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I l; fc SlIillD!. W " ffy- ' - ' m m: - V 199101eMisi TJnii ersitvjof_Mississippi_ Volume 97 mfgim stark Young House Center for the Study of Southern Culuture tto by August Laurent photo by OUle Brock 1991 OleMiss Student Life Features Sports Honors Administration Greeks Organizations Classes Index Closing 20 52 72 116 154 184 262 322 382 392 Allison Hooker Last year ' s senior class project brought lights to the Grove. The lights, which cost close to $80,000, were Installed during April and have made the Grove a much safer place at night. This year ' s project, shown above, is to renovate the houses located behind Faulkner ' s home. I Oxford A lot of homage should be paid to the town of Oxford and its people. This historic little place in Mississippi is home to more than ten- thousand students each year and Oxonians help preserve the feeling that there really is " a home away from home. " It is ironic but true to say that many Oxford merchants see more of the first-hand transitions we are making into young adulthood than our parents. It is not uncommon to see the same ladies behind the counter at Rainbow, have the same waitresses at the Beacon, see the same people in Kiamies or Oxford Floral, or to engage in lenthy conversations with the same man at Quick Shop. Often the merchants in Oxford are the first people to really allow the students to get their first work experience. This close-knit community doesn ' t mind expanding its boundries year after year to include a new group of students. From becoming loyal members of the churches to being loyal patrons of a favorite watering-hole, students become an integral part of the town and are welcomed with open arms. I 4 — Opening ▲ 7 1 . A squirrel on the square has a mouthful. 2. One of Oxford ' s best loved landmarks, the Hoka theatre continues to serve some of the best cooked meals and offers an intrestlng atmosphere. 3. The clock atop city hall stands In the middle of one of Oxford ' s busiest centers, the square. 4. Roanoke, the home of William Faulkner is just one o f Oxfords historic sights. 5. Oxford square has been undergoing changes throughout the year, and the result has been an uplifted and brighter square. 6. Oxford ' s children are a familiar sight all year round. 7. This Oxford man strolls the square one afternoon. 8. The Ole Miss and Oxford watertowers are not very far apart, and demonstrate the closeness of the town and the University. All photos by B.J. Mannlx. Opening — 5 Southern Tradition " Tell about the South. What ' s it like there? What do they do there? Why do they live there? Wh y do they live at all? — William Faulkner Absolam! Absolam! It Is hard to separate what Ole Miss was yesterday and is today from the South. Both Ole Miss and the South have an intriguing flair that attracts both flattery and scorn. We have a fascinating attraction here that draws people from all over. We also have a rich southern tradition that becomes an eminant part of everyone at Ole Miss. Like the South, Ole Miss is undoubtably shadowed by a part of both triumph and controversy. From this overbearing presence of our past, surfaces the tradtions that give our university a distinct character. In order to understand where we are today, we must have respect for our turburlent past, while not dwelling on it. We cannot ignore it, but instead learn from it, and move ahead. It has been 28 years since the James Meredith con- troversy, and still racial issues are at the core of the uni- versities problems. Undoubtably we have moved ahead. Now, there is an ongoing understanding between all students, faculty, and administration with a growing empathy for each other ' s needs. We all know that there is more to Ole Miss than a social enviornment, and it goes beyond people who still choose to wave rebel flags and those who protest the flag. The beauty of Ole Miss reaches beyond its fascinating surround- ings, it is the people who value this beauty. There is a preve- lant sense of community at Ole Miss. We have proved that we can definitely come together in times of need and times of prosperity. Our community is one of our most valuable qual- ities, and is evident in everyday life. From the community we get our great sense of pride in the university and its tradition that has been constant through the years. Being an intricate part of the South is something in which all students at Ole Miss should be proud of. A Southern heritage helped create the Ole Miss we know today. For over 140 years the people that make up the university have faced and suffered the same trials as the South, and celebrated the same victories. Al- though some of our traditions are controversial, our legacy should always be honored. It is easy to look behind us and see how far we have come, however, if we plan to prevail we need not to lose sight of how far we need to go. By Allison Hooker. I 6 — Opening Alan Sheffield Way down South in Mississippi there ' s a spot that ever calls. Where among the hills enfolded stand ole Alma Maters halls. Where the trees lift high their branches to the whis- pering Southern breeze. There Ole Miss is calling, calling to our hearts ' fond memories. With united hearts we praise thee, all our loyalty is thine, and we hail thee. Alma Mater, may thy light forever shine; May it grow brighter and brighter, and with deep affection true. Our thoughts shall ever cluster ' round thee, dear Ole Red and Blue. May thy fame thoughout thy nation, through my sons and daughters grow; May thy name forever waken in our hearts a tender glow. V May thy counsel and thy spirit ever keep us one in this. That our own shall be thine honor, now and ever, dear Ole Miss. Alan Sheffield Opening — 7 People I One of the most Important things about Ole Miss is the people. Everyone who comes on to campus is touched by the legacy that makes our school what it Is today. Not only are the students affected by what transpires here, but the faculty, their children, the people of Oxford and people from outside as well. The ever-changing attitudes towards academics, social clubs, organizations and athletics help keep the opinions flowing as to what it is that really makes up Ole Miss. The answer however, is not found in the number of games the football team won, or the average our entering freshman are scoring on the ACT, or the size of the recent endowment fund, or the politics of the people in the Lyceum. The answer to what makes up Ole Miss is found in the people. The everyday students you see walking to class or sitting in the Grove or out front of the sorority house. They are not the unapproachable people others make them out to be. They are not the materialistic Southern generations so sterotyped vrith Ole Miss. They are the friendly folk, who will stop and talk at length if given the chance. They are the kind that would rather take the afternoon off from classes, and sometimes do. They are the ones you will see heading out to Sardis for a day in the sun, or the ones retreating to their rooms for a nap. The people of Ole Miss come in all shapes and sizes, all colors and all languages. They make up the diversity of the University and add uniquness and character. by August Laurent " 4 ;i I Hi 1 rm . r- ... 1 ' ' M • -p - n J i.v- pi r " - m Allison Hooker Allison Hooker B.J. Mannlx 8 — Opening B.J. Mannlx [i.J Mannix Allison Hooker B.J. Mannlx Alan Sheffield Opening — 9 - Homecoming The Ole Miss campus was stirring Homecoming Week 1990. It began with activities in the Grove and ended with everyone celebrating the 18th ranked Rebels victory over Arkansas State on Sat- urday. Homecoming is a time of traditon at Ole Miss and one of the traditions is crowning the Queen. Janie Holman. elected Queen in a campus-wide election was crowned at half-time by the president of the Alumni Association. During the week the Student Programming Board sponsored music and tye-dying in the Grove. Another tradition carried on was the float competition. This year students went to extremes to give the campus the most spirited floats ever. Chi Omega sorority won with the theme " A New Beat to An Old Song. " The annual Home- coming pep rally on the square brought students and faculty together with the people of Oxford to rouse spirits for the game that eventually took us to 6-1 . Despite all the week ' s activities many teachers still gave tests. Truly there is no week quite like Homecoming. It is always the busiest most happening week of the fall semester. Homecoming 1990 was especially special with our strong football team drawing more fans and alums together. Many students and their fami- lies enjoyed the musical production of " Peter Pan " on Friday night. The day of the game itself had the campus boiling over with people. There was hardly a space in the Grove after 8 a.m. The open houses and bands added to the spirit of the day. Of course the tailgating parties couldn ' t be overlooked. No where else in the nation could have had a bigger or better tailgating celebration than in the Grove on October 20, 1990. People from all over will always come back to Ole Miss to take part in an exclusive tradtion known as Ole Miss Homecoming. by Allison Hooker 10 — Opening Photos by Allison Hooker and B.J. Mannix. Opening — 11 Legacy While riding around campus with my grandfather who was here in the early 1940 ' s, it is obvious how much he still remembers and cherishs his college days. It wasn ' t too long ago that we were talking and he told me of the pranks they used to play while living in Barr dormorito- ry and then later in George. He spoke of pranks that I can ' t even envision him being a part of because they are so uncharacteristic of the man 1 know now. Why 1 remember this day so vividly is obvious. While he spoke that day I thought of myself ten, twenty, even thirty years from now, coming back to Ole Miss and telling someone with me of the things we used to do In Martln- Stockard. 1 thought of all the times when 1 ride past my old dorm, even now, and wish that 1 could still be a part of that. 1 wish 1 could go back to the first day 1 came to Ole Miss and start things over again, knowing some of the things I know now. I think it is inevitable that as time goes on we will all want back part of what time has stolen from us. College has taught me a lot about myself and a lot about what to expect from people as you begin to associate with a variety of people and mix with other cultures and other ways of life. College has taught me to understand why other people are different and to appreciate the individuality that makes each one of us who we are. It has been in the past four years that I have learned that not everyone wants to take a solid hold of the things offered to them in life. Many people who 1 see now who are apethetic to all that surrounds them, 1 see growing up that way, never taking ad- vantage of the things out there. Just beyond their reach. 1 hadn ' t planned on coming to Ole Miss as a senior at Hattiesburg High school. 1 had reservations about what it would be like. All during my senior year however, my grandfather pushed me to come to Ole Miss. It was his alma mater and he was Colonel Reb here. 1 see now that his wanting me to come to school here had much more to do than with Just my getting an academic education. It had to do with what he had gotten out of Ole Miss and how he knew that it still had many of those same things to offer me. If my decision con- cerning college had been different, not only would I have missed out on all the things that make me who 1 am, 1 would have missed out on that day in the car with my grandfather. A day when 1 saw through someone else ' s eyes the fact that no matter how far away from Ole Miss you go, It never really leaves you. — by August Laurent 12 — Opening Alan Sheffield Alan Sheffield Opening — 13 Scenery Over the years as the campus has matured with the University and slowly begun to merge more completely with the town of Oxford, the beauty of the campus has grown stronger. In times where people are tearing things down and turning once free fields into concrete parking lots, the beauty of Ole Miss has remained. A few years ago when it was proposed to use part of the Grove to help alleviate the parking problem, not only student and faculty, but alumni as well protested adamantly. Instead of plowing through the land that comprises Ole Miss, buildings are erected around the land, in a way that almost pays tribute to the original landscape. The campus is a centerpeice to a beautiful town and beautiful surroundings. Everywhere you go from Faulkners to Sardis lake, nature and beauty go untouched and undisturbed. 14 — Opening I Opening — 15 Ole Miss Atan Sheffield Alan Sheffield I Over the years Ole Miss has evolved Into a place to come home to, a place where memories are held sacred and where people will always feel a part of the place they lived their college days. To look around at the things and places that make Ole Miss what it is, is to understand what it is that makes up a really great college town. 16 — Opening B.J. Manntx K to, a plat ysfeelapi ' le things ai, Mtltlsthi Opening — 17 Ole Miss Alan Sheffield b.J. ManRlA Alan Sheffield i B.J. Manntx Mary Ltnda Dahtke Alan Sheffield Alan Sheffield Mary Ltnda Dahlke Student Life — 19 s Student Life A Legacy of Activities student life at Ole Miss has a pretty broad definition. Everyday there is a wide variety of activites to choose from, and the Ole Miss student who can ' t find something to do hasn ' t looked very hard. School sponsored pagents, plays, productions, art showings, sporting events, fund-raisers and picnics are just a few of the offerings on an everyday basis. But student life can incorporate so much more. A typical day could be filled with learning all about a new scientific break- through, talking endlessly in the Grove with the person you just met in class, or just catch- ing up on the latest on " Days of our Lives, " or ESPN. However an Ole Miss student spends their days, one thing is for sure, they will look back on these times as some of the best in their lives. Editor August Laurent L Miss Misssissippi VaqeDd ' Ed. HauS, fe££ps lk Uiadttion o j Ok Miss mvm. AepResewtinQ cm state in 4t Miss Jlimion pageant Miss Mississippi Ole Miss Style Miss Mississippi 1981 Karen Hopson — Miss Vicksburg Placed in Top Ten at Miss America Miss Mississippi 1984 Kathy Manning — Miss University 2nd Alternate to Miss America Miss Mississippi 1985 Susan Akin — Miss University Went on to become Miss America 1989 Cherry Busby — Miss Tupelo Miss Mississippi — 1990 Beth Howell — Miss Dixie Beth Howell has held virtually every position at Ole Miss. She has been In the spotlight since she came to the University four years ago. Her ease and grace on the stage began here In Fulton Chapel, when she took the title as a freshman of Most Beautiful. Since then she has continued to be a highlighted campus face, as she Is on the University modeling board, was a Pike calendar girl, was the University ' s best dressed co-ed. Is an officer for Delta Gamma sorority, and Is actively pursuing a pharmacy degree. Beth won the title of Miss Dixie In 1989. and took the title of Miss Mississippi In late spring 1990. Beth prepared all summer for her day in Atlantic City: keeping fit and perfecting her magic act which she dazzeled the Judges with. In the Miss America pageant all eyes were on Beth, as the women from Mississippi are always some of the toughest contenders. However, competition In the Miss America pageant was even tougher, and Beth failed to finish in the top ten. She did however walk away with a preliminary swimsult award and memories of an experience very few people ever get the chance to live. 22 — Student Life I ilnce ffilty Is a «on 1990. J her were ideis. led to 1 . Beth pulls a Mississippi banner out of the air during the talent competition. Her unusual talent was cited for orig- inality by many people. 2. Beth displays the statue she won from Miss America during the swimsuit competition. 3. Put- ting Mississippi on the map. 4. Last year ' s winner Cherry Busby crown Beth during ceremonies at Miss Mississippi. All photos courtesy oj the Mtss America pageant. Student Life — 23 Wl J im SMM " tofeing s k)pt Siott Oi d nQtiorf ijUndiiig leept coKdiactoiis on iKe tvioae as mj buiWiwgs use. out ofy iRe Q iound a iound eoMpus. Dodging construction cites this year has been a common oc- curance as buildings and renovations dotted the campus. By far the most eye-catching constuctlon work was taking place on the ren- ovation of Barnard Observatory, located near sorority row. in the place where the old Chancellor ' s house once stood. The buldling was thoroughly sanded down and washed, stripped and repainted over the course of the year. Work on this $2.5 million restoration began in early fall and it is projected that the building will be ready for occupation by the fall. The building will house the Center for the Study of Southern Culture Another much needed and anticipated addition to campus is the building of a new Student Health Service building. The new build- ing Is located behind Meek Hall and will house offices for several university physicians and will include an in-house pharmacy. The larger, more modern building will allow the health service to ex- pand and provide students with a variety of services. Completion of the building is projected for early summer. One project that recently received funding is the Natural Products center, which will be located between Coulter and Faser Halls. The project is a several million dollar undertaking and will allow phar- macy students to pursue their studies in a much advanced en- volrnment. The Natural Products center will not be completed for several years. It will be the only one of Its kind In the southern United States. Natural Products Center Ed Brondyke Groundbreaking cermonles for the Natural Products Center, which will be located between Coulter and Faser Halls took place last fall. This multl-mllUon dollar center will substantially enhance the knowledge and research capabilities of the Ole Miss School of Phar- macy. Although the center will not be completed for several years, architects have made plans for the building and preliminary work will begin in the Fall. Ole Miss will have technological research capablUtes when this federal and state funded center Is completed. Pictured above are groundbreaking ceremonies that took place at the cite in Fall 1990. n v» t - ; ' y;-sf-air ..V ' ■ )t.m;Tr " ifi 24 — Student Life iuiiai mmmmk lion ady the the I ' eril The ex- in of octs The liar- en- I (or I lem I Student health services OLE MISS i- r r r T V X 1 student Health Services The Ole Miss student health services building has been another very visible construction project on campus. The building which is located behind Meek Hall will allow university staffed-physlclans to give more up-to- date and complete health care to Ole Miss students. The center is near completion and should be able to begin operations in the Immediate future. The new center will offer a variety of health care amenities. B-J. Mannlx Alan Sheffield whlcti istfall. ice the )[Ptiar- ] years, rywork esearcti npleteii- •eat the Barnard Observatory The $2 million renovation on Barnard Observatory will be completed in mid-spring and will house the Center for the Study of Southern Culture. The state-funded project has been the most visible on cam- pus as restoration on the 1 33 year old building took place throughout the year. Construction on the building was planned so that the original look of the building would not be lost. Student Life — 2 A 1 August Laurent A 2 Brent Walters 1. Nightlife can Include a trip to Memphis to some of the best places to eat In the South, such as the Rendezous. 2. A table full of friends always adds to the fun of getting out and being social. 3. Brent Walters. Hyde Stewart and Brown Balne kick back at the bar during a Memphis trip. A 3 August Laurent 26 — Student Life A K It Ok Ik Tc am y{ lugfe ojj weeJe is ik peAjj iikvie, |jO l g We. sociafcug. Al Mary Linda Dahike 1 A2 Mary Linda Dahike 1 . Michael Abraham and Dan Latham talk over the night at a late-night at Don Brocks. 2. Laurie Denton shows the younger guys how to play Ponderosa. 3. Drew Patton paints the board outside Syds. Planning for a night out begins as early as breakfast. While glancing over the Dalli) Mis- sissippian, students scan the pages for bands, drink specials and other enticements which will lure them away from their studies and Into downtown Oxford. Van Buren and Jackson Ave. are filled with cars on any given night, as students don ' t wait until the weekend to meet their friends for a dlrnk. With more than five bars to choose from It Is hard to predict where the place will be. During 1990 students watched as Syd and Harrys became officially known as Syds, and 11 th Street bar and Grill switched names several times. For the stu- dents though names changes didn ' t matter. It was Oxford and It was a night out on the town. Since Oxford likes to shut down early and the students don ' t, Ole Miss Is famous for late- nights . . . which you can also find any given night If you look hard enough. A3 Mary Linda Dahike Student Life — 27 PeASiQK QA j C LiStS Stuobrts DjcAd OS. iRe. CAisis esodbted Mo WOK Qnd 4m Mned- into febeiiQtion It all happened so fast. August 2, Iraqi troops Invaded Kuwait and by mid-month the United States and other United Nations countries had begun deploying troops to Saudi Arabia. The nation watched as the crisis was evaluated from all standpoints. Many said the U.S. in- volvement was purely economical, others said the U.S. was protecting the lives and human rights of thousands of Kuwait citizens. Mis- sissippians watched as multiple National Guard and reserve units were activated and brothers, fathers, mothers, sisters and sons were sent first to training sites and then to the Gulf. On the homefront anticipation and gas prices both escalated as the U.N. gave Saddam Hussein a January 1 5th deadline to withdraw his troops from the area. When he did not the U.S. and British forces were the first to begin bombing exercises and in less than two months, with only a minimal number of American causalities, successfully accom- plished the liberation of that region. ▲ 1 Alan Sheffield A 2 Kelly Stegal StarkvlUe Dally News 28 — Student Life A. 3 Alan Shefneld ▲ 4 Alan Sheffield ▲ 5 Alan Sheffield 1 . Delta Gamma proudly displays a sign In support of the troops. 2. Fam- ily and friends see off the 386th Army National Guard as they pre- pare to leave for Camp Shelby. 3. A candlelight vigil for the troops in the Grove. 4. Flags were a common show of support. 5. Students for Democ- racy staged a noon demonstration in the Union. 6. Members of the 386th board trucks for their trip to Hat- tlesburg. A 6 Kelly Stegal Student Life — 29 J s. studeKts (jougfo -At bo k o j e, biMqe, iRe won mM) iejJied up bdujem 4.t MA cmbs. So many temptations at college these days, keep us away from aerobics and the stairmasters and on the couch with a nice plate full of pasta. It seems that with studying and partying, and many students working, there wasn ' t enough time during the day to get out and get daily exercise. The inticements to get that exercise were many this year, as the battle between Flex One Fitness Center and Body Plex turned into an all out war. Both places have stairmasters, both places offer bench-step aerobics, both places are great places to go to workout, and both places want your business. In newspaper advertisements, on the radio and in special discounts to new members and limited membership offers, both places encouraged students to take that step to better health. Many students found the increased efforts of the businesses just the right time for them to begin taking better care of themselves. Students who don ' t opt for the organized workout effort can be seen daily walking, jogging and running along University avenue and the Square, tak- ing off last night ' s calories in a more personal and self-satisfying way. A 1 Jennifer Revels 30 — Student Life J. A 4 B.J. Mannix 1. Yogurt Shop Is Just one of the many places that student can satisy a chocolate craving and still feel good about them- selves. 2. Jerome — a name synomous with fitness. 3. Jim Abbott likes to moun- tain bike to keep that belly off. 4. The Rebelettes are In perfect shape perfomlng at the basketball game. 5. Whitney Griz- zard builds those abs during a workout. A 5 Pete Emerson Student Life — 31 g-HQteiiKities boiik tt out on iRe jjootboi IjieM (yOli iaCM p jeAS Ao CM. Setting iRiS OKfi. out. It all began last year when Sigma Nu member Billy Courtney read in the Clarion Ledger that 17-year-old Allen Moore, a linebacker for Northeast Lauderdale High School had been severely injured during a football game. Moore had sustained a neck injury during a weekend football game and was paralzed from the neck down. It only took a short time for Courtney and other Sigma Nu members to rally enough support to put together the first annual Charity Bowl. Sigma Nu solicited bids from other fraternities for an opponent in the bowl game. Phi Delta Theta won the bid by putting up $1,000. The Ole Miss athletic department donated equipment for the game and Oxford High School allowed the teams to stage the bowl in the football staduim. Pregame fundraising activites included pizza specials by Domino ' s, with fifty cents of every purchase going to Moore and a Bud Light party which raised $1,000. The night of the bowl game was wet and very cold, but students came out to support a young man that very few of knew. The game was attended by Rebel head coach Billy Brewer and was announced by Sparky Reardon. It was a close game throughout, but Sigma Nu managed to edge out Phi Delt 19 — 10. Overall, more than $15,000 was raised for Moore. Con- tributions were garnered from local, state and national sources. In 1991, Sigma Nu once again will be pla3ang for an injured football player, this time for Kevin Graham. Gra- ham is a 1 6-year-old Sumrall high school player who is paralayed from the chest down, also stemming from a neck injury sustained during a high school game. On March 1 , Sigma Nu will be taking on Sigma Chi and all proceeds will go to Graham in the name of former Ole Miss player Chucky Mullins. 1. Sigma Nu ' s prac- tice with members of the Rebel football team in preparation for the first game. 32 — Student Life 1, The 1990 Sigma Nu Charity Bowl team. 2. Billy Courtney (kneeling) is with teammates from left. Jason Greer, coach John QuEika and Sammy Sliman. 3. Rebel players acting as coaches may have been the key to the Sigma Nu victory. Student Life — 33 Stooi i Day Gdimq boM aiLd d lud. o|y|yeAS jjofl. Hides, nQwetags, QRd Mexdl QpQtfej descibfc ekiioK day Qt 05£. jwss. It happens four or five times a year. It is election day and the campus wakes up to the sound of campaign breakfasts and shoe polish being cracked open. Elections are very important be- cause they give the students a chance to voice their opinions and really make a difference if they want to. Unfortunatly, the only thing mem- orable about the thousand or so people who do choose to vote, is the long and winding road leading to the polls. This road is usually filled with girls, signs, nametags and a few promises lost in the wind as the road stretches out. 1 . signs, signs everywhere a sign. Sign holding Is just one way to influence potential voters going to the polls. 2. Sign holding Is also a good way to get a date. 3. Jennifer Revels and Dan McEwen, campaign managers for Homecoming Queen Janle Holman celebrate when Janle clenched the victory. 34 — Student Life A 3 Janle Holman ' Ea(± k Ox o lcL Gfccfey is botR an ii ptxation and Qk exCMp io mQit) hool and nottorf CoiviMlMieS. ▲ 1 Bruce Newman i Having come back to Oxford and settled into a familiar routine of going to class and making public appearance, injured Ole Miss football player Chucky Mullins, is making a new life for himself and using his position to help others do the same. Chucky was seen this year in a variety of roles, but most touching and heartfelt was his support for Injured football player Kevin Graham. Not only did Chucky sit by him at the Ole Miss-MSU game, but he will also be present to support the youth during the Charity Bowl held in his honor. Chucky has made many strides in his physical recovery and has proven to be an inspiration to all the student and faculty who have gotten a chance to meet him. 1 . Chucky receives a jersy from professional foot- ball player Walter Peyton. In his trips throughout the nation he has made many new friends. 2. Chucky receives a syllabus during the first week of classes. A 2 Bruce Newman Student Life — 35 IQQO-Ql R oiros At ueoi ok The invasion of Kuwait.... WAR.... peace rallies.... Julia Roberts.... the S L scandal.... recession.... banning of the 2 Live Crew album the unification of Germany.... release of Nelson Mandela the flag burning controversy.... defeat of Mike Tyson....Sinead O ' Connor.... rebirth of jazz.... the stairmaster....the Gainesville murders.... Madonna ' s video " Jusify My Love " ....Saddam Hussein. . . " Dick Tracy " .... the fear of earthquakes.... the " Star Mangled Banner " by Roseanne Barr....Bart Simpson, the most overexposed underachiever....the Persian Gulf.... " Pretty Woman " . . . . Vanilla Ice environmental awareness.... yogurt.... " Twin Peaks " .... the Sugar Bowl?.... the Gator Bowl....M.C. Hammer.... Exxon Valdez.... " Misery " the return of the GO ' S Donald Trump.... Maria Maples. . . .activism. . . .Milli Vanilli. . . . Arsenio Hall.... cellular phones.... FAX machines.... lip injections.... low in fat and cholesterol.... the pseudo deadheads.... Harry Conick, Jr the Berlin Wall.... " The Godfather III " .... lights in the grove.... the beginning of the last decade of the century.... bench stepping. . . .rollerblades. . . .fakebaking. . . .Checquer ' s incredible comeback.... parki ng problems! what ' s new?).... the decade of Rusty and other ticket moungers.... return of Saturday Night Live.... never- ending admiration of the " Cheers " series the Dead summer shows.... higher gas prices.... Bryon de la Beck with and other idiots.... 36 — Student Life ' 1090-91 li ujQS ih Ljeoi o j Jane ' s Addiction.... Brian Lee....MGM studio theme park.... unpredictable weather.... Jane Pauley leaving " The Today Show " .... new tennis courts.... renovation.... the Bob Dylan concert.... Brother Jim.... short haircuts.... umbro shorts .... Sardis .... Dan Quayle. . . .patriotism. . . .swaps mixers. . . .Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.... the Medger Evers case.... Iraq.... Saudi Arabia.... lights in the stadium.... an INCREDIBLE football season.... tuition going up....Syd and Harry ' s losing Harry.... country night at the Gin.... refrigerator money stolen.... phone registration.... El vis Presley being spotted in Oxford on Highway 6.... the Super Computer.... the non-smoking policy.... Chuckle Mullins returning to Oxford.... Taco Casa....the return of the Rebel Barn.... pecone.... the Pro Life Choice movement heating up.... George Bush admitting that he had lip-synched " no new taxes " ....Mikhail Gorbachev winning the Nobel Peace Prize.... yellow ribbons " You Can ' t Touch This " .... talk shows.... mountain bikes. . .overpopulation.... aerobics.... Pete ' s One Stop.... Garth Brooks.... Oxford Alley 11th Street Lafayette ' s. . . . " Edward Scissorhands " . . . .good friends.... memories.... Senioritis.... graduation for the seniors and a scarry yet exciting venture into the " real world " ....prayer for our soldiers to come home.... an end to the pain in the Middle East.... the defeat of Iraq.... and the Liberation of Kuwait. student Life — 37 TReat ie sejQSOK o jeJis a (j-Q uetj ojy ptoys (A)fccR nil iexiCk A and (Mgfe eMi Le UM From family fare to frank contemporary dra- ma, the 1990-91 University theatre season offered something to appeal to every age and Interest. The two musicals, " Peter Pan " and " Little Mary Sunshine " and dramas by Ten- nesse Williams and Sam Shepard were some of the featured presentations. Department of Theatre arts chairman Jim ShooUenberger said of the season that It was " one of the best-balanced seasons we ' ve of- fered In some time. " He said the season was a nice mix of comedy and drama. Opening the season on September 13-15 was the long-running Broadway hit, " Two for the Seesaw, " a comedy by William Gibson set In the Bronx. It Is a love story about Glttel and Jerry, two mis-matched lovers, who fuflU each other ' s needs and emerge as winners. " Peter Pan " , this year ' s Homecoming musical ran October 18-20 and featured spectacular technical effects. The lead character took to the air, via a flying aparatus that was Iden- tical to the one used on Broadway and In- stalled for this production by the famous Foy Brothers of Las Vegas. Ole Miss had wanted to bring this musical to campus for many years, but were unable to until this year when tech- nical renovations to Fulton chapel made It possible. " A Lie of the Mind, " was a Pulitzer- winning play by Sam Shepard came to Fulton chapel on November 29-December 1 . The play which was horrifying and hilarious explores the des- tiny of two families, linked by marriage but set apart by jealousies and mistrust. " Little Mary Sunshine " went to the stage Feb- ruary 14-16. The musical was a theatrical spoof of the theatrical cliches of the 1 920 ' s. Little Mary Sunshine runs a lodge In the Ro- ckies and is In danger of being evicted. To her rescue come the Co lorado Rangers, who are all in love with her. Showstoppers, the ever-popular song and dance revue of Broadway and off-Broadway numbers helped round-out the season on March 21-22. Showstoppers Is always a crowd pleasing production and draws a crowd. The Ole Miss theatre groups put on about six productions each year, which are staged, di- rected and star Ole Miss students and often members of the local community. The tickets to these shows are sold to all students and are offered free to persons who become patrons and sponsors of the University Theatre. Editors Note: Information for this article was derived from the Public Relations release about University Theatre. ▲ 1 Public Relations Jerry (Ross Tatum of New York City) reacts to the threat by Glttel (Julie Edenfield of Portsmouth. Va.) that she may go back to her old boyfriend in a secne from " Two for the Seesaw. " A 2 Public Relations Alex the bartender (Ty Kopp of Lake Charles, La.) listens as the artist Roxanne (Jane Bushway of Birmingham, Ala.) and Donkersloot (Joel Hurt Jones of Charlottesville, Va.) discuss plans for publicizing the bar ' s new singer in a scene from " Long Dark Night. " 38 — Student Life A 1 Public Relations Tla ShoUenberger of Oxford and Shawn Meharg of Jacksonville, Fla.. perform " Money. Money " from the musical " Caberet " — one of the featured numbers In the annual song and dance revue " Showstoppers. " A 2 Public Relations The marriage of Jake (Troy Harris of Blloxl) and Beth (Katie Hershberger of Walkerton, Ind.) disintegrates, along with both their families In the play " A Lie of the Mind " . A 4 Public Relations Jane ville, A 3 Public Relations 3. Peter Pan (Tla ShoUenberger of Oxford) soars over the Darling children ' s nursery during the Homecoming musical " Peter Pan. " 4. Captain Hook (Tim Eastman of Oxford) and Peter Pan (Tla ShoUenberger of Oxford) cross swords as the Darling chil- dren — Wendy (Katie Hershberger), John (Shawn Meharg) and Michael (Julia Edenfleld) watch In horror. 5. The Lost Boys In " Peter Pan " are Oxonians, from left, Joshua Jordan, Ellen Vernon, Virginia Brick. Flyn Flesher, Jamie Vernon and Peter Gray. A 5 Public Relations Student Life — 39 LoQ-e is in 4t i L li doesn ' t toe to be Q ' afMne ' s Day to (j wd tRot speQiai sokvieowe to caffi you t cm. Everyday of the week Is " couple time " In Oxford. You can find the typical couple anywhere. From the Grove, to the Union, to Oxford Floral, where the girl Is subtley pointing to the perfect piece of Gall Plttman, the y are there. It wasn ' t so long ago that young girls came to Ole Miss and graduated with little more than their MRS. degree, and some still do. but now the pairing off Is a little more equal and the stakes a little bit higher. Couples now compete with one another In the same classes and often edge each other out for Jobs. But the romance still blossoms, as the typical Southern girl still likes to be pursued by the boy. . .flowers, dinner, the entire bit. Ole Miss Is the perfect place to come to meet a mate, and many find that the best way to spend their college days Is as a two-some. Alan Sheffield August Laurent Mary Linda Dahlke 40 - Student Life J» Ih. kowit cmoiA (jiLOM. iowit S Rfi e]L it is Coping witR 4 doM, on adjusting to iLOOM,Qtes, yoia (jinst iitue, to krt dom. is or expeAiewCe, B.J. Mannix I August Laurent Freshman have to live on campus and many sorority girls are forced to live there all four years. Living alone, or away from home for the first time. Is difficult for many people to adjust to. It is a time when you can finally keep your things the way you want them, and play your stero as loud as you want. It is also a time when you will finally have to do your own laundry and feed yourself. Living arrangements vary at Ole Miss, but learning to survive is part of making the transition away from home. B.J. Msinntx Student Life — 41 I Pesponding to At Q 0 iomM TofeiwQ beHeK QOlt o(y At MykomM is p LoQ-inQ to be. Q Qood idea as we eKteii a new decade. All over campus efforts were made this year to try and clean up what decades of useless waste and Ignorance has produced. In addition to the millions of tons of paper and aluminum wastes that go unrecycled every year, environmental groups targeted the Ox- ford landfill and other sites that are proving to be environmentally unsafe. In late spring Earth Day was held not only in Oxford, but around the nation. Groups all over stressed the importance of maintaining what we have now In the way of ozone layer, pollution control and recycling efforts. On a local scale Kroger continued to take bottles, plastics and aluminum throughout the year. Several offices on campus began to recycle high-grade computer paper later in the year. Students put the wheels in motion this year to make the world a better and safer place, and they are starting with our own hometown. f Suit Thl Mm Jt m. A 1 Chris Baker 1. On Earth Day an estimated 200 people marched through Oxford and down University avenue before con- verging on the Grove for Earth Day festivities. 2. SEA attended an Arkansas rally outside of Little Rock In the Fall in protest of a waste dump. This little girl finds a friend in the clown used to give the message to the younger generation. ▲ 2 Chris Baker 42 — Si dent Life • ■ •?.. • U H STUDENTS FOR fl H_ ' RONMENTAL AWARENESS ■ E n m 1 EP AF ' NATURAL ' TIONAL TOXIC C ARKANi ENVIRONMENTAL z — A 2 Chris Baker A 3 Missy Pace 1. Tracey McCIoud, SEA president, welcomes everyone to Earth Day 1 990. 2. The Angel of death stands as a grim reminder of what pollutants and other hazards can do to humans and animals. 3. Johnny, Glynn, Sara, Priscilla, Missy, and Taylor listen to the Hilltops during Earth Day. 4. Signs hanging during Earth Day make a strong statement of the importance of being environmentally ■ W Olt TiON •HE £.PA. ihwsvs ' ur ' t ' ' ' f ' f A 4 Chris Baker Student Life — 43 A 1 Bruce Newman A 2 B.J. Mannix ▲ 3 Pete Emerson 1. Graduation 1990 brought Vice-president Dan Quayle to commencement exercises and gave the stu- dents a treat by having a nationally reknowed speaker on campus. 2. Rebel football was a tradtlon to be her- alded during 1990. 3. Jenny Is another typical student spending her day In Bryant perfecting her craft. 4. The lighting of the Grove was a beautiful way to spotlight the campus at night. ▲ 4 Ollle Brock 44 — student Life T LQdrtionS to GoKtinUe. ZoA yem brings mj pfcices and jjOCes to CjOmpus and afcws ( L w emoKObk ocmsiows lot dtt tost jOK yeo is. Each year there are memorable events that will stand out as the events that helped to shape the year. Every student sees the campus and the hap- penings of it in a different way and many things that are important to one may not be important to another. This year was remarkable because of the number of events that took place that were sig- nificant to the growth and culture of the campus. Ole Miss offers a variety of places and times for events to cultivate, and the divesity of the student attending Ole Miss always allows for interesting things to happen. ▲ 1 August Laurent 1 . The rebirth of Checquers on University avenue was a pleasant surprise to students looking for an alternative In eating. 2. Afro- Olympics held in February was the first event sponsored by the black fraternitys and sororities which combined all the Greeks In competition. It Dai hestu- ipeaker bete ' - student .4. Tilt ▲ 2 Allison Hooker I Student Life — 45 G LOai t Ih. Qkoyt is Q quiet pkxit tRot owjens a peaCfcjjU?, ndJieot I The Grove and the area around it provides a haven for anyone wanting to escape for a moment without leaving campus. During homecoming the Grove is filled with the sounds of the University Band and students and alumni who flood this area to lunch and to cheer on the Rebels. During the spring it is often the stage for concerts and various SPB events. But on an everyday basis the Grove is a place to respect, a place to retreat, a place that is cherished by all who as- sociate this patch of land with Ole Miss. Often students spill out of the Grove onto the porch and around the Union. This area gives anyone who loves to watch people a perfect place to sit and soak up some sun. 1. Mlkki Thomas enjoys lunch during homecoming with other Carthage alumni. 2. This group of alumni was found lunching in the Grove the day after a home football game, proving that anytime is a good time to go to the Grove. 3. Cleave Langston flies his Batman frisbee during Ultimate Frlsbee practice. A 1 B.J. Mannlx I ▲ 3 OlUe Brock i 46 — Student Life A 1 August Laurent A 2 Alan ShefTleld A B.J. Mannlx f Lj ri K 1 . It was the last year this Infamous group win be able to get together in the Grove for their annual home- coming toast, since their children are graduating. 2. The Grove Is al- ways a good place to study. 3. SPB Halloween party had faculty chil- dren in the Grove, this one as a Ninja turtle. 4. The ROTC engage in a friendly tug o war led by the screams of Jeff Van. x4 B.J. Mannlx Student Life — 47 Ga Alan Sheffield 1 . A pr: -T., i vl ' Jl£k mm Si m SlaS at J B.J. Mannix Candid Campus B.J. MannLx 48 — Student Life B,J. Mannix Pete Emerson B.J. Mannix Pete Emerson Jennifer Revels student Life — 49 Ga Alan Sheffield Pete Emerson 50 — Student Life August Laurent B.J. Mannix B.J. Mannix LITTER CON " ' ' ' NOT 2 Mr SIGMA ALP August Laurent Student Life Features A Legacy of Beauty Ole Miss is known for its beauty, not only in its campus, but also in its people. It has been said that Ole Miss has some of the prettiest girls in the state, and we have found this to be true, as we see our girls going on to become Miss Mississippi ' s and even Miss America ' s. However, the great majority of these girls possess something even more extraordinary than their external beauty, and that is what is inside them. It is the way that these girls mature into women during their years here, and leave us with a lasting impression of their friendliness and sincerity. Editor Jan Meyer Dana Mosley This year ' s Miss Ole Miss is Dana Mosley of Green- ville, MS. Dana, a senior elementary education ma- jor, gave her time to the University by serving as a member of the Varsity cheerleaders for three years. Every fall semester Dana spent her weekends trav- eling with the team to help cheer on the Rebels. This year however, she took time away from cheer- leading to spend with her friends. Dana was also very active on the A.S.B. school spirit committee, was in the Parade of Beauties, has been on the Dean ' s List and was an officer for Delta Delta Delta sorority. She has been a visible and very active student at Ole Miss, and it is easy to see why Dana was selected as Miss Ole Miss. Reid Cotton Colonel Reb for 1990 is Reid Cotton of Carthage, MS. Reid, a chemistry-premed major, has been an outstanding leader on the Ole Miss campus. His freshman year Reid was selected as the Lambda Sigma Freshman of the Year. He was also a mem- ber of Chancellor ' s Leadership Class and served as president of Phi Eta Sigma. He is a member of Sigma Chi fraternity and has served as Editor and this yccir as Vice-President. Reid is a Chancellor ' s scholar, was the Recording Secretary for IFC, is social chairman for Order of Omega and was se- lected for Who ' s Who. Reid is an active particpant in Reformed University Fellowship and has spent two summers working at Alpine Camp for Boys. Because of his involvement and service to the Uni- versity, Reid is truly " the imcige of Ole Miss. " 54- Features t Miss Ole Miss 61 Colonel Reb ESS Features — 55 Most Beautiful 1990 It was no surprise when Most Beautiful 1990 was given to KrIsU Addis of Grenda. This former Miss Teen USA as been receiving a great deal of publicity since she came to Ole Miss Just two years ago. A member of Kappa Delta sorority. Krlstl Is also a Sigma Chi UtUe sister, a member of the modeling board, was a 1989 Pike calendar girl, and Is the featured twller for the University band. This was KrIsUs second appearance In the Parade of BeauUes. and she was named a top ten Hnallst last year. Outside of Ole Miss. Krlstl models for magazines and this year appeared In music video. 56 — Features 1 Beauties Louise Hooker Louise Hooker, a senior art -business major from Lexington, MS, has been a top ten beauty for the past three years. -Serving as the social chairman for Chi Omega sorority, Louise is also an officer in Wall Street South and a University ambas- sador. Louise has been featured on the Pike cal- endar and in 1 990 was named sweetheart for Phi Delta Theta. In Parade of Beauties she was spon- sored by Phi Delta Theta. Sherry Bowles Miss Unlveristy 1989, Sherry Bowles, is another familiar face in the top ten beauties of Ole Miss. This is Sherry ' s third year to be named as a beauty. A member of Kappa Kappa Gamma so- rority, this senior speech pathology major from Lambert, has also been a Pike calendar girl and served Kappa Alpha Order as their sweetheart. She was a 1990 finalist in the Maid of Cotton. She was sponsored by Kappa Kappa Gamma. — _ Features — 57 Beauties rsiH Sara Freeman ■-H_ B 1 Sara Freeman, a junior elementary education HIHi P ' . 1 major from Clinton, thinks that Ole Miss has p p I H given her the opportunity to meet a variety of " ' H people. Sara was named a beauty this year for H k_ H . 1 the second time, receiving the honor also when HMP .,.M V " H she was a freshman. Sara is a Sigma Chi little W Hi ' n H sister and a member of Phi Mu sorority. She is 1 K ' 1 actively involved in the University modeling board and participates as a Diamond Girl for the Rebel baseball team. She was sponsored by the modeling board. 1 H r Courtney Stewart Senior Courtney Stewart says that Ole Miss has given her a second home. This pharmacy major from Brownsville, TN, has made the most of her four years here. She has been involved with the University Modeling Board, been a Rebelette, an A.S.B. senator, a sorority officer and an ambas- sador. Courtney has also found time to keep up her grades. She is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa. Golden Key and Mortar Board. She was sponsored by Delta Delta Delta sorority. 58 Features Beauties T ' B t Laura Durrett Ole Miss has given me, " my friends, my edu- cation and my individuality, " says Laura Dur- rett. This junior psychology major from Olive Branch has been able to retain that individuality despite the extensive traveling and exposure she received while serving as Miss Mississippi USA 1989. While at Ole Miss Laura has also been involved in Chi Psi honorary and is a member of the Wesley Foundation. She was sponsored by the Wesley Foundation. Rhonda Jones The word " beauty " is sjrnonomous with Rhonda Jones. This senior fashion merchandising major from Memphis is also a model and has been featured in magazines and videos. At Ole Miss she has also served in many capacities. She was the 1990 sweetheart for Sigma Nu fraternity, was the Sigma Chi Derby Day Queen and is fea- tured on the 1991 Pike calendar. She is also a member of the modeling board and served as rush chairman for Kappa Kappa Gamma soror- ity. This was her second time to be named a beauty and she was sponsored by Sigma Nu fra- ternity. Features — 59 Beauties Angela McGlowan Second-time beauty, Angela McGlowan from Ox- ford, is no stranger to the stage. She models part- time, was a top ten finalist in the Miss Mis- sissippi pageant, is a member of modeling board and was named the 1991 Miss Black and Gold for Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. Angela also serves the University in helping with recruitment by being involved with the Rebel recruiters. She is a third-year Rebelette and teaches aerobics during the school year. A pre-med major, Angela was sponsored by the Rebel Recruiters. Jenny Roberts Senior Jenny Roberts thinks that Ole Miss has given her the opportunity to grow in many area. An elementary education major from Memphis, Jenny has taken advantage of all her oppor- tunities. This was Jenny ' s third time to be named as a top ten beauty. She was also honored this year by being selected as an Ole Miss fa- vorite. She is an officer for Chi Omega and served Sigma Nu as their sweetheart. Jenny has also been a Pike calendar girl and was a sophomore homecoming maid. Jenny was sponsored by Phi Delta Theta. 60 Features Beauties Candy Carlisle Junior Candy Carlisle thinks that being named as a beauty for the second-year in a row, puts her in a position as a role model for the University. Candy has done her share to make herself into the best role model possible. A psychology major from Brandon, she has served as Social chair- man and Rush chairman for her sorority Alpha Omicron Pi. She was named Miss Rankin County 1 990 and was the 1 989 sweetheart for Phi Kappa Tau. She was sponsored by Alpha Omicron Pi. . - Becky Blouin 1 ■Hkai H ofl L Becky Blouin made an impression on the Parade K " -« K. ' H of Beauties judges, just as she does on anyone whenever she takes the stage. A sophomore vo- cal performance major from Batesvllle, Becky was second alternate to Miss Mississippi 1989. Becky said she thinks Ole Miss has given her the confide nce she needs to pursue her career. When not working on her artistic ability Becky is ac- tively involved in Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Alpha Iota and Chi Omega sorority. She was sponsored by Sigma Chi fraternity. Features — 61 fl ' Homecoming 1990 I I Homecoming Queen Janie Holman -I 62 — Features j Kelly Shannon Antrice McGill Stephanie Dixon Resa Hancock Kim Brocato Kelly Ennis Amy Foster " Homecoming acUvlUes came to a pinnacle the week of October 20 when Ole Miss handily defeated Arkansas State. During half-Ume fesUvltles Queen Janle Holman was escorted on the field by A.S.B. President Wade Cox and crowned by the President of the Alumni assoclaUon. She was accompanied by the nine members of the Homecoming court who were selected by the M-Club. Features — 63 ' ■ 3 ? " ! yyj .