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I s s ii i ' CONTENTS Campus Life 10 Features 50 Administration 70 Sports 100 Organizations 148 Honors 210 Greeks 246 Students 314 Directory 378 L. OL 1990 NEW DIRECTIONS. Chancellor Turner in- vites Kathy Scott to take a closer look at Ole Miss and its New Directions. photo by Ken Ivey 1990 Ole Miss Volume 96 The University of Mississippi University. MS 38677 (601)232-7226 Enrollment- 10.370 Title Page o t: Chartered on February 24, 1844, The University of Mississippi began its first session on November 6, 1848, with a student body of eighty and a faculty of four who offered instruction in a general cur- riculum in the liberal arts. Continually strengthening the College of the Liberal Arts, the trustees and the faculty sought to broaden the work of the institution by the creation of professional and specialized schools so as to build it into a university in fact as well as in name. Coeducation came with the ad- mission of women in 1882, and the first woman was added to the fac- ulty in 1885. The admission of blacks in the university came at a much later date ' nd met with some resistance. James Meredith, admitted in the fall x)f 1962, came to the university as a transfer student and opened doors for other blacks, both graduate and undergraduate. Dr. Lucius Williams, associate professor of educational administra- tion, is the first black faculty mem- ber. He joined the faculty in the early seventies and presently serves as Assistant Vice Chancellor for Ac- ademic Affairs and Associate Dean of the School of Education. The oldest building on the cam- pus and still the center of the ad- ministration is the Lyceum. Begun in 1846 and completed in 1848, the Lyceum consists of the admissions department, the registration facil- ities, the financial center (bursar), and houses the offices of the Chan- cellor, the Vice Chancellors, and the School of Liberal Arts. The Oxford campus has been growing since 1848, and today it is home to more than 10,000 students, pursuing more than 100 different academic programs in a setting that is both remarkable for its beauty and renowned for its facilities. The Ole Miss campus includes 42 classroom buildings, 19 residence halls, 25 Greek houses, a university theatre for campus theatrical and musical productions, a new new in- door recreation center, and abun- dant athletic facilities, both varsity and intramural. Ole Miss is more than a collection of buildings, books, and computers. It ' s a living thing, made up of its history, the background of its fac- ulty, and the future of its students. It is a community of men and women devoted to the preservation, in- crease, and application of knowl- edge. It is a culture, dedicated to preparing individuals to experience any culture or to make a new one. • — by Katrina F. Howard Editor ' s note: Some information was taken from books published by the registration and the admissions departments. AT LAST! Hebert Mitchell prepares to fin- ish registenng after waiting in one of the long lines that accompanies registration, pholo by Melvin Seid o Ole Miss Uhe sions facil- rar), been fit is lenls, ferent glhai leauty te« idence m ) iland ewin- I of lis ' ilsTac ' - lentsJi women on, in- knowl- aied to lenence m m ■mid DID YOU KNOW. . . .when Oxford was founded in 1837, the citizens chose the name " Oxford " after Oxford, England in hopes that a great university would be founded here? When the state legislature chose th j i r iiie university " Oxford " beat " Mississippi C r ( e ote . . .the first fraternity Rainbow Fraternity . the first football game was nela in Amumn ' ormed on the Ole Miss cam J atin professor Bon 1848 was the 6rd against nt was the Southwestern Ba first coach? .. .in 1897 students were prohibited from attending any dancing parties in Oxford and elswhere from the beginning of exams until the end of com- mencement exercises! the fir St female 01 anie " The its occupants paid.$9 0 ajnontfj for room and boar(d?„M nd, in 1904, that some of the trees in the grove have been there since the opening of the university in 184S the first volurrie of nhuai. n 1897? The theyytE MISS, aj name was suggested to the eitors in 1896 by Elma Meek, and by 1910 " Ole Miss " had come to be applied to the athletwteanis_andmnce, it has become synonymous i lththe imiversity itself. — ♦ Facts were g ■ ' ' Ole Miss o The perfect theme and the perfect way to describe the end of the old and the beginning of the new decade seemed al- most impossible to find. Students, however, were more than willing to share their ideas for theme and cover design. Some of the suggestions were " Enter into the World of 1990, " " Breaking All Barriers, " and, perhaps the most interesting, " Rebelbusters " a take-off on the popular movie " Ghostbusters " with a rebel flag instead of a ghost. During the past ten years, Ole Miss has experienced a tremen- dous influx of changes. Old buildings were renovated for better office space; new parking elTlitiiilt yud y l ti ui e s dl atniem: faqillties Combined efforts of the students and faculty have enabled Ole Miss to progress in a positive direction and thus deflected much of the negativeness that tended to be as- sociated with the university. As students, we share a common goal: to get through those classes needed to graduate so that one day we can assume our roles as leaders in the world. Methods of achieving this goal may range from taking 1 8 hours each semester, studying and making all A ' s to taking 12 hours, partying and barely passing. By providing such things as student government, hands on training, student-teacher conferences and some social functions to relieve stress that comes with studies, the university has paved the way for fere; ed ; ' -a- ne t 6hknoeHer office; a major motion picture, " Heart of Dixie, " was filmed; a new flag was adopted by the sen- ior class; enrollment reached an all-time high and the list goes on. Although the decade has Just begun, one can see the evidence of newness at the university. Whether it is a new office build- ing or a new face, a new stand- ard or a new parking space, Ole Miss has grown to develop an identity all its own. fiea Ye rfrold : debtsn " oV-elicdllei and athletics, a place whose fac- ulty and students take steps to en- sure equality, and a place that is in the heart of all students, faculty, and staff of Ole Miss. New Directions seemed like the perfect theme for a school with so many changes. For what better way can one describe a school that is definitely progressing positively? New Directions — A vision Jot tomorrow. — . by Katrina F. Howard STARS AND M A fan demostrates support for the new flag adopted by the senior class, photo by em O Theme GO REBS GO! Kappa Del- tas root for the Rebels at the pep rally before Home- coming, photo by Ken tvey. ROLL EM UP. Stacy Greer prepares her shirt during tie dying festivities in the Grove, photo by Buuohnson — K Theme L ' College days are like no other in life, the last gasp for any form of the carelessness of youth — one foot in adulthood and one in high school. College times are learning to pay bills, getting credit cards without credintials and learning close up what an ugly dragon beauracracy is and exactly how much red tape it could spit in your face. It is a time when total strangers become best friends who will for- ever share memories of wacky, wild, sweet and subtle adventures. It is a time when dreams began to develop into reality and steps are taken to insure sucess. To an incoming freshmen, the college days may seem as those of freedom — no more parents with their silly rules — and entering them may seem exciting. | But to an outgoing senior, those days will be remembered and cher- ished for a life-time — the lessons learned and the experiences gained j — and exiting them may seem a bit frightening. ' These days are ones that should not only involve the elements of an academic college life, but also should include a liberal dose of ex- tracurricular activities that will en- hance the life of a student and help to shape his her future. • 90 90 5CJ S SCj oM O ' -M (y ' M oM c m MOVING IN With the increase in en- rollment students, students moving in halls found that moving in took a little more time than they expected. ! I o College Life «n, th Its « Merin r, thos idchei email Its of a utals 5eofe! wilier indhel LIBRARY LIVING Throughout the year many students utilize the li- brary to study, do research papers, and gain extra knowledge for class- es, photo by Melutn Seld UP, UP AND AWAY! Antonio Wil- liams shows good form during the backward water balloon toss of the annual Pharmacy Olympics, photo by OlUe Brock College Life o TOP 25 THINGS TO DO AT OLE MISS 1 Rush. 2. Goto Wal-Mart 3. Park anywhere. 4. Beat L. S. U. at anything. 5. Beat M. S. U. at everything 6. Swaps, no. MIXERS 7. Ride the " Drunk Bus. " 8. Avoid eating at the Colonel ' s Place. 9. Get RED at Sardls. 10. Drop Add I 1 . Donate to the Scholarship Fund — Get a parking ticket. 12. Campaign Vote. 13. Spend Sundays nights at Hotty-Toddy ' s. no, Frazlers. 14. Bar Hop. 15. Beer-Bowl at Klamles. 16. Do that " Joe Carter " thin; . 7 ChJesjecakVat Ll?e Hokl. I I 21. Road trip. 22. Skip Class. 23. Go to " home " games In Jackson. 24. Block parties. 25. Study (?) — by D. C. Lucchesi FOOTBALL! Night games are one of the benifits of having home games in Jackson, photo by Meiutn seid o College Life » ■ 1 ■ H 1 1 1 in i n B I ' — HlfllK V 1 ■H V. J GOOD TIMES Bid Day is one of the most memorable times of a rushees life. SNAGGIN ' Well, what would you call it? College life O y Campus Life Edited by Deanne Mosley Elizabeth Brooks Oj ■III lltotr » lliutli ttem aUtt dllKR BE p ii( 10 O Campus Life Division USA Today: Oxford s tops Oxford one of six top college towns in America with the release of " Heart of Dixie. " Ole Miss and Oxford have had their share of publicity recently, but the public eye viewed the area once more In the September 1 , 1 989 Issue of USA Today. Oxford appeared In a feature naming, six top college towns In America. Writer EJonnle Jacob said the university Is mentioned In the article because of Its research concerning black cultural aspects of the South, an aspect out of line with the historical Image the country has of Ole Miss. Her article features the blues archive ancf some of the cultural aspects of Mississippi preserved by the university. Ron Schoolmeester. editor of travel, said USA Today staff Inquired nationwide about favorite college towns and Oxford was mentioned In the survey. Each entry was discussed, resulting In the staff ' s choice of Oxford as one of six top college towns In a list that excludes metropolitan areas such as Boston. Others featured are Princeton, N.J.. and Princeton Unl- .rerslly: Wllllamstown. Maine, and Williams College: Bloo- mlnglon. Ind.. and Indiana University; Kempc. Ariz., and Arizona State University: Charlottlesvllle. Va.. and the Uni- versity of Virginia. Jacob said of her Interviews with the coordinator of uni- versity news, " Jan Robertson has been Incredibly helpful. She gave me a vivid picture of the school and her love for Oxford. " Pamela Begley. Oxford Tourism Council director, said she sent magazine articles featuring Oxford to Jacob along with specific Information about the city. Its homes and Faulkner. The article combines that Information with Interviews of Robertson. Begley and Ann Abadle. associate director of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture. This confirms what we already know about Oxford — that It ' s a great place to live. " said Max Hipp, director of the Oxford Lafayette County Chamber of Commerce. Begley said Oxford Is also featured In the September Issue of Travel and Leisure Magazine. • - by Marcus Manning SHEER BEAUTY The Lyceum ind the Circle are two of the most icenlc places on the Ole Miss Campus, pftoto by Ken Ivey Take a closer look at Cam- pus Living on the Ole Miss campus. Campus Life Division o 11 — I ' VE GOT IT! Marty McCloud and Mark Pierce battle it out wltli Matt Car- ter In the Volleyball tournament. Dixie Week Dixie Wee ring, they think | When Ole Miss students think of spring, of fun in the sun, parties at Sardis and Dixie Week. Centered around activities held in the Grove, Dixie Week is a campus-wide spring ritual that gives stu- dents a chance to sit back, have some fun, and enjoy the beauty of the Oxford campus. Throughout the week, various artists entertain at noon on the Union steps, and the Nev ille Brothers who brought the Grove to life with their own style of the blues gave the final concert. Along with the music, Dixie Week offered various noon socials such as the ice cream social and the shrimp social. For those students who become rest- less with spring fever, Dixie Week also provides ac- tivities and contests such as the Frisbee Bowl Contest and the Golf tournament. And one of the most popular activities is tie-dying T-shirts. Dixie Week wouldn ' t be complete without Red and Blue Weekend. It is during the weekend that the Rebel defense and offense meet to sharpen their skills. During the game ' s halftime 90 alumni, including National Football League standouts Archie Manning, Ben Williams, and Rebel Coach Billy Brewer suited up to play their own version of the Red and Blue game. Dixie Week O 13 m f9 f : ' ' - SLi ' %■ — IDEAL JOB Lorl Miller enjoys the sun while guarding lives at the Ole Miss outdoor pool. — — EXPRESS LANES Students breeze through Registration at Turner Complex. photo by Bill Johnson. [ WE ' VE GOT SPIRIT High school cheer- leaders liven up campus with their cheers. Summer students reap many benefits _ CULTURAL EXPERIENCE. Clyde Edgerton gives a reading for the Faulkner Conference held each summer. POWER. Casey Prewitt a junior from Clarks- dale works on strengthening her back hand at tennis camp. The " 89 summer sessions not only saw an increase in tuition, but also an increase in the number of students enrolled. Students who stayed at Ole Miss during the sum- mer were exposed to a special part of Qle Miss that few students have the opportunity to enjoy. For those students who have never attended summer school, Ole Miss without a parking problem is impossible to even imagine. Sum- mer students, however, are forced to find a new universal argument to continuously complain about since parking is not a problem. Also, the student dream of no long lines at registration and fee payment becomes a reality in the summer. Walking straight through registration spoils summer stu- dents and makes them even less tolerable of the lines on the side- walk outside of Turner Complex that welcome them back in the fall. Although summer life is usually slow, campus comes alive with the invasions of hundreds of junior high and high school students who attend camps for cheerleading, ten- nis, baseball, basketball, and foot- ball. PrecoUege weekends also add to the excitement with future fresh- men running around campus with their poster-sized maps searching for the Lyceum. Except for these invasions, the entire campus " atmosphere is much more relaxed than usual, and even professors seem to be a little laid back. More time is available to do those " things-you- want-to-do-but- never-have-time-for " — spending the day relaxing at Sardis, taking a road trip to Graceland to try and spot Elvis, taking the nature trail to Rowan Oak, or just bonding with friends at the Hoka. Another benefit of summer school is the opportunity to make friends with people who go to other colleges and universities, but who wised up and decided to become Rebels for at least the summer. Meeting and living with students from Millsaps, Auburn, and the University of Montana can provide for many late-night conversations comparing college life. Summer school is best described as the slow, southern life. Ole Miss in the summer is almost a com- pletely different university. And, summer school students agree you haven ' t been to Ole Miss until you ' ve been to summer school. Summer Sessions Summer Showcase Ole Miss theatre celebrates the Festival of Southern Theatre since Its Inception four years ago, the Festival has grown to be an event of Importance In the South- east and one of Interest Internation- ally. Highly recognized critics from as far away as New York and Los An- geles visited the Festival this sum- mer to participate In the production and discussion of three exciting brand-new plays by very promising Southern playwrights. The Festival Included a public symposium with the three play- wrights and local critics. Smaller social gatherings were arranged for playwrights, critics, the acting com- pany, and the subscribers. The three plays chosen for the 1989 Festival were ' Dancln ' to Cal- liope, " " The Three Golden Mon- keys, " and " Fall Into Winter. " Described by the author as a " dark farce, " " Dancln ' to Calliope by Jack GUhooley played July 13, 18, and 21. Two performers In a carnival sideshow plotted to assas- sinate a rural sheriff and then kill themselves. The comic action was madcap and the humor was off-beat and zany, but the story was strangely touching. The second production was " Three Golden Monkeys " by Steven Turner. It Involved the lives of an elderly Southern couple and their adult son as they struggled to sur- vive In lower-mlddle-class Manhat- tan. A domestic melodrama, it was filled with family warmth, family problems, and, ultimately, family tragedy. " Fall Into Winter " wrapped up the Festival with its extremely In- tense three-character drama which revolved around the unusually close relationship between two brothers and the wife of the elder brother. It examined the devastating after- effects of suicide and the complex- ities of family love. [ FREEZE! Valarle Galloway is backed up by Mark Waterman in " Dancln ' to Calliope. " _ I ' VE GOT YOU NOW. Victor Lazarow and Mark Waterman clash In " Dancin ' to Calliope. " 1 DO I HAVE TO? Kelly Bralnard asks Mark Waterman to do a gruesome task In " Dancln ' to Calliope. " Summer Showcase i r summer Showcase o 17 National Figures Debate at Ole Miss The sparks flew when the University of Mississippi hosted a debate on September 13, 1989, for William F. Buckley ' s television program " Firing Line. " This debates format pitted four leading conservatives — Buckley, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Newt Gingrich, and Jack Kemp — against four top liberals — Gary hart, John Kenneth Galbraith, Patricia Schroeder and George McGovern. The chosen topic " Resolved: Free market competitiveness is best for America " prompted some fiery argument. The debate was broadcast live from CM. " Tad " Smith Coliseum on the public bradcasting network. More than 5,000 attended. Rob Waters said in analysis in the Daily Mississippian that the dbate had something for everyone — laughter, drama, sparkling repartee and sometimes an inspirational message. Debators discussed numerous topics such as free trad« as it related to worldwide economic competition, the state of the nation under Carter versus its condition after Rea- gan, and projects such as housing and FDA. The night ' s debate consisted of a high level of intensity, with each team ' s arguments punctuated with jabs at their opponents. All the panelists agreed on the need to draw the lin where government intervention should begin — and end. After Buckley ' s closing remarks, the more than 5,00G member audience responded with a standing ovation. Following the event the public was able to attend aii open reception at the coliseum and were able to meet the debators and collect autographs. In a press conference, Buckley said he might bring " Firing Line " to Ole Miss again — if invited. • - by Amy Vincent TECHNOLOGY. The audience was able to view the debate closely with the large screen monitor, photo by Oltie Brock MONKEY BUSINESS. Former Colorado Sen. Gary Hart sets precedence for his opening debate. 18 o Firing Line 1 . 1 HHim B pr- l free trad Uhestat after Rei H fintensit) bsattliei j V w the liD andeiid b 5,00i ation. attend a; 3 meet til l l ght brit h £i H . FREE, Jack Kemp stresses the free market as a key in the democractic process. liii u r.ih nl A •.. •. ' . ' ' 1 BUT. . . John Kenneth Galbraith is challenged on a point by host William F. Buckley Jr. pholo by Ollie Brock HMM. . . Moderator Michael Kinsey observes as Pat Schroeder (right) fires a line at Jeane Kirkpatrick (left). Firing Line o 19 Concerts 6? Whether in the Grove on a warm autumn night or packed in Tad Smith Coliseum, Ole Miss students gath- ered to enjoy the various concerts provided by the Stu- dent Programming Board. Although none of the concert ' s this year had the tick- ey-frenzy of last year ' s REM concert, the students were pleased with both the quality and quantity of bands brought in by the SPB during the fall semester. One of the most exciting concerts on campus was the appearence of the Indigo Girls. The Grove was jam packed with students dancing to the old and new tunes of the Indigo Girls. Another smashing concert was that of Hoodoo Gurus. The rain forced a location change from the Grove to the Coliseum, but it did not to dampen the spirits of the many students who attended. Other Bands who enlighted students during the se- mester were Change of Eden, Hill Tops, and the ever- popular Male Men. - (d Vk r 4. The Neville Brothers The Indigo Girls 4 •,;■ - ♦ • V iUjiUj. ' V, 20 Concerts " L- .LJl.. speakers Throughout the year, the Ole Miss campus was buzz- ing with many speakers and not all were politicians. " Crazy " Joe Clark, the former principal of the trouble- plagued Eastside High School in Patterson, New Jersey visited on Oct. 2. Clark spoke of his trial and triumphs at the high school beginning with his expulsion of 300 problem causing during his first week on the job. It was because of actions like this that Clark gained national attention and inspired the creation of the bio- graphical movie " Lean on Me. " On November 1 , Howell Raines, the Washington editor of " The New York Times, " told how journalism in Wash- ington differed from what is portrayed on television. He compared television ' s depiction of journalists covering Washington with real day-to-day occurences. Helen Thomas, the White House Bureau Chief for Unit- ed Press International enlightened students on Novem- ber 8. Thomas, a self-confessed women ' s libber, is the first woman to become an officer of National Press Club, president of the White House Correspondents Associ- ation, a member of the Gridiron Club and a member of Sigma Delta Chi. — SWINGING JOE. Joe Clark stresses a point with his bat. photo by Ken Ivey. MEETING THE CONSTITUENCY. U.S. Senator Thad Cochran made a stop by campus to drum up support for future elections, photo by Meluin Seld. 1 HOWELL RAINES of the ' The New York Times " was a special treat for Journalism students. Speakers 9-911... FIRE TT Billy Joel ' s We Didn ' t Start the Fire " took on a completely different meaning for the 750 residents of Crosby Pop star Billy Joel ' s reference to Ole Miss in his single We Didn ' t Start the Fire was caused by the racial fires In the ' eOs, but it reminded res- idents of Crosby Hall of the fire that caused them to become " homeless " for five days. Weeks before Billy Joel ' s song hit number one. many Crosby residents were awakened by fire alarms and the sirens of the Oxford Fire De- partment. The 376-room dorm was quickly evacuated, and the fire, which began in room 506. caused extensive damage. Athough no one was injured in the f ire, two residents who slept through the alarm had to be rescued from their fifth floor rooms by firemen. The fire Itself was contained to one room: how- ever, many floors received extensive smoke and water damage, forcing the residents of Crosby to move elsewhere. Some of Crosby ' s " homeless " found temporary homes through the University Department of Housing which arranged for students to stay in other University residence halls. Most students chose to stay with friends off- campus or in sorority houses, while some stu- dents opted to stay at local hotels. The fire was determined to have been the re- sult of a short in an electrical appliance which had been stored under a bed. Marcie Brooks, a resident of Crosby, later bought 96 T-shirts with the title of Billy Joel ' s song We didn ' t start the fire and sold them to other residents of Crosby Hall. Brooks said the back of the shirts show a piece of a residents stationery that Is bruned around the edges along with the Billy Joel song title. Even though the sale of the shirts was not authorized by the housing department. Brooks said the T-shirt sales were only done as a joke to all the hassle Crosby residents had to endure after the fire. • ' f NO REMAINS The fire completely destroyed room 506 and caused damage to other rooms on the floor, photo by Ken Ivey ANOTHER ENTRANCE Because of the se- verity of the fire, firefighters had to open a wall to enter the room to extinguish the fire. 22 o Fire I HALL FIRE A UM student sneaks a peek at the extensive damage done to the hallway of the fifth floor, photo by Ken Ivey. 23 — SWEETNESS ASB President John Ales and Homecoming Queen Margaret Pryor share a moment after the presentation of the homecommg court, photo by Ken Ivey BAR-B-Q. Students participate in the Senior Class Barbeque which benefited the Senior Class Project, photo by Melvin Seid - SPIRIT. Ole Miss Rebeleltes thrill the crowd with their halftime performance, photo by Ken Ivey 24 o Homecoming ; ' HOMECOMING Activities Add to Homecoming Excitement Homecominng 1989 was a week packed with activities that ended with a classic Southeastern Conference match-up between the Rebels and the Vanderbilt Commodores. The Student Programming Board kicked offthe week with the Senior Class Barbeque and en- tertainment by Trowbridge and Harrington and The Digs. Twenty teams participated in Tee-Off Tuesday, a golf tournament at the University Golf Course, and Wacky Olympics on Wednesday saw students competing in games such as the banana eating event. Wednesday night the Grove played host for the Rockafellas and a new form of entertainment, Karayoke, in which the participants actually sing to songs with background music. Shrimp and the music of Chris Gill was enjoyed by over 700 people at noon Thursday. Later than night. Rebel fans gathered for the annual home- coming parade from Four Comers to the Square. For those interested m the arts, the University theatre and orchestra teamed together to produce the homecoming musical, " Sweet Chanty. " And the art department sponsored the annual alumni art exhibit. By Saturday the campus had come alive with various reunions includmg the Delta Gamma pledge class of 1969 and alumni band members and cheerleaders. .After the football players traditional walk through the Grove, fans headed to the stadium for pre-game activities which included the induction of new members into the Alumni Hall of Fame. At halftime the homecoming maids were pre- sented by the M Club and ASB President John Ates escorted Homecoming Queen Margaret Pry- or who was crowned by Chancellor Turner. The Rebels came back out after halftime to defeat the Commodores 24-16 to make a perfect finish to the week-long festivities. rrS GOOD. Colonel Reb assists Johnny Reb in sending another J MIX AND MATCH. Stacy and Matt Boggan enjoy a Home- one through the goal posts dunng pregame activilies. ' iow by Ken coming lie dye. photo by Melvtn Setd Ivey Homecoming o 25 I MORE BALLOTS? Scoll Prewilt.Elections Commissioner, oversees students voting in the Union Down, photo by Melvin Seid 26 D Elections Elections Elections won by creativity For a newcomer to Ole Miss, elections are something which must be experienced to be mderstood. Rarely does one win because of simple political strategies, for to achieve suc- cess one must be creative. A person running for office must first ' hoose the perfect manager to overseee his :ampaign. The manager must be one who can nsure that everyone on campus — especially jreeks — is aware of the candidate, the office le or she seeks, and the goals the canidate olans to pursue. Notices must be designed perfectly and cir- culated in every legal place on campus, and iiametages should be given to every visible «oul. After taking care of routine campaign pro- tedures and making sure all election rules imd regulations are being strictly followed. ' he campaigner treads to all the Greek houses ind dormitories to solicit support. And for hose elections which allow song groups, the nanager must ensure that the singers are alented and attractive, and that the the song 3 catchy and interesting. Besides the standard ads in The Daily Mis- sissippian candidates must convince their friends to give free advertisements — shoe polishing car windows with the name(s) of candidates. Even though the legality is questioned, some candidates have telephone committees who call people and remind them to vote, urging them to remember to vote for Joe Bloe or Susie Bow. Meanwhile, the candidate must be seen at all the " right " places with all the " right " people wearing a wonderful " I-hope-you-vote- for-me ' smile. When the big day finally arrives, the can- didate must have supporters recruited to hold signs at each voting location during the times the polls are open. Also, supporters are need- ed to ride around in shoe polished cars mak- ing noise, blowing horns, and giving free rides to class (stopping at the nearest poll first, of course) to encourage voters. To some not acquainted with the Ole Miss style of campaigns, elections may seem rather odd. However, to those familiar to the system, it is all routine and necessary to win. Elections Fill Both Semesters Both the fall and spring semes- ters at Ole Miss are filled with elections. The first election of each year is the election of 52 campus sen- ators who are elected to represent the student population. One of the most exciting elec- tions is that of the homecoming queen. Homecoming maids, how- ever, are selected by the M Club. The final fall election gives stu- dents the opportunity to honor the most popular man and wom- an with the titles of Colonel Rebel and Miss Ole Miss. Ten campus favorites, which are featured in the yearbook, are also elected at this time. Shortly after the beginning of second semester, campaigns again begin to take shape for the student government offices — president, vice president, treas- urer, secretary, judicial chair, Student Programming Board di- rector, editor of the newspaper, and editor of the yearbook. NEED A CAR WASHED? Shoe polished cars and trucks serve for weeks as reminders of past elections, photo by Melum Seld Elections o 27 Qdod IjOms eijjoy ioi lqoiiw: litud be ie hm Rebel fans from all over the South travel to Oxford every fall to take part in a zestful ritual - the tallgating before home games. To some, this experience is cherished far more than the actual football game itself. The day begins for Rebel fans with an early arrival in the Grove to set up picnic tables for the food and drinks. Tallgating in the Grove has become a fa- vorite pastime at Ole Miss. Whether the table is arrayed in silver dinnerware or simply with paper plates, the only thing everyone has in mind is having a good time. While everyone anxiously awaits the foot- ball team ' s traditional march through the Grove, families have an opportunity to talk with old friends or to make new ones. Even the youngest of Rebel fans enjoy the moment, and some hope one day to make that march themselves. The atmosphere in the Grove is one of ex- citement. With the children playing happily, and the alumni getting caught up in the days of yesterday, the picture seems very close to perfection. No one wants the day to come to an end. but when it does, they leave knowing that some- time soon they will have another chance to take part In this Ole IVIiss tradition. • by Shannon Massle — PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Younges ters perform cheers and stunts in the Grove with aspirations of one day becoming an Ole Miss cheerleader, photo by Ken luey. 1 STILL NUMBER ONE. Johnny Reb poses during the Homecoming celebration with an alumni cheerleader, photo by Ken luey. NO VACANCIES Alumni and fans take advantage of every spot available In the Grove, photo by Ken Ivey. •f. ■ 28 o Tallgating I SWEET MELODIES Local musicians provide entertainment for tailgating Rebel fans, photo by Ken Ivey. — SET FOR ROYALTY Tailgating for some is just as much an art as it is a meal, photo by Ken Ivey. Tailgating o 29 Night Life Oxford caters to Ole Miss students The night life in Oxford seems to Ibe exclusively for Ole Miss students, for businesses cater to them. Bars are a big favorite with most of the university students. There they have the opportunity to mix and mingle with friends and meet- ing new people. Often dates for the big campus functions are found here Some of Oxford ' s finest drinking establishments are Forresters, The Gin, Oxford Alley, Off the Wall, and Syd Harry ' s. At these bars, good mu- sic, great food and fun times go hand in hand. Whether one is are out to have a few drinks or to just dance the night away, the atmosphere is electric and the ac- tion is hot. An alternative to the bar scene is a night at the movies or, better yet. a trip to the Hoka Theatre for a piece of their famous cheesecake or hot fudge pie. The laid back atmosphere the Hoka almosts guarantees a good time. Of course, night life at Ole Miss would not be complete without men-j tioning those wild fraternity parties or parties at Oxford Square Apartments. For those who just want to relax andi have a calm night of fun, nights an ' often spent bowling, watching moviesi in the dorm, or just lounging around i rooms of friends. • - by Shannon Massie READY. AIM. FIRE. Students take advan- THE GIN is a favorite for Ole Miss student tage of the game room in the Union for some legal and illegal, phoio by Ken ivey. one-on-one competition. 30 IZy Night Life — 21 ID REQUIRED. Forrester ' s Restaurant and Oyster Bar Is known to those unfortunate, underaged individuals as one of the bars which card regularly. 1 NO SHOES, NO SHIRT. WHO CARES? The Hoka Theatres laid- back atmosphere makes it the perfect place to relax with friends.pholos by Ken luey. Night Life o 31 — BEST DRESSED Delta Gamma ' s Beth Howell was selected as this year ' s Best Dressed, photo by Ken uey. 1 BACKSTAGE ATTRACTIONS. Contestants in the Miss Uni- versity pageant take time to pose for a picture. 32 o Pageants Pageants students compete for titles in various campus pageants From the Miss University pageant ) the Houseboys pageant, Ole Miss as a pageant to offer everyone. The Miss University Pageant is a reliminary to the Miss America ageant. The winner of the 1989 ageant was Sherry Lynn Bowles. A sophomore from Lambert, Sher- is a member of Kappa Kappa amma sorority. First runnerup was Candy Car- ole, a member of Alpha Omicron Pi )rority and a sophomore education ajor from Brandon. In the Parade of Beauties pageant, iISS MISSISSIPPI 1989 Cherry Busby en- I rtained the 1989 Parade of Beauties audi- ice with " Stormy Weather. photo by Ken ivey. senior Kelly Shoemake was crowned Most Beautiful before a sold out crowd at Fulton Chapel. From the field of 82 contestants, the following were chosen as Top Ten: Kristi Addis sponsored by Kap- pa Delta; Sherry Bowles, Kappa Al- pha; Candy Carlisle, Alpha Omicron Pi; Louise Hooker, Phi Delta Theta; Rhonda Jones, Sigma Nu; Robin King, Modeling Board; Angela Mc- Glowan, Phi Beta Sigma; Jeanie Rave, Society of Professional Jour- nalists; Juanita Turnipseed, Univer- sity Bands and Susie Warren, Kappa Delta. The Best Dressed title was cap- tured by Beth Howell. Beth is a junior pharmacy major from Clin- ton. The University ' s Most Beau- tiful in 1987, she was sponsored by her sorority Delta Gamma. In one the most comical pag- eants. Alpha Omicron Pi ' s house- boy Jeff " Dixie Rogers " Palmer stole the show in the 1989 Houseboys Pageant, the Panhel- lenic annual fundraiser for the United Way. HERE SHE IS. Kelly Shoemake ' s dream came true when she was crowned 1989 Most Beautiful. Pcigeants On the Move University Marching Band is in constant motion throughout the year The three words that best char- acterize the Ole Miss Rebel band Is " on the move. " Whether it is the spring European tour or dodg- ing cups thrown by spirited Rebel football fans, the band is in con- stant motion. The year for band members starts in middle August with sum- mer band camp when practices start at 9 am and end at 8 pm. With temperatures in the upper 90s, members perfect marching skills, music for games, and the season ' s opening show. After classes start, the band gets a " break " with two hour practices, four days a week. How- ever, many sections, such as the flags and percussion, often have extra rehearsals to obtain that level of excellence expected of the " Pride of the South. ' When the game day finally arrives, the band begins the off with early Saturday morning marching prac- tice. And, for some players, march- ing the next morning isn ' t exactly a favorite after the traditional Friday Night Frat Row parties. Next comes the pep rally in the Grove when the team walks through; then it ' s back to the band hall for the march to the stadium for the pre-game and halftime shows. The band also travels with the team to " home " Jackson games, and in the past three years, they have also been to New Orleans, Ba- ton Rouge, Knoxville, and Memphis. The year continues even after t football season is over with th band, twirlers, and Rebelettes per forming at all home men ' s and worn en ' s basketball games. Despite the hard work and worh band members say the feeling the get from seeing the crowd standln swaying to " From Dixie With Love or clapping to " Dixie " is worth it ali 1 - BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE. Ban members welcome the basketball team to ttt court with the fight song, photo by Mewm Seid, 1 WHERE DID THE BATON GO? Featurl twirler Shannah Northcutt practices her rot tine. Photo by Ken Ivey. 34 o Band — PLAY DIXIEI Drum Major Layne McGuire conducts the band in a pregame y pep rally, photo by Mtlls Brockman Mississippi Each band member must execute his part properly for the drill de- signs to be effective. Band o 35 - THE BORODIN TRIO entertains their audiences with compositions such as the Beethoven " Triple Concerto " and Brahms " Double Concerto. " JERRY ROCKMAN as Edgar Allan Poe reveals the author ' s agonizing con- flicts In his characterization. - 1 THE BOSTON CAMERATA Is Inter- nationally known from bringing to life mu- sic of the Middle Ages, renaissance, and the early Baroque. 36 o Artist Series Artist Series The University of Mississippi offers top-quality per- formances to the university community through the 1989-90 Artist Series. Four performances, ranging from a one-man drama to a full-fledged orchestra, took the spotlight on the Fulton Chapel stage in the ever-popular series. The first performance featured New york actor Jer- ry Rockwood in " Edgar Allan Poe: A Condition of Shadow. " The play developed from Poe ' s mystery tales, poetry and personal letters to reveal the con- flicts of the writer ' s personality and tragic life. The famed Louisville Orchestra, under the direction of Laurence Leighton Smith, appeared Nov. 6. The orchestra celebrated Its 50th anniversary in 1986 and is recognized for Its tradition of commissioning, re- cording and performing modern music. On Nov. 29 the Artist Series offered the Boston Camerata. Under the direction of music director Joel Cohen, the ensemble of singers and instrumentalists presented a program featuring music from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and early Baroque period. The season closed with the Borodin Trio on March 28. Since Its founding in 1976 the piano trio, com- prised of Soviet emigres, has garnered quite a fol- lowing. Considered by many to be a sizable force in Western chamber music, they are hailed for bringing a Russian Intensity to their performances. THE LOUISVILLE ORCEHSTRA The Louisville Orchestra Lawrence Leighton Smith, Music Director Artist Series The holiday season brings special memories DECK THE WINDOWS The snow before Christmas break enhanced the decorations of the Union, photo by Ken luey. CHRISTMAS — what a season! Students suddenly find that their spare time is consumed and their things- to-do list just keeps getting longer and longer. Besides the pressure of fi- nals approaching, the perfect gifts must be found for that " special someone " , your big or little brother or sister, your best friend, and the list goes on and on. Campus gets caught up in the holiday spirit with Christ- mas concerts, the lighting of the official Christmas tree by the Chancellor, and of course the Christmas parties. By the time students take their finals and go home, they are weary and tired from all of the holiday activities. How- ever, when they get home, they find that Christmas with the family is just about to be- gin. Student Christmas Tradi- tions Making gift lists. Trying to find time to study for finals. Going caroling. Looking for the perfect gifts. Catching up on all those notes missed from skipping classes. Partying. Shopping for any gift to just get by. Decorating and getting a Christmas tree. Going by the craft fair in the Union. Taking the group photo with Santa at the mall. Buying presents. Reaching credit limits. Going to more parties. Attending study sessions Packing to go home for the holidays. Going to Memphis to get away from it all. Buying presents for the fam- ily. HE ' S WATCHING YOU Christmas wouldn ' t be Christmas without Santa. Local business es get into the holiday spirit by making dis plays, photo by Ken Ivey. 38 o Christmas IS IT STRAIGHT? A physical plant employee prepares for the festivities of Christmas, photo by HIII Johnson. Christmas o 39 Changing Directions Ole Miss moves into 1990 many chang es With each year a certain amount of changes must take place. However. It seems that Ole MISS has had more of its usual amount of change this year. The year started off with the University recording its highest enrollment in history with more than 10,000 students. The high enrollment also carried over into the spring semester with 9.777, the largest spring en- rollment ever. The campus also received a facelift in many areas. iVIany buildings were renovat- ed, while many departments moved into new locations. The old baseball field was converted into a parking lot. Although this did help to take some of the strain off of the parking sit- uation, unforseen traffic congestion prob- lems have arisen. One of the most visible changes was the ,1989 senior class gift, the addition of the gates to the mall entrance of campus. The 1990 senior class also made a change which was well-received by the university community. The Battle M flag was used as a fundraiser to fund lighting for the Grove. A new group on campus. Students for En- vironmental Awareness wasted no time in starting changes. They were able to get the elimination of the use of strofoam from the University Food Services Department. The Greek system also saw many changes. Swaps were abolished, but ■Mixers " were started. While the Beta ' s left campus, the Zetas returned after an ab- sence of three years. _ UNDER CONSTRUCTION Workers from Jack- son Construction work on new gates at the en- trance of the University .photo by Julie Carnes. I MAKING ROOM The old baseball field was con- verted Into a much needed parking lot. photo by GeoXfrey labors. 1 f snB! Wpl cii " .- » . mm 40 o Changes Changes 41 The 80s: When the 80s started, many of us wer- en ' t even teenagers yet. At the time, it was hard to really see any changes. Looking back, however, many changes are evident. Technology seemed to blast off during the 80s. How did we ever survive without " nuking " food in the microwave, screen- ing calls on the answering machine, or watching movies on the VCR? Even Fax machines, Sony walkmans, and car phones have made life much more comfortable, and life without them is unthinkable. Besides the development of big screen MISSISSIPPI WILL NEVER BE LAST AGAIN. In the 1987 state elections, voters elected a slate of young officials such as Gov- ernor Ray Mabus who promised reform. televisions. Cable News Network of- fers continous news updates and the ever-popular MTV plays hit videos non-stop. Regarding television series, night soaps had their all-time high with shows such as " Dynasty " and " Knots Landing. " Who could ever forget " Dallas " and who really did shoot J.R. Ewing? Fashion in the early 80s began with the " preppy " look with Izods and polo shirts. The had-to-have accessories were Swatch watches and leather hi- top Reeboks. Towards the end of the decade, leather jackets and mini- skirts were the hot fads. We entertained ourselves with those challenging Rubik ' s cubes. Trivial Pursuit, or the new action- packed Nintendo video games. Ole Miss and the state of Mississippi were excited when Miss University S san Akin was crowned Miss America on September 14, 1985. Susan was Olei Miss ' third Miss America. Political topics included Aids, the U.S, bombing of Libya, abortion, the first fe- male nominee for the vice-presidency of the U.S., flag burning, airline terrorists, and the Iran-Contra affair. We were laughed when T.V. evange- lists Jim and Tammy Bakker were oust- ed for fraud and cried as the space shut- tle Challenger exploded. We were frightened during the Tylenol capsule cyanide-laced scare, but we were amazed when Barney Clark received the first artificial heart implant. The 80si according to Ollie North, consisted of ' " the good, the bad, and the ugly. " How- ever, it ' s everything combined that made the 80s the decade of change. OltMiss ilislpplu liite Ihe s whohiii ' ' ]Kl01il)l«ll BESIW I. " Raidti iVI ' 3. " Return nheBI S, " Ferris I BESTM UackSii Z.HarriSfli IRoWI (.Sean Co D, Gene Hi BEST A ' SiJourD ' ilerjISi ICIenCk Uher Ki 42 o 80 s itrsilySi America I iwasO lUhet; he first j sidencj ' terrorist V. evans wereoui ■paceshi ItieTylfB wtwewe eceivedti TheS msistedi igly. " H(ii I that mat The Decade of Change Ole IVliss students had the chance to rate the 80s in a survey conducted by The Daily Mis- slsslppian. Although students didn ' t always have the same opinions as the " professionals " who had rated the 80s. the Ole IVIiss study was undoubtedly more interesting. BEST MOVIE: 1. " Raiders of the Lost Ark " " " " Apocalypse Now " ' (tie) 2. " E.T. " " " Beverly Hills Cop " " Ralnman " (tie) 3. " Return of the Jedi " 4. " The Big Chill " 5. " " Ferris Buelers Day Off " BEST ACTOR: 1. Jack Nicholson Dustin Hoffman (tie) 2. Harrison Ford i. Robert DeNero Sean Connery 0. Gene Hackman BEST ACTRESS: 1. Sigourney Weaver B. Meryl Streep 8. Glen Close a. Cher Kathleen Turner Michelle Pfeifer (tie) Hollv Hunter BEST T.V. SHOW: 1 . " Cheers " 2. " World Championship Wrestling " 3. " Family Ties " " " Night Court ' " (tie) 4. " " The Cosby Show " " " " 20 20 " (tie) 5. " ' IVI ' A ' S ' H " " BEST ALBUM: 1. " FVeedom Rock " — Various Artists 2. " Synchronicity " — The Po- lice " " Graceland " — Paul Simon " Bad " — Michael Jackson (tie) 3. " Thriller " — Michael Jackson " " The Josh- ua Tree " — U2 (tie) 4. " " Toto IV " " — Toto 5. ' Momentary Lapse of Reason ' " — Pink Floyd BEST ATHLETE: 1 . Bo Jackson 2. Michael Jordan 3. Florence Griffith Joyner 4. Mike Tyson Larry Bird (tie) 5. Dale Earnhardt BEST SPORTING EVENT: 1. " 88 Olympics 2. Ole Miss-LSU Football " 86 " 84 Olympics (tie) 3. ' 87 NBA Playoffs 4. " 86 World Series 5. " 82 Super Bowl CATCH PHRASE: 1. " Get Real " 2. " Hey man. Is that Freedom Rock? " " " Totally awesome " (tie) 3. " Awesome " 4. " Are we having fun yet? " 5. " Can you fax it to me? BIGGEST NEWS EVENTS: 1 . Space shuttle Challenger explosion 2. Riots in China 3. East German freedom movement 4. California Earthquake 87 Stock Market Crash 5. Libyian bombing HOTTEST FAD: 1. " Baby on Board ' " signs 2. Ripped or acid washed jeans 3. Tie-dying anything 4. Frozen yogurt VCRs (tie) 5. Elvis spotting DEMOCRACY. Members of the Chinese Student Association at Ole Miss rallied during the summer of ' 89 to support their friends and family during the Tienanmen Square Incident . photo by Bin Johnson 80 o 43 _ NEVER LET GO No one or nothing could ever part Angle Williams and Misty Hammack. 1 HELP MEl Glen Kelly turns to Mike Poe for help when he took a surprise slide on an icy sidewalk, photo by rim uy. V For many Ole Miss freshmen, coming to college can be a lonely and scary ex- perience during the first week. However, during that week whether it be in classes or Rush, they will meet many new people. They learn that the Ole Miss student body is a diverse one with jocks, intellectuals, party animals, goobs and Greeks, to name just a few. For some reason a persons joins with a certain group of friends who enjoy spending time together When these friends are awaken a three a.m., they don ' t get angry even if PARTNERS IN CRIME. These two suspicious-looking SAE ' s were last reported to be looking for a good party. ' its only to hear about another friend ' s great date. These friends become the family that replaces the one at home. They are con- sulted for advice during the time of need and sought after for fun times Your Ole Miss experience is actually your friends, for Ole Miss isn ' t the buildings — it is the people. Many friends for life are formed here because even if you go your separate ways after graduation, you ' ll always have your Ole Miss memories to bind you. SUNSHINE Lunch in the Grove Is a favorite way to spend time with friends. photo bi Melum Seid. People o 45 New Directions The following pages are full of candids that reflect some of the most unique aspects of campus life. They were printed without captions to give the viewer an opportunity to soak in the richness of this campus with- out a preconceived idea. 46 o Campus Life Campus Life 47 Campus Life photo by Ken Ivey Campus Life o 49 Edited by August Laurent Whitney SwindoU m Tr. »% ddm foil Hula Uttit ■» ' ( ittci t IMI Stef IkW Ilf! Hits ne- 50 o Features Division A fall feature J. Crew photographers capture Oxford Fall was In the air. At least It was on the afternoon of February i near the College Hill community where J. Crew models were photographed wearing the company ' s latest styles. Two male models. Matthew Barney and Mark Mathlson. and )ne famale, Marie Claude, posed In a variety of set-ups using an ven larger variety of props to show off the popular deslgner- lothlng catalog ' s fall layout. Francis Manzl. production director said. " We do about seven )r eight different set-ups per day. " The crew shot a country lunch set-up and a day on the farm. The farm was actually the Wildlife Restoration Area at Sardls ake reservoir near the ranger ' s house. " We came to the ranger ' s home to ask about locations, but when we got here we realized the area around the house was perfect. " Manzl said, giving Pam Begley of the Oxford Chamber of " ommerce credit for the location Ideas. Sheep grazing In a nearby pasture, grain stalks billowing In he fields, and geese floating on the reservoir colored the scenery, jut the crew added some touches of its own. The models, who were constantly having their hair combed jnd their clothing straightened, sat atop a Ford pick-up filled Aith hay bails, a wheelbarrow and a few crates. A bicycle was strategically placed within the camera ' s view: picnic baskets and J. Crew blankets were thrown in; and at one point a panting black and brow Rotweller dog was appointed a place to stand. The " prop " that stole the show more than any other, though, was a little Doy named Joseph. Seven-year-old Joseph Fasullo of Oxford was chosen from about 40 children to participate In the shoot. In one set-up. Joseph and Mr. Barney, ran and played In the sheep pasture, causing the animals to scatter. " This Is exciting for us; It ' s really a neat opportunity. " said Debl Fasullo. Joseph ' s mother. " " He " s never been shy and that ' s one of the things they said. The thought hed be comfortable In front of the camera. " In each of the planned set-ups. J. Crews photographer will snap hundreds of pictures, using spontaneous comDinations of models. Manzl said. Five to 10 pictures from each set-up will be selected and sent to New " Vork for predesigned pages of the catalog. Manzl said the crew was pleased with its Mississippi setting. lt " s beautiful country. Just right for what we were looking for. " she said, adding that returning to the area in the future is a definite possibility. by BlU Dabney Inside. IE CREW CREW J. Crew mod- Matthey Barney and seven- ir old Joseph Fasullo pose for ; catalog ' s fall layout, photo by ' Dabney Miss Ole Miss 52 Colonel Reb 53 Miss University 54 Most Beautiful 56 Beauties 58 Best Dressed 63 Favorites 64 Homecoming 68 Features Division o 51 : f990 Mi Oec TfU Kimsey O ' neal This year ' s Miss Ole Miss, Kim- sey O ' neal, a senior pharmacy student from Carthage, MS, is the first black woman ever to be elect- ed to this position m the history of the University. Her election as Miss Ole Miss also gives the Uni- versity Its first black pairing of Miss Ole Miss and Colonel Rebel. " When 1 first expressed Interest in the race, many people warned me that a black being elected as Miss Ole Miss was not possible, " Kimsey said. " My parents in- stilled In me a winning spirit. They alsways taught me that if you want something bad enough, anything Is possible. " Kimsey truly displayed a spirit that is to be admired as she held on as a contender In what turned out to be one of the longest run- ning elections ever taking place here at Ole Miss. Kimsey was the victor In an election that spanned three weeks and involved two run- offs. Her election as Miss Ole Miss was heralded in newspaper throughout the South as just one of the many strides the University is taking to promote racial equal- ity- Kimsey, a member of the Lady Rebel basketball team and Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, remains overwhelmed and yet pleased with her position. " 1 am honored to represent the University as Miss Ole Miss. My gaining the title demonstrates that we can all acheive If we make strides toward accomplishing goals, " Kimsey said. 52 O Miss Ole Miss f990 e ii Mee l e taw ii»ii f JWI»»- . »»« ' ' « ' • • ' Chucky MuUins A name that has become quite synonomous with the University during the past year has been that of injured football player and 1990 Colonel Rebel, Roy Lee " Chucky " Mullins. A freshman red-shirt football play- er from Russellville, Ala., Chucky came to the University on a football scholarship. His playing career ended tragically on Oct. 28, 1989, while making a tackle against a Vanderbilt player he suffered a se- vere injury to the spine, resulting in complete paralysis from the shoul- ders down. Immediatly after learning of the severity of the injury and the costs that would accumulate to provide Chucky with a lifetime of care. Uni- versity students and concerned peo- ple throughout the South began one of the largest and far reaching fund raising efforts ever undertaken by a University. By January, 1990, $727,000 had been raised, more than three- fourths of the $1 million the Uni- versity is hoping to raise through do- nations, drives and pledges. Love and emphathy for the foot- ball player, who few University stu- dents knew personally, was shown in many forms. His appointment as Colonel Rebel was made after seven qualified candidates for the position stepped down to give the honor to Chucky. During his time at Baptist Memo- rial Hospital in Memphis, Chucky is said to have received thousands of letters, and the fund raising efforts were aided by the endorsements of many professional football players and ESPN network. His biggest suprise came when Chucky was paid an unexpected visit by President George Bush. Often the words of Chucky were spoken through his guardian, Mr. Carver Philips, who said, " People here have been so good to us. We can ' t ever repay the kindess of peo- ple, especially the Ole Miss people, for what they ' ve done for Chucky. " Colonel Reb 53 f S9 " THi lleUaen aM t . Sherry Bowles Miss University 1989, Sherry Bowles, has been in the spotlight and has participated in pageants for the past ten years. Twice, Sherry has represented the state in the Miss Mississippi pageant in Vicksburg. She was Miss North Delta 1987-88. Sherry says the friends she has made at the various pageants is one of the best things about par- ticipating in pageants. Sherry also credits being on stage and singing in front of an audience as something that helped her to develop self-confidence. m, 9f9 7 04 ' UtUven Otf, f990 M t SeaciU f9 0 Mc SeauU First time Parade of Beauties participant, senior Kelly Shoemake, was named most beautiful during ceremonies held on November 4, 1989, in Fulton Chapel. The math major from Collins, MS, was chosen over more than 86 other con- testants and was overwhelmed when the judges announced her name. " I am just so pleased that the people in my sorority and my friends saw enough in me to put me up for the pageant, " Shoemake said. " Everyone was there supporting me and cheering me on, it was such a good feeling when they called out my name. " Kelly, a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority, and a Sigma Nu little sister, said her selection as Most Beautiful was the perfect way to finish off what she describes as four very memorable years here at the University. Kristi Addis Freshman Kristi Addis from Grenada has only been at Ole Miss for one year and already she has accumulated a list of accomplishments. A member of Kap- pa Delta sorority and a Sigma Chi little sister, Kristi is a featured twirler for the University Band, was a freshman home- coming maid, and is featured on the 1990 Pike calendar. Kristi says she thinks Ole Miss will help her develop the beautiful person she is inside. " 1 think the beautiful campus, the friendly people, and the traditional at- mosphere of Ole Miss bring out the best in everyone. " — Kristi Addis f990 Se u€tU4. ■ Rhonda Jones Rhonda Jones, a junior fashion mer chandising major from Memphis, TN, believes that beauty comes from the in- side out. Rhonda, a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and a Sigma Nu little sister, was sponsored by Sigma Nu. Rhonda believes that Ole Miss has played an important role in her life by allowing her an opportunity to become a real part of a university. i A| Cand indie; and ' Cand er, a Tau pledg icron " Beauty not only refers to the physical but also the moral sense of an Individ ual. " — Rhonda Jones " o: thatl other Kdu t990 SMcitc lysical Candy Carlisle A phychology major from Brandon, andy Carlisle ' s campus involvement indicates that she is proud of Ole Miss and wants to promote her University. Candy, a sophomore, is a Rebel Recruit- er, a Roundball Recruiter, Phi Kappa Tau fraternity sweetheart, and was pledge class president for Alpha Om- icron Pi. " Ole Miss has given me opportunities that 1 feel would be unavailable to me at other universities. " — Candy Carlisle Juanita Turnipseed Juanita Turnipseed, a junior from Louisville, MS, said she thinks she proved that beauty came in all shades when she was named a beauty. Juanita was sponosored by the University Band in which she is a dazzling Rebelette. " Ole Miss has helped me to develop my independence and has assured me of my ability to control my life. " — Juanita Turnipseed f990 Se utUc} 1 Louise Hooker Louise Hooker, a junior from Lexing ton, MS, and a member of Chi Omega sorority, was honored again for the sec- ond year by being selected a campus beauty. An Art Merit Award Scholar and a 1989 Pike calendar girl, Louise was sponosored by Phi Delta Theta frater- nity. " Ole Miss has played a major role in my life. If there was one thing 1 could teach others about Ole Miss it would be the importance of making those around you feel confident. " — Louise Hooker ' -2 Sherry Bowles No stranger to the stage, junior Sherry Bowles, was selected as a campus beau- ty for the second year in a row. Sherry a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma soror- ity was sponsored by Kappa Alpha Or- der, who also honored Sherry with elect- ing her as 1989 Kappa Alpha Rose. Sherry was Miss University 1989 and appears on the 1 990 edition of the Pike calendar. Sherry, however is more of a beauty inside than out, and her goal in life is to help people. " I think when someone can look in- side you and see that you are a caring person, they are also seeing beauty. " — Sherry Bowles One [luring mW rhepr .nthe ,sar( nemb ' ,nvolv ' ]bicsi ' The theGi jrso; jOU. " Omega he sec ' ampus larand se was frater 1990 Beauties Angela McGlowan One of the youngest beauties selected luring the 1990 Parade of Beauties, was jophomore Angela McGlowan of Oxford, ' he pre-med major was a top ten finalist n the 1989 Miss Mississippi pageants, a rebelette, a rebel recruiter and a Tiember of the modeling board, is also nvolved as a part-time model and aer- )bics instructor. role in 1 coulc luldk iround )ofcer ' The key to being happy is to follow he Golden Rule: always do unto oth- ers as you would have them do unto you. " — Angela McGlowan. Jeanie Tave Senior Jeanie Tave came a long way from her home state of Texas to become part of the Ole Miss student body, but in her four years here she has made friends and gotten involved. A broad- casting major, Jeanie has worked in many capacities for the News Scene 1 2 staff, has been a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and is a Kap- py Sigma little sister. " Everyone always asked me why I chose to go so Jar away to Ole Miss; and I told them understanding the way people in other parts oj the nation live is part of your education. " — Jeanie Tave. ■Ti»4 f 990 ' Beauties 1 Robin King Senior Robin King, from Clinton, has been an Ole Miss beauty since she first walked on campus four years ago. A mem- ber of the modeling board and a 1 988 home- coming maid, Robin is also a fraternity little sister and served as Miss Mississippi Coed during 1989. " Ole Miss is the beauty of the South; its beauty comes from within its people. " — Robin King Susie Warren Susie Warren, a junior from Shreveport, LA, said she came to Ole Miss because she loves the Old South tradition that she found still alive on campus. A member of Kappa Delta sorority and a Sigma Chi little sister, Susie is on the modeling board, a member of College Republicans and Reformed Univer- sity Fellowship. " I ' m the first person from my family to at- tend Ole Miss, but I hope other members of my family will attend because I love Ole Miss. " — Susie Warren 62 o Beauties :oii, ha k firs A mem litylittl pi Coe( mk; ii it ' 9 9 gW Zhe ed Beth Howell Best Dressed Coed for 1989 is Beth Howell, a junior nursing major from Clinton, MS. Beth won the pageant over more than 25 other contestants. She was sponsored by her sorority. Delta Gamma. Beth, no stranger to being in pageants, has served the University as Most Beautiful and is on the Ole Miss modeling board. i 63) Best Dressed l« f990 ' Pizwi UteA Beth Webb Senior Beth Webb, a broadcast major from Dyersburg, TN, has been a very visible force in the Ole Miss media. In her four years at Ole Miss she ha; worked as a Daily Mississippian staff writer, an news anchor for UMTV channel 12, and a disc-jockey for U-92 radio. A member of Delta Gamms sorority, Beth has also been active as a campus senator for three years, is { member of the Society of Professional Journalists, was selected for Order oi Omega. Ole Mis jrrtiiily KBberol jtliiDelii taliEtaiui Anne Ferris .