, 2 1 5 ■airley, Patrick 154,232 ■ ' alkenheiner, Steven 135 • " amer, Melissa 123 •an, Peter 135 • " ang. Gang 135 •ara, Bndgitte 185 - ' arias, Angela 287 •ariow, Adam 135, 183, 185, 204, 205,235,310 •arlow, Adam Benjamin . 168, 177, 179 •arris, Angela 231 -aust Tom 201 - avors, Karen 1 35 - eight, Eric 135 . ?eldtTera 135 I fella, Leslie 7 " elts, Tracy 65,113 -eng. Wei 102 renwick, Rosemary 114 ' Ferdt Bill 5 Ferguson, Jamie 102, 214 Ferguson, Johnna 102 Ferguson, Julie 102 ■ Ferguson, Seri Kaye 177 Ferrell, Katrina 185 FerrelU Natalie 102,236 ' Ferrell, Natalie Page 208 Ferrell, Natalie Pate 241 Ferrer, Anne 185 Ferris, Bill 91 Ferris, Margaret 123 Ferris, Margaret Ann 178,204,219 Fesmirc, Becky 227 Fesmlre, Rebecca 135 Festa, Jenny 214,215 Flgura, Kelly 103 Finch, Sunnye 113 Fincher, lori 103, 241 Findley, Bunny 181. 185, 209 Flndley, Carol 113 FInley, Courtney 113 Finn. Kelly 135 FInncll, Uslie 103, 205 Fish, Saar 229 Fish, Suzanne 219, 311 Fishman. Saar Thomas 178 Fitrgerald. Bridget 123 Fitzgerald. John 103 Firash. Kristie 181 Elveash. Kristie 1 23, 1 78, 1 85, 209, 241 Fhecoat Phillip 123 Flagg. Melissa 154, 178, 232, 233 Flake, Connie 114 Flake, Timothy 146 Fleming, Taylor 231, 284 Flemons, Tasha 103. 208, 218 Flesher, Dale L 176 Fletcher, Amy 103 Flint Cindy 209 Flint Cynthia 123, 219 Flowers, Angie 214,219 Flowers, Charlie 26 1 Flowers, Erin 103 Floyd, Aimee 219 Floyd, Aimme 214 Floyd, Danny 236 Flynt Ken 103 Flynt MoUi 103 Fogle, Jennifer 185,215 Fong, Alex 135 Fong, Alex S 1 78 Fong, Choon 135 Fong, Cynthia 123 Fong, Priscilla 236 Fong, Pui-Shan 135 Ford, Mary 114 Ford, R David 178 Ford, Sharon K 177 FORDICE, KIRK 68 Forester, William 229 Forster, William 229 Fortenberry, David 214,215,241 Fortier, Holly 209,215 Fortinberry, Courtney 218,219, 241 Foster, Ben 310 Foster, Cinnamon 114 Foster, Lara 136 Foster, Maria 214, 215 Foster-Vann, Amy 54 Foushee, Christy 215 Fowler, Carter 215 Fowler, Carter 214 Fowler, Laura 24 1 Fowler, Natalie 123 Fowler, Terri 114 Fowlkes, Francis 136 Fox, Brent 185 Fox,Shelia 123 Foxworth, Jason 1 50, 232 Foxworth, T J 260 Fraley, Shannon 123 Franklin, Holly 150 Franklin, Melissa .... 103,214,215 Franks, Chad 136,244 Franks, Floyd 261 Franks, Molly 185 Frazier, Michael 185 Freeman, Dana 136, 183 Freeman, Dana Gaye 179 Freeman, Mary Ue 208, 219 Freeny, Jennfier 152 Freeny, Jennifer 232 Freshour, David 136 Freudenberg, Julie 1 50, 232 Frey, Melissa 1 36 Friends, Gillian Moris 7 Frinith, NeTarsha 232 Fritts, Jennifer 208, 215 Fmge, Don 71 Fruge, Don L 177 Fuell, Craig Fuller, Ms Nancy Fulti, Kevin Fyfe, Collier 123 233 310 208 I G qnp) t;abrielly, Elizabeth 1 14, 209 (;adbcrTy, Michelle Angeliquc 178 (Jadd, Charles 229 C;add, David 214 (iaines, Christopher 103 Gaines, Cynthia 1 78. 208 Gains, Cynthia 1 23 Galbrcath, Lori 181 (•allagher, Sean Edward 168 (iailahne, Blaise 229 (iailahue, Blaise Lucian 178 (Calloway, Jason 103 (Calloway, Julie 1 36 Gamblin, Brady 114 Gammons, Zcb 123 Gan,Chee-Gee 123 Gardner, Carrie 214, 215 Gardner, Nichalos 103 Gardner, Sedji 232, 233 Gardner, Sedjinon 152 Gamer, Adam 215 Gamer, Andy 207 Gamer, Kimberly 103 Garrett Ricki R 69 Garrision, Dabney 206 Garvin, Julie 228 Garvin, Kim 209, 214, 236 Gary, Valeasia 224 Gaston, Amanda 114 Gates, Clay 136 Gates, Michelle 1 36 Gatewood, NefTie 212, 215, 311 Gatlin, Kristen 205 Gay, Jennifer 219 Gayle, Wimberiy 233 Gee, Louisa 123 Gee, Mary 7 Gee, Nathaniel 185 Gee, Suzy 7 Geenhaw, Jennifer 114 Gendnsa, Frank 103 Genetti, William Berlin 174 Geno, Ginger 152, 178, 232, 233 George, Michael 136 George, Rober 103 Germain, Nicole 185, 235 Gerrie, John David 178 Ghimire, Pradeep 146 Gibbons, Dorothy 114 Gibbons, Dottie 181,204,214 Gibson, Apollo 103 Gibson, Ben 178 Gibson, Gary 136 Giddings, Julie 152,232.233 Gilbert Hope 215 Gill. Pam 233 GiU. Pamela 150.232 Gillespie, Rodney 146 Gilliam, Peggie 231 GiUiland, Robert Chad 168 Gilmore, W Franklin 177 Ginn, Alice Dawn 1 50 Ginn. Monroe Causey 177 Ginn, Robert 146 Givens, Jennifer 103 Glamser, Kate 123, 178. 241 Glaze, Bradley 181. 229 Gleason, Chris 185 Gleason, Christopher 103 Glisson, James 1 54, 232 Glover, Tonya 114 Gobcr, Jane 123 Goddard, Garland 183. 185 Goddard, Garland Denise . 177, 179 Goddard. Kendra 311 Goehring, Kristen ... 152,232,233 Goff, Angela 154 Goff, Angie 232 Gold, Lisa 136 Golden, Julie 183, 311 Golden. Kimberty 209 Gonzalez, Dianna 123 Gondard, Kendra l a 178 Goodc, Stephanie 1 78. 233 Goodman, Paula 183. 185 Goodman, Paula L 177 GfMMlrum, Ciina 7, 1 14 Gordon, Hen 185 Gordon. Brodic 215 Gordon. Candace 206 Gordon. Ginger 123, 178. 185, 218, 241 Gordon, lx)ri 219 Gordy, Dylan 2 1 5 Gorton, Carlton 178,214 Gorton, Sidney 136 Go»a,Tori . . 208,215 Gosa, Victoria 103 Goss, Kathryn 103,218 Goswami, Deb 207 GoswamI, Dcbjyoti 114,181 Goswani, Deb 185 Gooch, Kevin 226 Goude, Stephanie 232 Googh, Kevin 228 Googh, Patrick 214,215 Grabert Aimee 214 Grabert Aimee R 103 Grabrielly, Elizabeth 206 Graham, Belva 146 Graham, Bo 208, 2 1 9 Graham, Brent 114,236 Graham, Chris 114 Graham, Pam 232, 233 Graham, Pamelia 1S2 Grant Traci 123 Grantham, Cheryl 123 Grantham, Larry 261 Grass, Amelia 146 Graves, J R 204, 216 Gray, Brenda 185 Gray, Charlyne 136 Gray, Euphaizene B 176 Gray, Jason 1 54, 232 Gray, Jermaine 181 Gray, Michael 114 Gray, Sean 228 Grbert Aimee 215 Green, Catherine 103, 185 Green, Christy 185 Green, Joyce 103 Green, Kathy 214.219 Green, Matthew 136 Green, Ralph 123 Greene, Eason 178,218,219 Greenhaw, Bart 208 Greenhaw, Jennifer 214 Greer, Paige 61. 136 Gregory, E J 204 Gregory, Meg 214. 215, 241 Gregory-Chairman, E J 204 Grenn, Noelle 205, 208 Gresham, Lenore .. 178,205.214 Griflln, Dwayne 114 Griflln. Kim 152.232. 233 Griflln, Kim Leigh 177 GrifTin. Mike 286 Griffin, Rafael 136, 205. 217 Griffin, Susan Ashley 178 Griffin, Verdell 232 Griflis, Jennifer ... 7. 137, 178, 214, 215, 241, 311 Gridith, NeTarsha 155 Griffiths, Leigh 215 Grigsby, Ken 206 Grigsby, Kenneth 205 Gross, Mark 178,216 Gross, Tammy 224 Grabbs, Holly 114 Guest Starr 137 Guest Starr Bright 177 Gulati, Manish 146 Gulledge, Christopher 123 GoUey, CJrifT 217 Gonn, Elizabeth 114 Gnnn, Jeana 214 Gonn, Josh 286 Gunnoe, Done 218 Guntharp, Randy 232 Gnnther, Troy 114 Gnrley, Amy 146 Guthrie, Shelley 103 INDEX ( fp) 389 Gntierrer, Glenda 218 Gotierrez, Glenda 103, 205 Gatierrez, Kayra 206 GoRensohn, Mark 123 Guttensohn, Mark Fredrick .... 178 H Ha, Emily : 232 Ha, Loan 155, 185 Ha, Loan Emily 1 78 Haffey, Heather 137 Haik, Chris 214,215 Hailey, Mathilde 123 Halre, Christopher Nathan 178 Haire, Sally Kay 216,219 Halbrook, Matt 310 Hale, Amber 103 Hale, Laura 114, 181, 185,209 Hale, Laura Lee 204 Hale, Nikki 114 Hale, Paul 91 Haley, Chris 103, 228 Haley, Jennifer 287 Hall, Katie 232 Hall, Michael 178 Hall, Natasha 179 Hall, Natasha Yvette 179 Hall, Richard 137 Hall, Ryan 310 Hall, Thomas 137 Hallahan, Nancy 103, 231 Hallniann, Heidi 137 Hallmark, Rhonda Sullivan ... 177, 178 Hambers, Debra Lynette 1 77 Hamilton, Suzanne 214, 215 Hamlett, Chuck 208, 214 Hamlin, Angela 146 Hammerii, Angie 214, 215 Hammock, Melissa 21 Hampton, Paula 137 Han, Maohao 114 Han, Mar 147 Hancock, G Wesley 103 Hancock, Melissa 124 Haney, Laura 216 Haney, Sherry 124 Hannah, Doris 114 Hano, Stephanie 103 Hansen, Jenni 233 Hansen, Jennifer 150, 232 Hanson, Dr Donald 91 Hanson, Nicole 114 Hao, Jie 137 Haraway, William 103 Harbison, David . . 1 83, 2 1 5, 2 1 9, 244 Harbison, David C 177, 179, 180 Harbison, David Clifton 169 Hardaway, Erica 114 Hardee, Carla .. 124,178,214,216 Hardee, Scott 155,232 Harder, William 150,232 Hardin, John 124 Hardin, William 241 hardwell, John 137 Hardy, Alyson 205 Hardy, Usiey 214,215 Hargrove, Cynthia 311 Hargrove, Dr D 91 Harith, Norharita 137 Harmon, Emily 241 Harmon, Stacy 214 Harmon, Stacy Lynn 103 Harper, David 137, 178 Harper, David Richmond 177 Harper, Mary Margaret 103 Harpole, Charies 114 Harrelson, Richy 296, 297 Harries, Dewayne 241, 310 Harrigal, Robin 290 Harrigill, Rogin 228 Harrington, Ainsley 137 Harrington, Michael 91 Harris, David 272 Harris, Edward 114 Harris, Justin 181 Harris, Mickey 124 Harris, Natalie 103 Harris, Pamela 146 Harris, Pamela S 177 Harris, Tanesheha 103 Harrison, Andy 227 Harrison, Beth 232 Harrison, Charles 150 Harrison, Don 137 Harrison, Lance 124, 178 Harrison, Martha 155 Harrison, Monroe 91 Harrison, Rebecca 137 Harrison, William 185 Hart, Kimberly • 124 Hart, Sue 137,214,216 Hartley, Leigh 205,214 Hartley, Margaret 114 Hartman, Andrea 103,205,214 Hartnett, Christy 103 Harty, EUie 178 Harvey, Ashlee Lauren 60 Harvey, Dwana 103 Harvey, William 114 Harwell, Dana 137 Harwell, Jane 214 Harwell, Jane Ashley 219 Hassell, Jenny 103 Hasseltine, Hanley 114 Hastings, Amy 185 hatch, Allison 231 Hatcher, Jay 215 Hatcher, John 103 Hathome, Christi 137 Hatley, Kevin 103 Hauenstein, George 137 Hawes, John 228 Hawkins, Mary 1 24 Hawkins, Stacia 124,214 Hawks, Dr Joanne 91 Hayden, Rosiland 185 Hayden, Rosilind Cecilia 178 Hayes, Charleye 206 Hayes, Crandall 155,209,232 Hayes, Kameron 1 04 Haynes, Anna Blair 216 Haynes, Demonds 340 Haynes, Jessie Mae 178 Haynes, Lynn 303 Haynes, Michael 1 24 Haynes, Sean 209,310 Haynie, Lori 227 Hazelrigg, Robin 214, 215 Head, Ann Reagan 208, 219 Head, James 114 Heard, Angela 224, 31 1 Heard, Leigh 124 Heard, Leigh Ann 185 Heary, Courtney 215 Heath, Stacy 208 Hebert, Denise 214,219 Hebert, Jeremy 235 Hede, Johan 288 Hedgepaeth, Tanya 1 50 Hedgepeth, Tanya 232, 233 HeideUKim 214,215 Heinecke, Amy McMaster 232 Heliums, Suzanne 124, 178 Helmer, Kriston 214 Helmer, Kriston Sunshine 218 Hemmen, James 146 Henderson, Cormac 1 04 Henderson, Damion 181 Hendricks, Sheila Jo 177 Hendrix, Scott 183, 185 Hendrix, Scott R .... 