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l i .iiMtJL Wf . St- ' - -. ' ? . " 2 — Opening ..-- — - . 1 ' Vf., Ta6(e p H Ediior: -- ' -r- : - - r » i 15 Laurel fv S ; ' .».. . ; 1 •r-uf ji- jir ' ' :: V ages 18; Editor: Michael Huffims -T ' .. - , .11 -- ! Tt (URfB I " ' 11 ' - Mil M V - •• . M n 11 i " ■i ? « h ' -- ' fv % -Jtv " ? " " MHi 56 Ediior: Zl ...% , aikrano ' ' fS Pages 72 WjM Editor: Michad Ledbetter mftt 116 EcTitor Margaret Bamhart : KoSierine Booi r LtatLKevirt KeQiim ,4 ft -- ! ■ •--. ■ - ' •A kH ... I :.U IV, ■:» o - •. ' • « - " y-9 ' - ' jnfjdiiors: John Toste 11 ' A ► -i r Day(e Diflbn , . [ ■ A- i- k.Mi »£ •t :- i " ? ' : -) ' - - J-T| ' ' ? — S87 Ecfttor: Ciaiidia Laurent «. A " og sSS — 400 iAti ti5t Lawrent jj jn d G — ?rS ' IS i ). " " X ... Opening 1 If you look real close you won ' t miss a thing. If you concentrate really hard nothing that happens will get much of a chance to pass you by. Take that opportunity to look around again when you walk to class, really concentrate on the people you meet, remember the places you went that were really beautiful. Share what you find with others. There is so much here at Ole Miss to explore. Every year something new opens up or something comes along that adds a new dimension to the college experience. Think back when you first came here. I ' m sure there are some memories that you think exclusive to your experience. Hold those memories in your heart, while constantly searching to create new 1 . Faculty children dressed up in all their favorite outfits to go trick- or-treatlng in Crosby dorm. 2. Nothing less than beautiful, the Lyceum in the Fall creates the perfect completion to the circle. 3. Oxford ' s own Hoka is constantly changing. This year the unique eatery and theatre was painted with a new face. 4. Football season isn ' t complete without the Pride of the South marching band. A 1 Photo by Misty Tims 6 — Opening II Phot r ' l I l!Hll i ' Hi A 3 Photo by Misty Tims 1 . Billy Brewer and Johnny Reb fire up the Rebel fans before the Georgia game. 2. Oxford children play on the square during the " Living South Festival, " which was held in June. 3. A weary band member hangs his head after a performance. 4. Snow briefly graced the campus during the first week of November. ▲ 4 Photo by OUle Brock Opening The Fall season in Mississippi has to be ex- perienced to be appreciated. Nowhere else is the coming of Fall more apparent than at Ole Miss. Here leaves in the Grove go from green to yellow to orange to brown. The weather changes from hot and humid to briskly cold. The overall enthusiasm of the students rises as the season progresses. New students get into the swing of things, returning students appreciate having been away and then coming back. Fall season brings the sound of the Ole Miss band practicing in the afternoon, the be- ginning of football season, elections, decisions and the start of another memorable year. A 1 Photo by OUIe Brock . 3 Photo by B.J. Mannlx 1 . Ole Miss students rejoice In the unexpected snow that fell overnight during the first week of Novemeber. 2. Highway safety dummy " Larry " makes quite an Impression on this young Rebel fan. 3. This participant in the Delta Gamma cinchor splash chose to make a statement with his costume. 4. A young Oxford boy begins his musical career behind a rather large set of drums. ▲ 4 Photo by OlUe Brock 8 — Opening i. 1 . Rebel fans truly are bom and bred. Here at Homecoming this young Rebel watches Intently as the Rebels struggle against Vanderbilt. 2. Tuba player Don Morris gets into the spirit of things after the " Beat Georgia " bonfire. 3. Students Jump for footballs being thrown by the cheerleaders during the game. Crowd participation and enthusiasm is always Important. Opening Coining to college means expe- riencing new things and new peo- ple. As each one goes through their years here at Ole Miss they will accumulate memories and ex- periences that will last forever. Some experiences are learning ones, some make an impact on a person ' s future judgements, some are painful, and others are just unforgettable. But, each experience is what you make it. Often times, as we all will learn, things don ' t turn out the way they were planned. But, growing up means learning to ad- just, working things out with oth- ers, trying to understand that things happen, rather than con- centrating so hard on why things happened. A 1 Photo by Jamie Hooper 1 . Recent successful graduate John Clark ( JC) of Oxford, polished up on his bullfighting skills this summer in Salamanca, Spain. Here he practices with a baby bull during a match. 2. Often times the first fraternity experience many new members have is being thrown into the mud on Bid Day. 3. LidewlJ Hesselink of the Netherlands, enjoyed taking time away from school to go to New York for the NYC marathon. ▲ 3 Photo by Arne Gast 10 — Opening k 4 Photo by Ame Gast 1 . Designing costumes in the theatre department In Bryant Hall Is just one of the many projects that goes into every production. 2. Outside the UM library, the seal of the State of Mississippi. 3. A member of the Ole Miss marching band does his best Dlzzle Gillespie imitation. 4. Heading into the late afternoon, a military science student comes down from the tower. Opening — 11 ▲ 2 Photo by OUIe Brock 1 . This year the tourist information office welcomed many peo- ple to Oxford as the number of visitors to our town grows each year. 2. The LSU tiger and Johnny Reb practice their passes between quarters. 3. Working hard on their award-winning float. Delta Psi captured top honors again this year. 4. Todd Inman, right, gets Chris Baker to let loose a little at the Student Media Center ' s Christmas party. A 4 Photo by B.J. Mannlx 12 — Opening A 2 Photo bv Ame Gast I •II i i-i- [ISP 3 V !7 :|Wa 1 . Bin Glasgow, the bartender, helps Laura DUl, center, and her two friends enjoy the holidays at the Far East. 2. Upstairs In the Union students can find a wide assortment of things to eat and drink. The ever expanding dining facility allows for ejctra variety. 3. Summer-school Is made a little easier by summer festivals and celebra- tions. Here students enjoyed the first " Living South " festival, which brought to Oxford artists, writers and craftsmen. 4. Even weather that re- quired a cap didn ' t stop these two. A 3 Photo by Hyde Stewart Opening — 13 vrLP A 1 Photo by Ollle Brock ▲ 3 Photo by Arne Gast ▲ 3 Photo by Natalie Pharr 1 . Constantly changing, the computer industry Is advancing everyday, allowing students to create virtually anything on-screen. 2. The lowering of the American flag shortly before dusk. 3. A touchdown during the homecoming game against Vanderbilt. 4. A view from the Old Cafeteria, which now houses the band hall. 14 — Opening A 5 Photo by Natalie Pharr 1 . Craig Dearman and John Dill made friends quickly with the Heineken man this summer In Nice, France. Dear got quite a tan? 2. Property of Ole Miss. 3. Refs helping each up suit up before the big game. 4. It is hard to believe so much has happened in the last 100 years right there on the front steps of the Lyceum. 5. Coach Brewer leading his team on the traditional homecoming walk. Opening — 15 Ra E kB ' «»J ' • ' 1 -i i M . A-i •. ' t I " i 17 Homecoming 9 1 Spirits were high during Homecoming week, even though the rain and the loss to Vanderbilt attempted to damper the weekend. The Rebel team fought a gallant battle, while students and alumni cheered throughout Vaught-Hemingway stadium. Each year Homecoming brings to campus a variety of age groups who all share in the love and traditional pride that make Die Miss a special place to come home to. With school-age children tossing miniture footballs in the Grove, to the alumni band playing, to the crowning of the homecoming queen, Ole Miss homecoming allows everyone to experience some- thing to remember. Wi th the Student Programming board promoting events throughout the week, homecoming week of- fered events to cover almost everyone ' s interests. Monday — volleyball in the grove and spades tour- nament in the Union. Tuesday — acoustical guitarist David Kincaid at lunch on the Union plaza and a nine-hole shotgun golf tournament at the University golf course. Wednesday — Ole Miss dunkin ' booth and " Casino Night. " Thursday — David Kincaid at lunch on the Union plaza and Homecoming Parade through Oxford. 1. Unique to Ole Miss, the Grove is alive with activities during home games, but is always extra special during homecoming. 2. Grenda native Amy Harrison accepted the homecoming crown at halftime. 3. Born and bred Rebels. 4. Warming up before the game, the Rebel football team swung into action against Vanderbilt. A 4 Photo by Arne Cast 18 — Student Life 1. Rebs break through a " Spirit of the South " banner on game day. 2. Johnny Reb struts down the field commanding attention. 3. The cheerleaders did their part to involve the crowd, this year passing out pom-poms as an alternative to the Rebel flag. 4. Generations of Ole Miss alumni and future alumni can be seen in the Grove on game Saturdays. Student Life — 19 ' .J Renovations With the addition of new parking lots on sorority row and in front of the Ole Miss union, the parking situation eased up a little bit. The construction of the lots came after years of heated debate over the necessity of having them constructed. Nevertheless, the lots have now paved the way for many sorority girls to park close to their houses at night, eliminating the need for them to walk alone in the dark. The foundation was set this year for the Ole Miss Natural Products center, which will be located between Faser and Coulter Hall. The center will significantly expand pharmecutical research. The $3-million Barnard Observatory was completed early in the Fall of 1991. The observatory will house the Southern Studies program. On the heels of complaints about the dis- inegration of many university structures, buildings such as Old Chemistry, Conner Hall and several older dormitory struc- tures got much needed facelifts. No more Parking Problems? 1 . Bulldozing began early in the semester for the park- ing lot In front of the Union. 2. Workers layed down the curbs alongside the parking lot behind the Trl-Delt house. 3. At last all these cars have places to park. . 11 11 J I 20 — Student Life ■ to A 2 Photo by Ame Gast M A 4 Photo by B. J. Mannlx 1. Barnard observatory was a multi-million dollar renovation project that was finished In the Fall. 2. The Natural Products Center will be a project that will be constructed over the next several years. 3. Several buildings got face-lifts over the year. 4. The new student health center offers a variety of health services and also houses the Bessie Speed Center. Student Life — 21 Miss Mississippi Fourth Runner — Up to Miss America Once again Mississippi was honored with having had a Miss America contestant rep- resenting our state, do so well In the na- tional pageant. Mary Allison Hurdle, who went to the state pageant as Miss Desoto county, walked away from the Miss Amer- ica pageant with a lifetime of memories and the honor of having been fourth runner up to the crown. Prior to the Miss America pageant. Missy held the titles of Miss Magnolia 1989, and Miss University 1990. She was a double preliminary winner in swimsuit and tcdent at the Miss Mississippi pageant for the years 1989 — 90 ' . The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Hurdle, Missy used her eleven years of ex- tensive voice training for her vocal performace in Miss America. At Ole Miss, she sang in the University Concert Singers and the Madrigal Choir. She has also been a featured singer in the opera, " The Consul. " Missy, who graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Bachelor of Accoun- tancy Degree, is currently pursuing a Mas- ters in that field. She hopes to seek a career in public accounting after graduation, but will continue to advance her singing career. 1 . The official Miss Mississippi portrait. 2. Missy was honored at half- time during the first home game for her achelvements by Chancellor Turner and the Alumni Association president. Photo by Ed Brondyke 22 — Student Life r I 1 . Missy Hurdle, center, on stage In Atlantic City with other Miss America contestants. 2. A preliminary tal- ent winner In Miss Mississippi, Missy also captivated audiences during the Miss America pageant with her voice. 3. Obviously physically fit, Missy also won in preliminary swlmsult competition. 4. In the spotlight. Miss Mississippi always a crowd favorite In Atlantic City. Features — 23 A 2 Photo by August Laurent 1 . Students voted In vain dur- ing the Miss Ole Miss - Col. Reb elections held for the first time in the Fall. 2. The Spring election started just days after the final tally had been read in the long-overdue Miss Ole Miss elections. With all the candidates for vice-president. Spring elections were no less confusing. 3. Cory Wilson stands near a sign supporting the Governor-elect candidate he supported so strongly. 4. Sarah Jernlgan, far right, probably didn ' t persuade many people to vote for Marci with that mean look on her face. J i A 4 Photo by B.J. Mannlx 24 — Student Life Did you Vote? Problems, problems, problems, characterized Fall elections and forced some candidates to appear on the ballot four times. Just thirty minutes before the polls closed on Thurs- day, November 21, 1991, the entire Miss Ole Miss. Colonel Rebel and favorites race was called off. After weeks of campaigning, candidates were told that problems with the student identification card readers, made the election null and void, and due to the fact that it was so close to Christmas vacation, elections could not be held again until Tuesday, January 28, 1992. Elections commissioner Cary Lee and Attorney Gen- eral Cory Wilson made the decision and also decided to nullify the primary election which had taken place on Tuesday, November 19, and which had produced a field of five male and five female favorites. The entire election and campaigning process was put on hold until the new year. Judging by the outcome of the final election held on Thursday, January 30, it seemed that students had already made their choices for the election. The orig- inal favorites were once again chosen and the front- runners, Marci Matthews for Miss Ole Miss and Josh Fletcher for Col. Rebel, handily defeated their op- ponents Ruth Echols and Mike Malouf . 1 . Katherlne Fowler casts her ballot In the first general election for homecoming queen. 2. Penn Wilder helps campaign for Robyn McKenzle, while supporters for Stacy Greer, Ginger Hub- bard and Amy Harrison hold signs in the back- ground. 3. A mob of sign-holders bombards po- tential voters outside Conner Hall. ▲ 2 Photo by Oavld Dunson ▲ 3 Photo by Ame Cast Student Life — 25 Country Music is a Hit Randy Travis and Alan Jackson drive straight to the heart of country music fans in Oxford. It was a concert that came into town with little warning. Promoted by an outside promoter, the Randy Travis — Alan Jackson concert went unannouced until shortly before tickets went on sale both in Oxford and through the central ticket office. Reminiscent of the REM concert in 1987, students slept under the tick- et counter in the Union to be first in line for tickets. Only allowing each student to pur- chase eight tickets, the central ticket office quickly sold thousands of tickets to waiting fans. On concert night everything from babies, to toddlers, to young teenagers, to students, to parents, to elderly packed Tad-Smith coliseum for a heart warming taste of their favorite mu- sic. A 3 Photo by Katherine Bomboy 1 . Security was tight to keep fans under control. 2. Award winning country music star Randy Travis. 3. Jackson finishes warming up the crowd. 4. Fans from all over came to Oxford to see the show. 26 — Student Life A 4 Photo by B.J. Mannlx 1 . One Alan Jackson fan probably had all her wishes come true, giving the entertainer a big hug during his opening performace. 2. Even the smallest fans were out to see the country performers live. ▲ 4 Photo by Katherlne Bomboy Student Life — 27 DluOin ' OkcI Cwim Photo by Katherine Bomboy Photo by B.J. Mannlx I Photo by Kalherine Bomboy 28 — Student Life I 1f DoDaawS Photo by Katherlne Bomboy Photo by Katherlne Bomboy Photo by Katherlne Bomboy N Student Life — 29 Holidays — Holidays — Holidays — Holidays — Holidays - Holidays A 3 Photo by Misty Tims 1 . Members of the Sam Haln Pumpkin Carvers Society feign death around their entry to the SPB pumpkin carving contest. 2. Kelly chose to go as a hobo, and Keith as the Nazi she met trlck-or-treatlng. 3. This little trlck-or-treater was decked out as a tiny pumpkin, to go door-to-door for candy in Crosby hall. 4. Look at Brooke Fagen (center) gooooo, what a Joiner! Gena and Suzanne are amazed as they watch Brooke slngle-handldly decorate the tree at the AAA house. A 4 Photo by Margaret Bamhart. 30 — Student Life Holidays — Holidays — Holidays — Holidays — Holidays - Holidays miWT Merry Christmas 1. Delta Psl fraternity shared a very special Christmas dinner with the people of the North Mississippi Retar- dation Center. 2. Delta Gamma also sponsored a Christ- mas party for their cooks. Here one of the children admires the tree. 3. Getting Into the Christmas spirit really early, these two built a snowman with the early November snow. Student Life — 31 Talk Radio i Begun in October 1990, U-92 ' s often controversial talk radio show appropriately titled, " Talk Radio, " has taken off as one of the most talked about and listened to programs regularly broadcast by U-92. Hosted by veteran DJ Travis Bedwell the show was inspired by the Oliver Stone hit movie of the same name. " I was driving back to school after Christmas break and I had seen that movie, " explained Bedwell, " and I thought it was a good idea for a show that we could run and produce here. We wanted to do a show that would serve the community and at the same time entertain. " After 10 months of planning, the show began on a Tuesday night in October, in the 10pm to midnight time slot. Bedwell, who has always been the sole host of the show, was nervous that no one would call in. " That first show, I was so nervous that we wouldn ' t last an hour. " he said. " But it went past midnight. " When the show first began callers were put directly on the air. This created problems such as people using profanity. When money became available U-92 was able to purchase a more extensive delay system which allows for calls to be monitored. Bedwell says this is in no way an attempt to edit or to censor what is said on " Talk Radio. " " The show is about allowing people to voice their opinions, " he said. " It is not a news show, it is an opinion show and I think the show allows people to think about things more. Any time people think more about something it makes it better. " Bedwell said the most popular topic over the last two years has been race relations. He explained that this has covered everything from the flag, to enrollment, to the types of or- ganizations on campus. He said there is not a typical caller to the show, that all ages and all types of people call in. He said his most memorable call wasn ' t from a student at all. " A lady called in early on during the Persian Gulf crisis. She had two teenage sons and expressed very seriously her fears about how long the war would last and what affects it would have on everyone, " Bedwell remembers. " Her call was so moving that when we finished talking there wasn ' t a dry eye in the studio. " The show was moved to Sunday nights this year and was given an earlier time period, from 8 to 10 p.m. Bedwell, who is a junior broadcast journalism major, plans to continue doing the show until he graduates. A 1 Photo by Ollle Brock 1 . In the beginning of the show. It took several people to take calls and alert Travis to who was waiting on the line. 2. Travis used to conduct discussions with callers while pacing the hall. 32 — Student Life A 2 Photo by Ollle Brock 1 . with the new switch-board Travis Is now able to control the delay system himself making the operation of Talk Radio even Into more of a one-man show. 2. Often times not agreeing with callers, Travis said he does not shy away from giving his honest opinion. 3. Reading for three to four hours every Sunday pre- pares him for the show. 4. Travis said If no one calls in he will Just talk to himself until a topic has been established. Student Life — 33 Theatre Season — Theatre Season — Theatre Season T The 1991-92 ' theatre season at Ole Miss was described as " a season of classics. " " Last year most of the University Theatre plays were very contemporary, " said Department chairman James ShoUenberger. " This season, we ' re balancing that with four classic pieces. We will be adding some modem technological touches to some of the productions, however, with special effects and lighting. " The season opened on October 24-25 with " Our Town " by Thorton Wilder. An adaptation of Charles Dickens ' " A Christmas Carol, " with carroUing and dancing, was performed on November 21-26. Lulgl Pirandello ' s " Six Characters in Search of an Author " was selected for performances In Bryant Hall ' s Studio Theatre. Rounding out the season was " A Midsummer Night ' s Dream, " by WUllam Shakespeare. In addition to the above productions The Mississippi Dance company featured students and professionals performing everything from modem dance to jazz to ballet. Artistic Director Jennifer Mlzenko also choreographed an original piece called " Generations " which featured dancers from age 10 to 65. Showstoppers brought music and dance to the stage on March 26-27. The spring version Included lavish set and costumes. Although not part of the theatre season, there were three other productions that appealled to theatre lovers. " Educating Rita, " by Willie Russell was presented Sept. 26 — 28. The second production, " Butter Beans, " was written by Mississippian Dinah Leavltt. The third production dealt with a serious issue — life. " South Road Down, " by Carry Lee dealt with whether length or quality of life was more Important. 1. Anthony Herrera, left, discusses his touring production of " Smoke and Mir- rors " with Bert Foregger, center, assistant professor and technical director of theatre art at Ole Miss, and Dr. Larry Kadlec, di- rector of design and theatre technology. Herrera, was helped with the composition of the show, which toured nine MS cities, by the theatre arts department. 2. Per- forming the piece " United We Fall, " which explores relationships among women, is the Mississippi Dance Company. 34 — Student Life son Theatre Season — Theatre Season — Theatre Season 1 . Members of the Cratchltt family from " A Christmas Carol. " are from left. (Frances) Peter Gray, of Oxford; (Belinda) Sarah Freeland of Ox- ford; (Mr. Cratchltt). James Craven of Water Valley; (Tiny Tim), Jonathon Machado of Waterford; (Mrs. Cratchltt). Kathryn Witt of Racine. Wise; (Peter). Joshua Jordan of Oxford; and (Martha). Alice Walker of Oxford. The musical was presented from November 21 through the 26. 2. Sweethearts Emily Webb (Melalne Bennett of Auburn. Ala.) and George Glbbs (Ted Carruba of Jacksonville. Fla.) daydream about their future together in the homecoming play " Our Town. " 3. Scrooge (Charles Fraser of Clinton) gives a piggy-back ride to Tiny Tim (Jonathon Machado of Waterford) as the two celebrate what promises to be the merriest Christ- mas ever in " A Christmas Carol. " Student Life — 35 Vacations Getting away to the slopes or the beach during breaks. Doing it up right during spring break and sum- mer is the typical Ole Miss student. Some of the most popular spots to hit include Aspen, Winterpark and Breckenridge. Colorado. Go- ing on an organized trip to another country is also very popular. The school offers several trips that include a short stint at another uni- versity for credit. Other trips include those organized by outside promoters and include such places as the Bahamas and Mexico. Sa- rah Jernigan described her senior ski trip with her sorority sisters and other friends to Steam- boat Springs, Colorado over last Christmas as " the best time I ' ve ever had. " A 2 Photo by Laura Sheffield 1 . Tim Noss, Scott Sweeden and David White get away from It all In New Orleans at Pat O ' Briens. When In NO you can always run Into someone you know at Pat O ' s. 2. John Dill and J.C. get prepared to run with the bulls In Pamplona. Spain. 3. Ole Miss students John Dill. Derlk Williams, John Clark, Craig Dearman and August Laurent and some of the friends they met while studying In Salamanca, Spain during summer 1991. A 3 Photo by Laura Sheffield 36 — Student Life A 1 Photo by Hot Shots of Steamboat. 1. Ole Miss students Whitney Miller, Ferris Newell, Tricla McLemore, Shaune Scott, Amy Wallace. Brooke Fagan, Amy Puryear, Elizabeth Owen, Sarah Jemlgan and Rebecca Hermetz have a great time on the SPB sponsored ski trip to Steamboat Springs over Christmas. 2. Last spring break these Ole Miss students shut down Wlnterpark, Colorado during a much needed ski vacation. Student Life — 37 .°« ' -- O ' o 5- • c o 0_ o ' ' o • •o%°V « O O o O. • o • o •iafty E)o!lai ts t Btae .° q, • g .0 .1 o o : »o««,0 « ,0 • o » . g . o ,° o • ° ' » ° . „ » - o - n - -, ° • f i. ' •» Vl ' ; Barhopping — 18 to enter, 21 to drink? Good bars, great bands, dumb closing times For Its size and location, you really can ' t com- plain when it comes to characterizing the bands cind other entertainment that come to Oxford and the Oxford area. Spawned probably by the avid following of alternative music In Oxford, the Fall and Spring seasons brought out Toad the Wet Sprocket, Dryvln ' and Cryln ' , Allgood Music Company, Mundahs, Widespread, Beanland and many others. With Lafayette ' s leading the way doing live broadcasts from Its location, even the students who had to stay home to study could enjoy live performance by bands that come around only once a year. This year two bars opened its doors to 18-year- olds. The advertisements read 18 to enter, 21 to drink. Of course not being 21 has never stopped students before, and inviting 18-year-olds in Just gave the police something else to do. Rather than playing checkers in their cars waiting to arrest someone else for DUl, they could now come In and see if It really was 2 1 to drink. Still being in the stone-age Oxford has yet to give in and keep the bars open later. Late-night food venders are probaly happy about that though. If the bars didn ' t close until 3, they would have to wait until 3:01 to begin selling burritos and chicken to slobbering drunks. One thing about that chicken though — it could get you arrested. OPD knows that nobody eats that chicken without having had consuming al- cohol first. Have you ever seen students fighting for that chicken around 7 p.m.? 1 . With four guys around her, hopefully this girl had that beer paid for. Maybe the guy behind her? 2. Lafayette ' s always brings good bands to Oxford. It always takes one or two people to get out on the dance floor first to get things going. 3. These bouncers at the Gin look like real push- ▲ Photo by Katherine Bomboy 40 — Student Life I 1. Popular for " Country Night " with Lee Thlgpen. the Gin also brings In quality zydeco and regge. 2. " Man. Bob my mom told me to make sure I got my picture taken for the year- book. " 3. Girls go crazy over guys with bandanas? 4. Isn ' t that the nice guy from the Hoka playing pool? • ' A 4 Photo by Katherlne Bomboy Student Life — 41 Where you live A Resident Advisor ' s Perspective By Regan Stribling Being an R.A. here at Ole Miss is definitely a unique experience and an enjoyable one.... if you life being awak- ened at three or four in the morning several times a week to let inebriated residents into their rooms, walking around with a geeky clipboard and a beeper one night a week, being in early on football weekends, checking out equipt- ment to students who think that they ' re royalty, giving directions to almost an5rwhere in the southern United States, acting as campus information and being asked to give a phone number wth merely the first name or floor number, and answering a thousand questions like, " How do I drop-add " or " When do we pay fees? " Of course, there is always the thrilling experience of evacuating the build- ing at some strange hour for the third or fourth weekly false fire alarm. R.A. life is an enriching experience that will both bring you closer to people and make you want to kill them. However, If you are lucky, the R.A. experience includes road trips, late night swimming in Clear Creek, R.A. par- ties in the lobby after hours, and a lot of Domino ' s pizza. The lucky R.A. also enjoys having nightly rap sessions with his or her residents, watching movies with them, and of course sharing in their heartaches and their happiness. Any veteran R.A. can tell you lots of Interesting stories like, for instance, the morning someone was found asleep by the elevator, or the resident who went psycho on her roommate, or the girl who wanted to sleep In the lobby because the people she came to see weren ' t here. Then there are your average, everyday emergencies like the monster roach in the shower; the room that had its elec- tricity go out while the residents were getting ready for a football game; the mysterious thing in the Coke machine that always takes your money; the resident whose room- mate locked her out while she was in the shower; the drawer that always gets stuck; or the name tag on a girl ' s door that has her first name, when she a ctually goes by her middle name. The R.A. experience is the spice of life. It allows you to bond with everyone from other R.A. ' s, to residents, to the people who come here on football weekends whose beer you pour out. Sometimes you want to scream and some- times you want to cry, but there is NEVER a dull moment. 1. After graduating from the dorm their freshman year, many fraternity boys get the great experience of living in the frat house. After enjoying a healthy breakfast of Lucky Charms, these Sigma Chl ' s use the dining room to talk. 2. After graduating from fraternity houses, many people get the luxury of moving into their own apart- ments. Here Chris Bird and his dog General Lee get a fire going. ▲ 2 Photo by Mary Yancy Parks. 42 — Student Life 1 Where You Live Where You Live Live — Where You I to «j A 3 Photo by Arae Gast i k 2 Photo by Todd Inman 5 Photo by Misty Tims i5JS»lcS JSfr A 4 Photo by Ame Gast 1. Scott, Paul, and Megan wind down after a hard day of classes. 2. Chris Hollanders of the Netherlands adds a per- sonal touch to his room decor. 3. Adrian Martinez and Tyson Hensel enjoy the finer dining of college life. 4. Harold Nelper successfully turned his room into a work place. 5. Playing cards Is a good way to entertain a room fuU of restless people. Student Life — 43 Ga ▲ Photo by Keith Perler 44 — Student Life student Life — 45 Photo by Ollle Brock 46 — Student Life student Life — 47 tfsss issi A. ' K799Six% v«t Hk n w TMAfifv Gal Photo by Natalie Pharr Photo by Misty Tims Photo by NIkkl Tutor 52 — Features Photo by Misty Tims i Photo by Natalie Pharr Photo by Margaret Barnhart Photo by Ame Gast Student Life — 53 iTf ' x :.. ' What ' s Inside Most Beautiful Pages 56 — 57 Beauties Pages 58 — 62 Miss University Page 63 Homecoming Court Pages 64 — 65 Favorites Pages 68—71 -♦ , ; ,;j5VK ' :;f; - ;:p!i ' 7«t -f»! ' ii i; ' SJi«3; ■X ;■■... " ' V -V ■i.:-: vj ; X ' •-■■ i »« Most Beautiful Ashley Mollis 56 — Features Most Beautiful Ashley Mollis, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Lawrence Mollis of Jackson, was crowned Most Beautiful during Parade of Beauty festivities held on October 31. Eighty-one coeds vied for the title of Most Beautiful in Fulton Chapel, but final selection was first limited to afield of twenty-five and then further narrowed to a top ten. A sophomore general business major, this was only Ashley ' s second participation in a pageant. Last year she also appeared in Parade of Beauties and was selected for a top twenty-five position. Serving this year as rush chairman for Delta Delta Delta sorority, Ashley was also her pledge class president. She is involved in Ole Miss Am- bassadors, the school spirit and communications committees for the Associated Student Body, as well as serving as Vice-President of Lambda Sig- ma leadership society. Ashley is also a Sigma Chi little sister and an active member of Reformed University Fellowship. I Features — 57 Beauties Tyler Lott A senior from Washington, D.C., Tyler is a mem- ber of Kappa Delta sorority and was sponsored by Sigma Nu fraternity. She serves Sigma Nu as their sweetheart. Sara Freeman A senior elementary education major from Clin- ton, Sara is a member of Phi Mu sorority and was sponsored by them in Parade of Beauties. This is her third appearance in the top ten. 58 — Features Beauties Courtney Stewart Fifth-year pharmacy student Courtney Stewart from Brownsville, TN was sponsored by the mod- eling board. This is her second year to appear in the top ten. She is also currently serving as the 1992 Maid of Cotton. Kristy Dollar Freshman Kristy Dollar is a liberal arts major from Meridian. She is a member of Chi Omega sorority, who also sponsored her in Parade of Beauties. Features — 59 Beauties Kristi Brown Junior Kristi Brown from Greenville, MS, was spon- sored by Sigma Alpha Epsilon in the Parade of Beauties. She serves SAE as their sweetheart and is a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. Trinity Tann A freshman from Jackson, MS, Trinity was spon- sored by her sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma in Parade of Beauties. in. 60 — Features Beauties pon- lain Lydia Lewis A junior from Oxford, MS, Lydia was sponsored in Parade of Beauties by her sorority, Chi Ome- ga- Laura Durrett A senior psychology major from Olive Branch, Lau- ra is appearing for the second year in a row in the top ten. She was sponsored by the Wesley Foun- dation. Features — 61 Beauties Amy Harrison A senior from Grenada, MS, Amy Harrison cer- tainly has had quite a year. In addition to being named a beauty. Amy also served as the 1991 Homecoming queen and was selected as a campus favorite. She is a member of Delta Gamma sorority and was sponsored by Alpha Tau Omega. Tiffany Curtis Tiffany, a senior from Jackson, MS, was spon- sored in Parade of Beauties by her sorority, Delta Gamma. All photographs shot at Oxford ' s own Downtown Grill 62 — Features I I 1991 Miss University Misty Hammack Features — 63 HOMECOMING QUEEN I AMY HARRISON I Yolanda Wesley Michelle Russell Kristy Davis ennifer Long Elizabeth Allison Leigh Stec Debra Dale Sidra Patterson Jane Clair Teasley Homecoming on October 26, was a mixture of excitement and disappoint- ment as Rebel fans watched the team garner its second loss in what would eventually become a five-game losing streak, to the Vanderbilt Commodores 27-30. In front of a crowd of 32,000 the sun shone brightly during halftime festivities nonetheless. Senior maids Yolanda Wesley, Michelle Russell, Kristy Davis; Junior maids Jennifer Long, Elizabeth Allison and Leigh Stec; Sophomore maids Debra Dale and Sidra Patterson; and Freshman maids Jane Clair Teasley and Karri Monschien preceded the homecoming queen onto the field. Homecoming queen. Amy Harrison from Grenada, was es- corted by ASB President Rhea Tannehill and crowned by Chancellor Gerald Turner and the Alumni Association president. Karri Monschien Features 65 66 — Features Miss Ole Miss This year ' s Miss Ole Miss was Marci Mathews of Tupelo, MS. The daughter of Dan and Kay Mathews, Marci has maintained a 3.9 average in business and commerce, while maintaining a very active social and involved campus life. During 1991, she served both as vice-president of the As- sociated Student Body and as President of Panhellenic. She has been involved with the ASB since her freshman year and was selected as the AWS Outstanding Woman of the Junior Class in 1990. She has been inducted into Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Mortar Board. This member of Delta Delta Delta sorority wdll leave a definite mark on Ole Miss. Colonel Reb Charismatic Josh Fletcher of Indianola, MS, was elected Colonel Rebel this year. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Leshe R. Fletcher, Josh is a history major. He has been very involved in his fraternity and in campus organizations since coming to Ole Miss. This year he served both as President of Kappa Alpha Order and as President of Order of Omega. In ad- dition. Josh has been very involved in Inter-Fraternity Council, was an orientation leader as was a member of the ASB Oxford-University Liason committee. Features — 67 Ok Miss moJiAeS w Don Brock The son of Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Brock of Greenwood, MS, Don is a senior majoring in History. Not wanting to teach school for the rest of his life, Don has tenative plans to find himself in law school come Fall. During his years at Ole Miss, Don was active in Phi Alpha Theta, Sigma Tau Delta and was rush chairman for Phi Delta Theta fraternity. Don also served on the Student Alumni council, was an ASB senator and was a member of the pre-law society. Thedai senior I aspresi ),..„,; nnmero Wlgra( iiiany( Kappa, Kappa 1 Stacy h Mary Frances Caldwell This senior leisure management major from Columbus, MS, was late for her favorite picture because she wanted to wear aerobics clothes and her friends had to talk her out of it. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Caldwell, Mary Frances generates constant energy and en- thusiaism. Serving as rush chairman of Delta Delta Delta sorority, Mary also was a Pike calendar girl and a member of the Chancellor ' s leadership class. Mary Frances also served as the panhellenic rep- resentative for Delta Delta Delta. " as also 68 — Features Ok Miss y-Ql oiicteS Ali Quaid The daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Quaid of Baton Rouge, Ali is a senior majoring in Dietetics. This year she was very busy, as she served as president of Kappa Delta sorority. She served as vice-president of Kappa Delta during 1989-90, and she also served as social chairman for the Sigma Chi little sisters that year as well. She is involved in numerous ASB committees and she has also served as an Ole Miss ambassador and was inducted into Order of Omega. Stacy Greer The daughter of A.W. and Pat Greer of Jackson, Stacy has maintained a 4.0 grade point average in Art and Business. She has been inducted into jimany campus honoraries including Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Golden Key and Order of Omega. She served as chaplain of Kappa Delta sorority for two years and was also KD rush chairman. I Stacy has been involved in many ASB committees and served as president of the Sigma Chi little sister program. Joseph Reid The son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Reid of Batesville, Joseph has maintained a 3.9 grade point average in History while at Ole Miss. He served as the Associate Director of the Student Programming Board this last year and was also vice-president for Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. He served as recording secretary for the Inter-fraternity council and was vice- president of lambda sigma. He was inducted into Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa and Order of Omega. Features Ok Miss gyoiiiies Amy Harrison The daughter of Dr. and Mrs. D.L. Harrison of Grenada, Amy has become quite a famihar face on campus this year. She served as Homecoming Queen and was selected a top ten beauty. She served as vice-president of rush in Delta Gamma sorority, was on the modeling board and was a rebel recruite r. She is a special education major and has been inducted into Mortar board, Omicron Delta Kappa and Order of Omega. She also served as Mississippi ' s Miss Hospitality during 1991. Ginger Hubbard The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hubbard of Jackson, Ginger is a senior math major. She has been inducted into Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa and Lambda Sigma. She was also president of Mortar Board and pledge trainer for Chi Omega sorority. Ginger is also very active in athletics and was named Female Intramural Athlete of the Year in 1991. She also served as M-Club sweetheart and was a member of the Student Alumni Council. Charles Galloway After tranferring to Ole Miss three years ago from Vanderbilt Uni- versity, Charles has gone on to become involved as much as possible at Ole Miss. The son of Mr. and Mrs. W.P Galloway of Yazoo City, this business major served as president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity this year. He had previously served SAE as their rush chairman. He is a member of Order of Omega and has been listed on the Chancellor ' s Honor Roll. 70 — Features Ok Miss pf QQ-Q irteS 1 e served as ifseiredas le modeling major and a and Order Travis Bedwell A junior broadcast major from Hattiesburg, MS, Travis is an all-around well-known personality on campus. As host of U-92 ' s " Talk Radio " , Travis can be heard giving feedback and opinions on everything every Sunday night. The son of Dr. John Bedwell of Little Rock, Ark., and Eilleene McRae of Hattiesburg, Travis has also serves as station man- ager of WUMS and is a member of Kappa Sigma fraternity. Having one more year at Ole Miss, Travis is not sure whether he will pursue a job at a radio station or attend law school upon graduation. rd !risi 11,1 ml of Morts r is also veil ithleteofllif ' asamemte fay ,nde ' »- laspos! Cih ' ' IZOO Chanc - Lee Berry The son of Mr. and Mrs. Dickie Berry of Florence, AL, Lee is a management major. Very active in university intramurals, Lee plays football, basketball and softball in his spare time. He is also a member of Wall Street South, College RepubHcans and Phi Beta Lambda. He is a member of Ducks Unlimited and served as an officer for his fra- ternity, Kappa Alpha. Features — 71 What ' s Inside Football Pages 74 — 81 Basketball Pages 82 — 89 Baseball Pages 90 — 95 Tennis Pages 96 — 99 Golf Pages 100 — 103 Track Field Pages 104 — 105 Volleyball Pages 106 — 107 Soccer Intramurals Pages 112 — 113 72 d x pm E. ' ' f " ii .i Football Nominal Season Serves to Humble Rebs After a phenomenal finish last year, the 1991 Ole Miss Rebel team came out with a bang, but were never able to garner enough momentum to carry over to a successful season. Plagued by problems brought on by injuries and loss of players, the Rebels went on to finish the season with a 5-6 record and a 1 -6 finish in the SEC. A very dissapointing season for a team that peaked high in all the college polls last year and secured a season record that took them all the way to the Gator Bowl. The Rebels began the season with a successful bout with season opener Tulane. The Rebs went on to beat Memphis State, who were unable to put any points on the board. The Rebs fell during their first SEC match against the then 15th ranked Auburn. Cracking the top twenty-five with their first conference victory over the Kentucky Wildcats, there seemed to be renewed optimisim in the lagging Rebel team. Coach Brewer said post -game Kentucky that he felt that his Rebels had a chance to crack the top twenty. However, the October 5 victory over the Cats did not begin the Rebels winning streak but rather began their slide to a five-game losing streak that sealed their pl ace at almost the bottom of the SEC. r: • ' ' ■ v ' -.jfc : . 1991 Results _ Tulane ,V!ff ' Memphis State ' •; Auburn . : Ohio " Arkansas ' w)f, Kentucky .i ■ Georgia Vanderbilt ; :LSU ,i. Tennessee i MSU • W.:: •. 1 I A 2 Hhoto by 13.J. Mannix r; N " -. 74 — Sports vs. Georgia Going into the game ranked 23rd in the nation the Rebel team had chosen a beautiful day to down the 22nd ranked Georgia bulldogs. Thanks to the efforts of Georgia players Larry Ware and Eric Zeier their efforts were thwarted. Matching the Dawgs throughout the first half, the Rebels stood on even ground at half-time with a score of 1 7- 17. Georgia coach Ray Goff used the half-time break to instruct his team on how to slash through the Rebel defense. The Dawgs came back strong to score three more times in the second half. With an additional field goal by Georgia kicker Kanon Parker, the Dawgs fin- ished off the Rebs 37-17. 1. Rebel player Pete Harris squares off with an MSU player during play Sept. 7 in Memphis. 2. Russ Shows carries the ball during the Ohio game. 3. Marvin Courtney goes in for the first TD against Georgia. 4. Starting off the second half against Georgia. 5. Chad Brown struggles against the Arkansas defense. 6. Klckoff return. Sports — 75 ▲ 4 Photo by OUle BrocK 76 — Sports TD leaving a ' J ' A I Photo by Andy Staten jm ' ti A i • i " A 2 Photo by OUle Brock 1 ors i: B is; A 3 Photo by Fi.J Mannlx 1. Ole Miss running back Don Innocent stiff-arms an LSU defender. 2. Marvin Courtney eludes a trio of Auburn tacklers. 3. Tom Luke looks to pass as Cling Conlee holds back the Vandy defense. Sports — 77 Rebels Give Up Title to SherrilVs Dawgs The game was the hottest topic around. It was to be the showdown to end all showdowns. The much hyped match-up between the Mississippi State Bulldogs and the Ole Miss Rebels ended In disappointment as Jackie Sherrill ' s statement that " he would never lose to the Rebels " came very true. Playing at Scott Field in Starkville for the first time since 1 97 1 , in front of a crowd of 4 1 ,000, the Mississippi State bulldogs put the finishing touches on the five-game los- ing streak that would end the Rebel season. After a season plagued with loss of players and mistakes the Rebels dropped to the Dawgs 9-24. It was to have been an even match-up between the two teams. With both teams having played marginal sea- sons, Ole Miss was expected to match the dawgs in performance. Going into the match-up with a 51-30-6 record. Brewer was 7-1 against State. The Bulldogs however had an extra key in their pocket. Having been invited to the play in the Liberty Bowl just days before the Ole Miss — State game, most fans thought the invitation was going to be extended to the winner of the Egg Bowl. It was the first time in a decade that State had received a bowl bid, and having taken away the bid from the Rebels, this added Insult to Injury. I llPh ▲ 2 Photo by Olllc Brock 1. Rebel tacklers corrral a Bulldog halfback. 2. Tay Galloway scores for MSU. A 1 Photo by Ollle Brock 78 — Sports n the two Isea- ' gsin a 51-30-6 !ir pocket. Bowljust nosKans { iedtotlie I a decade ing taken ttoiniiin ' . " Ole Miss will never beat Mississippi State again in football as long as I am head coach at State. " MSU head coach Jackie Sherrill A 3 Photo by Ollle Brock 1 . Vincent Brownlee can ' t quite liold on in the endzone. 2. Brownless fights an MSU defender for the ball. 3. State has the Egg for the first time since 1987. Sports — 79 ▲ 2 Photo by Natalie Pharr 1. Lissa Lowe nashes her Hotty Toddy to the crowd during a basketball game. 2. Danielle Frank helps fire up the crowd during the Georgia game. m A 4 Photo by Natalie Pharr 3. Paul Cagle leads the crowd In a cheer dur- ing the Beat Georgia bonfire. 4. Coach Bill Thallmer gives instructions to David Red- mond on the sidelines. 5. Renne Jones still keeps it going even though it was sweater weather. 80 — Sports Cheerleaders! Cheerleaders Rank No. 2 In the Nation The Ole Miss cheerleaders took their squad to a number 2 finish in the country during competition In San An- tonio, Texas last spring. Com peting against 16 other college co-ed squads the Rebels secured a top finish In division lA competition. To qualify for the event the squad sent In a tape which showed them cheering, doing sideline cheers, leading the fight song, and showed crowd participation. The tape qualified them for compeltlon In San Antonio, where they competed against five other SEC schools. " It was the best finish that Ole Miss has ever had, " said team member Sean Gallagher. " It was the first time In competition In a long time and we worked hard. " This spring the squad began gearing up for this year ' s competition. " We ' ve added more difficult stunts and we are working on our tumbling, " Gallagher ex- plained. The event Is sponsored by Nike, Pepsi and Southwest Airlines. It Is carried and broadcast 1 2 times a year on ESPN. 1 . Team Includes: Ashley Foote. Renee Jones. Dennis Craven, David Redmon, Tracey Hunt, Frank Lenlor, Hope McK- Ittrlck, Robert Collins, Llssa Lowe, Greg Rozlna, Scott Fuller, Danielle Frank, Sean Gallagher, Paul Cagle, Greg Rozlna. 2. Renee, Llssa and Hope lead the crowd during a bonfire pep rally. 3. Stunts such as this one are what pro- pelled the Ole Miss squad to national recognition. I 1 1 Sports — 81 Basketball Women Take Team To The Top _J e Miss women ' s basketball coach Van Chan- cellor may have summed up the Lady Rebels 1992 season best. " They never cease to amaze me in any game of any nature, " Chancellor said. Despite being picked to finish seventh in preseason polls in the SEC, the Rebels rose to a ranking in the top five of the country. Clara Jackson, a sophomore from Tylertown. said togetherness was the key for the team. " We play well together and when everyone relys on each other, " Jackson said. " We perform best, when we work together on all our plays. " The Lady Rebels relied on their five seniors for leadership throughout the season. One of those seniors Jackie Martin, from Vicksburg, returned from knee surjery to play a pivotal role all year. In a career with several highlights, the four year let- terman may have hit one of the biggest shots in Ole Miss basketball history on January 18 against Ten- nessee. The game matched two teams ranked in the top twenty in the nation here at the Ole Miss coliseum. After battling for 40 minutes these two teams went into overtime. With one second left in the extra period Martin hit a Jump shot in the lane to give Ole Miss a 80-78 win. " 1 saw the middle of the floor open up and 1 tried to spin and take the ball to the basket, " Martin said. " It seemed like the ball Just hung on the rim forever before it finally fell. It felt so good when the shot went in. I Just started Jumping up and down. 1 didn ' t even hear the buzzer go off. " A crowd of 4,264, the second-largest crowd ever to see a Lady Rebel game, went wild with approval as their team had Just defeated the No. 2 team in the country. Fittingly, another senior Charlotte Banks, from Gulfport, hit two free throws to tie an earlier game with Georgia. Banks had several big games for the Rebels, but this one 20 point performance against the 21st ranked Georgia team, helped the Rebels shut out the Dawgs 88-59. " The thing to remember is this: Ole Miss is winning because we ' ve got the players, " Chancellor said. " The coach is kind of riding in the canoe and watch- ing. " Three of the other seniors who helped paddle the Rebel canoe were Kim Gilchrist, Gail Evans and Renee Chancellor. Gilchrist, who is from Memphis, led the nation in three-point field goal percentage. The 5 ' 8 " point guard scored a career-high 22 points to lead Ole Miss to victory over Kentucky. Eaves and Chancellor saw limited action, but con- tributed throughout the season. Chancellor started all five of his seniors in one game against Oral Roberts University. Size was a weakness for the Lady Rebels. Chan- cellor talked again, and again about how small his team was. The lack of size put a big load on the shoulders of Kristen Goehring. The Junior from Jackson, TN, responded with flying colors. Goehring and Jackson helped keep Ole Miss in games with bigger competition all year. Besides her on-court numbers Goehring put up some impressive off-the-court numbers as well. Goehring earned a 3.68 gpa. and was named a Gillette Scholar Athlete. Other key contributors Included Kacy Williams and Martia McWhorter. Williams scored some key points for Ole Miss in the first half of the Tennessee game to give the Rebels a chance to win. McWhorter provided much needed depth at the center forward positions until suffering a season ending knee injury in the Alabama game. While their work often went unnoticed the Lady Rebels coaching staff worked hard all year. Steve Curtis, Peggie Gillom served as full time asssis- tants, while Michelle Anderson was the part- time assistant. The head man though was Chancellor. " He (Chancellor) gives a lot of support to keep us working together as a team, " Jackson said. The Lady Rebel basketball team had a long and impressive history. Ole Miss has appeared in all 1 1 NCAA Women ' s tournaments. National rank- ings and SEC victories have become common- place, but 1992 may be remembered as one of the best year ' s ever. — Todd Vinyard. :il. i a 82 — Sports Sports — 83 i 992 Ole Miss Lady Rebels Rebel Team: Front row. Sabrina McNair. Kacy Williams, Clara Jackson, Kristen Goehring, Renee Chancellor, Jackie Martin, Gail Eaves, Charlotte Banks, Kim Gilchrist, Tiffany Archie, Nikki Williams, Diane Pimpton. Back row, Steve Curtis, Theresa Vann, Michelle Anderson, Peggie Gillom, Martia McWhorter, Susan Byrd, Tera Sherriff, Tammy Work, Bonnie Bishop, Lynnette Schwartz, Van Chancellor. Coach Chancellor In his 14th season at Ole Miss, Lady Rebel head coach Van Chancellor has compiled a very impres- sive record. He boasts a 324-103 record and has never posted a losing season. He had 20 consec- utive seasons with 20 or more wins and has led his team to all ten NCAA tournaments. He has twice been named SEC coach of the year. J 84 — Sports i Sports — 85 I i A3 Photo by Ollle Brock I H .. ' ' H H m 9 H ! B Wv. B i t . m i 1 . The season team high-scorer Charlotte Banks goes for a play against Memphis State. 2. Kristen Goehring goes against a Mis- sissippi State player. 3. Kaycee Willia ms makes an incredible wrap-around pass to Martia McWhorter. 4. Clara Jackson vs. Oral Roberts. Sports — 87 Season Shows Improvement for Men yy ith a disastrous season behind him, four Junior college players on the way and one fast gun cocked and ready. Ole Miss head coach Ed Murphy began the 1991-1992 sea- son hoping for miracles and counting on im- provement. Miracles he did not get. Improvement he did. Murphy ' s 1991-1992 squad came off a di- sastrous 1991 campaign, which saw the Rebels win only three SEC games. Needing immediate help to bolster his ailing program. Murphy signed four Junior college transfers, guards Kevin Watkins and Don Jenkins, and forward Dillard Quick and Kelvin Scales, all of which saw lots of action. Murphy ' s top gun, hot shooting forward Joe Harvell of Little Rock, Ark., was expected to be the Rebel ' s leader and fufilled that role from the beginning, subsequently leading the SEC in scoring with an average of more than 25 points per game. Murphy shuffled the rest of his starting lineup for most of the year, although true freshman point guard Cedric Brim of Mooreville emerged as the Rebel " quarterback " of the future. " I get the feeling when I give the ball to Cedric Brim, " Murphy said, " that I ' m not going to be getting it back for four years. " Ole Miss suffered serious injuries in the frontcourt as sophomore center Keith Peel broke his foot early in the year and was out for the rest of the season. Backup Inside man Quick suffered a broken wrist at the begin- ning of the conference season, leaving the Rebels suceptible to the giant forces of the league, namely LSU center Shaquille O ' Neal, who had 52 point In his two meetings with the Rebels. Ole Miss opened Its season winning three of four over Jackson State, Prarie View and McNeese State, while losing to Southwestern Louisiana in the Louisiana Classics Tipoff Tournament. The Rebels subsequently defeated Alcorn State, James Madison, Stetson, Oral Roberts and Southeastern Louisiana to give them a 9- 4 record heading into conference play. MSU defeated Ole Miss 84-72 to begin the SEC season, followed by double-figure losses to Auburn and nationally-ranked Arkansas. Murphy, amid rumors of his possible firing at the end of the season, faced a difficult sit- uation heading into Tuscaloosa. Ala., to take on Wimp Sanderson ' s Crimson Tide. But led by an unconscious Joe Harvell, who had 32 points, the Rebels erased a five-point halftime drop to shock Alabama 78-77 and breathe new life into the Rebel program. With his 32 points, Harvell scored 30 points or more for the fifth consecutive game and firmly establis hed himself as the league ' s pre- mier scorer. The league ' s leader was not LSU ' s O ' Neal, Kentucky ' s Jamal Mashburn, nor Georgia ' s Litterial Green. It was Ole Miss ' Joe Harvell. Ole Miss then lost to LSU at home 83-73, Kentucky on the road 96-78. before winning two in a row at home against Vanderbilt and South Carolina, to boost their record to 10-9 overall and 3-5 in SEC. The three conference wins matched the Rebels total for all of 1991, and helped to boost confidence among the players. The Rebels then lost three straight again to Georgia, Florida and Tennessee before once again reviving itself from near oblivion with a 86-78 win over MSU before 7,000 fans in Tad Smith. Harvell was once again instrumental in the Rebel ' s victory, scoring a career-high 35 points and avenging MSU ' s earlier victory. Ed Murphy ' s 1992 campaign was one of an ailing team with many problems in matching up with SEC competition, but one which showed character. It seemed that Just when fans and the media had given up on Murphy and the Rebels they countered with a big win to keep hopes alive. The 1992 season wasn ' t pretty, and it wasn ' t successful, but it was an improvement over 1991. — Kevin Cavender 88 — Sports 1 992 Ole Miss Rebel Team 1. Shaquille O ' Neal passes by Ole Miss player Wes Hardin. 