- . - -rfv .i v : ■ 1 Ole Miss Favorites ii f Ai ' ' 2« ' For the first time In the history of Ole Miss favorites, male favorites were chosen this year. In a bill Introduced last year In the A.S.B. senate calling for the proposal of male favorites, it stipulated the addition of males names to the ballot during the fall general election and that favorites would be named as five girls and five guys. This measure was passed and with student support males were added and elected for the first time. Many of the guys chosen, although deep down they felt it was an honor, were reluctant to make it into any big deal. Britton Ousley, a female favorite this year, felt that it was only fair that males be able to participate. " There aren ' t enough things such as elected honors that the guys get to participate in, " she said. " 1 think it ' s great they were added onto the ballot. " l ' »v,v ■ sn 64 — Features m Ole Miss Favorites Jenny Roberts Jenny Roberts Just seems to be all over the Fea- tures pages this year. First back in November she was named an Ole Miss beauty and then in the fall election Chi Omega put her up for favorite and out of a field of very stiff competition she was elected. As a senior Jenny has given her time and participation to many Ole Miss organizations and because she is so attractive, inside and out, she has received some of the biggest honors by being named as a beauty for three years and as sweet- heart for Sigma Nu. After graduation this year, Jenny plans to pursue a career teaching ele- mentary school. Fred Schqffer Fred was worried when he was asked what to include under his picture. He has however, ac- cumulated an impressive list of activites. While maintaining a 3.0 GPA, this junior from Mem- phis has also been actively involved for the last three years with the Inter-Fraternity Council. He served as Corresponding Secretary in 1 990 and will be Vice-President of Rush during 1991 . Fred is also an officer for his fraternity Phi Delta Theta and is a member of Phi Gamma Nu, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Phi Beta Lambda and Habitat for Hu- manity. Features — 65 »?w Ole Miss Favorites mum ' . . Britton Ousley Brltton Ousley is everyone ' s favorite and right- fully so, it is near impossible not to like Britton. This senior marketing major from Madison, is another person who has maximized their expe- rience at Ole Miss. Britton has served as mem- bership chairman for Kappa Delta sorority, been a Pike calendar girl, was the Sigma Nu-Phi Delta Theta Charity Bowl Queen and is a Pike little sister. Britton is a member of Phi Gamma Nu, the A.S.B. Spirit Cmt., and College Republicans. John Yoste John Yoste, a senior marketing major from Ger- mantown, TN, has been actively involved in sev- eral different areas of campus life. After several years and three summers in the Army National Guard, he was commissioned as an officer in December. He has been able to maintain a 3.1 GPA, while also serving as rush chairman and then as an executive officer for Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. John is also a member of Wall Street South and serves as a Chi-Omega houseboy. K B B , ' ;% ' --- : ' ' - ' ' t B Ole Miss Favorites Rhonda Jones Once again Rhonda Jones is recognized by the student body, this time as a favorite. This Ole Miss beauty has been an instrumental part of her sorority. Kappa Kappa Gamma, by serving as this past year ' s rush chairman. She is a three- time Ole Miss beauty and is featured on this year ' s Pike cedendar. Rhonda who believes that what makes a person beautiful comes from with- in, was also the 1990 sweetheart for Sigma Nu fraternity. After graduation in May she plans to pursue a career in fashion merchandising. Rhea Tannehill Rhea Tannehill is what being an Ole Miss fa- vorite is all about. Always on the go, this junior public administration major from Union, has been actively involved in Ole Miss student gov- ernment since he came to Ole Miss three years ago. Rhea has been a member of the A.S.B. cab- inet for the past two years and is also a member of Phi Gamma Nu, Lambda Sigma, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Phi Eta Sigma and is Vice-President of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. 1 ■ I 3 ■ ' W ' - Features — 67 Ole Miss Favorites milmi wl: Lacey Scott If you ever had the chance to walk to class with Lacey Scott you would have found out that she knows just about everyone on the campus. Al- ways taking time to stop and talk, this senior hotel and resturant management major from Memphis, has also become involved with a va- riety of activities on campus. Lacey is a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority and during 1989 served as sweetheart for Phi Delta Theta fra- ternity. She is a four-time participant in the Pa- rade of Beauties and is a Sigma Chi little sister. Kevin Kellum Kevin Kellum divides his time between hitting the books and socializing, although anyone who knows Kevin well, knows which activity he de- votes more time to. While malntedning a 3.0 GPA, this political science major from Madison, isn ' t sure when he will graduate but he says when he does he will get a job that will make him rich. While at Ole Miss Kevin has served as rush chairman for his fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha and as a Kappa Delta houseboy. K. ■■ " :-- Ci7 ' ' » 68 — Features Ole Miss Favorties Cherry Busby Junior Cherry Busby is no stranger to the spot- light and this year it was Ole Miss rather than the Miss America pageant that put her there. In 1989, after Cherry won the Miss Mississippi pag- eant in Vlcksburg she preapred all summer to compete in the Miss Ameri ca pageant. Although she didn ' t walk away with the crown, it was definitly an experience she won ' t soon forget. Here at Ole Miss, Cherry is a member of Phi Mu. Phil McCarty Phil, a senior broadcast journalism major from Clinton, is a very diverse person who this year served as director of the Student Programming Board. Phil has also been an A.S.B. senator, vice- chairman of the Senate rules cmt.. Miss Uni- versity pageant director, an Ole Miss ambassador and a UMTV news anchor and newscast pro- ducer. Phil has been able to maintain a 3.2 GPA and has been listed on the Dean ' s list. He Is also a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Ome- ga and Who ' s-Who. This last year Phil served as Vice-President of Alpha Tau Omega. I - Q ' :|ir: • - ♦! ' ' i ' iv •■.u Features — 69 1990 Miss University Missy Hurdle 70 — Features .. 1990 Miss Black and Gold Angela McGlowan Angela McGlowan Is currently serv- ing as Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.. Miss Black and Gold. Angela, a Junior pre-med major from Oxford, will be serving the fraternity as their Sweetheart and Is now eligible to go on to a national pageant that Is a preliminary to Miss Mississippi. An- gela, however. Is accustomed to the spotlight. She has been named a campus beauty the past two years In the Parade of Beauties and Is cur- rently serving as a Rebelette. She Is also a rebel recruiter and Is a mem- ber of the University modeling board. Angela was also a top ten fi- nalist in the 1989 Miss Mississippi pageant. The Miss Black and Gold pageant was held on October 24, and the con- testants were Judged In bathing suit, talent and evening gown compe- tlton. The were also asked to dance in a number called " Fair Weather Friend " and their Intellectual ability was a factor In the Judges decision. Alpha Phi Alpha president Leo Em- erson said prior to the pageant that the girl selected as Miss Black and Gold would be " a well-rounded wom- an who is intelligent, beautiful and articulate. " The proceeds of the Miss Black and Gold pageant were donated to the March of Dimes. Features — 71 photo by B.J. Mannix iL- : ■ ? y Sports A Legacy of Competition A com petitive nature is instilled in most of us, and on the playing field that instinct turns into the drive to perform and to win. Ole Miss has always carried on a legacy of competition, extending to the playing field but not limited to it. Emerging from the ranks of the great Ole Miss competitors are those who continue to play and go on to become great champions long after they have left our university. It may have been at Ole Miss however, that these champions first felt the integrity brought about by honest teamwork and the thrill of a well- deserved victory. Editor Margaret Barnhart Football Lights only begin Rebels illuminating season The saying " It ' s Time " was very appropriate for the first half of the 1991 football schedule. The season began for the first time in the history of O le Miss football with a night game in Vaught- Hemingway stadium. With newly installed lights, the record crowd watched the day turn into night, and cheered the Rebels on to a 23- 21 win against Memphis State. A game that was really closer than indicated by the 10-24 score, led the Rebels into the first loss of the season against Auburn in Jackson. The team that would dominate the Top 5 and the crowning spot in the S.E.C. for the rest of the first-half of the season, was too much for the Rebs. Nevertheless, crowd enthusiaslm and a dedicated team helped the Rebs rebound from the loss on the road when they played newly joined S.E.C. and 13th ranked team Arkansas on September 22. This sellout game ended In a 21-17 finale with a last second save during the fourth quarter by Chris Mitchell. His stunning tackle during the final seconds of the game kept Arkansas running back Ron Dickerson out of the end zone. The next two home games against Tulane and Kentucky ended with marginal victories by the Rebels and earned the Rebs a bid into top 20 polls all over the nation. The Rebs took to the road again on October 13, ranked 17th in the nation and third in the S.E.C, and easily downed Georgia 28-12. With a five game winning streak talk of a possible bowl game began to circulate. That talk became more intense as the Rebs became 6-1 after easily defeating Arkansas State during homecoming 42-13. This was the successful first half of the Rebels 1991 season, but what lay ahead for the team were some of the most challenging and Important games against top conference contenders. — al 1. Ole Miss linebackers wrap up a Memphis State ball carrier during action in the second quarter. 2. For the first time in the history of Ole Miss football, the fans and the players enjoyed a night game in Vaught-Hemingway stadium. 74 — Sports 1 , Quarterback Russ Shows looks for an open receiver while " 32 holds the line. 2. Player Chuckle Mulllns shows his support for the Rebels and tells of his progress to a member of the media. 3. With It being the first night game for the Ole Miss Rebels, the new scoreboard helped light up the night with " Go Rebels! " 4. Rebels Maurice Shaw and Daniel Westmoreland celebrate crossing the goal line with a show of the arms. A 4 All photos by Walt MIxon. Sports — 75 1 Ole Miss linebacker Gary Abide, takes an Arkansas State player down as he tries to run to gain some yardage. 2. Ole Miss player Tyrone Montgomery " 3, takes a dive In order to recleve the ball and make the play. 76 — Sports 1 . Ready to make the hit against Arkansas, aggression shows In the face of Everett Lindsay " 64. 2. 24 Randy Baldwin takes a breather between plays at the game against Tulane. 3. Reaching high into the air. an Ole Miss linebacker makes the play before being tackled by the Arkansas defensive player. All photos by B.J. Mannlx. Sports 77 1 . The victorious Rebel team walks off the field after a narrow 14-13 win against Vanderbllt. The comments made by Vandy player Carlos Thomas seemed to promote a barrage of Rebel flags at the game. 2. Rebels take the field. 3. Chris Mlthchell. who this season Is wearing Chuckle Mullins number, ce lebrates after a touchdown during the Arkansas game. 4. Danny Boyd surges for yardage as Pete Harris and Shawn Cobb lead him towards a touchdown. All photos by Jeremy Weldon. s I I Tennessee Time It really was Tennessee time on November 17. In front of a record crowd of 66.467 and a national television audience the Ole Miss Rebels fell to the Tennessee Volunteers 22- 13. The Memphis Liberty Bowl held one of the rowdiest and flred-up Rebel crowds In a long time, as the Rebels went to Memphis hoping to be able to secure a place at the top of the S.E.C. and get a chance to play In the Sugar Bowl. The Volunteers did not take long to take charge, the kick-off play was returned by the Vols to the Ole Miss 1 8 and with 12:50 left In the first quarter the Vols led 3-0. The rest of the first-half was mEtrred by two lost fumbles and two costly Interceptions. The Rebels were In the scor- ing zone four times In the first-half and did manage to put seven points on the board when Luke fired a seven-yard TD pass to Darrlck Owens. The score at hedf-tlme was 10- 7 Volunteers. The second-half was dominated by more turnovers and mistakes, the Rebels missed a field goal and had an extra point blocked and then returned 97-yards for two points by Tennessee. Shows was able to throw an additional 29- yard TD pass with only 2:02 left In the game, but the Rebels still fell to the Volunteers 22-13. After the game Coach Brewer was quoted as saying that maybe his team had " Just tried to hard. " but it seemed that luck was just not with the Rebels that day. Harrt 1 . Marvin Courtney ( 27) rushes for a touchdown withe the Tennessee defense trailing close be- hind. 2. Randy Baldwin ( 24) looks for a hole In the Tennessee defensive line. 3. Rebels show their stuff and take action against the Tennessee ball carrier. 4. Rebels set up a play against the Vols. All photos by Ollie Brock. Sports — 79 Egg Bowl It had a slow start, but the Egg Bowl put the finishing touches on the best season that Rebel football has seen since the Archie Manning days of football. The only action that the Rebs saw in the first-half was an all-out brawl between the two teams that brought field players and players off the benches to a clash at mid-field. The Mis- sissippi State Bulldogs managed a 40-yard field goal with only 8 minutes left In the half, closing the half with a 3-0 score. During the second-half the Rebs came back strong. During third-quarter action Luke took the ball on a 32-yard run Into the endzone with only 1:17 left in the quarter, the Rebels led 7-3. In the final quarter Courtney and Luke put an additional 14 points on the board for the Rebs. The Rebel defense was also on the move, during the entire second-half they only allowed the Dogs to put 6 more points on the board. In front of the largest crowd to attend the Egg Bowl since 1983, the Rebs successfully finished the Dogs 21-9 and the season 9-2. The victory for the Rebs however, carried a double-edged sword as it put them one step closer to a bowl bid, but it marked the end of the career of MSU head coach Rockey Felker. — al. 1 . Pete Harris («49) and Philip Kent (« ' 84) combine for a tackle against the Dogs offensive team. 2. Randy Baldwin handles a pitch-out from QB Tom Luke as he turns upfle ld. 3. Coach Billy Brewer proudly displays the Egg Bowl which he has only had to hand over to the Dogs once since becoming coach In 1983. All photos by Ollte Brock. 80 — Sports 1. Jack Mulrhead ( " 51) and Reggie Parrott ( 47) cel- ebrate after Chris Mitchell ( " 38) caused the Dogs to fumble — It was recovered by Rebel linebacker Gary Abide. 2. Luke escapes the Dogs defense as he dives Into the endzone for his second TD of the day. 3. Gerald Turner, holding a Gator, gives fans and scouts alike a clue to his bowl preference. All photos by Ollie Brock. Sports — 81 Mazda Gator Bowl Rebs didn ' t find the endzone during New Year ' s Day game. It was In Jacksonville, Florida on New Year ' s Day 1 99 1 that the Ole Miss Rebels took to the field In their 23 bowl game appearance. The Rebs were riding high after a 9-2 season and a 5-2 finish in the S.E.C.. Pre- game commentary had the Rebs picked to finish be- hind their tough Big-Ten contenders, but Coach Brew- er and his team felt confident going Into the match-up. The game was the first bowl game aired on New Year ' s Day, with a 11:30 a.m. kick-off at Gator Bowl sta- dium. It was not however quite the game that Brewer had been hoping for. He hoped the weather would have been a little wanner to distract the Michigan players. He had hoped that the Rebel offense would be able to pass the ball more for yardage. And he had hoped that Michigan speedster Desmond Howard wouldn ' t get to carry the ball that much. But it was not a day when things would fall into place for the Rebels. Ole Miss was unable the entire day to run or pass the ball into the endzone. It was the first time the Rebels have gone without scoring a touch- down for 25 games, the last being in 1988 against Tulane. It was however a day when small miracles did arise out of the Rebel team. Ole Miss place kicker Brian Lee ' s 51 -yard field goal in the second quarter was a Gator Bowl record, breaking the previous record of 49 yards set in a 1 977 game. Lee, who was Just 3- 1 3, this year, ended a three-month dry spell and set his per- sonal best record. Overall, the Rebs were handily defeated by the Mich- igan team 35-3. after a day of finely executed plays and long yardage runs by the Wolverine team. Coach Brewer cited his oppponent after the game by saying that they were defintely one of the most difficult teams they have played this year. Rebel running back Randy Baldwin saw the game a little differently. " They were good all the way around. " Baldwin said. " But, if I had to do all over again. I ' d still like to play them. " Coach Brewer talks to his charges during a crucial third period moment when the Rebels only trailed by 12. Photo by Ollle Brock 82 — Sports M Billy B rewe r S.E.C Coach of the Year Billy Brewer was named S.E.C. Coach of the Year by the Birmingham News and the Nash- ville Banner. It was not the first time in his eight-year coaching history at Ole Miss that Brewer had been recognized with the honor. In 1983 and 1986 he was named by AP and UPI as Coach of the Year. This year marked Brew- er ' s four bowl appearance with the Rebels and his third time to coach them to victory. He helped the Rebel team finish with one of the best records (9-2) since 1 970 and led them to a second place standing in the S.E.C. Overall. Brewer takes his coaching record with Ole Miss to 48-40-3. He and the Rebs have already begun planning to make next season Just as successful as 1990 was. i 1 . A pileup at mld-fleld makes for another play where Uttle yardage was gfdned. 2. Rebel offenae runs Into a Michigan defensive lineman. 3. Rebel players celebrated even the smallest victories during the Gator Bowl. SpprtS 83 Baseball Rebs have a slow season During spring play the Ole Miss Rebel base- ball team coached by Don Kesslnger was con- sistently defeated by other S.E.C. teams throughout the season. The Rebs began the season with three exhibition games In Lou- isiana attended by a large number of fans eager to catch the first round of baseball fe- ver. The team held on to a marginal record throughout the first half of the season, but fell to 16-17 as they began heavy rounds with other S.E.C. contenders. UM pitchers Sulli- van, Carlyle, Dixon, Joseph and Mines dom- inated the mound for the majority of the sea- son and helped the team to win the majority of the 26 games that were played on Swayze field. In overall S.E.C. action the Rebs, although never able to overcome L.S.U. or Mississippi State, did manage to win atleast one of the three games played against Auburn, Florida, Tennessee, Vanderbllt and Georgia. The Rebels ended the season after three months of consequtive play on May 13, when they were defeated twice by arch-rivals M.S.U. 0-17 and 0-9. The Rebs closed the season 23-29 overall; 10-16 in S.E.C action. l.All eyes on home plate — Lee Hodce barely makes It to home plate lust seconds Before he would have gotten tagged out by the opponents catcher. 2. Easy catch - Outfielder Chris Snopek bends over to scoop up the ball after a play. ' :v: V 1 84 — Sports i -. S.E.C Results | Auburn 3 17-18 3-2,9-2,2-4 L.S.U. 3 24-25 7-10,2-10.0-6 Florida 3 30-31 4-2,1-5,6-3 Alabama 4 7-8 0-2,0-10.6-1 Kentucky 4 14-15 4-5.2-10.9-2 Tennessee 4 21-22 15-4.6-3.1-7 Vanderbilt 4 28-29 5-6.0-2.6-3 Georgia 5 5-6 1-6,7-2,4-15 Mississippi St. 5 13 0-17,0-9 ■F— • • f W ' • - ■s f lifil 1. strong pitching arm -Grant Sullivan showed good form on the mound as he delivers a strong pitch. 2. On the way out -Rob Boyd heads for first base as he makes his way away from the plate. 3. Double good — Brian Silvia throws to second base in order to make a double play for the Rebs. All photos on both pages by Ollie Brock. Sports — 85 Baseball „. Rebel Team Sweeps Fall Season I The Rebel baseball team was a force to be contended with during the 1990 Fall season. The team swept through a series of Commu- nity College opponents without a single loss. In a span of Just two weeks the team had competed against four teams from Mississippi and Alabama. In a round of play ac- tion that b an on September 25 and ended on October 5. the Rebels coached by second-year front man Don Kesslnger. ended with a 6-0 rec- ord. Throughout the rest of the Fall season the Rebels continued to play, holding practices to polish their skills In prepartatlon for the spring schedule. 1 . In a game against Itawamba Community College, the Rebel pitcher gives It his all. 2. He ' s Safe — Numlier 22, slides Into second base and completes the play. 3. Looking To Throw — The pitcher carefully carefully considers the situation l efore winding up to throw. tUllpIl A2 A 3 All ptiotos by B.J. MannU. 86 — Sports I h 1. Coach Kesslnger talks with a player In between plays In the dugout. 2. The Rcbs anxiously await the final inning of their last game of the season, giving them a perfect record. A2 A 1 AU photos bi B.J. Mannlx. I Taun Monben — (Front row. 1 to r) RumcU nemlng. Jerry WhltOngton. Rob Boyd. Kevin Kesalnger. Jeffrey Robln«on. Joey Boykin. Chrts BeU. Kaiy Bridges. (Second row) Michael Todd Winter, Kenny Carlyle. Vance Holland. Brian SUvla. Rum Chapman. Larry Cannon. Chris Snopek. Eric Raaberry. Jeff Kortz. Kirk PunJom. Rusty Ware (Thlrx) row! Don Kesslnger. Head Coach: WUlle Buford. Brian Maxcy. CoUler Simpson. Matt Aker. Keith Johns. Brett VanderMeeden. Glenn Landrum. Guy Gatlln. David Keel. Mark Foixi. Asst. Coach; and George Sykes. (Fourth row) Dan Wagner. CUft Shank. Matt Emanuel. Jeff Cosman. Matt Ryan. Mlcheal Cosman. Gran. Sullivan. Lee Falkenhelner. Jim Morgan. Nate Rlddley and Asst. Coach Jim Schmltz. W Baseball Team optimistic about spring season After beginning the season with a win against NichoUs State 8-2, the Ole Miss Rebel baseball team is forging into the new season with a renewed optlmisim about the Rebel ball team. In his first year as head coach of the Rebels Don Kessinger begins the spring season with an advantage. He will have 17 returning players from last year ' s team. These lettermen wil l combine with 1 7 others to make up a new ball team that will play 42 of the 60 sched- uled games on three-year-old Swayze field. The team is excited about having so much time on the home field and hopes that this year they can gain more crowd support by proving to be an enthusiastic ball team. The Rebels, who finished 23-29 last year and 1 0- 1 6 in the S.E.C., eighth place, are being lead this year by 1991 S.E.C . Schedule Opponent Date Auburn 03 16 Oxford Auburn 03 17 Oxford MSU 03 19 Jackson LSU 03 23 Oxford LSU 03 24 Oxford Florida 03 30 Gainsville Florida 03 31 Gainsville Alabama 04 06 Tuscaloosa Alabama 04 07 Tuscaloosa Kentucky 04 13 Oxford Kentucky 04 14 Oxford Tennessee 04 20 Oxford Tennessee 04 21 Oxford Vanderbilt 04 27 Nashville Vanderbilt 04 28 Nashville Georgia 05 04 Oxford Georgia 05 05 Oxford MSU 05 11 Starkville MSU 05 12 Starkville SEC Tournament 05 16-21 Baton Rouge, LA — LSU some strong players who hope to improve that stand- ing. In the infield will be shortstop Keith Jones, second baseman Rob Boyd, third baseman Chris Snopek, first baseman Larry Cannon and utility man Jeff Kortz. Holding down the mound will be Grant Sullivan and Kenny Carlyle. Both juniors, Sullivan and Grant posted records of 6-6 and 5-5 during 1990. Outfield will be led by Nate Riddley, Kevin Kessinger and Kirk Purdom. Three players will share time behind the plate. Collier Simpson, Brian Silva and Chris Bell. Although the Rebels will face tough S.E.C. contenders all season, they end the year by pla5ang a weekend series against S.E.C. rival, Georgia, the defending NCAA National Champion. ilXiBjlunaiinte 88 — Sports A 3 B.J. Mannlx ▲ 4 B.J. Mannlx A 5 B.J. Mannlx 1. Waiting for the ball, the catcher and the um- pire watch for the play. 2. With the team looking on, Bridges prepares for the play. 3. Batglrls are just as important as the players to the team ' s performance. 4. Rallying support, the team pre- pares for the start of the first game. 5. The as- sistant coaches talk shop in between plays. 6. Keith Johns, at the plate, waits for the next pitch from the mound. A 6 B.J. Mannlx Sports — 89 Basketball Beginning the season with the ominous predic- tion that the Ole Miss men ' s basketball team would finish ninth or tenth In the S.E.C.. and playing without former Ole Miss front-man and now NBA player Gerald Glass, could have had anyone nerv- ous. However, Head coach Ed Murphy remained optomlstlc and knew that some his finest players like Tim Jumper, Joe Harvell, Sean Murphy and Patrick Eddie, would move comfortably Into the spotlight. After a 13-17 overall and 8-10 finish In the S.E.C. last year, this year ' s team will have to work on Its shooting and running Its offense In order to finish In a decent position In this year ' s S.E.C. standing. Early picks by basketball sports analysts predicted that other, less experienced players, such as fresh- men Dondl Flemlster, Juha Luhatanensl, Stephen Davis and Keith Peel, as well as sophomore James Bailey, would help the Rebels have a successful season. 1990- — 1991 Schedule Date Opponent 11 16 Brazilian Ntl. Team 11 23 Spirit Express 11 28 South E. Louisiana 11 30- 1 2 0 1 Stetson University Classic | 12 03 N.E. Loulsana 12 08 Jackson State 12 16 Arkansas State 12 18 Austin Peay State 12 20 Sam Houston State 12 29 at McNeese State 01 02 at Florida 01 06 at MSU (ESPN) 01 12 Alabama 01 16 Kentucky 01 19 atLSU 01 23 at Vanderbilt 01 26 Tennessee 01 30 at Georgia 02 02 Florida 02 06 at Alabama 02 09 at Auburn 02 13 MSU 02 16 at Kentucky 02 20 LSU 02 23 Vanderbilt 02 27 at Tennessee 03 02 Georgia 03 7-10 SEC Tournament A 1 Alan Sheffield A 2 Alan Sheffield 1. Jumper, Eddie and Murphy crowd under the goal and await the rebound. 2. ( 03)Mldllck takes a shot from under the goal. ' ■■(is, 90 — Sports ,7 . i " jj 1 j h» 1 m. - T « D . 1 w xJiA MiU if iwyiiVfiBs »Ull ' i bflsir .1:.. r ' ' ▲ 1 Alan Sheffield A 2 Alan Sheffield A 4 Alan Sheffield A 5 Alan Sheffield 1 . Head Coach Ed Murphy listens Intently at the press bench with a very solemn face prior to the game against the top 25- ranked MSU Bulldogs. 2. («10) John Matthews steals the ball at mid-court and makes his way towards the goal. 3. Wilson goes for two as he shoots the ball from outside. 4. Keith Peel tries hard to block a Kentucky player ' s shot. 5. Harvell puts one In for two. A 3 Alan Sheffield Sports — 91 ▲ 1 Alan Sheffield A 2 Alan Shemeld A 4 Alan Sheffield 1 . Harvell tries for a basket in the game against Florida. 2. Jumper puts one away during the MSU match-up. 3. ( 3) David Midllck keeps his eye on the ball while he waits for the Kentucky offensive to make a move. 4. Eddie stetches to make the basket. A 3 B.J. Mannlx 92 — Sports Basketball ▲ 1 Alan Shefneld A 3 B.J. Mannix A 4 Alan Sherfleld 1. Mldllck looks for an open player during the MSU game. At half-time the Rebs were leading the nationally ranked Dogs by 15. 2. Luhtanen fires from the backfleld for two points. 3. Johnny Reb plays a little half-time one-on-one with some young Reb fans. 4. Sean Murphy eyes the court, as the Rebs were licked once again by MSU. A 2 B.J. Mannix Sports - 93 I Successful season was always just out of reach.... 94 — Sports Basketball After a hard year Rebs at bottom of SEC conference It was not a good year for the Rebel basketball team. Overall the team was unable to come together as a force In the S.E.C.. Losing almost every home game played at Tad Smith, the Rebels rounded out the season 9-18 overall and 3-15 In S.E.C. play. The Rebels were on the rebound from what was a marginal season during 1990. and head coach Ed Murphey was hoping that the strong senior force with players such as Sean Murphy. Tim Jumper. David Midlick. John Matthews. Patrick Eddie and Greg Jones would be able to carry the Rebel team into another season. In pre-conference action in late 1990. the Rebels came out strong against non-S.E.C. contenders. The team hoped this would be a prelude to a successful season, but it was not. The team bounded into confernece action in early January and did not pick up a win against any contender until it met Tennessee at Tad Smith on January 26. The Rebels won again at home during late February when they downed Vanderbilt 74-58. Some memorable moments did take place this year during action in Tad Smith. During the February 13. game against the nationally-ranked Mississippi State Bulldogs the Rebels were able to lead the Dogs at half-time. They were however, unable to hold that lead and fell only sllghUy to the Dogs, finishing 77-84. A capacity crowd was also on hand to watch the Rebs take on another nationally-ranked team. LSU. The crowd, while watch- ing the Rebs not play to par, did get a chance to see the man they call the number one collegiate player. " The Shack " O ' Neal. 1991 SEC Results I at.Florida 01 02 49-65 at.MSU 01 06 80-84 vs.Alabama 01 12 60-62 vs. Kentucky 01 16 73-76 at.LSU 01 19 71-87 at.Vanderbilt 01 23 85-95 vs.Tennessee 01 26 75-72 at. Georgia 01 30 62-117 vs. Florida 02 02 81-91 at.Alabama 02 06 74-79 at. Auburn 02 09 69-72 vs.MSU 02 13 77-84 at. Kentucky 02 16 77-89 vs.LSU 02 20 78-89 vs.Vanderbilt 02 23 74-58 at.Tennessee 02 27 93-88 vs. Georgia 03 02 62-72 SEC Tournament 03 07-10 1991 Rebel Basketball: Front row. from left. ( 10) John Matthews. ( 20) Edmond Fitzgerald. (»22) Tim Jumper, ( 3) David Midlick, (»13) Dondl Flemister. ( 1 1) Chuck Barnes, and ( 25) Stephen Davis. Back row. from left. ( 32) Greg Jones. (« ' 24) Joe Harvell. ( 21) Sean Murphy. ( 35) Wesley Hardin, ( 55) Patrick Eddie. ( 42) Marc Wilson. («50) Keith Peel. ( 23) James Bailey. Not pictured. (»12) Juha Luhtanen. Sports — 95 Basketball Nationally-ranked Lady Rebs pull out great season The nationally-ranked Lady Rebs were able to come away from regular season play with an impressive compilation of victories. They managed to down tough contenders and end the season with a 20-8 overall, and 6-4 record in S.E.C. action. The Lady Rebs were particularly successful during action at home, where they were able to defeat S.E.C contenders such as Mississippi State, Kentucky and Flor- ida. In his 13th year as Head Coach of the Lady Rebels Van Chancellor, was looking for a good season based on the number of returning players in his line-up. Headlining the Lady Rebels this year was senior guard Jackie Martin and junior transfer Kim Gilchrist, who joined Martin in the backcourt. Other returning seniors who added to the strength of the team included Antrice McGill, Teena Bend- er and LaTeasha Johnson. Chancellor coached these girls to help fill the gap created by last year ' s All-SEC center Kimsey O ' Neal. Although the Rebels were unable to finish as successfully as last year when their record of 22-10, and 7-2 in S.E.C, led them to the second-place finish in the conference, they were able to garner the respect of having a fine ball team, and show promise of a team to watch for next year. 1991 S.E.C. Results | Opponent Date Result vs.MSU 01 12 67-41 at. Georgia 01 19 64-77 at.Tennessee 01 26 54-64 vs. Florida 02 02 65-58 at. Alabama 02 06 78-72 vs. Auburn 02 09 54-79 vs.MSU 0213 75-57 vs. Kentucky 02 16 81-87 vs.LSU 02 20 75-73 at.Vanderbilt 02 24 46-69 1991 Lady Rebel Team:( ' ' 12) Gail Eaves, ( " 13) Renee Chancellor, ( 21) LaTeasha Johnson. ( 22) Kim Gilchrist, ( 23) Kacy Williams, ( 24) Jackie IMartin, ( 30) Tiffany Archie, ( 31) Clara Jackson, ( 32) Teena Bender. ( 33) Antrice McGill, ( 34) Kristen Goehring, ( 41) Susan Byrd, ( 44) Charlotte Banks. 96 — Sports A 1 Alan Sheffield A 2 Alan Sheffield A 4 Alan Sheffield 1. Byrd tries to block a shot by a Florida state player. 2. A Lady Rebel has a shot blocked by the opponent. 3. In a crowd of LSU tigers, this lady rebel heads for the basket. 4. LaTeasha Johnson comes away from the crowd to attempt a shot. A 3 Alan Sheffield Sports — 97 Basketball Alan Sheffield Alan Sheffield 98 — Sports Alan Sheffield Man Sheffield These two pages show the Lady Rebels during action at Tad Smith at several games during the S.E.C. season. Key players such as Goerhrlng. Archie, Chancellor and others are shown. The Lady Rebels, although plagued by low crowd attendance, should be preilsed for their efforts and successful season during 1991. Sports — 99 Volleyball Tough schedule leads to fair finish Overall the 1990 Lady Volleyball season was a sucessful one for head coach John Blair and his ten- member team. His team took to the road in late August with an opener against Washington State in Pullman, Washington. From there the team traveled all throughout the northeast and the South playing con- ference and non-conference matches against some very tough competitors. The team finished a season of play In late Novemeber, 4-3 on the home court at Tad Smith, 14-10 overall, and 4-6 in the conference. 1 990 Conference Results I Alabama 9 26 13-15, 15-11, 15-10, 15-4 Auburn 9 28 15-10, 15-8, 2-15, 14-16, 5-15 iTenn. 10 12 11-15. 12-15, 15-6, 17-15, 15-11 Kentucky 10 14 11-15, 15-11, 5-15.9-15 Florida 10 19 19-15, 12-15, 7-15 I Georgia 10 21 11-15. 15-13.6-15,9-15 LSU 11 1 15-13,4-15.5-15, 15-7 MSU 11 15 15-12, 15-10, 15-17, 15-11 ISEC-Kent 11 23 4-15, 15-4. 9-15, 15-12. 15-12. SEC-Ga. 11 24 4-15. 15-11. 5-15. 9-15 1990 Volleyball teain:Front row. (1 to r.) Jannell Raplogle. Vicky Hercher, Kate Ditolla, John Blair, Debbie Taylor, Kristi Wilkinson, Michelle Whitby- York. Back row, (1. to r.) Amy Kerbow, Meshun Thomas, Shae Powell, Rachelle Paul. 100 — Sports 1. Meshun Thomas tries to spike through a big LSU blocker. 2. Stephanie Llndley (left) and Kate Dltolla get a piece of a scorching LSU spike. 3. Debbie Taylor pounds one for a kill. 4. Coach Blair talks to his charges during a time- out. I A 1 OMIc Brock A 2 Onie Brock A 3 Ollle Brock Sports — 101 Track Track pushes hard during indoor outdoor season The current Ole Miss track and field program is less than a decade old, having been restarted in 1979. Every year the teams have worked hard to build respect for the university program and to produce some world-class athletes. This year is no excep- tion. During the Fall outdoor season the track and cross-country teams were able to place at many of the meets they attended. So far during the indoor season, track standouts such as All-Americans George Kersh Thomas Johnson, and Michael Cox have taken the spotlight. Kersh has already set numerous new records in the 800-meter run, and Johnson, who is ranked No. 3 in the S.E.C. set a world record during the 500-meter Indoor dash in Gainsville, Fla., early on during the season. The Lady Rebels have a few standouts of their own, including Betty Collins, who was ranked fifth in the S.E.C. in the 55-meter hurdles. Overall, the Ole Miss team under the direction of Coach Joe Walker, for the third year, is continuing to garner respect and prestige, while producing some top of the line athletes. 1991 Indoor Schedule January 1 1 Shearson Lehman Game January 19 SIU Invitational January 25-26 US AIR Invitational January 26 ASU Relays February 2 Meyo Invitational February 8 Vitalis Invitational February 9 ASU Invitational February 23-24 SEC Invitational i Members of the Lady Track and Field Team: Irene Amos. Jody Cllne, Betty Collins, Bobble Collins. Bonnie Collins, Joe Creel, Amy Derrick, Wesley Flack, Mala Haynes, Stacey Hudson, Klmberllne Ingram, Vellncla Maddox, Kara Malloy, Terl Martin, Eames- tlne Slocum, Leigh Stec, Tiwanda Vance. Photo by Pete Emerson. track and field 102 — Sports I I s The Rebel Team is producing some of the finest male athletes — including All- Americans, S.E.C. record holders and Olympic hopefuls i Members of the Rebel Track and Field Team: Bo Boatner, Takure Bone. Alundls Brlce. Kevin Buffington, Gregory Carney, Michael Cox. Patrick Davis, Phillip Dorlon, Matt Dumigan. Charles Gadd. Michael George. Allvn Hayes. Samuel Ince. Thomas Johnson. Brian Kelly. George Kersh. Kaliepha Lewis. Terrance Manogin. Ade Mathew. Cornelius McNeil. Brian O ' Neil. Spencer Powers. Chance Regina, Steve Rowland, Lawrence Rucker. Pablo Sierra. Calvin Standi. Chuck Varn. Joe Walker, Destin Wilson. Photo by Pete Emerson. A 1 Alan ShefHeld i Hayna i,Eanies- ▲ 2 Alan Sheffield 1 . The Lady Rebels run during a cross-country meet during Fall action. 2. Taking a moment to reflect on the day ' s events is a good way to learn what went as planned. 3. The Rebel team tries to come from be- hind during cross-country action. A 3 Alan Sheffield Sports — 103 Track Alan Shrllirld Team scheduled to run away with season George Kersh brings world-class talent to Rebel team George Kersh Senior George Kersh, a middle distance runner from Pearl, MS, is said to be the most under-appreciated athlete at Ole Miss. He is destined to become a legend in the world of distance running, having set multiple records at Ole Miss and at various competitions throughout the world. Kersh, who finished fourth in the 1988 Olympic trials, is also expected to compete for a spot on the 1992 Olympic team. He is a very consistent runner and this year has led the Rebel during the indoor season in the 800-meter run, the 1000-meter run and the mile run. Kersh is also a team player and helps the Rebels dominate events such as the mile and two-mile relay and the 3200-meter run. Kersh is destined to become a world-class athlete and his absence will be missed on the Rebel team next season. 1!BJ 104 — Sports Tennis New complex expands UM tennis program Over the course of the last year the John N. Palmer Mitchell Salloum Ten- nis center was completed. The new center, which added two co urts, seat- ing capacity for 500 fans, a team meet- ing room and new dressing rooms, is located on the existing Magnolia tennis courts. The center was designed by Eley and Associates of Jackson. The center will enable the UM tennis pro- gram to equate itself with other S.E.C. programs and the center itself was in- spired by other tennis program centers. The center comes at a time when the quality of the tennis team is improving steadily each year. Ole Miss head coach Billy Chadwlck said he thinks the center says to everyone that Ole Miss is serious about tennis. The money to fund this project was donated by John N. Palmer and Mitchell Sal- loum, both Ole Miss alumni. Additional funding came from the Ole Miss drive for athletics. A 3 B.J, Mannix 1 . An overview of the tennis facility including the additional seating and the cov ered rests available to the players. 2. The entire tennis facility was redone Including new nets and the courts were recovered. 3. Two new courts were added making It much more convlenent for consecqutlve matches to be played. Sports — 105 Tennis Nationally ranked team Swings into the New season Both the men ' s and women ' s tennis teams are begin- ning the spring season with a great deal of confidence. Both tccuns had an eventful fall season and are nationally ranked. Each team is also led by strong and promising front-runners such as Nick Barone and Paloma CoUantes. Both teams are also looking forward to putting into play the things they learned from last spring ' s marginal sea- son. Due to Illness and Injury both teams suffered during the season and the men finished 3-8 in S.E.C. play and 1 5- 13 overall. The ladies finished 4-10 in S.E.C. and 16-7 overa ll. Looking forward veteran coaches Billy Chadwick and Jerry Montgomery are hoping to gather the strengths of their young groups and have a productive spring season. For the men ' s team seniors Dan and Derek Brooks, Tom- my Alfano, an All-America performer, Eric Schwing and Nick Barone should carry the men. For the ladies five out of the six top players from last year ' s team including five Juniors and one sophomore will be returning. Last year the lady Rebel team saw doubles partners Alison Hill and Nina Topper advance to the 16th round of the 1990 NCAA doubles championships, before losing to the No. 3 team on the country. Chadwick and Montgomery have expressed enthu- siaslm over the possibilites of their teams during the heav- ily loaded spring season. With a new playing ground and the ability to host more S.E.C. matches in Oxford, the tradition of tennis at Ole Miss is continuing to expand and the quality of the tennis players continues to rise with it. HH i mm- ' " " - p|j9B Nick Barone Nick Barone began the spring season ranked fourth in the country. It has been said of Nick that he has the quickest feet in collegiate tennis and this senior from Chicago, continues to dom- inate the world of tennis on that assumption. In the fall of 1990 Nick finished with a 12-2 record and won the Texas AII-American Invitational, defeating two other nationally ranked compe- titlors. Nick came to Ole Miss two years ago after an exceptional career at North Greenville Community College In South Carolina. He Is currently an All-SEC and an All-America can- didate. Paloma Collantes Paloma Collantes has had an extensive tennis career already as she begins her first year with the Lady Rebels. She holds the number one position on the Lady Rebel team and during fall play she claimed the championship of the Southern IntercoUeglates. Collantes is spot- lighted by many as one of the top collegiate players In the nation. Before beginning her col- lege career she won the Mississippi Open in 1990, won the 1989 Junior championships of Spain, narrowly lost to Jennifer Capriati in the 1989 U.S. Open Juniors and participated In 1988 Junior Wimbledon. Originally from Lima, Peru, Collantes is a welcomed addition to the Lady Rebels. A 1 Walt MIxon A 2 Walt MIxon 106 — Sports Lady Rebels Front row, clockwise — Ivy Conoley, Junior Pascale Plquemal. Freshman Sandrlne BlUat, Sophomore Paloma Collantes, Freshman Back row, from left — Nina Topper. Junior Leigh Miller. Freshman Coach Jerry Montgomery Julia Minor. Freshman Kate Jones. Junior Alison Hill. Junior JOHNN PAIMEP MITCHEU SAUOUM „ TENNIS CENTErIv j .■.%OC " tlS - Rebel Team Front row. from left — Ivan Trevlno, Freshman Ken McKenzie. Freshman Jack Adams. Freshman Tommy Alfano. Senior Jay Toups, Graduate Asst. Billy Chadwlck. Coach Middle row. from left — Eric Schwlng. Senior Nick Barone. Senior Van van Lingen, Freshman Ted Durham. Freshman Derek Brooks. Senior Michael Walker, Senior Back row. from left — Mike Knowles. Junior Dan Brooks, Senior Josh Bronson, Sophomore 1 . Senior Eric Schwlng works out during practice in prep- aration for the spring season. 2. Coach Chadwlck talks over the spring schedule with his players and an SID contact. 3. Paloma Collantes competes during the first match of the season In late February. 1 Sports 107 Rugby The Ole Miss Rugby club began its season with play in late Fall and will continue throughout the Spring. The team travels around the state and to nearby colleges and universities com- peteting with other university rugby teams. Although not of- ficially recognized as a Univer- sity sport, the Ole Miss rugby team hopes that through con- tinued committment to their team and continued success with their season schedules it will soon be recognized and giv- en the same status as other sports. The team practices three times a week and is open to any student who is willing to demonstrate an ability in the game. The team is a very close- knit group who is proud of the strides they have made in the sport so far this year. 1. The Ole Miss Rugby Club 2. Prepar- ing strategy during practice poUshs the skills and communication amongst the team members. 3. Rugby members play In the rain In preparation for their next big game. A 1 Alan Sheffield A 2 Alan Sheffield ▲ 3 Alan Sheffield 108 — Sports Lacrosse The Ole Miss lacrosse club opened Its season during the final days of January with a loss to Mississippi State. Both fledgling teams are playing this year with relatively new players. The UM team Is practicing with a new group and feels confident as they head Into their spring schedule. The lacrosse club Is open to any student Interested In learning how to play the sport and shows promise. The lacrosse club will be active throughout the spring sea- son taking on other Southern university contenders. A 1 B.J. Mannix ▲ 2 B.J. Mannix ▲ 3 Alan Sheffield I ▲ 4 Alan Sheffield 1. The Ole Miss La- crosse club. 2. Recover- ing a ball from the goal. 3. The UM teams plans Its strategy during Its season opener. 4. Action I against MSU. i 1 Sports — 109 - Golf Consistency the key to Rebel team Rebel Head Coach Larry Slone will be looking to the two returning senior members of his golf team this year for leadership and ability. The two are Greg Heinecke of Tupelo, and Rob Darden of New Albany. These two along with four juniors will help lead the way to a successful golf season for the Ole Miss team. The team finished in sixth place in the S.E.C. in 1990 and is looking to the experience from this year ' s vet- eran team to pull them out of that position. The golf season for the men ' s team kicks off on February 7 and concludes with the S.E.C. tournament beginning May 13 at Old Waverly in Starkville. The five-year-old lady Rebel golf team is once again aiming to break old records and to continue to forge ahead in improving its creditability in the S.E.C. In 1990, two younger players, Sarah Britt and Chris Darci led the team and head coach Larry Wagster expects those two, along with strong senior players Keilly Frassand and Amy Napolitano to be a force for the Rebel team. A 1 Sports Information 1 . Practice Is the key to the men ' s team and strong seniors like this one will help lead the way. 2. The women ' s team Is growing every year and Improving every afternoon on the course. ▲ 2 Sports Information ♦ 110 — Sports 1 9 9 1 La d y Rebel Golf Team Team Members: from left, Diane Smedman, Niki Tutor, Amy Napolitano, Lisa Davis, Coach Larry Wagster, Jennifer Humkey, Sarah Brltt, Celeste Nelson, Chris Darci. Not pictured: Keilly Frassrand and Stephanie Gentry. 1991 Rebel Golf Team -: -3 M e.y Team Members: from left. Coach Larry Slone, William Power, Jim Beavers, Jeff King, Joe Bonargo, John Pinel, Tom Horn, Luke Abney, Rob Darden, Ben Lane, Rob Stockett, Greg Heinecke, Craig Lauderdale, Jimmy Carle, Nick Brown, Doug Auw. Sports — 111 ▲ 1 B.J. MannU B i , yiA ' B HpBtr tk. A " A. ' ' aI t Mn JliiShOTt. ' itf ' ' iJ 2S ' ' " flMi l w ' ■Sri f jv ' ' ' l J Jt J T H A 3 B.J, MannLt 1 . JV Cheerleader Kim Briscoe waits for the next cheer to start. 2. Greg Roslnl and Robert Collins have a handful doing a stunt with Tracl Hunt and Ashley Foote. 3. Robert, Chris and Greg lead the crowd In a cheer. 4. Varsity cheerleader Llssa Lowe helps build enthusiasm. 112 — Sports A 4 B.J MannLt Cheerleaders lii Cheerleaders Help Motivate Crowd This year the Job of the cheerleaders was made a little bit easier by the great Rebel football team they were helping to cheer on. With record crowds attending the games and then a nationally televised game, the cheerleaders were often having to follow the cheers being led from the stands. A 1 B J MannU A 2 Alan Sheffield A 4 B.J MannU 1. JV Cheerleaders Amy and Scott take a breather between quarters. 2. Hope McKittrlc leads the crowd In " GO REBS! " 3. Varsity does a difficult stunt with Ashley, Llssa and Hope on top. 4. Ashley and Llssa love helping to get the crowd going. A 3 B.J. Mannix Sports— 113 Intramurals Fall Results — Fall Results — Fall Results — Fall Results — Fall Sport Sports Champions Flag Football Punt, Pass, Kick Shuffleboard Singles Shuffleboard Doubles Field Goal Kicking Track and Field Meet Superstars Golf Pickleball Singles Pickleball Doubles Volleyball Long Distance Shootout Schick Super Hoops Soccer Whiffleball Wallyball — Phi Delta Theta Just Do It — Ingo Brown, Independent Meg Brown, Chl Omega — John Kemp, Pi Kappa Alpha — Harry Cotros Rafe Hudson Pi Kappa Alpha — Bill Dobbs, Sigma Chi — Phi Delta Theta Delta Delta Delta — Bill Dobbs, Sigma Chi Ginger Hubbard, Chi Omega — Wigul Walls, Phi Delta Theta Day Gordon, Alpha Omicron Pi — Ollie Brock, Indp. Ginger Hubbard, Chi Omega — McAlpin Walker, Sigma Nu Hubbard Edwards, Chi Omega — Riflemen Delta Delta Delta — Sellers Shy, Phi Delta Theta Dee Dee McGregor, Alpha Omicron Pi — 3 Up and 3 Down Chi Omega — Alpha Tau Omega Chi Omega - Giant Dwarfs Crosby -Phi Kappa Tau Alpha Omicron Pi 114 — Sports Intramurals Spring Results — Spring Results — Spring Results - Spring Results Sport Pre-Season Ba sketball Tournament - Darts - Darts Double - Free Throw- Co-Rec Free Throw - Swim Meet - Racquetball - Racquetball Mens ' s Doubles - Racquetball - Racquetball Doubles - Racquetball (AA) - Racquetball Co-Rec - Overall Pledge Champions 1990 Sports Champions Marshall Tim Millis, Sigma Nu Ginger Hubbard, Chi Omega Jay McCrosky Lee Barnes, Kappa Sigma Emile Kral Suzanne Savory, Delta Delta Delta Fred Schaffer, Phi Delta Theta Jenny Upton, Delta Delta Delta Burkes Bush Columbian League Chi Omega Richard Farrington, Sigma Chi Richard Farrington Jay Hauenstein, Sigma Chi Lizzie Barnes, Delta Delta Delta Lizzie Barnes Kim Riser, Delta Delta Delta Perry Goodman Farrington Kerbow Sigma Nu Chi Omega Sports — 115 Photo by Alan Sheffield Honors A Legacy of Achievement To be honored by your peers and your mentors must be a feeling that is hard to put into words. After long hours of studying and many years of learning and acheiving a great number of students are honored each year by being named to some of the highest honoraries at Ole Miss. Only the top ten to fifteen percent of each class is included in such honors and only eight students each year are elected to the Uni- versity ' s Hall of Fame. Dedication and hard work are two ingredients needed to acheive such a high honor. Long hours of service not only to the Univerisity but to many respective organizations as well are usually included in the selection process. The students who prove themselves during their years at Ole Miss are not only remembered as campus leaders but they will also be remembered as the leaders of tommorrow. Editor Deanne Mosley 1 Hall of Fame 1 118 — Honors Hall of Fame I Honors — 1 19 Hall of Fame Leo Frank Emerson, Jr. Leo Emerson, an English Arts major from Meridian, MS, served as Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity President, Sphinx Club President, and Black Student Union Recording Secretary. A member of Sigma Tau Delta, Leo was also a representative for Inter Fraternity Council. Other activities include 1990 Ole Miss Artist, Campus Crusade for Christ, Habitat for Humanity, and ASB Race Relations Task Force. 