169, 177, 179, 180 Hendry, Courtney 104, 214 Heningtion, Sheldon 206 Henley, Beth 214 Henley, Betts 215 Hennessey, John 216 Henry, Ann Marie 7, 124, 1 77, 178,218 Henry, Stephanie 336 Henry, Stephanie Claire ... 177, 178 Herman, Beau 214 Herman, Beav 216 Hemdon, James 137 hemdon, Karen 152,232,233 Herrea, Kevin 227 Herring, Amy . . 137, 178, 183, 185, 206 Herring, Amy Helen 177 Herring, Dabney 218 Herring, Jason 183, 214, 216 Herring, Jason V 169, 177, 180 Herring, Leticia 1 24 Herring, Letica Dawn 178 Herrington, Bart 227 Herrington, Ramsey 218 Herrington, Timothy 104 Herrod, Jeff 261 Herron, Haley 114 Herron, Jason . 114 Hervey, Leslie 137 Hess, Kathy 7 Hester, Ashley 214 Hester, Neeli 114, 205, 208 Hester, Steven 185 Hester, Steven Lee 177 Heusel, Andy 208,214 Hew, Ken Leong 177 Hew, Terence 137 Heyde, Heather 104 Hezlep, Shanda 214, 241 Hickerson, Gene 26 1 Hickman, James 137 Hickman, Scott 290 Hickman, Will A 69 Hicks, Brian 178 Hicks, WilHam 124 Hiett, Holly 204, 208 Higgins, Scott 215 Higgs, Darren 150, 232 Higgs, Natasha 124 High, Kimberly 124 Hill, Dorothy 137 Hill, Hardy 310 Hill,Jana 214,215,241 Hill, Jennifer 114,231 Hill, Joel 124 Hill, Kim 230 Hill, Lori 229 Hill, Michelle 229 Hill, Michelle L 178 Hill, Sedia 244 Hill, Tina 124,215,218,241 Hilliard, Mhoeneehk 1 37, 205 Hilliard, Shantae 104 Hillman, Lisa 152, 232 Hillyer, Cam 215 Hindman, Stan 261 Hinds, Debbie 227 Hinkle, Krisrin 214 Hinkle, Kristen 209 Hinkle, Kristin 219 Hinsely, Beth 7 Hitt, David 185 Hixson, Casey Alan 178 Ho, Howh-Unk 137 Ho, Leong 137 Hobbs, Dee 181,204 Hobson, Bret 310 Hock, Thea 7 Hodd, Kimberly 137 Hodges, Jerry 1 24 Hoekamp, Kara 185 HofTman, Candace 114 Hoffman, Candy 214 Hogue, Jason 205 Holden, Allison 124 Holifleld, Jacuelin 104 Holland, Jason 214 Holland, Joanna 204 Holland, Lisa 150, 232 Hollaner, Karen 137 Hollingsworth, Courtney .. 214,215 Hollingsworth, Hallie 7 Hollingsworth, Jennifer .. 152,232, 233 Hollingsworth, Jennifer Jo 177 Hollingsworth, Kathleen 178 Hollingsworth, Kevin 152, 232 Hollingsworth, Melissa 185 Hollingsworth, Nikita 340 Hollingsworth, Nikitia . 57,137,311 Hollingsworth, Wendy 114 Hollis, Ashley 51 Hollis, Mary Ashley 169,179 HoUomon, Shonda Jean 169 Holly, Robert 104 Holmes, Clarke 185 Holmes, Harold Holmes, James Fero Holmes, Jeremy 155 Holmes, Lloyd 146, Holmes, Lloyd Allen Holmes, Molly 114,216, Holmes, Richard Holsenbeck, Christopher Holston, Johnny 1 52, Holt, Billy Holt, Ginger 214, Holt, William HolwadeL, Ferris 205, Homan, Tina 214, Hones, John Honeycutt, Jason L Hong, Chi-Hong Hong, Chi-Hong Daphane Honlzas, Anastasia 1 37. Hontzas, Anastasia Frances . . . Hood, Edward Hood, Stacey Hood, Thomas Hoops, H Ray Hoops, Ray Hoover, Christi Hopkins, Danielle Hopkins, Hop Hopkins-Baker, Heather Caroline 137 177 232 224 177 241 124 ,, 208 232 232 215 155 " ' 214 1 ' 215 1,1 218 ,1 178 H I " r 177 " 124 114 , 92 ; " 177 , 71 ' 124 137 ' " 226 ' Horan, Sean Horn, Jennifer Home, William Homesburger, Daralyn Homischer, Heather Horton, Magdalun Hosey, Kelli 155, Hoskin, Karla Hotze, Caterine House, Nicole Houser, Joseph Houston, Marlon Hovas, Dawn Hovas, Todd 1 53, Howard, John 114, Howie, Mark Howorth, Beckett Hsieh, Kuei-Yu Hsu, Wenchung Huam, Adelene 232, Huan, Adelene Huang, Ching-Chieh Huang, Kit Huber, Aaron Huber, Lisa Huckaby, Tim Hudgens, Thad Hudson, Gera 153, 232, Hudson, Gera L Hudson, Kameron Hughes, April . 178,208,214, 241, Hughes, Lain Hui, Shelly Rae Humphrey, Jason Humphreys, Jason Hunn, Isis Hunt, Tracy Hurdle, Eric Hussey, Alesha Hulchcraft, W Elliot Hulchens, Alvin Hutcheson, Marcy 214, Hutchinson, Ashley Hutchinson, Chad 125, Hutchinson, Chad R Hutchinson, Martha 104,185, Hutchison, Ashley Hutchison, Chad Hutheson, Marcy Hutt, Jenny 208, Hutto, Tricia 1 50, Huxford, Cameron 214, Huxford, Camerson Hwang, Chen-Pei M 177 137 1041 137 ' 1241 124 10441 232 104 IW 137 U . 65 U 12S U 206 kd 137 U .232 id 286 U 226 VI . 91 itl 146 Ko 146 ito 233 in 150 in 146 ID 137 m 310 in 311 :ur 226 IT 286 HT 233 MiT 178 nil 104 236, A 332 ,1, 185 i 180 ,„ 150 ,1 232 146 ol 303 ol 137 :J1 137 a, 178 ;., 104 ;„ 220 125 209 177 241 178 178 204 214 232 215 185 146 390 ( fp ip) II, Can Umar 177, 178 II, Hfnr ' L 179 II, Henry Lee 177 II, John L 178 III, Buford Douglas 173 III, David 1 178 III, Kulton 1 cwis 177 III, John I ' cndcr 217 III, John Rankin 177 III, I wrcncc Murry 186 III. Roger C 178 III, William Gully 174 Illich, Cred 244 Ingnihani, Kim 231 Inho, 247 Ishcc, Brad 232 Ishcc, Bradley 153 IV. Frank Clarke 177 IV, Hcnrv J 178 r ' , John Hansford 178 hey, J Marlin 69 by, Kevin 104 J Imcks, David 185 laekson, Cedric 340 lackson, Cedrick 137, 310 laekson, James 1 50 laekson, Jim 232 lackson, Karen 214 laekson, Kendra 104 laekson, Lana 232 laekson, Stephen 125 laekson, Steven 232 lackson, Steve 206 lacobs, Christopher 125 laeobsen, Matthew 125 lames, John 229 lames, Kimberly 125 ' ames, Laura 336 ames, Lisa 7 unison. Ken 206 arrell. Sundra 146 • arrett Amy 104 ' •iris, Kim 233 ' arris, Kimberly 232 ' ediicka. Janet Sue 177 lefcoat, Candace 115, 214 ' effcoat, Candace 217 efTries, Jennifer 104 ieffries, Todd 216 lena, James 138 fenkins, Candice ... 208,216,236. 241, 311 lenkins, Karen 115 lenkins, Sherrie 214, 215 lenkins, Steven 229 lenninfis. Brad 115,181 lennings, George 115 lennings. Kristina 125, 205, 215 lerome, Scott 272 lessen, Kelly 138 lessen, Kelly Jo 177 lett, Happy 204 letton. Leslie 63, 178, 209 Jetton, Leslie Lynn 59 lha,Bijoy 147 lobe, Mark E 177 Joe, Glenn 150, 232 Joe, Michael 204,215 lohnen, Jason 235 Johnson, Amanda 218, 219 Johnson, Anna 155, 232, 233 Johnson, Brian 232 Johnson, Charlton 104 Johnson, Corie 155,232,233 Johnson, Cully 218 Johnson, Dorrianne 231 Johnson. Emily 209 Johnson, (icrald 104 Johnson, Helen Olivia 179 Johnson, Holly 115, 311 Johnson, Hugh 153 Johnson, Jana 155, 232, 233 Johnson, Jay K 1 76 Johnson, Jeffrey 299 Johnson, Jennifer 1 38 Johnson, Jennifer Nicole 178 Johnson, Jill 208.219 Johnson, Juanita 104 Johnson, Julie 147 Johnson, Margaret 115 Johnson, Mary 138, 185 Johnson, Mary Phillips 177 Johnson, Meg 219 Johnson, Moniquea 232 Johnson, Patrick 185 Johnson, Rebecca 115,185 Johnson, Rich 207, 209 Johnson, Robert 125 Johnson, Scan 204 Johnson, Scth 125, 227 Johnson, Shane 290 Johnson, Sylvia 147 Johnson, Syrctta 125 Johnson, Todd 232 Johnson, Victoria 138 Johnson, Warren 104 Johnston, Elizabeth 115 Johnston, Janis 147 Johnston, Jebb 125 Jolliff, Ashley 214,215 Jones. Billy 125,216,218 Jones, Brian 138 Jones, Christina 138 Jones, Clarissa 115 Jones, David 155 Jones, Dr Alan 92 Jones, elizabelh 209 Jones, G M 260 Jones, Hank 178, 185,216 Jones, Jean 92 Jones, Jenny 209,214,219 Jones, Joanna 215 Jones, John 104, 185. 204, 207, 209. 216 Jones, Jonna 115, 227 Jones, Kelly 218 Jones, Kenneth 224 Jones, Kevin 125, 228 Jones, Lisa 125 Jones, Louis 219 Jones, Matthew 138 Jones, Matthew Brain 178 Jones, Michael 178.232 Jones, Robert 115 Jones, Robin 125, 209, 241 Jones, Ryan Wade 177 Jones, Stacy 181,205 Jones, Steven 115 Jones, Terri 115,185 Jones, William 150,232 Jones, William J 104 Jordan, Brook 214, 215 Jordan, Chad 150,232 Jordan, Daniel ' 38 Jordan, Daniel Fleming 177 Jordan, Jason 115 Jordan, Jodi 104,215,216 Jordan, Joel 272 Jordan, John 138 Jordan, Robert 185 Jordan, Tamela 115 Jordan, Tammy 206 Jr, Jerry Redmond 310 Jr, Monroe Neal 310 Jae, Debbie 150,232 K fp) Kader, Imran 115, 208 Kadlecek, Kelli 215 Kagel, Paul 53 Kahler, Col J 92 Kahler, Cynthia Marie 178 Kahler, Jerry 230 Kahler, Mike 290 Kahlstorf, Erik 205 Kahrs, J J 227 Kaigler, Hal 310 Kamler, Matthew 217 Kapoor, Sumit 147 K«r, Ch ' ng 133 Raw, Kok Hui 147, 177 Kcaveny, I ' rin 104 Keilh, Amanda 185 Keller, Cliris 215,216 Kelley, Amy 115 Kelley. Shannon Christina 177 Kelly, Lynn 115 Kelly. Lynn Williams 178 Kcmm, Michelle 125 Kemm, Michelle Louise 178 Kemp, Dan 229 Kemp, Daniel 125 Kempt, Hcidrun 147 Kennedy, Bob 218 Kennedy, Bradley 125 Kennedy, Bradley Lamar 178 Kennedy, Ciina Marie 178 Kennedy, John 125 Kennedy, Robert 185 Kennedy, Tanya 125 Kenneth, Williams 148 Kenney, John 115 Kennington, Elizabeth 125 Kennington, Katie 178, 214 Kent, Bronson 232 Kent, James 226 Kerbow, Amy 65, 231, 284 Kergosien, Leonard 229 Keys, David 115 Khan, Francis B 208 Khan, Muhammad 1 38 Khan, Muhammed 115 Khayat, Robert 261 Khoo, Chin 138 Khoo, Huoy 138 Kidd, Mark 92. 