2. JUCO transfer Kel- vin Scales slams one home. Sports — 89 90 — Sports A 1 Photo by Ollle Brock 1 . Dondi Flemlster lays it in. 2. Rebel high- scorer Joe Harvell takes it on against Au- burn. M Sports — 91 Baseball 4Ji i It was the year that the Ole Miss Rebel baseball team looked to break away from its ten year tradition of not qualifying for the Southeastern Conference baseball tour- nament. Before the conference expanded to twelve teams only the top six teams in the league were given bids to the tournament. Ole Miss head coach Don Kessinger, who had the best first year record for Ole Miss at 3 1 -24, looked to an experienced club to continue rebuilding his alma maters failing baseball program. The hard work appeared to be paying off at the midway point in the season as the Rebels compiled a record of 1 6-6 heading into conference play. Included in those wins was a road trip to Texas in which the Rebels won four games while losing one against Oklahoma, Rice and Houston. Two key players, Kevin Kessinger and Kenny Carlyle, stood out during the season. Kessinger made an assault at almost every Rebel career offensive in the book, while Carlyle anchored a young staff of pitchers. Two Rebels which definitely made their presence felt at the plate, were outfielders Kary Bridges and third baseman Chris Snopek. Bridges broke the Ole Miss record for longest hitting streak with a streak of 21 games. Snopek blazed through the first 22 games of the year batting .506, with 1 1 doubles, seven home runs and 30 RBI. The Rebels starting lineup for most of the year was: Brian Silvia, catcher, Guy Gatlin, first base; Rob Boyd, second base; Keith Johns, shortstop; Chris Snopek, third base; Nate Riddley, left field; Kevin Kessinger, centerfield and Kary Bridges in the right field. iif. 1. Sliding into second. 2. Playing baseball is a dirty Job. No. 3. _ waits to see what his next move will be. 3. Ole Miss batgirls lend Ut a hand during the games. ' 92 — Sports ill I A 1 Photo Ame Gast A 4 Photo by Amc Gast 1 . The stadium Is silent and empty here, but this Spring it brought out more fans than ever to watch the Rebel baseball team. 2. Brian Sylvia watches one fly out of the park. Last Spring season he led Ole Miss in home runs. 3. Coach Kessinger stretches his team out in preparation for the 1992 Spring season. 4. Kevin Kessinger slides into 3rd with a triple during 1991 Spring season play. A 2 Photo by OlUe Brock Isleni I ▲ 3 Photo by OUie Brock 1 Sports — 93 :■■ K mnth A 1 Photo by Arne Gast i . ■t ffki. m Okte Miiwm. A 4 Photo by B.J. Mannlx 1 . The Rebs open the new Spring season with a beautiful day and a great crowd. 2. Sno ' s Cold Comer was a new addition to the Spring Une-up. Inspired by a group that sat In the stands and heckled the players of the opposing team last year, the Idea seems to have caught on. 3. Coach Kesslnger has a word with Sylvia and other players during a break. 4. A definite ball! ilPtatji 94 — Sports I Sports — 95 A 2 Photo by Arnr r.asi 1 . Seasonal play was marked by much Improved players who were inspired by much larger crowds at the games. 2. No. 21 Kenny Carlyle fires a fastball. 3. Ole Miss played a great season opener. I « a 96 — Sports ▲ 1 Photo by B.J. Mannlx 1. The new Ole Miss stadium was not buUt with a left-field lounge, much to the dismay of some fans. So, this year many fans took It upon themselves to start a lounge of their own In the park- ing lots and on the hills. 2. Throwing It to the plate. 3. Afternoon practice made plays Uke this one second-nature. ▲ 3 Photo by Ame Cast Sports — 97 The Ole Miss tennis teams have been garnering quite a bit of attention over the Fall 1991 and Spring 1992 seasons. With players on both teams having acheived national rankings and the teams themselves being placed on rank- ing lists, both programs are thriving. This year several standouts included top players from the men ' s team. In the SEC tournament held in early February Mohamed Ridaoui was listed as the No. 1 player in the conference. The senior from Casablanca, Morocco gained national recognition during the Fall season by capturing the National Clay Court title. He was ranked No. 3 in the nation by ITCA. Another team that played well in the tournament was the No. 4 seeded duo of Mike Knowles and Ivan Trevino. In addition to Ridaoui victory in the Clay Court, another women ' s team standout Paloma Collantes tucked yet an- other title under her belt. Ranked consistently in the top ten in the nation Collantes captured the All-American Tennis Championships in Pa- cific Pali sades, California during the Fall season. It gave Ole Miss the first Grand Slam singles title in the history of the women ' s tennis program. i 1 . Mike Brown and Josh Bronson take a break during the first tennis event held at Ole Miss during spring action. 2. Mo Ridaoui and Van Vanlinger set up strategy between sets. 3. Head coach Billy Chadwlck concentrates on his players. Me JO! Ch Ch 98 — Sports I II I action, i ybetweeB entrateson ' -J- A - Women ' s Tennis Team: Sharla Barone, Ivy Conoley, Alison Hill, Nina Topper, Kate Jones, Leigh Miller, Julia Minor, Sandrine Ballit, Jerry Montgomery, Pascale Piquemal, Paloma Collantes, Sara Reay. Men ' s Tennis Team: Nick Barone. Reagan Burford, Mike Knowles, Mohamed Ridaoui, Josh Bronson, Mike Brown, Ivan Trevino, Ted Durham, Will Rice, Cannon Campbell, Charles Meadowcroft, Van Lingen, Michael Walker, Brandon Meadows, Jamison Lee, Billy Chad wick. Sports — 99 100 — Sports The Ole Miss golf teams were very well- received during action in Fcdl season play. Both teams were able to leave their marks during tournament action around the United States. In action during late October, the women ' s team took top honors in the Tech Vanderbilt Women ' s Golf Classic held at the Ironwood Gtolf Course in CookevUle, TN. The Lady Rebs finished with a two-day, 36- hole total of 618, which was 29 strokes ahead of the second place finisher, Alabama- Birmingham. Ole Miss was led in that tour- nament by seasoned player, senior Chris Darci who shot a total 151 to finish in first place. In men ' s Fall season action, freshman Brian Rowell led the Ole Miss team during tourna- ment play in the Dixie Inter-collegiate invi- tational. Rowell fired a two-round total of 141 during the first two days of play. Others making strong plays during that weekend were Ben Lane, John Pinel, WUliam Power and Justin Hacker. iC«f - -fctif«aft T 1- , A 3 Photo by Nlkl Tutor 1 . The men ' s team gets things ready for acUon. 2. Senior standout Chris Darcl during acUon In the Vanderbllt Women ' s Classic. 3. Brian Rowell lines up a put. A 2 Photo by Nlkl Tutor I Sports — 101 Lady Rebel Golfers Team includes: Keilly Frassrand, Nikl Tutor, Jennifer Haley, Chris Darci, Jennifer Humkey, Sarah Britt and Celeste Nelson. Rebel Men Golfers Team includes: Taylor Easley, John Coleman, Jeff King, Stacey Taylor, Nick Brown, Luke Abney, Justin Hacker, Tim Cantwell, Jimmy Carle, Lanne Lawson, Thad Hudgens, Ben Lane, William Power, Trey Herron, Joe Banargo, Brian Rowell and John Pinel. Head Coach Larry Sloan. iMi " b; T 102 — Sports A Fhoto by NIkl Tutor Sports — 103 UM Boasts Outstanding Track Talent In the past several years more and more notice is being given to the Ole Miss track and cross-country teams. With members of both teams garnering national awards and attention, Ole Miss is boasting about the much improved program. In 1992 Spring season action, the team opened up com- petition by breaking five school records at the Sluki Invitational held January 19, at Southern Illinois Uni- versity. They finished fourth at that meet. Rebel record breakers included senior Alvin Haynes and Junior Pablo Sierra. Haynes finished first in the triple Jump and Sierra finished first in the 30000m. Other top Rebel standouts included Terrance Manogin, Patrick Davis, James Wilson and Bo Boatner. Lady Rebels saw record-breaking action by Darla Gatlin, Sharon Stevens, Teri Martin, and Stacy Hudson. The Rebels have enjoyed a great season and are looking forward to continuing the expansion and improvement highlighted by this year ' s push forward. 104 — Sports J A 2 Photo by Ame Cast 1. The Ole Miss cross-country did very well during the Fall season. Standout Philip Dorion second from right, helped to lead the team. 2. Conditioning and endurance are important. 3. Olympian George Kersh sets records, breaks records and sets a great example for future athletes. 4. Practice, practice, practice. A 3 Photo by Arne Cast Sports — 105 Volleyball Spikers Have Comendable Season I The Ole Miss Lady Rebels finished their 1 99 1 volleyball season last Fall by losing to the 5th ranked Florida team during second round action in the South Eastern Conference Volleyball Championships. It had been a season full of ups and downs for the team that finished 13-18 for the season. As late as November, heading into the end of the season, the Rebs had three players who were statistical leaders In the SEC. Senior Krlstl Wilkinson and senior MeShun Thomas were third and fifth respectively in digs the first of November. Sophomore Amy Kerbow was in the tenth spot with assists and junior Kate Ditolla was seventh with blocks. The Improved team played well against such area challengers as Mississippi State. Coach John Blair said the much Improved Bull- dog team was probably the best they have been in the last ten years when they were taken by the Lady Rebs in a three-game sweep. 1. Krlstl Wilkerson spikes it for the Rebels. 2. Meshum Thomas with a dig. 3. The Lady Rebel team: Kim Cain, MeShun Thomas. Amy Kerbow, Shae Powell, Rachelle Paul, Karen Hawkey, Krlstl Wilkinson, Stephanie Lindley, Vicky Hercher, Karen Meyer, Sarah White, Kate Ditolla, Dee Luster. Chris Howell, Coach John Blair, Michelle Whitby-York, Laura Leaton. • •i ' ' H||.« in 9 • " " ' JVf - A . i ■ iHi VMHHHHI i Afv ■ dEjpF . SCiir m p sm Soc ▲ 1 Photo by Ollle Brock A 2 Photo by Ollle Brock 106 — Sports t Soccer Soccer Team Only Drops One Game I ▲ Photo by Craig Dearman Soccer Team: Row One Simon Topping. George Paganos. Gregory Morse, Rajat Chandrun, Peter Lam- brechts, Carsten Hahne. Row Two Jorge Guzman, Mike Skrien, Ammar Yasin, Rashedal Hasar Sheikh, Fernando Rodrigueq, Awanish Ranjan, Dave Buckler. During action In the first game Carsten Hahne scored. Second game action Peter Lambrechts scored with a penalty and Cstrsten Hahne, Awanish Ranjan and Andrei Rondenlco were severly Injured and taken to a hospital. In the third game Miguel Vega scored. Playoffs ensued and in the fourth game Peter Lambrechts scored twice and David Buckler once. Fifth game action, Peter Lambrechts scored twice. In the sixth game David Buckler scored twice and Rajat Chaudhurl scored once. In the seventh game David Buckler scored once and Peter Lambrechts once. The soccer team added that the final game of their Fall season was the most difficult because of the stamina of MSA. 10 28 KE 1-0 11 04 ITK 1-3 11 11 Blowfish 1-0 11 18 $KT 3-0 11 24 KA 2-1 12 4 ATO 3-1 12 4 MSA 2-1 Sports — 107 t 108 — Sports Intramurals The intramural program at Ole Miss gives students from all areas of cam- pus the chance to Interact through sporting events. Some of the most popular intramurals are of course, basketball and football, but the di- verse program also offers competi- tion In everj hing from soccer to badminton to swimming. The intra- mural season lasts all year, with both a Spring and Fall champion- ship season. Event Men Women Flag Football Sporting Goods Chi Omega Punt, Pass, Kick Phi Delta Theta Alpha Omicron Pi Wallyball Kappa Sigma Alpha Omicron Pi Track Field K-Plus Delta Delta Delta Golf Phi Kappa Psi N A Pickleball (S) Garrett McAlpin Meridith Schiller Pickleball (D) Hansen McAlpin Kappa Delta Soccer Guess Hall Riff Raff AUnighter Kappa Sigma Delta Delta Delta Badminton (S) Loung Yen Liong Lizzy Barnes Badminton (D) Chang Liong Tri-Delt 2 Volleyball Team USA Riff Raff Superhoops Black is Back All World Sports — 109 sports Gallery These last four pages of sports contain just Images of what all is involved throughout the year at Ole Miss sporting events. It is a fitting pictorial to the spirit and triumphs shared by both players and fans alike. 110 — Sports Sports — 111 112 — Sports Sports — 113 WhaVs Inside Hall of Fame Pages 116— 123 Who ' s Who Pages 124—132 Honoraries Pages 133 — 149 114 il ' t ' ■ ' i I ► " w " i{y VV - ,v yf - r Hall of Fame Ruth Ballentine Echols The daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Joe Echols of Misenheimer, N.C., Ruth has maintained a 3.85 grade point average in biology. She served as the 1990 ASB Secretary, was President and Vice-President of Delta Gamma sorority and served as Vice-President of Mortar Board. Ruth has also been inducted into Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega, Phi Eta Sigma and is in the Honors program. 116 — Honors 1 Tina Arleen File The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Terry File of Pope, MS, Tina has maintained a 3.97 grade point average in Accountancy. She served as the 1 99 1 ASB Treasurer, was treasurer for two years for Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and served Omicron Delta Kappa as treasurer. She was inducted into Phi Kappa Phi, Mortar Board, Order of Omega, Beta Alpha Psi and Beta Gamma Sigma. Tina received numerous scholarships including the American Accounting Association ' s Arthur H. Carter scholarship. Honors — 117 Hall of Fame David Harrison Fulcher The son of Dr. and Mrs. L.H. Fulcher of Jackson, MS, Dave has maintained a 3.9 1 grade point average in banking and finance. During his two years as ASB Senator he was chairman of the Senate Finance committee and chairman of the Executive Task force, as weU having been named campus senator of the year. He served President of Omicron Delta Kappa and Lambda Sigma and was inducted into Phi Kappa Phi, Mortar Board, Order of Omega and was in the Honors program. He was a National Merit Scholar. 118 — Honors I irraan Sarah Leona Jernigan Sarah is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Jernigan of Hernando, Mississippi. She served as the 1991 Student Programming Board Director, SPB Associate Director in 1 990 and was an Associated Student Body Senator in 1988. Sarah was also active in Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega and Golden Key National Honor Society. A member of Delta Delta Delta sorority, Sarah served as her sorority pledge class president and was elected model pledge. Honors — 119 n Hall of Fame Mary Morrison Mathews The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Mathews of Tupelo, Mississippi, Marci has maintained a 3.94 grade point average in general business. During her four years at Ole Miss she served as Associated Student Body Vice President, Panhellenic President, was on the ASB Cabinet and as an ASB Senator. Marci was also inducted into Omicron Delta Kappa, Golden Key and Phi Kappa Phi onoraries. Marci was a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. 120 — Honors i Hall of Fame epoiBi lyVice ediBto a Delta Jack Rhea Tannehill The son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Tannehill of Union, Mississippi, Rhea has maintained a 3.2 grade point average in public administration. While at Ole Miss Rhea served as President of the Associated Student Body, was on the ASB Cabinet and as the Vice-President of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. He was also inducted into Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega, Mortar Board and Alpha Lambda Delta. Rhea was also elected an Ole Miss campus favorite. Honors 121 Hall of Fame Cory Todd Wilson The son of Cathy Johnson and Ed Wilson, Cory has maintained a 3.98 grade point average in economics and public administration. He has served as the ASB Attorney General, was on the ASB Cabinet and as President Pro. Temp of the campus senate. Cory was a Taylor Medalist and was inducted into Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa and Phi Eta Sigma honoraries. As a member of Alpha Tau Omega he served as Secretary. Cory was also a National Merit Scholar. 122 — Honors Yolanda Demetricia Wesley The daughter of Betty Jean Wesley of Cleveland, MS, Yolanda has maintained a 3.93 grade point average in English. While at Ole Miss she served as an officer in the Rebel Recruiters and in her sorority. Alpha Kappa Alpha. She was involved in the student wellness committee, the Crosby Interhall council and was a member of the pre-law society. She was inducted into Phi Kappa Phi, Mortar Board, Golden Key, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta and Psi Chi honoraries. i Honors — 123 Who ' s Who Who ' s Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges is an honor conferred an- nually upon outstanding student leaders. Over the past 56 years, more than 1400 senior col- leges have adopted this program as a part of their annual campus honors. Selections are made by campus nominating com- mittees and are based on decidedly above av- erage academic standing, community service, leadership ability, and potential for continued success. Those selected for Who ' s Who are fea- tured in the 58th annual edition of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. This coveted award exists as one of the most highly regarded and longstanding honor pro- grams in the nation. For the students — the outstanding campus leaders of this year — na- tional recognition by the Who ' s Who program marks a pinnacle of scholastic achievement. The Who ' s Who program recognizes that college students are the reservoir from which our nation draws its leadership strength. For through their contributions and service to community and school, the Who ' s Who recipients are the young adults who enhance the positive image of Amer- ican youth. i Alan Abel Wilson Computer Science Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board National Merit Scholar Sigma Pi Treasurer UpsUon Pi Epsilon — President Jamie Harold Anderson Pharmacy Pharmacy School — Student Body President Pres. of N.A.R.D. Kappa Psi Pharmacy School — Executive Council Julie Ann Anderson :: fl A History M li ASB Senator Xfi Vice. Pres. Phi Kappa Phi Mortcir Board ■KV liS Omicron Delta Kappa mmMM R.U.F I i Olen Lloyd Anderson English Journalism Editor of the Dally Mississippian Student Publications Cmt. Who ' s-Who Selection Cmt. AP Editors Cmt. Bala James Baptiste Graduate Journalism § Columnist and Sr.Staff — IB Daily Mississippian Host " U-92 Raps " ' ■ ' pF ' Black Graduate Assoc. Nat. Assoc. Black Journalists ( 124 — Honors f I Who ' s Who Nichole Lynn Bassett Accounting Beta Alpha Psl IIB Treasurer Phi Kappa Phi Wesley Foundation Litton Sch. Nominee AWS fflp ■■ - gi il Gerald Tal Brnddock Managerial Finance Business Sch. Pres. ASB Senator Wall Street South 2N fraternity Financier ' s Club Student Honor Council Ed Lee Brondyke Pharmacy Phi Lambda Sigma Kappa Psi Rho Chi Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Ole Miss photographer Harriet Jean Bryan English History KA0 Chaplain UM Ambassadors Sec. Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi ASB Elections Comm. Joel Bradley Brown Electrical Engineering President Tau Beta Pi Baptist Student Union Golden Key Alpha Lamda Delta Eta Kappa Nu Intramurals 9 Brandon Bryant Accounting Af A Treasurer UM Ambassadors- Dir. Minority Recruit. Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Eta Sigms Judicial Council Caroline Elaine Caldwell General Business Golden Key UM Ambassadors MS Governmental Affairs Sorority Rush Cmt. Greek Ind. Relations Alpha Lamda Delta Mark Alden Crowe Mathmatics 2X Editor UM Ambassador Honors Program Phi Kappa Phi Orientation Leader Order of Omega Thomas Mike Cronin Banking Finance ASB Judical Chairman Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Ole Miss Pre-Law Pres. Fraternity Officer UM Ambassador Ruth Ballentine Echols Biology Mortar Board Vice Pres. Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Honors Program AT President ASB Secretary Honors — 125 Who ' s Who gft lMII Tina Arleen File jP k Accounting IM -9 ASB Treasurer U ;20|| B KKT Treasurer , L;;iii Hm Omicron Delta Kappa ,« iMM||| n Phi Kappa Phi ' " HL ' Beta Alpha Psi imfs Kt- Mortar Board David Harrison Fulcher Banking Finance ASB Finance Chm. Omicron Delta Kappa Pres. ASB Exec. Task Force ASB Senator Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board Stacy Lynn Greer Art Business Phi Kappa Phi KA Rush Chm. Golden Key Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Michael Shannon Harrington Economics Pre-med Phi Beta Lamda Phi Kappa Phi Beta Gamma Sigma Golden Key Baptist Student Union Phi Eta Sigma Melissa Marie Ellis Broadcast Journalism UMTV Station Manager Golden Key Order of Omega RTNDA Member KA Vice-Pres. School Spirit Cmt. Chip Scott Frensley Political Science Pre-Law Vice Pres. Omicron Delta Kappa ASB Senator Senior Class Honor ' s Program Fraternity Vice-Pres. li li Elisa Earl Garland Journalism AT Officer United Way Volunteer DM staff writer Assoc. Womens Students College Republicans Chancellors Honor Roll i Mark Daniel Griffin History $A0 Rush Chm. Phi Kappa Phi Alpha Lambda Delta Pre-Law Society Phi Eta Sigma SEA i Amy Krahwinkel Harrison Special Education AT Rush Chm. Omicron Delta Kappa Golden Key Mortar Board 1991 Homecoming Queen MS Miss Hospitality 126 — Honors lim il Its (k 4ji Who ' s Who Sylvia Jeanette Harrison Biology AKA President Order of Omega Afro-Olympics Organizer Race-Relations Task Force Parade of Beauties UM Regional Rep. li John Allen Hawes Electrical Engineering NCO Leadership school Engineering Student Body — Executive Committee US Air Force Commendation Medal Tactical Air Command Good Conduct Medal Eva Chantelle Head Managerial Finance AMI President Golden Key Financiers Club Honors Program Phi Beta Lambda Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Angela Denise Heard Elem. Education Judicial Council ASB Cabinet BSU Choir Elections Comm. Chancellors Standing Cmt. BSU Treasurer Anna Finney Heidel Special Education Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board AAA Vlce-Pres. Omlcron Delta Kappa MS Govt. Affairs Cmt Golden Key gWfl L ' Julie A. Herrington POHpij B Pharmacy ti.- m Pharmacy School Pres. I B c P Honors Council ■L Sigma Alpha Iota — Treas. - r Rho Chi Phi Lambda Sigma Campus Affairs Exec. Council Doris Elcenia Henderson Political Science BSU President ASB Rules Cmt. Race Relations Cmt. Director Campus Affairs Order of Omega Ole Miss Band Xavier Mercutio Hoskins General Business 0 $Presldent Vice Pres. NPHC UM Concert Singers R.O.T.C. Reserve BSU Officers Race Relations Cmt. Elizabeth Ellen Howell Pharmacy AT Vice Pres. UM Modeling Board Phi Kappa Phi Miss Mississippi Kappa Epsllon UM Ambassador 4 Virginia Ann Hubbard Mathematics Mortar Board President Omlcron Delta Kappa Student Alumni Council Phi Kappa Phi xn Pledge Trainer Greek-lndp. Relations Honors — 127 Who ' s Who 4« ) Verna Dawn Humphrey Psychology AKA Sorority Senior Class UM Ambassador Navy Sponsors Corps Exec. Task Force Dean ' s Honor Roll Sarah Leona Jernigan Journalism SPB Director Mortar Board UMTV 12 Anchor Omlcron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Golden Key i Donald Ray Jones Biology Alpha Epsilon Delta Treas. Phi Kappa Phi Golden Key Chancellor ' s Scholar Phi Eta Sigma Intramurals Libbie Angela Kakales English Omicron Delta Kappa Orientation Leader Senate Rules Cmt UM Ambassador Senior Class ASB Senator 1 Grace Ann Kennedy Elementary Education Xn President Orientation Leader UM Ambassadors Order of Omega College Republicans Oxford-Univ. Liason Cmt Picture Not Available Victoria Bethita Lawson Accounting Interhall Council Treas. Beta Alpha Psi Golden Key Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta IHC Treasurer Picture Not Available Preston Biggers Knight Civil Engineering ASCE President Chi Epsilon Tau Beta Pi Eng. Advisory Board ASCE — President Tau Beta Pi NSPE Sin Chew Lim Comp. Science Malaysian Student Ass. Pres. Phi Kappa Phi Golden Key Upsilon Pi Epsilon Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Paul Roberson Lewis Pharmacy Golden Key Vice Pres. Phi Delta Chi A Vice Pres. Phi Kappa Phi Order of Omega Mortar Board 128 — Honors Who ' s Who Elizabeth Hogue Marsh Elem. Education Teacher Education Student Ass. Kappa Delta Pi AWS Chancellors Honor Roll AAA Officer . Chadwick Mask Accounting Gamma Beta Phi 2N Fraternity Beta Alpha Psi Beta Gamma Sigma Phi Beta Lambda Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Mary Morrison Mathews General Business ASB Vice President Panhellenic President ASB Cabinet Omicron Delta Kappa Golden Key Phi Kappa Phi Forrest Mobley Scholarship Ward Thomas McCraney History IFC Representative Pre-law Society Phi Alpha Theta Omicron Delta Kappa Golden Key A0 President Russel Wade Mills Accounting Chairman of Moot Court Board Mississippi Law Journal Eone Gabbert Moore Political Science Senior Class President Omicron Delta Kappa ASB Senator Mortar Board Golden Key Pre-law Society m is.Pres. Hugh C. Montgomery, III Accounting IFC President SN President Senate Judiciary Comm Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Jack Clarence Nix, III Broadcast News UMTV — News Director Orientation Leader Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Order of Omega Golden Key Katherine Ruth Otis Pharmacy Sorority Asst. VP Phi Eta Sigma UM Honors Program UM Ambassadors Kappa Epsilon Honor Code Committee Jennifer Leah Parkinson Law Mississippi Law Journal Moot Court Board Phi Delta Phi Honors 129 Who ' s Who Picture Not Available Bradley Houston Pate Finance IFC Representative Order of Omega Financiers Club Elections Cm. Beta Gamma Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Leslie Clair Pettis Mamagement UM Ambassador Golden Key Alpha Lambda Delta Xfi Sorority Delta Sigma Pi Monica L. Prather Marketing M% ' m Mortar Board m Golden Key Phi Eta Sigma « HH AAA Sorority l m Student Programming Board 2X Sweetheart William Joseph Reid History SPB Associate Director nXA Vice President IFC Officer Mortar Board Campus Model Pledge Helja Inkeri Robinson Elementary Education Phi Delta Kappa Kappa Delta Pi Phi Kappa Phi Martha Susan Perry Special Education Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Rebelette KA Sorority Tau Beta Sigma I John Christopher Pound Banking Finance Phi Eta Sigma Officer Phi Kappa Phi Golden Key SX Treasurer Fraternity Model Pledge Order of Omega « AH Lynn Quaid Dietetics Kappa Omicron Nu Officer UM Ambassador Panhellenic Rep. KA President Order of Omega Ole Miss Favorite Brian Keith Roberson Accounting Beta Alpha Psi President Beta Gamma Sigma Officer ASB Senator , Wesley Foundation | « Allison Love Sample r kl Mortar Board Officer J K - ■ j fi Panhellenic Rep. Daily Mississippian Writer Golden Key Chancellor ' s Honor Roll T ' V Sorority Officer 130 — Honors II Who ' s Who Whitney Kay Swindoll Psychology Pre-Med Senior Class Officer UM Ambassador ASB Senator Elections Comm. Campus-Wide Model Pledge Omlcron Delta Kappa Golden Key J ' uffUfgMB FK ATV f- Jack Rhea Tannehill Public Administration ASB President Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Chancellor ' s Leadership Campus Favorite UM Ambassador Hall of Fame U Ashley Michelle Thompson Biology Panhellenic Officer Mortar Board Rebelette Order of Omega $M President Oscar Lloyd Thompson Banking Finance IFC Representative IFC Judicial Council Order of Omega Mortar Board Financier ' s Club Fraternity Officer a [leer Heidi Angelique Tickle Psychology Golden Key President Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Sorority Officer Gamma Beta Phi Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta teon ;nt Andrew Armstrong Tyer Secondary Education School of Educ. President Pre-Law Society ASB Senator Daily Mississippian Columnist Dean ' s Honor Roll Phi Eta Sigma Bobby Neil Turnage Law Omicron Delta Kappa MS Army National Guard Moot Court Board Law School Class Senator Phi Delta Phi Mary Ruth Monk Pharmacy Admin. Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Ass. Graduate Student Body Amy Elizabeth Vincent History Daily Mississippian Staff Omicron Delta Kappa Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Alpha Theta Golden Key UM Ambassadors Honors 131 Who ' s Who Ij i Willie Walker III Legal Systems BS President UM Track Team UM Cross Country Team IFC Member Yolanda Demetricia Wesley English Rebel Recruiters Officer UM Ambassador i AKA Sorority j Mortar Board 1 Golden Key 1 Omicron Delta Kappa H Jerry Donald Whiteside Pharmacy Kappa Psi President Phi Lambda Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Gamma Beta Phi Alpha Lambda Delta Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Kimberly Anne Wilder Psychology Alpha Epsilon Delta Psi Chi KA Sorority Traffic Appccds Chm ASB Committees I 1 1 132 — Honors Amy Richelle Williams Accounting Chancellor ' s Leadership Accounting School President Golden Key Phi Kappa Phi f James Edwin Williamson Journalism Psychology ,?.» ' fjj, — Jt ' ' ASB Election Committee j5flL_ Daily Mississippian Staff X President - IH k MS Govermental Affairs ' T rlHHI Mortar Board Chancellors Leadership Cory Todd Wilson Econ. Publi c Admin. Omicron Delta Kappa UM Ambassador ATQ Fraternity Taylor Medalist Mortar Board ASB Attorney Gen. Angela Marie Williams Marketing American Marketing Assoc, Pres. Chancellor ' s Leadership UM Ambassador M Sorority Dean ' s Honor Roll Men Slev Euland Kaye Willis Pharmacy Panhellenic Officer Order of Omega Officer AKA Sorority Sorority Officer Ilia Uur f Jeffr Dsili Stan Omicron Delta Kappa Omicrim Deha Knppa is a natkmai leadashif fwm ' r society which maintains that represent ' alivcs in all phases iif oiHcgc life should co- operate in wortWfiilc endeavors, onif that out- standing students, facuky, and ttdministratois should meet on a hosis 0 mutual interest, understanding, and helffidntss. The memBers are chosen for theix (eadership aintrifiutions and sciuitnstic adiievement. Five areas offer tht criteria Jor tAe evoiiiation 0 prospective mem- 6ers: scAoiarship, athletics, social and student body activities, puilications and tfie arts. Photo bv Natalie Pharr, Members: Julie Allen William Brown Harriet Bryan Brandon Bryant Curtis Childress John Crawford, Jr. Thomas Cronin Steven Dear Ruth Echols Tina File Laura Foster Jeffrey Frensley David Fulcher Stacy Greer Douglas Harklns Caroline Herring Virginia Hubbard Sarah Jemigan ■ Mary Mathews Michael Miller Hugh Montgomery Jack Nix William Raid Jennifer Revels Stephanie Sanders Jeanna Sewell Marlsa Songcharoen Jack TannehiU Yolanda Wesley Llndabeth Wiley Melisse Campbell Klmberly Guy Amy Harrison Anna Heidel Llbble Kakales Christy LaSota Ward McCraney, Jr. Philip Merideth Neesa Neal Allison Pope Kathryn Thomas Meagan Alford Cynthia Amisano Michael Blossom Cherry Busby Pamela Chase Anne Cockfield Tiffany Curtis Dean Dedmon Nancy Donelan Tony Gaines Jason Gamer Lane Golden Mary Hovlous Michael Hufflnes Stephen Johnston Sheila Kalka Allen Ligon Jennifer Long Leigh Lucas Eleanor McKnight Suzanne Malone Mandy Martin Wendy Miller Anne Person Stacey Reaves Shannon Reed Brian Roberson Allison Sample David Simcox Ruth Simon Honors — 133 Phi Kappa Phi University of Mississippi s Highest Academic Honorary The National Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, founded in 1897, was originated by a group of students who felt the need to recognize scholarship in all disci- plines. The society was soon transformed into a na- tional organization by action of a committee composed of the presidents of the University of Maine, the Uni- versity of Tennessee and Pennsylvania State College. The University of Mississippi chapter was chartered in May 1959, as the 77th chapter of Phi Kappa Phi. Today, there are approximately 250 chapters in 50 states, Puerto Rico and the Phillipines. To qualify for membership, undergraduates must be seniors or second-semester juniors with high stand- ards of scholarship and character. Graduate students and students in professional schools must have dis- tinguished records placing them among the ablest in their classes. Faculty members must have made sig- nificant contributions to their disciplines. Phllosophia Kratelto Photon: Let the love of learning rule mankind. i 1991-1992 Phi Kappa Phi Officers Gerald W. Walton, President; Jean M. Shaw, President Elect; Charles L. Hussey, Vice-President; Timothy L. Walsh, Vice-President; Conny E. Parham, Secretary; Jay K. Johnson, Treasurer; Beth F. King, Executive Committee; Brenda J. West, Executive Committee; and Dale L. Flesher, Immediate Past President. Fall 1991 Initiates ornr s must be igh stand- e students thavedls- e ablest In Liberal Arts Mpgan Carmlchael Alford Canon Jade Belssei Erica Berry Wendl JoAnn Bryant Elizabeth Ann Carson Kelly McKell Chandler Anne Elizabeth Cockfleld Belinda Gale Creel Trey Delltnger Douglas David Duncan Laurie Cameron Felder Sheha Marie Grimn LceLee Haraway John Vernon Holmes ' Lea Ann Hughes Virginia S. Martin Charles Mark McRaney James David Moore Timothy Dylan Moore Michael Lawrence Sanders Suzanne Sanders Sylvia Simmons Sarah Elizabeth Stewart Steven Jackson Thornton Heidi Angellque Tickle Vlkkl Michelle Thomas Sharron Marie Vinson Terl Kay Weaver Anna Ruth Weldon Accountancy Chapel Renee Harcrow Lisa Diane Harrell Jodl Leigh Jefcoat W Bill Robert Legge ■ Mandy Elizabeth Martin Mce Seong Phang Cynthia L Tin Ray Shannan Elizabeth Reed Russell Dtile Shaw Everette Scott Verhlne Soong Ling Wong Business Adm. Ill er Lfleld Chl Ming Huang Antonls Kafouros Bradley Davis McAdory Thomas Edward McFadln Bradley Houston Pate Lane Ashley Phillips Jeffrey Brian Showah Emily Catherine Smith Leigh Ellen Warren Keng Leong Yeo Education Glenn Andrew Hugglns Melanle Lynn Musgrove Kerrt Anne O ' Halloran Betty Sue Senter Lara Alexis Streete Stephanie Lynn Richard Vickie Miller Teel Engineering % WlUlamN. Feldt L Thomas Earl Griffith M m jm Timothy ' " I Executive Thomas Earl Griffith Boon Yaw Heng Yang Hong Heng Wye Kong Ng Sharika Senarath Hoi Slew Bryan Leigh Stephens ' Lip Kheng Tan ■ Pharmacy Amy Danette Blaylock Elizabeth Joy Caver Brenda Lynn Gray Ten Jean Miller Amanda Prtsicllla Pitts Katherine Lewlse Spann Hope Joy Tedford Tina Denlse Welch Margaret Susan Williams Graduate Jeffrey Blake Allen Cheryl M- Atkinson Kenneth Ray Blnns Anthony Campbell Trenton Mervel Clark Debra Rae Cohen Alicia A. Cone A.S. Geetha Clint Walker Langley Ramona Mlchele McNeely Melissa Lynn Meredith Clara Montgomery Moulds Raymond Castle Patrick Maude June Prater David Reitman Dianna Louise Sadd Lauren Leigh Sewell Nancy Kay Sumrall Melissa DIanne Williams Yullang Wu Hongmlng Zheng Law Richard Alan Calbcrt Timothy Scott Dean Wendell Louis Hosklns Robert Chester Hutchison Gaines Michael Massey Jennifer Leah Parkinson Edmund Spotswood PIttman Shannan Elizabeth Reed Elizabeth Joy Caver ,f — ,, -« Russell Dale Shaw 0 Brenda Lynn Gray « «r .i« " " W; " Everette Scott Verhlne Terl Jean MiUer -J - - -■ W - a. iL 1991 Spring Initiates Liberal Arts Thomas G. Alfano " Julie Ann Allen Sarah Price Armstrong Victoria Joan Berry Daisy Bowles Blackwell Jerry Allen Cooper Kenneth Wade Cox Mark Alden Crowe Mary Margaret Davis Kristle L. Duncan Ruth Ballentlne Echols Stacy Lynn Greer Mark Daniel Griffin Holley Suzanne Hadad Christopher Steven Hester Virginia Ann Hubbard Donald Ray Jones HI Laura Renee Johnson Aubrey Lloyd Klrkland. Jr. Ya-Chln Lan Patricia Baran Melton Deanne Marie Mosley Beverly Jo Noel Kristina Olasdotter Jonsson Mark Douglas Quarles William Joseph Reld William Louis Reno 111 George Thomas Salloum Virginia Gordon SwIndoU Whitney Kay Swindoll LyonaJ Lee Waddle. Jr. Robert Mitchell Weems Yolanda Demetricia Wesley Accountancy Wt William Thomas Barry NIchole Lynn Bassett Tina Arleen File Suzanne Michelle Foushee Guy Barrett Freeman Bethanna Leigh Goldman David Clayton Hospodor Jennifer Alane Hufford Charles Eric Malouf Michael Wilson Miller Tammy Darlene Owens Russell Mann Reed Brian Keith Roberson Amy Rlchelle Williams Business George Ellis Abdo j David Joel Bryson f James David Cox 11 David Harrison Fulcher Klmberly Grace Guy Michael Shannon Harrington Roxanne Larsen Mary Morrison Mathews Angela Joy Mllbum Marva C. Paul John Christopher Pound Slok Thieng Tan Oscar Lloyd Thomas, Jr. Ping Sim Wong Education Allcen Rebecca Anders Anna Finney Heldel Neesa Rae Neal Susan C. Welch Engineering Alan WTTson Abel Sadiqualn Mirza Samudra Sengupta Viren Rameschandra Shah Cary Reese Stone William Isaac White Pharmacy Kenny Eugene Floyd Stacey Raquel Hurst Paul Roberson Lewis Leslie Kathryn Taylor Graduate Margaret Fair Barbour Christy G. Broome Sharon Kay Christian Shannon Suzanne Duvall Hosseln Golestanlan Gregory Scott Hospodor Catherine April Johnson YIMao Stephen Craig Messer Marilyn Kay Morgan Lynn Allison Powell Kumar Chandra Rallapalll Helja Inkcri Robinson Idrees Ahmed Slddiqui LIxIn Yao Law Jennifer Lynn Smithe Mortar Board Established originally as a national wom- en ' s honor society. Mortar Board is one of the highest senior honor groups for both men and women. Tassels, the local chapter, has been active on the Ole Miss campus since its founding in 1930. With a 40 mem- ber limit. Mortar Board selects members based on leadership, scholarship of at least a 3.0 GPA, and service. Mortar Board is an organization that challenges the individual to provide thoughtful leadership to the cam- pus and community, to create an environ- ment of effective communication and to move toward the improvement of the status of men and women. Officers: Ginger Hubbard, President; Ruth Echols, Vice President; Allison Sample, Secretary; Jeff Brown, Treasurer; James Williamson, Elections; Sarah Jernigan, Communicatons; Holly Hobbs, Historian; Jeana Sewell, Alumni Chairperson. Advisors: Dr. K. S. Yun, Dr. Colby Kullman, Dr. Faye Gilbert, Dr. Joanne Hawlts. Alan Abel Julie Allen Daisy Blackwell Alicen Anders Brltin Boatright William Brown Harriet Bryan Mike Cronin Ruth Echols Laurie Felder Tina File Laura Foster Dave Fulcher Jason Greer Douglas Harkins Amy Harrison Finney Heidel Caroline Herring Holly Hobbs Ginger Hubberd Ssirah Jernigan Libbie Kakales Paul Lewis Marci Mathews Michael Miller Rebecca Moliter Monty Montgomery Eone Moore Jay Nix Monica Prather Joseph Reid Allison Sample Jeanna Sewell Rhea Tannehill, Jr. Kathryn Thomas Oscar Thomas Ashley Thompson Yolanda Wesley James Williamson Cory Wilson Megan A J !!|. SanhA] In A ' l!ar) ' Ba Wiaii WjDdil Viltilfi Sajionc Photo by Peter Emerson. 4 1 36 — Honors I Golden Key The Golden Key National Honor So- ciety was founded at Georgia State University on November 29, 1977. Membership is extended to the top fif- teen percent of all juniors and seniors. This interdisciplinary society seeks to recognize the top students in all courses of study. Golden Key honors its members each year with an ini- tiation ceremony and a banquet. Executive Members Include: Pres- ident. Heidi Tickle; Vice Pres.. Johnathan Kemp; Vice Pres.. Paul Lewis; Corres. Secretary. Roger Faughn; Recording Secretary. Catherine Betts; Treasurer. Caro- line Haltt. Faculty Advisors. Dr. Natalie Schroeder and Dr. Monroe Harrison. Photo by David Dunson. « I Alan Abel Angela Adams Megan Alford Julie Allen Cynthia Amisano Philip Amitm Allcen Anders Brooke Anthony Sarah Armstrong Gloria Atkins Tanja Aucoln Michael Bales Allison Barber Mary Barnes William Barry. Jr. Wanda Barton Valerie Bates Dana Beevers Canon Belssel Raymond Bergln. Jr. Marcla Beth ay Catherine Betts Jay Blanchard. Jr. Amy Blaylock William Bonner James Bradley Joey Brown Joel Bryson Clyde Burleson KrisUn L. Buse Caroline Caldwell Mellsse Campbell Ann L. Carmlchael Martha- Carol Carpenter Elizabeth Carson Angela Caveness Hul-FungChal Jean Chambers Shannon Chasteen Michael Clsneros. Jr. Sean D. Clancy Jlnnlfer B. Claxton Charles Claybrook Jason Cobb John F. Coker Karen A. Cole Betty Collins Bobble CoUlns Bonnie Collins Kelly M. Corpstein Michael Crane Linda Cranford Belinda Creel Stephen Crouch Trey Delllnger Brad DlUard Marty Dllworth William L. Donovan Courtney Drake Klmberly Drown Doug Duncan Charmen Easley Michael Edwards Melissa EUls Daniel Entrekln Amy Evans Amy Evans Christopher Evans Lori Evanson Roger Faughn William Feldt Christopher Ferguson Robert Ferguson Shannon Fltts Suzanne Foushee Jaime Fowler Kevin Frazler Heather Gaines Kent GartJn John Gilbert William GUI III Charlotte Glldewell Jo Ann Goudelock Amy Graham Brenda Gray Jason Greer Sheila Griffln Thomas Grtfflth Julie Grimes Klmberly Guy HoUey Hadad Patrick Hale LeeLee Haraway Douglas Harklns Michael Harrington Amy Harrison Elizabeth Harrison Glenn Hatcher Robert Hawkins Parker HUbun Eva Head Anna Heldel Boon Heng Rebecca Hermetz Chris Hester Caroline Htatt Leigh-Ann Hlgglns Brenda Hill Kelly Hill Rebecca HlUIard Wade Hladky Tommy Hoard. Jr. Adelene Poh LI Huam Joseph Hubacek Ginger Hubbard Stacey Hurst Jennifer Jackson Sherri Jacobs Sarah Jemlgan Krtstlna Jonsson Tori Kahl Llbble Kakales Jonathan Kemp Robert King Angela Knight Krtstlne Koblla Chrtstlna Lane Christy LaSola Missy Lavender Audrea Lawson BUI Legge Krisha Lesley Paul Lewis Sin Chew Llm James Ling Yew Wei Llong Sharron Llpsey Bee Ling Loh James Long. Jr. Angela Lott Amy Lowe Lee Ho Lu Ramsey Maaya Charles Malouf Cheryl Manning Stephanie Martin Virginia Martin J. Chadwlck Mask Paige Massey Marcl Mathews Christine McCarile Elizabeth McClatchy Natalie McConnell Tad McCraney Andrew McDlll Anna McElveen Daniel McEwan Rebecca McGee Farris McJunklns Lauren McLemore Angela McWhlrter Paige Meeks Angela Mllbum Bradley Miller Jennifer Miller Michael MlUer Vicky Miller Rebecca Molltor Grant Monroe Hugh Montgomery 111 Sonla Moody Eone Moore Juanita Moore Bassam Moumneh Harvey Murff Neesa Neal Mary Neblett Laurie Newsom Mee Ngew Harold Nichols John Nipper Jack Nix Ul Anne Noble Tresha Norwood Edward O ' Brien Kerrt OHalloran Frederick Olive Cabrina Oliver Elizabeth Page Michael Page Cherie Paplzan James Parkerson III Kevin Patterson Kristen Patterson Brett Pearce Tanya Pearson Amy Pendergest Jean Pettis Leslie Pettis Mee-Seong Phang Ashley Phillips Laura Phillips Amanda Pitts John Pound Jennifer Prather Monica Prather Amy Prichard Lee Pryor MlUette Pugh Stephanie Richard Brian Roberson Sean Roberts Susan R obinson Cassandra RusseU Elizabeth Rutherford William Sage George Salloum Allison Sample Stephanie Sanders Susan Schweers Shaune Scott Sharika Senarath Tal Boon Seng Betty Senter Temple Shackelford Susan Shaw James Shelton Fook-Chemg Shong Pamela Simmons Sylvia Simmons Kevin Smith Don Smith. Jr. Arab Sneed Christyna Stewart Sarah Stewart John Stone Jennifer Sundberg Virginia Swlndoll Whitney Swlndoll Lip Kheng Tan Slok Thleng Tan Yak-Quan Tan Hope Tedford Laurie Tharpe Steve TherreU Kathryn Thomas Heidi Tickle Nancy Triche Stephanie Tutor Amy Vincent Sharron Vinson Timothy Walker Charies WaU. Jr. Amy Warren Lauren Watts Teri Weaver James Webb 111 Susan Welch Stacey Wescoat Yolanda Wesley Christy Wheeler Samantha White William White CaroUne WUboume Llndabeth Wiley Amy Williams Elizabeth Williams Hayley WUllams Richard Williams. Jr. Teresa WUlIngham RusseU Wilson Victoria Wolfe Jasper Wong Nancy Wood Rotwrt Woods Tammy Work Stephanie Wright Mel-Llen Wu Lee K. Zoller Honors — 137 Phi Delta Chi Phi Delta Chi is a national fraternity of pharmacy. The ob- jectives of Phi Delta Chi are to advance the science of pharma- cy and its allied interests and to foster and promote a fraternal spirit among its members. The Alpha Epsilon chapter is active in community service as well as promoting pharmacy as a pro- fession. Since getting estab- lished at Ole Miss in 1927, Phi Delta Chi has also had many alumni that are leaders in phar- macy today. Officers- Back Row Renee King, Pledge Trainer; Amanda Pitts, Alumni Llason; William Harder, Prelate; Shannon Whltaker, Inner Guard Llason; James Krandle, Pledge Trainer. Front Row Susan Shaw, Treasurer; Kyle Helner, Vice President; Meg McChesney, President; Sonla Moody, Secretary; Mark Barton, Correspondent. Not Pictured Mitch Skelton, Master at Arms. fl ScottS Louis I Fran tajeli Jlan iiiaiii icen Jolml lymil DaleE Caaor Derek Daisy SusM MIcliai Seiuiei Siisan KavKa Carole, ▲ Photo by David Dunson. Members- Back Row Dr. Williamson, Steve Moss, Mark Barton, James Randle, Shannon Whltaker, Richard Robinson, Kyle Helner, Tim Lewis, Mike Stepp, Andy Null, Joey Merrill, William Harder, Dr. Ron Borne. Middle row Wendy Rhyme, Celeste Peddy, Renee King, Alice Bates, Neely Kellum, Susan Shaw, Meg McChesney, Brenda Allen, Becky Null, Paul Lewis. Front row Sonla Moody, Sharlene Melone, Amanda Cutberth, Jeanette McDonald, Lee Ann Thornton, Amanda Pitts, Hope Tedford, Blythe Watson. Not pictured Bridget Davis, Tonya Mathls, Sandl RIckles, Chris Sheckelford, Kim Wilson, Lori Boehm, Beth Caver, Joe Hubaclk, Stacie Hutchinson, Ann Northcut, Cindy Rose, Mitch Skelton, Donna Snipes, CherrI Waits. ChsBi lot)eit( toteD Ucliael fa Chi StttlCli CtftQ ■tale Co IlKjC, J«tiCil %l]e( 138 Honors Honors Program C Pholo by B. J, Mannix Honors Program Senate: Karen Cole, Randl Ellis, Daniel Habeeb, Lain Hughes, Brenda Gray, Michael Pang, Scott SarUn, Will Sharp and Missy Reld. The Honors program, established In 1953, and restructured In 1982, coordinates special academic offerings that intensify the educational experience of the exceptional student and facilitates the arrangement of a program of studies for superior undergraduate students in any school or college at the University of Mississippi. ■a Louis Abbott Elizabeth Crowson ■ Alan Abel Mark Currier ■ Fran Abraham Patrick Dally ■ Angela Adams Suzanne Darnell H Alan Alexander Kristy Davis M Adam Alvls Thomas Dawson r1 Allcen Anders Albert Dezemplen wA Catherine Atkinson Steven Dossett n George Atkinson Carrie Downing 1 John Bateman Richard Dye Lynn Bates Patrick Eakes Dale Beavers Ruth Echols i Canon Belssel Brandt Elchman 41 Derek Berry Randi Ellis rk Daisy Blackwell Adam Farlow vm Susan Blanton Laura Farmer i Michael Blosson William Feidt Kenneth Blount Allison Finklea Susan Bonlfield Leah Fisher M Kay Kay Brantley Kristie Fiveash ■kV Carole Brown Scott Frensley 1 k, James Brown Dave Fulcher •■•) Chris Brown Catherine Germain ■■ ' i WUllam Brown Garland Goddard Mm: Charlie Brunson Paula Goodman V ' " l Harriet Bryan Ginger Gordon If Kim Burkes Arnold Graham la Andrew Bums Brenda Gray IP Chris Buskirk Julie Grimes Robert Canada Kim Guy Bethany Carlisle Loan Phi Ha , Kristen Carlson Mark Habeeb Shannc- Michael Carraway Sam Habeeb yMerrii. Pam Chase Margaret Haire lug, Scott Childress Robert Hamilton 111 Lewis Chris Clay Jason Hardage UeAni 1s,W Anne Cockfleld Scott Harney Karen Cole Lisa Harrell Dorothy Coleman Joy Harris Josh Coleman William Harrison TlW Angelle Colon Elizabeth Belinda Creel Hawthorne Jim Crongeyer Rosalind Hayden Mark Crowe Kathryn Hayes Eva Head Derek Helnrich Scott Hendrlx Amy Herring Caroline Herring Janet Herrington Robert Herzfeld Julie HighflU Tommy Jerrell Hoard, Jr. Frank Clarke Holmes Karen Lynn Honeycutt Jennifer Hufford Carson Hughes Jaime Jackson Mary Jackson Penny Jackson GiUen Joachim Mary Johnson Henry Jones James Joyner Sheila Kalka Amanda Keith Jennifer Kelly Grace Kennedy Robert Kennedy Jennifer Killebrew Aubrey Klrkland Carole Kloha Samantha Knle Patricia Koph Hallie Ladner Danielle Lagerda Mary Lantrip Gary Lee Trade Lee Jonathan Lohrbach Heather Lovett Amanda Lucas Gretchen Luke Clarke Mackey Drew Martin Mandy Meirtni Jeffrey McCasklll Mollie McCool Heather McKlbben Eleanor McKnlght Alice McLeod Bradley McPeak William McQueen Charles Meadowcroft Jennifer Medley Brett Mehallc Meghan Mitchell Hugh Montgomery Timothy Moore Sandra Morals Monte Morris John Mullen Rebecca Murphey James Naftel James Nichols Michael Nichols Tammy Nichols Kevin Null Katherine Otis Michael Pang Lydla Paterson Katherine Patterson Kevin Patterson Ann Person Natalie Pharr Crymes Pittman William Pittman Joseph Pltzer ChEirlotte Propes Bethany Reed Shannan Reed Wlmberly Reeves Karen Reld Thomas Rester William Rhodes Susan Rice Timothy Rigdon Brett Robbins Elizabeth Roberts Laura Rogers Marcus Rogers Elizabeth Romines Mary Russ Roderick Russ Joseph Sams Michael Sanders Stephanie Sanders Brian Sanderson John Ssirtin Paul Schoenly James Scurlock Jeanna Sewell William Sharp Jennifer Shaw Susan Shaw Wayne Shaw Kelli Simmons Ruth Simon Marquis Sledge Delbert Slone Gary Smith Nelson Smith Christy Soper Larie Steed Bryan Stephens Robert Stephenson Baker Stewart Steven Stone Holly Strange Howard Stroud Michael Sullivan Shannon Sumrall Jnnifer Sundberg Elizabeth Swenson Melissa Swetland Whitney SwlndoU Leslie Taylor Christopher Thomas Oscar Thomas Christopher Thompson Michael Thompson Heidi Tickle Julie Tumma Jeffrey Underwood Jill Underwood Leslie Vance Everette Verhine Jennifer Vernon Amy Vincet David Wages James Walker Michael Walshe Reagen Ward Adrienne Warren Kristen Weir Donna West William White Robert Whltwell Barry Wicktom Caroline WUboume John WUboume AUsion Williams Amy Williams Bailey Williams James Williamson Jennifer Wilson Sharon Wilson Kenneth Wolfe Henry Wood Jill Wood Yalonda Yarber William Yates Dallas Younce Amber Young Christopher Young Honors — 139 Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta is a national freshman honor society whose purpose is to encourage superior scholastic achelvement among students in their first year in Institutions of higher education. Students inducted Into Alpha Lambda Delta have maintained a 3.5 GPA. Officers: Baker Stewart, President; Sandy Sanford. Vice President; Rankin Wllbourne, Secretary; Chad Gilliland, Treasure r; Paula Goodman, Historian; Dr. Joanne V. Hawks and Dr. Eva Neumaier, Advisors, Photo by Misty Tims. Foil 1990 Taylor Archer Michael Bates Meghan Beard Allen Best Teresa Brady James K. Brown Catherine Cain Dennis Craven Daniel DeWeese Leigh Ann Fratesl Tony Gaines John Harper Beverly Hayes Mark Hlldebrandt Judith Jones Ellen Kadlec Kim Kerst Gayle McCaa Melissa McCoUum Sharea MUner Tim Moore Mike Nabors Mee Seong Phang Barbara Rea Krlsta Shumpert Sandra Speckles David Stoltz Tina Stone Krlstl Thome John Travis Barry Wlckton Brenda Provence Spring 1991 Beth Abdo Johnathan Adklns John Allen. Jr. John Ballentlne Katherlne Barrett Bubba Bonjean Laura Bonner Elizabeth Bo wen Klmberly Brackett Leigh Brantly Lucy Brewer Dana Brooks Katelyn Brown Henry Burkhalter. Jr, Robert Canada Krlsten Carlson Michael Carraway Mlng-Chlng Chal Jennifer Chapman Shannon Chelette Allison Chrestman James Gofer. Jr. Stephen Collins Angelle Colon Edward Connell, Jr. Kim Comlsh Matthew Costello Angle Coutoumanos Annie Covington Stacy Crabb C. York Craig 111 Barbra Creager Jean Cretlnl Ginger Crocker John Crongeyer Jennifer Cuevas Kerl Doyle Jennifer Eason Dax Eckard Harry EUson Hayes Ellison Brechtel James Esnard Alfred Lam Tat Fal Adam Farlow Laura Fowler Cara Freeman Dana Freeman Chad Gllllland Monroe Glnn Garland Denlse Goddard Paula Goodman James Graham, Jr. Larry Greene Margaret Halre Robert Hamilton 111 David Harbison David Harper Elizabeth Hawthorne Derek Helnrlch Amy Henderson Scott Hendrlx Robert Herzfeld, Jr. Angele Hlgdon Julie HlghfUl Virginia Hill Mary Ashley Hollls Shonda Jean HoUomon Clarke Holmes Anastasia Hontzas Ertka Jo Hultema Kelly Jo Jessen Helen Johnson John Johnson 111 Mary Johnson Daniel Jordan Sheila Kalka Kok Hul Kaw Jennifer Killebrew Julee King Samantha Knle Danielle LaGerda Mary Catherine Lantrlp Greg Lawson Amy Lee Trade Lee Branden Link James Locke Howard Luce Joyce Lyon Louis Malfalt Meredith Marsh Floyd M. Melton III James Meza 111 Michelle Miller Julia Minor Elizabeth Mitchell Alan Moore Belinda Moore Catherine Moore Elizabeth Mounger Jim Naftel Jay Nichols Valerie Nichols Susan Nock Bruce Nolan Jeff McClanahan Jennifer McCrory Michael McDonald Joseph McGowtn, Jr. Margaret McKlnney Heather McNeer George Paganos Michael Pang Christy Parker Johnny Pearce Scott Pedlgo Patricia Van Peeples Candace Perry Victoria Person Glbert Peters ID Trlcla Petrle Jennifer Potts James Prelst. Jr. Mary Quaka Larry Ray Rachel Reld Susan Rice Brett Robblns Kathy Roberts Kelll Robinson Laura Rogers Cynthia Ruiz Mary Sams Pamela Samuels Lee Sanders Gordon Sanford 111 J. Scott Sartln Linda Scardlno Brad Scott William Selbert Shellee Smith Rebecca Spears Christie Spence Roger Stofford 111 Baker Stewert Barry Stokes Michael Sullivan Lee Summers Stephanie Sumner Susan Symons Sonya Szymanskl Tara Taranto Klmberly Taylor Margaret Tharp Christopher Thompson Amber Tolbert Tracy Townes Brooks Tutor April Ulmer Jill Underwood Katherlne Vandlver Jennifer Vernon Katherlne Vestal Megan Volx Andrea Walnrlght Martin Walker Michael Walker Amy Wallace Thomas Lawler Ward fV Robert Waters Klmberly Webb Kristin Weir Donna West Jennifer West Meilnda Whltten Carmen Wiggins John Wllbourne 111 Jim Wilson Jennifer Wilson Sharon Wilson Kenneth Wolfe. Jr. Kellle Womble Krlsten Wood William Yates James Yelton Dallas Younce Dennis Young, Jr. I Seen L latasfc Scott p Ste»ar fites, i 140 — Honors fj.i Lambda Sigma The Society ' s fundamental purposes are to foster leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and the spirit of service as well as promoting and serving In every way possible In the Interests of the University of Mississippi. I t Photo by Peter Emerson. Officers- Webb Younce, President; Ashley Hollis, Vice President; Dana Freeman, Secretary; David Harper, Treasurer. b Photo by Peter Emerson. Katherlne Barrett, Klmberly Brackett, Kara Brantley, Lucy Brewer, Katelyn Brown, Patrick Burnett, Robert Canada, James Cofer, Ted Connell, York Craig, Amy Derrick, Adam Farlow, Chad Gllland, Garland Goddard, Julie Golden, Natasha Hall, Sue Hart, Jason Herring, Clarke Holmes, Sheila Kalka, Carole Kloha, Mellnda Klotz, Joyce Anne Lyon, Jana McBrlde, Robb Massengill, Michelle Mlze, Drew Martin, Floyd M. Melton 111, Alan Moore, Jim Naftel, Scott Pedigo, Tricla Peeples, Mary Tlson Quaka, Brett Robbins, Laura Sims Rogers, Scott Sartin, Alice Smith, Baker Stewart, Chris Thompson, Jill Underwood, Katherlne Vestal, Carmen Wiggins, Jim Wilson, Alan Wolfe. William Yates. I 141 Honors Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta, the Mississippi Beta chapter of the international premedical honor society, encourages and recognizes superior scholastic achievement. Opportunities for developing organizational leadership and initiative abound within a full program of community service and professional activites. Students preparing for careers in all health care fields, who fulfill both course and scholastic requirements may join this fellowship devoted to premedical education. Photo by Misty Tims. Associate Members: Kim Bartusek Tracl Bennett Blair Biggers Tanya Borrell Jonathan Briggs Bubba Burton Elizabeth Carson Curt Childress Natalie Chu Terri Cobb Guy Collins Lori Dennis Dayle Dillon David Dunavant Douglas Duncan Patrick Eakes Douglas Ferris Victoria Gimma Preston Givens Jeffrey Goodman James Griffith Dan Habeeb Patrick Hale Rob Hamilton David Harper Sylvia Harrison Terry Hayes Victoria Holmes Tom Horn Regina Hummel Ken Ivey Scott Janus Dana Johnson Sheila Kalka Jon Lucas Mo Mallette Melissa McCoUum Joe McGowIn Tim Millis Will Morgan Ed O ' Brien Alison Osborne Greg Pellar Elizabeth Ponder Greg Powell Phil Smith Christy Stewart MargEiret Tharp Chris Thompson Chad Vega Chris Walls Kimberly Webb Donna West Rob Williams Kenneth Wolfe Susan Young Full Members: Megan Alford Richard Arriloa Bill Baird Mark Barrett Canon Beissel E.J. Blanchard Charlie Brunson Norman Connell Mark Crowe Todd Dawson William Edmonson Tommy Ferguson Ken Floyd Woody Gamble Kent Gartin I Doug Harkins Chris Hester Lea Ann Hughes Don Jones Joe Kelly Richard McQueen Mark McRaney James Moore Harvey Murff Kiper Nelson Rob Nichols Fred Olive Ward Pulliam Bill Reno Sean Roberts George Salloum Michael Sanders Suzanne Sanders Sylvia Simmons Todd Smith David Stoltz Steve Therrell Dennis Townsend Jason Waller Ollltei m ■6 hi i. 1 42 — Honors Beta Alpha Psi Beta Alpha Psi is the national honor society and professional fraternity for students planning to enter the accounting profession. Beta Alpha Psi has a rich history, dating back to 1919, when the first chapter was established at the University of Illinois. Chapters of Beta Alpha Psi are established at institutions where accounting programs have reached a high level of academic and professional achievement. Chapters are typically the outgrowth of local accounting honor societies and are carefully evaluated before they are installed. photo by Peter Emerson Officers Include: Brian Roberson, President: Stephen Crouch, Vice-President; Nlchole Bassett, Vice- President; Rusty Reed, Treasurer: Laura Foster, Secretary; Suzanne Foushee. Secretary. en i I I Photo bv Peter Emerson Members include: Sheila Ballard, Bill Barry Nlchole Bassett, Paul Benolt, Kristin Buse, Fung-Ming Cheung. Wai-Mean Chin, Stephen Crouch, Gall Eaves. Christopher Evans, Tina File, Laura Foster, Suzanne Foushee, Jennifer Hufford, Brian Hull, Hallle Ladner, Christy LaSota, Julie Ann Leathers. Bill Legge, Jennifer Miller, Tammy Owens, Denise Patterson, James Pegues, Mee-Seong Phang. Trade Ralney, Cavett Ratliff. Russell Reed, Brian Roberson, Rusell Shaw, David Slmcox, Gwen Smith, Tina Stone. Julia Summerford. Scott Verhine, Amy Williams, Kong Wong, Dan Zebrowskl, I Honors — 143 Gamma Beta Phi The Gamma Beta Phi society is a national hon- orary which recognizes excellence in scholarship, while stressing the importance of service and the development of character. Members actively sup- port local charities and assist efforts to further education. The Ole Miss chapter of Gamma Beta Phi was the 12th chapter to receive a charter in the United States. It is currently enjoying it 26th year of activity on the Ole Miss campus. Officers include: President, Joy Harris; Vice President, Will Sharp; Secretary, David Parker; Treasurer, Karen Cole; Points Sec, Missy Reid. Photo by Peter Emerson Beth Abdo Rachel Arnold Scott Barnhart Katherlne Barrett Catherine Betts Amy Blackburn Laura Bonner Klmberly Brackett Teresa Brady Jonathon Brlggs James Brown Andrew Bums Brad Canada Shannon Chelette Allison Chrestman Jim Cofer Stephen Collins Kim Cornish Klmberly Coston Tara Dobbins Hayes Ellison Peter Fan Thomas Ferguson Laurie Gafford Gloria Gates Garland Goddard Paula Goodman Larry Greene Margaret Halre Matasha Hall Rob Hamilton Krlstt Hanor Cynthia Harrison Paige Hazelwood Shonda HoUoman Victor Hul Mary Phillips Johnson Shelia Kalka Cathy Lantrlp Amy Lee Trade Lee Suzanne Malone Elizabeth Mangum ChrlstI Massey Robert Massey Kim Mayo Michelle Miller Wendy Miller Michelle Mize Randl McClure Maxwell McDaffee Alison McFlU Joseph McGowln Ashley McKlnney Heather McNeer Nicl Nichols Susan Nock George Pagan os Michael Pang Krlsten Patterson Scott Pedlgo Trlcla Peeples Karen Plckell Betty Ponder Greg Powell James Priest Mary Tlson Quaka Rachel Reid Susan Lee Rice Brett Robins Sims Rogers Karen RoUlns Elizabeth Romlnes Cynthia Ruiz Suzanne Sanders Wayne Shaw Amanda Simpson Stacey Sowell Baker Stewart Susan Symons Heidi Tickle Jill Underwood Donna West Melinda Whitten Kathy Yerger. Photo by Peter Emerson 144 — - Honors Phi Eta Sigma , 1 Beth Abdo Jonathan Adklns John Allen Fanos Antoniades John Ballentine Scott Bamhart Katherine Barrett Bubba Bonjean Laura Bonner Beth Bowen Klmberly Brackett Kay Kay Brantley Lucy Brewer Dana Brooks Troy Broussard Katelyn Brown Kenneth Brown, Jr. Henry Burkhalter Andrew Burns Kristen Bussone Krlsten Carlson Michael Carraway Ming Chal Jennifer Chapman Shannon Chelette Allison Chrestman James Cofer Stephen Collins Angelle Colon Edward Connell, Jr. Kim Comlsh Kathy Corpstein Matthew Costello Annie Covington Stacy Crabb C. York Craig HI Barbra Creager Jean Cretin! Marlon Crocker Jim Crongeyer Jennifer Cuevas Amy Derrick Keri Doyle David Eakes Dax Eckard Harry Eielson Jody Elliot Hayes Ellison Brek Esnard Adam Farlow Amy Foster Katherine Fowler Cara Freeman Dana Freeman Robert Gilllland Monroe Ginn Gzirland Goddard Paula Goodman James Graham, Jr. Larry Green Thomas Gunthard Robert Hamilton David Harbison David Harper Elizabeth Hawthorn Mary Hazelwood Derek Heinrlch Amy Henderson Scott Hendrix Robert Herzfeld, Jr. Julie Highfill Virginia Hill Ashley HoUis Shonda HoUomon Clarke Holmes Anastasla Hontzas Erlka Huitma Kelly Jessen Helen Johnson Mary Johnson John Johnson III Chrlstlnla Jones Daniel Jordon Antonls Kafouros Sheila Kalka Kok Kaw Klmberly Kerst Jennifer KiUebrew Julee King Samantha Knie Danielle LaGerda Tat Lam Mary Lantrip Gregory Lawson Amy Lee Trade Lee Branden Locke Joyce Lyon Louis Malfait Meredith Marsh Brlta Martin Jeff McClanahan Jennifer McCrory Michael McDonald Joseph McGowln. Jr Curtis McGregor Ashley McKlnney Heather McNeer Floyd Melton 111 James Meza III Leigh Miller Julia Minor Elizabeth Mitchell Alan Moore Belinda Moore Keely Moore Avery Mounger Dan Mueller Founded nationally at the University of Illinois on March 22, 1923. Phi Eta Sigma estab- lished the Mississippi Beta chapter at the University of Mississippi. Along with 225 other chapters, this chapter recognizes, supports, and re- wards high academic acheive- ment among freshmen. Any freshman with a cummulatlve grade point average of 3.5 or better at the end of any cur- rlcular period is eligible to join Phi Eta Sigma. Induction cer- emonies are held during the Spring semester of each year. Officers- Donna West, Presi- dent; York Craig, Vice Presi- dent; Jim Naftel, Secretary; Webb Younce, Treasurer. Pho- to by Peter Emerson. James Nichols Valerie Nichols Susan Nock Bruce Nolan George Paganos Michael PcUig Johnny Pearce Trlcia Peeples Candace Perry Tucker Person Gilbert Peters III Trlcia Petrie Jennifer Potts James Priest. Jr. Mary Quaka Larry Ray Rachel Reld Susan Rice Brett Robblns Kathy Roberts Margaret Robinson Laura Rogers Cynthia Ruiz Mary Sams Pamela Samuels Jason Sanders Gordon Samford III Scott Sartln Jessica Saterstrom Lynda Scardino Bradley Scott Sheryl Smith Stacy Sowell Rebecca Spears Christie Spence Dale Stafford, Jr. Baker Stewart Michael Sullivan Lee Summers Stephanie Sumner Susan Symons Sonya Szymanckl Tara Taranto Klmberly Taylor Margaret Tharp Christopher Walls Robert Wasters Jim Watson Klmberly Webb Kristin Weir Donna West Jennifer West Mellnda Whltten Carmen Wiggins John Wilboume James Wilson, Jr. Kenneth Wolfe. Jr. Kellle Womble Krlsten Wood Shelly Woodard Thomas Word IV William Yates James Yelton Dallas Younce 145 — Honors Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Gamma Sigma is a national scholastic honor society in the field of business and administration. Only those institutions with accredited business and accountancy programs are eligible to have Beta Gamma Sigma chapters. To be eligible for membership students must rank in the top five percent of the junior class or the top ten percent of the senior class. Photo by B.J. Mannix Members include: Counter-clockwise from right, Mike Harrington, Christine McCarlie, Brian Roberson, Laura Foster, Tina File, Angela Milburn, Dr. E.W. Wood. Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi is a national business honorary recently chartered at the University of Mississippi. Photo by B.J. Mannix. Members include: Front row, Regan Strlbling, Christy Lane, Sec; Christy Anderson, Angela Day and Lane Golden. Second row, Tracey Catt, Nan Jernigan,, Treas.;Cathy McWilliams, Tricia McLemore, Amy Blackburn. Third row, Lisa Lay, Jeff Van, Delphino Martin, Nancy Donelan. Fourth row, Kenny Young, Patrick Donnelly, Scott Ellzey, President; Kathryn Mitchell, Lonnie Franklin. 1 46 — Honors Gamma Iota Sigma Gamma Iota Sigma is a national collegiate insurance fraternity, the only one of its kind in the United States. Its purpose is to improve the quality of an Ole Miss insurance education, while serving as a liason between the campus and the insurance community. The Mu chapter at Ole Miss was chartered in 1976, and the fraternity has been active ever since. In any given year the organization hosts more than two dozen speakers, who lecture on all segments of the insurance industry. Members include: Front row, (1. to r.) Siok Thieng Tan, Annie Peh, John Madden, Lane Golden, Angela Buckles, Sandra Brown. Back row, Siew-Peng Ser, Wai-Siew Leong, Britin Boatwright, Kevin Carter, Seldon VanCleave, Joe H. Murrey Jr., Richard Williams. Order of Omega Order of Omega recognizes outstanding fraternity and sorority members at Ole Miss. Membership is given to those students who exhibit a balance between scholastic, academic and community involvement. The local chapter was rechartered in 1988. Officers are: I. to r. Jay Nix, Treasurer, Sarah Jernigan, Social Chm. and Josh Fletcher, President. Not pictured Eulanda Willis, Secretary. Photo by August Laurent Members Include: Julie Allen. Earl Blanchard. Britin Boatright. Harriet Bryan. Curtis Childress. Mike Cronln. Mark Crowe. Danielle Day, Dean Dedmon. Ruth Echols. Melissa Ellis. Randl Ellis. Tina File. Josh Fletcher. Laura Foster. Chip Frensley. Dave Fulcher. Stacy Greer. Sheila Griffin. Doug Harklns. Amy Harrison. Sylvia Harrison. Finney Heldel. Doris Henderson. Holly Hobbs. Blair Holmes. Ginger Hubbard. Sarah Jemlgan. Lisa Jones. Grace Ann Kennedy. Hallle Ladner. Paul Lewis. Michael Miller. Monty Montgomery. Eone Moore. Nessa Neal. Jay NLx. Mary O ' Ryan. Thomas Parker. Brad Pate. Kevin Patterson. John Pound. Monica Prather. All Quald. Joseph Reld. BUI Reno. Tracey Ryan. George Salloum. Suzanne Savery. Jeanna Sewell. Donette Stafford. Jon Stone. Whitney SwIndoU. Rhea Tannehlll. Ashley Thompson. Heidi Tickle. Reggie Turner. Michael Walshe. James Williamson. Eulanda Willis. Ed Maler. Charles Galloway. Honors 147 Chi Epsilon Is a national honor society for Civil Engineering students. There are over one hundred chapters, nationally. The Ole Miss Chapter was founded in 1937 as the fourteenth chapter in the United States and the first chapter in the Southeast. The objectives of the Ole Miss Chapter are to maintain and promote the status of Civil Engineering as an ideal profession at the University of Mississippi. Chi Epsilon Plioto by Craig Dearman. Officers- Chuck Plaxico, President; Brian Crump, Vice President; Rchard Ferguson, Secretary; Jeya Suppiah, Treasurer; Dorothy Coleman, Marshall. Members- Ricky Fauteux, Kelly Greenwood, Preston Knight, Chia-Chun Lua, Kee Haut Lua, Marshall McLaughin, Wye Kong Ng. Keith Steele, Scott Swatzell. Phi Alpha Theta Phi Alpha Theta history honorary is very active on the Ole Miss campus. Traditional events include a wine and cheese party in the fall, a softball game against department faculty, and a cookout in the spring. Phi Alpha Theta is open to students who have completed 1 2 hours in history with a 3.0 GPA and who have an overall 2.75 GPA. Photo by Peter Emerson. Officers- Ed Maier, President;Bill Dyer, Vice President; Joseph Gex.Communlcations Secretary;Mary Elizabeth Hawes, Recording Secretary; Robert Ginn,Treasurer;Dr. Charles Reagan Wilson, Sponsor. Members- Don Brock.John Broom, Xavier Cole,Danette Corder.Leigh Hamilton, Russ Henderson, Phil Hohman,Jean Anne Holmes, Michael Keeton, Brooke Knoble,Christopher Losson, Jennifer Mattlngly.andJoey Raper. 1 48 — Honors J_ Alpha Kappa Delta Members include: Graduate Students: Kevin Campbell. President: Michelle Hodge. Mid Brown. Kevin McKay. Mel Darby. Grant Dyer. Undergraduates: Troy Harris. Mandy Martin. Patricia Melton. Tammy Brlggs. Alpha Kappa Delta Is the International honor society for Sociology. A.K.D. limits its membership to those students with superior scholarship and a serious Interest In Sociology. Undergraduate students are united with graduate students and faculty members In an organization which Is both an honor society and a group of able people all devoted to the science of Sociology. The goal and method of Alpha Kappa Delta Is " To study man for the purpose of service. " Photo by Arne Oast. Omicron Delta Epsilon A.H. Al-Eng S. Fooshee A.J. Milburn P.M. Amitln G.A. Fudge J.R. Moen W.J. Anderson G. Galvanl W.E. Mounce S.G. Ballard K.G. Guy J.B. Murphy W.T. Barry P.E. Hardin M.Y. Ngew M.E. Baumer B. Harrelson C.H. Odom J.S. Bennett R.D. Hermetz C.B. Oliver V.J. Berry B. Hill C.N. Orr D. Blumenthal W.M. Hladky M.C. Paul J. P. Boyd D.S. Jackson B.E. Pearce D.J. Bryson m S. Jain B. Peddy K. Buse 1 K. Jana S.L. Peh K. Cato 1 1 G.R. Karahan C.S. Perera C.W. Chu ' J.R. Kinsey W.C. Perez T.S. Cobb J. Klepper M.S. Phang L.W. Coleman M.W. Kolesar C.E. Pierce R.S. Collins Y.K. Lee P. Plya-oul J.R. Conlon B. Legge J.C. Pound H. Couvlllion S.L. Lin S.M. Prewitt S.M. Crouch M.L. Lindsay CD. Rahaim g.R. Dastglr T.D. Lou E.L. Rawson W.L. Donovan R.K. Luther R.R. Ray B. Doty M.M. Maloney S.E. Reed U.B. Dufrene C.E. Malouf G.M. Robertson L. Edgar R.W. Marion R.L. Rogllllo D.E. Elcher M.M. Mathews L.R. Russell C. Salassi S. Schweers J. Scott C.E. Scrogglns J.D. Shen C. Singharay J.B. Smith J.A. Smith G.W. Stone S.T. Tan L.C. Tan O.L. Thomas R.K. Thome L. Toups M.E. Trebbing M.B. Vanjani D. Walker CM. Welsh Whitehead Williams Williams Williams Williams Yap ZoUer D.R. R.M R.M R.P. CA. P.Y. L.K. ODE is an international honor society in economics. Chartered in 1915, the society has a nation wide network linking economic students with members of the business community. Nationwide ODE has charter chapters at colleges and universities throughout the United States. Honors — 149 Ml 150 Ik M • • • 9 Mississippi s 1-= Governor Ray Mabus Narrowly defeated in the November general election by Mississippi businessman, Kirk Fordice, Ray Mabus bid goodbye to the gov- ernor ' s mansion in Jackson, never quite re- alizing his campaign goal that " Mississippi would never be last again. " Mabus fell short in the election to Fordice by just three percent of the votes. Relying heavily on the strongly Decomcratic Delta counties to rally for his re-election, Mabus would have been the first Mississippi governor to have held back-to-back terms in office. A 1969, graduate of Ole Miss, Mabus was a Woodrow Wilson fellow at John Hopkins Uni- versity, receiving a Master degree in govern- ment. In 1976, Mabus graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School. He and his wife, Julie, had their first child, a daughter Elisabeth Hamilton, on July 15, 1991. Mabus will be remembered for his fight to pass the Better Education for Success Tommorrow (BEST) bill through the Mississippi legislature. If enacted the bill would have garnered rev- enues for education reform. 1 . The Mabus family, Ray with Elisabeth and Julie, are pictured with area children who came to the Capitol to take part tn the annual Easter-Egg hunt. 2. Chancellor Gerald Turner and Mabus at a fund-raising dinner. 152 — Administration Governors A frequent visitor of Mississippi schools, Mabus was named by Fortune magazine as one of the top ten governors for education during 1991. Governor-Elect Kirk Fordice Coming to power with a Republican governor for the first time in 117 years, the GOP will be rep- resented by 57-year-old Kirk Fordice of Vicksburg. Hailing himself as " not a professional politician, " Fordice stressed his understanding of the needs of the state to move away from professional politicos. " The people of Mississippi are ready for somebody who is real, " Fordice said shortly before Mabus conceded the election. " They are sick to death of negative politics and politicians who assume that thier people are too dumb to know the difference. " President of the Vicksburg based Fordice Construc- tion company founded in 1948, he is also imme- diate past president of the Associated General Con- tractors, whose 32,000 member companies represent 3.5 million employees. Having earned a degree in civil engineering and a Masters degree in industrial management from Purdue University, he is also a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Army Reserves. He is married for 35 years to the former Pat Owens of Jackson. They have four chidlren and five grand- children. Administration — 153 Chancellor Turner Since 1984, Chancellor Ger- ald Turner has been promoting the University of Mississippi throughout the state and the nation. As the 22nd Chancellor, Turner has traveled throughout the state promoting his mes- sage and sharing the value of strong universities with legisla- tors, business executives, civic club members and alumni sup- porters. He and his wife Gail have been ambassadors of the University as well as for the state of Mississippi. In the last six years under the leadership of Dr. Turner, Ole Miss ' s endowment fund has grown from $8 million to $38 million. This year Turner also took great strides in making himself more accessible to the student population. By starting a weekly student forum, he gives students the opportunity to come to him with ideas and problems. 1. In his travels throughout Mississippi Turner has the pleasure of meeting even the youngest Misslsslpplans. 2. Controlling the helm at Ole Miss, Turner has made himself more accessible this year to ad- ministrators and students. 1 54- Administration Vice Chancellors Gordon Beasley Student Affairs Don Fruge University Affairs I reol 11 al Board of Trustees: Back, 1. to r. Dianne Walton; Nan McGahey Baker; Sidney L. Rushing; Bryce Griffis; Will A. Hickman; Cass Pennington; Diane Martin Miller; and James Luvene. Front 1. to r. J. Marlin Ivey; W. Ray Cleere, commissioner; Joe A. Haynes, president; Frank O. Crosthwait, Jr., vice-president; William M. Jones. Administration — 155 Vice-Chancellors Ray Hoops Academic Affairs Doyle Russell Administrative Affairs Teacher of the Year Dr. James G. Vaughan I I f 1 56 — Administration ■V J. Leslie Wyatt Executive Affairs Dr. James G. Vaughan, second from right, professor of mechanical engineering, accepts the plaque designating him as the 1990 — ' 91 recipient of the Elsie M. Hood Outstanding Teacher award. Chancellor Turner made the presentation at University Honor ' s Day. Also participating in the event were Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Ray Hoops, left, and alumnus Dan Goodgame, the Pascagoula native who is Time magazine ' s White House correspondent. Administration — 157 ccounting The Ole Miss School of Accountancy has a unique organizational arrangement among accountancy programs in the U.S.. While most accountancy programs are depart- ments within a business school, at Ole Miss the school is a completely separate unit and is celebrating the 1 3 anniversary of its es- tablishment. A five-year program, the school awards the Bachelor of Accountancy after four years and a Masters degree after five. A doctoral program is also available. The school is fully accredited at both the Bachelors and the Masters levels. Students completing the program are well prepared for prestigious jobs with CPA firms and in the industry, government and education and for the professional certification exam- ination. Dean Tonya Flesher . .s- - ' .-j - -s- A 1 Photo by Natalie Pharr 1. students braved the freezing temperatures dur- ing the brief snow Ole Miss had during the Fall. Kennon Observatory made a beautiful snow- covered background. 2. Did someone order a pizza? Office delivery Is popular for those who can ' t make It out for lunch. ▲ 2 Photo by Todd Inman 1 58 — Administration Photo by Katherlne Bomboy The completion of Barnard Observatory In the early Spring marked the end of a huge restoration project. It left Ole Miss with yet an- other tribute to Its heritage by bringing back to life one of her original buildings. A 1 Photo by Ollle Brock 1 . These young Rebel fans perform for the crowd during half-time at basketball games. It never hurts to instill Rebel pride at a young age. 2. Computers are popping up everywhere. But beware of Michelangelo. Administration — 1 59 usiness As the complexity of the business world has grown, so has the demand for people ed- ucated to understand and cope with this problem. The School of Business Admin- istration strives to prepare its graduates to enter today ' s world of business ready to tackle responsibilities at the administrative level whether they may be in pri vate busi- ness or at a similiar level in the public or non-profit sector. Dean Dr. Randy Boxx :,-vJ A 1 Photo by Arne Gast 1 . Relaxing near the Union, this student opts to read Oxford author John Grlsham ' s first novel, " A Time To Kill, " rather than brushing up on his homework. 2. Conner Hall is the " home away from home " for business majors. Students complimented this year on the much needed paint job the inside of the building received right Ijefore accreditation. u % i l.Ei sho« siudf John ▲ 2 Photo by Ame Gast 160 — Administration Associate Dean Dr. Phil Malone Economics - Finance Norman Womer iVfanagement £r Marketing Joseph Paolillo A 1 Photo b Aiiir 1..1M 1. Every major requires discipline and these members of the Army R.O.T.C show that they have that in the classroom and out. 2. Aside from studying the students take a much deserved break to head to the footbcdl games. Here Johnny Reb entertains the crowd. A 2 Photo by Ed Brondyke Administration — 161 ducation The School of Education Is dedicated to the preparation of students for effective lead- ership and service in school, home and com- munity. A degree in education prepares stu- dents for jobs in many areas. For example, public schools are hiring education grad- uates as teachers, supervisors, coordina- tors, administrators and guidance counsel- ors. A degree in education also carries with it the responsiblity of helping guide our young cit- izens in our society. Dean James Payne These young students take time out from their busy schedules to do what children do best. Photo by Arne Gast 1 62 — Administration Associate Dean Dr. Jim Chainbless Education Administration Counseling, Psychology David W. Cox Curriculum Instruction Joe M. Blackbourn , ......._ _ . _ t - • --.■-■ " , . ■ ' ■ ' ' Ji- " A L ' ■: v., J.... V x - •• ,r: v A 1 Photo by Amc Cast 1 . Sometimes the race to the finish line In school Is longer for some students than originally expected. In Education, students never leave the classrooms. 2. Aside from providing care for faculty and staff children, the on-campus daycare allows students majoring in education to get practicial experience dealing with small children. ' ft A 2 Photo by Arne Gasl i»o3 •■■» ' , . 4 Administration — 163 ngineering The University of Mississippi School of En- gineering had its beginning in 1854, when the first Chancellor Frederick A. P. Barnard, was appointed professor of mathmatics, natural philosophy and civil engineering. Thus, the Ole Miss Engineering school is the oldest such school in the state of Mississippi and this region of the South. Over the past 137, years it has had many outstanding faculty and students and has produced stu- dents that have gone on to become leaders in the state and nation. Dean Allie Smith ▲ 1 Photo by Arne Gast 1 . Running late for class? These students take time out between morning classes to catch up. 2. Lamar Gardner of the Ole Miss physical plant puts some of his own electrical engineering know-how to use fix- ing another power outage on campus. BoBSjBB B B Bffiii M H ▲ 2 Photo by Kemble White. 164 — Administration Associate Deans Jim Vaughn Charles Smith Chemical Engineering Peter C. Sukanek Civil Engineering Robert M. Hackett Geological Engineering George D. Brunton Mechanical Engineering Jeffrey A. Roux A 1 Photn by Ollle Hr K k I 1 . Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. . .for one day. 2. It takes the people (; behind the scenes to get things going in many departments around campus. ▲ 2 Photo by Peter Emerson. Administration — 165 raduate School The Graduate School at Ole Miss was found- ed in 1927, and offers graduate degrees in more than fifty speciality areas. Courses at the graduate level were actually first offered at the university in 1870. However, a def- inite program of graduate study with a mini- mum residence requirement of one academ- ic year was first used in 1890. The graduate school was formally organized in 1927, to coordinate and administer graduate study in research. This year the graduate school was relocated to the Old Chemisty building. Dean Michael Dingerson Niles WalUs, a vislUng art teacher, puts careful consid- eration Into his work. He has been working with ceramics for more than 26 years. Photo by Joanna Pannell 166 — Administration A Photo by Saudrine Blllctt. Terri Flnnegan, left, is an exchange student from Liv- erpool, England. He came to America at the beginning of the Fall semester and so far has become involved in many projects Including founding OMEGA and be- ing selected a Summer Ori- entation leader. Here he is shown with another for- eign friend, Alexandra, who is from France. - --: ' - i H ' A 1 Photo by Joe Moss 1. U-92 DJ Billy Smith is searching for just the right music. Journalism graduate study is a popular program at Ole Miss. 2. When not studying many student like to relax at Oxford ' s own Square Books, unique for its wide-variety of popular authors and delicious food. Administration — 167 aw School The University of Mississippi Law School, established in 1854, is the fourth oldest state-supported law school in the United States. Fully approved by the national ac- crediting agencies, the School of Law is a member of the Association of American Law Schools and is listed as an approved school by the American Bar Association. The law school building is one of the best designed and equipped law teaching facil- ities in the country. Twenty-four full time teachers comprise the law faculty and total student enrollemnt approximates 500 each year. Designed as a model law tea ching fa- cility, the building includes six classrooms, three seminar rooms and seating for 465 students in the library. A unique feature is the Moot Court Area, containing two fully equipped courtrooms, two witness rooms and a jury room. Dean David E. Shipley Dean Shipley or serious look-alike? ▲ 1 Photo by Arne (Jasl A 2 Photo by Arne Cast 1 2. After compleOon of a Hash House Harriers run, Dean Shipley con- gratulates himself with the traditional pouring of spirits over the head. He was Initiated Into the organization after his third run, and was given the name " Fast Buck, " in accordance with his profession.. 168 — Administration Associate Dean Tom Mason Assistant Deans William Oliphant Jerry DeLoach Decking the Oxford square with bows of holly on Christmas has become a more elaborate production each year. This yesir lights surrounded the square and the ribbons and holly adorned buildings and lamposts. The Oxford courthouse makes the perfect centerpiece at night. Photo by OUie Brock. ' ■■-n , A ventle ▲ 1. Photo by Anir i.isi 1 . The Ole Miss Union is considered a meeting place and a good place to come to have a great meal. Constantly expanding and upgrading the facilities there, administrators have made great strides in offering the best and most modem services. 2. Are you sure that ' s all? Getting mail is often a welcomed surprise. Administration — 169 iberal Arts The college of Liberal Arts, the oldest and largest division of the University, offers broad and comprehensive courses of study in the arts, humanities and the physical, social and behavioral sciences. Students may take degrees in some thirty-five pro- grams and lay the foundation required for graduate study and for specialized training in law, medicine, theology and other pro- fessional fields. Dean H. Dale Abadie 1 . Intramural events are filmed by UMTV reporters Kelly Nelson and Thomas Johnson. Johnson pro- vides the inside scoop on how to film the long jump since he Is also a member of the track team. 2. There are always Interesting contraptions and Interesting people outside Bryant Hcdl. A 2 Photo by Arne Gasl 1 70 — Administration Modern Languages Santo L. Arico Associate Dean Music Dr. Glenn D. Hopkins Ronald Vernon Philosophy Michael L. Harrington Physics - Astronomy Art James Reidy Margaret Gorove BioloQ,v Political Science Gregory Mahler James Kushlan Psychology Chemistry David Hargrove Andrew Stefani Social Work English Gary Mooers Daniel Williams Sociology ■ Anthropology History Larry Debord Robert J. Haws Theatre Arts Home Economics James Shollengerger jean Ltieek A 1 Photo by Ollle Brock 1 . Maureen W. Bakenhus (left) and Carol Dale perform during one of the Fall student recitals In Meek Hall. 2. The arches that seperate the wings In Bond Hall are a familiar sight to most all students. The majority of the basic liberal arts classes are held In Bond and Bishop Halls. Administration 171 harmacy The School of Pharmacy takes pride In ad- mitting students to its program that have both excelled academically and socially. Lo- cated in Faser Hall, the School of Pharmacy was founded at the University in 1908, and offers its students, through its five year pro- gram a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. In addition to the broad foundation it provides in Pharmacy, the school offers other cur- riculums in other related fields. Such fields include health care administration, medic- inal chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacogonsoy and pharmacology. Graduates gain academic foundation and adequate professional experience to enable a graduate to successfully practice phar- macy in any of its various forms. Dean Kenneth B. Roberts Pharmacy Olymlplcs held annually gives pharmacy students a chance to com- pete with one another out- side the classroom. Here Chris Schaefer(front) leads his team in the tug-o-war competition. 172 — Administration Photo by K 1 [Jn J Associate Dean Mr. Joe B. McCaskill Clinical Pharmacy Harold Byrd Pharmaceutics Alan B. Jones Pharmacognosy Charles Hufford Pharmacology Marvin Wilson Pharmacy Administration Thomas Brown A 1 Photo by August Laurent 1. Pharmacy school officers are from left. Sammy Lee, Vice-President; Jamie Anderson. President: and Krlstl Myers. Secretary. 2. Lisa Duras- tantl and Scott Long try their best to concentrate on passing the llfesaver via a spoon during pharmacy Olympics. ▲ 2 Photo by Ed Brondyke Administration — 173 dministrators Warner Alford Intercollegiate Athletics Marie Antoon Teleproduction Pam Belcher Placement Danny Benjamin Auditing Marion Boenheim Affirmative Action Officer Ulmer Bullock Food Services Raleigh Byars Small Business Development Bela Chain Personnel 174 — Administration Charles Clark Continuing Education Willie Clark Telephone Exchange With the Ole Miss water tower looming in the background, a military science student prepares to repel down the Army-ROTC tower. Photo by Warren Wells. Judy Cooper Lawrence Crum Gale Denley Mary Connell Orientation Acoustics Center Student Media Univ. Attorney Administration — 175 A dministrators Herb Dewees Alumni Activities Photo by Arne Cast. Oren Dickins Robert Dowdy Joseph Elmore Bill Ferris Univ. Services Comptroller Ole Miss Union Southern Studies 176 — Administration Paul Hale Monroe Harrison Joanne Hawks Thomas Hood I Physical Plant Housing Womens Studies Financial Aid Beckett Howorth Admissions Jean Jones Student Develop. Mark Kidd Programming Board Leone King Chancellors Assistant Administration — 1 77 A dministrators William Kingery Bonnie Krause Recreational Services University Museums Eugene Lee Student Health Roger Lyles Purchasing Jean Major Library Ed Meek Public Relations James Nichols Univ. Planning James F. Payne Afro-American Studies 178 — Organizations Columbus Posey Registrar Sans Russell University Development Thomas J. Reardon Asst. Dean of Students Robert Samuels Univ. Printing Nolan Shepard International Programs A A U 1 ' ' A Hi ' i u ■ ■ » Hu - ' " » I Mike Stewart Police Chief Thomas Wallace Asst. Student Affairs Chanc. Judy Trott Dean of Students Organizations — 179 lln Ibiivc sih of Mississippi s 180 -I— • ' I— ( -(— • cd CD U O U -I— ' •I— I a; -+— » cd u o U -I— ' •I— I CD -I— • Cd a; ATI] KA KS nKA $A0 $KT SAE SX SN S$E X IFC officers: Fred Schaffer, Vice President Rush; Wren Greene, Vice President Judical; Roger Williams, Treasurer; Monty Montgomery, President; John P. Baxter, Secretary. Photos by Arne Gast. IPC members: Kevin Jones, Kenneth Jones, Barry Stokes, Douglas Wood, Doug Ferguson, Adam Farlow, Rick DeZemplen, Joseph Ellis, Ewing Milam, Mike Sweet, Marcus Spencer, Brian O ' Neal, Scott Pedigo, Bill Reno, Montray Leavy, Lloyd Dixon, Alan Moore, Kevin Bourne, David Blddle, Dow Canup, Mark Nelson, Stuart Bryson, Jason Waller, Rod Balne, John Stone, Ben Perry, Steve Wooden, Jason Garner, Sandy Sanford, George White, Chad Brown, John Crongheyer, Wallace Norwood, Jeff Holland, Monty Montgomery, John P. Baxter, Fred Schaffer, Wren Greene, Roger Williams. 182 — Greeks u • I— I CD u cd u • 1— I cd PU u • I— I a (D cd PU AAn Aon AKA AAA KA KA0 KKr ZTA Z$B Panhellenic Officers: Marcl Mathews, President; Elizabeth Boyd, Vice President; Eulanda Willis, VP NPHC; Stacy Hathcock, Secretary; Danielle Day, Treasurer. Photos by B.J. Mannix. Members: Chantelle Head, Shara Morrison. Kim Outright, Sylvia Hanlson, Cannela Brown. Tonja Smith, Mary ORyan, Lisa Harrelson, Tiff Tlebout, Grace Ann Kennedy. Tucker Person, Amy Lowe, Suzanne Savery, Sarah Jernlgan, Mary Frances Caldwell, Ruth Echols. Leigh Anne McKlsslck, Randl McClure, Angela Wilson, Monica Thomas, HalUe Ladner, Elizabeth Roberts. Janer Parkman. All Quald, Laura Foster. Denlse Maness, Blair Holmes, Leslie Evans, Douglas Neblett, Ashley Thompson. Lori Tllton. Courtney Eason. Tracy Ryan. Caroline Smith, Mechelle Moore. Donnette Stafford, Adrienne Yooch. Shaun Westergard, Barbara Howard. Rhonda Spencer. : Greeks — 183 Ar Anchor Splash Anchor Splash moved from poolside to lake- side this year as Delta Gamma conducted the annual games at Sardls Lake rather than the University Pool. Maybe the previous moon- ings, the drunken and lewd behavior, and the rowdiness constituted the move, but this year ' s Splash went better than ever. With all male Greek organization participating. Anchor Splash chairman Randi McClure said Delta Gamma was very pleased with the outcome of this year ' s splash. " More than $2,000 was raised to benefit sight conservation aid to the blind, " she explained. " We attribute the success of it all to the guys — who always have a lot of fun with it. " This was the sixth year for Delta Gamma to host Anchor Splash. Overall Winners First Place Sigma Phi Epsilon Second Place Delta Psi Third Place Alpha Tau Omega Mr. Anchor Splash K2 Joseph Woodard kit I 1 . Preparations begin for Anchor Splash acUvltles long before the day of compeltlon arrives. Here the Delta Psl swim team Is given Instructions by their Delta Gamma coaches. 2. Splashing around the Turner pool. Delta Psfs didn ' t follow Instructions very well. 3. All Hall the King: Phi Psl ' s Introduce their king to the crowd. UPh 184 — Greeks A 3 Photo by Ame Gast 1 . Phi Kappa Psl Preston Thompson looks on while the rest of the Phi Psl team gets ready to hop Into the scene. 2. Sigma Nu pledges dance a little out of sync during their performance. 3. Kappa Sigma Joseph Woodard took the title of Mr. Anchor Splash. 4. Pike ' s are confused as to what to do. Greeks — 185 Decisions, Decisions Rush is a big decision, one that leads to happiness and heartache. Ole Miss rush is rumored to be the most selective and difficult rush in the South. It holds for many stu- dents the key to making friends and becoming socially involved at Ole Miss. This however, has nothing to do with actually becoming an Inte- gral part of the University. What the Greek system at Ole Miss does have to offer however, is the beginning of a new family of support. Greek groups at Ole Miss play an Important part In fund-raising and lending time and their efforts to worthwhile projects. 1. Bid Day festivities, SAE style. 2. Shellee. Shea, Debra, Gina and Leigh Anne await pledges on Bid Day 1991. 3. Tri-Delts sing about " putting the bestest pledge pin on, " after coke party. 4. Mary Lee and Ginger are a good example of what pledging the same sorority can do — bring on great friends and incredible memories. A 3 Photo by Ollle Uroc k 186 — Greeks Ole Miss Welcomes Phi Gamma Delta Chapter Fraternity colonizes and integrates After just two weeks of passing out informational handouts In the Union and holding prospective membership drives around campus, Ole Miss welcomed the colonization of the new Phi Gamma Delta, or FlGl, chapter to campus. With 53 new members. Phi Gamma Delta, Is reorganizing here at Ole Miss after a noteably long absence. Not since prior to the Civil War has Ole Miss had a FIGl chapter. The new pledge class includes multi-racial pledges, something that the new colony expressed Intense pride in. Tom D ' Angelo was director of the redevelopment for Phi Gamma Delta and said In a DM interview that although integration was not part of the original agenda in reor- ganization, he felt It was a very postive step. The pledges for the new fraternity were chosen based on the character of each person, their ideals, and their ded- ication to their scholarship and campus Involvement. In order to be initiated into the colony each member must maintain a 2.3. grade point average. Although the new fraternity does not have a spot on fra- ternity row yet, they plan to fully immerse themselves throughout the remainder of 1992, in becoming an integral part of the Ole Miss greek system. A 1 Photo by Ame Oast 1 . Handing out information about Phi Gamma Delta in thie Union, FIGI alumni and fi eld representatives garnered enough Interest in organizing a chapter here that they pledged 53 men. 1 Phi Gamma Delta Pledge Class 1992 Greeks — 187 $M Pledge Olympics For the fourth year. Phi Mu sorority sponsored pledge Olympics in the Fall to benefit LeBohner ' s Chil- drens hospital in Memphis. Once again the Olympics were a huge success. This year was the first year for the olympiads to be co-ed. In the past the participants were all freshmen sorority pledges. This year the male fraternity pledges were invited to compete and according to Olympics organizer, Ali Kendall it turned out to be more fun for everyone. " We usually just use the guys for the judges, Kendall explained. " But this year 1 talked to them beforehand and they said that although they enjoyed judging, what they really wanted to do was compete. " Kendall said all pledge classes were represented in competitions such as the egg toss, whip the bubble and the 3-legged race. All the money raised was do- nated Le Bohner. Kendall explained that every pledge class paid a $50 entry fee, and all of that money was used for donation to the hospital. " Phi Mu doesn ' t get any of that money, " she said. " It all goes to help the kids at Le Bohner. " Overall Winner Sorority — Xfi Fraternity — KS A 2 Photo by OlUe Brock 1 . Brad Nowell, left, and Scott Borchers hang on to each other and stuggles to cross the finish Une In the 3-legged race. 2. In your face? Julie Beck dem- onstrates spit the bubble. 3 Joanna Holland gives a hand to Sandy Moras In the wheelbarrow race. A 3 Photo by OlUe Brock 188 — Greeks Delta Psi ' s Get Trashy As awareness increases about pollution problems, campus organizations get involved in helping out. A 1 Photo by Ame Gast 1 . The first step In cleaning up along the highway is safety. Putting up a sign that warns motorists that workers are in the medians and alongside the roads encourages them to be more aware and to decrease their speed. 2. Getting down and dirty and picking up the trash Is the second step. 3. Rejoicing in a mission accomplished Is the third. KB Golden Key 2AE K SX ATfi AFROTC n A IIKA For the last two years, more and more campus or- ganization are becoming a part of the Mississippi Highway Department ' s Adopt-A-Highway project. This year twelve Ole Miss organizations have gar- nered up to 2 miles of roadway on Highway 6, between Oxford and Batesville. When an organization receives a stretch of road they obligate themselves to make sure that area is free of trash and other debris, with required organized collection at least three times a year. Each strip of road is marked with a sign de- claring that section " adopted. " Highway cleanup Is getting more popular as organizations take a stand against pollution. To the left are the names of the Ole Miss organizations who currently hold space on highways around Oxford. Greeks — 189 190 — Greeks Greeks — 191 (S CO J3 V u ffl u V (U si £ u a 3 •an X! U CO X! (A e o u xl ■ T3 u s i . s E -4-t c 5 3 n -t-t tn V (N Q £ D u •a ij S ii c •4-1 o CO CO a .a CO ■a c i CO CO ■t J= •a D.- 3 «- . s . • -H o n xtf 192 E fl I V i « 1 c . t E " ■ m S ' m . Greeks — 193 D o o ■o « E u a o £ L -t-t - T- V of §1 o c as 3 " t Oti ■a . Sio " S cfl u ♦i o S 7 - ■ Or-ior -OajP— . -nn. O " r- «J C _ o u H c S r- o •C H £ 1 - u m rt 3 5|l?°«- G -Crt«pfe ' 2 O 5 2 1- c en S: C-O u ™ ?» " 3 o nJ en . a ' o C • " £ tJ 3 C o ■a bo - CO 3 o , w C o rt g Si 5 1? L K aoS " °§-nl a " o 194 — Greeks 196 — Greeks IS 9 . TJli: I ur MJ..m. m JeM ' Z - @tt® @»® w ® ' l iV • ' «v @ P t -•t ffh •= ♦ . « ta ? 2 t7 B) ' n Si i iP- r _Hi @® . .f ,.• W) m r« j|»» i ' Greeks — 197 OS 0) ■a u c P u N m ■3 en g a fe U V U tfi rt CO Co - rt — to CD s - _ Q d e -a " 5 - E CQ g ■G5 a -25 m 10 6 5 " ' " » c-S nJ 5: -3 2 " u " i„ C u c " £ « -S u U H CO B « 2 fo •S5 " S5 " c5g| u a " •5-d o a u ■ g u u c P E o 3 B u art Si_§ 3 C « , o to : S " " " t » Si! toil S °2 (S ' oc S 2 =0 _, t O C OJ 2 . ' 2 to u • h fl o ii to . ' , c •G o Q O g n! CO J3 G 2 " ts o K H " IB CO l2 to .i ■C to to oBcn a 2ti5 to S •= S -G G CO CO ni Si m u K (U o £i to u to (D J3 O V o u r u - - u t3 " • J2 E xi , •Si u j: g ■C S " O _; lip ■a " j u Si to ' S 1) :g I i . " § ?R o rt u 3 Da c a ' .g u u P rt a. E m o -g m •ops- 3 Ji £Ol3Qfc (U i " to _2 to j i! J- u C to J 3 o o o S o c O «J CO u A 198 — Greeks il ' J tD " t « ' 4 -m t7 , 4 « « ■== Bw! Bl Sp ' it » w. «w Qli f|;Q | P Greeks — 199 2 p I E 1 " ■ rt rt « t , o ■o j: ii J(§ • u • C 3 u 5 cC 5 3-1 rt , ra M a; U j - 3 2 « . m c P " 5 C u OQ £ u u o d •o S to y Cu CQ Ih • J U . to -H -C Q Q. 5 -•CM « CO o qj c V oO fa o 3 ■ " c o c s II E c to " O a. u C m 5 CO . E to M !•§ « E DS CO , fa cm cO - Uj 2 CO cO ° fc ' S Mo O £ gS ■gEc CD " • 1 ' S oi ' CO to x: « u 200 Greeks H p s •jsi Kj: «.? on C " ■ 08? . e -ID e@ ® ® 3 gr gy [ H ' y jl ©909 ' JS 9 ® ® €) ® C ® wX Em 0m j m H • j T) H ' ' g) fl) @ €» €» Greeks — 201 i a C 5; u m 3 o c 5 » g (0 - - ?? 2 ooti o ■ h S -a " SP »„ d " 1 2 c SPa u " S p S e ■C S o ® ou S - -y a , O O o a _- :a e a ■22 § g « 202 — Greeks Greeks — 203 • ij| i.»- J;» . ; ;i W ■fchiH ' ' SS vr Ir iHr Jfe ifc «|y " " " : gj| . 3 51 . ' V ' 2 m ► 1 1 -1 1 : ' ' 1 ,4 fcr . m u u •aci o S c 3; " 1 M u ' u . C Q to u 0-3 C S u 2 •5: «-5 u u rt C » •a UT3 g CQ Id CO ii! Q G t o a B c C lU V CO cd " o CJ Q C 6 o cc »§ h en u T3 U CJ 3 T3 O -i CX CO cti T3 o o u Oh CO V i=l u Q to ' to to u u V 3 c is o O to Z, C cfl o 3 " C G Sf? ™ u (U C Oh 9 • : a in .i2 CD M a, a til 3 o to c u A! 151 Is C ••- u D to to u 6 o 6 o X -- " l to u t: X ■oD to 6-2 c« gOcO •oD G C rt Cj Oh O c « 12 204 — Greeks ' xtll .J: ) .•N tl @ «K %5 ¥ ? ■vw. - . ' -. » ' i r i »» »«!» ' f C »»? ©I©) i ««»t ' 5M 4 ' f »4 ' Greeks — 205 206 — Greeks h HUH J 4]«% if O 9 m © ;- .v -f i. ® ® @ aS ' v - f » jL Greeks — 207 208 — Greeks a: «■ Xi H i ' - Qe fl it. 0. El SJ £•1. IBS fef . y® j u ife P ft K? t 4 »S 7 diii- K lfe ©1 OIOI •» 1C » • i«vir is.. 1 u s " j|:-- »-. gKi @i0 OI OI t|i«i iS A t ' P ' fe K BEB8 Hj ' Si % as c ai Bs: s Greeks — 209 210 — Greeks Greeks — 211 212 — Greeks Greeks — 213 214 — Greeks 1 Greeks — 215 • I— I -a cd u •I— I cd u CD cd U CD -d •I— I cd U CD -a •r— I ' -a cd U C D -d •I— I -d a cd U ! I 216 — Greeks Greeks — 217 218 — Greeks if frrW ' i i ' i - ■ Greeks — 219 ■ o C o 5 ) £ u O 2 u ) ji 3 W c u ; 3 5.-C; c P m C3 J= o : SO P U S I H -s: „ ea 8 - !5 ' S C s " C C I ' JHBIIiL ■a r-, ■ 1 O -o • V as . tn — s u Si u . -a C m h « - u . S 3 So rt i m L. C b 4j i3 U ■ " ' C to O O- S h C 1) 3 X! 2 en • " -H T 2 3 220 — Greeks ltli44H I Greeks — 221 C a i 222 — Greeks 4 Etc ' 5; -1) « ; LIU ■00 t s 1 -Ss I Greeks — 223 224 — Greeks r- C lG : A I J i I N S :]p9 1 Greeks — 225 226 — Greeks Greeks — 227 u s Q •d S u in E S a " I S3 u m -a ft- §. hT3 C »i u C c rt S ocqh d !w L- o o la-g _e -PC 3 c o,S = £ ni 6 - S o o [C O C e ' - ■ o u ■HT3 T) D O !« to U CO 4j _K ' CO r, cd r I ■ " — 0. 1, H S a (0 . ,. !_■ CO U G g o tJi j S fttj 3 a. E M CO tj P c c 2 C -C m -, O j; a -2 00 i) O C ■a acog 3 to 1) io en -3 ii u Ceo o +- O C» u g- (D W C K — C " S - J c ■ a " 2 3 u !? a 03 5 3 ,1- CO 5-0 u ;C -a O CO c ii i Q., -y o o " s E|llt rt H r; r- 4J 228 — Greeks I II I II ■ I I T I rj " M Greeks — 229 230 — Greeks m 1. . c i i 1 1 Ij ' 1 ' ■ Id. ) f ■f- ■ I Ik S 1 Greeks — 231 C C qj ts V X2 S; ■2 £ -a - ■ c c O C f to U 0- ?! o « t C2 u ° O T3 t ° ifl JS u e I- B U CD ■a -C S o 3 a, s - - ' — T- J Q S-rtO £ B rt g- CO g ■ ri " o m " ii ? fcd 2 i (D ,3 ■ " u u " u -C C 3 o Q £ § 0- a ' III tH — •a u O 0- 3 C Is c " °2 aH (0 1 ) O 232 — Greeks Greeks — 233 234 — Greeks (g »?5JW I -Si t k . P ■Zfl ICSl KH ' w H5= i Greeks — 235 236 — Greeks Ii |@ 1 1 1 1 II IPS hni 1 1 ir wi ■kbIcs m iSiR - P3i ■■■ 5 g f m m BIO m w» K 63 SJ S M Edi Greeks — 237 238 — Greeks Greeks — 239 i ■a c 5 o c c S a u §•■? V) . c en S (D ca a Q •o CO ■c •a c a X c o 5 ■ Oi Six (8 a a u c C a; CO o a 3 £ « O. ■O ' S u C C o u, S -5 u u -g rt — ' 3 1 u ■c « ? • as g- C 3 S CO i« 1) C V- -kJ ° lii ' s V. e a o CO O .D " CO J3 . XI " rt S2 3 ■a w2s£ !3 c q c 8 3- C 3 ° a; CO " S c U T3 3 ft S? u c « a - o fe o u to - I " c o « £ iS „ s: ft " 2 S £ E «J « i «E SI0 ■P o-t; ■a o c ft co E E O CO 1J cd o . c o « S G ■ .CO -3 o s U .C o CO o Xi b cj CO u, ft cO a; CO ' O I g 3 ft ' G ft c ; CO CO u (U nJ . (J o S c a •3 c ■ o E o g°SE Q, dj cn CO aft-. CO -; 3 o t; £ e M 9 S u ♦J E " 4: 3 •s 3d- " u ii to- ' o i b S ° ' 3 ' 2 ' S c " S .22 S E Nil CO j: •- §0 ■as ff « oOQ ! H cfi Q C 240 — Greeks 11 =? a;; til ill. lb: b. K ' . Kjm ■ej lea ir 242 — Greeks In k «J it OS; hi « Its hi t «il fc - " 2 1 ' Jl li : 5 ' S Hi ' : £j £1 C7 a p _ M 1 El 1 1 ej c i ' r3 O; H: ; . M mm mM W M F ' " M M @ 1 j ' e ! 1 " Greeks — 243 244 — Greeks PS _ f 1 1 jl if! c i S f C? : C i ( fc. c W P 2 IS mmmm ' m - 1 jy I ' P P 1 ' Cg i| Greeks — 245 246 i Greeks — 247 248 — Greeks 1 Greeks — 249 i •r— I -a u cd U -a •i-H -d cd U -d •I— I -d cd U C 2 -d •I— I cd U C 2 -d •I-H Cd U u M ' 250 — Greeks I Greeks — 251 252 — Greeks Greeks — 253 254 I I 255 ASB Photo by H.J, Mannix The Associated Student Body Officers are comprised of very qualified students who are elected in a campus- wide election in the Spring of each year. Most students seeking an officer position have had more than a years experience serving on the ASB senate or in some other capacity in student government. President Rhea Tannefliff Jn Vice Fresident Marci Mathews Secretary Affison Poi e Treasurer Tina File 256 — Organizations The ASB Senate is a group composed of 58 eiected representatives tluit carry out (leg- islation deaiing with camptis affairs. The senators are ekaed during an eariy Fail campus-wiie eiection., and bring into the jroup opinions and. needs of virtually every area of campus E e. The senate deiegaxes rtdes to the elections commission and aiso aiiocaies funds for various stmlent organ- izations. Etections for senators are heid each year and the senate is presided over by the ASB vice- presiient. 1 Senate Committee chairmen include: Paul Grant, Lain Hughes, Carol Khola, Leigh Lucas, Steven ' Hornaday, Katelyn Brown. Baker Stewart, Allen Llgon. 1 ' US-wlde ears ASB Senate: Irene Amos. Katheiine Barrett, Dale Beavers. Laura Benton. John Black. Tal Braddock. Don Brock. James Brown. Katelyn Brown. Jo Creel. Andy Davis. Jack Dodson. Tara Duett. Uric Dufrene. Courtney Eason, Terry FInnegan. Chip Frensley. Jason Garner. George Gourlay. Paul Grant. Joy Haddock. Perry Hawkins. Heather Hlllhouse. Heath Holdsworth. Stephen Hornaday. Elizabeth Huff. Michael Hufflness, Lain Hughes. Jonathan Kemp. Melody Kesler. Robert Khayat. Jeremy Kirkland. Carole Kloha. Lisa Lay. Allen Llgdon. Byron Luber. Leigh Lucas. George Masterson. Marian Montgomery. Mary Lee Murphy. Susan Norwood. Brian O ' Neal. Alison Osborne. Ty Owen. Kate Pender. Crymes Plttman. Brad PItzer. Brett Robbins, Marcl Matthews. Allison Pope. Brad Roberts. Will Rutledge. Sam Sanders. Sandy Sanford, Jeff Singleton. Baker Stewart. Robert Stokes. Melissa Swetland. Rebecca Vincent. Fred Warren. Kate Whalln. Charles Wright. Webb Younce. Dan Zebrowskl. Organizations — 257 % J } Tfie ASB Ekaions Commission members are. appointed by the ASB President Members are active partidpants in every election on campus. They make certain that ail candidates meet, all ([uaiificatxons for office and tSua. the. candidate stays wiihin ASB Code, regulations for campaignitig. Tfiey supervise all cam,pus-wide elections except for Senior Ciass elections. The commission also acts as a proseatting body, penalizing or (hs(litalifying a candidate if evidence of wrongdoing is shown during the campaign. The stxuknt judicial council the highest court in the Associated Student Body, consists of an elected c hairman and six associated chairmen. Their duties include review of kgisktion and constitutional matters of the campus senate in addition to over 400 discipGnary cases a year. Associate members are selected from six different areas of campus dfe. Photo by Craig Dearman Members include: Mike Cronin, LaTonya Taylor, Byrlyne VanDyke, Collier Simpson, Christopher C. Locke, Don Welch, Sam Shellabarger, Xavler Cole, Stacey Reaves. 258 — Organizations The. Executive Task Tom is a com- Ttiittee invetued by former ASB prcs- ufent ]o(m Ates. The. purpose of the. committee is to give studients a place to voice tfteir ideas and coticents. Tfie committee Jocuses the intentions of these ideas to the poper channeis and allows stiufents to see tfiot some, things wid change when (nought to the ottention of the Tight group. Photo by Misty Tims. Members include: Fran Abraham, Julie Allen, Katelyn Brown, Perry Hawkins, Vema Humphreys, Tucker Iclntyie, . ' Person. Jimmie Brock Reynolds. Brian Rldgeway. Scott Seirtln, Steven Sparks, Mark Wiley, Charlene Williams, Seth Williams. Webb Younce. ;l::4r- yes. Members Include: Chris Coleman, Phoebe Davis, Dean Dedmon, Laura Foster, Dave Fulcher, Angela Heard. Doris Henderson. Stephen Johnston. James LaGarde. Gary Lee. Denlse Maness. Leigh McKlght, Brad Norton, Scott Sartln. Rhea Tannehlll. Rankin WUboume. Cory Wilson. Tfie associated student body udnnet is comprisetf of student (eaders who are (pointed by the Senate. There are thirteen departments in the cabinet and each represents a different aspect of the campus. Pftoto by B.J. Monni c. Organizations — 259 J The. ASB Assistants oisist the ASB officers by doing daiadjobs in iht ASB office Pfioto by Craig Deamxan. ASB assistants include: Scott Sartln-Executive Assistant; Dave Fulcher-Presidential Assistant; Fran Abraham — Secretarial Assistant; Dow Canup- Assistant Treasurer; Courtenay Davis- Deputy Attorney General; Sabrina Story- Deputy Attorney General: Shelia Kalka -Deputy Attorney General; Dan Zebrowski, Seth Williams. Cocfe Revisions makz sure tftat off codes in the A5B constitution ore up to date and appticable. to every position and situation on campus. Pftoto by Todd Inmoru Members Include: Julie Allen, Steve Benskin, Anthony Bradley, Ginger Crocker, Courtenay Davis, S. Hale Dees, Jack Dodson, Jane Dorsett. Christy Eubanks. Toni Gilmer, Bill Glasgow, Michelle Gordon, Amy Herring, Holly Hobbs, Shawn Jenkins, Anastasia Kimble, Lorl King, Carole Kloha, Cary Lee, Jennifer Long, Jana McBride, Rebecca McRae, Toni Nadlickl, Jim Naftel, Jay Nix, Stacey Reeves, Brett Robbins, Scott Shows, Ruth Allison Simon, Baker Stewart, Philip Stroud, Carmen Wiggins, Brian Wilson, Douglas Wood. 260 — Organizations Pv ,» ' «v-viv ,-- • w «r ' ■■•-••V- ■ ■• ■.J " . •. A-.-; . .•:•• " -?:--.2.»i - " Tfie Academic Affoirs Department 5erve5 the students in representing their concerns btfon the University Academic Cowndi and by esta lis fling projects to enhance the ocodmic in- tegrity of the students. Issues such as Academic Discipline, Grade Podcy, atui Dead Week Days have been among recent concerns. Photo by Peter Emerson, Tfie Mississippi Govemmexttal Af- fairs Cmx., represents the interest of the University to tAe (egisldture ond tries to pomote Cegislotion tftat will Benefit Ok Miss. The MGAC en- aiuroges student invofvement in po- fiticaf eieaions and empfwsizes tfie importance of politics in doify fife, Tfie committee otso conducts an. ab- sentee voting drive for (ocai, state and natJonoT efectionns. Pfioto by Peter Emerson- i.S,Halt Amy Members Include: Fran Abraham, Elizabeth Alexander. Dow Canup. Leigh Carter. Courtney Drake. Ashley Duncan. Paula Goodman. Kim Gordon. William Hardin. David Harper. Perry Hawkins. Flynt Hughes. Sheila Kalka. Grace Ann Kennedy. Lisa Lay. Jennifer Long. Tiffany McCarkle. Wenny Miller. Wally Morgan. Sandy Morris. Jim Naftel. Jay Nix. Pamela Parker. Adam Paxton, Trlcla Peeples. Cecily Pharr. Kimm Poe, Stacey Reeves, Nancy Riddle. Brian Sanderson, Tracey Sauls. Kevin Smith. Bill Spencer. Stacey Splvey. Ben Thomas. Missy Thomas. Jay Tldwell. Joey Tignor. Jennifer Townsend. Mellta Turner, Rob Tyner, Allison Williams, William Yates. Webb Younce. Organizations — 261 VcV It:. y ASB Student Wcttmss m. A 1 Photo by Katherlne I3omboy Core group: Paula Goodman Kendal Reed Jacque Landes George Gourlay Shannan Reed Daniel Dixon Jennifer Green Denlse Relgle Ava Peterman Alexis Gup Emily Rice All Quald Car la Hardee Janle Ring Llbble KakaJes William Hardin Sarah Ross Angenette Smith Kelly Harmon Roderick Russ Chris Baker Caroline Harsh Carla Russell Elizabeth Alexander Alicia Harvey Shaune Scott Vlckl Kelly Rosalind Hayden Pamela Simmons Leanna Range Brooke Hayes Alice Smith Mark Wiley Jeremy Hebert Nelson Smith Jennifer Ross Hardy Hill Stacey Splvey Jason Gamer Karen Honeycutt Lucy StanfiU Lucy Plttman Amy Hrdllcka Cricket Stephens Denlse Maness. Penny Jackson Tara Regan Stribllng Meg Johnson Vallery Strickland Erik Kalstorf Cecilia Taylor Members Include: Billy Keith Amy Elizabeth Terry Elizabeth Alexander Katie Kennlngton Daryl Thomas Jay Allen Kelly Kooshlan Shelby Thompson Ashely Anderson Steven Lacy Emily Tickle Shanna Bartlett Julie Ann Leathers Jennifer Traughber GIna Barton Clark Love Lacle Turner Blair Blggers Denlse Maness Amy Vincent Amy Blackburn Meredith Magers Prissy Watklns Krislnda Bleau Jim Maness Elizabeth Weaver Tanya Borrell Amy Massey Donna West Elizabeth Boykin Katie Mays Carmen Wiggins Dori Brothers Missy McCoUum Kim Wilder Anne Bryant Thomas McGregor Susan Williams Jenny Burch Lori McPhall Heather Wood Clay Camp Julie Morrison Kim Yeager Amy Cater Liz Munsterman Pamela Chase Meredith NefU Amanda Clearman Suzy Noone Brittany Copeland Connor O ' Brien Kendra Crafe Dana O ' Donnell Melissa Davidson Alison Osborne Amanda Dixon Mark Osborne Carrie Downing Jennifer Pace Dawn Dugan Jennifer Parham Elizabeth Elklns Deldre Parker Amy Ellis Ron Pereslch Leslie Evans Jennifer Polk Courtney Fleming Andrea Price Almee Floyd Stephanie Quald Kacey Garrick Mary TIson Quaka Clayt Gates Ryan Reaves Kate Glamser Marion Reddock The. Student Wdintss Committee, aided in part by the University Student De- velopment Center educates students ' emotional, ixiteSectual, sodal, -physical and spiritual needs by providing cotm eEng, hosting speakers and sponsoring projects. Activities include a co-sponsors ftip of the National Coilegiate Akohol Awareness Week, in October, a health fair and variotis otfier smaller projects. A 2 Photo by Kalheiine Bomboy 2. The Student Wellness Core group. 