120 — Honors _i Hall of Fame Honors — 121 Hall of Fame 122 — Honors Hall of Fame ly McCarty jgramming Board DirectOr, Jr. Phil McCarty, 1 990-9 l tudent Programming Board Director, is a Broadcast Jour- nalism major from Clinton, MS. He was a member of Lambda Sigma, Habitat for Humanity, Order of Omega, Gamma Beta Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, and many ASB and SPB committees. Phil also served as Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity Vice Pres- ident, ASB Senator, UMTV news anchor and Miss University Pageant Director. Honors — 123 Hall of Fame i 1 24 — Honors Hall of Fame Honors — 125 Who ' s Who 1991 Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges is an honor conferred annually upon outstanding student leaders. Over the past 56 years, more than 1400 senior colleges have adopted this program as a part of their annual campus honors. Selections are made by campus nominating committees and are based on decidedly above average academic standing, community service, leadership ability, and potential for continued success. Those selected for Who ' s Who are featured in the 57th annual edition of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. This coveted award exists as one of the most highly regarded and long- standing honor programs in the nation. For the students — the outstanding campus leaders of this year — national recognition by the Who ' s Who program marks a pinnacle of scholastic achievement. The Who ' s Who program recognizes that college students are the reservoir from which our nation draws its leadership strength. For through their contributions and service to community and school, the Who ' s Who recipients are the young adults who enhance the positive image of American youth. James Deloach Abbott HHI PH Indianola, MS V W Tf 9gf General Business Inter Fraternity Council- President Phi Delta Theta Officer WmMmij i Omicron Delta Kappa HhiMH Order of Omega l l Bessie Speed- Advisory Committee Susan Trowbridge | ■ ' 11 Afeman I Wk, .SMb, Baton Rouge, LA f A Elementary Education B - Chi Omega Sorority- Vice President | 3H(A College Republicans Golden Key Phi Eta Sigma Gamma Beta Phi | w ' Pamela Paige Benton St. Louis, MO English History Mortar Board President Chi Omega Sorority Officer Honors Program Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa I Seth Yao Ablordeppey Accra, Ghana Chemistry Phi Kappa Phi Rho Chi All American Scholar Graduate Achievement Award Sigma Xi Rhett Patrick Blake Shalimar, FL Sports Management Kappa Sigma Fraternity Officer College Republicans Intramural Golf Champion Daily Mississippian- Sales Staff NMRC Volunteer Mary Amanda Bobb H iAMMNRAkl Holly Springs, MS Pre-Med Delta Gamma Sorority- President mm Golden Key Secretary Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Student Alumni Council 126 — Honors ■ " Christine Louise Brewer Metairie, LA Accounting Phi Kappa Phi United Way- Student Drive Chair Beta Alpha Psi Secretary Beta Gamma Sigma President — Fraternity Little Sister Dorothy McLean Coleman Ackerman, MS Civil Engineering ESB President ASCE President Chi Epsilon Secretary Tau Beta Phi President Phi Mu Sorority Tonya Carol Britt Brookhaven, MS Biology Alpha Epsilon Delta Ambassadors Rebel Recruitors Phi Theta Kappa Baptist Student Union Thomas McKinney Coleman Corinth, MS Accounting Senior Class Sec Treas Mortar Board Officer Sigma Chi Fraternity Officer Golden Key President Order of Omega Anna Katherine Busby McComb, MS Mathematics Kappa Alpha Theta- Vice President Angel Flight Commander Lambda Sigma Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Kenneth Wade Cox Columbus, MS Psychology ASB President A.S.B. Director of- Campus Affairs Lambda Sigma President Sigma Chi Fraternity Omicron Delta Kappa Ml John Brittain Caldwell Tupelo, MS Accounting Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Concert Singers Sigma Nu Fraternity Chancellor ' s Scholar John Adam Crawford Jr. Jackson, MS Accounting Lambda Sigma Vice President Phi Gamma Nu President Sigma Chi Fraternity Treasurer Phi Kappa Phi A.S.B. Senator I Honors — 127 Who ' s Who 1991 fc ' Steven Kent Dear Jackson, MS Banking Finance A.S.B. Elections Commissioner A.S.B. Director of- Information Management Wall Street South Phi Gamma Nu Golden Key Guy Barrett Freeman II Greenville, MS Accounting Phi Delta Theta- Fraternity Chaplain A.S.B. Executive Task Force Mortar Board Beta Alpha Psi Omicron Delta Kappa Kelly Dianne Dumas El Dorado, AR Journalism Public Relations Kappa Kappa Gamma- President Ambassador Daily Mississlppian Staff Order of Omega Lambda Sigma Leland Dean Gebhart III Jackson, MS Biology Order of Omega Treasurer Habitat for Humanity Sigma Chi Fraternity Secretary Mortar Board Lambda Sigma Frank Marion Dyer III Memphis, TN Real Estate Inter Fraternity Council- Treasurer A.S.B. Race Relations- Task Force Co-Chair Rho Epsilon President Order of Omega S.P.B. Executive Board Paul David Gilmore Oxford. MS History English Truman Scholar Taylor Medalist Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board University Democrats ■ Leo Frank Emerson Jr. Meridian, MS English Art Alpha Phi Alpha- Fraternity President Sphinx Club President Black Student Union- Recording Secretary Sigma Tau Delta Inter Fraternity Council Lee Nicole Goldman Meridian, MS Social Work Orientation Leader A.S.B. Race Relations Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority 128 — Honors ■ " Bk Julie Marie Grimes Fulton. MS Philosophy Political Science Truman Scholar Campus Wide Model Pledge NATO Intern Century III Leadership Scholar Phi Mu Sorority Caroline Beverly Herring Canton, MS History French A.S.B. Director- Student Services Kappa Delta Chaplain College Republicans Vice Chair Honors Program Chancellor ' s Leadership Class Amy Elizabeth Haddad Somerville, TN English History Crosby Hall President A.S.B. Senator Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Chi Omega Sorority Stephanie Jean Hickman Oxford, MS Law Black Law Students- Association President Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Phi Delta Phi Student Judicial Bar Mississippi Law Journal Tara Anne Hart Louisville, MS Journalism SPJ Secretary ASB Informant Editor Daily Mississippian Staff Delta Gamma Sorority Omicron Delta Kappa Janie Elise Holman Jackson, MS Interior Design 1990 Homecoming Queen A.S.B. Senator American Society of- Interior Design Secretary 1988 Most Beautiful S.P.B. Cabinet Kristi Lee Heflin Forest, MS Biology Omicron Delta Kappa Secretary Alpha Epsilon Delta Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board Orientation Leader Ashley Anne Hopkins Gulfport. MS Picture Not Law Moot Court Board Executive Council Available Sigma Chi- Fraternity Sweetheart Campus Favorite Phi Alpha Delta Delta Delta Delta Sorority Honors — 129 Who ' s Who 1991 ■ John Randall Kinsey Belden, MS Accounting A.S.B. Director of- University Relations 1990 Die Miss- Business Manager SACouncil President Shell Assist Scholar Delta Sigma Pi President r ' a " M Elizabeth August Laurent Greenwood, MS Journalism History Editor 1991 Ole Miss Editor 1992 Ole Miss Delta Delta Delta Officer Daily Mississippian Writer SPJ Student Publications Board m WW Elvin Armond Knight Coldwater, MS Pharmacy Chancellor ' s Leadership Class University Band Phi Mu Alpha- Sinfonia Historian Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Kappa Psi g Mark E. Lockhart Tupelo, MS Chemistry Pre-Med Alpha Epsilon Delta- Vice President College Republicans Treasurer Phi Kappa Phi Fraternity Model Pledge S.P.B. Homecoming Chair 1 L L Hallie Elizabeth Ladner Nederland, TX Accounting Chancellor ' s Scholar Mortar Board Officer Honors Program Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority Lambda Sigma i Seth Mingea Lowrey Sheridan, AR Computer Science Chancellor ' s Scholar Baptist Student Union- Vice President Upsilon Pi Epsilon- Vice President Mortar Board Historian Phi Kappa Phi t Jody Alan Lassiter Dexter, KY History Political Science Mortar Board Vice President Residence Hall Judicial Chair Young Democrats President Pre-Law Society President Delta Psi President Jonathan David Lucas Newton, MS Biomedical Sciences Omicron Delta Kappa President Alpha Lambda Delta Secretary Phi Kappa Phi Sigma Nu Fraternity Alpha Epsilon Delta Honors — 130 Mark E. Maloney H Jackson, MS H t Banking Managerial WfC i Finance Business School- Student Body President !■ dil Phi Gamma Nu President HMiifl Phi Delta Theta Fraternity H l Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Leigh Michelle McNeer Memphis, TN Marketing Panhellenlc Council Presiden 1990 Greek Week Chair Order of Omega Omicron Delt a Kappa Kappa Kappa Gamma Shannon Jewel Massie Quitman, MS Marketing Omicron Delta Kappa- Vice President Delta Gamma Sorority- Model Pledge Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board 1 11 David Michael Midlick Memphis, TN Biology Varsity Basketball A.S.B. Senator Student Alumni Council Academic All-SEC CoSIDA Academic- _ All American J Philips Ray McCarty Jr. Clinton, MS Broadcast Journalism SPB Director A.S.B. Senator Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega UMTV News Anchor 9 R John Roger Moore Memphis, TN Physics Phi Delta Theta President Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Sigma Pi Sigma Sec Treas BACCHUS Carolyn Alleen McLain Belzoni, MS Journalism Advertising Delta Gamma Sorority Officer Omicron Delta Kappa Daily Mississippian Staff A.S.B. Senator Ambassadors H V ' Z ' « Deanne Marie Mosley Meridian. MS Public Administration Chancellor ' s Scholar A.S.B. Press Secretary 1990 Ole Miss Assistant Editor Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Honors 131 Who ' s Who 1991 Mark Christopher Odom Vancleave, MS Accounting A.S.B. Senate- President Pro-Tempore Ambassador Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Beta Alpha Psi ■ " Ann Elizabeth Peeples Brookhaven, MS English Education Phi Kappa Phi Chancellor ' s Leadership Class Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Chi Omega- Sorority Secretary n Melissa Page Pace Aberdeen, MS Journalism English A.W.S. President SEA Secretary A.S.B. Senate Delta Gamma Sorority Daily Mississippian Senior Staff ■ " Sherri Lynn Prestridge Amory, MS Accounting University Band Ole Miss Section Editor Phi Gamma Nu Secretary Golden Key Omicron Delta Kappa 1 j » H 1 I Kathleen D. Patrick Jackson, MS Law Mississippi Law Journal- Assistant Editor Phi Delta Phi President Moot Court Board Teaching Assistant College Republicans Scott Morris Prewitt Jackson, MS Political Science Economics A.S.B. Attorney General A.S.B. Elections- Commission Chair Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board S.P.B. Cabinet James Stephen Payne Jackson, MS English A.S.B. Treasurer Phi Eta Sigma- Vice President Honors Senator Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Anna Lee Provence New Albany, MS Accounting A.W.S. Vice President SAC Board of Directors Delta Gamma Sorority- Vice President Omicron Delta Kappa Chancellor ' s Leadership Class 132 — Honors L ii ' J Tracy Michelle Quinn Memphis, TN Pharmacy Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority Golden Key Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Kappa Epsilon Melvin H. Seid Vlcksburg, MS Biology Pre-Med Alpha Lambda Delta Treas. Golden Key Treasurer Phi Kappa Phi Chancellor ' s Leadership Clas A.S.B. Director of- Academic Affairs Jennifer Wade Revels Hattiesburg, MS Banking Finance 1991 Ole Miss- Business Manager Delta Delta Delta Treas. Order of Omega Chancellor ' s Leadership Class Phi Gamma Nu Lee Eric Smith Holly Springs, MS Journalism Psychology m W 1990 Editor- The Daily Mississippian Alpha Phi Alpha- Fraternity Chaplain A.S.B. Senator |itf Tj Concert Singers Black Student Union Benjamin Welford ■P " 1 Roberson ii!) Jackson, MS History L- fc. Senior Class President ■tk-M Inter Fraternity Council- Vice President H H Lambda Sigma Vice President n i Chancellor ' s Scholar Omicron Delta Kappa Marisa Songeharoen Madison, MS Biology Kappa Delta- Sorority Treasurer A.S.B. Director of School Spirit Order of Omega- Vice President Orientation Leader Chancellor ' s Leadership Class Heather Elizabeth Rodgers Lake Charles, LA Fine Arts Pi Beta Phi Officer Mortar Board Order of Omega Lambda Sigma Chancellor ' s Leadership Class Courtney Elizabeth Stewart Brownsville, TN Pharmacy A.S.B. Senator Delta Delta Delta Officer Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Rebelette Honors — 133 Who ' s Who 1991 |R !k Susan Christine Stuvee Duck Hill, MS Journalism Public Relations Resident Advisor of the Year Ambassadors Madrigal Singers Daily Misslsslppian Staff Sigma Delta Chi Reginald Henry Turner West Palm Beach, FL Management Black Student Union President Resident Advisor A.S.B. Director of- Student Housing Inter Hall Council- Vice President Modeling Board Gregg William Tobin Oxford, MS Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi President Kappa Alpha Fraternity Officer Lambda Sigma Eta Kappa Nu Modeling Board Charles Carey Upton West Point, MS Chemistry Sigma Chi President Lambda Sigma Treasurer Phi Eta Sigma Treasurer Omicron Delta Kappa Honors Program Picture Not Available Juan Joseph Trippe Slidell, LA Pharmacy A.S.P. President Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Chancellor ' s Scholar Order of Omega 4 Heather Anne Vahle Seward, NE Biology Alpha Epsilon Delta President Delta Gamma Sorority- Vice President Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Misty Dawn Turner New Albany, MS Mathematics Pi Mu Epsilon- Vice President Pi Beta Phi Sororlty- Vice President Habitat for Humanity Golden Key Campus Crusade for Christ 1 Steven Woodburn Wall Oxford, MS Public Administration A.S.B. Director of- University Development Phi Kappa Phi Order of Omega Chancellor ' s Scholar A.S.B. Executive Task Force 134 — Honors H ' y ' W John Clifton Wellons III Columbia, MS English Pre-Med Phi Delta Theta Officer Habitat for Humanlty- Vlce President Alpha Lambda Delta President Omlcron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Hf 3t c H Lane Baker Westfaul Holly Springs. MS Journalism A.S.B. Vice President A.S.B. Senator Lambda Sigma Omlcron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Grady Scott Weston Ocean Springs, MS Pharmacy Eta Sigma Phi President Kappa Psi Secretary Treasurer Honors Senate Rho Chi Carrier Scholar Honors 135 Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society Spring 1 990 Initiates College of Liberal Arts William Jefferson Bell, Jr. Pamela Paige Benton Susan Carol Jordan Cagle James Elliot Carter, Jr. Joanne Marie Cllne Cathryn Ann Coker Rhonda Thlbodeaux Cooper V. Reid Cotten, Jr. Ann Wyndham Fletcher Any Elizabeth Haddad Kristl Lee Heflin Rebecca Marie HoUingsworth Jody Alan Lasslter Mark E. Lockhart Seth Mlngea Lowrey Jonathan David Lucas Kathryn Lynn Mutchler Lucy Marilyn Plttman Lane J. Pitts Stephanie Johnson Powell Benjamin Welford Roberson Stephanie Anne Sanders Melvin Hank Seld Melinda Helen Teller Timothy Quinn VanNoy Patricia Cheryl White School of Accountancy Scott Allen Barber Christine Louise Brewer Mary Melissa Bruce John Brlttaln Caldwell Lisa Gay Comeaux Heather Dionna Cook John Adam Crawford, Jr. Susan Leigh Edgar Heather Lea Heriard Stephen Mark Weaver School of Engineering Mark Paterson School of Pharmacy Rebecca Jane Ainsworth Elizabeth Ellen Howell Anne Millette Morgan Jerry Donald Whiteside, Jr. School of Education Andrew Bruce Dalton Alice Ann Eilers Deborah McClain Greenwood Amy Leigh Lann Ann Elizabeth Peeples Mary Beth Tutor School of Law Edwin Barry Bridgforth Laura Kay Limerick Gibbes Selby Allen Ireland Betty Whittington Maynard George Edward Read Graduate School Barbara Lynn Lewis Bibighaus Trade Nadine Brelsford Oliver Eugene Brock Dana J. Miller Bullard Connie Maude Campbell Frances Miriam Burt Clark Russell Lee Clark Patricia Maria Regan Franks Margaret Ann Hoskins Li Liu Susan M. McClelland Mark Lindsey Mitchell Camilla D. O ' Neal Michael R. Reese John Frederick Richardson, Jr. Melanle Elizabeth Wadkins Co SonI Susi Arah Ctr.i ileal School of Business Administration Jay Wilson Carter Allison Dell Chrestman Gervaise Boon Meng Chuah John Phillip LaCour Yee-Huap Low Shannon Jewel Massie Susan Lynn McCrocklin Dennis Martin Sanders Sherry Amanda Wallace Ikl 1 36 — Honors Fall 1 990 Initiates College of Liberal Arts |SonJa Suzanne Sanders Arnett llAlUson Marie Brock Barber David Hudson Bradford Harriet Jean Bryan Christopher Joseph Cadle Randl Ellis Thomas Charles Ferguson Susanne Wesley Flack William Bobby Gill III Julie Marie Grimes Barry Wayne Holcomb Jr. Lisa Sharbrough Jones James Scott Manton Janet Lisa Raymond Leslie Rutherford ' Arah Dawn Sneed Chrlstyna Michele Stewart Heather Anne Vahle Llndabeth Margaret Wiley Stephanie Ann Brock Wright I School of Accountancy Lorle Maleaha Atwood Steven Gareth Holley Hallle Elizabeth Ladner Men Llh Leow Michael Scott McKeown Gerald Grant Monroe Susan J. Norrls Robinson Christine Barrett Sullivan Bee Tho Yap School of Pharmacy Henry Alan Norwood Cherle Papizan School of Engineering Sin Chew Llm Adrian Marcellus Temple Ann Shackelford Beverly Machell Stewart Kwe Chlu-Chlng Tsang School of Law Amanda Lee Alford John Michael Breland Chris Harold Deaton John Melvln Lasslter, Jr. Scott Forrest Leary Charles Louis McBrlde, Jr. James Talleyrand McColgan Graduate School Xlbing Dou Rebecca Lynn Greenway Mary Ruth Monk Louis Eric Pelton Timothy Louis Walsh James Owen Washam Jlanplng Zhang School of Education Kelley Michele Ash Caroline Ann Bonner Barton Melissa Katherlne Cooper Kristl Lachelle Thompson Cox Kimberly Katrlce Drown Stacey Suiter Fly Amy Elizabeth Hayles Betty E. Hendrlckson Joan Elizabeth Holllday Glenda A. Jackson Vicky Delaine Hathcock Miller Patricia Ray Mary Westmoreland Webb School of Business Administration YIu Chong Au Gary Christopher Finnegan Christopher Seng Hoe Hong Van Choon Lee Keam Kuam Lin J. Elizabeth McClatchy Samantha Kay White Cory Todd Wilson Robert Del Woods HONORS— 137 Mortar Board Established originally as a national women ' s honor so- ciety. Mortar Board Is one of the highest senior honor groups for both men and women. Tassels, the local chap- ter, has been active on the Ole Miss campus since its founding In 1939. With a 35 member limit, Mortar Board selects members based on leadership, scholarship of at least a 3.0 GPA, and service. Mortar Board Is an or- ganization that challenges the Individual to provide thoughtful leadership to the campus and community, to create an environment of effective communication and to move toward the Improvement of the status of men and women. Offlcers:Pamela Paige Benton, President; Jody Alan Lasslter, Vice President: Julie Marie Grimes, Secretary; Catherine Michelle Grimes, Treasurer; Scott Morris Prewitt, Elections; Hallle Elizabeth Ladner, Communica- tions; Seth Mlngea Lowrey, Historian; Allison Dell Chrestman, Alumni Chairperson. Advlsors:Dr. Mary Jeanne Kallman, Dr. K.S. Yuu, Dr. Colby Kullman, Dr. Joanne Hawks. Photos by Pete Emerson. MembersiThomas Gene Alfano, Pamela Paige Benton, Anna Katherine Busby, Allison Dell Chrestman, Betty Collins, Bobble Collins, Bonnie Collins, Vernon Reld Cotton Jr., Kenneth Wade Cox, Camllle Love Crockett, Guy Barrett Freeman 111, Leland Dean Gebhard 111, Paul David Gllmore, Lee Nicole Goldman, Catherine Michelle Grimes, Julie Marie Grimes, Kristi Lee Heflin, Barry Wayne Holcomb, Elizabeth Ellen Howell, Hallle Elizabeth Ladner, Jody Alan Lassiter. Mark E. Lockhart, Seth Mlngea Lowery, Shannon Jewel Massie. John Roger Moore IV, Deanne Marie Mosley, James Stephen Payne, Ann Elizabeth Peeples, Scott Morris Prewitt, Benjamin Welford Roberson, Heather Elizabeth Rodgers, Courtney Elizabeth Stewart, Whitney Kay SwlndoU, Juan Joseph Trippe, Amy Kristin UdouJ, Charles Gary Upton, Heather Anne Vahle, Steven Woodburn Wall, John Clifton Wellons HI. Lindabeth Margaret Wiley. 138 — Honors The Golden Key National Honor Society was founded at Georgia State University on November 29, 1977. Membership Is extended to the top fifteen percent of all Juniors and seniors. This interdisciplinary society seeks to recognize the top students in all courses of study. The Ole Miss chapter of Golden Key honors its new members each year with an Initiation ceremony and reception. Honorary members, made up of dlstlnquished members of the administration and faculty, are also recognized at this time. Golden Key awards a scholarship each year to the outstanding Junior and senior initiates. Photo by Alan Sheffield. Members: Jim Abbott George Abdo Susan Afeman Thomas Alfano Elizabeth Altazan Billy Anderson Lane Baker William Barrett Caroline Barton Paige Benton Vlckl Berry Missy Bingham Amanda Bobb Lori Bolen Angela Boutwell Christine Brewer Carole Brown Melissa Bruce John Buckley Katie Busby Lee Carney Jay W. Carter McKay Caston John Cheek Allison Chrestman Russell Church Dorothy Coleman Lisa Comeaux Mary Margaret Comer Heather Cook Jermany Cooker Melissa Cooper Heather Couvlllion Wade Cox Jack Crawford Mary Davis Steven Dear Leigh Edgar Jimmy Evans Wesley Flack Ann Fletcher William Floyd Chip Freeman Julie Garrott Greg Gausline Leland Gebhart Cathy Grimes Amy Haddad Tara Hart Henry Hayden KrisU Heflin Heather Herlard Cindy Holcomb Barry Holcomb Rebecca Holllngsworth Jennifer Holmes Allison Hooker James Hopson Reglna Hummel Laura Johnson Jennifer Kay Amy Kllpatrlck Linda Kirby Denise Knight Elvln Knight John LaCour Roxanne Larsen Tiffany Lott Seth Lowery LeaAnne Major Mark Maloney James Manton Shannon Massle Mary McCarty Susan McCrocklln Mark McFall Jan Meyer David Mldlick Greg Moore Maureen Moore Deanne Mosley Kathryn Mutchler Shelly Neville Mandi Norton Mark Odom Cralge Orr Mark Paterson Laura Plaster Libby Peoples Valerie Phillips Lane Pitts Kris Flecker Christopher Polsgrove Melissa Price Melanle Putnam Jennifer Revels Stephen Richardson Samantha Rimmel Leslie Robertson Donald Rocky Heather Rodgers Robin Roper Chad Saul Steven Schoenly Lara Shaw Carrie ShuU Victor Smith Courtney Stewart William Stewart Chris Swann Jennifer Swayze Donna Tackette Patricia Tavoletl Leslie Taylor Herschel Treadway Amy UdouJ Heather Vahle Sherry Wallace Charla Walston Steaven Weaver Susan Webb Jay Wellons Patricia White Christopher Williams Robin Williams Paschal Wilson Charlotte Wood. Honors — 139 Omicron Delta Kappa Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership honor society which maintains that representatives in all phases of college life should cooperate in worthwhile endeavors, and that outstanding students, faculty, and administrators should meet on a basis of mutual interest, understanding, and helpfulness. The members are chosen for their leadership contributions and scholastic achievement. Five areas offer the criteria for the evaluation of prospective members: scholarship, athletics, social and student body activities, publications and the arts. Photo by Alan Sheffield. Officers: Jon L ucas, President Shannon Massie, Vice President Faculty Secretary:Dr. Judy Trott Julie Grimes Britt Caldwell Shelly McNeer Frank Dyer III Melvin Seid Scott Prewitt James Williamson Stephen Payne Eone Moore Seth Lowrey AUeen McLain Keith Hill. Cami Crockett 1 R i K Ai 1 Ai H i Te 1 a V u I Sr Mi Ja Je Pk ' 1 Jo t ffl Ha k h h k , k k h Ji .De 1 , k 1 40 — Honors Phi Eta Si ma Members: Chad Adams Elizabeth Alexander Megan Alford Anne Anderson Taylor Archer Meghan Beard Canon Beissel Christopher Bennett Amy Blackburn, Michale Blossom Rebecca Blouln Kenneth Blount Andrea Boles Any Bowman Thomas Brabyn Teresa Brady Stephanie Breaux Laurie Brocato Kristen Brookshlre Michael Broussard James Brown Jenifer Buckner Phillip Buddenbohm John Cantrell Elizabeth Carson Martha Carter James Chandler Pamela Chase Holly Clark Anne Cockfleld Karen Cole Leslie Comer April Cox Jaap DeBrulJn . Dean Dedmon Amy Dennis Jeffrey Dennis Frederick Dezemplen Karen Drake Ashley Duncan Jacob Eldt Scott EUzey Brendan Engen William Feldt Kevin Ferguson Leah Fisher Dudley Freeman Anthony Gainers Walter Garner Rececca Gates Stephanie Goggans Lane Golden William Gossett Brenda Gray Claudia Gurley Kurt Guttensohn Daniel Habeeb William Hamilton Kristi Hanor Amy Harden Scott Harney Lisa Harrell Cynthia Harrison Kathryn Hays Clifford Heidlnger Gall Helmer Jean Henderson Stacy Hlte James Holmes John Holmes Mary Jackson, Jodl Jefcoat William Jenkins Founded nationally at the University of Illinois in March 22, 1923, Phi Eta Sigma established Mississippi Beta chapter at The University of Mississippi. A national college scholastic hon- or society for freshmen. Phi Eta Sigma rec- ognizes, encourages and rewards high scho- lastic achievement among freshmen at approximately 225 institutions of higher learning in the United States. All freshmen who have a cumulative grade point average equilavent to a 3.5 or better GPA at the close of any curricular period during their first year are eligible to join Phi Eta Sigma at Ole Miss. Induction ceremonies are held during the spring semester of each year. Offlcers:Leigh McKnight, President: Maylon Jackson, Vice President; Tucker Person, Secretary; Mike Orr, Treasurer. Photo by Alan Shejffield. Mary Jennings Reglna Johnson Stephen Johnston Martha Jones Ellen Kadlec Roger Keller Jennifer Kelly Kristine Ken- John Killgore Jessica Kincald Kristine Koblla Thomas Latham Christopher Leopold Catherine Lester Alan Ligon Victoria LIppincott Jennifer Long Chuan Lye Mandy Martin Klmberly Mayo Michelle Mellenger Wendy Miller Kimandria Moody Shara Morrison Mary Murphy Daniel McCall Allyson McCoUum Jennifer McDonald Leigh McKlssick Leigh McKnight Christopher McLaurin LeAnne McLemore William McQueen Michael Mabors Doug Noble William O ' Mara Michael Orr Vandy Pacetti David Parker Kristen Patterson Elizabeth Peaster Timothy Pepper Mehssa Perry Tucker Person Kltch Peterson Karen Pickell Paulette Pittman Elizabeth Ponder Allison Pope James Powell Brenda Provence Robert Pulliam David Ramsey Edward Ratllff Cynthia Ray Andrew Raybum Stacey Reaves Shannan Reed Wimberly Reeves Karen Held Thomas Rester Karen Rolling Elizabeth Romlnes Mary Elizabeth Russ Tiffauiy Sanchez Suzanne Sanders Michael Sanders Paul Schoenly John Scott William Sharp Dristie Shiner Drista Shumpert David Simcox Eugene Simmons Ruth Simon Philip Smith Nelson Smith Emily Smith William Spencer Sanjay Srivastava Martha Stansel Bryan Stephens Rosanne Stewart David Stoltz Jon Douglas Stone Lara Streete Joseph Stroble Katy Sullivan Philip Tew Kristi Thorne Steven Thornton William Turner John Turner Gerald Warren Alison Watts Joseph Westmoreland George White Susan Williams Mary Williams Clifford Williams Ronald Williams Ashley Willis Melissa Windham Jacqueline Wlnebrenner Melynde Young. 1 Honors 141 Lambda Sigma The Society ' s fundamental purposes are to foster leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and the spirit of service as well as promoting and serving in every way possible the interests of the Univer sity of Mississippi. Officers: Stephen Johnson, President; Mary Elizabeth Russ, Vice President; David Simcox, Treasurer; Leigh Lu- cas. Secretary; Leigh McKnlght, Programming Chairman; Pamela Chase, Project Chairman; Jeff Dennis, Fundrals- ing Chairman; Donnle Chambliss, Public Relations; Mike Edmond, Advisor. Photos by Alan Sheffield. Members:Mary Lee Murphy, Tucker Person, Martha Stansel, Mary Elizabeth Russ, Courtney Davis, AHison Pope Leigh Lucas Melissa Perry, Suzanne Malone, Rebecca Gates, Pamela Chase, Daniel Habeeb, Allen Llgon. Donnle Chambliss Jasoi Garner Bill Spen Baker, Ruth Allison Simon, Leigh McKnlght, Anne Cockfield, Mike Edmonds, Eddier Rester, David Simcox Jeff D " " ' ' J mes Lagarde Taylo Archer, Stephen Johnston, Jean Jennings, Jay Stroble, Kathryn Hayes, Tom Brabyn John Cantrell Elizabeth Carson Collins, CourtAey Drake, William Feldt, Tony Gaines, Brenda Gray, William Hamilton Jesse «« " nd Ma-r Kath Roger Keller Gary Lee, Denise Maness, Richard McQueen, William Omara, Mike Orr, Bryan Stephens. Steven Thorton, George White. 142 — Honors The Order of Omega is an honorary organ- ization recognizing outstanding fraternity and sorority members of the University of Missis- sippi campus. Membership is highly selective and granted on the basis of exceptional schol- arship, leadership and service to the commu- nity. The Order strives continually to uphold these Ideals by providing an environment for the social interaction of its members. The local chapter was re-chartered in 1988. Officers: Jody A. Lasslter, President; Marlsa Songcharoen. Vice President; Leland Gebhard, Secretary Treasurer; Reid Cotton, Social Chairman. Photos by B.J. Mannix. Members:Jim Abbott, Leigh Agnew, Lane Baker, Lynn Barrett, Paige Benton. Amanda Bobb, Melissa Bruce, Allison Chrestman. Harry Cotros. Reid Cotten Jr., Craig Alan Cowart, Camille Crockett, Kelly Dumas, Frank M. Dyer 111. Leland Gebhard 111. Amy Haddad, Misty Hammack, Tim Howell, Jill Jordan, Jody Alan Lasslter, Phil McCarty, Shelly McNeer, Mark M. Maloney, David Martlneau. Shannon Massie, John Moore, Mark Odom, Stephen Payne, Libby Peeples. Kris Flecker, Kara K. Rawls, Jennifer Revels, Ben Roberson, Heather Rodgers. William Stewart, Marisa Songcharoen. Oscal LLoyd Thomas Jr., Charlie Upton. Heather Vahle, Steven Wall. Lee Zoller. »■ « Honors 143 Honors Program The Honors Program, established in 1953 and restructured in 1982, coordinates special ac- ademic offerings that intensify the educational experience of the exceptional student and fa- cilitates the arrangement of a program of studies for superior undergraduate students enrolled in any school or college at the Uni- versity of Mississippi. student Dlrector:Paschal Wilson Assistant Student Director:Chrls Williams Honors Senate:Karen Cole. Randi Ellis. Brenda Gray. Dan- iel Habeeb. Joy Harris, Lain Hughes. Brad McPeak, Will Sharp. James Williamson. Photo by Alan Sheffield. Members: Louis Abbott Angle Adams Alan Alexander Allcen Anders Catherine Atkinson Lynn Bates Canon Belssel William Bell Paige Benton Derek Berry Daisy Blackwell Mike Blossom Ken Blount Hank Blumenthal Kara Brantley Carole Brown James Brown Stephen Brown Jeff Brown Charlie Brunson Harriet Bryan Andrew Bums Chris Busklrk Brad Canada Kristen Carlson Mike Carraway Jay Carter Brian Castle Pamela Chase Chris Cheek Curt Childress Sean Clancy Anne Cockfleld Karen Cole Dorothy Coleman Angelle Colon Matthew Couthlln Wade Cox Belinda Creel John Crongeyer Mark Crowe Elizabeth Crowson Mark Currier Patrick Daily TIffani Darnell Kristy Davis Rick DeZemplen Patrick Eakes Ruth Echols Stephanie Edwards Brandt Richman Randi Ellis Rick Evans Billy Feldt Leah Fisher Mori Freeze Scott Frensley David Fulcher Paul Gilmore BUI Glasgow Garland Goddard Melissa Goff Paula Goodman Brenda Gray Greta Greaves Julie Grimes Grace Guy Daniel Habeeb Joel Haden Margaret Haire Robert Hamilton Jason Hardage Scott Harney Amy Harper Lisa Harrell Sylvia Harrelson Cara Harris Joy Harris Chris Harrison Edward Harvey Elizabeth Hawthorne Kathryn Hays Chantell Head Derek Helnrich Scott Hendrix Heather Heriard Caroline Herring Robert Herzfeld Julie Hlghfill Tommy HocU " d Clarke Holmes Jennifer Holmes Laura Houston Jennifer Hufford Lain Hughes Erika Huitema Inge Ihlbrock Maylon Jackson Penny Jackson Mary Phillips Johnson Clay Joyner Sheila Kalka Jennifer Kelly Grace Ann Kennedy Jaye KlUebrew Jay KlUgore Mary Kincaid John Klnsey Al Klrkland Richard Kitaka Carole Kloha Cathy Knabb Samantha Knie Hallie Ladner Danielle LaGerda Cathy Lantrip Jody Lassiter Gary Lee Trade Lee Mark Lockhart Jonathan Lohrbach Seth Lowrey Mandy Lucas Gretchen Luke Drew Martin Mandy Martin Allyson McCoUum Neal McCready Heather McKibben Angle McLeod Brad McPeak Richard McQueen Randy Meek Jay Miller Margaret Minor Monty Montgomery John Moore Tim Moore John Mullen Missy Murphey Candy Murphy-Farmer James Naftel Derek Nelson Jay Nichols Mark Odom Kate Otis Michael Pang Andria Parrish Denise Patterson Kevin Patterson Stephen Payne Tucker Person Will Pitner Ben Poremskl Meg Porter Lisa Ratcliff Lisa Raymond Shannan Reed Wimberly Reeves Missy Reld Eddie Rester Susan Lee Rice Stephen Richardson Brett Robbins Ben Roberson Elizabeth Roberts Sims Rogers Linda Rogers Liz Romlnes Mary Elizabeth Russ Joe Sams Mary Margaret Sams Michael Sanders Stephanie Sanders Julia Sanderson Chad Saul Paul Schoenly Steven Schoenly Jeanne Sewell Will Sharp Jennifer Shaw Susan Gail Shaw Wayne Shaw Carrie SHull Angela SIkma Ruth Allison Simon Marquis Sledge Nalson Smith Christy Soper Bryan Stephens Patricia Steriing Baker Stewart Christy Stewart Holly Strange Sean Sullivan Jennifer Sundberg Chris Thomas Bubba Thomas Chris Thompson Heidi Tickle Amber Tolbert Juan Trippe Julie Tumma Jeff Underwood Jill Underwood Charlie Upton Heather Vahle Scott Verhlne Jennifer Vernon Robert Waddell David Wages Steven Wall Tommy Waller Michael Walshe Kristen Weir Jay Wellons Donna West Cheryl White Ikle White Barry Wicktom Harindra Wijesekera Caroline Wilboume Rankin WUbourne Amy Williams Chris Williams Cliff Williams David Williams James Williamson Jennifer Wilson Paschal Wilson Sharon Wilson Kenneth Wolfe Yalonda Yarber William Yates Webb Younce Amber Young. 144 — Honors Beta Alpha Psi Beta Alpha Psl is the national honor society and professional fraternity for students plan- ning to enter the accounting profession. Beta Alpha Psi has a rich history, dating back to 1919 when the Alpha chapter was formed at the University of Illinois. Chapters of Beta Alpha Psi are installed in colleges and uni- versities where accounting programs have reached a high level of academic and profes- sional achievement. Chapters are typically the outgrowth of local accounting honor societies and are carefully evaluated before they are installed. Individual membership in Beta Alpha Psi is limited to persons who have achieved scho- lastic and or professional excellence in the field of accounting. Offlcers:Cathy Grimes, President: Leigh Edgar, Vice Pres- ident; Tommy Hayden, Vice President; ChrisUne Brewer, Secretary; LeaAnne Major. Secretary: Scott McKibben, Treasurer. Advlsor:Dr. Homer Brukett. Photos by B.J. Mannix Members- Jackie Chandler. Yap Bee Tho. Donna Tackett. Christine Brewer, Christine Sullivan. Cathy Grimes, Scott McKibben. John Klnsey Jennifer Kay, Kris Plecker, Julie Hartness, LeaAnne Major, Michael McKeown, Heather Cook, Brian Eoff, Jon Watson Cliff Buster, Barry Ard, Steven G. Holley, Grant Monroe, Stephen Weaver, Ersan SaJimln, Clay Hospodon, Tommy Hayden Homer H. Burnett, Jan GaUin, Anita HoUowell, Kathy Schmitz, Dean Tonya Flesher. Dale L. Flesher. James W. Davis. Honors — 145 Phi Alpha Theta fi Phi Alpha Theta history honorary is very active on the Ole Miss campus. Traditional events include a wine and cheese party in the fall, a Softball game against department faculty, and a cookout in the spring. Phi Alpha Theta is open to students who have completed 12 hours in history with a 3.0 GPA and who have an overall 2.75 GPA. Photo by B.J. Mannix. Officers: Mary Elizabeth Hawes, President Edward Maier, Vice President Robert Ginn, Treasurer Greg Hospoder, Recording Secretary William Dyer, Corr. Secretary Charles Wilson, Sponsor. Members: Clayton Allen Michelle Alt Sarah Armstrong Betty Lynn Aston Berrl Baker Thomas Boschert Laura Boughton John Broom William Brown John Bryan William Crlder Arleen Dowd Andrew Ewlng Preston Garret Joseph Gex Paul GUmore Chad Hammons Sylvia Harrelson Edward Harvey Phil Holman Russell Holmes Albert Jones Michael KlsUer Anne Klingen Joseph Kraft Theodore Kublsta Kenneth Landreth Jody Lasslter Chris Losson Margret McCollum Brad McPeak William Mounce Debra Northart LeWare Robinson Helen Robinson James Rummage Erik Schnzutz Helen Stark Suzanne-Marie Venoski Lindabeth Wiley Lloyd Young. 1 46 — Honors I eawlne to have Chi Epsilon is a national honor society for junior, senior, and graduate students studying civil engineering. To be considered for membership, a Junior, senior, or graduate student must rank in the top one-third of his class. Photo by Alan Sheffield. Officers: Jennifer DeCann. President Bill Burle. Vice President Dorothy Coleman, Secretary Richard Ferguson, Treasurer Marshalal McLaughlin, Marshal Members: Shyam Prasad Petros Chrlstou Lee Huat Lua Kia Swei Tan Jennifer DeCann Richard Ferguson Kenneth Stead Chuck Plaxlco Preston Knight Dorothy Coleman Robert M. Hackett Ray Ayers Samuel DeLeeuw Marshall McLaughlin Jeya Kumar Suppiah Hadi H.S.M. Shirazi Bill Bulzle. Honors — 147 Alpha Epsilon Delta i Alpha Epsilon Delta, the Mississippi Beta Chapter of the international premedical honor society, encourages and recognizes superior scholastic achievement. Opportunities for de- veloping organizational leadership and initia- tive abound within a full program of commu- nity service and professional activities. Students preparing for careers in all health care fields, who fulfill both course and scho- lastic requirements may join this fellowship devoted to premedical education. Officers: Heather Vahle, President; Mark Lockhart, Vice President for Programs; Chad Saul, Vice President for Activities; Christopher Joseph Cadle, Treasurer; Amy Ev- ans, Secretary; Mark Crowe, Reporter; Melvln Seld, His- torian; Ms. Mary Ann Reed Bowen, Faculty Advisor. Photo by B.J. Mannix. Full Members: Tommy Alfano BlU Balrd Mark Barrett Joey Cadle Jamie Carter Kevin Cole Reld Cotton Mark Crowe Amy Evans Ken Floyd Woody Gamble Kent GarUn Steve Harrison Krlstl Heflin Chris Hester Keith Hill Barry Holcomb Chris Hughes Matt Johnson Donald Jones Joe Kelly Scott Layne Mark Lockhart Scott Manton Mark McRaney John Moore Klper Nelson Rob Nichols Lane Pitts Kim Pruett Bill Reno Erik Richardson Kevin Rowan George Salloum Chad Saul Louis Schruff Jr. Melvln Seid Todd Smith Tara Spears Steve Therrell Cindl Thompson Dennis Townsend Michelle Turner Susan Tutor Charlie Upton Heather Vahle Suzanne Venoskl Jay Wellons Paschal Wilson. Associate Members: Megan Alford Kim Bartusek William Bell Tracl Bennett Blair Blggers E.J. Blanchard Hank Blumenthal Charlie Brunson Bubba Burton Elizabeth Carson Jean Chambers Curt Childress Natalie Chu Wade Clayton Terri Cobb Lorle Cooke David Dunavant Patrick Eakes Victoria Glmmas Preston Glvens Perry Goodman James Griffith Daniel Habeeb Patrick Hale Douglas Harklns Thomas Horn Jr. Robert Ingraham Ken Ivey Dana Johnson Lisa Jones Jon Lucas Melissa Miller Tim MUlis William Morgan Janna Munn Alison Osborne Slyvla H. Patlno Jennifer Petering Chris Richardson Michelle Rigby Woody Sistrunk Michael Sliman Susan Stephens Christy Stewart Terry Stone Jason Swalm Chad Vega Dennis Watts Robby Williams Susan Young. 148 — Honors Alpha Lambda Delta I Members: Elizabeth Alexander Megan Alford Anne Anderson Chrlstropher B. Bennett Michael W. Blossom Kenneth R. Blount Thomas Paul Brabyn Stephanie Breaux Laurie Brocato Krlsten Brookshire Michael Broussard Holly Brzeczek Jennifer Buckner Phillip Buddenbohm John Cantrell Martha Carter Donnle Chambllss J. Kevin Chandler Pamela Chase HoUy Clark Anne Cockfleld Karen A. Cole Leslie Comer April Cox Patrick P. Dally Jaap DeBrulJn Dean Dedman Amy Dennis Jeffrey W. Dennis Rick DeZemplen Ashley L. Duncan WlUlam N. Feldt Kevin W. Ferguson Dudley E. Freeman Laurie A, Gafford Jason Gamer Stephanie Goggans Lane Golden William Gossett Jr. Brenda Gray Suzanne Gray Claudia Gurley Kurt Gutlensohn Daniel Habeeb William Hamilton Krlstl Hanor Scott W. Harney Lisa Harrell Kathryn Hays Stacy Hlte James Holmes Lu Lee Ho Mary Katherlne Hovlous Adeleme P, Huam Maylon Jackson Leslie James Jean Jennings Reglna Johnson Stephen Johnson Martha Jones Jennifer L. Kay Jennifer Kelly Krlstlne Ken- John KlUgore Krlstlne Koblla Cynthia Krleser Dan Latham Catherine Lester Allen Llgon III Jennifer Long Adrian Marcellus Mandy Lee Martin Shannon Martin Klmberly Mayo Paul Mazyck Bradley Miller Wendy Miller Jullanna M. Morals Mary Morgan Daniel McCall AUyson McCollum Kathleen MCraney Jennifer E. McDonald Leigh McKlsslck Leigh McKnIght Christopher McLaurln Richard McQueen Jr. James Nail Doug Noble William O ' Mara David On- Vandy PacettI David Parker Dameron Peaster Melissa Perry Tucker Person Karen Ptckell Paulette Plttman Elizabeth D. Ponder Allison Pope James Powell Rob Pulllam Edward RatUff IV Cynthia Ray Stacey Reaves Shannon Reed Wlmberly Reeves Karen Reld Thomas Rester Jr. Elizabeth Romlnes Alpha Lambda Delta is a national freshman honor society whose purpose is to encourage superior scholastic achievement among students In their first year in in- stitutions of higher education, to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, and to assist women and men In recognizing and developing mean- ingful goals for their roles In society. Founded originally as an honorary for freshmen women at the University of Illinois in 1924. Alpha Lambda Delta now has 211 chap- ters throughout the nation. Membership at the University of Mississippi Is open to freshmen who meet the minimum scholastic requirement. A student must attain a 3.5 grade point average after his or her first semester or combined average of first and second semesters. Once Initiated, the student becomes a lifetime member of Alpha Lambda Delta. Offices are held by members while they are soph- omores. Photo by Alan Sheffield. Officers: Lane Golden, President; Jason Garner. Vice Pres- ident; Stacey Reaves.Secretary; Brenda Gray.Treasurer; David Simcox, Historian Jeffrey Roux Mary Elizabeth Russ Taylor Archer Michael Bates Meghan Beard Allen Best Teresa Brady James Brown Catherine Cain Dennis Craven Daniel DeWeese Leigh Ann Fratesl Anthony Gaines John H. Harper Beverly Hayes Mark Hlldebrandt Judith Jones Ellen Kadlec Kim Kerst Gayle McCaa Melissa C. McCollum Sharea Mllner Tim D. Moore Mike Nabors Mee Seong Phang Barbara Rea Krlsta Shumpert Sandra Speckels David Stoltz Tina Stone Krlstl Thome John Travis Barry L. WIckton Brenda Provence Tiffany Sanchez Michael L. Sanders Suzanne Sanders John S. Scott Connie Seawrlght 111 David Seuzeneay Viren Shah William Sharp David Simcox Eugene Simmons Jr. Ruth Simon Emily Smith Nelson Smith Philip Smith WlUlam Spencer Jr. Martha Stansel Bryan L. Stephens Brad G, Stevens Jon Stone Lara St reel e Joseph Stroble Katy Sullivan Allison Swayze Phillip Lee Tew Lawrence Thames Jr. Steven Thornton John Turner Scott Verhlne Gerald Warren Alison Watts Alvln Webb Jr. Shaum Westergard Joseph C. Westmoreland Cliff Williams Susan Williams Ashley Willis Melissa Windham Jacqueline Wlnebrenner William Wiseman Mlndy Young. Honors — 149 Alpha Kappa Delta Alpha Kappa Delta is an international sociology honor society. This organization shall be a non-secret, democratic, international society of scholars dedicated to the ideal of Anthropon Katamanthanein Diakonesein or " to investigate humaninty for the purpose of service. " It shall be the purpose of this society to promote an interest in the study of sociology, research of social problems, and such other social and intellectual activities as will lead to improvement in the human condition. Photo by Pete Emerson. Graduate Members: Grant Dyer Mary Susan Rost Michelle Hodge Kevin McKay Chad Hammons Brett Bonner. Undergraduate Members: Meloney Darby Krista Hundley Tammy Briggs Patricia Melton. Advisor:Dr. Lisa Lake t 1 50 — Honors Beta Gamma Sigma is a national scholastic honor society in the field of business and administration. Beta Gamma Sigma chapters may be chartered only in those schools of business and accountancy accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business. The University of Mississippi chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma was chartered in 1944. To be eligible for Beta Gamma Sigma membership, students must rank in the top five percent of the Junior class, the top ten percent of the senior class, or in the top twenty percent of those students receiving master ' s degress. Students who have completed all requirements for the doctoral degree conferred by a school of business or accountancy are also eligible for membership in Beta Gamma Sigma. The purposes of Beta Gamma Sigma are to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment among students of business administration, to promote the advancement of education in the art and science of business, and to foster integrity in the conduct of business operations. Photo by B.J. Mannix. Members: George E. Abdo Angela Boutwell Christine Brewer Melissa Bruce David J. Bryson John B. Caldwell Allison D. Chrestman Gervaise B. Chuah Lisa G. Comeaux Heather Cook Susan L. Edgar Donald E. Eicher Chip Freeman Heather L. Heriard Jason W. Johns Patrice W. Johnson John Kinsey John P. Lacour Susan L. McCrocklin John P. Mullen Mark C. Odom Valerie S. Phillips Mark T. Pierce Dennis M. Sanders Jacques Saint-Fleurauit Carrie J. Shull Siok T. Tan Sherry Wallace Stephen M. Weaver Kenneth A. Weeden. 1 Honors — 151 Gamma Beta Phi The Gamma Beta Phi So- ciety is a national honor- ary which recognizes ex- cellence in scholarship while stressing the impor- tance of service and the development of character. Members actively support local charities and assist efforts to further educa- tion. The Ole Miss chapter of Gamma Beta Phi was the twelfth to receive a charter in the United States and Is currently enjoying its twenty-stxth year of activity on the University of Mississippi campus. Offlcers:PaschaI Wil- son, President: Jason Greer, Vice President; Tommy Hayden, Treas- urer; Amy Lowe, Secre- tary; Patricia Sterling, Points Secretary. i L filjjilm Dtnnls Alan Wilson Abel Elizabeth Moody Alexander Philip Michael Amatin Anne Harper Anderson Caroline A. Barton Kristen K. Behm Joseph Blanchard IV Michael W. Blossom Kenneth Ralph Blount James H. Blolln Michael Anthony Broussard Joel B. Brown Rebecca J. Brown Stephen C. Brown Jcmies Kelby Bumham Kenneth Bradley Bush II Melisse Lynn Campbell John Aaron Cantrell III Jay W. Carter Susan Elaine Commer Thomas W. Cook III Kelly M. Corpstein Katherlne Coulon April Cox Michael Richard Crane Phillip Norfleet Crockett James Joseph Crongeyer. Jr. Cristln Cruthlrds Kelli Ann Daniels John Wesley DaughdrtU, Jr. Debra Jean Davidson Clinton Perry Davis Kelly Sayle Davis Mary Margaret Davis Danielle Denise Day Jennifer Gene DeCann Dean Powell Dedmon Amy Eilene Dennis Jeffrey Walter Dennis Rick DeZemplen Gunpreet Dhindsa William L. Donovan David Dunavane III Ashley Lynn Duncan Kristle L. Duncan William R. Edmonson Michael L. Edwards Donald E. Elcher III Melissa Marie Ellis Randi Ellis William Brian Eoff Tara Webster Felts Thomas Charles Ferguson Ralph Alfonso Ferro, Jr. William Kenneth Floyd Laura Foster Glinda Kay Fountain Anne Amick Fowlkes William Lamar Freeman III Mori Lynn Freeze Laurie A. Gafford Lee F. Galloway Angela Gandy Walter Jackson Gamer Kent Gartin Gloria Jean Gates William Bobby Gill HI Victoria J. Glmma Melissa Carol Goff Lane Davis Golden Perry Jay Goodman Brenda Lynn Gray David Greer Thomas E. Griffith Elizabeth Grinalds Kimberly Grace Guy Daniel Mark Habeeb Hassan Hachem Paula Lynn Hamblln Gerald W. Hamel Kristl Ann Hanor William Lee Harder Douglas DeFrance Harkins Scott E. Harney Lisa Diane Harrell Sylvia Suke Harrelson Michael Harrington Cara Alane Harris Joy Harris Amy Harrison Kathryn Hays Eva Chantelle Head Jean Henderson Heather Heriard Caroline Hiatt Wade Hladky Holly Hobbs Melanle J. Hodges Russell Holmes Karen Honeycutt David Hospodor Mary Katherine Hovlous Adelene P. Huam Joseph Hubacek Virginia Hubbard Jennifer Hufford Lain Hughes Christopher Hughs Brian Hull Reglna Hummel Stacey Raquel Hurst Mary Jackson Penny D. Jackson Cynthia Jaggers Jodi Jefcoat Mathew B. Johnson Pamela Hare Johnson Reglna R. Johnson Angela Joiner Donald Jones Lisa Jones Martha Jones Jacqueline Jordan Kate KeUum Kristlne Michele Ken- John Kilgore Laura Kay King Harold Arnold Koons John Phillip LaCour Deana Lai I Kenneth Landreth Christina Lane Jody Lane Amy Leigh Lann Roxanne Larsen Samuel Rogers Leeper Catherine Lester Thomas Allen Ligon III Derick Lipert Victoria Lipplncott Sharon A. Lipsey Jeggrey Lohrmann Amy Lowe Jennifer Lulgs Francis Ma Edward L. Maler III Charles Malouf Jane Mapp Adrian Marcellus Larry Martin Mandy Martin Shannon Martin Mary Mauney Bradley McAdory Daniel McCall Alexandra McClard Allyson McCollum Susie McCrocklin Andrew McDlll Edwin McDonald Jennifer McDonald Daniel McEwan Rebecca McGee Shawn Mcintosh Leigh McK night Christopher McLaurin Evans McLeod Joe McNeese William McQueen Jr. Mark McRaney Glenn Meek Michelle Mellenger Angela Mlbvum Bradley Miller Vicky Miller Wendy Elizabeth Miller Tlmmie Miller Neesa Rae Neal Douglas Cole Noble Kimberiy North Stephen Oubre Vandy L. Pacettl Elizabeth Walton Page Helen T. Palczynski Mark Paterson Kevin Patterson Elizabeth Peaster Melissa Lyn Perry Ann Tucker Person Karen Lynn Plckell Lane J. Pitts Ward PuUiam Lisa ANn Ratcliff Andrew Newton Raybum Russell M. Reed Shannan E. Reed Renee Claire Rester Sean Matthews Roberts Donald Rockey. Jr. Allsa Gale RoUson Karen Rolling Elizabeth Romines Robin C. Roper Allison Love Sample Tiffany Leigh Sanchez Michael L. Sanders Paul A. Schoenly Vlren A Shah Lara Kirsten Shaw Kimberiy G. Sheffield Carrie Jo Shull Sim Chee-Keat Tracey L. Slsson Philip Carey Smith Arah Dawn Sneed Anna Wilson Speck Martha Gilbert Stansel Sharlene Ann Story Holly Strange Jennifer Anne Sundberg Allison Holmes Swayze Audrey Tafllnger James Taylor III Oscar Thomas Kristl Thome Dena Tomhn Kwee Chiu-Chiand Tsang John Turner Marlln L. Upshaw Katherine Eileen Vicars Alison Paige Watts Laurie Watts Susan Welch Yolanda D. Wesley Brigette D. West Joseph C. Westmoreland Caroline Wllboume Mona Lee Wilkerson Angle Marie Williams Christopher Williams Cliff Williams Mary Allison Williams Robin Dale Williams Victoria Williams Raymond WiUoughby Angela Wilson Keith DeWayne Wilson William Travis Wiseman } 152 — Honors Psi Chi OfflceTa:I«att]iew Cnun. Gina Bammel. Kate KeUom. Rebecca TerreU. Members:Charllc Aaron. Beth Altazan. Collin BlUlngsley, Chana Brown, andy Coldltz, Mel Darby. Kelly Davis. Keith Dooley. Joy Downer. Laura Durrett. Linda Hamblln. Susan Harris. Becky Milliard. Jennifer Hugglns. Richard lannelll. Renee Johnson. Marilyn Jones. Missy Lavender. Jim Long. Becky MoUtor. Vincent Nix. Becky Peklch. Angle Reddltt. Tonl Rushing. Jill Sartor, susan Sharp. Pamela Simmons. Dawn Sneed. Tom Speed. John Stanford. Rosanne Stewart. Sarah Stewart, Laura Sullivan, Dennis Townsend. Anne Tralnor. Leigh Rrlche. Susan Tutor. Ashley Watklns. Jay Webb. Susan Voung. Alison Wood, Psl Chi, the national honor society In psychology, was founded In 1929 for the purposes of encouraging, stimulat- ing, and maintaining excellence In scholarship and advancing the science of psychology. Membership Is open to graduate and undergraduate men and women who are making the study of psychology one of their major Interests and who meet the minimum qualifica- tions. Psl Chi Is an affiliate of the Amer- clan Psychological Association and a member of the Association of College Honor Societies. Photo by Pete Emerson. Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta PI, a nati onal engineering honor society, was founded In 1885 to recognize students of superior scholarship and outstanding char- acter in all fields of engineering. Since the establishment of the first chapter at Lehigh University. Tau Beta PI has grown to 196 chapters located throughout the country. The Mississippi Beta Chapter was found- ed In 1969 and is one of two chapters in Mississippi. Membership is by in- vitation only. A senior must be in the top fifth of his class and a junior must be in the top eighth. A can- didate must show exemplary char- acter, personal integrity, breadth of Interest both Inside and outside en- gineering, adaptability and unselfish activity. Photo by Alan Sheffield. Ofncera:Stephen Richardson, President; Dorothy Coleman. Vice President: Stacey Wescoat. Secretary. AdvlsoriDamon Wall. Mem bers:Heather Gaines. Jennifer DeCann. Ruchlra Llyanage. Ek Stew Huat. Khor KhIngTeck. Beverly Stewart. Preston Knight. Kee Huat Lua. Kwee Tsang Chlu-Chtng. Kla Swel Tan. Petros Chrlston. Mark Paterson. Boon Yaw Heng. William White. Ming-Han Chal. Michael L. Edwards. Sajld Awan. Richard H. Kltaka, Chuck Plaxlco. Tommy Alderman. Honors — 153 M Administration A Legacy of Instruction It is often those who help us find our direction in life, whom we will continue to praise for the rest of our years. This is the case with the hundreds of faculty members that make up the administration at Ole Miss. As instruc- tors they help guide students through their years at the University, counseling students about their majors and talking to them about the rigors of classes and the demands of col- lege life. Many students will be able to look back at a certain class they enjoyed more than the others and allow an instructor to take all the credit for that. Editor Amy Shakespeare 1 Governor Ray Mabus t The year 1990, was a very Important year for Mississippi Governor Ray Mabus. For the first time this 41 year-old became a father. He and his wife Julie became parents with the birth of Elisabeth Hamilton Mabus on July 15. The year also brought disappointments as Mabus watched his major education reform plan, Better Education for Success Tomorrow (BEST), shot down. De- spite the failed attempts to revive the BEST bill, Mabus will still emerge and be remembered for years to come as one Governor who really fought for the strides of education. Fortune Magazine named Mabus as one of this year ' s Top Ten Education Governors in America. After three years in office, Mabus has been instrumental in the state gov- ernment reorganization plan, which he begun in 1989. This plan seeks to make the county and state government processes run more efficiently. He has also signed Into law the largest single expansion of health care and Medicaid funding in Mississippi history. During his first year in office, Mabus took on and accomplished the challenge of raising teachers ' salaries to the Southeast av- erage. A 1 969, graduate of Ole Miss and a native of Ackerman, Mabus was a Woodrow Wilson fellow at John Hopkins University, receiving a Masters in government. In 1976, Mabus graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School. ▲ 1 Carole M. Smith A 2 Rogello V. Soils A Rogello Soils A 4 Carole M. Smith 1 . Governor Ray Mabus standing in front of an Ole Miss symbol delivers one of his many speeches. 2. Gov. Mabus chats with Delon Dillon, who is hard at work at Calvert Company in Richland. 3. Gov. and Julie Mabus with Elisabeth. 4. Gov. Mabus puts Mississippi on the map with students from New Hope Elementaiy school. 156 — Administration Board of Trustees The Mississippi Board of Trustees of the In- stitutions of Higher Learning was established to remove political interference from the admin- istration of statewide higher education. The members are appointed by the Governor to twelve-year staggered terms, thus preventing any one group of political appointees from gain- ing control of the board. Mississippi has eight state universities — Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Southern, Jackson State, Alcorn, Mississippi Valley, Delta State and Mississppi University for Women. With increases in both the student and the faculty enrollment, the Board of Trustees cannot do everything for everyone in higher learning. Therefore, the Board has established leadership roles for areas In which the state institutions concentrate. Ole Miss currently has leadership roles in so- cial sciences. Journalism, law, foreign languages, pharmacy, community and regional planning, math, art, public affairs, letters, and physical science. The function of the Board is to make decisions that will improve the institutions of higher learn- ing. Despite the budgetary problems of the state, the Board has proved vital to the future of the state ' s higher education and the future of the state of Mississippi. Members of the Board: Back row, from left, Dr. Cass Pennington, Mr. James W. Luvene (sitting), Mr. Sidney L. Rushing, Mr. J. Marlln Ivey, Dr. Joe A. Haynes. Vice-President; Mr. Frank O. Crosthwalt Jr.. Ms. Diane M. Miller, Mr. Bryce Griffis. Front row, from left, Ms. Nan Baker, Dr. W. Ray Cleere, Commissioner; Mr. William M. Jones, Mr. Will Hickman, President; and Ms Dlanne P. Walton. Administration — 157 Chancellor R. Gerald Turner Since Chancellor Turner took over the helm at Ole Miss in 1984, he has continued with his vision of promoting academic excellence, not only at Ole Miss but at all in- stitutions of higher learning in the state. As the 22nd Chancellor of the University of Mississippi, Turner has traveled throughout the state promoting his message and sharing the value of strong universities with legislators, business executives, civic club members and alumni sup- port. He and his wife, Gail have traveled not only ex- tensively throughout he state, but throughout the nation as well, promoting Ole Miss and Mississippi. In the last six years, under the leadership of Dr. Turner, Ole Miss ' s endowment has grown from $8 million to $38 million. Major projects for the campus have included the National Center for Physical Acoustics and the federally funded Natural Products Center, which was recently fund- ed and will be exclusive to Ole Miss. Dr. Turner has also been instrumental in helping to provide the most up-to-date technological advance for use by the students. In 1990, he oversaw the expansion of computer technology in the Ole Miss library and is working with other officials to bring telephone registration to cam- pus. Turner and others are also watching as a new and expansive student health center takes shape. Through his committment to the University, Turner is helping to lead Ole Miss into a coveted spot in the next century. i 1 . Chancellor Turner speaks to a group of administrators. 