181 Kijnng, Cho 247 Killebrew, Jennifer 138, 185 Kilpatrick, Scott 215 Kilpatrick, Tommie 125 Kimble, Trina 104 Kimbrough, Judge T 260 Kinard, " Bruiser " 261 Kincaid, Jessica 138 King, Beth F 176 King, BiUy 150,232 King, Clay 185 King, Colleen 235, 241 King, Elizabeth 138 King, Jeffery 232 King, Jeffrey 153 King, Julee 138 King, Julee Lyn 177, 180 King, Uone D 92 King, Lori 178 King, Merrill 209,214 King, Robert 138 King, Scott 104, 208 King, Stacy 125 Kingery, Jenni 209 Kingery, William 92 Kingrea, Catherine 205,214 Kinkade, Keith 138. 241 KinselL Jeremy 104, 185, 209 Kirkland, Jeremy . 126, 185, 208, 209, 310 Kiser, Kristen 147 Kitchen, Aimee 126 Kitchens, Jennifer .... 104, 208, 214 Kitchens, Jimmy 204 Kitchens, Kecia 185, 219, 241 Kitchens, Laura 241 Klenk, Tracy 138 Klepzig, Mike 150,232 Kloha, Carole . . 138, 159, 182, 183, 185,220,311,332 Kloha, Carole I 169 Kloha, Carole Irene 1 79 Klolz, Mclinda 138, 179. 183 Klotz, Melinda Elaine 170, 179 Kloud, Sarah 126,208,214 Kloud, Sarah H 178 Knie, Samantha 153, 232 Knight, Stephanie 1 38 Knight, Stephanie Caroline .... 177 Knight. Tucker 215 Ko, Lung 177 Ko, Shu-Ling 147 Koh, Chec 138 Koh, Chcc Keong 177 Koh, Liang 138 Komalusbara, Honoo 147 Kong, Jun 147 Kong, Sicn 138 Kong, Tzc-Hui 1 38 Koon, Uura 104,185,207 Kopf, Nancy 219 Kopf, Patricia 138 Kopf, Patricia J 177 Koph, Nancy 185 Koph.Tricia 178, 185 Kosaraju, Sridhar 147 Koslelak. Shawn 138 Kotouc, Amy 126 Kraft. Kimberly 115 Kramer, Angela 206 Kraus, Bonnie 92 Kushlan, James 92 m Labat, J Mercedes 208 Labat, Jennifer 104 Labrot. Paula 138 Lacey, Tara 208, 215, 235, 236 Lack, William 138 Lacoss, Tara 115 I dd, Rebecca 185 Ijidner, Hope . 62,126.178.207, 209, 227 I ffcrty, Michael Jr 104 I garde, James 138 I gerda, Daneille 185 Lagerda, Danielle 138 Lagrone, Patricia 126 Laionde, Chuck 204, 215 Lamb, Deanna 155,232,233 Lambert, Christine 150,232 Lambert, Karen 126 Lancaster, Nina 147 Landers, Allison 138 Landrum, Steven 232 Landry, Julie 126 Lane, Allan 126 Lane, Chris 126,205,209,219 Lane, David 181 Laney, Claire 214,215 Langston, Shana 104 Lantrip, Cathy 185 Laragione, Charles 115 Lark, Will 366 LaRue, Amy 214.215 Lary, Portia 217 Laskey, Margaux 104 Laster, Lee 116 Laster, Salley 215 Laster, Sally 214 Latham, Danny 138 Laura, Phillips 150 La?ander, Kaky 231 I,aw, Kim-Tam 1 38 lawrence, Jennifer .... 155,232,233 LAffson, Gary 185 Lawson, Gregory 1 38 Lawson, Gregory D 177 Lay, Lisa . 138. 160, 181, 204, 205 Lay, Lisa Yvette 170 Lay, Sharon 126 Laymon, Donald 228 Le-Suenr, Reg-Jee 206 I e-Sueur, Reginald 116 I eask, Christian 104,216 Leavell, Laura 1 26 Ledbetter, Cathy 126, 1 78 Ledet, Albert 104 Ijee, Amy 205 Lee, Amy Eliz.abeth 177 Lee, Anthony 116, Cheu-Jey George 177 Lee, Clancy 126 Lee, Dedric 116 INDEX mP 391 Lee,Deste 116, 206 Lee, Kwai-Weng 147 Lee,Lih-Sm ' 26 Lee, Lu ' 05 Lee, Mark 153, 232 Lee, See ' 26 Lee, Stephen 126, 218 Lee, Todd 150,232 Lee, Tucker Knight 216 Lee, Virginia 214, 218 Leeth, Sharon 138 LefTitt, Jamey 206 Lefoldt,Lisa 215 Lefort, Catina 116,231 Leggett, Brandi 138 Leggett, Lessie 1 16, 241 Leggett, Meredith 1 26 Leggitt, James 104 Leggitt, Jamey 204 Lehman, Wendy 126,178,214,215 Leigh, Jamison 235 Lenderman, Hill 1 38 Lenior, Frank 354 Lenoir, Frank 139 Lenoir, Frank McGarret 1 74 Leong, Kai 147 Leong, Kok 147 Lertussawawiwat, Somchai 147 Lesley, Brian 214, 215 LesUe, Brjant 214, 215 Leto, Victoria 104 Leng, Man 1 39 Leurs, Amanda 7 Levi, Joanne 205 Levi, Mary 1 ' 6 Lewis, Amanda 204, 2 1 6 Lewis, Emily 104, 204, 214 Lewis, Kellie 241 Lewis, Kelli 241 Lewis, Kelly " 6 Lewis, Lydia 61 Lewis, Slade 185,227 Lewis, Veronica 104 Lewis, Warren 150, 232 Ley, David 126 Ley, David J 178 Li, Li-Jung 116 Li, Weiqi 147 Liebau, Raymond K 69 Lilly, Van 366 Lim, Chee-Kek 139 Lim, Keng ' 47 Lim, Pee 139 Lin, Ching-Wen 139 Un, Lang 147 Lindsey, Everett 26 1 Lindzey, David 224 Lissner, Ken 230 Little, Terry 126,215 Littleton, GeofTerey 104 Litton, Bradley 139 Liu, Chan 147 Liu, Lei 147 Liu, Wen 147 Liuzza, Glenda 105 Lividahl, Laura 22 Livingston, Ricky Pharris . 1 70, 1 77, 180 locke, James 126 Locke, Jayna 1 26 Locke, Jayna Lynn 178 Lockhart, GeofTrey 139 Lockhart, John 139,216 I ocl. hart, Richard Holmes 218 Loden, Iven Kiplyn 178 Logan, Dameion 273 Logan, Jason 105 Logan, Katina 126 Logan, Marinda 206 Logan, Molly 209 Loh, Yew 147 Loh, Ying-Lai 126 I ohrbach, Jonathan 185 Lohrbach, Jonathan Christopher 177, 178 Loke, Sen-Wei 139, 177 Lolley, Cheryl 155,232,233 I ones, Chevette 209 Ixing, Ben 205 lyong, Canissa 241 I ng, Carissa 214, 215 Long, Chad 181,204,212 Long, Craig ' ■ 310 Long, Kristen 139 Long, Mimi 218 Long, Minni 214 Long, Nicole Dykes 178 Long, Terri 232, 233 Longino, Reade 214, 215 Longley, Jennifer 208, 214 Looi, Kim-Bee 139 Loope, Thomas 217 Loposser, Chris 5 Lord, Bille 105 Lorio, Franz 273 Lott, JAnes 126 Lott, Jennifer 105, 219 Lotterhos, Teresa 1 16, 214 Louis, Renae 105 Love, John Clark 204 Love, Katy 205,216 Lovell, Milton 116, 181,241 Lovett, Heather 126, 218 Low, G 139 Lowe, Charlotte 1 16, 181 204 Lowe, Valerie 105 Lowery, Jennifer 1 39 Lu, Long-Chuan 147 Lucas, Amanda 185 Lucas, Christopher 116 Lucius, Tara 105 Luckett, Holly 105,214,215 Luckett, Laura 236 Luckett, Laura Anne 177, 178 Ludvidico, Jennifer 227 Luke, Gretchen 185 Lusk, Sherry Elizabeth 177 Luster, De 284 Luvene, James W 69 Lye, Chuan 1 39 Lyies, Martha 230 Lyies, Roger K 93 Lynch, Courtney 208, 215, 241 Lynch, Edward 105 Lynch, Elizabeth ' 05 Lyon, Casey 178 Lyons, Elizabeth Emma 178 M Ma, Tina 147 Maag, Thomas 105 MaCain, Debbie Estella 1 70 Macintosh, Stephanie 232 Mackey, Clark 185 MacMillan, Marc 296 Macy, Elizabeth 126 Macy, Elizabeth Leigh 178 Macy, Wlizabeth 185 Madbnsudhan, Galappa 147 Magee, Sherry 139 Magee, Tara 116 Magee, Thomas 105 Mahaffey, Laura 155, 232 Mahan, Christy 155, 232 Mahler, Greg 93 Makinster, Dean 105, 209, 218 Malfait, Louis 180 Mallini, Kristen 105, 214, 241 Malone, Scott 126 Malone, Stephanie 1 39 Malouf, Joyn Phillip 178 Malouf, Melissa 53, 139 Mandola, Dominic 205 Mangum, Bentra 105 Mangum, Elizabeth 139, 231 Maniece, Robert 147 Manning, Archie 261 MaRae, Bowen " 178 Marcis, Douglas 116 Mardis, Jennifer 116 Marion, Peggy ' 39 Mark, Melanie 185 Marks, Missy 2 1 8, 3 1 1 Marsh, Meredith 170,209 Marshall, Stacy 116, 235 Martin, Belinda 126 Martin, Bradley 126 Martin, Christian 126 Martin, Josephine 93 Martin, Kathryn 116,215,218 Martin, Matthew 105 Martin, Patricia 1 39 Martin, Rachel 205, 214 Martin, Rhonda 1 39 Martin, Stephanie Kay 177 Martin, Ten 231 Martin, Tina 231 Martin;, Del 181 Martinez, Jessie 105 Mason, Jennifer ' 05 Mason, Jenny 7, 214, 219 Massengale, Brian ' 05 Massengill, Robert Cameron 180 Massey, Traci ' 05, 218 Matheos, Eleni • 236 Matkins, Jill ' 55, 232 Matkins, Jill A ' 78 Matlock, Terell 226 Matthews, Christopher Hamilton . 178 Matthews, Jason ' 39 Mattingly, Jennifer 147 Mattox, Terri 232 May, Ann 1 39 May, Margaret 116 May, Shannon 218 May, Shannon Lee 178 Mayfield, Janna 116 Maynor, Debra ' 47 Mayo, Hal ' 26, 290 Mayo, John ' 85 Mays, Brian 273 Mazumder, Raja ' 47 McAbee, Amanda 311 McAlexander, Shana 1 26 McAlpin, Kevin Roderick 174 McAnally, Melody 1 26 McArthur, Mandi 185, 219 McBride,Jana . . 54, 139, 179, 183, 202 McBride, Jana Lynn 170, 179 McCaa, Gayle Anne 177 McCabe, Tamsen 181, 214 McCain, Debbie 65 McCalb, April 105 McCaleb, April 208, 219 McCallum, Ane 214 McCallum, Anne 215 McCallum, Tara ... . 105,209,214, 216,241 McCalop, Mathew 126 McCarthy, Shauna 232, 233 McCarthy, Shuana 153 McCarty, Michael 1 39 McCarty, Richmond 218, 219 McCarrer, Jennifer 116 McCauley, Elizabeth 1 39 McCausland, Allison 116 McClanahan, Jeff 178 McClellan, Jennifer 105 McClelland, Kristen 218,219 McCoUum, Allyson 185 McConnell, Germain 220 McCord, Jennifer 105 McCorkel, Tisha 214 McCormack, Jessica 205 McCoy, Brain Darrell 178 McCoy, Laura 116 McCoy, Meredith 214, 215 McCoy, Robert 139, 209, 216 McCraney, Patrick 208 McCrann, Justin 214 McCreary, Brandice 214,215 McCrory, Jennifer 1 39 McCrory, Jennifer Renee 177 McCullar, James 229 McCulloch, Chris 116 McCuIlough, Helen 126 McCurdy, Martha 139 McCurdy, Richard . ' 228 McCurley, Amanda 105 McDaniel, Kirslen 116 McDaniel, Laurie 232 McDaniel, Laurine 1 50 McDaniel, Scott 181, 185 McDavitt, Susan 311 McDill, Kathleen 181,205,216 McDonald, Arlene 62 McDonald, Jeanette 150, 2321 1 " " ' " ., McDonald, Mary 2151 » " „, McDonneU, Aliso 2141 1 McDonnell, Alison 2191 » McDonough, WilUam .... 126, 218,1 !» 219 McEachem, Julie 116! Ii " McElreath, David PoweU 178ri " 7, McElwain, Margaret 1051 " McEwen, Heather ... 116, 209, 3341 1 " " !; McFalls, Brady 21511 " " " , McGee, Laurie 2151 H ' ' McGee, Lauri 2171 H " ! ' " McGehee, Leigh 214( W™ McGhee, Chris 2901 W ' McGonagill, PhUip 2I6| W " McGonagill, Phillip 208( « [ ' McGowin, Joseph 139 M " McGowin, Joseph Kim 177 B ' " ' McGowin, Rosemary .. 19, 64, 204, li 205 Bles,)i McGregor, Mary E 177:, t ' . ' McGregor, Paula 126:|ie ' McGuire, Catherine 150J » ' , McGuire, Cathy 232 SetJ McHaney, Beth 209 Ifci Mcintosh, Jennifer 1 16| ier, McKay, Candace 105i gtr, McKay, Horace 105| »r, McKay, Joshua 2151 , McKay, Kelly 147 ' lillet, McKay, Kevin 147 fflh McKay, Steven 1 53, 232 tiler, McKay, Tara 126,231: McKenzie, Christine 185 fflC; McKenzie, Thomas 139 » ' . McKey, Candace 214, 216 ' lifc McKibben, Heather 185 lilh McKinney, Ashley ... 