262 — Organizations Vi ' ' •» . m I r The purpose of Tht Race Keiadcins Task FoTce is to crtaxe better com- municadons betwten races, making it possibie W diminish raciai sUr- otypes;ftave a greater irtsigftt into race. retoions; form a better sense of com- munity; develop an afiility to ifiscuss race rtiations; work together towanf so mons to rocioT problems that exist at 0(e Miss. Pfioto by Misty Tims. Members of the committee are: Elizabeth Alexander. Charles Barrett. Burwell Barton. Angela Benton. Reglna Renee Boyd. Dale Breavers. Carter Brown. Tara Cameron. Brenda Coker. Cassandra Curry. Denlse Donnell. Tametiice Eckols. Melissa Gamble. Jennl Garrott. Stephanie Goggans. Julie Grimes. Beverly Hayes. Kathy Hayes. Caroline Hlatt. Heather HlUhouse. Jeff Hltt. Vema Humphrey, Cedrlck Von Jackson. Hank Jones. Kenneth Jones, Moneke S. Jones. Laura L ne, Allen Llgon, Michael Malone. Amy Massey. Sarah Lynn Meyer. Liza Mitchell. Randl McCIure. Ryan A. McCready. Rosle McGaughy. Patrick D. McMahon. Shonda Maria McNeil. Susan Norwood. Stephanie Price, Janle Ring. Roderick Russ, Shaune Scott. Emily Tickle, Shannon L. Tucel, Brooks Tutor, Amy Vincent, Leigh Warren. Kelly Williams. Brian Wilson. Webb Younce I Tfie purpose of the Oxford- University Liaison Committee is to maintain good relations Between tlie University and the aty of OTcford. The committee Fias two m gor proj- ects eodt yexa and. sends Ckiistmas packages and uads from the Uni- versity to the Oxford hoard of Al- dermen, Lafayette hoard of Super- vis ors and members of the loud Chamber of Commerce, Members Include: Larry Boone, Todd Boyd, Allison Breland. Barbara Brown. Carter Brown. Kim Cornish. Stacy Crabb. Sean Doyle. Erich Durlacher. Robbie Edgar. Julie Fletcher, Maria Ford. Ray Gordon. B. Graeber. Adam Gwln. Heather Hlllhouse. Kenya Hodges. Robert Khayat. Kakljane Kitchens. Mary Cather- ine Lantrlp. Christy Lasota. Julie Ann Leathers. Amy Legg. Amy Lowe, Leigh Lucas, Katie Mays. Cathy McWlUlams. Jennifer Jaye Miller. Victoria Person. Kim Robertson. Norma Shaffer. Sandl Shaw. Terll Smith. Rob Tyner, Oliver White, and Kim Wilson. Mkiifi Organizations — 263 ,i Ofe Mi5S Amfiossodbrs omf R£- gionai K£:prese.ntadves p(ay an im- portant role in t ie Fiigfi scfiooC and junior cofle e refittiorts 0 tRe Pre- Admi sions Offke. As members of a student or cmizadon within the ex- ecudve branch of the Associated Stxv- dent Body government, AmBassadors and Regional Ke:pTescntatives iprovide tours, assist canvpus visitors, attend receptions for prospective students, visit (ugh sdiooCs, ami participate in other pro romi that commtxnicote in- formation about Ok Miss. Katdyn Brown, Director; Sims Rog- ers, Campus Activities; Tommy Ward, Letters; Perry Hawfeins, Mi- nority RecruitiTig; ]oy Harris, Office Contact; Josette Former; Pfione Bdtz- es; Ginger Todd, Pu6Cic Relations; Carmen Wiggins, Secretary; Natasfia Had; Treasurer; Mike BCossom, Tours; Allison Williams, Housing Coordimitor. Photo by B.J. Mannlx Cindy Amisano Michael Andrews Rachel Arnold Tara Atchinson Jim Aycock Adrtenne Barnes Jennifer Bamett Lisa Batten Angela Benton Holly Bergeson Krlsty Bland Susan Blanton Jennifer Blasen Susan Bonlfleld AUyson Bowman Kay Kay Brantly Lucy Brewer Wendy Broad Jeane Buckner Tara Cameron Mellsse Campbell Brad Canada Jennifer Canlk Robin Chlpley Natalie Chu Cory Clark Anne Cockfield Jim Gofer Colleen Cohron Angelle Colon Brittany Copeland Geneva Crawford Katie Crowe Jennifer Cuevas Cassandra Curry Leigh Ann Darby Amy Dewey Denlse Donnell Dawn Dugan Christy Eubanks Julie Fletcher Cindy Flint Courtney Fortinberry MUlssa Gamble Jennifer Gilbert Jane Gober Garland Goddard Julie Golden Paula Goodman Leslie Gremillion Rob Hamilton Tedral Hankins Carla Hardee David Harper Cindy Harrison Susan Hartness Megan Havlg Betsy Hawthorne Desmondes Haynes Amy Herring Caroline Hlatt Hallie Holllngsworth Ashley Hollls Harold Holmes Catherine Hotze Nlkkl House Todd In man Marissa Huddleston Bobby Joyner Lou Ann Jones Sheila Kalka Kelli Kawash Shannon Kelly Melody Kesler Mellna Klotz Trlcia Kopf Holly Kruger Hope Ladner Katie Laine Chris Lane Cathy Lantrlp Montray Leavy Tracie Lee Amy Legg Erin Lester Liza LIndley Julie Lord Jackie Lyon Mandy Martin Michael McCarty Richard McCrory Bren McLeod Shonda McNeil Jennifer Medley Lorl Messal Meg Michaels Jennifer Miller Michelle Miller Meghan Mitchell Michelle Mize Leigh Monlot Yvette Moon Neesa Neal Daniel Nell Craig Nichols NIcI Nichols Susan Norwood Dana O ' Donnel Mary O ' Ryan Misty Owens Michael Pang Adam Paxton Ron Pereslch. Jr. Charlotte Perkins Peyton Petty Cecily Pharr Crymes Piltman Kimm Poe Jennifer Polk All Quald Tracy Randle Cindy Ray Marlon Reddoch Kendal Reed Missy Reld Rachel Reid Todd Richardson Brian Ridgeway Kelly RUey Christy Risher Kenneth Rogers Tracy Rohm Tonl Rushing Reggie Rutherford Amy Sanslng Scott Sartin Paula Schaefer Leslie Sexton Jacquelin Spann Laurie Steed Christina Stoll Mary Suman Paige Tatum Cecilia Taylor Sherita Taylor Rebecca Terry DeAnn Thomas Kathryn Thomas Keith Thompson Joey Tlgnor Sally Townsend Kavl Vance Mandy Watkins Donna West August White Melinda Whitten Quentln Whitwell Rankin Wllboume Angle Williams Kelly Williams Susan Williams Vickie Williams Cindy Wilson Sharon Wilson Prentls Winter Jennifer Wong Krlsten Wood Charles Wright Kim Y eager Mindy Young 264 — Organizations rlV The Stxuknt Housing Committee acts as a Uason Between tht ASB office, and the Inter-Hail unmdis, aimprisei of members of every campus dor- mitory. The aimmitxee has represent- atives in (iormitories on campus, al- lowing residents to easily pesent iieas or probkms to the dorm ad- ministrotion. Sorm activities spon- sored by the aimmittee include a pom- pCet and movie nigltts. 5tuient Housing Task Force incixufes: Katfierine Barrett, MarCo Att amf Pamela Parker. Back row. GraJiam Se,Won, James Logardie ami Kob Ed- wards. Photo by August Laurent 1 " Memiers incfiufe: EOzaietft Ettins Liz Huff Suzette Meniam 5teven Smith Kim AM Jenn er FitzgifiBon Angela Humpfireys Conrad Meyer Adison Spegfits Jay Aden Cindy Flint Jofin Hunf MicheikMdkr Christina 5tolI MMo Att Cittiborm Frojier Jeanjenjungs Connie MoCino Vaierie 5triilani • Jennifer Buiic Brian Tsfi Davidjohnson Ro fiMuflCT Juiia 5ummerfcm£ 1 Kfltferine Bonwt JJ. Gay Julie Johnson Tern Nnrffifii Cedfia Tayfor 1 Angeii Benton John Goodwin Bank Jordan Neesa Neal Amy Elizabeth Tory Pnchard Bevii Lisa Marie Gonion Lori King AOSson OsBome Ben Thomas Anne. Bryant RoBert Gordon Katie Lane Amy Pace Kem Thrasher 1 Ciay Camp 1 Hum CkmSer Ri aeCS. Griffin Trem Lekman Pamela Parier Bro ofes Tutor Adam Gwin Vicki Lippincott Alice Parsons Kristen Tyfer 1 Les e Cfuistiypher Laura Haas ClariMackey Aiiam Po«on Ro6 Tyner Brtnik Coker Dovi({ Harper Miched Maicr e Paul Pierce Claurfin Vettci Karen Conky Jason Harrison Kim Mayo Jennifer Folk Mereiith Vio; : Leslie. Comer 5taey Hotficocfe Ryan McCTEaify Trida Ponthieux Aniijea Wainright Kim Cornish Dana Haven Cfiristin£ McCorfie Kyan Reaves Tyson Wegman Ginger Crocier Betsy Hawthorne RoniiMcClure Chuck Redding Donna West Jennifer Cuoois Demondes Haynes Missy McCofliim Dave Ridianlson Juisim Wiilard Dan DecCT Susan Herren Wifliam McDonougfi Kim RoBertson Roland Wifloci Jane Dorsett Brian Hicks Dovijt McE tats KeiE Ro inson Sharon Wiison Carrie Downing Inda Beeier Hogan Melissa McGee Tniey Rohm Reese Wise KiciDyji HaSie Hoflingswcrrt i Ro6 McKenzie Blake Saisbury Charles Wright Tometrice Lckcts Kelsy Ho nes Lauren McLemore Sam Sanders Brian Ecfoicfi CheiseHvff Trida McLemoie Graiiam 5eArton Organizations — 265 T(te Independent Affairs committee 15 composed of 14 irufependent students. These students deed wttft a!d matters concemmg independents. The committee meets reguiary to discuss independent pojects and ways to pkai activities tfiat wiiL mUc together off stuxiiems jirom off different areas of comptis. Pfioto by Katfierine Bomfioy. Members Include: Angela Benton, Susan Blanton, Krislnda Bleau, Klmberly Brackett, Ruby Chua, Mary Eaves, Tametrlce Eckols, Frederick Franklin, Paula Goodman, Rafael S. Griffin, Daniel Habeeb, Robert Hamilton, Jeff Hltt, Wlnfred Johnson, Moneke Jones, Amy Legg, Carla Logglns, Jeanle Miller, Susan Norwood, Connor O ' Brien, Michael Pang, Jennifer Parham, Tricla Parthelx, Julie Richardson, Klmberly Robertson, Dale Stafford, Nora Christine Stephens, Lacle Turner, August White, Kelly Williams, Sharon Wilson. The University Deveiopment committee is responsiBCe for stucfettt fimd-mising, protnotion of the University aiimtni contri utions, and planning ami impkmenting projects to Better 0(e Miss finandaiiy. The committee a£so ifevelbps stiufents ' ideas into programs that can enhance the University ' s environment. Pftoto by Misty Tims. Members lnclude:John Abadle, Fran Abraham, Michael Bates, Kay Kay Brantley, Allison Breland, Brent Coker, Ginger Crocker, Tiffany Curtis. Katie Downs, Scott Duggins, Dana Freeman, Bill Glasgow, Lee Glvin, Kevin Grison, Chert Hardin, Megan Hartg, Rebecca Hermetz. Hardy Hill, Jack Hodges. Heath Holdsworth, Amy Homsby. Penny Jackson, Grace Ann Kennedy, Ted Krai, Amy Legg. Todd Nation, Partick O ' Mara, Cyrmes Pittman, Andrea Peirce, Jimbo Price, Sims Rogers. Graham Sexton. Amy Shearon. Teril Smith. David Sumrall, Kirk Talbot, Ginger Todd, Matthew Vincent, Kim Wilosn, Heather Wood, Mindy Young. 266 — Organizations A K ' ;;: Tfie 5ummer Orientation Leaders first sekcted in 1989, assist new stmfents in making the. transition jrom high sdiooi or jtmior coSeqt to Ofe Mi5S. Students seiectedfor orientation leaders enroff in EDLD 309, Leadership Seminar, in tiie spring. They assist in planning; and implementing siimtner cnitntation worfesltops, fcdi orientation and Welcome weeL 1992 Sumrmr Orientation Ltadtrs Heather Buck Vicki Kelley Elizabeth Brooks Camille McGehee Catherine Cain Beth Anne McHaney Holly Guarr Kimberly Greer Monica Hollison Kimberly Trowbridge Amanda Busby Dawn Parker Kacey Smith Kimberly Dean Renee Johnson Missy Reid Mary Katherine Hovious Lorl McPhall Kelly St. John Karen Hollanger Margaret Halre Carlton Gorton Todd Inman Rhonda Mason Christina Stoll Kelly Sue Finn Tracey Ryan Natalie Chu Vandy Pacetti Lynda Rosenthal Allison Kendall Lynda Scardina Jennifer Parham Christ! Lynn Massey Connor O ' Brien Jeff Michael John Baxter Steven Price Chris Baker Dominick Flmiano Jason Waller Jason Hardage Jeff Wilson Dan Shell Thomas Garmon Jay Nichols Cavett Ratliff Ava Peterman Miranda Brown Terry FInnegan Christl Bradford Irene Amos Organizations — 267 i 7. TX? t Pholo by [5,J. Mannix Tfie purpose of tAc Greet-Imfependent Retitions commimc is to try to promote positive interactions between members oj the Greek, community and independent students. August White John Abadie William Alias Charles Barrett Angela Benton Laura Benton Mike Bitter Susan Blanton Krlslnda Bleau Allison Breland David Brldgers Barbara Brown Katlyn Brown Brad Canada Amy Cater Ruby Chua Cory Clark Erin Collins Claire Colquitt Jason Counce Stacy Crabb Tiffany Curtis Michelle Daniels Denlse Donnell Britt Durham Rick Dye Mary Eaves Tametrice Eckols Margeret Ferris Fredric Franklin Brain Fyfe Romulus Geogery Paula Goodman Rafael Griffin Daniel Habeeb Michael Hall Robert Hamilton Brooke Hayes Chantelle Head Jeremy Hebert Tri Hill Kenya Hodges Harold Holmes Amy Hornsby Mike HuUison Curry Hyde Ashley Ingrahim Cedrick Jackson Greg Jacquln Gib Jones Kenneth Jones Moneke Jones Mellnda Klotz Linda Kukland Laura Lane Amy Legg Allen Llgon Brad Llpsteur Carla Loggins James Lett Tyler Lott John Clark Love Suzanne Malone Lyndel Lee Massey Charles Merkel Susan Mlddleton Jeanle Miller Margaret Monroe Tiffany McCorkle James McDonald Sean McDonough David McElreath Tracey McGowan Lori Nelson Valerie Nichols Bobby Noah Susan Norwood Connor O ' Brien Kris Olmstead Mark Osboune Ty Owen Amy Pace Michael Pang Jennifer Parham Tricia Partheix Dameron Peaster Brian Piazza Crymes Pittman Jennifer Polk Jlmbo Prince Ryan Randle Bethany Reed Shannon Reed Stacey Reeves Julie Richardson Brett Robblns KImberly Robertson Richard Rogers Roderick Russ Sam Sanders Tracy Sauls Ryan Simmons Ruth Simon Steven Smith Dale Stafford Baker Stewart Phillip Stroud Allison Swayze Billy Thompson Jennifer Townsend Matt Vincent Wendy Warriner Kate Whalin Nathan Wilkinson Kelly Williams Roland Willock Brian Wilson Sharon Wilson Kenneth Wilson 268 — Organizations . » ' • ' The. environmenwf awareness com- mittee was o ntwiy created committee set up to stwfy tfte practices and processes oj imiversity waste man- agement. 5ome oftite tfdngs poposei by the committee fiave Been to dis- continue tite use of styrofoam cups in tfte Union ani tii ftave paper recyCing drops arownd campiis. Pfioto by Ante Cost iM Members lnclude:Phlllp Adams, Deb Ainsworth, Jennifer Alexius. Ben Ballard, Lawton Barnes, Clay Camp, Amanda Clearman, Alyson CoUngo, Paige Dlckerson, Carrie Downing, Laura Eisner. Maria Ford, Jenni Garrott, B Graeber, Lenore Gresham, Mary Ingram, Bank Jordan. Nlkki McElroy. Dana Nichols. Patrick O ' Donnell, Michael Pang, Trey Peeler. Jamie Pound. Barbara Rea, Tish Reese, Lucille Shepard, Terll Smith. Amy Solomon, Cricket Stephens. Kirk Talbot. JiU Udouj. Chuck Vaughn, Matt Vincent. Donna West. Hayley Williams. Kelley Williams. Tfie SciiooC 5pirit Committee is re- sponsifiCe Jor the pionninq, direction, and operation oj activities concerning scftoot spirit. Much of the preparation for spirit activities is acaimpHsfietf by the. committee under the director ' s sur pervision. Tfie committee oversees spirit octivitiei sucft as pep ralEe ami sign nwHng. Pfioto by B.J. Manni : 1 Members Include: Fred McConnell. Robyn McKenzle. Chris Coleman: Chairmen. Reglna Boyd. Sarah Davis. Maradlth Tuter. Melanle Freeland. Kristl Bailey. Amy Atwood. Tom Garmon. Teran Norrell. Ashley Anderson. Meredith Magers. Judy Hamilton. Ashely HoUls. Cindy Ray. Wendy Reed. Sandra Stokes. JJ Gay. Jana Hill. Lisa Huber. Alice Smith. Shea Blackburn. Michelle Mlze. Stephalne Sumner. Mary Tlscn Quaka. Amy Dees. Rhodes Scott. Graham Sexton. Stacey Greer, Amy Cater. Dameron Pester. Jamie Meadows. Christina Stoll. Erin Collins. Cindy Harrison. Ellzaljeth Elklns. Lee Summers. Dana Freeman. Rachel Reld, Mcllnda Klotz. Courtney Pennington. Tonl Gilmer. Krislnda Bleu. Kerrl Thrasher. Dyanna Sheflleld. Amanda Clearman. Natalie Pharr. Shannon Tucel. Ashlye Shoemake. Paige Gordon. Avery Mounger. Organizations — 269 •- -i.W2 - . Tfie Student Heaith Advisory committee is designed to provide input into tfte StudJetit Heaith Services, and to (ielp mafec rKommendatioti5 or improvemem. It cdso serves to inform and eduoatt stxuknts of curmet heaith issues. Photo by Peter Emerson. Members Include: Megan Alford, Cindy Amlsano, Johnny Black. Kay Kay Brantley, Meg Brown. Brad Canada. Krlsten Childress. Anne Cockfleld. Erin Collins, Reglna Edwards. Amy Foster. Erin Furr. Robert Gordon. Roy Gordon. William Harder. Heather Hitchcock. Tom Horn, Marisa Huddleston. Sheila Kalka. Kakljane Kitchens. Karen Kuluz. Julie Lord. Meghan Mitchell. Shara Morrison. Stephanie Macintosh. David McTreath. Nessa Neal. Meredith NelU. Rob Nichols. Bobby Noah. Patrick O ' mara. Misty Owens. Michael Pang. Greg Powell. Derek Pryon. Susan Schweers, Rhodes Scott. Allison Swayze. Jennifer Traughber. John Travis, Mary Katherine Turner, Meredith VIox. Chip Wall, Nathan Wilkinson, Sharon Wilson. Vv The UPD reliations committee strives to acfiieve Better communications between the. students and the pofice department. The committee tries to orgaxuze flctivvties tftot will enabk. the stmfents to interoa with members of the fohce department and aiiow there to 6e a Better umderstandinq of the worfeings of the department. Photo by Ame Cost Members Include: Back row, John Godwin, Daniel Habeeb, Charles Scott. Front row. Sam Sanders, Kristin Woodwcird. 270 — Organizations •• ' mZr WiXm nmploymem awaren£5s cfeafs witfi oifminiitrative proBCenis on campus amf serves to fieip pCace stuiettts witii sikicdon committees. Mem6ers inciude: Betfmay Coifce, Dawn Dugan, Les- (k Gremiflwn, Megan Havig, Cot iy LeiBetter, Ludk Skeperd, Mark Wiky. Photo by Kfltfterine BomBoj. Tfic Soufent Advisory Committee was set up oj a (lason between tfte sttufent government a»u£ t ie Boanf ctf Tnutees. Tfie students cot- respomf witfi tfte members tftnmgft (etta- writuij anif pftone calls. Mcmiejs in c fii rfe: Mtfe Bitter, Ginger Crocker, Laum Eisner, Joel Ewing, Parfee Hailey, Ciwfy Harrison, Mejan Havig, Hani Jones, Rofein Jones, Boni Jonian, Missy Laveniier, JacAie Lyon, 5uzimne Mofone, Katie Mays, Tad McCraney, Micftefle Miiler, Megftan Mvtcfiefli Janie Part, Cottier Simpson, AEson Wiiluons. Pftoto by BJ. Mannix Student Loan Services Student Loan Services is an ASB juniied-committee that provitles sfioTt-term bans to sttufents in need of finandai assistance. The ioans which range jrom $15 to $100 must be paid back witftin 30 days. Mem6ers indiufe:Nataiie Cfm, Anne Eflwt, Paula Goodman, George GouAey, 5tepfiame Graxti, Leslie Grcmiflion, Ctntis McGowen, Dana O ' Donneft Adam Pa;cton, Sims Rogers, Ludie Shepard, Kot ierine WiL- dams, JiH Woods. Organizations — 271 v - ' ;! ? . " t Tor tAe third year tfie ASB Boofe Ejccivmgt is offering students the opportunity to come and ejcchange, buy or seiC books for reduced pices at the end of each semester. The exchange is povided due to the increasing costs of tewfioofo and the inawsi ng number of comp(airtts afiout the small amount of money reuivedfor books that are re-sotd to the bookstore. MemBers incbide: Front row, (eft to right, Sandra 5aunrfers, Kris Hohnsteaff, Phoebe Davis. Bak row, Trida McLemore, Amy Homsfry, Ntttnftf Chu, Meknie Kiii Photo by BJ. Mannij: Food Service Comnuttec The Food Service Committee serves to advice t ie Union Foocf Service on meal plonnity ani improve- ments tikt woiM benefit ike stiufents. The committee serves as a ri fge between ihe stiulcnts and the food services avaiiabk. to them. MemBers inciude: Back row, Shannon SwnraS, Chip 1 1 Frcnsfy, Mary BetH WaSker. Front row, Demetrice I I EcfeoCs, Pfu)6e Davis. t ' .]! Photo by Ame Gast Kcfrigerator Rentals The Bjefrigerator Rentals Committee serves to oversee tfie rental of refrigerators at the beginning of eaeh semester. The committee regulates tite prices wfticft. tfte lefrigerators are rented for and also arranges for their dehvery and pick up. Refrigerator Cfmirmen incfxide: from feft.LaTonya Taybr, Angela Hearef, Katrema Seais. Photo by August Lament 5 272 — Organizations ■T.- CrttiSns t TfU pufifiortioris committee, in its stconiytar, savts to oversu iht comctu and poiluction of suuieitt and university gtntraxtd pui- ficfltioni. Tlie committee is amsuliei if problems arise wiilt any o( idese puiGcotions. Communications Commission Members in£(uiie;Cfms AUcn, Eiizaboli Akxanda, Bergomin Bal- Uad, Chits Baier, Dawn Dugan, 5tiea Doling, Aciom Gwin, Jenna Glass, Jennifer Green, Paul Hoierie, Mnry Kathaint Hovious, Micftaef Hu0tnes, Miie Huslison, Amy Jiningston, Winn Mdnnis, Mkhaei Pang, Jimio Price, Denisc Reigte, Cossonira RoBens, Allison Sample, Caikaint Smart, Tracy Tinnin, and Lu ToDtson. Pfioto by Peter Emerson Tfle commxikadons commision acts as a Gason Between tAe govenvmettt ontf tfte various it ormatkinal outlets on campus. Memiers inciuda Chris Baker, Travis BidwtlL, Brad afford, David Hays, Ashky HoSis, Jackie Lyon, Rcdph Midier, Marty SuxnraiL Photo by Todd Inman. Computer Services Mem6ers inciuda Mark Becfeman, Mike Bbssom, Ken Bfount, Brai Downs, Tony Gaines, Lee GaUoway, Biff Glasgow, Andy Hetfleston, Monefee Jones, Blaire Lipert, Trey Mcgregor, Rocicricfe Russ, Ro6ert Sftearon, 5tacy Spivey, Missy Tfiomas, Richard Vance, Roloni WiiiocL Photo by Peter Emerson. Organizations — 273 -2 , mf g|| ; ; ' iv (rj Over tfte years tfie Student Programming Boonf has BrDugftt to campus seme of the biggest names in tafcnt and entertainment Tfie 1991- 92 year was no exception, Tfie SPB ftos provided tfe stuients witit a cliance to see Wiiespreoi Panic, tfte Conneils, iLE.M., anitfie Iniigo Girfs. Tfiii year tfiey trougftt to campus Drivin and Cryin, the BoDeans onif Rmufy Travis. In odifition to concerts, tfie 5PB helped to sponsor rehwwned coCumnist Lewis Grizzarti, who entertainecf a packed house in Fulton cfiapef the night before the Georgia game. The SPB is always proud to sponsor tftc Miss University and the Parade 0 Beauties pageants. Lost year ' s Miss University Missy Hunfle went on to become Miss Mississippi anif third a emate to Miss America. Parade of Beauties, heii this year on Hafloween itigftt, is always a favorite witit students. More them 70 giris were in titis year ' s competition, wfiicli was narrowed down to a top 10 and a Most Beautijid. Tfie SPB however is more tium just concerts and pageants. This year various committees under tfie 6oaid of directors fie ed to sponsor homecoming activities in tfie Grove and around campus. Noon entertainment in jront of the Union, Jim-runs, student 6ridje classes, tfie fighting oj " tfte 0(c Miss Cfmstmas tree, and various otlier events that invoCve aii Ok Miss students. SPB Board of Directors: Front.( r.)Anne McKlnney-Graduate Assistant; Amy Shake- speare-Promotion; Sarah Jernigan -SPB Di- rector; Lucy Brewer-Pageants; Carole Kloha- Pageants; Jennifer Boyce-Pageants. (back)Daniel Dixon-Multiple Day Special Events; Alan Moore-Single Day Special Events; Joseph Reld-SPB Associate Director; Todd Hunt-Graduate Assistant; Patrick Bur- nett-Travel;(not pictured: Craig Hallum- Productlon) A 3 Photo by Kathertne Bomboy 2. Ashley Hollls, a sophomore from Jackson is crowned " Most Beautiful " during Parade of Beauties ceremonies. She is accepting the crown from last year ' s " Most Beautiful " Krislt Addis. 3. Randy Travis tickets were In great demand on the morning they went on sale. 4. These two lucky students show off the tickets they bought. ▲ 4 Photo by Katherlne Bomboy. 274 — Organizations " IlUsI A 1 Photo by Katherine E3omboy 1 . Drlvln and Cryln played early In the Fall In the Grove. They were only one of the many bands brought to campus by the SPB. 2. SPB Directors: Sarah Jemlgan. Director; and Joseph Reld. Asst. Director. A 2 Photo by B.J. Mannlx 3. SPB Committee Group members. These group members serve on all committees associated with the SPB, such as planning homecoming and parade of beauties. 4. Suzy Noone, Julie Morrison, and Mol- lle McCool, enjoy a little barbeque during Tailgate in the Grove, sponsored by SPB during the first week with a homegame. A 4 Photo by Kalherlne Bomboy L Organizations — 275 student AUmtni Council Hi Tfie SAC, s onsortd. by the Ok Miss Ahunm As- sociation, is comprised of students who represent chss- es, academic defartments, campus organxzadons, and geo aphical cfistricts. The SAC acts as tfte " bndge " between the University ' s students and ohminL One of the principle ooJs of the council is to educate these representatives o6out tfie ahtmni program and aff its functions. Through the SAC, students tfiscover op- portunities tfie association has to offer. Officers are: Sabrlna Story. President; Stacey Reaves. Vice-President; Melissa Perry, Sec- retary; Jeff Brown, Public Relations; Lee Mas- sey. Memberstiip. Board of Directors: Rachael Arnold, Alicia Rankin, Kim Cornish, Susan Symons, Don Canup, Michael Huffines. Michael Broussard, Skip Seawrlght. Curt Childress. Members: Julie Allen, Doug Archer. Rachel Arnold, Wendy Ballenger. Jennifer Barnett, Glna Barton. Brett Beard. Michael Berger, Nancy Blrge. Shea Blackburn. Beth Blaha. Laura Bonner. Don Brock. Michael Broussard. Barbara Jim Brown. Jeff Brown, Kammle BuUen. Rebecca Bums, Dow Canup. Lee Carney. Greta Carruthers, Hunt Chandler. Sonya Chatham. Curt Childress, Sharyl Clinton. Christo- pher Cobb. Kim Cornish, Kendra Craft, Tiffany Cur- tis. Liegh Ann Darby. Lindley Davis, Becky Dill. Ed- die Douglas, Shane Duncan, Stephanie East. Anne Elliott. Christy Eubanks. Leslie Evans, Eric Floyd, Courtney Fortlnberry, Suzanne Foushee. Alicia Frederic. Stacey Freudenberg, Kevin Fultz. Jill Gil- lians. Ginger Gordon. Kim Gordon, Holly Hacker. Elizabeth Hagemann, David Harbison. Megan Havig. Virginia Hill. Heather Hlllhouse. Christy Holbrook. Kathleen Hollingsworth. Kelsey Holmes. Karen Honeycutt. Kevin Hoover. Lisa Huber. Michael Huf- fines, Nan Jernlgan. Elizabeth Jones, Jennifer Jones. Jacqueline Jordan. Sheila Kalka. Melody Kesler. Laura Lane. Roberi Layton. Amy Livingston. Tara Lobrano, John Madden, Mllissa Malouf, Lee Massey, Randl McClure, Jessica McCormack, Rich- ard McCrory, CLlff McFalls, Joellen Meltl, Lori Mes- sal. Nicole Miller. Lisa Moore. Erin Myers. J, J. O ' Bryant. Alison Osborne. Misty Owens. Amy Pace. Jennifer Parker. Pam Parker, Alice Parsons. Courtney Pennington. Melissa Perry. Payton Petty, Christy Peyton. MAry Ellen Pierce. Allison Pope. Al- ison Pride, Alicia Rankin, Stacey Reaves. Yvette Reed. Sims Rogers. Mac Samples. Skip Seawrlght. Allan Smith, Paige Smith. Sabrina Story. Wendy stringer, Allison Swayze, Susan Symons, Tara Toranto, Kim Taylor, Ashley Thompson, Raymond Valller, Yolanda Wesley, Chad Williams, Brian Wil- son, Christie Wilson, and Jennifer Wong. Photo by Katherine Bomboy i 276 — Organizations Senior C(ass Tliis yaa ' s Senuir Class project was tfic construction of a. ntw Grove stage wfiidt wouM serve off areas 0 stiuient ttfe. Tfte ormcr bondstani was in a state of disrepair md neaM to 6e replacei. Witft tfie fietp 0 numerous orgonizations on campus, tJte 5eniiir Class project was a sucass. Though tftevr gift to tite university, tfie Senior CCoss fiopei to Benefit not only tfe students afready ot 0(e Miss 6ut t te students 0 tfie uture. It is fwpeitftot t ie Senior Class Committees wfiicft Jodbw will strive to continue tfie gooT 0 bng-Iasting and necessary inprovements to our Ok Miss. Officers: President-Eone Moore; Vice-president- MeGsse CampBeCfc Sec- retary Treasurer-Wftitney SwindoC Pfioto by Katferine BomSoy. u 1.. ■.■i ' 1991-92 Senior Class Committee Members: Nancy Birge, Christy Branton lIlf ' Jn rFleteh J " Rvrri Phoebe Davis Rosemary Durfey, Amy Evans, Chris Evans, Joel Ewmg, Josh Fletcher, ?rn% ' ?S ?nb°e? ' c " Melissa Lmble, Bill lenn Rebecca He phrey, John Johnson, Libbie Kakales, Grace Ann Kennedy, fissy Lavender Tad Sarah Lvnn Meyer Whitney Miller, Connie Molino, Neesa Neal, Douglas Neblett, y m - ate otis Kev?n Patterson, Amy Schroeder, Pam Simmons, Collier Simpson, Paige Smith. Bobby SolbergXrk Talbot, Xmy Vincent. Lauren Watts. Kim Wilder. Angie Williams Organizations — 277 " - " — " ■■ °° 0(e Mi s Yearbook Iti its ninety-eighih year of production, tfte Ote Miss yemfoofe, is a student- emted and oduced puBScotion. Loch OCe Miss strives to present an accwrau pictoriof account of a year inxheGfeof ihe. stuxfents andfaaiity at tfte University of Mississippi- Eacfi year more tlian 6,000 copies of tfte book are distnbvied in May to aH stiirfents. Funding or tfte book comes primoriiy jrom student activity feesj denexed each semester _from sttufents tuxdon payments. A staff of twenty stiufents was responsi6(e or tflis year ' s yearbook. The. staff was cfiosen jrom applications TEceiveff during the. first week of classes. A pfiotograpfvy staff of six was aiso compriseff at tftot time and was responsiBCe for neariy aiL the. pfiotos use f in tfte 600L A 2 Photo by Chris Baker 1. The 1991 staff at the Gin this year. 2. Section Editors include from left: Laura Dill. Classes: Margaret Barnhart and Katherine Boone, Greeks; Dayle Dillon, Organizations. Amy Solomon, Student Life; and Michael Huffines, Student Life. 278 — Organizations ' i A 1 Photo bv Chris Baker I ▲ 3 Photo by B.J. Mannix 1. Photographers Ollie Brock. Katherlne Bomboy and Ame Gast. 2. Mr. Denley, the last word in whether or not some- thing is possible in the student media center. 3. Yearbook advisor on the way to a nervous breakdown. Traci Mitchell. Organizations — 279 i M DaiCy Mississippian i ' t Tftc D dly Mississippian is the. only daiiy studaxt-nn newspaper in Missi55ippi It pibtishes a drcxiictiion of 10,000 Monday through Fnday and is primarily funded through advertising. The news-papex has more than 50 staff members who not onfy report the news, but ieam to edit copy, write headknes, design pages and develop and print photos. The DcdCy Mississippian is the onfy college newspaper which has full mem- bership in the Mississippi Press Assoixuition, Through MPA, Tftc Mississipfrian com- petes armxially with professional newspapers statewide. The. Mississippian has served Ok Miss since 1911, and has been daily since. 1962. Printeii in the basement of larky Hall, the paper is usually availabk to students eocft. day by 8 cum. and is delivered to most campus buildings and {ocal Business estofi- Gsfunents. The Mississippian not only focuses on campus events and news, but also on features, state, bcal and ruaional news. 1. Editors include: 1. to r. Todd Vinyard, Sports; John Broome, Asst. Sports; Chris Tutor, News; Chris Baker, As- signments; Olen Anderson, Editor; Amy Vincent, Entertainment; Kayla Lacy, Asst. News; and Joe Gumer, Managing Editor. 2. Todd and Chris go over story ideas. 3. Joe and Chris Goodwin work out any problems that arise. 4. Dally Mississippian Editor — Olen Ander- son. A 3 Photo by Katherlne Bomboy 1 i . ' iH 280 — Organizations hi ' mmm tm mrnmmm mmm rMsmm DM Advertising Staff: 1. to r. John Jordan, Stephanie Mitchell and lean Larroux. Back row: Joel Ewlng, Melanle Wadklns, Salita Bryant, athy Still, Nancy Byrd. Center: Beverly Brown, Shannon Spears, .shley Sims. Front: Beverly Prince and Ollle Brock. 2. Todd Vlnyard ind Angela HoUoway look over ad mock ups. 3. Beverly calculates ivallable ad space. 4. Being the editor means sacrificing free time to Katherine Bomboy , 3ut in late night hours in Farley ' s basement. X Organizations — 281 UMTV UMTV, a daiiy procfuction of tfte student media center, is run totaify by broadcast studertis. Newscene 12 is tfie niqftiiy broadcast which airs at 5 over coBfe chamd 12 in O?:- Jorif. Otfier productions inchide Sovthem Review, a television mag- azine documentary that focuses on current university atuf Oxford issues; Sforts 5fiowcase, a wee% sports update on aii. the K bel sporting events, vi ' fucft airs every Tfiurscfay fo{iowing the news. Stiuients in- voCveff in UMTV; get experience in writing, production, television tecfi- noiogy and anchoring. A 1 Photo by Natalie Pharr 1. UMTV Directors: 1. to r. Matt Alford, Business Manager; Melissa Ellis, News Director; Jay Nix, Associate Producer; Jennifer Green, Weather; and Chris Maaya, Equipment Manager. 2. Behind the scenes work goes into more than one-half the finished product of broadcasts. 3. Newscene 12 staff. 4. Laurel Field clears up what is coming up next with her co-anchor. A 3 Photo by August Laurent ▲ 4 Photo by Natahe Pharr 282 — Organizations f k 2 Photo by B.J. Mannlx |l kVUM5-FM U-92, the. student run ratiio station at Ok. Miss, has gamertd a great deai of praise over I Sk. year as the number one akemativt radio station, in tftis area. Spawning sucfi sfiows as Taik Radio, Ii-92 Raps, Jazz Brunch and the Ad Re ju£St Lunch Hour, U-9Z sfwwcases a voricty of music by nufeflmng conventionaf radio programming. Programmed and run directly from the basement in Faiiey Haft the station is stuient o-perated and funded through sponsors and advertising. Students participate in heifing to report accurate news, sports and weather, as weiL as pomoting tiie latest band or show that will be in the area. ▲ 3 Photo by Natalie Pharr 1 . U-92 staff on top of the Ole Miss Union. Staff members Include: Gratia Bone, Spencer Campbell. Billy Smith. Ma- ry Campbell, DaneiUe Day. Travis Bedwell, Tiny Marshall, Drew Porter, Anne Meyer, Dan Shumake, Jay Shurlock, Malone Lankford, Shanda Walden, Bala Baptiste. John Broom, Joel Rosen. 2. Station managers and program directors from left, Drew Porter, Tiny Marshall and Travis Bedwell. 3. Vickl Kelley reads a news spot. ! Organizations — 283 » ' •V ... -i. ■♦i» -- RTNDA The Radio and Tekvision News Di- rectors Association was duatered at Ok Miss in 1990. In its seconi yeaoRTNDA strives to pomote aware- ness and innovation in thtfieid of broad- cast to its ntcntfiers. 0 icers incfuffe: NeaC McCreaify- pesident; Jay Ni?:- vice president; Tom Faust-Treasurer; Jennifer Green — di- rector, Joefy Pique- director Members include: Darlan BilUngton, Julie Griffin, Robert Byers, Cindy Lloyd, Waren Wells, Melissa Ellis, Susan Ellis, Christina Evans, Jennifer Gilbert, Hayden Harris, Ida Jackson, Karen Khoo, Jennifer Kyger, Julie Schmidt, Mary Sumrall, Christi Tyrrell, Lisa Thames, Victoria Persons, Bob Waters, Jim Pratt-Advlsor Photo by: August Laurent " V. ::, Court Reporters Assoc ,. l Tfie 0(e Miss Court Reporters associ- otion pepares its members for thefieid of court reporting. Through seminars and speakers the organisation strives to tkroughiy educate pospective court re- porters and best pepare tAem to ta jo6s in tAe workpiace. Officers incktde: Stan McGee, President; Virginia Boyce, Vice-Pres.; Tocfd De imone, Treas; Lisa LewiS; Searetaxy; Due Edwards, News tetter; 5aprena Hagan, Asst New fetter; Amy Cofe, Par- ty Planner; Stacy Scott, Monica Tfiomos, Scrapbook; Amy Lpky, Patricia Tavofet- ti, Bulletin Board Pfioto by Peter Emerson. Members include: Amy Epley, Lisa Lewis, Starr McGee, Sandra McGregor, Deborah Martin, Amy Cole, Virginia Boyce, Patricia Williams, Saprena Hagan, Melanie Owen, Due Edwards, Whitney Stroud, Tambria Hoffman, Monica Thomas, Larry Atwood, Cathy Pierce, Todd Desimone, Janice Bounds. 284 — Organizations 1 Tt. r.r- Z. ' ♦•. «T . Marketing Association Members Include: Row 2- Nicole Beimes, Suzanne Low, Nancy Peck, Sherrl Jacobs, Donald Tan, William Swer, Canette Cutrer, Stan Miller, Ann Archambault. Row 3: Susan Schweers, Mary O ' Ryan, Theresa Vann, Yip-Chi Lee, Lisa Balher. Row 4: Catherine Sanford, Dana Beevers, Wal-Kee Mac. Ruby Chuq, Dor Ann Mah, Hock-Hwa Yu, Chris Rogers, Thean-Choong Yong, Wyn Norris. Row 5: Mike Davis, Joel Ewlng, Laurie Tedford, Kelly Moore. Rosie Maclnnes. Alicia Brown. Charles Feltus, Anthony Cramer, Chai Zheng Yang, James Guptill. Row 6: Michael Hufflnes, Al Mayer, Faye Gilbert, Faculty Advisor; David Hebert, Scott Tupman. Bryan Parker, Brent Teague. Wes Truett. T(t« UmvCTSity of Mississippi Atnerimn Maikainj Association Colkgiau. Chapter is on organization tftat proviies opportunities for studems to par- ticipate in pnifessional maj ueunQ activities as thty develop relationships with peers, jacuhy, a i fcusi- Wis professionals. Officers incfiiife:([. to r.) Angie Wiiliams, Prts- ijfent; Will Becfcr, Vice Prcs.; Rah Let, VP Communications; Kristen Oliver, VP Funilniistng; Z zabtih McCiatchy, VP Mcmfcersfiip; Davii Watts, Treasurer; Kevin Davis, VP 5odafc l oren McCOoflin, VP Promotion. Advertising C(u6 ; t- ■:■■■. ' .■ - • •• i Holinia ' ' ' Members include: Melissa Davidson, Breck Ford, Linda Carol Kirkland and Alicia Brown. Second row, Kim Lefoldt, Beth Lee and Christine McCarlie. Front row, Joyce Young, Sharon Maxwell, Lisa Elson and Amy Lowe. The. Ofe Miss Advertising C tfi is a support jroi or Advertising majors axui tfiose interested in the joimujfcm ati- vcrtising or Business otfvertising projes- sion. As the need for effemve tufvertising continues to grow, the Oie Miss group (wipes to keep its memfiers abreast of changing ad trends and current ad in- formation. The group hopes this ir for- tnation vi ' iff fielp its members betome more irtformetf and in turn gain Better positions in pro essionaf tmpioyment T— E 285 — Organizations , = .-: Baptist Student Union ♦ -.-.- ■.■♦ .v vi -:-. ' U A 1 Photo by Misty Tims I ' The Ok. Miss Boptiit Stiufettt Union « an organizadon for ail Chnsiian students wfw wish to join to grow closer to Christ. Such growth is achdved ihrough Bibk studies, disdpkshvp, weekly feSowship and intramural activities sponsoraf by the. BSU. The. B5U also condijas campus and community outreach proiects which give stwfents tfte opportunity to minister to otAejs. A 3 Photo by Keith Perler 2. BSU Is comprised of students from all over and provides an outlet for social Interaction as well as spiritual Interaction. 3. The BSU brings in many speakers each year which speak on a variety of topics from religion to relationships. 286 — Organizations •■■■-• ••.-•M, -- [if ■ . ■% CatftoCic Student Association Officers Include: James Lagarde-President; Carl Franks-Vice-President; Kelly Cochran- Secretary; Shaun Westergard-Treasurer; Ellen Kadlec-Social Chair; Victoria Person- Spiritual Chair; Abby Smith-Service Chair; Carl Franks-Education Chair. Photo by: David Dunson ■r»r . ' i ims I The Catho Student. Association, a stUr dent (ed group, ptms and uiordirwtes sodai, sfiritucd, service and tducatiarud activiuesjor its members. MemBersfiip is open to aSi interested persons who attend the university. Wcsicy Foundation zm ir m ALL STUDENTS WELCOME EVERY TUESDAY 6:3 P.M. DINNE R ANH n RAM f ' Tfif Wesfey Foundation, Campus Ministry of tAe United Metiiodist ChuTcSu hotds wots flip on Tues- day Nights at 6:30 p.m. in the 5tmfcm Center (ccaud on Fraternity Row injront of CM. " Taif ' Smitfi Coliseum. Each week there is a fret fwmecooked meal and then an fiour worship e - foience. This is a jim and eArciting time to en- counter God ' s iove and saving jrace of Jesus Christ and to minister to the neexis of stu lents tfeough weekfy (fisdpfesfiip groups, semester retrcots. Chris- tian JeHbwship on Thursdhy nights and severtd service projects during tfte year. This is an inclusive ministry — aii. students are invited and welcomed. The director is always ovaiMte for counseling and assistance. Wesley Foundation Leadership Team: Lisa Herrlngton, Kim Parker, Stephen Sparks, Isls Hunn. Marcla Bethay. Tommy Johnston, Lee Williams, Eddie Raster. Todd Davis, Laura Durrett, Melissa Frey, Laura Shucker. Glnny Boyd. Kim Hart, Eddie Willis, Jeff Caldwell, Harriet Bryan, Joel Fox. Derek Whaley, Jason Rlsley, Ryan Webb. i I Organizations — 287 Modc ng Board L 1 The Modeling Board is a group of Ole Miss students chosen every year to represent the school at various fash- ion shows and recruiting activities. The group is chosen by a panel of judges, after two days of tryouts. About twenty new students are asked to join the modeling board each year. New members can be of any age and classificiation. The Modeling board members fre- quently appear in advertisements for local merchants, and are guests on various local and state network news shows during fashion seg- ments. The board also works in con- junction with retailers all over Mis- sissippi and Tennessee, doing fashion shows. This year the board played a more active role in recruit- ment by visiting local high schools. 1 . Modeling board captains Joy Haddock and Jay O ' Hare. 2. Senior members: back to front, Amy Bowman, Sara Freeman, Sheila Griffin, Courtney Stewart, Cherry Busby, Jana Mc- Brlde, Sheila Kaika and Melissa Campbell. 3. New members: Becky Arnold, Lisa Chow, Inda Hogan, Sherry Bowles, Chasle Powell, Holly Bergeson, Shane Foshee and Sonjl Har- ris. A 3 Photo by Natalie Pharr 288 — Organizations . 1 Photo by Natalie Pharr ▲ 2 Photo by Natalie Pharr . Returning members: Marisa Huddleston, Jeanle Miller, Amy Harrison, 2. Male Modeling Squad: Thaddeus Seals, George Fasclano, Brian Young, t Jeth Howell, Yvette Reed, Cassandra Curry. Joe Moss, Chrlsitlan Cahlll, Chris Coleman, Brett Denlght, Marc Bryan, Tom Gannon. 3. New Members:Amy Schultz, Julie Crlss, Susan Norwood. Rana Degler, Jeannette Becklln, Darby McNeal, Heather GUI. A 3 Photo by Natalie Pharr Organizations — 289 .V A H ' V .-:;»•■. Tfie society of professionaijoumaiists, Sig- ma Deita Chi, is tfte oddest, largest oni most representative orgaxdzcudon of its feini serving tfie pro ession of joumaCism. Tounded in 1909, 5PJ unites journalists aiL over tfie country, recognizing joimiafism talent in Botft print cmd broadcast jour- nafism. SPJ also connects up ani coming joumafists witft po essionals in ihtfieid Pfioto by Kotfierine BomBoy. Officers indude: Cfuis Baker, Presiifent; JiiJfie Gri0m, Vice-Pres; Aflison Ckncy, Sec.) and Tracy Hunter Treas. i Members of SPJ include: Charlene Boshae, Kim Brocato, Camille Brown, Amy Derrick, Lisa Derrick, Shannon Foster, Jennifer Green, Paul Haberle, Holley Hadad, Beth Harper, Sundra Jarrell, Bill Jenkins, Khoo Karen Siew, Andrew Lacey, Christine McCarlie, Edy McConnell, Cythia Mithcell, Elizabeth Norris, Courtney Pen- nington, Kim Phillips, Sandra Shaw, Cathy Still, Kim Trowbridge, Todd Vinyard and Rani-Marie Wojcik. V •.••« " N ' Pfii Lambda Sigma ' i. Pfti Lambda Sigma, tfte nationoT pfiar- mocy (eaiersfiip society, promotes the. deveiopment of (eadersfdp qualities in stuients. Memfiers are seliectei by peer recognition wfiidi serves to instJlT seff- confidtncz and to promxrte greater e0brt I [ towonf tlie advancement of j harmacy. photo by: B.J. Mannix Officers are: Melanie Fikes, President; Karol Scott, Vice- President; Donny Whiteside, Sec. Treas.; David Dunson, Historian; Dr. Alice C. Clark, Faculty Advisor. 1 I ) ' y ' ■-■•- ' " ' " -- I ' ll I j| ' --flH| . Members include: Ed Brondyke, Dr. Alice Clark. Blake Cook, David Dunson, Melanie Flkes, Dr. Dewey Gamer, Julie Herrlngton, EMn Knight. Scott Long, George Merrill, Dr. Henry B. Pace. Celeste Marque-Peddy. Joel Powell, Melanie Putnam, Dean Kenneth B. Roberts, Cheryl Rogers. Karol Scott, Donny Whiteside. 290 — Organizations j1 » Prc-Law Society siei-.i loo Karen ItllEyPen- ,, Photo ty peter Emerson ojcik, I ' .V ■■? The Ole Miss Pre-Law Society was formed at the University of Mississippi, in the spring of 1990, as a society, and honorary, to aid students in their quest for legal studies. The society acts as an information clearing house and support group. It provides information on applying to law schools, and on LSAT test dates. Also, the Society sponsors speakers from different areas of law, law studies, law school officials, and other related subjects. The Society Inducts new members twice a year. These members are chosen on the basis of academic achievement, outstanding character, ability, and personality. Officers include: President Mike Cronin Vice President Chip Frensley Treasurer Wendy Miller Secretary Courtney Drake Secretary Jeff WUson Sergeant At Arms Jeff Warren )n,EW Roberti Members include: Chris Bennett Tal Braddock Teresa Brady William Brown Romney Burnham Houston Butler Mellsse Campbell Mike Cronin Amanda Dixon William Donovan Courtney Drake Rosemary Durfey William Dyer Anne Elliot Matt Freeland Chip Frensley Dave Fulcher Steven Funderburg Bobby Gill Johnny Gough Bess Grinalds Lloyd Grisslnger Grace Guy T.J. Hamrick Missy Hawes Brenda Hill Mary Mollis Kevin Hoover Norris Hopkins Jodi Jefcoat Amy Kilpatrick Jacqueline Landls Christy Lane Tara Lang Michael Mack Lyndel Massey Angela Milbum Wendy Miller Connie Molino Eone Moore Samantha Murphy Kenny Parker Kristen Patterson Courtney Pennington Thomas Phillips Ronnie Poole Rusty Reed Robin Roper Chris Segrest Krista Shumpert Pamela Simmons Alan Smith Kevin Smith Michael Specs David Stanfleld Rhea Tannehlll Lloyd Thomas Ginger Todd Leigh Triche Fred Wallace Michael Walshe Jeff Warren Denise Wax Robin Williams Cory Wilson Jeff Wilson Ken Young Organizations — 291 II. Pfii Gamma Nu is a nationai frofessional busi- ness frawmity. The. purpose of P(u Gamma Nu 15 to foster the study of 6usin£ss, encourage high scfto(nrs(up oni promote pofeisionot competency ani achievement in the. fieU of 6usiness. The jratcmity ' s events vnchule pro essionoT speakers, a fumtmiser, Founifer ' s Day ceieimaion and a notionat convention. Officers include; Vdchaid Brown, President; Ho[- [y Ho66s, Treasurer; Joe£ Ewing, Fiedge Ed- ucator: Cosonira Riiey, Vice-Presiient; Dr. Ann Canty, Chapter Attviior; ani Amy Livingston, Secretary. Photo by B.J. Mannix. Pfii Qamma Nu ■ ' ■.»-H»y - ' .:-v:-5;5 ' ' i. " ..;.. :•:•• ■-■. • ' ...v " j;-.y ' . ' ii.» ■ , Members include: Richard Brown, Ally son Morgan, Holly Hobbs, Joel Ewing. Pam Renfroe, Garrett McAlpin, Chris Martin, Kim Mayo, Casandra Riley, Sherita Taylor, Paula Dacus, Amy Livingston. Watt Street South r m Waff Street Soutft. investment cM en- hanc s the. knowkdgt and financial weaith of its members 6j ifevetoping ani exeaitixxg sound investment decisions in money and capital market instruments. Tfiese investments are Bosetf upon rec- ommeruiations mode to tfie board of di- rectors fry investments groups. Members include: John Balne. Rod Balne. Peter Blackey. Anne Boyal. Tom Brayn, Tal Braddock, Roger Cain. Chris Claybrook, Brian Cooper, Patrick Donnelly. David Drewery, Ny Eng-See, Mellisa Gamble, Charles Greenlee, John Hartweln, Dana Haven. Franklin Herring, Sanjay Jain, Brad Lipsteuer, Garrett McAlpln. Thomas McFadin, David Massey, Chris Martin, George Masterson, Al Maxcy, Michelle Mitchan, Cameron Montgomery, Scott Nallen, Wayne Nail, Tammy Randle, Shannon Reed, Josh Roberts, Chris Rogers, Larry Rocconi, Justin Schmidt, Shaune Scott, David Simcox, Collier Simpson, Devansh Thakker, Andrew Trott, Nick Vance, Dan Weth, George White, Samantha White, Wayne Wong, Nancy Wood, Ylt Kung Yong, Kenny Young. 292 — Organizations AccU Student Body ■ ; •• ' .. Acaiunting Student Botfy is a group vvfik i worfcs in cot unction witit tftc Ofe Miss scfu)o( of aax)untancy in Fleming stiuients Better prepare t iemse(ves or tfie wortt oj accounting. Tfie student hoi.y is ju5t a part of tAe many groups t irougfiout t ie acaiunting associatkin tftat stKves to xnokz sure tfiat aH accounting and Busi- ness s Mdi.nXs art abk to 6egin thtir carters as pepared as possiBIe. The. body is comprised of students wfio art enroVied in tfte scfwoC of accountancy. Renfroe, officers of ASB: from left. Amy Williams, President; Clark Robinson, Vice-president; Dean 1 Dacus, Tonya Flesher; Suzanne Foushee, Secretary-Treasurer. I I Business Advisory ■ : »••»» .■.-••■ Tfie Business ScftooC Advisory Board is comprised of an efected President and various representatives _from tfte scftoof of Business. Tfie Board oflows the students a voice arid gives tftem an opportunity to use tftat voice to exj ess compfoints or praise concerning the administration or Business scftooC pofides. HerrioS- Sllctifllf Rocfon- le IVliii! Officers include: Front row, 1. to r. Scott Ellzey, President Tal Braddock, and Angle Williams. Back row. Earnest Mounce, Billy Woods, Eric Malouf. 293 — Organizations Tinanciers CUib The. University of Mississippi ' s Financiers C(u6 is primorify made, up of students majoring in banking and finance and numagerid finance.; fwwever, the dub is o-ptn to aff Oie Miss students. AnrmaL dues art used to entertain guests speakers and to put on a Faff and a Spring T axxy. The s-ptaker bring in ormotion a6out tlie current banking and finance worid. Past students also speak on the topics of how to get a job and their experiences with the interviewing process. Pfiotos by Feter Emerson, h Members Include: Cherly Bramlet Barbara Jim Brown Thean Choong Yong Bubba Thomas Slew Peng Ser Justin Schlmdt Carol Salassi Ronnie Rouse Tammy Randle Ashley Phillips Bizett Pearce Rakesh Patel Ka Lee Ong Kah-Pheng Ong Kimberly North David Moss Connie Molino Brad McAdory Michael May Teresa Lou Wai-Siew Leong Christy Lane Hah Yee Khean Pamela Kerr Mike Keen Jennifer Humkey Wade Hladky Frank Herring Kimberly Guy Amy Goff Robert Foard Anne Elliott Beth Doty Brad Dillard Mike Cronin Chris Claybrook Jow Fong Chang Theresa Champion Sandra Brown Peter Blakey Karen Findley Roger Cain Kathy Williamson Garrett McAlpin Michael Walden Doug Noble Stephen Farris Chris Martin Dan Latham Ashley Crowley Larry Rocconi Dave Fulcher Jeff Cosman Travis Lazenby Thomas Borgognoni Donald Lawrence Joel Byrd Jeff Barnes Roger Cain Paula Dacus Beth Doty Thomas McFadden Collier Simpson Thean Choong Yong Lallawati Zakarla. 294 — Organizations v S -b Pi Sigma EpsUon Tfte Alffta Tfieta chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilbn (PSE) was founded in 1963 at ilk University 0 Mississippi. It was Ttcixartered during tht 1990-1991 school year. Pi Sigma Epsilon is a National Pro- JessionoT Frat niity in Martoing, Sales Management and Setting. Officers: Mimfy Menut President; Jomes GTapfiiH Personnel; Wyn Norris, Marfeet- ing; Marfe CoSum, Finance; Desi Dodd, Aimin.; Matt Wittiams, P.R.; Lila Loutft, CoTT. Sec; Gail Taybr, Rec. Sec Advisors: Dr. Scott Vitcft Dr. Faye Mc- Intyrc 1 Matt Atkinson. Mark Barber. William Becker, Mare Boone, Natalie Boyd, Miranda Brown, Kammle Bullen, Beall Carothers, Rob Gotten. BUI England. Susan Erwln, Amy Evans, DeAnna Fugltt, Lewis Glssel, Beth Harrelson, Holly Hobbs. Kim Langston. Klmberly Lefoldt, Suzanne Lorr, Dor Ann Mah. Al Maxcy. Stan Miller. Angela Nance, Jim Naugle, Bryan Parker. Kerry Patton, Nancy Peck, Kate Pender. Darron Perkins, Denlse Relgte, Joey Rodgers, Lynda Rosenthal, Andrej Roudenko, Catherine Sanford, Scott Shearouse, EUse Slaughter, Melissa Speck, Brent Teague. Kirk Tompson, Wes Truett, Greg Vaughan, Claudia Vettel, Bob Weatherly, Penn Wilder, Angle Williams, John Yoste. Photo by August Laurent. I ' •-•♦ ' •.. - Kappa EpsUon 9 II Knppa Epsilbn is a nationai pro essionof jratemity wfiieli serves to promote wom- en in pftormacy. The A fui Gamma Cfuxpter of Kappa Epsiibn was dtorteretf ot tAe Uni versity of Mississippi in 1960 oruf fxas grown to one of the largest cftapters in tAe nation. Koppo Epsilbn strives to instill witiun its members a desire for high sdtolorsfiip antf a bond of lasting ioyaky and friendship. Officers incixtde: Lisa Brown, Anna Cot- es, Dosfia Ciunmins,Jamie FowCer, Me- Gssa Gillespie; DefiBieJue, Janice Magee, Kristi Mycrs; Misty Owens, Bo66ieJean Ross, JeoJtna Sewed Members: Angela Adams. Cheryll Angel. Gena Austin. Angela Bailey. Garland Bell. Angy Blanton, Amanda Bobb. Amy Buckles. Audra Busby. Kristy Davis. Darlene DeCosta. Greta Dunnam. Natalie Ellis. Shannon Faeser. Julie Freudenberg. Pam Gill. Dawn GInn. Kristen Goehrlng. Brenda Gray. Tanya Hedgepeth. Adelene Huam, Sangeeta Iyer. Kim Jarvls. Laurie McDanlel. Amy McMaster. Leah Meadows. Michelle Mcllenger. Jennifer Melton. Sangtta Patel, Laura Phillips. Mary Phillips. Shannon Potts. WImberly Reeves. Leaann Robblns. Formeka Russell. Lynn Sanders. VIckl Sartln. Pam Sasser, Dana Jo Smith. Melanle Smith. Celeste Starr. Gwen Stringer. Laura Lea Tapp. Elizabeth Tubbs. Dawna Walters. Joy Wansley. Jill Williamson, Amy Blaylock. Pam Burgess. Shawn Campbell. Andrea Ewlng. Dore Hawkins. Renee Lambert. Laura Lee. Kathy Spann. Carole Brown. Donna Bufkln. GInny Bush. KeUl Caston. Leigh Ann Coleman. Kelll Daniels. JodI Hamm. Tricia Hutto. Angela Klepng. Stacy Lancaster. Lisa Lou. Elizabeth Magglo, Terl Miller. Kate OUs. RacheUe Paul. Tina Byrd. Stacy Jo Llnder. Amy Weathers, Mary Margaret Comer. Valerie Dalalson. Angela DaqulUa. Lisa Durastantl. Melanle Flkes. Susan Ganann, Charlotte Gillespie. Sonya Hale. Kim Hathom. Julie Herrlngton, Beth Howell. Janet Johnson. Reeca Lockhart. Shawn Mcintosh. Mellnda McMUlen, Tracy Moss. Windy Jane O ' Qulnn. Laura Pounders. Melanle Putnam. Tracy Qulnn. Cheryl Rogers. Karol Scott. DeAnn White. Diane Wilkinson, Kelll Daniels. Stacy Hurst. 295 -Organizatons Kappa Psi Kappa Psi has tfie distmction of being the first fTofessionai fraternity in pharmacy and maiitiains the. largest membership of ad the. pharmaceuticai fratemides. The Beta Rho chapter at Ofe Miss was chartered in 1926. The [ocai chapter stresses ovtstanding kad- ership, schobstic achievements, com- muraty service and sodai activities. Kflppa Psi allbws its members to en- joy the priviieges of growing aca- demicaify and sociaKy witfvitv our group. Kappa Psi Officers: (1. to r.) Billy Camp, Social Chm; Darren Higgs, Historian; John Tyner.Sec; Jamie Anderson. First Vice Pres.; Tol VanDevender, Chaplain; Todd Wilson, Second Vice Pres.; Sammy Lee, Sargeant at Arms; Joel Powell, Regent; David Neal, Intramurals Director; Mark Hemphill, Treasurer; Dr. Marvin Wilson, Co-Grand Council Deputy. Not pictured. Dr. Dewey Gardner, Co-Grand Council Deputy. Photo by Natalie Pharr. Members Include; Justin Ales. Jamie Anderson, Charlie Bell, Marty Blgner, Chris Bonner. Danny Breland, Lance Brock. Ed Brondyke. Reagan Brown, BUly Camp, Robbie Chambers, Blake Cook, Steven Cooperwood, Steven Dancer, Eric Davidson, Arthur DeLashmet. Marty Dilworth, Tracey Douglas. Bobby Du nn. David Dunson. Kenny Floyd. Jason Foxworth. Paul Graham. Mark Hemphill, Darren Hlggs, Glenn Joe. Elvln Knight. Sammy Lee, Todd Lee. Danny McCaughan, Mike McKnatt, David Neal. Hank Norwood. Lewis Pearson. Joel Powell, Jeff Qulnn. Steve Rowland. Chris Rowley. Chris Schaefer. Alan Simmons. Scott Suhor. Gary Teasley. Steven Thomas. James Tlnsley, John Tyner, Tol VanDevender, Kelly Waldrip. Donnle Whiteside. Trevor Williams, Lance Williamson, Todd Wilson, Dennis Wilson. Raymond Woo, Henry Wood, Frankle Yielding, Brad Denton, Chris Ayers, MIcheal Bales. Scottle Byrd. Mart Chandler. Garey Depperschmldt, Cale Dunahoo, Chris DuraJ. Ryan Emflnger. Mlcheal Fields, Kevin HoUingsworth. Todd Houas. Jason Humphreys, Jim Jackson, BUI Jones. BUly King. Mike Klepzlg, Steven Landrum. Warren Lewis. Chris McLaurin, Rob Pickle. Rob Roberts, Marty Sanders, Troy Tompkins, David Turbervllle, Sammy Warman Davis Wilson, Archie Wright, Brent Wells. Photos by Natalie Pharr. 296 — Organizations Kappa Kappa Psi Tfie Beta Beta chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, o Nationai Honcnay Rank rTOtemtty, was found- ei on tfte Olc Miss aimpiu in 1948. Being the 50th cAopter founded, it has the iiitinction of Being fcnown nationaffy as " the Goliien Cfiopter of Kappa Kappa Psi " . United throtigh fraternal firotACTTiooif, memBers wori jor tfie Betterment of tiie band tfirougft serivce ani selection of worth- whiie projeets. Officers Inefmfc Davii StanfieH- presitfent; Cfirii Stanpftid- viee president; Bod Baiiey- sccretary; GCenn Miller-treasurerStevcn Deater- •tistorian; RiiBert McCoy-parfiamentarian; 5te- pfien 5porfes- atumni secretary; Dougtas BaAeniitts-sponsor Members include: Jonathan Adkins, Alan Alexander, James Bailey, Tim Huckaby, Chris Hughes, Cedrlck Jackson, Tim Moore, Mike Sims, Wayne King. Fall 1991 Pledge Class members: Adam Alvis, Mike Bonds, Brian Crider, Raymond Kelly, Don Morris, Sam Norris, Trent Thompson, Corey Tutor, Jay Walker, Steve Watson, Jon Young, photo by: David Dunson • ' • X.- I- Officers: Layne McGiilre President Jeannie Scott Vice-President Andrea Stamphill Secretary Vandy Pacettt Social Cord. Mary Hillman Treasurer Caroline Adams Historian Leane Buckner Sgt. at Arms Belinda Creel Project Sec. Members: Tau Beta Si ma _.y ■■■■ly-.y ,r. Libby Dideaux Peggy Marion Cindy Covey Emily Davis Becky Fesm.ire Lori Hayne Jennifer Cohen Jennifer Cyers Katrina Seym.our Wanda Terrlll Ashley Barm.etter Hope Ladner Sarah Walsh Stacy Creel Wanda Barton Geri Ashley Angela Locisana Brenda Provence Sharon Webster Kristi West Shirley Wygul Debbie Hinds Kay Steiner Samantha Knie Georgia Bryan Tamara Palmer Pam Krump Becky Pekich Jamie Cum.m.ins Belinda Hasty Tau Beta Sigma is the. sister organization of Kflppa Kappa Psi, Life tlie men ' s organization, tfte women ' s group is equaily devoted to promoting the causes and support of the university band. Seal, Han i o(l,Ftaii Organizations 297 » 0(c Miss Band Tht Ok. Miss Band, having (ong Been known as " Tht Pride, of tfie Soutft, " is comimdng to instift ihttt pride in both its members and its Juns. WitA. increasing size and quality, tfie band is con- standy working to improve its standing as one of tfie 5outfi. ' s top coiiegiate bands. MemBers (earn to work together towon£s tftis common goal, and in remm the band proviies tftem witft an active social outfet As its members wiS. attest, the Oie Miss band is truly an enriching experience for oiL 1 .Rebelettes. 2. Trumpets: Jonathan Ad- kins, Adam Alvis, Bob Bailey, Tobie Ba- ker, Mark Barber, Mike Bonds, Jeff Brown, Dianna Eller, Roel Filotes, Naef Goll, Cederick Jackson, Dan Kemp, John Kennedy, Wayne King, Peter Lambrects, Robert McGoy, Glenn Miller, Kathryn Orr, Aimee Routzeny, Melissa Ruth, Tim Savely, Nat Synder, Steve Spence, David Stanfield, Mary Tillman, Brian Wait, Sta- cy Wilson 3. Percussion: Matt Atkinson, Billy Boone, David Carter, Joe Crawford, Steve Deater, Joey Dunagan, Brigette Fara, Jon Findley, Tim Huckaby, Tim Jackson, Tim Jones, Mike Labant, Chris Latimer, Ron- nie Labrone, Kittrick Redmond, Mike Sims, James Thomas, Jay Jay Thomas, Joseph Vigil, Mike Wright 4. Trombones: Chad Adams, Jennifer Ayers, James Bai- ley, Jeane Brockner, Brian Crider, Brian Crump, Andy Harrison, Lori Haynie, Kevin Herrera, Burt Harrington, John Jordon, Bill Scott, Chris Smith, Bobby Thornberry, Jay Walker, Joey Ziegler 298 — Organizations Fridt of the South — Ofe Mis5 Marching Band A 1 Photo by Professional Images W 1. Graduate Assistants and Directors: Greg Bryne, Pam Crump, Wanda ' Terral, David Wilson, Douglas E. Bakennus 2. Drum Majors: David Wilson P -Assistant; Layne McGuire -Head ▲ 2 Photo by Professional Images Organizations — 299 m ■■ ■ .■ " ' » . w - ARMT ROTC Army ROTC (Reserve Officers Trairang Corps) is a pogram wfikiv offers coffiege sttuleTtts tfte op- portunity to gradxuae. as ojfkexs and. serve in t ie LLS Army, tfie Army National Gmai, or tfte US Army Reserve. ROTC enhances a student ' s eduaxdon by providing unique kadersfup and managtment train- ing, along witii practical experience. It fi£lf s a student deveiop many of tfte quafities Basic to success in the. Army or in a dvifian career. Tfte Army ROTC program was activated at the University of Mississippi as an infrantry imit on March 11; 1936. It was originally fwused in the Peabody buiiding, where it remained untii. Worid Wax II. Tfte imit moved to its present quarter in Guyton Had in 1961. In 1954, ROTC was made compxdsoiy for aH nude students, ond remained so until 1970, vvfien it became vo(xmtaTy. To dote over 1,200 cadiets have received tfteir commission ot Ok Miss, of which five have at- tained the rank of Generai Army Little Sisters: Officers: Wendy String- er, Georgia Bryan, Sherry Gatewood, Suzanna Thompson. Members: Hope Beasely, Laura Cannon, Robyn Cox, Jacky Douell, Jennifer Dunn, Kelly Finn, Audrey Fox. Angle Garrett, Cynthia Hargrove, Janece Hazel, Demohnica Hllllard. Mhoeneehk HUliard, Sherred Hud- son, Sheila Johnson, Jara Jones, Brenda Lamb, Markecla Marshall. Marcla Naramore, Stacey Reaves, Kelli Robinson, Andl Shadrlck, Missy Shows. Sonja Sims, Abby Smith, Addle Smith, Giselle Smith, Susan Sneed, Sonya Webster, Allison Williams, Stephanie Williamson. Army ROTC Cadre: Front row, 1. to r. LTC Engen, SGM Owens. Second row, MAJ Robinson, OPT Lemm, CPT Bruce. Third row, SFC Hamilton, SGT Lopez, CPT Towery. Cadet Battalion Staff 1. to r Paul Willoughby C Csm; Keith Hood, C Battalion Commander; Thomas Johnson, XO; Sean Catchings, S-3. Back row. Tommy Al- derman, S-1; Darren Middleton, S-L; Richard Bennett, S-4; Joe Bergeron, S-5. 