— Anne Ferris, a senior business major from Laurel, MS, has made a name for herself at Ole Miss by excelling both academically and socially. As president of Delta Delta Delta sorority, and a Sigma Chi little sister, Anne has made friends easily. She is on the Chancellor ' s Honor Roll, a member ot ODK, Mortar Board, Order of Omega and was tapped for the university ' s highest honorary. Phi Kappa Phi. Continual involvment keeps Anne busy, and being named a campus favorite was a pinnacle for all her efforts. km lijkioi 1 1 1 ■versii) ' , nasi i as Miss she f Delia Gffli itretjean 99(P ' pa 4 nae4 Stephanie TenEyck Known for her beauty, junior Stephanie TenEyck has proven that she a personality to match her beauty. A junior from Laurel. MS. she has been n Ole Miss beauty for the past two years, a 1988 Pike calendar girl, and is urrently Miss Mississippi USA. Stephaine also serves as an AWS officer, a nember of modeling board, and an Ole Miss ammbassador. A member of )elta Delta Delta sorority and a Sigma Chi little sister, Stephaine shows the eal meaning of being well-rounded. Melanie Sullivan Melanie Sullivan, a senior from Jackson, MS has served the university in nany capacities. As an officer for her sorority, Chi Omega, and a Sigma Chi ttle sister, Melanie has extended her involvement into honorary and elected lositions as well. She served as Associated Student Body Secretary during 988 and 1989, and has been tapped for Mortar Board, Order of Omega, )DK, and is listed on the Chancellor ' s Honor Roll. Beth Howell k iffladei ' i soaaily. ' iter,. It BJlVtBl? Aunt — Junior Beth Howell, a nursing major from Clinton, MS, has been in the spotlight on campus since her first semester at Ole Miss. She was named Most jJBeautiful her freshman year, and has been Kappa Alpha Rose and the university ' s best dressed coed. A member of Delta Gamma sorority, Beth also serves on the Ole Miss modeling board and is a member of Alpha lambda Delta and AWS. With all of her involvements, it is easy to see why Beth was chosen as a campus favorite. f990 " PiZuonOe Helen Pender Senior Helen Pender from Memphis, TN, came to Ole Miss because sh( said the campus is hke a small community. Having served in many leadershij aspects for her sorority Kappa Alpha Theta. Helen is also on the Dean ' ! Honor Roll and a member of AWS and Order of Omega. jacksor ispects served jlrectoi nembe lents.l Elizabeth Noblin Senior Elizabeth Noblin, a marketing major from Jackson, has taken on much responsibity during her four years at Ole Miss. She served as president of the senior class, president of Mortar Board, and was a sorority officer in Chi Omega. She is a member of Golden Key, a fraternity little sister and is listed on the Chancellor ' s Honor Roll. ;nr aroun the SI trami issbttaiise on Ike f990 CUMXnitc Winnye Wilks -♦ Winnye Wilks, a legal systems major from Fackson, MS, has involved herself in many ispects of student life here at Ole Miss. She has served on the campus senate, has been the fca lirector of ASB refrigerator rentals, and is a nember of the Association of Woman ' s Stu- ients. Winnye was named for Who ' s Who and s a member of Order of Omega and Delta Sig- na Theta. Jennifer Cole L Senior Jennifer Cole from Dallas, Texas, las enjoyed her four years at Ole Miss and has ierved the university in many capacities. Jen- lifer, an officer in Kappa Kappa Gamma so- ority, has been director of school spirit and ilso served as the director of the best dressed )ageant. Jennifer was named for Order of Dmega and was selected for Who ' s Who. fonlj . jlesistetuJi iKtl Jennifer Cundiff Junior Jennifer Cundiff, an Interior de- sign major from Dunwoody, GA, is often seen ' iround campus doing what she loves best, rid- io|.ng her bicycle or taking a walk. Jennifer, a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, is on the school spirit committee, plays various in- tramural sports and is on the Greek Week com- mittee. t9 9 " i tMiec mi Mm Homecoming Queen Margaret Pryor f ' f amecc tUK ( u%t Tracey Williams Penelope Moulds Mona WUkerson Pam Kincaid Christian Hall Holly Holbrook This year ' s homecoming court, consisting of seniors Penelope Moulds, Mona Wilkerson, Tracey Williams, and Pam Kincaid; juniors, Kim Hamsley and Bonnie Collins; sophomores Holly Holbrook and Christian Hall; and fresh- men Kristi Addis and Christy Ashford, were chosen a few weeks before homecoming by the University M Club. Homecoming Queen, senior Margaret Pryor, was elected by the associated student body in a campus-wide election. She was escorted on the field at half-time during the October 25, game against Vanderbilt by student body president John Ates. The Rebels beat Vandy 24-16. Administration Edited by Ka trina F. Howard Deanne Mosley 70 C Administration Division Ole Miss loses its ' ' perfect gentleman ' Former chancellor dies at home Porter Fortune Ole Miss lost its " perfect gentleman " September 14. 1989. After a brief Illness. Chancellor Emeritus Porter Lee Fortune Jr.. 69. died at home. Best known for his kind- ness and understanding. 0 jrt Fortune served as the unl- . M J verslty ' s chief official from A — M January 1968 until his ■V t March 1984 retirement. B fc— w B He was the university ' s 21st chief executive and under his guidance, four new schools were added to the university — the Schools of Dentistry. Ac- ountancy. Health-Related Professions and the raduate School of Library Information Science. By the time of Fortunes retirement, the enroll- lent had grown by nearly 40 percent and the size of ie faculty by more than 45 percent. Appropriations )r the Oxford campus Increased by more than S26 illllon during his term largely due to his personal edlcatlon to the university. Early In his administration. Fortune outlined his nree goals for the university: Imaginative teaching, esearch and service. He established the first long- ange planning committee to set goals and priorities jr the schools and departments. Donald Vaughn, long-time public administration rofessor, said. " He was an exceptionally human administrator. He had the great quality of being able to listen to others and he gave great weight to faculty and student views. ' Vaughn said Fortune once spoke to a graduate class saying the hardest decision he ever made was banning the Confederate flag as the official school symlwl. " He had the ability to see all sides of a question. " Vaughn said. " He made an Important, lasting con- tribution to the existence of a great Institution " Former Associated Student Body Vice President Cathy Williams said she spent more time In his office than In class. " We always thought of him not Just as a chan- cellor, but as a friend. " Williams said. Fortune ' s concerns for his students did not stop In his office. His views often conflicted with those of the Board of Trustees. Fortune received the John T. Emens National Award for Support of a Free Student Press for persuading the Board of Trustees to rescind a decision It made that would have censored The Dally Misslssipptan. S. Gale Denley, manager of student media and publisher of The Daily Mlsslssippian. said. " He was a good man. If he had any shortcomings It was that he was too good of a man to be In that po- sition. " It was Fortune ' s vision to make Ole Miss " the hub of cultural activities In Mississippi " that led him to conceive the Cultural Center to preserve for future generations the gifts of the past In art, mu- sic, writing, the performing arts and science. It was during his tenure that the Center for the Study of Sfuithern Culture was established, as was the Sarah Isom Center for Women ' s Studies, the Lamar Law Center, the Turner Complex and 59 new buildings, including the Student Union and Crosby Hall Other Innovations credited to Fortune were new programs In communicative disorders, social work and black studies: the Honors Program; the only four-year court reporting program In the United Stales: and the annual Chancellor ' s Symposium on Southern History, which was renamed In his honor in 1983. Chancellor Gerald Turner, current chancellor, said, " We are greatly saddened by the loss of Chancellor Fortune He provided a unique quality of leadership during a period of dramatic growth which was characterized by l»lh challenge and opportunity " " It has been an honor to work on the foundation he laid during his historic 16 years as Chancellor. " Reverend Larry Goodpastor. who presided over the service with the Reverend Lavelle Woodrick said that Fortune was a man who was sincere In all company " Fortune did the Just and right things — even though they were not always the most popular or expedient things to do. " Goodpastor said " He Is a legacy that will be remembered. " by CltJLusk PERFECT GENTLEMAN. Fruit and vegetable gardening was one of Chancellor Porter L. Fortune ' s most relaxing hobbles. Fortune served as chancellor from 1968- 1984. Inside . . . Governor 72 Board of Trustees 73 Chancellor 74 Vice Chancellors 76 Outstanding Teacher 77 Administrators 78 Job Placement 80 Test Anxiety 81 Schools and College 84 Administration Division o 71 Governor Ray Mabus Upon his inauguration in 1988, Ray Mabus became the 60th Governor of the State of Mississippi. He was born on Oc- tober 11, 1948 in Choctaw County, Misssissippi. Mabus attended Ackerman public schools and the University of Mississippi. He then received a Woodrow Wilson Fel- lowship to attend Johns Hopkins Univer- sity where he earned a Masters degree in government. He then volunteered for the U.S. Navy, where he served aboard a guided missile cruiser. Afer military service, he attended and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. Mabus then came back to Mississippi to 1980 to work on the staff of Governor William Winter where he drafted, and helped pass, the historic Education Re- form Act of 1982. Since he has taken office, Mabus has taken steps to help improve education in Mississippi, although his recent plan for educational funding through a lottery was not passed by the state ' s legislature. As a result other means are being sought to enact his Mississippi ' s BEST (Better Education for the Success of To- morrow). PITCH IN Governor Mabus llirow.s the first pitch to Jim Cosman at the dedication of the new baseball stadium, Swayze Field. o Governor P Brvce Griffis Joe A. Haynes B ' " Pl :: . . Will A Hickman J, Marlin Ivey William M. Jones James W. Luvene I Cass Pennington Sidney L. Rushing Dianne Walton The Mississippi Board of Trustees of the Institutions of Higher Learning was established to remove political In- terference from the administration of statewide higher ed- ucation. The members are appointed by the Governor to twelve-year staggered terms, thus preventing any one group of political appointees from gaining control of the board. Mississippi has eight state universities — Ole Miss, Mis- sissippi State. Southern, Jackson State, Alcorn, Mississippi Valley. Delta State and Mississippi University for Women. With increases in both the student and the faculty en- rollment, the Board of Trustees cannot do everything for everyone in higher learning. Therefore the board has es- tablished leadership roles for areas in which the state in- stitulons concentrate. Ole Miss currently has leadership roles in social sciences, journalism, law. foreign languages, pharmacy, community and regional planning, math. art. public affairs, letters, and physical sciences. The function of the Board is to make decisions that will improve the institutions of higher learning. Despite the budgetary problems of the state, the Board has proved vital to the future of the state ' s higher education and the future of the state of Mississippi. Board of Trustees Board of Trustees o 73 Chanccttor Turner Fully Committed After a brief meeting. Chancellor R. Gerald Turner walked Into his office and flipped briskly through the pile of notes on his desk. " So many messages! " he said. Although It was quite clear that his day was filled with appointments and meetings, his man- nerism showed no sign of hurry. It seemed as though he had all the time In the world. Turner, known for his successful " Campaign for Ole Miss. " Is quite proud of the progress the university has made In a large number of areas since his Inauguration in 1984. " The hardest thing to do. " he said, " was to push the high quality of the programs at the university so that they would gain national pub- licity. " Through the opening of the acoustics center, the natural product center, the building of the super computer, and by promoting the biological field, we have been able to capture national in- terest. " In 1 994 the university will celebrate its 1 50th anniversary since the legislative passed the act to open its doors, and 1998 Is the 150 anni- versary of that opening. Regarding the anniversary. Turner said, " We are now In the rough stages of a fundralsing effort that will begin In 1994 and culminate In a yearlong anniversary in 1998. " Also during the 90s, Turner said that he hopes the university will attain a Phi Beta Kappa chair and a doubling of the library. " There will be some major evaluations done during the nineties, " he said, " espe- cially concerning the medical center in Jack- son, We will have to do some serious con- siderations for a whole new hospital, " When many people think of Ole Miss, they think " prejudice " or " racists " because of the various negative acts that have transpired on this campus. Turner said that although he wishes the events had never happened he believes them to be part of the many historic activities that have enabled Ole Miss to grow. Not long ago the university adopted as a motto " A Legacy of Achievement with Vision for Tomorrow. " Turner said that the " Legacy of achievement " encompasses both the neg- ative and the positive aspects of the univer- sity, " " We are pushing toward, " he said, " and it ' s because of the good foundation upon which we are built, " • by Katrina F. Howard — A MAN WITH A VISION Dr. R. Gerald Turner becaine the twenty-second Chancellor of Ole Miss on April 2. 1 984, I WHAT, MY AGE? Chancellor Turner celebrates at a birthday party given during his first year as Chancellor. .Us 74 o Chancellor ' Y y ' ef to right] Angela Jan. 18; wife. Gall; Jessica Diane. 13 and Chan r i:ellor Turner. ' 5 Chancellor 75 vice Cfiancedors ROBERT C. KHAYAT University Affairs J. LESLIE WYATT Executive Affairs RAY HOOPS Academic Affairs THAD GORDON BEASLEY Student Affairs DOYLE RUSSELL Administrative Affairs photos by Ken Ivey and John Coker 76 o vice Chancellors 1 Making a Difference Finance professor named Outstanding Teacher Doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, businessmen. Journalists . . . these and scores of other accomplished professionals of all fields of study pass on their knowledge and experience to students at the University of Mississippi: thus making a difference In their lives. But few of these teachers are honored for their success. j t- v, Dr R Phil Malone. associate professor of finance in the school of Business was named 1988-89 Outstanding Teacher. The Elsie M. Hood Outstanding Teacher Award, was established In 1966 to annually recognize excellence In teaching. The selection committee consists of eight former recipients, the ASB President and the Director of Alumni Affairs. , , . », k r, ..„K»r Students are asked to nominate a teacher whom they believe to be worthy of the award. Nomination letters are taken In November and December and are reviewed by the committee In the Spring. Along with this honor, the recipient Is given a plaque and a $2,000 check which Is presented by Chancellor R. Gerald Turner during the Honors Day Program. Malone. who has served on the faculty senate, believes his teaching strength lies In the strong demands he makes of all his students. ■ ' 1 want our students to know what to expect in the world. " he said. " Its very competitive out there. It ' s very refreshing when we send students out and they do well. " Lauded for excellent classroom teaching. Malone pioneered the use of microcom- puters in the school by obtaining what he believes to be the first Mississippi use of microcomputers in a classroom setting. Malone said he uses a large screen mon- itor to show students how to calculate In- ternal rates of return, marginal cost of cap- ital and other finance principles. He said he hopes to incorporate the use of spreadsheets In his classes, especially in the introductory finance courses. " With the microcomputers. 1 hope to teach students advanced spreadsheet tech- niques and how to do presentations, " he said. Malone said that he was somewhat sur- prised to receive the award since Ole Miss has so many excellent teachers. " It ' s somewhat puzzling. " he said. " I have a reputation of being harsh and my classes certainly aren ' t the most popular classes. But because I ' m screened, 1 tend to get better students. " It also seems unfair to Just recognize one teacher, for there are a lot of good teachers. 1 feel very honored by this award espe- cially In light of the many fine professors who have received It and knowing that they have been part of the selection pro- cess. " by Katrlna F. Howard TOP TEACHER. Dr. Phil Malone (left), re- ceives the Outstanding Teacher Award from Chancellor Turner during the annual Honors Day Program. Teacher of the Year o 77 ADMINISTRATORS WARNER ALPORD Intercollegiate Athletics DANNY RAY BENJAMIN Auditing MARION BOENHEIM Affirmative Action ULMER T. BULLOCK Food Services JAMES N. BUTLER Bela J. Chain BELA J. CHAIN Personnel CHARLES L. CLARK Court Education and Continuing Studies JUDY COOPER Bessie Speed Center S. GALE DENLEY Student Media MARGARET L. DEWEY Publications ROBERT WAYNE DOWDY Comptroller MIKE EDMONDS GEORGE A. EVERETT Student Programming Honors Program WILLIAM FERRIS Southern Studies DON L. PRUGE University Development PAUL W. HALE MONROE HARRISON JOANNE VARNER Physical Plant Student Housing HAWKS Women ' s Studies 78 o THOMAS GORDON HOOD Financial Aid MARION BECKETT HOWORTH Admissions Administrators JEAN K. JONES Student Development LEONE KING WILLIAM BERNARD ALFRED EUGENE ROGER KEITH LYLES Assistant to the KINGERY LEE Purchases and Bureaus Chancellor Recreational Services Student Health Service Admissions JEAN A. MAJOR Libraries SANS RUSSELL Bursar EDWIN E. MEEK Public Relations JAMES O. NICHOLS University Planning THOMAS REARDON Associate Dean of Students THOMAS RIELAND Communication and Resource JIMMY E. SHANKLE Computing and Information NOLAN EDGBERT MICHAEL HUGH STEWART JUDITH DAVIS SHEPARD Chlefof University Police TROTT Volunteer Services Dean of Students LUCY CURTIS TURNBULL University Museums MAX LEE WALDROP Ole Miss Bookstore GERALD WAYNE WALTON Academic Affairs JERRY LEE WESTBROOK Student Affairs KENNETH LYLE WOOTEN Registrar and Admissions Dean photos by Jofvrt Cofeer and Ken Ivey Administrators o 79 Job Ptacement Hands on Experience Many departments, such as the computer science department, have resources that al- low students to become familiar with their field by actual participation. Hands on experience is a vital way to ensure hiring after graduation. photo by Meluln Setd Resources available for job quest Johnny Appleseed was standing anxiously in his as- signed spot In the graduation line. He knew that the Dean would soon call his name. " Johnny Appleseed, cum laude, " said the voice on the microphone. With beads of sweat on his forehead, and tear of joy in his eyes, Johnny reached out for his hard-earned trophy. The next day while packing the remainder of his be- longings, bethought, ' " I ' ve graduated. I ' m finished. Now, what ' s next? A job? I ' ve searched for a job but there are no jobs available for me. I ' ll just die If I can ' t get a job after allot this. " Finding a job after graduation can be a traumatic ex- perience. Not only Is it difficult to locate potential em- ployers, but also it is difficult to talk to those who are hiring. Twenty years ago, a diploma from college could almost guarantee that one would get hired. But now, with so many graduates the competition Is stlffer, the qualifi- cations are steeper, and because of technology, the list of potential employers is shorter. As a result, many graduates are forced to take jobs outside of their fields or return to college to persue an- other degree. What ' s a person to do? The University of Mississippi offers free counseling to students about Job placement. Their focus upon the stu- dent is not only immediately before and after graduation, but also during the earlier undergraduate years in the quest for self-understanding, appraisal of interests and abilities, and efforts to determine vocational objectives which are most meaningful and satisfying. Counselors are available to assist students in obtaining interview skills and job search skills. Even if the student has no clue to what direction he wants his life to go, counselors can help him explore the diverse fields to see which best fits his needs or desires. Career Services and Placemnt has the responsibility to develop and maintain communication channels among students, faculty, educational administrators, education- al institutions, and employers so that mutual needs and Interests can be properly Interpreted and Implemented. The goal of the educative process is the development of the individual in order that the potential both as an individual and as a constructive member of society may be fulfilled. Jonny sat down on his stripped bed. " Now, why didn ' t I think of this earlier. I ' ve been here four and a half years and have been clueless about what I want to do and where I will work. I hope it ' s not too late to talk to that Karen Peairs lady in the Lyceum about Job placement. " 80 O Job placement CAREER Services and Placement SERVICES PROVIDED radualion ars in tte TOts anc objeclii ' s ■eclion li( (ploretlit f desires isibilityt ' Is amoB mented. as an jeiymaj lydidn ' ll lalf years ) do and litottei jnient. " REER COUNSELING The Career Services and Placement professional staff works with persons who are in the process of defining short- rm career goals. Interest evaluation is available at no cost to the students and can provide a foundation and point of ;parture for those who are experiencing difficulty in making career decisions. REER DEVELOPMENT COURSE Offered through the College of Education, EDHE 201, for freshmen and sophomores, is designed for those who are [lying to decide on a major or simply want to know effective steps for career decision making. EDHE 301 , for Juniors and niors, is designed to assist students in preparing for an effective job search and introduction to the world of work. AREER RESOURCES LIBRARY The center is enhancing the development of a comprehensive center of career information which includes; brochures id other literature from most major companies and governmental agencies; numerous publications designed to aid arsons faced with various career decision; information concerning assistantships and internships; catalogs of un- irgraduate and graduate colleges and universities from throughout the nation; professional magazines and literature; ilary schedules and surveys; cost of living comparisons for cities around the nation; and additional occupational [formation. URRENT JOB OPPORTUNITIES Employers from many types of educational, industrial, financial and business organizations as well as governmental gencies seek college graduates to fill career positions and regularly notify the Career Services and Placement Office of ersonnel needs. All positions are posted for examination by major field or vocational area for the students ' convenience. OB SEARCH SKILLS TRAINING A series of workshops are offered which are designed to assist the job hunter with resume preparation, cor- spondence, interview techniques, and other related tasks. »N CAMPUS INTERVIEWS The office host approximately 250 employers annually seeking to fill entry-level and mid-level jobs in practically every eld. The students ' key source of information about recruting activity on campus is published in the Daily Mis- issippian and is available upon request during recruiting seasons. ULUMNI PLACEMENT Though campus interviews are primarily for prospective graduates. Interest in students and their careers does not stop t graduation. The office will assist those who request information about this service. Job placement o 81 Test Anxiety Dealing with test anxiety Do you find exams a test of endurance, a time of stress and fear, self-incrimination, lack of sleep, and douts about whether college is right for you? Then these suggestions may help make exam time less traumatic for you. ATTITUDE A. We tend to create either positive or negative feelings about ourselves through the things we think in a given situation. Be kind to yourself and treat yourself as you treat a good friend. You want to in- crease self-confidence, not eliminate it! B. If you don ' t make that " A, " it doesn ' t mean the end of the world. Give it your best effort. Afterwards, learn from the experience, pick yourself up, and pat yourself on the back for giving it your best shot. C. Relaxation training can help you handle test related tension. Teach yourself to relax by taking slow, deep breaths. Tense your muscles and gradually relax and fell the tension leave. ACTION A. A most important rule for relieving anxiety at exam time; Never postpone completing today ' s as- signment until another time! B. Scheduling of study time during the semestei helps eliminate cramming before exams. Set up written schedule for reviewing and summarizin[ class lecture notes, textbook notes, and question! from quizzes. Allow time for meals, proper rest, an( periods of relaxation. C. To stay at our best during an exam, use these five hints: 1. Arrive at the exam early. Choose a seat with the fewest distractions. Do not sit near a friend or discuss the exam with friends. Any conversation before the exam is likely to Interfere with your mental set. 2. To keep out distracting thoughts, rehearse ideas, facts, and formulas. 3. Listen carefully to directions and read all In structions before beginning. 4. Begin with the easiest questions, don ' t spend t( much time on any one question — move on and comi back to it. { 5. If you feel too much tension, practice a relaxation exercise. 82 O Test anxiety DOING HOMEWORK EARLY Michelle Hartzog prepares her paper for class, thus avoiding procrastination. Procrastination is detrimental to study habits and can lead to test anxiety, photo by Meivtn Seid Test anxiety o 83 o School of Accountancy p- ' Continuing the Progress Ton swtier liluliof „appoi iin-edas Ole Mii sai ' dliieci iithtrfc uitieeM ilDinniaf ' Dr.FI ' aofllol laiifellt aching, liislratf at) ' for ( aciilh ' lo In 198 Flesher named first woman dean f :asnam : 84 o Accountancy hfi deai Dr. Tonya Flesher became the first Oman to serve as dean of a school at Ole liss when ttie {?oard of Trustees of State istitiitions of Higher Learning approved er appointment in May. 1989. She erved as acting dean of tlie school from 987 until her appointment. Ole Miss Chancellor Gerald Turner aid the choice of Dr. Flesher was based n the recommendation of a search com- ittee comprised of accounting faculty, lumni and university administrators. " Dr. Flesher exemplifies the qualities ' e have searched for in a dean for the chool of Accountancy at Ole Miss. " said hancellor Turner. " Her successes in caching, research and administration lustrate the type of leadership neces- ary for our accountancy students and icultv to prosper. " In 1984 Dr. Flesher was named the hool ' s Outstanding Researcher and ■as named Teacher of the Year in the :hool in 1986. Her excellence in teach- ing was acknowledged with the presti- gious Burlington Northern Foundation Facultv Achievement Award at ( Ic Miss in 1986. Flesher said she hopes to continue the progress made in the past, recruit more students and promote nationally and re- gionally the department ' s reputation. " I feel privileged to be chosen dean and plan to continue to work with the faculty, the administration and the staff to build on the strong foundation we have established for the School of Ac- countancy at Ole Miss. " Flesher said. Dr. Flesher is also a prolific author in the field of accountancy and has pub- lished several books. She was co-author for the book Tax Effective Methods for Taking Cash Out of the Closely Held Cor- poration which explores the federal Tax Reform Act of 1986. She also served as associate editor of the book Individual Income Taxes and is on the editorial board of the Journal of the American Taxation Association. In addition to her broad teaching and research interests. Dr. F ' lesher serves as director of the national Tax History and Research Center based at Ole Miss. Flesher said she has no major plans for the department even though some minor changes may be made. " We have some of the top students on campus and the faculty is excellent, " she said. " 1 just hope to continue the progress. " Dr. Flesher earned her doctorate In accounting at Ole Miss, her master ' s de- gree at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, and her bach- elor ' s degree at Ball State University in Muncie. Indiana. She also received 17 weeks of Internal Revenue Service Tax Training and is a certified public accoun- tant in Mississippi and North Carolina. by James Williamson ' ' Dr. Flesher ex- emplifies the qual- ities we have searched for in a dean Jor the School of Account- ancy at Ole Miss ' said Chancellor Turner. DEAN OF SCHOOL. Dr. Tonya Flesher became the first woman to serve as dean of a school at Ole Miss, photo by John Coker Accountancy o 85 o ScfiooC of Bitsifiess Something Extra ftOlf jiistand Ississi ItssCo School invites leaders to lecture on business DEAN REX COTTLE PROBLEM SOLVERS Mark Mills and many other students utilize the computers located in Connor basement to help solve business problems. bolh photus by Ken Ivey 86 o Business tra ince 1917 the School of Business Administration lias been dovelopinj a projirani to prepare stu- ents to deal with the ever changing lield ot business. ,nd with the increasing problems in the business ' orld as it relates to social and economic movements. le Ole Miss school is producing graduates to un- erstand and cope with the contemporary problems. A new feature the school implemented this year to Dntinue this commitment to excellence is the Hearin- ess Distinguished Lecture Series. The Series, es- iblished by Bob Hearin, chairman of the board of the [ississippi Valley Gas Company, and Leon Hess, lairman and chief executive officer of the Amerada ess Corporation, was designed to bring nationally rominent scholars and eminent business leaders to lississippi to lecture on topics of critical importance re on I to the future of Mississippi and the nation. Thirteen Ole Miss treshmen planning to pursue a career in business were named this fall as the first recipients of ilearin-Hess Scholarships in the vSchool of Business Administration. The recipients were chosen on the basis of superior academic records in high school, strong ACT scores and leadership ability. They will receive $12,000 for four years of study at Ole Miss. Chancellor Gerald Turner said that he was very impressed with the academic and leadership creden- tials of the first recipients of the scholarship. Turner said, " The Hearin-Hess Scholarships re- Hect our commitment to business education by of- fering nationally competitive scholarships to some of the brightest young minds in the country. " FIRST RECIPIENTS First Row Left to Right: Rebecca Gates, Houston. Ms; Mary Hovlous. El Paso, Texas: Lane Golden. Murfreesboro. Ten- nessee: Pamela Chase. Memphis; Ruth Simon. Pontotoc; Leigh McKnight. Jack- son. Business L_ 87 o School of Education Teachers Teaching Teachers Junior high teachers discover prehistoric bones a irec LONDON BRIDGES. Larry Fletcher participates in one of the many programs that the Education Department provides, photo hv Ken Ive o Business ers er ■phe University of Mississippi continues to A teach students to be teachers but it doesn ' t .top there. It continues to provide the oppor- unity for further education for those already in he classroom — and not always with the use of extbooks. During an excavating field trip this past year in •entral Mississippi, 40 junior high school teach- rs attending a National Science F oundation In- stitute at the University of Mississippi discovered lome 40 million-year-old whale bones, which nay be part of an extremely rare archaeological ind. Dr. Bill Reynolds. Ole Miss associate professor )f geology and geological engineering, said of- icials from the Philadelphia Academy of Science ire conducting an investigation to determine if a all skeleton is embedded in the site at Cynthia, a iinds County community near Jackson. If a complete skeleton could be uncovered at the aggregate mining site, it would be only the seconcf one in the world. Reynolds said. Reynolds said he knew some bones had been discovered in the mine by workers when he sent the teachers on the two-day field trip although he had no idea what they would find. " It ' s quite a bonaza. " he said. " The bones — eight vertebrate pieces and 12 various rib and nipper bones — have been determined to be those of a basilosaurus cetoides. an extinct car- nivorous whale. The mammal had a snout like a crocodile and a wicked set of teeth. " Dr. Jean Shaw, co-director of the institute, said the discovery should serve as a valuable educational tool for the teachers when they re- turn to the classroom. " It will show students that new and interesting aspects of science can be uncovered in Missis- sippi. " she said. PREHISTORIC FIND. Junior High teach- ers discuss and look closely at their find- ings. Education o 89 o Cotte e of Liberal Arts A Space Grant Institution Ole Miss joins NASA ' s Space Program for Colleges ;b [Ship i and itional ;llowsli lisewoi Dr. A! re lano lant CO! the {tior f tiipsfoi Asa aiiiaSi a DEAN ALLIE SMITH HIGH TECH Many engineenng sludenls, especially those wiih emphasis m computer science, spend much lime m Weir Hall programmmg. pholo bv Atelvin Seid o 90 L-v Engineering I he University of Mississippi has been honored with mem- prship in the National Aeronau- cs and Space Administration ' s ational Space Grant College and sllowship Program, heralding a ose working relationship in both n l lucation and research activites. [ ||[ Dr. AUie Smith, dean of the , :;hool of Engineering said, " There ,- -e land grant colleges and sea nt] -ant colleges, and now there are • ' ■ jace grant institutions. " This new affiliation will put us n the cutting edge of space- ;lated research and provide su- erior fellowships and scholar- lips for our students, " he said. As a new affiliate of the Ala- ama Space Grant Consortium of ASA, Ole Miss joins a select group He: of other regional universities, space-related industries and the Alabama Space and Rocket Center in the new collaboration. Objectives of the consortium, which will be headquartered at the University of Alabama in Hunts- ville, are: • To participate in a national net- work of universities with capabil- ities in aeronautics, space and re- lated fields under the auspices of NASA. • To encourage cooperative space- related programs between univer- sities, industries, federal, state and local governments. • To encourage interdisciplinary training, research and public ser- vice programs related to aerospace. • To recruit and train profession- als for career in aerospace sci- ence, technology and allied fields. • To promote a strong science, mathematics and technology ed- ucational base from elementary schools to the university level. These activities will include a fellowship program for university students; a regional aerospace in- formation network; funds to sup- port professors in aerospace- related projects; seminars and conferences to promote aerospace studies from the high school to the university level; support for innovative teaching, service and research projects; a summer faculty fellowship program and a NASA-University exchange program to foster cooperation and sponsor projects. Space Grant activities at Ole Miss will primarily involve en- gineering and the sciences but also may include such fields as economics, sociology, interna- tional affairs, public adminis- tration and other space-related fields. Among the reasons cited for selecting Ole Miss were the presence of strong programs in structural dynamics, aerospace heat transfer, materials sci- ence, processing of composite materials for spacecraft, com- putatuional fluid dynamics, electromagetic field theory, ro- botics, and remote sensing. " Our facu ty has more than 50 years experience in the aerospace industry, " said Dean Smith, " and this now includes an undergraduate degree path in astronautical engineering. " Ole Miss has also been named by the State College Board as having exclusive re- sponsibility for offering gradu- ate and undergraduate engi- neering serfices at the NASA Advanced Solid Rocket Motor Plant, which will be built in Tishomingo County. GOING UP! Richard Mayo. NASA veteran, explains the space station Freedom, photo by Robert Jordan. Engineering D 91 n Graduate ScfiooC O Getting Exposed Program implemented to recruit black graduates Ane»1 ; ffflf Kisilifs " lulensf SI illejean Partiri|) Iree spf [aduaifi The pro Itcledfor poi pursuing Thfsit I LET ' S SEE. . . Stephen Holmes, a Journalism jiradiiate sliident. ponders over an assignment j iven to him by [3r. MusnI. pholo by Mf udi Sfid o 92 I ? Graduate Sehool ed id to lates Anew program at Olc Miss offers the op- porlimilv lor representatives ol South- ern historieally blaek eolleges and uni- versities to tJain preliminary exposure to the various cluillennes orgr.KJuate setiool The Kduiational Opportunities Profjram, an Intense summer program implemented last ummer. is designed to lamilUirize l)laek stu- dents who have eompleted their junior year ol college and plan to attend graduate school. Participants in the program are enrolled in three specially-designed seminars and one graduate course in their field of study. The program is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Students se- lected for the program must be reconiiiiended by their respective institutions and meet the minimum requirements f or entrance: a 3.0 grade point average and a sincere interest in pursuing graduate study. The students expenses were paid, and they received a stipend equivalent to a summer |nh a minimum wage Fox said. " Tliese students were well-read, socially conscious and totally unihibiled when it came to expressing their views and opinions about how the program is operating, ■fheir input and inlluence has resulted in some changes in the original lormat. alter- ations which we feel have greatly improved the programs effectiveness. " The U) week-program was divided into two summer school segments. The daily schedule consisted of two one and one hall hour each day. one in the morning and another in the afternoon. Fox said. " Our objective is to give these academically-talented juniors information and skills which we hope they will use in their senior year as they prepare for graduate school. " In graduate studies orientation, they are taught how to obtain Information about grad- u.ite programs and institiutions, how to pre- pare an ellective application, and availability of scholarships, fellowships, and assistant- ships and how to apply for them. " Ihe students attended a week-long com- puter skills workshop and a library orien- tation with a professional staff member who acquainted them with periodical and journal collections, information retreival systems, and reference collections relevant to graduate study. Fox said he hopes that all the students will benelit from the program and attend graduate school once they complete their undergrad- uate degree requirements. " We would like for them to consider re- turning to the university, but if they decide to go elsewhere to further their education, they will at least have the skills they received here to help them. " Fox said. NEW DEAN Dr. Leland Fox is the new dean of the graduate school. Graduate School o 93 c Scfioot of Law A new face University selected new dean ihast ;tlOClof 0i ' ilalelnsi leuillas [illllif nerDea gnedin A note or-old ind assc alt ilinaScl- In 197 eceived Iniversi (tierelif [he Uni iewWl tsearch essor S 94 o Law ce iean David E. Shipley of Columbia, S.C. has been selected as the new dean the The University ot (Mississippi chool ot Law alter a national search. Shiplev ' s appointment was ap- roved bv the Hoard ol Trustees ol tate Institutions of Higher Learning. e will assume his new post on July 1 . 3 fill the vacancy created when for- ler Dean Thomas A. Edmonds re- igned in Jaunary 1989. A noted lecturer and author, 39- ear-old Shipley served as professor nd associated dean for administra- ion at the University of South Car- lina School of Law. In 1975 the Urbana, Illinois, native eceived a juris doctor degree from The Iniversity of Chicago Law School, here he served as executive editor of " he University of Chicago Law Re- iew. While a student, he was also a esearch assistant for renowned pro- ssor Stanley Kaplan. He holds a bachelor of arts degree with highest honors in American history from Oberlin College in Oberlin. Ohio. Chancellor Gerald Turner said Shipley was picked from among some highly qualified candidates. " We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to choose from among some extremely strong finalists. " Tur- ner said. " Shipley has an excellent background in both undergraudate and legal education. He has the nec- essary administrative experience and has received significant recognition in his field. Throughout the selection pro- cess, he gained strong support from the administration, as well as the law school faculty, staff and students. " Shipley began his teaching career in 1977 as a visiting assistant professor at The University of South Carolina School of Law, attaining full professor status there in 1985. In the interim, he served visiting professorships at The Ohio State University College of Law and The College of William and Mary at the Marshall Wythe School of Law. He has taught courses in copyright or intellectual property, civil proce- dure, administrative law. legal and equitable remedies, and domestic re- lations. A noted authority on copyright law, Shipley is presently co-authouring a copyright case book, which he expects to be published in 1991. He has ad- dressed the subject of copyright in presentations at the American Bar As- sociation ' s annual convention, at meetings of the South Carolina Bar and at vaious continuing legal educa- tion seminars and workshops. He is currently serving his fou rth term as a member of the Carolina Pa- tent, Trademark and Copyright Law Association ' s Board of Managers. DAVID SHIPLE ' T Shipley was selected as the dean of the University of Mississippi School of Law. Law o 95 o Coiie e of LiberaC Arts Class Can Be a| Hoo t divi idiicet Professor uses owls as teaching aic «J joreitii sijn or [ rf DEAN H. DALE ABADIE FRIEND OR FOE Sam Leeper and his sisler Valerie Leeper write using ihe Apple Mouse Many incoming freshman and English majors use ihc Apple Macmlosh computers in Bonduranl. phoio by Melvin Seid o 96 LV Liberal Arts A JjJ%tudents of Robert Tettleton J Othink it ' s a hoot when he uses Tls collection of owls as a teaching [ - .lid in his art classes. [ C i It ' s not unusual for Tettleton to vUrlng two or three owls to class to how different art techniques. he diverse collection, ranging •om leaded crystal to mass- roduced souvenir stand, enables im to show the many different 2l( iterpretations artists and design- rs can have with one subject. Tettleton, who has been coUect- ig miniature owl figurines for lore than 20 years, said the ever- rowing collection — 130 at the ist count — has become part of is lectures. Whether he ' s teach- ig introductory courses in art de- ign or art education, his fine gathered friends have proved in- valuable. Tettleton said. " Some of the owls are stylized: one is naturalistic and others are realistic or abstract. " The objects, collected from throughout the U.S. and around the world, also rellect the cultural dif- ferences of their creators. It ' s easy to spot the souvenir from Mexico and to detect which birds have an Oriental influence. Tettleton. who joined the Ole Miss faculty in 1965, began his collection after receiving an owl as a gift from a friend. His office, located near the Fine Arts Gallery in Bryant Hall, is a sight to behold. Every inch of wall space is covered with artworks, and what space remains on his already filled bookshelves provides a roost for one of his owls. i I w A close Inspection of his office ' s in- terior reveals that many of his book- marks are adorned with owls and that owl bookends keep some of the books in place on overcrowded shelves. However the majority of his owl col- lection is three-deminsional and meas- ures less than a half-inch tall. " 1 try to keep the size down. " he ex- plained, " because they take up less space. " ' Regardless of the size, each owl comes complete with its own story. Whether it ' s a painted rock perched on a piece of pine bark given to him by a former student or a solemn owl carved from ironwood that was a gift from his son. Tettleton said the collection has provided him much enjoyment in and out of the classroom. HOOT HOOT! Robert Tettleton talks about a few pieces in his owl collection which consists of more than 100 owls. Liberal Arts o 97 Scfiooi of Pfiarmacy Ihev? heroe iceoffi fctep " lilevisio " Ho all II took i alJniveri A Star is Born Professor finds heroic counterpart in media liiir.a; acket! sometim liusfc men Dr.M islialiot slows li Wee a 98 D Pharmacy »ri eroK hey proliferate on TV as both drama X heroes and sitcom wiseguys. They are lolice olTicers, lawyers and doctors. These hrce professions seem to dominate the elevision. movies and books. How about a pharmacist lor a change? It took a long. hard, historical search for University of Mississippi pharmacy pro- essor to find a heroic counterpart in the nedia. He turned up in " County Seat. " a 938 CBS radio program. In that first program, pharmacist Will lackett was described as a " no ordinary iruggist who is shrewd, understanding, iometimes an inscrutable fellow, with a jenius for getting tangled up in the lives of nen who cross his path. " Dr. Mickey Smith. Barnard Distin- ' uished Professor of Health Care Admin- stration has collected over 700 radio ihows like " The Lone Ranger, " " Fibber cGee and Molly. " and " The Shadow. " Smith ' s collection has gravitated toward his profession since his great interest in life has been his pharmacy and health care administration career. His dedication to it is evident in his international rep- utation as a scholar, a researcher, a teacher, and a innovator. Smith first collected references to phar- macy on radio and produced a cassette tape of their retlections as part of a phar- macy history project which is now part of the University ' s pharmaceutical museum. His research continued with a journal article on Milton Geigcr, the pharmacist- writer who produced the scripts. However Geiger ' s expertise when the final scripts were produced, indicating that the editor probably figured the audience had little interest in chemical intricacies short of nitroglycerine. Smith hopes that " County Seat " will be incorporated into the University Museum especially since he has found what may be the only existing episode in the series. DR. MICKEY SMITH This pharmacy pro- fessor found his meida hero on the 1938 radio series " County Seat. " Pharmacy o 99 Athletics Edited by Nick Walsh Phadrea Johnson 100 l_y Athletics Division The Battle M Senior Class adopts new flag If anyone ' s wondered about the new flag that was waved In the stands at the games, It was the creation of the senior class — designed not only to lift school spirit, but to raise money as well. The senior class began selling the new (lags at the Ole MIss-GeorgIa game to raise money to light the grove. The class has over 800 Hags. Elizabeth Noblln. senior class president, said that the class wanted to do something different and designing a flag had never been done be- fore. " Several people on the senior committee put their heads together and came up with a sketch, and then we got an artist from Jackson to perfect It, " Noblln said. The " Rebel M " as It has been named Is a flag that Is distinctly Ole Miss — 1 990, said Noblln. " Sometimes people refer to It as the ' Battle M, ' saying that the Rebels are going to battle. " she said. Jim Elcknolz, class vice-president, said the committee decided that putting electric lighting In The Grove would be the most beneficial proj- ect the class could undertake and selling a new flag wasn ' t any one person ' s Idea. " We thought It (lights) would be good for ball games and make things a lot safer for people walking through at night, " he said. " We were not trying to replace the old flag, but this gave people an option. " Pat Scanlon, a senior class officer said, " If the flag goes over well, and If the adminis- tration wants to adopt It, we ' re more than will- ing to let them. " Noblln said, " If we fall short for some reason, the school would help us out. They decided that this project Is beneficial enough that they could lend a hand If It was needed. " She said reaction to the flag, on the most part was quite good. " We do have a few people who say. ' Well. I ' m keeping my Confederate flag. ' but that hasn ' t happened much. " Noblln said. " Most people understood that we were not In opposition to anybody ' s flag. " she said. Black Student Union President Reginald Tur- ner said that he was glad to see the senior class take an initiative to ease some of the contro- versy surrounding the Confederate flag, espe- cially In light of some of the negative things that have happened this year. " The black student union was very Im- pressed. " he said. " I definitely think it is a positive move and a step In the right direction. " by Amy Vincent. Inside Football 102 Cheerleaders 112 Baseball 114 Basketball 120 Volleyball 132 Track 134 Tennis 138 Golf 142 M Clubs 144 Intramurals 146 Athletic Groups 148 REBEL M. The new flag adopted by the senior class Is red and has a blue M with 1 7 white stars, photo by Ken Ivey. Athletic Division o 101 Fodtbm Darnell leads Rebs to 7-4 bowl season The 1989 Ole Miss Rebel foolball team overcame much adversity and reached new heights enroute to Its first trip to the Liberty Bowl since 1968. There the Rebels played Helsman Trophy candidate Dee Dowls and his wishbone-oriented Air Force Falcons December 28. Ole Miss went on to win the game 42-29 It was the third time In head coach Billy Brewer ' seven-year tenure at Ole Miss that the Rebels earned a trip to a bowl game. The Rebels finished the regular sea- son 7-4 overall, and 4-3 In the South- eastern Conference, good enough for fourth place. Plagued by a series of Injules early In the season, mostly on the defensive side of the ball, the Rebels rallied behind the explosive of- fense of senior quarterback John Darnell, senior receivers Pat Coleman and Willie Green, and tailback Randy Baldwin. The Rebels won four games coming from behind, three of them In the final minute of play, and they came within Inches of winning two other games In the final seconds. But the biggest lost of the team was on October 28 during the homecoming game against Vanderbllt. It was dur- ing this game when redshirt freshman Roy Lee " Chucky " MulUns suffered a severe neck Injury. The Russellvllle. Ala. native was paralyzed from the neck down af- ter breaking up a Vanderbllt pass play Inside the Rebels ' 10-yard line. Ole Miss established the Roy Lee " Chucky " Mulllns trust fund to help pay for Mulllns " lifetime care. Aided by donations from across the nation, Ole Miss raised over 8600,000 for Mulllns. Oddly enough the road to the Liberty Bowl began where It would end. In Memphis. In the opening game of the sea- son Ole Miss knocked off Memphis State 20-13 as Darnell completed 15-of-29 passes for 259 yards. The following week the Rebels traveled to Gainesville. Fla. to tackle Emmitt Smith and the Flor- ida Gators Winning on the road is a tough task In the SEC. but the Rebels took advantage of Florida turnovers as the defense preserved the win for Ole Miss. The first home game of the sea- son was played on campus against Arkansas State, a team that al- ways gives the Rebels fits. Darnell passed for 412 yards and three touchdowns to lead Ole Miss to a 34-31 win at Vaught- Hemlngway Stadium Darnells 412 yards was the most since Archie Manning threw for 436 against Alabama in 1969. Although It was the offense lighting up the scoreboard, it was the defense not allowing ASU to score in the second half which was the key to the win It was the first time since 1981 that the Rebels had won their first three games. Ole Miss received Its first real test against the eighth-ranked Arkansas Razorbacks in Jackson The Razor- backs survived a late rally by the Rebels as Darnell was intercepted In the endzone with 1 3 seconds to play. Arkansas won 24-17 After a one week rest. Ole Miss returned to Jackson to tangle with the Alabama Crimson Tide. Things looked good early for the Rebels as they Jumped out to a 21-0 lead In the opening seven minutes of the game, but the Tide rolled back to take a 62-27 win Ole Miss licked Its wounds and re- turned to campus to host the Georgia Bulldogs. With Just 31 seconds to play and Ole Miss down 13-10. Darnell hit senior flanker Reld Mines In the endzone for a touchdown. It was HInes " first career TD catch. Ole Miss traveled to New Orelans to play a struggling Tulane Green Wave. The Rebels had to scratch and fight to earn Its second consecutive last-minute win as the Rebels scored 22 fourth quarter points, the final score a 24-yard pass to tight end Rich Gebbia with four seconds re- maining In the game The following week was Homecoming. But this Homecoming game will be re- membered like no other In Ole Miss his- tory. It was In the first quarter of this game against the Vanderbllt Commodores that safety Chucky Mulllns was para- lyzed from the neck down. The Rebels once again came from be- hind to win Trailing 10-0 at halftlme. the Rebels scored 28 unanswered points in the second half. Over 42.000 showed up at Vaught- Hemingway the following week as the 1- 6 LSU Tigers came to campus for the first time since 1960. Trailing 35-30 In the final minute of play. Darnell proceeded to march the Rebels downfleld In the final minutes of the game like he had done several times previously. With 19 seconds to go Darnell was Intercepted in the endzone by LSUs Jimmy Young. Ole Miss took its second open date of the season to prepare for Its trip to Knoxvllle. Tenn to play the Volunteers. The Vols put the game away with 13 fourth quarter points and 294 yards rushing from freshman Chuck Webb, winning 33-21. The Rebels entered the Egg Bowl against Mississippi State with the Lib- erty Bowl bid assured Ole Miss knocked off Its arch-rival 22-11. • TROUBLE WITH THE GATOR Tony Bennett pressures Georgia quarterback Preston by Mills Brockman 102 Ly Football NOW YOU SEE, NOW YOU DON ' T Randy Baldwin |24| runs away from a Tennessee defender, pholo by Uan Magee Football o 103 LET ME AT HIM All-SEC linebacker Tony Bennett prepares to tackle the enemy. photo Jeff Carter (11) returns the interception against LSU as by oiiie Brock Chaunccy Godwin (lOJ rushes forward to help, photo by Julie Carries 104 o Football Tf-SJ trr v v fcf ; imr : ' »«,j . TAKE THAT Nose guard Kelvin Prltchett slams Roy Johnson while Chris Mitchell moves in to help, photo by JuUe cames Football o . 05 LIBERTY BOWL XXXI - LOOKING GREAT Chucky Mulllns, after a long stay in the hospital, was proud to attend the Liberty Bowl with Mrs. Carver Phi llips (guardian), Warner Al- ford, Memphis Mayor Dick Hack- ett. Chancellor Turner, Carver Phillips (guardian). — I MVP Randy Baldwin shows off his trophy after being named Most Valuable Player in the Lib- j erty Bowl game. •. This year the Ole Miss Rebels returned to the Liberty Bowl for the time since 1 968 when they beat Virginia Tech 34-17. The Rebels biggest concern was defense, and stopping Air Force quarterback Dee Dowls. Some say Dowls is the best ever at operating the " wishbone, " a running style of offense that traditionally has given Ole Miss troubles. But the Rebels had a score to settle with the Falcons. In 1983 it was Air Force who topped Ole Miss 9-3 in the Independence Bowl. Ole Miss jumped out to a 28-9 halftime lead enroute to its 42-29 grounding of the Air Force. The Rebels scored on their first two pos- sessions as quarterback John Darnell hooked up with receiver Reid Hines on a 32-yard touchdown strike. The next possession, tail- back Randy Baldwin scored from 23 yards out. Ole Miss continued to dominate the game and held Dowls to just 86 yards rushing. Baldwin, the game ' s Most Valuable Player, rushed for 177 yards and two touchdowns. It was the first time an Ole Miss player rushed for over 1 50 in a game since Buford McGee had 167 against Tulane in 1983. Ole Miss set numerous team records includ- ing most first downs (30), most points in a bowl game, and 533 total yards offense Is also a team bowl record. 