139, 179, 183, ' ». 31 1|. nils, McKinney, Carole 147| ifflls, McKinney, Carole Anne 177 iin McKinney, Joachim 116|i|ijoi McKinney, John Ronald 177 ' ftl McKinney, Margaret 181 ftie McKinney, Margaret Ashley .... 179 liitb McKinney, Sandy Lee 178 itli McKissack, Clay 310 iljicli McLaoghlin, Alvin Maurice .... 174 illitl McLaurin, Chris 232 tcl McLaurin, Christopher 153 Stl McLemore, Holly 126 ftcl McLendon, Michael 147, 224 iftl McMaster, Amy 15C «cl McMillan, Stacie 232 ttl McMillion, Stacie 15C m McMillon, Anthony 126 iliji McMullen, Melissa 139 fc McNabb, Corley ' K McNair, Sabrina 231 McNeal, Becky 232, 233 McNeal, Jenny 155 McNeer, Edward 1 1 f McNeer, Poppy 205 McNeer, Richard 105 McNees, Melissa 139, 244 McNeese, John 298 McQuary, Martha Lou 177 McRae, Rebecca 235 McRae, Revecca 236 McRae, William 127 McVay, Rhea 1 39 McWhite, SaUy Leigh 177 Hj McWhorter, Barton 208, 214 |„ Mead, Jennifer 227 |, Meadowcroft, Charles 178 i, Meadows, Jamie 139, 208 % Meadows, Leah 232, 233 i|, Medley, Jennifer 127, 209 „ Medows, Jamie 214 i|, Meek, Dr Ed 93 , Meek, John 1 39 i|, Mehalic, Brett 185 i( Meitl, Joellen 241, 336 |, Melear, KB ' 27 n Melear, Kerry 207 |, Mellenger, Michell 233 ] Mellenger, Michelle 150, 232 |, Melton, Christopher 127 | ], Melton, Daniel 153, 232 ; | Melton, Daniel Lee ' 77 Melton, Floyd ' 39 , | 392 p) Iclton, John 127 Iclton. Moss 105, 185, 216 Iclliin, I ' atricia 147 Iclton, Wesley 273 lendo a, Mandy ... 127, 178, 206, 214,241,332 Icndn ji, Mandy Kay 177 icndia. Mandy 235 lendith. . shlcy 127.214 Icrvdith, Brian 1 27, 207 Icrcdilh, Mark 105, 185, 209 Icrkcl. Charles 235 Icrriwcalhcr, Beverly 224 ' -Icrriwcathcr, Tonya 209 ricycr, Nicole 116 ilcyyappan, Saradha 147 .llchacl, Roland 143 .lichacls, Meg 178 .lirhaels Nina 127 .tiddlccof, Eli7abeth 127 .lilcs, Jenny 116 .llllcr, Allison 127 .llllcr, , my 105, 127 .lillcr, .Audrey 224 .llllcr. Christen 214 ■ .llllcr, Christin Uliziibcth 178, 216 , lillcr. Plane Martin 69 .lillcr, James 127 .lillcr, Jim 261 . .lillcr, Laura 139 I .lillcr, Leigh 183 I .lillcr, Michelle 139,204 i vliller, Michelle Leigh 170, 177, .lillcr, Richard Thomas 178 .lillcr, William 214 .lillcr, William IV 105 .lillis, Tim 232 ' vlills, .Addy 185 .lills, J P 69 .lills, John 139 .lilum, Jeremy 185 .linor, Julia 140 ,lir,Tara 153.232,233 : .lisncr, Sarah 127 .litchell, Becky 185 .litchcU, Chris 261 .litchelU Elizabeth 140 .litchell, Elizabeth Schlater 177 .litchell, Katrina 228 .litchclL Meade W 177 .litchell, Meghan 185,218 .litchelL, Meghan Christine 178 .litchell, Michael 116 .litchell, Sarah 185,209 .litchclU Traci 197 kliyaisawa, Eri 105 tlizc, David 116 tloates, Katherine 181 tlogridRC, Christopher 127 vlok, Mun 127 vlokaddem, Asem 140, 177 vlollick, Taufiqur 127 vlonroe. Chip 185 vlontgomery, Jerry 289 viontgomery, Joel 209, 2 1 5 vlontgomcry, Natalie 127,241 vioody, Rita 105 Vloore, Alan . . 54, 140, 183,220 Moore, Alan Rather 170, 179 Moore. Alex 303 Moore, Alison 116 Moore, Allison 214 Moore, Barry 204, 208 Moore, Belinda 140, 314 Moore, Belinda Ann 177 ' Vloore, Catharine 1 40 Moore, Daphaine 206 Moore, Donald 140 I Moore, James 127 Moore, Jamie 178 Moore, Jennifer 127 Moore, Joel 229 Moore, Keeley 204 Moore, Keely 214 Moore. Laura 105, 227 Moore, Michelle 218 Moore, Michele 105, 208 Moore, Michela 206 Moore, Nesie 105 Moore. Rebecca 147 Moore, Tate 35 Moore, Vickie 155,232 Moore, Yolanda 281 . 282 Moorchcad, Chris 230 Moralcfi, Orlando 116 Morcton, Derek 178, 214, 216 Morgan, Jim 299 Morgan, Kristcn 116, 204. 209 Morgan. Ijiurie 105 Morris, Camille 214 Morris, Cynthia 116 Morriii, Gillian 332 Morris, Circg 273 Morris, Jay 185 Morris, Jcnnefer 21 Morris, l e 116 Morris, M Jay 178 Morris, Marianne 105, 287 Morris, Monte 127 Morrison, Julie 127,215,241 Morrison, Mary 334 Morrow, Chris 226 Morrow, Jamie 140 Morrow. Jolette 106 Morse, Mel 227 Mortimer, Courtney 209, 215 Mortimer, Jenny 218, 219 Mortimer, Virginia 140 Mortimor, Courtney 204 Mosie, Emily 106 Moss, Charles 232 Moss, Minta 214 Motley, Darenda 214 Mouger, Avery 214 Moulder, Robert 127 Mounger, Avery 208 Moyer, Lee 226 Mroz, Jo 116 Mueller, Daniel Thomas 177 Mullen, Amanda 117 Mullen, Donna 153 Mullen, Gail 232, 233 Mnllins, Amie 155, 232 Mullins, Amy 233 Mnllins, Lisa 231 Mullins, Melissa 127 Mullins, Melissa Eileen 178 Muniandy, Suppiah 140, 180 Monir, Arif 106 Munir, Asf 127 Munir, Asif 208 Munn, Ann 117 Murchison, Grant 7 Murph, Rose 106 Murphey, Elizabeth 127 Murphree, Melanie 232 Murphree, Sheila 127 Murphy, Catherine 140 Murphy. Katherine 181, 209 Murray, Meredith 181 Muse, Carolyn 117 Mnsgrave, Meade 204, 214 Myatt, Leigh 214,215 Myatt, Michelle 117 Myers, Kathryn 106,185 Myers, Kathy 204 Myrick, Teresa 106 N Nabors, Jason 127, 178 Nabors, Susan 127. 1 78 Naftel, James Philip 171 Naftel, James Phillip 1 79 Naftel, Jim 183, 185 Napper. Stephanie 106. 209 Naquin. Donna 117 Nash. Uslie 106 Nash, Rebecca 106 Natalie, Ogden 140 Nations, Merri 127 Nazario. Jose 230 Neal, Anntionette 106 NeflL Emily 106,214,215 NeaL Monroe 209,215 Neal, Neal 228 Neblett,Mary 147 Necly, Angela 106 Ncciy, Carol 117 Nccsc, Susan 1 50, 232 Nell, Danielle Rcnce 178 Nelly, Shcrriilan 117 Nelson, Allison 106 Nelson, Celeste 140 Nelson, IMcni Malheos 208 Nelson, Karoline 185 Nelson. lx)ri 155,178,232,233, 311 Nelson, Lori Ann 177 Nelson, Tarsha 1 27 Neo, Woon-Sing 147 Neubauc.r, Stacey 106, 231 Neville, Evelyn 127 Nerille, Paige 214,219 Ncwcome, Megan 106 Newman, Amy 287 Newton, Courtney 209, 215 Nichols, James 93, 183, 185 Nichols, Nici 220 Nichols, Nicole 183 Nichols, Tammy 216 Nichols, Tracie 140 Nichols, Valerie 140 Nichols, Valerie Nicole ... 171, 177. 179 Nicholson, Carl Jr 69 Nimrod, Alison 147 Nix, Victor 140 Noah, Ginger 7 Nohsey. Elizabeth 106 Nolan, Brace 140 Nolan, David 226 Noone, Christopher 106 Noone, Suzanne 127, 241 Noone, Suzy 214,219 Nori, Chandrasekhar 1 48 Norris, Ellen 209 Norris, Robert A 178 Norton, Brad 204 Norton, Tiffany 140 Nunn, Freddie Joe 26 1 Nunnally, Matthew 148 Numberg, Ronald 148 Nylander, Albert 148 Nylander, Lisa 140 Nylander, Lisa B 178 o ( fp) O ' Bryant, Jason E 228 O ' Donnell, Dana 127, 178, 217 O ' Malley, Sean 273 O ' Mara, Patrick 178 O ' neal, Kimsey 150, 232 O ' Quinn, Wendy Jane 150 Oakes, Jamie 117 Oatis, Julius 106 Obyung, Kwun 247 Odem, Joey 232 Odem, Joseph 155 Odom, Ed 292 Odom, Edcardo 117 Odom, Lisa 232 Ogden, Anne 117 Ogden, Terri 127,208 Ohlmeyer, Raleigh 106 Ohman, Catherine ...205,219,241 Okray, Lisa 22 Olbricht, Renee 1 50, 232 Olbricht, Susan 153 Oliver, Bethany 117 Oliver, Ernest 93 Olsen, Amanda 127 Ong,Siew-Eng 140 Ong, Tee 140 Ooi, Boi Ling 177 Orabi. Khaled Youssef 177 Orr. Deano 273 Orr, DeanoC 178 Orr, Kathryn 140 Osadehuk, Electa 106,185 Osteen, Mary 214 Oswalt, Jeffrey 153,232 Oswalt, Lewanda 106 Ousley, Corbin 140 Ovcrslrcet, Eric 310 Orerstreet, Eric Tyler 178 Owens, Chad wick 148 Owens, Elizabeth . 204,207,215 Owens, Jennie 208, 214, 284 P fp) Paceiti, Vandy 140, 227 Pack, Kcnyatte 127 Paganos, George Elias 171 Page, Anita 106 Page, Robert 185 Painter, Chris 229 Palmer, Amy . 106,214,216,218 Palmer, Laura 140 Palmer, Laura Jo 177, 178 Palmer, Tamara 127 Palmertrce, Barry 228 Pan,CeliaXi 177 Pan, Zhou 148 Panda, Sanjay 148 Pang, Michael 140 PannelL Russell 127 Paolillo, Joseph 93 Paredes, Jennifer 127 Parham, Conny E 176 Parish, Melissa 117 Parish, Richard 153, 232 Park, Kyoungyong 106 Parker, Allison 117 Parker, Candacc 214,215 Parker, Christy 140 Parker, Dawn 241 Parker, ICristy 117 Parker, Nate 290 Parker, Shan 153,232 Parker, Zeita 311 Parkes, Brandi 127 Parkes, Brandi Crystal 178 Parks, Beth 117 Parks, Grace 155,232 Parrish, Mark 209 Parry, Shawn 206. 215, 310 Partridge, Ronald 93 Parvin, Elisha 117 Pasquale, Jennifer 117 Pate, Pammie 140 Pate, Velsie 224 PateL, Jaymini 127 Patel, Sangita 153.233 Patel, Sangita R 171 Paterson, Lydia . 140, 177, 178, 185 Paterson, Tommy 232 Patrick, Kim 231 Patrick, Kimberly 128 Patrick, Latrina 140 Patten, Erin 185 Patterson, Heather 106 Patterson, Sidra 140 Patterson. Sidra Clare 1 78 Patton, Adriana 214. 215 Patton, Amy 140 Patton, Jimmy 261 Paul, Douglas 185 Paul, Douglas R 178 Paul, Douglas Randall 177 Paul, Michelle 117,231 Paul, Rachelle 150,232 Payne, James 76, 93 Payne, Jason 232 Payne, Jesse 106 Payne, Michael 155 Peacor, Darrol 117 Peastcr. Margaret 140 Peaster. Margie 208 Peay, Austin 296 Peay. Charles 128 Peden, Jonathan Cory 178 Pedersen, Casey 106 Pedigo, ScoU . 5, 140, 161, 183, 204, 216,244, 310 Pedigo, Scott Walker 171, 177 Pedigo, Scott Wlker 179 Peede, Thomas 117 Pegg, Mary 128, 214.241 Peitz, Gretchen 153, 232, 233 INDEX qjp 393 Pekarek, Milan 148 Penkova, Stacie 155, 232 Pennington, Cass 69 Pennington, Jonathan 178 Pereira, Dominic 148 Peresich, Randi 205, 214 Periyaswamy, Devasenapathy ... 