300 — Organizations i I I row, PTTowei} ' Corps of Cadets: Front row, Paul Wllloughby, Keith Hood, Thomas Johnson. Second row. Tommy Alderman, Darren Mlddleton, Richard Bennett, Joe Bergeron. Third row Warren Wells, George Zerfoss, Gary Brett, Philip Henson, Kevin Axler- od Randolph Phillips. Fourth row, Chad West, Robert Edwards, Daniel Kemp, Robert Layne, Ed Quigley, Blaise Gallahue, John Bonnette, Mat Johnston, Robert Jones, Mat Crockett. rommy n,S-5. Ranger CompanyrFront row.Chad West, Commander; Robert Lavne First See.; Second row, Robert Edwards, Tommy Alder- man, Blaise Gallahue, Ed Quigley. Third row, John Bonnette, Mat Crockett, Darren Middleton. Fourth row. Paul Willoughby, Robert Jones, Mat Johnston. Stephanie Williamson shows no fear rappelling off the 40-foot rappeling tower. To the left Cadet Battalion Commander Keith Hood. Above: Physically challenging the cadets through stre- nous exercise is just one of the many ways these young men and women are prepared for active and reserve duty in the Army and the Army National Guard. II Organizations — 301 Air Force The. mission of tftc Air Force is to fly, fight, and win in onier to preserve Amerioi ' s freedom. The. goal of Air Force KOTC, here at Ok. Miss, is to train interested young men and women to be pre- pared and vWiEng to occompSsft. titis mission. Being an officer in tite Unitei 5tates Air Force is not just a jo6 or position — it is a way of Hfe. The demanding qualifications to become an officer as- sure entry of well-educated sipedalists who meet the high academic standards required to fill various positions in our vast military organization. Air Force KOTC at Ok Miss offers two routes to an Air Force commission. Entering students may enrod in the four-year ] ogram, amf students witftat feast two academic years remaining in codege may appCy for the two-year program. 1 . Cadet Hamrlck Instructs Cadet Mills in gui- don procedures while Cadet Teague adjusts the guidon. 2. Cadet Guthrie leads the CMC flight In preparation for the parade. The pa- rade consists of Cadets Pitzer, Michelletti, Newton, Scarpate and Reed. 3. The AFROTC Cadet Corps preparing for midterm inspec- tions and GMC day. ▲ 3 All photos by OUle Brock 302 — Organizations 1 . Angel Flight members with new Initiates. Members include Rebecca Peklch. Klmberly Newcomb, Margaret Buck, Jennifer West- brook. Jennifer Mattingly, Katie Dunchaine, Krlsti Hanor, Hoda Bashen. Ellen Kadlec, Mi- chele Newton. 2. Arnold Air Society. Members include: Lynn Michelletti, Mike Hood, Dexter McCain, Tommy Hoard. Jack Bissell, Lori Hill. Barry Palmertree, Sherry Craig. vi. • 3. Cadets Huthcraft. Craig, Hood and Herrlngton preparing for Color Guard duties. 4. AFROTC Cadet Corps partlcpating in a tug-of-war during tri-ROTC field day. A 3 Photo by OUle Brock Organizations — 303 • -■ ' ;- •• • ' .■ •■■■ ' • ' f ; li The Naval R£5erve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) was estabdshed at 0(e Mt5S in June 1946, with the purpose of training Ok Miss students for future. navaL careers. NROTC students are dossijiei either scfiolarsftip or college pogram miifsftip- men. Aff commissioned scftolorsftip stu- dents must serve four years on active duty. At the end of the four-year -period commissioned students may choose to leave the active service ani be com- missioned in the navai reserve. Navy Seniors: Kneeling, MIDN I C Charles Andrews, MIDN I C Michael Poe, MIDN I C Michael Simms. Standing, OC Tim Hughes, MIDN I C Rosscer Tucker, MIDN I C Glenn Kelly, OC Cary Stone, MIDN I C Raquel Lyles, MIDN I C David Tucker, Sgt. J.R. Ezzell. 1991 Midshipman Battaiion 304 — Organizations ;♦■■.■«■ , ' Members: Heng Boon Yaw, Keith Steele. Chuck Plaxlco, Billy Bullock. Matthew L. Boutwell, Jason Bennett, Sharon Forester. Tom Horton, Dorothy Coleman. Kelly Greenwood. Dean Kidd. Mohannad Labadl, Marshall McLaughlin. Preston Knight, Brian Crump. David Jenkins. MIDN1([| 1 CGta Tau Beta Pi Members include; Joey Brown. Ikle White. Michael Edwards. Adrian Marcellus. Jlt-Meng Lim. Scott Swatzell. Robert Tavlin. Tommy Alderman. Chuck Plaxico. Dorothy Coleman, Stacey Wescoat, Kipper Nelso. Chris Ferguson. Heather Gaines. New IniUates: Taylor Archer. Berlin Genetti. Chris Watts. Alan Abel, Meng-Klat Teh, Yuln Long Chin, John Cantrell, Casey Turner, Amal Khaleel, William Feidt. Viren Shah, Temple Shackleford, Gary Stone. SiraJ Asktar. Michael Blossom. Bryan Stephens. Sin Chew Lim. Samudra Sengupta, Tommy Hoard. Tommy Griffith. Lip Kheng Tan. Bassam Moumeh. Tfte purpose o xhz NSPE Stiufent Pro- gram is to provufe or stmfent pro es- sionaC cteveCopment and to promote ojTuing stxuients a soimi luuferstamfing 0 engineering pro essionafism. As Jiiture engineers, it is essentiaf tfuit students recognize the meaning of " pro essionaT engineering, " that these words stand for more than, tee tnicol skiii, that they en- compass imegrity, responsifiiilty, ethical coniuct, a sense of purpose, spirit, in- de tedness to the post and a desire to contriBute to tfte contirajei strengtftening of the. pofessiott. Officers vncixuk: Keffy Greenwood, Pres- ident; BiHy Bidlocfe, Viee President; Tom Horton, 5eCTetary; Mottftew Boutweft Treasuret7 D r. Stmuiei L. DeLeeuw. Pftoto by: Craig Dearman Tau Beta Pi is a national ftonor society thai recognizes academic excellence ond outstanding character in students in ail areas of engineering. EstoBCisfted in 1885, ttt Leftigfi University, TouBetaPi fias grown to 196 cftapters located tftrougfiout tfte country. Tfte Mississippi Beta chapter was founded in 1969, and is one of two cfti rters in Mississippi. A senior must 6e in tfte top _fi_ftft of ftis class and a junior must 6e in tfte top eigfttft to be ehgibit for memfiersftip. Pftoto by B.J. MonniA: Organizations — 305 Tfic Scfwol of Engmeeting is recogmzed by tfte Ameriom Society of Civil En- gineers, and. a sMidtvt chapter of tftat sodeiy is (ocated ot tfte University. Tfte chapter meets reguiady and programs cotwiit of (uhesses by members of the engineering -profession, technical papers prepared by stxtdents and attendance at the semi-ammai state meetings. The So- ciety and its members art devoted to advandng the profession of dvil engi- neering. I I Front row: Ricky Ferguson, Matthew Boutwell, Billy W. Bullock, Dean Kldd. Row two: Dr. Kenneth Stead, Faculty Advisor; Sharon Forester, Vice President: Tom Horton, Preston Knight, President; Chuck Plaxico, Keith Steele.Third Row: E.B. Pickitt, Mississippi Section Contact Members; Marshall McLaughlin, Dorothy Coleman, Kelly Greenwood, David Jenkins, Brian Crump, Treasurer. Photo by Craig Dearman. SPS SPS; tfie society of pfiysics students is an organization open to aid students witft. an interest in physics. We are dedicated to the increase and diffusion of the knowl- edge of pftysics; fliping to engender and adtivaie in our memfiers and in our community, a profound respect fo the order and genius embodied in the struc- ture of Noture and Nature ' s (dws. Officers pictured include: 1. to r. Alan Ligon, Treasurer; Amy Pace, Secretary; Doug Duncan, Vice-President and Trey Dellinger, President. 306 -Organizations I AIAA )Wtwo;!)i .Preston ilppl Members include: Front, Alesha Hussey, Charlene Boshae, Sharon Forester, Rick Fauteux, Ravi Gorthala and Jason Bennett. Back row, Kendall Harris, Ken Blount, Mike Blossom, Chris Watts and Thomas Flaherty. Tfie Ametkan. Institute of Aeronautics and AstroTumtks is a society open to ad students who kavt an interest in the aerospace industry. The Oie. Miss sextion hosts speakers from iwiustry and ottenis a regionai convention in the. spring. The UM chapter aiso visits aerosfoce industry locations to see professionals at wot£ Pfkrto by Kotherine Bombay. ASME 4 H Members include: Ravi Gorthala, Ken Blount, Mike Blossom, Chris Watts, Thomas Flaherty and Jason Bennett. The 0(e Miss student section of the American Society of Mechanicaf Engi- neers is primarify concemei with getting mechanical engineering sturlents acquaint- ed with the " reaf worlif ' -of engineering. ASME activities inchide plant trips, de- sign and piqier contests ond an onnaiat regionaT contest The 0(e Miss chapter aiso hosts speakers from different sec- tions of industry, ranging jrom oerospace to petroiexan. Organizations — 307 AEG UMGS v: 7 ALG UMGS is an organization that enanimges partidpaaon of gmdmite and xmdeTgnuluate stiuknts in. the gtoioojy and the gcoiogical engineering pro- gram, Tlie group trreets several times a tnontd to (fisoiss tnviromental and engineering issues, futmt and current activities, jo6 opportunities, and scfio- liistie endeavors. Highfigftts include guest speakers, fieid trips, AEG national axvi regional meetings, and the Red. and Mineral 5fiow he!d dtaing Dtric Weei- Offlcers include: Dr. Alphonse VanBeslen. Advisor; Dawn Ann Denham, AEG President; Tom Horton, UMGS President; Amos Har- vey, Vice President; David Beverly, Treasurer. 1 Wf ± Vv-y- b Members: Jessica Klncald, Srldhar Katragadda, Fazlay Farugue. Nicaslo Lozano, David Martlneau, Larry Turner, Rosscar Craig Tucker 111, Mohan Karunakaran, Robin Buchannon, Zalnal Abldin Awi, Krishna Sitaram, Kuntumalla Phanindra Sangameswarunl, Sharika Senarath, Les Brewer, Katherine Walton, Dr. Nolan B. Aughenbaugh. Mariners The Gcanma Chca of Mariners 15 a mttWTuif organizxttion tAot supports the. Navof ROTC. They are. involved in the Annual Easter Seals Run, visits to tfte Veterans HospitoC and art pCtmning and orgamzing junctions for the MiJsfiipmen of the NROTC Unit. Members: Stacy Massey, Klna Acudi, Leslie Sexton. Elizabeth Mangum, Amy Simmons, Jenna Nettles. J.J. Gay, Leigh Ann Chaney. Kim Pattrick. Tara McKay, Kerrl Thrasher, Isis Hunn, Carlynn Dixon. 308 — Organizations ■-. ' • ' .. ' ■.•iv? B(ack Graduate Assoc. .■. 4. ■■» •. . ' Tfie Biack Gnufuate aiuf Pro essionaT Student Association was initialed on the University of Mississippi campus four years ago by Dr. James Brown assistant dean of the. Gnufuate 5cfiooC 5ince the faS. of 1991, the BGP5A Fias been invoived with an after school pro m in C.B. Webb Housing AutAority. The aim in the school pro m is to provide assistance with fiomeworfe. and overall stipport for and to tAe youtft. tivin in the area. The BGSPA also sponsors a codoquim series, wfiicfi are currently 6eing fieti twice a month and sodai mi;«:ers wfiicfv pomote positive interaction amongst students. Tfie purpose of the association is to provide accomendations and a service to the University of Mississippi and the 0?!foTd com- munity. The University of Mississippi has the largest percentage of minority students in tAe nation. The BGSPA brings to campus sev- eral speakers a semester to coincide with their coUoquim series. BGSPA officers include: Michael Crouther, James Brown, Bala James Baptiste, Vice-President; and Trevor Thompson, President. A 2 Photo by Katherlne Bomboy Organizations — 309 Ipmmm Black Student Union Tfte Biack Student Union is an orgamzation tfuit i5 designed to promote participation amongst African American students in campus affairs. It heips to create an atmosphert in which African American studenis can fed confident when striving to ocftieve high, qoais and expectations. The B5LI sponsors many programs ihroughovt each year. Welcome Bac£ program is an anmud event which aSows students to get ac- quainted wit i other students, administrators, f acuity and staff. Through programming, tAe BSU addresses many issues concerning African Americans. The BSU aiso sponsors other activities and commxmity service projects. Efigi6ifity is open to any student at the University of Mississippi wfio supports tlie ideals of programming to promote Ajricon American adtures and mxdii-cuituraiism. Presentfy, tfte BSU fius 490 and is growing every year. 0(e Mi5s B(ack Sixident Union 310 — Organizations B(aci Smdmi Union Choir Photo by Natalie Pharr Organizations — 311 Smdents for Enviromentaf Awaxtness is an oT cmizadon committed to stofping the imetfucal use of xhe. Earth ' s (and and resources by mahng people aware of tfie pro6(ems at hand, ax d tfien worfeitig to correct tAe fcobk-m (ocaiiy. SEA is open to oil graduates, undergraduates, f acuity staff, and community members as we are ail sttwfents in tiie process of caring far our pGonct Whether you are a member or not, remember, time is rurming out. We must act now if we want to keep this planet (ivablefor our children. Think GLOBALLY, Act LOCALLY. Officers include:Sain StlU. President: Rob Williams, President; Marie Oliver, Secre- tary; Brlta Martin, Treasurer. Members: Joel Moore, Meredith Driver, Diana Martin, Christine McCarlle, Brooke Ross, Laura Cannon, Lawton Barnes, Vlren Shah, Brad Canada, Debra Drake, Cassle Phillips, Tom Pynn, Nik Dlrga, Jean Cretlnl, Lydla Patterson. Tommy Gardner, Kent Gartln, Susan Vincent, Clarke Glover, McUla Tilly, Laurie Murphy, Ricky Baldwin, Susannal Robinson, Samundra Sengupta, Anthony Tarlano, Megan Spear, Barbara Creager, Jeff Hltt, Sam Orr, Chris Hobbs, Marie Oliver, Carl Black, Jennifer Thornton, Louis Finch, Devon Relmer, Greta Sleklerka, Anne Hessellnk, Leila Still, Nicole Germain, Jody Wlatt, Jennifer Manske. Letltla Reese, Catherine Smart, Teri Weaver, Allyson Parden, Brlta Martin, Alice Parsons, Jennifer Slttenfeld, Kelli Leopold, Nicole Miller, Klmberlle Dunn, Christie Peyton, Holly Hacker, Rachael Moore, Stacey Freudenberg, Emily Garland, Mendy Baldwin, Angela Kramer, Allen Laird, Ashley Nltter, David Copplt, Dana Attaman, Sandra HUllard, Ryan Bramlett, Jenna Jose. ..5 fv ' -VI ... ' V . " i5k ' ' • ' V The As5ocujtion of Women Students is an organization of students worfeing to poviJe in ormation on a variety of topics reiated to women, Tfie purpose 0 AW5 is to improve and thereby promote tfie needs and coru Tis of women students on this campus. An assortmetit qfspea S; worfesfiops, and programs are spon- sored by AWS in order to provide opportunities to meet new peopCe ani e rpose young women to rxtw experiences and opinions. Officers include: Heather Hillhouse, Pres- ident; Meagan Havlg, Vice President; Julie Johnson, Treasurer; Jennifer Cuevas, Sec- retary. Members: Deb Alnsworth, Emily Ash, Shana Bartlett, Tessa Bertalosl, Valerie Bucklnghjmi, Kim Cornish, Kay Crosby, Jennifer Cuevas, Jane Dorsett, Meg Gregory, Alicia Harvey, Meagan Havlg, Tonya Heldel, Heather. Hillhouse, Julie Johnson, Lorl Ladd, Amy Livingston, Kim Mayo, Del Mitchell, Terrl Ogden, Missy Pace, Courtney Pennington, Melissa Perry, Heather Reeves, Lucy Stanfell, Nikkl Thompson, Elizabeth Weaver, Katherine Williams, Jill Woods. 312 — Organizations ' y (j,. ' tti. Cfianccttors Leaders flip fVT ' . ' .- ' . ..■■«.. •■•: Photo by August Laurent Cftonccflbrs Leadership C(ass was enacted in 1985, By prweTit ChanceSor Gerald Turner. The doss is comprised of si?cty freshnen men and women, chosen from various high schooU. The smdenxs are cAosctt based on iheir ieadership and academic occompfoliments in high scUooi, in t ie hopes tftat hey wdi continue to (fevdbp kadershxp at Ok. Miss. Ai pr oration or tAeir roks as ieaders, ike stuienti attend o weefeTy meeting which is frequented by state and (ocai leaders, who speak on various aspects of leadership. The stiufents are also introduced to ounpus ieaders, and encouraged to become a part of campus orgonizatjons. 5ince its orgardzation, ChanceHors leadership has produced some of t ie top leaders on compxis, who in turn have gone on to become leaders in tAe state and nation. 3 1 Fran Abraham Chad Hutchinson Mark Rogers Deb Alnsworth Hank Jones Roderick Russ Jason Barrett Robin Jones Brandon Ryan Laura Benton Shannon Kelley Graham Sexton Susan Blanton Robert Khayat Ashlye Shoemake Susan Bonlfleld Maurice Kimbrough Carter Smith Tina Brandon Jeremy Klrkland Gary Smith Mary Dudley Brldgforth Tricia Kopf Robert Stokes Mlchele Bullock Clark Love Mary Suman Anthony Campagna Tricia Mangialardi Paige Tatum Barry Campbell Gregory Mazzaferro Jennifer Todd Elizabeth Gotten Patty Misskelley Rob Tyner George Davidson Margaret Monroe Wendy Warriner ■ John E. Denley Marian Montgomery Kate Whalin Krlsty Dollar Emily Moore Quentin WhitweU Allison Finklea Latrice Moore Judson Willard Cindy Flint Sandy Morals Vicki Williams Shane Foshee Jennifer Paulsen Heather Wood Cynthia Gaines Michael Perry Jill Wood. 1 Hope Gilbert Cecily Pharr 1 Kate Glamser Natalie Pharr Lenore Gresham Jamle Pound , Alison Harmon Lara Ralney Demondes Haynes Keith Rhodes Amy Herring Keisha Richard Inda Hogan Julie Richardson Jason Honeycutt Brian Rldgeway Organizations — 313 M-Club The Ok Miss M-C(u6 t5 com- priswf of student oMeXzs who have fetter«£ in one. of the. major University sports. In addition to being responsiBCe for hand- seiecting the homecoming court, the group is involved in many fund-raising and chariiabie activ- ities. The combining of the stUr dent aihietes from various sports aiso serves as a social vehicie, aiiowing athietes from ail over to gain support and respect for each other. A 1 Photo by Natalie Pharr Members lnclude:Brlan Lee. Collier Simpson. Jay Hopson, Sebastian Williams, Michael Winter. Greg Murphy. Jeff CaldweU. Lee Fletcher. Jeff Monroe. Jack Mulrhead. Wesley Melton, Joel Jordan, Scott Swatzell, Bill Bush. Carey Bridges. Kevin Bufflngton. Tony Plrel. Toney Brown, Abner White, Steven Roland, Jeff Kortz, Guy Gatlln. Matt Ryan, Pablo Sierra, Joe Walter, Brian Maxcy. Phillip Dorlon. A 2 Photo by Natalie Pharr Officers Include: Collier Simpson. Vice-President; Jay Hopson, President; Jack Mulrhead, Secretary; John Ponel, Treasurer. M-Club Sweetheart Ginger Hubbard 314 — Organizations MarHn ' Stockard Had •v.i,i»r., Vtv tC Mamn-StJOckitTd Resident Advisors bar siadiy nut the show at MartinrStockard HaiL They not only heip to ftecp peace (md order on the floors, but they heip run tAe desk and asswz that there are no xmaxiihonzed visitors present in tixc dorm. They sacrifice a (ot dxaing the year to assiaz that things run smootWy in tAe dorm. RA ' s: Cynthia Ruiz. Melissa Priuett, Tera Feldt, Kim Mitchell, Jody Davis, Cynthia Hargrove. Sandra Carothers, Mhoeneeahk HUliard. Julie Crlss, Jennie Vernon, Robert Edwards, Lloyd Holmes. Kenny Young. Erule Enchelmayer. John Halllday. Kevin Dixon. Roger Rlngo. Steve Rosamond. Lee Fletcher, PlreLToDei on. Lady Re6eC M C(ub The Lady Rebel M ChS is comprisei of women athletes who have earned a letter in one 0 t ie varsity sports- track, qo{f, terms, basketball, voileyball, and aoss courttry. Officers indt«fe:Tammy Worfc Presi- dent; Kate Ditotto, Vice Preii fent; RacheSe Paid, Treasurer. ;art Members: Irene Amos. RacheUe Paul. Clara Jackson. Debra Taylor. Mala Haynes. Shae Powell. Amy Kerbon. All HUl. Amy Denlck, Chris Daol, Jennifer Humkey. Sandrine Blllat. Tammy Work. Celeste Nelson. Sarah Brltt. Niki Tutor. Tiffany Archie, Kacy Williams. EamesUne Slocum. Tiwanda Vance. Stacy Hudson, Kim Ingram. Kate DltoUa. Leigh Stec. Teri Martin. Krlsten Goehrlng. Vickl Hercher. KrlsU Wilkinson. Organizations — 315 Ite , -fiv- ' . Teacher EducaUon The Ttacher Education Student Asso- dtttion (TESA) is the. organization with- in the School of Education. Its jux cixon is to ir orm cmd aid teacher education ma- jors and to wor with the administration to provide a positive attxtude. towonfs education. Abhough it is a new addition to the School of Education, it pomises to be a vahrnbk asset Officers Include: Andrew Tyer, Pres- ident: Jennifer Hays, 1st Vice Pres- ident; Elizabeth Marsh, 2nd Vice President: Elizabeth Page, Program Director. Members: Kelly Adams, Adam Andrews, Caroline Adams, Allcen Anders, Holly Bailey, Sara Cayson, Leigh Ann Chaney. April Colbert, Russ Elam, Tom Gadberry, Margaret Gaff, Andrew Gann, Collin " Lee " Hlte, Eric Jones, Roseanna Jones, Karen King, Sherry Love, Janet Melton, Christy McClendon, Pamela (De Dee) McGreger, Leigh Moniot, Kerrl O ' Halloran, Vandy Pacettl. Helen " Kim " Parker, Kris Patterson, Jennifer Prather, Teresa Robblns, Lisa Thompson, Faith Tedford, Mandy Tubbs, Dawn Vandygrlff, Mary Wade, Tammy (Patton) Weldon, J. Frank Williams, Ginger Willis. Photo by August Laurent i :: .: .. - MBA Association •ie»f f- « -■ • {• ' Tfie MBA Association is an orgamzation whose jmrpose is to represent the stu- (Cents participating in the Masters of Business Administration program, Pro- fessionai speaks engaged by the busi- ness school facuity ofiifress tfie MBA Association every semester. These pro- fesskmai sfeakexs have represented such prestigious corporations as McDonaii£s and Sara Lee. Officers iclude: Allison Crews, Pres- ident; Leigh Goodwyn, Vice Presi- dent; Alan Seed, Treasurer. Members include: Laura Alderson, Barry Duke, Susan Clark, Allison Crews, Angela Bee, Lisa E. Todd, Steve Higginbotham, Shan Perera, Kothre Okamine, Brian Walker, David Savage, Shawn Cobb, Rob Williams, Stacey A. Sprlggs, Marc Wilson, Angela Booker, Christy Moore, Tracy Bradley, Spencer L. Neff, Robert D. Woods, Vivian Leflore, Chlng-Jye Hsieh, Vanessa Leonard, J.B. Smith. Garth Fails, Kedong Huang, Gervalse Chuah. 316 — Organizations ' • •.. S: H VV ,Ao .-•♦V Leisure Management Ertt Jones, ireger.Uit! Membere Include: Nick Barone. HoUy Beasley. Steve Beckham. Mary Frances Caldwell. Jeff Caldwell. David Houston. Stev Hurdle. Brent Kenniburg. Woody Keys. Thomas McLlesh. Todd McLemore. Timothy Mofflt. Maria Newell. Lauren Pegrlm. Charles Overton. Natalie Ruffln. Missy Shows. Sharlene Story. Paul WlUoughby. Chonne Tyndall. Richard Beckwith. Andrew Gering. Cindy Holly. Nancy Martin. Ron Melton. Charles Myers. Charles Quinn. Margaret Talbot. Michael Walker. PhiUlp Willis. Mike Graves. Karen Foley. Wayne Taylor. Photo by B.J Mannlx. Tfie orqaniztttion. was originady chawtd in 1971 and was again rt-organized and rc-chartertd in 1987. Cumndy, the. membas of ihe association ii tifi ze t ie Turner Complex for monthly meetings. Tftey stay busy tfirougfiout each school ytca wording on votmteCT and fund rais- ing projects for sodal and uiucatixmtd ptjrposes. Karate Ciub iiStevf JUS. SB Tfie Ok Miss Karate duh was founded in 1975, by Bob Nance. The chb rep- resents the University by sponsoring a nuqoT totimametU each Taii, throtigh sem- inars by kcmte masters such as A.J. Aivincula, and by its own tfemonstra- tions ani ron tests. Members Include: Tamara McColgan. Cherry Douglas, Connie Campbell. Mike Norton, Darby Richardson and Ron Parker. Organizations — 317 Jt-A. mf. j, . •t The Assocmted Gradrntt Stxident Body at tfte University of Mississippi addrtsses tfte needs tmi cxmcems of atignuiuate stjuiems on tfte Ofe Miss ounpus. Tfte AG5B offkeis and senate work ofongsicfe the f acuity, administrotion, and other student organizations to promote ftigfter academic achievt- ment and standairis, to jacdxtate intezdepanmenid com- munication among graduate students, ani to provide grad- uate studJents witft more opportunities for sodai intenictioru By coflectiveiy addressing common coneems of our mem- ftersftip, tfte AGSB strives to eliminate much of the un- necessary stress often ossocinted witft grodiuite student life. Officers Include: Paul Elmore, President; Kitty Keller, Vice President; Lauren Sewell, Secretary; Earnest Mounce, Treas- urer. AGSB Senate. Georgi Sckmdvit Mi Bitter Chesw Figkf ]ack. Hays Bob Chrk Ron Perry 5ftu-Hotig Zftou Everett ChMexs Lea Hefen Evans MicheHe. Taylor Kandy Bowie Uric Di ene Marfe Razor Kristen 5iiiier Trey Cofeer Chad Kmmmerer Nkasio Lozano De66ieLandi Ke%Fi5ft George 5tonc Jofin Saioman John Logan 318 — Organizations 5cott Weston Vdcky BoHwin Lorry Reeder Lisa Cunningham. Moiiesft Krisfinan N.K. E6u6e Troy 5miflle Erguang Li MflttKfliflec Micftoef Fay Scott McAufey TomPynn Dave Craig Etote Hostetfer Daviif Reitman Jim Carter Kevin McKay Mimi HoQoni Bemadette Ctisacfe 5eanMa iarg OMEGA 0(e Miss European GoodwiH Association was created this year and has enjoyed a successfui recepion at t te university. Comprised mrt ordy of European students, 6ut of Amaiams as wdl, the groitf meets fTec{ iently to discuss and im- plement fians to further bridge the gap Between students. Tfiis year the group soGf T-sfiirts to raise nwney far such things as a pre-ftomecoming European styfe brunch in the Y-buiiding. Members Include: Fanos Antonlades, Karen Baselmans, Sandrlne Blllat, Patrice Boulanger, Alexandra Charavet- Vice-president, Srdan FlUpovlc, Terence Finnegan- President, Ame Gast, Carsten Hahne, Lidewy Hesselink, Christophe Hollanders- Treasurer, Antonis Kafouros, Amal Khaleel, Peter Lambrechts, Juha Luhtnen, Louis Malfait- Executive Council, Mark Newman, Sameer Pareek, Shan Perera. Anni Plrinen, Riqeut Dominique- Secretary, Rashedul Sheikh, Simon Topping- Executive Council, Miguel Vega- Executive Council, Dalmo Vieira, Tracy Allen, Santo Arlco, Ruth Bellflower, Lorrie Blackard, Katherine Bomboy, Max Bonner, Tom Brabyn, Stephen Brown- Executive Council, David Buckler, Amanda Busby, Leigh Carter, Benjamen Cervettl- Executive Council, Christy Cox, Jody Davis, Enrico De Paul, Marco De Vera, Joseph Dumas, Ernest Enchelmayer, Jessica Fisher, Pascale Fisher, Tsimara Gammen, Tonya Gibson, Bridgette Grommes, Derek Heinrich, James Hemmen, Jeff Henson, Amy Herring, John Holmes, Gwendolyn Jones, Chris Kadlec, Matthew Llfson, Elizabeth Mangum, Susan Oliphant- Advisor, Natalie Pharr, Jeffrey Punshon, Davlna Raseley, Vicky Rial, Tim Richardson, Cynthia Ruiz, Michael Q eyia, Aimee Schmidt, John Sewards, Tara Smith, Kate Sullivan, Sarah Stewart, Georges Stone, Heidi Tickle, Rossler Tucker, Julia Tumma, Michael Werner, Carol Williamson, Shauml Wilson Mataysian Student Assoc. The Malaysian Student Association was formed in 1982, and strives to promote friendships and understanding between Malaysian students and other University students. One of the most impressive productions of the MSA is " Malaysian night, " sponsored in the Fall. During Malaysian night this year the group performed songs and dances native to their country, complete with native clothing, which was hand- made by members of the group. MSA mem- bers from nearby Mississippi State Uni- versity were invited and participated in Malaysian night. Members Include: Irene Abong. Hul Fung Chal. Kok Leong Chal. Ming Chlng Chal. Zheng Yang Chal. Chlaw Teng Chan. Shlaw Yee Chan, Shin Yl Chan, Sow Fong Chang. Hul Chyn Cheah, Vincent Chen, Leng Cheng. Foong Meng Chew. Gan Kee Chew. YIen Hoong Chew. Wal Mean Chin. Yuln Long Chin. Raymond Chow. Tlong Yong Chua. Gcrvalse Chuah. Javaralah Dayananda. Eng Choon Goh. Yee Khean Hah. Boon Yaw Heng. Yang Hong Heng. Foo Nln Ho, Kum Ming Ho. Slew Lee Hoo. Kumar Jaya. Ol Lee Jong, Razman Shah Kamaruddln. Chong Yee Kang, Mohan Karunakaran. Victor Kaw. Huoy MIn Khoo. Karen Khoo. Kelvin Khor, Slen Mul Kong, Alex Kua. Farldah Lamld, Meng Chin Law. Jane Lee. Eng Kwang Lee. Hong Llm Lee. Tony Lee. Kwal Wcng Lee. Learn Wee Lee. See Kim Lee. Soo Ling Lee. Swee Lee Lee. Teck Chun Lee. Alex Lee. Edward Lee. Yong Khoon Lee. Chee Choon Leong, Kal Meng Leong. Wal Slew Leong. Men LI h Leow. Ewe HIn Llm. Hock Wah Llm. Jimmy Llm. Mabel Llm. Moo Le Llm Paul Llm. Seng Guan Llm, Slau Hucy Llm. Jeff Llm. Soon Klong Llm. John Llm, Kenny Lin. Yew Loong Llong, Yew Wei Llong. Yew Leong Loh. Wal Peng Lok. Sen Wei Loke. Anne Low. G. Gin Low. Yee Huap Low. Lee Ho Lu, Alexander Lua. Chool Lin Lye. Chuan Wei Lye. Wal Kee Mak. Han Cheng Mar. Adrian Marcellus. Ceong Toong Moh. Supplah Munlandy. SrlmaraJ Naldo. Woon Sing Neo. Chong Seau Homg Ng. Eng See Ng. Gla Yaun Ng, David Ng, Mun Wah Ng, John Ng, Wye Kong Ng. Malik Md Ngarldl Ngabdul. Dominic Ong, Ka Lee Ong. Tee Boon Ong, Jlann JIunn Ool. Poh Hoon Ool. Say Lye Ow. Lee Ling Pang. Wee Slong Pang. Annie Peh. Mee Seong Phang, Rljwana guazl. Rajaram Sabapathy. Kubenthlran Ramanathan. Arasu Ramasamy. Peng Yun Say. Slew Llan See. Wan Chi Sect. Lay Guat Seow. Slew Peng Ser. HIn Fook Set, Pusparajah Shanmugan. David M. Shiffman. Fook Chemg Shong. WInson Shu. Chin Hu Sim. Harplnder Singh, Boon Seng Tal. Woon Lee Tal. Chi HIang Tan. Hock Hwa Tan. Kla Swel Tan. Lip Kheng Tan. Nee Phlng Tan. Puel Ling Tan, See Klan Tan. Slok Thieng Tan. Yak Guan Tan. Alex Tang. Meng Klat Teh. Tien Nan Teh. Hock Seng Teoh. Yan Thoong Thiau, Wei Hong Thye, Al Ling Toh. San San Tok. Simon Uh. Annie Wee. Kok Lum Wong. Kong Meow Wong, Amanda Wong. Danny Wong, Soo Pel Wong, Jasper Wong, Bee Tho Yap. Arte Yap. Cheng Yeow Yeap. Keng Leong Yeo. Chong Yan Yew. Thean Choong Yong. Ylt Kung Yong. Yoke Thin Yow. Hock Hwa Yu. Abldln Awl Zalnal. Lallawaltl Zakarla Organizations — 319 1:41 ' " N ' - , OA . -s. - , " • --N. ' pk: -. I k WhaVs Inside %v- " - - 320 Freshmen Pages 322 — 331 Sophomores Pages 332 — 34 Juniors Pages 341—351 Seniors Pages 352 — 361 Graduate Students Pages 362 — 365 Pharm acy Students Pages 366 — 371 y.-f ' A. m -tfix ' ■ ' ' -. i ' 4 " ll ' ' iv Fresliinaii Abraham. Fran, Lib.Arts. Vlcksburg.AT Adams.Shunta.Phar-.Batesvllle Ainsworth.Debra. Lib. Arts. Hernando, AT AinBWorth.Temple. Jackson. KA0 Alford.Nell.Llb.Arts.New Orleans.KA All, Denlz. Lib. Arts. Long Beach Alvi8,Adani.Llb.Arts,Franklin.TN. K Amisona, Ricky. Lib. Arts, Germantown.S i E Andereon.Ashley.Llb.Arts.Plano.TX.KKT Anderson.SalU.Llb.Arts.Yazoo City .AAA Ayers.Jennlfer.Llb. Arts. Oxford Baeshen.Hoda. Lib. Arts. Oxford Bailey. Jennifer. EducGrenada.AH Baker, Justin. Lib. Arts.Batesvtlle Baker, Jason, Phar-.BatesvUle Baker,Tobie,Bus.,TaUahassee,FL Baker .TracI.Bus., Homestead, FL Bakutis, Lori . Eng. .Jackson Bsadcr8on,Stephanle.Eng..Vlenna,VAAr Baldwin, Nicole. 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Law. Pontotoc Dewey, Amy, Educ, Oxford Dlbartolo.Laura. Lib. Arts, Stuart, FL Dobbs, Paula, Educ, Ackerman Dod9on,Merlyn,Llb.Arts.Clarksdale,AAA Donham, Nancy, Bus.. HuntsvllIcAL Dorsett, Jane, Lib. Arts, Lucedale, AT Doyen, Bryan. Lib. Arts, Slkeston. MO Drake, Deborah. Educ, Dekalb Driver, Meredith, Lib. Arts.Greenwood.SC Ducrest, Jennifer, Educ. Belzonl, AT Ducy,Klmberly.Bu9..CaiTollton.Tx. Dudley, Jennifer.St. Petersburg.FL.nB Dona way, Lee. Lib. Art S.Monti cello Dtiplaiiti8,Lauiie.Metairie.La..A0n EaBterling.Klmberly, Lib. Arts. Picayune Eaves, Mary. Lib. Arts.Gulf port Eckols.Tametrice. Lib. Arts, Lambert Edmonston.Becca.Phar.Homersville.Mo. Edwards.Hope, Lib. Arts. University Eider, Angela.Lib. Arts, TlplersviUe EIlcr,ElIza.Llb.Arts.Nasvhine.Tn.KKr EUi8,Amanda,Accy., Greenwood, AT Enders, Lisa. Eng.. Brentwood. Tn..KA0 Estes.Brette.Llb.Arts.FortWorth.Tx.KAe Eabanlw,Brigid.Lib.Arts.Tunica,AAA Evan8,Lelgh. Educ, Memphis. Tn. Farmer,Laura. Lib. Arts, Dallas.Tx. Farragut.Amy.LIb.Arts, Ambler, Pa. Fcatherstone, Samuel, Lib. Arts, Oxford Ferris, Margaret, Lib. Arts, Jackson.AAA Flnklea, Allison. Montgomery, Al. AAA Floyd,Almee.Llb.Arts,Meridian,KA Flsher,Carolee,Dyersburg,Tn.,AOn Flsher.Lisa, Treasure Island. FL.AOn FlveaBh.Kristle.Accy-.Corinth.AOn Fivecoat, Phillip. Lib. Arts. Jackson Flake.Connle.Llb.Arts.Oxford Fleming.Courtney, Lib. Arts. Brandon Foard, Betsy, Lib. Arts.Lafayette. La. Fong.Cynthla.Lib.Arts.Webb Fong,Pui-Shan,Accy.,Hong Kong For»ytli,Alicla,Bus.Sch.,Water Valley Foshee.Shane, Lib. Arts, Jackson, AAA rowler,Natalle, Lib. Arts, Pensacoia,Fl. AAA Fraley, Shannon. Lib. Arts, Macon, AAA FuelltCralg.Eng.Sch-.Courtland ragler,Elizabeth, Bus., Baton Rouge. La. Fyfe.Brian.Llb.Arts.Clarksdale, Ae Galloway, Julie. Lib. Arts. Natchez Garrison, Angela, Llb.Arts, New Albany Garrison, Robert. Eng.Sch., Brandon Garvln,Klmberly.Accy.,Germantown. M GaBt,Ame. Lib. Arts. Netherlands. A George,Holly.Acct..Southaven,ZTA Gibb8,Brian.Lib.Arts,Southaven.Xi ' Gibson, Tonya, Lib. Arts, Avondale. La. GUbcrt.Hope,Lib.Arts.01iveBranch,KAe Gillespie, Deirde, Accy. .Clarksdale Gllmer,TonI. Lib. Arts, Union GIamser,Kate.Llb.Arts,HattIesburg.MS.Ar 324 — Classes Glass. Jenna. Lib. Arts. Atlanta. Ga..KA Gmclner.Klmblery.Grosse Polnte.Ml..nB Gobcr. Jane. Lib. Arts. Burke, Va. Gordon, Julie. Accy.,Metalrle, La. GravcB.Mellssa.Phar.. Little Rock.Ar. Gray. Charlync. Lib. Arts. Madison Green. Tlffanle. Bus.. Miami. Fl. Greg.Justln.Llb.Arts.Fernday.La.ATO Gremlllion, Leslie. Educ.Brentwood.Tn.AT GreBhain,Lenore,Bus..IndIanola.X£l GrlfflB.Jennlfer.Bus. Grenada. KA9 Groinme8,Brldgette.Bus..F2tta Guthrie. Stacey. Lib. Arts. Jackson Hacker,Holly.Phar..011veBranch.AOn Hahne.Carsten. Lib. Arts. HamUton.Judy.Phar.Navarre.Fl.ZTA Haney.Jennlfer.Crystal Clty.Mo..AAn Haney. Laura, Lib. Arts. Birmingham. A1.KA9 Hanson, Ingrld, Lib. Arts. Tillamook. Or. Hardee.Carla.Bus-.Tomball.Tx.Ar Hardcc.Penny. Lib. Arts. Bemls.Tn. Hardin, John. Bus.. Jackson. ZX Hargrove, Klmberly. Lib. Arts, Pascagoula Hannon.Allson.Phar..New Albany Hart,Klmberly.Ltb.Arts.Blloxl. l M Harty, Mary. Lib. Arts. Cleburne, Tx. Haskett.RusselLLlb.Arts.Nashvllle.Tn.KS Hatten.Tricla.Eng., Gonzales. La, What do you tliink is the biggest social problem in Mississippi? ' .) HI Charles Walker ' 89 graduate German town, TN " Unemployment and education. I don ' t know why. I ' m really not good at Interviews. " Ann Alsmuck Psychology Senior, Boswell, GA " Racism. There are peo- ple who say they aren ' t racist but, they are. No- body tries to Integrate. " Andrea Pierce Business Junior, Chicago, 111. " Unemployment. In this state it Is one of the highest in the country. " Kenneth Hopkins Oxford Elementary Age 10 Future Artist " Pollution. It ' s in the lakes and everything and it ' s too hard to clean up. " Jim Turner Psychology Grad. Chicago, n. " I think that the biggest one is that there ' s no pub in the Student Un- ion. " I Classes — 325 m- ' Fresliineii Hathom, Brad. Bus. Louisville. K2 Hawkins.Mary Heather.Bus., Columbus. " t HawklnB,Stacla,Llb.Arts..Memphls.Tn. Hawley.Lane.Ub.Arts.,Parls,Tn..KA9 Haynei.Demondes. Lib. Arts., Louisville Hazel. Janece. Bus. , Memphis, Tn. , AAII Haz«lrlgg,Robln.Bowllng Green. Ky..KA8 HeldeI,KImberly.Bus..Tupelo.KKr Henry, Stephanle.Llb. Arts. Amory.ZTA Herring, Amy. Lib. Arts.. Brandon Herring, Stephanie. Memphis. Tn. AAII HeMeHnk,Lldewy.Llb. Arts.. New York. NY. Heyl,Jennlfer.Llb.Arts..Klrkwood.Mo. M Hlcks.Brlan.Accy. ,Memphls,Tn. KT Hlett,Holly.Llb. Arts. Little Rock Hlll.Jana. Educ.. Germantown.Tn.KA8 HUl.Tlna. LIb.Arts.. Water Valley Hllliard,Demohnlca. Llb.Arts..Eupora HUlBhonse.Heather. Llb.Arts..NewtonAOn Hodges, Gla. Accy..St. Louis. Mo. Hodges, Rich. LIb.Arts.. Greenwood Hogan.lnda. LIb.Arts.. Oxford.Ar Holland.Heather.Bus.. Fort Meyers. M Hollanders, Christopher. Netherland Hollanger,Karen. Bus. Humphrey. Ar.ZTA Holley,Emlly.Phar.. Columbus HoUlngswortll.Kathleen.Prattvllle.Al.Ar HoUoway.Jennlfer.LIb.Arts.. Aberdeen Holmes.Teresa.Phar. .Decatur Holt,Lori. Lib. Arts. MetropoUs.n. Honeycatt, Jason. Accy.. Grenada Hoover,Christl.Llb.Arts.,011ve Branch Horan, Lisa. .Lib. Arts. Cincinnati. Oh. Horton,Alecla, Lib. Arts.. Southaven Howell,Tarek.Llb. Arts. .Oxford Habbard,Susan. Lib. Arts.. Calhoun City Hnd8on,Sherred. Lib. Arts.. Memphis. Tn. Huff , Elizabeth . Brandon . IIB Hughes, Jennifer. Lib. Arts. .Como Hunt.Kris.Phar..Adamsvlllc.Tn. Hurt. Jennifer. Lib. Arts., Augusta. Ga. Hutchcraft,Elllot.Eng..Paris,Ky. Hutchinson, Ashley. Shreveport. La. KAQ Hutchln8on,Chad.Accy..Cllnton.2:N Ingraham, Ashley. Bus.. Covington. La. AOn JackBon,Klmberly. Covington. Tn. Jacobsen, Matthew. Bus., Columbus James, Mary. Educ. .Brentwood.Tn. Jennings, Kristlna,Henderronvllle,Tn., M Jetton, Leslie. Germantown.Tn.nB Joachim.GlUen. Lib. Arts. Marietta. Ga Johnson. Anna. Phar..Tylertown Johnson. Cully. Lib. Arts. . Tunica. XS! Johnson, Jeffrey. Bus. .Clinton Johnson, Robert. Lib. Arts.. Oxford Johnson.Shella. Educ. .Winona Jones.Heather.Llb. Arts. .Southaven Jones, Jennifer. Phar. .Ocean Springs. KA9 Jone8,Kadl.Buslness.Columbla.TN.KKr Kane,Crystal.LIb.Arts,Cllnton.»M Keith, Amanda. Englneering.Oxford Kelly, Raymond. Business. Kosciusko Kelley,Shannon.Llb.Arts,Blloxl 326 — Classes Kemm. Michelle. IJus., Memphis. Kemp, Oanlel.Llb. Arts.Sllver Spiings.MD Kennedy. John.Llb Art9.Merldlan.I E Kennedy. Robert. 1,1b, Arts. Des l ' lalnes.ll,.X Kennedy. Tanya. Lib. Art s.Mempht.s.ZTA Kennlngton. Elizabeth, Bus. Grenada. Xl! Kldd.Melanle.Llb.Arts.Madlson.KKI ' KlMtler.Jeffrey.Llb Arts.Oxford Kllpatrlck.Tommle.Ub.Arts.Isola Klnard. Suzanne. Lib. Arts. Jackson.Ar Klng,l,ori.Accy..Slldell.LA.riB KokalBel.Amy.Llb.Arts.Terry.AOIl Kong. Slen. Bus.. Malaysia Kooshlan.Carrte. North Garden. VA. M Kooshlan.Kelly. Lib. Arts. North Garden. VA Kopf.Patricla.Eng.Brentwood.TN.Xa Ketone, Amy. Educ. Montgomery, AL.AAA Kramer, Angela. Educ..luka.. On Krie8er,Llsa. Lib. Arts. Garland. NE. AMI KnbiBta.Christlan.Llb.Arts.Duluth.MN LaBonla, Angela.Educ. .German town,TNKAe Lacey.Tara. Lib. Arts. Brandon.AAA Lambert, Angle. Lib. Arts. Soulhaven.KKT Landry, Julie. Educ.Harahan. LA Lane, Chris. Lib. Arts. Ackerman LangstOD.Christtna.Accy.. Germantown.TN.ZTA Lay. Sharon. Eng..Waterford Ledbetter,Cathy,Bus..Memphls.X!! Lee, Mellnda. Lib. Arts. Oxford Le8ter,Erin.Llb.Arts.San Dlcgo.CA.ZTA Lewis, Jeanne. Educ. Memphis Ley,Davld.Llb.Arts.Shady Slde.MD Lightsey,Chesley.Phar..BatesvllIe Loden,Kelby.Llb.Arts.O)rford Logan,Katina.Bus.. Flint. Ml Lohr bach, Jonathan. Lib. Arts. Gulf port Loncjoy,Shannon. Lib. Arts. Atlanta.GA Loyett,Heather.Llb. Arts. Phoenix. AZ Lye.Chool Lin. Bus. .Malaysia Lyle,Pcnnl.Llb.Arts.Colllervllle.TX. M McClang,Aml.Llb.Arts.Trumann.AR.AUIl McCormlck, Amy.Bus. .Oxford McDonongh, William. Lib. Arts. Vldalla.LA.IN McGee.Glenda.Accy.. Lambert McGregor. Paula. Educ.. Oxford McKay. Tara.Educ.Germantown.TN McLemore.Holly. Lib. Arts. Huntingdon. TN McLeod, Kevin. Eng.. Ackerman. ♦K l ' McNeil. Shonda, Bus. .Grenada Mabus.Ttffany.Llb.Arts.Pearl Magers.Meredlth.Llb.Arts.Dallas.TXKKr Mahew. Christopher. Eng.. Springfield, VA Malone. Jennifer. Bus.. Germantown.TN Manglalardl.Tricla.Llb.Arts.Shelby.tM BAap8on,Tarsha. Lib. Arts M«rlow,Christy.Llb.Arts.Wlnona MarBhall, Stacy. Lib. Arts. Mayersvllle JJartin, Bradley. Eng.. Ferriday. LA Maasey, Stacy. Lib. Arts. Dumas Mayse.Cheryl. Lib. Arts. Victoria Medley. Jennlfcr.Llb.Arts.Gulf port. MS.Xn Melear.K.B.Accy.Frankllnton.LA.X MeDdoza,Mandy.Accy..Mandevllle,LA, l M 1 Classes — 327 FrestLinen How do you feel about Cliaiicellor Turner spending over $9,000 on Cliristnias cards. . 1 Robin McKenzie Sr. Interior Design Florence, Al. " I think with all the problems we have on campus they could have spent it on other things. " Tina Penlck Pharmacy Adm. McComb, Ms. " I better get one- for $9,000 I better get one. " Pepper Smith Grad. Jour. Gulfport, Ms. " I feel like we need good Christmas cards. " Tra Stovall Sophomore Columbus, Ms. " It sucks because I didn ' t get one. " L Randy Yetes Grad. Jour. Jackson, Ms. " You kind of won- der how many he sends out. I mean if he ' s sending out 100,000 he ' s get- ting a great deal. If he ' s sending out 2,000 he ' s getting screwed. " Meredlth.Ashley.EducMemphls.KKT Meredlth.Brlan.Llb.Arts.Memphls.X ' I ' Meniman.Stachla. Lib. Arts, Memphis. IIB Bitlddleton, Susan, Bus.. Plaquemine, LA. KA Mlles.Brcnda. Accy. .Plano.TX Mlller.Nlcole.Phar., Mlller.Sharon.Llb.Arts.Philadelphla MUll8.Tara,Llb.Arts,Wylle,TX Ml88kelley,Patty,Phar..N.CarTollton. M Ml tchell.Graham.Phar .Winona Mitchell, Meghan. Lib. Arts. Jonesboro.AR Mlzell, Amy. Lib. Arts, Lucedale Montgomery, Maiian. Lib. Arts. Columbus. AAA Montgomery, Natalie, Bus. .Pontotoc Moore,Emlly, Accy. .Calhoun .City Moore.Lisa.Bus..Franklln.TN Moreau, Jameson. Bus.. Boston. MA Moss, Donna. Educ. University Moimger.Carollne. Lib. Arts. Ridgeland.KA MurphrecMelanle.Phar.. Myrtle Murphy, Amy, Lib. Arts. Oxford Nabors,Susan. Educ, Bates ville, M Nance, Angela, Bus. Ripley. IIB Neaves.Mlchelle.Llb.Arts.Falrfax.VA.ZTA Nelson. Lori. Lib. Arts. Brandon. Xfi Nelson.Tarsha.Llb.Arts.Yazoo City Newman.Dru. Lib. Arts. Vicksburg.xn Nicholas, Jason. Lib. Arts.Taylcr V« 328 — Classes NlchoU.Tammy. Lib. Arts. Athens. AL Norwood, Susan. lCnf ; .. Memphis Nolo, GIna. Lib. Arts. Rayne. LA Ogden, Jeanne. Lib. Arts. Metal re, LA. KA OUvler.Marle.Llb.Arts.Lafayette.LA.KA OUen, Amanda. Lib. Arts.Salt Lake C lty.UT.tM Orange.Kellye.Llb.Arts.Nashvllle.TN Oeten.Suzy. Lib. Arts. Atlanta. GA Ott, Jacqueline. Lib. Arts. Allan ta.Ga Owen, Angela. Lib. Arts. Jackson, KAe Pack, Kenyatte. Lib. Arts. Okolona Palmer.Mlchelle. Bus.. Winona Palmer, Tamara.Phar..Indlanola Palmertree.Wllllam.Eng.Parker.CO Pallunbo.Stacy.Llb.Arts.El Paso,TX Panxarella, Angela, Educ. Marco Island, FL Parchman.Chaney. Bus.. Houston. TX Parker, Klmberly.Phar.. Ocean Springs Parker, Lort.EMuc.BatesvlUe Patel.Nayan.Llb.Arts.Clarksdale Pateraon.Lydla.LIb.Arts.Oxford Patrick,Klmberly.Bus..Carrollton.TX Paulsen, Jennlfer.Llb. Arts, Laurel. AAA Perry.Candlce.Accy.. Hernando Pharr,Natalle,Llb.Arts.Vlcksburg.Ar Pi ttman, William. Lib. Arts.Columbla.ATO Pitzer,Brad.Eng. .Manchester.MO Potter.Terry .Llb.Arts.Pensacola.FL Pound, Jamison. Lib. Arts.Tupelo.SX Price,Leslle.Bus..Bums.TN Prior,Dcrek.Eng..Chesterfleld.MO.nKA Pritchard,Stephanle.Bus..Portagevllle.MO Propes.C. Elizabeth. Lib. Arts. NapervlUe.IL Queyja, Tom. Lib. Arts. Oxford Rainey, Lara. Lib. Arts. Meridian. M Ralney,Tamara.Accy..Colllervlllc.TN Rakow.Jlll.Bus..Columbla.KKr Ratllff.Cassandra.Llb.Arts.Duckhlll Redmond, Jerry. Lib. Arts. Kosciusko Reed, Bethany. Lib. Arts. Columbus. AAA Reed.Wendy.Llb.Arts.Germantown.TN.KA Reid,Laura.Llb.Arts.Amlte,LA.AAn Rliode»,Melanle.Llb.Arts.Augusta.GA,KAe Rhodes.WIUlam.Llb.Arts.Corinth Rice, Jeremey. Lib. Arts. Buchanan. TN Rlchard,Yakelsha. Richardson, Julie. Bus.. Indian Mound.TN Rlnger,Tlffany.Llb.Arts.Houston.TX Robert, Andre. Eng.Metalrie. La. Roberts.Cassandra.Mllllngton.TN, AAH Roberts, Jessica. Lib. Arts. Jackson. AT Robinson, Stephan. Bus.. E3atesvllle Roccaprlore, Carta. Lib. Arts. Jacksonville. FL Rogers, Marcus. Lib. Arts. Cleveland Rohm,Tracy.Llb.Arts.Slldell,LAAr Rollins,Klmberly.Phar..Yazoo City Rosamond.Sonya.Educ.Eupora Ronssel. Alice. Bus. .Jackson Rudden, Kristin. Lib. Arts. Brentwood. TN Russell, Rhonda. Lib. Arts. University Sahadl. Whitney. Lib. Arts. Natchitoches. LA St. John, Cory. Bus. .Newport News.VA Sanderson. Brian. Lib. Arts. Pascagoula.ATO I Classes — 329 Fresliinaii 1 Savell.Chrlstle.Llb.Arts.Natchez Scarpa te, Jason. Bus. , Melbourne, FL 9chmld,Nancy,Educ..St.Louls.MO.KA9 Schneider.Rebecca.Eng.. Laurel Sclmierle,Tlffany,Bus..Bement,lL.AAn Scott, Edward. Lib. Arts. Memphis. UJS Scurlock, James. Bus. .Cleveland Sekul.Jennlfer.Llb.Arts.Blloxl Scxton,Graham.Llb.Art9.MemphIs, Ae Seiton,Leslie.Llb.Art.GIllett.AR.ZTA Shelkh.Rashedul.Accy .Dhaka Shelton, Christopher. Lib. Arts. CarroUton Shelton. Leigh. Accy..Hauston.TX.nB Shelton,TungIa.Ltb.Arts.West Point Shempert,Chad. Lib. Arts. Houlka Shlpp.Catherine.Llb.Arts.Corinth.AAA Shoemake.Ashlye. Lib. Arts, Collins Sieklerka.Greta.Accy.. Arnold. MD Slggelkow.Valerie.Llb.Arts.CarroUton Slla,Maarit.Llb.Arts.Flnland Skelllon,Jackle.Phar..GreenvlUe Slaughter.EUse.Bus. .San Antonio. TX.IIB Slayton.Stacey. Lib. Arts. Meridian. AT Smith.Arrah.Llb.Arts.BowUng Green. KY.KAe Smlth.Candlce. Lib. Arts. Hamilton Sinlth.Carter.Bus..Batesvllle. Ae Smith. Chris. Lib. Arts. Columbus Smith. Heather.Bus. .Oxford Smlth.Karen.Llb.Arts.Prattvllle.AL Smith.Kelly.Llb.Arts.Natchez Smith. LLana. Lib. Arts. Winona Smith. Randy. Bus.. Carrollton Smith.Robert.Eng. . Greenwood. tK Smith,Shelley.Educ..Shreveport.LA, M Snazelle.Gretchen.Phar.. Clinton Snyder.Nathan.Llb.Arts.MorrisChapel.TN Song.Samuel.Bus. .Singapore South.Chaslty.Eng. .Jackson Spence.Stewart.Phar.. Water Valley Spinoza.Tlna.Educ-.Clarksdale Stalls. Don. Lib. Arts. Memphis Stephens. Cricket.Bus., Hernando Stephenson. Robert. Accy..Southaven Stew€ird. Jennifer. Phar..Lllbourn, MO Steward.Tlffany. Lib. Arts. Memphis Stewart. Michael. Lib. Arts. Greenville Stidham.Teri. Bus. .Winona Still.Rebecca. Lib. Arts. New Albany. -tM Stokes.Robert.Eng..Greenvlllc.ATn Strickland, Vallery. Lib. Arts, Hernando, AAn Sulllvan,Kathleen,Valparalso,lN.KA9 Snman.Mary. Lib. Arts. Alexandria. V A Somrall, Shannon. Lib. Arts. Jackson. KKT Supple.Catherine.Llb.Arts.Oxford Snpple. Jennifer. Lib. Arts. Oxford Swasko.Lorie. Lib. Arts. Valparaiso. IN, BB Tan. Slong-Hoe, Bus.. Malaysia Tanzola.Kevln.Bus.Chesterfleld.MO Taylor.Gall.Llb.Arts.BatesvlUe.IlB Taylor.Llsa. Lib. Arts. Madison Thigpen.Van.Eng..Mlddlelon.TN,X Thompson, Donlla.Educ. Winona Thompson, Michael, Bus. .Gunnison W: . F K X j fWp 330 — Classes lErTTJT S n TTll ThrMher.Kerrt.Phar.Adamsvllle.TN.AAn Todd.Jcnnlfer.Dus.Rlplcy.Ar Towiiiend,Jenntfer.Llb.Arts.Brandon. M Tacel, Shannon. Accy..Blloxl. M Tiinier,I,acle. Bus. .Yazoo City Turner. Stacy. Lib. Arts. Colllns. M Tutcll.Maradlth.Bus..Ru9ton.LA.KA Tyler.l.lndsey.LlbArts.Oxford.KA Tyner,Kobert.Ub,Art9.Clarksdale. A9 ValenUne.Kathryn.lJb.Arts.Nlccvllle.FL.KA Van Wlnkle.Twlnkle.Llb.Arts. Water Valley Vance.Kathcrfne.Phar .Eutaw.AL.KAe Vonderford, Dana. Bus.. Oxford Vega. Robert. Eng..Pensa cola. FL Vettel.Claudla.Ub.Arts.Fox Point. Wl.IIB VlgU. Joseph. Lib. Arts.Covlngton. LA Vlrgett.Colette.Llb.Arts.Baton Rouge.LA.KA Waddell.Klmberly.LlbArts.Wlnona Walden. Natalie. Bus. Nashvlllc.TN Walker, Jay. Lib. Arts.Nlcevlllc.FL Walton,Tracy.Bus..Jackson.ZTA Warrlner. Wendy. Lib. Arts. Brandon. xn Watta.Chrlstlan.Llb.Arts.Brandon Webb.Stacey. Lib. Arts. Oxford Weber. Jayne. Lib. Arts. Hammond. LA Web8ter.Sharon.Phar..Huntsvllle,AL Webster.Sonya. Lib. Arts. Eupora Weems. William. Eng. .Greenville Welch. Angela, Lib. Arts. Winona Weston, Meredith. Eng.. Columbia, AAn Whlte,Chrlstle.Llb.Arts.Eupora White, Jason. Lib. Arts. Indlanola.SAE Williams. Allison. Bus.. Houma.LA, M Wllllams,Jullc.Bus., Hickory Flat Wllllams,Tammy. Bus. .Olive Branch Williams. Vemlta. Lib. Arts. Courtland Wllllams.Vlckl.Llb.Arts.Canton WUUamson.Tlmothy.Phar.Colllns Wllllngham. Preston. Bus. .Water Valley Wimberly.Mellnda.Bus.Waterford Wlnter.Prentls.Llb.Arts.Holly Springs.AI ' Wltherspoon, John. Bus., Nash vlUe,TN Wlygnl. John. Bus.. Tupelo Wolford. Laurie. Lib. Arts. Olive Branch Wong. Jennlfer.Llb. Arts. Jackson Wood. JllLPhar, M Young. Monica. Eng.. Oxford Zamlak, Eliza lieth. Lib. Arts. Metalrie. LA Zeller.Krtsten.Llb.Arts.Huntsvllle.AL During the school year students often visit Faulkner ' s home, Roanoke, which is very close to campus. One unique feature of his estate is that many of the same structures, such as the barns shown here, have been preserved since the time of Faulkner. Photo by Natalie Pharr. 1 Classes — 331 _ SoptLomores Adalr.Chrlstopher.Accy.. Dumas. MS Aklns.Candlce. Lib. Arts, Can ton. XS! April, Alexander. Educ.McCool. MS Alt.Marle. Lib. Arts.Gulfport. Anderson.Catherlne.Etowllng Green.MS.AAn Aiitonlade8,Fanos,Bu5.,Nlcosia,ZZ ArmlBtead, Tanya. Bus. .Rldgeland.Ms.0n Amold.Rachel.Llb. Arts.SUdell.LA.AT Aakew.Peter.Llb. Arts.Atlanta. GA. S E AtklnsAshley.Educ.Corlnth.AT Atklns.Danny.Llb. Arts.Caledonla.MS. Atklnson.Teresa.Llb. Arts. University, MS. Avant.Braln.Bus. .Como.MS. Baeshen,Heesh,Eng..Oxfard,MS. Baker.Mellssa.Bus. .Indlanola.MS. .AAA Ballenger.Wendy.Llb.Arts.Plne Bluff,AR. AOn Barrett.Katherlne.Lexlngton.MS.xn Bartli,Taml.Llb.Arts,SanFranclsco.CA..ZTA B«rtlett,Shannon.Bus.Marletta.GA..AOII Beard.Gerald.Llb. Arts.Batesvllle.MS.. Bell.Toy.Llb. Arts.Kolclusko.MS..AAn Bennett.Brad.Llb. Arts.Ocean Sprlngs.MS. Benton. Angela. Eng.. Kosciusko. MS. Blasen.Jennlfer.Llb Arts.Trenton.TN..AAn Blaylock.Dwayne.Phar.. Greenville. MS. Blount, Karen. Llb.Arts.Carrollton. MS. Bond,Melllsa.Llb.Arts.Perklnston,MS. Bonner.Laura.Llb. Arts, New Orleans.LA. Borden, Lisa. Phar-.Dyersburg.TN. Borrell.Tanya.Phar.. Meridian. MS. Bradley. WlllIani.Bus..Oxford. MS. Brewer,Lucy.Bus..Senatobla.MS.,AAA Briggs, Jonathan, Lib. Arts.Camden.AR. BrookB,Dana.Bus..Germantown.TN..KA Brown.Chrysler.Llb. Arts. Forest. MS., M Brown.Ellzabeth.Llb. Arts.Humboldt.TN.AAn Brown. Miranda. Bus. .Water Valley. MS. Buckingham. Valerie, Lib. Arts, Aberdeen, MS. Busflone.Kristln. Bus.. University. MS. Byar8,Darla.Llb. Arts.Calhoun Clty.MS. Cade,Shayne,Accy.,Noxapater,MS..X Calllonn.Carrie.Phar..Rlchardson.TX..IIB Canada.Brad.Llb. Arts,Hemando,MS.,2N Carlson.Kristen. Ocean Springs.MS..AAn Carney, Angela. Bus.. Memphis. TN..AAn CaroUo,Klm.Llb. Arts. New Orleans, M Carraway,Mechael,Bus..Roxle.MS. Cliai,Kok Leong.Bus.,Perseketuan.ZZ. Clark, Andrew.Llb.Arts.Centrevllle.MS. Clements.Cass.LIb. Arts.Batesvllle.MS. Coebb,James.Llb. Arts. Houston. TX. Cockroft, Jennifer. Bus.. Carthage. MS. Collin8,Stephen, Bus.. Bruce. MS. Commer.Beth.Llb. Arts.Gulfport.MS..IlB Connell. Jane. Educ. Oxford, MS. Cook.Alana.LIb. Arts. Como.MS. Cooley.Alese.Llb. Arts.Loulsvlllc.KY..KA6 Cooper,Michael,Bus..Southaven.MS..ATO Corai8h,Klmberly.Phar..Ackennan.MS..Ar Corp8teln,Kathy.New Albany.MS..KAe Counce,Charles. Eng. Corinth. MS. Covlngton,Annle.Educ..Corfeevllle.MS. Covey,Clndl.Llb.Arts. Oxford.MS. . A.A- AA-V A- 332 — Classes Coi.Mlchacl.LIb Arts.Haltlesburg.MS. C™lMh«w,Grcgory.Roswell.GA..H)K Craver.Stephcn.Accy.Slldcll.LA. Creager.Harbra.Phar.. Madison. MS. Creel. Josephine. Lib. Arts, Greenville, MS. Ciisa, Julie, Bus. ,Germantown.TN..KAe Crocker.Sherrt.Llb. Arts Crook.Katheme.Llb. Arts.Nashvllle.TN, Dale, Thomas, Bus.. Jackson. MS.. Ae Dennls.EiicLlb. Arts,Vlcksburg,MS., KT Derrick. Amy. Lib. Arts. Palm Harbor. FL. Desporte.Lyn Cherte,Law.,Batesvllle,MS. Dlcklnaon.Shane. Bus., Jackson, MS. Dmon.Dayle.Phar..Lexlngton,MS. Dlorga.Nlk.Llb. Arts.Hemando.MS. Dlv o.Darla.Llb. Arts.RossvUle.lL. Dixon, Carlynn, Rogers vllle. MO. .AAn Dobbins. Tara.Accy.. Ocean Springs.MS. Donat.Lynn.Educ. Oxford. MS. Doyle.Todd.Llb. Arts.Memphls.TN, Dmey.Davld.Llb. Arts. Madison. MS. Dubravec. Derek. Phar.. Christopher. IL. Dulaney.Denlse.Bus..New Albany. MS. AOn East.Wllllam.Llb. Arts.Amory.MS. Echelberry.Robert.Llb. Arts.DlvcrvUle.MS Edgar, Allan. Lib. Arts, Jackson. IlKA Edwards.Beth.Accy.. Winona, MS. EdwaTds,HaUy.Llb.Arts.Eupora.MS..Xll Do you think the " bars in Oxford should he open later? ir Amanda Bobb Pharmacy HoUy Sprlng.MS " No, because most of the people that are in there are un- derage and they shouldn ' t be in there. " Mary Campbell Senior Memphls.TN " Yes, definitely. I ' m from Memphis and when I came down here, I mean, they were closing at 11:30. 1 don ' t think that ' s fair, 1 just think it ' s more fun when you can have the bars open later. " Anastasla Kimble Englneerlng.Jr. Blloxl.Ms. " Yes, most defi- nitely. Things don ' t get started until 1 and then you have to go home. You end up going to a late night and hanging out until 4 in the morning. " Sarah Llbby 3rd. Year Law Holly Springs " I could care less about that. ' ' Melissa Watklns 3rd. Year Law New Orleans, La. " I absolutely think the bars should be open later. I mean you are Just getting started at 10. Last call at 12:30- it is such a rip-off to have a $4 or $5 cov- er and have the last call 2 hours later. 1 Classes — 333 Soph-omores Elelson.Harry. Accy. . Nashville. TN. ElklnB.Elizabeth,Bus..McCoiiib,MS,.KA EUard.Joe.LIb. Arts.DaUas.TX..2; E Ellett, Jason. Bus. . Aledo.TX. Ellison, Hayes. Lib. Arts. Jackson. MS. .AAA Erwln,Clay.Bus..Alpharetta.GA..S E Ewlng. Martha. Accy. .Angullla. MS. .AOn Falls.Ralph.Bus.Ralelgh.NC. Fan.Pcter.Llb. Arts, Melbourne. FL. ranst.Thomas.Llb. Arts.Tupelo.MS. Feldt.Tera.Phar.Counce.TN. Ferrell, Thomas. Eng.. Oxford. MS. Fesmlre.Rebecca.Llb Arts. Oxford. MS. Flanlgan.Joann.Llb. Arts.Taylorsvllle.MS. Flemons.Tlffany.Llb. ArU.AbbevUle.MS. Ford.Nlnnle.Llb. Arts.BatesvlUe.MS. Ford.Peyton.Llb. Arts.Charlottsvllle.VA. Fo8ter,Lara.Bus..Houston.TX..ZTA Fowler.Brian.Llb. Arts.Vlcksburg.MS. Fowler.Laura.Severna Park.MD.AOn FowlkM.Frank.Ltb. Arts.Rlchmond.VA.KA Franck.Dantelle.Ub. Arts.New Orleans Franks.Chad. Bus.. Jackson. MS.. KA Freeman, Dana. Lib. Arts. Newton, MS.. Xn Freudenberg.Stacey.St. Charles.lL. . AOn Frey. Melissa. Lib. Arts.E3oonsboro.MD. Fnlford.Mary.Bus.. Calhoun City. MS. Gadrlx, Christopher. Bus.. Dun woody .GA. Gailand.Emlly.Llb. Arts.Ellda.OH..A0n Gates.Clayt.Bus..Senatobla.MS.. KT GiUUand.JUl.Lib, Arts.West Polnt.MS. Given»,Chad.Bus. .Cleveland.MS. George, Michael. Lib. Arts Goddard,Garland.Bus..Somervllle.TN.xn Goddard,Kendra.NashvlUe.TN..IIB Godwln.Anna.Llb. Arts.Falrhope.AL..KKr Golden, Julie.Llb, Arts.Blloxl.MS.,KA Gooch,Adrlenne.Lafayette.LA..ZTA Goodman,John,Bus..Mllton.TN..ATn Goodman, Paula. Bus.. Pelahatchle. MS. Gordon,Llsa.Educ..Nashvllle.TN..AAn GrBce,Cathy.Eng.Meridlan.MS. Graham, James, Eng.. Blloxl. MS. Greem, Harvey. Bus.. Marks. MS. GreencRobert. Eng.. Lafayette. LA. Greer,Palge.Llb. Arts.Scobey.Ms. Guarr,Holly.Llb. Arts.Water Valley.MS. HabergtToh,Chad.Bus..Walls.MS. Hagan, Kelly. Lib. Arts. Hernando. MS. Haggerty,Charles.Llb. Arts.Colla.MS. Hall,Natasha.Bus. Water Valley.MS. HamUton,Robert.Llb. Arts.Kosclusko.MS. Hancock, Molly. Eng.. Oxford. MS. Haney,Sherry. Bus.. Natchez. MS. Hanklns, Vivian. Bus.Batesvllle.MS. Haraway.Charles.Llb. Arts.Mllllngton.TN. Harbi8on,Davld.Bus.,Grenada.MS..ATn Harper.Davld.LIb, Arts.Taylorsvllle.MS. Harri«on,Chrls.Llb. Arts.Water Valley. KT Harri»on,Vance.Bls.. Water Valley.MS. Hart.Sue.Bus.. Newton. MS.. xn Hartness, Susan. Bus., Clinton, MS. Hanensteln, George. Lib. Arts. Laurel. MS. 334 — Classes H«Tlg.Mcgan.Bu9..Marlctta.GA.Ar Ha wthome. Betsy. Chattanooga. TN..AAII Haynes,. Ashley. Elllavllle, MS. AOI! Hazlewood, Mary. Lib. Arts. Magnolia. AOll Heath.Stacy.Llb. Arts.Jackson.AOII HUl.Sedla.Bus..Hlckoi7 Flats.MS. Hodgson, .Jennlfer.Educ.Brookhaven.Kil HoUlngaworth.Nlkltla.Ub Arts.Laurel HolU», Ashley. Bus.. Jackson. MS..AAA Holt.Wllllam.Phar.Pulaskl.TN. Hong. Chl-Hong. Bus. .Kaohslung. Taiwan Hrdlicka,Amy.Che9tei1 " leld.MO..A0n HaddlCBton,Marlsa.Shrevepoi1.LA..ZTA Huff.Chesle.Llb. Arts.Tyler.TX..nB HonterFalth.Llb. Arts.Gulfport.MS..IIB Hnrdle.Eric. Bus. Holly Spilngs.MS. Ingram.Chrls.Llb. Ails.Sllsbee.TX. Ivey.Patty.Phar..Brlnkley.AR. JackBon.Bryan.Phar. .Oxfoi .MS. Jackson.Cedrick.Educ.Coldwater.MS. Janus.Scott.Llb. Arts. Ocean Springs. MS. Jensen, Amy. Lib. Arts.Tupelo.MS. Jesen, Kelly. Lib, Arts.Paragould.AR. Johnson, David. Long Beach. MS. .KJ Johnson, Victoria. Lib. Arts.Annlston.AL. Johnston,Matthew.Bus..Tok.AK..2:n Jones, Andrae, Lib. Arts. Natchez. MS. Jones,Brlan,Bus.,BatesvlUe.MS. Jones.Chance. Lib. Arts, New Iberta. LA. Jone»,Chrlsty.South Fulton.TN..AOn Jones, David. Phar. Winona. MS, Jones,Erlc.Educ.. Oxford. MS, Jone8,Kevln.Llb, Arts. Oxford. MS. Jone8,Robln.Llb, Arts. Columbus, MS. Jones,Roy.Educ,. Grenada. MS. Jones, VemeU.Accy.. Oxford. MS. Jordan, Daniel. Accy.. Cleveland. MS. Jose,Jenna.Educ..Bayvllle.NJ.nB Joyner.Robert. Jackson. MS,. KT Justice,Bradley.Eng..Corlnth,MS, Hul IUw,Kok.Bus..Unlverslty.MS, Kavanaugh,Kay.Vlcksburg.MS..KKr Kergt,KImberly.Accy..West Memphls.TN. Khan, Muhammad. Enmg,. University Khan,Omer.Eng..Karachl-5.ZZ Klmbrough, John. Lib. Arts. Houston. MS. King, Julee. Accy. Missouri City. TX, Kitchens,Laura.Llb. Arts.luka.MS.iT Kloha.Carole.Educ.HoUy Sprlngs.MS., M Klotz,MelInda.Llb, Arts.Molblle.AL.AAA Knle,Samantha.Llb. Arts. Columbus. MS. Kostelak,Shawn.Eng, .Kenner.LA. Kra us, Ann. Phar,. Houston. TX, Lacy, Steven. Lib. Arts. Meridian. MS. Ladd,Lorl.Bus..011ve Branch.MS. Latham, Pamela. Law. Kosciusko. MS. LawrenccJeremy.Llb. Arts.Vlcksburg.MS. Lazenby, Jonathan. Bus,. Clinton. MS. Le«vell,Laura.Llb, Arts.Dallas.TX.riB Lee, Seeklm.Eng,. University Lee,Sudyee Rosalind. Bus. .Hong Kong.ZZ. Lee,TracIe.Llb. Arts.Hattlesburg.KKI ' Legg,Amanda.Bus.. Summit. MS. Classes — 335 k Sophomores What do you think of tlie recent iDicycle laws passed in Oxford? k. Russ Haskett Fresh. ? Nashville. Tn " I think they ' re pretty pointless. You can ' t really enforce them that well. Nobody really cares about them any- way. " Kelly Jones Fresh. ? Laurel. MS " I hate them. I ride on the sidewalks and get a $58 ticket for it. that ' s ridiculous! The pedestri- ans need to stay out of my way. " Betsy Demasi Fresh. Engin. Humble. TX " I think they are pretty dumb. There need to be paths if they are plan- ning on enforcing those laws. " Angle Blaylok Fresh. Chem. Calhoun. GA " I think It ' s silly. It (bicycling) is a major form of transportaion and many commuters need bikes to get to class. " ' im - Jennifer Lyles Sohp. Educ. Bruce. MS " I think there should be bicycle laws to keep peo- ple safe. " f Leong.Chee Choon. Bus. .University LewU.Amanda.Llb. Arts. Oxford. XS! Llm.Pay Chun. Eng.. Malaysia Lini.Slau.Bus.Selangor.ZZ. LUes.Jennlfer.Educ.Water Valley.MS. Llstenbee, James. Educ, Bruce, MS. LlTing»ton.Rlcky,Accy. Louisville. MS. Lobrano.Tara Leigh, Educ, Centrevllle, MS. Locke. James, Bus., Marks, MS, Loden.Andy.EducSaltlUo.MS. Lok.Wal Peng.Bus.. Malaysia Long.Kristen, Educ, Jacksonville, FL., AAA Lorld. Franz, Bus., Jackson LacaB,Leeanne,Llb. Arts.Paducah,KY.,KA0 McCarty.Mtchael.Bus .Magee,MS..2:N McCaoley, Elizabeth. Lib. Arts.Devalls Bluf McClelland. Kristen, Jackson, Ms., AT McConia8.Ashlea,Germantown,TN., M McCormack.Jesslca, Memphis, TN.. AT McCrory. Jennifer. Educ, Kosciusko, MS. Mcelroy.Nlcole.Educ.Hattlesburg.KA McGUl.Allson.New Albany.nB Mcgowln.Joseph.Llb Arts. Meridian. MS. Mckenzle.Thomas.Llb, Arts.Carllsle.KY., Mclellan.Jolynn,Phar.,West,MS.Xn McMullen.Mellssa,Llb. Arts, Jackson, MS. Mcnee»,Mellssa.Bus.,Memphls,TN.,ZTA Madkine.Shandra,Llb. Arts, Oxford, Ms. 336 — Classes ah Magec.MS. Halone. Stephanie. Lib. Arts Arts.Tunlca.MS. Manske.. Jan nlfcr.Llb. Arls.Slmpsonvllle.SC. Marion, F((igy.Educ.,Corfeevine. MS. Marks. Missy. 