2. The family of Gerald Turner, wife Gail, and their two daughter, Angela Jan and Jessica Diane. 1 58 — Administration 1. Back In the classroom — Dr. Turner once a teacher himself, talks to a group of Ole Miss stu- dents. 2. Turner addresses the media outside his home after a meeting with state politicians. 3. Tur- ner chats with one UPD officer on the sidelines during a football game. 4. Dr. Turner shares ideas with Dr. Terrill Tisdale, Pres. of Jones County Jr. College and Dr. McKlnley Martin. Pres. Coahoma Jr. College. Administration — 159 Vice — Chancellors Gordon Beasley Student Affairs Don Fruge University Affairs Ray Hoops Academic Affairs Doyle Russell Administrative Affairs J. Leslie Wyatt Executive Affairs 160 — Administration Teacher of the Year Dr. David G. Sanslng, a 20-year teaching veteran In the Department of History, was named the University of Mississippi ' s Outstanding Teacher of the Year during Honors Day ceremonies held In April of 1990. Sanslng earned a $2,000 check and a plaque for being named the Outstanding Teacher. His name will be Included on a separate plaque, which hangs In the Chancellor ' s office, listing the award ' s previous recipients. He joined the Ole Miss faculty In 1970, as an assistant professor of history and advanced through the ranks to become a professor of history, the position he now holds. Dr. Robert Haws, history chairman, describes him as " one of the most effective teachers we have. He has the personality to develop a strong rapport with students. This talent greatly enhances the learning ability of his students. " The Greenville native earned a bachelor ' s and master ' s degree from Mississippi College. In 1969, he received his doctoral degree In history from the University of Southern Mississippi. He has published extensively and presented numerous papers and lectures. His textbook, " Mississippi History Through Four Centuries, " co-authored with Ray Skates, Is used as the Mississippi history textbook In nearly 90 percent of the state ' s public schools. He Is the author of a number of other books examining the history of Mississippi, Including, " Making Haste Slowly: The Troubled History of Higher Education in Mississippi, " published In November of 1989, by the University Press of Mississippi. He Is currently at work on a companion volume, " Readin, ' Rlting, Race and ' Rlthmetic: A History of Public Schooling in Mississippi. " Sanslng and his family have been devout Ole Miss supporters since coming to the University. " One of my proudest accomplishments since coming here is having all three of my children graduate from Ole Miss, " he said. " That really means a lot to me. " Sanslng is a past president of the Mississippi Historical Society and has also served as book review editor of the Journal of Mississippi History. li Dr. David G. Sanslng, professor of history, dis- plays the plaque he received as Outstanding Teacher of the Year at the University of Mis- sissippi. Chancellor Turner looks on In the background after presenting the award to Sanslng. Administration — 161 The Ole Miss School of Accountancy has a unique organizational arrangement among accountancy programs in the U.S.. While most accountancy programs are departments within a business school, at Ole Miss the School is a completely separate unit and is celebrating the twelfth anniversary of Its establishment. A five-year program, the School awards the Bachelor of Accountancy after four years and the Masters after the fifth year. A doctoral program is also available. The School is fully accredited at both the Bachelors and Masters levels. Students completing the program are well prepared for prestigious Jobs with CPA firms and in industry, government and education, and for the professional certification examinations. Ole Miss accountancy students are highly respected for their leadership in academic honoraries, student government and organizations, and other areas of campus life. Associate Dean James Davis 1 Dean Tonya Kay Fleshier 1 62 — Administration Administration — 163 Business As the complexity of the business world has grown, so has the demand for people educated to understand and cope with this problem. The School of Business Administration strives to prepare Its graduates to enter today ' s world of business ready to tackle responsibilities at the administrative level whether they may be in private business or at a similar level in the public or non-profit sector. The home away from home for most business school majors is Conner Hall, which they share with the Accountancy majors. The Business School offices are also housed in Conner. i I Associate Dean Dr. Randy Boxx Assistant Dean Dr. Cal E. Kellogg Management and Marketing Dr. Joe PaoUllo Economics and Finance Dr. Keith Womer i 164 — Administration Administration — 165 Education The School of Education is dedicated to the preparation of students for effective leadership and service in school, home, and community. A degree in education prepares a student for jobs in many areas. For example, public schools are hiring education graduates as teachers, supervisors, coordinators, administrators, and guidance counselors. A degree in education also carries with it the responsibility of helping guide young citizens in our society. Associate Dean Jimmy R. Chambless Assistant Deans Kenneth R. Bender Peggy Emerson Charles M. Chase Curriculum and Instruction Carolyn Baggett Healtli, Physical Education and Recreation Don L. Cheek Educational Administration Counseling — Educational Psychology David Cox Dean James Payne 166 — Administration Administration — 167 Engineering The University of Mississippi School of Engineering had its beginning in 1854 when the first Chancellor, Frederick A. P. Barnard, was appointed Professor of Mathmatics, Natural Philosophy, and Civil Engineering. Thus, the Ole Miss Engineering School is the oldest such school in the state of Mississippi and this region of the South. Over the past 137 years it has had many outstanding faculty and students and has produced many outstanding alumni who have become leaders in the state and the nation. Associate Deans Charles Smith James Vaughan Assistant Dean Damon Wall Geology — Geological Engineering George D. Brunton Chemical Engineering Russell Aven (acting) Civil Engineering Robert M. Hackett Computer — Information Science Robert F. Roggio Mechanical Engineering Jeffery A. Roux Electrical Engineering Charles E. Smith Dean AHie Smith 168 — Administration 1 1 Administration — 1 69 The Graduate School at the University of Mississippi was founded in 1927 and offers graduate degrees (Designated Masters, Masters, Specialist, Doctoral) in more than fifty academic areas. Courses at the graduate level were actually first offered at the University of Mississippi in 1870. However, a definite program of graduate study with a minimum residence requirement of one academic year was first used in 1890. The Graduate School was formally organized in 1927 to coordinate and administer graduate study and research. The Graduate School is located in room 126 of the biology building. Associate Dean Dr. Leland S. Fox Assistant Dean Mr. James C. Brown V- • I • 1 • t , I • • . • I « • ( • I ' • a t « « ft ft « lot ' ft • ' . « ' • • • 170 — Administration I Administration — 171 1 Law The University of Mississippi School of Law. established in 1 854. is the fourth oldest state-supported law school In the United States. Fully approved by the national a ccrediting agencies, the School of Law is a member of the Association of American Law Schools, and is listed as an approved school by the American Bar Association. The new law school building is one of the best designed and equipped law teaching facilities in the country. Twenty-four fuUtime teachers comprise the law faculty and total student enrollment approximates 500 each year. Functionally designed as a model law teaching facility, the building includes six classrooms, three seminar rooms and seating for 465 students in the library reading room and carrels. A unique feature is the Moot Court Area, containing two fully equipped courtrooms, two witness rooms, Jury room. Judges ' chambers, and a videotape viewing room. i. Associate Dean Dr. Thomas Mason Assistant Dean Dr. W. Oliphant Dean David E. Shipley 172 — Administration Administration — 173 Liberal Arts The College of Liberal Arts, the oldest and largest division of the university, offers broad and comprehensive courses of study in the arts, humanities and the physical, social and behavioral sciences. Students may take degrees in some thirty-five programs and lay the foundation required for graduate study and for specialized training in law, medicine, theology and other professional fields. Associate Dean Glenn Hopkins Assistant Dean lola McClurkin Dean H. Dale Abadie 174 — Administration 1 Administration — 175 Pharmacy The School of Pharmacy, located in Faser Hall on University Avenue, was founded in 1908 and offers its students a Bachelor of Science of Pharmacy. The School of Pharmacy offers a curriculum providing a broad foundation in pharmacy and the related fields of health care administration, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceeutlcs, pharmacog- nosy and pharmacology. Graduates gain academic foundation and adequate professional experience to enable a graduate to successfully practice pharmacy in any of its various forms. Associate Dean Joe B. McCaskill Assistant Dean Jack P. Adams Dean Kenneth B. Roberts 176 — Administration Administration — 177 Administrators I Warner Alford Intercollegiate Athlectics Marie Antoon Communications Director Danny Benjamin Auditing Marion Boenheim Affirmative Action I ■1 Ulmer Bullock Food Services Bela Chain Personnel Charles Clark Court Educations 178 — Administration Judy Cooper Orientation Director S. Gale Denley Student Media Director Margaret Dewey Publications Robert W. Dowdy Comptroller Mike Edmonds Student Programming Joseph D. Elmore Student Union Director George Everett Honors Program rlM Administration — 179 William Ferris Southern Culture Director Paul Hale Physical Plant ( Monroe Harrison Student Housing Joanne Hawks Women ' s Studies Thomas G. Hood Financial Aid Beckett Howorth Admissions Jean Jones Student Development 180 — Administration Administrators Leone King Asst. to Chancellor I A William Kingery Recreational Services Dr. Eugene Lee Student Health Service Roger K. Lyles Bureaus Admissions ones ;nt inient Jean A. Major Libraries Edwin Meek Public Relations James O. Nichols University Planning Administration — 181 Administrators ■ H9 Hit IB i " T r 1 ■-» MJ H 0« J • i ■T— ,-7 i urn • " t 1 V| 3390 P Kb M 7i l p m m Jf wSt, ff f ' " ' ■ ' ■ ' ' ■ ' B r ■ i Ernest Oliver Sparky Reardon Bookstore Director Ass. Dean of Students Thomas Rieland Communications and Resources Sans Russell Bursar II Jimmy Shankle Computing and Information Nolan Shepard International Programs Mike Stewart UPD Police Chief 182 — Administration Judy Trott Dean of Students Lucy Turnbull Museums Director Thomas Wallace Asst. Vice-Chancellor Student Affairs Gerald Walton Academic Affairs Jerry L. Westbrook Assoc. Vice-Chancellor Student Affairs Kenneth Wooten Registrar Florlan Yoste University Development 0 Administration — 183 Greeks A Legacy of Revelry For many decades the fraternal organizations at Ole Miss have been part of the heritage associated with the Univerisity. Ole Miss is known for these groups whose combined memberships number into the thousands. It is a fair assessment to say of Ole Miss that you don ' t have to look very far to meet someone who is Greek; but the capacity in which you meet that person may now surprise you. Greeks have long been known to support a good time, and they still do that, but they will also support a good cause, each other and the University. To find someone who is Greek is not difficult; to understand what that person and their organization is all about takes looking way beyond the letters and the name. Editors Michael Huffines Amy Solomon Assistant Editor Katherine Boone IFC • Panhellenic • IFC • Panhellenic • IFC • Panhellenic • IPC • Panhellenic • IPC • Greeks take strides to improve age-old system During 1990, the Greek system at Ole Miss underwent another round of discussions concerning the abuses of rush rules and the Involvement of alcohol at Greek func- tions. IFC president Jim Abbott and Panhellenic president Shelly McNeer set up an open forum for presidents and fraternity and sorority members to speak out all through- out the year. Coming before these two groups during 1 990 were concerns over the Involvement of alcohol at mixers, rush parties and summer rush week-ends. Abbott and other IFC officers, along with the entire IFC group, voted to outlaw fraternities from spending chapter money for al- cohol during fall and spring rush weekends. Previously groups had been providing " rushee beer " to prospective members during rush functions. Abbott said cutting back on the use of alcohol during rush functions was a main goal of IFC during his term. " We wanted the groups to cut down on having alcohol available, not only at rush parties but also at campus mixers, " Abbott said. " We received a great deal of co- operation from all the groups. " In addition to curbing alcohol abuses, IFC and Pan- hellenic worked together as discussions concerning second semester rush were held. Currently the big rush period at Ole Miss is In the fall, with more than 1,000 young men and women participating. Spring rush is held during the second term, with only about 20 people participating. Ab- bott said over the years it has been evaluated as to whether or not moving the big rush period to second semester would better serve prospective Greek pledges. " Moving rush to the spring has been considered for a long time, " Abbott said. " It would give the people par- ticipating a better chance to get to know the Greek groups. After discussion we all felt that for our situation it is best to leave rush as it is now. " Abbott did say however, that the Chancellor, along with other standing committees, made the decision to have rushees come to school a week before rush begins, starting with this year ' s rush period. He said that requiring the rushees to come to school a few days prior to rush would allow them to be better prepared for actual rush. " This way they won ' t be just jumping right into rush immediately when they get to school, " Abbott said. Overall, Abbott said he was pleased with the strides that IFC and Panhellenic made this year to improve the quality of the Greek system. " We wanted to work hard to keep relations between the Greeks on a positive note and we were really able to do that this year, " he said. irC member : Leo Emerson. Gene Bradford. David MIddleton. Tommy Borgojonl. Doug Harklns. Sam Shellabarger, Adrian Rounds. Waller Williams. Jed Dowdy. Brad Norton. Bubba Thomas, David Martlneau, Keith Hood, Seldon VanCleve, Brian Kelly. Willie Isom, John Henry Smith, John Halllday. BUI Reno, John Baxter, Xavler Hosklns, Derrick Wadley, Wallace Norwood, Melvin A Burgess, Jesse Dorrls, Ronaldo GIvens, John Moore, Tad McCraney, Kevin Bourne, Jim Abbott, Justin Flaherty. Roger Williams, Bryan Hallum, Rich Weber. Bart Hyer, Kevin Patterson, Harry Cotros, Scott Prewitt, David Watts. Tim Howell, Wren Green, J.L, Wilson, Charlie Upton, Ran Ray, Van Miller, Monty Montgomery, John Harper, E.J. Blanchard, David Gibbons, Russell Wilson, Dean Dedmon, Lawton Barnes, Jay Malbrough. Fred Schaffer, Joeeph Reld, Tripp Dyer. Xavler Hosklns, Ben Roberson, Bill Stewart ( 186 — Greeks IFC Panhellenic Officers hK m k- j IFC officers: Standing (from 1.) Fred Schaffer, Corres. Sec; Ben Roberson, VP of Judicial; Jim Abbott, President; Tripp Dyer, Treasurer; and Joseph Reld. Rec. Sec. Kneeling (from 1.) Xavier Hoskins, VP of NPHC and Bill Stewart, VP of Rush. Panhellenic Officers: Back row (from 1.) Mandl Norton, Secretary; Eulanda Willis, VP of NPHC; Ashley Thompson, Treasurer. Kneeling, Shelly McNeer, President and Marci Matthews, Vice-President. fchellenlc: .VA II Krts Flecker. Stacey Mlchals, Nessa Neal: A II Lynn Barrett. Anna Speck, Kristen Baker: AKA Lisa Bennett. Angenette Smith. Angela Sanford; X t! Amy UdouJ. Allison Sample. Leslie is: AAAMellssa Bruce. Kim Riser. Allison Wllklns: AP Amanda Bobb. Alleen McLaln: ASeKatnna Howard. Monica Thomas. Angela Wilson: KASJennlfer Cadle. Lara Shaw. Catherine Setts; KAJeana errel. Erin Earhart. Laura Foster: KKTKeUy Dumas. Amanda BIgham. Andra McClard: M Jill Jordan. Ashley Thompson; II B Kara Rawls. Mlna Overton: Z B Vanessa Morgan, Barbara Howard. Greeks 187 Greek Games • Greek Games • Greek Games • Greek Games • Greek Games • Greek Games • Games The 1990 Greek Week, hosted by the Inter-Fraternity Council and the Panhellenic Council, was held March 26-30 and concluded with Greek Games on Friday. The games, traditionally held at Village Field, had to be moved inside Turner Complex due to rain. Fraternities and sororities competed in games like tug-of-war, bat spin, and a president ' s race, which were sponsored by Budweiser. Activities during the week included bed races and scotter races on Fraternity Row, as well as a leadership banquet addressed by Clyda Rent, president of Mississippi University for Women. Inter-Fratemity Council President Jim Abbott said the purpose of Greek Week is " to raise money and to instill a little friendly competition between greeks- all for a worthy cause. " $10,500 was raised by students and donated to the Lafayette County Cancer Society in memory of the late Ole Miss Chancellor Porter L. Fortune Jr., a former chair of the local cancer society, by Amy Solomon Overall Winners of Greek Week Overall Fraternity Kappa Alpha Overall Sorority Pi Beta Phi 1 . Alyson Barton of Kappa Alpha Theta prepares for the bat spin. 2. Jennifer Long and Sharra Yarbourgh help Trl-Delt sister Piper Chapman prepare for the potato sack race. A2 14A 188 — Greeks i Greek Games • Greek Games • Greek Games • Greek Games • Greek Games • Greek Games • Greek • 1 . Bubba Quinn leads his fraternity In the Centipede Race. 2. Kappa ' s Michelle Youngblood and Romney Ramsey take time out from the greek games. 3. Whitney Grlzzard shows us what she ' s made of in the tug-of-war competition. 4. Phi Tau team members give It all they ' ve got In the centipede race. A2 A 4 All photos by August Laurent Greeks — 189 Sigma Chi • Derby Day • Sigma Chi • Derby Day • Sigma Chi • Derby Day • Sigma Chi • Derby • ▲ 3 1 . Erin, Blair, Gayle, Melissa, Missy and Shannon show their Chl-O spirit at Derby Day. 2. Hee-Haw! Coaches for Chi Omega. Tommy, Tim, Braddock, and Alan are definitely In Sigma Chi country. 3. KD ' s Mellta Turner, Julie Lord have " Sigma Chi Fever " . 4. PI Phi ' s have " got the blues " at Derby Day. 190 — Greeks Sigma Chi • Derby Day • Sigma Chi • Derby Day • Sigma Chi • Derby Day • Sigma Chi • Derby The 27th annual Sigma Chi Derby Day raised $14,000 for the National Kidney Foundation. On Saturday, April 7th. sororities gathered at Village Field to compete against each other In field games, dance and Derby Day Queen events. At the beginning of the week, a derby was hidden on campus and clues were left at the Sigma Chi house each morning. This year the AOPl ' s found the derby which was hidden behind the alunml house. Other activities during the week Included a fund-raiser at Oxford Alley, the derby day dash, and bands at the Sigma Chi house. Derby Day Chairman Jay Weir felt the event was very sucessful. " The level of enthusiasm of the sororities and Sigma Chi were the best I ' ve seen Im my four years at Ole Miss. The months spent planning before Derby Day involved a lot of people. We got a lot of fresh ideas from the girls. It really was a joint venture - no one person was calling all the shots. " by Amy Solomon Overall winners First Place Second Place Third Place Dance Competition Banner Competition T-shirt Competition Derby Day Queen Delta Gamma PhiMu Chi Omega Delta Gamma Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Delta Delta Rhonda Jones, Kappa 1 . Members of ADPl take a break on the sidelines. 2. Tri-Delt Derby Day pledge Hugh Edwards gets framed by Kelly Shoemake and Kelley Rogers. Greeks 191 Anchor Splash • Delta Gamma • Anchor Splash • Delta Gamma • Anchor Splash • Delta Gamma This year marked the fifth year for the Alpha Psi chapter of the Delta Gamma sorority to host Anchor Splash. Located at the university ' s outdoor pool, 14 fraternities competed for various events such as the swimming relay, synchronized swimming, and Mr. Anchor Splash. Each fraternity is coached by members of the Delta Gamma sorority. Jennifer Pace, the Alpha Tau Omega coach for the events, said, " I thought the turnout this year was stronger than ever. 1 think that Anchor Splash is a p)OSitive way for sororities and fraternities to have fun, yet at the same time be an attribute to a good cause. " The cause, or philanthropy of Anchor Splash is to benefit the Sight Conservation and Aid to the Blind, in which Delta Gamma raised over $3000.00. Elizabeth Jones, head of the event said " This year went really well and even more money was raised than last year. However, sometimes things got out of our hands. Thus, we will probably be making some changes for the better. ' ' Last year two fraternities were disqualified because they showed a little too much of themselves. None the less, history repeated itself during this year ' s festivities. Most Beautiful Eyes Mr. Anchor Splash Overall Winners 1st place 2nd place 3rd place Lori Sneed, Pi Beta Phi Shawn O ' Bannan, Kappa Sigma Alpha Tau Omega Sigma Phi Epsilon Pi Kappa Alpha 1. Delta Psi candidate for Mr. Anchor Splash struts his stuff. 2. Look out! Phi Kappa Psi member, John Harris goes airborne during their synchronized swimming routine. 192 — Greeks J Anchor Splash • Delta Gamma • Anchor Splash • Delta Gamma • Anchor Splash • Delta Gamma • A2 A3 1 . Sigma Phi Epsilon members play ring- around-the-rosies. 2. Scott Kafka of PI Kappa Alpha gets a little help from his DG coaches getting onto the board to compete for Mr. Anchor Splash. 3. Kappa Slg ' s are wet-n- wlld at Anchor Splash. 4. Delta Gamma coaches take a break from the games for a picture. Greeks — 193 Rush • Bid Day • Rush • Bid Day • Rush • Bid Day • Rush • Bid Day • Rush • Bid Day • Rush • Bid Day • It was ninety degrees In Oxford, yet numbers of freshmen, armed In their floral dresses and duck heads, nervously awaited to meet those who may be their newly found brothers or sisters. Inside, active members read out the next rush group to listen for any familiar names. With 671 sweaty palmed rushees, rush on the Ole Miss campus had begun. Rush, although hectic, provided a way for students to become oriented with the various Greek organizations. It also gave new students a chance to make friends and to get a taste of being In the social spotlight of college life. Seniors Lacey Scott and Elizabeth Taylor met in their rush group their freshman year: and even though both pledged different sororities, they have still grown to be special friends. " Being in a sorority doesn ' t mean you can ' t have friends in different organizations, " Scott said. " It just means that you have a place you can always go, where people accept you for who you are. Being greek has given me many opportunities to meet all kinds of different people. " Here at Ole Miss, rush is a time where the shy have no room. Rushees must be prepared for the ultimate social inquisition. At each house the same familiar lines will be asked by every active. " What ' s your major? " , " Where are you from? " , and the everpopular " So what made you decide to come to Ole Miss? " . Rushees get the hang of things about the third day, which is the night of skit parties for sororities and re-date for fraternities. At skit parties, actives In the sororities plan a song and dance routine. For instance, this year members of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority performed a take-off of the hit broadway musical " Cats " , in which they substituted the musical dialogue with dialogue about their sorority. After each night rushees go back to their dorm rooms, debating who they liked best, and who they pray to get asked back to. However, to greek actives, the night is still young. Each night actives must be present to go through each party roU list, sometimes debating hours on end on who to keep and who to cut. Finally, the time comes when each rushee must make the final choice of which fraternity sorority to pledge. To some it is a tough decision and to others they have no doubts about it. In the end, bid day comes and each rushee makes the choice which is best for them, by Michael Huffines 1 . Michael Erhardt, Blake Greenhaw, and Scott Matlock congratulate new pledge Scott Davis on bid day at Grenada Lake. 2. Kappa ' s Jan Busby, Mellsse Campbell, and Allison Clancey get prepared for a late night bid session. 3. LeAnn VanSlyke, Christy Rlsher, and Ginger Crocker are all smiles on Kappa Delta bid day. 194 — Greeks I Rush • Bid Day • Rush • Bid Day • Rush • Bid Day • Rush • Bid Day • Rush • Bid Day • Rush • Bid Day • I » fci B ■ J 1. Pikes enjoy bid day at Sardls. 2. Allen Smith, Steve Wyatt, Skipper Scott relax in the sun at Phl- Delt bid day. 3. ADPl actives welcome over their new pledges during bid day. Greeks — 195 $M Pledge Olympics • M Pledge Olympics • M Pledge Olympics • M Pledge Olympics Second annual Olympics a huge success For the second year. Phi Mu sorority sponsored pledge Olympics early in the fall as a chance for all the sorority pledges to get together in a little friendly competition. The pledges competed in activites such as the pie toss, stuff your pledge class in a box and the sack race. Kappa Delta pledge Jessica Yoste said she thought the event was a great way to get everyone together and a good way for pledges to get to know one another after rush is over. This year ' s overall winner was Chi Omega, who proved that stuffing 60 girls into a box wasn ' t such a difficult feat. 1 . The pie toss left many pledges with a face full of whipped topping. 2. Kappa Delta ' s experience the feeling of togetherness as they attempt to put their pledge class In to a box. Alan Sheffield Alan Sheffield 196 — Greeks M Pledge Olympics • M Pledge Olympics • M Pledge Olympics • M Pledge Olympics • M Pledge A 3 All photos by Alan Sheffield 1 . Trl-Delts Kate. Sydney. Mary Beth and Lau- ra carry one of their pledge-sisters to the fin- ish line. 2. Kappa pledge J.J. Gordon tries to undo the Jacket she needs to shed in order to continue the clothes race. 3. Kappa pledge Stacla Hooker gets a face full of pie. Jessica Yoste takes charge In helping to toilet paper her pledge-sister. Greeks — 197 a. I B 9 BSM Hr- P BSfBiJj -. " ' M 1 ' Is Efc. L ' - S mW ' nJ 5 4J = C s - ra - ri CD T c« 2 ! " ° " So " c£ 8 S2u _;. £ ii oe in to " c ii 3 2 - C _ ■ T3 w r: flj J- .1- f m XI . „, S 5 Si? « S9-S " o u o : « " O m S - o to C " rt 2 2 ocXl o i: v 3PV. 2 « " - XI ■ " W Q ' Op V CO ) ,10 a £ ai 5 S tio 5. « « £ g • C C H cfl 0) ' - -x: i " en a O L. u CB C u CO ca - CO — ji 5 u - " S Ui o X! O ■ " D ' cfl -a c - 4) c x: CO _ 3 »i £d CO I. -n en u CO £•5 3 MtD c b o x; - O-S 3 i - ■«- -1. CO o t o c£o« 2SX3 = S " 0 i CO 2 5 3 U Q. CO u 5 CO XI £ c u E CO c u 5,- o a; oj __ 2S| 4) U a c o o c xc T3 -a S = CO CO .« CO CO cn (L Q = CO CO . o " |l o e x:„ ■a 3 fflO _. § m E Q CO CO o o a ■3 c o CO - f- 1= E a o s — OS 8 1 2§ Ji CO •c o £ j; . 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CD CQ - . nj O c a « c CO " " 0) C CO . (N (0 CO u •o V •o c 3 O O S O C 1 - - 5 ' t! in g u ■ " CO E tJfi o o.n 2 . C CO ifi c — ;? £ O) o £ o -■ x; a. CO X ft. J«! WS Sit. • rT! " J o B (K a " ' S t — -2 ' " ' CO ■ -» i o n " ■ d S en XI — ocS tea c c o « ;a — X o " O o. cj c X c o i; CO ILI CO o O E c en 3 ' O _ CO CO C S-o E £ « oriiS oiS -c « 2P CO CO U £■ c CD 232 — Greeks Greeks — 233 .bo .bo CD f . ¥ -.V c c I v tfl £ D (0 ? 4J c25 1) O e c = . .-• « 05 -C « CO Mti 00 -- o ■- . c c o O J3 3 ■ " O 3 C « E m£ to tf) o £ £ ; £ ° 1 F 2 c c M O O ra 3 S ° m m C C C J ! — — D ci2 E « -C ni H (- •O i (0 C TT oc5 o c c j: c j: fc 4j a o O — . 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M jp l i l i,i J Greeks — 241 242 — Greeks d EiJ M P ™ W B nr-T-r-t-i— @ i E S ES 3 l i 1 KS K HH i ; i Greeks — 243 s a. a. ►ft I: 5, 1 ' -; ' 5 1 i s ■» ' It. ' ' - . ' iL -■■-» 1 " 1 ♦fVi ' Jt ' -»lsB ' ■ M ( ' i rt ■ - . . v " r w -yfes. — i Ife .5 ■ J 1, t« -g o ■§ ■a 5 o is i ™ " iS 3 C C o o H o " " •-)-.■ m o j: C II 1 S20 2 o — D O -M J3 _ O) CO ex g T3 10 u 3 ■ ™ E o x: Q -H cn . en ' O U Co I! cd 3 O C CA en CO i2 ■)- 3 3 a, o e -3 x; o ■ ° hi o o CS CO 3 C -H 0.0 § OS o ' (U 1- O °o cd X! g S i2 E cfl u E - " S cO c oj 0 J U O C l- .. l - o oj c J U CO R cd nj to .Si 3 P w. E «5 « ' - j5 a " r E CO CO M 1- 3 S- u 3 I. .CO Q, , u US a — cs j; A a. u i: CO U CO so ■ CO U (0 fe " J O. CO Ee 3 S CO a 3 ■ CJ — m cs 1) d , 5 3 3 CO a E E CO (8 " = 3 3 cu H U to T3 5P « 3 CO 3 3 S-s- « as ftH CI m _, flJ OJ ™ ,g E S CO o E •O (D 3 T3 5e°8 . B CO tjc li o t: " « ■CiC.D 2 3 ; -3 o CO C _ U CO o " O ■ " s 3 rt iS =0 3 -a 3- CO -3 1. u 3 j V, J3 cO u i x: E-g o. l -Ccjl ■Mi S " ii ffl CO u O -O S CU - 2 3 x: vh o .f- u ° CO " H g §-i . « -H H J3 _ 3 244 — Greeks Greeks — 245 Vi CO a ■22 c to jS S ■a : " gniri «1 a-- S§ 2 S S B - « fc o c-g g S -Ij u, 3 " " — ' 3 " ■oprt a o-o « a- " ' -J - f Co fl) Ul jO (8 u l) 2 gam o -3 S ? u " w),x j: c o ; =a B " c 3 c " tJ u ao B5 • -o J 00 9- u U _ CO U , ?■ iWo ' ' uD u2H 3 CO JiO u - CO _ u CD D. a, S B CO 3 3 00 S O _ J lU Q I- lipl||liiiiis « CO 3 " C CO a g co ' ?-.j m to ti -a •- C _ ™ O iil " I o c in " gT3 to 1U_ to i l i3 to X S X ■2 u o £ O r! to u- d - " td ,1 go aSx to -M fe T U CD E X o •3-2 Q Q£)5 £ 5 CO S o — ?™ CO ii M . CO O T3 S 3 a « to - " bio ■aS-Ra, •OCT, 3 CO °3 246 — Greeks Greeks — 247 u CD .bo E {LS ; ;ttk-.- CS 0) u C I ' «J A C r ' l I. O -M c c (fi C 1) [fl o rt u lu S 5 o c o u 2 5 ■ " u 4)-c eg . — " a (u (d S i « o I ffl-o i ii,« ' c o- I o u I o j3 fc-o . 3 2 o o □• 3 « T3 in Tt •35 2 o j2 " ffl 2 c B : y ! 2 o j2 J- - XI raCi 3-a U 25 o S " s a . CO o 3(d fc5 j O o r O ■3 2 go 2 ■•-; -M O " CO c 2S O _ Q § ca s5 CO 4j S2 3 OJ • . O QJ T3 CO - a; ' 3S o S 3ii O li ac - o ni a. O O O OJ ,-5 e f-« Vi CJ W -»-l • So Soxixi! - h ' " £ " m- " b XI o u m C m • " o -a — rt u « - W m — " o (u K S-nia i XI ' oE o. a, - c8§£S£ •3 f « E E am « £ 2cd •o J (0 SQ •° « E - s u ■op XI ° ii " E ° O QJ I- c iS « is . T3 •a cd o x: -; X M - W 5 E to eq E E . u ■s ■« . iS c« c Q . to ly a ' w .. " ■- .■ .. ,ii,.- 1 248 — Greeks « ' Su R 35 jl fl Greeks — 249 I .bo I i 1 Wi J 1 9 M Bf ' j Ld 9 1 B I S K v ( ( 250 — Greeks € i jr j c i r: tJ £li! :a t7 r « o t 9i ' c t7 far? rSi ' c l ' f iiC cr ip €% e ' c i r ! €% c% f ! crS ! « 0 ig-l[ 1 1- g 1 17 8 • Greeks — 251 H e N o •Mil Oh I «1 e C C c c s •o -■ 3 cS a a E o CO e - o -C o _ a. w ■a a thm tn c £ fe « 111 n 13 rt u I. 52 c ■ to - i; V. o -H •S.CJ= 2 O -5 feb3 E I a " = u Ji o u o S C C m — o i! E H tn o g o to CO D. , to " 2 " C c (J o O oj " Me •O — 3 ■ " !3 u QC a oc (0 ' -a ■S s § s ■S E aS- E c -S n C to to ;, aj tn o tfi U w " to " °i (£1 • w is -Sh Inn QJ tfl a, .s: a E lU 1) g T3 (LI c a o — ' « -3 ■ " - nj u a to 0 i ESl cS tS C w .o to j: E • c _: O •3 -5 a E c ,3 o 05 . (S Q •a E S rt ts - i u C to C td u O ■£ oj ty to (0 £ O . u •oca. ■C tfl (D 3 tfl c to -J ■a " C -; o CO J 252 — Greeks €P CfrJ C- ' 3 r3 4r St 0. a a ( ) - M t7 c o- 1 F C IT ' S C-- " - f CP CT €P C c S CT ' ' r3 e3 Greeks — 253 I X - 2 j= mi;- " E £ u g « B SIS O .v HI C 5 c I ' fe o J= 2 " ■ " S TO aj U U V c §■= f w TD a) — u u C § 2 re ' s c P m •t; " J S25 in 1) c c c ■O 3 CB O " c u u 3 u o ■a i£ 1 £ s L. C OJ u m S — m o ■33 fc " 5 E 5 , " c E ■ ' O ) J. Cfl a m 9 il. ■ ' 3 Oh JC O o m ' J2 G c.rt S.U og rtt: ,. o o i - lu r: V - " T3 r « ■ m T3 g « S E S -5 m E S c o _ — ■ " ir; m o I. •— Q. o E - rt 5 ol E5 « 2 E - S 1 1 ■w ' " ' i s a. i-. tfl o o — 4) - S n q 2S • u CO a 3 Sdi2 c u ft- ° - S J= a u E £ 0 c = — M : u " c ' u o . a «j in « (C i; — u « JJ o 5 O o £ a c c 4J a; ■O -S fe 3 o-c S2 c " C c o -n ' j: Ji 5 u OD, 2w c 2 5 T3 oot: g (B " a OJ M p O _ P D-Q. L. (U P 5 c o o i, •Si C ■S g . ■p «J 5 •a _ -a ii u g n P§ ' -2 ? p ,fl — 4i U cfl ci;-a i: I 254 — Greeks Greeks — 255 Freshman year flashback While looking for cute pictures to put into the yearbook, a couple of people stumbled upon these and then the idea snowballed. Others began to reach deep into picture books for old pictures. Most all of these pic- tures are of seniors and we tried to cover a wide variety of people but it was hard be- cause this was one of those " last minute " ideas. We hope no one will take it personal. We got a lot of the pictures from the extra bin at Candid Campus, so it is likely that people have seen these before. We did have a little help from some special helpers, who knew you wouldn ' t mind seeing a reminder of what you looked like when you first came to college. All we can say is ' ' thank goodness the times have changed. . . " , 256 Greeks — 257 The following four pages contain extra pic- tures that were submitted by the Greeks for use on their pages. They offer, tf just a little bit, an extra glimpse into the world of the Greeks and the way in which Greeks in- teract with one another at campus func- tions. ' ' ■■,J SSlm ] y| r ' t " ' H iL J jft • " - H P ' raH Bk h liiLi L Hr ' ' mm 1 i 1 9. m V ;..,., J B ' 1 " ■■ H« — . ftii.. J " t.. 258 — Greeks Greeks — 259 (I PIL H| 260 — Greeks 1 Greeks — 261 Organizations A Legacy of Involvement Aside from grades an accurate way to mea- sure a student ' s college success is to look into the kinds of clubs and organizations they elected to join. At Ole Miss these groups serve to do more than just be resume fillers. The majority of the organizations serve to give real-life experience dealing with legislative and career-related matters. Many organiza- tions are integral forces on the campus and their effectivness and power can be felt each year as policies and procedures are amended and enacted. From helping to change the way a grade point average is calculated to amend- ing the election procedure, organizations al- low students to become involved in all as- pects of campus affairs. Editor Theresa Champion Yearbook Staff The Ole Miss annual is In Its nlnty- seventh year of production. It is a student produced publication that comes out once a year in the spring. The editor of the annual is an elected Associated Student Body office, and is chosen in the general spring elec- tion. The rest of the staff is com- prised of students who submit ap- plications to the editor and the senior staff. The senior staff is made up of those who serve in an editorial postion. This includes the editor, the assistant editor, the business man- ager, the photo editor, and a person who has served on the staff previ- ously. About forty students are involved in the nine-month production process of the annual. Included in these stu- dents are section editors and thier assistants who help pull together and organize the individual sections of the annual. Most all of the photography is done by student photgraphers. who are paid upon completion of the book, but who spend a great deal of time working on the book prior to com- pletion. The book is funded through money garnered from Student Activity fees, and the book Is given to students who have paid both semesters ac- tivity fee. The cost to anyone else desiring a copy is twenty dollars. The annual strives to present an ac- curate potrayal of life as we know It at Ole Miss. 1. Ole Miss senior staff: (from 1.) Missy Pace, student Life Editor: August Laurent. Editor: B.J. Mannix, Piioto Editor; Jennifer Revels. Business Manager and Deanne Mosley, Honors Editor. 2. Section Editors: (from 1 | Deanne Mosley, Honors; Michael Hufflnes and Amy Solomon (sitting). Greeks; Missy Pace. Student Life; Mar- garet Barnhart. Sports; Jan Meyer. Features; Amy Shakespeare. Administration and Theresa Champion. Organizations. 1991 Ole Miss staff: (back row) Deanne Mosley, MIcheal Hufflnes. Missy Pace. Jennifer Revels, Todd Inmann. August Laurent. Carrie Thomas, Ricky Livingston. Amy Shakespeare. Dayle Oil- Hon, Margaret Barnhart. Amy Solomon. Susan Webb, Tiffany Lott. (Front row) Pete Emerson, B.J. Mannix. Theresa Champion. Amy Living- ston. Jan Meyer. Christy Jones. Amber Young, Racheal Reld, Alan Sheffield. ▲ 3 All photos by Alan Sheffield 264 — Greeks Amy Shakespeare spreads her stuff all over the floor, as usual. Ib.J. and Alan kick back and give August a hard time, as usual. lAlan shoots the JRebel basketball game. Yearbook Staff Editor August Laurent Editorial Assistant Allison Hooker Business Manager Jennifer Revels Asst. Business Manager Todd Inmann Section Editors Opening August Laurent Student Life August Laurent Features Jan Meyer Carrie Thomas Sports Margaret Barnhart Honors Deanne Mosley Administration Amy Shakespeare Greeks Michael Huffines j Amy Solomon i Katherine Boone I Organizations Theresa Champion Classes • John Yoste Closing August Laurent Jennifer Revels Photographers B.J. Mannix — Editor Allison Hooker Pete Emerson Alan Sheffield Ed Brondyke Ollle Brock Organizations — 265 Daily Mississippian The Daily Mississippian Is the only daily student-run newspaper In Mississippi. It publishes a circula- tion of 10,000 Monday through Fri- day and is primarily funded through advertising. The newspaper has more than 50 staff members who not only report the news, but learn to edit copy, write headlines, design pages, and develop and print photos. The Daily Mississippian is the only college newspaper which has full membership in the Mississippi Press Association. Through MPA, The Mississippian competes annually with professional newspapers state- wide. The Mississippian has served Ole Miss since 1911, and has been dally since 1962. Printed in the basement of Farley Hall, the paper is usually avcillable to students by 8 a.m. each day in most campus buildings and in many local businesses. It not only focuses on campus events and news, but also features state, national and world news. This last year has been a very tur- bulent one for The Mississippian. In late spring, the campus was involved in a protest spear-headed by mem- bers of the DM staff who opposed the election of an editor by popular vote. After many weeks and much discus- sion, it was decided by a committee of students, faculty and professional newspaper people that an editor that was selected by a qualified commit- tee would better serve the needs of the paper and the student body. Lee Eric Smith a senior journalism major from Holly Springs made DM history by being the first editor who holds the postion through the selection process. Lee Eric however did not take over the helm right off. Working as an intern for a Virginia paper, he left the paper in the hands of interim editor Amy Stewart. Lee Eric re- sumed his duties in the Fall and has allowed a great deal of controversial issues to surface in print amongst the guest columns and letters to the editor. The Daily Mississippian has served as a vechile for change this year and has allowed a few more young minds to be opened. 1 . DM Editor — Lee Er- ic Smith. 2. DM Staff: Front, Lee Eric Smith, Chris Baker, Linda Zet- tler, ALisa Habeeb. Sec- ond row, Olen Ander- son, Amy Stewart, Erica Berry. Third row, Jen- nifer Sundberg, Dianna Little, Joely Pique. Back, Rob Waters, Brian Blackley, Rodney Crouther, Tim Ivy, LaTanya Taylor. II AU photos by Alan Sheffield t ? 266 — Organizations Daily Mississippian t All photos by Alan Sheffleld. DM Story Editors — Olen Anderson, Erica Berry, Di- anna Little, Brian Blackley. DM Section Editors — Top, Rodney Croutlier. Graphics Editor; Chris Baker, Photo Editor; Alisa Habeeb, Appeal Editor; Rob Waters, Opinion Page Editor; Bot- tom, Amy Stewart, Campus Ed- itor: Lee Eric Smith, Editor; Linda Zettler. Managing Editor. DM Advertising Staff — Julie Moss, Business Manager; Beverly Brown, Production man- ager; Andy McRae, Beth McElroy, Laurie Tedford, Jean Larroux, Rhett Blake. Sales Reps; Desi Dodd, Tara Hart, Samantha Mur- phy, Carla Ross, Elizabeth Ross, Sallie Ann Westbrook, Production Staff; OUie Brock, Photographer; Joel Ewing, Amy Stewart. Pran- santh Poovala, Secretaries. Organizations — 267 ! U-92 WUMS-FM WUMS-FM U-92. the student run radio station at Ole Miss, has recent- ly been granted a 6000 watt In- crease. This Increase will stretch their broadcasting potential to Mem- phis. TN and past Grenada. MS. U- 92 has also recently received the great honor of reporting to the " Gavin Report " , which Is the no. 1 Alternative Reporting Magazine. The staff of over thirty empolyees has recently started many new shows for the pleasure of Its listen- ers. These include; Talk Radio. S and M In the Morning, the All Re- quest Lunch Hour. 55 Drive at 5, the Jazz Show, and Blues at Sunset. 1. Ann Meyer puts another tune on the turntable during her afternoon stint as DJ on U-92. 2. Serving the station as news reporters are. front row. from I.Scott Overby. Angel Fontana. News Director; Jennifer Green. Barbie Kehoe and Renee Cowan. Middle row. from 1.. Mike Kessler. Asst. Sports Director; Joely Pique. Jay Nix and Mike Neely. Sports Director. Back row. from 1.. Kevin May. Darlan Bllllngton and Garrett Sanderson. Photo by Alan Sheffield. Members of the U-92 radio team Include Ann Meyer, Maria Nichol, Charles Riley, Shanda Walden, Heather McConkey, Drew Porter, Connie Brazile, Mike. Jennifer Hugglns, Travis Bedwell, Garrett Sanderson and Scott Overby. Photo by B.J. Mannix. 268 — Organizations UMTV UMTV. a dally production of the Student Media Center. Is run totally by t roadcast Students. Newscene 12 Is the nightly newscast which airs at 5 p.m. over cable channel 12 In Oxford. Other productions Include: Southern Review, a television magazine documentary that focusses on current University and Oxford Issues: Sports Showcase, a weekly sports update on all the Rebel sporting events, which airs every Thursday following the news. Students Involved in UMTV get experience In management, writing, production, television technology, and anchoring. 1. Anchors: Angel Fontana. Wendy Selqulst, Jay Nix, Angel Abraham. Richard Kraft, Marty Sumrall, Phil Richardson. Not Pictured: Connie Williams. Stephanie Reuter. Britta- ny Layton. Lisa Erickson. 2. Renee Cowan. News Director: Ja- son Berry, Station Manager; Mel Fields, Sports Director. Newscene 12: Lara Mansell. Julllette Euta. Neal McCready. Malone L.ankford. Eric Maaya. Jason Berry. Renee Cowan. Wendy Selqulst. Angel Fontana. Jay Nix. Mel Fields. Marty Sumrall. Richard Kraft. Phil Richardson. Angela Abra- ham. Phil McCarty. Organizations — 269 Associated Student Body Officers ' . tlBJ 270 — Organizations Wade Cox, President Lane Westfaul, Vice-President Steven Payne, Treasurer Ruth Echols, Secretary Organizations — 271 ASB Senate The ASB Senate Is a group composed of fifty-eight elected representatives that carry out legislation dealing with cam- pus affairs. The senators are elected during an early fall campus-wide election, and bring Into the group opinions and needs of virtually all- areas of campus life. The Sen- ate delegates rules to the Elec- tions Commission concerning the qualifications for major student offices and also allo- cates funds for various stu- dent organizations. The Senate is divided into ten divisions, each headed by a different chairman. These committees deal with such is- sues as academic appeals, loans, student affairs and stu- dent serlves. Elections for senators are held each year and the senate Is presided over by the vice- president of the ASB. Senate Committee Chairmen: Brad Roberts, John Kinsey, Rhea TannehlU, Jeff Brown, Dave Fulcher, Stephen Johnston, Elizabeth Boyd, Leigh Lucas, Chris Swann, Dan Zebrowskl, Jeff Henson. Su Je: Gr Wl Pr Cti Senate: Julie Allen. Carolyn Bailey, Elizabeth Boyd, Carmela Brown, Katelyn Brown, Almee Burgamy, Donnle Chambliss, Courtenay Davis, Dean Dedmon, Holly Edwards, Heather Ellis, Kevin Ferguson, Dave Fulcher, Tony Gaines, Garland Goddard, Jeff Grant, John Henson, Stephen Hornaday, Lain Hughes, Holly Johnson, Julie Johnson, Stephen Johnson, DeanI Joiner, Llbble Kakales. Mary Kincaid, Carole Kloha, Leigh Lucas, Ted Lupberger, John Madden, David Midllck. Michael Miller, Maureen Moore, Harvey Murff, Missy Pace, Tucker Person, Will Powers, Greg Purnell, Stacey Steel, Brett Roberson, Brian Roberts, Brad Roberts, Mary Sams, Jay Sanders, Curtis Simon, Paige Smith, Baker Stewart, Wheat Story, Drew Sudduth, Andrew Sutherland, Chris Swann, Chris Taylor, David Turner, Rankin Wllbourne, Brian Wilson, Cory Wilson, Dan Zebrowskl, Michael Zibby. 272 — Organizations Summer Orientation Leaders 1 ehlll,Jeff as. Chris Summer Orientation Leaders are: First Row: Mary Oryan, Christy King. Vickl Lippincott, Libby Kakales, Jennifer Long, Julie Donaldson, Jay Nix, Beth Coleman, Tanya Fortenberry, Beth Norris, Susannah Vaughn, Grace Ann Kennedy. Second Row: Stacy Hathcock, Merry Beth Evans, Missy Reid, Christy Baker, Susan Williams, Melissa Gamble, Janet Parkman, Tera Feldt, Leanna Range, Brent Bryant, Michelle Mitchem, Lee Pryor. Third Row: Amanda Dixon, David Parker, Greg Corbitt, Steve Therrell, Dave Sheffleldd, Steve Mullen, Chris Cook, Candy Carlisle, Matt Boggan, Justin Isabell, Jay Pieralisi. The Summer Orientation Leaders will assist freshman and transfer students in learning about the campus and provide information about campus organizations and events. They will conduct small group presentations serving as monitors during the orientation ses- sions. The orientation leaders serve as a regerence for academic integrity, cultural diversity, and class scheduling. Grant " ikales, Ms Organizations — 273 ASB Cabinet The Associated Student Body Cabinet is comprised of stu- dent leaders who are ap- pointed by the ASB president and confirmed by the Senate. There are thirteen depart- ments In the cabinet and each represents a different aspect of the campus. ASB Cabinet: Front row, Marcl Matthews, Cam- pus Affairs; Allison Pope, Executive Asst.; Car- oline Herring, Student Services; Marlsa Songcharoen, School Spirit. Back row. Wade Cox, President; David Martlneau, SPB Llason; John Klnsey, University Relations; Rhea Tan- nehlLI, University Development; Jody Lasslter, Executive-Legislative Llason: Scott Prewltt, At- torney General: Steven Dear, Information Man- agement: Steven Wall, Presidential Asslt. and Melvln Seld, Academic Affairs. Not pictured, Phoebe Davis, Refrigerator Rentals and Reggie Turner, Student Housing. Photo by B.J. MannLx. The ASB Elections Commission members are appointed by the ASB President, Members are active par- ticipants In every election on cam- pus. They make certain that all can- didates meet all qualifications for office and that the candidate stays within ASB Code regulations for campaigning. They supervise all campus-wide elections except for Senior Class elections. The commis- sion also acts as a prosecuting body, penalizing or disqualifying a candi- date if evidence of wrongdoing Is shown during the campaign. Elections Commission members: Front row. from I.. Mary Lee Mur- phy. Allison Pope. Margaret Minor (Vice Chairman) Sabrlna Story. Jim Mclntyre. Harriett Bryan. Back row. Leigh Williams. Jay Nix. James Wil- liamson. Commissioner and Mickey Mallett. Photo by Alan Sheffield. 274 — Organizations Elections Commission Race Relations The purpose of The Race Relations Task Force Is to create better communications between races. making It possible to diminish racial stereotypes; have a greater Insight Into race relations; form a better sense of community; develop an ability to discuss race relations; work together toward so- lutions to racial problems that exist at Ole Miss, Members of the committee are:Lukc Abney. Frank Balnbrldge. Katelyn Brown. William Buxton. John Coker. Scott Corlcw. Matt Eggle- ston. Richard Ethrldge. Adam Farlow. Stephanie Goggans. Julie Golden. Jennifer Green, Ryan Greene. Jason Greer. Amy Haddad. Scott Harbo. Amy Harrison. Klmberly Hart. Richard Heard Jr., Verna Humphrey. Robert Layton. Lauren Lewis. Jennifer Long. Drew Martin. Randl Mc- Clure. Lisa Mitchell. J. Bruce Montgomery, Ka- ren Morgan. Jody Nexman. Jay Nix. Kate Otis. Tajuana Redmond. Jennifer Revels. Sandra Speckels. John Stone, Sabrlna Story. Dennis Townsend, Tammle Turner. Alison Utodur. Eliz- abeth Walker. Chip Wall. Nancy Wells. Rankin Wllbourn, Liz Williams, Brent Wood. Kavan Wood, Sharra Yarboro. Paige Purvis. Jim Abbott. Frank Dyer III. Leo Emerson Jr., Julie Grimes. Sylvia Harrison, Perry Hawkins. Billy Keith. Missy Pace. Leanna Range. Kim Smith. Reginald Smith. Bill Spencer. Trlcla Tharp. Yolanda Wes- ley. Photo by Alan Sheffield. Greek-Independent Relations The purpose of the Greek-Independent Relations Committee Is to try to promote fwsatlve Interactions between members of the Greek community and Independent students. Members Include: Christopher Alexander. Carroll Blair. Allison Brealnd. Laurie Brocato. Krlstl Brown. Windy Collier, Kelly Coole. Stacy Crabb. David Dunavant. Hestervan Dyl. Richard Farrlngton. Chad Franks, Jason Garner, Clayl Gates, James Arnold Graham Jr.. Ryan Greene. Whitney Gurley. William Hardin. Amy Hamson, Tara Hart. Richard Heard Jr.. Jason Herring. Wayne Hill. Steven Hlnton. Joey Howell. Jennlger Hugglns. KakI Klchens. Laura Lane. Trade Lee, Amanda Lewis. Merldeth Main. Dorann Man. Gayle McCaa. Tiffany McCorkle, Camlllc McGehee. Jamie Meadows. Floyd Melton. Terl Miles. John Murphy. Jennifer Pace. Kendra Crait, Jimmy Cundlff. Dawnc Curbow. Gwtn Fowler. Finney Heldel. Ginger Hubbard. Llbble Kakales. Christy LaSota. Denlse Maness. Date Otis. Todd Owen. Chris Polsgroove. Bill Spencer. Christy Parker. Laura Lee Peaster. Leslie Pettis. Allison Pope. All Quald. Cavett Ratllff. Shannon Reed, David Robinson. Heath Rushing, Mary Margaret Sams. Michael Sanders. Will Simon. Phil Smith. Baker Stewart. Gorgia Stewart, Wheat Story, Andrew Sutherland. Allison Swayze. Susan Symons, Rebecca Terrell. Brandy Thames, Klmberly Turner. Scott Walker, Klmberly Wilder. Todd VInyard. Christina Wright. 4 Organizations — 275 Ambassadors The Ole Miss Ambassadors and Regional Representatives play and Important part In the high school and junior college relations activities of the Admissions office. A student organization within the executive branch of the ASB government, the Ambassadors provide tours, assist campus visitors, attend receptions for prospective students, visit high schools, and participate In other programs that communicate information about Ole Miss. Officers Include: Paschal Wilson, Co- Chalrman; Margaret Minor, Co- Chairman; Harriet Bryan, Secretary; B.J Canup, Tour Coordinator; Dow Canup, Off-Campus Coordinator; Perry Hawkins. Minority Coordinator; Todd Inman, On-Campus Coordinator; Neesa Neal, Letter Coordinator; Leslie Pettis, Phone Blitz Coordinator; Sabrlna Story, Office Contact; Susie Stuvee, Public Relations. Members are: Kiistl Addis. Lorl Allen. Rachel Arnold. Catherine Ashford. Mark Beckman. ANgela Benton. Catherine Belts. Jennifer Blasen, Mike Blossom. Klmberly Bracket!. Lucy Brewer. Mandee Broussard. Katelyn Brown. Brad Canada. Kevin Carlo. Angela Carney. Shannon Chelette. Jim Cofer. Michael Cooley. Jennifer Cuevas. Dawne Curtww. Tiffany Darnell. LIndley Davis. Trad Davis. Ken Doyle. Rosemary Durfey. Amy Eddlns. Randl Ellis. Sean Paul. Christy Eubanks. Joel Ewlng. Martha Ewlng. Josette Farmer. Josh Fletcher. Chad Franks. Erin Furr. Jason Gamer. Julie Golden. Paula Goodman. Georgia Graham. Cab Green. Natasha Hall. Tedral Hanklns. David Harper, Joy Harris. Sylvia Harrison. Magan Havlg. Elizabeth Hawthorne. Caroline HIatt. Ferris Holwadel. Nlkkl House. Marlssa Huddleston. Michelle Jenkins. Jamison Johnson. Stephen Johnson. Lou Ann Jones. Sheila Kakla. Heather Kendrlck. Jennifer Kennedy. Meoldy Kesler, Stacee King. Carole Kloha. Mellnda Klotz. Holley Kruger. Jacque Landls, Malone Lankford, Montray Leavy. Trade Lee. Jennifer Long. Julie Lord. Michael McCarty. Allyson McCollum, Angela McGIowan. Michelle Miller. Kathryn Mitchell. Michelle Mlze. Leigh Monlot. Jim Naftel. Danielle Nell. Barbara Ng. Jennifer Polk. Will Powers. Pam Presley. Greg Pumell. Tera Quails, Brian Reel. Holly Rhodes. Susan Lee Rice, David Robinson. Sims Rogers. Elizabeth Romlnes. Robin Roper. Tom Rushing. Reggl Rutherford. Mac Samples. Joe Sams. Amy Sanslng. Scott Sartln. Raula Schaefer. Will Sharp, Chris ShaUer. Daniel Shell. Reginald Smith, Christy Soper, Sue Spann, Wheat Story. Katy Sullivan. Stacey Swanson, Sherlta Taylor. Tammy Taylor. Chris Thompson. Nlkkl Thompson. Jock TrlppK. Klmberly Turner, Hester Van E)yke, Suzy Vest. Andrea Wall. Tommy Ward. August White. James White. Carmen Wlggens. Rankin Wllbourne. Christie Wilson. MIndy Young. 