148 Perkins, Allyson 1 06 Perkins, Charlotte 181 Perkins, Jennifer 214, 219 Perkins, Rouell 128 Perkins, Stacy 148 Perkins, Steven 1 50, 232 PerUns, Todd 55 Pemo, Joy 7 Perrin, Connie 1 06 Perry, Amy 128 Perry, Elizabeth 214 Perry, Michael 216,310 Perry, Micheal 183 Person, Dana 106 Person, Victoria 140 Peters, Christy 117 Peters, Jimmy 148 Petrie,Tricia 7, 183,311 Petrie, Tricia Dianne 175, 179 Petry, Caren 229 Petry, Caren Marie 178 Pettit, Denise 140 Petty, Payton 241 Petty, Sharon 117 Pfeiffer, Brenda 106 Pharr, Natalie 128, 183, 185 Pharr, Natalie Joyce 177 Phelps, Patricia 117 Phelps, Tricia 214, 219 Phillips, Beth 236 Phillips, Cambi 214, 21 5 Phillips, Carol 216 Phillips, Catherine 106 Phillips, Courtney 178 PhiUips, Cynthia 106 Phillips, Jenny 204 Phillips, Laura 232 Phillips, Mary 151, 232 PhiUips, Nedra 128 Phillips, Terry 230, 232 Phillips, Trey 216 Phipps, Melba 117, 206 Piazza, Amy 208, 2 1 5 Piazza, John 208 Pickering, Brian 117 Pickett, Bradley 117 Pickett, Dena 219 Pickle, Rob 232 Pieralisi, Daniel 106 Pieralisi, James 140 PietTOwski, Richard 128,181 Pietrowski, Richard Scott 1 78 Pietrowski, Scott 204, 215 Pigford, Hillary 106 Pigues, Joel 128 Piltman, Crymes 178 Piozza, John 215 Piquemal, Pascale 231, 289 Pitcock, Jay 226 Pittman, Bill 185,216,235 Pittman, Crymes 185 Pittman, Jennifer 140, 208 Pittman, John 185 Pittman, Paul 117, 310 Pittman, Richard 216 Pittman, William 128 Pitrer, Brad 178, 185,228 Pluckett, Jessie 117 Plunkett, Candice 106 Poe, Adrienne 214, 215 Poc, Edwin 128 Poe, Morgan 232 Poemer, Liz 284 Poll, Erick 232 Poff, William 155 Pogue, Randy 205 Pogue, Ryan 215 Poindexter, Rebecca 106 Polk, Jennifer 140, 311 Polk, Laura 235 Polleys, John 229 Ponder, Bill 215,216, 310 Ponder, Elizabeth Dewees 177 Poole, Barney 261 Porter, Jeff 153,232 Porter, Mehssa 128 Posey, Brandi 128 Posey, Columbus 94 Potts, Jennifer Anne 177 Potts, Shannon 151, 232 Ponlarikas, Natasha 231 Poond, Jamison 128 Poand, Jamison Faulkner 178 Powell, John 155,232 Powell, Lynda 128 Powell, Melissa 1 17, 214 Powell, Preston 1 28 Powell, Shae 231,284 Powell, Shelly 106 Powell, Stephanie 140 Power, Will 286 Pratt, Denise 151, 232 Prestage, Courtney 106 Prestige, Courtney 241 Preston, Elizabeth 140,208,219 Prewitt, Frank 106 Price, James 128 Price, Johnny 128 Price, Uslie 206, 209, 236, 241 Price, LesUe E 178 Price, Patricia Rea 177 Price, Renae 227 Pride, Brad 292 Priest, James Michael 177 Prince, Nan 185 Prince, Nancy 1 17, 181 Pritchett, Kelvin 26 1 Proctor, Jason 290 Propes, C Elizabeth 178 Propes, Charlotte EUzabeth .... 177 Propes, Elizabeth 185 Pruett, Dawson 261 Public, Reporter Milton 205 Pugh, James 117 Pujol, Michael 185 Purifoy, Emily 186 Pumell, David 140 Putman, Melissia 227 Pynkala, Jason 141 Pyron, David 128 9 ( ip) Quaid, Amy 141 Quaid, Amy Elizabeth 179 Quaka, Mary 141 Quaka, Mary Tison . 53,171,183, 218 Quarles, Brian 204 Quillinan, John 117 Quinn, Angela 117 Quinn, Keli 185 C inn, Micah 106 Quinn, Sonja 1 28 Quinn, Sonja M 178 Quon, David 141 R ( fp) Radciffe, Jay 214 RadclifTe, Jay 215 Rademacher, Kurt 183 Rademachier, Kurt 310 Ragsdale, Caroline 208 Rahman, Javed 117 Raines, Leslie 128 Raines, Michael 142 Rainey, Lara 128 Rakow, Jill 128,215 Ralls, Cary 209 Ramage, James 142 Ramalingam, Muralikrishnan ... 142 Randall, Sara Whalan 185 Randall, Sara Whelan 204 Randall, Vickie 142, 1 78 Randall, Vickie Faye 1 77 Handle, Brett 205 Handle, Tracy 24 1 Rankin, Chris 215 Raseley, Davina 1 42 Rasica, Melko 148 RatUff, Cassandra 128 RatlifF, Edward 183 Ratliff, Laura 205 RatlifT, Laura Love 117 Raascher, John 208, 215 Ravaglia, Amy 205 Ray, Larry Daves 177 Ray, Trey 229 Read, Sonya 214, 215 Reardon, Thomas 94 Reaves, Amy 106 Reaves, Angela 142 Record, Timothy 142 Recoueley, Charese 219 Recoulley, Charese 215 Reddy, Rekha 107 Redeker, Terry 107 Redmond, Frances 65, 107 Redmond, Jerry 340 Ree, Joan 107 Reed, Bethany . . 128, 178, 180, 185, 209,218,219 Reed, Bethany Lane 177 Reed,Tami 214, 219 Reed, Wendy 178,214,216,218 Reese, Margaret Allen 177 Reeves, David 107 Reeves, Wimberiy .... 151, 185, 232 Regine, Chance 293 Reid, Amy 142 Reid, Amy Elizabeth 177 Reid, Rachel 142, 244 Reid, Rachel Dianne . . 171, 177, 180 Rembert, Korie 107 Renfro, Kimberly 107 Reonas, Matt 185 Respess, Julie Frances 177 Rester, James 107 Rester, Jimmy 207, 209 Reves, Christopher 153, 232 Reynolds, Ashley 205, 216 Reynolds, Katie 205, 214 Reynolds, Maya 107, 215 Reza, Md Sajjid 142 Rhodes, Joan 142 Rhodes, Melanie 128 Rhodes, Robert 214 Rhoton, Sandra Barry 177 Ricca, Brandi 117 Rice, Christie 107 Rice, Kimberly 148,224 Rice, Melody Dianne 178 Rice, Penny 128 Rice, Penny Ann 178 Rice, Susan-Lee 311 Rice, Susan 142, 185 Rice, Susan Lee 177, 209 Richards, Christa 143 Richardson, Dorothy Patricia ... 171 Richardson, Julie 128, 206 Richie, Todd 219 Rickles, Sandi 232 Ridgeeway, Brian 207 Ridgeway, Brian 204 Ries, Margaret 128 Rigdon, Tim 232 Rilette, Shannon 107 Riley, Elizabeth 107 Riley, Lola 336 Riordan, Michael 107 Risher, Christy 143,241 Risher, Jennifer 214 Risher, Jenni 216 Risher, Jessica 107 Risher, Laurie 153, 232, 233 Ritter, Laine 7 Ritter, Von 228, 366 Rives, Mason 143 Robbins, Brett . . 143, 179, 180, 183, 185 Robbins, Brett Donald 175, 179 Robbins, Elizabeth 232 Robbins, Julie 204, 214 Robbins, Lea Ann 233 Robbins, LeaAnn 151 Roberson, William 117 Roberts, Cassandra 128,215 Roberts, Christopher 107, Roberts, David 204, Roberts, John Roberts, Jonathan Roberts, Kendra Roberts, Kenneth B 86, Roberts, Lesli Roberts, Martha Roberts, Michelle Roberts, Rob Roberts, Robert Roberts, Veronica Roberts, William Robertshaw, Sylvia Yale Robertson, Christopher Robertson, Leah Robertson, Melanie Robinson, Angle Robinson, Christopher C Robinson, Jeff Robinson, Jo Carol Robinson, Leigh Robinson, Leigh Ellen . 178, Robinson, Margaret Robinson, Margaret Kelli Robinson, Richard 153 Roccon, Courtney Rocconi, Rodney Rodriguez, Fernando 143 Rodriguez-Pereyr, Vicente Rogers, Candace .... 155,215, 232, Rogers, Candace Sharie Rogers, Eleanor Rogers, Hart 185 Rogers, Jill Rogers, Jill Williamson . .» Rogers, Langston Rogers, Laura Sims ... 172, 177. Rogers, Lee Rogers, Marcus Rogers, Marcus Charles Rogers, Renee Rogers, Sims ... 143, 162, 178, 183, 185, Rohn, Tracy Roll, Bonnie 185, Rollins, Mason 241, Romine, Stacy 117, 204, Rong, Dee Rooker, Leslie Rorie, Kimberly Rosamond, Sonya Rosamond, Stephen Rose, Kristin Ross, Brent Ross, Elizabeth Ross, Glen Ross, Glenn Ross, Heather 214, Ross, Lynn Ross, Sarah 214,232, Roten, Donald Perrin Rotenberry, John Roudebush, AH Rouse, Charlie Rouse, Clay Roussel, Scott Roux, Jeff Rowan, Dana Rowe, Renee Rowe, Stephanie Rowell, Amy L Rowell, Amy Lynn Rowell, Brian 118, Rowell, Sammy Rowland, Alyssa Rowland, Jamie Rowley, Teresa 153, 232, Rucker, Lareeca Rue, Adam Ruiz, Cynthia 155, Rnmmul, Shannon Rushing, Robbie 155, Rushing, Robin Rushing, Sidney L Russ, Michael 204, Russ, William Russ, Wilson Russell, Barry Russell, Brian 18S|s!il 2I5|S(I 107|i!(l I07|«il 117{«!l 177|«(l 231iiK 143j(l( n7|ili 232| ISljii 212|tL 117 177 1281 151 107 20 178 29a 178 23-i l ,23? ' I HI 201 14 17 14 m ' " 20- ' ' 23- ' ' si ' ' 0 ' ' ilfo m IT 10 ' 179 ,20 ' 24 ,20: , 24 ,21 ' 141 33 ' 14 12! 14 li: 12: II 24 14 21 35 23 17 14 261 23: 15 21: 23: 12! 33i 10 17! 17 281 121 10 121 23 11) II 23; 23; 23: 23: 65 2i: in 20t 22( 143 394 qnp I well, Doyle L 71 f iscll. E T 260 Issell, Frederick 118 Issell, Jami 118 IssclU Sana 94 Isscll, Will 290 Isso, Melissa 65, 215 Ithcrfonl, Iddie 153, 232 lithcrford, Jenny 214,215 liUierford, Reggie 181 Irtherford, Reginal 310 [••n, Brandon 310 WP bin, Linda Emerson 177 , ihadi, Whitney 128 I.Jg, Uura 44,204,214 I de, Benjamin 214 I de, Benjamin N 216 I dlis, Harrylyn Graves 177 I dters, Denccise 143 ; imford, Lauren 119 uns, Joseph 185 unucls. Bob 94 imucls, Pamela 143 ■ unucis, Pamela White 177 inder, Stephanie 107 inders, Billy 232 uiders, Carrie 107, 231 inders, Jason 1 43 uiders, Jason Lee 177,178 • «nderson. Brain 178, 185 anderson, Brian 128, 220, 235 androni, Todd 261 anford, Gordon 1 63 anford, Gordon U 1 79 anford, Sandy . 19, 172, 183, 202 aning. Amy 208 ansing. Amy 143 artin, John 143 artin. John Scott 172 artin, Melissa 143 •artin, Scott 164,182,183,185, 207, 209 artin, Vicki 151,232,233 artor, Michelle 128 aufley, Matthew 119 ■ay, Peng 143 a) ' inan, Jennifer 287 cales, Eric 260 icanlon, John 107 K arpate, Jason 128 •chee, Susan 107, 227 •chmidt, David 143 HThmidt, David J 1 78 tchmidt, Rebecca 287 khneider, Christopher 143 khnierle. Tiffany 128 ichocniy, Steven Browning 172 ichonberg, Kristen 107,206,215 chroeder, Dr Natalie 178 ichroeder, Dr Ronald 178 ichnifr, Gregory 1 43 Schucker, Laura 143 Schudy, Kristin 177 Schuetlj, Gail 118, 214 Schueth, Gail Elizabeth 204 Schuler, Jill 107 Schwarts. Ryan 5 Schwartz, Laynette 231 Schwartz, Ryan 107 Schwing, Lissa Lynn 177 Scott, Bil 227 Scott, Brittney 107 Scott, Ed 7 Scott, Ken Ann 177 Scott, KeriAnn 1 78 Scott, Ue 185, 290 Scott, Ronald 143 Scott, William 143 Scruggs, Kimberly Terese 178 Scruggs, Zach 181 Sealand, Mack 185 Scale, Robert 143 Seals, Katrenia 224 Sears, Renee 1 43 Scars, Robin 119, 185 Searty. Salwan 108 Scawright, Connie 148 Seawrighl, Power 205, 2 1 4 Scdwick. June 205, 214 Secmatter, Christina 129 Secmatter, Christina Sue 178 Sect, Wan-Chi 143 Segan, Lcasha 143 Segars, Leasha Faye 177 SegroTcs, Garth 35 Scguin, Rachel 214, 215 Sclbels, Emmet 186, 207 Seibcis, Robert 119, 181, 185 Seibcrt, W Colin 180 Seibcrt, Yancy 204 Seller, Emmet 185 Seller, Vincent 119 Sckul, Jennifer . 