1,1b. Arts.Hlrm1ngham.AAA Marshall. Markecla. Lib Arts. La Punte.CA. MaiUn.Lakelsa.Bus.Watcrford.MS. Martln.Rhonda. Accy, Holly Sprlngs.MS. MayB.SIrphanle.Llb. Arls.llouston.TX.riB Mead. 1)111, Bus. Houston.TX. Meek. Wade. Lib. Arts.Courtland.MS. Melton, Floyd. Accy.. Green wood. MS.. f ' A0 Menchiae.Nlcole.Llb. Arts.Nashvllle.ZTA Ulma,Rlchard,Llb. Arts.Colla.MS. Minor.Julla.Llb. Arts.Jackson.AAA aUtchell.Klmberly.Llb. Arts.Wahlawa.HI. Mlze.Mlchelle.Llb. Arts.Oxford.. !i Mokaddem.Asem.Eng. .Bangladesh Moore. Alan. Lib. Arts.Memphls.TN.. Ae Moore.Catharlne.Llb. Arts.Jackson.MS. Moore.Joel.Llb. Arts.OxTord.MS. Morgan.RoechcUe.Llb. Arts.Tupelo.MS. Morrison. Cynthia, Bus.. Homewood.AL.KAe Mortimer. Vlrglnla.Educ..Flora.MS... OIl Mounger, Avery. Lib. Arts. Greenwood. xn Munlandy.Supplah. Bus. .Malaysia Manstennan.Llsbeth, Alexandria, LA. ,KAe Murray, Adrlenne. Lib. Arts. Natchez. MS. Naidu.SrImaraf, Bus.. Malaysia NeU,Danlelle.Bus..Brentwood.TN..KA Nelson, Mark, Bus.. Union. MS.. K Nelson, Sara. Educ. University. MS. Newton.Mlchelle.Educ.Oxford.MS. Nichols, James. Lib. Arts. Oxford. K Nichols.Tracte.Bus..Belden.MS. Nicholson.WlUlam.Phar.Nesblt.MS. Nock.Susan.Llb. Arts.Sumter.SC.KAe Norton,Tlffany.Metalrie.LA..lIB Orr.Kathryn.Llb. Arts.Brandon.MS. Overall, Paula. Accy.. Memphis. TN. Pace, Amy, Educ. Grenada. MS.. AI ' Paganos, George. Bus.. Nicosia. ZZ. Page.KrIstl.Llb. Arts.Tupelo.MS. Pang.Mlchael.Llb. Arts. Columbus. MS. Parker, Andrea. Accy.. Birmingham. AL. Parker.Chrlsty. Bus. .Columbus. MS. Al ' Parkman. Janet. Lib. Arts.Cllnton.MS..KA8 Par ka.Grace.Phar.. Jackson. MS. Patel.Jaldeep.LIb. Arts.Ponotoc.MS. Peden.Lacey.Educ.Belzonl.MS.AT Pedlgo, Scott. Bus. .Jackson. MS. .KI Peel.Jerald.Bus..Nlcholasvllle.KY. Pereyra, Vicente Rodriguez. Eng.Orense.ZZ Perklns.Mellssa.Llb. Arts.Oxford.IlB Perry, Candace. Bus.. Covington. TN. Person. Victoria. New Orleans. L A.. AAII Phillips.Mlchael.Phar.Corlnth.MS. Pi eralisi. Jay. Accy.. Greenville. MS. Dana, Powell. Lib. Arts.Mlze.MS. Poynor, Lisa. Lib. Arts. Grenada. MS. PTe8ton,Ellzabeth.Metropolls.lL,..40n Price.Llnda.Llb. Arts.Earle.AR. Classes — 337 r Soph-omores Pmltt.Edlth.Llb. Arts.Oxford.MS. Pumell.Davld.Llb. Arts,Jackson, KT Quaid, Amy. Educ. Baton Rouge. LA. ,KA Quaka, Mary, Phar.. Jackson. MS., XS) Raseley.Davlna,Ub. Arts. Pheonlx.AZ.. AMI Rayford.Melba.LIb. Arts.Holy Springs. MS. Heed.Yvette.Baton Rouge.LA..JAH Reld.Rachel.Bus..Monticcllo.MS. Rellford.Klmberly.Llb. Arts.Holly Springs Rhodes, Mary. Pelahatchle. MS. .AAA Rlce.Susan Lee.Ruston,LA..AAn Richardson.Dwayne.Llb. Arts.Senatobia Rlchardson.Tlmothy. Bus. .Tupelo. MS. Rlgher.Chrlsty.Llb. Arts.Brandon.MS. .KA Robblns.Brett.Lib. Arts.Carson.MS..AT!! Robert8,Veronlca.Southaven.MS..KKr Robertson, Christcpher.Llb. Arts. Oxford Robertson, Lisa. Lib. Arts.St. Petersburg.FL Roblnson.Chris.Llb, Arts.Sldon.MS. Rocconi,Rodney.Colllervllle.TN..ATfl Rogers,Slms.Accy.. Tupelo. MS.. AT Rogers.Tlmothy.Accy.. Golden. MS. Ro8enbaiim,Jana. Bus. .Walnut Grove. MS. Ross,Brent.Eng, .Blloxl.MS. Russell.Brian. Educ. .Oxford. MS, Russo.Samuel. Bus, .Lafayette, LA, , K Sanders, Jason. Lib. Arts. Alexandria. LA. 8andlfer,Ellzabeth. Bus. .Greenwood. MS. Xn Sands,Karen.LIb. Arts.Tunlca.MS..AAn Sanslng, Amy. Phar,. Columbus, MS,, AOn Sartln, Melissa, Educ, Brentwood. TN, Sartln,Scott.Wlnnsboro.LA.,X 8ay,Peng,Eng,Terengganu,ZZ. Sayer8,John,Moblle,AL,,2: E Scardino,Lynda.Accy,.Pass Christian. MS. 9chraff,Gregory.Accy.,Pass Christian. MS. 8chacker,Laura, Educ. Baton Rouge. LA. Scott.Brad.Llb. Arts.Myrtle.MS. Scott.Stacy.Bus. .Oxf ord.MS. Scadl,Klna.San Dlego,CA,.ZTA Seet,Wan Chl,Eng.,Selangor,ZZ. Seymour,Katlna.Llb, Arts, Ocean Springs Sharpe,Nlna,Llb, Arts,Madlson,MS.,KKr Shaw.WayncLlb. Arts,Kosclusko,MS.. K-I ' Shefneld,Davld.Llb, Arts,Southaven,MS. Sheley,Davld,Llb. Arts.Sardls.MS, Shlng,Lou,Bus.,Clarksdale,MS. Siegel,Susan.Educ,,Mlddletown,NJ, SinghHarplnder. Bus,, Malaysia SkeUon,Tricla,Educ,,Blrmlngham,AL,,riB» Sluder,Charlotte,Accy.,Batesvllle,MS. Smlth,Chrlstopher,Oxford,MS,, K Smith.Jamle.Llb, Arts,Mlze,MS. Snilth,Palge.Lib, Arts,Tylertown,MS, Smlth,Reglnald,Ltb. Arts,Senatobla.MS. Haffey.Heather.LIb, Arts, Lexington, MS, Smlth,Shellye,Llb. Arts.Oxford.Ms. Snilth,Wlll.LIb. Arts.Batesvllle.MS..IlK, Sobotka,Greg,Bus, , Oxford, MS. Sowell, Stacy. Educ. Jackson. MS. .AMI Spear8,Rebecca.Llb. Arts. West Monroe. LA Spence,ChriBtle.Llb. Arts.Myrtle.MS, Spence.Mlchelle.Llb. Arts.Orlando.FL.KAe lEn ' •s: s i s ■ A Kr « k i 1 ' " ' i 1 ' M h. 338 — Classes ;::::r = Splvey.Slacey.Llb. Arts.Canton.MS.Xn SUnford.Robert.Bus. Corinth. MS. Steffe».Jcnnirer.Sprlngneld.MO.. M StephenB. Penny. Kduc.Eupora. MS. Stewart.Haker.Brownsvllle.TN.SN Stewart. Klmberly.Educ. Brandon. MS. Stlmpson.Mlke.Llb. Arts.Statesvllle.NC. Stribllng.Regan. Bus. .Philadelphia. MS Summers, Lee. Educ. Memphis. TN.. AAA Summers.Robert.Llb. Arts.Ethel.MS Sumner. Stephanie. Metalrle. I. A. ..X!l Tackaberry.Llsanne.Llb. Arts.Houston.TX Tan. Chi Hang.Eng.. Malaysia Tan.Puei.Llb. Arts. Malaysia Tan.Puel Llng.Llb. Arts.Selangor.ZZ. Tan, See. Bus.. Malaysia Taylor,Klmberly.Accy.. Tupelo. MS. Teh,Tlen Nan. Eng.. Malaysia Tech, Hock Seng.Bus. Kuala Lumpur. ZZ. Thomas.Darryl.Llb. Arts.Shreveport.LA. Thomas, James. Lib. Arls.Bruceton.TN. Thompson, Christopher. Lib. Arts. Columbia Thompson, Suzanna. Educ. Memphis. AAn Tidwell.Jerry.Llb. Arts.Myrtle.MS. Tiebout.Tlffany.Eutawvllle.SC.AOn TUghman,Ktmberly.Phar. Tlmbs.Janet.Llb. Arts.Duck Hill TonpklnB,Chrlstlna,Wlnona,MS.,EKr Towne8,Tracy.Llb. Arts. Charleston. MS. Townsend,Sally.Clarksdale.MS..Xn Traaghber,Jennlfer.Elkton.KY... On Tmsscll, Robert. Public Admin.. Jackson Trusty, Jcnnlfcr.Batesvllle. MS.. KAe Tsal,Wcl-Shcng. Eng.. China TurUngton,George.Eng.,Fort Worth.TX. Underwood, Jlll.Accy..Ja ckson.MS..Xn Vandlver,Katherlne.Llb. Arts.Chlcago.lL. Van dlver,Lelgh.Phar.. Jackson. MS, .KAS Vaughan.Bethany.Bus.Fort Worth.TX. Vel,Tlna.Llb. Arts.FarmvlUe.VA. Velleman, Amy. Accy,, Metalrle. LA. Wade,Brandon.Chllllcothe.lL..S E Wage»,Davld. Bus. .Tupelo. MS. Wakefield, Whltney.Llb. Arts.. Covington Wall.Chad. Bus.. Newton. MS.. KT Wallace, Sherrl. Bus.. Brentwood. TN. WaUs,Chrtstopher.Llb. Arts.Batesvlllc Warren, Lisa. Phar. .Summrall.MS. Warrlner,Laurle. Tupelo. MS. .xn Washington, Mario. Accy.. Holly Springs. MS Watson, Steven. Lib. Arts. Oxford. MS. Watts.Mlchael.Llb. Arts.Unlverslty.MS. Webb.Klmberly.Llb. Arts.Loulse.MS..Ar Weir, Kristin. Accy. .Florence. MS. Wentworth.Blalr.Llb. Arts.Dallas.TX..KAe West, Donna. Phar., Germantown.TN. We«t,Krlstl.Llb. Arts.Tupelo.MS. White, Angela. Lib. Arts.Mendenhall.MS. Whlte.August.Eng.Cascllla.MS. Whlte.Kemble.Eng..Dallas.TX. Whitten.Mellnda. Bus.. Monroe. LA. Whittington, Melissa. Accy. .Madison. MS. Wiggins, Carmen. Accy. .Panama CIty.KA Classes — 339 Sophomores WUboni,Mellssa.Melboume,FL..ZTA Wllliams.Amy.Llb. Arts.Nashvllle.TN..AOn WilUams.Charlene. Bus. Alamo. TN. WilUams,Karen.Phar..Unlverslty.MS. Wllllams,Katherlne,Educ..New Orleans, M " WUliams. Mark. Bus.. Jackson. MS. Wllllamson,StephanIe.Bus..Sheffleld.AL. Wilson, James. Accy..Clarksdale. A6 WUson, James. Bus.. EJanner. MS. Wllson.Jennlfer.Llb. Arts.Ledyard.CT. WllBon.Sharon.Llb. Arts.Ledyard.CT. Wlygul.Shlrley.Llb. Arts.Tupelo.MS. Womble,Kellle.Kosclusko.MS..ZTA Wong.Edward.Phar.. Oxford. MS. Wood.Heather.Llb. Arts.Jackson.AAA Wood, Kavan. Bus.. Jackson. MS. Woodard,Shelly.Bus..Carrlere.MS. Woodward, Kiisten. Bus.. Memphis. rlB Woolbright, James. Eng. . Upatol .O A . Wright,Kevln.Eng..Byhalia.MS. Wyont,Shea,Llb. Arts.Corlnth.MS. XUng.Jlng.Llb. Arts.. China Yaxber, Angela. Lib. Arts. Columbus. MS. Tates.Kelth.Llb. Arts.Kosclusko.MS. Terger.Kathryn.Llb. Arts.Tallulay.LA..AAA Youncc, Webb. Lib. Arts. Jackson, MS. Zltko,Mlchelle.Eng..Ocean Sprlngs.MS. How do you feel about having the first Republican governor since Reconstruction? Donna Jenhew Tonya Collins Heather Reeves Whitney Swlndoll Jay Webster Jr. Pharmacy Grad. Higher Educ. Jr Joumallsm Sr. Psychology Sr, Business Cleveland, Ms. Winona, Ms. South Haven, Ms. Hernando, Ms. California " Wonderful- 1 liked " 1 though Mabus " It ' s awesome. It ' s " I think it ' s incred- " I ' m not from the Fordice and I really was gonna win but about time. That ' s ible. The Demo- state. I think it ' s a wanted a change. " I guess you have to about all I have to crats haven ' t done good idea. Demo- take the good with say. " anything for Mis- crats have been in the bad. " sissippi, and I ' m hoping the Repub- licans turn this state around. " power for a long time. It ' s about time for a change here. " f 340 Classes Juniors % ailkJfc Adama.f ' aroIlne.Educ. Oxford Adams, Gene, Bus., Athens. Ga. Adams, JaHon.Educ.Batesvtlle Addls,Krlst!.LIb.Arts,.Molcom.KA Alexander, Eli beth. Bus. Greenville. Bd Alford.Mega.Llb.Arts.Gulf Brceze,FI..KAe Altazan, Dana. Ub. Arts. .Baton Rouge.La.,Ar Andrews. Amy. [.lb. Arts. Olive Branch Applewhite.Devon. Lib, Arts. Moss Point Ard.Krlst I ne. Bus, Sch,. Jackson Aten. Pamela. Lib Arts. Sardls Atkinson. Matt hew. Bus.. Houston Ayre8,Taml,Llb,Arts.SpringhllI.Tn,, M Babb.Mlchelle.LIb.Arts.Paris Bailey.Brlan.Educ.Leland Baker.Christopher. Lib. Arts.. Winona Baker.Krtstle.Llb.Arts.Marletta.Ga..KA Baker.Kiisty.Accy.. Pontotoc Barker. Thomas. Bus., Monroe. La, Bamett, Clayton. Lib. Arts. Decatur Bamhart, M a rgaret . Birmingham. Al.. AAA Barton, GIna, Bus, .SouthavenAI ' Bates, Dana. Bus.. Dun woody. Ga. Battiste.Chrlstopher.Llb.Arts.Moblle.AI. Beaty, James. Bus. TupeloS E Beckman,Mark.Eng-.guitman. KT Beeson. Robert. Bus,. Memphis. Tn-. AS Beissel, Cannon. Lib, Arts.. Raymond Belknap, Monica. Lib. Arts. Poplar Bluff.Mo. Bennett,Ashley.Llb.Arts.Cllnlon..V- e Bergeron, Alfred. Educ.Stellacoom.Wa. Bertin. Clifford. Lib. Arts. New Orleans. La. Biggers.Blalr.Lfb.Arts.Selmer.Tn.Xn BlUat,Sandrine.Llb.Arts.Nevllly Blackburn, Amy. Accy..Selmer.Tn.. M Blackburn, Randy. Bus.. Jackson Blossom, Michael. Eng.. Forest Blonnt.Kenneth.Eng.. Jackson Boatman, Amanda. Lib, Arts. Tupelo Boatner,Bo. Bus.. Myrtle Boga,Cossatta, Lib. Arts. Holly Springs Bond,Andrew.Bus..Coffeevllle Boone, Kalherine. Lib. Arts. Grenada. AAA Bouchard, Dennis. Lib. Arts. Mlnter City Bonrland, Allen. Lib. Arts. Cold water Boyd. Reglna. Bus.. Memphis. Tn. Bradford.Christi. Lib. Arts. Hickory Flat Brewer, Burlln. Lib. Arts. Horn Lake Brltt,Eddle.Bus. . Atlanta.Ga. Brocato, Laurie . Accy , .Oxford .KKT Brooks.Glna.Bus, .Hattlesburg Brown, David. Bus,. Fulton Brown, James. Lib, Arts. Kemmerer.WY BrouBsard, Michael. Ocean Springs. K Brown, Richard. Bus,. Metalrie. La. Brown. Teresa. Lib. Arts. Netlleton Bryson. Melissa. Bus..Tullahoma.Tn.. An Bnck,Heather.Llb.Arts.Ol!ve Branch Buckner,Jenlffer. Lib. Arts. Hamilton. Al. Buf flngton, Kevl n . Lib , A rts . J ac k son Buford.Chrls.Bus-.AbbevIlle. B2: Buford,Tangela.Bus,.Ft, Huachuca.AZ. Burch. Jenny .Educ. .Houston.Tx. . AA II Classes — 341 s« Juniors Bumey.Cynthla.Lib.Arts.Jackson.AAA Bnrrell.Edward. Lib. Arts. Yazoo City Caln.Catherlne. Accy. .ThomasvlIle.Ga. Canlzaro.Chri9tl.Educ. .Jackson Cannon.Christlna. Lib. Arts. French Camp CaiitreU,John.Eng..West Polnt.KA Canup,Dow.Accy.,Tremont. K Caraway .Frederick. Accy. .Meridian Carley, David. Lib. Arts, luka CarllBle,Candy.Llb.Arts.Brandon.. On Carothers, Sandra, Bus. .Oxford Carroll, Michael. Eng..Southaven Carrotliers, Linda, Lib. Arts. Oxford Carruthers.Gloria.Llb.Arts.Tupelo.ZTA Carter,Todd.Accy..Senatobla Cartwrlght. Jonathan. Accy. .Byhalla Campbell.Christa.Llb.Arts.Grenada Campbell, LaKeldra. Bus.. Sardls Cavender, John. Lib. Arts. Myrtle ChascPamela, Bus.. Memphis. Tn.. AAA Chlpley,Robln.Phar..Carthage. M Cl»ln,Yeln Long.Eng..Muar Johor Cho,Suyoung.Llb. Arts. Oxford Chlsolm, Richard, Engineering. Lexington Chow, Alon. Lib. Arts. Jackson Chrlsaan, Dawn. Lib. Arts, Sardls Chu,Natalie.Llb.Arts,GreenvlUe Chua.Ruby.Bus, .Sardls Chung,Chlchen. Lib. Arts. University Cleinmer,Stephanie. Lib. Arts. Ripley Cochran, Brien. Bus.. Senatobla Cochran, Kelly.Educ. Pearl Rlver,La.,Ar Cole, Karen. Lib. Arts. BoonevUle Coleman, Mary. Educ. Magnolia. AAA Colllng,Erin,Lib.Arts,Brentwood.Tn..KA Cooper, John. Lib. Arts.Oxford CopeUn,Dirk.Bus.,Vicksburg. KT Corder.Sherrell, Lib. Arts. Carrollton Cox,Robyn.Phar..Brookhaven Cox,Tracy. Accy. .BoonevUle Craft,Kendra.Bus..Richland.Ar Craft.Martha. Educ. .Sarah Cralg,Sherry. Lib. Arts. Wiggins CrancLogan. Lib. Arts. Lonoke Craven, Dennis, Accy. .Memphls.Tn. Creel, Belinda. Lib. Arts, Baton Rouge. La. Coevas. Stephen. Accy.. Bay St. Louis Curtl8,Tlffany,Llb.Arts,Ackerman,Ar Davl8,Courtney.Bus.,Columbus.AAA Davl8,Jarvls.Lib.Arts.Brookhaven Davis, Jody. Bus. .Jonesboro Ar. Davis, Lance. Lib. Arts. Panama Clty.Fl. Davls,Michael.Lib.Arts.Rosedale Da vis, Tract. Educ. .Arlington, Tx. .riB Day,Angela.Bus.,Clarksdale,. On Dean.Klmberly.Educ.Ocala.Fl. Deaton.Kevin. Educ. .Dennis Dees, Sabrina. Lib. Arts. Baldwyn Dendy, Angela. Educ. Kosciusko Derryberry, Vance. Lib. Arts. NashviUe.ATSl Dlckerson, Amy. Lib. Arts. Oxford Dlffey,Steven.Lib.Arts.Tchula Dlllard.BenJamln, Lib. Arts.Blue Springs i V ' 342 — Classes Dodd,Deslrce.Bu8..LltUe Rock. Ar JIB Dodson, Jack, Bus,. Clarksdale.KX DoQelan,Nancy.Bu8..Sl. Peter9burg.FI..nB4 Donnelly. Patrick. Bus. .Harahan, La. Eftiley, Bryan. Accy.. Corinth Euley.Lclgh Ann. Lib. Arts, Calhoun City Edge.Caroly.Llb.Arts.Alpharelta.Ga..KAe Edwards.Kobert. Lib. Arts. Memphls.Tn. EhBan,Naeen.Eng..FanaheeI. Kuwait EUzey.Scott.Bus..F:illsvllle Enchclmayer.Emesl, Jones bo ro.Ar. Epperson. Irene. Lib. Art9.Tyler.Tx.,AAn Estes. David. Educ. Natchez Evans.Jennlfer. Lib. Arts. Jackson. AAA Evans. Travis. Bus. Winona Ferguson, Kevin. Accy.. Jackson Rodriguez, Fernando. Bus.. University Fimlano.Domlnlck.Acct-.BUoxl Flnch.Jlmmle Kay. Forrest Clty.Ar Flnn.Kelly .German town.Tn-.AAII Flsher.Leah.Educ. Oxford Fletcher, Julle.Llb.Arts.San Dlego.Ca. Foote. Ashley. Phar,. Hamburg. Ar. AAA Fortner.Marsha.Educ. Bruce ro8ter,Shannon. Lib. Arts. Shannon Foy,Mandy.Educ..Germantown.Tn..AAA Franklln,Fredrtck.Bus..Oxford Fugltt,DeAnna.Bus..Boonevllle Faller,Scott.Llb.Arts.Wlnter Park.Fl.,2 E Fair, Erin. Lib. Arts. Houston. Tx.xn Gafford,Laurie.Llb. Arts. New Albany Gallagher,Sean. Bus. Memphls.Tn. Gassaway.Kathryn. Memphis. Tn.xn Gates, Rebecca. Bus.. University Glllespi.MlchaeLLlb.Arts.Vardaman Glnn, Jason. Lib, Arts. Monterey. Va. Glasgow. Willlam.Llb.Arts.Oxford.Z.VE Goggans. Stephanie. Lib. Arts. Tupelo Goh.Eng. Bus., Malaysia Golden. Lane. Bus,. Murfreesboro.Tn., AAA Good win.Gr ory, Lib. Arts. Calhoun City Gordon, Melanle.LIb, Arts. Hernando Graham, Robert. Bus.. Philadelphia Grant. Paul. Bus.. Jackson Grant.Stephanle.Llb.Arts.Falrfax.Va-.AOn Grantham, Warren. Lib. Arts. Winona Gray. Carol. Educ. Oxford Gray.Klmberly.Educ.Senatobla Greenhaw,Nancy. Lib. Arts. Amory Guzma. Jorge Luis. Engr.. Lima. Peru Habeeb.Danlel.Llb.Arts.Vlcksburg Jaire.Margaret.Llb.Arts.Clarksdale Hagood.Jason. Bus. .Olive Branch Hahn,Meredlth,Educ..Atlanta.Ga.,KAe Halre.James. Lib. Arts. BatesvlUe Hall,Justln.Bus..Oxford. KT Hall. Laura. Educ. Newslte Hamilton, Brady. Lib. Arts. New Albany. A6 Hammett.Helene. Educ. Lexington Hamrick. Terry. Lib. Arts. Stonewall. Si E Hanor.Kristl.Llb.Arts.Charleston.Mo-.AOn Hansen. Jeff. Lib. Arts. Jackson II Classes — 343 li Y Juniors Hardin, Stacey .Bus. .Savannah .Tn. . AOn Hardin, Sue. Lib. Arts. Long Beach. Hardy,Shane.Phar..Phlladelphla Harrelson, Elizabeth. Calhoun Clty.AOn Hanis.JoyXib.Arts.St. Joseph.Tx, Hanison,Cynthia. Bus.. Jackson Harrison, Robert. Bus. . Vancleave Harvey .Mlcla.Lib. Arts. Houston. Tx..KKr Hawkins, Joey. Bus.. Calhoun City Hayes, Beverly. Lib. Arts, Macon. AAII Haygood.Mary. Lib. Arts. Forsyth. Ga.. M Heidel.Tonya.Llb.Arts.Tupelo.KKr Heil.Yolanda.Educ.Glen Hef f ner, Margaret . Bus. .Southaven Hervey,Les. Lib. Arts. Jackson Hill, Melanie. New Albany Hltt, Jeffrey. Llb.Arts.Unlon Hoffman,Tambrla.LawCtr..Lauderhill,Fl. Hohn.Betty. Lib. Arts.. luka Holbrook,Christ]ne.Metairie.La..ZTA HoUoway.Keri.Accy., Southaven Holme8,Harold.Bus..Courtland.A A Hoo.Slew. Bus.. Malaysia Hood,Buffle. Lib. Arts, Eupora Hood,Kimberly.Bus..Nesbit Hopping, Or eg. Bus. .Jackson Horn. Amy. Lib. Arts. Oxford Horn. Jim, Lib. Arts. Houston pp ' 1 L With the addition of the new parking lots do you think the parking problem will be alleviated? Mark Beckman Comp.Scl, JR Qultman.MS " No, there are more commuters out there than parking, and building a 200 space lot is not go- ing to help that much. " Kelly Nelson Senior Portsmouth, At. " No, there still won ' t be enough commuter park- ing. " Elizabeth Brown Sr. Biology Jackson, Tn. " I hope so. The University should have done some- thing before now though. " Kim Wilder Sr. Psychology Bowling Green, Ky. " Yes, sorority parking and girls dorm will be helped out alot. " Thomas Garmond Clarksdale Accy.. Junior " I ' m sure the Uni- versity will find some way to issue more traffic tickets to accompany the new spaces so they can cover their butt. " ■ 344 — Classes m ni ' f i ! w- i. n Home. [Icar. Bus. I -Idrn Homaday. Shannon. Lib. Arts. Unlvcrsllj Hornaday.Shcrry.LIb Arts. Bay Springs HoBkina.Shrran. Mb. Arts. Woodland Hovioua.Mary Kathcrlnc.EI Paso.Tx..X» Howell. I.orl. Mb, Arts.Columbus.KKr Huang. Mill -Chuan. Bus.. Tatpel. Taiwan Haddleaton.Mltzl.Mb.Arls.LonftGrove.lL. Hofnne»,Mlchael.Hu8,.MIIllngton,Tn.. M Hugglna.Kal by. Edur. University Haghcs.Dcbblp.Bus. Fulton Hughes. I.acey. bus., Jackson, i;AK Hughes, Law. Lib, Arts, Jackson Hunt.Tracey.Educ.Ft Wayne. In. Hurt.CIndy.Educ.CoIdwater Hussey, Alesha.Eng. .Corinth Hutchinson, Sonya.Educ.Sallls Hoc khwa.Yu. Bus.. University Ingram. Jennifer. Lib. Arts.. Hattlesburg, AAA Ingram. Mary. Bus, ,PblldeaIphla.KA Babar.Jobn.Bus..Calvert Clty,Ky.. KT l8bell,Tlm,Bus..Tbaxton Jackson, Demetrla.Llb. Arts, Sardls James. John. Lib, Arts. Grenada Jarrell.Sundra. Greenwood Springs Jenkins.I)avld.LIb.Arts.Sarasola.Fl..ATn Jenkins, William. Bus.. Jonesboro.Ar. Jennings, Jean, Educ.Dewltt.Ar.. AAA Jobe,Mark,Accy,.Boonevllle Johnson, Juile, Lib. Arts, Hernando Johnson, Tina. Lib, Arts. Courtland Jones, Kyle. Accy., Jackson Jones. Moneke.Accy., Terry Jones, Wesley. Bus,, Aberdeen Jong.Oi Lee, Lib. Arts, University Joyncr.Tlsha.Phar-.Southaven.ZTA Kadlec.Ellen.Llb.Arts.Oxford Kafonros,Antanlx. Bus.. Nicosia. Greece Kala,Shella.Llb..Arts.Magee. M Keeton, Michael. Lib. Arts. University Kellye.Vlckl. Lib, Arts.. Clinton Kelly.Roy.LIb.Arts.Bellefontalne Kristy.Kennamore.AdamsvUle.Tn. Kennedy,Mlchael. Lib. Arts., New Albany Kerr. Krlstlne. Accy.. Jackson, AI ' Khlrieh.Suzanne.Llb.Arts.Duck Hill Kimble. Veronlca.Llb.Arts.Blloxl Kin cald. Jessica. Eng.. University King, Karen, Educ. Bald wyn Klng.Mlchelle.LIb.Arts.Oxford Kinkade,Kelth.Bus..SprIng.Tx..ATn Kevin,Klncade.Bus..Spring.Tx..ATn Kirk. Wendy. Bus. .Corinth Klen, Tracy. Bus. .Horn Lake Koblla.Krtstlne.Llb.Arts.NewOrleans.La. Kyger. Jennifer. Lib. Arts. Salem. Va. Labrot.Paula.Accy .Dexter.Mo..AOn Lang, Kobln. Bus.. Meridian Langston.Klmberly.Accy.Batesvllle.nB ' t ' Law, Men Chin. Bus. .Malaysia Lay,Llsa.Bus..Cllnton.KAe Le€,Cary,LIb.Arts,Columbla.AI " L«e,ChIew. Hon. Bus. .Malaysia Classes — 345 Juniors II f Le«,Swee Lee.Bus-.Johor Lee.Tony, Bus.. Malacca. Malaysia L«gg, Samuel. Lib. Arts. Summit Lemmons.Deborah. Lib. Arts, University Lenolr.Frank, Bus. .Aberdeen Leon, Wal -Slew. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Le8ter,Catherine.Accy..Cllnton,AAA Lewis, Anna.Llb. Arts, Kosciusko Liao,91ng,Llb.Arts.Slchuan Rd. Llfson.Matthew.Accy.Reston.Va. Liggon.Allen. Lib. Arts. Grenada Lijn,Moo.Eng..Penang.MalaysIa Lim.Soon-Klong.Eng-.Johor Lim.Yuk-Kuan, Bus. .University Lta,Mel-Fang,Bus., Chang Hua.Taiwan Llng.Plng-Hslang,Ltb. Arts. Taiwan Litton, Brad. Bus.. Pontotoc Liu,Hul-Chun.Bus..Panchlao Livingston, Amy. Lib. Arts.AT Lofton,Tara.Bus.,Ellisvllle Long.Jennlfer.Bus., Jacksonville, Fl.. AAA Long, Robert, Bus. .New Albany Lott,Tyler.Educ.,Pascagoula,KA IX)w,Suzanne,Bus. . Memphis. Tn. Lowe, Llssa. Lib. Arts. Long Beach. AAA Lee, Ho Lu.Eng.. Sarawak Lucas, Leigh, Lib. Arts, Newton, xn Lonceford, Heather, Lib. Arts. Sardls McCain, Freyja. Lib. Arts. Jackson McCall.Brent.Eng.. Natchez McClaln, Veronica, Phar., Terry McClendon, Christy, Educ.Houlka McCluie,RandI,Educ..SlIdell.La,AI ' McCollum,Mellssa, Lib. Arts. Jackson. xn McConnell, Natalie. Gretna, La. McCorkle.Tlffany.LIb.Arts.Columbus.Ar McCreave,Sean,Eng. .Ireland McCory, Leslie. Bus. .Calhoun City McGhee.Camllle.Llb.Arts.BatesvIUe McGowan.Renda. Lib. Arts. Jackson. Ar McGregor, Thomas. Bus.. Jackson. nKA McKlttrick, Kathleen. Germantown.Tn. McKnight, Leigh. Bus. Jackson. XSI McLemore,Leanna. Lib. Arts. Memphls.Tn. McLeod, Alice. Lib. Arts. VIcksburg McMillan,ClaIr.Educ.. Newton McMillen, Jessica. Educ. New Albany McMUlln.Brian .Bus. .Ripley McNutt,BenJamIn,Accy., Greenville McPhall,Lort.Llb.Arts.lndIanola.Ar McWliorter,Martla,Springfleld.OH. Mabus.Teresa, Educ. Fulton Maddox, John, Lib. Arts. Houston. Tx. Maddox,VIrglnla.Bus..Atlanta.Ga..ZTA Maln.Meredlth. Lib. Arts. Nashvllle.Tn..xn Malone,Suzanne.Bus.,Huntsvllle,Al..IIB B ane»»,Mellssa,Bus..AdamsvIlle,Tn.,AOn MaT,Han Chin. Bus. .Perak, Malaysia Martin, Mandy, Lib. Arts.MetaIrle.La.,AOn Martin, Michael. Accy.. Aberdeen Mason.Rhonda. Lib. Arts. Bates vlUe Massengill.Karen. Educ. .Hickory Flat Massey, Amy. Lib. Arts. Natchez 1 l k 346 — Classes I Ma»»ey,Lyndel. Lib. Arts, Columbus.Al ' MaaBlngUl.OavId.Ltb.Arts.Terry Ma ttbewt, Melissa. Bus.. Jackson Mauney. Michael. Bus., Ripley Maxwell, Sharon. Bus.. Jackson.ZTA May. Diana. Bus.. Brandon May.Gregory.Educ.SaltlUo Mayo, Klmberly.Accy. New Albany, AAII Me8sal.Lorl.LIb.Arts,Oxford. M Mllea.Konald. Bus., Myrtle Mill er.Bradley. Bus.. University Miller. Glenn. Bus.. Newton MllU.Susan.Llb.Arts.Tupelo Mllner,Amy.Bus..Brandon. M Montgomery. James, Educ. Louisville Montgomery, Mlgnon.Accy.. Pontotoc Moore. Albert, EklucHoulka MorriB.Eari.Llb.Arts.BatesvlIle Morri80n,Shara,Llb.Arts.Papllllon,Ne.AAII Murphey, Thomas, Accy..Pelahatchle Murphy .Chrtstopher.Accy. .Boonevllie Murphy, Donna. Lib. Arts. Boonevllle Murphy, Mary Lee.Llb.Arts.Jackson.Xfl Naimark,Mlchale, Pembroke Pines, Fl. Nelson.Kelly.Llb.Arts.Ft. Smith, Ar.,nB Neo.Woon-Sing. Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia Newcomb.Connle.Accy.. University Noble, Douglas. Bus. .Indlanola,$A6 Nored,Amy.Llb.Art:s,Greenwood,KA Norphlet,Farry. Lib. Arts, Austin. Tx. Noreell, Sandy. Bus. .Benolt Norton, Brad. Llb.Arts. Oxford Novay,Dana.Accy.,Amory O ' Neal.Brtan. Llb.Arts. Ong.Ka Lee. Bus.. Malaysia Ong.Kah-Pheng.Bus. .University Ooi,Poh,Bus..lpoh.Perak Pacetti.Vandy.Llb.Arts,St.Augustlne,Fl. Paden.Jlll.Llb.Ats.Iuka.AOIl Pair.Chris.Llb.Arts.Elllsvllle.ATU Pang, Lee. Bus. .Perka. Malaysia Parden,Allyson,Lib.Arts.MetaHie.La..AOn Park.Janle,Bus..KKr Parker, Amber. Educ. .Crenshaw Parker.Davld, Lib. Arts. Oxford. Parsons, Jessica, Lib. Arts, Weston. Mo. Patrick, Latrtna. Lib. Art S.Jackson Patrone, Tina, Lib. Arts. Memphis. Tn. Pegrln, Lauren. Educ. Memphis, Tn Pegrin, Lauren. Educ. Memphis. Tn. Penton, Allison. Poplarvllle. Ms,. M Perry, Melissa. Lib. Arts. Oxford. AF Person, Ann. Lib. Arts.Greenwood.XSI Pickell. Karen. Accy.. Brandon Pickens. Amy. Educ. Clinton Pickle. Mary. Law Ctr.Amory Plnton.Jennlfer.Llb.Arts.Rldgeland.ZTA Poe.Klmm. Lib. Arts. Pearl. M Pope. Allison. Lib. Arts. Columbus. AT Pounds, Laura. Bus., Slkeston. Mo.. AAII Powell, James. Lib. Arts. Columbia Powell. John. Lib. Arts.Mt. Olive Powell, Renee. Educ. Columbia. M Classes — 347 . ! ' «[■ ' J-Qiiiors ¥- Powers, John, Eng. .CoUeyvllle.Tx. Price, Rodney. Accy..Batesvllle Price, Stacye. Lib. Arts, Germantown.Tn. Puckett,Donald. Bus.. Jackson Quinn, Thomas. Lib, Arts. Ft. Lauderdale. Fl. Quirk.Patrick.Llb.Arts.St. Louis. Mo. Qaon, David . Ll b .Arts, Lexi ngton Ramage, James. Lib. Arts. West Ramsey, Jeffrey. Bus.. University Raper, Joey.Educ. .Mantachle Ra8ica,Melko. Lib. Arts, Rotterdam Ratllff,Cavett.Accy..Cllnton. KT Ray.Cynthla.Accy., Memphis. Tn..KKr Reaves, Stacy. Bus.. Decatur ,AL.A1 ' Reed,RGbln.Accy.,VIcksburg Reed,Shannan,Accy.,AnnIston.Al..Xn Reld.Mlssy.LIb.Arts.West Point Renfroe.Pamela, Bus.. Fulton Rlchardson.Charlene. Lib. Arts. Winona RUey,Charles.Llb.Arts.Sallsburg.N.C. Rivera.Evelyn. Bus.. Oxford Robblns.Spencer.Ltb. Arts, Aurora. n. Roberts. Joshua. Bus. .San Diego. Ca. Rogers, Denlse.Educ. Commerce. Tx. Roland,Mlchael. Bus.. University Rolling,Karen.Accy.. Hammond. La. Rosenthal, Lynda. Bus. .Pearl.riB Ross.John, Bus. .Olive Branch Ro8S,Leslle. Lib. Arts. .Vlcksburg Rotenbeny, John. Lib. Arts. Water Valley Rowell, Mary. Bus., Alachua. FL.AAn Rushing,Gregory. Lib. Arts. Tavares.Fl. Sammons.Ellen.Educ..Colliervllle.Tn..XSI Saiichez.Tlffany.Dallas.Tx..nB Sanders, Allison, Educ. Corinth Sander8,Christopher.Accy. .Carthage Sanders, Michael. Lib. Arts, Carthage.A Sanders, Mike. Lib. Arts, Carthage Sanders.Suzanne, Lib. Ats. West Sandidge,Amy.Phar..ColIlervllle.Tn. Sandridge,Layne.Metalrie.La..nB Sawyer, Jennifer. Ft. Lauderdale. Fl. Scanlon, Cissy. Educ, Jackson, AAA Schaefer,Paula.Llb.Arts,St. Louis. Mo. Schnltta,Brian. Lib. Arts. Venlce.Fl Scott,John. Bus.. Memphis. Tn.. A0 Scott, Stacy. Law Ctr.. University Scott,Tarry. Lib. Arts. Holly Springs Scott.WiUlam.LIb.Arts.HoUy Springs Scroggins, Jason. Accy.,Boonevt He Scroggins, Paige. Bus.. Brandon. KKT Seawrlght,Connle,Accy.,KoscIsuko Siew,Llan Lee. Bus., Malaysia Senarath,Shartka.Eng..Srt Lanka Seow, Lay. Bus., Malaysia Siew,Peng Ser.Bus., Malaysia Sewell, Donald. Lib. Arts, Oxford Shadbum,Jennllyn. Lib. Arts. Corinth Shadrick, Andrea, Educ. .West Helena. Ar. Shaffer,Norma. Lib. Arts. Laurel. Md. Sharp,Wtll.Eng.. Newton Short, Paige. Lib. Arts. Grenada. KA Siew,Hoi.Eng..Yuen Long NL.Hong Kong I !t5.ll «E. Ih m 348 — Classes Sicfer.I-:iic.Llb.Arts.Duqoln.Il.. KT Sim, Chtn, Bus., Kuantan. Malaysia Simmons. Casey .Bus. .Unlvcrslly.I ' M Slmmons.ICltzabeth.Hus.,New Albany Simpson, Charles, Bus., Sallls 81mpBon,iJoey,Bus.,Blue Mountain Sims. Dcelra, Lib. Arts.Marks SlmB.Stephanle,Phar..Dyer9burg,Tn..XU Slay.Clayton. Lib. Arts. Pearl Sledge, Marquis, Bus., Oxford Smith. Alan. Bus. .Oxford Smltli.Danlel,Dus.,Batesvllle. Ae Smlth.Kmlly.Bus.. Florence. Al. Smith. Greg.Eng. .Senatobla Smith, Joseph. Lib. Arts, CarroUton Smith, Laura, Lib. Arts. University Smlth.LesIle.Llb.Arts.Unlon Smith. vSandra. Bus. .Calhoun City Smith. Susan. Lib. Arts. Tupelo Snodgrass. David, Lib. Arts,Cllnton Snook. John. Bus. .Sprtngfleld. Mo. Sorouri.Katayoon. Lib. Arts, Corinth Sparks. Stephen. Eng.,Baldwyn,X ' I ' Spellman, Jennifer, Penabroke Pines, Fl. Spencer, Michael. Eng.,Clarksdale Stapleton, Lashunya. Lib. Arts, Indlanola Stewart. Chad. Phar. .Jackson Stewart. Rosanne, Lib. Arts.ClarksdaJe, AAA Do you tMnk that date rape is a " big problem on campus? I Shannon Fraley Lib.Arts Fresh. Macon, MS " It ' s not a real big problem, but I think it goes unre- ported. I think peo- ple are scared and embarrased. " Photo Not Available Jerry McDaniel Accountancy Pascagoula.MS " It ' s not a problem because it is not re- ported enough. Mainly I think it is a boyfriend- girlfriend thing and they don ' t know what to do about it. " Edy McConnell Grad. Journ. Vlcksburg, MS " I think awareness about date rape is a problem. I think people should be more aware of what it is and how to prevent it. " Bemadette Cusack Grad. Southern St. Toronto. Canada " Personally I don ' t know, but I ' ve heard it is a prob- lem here. I read a study they did passing out sur- veys and it seems to be a problem. " Kim Lefoldt Soph. Marketing Jackson. MS " If it is a problem then it Is not pub- licized. I think peo- ple are just scared. " Classes — 349 (Juniors ' V Stogner.Ruth.Llb.Arts.Terrytown.La. Stokea.Chad. Lib. Arts. Winona Stolz.Davld. Lib, Arts. Jefferson, La. Stone, Jon. Bus.. Denver, Co. .2AE Stone,Tlna,Accy., Water Valley Stripliii,Amy,Llb.Arts,McKlnney,Tx Sumrall.Melanle.Llb. Arts. Laurel. AAA Snmrall. Shannon, Lib. Arts, EUlsvtUe Satton,Kathryn.Educ.,Memphls,Tn.,AAA Swee, William. Bus., Singapore Tabor,Serena,Llb.Arts.Wfnona,KKr Tal.Woon, Lee. Bus. .University Tang.Lui Reglna.KowIoon.Hong Kong Tcmg.Wal. Bus., Malaysia Taylor.Eric. Lib. Arts. Waterloo Taylor, Pamela, Lib. Arts. Olive Branch Taylor, Vanissa.Llb.Arts.Duck Hill Tan, Lip Kheng.Eng.,Kedah, Malaysia Tan, Nee-Phlng, Bus.. Kelantan, Singapore Tan,Sekgee, Bus., University Tate, Pamela.Lib. Arts, Myrtle Tew.Phlllp.Bus., Russell vlUe.Ar. Thomas, Amber, Lib. Arts. Booneville Thomae, Patrick, Lib. Arts, Bolton Thompson, Dawn. Lib. Arts. Winona Thompson, Keith. Lib. Arts. Magee Thomp8on,Sean. Accy . , Amory Thomp8on,Shelby. Lib. Arts. Hernando, " tji Thompson, Ted. Bus.. Jackson. 2N ThurBton,Gardiner.Bus..Sallsbury.Nc. Thye.Wel Hong.Bus. .Kuala Lumpur Tlckle,EmIly.Lib.Arts.Tupelo.KA Tidwell.Lesley. Lib. Arts. Oxford. AAA Tltsworth, Jennifer. Accy . .Manteca.Ca Tok,San-San. Bus.. Kedah. Malaysia Toombs. James .Lib. Arts . Oxford Townsend, Kevin. Lib. Arts, Vicksburg. Treadway.Kimberly. Accy.. Olive Branch Trowbridge.KImberly.PassChristlan.AOn Tubbs.Mandy.Llb.Arts.Courtland Tumma,Julie.Llb.Arts.Ft. Worth.Tx. Tumage.Susan.Phar-.Thaxton Turner, Casey. Eng. .Starkvllle Tumer.MelIta,Accy..Hattiesburg,KA Tumer.Tracey, Lib. Arts, Bruce Tator.Christopher, Lib. Arts. Pontotoc Tutor.Gerla. Accy . .Senatobla Tyrell, Christina. Lib. Arts. Horn Lake.ZTA Vance.Nlck,Bus..Hattlesburg,£N Vance,Tiwanda. Lib. Arts, Vaiden Verhlne,Scott.Accy..VIcksburg, KT Vestal.Katharine.Sarasota.FL.KA© Wadklns.Risa.Educ.Iuka.AOII Walendzlk, John. Accy.. Booneville Waller, Jennifer. Law Ctr., Greenville Walsh.Sarah.Educ.FIorham Park.NJ. Walton, Andy, Lib. Arts. Nash ville,Tn. Wardlaw, Bradley, Lib. Arts, Pontotoc Wardlow.MIchael, Lib. Arts, Olive Branch Warren, Gerald. Accy., Green wood. ' t ' A© Water.Beth.Llb.Arts.Tupelo.xn Watta.Kelll.Llb.Arts.Tupelo Weatherly, Bobby, Bus., Houston .Tx tyh 350 — Classes i Webb.Alvln.Accy.JndlanoIa Weeden. Jennifer. Lib. Arts, New Albany Wee len,Tracle,Phar..Conio WeU».Nlcole.Acct..Poplarvlllc WelU, Warren, Lib. Arts. Oxford Wenier,Mlchael,Bus..Gautlcr. Whlte.Cynthla.Llb.Arts.MIze Wblte.Lnrl.Kduc. Jackson, Tn. Whl tfleld.Chylanda. Lib. Art. Fort Smith. Ar. WIcktom.Barry.l.lh Arts.Pass Chrtstlan Wlelgosz, Rachel, Accy.. Pontotoc WUUamB.Keney,Bus..Jack5on,K.i WUlUma.KcUy.Llb. Arts. Hammond. La. WUllam«,Kristle.Llb.Arts,Colllnsvllle WllliamB. Mary, Bus., University WllUams.Rlchard, Bus, Alexander. AR.,i WUlUmBoil,Carrter.Bus.,Loulsvllle,Ky.7,T. WilHa.Glnger.Educ.Amarillo.Tx Wilson. Angela. Lib. Arts. Red Banks. AT Wlndham.Susan.Llb.Arts.Oxford Wlntera.Porcla.Bus.McCool Wolfe, Vlckl.Educ. Pope Wood. Leslea. Lib. Arts. Jackson. AAA Wren.BlUy.Eng.Oxford. Yap. Foo. Bus.. Perak. Malaysia Yarber.Yalonda.Educ.Boonevllle Yaxbro.Sharra.Law Ctr..Brandon.AAA Yates, Shawn. Eng.. Morton Yemelos, Caste. Educ..Folsomn.. on Yeo.Keng, Bus., University Young, Amy. Lib. Arts. Grenada Young. Jennifer. Bus.. Verona Young. Kenneth. Bus.. Franklin, Tn. Young, MIndy. Bus. .Ocean Springs. Xli Young.Nell. Bus.. Hernando Youngmaa.Frttzle. Bus. .University Yow.Yoke Thin. Bus. .Malaysia Westergard.Shaun.Accy.SlldelLZTA O ' Meare. Kerry, Lib. Arts, Long Grove, Members of the Delta Delta Delta Intramural team prepare to compete in the track and field event. Nearly all campus organizations are represented through Intramural teams, which provides for diverse and healthy com- petition. Photo by Arne Cast. I Classes — 351 Seniors Abbott.Louls.Ub.Arts.Oxford Abel. Alan, Engln.,Cleveland.TN.2:n Adams. Shelly, Lib. Arts, Oxford Albrltton.Audry. Business, Gulfport Aldennan. Tommy, Engln., Richland, MS Alford.Matt.Llb.Arts,Forest.2:x Allen.Caron, Lib. Arts, Jackson. Allen,Julle,Llb.Arts.Brookhaven,Xn Allen.Kelly.Education.Corlnth Allison. Suzan, Lib. Arts, Batesvllle Altazaji,Ellzabeth,Lib.Arts,Baton Rouge Amisano.Cynthla,Accy.Gennantown,KA0 Anderson, Christy, Business, SaJtlllo. Andrews,Adam,Educatlon.Jackson Archambault.Ann. Buslness,St. Louis. MO Armstrong.Sarah, Lib. Arts, Hazlehurst.AT Armstrong. John. Business, Cleveland. Bailey. Carolyn, Lib. Arts, Jackson Bailey, Holly. Education, Tupelo Bailey.Laura.Llb.Arts.Germantown.KA© Bain. Kevin, Business, Blue Mountlan,MS Baine,Rod,Bus.. Clarksdale.nKA Baker.Kristen,Llb.Arts,Hattlesburg.AOn Balducci.Chrls.Llb.Arts.Cleveland Ball. Robbie, Education, No. CarroUton. MS Ballard,Shella,Accountlng,Corinth Bank8,Maury, Business, Meridian Barnes. Alison, Engln. .Clarksdale Bames.Nlcole. Education, Jackson Barton, Angela, Lib. Arts. Brandon Barton. Wanda, Law. Ethel, MS Bassett,Nlchole,Accy.Mandevllle,LA.nB Bates. Valerie,Llb.Arts,Oxford Becker.Wllllam.Buslness.Metalrie.LA Beevers, Dana.Bus.. Jackson, M Behm, Lauren, Education, Germantown.KA Belknap.Lllllana,Llb.Arts,PopularBluff,MO Bell.Whltaker,Bus..Baton Rouge. K Bennett. Jason, Engln, Southaven Bergin. Raymond, Accy, Senatobla, Berry.Derek, Business, Lawrenceburg.TN Bethay.Marcla, Education, Nettleton Betts.Catherine. Lib. Arts. Brentwood, TN, Beutin. Brian. Lib. Arts, French Camp, MS Blrge, Nancy, Llb.Arts. Falls Church, VA. Bissell.Mellssa, New Market. TN..AAA Black. Candlce, St. Petersburg. FL. Black. Martin, Downers Grove.lll., KT Blaha.Beth, Educ, JacksonvlUe.NCAOn Blanchard.E.J., Llb.Arts.Gautler.ZN Blissard.Amy, Llb.Arts. Holly Springs BluntsOD.Eric, Business, Jackson. A A Boles.Andrea, Llb.Arts. Memphis Bollinger,Melanle.Educ. , Calhoun City Bondnrant,Chris, Lib. Arts, Nesblt Bone, Gratia, Lib. Arts. Jacksonville. IL Booker.Carrie. Engineering. Metalrie, LA Boucher. AUsha, Education, Southaven Boutwell.Matthew, Englneering,Petal,MS Boutwell.Sharon,Llb.Arts,Petal.MS Boyden.Jon, Llb.Arts, Oxford Braddock.Tal, Bus., Vlcksburg. SN Bradley.Marshall, Llb.Arts. Senatobla It 352 — Classes Bradshaw.Susan.Kducatlon. Covtngton.TN Brandt.JuIlL ' . Llb.ArlH. Marion. 11. .AMI Branton.Chrtsltnc. IJb.Arts. Meridian, M Brooke. Marcle. Joncsboro, Ark. .I ' M Broom. .John. Lib. Arts. Oxford Brown.Jeff. Lib. Arts. Ncsbit Brown, Julie. Lib. Arta. Tupelo Brown.Llsa. Llb.Arts. Ncsbit. AOn Brown, Sandra. Business. Horn Lake Brown, Stephen. Engln.Kemmerer.WY Buck, Margaret. Llb.Arts. Memphis. ZTA Btillan, James, Lib. Arts. Oxford Bullen.Kammle. Business. Oxford Borkctt. Jerry. Business. Tupelo Barkhardt. Melissa. Lib. Arts. Ocean Springs Bumham,Kelby. Lib. Arts. Pascagoula Suae, Kristin. Accy,. Tupelo Buaer,Chrlsty. Education. Corinth Byer8,Robert. Llb.Arts. Myrtle Byrd.WilUam. Lib. Arts. Matthews.NC Byrne, Susannah. Llb.Arts. Natchez.KA Bymm, Johnny, Engineering, Olive Branch Cai.Llngxl, Lib. Arts. Beijing CaldweU,Carollne,Bus.,Dickinson.TX,Ar Campbell. Mary. Llb.Arts. Memphis. IIB Campbell,Mellsse.Baton Rouge.KKT Canup.B.J.. Business. Tremont.MS Carley.Llnda. Llb.Arts. luka a Did you think ttiat ttie Ketclium lawsuit against Ole Miss had a " basis? 7 ft Sheila Kalka Biology Jr. Magee. MS " He has every right to bring a lawsuit, but I don ' t think he is going about it in the right way. " Angela HoUoway Journ. Grad. Arlington, VA " I think one issue — the segregation of clubs and unions — I think that is- sue had merit. " Jeff Waldrot Eng. Grad. Columbus, MS " Doesn ' t It have something to do with waving a Reb- el flag? " Melissa Ellis Senior Journ. Midland, TX " I kinda do. His stance on Turner is his own opinion, but some of the other issues need discussion. " The " Raaamster " Greek God Oxford " I am a bit con- fused about what he is trying to do. I think he is really confused too. " Classes — 353 Seniors Carpenter.Tlmothy. Lib. Arts. Greenwood Carter.Daniel, Education. Oxford Carvalho.Donaldo. Engln., Nairobi Cato.Cathle. Lib. Arts. Nashville Caver.Russell. Lib. Arts, Vlcksburg Cayson.Sara, Education, Ponotoc Chai.Zheng. Business. Perak, Champion.James.Llb.Arts.Gadsden. AL Champion, Theresa. Business, Senatobla Chancellor.Candlce.Relstertown.MO.AOn Chandler.Stacy.Educ. Decatur. AL. M Chaney, Leigh Ann. Education. Tupelo Cheung.Fung. Accy., Fanllng Chew.Foong-Meng.Bus. .Kuala Lampur Malaysia Cheng,Leng. Accy. Selangor. Malaysia Chin, Wal- Mean. Accy., Senlo. Malaysia Chien.Chlung-Jung. Engineering. Tal Pel Chow.Chuck. Business. HolIandale.MS Chrestman, Lee, Business, Oxford Clark.Llnda. Lib. Arts. BatesvlUe Clearman.Jefferey, Business, Petal Coleman, Larry, Accy. Senatobla CoIeman.Chris. Business. Tupelo CoUlnB.Robert.Buslness.Brentwood.TNKX Conniff.Catherine. Education, Columbus. AAA Cook.Chlp.Buslness.Springfleld.MOATfi Crouch.Stephen.Accy.Metairie.LA Cmmp.Brian. Engln., Jackson. TN Curren, Mary Leigh. Lib. Arts.Covlngton, LA Cutrer.Camette, Lib.Arts. Covington. LAAOn Davidson, Melissa. Business. Meridian. MSKA Da vls.Emily. Engln. .Birmingham. ALA Davi8.KevIn.Bus..ClInton. K Da vls.Kristy, Pharmacy. Benton. MS Da vl9,Mlchael. Business, Jackson, 2 E Da vl8,Phoebe, Lib. Arts. Jackson Day, Danielle. Bus. Poplarville.AOn Degler.Ralna.Llb.Arts.Water Valley Dettor,Llsa, Educ. Sardls Deweea.Guy, Lib. Arts, Birmingham. AL Dlck8on,Lynn, Lib, Arts. Jackson. AAA Dill, Charlotte. Business. Man tachle, MS Dill, Laura, Business, Manchester, MO Dillard.Brad, Bus.,Mooreville,MS Dismuke.Anna, Lib. Arts, Roswell.GA,AAn Dixon, Amanda. Bus., Braxton, MS.Ar Dixon, Daniel, Accy. Florence, AL.,KA Do,Tuan.Engln..Blloxi.MS Doiron,Philllp.Llb.Arts.Vicksburg,KA Donnell, Christopher, Pharmacy. Brandon Donovan, William, Bus., Slkeston, MO Doty, Alison, Educ. Jackson. XSi Doty,Bethany,Bus..NashvIlle.TN Down8.Klmberly.Bus.,lndianola.MS Driver , Ro n n ie . Ed ucatlon , Et ta , M S Diibberly.Elizabeth,Bus..GreenvllIe.MS Duncan, Douglas, Lib. Arts. Jackson, MS Duncan, Tim.Bus..Southaven.MS Durfey.Rosemary, Lib. Arts, Canton. AAA Durrett.Laura, Lib. Arts. Olive Branch, MS Dyer.WlUlam. Lib. Arts. Aiken.SC Eaves.Gall.Accy., Louisville. MS BakeB.Patrtck.Llb.Arts.Phlladelphla.MS « 354 — Classes j , Si Ik Ebach, Jason. Buslness.Gerniantown.TN Edwards, Due, Law, Oxford Eggeri. Stephanie, Lib. Arts, St. Louis. MO ElUott.Annc.nus .Ripley, MS,Ar ElUa, Mells3a,Llb.Arl.s.Mldland,TX KA Ellla.RandLLlb.Arts.l ngvlcw.TX AAII EUia.Susan.Llb.Arts.Kranklln, TN AAII England, William, Business, Weston, CT Englea, Diane, Acct., Soulhaven, MS Erwin. Susan, Bus., McComb,MS Etna. Marie- Juliette, Lib. Arts. Louisville, MS Evans, Amy, Bus.. Dyersburg.TN. XH Evans.Chrlstlna. Memphis. TN. AAII Ewlng, Joel, Bus., Fulton,MS Ezzel.J.R.. Engineering Faughn, Roger, Eng.. Metropolis. II., A Ferguson. Robert, Engln.. Grenda.MS Ferguson, Sheila. Lib. Arts. Bruce. MS Ferguson, Thomas, Lib. Arts, Hernando, MS FUe.Tlna.Accy.,Pope. MS. KKF Flndley.Karen. Bus.. Oxford.MS Fletcher, Josh. Lib. Arts. Indlanola.MSKA Fortenberry.Tanya. Educ.. Jackson, MSXSi Fonntaln.CIInda, Bus., Blloxl. MS Franklin, Frederick. Lib. Arts. Moss Point. MS Frassrand.Kellly. Bus.. Hbtson, TN Frederic, Alicia. Bus.. Pascagoula, MSAr Freeman.Chlp,Accy.. Greenville. MS AQ Freeman, James. Lib, Arts. Mantachle, MS Frensley.Chlp, GoodlettsvlIle,TN, ATSl Fulgham.Wes. Accy.. Jackson. MS. S E Gaddo.Andrea. Educ, Belden,MS, M Gaines.Deana, Bus., New Albany, MS Galnes.Heather, Engln., luka, MS Gallagher,Erln,Glendale,WV, AAII Galloway.Lee, Accy. Gamble.Mellssa. Bus., Montgomery. AL Gann, Andrews, Educ, Belden, MS Gant.ChrlstI, Llb.Arts. Colla. MS Gardner.Albert, Bus., River Ridge. LA Gartin.Kent, Llb.Arts. Hot Sprlngs.AR Gaston. Susanne, Educ. Thaxton, MS Gates, Gloria, Lib. Arts. Houston. MS Gatewood. Sherry. Lib. Arts. Pclahatchle.MS Gee.Llnnet. Lib. Arts. Pleasant Grove. MS Gee.Stacey. Llb.Arts, Crowder, MS Gex.Joseph, Llb.Arts. Bay St. Louis, MS Giles.Carissa, Lib. Arts. Dallas.TX. AAII Gllpen.Carey, Llb.Arts. Houston. TX.A Glenn.ElIen. Educ, Dallas,TX,AAA Glenn, Bill, Llb.Arts. Little Rock.AR..SAE Glldewell.Chariotte. Accy . SaltlUo.MS Golden, Donna, Lib. Arts. Coldwater. MS Golden. Rickey. Lib. Arts. Coldwater. MS GoU.Nacf.Bus., Arabl, LA Gombar.Amy, Educ, Basking Ridge, NJ Goodln.Trtstan, Bus., Charleston, MO Graham. Jerry, Educ. Myrtle. MS Griffin, Julie, Llb.Arts. Jackson. MS. ZTA Griffin. Sheila, Lib. Arts. Kosciusko. MS. ZTA GriJfls,Mltty,Llb. Arts.San Angelo,TXKKr Grlfflth.Jamcs,Llb. Arts.Cllnton.MS. Jones, Glen, Bus. .Beaumont. TX i Classes — 355 ' ¥•■. Seniors Grimes.Julle.Llb. Arts,Fulton.MS.. M Grimes.Melissa.Law.Plttsboro.MS. Gizzard, Whttney.Educ.Memphls.TN. AAA Guptill, James. Bus. .Columbia, MO. ,KA Haberle. Paul. Lib. Arts.Tyler.TX. Hale.Sherby.Educ.Byhalla.MS. Hall.Deborah.Educ.New Albany.MS. Hall.Mlke.Llb. Arts.Universlty.MS. Hall.Rlchard.Bus.Brandon.MS. Hanbury.Jlll.Llb. Arts.WIlmette.IL. Hardy.Kandy.Educ.Blloxl.MS. Hardy.Paul.Bus..Wlgglns.MS. Hflrkins. Douglas. Lib. Arts. Jackson. ATO Harrington, Mike. Bus. .Indlanola, MS. Harrls.Robert .Bus. .Corlnth.MS. . AA Haniaon, Amy. Educ. Grenada. MS. dT Harrlson.Kate.Forrest Clty.AR.. M Hatcher, Wesley. Bus,. Pensacola.FL, Hathcock,Stacy.Llb.Arts.Jackson. M Hathcock.Stephanle,Bus,,Durant.MS,.AOn Haven.Dana, Bus., Forrest Clty.AR..KA Haven, Todd. Lib. Arts.Harrodsburg.KY. Hays,Jennlfer.Educ..St. Louls.MC.AAE Hayes, Katherlne.Educ.Metalrle. LA. .AAA Head,Chantelle.Bus..NashvlUe.TN..AAn Heard,Angela.Educ..Plantersvllle.MS. Henderson, Doris. Lib. Arts. Oxford. MS. Henderson, Erika.Accy.. Tunica. MS. Do you think ttie lack of funding in Mississippi is cutting down on the quality of education at Ole Miss? Mike Reldy Grad. Physics Oxford, MS " Lack of funding for education is causing problems everjnvhere. Money is going to other places and not into education. I think it is the downfall of the US. " Chad Shemper Pre Med, Fresh. Holcomb, MS " Not so much the education, but what the teachers can do to educate. It cuts down on what can be used to educate with. " Bill Glasgow Comp. Sci. Jr. Oxford. MS " I think lack of funding is scaring teachers away. 1 think the facilities here need some im- provement. " Denise Maness SR History Jackson, MS " Definitly, we need more funding. These people need to get on the ball. " P3 Thomas Wallace Ast. Vice Chancellor Student Affairs ' ' Yes, we are losing a lot of faculty and staff and we can ' t offer the programs that we need to. One way to raise money would be to look at other ways of rais- ing money other than state funding, " l| i 1 Classes — 356 Heng. noon. English Heng.M la n.lJus.. Singapore Heng. Yang. Eng.. Malaysia Hercher.Vlrtorla.lJb Arts.Mlllsboro.MO. Henington, Janet. Lib. Arts. Florence. MS. Herrey.Tony.Educ.Eupora.MS. HUtt.CarolIne. Baton Rouge.LA..K;i Hill, Brenda. Bus,. Hammond. LA. Hill.Jody.Bus..FaIkner. MS, Hlllhoua.Llsa.Llb Arls.Oxford Hioda.Deborah.Accy. Leonardo. NJ..ZTA Hinton, Brian. Lib. Arls.MrComb.MS. Hlte.Collln.Educ.Walls.MS. Hladky.Wade.Bus.Folsom.LA. Hoard. Tommy, Eng.Boonevllle. MS. Hobby.HQlIy.Bus..Colllervllle.TN..AAn Holmes. Janice, Bus, .St, Louis, MO. Holmes.Lloyd.Accy. .Houston. MS. Holmes.Vlctorla. Yazoo Clty.MS.KKr Homaday, Stephen. Lib. Arts. Bay Springs HoBkinB.Xavier.Bus.Memphls.TN.O Howe.Kevln.Educ. .Calhoun City.MS. HBu.Fu-Nuel.Bus-.Oxford.MS. Huckaby.Garrod.Bus.Guntown.MS. Haddleston, Mark, Lib. Arts.Shreveport.LA- Huf ford, Jennifer. Accy, Marlon. OH. Hughes, Lea Ann,Boonevllle.MS.. M HuU.GIna.Llb. Arts,Merldlan.MS..AAA Hankey, Jennifer, Bus,. Martinsville. VA. Homphries, William. Lib. Arts. Horn Lake Hnnn.Isls.Llb. Arts.Unlverslty.MS. Hant.Kevln,Llb. arts.AdamsvlIle.TN. Hanter.Tracey.Llb. Arts.Columbla.TN. Hurdle. Steven. Educ. Water Valley. MS. Hntcheson.Karla.Llb. Arts. Tupelo. MS. Irby.Heather.Llb. Arts.Conlsay.AR..KA Jam ea, Ivory. Eng..Batesvllle. MS- Jarrett. James. Eng. .Hernando. MS. Jenkins. Tony. Accy. University. MS. Jemlgan. Sarah, Lib. Arts, Hernando. AAA Jlmcnez.Carlo. Bus. Meridian. MS. Johnson. Dana, Lib. Arts. Summit. MS. Johnson. John. Accy.. Pelahatchle. MS. Johnson, Kara. Lib- Arts. Oxford. MS. Johnson, Lori. Bus,. BumsvUle, MS, Johnson. Renee. Long Beach. MS. AOn Johnston, Thomas. Bus.. Summit. MS, Jones, Donald, Lib, Arts. Oxford. MS, Jones. Elizabeth. Educ. Grenada. MS. AF Joncs.Kate.Educ.Huntlngton.WV.. M Jones, Glen. Bus. Beaumont. TX. Jones, Kenneth. Lib- Arts,Maben.MS... A Jones, Roseanna. Educ. Oxford. MS. Jonsson.Kristlna.Llb. Arts. Sweden Junikcr, John. Lib. Arls.Fort Worth.TX. Kakales.Llbble.Llb. Arts.Oxford.MS. Kavanaogh, Robin. Lib. Arts. Jackson. AF Keams. Nina. Educ. Tupelo, MS, Keen. Michael. Bus.. Red wood. MS- Kemp, Jeffrey, Bus. .Ocean Springs. MS, Kendail.Robin.Llb. Arts.Houston.MS. Kennedy, Grace- Ann, Educ. University. MS, No8ef,Brtdget. Llb.Arts.Clarksdale.Xll Classes — 357 Seniors ii KeiT.Pamela. Bus.. Jackson, MS. Ketchum.Thomas.Ltb. Arts, Ripley. MS. Khal eel, Amal.Eng., Lebanon Khoo.Karen,LIb. Arts,Oxford,MS. Kinord.Laura.Llb. Arts. Meridian, MS. Klllcald,Steven,Llb. Arts.Oxford.MS. KnoXtJames.Llb. Arts. Greenwood, MS. Koepp.Jerald.Llb. Arts.Oxford.MS. Knhn.Kathertne.Llb. Arts.Dallas.TX. Ladner.Klrk.Bus.,Wlgglns,MS. Lamber.Andree,Lib. Arts.Kenner.LA.,AOn Landes,JackIe,Llb. Arts.Edwards,MS..Ar Lane, Christy, Bus.. Brandon. MS. LaaotaChrlsty.Accy., Water Valley, MS. Lavender,Mlssy,Lib. Arts. Memphis, AOn Lazenby, Travis. Bus. .Clinton, MS. Leathers, Julie, Accy., Olive Branch, MS. Lee, Hong Llm.Eng.. Malaysia Lee.Kwal-Weng. Bus., Malaysia Lee.Learn Wee. Bus. .Malaysia Lee, Mark, Phar., Hernando, MS. Lee.Shu-Jung.Bus.. Taipei Talwan.ZZ. Lee.Soo. Bus., Malaysia Lee.Teck Chun,Eng..Selangor.ZZ. Lee,YIp-Chl.Bus.,Malaysla Lefoldt.KImberly, Bus.. Jackson, MS. Legge,BIll,Accy.,Como,MS. Leonard.Beth.Llb. Arts.Mount Ollve.MS. Lesley.Krlsha.Llb. Arts.Saltlllo.MS. Lever, James. Bus., Hazlehurst, MS. nKA Lewis, Jeff .Bus. .Terry.MS, Lewis, Lisa, Court Reportlng,Oxford,MS. Llm.Sln Chew. Eng., Malaysia Llong.Yew-Loong.Bus., Kuala Lumpur, ZZ. Llpscomb.Susan, Bus., Spanish Ft..AL Lockliart,Renee,Educ.,Pascagoula,MS., ' i M Lofllii,Danlel,Bus.,Ya200 City, MS. Logglns.Carla,Bus..KllmIchael.MS. Loh,Yew.Bus.,UnlversIty,MS. Lohrmann, Jeffrey. Bus.. Jackson, MS. Lou.Teresa. Bus., Greenville, MS. Loutn.Llla.Bus, Richmond, VA. Low.Susan, Law, Jackson, MS. Lowe. Amy.Bus. ,Oxford,MS. .XS! Lowrie.Guyla.Coldwater.IIBt Lnnday .Tracy, Accy., Ashland, MS. Lynch.Llsa.Educ. .Water Valley.MS. Lynchard.Daryl, Accy., Milton, FL. Mcadory.Bradley.Bus.. Louisville, MS. McCain.Edwln,Bus.,Batesvllle.MS. McCarley,Melonle,Llb. Arts.Boonevllle.MS McCarle.Chrlstlne,Bus..McComb. MS. McCauley.Jennlfer.Germantown.TN..Xn McDanlel.Bryan. Banner Elk.NCSN McDanlel.RonnIe,Vlcksburg.MS..Ki: McElroy.Beth,Educ.,Columbla,MS. Mcewan. Daniel. Lib. Arts, Memphis. A0 McGee,Slarr,Law, Jackson, MS. McGinty.Roger.Bus.,BlloxI,MS. McGregor.Clndy.Educ. Oxford. MS. McKenzle.Robyn.Llb. Arts, Florence, M McLareii.Derek.Bus..Nashvllle.TN. McLemore. Lauren, Educ. Carthage, MS. KA 358 — Classes McMlllln.Mary.Bu9 .Walnut.MS. Mcraney. Mark. Lib. Arts.Raymond.MS. HcWlllUm(,Mary.nu9..llazlchurBt.MS.. M Maclnnea.KosaIle.Bus..Pascagoula.MS. Mag ee, Angela. Educ.Mcndengall. MS. .ai ' Bdagce, Marsha. Educ. Prentiss. MS. Mah.Dorann.Hus.Ladc Village. AR. Mak.Wal.Bus. Malaysia Malouf.Krlc.Accy.. Jackson. MS. Marascalco.Paul. Bus.. Grenada. MS. Marcellua, Adrian, Eng.. Malaysia Idarsh, Elizabeth .Kduc . .Jackson .MS. .AAA Martin. Kmlly.Educ. Jackson. MS. Xll Martin.Mandy.Accy..Sardls.MS. MaTtln,Stephanle.Bus..lndlanQla.MS..Ar Mattingly.Jcnnlfcr.EUzabethtown.KY. May.McDanlel.Llb. Arts.Mlddletown.CT. B4ay. Matthew. Accy..Germantown.TN. Mayhan.Teena.Educ. Bruce. MS. Mays.Katle.Llb. Arts.Columbla.TN. Melton.Janet.Educ.Oxford.MS. Melton.Patrlcla.Llb. Arts.Courtland.MS. Merrill, Mlndy. Bus.. Blrmangham.AL. Merriman.KlmberIy.Accy..SardIs.MS. Mlchel.Cynthla.Llb. Arts.Munster.IN. Milbom, Angela. Bus..Natchez.MS. M Mlller.Jcffery.Engln. .Bruce, MS MlUer.Julllan.Educ. Highland. NJ.nB . BUl ler.Mellssa. Bus. .University. Billler.Natalle.Baton Rouge.LA.KA Mlller.Stan. Business. Tupelo.MS Miller, Whitney. Educ.Memphls.TN.AAA Mllls.Martha.Educ .Batesvllle.MS BUthchem, Michelle. Bus.. Monroe.LA Mltchell.Angela.Llb.Arts.Southaven.MS BJltchell,Dee. Educ.Statesboro.GA Ml thcell, Jennifer. EducEupora. MS. M Mltchell.Mlchael.Acct. .Ocean Springs. MS Momen, llaslb. Engln.. Bangladesh Monlot. Leigh. Educ. .BIloxl.MS Montogmery.Tracey. Birmingham. Ala.. . 0n Moody.Pattl. Pharmacy. Florence. Ala Moore.Eone.Llb.Arts.Senatobla.MS.AAA Moore. Jesse. Lib. Arts. University. MS Moore. Kelly. Bus.. Pascagoula. MS. AT Morgan. Allyson.Bus..Memphl5.TN.. Tn Morgan. Dolly. Bus.. Courtland. MS Munster.Kourtney. Lib. Arts. Kenner.LA March, Scott. Pharmacy. Clearwater.FIa. Nagree. Shah. Engln. .Bombay. India Naylor. Allsha.Llb.Arts.Ollve Branch.MS Neal.Nessa. Educ. .New Boston. TX,.AAn Neal.Stephen.Llb Arts.Falrfax.VA Neblett.Douglas.Clarksdale.MS.KKr Nelll.Meredlth. Educ. Birmingham. AL., M Nelson. Karen.Llb.Arls.Nesblt.MS Newcomb,Klmberly.Accy..Centralla.lL. Nlcolaldes.Raul.Bus . NewhaU.CA Nlchola.Kelth.Llb.Arts, University, MS Nlx.Jay. Lib. Arts. Greenwood.MS. Ae Nored.Ellzabeth. Educ. Greenwood. MS.KA NoitU, Wendell. Bus.. Houston. TX North.Klmberly.Bus. Bay St. LouIs.MS.AT i Classes — 359 I li Seniors I Do you ttiink George Busli lias done a good job? Joe EUard Bus. Jr. Dallas, TX " I think he has done an incredible job with international relations. 