276 — Organizations Oxford UM Liaison The purpose of the Oxford University Liaison Committee Is to maintain good relations between the University and the city of Oxford. The committee has two major projects each year and sends Christmas packages and cards from the University to the Oxford Board of Aldermen, Lafayette Board of Supervisors, and members of the local Chamber of Commerce. Members are: Barbara Jim Brown. Brandon Bryant. Chris Cobb. Jody Cole, Jennifer Cololtz. Kim Cornish. Stacy Crabb. Courtney Davis. Joey Downs, Heather Ellis, Craig Evans. Josh Fletcher. Maria Ford. Chad Freeman. Scotty Glah, Holly Hobbs. Jennlger Huggins. Melody Kesler. Amy Lowe. Whitt Meek. Jennifer Miller. Kate Pender. Chris Polsgrove. Heath Rushing, Skip Seawrlght, Dan Shell, Paige Smith. Andrew Sutherland. Rebecca Spell. Wade Stelnrlede. Tara Taranto. Krlsten Taylor. Dennis Townsend. Misty Turner. Martin Walker. Elliot Williams. Chip Freeman MS Governmental Affairs Committee The MGAC represents the Interest of the University to the legislature and tries to promote legislation that will benefit Ole Miss. It also coordinates Public Officials Day and serves as hosts to the state legislators who are honored that day. The MGAC encourages student Involvement In fwlltical elections and emphasizes the Importance of politics In daily life. The committee conducts an absentee voting drive for stidents regarding local, state, and national elections. Members also regularly write state legislators and senators to gain support on various education bills. Members are; Julie Allen. Katherlne Barrett. Amy Bowman. Lucy Brewer. Laurie Brocato. Kathryn Brown. Stephanie Browning, Patrick Burnett. John Burnbam. McKay Caston, Michael Cooley. Jennifer Cuevas. Amanda Dixon. David Dunavant. Adam Farlow. Josh Fletcher, Maria Ford, Chad Franks. Melissa Gamble. Jason Garner, Brady Hamilton. William Hardin. Stephen Johnston. Sheila Kalka. Carole Kloha. Mellnda Klotz. Lisa Lay. Renee Lockhart. Leigh Lucas. John Madden. LeaAnne Major. Denise Maness. Shannon Massie. Tiffany McCorkle. Angela MUburn. Jullanna Morals. Jim Naftel. Pamela Parker. Allison Pope, Robert Portwood. Shannon Reed. Chuck Rose, Sandy Sanford. Robert Shearon, Alan Smith. Phil Smith. Amy Solomon. Sabrina Story. Chris Swann. Jay TIdwell. Ginger Todd. Hester Van Dyv, Robert Waddell Jr.. Martin Walker. Jeff Warren. Kim Webb. James Williams. Brian Wilson. Brent Wood. Douglas Wood 111. Jay Woods, Organizations — 277 Student Advisory The Student Advisory Com- mittee was set up as a liason between the student govern- ment and the Board of Trust- ees. The students correspond with the members through letter writing and phone calls. Advisory members: Blair Holmes. John Klnsey. Kathryn Brown. Brandy Thames. Laura Kitch- ens. Kelly Coole. Frances Landnjm. Amy Lowe. Whitney Gurley, Missy Bingham. Curtis Simon. David Mlddleton. David Walker and Joel Ewlng. Not pictured: Kim Brocato. Scott Corlew. Caml Crockett. Andrew Frye. Stacey Guy. Mandy Ham, Brenda Hill. Melissa Malouf. Gayle McCaa. Tajunana Redmond. Homer Sledge. Wade Stenrlede. Kim Turner and Russell Wilson. Pho- to by B.J. Manntx. Student Housing The Student Housing Committee acts as a liason between the ASB office and the Inter-Hall councils, comprised of members of every campus dormitory. The committee has representatives in every dormorlty on campus, allowing residents to easily present ideas or problems to the dorm administration. Some activities sponsored by the committee include a housing pamphlet and movie nights. Student Housing members:Andrea Walnright, Carmen Wiggins, Hester Van Dyk, Reggie Turner, Diretor, Karen Morgan, Julie Hlghfill and Dayle Dillon. Photo by Alan Sheffield. L 278 — Organizations Task Force The executive task force was a com- mittee master-minded by last year ' s ASB president John Ates. The pur- pose of the committee Is to allow stu- dents a place to voice their Ideas and concerns. The committee focuses the Intentions of these Ideas to the proper channels and allows students to see that some things will change when brought to the attention of the right group. Executive Task Force: Harriet Bry- an, Jimmy Cundlff, Doug Duncan, Stephen Johnston, Llbble Kakales, David Martlneau. Leigh McKnlght, Phil Richardson, Scott Sartln, Todd Vineyard, Brian Wilson. Lee ZoUer. ASB Assistants The ASB Assistants assist the ASB officers by doing clerical Jobs in the ASB office. ASB Assistants are: Steven Wall. ASB Presidential Assis- tant; Denlse Maness. ASB Vice-President Assistant; Tina File. ASB Assistant Treasurer; Carole Kloha, ASB Vice-President Assis- tant; Allison Pope. ASB Ex- ecutive Assistant. Organizations — 279 Publications The publications committee Is a new committee set up this year to oversee the content and production of stu- dent Euid university generated pub- lications. The committee Is consulted If problems arise with any of these publications. Members — Kim Brocato, Johnny Gough, Tla Dees, Tara Hart. Director. Not pictured — Lucy Brewer. Bill Byrd, Matt Costello. Becky Dill, MelUssa Ellis, John Frierson, Paul Haberlee, Samantha Murphy and Todd Vinyard. Photo by Pete Emerson Information Communications Members — Laurie Tharpe, Leigh Lucas, Kirk Talbot, Frances Landrum, Kristi Bai- ley, Missy Barnett, Myra Franklin, Stan Gaines, John Hathorne, Jean Jennings, Todd Owen, Tasha Reese, David Robin- son, Jay Tidwell. Nancy Wells, Michael Walshe, Cathy McWilliams. Photo by Pete Emerson Computer Services Members — Back row, Ken Blount. Richard Farrington, Mike Blossom. Front row. Leigh McKnight. Tanya Bor- rell. Not pictured — Kenneth Wolfe, Lawton Barnes. Dex Doolittle. Photo by B.J. Mannlx. I 280 — Organizations raM ■ p ' y i M Tu UB % jf School Spirit The Department of School Spirit Is responsible for the planning, direction, and op- eration of activities concern- ing school spirit. Much of the preparation for spirit activi- ties Is accomplished by the school spirit committee un- der the director ' s supervi- sion. The committee oversees spirit activities such as pep rallies and sign making. Members: First row:Courtney Davis. Tonya Armlstead. Chrysler Brown. Kim Comlsh. Sec- ond row;Clndy Harrison. Michelle Mlze, Lucy Brewer. Christy RIsher. Lauren tiehm. Melissa Ellis. Marlsa Songcharoen. Third row:Jlll Un- derwood. Jennifer Polk. Mary TIson Quaka. Marlsa Huddleston. TIa Dees. Henry Burkhatler. Deslree Dodd. David Walkes. Kendal Reed, Alice Smith. Shellee Smith. Will McNamare. Melissa Magee. Photo by B.J. MannUc. Academic Affairs The Academic Affairs De- partment serves the students In representing their con- cerns before the University Academic Council and by es- tablishing projects to en- hance the academic Integrity of the students. Issues such as Academic Discipline, Grade Policy, and Dead Week Days have been among recent concerns. MEMBERS: Brandon Bryant. Brad Canada. CamI Crockett. Lee Goldman. Kevin Grissom. Daniel Habeeb. Reed Hopkins. Sheila Kalka. Carole Kloha. Lea Anne Major. Leigh McKnIght. Bruce Montgomery. Eone Moore. Jullanna Morals. Jim Naftel. Will Powers. Brett Robblns. Brian Rober- son. Melvln Seld. Chairman; David Stanfleld. Ba- ker Stewart. Dennis Townsend. Robert Waddell. Michael Walshe. Rankin Wllbourne. KImberly Wilder. Denneth Wolfe. Webb Younce. Photo by Pete Emerson. Organizations — 281 UPD Relations The UPD relations committee strives to achieve better com- munications between the University ' s students and the pohce department. The committee tries to organize activites that will enable the students to interact with members of the police de- partment and allow there to be a better understanding of the workings of the depart- ment. Members: Amy Bowman, Al- lison Breland, Meg Brown, Henry Burkhalter, John Burnham, Lindley Davis, Reed Hopkins, Mickey Mal- lette, Shawn McAlpin, Floyd Melton, Ali Quaid, Paige Smith, Susan Symons, Car- oline Herring. University Development The University Development committee is responsible for student fund-raising, promo- tion of the University alumni contributions, and planning and implementing projects to better Ole Miss financially. The committee also develops students ' ideas into pro- grams that can enhance the University ' s environment. ■ 282 — Organizations Student Health Advisory k M The Student Health Advisory Cmt., Is designed to provide input Into the Student Health services, and to help make recommendations for Im- provement. It also serves to inform and educate students of current health Issues. Members — Caroline Her- ring, Chairman; Lisa Miller, Sharra Yarbro, Jeanna Sewell, Ted Connell, Clarke Holmes, Shellee Smith, Julie Brandt, William O ' Mara, Chip Wall, Misty Owens, Pat- rick Daily and Dr. Eugene Lee, Director of the Student Health Services. Photo by Pete Emerson. Book Exchange For the second year the ASB Book Exchange is offering students the opportunity to come and exchange, buy or sell books for reduced prices at the end of each semester. The exchange was reenacted last year due to the increas- ing costs of textbooks and the increasing number of com- plaints about the small amount of money received for books that are re-sold to the bookstore. Members — Christy Lane, Charmayne Walker, Lee Massey and Caroline Her- ring, Chairperson. Not pic- tured - Krlsti Heflin. Photo by Pete Emerson. Organizations — 283 ASID The Ole Miss student chapter of the American Society of Interior Design was organized to en- hance the future of students majoring in interior design. It enables students to make full use of the services and benefits offered by the society, and pro- vides student members with the opportunity to participate in worthwhile endeavors with each other and professional de- signers. The ASID student chapter members psirticipate in a wide range of learning experiences and programs which comple- ment their academic training. The ASID sponsors fundraisers, seminars and marketing trips to Dallas and New York. Here the ASID chapter is pic- tured in front of Ventress Hall, which houses the majority of classes and offices associated with interior design. Ventress Hall is one of the oldest buidlings on campus and is considered one of the most beautiful and architecturally creative buildings on campus. Front row: Crystal Tiala Bari Brown Ann Thrash Cherie Welty — Committe Chm Windy Barnhart Row two: Lori Bergeron — Treasurer Kathy Scott Stacey Michaels Melissa Price Catherine Grisswald Kerry Grisso Third row: Glenda Godwin — Faculty Advisor Tina White — President Brenda Barnes Lilli Bellknap — V. President Tracey Montgomery Cannette Catrer Kate Harrison Guyla Lowrie Beth Patterson Janie Holman — Sec. 1 284 — Organizations I SEA In lelu of using a picture of their organization. Student for Environmental Awareness is using a picture of the Oxford Landfill. The Oxford Landfill Is Just one of the many places In the South that causes hazards to the community and to the land. During the past several months the landfill and the city of Oxford have come under attack for letting outside companies bring in wastes from neighboring states. SEA Is Just one of the groups keeping an eye on the landfill and many of the other landfills that are causing environmental problems throughout our state. SEA hopes to make more people aware of the importance of being environmentally aware and knowledgeable about the small things that every person can do that will make this world a better place to live. Any student at Ole Miss can become a member of SEA, and in having such a broad membership, SEA hopes to bring about a great consciousness concerning environmental issues. Lori Allen, Dana Altazan, Lisa Andreini, Rachel Arnold, Kathryn Atkins, Co-President; Ricky Baldwin, Vice- President; Rusty Barlow, Karen Barnes, Lawton Barnes, Ann Berry, Marcia Berry-Diggs, Marcia Bethay, Brian Beutin, Laura Binford, Beth Bond, Elizabeth boone, Taylor bowen, David Bramlett, Public Relations; Wendy Broad, Katelyn Brown, Richard Brown, Stephanie Browning, Holly Brezeczek, Doug Buchanan, Recycling Chair; Bill Burdell, Fundraising; Weese Butler, Missy Carpenter, Christina Cannon, Tim Carpenter, Jim Carter, JenniJFer Chapman, Christopher Cobb, Patrick cochran, Debra Rae Cohen, Amy Cole, Priscilla Coleman, Kim Colle, John Conlon, Jeff Cook, Barbra Creager, Jean Cretini, Mary Linda Dahlke, Delly Davis, Projects Co- Chair; Todd Davis, Lauri Denton, Teresa Determan, Dan DeWeese, Paul Diballa, Beth dlckson, Liza Dodson, Ryan Emfinger, Lori Evanson, Ham Farris, Co-President; Ken Fayard, Sirdon Filiponc, Peyton Ford, Stacey Foret, Kevin Gabbert, Mark Gardner, Stacey Gibb, Michael Goode, Lorax Chair; Bo Graham, Jennifer Graham, Heather Greger, Marilyn Grimes, Alisa Habeeb, Blake Hagmann, Britton Hall, Dawn Hamilton, Misty Hammack, Brad Hawkins, Derek Heinrich, Jeff Hemphill, John Henderson, Caroline Herring, Chris Hobbs, Barry Holcomb, Shonda Hollmon, Tim Hontzas, Lori Hudgens, Marcy Hutcheson, Snady Jarlmaskul, Troy Jenkins, Aaron Johnson, Chris Johnson, Julie Johnson, Endangered Species; Laura Johnson, Endangered Species; Mike Johnson, Jennifer Kennedy, Anastasia Kimble, Stacee King, Laura Kitchens, Jessica Klaus, Cathy Lantrip, Lans Larsen, Jinnifer Lawrence, Kim Lefoldt, Evans Link, Anita Linton, Amy Livingston, Amy Lott, Chris Mantia, Vicky Martin, Michelle Matthews, Jennifer Matting, Sharon Maxwell, Dor Ann May, Kevin Ma y, Danielle Merkett, Anne Meyer, Sarah Lynn Meyer, Melonie McCarley, Randi McClure, Shelley McConnell, Molly McCormic, Tara McGinness, Roger McGintry, Dale Mclntire, David McLaughlin, Michael McMurray, Chris Mogridge, Mick Moore, Roechille Morgan, McKemma Mull, Catherine Murphy, Laurie Murphy, Newsletter Editor; Kim Newcomb, Alison Nimrod, Johneen Nix, Rachel Noble, Beth Norris, Debra Northart, Andy Norton, Kellye Orange, Fred Olive, Dathryn Oit, Sam Orr. Date Otis, Mary Catherine Outlaw, Todd Owen, Missy Pace, SEcretary; Sidra Patterson, G.R. Peters, Janja Philippoff, Joely Pique, Angle Pope, Jason Prange, Craig Purvis, Bo Reed, Tom Pynn, David Reitman, Audra Renfroe, Tim Richardson, Margaret Kelli Robinson, Winston Rogers, Lulu Sandifer, David Schmit, Jason Senko, Viren Shah, Travis Singleton, Jen Slttenfield, Holly Snith, Susan Smith, Candice Sonnier, Shristy Soper, Tom Speed, Michelle Spence, Dale Stafford, Donette Stafford, Jenn Steffes, Shristyna Stewart, Samuel Still, Kemp Stone, Catherine Stowtz, Mike Strayer, Projects Co-Chair; Julie Swayze, Susan Symons, Kristen Taylor, Heather Vahl e, Hester van Dyte, Jenny Varden, Sharron Vinson, Shelly Wade, Martin Walker, Elizabeth Weiss, Jennifer Westbrook, Susan Whelan, Doug White, Lou Ann Wilcoz, Brian Wilson, Ammar Yasin, Michelle Zitko. Organizations — 285 Student Alumni Council The SAC, sponsored by the Ole Miss Alumni Association, is comprised of students who represent classes, academic departments, campus organizations, and geographical districts. The SAC acts as the " bridge " between The University ' s students and alumni. One of the principle goals of the council is to educate these representatives about the alumni program and all of its functions. Through the SAC, students may meet alumni and discover opportunities the association has to offer. 1. Officers:Sabrlna Story, President- Elect; John Kinsey, President: Anna Provence, Public Relations; Melissa Perry, Secretary; Stacey Reaves, Vice-President. 2. Board of Directors: Allison Swayze. Lee Mas- sey. Dean ne Mosley, Jennifer Jackson. Ginger Hubbard. Michael Hufflnes, Doug Harklns. Cur- tis Simon, Michael Broussard. Michael Cooley. Jeff Brown. Not Pictured: Pam Parker. Members: Julie Allen. Rachel Arnold. Brett Beard. Michael Berger. Missy Bingham. Amanda Eiobb. Laura E3onner. Katie Busby. Dow Canup. Lee Carney. Curt Childress. Sharyl Clinton. Christopher Cobb. Kim Cornish. Llndley Davis. Becky Dill. Edie Douglas. Shane Duncan. Stephanie East, Eric Floyd. Suzanne Foushee. Harv Gleason. Barry Grantham. Holly Hacker, Elizabeth Hagemann. David Harbison, Virginia Hill, Chrlssy Holbrook. Tim Holder. Verna Humphrey. Nan Jernlgan. DeanI Joiner. Elizabeth Jones. Jaquellne Jordan. Sheila Kalka. Laura Lane. Robert Layton. Lauren Lewis. Tara Lobrano, John Madden, Melissa Malouf, Amanda Mason. Jessica McCormack. David MIdllck. Erin Myers. Allison Pope. Alicia Rankin. Yvette Reed. Jeff Roberson. Mac Samples. Connie Seawrlght. Alan Smith. Paige Smith. Julie Swayze. Tara Taranto. Raymond Valuer. Sunshine Webb. Susan Webb, Yolanda Wesley. David Williams. Christie Wilson. Brian Wilson. 286 — Organizations I J Chancellor ' s Leadership Class Members of the 1990 Chancellors Leadership Class are: Christopher Alexander, Mario Alt. Katherine Barrett, Dwayne Blaylock, Kim Brackett, Mike Carraway. Stephen Collins. HiYon Cox, York Craig, Courtney Eason, Christy Eubanks, Steve Falkenheiner. Adam Farlow, Dana Freeman, Rita Gibson. Chad Gllliland. Heather Greger. Margaret Haire. Natasha Hall. Amy Henderson. Shonda Holloman. Reed Hopkins. Nikki House. Cedrick Jackson, Sheila Kalka, Carole Kloha. Melinda Klotz, Amy Lee, Trade Lee, Ricky Livingston, B.J. Mannix, Dianna Martin, Drew Martin, Christi Massey, Michael McCarty, Ashley McKlnney. Michelle Mize, Alan Moore. Avery Mounger. James Naftel. Mark Nelson. Mario Norman. Jeff Oliverio. Sidra Patterson. Dena Pickett. Pam Presley. Tera Quails. Kelly Revels. Brett Robbins. Sims Rogers, Margaret Sams. Lee Sanders, Sandy Sanford. Scott Sartin, Brad Scott, Audra Shows, Alice Smith, Reginald Smith, Barry Stokes, Lee Summers. Sonya SzymanskI, Michelle Thompson, Jill Underwood, Brooks Verschoyle, Michael Walker, Kristin Weir, August White, Rankin Wilbourne, Lucky Wilkinson, Brian Wilson, Douglas Wood, Heather Wood, Thomas Word. William Yates. Jessica Yoste. Webb Younce. In 1985 Chancellor Turner announced the formation of the Chancellor ' s Leadership Class. As a result, the University launched a search for about sixty prospective freshman men and women to join the proud ranks of the CLC. These students are chosen for their accomplishments in high school and are encouraged to further develop their leadership abilities. As preparation for their leadership roles, the members of the CLC attend leadership functions and seminars throughout the year. Leading the discussions of these events are members of the administration, internationally known professors, students holding top offices in campus groups, and government and business leaders. Class members are encouraged not only to take part in the various organizations on campus, but to continue to participate in civic and state affairs after graduation. Organizations — 287 Student Programming Board The Student Programming Board plays a very important role in the lives of all stu- dents. On a weekly basis the board offers a variety of stu- dent activities. From tie- dying in the Grove, to frisbee golf, to movie night, SPB brings students from all over together to interact in planned events. Some of the more noteable annual events planned by SPB are the Parade of Beau- ties Pageant and the various musical acts the Board brings to campus each year. This year during the fall se- mester the campus was treated to a rare and very special visit by rock-legend Bob Dylan. 1 . Barbare Rhea helps one of the faculty children to tie-dye her shirt during Homecoming week. 2. Kelly Shoemake last year ' s Most Beautiful crowns this year ' s winner Krlsti Ad- dias. Members of the Student Pro- gramming Board of Directors include from left, front row, Jennifer Long, Sarah Jerni- gan. Associate Director; Phil McCarty, Director; and Janie Holman. Back row, from left, Scott Prewitt, Laura Foster, Ann Folkes, Charlotte Wood, Steve Harrison and Joseph Reid. Photos by Pete Emer- son. 288 — Organizations A 1 B.J. Mannlx A 3 B.J. Mannlx 1 . The SPB board of directors: Joseph Reld. DeanI Joiner. Janle Holman, Ann Huthnance. Steve Harrison. Jennifer Long. Laura Foster. 2. Bob Dylan, as he appeared In papers around the state heralding his arrival In concert at Ole Miss. 3. Carol Johnson mugs for the camera during an SPB picnic, while her frelnds continue to enjoy the afternoon. 4. The entire Student Programming Board. x4 Pete Emerson Organizations — 289 Rebel Recruiters The Rebel Recruiters had its beginning in the Steve Sloan era and have played an important role for our sports program ever since. The Rebel Recruiters help the coaching staff with the recruitment of prospective student athletes. They serve as hostesses during recruiting events, welcone prospects who are visiting campus, and phone or write prospects that the coaches assign to them. Each girl represents Ole Miss and shows her friendly attitude toward people by her willingness to help them. The recruiters are always present to show support for the football team, and always do their best to build school spirit. Photo by Alan Sheffield. Rebel Recruiters are: Deborah Alexander Amy Blackburn Carmela Brown Linda Carrothers Cassandra Curry Phoebe Davis Karen Drake Tammy Foster Amy Harrison Stephanie Hathcock Leigh Herringt on — Cmt. Chairman Melanie Hodges Kristy Holbrook Tammy Hunt Leslie Haile Heather Irby — Vice-President Traci Johns Vicki Lippincott Sherry Love Cynthia Martin Amanda Mason McDanlel May Cathy McMiUin Tonya Miller Rachel Moore Suzanne Oakley Misty Owens — President Allison Parden Latrina Partick Audra Renfroe Kim Robertson Monica Thomas — Sec-Treas Kathy Vicars Heather Vollintine Kim Watkins Mary Werber 290 — Organizations Accounting Student Body Bi J Accounting Student Body Is a group which works In conjunction with the Ole Miss school of accountancy In help- ing students better prepare themselves for the world of accounting. The student body Is Just a part of the many groups throughout the accounting association that strives to make sure that all ac- c ounting and business students are able to begin their career as prepared as possible. The body Is comprised of stu- dents who are enrolled In the school of accountancy. Officers of ASB: from left, Tommy Hayden. Treasurer; Dean Tonya Flesher; Joe Nosef, President and Jack Crawford, Vice-President. Photo by Alan Sheffield National Assocation of Accountants II lenl :.Treas 4 The National Association of Accoun- tants Is an association of people throughout the world who plan ahead for their own professional development as central to their career In manage- ment and accounting. The student chapter at Ole Miss Is an affiliate of the Northeast Mlsslssslppl chapter of NAA. Technical meetings held on campus are structured around presentations of Im- portant topics by leading speakers and the exchange of practical knowledge among participants. Members of NAA: from left, Beth Goldman, Sherrl Prestldge, Heather Herlard, Kelly Hudson. John Klnsey, Brian Eoff, Ellen Malone. Paige Purvis, Cynthia Armstrong, Cliff Buster and Mrs. Diane Guyton. Photo by Alan Sheffield. Organizations — 291 I Society of Professional Journalists The Society of Professional Journal- ists. Sigma Delta Chi. is the oldest, largest and most representative or- ganization of its kind serving the profession of Journalism. Founded in 1909. SPJ unites Journalists all over the country, recognizes Journalistic talent in print and broadcast fields and provides upcoming Journalists with connections to be successful in the profession. Students wishing to Join must be a Journalism major in either print or broadcast sequence, public relations and or advertising. Members Include: Chris Baker. President; Catherine Thomas. Vice-President; Alleen McLaln. Secretary Treasurer; S- Gale Denley. Advisor; Linda Zettler, Edy McConnell. August Laurent. Melissa Pace. CamlUe Brown. Carrie Thomas, Kim Brocato, Connie Williams. Tom Brlmm. Scott Overby. Allison Clancy. Tracy Hunter. Cameron Abel. Tom Scales. Charlotte Wood. Kim Trowbridge. Heather McConkey. Al- Isa Habeeb. Bala James Baptlste. Brittany Layton. Todd Vlnyard. Mae Smith, Laurie Tharpe, Susan Lipscomb, Jennifer Mattlngly, Drue Patton, Lee Eric Smith RTNDA RTNDA is the acronym for the Radio and Television News Directors As- sociation. This International organ- izations brings together all Journal- ists, including national media persons, to help further the ideals of broadcast Journalism. Chartered on the Ole Miss campus on September 9, 1 990, the University is one of only 27 universities in the country to have RTNDA. So far the group has adopted a constitution and have be- gun affiliation with the national chapter. Advisor Jim Pratt said the goal of the organization is to further broadcast Journalism ethics and standards and to train people to be good broadcast journalists. Chartering members include front row, from left, Neal McCready, Vice- President; Joely Pique, Dr. James Pratt. Advisor: and Lara Mansell.. Back row, from left, Renee Cowan. Angel Fontana, President: Jay Nix, Board of Directors and Marty Sumrall. 292 — Organizations Army — ROTC I - If m- a ' ' rJ I -l -m W M nSBMfSJSfa; At Ole Miss the branch of the Army ROTC Is the Rebel BataUlon. These young men and women comprise a fine group who devote their time to the government and the country by attending class- es, camps and weekend drills. These students take classes de- signed to enhance their knowledge and skills In the army, as well as taking regular academic classes In pursuit of their degree. At UM military sciences classes are offered to all students. It Is the hope of the military that by making all students familiar with the workings of the US military, they will grow to have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the services that our military provides. Organizations — 293 I Recreational Majors Re-established In 1986, the Recre- ational Majors Association was or- ganized to bring together students who Eire Interested in recreation as a profession. Social and academic at- mospheres are designed and utilized by the association to aid Its members with their personal and professional development. Members participate on a regular basis in socials, fun- dralsing events, and service projects. Members Include: Paul WUloughby, Shandolin Nettles, Becky Crowell, Davll Haddox, Feorge Cook, Donny Forsyth. Elaine Busby, Holly Beasly, Natalie Ruffin, Charlene Story, Ernest Noe, Delores Lenzy, Dan Wagner. Vance Austin, Nancy Mar- tin, Tim Frltts, Billy Samuals, Mi- chael Mack, Charles Overton, Chonne Tyndall, David Houston. Patrick Eddie, and John McKay. f University Bowling Club The Die Miss Bowling club gets together at the lanes and has a great time doing what they love most. Members include: Jenny Hufford, Mike Roberson, Kyle Kinion, Lora Thomason, Jen- nifer Swords and Martin Riv- ers. 294 — Organizations NROTC Sponsors NROTC Sponsors are: Front Row: Rena Forrest, J.J. Gay, Heather Volllntine, Lisa Brown, Renee Johnson. Sec- ond Row: Jennifer Chapman, Julie Klmberllng, Karen Drake, Julie Crlss, Elizabeth Preston. Third Row: Jennifer Traughber, Stacy Sowell, Linda Beth Wiley, Christl Massey, Ellen Cowan, Angela Glowers, Errln Moeck. NOT P ICTURED: Tara Coker, Car- lynn Dixon, Nancy Donelan, Tara Flmlano, Emily Harmon, Suzette Merrlam, Crystal Pegram, Andrea Pierce, Nandra Pyle, Monica Sellers, Kim Trowbridge, Tracy Yarbrough. Photo by Alan Sheffield. Angel Flight Angel Flight is a service or- ganization In conjunction with the Arnold Air Society of the Air Force ROTC. Angel Flight is a national organiza- tion represented by schools across the nation. It provides Individuals with activities that benefit the Air Force, the Oxford community, and the nation. Members: Back Row: Becky Peklch, Sara Nelson, Ellen Kadlec, Lisa Gorden, Jenni- fer Mattingly, Jennifer West- brook, Margaret Buck, Kim Newcomb, Taylor Watson. Front Row: Kris Olmstead, Shirley Walker, Jean Crit- tinl. Dottle Parker, Sandy Parker, Glinda Fountain, Renee Reilly, Melanie McRay, Katy Busby. Photo by Alan Shejffield. Organizations — 295 Black Student Union At Ole Miss the Black Student Union is a social service and political or- ganization designed to promote black interests. The goal of the BSU is to establish black awareness and to unite and maintain a black iden- tity at Ole Miss. Any student enrolled at the Univer- sity of Mississippi who supports and promotes the principles and ideas expressed in the preamble of the BSU is eligible for membership. The BSU is very diverse and has many different organizations within its membership. One of the most im- pressive and visible divisions of the BSU is the choir which performs at many different functions throughout the year. ( ▲ 2 All photos by August Laurent 296 — Organizations 1. BSU officers: Doris Henderson. Pres.; Perry Hawkins, Vlce-Pres.; Tammle Turner, Sec; and Lisa Bennett, Treas. 2. BSU Choir 3. Eb- ony Elegance Modeling Board: first row. Gene Bradford, Neffle Gatewood. Tangela Buford, Shah Harris, Kenny Rogers. Second row.Markecla Marshall, Rochelle Gooden. Third row, Tracy Townes, Stacey Tucker, Ka- trina Seals. 4. Black Graduate School. 5. Black Graduate School Officers. Organizations — 297 I Modeling Board The Ole Miss Modeling Board Is a group of students chosen every year by a panel of judges to represent the school at various fashion shows and recruiting activities. This year 19 new students were chosen to join the group after two days of tryouts. The new members are of various ages and come from all parts of the United States. The Modeling Board members frequently pose for advertisements for local merchants and are guests on such shows as " Wake Up Call, " and WTVA ' s fashion segments. The Board also works in fashion shows all over Mississippi and Tennessee and this year traveled to high schools to help with recruitment for the University. 1 . Officers of Modeling Board are from left, Amy Harrison. Sec. Treas.: Kecia Long, Director; and Deani Joiner, Captain. 2. Senior members of Modeling Board. 3. New members. ] Shi Wi Fn ( A 3 All photos by Alan Sheffield 298 — Organizations 1991 University of Mississippi Modeling Board UMMB Members: Deanl Joiner, Thaddeus Seals. Chip Adams. Rhonda Jones, Wendy Selquist, Sara Lynn Tartt. Stephanie Hammack, Sheila Kakla, Allison Wlmblsh. Jody Cole, Jay O ' Hare, Rich Kraft. George Fasclano, Joy Haddock, Yvette Reed, Sheila Griffin, Ida Williams, Amy Harrison, Cassandra Curry, Sharea Mllner. Jana McBrlde. Manlsa Huddleston. Jenny Roberts. Courtney Stewart. Myra Franklin, Jeannle Miller, Amy Bowman. Holly Holbrook. Felicia Anderson. Sara Freeman. Members of the womens board Members of the mens board Organizations — 299 Wall Street South Wall Street South Investment Club enhances the knowledge and financial wealth of its members by developing and executing sound investment decisions in money and capital market instruments. These investments are based upon recommendations made to the Board of Directors by investment groups. Each board member acts as an advisor to one of five Investment groups which are comprised of club members who elect to be actively involved in the decision making process. Wall Street South Officers: Gary Fudge, Treasurer; Paige Hudnall, Public Relations; Daniel Guillor, Board of Directors; Harry Sumner, Board of Directors; Louise Hooker, Secretary; and John Martin, President. I. C) Members: Row one, from r., John Martin. Louise Hooker, Gary Fudge. Row two, Harry Sumner, Dan Guillor, Roxanne Larsen, Julie Leathers, Cathy Knabb. Row three. Matt Williams, Jeff Adair, Tal Braddock, Mellzza Gamble, Missy Miller, Carrie Leigh Thomas, Charlotte Wood. Row four, Sam Langston, Vlnce Lewis, Tom Brabyn, John Yoste, Tony Welty. Patrick Donnelly, Rand Ray, Will Crosby. Klnch Cato. Row five. Paige Hudnall, Jim McElroy, Jay Stroble, Kenn Young, Paul Rich, Cavett Ratllff, Lynda Rosenthal. Jodl Jeffcoat, Ginger Todd, Amy Hornsby, Krlsta Shumpert, Jennifer Lulgs, Emily Smith and MIndy Young. Photo by Alan Sheffield. 300 — Organizations Baptist Student Union The Ole Miss Baptist Student Union is an or- ganization for all Christians students who wish to Join to grow closer to Christ. Such growth is acheived through Bible studies, dis- cipleship, weekly fellowship and Intramural activities sponsored by the BSU. The BSU also conducts campus and community outreach projects which give students the opportunity to minister to others. The BSU has become famous this year for its Thursday night ac- tivites which give all students a chance to come together for fellowship. 1. The BSU Board of Directors 2. TNT Thursday nights are a part of the program of the BSU and give students a chance to worship and socialize with others. 3. Bap- tist Student Union group. Organizations — 301 University Marching Band The Ole Miss Rebel Band, " The Pride of the South. " consistently maintains a performance standard of excellence while providing each Individual band member an envlornment of social activities and lasting friendships. The Rebel band offers an exciting op- portunity for qualified Instrumentalists and color guard specialists. The marching style for Its approximate 200 mernbershlp Is corps- oriented combined with a precision Influence featuring a dynamic woodwind and brass line, progressive multi-percussion section, and accomplished flag unit. The Rebel band also has within It four featured twirlers and the 24-member Rebelette dance team, which perform at UM football games, basketball games and other band- related activltes. In addition to football games, basketball games, and other UM athletic events, the Rebel band also performs at occasional pep rallies, parades and concerts. In 1958. the band was invited to perform at the World ' s Fair in Brussels, Belgium. The band has performed numerous times on regional and national television in conjunction with National Football League games. National Col- legiate Athletic Association Southeastern Conference football games and bowl games. The Rebel band has also officially rep- resented the University of Mississippi at Gubernatorial and Pres- idential Inaugurations. One of the three concert bands within the University band pro- gram is the Wind ensemble. In March of 1990, the Wind Ensemble traveled to Europe to perform in London and Oxford. England, as a " sister-city " cultural exchange and in Dublin, Ireland for the na- tional holiday festivities of St. Patricks Day. While in Ireland, the ensemble was the featured attraction at the pretigious Galway International Music Festival and also performed in Limerick ' s St. Mary ' s Cathedral. The Pride of the South — The Rebel Marching Band Ole i 302 — Organizations University Marching Band Drum Majors Drum section lU J i " . lfXti l ,f0 ., i Ole Miss Rebelettes Flag Corps iii Organizations — 303 College Republicans College Republicans had an active year throughout 1990-91. The three-hundred member club began the year with its annual member- ship drive during fall registration. After that, club members participat- ed in various activities. Before the 1990 elections, the club conducted an absentee ballot drive for Ole Miss students, and several members worked on local issues and cam- paigns. College Republicans attend functions around the state as well. Oliver North held an anti-tax rally in October, and the annual convention was held in April. In the Spring, the Ole Miss Club also began working on the 1991 State elections. Several blitzes against Democtaric Governor Ray Mabus and in favor of Repub- lican candidates were held. College Republiccin Officers: Cory Wilson, Chairman; Scott Ellzey, Second Vice-Chalrman; Dalne Risher, Secretary; Kevin Fergusen, Treasurer; Allison Carr, Publicity; NOT PIC- TURED: Joe McNeese, First Vice- Chairman; Lisa Lay, Slating; Heather Ellis, Social. Photos by Pete Emerson. 304 — Organizations Financiers ' Club The University of Mississippi ' s Financiers ' Club is primarily made up of students majoring in banking and finance and managerial finance; however, the club is open to all Ole Miss students. Annual dues are used to entertain guest speakers and to put on a fall and spring party. The speakers bring Infor- mation about the current banking and finance business world. Past students also speak on the topics of how to get a job and their experiences with the Interviewing process and the experiences as- sociated with one ' s first job In the banking field. Dr. Donald Moak who serves as Faculty Advisor stands with George Bartholomew, Financiers ' Club President. Members — First row. Dr. Donald L. Moak. Brent Bryant, Damon Bell. Tanya Uptegraph. Jennifer Revels, Vlnce Lewis, Chris Polsgrove, Paul Mitchell, Johnny LaCour. Second row, Alex Bohner, Lee ZoUer. Cathy McMillan, Toby Torjusen, Kellly Frassrand. William McNamara. David Cox, Jimmy Evans. Third row. Alan Smith, Steven Dear, Greg Parrlsh, Scott Walker, Audra Parker, Amy Kilpatrlck. Susan Webb, Chris Finnegan. Don Smith. Fourth row. Max Hopson. Will Sharp, James Taylor, Don Elcher, Dennis Ammann, Alex Thesmar, Jerry Robertson. Michael McCormick. George Bartholomew. Photos by Alan Sheffield. Organizations — 305 Senior Class The senior class is a group of students chosen by the senior classs officers, who are elected in a gen- eral election, to form a group who will organize, raise money and support a chosen project. The group usually numbers around 30 students. This year the chosen project of the senior class is to raise money and restore the houses located behind Wil- liam Faulkner ' s home Roanoke. Last year the class project, which cost more than $18,000 brought lights to the Ole Miss Grove. 1 , Class Officers — Chris Swann, Sec Treas; Julie Swayze, Vice-President; Ben Roberson, Presi- dent. I Senior Class Executive Committee — BUI Stewart, Jennifer Seay. Deana Lall, Caml Crockett, Lara Sullivan, Stacy Ehrgott, Anne Fowlkes, Scott Walker, Llbby Peeples, Greg Rickles, Jon Lucas. Krlstl Heflin, Michelle Woods, Stephanie Sanders, Kim Hathron, Dana Newell, Steve Harrison, Marlsa Songcharoan, Melvln Seld, Wheat Story, Kim Turner, John Klnsey, Susan Webb, Tiffany Lott. Lauren Lewis, Angelia Hartfleld. Deanl Joiner, Krlsten Taylor, Becky Neal, Jeb Abbott, Drew Mclntyre, Braddock Brawner, Glnny Wlttichen, Jenna Huff. Beth Crowley, Lindabeth Wiley, Deanne Mosley, Shannon Massie, Janle Holman. Misty Hammock, Jennifer Revels, TOOT Taylor, Phil McCarty, Carroll Blair, Steven Wall, Laura Lee Pester, Mickey Mallette, Brittany Layton. Photos by Pete Emerson. 306 — Organizations J |ott, AnBt hron,Da« ' ott, Lauren Wlttldien. veKTOOT rson- Pi Sigma Epsilon PI Sigma Epsilon established on the Ole Miss campus In 1963. Is a na- tional marketing fraternity. The lo- cal chapter Alpha Theta was rechartered In the fall of 1990. The objectives of PI Sigma Epsilon are to give practical experience In the field of business with special Interest In marketing and sales. Members: Row one. Tim Duncan. Leslie Leschner, MIndy Merrill, Tracey Ryan, Heather Waggoner, Samantha White, Jeanne Willis, Jennifer James. Carol Ann Graves, Anne Elliott. Dafphlne Edwards. Beth Doty, Sandy Gray, Thomas Conner. Row two,Katherlne Sheftall, KImberly Langston. Sandra Saunders, DorAnn Mah. Michelle MItcham, Tiffany Brooks. Dana Newell, Wendl Kurtz. VIckl McBryde. Allison Chrestman. Holly Hobbs. Row three, Wyn Norrls. Mark Col- lum. Charles Feltus. Kenny Carson. Brent Horn, Bryan Hallum, Matt Wil- liams. Gamma Iota Sigma Gamma Iota Sigma Is a national col- legiate Insurance fraternity and Is the only one of Its kind In the United States. It was chartered on the Ole Miss campus In 1976, and has re- mained active since that day. The purpose of Gamma lota Sigma Is to Improve the quality of Insurance ed- ucation and to serve as a Uaslon be- tween the campus and the Insur- ance community. The local chapter Invites speakers to the campus each year and allows students to learn about the Insurance business from professionals. Members: David W. Griffith, Chipper Calhoon, Kellght Sullivan, Cyndl Da- vis, Amanda Dixon, Andy Calllcutt, Slok Thleng Tan, Sandra Kay Peters, Tim Ross, Leong Chuan Tan, Rick Williams. Jennifer Luigs, Jody Dun- ning. Whitney Gurley. Organizations — 307 Phi Gamma Nu Phi Gamma Nu is a nationsil professional business frater- nity. The purpose of Phi Gamma Nu is to faster the study of business, encourage high scholarship, and pro- mote professional competen- cy and achievement in the field of business. The frater- nity ' s events Include profes- sional speakers, a fundrais- er. Founder ' s Day celebration and a national convention. Members Include: President — Mark Malony, Carol Blair, Lyn Draughn, Penn Wilder, Susan Wolfe, Amy Evans, Dave Fulcher, Fred Schaffer, Vince Lewis, John Raines. Interhall Council Interhall Council is the stu- dent body for the residence hall system. Meetings are held every other week and al- lows the residence advisors to talk about problems or concerns dealing with their dorms. IHC is part of the South Atlantic Association of College and University Res- idence Halls and the National Association of College and University Residence Halls. Each of these organizations holds a yearly business meet- Ing which all member schools attend. ■ 308 — Organizations AICHE The Ole Miss chapter of the Amer- ican Institute of Chemical Engineers promotes professional development among Its members as well as en- courages fellowship between stu- dents and faculty. Social and edu- cational activities are provided by the group. The annual back-to- school banquet begins the year. Speakers, field trips, and other serv- ices are available to the students In their preparation for life as a Chem- ical Engineer. Members: Tommy Alderman. Brooke Anthony, Cathy Lantrip, Shawn Kostelak. Brett Ross, Angelle Colon, Mary Evelyn Barnes, Perry Haw- kins, Richard Kltaka, Patrick Knight, Chin Boon Kua, Roger Faughin, Taylor Archer, Tim Gilder, Berlin Genettl. Larry Brantley, Pa- tricia Powell, Randy Thweatt, Rob- ert Taldy Jr, Janene Hook, Chrlssy Ell, Jack Hays, Shah Nagree, Mlrsa All, Maurlclo Quiros, Billy Wren, Danny Atkins. Faculty Advisors: Clint Wllllford, Robert Fisher, Dean Alhe Smith. Photo by Pete Emer- son. NSPE National Society of Physical Engineers members include — First row. Stephen Rich- ardson, Vice-President; Denise Theobald, Treasurer; Ellen Lackey, Secretary; Marshall McLaughlin, Presi- dent. Second row, Preston Knight, Sharon Forester, Richard Ferguson, Bill Westling, Kee Haut Lua. Third row, Scott F. Lee, Sam- uel L. DeLeech, Faculty Ad- visor; Tim Bridges, Jason Bennett, Tommy Alderman. Photo by Alan Sheffield. Organizations — 309 Phi Beta Lambda The Mississippi Future Business Leaders of America - Phi Beta Lamb- da Is a non-profit charitable asso- ciation and a civic Improvement so- ciety. The group was established In 1 987 to promote the education of Its members. However, Phi Beta Lamb- da also works to develop competent, confident business leadership, and ease the transformation from college life to the business community. Members Are: First Row: Bill Jen- kins, Vlce-Presldent;Lorl Johnson, secretary;Lane Golden, Hlstorl- an:Mlssy blngham, Whitney Hurley, Lynda Roslnthal, Dafphlne Ed- wards, Jeana Ferrell. Second Row: Eddie Melton, Brean Roberson, Smith Murphey. Richard Williams, Treasurer: Brad Allen, President; Al Maxcy, David Mlddleton, Brent Teague, Arvy Belfor, Sheila Ratllff, Alvln McLaughlin. Third Row: John Arnold, Sergent of Arms; Scott Wesolouskl, Robert woods, G. Talmadge Braddock, BUI Donovan, Lee Edward, Frank Williams, Mike Harrington, Kelelgh Sullivan, Bryan Parker, Reporter. M — Club The Ole Miss M-Club is com- prised of athletes who have earned a letter in one of the University sports. The M- Club has inducted into its membership members of all sports teams on campus, in- cluding golf, tennis, track, football and baseball, M-Club members: Couches (1, to r) Todd Sandroni, Tim Mul- 11ns, Andy Dalton. Jay Hop- son, David Midllck, Brian Maxcy. Kirk Purdom, Jeff Kortz, Back row. Camp Rob- erts, Doc HoUaday, Jeff Car- ter, Sebastian S. Williams, Trea Southerland, James Bailey, Jack Mulrhead, Chris Snopek, Joe Harvell, Tom Luke, Jim Beavers, Tim Jumper, Rob Darden, Greg Helneck, Eric Schwing. 310 — Organizations Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Kappa Psl Is a national men ' s band honorary dedicated to promot- ing college and university bands. The Beta Beta chapter raises money for a band scholarship and puts on a spring band banquet. Members — Mike Wilson, Co- Hlstorlan; Glenn Miller, Co- Hlstorlan; Bob Bailey, Sec; Alan Al- exander, President; David Stanfleld, VP; Stephen Sparks, Tres; Chad Saul, Parllmentarlan; Second row, Cedrlck Jackson, Jeff Tlenor, Robert McCoy, Chris Hughes. Chris StamphlU, Tim Moore. Third row. Sam Hasty, Jonathan Adklns. Gregg Gauline. Tim Kelley. Steven Deater and Tim Huckaby. Tau Beta Sigma Tau Beta Sigma is the sister organ- ization of Kappa Kappa Psi. Like the men ' s organization the womens group is equally devoted to promot- ing the causes and support of the university band. Members — Vandy Pacettl, Social Coordinator.; Melissa McReyonlds. Sec; Layne McGuire. President; Thomas Waggoner, Sponsor; Jean- nle Scott. VP: Mary Tillman. Treas; Kelly Hill, Sgt. at Arms; Belinda Hasty. Historian. Second row. Kristi West, Caroline Adams, Jennifer Shaw. Shirley Wygul. Belinda Creel. Georgia Bryan. Laurie Smith. Gayle Heimer. Sondra Evans. Lori le- laidris. Andrea Boles. Third row, Er- in Miernik, Jamie Cummins, Lisa Ri- ales. Andrea StamphlU, Jeane Buckner, Debbie Hinds, Kay Steiner. Wanda Barton. Samantha Knie. Ra- tine Seymor, Wanda Terrel. Adria Ward. Organizations — 311 Kappa Epsilon Kappa Epsilon is a na- tional professional fra- ternity which serves to promote women in pharmacy. The Alpha Gamma chapter of Kap- pa Epsilon was chartered at the Univer- sity of Mississippi in 1960. and has grown to one of the largest chap- ters in the nation. Kap- pa Epsilon strives to in- still within its members a desire for high schol- arship and a bond of lasting loyalty. New initiates: Amy Blaylock, Lisa Brown. Pam Burgess, Shawn Bampbell, Anna Gates. Dosha Cummins. Andrea Ewlng. MUlssa Gillespie. Dorl Hawkins. Debljle Jue. Renee Lambert. Laura Lee, Janice MaBee. Shelly Mathls, Krlstl Myers, Misty Owens. Bobble Jean Ross, Kathy Spann, Carole Brown, Donna Bufkln, Glnny Bush, KelU Caston, Leigh Ann coleman, KelU Daniels), Jam e Fowler, Jodl Hamm, Trlcla Hutto, Angela Klepzlg, Stacy Lancaster, Lisa Lou, Elizabeth Maggie, Terl Miller, Kate Otis, Rachelle Paul, Jeanna Sewell, Tina Welch. Fourth Year Members: Mana Alnsworth, Janet Baker. Christy Wheeler, Pam Bright, Eva Jo Byrd, Stacy Jo LInder, Amy weathers, Mary Margaret comer, Walerle Dalalson, Angela Daqullla, Lisa Duras antl, Melanle Flkes, Susan Ganann, Carla Camer, Charlotte Gillespie, So nya Hall, Kim Hathorn. Julie Herrlngton, Beth howell, Janer Hohnson, Reeca Lockhart, Shawn KMclntosh. Mellnda McMullen. Tracy Moss Windy Jane O Quin, Laura Pounders. Melanle Putnam, Tracy Qulnn, Cheryl Rogers, Karol Scott. DeAnn Smith, LoEUe, Smlthman. Tanya Summerford. Stacy Tlgrett. Teresa Tomslk Deena White Diane Wlldenson. Feanle Williamson. Fifth year Members Are: Becky Answorth, J. Bulter, Amy Darby, Jamie Deloach. Lorl Dennis. Rhonda Dunway. Cherle Fonknot. Mori Freeze. Vickie Griffith Leigh Ann Herring. Carol Herrod, Cyndl Jaggers, Debbie Jumper, April Lancaster, Cheryl Marbury. Lynda McLellan. Debbie MelUnger. Stephanie Morphls. Teresa Orr. Pam PIttman. Cassle Stanley. Sharon Therrell. Joy Turner. Michelle Turner, Sandee Wall, Judy Doollttle, Carolyn Boyd. JoAnna Strlcklln. ' I 312 — Organizations Kappa Psi Kappa Psl has the dis- tinction of being the first professional frater- nity In pharmacy and maintains the largest membership of all the pharmaceutical frater- nities. The Beta Rho chapter at Ole Miss was chartered in 1926. The local chapter stresses outstanding leadership, scholastic achieve- ments, community ser- vice and social activi- ties. Kappa Psl allows Its members to enjoy the prlvelages of growing academically and social- ly within our group. Kappa Psl officers: Charles Durant. Regent; Donny Whiteside, Vice-Regent; Blake Cook. Secretary; Robbie Chambess, Treasurer; David Dunson, Historian; David Hudson. Sgt. at Arms; David Neal, Director; Trevor Williams. Chaplain; Joel Powell, Pledge Trainer; Tom Grenn. Little Sister Chm; Dr. Dewey Garner and Dr. Marvin Wilson, Faculty Advisors. Photo bu Alan Sheffield. IB, Susan to ' Mcmbers: Justin Ales. James Anderson. Charles Bell. Marty Blgner. Wittlam Etonncr. William EBoydln. Daniel Breland. Lance Brock. Ed Brondyke. Reagan Brown. Billy Camp. Robert Chamtjers. Michael Clark. Blake Cook. John Coof)erwood. Chris Couey. Steven Dancer. Eric Davidson. David Davis, Brad Deaton. Marty Dllworth. Tracey Douglas. [3obby Dunn. David Dunson. Charles Durant, Kenny Floyd. Jason Foxworth. Thomas Gatlln. Christopher Graham. Thomas Grenn. Larry Halley. Mark Hemphill. Darren Hlggs. David Hudson. Preston Muggins. James Hux. J. Jaggers. William Joblln. Glenn Joe. Jeffery Jones. Elvln Knight. Sammy Lee. Danny McCaughan. Michael McKnatt. Alan Neal. Henry Norwood. Lewis Pearson. Joel Powell, Robert Pulllam. Jeff Quln. Jerry Reed. Steve Rowland. Chris Rowley. Richard Schaefer. Kenny SchmlLz. Alan Simmons. Ronald Smith. Kenneth Stelner. Scott Suhor. Steven Thomas. James Tlnsley. Juan Trlppe. David Tucker, John Tyner, Tol Van Devendcr, Kelly Waldrlp. Tripp Webb, Gregory Whltaker, Jerry Whiteside. Trevor Williams. Joseph Williamson, Eiarry Wilson. Dennis Wilson, Raymond Woo, Henry Wood, Frankle Yielding Organizations — 313 iDwXIj The American Society of Chemical Engineers is com- prised of, first row: Richard Ferguson, Secretary; Jenni- fer DeCann, Vice-President; Kee Haut Lua, Sharon For- ester, Treasurer; Tan Kla Swel. Second Row: Chuck Plaxlco, Jeya Kumar Sup- plah, Preston Knight, Mar- shall McLaughlin, Dorothy Coleman, President. Third Row: Thomas Varghese,K. Stead, Advisor; Hadl H.S.M. Shlrazi. Petros Chrlstov, Shong, Fook-Cherng. AIAA The American Institute of Aeronau- tics and Astronautics Is a society open to all students who have a In- terest In the aerospace Industry. The Ole Miss section hosts speakers from Industry and attends a regional con ventlon In the spring. The UM chap ter also visits aerospace Industry lo cations to see professionals at work Members of AIAA: Heather Gaines Laurie Rose, Dorothy Coleman Sharon Forester. Kee Huat Lua Denlse Theobald. Ellen Lackey Chuck Plaxlco, Kwee Tsang Chlu Chlng, Richard Ferguson. Khor Khl ang Teck, BUI Westllng, Hadl Shlrazi, Preston Knight, Robert Hackett. Steve Richardson, Tim Bridges, T. Falron Pavollnl. 1 314 — Organizations I Engineering Student Body The Ole Miss Engineering Student Body Is an organiza- tion composed of engineering students who share an Inter- est in serving their school and their fellow students. The ESB organizes such events as the annual phone- a-thon, barbeques and tutori- als for students. Membership in the ESB is only five dollars per semester. Meetings are held every week. Engineering Student Body of- ficers: 1. to r. Tommy Alder- man, Vice-president; Dorothy Coleman, President: Chris Watts, Secretary: Randy Meeks, Treasurer. ASME The Ole Miss student section of the American Society of Mechanical En- gineers Is primarily concerned with getting mechanical engineering stu- dents acquainted with the " real world " of engineering. ASME activ- ities Include plant trips, design and paper contests and an annual re- gional contest. The society Is funded mainly through grants from engi- neering corporations. The Ole Miss chapter also hosts speakers from dif- ferent sections of Industry, ranging from aerospace to petroleum. ASME members: First row, Tim Bridges. Denlse Theobald, Kwee Tsang Chlu-Chlng, Boon Yaw Heng. Stephen Richardson. Second row, Ellen Lackey. Bill Westllng, Yatln Chachad, Kelly Sue Finn, Khor Kh- Ing Teck. Third row. Scott Lee, Dr. Sumon K. Slnha, Jason Bennett, Jay VIswanathan, T. Falron Pauollnl. Organizations — 315 Ole Miss Karate Club The Ole Miss Karate Club was founded in 1975 by Bob Nance. Nance ' s senior stu- dent, Robert Holley, took over as instructor of the group in 1982. The club represents the University by sponsoring a major tournament each fall, through seminars by ka- rate masters such as A.J. Ad- vincula, and by its own dem- onstrations and rank tests. Members: Standing-Darby Richardson, Al Kirkland, Connie Campbell, Cherry Charette, Scott Madden, Mike Carraway. Seated- Tamara McColgan, Robert Holley, Jim McColgan. Photo by B.J. Mannix. Water Ski Team The Ole Miss Water Ski team was founded five years ago and is made up of recreation- al and competitive skiers. Many skiers compete in sev- eral tournaments each year and consistently do very well. The team ski three to four days a week during warm weather and occasionally en- gage in polar bear excursions during the winter. The club is open to all students and fac- ulty who share a common in- terest in water skiing. Members — Front row, Ty Hill, Christine Clark, Kenny Austin, Philip Walker. Back row, Jerry Burkett, Mason Rollins, Matt Thomason. Photo by Alan Sheffield. . 