106 O Football ■IMF OUTS LEFT c ::jrmE ours LEFT rtW : UTh- , « iriToeo mLLOHu GROUNDED FALCON Chris Mitchell (29) helps contain Air Force ' s Dee Dowls. photo by OlUe Brock I ALL SAID The score board tells the story of glory. [ STARE DOWN Dee Dowls looks Into the fiery eyes of linebacker Shawn Cobb (44). photo by OlUe Brock 107 NAME Willie Green Jeff Holder Pat Coleman John Darnell Reld Hlnes Dannv Boyd J.J. Walker Ben David Brian Lee Jim McCay Chauncey Godwin Jeff Carter John Moore Steve Davis Russ Shows Charles Chllders Mac Smith Rogers Stephens Tom Luke Todd Sandroni Jim Earl Thomas Roger Hancock Gerald McAllister Clint Wilcke Gerald Vaughn Randy Baldwin Glenn Brown Greg Hogue Dwayne Amos Marvin Courtney Nate Thornton Chris Mitchell Michael Robinson Deano Orr Jody Htll Ed Thlgpen Tyrone Ashley Bubba Gunter Ronnie McKlnney Scott Swatzell Chucky Mullins Darron Billings Devln HIckerson Clay Vann Trea Southerland Louis Gordon Jay Hopson Shawn Cobb Don Price Kenny Jones Reggie Parrott Maurice Shaw Pete Harris Tim Brown Jack Muirhead Gary Abide Darryl Smith Vlnce Bonham Joel Jordan Dawson Pruett Jeff Rhodes Bill Bush David Herring Paul Pennington Chris Battlste Lee Lott Sherwood Cobarras Everett Llndasay Abner White Derrick King Wayne Muck Ken Williams Burkes Brown Adrian Strother Herkey Cantu Mike Sparks Scott Jerome Monty Perry Jim Lentz Clint Conlee Perry Arrlngton Mike Easton Wesley Melton Dan Westmoreland Deron Zeppelin Ricky Richardson Rich Gebbia Phillip Kent Tony Brown Victor Lester Keith Thompson Camp Roberts Tony Bennett Snake Williams Tony Hervey Kelvin Pritchett Brian Cagle Doug Jacobs David Harris Brian Mays Dan Wlgley ckle NUMBER I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 16 17 19 20 21 22 22 23 24 25 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 32 33 35 36 37 38 39 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 59 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 70 71 72 73 74 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 96 98 99 UP FOR GRABS Willie Green tries to outnnanuever Georgia ' : conerback for the ball, photo by Bill Johnson — HANDY RANDY Randy Baldwin (24| breaks to the outside to avoid a would-be Tennessee tackier, phoio by oiiie Brock 108 o Football l-OOlbci!! . Clmnkadm Hotty Toddy! Gosh Almighty! Who The Hell Are We! Film Flam! Blm Bam! Ole Miss -By Damn! The University of Mississippi Cheerleadlng Squad has been working on one main goal the last few years and that is to motivate Ole Miss fans. Cheerleadlng Coach Brad Bromich said, " The main goal over the past few years has been trying to get back to the purpose behind cheerleadlng from the very beginning: that is, to lead the crowd. We feel Ole Miss has the potential to be as good as any crowd anywhere. " " What we are trying to do. " said Bromich, " is focus their energy into something that would moti- vate the team, whether that can be Hotty Toddy, crowd participa- tion, yells, or something with the band. " Bromich said the cheerleaders practice two hours a day. six days a week. The cheerleadlng squad Is trying to be as collegiate as pos- sible in their skills such as part- ner stunts and gymnastics. Bromich said that although the cheerleadlng squad has competed nationally and has ranked in the top 1 5 squads In the nation for the last two years, Ole Miss Spirit, is still their number one goal. " A team performs better with a crowd that is really supporting the team. " said Bromich. " Verbal support Is always better than Just presence at the game. " Bromich said the squad has been using new things to increase crowd participation, such as the use of the mike man who is called Colonel Reb. Guy Cobb, a soph- omore from Springfield, Missouri, and who is formally of the Bud- light Daredevils, is the 1989-90 Colonel Reb. Cobb said that the cheerleaders like to get some cohesion with the crowd. They try to focus every- thing and get everyone to cheer and yell at the same time. " Anyone who has played a sport knows how Important it is to have the crowd behind you. " said Cobb. " As the mike man 1 try to throw some humor here and there so the crowd won ' t get down on the team or down in spirit. Some- one may describe me as the crowd quarterback. Kim Kalbearer, a senior from Dallas, Texas said one of the ob- stacles of being an Ole Miss cheer- leader Is to get Ole Miss fans to participate, but she added that the fans have come a long way in the four years she has been cheering. Kalbearer said being a cheerlead- er is a lot of work, but it is def- initely worth It. " We were ranked 11th in the nation last year and 1 can ' t wait for next year to see what happens, " said Kalbearer. • - by LaTonya Taylor Motivating A T - SHOUTI Dana Mosley leads the crowd in a cheer of support for the Rebel team, photo by Ken Ivey -. The 1989-90 Ole Miss Varsity Cheer- leaders are: Shannon Ad- ams, Frank Clark, Guy Cobb, Chris Coleman, Robert Collins, Dennis Craven, Richard Ethridge. Tracey John- son, Kim Kalbearer, Page McAlpin, Jay McCroskey, Dana Mosley, Stacey Rob- inson, and Greg Rozina ii u O Cheerleaders Ill SLIDING IN Rob Boyd attempts a take-out slide against LSU. photo by Roberi Jordan 112 o Baseball New stadium brightens team s future The most promising aspect that makes the 1990s bright for the Ole Miss baseball team Is a new playing facility, the Oxford-University Stadium Swayze Fielcf The 3.75 million dollar stadium was completed in October. Lights brought nighttime baseball to Oxford. One of those 1 5 night games was probably the biggest of the year, a nationally-televised game on ESPN April 24 against the Kentucky Wildcats. The Rebels won the game 6-4 and impressed future players, coaches, professional scouts, and baseball fans with their new stadium. " A lot of people had a chance to see our ball club, and our facilities, " said Ole Miss head coach Jake Gibbs. " The announcers gave Ole Miss and our ball club great publicity, " he said. Gibbs said not only does the new stadium add to the baseball program in the form of recruiting, it en- hances the beauty of the campus as a whole. " One thing it did, when you ride into campus, you see a first-class, real nice-looking baseball facility, " Gibbs said, " which I think all the people at the uni- versity, Oxford, and Mississippi in particular are proud of. ' ' continued on page 1 16 Baseball o 113 NAME NUMBER Jeff Kortz 14 Kevin Patterson 29 Spencer Neff 16 Rick Sweeney 3 Chris Bell 7 Rob Boyd 18 Mark Burleson 30 Kevin Kessinger 15 Lee Mock 37 Richard Carroll 19 Norris Hopkins 21 Collier Simpson 12 Pepper Pounds 13 Kenny Carlyle 40 Larry Cannon 10 Freddie Joseph 34 Robin Coffman 31 Jim Cosman 36 Jeff Purvis 27 Chris Basil 35 Nate Riddley 11 Steve Fisher 22 Eric Plowman 43 Dickie Dixon 17 Grant Sullivan 44 Mike Cosman 28 Keith Kessinger 38 Richard Hines 20 Lee Hodge 1 Darren Musselwhite 23 Jake Gibbs Head Coach Larry Simcox Asstistant Coach Johnny Flynt Assistant Coach Wally Hall Graduate Assistant I PLAYING FIELD The new $3.75 million stadium has brought the Rebels from the bottom of the Southeastern Conference to the top list in baseball facilities. The stadium seats aprrox- imately 3,000 and makes night games possible. 114 O Baseball DOWN THE PIKE Kenny Carlyle throws a fastball. TEA M CLOWN Designated-hitter Pepper Pounds clowns around in the dugout. 2y, ISTEN Lee Hodge gives Keith Kessinger some advice in the CONCERNED COACH Assistant coach Johnny Flynt looks from the dugout. )n-deck circle. Baseball o 115 continued from page 112 Glbbs also said the stadium Improved the baseball atmosphere on campus. " It gave us some baseball atmosphere of having nice seats to sit In and nice concession stands, " Glbbs said. According to Glbbs. concession sales by the first of April had surpassed those of two years at Old Swayze Field. The new stadium has player locker rooms, training rooms, an equipment room, a weight room, and an Indoor hitting facility. " For the kids we have here now playing for us. It ' s a different atmosphere, different attitude for them to come, to a place and know this Is ours, " Glbbs said. Glbbs said he can now recult nationally because of the new facility. " When we bring a kid in now. we have a chance to sign him. Two or three years ago 1 wouldn ' t have got in the door. " he said. The Ole Miss Rebel baseball team end the " SOs on a high note, posting a 34-21 overall record and a 9-15 Southeastern Conference record. " One negative part you might say about last year was we had a good enough team to be in the NCAA tournament, but we lost too many close games, due to the fact we had a shortage of relief pitchers that could save ball games for us. ' ' Glbbs said. " We lost five ball games In the either the eighth of ninth Inning where we had the lead and couldn ' t save it. " he said. " If we had saved those ball games, we would ' ve been in the tournament. " There were some pleasant surprises for the Rebels by some younger players, signifying good thin gs to come. Redshlrt freshman Nate Rlddley led the team in hitting with a .345 average. Another freshman, southpaw pitcher Grant Sullivan, went 7-2 with a 3.79 ERA. " Nate came on strong In the middle of the year. He was a steady defensive player for us. but he started doing the Job with his bat toward the middle of the season, " Glbbs said. " With a little bit ofluck. Grant could ' ve been 9-0. " Glbbs said. " We ' re expecting him to have another good year. He should be smarter, more settled than he was last year. " Both Rlddley and Sullivan were named to the Mississippi All-State team. Two other Rebels, second baseman Lee Hodge and shortstop Keith Kesslnger were named second-team AU-SEC. The Rebels lost three players to the pro ranks. Kesslnger was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles, cather Jim Cosman by the Philadelphia Phillies and Junior pitcher Darren Musselwhlte opted to leave early to sign with the San Francisco Giants organization. Another surprise last year was two wins over arch-rival and national pow- erhouse Mississippi State. The Rebels won 8-7 In the first of a scheduled doubleheader In Starkvllle. Ole Miss upended the Bulldogs 4-3 in Jackson to lay claim to the Mayor ' s Trophy. Ole Miss was one out away from winning the second game of the doubleheader in Starkvllle before the game was called. " We only needed one more out. In SEC play, if that game Is suspended, we were going to pick it up that Sunday where It left off. " Glbbs said. " And it just so happened It rained that Sunday morning and we couldn ' t get It In. " Glbbs said he feels the Rebel baseball program Is complete. " We ' ve always sold Ole Miss on the beauty of the campus, the academic part of It and the friendliness of the people, he said. " We had some things we could sell to a student about Ole Miss by not having a great baseball facility. " Now I think you ' re going to see us recruiting a better student-athlete. Re- cruiting has made a 100 percent difference, " • — ' by Jerry Lacy 116 o Baseball M ph I k i 30 - V ■-- — NIGHT BALL The new baseball stadium brought nighttime baseball to Ole Miss. S L " " DELIVERY Darren Musselwhlte - ■ - throws his famous Muss ball, photo by John Biggs 1 - COMING HOME Jim Cosman (36) greets Lee Hodge as he scores another run for Ole Miss, photo oy JuUe Carries -r t ■■ - SAFE! Mark Burleson slides safely under the catchers tag into home plate, photo by juUe Cames 1 OUT AT SECOND Shortstop Keith Kesslnger tries to complete the double play. Baseball o 117 Mmk BakkMoM Team reaches for NCAA After reaching the National In- vltalon (NIT) last season and los- ing Just one starter, fourth-year Ed Murphy ' s basketball team had dreams of reaching the NCAA Tournament. With superstar All-Amerlcan Gerald Glass, who finished fourth In the country In scoring last year, and the addition of freshman Joe Harvell and a rehabilitated Tim Jumper, Ole Miss seemed assured of playing in postseason play. But the road started rocky as the Rebels were upset in their opening game against Southwest- ern Louisiana In Jackson. The Rebels hosted Big- 10 power Illinois, a 1989 Final Four partic- ipant. The Rebels lost, but got their chance to even the score at the mini Classic a couple of weeks later. In the opening round of the Illini Classic, after having lost to na- tionally-ranked Arkansas, Ole Miss was upset by Metro State. It was the teams fifth consecutive loss without a win. Then other troubles began to I DOUBLE TEAMED Sean Murphy tries to get Inside as he ' s guarded by two Auburn defenders, photo by Ken. luey 1 DEFENSE John Matthews moves to the top of the key to guard this Tulsa by Meluin Seld GOING TO THE HOOP Freshman Joe Harvell takes it to the hole against Illinois, pho- to by Ollle Brock take their toll. Sophomore guard Hunter Atkins quit the team as did Junior Greg Turner, leaving Mur- phy shallow on the bench forcing him to play younger players soon- er than anticipated. The 1 989-90 season saw anoth- er change In the Rebels, this one in the coaching scheme. Murphy ins talled the 2-3 zone defense and mixed it in with his man-to-man philosophy. Ole Miss opened conference play at home against Tennessee with newcomer Patrick Eddie, a 6- foot-II Junior college transfer in the lineup. With Eddie and Mur- phy ' s son, Sean, at center, the Rebels had their own twin towers. The Rebels continued to strug- gle to reach the .500 mark. By mid February the Rebels had im- proved to 9-13 and 6-7 in the Southeastern Conference play as they looked to a good showing SEC Tournament as their hope of breaking into postseason play. • il8 O Men ' s Basketball Men ' s Basketball o 119 _ _ CONTACT Tim Jumper leans In for the shot, photo by Meivtn Seld - 1 DON ' T HAVE IT! Gerald Glass in action against Georgia ' s Rod Cole (22) and Lltterial Green, photo by Meivtn Seid 1 FRUSTRATED The Ole Miss bench shows the frustration of a season that didn ' t meet expectations, photo fay oiiie Brock 120 o Men ' s Basketball ] —. SLAM DUNK Gerald Glass throws it down for two points, photo by Melvln Seld I TAKING AIM Gerald Glass shoots one of his patented 1 5-foot jumper. photo by Ollle Brock -COMING THROUGH Gerald Glass busts through Vernell Singleton ' s defense on his way to the basket, photo by oiiie Brock Men ' s Basketball o 121 I SNUFFED Joe Harvell gets up to block Illinois ' Marcus Liberty ' s shot, photo by OlUe Brock: I _ GOING UP Freshman James Bailey lays it in for two points ag ainst Georgia. - THE " G " MAN Ail-American Gerald Glass works to make a pass. - HEALTHY AGAIN A rehabilitated Tim Jumper scores. Jumper had been wearing a knee brace after his knee surgery. 122 o Men ' s Basketball ■ HMHBHH - " - - ' ::jfSS -f! ' ' r T _J % • lllllf , ) ' ?«.«lto -i- ' ■«• •„;■ ' in , i y ft -4. l o«teni BttlkethoM Courageous Lady Rebels The 1989-90 Lady Rebel basketball team may go down in history as the most courageous team head coach Van Chancellor has coached during his 1 1 years at Ole Miss. Ole Miss, one of only six teams to have competed in all eight NCAA Tournaments, began the season ranked 12th. Injuries and a tough schedule knocked the Lady Rebels out of the rankings for the first time. It wasn ' t until the middle of February that the Lady Rebels worked their way back into the Top 25 with a 19-5 record, 7-1 in the Southeastern Conference. Two big reasons the Lady Rebels have met the challenges they ' ve been faced with are sophomore Charlotte Banks and senior guard Michelle Hartzog- Brown. Banks was an academic casualty and sat out her freshman year. She has rebounded to be one of the teams top scorers. Hartzog-Brown stepped forward providing the lead- ership a top contender needs. Hartog-Brown is solid in all facets of the game. Junior Jackie Martin, All-SEC honorable mention last year, is the team ' s top scorer, assist leader, and ball handler. O ' Neal, an All-SEC selection last season, has come back to average 10 points and six rebounds per game and once again established herself as a dominate force in the paint. Two newcomers to Chancellor ' s program have helped the team ' s depth. Junior Antrice McGill and sophomore Kristen Goehring have shared time at the small forward position. Ole Miss looks to extend its string of NCAA ap- pearances this season with a strong finish and a chance at its first regular season SEC championship. UP, UP AND AWAY Jackie Martin knifes through SLU for an easy score, photo by Ollte Brock 124 Ly Women ' s Basketball 125 — . HELPt Kristen Goehring looks to pass to an open teammate, photo by Melutn Seld 126 Ly Women ' s Basketball - THREE POINTS Deteena Bender goes for the goal. photo by Melvln Seld 1 BASELINE JUMPER Jackie Martin shoots from the baseline for two points, photo by Ollte Brock 1 EXPERIENCE Senior center Kimsey O ' Neal shows how it ' s done by driving to the hoop, photo by Melvln Seid Women ' s Basketball o . 27 128 Ly Women ' s Basketball - SUPER SOPH Sophomore Charlotte Banks squares up in the aint for a shot, photo by Ollte Brock POWER MOVE Senior Michelle Hartzoggoes in for the layup. photo y Ollle Brock Women ' s Basketball o 129 130 o GiM Struggling to break even The Ole Miss men ' s and women ' s golf teams strug- gled to break even in the tough Southeastern Con- ference. The Rebels finished a disappointing last in their last five tournaments. The best team showing was the first tournament at the Gator Invitational in Gaines- ville, Fla. where Ole Miss finished fifth. The Lady Rebels finished its third and best season of competition. The Lady Rebels set three team records, including most top five finishes with two, most top 10 finishes with four, and lowest total for a single round with a 318. Individually, Dave Miley of the men ' s team was named to the All-SEC team. Miley had five top 10 finishes with a highest finish of third in the Gator Invitational in Gainesville. He missed qualifying for the NCAA Tournament by six strokes at the first ever East Regional Golf Tournament in Myrtle Beach, S.C. For the women, freshman Chris Darci broke four Lady Rebel records, including a best stroke average In a season with an 80.5 over 15 rounds. Her best finish was a fourth place finish in the Peggy Kirk Bell In- vitational. TOP GUN All-SEC Dave Miley led the 1 989 Rebel golf team stroke average. with a 72.9 Front Row: John Pinel, Doug Auw, Scott Davis, Mark Mills, Jeff King. Jimmy Carle Back Row: Coach Larry Slone, Jim Beavers, Mark Hodgkins, Ben Lane, Rob Darden, Greg Heinecke Not pictured: Jack Dilworth Golf Front Row; Samantha Mayo, Steph- anie Gentry, Chris Dacrl, Diane Smedman. Back Row: Nlki Tutor, Amy Napollta- no, Keilly Frassrand, Jennifer Humkey, Sarah Britt Not pictured: Louise Davis. Golf o 131 VOLLEYBALL Expert coaching pays off When John Blair took over the Ole Miss Volleyball program four years ago, he inherited a mediocre team that he thought would tal e six years to rebuild — it only took four. " When I got here I had a definite idea in my mind of what it would take to be successful. " he said. " 1 determine success according to my own criteria, not by wins or losses. " His first three years, 41 wins and 52 losses, was not very successful. However, those three years built the foundation for a winning season. By mid-season, the 1989 team had won more games any other team coached by Blair. In order for Blair to Incorporate his philosophy of the sport, he needed the right players to do it. Re- cruiting is the only way to get those players. One problem for Blair in recruiting players is the fact that no Mississippi high school has varsity vol- leyball: therefore, players have to be recruited from other states. In 1988 the team had most of the players it needed to compete in the Southeastern Conference, but the competition was so stiff that the Lady Rebels finised 6-17. the lowest record in school history. " Last year we went out of our way to find tough opponents because we knew that ' s the level we need- ed to be for the SEC. " Blair said. Blair said the difference in this year ' s team as com- pared to previous teams is the fact that the team is more relaxed, more confident and is playing with more Intensity. " If you ' re not playing relaxed you ' re inefficient be- cause you ' re concentrating too much on mechanics. " he said. For the Lady Rebels. Junior setter and team captain Michelle Whitby is the heart of the team. Whitby led the team with more than 700 assists, and more than 200 digs. Although Whitby has pernicious anemia, an iron deficiency anemia, she didn ' t show any effects of her condition in her games. In fact, during some games she never left the court. " Most of the time, like when you get caught up in a match, you can push yourself through. " she said. Whitby, a native of Memphis, transferred to Ole Miss in 1 987 from Mississippi State where she started all 48 games as a freshamn. However, the year she signed with Mississippi State, a new volleyball coach was hired, prompting her to transfer to Ole Miss. Whitby said. " I didn ' t like the new coach and it was a much better program here with coach Blair. " According to Cami Jones, senior blocker, Whitby ' s value to the team cannot even begin to be measured. Jones said, " I don ' t think there are enough words to describe what kind of player she is. She ' s subceptible to a lot of things, but she ' s dedicated to volleyball. " Before the season started the team set a goal to be in Pensacola. Florida. Thanksgiving Day weekend for the SEC tournament, a very realistic goal. Blair said. " Our goal was not to finish first in the conference, it was Just to finish in the top four, he said. • - by Nick Walsh TIMEOUT. Coach Blair discusses game strategy with team mem- bers. phofo by Oltle Brock Front Row: Stephanie Lindley. Gratia Bone. Kate Ditolla. Debbie Taylor, Cami Jones. Mary Ahern Back Row: Coach John Blair. Michelle Whitby. Lynn Pritchard. MeShun Thomas. Kristi Wilkinson. Rachelle Paul, trainer Janell Replogle. Assistant Coach Kalani Mahl 132 VoUeyball REACH. Lady Rebels reach for the ball in effort to make a Sideout. pholo by Onie Brock Volleyball MiKl TetmU Top twenty team For the first time ever, head coach Billy Chadwick ' s team finished in the Top 20 in the country as the Rebels ended the season ranked 15th with a 17-10 mark. Number one singles player Dave Randall achieved the highest ranking ever by a Rebel moving as high as ninth during the season. Randall finished the season 21st in the nation, one position away from being named an All-American. He was 31-8 in singles com- petition. Keith Evans finished runner-up to Alabama ' s John Stenson in the Southeastern Conference ' s No. 2 championship. Jamie Booras and Mike Knowles teamed up to finish as the SEC ' s runner-up No. 2 doubles team. Randall, who qualified for the NCAA in singles play. Joined forces with Booras in NCAA doubles action. As a team, it was the first time Ole Miss qualified for the NCAA Tournament. The Rebels were eliminated in the first round by Miami, Fla. TENNIS TEAM (left to right Front Row: Coach Bil- ly Chadwlck, Derek Brooks, Mike Knowles, Jamie Booras, Dan Brooks, John Sales, Jim Williams, Jay Toupes (graduate assis- tant]. Back Row: Eric Schwing, Dave Randall, Raphael Hererra, Steven Alfano, Tommy Alfano. S3!H I ■ H ■ BQI ' 4 HHH mmeSS BI _ 2mh H t y ALL-AMERICAN Number one singles player Dave Randall reaches to return the ball, photo by sKUohnson 134 o Men ' s Tennis Men ' s Tennis o 135 Wotmmk TeiwJi Disappointing Season The Ole Miss women ' s tennis team had a disappointing season fin- ishing eighth in the Southeastern Conference with an 11-10 mark. Number one singles player Alison Hill finished 98th in the NCAA| accumulating a 26-15 record. The doubles team of Ferris Newell and Nina Topper finished with a I mark of 4-3 playing at the No. 2 doubles position. The team of Melissa Davidson and Kim Schmitz at No. 3 doubles also finished with a 4-3 1 mark. TENNIS TEAM (left to right) Front Row: Jill Cvelbar, Malissa Davidson, Alison Hill, Nina Topper, Susan Campbell, Ivy Conoley. Back Row: Kate Jones. Ferris Newell, Coach Jerry Montgomery, Kim Schmitz, Stephanie Dixon, Kim Schmitz. 136 Women ' s Tennis o 137 Meni Tiuick Indoor Season The Ole Miss men ' s track team worked its way through the indoor season with mixed results. On the individual side of the coin, Ole Miss men turned in some stellar performances. But as a whole, the team had a dis- appointing season, finishing ninth with 14 points at the Southeastern Conference In- door. LSU won the champion- ship with 1 17 points. Freshman triple Jumper Alvin Haynes earned six of the Rebels ' points with a third- place finish. Haynes Jumped 5 1 - 10 1 2, improving his personal best by two feet and tying a team record. In the 500 meters, Gabriel Dear finished fifth to earn his first SEC points and senior Bucky Thomas took fifth in the 800 meters. The high- light of Thomas ' season came when he won the 800 meters at the Shearson Leh- man Hutton Games. Other highlights during the season was a record- breaking performance at the Arkansas State Relays by the distance medley relay team of Donald Kelley, Russ Curry, Phillip Dorion. and Mark Hadley. Sprinter Derrick Green set a meet record at the Arkan- sas State Invitational in the 200-meter dash, and the 4x400-meter realy team of Green, Kelly, Curry, and Dear also took first place. I _ AND THEY ' RE OFF The Rebel track team does some warm-up sprints, photo by Ken luey Front Row Brian ONeal. Brian Kelly. Michael Cox. Cornelius McNeil. Terrance Manogin. 2nd Row Phillip Doiron. Charles Yarn. Calvin Stansil. Mark Hadley. Allan Ince. Ley Fletcher. 3rd Row: Bo Boatner. Steve Rowland. Kevin Buffington. Brian Pope. Dirk Lipert. Don Kelley. Kaliepha Lewis. Willie Walker, photo by Ken luey 138 o Men ' s Track wf — I HARD RUN Willie Walker (left) and Alvln Hanyes (right) work- ing out. photo by Ken luey SUPERSTAR George Kersh, a world-class runner, In action. photo by Paul Mink GET THOSE KNEES UP Rebel tracksters practice their sprints. 1 WHIP IT Steve Rowland practices throws the Javelin. Men ' s Track o 139 (¥oiuen,i Tiadc Team shows individual success f The Lady Rebel track team, much like the men ' s team, enjoyed some Individual successes and showed evidence of improving as a team. The Lady Rebels finished ninth, at the South- eastern Conference Indoor. Darlene Calvin earned points with a sixth-place finish in the 3000-meter run. The team of Bonnie C ollins, Erica Burley, Kris- ti Mullins, and Nyarinda Aduma finished sixth in the mile relay. Calvin set a team record at the Shearson Lehman Hutton Games in the 5000-meter run. Junior Magee Henson broke a school record in the wom- en ' s 800-meter run. Henson also won the mile run at the Mississippi Open. At the Arkansas State Relays, Charlotte Ashe set a school record in the 55-meter hurdles, shattering the old mark by almost two seconds. The one bright spot for the team was a thrid-place finish in the Arkansas State Invitational. I - HEAVE HOI Jody Cline prac- tices her discus throw, photo by Ken luey _ - COMING OR GOING? Run- ning backwards Is one of the strains of practice, pholo by Ken Ivey (left to rlght)Front: Jennifer De- Cann, Erica Burley. Charlotte Ashe, Amanda Johnson, Kara Malloy. 2nd Row: Kay Morgan, Andee Rudloff, Bobbie Collins. Stacy Hudson, Nyarinda Aduma, Jody Cline. 3rd Row: Jane Glasgow, Leigh Stec, Betty Collins. Bonnie Col- lins, Earnestine Slocum, Tl- wanda Vance, photo by Ken tvey 140 o Women ' s Track I Women ' s Track o 141 MALE INTRAMURAL SPORTS CHAMPIONS SI Punt, Pass K!ck Bryan Dwen, Phi Delta Theta Field Goal Kicking — Marcos Pustilnik, Phi Kappa Tau Track Field — Sigma Nu Water Polo — Sigma Nu Tennis Singles — Blanton Hansen, Kappa Alpha Tennis Doubles — Reeves Smith, Independent Flag Football — Phi Delta Theta Volleyball — Gingos Soccer — Alpha Tau Omega 3 on 3 Basketball — Public Enemy Badminton Singles — Gabor Parragh, Independent Badminton Doubles — Parragh Gulati, Independent Nike 3-point Shoftout — Trey Romman, Alpha Tau Omega Dart Singles — Steven O ' Connor, Sigma Pi Dart Doubles — Hill Scheriger, Beta Theta Pi Swimming — Gringos - - Racquetball Singles — Ben King, Independent Racquetball Doubles — King Simpson, Independent Basketball — The Enemy Ultimate Frisbee — Sigma Nu Golf — Sigma Nu ' Indoor Wiffleball — Cub Fans Horseshoes Singles — Chuck Chase, Independent Horseshoes Doubles — Chase Gilbert, Independent Softball — Mailmen Pickleball Singles — Blanton Hanson, Kappa Alpha Pickleball Doubles — Simmons Walker, Sigma Nu Free Throw Shooting — Monty Montgomery, Sigma Nu Superstars — Leo Lazarus, Sigma Pi Hit, Run Throw — Sigma Nu i MALE INTRAMURAL ATHLETE OF THE YEAR: LEO LAZARUS, SIGMA PI FRATERNITY i leic ' rai ' ' ' en.. ' iocci !or. k: Wc iikr )arl )art iwiii kx hi iask ndo ' lors ioftl ' ick ' ick Free Sup[ FRATERNITY INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS SIGMA NU f 9l !wVfitfffi i . 142 o Intramurals A EMALE INTRAMURAL SPORTS CHAMPIONS unt, Pass Kick — Stephanie Person, Phi Mu ield Goal Kicking — Delta Delta Delta ■Track Field — Delta Delta Delta Jennis Singles — Ginger Graham, Chi Omega ennis Doubles — Noblin Graham, Chi Omega lag Football — Kappa Epsllon olleyball — NDA occer — Kappa Delta 1 J on 3 Basketball — Trio %. badminton Singles — Elizabeth Noblin, (|hi Omega Badminton Doubles — Noblin Dunaway, Chi Omega ' Jike 3-point Shootout — Elizabeth Noblin, Chi Omega Dart Singles — Lara Dunaway, Chi Omega 3art Doubles — Noblin Affman, Chi Omega swimming — Alpha Omicron Pi acquetball Singles — Dawn Parkhurst, Independent acquetball Doubles — Teller Craft, Delta Delta Delta Basketball — Miller ndoor Wiffleball — NDA iorseshoes Singles — Jackie Chase, Independent Softball — Kappa Epsilon ickleball Singles — Elizabeth Noblin, Chi Omega = ickleball Doubles — Noblin Graham, Chi Omega " ree Throw Shooting — Elizabeth Noblin, Chi Omega superstars — Kim Watkins, Kappa Delta iit, Run Throw — Ca Sandra Richmond, Martin Misses ' » «. FEMALE INTRAMURAL ATHLETE OF THE YEAR ELIZABETH NOBLIN. CHI OMEGA OVERALL FEMALE INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS CHI OMEGA Intramurals o . 43 144 M-CUi The Ole Miss M Club is composed of those men who have earned a varsity letter in one of the intercollegiate sports sponsored by the Univer- sity to include: cross country track, baseball, basketball, football, golf, tennis, and trac k (indoor and outdoor). The purpose of the M Club is to promote ath- letes and sportsmanship on campus, assist in the recruiting of perspective high school student- athletes and function as a social and service organization. The student M Club, in conjunction with the M Club Alumni Association, annually sponsors eight scholarships for the children of former Ole Miss M Club members. The M Club has traditionally been honored with the respon- sibility of selecting the homecoming court. M-Club Members (left to right): Jay Hopson. Jem Morrison. Micha Winter, Ronnie McKinney. Kevin Kessinger, Andy Dalton, Rob Boyi Chris Bell, Ley Fletcher. Tim Brown. Eric Schwing. Rafael Herren Spence Fletcher 2nd Row: Chauncey Godwin. Christopher Mitchel Darryl Smith. Phillip Doiron. Brian Kelly, Collier Simpson. Jim Coi man. Lee Mock, Tim MuUins. Tim Jumper 3rd Row: John Darnel Kenny Carlyle. Don Kelley, Alvin Haynes. Brian Cagle. Doug Jacob Jamie Booras, Bubba Gunter, Lee Latt, Ken Williams. Grant SuUivai, Reid HineS photo by Ken tvey i Lady M-Club Members: 1 O M-Clubs - M-Club Officers L-R: Jamie Booras, Sgt. at Arms; Spence Fletcher. Secretary: Chris- tian Hail. Sweetheart: Pepper Pounds. President: Ricky Richardson, Treasurer: Jeff Rhodes. Vice President M-Clubs o 145 MMa. Rebel Recruiters The Rebel Recruiters have been a vital part of the football program at Ole Miss for more than 10 years. The girls represent Ole Miss with their friendly smiles and their cooperative attitudes. Not only do they recruit prospective football play- ers, but also they support the football team by keeping the school spirit behind them. The coaching staff appreciate all the Rebel Re- cruiters, for they depend on their helping make a strong football team — a team that will bring school spirit and a winning season. REBEL RECRUITERS: Angela Abraham, Deborah Alex- ander, Janetta Bibbs, Nichelle Boyd, Carmela Brown. Har- riet Bryan, Patty Bryant, Piper chapman, Phoebe Davis, Dana Dickins, Missy Edwards, Theresa Gillom, Jennifer Hale, Leigh Herrington, Danielle Kirkpatrick, Denise Knight, Reeca Lockhart, Tonya Miller, Amanda Mason, Angela McGlowan, Misty Owens, Jill Samsel, Monica Thoas, Kathy Vicars, Renee ' Walker, Kim Watkins, Mary Werby, Yolanda Wesley, Heather Irby, Tracey Williams, Tonya Britt, Lisa Brown, Leslie Haile, Stephanie Hatchcock, Sherry Love, Nora Murray, Anna Kay Stevens, McDaniel May, Stacy Tucker, Tammy Fos 146 O Rebel Recruiters Karate Club The Ole Miss Karate Club was founded in 1975 by Bob Nance. Nance ' s senior student, Bobby Holley, took over as instructor of the group in 1982. Holley is currently director of the Mississippi Karate Associ- ation. The style of the Ole Miss Karate Club is Isshinryu, an Okinawan variety. Balance, posture, and agility are stressed as well as stamina and phys- ical conditioning. The club represents the University by sponsoring a major tournament each fall, through seminars by karate masters such as A.J. Advincula, and by its own demonstrations and rank tests. The Karate Club meets on Monday and Wednesday nights, and is open to all students, faculty, and staff. — SELF DEFENSE Karate is a good form of self defense. In addition to regular training, the club shows self defense techniques to stu- dents living on campus, photos by Ken ;uey 1 Karate Club Members: Ronald Parker, Marcus Barber, Michael Norton. Shawn Perera. Bob Edwards. Gavin Relly, Mike Kelley. Coleman Helton. Mike Kirkpatrick. Jim McColgan. Connie Cammp- bell, Tracy Carter, Greg Glasck, David Craig. Wes Salmon. Cher- rylyn Charette, Patrick Bowen, Monic Pendergraft, Tamara Mc- Colgan. Robert Holley, Brian Tucker Karate Club o 147 17 ' ' i Organizations Edited by: Melvin Seid Theresa Champion 148 o Organizations Division There are numerous stu- dents organizations on the Ole Miss campus. Inside are a some of the more popular organizations. A NEW GROUP Frank Howard gets advised by Keith Young, Scott Long, Kenny Devening, Thomas Brown, and Professor Terry Weill, photo by Geoffrey Nabors Organizations Division o 149 DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN The Daily Misstssippian is the only daily student- run newspaper In Mississippi. It publishes a circu- lation of 10,000 Monday through Friday and is pri- marily funded through advertising. The newspaper employs more than 80 staff members, who not only report the news, but learn to edit copy, write head- lines, design pages, and develop and print photos. The Misstssippian is the only college newspaper that has full membership in the Mississippi Press Asso- ciation. Through the MPA, The Misstssippian com- petes annually with professional newspapers state- wide. The Misstssippian has served Ole Miss since 1911, and has been daily since 1962. The Daily Missts- sippian is available for students by 7 a.m. each day in most campus buildings and at many local businesses. It not only focuses primarily upon issues that affect the Ole Miss community, but also features state, na- tional, and world news. DM STAFF The staff of the Misstssippian consists of many stu- dent writers who are studying journalism and other fields, photo by Ken Ivey SENIOR STAFF Left to right: Jeremy Weldon, Sports; Amy Stewart, Assignments Editor; Sonya Mason; News Editor; Joe Gurner. Entertainment Editor; Lee Eric Smith, Cam- pus Page Editor; Bill Dabney, EdItor-ln-Chlef; Clif Lusk. Ed- itorial Page Editor. Not Pic- tured: Mary Burns, Jeanna Lounsbury. Geoffrey Nabors, Tracl Mitchell, Allison Tarsi. Andy Staten, Amy Denkler. Jarvis Busby and Gale Denley, Publisher.pholo by Ken uey 150 D DM ' •i. ' .A - ■! ' viii ' . ' - ' -■ ' DM o 151 U-92 WUMS-FM On April 10, 1989 the newest ad- dition to the Student Media Center WUMS-FM U-92, went on the air as the nation ' s ninth College-owned, commercially operated radio station. The station is overseen by a pro- fessional station advisor but is to- tally run by the students of Ole Miss. The staff of disc Jockeys, news- anchors, salespeople, and managers are all students majoring in journal- ism and many other fields. Front Row (left to right): Scott Reece, News Director: Andrew Moore. Station Operations Manager; Stephanie Reulter, News Anchor Back Row (left to right): Travis Bedwell, Pro- gram Director; Rodney Holley. Music Director: Dena O ' Bannon. Assistant News Director Not Pictured: Jerry Campbell, Chief Engineer OLfc MI5 RAD •saia. I 1 1 OLE M 55 fssmmBm Front Row (left to right): Melanie Wadkins. Sales Manager; Sheryl Wil- liams; Rachel Belts; Alvin Hilton Back Row (left to right): Stephanie Mitchell; Karen Bally, Secretary Not Pictured: Kim Robertson. Bill Stewart, Nick Walsh Disc Jockeys Front Row (left to right): Ed Chandler. Bill Fagan, Cindy Michel, Robert Dyess, Dave Christian. Mike Kessler Back Row (left to right): Nora Murray, Sheilia Ware, Hoke Wilcox, Pete Armatis, Jay Toxey, Ben Campbell. Robbie Stewart photos by Ken luey : ' 7fiaK. :i wwiii«a;;i U-92 i r. UMTV NEWSCENE 1 2 t UMTV NEWSCENE 12 produces a nightly newscast which airs Monday through Friday. UMTV is located in Farley Hall and broadcasts over ca- ble channel 12 in Oxford. Students serve as directors, producers, an- chors, and camera operators. The station also offers a variety of pro- gramming including election cover- age, a comedy program, a morning show, and a TV news documentary series. ACTION! Malone Lankford. Jay Nix, Angela Abraham, and James Ridgway are a few of the many students who report the nightly news UMTV- 1 2 Anchors and Staff: Jeff Gam- mage (Director). Brittany Layton (News Director). Mike Kessler. Beth Webb. James Ridgway (Sports), Malone Lankford, Jay Ni. . Angela Abraham. Derrik Pitts. Wendy Selqulst. Jason Berry (Sports). Jeannie Tave, Michelle Saucier (Director), Mel Fields. Connie Williams, Matt Freeland. Jeremy Cook- er(Assignments Editor). Sanfor Hardy, Amy Carlisle (Copywriter), D.C. Lucchesi (Station Managerjphoio by Ken Ivey UMTV-12 c 153 I ASB OFFICERS ASB Officers: (L to R) Meade Mitchell, Treasurer; John Ates, President; Eric Frohn. Vice Presi- dent; Melanle Sulli- van, Secretary; not pictured Kerry Pear- son, Judicial Council Chalrmanphoto by Ken ' vey ERIC FROHN 1 [ ' 1 J MELANIE SULLIVAN JOHN AXES KERRY PEARSON MEADE MITCHELL i ASB CABINET The ASB Cabinet is composed of a group of students who are pre- sidentially appointed and senatorlally confirmed. All con- firmed members represent vari- ous areas of campus. ASB Cabinet Members: Wade Cox, Campus Affairs: Jennifer Cole, School Spirit; Ann- Marie Bishop, ASB-SPB Liaison: Phoebe Davis, Student Housing: Sam Habeeb. Ac- ademic Affairs: Robert Pickle, Executive Task Force: Gregg Mitchell, Student Serv- ices: Scott Prewltt, Elections Commission- er: Dennis Watts, Refrigerator Rentals; Rhea TannehiU, Executive Legislative Li- aison: Larry Gettys, University Relations; Steven Wall, University Development; Massod Hussain, information Manage- ment; Clark Monroe, Attorney General pho to by Ken luey JJ Tvitj KVZ- ZJ- ' ? »J »teA«, ii:i. ASB ASSISTANTS The ASB Assistants assist the ASB officers by doing clerical jobs in the ASB office. ASB Assistants are: Al- lison Pope, Vice President ' s Assis- tant; Greg Smith, Treasurer ' s Assis- tant: Angela Heard, President ' s Assistant. photo by Ken uey 156 o ASB EXECUTIVE TASK FORCE The ASB Executive Task Force was created this year by President John Ates. The committee was the means through which stu- dents could voice their ideas and concerns. Besides investigating and implementing student ideas, the committee also voiced stu- dents ' s concerns in extending the Library hours, obtaining a juice machine in the Turner Complex, enhancing the operation of the Food Services, extending Bursar hours, and paving the parking lot behind the Turner Complex. ASB Executive Task Force Members: Rob- ert Pickle. Chairman; Tommy Brown. Mark Crick. Doug Duncan. Chip FreeMan, R.C. Jackson. Alan Millis. Lea Anne Major, Harriet Bryan. Tiffany Strunk. Whitney Swindoll. Jay Weir. WInnye Wilks, James Williamson. Saun Coleman. Rhea Tan- nehlllphofo by Ken Ivey INDEPENDENT AFFAIRS The Independent Affairs com- mittee is composed of 14 inde- pendent students. These students deal with all matters concerning Independents. The committee meets regularly to discuss any problems affecting independents and to plan various activities. Independent Affairs Committee: Nichelle Boyd. Co-Chairman: Melvin Seld. Co- Chalrman; Bruce Montgomer, James Fer- guson. Daniel Slone. Javier Gulllon, Gregg Gausline. Xavier Cole, Freyja McCain. Wendy Kellum. LaTonya Taylor. Leah Russell, Linda Fanney MarphotobyKen uey ASB o 157 CAMPUS SENATE The Campus Senate is the legislative branch of the Associated Student Body and is presided over by the Vice President of the ASB. These 58 elected senators representing various areas of campus comprise the rules for carrying out business in matters delegated to the student association. In addition to making the rules regarding such things as structure and function of committees and qualifications for offices and honors, the Senate also decides how to allocate the money that allows various ASB committees to carry out their functions to best serve the students. The Senate is divided into various committees that deal with different area of the ASB. Senators are elected each fall for a one year term. — Senate Committee Chairmen: Dave Gordon. University Development: Doris Henderson. Rules: John Klnsey. University Relations; Marcl Mathews. Finance; Alleen McLaln. Government Operations; Tracey McLeod. Student Services; Monty Montgomery. Judi- ciary; Melvin Seld, Academic Affairs; Lee Eric Smith. Student Affairs; Beth Webb, Elec- tions photo by Ken Ivey 1 Campus Senators: Robin Beeson. William Bell, Bo Bond. Elizabeth Boyd. Barry Brldgforth, Jeff Brown. Paige Bruce. Michelle Burgess. McKay Gaston. Robert Cook. Jeff Dennis. Webster Franklin, Dave Fulcher, Dave Gordon. Julie Grimes. Jay Hale. Doris Henderson. Jeff Hodges, Janle Holman, Drew Holmes, Stephen Johnso. Patrick Kellum. John Klnsey, Jody Lasslter, Lisa Lay, Allen Llgon, Marcl Mathews, Jennifer McCartney, Phil McCarty, Kim McDanlel, Leigh McKnlght, Alleen McLaln. Tracey M cLeod. Sara McRcynolds. Monty Montgomery. Eone Moore. Maureen Moore. Vincent Nix. Mark Odom. Missy Pace. Pamela Parker, John Raines, Venkata Ramaraju, Rusty Reed. Eddie Rester. Brad Roberts, Melvin Seld. AJay Shah, Lee Eric Smith, Courtney Stewart, Sabrlna Story, Chris Swann, Kathryn Thomas, Dennis Townsend, Beth Webb. Shawn-Michael Wllklns. Cory Wilson. LIbby Ann Woods, Wlnnye WUks - Legislative Monitor, Rhea Tannehlll - Executive Legislative Liaison. Mark Lockhart - Sergeant-at-Arms photo by Ken luey JUDICIAL COUNCIL . The Student Judicial Council, the highest court in the ASB, consists of an elected chairman and six elected associate members. Their duties in- clude review of legislation and con- stitutional matters of the Campus Senate in addition to about 400 dis- ciplinary cases a year. Associate members are selected from six areas of the University campus. Judicial Council (left to right) Melody Patter- son, Mike Cronin, Kerry Pearson — Judicial Council Chairman, Ed Harvey, Antonio Ben- ton Not pictured; Ginger Minga, Lori Ruffin, Christine Paswan, Don Welch phoio by Meivtn Scid Judicial Bar Members: Shad Stack — Chairman, Marina Martin, Gray Tollison, Kelvin Wells, William Gage, Hugh GlUom, Stephanie Hickman, David Davis photo by Meivtn Setd ASB a 1 59 SCHOOL SPIRIT The Department of School Spirit is responsible for the planning, direc- tion, and operation of activities con- cerning school spirit. Much of the preparation for spirit activities is ac- complished by the school spirit com- mittee under the director ' s supervi- sion. The committee oversees spirit activites such as pep rallies and sign making. School Spirit Committee: Jennifer Cole — Chairman, Frank Howard, Melisse Campbell, Kim Foster, Lauren Watts, William McNa- mara, Mlndy Young, Mellnda Miller, Barabara Jim Brown, Alice Parsons, Lee Barnes, Jen- nifer Cundiff. Allison Clancy, Fred McCon- nell, Kellle Fortenberry, Heather Rodgers, Janie Holman, Caroline Caldwell, Krlsta Netz, Amy Shakespeare, Robert Collins. Will Pow- ers, Meri Beth Baumer, Gina Barton, Blair Holmes. Ken Smith, David Malone, Dawn Bruce, KristI Heflin, Tracey Johnson, Wade Holder, Andria Parrlsh, Bill Reno, Dan McEwan, Jason Grant, Edie Eklund, Elvtn Knight, Mark Davidson. Shana Goodwin, Robynne Hensarling, Chris Stephenson, Rob- in Lulgs, Jeff Michael, Chris Swann photo by Ken Ivey ELECTIONS COMMISSION The members of the Associated Student Body Elections Commis- sion are appointed by the ASB President. Election commission members make certain that can- didates meet all qualifications for their office, and that the candi- dates stay within ASB Code reg- ulations for campaigning. They also supervise campus elections in the fall and spring, except Sen- ior Class elections. If any questions about over- spending or illegal campaigning arise, the commission investigates and penalizes the candidate if ev- idence of wrongdoing is found. Elections Commission: Scott Prewitt — Chairman. Steven Dear — Vice Chairman, Margaret Minor, James Williamson, An- gela Heard, Merrill Healy, Mary Schlele Daniels photo by Ken luey 160 D ASB MGAC The Mississippi Governmental Affairs Committee (MGAC) represents the interest of the University to the legislature and tries to promote legislation that will benefit Ole Miss. It also coordinates Public Officials Day and serves as hosts to the state legislators who are honored that day. The MGAC encourages student involvement in political elections and emphasizes the importance of politics in daily life. The committee also conducts an absentee voting drive for students regarding local, state, and national elections. Members also regularly write state legislators and senators to gain support on various education bills. {hea Tannehill, Chairman ' i4att Thorton lames Williamson .ee Zoeller Jim Abbott leorge Abdo vlichelle Alt 3eth Bennett ' - aige Benton " Vnn-Marle Bishop Srlc Blunston Tiffany Brooks aroline Caldwell Bruce Cameron ISteven Chevalier Will Crosby [Mary Schetle Daniels Desire Dodd [Jimmy Evans Laura Feilds Kelly Graeber Georgia Graham Will Hall Tracy Hayes Finney Heidel Edwin Holt Louise Hooker Jonathan Johnson Amy Kilpatrick Charlie King Trey Koons Ted Lupberger Marcl Mathews Ewing Milam Maureen Moore Julianna Morals Jay Nix Scott Overby Bill Power Melanie Raines Tracy Reeves Joseph Reld Brian Rell John Reuter Jennifer Revels Melvin Seid Richard Sherman David Simcox Curtis Simon Daniel Slone Amy Solomon Kim Spencer Chris Stephenson Patricia Sterling Tiffany Strunk Julie Swayze Whitney Swindoll Cullen Wall Teri Weaver Russell Wilcox Winnye Wilkes Haley Williams Cory Wilson ASB o 161 STUDENT ADVISORY The purpose of the Student Ad- visory Committee is to inform the State Board of Trustees about any matters related to the University. This correspondence is carried out by letters and phone calls to each of the Board members. student Advisory Committee: Julie Grimes — Chairman, Jeff Wall, Rebecca Brown. Blair Holmes, Anne Marie Bishop, Bill Burdell, Beal Carothers, Woods Cavett, Chris Coleman, Douglas Coleman, Ashley Duncan, Brandt Eichman, G.G. Ferguson, Lee Goldman, Brenda Hill, Stefanie Honteus. Lee Anne Ma- jor, Mo Mallette, Mary Mauney, Allyson Mc- Collum, Leigh Anne McKissick, Lee McMillan. Cindy Mitchell, James Mogridge, Ashley My- ers. James Phillips, Le Robinson, Larry Roc- conl. Wheat Story, Susan Streete, Scott Tanzillo, Lorl Tllton photo by Ken Ivey The purpose of the Ox- ford University Liaison Commit- tee is to maintain good relations between the University and the ci- ty of Oxford. The committee has two major projects each year and sends Christmas packages and cards from the Unlverstiy to the Oxford Board of Aldermen, Lafa- yette Board of Supervisors, and members of the local Chamber of Commerce. Oxford University Liaison Committee: Stephanie Reuter — Chairman, Ann- Marie Bishop. Ann Claire. Cindy Cothren, Caml Crockett, Lindy Dorris, Timothy Ev- ans, Holly Finley, Kim Foster. Leland Gebhart, Lewis Glssel, Parker Hllburn, Don Hinton. Barry Holcomb, Janle Holman, Allison Hooker, Libbie Kakales, Bill Maddox, Dawn Lea Mars, Freyja Mc- Cain, Beth McCranie. Spencer Neff, Mar- tha Perry, Anna Provence, Melanie Put- nam, Lamar Smith, William Todd Smith, Bill Stewart, Tate Taylor, Brent Walker, Joanna Ward, Nancy Wood photo by Ken ivey OXFORD UM LIAISON 162 o ASB ACADEMIC AFFAIRS The Academic Affairs Department serves the students in representing their concerns before the University Academic Council and by establish- ing projects to enhance the academic integrity of the students. Issues such as Academic Discipline, Grade Pol- icy, and Dead Week Days have been among recent concerns. Academic Affairs Committee: Chip Freeman — Chairman. Sam Habeeb — Director. Pat Scanlon. Amy UdouJ. Charlie King. Yolanda Wesley. Jeanna Sewell, Mark Lockhart. Lane Baker. George Salloum. Melvln Seld. Brenda Hill, Angela Mllburn. Rebecca Brown, Terri Scott, Daniel Slone, Tracey Hayes photo by Ken tuey STUDENT HOUSING The ASB Student Housing commit- tee is controlled by the Student Housing division of the ASB cabinet, and primarily acts as a liaison be- tween ASB and the Interhall Coun- cil. The committee has representa- tives in every dormitory on campus, allowing residents to easily present ideas or problems to the dorm ad- ministration. Some activities spon- sored by the committee include a housing pamphlet and movie nights. Student Housing Committee: Phoebe Davis — Director, Bruce Bradshaw, Shah Nagree, Tanya Glover, Pam Ross, Gene Bradford, Paul Huddleston. Tonya Miller, Wlnnye Wllks photo by Ken tuey ASB o 163 STUDENT HEALTH The Student Health Advisory Committee is designed to provide input into the Student Health Services to help make recommen- dations for improvement. It also informs and educates students of current health Issues as well as the services available from the Student Health Service to all stu- dents who pay an activity fee. student Health Advisory Committee: Mark Crick - Chairman, Mary Schlele Daniels, Tracy Hayes, Le Robinson, Ken Smith, Bill Reno, Scott Manton, Holly Bounds, Misty Owens, Michelle Jordan, Michael Kelesar, Ellen Rost and photo by Ken Ivey STUDENT UPD RELATIONS The Student University Police Department Relations Committee strives to achieve better commu- nications between the Universi- ty ' s students and its Police De- partment. The committee organized a public forum in which Police Chief Mike Stewart an- swered questions asked by stu- dents to clear up any misconcep- tions and clarify all policies. Student UPD Relations Committee: Ben Daniel - Co-chairman, Elizabeth Kehoe — Co-chairman, Will Powers, Trip Dyer, Trey Koons, Patrick Barrett, Patricia Brewer, Winnye Wilks pholo by Ken ;uey 164 o ASB STUDENT LOAN SERVICE The Student Loan Service Is an ASB funded operation that provides Ole Miss students with short-term loans when they are in need of fi- nancial assistance. Loans between $15 and $100 are given out to stu- dents to be paid back within 30 days. The Student Loan Service is located in room 408 of the Student Union. student Loan Service Committee; Calvin Tay- lor - Chairman. Josh Shaw. Lisa Bragg. Jeanne Redding. Steven Dear. Allyson Mor- gan. Jeff Smith. Caroline HIatt. David Walker, Chris Hester, Kim Walters. Kate Otis. Maureen Moore, Keith Hill photo by Ken ;uey BOOK EXCHANGE This year, for the first time in many years, the ASB Book Exchange was put back into operation. The Book Exchange, which provides the students with a means of receiving extra profits for their used text- books, was a huge success as a re- sult of a surprising student partic- ipation. In the future, as the service continues to improve, it will become a valuable resource for the students at the beginning of the semester. Book Exchange Committee: Todd Greer — Chairman. Beth Coleman. Ellen Lackey, Kevin Gray, Jenni Kelly. Yvonne Couevas, Whitney SwindoU, Cliff Holmes photo by Ken ivey ASB 165 RACE RELATIONS The purpose of the Race Relations Task Force is to create better com- munications between races making it possible to diminish racial ster- eotypes; have a greater insight into race relations; form a better sense of community; develop an ability to discuss race relations; work togeth- er toward solutions to racial prob- lems that exist at Ole Miss. The Race Relations Task Force hold reg- ular meetings twice a month. Speakers, films, and discussion ses- sions which are open to the public, include some of the committee ' s ac- tivities. Race Relations Task Force: Becky Molltor - Co-chairman Leanna Range — Co-chairman. John Coker. Paige Ben ton. Jay Olgesby. Ruth Echols, Trlcla Tharp. Leo Em erson. Pam Turner. Monica Lacy. Al Williams. Jennifer Kovach. Gerald Harnel. Tim Roberson. Julie Grimes. Al- lyson Morgan. Frank Dyer. Hallle Ladner, David Walker, Rand Ray. Jay Wellons. Eric Bluntson. Glnny Wlttlchcn, Steven Dear. Missy Pace. Jim Abbott. De ' teena Bender, Dawn Lea Mars, Spencer Neff, Clark Monroe, Shana Goodwin, Tonya Collins, Jennifer Swords, Lee Goldman Frank Howard, Tate Taylor, Dan McEwan, Will Sanders Kim Smith, Ginger Graham, Amy Haddad, Erik Shnautz Llda Patterson, Will Powers, Ken Smith, Chris Patton Karen Morgan, Andrla Parrlsh, Mark Pierce, Ann Huthnance, Sara Coleman, Elizabeth Boyd, Courtney Da vis, Douglas Coleman. Michelle Leffler. Dawn Dugan. Chip Frensley. John McMohon. Joe Kelly. Jay Wheller, Krlstl Davis, Mac Kennlngton, Phoebe Davis, Richard Farrlngton, Jeb Buck photo by Ken Ivey INDEPENDENT GREEK 166 Independent Greek Relations Committee members are; Winnye Wilks — Ciiairman, Ava Peterman, Chrlstlng Brewer, Fred Mc- Connell, Shannon Massle, Peter Pan, Tam- my Seid, Jeff Henson, Heather Rodgers, LaTonya Taylor. Steve Harrison, Jimmy Evans, Pete Davis, Melissa Thrash, Wade Cox, Laura Fields, Phil McCarty, Steven Chevalier, Pat Scanlon, Carroll Blair, Janle Holman, Parker HUburn, Missy Barnett, Melanle Putnam, Monica Prather, Beth Duncan, Stacy Greer, Amy Solomon, Eric Boling, Larry Rocconl, Laura Foster, Ptrlck Hyde, Stanton Scott, Tina File, Susie War- rle. Bill Reno, Chris Stephenson, Terl Wea- ver, Mark Davidson, Alice Parsons, Krlstl HefUn, Mary Schlele Daniels, Chris Swann, Wendy Stringer, Caroline Cald- well, Tracy Hayes, Julie Gann, Lisa Jones, Juan Trlppe, Harriet Bryan, Paul Gllmore, Dana Newell, Leigh Williams. Todd Smith, Will Crosby, Kathryn Hayes, Mary Russ, Allison Pope, Llckl LIpplncott, Amy Black- burn, Kim Brocato, John Turner, Andrla Parrlsh, Brltin Boatrlght, Craig Orr, Wyatt Waltman, Lisa Bragg, Ellen Rostand, Jeff Henson, Blair Holmes, Kate Otis, Allison Sample pholo by Ken Ivey o ASB REFRIGERATOR RENTALS The purpose of Refrigerator Rent- als Committee is to offer students the convenience of renting rather than buying. This department pro- vides a major source of revenue for the ASB. Rentals are $60 for the ac- ademic year and $30 for the summer sessions. Refrigerator Rentals Committee: Trey Gore - Chairman, Ellen Gallina, Mike Tompkins, Chris Colosimo. Anne Fowlkes, De ' teena Bender, Fred McConnell, Julie Allen, Todd Nations, Ted Thompson, Phil Smith, Gerald Chatham, David Mortimer, John Green, Brad Downs, Jody Neyman, Jason Garner, Robert Shearon, Brandt Eichman, Byron Luber, Ka- ren Drake, Kirk McKay, Shawn Harris, Kevin McKay photo by Ken uey jiaij JLrf, UNIVERSITY DEVELOPMENT The University Development Com- mittee is responsible for student fund raising, promotion of the Uni- versity of Mississippi alumni contri- butions, and planning and imple- menting projects to better Ole Miss financially. The Committee also de- velops students ' ideas into programs that can enhance the University ' s environment. University Development Committee: Steven Wall - Chairman. Stacey Gatlin — Vice Chair- man, Hallie Ladner. Patricia Sterling, Tracy Hayes, Christine Brewer, Kristi Heflin, Scott Walker, Charlie King, Charlie Upton. Wes Daughdrill, Yolanda Wesley, Ava Peterman, Elizabeth Boyd, Todd Nations, Tucker Person photo by Ken Ivey ASB o 167 AMBASSADORS The Ole Miss Ambassadors and Re- gional Representatives play an impor- tant part in the high school and junior college relations activities of the Admis- sions office. A student organization within the executive branch of the ASB government, the Ambassadors provide tours, assist campus visitors, attend re- ceptions for prospective students, visit high schools, and participate in other programs that communicate information about Ole Miss. Ambassador Officers: John Kinsey, Co-chairman; Jeanna Sewell, Co-chairman; Whitney Swindoll, Secretary; Paul Huddleston, Tours Chairman; Melvin Seid, Letters Chair- man; Patricia Sterhng, Phone Blitz Chairmna; Xavler Cole, Minority Affairs Chairman; Mark Lockhart, Off-Campus Events Chairman; Shannon Massie. On-Campus Events Chairman; HalUe Ladner, Public Relations Officer photos by Ken Ivey Members: Lynn Beard, Missy Bingham. Hank Blumenthal. Harriet Bryan. Katie Busby. Caroline Caldwell Xavler Cole. Heather Cook. John Cosby. Mike Cronln. Ruth Echols. Laura Foster. Lee Goldman, Paul Huddleston. Jennifer Jackson. Grace Ann Kennedy, John Kinsey, Hallle Ladner, Amanda Lewis. Mark Lockhart, Amy Lowe, Francis Ma, Lee Anne Major, Shannon Massie, Elizabeth McClatchy, Margaret Minor, Neesa Neal, Linda Neyman, Misty Owens, Peter Pan, Chris Patton, Leanna Range, Laurie Rose, Terrl Scott, Melvin Seld, Jeanna Sewell, Marlsa Songcharoen, Donnette Stafford, Patricia Sterling Whitney Swindoll, Rhea TannehlU, Kathryn Thoma, Melissa Thrash, Juan Trlppe, Heather Vahle, Jeff Wall, Lauren Watts, William Webb. Kim Wilder. Cory Wilson, Michelle Alt, Can- dice Black, Georgia Borden, Barbara Jim Br own, Re- becca Brown, Holley Hadad, Verna Humphrey, Mary Mauney, Mary ORyan. Kate Otis, Marley Rivers, Al- lison Sample, Daniel Slone, Tammle Turner, Amy Vincent, Tert Weaver, Yolanda Wesley, Paschal Wil- son Russell Wilson, Caroline Adams, Elizabeth Al- exander, Julie Allen, Cynthia Amlsano, Tara Atch- ison Catherine Atkinson. Behnda Baker. Ashley Bennett. Chris Bennett. Vlckl Berry. Amy Blackburn. Amanda Bobb. Angela Boutwell. Tonya Brltt. Jeane Bucker BJ Canup. Dow Canup. Donnle Chambllss. Pamela Chase. Anne Cockfleld, John Coker, Clndl Covey, Mark Crowe. Tiffany Curtis. Kathryn Dllworth. Brandt Elchman. Anne Elliott, Ted Lupberger, Amy Epley, Klair Fitzgerald, Heath Franklin, Dudley Freeman, Stephanie Grant, Daniel Habeeb. Joy Haddock, Cindy Harrison, Perry Haw- kins, Jeff Henson, Melissa Hipp, Louise Hooker, Vlk- kl Hoops, Mary Katherlne Hovlous. Todd Inman. Nan Jernlgan. Jennl Kelly. Christy Lane. Malone Lankfor, Cary Lee. T Allen Llgon. Angel Little. Renee Lockhart, Jon Lucas, LeeAnne Lucas, Leigh Lucas. Mandy Martin, Melissa McGee, Leigh McKnlght, Angle McLeod, Mandl Norton, Mike Orr, Jennifer Pace. Allyson Parden. Andrla Parrish. Jessie Par- sons, Tucker Person, Leslie Pettis, Sherri Prstridge, Anna Provence, Lee Pryor, Melanle Rains Cavett Rt- cllff, Stacy Reaves. Kim Riser, Klmberly Roberts, Amy Shakespeare, Caroline Smith, Bryan Stephens, Sabrlna Story, Jay Stroble, Mark Strong, Mlkkl Thomas, Cissy Thompson, Leigh Triche, Rlsa Wadklns, Shery Wallace, Joanna Ward, Jeff Warren, Scott Watson, Kevin Wilkinson, Richard Williams, James Williamson, Melissa Windham, Katie Wood, Ava Peterman l iiu ' iri t ' iy 168 I y Ambassadors CHANCELLOR ' S LEADERSHIP In 1985 Chancellor Gerald Turner announced the forma- tion of the Chancellor ' s Lead- ership Class. As a result, the University launched a search for approximately sixty pro- spective freshman men and women to Join the proud ranks of the Leadership Class. These select students are chosen for their accomplishments in high scho ol and are encouragde to further develop their leaderh- sip abilities. As preparation for their leadership roles, the members of the Leadership Class attend leadership functions and sem- inars throughout the year. Leading the discussions of these events are members of the administration, interna- tionally known professors, students holding top offices in campus groups, and govern- ment, professional, and busi- ness leaders. Class members are encouraged not only to take part in the various organ- izations on campus, but to continue to participate in civic and state after graduation. Gina Barton Canon Beissel Chris Bennett Mike Blossom Elizabeth Carson Donnie Chambliss Pamela Chase Shaundolyn Coleman Douglas Coleman Guy Collins Jennifer Compretta Tiffany Curtis Courtenay Davis Jarvis Davis Amy Dennis Lynn Dickson Patrick Donnelly Ashley Duncan Anne Elliott Jennifer Evans Tony Gaines Jenny Garrott Ann Gates Kent Gieselmann Terri Goode Chad Graeber Perry Hawkins Dara Heitzke Jean Henderson Stacy Hite Jesse Holland Mary Katherin Hovious Maylon Jackson Steven Jackson Todd Johnson Steven Johnston LouAnn Jones David Law Montray Leavy Gary Lee Allen Ligon Melissa Loustalot Jennifer Long Leigh Lucas Brad Mcadory Dedee McGreger Leigh McKnight William O ' Mara Kerri Parker Tucker Person Allison Pope Cindy Ray Andy Roth Mary Elizabeth Russ Dee-Dee Sanders Michael Sanders Margi Sheehan Ruth Allison Simon Bill Spencer Martha Stansel Sabrina Story Lara Streete Mary Sumrall Jennifer Sundberg Jeremey Ward George White Barry Wicktom photo by Ken Ivey CLC o 169 STUDENT PROGRAMMING The University of Mississippi Stu- dent Programming Board (SPB) has had a busy year planning various activites for Ole Miss students. With many activities for fall and spring semesters, the SPB played an im- portant role in adding color and fun to the Ole Miss Campus. During the year, the SPB schedule included Tailgate Thursday, Home- coming Festivities, movies in the grove, a bus trip to the Delta Blues Festival, Parade of Beauties, Miss University, Joe Clark, the annual ski trip to Steamboat Springs, and con- certs by The Indigo Girls, HooDoo Gurus, Winton Marsalis, and The Neville Brothers. student Programming Board Committee Charlmen (left to right): Pat Scanlon, Howard Graham. Tim Porter, Tee Brown, David Mar- tlneau, Robert Wood — Director, Steven Che- valier — Associate Director, Phil McCarty, Trip Dyer, Mark Lockhart, Albert Jones. Sa- rah Jernigan. not pictured Kathy Hayes photo by Ken Ivey Committee Members of the Student Programming Board photo by Ken luey 170 b SPB . FA LA LA Hud- son Bradford strums a cheerful tune dur- ing noontime enter- tainment. RING BANG BANG! The Rock- afellas was one of the many bands that were scheduled throughout the year. photos by Ken Ivey OOH BABY! Trow- bridge and Harring- ton play heart- throbbing songs in front of the Union during Homecoming Week, pholo by Melvtn SPB o 171 BLACK STUDENT UNION The Black Student Union of the University of Mississippi is a social service and political or- ganization designed to promote black inter- ests. The goal of the BSU is to establish black awareness and to unite and maintain black identity at Ole Miss. Any student enrolled at the University of Mississippi who supports and promotes the principles and ideas expressed in the pream- ble of the Black Student Union is eligible for membership. OFFICERS: President: Reginald Turner Vice-President; Renecia Hil l Secretary; LaTonya Taylor Treasurer: Frank Howard Jr. (not pictured) THE BLACK STUDENT GOSPEL CHOIR (pictured below) First row left to right: Alecia Johnson. Barbara Howard, Renecia Hill. Tammie Turner, Angela Heard, IVIariette Cummings, Lisa Bennett, Stephanie Sanford, Velsie Pate Second row left to right: Lynette Keys, Willie Isom. Keith Hill, Rodney Carouthers, Patrick Thomas, Alvin Webb. Nino Arnold, CaSondra Richmond Third row left to right: Reginald Turner, Devin Howell, Robert Jones, Harold Holmes, Montray Leavy photo by Ken ivey 172 o Black Student Union i CHOIR OFFICERS: Renecia Hill, President: Lisa Bennett, Vice- President: Alicia Johnson, Treasurer: Regnald Turner, Director, Co- ordinator: not pictured: Angenette Smith, Secretary. FIGHT THE POWER! Keith Hill, Nino Arnold, Montray Leavy and Robert Jones talk over their routine backstage before performing at a BSU lip sync contest to raise money for the Chucky Mul- 11ns fund, photo by Tim ;uy Black Student Union o 173 BVTERHALL COUNCIL Interhall Council (IHC) is the stu- dent body for the residence hall sys- tem. Meetings are held each in which Hall Reprsentatlves report their specific hall ' s events or prob- lems. IHC is part of the South At- lantic Association of College and University Residence Halls (SAACURH) and the National As- sociationof College and University Residence Halls (NACURH). Each of these organizations holds a yearly business meeting which all member schools attend. IHC Officers: Jim Pirnik, President: Antliony Johnson. Vice President; Cindi Covey, Sec- retary: Victoria Lawson, Treasurer; Perry Hawkins, Programming Charlman IHC Representatives: Nancy Wood, Bruce Montgomery, Cindi Covey. Melanie Calvasina, Mary Ann Arnold, Perry Hawkins, Kumar Ral- lapalli photos by Ken Ivey 174 o IHC Boot One of the most exciting functions that IHC sponsors each year is the Haunted house lo- cated in the basement of BIS Residence Hall. Many creatures dwell there eager to scare the wits out of daring stu- dents, photos by Ken Ivey IHC o 175 STOCKARD MARTBV HALL Stockard Martin Hall, commonly known as " Towers " , are halls which separately house freshman men and women. The two halls are separated by a lobby which houses a conve- nience store and grill and a com- puter room. One of the most popular freshmen halls, Stockard Martin continues the tradition of providing its residents with freshman mem- ories that last a lifetime. Residence Advisors of Stockard Martin Hall are Bruce Bradshow, Tonya Miller, Leanna Range, Robin Foreman, Phoebe Davis, Paul Huddleston, Shah Nagree, Kevin Dixon, Ashwin Karamanchandrani, Joanna Her- nandez, Russell Pottes, Russell Church, Win- nye Wilks, John Cosby. Reggie Turner, Ste- phen Lindsey, Tami Taylor, Betty Boyles, Carrie Shull, Lisa Ellington, David Merkul, Stephanie Parham photo by Melvtn Seid The National Residence Hall Hon- orary (NRHH) is an honorary which recognizes students for their accom- plishments as residence hall lead- ers. NRHH qualifications are based on both academic statndards and student involvement in Improving residence hall life. Chairman: Andrew J. Pirnik, Jr. Co Chairman: Paul Huddleston Organizers: Jody Cllne and Sam Habeeb photo by Ken Ivey 176 O Housing »i CROSBY HALL f r Crosby Hall Council: Ginger Robertson, Pam Simmons, Jessica Klaus, Heidi Tickle, Lisa Brown, Anna Leisa Baker, Yolanda Wesley, Lorl lelaidnis, Theresa Glllom, Tonya Hilllardphoto by Ken luey Crosby Hall, the largest wom- en ' s hall on campus boasts 10 floors with a kitchen TV lounge on each floor. Crosby offers a vid- eo game machine and tape rent- als. The hall council, resident ad- visors, and hall director work hard to provide a " home away from home " for each of the res- idents. To entertain its residents and to bring such a large group of girls together, Crosby sponsors cookouts. Homecoming activities, and holiday parties. Crosby Hall residents are actively involved in sports and organizations through- out campus and the advisors strive constantly to provide res- idents with the most up-to-date services. Crosby Hall Resident Advisors: Susie Stuvee. Victoria Lawson, Tracy Ross. Doreen Langley, Erika Hen- derson, Stephanie Edwards, Sabrlna Thomas. Gtna Hummel, Brooke Anthony, Suzanne Sarbeck, Ghana Brownphoto by Ken luey I Housl ng O 177 ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN STUDENTS The Association of Women Stu- dents is a student organization working to improve and thereby promote the needs and concerns of women students on this cam- pus in all areas: personal, educa- tional, and economic. AWS pro- vides information on topics of interest through outreach pro- grams, workshops, and fund- raising events. However, most of all, AWS creates and educational atmosphere while offering a va- riety of fun-filled activities with many oppertunities to meet new friends and enjoy new experiences together. OUTSTANDING WOMEN Membership In AWS Is extended to all women enrolled at the University of Mlssissippl.phofo by Ken Ivey AWS Officers: Suzanne Sklpton, President; Missy Pace, Vice President; Anna Provence, Secretary; Stephanie TenEyck. by Ken uey AWS Board Members: Julie Hardness, Tajuana Reduond, Tony Miller, Kara Rawls, Kim Foster, Shelly McNeer. Kim Penlngtoi Abby Allen. Heidi Tickle. Leanna Range. Amy Stewart, Christ Neal, Lisa Smith, WInnye Wllks, Julie Grimes, Tara Hart, Holl Hobbs, Karen Quinn photo by Ken ;uey AWS .. 