143, 185, 208, 216 Sekul, Jennifer Marie 177 Sellers, Laurie 284 Sentcr, Melissa 1 85 Senter, Program Developer .... 205 Serrano, Edgar 108 Severanacc, Kimberly 129 Scwell, Lisa 119 Sewell, Marty 108 Sexton, Meredith 214 Seybcrt, Regan 281 Seymour, Holly 119 Seymour, Jenny 119,185,214 Shackelford, Tonya 151, 232 Sharp, Jennifer 129 Sharp, Kober 108, 206 Shaw, Jennifer 108.206 Shaw, Nicolette 108, 215 Shaw, Rachelle 151,232 Shaw, Susan 151, 185, 232 Shaw, Wayne 143 Shaws, Scott 204, 235 Shealy, John 214 Sheffield, David 143 ShefTield, David Wintfrod 178 Sheikh, Rashed 207, 208, 220 Sheikh, Rashedul 129,181 Shekharan, Raja 148 Shell, Dan 51, 310 Shell, Daniel 143 Shen, Shu 148, 177 Shepard, Nolan 94 Sheppard, Rob 228 Shidler, Cassie 226 Shields, Steven 153,232 Shilder, Cassander 148 Shing, Daniel 229 Shipley, David E 82 Shipp, Catherine 178, 208, 215 Shoemake, Anne 129 Shoemake, Anne Ashlye 178 Shoemake, Ashley 204 Shomake, Ashley 214 Shotts, Texie 204, 214 Shows, Scott 143 Shows, Scott Alan 175 Shy, Genevieve 284 Sides, Rebecca 118,214,215 Siebels, Emmet 204 Sierra, Pablo 292 Slew, Hoi 148 Siggelkow, Valerie 129 Silket, Francis 143, 2 1 8 Simm, Craig 232 Simmons, Amy 143 Simmons, Ashley 214 Simmons, Sharon .. 129,181,185, 204 Simon, Curtis 241 Simon, Lindsay 215 Simpkins, Erich 108 Simpso, Dawn 143 Simpson, Charlotte 143 Simpson, Melanie 108 Simpson, Thomas 1 18, 185 Sims, Denton 151,232 Sims, Melissa 205, 214 Sims, Sharon 129 Sims, Stephanie 153,232,233 Singleton, Meredith 208 Sipp, Catherine 235 Sirmon, Greg 241 Sit, Fung 118 Sitara, Julia 284 Skeltnn, Noellc 1 29 Skinner, Patrick 108, 216, 218 Slaughter, Alex Fong 236 Slaughter, Ciwendoiyn |44 Slayton, Staccy 1 29 Sledge, John 185,290 Sledge, Marquis I85 Sloan, Bill 21 Sloan, Michael 232 Slocum, Eamestine 231 Sludcr, Charlotte 144 Slyke, UAnn Van 218, 219 Small, Eddie 273 Smiley, Rocky 290 Smith, Adam 208, 216 Smith, Adrian |29 Smith, Adrian Todd 178 Smith, Alice 144, 183, 311 Smith, Alice Smith 241 Smith, Allie M 78 Smith, Amy 108,212 Smith, Angcnctte 108 Smith, Arrah 129 Smith, B P 260 Smith, Benny 153 Smith, Bradley 153,232 Smith, Bradley Scott 172 Smith, Bryant 232 Smith, Carter 178,216 Smith, Chip 5 Smith, Christy 1 18, 214, 219 Smith, Dana 151 Smith, Dana Jo 232, 233 Smith, Ellen 108 Smith, Gary 129, 178, 185 Smith, Giselle 220 Smith, Heather 129 Smith, Jana 232 Smith, Joel 204,215 Smith, John 144 Smith, Karen 230 Smith, Kelly 129 Smith, Kimberly 108 Smith, Kristy 108 Smith, Mae 148 Smith, Marcia 118 Smith, Mary 144, 214 Smith, Mechell 148 Smith, Melanie . 108,151,218,232, 233 Smith, Morton 108 Smith, Rachel 232 Smith, Reginald 129,310 Smith, Shelley 129 Smith, Stacey 129,236 Smith, Stacey Denise 178 Smith, Susan 94 Smith, Timothy 118 Smith, Tonja 151, 232 Smith, Traci Lynn 65 Smith, Trey 204,215 Smith, Wilboum 144 Smith, Will 52, 310 Smithmier, Brenda 232 Smithfflier, Joelle 151 Smotherman, Elizabeth ... 181, 185, 209 Sneed, Don 94 Snook, John 129 Snow, Kim 224 Snow, Paul 181 Snyder, James 232 Snyder, Nathanial 118 Soleme, Aydin 108 S oljan, Deedec 118 Solomon, Mark 7 Solomon, Michael 178 Song, Qilai 148 Song, Samuel 144 Song, Young Thiem 1 77, 1 80 Soper, Christy 185 Soper, Jennifer 185 Sorrell, Leslie 118 Sorrells, Maureen 118, 207 South, Selina 144 Sowell, Stacy 144, 205, 219 Spaht, Ashley 144 Spearman, Stacy 310 Spears, Rebecca 144 Spears, Rebecca Jewel 177 Spell, Becky 232 Spell, Rebecca 155 Spencer, Michael 144,310,340 Spcngcr, Valerie 23 1 Spera, David 144 Spiers, Alan 144 Spiers, Dustin 108 Splvey, Lcs 218 Splrey, Randall J 178 Sprenger, Valerie . . 129, 177, 181, 289 Springbok, Rob 7 Spnilcll, Patrick 204, 205 Spurgeon, Greg 151,232 Stacy, Penny 108 Stafford, Roger Dale 177 Stamps, Elliot 129,216 Stanford, Kim 232 Stanford, Kimberly 153 Stanford, Robert 144 Stanley, Claire 214 Stanley, Rachel 118 Stanly, Claire 208 Stapleton, Lashunya 144 Starks, Lavonnc 108, 208 Starr, Celeste 151 Starr, Stephanie 232 Steams, Robert 310 Steckler, Karla 108 Steen, Allison 214, 215 Steffcs, Jenn 35 Stephens, Amanda 144 Stephens, Amy 241 Stephens, Bradley 208 Stephens, Cricket 236, 241 Stephens, Joe Sam 229 Stephens, Kelly Renae 178 Stephens, Nora 1 29 Stephens, Penny 144 Stephens, Shannon 178 Stephenson, Robert 185 Stevens, Margaret 108 Steward, Jennifer Victoria 178 Steward, Natalie 214, 215 Stewart, Baker 144, 178, 179, 183, 185, 208 Stewart, Baker Lee 1 72, 1 79 Stewart, Brad 118 Stewart, Chad 1 53, 232 Stewart, Courtney 151,232 Stewart, Felicia 151,232 Stewart, John 129 Stewart, Kimbedy 144 Stewart, Michael H 94 Still, Claude 260 Still, Lee 144, 212 Sting, Michelle .. 206,208,214,241 Stinson, Michael 118 Stokes, Leah 144, 178 Stokes, Robert 129,178 Stokes, Traci 181 Stomsky, Chris 229 Stomsky, Christopher 108 Stone, John 144 Stone, Kemp 5 Stone, Kempton 144 Stone, Steven 178 Stork, Amy 178 Storm, Joshua 108 Stover, Angela Blanton 232 Strange, Holly 185 Straughan, Holly 206 Strawn, Barry 144 Street, Noel 214, 236, 244 Stribling, Wilson 201 Strickland, Heather . 108, 214, 215 Strickland, Jerry 205, 215 Stringer, Alison 118 Stringer, Gwen 151,233 Stroud, Howard 129 Stroud, Jennifer 178 Stroud, Matt 204, 218 Stubbs, James 1 78 So, Ching-Yu 148 Su, Ya-Mei 129 Suggs, Erica 108 Sugihara, Yukako 108 Sokanek, Peter 94 Sullivan, David Lee 175 Sullivan, Michael 185 SnUivan, Michael Sean 1 77 SulUvan, Sherri 108,216,218 Sullivan, Susan 232, 233 SuUivant, Jennifer 153, 232 INDEX p 395 Saman, Mary 31 ' Smnan, Mary J 178 Snmmar, Noel Ann 208, 219 Sammer, Stephanie 205 Sammers, David 185 Sammers, Jenny 118 Summers, Lee 183.214,215 Smmners, Lee Winchester . 1 72, 1 77 Somons, Susan 208 SumraU, Shannon .. . 129,144,178, 185, 290 SumraU, Tara 144 Sun, Yongzhao 148 Supple, Jennifer 178 Sutherland, Erin 108 Sutton, John David 177 Swanson, Steven 214, 215 Swartzfager, Janet Leigh 177 Swearengin, Melissa 129,178 Swenson, Elizabeth 155 Swenson, Elizabeth Ann 177 Sweason, Liz 178, 233 Swetland, Melissa 178, 185 Sykes, Jimmy 155, 232 Symons, Susan Regina 177 ( fp) Tafaro, Robert 141 Tan, Chi 141 Tan, David 235 Tan, Donald 141 Tan, Donald Sionghoe 175 Tan, Hock 141 Tan, Puei 148 Tan, Siong-Hoe Donald 177 Tan, Yun-Sen 141 Tang, Choong 148 Tang, Min 129 Tang, Yongming 1 48 Tanzberger, Todd 141 Tapp, Laura 151 Tapp, Laura Lea 233 Tapp, Laura Lee 232 Taranto, Tara 141, 183 Taranto, Tara Lee ... . 177, 179, 180 Tate, John 214 Tate, John Hugh 219 Tate, Pamela 148 Tayloe, William 310 Taylor, Angela 108 Taylor, Cathy 129 Taylor, Charles 141 Taylor, Elizabeth 205, 215 Taylor, James 232 Taylor, Jennifer 153, 232, 233 Taylor, Kathleen Marie 178 Taylor, Katie 334 Taylor, Kiraberly 141, 183 Taylor, Kimberly Kay ... . 172, 177, 179 Taylor, LaTonya 224 Taylor, Lee 109 Taylor, Marya 109 Taylor, Melinda 129 Taylor, Michelle 109 Taylor, Sandra 109 Taylor, Sandy 214, 215 Teal, John 109 Teal, Mike 228 Teasley, Gary 151,232 Tedford, Hope 232 Tec, Keng 129 Teh, Eet-Hong 129 Teh, Tien 141 Teng, Ching-Hua 148 Tennison, Bradley 141 Teoh,Hock 141 Terral, Wanda 226 Terrell, Emily 214,215 Terrell, Marvin 261 Terry, Angela 311, 354 Tew, Phillip 148 Tey, Lee-Peng 129 Thadkaroalla, Ganesh 1 48 Tham, Min 141 Thames, Mary 141 Thanh, Mai 109 Tharp, Margaret 141,180 Thiary, Renee 231 Thigpen, Van 129 Thomas, Ben H 178 Thomas, Chistopher 185 Thomas, Darryl 129 Thomas, Darryl Demetrius 56 Thomas, James 290 Thomas, Jay Jay 226 Thomas, Joanne 209 Thomas, Kathryn Aime 177 Thomas, Kristi 119 Thomas, Mamie 244 Thomas, Missy 204, 215 Thomas, Rebecca 181,205,214 Thomas, Samantha Appleberry . 177 Thompson, Candy 181 Thompson. Ed 229 Thompson, Kevin 226 Thompson, LaRhonda 209 Thompson. Marcy ... 153, 232, 233 Thompson, Marcy Dawn 177 Thompson, Melissa 119 Thompson, Michael 185 Thompson, Michael III 178 Thompson, Traci-Leigh 241 Thompson, Traci 181 Thorns, Marcy 119, 205, 214 Thoms, Marcy Moye 181 Thomson, Kathleen 119 Thomberry, Allen 129 ThomhiU, Jennifer 129 Thornton, Nate 273 Thornton, Thomas 119 Thorton, Bobby 227 Thrash, Chandra Leigh 177 Thrasher, Kerri 129, 209 Thurman, Mike 226 Tickle, Heidi 148 Tignor, Joey 202 Tillman, Mary 141 Tinkler, Mary 1 29 Tinnin, Tracy 129 Tinsley, Julie 109 Tipton, J R 260 TirreU, Rebekha 109 Tisdale, James 141 Todd, Jennifer 130 Todd, Jennifer Jo 178 Todd, Katrina A 178 Todd, Laurie 205 Toh, Ai 141 TolUson, Jerry 1 30 Tomlinson, Jim 119 Tompkins, Bethany 205, 2 1 5 Tompkins, Brock 208, 2 1 5 Tompkins, Gina 1 30 Tompkins, Troy 232 Torrey, Robert Victor 177, 178 Torry, Justine 130,214,215 Touchette, Amy 119 Townes, Percy 119 Townes, Tracy 141 Townsend, Sally 141, 183, 311 Traeger, Christopher M 178 Tran, Anh 109 Traughber, Jennifer . . . 