4 f 316 — Organizations i Student Association of Singapore The Student Association of Singa- pore brings together students from Singapore and allows them to share experiences and problems associat- ed with attending school and adjust- ing to another culture. The associ- ation strives to promote good relations between the association and the entire student body. Members of the Student Association of Singapore are: Chan Meng Lee, President; Simon Chan. Ruby Chua. General Secretary: Heng Hwee Main, David Tan, Mark Lee, Treasurer; Pe- ter Peng Lee, Maria Ko, Goh See Pyng, Clarrlsa Mong, William Swee, Ong Om Guan. Photo by Pete Em- erson. Malaysian Student Association 1 The Malaysian Student Association was formed In 1982. and strives to promote friendships and understanding between Malaysian students and other Unlveristy students, Memt)ers are: Row one. Annette Loh. Mee-Song Phang. Yong-Khoon Lee. Tang Tung Ylen. Irene Abong, Edward Lee Yip Chi. Alex Kua. Jeff Lin. Learn-Wee Lee. Second row.Sen-Wel Loke. Mee Yoong Ngew. Bee Tho Yap. Tan Slok Thelng. Men Llh Leow. Hul Fang Chal. SeauHomg Ng- Chong. Karen Khoo. Foong-Meng Chew. Suan- Lul Peh. Row three.Chal Zheng- Yang. Thiau Yan-Thoong. Yew-Wel Llong. Yee-Huap Low. Kal ' Meng Leong. Sow Fong Chang. Wee-Solng Pang. Chang Kum-Mu. Tan Leong-Chuan. Row four.Lu Lee Ho. Khon Khlng Teck. Chow Wal Keong. Tony Lee Long Fau, Lee Kwal Weng. Teh Swee Hwa. Tan Yak Guan. Row five. Tan Kla Swel. Yee Khean Hah. Boon Yaw Heng. Meng Xlat Teh. Tien Nan Teh. Chong-Yan Yew. Steven Kong Row sbi.Boon Seng Tal " MC Hammer. Eng Choon Goh. Cheng Yeow Yeap. Ewe Hln LIm. Yew Leong Loh. Joo Kwang Ltm, Jit Meng Llm. Soong-Long Wong. Organizations — 317 The Association of Women Students Is a student organization working to Improve and thereby promote the needs and concerns of women stu- dents on this campus In all areas personal, educational, and econom- ic. AWS provides Information on top- ics of Interest through outreach pro- grams, workshops and fund-raising events. However, most of all. AWS creates an educational atmosphere while offering a variety of fun-filled activities with many opportunities to meet new people and open up young women to new experiences and new opinions. AWS Officers: Anna Provence. Vice- President; Missy Pace. President; and Missy Bingham, Sec Treas. AWS Members: Beth Exum. Laura Houston. Megan Havlg, Tiffany McCorkle. Christy Eubaiiks. Shanna Bartlett. Kendra Craft. Kelsey Holmes. Amy Livingston. MargI Sheehan. Blair BIggers. Missy McCollum. Lisa Huber. Shana McAlexander. Victoria Michaels. Kathryn Hodo. Sims Rogers. Amanda Wayne. Stephanie East. Kim Webb. Jennifer Cuevas, Angle Flowers. Kelly Cochran. Jennifer Pace. Lara Sullivan, Barl Brown, Sharyl Clinton, Donna West, Priscllla Colema, Emllle Mulkey, Julie Johnson, Dee Ann Mitchell. Katie Rldgeway. Erin Furr. Dana Altazan. Wendy Broad. Klmandrla Moody. Melissa Perry. Elizabeth McClatchy, Chris Carpent. Elizabeth Boone. Glna Barton. Mlssey Beasley. Randl McClure, Missy Pace. Anna Provence. Missy Bingham. Photos by Alan Sheffield. k 318 — Organizations i! Phi Delta Chi Phi Delta Chi is a national fraternity of pharmacy. The objectives of Phi Delta Chi are to advance the sci- ence of pharmacy and Its allied interests and to fos- ter and promote a fraternal spirit among its members. The Alpha Epsilon chapter is active in community ser- vice as well as promoting pharmacy as a profession. Since getting established at Ole Miss In 1927, Phi Delta Chi has also had many alumni that are leaders in pharmacy to- day. Row one: LeAnn Thorton, Beth Caver, Lori Boehm, Jeanette McDonald, Celest Marquer, Renee King, Amanda Cutberty, Donna Snipes, Sonia Moody, Becky Cooper. Second row: Amanda Pitts, Cindy Rose, Neely Kellum, Sharlene Malone, Stacie Hutchinson, Meg Wil- liams, Lisa Ratcllff, Susan Shaw, Cherri Waits, Ann Northcutt, DeAnn Merrill, Wendy Rhyne. Third row: William Harder, Mitch Skelton, Joe Hubacek, Kyle Heimer, Shannon Whitaker, Mark Barton, Andy Null, Joey Merrill, James Ran- dle, Tim Lewis, Mike Stepp. Craft, W lelsiaW .rPace,U« Organizations — 319 MBA Association The MBA Association is a newly comprised group of students, all of whom are pursuing their MBA de- gree. The group promotes Itself by hosting functions designed to enhance the experiences, both academ- ically and socially, of busi- ness majors. MBA Association Officers: (from L.) Loflln Falls, Sec; Todd Greer, Exec. Vice- president; David Ferrell, President; and Gary Fudge, Vice-President. Photos by B.J. Manntx i Members of MBA are: Junus AngUngdarma. Susanna Anzalone. Joyce Atkinson, Stephanie Babin, Ramachandran Balakrlshnan, Jeff Barnes. Angela Bee. Satyendra Bhatl. Ashit Bhatla. Nathan Blount, Jeff Boyd. Samuel Braswell, Charles Brooks. Horace Bushardt. Jason Calvaslna, David Carr. James Carver. Lawrence Chamberlln. Chlaw-TengChan. Peter Chlodo. Chlng-We Chu, Hean Fatt Chung. Shawn Cobb. Kevin Collins. Alan Cook. John Cox. Cecil Crain, Jon Cunningham, Rumman Dastglr, Anderson Drake. David Drewrey, Susan Duke, MIcheal Edwards, Ellen Falls. Alan Ferguson. David Ferrell, Lisa Flynt, Thomas Ford. Gary Fudge. Camllle Gafford. Song Gao, Preston Garrett. John Gaston, Joel Glover, Terry Goggans. Todd Greer. James Hahn, Robert Halford. Walter Hall. Paul Hardin. John Knaff. Mark Koregay. Thomas Lewis. Thomas Lindsay, Brian Logan. David Malone. Jay McCroskey. James Miller. Jeff Palmer, Michael Patrick. Charlotte Patterson. Brent Peddy 320 — Organizations Lady Rebel M Club The Lady Rebel M Club Is comprised of women athletes who have earned a letter in one of the varsity sports — track, golf, tennis, basket- ball, volleyball, and cross country. Members — Front row, Kris- ti Wilkinson, Nina Topper, Stephanie Gentry, Amy Napolitano, Rachelle Paul, Jennifer Humkey, Theresa G. Vann. Second row, Kate Ditolla, Kristen Goehring, Al- ison Hill, Charlotte Banks, Keilly Frassrand, Antrice McGill. Third row. Tammy Work, Gail Eaves, Stephanie Lindley, Chris Daoi, Niki Tu- tor, Sarah Britt, Diane Smedman. Photo by Alan Sheffield. Crosby Hall Crosby Hall Resident Advi- sors basically run the show at Crosby. They not only help to keep peace and order on the floors, but they help run the desk and assure that there are not any unautho- rized visitors present in the dorm. They sacrifice a lot during the year to assure that things run smoothly in the dorm. RA ' s — Standing: Daphne L. Kimmons, Victoria B. Law- son, Erma Sanders, Monica Thomas, Tonya Miller, Erika Henderson, Cheryl White, Brooke Anthony. Couch: Ro- chelle Green, Vanissa Tay- lor, Jeane Buckner, Donna Traylor, Ghana Brown, Stephanie Edwards, Gina Hummel. Organizations — 321 Classes A Legacy of Comradarie Thousands of new students enroll in the Uni- versity each year, constituting a new " class " of students. Much like high school this class sticks together as they mature and spend their years here at Ole Miss. Getting to know students of your same age group, allows one to see that the experience of coming to college is a new one for everyone and that fears and doubts are not unfounded. As close as re- lationships get between students in the same age bracket, competition still exists. Students in the same age groups often find themselves in direct competition with others for things such as honoraries, test scores, interviews and jobs. However, these same students find things much more personal such as study partners, morale boosters and close friends. Editors John Yoste August Laurent Freshmen Akina.Candlce.Canton. Lib. Arts. Xfl Alexander.Aprll.McCooI. Lib. Arts. Alexander.Chrls.Memphls. Bus.. SN Allen, Klmberly. Memphis. Education Allen.Loii.Ponotoc. Lib. Arts. AT Alliflon.KrisUn.Conway.ARK.. KA An tonlades.Fanos. University, Bus. Applegate.Davld.Counce, Tn.. Bus. Arbuckle, Mary. Water Valley. Bus. Annistead.Tanya.Jackson. Bus.. M Askew.Peter.Atlanta. Lib. Arts..S E Bailey .Jason. Woodland, Bus. Balley.Krlsti.Brandon. Lib. Arts. M Baine.John.El Dorado. ARK.. Bus. Bartlett.Shana.Marletta. GA..AOn Beall.Jennifer.Batesville.Lib. Arts. M Beard.Gerald.Pope. Lib. Arts. Beavers, Nikki.Senatobia. Education Beckcmeyer.Tracey. Florida. Educ. Bennett.Shannon. Brookhaven. Lib. Art Benton. Angela, Kosciusko. Engen Berg-Hayworth.Ky lie. Omaha. NE Blddlc.Davld.Tupelo.Lib. Arts, ' l K4 ' BlvenB,MelIssa.Woulka. Acct. Blakley.MlcheUe.Flshers.IN.nB Bland. Yolanda.KIlmicheal, Lib.Arts. Blasen.Jennifer.Trenton. TN.AAH Blay lock, Lester, Greenville. Bus. Boatman, Amy. Corinth. Phar.,AAA Bond.Beth. Dallas. Educ, Xn Bond, Melissa, Perklnston. Bus. Bonner.Laura.New Orleans. Lib. Arts. BourgeoU,Cynth la. Orlando. Fla.. Educ. Box.Kevln. Corinth. Lib. Arts. Bramlett.Mary. Florence, Lib. Arts. Brantley.Kay Kay. Lib. Arts.zlAA Brewer.Lucy. Senatobla. Bus., AAA Briggs.Jonathan. Camden, ARK. Brown, Jennlfer,Water Valley, Educ. Brown.Margaret.Jackson. xn Bryan. Georgia, Missori, Lib. Arts. Bush.Jason, Laurel, Lib. Arts. t Ad T 324 — Classes BusBone, Kristin. Jackson,Bus..KAB Buston,l)lll.CharlesIon.SC.4 ' Ae Cadc.Shaynt ' .Noxapater. Lib. Arts. X Calhoun, Carrie. Richard son. TX.IIB Campbell. Patrick. Holly Springs. Bus Caasldy.Chad.Houston.TX. 2; E Caadle.Mflanle.Jackson.TN.KAe Chal.Mlng-Chlng.Unlverslty. Bus. Chapman. Jennlfer.Mlillngton. Phar. Chclette. Shannon. Lib. Arts. AAA Chrestman, Allison. Metalrle. La..Xn Clark.Chrlstln. Richardson. Tx.. Clements.Cass.BatesvUle. Lib. Arts Clements. Samuel.Grcnada. Lib. Arts Coker.Tara.gultman. Engm.AAII Cole.Joseph. Dallas. Tx.. KT Collins.Stephen. Bruce. Bus. Commer.Beth.Gulfport. Llb.Arts. nB Connell.Ted.Clarksdale. Bus. tAe Cook.Alana.Como. Llb.Arts Cook.Chrlstopher.Gore Springs. Cooper.Carollne.Thlbodaux. La. " tM Cordle.Sylvla.SummervlUe. Ga. KA9 Cornish, Klmberly.Ackerman. Bus. AT Corpsteln.Kathy.New Albany. KA6 Coston.Klmberly.Houston. Tx. HB Coatoiimanos. Angela. Tupelo Educ Cox. Jeffrey. Downlngtown. Pa. Bus. Coi.Mlchael.Hattlesburg. Llb.Arts Coz, Ronald, Oxford. Bus. Cranston. Suzanne.Jackson. lIB t Craver. Stephen. St. Albans. Wv.. Acct. Creel.Josephlne. Greenville. Educ Cretini.Jean.New Orleans. Bus. Crlss,Julle.Rockwall. Tx. Bus..K.4e Crocker.Marlon. Brandon. Lib. Arts. KA Crocker.Sherri. Calhoun CIty.Llb.Arts Caevas, Jennifer. Pascagoula. Acct. .AP Cunnings.Katherlne.Gulfport.Bus.ZTA Conningham.Latlcla. Prairie Point Davls.Llndley.Corlnth.Llb.Arts.Ar Davis.Plnkle.Crawrord. Llb.Arts Classes — 325 Freshmen DaviB.Tundra.Southaven, Lib. Arts Deaiing.Schantell.Aberdeen. Acct. Denick.Amy.Palm Harbor, Lib. Arts De Vries.Wytze.New York. LIb.Arts Dickinson, Deborah. Jackson. Acct. Dobblno.Tara, Ocean Springs, Acct Dobbs.Paula.Ackerman, Educ. Donald, Courtney, Birmingham, Lib, Art Donat,Lynn, Oxford, Educ Donnell.Denise, Jackson, Phar. Donneliy,Jo Ellen.Glen Ellyn, OB Doyle,Keri, Brentwood, Tn. EducKA Doyle, Todd, Memphis. LIb.Arts, Dubravec.Derek.Christpher, IL, Phar. Dalaney,Denise,New Albany, AOIl Dunn, Dana, Covington, Tn. LIb.Arts Dunn, Perry, Brandon. Bus. K Baflon,Jennlfer, Brandon. Bus. Ea8terling,L rry,Mendenhall, Acct. Eclielberry, Robert, DMberviUe, Lib, Art EGkaTd,Dax.Belden, Lib,Arts, 4 K I ' Eggieaton,Matt,Reston, Va. Acct.tAe Elelaon, Harry, Nashville, Acct. X Elder,Frederick,Covlngton, La. SiE Elder.Jeffrey.Aledo, Tx. KA Elkins.Ellzabeth.McComb, KA EHlott,Jody,Clearwater, Fl. AT Erwln,Charles,Gulf Breeze, Fl.Llb.Art Erwln,Jon,Plnebluff, Ar. LIb.Arts Elterbrook,Corlna, Ocean Springs EabankB,Chrlsty,Lumberton, Ms. AT Enbanks,Shannon,Mt. Olive. A« Ewing,Martha,Anguilla, Acct, AOn Fall»,Ralph, Raleigh, Nc, Bus, Fan,Peter,Oxford, LIb.Arts Faxlow,Adam,Vlcksburg, Bus.,X ranst,Thomas, Tupelo, LIb.Arts reldt,Tera,Counce, Tn., Phar.KAS Feamlrc, Rebecca, Oxford, LIb.Arts FiUpatrick,Shannon, Piano, Tx.nBt Flemon»,Tlffany, Abbeville, LIb.Arts Flowen.Angela, Jackson, Llb,Arts.Ar T 326 — Classes I Flowert. Angela. Winona. Lib. Arts Floyd. Karen.Garland, Tx., Llb.Arla Forahagen.Slacey. Houston. Tx.. IIB Franks. Chad. Jackson. Bus.. KA Freenun.Cara, Jackson. Acct.. I1B4 Freeman, Dana, Newton. Bus.. XU Frcndenberg.Slaccy.St. Charles. AOII Frey. Melissa. Boon sboro. Md.Llb.Art Fulmer.Almee, Charleston. Sc. Lib. Art Garbarlno. Michelle. Marietta. Ga..Bus. Garland.Emlly.Kltda. Oh. AOII Gatha. Daniel. University. Bus. Gay.Jennlfer.Rlpley. Llb.Arts.AOH George.Michael. Nashville. Lib. Arts Gewin, Janet. Decatur. Al.. Phar. GlbbonB.Chrlstopher.Pulaskl. Tn. Goddard.Kendra. Nashville. HB Golden, Julie. Memphis, Lib. Arts. KA Gooch.Adrlenne. Lafayette. La..ZTA Goodman, John.Mll ton. Tn. Bus..ATO Goodman, Paula, Pelahatchie. Bus. Graham, James. BUoxi. Engln. Grcave«,Henry. Madison. Lib. Arts Green, Helen. Jackson, Lib. Arts Hagemann.Ellzabeth.St. Louis. Hah,Yee. University. Bus. HaircMargaret.Clarksdale. Lib. Arts Hall.Natasha. Water Valley. Engln. Hand.Ben.Vlcksburg. LIb.Arts,£«E HarbUon.David.Grenada. Bus-.ATO Hardin, William. Duncan, Bus..£X Harmon. Tonya. Oxford. Educ. Harper, David, TaylorsvlUe, Lib. Arts Harries, Marcuslene. Houston. Ms. Harris.John.Bartlett. Tn.. K Harrla, Melissa. Jonesboro. Ar., Lib. Art Hart,Amy. Amherst. Nh.. Lib. Arts Hart,Sue. Newton. Bus..XSI HauenBtein, George. Laurel, LIb.Arts HavigMegan. Marietta. Ga.,Bus,.Ar Hawthorne, Elizabeth. Chattanooga. Hazlewood,Mar ' . Magnolia. AOn Classes — 327 Freshmen HeamB. Angela. Byhalia. Educ. Heath.Stacy, Jackson. Educ. Henderson, Amy. Marvell, Ar..Bus.. M Herzfeld.Robert.Benton. Ar..X Hlnes.Brett.Springneld. Il..Bus. K Hodo.Kathryn.Amory. Bus.. AF HoUingBWOrth.Nlkltta.Laurcl. Lib. Art Hollls.Ashley.Jackson.Llb.Arts.AAA Holmes, Frank. Madison. Lib. Arts. HOlt.WIUlam.Pulaski. Tn.. Phar. Hoover.Jason. Carlisle. Pa.. Educ. Hontzas.Tlmothy. Jackson. Bus. Hopklns.Ray.West Point. Engln. Hoppen, Margaret. Memphis. Bus.. AOl Hopklns.Reed.Morganton. Nc.. A0 Huitema.Erika.Burke. Va..LIb.Arts Hutcheson.Marcy. Meridian. Bus. Ivey.Patty.Brlnkley. Ar. Phar. Jackson.Cedrlck.Coldwater. Engln. Jackson.Klmberly. Covington. Tn. James.John. Grenada. Lib.Arts Jenkins.MIchele. Baton Rouge. Bus. Jessen, Kelly. Paragould. Ar. Lib.Arts JohnBon.Ginger.Gulfport. Bus..KKr Johnson, Julia. Germantown. Acct., AT Johnson, Mary. Jackson. Lib. Arts. AAA JohnBon.Stephenie. Oxford. Engln. JohnBon,Wllllam.Batesvll!e. Phar..ATO Jones,Brlan.BatesvlUe. Bus. Jones.Davld. Winona. Phar. Jones.M, .South Fulton. Tn. Jordan, ajennlfer. Oxford. Lib.Arts Jose,Jenna.Bayvllle. Nj.. Educ. Kalka,Sheila.Magee. Llb.Arts. M Kaw Kok.Hul. University. Bus. Ker8t,Kimberly.Wcst Memphis. Acct. Klng,Julee. Missouri City. Tx. Bus. Klng,Stacee.Ackerman. Lib. Arts. ZTA KlnkaccKevin. Spring. Tx.. Bus. Kloha,Carole.Holly Springs. Educ.. M KlotJ!,Melinda.Moblle. Al. Lib.Arts. Kraus,Ann.Houston. Tx. Phar..KAe 328 — Classes ■ Labant, Michael. Marietta. Ga., Bus. Lagerda. Oil niclle. Ocean Springs. Lam, [at. University. Enfiln. Lander»,Alllson. Eldorado. Ar. KKP Langevln.Msa.Germantown, Lib. Arts Leavey.Monlray. Wesson. Llb.Arta. BE LeecTracle.-Hatlesburfi. Llb.Arts.KKP Lcndennan, Jenny, Byhalla. Acct. Link.Evans, Nashville. Bus. LivingBon, Ricky. Louslsville, Engln. Locke. James. Marks. Bus. Locke.Lconard. Marks. Bus. Lohrbach.Jonathan.Gulfport. LIb.Art Lorio.Franz.Jackson. Bus. Loyk.Brooke.z.Lake St. Louis, Mo.ZTA Luhtanen.Juha.Universlty. Bus. Luke.Gretchen.Gulfport. Lib.Arts. M Mcclanahan.Jeff.West Memghls. Bus. Mccomas.Ashlea.Germantown. f M Mccrary.Patrice.Senatobia, Lib. Arts Mccrory.Jennlfer.Kosciusko. Llb.Arts McDonald, Paul. New Orleans. Bus. .•i Ae McGill. Margaret. New Albany. Bus. IIB McGowin. Joseph, Meridian, Lib. Arts McLaughlin, Cam, Dunwoody.Ga.. . T0 McMuUan.BilLHattlesburg.IIKA McNeal,Darby.Loulsvllle. Ky..ZTA McNcer,Heather,Memphis.Bus..KKr Mcveigh,Jennlfer,Tabemacle, NJ. Madklns.Shandrs. Oxford. Llb.Arts Mahew. Christopher. Springfield. Va. MaIouf.Mellssa.?Jacksan.Llb.Arts.Ar Mancaso,Mellssa.Metalrte. La. LIb.Art Mangin, Christopher. Jackson. LIb.Art Maples, Steven. Oxford, Llb.Arts Marable. Jennifer. Rome. Ga,. Lib. Arts Marshall, Markecla, Aberdeen. LIb.Art Mason, Christopher, Winona. Llb.Arts MassenglU, Robert. Brookhaven. IX Maasey.Christl, Dumas. Acct.. AAn Mathewschrlstopher. Jackson. Bus. May.Christy.Savannah. Tn.. Phar. Classes — 329 = r , V - Pete Cold Beer For the past several decades " Pete ' s " has been the one stop shop for cold beer near Oxford. Since the 1960 ' s Lafayette county has been re- stricted from selling cold beer within the county limits, which encompass the city of Oxford. Lo- cated on Highway 6 just short of the Sardis turn- off Pete ' s is a frequented stopping place for stu- dents on their way out to make a day at Sardis. So if you think you ' re up to " Pete ' s challenge, " stop by to see Pete, but he may just tell you to " Hush Yo Mouth. " -4. J. . .» m.. - Ole Miss Classic ? • jA 9 Mays, Stephanie. Houston. Tx.,nB ' i Mttycs.Charlotte.Oxford. Llb.Arts Meek, Wade. Courtland. Llb.Arts MeltonFloyd, Greenwood. Acct.. A0 Melton, John. Grenada. Llb.Arts Melvin, Melissa. Gulf port. Bus. Merkett.Danielle.Memphls. Llb.Arts Mllner.Edward.MlUington. Tn.. Bus. Minor, Julia. Jackson. Llb.Arts.AAA MltchcU.EUzabeth. Tupelo. KA Mizell.Amy.Lucedale. Llb.Arts Mogridgc.Chiistopher.Roseplne, La. Moore, Catharine. Jackson. KA Morrow,Garry.Nesblt. Bus.. K ' J ' Mortimer, Vlrglnfa.Flora. Educ.AOn MullMckenna.BoonevlUe. Llb.Arts MuUer.Christopher. Gautler.A MullinBAmle.Jacson. Lib. Arts. KA Mnrphy.Shea. Oxford. Llb.Arts Needler.Elien.Plne Bluff. Ar.ZTA Neii.Danlelle.Bemtwood. Tn..KA Nichols, Fames. Oxford. Llb.Arts Nichols, Nlcl. Stark vl lie. Bus.AAA Nicholson, Trey. Nesblt. Phar. Nock.Susan.Sumter. Sc..KA0 Nodler.Marcus. Houston. Tx. Bus.S E Nolan, Bruce, Metarie. La.. Pre-law Norman. Mario, By halla, Llb.Arts I 1 330 — Classes Freshmen Oden.Kllxabeth.AuslIn. Tx.. ZTA OlmBtead.Holly.EI Dorado. Ar.Aill Orange. Kfllye. Nashville. Lib. Arts Ott.Lara.Sall Lake City, Ut..AAII Overall, Paula. Memphis. Acct. Ow, Say. University, Engln. Owen, Angela. Jackson, Lib, Arts. KA9 Owen.Sean.Vlcksburg. Lib. Arts Pace. Lelghanne. Forsyth. Ga-. M Pang, Michael. Columbus. Lib. Arts Pareek.Sameer. Grenada. Bus. Parker.Dawn, Mobile. AI.. Acct. Parkcr.Chrlsty. Columbus. Lib. Arts PatterBon.Sldra. Pontotoc. Llb.Arts.Ar Peden.Lacey.Belzoni. Bus..Ar Peeden. Gregory. Florence. Al.. Phar. Peel.Jerald.Nlchoiasvllle. Ky. .Lib. Art PeepIca.Patrlcla.Brookhaven. Xfl Perkins.Melissa. Oxford. Llb.ArtsriB Victoria.Person.New Orleans. AAIl Phillppoff.VanJa.Ocean Sprlngs. KT Pieralisi. James. Greenville. Acct. Polk.Jennifer.Hattlesburg. AAA Powell. Dana, Mlze, Lib. Arts Powcrs.John. Brandon. Lib. Arts Presley, Pamela.Shuqualak. Phar., AT Preston.Elizabeth. Metropolis, 11. Price.Krlsty.Earle. Ar., Lib. Arts Priest. James. Liberty, Engln. Pumell.David.Jackson. Llb.Arts.2N Qaald.Amy. Baton Rouge. Educ.KA Quaka.Mary. Jackson. Llb.Arts.Xfl Quails, Tera.RulevlUe. Lib. Arts Ramsey ,John. Tupelo. Lib. Arts Reld, Rachel. Montlcello, Bus. Renunert.Chrlstina.Memphls. ZTA Revels.Kelly.Hattlesburg. Bus.AAA Rhodes. Mary. Pelahatchle. AAA Rlngo, Rodney. Winona. Lib. Arts. RisherChristy.Brandon. Llb.Arts.KA Robbins.Brett.Carson. Llb.Arts.ATO Roberts. Martha. Gulf port. Lib. Arts J Classes — 331 Freshmen Robertson.Amy .Jackson, AOn Robertson.Chiistopher. Oxford, Robertson,Llsa,St. Petersburg, Fl.AOn Robinson, Christopher, Sldon. Lib. Arts Robinson, Jeffrey, Laurel, Phar. Robinson, Margaret. Tupelo, Educ.AAII Roger8,Slms,Tupelo, Acct.,Ar Rogers.Timothy.Golden, Acct. Rose,CharIlc,Duck Hill, Bus.,tAe Ross, Brent, Biloxi, Engln. Russell. Brian. Oxford. Lib. Arts Russo.Samuel. Lafayette. La.. K Sands.Karen. Tunica. Lib. Arts. AAII Sartin.John.Winnsboro. La..X Scaramastro.Steven.Fort Belvolr. Va. Scardino Lynda. Pass Christian. Acct. Schmldt.David.anclnnati. Oh,. KT Schucker.Laura, Baton Rouge. La., Scott.Brad, Myrtle, LIb.Arts Shing.Lou.Clarksdale, Bus. Simpson.Candice.Spring. Tx.. Lib. Arts Sinopoli.Charles.Blloxl. Acct. Skel ton, Patricia. Birmingh am. nB Shaw, Jonathan. Germantown. Tn.ATO Smith. Alice.Gulfport. Educ.KA Smith.Chrlstopher.Oxford. Lib.Arts Smlth.Jamle.Mlze. Lib.Arts Smith,Laura. Memphis. Lib. Arts. KA SmithPamela.Belleville. 11..ZTA Smith.Phyllls.Metalrie. La..Lib.Arts Smith.Tellsa.Oxford. Prelaw Sobotka.Gregory.Oxford. Bus.. KT Soper.Chrtsty .Tupelo. Lib.Arts.Al ' Soweil, Stacy. Jackson. Educ.AOIl Spaht.Ashley.Dallas. Llb.Arts.IIB Spann.Jacquelin. Prairie Point. Spearman.Stacy. Tupelo. AccL.ATO Spell, Rebecca. Eupora. Phar. Spense. Christie. Myrtle. Bus. Spence,Mlchelle.Orlando. FL.KAe Sproles.Jennlfer.Byhalla. KKT Stanford.Robert.Corinth. Bus. r 332 — Classes Steffe . Jennifer. Sprlngftpld. Mo.. M Stephens.Joe Sam.Waverly. Tn.. Bus. Stephens, Penny, Kupora. LIb.Arts Stewart, Baker. Brownsville. Tn-.SN Stoatz.Catherlne.Pass Christian. StTom.Susan.Granger. In. PMuc.,IIB4 Strom.Tracy. Granger. ln..AOn Summera. Robert. Ethel. Lib. Arts Szymanski.Sonya. Olive Branch Tackaberry.Llsanne. Houston. Tx. Taranto. Tara.Kenner. La.. Accl, Teh.Meng. University. Engineering. Terry, Angela. Aberdeen. LIb.Arts Thames, Mary. Jackson. Llb,Arts. M Thomas, Yevette. Moss Point. Acct. Thompson.Chrlstopher. Columbia, Sc. Thompson, Suzanna. Memphis. Lib. Art Thrash.Keith.Vlrglnia Beach, Va.. KT Tidwell, Jerry, Oxford. Bus. Timbs, Janet. Duck Hill. LIb.Arts Tolbert.Amber.Bono. Ar.. LIb.Arts Tompklns.Judlth.Wlnona.KKr Townsend, Sally. Clarksdale.xn TraughberJennlfer.Elkton. Ky..AOII Trippr.MIchael.Slldell. La..Bus.. KT Trusty.Jennlfer.BatesvUle.KAe Underwood. Jill. Jackson. Acct.,xn Vander Meeden.Brett. Plymouth. Mn. Van Dijk.Hester.Unlverslty. LIb.Arts Vandlver.Katherine.Chlcago. IL. AOn Van Landlngham, George. Ackerman, Van Slyke.Shelly.Hattiesburg, Bus.KA Vaughn, Lisa. Memphis. Lib. Arts. AAII Velleman.Amy.Metalrle. La.. Bus. Vest.Sherra.Hartselle. Ar..K-i Vestal.Katharlne.Sarasota. FL.KAe Vlosca, Jennifer. Metalrle. La. .Lib. Art Wade.Brandon.Chllllcothe. Il..S E Wages. David. Tupelo. Engineering Wainiight. Andrea. Memphis. Bus..AOn Sakefleld.Whltney.Covlngton. Tn.. Waldvogel, Jason. Barrlngton. ll..S E Classes — 333 Freshmen Walker.Martin.Leland. Bus..™ Walker.Phillp.Tyler. Tx.. Bus., KA Wall.Chad. Newton. Bus.. KT Wallace.Sherrl. Brentwood. Tn.. Bus. Walls.Chrlstopher.Batesvllle. Lib. Arts Watklns.Amanda, Kosciusko. AAA WateonJohn.Earle. Ar.. Engineering Watts, Michael. Madison, Lib. Arts WeatherBby.Chrtsty. Florence. Lib. Arts Wcaver.Troy. Houston. Engineering Webb.KImberly. Louise. Lib. Arts. Ar Welr.Kristin. Florence, Accounting Wells.Kelleen.BelleviUe. 11..I1B Wenerskl.Rayna.BIloxi, Lib.Arts.ZTA Wentworth.Blalr.Dallas, Llb.Arts,KA0 Weat.Donna.Germantown. Lib. Arts Whaylen.Trisha.University. LIb.Arts Whlte.August.CasciUa, Engineering Whlte.Christy.Brandon. Llb.Arts. M Whlte.Jamcs.PoplaiTille. LIb.Arts Whlte.Joel, Oxford, Engineering Parking Tickets " But I just ran in to get a schedule book, " or " All I have to do is check the mail and my box is right in front, " are just two of the most popular excuses given to UPD officers who lurk behind tree, column, or car and await a yet unticketed windsheild to pull into view. Giving excuses, pleading your case, and ac- cumulating a nice-sized Bursar bill are just three of the things that go along with having a car on campus. Ole Miss Classic • ' V V, 3! ' : »N 334 — Classes Whltt.MIt hcllc.Ballwln. Mo.. Lib Arts Whitten.Mcllnda. Monroe. I,a.. I, lb. Art Wlgglni. Carmen. Panama Clly Hch..Fl WUbom.Me-llssa. Melbourne. Fl. WUkln»on,l)lane,PoHs Camp. Phar.. WUllamB, David, Forest, Accounting WlllUn»,James,Grenada, Ub.Art.ZI ' E Wllllama,Scott,Olve Branch. Acct. WUllama.Tlna.Nesblt, Llb.Arts WUloughby, Helen. Annandalc. Va. Winford, Jamison. Birmingham. AL. Wlntera. Sharon. MeCool. Llb.Arts Wolfe.Kenneth.Tupelo. Llb,Arts,2 E Womble.Kellle.Kosclusko. ZTA Wong.Edward. Oxford. Pharmacy Wood.Heather. Jackson. Llb.Arts.AAA Wood.Krlsten. West Point. AAII Woodard, Shelly. Caniere, Busslness Woods, Lisa. Olive Branch. Pharmacy Woodward, Krlsten. Tupelo. Bus.IIB Word.Thomas.West Point. Acct.. IX Terger.Kathryn.Tallulah. La.. AAA Yoancc.Dallas.Jackson. Llb.Arts Young,Amber,Saltlllo. Llb.Arts.KKT Young, John. Jackson. Engineering Zcpponl, Robin, Letand, Llb.Arts. 4 M 1 Classes — 335 Sophomores Adams.Caroline. Oxford, Educ. Adams, Rlsa, Memphis, Bus. Aldridge,Mellssa,Oxford,Llb.Arts,AOn Alford.Megan, Macomb, IL., KA9 Allen,Heidl,McComb, Educ, XS! Altaian,Dana,Llb. Arts, AT Andrews, Amy .Olive Branch, Lib. Arts Applewhite, Devon, Moss Point, Lib. Art Archer.Taylor, Corinth, Eng. KE Armstrong. Tyjl, inkster, MI, Lib. Arts. Arnold. Jan. Slldell. Lib. Arts, AT Atchlson.Tara, Haytl,MO., Educ, XS! Atkln8.Gloria,Hollandale, Lib. Arts. Atkinson.Catherine, Southaven, AOIl Ayres.Tamara, WUllamsport, TN.. M Babb.Connle. Paris, MS., Bus. Balley.Brian, Leland, Lib. Arts. Balley.James, Villa Rica, GA.,Llb.Art Balley.Robert, Winona, Lib. Arts. Baldwin, Alexander, Kosciusko, Bus. Barker.Thomas, Monroe, Account. Bamhart.Margaret, Birmingham, AAA Bates.Jeffrey, Long Beach, Bus. Beeson, Robert, Memphls,Llb.Arts, Ae Belknap.Monlca, Poplar Bluff, MO, Bus Bell.Queenle, Abbeville, Account. Bennett.Ashley. Clinton, KA© Best.Travts, CarroUton, Lib, Arts. Blgger»,Blalr,Selmer,TN., XS! Blllat,Sandrine, University, Lib. Arts Blshop.Theresa, Charleston, KA0 Blackburn, Amy, Selmer,TN.. M Blossom, Michael, Forest, Engineering Blount.Karen. CarroUton, Lib, Arts Blount, Kenneth,Jackson, Engln, Boland,Laurie,Stafford, Va.,AOII Bond, Andrew, CoffeevlUe, Lib. Arts Bounds, Angenltta.Rulevllle, Bus. Bowman. Amy, Jackson, Lib. Arts Boyd.Reglna, Memphis, Busslness Bradford.Gene.Jackson, Acct.,A A Brady,Teresa,Austln, Tx.,ZTA m 336 — Classes m, % ' BrandtJulle.Marton. Il.,Phar..AAII Biijhtwell. Lauren, St. Louis. Educ. Brocato.Laurlc. Brandon. Acct.KKF Brockman, Jennifer, Monroe. 1 .. AAA Brown, Richard. Mctalrle. La.. Bus. Branson. Keglna. Clinton. Educ.Ar BryaoD.Mcltssa.Tullahoma. Tn.,AAn Buckner,. Jenifer. Hamilton, Al. Bufflng.Kevln, Jackson, Lib. Arts Bumey.Cynthla, Jackson. Lib. Arts, AAA Bueby, Cherry, Belden. Llb.Arts. M Cal.Llngxl, University, LIb.Arts Caln.Catherlne.Thomasvllle. Al.,Acct Calllcatt.Andrew.Holly Springs. IN Campbell.Corl. Piano, Tx.,nB Campbell, Michelle, Memphis, Educ. Cannon, Christina, French Camp.XQ Cannp.Dow.Tremont, Busslness, ' i K ' I ' CarroUiers, Linda. Oxford, LIb.Arts Carson, Ellzabeth.Clarksdale.Ar Causey.Brandon. College Park. Ga.KA Chambers, Carrie , Ch attanooga , Chambllss.Dannle.Cordova. Tn..ATO Chancellor.Leslie. Meridian. Bus..KA Chan, Meng, Oxford. LIb.Arts Chase, Fame la. Memphis. Bus. AAA Chatham.Gerald, Nesbtt. Bus..2N Cheng,KaI-Sheng,Unlverslty. LIb.Arts Cheny,Shannon.Colllervme. Tn..Ar Chin, Wal-Mean. University. Acct. Chin, Yuln. University. Engineering Cho,Suyoung.Oxford. LIb.Arts Chow, Alon. Jackson. LIb.Arts Cha.Natalle.Greenvllle. LIb.Arts Chua.Tlong.Unlverslty, Busslness Cobb,James, Houston. Tx., Engln. Cobb.Terri.Welr, LIb.Arts Cole, Karen. Boonevllle. LIb.Arts Colle.Klmberly.Pascagoula.AT Colllns,Guyton. Madison. 2X Comer, Leslie. MadlsonvlUe, Ky., M Cooper, Allan. Chalmette. La. .LIb.Arts Classes — 337 Sophomores Cordell.John. Monroe, La.. Bus. Corder.Sherrell.Carroilton. Lib. Arts Cotner, Angela. Ozark. Mo..Bus.,ZTA Courtney, Dina. Forest. Phar.. M Cowan.ElIen.Slkeston. Mo..nB Cox.Aprll, Meridian. Accounting Cox, Jeffrey. Memphis. Busslness Craven.Dennls, Memphis, Busslness CrowcU.Terri.Eupora. Education Cony, Cassandrs. Chicago. Education Daniel8,JuUa, Waynesboro, Acct..AOn Davlfl.Landon.ClInton. Lib. Arts DeescRachel. Aiken. Sc. Lib. Arts Devane,Thomas.LeIand, Lib. Arts Dickerson, Amy. Oxford, Lib. Arts DIeterle.Heidl.LLoyd Harbor, Ny. Donald, Jeffery. Ft. Campbell. Ky. Donelan, Nancy, St. Petersburg. Fl. Donnelly,Patrtck,Harahan, La. .Bus. Dooley,Wllliam,Universlty.Llb.Arts Dubois, James, Sal tlUo, Busslness Duncan, Ashley. Pascagoula. KA Downer, Teresa. West Point. Lib.Arts Eaaley.Lelgh.Calhoun City. Lib.Arts Ebacb,Jason,Germantown, Busslness Edward8,Jennifer,Louisv11!e. Phar. Edwards.Rlchard.Dyer, Tn., Bus.,ATO Edward8,Robert. Memphis. Lib.Arts EUer.Dlanna.Marion. Tx.. Lib.Arts Ellzey.Scott.ElllsvlUe. Accounting EUiott.Anne. Ripley. Bus. .DC Enchelmayer.Emest.Jonesboro, Ar. Estes, Thomas, Natchez. Egineering Evans.John.luka. Lib.Arts Farmer,Farmer .Jackson. Acct-.SIl rarmer,Josette. Brighton. Tn.,KA0 FasclancGregory.Haworth, NJ..Bus. FauBt,Cheryl,Oxford. Lib.Arts Ferguson, Kevln.Jackson, Accounting Feni8,Douglas. Jackson, Lib.Arts Flmlano,Dominick.Blloxl. £11 Flnn.Kelly.Germantown. Engln..AAn J r§0 1 r 1 L i 338 — Classes Flnch.JImmle. Forrest City. Ar. Foote. Ashley, Hamburg. Ar.,l ' har.,AAA Foster.Lara. Houston. Tx-. Bus..XTA Foy.Mandy.Germantown. Educ.AAA Fowlkes.AIIlson.GuIfport.KA rratest.Lelgh.Memphls. Llb.Arts.XSi French.Tlffany. Weston. Bus..KKr Furr.Erln. Houston. Tx.. Llb.Arts.Xfl Gafford, Laurie. New Albany. Llb.Art Gafford. Lawrence. Orlando, Fl.. Gallagher.Sean, Memphis, Busslness Gates.Rebecca. Houston, Busslness Gibson, Amy, Guntown, Education GilleBple, Rodney, Vardaman. Lib. Arts Glasgow.Jane.West Point. Lib.Arts Goh.Eng. University. Busslness Goggans, Stephanie. Tupelo, Lib.Arts Golden, Lane. Murfreesboro, Tn..AAA Gordon, Bonnie, Greenville. Bus..AOP Graham, Geo rgl a. Colubus, AAA Grant, Paul. -Jackson. Busslness Graves.Carol. Ashland. Bus..KAQ Gray, Brenda, Ringgold. Ga.. Phar. Gray, Carol. Oxford, Education Green, Harvey. Clarksdale. Busslness Greenlee, Vlcy, Jackson. Lib.Arts Habecb,Daniel.Vicksburg. Lib.Arts Hanunett.Helene. Lexington. Bus. Hansen.Jeff.Jackson. Lib.Arts Hanor,Krlsti. Charleston. AOB Hardin, Stacey. Savannah. Tn. Bus. HaiTel8on,Eltzabeth. Calhoun City Hanie.Joy.Saint Jo. Tx.. Lib Arts Harvey,Alicia.San Antonio. KKT Hairison.Cynthia.Jackson. Busslness Harwell, Dana. Oxford. Education Hase. Laura. Anna. n..AOn Hatcher.Klmberly.Marletta, Ga.. Bus. HawklnB.Willlam.Ocean Sprlngs.Phar Hayden,Jlll.Frankllnton. La.. ZTA Hayes, Beverly. Macon. Lib.Arts, AAIl Heyman,Jason, Yazoo. Lib.Arts Classes — 339 Sophomores Heffner.Margaret.Southaven. Bus. Henderson.Jean. Oxford. Lib, Arts. AAA Heng, Yang, University. Engineering Gennington, Stephen. Summit, Lib. Art Henry, Robin, Kosciusko, Lib. Arts Hentz.Amy.Courtland, Education HUI.Dorothy.Ashland. Ltb.Arts Hill.Paul.Germantown. Lib. Arts Hlnton, Brian, Magnolia, Pharmacy Holbrook.Christine.Metairle.ZTA Hogue.Robble.Grenada, LIb.Arts,IlKA HolIand.Jesse.Holly Springs, HolllB.Mary,Dalton, Ga.. Lib.Arts Holmes, Harold. Courtland, Bus.,A$A Homaday .Shannon , University, Homadfty, Sherry, Bay Springs, Hough, qnstlna, Alexandria. Va. Hoam.Adelene, Natchez. Pharmacy Hughes, Carson. Jackson. Lib.Arts iBbell.Timothy.Thaxton, Bussiness Jaek8on,Stephen,Iuka. Engineering Jaudon, Teresa, Brighton, Tn., Bus. Jefcoat,jQdl,Cleveland. Bus.,Xn Jefferies.Undrea.Red Banks, Lib.Arts Jenkins, WlUlam.Jonesboro. Ar., Bus. Johnson, Tina. Courtland. Pharmacy Jones.Lou Ann, Meridian. KA Jones, Marty .Clarksdcde, Llb.Arts.AAA Jones, Moneke, Terry. Accounting Kadlec.Ellen.Oxford. Lib.Arts Kafouros.Avtonis. University. Bus. Kaler, Michael. Atlanga. Ga.. Ltb.Arts keeton.MIcheal.Calhoun City, Llb.Art Kelly, Frank, Los Alamos, Nm.,A ' J ' Klnnamore.Kristy,Adamsvllle. Tn Kerr.Kristine, Jackson. Acct.,Ar Kimble, Veronica. Oxford. Lib.Arts Kincaid.Jesslca. University, Engin. King,Christy. French Camp, Lib.Arts King,Robert.Pascagoula, Bussiness Kinkade.Kelth.Spring. Tx., ATO Koblla,Kristine.New Orleans, La. i I l i 1 ik ifll J J 1- 340 — Classes I M Labrot.Paula.Dexler, Mo., Acct,.AOn Lafleur.iCUzabeth.Lafayeltr, La. Lagarde.Jamcs.New Orleans. Engln. Lall, Brandon. Byhalla, Lib. Arts Lamb.Laura.Carbondale. Ii..Educ.. M Lay.Llsa, Clinton. Phar..KA« Lee, Hong. University. Engineering LemmonB, Deborah , Oxford . Llb.Arts Leopold, Boomer. Belleville. II. .2X LcBter.Catherine. Clinton. Acct..AAA Leyser, John. Pass Christian. Business LifsoD, Matthew, Reston. Va.. Engln. Llgon.AlIan.Grenada, Llb.Arts. A0 Llm, Soon. University. Engineering Llm.Yuk-Kuan. University, Business Llttle.Klanna.Arllngton. Va. Livingston. Amy. New Albany. Ar Long.Jennlfer. Jacksonville. F1..AAA Lowe.Llssa.Long Beach. Llb.Arts.AAA Lu.Lee. University. Engineering Lucas.Lelgh. Newton. Llb.Arts. Xli The Kroger Stop Kroger is the place to be anytime day or night. There are girls on the campus for sure who check out their appearance before going to Kroger. Favorite activities at Kroger include cashing checks, stealing candy out of the bins in the back, checking out the beer specials and feeling the fruit while anxiously scanning the store looking for a date. Or it is just a great time-killer during exams, when you can bet the store will be full of people you want to see. i TJmmM Mr? -rart 8i Y Bi Ole Miss Classic ,:- :: -- ..• . ■l )SJfi Classes — 341 Sophomores Lucas.LeeAnne Puducah. KY. KAS Lye, Chuan. University. Engineering Matdngly.Jennlfer.Elizabethtown. K MakWal. University, Business Maley.Allcla.Jackson. Education. KA Malone.Christy .Jackson. Lib.Arts Maness.Denise.Brandon. Llb.Arts.KA Bdaness, Melissa. Adamsville, Tn..AOn Martln,Mandy.Sardls. Accounting Martln.Shannon.Chalinete, La.,AAn Massey.Lyndel.Oklahoma City. OK.. BAatthewB.Melissa.Jackson. Business Mayo, Kimbely. New Albany. Acct.. Mclaugblill.Davld.Greenwood Mclamin, Christopher. Corinth. Bus. Mclemore.Leanna. Memphis. Lib.Arts Hcmaster, Amy .Yazoo City, Phar..Ar Mcmlllen, Jessica. New Albany. Educ. Mcnalr.Jason.Jackson. Engin..SX Mcray.Melanle. University. Lib.Arts McGee,Mellssa.Blytheville.Phar..AOn McGreger.Pamela.Vardaman. AOn Mckay, James. New Orleans. 2 E McCall.Danlel, Natchez, Engineering Mcclatchy,Courtney,Red Banks, Educ Mccolliim,Allyson,SlideU, La.,tM MccoUiun,Mark,Herndon, Va. Lib. Art Mcconnell.Natalte.Gretna. La..AAII McCnUongh.Klmberly.Mlllington, Tn. McDavltt.Susan. Brentwood. Tn..IlB McGehee.CamiUe.Batesvllle. Lib.Arts HcKnlght.Leigh. Jackson. Bus..xn McLeod, Alice. Vicksburg. Lib.Arts McNutt.BenJamin. Greenville. Acct. Meadows, Michael.El Dorado, Ar. MeUenger,Michelle. Ashland, Ky.,Phar.Melton,Jennlfer,Brandon, Pharmacy Meaaal.Lori.Oxford, Llb.Arts. M Bdltchell.Monica, Taylor, Pharmacy Mlller,Glenn, Newton. Business MlUer,Wendy.Shreveport. La..KA Montanl, Laura. St. Louis. Llb.Arts.ZTA i m 342 — Classes Morrlson.Shara.Faplllon. Ne.AAI) Murphy.Mary. Jackson. Lib, Arts. Xli Madllckl.Terrl. Memphis. Tn..nB Nadllckl.Tonl. Memphis. Tn-.UB Naaekos. John, French Camp, Acct. Ncal.Karen. Palatine. It.,nB4 ' NeblettMary.Clarksdale.Llb.Arts.KKr Nee»e,Susan. Kosciusko. Pharmacy. NG, Barbara. Horn Lake. Pha rmacy Nicholson. Angela, Houston. Tx..AAA Norton. Brad. University. EducA Norton.Tiffany.New Orleans, riB Osborne, Alison. New Albany. AT Pannell, Donald. By hall a. Lib. Arts Parchman, Jen nlfer.Cleve land. Parden. A Hyson, Metal rle. La..AOn Parker.Davld. Brandon. LIb.Arts Parker. Kerri. Oxford, Acct,.ZTA Piu-ker.Tlffany.Dayton, Md. .LIb.Arts Parson.Kandy.Unlverslty. Bus.,AOn Parks.Mary. Gallatin. Tn..AAA Patrone, Tina, Memphis. LIb.Arts Patterson. Will.Southaven. Business Payne. Tara. Natchez. Llb.Arts.EIB Pegrlm, Lauren. Memphis. Education Pennington. Courtney. Oxford. KKT Peppcr.Tlmothy. Philadelphia. Bus. Perry.Mellssa.Oxford, Llb.Arts.AT Person.Stephanle.Southaven. 4 M Phang, Mee-Seong.Perak. Accounting Plckell, Karen. Brandon, Accounting Pickens. Amy. Clinton. Education Pierce. Andrea. Prospect Hghts. 11. .nB Ponder.Elizabeth.Grlfnn. Ga.. M Popc.Alllson. Columbus. Llb.Arts.AT Pounds. Lanra.Sikeston, Ho., Acct., Powell, Jennifer, AngulUa. LIb.Arts Powera.John.CoileyvlUe. Tx..Engln. Price, Rodney. Bat esvi He. Accounting Price, Stacye.Germantown. Pharmacy Provence.Brenda.CollllervllIe. Tn, Pugh.Steven. University. Accounting ] Classes — 343 Sophomores Pylc.Nandra, Grenada. Llb.Arts.ZTA Ramasamy.Arasu, University. Engln. Ratliff.Edward.Cllnton, Acct.. KT Ray.Klm.Ackerman. Llb.Arts Rea, Barbara. Meridian. Bus.,KA Reeves, Heather. Southaven. KKr Reld.Karen.West Point. Llb.Arts ReynoldB, Jeffrey. Oxford. Llb.Arts Robertson, John, Winona. Llb.Arts Rodgera. Joseph, Pontotoc, Acct. Roland, Michael, Gunnison. Bus. Rolling.Karen. Hammond. Acct. Rosenthal.Lynda, Pearl, Bu5.,nB4 Ross, Amanda, Longwook. FL. IIB Ross, Elizabeth, Olive Branch Ross, John. Olive Branch, Llb.Arts Roax, Jeffrey, Oxford, Phar.,KA Rupanl.Tareeq, University. Bus. Rowell.Mary.Alachua. Fl., AAA Rushing,Gregory.Tavares. Fl.,Bus. RassMary, Jackson, Llb.Arts SanchezTlff any, Dallas, Tx., IIB Sanders.Amy.N. Carrolton, Llb.Arts Sanders.Suzanne.West. Llb.Arts Sandidge,Amy, Memphis, Llb.Arts Sandiidge.Layne.Metalrle, I1B I SaylorB,Vandy.Corinth. Llb.Arts Sconlon.Cissy, Jadkson . Llb.Arts.AAA 9F ' g Schaefer. Paula. St. Louis. Llb.Arts Scott, Stacy. Oxford. Business Scott.Stacy. Olive Branch, Bus. Scott.Tarry. Holly Springs. Llb.Arts 8croggln8,Palge,Brandon. Bus.,KKI ' 8eale,Meredlth,Bryan. Tx.,Educ.,nB Sec,Slew-Llan, University, Business Sellers, Monica, Oklahoma City Ser, Slew-Peng, University, B usslness Shannon.Kelly.Fort Worth. Llb.Arts Shannon.Tammy, Holly Springs, Bus. Sharp. William. Newton, Engineering Shaw.Greggory.Perklnston, Engln. Shaw,Jennlfer.Benevllle, 11. Classes — 344 • 8hearon,Robprt. Grand Junction. Tn. Shumpcrt.Kiista. Cleveland, Acct.Xfl Sides, Christopher. Kosciusko, Bus. Slefert.RlchardUuquoin. I1.. KT Slew, Hoi. University, Engineering Slms.SonJa.Tunlca. Education Sims, Staph an le.Dyersburg. Tn..XSi Smith.AUan. Oxford, Busslness Smith, Caroline. Canton. Bus, AAA Smith, Emily. Florence. AI.. Business Smlth.Kacey. Abbeville. LIb.Arts Smith.Phllllp.Jackson. Llb.Arts.2X Smith, Sandra, Calhoun City. Business Smith.Shellye.Oxford. LIb.Arts Smith.Susan. Danville. 11. .LIb.Arts Snow.Paul. Jackson, Lib. Arts. 2 I E Snopek, Christopher, Cynthlana. Ky. South, Sellna.Batesvllle. Education Sparks.Stephen.Baldwyn. Engin. Stancll, Calvin. Rosedale. Bus.,A4 A Stanley.John. University. Business Stapleton.Lashunya.Indlanola, Phar. Stec, Lynda, Fl In stone. Ga. .LIb.Arts Stewart.Chad. Jackson. Pharmacy Stewart.Rosanne.Clarksdale. AAA Stickley,Holly.Starkville, LIb.Arts Stogner.Ruth, Harvey. La., LIb.Arts Stokes. Michael. Winona. LIb.Arts Stolt.DavId. Jefferson. La. .LIb.Arts Stone.Rockwell, Denver. Business, 2AE Streete.Lara.Caruthersville. McXiJ Strickland.Klm,Eupora. Education Stroble.Joseph. Jackson. Business Snlllvaii.Sheryl.Red Banks. LIb.Arts Sumrall. Shannon. Elllsvllle, LIb.Arts Sandbcrg,JennIfer, Mobile, Al. Swanson.Stacey. Chattanooga. Tn. Swee.Gay. University. Business Tabor.Serena, Winona. Lib. Arts. KKT Tan, Sekgee, University. Business Tapp, Laura, Ripley. Pharmacy. AAH Taylor, Pamela.Olive Branch. Acct. Classes — 345 Taylor, Van Issa. Duck Hill. Lib.Arts Tennant.Leslle.Ackerman. Lib.Arts Tew.Phillip.Russellville, Ar., Bus. Thomason, Matthew. Oxford. Lib.Arts Thompson, Shelby.Hemado, Phar., M Thome, Kristi. University, Education ThoTBton, Thomas. Salisbury. Nc.Bus. iih Tower.Wesley.Stuttgart. Ar.. Lib.Arts Trammell.Cynthia.Gulf Shores. Al. TraviB.John. Jackson. Lib. Arts. A6 Tncker.Dana.Kilmlchael. Ms.. ZTA Tiimina,Julie.Ft. Worth. Tx.Xlb.Arts Turcotte.Stacey. Jackson, AAA Turlington, Kyle, University. Lib.Arts TumagcSusan.Thaxton. Pharmacy Tnmcr.Casey.Starkvtlle. Engineering Tyrrell, Christina. Horn Lake. ZTA Thomaa,Daryl.Jackson. Business. 2X Tubbs.Mandy.Courtland. Lib.Arts Uh.Joo, University. Business Upton, Timothy. Monroe. Business.SAE Usry.Wilberl, Forest, Business Vance, Tlwanda.Valden. Lib.Arts WaddeU,Robert,Southaven. Lib.Arts Wadley.Tammy. Abbeville, Education Walker.WIUie.Leland, Lib.Arts Watklns, Carrie. Macon. Lib. Arts. AAA Warren, Gerald, Greenwood, Bus.. A0 346 — Classes Sophomores Webster, Verncda.CoIdwatcr. Educ. Wcldler.Jason. Oxford. Engineering Wells. Warren, Oxford. Lib. Arts Westergard.Sliaun.Slldell, l.a.ZTA White,] lubert.Mendenhall, Hus.ATO Wlelgosz.Rachel.Ponotoc, Accounting Wllklnson.Joseph, Yazoo City, Lib.Art Wlllhoite.David. Waynesboro. Bus. WllUams.Allyson.Batesville. Bus.KKT Williams, Elizabeth. Germantown. AAII Williams, Richard, Alexander. Ar.A WllllamsoD.Lisa. Memphis. Business Wilson, Angela. Red Banks. AI ' Wlngard.Peter.Taft. Tn.. Engln. Winters.PorcIa.McCool. Business Wong,Ling.Unlversity. Accounting Woods, Carolyn. Monroe. La.. XSI Workman, Curt, Picayune. Lib. Arts Yarber,Yalonda.BooneviUe. Educ. Tarbro.London. Jackson. Bus. .AAA Yates.Shawn. Morton. Engineering Yotmg,Amy. Grenada. Llb.Arts Yoang,Kenneth, Franklin. Business Toung.Mindy. Ocean Springs. Bus..XQ Yoimgblood.Mlchelle.Tulsa. Ok.KKT Zebrowsk l,Daniel.Lakeland. Fl.. X Zelmet, Christian. Tupelo. Llb.Arts Classes — 347 Juniors Andreinl.Llsa, Memphis, Lib. Arts. HB Andrews.Adam, Jackson, Lib-Arts Angel.Cheryll.Lake Village, Ar., M Anthony,Brooke,Pope, Engln..ZTA Amstomg.Sarah.Hazlehurst, AT ABkew.PauJa, Crenshaw, Llb.Arts Augaste.Esdra, Bailey, Carolyn, Jackson, Llb.Arts Bailey, Laura, Germantown, KA© Bales.Mlchael, Ocean Springs. Phar. Ball,Robble,N. CarroUton, Education Ballard, Sheila. Corinth, Accounting Baiik8,Maury, Meridian, Business Bames,Allson.Clarksdale. Engin. Bames.Mary, Oxford, Engineering Bamhardt.Wlndy.Tucker. Ga..Llb.Art BarrentillcKarla.Sallls. Accounting Barton.Tracle.Southaven. Business Barton, Wanda, Ethel, Business Bates, Valerie, Oxford, Accounting Bauer,Jennlfer,Colwater, Education Beaty,James, Tupelo, Business, 2 E Becnel, Alison, Baton Rouge, Llb.Arts Bedwell,Wllliam.Hattisburg.K2 Beevers,Dana, Jackson, Bus., M Bennett.Llsa.Clarksdale, AKA Bennett,Jackson.Southaven, Engin. Berch,Shelly,Brookhaven, Pharmacy Beatln,Brian,French Camp, Llb.Arts Bergeron.Lori.Mandeville, La., M Berry,Andrea, Water Valley, Business Berry, Erlca.Jackson, Tn., Llb.Arts Bertln,Clifford,New Orleans, Berry hill, Jan, Nettleton, Business, AOn Blrmlngham,Patrtck, Brandon, SAE 348 — Classes BUckmoo.Daphanle, Abbeville Blakc.Reglna. Abbeville. Accounting Blanton.Whttney.Dallas. IIKA Bluntftoa, Eric, Jackson. Business. A-tA Bolen.Klmble.Corlnlh. IJb.Arts Boswell.Anne.Elberton, Business Boyden, Jon, Oxford. LIb.Arts Boyden.Kiisten.Oxford. LIb.Arts Bradley, James. Corinth. Accounting Braswell.Andrea. Morgan City. XO Breland.Allison. Pearl River. La..AAII Brewer.Karen. Fulton. Education Brooke.Donald.CoffeevllIe. Acct. Broom, John. Apo, Ny.. LIb.Arts Brown.Barl.Jacklson. Llb.Arts.KKT Brown, Carol us. BIIoxl. Engineering Brown, David. Senatobia, Accounting Brown Elizabeth. Humbolt. Tn. Brown.Leslle. Tupelo. LIb.Arts Brown, Llsa.Nesbit. LIb.Arts, AOn Brown.Sandra.Hom Lake, Acct. Brown. William. Nesblt. LIb.Arts Brown, Vernon, Vlncennes. In. .Bus. Branson, Jo. Champaign. Il..E:duc.,AOn Bryan, Harriet. Lawrenceburg, Tn.. Bryan, Marc. Taylor. LIb.Arts Bryant.Wendl.Haughton. LIb.Arts Bnck, Heather. Olive Branch. LIb.Arts Bnford.Tangela.Ft. Huachuca. Az. Barchfleld, Robin. French Camp Burnett, John. Charleston. Bus.,ATO Base, Kristin. Tupelo. Accounting Butler.Christy.Corinth. Education Butler.Houston. Ocean Springs Butler.Thomas.Ponotoc, Business Bynum, Michael. West Helena. Ar. Byrd.WUllam.Matthews, Nc. Byme.Susanncih. Natchez. Lib. Arts. KA Caldwell, Caroline. Dick In son. Tx-.AT Cammack, Christine, Jackson. Bus., Campbell, La ' Keldra.Sardls. Business Campbell. Mary, Memphis. HB T Classes — 349 Juniors Campbell, Mellsse. Baton Rouge. KKF Cannizzaro, Joey, Covington. La, .Bus. Caraway, Frederick, Meridian, Accl. Carlisle.Candy.Brandon. Lib. Arts. AOn Carothers.Beall. Dallas. Business, KA Carson, Kenneth. luka, Business Carvallio.Donaldo.UnlversJty. Engln. CaiBidy, James, Marks. Acct.. A0 Caver.Russeli.VIcksburg. Lib. Arts Cayson.Sara.Senatobia. Lib. Arts Champion, There sa.Senatobia. Bus. Chandler.Stacy, Decatur. Educ., M Chang.Yu-Hslng.Universlty. Educ. Chapman, PI per. Austin. Tx.. Educ. .AAA Chauvin.HoIly.Gulfport, Lib.Arts Chcairs.Meredlth.Covington. Tn..XSi Chow,Chuck.Hollandale, Business Chow.Kong, University. Business Chrestman, Hamilton. Oxford. Bus. Clancy.AUison. Dallas. Lib.Arts.KKT Cole.Amy.BooneviUe. Business Coleman, Chris, Tupelo, Business Coleman, Larry. Senatobia. Acct. Collins.Jennifer.Tampa. Fl.,Xn Connard, Veronica. Senatobia, Lib. Art Cook.Gerald.Springfield. Mo.,ATO Coy, Mark, Oxford. Education Craft,Kendra. Richland. Business.AF Crough,Stephen,Metairle. La. .Acct. Crowe.Melissa.Baldwyn. Lib.Arts Curbow.Anita. Golden, Education Cnrricr.Mark.Edwardsville. II, Daniel, Cheryl. Sardls. Education DavidBon,Debbie.Amory. Lib.Arts Davidson, Melissa. Meridian. Bus..KA Davis, Dwayne, University. Lib.Arts Davis, Michael, Jackson. Acct..£ E Davis,Phoebe,Jackson. Lib.Arts Denton, Christy. Pascagoula. Bus.ZTA Dill.Charlotte.Mantachie. Bus. Dlll.Laura. Manchester. Mo.. Bus. Dillard.Lamar.MoorevlUe. Business 350 — Classes ! J Dlxoa, Amanda, Braxton, BusIness.AP Dbton. Daniel. Florence. Al.AccL.KA Dbton.Slcphanlc, Henderson. Ky.. M Dbton. William. Corinth. Kducatlon Dodd.DcHlree.LllIIe Hnrk. Ar.IlB Dondlan.Kobert.GuIfport. Business Donovan, William. Sldeston. Mo. .Bus. Doty, Bethany. Nash vJ He. Business Downs.Klmberly.Indlanola. Business Driver,Ronnle,Etta. Kducatlon Dubberly. Elizabeth. Greenville, Bus. Duncan, Douglas. Jackson, Lib. Arts Duncan, Melanle, Columbia. Llb.Arts Durrance, Robert, Pontotoc. Business Dyer.WUliam. Aiken. Sc. Llb.Arts Eakes.Patrlck. Philadelphia, Llb.Arts Echols. Ruth. Mlsenheimer. Nc.AT Eggers. Stephanie. University. IIB Ellis.Randi.Longvlew. Tx.. .-VAH Emflnger.Ryan.Hattlesburg Epperson.lrene, Tyler. Tx.,AAn Etna, Marie -Juliette. Louisville. Ms. Evans, Amy. Dyersburg. Buslness.Xfl Evans, Christina. Memphis. AAH Evins.Rayfield. Crenshaw. Llb.Arts Ewlng, Joel. Fulton, Business Fasclano.George.Haworth. NJ.. Bus. Faughn, Roger. Metropolis. II. .X FergUBOn.Robert.Grenada. Engin. Ferguson. Sheila. Bruce. Education File. Tina. Pope. Accounting. KKF Fletcher.Joshua.lndlanola. KA Forte nbeiry, Tanya, Jackson, Educ. Foster.Laura. Tupelo. KA Foster. Ty.Pascagou la. Business Fountain, Audrey. Gautler. Llb.Arts Francls.Mary. Austin. Tx. .Llb.Arts Frederic, Alicia. Pascagoula. Bus.. AT Freeman, Brett. Mantachle, Llb.Arts Fren8ley,Jeffery.Goodletlsv111e. Tn., Fulgham,Wes,Jackson, Accounting, Gardner,A.J..Rlver Ridge. La. .Bus. m h Classes — 351 Juniors Gardner.Sarah, Jackson, Lib. Arts Gaston, Donna. Thaxton. Education Gates.Gloria. Houston. Lib. Arts Gates.MIchelle.Ocean Springs Gatewood.Sherry.Pelahatchie. Lib. Art Gatlin.Guy.McComb, Llb.Arts Gee. Lin net. Bates ville. Lib.Arts Gee.Stacy. Marks. Llb.Arts Gee, Stacy, Marks, Llb.Arts Gex.Joseph.Bay Saint Louis, Lib.Arts Gibbons, David. New Orleans. Lib. Arts. Gilmer.Judith, Meridian, Education Gilmer, William, Meridian. Pharmacy Glidewell.Chartotte.SaltUIo. Acct. Glover. Theresa, University. AKA Goff.Amy.Booneville. Bus.. M Gombar.Amy. Basking Ridge, Nj. Good. Cara, University. Accounting Gorman.John. Jackson. Lib. Arts. IIKA, Goadelock.Jo Ann. Blue Mountain. Graham.Jerry, Myrtle. Education Gray, Sandy, Fulton. Business 352 — Classes Griffin, JuIIe.Jackson. LIb.Arts.ZTA Grimes.JuIfp. Fulton. Lib. Arts. M Grinalds.Kllzabeth, Jackson. Lib. Arts Greenwood, Kelly. Cascllla. Engfn. Greer. Stacy. Jackson, Lib, Arts, KA Grifflth.James.Clmton. Llb.Arts Grlffln.Shella.KoscluskL Lib.Arts.ZTA Grlmes.Mellssa.Vardaman. Business Grizzaxd.Whltney.Germantown. i AA Gurley, Jean. Potts Camp. Accounting Gurley.Llsa.Mathlston, Llb.Arts Guy.Grace. Greenville, Business. KA8 Haberle.Paul.Tyler. Tx., Hale.Jay. Memphis. Llb.Arts. SN Hale, Sherry. Byhalia. Education Hall, Deborah. New Albany. Education Hall.Mike.Pearl, Llb.Arts Hall. Richard. Brandon. Business Hallmann.Heidi.Orosse Polnte. Ml. Hanbnry.Jennifer.Wllmette. II. Haraway.Leelee.Choudrant. La. Hardln,Elalne,Sardls, Business Hardy.Kandy.D ' ibervllle. Education Hardy.Mlchael. Philadelphia. Phar. Harrel8on,Beth.Pine Bluff.Bus.KKT Harrington. Mike, Indlanola, Business Harris, Audra.Pensacola. FL, Educ. Harria.Robert.Corinth. Buslness.KA Harrey.Amos.Jackson. Engineering Harwell, Cary. Banner, Education Hathock.Stacy. Jackson, Exiuc., M Hawes, John. Oxford. Engineering Hawkins,Keith. Oxford. Engineering Haynes.Shelly.Baldwyn. EducAAII Hayes, Katherine.Metalrie, La., AAA Haynes,AlvIn. Barbados. Buslness. BE Hell.Yolanda.Glen. Education Henderson. Doris. Oxford. AKA Henderson. Erika, Tunica. Accounting Heng, Boon. University, Engineering Hercher, Victoria. HiUsboro. Mo. Hlatt,Carollne.Baton Rouge. KA Classes — 353 Juniors Hill, Charles. Olive Branch. KE Hill.Renecla.Toomauba. Accounting Hite.CoUin. Walls, Llb.Arts Hobbs.Holly.Collierville. Tn..AAn Hodges, Mesanle.BatesvUle. Acct. Holmes.Cllff.Jackson. Accounting Holmes. Lloyd. Houston, Accounting Holmes, Vlctoiia.Yazoo Clty.KKT Hom,KeIly.Zachary. La., Business Hovas.Todd.Kllmlchael. Pharmacy Hsn.Fu-Nuei. University. Business Hubbard.Glnger, Jackson, Lib. Arts. xn Huckaby.Garrod.Guntown. Acct. Haddleston.Mark.Scottsdale, Az. Hugglns, Glenn. Kosciusko. Education Hall,Gena.Meridlan. LJb.Arts.AAA Hamkey, Jennifer. Martinsville. Va. Humphrey, Verna. Fayette. Llb.Arts Hnnter.Tracey. Columbia. Tn. Hunn.Isls. Brandon. Llb.Arts Hutchison, Sonya.Sallls, Education Irby, Heather. Con way. Ar..KA Irby, Kathleen. Jackson. Llb.Arts, KKT Jackson,Jennlfer. Brandon, AT Jamicson, Tonya. Falkner, Llb.Arts Jenklns.Jason.Welr. Business, Jenkin8,Tony. University. Accounting Jemigan.Nan.Germantown, Acct. Jemlgan, Sarah. Hernando. AAA Jimcnez.Carlo, Meridian. Business Johnson.John.Pelahatchle, Acct. Johnson, Lori.BumsvlUe. Bus-.AAH Johnson, Phadrea. Brandon, Llb.Arts Joncs.Donald. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Joncs.Ellzabeth. Huntington. Wv.. ' t ' M Jones, Kenneth. Maben. Lib. Arts. A A Jones.Jones. Poplar Bluff. Mo..Educ. Jones.Scott. University. Llb.Arts Jordan.Jacquellne. Columbia. K.A0 Jordan, Klmberiy. Memphis. Educ.AOn Kakales.Libbie.Gxford. Llb.Arts Kamaraddln.Razman. University. Bus. 354 — Classes Keama.Nlna.Tupclo. Education Keen, Michael. Redwood. Business Kelly, Ashley. Olive Branch. Business Kelly.Mlchelle.Baldwyn. Ub.Arts Kennedy, Grace, Can ton. Education. Xli Klialeel.Amal.Oxford. Engineering Kliirleh.Suzanne.Duck Hill. Business Khoo, Karen. Oxford. Lib.Arts Klrkland. Linda. Madison, Educ.KA Kltaka.Rlchard. University. Engln. Klaus, Jessica. Unlversty. Lib. Arts. IIB Kraft.Richard.Wynnetka. II. .Lib.Arts Kulm.Katherlne.Dallas. Lib.Arts Lacey.Robert.Moblle. A1..2X Lambert.Andree.Kenner. La..AOn Landcs, Jacqueline, Edwards. KA Lavender.Michelle, Memphis. AOn Leang.Slak, University. Engineering Leathers, Julie. Olive Branch. Acct. Lee.Christopher.Calhoun City. Bus. Lee.Ellabeth.Frankfort, Ky..nB$ Lee, Learn. University. Business Lee, Mark. Hernando. Lib.Arts Lee.Shu- Jung. University. Business Lee. Teck. University. Engineering Lcfoldt.Kimberly, Jackson. Acct..nB Legge.BUl.Como. Accounting Lewis, Jeff. Terry. Business Lim.Yuk Hau. University. Business Lindsey.Jennifer.Harrtsburg. II., Accl Lindsey.Michael. Fulton, Business Llm.Sin Chew.University, Engln. Loh. Yew. University. Business Lohrmann, Jeffrey. Jackson. Business Long.Terrance.Nesbit. Lib.Arts Lord,Betty.CarrolIton. Lib.Arts Lowrie.Guyla.CoIdwater. IIB Lupberger.Ted.New Orleans. Lib.Arts Madden. John. Jackson. Business. Z E Maddox.Jeri.New Albany. Lib.Arts Magee.Marsha. Prentiss. Lib.Arts Mah.Dorann.Lake Village. Ar., Bus. Classes — 355 Juniors Maln.Mereditn.Nashvllle. Llb.Arts.xn Maloaf,Eric. Jackson, Accounting Marsh, Brian. Corinth. Business Marsh, Elizabeth.Jackson. Educ.AAA Martln,Scotty. Hanson. LIb.Arts Matlock. Scott. Germ an town. Bus., May.Mattew.Germantown. Acct. May.McDanlel.Oxford . LIb.Arts Mayfleld.Laura.Clarksdale. Educ.AAA Mayo.Harrell.Jackson. LIb.Arts McCarley.Melonle.Boonevllle. Lib. Art McCaulcy .Jenny, Germantown. XSi McClendon, Christy. Ho ulka. Educ. McCoUnm.Mellssa.Jackson. Xn McCrcave.Sean. Ireland, Engineering McDade.AUison.Cllnton. Bus.. M McDaniel.Laura, Oxford. LIb.Arts McDanicl, Bryan. Banner. Nc.SN McGregor.Ctndy. Oxford, Education McJunkins.Farrls.Etta. Accounting McNeil, Cornelius. Grenada. Bus..KA McRaney.Mark.Jackson. LIb.Arts Meek.Glenn.Pascagoula. Engln..SN Merriman.Klmberty.Sardls. Acct. Meyer.Lynn.Belleair, Fl.. AT Mlddleton, Darren. Yazoo City. Bus.,KE Milbam, Angela. Natchez. Buslness,4 M Milcs.Ronald. Myrtle. Business Miller,MelInda, Monroe, La,, Bus. M Mlller.WiUlam.Birmlngham, Business Mlller.WhItney.Memphls. Educ.AAA Mills. Lisa. Brandon, Education. KA Mlrza.Sadlqualn. University. Engln. Mltcham, Marian. Monroe. La.. Bus. Mitchell.Angela.Southaven. LIb.Arts Mitchell. Dee.Statesboro. Ga.. Educ. Mitchell, Jennlpher.Eupora. Educ.