6P ' x At:;r,:i?p:i5 s; iiS «!SS rs SENIOR CLASS The Senior Class Executive Com- mittee is composed of a select num- ber of students who organize activ- ities in order to raise money for their yearly class project. The goal of the Committee is to choose a project that will in some way contribute to the beauty of the campus. Senior Class Officers: Jim Eckholz, Elizabeth Noblln, and Pat Scanlon photo by Ken ;uey Senior Class Execu- tive Committee: Sam Habeeb, Russell Pot- ter. Cotrell Barber, Steven Chevalier, Dennis Watts, Kandy French. Wlnnye Wllks, Tracy Hayes, Susan Streete. Anne Trainor, Tina Tom- llnson. Heather Hartmann. Stefanle Hontzas, Chalise Le- nor, Margaret Pryor, Elizabeth Turner, Sharon Dowdy, Cody Waters, Jon Habans. Dawn Leas Mars pho- to by Ken tuey Senior Class o 179 SINGAPORE ASSOCIATION Members: Meng Lee Chan, Swee Yong Cheng, Hwee Mian Heng, Slew Huat Goh, Tan Kim Goh, Hock Eng Kwang, Lee Peng, Maria Ko. Lee Tiong, Kok Leong, Tien Fang Lim, Wai San Mong, Seng Chiew Ngoi, Gin Guan Ong, Kee Cheong Tan, Chin Hian Tay photo by Ken Ivey The India Association is com- posed of students and faculty at Ole Miss of Indian origin; howev- er, membership is open to anyone interested. The main purpose of the association is to provide op- portunities for interaction among the members at the social level; facilitate and promote greater awareness of India and its culture among the students of Ole Miss; and provide moral support and as- sistance to its members. Social in- teraction opportunities are provid- ed by celebrations of India festivals, India Night — a major event, and participation in on- campus international events like the " melting pot. " These events provide a glimpse of the Indian culture and tradition. Pictured are the members of the India As- sociation. phoio by Melvln Seld 180 o Organizations INDIA ASSOCIATION F MALAYSIAN ASSOCIATION m The Malaysian Student Associa- tion was formed in January of 1982. F " rom a charter membership of 15 the Malaysian Student Association has grown to a membership of over 80 students. The goal of the association is to foster friendship and good-will among Malaysian students and Uni- versity residents. The annual Malay- sian Night, sponsored by ASB takes place in mid-November. The event includes exhibition of handicrafts, posters, food, and traditional songs and dances performed by the Ma- laysian students. ««i photos by Ken Ivey Malaysian Students o 181 COLLEGE REPUBLICANS College Republicans Is an organ- ization which promotes the Repub- lican Party on university campuses across the nation. The Ole Miss Chapter of College Republicans meets on the first and third Tues- days of each month. College Repub- licans fosters opportunities for youth in the Republican party and func- tions as a vital link for many Ole Miss students Interested in the po- litical world. College Republican Officers: Victor Smith, Chairmand; Steven Wall, First Vice Chair- man: Cory Wilson, Second Vice Chairman: Daine Risher, Secretary: Mark Lockhart, Treasurer: George Parker, Publicity photo by :: ' - ifr " ' -f: ' ' i - " " i?Try ' :if ' y :; STUDENT ALUMNI COUNCIL The Student Alumni Council (SAC) began in 1980 with the goal of helping the alumni association with bridging the gap between the alumni and students. Members of SAC act as hosts at all alumni fuc- tions such as alumni dinners, re- unions. Homecoming activities, and Law weekends. SAC Members: Anne Trainor, John Kln- sey, Dlna Blaylock, Lee Phillips, Fred Mc- Connell, Stacey Kellum, Lloyd Dixon, Brooke Anthony, Susan Bailey, Elizabeth Bridges, Julie Swayze, Heather Cook, Kelly Wilson, Kelley Rogers, Anna Kathryn Guest, Jonathan Johnson, Karen Jolly, Wana Humphrey, Leland Martin, Amy Liv- ingston, Caren Hennessey, Melanie Put- nam, Caroline Ruff, Yolanda Wesley, Libby Ann Woods, Lee Carney, Melissa Perry, Raymond Vallier, Jenifer Hale, Michelle Morris, Leslie Wood, Adam Andrews, Al- lison Pope, Leigh Ann Davis, Alison Os- borne, Sabrlna Story, Karen Honeycutt, Patricia Starkey. Katy Shaw, KImberly Pennington, Mike Erhardt, Julie Hartness, Stacey Re aves, Tommy Lee Thompson, Alan B. Vestal, Margi Sheehan, Audra Par- ker, Anna Provence, Diane Montgomery, Jacqueline Jordan, Mark Prince, Lisa Thompson, Tonya Miller photo by Ken ivey 182 o Organizations I BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Ole Miss Baptist Student Un- ion is an organization for all Chris- tian students who wish to join to- gether to grow closer to Christ. Such growth Is achieved through Bible study, discipleship, weekly fellow- ship, and intramural activities spon- sored by the Baptist Student Union. The BSU also conducts campus and community outreach projects which give students opportunity to minis- ter to others. Officers: Laura Leigh Barnes, President: Seth Lowery. Vice President; William Bell, Summer Missions Chairman: Was McComas, Worship Chairman: Allison Chrestman, Local Missions Chairman; Gewaise Chuan, Internatioal Chairman; Susan Ganann, Social Chairman:Llsa Jackson, Secretary: Greg Morgan. Outreach Chairman: Chuck Myers, Publicity: Denlse Riley, Discipleship; Keith Gating, Di- rector; Scott Carlln, Assistant Director photos by Ken uey BSU o 183 MODELING BOARD MEMBERS: Christy Ashford, Lane Baker, Antonnlo Benton, Courtney Drake, Myra Franklin, Sara Freeman, Sheila Griffin, Joy Haddock, Misty Hammack, Amy Harrison, Holly Holbrook, Bill Johnson, Deanl Joiner, Jill Jor- dan, Robin King, Rich Kraft, Mitch Lampton, David Malone, Fred Mc- Connell, Angela McGlowan, Je- anle Miller, Suzanne Oakley, Kim Overstreet. Rodney Ponder, Jenny Roberts, Wendy Selqulst, John Smith, Lee Eric Smith, Sara Lynn Tartt, Stephanie Teneyck, Dena Tomlln, Reginald Turner, Sherry Wallace Susie Warren, Chandra Willis Established in 1977 by the Asso- ciation of Women Students, the Uni- versity of Mississippi Modeling Board (UMMB) sets and promotes the fashion standards and styles at Ole Miss. Now a part of the Home Eco- nomics department, UMMB partic- ipates in wide varieties of fashion shows including runway, tearoom and freeze modeling, and printwork. Models are chosen each fall by a panel of Judges. They are judged on their poise, personality, appearance, and modeling potential. OFFICERS: Kecla Long;Coordlnator (not pic- tured). Lucy Pittman;Asst. Coordinator, Jen- nifer Seay:Captaln, Mellsse Campbell;Co- Captaln, Marnl Reeves;Sec Tres. 184 D Modeling Board STYLED FOR ELEGANCE ICach year the Modeling Hoard endeavors to sliow eleganee In their shows. By choosing poised Individuals, they arc able to fully capture the fashion statements of the year. photosbyKcn luey Modeling Board o 185 NAVY ROTC The Naval Reserve Officers Train- ing Corps (NROTC) was established at Ole Miss in June 1946, with the purpose of training Ole Miss stu- dents for future naval careers. NROTC students are classified ei- ther Scholarship or College Program midshipmen. All commissioned scholarships students must serve four years on active duty. At the end of the four year period commissioned students nay choose to leave the ac- tive service and be commissioned in the Naval Reserve. 1 Unit Staff Mrs. Karen Smith, Cdr. Carol Hiers, Mrs. Mar- g tha Lyles. Lt. Pope Mallette, G Sgt. Michael Black. Capt. Andy Strotman, SKC Rick Norguard, Col. Sam Turner, Lt. John Knaff — First Class Midshipmen; Keith Moore, Feb- bie Prater. Michael Knirnschild, Jeff Mlney, Jimbo Bracken. Sid Yarbrough. Chris Sims, Stuart Bankston, Paul Willey. Chris Zagst. Barrett Green, Doug Thompson, Ken Becker . ' •ts:% JT ' Fourth Class Mid- shipmen: Joanna Starr, Jeff Ramsey. Chris Moorehead, Steve Jackson, Mi- chael Mahfowz, Don Welch, Logan Crane, Jonathan Valle, Ter- ry Mayfi eld, Alex Peabody. Jason Mill- er. Matt Litson, Andy Walton, Roger Keller. Kevin Lackre, James Herrington. Richard Dempsey. Greg Fllip- ski, Joe Fernandez, Gregg Show, Tim Ev- ans, Ted Lupberger 186 [_J Navy Third Class Midshipmen: Tim Folhn, Mike Poe. Charles An- drews, Raquel Lyles. Law- rence Swindoll, Glen Kelly. Rossoer Tucker. Jed Dittmar, Brian Morris, Brian Hall, Da- vid Turner. Matt Bunch ;cond Class Midshipmen: Juanito Buckley, Ronaldo Givens. leila Horton, David Bryson, Vernon Lowe. Angela Gonzalez, lex Garrecht. Billy Murphy. Tom Scales, James St. Clair, an Barber. Marc Moore Tim Hughes. Eric Garretty. Dan Kneisler. Gary Stone, Mark Jackson -.-:. M: Navy o 187 AIR FORCE ROTC ( The mission of the United States Air Force is to " Fly and Fight. " The mission of the Air Force ROTC is. through a College Cam- pus Program, to commission ca- reer oriented Second Lieutenants in response to Air Force require- ments by identifying, motivating, and selecting qualified college stu- dents. AFROTC Is not all work and no play. Some fun events for our cadets include Tri-Services Field Day and Tri-Services Formal. Having well-rounded cadets is one of the goals of our Detachment. AFROTC at Ole Miss not only pre- pares cadets for life in the Air Force, but life in general as well. AS400: Jessica Anderson, Thomas Bell, Robert Bogle, Melvin Burgess, Tracy Causey. Gregory Endrls, James Ferguson, William Grogan, Sanford Hardy. Timothy Long, John Moore, Dean Osier, Annalies Pearson, William Sanguinetti, Alvin Sprous Jr., Michael Finn photo by Ken luey ..■Lx—i,. •. ' ;s ' ANGEL FLIGHT Angel Flight is a service organization in conjunc- tion With the Arnold Air S ociety of the Air Force ROTC. Angel Flight is a national organization rep- resented by schools across the nation. It provides individuals with activities that benefit the Air Force, the Oxford community, and the nation. Each year, its members participate in two regional and one national conclave. Along with being the official hostesses of the University, Angel Flight is one of several proud sponsors of the Bessie Speed run. Angel Flight Members: Margaret Buck, Amy Lewis, Allison Chrestman, Marley Rivers, Shirley Walker, Becky Pekich. Missy Murphey, Dottie Parker, Glenda Fountain, Sandy Parker. Katie Busby, Mary Llles, Julie White, Laura Barley, Sara Nelson, Amy Ladner. Renee Rellly, Cheryl McDonald, Lorri Logan, Kelley Purvis. Juliette Etua, Melissa Privett photo by Ken luey 188 o Air Force ARMY ROTC The Army ROTC Rebel Batallion Is an integral part of campus life. Students become acquainted with many ' military skills and recieve hands-on training about the army. Classes are offered to civilian students in an effort to " ■ get them acquainted with the many benefits and rewards the army provides. Above are a few snapshots of some of the facets of army life, some photos by Ken ;uey Army o . 89 WALL STREET SOUTH Wall Street South Investment Club en- hances the knowledge and financial wealth of its members by developing and executing sound investment decisions in money and cap- ital market instruments. These investments are based upon recommendations made to the Board of Directors by investment groups. Each board member acts as an advisor to one of five investment groups which are comprised of club members who elect to be actively involved in the decision making process. Wall Street South Officers: Jim McElroy, Chairman; David Owen, Treasurer; John Martin, Secretary; Paige Hudnall, Public Relations; Dr. Phil Malone, Advisor Board of Directors: Jim McElroy, David Owen, John Martin, Bruce Bain, Wesley Grace, Lisa Bragg, Smith Murphey, Louise Hooker, Paige Hudnall photos by Ken ivey Wall street South Share- holders: George Abdo. Bruce Bain, Scott Barber. Susan Bolton, Tal Braddock. Lisa Bragg. Ashley Brock, Stphen Cangelols. Jay Carter. Chris Clayljrook, Shane Clayton. Chrlsle Costello, David Cox, Trey Cross. Donna Daven- port. Danielle DAy. Steven Dean. David DeGulre. Candace Dunlap. Shan Eas- terllng. Shelby Edwards. Guan Gin. Wesley Grace. Les Green. Steve Hlg- glnbotham. Stefanle Hontzas. Louise Hooker, Paige Hudnall, Matt Huff, Vlnce Hutchinson, Patrice Johnson, Cynthia Jones. Jennifer Kay. Ellen Lackey. John Ladner. Challse Le- noir. Lee Lewand. Thomas Lewis. Hunter Lewis, Robert Leydon, Phil Malone, Sabrlna Mansoor, Jane Mapp, John Martin, Tony McCollum, Jill McCready, Jim McElroy, Mellnda Mill- er, Smith Murphey, Key Nevlll, Linda Neyman, Sing Ngor, Patrick Nolan, Kate Owen, David Owen, Kenny Parker, Margaret Pryor, John Raines, Tim Roberson. Larry Rocconl. Melanle Ruf- fln. Jennifer Seay. William Stitt. Jay Sykes, Audrey Tafllneer. Christy Tlce. Scott Tittle. Brent Walker. Michael Wealherly. Richard Williams. David Woods. Todd Woods, Ken Youngphoto by Melvtn Seld Wall Street South FINANCIERS CLUB The Financiers Club is an organization for students who are majoring in Banking and Finance and or Man- agerial Finance. The club is sponsored by the Chair of Banking of the University of Mississippi. Meetings are designed to emphasize commercial banking and allow members to meet and observe bank executives, em- ployees, and regulators from all parts of the country. The objective of the club is to familiarize its members with all aspects of the banking field and to aid them in making career decisions. The Financiers Club is progressive and well organized. It provides a splendid opportunity for students interested in pursuing a financial career. photos by Ken tvey Financiers Club o 191 ' f ACCOUNTING SCHOOL The School of Accountancy is one of the first separate schools of accountancy in the United States. The primary function of the school is to provide professional education for careers in public, private, and governmental ac- counting. Emphasis is placed upon both theoretical principles and concepts and practical appli- cations to fulfill the need for re- liable financial information. Pro- fessional courses offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels provide students the ac- counting education required to commence and continue to devel- op in a wide range of professional accounting careers. Pictured; Assistant Dean James Davis. De- an Tonya Flesher, Alan Millls, Calvin Tay- lor, and Cody Waters photo by Ken ivey PHI GAMMA NU Phi Gamma Nu is a National Professional Fraternity of Busi- ness. The purpose of Phi Gamma Nu is to faster thge study of busi- ness, encourage high scholarship, and promote professional compe- tency and achievement in the field of business. The fraternity ' s events include professional speakers, a fundraiser. Founder ' s Day Celebration, and National Convention. President: Jack Crawford Vice-President: Stephen Cangelosi Secretary: Sherri Prestridge Treasurer: Billy Anderson Pledge Trainer: Attila Penzes photo By Ken Ivey •til 192 o Accounting DELTA SIGMA PI Delta Sigma PI was founded at New York University on November 7, 1907, to foster the study of business in universities; to en- courage scholarship and social ac- tivity and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics, culture and the civic and commer- cial welfare of the community. The Ole Miss Chapter was found- ed in April, 1927. Members: John KInsey. Hohn Nosser. Donna Davenport, David Cox, Jennifer Da- vis, Amanda Davis, Patrice Johnson, Kevin Gray. Dennis Ammam, Trade Koss, Dor Ann Mah, Chris Pickett, Christy Tlce, Keith Wilke, Chris Claybrook, Jeff Wall, Christy Barker, Heather Heriard, Lee Car- ney, Elizabeth Michael, Mlndy Strom, Tina File, Mark Shelton, Scott McCord, Shanl Murley, Caroline Cocke, Kyle Pook, Shane Clayton, Lee Barnes, Stephanie Johansen, Chris Polsgrove, Tammy Ward, Jill Mc- Gready, Wes Grace, Leslie Pettis, Glna Gal- vanl photo by Ken Ivey PHI BETA LAMBDA The Mississippi Future Busi- ness Leaders of America- Phi Beta Lambda is a non-profit charitable association and a civic Inprove- ment society. The group was es- tablished in 1987 to promote the education of its members. How- ever, Phi Beta Lambda also works to develop competent, confident business leadership, and ease the transformation from college life to the business community. hi Beta Lambxla Members: Brad Allen. John Arnold. Carolyn Bailey. Peter Blakey. Angela Claramltaro. Terry Collins. Angela opeland. Janice Bennett, Heather CouvUllan. Carol Dunlap. Youseff Aboul-Eneln. Jerry Eoff. Jeanna Ferrell. Laura Foster, Ram ordon. Kevin (Gordon. Michelle Graves. Javier Fulllen. Bryan Hallum. Staccy Hardin. Beth Harrison. Julie Hartness. James Hayes, ebecca Hermetz. Marcus Hewitt. Brenda Hill. Steven Holley. Missy Ingram. Bill Jenkins. Nan Lawrence. Carla Logglns. David lalone. Dawn Lea Mars. Brian Marsh. Allyn Maxy. Mary McMlllln. Lisa Miller. Rebecca Molltor. Grant Monroe. Greg Morgan, enelope Moulds. Spencer Neff. Chong MIngOol. John Parker. Kristen Patterson. Will Patterson. Robert Pickle. Sheila Ratllff. Rita :edd, Tracy Reves Timothy Ruth. Toveta Small. William Stewart. Sherlta Taylor. Philip Tew, Chow Kong Wal, Sherry Wallace. .Tyatt Waltman. Stephen Weaver. Pene Wilkinson. Frank Williams. Carol Williamson. Kathy Williamson. Sharon Witty. Doug rtilte. Natalie Woodson. Todd Wood Business ' 193 GAMMA IOTA SIGMA Gamma Iota Sigma is a national collegiate insurance fraternity — the only on of its kid in the United States. Its purpose is to improve the quality of an Ole Miss insurance ed- ucation while serving as a liason be- tween the campus and the insur- ance community. The Mu chapter at the University of Mississippi was organized in 1976; the fraternity has been active ever since. In any given year, Gam- ma lota Sigma will host some two dozen speakers, who visit the Ole Miss campus to talk about all seg- ments of the insurance industry. Members: Sulynn Herrington. Rodney Demaree, Shannon Spencer, Gavin Murrey, Gentry Williams, Youssef Aboul-Eneln, Tan Leong-Chuan, Chuck Downs, Dirk Lipert, Troy Garrett, Thomas Long, Stephen Orrell, James Gordon, Patricia Pruitt, Russ Curry, Andrew Wright, Cynthia Jones, Candace Dunlap, CarolDevlne, Kenneth Stroud, David Miley, David Griffith photo by Melvln Seld - - " JJ-, jf3?» ' » .ii!_B ' ,- ' J-J= " » " W f PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTS The Society of Professional Journalists (Sigma Delta Chi) helps promote and inform colle- giate journalists in any way that it can. To be a member of SPJ, one must be a journalism major and pay a $25 membership fee to be recognized nationally by the or- ganization. SPJ Members; Beth Webb — President, Jeremy Weldon — Vice President, Tara Hart — Secretary-Treasurer, Jonathan Graham, Renecla Hill, Cllf Lusk, Cindy Mitchell, Andrew Moore, Maria Katrina Raso, Mark Ray, Tom Scales, Thomas Scott, Jill Simmons, Sidney Lamar Smith, Melany Wadklns, Amy Stewart, Amy Car- lisle, Cameron Abel, Rachel Betts, Brittany Layton, Shawna Malloy, Ellen Meachem, Jack Nix, Missy Pace, James Ridgway, Ruth Rogge, Sudeshna Roy, Elizabeth Tln- nell. Lynette Williamson, Linda Zettler pho- to by Ken Ivey 194 o Organizations I RECREATIONAL MAJORS Re-established In 1986, the Recreational Majors Association was organized to bring together students who are Interested In recreation as a profession. Social and academic atmospheres are designed and utUzed by the as- sociation to aid Its members with their personal and professional development. Members partici- pate on a regular basis in socials, fundraising events, and service projects. Members of the Ole Miss Recreational Ma- jors Association photo by Ken Ivey SEA 3EA officers: Tracey McLeod, President: Tamela Miller, Vice-President; Ham Farris, Secretary; icott Morris. Treasurer photo by Ken ivey Students for Environmental Awareness (SEA) Is a non-profit organization that seeks to pro- mote education and awareness of environmentally life-threatening Issues. SEA Is a diverse group that undertook many projects In the last year. SEA succeeded In ban- ning styrofoam at the University, auditing the campus to determine its environmental soundness, and organizing the tri-state wide cel- ebration of Earth Day 1990. Other projects that SEA worked on were the Dolphin Project, Project Lorax, Recycling Project, Campus Audit, Outreach Project and the Tree- Planting Project. Organizations O 195 ENGINEERING STUDENTS The Ole Miss Engineering Stu- dent Body (ESB) is an organization composed of engineering students who share an interest in serving their school and their fellow students. The ESB organ- izes such events as the annual phone-a-thon, barbecues, and tutorials for the students. Mem- bership in the ESB is only three dollars per student. ESB Officers: Sublr Prasad, President; Jim Plrnik. Vice President; Tammy Seid. Treasurer; Ellen Lackey, Secretary photo by Ken Ivey COMPUTING MACHINERY The purpose of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) is to advance the sciences and arts of information processing, to pro- mote the free interchange of in- formation, and to develop and maintain the Integrity and com- petence of individuals engaged in the practice of the sciences and arts of information processing. The local chapter sponsors cookouts, guest speakers, fund- raisers, and hold a local program- ming contes to choose delegates for the ACM Regional Program- ming Contest. Members: Johnny Anderson, Bobby Bogle, Jeff Cope, Yvonne Couevas. Dr. Charles Evans, Jeff Grubbs, Ken Ivey, Dave Johnson, Gerald Kuchenmelster. Mrs. Pam Lawhead, Seth Lowery, Jeff Miller, Vanessa Parker, Tucker Pearson, Lynette Pope, Eddie Rucker Dr. Seve Schoenly, Ng Eng-See, David Shiffman, Ray Blankenship, Lim Sin Chew, John Cosby, Gunpreet Dhindsa. Todd Greer, Masood Hussain, Geoge Jackson, Richard Kennedy, Ellen Lackey, Mrs. Sally Lee, Eddie Melton, Keith Moore, Mark Paterson, Jim Pirnik, Dr. Robert Roggio, Jeff Sauls, Sam Scull, Sam Sengupta, Joanna Starr photo by Ken ivey lemb Haiki Scotiy Jt)aki 196 o Engineering CHEMICAL ENGINEERS The Ole Miss Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) promotes pro- fessional development among its members as well as encouraging fellowship between students and faculty. Social and educational ac- tivities are provided by the group. The annual back to school ban- quet begins the year. Speakers, field trips, and other services are available to the students in their preparation for life as a chemical engineer. Members: Tammy Seid. Mauricio Qulros, Brooke Anthongy, Marvin Spencer, Tom- my Alderman. Randy Thweatt, Raju Rudraraju, Berlin Genetti. Will Pltner, Ronal Perry, Vintrice Goss, Yuenyen Liou, Patrick Knight, Hesham Baeshen, Yunan Tang, Siva Malladi, Ali Mirza Zia, Kao Sheng Lay. Patricia Powell, Taylor Archer, Richard Kitaka, Kang Lian, Kim Mayo, Shih Peng Chou photo by Ken Iveu ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS The Ole Miss Student Branch of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is an organization dedicated to the ad- vancement of electrical engineer- ing. The IEEE tries to ensure that all students who enroll in Elec- trical Engineering will graduate as electrical engineers. The Ole Miss chapter of the IEEE has grown from 1 members in 1 988 to presently over 60 mem- bers. We are a growing society serving a need on the Ole Miss campus. Dr.Sf ' i Hussai " ! Randall Woods. Anthony Wright. Wenliang Wu, Bo Yangphoioby Ken uey Engineering o 197 PHYSICS STUDENTS The purpose of the Society of Physics Students is to advance and diffuse knowledge of the sci- ence of physics and to encourage student interest in physics throughout the academic and lo- cal communities. Members: Chris Burkhalter, Chris Cheek, Qlang Cheng, Bertrand Gautier, Thomasanna Hall, Brian Hendrlx. Wendy Kennedy, Chris Malley, Tracy May, Gabrlella Sang, Pat Scanlon, Misty Turner, Robert Weldler, Molra Welsh photos by Ken Ivey ASID The Ole Miss student chapter of the American Society of Interior Design (ASID) was organized to enhance the future of students majoring in interior design. It enables students to make full use of the services and benefits offered by the society, and provides student members with the opportunity to participate in worthwhile en- deavors with each other and professtional designers. The ASID student chapter members participate in a wide range of learning experiences and programs which complement their academic training. The ASID spon- sors fundraisers, seminars, and marketing trips to cities such as Dallas and New York, 198 u Organizations UMGS AEG The University of Mississippi Geological Society and the Association of Engineering Geologists (UMGS AEG) are for those undergraduate and grad- uate students interested inthe Earth Sciences. Meeting the first Thursday of every month, the UMGS AEG sponsors speakers on the different as- pects of the geology related sciences such as: Jobs, new discoveries, and various environmental con- cerns. The UMGS AEG also plans field trips within Mississippi and to neighboring states to observe interesting geological structures and different types of mining operations. Along with the many op- portunities to learn more about the Earth Sciences, the UMGS AEG also hosts several parties which give students a chance to get to know the Faculty of the Geology and Geological Engineering Depart- ment GEOLOGICAL INSIGHTS Several members of the UMGS AEG explore findings on various field trips Members: Burton Dixen. Elizabeth Gregory, Chuck O ' hara. David Beverly, Amos Harvey, Dawn Geshwender, Greg Schaefer. Steve Brunton. Rosscer Tucker, Rusty Tarver, A.M.M. Hebrul Anam, F.S.M. Rabbi Faruque, Dan Marlon, Katherlne Kohn. Nlcasio Lozano, Eric Marble, Bill Ewlng, David Martinour. Tom Horton. Harold Underwood, Mark Baileyphoio by Ken ;uey UMGS AEG o 199 PRIDE OF THE SOUTH No Ole Miss football game would be com- plete without the music of " The Pride of the South, ' the Rebel Band, for almost every fan has cheered to " Dixie " and watched the halftime shows. There are groups within the band that have extra responsibilities. Rebelettes, Flag Corps, and Drum Corps all have practices outside of regular band hours in order to polish their individual skills. The Wind Ensemble, an elite group composed only of band members, meets regularly to learn new, more difficult numbers. Band Directors: Marc Avery, Assistant Dirctor of Bands: Michael Bump, Director of Percussion; Tom Waggoner, Director of Bands; Carey Allen. Lynne Russell, O ' Neal Douglas, Graduate Assistants Flag Corp: Jackie Sain. Melony Alexander. SherrI Prestrldge. Beck Peklch. Julie Palmer. Melanle Bullard. Tammie Blake. Mecca Edwards. Amice Hurgamy. Angel HIers. Heather Freel. Andrea Boles. Janice Holmes. Adria Ward. Amy Pickens. Elizabeth Williams. KImberly Wise- man. Cindy McKlnney. Brenda Gray. Lisa Rials. Sharon Brown Layne McGulre. Drum Major Chris Burkhalter. Assistant Drum Major Rebelettes: Martha Perry. Angle Pope. Leslie Knight, Jennifer Holmes, Cindy Hale. Kristi Carr. Lorl Bergeron, Lauren Houston. Ashley Thompson. Ashley Atkins, Brenda Hill. Paige Meeks. Paula Lanzetta. Beth McLees, Angel, Little. Kim Jordan. Kim Wllborn. Julie Abraham, Angela Burcham. Julie Brandt. Dyanna Sheffield. Vonnett Seeger. Juanita Turnlpseed UM Bands o 201 PHI MU ALPHA SEVFONIA Phi Mu Alpha Slnfonia is a profes- sional men ' s music fraternity. Phi Mu Alpha actively works to promote the highest standards of creativity, perfor- mance, education, and research in mu- sic in America. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Officers: President: Gregg Gausline Vice President: Michael Ayers Secretary: Alan Alexander Treasurer: Davis Brown Warden: Riley Stogner Fraternity Education Officer: Kevin Herrera Historian: Robert Hemmings Faculty Advisors: Dr. Leland Fox Thomas Gregg Charles Gates photos by Ken Ivey 202 LJ Phi Mu Alpha ml I TAU BETA SIGMA Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi are the National Honorary Band Fraternity and Sorority. Tliey are active service organizations that work jointly for the band to improve it in every possible way. Tau Beta Sigma Officers; President: Pam Crump Vice President: Deanne Mosely Treasurer: Lynne Russell Secretary: Tara Spears Historians: Jeanne Scott Seargeant-at-Arms: Sandra Evans Social Chairman: Layne McGuire Tau Beta Sigma Members: Mary Tillman, Tammie Blake. Teresa Jaudon. Aimee Bur- gamy. Brenda Provence, Dianna EUer. Car- oline Adams, Laurie Smith. Ginger Willis, Lori lelaidnis, Tina Robertson. Martha Perry. Gall Heimer. Belinda Hasty. Cathy Wilson, Andrea Boles, Sherri Prestridge. Jackie Sain. Melanie Alexander. Melissa McReynolds. Vandy Pacetti. Jeane Buckner. Lori White, Wanda Barton. Amy Harrison, Kelly Hill. Kel- ly Horn. Andrae Jone. Joanna Hernandez. Tami Taylor, Debbie Hinds, Jennifer Shaw, Nlchelle Bell, Rachel Noble. Julie Brandt, Re- glna Boyd, Doris Henderson, Becky Pekich, Angle Pope KAPPA KAPPA PSI Kappa Kappa Psi Officers: President: Duke Hussey Vice President: David Stanfield Secretary: Brian Crump Treasurer: Alan Alexander Historian: Scott Enochs Parliamentarian: Chad Saul Kappa Kappa Psl Members: Wayne King, Chad Adams, Stephen Sparks, Mike Wil- son, Brian Gillentlne, Chris Burkhalter, Bob Bailey. Greg Gausline. Glen Miller, Johnny Smith, Kevin Herrera, Joel Powell, Scott Enochs, David Shiffman photos by Ken [vey TBS KKP o 203 KAPPA PSI Kappa Psi is a national profession- al fraternity whose purposes are to conduct a fraternal organization for the mutual benefit of the members; to advance the profession of phar- macy educationally, fraternally, and socially: to instill industry, sobriety, fellowship, and high ideals in its members; and to foster scholarship and pharmaceutical research. The Beta Rho Chapter has been very ac- tive during the past year. Some of the projects the chapter undertook include a fund raiser for The Heart Association, local health fair coun- seling. National Poison prevention Week, and the Adopt-a-Highway program. Officers: Robbie Wilson, Regent; Juan Trlppe, Vice-Regent: Jeff Jones, Secretary; Jeff Bog- gen, Treasurer; David Dunson. Historian; Jay Reed. Chaplain; Alan Dlehl. Sergeant-at- Arms; Chris Couey. Intramurals; Keith Stelner. Little Sister Liaison photo by Ken ;uey Members: Jeff Boggen. Tim Boykln. Michael Clark, Chris Couey, Bradley Deaton, Alan Delhi, David Dunson, Charles Durant, Rich Gallln, Shea Halley. Preston Muggins, Chad daggers, Trent Joblln, Jeff Jones, Rob Pulllam. Jay Reed, Ronnie Smith, Keith Stelner, Juan Trlppe, Greg Tucker, Dennis Wilson, Jack Adams, Ken Barnes, Mark Boblnger, Wayne Butts, Jonathan Carpenter, Kenneth Devenlng, Troy Douglas, Craig Elliott, Steve Hux, Henry Koon, Perrln Rousey, Joe Russe Kenny Schmltz, Jason Swalm, Kirk Tharp, Robert Valentine, Scott Weston, Antonio Wil- liams, Robert Wilson, Keith Young photo by Ken luey Kappa Psl , KAPPA EPSILON t I Kappa EpsUon Officers: Cherle Fontenot. President: Becky Alnsworth. Vice President: Sandee Wall, Secretary: Rhonda Dunaway. Treasurer: Denlse Butler. Chaplain: Vlckl Griffith. Historian: Cyndl Jaggers. Pledge Trainer: Cassle Stanley. Intramurals Chairman Kappa Epsllon is a national profession- al fraternity which serves to promote women in pharmacy. The Alph Gamma chapter of Kappa Epsllon was chartered at the University of Mississippi in 1960, and has grown to one of the largest chap- ters in the nation. Kappa Epsilon strives to instill within its members a desire for high scholarship and a bond of lasting loyalty. I Kappa Epsllon Members: Becky Alnsworth. Sandy Box. Michelle Braswell Van-Horn. Angle Byrd. Denlse Butler. Susan Commer. Con- nally Compretta. Karel Cushlng. Amy Darby. Jamie Deloach. Lorl Dennis. Rhonda Dunaway. Cherle Fontenot. Mori Freeze. Tammy Glfford, Vickie Griffith. Leigh Ann Herrine. Carol Herrod. Judy Hoi- loway. Karen Houston. Laura Hovas. Cyndl Jaegers, Debbie Jumper. April Lancaster. Cheryl Marbury. Lynda mcLeltan. Debbie Melllnger. Stephanie Morphls. Teresa Orr, Alicia Sanders. Cassle Stanley. De- anna Sumrall. Sharon Therrell. Joy Turner. Michelle Turner. Sandee Wall, Lisa Watford, Mona Wllkerson. Tracy Zerby. Judy DooUttle. Carolyn E3oyd. Joanna Strlcklln. Charlotte Gillespie. Kim Hathom. Ramona Alnsworth. Janet E5aker. Christy Bennett. Lorl Bolen. Pam Bright. Amy Bruton. Eva Jo Byrd. Amy Coggln. Angela Daqulla. Melanle Flkes. Susan Ganann. Julie Herrlngton. Reeca Lockhart. Mellnda McMillan. Valerie Manning. Shelly Mathls. Mlllette Morgan. Tracy Moss. Wendy O ' Quln. Tiffany Nations. Laura Pounders, Tracy Qulnn, Laura Rogers, Jan Savell, Karol Scott, Deann Smith, Joelle Smithmler, Leslie Taylor, Stacle Tlgrett, Teresa Tomslk, Heather Watts, Deena White, Diane Wilkinson. Jeannle Williamson. Page McAlpln. Carla Gamer. Janet Johnston. Melanle Putnam. Mary Mar- garet Comer. Jennifer Lax. Robin Lilly. GlchcUe Clark. Kim Purvis. Lisa Durastantl. Mellnda Mathews. Claire Johnson. Michelle Mooneyham. Robin Plgott, E5eth Howell, Llzzl Richardson, Shawn Mcintosh. Sonya Hale. Tanya Summerford. Elizabeth Waters Coon. Pam Mitchell. Beth Leflore. Linda Livingston photos by Ken luey Kappa Epsilon o 205 PHI DELTA CHI Phi Delta Chi Is a national fra- ternity of pharmacy. The objec- tives of Phi Delta Chi are to ad- vance the science of pharmacy and it allied interests and to foster and promote a fraternal spirit among Its members. The Alpha Epsilon Chapter Is active In com- munity service as well as promot- ing pharmacy as a profession. Since gelng established at Ole Miss In 1927, Phi Delta Chi has also had many Alumni that are now todays leaders in pharmacy. Phi Delta Chi Members: Lisa Ratchff, Cindy Hartness, DeAnna Miller. Renee Russell. Marty Breland. George Mosley. Joey Merrill, Darryl Long, Mike Steinwinder, Lamar Sanders. Mark Gra- ham. Kristlna Odom. Cheryl Cockrell, Sharlene malone, Mike Stepp. Becky Coo- per. Lori Boehm, Andy Null, Amanda Cutberth, Celeste Marquer. Wendy Rhyne, Cindy Rose. Dwlght Spiers. Chris Balducci, Robert Terry photo by Ken tvey HOTTY TODDY CLUB Hotty Toddy! Gosh Almighty! Who the hell are we, hey! Film Flam! Blm Bam! Ole Miss by Damn! The Hotty Toddy Club Is com- mitted to its motto — " Supporting the traditions and spirit of Ole Miss " . Members strive to raise school spirit through various ac- tivities — not the least of which Is starting the famous Rebel cheer for which the group is named. Al- though a relatively new organiza- tion. The Hotty Toddy Club ' s spirit has already made it one of the most popular on campus. Editor ' s Note: The Hotty Toddy Club (s an independent organization. It is not an official student group at the University of Mississippi. OFFICERS: Hugh Anderson. President: Mi- chael Adams, Vice-President; Greg Mitros, Secretary; Chris Patton, Treasurer, photo by Ken tvey 206 D Organizations PHI ALPHA THETA Phi Alpha Theta history honorary Is very active on the Ole Miss campus. Traditional events Include a wine and cheese party In the fall, a softball game against department faculty and a cookout In the spring. Last spring, the chapter hosted the state con- vention, bringing together students from a number of colleges in Mississippi to present papers on a variety of historical topics. For our efforts, we were accorded an honorable mention for best chapter by the national organization for 1988-89. Phi Alpha Theta is open to students who have completed 1 2 units in history with a 3.0 and who have a 2.75 overall grade point average. Phi Alpha Theta Officers: Robert Ginn.President: Greg Hospodor, Vice President; Krista Agnew, Secretary; Debra Northart, Communications Correspondence pho- to by Ken Ivey Phi Alpha Theta o 207 1990 OLE MISS STAFF Senior Staff Members: Katrina F. Howard, Tammie Turner, De- anne Mosley, John Kinsey, Ken Ivey photo by Melvln Seld — Editors and Assistants: Sherri Prestridge. August Laurent, Melvin Seld, Missy Pace, Eliza- beth Brooks, Whitney Swindoll, Helen Ma, Deanne Mosley — HORSE PLAY Katrina is ob- viously trying to work, but Missy wants to horse around. J Staff Members: Katrina Howard, Tammie Turner, Deanne Mosley. Helen Ma, Sherri Prestridge, John Kinsey, August Laurent, Whitney Swindoll, Melvin Seid, Elizabeth Brooks, Missy Pace, Malone Lankford, Cynthia Krieser. Penelope Moulds. Ken Ivey photo by Mauri Kaari Katrina F. Howard Editor-in-Chief Deanne Mosley Associate Editor John Kinsey Business Manager Tammie Turner Secretary Ken Ivey Photo Editor Leo Emerson Artist Student Life Section Editor: Deanne Mos- ley Assistant Editor: Elizabeth Brooks Features Section Editor: August Laurent Assistant Editor: Whitney Swindoll Sports Section Editor: Nick Walsh Assistant Editor: Phadrea Johnson Staff: Donna Bufkin, Jerry Lacy Honors Section Editor: Helen Ma Asst. editor: Mary Kincaid Organizations Section Editor: Melvin Seid Asstistant Editor: Theresa Champion Greeks Section Editor: Missy Pace Assistant Editor: Michael Huffines Staff: Penelope Moulds, Malone Lankford, Cynthia Krieser Classes Section editor: Sherri Prestridge Asstistant Editor: Brook An- thony Speical Staff: Beth Josephic Photographers: Melvin Seid. Mills Brockman, OUie Brock, John Coker Annual o 209 Honors Edited by: Helen Ma Mary Kincaid } ADi! 21 O Honors Division Hall of Fame 212 Honor Societies 220 Who ' s Who 236 A DAY TO HONOR Members of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Xavier Hoskins. Michael Robinson. Romalas Gregory. Herbert Mitchell, and Derrick Wilson lead the campus in a candlelight cel- ebration of Martin Luther King ' s Birthday, photo by rim ivy Honors Dlvison o 211 WILLIAM ERIC FROHN U Hall of Fame 212 o Hall of Fame JOHN RANKIN AXES U Hall of Fame Hall of Fame o. 213 MEADE W. MITCHELL ir Hall of Fame 214 Ly Hall of Fame MARION ELIZABETH NOBLIN Hall of Fame Hall of Fame o 215 ROBERT YOUNG WOOD 11 Hall of Fame 216 o Hall of Fame KATRINA FRANE HOWARD ir Hall of Fame HallofFmae V-l 217 o SUZANNE YORK SKIPTON u Hall of Fame 18 Zy Hall of Far The University of Mississippi A LEGACY OF ACHIEVEMENT WITH VISION FOR TOMORROW o Honors J 219: ALPHA KAPPA DELTA ». Alpha Kappa Delta Is an international sociology honor society dedicated to the ideal of Anthropon Katamanthanein Diakonesein, or " to investigate humanity for the purpose of service. " The purpose of this society is to promote an interest in the study of sociology and other social and intellectual activiites as will lead to improvement in the human condition. photo by Melvln Seld Officers: President: Janet Overstreet Vice President: Deborah West Secretary: Leigh Shepherd Treasurer: Brian Shuey Projects Chairperson: Chad Ham- mons AKD Graduate Student Mem- AKD Undergraduate Members: bers: Janet Overstreet Deborah West Leigh Shepherd Brian Shuey Chad Hammons Michael Reese Brett Bonner Mary Susan Rost Cheryl Carlisle Robyn A. Indovna Kevin McKay Catherine W. Thompson M. Monlque Moleon Susan L. Wilson H Fall Scot! Bev( Fare Scoti Keyii 220 o Alpha Kappa Delta I u BETA GAMMA SIGMA ORDKK ENSURING ex(j:i.i.en{i; in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Beta Gamma Sigma Is a national scholastic honor society In the field of business and administra- tion. Beta Gamma Sigma chapters may be chartered only In those schools of business and accoun- tancy accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business. The University of Mis- sissippi chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma was chartered In 1944. To be eligible for Beta Gamma Sigma membership, students must rank In the top five percent of the Junior class, the top ten percent of the senior class, or In the top twenty percent of those students receiv- ing master ' s degrees. Students who have completed all require- ments for the doctoral degree con- ferred by a school of business or accountancy are also eligible for membership In Beta Gamma Sig- ma. The purpose of Beta Gamma Sigma are to encourage and re- ward scholarship and accom- plishment among students of business administration, to pro- mote the advancement of educa- tion In the art and science of busi- ness, and to foster Integrity in the conduct of business operations. Officers: President; Cody Waters Vice President: Scott Johnson Faculty Advisor: Nolan Waller photo by Ken Ivey Fall 1989 Members Include: Scott Allen Barber. William R. Bradford, Mary Beth Burnett, Herman M. Caldwell. Julie Dianne Games, Beverly Joan Chamblin, John W. Daughdrill. Jr.. Amanda Beth Davis. Jennifer E. Davis. Mary Alison Farese. Gerald David Garner. Darla Kay Griffin. Gerald Wayne Hamel, Valerie Ann Hyde, Tauheed Irfan. Scott Andrew Johnson. Mary Howell Mcintosh. Alan Guy Millis. Grover Clark Monroe, II, Linda Lois Neyman. Marion E. Noblin. Gharlotte A. Patterson, Mary Frances Patton. Robert Guy Pickle. Timothy Wade Porter. Cmilla Roane Rayner. William Scott Rhea, gayad Mahebub Rupani, Matthew Alan Thorn- ton, Jeffrey W. Underwood. Cody William Waters. Mary Lynne Welsh, Lisa Leigh Williams. Robert Yountf Wood.III. j ' Beta Gamma Sigma o 221 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA 5. Alpha Epsilon Delta, the Mississippi Beta Chapter of the international pre- medical honor society, encourages and recognizes superior scholastic achieve- ment. Opportunities for developing or- ganizational leadership and initiative abound within a full program of commu- nity service and professional activities. Students preparing for careers in all health care fields, who fulfill both course and scholastic requirememts may Join this fellowship devoted to premedical ed- ucation. Officlers: President: Joseph Hudson Vice President for Programs: David Smith Vice President for Activities: Heather Vahle Treasurer: Stephanie J. Powell Secretary: Patrick H. Scanlon Reporter: IVlark P. Crick Historian: Chad E. Saul AEA Full Members: Jessica P. Anderson Susan A. Bailey Patricia G. Bowman Bruce L. Bradshaw Christopher Joseph Cadle Elizabeth J. Carlisle Russell L. Carlisle James E. Carter. Jr. Steven P. Chevalier Richard Kevin Cole Mark P. Crick Thomas Draper James N. Eickholz William Kenneth Floyd Ralph A. Ford William Eric Frohn Stacey Lee Galin Walter M. Gorton Samuel D. Habeeb Gloria S. Hasseltine Kristi L. Heflln Keith J. Hill Paul M. Huddleston Joseph A. Hudson Noel K. Hunt Charles B. Idom Richard E. Kennedy Edwin Lee Linder Mark E. Lockhart Ralph H. Lord John R. Moore Barron Nason William G. Newton Anthony D. Owen William C. Patton Edward B. Perry Stephanie J. Powell Subir Prasad Thomas E. Quinn Willie Quon Erik J. Richardson Dellla Salone Front left to right: Stephanie Powell and Heather Vahle Back left to right: Chad Saul, David Smith, Mark Crick, Pat Scanlon. Joe Hudson Chad E. Saul Patrick H. Scanlon Melvln Seid David P, Smith Stephaine W. Smith William T. Smith Donna M. Turner Heather A. Vahle Jamie L. Van Noy Suzanne Venoski Anthony Walts John C. Wellons.IlI Darwin B. Wooten AEA Associate Members: Thomas G. Alfano Kimberly L. Allred William J. Bell Tracy Bennet Tonya Britt Charles E. Brunson Franklin G. Burton p Jonathan Carpenter Martin W. Clayton V. Reld Gotten Teresa Coursa m Lori M. Dennis M Douglas Duncan S Amy D. Evans Kandace L. French Albert J. Gardner Leland D. Gebhart Sylvia J. Harrison Barry W. Holcomb Christopher W. Hughes Regina M. Hummel Robert 9. Ingraham Kennth L. Ivey Dana L. Johnson Donald R. Jones Lisa M. Jones Scott C. Layne Thomas L. Lewellen Jonathan D. Lucas Sonya R. Mason Rex E. McCullough Marcus C. Melton Tonya M. Miller Tim G. Millis Gregory E. Mitchell Mary Helen Penderl Jennifer M. Petering Mary E. Phillips William P. Pillow William Reno Christopher J. Richardson Christopher R. Richardson Barbara Ricks Michelle Rigby David K. Rowan Robert J. Russell Louis M. Schruff Stephen Shaw John W. Sistrunk Michael P. Sliman James E. Smith William T. Smith Tara O. Spears Susan Stephens Christyna M. Stewart A. J. Stone Jason R. Swaim Stephanie Tutor James A. Underwood Charles C. Upton Victoria S. Vogle George D. Walcott Robert W. Watson Dennis E. Watts Greg Whitset Robby D. Williams Dennis B. Wilson Paschal P. Wilson Susan Young 222. ' i_ Alpha Epsilon Delta TA ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda Delta is a national freshman honor society whose purpose is to encourage superior scholastic achieve- ment among students in their first year in institutions of higher education, to pro- mote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, and to assist women and men in recognizing and de- veloping meaningful goals for their roles in society. Membership at the University of Mississippi is open to freshmen who meet the mininum scholastic require- ment. A student must attain a 3.5 GPA after his or her first semester or a com- bined average of first and second semes- ters. Officers: President: Monty Montgomery Vice President: Clark. Robinson Secretary: Kiper Nelson Treasurer: E. J. Blanchard Historian: Dave Strong p] ig ' 89 Members: ,U W. Abel ai een D. Abies ul A Allen yi ila L. Amlsano ill n R. Anders tn :e Anthony ai 1 P. Armstrong .Hi A. Baker •U! T A Baker ill lel Bales la Evelyn Barnes :a olph L. Barnes t l im T. Barry lie )le L, Bassett Is D. Bennett r, A. Bennett )a ■ B. Blackwell :a J. Blanchard irl 1 H. Boatrlght ie Id T. Braddock a ' G Brantley ill Dn M, Brock le L Brown to B. Brown te cca J. Brown la let Jean Bryan Isjaret P. Buck la mte E. Bullen ;i)e W Burleson laes K. Burnham Ty L. Busby llnlaL. Bush " s .line Caldwell a es E. Carter, Jr. I Is S. Childress Itert R. Clrllll Vl.onT. Cloud Km J. Cobb ssa K. Cooper 3iael R. Crane )hen A. Cuevas I A. Daniels ■ Iton P, Davis iipreet Dhlndsa ' ■ lam L. Donovan onG, Doty nifer J. Ducharme iglas D. Duncan " hB, Echols •hael L. Edwards Mdl Ellis ! a A. File Ira Foster anne M. Foushee frey S. Frensley ' Id H. Fulcher F. Galloway iberly G. Guy cy L. Greer rk D. Griffin ;lla M. Griffin le M. Grimes I . Elizabeth Grlnalds HoUey L. Haag HOlley S. Hadad J. Douglas Haley Douglas D. Harklns Michael S. Harrington Amy K. Harrison Eva C Head Anna F. Heldel Mary Beth Hendrlckson Holly M. Hobbs Melanle J. Hodges David C. Hospodor Virginia A. Hubbard Hope E. Hughes Stacey R. Hurst Jennifer L. Jackson Penny D. Jackson Donald R. Jones, 111 Virginia Kemp Robert L. King Hallle Ladner Cnrlsty L. LaSota Elizabeth G. Lee Valerie C. Leeper Paul R. Lewis Jeffrey D. Lohrmann Amy K. Lowe Charles E. Malouf Sarah L. Marchbanks Mark C. Marglotta J. Chadwick Mask Marcl Mathews Christine C. Mc Carlle Thomas E, McFadln Rebecca S. MrGee Stacle L. McMillan Glen R. Meek Angela J. Mllburn Michael W. Miller Rebecca S. Molltor Hugh C. Montgomery Eone G. Moore Nessa R. Neal KIper C Nelson John M Nipper, Jr. Jack C. Nix KerrI An O ' Halloran Fred Olive Katherlne R. Otis Rick Parker Alexandria Parrlsh Denlse Patterson j William C. Perez Valda E. Pickett Michael T. Poe, Jr. Monica L. Prather Joseph W. Randall Russell M. Reed Anne Reeves William J Reld Ross B Relfel William L. Reno Stephanie L. Richard Brian K. Roberson Michael C. Roberson Sean M. Roberts J. Clark Robinson Andrea D. Rudloff George T. Salloum Allison L. Sample Susan M. Schweers Samudra Sengupta Jenna G. Sewell William T. Smith Jennifer L. Southall Leila C. Still Charles G. Stone, 11 Christopher T. Stoner Sharlene Ann Storey Dana Stover David G. Strong Whitney K. Swindoll Kirk Talbot Jack R. TannehlU. Jr. Javad K. TavassoU John W. Taylor Oscar L. Thomas Heidi A. Tickle Devin J. Tobin Andrw A. Tyer Karen Vaughn Katherlne E. Vicars Amy Vincent TerrI M. Von Hoven Michael Q. Walshe, Jr. Lauren D. Watts Terl K. Weaver Yolanda D. Wesley Catherine L. Wesson William White Caroline D. Wllbourne Angle M. Williams Cory T. Wilson Russell H. Wilson Nancy R. Wood Fall ' 89 Members: Elizabeth A. Carson Sara M. Cayson Mike Cronin Glnny Gordon Leigh Gregory Caroline HIatt Parker Hllbun Karen Honeycutt Lisa S. Jones Kelly Jordan Brad McAdory Connie Molino Lee E. Pryor All Quald John Reuter Paul A. Schoenly Holly Strange Alpha Lambda Delta o 223 PSI CHI Psl Chi Is the National Honor Society In Psychology founded In 1929 for the purpose of fulfilling two maj goals. The first of these Is the obligation of the society to provide academic recognition to Its initiates by tl mere factof membership. The second goal is the obligation of each of the local chapters to nurture the spark that accomplishment by offering a climate congenial to creative development. The University of Mississip [fe Chapter has strived to fulfill these goals through several outlets. Psl Chi has sponsored a blood drive, helseni( seminars for the undergraduate students, offered tutoring services in psychology, started a biannual new( letter, and held social events with the purpose of strengthening faculty-student relations, photo by Kenivey Officers: President: Jonathan Johnson Vice President: Billy Courtney Vice President: Rusty Turner Secretary Treasurer: Victoria Bland Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kenneth O. McGraw Members: Rob Anderson Laura Bogcan Robert Breland Teresa Buckley Katy Coulon Lisa Cornellson Cynthia Louise Cothren Matthew Crum Mel Darby Ginger Dean Lisa Cecell Jim Elckholtz Holly Flnley Kim Gamblln Amy Greenwell Noel Hunt Christine Johnson Julie Johnson Laura Johnson CamI Jones Kate Kellum Deldra KIrchmayr Missy Lavender Diane Ledbetter Stephanie Llndley Scott Maness Stephanie McAnn Kim McDanlel Nlkkl MMcLemore Angela Merldeth Shara Morrison John Moulton Candace Murphy Missy Murphy Phil Newman Stephanie Oakes Erin OConnell Lynn Prltchand Lucl Riley Angella Sanders Dawn Sneed Sara Elizabeth Stewart Terry Stone Becca Terrell Tracey Tucker Marcy Tyrone Jeff Williams Melissa Williams iidun fflcei telde fePr 1 Iteasu: itoio§ srj[ 224 o Psl Chi TAU BETA PI twom tesby le Tau Beta PI, a national engineering honor society, was founded In 1885 to recognize students of superior :holarshlp and outstanding character In all fields of engineering. Since the establishment of the first chapter ; Lehigh University, Tau Beta PI has grown to 196 chapters located throughout the country. The Mississippi «ta Chapter was founded in 1 969 and Is one of two chapters In Mississippi. Membership Is by Invitation only. senior must be In the top fifth of his class and a Junior must be In the top eighth. A candidate must show emplary character, personal Integrity, breadth of Interest both Inside and outside engineering, adaptability nd unselfish activity, photo by Ken Ivey •fflcers: resident: Ellen Lackey ' Ice President: Craig Lloyd Recording Sec: Sublr Prasad Corresponding Secretary: Gregg Tobln reasurer: Shawn McDonald ' atologer: Greg Endrls Advisor: Damon Wall Members: Ming Han Chal Dorothy Coleman Stephen Richardson Robert TauUn Kee Cheong Tan Stacey Ann Wescoat Yvonne Couevas Blllle Dodd Todd Greer Dharmesh Krlshnamagara Jung Wen Lee Jim Plrnlk Marnl Reeves Thomas Waller Maurlclo Qulros Barrett Green Hassan Hachem Garner Newton Alan B. Haag Sublr Prasad William Burnett Shawn McDonld Ellen Lackey Greg Endrls Craig Lloyd Pepper Pounds Gregg Tobln Tau Beta PI o 225 GOLDEN KEY The Golden Key National Honor Society was founded at Georgia State University on November 29, 1977. Membership is extend- ed to the top fifteen percent of all juniors and seniors. This interdisciplinary society seeks to recognize the top students in all courses of study. The Die Miss chapter of Golden Key honors its new members each year with an initiation ceremony and re- ception. Honorary members, made up of dis- tinquished members of the administration and faculty, are also recognized at this time. Golden Key awards a scholarship each year to the outstanding Junior and senior ini- tiates. Officers: President: Robert Pickle Vice President: Chris Patton Secretary: Amory Bishop Treasurer: Russell Wilcox Public Relations: Greg Mitchell Advisors: Dr. Mary Stuckey. Dr. Bill Lawhead photo by Ken Ivey - Members: Stephen G. Alfano Peter J. Alleman, Jr. KImberly L. Allred Fred S. Anderson Kenneth R. Barnes Pat M. Barrett, III Betsy L. Barry Ann-Marie Bishop David J. Blttler C. Victoria Bland James H. Bolln Randy M. Bowie Stacy E. Brawley Mundy S. Breazeale Stephen C. Brown Christopher J. Burkhalter Dallas W. Butts Ryan E. Byrne Elizabeth J. Carlisle Russell L. Carlisle MIstle Carter Stephanie C. Case Sebastian Chang Tammy R. Chatham Steven P. Chevalier James R. Clinton. IV Melissa J. Cogglns Tom M. Coleman Deryl L. Colson P. Blake Cook Mark P. Crick Linda L. Croff Benjamin L. Daniel Stacey Daw Jennifer G. DeCann Stephanie M. Defer Ralph A. Ferro. Jr. John L. Fortenberry. Jr. Kandace L. French Donna C. Fries Angela Gandy Paul D. Gllmore Todd Goforth Brad R. Gunner Hassan Hachem Jennifer Hale Gerald W. Hamel. II Tracy Harris Claire M. Hayden Brian Hendrlx David C. Hentz Elizabeth Hill Judlty L. Holloway Bonnie S. Howard Paul M. Huddleston Joseph A. Hudson Lauren L. Hurdle Valerie Ann Hyde Patrice W. Johnson Patricia M. Johnson Scott A. Johnson CamI L. Jones Susan C. Jordan Elizabeth C. Kehoe Maurcle L. Kervln R. Keith Kesslnger Connie L. Lambert Victoria B. Lawson Christy M. Llttlejohn Reeca L. Lockhart Sandy R. Loper Andrea L. Lyall Leslea N. Martin James L. Martin. Jr. Lisa Mattonx Gloria Mayfleld Bodle W. McAlpln, Jr. Edwin S. McDonald Mary H. Mcintosh Jennifer L. McNaIr John P. Milam Alan Minis Gregg E. Mitchell Jay Morgan Sandra Moss Edward S. Mounce Christopher L. Nesmlth Marlon Noblln Kevin Null Stephanie A. Cakes KImberly J. Olmsted David M. Owen. Jr. Charlotte Patterson W. Christopher Patton Kerry L. Pearson Edward B. Perry. Jr. Robert Pickle Lucy PIttman Timothy W. Porter Margaret Pryor John Quaka Thomas Qulnn. Jr. Penelope Rambin Roane Rayner BUI Rhea Christopher Richardson Erik Richardson Rhonda S. Robinson Cynthia A. Rose Leah Renee Russell Katherlne A. Shaw Leslie A. Sherry Wendy R. SIggelkow Samuel J. Sllman Jeffrey C. Smith BJoern L. Soerlund William E. Sowell KImberly Spencer Elizabeth Splller Michael W. Stelnwinder Susan Streete Tiffany S. Strunk Tracy L. Sullivan James Taylor. Ill Landman Todd Teller Susan R. Thompson Matthew A. Thornton Gregg W. Tobin Lisa E. Todd Christina L. Tomllnson Juan J. Trippe Elsie Tsang Tammie Tucker Elizabeth Turner Robyn K. Tweedy Jamie Van Noy Tim Van Noy Anthony Walts George Walcott. Jr. Cody W. Waters Eleanor S. Weathersby Mary L. Welsh Karen E. Whitehead Russell Wilcox Lisa Williams Jeffrey R. Willsl Robert Wilson Judy Withers Joseph C. Zagst Deron E. Zeppelin 226 o Golden Key MORTAR BOARD Established originally as a national wom- en ' s honor society, Mortar Board is one of the highest senior honor groups for both men and women. Tassels, the local chapter, has been active on the Ole Miss cmpus since its founding in 1939. With a 35 member limit. Mortar Board selects members based on leadership, scholarship of at least a 3.0 GPA, and service. Mortar Board ia an or- ganization that chalenges the individual to provide thoughful leadership to the campus and community, to create an environment of effective communication and to move to- ward the improvement of the status of men and women. Officers: President: Elizabeth Noblin Vice President: Robert Pickle Secretary: Tim Van Noy Treasurer: Mallory Caldwell Elections: Alan Millis Historian: Erik Richardson Communications: Subir Prasad Members: iusan Ann Bailey. Ann-Marie Bishop. William Ray Bradford. Herman Mallory Caldwell, Beverly Joan Chamblln, Steven Paul Chevalier, ' vonne Denlse Couevas. James Noah Elckholz. William Eric Frohn, Stacey Lynn GatUn. Todd Anthony Greer. Samuel David Habeeb, alerie Ann Hyde. Alan Guy Millis. Cynthia Elizabeth Mitchell. Gregg E. Mitchell. Meade Westmoreland Mitchell. Grover Clark Monroe Marion Elizabeth Noblin. Mary Frances Patton, Robert Guy Pickle. Timothy Wade Porter. Subir Prasad. Ann Margaret Pryor. William Scott Ihea Erik S Richardson. Wynn M. Shuford. Suzanne York Skipton. Samuel Jeffrey Sliman. Kimberly Coralei Spencer, Melanie S. Jullivan. James A. Underwood. Jr.. Timothy Quinn Van Noy. Robert Young Wood, III, Susan Paige York, photos by Ken ivey Afj ' Mortar Board o 227 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Omicron Delta Kappa is a national lead- ership honor society which maintains that representatives in all phases of college life should cooperate in worthwhile endeavors, and that outstanding students, faculty, and administrators should meet on a basis of mutual interest, understanding, and help- fulness. The members are chosen for their leadershipl contributions and scholastic achievement. Five areas offer the criteria for the evaluation of prospective members: scholarship, athletics, social and student body activities, publications and the arts. Officiers: President: Paige York Vice President: Eric Frohn Sec. Tres: Mary Patton - 228 o Members Include: John Ates, Pamela Benton. Ann-Marie Bishop, Chris Burkhalter, Elizabeth Carlisle, Beverly Chamnblin, Steven Chevalier, Thomas Coleman. Mark Crick. Christy Crockett, John Daughdrill. James Eickholz, Mary Farese. Anne Ferris. Stacey Gatlln. Barett Green. Samuel Habeeb, Valeria Hyde. Charlie King, Amy Lewis. Alan Millis, Cynthia Mitchell. Gregg Mitchell. Meade Mitchell, William Newton. Elizabeth Noblin. Kimberly Olmsted. David Olson. Tina Penick, Robert Pickle, Timothy Porter, Edward Pounds. William Rhea. Erik Richardson, Barbara Ricks, William Sandroni, Suzanne Skipton, Kimberly Spencer. Samuel Sliman. Kamilla Stokes. Melanie Sullivan, Juan Trippe, James Underwood. Jr.. Timothy Van Noy. George Walcott. Hedy Walker. Cody Waters. Lisa Williams, Robert Wood, Omicron Delta Kappa PHI ETA SIGMA Members: Alan W. Abel Kathleen D. Abies Tommy K. Alderman Julie A. Allen Cynthia L. Amisano Alicen R. Anders Brooke Anthony Sarah P. Armstrong Ellen A. Baker Susan A. Baker Michael W. Bales William T. Barry Nichole L. Bassett Traci A. Bennett Brittin H. Boatright Michelle L. Bowling Allison M. Brock Harriet J. Bryan Margaret P. Buck James K. Burnham Cherry L. Busby Virginia L. Bush Caroline E. Caldwell John B. Caldwell Troy T. Caldwell Jason J. Cobb Mielissa K. Cooper Kelly M. Corpstein Michael R. Crane Mark A. Crowe Kelli A. Daniels Kristy A. Davis Zandra L. Dorr Alison G. Doty Doug Duncan Ruth B. Echols Michael L. Edwards Melissa M. Ellis Tina A. File Laura V. Foster Suzanne M. Foushee Jeffery S. Frensley David H. Fulcher Erin E. Gallagher Lee Galloway Kent Gartin Stacy L. Greer Mark D. Griffin Sheila M. Griffin Julie M. Grimes Kimberly G. Guy HoUey L. Haag Holley S. Hadad Douglas D. Harkins Michael S. Harrington Amy K. Harrison Eva C. Head Anna F. Heidel Christopher S. Hester Holly M. Hobbs Melanie J. Hodges David C. Hospodor Virginia A. Hubbard Hope E. Hughes Brian E. Hull Stacey R. Hu rst Penny D. Jackson Lisa S. Jones Donald R. Jones. Ill Grace A. Kennedy Robert L. King Teri D. Kirkpatrick Christy L. LaSota Paul R. Lewis Stephanie A. Lindley Jeffery D. Lohramann Angela R. Lett Amy K. Lowe Charles E. Malouf Scott Maness Sarah L. Marchbanks Mark C. Margiotta J. Chadwick Mask Marci Mathews Rebecca S. McGee Stacie L. McMillan Glenn R. Meek Angela J. Milburn Michael W. Miller Rebecca S. Molitor John O. Montgomery Hugh c. Montgomery, 111 Eone G. Moore Allyson K. Morgan Neesa R. Neal Kiper C. Nelson Founded nationally at the University ot Illinois in March 22. 