142, 218, 219 Tracers, Robert 142 Travis, Collin 119 Traxler, Casey 215 Traxler, Kacy 205 Trevino, Ivan 173, 288 Tribble,Uslie 185,214 Trofimova, Maria 109 Troncone, Christy 119 Trott, Dr Judith 182 Trott, Judy 95 Trotter, Lisa 142,218,219 Tubb, Phillip 153,232 Tubbs, Elizabeth 151,232 Tucker, April 215, 218, 241 Tucker, Ashlea 1 42 TuUy, Jill 214,215 Tuminello, Domonique 119 Tunnello, Natalie 208,219 Turberville, David 151 Turgeon, Stephanie 119 Turlington, George 142 Tumage, Edward 142 Tumage, Laura 119, 181, 332 Tumage, Marcy Thoms 209 Tumage, Robert 142 Tumage, Secretary: Laura 205 Tumage, Susan 1 53, 232 Tumage, Susan Louise 175 Turner, Angela 21 Turner, Ucie 130,236 Tumer, Mineasa 1 30 Turner, R Gerald 70 Tumer, Teri 130 Tumer, Terri Kay 178 Tumer, Tracey 155,232 Tumer, Tracy 233 Tuten, Maradith . 130,178,235,241 Tutle, Elizabeth 311 Tutor, Christopher 142 Tutor, Corey 130 Tutor, Gerald 148 Tutor, Irene 142 Tyler, Lindsey 1 30 u ( fp) Umphers, Jack 185 Underwood, Jeff 119 Underwood, JiU 142, 183, 185 Underwood, Jill Jeffreys . . 173,179 Underwood, Todd 142 Upchurch, Kala 155, 232, 233 Upton, Jennifer 1 42 Upton, Sonya 1 30 Urbanek, James 109 Vinson, Tara 10 Visentin, Kevin 205, 21 Voltz, Carolyn 109,21 Voltz, Carolyn Blair 21 Vowell, Chris 13 Vuncannon, Denise 17 Vyavahare, Sanjeev 14 ( fp) Vaccaro, Nicolas 1 09 Valentine, Kathryn 178 Valesia, Gary 206 Valliappan, Meyyappan . . . 148, 177 Valone, Derek 220 Van, Kenneth 130 Van, Phong 119 Vance, Bradley 181 Vance, Jennie 1 19, 23 1 Vance, John 1 44 Vance, Tracie 232 Vance, Traci 153, 233 Vanderford, Dana 130 Vandevender, Tol 151, 232 Vandirer, Leigh . 155, 178, 183, 209, 232, 233 Vandiver, Leigh Carol 179 Vangipuram, Radesh 148 Vann, Paige 204,214 Vansickle, Suaron 230 Vascek, Sean 1 30 Vaughn, Kimberiy 109 Vaughn, MitcheU 109 Vaught, John 261 Veasley, Jeremy 273 Vega, Jason 119,310 Vega, Robert 144 Velleman, Amy 1 44 Vernon, Dr Ronald 95 Vernon, Jennifer 183, 185 Vernon, Jennifer Norsworthy ... 177 Verschoyle, Brooks 310 Vestal, Katharine 144 Vestal, Katherine 178,183 Vester, Amy 119,215,219 Vicars, Michael 229 Vicars, Michael Bthd 229 Vickers,Mac 214,215 Vickery, Robert 1 30 Vigil, Joe 226 Vigil, Joseph 1 30 Vincent, Karleen Rainey 178 Vines, Clifford 119 Vinson, Jay 290 Vinson, Lorie 153,232,233 Vinson. T Pride 95 w fp) Wade, Matt 204, Wages, David 144, Waggoner, Tiffany Wagner, Clay Wagner, Gretchen 109, Wainright, Andrea Lynn Wait, Brian 130,218, Waits, John Wakefield, Whitney Walbnm, Sally 119, Walden. Natalie Waldrop, Christa Waldrup, Susan Walendzik, John Edward Walker, Alisha Walker, Brian Walker, Charies Walker, James 130, Walker, James Edward Walker, Martin Walker, Martin Heard Walker, Michael 144, 204, Walker, Philip Walker, Phillip M Wall, Johnny Wallace, Amy 144, Wallace, Jay Woods Wallace, Kristen 208, Wallace, Patti Wallace, Pattie D Wallace, Patti Diane Wallace, Sherri 144, 178, Wallace, Stacey Waller, Elizabeth Waller, Elizabeth Butler Waller, Jana 153,232, Walls, Kimberly S Walsh, Sarah Walshe. Timothy L Walters. Dawna 151,232, Walters. Deidra 119, Walters. Diebra Walters, Heath Walters, Shelley 153, 232, Walton, Andy Walton, Anne Walton, Gerald Wansley, Joy Wansley, Joy Lynn Ward, Chenata Ward, Darrick Ward, Steve Ward, Steven Kyle Ward, Thomas H Wardlaw, Bryan Wardlaw, Paula Wardlaw, Tim Matlock Ware. Cassius Warren, Adrienne .... 185, 215, Warren, Jeff Warren, Michael Warriner, Trice Warriner, Wendy ... 1 30, 1 78, Wasson, Michael Watkins. Mandy 208, Watkins. Shanon Watson. Blythe 151, !dl Watson, Brent Watson, Daniel Watson, Drew . Watson, Mike . Watson, Steve . Watt, Lester . . Watts, Michael Watts, Shawn . 18 13 23 10 17 10 23 9 18 17 14 18 21 31 17 14 21 23 21 14 17 17 23 14 20 17 23 17 22 17 2? 21 18 31 23 23 II 9 23 15 IC 31 31 17 17 10 14 22 27 21 18 10 21 20- 21 23 21 . 6 23 II 10 31 22 22 10 13 ' 22 III «l 396 nF Vearcr, Ben 290 VciTcr, Benjamin 215 Vc«»cr, abelh 214, 241 Vcgrcr, Martha 1 30 Vcbb, Alvin 144 Vcbb, Ann 145 Vcbb, Becky 232 Vcbb, Kelly ibh, Kimbcrly 145 ihb, Uuric lO " ) obh, Rebecca 153 AitHT, ichcal 119 .VcIht, Michael 181 Acblam, Bradley 204 .Vchslcr, Sonya 1 30 .Noddle, Leo 148 . iddic, Leo Jeffrey 177 ,-e. K.ah Mian 145 Ai ' odcn, Jennifer 145 . ,idcn, Jennifer Leigh 177 .Nrodcn, l rry 119 .Vi-oks, Jill 228 A ccWs, Latoya 1 09 Aeeks. Misty 130 . I cms, Adam 232 . oi ' ms, Marsha 216 ■ corns, William 1 30 . .igandt,Scott 109 .Voir. Kristin 145, 185 Nolch, Patti 153,232,233 cllbom, Bradley 215 Nollbornc, Brad 185 olU. Angela 183 Nolls, Angela Nicole 173 Nolls Bobby 232 Sells, Brent 232 ells, Carissa 109 •Veils, Jennifer 109 olls, Kelleen 145 Nolls, Matt 208,214 NonzeL Uura 109 A cazel, Lynn 214 en e, Jennifer 236 ert, Justin Robert 178 vVest, Donna ... 154, 185,232,233 •Vest, Donna S 177 A ' est, Heidi 109 ' est, Jennifer Kristin 177 est, WTiitney 109 Aestcrfield, Kim 214. 215 Weston, Thomas 109 A-estphaL Todd 119 A ' healdon, Jennifer 109 ATieclcr, David 145 Alieeless, Loretta 1 54 ■»Vheeless, Lynne 232 Ahisehgnt, Jennifer 219 tMiite, Ashley 178 iVTiite, August 145 rtTiitcBo 181 ATiite, Carla 212,215 ftTiite, Chris 229 ftliite, Christy . . 119, 185, 205, 206, 215 White, Derrick 226 WTiite. Geoff 206 White, Jason 155,232 WTiite, Melinda 109 White, Nancy 119 White, Robert 119 White, Suzanne 130, 214, 215 White, Tameka Rachelle 1 78 Whitehead. Margaret 218 WTiiteside, Teri 130 Whitfield, Chylynda 145 W hitfieid, Mandy 204 Nhitfield,Sam 216 NNhitt, Angela 119 Uhitt, Michelle 130 hittaker, Ervinado 145 Whitten, Detris 231, 293 Whitten, Melinda 145 NN hittcn, Melinda Kay 180 N hittcn, Tim 227 NNhittington, Melissa 130 NN hir»elU Retcher 109, 207 NN hitTteU, Quentin 185 NNhitworth, Nikki 178 NMchser, George 109 Wicktom, Barry 183, 185 Nicktom, Barry Lee 1 79 Wiebe, Dr Frank 181 Wiemann, Jennifer Louise 177 WlRlnRton, William 130 WIlOTil, Shirley 227 Wilbanks, Kristine 119 Wilbom, Melissa 145 Wilboumc, John 165 Wilboumc, John Rankin . 173, 179 Wilboumc, Rankin 183, 185, 209 Wiliams, Vicki 207 Wllkenon, Anita 145 Wilkes, Phillip Shane 178 Wilkes, Thurston 145 Wilkins, Guy 232 Wilkins, Robert 130 W ilkins. Rocky 55, 204 Wilkinson, Beverly 130 Wilkinson, Charles 109 Wilkinson, Gary 208 Wilkinson, Mandy 205, 214 Williams, Allison 130, 178, 185, 236 Williams, Alycia 109,231 Williams, Amy 119, 216 Williams, Ben 261 Williams, Cheryl Ann 178 Williams, Dalton 145 Williams, Heather 145 Williams, Heather Caroline 173 Williams, Jeffrey 145 Williams, Jennifer 235 Williams, Jennifer Lee 178 Williams, Joanna 145 Williams, Juan 109,215 Williams, Kacy 231, 281 WilUams, Karen 145 Williams, Katherine 208,218 Williams, Katrina 145 Williams, Kelley 145 Williams, Lisa 207 Williams, Liz 205,214 Williams, Mark 145 WilUams, Melinda 232, 233 Williams, Peter 148 WiUiams, Reginald 119 Williams, Robert 178 WilUams, Tasha 214,217 Williams, Tracy 145 WilUams, Vemita 130 WilUamson, Jill 233 Williamson, Laura 214 WiUiamson, Stephanie 145 WilUamson, Tim 232 WilUamson, Timothy 155 WiUiard, Bradley 130 WiUingham, Preston 119 Wilson, Amanda 1 54, 232 Wilson, Barry 232 Wilson, Brian 120, 145, 202 Wilson, David 226 Wilson, James 145, 154 Wilson, Jennifer 185,209 Wilson, Jerri 151 Wilson, Johnnie 109 Wilson, Kathryn 120 Wilson, Keith 145 Wilson, Richard Brian 173 Wilson, Sharon 183, 185, 209, 235 Wilson, Sharon Lynn 177 Wilson, Stephanie J 178 Wilson, Susan 154,232,233 Wilson, Todd 151 Wilson, Valerie 21 Wilson, Will 204,216 Wimbish, Allison 208,219 Windham, John 131 Windhorst, Richard 145 WinetroDb, Stacy 206, 208, 214 Wing, Ho Van 114 Winkler, Vanessa 131 Winter, James 131 Winter, James Robert 178 Winter, Joey 131 Winter, Prentis 131 Winters, Hank 131 Winters, Terrance 145 Winterstein, Christi 208,219 Wisenhnnt, Jennife r 214 Wiygul, David 1 20 Wiygul, Elizabeth 183 WiygnL Shirley 148 Wiygul, Shirley Elizabeth 177 Wolf, Sherry 231 Wolfe, Kenneth 145, 185 Wolford, Laurie 131 Wolford, Uurie Anne 178 Wolskl, Matt 366 Womack, Steven 227 Womble, Kellie 232.233 Womer, N Keith 95 Wong, Bo White 181 Wong, Dick 120 Wong, Edward 145 Wong, Jennifer 131,178,241 Wong, Kok-Lum 145 Wong, Poi-Loong 131 Wong, Soong 148 Wong. Tom 120,185,205 Wong, Yih-Shyue 131 Woo, Uurie 109 Woo. Mack 1 20 Wood, Douglas . 183,205,208,218 Wood, Edgar W 1 80 Wood, Gustavus 1 20 Wood, Heather 178,216,236 Wood, Jill 131, 178, 185 Wood, Jill Duffee 177 Wood, Lisa 214,215 Wood, Sammy Lee 177 Wood, Stephan 145 Wood, Susanne HO Wood, Tina 206 WoodalU Kimberly 110 Woodard, Abby 208, 218 Woods, Amy 155,232,233 Woods, Gwen 131 Woods, Polly 110 Woolbright, James 131 Woolems, Bridget 215 Woorms, Bridget 214 Wright, Archie 151,232 Wright, David 131 Wright, Douglas 120 Wu, Min 149 Wu, Tsui-Hua 149 Wyatt, J Leslie 71 Wyatt, Jami 215 Wyrosdick, Shanon 1 20 Young, Kelly ' 54 Young, Kenneth 181 Young, Kim 232. 