-tM Mltchell.Mlchaei.Unlverslty, Acct. Moniot. Leigh. Blloxl, Pharmacy Montagna. Anthony. Englewood Clfs., Montgomery, tiruce.Louln. LIb.Arts Moore.Edward. Piano, Tx., Acct. 356 — Classes ■Ik I I Moore, Eone.Senatobla. Arts. AAA Hoore, Kelly. Pascagoula. Al ' Moore, Pamela, Kosciusko. IIK4 Morgan, l olly,Courtland. business Morgan, Susan. Graysvllle. Al.AAn MoniB,.Jennffer.Tutwller. LIb.Arts Morris, Martha. Jackson. [i)duc.,AAA Morris.Melanle.ElllsvUle. Kducatlon Moumneh.Rassam. University. Engln. Mulvihin.IJrklgett.Byhalla. LIb.Arts MunBter,Kourtner.Kenner. La. March. Scott. Clearwater. Fl.. Phar. Neal.Neesa.New Boston. Tx., AMI Neal.Tracy. Oxford. LIb.Arts Nelson, Karen. Nesbit. LIb.Arts Nelson.Kelly.Ft. Smith. Ar..IIB Newcomb.Klmberly.Centralla. IL.Acct Ng.Eng-See. University, Business Nlcolaldes.Raul. Grenada. Business Nlx.Jay. Greenwood, Lib. Arts. " { " Ae Nlx.Biloxl, LIb.Arts Nored.Ellzabeth. Greenwood. E uc. Norton, Susan, Brookhaven. Educ.RA Nosef.Brldget.Clarksdale. Xfl Odom, Chris, Waynesboro. Business Odom,Kellea,Pascagoula, LIb.Arts Oswald, Ashley. Bfcindon. LIb.Arts Overstreet.Klmberly, Brandon. AT Owen.Todd. Memphis. LIb.Arts Parish.Bobln.Flowood, LIb.Arts Parker.Uryan.Blue Springs. Bus. Parker.Helen. Sutherland. Education Parker, Sandra. Mchanry. AATl Parsons.Vlrglnla. Memphis. Education Pate, John. Livingston. Engln. .KA Pate, Velsle. University, LIb.Arts Pearson.Thaomas. Nashville. LIb.Arts Pendergest,Amy.Baldwyn. Education Perry.Monlca.Gulfport. Llb.Arts.AAA Petermann.Ava.Vossburg, LIb.Arts PhllUp8,James.Ripley, Tn.. K PhllUpB, Laura, Oxford. Pharmacy Classes — 357 Taking Road Trips It seems that everytlme Friday rolls around the campus clears out, and all of a sudden there are actually empty parking spaces. Ole Miss has been described as a " suitcase " college, but it is interesting to find out that the majority of the students who are leaving town are not going home. In the Fall since many " home " games are in Jackson, frequent road trips are taken to watch the Rebs play. In the spring many students estimate that in a month they average two weekends out of town and two weekends at school. Many students attribute the trips to the increase of concert tours in the spring, the desire to get to the beach, and the fact that Memphis and other major cities are Just a few hours drive away, allowing them to pack up on a whim and go. Ole Miss Classic Piecnch,Tliiiothy..Cabelle, Fl.Bus Pique. Joely.Gautler. Lib, Arts Poole.Ronnle.SmlthvlUe. LIb.Arts Porter, Stephen. Pascagoula. Business PTmther,Jennlfer.TLipelo. Education Prmther,Mellssa. Ripley, LIb.Arts Pimtber, Monica. Corinth. Bus. .AAA Prtvett.Mellssa. Nashville. LIb.Arts Pmden, Bryan. Clinton. AccL.riKA Pryor.Lee.Klngwood. Tx.KA© Puder, Wanda. Hickory Flat. Educ. PnrvU, Paige. Jackson, Acct..ZX Qulnn.Casandra.Elalne. Ar.AOn Qnlroz.Sue.Hattlesburg, Pharmacy lUlney.Tracle.Duck Hill. Accounting Randle.Ellzabeth. Jackson. Acct RatnaiMther.Chanath. University Reed.Russell. University. Business Reld.Joscph.Batesvllle. RKA Relgle,Denls.Southaven. LIb.Arts Rellly.Renee.Metalrle. La., LIb.Arts Reybom.Jeffrey. Pontotoc. Engln. Rlales, Lisa. Memphis. Business RlccRebecca.Batesvllle. Education Risher.Dlane. Newton. Business. OM Riven, Martin. Biloxl. Accounting Robblns.Teresa. Oxford. Education Roberts.Sean.New Orleans. Lib Arts 358 — Classes Juniors RoberBon.I Irian, Corinth. Accounting RoberBon. Michael. Jackson. Lib. Arts Robertson, Kobl. New Albany, Hus. Robertson, Tina. Southaven. Acct. RobloBon.Anthony.NeBblt. Business RoblnBon.Paul. Jackson. Business Rogers. Joseph, Covington, La., Acct. Rojas, Cynthia. University. Lib. Arts Rose. Laurie. Cleveland. Engln.. KA Ross, Stewart. Jackson. Lib, Arts Rowan, Tamara, New Albany. Educ. Ryan.Tracey. Houston. Tx..nB Sanders.Erma. Tunica. Lib. Arts Sanders.Mlchael.Tupelo, Accounting Sanford, Angela. Courtland. AKA Sawyer.Jason.Mattoon, U.. Business Sayle.Kevln.Charleston. Business Schweers.Susan. Brandon. Bus..AAII Scott.Jana. Tupelo, Lib. Arts Scott.Kathy.QuItman. Llb.Arts Seals.Katrenla.Shannon. Llb.Arts Seals, Thaddeus. Pontotoc. Llb.Arts Sengupta.Samudra. India. Engln. Sen ter.Betty. Fulton, Education Sesauma, Craig. Jackson, IX Shaffer.Norma.StarkvIIle. Llb.Arts Shaw.Russell, Jackson. Accounting ShefHeld.Alan. Brandon. Bus.,X Shefneld.Brenda.Plantersvtlle. Ms. Sheffield.Dyanna.Southaven. AAII Sherman. Justin. Batesvllle, Llb.Arts Shldles.Cassandra, Aberdeen. Lib. Art Shing.PatrlcIa.Clarksdale, Acct. Shlvcs.Stephen, Corinth. Accounting Short, Robert. Sardls. Engineering Simmons, Gina. Tupelo. Accounting Simpson, Charlotte. Oxford. Llb.Arts Simpson, Charlene. Oxford. Acct. Smith.Carollne.Memphls, IIB Smith. Dana. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Smlth.James.Pattlson. Llb.Arts Smlth.Joseph.CarroUton, Business Classes — 359 Juniors Smith, Laurie, Terry. Business Smlth.Llsa.Oxford. Ub.Art:s Smith, Marsha. Carrollton, Lib. Arts Smith,Mary.AbbevIIle. LIb.Arts Solberg. Bobby, Business. Bus..ATO Solomon.Amy.New Orleans. Xfi Sou therland. Thomas. Columbus. A@ Spencer.Beverly.Holcomb, AAIl Spencer, Marcus.Clarksdale. LIb.Arts Sproles,Slacey.Byhalla. Lib. Arts, M Stanford.Charles.CIinton. Bus.,2;X Stafford.Donette.Crossett, Ar..ZTA Stanphill.Chris.Oxford, LIb.Arts Steele.Kelth.Hattlesburg. Engineering Stephans.Mellsande. Houston. Tx.,Bus Stephana, Rogers. Natchez, Business Stephenson.Gwyn.Memphls, AAA Stewart.Christfan, Oxford. Business Stogner.Riley. Harvey. La.. Bus. StoncCary, Columbus, Engineering Strayer.Mlchael.Rtdgeland, K Stringer, Wendy. Crystal Springs.AF Strong, Thomas, Hernando, Lib. Arts Strange.HoUy.Covlngton. Tn..KA0 Swindall, Lawrence, Aberdeen, BE Swindoll, Virginia. Hernando, LIb.Arts Talley, Randall. Oxford, Engineering Tan, Yakguan, Oxford, Business Tang, Wal. University, Engineering Tapp.Teresa.Amory, Lib. Arts. AOII Tarland.Anthony, Springfield, Eng. Tatum.Stacie. Oxford. Accounting Taylor, Asycia.Como, LIb.Arts Taylor,Brinkley. Potts Camp. LIb.Arts Taylor, Sherlta.Clarksdale, Business Tedford, Laurie, Lyon, Business, Teichert. Joseph. Pearl. LIb.Arts.KE Thomas.Patrlck. Bolton. LIb.Arts Thompson, Dawn, Winona, LIb.Arts Thompson, Kacee,Gautier, Bus.KA Thompson, Lisa. BatesviHe, LIb.Arts Thompson, Terrie, University 360 — Classes ThraBh.Ann. Virginia l ach. Va. Tickle.Heldl.Mt ' talrlc. La..KAe Tlt«»,Carl.CIlnton. Buslncss.ZTA Townscnd.DcnnlH.VIcksburg. Lib. Art Triche.Nancy.Pass Christian. U Tupman, Stanley, Indlanola. Uusiness Turner. Reginald, University .Bus. . PBE Turshen.Rebekah.Columbla. KAB Tutor, Sharon, Batesvllle. Education Tyer. Andrew. Helena. Ar..Educ.,A4 ' Underwood.Klmberly, Green wood, Uter.Kristen. Baton Rouge. La..KA BalUer.Raymond.Drew, Lib. Arts Vancil.Boyd.Qulln. Mo.. Business VollIntlne.Heather.Fort Worth, AMI Von Hover,TerrI,Kenner. La.. AAA Yates, Alvln. Bruce. Business Yap.Flk-Yee.Oxford. Business Young.Susanne.Rosedale, Educ.,4»M Walker.Davld. Memphis. Buslness.2 E Walker.Joseph. Dallas. Lib. Arts Walls. Marsha. Holly Springs. Lib. Arts Walthall.Jennlfer.HuntsvUle, A1..ZTA Ward, Joanna. Rome. Ga.. Lib. Arts. xn Warren, Fred. Gautler. Business Waslnger.Deslree. Tupelo. Lib. Arts Watkins, Greg. Green wood. Business Watklns.Klmberley. Tallahassee, Fl. Watkins. WiUlam.Jackson, Business Watts.Lauren. Raymond. Llb.Arts, M Webb.Reglna. Paris. Education Webb.Tracy.Coldwater. Business Weeden.Tracle,Como. Pharmacy Wells.Christopher.Carrlere. Acct. Welsh, Curtis. Gautier. Buslness.S E Werby.Mary.Gulfport. Education, KKT Wesley. Yolanda. Cleveland. AKA Westfaol, Lane. Holly Springs. Lib. Art Wheeler.Jamea.Mt. Vernon. 11..2; E White, Samantha.Olean. Ny.. Business Wilkinson. Kristl.Bolse. Id. Williams. Amy. Hernando. Accounting Classes — 361 Juniors Wllllams.Llz.Jackson. Llb.Arts.AAA WUllams.Jana.Nesblt. Education WUllams.Heather.Florence. Bus..AAI! Willlams.James.Booneville. Business WUllams.Lelgh.Brandon. AOn WUliams, Richard. Taylor. Business WUUamfl.Yolanda.Coldwater. Bus. WiUlamson.James.Tylertown. X I Wilson, Kimberley. Lauderdale. Acct. WUflon, Marsha. Osyka. Lib.Arts Wilson. Mary. Byhalla. Lib.Arts Wilson. Russell. Cunningham. Tn..S E White, Wllliam.Atlanta. Ga.,KE Whlttiagton.Brent.Jackson, Lib.Arts Wood.Jennlfer. Greenwood. Lib.Arts Wood,Nancy.Nashvllle. Bus..KAe Wooten, Lisa. Pearl. Accounting Wong.Kong Meow. University. Bus. Wong.Ping.Oxford. Business Work, Tammy. Potts Camp. Acct, Wiight,Bessle, Grenada, Business 362 — Classes . Seniors Aaron, Charles, Hernando. Lib. Arts Abong, Irene, University. Husfness Adam»,Lelgh,Hlrmlngham. AI. ' frM Adams, Joflpph .Vardaman. Lib, Arts Agne.Phyllls,Anna, 11., Llb.Arts Albritton.Audry.Gulfport. Bu8..ZTA Alfano, Thorn as, San Antonio. Tx-.IX Allen, Bradly. Memphis, Business Allen,Leigh- Ann. Jackson. Education Altazan,P-ll ,Hbeth. Baton Rouge. La. Angelozzi. Stacy, Baltimore. Md.HB Anderson, William, Nashville. Acct..£X Anderson, Christy, Saltlllo. Business Anderson, Felicia. Byhalla, Business Aiiton.Cllfford,Oxford. Llb.Arts Antwine,John. Oxford. Buslness.IlKA Armstrong.Cynthla. Dennis, Acct. AmiBtrong.Joy, Bruce, Llb.Arts Askew.Calvln. Crenshaw, Llb.Arts Au,Ylu Chong, University, Business Bailey.Carolyn.Okolona, Business Baker.Berri.Batesville. Llb.Arts Barker, Lorl, Monroe, La., Bus. Barnes, Dixie, Dearborn. Ml.. Llb.Arts BarrettiLelgh. Aberdeen, Ekiucatlon BarTett,Lynn, Aberdeen, Lib. Arts, AOn Barton, Alyson, New Orleans. La..KA9 Barton,Caro!lne.Ethel. Education Barton, Paula. Saltlllo. Business Beard, Lynn, Lauderdale, Acct.,AAn Beard,Anthony,Hlckory Flat, Llb.Arts Belun,Krlsten,Germantown. KA Bclkiiapp,Lllllana. Poplar Bluff. Ms. Bennett, Elizabeth. Jackson. Educ.KA Benton, Antonnlo. Kosciusko. A4 A Bcrry.Ann.Fort Smith. Educ.nB Bevels, Tarn my, Calhoun City. Bus. BlglLam,Amanda.Jackson, KKT Blngham,Mellssa,Colllervllle. Bus.,Ar Blrd,Chnstopher,Oxford, Bus.,ATO Bradley,Marshall.Senatobia. Llb.Arts Brandon, William, Memphis, Business Classes — 363 Seniors Brewer.Christlne, Metallic, La.. Acct. Brocato.Klmberly. Brandon. ZTA Bruce, Melllsa. Jackson. Acct. .AAA Bond. Tamela. Oxford, Business Boutwell.Mattew. Petal. Engineering Boutwell.Sharon.Petal. Llb.Arts BowlcB.Kirby.Phoenix, Az.. KKI ' Bowles.Sherry.Oxford. Lib.Arts.KKT Boyles.Betty. University. Eklucation Brennan.Maureen.Ciinton. Business Brent.Elizabeth, Alexandria, Va..AAn Brewer.Susan, Tupelo. Llb.Arts Britt.Tonya.Brookhaven. Llb.Arts Brodeiick.Shani.Friendswood. Tx. Brooks.Tlffany. Jackson. EducKA Brown. Brenda, Wesson. Llb.Arts Brown, Donna. New Albany. Acct. Brown, Donna. Jackson, Accounting Brown,John,Grenada. Business, ATO Brown.Karen.Thaxton. Education Brown,M£U7. Atlanta. Ga., Lib. Arts Brown, Melody. Oxford. Business Brown. Stephen. Kemmerer, Wy..Engin Bullock, Ulmer, Oxford, Engineering Bullock.Susan.Hattiesburg. Educ. BumpuB,Timothy. Holly Springs. Ms. Burley.Erica.ShelbyvlUe. Ky..A20 Busby, Audra.Belden. Pharmacy. Busby.Jan.Oxford. Llb.Arts.KKF Busby, Jill.Oxford. Llb.Arts.KKr Busby. Anna. McComb. Lib. Arts. KA0 Buster.Hugh.Jackson. Acct., ATO Butler.Sherry.Leland. Llb.Arts Cadle.Joey.Boonevilie. Llb.Arts Cadle, Jennifer. Boone vi lie. KA0 Cain, Harry. Kosciusko. Business Caldwell. Britt.Tupelo. Acct..2N Calvery, Teresa. Boon eville. Education Cameron. William, Natchez. Business Canup.Monya.BooneviUe. Education Carmichacl. Kelly. Martinsville. In. Carpenter.Martha.Southaven. Educ. Classes — 364 ? 5 Carr.AlliHon. Carthage. Lib. Arts. iil " Caveneu. Angela. Marlet la. Kducatlon Chal.Mlnfi Han.Unlversltu. Engln. Chambers. Hobble. AcKerman. IlKA Chan. Shiaw. University. Lib. Arts Chancellor, Candice.Relsterstown. Md Chang.Kum, University, Business Chang.Sow. University. Business Cangelosl, Stephen. New Orleans. 2 E ChrcBtman. Allison. Jackson. Uus..AAn Chllds, Sandra. Oxford, Education Chuah.Gervalse. University. Business Church, Russell. Mansfield, La.. Bus. Coggln, Kerry, Tupelo. Lib. Arts. AAIl Coker.John. Quitman. Buslness.4»KT Cole, Angela. University. Bus,,KA9 Coleman, Dorothy. Ackerman. M CoUlns.Betty. Kosciusko. ASe Collins.Bobbie.Kosciusko.Llb.Arts CoUins. Bonnie. Kosciusko. Lib. Arts CoIllns.Tonya. Winona. Business Collum, Mark. Fulton, Buslness.RZ Cook. Amber, Como. Lib. Arts Cooper, Melissa. Gulfport, Education Corley.Carla. Clinton. Accounting CoBby.John.Crossett. Ar.. Engln. Cowan,Renee. Boulder. Co.. AAA Cox.Mlchael. Meridian. Business Cox.Wade.Columbus. Llb.Arts. 2X Cranz, Cynthia. Grapevine, Tx.. KKF Crockett ' .Camille. Holly Sprlngs. M Crockett.Pbilllp.Oxford, Business Crouch, Rodney, Salt] llo. Lib. Arts. K4 ' Crongeyer.Jim.Euless. Tx.. S E Crowley.Kathryn.Mathlston. AOn Cnim.Matthew.Oxford. Llb.Arts Cramp, Brian, Jackson. Engineering Cramp,Pamela. Jackson. Tn.. Llb.Arts Crathlrda.Crlstan. Memphis. Tn..KKr Collins. Belverly. Bruce. Education Cunningham, Melanle. Brentwood, Tn. Dale.Donna, Clinton, Education I Classes — 365 Seniors Dalton, Andrew. University. Education Darby.Meloney.Batesvllle. Lib. Arts Davis, Rodney, Bentonla. Business DavidBon,Debra.Sardls. Accounting Deleo.Joseph. Holly Springs. Acct. Denton.Katrlna.Drew. Lib Arts Dlckilu.Dana,Oxford, Business Dollar.Chrlsty.Lake Jackson, Tx. Donaldson.Julle.Tyler. Tx.. KKF Doiiglas,Edie.Bartlett. Tn.. Lib.Arts Dowdy ,Sharon. Oxford. Accounting Downey,Anna.St. Simons Is., Ga.. M Downs, Susan. Tupelo. Lib. Arts. AAII Doxey, Angela, Holly Springs. Bus. Drewery.Tracy. Corinth. Business Duncan, Benjamin. Marietta. Ga..S E Dun can, Timothy. Southaven. Business Durrett.Laura.Ollve Branch, Lib.Arts Dyer.Frank. Memphis. Business. •i ' K ' I ' Dyess, Robert. Jackson. Lib. Arts. SAE Eakes.Jeffrey.Jackson. Business,jn Early.Lloyd. Memphis, Education, KA Eaves, Paige. Clinton. Business. ZTA Ebans, Carolyn. French Camp, Lib. Art Edwards, Dafphlne. Marks, Business Edwards.Due.Pelahatchie. Business Edwards,Stephanie,New Bern. Nc. Ehrgott.Stacy.Vlcksburg. Bus..KKr Eilers.Alex.Chilllcothe. Il..Educ..IIB Eldridge.Vallsa.Arcola. Lib.Arts ElUot.Mlchael.Alexandria. Va..Bus. Emerson, Leo. Meridian. Lib. Arts. A A Emerson, Peter. Houston. Tx. .Lib.Arts Eoff, William. Senatobla. Accounting Epperson, Eric. Memphis, Business. X 1 ' Ergle,Katherine,Charleston. Lib.Arts Evans, Amy. Southaven. Lib. Arts. AOn Evans, Carolyn. French Camp. Lib. Art EzMU,ElwQod. University. Engln. ral,Tong Kam, University, Acct. rarrlngton,Rlchard.Jackson. Bus.,2X Fanis.Michael.Pascagoula, Business 366 — Classes " inpific] Farzaneh-Far.Hassan. University Ferguson, Richard, Oxford. Kngln. Ferguson, Thomas. Hernando. Lib. Arts Fernandez.Clndy. Water Valley Ferrell.Jeana.natesvllle. Bus.KA Flclder.Robln.Oxford, Education Flmlono.Tara.Dlloxl. Education Findley.Jonathan.Atoka. Tn., Llb.Art Fly, Stacey. Grenada, Education Ford.Kathleen. Arlington. Va.. Llb.Art Fortenberry .Joyce, Grenada, Educ. Fortenberry.Kellle. Greenville. KA FoBter.Ty.Pascagoula. Business Fountain.Gllnda.Blloxl. Business Fountain, Penny. Gautler. Business Fowler.Paula. Oxford. Business Fowler, Adam. Oxford, Business Fox.John.Noxapater. Lib. Arts Frassrand.Keilly.Hlxson. Tn.,Bus. Frazier.Mark. Kosciusko. Lib. Arts Frederick.Rebecca.BoonevUle, Bus. Freeman.Chlp. Greenville. Acct.. A9 Fulford,Kimberly.Greenvllle. AAA Funk.Patrlcia.Harlingen, Tx..KA0 Gala.Jole.Germantown. Lib. Arts. AT Galnes.Heather.Iuka, Engfn,. A. Gambrel.Sheral.Blue Springs, Bus. Gann,Julle,Memphis. Llb.Arts.KKT Gausline.Gregg.Tupelo. Lib. Arts Gebhart,LeIand. Jackson. Lib. Arts. 2X Gibson, Bryan, Mt. Pleasant, Tn..Bus. Gilbert.Tracy. Greenville. Business GUl.Wllllam.Osyka. Llb.Arts Gllmore.Paul.Oxford. Llb.Arts.ATO GUpln.Carey. Houston. Tx.. A Givens.Ronaldo.Drew. Engln.. BE Golden, Donna. Coldwater. Llb.Arts Golden, Rickey, Coldwater. Pharmacy Goldman, Bethanna. Potts Camp. Acct. Goldman, Lee. Meridian. Lib. Arts. KA9 Gonzalez, Angela. University. Llb.Arts Gould, Rebecca. Montlcello. Engln. I Classes — 367 Having It All Senior Todd SandronI Is just one of the many examples at Ole Miss you will find of someone who embodies the meaning of " well-rounded " . This year Todd was honored by being named the 1 990 Toyota CBS Leader of the Year. This free safety from Shaw, Mississippi, has shown that he can acheive both on the football field and in the class- room. Shown here, left, receiving a plaque from Coach Brewer, Todd was also honored on December 12 at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Overcoming a serious knee injury this year, Todd was able to regain his spirits and he played in all 1 1 games, including special team action. Todd is just one example of the many people who leave Ole Miss with more than Just an education, because they have put so much more into It. Ole Miss Classic Graham, Jerry. Abbeville, Engln. Graliain, Molly. Memphis, Educ.KA Greaves.Greta. Madison. Lib. Arts Green, Pam.Boonevllle. Education Greer.Jason. Houston. Tx.. IN GrUnth.Davld.Oxford. Business Grlataam.Robert.Senatobla. Business Gulllory.Brandl. Brandon. Education GullIot.Danlel.Metalrle, La.. Bus. Gnrley.Whltney. Greenwood. Bus..AOn Haglna.Nancy.Holly Springs. Llb.Arts Hall.Dlanne.BurnsvlUe. Accounting Hallnm.Bryan, Walls. Bus.OK ; Hammond.Amy.Durant, Education l.Davld. Oxford. Accounting Hanna.Terl. University. Accounting Hardy.Paul. Wiggins. Business Hardy.Stephanle. Brandon. Llb.Arts Haring.Terrl. Ocean Springs. Bus. HaxTiaon.Ellzabeth. Winona. Acct Harriton.Steve.Cllnton. Llb.Arts.ATO Harriaon.Sulvla.Kllmlchael, AKA Hart.Tara. Louisville, Llb.Arts, Ar Hartmann. Heather. Ocean Springs. (CM HartncM.Julle.Koscluslio, Acct. AAA HattaccKk.Stephanle.Durant, Bus..AOn Hayea.Dawn.Jackson, Llb.Arts.AAD Haylea.Amy.Brookhaven. Educ.OM 368 — Classes Seniors i ilm i Henin.Krlsll.Forest. Llb.Arts, M Helton. Coleman, Oxford. Lib. Arts Hendrlck»on,Belty,Oxford. Education Hendrlcka.Shella.Tacoma. Wa .ZTA Heng.Hwee-Mlan. University, Bus. Hen«on.Jcff,Ocean Springs, Lib. Arts Herlard. Heather, Jackson. Accounting Henington.I lgh, Natchez. KA9 Hill, Jessica, University, Business Hlll.Kelly.Unlverslty. Llb.Arts HllUard.Tonya, Pontotoc, Llb.Arts HUton.Frances.Mendenhall, Educ. Hodglns, Mark, London Ontario. Bus. Hoevabjenyndoeraky.Kabl. University HoUand.Twyla. Holly Springs. Llb.Art Holliday .Joan, Sarah, Education HoUlngBworth, Rebecca, Lafayette. La. HoUowell.Teresa.AbbevlUe, Educ. Holman.Janle, Jackson, Llb.Arts.Xfl Holmes, Jennifer, Round Rock, Tx. Hong, Christopher, University, Bus. Hooker,Loulse. Lexington. Lib. Arts. XIl Homaday.Stephen.Bay Springs, Horton,Thomas,Oxford, K2 Howard.Katrlna.Unlverslty, Llb.Arts Howard, Jenny, Madison. EducKKT Howard, Barbara, New Albany, Z B Honan.Kelly.Tampa, Fl., KKT Hudson, Kelly, Batesville, Accounting Hummel, Reglna.Kenner, La., Llb.Arts Humphries, William, Horn Lake, Ms. Hnnt.Kevln.Adamsvllle, Tn., Llb.Arts Ielaldnls,Lori,Selmer. Tn., Acct. Ihlbrock.lngo.Bay Springs, Business Ince, Samuel, University, Business Jackson, Freddy, Oxford, Education Jack8on,Glenda,Oxford, Education JamlBon,Christopher,Coldwater, Ms Jee,EmIly,Rulevllle. Business Jenkins, Thomas, Corinth, Business Johnson, Carolyn, Meridian, GducAAA Johnson, Dana.Summlt, Llb.Arts Classes — 369 Seniors Johnson, Joyce, Marks, Lib. Arts JolinBon.Mathew. Brandon, Lib. Arts Johnson, Pamela. Horn Lake. Educ. Johnston, Janet.McComb. Phar..ZTA Jones, Angela, Oxford. Lib. Arts Jones.Leslie.Ackerman. Education Jone8,Marilyn. Meridian. Lib. Arts Jones, Rhonda. Memphis, Educ. KKF Kay,ChristQpher. Calhoun City, Educ. Kellom.Kate.Oxford. Lib. Arts Khong,Steven. University. Engln. Khor,Khing-Teck.Unlverslty. Engln. Kilpatrick,Amy.PhlladeIphia, Bus.. M Kimzcy.Kelli.Slldell. La.. Educ.AT King,Tracle.Baldwyn. Education Klrkendall.Fatrick.Vlolet. La.. Bus. Kitchens, Wllliam.New Albany. Bus. Knabb, Catherine, Magee. Accounting Knight. Angela. Tupelo. Education Knox, Jim. Green wood. Business Kurtz, Wendl.Germantown, Bus.,AAn Ladner.Stephanle, University. Lib. Art Lall.Deana. Jackson, Education, M Landreth.Kenneth.Grant, Al.. Llb.Art Lane.John. Rockwall. Tx., Lib. Arts Larsen,Roxanne.Pascagoula. Bus. La8Blter,Jody, Dexter, Ky.. A Lawrence,Jlnnlfer. Memphis. Lib. Arts Lawson.Patricla, Brandon. Educ. M Layne, Scott, Green well Sprg.. La.. A Lee, Eng. University, Business Lee,Yan. University, Business Lce.Young-Khoon. University, Acct. Lee, Yuh. University. Business LeJcune.Joel.Jackson. Lib. Arts Lence.Davld, Ripley. Business Leow.Men Llh, University, Acct. Lewls.Vince.Germantown. Bus.,IlKA Lim,Ewe. University. Engineering Ling, James. Amor y. Business Llnzy,Delores. Sledge. Education Llpert. Deri ck, Metropolis, 11.. Bus..KE r 370 — Classes Llyanage.Huchlra. University. Engln. Loh.Bec LIng.Unlverslty, Business Loh.Annette. University. Business Loper.Pamcla.Ferklnston. Lib. Arts Lott.Tlffany.Belzonl. Buslness.AF Low.Anne.UnlversUy. Business Low.Yee-Huap.Unlverslty. Business Lowe, Vernon, Oxford. Engineering Lowrey.Seth, Sheridan. Ar.. Engln., A Lucas, John. Newton. Lib. Arts. 2N Lynch.Llsa. Water Valley. Llb.Arts Lyon, Timothy. Laurel. Llb.Arts Magee.Mellssa. Prentiss. LIb.Arts.KA MaJor,Leaanne, Hickman. Ky..KA9 Mansell, Lara. Boon evl lie. Llb.Arts Martiii.Aprtl.Red Banks. Llb.Arts Martln.Larry.Utlca. Llb.Arts Martin.Nancy. Clinton. Education Ma88le,Shannon. Quitman, Bus. .AT Mccarty,Phllips.Cllnton. Lib.Arts.ATO McClard.AJexandra.Alpharetta. Ga. Mccord.Perry.Blue Springs. Educ. McConnick.Mlchael. Golden. Co.. Bus. McDonald.Shawn. Yazoo City. SAE Mckellar.Anne.Senatobla. AAA Mckibben.Scott.Water Valley. Acct. McMahon,John.Metalrie. La., £A£ Mcneer.SheUy.Memphls. Bus..KKr McNeese, Joe. Columbia. Business. ATO Meadows.Stewart.Orlando. FI.. 2 E Meeks.Palge.Corlnth. Lib.Arts.ZTA Melton.Steven.Southaven. Business Menill.Melinda.Blrmlngham, Al.. Bus Menitt,Kristy.BatesvlIle. Education Mlclial8,Stacey.Val]ey. Ne.. AAA Mlddleton.Davld. Marks. Business, A6A BUdlick.Davld. Memphis. Llb.Arts.2X Mitchell. Deana.Southaven. Education Mitchell.PauI. Decatur. Business Monroe, Grant. Corinth. Accounting Monro,Grover. Newton. Acct.. KT Montgomery.Dlane. Clinton. Bus.,KA6 Classes — 371 Seniors Moody.Pattl, Florence. Al.. Pharmacy Moore, John. Jackson, Lib. Arts. ATO Morgan.Karen.Senatobla. Lib. Arts Monis. Tina. Olive Branch, Lib.Arts Mosley.Dana.GreenvlIle. Educ.AAA MosIey.Deanne. Meridian. Lib.Arts Moss, Jerry, luka, Lib.Arts Moss, Julie. Natchez. Lib.Arts.IIB Mullins, Timothy. Oxford. Education Murley.Shanl.Baldwyn. Education Murphey.Rebecca. Oxford. Lib.Arts Morphrce.Claudette. Madison. KA0 Nagree.Shaw. University, Engineering NaramorcByllnda, Oxford, Education Ncal.Melissa.Mantee, Business, AT Ncal,Regina,Southaven. Education Nell,Richard. Memphis. Buslness.IIKA Netz.Krista, Lexington, Business, KKT NevUle.Shelly.Jackson. Acct..XS2 Newell.Dana.Hazlehurst. Educ.. M Newsom, Laurie. Fulton, Education Ng-Chong.Seau-Homg. University, Ngew.Mee-Yoong.University. Bus. Nichols.KelvIn.Unlon. Lib.Arts Nicholson, Sandl.Menden hall. Lib. Art Nlx.Kristl.Counce. Accounting. AT Noc.Emest.Clarksdale, Education Noel, Beverly, Southaven, Lib.Arts Norton,MandI.Laurel, Lib.Arts.Xfi Oakley, Suzanne. Bruce. Education Odom.Sheri,Hom Lake. Accounting O ' Hara, Sean, Emporia, Business Oliver, Verdell.Oxford, Llb.Arts. BE Ong.Gln-Guan, University. Business O ' Qulnn.Tiffani, Pittsburg. Tx.,AAn Orange,Charles, Nashville, Tn., Bus, Onsley,Britton, Madison, Business. KA Owen, Don na.Grenada, Education Pace, Missy, Aberdeen. Lib.Arts. AT Pang, Wee. University, Business Parker.Audra.Pascagoula. Business Parkeraon, James, Greenville. KI. »% 372 — Classes Pateraon. Mark, Oxford, Engineering Peaster. Laura. Yazoo City. Lib. Arts. Xli Peoplcs.Llbby.Brookhaven, Educ.Xli Peh.Suan. University. Business Pennln on.Klmberly. Kosciusko. AAA PerkcrBon, Brian, Nashville, Business Peny, Larry. Bentonla. Business Perry, Martha, Oxford, Education. KA PettiB.Leslle.Oxford. Llb.Arts.Xfi Pierson.John. Baton Rouge. Business Pitcock.Kathy.BatesvUle. Business Pitta, Lane. Laurel. Lib. Arts Pltta.Ralph.Tupelo. Llb.Arts Polsgrove.Chiistopher.Jondeboro. Ar Porter.Matthew. Oxford. Llb.Arts Poyner.Shelley.Vardaman. Llb.Arts Prewltt.Scott.Jackson. Llb.Arts.HKA Prichard.Amy.Booneville. Acct. Prlce.Mellssa.Booneville. Llb,Arts. M Provence, Anna. New Albany. AccL.Ar Ragland.Roble.Oxford. EducaUon Range, Leanna. Columbus, B usiness Ray.Patiicla. Water Valley. Educ. Raymond, Janet. Florence. Llb.Arts Reily.Gavln.New Orleans. Business Rendon, Andrew. Starkvllle. Llb.Arts Reater.Renee.Ackerman, Llb.Arts. M Revels, Jenniffer.Hattlsburg, Bus., AAA RlchardBon.Stephen. Dexter. Mo. Rlmmel.Samantha.Ocean Springs. Rlce,Thomas. Oxford. Business Rlser.Klm.Shreveport. La.. AAA Riflley.Jason. Memphis. Business Roberts, KImberly. Clinton. Acct. Roberto. Vernon. Oxford. Llb.Arts Robertson, Dawne.BatesviUe, Bus. Robertson. Virginia. Jackson, Llb.Arts Robinson. Michelle, Eupora. AKA Robinson. Rhonda. Summit, Llb.Arts Robson. Marc, Natchez. Business Rockey, Donald. Carlisle. Education Rodgers, Heather. Lake Charles. L . mh s Classes — 373 ' w ' V ' c ..1 Breaking all the Rules Ole Miss adopted a no-smoking policy in the majority of its buildings and classrooms over the course of this last year. Students all over campus now find themselves in the position of having to take it outside when they want to light up. Of course the red signs posted everywhere and the cigarettes with a slash through them, don ' t always mean that everyone is going to abide by the rules. As usual students don ' t feel the need to con- form to university policy and it is not un- common to find a hallway filled with smoke. I Ole Miss Classic Rogers, Kenneth. Water Valley. Rogers.Linda, University, Business Roland.Anthony. Forest. Lib. Arts RoUBon.Allsa. Ripley. Accounting Roper.Robln. Belie Chasse. La. Rosamond.Stephen.Eupora. Business Ro88,Johneen,Blloxl, Accounting Roiix,Nanette.Oxford. Business. ■I ' M Rowan, David. New Albany. Lib. Arts Rozlna.Gregory. Jackson. Business Rushing.Toni.Kllmlchael. Llb.Arts Rutherford, Leslie, Bates vt lie, Llb.Arts Samuel, Brooke. Oxford. Education Sanford.Catherlne.Southaven. Bus. i. » w Sarbeck. Suzanne. Olive Branch. Bus. Saul.Chad.Clinton. Lib.Arts Scales, Andrea. Waterford. Lib.Arts Schmitz.Klmberly.Dunwoody. Educ. Schniff, Louis. Pass Christian. KE Scrogglns.Dawn. Brandon. Bus..KKr Scroggins, Christopher. Boon evllle ' -- r c- Scay.Jennlffer.Canton. Business. KKF Seld.Melvln.Vlcksburg. Lib.Arts Shadbum, Greta, Corinth. Education Shelton.James.New Albany, Business Shen.Wen-Chieh.Universlty. Business Shipp.Ruskln. Macon. Ga,. Business Shlrazl.Hadl.Ruston. La., Engln. I 374 — Classes Seniors Shall, Carrie. Arlington. Tn.. Bus. Simmons.Stacy.Klpley. Engineering Simon, Curlls. Columbia. Business. K A Simpson. Dawn. Ashland. Lib. Arts SUtnink. Woody. Jackson. Lib. Arts. IX Sllman.Mlchael. Gretna. La.. Lib. Arts Smith. Elizabeth. New Orleans, Ltb.Art Smith, James, Dumas, Business Smlth.Kenneth. Baton Rouge. KE Smith. Ramey. Oxford. Lib. Arts Smith, Richard. Oxford. Engineering Sneed.Dawn.Thaxton. Lib. Arts SnaggB.James.Jackson. Business Sobotka.Clement.Unlverslty. Llb.Arts Speara. Shannon. ElllsvUle. Business Spencer,Brlan,MyrtJe. Business Spencer, Edward, Nesblt. Business Stanfield.Davld.Oxford. Llb.Arts Steevee.Matthew. Robins Afb.. Ga. Stephens.Sheila.Eupora. Business Stewart.Beverly .Jonestown. Engln. Stewart, Christine. Sledge. Education Stewart,Georgla.Leesburg. F1..ZTA Stewart,Hyde. Jackson. Business, AAA Stewart.WilllamOxford. Buslness. K Stevens. Charles.Oxford. Business Stitt.Willlam.Yazoo City. Educ.. Ae Stockett, John. Osceola, Ar., Engln. Stoke8,Larry.Water Valley. Llb.Arts Stoltz, Lawrence. Oxford, Education Stricklln.Angel.Yazoo City. Llb.Arts Strickland.Brian.Cleveland. Bus..S E Stnvee.Susan.Duck HlU. Llb.Arts Sollivan, Christy. Kosculsko. Llb.Arts Sulilvan.Kelelgh.CoIlIns. Bus..AOn Suppiah.Jeya, University. Engln. Sullivan. L ra. Jackson. Lib. Arts. KKT Suzuki, Noriko. University. Education Swann, Chris, Brookhaven. Llb.Arts. Swayze,Jutle.Greenwood, Lib. Arts. Xfl Swilley.Stephanie.Brandon. Llb.Arts Swindle.Susan.SaltlUo, Llb.Arts I Classes — 375 Seniors TafUnger.Audrey.Cache, ll.Bus.AOn Tan, Kla. University. Engineering Tan. Leong-Chuan. University. Bus. Ton.Slok Thieng. University. Bus. Tang.Tung.University. Business Tartt.Sara.Grenada. Lib. Arts TBimehUl.Rhea.Unlon. Llb.Arts. Ae Taples.Chris.Potts Camp. Educ..A A Ta»oleti.Patrlcla.Clarksdale. AAA Taylor.Davallne.CIarksdale. Lib. Arts Taylor.Elizabeth. Jackson. XS! Taylor.Danette. Jackson. Accounting Teater.Christy.Mendenhall. M ThameStEdward. Verona. Lib. Arts Thomas, Carrie Leigh. Eupora . Bus..tM Thoniaa,Danny.Foxworth. Lib. Arts Thomason,Lora. Olive Branch. Bus. Thweatt,Randy.Oxford. Engineering Tlms,Melony.Byha]Ia. Lib. Arts Tixig,Heng.Untverslty. Business Toblll,Gregg.Oxford. Engineering. KA Toiig,Kani Fal. University. Acct. Totten, Deborah. Holly Springs. Bus. Traylor,Donna.Germantown. Bus. Traylor,Llnda. Pontotoc. Education Tniett,Frank.lV1emphl9. Buslness.ZN Taeng.Yu-Peng.Unlversity. Business Tncker,Shannon. Memphis. Business Tamer,Mlsty.New Albany. HB Tutor, Susan. Memphis. Lib.Arts.AOE Upshaw.Marlin.BatesvlUe. Acct. Uptegraph,Tanya. Randolph Tx., AAA Upton,CharlIc.West Point. SX Vahle.Heather.Seward. Ne.. AT Vega,Chadley .Heidelberg. Llb.Arts Vernon, Kenneth. Madison. Bus., sn Waggoner.Heather.Memphis. Bus.IlB Waldrop,Tamara.New Albany. Educ. Walker.Renee. Corinth. Llb.Arts Walker,Billle,Universlty. Llb.Arts WaU,Robert. Water VaUey. Llb.Arts WaU,Steven.Oxford. Llb.Arts. SN 376 — Classes Waller.Thomas. Oxford, Engineering Watson, Jon. Charlotte, Accounting Way, Mlctiael, Greenville, Uuslness Wcbb,Susan.Greenvllle, Business Weeden,Jor)a,New Albany, Educ.AOn Weeden. Kenneth. Blue Springs. Acct. We8t,Br1gette.Fearl. Llb.Arts. M White, Verlna.Duck Hill, Lib. Arts WhltcJohn.Vlcksburg. Engln.,S E Wljeslkers, Sanjeeva, University WUklns. Allison, Jackson, Buslness.AAA Wee, Chleu-Nee. Oxford. Accounting Whlte,Patricla.Columbla. Llb.Arts Whltehead.Davld.Dennls, Llb.Arts Wlckens. David, Jackson. Llb.Arts Wler.Steven.Sldon. Llb.Arts Wlley.Llndabeth.Austln. Tx.AOn Wmiama, Jeffrey. Paducah. Ky. Williams, Matthew. Madison. Business Williams, Michael, Memphis, Llb.Arts Williams.Sheryl Williams,Tlmolhy.011ve Branch. Bus. Willoiighby,Raymond.Gulfport. Bus. WUson.Marc.Franklln. Tn..Bus..KA Wilson, Paschal. Osyka. Llb.Arts Wilson, Stacy. Tupelo. Llb.Arts Wilson, Timothy. Osyka. Llb.Arts Winliam, Linda. Mertdian. Business Winters, Patricia. University. Engln. Wong,Rlchard.Oxford. Llb.Arts Wood, Alison. Jackson. Llb.Arts, AOn Wood,Charlotte,Natchez. Llb.Arts Wood, Michael. Rldgeland, Engln. Woods,Joseph.Ackerman. Engln. Wood8,Mlchelle. Greenville. M Yap, Bee Tho. University. Accounting Woods,Robert.Blythevllle. Ar..Bus- Worsham, Jerry. Oxford. Llb.Arts Wray, Leeanne. Memphis. Bus. .AAA Wren,Crystal.Nettleton. Business Wright,Jonathan. Walls, Business Yew,Chong-Yan. University. Business Young, Susan. Southaven. Llb.Arts Zettler,Llnda.Golden. Llb.Arts Ziemer.Christopher. Picayune. Lib. Art Zoller,Lce. Bowling Green. Ky.. KA Ciasgens,Chris. Liberal Arts Stewart, Amy. Liberal Arts I Classes — 377 Pharmacy I Andenon.James. Oxford Ms. Blgner.Marty.Summll. Ms. Btaylock.Amy.Gore Springs, Ms BreUnd.Danlel.Moss Point. Ms. Brown. Carole, Dexter. Mo Brown, Reagan. Wesson. Ms. Bofkin.Donna.Ptckens. Ms. BMh.Vlrglnla.Clarksdale. Ms. Coleman, Leigh. Savannah. Tn. Cooperwood.John. Pontotoc. Ms. Crmne.James.Brookhaven. Ms. Cnmmtni.Dosha. Greenville. Ms DanleU.Kelll. Poplar Bluff. Ms DUworthy.Marty.Corinth. Ms. DoagU«,Tracey.Brookhaven. Ms. Foxworth, Jason. Columbia. Ms. Olbaon, Pamela. Sumrall. Ms. Harder.Wllliam. University. Ms. Heteier.Kyle.Oxford. Ms. Hemphlll.Robln.Grenada. Ms. Joe.Glenn, Greenwood, Ms. Lambert.Renee.Vlcksburg. Ms. Lancuter,Ellzabeth. Woodland. Ms. Lee,Todd.Lumberton. Ms. Lee.Laura. Corinth. Ms. Lee.Sammy. Pearl. Ms. Lewte.Paul.Hazlehurst. Ms. Lewta.Tlm. Meridian. Ms. I On,Llsa.Greenvllle. Ms. M»ge«,Janlce.Washlngton. Ms McAlpln,Page.Corlnth. Ms HcDonald.Jeanette. Meridian, Ms. lUUer,Teri.Sumrall. Ms. Myer«,Kristl. Jackson. Ms, OtU,Katherine.Tupelo. Ms, Owen»,Mlsty.Crossett. Ms, Plge.Terri, Tupelo. Ms, Pltta,Amanda,Mantachle. Ms, Bnlnn,Jeff,Bogue Chltto. Ms. Handle, James. Blue Springs. Ms. RoM,Bobble Jean.Magee. Ms Rowley .Chrislopher.Sandy Hook. Ms. 378 — Classes Sandera.Mark, Meridian. Ms. Shaw, Susan. Florence. Ms. Skelton.PauI.Southaven. Ms. Spann.Kathy. Raymond. Ms. Staten.Douhlas.Neabll. Ms. Stewart, Felicia. Hollandale. Ms. Suhor.Scott. Picayune. Ms. Thornton, Sarah. Walnut. Ms. Tcaslcy.Gary. Oxford. Ms. Tedford, Hope. Pontotoc. Ms. Tlneley .James. Thaxlon, Ms. Tyner.John. Grenada, Ms. Welch.Tlna. Caledonia. Ms. WllBon.Jerri.Hlckory Flat. Ms. Woo. Raymond. Indlanola. Ms. Wood, Henry. Tylertown. Ms. , Pharmacy II Ales, Justin. Sardls, Ms. Boehm.Loii.Senatobla. Ms. Boggan.Jeffery.KIlmlchael. Ms. Bodharl.Syed. University. Ms. Bolcn.Lorl.Boonevtlle. Ms. Bonner.Chrls.StarkvlUe. Ms. Breland.Davld. Wiggins. Ms. Bright. Pamela. Pascagoula. Ms. Brondyke. Edward. University. Ms. Bush, Bradley. Clarksdale. Ms. Byrd.Jo.Starkvllle. Ms. Chambers, Robert. Walls. Ms. Clowers. Kenneth. Pontotoc. Ms. Comer, Mary, Fulton, Ms. Classes — 379 Pharmacy II Cook.Blake.Vardaman, Ms. Cutberth, Amanda. Walnut, Ms. Dalalflon.Valarle. Terry. Ms. Dancer.Steven. Oxford. Ms. DaTldson.ErJc.Jackson. Ms. Dixon, Kayla.Brookhaven. Ms. Danson.Davld.Oxford. Ms. Fikes.Melanle.Amory, Ms. Fortnne.Cassie.BatesvlUe, Ms. Hale, Sony a. Fill ton, Ms. Harper, Alicia. Oxford, Ms. Hathom.Klmberle.LoufsvlUe, Ms. HerriBgton, Julie, Eupora, Ms. Hudson, Da vld.Sallls, Ms. Hntchlson.Stacie.Sallls, Ms. Knight, Elvin, Cold water, Ms. Lott,Lee.Puckett, Ms. McKnatt, Michael. Olive Branch. Ms. Merrill, George. Oxford. Ms. Morgan, Anne, Vardaman. Ms. Neal,Davld.Oxford. Ms. Null, John, Comlth. Ms. Paplzan,Cherie. Crystal Springs, Ms. Powell, Joel, Yazoo City, Ms. Pounders, Laura, Tremont, Ms. Putnam.Melanie. Jackson. Ms. Qulnn.Tracy.Memphis, Tn. Rlvalin.Jean, University. Ms. Rhyne, Wendy. Durant. Ms. Rlchard8on,ElIzabeth. Ripley. Ms. Rogers, Laura. Escatawpa, Ms. Schaefer,RIchard,Lumberton, Ms. Scott.Karol.Oxford, Ms. 8mlth,DeAnn,Greenwood, Ms. Snipcs.Donna, Olive Branch. Ms. Stewart, Courtney, Brownsville. Tn. Summerford,Tanya, Fulton, Ms. Sumrall.Deanna, Moselle, Ms. Taylor, Leslie. Tupelo, Ms. Therrell,Sharon.Batesville, Ms. Wheeler,Christy. Fulton. Ms. Whlte.Deena.Red Bay. Al. 1 380 — Classes Graduate Alfumalh.Khalld.Universlty. Ms. Al-Suwayeh.Saleh.Univerelly, Ms. Angllngdarma.Junus, University. Ms. Atkinson, Cheryl, Southaven. Ms. Ayadl.Olusegun. University. Ms. BahanidlQ,! lamldl, University, Ms. Barbonr, Fair, Yazoo City. Ms. Bamee.Susan, University, Ms. Bates, Rodney. Oxford, Ms. Baucum, Donna. Raleigh, Ms. Beckera.Astrld. University. Ms. Bell, Douglas. University. Ms. Benson, Karl, Kensington, Ct. Bhati.Satyendra, University, Ms. Bhatia.Ashlt. University, Ms. Blrdsong.Brenda. Winona. Ms. Bl9hop,Tracy. Double Springs. Al. Blaylock.Dlna, Greenville, Ms. Blount.Nathan.Carrollton. Ms. Braawell, Samuel, Hernando, Ms. Bash, Pamela. Brewton, Al. Calhoun.CamlUe, Oxford, Ms. Calvaslna.Jason, Oxford, Ms. Campbell, Sara, Ripley, Ms. Chachad.Yatln. University, Ms. Chang.Han-Mlng.Universlty. Ms. Chen.CalUn. University, Ms. Chen.Jung.Unlverslty. Ms. Chen.Minhwa, University. Ms. Chen, Welwel, University. Ms. Chlu,Yung-Ho. University. Ms. Cha. Chlng-Wu, University, Ms. Clark.Mlchael, University. Ms. Clark.Nancy.Oxford. Ms. Cline.Jody. Lauderdale. Ms. Crider, William. Brookhaven, Ms. Colson.Dery I.Oxford. Ms. Cuplt.Tanya. Brookhaven, Ms. DoBB, Richard. Eklgemont. II. Ea8t,Therese,Brandenton. Fl. Fahmy,Ossama, University, Ms. Famqae.Fazlay.Unlverslty. Ms. f Classes — 381 Graduate Feng.Jlnlng.UnWerslty, Ms. FUke.Tlmothy.Longvlew. Tx. Fnuika, Carl. Oxford, Ms. FuJU.Junko. University. Ms. Garrett.Preston.Thaxton. Ms. Goggaiu.Terry.Corinth. Ms, Greer. Todd. Paragould. Ar Hatch.IDeanna, University. Ms. Ho.Foo Nln, University. Ms. H«u,Gong-Yu. University. Ms. Hu.Jl. University. Ms. Hoang.De, University. Ms Hiuung.Shu-Chen. University. Ms. Huang, Wei wen. University. Ms. Hwang.Chen-Pel. University. Ms, Inone.Yuko. University. Ms. Inthara.j h.Kanendran. University. Ms. Irmnmahboob. Jam shld. University. Ms Iiikazm.Kaz Au. University. Ms. Jackson.Davld. Lansing. Ml. JackBon.Teresa. University. Ms. Jain, Sanjay. University. Ms. Jeong.JIn Taek. University, Ms. Johnton.Cathy.BrooksvlUe. Ms. Johnson, Sylvia. Oxford. Ms. Johnson, Tony. Holly Springs. Ms. Jones. Lisa. Holly Springs, Ms. Jordan, Rebecca. Jackson. Ms. Jang,Pyeong Soo, University, Ms. Kachm, Anil. University. Ms. Karan.Ellazar. University. Ms. Katragadda.Sndhar.Unlverslty. Ms, Kayano.Yoshlko. University. Ms. Ke, BIn.Unlverslty. Ms. Kolbehdaii, Mohammad. University Knmar.Sunll. University. Ms. Kwak.Youngslk. University. Ms. Lackey.EUen, Jackson. Ms, Lawson, Victoria. Holly Springs. Ms. Lewis,Sarah. Baton Rouge. La. Ll,Xun. University. Ms. Ll.Yan.University. Ms. 382 — Classes -I Oi LI.He.Unlvfrslty. Ma. Llen.Chlng-Yl.Unlverslty. Ms. Lln.Bu.UnlverslIy, Ms. Lln.Gln-Chung.Unlverslty. Ms. Lin. in-Jlau. University, Ms. Lin, Kun-Yu, University. Ms Lln.Jtanyue. University. Ms. LoMon, Christopher. St. Joseph. Mo Laa.Kee. University. Ma. Mmck.Amy. University. Ms. Malladl.Slva Rama.Unlveralty. Ms. BlaloDCDavld.Saltlllo. Ms. Maniam. Bala. University. Ms. Muilece.RotKrt.Marks. Ms. Martln.Vlctorla.Unlverslty. Ms. Bflaxcy.Allyn.LamtKrt. Ms. McKcy.Kevln.PeJahatchle. Ms. McKlnney, Eddie. Mound Bayou. Ms. McRae.Rlchard. University. Ms. lloor«,Revecca. Fulton. Ms. Unnlratluum.Ranl. University. Ms. Otwanf.Wllson.Boston. Ma Pml.Hul-Chuan.Unlverslty. Ms. Palmer.Jeffrey. Villa Ridge. II. Pang.Jack, University. Ms. P«rker,Dorothy. Oxford. Ms. Peng.Jen-Chleh. University. Ms. Penlck,Tlna.Unlverslty. Ms. Pererm.Mlhlpagal age. University. Ms. Peri.Dlvakar.Unlverslty. Ms. Pe««iillo.Ll5ette. Naples. Fl. PlOTMcy.Pam.Lawrenceburg. Tn. Piym-Ool.Panlta.Oxford. Ms. Prlnce.JIm. Philadelphia. Ms. Rankin, Tonya. Mendenhalt. Ms. RaqJui.Awanlsh, University. Ms. Ricks, Boris. Los Angeles. Ca. Robertson, Sandra. Winona. Ms. Rndd.Carrol.Pope. Ms. Rossell.Leah.Oxford. Ms 8«m«nt,RaJendra. University. Ms. SSTSgUk.Sudlrman. University. Ms. Classes — 383 Graduate Shiingarpnre.Sachln. University. Ms. 8hu,Shlanfeng.Unlverslty. Ms Sldani.Yusuf.Unlverslty. Ms. Slddlqnl.Idrees.University. Ms. 81m, Chee, University. Ms. SmlUle.Troy, University. Ms. Smlth.Edwln. University. Ms. Smlth.Pamela. Oxford. Ms. Smltlunler, Lawrence, University. Ms. Song.Jlachu. University. Ms. Stephenc.Kathryn. Jackson. Ms Snn.YI. University. Ms. SnzQkl.Norlko. University, Ms. Tun.Mel-Kam, University, Ms. Tang.Zenghul. University, Ms. TUn.Guochun. University. Ms. Tieng.Y-Peng.Unlverslty, Ms. Tator.Mary. Randolph. Ms. Valliappaii,Meyyappan. University. Vamell.Sonya, Brandon, Ms. VaqJuil.Mahesh. University, Ms. V«»»,Joy. University. Ms. W«U».Walter.Unlverslty. Ms. Wuif, Ding. University. Ms. Wang,l-Fam. University. Ms. Wen. Dawel. University. Ms. Wendel.Stacle.Bricktown. NJ. WMtUa ,WIUIam.Mllton, Fl Werton.Scott.Unlverslty. Ms WUlUiiM.Mlchele. Jackson, Ms. WUllams.Tacey, Tupelo, Ms WUtihlre.Peggy.Hernando. Ms. Wong, Wal. University. Ms. WrtghtJulla.Brookhaven, Ms. Wu,Hslyen. University. Ms. Wn,Hual-Kuan. University. Ms. Xa,Chunfeng. University. Ms. Xa. Xiao. University. Ms. Tlngpiuiyachok,Pornchal, University Tong.Ylt, University, Ms. Yoiing, Lloyd. Summit. Ms. Yun. Yung-Chang. University. Ms. 384 — Classes Pete Emerson Pete Emerson Alan Sheffield Classes — 385 A Aaron, Cfiflrfi 153 A66im,Jim 139 143, 241, 275, 306 Abbott, Louts 144, 348 Abdo, George L 151, 241 Abel Aim 233, 348 Abti, Camaon 292 Abei Cathmne 217 Abney, LuJte 241, 275 Abortq, Irene 317 A raftam, Angeia 269 A ni uint, Cliet 235 A raftam, Mictuul 241 Acattemic Affttiis Z8I Aia»,Jeff 300 Adami, Caroline 311, 336 Adonu, Chad 141 Adorns, Chtf 299 Adams, Ruo 336 Adanu, ShiOiy 348 Addis, Kmti 56, 213, 276, 288 Adkins, Jomnium 243, 311 A(fluiSOn, Dave 245 Ajnfw, Ui fi 143, 207 AICHE 309 Ainiwoniu Bnfln 348 Ainiwonii, Pat 245 AfiTTUWn, Aiuiiy 223 Aliiennon, Tommy 153, 282, 309, 315 Aidndge, Melissa 336 Aldriilge, Missy 203 Ale candcT, Alan 311 AitxoMa, CfihswpKer 275, 287 A(e;candeT, De omA 290 Attcandfr, Liiuibak 149, 205 Alttander, Jcffrty 243 Atcander, Melony 348 Atfano, Tommy 138, 148 A onsi, ifiajyn 209 A ont Megan 148, 211, 336 Ah, Mijsa 282, 309 Alttmton, Chnswphrr 245 Allen, Atijail 217 AOen. Brad 310 Alkn, Cfins 235 Aden, Clayton 146 Aden, Heotd 237 Aden. Heidi 336 Aaen,JiJie 272, 277, 286, 348 Aden, Keily 203, 348 Aden, l.ori 209, 276, 285 Atpftfl Delta Pi 198 Alplia Kofpa Alpfta 200 Alf fio Omuom Pi 202 Alpha Pht Atpfui 224 Alpha Tali Omega 226 Alt. Marfo 287 Altazan, Betii 153 Altaian, Dana 209, 285, 336 Amhastadort 276 Ames, Chose 235 Amtsano, Ctiwly 211, 319 Ammonn, D 305, 319 AnciioT Splosh 194 Anderson, C 199, 319 Anderson, Ttiiaa Andoson, Hugft Animon, Ofcn Arufrdni. Lisa Andrews, Adam Andftws, Amy Andhfni, Lisa Angd Cfioyff Angcloiri. S acy An te. Lawnnu Amcfeuti,, ]tjj AntJioiiy, Broofef AnUrum e , Jay Antwini, Joltn Apptcwliue, Devon Anivanbauk, Ann AnkbfU. ShtOty ArciiCT, Doug ArciuT, Taylor Ard, bony Aigotr, KaMy Argudlci. Aiioa Amusifod, Tonya Amiistead, Vaferio Arnistrong, C Amistrory, orofi Arnistrong, Ty]i Arnold, Lmiiy Arnold, Jon Arnold, JoFm Arnold, RacJuI Aioxo, Ktvm A B, Assistants ASB OffiC€Ti Asi ord, Caihenne Aifcfw, Pauia Asfeew, PetCT AuAison, Tom Atkms. Ashiey Atkins. Danny Atkins. Gloria Aiiini, Joe AUins, Kothiyn Atiunson, Bo6 AtAinson, Cathaine Atkinson, Clarft Aii u, Lsdm Austin, Kenny Austin, Vonu Awon, Scqid Ayrts, Tomani AxzortHo, Rachti Babb, Connii Babb, Patricia Ba6er, Cfielle Bod ctt Rosit Baqqat. Carolyn Boiiey, Bo6 Baiky, Brian Baiiey, Carolyn Bailey, Chrri Bailey. James Baiky. Kmti Baifcy, Kyle Bailry, Laum Botiey, Kandy 299 245 266 285. 34S 345 336 217 219, 348 217 241 231 223, 282, 309, 321, 348 294 237 336 209 223 235 142, 235, 282, 309, 336 145 235 203 219, 281 211 319 209, 348 336 223 336 310 209, 276, 285, 286 243 279 270 205, 276 348 253 336 209 282, 309 336 235 285 247 203, 336 231 348 237, 316 294 153 336 217 B 336 203 211 211 166 311 336 272, 348 217 336 219 231 211, 348 231 Bailey, Robert 336 Bedtmon, Mori 245, 276 BIdir, Conol 275, 306 Boiley, Ston 253 Beoiet Alison 348 BIdfa, Regina 349 Botiey, Steve 245 Betfwcd. Travis 235, 268, 348 Blofe, Rhnt 235, 267 Botn nilge, ¥nnk 231. 275 Beeson, Joy 241 BIflJiisley, Pot 245 Boine, Moiira 211 Beeson. Ro6en 336 Bld lcy, Miohelle 217 Boisier, Bentord 253 Befveis, Dana 219, 348 Bliliac Bmu 243 Baiter, Beiindo 199 BeAm, Loiutn 281 Blflnchonl, Joy 237 Boier, CheUe 211 Beidt, Bid 245 Blonton, Whitney 237,349 BoAer, Chnsty 273 Bc OT, Aivy 310 BlflsdieJi, John 2J7 Bofar, Chns 266, 292 Bellinap, Moniea 336 Bloscn, Jennifer 199, 276 Baiur, Gtmgc 253 Bed. Abfry 203 Blaybcfe, Dwoyne 2 7 Boiet, Knsten 187, 203 Bel Andy 237 Bbssom, MtAe 276, 280, 336 Boier, Scoti 241 Bed. Domon 305 Bbuin, Bedty 61,205 Boiuwell, Chnsttno 223 Bell. Moivin 247 Blount, KOTtn 336 Boidwtn. Alexander 336 Bed, Queenu 336 Bbunt. Ken 2 0, 336 Boles. Miduui 348 Bed. Toy 199 BiunentM D 319 Bod. Rohbii 348 Bed. Whuafa 243 Bhonentlud, Honjt 245 BalLud. Miiu 294 BeUtnop, Ldli 308 Bhmtson, Ene 349 Boflonl. S hello 348 Bender, KemietA R 166 Boodten, Craig 253 Bollenger. Wady 203 Benge. Milte 237 Bootnght Bnttn 253 Bomf 302, 303 Benigno, Tino 203 Bo66, Anumda 143, 209, 286 Bone. Brown 237 Bennett. Ashley 211, 336 Bo6o, Olinf 199 Bone, Rod 237 Bennett. Bid 237 BocJt, Pjbbeai 211 BflnAs, CtwiUitu 321 Bennett. Cluis 245 Boggon, Matt 273 BanAs, Momy 348 Bennett. Jadison 348 Bohner, Alex 249, 305 Boptiste. Bold James 292 Bennftt. Jason 309, 315 Boloruf. Lourte 203, 336 Barfier, Cotred 239 Bennftt. Lisa 187, 297, 348 Bolxn, Kimhle 349 Boitoiit, Rotcrt 247 Benton, Angela 276 Boles, Andrto 311 Baito, Holy 203 Benton, Paige 118, 138, 143, 205 Bolrng, Ene 243 Boite, Thomos 336 Bejteron. Joey 245 Bolton, Dovid 245 Botlow, Rusty 285 Bejch. Shelly 348 Bodon. Vaugfm 243 BomfS, Alison 348 Bergei, Aime 219 Bond, Andmv 336 Bomfs, Bnyida 308 Bergei, Mielioel 286 Bond, BetA 205, 2 S Samts, Kontt 285 Beigeron. Joey 245 Bond. Ralph 253 bamts, Lawton 233, 285 Bcigcron, Lon 219, 308. 348 Bonjeon. Bufc6o 237 Bontes. Lee 235 Beny, Andita 348 Bonner, Eveitti 253 Bonies, Mfliy Evelyn 282, 309, 348 Beny, Ann 217, 285 Bonner, Laura ISi Boinett, Jennifer 209 Beny, Eneo 266, 348 Boofeer, David 253 Bortilianit. Wmdy 308, 348 Beny, Jason 243, 269 Boone, Eti etli 2«5 Bamhon. Maigom 207, 264, 336 Beny, Lee Hunlrr 231, 241 Borden, Lisa 211 Bontlum. Sam 243 Beny, V ' lftona 223 Bonlen, Shannon 235 Borons, Ntci 294 Beny-diggs, Mairia 285 Borrtd, Tonyo 2W BajTtntine, ICarfo 348 BenyhiiL Htmlvj 203 BoswtSL Anne 349 Bairett. Kotlienne 277, 287 BenyhiUjan 348 Boswc£ Ctndy 203 Bonrtt, Lynn 143. 187. 203 Beittn, Cb.ffoTd 348 Bounds, Angenitta 336 Bony, Bill 231 Bertscfii, Bitnt 233 Bourgeois, St Paul 229 Bony, James 235 Besom. Kori 203 Bourn. Kevin 241 Banh, Colin 237 Best Travis 336 BoutweH Angela 209 Boniiolomew, George 305 Betftay. Moiuo 285 Bowen, Taylor 2 S Boniett. Shanno 203 Belftshoits, Amy 219 Bowers, Wdtam 245 Barton. Gino 209 Betts. Cotlimne 187, 211, 276 Bowles, Sheiry 57 Barton. Tmcw 348 Beutin. Boon 285, 348 Bowman, Amy 207, 277, 299, 336 Borton. Wanda 311, 348 Buldle, Dovtd 243 Bowman, Hd 247 Barton. Wilson 243 Bier, Todd 253 Bowman. Julie 199 Boss, James " Inidiy " 235 Biggeis, Blair 336 Bowman, Megan 199 Boss, RitA 247 Bighorn. Amanda 187 Box, Traty 211 Bassetl. Niehole 217 Bidot. Sandnne 336 Boxx, Dr Randy 1(4 Botes, Jegity 336 Bdlingsley, Codin 153 Boyd, Elizofcetli 205, 272 Bat£S, Lynn 211 Bidington. Danan 268 Boyd, Miduiel 24! Bates, Mi£fiael 237 BiJifoni, Lara 217 Boyd. Regina 336 Botes, Vaioie 348 Bir onl, Laura 285 Boyden. Jon 349 Boner, Jennifer 348 Bingham, Missy 209, 245, 278, 286, 310 Boyden, Knsten 349 Baxter, John 235 Birmingham, Patrufe 348 Boyer, Dovid 253 Bead. Chns 219 Bishop, Theresa 211, 336 Bniftyn, Tom 142, 237, 300 Beonl, Bits 243, 286 Bisso, Wdlulm 245 Bnidiett. Kim 276, 247 Beoni. Lynn 199 Blodt, Candice 211 Bradietl. Kim6ci{y 276 Beasley, Missty 209 Blodt. Johrmy 241 Bradilodi. G Tol 300, 310 Beosly, Hody 294 BlaeAfnim. Amy 219, 336 Bnu oid. Gene 297, 336 Beoson. Dr Kim 294 Blodt uni. Sheo 209 Bradley, Chns 253 Beoty, Brad 253 Blaciley, Bnan 266 Braifley, James 349 Beaty. James 348 Blodtmon. Ben 241 Brady, Tertso 223,336 Beoiicliomp, Mark 233 Blodimon. Dophonie 349 Bragg, Ty 247 BeeiiwitA, Rielund 294 Blalu. Beth 203 Bramiett. Dovul 215 Bediet, Katti 217 Blame, Muluiel 229 Brarulon. Widiam 243 Itt m Bnuvtt Jufi Bnmilrv lorry Branu 1. Chfvrv Bntntun. Wut 8m»M ' rJl, Arulrtii BniM-VT. BnuUixit Bnmk. Connu Bmuh. Chuck Brtjuh. Mis5v Brtdux. . ' tffKonir Brttcc. Brvoji Brtlond. AILion Brtm. Luolyin Bm ei, Civiit Brnv-ei. Chnstaxe Brrwei. Kinrn Bm»tT, Lucy Brtuudt. HoSy Bndqti. Phil Brol ti, Tun BnCicK Jamti Bn hentti Laurai Bnqsttn. Pari Bnmnv. Tom Bmcix. Kim Bnn. Sioron Brtxid. U ' mdv Brvodhiad. Barry BrocoLo. Kim Btxkmo, LcaoM Bmck. Charts Brodt. Dan BnxJi. OOu BnxAman. Jcniu er BroAavk. Sham Brooki. Donaid Brvoks. ZiixjibfA Broob, Heaxha Bnwb, Janian Brooks, Kfvin Brooks. Maut Brooks. Thomfli Sroom. John Brxmssiad. Mjnuiei Brmisiori Muhad Brown. An BnJHTi. 8 J 99. 283, 337 21 » 247 34 ' J 306 2b8 275 235 217 219 ZM 199, 349 199 24 3 145 207, 276. 277. 28] 285 237 309. 314, 315 253 337 245 292 223 321 209, 2S5 229 63, 223, 280, 292 275. 277, 337 247 241 267 207, 337 211 349 219 294 247 235 219 237 349 276 243, 286 217 Brown. Cumtile Brown. Cormf Bruwn. Cojotus BnJH-n. Casitf Brown. Chad Brtrwn, Chana Brown. Cfvyskr Brown. D Brown. Llizabeth Brown. Kjatiyr Brown, Kmhyn Brown. Kfith Brown. KruQ Brown, Liibe Bronm. Lisa Broy m. Miidnd Brown. Rickcad Brown, 6an ii BrowTv, Verrum Brown. Wifliam BroH-nuig, Bi Browning, OalLu Browning, Rjjben Browning, Sxcphanu Bruce. MeUisa BruAm. Dt HomCT Brurum. AmAon Bniruon. Gma BrunsoTv Jo Brunson, Jotflen Bnmfon. Rf inn Bryan. Georgia Bryan, Ham« Bryan, Mm Biyom. Branilon Biyoru. Brtru Biyam, Perry 209, 267, 272, 277, 286, 308, 319, 349 292 272 349 203 253 153, 321 219, 281 319, 349 199, 349 219, 272, 275, 276. 285 277, 278 Bryant VVadl Bry-iOFV David Bryion, Me Q Bryson. itrwort Buc unan. Cuvul Buciunon, Dou Buciutnon. 5cott BuJt, Heatha Budt. Moigam Budtnfi. Jcflnt Budtner, Jenrufer BiiO ' , Coiotinf BiuUCT oKm. Phiflif Bi in , Kevin Bu fin n. Ktmfcerfy Bu ont Chris Bi onl. Toii elii Bullen. Kammic Bundi. Ashley Bundi, Matt Buit i ielil. Robin Buijomy, Aimee Burgess. Melvrn Burpcsi, Midieflc Buriett. Hu h Jurioi, Jerry BuritiuttleT, Heniy BuHe. Bin Burnett, Hom£r H Burnett. John Bumm, Patrick Bujney, Cynt ufl Bumiiam, John BumJiiirrL Kelby BusBin. MiduieX Bus6y, Anna Katftenne Busfry, Cheny Busby, Ltaine Bu56y, Katu Buse, Krutm Bush, Jason Bussone, Kristin Buster, Ctjj Buston. BiH Butler, Cfmsty Butler, Houston Butfer, Jenny Butler, Thomiis Buxtori, Bill Bu,cton, VViOiom Bynum, Miduel Bynt Aton Byrtt, Nancy Bynl, Wiffiam Byrne, Susannah 247 207. 275 349 203. 295, 349 229 285, 337 349 349 229, 349 253 209 253 223, 277, 285 143, 187 145 231 209 349 203 337 311 211, 274, 276, 279, 349 349 277, 281 273, 305 294 349 24 5 199, 337 245 253 285 243 349 223, 295 311, 321 337 223 247 337 217 239 297, 349 22i 223 253 349 272 239 217 237 316 241. 281 147 145 349 241, 277 337 241, 277 245 229 138 69, 219, 243. 337 294 207, 211, 286 349 241 211, 325 145 325 349 349 211 349 241 275 349 237 209 349 349 c Cabinet CabU, Jose Coiid. 5hflyne Cadle, Cfmstophw Josepli Cadle, Jenn cr Cfl ey. Sfvmiwn Cagle. Paul CahU Cfmstuin Cahiii Larry Cat Lingxi Cain, Brian Coin. Cotfiehne CaMwea C CoUweil Moiy Fnuios CoWwilLjeff Cttftoun, Came CdHaway, 5uzanne CdLaM. Andrew Commadi, Chnstie Cammati. Cfmstm CamfbeS, Connie Camp6ell Cori 274 247 325 148 187 211 219 235 235 247 337 245 337 209, 237, 3 1? 349 207 294 294 217 325 211 337 217 349 316 217 337 Camf 6ell La ' fcetd ra Camf hdL Mary CflmfhdL MflL ' -sf CamptiflL Muhefle CamphdL Pairuk CamfbtQ. Spencer ' onada Bmd Cannuzani, Joey Cannon. CKrutina Cannon, Judd CantrriL John Cantu, Heriey Canup, BJ Caniip, Dow Canup, VViHuim Caraway. Fredendt Caiio, Kevin Coriin. Aimee Carole. Caiuly Carlson, Came Carlson, Knsten Cormichaet J D Carmidiael. Kelly Camty. Angela Carney, Lee Corollo, Kvm Carotiien, Beaff Carpenter, Cfuis Carpenter, John Carpenter, Missy Coipenter, Tim Con, Adison Carroway, MiAe CarrotJiers, Linda Canon, Eiizafccth Corson, Kenny Corur, Jim Coner, Kevin CoJter, Matt Corter, Todd CarvaZho, Donaido Coscy, Chnsaan Cassidy, Cfuuf Cassuly, Charles Cassuly. Jomds Cossuiy, Lam Coston. Mdiay Cotdiingj, 5enn Catlett, HoOie Coto, Kindi Cotrer, Canme Catt, Tracy Caudle, MacfieUe Caudle, Melarue Causey, Brandon Caver, Russeil Cavett, Woods Cayson, 5am Chachad, Totin Chai. Ming-dung Chai. Ming-hon Chomfiers, Came Cfuunfters. Jean Cham6cr5, Rabert Chamiitess. Jimmy R Chamidss, Donnie Champwn. Theresa Chan, Mcng Chan. 5imon crumccOor ' s Leai£ersfilp ChaiueHoT. Candy Chanceflor, LesUe Chandler, Hum Chandler, Jaciie C handier. 5tacy Chang, Tu-hsing Chapman, Jennifer Chapman, Piper Chorette, Cheny Chase. Charles M Chase, Pomelo Chmham. Gerald Chfluvuv Holly Cheaus, MemluA Chedi. Cfuis Chtek, Don L 349 217, 349 350 337 325 243 276, 281 350 285, 337 237 142, 231 237 243. 276 276, 286, 337 243 350 253, 276 217 61, 203, 273. 350 217 199 237 199 199, 276 223, 286, 319 219 231, 350 209 241 285 285 209, 304 287, 316 337 142, 209, 337 307, 350 285 2 53 247 253 350 247 325 253 350 223 277 235 217 300 308 211 211 211, 325 337 350 235 350 315 325 153 337 203 237 166 142, 272, 337 264, 350 337 317 287 203 337 247 145 219, 350 350 285. 325 207, 350 316 166 142. 207, 337 337 350 350 229 166 Cheffttf, 5hanmin Cheng, Kaisheng Chrrrj ' , Ahonnon Chevaliei, Steven Chi Omego SP) Chi Psi 5P) Childrus, Cun Childrtsi, Paul Chin, Woi-meiin Chui, Tuin Chtpley, Robin Chm-efung, Kwee Tsang ChiU ' C ung. Tsang Kwee Cho, Suyoung Chow, A Ion Chow. Chuci Chow. Kong Chrtstman, Adison Chrestman, Hamilion Chrt5tmon, Mel Chxistou, Petros Chii. Natalie Chua, Riifry Chua. Tiong Churdi, R Cihflt, RuAoirf Cisneros, Mtduiel Citty, Jennifer Ctimcy, Al son Ctoru , Stan Clarl Christine Cliari Elena Clari, Jason Cloy, Krisn Ciaybrook, Chns Clements, Cass Cfements, Coleman elements, Justin Cfements, Somuel Cievt, Seidon Van Cfifwn. Nifci Clinton. 5hary( Cotttes, Kay Co66, Chris Cobb, Christopher Cobb, James Cobb, Jason Co66, Tcrri Codiiun. Je0 " Codvan Paiie Cochnn, Paxnck Codtfitid. Anne CocAran, Kelly Cocfaoft, Deanne Cot, Emify CofcT, Jim C a. Ken Coggin, Kerry Cohen. DeBra Roe Cofeei, John Cofeer, Tara Colifitz, Cmdy CoU, Amy Coit. Angela Cole. Jody Cote, Joseph Cote. Karen Raiuli Cote, Scome Coleman, Beth Coleman, Bobby Coterrum. Chns Cofemon. DorotJiy Cofeman, Larry ColenuuL Leighann Coleman, l es e Cofeman, PrisdOa CoQe, Kim Colliei. Wendy Colter, Windy Collins, Betty Collins, Bobbie CofLns, Bomue Collins, Guy Collins, Jeiuu er CoHms, Roben Colons, Sonny 207, 276, 325 337 209, 337 237 204 254 286 253 337 337 219 153 315 337 337 350 350 138, 140, 143, 199, 325 350 243 153, 314 337 317 337 319 241 231 211 215, 292, 350 229 316, 325 217 241 219 235 325 231 247 325 231 223 209, 286 223 277 245, 277, 285, 286 337 231 337 253 231 285 142, 211 209 199 211 231, 276 294 199 285 245, 275 199, 295, 325 153 285, 350 211 245, 277, 299 325 144, 337 209 273 235 350 147, 153, 219, 314, 315 350 209 237 209, 285 209, 285, 337 209, 275 275 138 138 138 142, 337 350 235 235 Collim. Stephen ColLim, Mar Cototu, Jf nnijer Colon. Angcilc CofosUns, Chris Comeaux, Luo Comer, Leslie Comer, Mary Morgortt Comer, Midieilf Commer, Beth Commission, Lfertions Conlon, John Coruuad. Veronica Connefl. Ted Conner. Thorruis Coofc, Alana Cook. Chns Cook, Christopher Cooft. leorge Coofc. Gerald Coofc, Heather Cook, Jeff Cook, West Coolte. Doug Coofe, Kelly CooUy. Michael Coon, Robert Cooper. A Hon Cooper. Brion Cooper, CoToline Cooper, Jeny Cope, John Copelond, Bodte Copelm, Dirft Corbitt. Greg Cortitt Gregory Cordell. John ConleT, Shenefl Confle, 5ylvm-ke Corfcw, 5am Corfcy, Emily Cornish. Kim Corpstein, Kothy Corpstein, Kelly Costeilo, Chnsie Costcllo, Mott Costan. Kimberly CotJiJan. Bnan Comer, Angela Cotros, Hany Cotten, Gwen Cotten. Reidjr Cotten. Rob Courtt, Willuim Iv Courtney, Dmo Cousor, Sandra Coutoumonos, Angela Couture, BrtJU Cowan, Ellen Cowon, Renee Cowort, Christina Cowart Craig Cox, April Cox, Cfmsty COX.D Cox. Hiyon Cox.