1 think there is still room for Improvement with domestic relations. " Claire Depriese Age 8, 3rd grade Oxford. MS No comment on Bush, but knows there are big problems In the world. " Pollution is a big problem. Everybody throwing trash on the ground instead of recycling. " Perry Hawkins Jr. Chem. Eng. Water Valley, MS " Hell no. IJust don ' t like what he has done for domestic politics. He ' s not helping the middle man. The poor are just getting poorer. ' Harriet Bryan Eng. SR Pulaski, TN " Economically he ' s not doing a goo d Job right now. He ' s dropping down in the polls because of it. " 1btt . Terry Finnegan Liverpool, Eng. Visiting " He seems to have a lot of support, but 1 don ' t think he has been a very strong leader. " I O ' Brien, Connor. Bus., BUoxi. MS. Odom.Chiis. Bus, Waynesboro. MS. O ' Halloran.Keni.Educ. Manchester. MO. Olive.Frederick.Llb. Arts.WoodvlUe.MS. Orr.Samuel.Llb. Arts. Brandon, MS. Tammy, Owens, Accy.,Rlenzl, MS. Page.Elizabeth.Educ-.Tupelo.MS. Pair.Daniel.ElIlsvnie.MS..ATfi Pang.Wee Slong. Bus.. Malaysia Pannell. Joanna, Lib. Arts.Unlversity.MS, Parham, Jennifer. Lib. Arts. Fulton. MS. Parker.Bryan. Bus. .Blue Springs. MS. Parker.Sandra.Unlverslty.MS-.AMI Par8on9.Allce.Educ..Memphis.TN.,A0Il Pate,Velsie.Unlversity,MS..AKA Peeler,Trey.Bus.,Amory.MS..K2 Peh.Suan. Bus., Malaysia Penderge8t,Amy,Educ..Baldwyn.MS. PendergrasB. John, Lib. Arts.Hattlesburg. Pennington, Courtney. Oxford, MS.. KKF Perkins, Darron. Bus.. Jackson, MS. Perry.Monlca.Lib. Arts. Gulf port. AAA Phang.Mee-Song.Accy.. Malaysia PhilUps.James.Lib. Arts.Ripley.MS. Pipkln.Kelth.Lib. Arts.Olive Branch.MS. Piqne.Joely.LIb. Arts.Gautler.MS. Porter.Carol.Llb. Arts, Oxford. MS. Posey.Sandra.LIb. Arts.Mantachie.MS. » 360 — Classes Prather.Jennlfer.Educ. .Tupelo. MS. Prince, I k ' verly,l-lb. Arts.Falrhope.AL. Prlnce.Mark.Uus..Sardls.MS, PringJc,Joseph.Hus..Blloxl.MS..i:N Privett. Melissa. Lib. Arls.Panama City Pryor.Lee.Llb. Arts.Klngwood.TX.KAe Piiryear.Amy.Educ..SenatobIa,MS..AAA Qulnn.Casandra.Mb. Arts.Elafne.AR..AOn Ragg, Dewey. Lib. Arts.Bucksnorl.TN. Rainey.Tracle.Accy-.Duck MIU.MS. Raley.Jtm.Llb, Arts. Long Beach. MS. Randle.KlIzabeth.Kduc. Jackson. MS. Randle.Tammy. Bus. .Oxford. MS. Ratllff,Shella.Bus..KllmIchael.MS. Ratnanather.Chanath.Llb. Arts. Sri Lanka Redmond.TaJuana.Llb. Arts. Oxford. MS. Reese, Letltla. Lib. Arts. Montgomery. AL. Reevea, Bra dley.Educ. Jackson. MS.. SN Reld.Joseph.BatesvlIIe.MS..riK. Reigle.Denlse.Llb. Arts.Southaven.MS. Rhea, Reglna.EMuc, Horn Lake. MS. Rlchardson.Ann.Educ. Houston. TX. Richardson, Pat, Lib. Arts.Jonesboro.AR. Riley.Casandra.Bus-.Byhalla.MS. RUey.Kltsy.Llb. Arts.Gulfport.MS. Rl8her,Dalne. Bus.. Newton. MS. Risley, Jason. Bus.. Memphis. TN. RlverB,Martln.Bus,.BUoxl.MS. Roberson. Brian. Accy.. Corinth. MS. Roberaon.MlchaeLLlb. Arts. Jackson. MS. Roberts, Sean, Lib. Arts. New Orleans, LA. Roberts, Trey. Bus. Grayson. LA. Robertson.Klmberly. Morton. MS.. M Robertson.Robi.Bus.New Albany, MS. Robertson, Accy. .Southaven. MS. Rogers,Christopher.Bus..Cordova.TN.,nKA Rogers. Kenneth. Lib. Arts. Water Valley Rogers, Perry. Lib. Arts. Enterprise, MS. BS Rogers, Winston, Accy.. Covington, TN. Rosamond, Stephen. Bus., Eupora. MS. Ronse.Ronnle, Bus.. Philadelphia. MS. Rowan. Tammy. Lib. Arts. New Albany. MS. Rowell. Lee. Accy.. Dundee, MS. Rowland.Robert. Bus.. Newport News.VA, Rozina. Greg. Bus. .Jackson. MS. Rushing.Tonl.Llb. Arts.Kllmlchael.MS. Russell. Carla.Educ, Jackson. MS.. Xn RusscU.Mlchelle.Educ.Vlcksburg.MS. Ryan.DavIs.Llb. Arts.UnlversIty.MS. Ryan.Tracey. Bus.. Houston. TX.,nB Scott,Jana,Llb. Arts.Tupelo.MS Seals, Katrenla. Lib. Arts, Shannon. MS. Seals. Thaddeus. Lib- Arts. Pontotoc. MS. Salloum, George. Long Beach. MS. .K2 Sanford, Catherine, Bus.. Southaven. MS. Sa very. Suzanne. Yazoo CIty.AAA Sawyer, Jason. Bus.. Mattoon.IL. Schaeffer.Fred.Bus.,Memphls.TN.. Ae Schweers.Susan. Bus., Brandon, MS., AAn Scott.Kathy.Llb. Arts.Qultman.MS. Scott.Lisa.Educ, Meridian. MS. .AAA Selqulst,Gwendolyn,Llb. Arts. Sitka. Ak. Sengopta.Sanudra.Eng.. India I Classes — 361 w Seniors Scssoixis.Cralg.Llb. Arts, Jackson, £X Shah, Vlren,Eng., India Shaw.Jennlfer,Llb. Arts,Bellevllle,IL. Shaw,Russell,Accy.. University, MS. Shaw,Sandra,Educ.,Southaven,MS. Sheffleld,Dyanna,Educ.,Southaven,AAn Shen.Wen-Chien.Bus, ,TaInan,ZZ. ShldJer, Cassandra, Lib. Arts, Aberdeen. MS- Short,Robert.Eng..Sardls,MS. Simmons.Glna.Accy.. Tupelo, MS. Slmmons.Pamela.Bellevllle.IL, ,KKr Simmons, Sylvia, Lib. Arts,Soso,MS. Simpson, Charlotte, Lib. Arts, Oxford, MS. Smlth.CaroUne.Eng. ,Memphls,TN . ,nB Smith, James, Lib. Arts, University, MS. Smith. Jennlfer,Llb. Arts.Helena.AR, Smith.Lee ErlcLlb. Arts.Holly Springs Smith,Rlchard,Eng.,Phlladelphla,MS. Smith.wmiam.Llb. Arts,Meridlan,MS. Sollierg.Bobby.Bus., Olive Branch,MS. Sou therland,Trea, Bus.. Columbus, MS Spencer.Marcus,Llb. Arts,ClarksdaJe,MS. Stanfleld.Davld.Ltb. Arts,Oxford,MS. Stapleton.Christopher.Llb. Arts. Jackson Steele,Kelth,Eng.,Hattlesburg,MS. Stephens, Rogers, Bus., Natchez, MS. Stephenson,Gwyn,Llb. Arts.Memphls.AAA Stites,Darin.Llb. Arts.Pensacola.FL. Stogner, Riley, Bus, Gretna, LA. StoncCary, Engineering, Columbus., MS. Stoner,Todd,Bus.,Arllngton,TX. Stringer, Wendy,Bus.,Crystal Springs,Ar Strong,Jennlfer,Accy.,Utlca,MS. Swatzell,Scott,Eng.,Universlty.MS. Sweeney,Charles,Educ.,luka,MS. Swindall, Lawrence, Bus., Aberdeen. MS. SwindoU,Whltney.Llb. Arts.Hernando.MS. SwindoU,Vlrglnta,Llb. Arts.Hernando.MS. Talbot,Mlchael,Bus.,RlverRldge.LA. Talley,Randall.Engr..Oxford,MS. Tang,Wal Klt,Eng..Malaysla TannehUl,Rhea,Llb. Arts..Unlon.MS., Aa Tapp, Teresa, Lib. Arts,Amory.MS..AOn Taylor,AIycla,Llb. Arts.Como.MS. Taylor,Brinkley,Llb. Arts.Potts Camp,MS. Taylor.Latonya.Llb. Arts,Walls,MS..AKA Taylor.Shertta.Bus. .Clarksdale Tedford,Felecla,Educ.,Pontotoc,MS. Tedford. Laurie, Bus., Lyon, MS. Thame8,Edward,Llb. Arts, University, MS. Thoma8,Brtan,Llb. Arts,Seattle,WA. Thoma8,Oscar, Bus. .Wynne, AR. Thompson, Ashley. Lib. Arts, Hernando, M Thompson. Kacee.Accy.,Gautler, MS. Thompson, Lisa. Lib. Arts.BatesvlUe.MS. Thomp8on,Terrie.Llb. Arts,Nettleton.MS. Thrash, Ann. Lib. Arts. Virginia Beach. VA. Tickle.Heldl.Metalrie.LA..KAB Titus.Cari.Bus..Cllnton.MS. Tnbbs.Mlchelle.Llb. Arts,Oxford,MS. Tucker.Cralg.Engr. .Panama Clty.FL. Tupman.Stanley, Bus., Oxford. MS. Tumer.Reggle, Bus.. West Palm Beach.tBS h 362 — Classes Tutor.Tcrry.Llb. Arts.Randolph.MS. Tyer. Andrew, Educ, Helena. AR. Valller.Raymond.Lfb. Arts, Drew. MS. Varney. Merle. Brandon. MS., 2; K Vincent. Amy. Lib. Arts,Marks,MS VoUlntlne.Heather.EducR. Worth.AAII Waddle,,Ub. Arts.BoonevlllcMS. Walker.,loseph,Llb. Arts,Unlverslty,MS. Walker.Shlrley,Llb. Arts,Vlcksburg,MS Wall.Robcrt,Ub. Arts. Water Valley.MS Walla.Marsha.Llb. Arts. Holly Springs.MS. Walthall, Jennlfer.Uus..Huntsvllle.AL..ZTA Warren.Frcd.Bus.Gautlcr.MS Watkliu,Greg,Bus.. Greenwood, MS. Watklns,Wtlllam,Bus.,Jackson,MS, Watson,Scott,Bus.,Eupora,MS. Watts.Kener,Ub Arts,Greenvllle,MS. Watts.Lauren.Llb. Arts.Raymond.MS. Webb, William, EducOxford, MS. Welbom. Mark, Bus, Augusta. GA.,K2 Wells. l,yndsey,Educ., Memphis. TN. WelBh,Curtls,Bus. ,Gautler,MS. Werby.Mary,Educ..Gulfport.MS.,KKr Westbrook, Jennifer, Lib. Arts, Jackson, MS. Weth.Danlcl,Bus.,Unlverslty,MS. Wlialey. Derek. Educ. .Ackerman. MS. Wheeler.James. Liberal Arts.Mt. Vernon, IL Wlllte,Samantha,Bus..01ean.NY. WUtehead, David. Lib Arts. Dennis. MS. WUborn.Klmberly.Melboume,FL..ZT. WUder.Klm.Llb. Arts.Bowllng Green. KY. WiUard.Ellzabeth.ClaTksdale.MS..KKr Wmiams. Amy, Accy. .Hernando, MS. Williams. Angela. Bus., Jackson, MS., M WUllams.Hayley.Llb. Arts.Meridlan.MS. WUlianisnlJana.Educ..Nesblt.MS. Williams. Michael. Lib. Arts.Ocean Springs WUllams.Robln.Llb. Arts.Smlthdale.MS. WiUlamB.Roger. Accy. .Jackson. MS. K ' i ' WUliamson.Kathertne.Bus.Mcrldlan.tM WUloDghby.Ray.Bus.Gulfport.MS. Wilson, KImberly. Accy., Lauderdale, MS. WUson.Maudann, Educ, Oxford, MS. Wllson.Russell.Educ..Cunnlngham.TN.S E WUson.Stacy.Llb. Arts.Tupelo.MS. Wohg. Amanda. Bus.. Oxford. MS. Wong. Kong. Accy.. Malaysia Wong.Sea.Bus. Wood.Nancy.Bus. ,Nashv1lle,TN. ,KAe Wooten. Lisa. Accy. .Pearl. MS. Work. Tammy. Accy. .Potts Camp. MS. Yarbroogh.Tracy.Germantown.TN.IIB Yates. Alvm. Bus. Bruce.MS. Yew.Chong-Van.Bus..Selangor.ZZ. Yleldlng.Klmberly.Educ.Tremont.MS. Yostc. John. Bus.. Germantown.TN. Young. Amber.Llb. Arts.Salllllo.MS.KKr Young, Jonathan. Lib. Arts. Columbus. MS. Underwood. KImberly. Bus., Greenwood, MS. Classes — 363 I Graduate Abong.Irene. Sarawak. Malaysia AkeJu.Mopelola. Nigeria Alderaon, Laura. Oxford Alt.Mlchelle.Oxford Anglingdamia.Junus.Selatan. Indonesia Arnold. Harold, University Arriola. Tom. Pine Bluff.Ar. Ban dyopadhyay.Rebanta, India Bates , R od n ey . Oxford Beckers, Astrld.Dusseldorf. Germany Blshop.Wesley.New Orleans, La. Boswell, Luke, Oxford Brock.OUle.McComb Calvaslna, Jason. Oxford Cao.Zhl-Kang. Shanghai Carr.Kevin.Mt. Olive Causey , Debra . Drew Chan.Shiaw, Malaysia Chandler.Richard. Oxford Chang.Han-Ming.Talpel Clty.Talwan Chang.Shu Yl.Talwan Chang, Sow. Selangor. Malaysia Charavet. Alexandra. Nice Chaudhury, Jay anta. India Chen.Welwei.Tlanjln Chi. Fang. Verona, N J Chaah,Gervalse.KIang Selangor, Malaysia Clark.Nancy, Oxford Denlz.Mekln. Turkey Donti.Lakshmi, University Donti.RaJendra.CTM Dou.Xian. University Dou.Xlblng, University Duke, Josephine. Madison Ebube,Nkere,Idu-AbuJa, Nigeria Ekuta.Jethro.Idu-Abuja. Nigeria Elmore.PauI. Springfield. Mo. Eswaran.Hari. Madras. India Faruque.Fazlay. University Flake, Timothy, Oxford Ford.Kathleen.Charlottesville.Va. Franks , Car 1 . Oxford Gann, Julie. Memphls.Tn. Glnn, Robert. Monterey. Va. Gorthala.Ravl.AP Graham, Belva. Jefferson. Tx. Gao,Jlng.Beljing Hamblin. Linda. Baldwyn Hatch, Deanna, University He, Qin. University He.Xlaoxl.Hefel Herrington, Martha. Nat Chez HoUlm an, Helen. Greenville Howard, Katrina.Clarksdale Hsleh.Ching-Jye.Talwan Hsu.Gong-Yu.GIenview.U Hsneh.Mei, Taiwan Hnang.Dehua. China Hnan.Kedong.Jiangsu Hwang,Chen-Pei.Tao-Yun. Taiwan Hwang, Yun-Vmg.Taichung.Talwan lida.Marl.Japan Ivey, Kenneth. Jackson " " ' ■ ' jm f t 1 w 364 — Classes 1 Jacques, Martp Jean. Brat llcboro.Vt. Jain, Sanjay, India John BOn. El nice. Pascagoula Johnson, Craig. Sea rcy.Ar. Johnson, Susan. Boont-vlllc Johnston, Janls. Duck [1111 Jones, Charlene.Hazlchurst Kachm, Anil. India Kadlcc.Matthcw. Oxford. MS. Karahan.Gokhan, University. MS. Kempt, Heldrun. Germany Kersh, Joyce. Brandon, MS. Khor.Khlnfi-Teck. Malaysia Klnsey.John.Belden.MS. Kode.Srlnlvas. India Krishnan.Maheshkumar. India Knmar.Sunlt. Hyderabad. India Kum pa ty,Hephzlbah. University. MS. Lackey. Ellen. Jackson. MS. Ladner,Hallle.Nederland.TX. Lal.Jung-Chl.Talpel City.ZZ. Lam. Ming Hung.Hong Kong Lambrechts.Peter.Waarloos. Belgium Laurent, August. Green wood. MS. LawBon.Vlctorla.HolIy Spiings.MS. Lee.GwoHuann.Talwan Lee, Hsiao Yun. Taiwan Lee, Yan. Malaysia How do you feel about the S5% tuition increase tliat may take place as early as 1993? Heather Wood Soph. Lib.Arts Jackson. MS " I know people don ' t like It but to keep people here and to keep the doors open, we have to have it. " Mark Nelson Finance Soph. Union, MS " If you look at it from the University stand- point, being as un- derfunded as it is, it Is a pretty good step to make the University a better educational facility. " Suzanne Malone Jr. Int. Econ. Huntsville. ALA " Actually considering other schools, this is still a bargain for the price. I think the in- crease should be made gradually, maybe in in- crements. " Lyndee Eldred Fresh. Psy. Southaven, MS " Well. 1 think we need it. It is not that expen- sive here and we do need more money. " Shannon Northcut Jr. Journalism West Memphis, Ark. " I feel like we are al- ready paying enough as it is. I know we need more money but maybe it should come from somewhere else. Maybe from the Christmas card fund. " r I Classes — 365 . m I Graduates w Lee, Yong-Khoon. Malaysia Lel.Slng.Chlna LI, Tom. China Ll.Weiqt.University.MS. Li , Y an . Shanghai . ZZ . Liao.Su Chuan.TalwEin Llao.Yuexla.Chlna Lin.Fangmlngo.FuJlan.ZZ. Lin, Chung Chfn. Taipei Liu.Lel.Chlna Long.Scott.Oxford.MS. Losson, Christopher .St. Joseph. MO. Low, An ne . Malaysia Low.Yee-Huap.Oxford.MS. La, Qun. China Lua,Keeffuat. Malaysia Mckay,Kevln,Pelahatchle.MS. McKinney, Ann, Oxford. MS. McKinney, Eddie. Mound Bayou. MS. McKinney .John. Oxford. MS. McMarry,Thomaslna,Jonesboro,LA. flIa.Chl-Nang.Macaw Mack, Amy, University. MS. Btock.Mlchael.Unlverslty.MS. Blalone.Davld.Saltnio.MS. Menta,Muralldhar. India Moleon.Marie.HaitI Monk Mary, Birmingham. AL, Moore, Rebecca. Fulton. MS. MonnccW. Earnest. Pototoc.MS. Musa.AbduUa.West Bank Ng-Chong,Seau-Horng.Malaysia Ngaridl,Ngabdul MD.Loulsville.KY. Nimrod, Alison. Greenville. MS. Nirota, Satoko. Japan Ong. Lay. Malaysia Oo.Ky aw. Burma Oshima. Masaru. Japan Oatz, Daniel. Greenwood, MS. Palmer.Jeffrey.VlUa Rldge.IL. Panda, Sanjay. India Pang, Jack. Taiwan PaBninartbi,Murlldharrac, India Peeples.Ann.Brookhaven.MS Penick.TIna.McComb.MS. Perera,Mlhlpagalage. University Powell, Tangela. Memphis. TN, Prichard.Amy.BoonevlU.MS. gian, Qun. China Qin.Zhl-Kang.Ulversity, Rangasamy,Mathiazhagan, Tamil Nadu.ZZ. Ranjan.Awanlsh. University, MS. Rice.Michael.Ruston.LA. Richard8on,Stephen, Dexter, MO. Radd,Carrol,Pope.MS. Leah,Russell.Oxford,MS. 8cott,John, Hickory Flat.MS. Setyadl.Gracla.Unlverslty.MS. Shen,Shu, China Sliiying.Ll.Unlverslty.MS. Shu.Shlanfeng.Chlna Shumate, Cathey.Unlverslty.MS. Singharay, Chin may. India i i r 366 — Classes Smlth.Pamrla.Oxford.MS. Song.gilal. China San. YonKzhad. Beijing Swayze. Elizabeth. Benton. MS. Tan.Slok.Oxlord Taylor.Mlrhcllc. Holly Sprlngs.MS. Tlng.Shueh-Chln.Talwan Tong.Kam.Hong Kong Tsal.Chlna.Talwan Tumer.Mlsty.New Albany. MS. V«iiJaiU,Mahesh. University. MS. Vega.Mlquel. Spain Vlnlng.Robert.Metalrte.LA. Vlmon.Thad. Brandon. MS. Vaavaliare.SanJeev. India WalkerBrlan.AbbevUle.LA. Wang.Ylll.Unlverslty.MS. Wee, Chleu-Nee. Malaysia White. Alan.Oxford. MS. Wiltshire. Peggy. Hemando.MS. Wlngard.George. Water Valley.MS. Wood, Alison. Jackson. MS. Wu.Hual-Kuan.Taoyuan.ZZ. Xle.Bo.Chlna Tang.Pel Lan, Taiwan Yartas.Erkan. Turkey Yong.Thean-Choong. Malaysia Yon, Chulsoo. Korea Yotmg. Mary .Oxford. MS. Yu.Meei- Jane. Taiwan Yuan.Dah-Hucl.Tal Pel Zen, Welwen. China Ong, Boon. Malaysia WUson.Joann.Oxford.MS. Kelchner, Jonathan. Oxford. MS. Robertson, Klmberly. Oxford. MS Wong. Wayne. Canton. MS. Dearman, Sarah. Jackson. MS. Finn egan. Terence. England Bdaxcy,Allyn. Lambert. MS. Klestler.Jeffrey.Unlverslty.MS. Hlnton.Brlan.Retalee Blalne.Mlchael.Oxford.MS. Moore. Rebecca. University. MS. Lewis. Andre. University. MS. Pirlnen.Annl. Finland Yong.Yu. Malaysia Forsberg.Klmmo. Finland Smlllle.Troy.Unlverslty.MS. Lin.Chung.Talwan Golman, Georgia. Bogue Chltto. MS Classes — 367 PtLarmacy I Bales, Michael. Ocean Spring. MS Bates, Alice. Mendenhall. MS Buckles, Amy. Natchez, MS Decosta, Darlene. Gulfport. MS Ellis, Natalie. Mantachle. MS Faeser, Shannon. Blloxi. MS Farmer, Clayton, Poplarvllle. MS Fozworth. Jason, Columbia. MS Gibson, Pamela. Sumrall. MS Gray, Brenda. Ringgold. GA Holland, Lisa. Oxford, MS HoUingsworth, Kevin, Mt. Olive. MS Havas, Todd, Kilmlchael. MS Haam, Adelene, Natchez, MS Iyer. Sangeeta, Germantown, TN Jackson, James, Walnut, MS Jarvis, Klmberly, McComb, MS McLaarin, Christopher, Corinth, MS McMaster, Amy, Yazoo City, MS Meadows, Leah, Laurel, MS Mellenger, Michelle, Ashland, KY Melton, Jennifer, Brandon, MS Moss, Steve, Walnut, MS Neese, Susan, Kosciusko, MS Patel, Sanglta, Columbus, MS Reeves, Wlmberly, Clinton, LA Rickles, Sandra, McCarley, MS Robbins, Elizabeth, Fulton. MS Sartln, VIcki. Brandon. MS Sasser, Pamela. Summit. MS Smith, Dana. Popular Bluff. MO Smith, Melanie. Indlanola. MS Starr, Stephanie. Hattiesburg. MS Tapp, Lea. Ripley. MS Turbervllle, David. Brandon. MS Walters, Dawna. Ocean Springs, MS Watson, Blythe, Batesville, MS Williamson, Jill, Pearl, MS Wilson, Klmberly, Potts Camp, MS PtLarmacy II Blaylock, Amy. Gore Springs, MS Breland. Daniel. Moss Point. MS Brock. Lance, Tylertown. MS Brown, Carole, Dexter. MO Brown, Reagan. Wesson. MS Bufkln. Donna. Pickens. MS Burgess, Pamela. Pascagoula. MS Cappleman, Rebecca, Ripley. MS Coleman, Leigh. Savannah, TN Cammlns, Dosha. Greenville. MS Dalalson. Valarle. Terry. MS Daniels, Kelll. Popular Bluff.MO Dllworth. Marty. Corinth. MS Dixon, Kayla, Brookhaven. MS f% X r 368 — Classes Dooglat. Traccy. Brookhaven. MS GUlesple. Melissa. Oxford. MS Harder. William. Unlverally. MS Harrl»on. Charles. Ripley. MS Hawklnt, I orl. Pascaffoula, MS Helmcr. Kyle. Oxford. MS Hlgga, Darren. Oakvale. MS Hurst, Slacey. Southaven. MS Hatchinson, Stacle. Oxford. MS Joe, Glenn. Greenwood. MS Johnston. Janet, McComb. MS Joe. Debbie. Indlanola. MS Klepzlg, Angela Knox. Paula. Oxford. MS Lambert. Renee. VIcksburg. MS Lee. Laura, Corinth. MS Lee. Sammy. Pearl. MS Lee. Todd. Lumberton. MS Lewis. Paul, Hazlehurst. Ms Lewis, Tim, Meridian. MS Lou, Lisa. Greenville, MS McCaojhan, Danny. Pearl. MS UcDonaid. Jeanette. Meridian, MS Hagee, Janice. Washington, MS Biaggio, Elizabeth. Indlanola. MS BSiller, Terl, Sumrall. MS Moody. Sonla. Meridian. MS Moss, Tracey. Morton. MS Neal. Alan. Meridian. MS Owens. Misty, Crossett. Ark. Parker. Wllda, Lucedale, MS Pearson, Lewis. Avon, MS Perkins. Steven. Hernando. MS Pitts, Amanda. Mantachle. MS Randle, James. Blue Springs. MS Rhyne, Wendy. Durant. MS Riles. Diane. Holly Springs. MS Ross, Bobble Jean. Magee. MS Rowley, Chris. Sandy Hook. MS Sanders. Mark. Meridian MS Sewell, Jeanna. Pontotoc. MS Shaw, Susan, Florence. MS Skelton. Mitch. Oxford Snipes, Donna, Olive Branch. MS Spann, Kathy. Raymond. MS Stepp, Michael, Oxford, MS Sohor, Scott. Picayune. Ms Tedford, Hope. Pontotoc, MS Tborton. LeAnn. Walnut. MS i Classes — 369 ff I Pliarmacy II Tlnsley. James. Thaxton. MS Vandevender.Tol, Dekalb. MS Whi taker. Shannon. Eupora. MS WllUamB, Trevor. Rienzl. MS Wllson.Todd. Corinth, MS Woo, Raymond. Indlanola. MS Wood, Henry. Tylertown. MS PtLarmacy III Abemety, Amy. Columbus. MS Ainsworth, Mona, Vicksburg. MS Akers-Clark, Glchelle. Boonevllle, MS Ales, Justin. Sardls. MS Angel. Cheryll. Lake Village. Ark. Bolen. Lori, Boonevllle. Ms Bonner, Chris. StarkvlUe.MS Breland, Marty. Wiggins. MS Blight. Pamela. Pascagoula. MS Brondyke, Ed. Oxford. MS Bosh. Bradley. Clarksdale. MS Byrd, Eva Jo. Starkvllle. MS Canada. Kara Beth. Dumas, Ark. Chambers, Robert. Memphis. Tn Clowers, Ken. Ponotoc. MS Comer, Mary Margaret. Fulton. MS Cntberth, Amanda Ann. Walnut. MS Dancer, Steven. Ramer. TN Daqullla, Angela. Vicksburg. MS Davidson. Eric. Jackson, MS Deaton, Bradley. Clinton. MS Dnncan. Susan. Carthage. MS Dunson, David. Shelby, MS Elliott. Recca. Ripley. MS Pelgler, Stephanie. Greenwood. MS Pikes. Melanle. Amory. MS Floyd, Kenny. Boonevllle. MS Fortune. Cassie. BatesvlUe, MS Gamer, Carla. New Hebron. MS Gann. Ken. C orinth. MS Hathom. Klmberle. Louisville. Ms Herrlngton, Julie. Eupora. MS Holliday. Lori. Senatobla. MS Hoggins, Preston Landrum. Lisa. Columbus, MS Lax, Jennifer S.. Senatobla. MS Lester, Crystal. Vardaman. MS Lilly, Robin. Ponotoc. MS Linder. Stacey Jo. Jackson. MS Luft. Charlotte Gillespie. Jackson, MS UcKnatt, Michael Ross. Olive Branch. MS McMollen. Karen. Oxford. MS 1 « w 370 — Classes Malone, Kamona. Jackson. MS Ualone, Sharlcnc, Sandcrsvllle. MS Merrill, George. Uoonevlllc. MS Norwood. Hank. Columbus. MS Null. .John Anthony. Corinth. MS Onnon. MftchcU. Hlrkory Flat. MS Overton, Mona. Batcsvllle. MS Paplzan, Cherle. Crystal Springs. MS Pearson, Tonya. Amory. MS Peddy, Celeste. New Orleans. LA Ponnders, Laura Powell. .Joel. Yazoo City. MS Powell. Wayne. Meridian. MS Pngh. Mlllettee. BatesvlUe, MS Putnam, Melalne. Jackson. MS golnn, Tracey. Memphis. Tn Rayford, Sheila. Holly Springs, MS Rice, Laura A.. Escatawpa. MS RlchardBon, Elizabeth. Ripley. MS Rogers. Cheryl. Greenwood. MS Rose. Cynthia. Senatobla. MS Sandronl. Todd. Shaw. MS Schaefer. Richard. Lumberton. MS Scott, Karol. Picayune. MS Simmons. Alan. Ecru. MS Smith, Deann. Greenwood. MS Steiner. Keith Samrall, Deanna, Moselle. MS Tiylor, Leslie. Tupelo. MS Therrell, Sharon. Batesvllle. MS Thomas, Steve. Clinton. MS Tomsik. Teresa. Blloxl. MS Waldrip. Kelly Todd. Sardls. MS Watts, Heather. Union. MS Weathers, Amy West. Sonya Hale. Ponotoc. MS Wheeler, Christy. Fulton. MS White, Deena. Red Bay. ALA Whiteside. Jerry. Decatur. ALA WUkerson, Mona. Metairie. LA Williamson, Jeannle. Kllmlchael. MS Wilson, Dennis. Oxford. MS Yielding, Frankle. Tremont. MS Yoong, Artls. Pearl. MS I Classes — 371 i, . ' Iwiex A Abadie, John 266, AbboU, Louis Abdo, Beth Abel. Alan Abernety, Amy Abney. Luke Abong, Irene Abraham, Fran 201.259,260. 266, Abraham. Michael Abrahan. Jeanne Academic A airs Commillee Accounling Sliident Bod ' Adair, Christopher Adams. Caroline 341 Adams, Gene 341 Adams, Jason 341 Adams, Philip 269 Adams, Shelly 352 Adams, Shunta 322 Addis, Kristi 205, 274, 341 Advertising Club 285 Ahl. Kim 265 Ainsworth. Deb 201, 269. 322 Ainsworth. Mona 370 Ainsworth, Temple 322 268 Air Force 302, 303 352 Akeju. Mopelola 364 199 Akers-Clark, Gichelle 370 352 Akins. Candice 332 370 Albritton. Audry 352 233 Alderman. Tommy 352 364 Alderson. Laura 364 261. Ales. Justin 370 322 Alexander, Elizabeth 261, 262. 233 263. 273, 341 199 Alexius, Jennifer 269 261 Alfonsi, Sharon 201 293 Alford, Matt 352 332 Alford, Mega 341 Alford, Megan Alford, Neil Alford, Warner Ali, Deniz Alias, William Allen. Caron Allen. Chris Allen, Elizabeth Allen, Jay 229, 262 Allen, John Allen, Julie 259, 260, 276 Allen, Kelly Allison, Elizabeth 65 Allison. Suzan Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Tau Omega Alphons, Joe Alt, Marie Alt, Mario Alt. Michelle Altazan. Dana 201, Altazan. Elizabeth Alvis. Adam Ambassadors Ames. Anna Amisano. Cindy 264. Amisano. Cynthia Amisona, Ricky Amos, Dewayne Amos, Irene Anderson, Ashley Anderson, Catherine Anderson. Cathy Anderson. Christy Anderson. Jamie Anderson, Michelle Anderson, Saili Andrews, Adam Andrews, Amy Andrews, Jackson Andrews, Michael Angel, Cheryll Angel. Cheryl Anglingdarma. Junus Antoniades. Fanos Anloon. Marie Applewhite. Devon April, Alexander Archambault. Ann 201. 285 Archer. Doug Archie. Tiffany Ard. Kristine Arguelles. Alicia Armistead. Tanya 211, Armstrong. John Armstrong. Sarah 201, Arnold. Harold Arnold. Rachel 201,264,276, Arriola. Tom ASB Assistants ASB Cabinet Ash. Emily Askew, Peter 257 262, 269 199 270 322 174 322 268 352 273 193 , 265 221 352 352 199 352 190 194 140 192 219 221 221 332 265 364 341 352 322 264 199 270 352 322 219 267 322 332 191 352 173 84 322 352 341 352 264 370 211 364 332 174 341 332 352 276 84 341 193 332 352 352 364 332 364 260 259 201 332 Atchinson. Tara Aten. Pamela Atkins, Ashley Atkins. Danny Atkinson. Catherine Atkinson. Houston Atkinson. Matthew Atkinson, Teresa Atwood, Amy Atwood, Larry Austin, Kenny Avant. Brain Association o Womens St Aycock, Jim Ayers, Jennifer Ayres, Tami 264 341 201 332 193 341 341 332 269 284 229 332 udents 312 264 322j 211. 34t| Babar, John 34 Babb. Michelle 34 Babb. Patricia 18 Baeshen. Heesh 33 Baeshen. Hoda 32 Baile. Jennifer 26 Bailey. Brian 34 Bailey. Carolyn 35 Bailey, Holly 35 Bailey, Jennifer 201 322 Bailey, Kristi 269 Bailey, Laure 35| Bailey, Leland 34I Baily. Christy 21] Bain. Kevin 35a Baine. Rod 229 352 Baker. Christopher 341 Baker. Chris 262 267 273 Baker, Jason 322 Baker, Justin 322{ Baker, Kristie 34 Baker, Kristen 193 352 ' Bakeri Melissa 199 332 Baker, Scott 23! Baker, Tobie 32: Baker, Traci 321 Bakutis. Lori 32: Balderson, Stephanie 201 32? Balducci, Chris 352 Baldwin, Mendy 19 Baldwin, Nicole 32i Bales, Michael 368 Balher, Lisa 281 Ball, Robbie 35? Ballard, Ben 269 273 Ballard, Sheila 352 Ballenger, Wendy 193 276, 332 Ballew, Brennan 199 Ballit, Sandrine 99 Band 298, 299 Bandyopadhyay, Rebanta 364 372 — Index 191 84 322 352 229 221 233 199 193 341 193. 322 201, 199 233, 257 isSludeiil! ) 1 Banks. CharloUe Banks. Kristin Banks. M.uiry Barbannv. Brelt Barbera, Nathan Barbour. Charles Barker. Klizabeth Barker. Holly Barker. Thomas Barklev. Misty Barmettler. lane Barnes. Adrienne Barnes, Alison Barnes, l.awton Barnes. Lizzie Barnes. Nicole Barnett. Clayton Barnett, lennifer Barnharl. Margaret Barone. Nick Barone. Sharla Barrasso. Angle Barrett. Charles Barrett. lason Barrett. Kalhenne Barrier. Betty Barry. Marian Barlh, Colin Barth. Tami Barllett. Shanna Barton, Angela Barton. Burwell Barton. Christopher Barton. Gina 201,262 Barton. Russell Barton. Wanda Baselmans. Cathanna Basselt. Christe n Bassett. Nichole Bateman. lohn Bates. Alice Bales. Dana Bates. Mike Bates. Rodney Bates. Valerie Batten. Lisa Battiste. Christopher Battle. Allison Bauman. Megan Baxter, lohn Beaman. Sharon Beard. Brett Beard. Gerald Beatv. lames Beavers. Anlonia Beavers. Dale Beck. lulie Becker. William Beckers. Astrid Becklin. leannelte Beckman. Mark Bedwell. Travis Beeson. Robert Beevers. Dana Behm. Lauren Beissel. Cannon Belcher. Pam Belknap. Lilliana Belknap. Monica Belknap. Rob Bell. Abby Bell. Toy Bell. Whitaker Benjamin. Danny Bennett. Ashley Bennett. Brad Bennett, lason Bennett, jennifer-Anne Bennett. Robin Bennett. William Tyler Bennington. Chnsta Benskin. Steve Benton. Angela 263. 264 Benton. Laura 322 264, 322 352 269 199 285. 352 341 , 264. 276 279, 341 99 99 199 263, 268 322 . 265. 332 199 199 229 332 193, 262 352 263 233 276, 341 322 352 322 322 352 322 368 341 229. 266 364 352 264 341 199 191 227. 267 322 276 332 341 322 261, 322 257, I ;»■ ,1 211 201,1- Berey. Bethany Berger, Michael Berger. Mike Bergeron. Alfred Bergeron. Lori Bergeson. Holly Bergin, Raymond Bernreuler, Jennifer Berry. Charles Berry. Derek Berry. Lee Hunter Bert. Timothy Berlin. Clifford Bertolasi. Tessa Belu Alphci Psi Bethav. Marcia Belts. Catherine Beutin. Brian Bevis. Prichard Biggers. Blair Biglane. Peter Billat. Sandrine Billings, Darron Billington. Darian Birge. Nancy Bishop. Bonnie Bishop, Wesley Bissell, Melissa Bissell, New Bitter. Mike Black. Candice Black, Downers Black, lohn Black, lohnny Black. Martin Blackburn. Amy Blackburn. Randy Blackburn. Shea Blackmon, Ben Blackmon. Toni Blackstone. Richard Blaha. Beth Blaha. Elizabeth Blaine. Michael Blair. Coach )ohn Blalack. Courtney Blanchard. E ) Blanchard. )ay Bland. Kristy Blanton. lackson Blanton. Susan 264 Blasen. Jennifer Blaylock. Amy Blaylock. Dwayne Blavlock. Laura Blaylok. Angle Bleau. Krisinda 2bz Blissard, Amy Blossom, Michael Blossom. Mike Blount. Karen Blount. Kenneth Blue. Kelly Bluntson. Eric Boatman. Amanda Boatman. Amy Boatner. Bo Boga, Cossatta Bohlken. Carolyn Bolen. Ecru Bolen. Lori ,3 , Bolen. Martin 174 Boles. Andrea .41 Bollinger, Melanie „2 Bond. Andrew 352 Bond, Mellisa 322 Bonds. Mike 322 Bonduranl. Chris 901 Bone, Gratia ,Q3 Bonifield, Susan 260 Bonjean,Bubba 7fi5 266 Bonner. Chris 9fifi 332 Bonner. Laura 257 268 Book Exchange 193 276 221 341 211 264, 322 352 193, 322 221 352 71,233 322 341 201 143 287, 352 352 352 265 262, 341 221 341 76 284 276, 277, 352 84 364 199, 352 352 268, 271 352 352 233, 257 193 285, 352 364 322 273, 341 71.273 233. 341 . 285, 352 352 270 352 211,262,341 341 201, 269, 276 233 322 229 276, 352 193 367 106 322 352 229 264. 322 322 266. 268. 322 191.264.332 368 332 199 336 266. 268. 269, 322 352 341 264, 273 332 273, 341 229 219, 352 341 Booker, Carrie Boone, Katherine Boone, Larry Borden, Lisa Borrell. Tanya Boswell. Luke Botlorff. Karen Bouchard, Dennis Boucher. Alisha Bougard. Byhalia Bougard. Kashun Bounds, lanice Bourgeois. Christin Bourland. Allen Bourn. Kevin Boutwell. Matthew Boutwell. Sharon Bowling. Shelley Bowman. Allyson Bowman. Amy Box. Robert Boyce, Jennifer Boyce, Virginia Boyd, Danny Boyd, Gianetta Boyd. Ginny Boyd. Natalie Boyd. Regina Boyd. Todd Boyden. Ion Boykin. Elizabeth Brabyn. Tom Brackett. Kimberly Braddock. Tal Bradford, Christi Bradley. Anthony Bradley. Marshall Bradley. William Bradshaw, Aaron Bradshaw, Susan Brandt, lulie Brannon. Rodney Brantley, Kay Branton. Christine Branton, Christy Breaux, Stephanie Breavers, Dale Breland, Allison 211. 257 191. Breland, Daniel Breland, Marty Brennan, Megan Brewer, Burlin Brewer, Lucy 199 ' Bridgers, David Bridges, Phil Bridgforth, Mary Bright. Pamela Brim, Cedric Brilt. Eddie Broad. Wendy Broadhead. Barry Broadwater. Laura Brocato, Laurie Brock, Don 8, Brock, Heather Brock, Lance Brock. Ollie Brockman. lenniler Brondyke. Ed Bronson. losh 1 Bronssard, Michael , Brooks. Elizabeth 1 Brooks. Gina 2 Brooks, Marcie 1 Brooks. Marci 2 Brooks, Mason 2 Brooks. Thomas ,2 Broom, lohn ,2 Broom, Susan 4 Brothers, Dori 29 Broussard, Michael 70 Brown. Alicia 32 Brown, Barbara )im ' ' Brown, Beverly 352 Brown. Carole Brown. Carter Brown. Chad Brown. Chry.sler Brown, Colin Brown, David Brown. Elizabeth Brown. James Brown, left Brown, leffery Brown. Julie Brown. Katelyn Brown. Kristi Brown. Lisa Brown, Meg Brown, Mike Brown, Miranda Brown. Reagan Brown. Richard Brown, Sandra Brown, Stephen Brown. Teresa Brownlee, Vincent Bryan. Harriet Bryant. Anne Bryant. Troy ; Bryson. Melissa Buchman, Kara Buck, Heather Buck, Margaret Buckingham. Valerie Buckler, Dave Buckles, Amy Buckles, Angela Buckley, Laura Buckner, jeane Buest, Delia Buffington, Kevin Bufkin, Donna Buford, Chris Buford, Tangela Bulian. lames BuUen. Kammie Bullock. Lib Seminary Bullock. Michele Burch. lenny Burdell. William Burford. Reagan Burgess. Marks Burgess. Pamela Burkes, Kim ; Burkett. Hugh Burkett. lerry Burkhalter. Henry Burkhardt. Melissa Burkitt, Ashley Burnett. Patrick Burney, Cynthia Burnham. Anna Burnham. lohn Burnham. Kelby Burnham. Romney Burns. Andrew Burns. Rebecca Burrell. Edward Burton. Steph anie Busby. Amanda Busby. Cherry Busch. Angle 370 Buse. Kristin 99 Bush. Angle 276 Bush. Bradley 211 267 Bush, lason 341 Bushong. David 353 Business Advisory 211 Bussone, Kristin 322 Butler, Christy 229 Butler, Corinth 353 Buxton. William 193 Byars. Darla 262,322 Byars. Keri 276 341 Byers. Robert 285 Byrd. Bill 201 263,268. Byrd. Eva )o 276 Byrd. Nancy 201 368 263 75 211.332 276, 353 322 353 259, 264 60, 199 193, 353 270 99 267, 332 267. 341 353 353 276. 353 322 322 262. 341 211. Closing — 373 mm Byrd, Susan Byrd, William Byrne, Susannah Byrum, [ohnny 84 Cattanach. Leslie 199 Clements, Cassib 332 Cox, Christine ¥ 323 f 1 353 Causey. Debra 364 Glemmer, Stephanie 342 Cox, Christy 193 tl 353 353 Causey, Drew Gavender, lohn Caver. Russell 364 342 354 Clinton, Sharyl Glower, Candice Clower, Gandi 201, 276 323 191 Cox, Jeffrey Cox, Mark Cox, Michael 323 233 333 Cayson. Sara Gencula. Allyson Ghadwick. Billy 354 Glowers, Ken 370 Cox, Robyn 342 211 Cobb, Christopher 276 Cox, Tracy 342 99 Cochran, Brien 342 Grabb, Stacy 263, 268 Chai. Zheng Chambers, Robert 354 Cochran, Kelly 201, 287, 342 Craft, Kendra 201, 262, 276, 342 I I 370 Cockfield, Anne 264, 270 Graft, Martha 342 ( ' Ghambliss, Donnie 221 Cockroft, [ennifer 332 Craig, Sherry 342 I ' Champion, lames Champion, Theresa 354 Code Revision Committee 260 Crainshaw, Gregory 333 V.- 354 Gofer, lim 264 Cramer, Anthony 285 Chan, Shiavv 364 Cohen, Jennifer 323 Crane, Logan 342 Caccon, Grady 233 Chancellor, Candice 193. 354 Cohron, Colleen 264, 323 Craven, Dennis 81, 342 Cade, Shayne 332 Chancellor, Renee 84 Coker, Brenda 263 Graver, Stephen 333 Cadle, Tiffany 211 Chancellor, Van 84 Coker, Brent 233, 266 Crawford, Geneva 264, 323 Cado, Monica 211 Chandler, Hunt 276 Cole, Amy 284 Creager, Barbra 333 Cagle, Paul 81 Chandler, Richard 364 Cole, Brian 323 Creel, Belinda 342 Gai, Lingxi 353 Chandler, Stacy 211, 354 Cole, Karen 342 Creel, Jo 257 Cain, Catherine 267, 342 Chandrun, Rajat 107 Cole, Rebecca 201 Creel, Josephine 333 Cain. Kim 106 Ghaney, Leigh Ann 191, 354 Cole, Sonya 323 Crider, Brian 323 Caldwell, Caroline 201. 353 Chang, Han-Ming Chang. Shu Taiwan Chang. Shu Yi Chang. Sow Chapman. Piper Chapman. Ray Charavet. Alexandra 364 Cole, Xavier 258 Criss, Julie 333 Caldwell, leff 287 364 Coleman, Chris 259 269, 354 Crocker, Ginger 260, 266, 271 Caldwell, Mary Frances 68, 199 364 Coleman, Larry 354 Crocker, Sherri 333 Calhoun, Carrie 332 364 Coleman, Leigh Ann 201, 368 Cronin, Mike 221, 258 Calvasina, )ason 364 199 Coleman, Mary Cass 199, 342 Crook, Katherne 333 Cameron, Tara 263, 264 221 Coleman, Sarah Lyie 199 Crosby, Kay 201 Camp, Clay 262, 269 364 Colingo, Alyson 269 Cross, Duncan 233 1 Campbell, Barry 323 Charavet. Nice 364 CoUantes, Paloma 99 Gross, Myles 233 Campbell, Cannon 99 Gharest. Rebecca 193 Collier, Haley 323 Crouch, Stephen 354 Campbell, Christa 342 Chase. Pamela 199, 262, 342 Collier, Jeff 221 Crowe, Katie 264 Campbell, LaKeldra 342 Chatham. Sonya 276 Collier, Wendy 201 Crump, Brian 354 Campbell, Mary 353 Ghaudhury. [ayanta 364 Colling, Erin 342 Cuevas, Jennifer 201, 264 Campbell, Melisse 264, 277, 353 Ghelette. Shannon 199 Collins. Emily 199, 323 Cuevas, Stephen 342 Canada, Brad 264, 268, 270, 332 Chen, Tianjin Chen. Weiwei 364 Collins, Erin 268 , 269, 270 Culpepper, Craig 233 Canada, Kara Beth 370 364 Collins, Robert 81, 354 Cummins, Dosha 368 Ganik, |ennifer 264. 323 Cheng, Leng Chernenkoff, Kelly 354 Collins, Stephen 332 Cunningham, James 233 Ganizaro, Christi 342 323 Colon, Angelle 199, 264 Curren, Mary Leigh 354 Gannon, Christina 342 Cheung, Fanling Cheung, Fung 354 Colonel Rebel 67 Curry, Cassandra 263, 264 Cannon, Laura 323 354 Colquitt, Claire 268, 323 Curtis, Mary 323 1 Cantrell, |ohn 342 Chew, Foong-Meng 354 Comer, Mary Margaret 370 Curtis, Steve 84 Canup, B | 353 Chi Omega 197 Comer, Michelle 211 Curtis, Tiffany 62 201, 266, 268, 276, 342 Ganup, Don 276 Chi Epsilon Chi, Fang Chi, NJ Chien, Ghiung-|ung 147 Commer, Beth 332 Canup, Dow 260, 261, 276, 342 364 Communications Commillee 273 Gutberth, Amanda A nn 370 Cao, Shanghai 364 364 Conlee, Cling 77 Cutrer, Canette 193, 285, 354 Cappert, Leigh Ann 199 354 Conlin, Chris 229 Cutright, Kim 191 324 Gappleman, Rebecca 368 Chien, Tai Pei 354 Gonnell, Ben Allen 261 Cynthia, Fong Caraway, Frederick 342 Childress, Brad 221 Connell, Jane 332 I Garley, David 342 Childress, Curt 221, 276 Gonnell, Ted 233 Carley, Linda 353 Childress, Kristen 270 Conniff, Catherine 199, 354 Carlise, Bethnay 271 Chin, Wai-Mean 354 Conoley, Ivy 99, 199 T V 1 Carlisle, Bethany 201, 323 Chin, Yein Long 342 Cook, Alana 332 Carlisle, Candy 193, 342 Ghipley, Robin 264, 342 Cook, Brandon 323 ) Carlson, David 229 Ghisolm, Richard 342 Cook, Bruce 323 Carlson, Kristen 191, 332 Cho, Suyoung 342 Cook, Chip 221, 354 1 - r Carney, Angel 191 Ghotard, Amelia 197, 323 Cook, Courtland 323 Carney, Lee 276 Chow, Alon 342 Cook, David 323 Dabbs, Kristina 323 Garollo, Kim 211. 332 Chow, Chuck 354 Cook, Mersey 193 Daily, Patrick Dalaison, Valarie 233 Garothers, Charlotte 199 Chow, Lisa 323 Cooley, Alese 332 368 Carothers, Cotena 323 Chrestman, Lee 354 Cooley, Christopher 323 Dale, Debra 65, 201 Garothers, Sandra 342 Christian, Dawn 342 Cooper, Brian 229 Dale, Thomas 233, 333 Carothers. Taylor 323 Christian, Matthew 323 Cooper, John 342 Dalton, Chris 223 Carpenter. |ohn 233 Christopher, Leslie 193, 323 Cooper, Ken 221 Dana, Powell 337 Carpenter. Laura 211. 323 Chu, Natalie 264 267, 271, 272, Cooper, Michael 221,332 Dancer, Steven 370 Carpenter. Timothy 354 342 Cooper, Tim 221 Daniels. Julia 193 Garr. DriscoU 323 Chua, Ruby 266, 268, 342 Cope, John 233 Daniels. Kelli 193, 368 Garr. Florence 323 Chung, Chichen 342 Gopeland. Brittany 262, 264 Daniels, Michelle 268 Garr. Kevin 364 Chuq, Ruby 285 Copelin, Dirk 342 Daquilla, Angela Darby, Leigh Ann Davidson, Eric 370 Garraway. Mechael 332 Giaverelli, Mike 223 Goppit, David 323 264, 276 Carroll. Michael 342 Cimon, Catherine 323 Corder, Sherrell 342 370 Carrothers. Linda 342 Cirilli, Robert 233 Cordis, Anna 323 Davidson, George 323 Carruthers. Gloria 342 Clark, Andrew 332 Corey, Caprisha 323 Davidson, Melissa 205, 262, 285, Carruthers, Greta 276 Clark, Chris 223 Corley, Philip 233 354 Carson. Elizabeth 201 Clark, Cory 264, 268, 323 Cornish, Kim 201, 263, 276, 332 Davidson, Paisley 323 Carter, Daniel 354 Clark, Dawn 323 Gorpstein, Kathy 332 Davis, Alicia 199, 323 1 Garter, David 323 Clark, )ason 233 Gotten, Elizabeth 323 Davis, Andy 257 ' Garter, Denver 221 Clark, Linda 354 Gounce, Charles 332 Davis, Glint 233 Carter, Elizabeth 323 Clark, Nancy 364 Counce, Jason 268 Davis, Courtney 342 Carter, Leigh 261 Clavier. )odi 323 Court Reporters 284 Davis, Gourtenay 199, 260 Carter, Todd 342 Clay. Christopher 323 Courtney, Marvin 75, 77 Davis, Darrell 323 Cartwright, Jonathan 323. 342 Clay, Christy 211 Couture, Brent 223 Davis, Denise 323 Carvalho, Donaldo 354 Clearman. Amanda 191, 262, 269, Covey, Cindi 332 Davis, Emily Davis, Jarvis 354 Cater, Amy 262. 268. 269 323 Covington, Annie 332 342 Catholic Student Association 287 Clearman, jefferey 354 Cox, Amy 323 Davis, Jody 342 ijiii Gato, Cathie 354 Clearman, Petal 354 " % 374 — Closing ■ - _ Dep.iiil. Enrico Derrick. Amy 324 333 Dugan, Dawn 262, Duggins, Scott 264. 271. 273 266 J Derrick. Michelle 324 Duke, lusephine 3f)4 ■ Derryberry, Vance 221, 342 Dulaney, Denise 193,333 t DeSha o. Cameron 229 Duling, Shea 273 ) DeSimone. Todd 284 Dunaway, Lee 324 Divsporte, Lyn Cherie 333 Duncan. Ashley 261 Di ' llor, Lisa 354 Duncan, Douglas 354 Deiiscle, Jenny 324 Duncan, Shane 276 i ' i 1 Dewees. Guy IJewey, Amy DeZemplen. Rick Dibarlolo. Laura 354 264, 324 223 324 Duncan, Su.san Duncan, Tim Duncan, Tracy Dunn, Kimberlie 370 354 343 193 Hi 1 Uicker.son. Amy 342 Dunson. David 370 M 1 Dickenson. Paige 269 Duplantis. Laurie 193, 324 i M H Dickin.son. Shane 333 Duraslanti. Lisa 173 idi H M Dickson. Lynn 199, 354 Durfey. Rosemary 199. 277. 354 I M B Diffey, Steven 342 Durham, Britt 268 i. M H Dill. Becky 201, 276 Durham, Larry 233 I H m° ' m. H Dill, Charlotte 354 Durham, Ted 99 r H ■ Dill, )ohn 15 Durlacher, Erich 263 t I 280, 266, r 1 C t J t 1 Dill. Laura Dillard. Benjamin 279. 354 342 Durrett, Laura Dye, Richard 61,287, 354 233 1 Dillard, Brad 354 Dye, Rick 268 I 1 Dillon. Dayle 279. 333 Dyer. William 354 221! 1 Dilworth. Marty 368 I 1 Diorga, Nik 333 1 1 Dismuke, Anna 191, 354 21 1 Ditolla. Kate 106 - », J 1 Divan. Darla 333 C ' Ij ixoDic x I Dixon, Amanda 201, 262, 354 - I rnS aT 1 Dixon, Carlynn 191, 333 c 5 rAl DPI 1 Dixon, Daniel 262, 274, 354 V » 20U jL l Kl x 1 Dixon, Kayla 368 1 5 jL WQW A 1 Dixon, Stephanie Do, Tuan 211 354 Hakes. Patrick 354 ) r »V )o 1 Dobbins, Tara 333 Easley, Bryan 343 21 V o B fifv H Dobbs, Paula 324 Easley, Leigh Ann 343 Ji fL toi 1j5 H Dodd, Desiree 343 Eason, Courtney 211, 257 263,5 , fe lrl V Dodson. lack 257, 260. 343 East, Stephanie East, William 201, 276 333 1 I 01,266,3 276, !( Ia 1 Dodson, Lyn Dodson, Merlyn Doe. lenny Doiron. Danielle 199 324 199 199 Easterling, Kimberly Easterwood, Lee Eaves, Gail 324 221 84, 354 n JI I93.2IS,S 1 Doiron. Phillip Dollar. Kristy 354 59. 197 Eaves, Mary Ebach. lason Ebube. Nkere 266, 268, 324 355 364 II 1 P Donat. Lynn Donelan. Nancy Donham. Nancy Donnell, Christopher 333 343 324 354 Echelberry, Robert Echols, Ruth Eckard, Dax Eckols, Demetrice 333 201 221 272 ' " MojJiQue: Donnell. Denise Donnelly, Patrick 263. 264. 268 343 Eckols, Tametrice 263, 266, 268, 324 z.e: r( cv -Ay efi. cAt4 Donovan, William Dnnti 1 akshmi 354 364 Eddins, Amy 211 takv Donti, Rajendra Doolittle. Dex Dorion. Philip 364 233 105 Eddins, Kim Edgar, Allan Edgar, Robbie Edge, Caroly Edmonston, Becca 211 229, 333 263 343 Dorsett. )ane 201, 260. 324 324 Doty. Alison Doty, Bethany Doty, Chris Dou. Xian Dou. Xibing 354 354 229 Edwards, Becky Edwards. Beth 191 333 65,21 233,11 a I ll Davis. Kevin 285. 354 Dearman. Sarah 367 364 364 Edwards. Due Edwards. Holly Edwards. Hope Edwards. Regina 284, 355 197,333 324 Davis. Kimberly 323 Deaton. Bradley 37C Douglas. Eddie 276 270 Davis. Kristy 65. 354 Deaton. Kevin 342 Douglas. Tracey 369 Edwards. Rob 265 Davis. Lance 342 Decosta, Darlene 368 Downing, Carrie 211,262, 269 Edwards. Robert 343 if 193, Ji J i; Davis. Leigh Ann 201 Dedmon. Dean 25S Downs, Brad 273 Edwards, Ward 221 Davis. Lindley Davis. Michael 201.276 Dees. Amy 201. 342. 354 Dees. S Hale 269. 323 260, 342 Downs. Katie Downs, Kimberly 266 354 Eggers. Stephanie Eggleston, Matthew 355 233 Davis. Mike 285 Degler. Raina 354 Doyen. Bryan 324 Ehsan. Naeen 343 264. S JI J! Davis. Phoebe 259 272. 277. 354 Delta Delta Detia 199 Doyle, Sean 263 Eielson. Harry 334 Davis, Rick 229 Delta Gamma 201 Doyle. To dd 333 Ekuta. lethro 364 Davis. Sarah 269 Delta Psi 223 Drake. Courtney 261 Elder. Angela Elections. Commissioi 324 i, 261 21 r 1S9,£ Davis. Sydney 199 Demarco, Elizabeth 323 Drake, Deborah 324 1 258 Davis. Todd 287 Demasi. Betsy 33e Driver. Meredith 324 Elkins. Elizabeth 262, 269, 334 Davis. Traci 342 Dement. Scott 22£ Driver. Ronnie 354 Ellard. |oe 334 Davis. Victoria 193 Dendy. Amy 323 Drost, Desiree 211 Eller. Eliza 324 K 199, S iJ Davison. Katharine 323 Dendy. Angela 342 Druey. David 333 Ellett. lason 334 Day. Angela 193. 342 Denight. Brett 221 Dubberly, Elizabeth 354 Elliott. Anne 201 271, 276, 355 Dav. Danielle 193. 283. 354 Deniz. Mekin 364 Dubravec, Derek 333 Elliott. |ody Elliott. Recca 201 Day. leff 221 Denley. lohn 323 Ducrest, [ennifer 201, 324 370 Dean. Kimberly 267. 342 Dennis. Eric 333 Ducy. Kimberly 324 Ellis. Amanda 324 j! Dear. Daniel 233 Dennis, [effrey 233 Dudley, Jennifer 324 Ellis. Amy Ellis. loe 201, 262 9 if Dear. Lewis 233 Denny. Michael 22£ Duett. Tara 199, 257 223 Dearman. Craig 15. 396. 398 Denton. Amy 201 Dufrene, Uric 257 Ellis. Melissa 284, 355 I Closing — 375 Ellis, Natalie 368 Ellis, Randi 191, 355 Ellis, Susan 284, 355 Ellison, Hayes 199, 334 Ellzey, Scott 293, 343 Elmore, Paul 364 Elrod, Sean 221 Eisner, Laura 269. 271 Elson, Lisa ' 285 Eltistie, Brett 221 Emmons, Frank 229 Employmen( Awareness 271 Enchelmayer, Ernest 343 Enders, Lisa 324 England, William 355 Engles, Diane 355 Enright, Stephan 229 Enviornmenlal Awareness 269 Epley, Amy 284 Epperson, Irene 343 Erwin, Clay 334 Erwin, Susan 355 Estes, Brette 324 Estes, David 343 Eswaran, Hari 364 Etua, Marie-Iuliette 355 Eubanks, Brigid 199, 324 Eubanks. Christy 201, 260, 264, 276 Eustis, Colleen 199 Evans, Amy 277, 355 Evans, Christopher 261 Evans, Chris 277 Evans, Christina 284, 355 Evans, Christie 191 Evans, Jennifer 199, 343 Evans, Leigh 324 Evans, Leslie 262, 276 Evans, Travis 343 Ewing, loel 271,277,285,355 Ewing, Martha 193, 334 E.xeculive Task Force 259 Ezzel, I R 355 Faeser, Shannon Fagan, Brooke Falls. Ralph Fan, Peter Farmer, Clayton Farmer, Josette Farmer, Laura Farragut, Amy Faruque, Fazlay Faughn, Roger Faust, Thomas Faust, Tom Featherstone, Samuel Feigler, Stephanie Feldt, Tere Feltus, Charles Ferguson, Chris Ferguson, Kevin Ferguson, Robert Ferguson, Shelia Ferguson, Thomas Ferrell, Thomas Ferris, Margaret Ferris, Margeret Fesmire, Rebecca Field, Robbin Fikes, Melanie File, Accy Fimiano, Dominick Finch, jimmie Kay Findley, Karen Finklea, Al Finklea, Allison Finn, Kelly Finnegan, Terence Finnegan, Terry Fish. Suzanne Fisher, Carolere Fisher, Carolee 368 199 334 334 368 264 324 324 364 355 334 284 324 370 334 285 233 343 355 355 355 334 324 199. 268 334 199 370 355 267. 343 343 355 324 199, 324 191, 267. 343 367 257. 267 193 324 193 Fisher, Leah Fisher, Lisa Fisher, Treasure Fiveash, Kristie Fivecoat. Phillip Flake, Connie Flake, Timothy Flanigan, loann Fleming, Courtney Flemister, Dondi Flemons, Tiffany Fletcher, [osh 67 Fletcher, Julie 263 Flint, Cindy Flowers, Angle Floyd, Aimee Floyd, Eric Floyd, Kenny Foard, Betsy Fong, Hong Kong Fong, Pui-Shan Food Service Commillee Foote, Ashley 81 Ford, Breck Ford, Kathleen Ford, Maria Ford, Ninnie Ford, Peyton Forsberg, Kimmo Forsyth, Alicia Fortenberry, Tanya Fortenberry, Tisha Fortinberry, Courtney Fortner, Marsha Fortune, Cassie Foshee, Shane Foster, Amy Foster, Ben Foster, Lara Foster, Laura Foster, Shannon Foundation. Wesley Fountain, Glinda Foushee, Suzanne 343 Fowler, Andy 229 193, 324 Fowler, Brian 334 324 Fowler, Laura 193, 334 193, 324 Fowler, Natalie 199, 324 324 Fowlkes, Frank 334 324 Fox, loel 287 364 Foxworth, |ason 368 334 Foy, Mandy 199, 343 262, 324 Fraley, Carter 229 91 Fraley, Shannon 199, 324 334 Franck, Danielle 334 277, 355 Frank, Danielle 80, 81 264, 343 Franklin, Frederick 266, 268, 355 191, 264 Franklin, Fredrick 343 201 Franks, Carl 287, 364 262, 324 Franks, Chad 334 276 Frassrand, Keilly 355 370 Frazer, William 233 324 Frazier, Austin 233 324 Frederic, Alicia 201, 276, 355 324 Freeland, Melanie 193, 269 272 Freeman, Chad 233 , 199, 343 Freeman, Chip 355 285 Freeman, Dana 266, 269, 334 364 Freeman, Dudley 233 263, 269 Freeman, James 355 334 Freeman, Sara 58, 211 334 Frensley, Chip 221,257,277,355 367 Frensly, Chip 272 324 Freudenberg, Stacey 193, 276, 334 277, 355 Frey, Melissa 287, 334 199 Fuell, Craig 324 201,264, Fuell, EngCourtland 324 276 Fugitt, DeAnna 343 343 Fugler, Elizabet h 324 370 Fulcher, Dave 233, 259. 260 199. 324 Fulford, Mary 334 270 Fulgham, lason 229 221 Fulgham, Wes 355 334 Fuller, Scott 81, 343 259 Fultz, Kevin 221,276 343 Furman, Darren 233 287 Furnas, Ken 229 355 Furr, Erin 197, 270, 343 276, 293 Fyfe, Brian 233, 268, 324 6 C 376 — Closing 2!S M 193,]}) 19SJ2( rn 21! 30 188.341 22! 199,3a 33( I0.81 ft2St.3Si 3« 217.36! 334 35) 233 233 0U?6,3SS 193,261 233 3Si K,26U3( 23) 3SS 58,211 !52,2n,35S 21! 193,2?6,33( 217,334 324 324 34J 324 iim,m 334 22) 35i 81,343 221,211 23i Fyfe. Charles 233 G Gaddo. Amirea 211. 355 Gadrix. Christopher 334 Gafford, Laurie 343 Gaines. Deana 355 Gaines, Heather 355 Gaines. Tony 273 Galbraith. O ' Neal 221 Gallagher. Erin 191 355 Gallagher. Sean 81 343 Galler, Rachel 199 Galloway. Charles 70 Galloway. Julie 324 Galloway. Lee 273 355 Gamble. AL 355 Gamble. Melissa 263 264, 277, 355 Gamblin. Meg 199 Gamma Beta Phi 144 Gammons. Zeb 221 Gann. Andrews 355 Gann, |ulie 364 Gant. Christi 355 Gardner, Albert 355 Garland, Emily 193 . 334 Garmon. Thomas 267 Garmon. Tom 269 Garner. Carla 370 Garner. Jason 257 . 262 Garrick. Kacey 262 Garrison. Angela 324 Garrison. Eng Brandon 324 Garrison. Robert 324 Garrott. lenni 26: . 269 Gartin. Kent 355 Garvin. Craig 229 Garvin. Kimberly 324 Gassaway. Kathryn 343 Gast. Arne 223. 324 Gaston. Susanne 355 Gates. Clay 334 Gates. Clayt 262 Gates, Gloria 355 Gales. Rebecca 343 Gatewood. Gayla 201 Gatewood. Sherry 355 Gatlin. Darla 104 Gatlin. Guy 95 Gav. Jennifer 193 . Gay. II 269 1 Gee. Linnet 355 1 Gee. Stacey 355 1 Geogery, Romulus 268 George, Holly 324 1 George. Michael 334 i Gex. loseph 355 i; Gibb, Stacey 193 Gibbs, Brian 324 Gibson. Ben 261 Gibson. Pamela 368 Gibson. Tonya 324 Gideon. William 233 Gifford. Brad 273 Gilbert. Faye 285 Gilbert, Hope 324 Gilbert, lennifer 211.264,284 Gilchrist. Kim 84 Gilchrist. Lillian 201 Gilder. Tim 221 Giles. Cari 191 Giles. Carissa 355 Gill. Heather 201 1 Gillespi, Michael 343 I Gillespie, Deirdre 324 J Gillespie. Melissa 369 ■ Gillians. |ill 276 Gilliland, |ill Gillom, Peggie Cilnier, Toni C.ilpen. Carey Gilpin. Carey Ginn. |ason Ginn. Robert Givens. Cluul Givin. Lee Gizzard, Whitney Glahn. Scott Glamser, Kate Glasgow, Bill Glasgow. William Glass, lenna Glenn, Bill Glenn, Ellen Glidewell. Charlotte Gmeiner, Grosse Gmeiner. Kimblery Gober. |ane Goddard. Garland Goddard. Kendra Godwin. Anna Godwin. Chauncey Godwin, lohn Goehring. Kristen Goff. Amy Goggans. Stephanie Goh. Eng Golden. Donna Golden, Julie Golden Key Golden. Lane Golden, Rickey Goll. Naef Golman, Georgia Gombar. Amy Gooch. Adrienne Good, lason Goodin. Tristan Goodman. |eff Goodman. John Goodman. Paula 266 Goodwin. Gregory Gordon, Bonnie Gordon. Ginger Gordon, Julie Gordon, Kim Gordon. Lisa Gordon. Melanie Gordon, Michelle Gordon. Paige Gordon. Ray Gordon, Robert Gordon. Roy Gorthala. Ravi Gorton. Carlton Gourlay. George Grace. Cathy Graeber. B Graham. Belva Graham. James Graham, Jerry Graham. Robert Grant. Paul Grant. Stephanie Grantham. Warren Graphill. James Graves, Melissa Gray. Brenda Gray. Carol Gray. Charlyne Gray. Kimberly Greek Independent Relations Green. Jennifer 262. 273 Green. Tiffanie Greene. Eason Greene, Robert Greenhaw. Nancy Greenlee. Charles Greer, Kimberly Greer. Paige Greer. Stacey 334 84 260, 269. 324 355 223 343 364 334 266 356 233 201. 262. 324 260. 266. 273 343 273, 325 277, 355 199, 355 355 325 325 264. 325 261. 264, 334 334 334 233 233. 270 84 211 263, 343 343 355 264, 334 137 199, 343 355 355 367 355 334 229 355 221 221, 334 261, 262, 264, 268, 271, 334 343 193 211, 276 199, 325 261, 276 191, 334 343 260 269 263 270 270 364 261, 267 257, 262, 271 334 263, 269 364 233, 334 355 343 257, 343 193. 271. 343 343 295 325 368 343 325 343 268 284 325 199 334 343 233 267 334 269 Greer, Stacy Greg, Justin Gregory, Kate Gregory. Meg Grelier. Kathryn Gremillion. Leslie Gresham, Emily Gresham, Lenore Griffin, Julie Griffin. Mark Griffin, Rafael Griffin, Shelia Griffiiig, Bethany Griffis, Jennifer Griffis, Mitly Griffith, Georgiana Griffith, James Grilli, John Cirimes, Julie Grimes, Melissa Grison, Kevin Grissom, Kevin Grizzard, Whitney Grogan, Decinda Grommes, Bridgette Grommes, Etta Guarr, Holly Gunn, Ken Guo, Jing Gup, Alexis Guptill, James Guthrie. Stacey Guzma, Jorge Luis Guzman, Jorge Gwin, Adam 69 325 199 201 199 201,264, 271, 325 211 269. 325 284, 355 233 266, 268 355 201 325 355 211 355 221 211, 263, 356 356 266 261 199 191 325 325 267. 334 370 364 262 363 325 343 107 273 285, 356, 263 cN Habeeb. Daniel 261,266,268, Haberle, Paul Haberslroh, Chad Hacker, Holly Hacker, Olive Haddock, Joy Haffey, Heather Hagan, Kelly Hagan, Saprena Hagemann, Elizabeth Haggerty, Charles Hagood, Jason Hahn, Meredith Hahne, Carsten Hailey, Park Hailey, Parke Haire. |ames Haire, Margaret Haire, Robin Hale, Sherby Hall. Deborah Hall, Justin Hall, Laura Hall, Michael Hall. Mike Hall. Natasha Kail o Fame Hall. Richard Hamblin. Linda Hamilton, Brady Hamilton, ludy Hamilton, Rob Hamilton. Robert Hamilton. William Hammett, Helene Hamrick. Terry Hanbury. |ill Hancock , Molly Haney, Crystal 221, 270, 343 273, 356 334 193. 276. 325 325 257 338 334 284 276 334 343 343 107. 325 199 271 343 267 229 356 356 343 343 233. 268 356 264, 334 116, 123 356 364 343 269, 325 261, 264 268, 334 233 343 343 356 334 325 266, H.iiiiw. lennifer Haney. Laura Haney. Sherry Hankins, Tedral Hankins, Vivian Hanor, Kristi Hansen. Jeff Hanson, Ingrid Haraway, Charles Harbison, David Hardage. Jason Hardee, Carla 201, Hardee, Penny Harder, William Hardin, Cheri Hardin. |i)hn Hardin, Stacey Hardin, Sue Hardin. Wes Hardin, William Hardy, Elizabeth Hardy, Kandy Hardy. Paul Hardy. Shane Hargrove, Kimberly Harig. Megan Harkins. Doug Harkins, Douglas Harmon. Alison Harmon, Emily Harmon, Kelly Harper. Amy Harper, David Harpole, Patsy Harrelson, Elizabeth Harries, Dewayne Harrington, Ainsley Harrington, Mike Harris. Hayden Harris, |oy Harris. Karen Harris. Pete Harris, Robert Harrison. Amy 62 Harrison. Charles Harrison. Chris Harrison. Cindy Harrison, Cynthia Harrison. Forrest Harrison, James Harrison. Jason Harrison, Kate Harrison. Robert Harrison. Vance Harsh. Caroline Hart, Kim Hart, Kimberly Hart, Sue Hartness, Susan Harty, Mary Harvell. Joe Harvey. Alicia Harvey, Greem Harvey, Scott Haskett, Russ Hasketl. Russell Hatch, Deanna Halchcock, Stacy Hatcher. Wesley Hathcock, Stacy Hathcock, Stephanie Hathorn, Brad Hathorn. Kimberle Hatten. Tricia Hauenstein. George Havas. Todd Haven, Dana Haven. Forrest Haven. Todd Havig. Megan 201.264 Hawken. Kevin Hawkey. Karen Hawkins. Debbie Hawkins. Dori 191, 325 325 334 264 334 193. 343 343 325 334 276, 334 267 262, 264, 325 325 270. 369 266 325 193, 344 344 89 261, 262 191 356 356 344 325 266 221 356 325 193 262 193 261, 264. 334 199 344 231 199 356 284 344 201 75 356 64. 70. 201. 356 369 334 264, 269, 271 344 356 233 229 211, 356 344 334 262 211, 287 325 334 264, 334 325 91 262, 344 334 221 336 325 364 211 356 193, 264, 356 356 326 370 325 334 368 356 356 356 271, 276, 335 221 106 193 369 i Closing — 377 Hawkins, Mary 211. 326 Hilliard, Demohnica 326 Hoskins. Sheran 345 Hawkins, Perry 231 257, 259, 261. Hillshouse. Heather 326 Hoskins, Xavier 128 .357 264 Hinds, Deborah 357 Hotze. Catherine 201 , 264 Hawkins, Stacia 326 Hinton. Brian 357 , 367 House, Nikki 264 Hawley, Lane 326 Hitchcock, Heather 270 Houseworth, Molly 199 A Hawthorne. Betsy 264. 335 Hile, Collin 357 Housing, Student 265 ■ Hawthorne, Elizabeth 191 Hitt, leff 263 , 266 Hovious, Mary Katherine 267, ■ Hayden, Rosalind 262 Hitt, (effrey 344 273 ,345 lida, Mari 36fl Hayes, Beverly 191.263.344 Hitt, Ryan 221 Howard, Katrina 364 Independent, A airs 26 " Hayes, Brooke 262, 268 Hladky, Wade 357 Howe. Kevin 357 Ingraham, Ashley 193, 326 Hayes, Katherine 356 Hoard, Tommy 357 Howell, Chris 106 Ingraham, La 326 Hayes, Kathy 199, 263 Hobbs, Holly 191 , 260 Howell. John 233 Ingrahim, Ashley 268 Hayes, Terry 221 Hobby, Holly 357 Howell, Lori 345 Ingram, Chris 335 Haygood, Caroline 211 Hock, Thea 199 Howell. Shae 199 Ingram, lennifer 199, 345 Haygood, Mary 344 Hockhwa, Yu 345 Howell, Tarek 326 Ingram, Mary 269, 345 Haynes, Alvin 104 Hodges, Gia 326 Hrdlicka, Amy 193, 262 ,335 Inman, Todd 264, 267, 345 Haynes, Ashley 193.335 Hodges, lack 266 Hsieh, Ching-Jye 364 Innocent, Don 77 Haynes, Demondes 264, 326 Hodges, Kenya 263 ,268 Hsu, Fu-Nuei 357 Irby, Heather 357 Hays, David 229, 273 Hodges. Rich 326 Hsu, Gong-Yu 364 Isbell. Tim 345 Hays, lenna 191 Hodgson. Jennifer 335 Hsueh. Mei 364 Ivey, Kenneth 364 Hays, lennifer 356 Hodo. Katheryn 201 Huam, Adelene 368 Ivey, Patty 335 , Hays. Kathryn 199 Hoffman. Tambria 284 344 Huan, Kedong 364 Iyer, Sangeeta 3dy Hazel, lanece 191. 326 Hogan. Inda 201 326 Huang, Dehu 364 ■ Hazelrigg, Robin 326 Hohn. Betty 344 Huang, Hui-Chuan 345 ■ Hazlewood, Mary 193, 335 Holbrook. Christine 344 Hubbard, Ginger 70 ■ He, Qin 364 Holbrook. Christy 211 276 Hubbard, Susan 326 ■ He, Xiaoxi 364 Holder. Wade 221 Huber, Lisa 201, 269 , 276 ■ Head, Chantelle 191, 268, 356 Holdsworth. Heath 257 266 Huckaby, Garrod 357 ■ Heard, Angela 259, 272, 356 Holland, Heather 211 326 Huddleston. Marissa 264 ■ Heath, Stacy 193,335 Holland, Lisa 368 Huddleston, Marisa 270 335 v ■ Hebert, David 285 Hollanders, Christopher 326 Huddleston, Mark 357 ■ Hebert, leremy Hederman, Henry 262, 268 233 Hollanger, Karen Holley, Emily 267 326 326 Huddleston, Mitzi Hudson. Sherred Elizabeth 345 326 Jackson, Cedrick 219, 261, 263,9 268, 335 84 345 284 Hedleston, Andy Heffner, Margaret Heidel, Finney 273 344 199 HoUiday, Lori Holliman. Helen HoUingsworth, Hallie 370 364 264 Hudson, Stacy Huff, Chesle Huff, Elizabeth 104 335 257 Jackson. Clara Jackson. Demetria Heidel, Kiniberly 326 Ho llingsworlh, Kathleen 201, 276. Huffines. Michael 257, 273, 276, larkson lamps 368 Heidel, Tonya Heil, Yolanda 344 344 HoUingsworth, Kevin 326 368 Hufford, Jennifer 279, 285 345 357 Jackson, Kimberly Jackson, Maylon Jackson, Penny Jacobs, Chris Jacobs, Michael Jacobs, Sherri Jacobsen, Matthew Jacques, Marie Jean Jacquin. Greg Jain, Sanjay Jaire, Margaret James, David 326 199 261, 262, 266 229 229 285 326 365 268 365 343 221 357 345 326 335 345 357 Heimer, Kyle Henderson, Amy 369 211 HoUingsworth, Nikita Hollis, Ashley 56, 199, 264, 335 269, Huggins. Kathy Huggins, Preston 345 370 Henderson, Doris Henderson, Erika Henderson, lean Heng, Boon Heng, Mian Heng, Yang Henry, Anne Marie Henry, Stephanie Henson, |ohn 259. 356 356 199 357 357 357 199 326 233 273 Hollis, Mary Hollison, Monica Holloway, Jennifer Holloway. Keri Holmes. Clarke Holmes, Harold 219, 264 Holmes, Janice Holmes, Kelsey 274 211 268 201 335 193 267 326 344 233 344 357 276 Hughes. April Hughes, Debbie Hughes, Flynt Hughes. Hope Hughes, Jennifer Hughes, Lain Hughes, Law Hughes. Lea Hughes, Leann 211 345 261 199 326 257 345 357 211 Hercher, Vicky Hercher, Victoria 106 357 Holmes, Lloyd Holmes, Rudolph 357 233 Hull, Gena Hull, Gina 199 357 James, Ivory James, John James. Mary Janus, Scott Jarrell, Sundra Jarrett. James Jarvis, Kimberly Jenkins, Candice Jenkins, David Jenkins, Shawn Jenkins, Tony Jenkins, William Jennings, Jean Jennings, Kristina Jensen, Amy Jernigan, Nan Jernigan, Sarah 199 Jesen. Kelly Jetton, Leslie Jimenez, Carlo Jiningston, Amy Joachim. Gillen lobe, Mark Joe, Glenn John, Kelly St John, St Cory Johnson, Anna Johnson, Bruce Johnson, Cliff lohnson, Clinton Johnson, Craig Johnson, Cully Johnson. Dana Johnson, David Johnson, Holly Johnson, Jeffrey Hermetz, Rebecca 199, 266, 277 Holmes, Teresa 326 Hullison, Mike 268 Herring, Amy 260 261, 264, 326 Holmes, Victoria 357 Humphrey, Verna 259, 263 277 Herring, Stephanie 191, 326 Holmstead. Kris 272 Humphries, William 357 Herring, Whitney Herrington, |anet 193 357 Holt, Edwin Holt, Lori 233 326 Hunkey, Jennifer Hunn, Isis 287 357 357 Herrington, Julie Herrington, Lisa 370 287 Holt, William Holton, James 335 223 Hunt, Kevin Hunt, Kris 357 326 Herrington, Martha Hervey. Les Hervey. Tony Hesselink, Lidewy Heyl, I |aye 364 344 357 10, 326 211. 326 Honeycutl, Jason Honeycutt, Karen 201 Hong, Chi-Hong Honors Program Hontzas, Anastasia 262 326 276 335 139 199 Hunt, Todd Hunt, Tracey Hunter, Tracey Hurdle, Eric Hurdle, Steven 81 274 345 357 335 357 2 H 35M 233, 345V 199, 34sfl 211, 32A 193, 33S 27fl 274, 275, 3SS 33S 3 H 2 H 2 H Hiatl, Caroline Hicks. Brian Hiett. Clay 263. 264, 357 326 229 Hontzas, Tim Hoo, Slew Hood, Buffie 229 344 344 Hurst, Stacey Hurst, Susan Hurt. Cindy 369 211 345 Hiett, Holly Higgs, Darren 326 369 Hood, Kimberly Hooker, Ed 344 233 Hurt, Jennifer Huslison, Mike 326 273 High, Kiniberly Highfill, lulie Hill, Alison Hill, Brenda 193 211 99 357 Hoover. Christi Hoover. Kevin Hopkins, Reed Hoppe, Brian 326 276 233 221 Hussey, Alesha Hutchcraft, Elliot Hutcheson, Karia Hutchinson, Ashley 345 326 357 326 Hill, Hardy 262, 266 Hoppen, Margaret 193 Hutchinson, Chad 261 326 Hill, lana 269, 326 Hopping, Greg 344 Hutchinson, La 326 Hill, lody Hill, loel 357 233 Horan, Lisa Horn, Amy 326 344 Hutchinson, Sonya Hutchinson, Stacie 345 369 Hill. Lori 193 Horn, Jim 344 Hutchison, Marci 211 3 H 211 326 Hill. Melanie 344 Horn, Tom 270 Huthnance, Ann 199 Hill, Sedia Hill. Tina 335 326 Hornaday, Shannon Hornaday, Sherry 345 345 Hwang, Chen-Pei Hwang, Yun-Ying 364 364 Hill.Tri 268 Hornaday, Stephen 257 357 Hyde, Curry 199, 268 Hill. Virginia Hillhous. Lisa Hillhouse, Heather 201, 276 357 193, 257, 263, Home, Bear Hornsby, Amy 266 Horton. Alecia 268 345 272 326 Hyneman, John 233 276 Horton, Maria 211 378 — Closing CAT K Johnson. John Johnson, Julie Johnson. Kara Johnson. Lori Johnson, Mary PhiJ Johnson. Meg ' Johnson. Neal Johnson. Regina Johnson. Renee Johnson. Robert Johnson, Shelia 2Ji • Johnson, Susan 18! ' Johnson, Thomas 211 Johnson. Tina till Johnson. Todd Johnson, Victoria U ' i Johnson, Winfred Johnston, Janet Johnston, Janis Johnston, Matthew Johnston, Stephen . ' Johnston, Thomas Johnston, Tommy Jones, Andrae Jones, Brian J Jones, Chance i Jones, Chariene Jones. Christy .1 Jones. David Jones. DonaJd Jones. Elizabeth Jones, Eric Jones. Gib Jones. Glen Jones. Hank Jones. Heather ips 277, 357 201. 345 357 191, 357 199 262 229 193 267. 357 326 326 365 170. 231 345 221 335 266 369 365 335 259 357 287 335 335 335 365 335 335 357 201. 276. 357 335 268 355, 357 263, 271 326 Jones, Jennifer Jones, Jill Jones, Kadi Jones, Kate Jones, Kelly Jones, Kenneth 219 Jones, Kevin Jones. Kyle Jones. Lisa Jones, Lou Ann Jones, M Christina Jones, Moneke S Jones, Renee Jones. Robin Jones, Roseanna Jones, Roy Jones. Steve Jones, Vernell Jones. Wesley Jong, Oi Lee Jonsson, Kristina Jordan, Bank Jordan. Daniell Jordan, German Jordan, Jacqueline Jose, Jenna Joyner. Bobby Joyner, Clay Joyner, Robert Joyner, Tisha judicial Council Jue, Debbie Juniker, John Justice, Bradley 276, 326 201 326 99, 211, 357 199, 336 263, 268, 357 219, 335 345 211 264 193, 199, 266, 268, 273, 357 263, 345 81 271, 335 357 335 229 335 345 345 357 269, 271 335 233 276 335 264 221 335 345 258 369 357 335 262 Kachru, Anil Kadlec. Ellen Kadlec, Matthew Kafka, Scott Kafouros, Antonix Kahl, Tori Kakales, Libbie Kala, Sheila Kalberer, Khloe Kalka, Sheila 211.260 Kalstorf, Erik Kamman. Trey Kane. Crystal Kappa Kappa Gamma Karahan. Gokhan Kavanaugh, Kay Kavanaugh, Robin Kaw, Hui Kok Kawash, Kelli Kaye, Jake Kearns, Nina Keen, Michael Keeton, Michael Keith, Amanda Keith, Billy Keith, John Kelchner, Jonathan Kelley, Shannon Kelley, Vicki Kellum, Patrick Kellum, Shane Kelly, Raymond Kelly, Roy Kelly, Shannon Kellye, Vicki Kemm, Michelle Kemp, Daniel Kemp, Jeff Kemp, Jeffrey Kemp, )on Kemp. Jonathan Kempt. Heidrun Kendall. Alii Kendall. Allison Kendall, Robin Kennealy, Patrick Kennedy, Grace Ann 266, Kennedy, John Kennedy, Michael Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Tanya Kennington, Elizabeth Kennington, Katie Kerbow, Amy Kerr, Kristine Kerr, Krista Kerr, Pamela Kersh, George Kersh, Joyce Kerst, Kimberly Kesler, Melody 201,257, Kessinger, Don Kessinger, Kevin Ketchum, Thomas Kevin, Kincade Khaleel, Amal Khan, Muhammad Khan, Omer Khayat, Robert Khirieh, Suzanne Khloa, Carol Khoo, Karen Khor, Khing-Teck Kidd, Melanie Kiestler, Jeffrey Kilpatrick, Tommie Kimble, Anastasia 365 287, 345 365 229 345 201 , 277, 357 345 201 261, 264, 270, 276 262 221 211, 326 207 365 335 357 335 264 221 357 357 345 326 262 223 367 326 267 221 229 326 345 264 262, 345 327 327 221 357 229 257 365 211 267 357 221 197, 261, 277, 357 327 345 327 327 327 262 106 345 201 358 105 365 335 264, 276 95 93 358 345 358 335 335 233,257, 263 345 211 2 84, 358 365 272, 327 327, 367 327 260 Kimble. Veronica 345 Kimbrough, John 335 Kinard, Laura 358 Kinard. Suzanne 201.327 Kincaid, Jessica 345 Kincaid, Steven 358 King, Colleen 201 King, Julee 335 King, Karen 345 King, Lori 260. 327 King, Michelle 345 King, Scott 229 Kinkade, Keith 221. 345 Kinkade, Kevin 221 Kinsey, John 365 Kirk, Wendy 345 Kirkland. Jeremy 257 Kirkland, Linda Carol 205, 285 Kitchens, Kakijane 201,263.270 Kitchens, Laura 201, 335 Klen, Tracy 345 Klepzig, Angela 369 Kloha, Carole 257, 260, 274. 335 Klotz, Melina 264 Klotz, Melinda 199, 268. 269, 335 Knie. Samaniha 335 Knight. Elvin 219 Knizley, Kim 211 Knowles, Mike 99 Knox, Eric 221 Knox, James 358 Knox, Paula 369 Kobila, Kristine 345 Kode. Srinivas 365 Koepp, Jerald 358 Kokaisel, Amy 193, 327 Kong, Sien 327 Kooshian, Carrie 211,327 Kooshian, Kelly 262, 327 Kopf. Patricia 327 Kopf. Tricia 264 Kostelak, Shawn 335 Kotouc. Amy 199, 327 Krai, Ted 266 Kramer, Angela 193, 327 Kraus, Ann 335 Krieser, Lisa 191, 327 Krishnan, Maheshkumar 365 Kristy, Kennamore 345 Kruger, Holly 264 Kubista, Christian 327 Kuhn, Katherine 358 Kukland. Linda 268 Kuluz. Karen 270 Kumar. Hyderabad 365 Kumpaty. Hephzibah 365 Kyger. Jennifer 284. 345 L LaBonia, Angela Labrot, Paula Lacey, Tara Lackey, Ellen Lacy. Steven Lacy, Tara Ladd, Lori Ladner, Hallie Ladner, Hope Ladner, Kirk LaGarde, James LaGerda, Danielle Lagraize, Scott Lai, Jung-Chi Laine, Katie Lam, Ming Hung Lambda Sigma Lamber, Andree Lambert, Andree ' 327 193, 345 327 365 262, 335 199 335 365 201, 264 358 259. 265, 287 191 221 365 264 365 141 358 193 ff Closing — 379 Lambert, Angie 327 Leon, Wai-Siew 346 Long. Scott 173 366 Malone, Sharlene f 371 11 Lambert, Renee 369 Leonard. Beth 358 Lord. Julie 264 270 Malone, Stephanie 337 ' 1 Lambrechts, Peter 107 365 Leong, Chee Choon 336 Lorentz. Kristen 201 Malone. Suzanne 268 271, 346 Landes, Jackie 358 Leopold. Kelli 193 Lorid. Franz 336 Malouf. Eric 293, 359 Landes, )acque 262 Lesley. Krisha 358 Losson. Christopher 366 Malouf. Melissa 201 Landrum, Frances 199 Lester. Catherine 199 346 Lott. Ashley 211 Malouf. Mende 201 Landrum, Lisa 370 Lester. Crystal 370 Lotl. Brad 229 Malouf, Milissa 276 Landry, Julie 327 Lester. Erin 264 327 Lott. James 268 Mandello, Michelle 211 Lane. Christy 358 Lever, James 358 Lott, Shelly 201 Maness, Denise 259, 262 Lane. Chris 264 327 Lever, Jimmy 229 Lott. Tyler 58. 205, 268 346 Maness, Jim 262 Lane, Laura 191, 201, 263, 268, Lewis, Amanda 197 336 Lou. Lisa 369 Maness, Melissa 193. 346 276 Lewis, Andre 367 Lou. Teresa 358 Mangalardi, Tricia 211 Lang, Robin 345 Lewis, Anna 346 Loucjoy, Shannon 327 Mangialardi, Tricia 327 Langston, Christina 327 Lewis, Hubert 233 Loutfi. Lila 358 Mangum, Elizabeth 337 Langston, Kimberly 345 Lewis, Jeanne 327 Love. Clark 262 Manogin, Terrance Patrick 104 Lantrip, Cathy 261 264 Lewis, Jeff 358 Love, John 233 268 Manske, Jannifer 337 Lantrip. Mary Catherine 263 Lewis, John 221 Lovelace. Everett 233 Maples. Tracy 211 Lary, Stephen 2 33 Lewis, Lisa 284 358 Lovett, Heather 279 327 Mapson. Tarsha 327 Lasota, Christy 263 Lewis, Lydia 61 197 Low, Anne 366 Mar. Han Chin 346 Latham, Dan 233 Lewis, Paul 223 369 Low, Susan 358 Marascaico, Paul 359 Latham, Pamela 335 Lewis, Tim 369 Low, Suzanne 285 346 Marcellus, Adrian 359 Laurent, August 279 365 398 Ley, David 327 Low. Yee-Huap 366 Marion, Peggy 337 Laurent, Claudia 211 279 Ley, Lib Shady 327 Lowe, Amy 263. 285 358 Marketing Association 285 Lavender, Michelle 193 Li, Tom 366 Lowe. Lissa 80.81 346 Marks, Anne 199 Lavender, Missy 261, 271. 277, Li, VVeiqt 366 Lowrey, Lawson 221 Marks, Missy 199, 337 358 Li, Yan 366 Lowrie, Guyla 358 Marlow, Christy 327 Law. Men Chin 345 Liao. Qing 346 Lu. Qun 366 Marsh, Elizabeth 199, 359 Lawrence. Jeremy 335 Liao. Su Chuan 366 Lua. Keeffuat 366 Marshall, Markecia 337 Lawson, Victoria 365 Liao. Yuexia 366 Luber. Byron 257 Marshall, Stacy 327 Lax. Jennifer S 370 Lifson, Matthew 346 Lucas. Leeanne 336 Martin, Angie 211 Lay. Lisa 257 261 345 Ligdon, Allen 257 Lucas, Leigh 257, 263 346 Martin. Bradley 327 Lay. Sharon 327 Lightsey. Chesley 327 Luckett. Laura 199 Martin. Chris 233 Lay. Waterford 327 Ligon. Allen 263 268 Luft. Charlotte Gillespie 370 Martin, Deborah 284 Layne. Mike 223 Ligon. Thomas 233 Luke, Gretchen 211 Martin. Drew 233 Layton. Robert 276 Liles, Jennifer 336 Luke. Tom 77 Martin, Emily 359 Lazenby, Jonathan 335 Lilly, Robin 370 Lunceford. Heather 346 Martin. Hollis 233 Lazenby, Travis 358 Lim, Moo 346 Lunday, Tracy 358 Martin. Jackie 84 Leah. Russell 366 Lim, Pay Chun 336 Lupberger. Ted 233 Martin. Lakeisa 337 Leathers, Julie Ann 262 263 358 Lim, Siau 336 Luster, Dee 106 Martin. Mandy 193.261. 