1923. Phi p:ta Sigma established Mississippi Beta chapter at The University of Mississippi. A national college scholastic honor society for freshmen. Phi Eta Sigma recognizes, encourages and re- wards high scholastic achievement among freshmen at appro.ximately 225 institutions of higher learning in The United States. All freshinen who have a cumulative grade point average equilavent to a 3.5 or better GPA at the close of any curricular period during their first year are eligible to join Phi Eta Sigma at Ole Miss. Induction ceremo- nies are held during the spring semester of each year. Officers: President: Marci Mathews Vice President: John Pound Secretary: Eone Moore Treasurer: Stacy Greer John M. Nipper. Jr. Jack C. Nix. Ill Elizabeth W. Nored Kerri A. O ' Halloran Frederick T. Olive Katherine R. Otis Richard W. Parker Alexandria Parrish K. Denise Patterson Hung T. Pham Liza E. Pickett Michael T. Poe. Jr. John Pound Monica L. Prather Joseph W. Randall Russell M. Reed Anne B. Reeves William J. Reid Ross B. Reifel William L. Reno. Ill Brian K. Robertson Michael C. Roberson Sean M. Roberts John C. Robinson Jeffrey J. Roux Andrea D. Rudloft Cassandra P. Russell George T. Salloum Susan M. Schwee Shaune D. Scott Jeanna G. Sewell Courtney C. Smith William T. Smith Amy M. Solomon Anna W. Speck Lelia C. Still Sharlene A. Storey Dana Stover Whitney K. Swindoll Michael K. Talbot Jack R. Tannehill Javad Tavass John W. Taylor Oscar L. Thomas Vikki M. Thomas Heidi A. Tickle Dennis C. Townsend Andrew A. Tyer Terri M. Von Hoven Michael Walshe. Jr. Lauren D. Watts Teri K. Weaver Willaim T. Webb Catherine L. Wesson Samanlha K. White Willaim I. White Caroline D. Wilbourne Angela M. Williams Elizabeth A. Williams Cory T. Wilson Susan N. Wolff Brad Womack Nancy R. Wood John S. Young % Phi Eta Sigma o 229 - LAMBDA SIGMA The Society ' s fundamental purposes are to foster leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and the spirit of service as well as promoting and serving in every way possible the interests of the Uni- versity of Mississippi. This year Iota Chapter has held bi-weekly meetings, and has done a food drive for the Pan- try, a local organization to help the needy. It also plans to hold a Quiz Bowl In the Spring along with other service projects. Officers: President: David H. Fulcher Vice President: William J. Reid Secretary: Whitney Swindoll Treasurer: Ruth B. Echols Public Relations: Laurie C. Felder Faculty Advisor: Mike Edmonds o: 1989-90 Initiates: Alicen R. Anders. Sarah P. Armstrong. Ellen A. Baker, E.J. Blanchard. Allison Brock. Harriet Bryan. Kristy Davis. Ruth B. Echols, Amy Evans. Laurie C. Felder. Jeffery Scott " Chip ' Frensley, David H. Fulcher. Ginny Gordon. Stacy Greer. Julie Grimes. Holley S. Hadad. Anna F. Heidel. Sarah L. Jernigan. Grace A. Kennedy. Hallie E. Ladner. Paul R. Lewis. Mary M. Mathews. Christine McCarlie.j u,; Margaret Minor. Rebecca S. Molitor, Hugh C. Montgomery, III, Eone G. Moore. Kiper C. Nelson. Katherine R. Otis, John Pound. Monicafl I«u Prather. William J. Reid. Clark Robinson. George T. Salloum. Allison L. Sample. Jeanna G. Sewell, William T. Smith. Whitney Swindoll, Jack R. Tannehill, LaTonya Taylor, Oscar L. Thomas, Lauren Watts, Kimberly A. Wilder, James E. Williamson, Cory T. Wilson, Russell ' Wilson photos by Melvln Setd 230 o Lambda Sigma 1 1 ORDER OF OMEGA The Order of Omega is a honorary organization recognizing outstanding fraternity and sorority members on the University of Mississippi cam- pus. Membership is highly selective and granted on the basis of exceptional scholarship, leadership and service to the community. The Order strives continually to uphold these ideals by providing an environment for the social interaction of its mem- bers. The local chapter was re-chartered in 1988. OfTicers (left lo nghl): Jim Eickholz, Vice President Samuel Sliman, President Roben Wood. Social Chairman Pat Scanlon, Treasurer Ooffl KS,Holt 00 Members: Emily Abraham, John Ates. David Beverly, J. Burnett, Steven Chavalier. Jennifer Cole. Susan Commer, Mark Cnck. Melanic Cunnin am, John Daughdnll, John Dildy, Mary Farese, Anne Ferris, Kandace French. Enc Frohn, Stacey Gatlin, Lawrence Gettys, Walter Gorton, Brad Gunner. Jennifer Hale, Matthew Hams, Heather Hartmann, Glona Hasseltin, Mark Howser. Valerie Hyde, Liesa Jackson. Harold Koons. Kjm McDaniel. Jennifer McNair. Glona Mayfield. Alan Millis. Meade Mitchell. Clark Monroe, Spencer NefT. Elizabeth Noblin. Kjmberly Olmstead. Mary Palton, Mary Pender, Robert Pickle, Lucy Pittman, Timothy Porter, William Power, Margaret Pryor, Melissa Quest, Thomas Quinn, Penelope Rambin, Camilla Rayncr, William Rhea, Chnstopher Richardson, Polly Riley. Stephanie Saracini. Suzanne Skipton, Clay Stubbs, Matt Thomton,Xhristinia Tomlinson, Juan Trippe, James Underwood, Tim VanNoy, George Walcott, Eleanor Weathersby, Winnye Wilks, Tood Woods, Paige York Order of Omega o 231 HONORS PROGRAM The Honors Program, established in 1953 and restuctured in 1982, coordinates special academic offerings that intensify the educational experience of the exceptional student and facilitates the ar- rangement of a program of studies for superior undergrauate students enrolled in any School or college at The University of Mississippi. Honors Senate (top to bottom): Brad McPeak, Chns Williams, Grace Guy. Daisy Blackwell. Stacey Gatlin. Harriet Bryan, Susan Bailey, Stephen Payne HONORS PROGRAM ny Catherine Atkinson Canon Beissel Derek Berry Mike Blossom Shannon Brewer Pamela Chase Sean Clancy Anne Cockfield Karen Coie Jamie Crout Patrick Daily Brandt Eichman Randi Ellis Tara Ellis Tim Evans Leah Fiser Bill Glasgow Mark Greger Holley Haag Dan Habeeb Jay Haden Jason Hard age Scott Harney Lisa Harrell Sylvia Harrelson Joy Harris Tommy Harrison Kathrvn Hays Darrel Hitchcock Lain Hughes Maylon Jackson Jennie Kelly John Kinard Mary Kincaid Al Kirkland Cindy Krieser Mandy Lucas Mandy Martin Allyson McCollum Donovan McComb Leigh McKnight Angie McLeod Richard mcQueen Jay Miller Tim Moore Scott Nelson Meg Porter Shannan Reed Wimberly Reeves Eddie Rester Elizabeth Roberts Liz Romines Mary Russ Michael Sanders Julia Sanderson Sarah Segars Will Sharp Jennifer Shaw Ruth Simon Marquis Sledge Bryan Stephens Jennifer Sundberg Wes Tower Julie Tumma Scott Verhine Angela vignery Barry Wicklom Stephanie Wilholt Cliff Williams Ashley Willis Yolanda Yarber Danny Yates Billy Feidl Edith Adams Curtis Childress Mark Crowe James Haley Tommy Hoard Hugh Montgomery Katherine Otis James Williamson ■M lO40 ' ' i: fr Rebecca Brown Jennifer Hufford Jay Carter Mark Cumer Douglas harkins Oscar Thomas Kevin Patterson Kristy Davis William Pitner Amy Vincent Alan Abel Glenn Meek William White Grace Kennedy Alicia Barfield Penny Jackson Michael Walshe Carole Brown Jeanna Sewell Susan Shaw Whitney Swindoll Jeffery Frensley Julie Grimes Amy Williams Janet Raymond Henry Blumenthal Kimberly Guy Katherine Patterson Jason Jenkins Alexandria Parrish Hallie Ladner Ruth Echols Alicen Anders Staicey Blanke harriel Bryan Caroline Wilboume Margaret Minor Benjamin Poremski Michael McCready Frank Howard Randall Fernandez Louis Abbott David Fulcher James Joyner William Bradford Beverly Chamblin Malloiy, Caldwell Alan Millis Ashley Grizzard Laura Hensley Andrea Lyall Robert Wood Amanda Shaw John Cosby Yvonne Couevas Thomas Waller Linda Rogers Stephen Brown Ellen Lackey Thomas Brown Melissa Coggins James Heidel Jeffrey Underwood Samuel Habccb Missy Murphey davis Brown John Ales Frank Douglass Edward Hai ey Albert Jones Richard Kennedy Stephanie Smith Kimberly Alexander Susan Bailey Laura Barnes Enc Frohn Stacey Gatlin Paul Huddleston Jeffrey Johnson Margaret McGuire Barron Nason Thomas Quinn Revray Thompson Kevin Null ?Ht Qnr . ? r ' K ' William Webb Ginger Winstead Mori Freeze Lisa RatclifT Juan Trippe Tina Penick Maria Holcomb Melinda Mathews Michele Mooneyham Subir Prasad Barrett Green Wynn Shufford James Underwood Sonya Mason Janna Munn Anthony Owen Charlie Brunson Lee Slaten Catherine Knabb John Mullen Heather Heriard Cara Harris Mark Odom John Kinsey Steven Wall Ingo Ihlbrock Kimberly Merkel Jennifer Holmes Dorothy Coleman Patricia White Sanjeeva Wijesekera Paschal Wilson Stephen Richardon Pamela Benton Wade Cox Carrie Shull Christyna Stewart Heather Hartmann Keith Wilson Seth Lowrey Amy Harper Chris Williams James Payne Melissa Goff Paul Gilmore Missy Pace Benjamin Robcrson Stephanie Sanders Patricia Sterling Pamela Turner Alan Alexander Melony Tims Jon Cheek Michelle All Brad McPeak Steven Schoenly Delbert Slone Caroline Herring Jody Lassiier Derek Nelson Jay Wellons William Bell Mark Lockhart John Moore IV Candice Murphy Stephanie Powell Chad Saul Charles Upton Heather Vahle David Williams John Moulton Leslie Welford Gerald Monroe Angic Akin Dianne Meek Cynthia Mitchell Laurie Gelty 1 232 o Honors Program j M BETA ALPHA PSI Beta Alpha Psi is the national honor society and professional tVaternily for students planning to enter the accounting profession. Beta Alpha Psi has a rich history, dating back to 1919 when the Alpha chapter was formed at the University of Illinois. Chapters of Beta Alpha Psi are installed in colleges and universities where accounting programs have reached a high level of academic and professional achievement. Chapters are typically the outgrowth of lacal accounting honor societies and are carefully evaluated before they are installed. Individual membership in Beta Alph psi is lim- ited to persons who have have achieved scholastic and or professional excellence in the field of ac- counting. OfTicers (left to righl): Clark Monroe. Secretary; Jay Bolin, Treasurer; Adnan Oakes, Secretary; Mallory Caldwell, Vice President; Calvin Taylor, Pres- ident; Homer Burkett, Faculty Vice President k%i C. U.i eK- Members: First Row (left to nght); Victona l wson, Jennifer Utter, Jennifer Swords, Mi ' helle Stanford Second Row (lef to nghtrJennifer Davis Adnan Oakes, Amanda Davis, Melissa Wong, Man, Mcintosh Beta Alpha Psi o 233 PHI KAPPA The National Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, founded in 1897, was originated by a group of students who felt the need to recognize scholarship in all disciplines. The society was soon transformed into a national orginization by action of a committee composed of the presidents of the University of Maine, the University of Tennessee, and Pennsylvania State College. The University of Mississippi chapter was chartered in May 1 959, as the 77th chapter of Phi Kappa Phi. There are 245 chapters in the 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. To qualify for membership, undergraduates must be seniors or second semester juniors with high standards of scholarship and char- acter. Graduate students and students in professional schools must have distinguished records placing them among the ablest in their classes. Faculty members must have made significant contributions to their disciplines. Chancellor Gerald Turner greets. Phi Kappa Phi Spring ' 89 Initiation Speaker, Clyda Rent, President of Mississippi Slate University for Women. Phi Kappa Phi Board members Porter L. Fortune, Dale Flesher, and Brenda West present check to Lucy Tumbull in support of Friends of the University Museums. 4 l folo " = " ' ' ' " ' ' ' " ' congratulate Angelina Giamisso, winner of Phi Kappa Phi National Fellowship Gamer Newton, recipient of Phi Kappa Phi Undergraduate Scholarship lor IS8 ' . 1988-1989. 234 o Phi Kappa Phi 1989-90 Officers: President: T. Thomas Dewey President elect: Beth King Vice President: Rebecca L. Moreton Secretary: Conny E. Parham Treasurer: Robert J. Beebe Executive Committee: Lee N. Bolen, Brenda West, and Jean Shaw Phi Kappa Phi Initiates Spring 1989 College of Liberal Arts Cynlhia Victoria Bland Ciinstopher John Burkhalter Man Catherine Carnes Steven Paul Chevalier Lisha Rene Eaton Henrv- Clay Foster, Jr. Timmi Evelyn Graves Edward Joseph Harney, Jr. Gloria Suzanne Hasseltine Richard Daniel Hill Deborah Leigh Hughes Noel Kent Hunt Jerry Donald Hyer, Jr. Julie Suzanne Johnson Walden Henry Lewis Helen Ma Clyde Vernon Manning Scott Morgan Morris William Christopher Patton Stephen Glenn Quarles Thomas Edward Quinn, Jr. .■ imee Louise Schmidt Wynn Miles Shuford Pamela Rena Smith Alan Rhoades Swayze James Aubrey Underwood, Jr. Jamie Lynne Van Noy Emily Jane Wagster Susan Paige York I School of Accountancy i Hamidi Bin Baharudin William Ray Bradford Darla W. GrifTin Mary Howell Mcintosh Mary Frances Patton Roane C. Rayner Cody William Waters School of Business Administration Julie Dianne Games John Wesley Daughdrill, Jr. i John Lamar Fortenberry, Jr. ] Gerald David Garner 1 Lorn Mane Heindel fli j Tauheed Irfan I Scott Andrew Johnson I Charles Lawson King ] Robert Joseph Mims Theresa Frances Murphey Linda Lois Neyman Tzer Foong Ng - j fVu Marion Elizabeth Noblin Marion Beth Ogletree Jeffrey Todd Palmer Dawn L. Parkhursl William Scott Rhea Leslie Anne Sherry Lee Ann Wall Lisa Marie Yarborough School of Education Jeffery Wayne Bates Kathryn Grant Burnett Jacqueline Jo Doke John Lynn Echols Helen Therese Palczynski Katherine L. Petermann Brenda J. Robinson School of Engineering Yvonne Denise Couevas Todd Anthony Greer Ellen Lackey Andrew James Pirnik, Jr. Samuel Jeffery Sliman School of Pharmacy Melinda Day Head James Lauvon Taylor III Graduate School Seth Yao Ablordeppey Kare n Arnold Clark Sussannah Fur Ferris Elizabeth Taylor Garrison Eric Scott Kuhn Christian Robert Lemmon Dawn Rennee Reese James Mark Rummage Robert Ervin Smith Elizabeth Mitchell Streete Bailin Song Frances Blakely Williams School of Law Sean Wesley Ellis Harry M. Simpkins Robert Hart Wilkerson Faculty Dr. Charies Hussey, Chemistry Dr. Jay Johnson, Anthropology Dr. Colby Kullman, English Phi Kappa Phi o 235 CHARMAINE ANDERSON Pharmacology Department Assist. Golden Key Kappa Epsilon Ambassador Phi Kappa Phi 1987 Miss Ebony Miss. Sec. ANN-MARIE BISHOP National Association of Accountants Ambassador ASB Senator Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Phi Eta Sigma JESSICA ANDERSON Rebel Recruiter Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corp Alpha Epsilon Delta Golden Key Phi Eta Sigma SUSAN BAILEY Honors Program Alpha Lambda Delta Mortar Board ASB Academic Affairs Committee Alpha Epsilon Delta HERMAN CALDWELL Mortar Board, Treasurer Beta Alpha Psi, Vice President Honors Program Ambassador Beta Gamma Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Ara ' i JOHN AXES 1990 ASB President Sigma Chi Fraternity, President Lambda Sigma, President Order of Omega Omicron Delta Kappa Golden Key TRACY CAUSEY Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, President Chancellors Task Force, Co-Chairman Minority Affairs Task Force Student Concerns Committee 1989 Black Student Union, President Who ' s Who LL Terrence Cobb Defensive Player of the Week M Club Dean ' s List Academic Ail-American Football Team Varsity Football Joanne Cline Ladv Rebel M Club, President Arniy ROTC, Executive Officer Beta Beta Beta Varsity Track Gamma Beta Phi Phi Eta Sigma J Steven Chevalier Alpha Lambda Delta. Vice President Scholarship Chairman Summer Orientation Leader Order of Omega Gamma Beta Phi Phi Kappa Phi Mark Crick Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. Treas- urer Student Health Advisory Chairman Order of Omega Phi Eta Sigma ASB Executive Task Force Alpha Epsilon Delta. Reporter Jennifer Cole Daily Mississipplan Staff Ole Miss Staff ASB Chancellors Standing Commit- tee Summer Orientation Leader Taylor Medal Sigma Delta Chi V William Courtney Soccer Club, President Psi Chi. Vice President Daily Mississipplan Staff Sigma Tau Delta Sigma Nu Fraternity Yvonne Couevas Alpha Lambda Delta. Secretary ASB Academic Affairs Committee Engineering Student Body Honors Program Mortar Board Phi Kappa Phi Who ' s Who WILLIAM DABNEY 1 990 Daily Mississippian Editor Ambassador Society of Professional Journalists Golden Key Co-Editor 1989 Greek Angelia Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity MARY FARESE ASB Judicial Department Secretary 1989 Rush Counselor Beta Gamma Sigma Golden Key Phi Kappa Phi JOHN DARNELL Varsity Football Varsity Baseball Baseball Camp Counselor Jackson Rebel Club JAMES EICKHOLZ Pi Kappa Alpha, President Senior Class, Vice President Alpha Epsilon Delta Phi Eta Sigma Gamma Beta Phi Mortar Board ANNE FERRIS Panhellenic Council ASB Race Relations Committee Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Gamma Beta Phi Lambda Sigma Ft El HITESH DESAI PSSB, Secretary PSSB Newsletter, Editor American Society of Public Adminis- tration Inter Hall Council Committee Secretary WILLIAM FROHN Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Phi Kappa Phi 1990 ASB Vice President Who ' s Who JS net TODD GREER Engineering Student Body Phi Eta Sigma Lambda Sigma Mortar Board Phi Kappa Phi BRAD GUNNER 1989 Interfraternity Council President Greek Week Chairman College Republicans STAGEY GATLIN Honors Program, Senator Senior Class Executive Board Lambda Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Phi Kappa Phi SAMUEL HABEEB ASB Senator Senate Academic Affairs Committee, Vice Chairman Senior Class Executive Board Honors Program Peer Counselor Mortar Board Phi Eta Sigma KATRINA F. HOWARD 1 990 Ole Miss Editor Omicron Delta Kappa Co-Editor of 1990 Greek Angelia Daily Mississippian Staff Chancellor ' s Leadership Class Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, President WILLIAM HOPSON Student Alumni Council Board of Di- rectors Law School Dean Search Committee Student Bar Association Delegate Financier ' s Club Greek Alumni Advisory Board MARY HOLLOW AY ASB School Housing Committee Summer Orientation Leader! Alpha Lambda Delta Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Golden Key Kappa Delta Sorority Who ' s Who PATRICE JOHNSON Phi Theta Kappa Wall Street Investment Club Ambassador Dixie Week Committee AWS Golden Key ELLEN LACKEY Tau Beta Pi. President Engineering Student Body. Secre- tary Phi Mu Epsilon, President Honors Program Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Kappa Phi JEFFERY JONES Academy of Students of Pharmacy, Secretary Kappa Psl. Secretary Dean ' s List UM Football Recruiting CHARLES KING Student Programmi ng Board Parade of Beauties ASB Academic Affairs Committee Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Golden Key ARUN MALHOTRA University Standing Committee American Institute of Chemical En- gineers Daily Mississippian Staff Honor Fellowship Graduate Achievement Award JA HeaJVa Engineer Sliidenr Sunrnef LINDA JONES Mississippi Educational Computing Association UM Writing Project Outstanding Young Women of Amer- ica Kappa Delta PI Phi Delta Kappa KATHARINE MALLEY Mortar Board. Treasurer Gamma Beta Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Kappa Delta Sorority Summer Orientation Leader Phi Delta Phi CYN ' KippaE Ml Oil Smmer Hi Eli! Rilup lpliiL Whos Who ITRA liliee emlcal Ei MARGARET MCGUIRE Ole Miss Rebel Band Tau Beta Sigma, Social Chairman Collegians Jazz Band Arnold Air Society Head Varsity Cheerleader Engineering Student Body Student Welcoming Committee Summer Orientation Leader GROVER MONROE ASB Attorney General Ole Miss Staff Phi Kappa Phi Golden Key Race Relations Task Force Phi Eta Sigma ALAN MILLIS Accounting Student Body, Treasurer ASB Executive Task Force Greek Week Committee Honors Program Golden Key Beta Gamma Sigma Order of Omega ider CYNTHIA MCCHESNEY Kappa Epsilon Historian Rho Chi Summer Orientation Leader Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Alpha Lambda Delta r MEADE MITCHELL 1990 ASB Treasurer Campus Recruiter Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Golden Key Gamma Beta Phi CYNTHIA MITCHELL Ole Miss Staff UMTV Newscene 12 Staff Modeling Board Sigma Tau Delta Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Phi Mu Sorority Who ' s Who SCOTT MORRIS Students for Environmental Awareness, Founder Phi Sigma Tau, Secretary Sigma Chi Fraternity Young Republicans Phi Kappa Phi University Foundation Scholarship MARY PATTON Chi Omega Sorority, Treasurer Wesley Foundation Secretary Mortar Board Beta Gamma Sigma Phi Kappa Phi ELIZABETH NOBLIN Mortar Board, President Phi Eta Sigma, Vice Presidnet Habitat For Humanity, Treasurer Student Alumni Council Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Kappa Phi KIMSEY O ' NEAL Student Activity Fee Committee Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Lady Rebel M Club Academy of Students of Pharmacy Varsity Basketball 1990 Miss Ole Miss KERRY PEARSON 1990-91 Judicial Council Chairman ROTC Formal Chairman Assistant Dean of Students Search Com- mittee Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Golden Key Wtal! BBAssi DAVID OLSEN Student Alumni Council Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Golden Key Congressional Intern TINA PENICK Kappa Epsilon, President Ole Miss Pharmacist, Editor University Development Committee Rho Chi Delta Phi Alpha h, i teGi Wta Clfc Who ' s Who Mia aickCoi ROBERT PICKLE Mortar Board, Vice President Golden Key, President ASB Assistant Treasurer Ambassador Campus Crusade for Christ Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraterniy, Vice Pres- ident ;k PELLUM PETERS Beta Alpha Psi Beta Gamma Sigma Golden Key Chancellor ' s Honor Roll 1988 Scholastic All-American - ! i£t ANDREW PIRNIK Inter Hall Council, President Engineering Student Body Information Management Committee Soccer Club Dean ' s List Phi Kappa Phi SUBIR PRASAD Engineering Student Body, President Tau Beta Pi Mortar Board Taylor Medalist Eta Kappa Nu MARGARET PRYOR Panhellenic Board Officer Association of Women Students Mortar Board Dean ' s List Phi Gamma Nu MARNI REEVES Modeling Board Ambassador AWS 1988 Miss Oxford Hospitality College Career Ensemble MICHAEL REESE Graduate Student Association President Sigma Tau Delta Southern Sociological Society Campus Affairs Executive Council Chancellor ' s Standing Committee W Who ' s Who BILL RHEA Academic Affairs Committee President of Business School Order of Omega Phi Kappa Phi Alpha Lambda Delta SAMUEL SLIMAN Habitat For Humanity Engineering Student Body Phi Eta Sigma Lambda Sigma Phi Kappa Phi WILLIAM SANDRONI M Club, Treasurer Omicron Delta Kappa Academic All SEC NCAA Student Advisory Committee UMAA Honor Roll Varsity Footb all SUZANNE SKIPTON Panhellenic President Senior Class Committee Student Alumni Council Alpha Lambda Delta Summer Orientation Leader Pi Beta Phi Sorority KIMBERLY SPENCER Delta Gamma Sorority, President Mississippi Governmental Affairs Com- mittee Phi Eta Sigma Golden Key Omicron Delta Kappa llnEisii Iducello WYNN SHUFORD College Republicans Ole Miss Philosophy Society Fellowship of Christian Athletes Honors Program Pi Delta Phi Who ' s Who i Am 5C0C CHRISTY TICE Delia Sigma Pi iRho Epsilon Ambassador Ole Miss Spirit Committee AWS Chancellor ' s Leadership Class CODY WATERS Accounting School, President Beta Gamma Sigma, President Sigma Phi Epsilon Pi Kappa Phi Golden Key Omicron Delta Kappa .IVAH WINNYE WILKS Summer Orientation Leader Order of Omega ASB Senlae Legislation Monitor Housing Committee U-92 Disc Jockey Athletic Task Force MATT THORNTON Governmental Affirs Committee, Vice Chairman Phi Eta Sigma Order of Omega Chancellor ' s Leadership Class Golden Key Phi Eta Sigma Sigma Chi Fraternity PAIGE YORK Omicron Delta Kappa, President ASB Senator Mortar Board Daily Mississippian Staff Phi Kappa Phi Chi Omega Sorority, President Golden Key ROBERT WOOD 1989-90 SPB, Director Sigma Chi Fraternity, Vice President Order of Omega Phi Kappa Phi Honors Program National Merit Scholar ROBERT WILSON Kappa Psi Pharmacy School, Vice President Goden Key Phi Lambda Sigma MS Society of Hospital Pharmacists Who ' s Who Greeks Edited by: Missy Pace Michael Huffines Coi liliaieni " : lanomw ijiwea Jttrole, KsDrasli I i»a I (hurt •J tforlnju ■teafral abi iljUhf li " I ' lalte IBISWlIll Tbwi Kllfflll ■ten I 0(1(1 hi »( •ktliai 246 __ Greeks Division Not a new dilemma Concerned pledge pleas for an end to hazing fraternity pledge revealed that he believes hazing is a ijor problem In fraternities on campus. ssociate Dean of Students Sparky Readon, received d anonymous letter stating the hazing is continuing to an issue among pledges before Initiation. The author, who called himself " a concerned pledge. " peatened to mail his letter to 37 other newspapers If adon did nor react to the problem of hazing among xlges. 1e wrote. " The local headlines can read UM Under- ses Drastic New Anti-Hazing Policy ' or the national adilnes can read UM Knew of Hazing and Did Noth- »■ the next time there is a Beta Incident or a pledge Is led or Injured. It is your choice. " As a fraternity pledge 1 can tell you that mental and ysical abuse is common in my fraternity. From lls- ling to the guys around the dorm. 1 know it Is common all of the other fraternities also. " wrote the pledge. ' If a pledge is reliable, has good attendance records to irk parties, meetings, etc.. and passes his tests on iternity history she should be initiated without further o. " The pledge ' s solution to eliminating hazing Involves rtlcipatlon from school supervisors. " You (Reardon) know when this (hell week) is so Just n ' t allow pledgs to be at their respective fraternity uses without (IFC) supervision. " Fraternities here have proven over and over againg that they can ' t clean up their own acts regarding hazing. Perhaps if the school polices them or if they police eacn other there can be an end put to this nonsense. " he wrote. The anonymous writer said everyone is against hazing but no one takes action to prevent ti. " As I write this I have already seen a lot of other guys around the dorm coming In at 3 or 4 In the morning after a night of bing paddled, humiliated, screamed al. and God only know what els. " the pledge said. Sammy Slinian. Sigma Nu commander said. " 1 believe the boy is scared from the stories he ' s heard. I don ' t think he ' s In Jeopardy, but 1 think he believes he will be. 1 don ' t think there is any serious hazing going on on this campus right now. " Reardon slad he wanted to make this letter public because he is frustrated about the " alleged activity and not having people come forward. " Charlie Upton. Sigma Chi president said. " If this letter Is legitimate, the pledge should come forward and speak to Sparky and reveal his name. " Reardon said In a newspaper reply to the pledge. " If you (or anyone else out there) really care about yourself or your friends, or the Greek system, you can ' t afford to hid behind anonymity. You ' ve got to come forward. " " 1 will do anything humanly possible to stop hazing, " he said. " We ' ve got to keep plugging. • — by Christi Townsend SGINNING OR END? Bid y is one of the most exciting nes for a rushee: however it known that hazing does ex- . once the pledging begins, ore often than not. Greeks ovide a pleasant atmosphere id many new friendships are ade that lasts a lifetime. n Inside. Panhellenlc IFC 248 Bid Day 250 Greekshows 251 Greek Games 252 Anchor Splash 254 Derby Day 255 Greeks 256 Greek Division o 247 pa»t ieUe Uc cu«tcd The Panhellenic Council is the governing body for sororities at Ole Miss. It is composed of an executive council, sorority pres- idents and two representatives from each sorority. The Panhellenic operates under the auspices of the National Panhellenic Council (NPC), and members of the National Pan- Hellenic Council (NP-HC), the national governing organization of historically black Greek social sororities and fraternities, are also members of the Panhellenic and the IFC at Ole Miss. Dr. Judy Trott, Dean of Students said that a sorority is a group of college women who have elected to establish a close affiliation with one another for four years as college students and thereafter as college and sorority alumnae. She said the sorority seeks to maintain high ideals in scholarship and social life for its members. " The University takes pride in the fine spirit of the sororities on campus and in the contribution that they make to University life, " said Trott. " In scholarship, service and in various phases of campus leadership, the sororities have achieved a record of which they may be justly proud. Each year Panhellenic sets the guidelines for rush and other sorority social activities. Two committees appointed by Panhel- lenic and IFC met this year to revise the swap system. Old prob- lems were discussed and a new name and philosophy were es- tablished. Under the new swap system, fraternities and sororities are re- quired to split costs, pledges cannot be forced to attend and party hours were extended until midnight. Panhellenic officers (left to right): Christy Neal, Treasurer; Shelly McNeer, Vice President; Suzanne Skipton, President; Kimberly Pennington, Secretary; Renecia Hill, NP-HC Vice President, phoioby Ken hey 8 I ti g ' ■ r Panhellenic Presidents and Members: Gloria Mayfield, Holly Hobbs, Susie McCrocklin, Cathy Johnson, Kishida Webster, Kim Gambhn, Tina Beningo, Far Shook, Paige York, Missy McNemar, Mandi Norton, Anne Ferris, Mary Dahike, Lindy Teller, Kim Spencer, Angela Hartfield Lisa majors Katrina h Howard, Monica Thomas, Angela Wilson, Shelley Wilbanks, Ginger Minga, Lou Ann Wilcox. Mary Holloway, Stephanie Case Erin Earhart, Lee Ingram Amanda Bigham, Polly Riley, Margaret Pryor, Tina Tomlinson, Heather Rodgers, Lisa Jones, Renecia Hill, Angel Fontana, Shelia Griffin, Wendy Selquist Kelli Chapel F ttii 248 Sr ... o Panhellenic » 0 tte i fuUenKct€f ci tccC (continued jTom previous page) Also, the parties were sched- uled using a rotation system: thus eliminating a fraternity from hav- ing more than one party with a particular sorority. Once each fraternity has had a party with all sororities, then the rotation be- gins again. " We are playing a much strong- er role in decisions that affect all Greek organizations, such as the new guidelines for Mixers, ' (formerly ' Swaps ' ) " said Suzanne Sklpton, Panhellenic president. Stacey Wood, Delta Delta Delta social chairman said that mem- bers of her sorority were very ex- cited about the new attitude to- ward mixers. " There should not be any more troubles like In the past due to the new regulations. " Mark Howser, Phi Kappa Tau president said, " 1 think it is really good that the administration is giving the Greeks a chance to prove that we can be adults. " However, David Shields, Alpha Tau Omega treasurer, expressed a concern for the name change. He said. " I though one of the main purposes of changing the swap system was to get away from alcohol-related connota- tions. Wasn ' t ' mixers ' a poor choice of words? " The Interfraternlty Council (IFC), the governing body and central organization of fraterni- ties at Ole Miss, consists of an IFC council, fraternity presidents and two representatives from each so- cial fraternity recognized on Ole Miss campus. The purpose of the organization is to advance the better interests of the fraternities in connection with the general welfare of the student body as a whole and to better relations among Greeks. The IFC is also Instrumental In organizing Fraternity Rush. IFC operates under the direc- tion of National Interfraternlty Council (NIC) recommendations. • — by Penelope Moulds and Missy Pace _ Ofncers: Alan Mlllls, President; Tommy Myers, Vice President Judicial: Held Gotten, Recording Secretary: Beall Carothers, Corresponding cretary: Brian Hlnton, Treasurer. Members: John Mullen. Mark Odom, Leo Emerson, Bill Baird. Chris Barlow, Jeff Talt. Mark Margiotta, Jody Lassiter, Oscar " Bubba " Thomas, Bill Power, Stuart Williams, Terrill Belfor. Jeff Gammage, Dave Patton, Lee Barnes. Jesse Dorrls, Ronaldo vens, Jim Abbott, Fred Schaeffer, Tripp Dyer, Bill Stewart, Trey Koons, Bart Hyer, Harry Cotros, Jim Eickholz, Wren Greene. West Cook, John ilvey, Ben Roberson. Bill Rhea, Robert Pickle, Jeff Roberts, and Alan Abel. Interfraternlty Council o 249 1,230 rushees receive bids; Campus flooded with joy More than 1 ,000 new so- rority and fraternity pledges gathered on Sorority Row for the annual bid night celebra- tion. Rush ended with 587 women receiving bids from 10 sororities and 572 men pledging 14 fraternities. Zeta Tau Alpha, held its rush lat- er in the semester and in- ducted 7 1 pledges. Bid Day is saturated by the emotions of well over a thou- sand rushees. all of whom keep their fears, worries, and confusion pent up for a seemingly infinite week. When the long anticipated Saturday finally arrives, the campus floods with feelings of relief, happiness, and sometimes even surprise. " Rush was a really fun but tiring experience because 1 was able to meet a lot of peo- ple in a short time, yet 1 had to choose my favorite frater- nity in only a week, " said Mi- chael Earhart, a Phi Kappa Psi pledge from Memphis, Tennessee. Lee Massey, a Delta Gam- ma pledge from Columbus said, " Although rush was a unique experience, some- times scary. Bid Day seemed to make the process all worthwhile, for 1 was finally a part of the sorority I loved the most! " Assistant dean of stu- dents. Sparky Reardon said that he was very impressed with the cooperation be- tween the IFC officers, rush counselors and fraternities during the organized dry (non-alcoholic] rush. Reardon said, " I believe this has been the best organ- ized rush, and best group of IFC officers I have ever worked with. " Bid Day at Ole Miss is quite a remarkable experience for the multitude of pledges be- cause a new year — as well as a new life — has begun. It is the commencement of lasting friendships, irre- placeable camaraderie, and new directions. - by Malone Lankford Editor ' s note: Daily Missis- sippian staff writers con- tributed to this story. SPLISH SPLASHI Chase Ames and Jamie Parkenson celebrate Bid Day by taking a dip in Sardis Lake. ,! WELCOMEI Angle Ciaramitaro gives Sally Rutherford a con- THREE CHEERS FOR PI PHI Despite the rainy weather. Pi Beta gratulatory hug. Phi pledges are all smiles on Bid Day. 250 o Bid Day Alphas and Deltas win Homecoming Greekshow ILI HAI HA! The Joker Joins in with the Bats for a little stepping fun.photoby L ' ln Seid IE COLD Alphas send a cool breeze with their version of |SSlble. " photo by Melvln Setd ' Mission Im- Alpha Phi Alpha and Delta Sigma Theta stepped off with first place trophies and SI 50 each at the an- noul Phi Beta Sigma Homecoming Greek Show. Wearing capes and masks, the Deltas Jumped from the aisle onto the stage and stepped to Prince ' s " Batdance. " The Del- tas then gave a salute to all the historically black fraternities by imitating their steps. Alpha Phi Alpha be- gan the mens ' compe- tition. The Alphas be- gan their show strong with special effects; a strobe light, a 300- pound block of ice, banners, and a giant foil cube. Dressed in black pants and yellow tur- tlenecks, the Alphas performed fifteen min- utes of precision step- ping. Greekshows are competitions between members of the histor- ically black Greek- letter organiztlons. The steps include everything from heavy stomps and spins to high precision taps and claps. Winners are chosen from a panel of judges which usually is made up of graduate members of each of the different Greeks. Prizes may range from trophies to $1,000 in cash. Often shows include humorous insults to ri- val Greeks, but Anton- nio Benton said the teasing done among the difftrent groups — like the Sigmas men- tioned the Ques staying in jail are the Nupes having a 0.0 GPA — is not to DC taken serious- ly- " It ' s done in fun, Benton said. • — . by Pepper Smith Greekshsows o 251 Greeks have fun without sun Ole Miss Greeks anticipat- ed the arrival of Greek Week as a chance to enjoy the sun and some friendly competi- tion. However, cold winds blew, making the tempera- ture dip into the low fifties and storm clouds threatened rain. Despite the wind and cold weather, students turned out in full force for the week ' s activities. Greek Week was five days of activities, competition and cooperation among the fra- ternities and sororities. The games, which culminated the week, were an annual event designed to promote Greek unity and allow all partici- pants to have a good time. Clay Taylor, co-chairman of Greek Week said, " The purpose of Greek Week is to raise money for LeBonheur Children ' s Medical Center and give a positive Image to the Greek System at Ole Miss. " The Greeks ' combined ef- forts proved to be quite suc- cessful In the fundraiser. Ten thousand dollars was raised Winners: Tug of War: Alpha Delta PI Sigma Nu Sack Race: Delta Sigma Theta Beta Theta PI Wheelbarrow Delta Gamma Beta Race: Theta PI Cup-on-a-stick: Chi Omega Kappa Sigma Overall Race: Alpha Omicron PI Sigma Chi Bat Spin: Alpha Omicron PI Delta PsI Hlpplty Hop: Delta Delta Delta Beta Theta PI PI Toss: Beta Theta PI with perfect score of 5 President ' s Event : Delta Delta Delta Sigma Chi for the Children ' s Medical Center. Dr. Judy Trott. Dean of Students, said that more money was raised this year than in previous years. " We ' ve had Greek Week for about ten years. " she said, " and last year Greek Week raised about $6,000. " The week kicked off with a lip-sync competition, a golf tournament, scooter races and bedraces. Receiv- ing the most points in these events were Beta Theta Pi and Pi Beta Phi. Points were awarded for every event throughout the week, and the fraternity and the sorority with the most points were declared winners. For the third straight year. Beta Theta Pi Fraternity won top honors. PI Beta Phi Sorority took the first place finish for soror- ities. • — by Katrina F. Howard HIP HOP! Winnye Wilks, a member of Delta Sigma Theta, bounces her way toward the finish line. Ill fi 51 I 1 I WHOA BARROWI Kappa Sigma member holds on tight while he ' s pushed In the I THINK I CANI Phi Mu makes a leap toward the finish line in wheelbarrow race. hopes of taking first place. 252 o Greek Week i)L i PULL! Pi Beta Phi member Natalie Ruffin struggles to help her sorority in a tug-of- war. pholo by Allsa Habeeb TOO HOT TO TROT! Members of Phi Kap- pa Psi fraternity make a valian t effort in the bed races. GreeK Week o 253 Summer days end with water fun As the hot summer days came to a close and the rigor of classes set in, Delta Gamma planned an afternoon of water fun for fra- ternity members. Delta Gamma Sorority held its fourth annual Anchor Splash at the outdoor pool of the university to benefit the Sight Conservation and Aid to the Blind. This year the chapter raised over $3,000, a sum which doubled last year ' s to- tal. Volunteers from the sorority acted as coaches to the 15 fra- ternities who competed in the various swimming relays, the synchronized swimming event, and the popular Mr. Anchorsplash contest. Heather Vahle, Anchor Splash chairman said there were more spectators this year because the Anchor Splash was widely pub- licized. Vahle said, " Bleachers were provided by the Oxford Park Commission, and people could sit down and really be comfortable. " Despite the fact that two fra- ternities were disqualified from individual events for indecent ex- posure, the event seemed to be a unified effort of both pledges and actives. Alpha Tau Omega placed first in the days events. Kappa Sigma placed second; Phi Delta Theta and Pi Kappa Alpha tied for third. Will Davis of Alpha Tau Omega and Tom Brabyn of Pi Kappa Al- pha tied for the title of Mr. An- chor Splash. Although the Ole Miss Delta Gammas have only been spon- soring the Anchorsplash for four years. Delta Gamma Chapters all over the United States have spon- sored their own version of the event. • - by Alisa Habeeb and Missy Pace Winners: Medley Relay: Alpha Tau Omega President ' s Race: Chi Psi and Beta Theta Pi Synchronized Swimming: Alpha Tau Omega MPASLl lilesvith PARTYMANI PI Kappa Alphas Tom Brabyn makes his en trance as Batman In the Mr. Anchor Splash event, photo by Mill Brockman LIGHT THE TORCH. Alpha Tau Omega fraternity performs a synchronized swimming routine to the WILD THANGI Rich Smith a member of Chi Olympic fanfare. pho,o by La Habeeb Psi slaps his lips during his routine In the Mr Anchor Splash event, photo by John Coker. Anchor Splash o 254 The rainy weather did nothing to dampen the spirits of the Greek women who participated In games of the 1989 Sigma Chl Derby Day. The Derby Day festivities were off to a start and once again Ole Miss Sororities vied for the championship. The games culminated the events of Derby Week. Sigma Chl Fraternity ' s an- nual feauture to raise funds for the Kid- ney Foundation. This year the fraternity with the help of participating sororities raised over $14,000. Chase Bryan, co-chairman of Derby Day. said he was able to Involve more of the campus through two new additions to the week ' s events, the Derby Day Dash and the golf tournament. He said the Increased participation allowed the fraternity to raise more money. At the beginning, some sororities had problems with the Derby Day Queen pag- eant and the high emphasis placed on the dance. As a result one sorority. Kap- pa Alpha Theta. refrained from partic- ipating in Derby Day activities: however they did contribute to the funds raised. Games continue S despite weather Despite rumors that other sororities would withdraw from the games, most of the sororities prepared their routines and practiced for the games in hopes of an exciting day. The Derby Day Dash, a 5K run. began the week ' s activities. Billy Wright, a sen- ior, finished first In the male division with a time of 16 minutes and 21 sec- onds. Andee Rudloff. a sophomore from Smiths Grove Kentucky, won the female division with a time of 19 minutes and 5 seconds. Phi Mu sorority won the most points to capture the title of Derby Day Cham- pions during the games at Education Field. Other top finishes for the day were Kappa Kappa Gamma, second and Alpha Delta Pi. third. Beth McLees of Corinth, representing Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, was trowned Derby Day Queen. • - by Missy Pace Editor ' s Note: Dally Mlsslsslpplan staff writers contributed to this story. Game Winners; Dance Routine: Phi Mu Skin tlie Snaiie: PhlMu Toilet Paper: Phi Mu Amoeba Race: PhlMu Egg Toss: Alpha Delta PI Limbo: Alpha Delta Fl Musical Ice Water: Delta Gamma Plege Contest: PhlMu Mystery Game: Phi Mu Mud Madness: Kappa Delta Banner: PI Beta Phi Treasure Hunt: Kappa Kappa Gamma SPLISH SPLASHI Laura Anderson sits in a tub and waits for the next song during the musical ice water event, photo by Aiisa Habeeb LHOUSE ROCKI Sigma Chi pledge Andy Davis impersonates Elvis to help Phi IVIu ■ earn top h onors with their dance routine to a medley of Elvis ' songs, photo by Alisa Derby Day u 255 ALPHA DELTA PI The spirits were running wild at the Alpha Delta Pi house Halloween night, 1989. The haunted stairwell was draped with orange and black streamers, and it echoed with eerie sounds of howling creatures, crackling witches, and moaning monsters. Where did these strange poeple come from? Halloween was the night for revenge. Little sisters had the opportunity to dress up their big sisters for the holiday and then go out as their counterpart. The costumes were kept a secret until the night of October 31, when little sisters gave their big sisters their disguises for the night. Hand-in-hand, big sisters and little sis- ters walked down the streamer-strewn stair- The big sister little sister relationships are quite special, for it is activities like these that enable sorority members to develop new di- rections in friendships. AAH Chapter Name: Delta Sigma Since: February, 1961 Nickname: A D Pis Colors: White and Azure COME IN. Sorority members smile while waiting for the new pledges. 256 o AAH tI DAV, Tjc: Deborah Alexander Angela Beard Allison Blackburn Gratia Bone Allison Breland Elizabeth Brcnl Eluabelh Brown Marion Brown Sarah Callahan Kelly Carmichael Allison Chrcstman Peggy Cockroft Kerry Coggin Gwen Gotten Kimberly Cutnght Anna Dismuke Randi Ellis Susan Ellis Christina Evans Enn Galla er Michelc GnfTin Leann Hall Sheila Hayes Shelly Haynes Jennifer Hays Slacy Hendnck Holly Hobbs Elizabeth Hux Tracy Imwold Michelle Kelley Pamela Kincaid Laura King Wendy Kurtz Andrea Mann Angela Marascalco Nancy Martin Gloria Mayfield Pamela Mayhall Susan McCrocklin Laura Medley Allison Melville Stacy Michals Stephanie Mixon AJIyson Morgan Mary Morrison Neesa Neal Tiffany O ' Quinn Amy Pace Lesfi Pace Andrea Parker Sandra Parker Alexandria Parrish Kalherine Patterson Kristine Plecker Kimberly Roberts Paige Rosenau Julie Schmidt Susan Schweers Gwendolyn Scott Dyanna Sheffield Tracy Sisson Maria Tilly Katherine Vicars Meredith Viox Heather Vollintine Tern Von Hoven Barbara Walker Tammy Ward Teri Weaver Susan Whelan Heather Williams Susan Wilson Belinda Baker Monica Belknap Chnstina Bostic Traci Bowden Julie Bowman Julie Brandt Melanie Bullard Virginia Downs Karen Drake Rebecca Edwards Kelly Finn Chanis Hall Elizabeth Hardy Jeanne Holmes Cody Isaacs Tonya Jamieson Manon Kitchens Kristine Kobila Cynthia Kneser Vicki Lippincott Shannon Mariin Kiberly Mayo Natalie McConnell Susan Morgan Shara Morrison Nora Murray Laura Pounds Wimberly Reeves Audra Renfroe Elizabeth Romines Julia Sanderson Rivers Schiefer Jennifer Simpson Sharia Simpson Laura Tapp Elizabeth Williams Jacqueline Winebrenner AAn O 257 ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA In 1908. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority became America ' s first Greek-lettered organization es- tablished by and for black wom- en. On May 12, 1974, the Ivy Leaf Pledge Club became the Theta Psi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., making it the first black soror- ity on the Ole Miss campus. Locally, Theta Psi adopted a resident of the North Mississip- pi Retardation Center. Recently our pledge club volunteered as- sistance at the Special Olympics Games. Our purpose is " Service to All Mankind. " Be it academics, athletics, or any extracurricular endeavor, Theta Psi has been an active participant. One can always tell an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman. If not by her sorority ' s colors, then by her friendly smile and the generous heart that is al- ways ready to help others in need. AKA Chapter: Theta Psi Since: May 12, 1974 Nickname: AKAs Colors: Salmon Pink and Aple Green 1 LADIES OF DISTINCTION Alpha Kappa Alpha members take time out from a ceremony for an AKA pose. • »• — IN THE PINK Alpha Kappa Alpha graduate advisors Stephanie Hickman. Darlene Washington, and Corne- lia McCain help out as active alumnae. 258 o . KA I DOROTHY ALLEN JESSICA ANDERSON LISA BENNETT CHERYL BRADLEY ERICA DOBY MICHELLE HARTZOG DORIS HENDERSON CATHY JOHNSON JACQUELINE JONES WANDA JONES KYLIA MORRISON MELODY PATTERSON AUDREY POPE BARBARA RICKS ANGENETTE SMITH LISA TODD PAMELA TURNER KISHIDA WEBSTER CHANDRA WILLIS tIE rVY LEAF PLEDGE CLUB. FALL 1989 (left to right) Karen Pittman. Angela Sanford. Yolanda Wesley, Marilyn eddlngton, Kenya Hodges, Yolanda Henderson, Tina Moore AKA o 259 ALPHA OMICRON PI Alpha Omicron Pi encourages both unity and individuality. We are a very diverse group from diverse backgrounds, bound together by the traditions and values of Alpha Om- icron Pi. These beliefs are reflected in their symbols, the sheaf of wheat and the jacqueminot rose. The spirit of friendship and love found here is reflected by our mascot, the panda bear. Their pledges promise to be true not only to our founders, but to themselves. Fall begins with Bid Day and fin- ishes with their annual Christmas Party. In between are Big Sis Lil Sis, Football Game Brunches, a Hallow- een Party, and parties or cookouts with fraternites. The highlight of Fall is the Winter Formal. Spring brings fun and sun. There are Crush Parties, Derby Day, Spring Formal, Arrange-A-Date, Greek Games, and Red and Blue Weekend to keep them busy. For parents, there is the an- nual Parents ' Weekend with a craw- fish boil and a Softball game. CELEBRATE AOPs have an exciting 1989 Bid Day. Aon Chapter Name: Nu Beta Since: February 27, 1958 Nickname: A O Pis Colors: Cardinal, white — HI, MOM AND DAE Kristi Crosswell. Leigh | Williams. Alison Wood and Gina Bradshawl have baloons of fun al Parents Weekend. 260 o Aon Chrlstl Adams Kelly Allen Mlchellr Alt Lynn EJarrcIt Tina Bcnigno Elizabeth Ulaha Tracy Bole Luclnda Boswell Gina Bradshaw Lisa Bragg Jo Brunson Candy Carlisle Jean Chambers Sonya Chatham Christy Cox Kathryn Crowley Canette Cutrcr Danielle Day Amy Evans Kathleen Ford Suzanne Franks KImberly Gamblln Amy Greenwell Whitney Gurley Jennifer Hale Cynthia Hase Jennifer Hugglns Llesa Jackson Klmt erly Jordan Andree ' Lambert Reglna Lane Michelle Lavender Trad Lyons Tracey Montgomery Rachel Moore Samaniha Murphy Deborah Norton Mary ORyan Lisa Ott Julia Palmer Kandy Parson Rebecca Peklch Rlcque Rol erts Fara Shook Kara Smith Jennifer Southall Anna Speck Keleigh Sullivan Audrey Tafllnger Mary Turner Stephanie Tutor Karen Vaughn Hedy Walker Jor a Weeden Maryruth Wiley Leigh Williams Lisa Williams Alison Wood Cassandra Yelmelos Reba Young Myrtle McElroth. HM Risa Adams Missy Aldrldge Catherine Atkinson Angela Balrd Taml Barth Korl Besant Lisa Brown Dana Carnduff Carrie Chanbers Candlce Chancellor Angela Day Carlssa Dear Theresa Dwoner Kelly Dennis Jennifer Flelschmann Catherine Flowers Stacey Gibb Bonnie Gordon Stephanie Grant Claudia Gurley Kristi Manor Slacey Hardin Tracy Hardin Holly Harlan Elizabeth Harrelson Laura Hase Stephanie Hathcock Shannon Hill Reglna Johnson Mary KIncald Paula Labrot Mandy Martin Lola Mason May McDanlel Leslie McCrory Pamela McGreger Kelly Murpny Jill Paden Allyson Parden Pamela Parker Monica PendergrafI Cassandra Qulnn Sandy Ralph Eiethany Riley Elizabeth Ross Jennifer Sawyer Sandra Schnleders Hilary Simonson Anna Stevens Christy Verges Rlsa Wadklns KImberly Waller Aon o 261 ALPHA PHI ALPHA In an effort to strengthen the bonds of black students of the predomlnatly white campus of Cornell University in Ithaca. New York, seven men banded together to form a means by which they could help each oth- er survive the racial prejudice storming about them, a task which had never been attempt- ed before. On December 4, 1906, an nation witnessed the birth of Alpha Phi Alpha Fra- ternity, Inc., the first fraternity for college educated black men. The same vision which in- spired the birth of Alpha Phi Alpha also inspired seven young men to charter Nu Up- silon Chapter at Ole Miss on March 20, 1978. In the chap- ter ' s young history, it has claimed the title of Mississippi Undergraduate Chapter of the year six times. A A Chapter: Nu Upsilon Since: March 20, 1978 Nickname: Alphas Colors: Black and Gold TRUE LOVE John Moore and his wife Tina Moore share a romantic evening at the Spring Formal. ALPHA ABOVE ALL Tracy Causey and Elvin Knight pres- ent a banner proclaiming the merits of Alpha at homecom- ing Greekshow. 262 o A A ■ mat ■ 1 m ' ' ' ' 1 1 |f||,|0« ■ Mm 1 m f SiStt. BH H 1 § ' J m t « jfl iK ' pl I | P ;A . ' lU . 1 HIDE THAT HAND- SHAKE Alpha advisor Jer- ry DeLoach sneaks Lee Eric Smith the handshake as Alec Gardner looks on. SPIKE IT, DAVE! Alphas play a fun game of volley- ball at the spring Family Picnic. M esfc £ ' i Antonnio Benton Eric Bluntson Anthony Bryant Brandon Bryant Tracy Causey Omar Colbert Leo Emerson Elvin Knight David MIddleton John Moore Kerry Pearson Lee Eric Smith SING IT. ANTONNIO Richard. Anton- nio, Rod. Anthony, and Omar sing at Fall Smoker. A t A o. 263 ALPHA TAU OMEGA Alpha Tau Omega was found- ed on September 11, 1865, at the Virginia Military Institu- tute. The Delta Psi Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity was founded 1927. Since its in- ception Alpha Tau Omega has played an integral part in Greek life here at The University of Missisisippi. This chapter is very involved in every facet of campus life from student government to honoraries to social aspects. Although Alpha Tau Omegas are quite busy with academics and campus involvement, members also know how to have fun. The Gatorbash, host- ed by the chapter each spring, continuously proves to be one of the best parties of the year. AT 12 Chapter: Delta Psi Since: February 4, 1927 Nickname: ATOs Colors: Sky Blue and Old Gold SARDIS SUN ATOs cel- ebrate Bid Day at Sardls. 