} Cox. Mmi Cox, Midiflel Cox. Wade Cox, William Coi. Ronald Cnbb. Stacy Cmji Kerulru Craig, Tori Cnunshaw, Greg Crune. Michael Cranston, Suzanne Cmven. Dennis Crover, Stephen Creager, Borfm Creet Betndo Creel. Josephine Crtsop. Stephen Cretiru. Jean Cnci. Scot 337 237 219, 325 319 241 219 245 273 253 33» 338 211, 325 275 217 209, 277. 281, 286, 325 211, 325 211 219 245 217, 325 245 223, 338 143, 237 199 54, 143, 249 245 253 219, 338 209 325 229 217, 338 207, 268, 269, 292 223 143, 2i9 338 203 166, 305, 319 287 325, 338 241, 350 325 119, 138, 249, 271, 274 229 325 275, 277 209, 275, 350 287 253 243 217, 325 338 325 285 311 325 294 285, 325 241 V V.- ' - w r ■ - " ' vVVSi] am l ' =-,- ' .: m0 i-tirmi rii, iiSiii iifiitti Criss, Jufie Crochet, Aden CrocAc, Monon Crocio, Shan Cmckftt, Comi Crociftt Matt Cwfi. Kcv n Crongeycr, Jim Crosfry, WiS Cn s$, Biaa Cross, Gcojfrty Cmss. MyUs Crouch, Kodney Croudi, Stephen CrtnitiieT, Rodnty Cnjwe, Mflrit Crowe, MeZiisa CroweJl BefAy CmweH Tern Crowell. Toiid Crowley, BetA Cmm, Mott iew Cuevos. Jennifer Cummin , Kutie Cummin , Robert Cumimni, Jamie CumJi , Jimmy Cunning Itam, James Cunnim|fiam. Latina Cunmngfmm, Meianu Cunniri , Kfltherine Curfiow, Anita Cviiow. Dawne Cuntn, Pern Curry, Cafsoniba Ctmy, Casiondis Citms. T tmy Cutrer, Conetu Cutrigfu, KimBerf 211, 325 233 325 325 138. 143, 219, 2SI, 306 253 247 253 300 241 253 241 243 319, 350 266 148 350 294 338 233 203. 306 153 209, 276, 277. 325 223 247 311 249, 275, 279 241 325 217 325 350 275, 276 253 299 338 209 203 199 D 0 icui, Pauia Dahike, Mary Liiuia Daily. Heather Daily MUsUiippidji Daily. Potndt Daimson. Valazii Dak, Ddm Dak. T Darnel, Chayl Darnel Juiia Darnels. Kefli Darnels, MuhlSc Daoi, Chns Dariy. Mel DanteH, Amy Dontefl, Tiffany Damefl, Tiffani Dau fuina. Wes Davenport, 5am Davidson, Donn Davulson, Dei6ie Davidson, Imgram Davulson, Meiusa Davulson, Roland Davis, Bmd Davis. Courtney 142, Davis, DeUy Davis, Dwayne Dovis, George Davis, James W Davis, KeUy Davu, Keion Davis, London Davis, Leigfumn Davis, LuuHey Davis, Meg Davis, Mieluiei Davis, Miie 223 207, 285 205 266 241, 283 313 209 241 350 338 203 203 321 150, 153 209 276 211, 276 235 245 245 350 245 350 233 245 207, 272, 277, 281 285 350 253 145 153, 217 243 338 209 209, 276, 286, 325 209 350 253 Davis, Pfioefit Davis, PuUtie Davis, R er Davu. Scott Davis, Tmci Davis, Tundm Davis, Vidii Day, Angela Day, Danielle Deal, Canssa Dear, Steven Deohng, SdumteH Dealer, Steven Deavenfon, Sam Deconn, Ja mja Dedmon, Dean Dels. Tia Deeie, RoJiel D f feecfi. SomuelL Deftnop, Robert Delsa, Lfuoftetii Delto Delta De Delta Gamma Delta Psi Dement, Seott Denley, 5 Got Dennis, Enc Dennis, J Denny, MicJiael Denton, Amy Denton, Cfiristy Denton, Louie Derty Day Dertiei. Amy Destefajw, Miie Deiennan, Teresa Devane, Tfujmas Deweese, Don Deyrujodt, Don Dezemf len, Rici Di6allii, Paul Dicienon. Amy Dieiinson, DebomJi Diciuon. Beth DieteHe, Heidi Oiggs,Jamey Dtidy, Jofin Dift Beciy Dill, Cliflriblte DiUjoftn DiH Loum DdLmt Lomor DiUbn, Dayle Dilwortli, Kmluyn Dismuie, Anno DttoQa, Katt Dtxon, Adorn D «on, Amonda Dwon, Corfynn DiAOn, Daniel DuMn, Step fumie Dwton. William Dobbins, Tarn Dobbs, Pauld Dodd, Dest Dodson, Liia Doiron, Danielle Douon, Pfiilltp Doley, Jay Donald, Ctninn£y Donflld, jeffay Donoldson, Julie Donot, Lynn Donduui, Robert DoneLln. Nancy DonneH Denue Donnelly, Jo Ellen Donnelly, PatncJi Donovan, BtH Donovan, WiHiflm Dooley, Ben Dooley, Keuli Dooley, WiHiom Doodttle, Dex Donnon. Becity Doms, Jesse 350 325 237 243 217, 276 326 203 203 203 203 274, 305 326 311 245 147, 153, 314 253, 272 213, 280, 281 338 309 229 203 206 208 228 235 292 245 142, 241 237 209 223, 350 207, 285 190 326 229 285 338 285 231 229 245, 285 338 326 285 338 245 233 209, 286 350 237 350 350 264, 278 217 199 321 231 209, 273, 277, 351 199, 295 231, 351 63, 219, 351 351 326 326 217, 267, 281, 351 285 207 231 231 326 338 215, 273 326 351 217, 295, 338 326 217, 326 300, 338 310 351 241 153 338 241 211 239 Dotson, Ken Doty, ADuon Doty, Betli Dougldj, E lie Douglas, Wood Iii Doivner, Joy Doivner, Tciesa Downey, Al Downey, Anna Downs, Joey Doivns, Kimieriy Doivns, Susan Doxy, R Doyle, Ken Doyle, Todd Draie, Courtney Dmlte, Koien Draie, Kenn Drofa. Robert Dnver, Ronnie Dubboiy, LUzabetli Dubois, James Duiravee. Derefe Diieote, Andre Duggtns, David lit DuJtei, Miefiael Dulaney, Denise Dumas, Kelly Dunovant. David Duncan. Ashley Duncan, Ben Duncan. Doug Dunam, Douglas Duncan. Melonie Duncan, Sfume Duncan, Tim Duncan. Tmcy Dunlap, Joan Dunn. Dana Dunn, Peny Dumsumti. Lisa Dut m, Kotlileen Dujtin. Rob Diflfcy. Rosemary DuHlom. Amy Durtiuice, Robert DwTtti, Loum Dya. Fmnk M Dyer. Grant Dyer, Wlflmm DyK Hester Von 253 205 307, 319, 351 286 277 153 338 247 219 253, 277 351 199 319 276, 326 326 142 199 237 245 351 351 338 326 245 231 245 203, 326 143, 187, 215 275, 277 338 253 279 351 351 243, 286 307 217 217 326 243, 326 313 217 245 205, 276 223 351 59, 153 143, 243 150 146, 351 275, 276, 277, 278 E Eoder, Miduiel Eolies,jqy lUiftei, Paaidt Eoifuin. Enn Easley, Leigfi Eoson, Courtney Enson, Jennifer lUist. StepFumie EasteHing, Lony Eoves, Gail Laves. Paige Lbacli, Jason Lchdbeny. Robert Ec ls, Ruth Lckmi, Dax Ldteni, Dax EMi, Paxnck Lddins. Amy Edgar, AQdn Edgar, Leigli Edge, Kinsley Ldmonds. Milie Edmonson, WlUiom EdiiCOttonot Counseling - Edwonl Lee Edwortls, Chaiies 253 233 351 187 338 219, 287 326 209, 286 326 321 223 33 326 209, 271, 351 243, 326 243 294 219, 276 237 145, 211 211 142 235 166 310 231 Edwanls, Di fune Edwonls, Holly Edwards, Jenmfa Edwanls, Mulioel L Edwanls, Rebecca Edwanls, Riduud Edwanls, Robert Edwanls, Stepbonie Egan, Cttns Eggets, Stepfumie Eggleslon, Matt Efugott, Stacy Ltcha, Don Lidlliolc Jim Etelson, Hany Eilers, Alice Elder, Enc Elder, Fmlatik Elder, JclJrey Ukins. Elirnbetft EH Clmssy IMa. Dionno Elier, Sam EQiott, Anne Elliott, Jody EHis, Heotjier Ellis, Joe ElLs, Melissa ElBs, Rondi Ellis, Susan LSzty.S Liiod, Sean Paid Elson. Lisa Emerson. Leo Emerson, Peggy Emerson, Pete Em inger, Ryan Lndteimaya. Emest Endom, Jobn Ennis, Kelly Enright, Siepfien Loff. Bnon Epperson, Itene EHumlt, Miduel Erivin, Cfiaiies Lrwin, Jon E,spo5ito, Dan Esterfrroofc. Conno Estes, Tdomas Etftndge, Riduud EuiorUs, Cliories Eubanlis, Clinsty EubarUu, Sfuuinon Euto, JutHette Evans, Amy Evans, Amy C. Evans, Cltnstina Evans, Crojg Evans, Jimmy Evans, Jofm Evans, Meny Betli Evans, Ridiord Evans, Sondm Evonson, Lon Evins, Royfield Ewing, Joel Ewing, Monlui Excfionge, Booii Exiirti, Eluoietii Fottenlieiner, Steve Falls, Raifh Fan, Peter Farlbw, Adam Former, Cmig Farmer, Fdimer Famuj, Josette Famngton. Rieiuird 307, 310 205, 272 338 153 199 338 338 321 245 351 241, 275, 326 306 229, 305 237 326 217 253 326 231, 326 326 282, 309 338 245 209, 307, 338 326 205, 272, 277, 304 229 281 199, 276, 351 199 304, 319, 338 276 211 120, 225, 275 166 264 285, 351 338 235 63 237, 243 145 199, 351 243 326 326 243 203, 326 338 275 253 209, 276, 287, 326 229, 326 269, 351 205 148, 203, 351 199, 351 229, 277 241, 305 338 273 237 311 285 351 267, 276 278, 351 203, 276, 326 283 209 F 287 326 326 275, 277, 287, 326 233 338 211, 276, 338 275, 280 Fttnis, Ham fascuino. George rasanno, Gitgory fiiiigfun, Roger Fougfui. Roger Faust, Cheryi Faii5t, Tfiomfls Foyojii. Ken FeazeS, TaM Fadt, Bin Feider, Sandy Feidt. Tera FeJiiis. CfiaHes Fcigusen, Kcvui Ferguson, Cftns Ferguson, Kevin Ferguson, Ridionf Ferguson, Ro6en Ferguson. Sheiia Femanifez, Krvin Femanilex, Ranifail Fenefl, Jcana FenelL Joonn Ferns, Dougias FeJTo, Rflif fi Fes mire. Klbccca Fxeid. Lee Fieliis, Mef Fi , Meiianie Fit, Tina FiiipoFic, 5tnion Fimiano, Dommici Fimiono, Tom Finance. Lconomi£S And Fmanoer ' s, Clufi Fincft, Jimmie Fmn, KeJIy 5ue Fmn gon, Cfins Fiifier, Ro6ert Fitzpotiui, 5cott Fuzfiatmi 5liannon Fiaheny, Justin Flanagan, Siacey Ffemisto, Mott iew Ftcmons, Tijjfony Ftesfier, Daie L FCesher, Dean Tonya Ffetiha, Ann Wyndfwn rleuha. Hal Fietdier, Josh Ffigfit, Angci Ftoweis, Angie FGswcts, Kate Floyd, Em Ftoyd, Kojtn Foani, Ro6ert Fofey, Karen foCfees, Ann Foniana, Angel Footr, AiWey Ford, Bnck Ford, Maria Ford, Peyton Fojzman, Laura Forester, Sliaron Foret, Stacey FoTTtit. Rena Fonfiagen, .Stocfy Forsyth. Donny Fortenicny, David Fonenfceny, Tanya Foitno-, Refiecca Foster, Amy Foster. Laum 187, 213, Foster, Ty FouTuain. Audrey Fountain, Margaret FousFiee, SuiJizme Fouts, Jim Fowlei, Andy Fowfer, Gwen Fow(ei. Kmhervje Fowler, Loum FowUc£s, Adison FowQies. Anne fowOtfs, FniTii 205 299, 351 iH UZ 309, 351 33« 326 US 253 142, 245 219 211, 273, 32fi 235, 307 304 241 233, 272, 338 147, 282, 309, 314 351 351 233 233 187, 310 217 338 233 326 253 2«9 313 215,279,319,3511 285 233, 338 295 164 305! fj 3391 fi 199, 315, 338i f ' I T iti iCWJiv.iV Fox, " rtornfli oy. Maiuly 245 207, 3J Gauwooi. Gayfa Gauwood. Neffic 209 297 GmAom. Jennj icr Graham, Jeny 223, 285 352 Haiic Rutnn Hofc, ]cy 237 353 Hon. Amy Hon. Kim 327 219. 275 fralev ifarWT 2J7 GateH-ood. Shary 352 Grundy, Chns 231 Halt, Sheny 353 Han. .Sue 327 Frunoj, Morv fmiuw, rommy Fn«ilm.jeer 351 2J7 245 GaUui. Donul Gailin. Guv Gatiin. Jon 327 352 145 Grant Jason Gram.Je Grant Poul 235 272 339 Holes, Btvaiy HoU Bmton Hal. Ddxmk 199 28! 353 Mart, Tarn Harlfiea A Honley, Joy 209. 267, 275, 280 209. 306. 319 235 FmnUin. Mu uici 245 Gator Bowi (2 Grant 5tephanie 203 HoUJofm 243 Hanness, Julie 145 FmnJtlm. Myni 299 Gaultne. Gnqg 311 Grantham. Bany 243, 286 HaH Jiutin 245 Marinen. Cfinswpfier 253 ffonii, C wid 231. 275, 276, 277, 327 Gov. J J 295, 327 Graves, Carol Ann 211, 307 HaS. Miie 353 Harvey. Atina 339 FnmJu, iuxinne 203 Gay. )tmufa 203 Gray, Brtndfl 142, 149, 339 HoU Namiha 276, 287, 327 Harvey, Amos 353 FnuimruL KeiHv 305, 321 Ctbhari. Ltiind lu 138, 143 Gray. Kevin 245, 319 Mall. Kichani 353 Horwefl. Cary 353 FmttiL Uigh 339 Gte. Linnet 352 Gray, S 307, 319, 352 HsS. Sttfhm 253 HanveH. Dana 339 FmlcTu. Alkia 209, 351 Get, Stacy 352 Greaves, Heniy 327 HalMy. Jofui 235 Mase, Laura 339 ' mM Frwlana. MdanK 203 Gtnem, Bcrfm 282, 309 GreeA Games 188 353 Hasty. Belinda 311 Frwnun. 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Muty 143, 219. 285 Hawftim. Brad 285 WM?. Fitnitcy, Je oy 351 GtBjon. Micfuui 245 Greenlee, Charles 241 Hommacfc. Stevfumie 299 Hawkins. Joey 231 m m Frufujur. Dovul 243 GiBson. Kita 287 Greenlee, V ' leAy 339 Hajnmfltt, Tarty 235 Hawftins. Keith 353 Fraulai6cTg, 5uic 203, 327 Gdbeit Jennifer 219 Greenwood, Kelly 353 Hammftt, HtUtv 339 HawSins. Peny 275 276, 282, 297, 309 Frry, Me a 327 GiUhnsu Darnel 231 Greer, Jason 275 Hammoci, Misty 306 Howfcins. William 339 Fnenon. Jofm 241 Glider, Tim 282, 309 Greei, 5iacy 353 Honmdt, Jay 253 Howfcs. DrJooruK 138 Fnns, Tun 231, 294 Gdej, Con 199 Greger, Heather 285, 287 Hamsfcy, Kim 217 Hawthorne. Lhiaheth 199, 276, 327 •.-i-.i? " - ' ; Fudge. G(Dy 300 Giflcipit Cfiflrfcme 313 Gregory, Andrew 247 Hanlnuy, Jennifer 353 Hoyden. JiH 223. 339 Fuk irr, Dave 241, 272 GiUtspie, Rj dney 339 Gregoiy. MiAe 243 Hanwdi, Resa 63 Hoyden, Tommy 145 Fu fuun. Wci 253, 351 GiflUand. Chad 287 Grij Julie 223, 353 Hancock, Ho a 294 Hayes, Beverfy 339 Fuflcr, (j Nomy 313 Gdmer, JuditJi 352 Gn Mart 241 Hand, box 253. 327 Hayes, Jennifer 223 FuHer, Sam 253 Gilmer, WiSiam 352 Gr Ffin. Paige 219 Handly, Omits 229 Hayes, Kothryn 142, 353 Fuimer, Aim« 327 Gdmore, Paul David 138 Gnj fin, Shelia 223, 299, 353 Honiiins, Tulnil 276 Hoygood, CaroGne 219 a Funit, Pau[e 211 Gtimort, Thomas 245 Gnjjith. Gma 223 Honlbn, Jennifer 223 Hoyies, Amy 219 Funrum. Donen 241 Giijnn. Corey 229 Gri Jamei 353 Honor. Kristi 203, 339 Hoymon, Jason 339 Fuinas. Ken 237 Gmn, Roften 146 Gr Jim 233 Hoitsen, B(ant 231 Hoynes. A[vm 353 m M FuxT, Lnn 205, 276, 339 Given, Chns 237 Grimes, Caxhy 138, 145, 209 Hansen. Jeff 339 Hoynes. Ashixy 203 ' h-] :: rfi FuuJi. Jason 247 Givcm, KoniMo 239 Grimes. Juiie 121, 138, 219, 275, 353 Hanson. CoSia 294 Haynes. Shelly 199, 353 FyfcChflriic 241 Giah. Scotty 277 Gnmes, Manlyn 285 Honson. Meflisa 217 Hoys. Dovid 237 Giahn. Scotty 241, 277 Gnmes, Melissa 353 Hamway, Leelee 353 Hoys, Joci 282, 309 Glasgow, Bin 247 Grinolds, Liuabeth 353 Haifoon, David 286. 327 Hays, Jeruujer 199 Glasgow, Jane 339 Grisso, Kerry 308 Haibo. Sum 275 Hazlewood. Mdiy 327 M B Gleason, Horv 286 Gnssom. Kevin 253, 281 HanUn.Jay 247 Hozlewood. Paige 203 ? m Gfcason, Joftn 243 Griswold. Cotherine 308 Hanlin, Uaiix 353 Head, Chomelle 199 S» 3 Glidewel CfioHotte 352 GnzxartL Whitney 353 Haniin, 5taay 203. 339 Hecthluphysical Editcotlon 166 m Glover, Clmie 247 Gnihbs, Jcnn er 223 Hanlin, Sue tfloi 217 Healy, Bo 247 Gfover, Thertso 352 Guan, Ong Gin 317 Hardm. VViOulm 275. 277. 327 Heoly, Mem! 237 Gotten. Kevin 285 Glow, Chants 199 Gudteit, Hony 237 Hardy, tluofeet i 199 Heonl, Richanljr. 275 Gfuloo, AndJU 219 Godd, Jason 237 Guest Gina 211 Hardy, Kondy 353 Heoms, Angela 328 v Ga4r«. CftnswpfuT 253 Goddont Gaiiand 272 Guillor, Don 300 Hardy, Micfciri 353 Heath. Stacy 203,328 1- Caffori. Lmnt 339 Goiidani, Kendm 217, 327 Gudlor, Daniel 300 Harluru. Oori 286 HetieTmon. Doug 241 Caffoni. UwTwme 339 Godwin, Glenda 308 Gudlot Jody 231 Hmiess. Cfiru 237 Hedndt. Ronald 245 GauL Jole 209 Goehring. Khsten 223, 321 253 Harlow, Jennifer 223 Heeie. Cfai 247 Goinu. HeotJuT 153. 207, 314 Goff. Amy 219, 352 Gunier, Miliy 223 Harmon, Lmily 203, 295 Heefce. Marvin 247 Gaints, 5tfln 235 Goggons, Stephanie 275, 339 Guriey, Jean 353 Harmon. Patndt 237 Heffna. Margaret 340 Gamej, Tony 142, 272 Goli, Eng 339 Ciniey, Liso 353 Harmon, Tonya 327 Hejhn. Kjistt 138, 219, 306 GaSagha, Stan 339 Golden. Juiie 275, 276, 327 Gurley, Whitney 203, 275, 278 Harper. David 276. 327 Heulel. Finney 275 GaSamw. KtUy 207 Golden Key 139 Guthrie, Bnan 253 Hmjer, Hjeheua 217 Heil. Totmda 353 m ' .V, ' - CaOoway. Chaiits 247 Golden, Lane 149, 207, 310, 339 Guy, Grace 211, 353 HarnH Ty 231 Heimer, Gayle 311 Golvom. Gma 217 Goldman. Lee 138, 211, 281 Gwynn, Jamie 233 Haneison. Reth 339, 353 Heinjich, Derei 285 Gaiyaau ]ay 245 Gomia, Amy 352 Hamlson. Lisa 203 Heliums. Grttehen 217 Gambie. BoHdey 217 Goodu Adiienne 223, 327 Homes. Mamistene 327 Hemphill Jeff 285 Gamble. Melusa 273. 277, 300 GoocK Spava 231 Horruurum. Leigh 211 Henderson. Amy 219, 287, 328 Gamma Beta Phi 136 Good. Cam 352 A Horrin n, MUie 310, 353 Heruler on, Doris 297, 353 Gonmn. 5u5an 199, 313 Goode. Michael US 1 _1 Harris, Audra 353 Henderson, Enid 321, 353 Caibanjw. MtiheSt 327 Gooden. RocAeUe 297 I ■1 Hams, Com 211 Henderson, Jean 340 ' M ' Mi Ganlnej, A J 351 Goodman. John 327 I i Honis, Joy 235, 276. 339 Henderson. John 285 3fi GdJunfT, Mont 2«5 Goodman. Pauia 276, 327 V w Harris. John 243, 327 Hendndu. Shetia 223 Goniner. Sarah 352 Cordon. John 237 Haas, Lisa 211 Harris. Joy 276 Hendru. Cam 294 u GmiaM. Elisa 209 Gorden, Lisa 295 Habab, Alisa 266, 285, 292 Hams, Kiueii 209 Heng. Boon Taw 153, 314, 315,353 Gaiiand, Lmiiy 203, 327 Gordon, Bonme 339 Haheei, Daniel 142, 281, 339 Harris, Melissa 327 Heng. Tong 340 Gamer, Davul 229 Gordon, Lisa 199 Hoberle. Paul 233. 353 Harris, Ro6ert 353 Henry, Rohm 340 GantfT, Joion 142, 149, 275. 276, 277 Gordon. M cheSe 203 Hocier. HoOy Hocfcett Robert M 286 Hams, 5fuili 297 Henson. Jeff 272 Gflxno, Lu 294 Gorfiam, Brendan 247 314 Hams, Susan 153 Henson. John 241. 272 GamtL Josh 253 Gorman. John 352 Haddad. Amy 143, 275 Hams, Troy 253 Henu, Amy 340 Gamn. Kaa 229 Gorton, Coi n 231 Haddodtjoy 299 Hams. West 247 Herther. Vuaona 353 Gorvm, Cnag 237 Gorton. Mfldtjr 231 Haddb;c, Davii 294 Harrison. Amy 209, 275. 298. 299 Hertfont Madhiw 247 mm Gojum, Donna 352 GoudelocA. Jo Ann 352 Hagemonn. L.liia£eth 286, 327 Harrison. Cindy 281, 339 Hemng, Ashley 243 Gatej, Clayt Gaus. GCona 253, 275 352 Gough, John Groe , Kenny 235, 280 247 Hagmann. Blaice Hah. Tee 285 327 Horrison, Jody Hamson, Kfltt 235 219. 308 Hemng. Caroline Hemng. Jason 274. 283. 285 235. 275 M Cotes. MuAefle 352 Graham, Bo 241 Hade, Leslie 290 Harrison, 5t«ve 288, 289, 306 Hemngton, Julie 313 Wk 1 Gotci, Rebtica 142, 339 Graham. Georgia 276, 339 Hoirt, Margaret 287, 327 Horrison, Sylvia 275, 276 Hemngtun. Leigh 211 1 Graham. James A. 275, 327 Hamson, Wtfliam 245 Ueizjeid. Robert 328 ' - 4S?Ai m -••: ■• " msmmmmmmmmmmi ■ Hcxitf. Kimiofy 211 Hansen, Max 305 Hutchison, Sonyfl 354 Johnson, Rici 247 Kelley. Tim 311 It " Hum. Carttiiu 276, 353 Horn, Brent 235. 307 Huthnanee, Ann 289 Johnson, Robtn 237 Kellogg, Dr Cal 164 b m Him, Clay 237 Hom. Kelly 354 Hujr, Uiiottth 199 Johnson. Shaw 241 Kellum, Chris 237 IWi Hujjuiimfuun, Sttve 241 Honuiday, Sliannon 340 Hwee, Heng 317 Johnson, Stephanie 328 Kellum. Kate 153 Hijfi iUJiJa 219, 278 Homaday, Sherry 340 Hyer, Ban 245 Johnson. Stephen 142 253, 272 276, 277 Kellum. Kevin 68, 237 tT Hitt ASiOn 321 Homaday, Stepiien 272 241 Johnson, Tma 340 Kellum. Shane 237 HiH Omits 354 Horton, Maria 219 Johnson, WillUim 328 Kellum. Sucey 223 ' HiiOms 231 Honon, Tom 235 Johnston. Janey 223 Kellum, Wendy 223 il Hill Oci6t 217 Hospoder. Greg 14 Johnsurn. SUfhtn 142, 272 277, 279 Kely, Ashley 355 « Vf- HiH Damky 340 Hospodbn, Cloy 145 i Jomer, Deani 209, 272, 286, 289 298, 299, Kelly. Fronl 229,340 ' , ■■M . HiSJoiui 211 Hotze, Catherine 209 I 306. 319 Kelly, Jtnmfa 211 I ' ™ 0 HittKally 311 Houeftins, Hcotha 217 I Jones, Atteit 237 Kelly, Midielle 355 fcT HiUPmif 340 Hougfi. Christuia 340 i Jones, Brum 328 Kemp, Jon 237 HiH Rerudd 354 Hougfdflnd. Carl 253 Jones, Charlie 231 Kendatt Allison 219 m HiH Ty Hi4 Vujuua 231, 316 209, 2«6 Houliluin. Kevin Houp, Maruly 245 217 loneUt Riehard larmeUt Riehard 237 153 Jones, Chase Jones, Christy 245 203. 264 Kcndrici. Heather Ktnntdy. Gmce Ann 276 273. 355 (Si m- Hitt Way t 275 House, NiAlu 276. 287 lelaidns, Lon 311 Jones, David 328 Kennedy. 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Brett Hodges, Mcimie 319 285 199, 277, 354 235 290, 354 Howant Hunter Howard, Katnna Howartl, Lanu Howard, Maunsell HowelL Betft 237 187 231 247 22, 23, 209 Isaiiett Justin Ishett TimmAy Ivey, Patty Ivy, Tim 273 340 328 266 Jones. Lisa Jones, Lou Ann Jones. Marilyn Jones. Marty Jones. Monele 219 276, 340 153, 328 340 340 Kessler, Mi Ketcham, Byron Keys, Woody Khaleel Amal Khineh. Suzaruie 268 233 294 355 355 1 Hodo. KmJiiyn 209, 328 Howell Eliiaield LSen 138 Jones, R umda 59. 67, 299 Khoo, Karen 355 U Hoeitte, Nidt 245 Howell Joey 235, 275 Jones. Scott 354 KuAens, Koti 275 w HognMlf 203 Howell Tim 143 m Jones, Steve 237 Kdpatndi, Amy 219, 305 to t 3 HojlK, Rn66ic 237, 340 Howell TimmAy 247 1 Jordiui, Jacijueluie 211 Kdpatnci, Andy 247 li Hoguf, Trty 237 Howells, James 245 I Jordart Jagueluie 286 Kunhcrlwg. Julie 223 A Holiorst CfioHie 237 Howells, Ricliard 245 Jonlan,Jdl 143. 187. 211, 219 286, 319, Kimile, AnastasUl 285 4 Holbrooft. Cfihstine 223, 340 Hsu, Fu-nuei 354 328, 354 Kimhle. Veronica 340 Uf HoDbroofe. Cfmss 286 Huam, Adelene 340 Jonlan. Kunierly 203, 354 Kimmons, Daphne L 321 Uf - ' ' ' ■vX? HolBrewt Holly 299 Huat U Sirw 153 Jadtson. Ctdritk 287 311, 328 Jose. Jenrw 217, 328 Kimay, Kelli 209 Ul 5ip i ' - HoOSrooi Knsty 290 Hutaai. Jot 229 Jtukson, JamiftT 209 286. 354 Journalists, Society Of 292 Kincaut Jessica 340 to HoSroot Knso 219, 290 Hubbard, Gmger 275, 286, 354 Jocison, Karma 209 Jr, James Anwid 275 Kuicaid, Mary 203, 272 li f Hofcomi, Bony Wayrx 138, 285 HuSBord. Leslie 219 Joiison, KunAcrly 328 Jr, Leo Emerson 275 Kuig, Christy 273, 340 bi wm HolileT, Broofei 245 Hu6er, Lisa 209 Jodison. Lisa 223 Jr, Rjchanl Heanl 275 Kuig, Jason 253 la Hoido, Tim 286 Hudujfty. Gam 354 Jadison. Maylbn 141 Jr, Rohen Taldy 282 Kuig.Julee 328 It- Holdswonfi. HuuA 253 Hudiafy, Tun 311 Jodbon. Permy 211 Jr, Rohen Woddel 277 Kuig. Laum 199 J Holldnd. Jesst 142, 340 Huddleston, B7an 229 Jadison. RuJiard 235 Juengel Stewart 233 Kuig, MKhelle 223 l7 Holty, Rofeen 316 Huddleston. Monisa 299 Jacison, Sam 245 319. 340 Jung, Chnsty 217 Kuig, Ruhcn 34C L- :--S. ' i ' HoIIey, Steven G 145 Huddleston, Monssa 276 Jaco6s, Midiael 237 King, Scott 237 Lff Pl HoUin won NiJtitia 328 Huddlesun. Monsa 223, 276, 281 Joggers. Trevor 245 Kuig. SSip 253 la K;4i HoUis, AsWey 328 Huddleston, Mori 354 Jamis, Jawifti 307 A 1 B Kuig. Statu 223 276 285,328 to - .0., m HoOii. Moiy 340 Hudijens. Lori 285 Jamis, John 32 u f Kuiiace. Krvin 328 HoUison, Momcfl 219 HudnaH Paige 300 Januesort Tonya 354 M k Kmltade, Kfllh 340 M HoIImon, Sftonda 285 Hudson. ]tff 237 Jarimasfeul Snady 2J5 ■ 1 340 k Hottonuin, Sfionda 287 Hudson. Rj e 237 Jaudon, Teresa 340 w V Kinsey, John 122 145 272, 274, 278, 286, Iff HoQowett AnUii 145 Hudson. Randall 243 Jt coot Jodi 340 306, 319 L- s HoBy, Cvtdy 294 Hudson. Ro6 231 Jtffaits, Undrea 340 Kotflec. Ellen 295, 340 Kuicey, Nauihe 233 [.- Hotman, Jonie 6 2, 288, 289. 306, 308 Hi , Jerma 306 JenAins, Bill 310 Kadlecdi. Kelli 211 Kuty, Tarn 219 ;., Hotman, 5cott 235 Hu , Matt 235 JenAins, Gri 241 Ki Scou 237 Ku i. Johnny 247 L- Hotmes. BInu 278 Hugines. MuJiail 243. 264. 286 JerUuns, Jason 233, 354 Ki ouros, Avtonis 340 Kiri. Juha 211 L- m Holmes. Cloiie 241, 283 Huj ines, Miclieal 264 Jenliins, MtdieUe 276. 328 KaW. Ton 209 Kiriiand. Al 316 Ic Holmes. Cliff 354 Huggins, Glenn 354 Jenkins. Ridiard 235 Koliales, Liihe 272, 275 279, 354 Kutland. Lmda 355 [, ' . -.V ' ; ' Holmes. Drew 245 Hugguis, Jermigcr 275. 277 JerUuns, Tony 354 Kaiales, Libby 273 Kuifatndt, Bnan 253 L- Holmes, Frani 328 Hugjuis, Jenm er 153,203 268, 275, 277 JenJiins, Tnjy 285 Katk, Sheda 276 Kitaia, Richard 153 282 309, 355 lo Holmu, Honi 241 HugKes, Corson 340 Jenfcins, William 340 Kaila.SheIia 299 Kitchens. Kali Jane 209 Is Holmes, Harold 340 Hughes. Chris 311 Jeruiings, Jean 142 Kalhenr, Kloe 209 Kitchens. Laum 209 278, 285 L- m Holmes, Jeannnne 199 Hughes, Flym 247 Jenugan, Nan 211 286 319, 354 Kaler, MiduicI 340 Klaus, Jessica 217 285. 355 im Holmes, Kelsey 209 Hughes, Lain 272 Jerrugan, Sank 288, 354 Katta. Sheda 219, 276. 277, 281, 286. 287. KOne, Saher 219 Iff Holmes, Lloyd 354 Hughes, Lea Ann 219 Jessen, Kelly 328 328 Kloha, Carole 219 272, 276, 277, 279. 281. 287.328 b m Holmes, Vietoria 354 Huitema. Lnlu 328 Jessup. Lance 243 Kallmart Dr Mary 138 Uj Hot Ldmn 241 Hull Brian 253 Jester, Todd 247 354 Kbti, Mehnda 276 277 287, 328 Lc m ipx Holt Harold 241 Hull Gena 354 Jimenez. Carlo 354 Kappa Alpha 230 Knaih, Cathy 300 [£ Holt VVdluim 328 Humiey, Jermt er 321, 354 Johns, Tma 211. 290 Kappa Alpha Theta 210 Krue, Somamlm 311 211 U Holwadet Ferns 276 Hummel Gina 153, 321 Johnson, Aaron 223, 285 Kappa Delw 212 Knight. Leslie Honeycutt Kaitn 209 Humphrey, Vema 275, 286, 354 Johnson, Carol 289 Kappa Kappa Gamma 214 Knight, PatncA 282, 309 Lr Honuas. Tim 285 HuruHey, Krisu 211 Johnson, Chris 285 Kappa Sigma 234 Kiught Prtston 153, 282 309, 314 231 245 Li Hontzas, Timmfiy 328 Hundley, Krista 211 Johnson, GUiger 328 Kflvanaugh, Tracey 209 Knoess, Brett b V:5 ' ::j Hood, Midiael 231 Hurut Isis 354 Johnson. Holly 219, 272 Kay. Jennifer 145, 211 KnoH Mali La In Hoot Janene 282. 309 Hunt Tammy 211, 290 Johnson, Jamison 276 Kearns. Nuut 355 Ko, Mana 317 Hooier, Ld 241 Hunter. Faitli 217 Johnson, John 354 Ke cCoOem 217 KoMa, Knstme 340 la Hooier, Louise 57, 300 Hunter. Tmeey 354 Johnson, Julie 209 272 285, 328 Keen, Kevin 253 KoeHiler. Chris 253 247 245 iit 245 211 211 245 1 Hooper. Steven 247 Hunter, Tmty 292 Johnson, Laura 211, 285 Keen, Muluiel 355 Koestler. Kyle la im , ' i Hoover, Jason 328 Hunt John 247 Johnson. Lori 199 310, 354 Keeney, Paul 253 Kohler. Eric L Hoover, Kevin 235 Hunllc, Si e 294 Johnson, Mary 32« Keeton, Musical 340 Kofc Kaw Hui Hop ins, Rity 328 Hurley, Whitney 310 Johnson, Michael 253 Kelue, Barfo 268 Kolesar. Miduiel L Hop ins. Reed 241, 281, 287, 328 Hursey, Davul 245 Johnson. Neil 235 Ketser. Katfiy 217 Konechy, Anne L i i 39 Hoppen. Maigam Hopper, Kerry 328 211 Hunon, Laum Hutclteson, Marty 203 285, 328 Johnion, Phadreo Johnson. Renee 153 354 203, 295 Keith, Bdly Keller, Roger 229. 275 142 Konechy, J ' anne Kaon, Heruy L lc :tsii5?»Ma 4i ij§ l )S5j Kixtv, Chad Kmft. Ruh Kraft, Rirfunl Krai TeA KnimCT, Cfuvw ha Knui, Ann Knaat. Voikn Krohn. Glfiui Kni fT MoQcv Kmgo-, Wifliam Kud. Cfun Boon Kiihn. Kmhavu Kuflman. Dt Colty Kuiui. Karen Kunchei. KaUtawt Kunz. W ' cniii Kh-«, Tson Chut hing 245 282. 309 247 237 211, 328 319 235 276 243 2«2, 30 " 355 138 209 211 199 314 L LatmnL MuiuW iaimn, Pouk Ltuty, Robot Laiker. Ufcn Uukey, UUn Lai ur, Jofuuiy Ladna, Amy Lddncr. HaiL LlujifCtA Laflaa, Uizjihetfi La anie. ]ainis Lo cnld. Domdl LoiL Bnuulon I ml Dtai a Lake. Dt Lisa lam, Tttt Ljutuui it. John Lom . Laum Lamben. Aiuliu LOTUifTS, Alllion Ijmdes, Jacque Landti, Iaou£ Loiulm fuun. Von George Lffiuiii, Jocou Umilnim. fran££i Luuiiy, GuuT Lone Chnsty Lone Dovul Lone, Laura Lani|cwL Liio London!. Jofut Lon bu, Cfmimfher Lon ton. Kimbaiy Lon ton. Sam Lonic onl Molone Lontnp, Cadxy LamA A [yon Lomnjx, Jean Lanen. Lam Lanen, Roxanji Lory. Svfhai Losoto. Chjuty Losiiur. Jody Lotiiom. BjUy Latham, Dan Loujtm. Au i 329 203, 341 355 315 282, 30il, 314 305 223 LovouIct, M ssy Lavemu. HflnOM Lowrence, Jojon Lowrmce, Jinni cT Lowson. Cn Lowson. V ' loono B Lo , Lua Layn£. Mio toel Loym, 5am La n, Bmion Loyton, Robm Lozojus, Leo Louoin. John Lenien. Summer Onemonon 13«, 211 341 142, 341 329 341 219, 306 150 329 253 219, 341 203. 355 329 355 276 Hi 276 278, 280 217 211, 283, 319 235 209, 275, 286 329 237 245 217 300 269, 276 282, 285, 309 199 235, 267 285 300 241 275 143, 229, 274 294 241 207, 259, 264, 265, 292, 304, 400 153, 203 294 231 285 229 321 211, 277, 304, 341 229 229 292, 306 253, 275, 286 233 235 273 138, LtOii, ttnuiO Ltat ien. Juiic LeovdL LesGe Leovy. Montmy Ltt. Am Lee, Bet i Lee. Caiy Lee. Chan Menj Lee. Dt Eugene Lee. iOT Lu, Hiouef Lee. Moit Lee. Miie Lee. Peter l,ee. Sam f Lee, TToae Lee. Wyan Lee. Ton -Uoon Leeeiu KeniaH Lefoldt Kim Lejler. Ro6cn Lefimon. Trent Leic u Chrututo l.ei e5te. Mart Lemo . Steve Lemmons, DtbonK LenOeTTTion, HiH Lenilermail. Jenny Lentv. DeloTK Leopold, Boomer Leschner. Leslie Lesiley. Joel Lester, Catherine Lever, Jimmy Lewis, Aman Lewu, Broob Lewis, Grant Lewis, John Lewis, Lourtn Lewis. Lydio Lewu. Paul Lewis. Terrtl Lewis. V ' uue Leaser. John Liaison. O;cfonl iim LiBeito. MeJonie Li ion, Matt lew Lu|on. Aden Lim. Soon Lim. TuJi-luian Lmil. Kurt LiruUey. Stephonie Lindsey. Te onl Lini. Lvans Linton. Anuo Liruy. Shayne Lipert. Dirli Lippinom, Vidu Lipsaim6. Susan Lipsteiier. Biil Lipsteuer. Broil Little. Angel Little. Dianna Livingston, Amy Livingston, Rldty Liyanoge, Riiehira Lobrano. Tora Lodie, James Locie, Leononi Lociiiort. Mori LocWion. Renee Loe6. Stephen Loh. Annette Lohriaeiu Jonoi uin Long. Jennifer Long. Jim Long. Keeia Long. Loiine Loposscr. Chns Lonl. Julie Lorenu. Knsten Lono. Fraru Lott. Amy Lott, Any Lott Ashley Lou, Brad 235 300 217 239. 276, 329 287 217 142, 209 317 283 341 247 317 253 317 282, 309. 315 275. 276. 287. 329 243 317 211 217. 285 241 237 199 253 235 341 241 329 294 341 307 235 341 237 275 241 245 243 209. 275. 286 275, 286, 306. 319 229 229 237. 300. 305 235, 341 277 219 341 142. 241. 341 341 341 237 319. 321 237 285. 329 285 247 235 199. 273 292 237 237 223 266. 341 209. 264. 285, 341 264. 287. 329 153 2 09. 286 329 329 138, 148, 245 219. 277 241 317 329 273. 275. 276. 288. 289. 341 153 298 211 245 276 209 329 285 211 219 237 Lott Tl any Lou LUa I.ovelace, Lvcrett Lovett James Lowe Amy Lowe Lissa Lowity, Sah Lowne Guyla Lowtiiet. John I.oyd, Broolu Loyfc, Brooke Lu. Lee Luo. Kee Haul Lueos. Gcno Lueos, Jon Lueos, Leeonne Lueos, Leigh Lucas, Maruly Luee iesw D C LuAtonen, Ju ul Luigs, Jennifer Luigs, Thomas LuJie, Grtufien Lupbeiger, Teil Lye, Chuon Ly(c. Danie{ Lyne Oaviil Lyrula. Sconlino Lyon. Jaeliie Lyon, Joyce Anne 209, 264. 306. 319 217 241 253 277, 278 341 138, 229 217. 308 243 223 329 341 153, 282. 309. 314 243 140, 306 211, 342 142, 272, 277, 280, 341 219 243 329 211 243 219, 329 241, 272 342 235 247 332 219 211 M Maayo, Eric 269 Mafieny, Butdi 247 Mac . MicAoel 294 Moililen, John 241 253, 272, 277, 286, 319 Mailiien, Leslie 217 Mail4en, Sam 316 Modilox. I ' ugmia 223 4aiflun5, Shonilrs 329 Modliclu, Tent 343 Moer, Eiiwanl 253 Mogee. Melissa 281 Moliew. Christopher 329 Mo ifouz. Michael 233 Moier. Edwartl 146 Main, Meruleth 275 MjgoT. Leo Anne 281 Migor. Leaaiv i 277,281, 319 MigoTs. Recjeononol 294 Mat VVoi 342 Mol rough. Joy 233 Maley. AOoa 342 Maflett Midtey 274 Mallette MuJiey 274, 306 MoOette Mo 231 Malone Chmty 342 Moione Su2onne 142, 217 Moloney. Mori M 143, 241 Malou . John 235 Moloiif. Melisso 209, 286. 329 Molouf. Miiie 235 Man, DoTOnn 275 Mancuso. Melissa 329 Moness. Dentse 142. 275, 277, 279, 342 Maness. Melissa 203, 342 Mttngin, Christopher 329 Manning, Cnima 209 Monnu:. BJ 264, 287 ManstSL Lora 269, 292 Monuo, Chys 285 Maples. Steven 329 Moraile, Jennifer 329 Marshall, Leigh 223 MorshoU, Morliecui 297, 329 Martin, Angle 219 Mortin, Chns 241 Mflrtin. Dumno 2«7 Momrt Drew 241, 275, 287 Mortin. Ilanlt Martin. Jeffrey Martin. John Mortm. Monily Monin. Nancy Martin, Shannon Martin, Stephanie Martin, Vicky Martin, Vt ' oody Mantneou, Dovul Mason. Amonilo Mason. Christopher MassengtH Robert Massey. Chnsu MOiity, Iju Massey. Lynilel Mossie Shanrwn Masters. Scou Mostersoiv George Mathews. Chnsujphet Motius. Sht y Motlbdi, Scott Mottor. Mic uel Matthes. Celiru Matthew. Joseph Matthews. Mom Mottiiews. Melissa Mattlirws. MidieUe Mfltting, Jennifer Mflttingly, Jennifer Moiilden, Jor Moxcy, A( Maxwell Honk Maxwell Shoron May, Chnsty May, Dor Ann M ay, Kevin Mayes, Charlotte MayhflU Pom Mflyo, Kim Mays. Stephanie Mcodoms. Ric McoleconileT. Shona Mcolpin, Shown Mcoiiley. Rohen Mcfclde Jano Mccoo, Gaylt MccoU, Daniel Mccorley. Melbnie Mccor ie. Christine Mccorty. Mfliy Helen Mccorty. Michael Mcamy, Phil 69. 123. 143, 269, 288, 306 Mccoiislonit Paxmk Mcdonohon. Je McdanL Andm Mcdotdiy. Courtney Mcdotdiy. Elizobetil MccMand. Knsten McdintocJt, Tonya Mcchirt. Roruli Mccolgan, Jim Mccolgan. Tamora Mccollum. Allyson MccoQum, Beth MccoQum. Margaret MccoSurrt Mali Mccomas. Ashleo Mcconkey. Htmha McconneU, Ldy McconneH Notolie McconneU SheS Mccorkle Tiffany Mcarrmock. Jessica Muxnvuc Molly Mccormick. Mic ulel Mccoy. Ro6en Mccraney. Tod Mccraiy. Potnce Mccreody. Neal Muwjy, Jennifer Mccroskey. Jay Mccuflough. Kimberiy Mcciirley. Cldrk Mulade. Allie 241 247 300 203, 342 294 199, 342 209 285 243 143, 231, 274, 279 209, 286 329 329 199, 287, 329 209. 283. 286 342 138. 140, 143, 209, 277, 306 237 241 329 209 243 235 223 245 187, 274 342 217. 285 285 292. 295. 342 237 310 235 223, 285 329 285 268, 285 330 199 199, 342 217, 330 245 209 241 237 299 275 342 285 209 219 276, 287 231 329 187 342 209 209 217 209, 275, 285 316 316 219, 276, 342 211 219 231, 342 219, 329 268, 292 292 199, 342 285 209, 275, 277 209,286 285 305 311 241 329 241, 269, 292 329 235 211, 342 235 219 Molavm, Susan Molonold. Andy Mcdonald. Hordie Mcdonald. Jennifer Mcdonald Paid Mtdufjtt, Maxwell Mcelroy. BetJi Mcewon. Dan Mcgaughy. Chaiits Mcgee Melissa Mcgee. Philip Mcgeliee. Comdle McgdL Abon McgiH Antrice Mcgdl Margaret Mcginness, Tara Mcgtntiy, Roger Mcglowon, Angela Mcgowon, Curtis Mcgowan. Tracy Mcgowin. Joseph Mcgrcger. Pomelo Mcgregor. Dedee Mcgregor. Thomas Mcgndge. James Mcguire. Loyne Mchaney, Beth Mcinnis. Win Mcintire. Dale Mcintyrt. Drew Mctntyre Jim Mckoy. James Mckay. Susonne Mckenzie. RoEtyn Mckeown, Mic uiel Mckiihen, Scott Mckinney. Ashley Mckinnon, SmitA Mckissick. Leigh Anne Mcknight Leigh Mcknight Richord Mcldut AQeen Mclaughlut Alvui Mddughlirt Cam Mclaughlin. David Mclaughlin, Marshall Mclounn. Chnstopha Mdemore Leonno Mclemore, Todd Mcleod, Alice Mcleod, Marty Mcmolum, John Mcmoster. Amy McmtHan. Calhy McmiHon, Stocie Mcmillcn, Jessico Mcmdiin, ColAy Mcminn. Kevin McmuHait BiH McmiiUen, Melissa Mcmiirray. Miciioel Mcnoir. Jason McniuTuni, Vl ' iUuim Menanum. VVdl Mcneot Dorfry Mcneoljoe Mcne er, Amy Mcneer. Heother Mcneer. SfuHy Mcnees. Melissa Mcneese Joe Mcneese Melissa Mcmitt Benjarmn Mcphoit Lon Mcgueen. Riciuud Mcrae, Andy Mcmy. Melonie Mcreyonlds. Melissa Mcrocklin. Sasan Mcveigh, Jeruufer Mcwhtjter. Dawn Mcwhoner, Elizobetli McwtHioms, Calliy Mead. Bill Meadows, Jomte 217, 342 253 241 219 241, 329 235 209, 267 241 235 203, 342 243 275, 342 217 63, 321 329 285 285 60, 276 237 209 329 342 203 237 245 311 219 237 285 306 274 253, 342 199 219 145 145 211, 287 223 209 141. 142. 279. 280. 281. 342 235 209. 292 310 329 285. 342 147. 282. 309, 314 342 342 294 342 241 247 209, 342 290, 305 219 342 290 229 237, 329 219 285 342 281, 305 281 223, 329 245 219 329 143, 187 223 304 209 342 209 142, 237 267 342 311 199 329 203 217, 219 219 245 219, 275 lii V. -•at ' -. ' " » ' r:t ' . ' r,- mi mm mm ' - ' dW 0Mh Meafows, Midia f 342 MoiUiUU, Lai0ii 223, 342 Myen, Erin 2S6 Mm Parser, A 247, 305, 319 K ii MejMitnvs, Stewart 253 Montgomery, Bruce 275. 281 Myers, Kevin 245 %M Paiter, Biyan 310 tH MMiien, VoimUt Brm 333 Montgomery, Cfiris 237 Paiia, Cfthsty 275, 331 1 m Mttfc Mcfalil 241 Montgomery, Diane 211 Porter, David 273, 343 Ws MttJi, Rjuufy 315 Montgomeiy, J Bniee 237, 275 Porto-, Down 331 tei Mk . Wolfe 330 Montgomery, Truccy 203, 308 i O ' rien, Donna 231 Porto, Kenny 235 Mftt. wtet 241 277 Mon oy, Rea 235 ■ O ' bnen. MidiaeX 243 Paito, Kem 223, 343 rti w$ M«lu, Pm e 223 Moody, Kimanilna 209 ■ O ' Connor, Steplten 233 Paito, Pam 286 Na Mdfen CT, MicWIe 342 Moody, LeaA 219 ■ 1 0 ' damci.}eff 253 Porto, Pomeia 203. 277, 286 m Meiion, Lddit 310 Moore, Alan 241, 287 0 ' ftaie,jay 299 Porto, PFuflip 253 fei Meiton, Floyd 241 275 330 Moore, Alej: 247 Noiois, Jeff 237 O ' mara, Wifliam 241, 283 Paito, Ridi 241 pi Mthon, ]V]mfa 342 Moore, Bi fem 241 253 O ' ryan, Maiy 203 Porto, Sandra 199 ttx Mehon, John Mehon, Ronnie Mtivm, Meliisa Menry, Jiff Mei ctt, Danielle Mentff. Kim Memnm, Siizete Memom, 5ii2ette Memfl, Minify 285 211 330 294 330 217 330 203 211 295 307 MoOTt, Catlianne Mooie, Eone Mooie, Jenmfer Moore, John Moore, Justin Moore, Keir Moore, Kefly Moore, Maureen Moore, Medieff 330 281 219 138, 143, 241 253 237 209 272 217 Nadikiii, Tan Nadikii. Torn Nfl teC James Ni tet Jun Nagnt, ShcJi Nofolmno. Amy Nastt, Pfui Nasckos, John Natioiis, Aiiam 217 217, 343 287 276, 277, 281 282, 309 321 235 343 247 Oaiiey, 5u2anne 06onnon, 5ftawn Octen, L[uabttk ODK Otlom, Bniif Odom, Jason Odom, Mart Ogden, Notolie Otve, Frei Oliver, Jofm Otiveiio. JcjFf 290 235 331 140 237 245 143 219 285 Porto, Thomas Porto, TiJ any Porto on, Jamie Paiiman, Janet Porfa, Joanne Pojfes, Mary Poms, AndJia Poms ft, Greg Parson, Kandy 247 343 235 211, 273 217 343 199 305 203,343 Ffa. net rt lib. Messai, Lon Mctsinger, Bryan 342 253 Moore, Mict Moore, Nancy 285 217 NcuigCe, Jim NeaC Btcky Ntai Kjutn Neat Melissa Neai MiiJieU Neat, Neisa 245 306 237 287 Partict Latiuia Pate, Brad 290 237 Ml Meoitilt Cory Meyei. Ann Meyer, Anne Meyer, Conniil 217 268 245 268 285 247 Moore, RaciieX Moore, Tim Monus, Juiianna Morgan, AUyson 203, 290 311 277, 281 199 217, 343 209 217 276 Otviei, Cftnstopfier OfmsteoiJ, Holly Otnsteaii, Kris Ofeon, Andy 245 331 199 243 Pate, Ward Poterson, Mart Potrone, Tina Potters on, Betft 231 153 343 30 i hr. Meyer, Jan Meyer, Sanih Lynn 209 209 264 285 Morgan, Jacqueline Morgan, Karen 211 275, 278 Neal Ne£sa Neal, Stcvt 187, 199, 276 233 Obon, Gary Omara, Wtffiam 243 142 Patterson, Denise Patterson, Kevin 199 245 ¥ Meym,Jcff 235 Morgan, Kay 217 Neifett, Mmy Neifea, Pat Neaiia, tflen Ne£fy, MiAe Ncc5c (Su Uft 343 Orange, Kcllye 285, 331 Potterson, Sidra 209 285, 287, 331 ftfi Micdoetjcff Mieiifle£s, Siacey Miihnth, Vietorm MuMewn, Danen 187 199 235 308 199 235 Morgan, RoecAifle Morgan, Vanessa Morgan, Wifliam Morrilt Jonathan 285 187 247 235 231 330 268 343 Ott, Craig Ott, Dathryn Ott, Mile Orr, 5am 235 285 141. 142, 245 285 Potterson, Wiil Patton, Drue Pout Rfldieilt Paid, Stan 343 292 321 276 to Its !m tn Muliffeton, Davul MidkA. 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Larry 235 Sanderson, Garrett 268 Show, Josh 231 Pnvett MuAoel 229 Reid, Laiim 211 Rodger?, Heatlier 138, 143 Sanderson. Julut 199 Shaw, Lara 187, 211 Pnjvcnce, Anna 209, 286 Reid. Miss 273 Roftgers, Joseph 344 Sandidge, Amy Sondifer, Luiu Sandndge, Layne Sands. Karen 344 Shaw. Wayne 243 l-i-i -fyi: ' . PnTvena, Brtnila Pnidou Bryan 343 237. 358 Reid. RacAeal Reid. Ra Aei 264 264, 331 Rogers, Chns R a .Jeff 237 237 205, 285 217, 344 SAearon. Roben Shearouse, Scott 277, 345 231 Pryor, Lee 211,273. 358 Reid, Sf aun 235 Rogers, Kenny 297 199, 332 SAeeAon. Margi 209 Pucien. Jason 245 Reigle. Denis 358 Rogers, Kyk 229 Sands. Steve 247 Sheffield. Alan 264 Puller. Wajuia. 358 ReiUy. Renee 358 Rogers, Sims 209, 276, 287, 332 Sai ord, Angela Sar ortC Sandy 187 Sh field. Dyanna 199 PugR. 5tevCT 343 Reitman, Davul 285 Rogers, Timothy 332 277, 287 Shtffieldd. Dave 273 Puflinm, Ri36 237 Relan, Scott 245 Rogers. 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Daniel Shumpert. Knsta 237 205, 345 1 Reuter, John 231 Ross, Amanda 217, 344 Samion. Cissy 207, 344 SAy, Sellers 241 mm pi § Reveis, Jenn er 143,207 264, 275, 305, 306 Ross, Brent 332 Saunmastro. Steven 332 Sitrnns, Mary Ross 199 ■ %1 Reveii, Keily 207, 2 7, 331 Ross, Brtti 282, 309 Schatjer. Vauia 276, 344 Sides, ChrisiopAer 345 % « Rey6um. Je frty 358 Ross, Broofee Ross, Carid 209 267 Scha a, Rauk 276 Si Crt. RicAard Sieget Susan 245, 345 223 , m i aJiri;; : H ii-- ' .-.tii ' i-iS " ; v. " ?; -•-(.■ ' --■:.V ' ;i.- ' -:. ' . ir. J, SItw. Hd 345 Soboiia, Gn ory 332 Stone, Jon 247 Tapp, Teitsa 203 Tdlman. Mary 311 Syma Aipfm EpsUon 246 Solomon, Amy 205, 264. 277 Stone, Kemp 245, 285 Taratilo, Torn 209, 277, 286 333 TUIy, Moiia 199 Sigma Chi 248 SomOT, Taylor 243 Stone, Rociweff 345 Taidy, Miehael 243 Tihon, Lori 219 Sigma Nu 250 Sones. Jill 209 Stone, Teny 231 Tant Sara Lynn 299 Timhs, Janet iSi Sigma Pfa Lfsiion 252 Son dwToen, Mama 143, 213, 274, 281, 306 Storey, Bmd 243 Task YoTce 279 Timmons, Trevor 253 Sigma Pi 232 Soimia, Candiu 285 Storey, Cymhm 211 Taie, Amy 217 Tmhier, Mary 219 Sigman. Brandon 247 SoftT, Cfaisty 209, 276, 332 Storey, Shariene 211 Toytoc, Trif 231 Titus, Cart 223 Simwx. David 142, 149, 241 Soper, Shnsty 285 Stoiy, CtMokne 294 TaytoT, Biian 245 Todd, Ginger 277 SunnwTis, Casey 219 South, Stiina 345 Story. Sabnm 209. 274, 275, 276, 277, 286 Taylor, Chiis 272 Tolfcm, Anther 333 5tmmoni, Pamela 153 SouthaB. Jennifer 203 Swiy. Wheat 272, 275, 276, 306 Taytw, D 319 Tomhn, Dena 209 5tmim)iu, WffrtJi 241 Soweil, Stacy 203, 332 Stouti, Catiienne 333 Taylor, Jomes 305 Tompftins, Judith J33 5tmon, Curtis 231, 272, 278, 286 Spaht. Ashity 332 StovaiL Tm 245 Taylor, Jenmjer 211 Tompfeins, Michael 237 5unan, Rutfi Allison 142 5pflngkr, Kimdy 235 Stowu, CotAcnne 285 Taylor, Knsten 277, 285 306 Topper, Nina 321 5imon, Riitiiaflison 219 Sponn, JO£que(in 332 Stmn e, HoQy 211 Tayim, Latonya 266 Torjusen, Toby 305 Simon, Wil 275 Sponn, Kflt i) ' 219 Strayer, Mike 285 TayliJT, Pamela 345 Toso, Dove 231 Simpson, Ciinilice 332 Spann, 5ue 276 Street ScotL 237 Taylor, Shento 276 Tower, Wesley 346 Simpson, }vi 237 5paits, Stephen 311, 345 Streete. Lam 345 Taylor, Stacy 231 Townes, Tnuy 297 5ims, Kevin 233 SPB 288 Stri tin , Re an 211 Taylor, Tammy 276 Townsend, Dennis 153, 275, 277, 281 Sims, Sonia 345 Speannan, Stacy 332 Stjuilond, Boan 253 Taylor, Tate 241 Townsend, SaSy 333 Sims, Siepfiflnie 345 Speci. Anna 187, 203 Stndtland. Kim 345 Taybr, Toot 306 Traincn, Anne 153 Sina, Dr Sumon 315 Speikeh, Sandra 275 Stnnger, Wendy 209 Taylor, Vanissa 321 346 Trammefl, Cynthia 34 Singleton, Travis 285 Spud, Tom 153, 285 StTobie, Jay 142 Teague, Brent 310 Traughhei, Jennifer 203, 333 Sinjle , SkOy 209 SpeH Rebtaa 277, 332 Strobie, Josef h 345 Teas ley, Kevin 237 TravcTs, Rob 253 SmopoG. Charies 332 SpCJUX, MicfieHie 285, 332 Strom, Susan 217, 333 Teater, Chiisty 219 Travis, Joe 253 Sisit, Alison 219 199 Strom, Tracy 203, 333 Tech, KhorKhiaj 314 Travis, John 241,346 SiMenjieid, Jennifer 203, 285 Spenca, BiH 142, 275 Strong, Dave 241 Tec . Khor Khinj 153 315 Travis, Tyfer 247 Sfeeiton, PotTida 332 Spwise, CItristie 332 Stufchi, Michaef 243 Tci oni, Laune 267 TrayloT, Brad 233 Sfcekin, Trim 217 SfhvUs. Staay 219 Stuilent Advisory 278 Tegetnoff. Sam 217 Traylor, Donna 321 Sledge, Homer III 231 Spifler, Ruiic 231 Student Abimnl Council ZS6 Teh. Meng 333 Treodway, Keith 319 Smalley, Gieg 235 Spiflcr, Susan 217 Stiulent Health Advisory ZS3 Tetchert, Joey 235 Trhont, David 247 Smedmim, Diiine 321 SpTotes, Jenmjer 332 Studa. Tom 245 Tennant, Leslie 346 Trigg, Dana 217 SmitK Alim 277, 286, 305 Stoffoni, Dale 285 Stuvee, Susie 276 Tenet Wando 311 Trippe, Joe 245, 276 SmuK Atiie 213, 281, 287, 332 Staffont, Donctte 223, 285 Suicr, John 245 TeneS, Denny 237 Tnppe, Juan Joseph 13«, 245 SmuA. Aflon 345 Stompfull. Amlrea 311 Suciow, David 233 TeneH Joi ' ui 237 Trippe, Koch 245 SmitA. Aden 241 Stflmphifl, Chris 311 Suddotii, Ben 233 Tenefl, Rehecca 153, 209 275 Tnppe, Michael 333 Smith. ASxe 309 Stanai Cdvm 345 Sudduth. [ rew 272 Teny, Angela 333 Tiwt, Andrew 243 Smith, Andrew 241 Stan ieW, David 281, 311 Suffivan, Chhsune 145 Tettieton, Phiflif 294 Tnnt, Drjudy 140 SmiiA, An enette 187 Stanjonl, Jofin 153 Sullivan, Katy 276 Tew, PhiDip 346 Trowbridge, Kim 203, 292, 295 SmitA, An 247 Stan oni, Koben 332 Suffivan, Kfleyh 203, 310 Thames, Brandy 219, 275 278 Tnje, Melissa 211 Smitli. Borne 231 SmnUy. John 345 Suffivan. Lara 306 Thames, Lawrtnu 241 Traitt, Allen 237 SmuA, Benton 235 Stamel, Monha 142 Suffivan, Laura 153 Thames, Maiy 333 Tnisty, Jenm cr 211, 333 Smith, Caroline 217, 345 Stopleton, Lashunya 345 Suffivan, Sheiyf 345 Thaip, Tncia 275 Tubbs, Mandy 346 Smitft, CfiaHes 168 Stori Mithmi 231 Summers, Lee 287 Thaipe, Laurie 280 292 Tucher, Asfika 209 Smitfi. CftTistopFier 332 Suaixy, Patricia 203 Summers, Robert i33 Theobald, Dcnise 282, 309, 314 315 TudttT, Dana 223, 346 SmitK Dean Aflie 282 Stasiu , Paid 247 Sumner, Hany 300 TheneH Steve 253 273 Tucfcer, Kim 209 SfnitA, Deonn 313 Stead, Rachel 217 Sumrafl. Many 269, 292 Thesmat, AUx 243 305 Tuchei, Rosscer 235 Smiiiw Don 305 Stec, Lynda 345 SumraH Shannon 345 Thigpcn, Ed 294 Tuefeer, Stacey 297 Smuft, Emify 345 Steci, Sway 272 Sumrall. Wifliam lu 253 Thigpen, Tote 245 Tumma. Julie 346 Smilft. Holly 199, 285 Steffts, Jcnn 285 Sundfteig, Jennijei 266, 345 Thomas, Buhha 229 Turtotte, Stacey 346 Smitft, Jamie 332 Stej fej, Jenn er 219 Suppmh. Jcytt Kumar 314 Thomas, Cojrie K- 209, 264 300 Turlington, Kyle 346 SmiiA, Jennifer 219 Steffeijenn er 333 Sutheiiond, Andrew 241 272, 275, 277 Thomas, Canie Leigh 219 300 Turruige, Suson 346 SmilJi, Juiia 219 Steiner, Kay 311 Swann, Chnstopher 243 Thomas, Cathoine 292 Turner, Alison 209 Smith, Kauy 345 Steinnede, Wade 241, 277 Swann. Chris 272, 277, 306 Thomas, Chjis 229 Turner, Bifl 237 Smith, Kara 203, 229 Sttnman, Diane 203 Swanson, Scott 237 Thomas, Datyf 346 Turner, Casey 346 SmilA, Kim 205, 275 Stephens, Amanda 211 Swans on. Stacey 276, 345 Thomas, Guiger 211 Turner, Davul 272 Snutiu Ijimar 235 Stephens, Biyon 142 Swoyze, Attison 275, 286 Thomas, John 237 Turner, Kelly 237 Smith. Laum 332 Stephens, Joe Sam 333 Swayze, Julie 286, 306, 319 Thomas, Mamie 199 Turner, Kimboiy 275, 276, 306 SmitK, Laune 205, 311 333 Swtt, Gay 345 Thomas, Monica 187, 290 321 Turner, Lee 237 Smith, Lee Eru 266, 292 Stephens, Shaiinon 219 Swee, Wifliam 317 Thomas, Oscai L- 143 Turner, Misty 217, 277 Smuii, Mae 292 Stewart, Amy 266, 267 Sweet, Michael 231 Thomas, Tevette 333 Turner, Preston 231 SmitK Morgol 211 Stewart, Baker 272. 275, 281, 333 Swei. 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Robot 2S1 Wea, Kristin 287, 334 Williams, Matt 300, 307 Wren, BUIy 282, 309 Wade, Bnuufon 253, 333 Weiss, Anne 211 Williams, Mi e 231 Wnght, Chrtstina 211, 275 Wade. Robin 247 Weiss. Laiflbctii 211, 285 Williams, Rie iflnl 229 310, 347 Wnght, Jennifer 219 Wa fc, Sftelfy 285 WeSons. jay lii 138, 241 Widiams, Roger 243 Wums-Jm, U-92 268 WadStms. Risa 203 Wells, Hcfleen 334 Williams, Scott 335 Wyatt, Steve 241 Wadley, Tammy 346 Wells, KeOey 217 WiHiams, 5usan 273 Wygui Brad 241 pi m Wadstrom. Samh 211 Wells, Noncy 219, 275 Williams, Tina 335 Wygul Shirley 311 Wages. David 333 Wells, Warren 347 WiHulms, VvAx 219 Wytvt, Noeilc 223 Wflggono, Hemhex 217, 307 Welsh. Curtis 253 Williamson, Came 223 Wyrosdiet, Greg 253 Waggono, Tfiomos 311 Welty, Cfiene 308 WiHuimson, James 274 Wagner. Dan 294 Weixy. Tony 300 Williamson, Kathy 219 Woiles, Roben 231 Wenersfei, Rayna 223, 334 WiHumson, Lisa 347 Waimght. Andna 203, 278. 333 Wentwonh, Blair 211, 334 Wifljflmson, Stephanie 219 % Waitien, Sfiando 217, 268 WeT6er, Mary 290 Wifli onl, Ctim 282, 309 1 Y W ' aidvoaet Jason 253, 333 Wcscoat, Siacey 153 Willis, LuLuuta 187 1 M Walker, Chamoyjit 283 Wesley, rolanda 275, 286 Willis, Jeanna 307 1 i Waikei. David 253, 278 West, Bridgette 219 Willis, Phillip 294 Waiier, LSizabeih Waika. Mamn 241, 277 275 285, 333, 334 West, Donna West. Kristi 334 311 WtllDughfcy, Cliiir Willoughby, Helen 199 335 Yoncey, Adam Top. Bee Tho Tar6er, Tolondo 235 145 Waika. Michael 287 West roofe. Jennifer 285, 295 Willoughfiy, Paul 294 347 m m Waika. Pfulip 231 316, 333, 334 Westferoofc. Soflie Ann 267 Wilson, Angela 187, 347 ToTPoro, Shann 275, 283 Wotter. Sam 275, 305, 306 Westcoot, Stocy 211 Wilson, Angle 209 Toifrro, London 347 Waika. VViflie 239, 346 Westeiganl, Shoun 223, 347 Wilson, Bnan 237, 272 277, 279 285, 286, Tdjpio, ShflTTQ 275, 283 Woftes, Davui 281 Wes Qul Lone Bafeei 142, 143, 271 287 1 S L ' .W.-:il-,vJ:. is ' -. ? A- Ciosinq Gaikry Mitty Griffis i 396 — Closing C(osing Gaiicry — Closing Goikry — Ciosing GaSery - Closinq Gc ay Ed Brondyke Closing — Ciosinq Galiay — C(osinq Gaday — Closing Gadery - Closing Gci kry Ed Brondyke Alan Sheffield f398 — Closing r closing Ga{iery — Closing Gaffery — Closing Gaiitry - Closing Galia y 1991 OleMiss Colophon The 1991 Ole Miss is the 97th volume, pub- lished by Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas Texas. The press run was 6,000 copies. Book specifications include 400 pages measuring 9 X 12, printed on 801b. enamel paper. Spot color used in Opening was Deep Green, 23, Fawn, 48, and Silver, 81. Spot color in Sports in- cluded Silver, 48 and Sapphire, 13. Spot color in Features included Gold, 80, Green 23 and Sapphire, 13. The cover was designed by Au- gust Laurent and Jennifer Revels at Taylor. The cover color was suggested by Thomas Phillips. The color is Green, 23 and mission grain was applied to the lower portion of the cover. The dye was designed and cut at Taylor from photos tak- en by August Laurent and submitted to an artist. Gold beading was also applied to the cover. Revenue for the book came from student ac- tivity fees and from the sale of honorary, or- ganization and Greek pages. Revenue from Greeks was approximately 8,700. Hononraries and organizations totaled more than $20,000. The total operating budget was $165,741. Stu- dents paid $8.00 per semester in their activities fees for the annual. All pages were designed using Page, Type and Index Vision software from Taylor. All pictures were taken by student photographers except for Who ' s Who, Hall of Fame, Beauties, Favorites and class pictures, all of which were taken by Professional Images Photography of Jackson, MS. Some photographs were supplied by Walt Mixon Photography of Oxford. The 1991 Ole Miss is a student-edited pub- lication, produced at the University of Missis- sippi, University, MS. The viewpoints represent- ed in this yearbook are those solely of the staff (about three people) and in no way reflect Uni- versity policy. Alan ShefTield Closing — 399 Editors Closing w, hen I first took over as Editor last year it was an overwhelming feeling and I really didn ' t know what to expect. A few weeks after I was elected Mr. Denley asked me to speak at the journalism reunion about the annual. I hadn ' t prepared anything so I just told the audience what I thought this year was going to be like. I told them I expected this year to be alot like having a baby — nine months of pain and agony — lots of uncertainty — and no clue how it is going to come out until it gets here. It turned out that the summation I gave that day ended up being so true, and as I write this now, I still have months to wait to see what my final result will be. I know it has been customary for the Editor to put a picture of themselves on the closing page, but my feeling was that there had been so many more people who contributed to the annual that I didn ' t belong here all alone. I tried to get the girls in the basement all together, but we never slowed down long enough in between my nights at Farley to take one. I pictured my parents and Jennifer Revels, my business man- ager. They know all too well what this year has meant for me. First of all I would like to thank my parents. They didn ' t really know what to say when I called home with the crazy idea of running for Editor. All my dad could say was that he knew I could do it. When I called home a few weeks ago to say that I was con- sidering running again, well, my dad said are you sure you can do it? Thanks for all your support and for listening to me complain and complain and com- plain. Next, I want to thank the two people who really stood by me throughout the entire production of this book. Jennifer and John, I can never tell you how much you both mean to me. Every part of this book came about because you two urged me on when times got rough. Besides myself, I think you two are the only ones who have even a clue what the book will look like. You have both been with me from day one and helped this book take shape. Your individual efforts as business manager and as section editor will be appreciated always. I love you both. To the girls downstairs at the Tri-Delt house. We always thought it would have been fun to have had apartments, only now do we know that the basement was the best place we could have lived. Mary Linda, Laurie, Carrie, Leigh, Lacey, Susan, Portia, Hyde, Jen, Wesley, TJ, Katie and Kelly, yall have given me the four best years of my life. None of this would have been possible without your love and support. To my photographers, BJ, Pete and Alan, thanks a million. For all my last minute photo requests, I apologize. Yall have to be the smallest photo staff of any yearbook this size, but you did a fine job and I will always appreciate it. Many thanks to Margaret Barnhart, Deanne Mos- ley, Michael Huffines, Amy Shakespeare and The- resa Champion. As section editors, each of you just about single-handidly put out your sections. I ' m sor- ry the new computer system made it difficult for you to really utilize your staffs, but the jobs each of you did was incredible. I hope you ' ll stick it out with me for one more year. Extra special thanks to Traci Mitchell, Sherri and Mr. Denley who on a daily basis listened to me complain and gave me some comic relief. Thanks also to Greg Williams, our Taylor rep., who was with me all the way in convincing Mr. Denley to let me have such an expensive cover. I really enjoyed work- ing with you. Ollie Brock, my savior, thanks for the pics and for always making me laugh. Thanks to Walt Mixon and the Oxford Photo staff. I would also like to thank Kim Jergens of Professional Images. In addition to solving the classes crisis, you gave me much needed support along the way, it was very much appreciated. I would like to thank David R., David S., and David T., at the Oxford Eagle. You guys (and Bruce Newman of course) were wonderful to me. Thanks for everything. I hope I haven ' t left anyone out, it has been such a crazy year that often I forget things. I appreciate every- one who helped out. From the Greeks who turned their pictures in on time, (minus the two or three that I had to call and call and call) to Wade and the ASB office for identifying photos five and six times. Thanks for every- one who was patient and put up with rescheduling and mistakes. I have to say that about ten people put this annual out. If you look really close on some of the pages I ' m sure there is still some of their blood, sweat and tears. I think I accomplished many of the things I set out to do. If you do find mistakes or if there is something you really just don ' t like, please keep in mind that this annual was a new experience for all of us and we gave it our best shot. Some of the problems we encountered this year we hope to correct. I would appreciate constructive (key word) crit- icism of the annual. Afterall, it is supposed to be a represenatation of your year, and your ideas are appreciated. I have to say in conclusion that I have mixed feelings as I an FINALLY finished with the 1991 book, and begin to look at 1992. I will miss my basement support group, as they are heading into the real world to find jobs. I hope you guys will be thinking about me. I am looking forward to working with everyone again next year and I am hoping I can talk my sister Claudia into joining the staff. I hope in looking over this book you can see a little bit of what I saw when I examined what Ole Miss was to me. I hope I captured that for you in our book. See you next year. August i worf) jr to ' have mi thl)iel991 d nisi " J jitgintoilie guys »il ' lebitof ' il.

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