264, 346. Leaton, Laura 106 Lim, Sin Chew 358 Lye. Chooi Lin 327 359 Leavell, Laura 335 Lim. Soon-Kiong 346 Lyle. Penni 327 Martin, Michael 346 Leavy, Montray 231 264 Lim, Yuk-Kuan 346 Lyle. Pennie 211 Martin. Rhonda 337 Ledbetter, Cathy 271 327 Lin, Fangmingo 366 Lyles, Jennifer 336 Martin. Stephanie 201, 359 Lee. Beth 285 Lin, Mei-Fang 346 Lynch, Lisa 358 Martin, Teri 104 Lee. Brian 76 Linder, Stacey Jo 370 Lynch, Water MS 358 Mary, Monk 366 Lee, Gary 201,258.259 260 345 Lindley, Liza 264 Lynchard. Daryl 358 Masengill, Myra 193 Lee. Gwo-Huann 365 Lindley, Stephanie 106 Lyon. Jackie 211. 264, 271 273 Mason, Rhonda 267, 346 Lee. Ho Lu 346 Ling, Ping-Hsiang 346 Massengill. Karen 346 Lee, Hon 345 Lingen, Van 99 Massey, Amy 262 263, 346 Lee, Hsiao Yun 365 Liong, Yew-Loong 358 ■ i Massey, Christi 191, 267 Lee. Jamison 99 Lipert, Blaire 273 K 1 Massey, David 229 Lee. Kwai-Weng 358 LippincotI, Vicki 191 n 1 Massey, Lee 201. 276 Lee. Laura 369 Lipscomb, Susan 358 W 1 Massey, Lyndel Lee 268, 347 Lee. Learn Wee 358 Lipsteur, Brad 229 268 l Massey, Stacy 327 Lee. Mark 358 Listenbee, James 336 1 V Massingill. David 347 Lee. Melinda 327 Litton, Brad 346 J Masterson, George 233. 257 Lee. Muffet 201 Liu, Chung 366 367 Matheos, Eleni 199 Lee. Sammy 173 369 Liu, Hui-Chun 346 Ma, Chi-Nang 366 Mathews, Marci 67, 123, 131, 199. Lee. Seekim 335 Liu, Lei 366 Mabus, Ray 152 257 Lee, Shu-Jung 358 Livingston, Amy 201. 276 346 Mabus, Teresa 346 Matthews, Marcy 199 Lee, Soo 358 Livingston, Ricky Lizana, Lucy 336 Mabus, Tiffany 327 Matthews, Melissa 347 Lee, Sudyee Rosalind 335 199 Mac, Wai-Kee 285 Matlingly, Jennifer 359 Lee, Swee Lee 346 Lloyd. Cindy Lobrano. Tara 284 MacDougal, Scott 221 Mauney, Michael 347 Lee, Teck Chun 358 276 336 Macinnes. Rosalie 285 359 Maxcy, Allyn 367 Lee, Todd 369 Locke. Chris 221 258 Macintosh. Stephanie 270 Maxwell, Sharon 285, 347 Lee, Tony 346 Locke, James 336 Mack. Amy 366 May, Chad 229 Lee, Tracie 264 335 Lockhart. Renee 211 358 Mack, Michael 366 May, Diana 347 Lee, Yan 365 Loden. Andy 336 Madden, John 233 276 May, Gregory 347 Lee. Yip-Chi 285 358 Loden, Kelby 327 Maddox, John 346 May, Matthew 359 Lee. Yong-Khoon 366 Loeb, Stephen Loflin, Daniel 233 Maddox. Virginia 346 May, McDaniel 359 Lefoldl, Kim 285 358 Madkins. Shandra 336 May, Robert 221 Lefoldt, Kimberly 358 Lofton. Tara 346 Magee, Angie 201 359 May, Scott 221 Lefoldl, Lisa 199 Logan, Katina 327 Magee. Janice 369 Mayfield, Laura 199 Legg, Amanda 335 Logan, Lisa 193 Magee. Marsha 359 Mayhan. Teena 359 Legg, Amy 263, 264 266 268 Loggins, Carla 266, 268 358 Magee. Susanne 337 Mayo. Kim 191 Legg, Samuel 346 Loh, Yew 358 Magers. Meredith 262, 269 327 Mayo, Kimberly 347 Legge, Bill 358 Lohrbach, Jonathan 327 Maggio, Elizabeth 369 Mays, Katie " 262, 263 271, 359 Legler, Robert 233 Lohrmann, Jeffrey 358 Mah, DorAnn 285 359 Mays. Stephanie 337 Lehman, Trent 229 Lok. Wai Peng 336 Mahew. Christopher 327 Mayse, Cheryl 327 Lei. Sing 366 Long. Jennifer 65, 199, 260, 261. Main. Meredith 346 Mcadory. Bradley 358 Lemmons, Deborah 346 346 Mak, Malaysia 359 McAlexander, Shana 201 LeMoine. Rusty 229 Long. Kristen 199 336 Mak, Wai 359 McBride, Jana 199 258, 260 Lemons, |ared 221 Long. Mimi 201 Malone, David 366 McCain, Edwin 358 Lenderman, Hill 233 Long. Nicole 191 Malone. Jennifer 327 McCain, Freyja 346 Lenior, Frank 81 Long. Robert 346 Malone, Michael 233 263 McCall, Brent 346 Lenoir. Frank 346 Malone, Ramona 371 McCarkle, Tiffany 261 ■■ ■ H H 380 — Closing McCarle. Christine 358 McCarley. Melonie 358 McCarlie. C ' liristiiic 201 285 McCartnev, Matt 221 McCartv. Mii hael 21)4 336 McCaughan, Dannv 369 McCaulev. Klizabetli 336 McCaulev. lennifer 358 McClaflin. Loren 285 McClain. ' eronica 346 McClatchv. Elizabeth 285 McClelland, kristeii 201 336 McClendon. Christv 346 McClung, Ami 193 327 McClure. Randi 201 263. 276 346 McCollum. Missv 262 346 McComas. Ashlea 211 336 McConnell. Fred 269 McConnell. Natalie 261 346 McCool. Mollie 205 275 McCorkle, Tiffany 201. 268 346 McCormack, |essica 201. 276 336 McCorniack. Patrice 191 McCormick, Amy 327 McCorv. Leslie 346 McCranev. Tad 233. 271 277 McCready. Neal 233 284 McCreadv. Rvan 221 263 McCreave, Sean 346 McCrorv. Jennifer 336 McCrorv. Richard 264 276 McDaniel. Banner 358 McDaniel. Bryan 358 McDaniel. Ronnie 358 McDonald. lames 268 McDonald. leanetle 369 McDonald. Jennifer 211 McDonald. Karen 193 McDonald. Mark 221 McDonald. Matt 221 McDonald. Paul 233 McDonough. Sean 268 McDonough. William 327 McElreath. David 233. 268 McElroy. Beth 201, 358 Mcelroy. Nicole 336 McElroy. Nikki 205. 269 McEvvan. Dan 233 Mcevvan. Daniel Mcl-alls, Cliff McCaughy. Rosie McCee. Cleiida McCSee. Lambert McGee. Melissa McCee. Starr 197 McChee, Camilla McCill. Alison McGinly. Roger McCovvan. Renda McGowan. Tracy McGovven. Curtis Mcgowin. loseph McGregor, Cindy McGregor, Paula McGregor, Sandra McGregor, Thomas Mcgregor, Trey McHaney. Beth Mclnnis, Winn Mclntyre, jim Mckay. Kevin McKay, Tara McKeilar, Rosy McKenzie, Robert McKenzie, Robyn 211, Mckenzie, Thomas McKinney. Ann McKinney, Ashley McKinney. Eddie McKinney. )ohn McKissick, Leigh Ann McKittrick, Hope McKittrick, Kathleen McKnatl, Michael Ross McKnight, Leigh 197 McLaren, Derek McLaughlin, Campbell McLaurin. Christopher Mclellan. |olynn McLemore. Holly McLemore. Lauren McLemore. Leanna McLemore. Tricia McLeod, Alice McLeod. Bren 358 McLeod, Brendon 233 221, 276 McLeod. Kevin 327 263 McMahon. Patrick D 263 327 McMasler. Amy 201.368 327 McMillan, Clair 346 193 McMillen, Jessica 346 ,284.358 McMillin, Brian 346 267, 346 McMillin, Mary 359 336 MiMullen, Karen 370 358 McMullen, Melissa 336 346 McMurry. Thomasina 366 201,268 McNair, Sabrina 84 229,271 McNeese, Melissa 201,336 336 McNeil. Grenada 327 358 McNeil, Shoiula 263, 264, 327 327 McNult, Benjamin 346 284 McPhail, Lori 201, 262, 267. 346 262, 346 McQueen, Richard 229 229, 273 McRae, Alianne 199 211,267 McRae, Rebecca 193,260 229, 273 Mcraney. Mark 359 258 McTrealh. David 270 366 McWhorter. Martia 84. 346 327 McWilliams. Cathy 263 199 McWilliams, Kathy 211 233 McWilliams. Mary 359 258. 269. Mead, Bill 337 358 Meadowcroft, Charles 99. 229 336 Meadows. Brandon 99 274.366 Meadows. )amie 211.269 261 Meadows, Leah 368 366 Medley, [ennifer 264, 327 366 Mee, Camille 211 201 Meek. McLeod 233 81 Meek. Wade 337 346 Meitl. loellen 276 370 Melear. K 327 259. 346 Mellenger. Michelle 368 358 Melnyk, |anelle 211 221 Melton, Floyd 233. 337 368 Melton. lanet 359 336 Melton. Jennifer 368 193. 327 Melton. Patricia 359 358 Menchise, Nicole 337 346 Mendoza, Mandy 211.327 199. 272 Menta. Muralidhar 366 346 Meredith, Ashley 328 264 Meredith. Brian 328 Merkel, Charles Merrill. George Merrill. Mindy Merrinuin. Kimberly Merriinan. Stachia Messal. Lori 211. Meyer. Karen Meyer. Sarah Lynn MGAC Michael. |eff Michaels. Meg Michel. Cynthia Middleton. Susan Milburn. Angela Miles. Brenda Miles. Ronald Miller. Bradley Miller, Glenn Miller, |eanie Miller. |eannie Miller. leffery Miller. lennifer Miller. lullian Miller, Leigh Miller, Melissa Miller. Michelle Miller. Natalie Miller. Nicole Miller. Sharon Miller. Stan Miller. Teri Miller. Traci Miller, Wenny Miller. Whitney Millis. Tara Mills, Elizabeth Mills. Martha Mills. Susan Milner. Amy Milner. Sharea Minor. Julia Miss Ole Miss Misskelley. Patty Mitchell. Angela Mitchell. Dee Mitchell, Graham Mitchell, J ) Mitchell, Kimberly 233, 268 371 295. 359 359 328 264. 276. 347 106 201. 263. 277 261 267 211, 264 359 268. 328 211. 359 328 347 347 347 266. 268 199 359 263. 264 359 99 359 264. 271 359 276. 328 328 285. 359 369 193 261 199. 277. 359 328 199 359 347 211. 347 199 99. 199. 337 67 211. 328 359 359 328 211 337 1 Closing — 381 Mitchell, Liza 263 Murphree, Myrtle 328 Mitchell, Meghan 264, 270, 271, Murphy, Alison 193 328 Murphy, Amy 328 Mitchell, Michael 359 Murphy, Catherine 201 Mitchell, Winona 328 Murphy, Christopher 347 Mithcell, Jennifer 359 Murphy, Donna 347 Mithchem, Michelle 359 Murphy, Mary Lee 257 347 Mixon, Stephanie 191 Murray, Adrienne 337 Mize, Michelle 264, 269 337 Musa, Abdulla 366 Mizell, Amy 328 Myers, Derek 229 Mobley, Lisa 191 Myers, Erin 197 276 Modeling Board 288 Myers, Kristi 173 McecK, Errin 191 Mokaddem, Asem 337 Moleon, Marie 366 1 r Molino, Connie 277 K I Momen, Hasib 359 A Moniot, Leigh 264 359 Monroe, Margaret 268 Monschien, Karri 65 V Montgomery, Chris 229 s Montgomery, |erry 99 Montgomery, Marian 199, 261, 328 257, 347 Nabors, Susan Nadlicki, Toni 211 328 260 Montgomery, Natalie 328 Naftel, Jim 260 261 Montgomery, Tracey 193 359 Nagree, Shah 359 Moody, Patii 359 Naidu, Srimaraf 337 Moody, Sonia 369 Na ilen, Scott 229 Moon, Linda 193 Naimark, Michale 347 Moon, Yvette 264 Nance, Angela 328 Moore, Alan 233, 274 337 Nation, Todd 266 Moore, Albert 347 Naylor, Alisha 359 Moore, Alison 199 Neal, Alan 369 Moore, Catharine 337 Neal, Neesa 191 264 277 Moore, Emily 201 328 Neal, Nessa 191 270 359 Moore. Eone 199, 277 359 Neal, New 359 Moore, Jennifer 211 Neal, Stephen 359 Moore, [esse 359 Neaves, Michelle 328 Moore, Joel 337 Neblett, Douglas 277 359 Moore, Kelly 201, 285 359 Neese, Susan 368 Moore, Lisa 276 328 Neil, Danielle 337 Moore, Mike 221 Neil, Daniel 264 Moore, Rachel 193 Neill, Meredith 211,262 270 359 Moore, Rebecca 366 367 Nelson, Karen 359 Morals, Juliana 261 Nelson, Kelly 170 347 Moreau, Jameson 328 Nelson, Kiper 233 328 359 Morgan, AUyson 359 Nelson, Lori 268 328 Morgan. Dolly 359 Nelson, Mark 337 Morgan. Roechelle 337 Nelson, Sara 337 Morgan, Wally 261 Nelson, Tarsha 328 Morris, Allison 201 Neo, Woon-Sing 347 Morris, Don 9 Newcomb. Connie 347 Morris. Earl 347 Newcomb, Kimberly 359 Morris, Heather 211 Newell, Ferris 199 Morris, Martha 199 Newman, Dru 328 Morris. Michelle 199 Newton, Michelle 337 Morris. Sandy 261 Ng-Chong, Seau-Horng 366 Morrison, Cynthia 337 Nicholas, Jason 328 Morrison, Julie 262 275 Nichols. Craig 264 Morrison, Shara 191,270 347 Nichols. Dana 269 Morrow, Teddy 229 Nichols, Jay 267 337 Morse. Gregory 107 Nichols, Keith 359 Morlar Board 136 Nichols, Nici 199 264 Mortimer, Virginia 193 337 Nichols, Rob 270 Moses, Ashley 199 Nichols, Tammy 329 Moss, Donna 328 Nichols, Tracie 337 Moss, Steve 368 Nichols, Valerie 268 Moss, Tracey 369 Nicholson, Jeffrey 229 Most Beautiful 57 Nicholson, William 337 Mounce, Earnest 293 366 Nicolaides, Raul 359 Mounger, Avery 197, 269 337 Nipper, Michael 221 Mounger, Caroline 328 Nix, Jay 233,260,261, 277, 284, Mulkey, Emilie 201 359 Mullen, Geoffrey 221 Noah, Bobby 268 270 Mullen, John 221 Noble, Anne 199 Muller, Chris 223 Noble, Doug 233 347 MuUer, John 233 Nock, Susan 337 Muller, Ralph 273 Noone, Suzy 262 275 Muniandy, Suppiah 337 Nored, Amy 205 347 Munster, Kourtney 359 Nored, Elizabeth 205 359 Munsterman, Liz 262 337 Noreell, Sandy 347 Murch, Scott 359 Norphlet, Farry 347 Murff, Bernie 233 Norrell, Teran 269 Murff, Harvey 233 Norris, Jay 221 Murphey, Thomas 347 Norris, Wendell 359 Murphree, Melanie 328 Norris, Wyn 285 North, Kimberly Norton, Brad Norton, Tiffany Norwood. Hank Norwood, Susan Nosef, Bridget Nolo, Gina Novay, Dana Nowell, Andrea Null, John Anthony 359 259, 347 337 371 257, 263, 264. 266, 268, 329 197, 357 329 347 211 371 o O ' Brien, Connor 262. 266. 267. 268 360 O ' Bryant, Jason 223 276 O ' Donnell, Dana 201. 262. 264 . 271 O ' Donnell, Patrick 269 O ' Halloran, Kerri 360 O ' Mara, Patrick 233 266 270 O ' Mara. William O ' Meara. Kerry O ' Neal. Brian O ' Neal, Shaquille O ' Ryan, Mary 193, O ' Steen, Patrick Odom, Chris Ogden. Jeanne Ogden, Natalie Ogden, Terri Olive, Frederick Oliver, Kristen Olivier. Marie Olmstead. Kris Olsen, Amanda Omicron Delta Epsilon Ong, Boon Ong, Ka Lee Ong. Kah-Pheng Oo. Kyaw Ooi. Poh Orange. Kellye Oder o Omega Ormon. Mitchell Orr, Kathryn Orr, Samuel Osborne, Alison 201,257, Osborne, Mark Osboune, Mark 233 351 257, 347 88 264, 285 233 360 329 211 201 360 285 329 191, 268 211. 329 49 367 347 347 366 347 329 148 371 337 360 262, 276 262 268 382 — Closing H ' Oshima. Masaru Oslen. Suzy Otis. Kate OtI. Idcqueline Ousloy. Corbin Oiitz, naiiit ' l Overall. Paula Overton. Mona Owen. Angela Owen. Melanie Owen. Ty Owens. Nlisty 366 329 201, 277 329 229 366 337 371 329 284 257. 268 211. 264. 270. 276. 369 P Pace. Amy 201.268, Pace, Jennifer Pace, Leann Pacetti. X ' andy Pack. Kenyatte Paden. |ill Paffrath. Kevin Paganos. George Page. Elizabeth Page. Kristi Pair. Chris Pair. Daniel Palmer. Jeffrey Palmer. Michelle Palmer. Tamara Palmertree. William Palumbo. Stacy Panda. Sanjay Pang, lack Pang. Lee Pang, Michael 261.264 269. 270, Pang, Wee Siong Pannell, loanna Panzarella. Angela Papizan. Cherie Parchman. Chaney Parden. Allyson Parham, |ennifer 262. Park, janie Parker. Amber Parker, Andrea Parker. Bryan Parker. Christy Parker. David Parker. Dawn Parker. Deidre Parker, lennifer Parker, Kim Parker. Kimberly Parker. Lori Parker. Pam Parker. Pamela 193, Parker, Rick Parker, Sandra Parker. Wilda Parkman, )anet Parks, Grace Parks, Mary Yancy Parsons, Alice Parsons, [essica Parsons, Virginia Partheix. Tricia Pasumarthi. Murlidharrac Pate. Brad Pate. Velsie Patel. laideep Patel. Sangita Paterson. Lydia Patrick. Kimberly Patrick, Latrina Patrone. Tina 276. 337 201, 262 211 267, 347 329 193, 347 229 107, 337 360 337 221, 347 360 366 329 329 329 329 366 366 347 266, 268. 273, 337 360 360 329 371 329 193, 347 266. 267. 268, 360 271 347 337 285, 360 201, 337 347 267 262 276 287 329 329 276 261, 265 233 360 369 337 337 199 276, 360 347 193 266. 268 366 229 360 337 368 329 329 347 347 Patterson, Kevin Patterson, Kristen Patterson, Sidra Paul. Rachelle Paulsen, Jennifer Paxton, Adam Pearson. Lewis Pearson. Michelle Pearson. Tonya Peaster, Dameron Peck. Nancy Peddy, Celeste Peden, Lacey Pedigo, Scott Peel, lerald Peel. Keith Peeler, Trey Peeples, Ann Peeples. Tricia Pegrin, Lauren Peh, Suan Peirce, Andrea Pender, Kate Pendergest, Amy Pendergrass, lohn Penick. Tina Pennington. Chris Pennington, Courtney 277 347 65, 201 106 199, 329 233, 261, 264, 271 369 199 371 211. 268 211, 285 371 201, 337 337 337 90 269, 360 366 261 347 360 266 257 360 360 366 229 269. 276, 360 211. 347 262, 264 Porter, Yancy Posey, Sandra Potter, Terry Potts, Emily Potts, Jennifer Pound, lamie Pound, Jamison Pounders, Laura Pounds, Laura Powidl. Cliasie Powell, Edwin Powell, Powell, Powell, Powell, Powell, Powell, Pentcn. Allison Peresich. Ron Pereyra, Vicente Rodriguez 337 Perkins. Charlotte 199, 264 Perkins. Darron Perkins. Melissa Perkins, Steven Perry. Amy Perry, Candace Perry, Melissa Perry, Monica Person, Ann Person, Tucker Person, Victoria Persons. Victoria Pester. Dameron Peterman, Ava Petty, Payton Peyton. Christy Phang, Mee-Song Pharr, Cecily Pharr. Natalie Phi Beta Simga Phi Delta Theta Phi Eta Sigma Phillips. Courtney Phillips, James Phillips. Michael Pi Beta Phi Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Simgo Epsilon Piazza. Brian Pickell. Karen Pickens. Amy Pickle, Mary Pieralisi, Jay Pierce, Cathy Pierce, MAry Ellen Pimpton. Diane Pinton. Jennifer Pipkin. Keith Pique, Joely Piquemal. Pascale Pirinen, Anni Pittman, Crymes Pittman, Lucy Pittman. William Pitts. Amanda Pitzer. Brad Poe. Kimm Polk. Jennifer Polleys. John Pander. William Pope, Allison Porter, Carol 360 337 369 211 329, 337 201, 276, 347 199. 360 347 197. 259, 261 191, 261, 263. 287, 337 284 269 262, 267 201, 264, 276 193, 276 360 261, 264 201. 269, 329 231 233 145 199 360 337 209 229 295 268 347 347 347 337 284 276 84 347 360 284, 360 99 367 233. 257. 264, 266, 268 262 221, 329 369 257, 329 211, 261, 264, 347 199, 262, 264, 268 223 233 201, 257, 276, 347 360 Greg James Joel John Renee Shae Powell, Tangela Powell, Wayne Powers, Brian Powers, lohn Poynor. Lisa Prather, Jennifer Prather, Monica Pratt, |im Pre-Lavv Society Preston, Anne Preston, Elizabeth Price, Andrea Price, James Price, limbo Price, Leslie Price, Linda Price, Molly Price, Rodney Price, Stacy Price, Stephanie Price, Steven Prichard, Amy Pride, Alison Prince, Beverly Prince, Jimbo Prince, Mark Pringle, Joseph Prior, Derek Pritchard. Stephanie Privett, Melissa Propes, C Elizabeth Pruitt, Edith Pryor, Derek Pryor, Lee Publications Committee Puckett, Donald Pugh, Millettee Puin, William Purnell, David Puryear, Amy Putnam, Melaine Pylate. Blair 229 360 329 199 199 269 329 371 191, 347 201 233 270 347 371 347 347 106 366 371 229 348 337 361 199 284 291 193 337 262 233 266, 273 329 337 211 348 348 263 267 366 276 361 268 361 361 329 329 361 329 338 229, 270 361 273 348 371 233 338 199, 361 371 211 Q Qian, Qun Qiu, Zhi-Kang Quaid. Ali Quaid. Amy Quaid, Stephanie Quaka. Mary Tison Querin, Ashley Queyja, Tom Quigley, Edward Quigley, Patrick Quinn, Casandra Quinn. Thomas Quinn, Tracey Quirk. Patrick Quon, David 69 P )(!( (■ irliilions Kagg, Dewey R.iiney, Lara Rainey. Laura Rainey, Tamara Rainey, Tracie Rakow. |ill Raley, Jim Ramage, James Ramsey, Jeffrey Randle, Elizabeth Randle, James Randle, Ryan Randle, Tammy Randle, Tracy Rangasamy, Malhiazhagan Range, Leanna Ranjan, Awanish Rankin, Alicia Ranson, Kerry Raper, Joey Raseley, Davina Rasica, Meiko Ratliff. Cassandra Ratliff, Cavetl Ratliff, Shelia Ratnanather, Chanath 366 366 205. 262, 264 205, 338 262 197. 262, 269, 338 201 329 221 221 193. 361 348 371 348 348 193 107 201 191 267 264 Ray, Cindy Ray, Cynthia Ray, Mike Rayford, Melba Rayford, Shelia Rea, Barbara Reaves, Ryan Reaves, Stacey Reaves. Stacy Reay, Sara Redding. Chuck Reddoch. Marion Redmon, David Redmond, Jerry Redmond, Tajuana Reed, Bethany Reed, Kendal Reed. Robin Reed, Shannan Reed, Shannon Reed, Wendy Reed, Yvetle Reese. Letitia Reese, Tasha Reese, Tish Reeves. Bradley Reeves, Catherine Reeves, Stacey Reeves, Wimberly fle rigeralor Rentals Reid, Joseph 69, 229, 274, 275 Reid, Laura Reid, Missy Reid, Rachel Reigle, Denise Reliford, Kimberly Renfroe, Pamela Repult. Jimmy Rester, Eddie Revels, Kelly Reynolds, Jimmie Brock Rhea. Regina Rhodes. Holly R hodes. Mary Rhodes. Melanie Rhodes, William Rhyne. Wendy Rice, Emily Rice. Jeremey Rice. Laura A Rice, Michael Rice. Susan Lee 191 258 201 199, 262 199, 268, 262, 262. 269, 276, 260, 261 191 264. 267 264. 269 262. 273 221. 263 361 329 211 329 361 329 361 348 348 361 369 268 361 264 366 262 ,366 , 276 229 348 ,338 348 329 , 348 361 361 269 348 223 338 371 269 262 276 348 99 229 264 81 329 361 329 264 348 348 268 329 338 361 211 269 361 193 268 368 272 361 329 348 338 361 338 348 229 287 199 259 361 199 338 329 329 369 262 329 371 366 338 Closing — 383 Rice, Will 99 Richard. Yakeisha 329 Richards, Christa 211 Richards. Peter 221 Richardson, Ann 361 Richardson, Charlene 348 Richardson, Dave 229 Richardson, Dwayne 338 Richardson, Elizabeth 371 Richardson, )ulie 266, 268, 329 Richardson, Pat 361 Richardson, Stephen 366 Richardson, Timothy 338 Richardson, Todd 264 Rickles, Sandra 368 Ridaoui, Mohamed 99 Riddle, Nancy 193, 261 Ridgeway, Brian 259.261,264 Ridgeway, Katie 199 Riles, Diane 369 Riley, Casandra 361 Riley, Charles 348 Riley, Kelly 199, 264 Riley. Kitsy 361 Ring, lanie 205. 262, 263 Ringer, Tiffany 329 Risher, Christy 205, 264. 338 Risher. Dain 361 Risley. )ason 287. 361 Rivera, Evelyn 348 Rivers, Martin 361 Roark, Angle 199 Robbins. Brett, 268. 338 Robbins. Elizabeth 368 Robbins. Spencer 348 Roberson. Brian 361 Roberson. Michael 361 Robert. Andre 329 Roberts. Brad 233, 257 Roberts, Cassandra 191, 273. 329 Roberts. )essica 201, 329 Roberts, [oshua 348 Roberts. Sean 361 Roberts. Trey 361 Roberts. Veronica 338 Robertson. Christopher 338 Robertson, Kim 211,263 Robertson, Kimberly Robertson, Lisa Robertson, Robi Robinson, Amy Robinson, Carrie Robinson, Chris Robinson, Clark Robinson, Kelli Robinson, Stephan Roccapriore, Carla Rocconi, Rodney Rodrigueq, Fernando Rodriguez, Fernando Rogers, Cheryl Rogers, Christopher Rogers, Chris Rogers. Denise Rogers, Kenneth Rogers, Marcus Rogers, Mark Rogers. Perry Rogers. Richard Rogers. Sims 201, Rogers. Timothy Rogers. Winston Rohm. Tracy Rohner. Brian Roland. Michael Rolling. Karen Rollins. Kimberly Romines. Elizabeth Rosamond. Eupora Rosamond. Sonya Rosamond. Stephen Rose. Charlie Rose. Cynthia Rosenbaum. Jana Rosenthal. Lynda Ross. Bobbie lean Ross. Brent Ross. Brooke Ross. Jennifer Ross. |ohn Ross. Leslie Ross. Michael Ross. Sarah 266. 268. 361. 367 338 361 193 211 338 293 191 329 329 338 107 343 371 361 229, 285 348 264, 361 329 261 231, 361 268 261, 264, 266, 271, 276, 338 338 361 264, 329 221 348 261, 348 329 191 329 329 361 233 371 338 267. 348 369 338 201 193. 262 348 348 221 199. 262 Rotenberry. John Rouse. Ronnie Roussel. Alice Roussel. [ackson Rowan, Tammy Rowell, Lee Rowell, Mary Rowell, Renee Rowland, Robert Rowley, Chris Roy, Laura Rozina, Greg RTNDA Rudd, Carrol Rudden, Kristin Rushing. Gregory Rushing. Toni Russ. Mary Elizabeth Russ. Roderick 262. Russell. Brian Russell. Carla Russell. Michelle Russell. Nath Russell. Rhonda Russo. Samuel Rutherford. Reggie Rutledge. Will Ryan. Davis Ryan, Tracey 348 361 329 329 361 361 191. 348 211 361 369 199 81. 361 284 366 329 348 264. 361 199 263. 268, 273 338 262, 361 65, 361 258 329 338 264 233, 257 361 267, 361 s Sahadi, Whitney 329 Salloum, George 361 Salloum, Long 361 Sammons, Ellen 348 Sample, Allison 273 Samples. Mac 276 Sanchez, Tiffany 348 Sanders, Allison 348 Sanders, Christopher 348 Sanders, Henry 233 Sanders, [ason Sanders, Mark Sanders, Michael Sanders, Mike Sanders, Sam 233, 257, Sanders, Suzanne Sanderson, Brian 221, Sanderson, )ulia Sandidge, Amy Sandifer, Elizabeth Sandridge,- Layne Sandroni, Todd Sands, Karen Sanford, Catherine Sanford, Sandy Sansing, Amy 193. Sartin. Melissa Sartin. Scott 259. 260. Sartin. Vicki Sasser. Pamela Sauls. Tracey Saunders, Sandra Savell, Christie Savery, Suzanne Sawyer, jason Sawyer, Jennifer Say, Penn Sayers, John Scales, Kelvin Scanlon, Cissy Scardina, Lynda Scardino, Lynda Scarpate, lason Schaefer, Chris Schaefer, Paula Schaefer, Richard Schaeffer, Fred Schmid, Nancy Schmidt, Julie Schmidt, [ustin Schneider, Laurel Schneider, Rebecca Schnierle, Tiffany Schnitta, Brian School Spirit Commillee Schroeder, Amy Schroeder, Cammie Schruff, Gregory 338 369 348 348 268. 270 348 261, 329 191 348 338 348 371 191 285, 361 257 264, 338 338 264, 338 368 368 261, 268 272 330 199, 361 361 348 338 338 89 199, 348 267 338 330 172 264, 348 371 233, 361 330 191, 284 233 330 330 191, 330 348 269 277 199 338 $ -Tfte fDdjJ CfOLOFlSk 384 — Closing ;, Scluuker, l.aiir.i 338 Short, I ' aige 348 Sinitli, Karen 330 J. Schwartz. Lynnetle 84 Short, Robert 362 Smith, Kelly 330 i;i Si hweers. Susan 191, 270. 285, Shows, Russ 75 Smith, Kevin 261 ).■ 361 Shows, Scott 260. 261 Smith, Laura 349 ,26|,2 ' ; Seism, losh 221 Shu, Shianfeng 366 Smith, Le( ' Eric 219, 362 Jj Scott. Brad 338 Shucker. Laura 287 Smith, Leslie 193. 349 ,26l,jj Scolt. c:harles 270 Shuffield. lulie 201 Smith, Melanie 368 ](. Scolt, Edward 330 Shuniake. Dan 229 Smith, Nelson 262 ji Scott, |ana 361 Shumate, Cathey 366 Smith. I ' aige 201.276, 277. 338 n Scott, lolin jj Scott, Karol j;, Scolt, Kathy 348 366 Shy, Sellers 233 Smith, Pamela 367 371 Siefort, Eric 349 Smith, Randy 330 361 Siegel, Susan 338 Smith, Ri-ginald 231. 338 ], Scott. Lisa 199 361 Siekierka, Greta 330 Smith, Richard 362 285 jf Scolt, Rhodes 233 269 270 Sierra, Pablo 104 Smith, Robert 233. 330 ' ,;. Scott, Shaune 199 262 263 Slew, Eng 348 Smith, Sandra 349 264 5j Scott. Skipper JJ Scott, Stacy 284 264 J) Scott, Tarry JJ Scott, William JJ Scroggins, lason 261,2(1 Scroggins. Paige » Scudi. Kina jj Scurlock. lames igg JJ. Seals. Katrenia ' » Seals. Thaddeus JJ, Seawright. Connie JJ. Seawright. Skip JJ Seet. Wan Chi J Sekul. Jennifer iggj. Selquist, Gwendolyn ,. Senarath, Sharika j. Senate Sengupta. Sanudra , Senior CLass 264 lii Seow, Lay ' , Services. Computer 233 Slew. Lian Lee 348 Smith, Shelley 201.211 330 338 338 348 Slew. Peng Ser 348 Smith. Steven 233 268 348 Siggelkow, Valerie 330 Smith. Susan 349 348 Sila, Maaril 330 Smith. Teril 263 266 269 348 Sim, Chin 349 Smith, Will 229 338 348 Simcox. David 233 Smith. William 362 338 Simmons, Alan 371 Smith, Wilson 221 330 Simmons, Amy 191 Smith, Win 229 272 361 Simmons, Casey 211, 349 Snazelle, Gretchen 199 330 361 Simmons, Elizabeth 349 Snedeker, Eric 229 348 Simmons, Eugene 233 Snipes, Donna 369 276 Simmons, Gina 362 Snodgrass, David 349 338 Simmons, |enny 211 Snook, |ohn 349 330 Simmons, Matt 221 Snowden, Beau 221 361 Simmons. Pam 277 Snyder, Nathan 330 348 Simmons. Pamela 262, 362 Sobotka, Greg 338 257 Simmons, Ryan 229, 268 Solberg. Bobby 277 362 361 Simmons, Sylvia 362 Soldberg, Bobbie 221 277 Simon. Ruth 211, 260.268 Solomon, Amy 197 269 279 348 Simpson. Charles 349 Sones, |ill 201 273 Simpson. Charlotte 362 Song, Qilai 367 ,,, Jjl Sessums, Craig " •; Setyadi. Gracia ,., Sewell. Donald ' " ' !; Sewell. leanna J Sexton. Graham 233, 362 Simpson. Collier 258.271.277 Song, Samuel 330 366 Simpson. Jed 229 Soper, Christy 201 348 Simpson. |oey 349 Sorouri, Katayoon 349 369 Sims, Deetra 349 Sory, Sutton 201 265. 266, Sims, Mary Keese 199 South, Chasity 330 269 330 Sims, Melissa 201 Southerland. Trea 362 Sexton, Leslie 264 330 Sims, Stephanie 349 Sowell, Stacy 193 338 ' ' " Seymour, Katina 338 Singharay, Chinmay 366 Spann, Jacquelin 264 " Shadburn, Jennilyn 348 Singleton, |eff 257 Spann, Kathy 211 369 ' Shadrick. Andrea 348 Sisk, Alison 211 Sparks, Stephen 287 349 ' Shaffer. Norma 263 348 Sittenfeld. Jennifer 193 Sparks, Steven 259 ' ? Shah, Viren 362 Skellion, Jack 223 Spearman, Stacy 221 ' ' Shakespeare, Amy 274 Skellion, lackie 330 Spears, Rebecca 338 Shannon, Barletl 332 Skelton, Mitch 369 Spellman, Jennifer 349 p. Sharp. Will 348 Skelton, Tricia 338 Spence. Christie 338 Sharpe. Nina 338 Skrien, Mike 107 Spence, Michelle 338 Shaw. Charles 221 Slaughter, Elise 330 Spence, Stewart 330 Shaw, lennifer 362 Slaughter, San 330 Spencer, Bill 261 M Shaw, lonathan 221 Slay, Clayton 349 Spencer, Marcus 362 i Shaw. Russell 362 Slayton. Stacey 201, 330 Spencer, Michael 349 r Shaw, Sandi 263 Sledge, Marquis 349 Spinoza, Tina 330 Shaw, Sandra 362 Sluder, Charlotte 338 Spivey, Stacey 261 262 339 Shaw, Susan 369 Smart. Catherine 273 Spivey, Stacy 273 Shaw. Wayne 338 Smillie. Troy 367 Sproles, Stacey 211 Shealy, |ohn 233 Smith, Abby 287 Stafford. Dale 261 266 268 Shearon, Amy 266 Smith, Alan 349 Stalls. Don 330 Shearon, Robert 273 Smith. Alice 262, 269 Stamps, Elliot 223 ' Sheehan, Margi 201 Smith. Allan 276 Stanfield, David 261 362 ' Sheffield, David 338 Smith. Angenetle 262 Stanfill. Lucy 201 262 ' Sheffield, Dyanna 191 269 362 Smith. Arrah 330 Stanford, Robert 339 • Sheikh, Dhaka 330 Smith. Billy 167 Staplelon, Christopher 362 ! Sheikh. Rashedul 330 Smith, Candice 330 Stapleton, Lashunya 349 Sheikh. Rashedal Hasar 107 Smith, Caroline 199, 362 Starkey. Patricia 193 Sheley. David 338 Smith, Carter 233, 330 Starr, Stephanie 368 Shell. Dan 261 267 Smith, Christopher 338 Stearns. Robert 229 1 Shellabarger. Sam 221 258 Smith. Chris 330 Stec, Leigh 65 i Shelton. Christopher 330 Smith. Dana 368 Steed, Laurie 264 V Shelton, Leigh 330 Smith. Daniel 233, 349 Steele, Keith 362 Shelton, Tungia 330 Smith. Deann 371 Steffes, Jennifer 339 Shempert. Chad 330 Smith, Emily 349 Steiner, Keith 371 Shen, Wen-Chien 362 Smith, Greg 349 Steinman, Diane 193 Shepard. Lucille 269 Smith, Heather 330 Steinriede, Robert 233 ' Shepard, Lucile 271 Smith, lames 362 Stephens, Cricket 262 , 269 330 : ' Sheperd. Lucile 271 Smith, lamie 338 Stephens, Hernando 330 ' Sherriff. Tera 84 Smith. |ana 201 Stephens, Nora Christine 266 ' ■ Shidler, Cassandra 362 Smith, jay 221 Stephens, Penny 339 Shing. Lou 338 Smith. Jennifer 362 Stephens, Rogers 362 Shipp. Catherine 199 . 330 Smith, Joseph 349 Stephens. Shannon 211 Shiying. Li 366 Smith, Kacey 267 Stephenson, Gwyn 199 .362 Shoemake. Ashlye 269 , 330 SlupluMison. Robert 330 Slepp. Michael 369 Stevens, Greg 221 Stevens, Leila 199 Stevens. Sharon 104 Steward. Ii-nnifer 330 Steward. Tiffany 330 Stewart, Baker 257, 2()0, 261. 268. 339 Stewart. Chad 349 Stewart. Courtney 59 Slewarl. Kimberly 339 Stewarl. Michael 330 Slewarl. Rosanne 349 Slewarl, Roseanne 199 Slidham, Teri 330 Still, Becky 211 Still, Rebecca 330 Stimp.son, Mike 339 Stiles. Darin 362 Stogner, Riley 362 Stogner. Ruth 350 Stokes. Barry 221 Stokes. Chad 350 Stokes, Robert 221. 257, 330 Stokes, Sandra 193, 269 Stoll, Christina 211,264,267,269 Stolz. David 350 Stone, Gary 362 Stone, Charles 233 Stone, Jon 350 Stone, Tina 350 Stoner, Todd 362 Stork, Amy 199 Story, Sabrina 201,260,276 Street, Noel 199 Stribling, Tara Regan 262. 339 Strickland. Vallery 191,262,330 Stringer, Crystal 362 Stringer, Wendy 201, 276. 362 Slriplin. Amy 350 Strong, Jennifer 362 Stroud, Matt 258 Stroud, Phillip 260, 268 Slroud, Whitney 284 Sludenl Advisory 270 Student Alumni CounciJ 276 Student Loan Services 271 Sludenl Programming Board 274 Suezeneu, David 221 Suhor, Scott 369 Sullivan. Kathleen 330 Suman, Mary 264, 330 Summer Orienlalion Leaders 267 Summerford, Julia 199 Summers, Lee 199, 269, 339 Summers. Robert 339 Sumner, Stephanie 269, 339 Sumrall, David 266 Sumrall, Deanna 371 Sumrall. Marty 199. 273 Sumrall. Mary 284 Sumrall. Melanie 350 Sumrall. Shannon 272. 330, 350 Sumrall, Tara 201 Sun, Yongzhad 367 Supple, Catherine 330 Supple, Jennifer 330 Sutherland, Andrew 233 Sutton, Kathryn 199, 350 Swasko, Lorie 330 Swalzell, Scott 362 Swayze, Allison 197, 268, 270, 276 Swayze, Elizabeth 367 Swayze, Julie 320,400 Swee. William 350 Sweeney, Charles 362 Swer, William 285 Swelland, Melissa 257 Swindall, Lawrence 231,362 Swindol, Whitney 277 Swindoll, Virginia 362 Swindoll, Whitney 211.362 Sylvia, Brian 93 Symons. Susan 276 Closing — 385 $ T Tables, Christopher Tabor. Serena Tackaberry. Lisanne Tai. Lee Talbot. Kirk Talbot. Michael Talley, Randall Tammy. Owens Tan. Chi Hang Tan. Donald Tan. Lip Tan, Nee-Phing Tan. Puei Tan. See Tan. Sekgee Tan, Siok Tan. Siong-Hoe Tang, Lui Tang. Wai Kit Tann. Trinity Tannehill. Rhea 266. 120. 233 Tanzola. Kevin Tapp, Laura Lea Tapp. Teresa Taranto. Tara Tate, Pamela Tatum, Paige Tavoletti. Patricia Taylor, Alycia Taylor, Amanda Taylor, Brinkley Taylor. Cecilia Taylor. Eric Taylor. Gail Taylor. Kim Taylor. Kimberly Taylor. Latony Taylor. LaTonya Taylor. Leslie Taylor. Lisa Taylor. Michelle Taylor. Pamela Taylor. Sherita Taylor, Vanissa Teague, Brent Teasley. lane Clair Teasley. Kevin Tedford, Felecia Tedford, Hope Tedford, Laurie Teh, Tien Nan Teoh, Hock Seng Terry. Amy Elizabeth Terry, Rebecca Tew. Philip Thames. Brandy Thames. Edward Thames. Lisa Therrell, Sharon Thigpen, Van Thomas. Amber Thomas. Ben Thomas. Brian Thomas, Darryl Thomas. DeAnn Thomas. James Thomas. Katheryn Thomas. Kathryn Thomas. Mamie Thomas. MeShun Thomas. Missy Thomas. Monica Thomas, Oscar Thomas, Patrick Thomas, Steve Thompson, Ashley Thompson, Billy Thompson. Christopher Thompson, Chris Thompson, Dawn Thompson, Donita Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson. Gunnison Thompson, Kacee Thompson, Keith 219 Thompson, Kirk 350 Thompson, Lisa 339 Thompson, Michael 350 Thompson, Mike 269, 277 Thompson. Preston 362 Thompson, Sean 362 Thompson. Shelby 360 Thompson. Steve 339 Thompson, Suzanna 285 Thompson, Ted 350 Thompson, Terrie 350 Thompson, Winona 339 Thornton, Steven 339 Thorton. LeAnn 350 Thrash, Ann 367 Thrasher. Kerri 330 Thurber. Courtney 350 Thurston. Gardiner 362 Thye, Wei Hong 60. 207 Tickle. Emily 130. 133. Tickle. Heidi 259. 362 Tidwell, )ay 330 Tidwell, lerry 191.368 Tidwell, Lesley 193, 362 Tieboot, Tiffany 201 Tiebout, Tiffany 350 Tignor, loey 264 Tilghman, Kimberly 284 Tillman. Shelley 362 Tilly, Maria 199 Tilton. Lori 231.362 Timbs. lanel 262. 264 Ting. Shueh-Chin 350 Tinkler. Mary 330 Tinnin. Tracy 201, 276 Tinsley. )ames 339 Tisdale, James 362 Tilsworth, lennifer 258. 272 Titus, Cari 371 Todd, Ginger Todd. Jennifer Tohm. Tracy Tok, San-San ToUison, Lee Tomsik. Teiesa Tong. Kam Tonpkins. Christina Toombs, )ames Topper, Nina Topping, Simon Toranto. Tara Townes, Tracy Townsend. |enn Townsend, Jennifer Townsend. Kevin Townsend. Sally Traughber. Jennifer 211 191 262 211, 330 367 350 264, 362 350 285 65. 199 229 362 369 285, 362 339 339 262 264 350 211 362 284 371 330 350 233. 261 362 262. 339 264 339 201 201. 264 191 106 261, 273 284 362 350 221, 371 261 350 330 193 330 362 264, 350 233 362 330 223 185 350 , 262, 350 221 191, 339 350 362 330 233 369 362 269. 331 211 350 350 , 263, 350 362 261 339 199. 350 193 339 261, 264 339 193 191 211 339 367 211 193, 273 370 221 350 362 264, 266 201, 331 201 350 229, 273 371 367 339 350 99 107 276 339 211 268, 331 Turberville, David Turcotte, Stacey Turlington. George Turnage, Susan Turner, Casey Turner. Dixie Turner. John Turner. Kelly Turner. Lacie 262 Turner. Mary Katherine Turner. Melita Turner, Misty Turner, Reggie Turner, Stacey Turner, Stacy Turner, Tracey Tuten, Maradith Tuten. Trey Tuter. Maradith Tutor. Brooks Tutor, Christopher Tutor, Gerla Tutor, Terry Tyer, Andrew Tyler, Lindsey Tyner, Rob Tyner, Robert Tyrell, Christina Tyrrell, Christi 205 368 199 339 350 350 211 221 229 266. 331 270 261. 350 367 231, 362 211 331 350 331 229 269 263 350 350 363 363 331 261, 263 233. 331 350 284 Vestal, Katharine 350 Vettel, Claudia 331 Vigil, loseph 331 Vincent, Amy 262, 263, 277, 363 Vincent, Matt 268, 269 Vincent, Matthew 233, 266 Vincent, Rebecca 257 Vining, Robert 367 Vinson. Thad 367 Viox, Meredith 270 Virgets, Colette 331 Voix, Megan 191 Voix, Meredith 191 VoUinline, Heather 191. 363 Vuavahare, Sanjeev 367 Sv u Udouj, lill Ulmer, David Underwood, |ill Underwood, Kimberly UPD Relations Uptegraph, Kevin Upton, )enny 269 233 339 363 270 233 199 0 261 193, Travis, John Treadway, Kimberly Trevino, Ivan Trowbridge, Kimberly 211, 276, 362 268 339 True, Richard Truett, Wes Trussell, Robert Trusty, Jennifer Trusty, Shannon Tsai, China Tsai, Wei-Sheng Tubbs, Mandy Tubbs, Michelle Tucei, Shannon Tucker, April Tucker, Ashlea Tucker, Craig Tumma, )ulie Tupman, Scott Tupman. Stanley 350 264, 339 262, 270. 339 233, 270 350 99 193, 267, 350 229 285 339 339 193 367 339 350 362 211, 263, 269, 331 199 201 362 350 285 362 Valentine, Kathryn Vallier, Raymond Vance. Katherine Vance. Kavi Vance. Leslie Vance. Nick Vance. Richard Vance, Tiwanda Vanderford, Dana Vandevender, Tol Vandiver, Katherine Vandiver, Leigh VanDyke, Byrlyne Vanjani, Mahesh Vann, Paige Vann. Theresa Varden, Ginny Varino, Matt Varner, Leigh Varney, Merle Vasceit, Sean Vaughan. Bethany Vaughan. Patrick Vaughn. Chuck Vega. Miquel Vega. Robert Vel, Tina Velleman, Amy Venezia, Melissa Verhine, Scott 331 276, 363 331 264 211 350 273 350 331 370 339 339 258 367 199 84, 285 201 229 199 363 221 339 223 269 367 331 339 339 199 350 Waddell, Kimberly Waddle, Lee Wade, Brandon Wadkins. Risa Wages, David Wainright, Andrea Wakefield, Whitney Walden. Natalie Waldrip, Kelly Todd Walendzik, lohn Walker, jay Walker, Joseph Walker. Martin Walker. Mary Beth Walker. Michael Walker, Shirley Walker, Willie Wall, Chad Wall. Chip Wall, CuUen Wall, Robert Wallace, Amy Wallace, Lance Wallace, Sherri Wallace, Stacey Waller, Jason Waller, Jennifer Waller, Kimberly Walls, Christopher Walls. Marsha Walsh. Sarah Walsh, Tom Walshe, Leenie Walshe. Michael Walters, Dawna Walters, Heath Walters, Ken Walthall, Jennifer Walton, Andy Walton, Tracy Wang, Yili Ward. Tommy Wardlaw, Bradley Wardlow, Michael Warren, Adrienne Warren, Bridget Warren, Fred Warren, Gerald Warren, Leigh Warren, Lisa Warriner, Laurie Warriner, Wendy Warrington. Jim Washington, Mario Water, Beth Waters, Bob Watkins, Ashley Watkins, Greg Watkins, Mandy Watkins, Prissy Watkins. William 229, 386 — Closing J Watson. Blylhe Watson, Mary 368 WIflgosz. Rachel 351 Wil.son, Kenn(!lli 268 Varbrough, Tracy Yarlas, Erkan 363 211 Wiggins, Carmen 260. 261. 262. Wil.sDM, Kim 263 367 107 K, 263,2:- Walson, Scott Watson. Steven Watson. Susannah 363 264, 339 Wilson. Kimherly 363, 368 Yasin, Ammar 281, 339 Wilborii, Kimbi rly 363 Wilson. Maudann 363 Yat(?s, Alvin 363 !]; ' 193 Wilborn, Mtdissa 340 Wikson. Russell 363 Yali!s, Kcilli 340 Watts. Alan 229 Wilbourne, Caroline 261 Wilson, Sharon 264 266, 2()8, 270, Yat( s, ,Sli,)wn 351 Watts. Christian 331 Wilbournc, Rankin 259, 261. 264 340 Y ' ales. Willi.ini 261 201 262, 264 Watts. David 229. 285 Wilder, James 231 Wil.son, Stacy 363 ' awn, Laurie Watts. Heather 371 Wilder, Kim 262. 277, 363 Wilson, Todd 370 Yeager, Kim Yelton, And Yelverlon, Ralph Y(;m(!los, C]asie Watts. Keller Walts. Kelli 363 350 Wilder, Penn Wildman, Mark 233 221 Wiltshire!, Peggy Wimberly, Melinda 367 331 221 221 Walls. Lauren 211.277. 363 Wiley, Mark 259, 262, 271 Wimborly, Waterford 331 351 181., Watts. Michael 339 Wllkerson, Mona 371 Windham, Susan 351 Yemelos, Cassandra 193 Wayne. .Amanda Weatherly, Bobby 201 350 Wilkins. Guy Wilkins, Rocky 229 229 Wingard, George Winkle. Van Twinkli 367 331 Yeo, Keng Yerger, Kalhryn Yerger, Kalhy Yew, Ghong-Yan Yielding, l-rankie Yielding, Kimbi rly Yong, Thean-Choong Yong, Yu Yoste, John 351 340 Weathers. Amy Weaver. Elizabeth 371 201. 262 Wilkinson, Kristi Wilkinson, Nathan 106 268, 270 Winter, Prentis Winters, Porcia 201, 264, 331 351 199 363 f Weaver. Russ 233 Wlllard, Elizabeth 363 Wise, Reese 221 371 Weaver. Teri 191 Williams, Allison 211, 261, 264, Wilherspoon, John 331 363 Webb. Alvin Webb. Arin 351 193 Williams, Amy 193 271, 331 , 293, 340, 363 Wiygul, John Wiygul, Shirley 331 340 285. 367 367 363, 396, 398 , Webb, lennifer 211 Williams, Angela 363 Wohg, Amanda 363 V Webb, Kim 201 Williams. Angle 211, 264, 277, Wolfe, Kenneth 261 You, Chulsoo 367 Webb. Kimberlv Webb, Ryan 339 287 Williams, Chad 285, 293 276 Wolfe, Vicki Wolford, Laurie 351 331 Younce, Webb 257, 259, 261.263, 340 Webb, Stacev 331 Williams. Charlene 259, 340 Womble, Kellie 340 Young, Amber Young, Amy Young, Artis Young, Cheri Young, Jennifer 363 ! Webb, William 363 Williams, Dalton Williams, David 351 Wong, Edward 340 351 191; Weber. |ayne 331 233 Wong, Jennifer 264, 276, 331 371 Webster, Sharon 331 Williams, Elizabeth 191 Wong, Sea 363 193 , ' Webster, Sonya 331 Williams, Hayley Williams. Joanna 269, 363 Wong. Wayne 367 351 Wee. Chieu-Nee 367 211 Woo, Raymond 370 Young, Jonathan 363 1 Weeden. Jennifer 351 Williams, Julie 331 Wood, Alison 367 Young, Joyce Young, Kenneth 285 Weeden. Trade 351 Williams, Kacy 84 Wood, Ann Paige 199 351 ' Weems. William 331 Williams, Karen 340 Wood, Douglas 221, 260 Young, Mary 367 ' Weir. Kristin 339 Williams, Katherine 201, 271, 340 Wood, Heather 199 262, 266, 340 Young, Mindy 264. 266. 351 Weir, Trev 229 Williams, Kelley 269, 351 Wood, Henry 370 Young, Monica Young, Neil 331 ) Welborn.Mark 363 Williams, Kelly 263, 264, 266, 268, Wood, Jill 258, 331 221, 351 ; Welch, Angela 331 351 Wood, Kavan 340 Young, Robert Youngman, Kritzie 223 ' Welch, Don 258 Williams. Kristie Williams. Lee 351 Wood, Kristen 191.261, 264 351 ' Wellness. Student : Wells. Lyndsey 262 287 Wood, Lesley 351 Yow, Yoke Thin 351 363 Williams, Mark 340 Wood, Leslea 199 Yu, Hock-Hwa 285 i Wells. .Vicole 351 Williams. Mary 351 Wood, Nancy 363 Yu, Meei-Jane 367 ■ Wells. Waren 284 Williams. Melinda Williams, Michael 199 Woodard, Joseph 185 Yuan, Dah-Huei 367 i Wells. Warren 351 363 Woodard, Shelly 340 1 Welsh, Curtis 363 Williams, Nikki 84 Woods, Billy 293 Wenlworth, Blair 339 Williams, Patricia 284 Woods, Jay 221 m; Werby, Mary 363 Williams. Rich 223 Woods, Jill 201, 271 ; Werner, Michael 351 Williams, Richard 351 Woodward, Kristen 270, 340 y r i Wesley, Yolanda 65 123. 195. 276 Williams, Robin 363 Woolbright, James 340 1 West, Donna 262, 264. 269, 339 Williams. Roger 363 Woolen, Lisa 363 2211 West. Kristi 339 Williams. Seth 223, 259, 260 Work, Tammy 84, 363 West. Sonya Hale 371 Williams. Susan 262, 264 Wortham, Emily 191 Westbrook. Jennifer 363 Williams, Tammy 331 Wren, Billy Wright, Charles 351 ■ Weslergard. Shaun 287, 351 Williams, Travis 233 257, 264 Zazulak, Elizabeth 331 ' : Weston, Meredith 191, 331 Williams. Trevor 370 Wright, Jennifer 211 Zebrowski, Dan 257, 260 Weth, Daniel 363 Williams, Vernita 331 Wright, Kevin 340 Zeller, Kristen 331 ' . Whaley, Derek 287, 363 Williams, Vickie 264, 331 Wu, Huai-Kuan 367 Zen, Weiwen 367 Whalin. Kate 199, 257, 268 Williamson. Carrier 351 Wyatt, Steve 233 Zela Tau ALpha 213 i Wheeler, Christy 371 Williamson. Collins 331 Wyont, Shea 340 Ziemer, Christopher 363 ) Wheeler, Dax 221 Williamson, Jeannie 371 Zitko, Michelle 340 I Whilaker, Shannon 370 Williamson, Jill 368 ; WhilbvYork, Michell e 106 Williamson, Katherine 363 ) White, Alan 367 Williamson. Kalhy 211 V ! White, Angela 339 Williamson. Stephanie 211,340 1 ) White, August 264, White, Christie White, Christy 266. 268. 339 331 211 Williamson, Timothy Willingham, Preston Willis, Eddie 331 33 1 287 A I While, Cynthia 351 Willis, Ginger 351 • ► f White, Deena 371 Willock, Roland 268. 273 ! White. Donald White. Jason 221 331 Willoughby, Clair Willoughby, Ray 191 363 Xiang, Jing 340 m White. Kemble 339 Wilosn, Kim 266 233,5 White, Lori 351 Wilson, Angela 351 , J White, Oliver 263 Wilson, Angle 201 1 ! While, Samantha White, Sarah 363 106 Wilson, Brian 229, 260. 263, 268, 276 i 26«,r Whitehead, David 363 Wilson, Christie 201, 276 1 A ! Whiteside, lerry 371 Wilson, Cindy 264 w I Whitfield, Chylanda 351 Wilson, Cory 122, 132, 133, 136. 259 371 233, 340 267 258, 340 J f J II J 1» Whitten, Melinda Whltllngton. Melissa Whittle, Lela Whitwell. Quentin Whitwer, Karla 264. 339 339 199 264 199 Wilson. Dennis Wilson. James Wilson, Jeff Wilson, Jennifer Wilson. Joann Wilson. Keith Yang, Chai Zhen " Yang, Pei Lan Yap, Koo Yarber, Angela Yarber, Yalonda 285 367 351 340 351 198,11 i Wicktom, Barry 351 367 258 Yarbro, Sharra 199, 351 Closing — 387 Gfosing Gqi Chskq Gqi $ B.J. Mannix 388 — Closing p 4 (ifosing Ga Casing Ga Chskq Ga Closing — 389 1 1 casing Gd m ▲ Photo by Natalie Pharr A Photo by Misty Tims 390 — Closing Chsivq Gd G siwg Goi Photo by Ame Cast {!■ ' ' W [ ' A Photo by Nikki Tutor Closing — 391 CfosiKQ Gd o Closing Qd SBHKj mtmsm 1 ■ . %ii» . ▲ Photo by B.J. Mannix -0 ■»■.■ il ;»• k. Photo by Sarahs collection A Photo by August Laurent 392 — Closing Go! 1 ,::! ' M mm k J iftt .S iit A Photo by OUle Brock Closing — 393 Ht casing Qd Closing Gd A Photo by August Laurent -1 ' i TeiSk -- :- - • « J f -k ' ari ■ ' iX ' 4 ' ' ill f L ' mp " rr 1 ' |h SI ' 4 TMfi ' S t ,? . H V ' ti - Av H L H Mm HB la : ,; Kc 1 SJP ' 0 " i :-fl " N J P mM v 1 ' ' .. ' V ' 9M ir v fll ■ A Photo by Arae Gast 394 — Closing (J casing Qa A Photo by OUle Brock ma Mm! £ m Closing — 395 n commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, this 98th addition of the Ole Miss is hereby dedicated to the brave men and women who lost their lives during this courageous struggle. Lifted from the pages of the 1947 Ole Miss and also from the May 11, 1945, edition of the Daily Mississippian, the following names are of Ole Miss students who lost thier lives during the war or were declared missing in action or prisoners of war. As a student now one can only imagine how deeply affected the student body of Ole Miss was duri ng the troubled first years of 1940, during the war. It is with humble rememberance that we once again honor these heroic individuals. Killed In Action James M. Archer, Greenwood, MS Jack H. Baughn, Greenwood, MS Hermann Baxter, Bay St. Louis, MS Louis A. Benoist, Natchez, MS LD. Benson, Rolling Fork, MS Joe M. Blythe, Lake Comorant Herbit Breeden, Jackson, TN Alexander R. Breyer, Meridian, MS William F. Bridgeforth, Yazoo City, MS William Bruce H, Canton, MS Elam B. Burns Jr., Ecru, MS Robert P. Campbell, Grenada, MS Jack Carter, Oxford, MS Orville Castle, Louisville, MS Wilson Carter Jr., Jackson, MS Chester D. Cockrell, Hazelhurst, MS Lyman H. Coker Jr., Vicksburg, MS Conner D. Collins Jr., Holly Springs, MS John Covington, Marks, MS Ray N. Crocker, Bruce, MS George Davis, Meridian, MS Jim Bell Dickson, Aberdeen, MS Thomas V. Donald Jr., Ft.Smith, Ark. Donald S. Downie, Jackson, MS Kendall Duke, Oxford, MS Charles A. Dunagin, Hattiesburg, MS John W. Elmore, Tupelo, MS Carl Fortenberry, Columbia, MS George C. Fugite, Hazelhurst, MS Maurice N. Furr Jr., Robinsonville, MS William Frazier Furr, Aberdeen, MS Auguste Gerard II, Grenada, MS Howard A. Gilliam Jr., Hattiesburg, MS William P. Graves, Jackson, MS James A. Harris, Webb, MS Frank L. Hawkins, Vaiden, MS Homer L. Hazel, Marshall, MI William David Hearington Asa A. Hedleston, Oxford, MS Stephen D. Hester, Yazoo City, MS Frances S. Hill, Grenada, MS James T. Hill, Como, MS Nat Hooker, Lexington, MS Robert H. Horn, Grenada, MS William E. Hunt, Sartartia, MS William R. Jackson, Liberty, MS Robert L. Jones, Lula, MS Marion R. Klyce, Corinth, MS James L. Knox, New Albany, MS James E. Land, Houston, MS Clifton L. Leggett, Allen, MS Roy B. Lever, Macon, MS Larry A. Litton, Shaw, MS Edward D. Lockard, Meridian, MS Benjamin Lyford, West Helena, Ark. Gordon L. Lyon, Indinaola, MS Toxey H. McBried, Sumrall, MS Joseph C. McCarty Jr., Jackson, MS Edward A. McLellan, Sumner, MS John Madre, Memphis, TN Richard Miller, Racine, Wis. Charles L. Mills, Tupelo, MS Geroge R. Neblett, Shelby, MS George P. Parker, Jackson, MS William Payne, Greenville, MS Prentiss P. Perritt, Wesson, MS Robert L. Pullen, Aberdeen, MS Benard Reeves, Gulfport, MS Joe C. Reynold, Frederick, OK Henry D. Roberts, Yazoo City, MS Simon P. Robinson Jr., Hernando, MS Luther L. Rogers, Collins, MS Charles W. Rust, Clarksdale, MS William C. Sam, Vicksburg, MS Fred C. Scales, Tupelo, MS Nelson T. Seagraves, Osceola, Ark. Jo Sedberry, Okolona, MS Robert G. Shelton, Ruleville, MS Hansford Simmons, McComb, MS John D. Simmons IH, Cleveland, MS John C. Smith, Canadaiqua, N.Y. John R. Stapleton, Tunica, MS ( Robert H. Stinson, Hattiesburg,MS Norman Lee Stokes, Meridian, MS Edward B. Suarez, Gulfport, MS Augustus H. Tate, Greenville, MS Rochester C. Thompson, Jackson, MS Roger L. Tinsley, Oxford, MS Ralph W. Treadway, Cockrum, MS Ellis A. Trevillion Jr., Marks, MS Dougas B. Tubb, Smithville, MS James G. Vandevender, Jackson, MS Joe A. Waggoner, Carthage, MS Junivs P. Wesson, Carthage,MS Van Wilkinson, Shelby, MS Charles P. White, Oxford, MS Solon W. Whitmire, Clarksdale, MS John W. Wright, Sardis, MS William S. Henley, Hazelhurst,MS Missing In Action George Anderson, Vicksburg, MS Erie Beniot Becker, Jackson, MS Charles W. Cadwell, Oxford, MS Harald R. Cunningham, Meridian, MS Hal N Dabbs Jr., Quitman, MS Gordon L. Devault, Lafayette, Ind. William A. Duke, Oxford, MS Harris R. Hester, Schalter, MS Charles Hirsch, Vicksburg, MS Charles Jackson, Cleveland, MS Jesse Barry Lee, Etta, MS A.B. Monroe, Batesville, MS George H. Parker, Gulfport, MS David O. Puckett Jr., Tupelo, MS George Robertson, Jackson, MS Robert D. Wing, Greenville, MS Richard E. Conner, Vicksburg, MS Robert E. Gardner Jr., Greenwood, MS Prisoners of War Forrest Burnett, Charleston, MS Philip Cascio, Leland, MS Lloyd A. Coleman, Doddsville, MS Andrew D. Dunavant, Pontotoc, MS Ramey G. Gray, Dubin, MS Henry W. Haynes, Lumberton, MS Robert P. Johnson, Ripley, MS Walter G. Johnson, Jackson, MS Jack K. Mann, Laurel, MS W.G. Mize Jr., Jackson, MS Hollis G. Rogers Jr., Indianola, MS Calvin B. Vance Jr., Batesville, MS Sam A. Walker Jr., Brookhaven, MS James Howard White, Oxford, MS John M. Jones, Macon, MS Frances Stevens, Jackson, MS William E. Stone, Oxford, MS James D. Neill, CarroUton, MS Hal H. Dabbs Jr., Quitman, MS Old ImpoJdOd l JOMOiio A ■r o:: - ■ m:i: Coming to Mississippi from Holland was a long way for you Arne. You ' ve really made the most of your experience here. Running and finishing in good time the New York City marathon is a feat in itself. I ' m glad you chose to come to Mississippi because I hope it has taught you a little about the South. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures. You ' ve been the best. I don ' t think this next summer is going to be quite as exciting as the last one, Dear. 1 could have killed you this night. 1 couldn ' t have made it without your daily visits to my office. With everyone 1 know gone this semester, I ' m glad you were still here with me. I ' ll really miss the tradition above. Thanks to everyone pic- tured. John, Mom, Kelly, Dad and George. From day one we have all been together and it really seems like four years ago was just yesterday. We ' ve always said we would all still be together for many more homecomings to come. Let ' s try and keep it together. Thanks for all your support. It came in many forms and was much appreciated. 98 — Closing I guess we really didn ' t drink that much that afternoon at the Gin. (not that at that point I didn ' t want to relieve some stress and do so)! Many, many thanks go out to you for helping me finish the book. I wish you all the luck In the world next year trying to produce yet another Ole Miss. You ' ll maybe even start sympathizing with Traci when she pitches a fit because things don ' t get done, now you ' ll understand. You were without a doubt the best person that could have taken over as business manager. You took so much of the pressure off me and you were mean when I couldn ' t be. (imagine that). The 1992 Ole Miss is the 98th volume, published by Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas. Texas. The press run was 6,000 copies. Book specifications include 400 pages meas- uring 9 by 12, printed on 801b. enamel paper. Spot color used was midnight blue No. 1 7, in opening; spice red No. 28 in Student Life; gold No. 80 and blue No. 17 in Features. Pop prints used were 901, 910, 91 1 and 912. They can be found primarily in Organizations and Student Life. The cover was designed by August Laurent. Special thanks to the Taylor artist, April Ennis-Ford of Jackson for drawing the cover and also contributing the art used for the section headings and for the cover type " Ole Miss. " The cover color is Midnight Blue No. 17. Going back to a school color was proposed by the majority of the student body, so I guess we should all take credit for the final cover. The Ole Miss seal is Imprinted on the cover. Other color on the cover is silver No. 81. Revenue from the book came from the sale of pages to organizations, honoraries and Greeks. The total operating budget of the book totaled approximatley $164,720. That can be broken down into $8,000 from Greeks and $13,000 from organizations and honoraries. The remainder of the money Is derived from student activity fees. Each student contributes $8.00 per semester towards production of the yearbook. All pages were designed using Taylor provided software, including the PageVision, TypeVision and IndexVision se- ries. All pictures were taken by student photographers except Hall of Fame, Who ' s Who, Beauties, Favorites, and class photos, which were taken by Walt Mixon of Oxford Photo. All photos were taken on the Ole Miss campus, with one exception of a location shot at Oxford ' s Downtown Grill resturant. Special thanks to Mrs. Patty Lewis and the managerial staff of the Grill for allowing us to shoot there. The 1992 Ole Miss is a student edited publication pro- duced annually at the University of Mississippi. The view- points represented in this book are those solely of the staff and in no way reflect University policy. Closing — 399 Sdrto L ' s Gfosing I can ' t express how glad I am that this year is drawing to a close when I speak of this year- book. It has given me heartache, heartburn and headache. But I take great pride also in putting togethe r once again something that I feel we all put a little into, and that is Ole Miss. I had the biggest reservations about under- taking this job once more. As I write this now our book is two weeks over deadline and may or may not come back by the time school is over. I will cross my fingers and hope that we can pull it out. If you are reading this and we didn ' t pull it out, I hope you forgave me back in May when you went home for the summer empty-handed. I thought a great deal this summer when I was on vacation about what this " extra year " at Ole Miss would bring. In many ways I can say it has been the best and the worst year of my life. I think someone wanted me to stay so that I could learn all the lessons mainly about life that I learned this year. I have experienced the greatest joys this year though self-discovery. My summer study in Europe was the most eye-opening and fufilling experience of my life. The weeks I spent living at the house here with six of my best friends and seeing all my buddies go out into the world successfully were the best for me. But I learned some very painful lessons also. Having this book be late is dissappointing, but nothing measures up to some of the things I learned last semester about what is and what was in my life. Not having my basement sup- port group here made things especially hard. I think of you all every day. The first and biggest thank you in the world goes to my wonderful business manager, Todd Inman. As we all know nothing would have gotten done if you hadn ' t done your job and sometimes mine in trying to get this book out. Much thanks to you for revitalizing the busi- ness manager job and taking over the pho- tography staff. You took the heat for me when I wanted to avoid it, I will never be able to thank you enough. Thanks next to my wonderful family. Mom and Dad were as always generous with the support and love. You have supported me more this year in my off-the-wall endeavors than ever. Thanks for letting me become an adult. I love you both more than ever. Of course Claudia too. I wish you much luck in everything. You are a special person to me and I love you. Thanks to John and Kelly. John you are always near to me, no matter how far away you really are. I can hear your voice urging me on when I want to quit and I can feel your pride in me when I reach my goals. You always have enough strength for the both of us. Kelly — I am so glad you were still here this semester. Thanks for helping me out with the book and being the best roomie ever. Thanks also to Julie Swayze, Laurie Tharpe and Becky Neal for urging me to go out when I should be doing the yearbook and coming in to the Grill to let me wait on yall while yall had a good time. Thanks to Craig Dearman for stopping in and giving me a hard time. I can seriously say that I will miss you dearly next year. I really appreciate the efforts of Walt Mixon and the staff at Oxford Photo. Thank you for putting up with all of us and for cioing a wonderful job with all our color work. Thank you to all my section editors and to all others who helped on the book. Laura, Dayle, Margaret, Katherine, Heather, Michael — 1 . Portia Thomas, left, had the honor of meeting legendary bluesman B.B. King with me in In- dianola. 3. Meeting Isla Wotherspoon from Scot- land was one of the greatest parts of my summer. thanks to each of you. Thank you very much Jerry for the great Index art. More thanks than ever to my wonderful photography staff. Arne — your photography talent will be missed when you return home to Holland. I hope your ex- perience here has been a wonderful one. I ' ve enjoyed every minute of having you around. Katherine — I can ' t thank you enough for also sharing the wonderful talent you have with us. B.J. — as always, you know I love you even though we aren ' t always in the building at the same time. Thanks also to Misty, Natalie, Peter Emerson and all the other contributing photogs. Ollie Brock, a paragraph of your own. You are the best! You always could come up with just the picture that I was missing. I ' ll be sad not to see your face anymore. Thanks to our new representative Kathy Wright at Taylor. It was a great change to be working with you. As always, to Greg Williams thanks for sweating an- other year out with me. I hope I haven ' t left anyone out. I appreciate everyone who contributed to this book in any way. Please cut the book down all you want. I won ' t be changing a thing next year. Seriously, I hope we got it all straight this year and no one is upside down or on the wrong page or doubled. . .many apologies to all those who were affected last year. If your photo was left out of anything for any reason, such as Who ' s Who, we tried and tried and tried to get you to come in and take your picture. I hate having to put " photo not available " in there but often I wasn ' t left much of a choice. I wish Dayle much luck next year. Please everyone give her a break because she ' ll be learning this book from the very beginning. I admire your courage for wanting to take on what is not always a very glamorous job. Thanks finally to Ole Miss and everyone for making my last year very special. I hope once again I captured another year at Ole Miss for you. I can say without regret that these have been the five best years of my life. Thank you and goodbye. August 400 nelnln- fODlSCOt- sumiiier. 1,1 won IK iope» ' fJ»iii edowioron olofiestoill urpholo ' JS on 10 come in jl " pholon»l .ft much of 8 lis book f -eforiaili " ! ioio«sj . iinloi " nay 1 tears wiikou ' ofuf

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