264 Ly ATH SUPER SWEETHEART Phil McCarty and ATO Sweetheart Stacey Wood have a blast at the jper iAL: party. Super Formal in New Orleans. I HALLOWEEN FUN Amy. Curt. Jole. John. Maureen, and Allen celebrate at the annual Halloween )lasiat " David Applegale Charles Barber Richard Bcnncll Charles Berry Thomas Borgognoni Robert Box William Burdell John Burnett Hugh BustT Denver Carter Curtis Childress James Cole Joseph Crawford Thomas Oonin Lee Easlerwood Richard Edwards Joseph Foster Matthew Freeland JefTery Frensley Andrew Gehnng Paul Gilmore Jeffrey Goldberg David Grochau John Habans Douglas Harkins Brian Harvey Terrence Hayes Michael Head John Heidel Wade Holder Jason Johns James Joyner John Kamman Jeffrey Kemp Vernon King Michael Kreinesl Kirk Ladner Mark MacDonald Phil McCarty William McNamara Joe McNeese John Moore John W. Moore John Mullen Steven Mullen John Nipper Mark Odom David Owens Michael Page Haskell Ross William Rush Joshua Seism John Shellabarger David Shields Calvin Shuster Mark Smith Michael Smith Robert Solberg Christopher Taylor Hubert White Cory Wilson Brent Wood Charles Barlow Jeffrey Bates Michael Berger Douglas Brown Richard Carlisle Donald Chambliss Grant Christians Kelly Collins William Collier Douglas Crow William Davis Jeffrey Day Vance Derryberry Sean EIrod Bret Eltiste Lawrence Gafford Timothy Gilder Russell Glass John Grilli William Hamilton Clifford Heidinger Ryan Hitt Bryan Hoppe Sean Horan Edward Horton Cameron Jehl Robert Jones Jake Kaye Patnck Kellum Jared Lemons John Love Marc Lyerlv Scott MacDougall Lance Martin George Mathison Matthew McCartney Riddell McDonald George McGuire Carson Medley Jason Moms John Murphy Heath Odom Jason Puns Thomas Rester Peter Richards Thomas Smith Daniel Spivey Andrew Tatum Stephen Thompson Chris Tonos Dennis Townsend John Turner Richard Waddell John Walton Daniel While Ralph Yelverton Kenneth Young Wesley Young ATO o 265 CHI OMEGA Chi Omega, one of the older sororities on campus, is known for involvement in campus ac- tivities. As well as boasting Most Beautiful 1988, ASB sec- retary for three years, and highest scholarship on campus for two years, Chi Omega also finds time for service projects. The philanthropy of Chi Ome- ga, " Magic Lamp, " was founded in the spring of 1988 by an ac- tive member of Chi Omega and two members of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. ' Magic Lamp is a non-profit organization which provides fi- nancial means for terminally ill children to be taken on the va- cations of their dreams. Desti- nations have ranged from amusement parks, such as Walt Disney World and Six Flags, to Florida beaches. The children who benefit from Magic Lamp are in out- patient treatment at the Uni- versity of Mississippi Children ' s Word located in Jackson. Each year Chi Omega sorority plans a fundraiser to make wishes of children become realities with Magic Lamp. xo Chapter: Tau Since: 1899 Nickname; Chi Os Colors: Cardinal and Straw ' v xX. . OWL PALS Ch Omegas celebrate Bic | Day festivities. REAL THINGJ Malone Lankford andl Lee Evans have lots olf fun at Derby Day. 266 ROW 1 Eleanor Mc Knight Cornelia Mllchell Mary Murphy Mary Owen ROW 2 Ann Person Shannan Reed Joanna Robinson Ellen Sammons Andrea Sartor Caroline Scott Krista Shumpert Stephanie Sims Sandra Speckels o U Martha Stansel Lara Streete ROW 3 Allison Swayze Virginia Todd Rebecca Trautman JIM Udouj Mar ' Waters Alison Watts Melissa Windham Chrlsta Wlntersteln Shannon Wulff Melynde Young Cynthia Caldwell, HM ROW 1 Lisa Abrrncthy Susan Afcrnan Jiillc Allrn Allrf n Anders Evrlyn Azar Man, Bdrnrtl Pamela Henlon Daisy Blackwell Carroll Hlalr Cynthu Ularul deorgla Ikirdcn ROW 3 JrnnKrr Collins Sldncv Creekmorr Heather Oally Mary Daniels Kristy Davis Alison Doty Marilyn Draughn Candace Dunlap Tamsln [Jurham Helen Edwards Amy Epley AB a ROW 2 Virginia IJoyce Andrea Hraswell Ashley Ilrock Mary Hurnetl Margaret Duller Angela C irter Meredith Chealrs Laurie Chllders Allison Clower Louise t " o( krill Cynthia Coldltz ROW 4 Amy Evans Lois Evans Jane Ezzell Mary Karese Laurie Feldrr Holly Flnley Mary Fiacromlo Jessica Fleming Jennifer Fortner Suzanne Foushee Anne Fowlkes ROW 6 ROW 6 Jodl Fulgham Melissa Gamble Claire Hayden Tracv Hayes Jull Garrotl Mar " Hllbun Kathryn Gaston Martha Hodges Nicole Giles Janle Holman Virginia Graham Katnerlne Grlswold Allison Hooker Louise Hooker Stacy Guy Mary Hornsby Amy Haddad Holley Hadad Ginger Hubbard Jenna Huff Hayden Harris Virginia Hughes ROW 7 ROWS Valerie Hyde Rebecca Mc Gee Stacy Jackson Fredean Mc Nemar Jere Jefcoat Laura Mc Reynolds Cynthia Johnson Sarah Mc Reynolds Kelly Jones Angela Meeks Grace Kennedy Martha Minor Malone Lankford Camella Moore Amy Lowe Rebecca Neal Emily Martin Christina Neal Lucy Mc Arthur Erin Myers Jennifer Mc Cauley Pendleton Neville ROW 9 Shelly Neville Elizabeth Noblln Mandl Norton Bridget Nosef Karln Olson Elizabeth Owen Kathryn Owen Mary Patton Laura Peaster Ann Peeples Leslie Pettis ROW 10 ROW 11 Melissa Ragan Scarlett Sheldon Melanle Rains Jennifer Shumpert Terrlssa Rankin Mary Smith Jane Redding Jeanne Redding Patricia Smith Amy Solomon Leslie Ricks Shannon Spencer Jennifer Roberts Susan Streete Le Robinson Stacey Strtbllng Carla Russell Melanle Sullivan Allison Sample Julie Swayze Christine Sams Elizabeth Taylor ROW 12 ROW 13 Kristin Taylor Charlotte Wood Laurie Tharpe Paige York Olga Thompson Heidi Allen Blanche Thornton Anne Anderson Nancy Thche Catherine Ashford Amy UdouJ Tara Atchison Joanna Ward Meghan Beard Garland Bell Reagan West Tracey Williams Blair Blggers RebeccaBlouln Sarah Witllchen Susan Wolff Frances Boyd ROW 14 ROW 15 Anne Carroll Alicia Hayes Anne Delgadlllo Carolyn Henson Melissa EUJwards Mary Hovlous Leigh Ann Fratesl Jodl Jefcoat Erin Furr Amanda Johnson Jennifer Garrott Melissa Loustalot Kathryn Gassaway Leigh Lucas Leigh Gregory Meredith Main Joy Haddock Gayle Mc Caa Heather Handel Missy Mc Collum KimbeHy Harrell Kathleen Mc Craney WSMSi xn O 267 DELTA DELTA DELTA The Chi Chapter of Delta Del- ta Delta extends to you greet- ings from The University of Mississippi. Tri-Delts have brought friendship, happiness and a sense of individuality to everyone with whom they are acquainted, since Chi Chapter was established in 1904. Delta Delta Delta, along with Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity sponsored a special fundraiser this year. The two organiza- tions hosted a pre-Halloween party at Oxford Alley with all the profits benefitting Muscular Dystrophy. With Ben Friedman serving as the entertainment, the total turn out was estimated at around 400 students in at- tendance, Thte ticket price for the event was $5. Consequent- ly, the Tri-Delt ' s were able to provide close to $2000 for the charitable organization. As a whole, members of Tri- Delta always have many fun and exciting events: Fundrais- ers, bible study and pizza pals, having a good time at formals, Arrange-A-Date picnics, Valen- tines ' s Party and the annual Christmas party. AAA Chapter: Chi Since: Sept. 24, 1904 Nickname: Tri Delts Colors: Silver. Gold, Blue SEND ONLY SIGMA CHIS Kim Riser, Katie Bush, Stephanie TenEych, Carol John- son are all smiles at Der- by Day. 268 o AAA SISTER POWER Lacey, Hyde, and Mary Linda await their new Lis SIss on TrI Delt Big Sis- Lll Sis Day, I HOUSE GIRLS Trl-Delta friends celebrate the opening of the new wing of their house i 1% ROW 1 Patricia Afi,nrw Kllzabfth Allison Marf ari ' t Unrnhart Angela HIarrasso Roanr Raync r Melissa Hlssrll Laura Blaylock Kalhcrine IJoone Michelle ElowllnR Amy Bowman Jennifer Hrockman ROW 3 Katherine Coleman Mary Coleman Catherine Connlff Syona Cooper Anne Love Cossar Mary Cossar Renee Cowan Elizabeth Crowson Mary Dahlke Ann Davis ' ourtenay Davis ROW 6 Terra Foote Sharon Forester Mandy Foy Kim Fulford Heather Gaines Kelly Gallerano Laura Gelsewlte Lane Golden Ellen Glenn Georgia Graham Victoria Greenlee ROW 7 Leslie Herrlngton Hope Hughes Genevieve Hull Ann Huthnance Jennifer Ingram Mary Jackson Mary Jennings Sarah Jernlgan Carolyn Johnson Martha Jones Laura Landrum ROWS Merrill McQueen Alleen McRae Alicia Mellon Whitney Miller Elizabeth Mills Dorothy Mllner Margaret Minor Lisa Mitchell Eone Moore Martha Morris Michelle Morris ROW 10 Dana Mosley Virginia Mansell Anne Marks Margaret Marks Elizabeth Marsh Sarah Nations Lee Neal Angela Nicholson Anne Noble Mary Parks Lida Patterson ROW 12 Brooke Schumann Lacey Scott Lisa Scott Katherine Shaw Kelly Shoemake Caroline Smith Leila Stevens Rebecca Hyde Rosanne Stewart Katy Sullivan Julia Summerford ROW 14 Ponia Thomas Faith Thornton Leigh Thornton Laura Tldwell Stacey Turcotte Tanya Uptegraph Jamie Van Noy Amy Wallace Sherrv Wallace Came Walklns ROW 2 Krisll Brown Mary Bruce Cvnthla Hurncy Katie Bush Mary Frances Caldwell Elizabeth Carlisle Catherine Cato Callie Chancellor Laura Chain Pamela Chase Deanna Coleman ROW 4 Elizabeth Decell Laurie Denton Lynn Dickson Jacqueline Dolron Rosemary Durfey Mary Fly Brooke Fagan Colleen Eustts Laura Field Anne Ferris Susanne Flack ROW 6 Kathryn Greller Whitney Grlzzard Katharine Hable Patricia Harpole Julie Hartness Suzanne Hasselllne Katherine Hayes Kathryn Hays Anna Heldel Jean Henderson Rebecca Hermetz ROWS August Laurent Catherine Lester Mary Llzana Jennifer Long LIssa Lowe Constant Masterson Marcy Matthews Mary Matthews Laura Mayfleld Anne McKellar Jennifer McNalr ROW 11 Kim Pennington Monica Perry Gary Phillips Monica Pralher Amy Puryear Jennifer Revels Kim Riser Kelley Rogers Mary Elizabeth Russ Christine Sargeant Suzanne Savery ROW 13 Melanie Sumrall Shelley Sumrall Kathr n Sutton Jennie Swayze Donna Tackett Patricia Tavoletl Allison Taylor Amanda Taylor Lindy Teller Stephanie Ten Eyck Carolyn Thomas ROW 16 Marv Welsh Anne Wilklns Elizabeth Williams Melinda Williams Platte Wilson Stacey Wood Leslea Wood LceAnne Wray London Yarbro t tW - ' AAA o 269 DELTA GAMMA Alpha Psi of Delta Gamma is a spe- cial chapter, because it Is the mother chapter. Delta Gamma was founded by three girls from Kosciusko, MS, in 1873 at Lewis School in Oxford. Since then Delta Gamma has flour- ished, being one of the most out- standing and most respected Greek organizations on campus. Of course, the heritage of Alpha Psi makes her strong, but her main strength lies with her members and the bonds of sisterhood that they feel for one an- other. Delta Gamma strives to be a ser- vice-oriented organization. In addi- tion to Anchor Splash, Delta Gamma conducts many fundraisers and projects. This year Delta Gamma, along with Phi Delta Theta frater- nity, held a Christmas party for chil- dren of the Retardation Center. Delta Gammas strive for excel- lence in many areas. They are also more than friends — they are sisters that share a special bond. Ar Chapter Name: Alpha Psi Since: Christmas, 1873 Nickname: Dee Gees Colors: Bronze, pink, blue GRAFFITI FEVER Lauren Lewis, Kristis Nix, Kristi Jernigan. and Elizabeth McClatchy are all smiles at the Graffiti mixer. YABBA DABBA DOO Barbara Jim Brown and Caroline Caldwell take a breather from Derby Day activities. SISTERLY LOVE Alleen McClain and Jan Meyer are sisters forever in Delta Gamma. 270 o AF Sarah Price Armslrorifi Ann Archambauli Windy Barnharrll Mlssey Beaslry Jamie Btrlk Stacy Brawlcy Allison DrocK Barbara Jim Brown Beverly Brown Caroline Caldwell Amy Darnell Amanda Davis Jennifer Davis Meg Davis Rosemary Dlllard Ann Fletcher Alicia Frederic Jole Gala Jane Ellen Galllen Slacey Gatlln Kelly High Anndra HlII Jennifer Jackson Krlstl Jernlgan DeanI Joiner Alison Jones Tiffany Lett Angle Magee Lisa Magers Grama Manning Leslea Martin Elizabeth McClatchy Beth McElroy Alleen McClaln Mar ' McLaurIn Jan Meyer Klmberly North Kellea Odom KIm Overstreel Missy Pace Angle Pope Laurie Smith Paige Smith Jill Sones Kim Spencer Wendy Stringer Tracey Tucker Alison Turner Heather Vahle Beth Webb Susan Webb Gina Barton Elizabeth Boone Wendy Broad Glna Brunson Nancy Byrd Kim Colle Tiffany Curtis Leigh Ann Davis Anne Elliott Stacy Favell Karma Jackson Karen Jolly Kristlne Kerr Karen Kaluz Gary Lee Amy McMaster Lori McPhall Catherine Murphy Alison Osborne Kate Oils Allison Pope Meg Porter Stacey Reaves Sally Rutherford Missy Bingham Ann Marie Bishop Amanda Bobb Angela Boutwell PattI BraswcU Chris Carpenter Angle Claramltaro Leigh Ann Coleman Prlscllla Coleman Teresa Cousar Amanda Dixon Christy Dollar Piper bunagin Ruth Echols Emily Ewlng Cathy Grimes Janet Guyton Tara Hart Angella Hartfleld Kelly High Elizabeth Jones Kelll Kimzey Kakljane Kitchens Lauren Lewis Christy Llttlejohn Stephanie Martin Stephanie Martin Amanda Mason Shannon Massle Christine McCarlle Sarah Lynn Meyer Carolyn Mitchell Kelly Moore Melissa Neal Krlstl Ntx Anna Provence Karen QiJl " " Tess Ramzy Ruth Rogge Brooks Ross Tracy Sullivan Rebecca Terrell Kathryn Thomas Jennifer Thornton Debbie Tomlln Leeann Yates Laurie Yawn Julie Abraham Dana Altazan Jennifer Barnett Allison Carr Elizabeth Carson Shannon Cherry Caroline Clark Kelly Cochran Mandy Ham Karen Harris Amy Harrison Caren Hennessey Karen Honeycutt Amy Livingston Lee Massey Randl McClure Tiffany McCorkle Leigh McKlssIck Jennifer Pace Jessica Parsons Lacey Peden Melissa Perry Shelly Slngley Sabrlna Story Dena Tomlln Angle Wilson Ar o 271 DELTA PSI The Phi Chapter of St. Anthony Hall Is the only deep South chapter of one of the oldes of the old line Ivy League fra- ternities is the United States. Other chapters range from Eastern univer- sities such as Yale, Columbia, and M.I.T. and exten dow the Eastern sea- board to the University of North Car- olina and the University of Virginia. Delta Psi is a traditionally small fra- ternity both nationally and locally be- cause the qualities of brotherhood on which the fraternity was founded can be best maintained in the practice of limited membership. A Chapter Name: Phi Since: June 17, 1847 Nickname: None Colors: Light Blue and Gold MORE MONSTERS? After the mixer, these guys are are scared out. 272 o A Michael Blaine William Brown Frederick Dczemplen Donald Elcher Joseph Ellis Ronald Gartin Billy Glllenllne Preston GIvens Albert Goforth Bryan Huddleston Robert Layne Scott Layne Paul Lewis Andy Roth Michael Sanders Oscar Thomas Andrew Tyer Todd Vinyard Richard Williams DANCIN ' THE NIGHT AWAY Delta Psis packed a full house at the Ole MIss-GeorgIa football game. A o 273 DELTA SIGMA THETA Delta Sigma Theta is a public service sorority that was found- ed on January 13. 1913 by 22 industrious young black wom- en at Howard University. These women wanted to form an or- ganization that would go be- yond social activities and ad- dress the needs and concerns of black women. Their ideals and beliefs laid the foundation that has helped Delta Sigma Theta grow to become the largest black women ' s organization in the United States. Since its inception, Delta Sig- ma Theta has made public ser- vice its primary goal. In addi- tion to national efforts, each individual chapter is responsi- ble for making contributions to its community. The Lambda Sigma Chapter at the Univer- sity of Mississippi sponsors sev- eral events involving the Oxford community. They include an Annual Thanksgiving Dinner for Senior Citizens, periodical visits to the North Mississippi Retardation Center, participa- tion in Girl Scouts, and a Health Fair. On campus, the Deltas participate in Greekshows, Greek Week, Derby Day, and sponsor a Male Auction. Ase Chapter: Lambda Sigma Since: November, 1974 Nickname: Deltas Colors: Crimson and Cream DELTA EXPRESS Monica Tlionias and Angela Wilson arc glad to be a part ol Delta Sigma Theta. ? Gets TRIPLE DELTA The Collins sing about the won- derful benefits of being a Delta, phnio by Kairiim F DELTAS ON THE RUN Members of Delta are also varsity track members. 274 o AlH Nyarinda Aduma Charlotte Ashe Teresa Buckley Erica Burlcy Betty Collins Bobbie Collins Bonnie Collins Katrina F. Howard Tonya Miller Penelope Moulds Angclia Sanders Monica Thomas Charmaync Walker Winnyc Wilks Angela Wilson PARTY ANIMALS! Delta members ' slep-ouf at the annual Homecoming Greek Show, photo by Melvin Seid- Are O 275 KAPPA ALPHA ORDER The men of Kappa Alpha are consistent leaders on campus. Excellence Is achieved by each member of the fraternity in dif- ferent areas. This is evident in campus involvement, academ- ics, athletically, and socially. Each member strives to reach his best in these areas through constantly challenging himself to do better and by attempting to emulate the characteristics of the KA spiritual founding founder, Robert E. Lee. The motto of Kappa Alpha is Dieu ei les Dames (God and Womanhood) and famous KA alumni are J. Edgar Hoover, George Patton, and Admiral Richard Byrd. Although KAs are active in many aspects of campus life from ASB to Intramurals and SPB to DDK and Mortar Board, KAs are also known for their annual Old South Ball. All KAs and their dates dress up in old- fashioned costumes indicative of the Civil War era. Although not every body on campus gets to attend, it always fun to see all the antebellum dresses and sol- dier uniforms. 276 O KA Chapter: Alpha Upsilon Since: January 12. 1900 Nickname: KAs Color: Scarlet « f Z v i .,aii»- ' --fi- " ' SOUTHERN STYLE KAs dressed In true Confederate uniforms for the annual Old South. i. " t — COOL DUDES Jay Cramption and Kent Driscoll get down at the MTV mixer. I BEACH SCENE David, Grant, Chris, Beuford, and Larry have a blast at the annual Rose Florida. Ball ia K. i John Austin Frank Bainbridgc Lcc Berry Gary Browning David Carolhers Scott Cefaiu Joe Cisneros Jason Cobb Robert Cook John Dewees Daniel Dixon Phillip Doiron Robert Draughon Joshua Fletcher Spence Fletcher Timothy Fritts Lawrence Gettys Daniel Gilchrist Lewis Gissel Spencer Gooch Christopher Hill Phillip Hooker Robert Hudson Robert Isonhood Charles King James Mallette David malone Anthony Mansoor Smith Murphey Robert Neblett Harold Nichols James Pate John Person John Pinel William Power John Richards Joshua Shaw Homer Sledge William Smith Randy Stark August Stone John Taylor Joseph VanCleve Gregory Vaughan Thamas Walker Michael Walshe David Warrington Howard Watkins John Williams Michael Williams Marc Wilson Todd Woods Lee Zoller Joseph Atkinson Kyle Bailey Anthony Brunini John Cantrell Brandon Causey David Duggins Charles Edwards Philip Ewert Joe Hawkins Jeffrey Hodges Jason Lawrence Mark Lovejoy Patrick McCausland Charles McCorkle Chad Mitchell George Norris Thomas Muirhead Danna O ' Brien John Reuter Steven Root JefTrey Roux Gerald Saunders Curtis Simon Michael Sweet Preston Turner James Watson Jefr Wilson Mark Voungbiood KA o 277 KAPPA ALPHA THETA In 1870, Kappa Alpha Theta became the very first women ' s fraternity, something all Theta chapters could be proud of. Epsilon Zeta chapter at Ole Miss was founded in 1978, be- coming the youngest sorority on campus. From that day more than a decade ago, Thetas have been an active group on cam- pus. Thetas are visible on campus as leaders, relettes, beauties, favorites. Rebel Recruiters, fra- ternity little sisters and sweet- hearts. Theta ' s hold a special bond of friendship and togetherness. Being a Theta means fun and a lifelong time of sisterhood. Sis- terhood and friendship are im- portant to Thetas because be- ing a Theta doesn ' t end in four years, it lasts a lifetime. KA0 r.j Chapter: Epsilon Zeta Since: 1978 Nickname: Thetas Colors: Black and Gold r ' ' THREE MUSKET- EERS Leigh Edgar. Lou Ann Wilcox, and Barrie Aden can hardly wait to greet new Theta pledges. 278 o K. 0 KRAZY KATS Ginger Minga. Ginger Thomas, Machelle Caudle, and Tracy Brandon can hardly wait to welcome new Theta pledges on Bid Day. I SAFARI SISTERS Heather McWhorter, Michelle Spence, Kelle Felton, Corrine Wilson, and Lisa Smith have fun in the jungle at the Safari mixer. Barrle Aden Cynlhia Amisano Anna Appel Melissa Badgett Laura Bailey Jennifer Bone Tracy Box ShanI Broderfck Harriet Bryan Anna Busby Lisa Comeaux Kelly Corpsteln Kendra Dietrich Susan Edgar Carol Farlss Patricia Gunnarson Klmberly Guy Elizabeth Haas Merrily Hamilton Cara Harris Penny Jackson Nan Jernlgan Tracl Johns Heather Jones Jacqueline Jordan Hallle Ladner Leslie Lalne Christina Lane Amy Lott Jennifer Lulgs Shelly Morrow Leslie Mudd Mary Murphree Maria Newell Adrian Oakes Lorl Ruffin Cynthia Scholl Kelly Schmidt Jeanna Sewell Lara Shaw Rebekah Turshen Klmberly Walters Stacey Wescoat Kristina White Shelly Wllbanks Katherlne Wood Christina Wright Megan Alford Amy Andrews Dawne Baber Victoria Barks Lynn Beckman Ashley Bennett Catherine Belts Theresa Bishop Mary Boutwell Tracl Brandon Angela Burcham Tracy Catt Anne Cockfleld Josettc Farmer Margaret Fountain Gina Guest Meredith Hahn Klmberly Hezlep Kerry Hopper Tracey Hunt J ' Anne Konecny Lisa Lay Kendall Leech Margaret Lowery LeeAnne Lucas Courtney Marshall Klmberly McCullough Heather McWhorter Melanle Nelson Carolyn Norrls Susan Parsons Sarah Pfelffer Stephanie Rando Elizabeth Roberts Tiffany Rockenfleld Terrl Scott Lisa Smith Michelle Spence Carolyn Stephens Cynthia Storey Holly Strange Ginger Thomas Melissa True Sarah Wadstrom Taylor Watson Susan Williams Alyson Barton Susan Bergfeld Candlce Black Klmberly Blalack Jennifer Cadle E oniia Caudle Jennifer Cltty Angela Cole Kelle Felton Klmberly Frank Patricia Funk Lee Goldman Robynne Hensarllng Leigh Herrlngton Krlsta Hundley Shannon Hunter Jennifer Kay Laura Kelso Leslie Knight Katherlne Kurachek LeAnne Major Beth McCollum Ginger MInga Diane Montgomery Mary Pender Michelle Perry Lee Pryor Jennie Rose Margot Smith Larkin Stockdale Sharlene Storey Heidi Tickle Lou Wilcox Corrlne Wilson Klmberly Wlrth Nancy Wood KA0 279 KAPPA ALPHA PSI Chartered in 1911, Kappa Al- pha Psi is the only black na- tional greek letter organization with its Alpha chapter on the Indiana University campus. Therefore, the history is bound to the university and to the state. Because of the negative at- mosphere present on the cam- pus in 1911, the ten founders sought to solidify friendship among others stressing high Christian ideals and the pur- pose of achievement. The founders of Kappa Alpha Psi were God-fearing, clean living, serious minded young men who possessed the imagination, am- bition, courage and determina- tion to defy custom in pursuit of a college education and career. Elder Watson Diggs was con- cerned that black students at other universities enjoy the benefits of the fraternity. In his effort to spread the fraternity ' s ideals, chapters were formed across the nation such as the chartering of Kappa Alpha Psi at Ole Miss in 1982. r KA Chapter: Lambda Pi Since: April 15. 1982 Nickname: Nupes Colors: Crimson and Cream JAZZ MAN Brian Kelly and Cornelius Mc Nell talk to Winton Mar- salius after his perfor- mance at Ole Miss. I ' 280 o K. — RAPPIN ' Darron Johnson and Jeff Gammage discuss the way to be a true Nupe. I NUPES UNITE Ricky Vaughn, Terril Belfor. Gaines Williams. Brian Kelly, Jeff Gammage, and Ifi , Corneilus McNeil are always looking sharp. | " Nei d ° ' ' « I TERRIL BELFOR JEFFGAMMAGE TIMOTHY JUMPER BRIAN KELLY CORNELIUS MC NEIL RICKY RICHARDSON GREG TURNER . id LEAN ON ME Tommy Doris, MIcheal Cox. Brian Kelly. Erica Burley. and Cornelius McNeil congratulate speaker Joe Clark (center) for h ' .s endeavors In combatting school violence and Illiteracy. KA - o 281 KAPPA DELTA Kappa Deltas are busy all year round raising money for one of their two philanthropies, crippled children or the preven- tion of child abuse. " We try to help out some of those people who are not as lucky as most people on this campus. The events are fun for everyone; we especially enjoy seeing some positive things be- ing done for those who need help while people have a good time doing it, " Reeves said. The KDs host an annual golf tournament which involves students and local golfers, to raise money for crippled chil- dren or for the prevention of child abuse. This year almost $8,000 was raised during the golf tournament. KA Chapter: Alpha Mu Since: January 15. 1927 Nickname: Kay Dees Colors: White and Olive Green 282 O |i SWEET SMILES Erin Col- lins and Kim Turner have fun at Rowdy Redneck. 1 THREESOME liclli McCraiilc. TIITaiiy Brooks, and Kelly Graber have fun In the sun at their annual Crawfish Party. . „ i i 1 ROWDY GALS Kay Dee pledges make cool cowboys at Rowdy Redneck. KA ROW 1 ROW 2 Jennlfrr Alexius Karen Brumflcld Andrea Austin Susannah Byrne Lane Baker SlephanleCase Lauren Hehm Beverly Chamblln Ann Clearv Alyson Colingo Kristen Hehm Kllzahelh Mcnnt-lt Leslie lilrchflcld Heather Couvllllon Laura Urewer Ashley Crowley Hrlgid Brinkman Melissa Davidson Gina Brooks TIa Dees Tiffany Brooks Paige Dlrkerson ROW 3 ROW 4 Beth Duncan Kelly Graeber Erin Earhart Martha Graham Dorrltte Early Wendy Granger Melissa Ellis Stacy Greer Lopez Faherty Dana Haven Jeana Ferrell Laura-Lucia Hayes Suellen Forrester Caroline Hlatt Kellte Fortenberry Mary Holloway Laura Foster Melissa Ingram Kandy French Leslie James Catherine Geddy Kathy Jester ROWS ROW 6 Michelle John Sydney Mattlson Christie KIrkland Beth McCranle Linda KIrkland Mary McDonough Kelly Krohn Mary Mcintosh Danna Lee Lauren McLemore Laura Lee DIanne Meek Tyler Lott Lisa Miller Marsha Magee Natalie Miller Melissa Ma ee Sarah Marchbanks Connie Molino Leigh Nicholson Dawn Mars Elizabeth Nored Klmberly Olmsted ROW 7 Brltton Ousley ROWS Lauren Pate Stepanle Richard Leslie Robertson Karen Patterson Pamela Paulsen Laurie Rose Martha Perry Julie Russ Lucy PIttman Michelle Russell Alison Quald Virginia Scarborough Tracy Reasonover Lucille Shepherd Penelope Rambln Heather Skllllngs Letltia Reese Catherine Smart Tracy Reves Lana Smith Marlsa Songcharoen ROW 9 Leila Still ROW 10 Wheat Story Elizabeth Wade Jennifer Strange Erika Wagner Heather Taylor Alison Walker Vlkkl Thomas Susan Warren Sarah Tlllery Klmberly Watklns Lacy Toups Klmberly Wilder Susan Tubertlnl Hayley Williams Elizabeth Turner Mary Yoste Kim Turner KrIstI Addis Krtsten Uter Rebecca Averett Krlstle Baker ROW 11 Jennifer Burch Amy Cater Stacy Chamblee Leslie Chancellor Cayce Coleman Erin Collins Mary Copeland Elizabeth Davenport Shannon Doyle Courtney Drake Dau ' n Dugan ROW 13 Lou Ann Jones Angela Jourdan Jacqueline Landes Julia Lord Stephanie Macintosh Alicia Haley Denlse Maness Amy Massey Nicole McElroy Angela Meyer Allison Miller ROW 16 Paige Short Amanda Simpson Delia Speights Susan Stacy Amy Story Dawn Taylor Emily Tickle Mella Turner Kelley Williams Susan Williams Klmberly Yeager ROW 12 Ashley Duncan Kelly Dunn Rachel Dunn Lisa Erlckson Ashley Fleming Suzanne Gray Jennifer Green Amanda Hall Laura Hammack Helene Hammett Mary Ingram ROW 14 Wendy Miller Melanle Monteith Jullanna Morals Crtstln Moroney Amy Nored Susan Norton Kathy Patterson Kate Pender Barbara Rea Tara Reed Jane Ring nesun ' KA o 283 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA The girls of Kappa Kappa Gamma are always looking for ways to help out those who are needy. In April the Kappas, along with Sigma Nu Fra- ternity, sponsored a volleyball tour- nament to help ihe foundation es- tablished to aid people with Muscular Dystrophy. Melisse Campbell, a sophomore from Baton Rouge, said, " We (Kappas) sponsored the event not only as a way to raise money, but also to involve all people on campus. It was an excellent way to meet peo- ple and get to know them. " The tournament was divided into men and women, Greek and non- Greek divisions. Many of the prizes awarded were donated by various Oxford businesses. Booths were set up in the Union and other places around campus to allow the non-participants to donate money for the foundation. Kappa of- ficials reported that more than $1,500 was raised and donated to the Muscular Distrophy Foundation. Throughout the year the Kappas commit themselves to service proj- ects aimed at raising money for those in need. Through these proj- ects they seem to search for ways to give others new, happier directions in which to face their lives. KKr Chapter: Delta Rho Since: March 15, 1947 Nickname: Kappas Colors: Light blue, dark blue THREE PALS ' Kappa finds friends forever: Stephanie Hill, Kim Foster, and Lee Ingram. 1 WAITING IN THE RAIN Allison Clancy. Leigh Ann Grain. Julie Donald- son, Andrea Wall, Jennifer Cole wait anxiously for new Kappa pledges. ROYAL SMILE Andrea Wall congratulates Beth McLees for becoming Derby Day Queen. 284 O KKr LelCh Allen Klmberly Allrt-d Anne Anderson Hetsy Barry Merl Baumcr Michelle Briscoe [Jarl Brown Kathryn Brown Donna Bufkin Jan Busby Jennifer Cole Leigh Grain Cynthia Cranz Crlstan Crulhlrds Lisa Crutls Melanle Edwards Stacy Ehrgolt Tina File Tamara Floyd Klmberly Foster Patricia Gho Teresa Gilbert Patricia Grlffls Anna Guest Mary H arret son Kelly Honan Nanette House Blllle Howard Lee Ingram Virginia Kemp Brlttan Layton Kathertne Mays Alexandra mcClard Stacy McElroy Erin O ' Connell Melissa Quest Susannah Robinson Andrea Rudloff Caroline Ruff Jennifers, Seay Amy Shakespeare Sandra Shaw Pamela Simmons Leigh Sorsby Andrea Wall Charia Walston Christy Washington Maria Washington Mary Werby Allison Baler Nancy Baker Tracy Benson Sheila Bruce Megan Conley Nicole Fred In Tiffany French Angela Gho Alicia Harvey Tonya Heldel Charlotte Menke Julie Mlchler Douglas Neblett Janle Park Dawn Powers Romney Ramsey Cynthia Ray Stacy Reeves Ashley RImmer Elizabeth Seward Nelson Smith Serena Tabor Gabriella Tamburrino Tricia Tharp Amanda BIgham Nancy Birgc Klrby Bowles Sherry Bowles Jill Busbv Rebel ca Buscn Mellsse Campbell Allison Clancy Julie Donaldson Josephine Duke Kellv Dumas Lesfee Dunn Ashley Gaines Ellen Galllna Julie Gann Sheila Can- Susan Harris Stephanie Hill Jill Hlllenburg Victoria Holmes Tracey Johnson Charlotte Jones Marilyn Jones Lisa Jordan Leigh McNeer Ellzabefh Michael Lori Neal Krista Netz Glynn Rushln Sandra Saunders Amy Schroeder Alicia Scrogglns Shannon Sprouse Lara Sullivan Jennifer Taylor Gretchen Wald Sara WlUard Kelly Wilson Rollln Wilson Christine Ashford Tiffany Daugtry Leslie Evans Elizabeth Fox Laura Dunaway Laurie Honeycutt Sarah Jones Michelle Leffler Jennifer Lundy Courtney Pennington Cheryl Peterson Christy Pleasants Lenna Porterfleld Margaret Sampletro Paige Sanders Jane Schweers Allison Scrogglns Letltla Thoda Leslie Thompson Caroline Walker Jane Ann Whiteside Mary Williams KKr o 285 KAPPA SIGMA On December 10, 1869, five friends and brothers met by firelight on a cold, windswept night in Charlottesville, Va. on the University of Virginia cam- pus. The meeting was designed to establish a bond of brother- hood that was dedicated to the goals of learning and an insti- tution shaped by the thinking of great thinking. This institution of fraternal brotherhood be- came Kappa Sigma. The Delta Xi chapter of Kap- pa Sigma at Ole Miss has been consistently recognized at on of the top ten chapters of Kappa Sigma nationally. Kappa Sigs have always been known for leadership on cam- pus. They have been represent- ed well in years past by senior class president. Order of Omega president, BACCHUS president, IFC treasurer, and Colonel Reb. Chapter: Delta Xi Since: Octobers. 1926 Nickname: Kappa Sigs Colors: Scarlet. White, Green WELCOME Wyatt Waltman welcomes new Kappa Sig pledges Michael Pratt. Kenny Parker, and Taylor Archer to the house. 286 o ,— SANTA SAYS John Couch and Clay Leyser have a jolly time at Kappa Sig Christmas party. 1 MERRY CHRISTMAS Jay Harris and Jerry Robertson and dates enjoy the annual Christmas party Sam Abraham Taylor Archer John Atkins Bruce Bain James Bass John Baxter Rhetl Blake Charles Breath Christian Cahill Woods Cavett Scott Cawthon Charles Claybrook William Coleman L. Collins Russell Curry Jack Dodson William Edmonson John Gough John Halliday Jonathan Hamm Torey Hammett Brian Hinton Thomas Hodge William Howard Richard Jackson Mack Kennington Drew KiefTer Robert Krohn Jean Larroux Brand Leask Derick Lipert Michael Malouf David Max well Richard McNight Darren Middleton Jonathan Morrill Jonathan Murphy Craig Orr Kenny Parker James Parkerson Drue Patton Randall Peterson Michael Pratt William Reno Gerald Robertson George Salloum Louis Schnjff Kenneth Smith Joseph Teichert Wyatt Waltman Mark Welborn Henry Winters Philip Wislar K2 o 287 PI BETA PHI As the first national secret so- ciety for women. Pi Beta Phi was founded at Monmouth Col- lege in Illinois on April 28, 1867, for the scholastic ad- vancement of women. Pi Phis claim the angel and arrow as their symbols. Mem- bers of Mississippi Alpha chap- ter are also proud of their house, which was modeled after Arrowmont, one of the philan- thropies of Pi Beta Phi in Gat- linburg, Tenn., and is built in the shape of and arrow. One can always recognize a Pi Phi by the golden arrow worn over the heart, and the warm smile she shares with others. Pi Phis not only share a unity among their sisters, they also participate in many campus and community activities. Pi Phis are members of almost every organization and honor- ary on campus. Members have also continued to excel in both Intramurals and Greek Games every year. HB Chapter: MS Alpha Since; March 10, 1962 Nickname: Pi Phis Colors: Wine. Silver, Blue ■»V jF CLOWNIN ' AROUND Mary Warwick and MIna Overton make an awesome Big SIs Lll Sis pair! 288 o .. SISTERLY HUG Christy Tice and Patrice Johnson are friends forever in Pi Beta Phi. I SMILIN ' IN THE RAIN Kelly. Carol, Mary. Shelly, and Julie welcome new Pi Phi pledges to sisterhood. m I i jl Angela Akins Abigail Allen Stacy Angclozzi Nicholc Basscn Ann Berry Stacy Blankc Susan Blumcnihal Susan Boltcn Chnslic Cammack Aimee Carlin Caroline Cocke Melanic Cunningham Donna DavenpoH Kelly Davis Desiree Dodd Kathleen Durbin Alice Eilers Christina Ell Joann Ferrell Klaire Fitzgerald Regina Freeman Barkley Gamble Elaine Haley Kjmberly Hamsley Melissa Hanson Jill Henry Margaret Hogan Shauna Horgan Robyn Indovina Patrice Johnson Jessica KJaus Julie Koncak Leslie Leavell Elizabeth Lee Lila Loutfi Guyla Lowrie Meredith MacDiarmid Leslie Madden Julie Marschewski JiUian Miller Pamela Moore Michelle Neal Kelly Nelson Mina Overton Joanne Parks Memtl Ratliff Kara Rawls Heather Rodgers Melanie Ruffin Natalie Ruffin Lisa Ryals Tracy Ryan Layne Sandridge Michelle Shaughnessy Suzanne Skipton Patricia Smith Diana Stover Sara Tegelhoff Christy Tice Christina Tomlinson Misty Turner Mary Warwick Margaret Williams Catherine Abel Staci Alexander Jennifer Blair Knslen Brookshire Carmen Burgess Mary Campbell Halhe Catlett Ellen Cowan Kalhryn Dilworth Nancy Donelan Tracy Duncan Enn Felber Colleen Keefe Kimberly Langsston Kjmberly Lefoldt Suzanne Malone Jennifer McCartnev Tonya McClinlock Susan McDavitt Nancy Moore mary Morgan Tern Nadlicki Tom Nadlicki Karen Neal Tiffany Norton Jennifer Parchman Lynda Rosenthal Amanda Ross Tiffany Sanchez Paula Schaefer Tracy Segar Kathenne Sheftall Knstie Shiner Ashley Smith Jennifer Snipes Sarah Spiller Rachel Stead Laura Talley Elizabeth Tate Eva Tavlin Dana Trigg Shanda Walden Dana White Susan Yeldell nB i o 289 PI KAPPA ALPHA Pi Kappa Alpha has excelled in leadership and involvement on Ole Miss campus. Many brothers have held prestigious offices such as Meade Mitchell, treasurer: Scott Prewitt, elec- tions commissioner; Steven Chevalier, associate director of the Student Programming Board. Pikes have also been proud of Joseph Reid who was selected campus wide model sophomore. Pikes have also been active in community services such as raising money for the Mississip- pi Memorial Burn Center and a local food drive. Members are also involved in the Adopt-A- Highway project, Bessie Speed Drug and Alcohol Awareness Center, Habitat for Humanity, and Circle K International. A project Pi Kappa Alpha is famous for is the production of the annual " Pike Calendar. " Twelve Ole Miss coeds are se- lected to model as calendar girls. The Pike Dream Girl is also featured. HKA Chapter: Gamma lota Since: May 27, 1927 Nickname: Pikes Colors: Garnet and Old Gold TOGA PARTY? Jeff Rod- gers and Amanda Bobb have fun at the Pike Dee Gee Mixer. » I 290 o _ LET ' S PLAY WAR Robin Haire and Jimmy Lever get rowdy at the Vietnam mixer. 1 BACK TO BASICS Col. Florian Yoste celebrates Bid Day 1989 with Jim. Richard. Andy, at Whitney. HKA Brian Allen Kenneth Austin Jason Blanchard Whitney Blanton John Blaschek Thomas Brabyn Phillip Bridges Christopher Caldwell Judd Cannon John Carniichael Steven Chevalier Leslie Coleman Harry Cotros James Eickholz James Fouts Andrew Fowler Thomas Francis jason Fulgham John Groman Robin Haire Patrick Harmon William Hays Merrill Healy Hugh Hogue Robert Hogue Richard Howard Rayford Hudson Richard lannelli Thomas Jacobs Stephen Jones Kevin Kellum James Lever Jon Lewis Hugh Lindsay Stuart Lipsteuer William Lipsteur Timothy Long Matthew McDowell Sean McDowell William McQueen Meade Mitchell Jeffrey Montgomery Sherman Morrow Richard Nelli Christopher Pennington William Phillips Williams Powers Scott Prewitt Bryan Pruden Thomas Quinn Kerry Ranson Joseph Reid Charles Riley Jeffrey rogers James Russell John Sanders Daniel Shumake John Simpson Don Smith Stephen Snedeker Kevin Teasley Michael Tompkins Charles Turner Jason Waller Martin Walsh Brent Walters Paul Warrington Curtis Weatherall Guy Wilkins John Yoste nKA O 291 PHI BETA SIGMA On January 9, 1914, at How- ard University. Washington, D.C., Phi Beta Sigma Fraterni- ty, Inc. was founded by three ambitious young men. Still strong, all Sigmas share a two- fold goal: to promote brother- hood and community service and pursue scholastic excel- lence, which only proves that proves that Sigma lives up to its claim-Bigger, Better, and Bolder. At Ole Miss, Eta Beta chapter is well known in the Oxford community because of the con- tinued service given such as the adoption of the Burn ' s Day Care Center, annual visits to see the children at the North Mississip- pi Retardation Center, and many other service-oriented programs. With the fraternity ' s move onto fraternity row. Phi Beta Sigma has become a major step- ping stone for other historically black greek organizations and a major advocate to end racism. By doing this and stressing ed- ucational excellence. Phi Beta Sigma men prove that your dreams can become a reality. $BS Chapter: Eta Beta Since: February 26, 1975 Nickname: Sigmas Colors: Blue and White 292 O LISTEN BROS Julius Harris dis cuss Sigma with his frats Edwarc Thigpen. Cotrell Barber and twc members of the graduate chapter photo by Ken luey lEACI LlojdDI ,10118 JftVli I Br ETA BETA SINGS Members of Phi Beta Sigma sing in the spirit of brotherly love their favorite s()| " Sigma Soul, " pholo by Ken Liey I i Cotrell Barber Mclvln Burgess Gabriel Dear Lloyd Dixon Alvln Haynes Frank Howard Lawrence Swlndall Reginald Turner Willie Walker Anthony Williams LEADERS Sparky Reardon Joined President Melvln Burgess and Vice President ,loyd Dixon as guest speaker for the Phi Beta Sigma Spring Smoker. YOU SEE. . .Jesse Doris, Renecla Hill, and Melvln discuss the real meaning of Sigma vlth Vlntrlce Goss. photos by Ken Ivey B2 r(avoni| O 293 PHI DELTA THETA In 1848, six college men at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, founded a brotherhood based on friendship, sound learning, and moral rectitude. Phi Delta Theta fraternity has since grown into an organization claiming approximately 200 chapters. Mississippi Alpha chapter has played an integral part of campus life since it was found- ed at Ole Miss in 1877. The chapter was awarded the Har- vard Trophy by national office recognizing it as the best chap- ter in the nation. The Phi Delts are very active in several philanthropies. In conjuction with Delta Gamma sorority, the chapter holds an annual Christmas party with the North Mississippi Retarda- tion Center. The Phi Delts, the Chi Omegas, and the Phi Delts at Southern Methodist Univer- sity are also known for the founding of the Magic Lamp Foundation which benefits ter- minally ill children in Jackson. flRTT ' l $A0 Chapter: MS Alpha Since; June 9, 1877 Nickname: Phi Delts Colors: Garnet and Old Gold ,- GOTTA WEAR SHADES Don. Tad. and Mark look sharp for Anchor Splash. HERE ' S MUD IN YOUR EYE New Phi Delta Theta pledges get rowdy on Bid Day 1989. 294 o A0 t PART IfSf f " f piBPfP fS George Abdo William Anderson Scoti Baker Jay Beeson Billy Belk John Black George Blackburn James Bohn Freddie Bourn Kevin Bourn Henry Brock Allan Brandl Thomas Brown John Carpenter James Cassidy C ' hns C ascio Jason Clark Robert Coon Thomas Cowles Mark Cnck Blair Cross Trey Cross Patnck Daily Clinton Davis Jcflrcy Dennis James Edwards Samuel Ferguson Webster Franklin Dudley Freeman Guy Freeman Dave Fulcher Charlie Fyfe Charles Greenlee Mark Gnffin William Gholson William Hamilton John Henson Steven Higginbotham Rudolph Holmes Edwin Holt Edwin Hooker William Jenkins James Johnson Stephen Lary Dan Latham David Law Robert Legler T. Allen Lovelace Everett Lovelace Ted Lupberger David Malone Mark Maloney Hank Martin Hollis Martin Evans McLeod Hardie McDonald Tad McCraney Michael McCready Edwin Meek Robert Melvin Looper Moore John R, Moore Harvey Murff Gavin Murrey Jack Nix Kiper Nelson Neil Newcomb William Newton Douglas Noble Joe Nosef William Omara John Olt Rick Parker John Rains Brad Roberts William Rutledge Jay Sanders Fredenck SchaefTer Justin Schmidt Samuel Seno Wynn Shuffbrd David Simcox Worth Simmons Andrew Smith Wesley Smith Thomas Southerland Charles Stone Dave Strong Williams Sanders John Scotl Stanton Scott William Stitt Jack TannehiU Lawrence Thames Steven Thornton John Travis David Ulmer George Walcott George Walker William Walker Cullen Wall Gerald Warren David Warlick Russell Weaver John Wellons James Wilder Clint Wood Andrew Wnght Steve Wyalt Timothy VanNoy Deron Zeppelin 4 A0 o 295 PHI KAPPA PSI From Newton, N. J., to San Diego, Cal., Phi Psis at Ole Miss derive from all across the na- tion. Not only is Phi Kappa Psi diverse geographically, but also in the involvement around campus, including station man- ager of Channel 12, musicians in the University Orchestra, staff on the Ole Miss annual, and vice president of the Stu- dent Programming Board. Phi Kappa Psi was nationally founded by young gentlemen who joined together to assist aid during the 1852 typhoid epi- demic, and Mississippi Alpha has carried that theme of " helping others " throughout its 133 year history here at Ole Miss. Phi Psi ' s major philanthro- pies include a blood drive at Shoney " s in conjunction with Mississippi Blood Services and the Adopt-A-Highway, in which members clean up a two mile strip on Hwy. 7. Phi Psi also co-hosted with Students Against Multiple Scle- rosis the Fake-Your-Way-To- Mtv Contest. These prelimina- ries were held at The Alley which was a huge success. $K Chapter: Mississippi Al- pha Since: April 17, 1857 Nickname: None Colors: Cardinal Red, Hunter Green I BLAST Phi Psis bum around for a picture at tiie Rags to Riclies mix- er. 296 o ■tK »- CAN ' T GET NO SATISFACTION Michael Stubbs and Blaise Greenhaw kid around at the " No Theme " mixer. t READY FOR BED? IVIichael Broussard and Brad Storey cuddle up with some Zetas at the Pajama Jam. J Thomas Anzelmo Kevin T.B. Asaro Chad Ayers Wilson Barton Charles Brewer Michael Broussard Scott Buchanan B.J. Canup Mark Coley Brill Cox Richard Dansereau Michael Erhardl Max Frazer Blake Greenhaw Craig Hallum Jim Holmes Michael HufTmes Wyatl Lee Ed Luck Philip McGee David McLaughlin Patrick Quirk John T. Schove Brad Storey Michael Stubbs Thomas A. Waller Alex Thesmar Chris Swann Bill Stewart Taylor Somers Gary Olson Jamie Philips Chris Norwood Scott Matlock D.C. Lucchesi Ashley Herring Brian Hallum J. Michael Gregory Tripp Dyer Michael Crane Billy Bullock Eric Boling John K. Lowther Jason B.G. Berry Whittaker Bell Cameron Abel litfn K o 297 PHI KAPPA TAU Phi Kappa Tau was founded nationally in Oxford, Ohio, on March 17, 1906. Four young men founded a brotherhood based on truth, knowledge, and fellowship. Ever since the founding of the Delta Gamma chapter at Ole Miss in 1 969, the members have worked to estab- lish and uphold these goals. Like other fraternities. Phi Tau tries to find ways to help the community through proj- ects. However, members try to help groups one on one, rather than just raising money. Every year Phi Taus travel to Baptist Children ' s Village to play foot- ball with the children. " We look forward to it not just because it is worthwhile, but because it is fun, " said Mark Howser, Phi Tau president. " We don ' t just play football, we really talk to them. " Easter Seals is also a great concern for Phi Tau. The chap- ter sponsors a raffle ticket every year to raise interest and money. $KT Chapter: Delta Gamma Since: March 23. 1969 Nickname: None Colors: Harvard Red and Old Gold GROSS! New Phi Tau pledges celebrate Bid Day in a very muddy way. GIMME A HUG Kevin Patterson gives Phi Tau Little Sis Lee Goldman a snuggle on a football wee end. 298 o 1 KT SEXY LEGS Brad, Ack, and Relan have a blast at the wild and crazy My-Tie mixer. i ll S i MmM ISJL ZZ k«i i 4a( David Ackley Christopher Allbritlon Hugh Anderson Henry Blumcnthal David Bryson James Burnham William Cothran William Davis Kenneth Drane Andre Ducote Thomas Fox Kevin Gray Justin Hall Jonathan Johnson Michael Kolesar Mark Lockhart Joseph Matthew Gregory Mitros Grover Monroe Scott Relan Tommy Thompson Thomas Travis Kenneth Verheeck Jeffrey Wall Robert Wilke David Wright Stephen Bailey Mills Brockman Bradley Clanton Douglas Cooke Rodney Davis Scott Dean Matthew Davenport Robert Draper Michael Dukes Prentiss Erikson Mark Beckman Christopher Bennet Alfred Bergeron William Feidt Christopher Gaines William Ham Andrew Holmes Eric Hospodor James Inman Lars Larsen John Luce Richard McAdams Ryan McCallum Joseph McNeal Richard Murray Michael Orr Kevin Patterson Gregory Pevey Lee Rains Cavett Ratliff Martin Riley Christopher Sanders Kevin Scarbrough Eric Siefert Bryan Stephens John Tait Everette Verhine Bradley Watson John Wilkison Todd Williams Bryant Wilson Barry Wood John Young KT o 299 PHIMU Phi Mu, the second oldest women ' s sorority In the nation, was founded In 1852, at Wes- leyan College In Macon, Geor- gia. Since then, Phi Mu has be- come a strong fraternal organization for women in America. Alpha Delta chapter is in- volved in various activities such as ASB offices, beauties, Ole Miss ambassadors, Rebelettes, favorites, fraternity sweet- hearts, homecoming queens, RUF, BSU, Campus Crusade, and various honoraries. Phi Mu also boasts Miss Mis- sissippi 1989, Cherry Busby. Phi Mus also enjoy fun events like Pledge Olympics, Bermuda Boat Bash, and winter formal. Phi Mus also dedicate a lot of their tirrfe to working for their national philanthropy, Chil- dren ' s Miracle Network Tele- thon. Phi Mu is not just for a day, not just for a year, bui for a lifetime. n M Chapter: Alpha Delta Since: 1926 Nickname: Phi Mus Colors: Rose and White GIMME A HUG! Challse Lenoir and Kim Mc Dan- iel celebrate Phi Mu Bid I Day 1989. 300 o M mm _ PICTURE PERFECT Stephanie Sanders and Michelle Woods smile broadly at Phi Mu Arrange-A- Date. I AWESOME THREESOME Derby Day puts a smile on the faces of Denise Knight. Leigh Adams, and Maria NIcol. Leigh Adams Dana Beevers Lorl Bergeron Holly Bounds Christy Branton Stacy Chandler Dorothy Coleman Christina Costello Camllle Crockett Stephanie Dixon Rollle Green Julie Grimes Robin Hagaman Misty Hammack Mary Harrison Stefanle Hontzas Elizabeth Jones Lisa Jones Leanna Jordan Amy Kllpatrlck Mary Helen McCarty Margaret McCollum Robyn McKenzle Stacle McMillan Mary McWllllams Jennifer Moore Meredith Nelll Dana Newell Maria NIcol Natalie Norwood Anna Pryor Renee Rester Kltsy Riley Polly Riley Dalne Rlsher Stephanie Sanders Stephanie Saraclnl Jennifer Seay Julia Smith Stephanie Smith Ashley Thompson Lauren Watts Brlgette West Angela Williams Katherlne Williamson Amy Bethshares Amy Blackburn Stephanie Breaux Elizabeth Brooks Robin Chlpley Jennifer Gilbert Amy Hayles Patricia Herrera Krlstl Holbrook Monica Holllson Laura Lamb Renee Lockhart Ashley Lott Amanda Lucas Jacqueline Lyon Krlstl Morrison Erica Nles Elizabeth Peaster Klmm Poe Jena Sayle Casey Simmons Ruth Simon Alison Slsk Shelby Thompson Courtney Thurber Lori Tllton Pamela Williams Marclc Brooks Shannon Caffey Mlchelc Callles Lisa Cauthen Anna Downey Sara Freeman Andrea Gaddo Courtney Goodman Heather Hartmann Martha Hathcock Kristl Hefim Nancy Hendricks Jennifer KIrby Mary Knight Deana La II Patricia Lawson Angela Mllburn Mellnda Miller Cynthia Mitchell Jennifer Mitchell Lea Owens Nancy Peck Stephanie Person Melis sa Price Kendra Roberson KImberly Robertson Nanette Roux Julie Roye Stacey Sproles Kamllla Stokes Christy Teater Carrie Thomas Victoria Williams Michelle Woods Susanne Young Tamera Ayers Mary Coleman Leslie Comer Angela Copeland Dlna Courtney Maria Horton Leslie Hubbard Leigh Kendall Tina Klrby Allyson McCollum Allison NcDade Beth NcHaney Amy Mllner Elizabeth Ponder Christy Poole Martha Roberts Christina Stoll Whitney Swlndoll Allison Thompson Jennifer Wright Jodie Wright Paula Zelsler itiAdai " ' 4 M o 301 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Mississippi Gamma chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at Ole Miss in 1866. Since then, the chapter has produced many campus leaders including ASB president and Colonel Reb. SAEs are also in- volved in campus academic honoraries and Ole Miss athlet- ic teams and Intramurals. SAE has also been involved in various community service projects in the Oxford area. The chapter holds a barbecue con- test which benetits the local chapter of Habitat for Human- ity. Habitat seeks to provide low income families with affordable housing. SAE also sponsors two miles of highway on Highway 6 outside Oxford in the Mississip- pi " Adopt-A-Highway " pro- gram. SAE also holds a " Bowl- A-Thon " to benefit the Oxford Humane Society. SAE Chapter: Mississippi Gamma Since: 1H66 Nickname: S A E Colors: Old Gold and Royal Purple 302 U -■ ' • " ' gl ciHiir fiM£m Sdiidv Anglin Alk ' ' Billiard Frcdoiiik Baiiici Hcniaiiiin Daniel ( iai y IVigiison Roller! I oaril Charles (lalloway Thomas ( ilasgow .lames (iraec Wren (ireenc Jaek Harden John lliird Riek Johnson David Lyiieh iX PPHTS n cflebrsii ■ft ' vmm- ' W ' W Edwin McDonald John McMahon David Moss Thomas Parker (jrcgory Price Michael Reynolds Steve Sands Tom Sawyer Robert Sharp Michael Talbot Robert Barbour Marvin Bell Edward Bogen Thomas Bragg Charles Brock Philip Buddenbohm Joseph Cable William Chandler Charles Clements Kevin Croft William Franklin William Glasgow Brendon Gorham Andrew Gregory Norma Harris William Healy Bernhardt Heebe Lacey Hughes Christopher Kocstler Theodore Krai Hunter Lee JefTrey Martin William Morgan Kenneth Moser Michael Parker Marion Peterson Paul Stasiulus Jon Douglas Stone Thomas Wcathersby SAE 303 SIGMA CHI Eta chapter of Sigma Chi re- ceived its charter in 1857, only twelve years after the founding of Ole Miss, becoming the first chapter here and the fourth chapter nationwide. Known as the Standard Bearer of the South, Eta is composed of men of different temperaments, tal- ents, and convictions. Eta chapter asserts itself every year in the form of lead- ership positions. John Ates, who served as chapter presi- dent, was also ASB president. Robert Wood, vice president of the chapter, served Student Programming Board director for two years. Sigma Chi also places a great deal of emphasis on academic excellence. Members are in- volved in all academic honora- ries ranging from the freshman level to the senior level. Eta chapter of Sigma Chi has had the second highest GPA of all the other greeks on campus. Chapter: Eta Since: October 10. 1857 Nickname: None 304 O x MISTLETOE? Marcus Hewitt gives Sigma Chi Sweetheart Margaret Pryor a hug at the anni Christmas party. ] QUARTET Guy Collins, Kent Gieselmann, Stephen Johnson, and Jeremy Jones are excited finally be pledges. i .S. Jr. AM 10 are excili il ' ik Thomas Abcmathy William Anderson Charles Andrews John Ates William Bradford Arlin Brawner Joel Bryan Mckay Caston Kinch Cato Thomas Coleman V. Cotten Wade Cox John Crawford Mark Crowe James Cundiff Joseph Davis Sean Doyle Frank Duke Richard Famngton Lelan Gcbhan Todd Green Stephen Heberl Charles Hewitt Robert Johnson Lucius Lamar Sam Langston Mark Lawrence Marvin McQueen marcus Mills Gregory Mitchell James Mullins Will Mullins Thomas Paulsen Timothy Porter John Pound Pepper Pounds Darby Richardson Erik Richardson John Ridgway Mark Rorie Woody Sistrunk Jonathan Smith John Spivcy Charles Stanford John Stanford Landman Teller James Underwood Charles Upton James Weir Mitchell Weir Robert Wood Matt Alford James Bays John Cassity James Chandler Alan Clark William Coleman Christopher Collins Guyton Collins Gratlon Conwill David Dixon Christopher Edwards Frederick Edwards Douglas Feiris Jason Gamer Arthur Gieselmann Kelly Harmon William Hams Forrest Hewes Eugene Hindsley Steven Jackson Scott Johnson Stephen Johnston Jeremy Jones Robert Leake Boomer Leopold David Maxcy James McArthur William Merrell Charles Miller Shane Norris John Pearson Ryan Pogue Walter Reeder James Reynolds James Sharp Kevin Smith Micha el Specs William Spencer Christopher Stephenson William Thompson Devin Tobin Joseph Weatherford 2X o 305 SIGMA NU Sigma Nu prides Itself on leadership and academics on campus. Sigma Nus have held several offices on campus In- cluding ASB vice president, Or- der of Omega president, Gam- ma Beta Phi president and vice president. College Republicans chairman, and many other of- fices. This legacy of achieve- ment fosters leadership within the chapter. Sigma Nu also consistently ranks In the top three grade- point standings for both pledges and actives. The chapter has produced a Taylor Medalist, several Chancellor ' s scholars, and many honorary member- ships. Sigma Nus have also excelled In the athletic field. In addition to several inter-collegiate ath- letes, Sigma Nu has won the in- tramural championships six out of the last seven years. Sigma Nus are also known for their annual Snakes on the Lake party. Block Party, and Woodstock week-end. SN Chapter: Epsilon Xi Since: May 23, 1927 Nickname: None Colors: Black, White. Gold PEACE TRAIN Joey Cochran, Benny Watts, Mike Miller, and Jason Greer celebrate Sigma Nu Woodstock. 306 o FLOWER POWER Joey Cochran and Tyler Lott are smilin ' In the sun at Woodstock ' I CAN ' T MAKE UP YOUR MIND? Gene Chase escorts two lovely ladies Jennifer Jacks and Kim Overstreet to Sigma Nu Statewide. UN Joe; ny Walls I and Jason I ! SIJiM I ' 2:A3L kHA J. JL _4 V J -A. il tk " .wrf ' .k--V »A , ];i sir 3. A 2 :i 1 [ jennl ' " rJad I lA A 1 il-t I lA Jlil -i il A Barry Bradford Jrff Boyd J Burnett Robert Cook Mark Cooper John Gaston John Hathorn Jay Junf Lash Lacoste Kenneth McDlll Paul Purnell John Quaka Bo Reed John Schmidt Jase Simmons Gentry Williams Stewart Wllllford Walker Wright Lula Mae Milam, HM Thomas Alfano Brilt Caldwell Gene Chase Joey Cochran Steven Dear Alex Garrecht Bo Martin Duffln Newman Brad Reeves Ben Roberson Collier Simpson Steve Wall E. J. Blanchard Mark Boone Tal Braddock Jeb Buck John Fletcher Lee Galloway Jason Greer Jay Hale Justin Handel Kevin McGee Randy Meek Jay Milam Michael Miller Tim Mills Bill Rhea Clark Robinson Richard Schmidt Scott Schreckenhofer Tyler Smith Jim Tipton Billy Woods Blake Williams Chris Watts Gerald Chatham Anthony Gaines Alan Grafton John Green William Gossett John Harper Don Kelley Alan King Ken Lacoste David Lee Byron Luber David Mortimer Todd Nations Daryl Neal Jody Neyman Phil Smith Justin Spencer Scott Tanzlllo Jim Thompson Ted Thompson Allen Couch William Courtney Andrew Eldrlntfhorf Charles Felsher Eric Frohn Mark McLemore Martin Michael Mark MoIIere Lewis Palumbo George Parker Sammy Sllman Gregory Smith Doug Thompson Russel Wilcox Charles Wllkcrson Mark Barrett George Bartholomew Bo Bond Barry Brldgforth Nelson Burford Troy Garrett Tommy Hayden Chris Hughes Jon Lucas Mickey Mallette Mark Strong Bryan Thomas Wesley Truett Jeff Van Scott Walker Clyde Burleson Jay Cocgln Scott Carlew David Dunavanl Scott Edwards Mitchell Lampman Chad Mask Alex McCrosky Bryan McDanlel Andy McDill Monty Montgomery Stephen Payne Rives Prlngle Christian Reed Jtmmle Reynolds Victor Smith David Steward Todd Stoner Drew Sudduth Andy Till William Cole David Dausman Brad Downs Brandt Elchman John Farese Don Hlnton Tome Home Ben Howard Patrick Hyde Chip Luter Garrett McAlpIn Michael McElhaney Wally Morgan David Redmond Michael Renovlch Judd Reynolds Robert Shearon Nick Vance Chip Wall Brennen Warren Roland WlUock 2N o 307 SIGMA PHI EPSILON Sigma Phi Epsilon was found- ed in Richmond, Virginia, in 1901 at what is now the Uni- versity of Richmond. It was ex- panded to a national fraternity in October of 1902 and has grown to be the largest frater- nity In the United States. With more thn 15,000 mem- bers on campuses this year, Sigma Phi Epsilon is the na- tion ' s strongest national college fraternity. In each of the last fourt years, more men have donned the pledge badge of Sig- ma Phi Epsilon than any other fraternity in history. Locally the men of Mississippi Alpha are continuing Sigma Phi Epsilon ' s committment to ex- cellence. Sig Ep is a leader at Ole Miss academically, athlet- ically, and politically. Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity is " The Ex- perience of a Lifetime. " S E Chapter; Mississippi Al- pha Since: Jum- 2. 192H Nickname: Sig Kp.s Colors: Red, Purple. Wliite ' ' H l £ K v " 5 ftS ' ' H smhq I H e h Hh k. - l h c Mjf- MH HKJr T vj B S . BSr S 1 THREE ' S A CROWI Leslie. i;d. and Andld have a blast at the an-j nual Wild. Wild Wes(| party. 308 Hy i; K George Baker Timothy Ball Brittin Boatright John Bolles James Breisch Jeffery Browning David Bryan Christopher Bull Matthew Bunch Charles Carter Gregory Corbitt James Crongeyer George Davis Michael Davis Dean Dedmon Benjamin Duncan Michael Eader James Feazell Lee Field William Fulgham David Fuller Josh Garrett David Gibbons Robert Graham Garrett Gumbinner Troy Harris Terry Hamrick Dirk Hobbs Timothy Holder Chad Horton Brian Hull Kevin Keen Ralph King Brian Kirkpatrick James Lovett Douglas Lovom Edward Maier Ward McBee James McKay Patrick McNellis Stewart Meadows Justin Moore Richard Mosley Michael Nabors JeffO ' Daniel Timothy Penick Robert Pickle Morgan Ray George Richards Clyde Richardson Jeffrey Roberts Brian Schnitta Michael Saxer William Sumrall Steve Therrell Gary Tolbert Joe Travis Merle Varney David Walker Curtis Welsh James Wheeler Russell Wilson John White Trae Wiygul 2 E o 309 ZETA PHI BETA Zeta Phi Beta was organized on January 16, 1920, on the campus of Howard University by five coeds. These women dared to depart from the tra- ditional coalitions for black women and sought to establish a new organization predicated on the precepts of scholarship, sevice. sisterhood, and finer womanhood. Zeta chapters and auxiliary groups have given untotaled hours of voluntary service to ed- ucate the public, assist youth, provide scholarships, support organized charities, and pro- mote legislation for social and civic change. Tau Eta chapter of Ole Miss, established on November 13, 1976, has worked hard to award scholarships to deserv- ing young students chosen as Scholars of the Year, as well as sponsor the Little Miss Blue Re- vue Pageant, the Christmas food drive, and other projects. Past projects include the Miss Teen Revue Pageant, Project Il- literacy Education at C.B. Webb housing project in Oxford, Adopt a Friend, and raising funds for Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation. Z$B Chapter: Tau Eta Since: November 13, 1976 Nickname: Zetas Colors: Royal Blue and White JAM. SORORS JAMI Zetas lool sharp in white suit with blue canes step pin ' at Greekshow. t cell PATIENTLY WAIT- ING Zetas look anx lous to perform thelt routine at a Greek- i show. 310 Z I 1! KciuTla Hill Uarbara Howard l.lsa Jones Vanessa MorfJan FOUNDERS DAY Members ol Zeta Phi Beta find a sisterhood that lasts forever. Barbara Crawford, Renecia Hill. Patricia Stewart, Lisa Jones, Alicia John- son, Vanessa Morgan, Lynette Keys, Barbara Howard. , SOROII I Zetas li In utile SI iluf canes SI: Creekshoi HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZETAl Barbara Howard, Lynette Keys, and Willie Walker celebrate at Zela Founders Day. HUNGRY? Barbara Crawford offers a piece of cake to recognize 70 years of Zeta Phi Beta. taslwkf ' aiaOreelj Z-tB o 311 ZETA TAU ALPHA Zeta recolonized at Ole Miss this year, after leaving three years ago, just in time for its 50th anniversary founding celebration in October 1989. Zeta participated in formal rush through water parties and then held colonization rush Sept. 10-12, ac- cepting lots of new pledges. Zeta had already hosted an informational par- ty during Dixie Week pledging 15 girls. Since colonization Zeta has had an active social calendar by participat- ing in mixers and other functions, as well as beginning work on major phi- lanthropies such as raising money for the Association of Retarded Cit- izens, Nationwide Eating Disorders Hotline, and AIDS education. Founded in 1898, Zeta Tau Alpha stands as the third largest National Panhellenic Conference group with over 210 chartered collegiate chap- ters. " Love. . . the greatest of all things " serves as the founding pre- cept of Zeta. 312 O ZTA Chapter: Gamma Delta Since: April 14, 1939 Nickname: Zetas Colors: Turquoise Blue and Steel Gray ' 1 HAPPY FACES Zetas have fun wher- ever we go. ZTA PJ TWINKIES Paula Dacus and Cindi Thompson are bright-eyed at the Pajama Jam. I SMILIN ' COWGIRLS Angela Cotner. Kim Brocato, and Vicki Berry have a blast at the Redi Mixer. I l l B Albrilton. Audry Baglow, Julia Berry. Victoria Blount. Karen Breazeale. Mary Brocato, Kimberly Brown. Carole Buck. Margaret Bullen, Kammie Burkes. Britta Carney. Lee Cassedy. Lara Chapel. Kelli Cotner. Angela r V- . ' " ' " -- Dacus, Paula Davis. Cynthia Douglas. Edie Eaves. Paige Evans. Carol Griffin, Julie Griffin. Sheila Grubbs. Jennifer Hancock. Christine Hinds. Deborah Holbrook. Christine Hollis. Mary Hendricks. Sheila Holmes. Jennifer Kellum, Stacey. Kellum. Wendy Kreller. Kelli Ladner, Amy Laird. Sydney Leigh. Robin Little, Angel Maddox. Virginia Madrid. Andrea Matthes, Cellna May, Cynthia Meeks, Paige MInahan. Heather Montanl. Laura Moody. PattI Nelson. Angela Robbins. Rhea Rudd. Amanda Russell. Angela Selqulst. Gwendolyn Stafford. Donnette Stewart. Georgia Thompson. Cynthia Titus. Carl Tucker. Dana Tyrrell. Christina Wallace. Sherri Westergard. Shaun Yeagle, Kimberly Coughlin, Lula. HM ZTA o 313 mu It UMi Classes Edited by: Sherri Prestridge Brooke Anthony Ipustacla; InceOltMlss lis tes nolo Isily, said Ray ■lion revenue lost of the re ll moie leatli l», said Do; MAR BANt longp ilenis t ' tasi 314 o V Classes Enrollment hits all-time high UM registered more than 10,000 students r the first time In Its 141 -year history. The University of IsslppI has registered more than 10.000 students on Its rd campus. 