233 Young, Rich HO Young, Ryan 299 Young-Bae, Park 247 Youngkoo, Lee 247 Yow, Yoke 149 Yow, Yoke Thin 177 Yu, Baoan 149 ip) Zagst, Brandon 120 Zeller, Kristen 214,216 Zerfoss, George 1 45 Zerfoss, Mat 229 Zcrfoss, Matt 229 Zhang, Cui 149 Zhang, Xiaoyun 149 Zheng, Gang 149 Zimmerman, Brian 110 ZoeUer, John 185 Zurkanain, Mohd 145 Zurkanain, Mohd Zarak 1 77 X qlfp) Xu, Hui 145 Xn,Jin 149 ( fp) Yan, Kenneth Alan 178 Yang, Bo-Syung 177 Yanik, Leslie 120 Yarbrongh, Courtney 110 Yates, Dennis 1 20 Yates, Jason 110 Yates, Jennifer J 178 Yates, Shawn 145 Yates, William 183, 185 Yeager, Laura 120 Yee, Po 149 Yeh, Hsueh-Ying 110 Yelton, James Andrew 177 Yen, Ping-Hsin 149 Yensen, Lisa 284 Yeo, Sim 145 Yeungki, Suk 247 Yielding, Amanda 145 Yonnce, Dallas Webster ... 174, 179 Yonnce, Web 185 Yonnce, Webb 207 Young, Amber 145, 185 Young, Cheri 131 Young, Dennis 145 Young, Dennis W 175 Young, Gracy 208 Yoimg, James 185 Yoong, Karen 110 INDEX ( p) 397 Editor ' s Closing When I was first selected as Editor last year I was very excited, especially since I was the first Freshman in the history of Ole Miss to be selected as Editor of the Ole Miss Annual. Another excitement was that I was going to be able to be part of the 100th edition of the Annual. But I didn ' t really know what to expect. I started work right away on the annual with all my knew ideas and expectations. Summer came and went and it was time to actually put the book together. The fall semester was nothing like I had expected. I enjoyed every moment of being part of the 1 994 Ole Miss, I just want everyone to understend it is a lot of hours of monotonous work. There were many nights that several of us were up here through the night and into the morning to bring you what you see. If there is anything you dislike about the annual, I strongly encourage you to be on the staff next year. I am very proud that I was a part of the 1 994 Annual, but I could not have done it alone. There are many people I have to thank. There were a number of people who really helped more than they were ever expected to. My biggest and most appreciative thank you goes to Scott King. Scott you came in towords the end of the first semester and everything was kind of thrown at you. The job of Business Manager is very demanding, but so is your freshman year of college with trying to adjust. You fulfilled your duty as Business Manager 1 50%. I also thank you for your humor. It really helped when things got stressful around here. I really don ' t know what I would have done without you. Next I want to thank Traci Mitchell, our advisor. I know that there were times you were really wondering if we would really be able to pull this off. But thank you for your support and standing by me this entire year. Also thank you for helping us at deadlines and with your advice. Next, I would like to thank the two people that are probably my best friends, Jennifer and Jonna.This year has been so stressful with everything I got myself into. I want to apologize if it ever seemed that I neglected our friendships outside of the annual ofTice. You two did more for me than I could ever ask for in friends. At deadlines you were always here with me working hard to help me meet the deadlines. You two put up with a lot from me and with the annual and I appreciate that. I love you. To my staff, even though it was quite small. For those of you who worked on your sections and turned your pages in on time and for all your hard work, I thank you. To Emmy, you came in with Scott and you did an excellent job, you were right on top of everything and you do not know how much that helped me. I hope you decide to return next year. I would also like to thank Raleigh and his pledge brothers from the Phi Tau house that came to help us on a few pages when we were meeting a deadline. You guys did a great job-maybe you ' ll consider being on the staff next year. I would also like to thank my Zeta sisters who helped me out with their time and put up with my nagging for pictures for blank pages. I love you. A special thanks goes to the members of Risque Business. Thank you for being so un- derstanding about me taking a couple weeks ofT from doing shows with the group to finish the annual. I love you all very much and I want you to know that even though I won ' t be touring with you next year, y ' all have taught me a lot. Thank you. I would also like to thank everyone at Taylor who helped us out so much. To Delores Landin for helping us design the cover, endsheets and division pages. To Kathy Wright for helping us with all of our mistakes. To Greg Williams and Ben Allen, thank you for your patience with us. I would also like to thank all the organizations on campus that helped make the annual possible and also to Candid Campus and Sports Information for pictures when we were running short. Last but not least, even though Todd is not here any longer, I would like to thank Todd and Theresa for surprise visits or phone calls to let me know that everything would be fine and to just relax. The 1 994 Ole Miss Annual is something very special to me and I hope that by reading it, it will be special to you, too. The annual office was my home away from home and I tried my best to bring you all the special events that happened throughout the year. It has been a long year and the experience has been exciting and I apologize for any mistakes. Thank you for allowing me to be the editor of your annual of the Best of Times . Love, Tammie Daily 1 - j 398 ®Bnp eji ' ®s i Well. I can assure you that I never planned on being business manager of the annual, and accordingly never thought I would be writing a letter such as this one. So please hang with mc, 1 have several people to thank and several points to make. As some of you know, this position was not filled in the most desirable circumstances, and accordingly it has not been an easy ride. But I have had a blast and would not trade it for anything. Kirst of all I need lo thank Lynn Hn wieler. She taught me all I know about annual things, and not only that she was (is) a great friend. Thanks again l.ynn. Now I need to thank Traci Mitchell. She more than anyone else understands the position wc were in. and without her we would not have an Ole Miss Annual. (Or a paper, or a radio station, or a T.V. station!!!) 1 really do appreciate evertyhing you do even though the things you do sometimes seem to go unnoticed. Once again, thanks for everything. i:mmy, you are wonderful! This book would have never been completed on time without you. And not only are you a great worker, you are just about the best friend a person could ask for. Thanks again for helping us put it all together. Next on the list is Tammie. Thanks so much for all your support, but most of all thank you for your patience. It frustrated me to no end that I was so lost. But you always took the time to show me what to do to make things right. To the staff, your patience as well is greatly appreciated. 1 could never have done it. and still wonder how 1 did, without your patience. I know it was rough, but 1 look forward to working with you on next year ' s book. 1 can already promise you that things will be much, much smoother. There are so many people I need to thank, but there is not enough room or time. Thanks to everyone out there who deserves it, you know who you are, and so do 1. 1 must include a few others vei briefly, special thanks to Katelyn Brown, Alison Williams, David Bush, The Orpheum Theater, and all the organ- izations that were so patient with us. In closing 1 must say that 1 am proud lo have my name listed as Business Manager in the one-hundredth edition of the Ole Miss annual. I hope you will enjoy the book as much as 1, not only now, but years from now as you pull the book off the shelf and wipe away the layer of dust firmly settled on the cover. For it is then that the good times can be relived. God Bless!! Scott King ' jolapk aw The 1994 Ole Miss is the 100th volume published by Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas, Texas. The press run was 6500 copies. Specifications of the book include 400 pages measuring 9x12, printed on 801b. enamel paper. The cover was designed by Tammie Daily and Delores Landin of Taylor Publishing. The cover of the annual is quarterbound in Cordova grain, blue 441, with a red 804 silk screen, and hold metalique. The dyes used for the cover were existing or cut by Taylor. The endsheets are RB Blue parchment with blind embossing. Spot colors used include spice red 28, Super Blue 11, and Deep Green 23. The total operating budget was $ 1 66,289. All Ole Miss pages were designed using PageVision, TypeVision and Index Vision Software provided by Taylor. All photos were taken by student photographers with the exceptions of Hall of Fame, Who ' s Who, Beauties, Favorites, Homecoming Court, and Classes, which were taken by Candid Campus Photography of Oxford. The 1994 Ole Miss is a student-edited publication produced at the University of Mississippi. The viewpoints represented in this yearbook are those of the staff and in no way reflect those of the University of Mississippi. easms i ' , ni 1) 399 -g r z ' ictawf «3 - ' 4 («|H«| ' gK. Sf-; A

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