1 the first day of the fall semester, 10.127 students had duled classes. The highest enrollment at Ole Miss before was 9.655 In the late 1970s, said Gordon Beasley. vice icellor for student affairs. ilverslty officials expected and budgeted for about 9.800 ;nts this fall, said Registrar Ken Wooten. Is Is the fifth year In a row Ole Miss enrollment has ased. contrary to a national trend In university en- lent patterns. " in the fall of 1984 Ole Miss had 8.172 nts. Wooten said, and enrollment grew to a near-record 539 last fall. reased enrollment means more tuition revenue for the erslty. but also an Increased demand for everything on Dus from classes and teachers to housing and parking. ice Ole Miss is a state Institution, tuition paid by stu- s does not cover the entire operation costs of the uni- ty, said Ray Hoops, vice chancellor for academic affairs. on revenue funds about 30 percent of the cost, he said. )St of the revenue from the extra tuition will be used to more teaching positions and university operating ex- es, said Dovle Russell, vice chancellor for administra- tive affairs. To use the money, university officials must ask for spend- ing authority from the Mississippi Board of Trustees of State Institutions and Higher Learning. Russell .said. In freshmen residence halls, more living space was cre- ated by converting television viewing rooms back to student lodging. This added 24 rooms for women and 30 more for men. All of the residence halls were full except for KIncannon. and 30 freshmen men lived there. Beasley said. Hovever. no tripling up in rooms designed for two people was needed. The increase In enrollment has also Intensified the al- ready existent parking problems on campus. Beasley said. " We need more parking everywhere. " Beasley said. Enrollment Increases this year will afect the university ' s state funding for the fall of 1991. Russell said. The uni- versity will benefit more if it grows faster than other state institutions, he said. The Increases seem to be " pretty well spread across cam- pus. " Hoops said. A record 1.816 new freshmen, transfers and adult learn- ers attended summer orientation sessions. Wooten said. • — by Sonya Mason MARRIED OR IN THE BAND? Registration was a long process for many stu- dents because of the In- creased enrollment Inside. . . Freshmen 316 Sophomores 328 Juniors 338 Seniors 348 Pharmacy 358 Graduates 362 Students Division o 315 ABEL.Cathertnc. Winona IIB ABRAHAM.Jullc. Vlcksburg Ar ADAMS.Carolfne. La Porte. TX ADAMS.Rlsa. Southaven AOn ADDIS.Krlstl. Holcomb KA ALDRIDGE, Missy. Oxford . 0n ALEXANDER.Mellssa. Vardaman ALEXANDBR.Stacl. Flint, TX RB ArrORD.Carollnc. Valdcn ALFORD.Megan. McComb. IL K. e ALLEN.Heath, Germantown IIKA ALLEN. Caron, Jackson ALLEN.Heldl, McComb. X(! ALLISON.EIIzabcth. Birmingham AAA ALMOND.Carl. Vlcksburg ALTAZAN.Dana. Baton Rouge Af ANDREWS.Amy. Olive Branch KAS ANDERSON.Anne. Amite. LA. KKT ANDERSON.Anne. Nashville .X!! ANSTEAD.Sophle. Oxford. ANZELMO.Thomas. Harahan. LA iK APPEL.Anna. River Ridge. LA KAB ARCHER.Taylor. Corinth K2 ARCHIE.TIffany, Oxford. AHNDT.Rebecca. Colllervllle. TN ASHFORD.Catherlne. Lakeforest. IL XSi ASHFORD.Chrlstlne. Southaven KKP ATCmSON.Tara. Haytl.MO.XS! ATKINS.John. Corinth. KZ ATKINSON.Catherlne. Southaven AOn ATKINSON.CIark. Pickens KA AUSTIN.Erln. Cordova. TN AVERETT.Rebecca. Lagrange. GA KA AYERS.Chad. Memphis K AYERS.Taml. Ruston. LA M BABB.Mlchelle. Paris freshmehi BAESHEN.Hesham. Oxford BAGLOW.Julla. Metalrle. LA ZTA BAIER.AIllson. Memphis KKT BAILEY.Kyle. Madison KA BAIRD.Angela. Sturgls. KY AOn BAKER.Betlnda. Long Beach. AAH BAKER.Chrlstopher. Winona BAKER.George. Hopklnsvllle. KY,2 E BAKER.Krlstle. Roswell. GA KA BAKER.DIane. Oxford KKF BAKER.Scott. Grenada A9 BARBER.Marcus. Lake Cormorant BARBOUR.Robert. Yazoo City lAE BARKER.Thomas. Monroe. LA BARKS, Victoria. SIkeston. MO KAS BARKSDALE.Katherlne. University BARNETT.Jennlfer. Lucedale AT BARNHART.Margaret. Birmingham AAA BARRASSO.Angela. Memphis AAA BARTH.Taml. Brandon AOn BARTON.Glna. Southaven AF BARTON.Roseanna. Poplar Bluff. MO BARTON. Wilson. Memphis tRt BATES.Jeffrey. Long Beach ATfi BATTISTE.Chrlstopher. Mobile. AL B AXTER.John, Metalrle. LA KZ BATS.James. Grenada SX BEARD.Meghan. Vlcksburg Xn BECKMAN.Lynn. Metalrle. LA KAe BECKMAN.Mark. Quitman KT BEESON.Robert. Memphis tAS BELKNAP.Monlca. Poplar Bluf. MO AAH BELL.Garland. Lexington. KYX!2 BELL, Marvin. Duncan SAE BELL,Phlllp, RIdgeland BELL.Stephanle. Blythevllle. AR BELL.Steven. Tok. AK BELL,Susan. Washington. DC BENNETT.Ashley. Clinton KAe BENNETT.Chrlstopher. Blloxl KT BENNETT, Vlckl, Tunica BERGER,Mlchael.Carmel. IN ATO BESANT.Korl. Maryvllle. IL AOH BETHSHARES.Amv Decatur. AL M BIGGERS.BIaIr, Selmer. TN XH BILLAT.Sandrlne. University BISHOP.Theresa. Charleston HAS BLACK.John. Jackson 4 Ae BLACKBURN,Amy. Selmer. TN M BLACKBURN,George. Jackson A9 BLAIR.Jennlfer. BatesvlUe BLANCHARD, Jason. Cordova. TN IIKA BLANTON.Leslle. Ethel BLAYLOCK.Laura, Memphis AAA BLOSSOM.MIcbael. Forest BLOUIN, Becky, BatesvlUe XSI BLOUNT.Karen. Carrollton ZTA BLOUNT.Kenneth. Jackson BOATNER.Bo. New Albany BOGA,Cassatta. Holly Springs BOGEN.Edward. Leiand BOLAND,Laurle. Stafford. VA BOLES.Andrea. Memphis BOND,Andrew. Coffeevllle BOONE.Katherlne. Grenada AAA BORNKAMP.Amy. Picayune BOSTICChrlsIlna. Metalrle. LA AAn BOUNDS.Angenltta. Rulevllle BOURN.Kevln. University Ae BOUTWELL.Mary. Ocean Springs KAS BOWDEN.Tracl. Lakeland. TN AAII BOWMAN.Amv. Jackson AAA 316 Cy Freshr BOYD.KIIz.itKlh. Gulfport XII BOYD.Ki ' Klna. Memphis BRABYN. I liomas. Rancho Santa Fc. CA HKA BRADFORD.Ccnc. Jackson BRADSHAW, Susan. Covlnglon. TN BRAGG, Thomas. HarllnRlon. TX UK BRANDON.Traclc. Hcndersonvlllc. TN K. e BRAPfDT.Julle. Marlon. IL AAII BRASWELL.Mrllssa, Oxford BREAUX.Stephanle. New Iberia. LA ♦M BREAZEALE.Mary. Port Gibson ZH BREISCH.James. Arlington Heights. IL.I E BREWER, Charles. Lawrenceburg. TN tK BREWER, Patricia. Jackson BREZNA,Todd, Hattlesburg BRIOGES.Phllllp. Tupelo (IKA BRlGHTWELL.Lauren, Frontenac. MO BROAD, Wendy. Clearwater. FL if BROCK.Charles. Jackson SAE BROCKMAN,Mlllls Owensboro. KY KT BROCKMAN,Jennlfer. Monroe iXi BROOKS,Ehzabeth, Houma. LA M BROOKSHIRE,Krlsten. Houston. TX rlB BROUSSARD,Mlchaei. Ocean Springs tK BROWN.Colln. Southaven ATf! BROWEN.James. Kemmerer. WY BROWN, Krlstl. Greenville AAA BROWN, William. Ruston. LA A BROWN9TEIN,Todd. Jackson BRUCE,Shella. Brandon KKP BRUINI, Anthony. Jackson KA BRUNSON,Glna. Clinton AP BRYAN,Davld. Olive Branch 1 B BUCK.Heather. Olive Branch BUCKLEY.MIchacl, Bay Springs BUCKNER.Jeane. Hamilton. AL FRESHMEN BUDDENBOHM,Phlllp. Memphis SAE BUFFINGTON, Kevin. Jackson BUrORD,Chrts. Abbeville BULL,Chrlstopher. Darlen. IL Z B BULLARD.Melanle. Kennett. MO. AAII BURCH.Jennlfer. Houston. TX KA BURCHAM,Angela. Boonevllle K. e BURGAMY.Almee. Mobile. AL BURGESS,Carmen. Natchez HB BURNET.Cynthla. Jackson AAA BYRD.Ashl ' ey. Greenwell Springs. LA BYRD.Joan. Stewart BYRD.Nancy. Jackson AF CAHILL, Christian. Nashville K: CAIN,Catherlne. Thomasvllle. GA CALDWELL, Christopher. Memphis nKA CALVASINA,Mclanle. Charlotte. NO CAJ«PBELL.BIlly. Lyon CAMPBELL,Chrlsta. Grenada CAMPBELL, LaKeldra. Sardls CANNON. Judd. Memphis HK-K CANTRELL,John. Aberdeen KA CANUP,WlIllam. Tremont CARD,Sellna. BatesvlUe CARLISLE.Rlchard. Water Valley AT!) CARNDUFF,Dana. Springfield. IL AOn CAROTHERS.Sandra. Taylor CARPENTER,John. Money A9 CARPENTER,Mellssa. Jackson CAIlR,Marshonla. Tylertown CATER. Amy. Meridian KA CARROTHERS.Llnda. Water Vallev CARSON. Elizabeth. Clarksdale AF CARTER, Allyson. Prentiss CASSBDY.Jlm. Marks Ae CASSITY,John. St Franclsvllle. LA IX CATT,Tracy. Clinton K S CAUSEY,Brandon. College Park. GA KA CAWTHON, Scott. Montgomery. AL KZ CHAMBERS,Carrle. University AOH CHAMBLEE.Stacy. Jackson KA CHAMBLISS.Donald. Southaven ATO CHAN,MenB. University CHANCELCOR,Leslle. Meridian KA CHANDLER, Kevin. Madison IX CHANDLER, William. Jackson lAE CHAPEL, Kelll. Godfrev. IL ZTA CHASE, Pamela. Memphis AAA CHATHAM,Gerald. Ncsbit IN CHATTERJEE.Arlndam. University CHENAULT, Marsha, Rosedale CHERRY, Shannon. Colllervllle. TN AT CHIPLEY,Robln. Carthage ♦M CHOW,Alon. Jackson CHRISTlANS,Grant, Atlanta. GA AT!) CHU. Natalie. Greenville CLANCY,Sean. Jackson. TN CLARK.Alan. Gulfport. IX CLARK,Carollne. Louisville AF CLARK.Jason. Lexington ♦A© CLEMENT8,Charles. Greenville COBB,Terrl. Weir COCHRAN.Kelly. Pearl River. LA AF COCKFIELD,Annc. Birmingham KAS COE,Buford. Pascagoula K COLE, Karen. Boonevllle COLEMAN,Cayce. Indlanola KA COLEMAN, Kathertne Montgomery. AL X , COLEMAN, Mary. Corinth tM COLEMAN.Mar ' Cass. Magnolia AAA COLEMAN, Sarah. Corinth AAA COLEMAN.Shaundolyn. Louisville Freshmen o 317 COLEMAN.Bobby. Nashville KS COLEMAN.Dougbs, Corinth 2X COLLE.Klmberly. Pascagoula AF COLEY.Mark. Bastrop LA K COLLIER.WUllam, Oxford ATO COLLINS.Erln, Brentwood. TN KA COLLINS.Guy. Madison SX COLLINS.L . Clarksdale K2 COMER.Chase. Dallas COMER.Mlchelle, Madlsonvllle, KY M CONLEY.Megan. Shreveport, LA KKF CONNIFF.Catherlne. Columbus. GA AA.i CONWn-L.Brad. Gulfport SX COOKE. Douglas. Pearl KT COOPER.John, Oxford COOPER.Sydna. Somervllle. TN AAA COPELAND.Mary. Atlanta KA CORBITT.Gregory. Duluth, GA S E CORDER.Sherrell. Carrollton COTNER.Angela. Ozark. MO ZT. COUET.Jason. Oxford COURTNEY.Dlna. Forest ( M COVEY.CIndl. Memphis COWAM.Ellen. Slkeston. MO HB COWART.Chrlstina. New Orleans COX, April. Meridian COX.Brltt. Memphis K CRAME.Kendall. Metalrle, LA CRAVEN.Dennls. Memphis CROFT.Kevln. Jackson SAE CROSS.BIalr. Meridian A9 CROW.Douglas. Houston. TX ATf! CROWELL.Rodney. Eupora CRYSTAL.Hulbert. Jackson CURRY.Cassandra. Chicago CURRY.Leslle. Watcrford FRESHMEN CURTlS.TIffany. Ackerman AF DAlLY.Patrlck. Englewood. CO Ae DANSEREAU.RIchard. Corinth K DANZEY, Carmen. Perklnston DAUGHTRY.TIffany. Tyler. TX KKF DAVENPORT.Ellzabeth. Richmond. VA KA DAVIDSON.MIchael. West Helena. AR zn DAVIS.Betsy. Jackson AAA DAVIS.Carol. Calhoun City DAVIS, Courtenay. Columbus AAA DAVIS, Jarvls. Brookhaven DAVIS,Julla. University DAVIS,Lcanne. Oxford DAVIS,Lelah Ann. Union City. TN AF DAVIS.Win. Tyler. TX ATfl DAY,Aneela, Clarksdale AOn DAY,JefTrey. New Orleans AT!! DEAN.Kelley. Memphis DEAVEPJPORT.Scott. KIngsport. TN KT DE BRUIJN,Jaap. University. Lib. Arts DEDMON,Dean. Dycrsburg. TN S E DEEN.Reglna. University DEESE,Rachel. Aiken. SC AAn DELGADILLCAnne. Memphis xn DENNlS,Amy, Pearl DENNIS.Jeffrey. Madison DERRYBERRY. Vance. Nashville ATSl DEVANE,Thomas. Leland DEZEMPLEN, Frederick. Vancleave A DlCKSON.Lynn, Jackson AAA DIETERLE.Heldl. Lloyd Harbor. NY DIGESO, Brian. Lagrange. GA DILWORTH.Kathryn. HuntsvlUe. AL HBt DIXON,Davld. Corinth IX DODSON,Jack. Clarksdale K2 DOIRON.Jacquellne. Vlcksburg AAA DONELAM,Nancy. St. Petersburg. FL RB DONNELLY,Patrlck. Harahan. LA DOWDY,James. Vancleave X DOWNER,Joy. West Point AOn DOYLE,Shannon. McComb KA DRAKE,Courtney. Batesvllle KA DRAKE,Karen. Greensboro. NC AAH DUBOIS,James. Saltlllo DUOAN.Dawn. Grenada KA DUGGWS,Davld. Metalrte. LA KA DUKE.Frank. Jackson IX DUKES,Mlchael. Clinton KT DUNCAN,Ashley. Pascagoula KA DUNCAN.Tracy. Dallas riB DUNN.Kelly. Natchez KA DUNN,Rachcl. Columbus KA EADER,Mlchael. Burke. VA 2: E EASLEY,Lelgh Ann. Calhoun City EBACH, Jason. Germantown EDMONSON. William. Jackson KS EDMUNDS,Julla. Spartanburg. SC EDWARDS.Charles. Belzonl KA EDWARDS.Chrls. Monroe. LA SX EDWARDS.Hugh. Canton JX EDWARDS.Mecca. Winona EDWARDS,Mellssa. Danville. KY XQ EDWARDS.Rebecca. Bethalto. IL AMI EDWARDS,Robert. Memphis EDWARDS,Stefanle. Oxford EICHMAN.Brandt. Gautler SN EIDT, Jacob. Natchez ELLER,Dlanna. Marlon. TX ELLIOTT.Anne. Ripley AT ELLZEY.Scott. ElUsvlIle ELROD,Sean. Atoka. TN ATSl ELSEA.MIchael. Brentwood. TN 318 o Freshmen A, e, 4 ELTISTE.nrrl, Jackson ATll ELY.Mjry Ann. Clcvfland iAi ENCHELMAYER.ErnrsI, .loncsboro. AR ENNIS.Kflly. Chrstcrifclcl. MO AOIl ERHARDT.MIcharl. Memphis tK ERICKSON.I.Isa. GiTtnanlown Ki ERIKSON.I ' riMills, Olive Branch KT ESTES, David, NaUhez EVANS.Leslle, Jackson KKI ' EVANS.Tlmolhy. Quitman X+ EVERETT. Rebecca. Carrolllon EWERT, Phillip. San Anlonlo, TX KA FAHERTY.MIchele Albuquerque. NM KA FANCHER.Jeremy, Red Hay. AL FARMER.Cralg. Jackson rARMER.Josetle. Brighton. TN KAS FAVELL.Stacy, Tulsa. OK il " FEAZELL.Tadd. Corinth i E FEIDT. William, Pascagoula tKT FELBER.Erln. Houston. TX HB FERGUSON. David. Memphis FERGUSON. Kevin. Jackson Efl FERNANDEZ.Kevln, Drexel Hill. PA in FERRIS. Doug. Jackson Z FIELD, Robbln. Vlcksburg AAA FIELD. Lee. Gulfport j: E FIMIANO.Domlnlck. Bllojil sn FINCH.Jlmmle Kay. Forrest City. AR FINN.Kelly, Germantown AAfl FLEinNG. Ashley. Montgomery. AL KA FLOWERS.Catherlne. Crevccoeur, MO AOn FLY, Jennifer. Memphis FOOTE.Ashley. Hamburg. AR AAA FORD. Peyton. Mclean. VA FOREGG ' ER.John. Hammond. LA FORTENBERRY.Davld. Grenada FRESH9IE9I FOSTER, Lara. Houston. TX FOUNT AlN.Margaret. Chapel Hill. NC KAS FOUTS.Jlmmle. Memphis riKA FOX.Elizabeth. Columbus. GA KKP FOY.Mandy. Germantown AAA FRANCIS.Thomas. Chalmclte. LA .HKA FRANKLIN.Wllllam. Greenville lAE FRATESl.Lelgh Ann. Memphis XS! rRAZER,Max, Searcy. AR K+ FREDIN,Mlcky. Laurel KKP FREDRICKSON.Mary. Sardls FREEMAN,Dudley. Oxford tAe FRENCH.Tlffany. Weston. MO KKT FULGHAM, Jason. Jackson KA FULLER.Scott. Winter Park. FL S E FURR.Erln. Houston, TX a FYFE. Charlie, Clarksdale Ae GAFFORD.L., Orlando. FL ATSJ GAINES.Anthony. luka S.N GAINES,Ashley. Winona KKP GAINES.Chnstopher. Paducah. KY tKT GAINES,Koger. Oxford GALLAGHER.Sean. Memphis GALYEAN,James, Memphis KT GARDNER.Mark. Nesbll GARMON.Thomas. Clarksdale GARNER.Angella. Como GARNER,Jason. Jackson IX GARRETT,Chad. Guntown GARRETT.Josh. Batesvllle Z E GARROTT,Jennlfer. Ocean Sprlnas XO GASSAWAY,Kathryn. Memphis «! GATES, Rebecca. Houston GEAN,Clalre. Oxford GHO.Angela. Tunica KKP GIBB.Stacey. Alexandria. VA AOIl GIESELMANN.Kcnt, Memphis SX GILBERT,Jennlfer. Gulfport M GILDER.TImothy, Hattlesburg ATll GILLENTINE,Blllv. Oxford GLASGOW. William. Oxford ZAE GOG ;ANS.,Stephanle. Tupelo GOLDEN. Lane, Murfreesboro. TN AAA GOODE,Terrl. Memphis GOODBlAN.Jeffrey. Germantown GORDON.Bonnle. Greenville AOH GORHAM.Brendan. Brentwood. TN JAE GOSS.Vlntrlce. Louisville GOUGH.John. Brandon Ki GRAHAM. Georgia. Columbus AAA GRANT.Paul. Jackson SII GRANT.Stephanle. Fairfax. VA AOn GRAY. Brenda. Rlngold. GA GRAY.Carol. Oxford GRAY.Nlcole, Jackson KA GREEN.Harvey. Clarksdale GREEN.Jcnnlfer. Memphis KA GREEN.Johnson. Holly Springs SN CREENHAW,Blake. Amory tK GREENLEE, Vickie. Jackson AAA GREGORY,Andrew. Dallas JAE GREGORY, Leigh. Paducah. KY Xn GRIFFITH,Thomas. University GRIFFIN, Verdell. Cleveland GRILLLJohn. Memphis. Bus . Tn CUARR, Holly. Water Valley GULLICK,Janet. Holly Springs GUMBINNER,Garrett. Stuart. FL 2 E GURLEY. Claudia. Greenwood .AOn CWTNN.James. Baton Rouge in HANCOCK, Christy. Memphis ZTA HANDEL.Heather. Houston. TX Xn i Freshmen o 319 HANOR.Krlstl, Charleston, MO AOn HARDIN.Staccy. Savannah. TN AOn HARDIN.Tracl, Nashville AOn HARDT.Ellzabeth. Houston. TX AAH HARDY.MIchael. Philadelphia HARLAN.HoUy. Carmel. IN AOn HARMON.Kelly. Tupelo SX HARNEY, Scott. Metallic. LA X HASRELL.KImberly. Hattlesburg X!! HARRELL.LIsa. Pelahatchle HARRELSON.Ellzabeth. Calhoun City AOII HARRIS.Joy. Saint Jo, TX HARRlS.Norman. Decatur. AL SAE HARRIS.WIII, Jackson SX HARRISON.Cynthla. Jackson HARRlSONXee. Grenada HARVEY.Allcla. San Antonio. TX KKP HARWELL.Dana. Oxford HASE.Laura. Anna. IL Aun HAWKINS.Joe. Calhoun City KA HAWKINS.Perrv. Water Valley HAYES.Alan. Brandon HAYES.Brooke. Clarksdale XSl HAYES.Beverly. Macon HAYMAN.Jason. Yazoo City HAYS.Kathryn. Jackson AAA HABEEB.Danlei. VIcksburg HADDOCK.Joy. Lake Village. AR Xfl HAHN.Meredlth, Atlanta KAS HAlRE.Robm, Batesvllle HKA HALL. Amanda, Natchez KA HALLUM.Stephan, Germantown K HAM.KIley, Jackson KT HAJnLTON.WIlllam. Tullahoma. TN ATfl HAMILTON.Brady. New Albany Ae HAMM.Jon. Meridian K2 FRESHMEHf HAMMACK.Stephanle. Brandon KA HAMMETT.Helene. Lexington KA HAMMETT.Torey. Corinth Kl HAJOUCK.Terry. Stonewall StE HEALY.WIlllam. Nashville SAE HEEBE.Bernhardt, Gretna S.iE HEIDEL.Tonya, Tupelo KKT HEIDINGER, Clifford, Winter Harbor, ME ATS! HEITZKE.Dara, N. Shrewsbury. VT HELMERSXee. Owcnsboro. KY HENDERSON.Jean. Oxford AAA HENNESSEY.Caren. St, Louis. MOAT HENSON.Carolyn. Greenwood XS! HERRERA.Patrlcla. Houston. TX M HERROO.Renlta. Oxford. HERRON.Chnstopher. Oxford HEWES, Forrest. Gulfport 2X HEZLEP.KImberly. Germantown KAS HILL.Dorothy. Ashland HILL.Shannon. West Helena. AR AOn HILLMER.Casey, Holly Springs HINDSLEY.Pace. Marvell. AR IX HINTON.Brian. Magnolia HINTON.Don. Dothan. AL 2N HITE.Stacy. Clarksdale mXT.Ryan. Clearwater. FL ATS! HOGUE.Trey. Memphis HKA HOLBROOK.Chrlstlne. Metalrle. LA ZTA HOLBROOK.Kristl. Sumrall M HOLLAND.Jesse. Holly Springs HOLLIS.Mary, Dalton, " GA ZTA HOLLISTON.MonIca, Atlanta M HOLMES.Drew, Omaha, NE KT HOLMES.Harold, Courtland HOLMES.James, Ox ford iK HOLMES.Jeananne, Rockvllle, MD AAH HOLMES.Rudolph, Cordova. TN A9 HOLT.EdwIn, WoodvlUc Ae HONEYCUTT.Karen. Grenada AF HONEYCUTT.Laurle, Southaven KKF HOOKER.Edwln, Lexington A9 HOOKER, Willie, Cleveland HOPPE.Brvan, Shrcveport, LA ATfl HOPPER, Kerry. West Point KAB HORAN.Sean. Water Valley ATS! HORN,Thomas. Flora SN HORTON.Chad Eads. TN S E HORTON,Edward. Rye. NY ATSl HORTON.Marla. Newton M HOSPOI OR,Enc. Montlcello. AR tKT HOVIOUS.Marv. El Paso. TX xn HOWARD,Frances. Eupora HOWELL, Christopher. Oxford HOWELL.Devln. Holly Springs HUAM,Adelene. Natchez HUDDLESTON,Bryan. Paris. TN A HUGHES.Laccy. Jackson JAE HUPFINES.MIchael. Mllllngton. TN itK HUNT,Tracey. Dalton. GA KAe HYDE.Grant. Gulfport INGRAM.Jennlfer. Hattlesburg AAA INGRAH,Mary, Philadelphia KA INMAN.Todd, Calvert City, KY tKT ISAACS.Cody, Senath, MO AAfl ISOM,Wlllle. Holly Springs rYER,Sangeeta, Germantown JACKSOlf.DemetrIa, Sardls JACKSOrc.Karma, Clinton AP JACKSON.LIsa, Pearl JACKSON.Mary, Hattlesburg AAA JACKSON.Stephen, Hattlesburg IX JACOBS.Thomas, Jackson KA 1 O IfiPS. %i !M 320 o Freshm en $k w A JAMES. Juhti. Grenada JAMES, Jonathan. I ' alm i3cach. FL JARVlS.Janna. Llltlc Rock. AR JAUDON.Ttrcsa. Brighton. TN JEFCOAT..Jodl. Cleveland . !! JEFFERIES.Undrca. Red Banks JEHL.Camcron. Memphis ATil JENKINS. William. Cermantown ■tAB JENKINS.WIlllam. Jonesboro JENNINGS.Jean. Dewltt. AR AAA JOHNSON, Amanda. Clinton Xd JOHNSON, Amanda, .Sandhill JOHNSON,Dan. Memphis JOHNSON..Jay. Senatobia tAH JOHNSON. Ktclna. Long Beach ,4(111 JOHNSON.Todd Jarkson iX JOHNSON, Scott. Jackson IX JOHNSTON,Stephen. Jackson £X JOLLY.Karen, Montlccllo AF JONES, Andrae, Natchez JONES.Charolotte, Memphis KKF JONES.Jeremy, Jackson 1 JONES.Lou Ann, Meridian KA JONES.Marty, Clarksdale AAA JONES,Moneke, Terry JONES,Robert. Forrest City. AR .iTSI JONES, Robert. Jackson JONES,Sarah. Tyler. TX KKT JONES.Stephcn Rtdgeland IlKA JONES, Vernell. Oxford JONES,Wllllam. Jackson SX JOURDAN, Angela. Meridian KA KADLEC, Ellen. Oxford KAFOUROS,Antonls. University KEEFE, Colleen. Belleville. IL IIB KEEN.Hugh. Oakland. TN FRESH9IE]V KEEN.Kevln. Redwood S E KEETON. Michael. Calhoun City KELLUM.Patrlck. Charleston AT!1 KELLY.Jennlfer. Lawrenceburg. TN KELLY.Jerry. Gulfport KENDALL.Lelgh, Houston. TX M KERR.KrIstlne. Jackson AT KHALEEL, Amal. Oxford KIEFFER.Drew. Belden KD KIMBLE, Anastasla. Blloxl KINCAID.Jesslca. University KINCAID.Mary. Burllnsln. TN AOn KING.Mlchelle, Oxford KING. Wayne, Pascagoula KlNNET.Ellzabeth, Oxford KIRBY.Tina, Pearl M KITAKA. Richard, University KITCHENS.Ellzabeth. Little. Rock. AR . AH KOen-A.Krlstlne. New Orleans AAIl KOESTLER.Chrlstopher. Greenville SAE KONECNY.JAnne. Houston. TX KAe KRAL. Theodore. Sycamore. PA SAE KRELLER.Kelll. Gretna, LA ZTA KRIESER.Cynthla. Garland. NE AAR KROHN.Robert Corinth KI KULUZ. Karen. Ocean Springs AT KURACHEK.Katherlne. Sarasota. FL KAS LABROT.Paula, Dexter, MO AOn LAGARDE.James. New Orleans S E LAIL. Brandon Byhalla LAIRD.Sydncy. Slmsbury. CT ZTA LAMB. Laura. Carbondale, IL M LANGSTON.Genevlevc. Hot Springs. AR LANGSTON.Klmberly. BatesvlUc IIB LARSEN.Lars. Ocean Springs tKT LARY. Stephen. Greenwood Ae LATHAM.Dan Madison Ae LA W.David. Senath, MO A9 LAWRENCE, Jason. Brandon KA LAY, Lisa. Clinton KAe LAYNE,Robert. Baton Rouge A+ LEAKE,Robert. St. Franclsvllle. LA SX LEASK, Brand. New Orleans KZ LEAVY, Montray. Wesson LEE, Gary. Columbia AF LEE,Hunter. Clarksdale 2AE LEE, Jesse. Clarksdale LEE.KIan. University LEECH.Kendall. Nashville KA9 LEFFLER.Chelle. Jackson KKF LEGLER.Robert. Ft. Lauderdale. FL l Ae LEMMONS.Sonny. Tupelo LEMONS.Jared. Tulsa. OK ATS! LEOPOLD.Boomer. BelkvlUe. IL 2X LESTER.Catherlne. Clinton AAA LIGHTSEY.Jana. Batesvllle LIGON.Allen. Grenada t Ae LIM.Cynlhla. University LIM.Tlen. University LIONG.Yew. University LIPPINCOTT.VIckl. Scobey AAIl LIPSTEiraiR. Stuart. Barrlngton. IL HKA LFVINGSTON.Amy. New Albany AF LIZANA.Mary. Long Beach AAA LOH.Edmond. University LONG.Jennlfer. Jacksonville. FL AAA LORD. Julie. Florence. AL KA LORE, Bart. Roswell. GA LOTT, Ashley. Eupora . 1 LOUSTALOT.Mellssa. Hattlesburg XS! LOVE. John. Yazoo City .KTU LOVEJOY.Mark. Florence. AL KA Freshmen 321 LOVELACE.Everelt. Indlanola » LOWE.LIssa. Long Beach AAi LOWERY.Maggle. Jackson KAS LOWREY.Letlcla. Thaxton LU.Lee. University LUCAS.Mandy 1 M LUCAS.Lceanne, Paducah. KY KAS LUCAS, Leigh. Newton XO LUCE.John. Darling KT LUCK.Edward, Columbus, OH tK LUNDY.Jennlfer. Tupelo. KKP LUTER.Chlp. Tyronza. AR IN LYE.Chuan. University LYERLY.Marc. Overland Park. KS AT!J LYNCH.Davld. St. Simmons Is. GA Z.KE LYON.Jacquellne. Inverness M MACDOUGALL.Scott. Alexandria, VA ATO MACINTOSH.Stephanle. Memphis KA MACZKO.John. Phllllpsburg. NJ MADDOX. Virginia. Atlanta ZTA MAH, Dorann. Lake Village. AR MAIN.Meredlth. Nashville .Xti MALEY.AIIcla, Jackson KA MALLOY.Kara, Mechanlcsvllle. VA MALONE.Lorl, Tupelo MALONE.Suzanne, Huntsvlllc, AL nB MANESS.Denlse, Brandon KA MANESS.Mellssa, Adamsvllle, TN MANSOOR. Anthony, Jackson KA MARCELLUS.Adrlan, University MARKS, Anne, Montgomery, AL AAA MARSH.Adrlan. Ncsblt MARSHALL.Courtney, Little Sliver, NJ KAe MARTIN.Chrlstopher, Batesvllle MARTIN. Hamel. Memphis Ae MARTIN.Jeffrey, Jackson 2AE FRESHMEN MARTIN.Lakelsa, Waterford MARTIN.Mandy, Charleston MARTIN. Mandy, New Orleans A(in MARTIN.Shannon, Chalmete, LA AAll MASON, Lola, Pascagoula AOri MASON.Rhonda, Batesvllle MASSEY.Amy, Natchez KA MASSEY. Lyndel, Columbus Af MASTERSON.CIcl, Hunt, TX AAA MATHENY.James, Natchez S E MATHISON.George, Chesterfield, MO AT!i MATTHEWS.Jason, Clarksdale MAXCY.Brlan, Amory ZX MAXWELL.DavId, Greenville KS MAYO.Klmbcrly, New Albany . AI1 MCADAMS.RIc, Franklin, TN ♦KT MCADORY, Bradley, Louisville Z E MCARTHUR.James. Jackson 2X MCBEE.Ward, New Orleans S E MCCAA.Gayle, Brandon XSi MCCAIN.FreyJa, Tupelo MCCALL.Brent, Natchez MCCALLUM.Ryan, Mandevllle. LA KT MCCARTNEY.Jennlfer, Little Silver, NJ IIB MCCARTNEY.Matt, Oshkosh. Wl ATI! MCCAUSLAND.Patrlck. New Orleans KA MCCLELLAND.BenJamIn, Oxford MCCLINTOCK.Tonya, Memphis IIB MCCLURE.Randl, SUdell, LA AT MCCOLLUM.Allyson, Slider, LA M MCCOLLUM.Mellssa, Jackson X!i MCCORKLE.Charles, Eupora KA MCCORKLE. Tiffany, Columbus AT MCCOY, Corrlce, Beulah MCCRANEY, Kathleen, Jackson Xn MCCRORY,Leslle, Calhoun City AOn MCCULLOUGH.KImberly, Mllllngton, TN KA8 MCDAVITT,Susan, Brentwood, TN FIB MCDONALD,Jennlfer. Mobile, AL MCDONALD,Matt, Carmel, IN AT!! MCDOWELL,Matthew, Barrlngton, IL HKA MCEI,ROY,Nlcole, Hattlesburg KA MCGEE.Karen, Abbeville MCGEE.Mellssa, BIythcvllle, AR MCGEE. Philip, Lawrenceburg. TN tK MCGEHEE.Camllle, Water Valley MCGOWAN.Renda, Jackson MCGREGER.Pamela, Vardman AOn MCGUIRE.George, Virginia Beach. VA ATI! MCHANEY.Beth. Bertrand. MO M MCKAY. James, New Orleans I E MCKAY.Klrk. Pelahatchle MCKISSICK, Leigh, luka AT MCKNIGHT.LeIgh, Jackson X!! MCKNIGHT.Rlchard, Ackerman Kl MCLAUGHLIN.DavId, Drew tK MCLAURIN, Christopher, Corinth MCLEMORE.Leanna, Memphis MCLEOD,Allce, VIcksburg MCMASTER.Amy. Yazoo City AT MCNELUS,Patrlck, Darten, IL S E MCPHAIL,Lorl, Indlanola AP MC80EEN,Susan, Corinth AAA MC9UEEN, William, Somervllle, TN IIKA MCRAY.Melanle, Hickory Flat MCWHORTER.Heather, Coconut Creek, Fl KAe MEDLEY,Carson. Jackson AT!! MEEK.McLeod, Greenwood tAe MELLENGER. Michelle, Ashland, KY MELLON.LIsa, Clinton AAA MELTON. Jennifer, Brandon MELVIN.Robcrt, Homewood, AL 322 o Freshmen MENKE.Charlotte. Dallas KKP MERRELL.Tlm, University Z B«ET8IN0ER.Hryan. Columbus. GA MEYER, Angela. Meridian KA MEYER.Sarah. Bellealr. KL Al ' MICHLER.Julle, Fort Smith. AR KKf Mn-LER.AIIIson. Florence, KY KA MILLER, Charles. Chesterfield. VA SX MILLER.GIenn. Newton MILLER, Wendy. Shreveport. LA KA BOLLS, Georganna. Oxford MILL8,Ellzabeth. Sumner AAA MILNER,Amy. Brandon ♦M BIILrrER,Sharea. Madlaon AAA MlNAHAN.Heather. Dallas ZTA MlTCHELL,Chad, Houston. TX KA MITCHELL, Cecy. Clarksvllle, TN X!) MITCHELL,John. New Albany MlTCHELL,Scott. Batesvllle MONTANI,Laura, St. Louis. MO ZTA MONTEITH.Melanle. Charlotte. NC KA MOODY, KImandrla. Jackson MOORE, Cooper. Jackson ♦A© MOORE.Nancy. KIrkwood. MO HBt MORAIS.Jullanna. Gautler KA MORGAN, Mary. Huntsvllle. AL HB MOROAN.Sean. Holly Springs MORGAN, Wally. Pope ZN MORGAN, Winiam. Oxford ZAE MORRILL.Jonathan. Metalrle. LA KS MORRIS,George. Atlanta KA MORRIS,Jason. Atlanta AT!) MORIUS,Mlchelle. Jackson AAA MORRISON.Krlstl. Jackson M MORRISON. Shara. Papllllon. NE AAH MOR8E,Krlsta. Lake Forest. IL FRESH9IE9I MOSBR,Chad. Clarksdale MOTT.Brlan. Cocoa Beach. FL MURPHEY.Greg. Pelahatchle MURPHY,Catherlne. AT MURPHY.John. Belleville. IL AT!! MURPHY,Kelly. Creve Coeur. MO AOn MURPHY.Mary. Lee Xfl MURRAY.RIchard. Lexington. SC KT NABORS.Mlchael. Kosciusko 1 E NADLICKI.Terrl. Memphis IIB NADLICKI.Tonl. Memphis HE NAIL.James. Grenada NASEKOS.John. French Camp NATIONS,Todd. Germantown IN NEAL.Karen, Palatine. IL HB NEAL.Robert, Batesvllle IN NEBLETT, Douglas. Clarksdale KKF NELSON,Sara. University NEWELL,Maria. Metalrle, LA KAS NEWTON, Melissa. Vancleave NEYBtAN, Joseph, Memphis ZN NCBarbara. Horn Lake NO,Eng-See, University NICHOLSON,Angela, Houston. TX AAA NIES.Erlca. Corslcana. TX tM NOBLE, Doug. Indlanola. Bus.tAS NORED.Amy. Greenwood. Bus.KA NORRIS,Carolyn. Houston, TX KAS N0RR18,Shane. Hattlesburg .IX NORTON.Tlffany. Metalrle. LA CB 0 ' BRIEN,Danna. Jackson KA 0 ' BRIEN,Connor, Blloxl AT!) 0 ' DANIEL,Jeff. Southaven ZtE ODOM,Heath. Chesterfield. MO ATtl OLIVI, Tasha. Clarksdale OMARA, William. University Ae O ' NEAL.Ronald. Corinth ORR.Mlchael, Katy. TX , KT 08BORNE,Allson. New Albany AT OUTLAW,Mary. Baldwyn OWEN. Joanna. Memphis OWEN, Mary Katherlne. Tunica X!) PACE,Jennlfer. Corinth AT PACETTl.Vandy. University PADEN.Jlll. luka AOn PANNELL.Donald. Byhalla PARCHMAN.Jennlfer. Cleveland HB PARDEN.AIIyson. Metalrle. LAB AOn PARK.Janle. Wlntervllle KKF PARKER. Audra. Pascagoula PARKER. David. Brandon PARKER.Mlchael. Clarksdale lAE PARKER.Pamela. Glen AOn PARKER.Tlffany. Dayton. MD PARKS,Mary. Gallatin. TN AAA PARSON,Kandy. Franklin. TN AOn PARSONS, Jessica. Weston. MO AT PARSONS.Susan. Nashville KAS PATRICK, Latrlna. Jackson PATRONE.TIna. Memphis PATTER80N,Krlsten. Cordova. TN KA PATTERSON, Will. Southaven PATTON.Tammy. Clarksdale PEARSON.John. Jackson IX PEASTER.Dameron. Yazoo City M PEDEN.Lacey. Belzonl AT PENDER,KathrYn. Memphis KA PENDERGRAFT.Monlca. Edmond. OK AOn PENICK.Tlmothy. Houston Z E PENNlNGTON,Chrlstopher. Olive Branch IIKA PENNINGTON,C:ourtney. Oxford KKF PERRY.Mellssa. Oxford AT Freshmen O 323 PERSON.Ann. Greenwood XO PERSON.SIephanle. Soulhaven M PETERMAJOI.Ava. Vossburg PETERSON.Kltch, Covington PETERSON.Randall, Baton Rouge KS PETTIS.Leslle. Oxford XO PFEITFER.Sarah. Goshen. KY KAB PiOLLIPS.Dede. Caruthersvllle, MO PICKELL.Karen. Brandon PICKENS.Amy. Clinton PICKERmO.James. Pontotoc PlTTMAN.Paulette. Charleston PLEASANTS.Chrlsty. Germantown KKP POE.KImm, Pearl tM POGUE.Ryan, Baton Rouge IX PONDER.Betty. Griffin, GA M POOLE.Chrlsty. Memphis ♦M POPE.AUlson. Columbus ir PORTER.Margaret. Memphis AT PORTERFIELb.Braoke. Ft Smith. AR KKF PORTMAN.Brldget, University POUNDS.Laura. Slkeston. MO AMI POWELL.James. Columbia A POWERS, Michelle. BatesvlUe KKF PRESTON.Stephanle, Ocean Springs PRlCE.Rodney. BatesvlUe PRlCE.Stayce. Germantowrn PRIESTLT.Abbe. Robstown. TX PROVENCE.Brenda. Colllervllle. TN PRUlTT.Tlna. Gulfport PUGH.Steven. University PURlS.Jason. Greenwhich. CT ATO QUIRK, Patrick. St. Uiuls t K ' l ' gUON,Oavld. Lexington RAirrET,Tracle. Duck Hill RALPH,Sandy. RIpleyAOn FRESHNEHI RAMSET,Romney. Atlanta KKP RAl DO,Stephanle. Mcaon. GA KAe RAJ«SON.Kerry. New Orleans RATCLIFr,Sandra. McCarley RATLIFF.Cavett. Cllnton KT RATNANATRER, Anthony. University RAT.Cynthla. Memphis KKF RAT,Klm. Ackerman RATBURN.Andrew. Oxford RATFIELD,Oebra. Dallas REA.Barbara. Meridian KA REAVES,Angela. Abt evllle REAVE8,Stacey. HuntsvlUe. A AF REED.Kendal. Germantown KA REED, Shannan. Annlston. AL X!) REESE. Letltla. Montgomery. AL KA REEVES, WImberly. Clinton. LA AAH REID,Karen. West Point RENPROE.Audra. Fairfax. VA AAFI RESTER, Thomas. Ackerman ATO REUTER.John. Hot Springs. VA KA RlAl„Alexander. McGehee. AR RICHARDS.Peter. Jackson ATO RICHARDSON, Charlene. Winona RlLET.Bethany. Mlllersvllle. MD AOn RILET.Charles. Salisbury. NC RKA RIIIMER,Ashley. MadlsonKKF RWCJane. Natchez KA ROBERT8,Brad. Madison ■tA6 ROBERT8,Ellzabeth. Leroy. AL KA9 ROBERTS,Joshua, Union Lake. MI ROBERTS,Klmtierly. Blloxl ROBERTS, Martha. Gulfport tM ROBDtSON.James. Grenada ROBDfSON.Joanna. Vlcksburg ROCKENPIELD.Tlffany. Cincinnati. OH KAS ROLLINCKaren. Hammond. LA ROMINES,Ellzabeth. Webster Groves. MO AAH ROSEBERT.RIchard. Dallas ROSBNTRAI.,Lynda. PearlHB R088,Amanda. Longwood. FL FIB ROSS, Elizabeth. Olive Branch AOn ROSS.John. Olive Branch ROTH, Andrew. Culver. IN A+ ROUX.Jeffrey. Oxford KA ROWELL,Renee. Kokomo ROWLAJ (D,Tlffany. Signal Mountain. TN RUDD,Amanda. Sylacauga. AL ZTA HUPANl,Tareeq. University RUSHIN,Glynn. Columbus. GA KKF RUSHING, Gregory. Tavares. FL RUSS.Mary. JacksonAAA RUSSELL.James. Lexington flKA RUTHERFORD, Sara. Germantown AF RUTLEDOE,Chad , Fort Worth X RUTLEDGE, William. Brandon l Ae RYAN. Shannon. Hattlesburg SAMMONS.EIlen. Colllervllle. TN X!! SAI(PIETRO,Beth. Memphis KKF SANCHEZ, Tiffany. S Padre Island. TX HE SANDERS,Alllson. Corinth SANDERS.Chrls. Carthage KT 8ANDERS,Henry. McComb tAe SANDERS.MIchael. CarthagA ' l ' SANDER8,Palge. SouthavenKKF SANDERS, Suzanne. West Point SANDERSON.Julla. Houston AAIl SANDIDGE.Amy. Houston. TX SANDRIDGE, Layne. Metalrle. LA HB SANTORD.Stcphanle. Courtland 8AHTOR,Andrea. Vlcksburg X!l SAUCn5R,Derlke. Columbia 324 D Freshmen 1 §t A SAUNDERS.Gcrald, Hamilton. GA KA SAVAGE.Traccy. Oxford SAWYER, Jason. Malloon. !L SAWYER. Jrnnlfcr. Fl. Lauderdale. FL AOn SAXER, Michael. New Orleans S K SAYLE, Jena. Germantown ' t ' M SAYLORS.Vandy. Corinth SCANLON.Carlenc. Jackson SCARBROUGH.Kevln. Flowood KT SCHAEFER. Paula. SI Louis IIB SCHIEFER, Rivers. Grenada AAA SCHNIEDERS, Sandra. Caraway. AR AOn SCHNITTA.Hrlan. Brewster. NY S E SCHOVE.John. Oxford i K SCHWWCKatherlne. New Iberia. LA SCOTT, Caroline. Washington. DC Xli SCOTT,Davld. Atlanta SCCTT.John. Memphis Ae SCROOGINS.Palge. Brandon KKF SEA WRIGHT, Connie. Kosciusko SERICBarnett. Natchez Ae SEWARD, Elizabeth, Raymond KKl ' SHANNON.Tammy. Holly Springs SHARP, James. Tupelo SX SHARP, William. Newton SHEARON.Roberl. Grand Junction. TN IN SHErTALL,Katherlne. Charleston. SC RB SHELBY.John. Little Rock SHIJrER,Krlstle, Dallas HB SHONG,Fook-Cherng. University SHORT,Palge. Grenada KA SHUMAKE, Daniel. Memphis nKA SHUMPERT, Krl sta. Cleveland Xii SIDES, Scott. Kosciusko SIEREST,Erlc. Du Quoin. IL KT SMCOX.Davld. Leiand " tAe FRESHMEIV SIMMONS.Casey. Brandon M SIMMONS.Worth. Jackson B SIMON, Ruth. Pontotoc M SMONSON.HIlary. Plymouth. MN AOIl SIMPSON. Amanda. Jackson KA SIMPSON, Charlotte. Oxford SIMPSON,Jennlfer. Ripley AAH SIMPSON.John. Cordova. TN nKA SIMS.Bllly. Abbeville SIMS.Heather. Helena. AR SIMS.Stephanle. Dyersburg. TN X!) SINGLETON.Travls. Owensboro, KY SINGLEY.Shelly. Moss PolntAT SISK.AIlson. Hopklnsvllle. KY M SLOAN. William. Blloxl SLOCUM.Earnestlne. Tylertown SMITH.Alan. Oxford. Bus SMITH.Andrew. Jackson tAe SMlTH.Ashley. Houston, TX HB SMITH,Brent. Bruce SMITH,Carollne. Canton AAA SMITH.Emlly, Florence SMITH.Leslle. Memphis SMITH, Lisa. Brandon KAS SMlTH,Mlchael. Atlanta ATS! SMITH,Nelson. Gainesville. GA KKF SMlTH,Patrlcla. Dallas tlB SMITH,Sandra. Calhoun City SMITH.Wesley. Greenwood tAS SMYTH.Charles. Louisville SNEDEKER. Stephen. Jackson flKA SNIPES.Jennlfer. Williamsburg. VA SNOW. Paul. Jackson SPARKS, Stephen. Baldwyn SPECKELS.Sandra. Rldgeland X!! SPEIGHTS.AUlson. Prentiss KA SPENCE.MIchelle. Orlando. FL KA© SPENCER, Bill. Holly Springs IX SPILLER, Sarah. Lake Charles. LA OB STACY,Susan. Cleveland KA ST ANCIL. Calvin. Rosedale STANLEY.JUl. SlldcU, LA ST ANSEL, Martha. Greenwood XSl STAPLETON,Lashunva. Indlanola STARNES.WUllam. Oxford STEAD,Rachel. Codova. TN RB STEC, Lynda. Fllntstone. GA STEELE, Christy. Metalrle. LA STEPHENS. Bryan. Ocean Springs KT STEPHENS. Carolyn. Baton Rouge KA9 STEPHENSON. Christopher. Richmond STEWART. Chad. Jackson STEWART. Robert, Southaven STEWART. Rosanne. Clarksdale AAA ST. MART. Jeffrey, Oxford STOKES.Mlchael. Philadelphia STOLL.Chrlstlna. Columbia. MO M STOLTZ.Davld. University STONE. Jon. Denver. CO JAE STOREY. Cvnthla. West Point KA8 STOREY.Paul. Helena. AR K STORY. Amy. Fredericksburg. VA KA STORT.Sabrlna. Helendale. CA AT STREETE.Lara. Caruthersvllle. MO XO STROBLE.Jav. Jackson STUBBS. Michael. Memphis tK SUDDATH.BenJamln. Helena. AR SIl SULLrVAN.John. Amory SULLrVAN.Katy. Austin. TX AAA SULLIVAN.Sheryl. Red Banks SUMRALL.Melanle. Laurel AAA SUMRALL. Shannon. ElllsvUle Freshmen o 325 SUJiRALL.WMIlam. Woodvllle I E SUNDBERG.Jennlfer. Moblle.AL SUTTON.Kathryn. Memphis A.iJ SW ANSON. Angela. Calhoun City SWAYZE.Alllson. Greenwood Xn SWEET. Michael. Houston. TX KA TABOR.Serena. Winona KKP TAIT.John. Germantown KT TAl-LEY.Laura. Dallas HB TAI-LET.Randall. Oxford TAMBURRINO.Gabrlella, Dallas KKF TAN.Xlnzhe. University TANZILLO.Scott, Forest JN TAPP.Laura. Ripley AAO TATE. Elizabeth. Picayune [IB TATUM.Andrew. Shreveport. LA ATO TAVLDC.Eva. Metalrle. LA HB TAT.Chln. University TATLOR.Krlstlan. Monroe. LA KA TATLOR.Erlc. Waterloo. IL TATLOR.Pamela. Olive Branch TATLOR.Vanlssa. Duck Hill TENNANT.Leslle. Ackerman TEW. Philip. Russellvllle. AR THAMES. Lawrence. Greenwood A9 THARP.Trlcla. St Louis KKF THODA.Letltla. Memphis KKP THOMAS.Daryl. Jackson THOMAS.GInger. Rockwall. TX KAS THOHASON.Matthew. Raymondvllle. MO TH0BD 8ON.Clssy. HuntsvlUe. AL M THOMPSON.Lesllc. Jackson KKF THOMPSON.Shelby. Joncsboro. AR M THOMPSON.Steve. Louisville. KY ATI! TH0BO 80N.Tammy. Gloster THOMPSON.Tommy Lee. Burlington. KY tKT rRESHMEHf THOB PSON. William, Yazoo City SX THORNE.KrIstl. Oxford THORNTON.Steven. Carthage tAS THURBER.Courtenay. Mobirc. AL M THURSTON.Thomas. Salisbury. NC TICKLE.Emlly. Tupelo KA TIDWELL.Lesley. Oxford AAA TILTON.Lorl. Springfield. MO M TODD.GInger. Jackson Xfl TOMLIN.Dena. Dallas AT TONOS.Chrls. Greenville ATSi TOWNSEND.VandalUa. Winona TRAUTBlAN.Becky. Nashville . fi TRAVlS.Jason. Paducah. KY TRAVIS.John. Jackson •tAS TRAVlS.Thomas. Fort Worth KT TRIGG.Dana. Columbus. OH ne TRUE.Mellssa. Nashville K.AS TUBBS. Elizabeth. Eupora TUCKER.Dana. Kllmlchael ZTA TUJ€MA.Julle. Ft Worth TURBERVILLE.Davld. Brandon TURCOTTE. Stacey. Jackson AAA TURNER.Charles. Clarksdale RKA TURNER.John. Tupelo ATSI TURNERMellta. Hattlesburg KA TURNER.Preston. BelzonI KA TUTOR.Randl. Tupelo TYRRELL.Chrlstlna. Olive Branch ZTA UDOUJ.JIll. Fort Smith. AR XSl UI,B«ER.Davld, Columbus Ae VANCE.John. Grenada VANCE.Nlck. Hattlesburg IN VANCE.TIwanda. Vatden VARN.Charles. Brooksvllle. FL VERGES. Christy. New Orleans AOIl VERHINE.Everette. Vlcksburg KT VDfTARD.Todd. Signal Mountain. TN A WADDELL.RIchartT Louisville. KY ATS! WADE.Kelth. Rosedale WADKINS.RIsa. luka AOH WADSTROM.Sarah. Houston. TX KA6 WALDEN.Shanda. Columbus HB WALKER.Carollne. Oxford KKF WALL.Cullen. Tyler. TX tAS WALLER.Jason. Clarksdale nKA WALLER.Klmberly. Homewood, IL AOn WALSH.Martln. Marietta. GA HKA WALTON.Jay. Jackson ATI! WARD.Jeremey. Jackson WARDLAW. Bradley Pontotoc WARREN.Jeff. Greenwood Ae WATERS.Beth. Tupelo Xtl WATKINS.Carrle. Macon AAA WATSON.James. Houston. TX KA WATSON.Taylor. Lookout Ml . GA KAB WATTS.Allson. Jackson Xi) WEATHERFORD.Helskel. Memphis SX WEAVER.Russcll. Madison. GA Ae WEBB.Alvln. Indlanola WEBSTER. Verneda. Coldwater WEIDLER.Erlc. Decatur WELDON.Anna. Clarksdale WESTERGARO.Shaun. Slldell. LA ZTA WHITE.Danlel. New Orleans ATI! WHITE.Jcffrey, Memphis K+ WHlTE.Lorl. Jackson. TN WWTFIELD.Chylynda. Fort Smith. AR WHITESIDE.Jane Ann. Glasgow. KY KKF WHITTINOTON.Brent. Jackson WILCOX.Lou Ann. Cordova. TN KAe WILKINS.Guy. Jackson RKA 326 o Freshmen t 0 WILKINSON.JdSipli. Yii .ot) t:ily WILKISON.Joliii. Hrlilklcy. AH l-KT WILLIAMS. ( llll»r r .Ihi ks jii WILLIAMS. I lori.ilil. .J;ii kson WILLIAMS.hil .ilj. ' lli (Jcrm;inl(jwn , AII WILLIAMS. Ki ' lliy. llraiuloil WILLIAMS.Ki ' lli-y. .Jiic kson K WILLIAMS.Ki ' lli-y. ll;i[|Lin in l. LA WILLIAMS.Miirnari-l, Ori ' aii S|)rfnns llll ' P WILLIAMS. M.iry, ll.ilcsvllli- KKI WILLIAMS. Milliula. ((irliilli AA WILLIAMS. K.x. .1,11 kvjM WILLIAMS. I l( li.ird. Alcxaililir, Al A WILLIAMS. Kiin.ilcl. Colllcri ' lll.-. IN WILLIAMS. SI.Kcv. HylialUi WILLIAMS, Susiin. Ni-w Orliails KAH WILLIAMS, Susan. TiiNahoma. TN K.i WILLIAMS,! odd. Ilouslon. TX ■ K•| ' WILLIS,Kllzal)rlh. (Jxldrd WILLIS.Ashlcy. ( ' anion WILSON.Annrla. Hi-d Hanks M WILSON.Hryanl. Vl kshorn •tK T WILSON..J M. IJallasKA WILSON. Mil had. Si(iiiln, TX WINDHAM. I.aorrI U WINEBRENNER.JacqiiPllnc. liiirllnt lon,KY AAII WINTERS.II.nry, l.onj; Ui-ai h Kl WINTERS.l ' orc la. M( Cool WINTERSTEIN.Chrlsla. .Jai k.snn XSi WISEMAN.KInibcrly. lleldcn WOMBLE,Connlc. .Smilhaven WOOD,Harry. Tallalioma. TN ' l KT WOOD, l.cslca. Jarkson AAA WRIGHT,.Jennller. .Jackson +.M WRIGHT.Jodlc. liammond. I.A +M WULFF.Shannon. Grand Jundlon. TN . !i WYATT.Sleve. Greenwood AH YARBRO.London. .Jarkson AAA YASIN.Amniar. Unlverslly YASSIN.Walld. University YATES.Shawn, Morion YEAGER,Klmberly. Boyle KA YELDELL. Susan. Monroe. LA 111) YELVERTON. Ralph. Jackson AT!i YERGER..Jnhn, Talkilah. LA IN YOUNG. Kenny. Franklin. TN .Vl ' Si YOUNG.John. Jackson KI ' YOUNG.MIndy. Ocean Springs XSJ YOUNG, Welsey. Hernando ATS! YOUNGBLOOD.Mark. Vestavia Hills. AL KA YUE, Patricia. Clarksdale ZIEMET.Chrlstlan. Tupelo ZEISLER, Paige. Senola. GA M WELCOME to U92 Donnie Kimlano takes a coke break after ref lstration at the U92 tent with Jim Dowd. Freshmen o 327 ABEL.Alan. Cleveland. TN SH ABEL.Cameron. Oxford K ABERJfETHY, Thomas. Jackson 2X ABLES.Kathleen. Vlcksburg ADBN.Barrle. Jackson KAe AKBR.Laura. Walls ALDERMAN.Tommy. Richland ALES.Tlffany. Sardls ALEXANDER.Deborah. Corinth AAH ALEXANDER.Melony. Cleveland ALEXIUS.Jennlfer. Covington. LA KA ALLEN.Julle. Brookhaven X!! ALLEN.Kelly. Corinth AOn AMISANO.Cynthla. Germantown K. 9 ANDERS, Allcen. Culfport Xt! ANDERSON.Hugh. Okolona iKT ANDERSON.James. Oxford ANDREWS.Adam. Jackson ANDREWS.Charles, Clinton. LA IX ANOEL.Cheryll, Lake Village. AR ANGLDI.Sonny. Olive Branch SAE ANTHONY.Brooke. Pope ANTONANGELI.James. Oxford ARCHAMBAULT.Ann. St. Louis AT ARMSTRONO.Sarah. Hazlehurst AT ARNOLD.John. Cleveland ASARO.Kevln. Bethalto. IL K ASKEW.Paula, Crenshaw AU.YIu. University AUSTIN.Kenneth. Tupelo nKA AXTON.Grant. Colorado Springs. CO BABER.Dawne. Memphis KA9 BAILEY.Carolyn. Jackson BAILEY.Laura. Germantown KA© BAILEY.Stephen. Tupelo KT BAINBRIDGE.Frank. Birmingham KA SOPHOMORES BAKER.Annellesa. Tupelo BAKER.Lane. Holly Springs KA BALES.MIchael. Ocean Springs BAI,L,Robble. N, CarroUton BALLARO.KrIstle. Tupelo BARFIELD.Allcla. Blythevllle BARLOW.Charles. Blloxl AT!) BARNES.Allson. Clarksdale BARNES.Molly, Fairfax. VA BARNETT.Mary. Jackson XS! BARTON.Carollne. SandersvlUe BARTON.Wanda. Ethel BASSETT.NIChole. Mandevllle. LA HB BECNEL.Allson. Baton Rouge BEEVERS.Dana. Jackson M BEHM.Lauren. Germantown KA BELL.Whltaker. Baton Rouge K BENNETT.Ellzabeth. Jackson KA BENNETT.Llsa. Clarksdale AKA BENNETT.MIchael. Southaven BENNETT.Tracl. New Albany BENSON.Tracy. Carmel, IN KKT BERCH.Shelly. Brookhaven BERGERON.Joey, Fort Lewis. WA KT BERGERON.Lorl, Mandevllle. LA M BERRY.Andrea. Water Valley BERRY.Charles. Memphis ATO BERRY.Lee. Florence. AL KA BERTIN.Cllfford. New Orleans BETTS.Catherlne. Brentwood. TN KAe BIRCHFIELD.Leslle. Creve Coeur. MO KA BIRGE.Nancy. Falls Church. VA KKF BISSELL.Mellssa. New Market. TN AAA BLACK.Candlce. St. Petersburg. FL KAS BLACKWELL.Dalsy. Gulfporrt XO BLADES, Dawn. Kentwood. LA BLAHA.Beth. Jacksonville. NC AOn BLALACK,Brent. Brookhaven K BLANCHARD,E. J.. Gautler SN B LANKE.Stacey. Metalrle, LA RB BLANTON,Whltney. Dallas HKA BLISSARD,Amy. Holly Springs BLUNTSON,Erlc. Jackson A A BOATRIGHT.Brltln, Marlon. IL 2: E BOLLES.John. New Orleans E E BONE,Gratla. Jacksonville. IL AAA BOOKER,Carrle. Metalrle. LA BOONE,Ellzabeth. Jackson AT BORDEN,Georgla. Spring. TX Xn BOUCHER,Allsha. Southaven BOUND8,Holly. Newton M BOURN.Trey. Jackson tAe BOWLDIG,Shelley. Danville. KY AAA BOX,Robert. Grenada ATn BOYDEN,Jon. Oxford BOYDEN.KrIsten. Oxford BRANTLEY,Larry. Junction City. AR BRANTON.Chrlsty. Meridian M BRASWELL,Andrea. Morgan City XS! BRATTON,Scott. Oxford BRELAND,Alllson. Pearl River, LA AAH BREWER,Laura. New Albany KA BROCK,Alllson. Vancleave AT BROCK,Don. Greenwood Ae BR0OKS,Don. Coffeevllle BROOKS.GIna. Hattlesburg KA BROOKS.Marcle. JonestMro. AR ♦M BROWN,Barbara. luka AT BROWW, Beverly. Pascagoula AT BROWN.Carole. Dexler. MO ZTA BROWN.Carolus. Blloxl BROWN.Ellzabeth. Humboldt. TN AAIl 328 o Sophomores BROWN.Jrff, Ncsbit BROWN. Kalhryn. Memphis KKI ' BROWN.Kcllh. Jackson lAE BROWN.Lcslle. Tupelo BROWN.LIsa. Ncsbll AOH BROWN.Sharon. Abbeville BROWNLOW.Velma. C ruder BRUNSON.Jo Ellen. ChampalOn. II. AOH BRYAN, Harriet. Pulaski, TN KAe BRYANT, Patricia. Hernando BUCK, Margaret. Memphis ZTA BUFORD,Tangela. Ft Huachuca. AZ BULLEN,Kammle. McComb ZTA BUNCH, Matthew. Jacksonville. FL I E BUNCH, Richard. Wllllamsburc. VA BURDELL,B1I1. St Simons II. GA ATI) BURNETT.John. Charleston ATSi BURNHAM.Jamcs. Pascagoula tKT BUSH.VIrglnla. Clarksdale BUTLER,Houston. Ocean Springs BYRNE, Susannah. Natchez KA CAl ' FEY,Shannon. Oxford M CAl.DWELL,Carollne. Slldell. LA AF CALDWELL.Mary. Columbus AAA CARl.lSLE,Candy. Brandon AOn CALLAHAN.James, Carthage CALLAWAY, Kathryn. Greenwood CALLIES,Mlchele. Homewood, IL tM CAMMACK,Chrlstle. Jackson nB CAMPBELL,Mary. Memphis HB CAMPBELL, Mellsse. Baton Rouge KKP CANUP,Bobby. Tremont K+ CARLIN.Almee. Lake Charles. LA nB CARPENTER.Chrls. Wiggins Af CARPENTER,Tlmothv. Greenwood CARTER.Angle. Jack ' son X!! SOPHOMORES CARTER. Kevin. Brandon I E CARTER.Denver. Magee ATI! CASCIO.Chrls. Greenwood tAS CASON.Jenny. Hickory Ridge. AR CATLETT.Hallle. Meridian TIB CATO.Cathenne. Nashville AAA CAVER.Russell. Vlcksburg CEFALU.Scott. Metalrte. LA KA CHAMPION.Theresa. Senatobla CHAin)LER,Stacy. Decatur. AL M CHEAlRB.MeredUh. Covington. TN . i! CHILDRESS.Curtls. Clinton ATI! CHOW,Wal. University CHRE8TMAN,Hamlllon. Oxford CHRlSTAL.Denlse. Walls CISNEROS.Joe. Germantown KA CLARK, Carlos. Bruce CLARK.DIttrlch. Batesvllle CLATBROOK, Charles. Jackson KZ COBB, Guy. Fair Grove. MO COBB, Jason. Florence. AL KA COLDlTZ.Clndy. Carrollton. GA . !! COLE.WIIIIam. Pope I.N COLE.Xavler. North Blloxl COLEMAM.Lelgh. Savannah. TN Af COLEMAfCPnscllla. Houston. TX sr COLINGO,Alyson. Pascagoula KA COLLIN8,Chr1stopher. Kenllwonh. IL IX C0LLIN8,Jennlfer. Tampa. FL XQ COLLINS,Tlmothy. Oxford CONNELL, Norman. Columbus CONOLEY,lvy. Orlando. FL AAA COOPER.MIchael. Covington. TN COPELAHD. Angela. Newton M CORPSTEIN.Kelly, New Albany KAB COX.Chrlsty. University AOn COY, Mark. Paragould. AR CRANE, Michael. L.awrenceburg. TN ♦K CRAWLEY,Clndy. Senatobla CROFFORD. Anthony. Walnut Grove CRONON.MIke. Pascagoula ATSI CROUCH.Slephen. Metalrie. LA CROUTHER.Rodney. Coldwater CROWE, Mark. Oxford IX CROWELL.Angela. Franklin. TN CROWLEY, Ashley. Greenville KA CUEVAS,Stephen. Bay St. Louis CUMliINOS,Manelte. Clarksdale CURRIER,Mark. Scott AFB. IL CURRY.CIara. Waterford CUTRER,Canette. Covington. LA AOn CUTRIGHT.Klmberly. Lafayette. LA AAIl DACU8,Paula. Boonevllle ZTA DANIELS, Kelll. Poplar Bluff. MO DAWTONE, Melissa. Greenville DAVlDSON,Mellssa. Meridian KA DAVlS,Charles. Stewart DAVI9,Cllnton. Clarksdale Ae DAV19,Cynthla. Prairie DAVIS, Dwayne. Laurel DAVI8,Joseph. Meridian IX DAVIS.Kevln. Clinton A DAVIS, Krlsty. Benton Xn DAVI8,Mlchael. Jackson I E DAVIS. Phoet e. Jackson DAVI8,Sarah. McCarley DAY,Danlelle. Poplarvllle AOIl DEAR.Cahssa. Vienna. VA AOn DENKMAN, Michael. Alphavetta. GA DENTON. Cassandra. Greenville DE VERA. Monica. University DEWEES.John. Dallas KA Sophomores o 329 DEXTER, Darrfn. Soulhaven DHINDSA.Gunprecl. Unlverslly DICKERSON.l ' alge, Jatkson KA DILL, Laura. Manchester, MO DILLARD, Rosemary. New Albany Al DI9HMUKE,Anna. Koswell. OA . A]I DIXON. Amanda. BraxlonAI DlXON,Danlel. Florence. AL KA DIXON, Kevin. Houma. LA DIXON.Stephanle. Henderson. KY ♦M DO,Tuan. Hlloxl DOBY,Erlca. Pcarllngton . K. DODD.Deslree. Little Hock. AH llU ' t DONOIAN,Hobcrt. Gulfport DONOVAN, William. SIkcsIon MO DOTY.AIlson. .Jackson X ' .t DOTY.Beth. Nashville DOWNS.Bradley Cordova. T.N 1 DOWNS.KImberiy. Indlanola DOYLE.Sean. McComb iX DRAPER,Robert. luka KT DRIVER.Ronnle. Etta DUPIAWAY,Laura. Gulfport KKL DUNCAN,Douela5. Jackson DURBIN,KathTeen. St Louis 111! DURFEY.Rosemary. Canton AAA DURHAM, Tamsln. Tupelo U EAKES.Patrlck. Philadelphia EASTERWOOD.Lec. Magee ATSi EATON. Raenora. Hattlesburg ECHOLS,Ruth. Mlsenhelmer. NC Al ' EDWARDS.MIchael. SIdon EDWARDS,Rlchard. Dyer. TN ATi! ELLINGTON.Jo. University ELLIS.Mellssa. Midland. TX.Ki ELLIS, Randl, Longvlew. TX AAII SOPHOMORES ELLIS.Susan. Franklin, TN AAII EMERSON. Brooke. Dallas EPLEY.Amy. Starkvllle X!! EPPERSON.Irene. Tyler. TX AAII EUSTIS,Colleen, New Orleans AAA EVANS,Amy. Dyersburg. TN X!! EVANS,Amy. Southaven ADII EVANS,Chrlstlna. Memphis AAII EVERHART, Shannon, West Helena. AR EWING.Emlly. Houston. TX AP FAGAN.Brooke. Laurel AAA FAUST.Cheryl. Oxford FELDER.Laurle, University XS! FELDER.LInh. Zachary. LA FENNELL. Robin. Phlllpp FERGUSON.Chrls. Birmingham A9 FERGUSON,Chrlstopher. Grenada FERGUSON, Sean. Grenada FERGUSON.Shella. Bruce FERNANDEZ, Randall. Drexel Hill. PA SII FILE,Tlna. Pope KKF FITZGERALD,Klalre. Dallas IIB FLACCGMICMary. WoodvlUe X!i FLASCK. Gregory. Brandon FLEISCHMANN,Jennlfer. Arlington, VA AOII FLEMING.JessIca, Marks X!! FLETCHER. Joshua. Indlanola KA FOARD.Robert, Lafayette, LA lAE FORREST,Debra. Winona FORRESTER,Suenen. Dothan, AL KA FORTENBERRY.Tanya, Jackson XS! FORTNER.Jennlfer. Jackson X!l FOSTER. Joseph. Florence ATS! FOSTER. Laura, Tupelo KA FOUNTAIN.Audrey. Gautler FOUSHEE. Suzanne, Jackson X!l FOWLER,Andrew, Somervllle, TN tlKA FRATESLKatherlne. Greenville FREDERIC, Alicia, Pascagoula Al ' FREELAND.Matthew. Brandon ATSi FREEMAN.GIna, Jackson IIB FREEMAN.Sara, Clinton M FRENSLEY.Jeffery, Goodlettsvllle, TN A ' R! FRITTS.TImothy, Arlington, VAKA FULCHER.Dave, Jackson AB FULFORD.Klmberly, Greenville AAA FULGHAM.Wes. Jackson I E GADDO.Andrea, Belden M GAINES.Chelsea, Picayune GALLAGHER. Erin. Glen Dale. WV AAn GALLOWAY.Charles, Yazoo City lAE GALLOWAY.Lee, Brandon SN GAMBLE, Barkley, New Orleans IIB GAMBLE, Melissa, Montgomery, AL X!! GAMMAGE,.Jeff. Elllsvllle KA GARDNER. Albert, River Ridge, LA OARDNER.Sarah, Jackson GARRISON.Phyllls. Byhalla GASTON.Kathryn. Mobile, AL XSl GATES. Gloria, Houston GATEWOOD.Sherry, Pelahatchle GATWOOD.Stacy. Warner Robins, GA GEE, Linnet, Pleasant Grove GEHRlNG,Andrew, VIncennes. IN ATO GEX,Joseph, Bay St. Louis CIBBONS,Davld. New Orleans S E GILLESPIE.Mellssa. Oxford GILMER,Judlth. Meridian GILMER, William. Meridian GLENN,Ellen. Dallas AAA GLOVER,Theresa. Holly Springs GOLDBERG.Jeffrcy. Memphis ATS! 330 o Sophomores mmrf i GOLDMAN. Finlianna. Potts Camp COMBAR.Anu , liasklng KIdgc. NJ COOCH.Sp n IT. Yazoo Clly KA COODEN.Kothcllp. Clarksdale CORDON. Deborah, natesvlllr GOUDELOCK.Ann, Blur Mountain GRANGER. Mkhillf, Npw Albany GREAVES. GrrtH. Madison GRECO, flrUin. Greenwrll Springs, LA GREENE. Wren. Memphis i K GREENLEE. Charles, Port Gibson A« GREER, Stacy, .Jackson K,i GRELIER.Kalhryn, Hlrmlngham AAA GRirFIN..Julle, Jackson ZH GRIFFIN, Mark, Memphis •» AH GRIFFIN, MKhele, Denton, TX AAIl GRIFFIN, Sheila, Kosciusko ZTA GRIFFIS. Mllly, San Angelo. TX KKI GRirFITH,James, Clinton ill GRIMES,, Julie, Fulton tM GRINALDS,Kllzabeth, Searcy, AR GRISSO, Kerry, Shrewsbury ' , MA GRIZZARD, Whitney ' . Germantown AAA GROCHAU. David, Memphis ATIl GRUBBS, Jennifer, Ncwhebron ZTA CUEST,Glna, Houston, TX KAH GUY. Grace, Greenville K.KH GUY, Stacy, Jackson .XSl HAACHolley. Gretna. LA HAAS.EIlzabcth, Elay St Louis K. 9 HADAD.Holley. VIcksburg.Xn HAIRE.Paul. Clarksdale HALE.Sherby. Byhalla HALL.Justln. Oxford KT HALL.Leann. Birmingham AAfl HALLIDAY.John. Gulfport KI SOPHOMORES HAM, Amanda. luka AF HANBURY,Jennlfer. Wllmette. IL HARDEN,Jack. Memphis 2AE HARDY, Kandy. D Iberville HARKINS, Douglas. Jackson ATf! HARPOLE, Patricia. Jackson. TN AAA HARRELL.Lea. Carthage HARRELL.Lynn. Carthage HARRELSON.Beth. Pine Bluff. AR KKr HARRINGTON.MIke. Indlanola HARRIS,Havden. .Nashville X!! HARRIS. Karen, Pleasant Grove AF HARRIS.Troy. BlloxlItE HARRISON. Amy. GrenadaAP HARRISON.Kate. Forrest City. AR M HARVEY. Scott. Mendenhall .tTS! HARVIEL, Jennifer. Memphis AAH HARWELL. Gary, Banner HARWELL, Laura. Oxford HATHCOCK,Stacy, Jackson tM HAVEN,Dana, Forrest City, AR KA HAYES,Katherlne, Metalrle. LA AAA HAYES. LauraLucIa, Baton Rouge KA HA YES. Terry . Germantown . Tn HAYLES.Amy, Brookhaven M HAYNES,Alvln, Barbados BS HAYNES, Shelly. Baldwyn AAff HAYS.Jennlfer, St Louis , An HAYS.WIIIIam, Jackson IIKA HEAD.Chantelle, Nashville AAH HEALY, Merrill, Macon FIKA HEBERT. Stephen, Baton Rouge I.X HEFLIN,Krlstl. Forest M HEIDEL, Finney, Vlcksburg AAA HEIN, Stacy, Brandon HENDERSON, I orls, Oxford AKA HENDERSON, Erika, Tunica HENDRICKS,Nancy, Boyle tM HENRY,Jlll, Metalrle, LA tIB HENSON,John, Greenwood AH HERMETZ,Rebecca, Gulfport AAA HEWITT.Charles, Natchez IX HIATT. Caroline, Baton Rouge KA HlGH.Kellv, Slldcll. LA AF HILBUN. Parker, Tupelo XII HILL, Alison, University HILL,Brenda, Hammond, LA HILLENBURCJIII. Katy TX KKF HINDS. Deborah. Leonardo. NJ ZTA HIPP.Mellssa. Oxford HOARD, Tommv. Boonevllle HOBB8,Holly, Colllerville, TN AAIl HODGES,Kenva, Oxford HODGES, Paige. Columbus X!l HODGES, Mflanle. Batesvllle HOLDER, Timothy. Vlcksburg S E HOLDER. Wade. Natchez ATtl HOLMAN. David. Jackson KI HOLMES. Victoria. Yazoo City KKF HORGAN.Shauna. New Orleans MB HOVAS.Todd. KUmlchael HOWARD. Frank. Clarksdale BI HOWARD. Hunter. Lake Providence, LA IIKA HOYE. Monica, Decatur HSU.Fu-Nuel. University mj.Zhlfang. University HUBBARD, Ginger, Jackson .X!! HUBBARD, Leslie, Eupora •t M HUDNALL, Paige. Meridian HUDSON.Robert, Greenville KA HUFFORD, Jennifer, Marlon, OH HUGHES, Hope, Jackson AAA Sophomores 331 HUGHES. Virginia. Marks Xn HULL.Brlan. Tupelo S E HULL.Gencvleve, Meridian AAA HUMKEY.Jennlfer, Hlxson. TN HUMPHREY, Verna, Fayette HUNDLEY.Krlsta. Loxahatchce, FL KA9 HUNT.Tammy, Brooksvllle. FL KAe HUNTER.Tracey. Columbia, TN HURD.John. Kenner. LA ZAE HURST.Stacey. Southaven HUTHNANCE.Ann. Houston. TX AAA HUX. EIIzabeth. SIkeston. MO AAn HWEE.MIan, University HYDE. Patrick. Eupora IN IMWOLD.Tracy. Tallahassee. FL AAn JACKSON.Jennlfer. Brandon AF JACKSON.Penny. Covington. LA KAe JACKSON.Rlchard. Covington. TN KS JACKSON.Sterllng. Jackson JACOBS.GIlbert. Drew JAMES.Leslle. Mobile. AL KA JAMIESON.Tonya. Falkner AAfl JANSSON.Donna. Houston. TX JEANS.TonIa, Holly Springs JENKINS.Llnda. Hernando JERNIGAN.Nan. Germantown KAS JERNIGAN, Sarah. Hernando AAA JESTER.Katherlne. Columbus KA JOHNS.Tracl. Jackson KAe JOHNSON.Anthony. Prairie JOHNSON.John. Pelahatchle JOHNSON.Phadrea. Brandon JONES.Allson. Baton Rouge AF JONES.Donald. Poplar Bluff. MO JONES.EUzabeth. Grenada AF JONES, Heather. Covington. LA KAS SOPHOMORES JONES.Jacquellne. Oxford AKA JONES.Kate. Huntington, WV M JONES.Kelly. Houston. TX XS! JONES.Kenneth. Maben JONES.LIsa. Clinton M JORDAN.Klmberly. Corinth AOn JOYNER.Clay. Mason. TN ATO JUE, Debbie. Indlanola KAMBlAN.John. VIcksburg AT(! KAYE.Jake. Memphis ATS! KEEN.Mlchael. Redwood Z E KEMP.Jeffrey. Ocean Springs AT!) KEMP.VIrglnla. Covington. LA KKF KENNEDY.Grace Ann. Canton Xn KHIRIEH.Suzanne. Duck Hill KILLOUGH.Ellzabeth. Banner KING.Laurle, Abbeville KING.Robert, Oxford KINZEY.Natalle. Florence KlRBY.Jennlfer. Pearl M KIRKLAND.Llnda. Madison KA KIRKPATRICK.Brlan. Jackson ItE KITCHENS.KaklJane. luka AF KLAUS.Jesslca. Sauget. IL HB KLIEBERT.Adam. Houston. TX KA KONCAK.Julle. Dallas nBt KRAFT. Richard. Marietta. GA LADPTER.Amy. Lumberton ZTA LAINE.Leslle. SUdell. LA KAS LAMBERT.Andree. Kenner. LA AOn LANDES.Jacquc. Edwards KA LANDRUM.Laura. Columbus AAA LANE.Chrlstlna. Brandon KAe LANGFORD.Leslle. Atlanta XS! LANKPORD.Malone. Little Rock. AR XJi LARROUX.Jean. Bay St. Louis KJ LAVENDER, Missy. Memphis AOH LAWRENCE.Mark. Columbus. GA SX LAWRENCE.Tosha. Blloxl LEATHERS.Julle. Olive Branch LEE.Ellzabeth. Frankfort. KY HB LEE,Eng. University LEE.Thomas. Glen Rose. TX LEE.Wyatt, Memphis tK LEFOLDT. Klmberly. Jackson HB LEOW.Men. University LEVER.James. Hazlehurst IlKA LEWIS.Amanda. VIcksburg LEWIS,Paul. Hazlehurst A LIM,Joo. University LIM.SIn. University LINDSEY,Jennlfer. Harrlsburg. IL LISOWSKI.Peter. Tabb. VA LITTLE.Angel. Corinth ZTA LOCKHART.Renec, Pascagoula M LOGGINS.Carla. Kllmlchael LONG. Rosemary, Tupelo LOTT. Tyler. Annandale. VA KA LOUTFI.LIla. Richmond. VA TIB LOWE.Amy. Oxford Xn LOWRANCE.Keltha. Texarkana. TX LOWRIE.Guyla. Coldwater HB LUPBERGER, Ted. New Orleans M LYNCHARD.Daryl. Milton. FL MACDONALD.Mark. Stuart. FL ATS! MACINNES,Rosalle. Pascagoula MADRID, Andrea. Brandon ZTA MAGEE.Angle. Mendenhall AF MACEE.Marsha. Prentiss KA MALLETTE.Mo. Klllen. AL KA MALONE.Paula. Olive Branch MALOUF.Erlc. Jackson 332 o Sophomores MALOUr.MK had, Jackson KZ MANESS.Sroll. Bay SI Louis MARCHBANKS.Llndspy, Oxford K MARSCHEWSKI. Julie. Llltlf Rock. ARIIB MARSH. Hrlan. Corlnlh MARSH. Kll abclh. Jackson .l. .i MARTIN,; ynthla. Olive nranch MARTIN. David. Vardaman MARTIN, Emily. Jackson XII MARTIN. llollls, Yazoo Clly .i« MARTIN. Lance. Tyler. TX ATI! MARTIN. Slephanle. Indlanola .il MASK. (had. Jackson IN MATTHEWS.Mary. Tupelo AAA MATHIS.Debra. Holly Springs MATLOCK. Scolt. Germanlown K+ MATTHES.Cellna. Madison 7.TA MATTHEWS. Marcy. Corlnlh AAA MATTISON. Sydney. Monroe. LA KA MAY. Matthew. Germantown MAY.McDanlel. MIddleton. CT AOIl MAYFIELD.Laura. Clarksdale AAA MAYS.Katherlne. Columbia. TN KKI MCCARLEY.Melonle. Boonevllle MCCARLIE. Christine. McComb Al MCCAULEY. Jennifer. Germantown U MCCLATCHY.J . Indlanola Al MCCOIN.Jerry. Nashville AT(1 MCCOLLUM.Heth. Gainesville. GA KAB MCCRANEY.Tad. Jackson Ae MCCREADY. Michael. Ruston. LA ♦AB MCCREAVE.Sean. Oxfo rd MCDADE. Allison. Clinton tM MCDANIEL.Kalph. Beach Mountain. NC IN MCDONALD. Hardle. New Orleans Ae MCELROY.Beth. Columbia AP SOPHOMORES MCELROY.Stacy. Soulhaven KKI ' MCEWAN.Dan. Memphis Ae MCGEE. Rebecca. Jackson U MCKENZIE, Robyn. Florence. AL tM MCLEMORE. Lauren. Carthage KA MCLEMORE. Patricia. Wlnnsboro. LA AAA MCMILLAN. Stacle. Philadelphia tM MCNEAL.Joe. Ocean Springs KT MCNEIL, Cornelius. Oxford KA+ MCRAE.Alleen. Marlanna. FL AAA MCRANEY.Mark. Jackson MCREYNOLDS.Mellssa. Jackson MCWILLIAMS.Marv. Hazlehurst tM aCEEK. Glenn. Pascagoula SN MICHEL. Cynthia. Munsler, IN BnLBURN. Angela. Natchez M MILLER. Frederic. Shreveport. LA Itl MILLER.JUllan. Highland. NJ flB MILLER. Mellnda. Monroe. LA M MILLER. Natalie. Baton Rouge KA MILLER. Whitney. Memphis AAA MINOR.Jason. Allen. TX MINOR. Margaret, Jackson AAA MITCHAM.Marlan. Monroe. LA MITCHELL.Carolyn. Natchez AF MITCHELL, Dee. Warner Robblns. GA MITCHELL, Jennlpher. Eupora M MITCHELL. Lisa. Greenville AAA MDCON. Stephanie. Greenville AAU MOLINO. Connie. Baton Rouge KA MOLITOR. Rebecca. Marinette. WI MOMEN,Haslb. University MONTGOBiERY. James. Louin MONTGOMERY, Jeffrey. Columbus IlKA MONTGOMERY. Tracey. Birmingham AOfl MOORE. Eone. Senatobia AAA MOORE. Jennifer. Carthage M MOORE. Kelly. Pascagoula AT MOORE ' .Mlchaer Tupelo MOORE, Pamela. Kosciusko flB MOORE.Rachel. Madison AOn MORGAN. Allyson. Memphis AAfl MORGAN. NIckl. Graysvllle. AL .OH MORONEY.Crlstln. Natchez KA MORRIS. Martha. JacksonAAA MORROW.Shelley. Midland. TX K.AS MORROW. Sherman. Courtland tlKA MOSLEY. Richard. Virginia Beach. VA S E MOSS. David. Vlcksburg SAE MUIRHEAD. Thomas. Greenwood KA MULLEN. Steven. Clinton ATO MULLINS.Chucky. Russellvllle. AL B«UN8TER.Kourtney. Kenner. LA MVRCH. Scott. Clearwater. FL J URFF. Harvey. Memphis tAH MURPHY. Jonathan. Jackson KI MUSGROVE.Melanle. Batesvllle MURRAY. Nora. Magee AAH MYERS, Charles. Yazoo City MYERS. Erin. Jackson . n NEAL.Neesa. New Boston. TX AAB NEELY.Jeffery. Byhalla NELSON. Angela. Clinton ZTA NELSON. Kelly. Ft Smith. AR HB NELSON. Klper. Yazoo City ♦AS NELSON. Melanle. Paducah. KY KAS NEILL, Meredith. Birmingham M NEWCOMB.Klmberly. Centralla, IL NICHOLS.Harold, Lexington KA NlCKELSON.Anna, Memphis . Afl NIPPER.Mlchael. Grenada ATtl NEC. Jack, Greenwood A© Sophomores o 333 NlX.Jerry. University NOBLE. Anne, Montgomery AAA NORED.Ellzabeth, Greenwood KA NORTON.Susan, Brookhaven KA NOSEF.Brldget. Clarksdale Xfi OAKLET.Suzanne. Bruce OLASDOTTER.Krlstlna. Oxford OLSON.Karln, Columbia, TN XSl O ' RYAN, Mary, Englewood, CO AOII OTIS.Katherlne, Tupelo AT OVERSTREET.Kimberly, Brandon AF OVERTON.Mlna, St. Louis HB OWEN.Donna, Grenada OWEN.Ellzabeth, Tunica XB OWEN. Todd, Memphis OWENS.MIsty, Crossett. AR M PAIGE.Shawn, Lumberton PAN.Peter, Colllnsvllle, IL PARKER.Helen, Sutherland. VA PARKER.Kenny, Corinth KI PARKER.Phllllp, Atlanta PARKER.RIck. Jackson Ae PARKER.Sandra. McHenry AAH PARKER.Thomas. Inverness Z.4E PARKS.Joanne, New Albany HB PARRISH.Alexandrla. Gainesville. FL AAH PARSONS .VIrglnla, Memphis PATE, Lauren, Canton KA PATE.Velsle, University PATTERSON.Judd. Metalrle, LA PATTERSON. Katherlne. Coral Springs. FL AAH PATTERSON.Kevln. Nederland. TX fKI PECK. Nancy. Florence. AL tM PEH.Suan, University PEKICH.Rebecca, Brldgeton. NJ AOn PERKINS.Darron. Jackson SOPHOMORES PERRY.Monlca. Gulfport AAA PETERSON.Cheryl, McLean. VA KKP PETERSON.Marlon. Columbus lAE PEVEY.Gregory, Clinton KT PHAM. Kelvin. Oxford PHILLIPS.James. Ripley. TN tK Pmi-LIPS. William. Jackson RKA PINEL.John. Winter Park. FL KA PIQUE.Joely. Gautler POTTS.Shannon. Corinth POUND.John. Tupelo SX PRATHER.Monlca. Corinth AAA PRlNCE.Mark. Sardls PRINGLE.Joseph. Blloxl 2N PRIVETT.Mellssa. Nashville PRUDEN.Bryan. Clinton HKA PRYOR.Lee. KIngwood KAS PUCKETT.Donald. Jackson PURYEAR.Amy. SenatobIa AAA QUAID, Alison. Baton Rouge KA QUINN.Casandra. Elaine. AR AOn RAINS.WIlllam. Pascagoula KT RAY, Angela. Pontotoc RAY, Morgan, Athens. AL S E RAYMOND.Janet . Florence REED.Allson. Germantown REED.Chrlstlan. Brandon ZN REED, Russell. Mississippi State REEDER. Walter. Tupelo 2X REEVES.Anne. Gulfport KKP REEVES.Stacey. Southaven KKP REID.Joseph. Batesvllle nKA REILLY.Renee. Metalrle. LA RENO.BIIl. Jackson KI REYNOLDS.James. Dyersburg 2X REYNOLDS.MIchael. Greenville SAE RlALES.LIsa. Memphis RICHARD,Stephanle. DonaldsonvlUe. LA KA RICHARDSON.Ann. Houston. TX RICHARDSON.Carole. Union City. CA RICHARDSON.Darby. Union SX RICHARDSON.Lamont. Winona RICHMOND.Casondra. Byhalla RnXSE, Barclay. Houston. TX RlSHER.Dalne. Newton tM RIVES, Mason. Hernando ROBBINS.MIchael. Oxford ROBERSON.MIchael. Jackson ROBERTS.RIcque. Greentown. IN AOn ROBERTS.Sean. New Orleans ROBERTSON.KImberly. Morton M ROBERTSON.Robl. New Albany ROBERTSON.Tlna. Southaven j ROBINSON.John. Jackson SN | ROBlNSON.Paul. Jackson ROBINSON.Susannah. Signal Mountain. TN KKP ROLLINS.Edmond. Picayune ROSE, Laurie, St. Charles, MO KA ROSS,Brooke, Forest City, AR AP ROSS.Pamela, Ashland RUDLOFF,Andee, Smiths Grove, KY KKP RUSHING. Debra, Morton RUSHING.TonI, Kllmlchael RUSSELL,Carla. Jackson Xi! RUSSELL.Cassandra. New Albany RUSSELL.Mlchelle. VIcksburg KA RYALS.LIsa. Metalrle. LAIIB RYAN.Davls. Jackson RYAN.Tracey. Houston. TX HB SAIN.Jackle. Memphis SALASSI.Carol. New Orleans RB SALLOUM.George. Long Beach KZ 334 o Sophomores f.rn ' : Mm Picture Picture Not NO ' Available Available SAMPLE. Allison. Tuscumbla. Al, XSI SANDERS.Iiihn. I upilii IIKA SANDS, Slivc. Mrmplils iAK SANFORD.AiijJcUi. fiiurllaiul SAUNDERS.KII .abrlli. Ilamlllnn. GA SAUNDERS.Saildra. MiMalrlr. LA KKT SAVERY.Su .annc. Yazoo Cllv A A SAWYER. I om. Olive Draiirh iAK SCHAEFFER.l-ri-il, Mrmplils •J ' H SCHMIDT..luslln. Now Orleans AH SCHOLL.CIiKly. (nrpns iMirlsll. TX KAH SCHROEDERlAinv. Maiulovlllr. l.A KKT SCHWEERS.Janr. Allania KKl ' SCHWEERS.Siisaii. Brandon A ll SCISM.Josh. Indianapolis. IN ATll SCOTT..Jana. Tiiprlo SCOTT. Kalhv. ymlnian SCOTT. Lisa, Meridian .iAA SCOTT.Shaiine. Tallulah. LA AAA SCOTT.Snsan. Ilonslon. TX SCOTT. Terrl. .Slldell. LA KAH SEGAR.Trarv. Miami. Fl, IIH SENGUPTA.Samudra. Unlvcrslly SEWELL..Jeainia. I ' onlolor KAH ' SHAKESPEARE.Amv. SI PclersburR. KL KKL SHARP.Kiiberl, Memphis Z K SHARP.-Su.san. University SHAW.Sandl. Soulhaven KKl ' SHAW.Susan. Florence SHErriELD.Dvanna. Soulhaven AAII SHELLABARGER.Sam. .Jaekson. TN MM SHEPHERD.I.uc lie. Monlgonierv. Al. KA SHING.l ' alrli la. Clarksdale SHOTZ.SIephanle. Dover. MA SHUSTER. Calvin. I ' lvmonlh. Ml All! SIMMONS.I ' amela. liellevllle. IL KKl ' SOPHOMORES SIMPSON. Sliarla. Cape Girardeau. MO AAII SlSSON.CIay. Portagevllle. MO SKILLINGS.Healher. Germanlown KA SLAY. Clayton. Pearl SLEDGE.IIomer. Cleveland KA SMART.Calherlne. SI Franrlsvlile. LA KA SMITH.Angenette. Coldwater AKA SMITH.Uana. Poplar Bluff, MO SMITH.Don. Kosciusko IIKA SMITH.JIm. Paulson SMITH.Johnny. Pascagonia SMITH.Kelly. Fayette SMITH.Krvin. Gulfport i.X SMITH. Lana. Gautler KA SMITH.Laurle. Terry AL SMITH. Mary. Jackson .X!) SMITH.Marv. Abbeville SMITH. PalK ' e. Slarkvllle Al ' SMITH.Trlna. Holly Springs SMITH. VIcliirla. Philadelphia SMITH. William. Ilazlehursi KA SMITHMIER.Chrlslopher. New Augusta SNOOK. John. Springfield. MO SOLBERG, Hobby. Soulhaven ATSl SOLOMON. Amy; New Orleans Xil SOMERS.Tavlor. Greenville ■tK SONES. .Jill, Columbia Al ' SORSBY, Leigh. Memphis KKl ' SOUTHALL.Jennlfer. VIcksburg AOII SOUTHERLAND.Thomas. Columbus Ae SPECK. Anna. Keru Allll SPEES.MIchael. Tupelo SX 9PIVEY, Daniel. Jackson ATSl SPIVEY.John. Canton iX SPROLES.SIaeey, Byhalla M SPROUSE. Shannon, Columbus. GA KKl ' STAFFORD.Donclte. Crossetl. AR ZTA STANFORD.Scotl. Cllnlon iX STASIULIS.Paul, Soulhaven iAK 9TEEG. David. New Orleans STEPHANS.Mellsanrie. Ilouslon. TX STEPHENS. Kogcrs. Natchez STEPHENSON.Gwyn. Memphis AAA STEVENS. Anna. I ' urvis Allll STEVENS.Lella. Birmingham AAA STEVENS.Marv. Clinton STEWART.Chrlsllan. Oxford STICKLEY. Holly. Slarkvllle STILL.Calhy. Oxford KA STOGNER.KIley. Harvey, LA STONE.Carv. Columbus STONE.t harles. Lake Jaekson. TX AB STONER. Christopher. Arlington. TX 2N STOREY.SIiarlene. WesI Point KAH STOVER. Dana. Houston. TX MM ' STRANGE. I lolly. Covington. TN KAH STRIBLING.Staeey. Jai-kson Xll STRINGER. Wendy. Crystal Springs Al ' STRONG. Dave. Yazoo Clly tAH SUMMERFORD.Jiilla. Jackson AAA 9WINDALL, Lawrence. Aberdeen UK SWINDOLL.WhItney. Hernando M TAI.Boon. University TALBOT.MIihael. River Ridge. LA 2AK TAN.Yakguan. University TANG. Tung. University TANNEHILL.Jaek. Union I ' AH TANT.Suzelle. Brentwood. TN AOII TARLANO.Anlhonv. Springfield. VA TAYLOR. Amanda. Dallas AAA TAYLOR. Heather. Hattlesburg KA TAYLOR.Jennlfer. Lexington. KY KKl ' Sophomores 335 TAYLOR.John, West Memphis. AR KA TAYLOR.Latonya. Walls TAY LOR.Sherlta. Clarksdale TAyLOR.Tammy. Sardls TEASLEY.Kevln. Kosciusko nKA TEDFORD, Laurie. Lyon TEICHERT, Joseph. Pearl KS THERRELL.Steve. Jackson S E THOMAS.Bryan. Dallas 5N THOMAS.Bubba. Wynne. AR A THOMAS.Kathryn. Greenville SI ' THOMAS.Patrlck. Bolton THOMAS. Vlkkl. Carthage KA THOMPSON, Ash ley. Hernando M THOMPSON.Llsa. BatesvUle THOMPSON.Olga. Yazoo City XS! THOMPSON.Sharon. Starkvllle THOMPSON.Terrle, University THORNTON.Jennlfer. Senatobla AF THORNTON.LeIgh Ann. Cleveland AAA THRASH.Ann. Virginia Beach. VA TICKLE. Heldl. Metalrle. LA KAe TILLERY.Ellen, Laurel KA TILLMAN, Laurie. Bartlett. TN TILLY.Maria. Memphis AAH TINGLE.DavId, Pascagoula TINSLEY.James. Thaxton TITUS.Carl. Jackson ZTA TOBIN.Devln. Oxford IX TOPPER. Nina. University TOWERY. Courtney. Indlanola TOWNSEND.Dennls. Vlcksburg ATSi TRAVIS. Joe. Brandon StE TRICHE. Nancy. Bay St. Louis XQ TSANG.Kwce. University TURNER.Davld. Amory SOPHOMORES TURNER.Tammle. Fayette TURSHEN.Rebekah. Columbia. TN KAe TUTOR.Sharon. BatesvUle TUTOR.Susan. Olive Branch AOn TYER, Andrew. Helena. AR A UTER.Krlsten. Baton Rouge KA VALLIER.Raymond. Drew VARNEY.Mcrie. Brandon S E VAUGHN.Amy. Abbeville VAUGHN.Karen. Paducah. KY AOn VEGA.Chadley, Heidelberg VlCARS.Katherlne, CartMndale, IL AAH VIGNES.Lisa. Picayune VINCENT.Amy. Marks VINSON, Sharron. Jackson VIOX.Meredlth. Hebron, KY AAA VOLLINTINE.Heather, Fort Worth AAO VON HOVEN.Terrl. Kenner. LA AAH WADE, Thomas. Oxford WAGNER.Erlka, Macon. GA KA WALD.Gretchen. Savannah, GA KKF WALKER,Davld. Memphis S E WALKER,Shlrley. Vlcksburg WALKER.WIllle. Leland BS WALLACE,Amy. Laurel AAA WALLS,Marsha. Holly Springs WAL8HE, Michael. New Orleans KA WALTERS.Kelly. San Ramon. CA WALTHALL.Jennlfer. Huntsvllle, AL WARD.Joanna. Stockton. CA Xt! WARREN,Fred. Gautler WATKIN8,Howard. Dallas KA WATKINS.KImberly. Tallahassee. FL. KA WATKINS.WIlUam. Jackson WATTS.Chris, Frankllnton. LA SN WATTS, Lauren, Raymond M WEAVER, Teri. Jackson AAIl WEAVER, Vicky. Grenada WEBB,Vlrnl. Oxford WEIR.MItchell. Tupelo 2X WELBORN.Mark, Augusta, GA KJ WELSH.CurtIs, Gautler 2 E WERBY.Mary. Gulfport KKF WESLEY,Yolanda, Cleveland WE8T,Reagan, Tupelo XS! WETH,Danlel, McLean. VA WHEELER,Jame3. Mt. Vernon. IL S E WHlTE.Dana. Dunwoody, GA HB WHITB,Hubert. Mendenhall AT!! WHITE,Samantha, Glean. NY WHITE. Stacy, Taylorsvllle WHlTE.WIlllam, Taylorsvllle WICKER. Lisa. Jackson WlLBORN.Klm. Melbour ne. FL WILCOX.Hoke. Naples. FL WILDER,James. Columbus A0 WILDER,Klm. Bowling Green. KY KA WILKINSON, Kristl. Lakewood, CO WILLARD.Sara, Clarksdale KKF WILLIAMS,Amy, Hernando WILLIAMS. Angela, Jackson M WILLlAMS.Arthur, Olive Branch WILLIAMS.Blake, La Habra, CA SN WILLIAMS WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS. WILLIAMS. WILLIAMS, Elizabeth. Jackson AAA Emellne. Oxford Hayley. Meridian KA Heather. Florence AAIl .John. Laurel KA .Klmberly. Lagrange. IL .Leigh. Brandon AOFI .Matthew. Madison Michael, Germantown KA 336 I y Sophomores 9 V It WILLIAMS. I ' anicla.+M WILLI AMSON.JaiiK ' S. Tvlcrtown WILLIAMSON, Kalhcrliir. Meridian M WILLIAMSON, Linda, Memphis WILLIS. Iradc, Grenada WlLSON,Cory. Moss Point Alii WILSON, KImberlv. Lauderdale WILSON, Plane. VIcksblirg AAA WILSON, Kussell, Cunningham. TN 2 E WIRTH,Klmberly. Pasragoula KAH WIYGUL, Trae. Greenville. SC i K WONG.Kong. University WOO, Daisy. BelzonI WOOD.Kalhcrlne. Nashville KAH WOOD, Nancy. Nashville KAH WOOTEN,Llsa. Pearl YAWN, Laurie. Baton Rouge AP YEAGLE.KImberly. Ruston. LA ' .TA YEMELOS.Cassandra, Folsom. LA AOIl YOUNG, Keba. Bruce A(KI YOUNG.Susanne, Rosedale M YOUNGBLOOD.Heather. Clarksdale LAST MINUTE STUDYING Heidi Tickle quickly goes over her notes before a test in Fulton Chapel, photo by Andy Walton Sophomores (__] 337 AARON.Charles. Hernando ABDO.George. Gulf Breeze. FL tAe ABONG, Irene. University ABRAHAM.Chet. Clarksdale Kl ACKLEY. David. Pewaukee. Wl KT ADAIR.Robert. University ADAMS.Chrlstl. Kosciusko AOn ADAJIS.Klmberly. Poplar Bluff. MO ADAMS.Lelgh. Birmingham M ADAMS.Mlchael. Oxford AFEMAN.Susan. Baton Rouge Xn AGNE.Phyllls. Anna. IL AOirew.Lclgh. Tyler. TX AAA AJLBRITTON.Audry, Gulfport ZT. ALEXANDER, Myrtle. McComb ALFANO.Tommy. San Antonio, TX I.N ALFORO.Dana. Memphis ALFORD.Matt. Forest IX ALLBRlTTON.Chrlstopher. Fulton. MO tKT ALLEN.Abby. Alex Clly, AL HB ALLEN.Bradly. Memphis ALLEN.Dorothy. Sallls . K. ALLEN.LeIgh Ann, Jackson KKF ALT.MIchelle. GulfportAOn AI.TAZAN,Ellzabcth. Baton Rouge AMMANN.Dennls. Mendenhall ANDERSON.Olen. Perklnston ANDERSON.Tamatha. Jackson ANDERSON.WIlllam. Jackson IX ANGELOZZI.Stacy. Baltimore. MD nB AWTON.Cllff. Canton APPLEBY. KImberly. High Port. NC APPLEGATE.Davld. Councc. TN AT!) ARD. Barry, Pontotoc ARMSTRONG.Cynthla. Dennis ARNETT.SonJa. Kosciusko JUJVIORS ARNOLD.Nono, Madison. IL ASKEW.Calvln, Crenshaw ATWOOD.Lorle. Southaven AUSTIN.Andrea, VIcksburg KA AWAN.Salld. University BADGETT.Rosle, Taylor KAS BAILEY.Carolyn, Okolona BAIRD.WIIIIam, Baton Rouge BAKER.Berrl. Batesvllle BALL.TIm. Stone Mountain. GA S E BARBER.Charles. Moss Point AT!! BARKER.Lon. Monroe. LA BARNHARDT.WIndy. Roswell. GA AF BARNES.DIxle, Dearborn. Ml BARNETT.Latresa. Morton BARRETTXelgh. Aberdeen BARRETT.Lynn. Aberdeen AOfl BARTON.Paula. Saltlllo BASS.Bucky. Hattlesburg KS BAUMER.Merl Beth. Atlanta KKF BEARD, Lynn. Lauderdale . S! BEASLEY.Mlssey. Columbia AF BBLFOR.Arvy. Holly Springs KA BELK.BIIIy, Indlanola t Ae BELKNAP.LIlllana, Poplar Bluff. MO BENIGNO.Tlna. Kenner. LA AOn BENNETT, Karla. Houston BENNETT,Ty. Clinton . T!1 BENTON. Antonnlo. Kosciusko . A BENTON, Paige. St. Louis X!l BERRY.Ann. Fort Smith. AR IIB BERRY,Jason. Barlow. KY ♦K BERRY. Victoria, Memphis ZTA BEVILL,Jeffery. Memphis BICHAM, Amanda, Jackson KKF BINCHAM.Mellssa. Colllervllle. TN AF BLAIR.Carroll. Columbus Xl! BLAKE.Rhett. Shallmar. FL KI BLAKE, Tammle. Oxford BLASCHEK.John. Mt. Prospect. IL IIKA BLUMENTHAL,Hank. Louisville. KY tKT BOBB.Amanda. Holly Springs AF BOGCAN.Matthew. Kllmlchael BOIE.Tracy. Anna. IL AOn BOND.Robert. Dallas I.V BONE. Jennifer. Delray Beach, FL KAS BORGOGNONl.Thomas. Nesbit AT!1 BOSWELL.Luclnda. Atoka. TN AOIl BOUTWELL.Angela. Pascagoula AF BOUTWELL.Malthew. Petal BOUTWELL.Sharon. Petal BOWLES.KIrby, Phoenix. AZ KKF BOWLES.Sherry. Lambert KKF BOWMAN.Julle. Greenville AAH BOX.Tracy. Flora KA8 BOYCE. Virginia. Clarksdale X!l BOYD. Napoleon. Aberdeen BOYLES.Betty. University BOZEK.Thomas. University BRADLEY.Lcslle. Oxford BRANDON. William. Memphis K BRANDT. Allan, Houston. TX Ae BREATH.Charlcs, Waveland KZ BRENT.LIsa Lynn, Alexandria. VA AAll BREWER.Chrlstlne, Metalrle. LA BREWER.Susan. Tupelo BRnXSES.TImothy. luka BRlTT.Tonya, Brookhaven BROADWAY.KrIstle. Houston. TX BROCATO.KImberly. Brandon ZTA BRODERICK.Shanl. Frlendswood. TX KAH BR0OKS,Tlffany. Jackson KA 338 o Juniors BROWN, Ban. Jackson KKF BHOWN.Carmela. Blloxl BROWN. Donna. Jackson BROWN. r inna. New Albany BROWN. Melody, Oxford BROWN. Kcbecra. Dcnion. TX BROWNING.Jclfery. Corinth 2: E BRUCE. Mary. Jackson AAA BRUMFIELD.Karen. Meridian KA BRUNSON.Charlle. Silver City BRYAN.Joel. Batesvllle IX BRYANT. Brandon. Lake Cormorant AtA BRYSON.Davld. Tullahoma, TN tKT BRYSON.Patrlcla. Bruce BUCHANAN.Scott. San Diego. CA K BUCK.Helen. GUve Branch BUFKIN. Donna. Pickens KKP BULLOCK.BIIly. Oxford ♦K BULLOCK.Susan. Hattlesburg BURCHAM.Nan. RIenzl BURCHAM.Tonya. Tishomingo BURGE.Curt. Jackson ATO BURKHARDT.Melissa. Ocean Springs BURT. Pamela. Nettleton BU8BY. Katie. Poplar Bluff. MO KAB BOSBY.Jan. Oxford KKP BU8BY.JI11. Oxford KKF BUSH.Katle. Laurel AAA BUSTER.CIIff. Jackson ATO BUTLER.Margaret. St, Franclsvllle. LA XD BUTLER.Sherry. Leland BYNUM.Pamela. Byhalla BYRD.WIlllam. Matthews. NO CABLE.Joseph. Corpus Chrlstl. TX SAE CADLE.Joey. BoonevlUe CAIN, Barry. Kosciusko JU]!IIIORS» CALAMARI.Victorla. Metalrle. LA CALLAHAN.Sarah. Orlando. FL AAH CAI. VERY. Teresa. BoonevlUe CAHLETON.Lee Ann. Union CARMICHAEL.John, Brandon [UH CARMICHAEL,Kelly, Martinsville, IN AAH CARNEY,Lee, Crystal Springs ZTA CAROTHERS,Beall. Dallas KA CARPENTER,Martha Carol. BoonevlUe CARR,Alllson. Carthage AT CARVALHO,Nertn. University CASSEDY.Lara. Jackson ZTA CASTON,McKay. Madison SX CATO,Klnch. Yazoo City SX CAUDLE.Machelle. Jackson. TN KAS CHAMBERS,Jean. Lunnfleld. MA AOn CHANCELLOR,Candlce. Relsterstown, MD AOn CHANDLER.Wanda. Batesvllle CHANG.Kum. University CHANG.Sow, University CHATHAM,Sonya, Meridian AOn CHILDERS.Laurie. Cooter. MO XS! CHRESTMAN,Alllson. Jackson AAfl CHRlSTOU,Petros. University CHUAH.Gervalse. University CHURCH,Russell. Mansfield. LA CITTY,Jennlfer. Jackson KAS CLANCY.Alltson. Dallas KKP CLANTON.Bradley. Eupora KT CLARK. Darren. Florence CLEARMAN.Jefferev. Petal CLOWER.Alllson. Raymond xn COATEN.Janet. Batesvllle COCKRILL.Lucy. Germantown xn COCKROFT.Deanne. Memphis AAfl COGGIN.Kerry. Tupelo AAH COLBERT, Omar. Columbus A A COLE. Amy. BoonevlUe COLE.Angela. University KAS COLE.JIm. Memphis ATS! COLEMAN. Dorothy. Ackerman M COLEMAN.Leslle. Holly Springs RKA COLLIER.Petlna. Tupelo COLLINS.Betty. Kosciusko AS9 COLLINS.Bobble. Kosciusko ASe COLLINS.Bonnle. Kosculsko AS© COLLINS. Tonya. Winona COMEAUX.Llsa. Kenner. LA KA6 CONNARD. Veronica. Senatobla COOK. Heather. Summit COOK.Robert. Houston. TX KA COOKE.Lorie. Columbia COOKER.Jeremy. Oxford COON. Robert. Jackson COOPER.Mellssa. Gulfport CORNELISON.Llsa. Brandon COSSAR.Mary. Jackson AAA COSTELLO.Christlna. Decatur. AL M COTHRAN.Brian. Houlka KT COTROS. Harry. Germantown HKA COTTEN.Gwen. Germantown AAIl COTTEN,Reld. Carthage ZX COUSAR,Teresa. New Albany AT COUVILLION.Heather. Baton Rouge KA COWAN.Renee. Boulder. C 3 AAA COWLES. Thomas. Crenshaw Ae COWSERT.Christl. Randolph COX,James, VIcksbure COX,Wade, Columbus ZX COX,Mlchael. Meridian CRArT,Allsa, Ripley CRAlN.LeIgh Ann, Little Rock, AR KKF Juniors o 339 CRANZ.CynlhIa, Grapevine. TX KKI ' CRAWrORD.Jark. Jackson iX CROCKETT.Caml. HoUv Springs M CROWLEY.Kathryn. Mathlslon AOIl CROCKETT.Phllllp. Oxford CRONGEYER. James. Virginia Beach. VA 1 K CROUCH.Rodney, Saltlllo CROWSON, Elizabeth. Meridian AAA CRUM.Carollne. Walnut CRUM.Matthew. Oxford CRUMP.Brlan. Jackson. TN CRUTmRDS.Crlstan. Memphis KKI ' CULLINS.Belverly. Bruce CUNDIFF, James. Dunwoody. GA i. CUSHMAN.Robert. Oxford DAHLKE.Mary. Columbus AAA DAILY.Heather. Englewood. CO .Xii DALTON.Andrew. Sallna. KS DARNELL.Amella. Okolona AF DAVIS.Cassandra. Rlenzl DAVIS.George. VIcksburg I+E DAVlS.Kelly. Clarksdalc IIH DAVIS. Mary. New Albany AF DAVIS.Rodney. Bentonla iKT DAVIS.WIIIlam. Mobile. AL KT DEAN, Ginger, luka DEAN.Scott. Collins ♦KT DEAR.Gabrlel, Brandon B2: DEES.Tla. Jackson KA DELEO.Joseph. Holly Springs DENTON. Katrlna. Drew DENTON.Laurle. Cleveland AAA DlXON.MIchael. Western Springs. IL DOIRON.Phllllp. VIcksburg KA DOLLAR.Chrlsty, Lake Jackson. TX AP DONALDSON.Julle. Tyler. TX KKP JUiVIORS DOTSON.Kenneth. Louisville DOWDY.Sharon. Oxford DOWNEY.Anna. SI. Simons Is.. GA M DOWNS.Chuck. Clinton DOWNS. Virginia. Boonevllle . An DRAKE.Kefln, Madison KA DRANE.Kenneth. Natchez tKT DRAUGHN, Marilyn. Jackson Xn DRAUGHON.Robert. University KA DROWN.KIml. Boonevllle DRUEY.Klmberly. Madison DUCOTE.Andre. Tulsa. OK KT DUMAS.Kelly . El Dorado. AR KKP DUNCAN.EUzabeth. Germantown KA DURAJ.Chrlstophcr. Shelby DURRETT.Laura. Olive Branch DYER.Frank. Memphis K EARHART.Erln. Baton Rouge KA EARLY.Dorrltte. Memphis KA EAVES.Palge. Jackson ZTA EDGAR, Susan, Jackson KAe EDWARDS.Docle. Pclahatchle EDWARDS.Stephanle. New Bern. NC EGGERS.Stephanle. Ballwln. MO HB BHRGOTT.Stacy. VIcksburg KKF EICHER.DonaW. VIcksburg A EK.SIew. University ELDRIDGE,Vallsa, Areola ELLIS, Joseph. Oxford A EOFF,Wllllam. Senatobla ETUA,Marle-Jullctte. Louisville EVANS,Rene. French Camp EZZELL.Jane. Memphis Xi! FARR.Chrlsty. Myrtle FARlSS,Carol. Houston. TX KAB FARRINGTON,Rlchard. Jackson IX FEAGIN,Wllllam. New Orleans FERGUSON.RIchard. Oxford FERRELL,Jeana. Batesvllle KA FERRELL,Joann. Dallas FIELDER.Robln. Oxford FIMlANO.Tara. Blloxl riNLEy,Holly. Dyersburg, TN XSi FINNEGAN.Gary. Laurel FLACK, Wesley. Birmingham AAA FLOYD,Tamara. Fort Worth KKF FLOYO, William. Sardls FLY.Stacey, Grenada FORD,Kathleen. McLean. VA AOIl FORESTER.Sharon. Montgomery. AL AAA FORTENBERRY,Joyce. Grenada FORTENBERRY,Kellle. Greenville KA FONDREN,Lorl. Oxford FOUNTAIN.GIInda. Blloxl FOWLKES,Anne. Dyersburg. TN Xl! FOX,Thomas. Germantown KT FRANKLIN,Myra. Batesvllle FRANKS,Suzanne. Winona AOIl FREDERICK.Rebecca, Boonevll le rREEMAN,Chlp. Greenville A6 FULFORD,Klm. Memphis AAA FUNK,Palge. Harllneton, TX KAS OAlA.Jole. Germantown AF GAlNES.Healher. luka AAA GALLERANO.Kelly. Houston. TX AAA GAMBREL,Sheral. Blue Springs OANN.Julle. Memphis KKF OARGUS,Amy, Boonevllle GARLING.Jullanne. New Albany GARR,Shella. Lafayette. CA KKF GARRECHT.AIexander. Atlanta XN GARROTT.Jull. Ocean Springs Xi) 340 o Juniors GARTIW.Kriil, lliil Springs. AR A GAU9LINE.(,ri-)y5. 1 uprlii GEBHART.l.rland. Jackson iX GEISEWITE. Laura. Gcrmanlown aa GENTRY, Kalhl. Shaw GHO.I ' iilrlda. Tunica KKT GILBERT.Teresa. Carthage KKP GILBERT, Tracy. Unlverslly GILES,Mcolf . Dallas Xn GILL,Bobbv. Osyka X GrLLENTINE.Brlan. Amory GILLENTINE.Slcphanlr. Netllclon GILLOM, Theresa. Jackson GILMORE,l aul. Oxford ATI) GU 80N,Yolanda, Oxford GIS8LE,Lewls. Houston. TX KA GrVENB.PresIon. Cleveland A 0LA8S.Russell. Glasgow. KY AT!! GOLDEN, Charles. Coldwaler GOLDEN. I )nna. Coldwaler GOLDEN. kit kev. Coldwater GOLDMAN. Lee! Meridian KA9 GOODWIN. Shana. Hickman. KY GORDON, Virginia. Sledge GORMAN.Jofin. Jackson HKA CRAEBER.Kelly. Yazoo City KA GRAHAM, Amy. Brownsville. TX GRAHAM.Martha. Memphis KA GRAHAM.Robert. Philadelphia !♦£ GRANGER.Wendy. Cleveland KA GRAY. Sandy. Fulton GREEN.Pam, Boonevllle GREER.Davld. Hickory Flat GREER.Jason. Houston. TX SN GRIMES.Catherlne. Longvlew. TX AP GRINER, Charles. Columbia «TU]VIORS» GRlSSOM.Roberta. Batesvllle GRISWOLD.Catherlne. New Orleans XO GUEST.Anna, Lambert KKF GUILLORY.Brandl. Brandon GURLET, Whitney. Greenwood .Wfl HABERLE.Paul. Tyler. TX ZU HADDAD.Amy. Somervllle. TN X!) HADLET.Mark. Hendersonvllle. NC HAGAMAW, Robin. Wynne. AR I M HAGINS.Nancy. Holly Sprtngs HAILE.Leslle. New Iberta. LA KAS HALL,Chanls. Nettleton AOn HALL. Mike. Pearl HALL.Ramona. Burnsvtile HALLUM.Bryan. Walls K+ HAMBLDt.Llnda. Baldwyn HAMBLIN.Mark. Baldwyn HAMn,TQN.Merrtly. University KAS HAMM.Jodl. Mertdlan HAMMACK.Mlsty. Brandon M HAMSLEY.Klmberly. Springfield. TN IIB HANKINS.Davld. Senatobia HANKINS.Tedral. Byhalla HANSON.Mclllsa. Kosciusko HB HARDIN.Elalne. Sardls HARDW.Tamela. Byhalla HARDT.Oavld. Wiggins HARDT, Stephanie. Brandon HARMON, Patrick. Brandon HKA HARRIS, Cara. Senatobia K.AS HARRIS.Shella. Mound Bayou HARRIS.Stephanle. McComb HARIUS.Susan. McKlnney. TX KKP HAJUUSON.EIIzabeth, Winona ELAJUUSON.Sylvla. Kllmlchael HART.Tara. Louisville AP HAHTFIELD.Angella, Gautler AP HARTNESS.Julle. Kosciusko AAA HARWELL.Laura. Oxford ♦M HATHCOCK, Stephanie. Durant AOfl HEIDEL.John. Madison ATI! HEIMER,Kyle. Oxford HENDRICKS,Shella. Tacoma ZTA HENDRICKSON, Betty. Oxford HERLARD.Heather. Jackson HERNANDEZ.Joanna. Oxford HERRINGTON.Lelgh. Natchez K. 9 HERRINGTON, Leslie. Jackson AAA HIGGINBOTHAM.Steven. Jackson Ae HILL, Kelly. McClure. IL HILL.Renecla. Toomsuba Z B HILLIARD, Tonya. Pontotoc HODGE, Thomas. Laurel KI HODGES, Jeffrey, BelzonI KA HOGAN.Margarel. Metalrie. LA nB» HOGUE, Robert. Grenada flKA HOLLET.Steven. Boonevllle HOLLOWELL.Teresa. Abbeville HOLMAN.Janle. Jackson XI! HOLMES.Jennlfer. Round Rock. TX ZTA HONAN.Kelly. Woodbury. CT KKP HONG.Christopher. Unlverslly HOOD,Dorts. Blue Springs HOOKER.AIIIson. Jackson XB HOOKER.Mary. Lexingto nXn HOOKER.Phllllp. West Point KA HOPPER, Samantha. Walthall AOR HOPSON, Lester. Glen HORNADAT, Stephen. Bay Springs HOSKINS.Xavler. Holly Springs .X HOWARD,Barbara. New Albany Z B HOWE.Kevln. Calhoun City Juniors o 341 HUDSON.Kelly, Batesvllle HUDSON.Rayford. Jackson nKA HUDSPETH.Lorelel, Senatobla HUFF.Jenna. Jackson Xil HUGGWS, Greta. Waynesboro HUCKJINS. Jennifer. Germantown AOn HtTMMEL.Reglna. Kenner. LA HUMPHRIES, William. Hornlake HUNKAPILLER.Marta. BoonevlUe HUNT. Kevin. Adamsvllle. TN lANNELLI.Rlchard. Roswell. GA nK. lELAIDNlS.Loii. Selmer. TN WCE.Samuel. University ISMAIL.Mohamad. Buffalo, NY ISOM.Travls, Holly Springs rVEY. Kenneth. Quitman JACKSON. Fellsha. Sardts JACKSON, Freddy. Oxford JACK80N,Glenda, Oxford JACK80N,Scott. Union KT JACKSON.Stacy, Jackson XO JARRETT.James. Hernando JEANS.Chandranlta, Holly Springs JEE,Emlly, Rulevllle JErCOAT.Jere. Cleveland X!) JENKINS.Thomas. Corinth JERNlGAN.Kristl. Union City. TN AF JOHN,Mlchelle. Monroe. LA KA JOHNS,Jason. Germantown ATf! JOHNSON,Carol. Meridian AAA JOHNSOM.Dana. Summit JOHNSON.Joyce. Marks J0HN80N,Paula. Wheeler JOHNSON.Mathew. Brandon JOHNSTON.Thomas. Summit JOD«ER,Deanl. Corinth AF JUII IORS JONES,Angela. Oxford JONES,Leslle. Ackerman JONES, Marilyrt. Meridian KKP JONES,Rhonda. Memphis KKf JONES,Scott. University JORDAN, Jacqueline. Columbia KAe JORDAN. Leanna. Holcomb. MO iM JORDAN.MIchelle. Southaven KKF JOSLW.Mary, Sardls KAY.Jennlfer. Tupelo KAS KELLEY.Don. Tuflahoma. TN SN KELLUM. Kevin. Jackson IlKA KELLUM.Stacey. Charleston ZTA KELLUM. Wendy. Charleston ZTA KELLY.Brian. Lansing. MI KA KELSO,Laura. Abierdeen. WA KAS KENNWGTON.Mack. Jackson KI KERSH.George. Pearl KETCHAM.Kevln. Yazoo City jn KEY.BIlly. Clinton KHONG. Steven. University KIDD, Margaret, Oxford KILPATRfCK.Amy. Philadelphia M KIMZEY.Kelll. SUdell, LA AF KING.Laura, Water Valley AAfl KINSBT.John. Belden KlTCHENS.WllUam. New Albany KNABB.Catherine. Magee KNlGHT,Angela. Tupelo KNlGHT.Leslle. Purcell. OK KAB KNIGHT. Mary. Bellefontalne ♦M KNOX.James. Greenwood KOLESAR, Michael. Gainesville. GA KT KREDrcST.MIchacl, Orange Park, PL ATf! KURTZ, Wendl, Germantown AAH LACOSTE, Robert, Jackson IN LACOUR.John. Blloxl LADNER.HalUe. Ncderland. TX KA9 LADNER.KIrk. Jackson ATfi LADNER. Stephanie. Oxford LAH .Deana. Jackson M LAMTO.Faridah. University LANDRETH.Kcnneth. Grant. AL LANE.John. Rockwall. TX LANE.Reglna. Cleveland AOn LANCRobert. Ackerman LANGSTON.SIme. Cleveland SX LARSON.Alllson. Water Valley LAURENT. August, Greenwood AAA LAWRENCE.JInnlfer, Memphis LAWSON. Patricia, Brandon M LAYNE.Scott, Oxford A+ LAYTON.Brittany, Woodstown, NJ KKF LEAVELL.Leslle, Dallas RB LEDBETTER.Carrie, luka LEE, Laura, Corinth KA LEE.Yan, University LEIGH. Robin, Hernando ZTA LENCE.DavId, Ripley LEWlS.Jon, Germantown RKA LEWlS.Lauren, Memphis AF LIM.Ewe, University LIN.Keam, University LINDSAY.Hugh, Kosciusko RKA LINDSEY.Stephen, Jackson LING. James, Amory LINZY.Delores. Sledge LIPERT.Derick. Metropolis. IL KI LIP8TEUER. William, Barrington, IL IIKA LLOYD.MyanthIa, Batesvllle LOCKHART.Mark, Tupelo KT LOH.Lal, University 342 o ■ililHIHI I P Juniors LOKE.Kok. University LOTT.Amv. Colclwalcr KAH LOTT. riflanv. Belzonl Af LOVELADY.Valcrle, Jackson LOVETT.Jamcs, Forest 1 E LOW, Anne. University LOW.Yee-Muap. University LOWE, Vernon. Montlcello. AR LOWREy,Seth. Sheridan. AR A LUCAS.Jon. Newton SN LUIGS,Jennlfer. Kevll. KY K. e LYNCH,Llsa. Water Valley LYONS.Tracl. Jackson . 0n MACDIARMID,Meredlth. New Orleans MB MADDEN, Leslie. Dallas JIB MAGEE, Melissa. Prentiss MAGILL.Mark. New Albany MAIER.Edward. Houston. TX I E MAJOR,Leaanne. Hickman, KY KA8 MALLETTE.WlUlam. Indlnaola SN MALONEY.Mark. Jackso n Ae MANN.Andrea. Richmond. IN M MANNINCCrama. Drew ST MANSELL,Lara. Booncvllle MANSELL,Vlrglnla. Canton AAA MAO,An. University MARTIN.Jacquellne. Vlcksburg MARTIN, Nancy. Clinton AAH MARTIN,Randv. Pontotoc MARTIN, Stephanie. Nashville AP MASON. Amanda. Oxford AF MASON, Freddie. Grand Junction. TN MASSENGILL,Laura. RIenzl MASSIE, Shannon, Quitman AF MAUNEY,Mary. Memphis . n MAY.Cynthla. Senatobia ZTA tlUJVIORS MAYHALL.Pamela. Mt- Pleasant. SC AAH MCBRYDE,Vlckl. New Albany MCCAIN,Edwln. Batesvllle MCCARTY, Mary. Magee tM MCCARTY,Phll. Clinton ATU MCCLARD,Alexandra. Alpharelta. GA KKF MCCOLLUM,Margaret. Herndon. VA 4M MCCONNELL.Fred. Meridian MCCORMACK.Patrlcla. Fulton MCCORMlCK,Mlchael. Golden. CO MCCRANIE.EUzabcth. Pass Christian KA MCCROCKLIN.Susan. Mattoon. IL AAH MCDONOUGH.Kate. Vldalla. LA KA MCDOWELL,Sean. Barrlngton. IL HKA MCELROY, James. Laurel MCKELLAR,Anne. Senatobia AAA MCKEOWN,Angela. Corinth MCKEOWN.MIchael. Corinth MCKIBBEN, William, Water Valley MCKINNON.Alena. Holly Springs MCLAIN.Carloyn. Belzonl AF MCLAREN, Derek. Nashville MCLEOD, Evans. Jackson A9 MCMAHON,John. Metalrle. LA SAE MCMILLIN,Mary. Walnut MCMINN, Robin. Ackerman K+ MCMULLAN,Mlstl. Jackson MCNAMARA, William, Jackson ATS! MCNEER.Shellv. Memphis KKF MCNEESE,Joe. Columbia .ATSi MCREYNOLDS,Laura. Gulfport Xfl MCREYNOLDS.Sara. Gulfport Xt! MCWHlRTER.Dawn, Pontotoc MEADOWS.Stewart. Orlando. FL SiE MEDLEY.Laura. Owensboro. KY AAFI MEEKS,Angela. Marks XS! MEEKS,Palge. Corinth ZTA MERRILL,Mellnda. Birmingham MEYER.Jan. McComb AF MICHALS,Stacey. Valley. NE AAH MIDDLETON,Darren. Yazoo City KI MIDDLETON, David. Marks A A MILAM,Klmberly, Batesvllle MILLER, Lisa. Long Beach KA MILLER.Jeffery. Bruce MILLS.Marcus. Corinth 2X MINGA, Ginger. Greenwood Springs KAS MINK, Anthony. BoonevUle MINK, Steven. Long Beach MINOR,Martha. Newport XS! MITCHELL, Deana, Southaven MOODY, Pattl. Florence ZTA MOORE, Camella. Lexlngto nXQ MOORE,John. Jackson ATH MOORE, John. Memphis Ae MOORE.Justln. Corinth S E MOORE, Latrlnla. McComb MONROE, Grant. Corinth MONTGOMERY.Dlane. Clinton KAB MORGAN, Karen. Senatobia MOSLEY,Dana. Greenville AAA MOSLEY,Deanne. Meridian MOSS, Jerry. luka MOULTON,John. Byhalla MUDD, Leslie. Dallas K. e MULLEN,John. Clinton ATI! MULLINS,W1II. Laurel SX MURLEY.Shanl. Baldwyn MURPHREE,Mary. Madison KAe MURPHY, Samantha. New Orleans AOII MURRY.Allcla. New Albany NARAMORE.Byllnda. Oxford Juniors O 343 NATIONS.Betsy. BrookhavenAiii NEAL.Lce Ann. Owensboro, KYAA.i NEAL.Mellssa. ManteeAF NEAL.Mlchelle, Palatine. ItHB NEAL.Rebccca. JacksonXS! NEAL.Reglna. Southavcn NETZ.KrIsla. LexIngtonKKF NEVILLE.Shelly, JacksonXt! NEWCOMB.Nell. Oxford i6 NEWELL.Dana. Hazelhurst M NG.Hak. University NG-CHONG,Seau-Horng. University NICOL.Marla. Atlanta M PnCHOLSON.Lelgh. JacksonKA NICHOLSON.Sandl. Mendenhall NIX.Krlstl. Counce, TNAF NOE.Ernest. Clarksdale NOEL, Beverly. Southaven NORTH.KImtierly. Bay St. LoulsAF NORTON.Mandl. Laurel.XSi NORWOOD.Thomas. Coiumbus+K NOSEF.Joe. Clarksdale Ae rajNNAI-LT.Hollv. University ODOM.Kellea. Pa ' scagoulaAF ODOM.Mark. Vancleave.tTn ODOM.Sherl. Horn Lake O ' HARA.TImothy, Emporia. VA OLIVER.Cabnna. Sarah ONG,Gln-Guan. University ONG.Lay. University ORMAN.Brandon. Myrtle ORR.Cralg. CharlestonKI OSBGRNE.Stephen. Mayfleld. KY OTT.John. McCombtAe OTT.LIsa. GermantownAAn OUSLEY.Brltton. MadlsonKA JUII IORS PACE.Leslle. Brentwood. TN PACE. Missy. Aberdeen PAGE.MIchael, Gallatin, TNATO PALMER.Julla, Columbia. MOAOll PARKER.Ronald. Houston PARKERSON.James. GreenvllleKS PATEL.Bobby. Boonevllle PATEL.Rakesh, Corinth PATTON.Drue. Pine Bluff. ARKJ PAULSON.Thomas. LaurelZX PAYNE.Stephen. JacksonSN PEASTER, Laura. Yazoo CItyXn PEEPLES.LIbby. BrookhavenXfi PENNINGTON.KImberly. KoscluskoAAA PERKINS.LoH. Oxford PERKINS.Palge. Moss Point PERRY.Martha. OxfordKA PERRY.MIchelle, Salem. ILKAB PERSON.John. SouthavcnKA PHARR.RIchard. Tremont PINKSTON.LIsa. Valden PITCOCK.Kathy. Batesvllle PITTS.Lane. Laurel PLAXICO.Chuck. Ripley PLECKER.KrIstlne. NoblesvlUe. INAAH POLSGROVE. Christopher. Jonesboro. AR POPE.Angle. CllntonAF POPE.Chrlstlna. Jacksonville. FLZTA POWERS.Wllllam. MadlsonllKA POYNER, Shelley. Vardaman PREWITT.Scott. JacksonnKA PRlCE.Mellssa. Boonevllle M PRICHARD.Amy. Boonevllle PRITAM.Baxl. University PROVENCE.Anna. New AlbanyAF PURVlS.Keliey. Pearl PUTNAM.Beth. Eupora RAGO.Dewey. Jennifer City. Ml RANGE, Leanna. Jackson RAINES.John. Jackson Ae RAWLS.Kara. Bogue ChlttoHB RAY.Patrlcla. Water Valley REILY.Gavln. New Orleans RESTER.Renee. Ackerman M RETTER.Beth, Jenlson. Ml REVELS.Jennlfer. HattlcsburgAAA REVES.Tracy. OxfordKA RICE.Thomas. Ocean Springs RICHARDS.George. Richardson. TXItE RICHARDS.John. Houston. TXKA RICHARDSON.Clyde. Bells. TNS+E RICHARDSON.Stephen. Dexter. MO RlCKLES.Gregory. Ripley RICKS.Leslle. JacksonXf! RIDDLE.James. Oxford RlGBY.Mlchelle. Jackson RH-EY.KItsy. Gulfport+M RILEY.Martln. Panama City, FL KT RIMMEL.Samantha, Ocean Springs RlSER.KIm. Shreveport. LAAAA RISLEY.Jason. Memphis RrVERS.Marley, Elllsvllle ROBBINS.Rhea. TupcloZTA ROBERSON.Ben. JacksonZN ROBERTS.Jenny. MemphlsXSi ROBERTS.KIm. CllnlonAAn ROBERTSON.Jerry. JacksonKS ROBERTSON, Leslie. PascagoulaKA ROBERTSON, Virginia. Jackson ROBINSON,Anthony. Nesbit ROBINSON.MIchelle. Eupora ROBINSON, Rhonda. Summit 344 O M ti ' t. tr ' ' E J it Juniors ROBINSON.Thcrcsa. Panama City, FL ROBSON.Marc. Natchez RODGER8, Heat her. Lake Charles. LAHB RODNEY. Davis. Bentonla KT ROGERS.Jcff. MemphlsnKA ROLAND, Anthony. Forest ROOT.Slcven. McCombKA ROPER.Robln. Belle Chasse. LA RORIE.Mark. TupeloZX ROSS.Johnecn. Blloxl ROSS.Tracy. Long Beach ROTUNDA.Krlstln. University ROUX.Nanette. Unlverslty»M ROWAN.Davld. New Albany ROYE.Julle. Pontotoc M RUFF.Carrlc. GreenwoodKKr RUFFDC.Lorl. JacksonKAS RUSH.AIIen. CllntonATn RUSSELL.Angela. CllntonZTA RUSSELL.MIchael. Guntown RUTHERFORD.Leslle. Batesvllle SAINT-FLEURANT.Jacques. University SALIMIN.Ersan. Unlverstly SALONE.Dellla. Jackson SAMUEL.Brooke. Bronxvllle. NY 8ANDER8,Rcglna. Carthage SANDERS.Stephanle. JacKson4 M SANDERS. William. Memphls ' t ' ke SARBECK.Suzanne. Olive Branch SARTAIN.Harry. Water Valley SAUL.Chad. Clinton SAVELL.TIm. Jackson 8CAI.E8,Andrea. Waterford SCHMIDT.Julle. BlloxlAAH SCHMIDT.Kelly. Cincinnati. OHKAe SCHRUFF.Louls, Pass ChrlstlanKZ JUJ IORS SCOTT. Lacey. McmphlsAAA SCOTT.Stanton. Shreveport. LA ie SCROOGINS.Allcla. BrandonKKF SCROGOINS.Chrlstopher. Boonevllle SEAY.Jennlfer. CantonKKF SEAT, Jennifer. Wlnona M SEID.Melvln. VIcksburg SEITERS.Chrlstlne. Signal Mountain. TN SELfiUIST, Wendy. Rockford. ILZTA SBACKLEFORD.Temple. Oxford SHAW.Lara. UnlversltyKAS SHELTON.James. New Altiany SHlMEK.Danlel. Cornwall. NY SHIPP.RuskIn, Oxford SHULL,Carrle. Arlington. TN SHUMPERT.Jennlfer. ClevelandXS! SmON,Curtls. ColumblaKA SIMPSON.Dawn. Ashland SIMPSON.Colller. JacksonSN SISSON.Tracey. MadlsonAAH SISTRUNK. Woody. JacksonJX SLIMAN.Mlchael. Gretna. LA SMITH.Dorothy, Clarksdale 8»DTH,Ellzabeth. New Orleans SBftlTH, James. Dumas SMITH, John. Southaven SIOTH.Jonathan. JacksonZX SinTH,Julla. Helena. AR2X SMITH.Kara. Cardova. TNAOn SMITH.Kenneth. Baton RougeKI SMITH.Lee Erie. Holly Spring9A A SmTH.Margot. Indianapolis. 1NKA9 SlOTH.Marie. OxfordX!) SlDTH,Mark. ElllsvllleATO SIOTH.Patricla. JacksonXSi SMlTH.Paul. Sardls SMTH. Victor. JacksonZN SlUTH.WIlson. Laplace. LAATO SNKED.Dawn. Thaxton SNIPES.Donna. Byhaila SONOCHARODCMarisa. MadlsonKA 8PEAR8,Shannon. EUlsvllle SPENCER,Br ian. Myrtle SPENCER.Deborah. Batesvllle SPENCER.Edward. Nesbit SPILLER8,Terry. Oxford STARKKT.Patricla. Summit ST. CLAIR.James. Vossburg 8TEPHENS,Shella. Eupora 8TEPHENS,Susan. Monroe. GA STERLWCPatrtcla. Columbia. SO STEWART.Georgla. Leesburg. FL ZHA STEWART.Hyde. JacksondAi STEWART.WIlllam. Oxford»K+ STITT.WIIllam. Yazoo City A6 STOCKDALE.Larkln. Pawling. NYKA9 STORY, Wheat. Fredericksburg. VAKA STRICKLAND.Angel. Yazoo City STRONO.Mark. McCombSN SULLIVAN.Chrtstlnc. Southaven 8Ul.LIVAN,Kolelgh. ColllnsAOn 8Cl-LrVAN,Lara. JacksonKKT 8UPPIAH,Jeya. University SWANN.Christopher. BrookhaventK 8WAYZE,Ellzabeth. BentonAAA 8WAYZE,Julle. GreenwoodXD SWEENEY.Rush. luka TACKETT.Donna. LyonAAA TAFLINOER,Audrey. Cache. ILAOn TALLANT,Mlchael. Pontotoc TAN.KIa. University TAN.SIok. University Juniors o 345 TANNEHILL.Monlca. IndlanolaXSi TARTT.Sara. Grenada TAVOLETI.Patrlcla. Clarksdale TAYLOR, Alycla. Como TAYLOR.Chrlstopher, MemphtsATO TAYLOR.Davallne. Clarksdale TAYLOR.Debra. Moab. UT TAYI.OR,Ellzabeth, JacksonXn TAYLOR.Krlsten. Dyersburg, TNX!) TAYLOR.Mlchelle. Holly Springs TAYLOR.Stephanle. Jackson TEATER, Christy. Mendenhall4 M TEDFORD.Jo. Bruce TEGETHOFF.Sara. St, LoulsHB TELLER.LIndy. VIcksburgAAA TEN EYCK.Stephanlc. LaurelAAA TERRELL, Rebecca. GautlerAF THAME8,Edward. Abbeville THAR PE,Laiirle. MadlsonXd THERRELL.Peler. BatesvlUeX THESMAR.Alex. Memphls K TH0MA8,Carrle. Houston. TXAAA THOMAS,Carrle Leigh. EuporatM THOMAS.Monlca. AmoryAM THOMAS.Portla. HlUsbourgh. NCAAA THOMAS.Tamara. Water Valley THOMPSON.Cynthla. BoonevllleZTA THOMP80N,Geoffrey. Hernando THOMPSON, Michael. Meridian THOMPSON.Rhonda. Darling THORNTON, Blanche. Brownsville. TNXSl THIRUGNANASAMPANTHER.Logcswaran. University THORNTON.Falth. ColdwaterAAA THORWTON,Vlrgmla. Senatobla THWEATT,Randy. Oxford TOBIN.Gregg. OxfordKA JUNIORS TOLBERT.Gary. VlcksburgJ E TONG.Kam. University TORJUSEN, Howard. PascagoulaATS! TOTTEN.Deborah, Holly Springs TOUPS.Lacy. Baton RougeKA TREADWAY,Kelth. Olive Branch TRUETT,Wes, MemphlsSN TUBERTINI.Susan. GreenvlUeKA TUCKER.Rosscer. Oxford TUCKER.Stacey. Coldwater TURNER, Alison, BclzonlAF TURNER.Gregory. MemphlsKA TURNER.KImberly. Brentwood. TNKA TURNER,Pamela. New AlbanyAKA TURNER.Reglnald. Lamar BZ UDOUJ,Amy. Fort Smith. ARXSl UNDERW0OD,Klmberly. Greenwood UPSHAW.Marlln. Batesvllle UPTEGRAPH.Tanya, San Antonio, TXAAA UPTON.Charlle. West PolntJX VAHLE,Heather. Seward, NEAr VAN CLEVE.Seldon, IndlanolaKA VANDEVENDER,Tol. Dekalb VAN.Jeffrey, McComb2N VAUGHAN,Greg, Fcrrlday. LAKA VENOSKl.Suzanne-Marie. Newark. NY VERHEECK,Kenneth. Jackson. TN KT WADDELL,Tlinothy. MontvlUe. NJ WADDLE,Lee. BoonevUle WADE. Elizabeth. GreenvlUeKA WADE.GIger. Tupelo WALDROP,Tamara. New Albany WALKER.Barbara. CorlnthAAIl WALKER,Joseph. Dallas WALKER,Scott, Laurel JN WALKER,Wllllam. Tyler. TX Ae WALL, Andrea, Tyler, TXKKF WALL.Steven, OxfordZN WALLACE,Sherry. CarthageAAA WALSTON,Charla. Murray. KYKKF WALTERS,Brent, JacksonllKA WALTMAN.Wyatt, JacksonKS WARD,Tammy. FloraAAH WARMAN,Sammy. Waveland WARREN, Susan. Shreveport. LAKA WARRlNGTON.Paul. ClevelandHKA WARWICK.Mary. VIcksburgDB WASHINGTON.Chrlsty. Yazoo CltyKKF WATKINS.Greg. Greenwood WATSON, Bradley. Eupora KT WAY. Michael, Greenville WEATHERALL.CurtIs, PascagoulallKA WEATHERSBY. Thomas, FlorenceJAE WEBB.Susan, Greenville AF WEE.Chleu-Nec, University WEEDEN,Jor|a, New AlbanyAOn WEEDEN. Kenneth, Blue Springs WEEDEN. Trade, Como WELLONS.Jay. Columbla+Ae WELLS. John, ' Oxford WESCOAT.Stacey, Kewance, MOKAB WEST.Brlgette, PearltM WHEELER.James. Fulton WHITAKER.Shannon. Eupora WHITE.John. VIcksburgS ' tE WHITE. Kristlna. Savannah. GAKAB WHITE. Verlna, Duck Hill WHITSELL.AIyssa, Senatobla WICKENS. David, Jackson WILKERSON.Marshall, Charleston WlLKINS.Anne, JacksonAAA WILLIAM8,Jame5, BoonevUle 346 O WMM Juniors ,??,- ' " WILLIAMS. .lellrcv. Padiirah. KV WILLIAMS.Knim-lti. Uli korv WILLIAMS. I Ini. Ollvi- Hr.iiuh WILLIAMS. Victoria. Wk hlla Kdlls. TX M WILLIS. JirfTind. McrUlLiM WILLIS. William. Oxford WILLOUGHBY. Raymond, Gulfport WILSON, An Jela. Amorv .ilH WILSON. Angrlla. Hollandair WILSON. Barry. Corlnlh WILSON.Jamcs. UnlvcrsUv WILSON. Kelly. Greenwood KKI ' WILSON. Mar ' r. Franklin. TN K.K WILSON. Paschal. Osyka WlNG.Erlc. Unlvrrslty WINGO.Roberl. New Albany WISLAR. Philip, Atlanta Ki WITTICHEN. Sarah, Memphis XSI WOLFF.Susan. Monroe, LA XI! WOOD.Allson. Jackson AOII WOOD. Brent. Ackerman ,M11 WOOD.Chariotte. Natchez XS! WOOD.Cllnt. Tunica AH WOOD.Henrv, Tvlerlown WOOD.Kellle, Oxford WOOD.WIllle, Tunica +AH WOODS. Michelle. Greenville M WRAY.Lceanne, Memphis .iAA WREN.Crystal, Nettleton WRIGHT. ' Chrlstlna. Brandon K. e YAP.Bee. University YOSTE.John, Cordova, TN IlKA YOSTE. Virginia, Oxford KA YOUNG.Susan, Soulhaven ZETTLER.Llnda, Golden ZOLLER.Lee, Bowling Green, KY KA 1 NOBODY KNOW THATI The Pike team doesn ' t have a clue at the SPB Quiz Bowl, (left to right) Robert John- son. Scott Prewitt. Al- bert Jones, Bubba Quinn photo by Ollle Broclc II Juniors o 347 ABEDI.Mohammad, University ABERNATHY.LIsa. JacksonXll ABOUL-EnelD.Yousserr. University ADAMS, Joseph. Vardaman ADAMS, Shannon. Senatobla ADEN,l,clBh. JacksonK. e ADUMA,Nyarlnda, Youngstown. OHAIH AKINS.Angela. WallstlB ALEXANDER,Dawn. CorlnthAAll ALLRED.KImberly. SummllKKr ALLSMAN.Bennett. Richardson. TX ANDERSON.James. Holly Springs ANDBRSON.Jesslca. Jackson. K. ANDERSON.Robert. Holly Springs ANDERSON. William. Oxford AO ANDREWS,Glenn. Gcrmantown ANDREWS, William. Greenville ANTWlNE.John. Jackson APPEL.Edgar. River Ridge. LA ARINDER.Stacev. University ASHE,Charlotle. Lllhonla. GAASe ASTON,Betty. University ATES,John. Gautleri.X ATKlNSON,Klmberly. Batesvllle AUSTIN,John. LexIngtonK.t AVERITT.Susan, DallasAAlT A2AR,Evelyn. GreenvllleX!) BAHAHUDIN.Hamldl. University BAILEY,John. Batesvllle BAILEY.Karen. Potts Camp BAIN,Bruce. Tyler. TXKS BAKER. John. Tupelo BALLARD,Alley. HernandoUE BANKSTON.Stuart. Holden, LA BARBER.Emanuel. Heldelberg4 B£ BARBER.Scott. Oxford SENIORS BARNES.Lawton. MadlsonSH BARNES.Laura. Lebanon. TN BARNETT.BIlly. Senatobla BARRIER.Frederlck. Yazoo CltylAE BARRY.Betsy. JacksonKKP BARTON.Alyson. New OrleansKAS BARTON. William. Ethel BATES.Rodney. Belmont BEACHAM.Jennlfer, Brandon BEADLES.Tracy. University BEAZLEY.Jonny Beth. Forrest City. AR BEAZLEY,Melanle. Forrest City. AR BECKETT,Patrlck. Olive Branch BEESON,Robln. MemphlsX!) BEHM.KrIsten. GermantownKA BELK.Jamle. AberdeenAF BERGPELD.Susan. Tyler. TXKAe BERRY.Rodney. Freeburg. IL BIRDSONG.Brenda. Winona BISHOP.AnnMarle. FultonAF BLACKBURN.Alllson. BrandonAAIl BLACKBURN.Lena. Pope BLAlNE.MIchael. Laurel. DEA BLALACK.Klmberly. Brighton. TNKAS BLAND. Victoria. Grand Junction. TNXSJ BLAYLOCK.DIna. Greenville BLUMENTHAL.Susan. JacksonnB BOGGAN.Laura. Hickory BOGLE.Robert. West Helena, AR BOLIN.James. Brooksvllle+Ae BOLINO.Erlc. Coral Gables. FL K BOLTON.Susan. Charlottesville. VAHB BONNER.Ashley. New Orleans BOOKER.Angela. Southaven BOTSARIS.Penelope. Brentwood. TNAOn BOWDRE.John. Hernando BOYCE. Wendy. Memphis BRADFORD.BIll. JacksonSX BRADLEY.Cheryl. Holllswood. NYAKA BRADLEY.Kathryn. Senatobla BRADSHAW.Bruce. Lawrencevllle. GA BRADSHAW.GIna. JacksonAOH BRAGG.LIsa. Frogmore. LAAOn BRANAN.Dalsy. Memphis BRASWELL.Patrlcla. JacksonAP BRAWLEY.Stacy. West MemphlsAP BRAWNER.Arlln. CorlnthlX BRAZILE.Connlc. Tupelo BRINKMAN,Brlgld. Virginia Beach. VARA BRISCOE.MIchelle. TupeloKKP BROCK.Ashley. GreenwoodXS! BROCK. Mark. Pontotoc BROWN.Marlon, New OrleansAAn BROWN.Stephen. Kemmerer. WY BROWN.Thomas. New Orleans Ae BROWNINCGary. Olive BranchKA BRUNTON.Stephcn. University BRYANT,Anthony. La CormorantAKA BUCHANAN.Jeffrey. University BUCKLEY.Teresa. BatesvllleA29 BULLOCK.UImer. Oxford BUNTYN.Melanle. Brandon BURKHALTER.Chrlstophcr. Picayune BURLEY.Ertca. Shelbyvllle. KYASe BURNETT.Mary Beth. Manchester. MOXSi BURNS.Amy, University BUSCH.Rebecca. Lafayette. LAKKP CADLE.Jennlfer. BoonevllleKAe CAGLE. Robert. Decatur. AL CAGLE.Sharon. Baldwyn CAGLE.Susan. Decatur. AL CALDWELL.Mallory. Grenada 348 O ' Seniors CALHOUN.Wftldcll. Amory CALVERT. Suzanne Courtland CAMPBELL.Krank. Saltlllo CANOELOSI.Slephen. New Orleans S B CANUP.Monya, Booncvllle CAPLES.Tammy. Halcsvllle CAPWELL.Jttr. Oxford ♦K CARBONAR. Whitman. Unlvfrslly CARDOOS.Lfsa. Bossier City. LA CARLISLE.Ellzabeth. Tupelo AAA CARNES. Steven. Jackson CARROLL. Anne. Jackson . n CASE.Stephanle. Melalrle. LA KA CAUSEY.Tracy. Tylertown AKA CAUTHEN.Llsa. Forest M CAVETT. Woods. Jackson KS CHAIN. Laura. Haltlesburg AAA CHAMBERS.Tamara. Paris, AR CHAMBLm.Beverly. Jackson KA CHAMPION.James. Gadsden. AL CHAMPLIN.Klmberly. Pensacola. FL CHAN.Chlaw-Teng. University CHAN.Wah. University CHANCELLOR.Callle. Macon AAA CHEBUK.Davld. University CHEE.Chee Keong. University CHEE.Klm. University CHENG.QIang. University CHEVALIER.Steven. Prentiss IIKA CmLDERS.Everett. Oxford CHILDS.Sandra. Corinth CHRISTLAN.Davld. Burke. VA I E CIARA MITARO.Angela. Loveland. OH AF CLARK.MIchael. University CLARK. Thomas. Oxford CLASCENS.Chrlstopher. Germantown SENIORS CLEARY.Ann, OxfordKA CLEVELAND.Charles. West Chester. OH CLINE.Joanne. L.auderdale COCKE.Carollne. Harllngton. TX RB COCKHELL.Kerry. Ripley C0GGIJ(8.Mellssa. West Point COLE.Jennlfer. Dallas KKF COLE, Richard. Baldwyn COLEUAN.Deana. Magnolea AAA COLEMAN.Thomas. Corinth ZX COLLINS.Kelly. Grenada ATSl COLLINS.Terry. Newton COLLUM.Elarbara. University KA CONSTANTlNIDES.Theodoros. University COOK, Amber. Como COOK,Marty. Myrtle COOK.WIlllam. Birmingham EN COOPER.Mlnnle. Abbeville COPE.Ethan. Oxford CORDELL. Sharon. Inverness COSBY.John. Crossett. AR COSSAR.Anne. Charleston AAA COTHREN.Cynthla. Nashville COUEVAS.Yvonne. Ocean Springs CRAWrORD.Scolly. Jackson ATO CREEKMORE.SIdney. Jackson Xll CRICK.Mark. Greenwood Ae CRIDER.WIIIlam. Brookhaven CROSS.Trey. Meridian I AS CULVER, Michael. Jackson CUNraNGHAM,Melanle. Brentwood. TN OB CURRY.Russell. Madlsonvllle. KY KS CURTIS,Llsa. Greenwood KKF DANlEL.B- ' n. Senatobia lAE DANIELS.Mary. BelzonI xn D ' ASCOLA.Pedro. University DAVENPORT.Donna. Germantown tlB DAVES,Jeff. Madison. TN DAVIDSON,Debra. Meridian DA VIS, Amanda, luka AF DAVIS,Jennlfer. luka AF DAVIS,Kristl, Oxford DAVIS, Margaret. Jackson DAVIS,Mlchael. Petal DAY,April. Tlllar. AR DEATON,Lori. Boonevllle DECANN.Jennlfer. Charlotte. NC DECELL.EUzabeth. Memphis AAA DEMAREE.Rodney. Como DEVINE, Carol. Pascagoula DICKERSON, Janet. Tupelo DICKINSON, Leigh. Mantachle DIETRICH.Kendra. Lexington. KY KAd DIFFENBACH.Sharon. Harrisburg. IL DIXON.Lloyd. Summit »B£ DODD.BIllle. Sunflower DODD.Janlce. Balesvllle DORRIS.Llnda. Valparaiso. IN DORRlS.Russell. Raymond DOUGLAS.Paula. Dexter. MO DREWERY.Tracy. Corinth DUCHSCHER.Celena. Longwood. FL DUKE. Josephine. Madison KKF DUNAOIN. Piper. Calhoun City AF DUNCAN.BenJamln. Marietta. GA I E DUNLAP.Candace. Rldgely. TN .XH DUNN.Leslee. Brandon KKF DUNNA.Shyam. University DYESS.Robert. Jackson lAE EAKES.Jeffrey. Jackson in EASTERLINCLarry. Pontotoc EDWAKDS,Darphlne. Marks Seniors o 349 EDWARDS.Gary. Banner EDWARDS.Hclen, Monroe. LA Xt! EDWARDS.James, Greenville tAS EDWARDS.Melanle. Brandon KKF EICKHOLZ.James, Metropolis, IL ITKA EIDT. Duncan, Natchez EILERS.AIIce, Chllllcothe, IL RB ELAM.Russ. Corinth ELL.Chrlssy. Fort Walton Beach, FL UB ELLIOTT.Kenneth, Marshall, TX EMERSON, Leo, MeridlanAKA ESCAMILLA.Laura, Unlverstly EVANS.Carol, ComoZTA EVANS.Lols, GreenwoodXSl EVUre.Angela, Crenshaw FARESE.AIIlson. Ashland XS! FELHAUS.Samuel. Oxford FELTON.Kelle, Kerrvllle. TX KAB FERGUSON.Gary, Jackson £AE FERGUSON.Harold. Birmingham FERGUSON.James, Oxfor FERGUSON.Jamcs, Oxford FERRIS, Anne, Laurel AAA FERRO.Ralph, RIdgewood. NJ SH FICKEL.Jason. Gunnison, CO FIELDS.James. Liverpool, NY FINLEy.Andrea, Oxford FLETCHER.Ann, Indlanola AF FLETCHER, Spence. Indlanola KA FLOYD,Thomas, Corinth FOREMAN,Robln, Lynn Haven, FL FORRESTER.Randall. Oxford FOS. Tammy, University FOSTER,Henry, Blue Spring FOSTER.Klm, Marshall. TX KKF FRANCCDebra, San Antonio, TX SEIIIIORS FRANK,Klmbcrly, Chattanooga. TN KA0 FRANKLm,Krlstl. Brandon FRANKLIN.Webster. Greenwood Ae FRENCH,Kandace, Jackson KA FROHN.Erlc, Madison SN FULGHAM,Jodl, Jackson XS! FULTON.Taylor. Collins GALLIEN,Jane Ellen, Savannah. TN AF GALLINA,Ellen. Cordova. TN KKF GAMBUN,Klmberly. Philadelphia AOn GANTl,Avlnash. Philadelphia GARDNER,Kenda, Oxford GARDNER,Sarah. Jackson. TN GARRETT,Preston, Thaxton GARRETT,Troy. Cordova, TN SN GASTON.John, Madison SN GATLIN.Stacey, Columbus AF GEDDY,Catherlne, Houston, TX KA GETTYS.Lawrence. Metalrle, LA KA GHOLSON, William, Columbus tAe GILCHRlST.Danlel, Carthage KA GLASGOW,Thomas. OxfordZAE GLOVER,Rhonda. Pine Bluff, AR GOFORTH,Todd, Batesvllle A GOH.Eng, University GOH,Slew. University GOODMAN.Courtney. Germantown M GRACE,James. Memphis SAE GRAHAM. Virginia. Memphis XiJ GRANTHAM,Jonathan. Wiggins GRAY, Angela, Batesvllle GRAY.Kevln, Natchez KT GREEN,Barrett, Frankllnton, LA KA GREEN.Rollle, Holly Springs M GREENWELL,Amy " . Waverly, KY AOn GREER,Todd. Paragould. AR SX GREGORY.Mlke, Memphis K GRIFFIN,Darla. Coffeevllle GRIFFIN. James. Lamar GRirFITH,Davld. Mandevllle. LA GRISSOM, Brian. Baldwyn GUILLGT.Danlel. Metalrle. LA GULATI.Manlsh. University GUNNARSON.Patrlcla. Dallas KAS GUYTON.Janet. Tupelo AF HABANS.Jon. Shreveport. LA ATSi HABEEB.Samuel. Vlcksburg HABLE.Katherlnc. Corslcana, TX AAA HACHEM, Hassan, University HAGAN.Saprena, Hernando HAGLER. Margaret, South Dennis, MA HAIRAl-D.Shawn. Nettleton HALE,Cynthla, Oxford HALE.Jennlfer, Pontotoc AOIl HALEY, Elaine. Shreveport, LA IIB HANNINEN.Lalna, Melbane, NC HARIUS,Shawn, Lake HARTMANN.Heather, Ocean Springs M HARTZOG. Rosalind, Jackson AKA HASE.Cynthla, Anna, IL AOIl HASSELTINE.Suzanne, Jackson AAA HASTINGS.Karen, Oxford HAWES.Mary, Avon Park, FL HAWKlNS.Stephen, Pascagoula HAYDEN.CIalre, Caruthersvllle, MO Xfl HAYES, James, Brandon HA YES, Dawn, Jackson AAIl HAYES,Tracy, Clarksdalc X!! HAYNES.Katherlne, Oakland HEAD.MIchael, Gray Ridge, MO AT!! HEDRICK. Stacy, Birmingham AAfl HELTON.Coleman, Oxford 350 o Seniors HEMPmLL, Jeffcry. Florence HKNDBRSON.Lee. Oxford BBNDBRSON.Yolanda. Nettleton AKA HKNSARLDIO.Robynnc. McCombKAe BBNSLBT.EIalne. Holly Springs HENSON.Jeff. Ocean Springs HERRINO.Ashley, Blloxl K HBRKINOTON.Sulynn, Union mOBTOWBR.Pamela, Houlka HILL.Anndra. Brooksvllle AT HILL.Chrlstopher. Tupelo KA HILL.Kelth. McClure. IL I E HILL.Kelth, Olive Branch HILL.KItty. Tlllatoba HILL.Stephanle, Baton Rouge KKT HILTON.AIvtn, Oxford HILTON.Renee. Mendenhall HINBS.Owen. Long Beach HIIITON.Brtan. Dexter KI BOBBS.DIrli. Naples, FL £«£ HODQE.Galnes. Monroe. LA HOLLAND.Twyla. Holly Springs HOLLOW AT.Mary. Indlanola Ra HOLMBS.Russell, Tylertown BONTZAS.Stefanle, Jackson M HORD.EIIsa. University HORN.MIchcle. Golden HORNBBT.Mary. Jackson. TN xn BORTOM.Thomas. Oxford K2 BOUSB.Nanette. Lyon KKT aOWARD.CIalr. Oxford KKT BOWARD.Katrlna F.. Clarksdale iil» BOWARO.Tom, SouthavenKI HUODLKSTON.Paul. University HUNT, Noel, luka HUHTER.Shannon. New Madrid. MO KAS SE]!VIORS HURT.LInda. Sardls BUSSBT.Ouke, Tupelo HUTCHOfSOn, Vincent, Hattlesburg HTD , Valerie. Jackson Xtl INDOVWA.Robyn, Metalrle. LA tlB raORAM.Lee. Jackson KKT raORAlI,Mellssa. Philadelphia KA ISOIfHOOD.Robert. Canton KA JACKSON.LIesa. Brandon AOn JAMBS.Jennlfer. Mechanlcsburg. PA AAII JAlOESON.Carol. Walnut JBNKINS.HIIary. Dallas AT JOB, Amy, Greenwood JOHHSON.Alecla. BatesvlUe Z»B JOHNSON.Bruce. Pascagoula Z E JOHIfSON.Cathy, Brooksvllle AKA JOHNSON.Cecll. Potts Camp JOHNSON.ChrlsUne. Birmingham JOHIWON.CynthIa, New Orleans XO JOHNSON.Jonathan, Jackson KT JOBNSON.Katnna. RIenzl JOHIfSOFf.Mellnda, Oxford JOHNSON.Patnce, luka IIB« JOHNSON.PatrlcIa, Senatobla JOHNSON.Randy, Oxford JOHlfSON.RIck, Jackson £AE JOHNSON.Scott, Philadelphia JOHNSOIf.Tracey, Germantown KKT JONBS.CamI, Brawley, CA JOWBS.Geoffrey, University JONBS.LIsa, Holly Spring sZ B JOWBS.Wanda, Corinth AKA JORDAN.Stefranle, Oxford JlIMPBR,Tlm, Hollv Springs KA KARAMCHANOAIfl.AshwIn, University KAKUNAKARAN.Mohan, University KBLLBT.MIchelle, Kennett. MO AAn KELLT.Trent, Union KBIWBDT, Wendy, University KBRSR.Julle, Hattlesburg AAn KETCHTm.Tammle, Ripley KIKCAID.Pamela, Washington, MO AAH KDIO.Charlle, Ackerman KA KmO.Julia, Ripley KING.Ralph, Ocean Springs l E KnvO.RIchartl, Conehatta KWO.Robln, University KIHO. Vernon, Houston, TX ATI) KIRKBNDALL.PatrIck, Violet. LA KOUCLAND.Chrlstle, Madison KA KLOBK.Marc, Memphis KNBB.MIchael, Chattanooga, TN X K088,Tracle. New Albany KRAFT.Joseph, Madison KROHN.Kelly, Corinth KA KUBISTA.Theodore, Duluth. MN LACKBT, Ellen, Jackson LADIfBR,John, Oxford LAlCAR.Luclus. Oxford ZX LAMBBRT, Connie, Carrlere LANOPORD.Rhonda, New Albany LAW80N, Victoria, HoUy Springs LAWRENCB.DavId, Carroflton, TN KA LAWRBNCB.Julla, BoonevlUe LA WRBNCE. Pamela, University LEAJtB.LIndsey. Tupelo LBB.Oanna, NashvlUe KA LBONO.Kal, University LILBS.Mary, Oxford LIlI.SIng. University LITTLEJOHN.Chrlsty, New Albany AT Seniors o 351 LIVlNGSTON.Marsha. Pulaski LLOYD.James, University LONG. Timothy. Memphis HKA LOPER.Sandy. Water Valley LOTT.Rlchard, Pulaski LOVORN, Douglas. Louisville S+E LOWREY.Jay. Tishomingo LUA.Kee. University LUCCHESI.Davld, Colllervllle. TN K LUDLOW.WUllam. Houston, TX ATJ) MA.Francls. Clarksdale MA.Helen. Clarksdale MACEY.Carter, Oxford MAGEE.Paulynn. Tylertown MAGERS.LIsa. Tupelo AF MALLARD.Lee. University MALONE.DavId, Saltlllo KA MALONE, David. Nashville AS MALONE, Ellen. Clinton MANSOOR.Sabrlna. Jackson MAR.LInda. Greenville MARASCALCO.Angela, Grenada AAIT MARBLE.Erlc. University MARKS.Mem. Birmingham AAA MARTIN.Aprll, Red Banks MARTIN.Erlc, University MARTIN. James. Jackson MARTIN. James. Fulton MARTlN.Leslea. Memphis AT MARTlN.Sunny. Hattlesburg MARS.Dawn. Philadelphia KA MASON.James, Michigan City MASSEY.James. Picayune MATTHEW.Joseph. Clarksdale KT MATTOX.LIsa. Rlenzl MA Y.Jonathan. Hernando SEIVIORS MAYFIELD.Glorla. SIkeston. MO AAFl MAYO.Samantha. Hernando MCARTHUR.Lucy. Jackson XSi MCCLAIN. Patricia. Ackerman MCCOY.Chrlstl. BoonevUle MCCREAVE, Raymond. Oxford MCCUTCfflN.Alma. Dallas KA6 MCDANIEL.KImberly, Gulfport M MCDONALD.Shawn. Vazoo City 2AE MCDUFFIE.Mlchael. Petal MCELVEEN.Shane. Crystal Springs MCGUlRE.Layne. Oxford MCINTOSH.Mary. Paris. TN KA MCKAY.Kevln. Pelahatchle MCKINNEY.Davld. Oxford MCKINNEY.Dewayne. Batesvllle MCKINNEY.John. Magnolia MCLAURIN.Mary. Hollandale AT MCLEOD.Tracey. University MCMASTER.Robert. Jacksonville. AR MCMULLAN, Richard. Jackson MCNAIR.Jennlfer. Jackson AAA MCNEMAR.MIssy. Sardls XSI MCgUEEN.Marvln. Corinth SX MEACHAM.Ellen. Smyrna. TN MEDINA.Javler. University MEEK.Dlanne. Bolivar. TN KA MELTON.Steven. Southaven MELVlLLE.Alllson, Pine Bluff. AR AAH MERIDETH.Angela. West Memphis. AR MERRILL.George, Oxford METCALFE.John, Tupelo METCALFE. Anna. Tupelo MICHAEL.Ellzabeth. Cleveland KKP MlCHAEL.Martln. Senatobia SN MIDDLETON.Debra. Brandon MILLER.Kyle. Sandy Hook MILLER. Tonya, Rosedale ASS MILLlS.Alan. Clarksdale X MILLS.Ronald. Ecru MINCY.Jeffrey. Rlenzl MITCHELL, Beverly, Senatobia AAA MITCHELL.Cynthla, Sheffield. AL M MITCHELL. Gregory. Memphis SX MITCHELL.Meade, Pascagoula HKA MITCHELL.Susan. Southaven MITROS. Gregory. Marietta. GA KT York. AL MOLEON. Marie, Brattleboro. VT MOLLERE.Mark. Gulfport SN MONROE. Grover. Newton KT MOORE. Carey. Carrollton MOORE. John. Jackson ATii MOORE.John. Oxford A A MORGAN.Harold, BoonevUle MORGAN.Jay, Columbia MORGAN.Vanessa, Durant Z B MORRISON.Kylla, Corinth AKA MORRISON.Beth, Jackson AAIl MOULDS. Penelope. Jackson ASS MULLINS.Gary. Natchez SX MULLINS.TImothy. Oxford MURPHEY. Rebecca, Oxford JJURPHEY.Smlth. Sumner KA MURREY.Gavln, Memphis A0 MYERS. Bradley, Madlsonvllle, KY NAGREE.Shah, University NASON.Barron, Paris. TN KT NEAL.Candlce. Mobile. AL Xfi NEAL.Chrlstlna. Jackson XSi NEAL.Lorl, New Albany KKF NEBLETT.Robert, Clinton KA 352 o Seniors «iwi _5 ' NELLI, Kichard. Memphis IIKA NEVILLE, Kt-y. Jackson Xl( NEWMAN. I )ulfln. HasklnK KIdgc. NJ 2N NEWTON,Gjrrl ;r. Greenville AH NEYMAN.I.Inda. Columbus NlCHOLS.KelvIn, Union NICHOLS.I ' hi-lan. Olive Branch NOBLIN.EIIzabeth. Jackson XSI NORMAN.John. Houston NORTON.Deborah. St. Petersburg, FL AOII NORTON, Michael. University NORWOOD, Natalie. Jackson M OAKES, Adrian. Brandon K. e 0 ' CONNELL,Erln. Baton Rouge KKP OLITA.Sandra. Olive Branch OLMSTED,Klmberly. Meridian KA OLSON,Gary. University KT O ' gUINN.TIffany. Pittsburg. TX AAH OWEN,Davld. Hattlesburg SN OWEN. Kathryn. Covington. TN Xfl OWENS.Davld. Tullahoma. TN AT!1 OZBIRN.Carla. Tupelo PACE, Amy. Jackson AAIl PALCZYNSKl,Helen. Lagrange. Park. IL PALMERTREE,Lucretla. Batesvlllc PANNELL,Janet. New Albany PARKER.Andrea. Swartz. LA AAR PARKER.Dorothy. McHenry PARKER,George. St. Simons Is. GA2N PARKER,John. Moselle PARKER,Sandra. Oxford PARKER.Vanessa. Calhoun City PARKS.KarIa, Senatobla PARRISH.EIIzabeth. Conway. AR PARRISH.Nena. Belden PATE.James, Livingston. AL KA SENIORS PATTERSON.Charlottc. Decatur. AL PATTERSON, Karen. Cordova. TN KA PATTERSON,Llda. Brookhaven AAA PATTERSON.Mary. University AAA PATTERSON, Melody. Corinth AKA PATTON,Mary. New ' Albany XS! PAULSEN,Pamela. Laurel KA PEARSON,Annalles. Clinton PEARSON,Kerry. Winona A A PENDER.Mary. Memphis KAe PENICK. Tina, University PENNlNGTON.Paul. Sumner PERRY.Edward, VIcksburg PERRY. Larry. Bentonla PETERlNG.Jennlfer. Houston. TX PETERSON, Donna. Pontotoc PEZZULLO.Lesette. Naples. FL AAH PHANG.Poh. University PHILIPPART,Margaret. Oxford PHILLIPS, Allison. Jackson AAA PHILLIPS,Joey. RIenzl PHILLIPS. Lee. Hattlesburg PICKETT, Christopher. Pope PICKLE,Robert. Amorv S E PIPER,Mellssa. Oxford IIB PIRNIK.Andrew. Port Reading. NJ PITTMAN,Deandra. Weir PITTMAN.Karen. Charleston AKA PITTMAN. Lucy. Jackson KA PlTTS.Derlck. Tupelo PITTS.Robert, Oxford POLK.Joseph. Hattlesburg POOLE.Kvle. Potts Camp POPE.Lyhette. Fulton AKA PORTER.TImothy. Brookhaven 2X POTEET.Melaney. Mantachle POTTER.Russell. Pass Christian POUNDS. Pepper. Greenville 2X POWELL.Harrlet. Oxford POWELL.Slephanle. Jackson POWER, Bill. Ackerman KA PRASAD,Sublr. Oxford PRATT, Gregory. Batesvlile PRESTRIDGE,Sherrl. Amory PRICE.Gregory. Baton Rouge 5AE PRIDE. Willie. University PRITCHARD. Lynn. Oakland PROVENCE. Ginger. New Albany PRYOR. Margaret. Jackson -tM PURNELL.Paul. Jackson IN QUEST.Mellssa. Dallas KKF QUINN.Karen. Jackson AF OUrNN.Thomas. Cleveland. TN RKA QUON.Judy. Lexington gUON.WIIIle, Inverness RADOWICK.Sam. Lansing, IL RAGAN.Mellssa. Cleveland XSl RAGLAND.Roble. Oxford RAINS.Melanle, Jackson Xf! RAMBIN, Penelope. Natchez KA RAMSEY.Blll. Pensacola, FL RAMZY.Martha. Carthage AF RANKIN.Terrlssa. Albertvllle, AL Xfl RATLirr.Merrltt. San Angelo. TX HB RATLIFF.Shella. Kllmlchael RAYNER.Roane. Oxford AAA REASONOVER.Tracy. Metalrle. LA KA REDD.Klta. Brandon REDDING.Jane. Corinth X!! REDDING.Jeanne. Corinth XS! REEVES.Marnl. Oxford RELAN.Scott, Clifton. VA KT Seniors o 353 RHEA.BIll. Somervllle. TN ZN RICHARDSON. Erik, Oxford SX RICHAROSON.Rlcky. Jackson KA » RICKS, Barbara, Glendora AKK RIDGWAY.John. Pine Bluff, AR IX RILEY.Dana, Water Valley RILEY.Polly, Morton M ROBERSON.Kendra, Germanlown M ROBERTS.Jeff, Brandon I E ROBERTS. Vernon, Oxford ROBERTSON. KImberly. Mattson ROBERTS ON.Sandra, Winona ROBINSON.Le, Vlcksburg X!) ROBINSON.Wllllam, Dallas ROCH.Klmberlelgh. Blloxl ROGERS.Kelley, Jackson AAA ROGCE.Ruth, Dunwoody, GA AF RODNET.Raymond, Wheeler ROSE. Beth, Meridian KAS ROSENAU. Paige, Pensacola, FL AAH ROSS.Haskell, Carmel, IN ATO ROSS.John. Ashland ROUNDS.Adrlan, Olive Branch X RUrrlN.Melanle, Lafayette, LA nB t RUFFW.NAtalle, Lafayette. LA nB RUPANI.Qayad, University RUSS.Julle, Natchez KA RUSSELL.Leah, Oxford RUTH.TImothy, Bruce RUTHERFORD.Ellzabeth, University SALAVERRlA.Luls, El Salvadore SALMON. Ramona, Tupelo SAMS.Chrlstle, MoorevUle Xn SANDERS.Angella, Sardls AZe SANDERS.DennIs, West SANC.Gabrlella, Rosedale SEJVIORS SANGUINETTI.Wllllam, University SARACINI. Stephanie, Newport, AR M SAHOEANT.Chrlstlne, Dallas AAA SAVAOE.Cralg, Nesblt SCANLON.Patrlck, Jackson A9 SCARBOROUGH. Virginia. JacksonKA SCHARF.Thomas, Memphis SCHEPERS.Terry, Natchez SCHUMANN.Brooke, Lampasas. TX AAA SEICSHNAYDRE.Leanne, Oxford SEID. Tammy, Vlcksburg SELDEN.CIaltxjrne. Oxford SHANNON.Phyllls, Enid SHAUGHNESSY.Mlcheilc. Racine. Wl IIB SHAW.Josh. Oxford KA SHAW.Katherlne. Kosciusko AAA SHEARER. Diane. University AAA SHELDON.Scarlett, Greenville Xn SHERMAN.RIchard, Clarksdale SHIELDS. David, Grenada ATil SHOEMAKE.Kelly, Collins AAA SHOOK.Fara, Cascllla AOn SHOTTS.Mary. Hamilton, AL SHUrORD.Wynn, Franklin. TN Ae SmntATE.Cathey, University SILLS. Joseph, Madison SIMS. David, Kosciusko SDJS.Kelly, Amory SIMHONS.Llnda, Gulfport SKELTON. Pamela, Southaven SKIPTON.Suzanne, Houston, TX IIB SLIMAN.Samuel. Ocean Springs SN SMITH.Chrlstle. Boonevllle SBOTH.Loulsa. Oxford SMITH.Ramcy, Oxford SMITH.Rlchard. Philadelphia SlOTH.Stephanle, Marlon, AR M SNOW. Laura. Memphis SPEARHAN.Wllllam. Shannon SPEARS.Tara. Columbus SPENCER.KImberly, Belden AP SPENCER.MarvIn, Rolling Fork SPENCER.Shannon. Oxford xn SPRINGFIELD.WIIIlam, Olive Branch SPRINKLE, Lisa, Southaven SPROUS.Ray, New Albany STANFORD.John. Clinton IX STARK.Randy. Oxford KA STATEN.Nona. Pontotoc STEWART.Bcverly. Jonestown STOCKSTILL.Jeff rey. Gretna, LA I+K STOKES.Kamllla, Mobile. AL I M STONE. Terry, Jackson KA STRANGE.Jennlfer, Conway, AR KA STRAWN.Nalalle, New Albany STREETE. Susan, CaruthersvlUc, MO XII STROM.MIndy, luka STRUNK.Tlffany, Pascagouia STUVEE.Susan, Duck Hill SULLrVAN.Mclanlc, Terry XI! SULLIVAN.Tracy, Kosciusko AF SUBIRALL.Shelley, Laurel AAA SWILLEY.Leslle, University SWINFORD. Kerry, Greenwood TAYLOR. Allison, Dallas AAA TAYLOR. Steven, Mllllngton. TN TAN.Kee. University TELLER.Todd, Vlcksburg IX THOMAS.Danny, Foxworth THOMAS, William, Jackson TH0BiP80N,Ellzabeth, Tupelo THOMPSON.James. Tupelo IX 354 I y Classes THOMPSON.Krlsd. Hickory Flat THOMPSON. Paul. Louisville. KY THOMPSON. Susan. Pascagoula THORNTON. Knljrrl. Sardls THRASH. Melissa. Decatur TICE.c:hrlslv. luka IIB TINNELL.Edzabcth. University TODD.LIsa. Bytialla AK. TOMLIN. Debbie. Dallas Al ' TOMLINSON.TIna. Dallas nBt TOMPKINS.Mlthael. Gautlcr IIKA TRAINOR.Annc. Jackson TUCKER, Shannon. Memphis TUCKER.Tammlc. Potts Camp TUCKER.Tracey. Jackson Af TURNER.Ellzabeth. Columbia. SC KA TURNER. Mary. Munford. TN AOn TURNER.Mlsly, New Albany IIB TUTOR.Mary. Randolph TWEEDY.Robyn. Puxico. MO TYE.Lee. University TYRONE.Marty. Pearl UNDERWOOD. Jay. Jackson SX UTTER.Jennlfer. Frankfort. KY VANAUSBURG.Stetson, Meridian VAN NOY.Jamle. Jackson AAA VAN NOY.TImothy. Jackson tAe VENOSKl.Anne-Marle. Newark. NY VOGLE. Victoria. Saucier WALCOTT. George. Greenwood Ae WALDEN.Cherle. Boonevllle WALKER.Allson. Laurel KA WALKER.Angela. Godfrey. IL WALKER.Ellzabeth. Jackson Aie WALKER.George. Leland tAO WALKER.Hedy. Rose Hill AOn SEIVIORS WALKER.Thomas. Nesbit KA WALL. Jeffrey. Decatur KT WALLACE.Lance. Olive Branch WALLACE.Sherrl. Fulton ZTA WALLER.Thomas. Oxford K W ALSTON .George. Meridian WALTERS.Klmberly. Oxford KA9 WALTERS.KrIstlne. San Ramon. CA AT WALTERS.Renee. Jackson KKF WANG.Hslang-Chyl. Oxford WANG.LIng. University WARE.Shella. University WARLICK.Davld. Memphis Ae WARNER.Alllson. Centralla. IL AT WARREN. Elizabeth. Greenwood WARREN.John. Dallas WARREN.Lelgh. University WARRINGTON.Davld. Baton Rouge KA WASHINGTON.Marla. Yazoo City KKF WATSON.Robert, Rolling Fork WATTS. Dennis. Madison WEBB. Mary. Dyersburg. TN AT WEBB.Shellcy. Flemlngton. NJ WEBB.WIUIam, Memphis WEBSTER.KIshlda. Coldwater AKA WEDDINGTON.Marllyn. Clarksdale AKA WEIR.Jay. Tupelo SX WELCH.Anlta. Philadelphia AAH WELLS. Ronald. Pralrlevllle, LA WELSH, Lynne. Jackson AAA WENDEL.Stacle. Bricktown. NJ WERBY. Helen. Gulfport AAA WESTMORELAND.Dwavne. Grenad WHELAN.Susan. Slldell. LA AAH WHITE. Mary. Hernando WHITE.Penny. Greenville WHITESIDES. Margaret. Brighton. TN WHITLEY. Cynthia, Boonevllle WIBLE.John. Jackson WIJESEKERA.SanJeeva. University WILCOX. Russell. Jackson SN WILEY. Manruth. Austin. TX AOH WILKERSON. Charles, Brandon SN WILKE.Robert. Metropolis. IL KT WILKS.Wlnnye. University Ai8 WILLIAMS.Anthony. University ♦BZ WILLIAMS.Curtls. Jackson WILLIAMS,Llsa. Columbus AOII WILLlAMS,Mellssa. Tyler. TX WILLlAMS,Mlchael, Pascagoula SN WILLIAMS.Tracey, Tupelo Xf! WlLLIS,Chandra. Meridian .AKA WILSON.Corrlne. Dallas KAB WILSON.Rollln. Atlanta. GA KKF WILSON. Rosemary. Vlcksburg WILSON. Susan. Fairfield. IL AAIl WILTSHIRE. Peggy. Hernando WlNCHESTER.Carla. Bartlett. TN WlNSTEAD.GInger. Houston. TX WITTE.Doug. Quincy. IL WONG. Richard Oxford WOOD.Helen. Charleston AAA WOOD.Robert. Natchez ZX WOODS. Joseph. Ackerman WOODS.Todd Chatham KA WRIGHT. Andrew. Memphis Ae WRlGHT.Anthony. Slkeston, MO WRlGHT,Betty. Coldwater WRIGHT,Davld. Oxford ♦KT WRIGHT.WIlllam. West Hartford, CT ZN YARBER.Detjorah. Dennis YATES.Angella. Bruce Seniors o 355 YATES.Leeann. Jackson Al ' YEH, Chlng-Ylng, University YIELDING.Johnny, Tremont YONG.Ylt Kung. University YORK, Paige, Hattlesburg U YOUNG, Klmberly. Tupelo ZAGST,Joseph, Kosciusko ZEPPELIN, Deron, Starkvllle M-I JOB WELL DONE Senior members of the 1989 football team conjJrat- ulate each other for a great season. The team was honored at the hall- tlme festivities of the LSU basketball game, photo by Ollte Brock 356 o Seniors Seniors 357 BAKER.Janet, Grenada BALDUCCI.Christopher. Cleveland BENNETT.Christy, Fulton BOEHM.Lori. Senatobia BOLEN.Lori. Booneville BRIGHT.Pamela. Pascagoula ' 4 BROCK.Lance, Tylertown BRONDYKE.Ed, Biloxi BYRD.Anthony, Seminary BYRD.Eva Jo, Starkville CLARK.Gichelle, Booneville COGGIN.Amy, Columbus COMER.Mary, Fulton COOK.Blake, Vardaman COOPER, Rebecca. Stoneville CUTBERTH.Amanda. Walnut DANCER.Steven, luka DAVIDSON.Erlc. Jackson DIXON.Kayla. Brookhaven DURASTANTI.Ltsa, Greenville FIKES.Melanie. Amory FLOYD, Kenny. Booneville GANANN.Susan, Kosciusko GARNER,Carla. New Hebron GILLESPIE, Charlotte, Carrollton GRENN, Thomas. McComb GUNNELLS.James, Oxford HALE,Sonva. Fulton HATHORN.Kimberle. Louisville HERRINGTON.Julie, Eupora HOWELL.Beth, Clinton Ar HUDSON, David, Durant HUTCHISON.Stacie. Oxford JOHNSTON.Janet. McComb KILPATRICK,Kara, Cordova TN KNIGHT.Elvin. Coldwater A J A LAX,Jennifer. Senatobia LESTER,Crystal, Vardaman LOCKHART,Reeca. Ripley LOTT.Lee. Puckett MANNING, Valarie. Terry MATHIS.Shelly, Magee MC ALPIN,Elizabeth. Corinth MC NEER.Cheryl, Oxford MORGAN.Anne, Vardaman MOSS.Tracy. Morton NULL,John. Corinth O ' NEAL.Kimsey. Carthage AKA PAPIZAN.Cherie. Crystal Springs PEARSON, Lewis. Greenville POUNDERS.Laura. Tremont POWELL,Joel. Yazoo City PUTNAM.Melanie. Jackson gUINN. Tracy. Memphis KAt) 358 _y Pharmacy . A RHYNE.WcikIv. Kltl claiKl RICHARDSON, Kll .abclh. KIploy ROGERS, Laura. Ksratawpa ROSE.Cyiillila. OxtonI ROWLAND,Stevc. Poplar UlulT. MO SATCHER, Albert. Southavt-n SCHAEFER,Chrls. Lumbcrton SCOTT,Karol. Carrlcre SMITH, UeAnn. Greenwood SMITH, Toiija. West I ' oint AK. SMITHMIER,Joelle. University STEPP, Mll c. Sardis STEW ART, Courtney. Brownsville. TNAAA SUMMERFORD.Tanya. Kulton THOMAS.Steven. Clinton TIGRETT.Stacie. Brandon TOMSIK.Teresa. Blloxl WAITS,Cherri. Southaven WATTS,Heather. Union WHITE,Deena. Red Bay. AL WHITESIDE,Terry. Decatur. AL WILKINSON,Diane. Potts Camp WILLIAMS, Trevor. Kienzi WILLIAMSON,Jeannie. Kilmichael YlELDINCFrankle. Tremont AINSWORTH, Rebecca. Hernando ANDERSON,Karla. Selmer. TN BOGGAN,Jeffery. Kilmichael BOTHE, Richard. Corinth BOX,Sandra. Grenada BOYD,Carolyn. Jayess BRELAND.David. Wiggins BUSH.Bradley. Clarksdale BUTLER,Jenisc. University BUTLER,Mark. Tishomingo BYRD.Angela, Clinton AAII CHAMBERS,Shelia. Moorhead . K. ' V CHAPMAN, Richard. University CLOWERS,Kenneth. Pontotoc COMMER,Susan. Gullport IIH COMPRETTA. Connally. Bay St. Louis DARBY,Amy. West Point DEAN, Stephen. Wesson DEATON, Bradley. Jackson DELOACH,Jamie. McCarley DENNIS,Lorl. Madison DUNAW AY. Rhonda. McComb DURANT.Charles. Blloxl ELLIS,Patrl. Louisville FONTENOT,Cherle. Hollandale FREEZE,Morl. McComb GAMBLE, Woody. Picayune GENTRY,Kristl. Shaw GRIFFITH,Vickl. University B Pharmacy o 359 s fa M 0. GUNN.Krn, Oxford HAILEY.Shea. Cleveland HANEY.Amy. Amory HARTNESS.Cindv, Clinton HERRING.Lelgh. firuce M HERROD, Carol, Eupora HUGGINS.Preston. Vaden JAGGERS, Cynthia, I ' ontotoc JAGGERS.James. Pontotoc JONES.Jelfery. Carthage JUMPER. Deborah, Etta LANCASTER, April, West Memphis, AR LITTLE, Ramona. Jackson LONG.Darryl, luka MALONE,Ellzabeth, Oxford MARBURY.Cheryl, University MC CLAIN. Melinda. Laurel MC MULLEN.Karen, Sturgis MELLINGER.Deborah , Perkinston MILLER.Deanna. Pearl MORPHIS,Stephanle, Madison MYERS.Christopher. Jackson NATION.Catherlne. Jackson NUNLEY.Judith, Dennis ORR, Teresa, Eupora OUBRE, Stephen, Florence OVERTON.Mona, Batesville PITTMAN.Pamela, Pascagoula AP PULLIAM.Rob, New Madrid, MO IIKA PURVIS.Beth, Polkville . AII RATCLIFF.LIsa. Summit RAYFORD,Shella, Holly Springs REED.Jerry, Mississippi State ROBINSON,Renee, Nesbit SANDERS.Alicia, Kosciusko SMITH.Dennis, Moselle SMITH,Robert, Batesville SPELL.Thomas, Crystal Springs STANLEY.Casandra, Waynesboro STEINER.Kenneth, Natchez SULLIVAN.WilUam, Indianola SUMRALL.Deanna, Moselle THERRELL.Sharon, Batesville TRIPPE.Juan. Slldel. LA KT TSANG.Elsie, University TURNER.MIchelle. Milan, TN TURNER.Sarah, Okolona VAN HORN.Reglna, Winona WALL.Sandee. Cleveland WELLS,Kathle, Belmont WHITAKER.Gregory, Bruce WILKERSON, Mona, Lucedale 360 I y Pharmacy lA A ti S ADAMS.Jack ADEN, Anne-Russell ALLEMAN.Joey ANDERSON.Charmaine ANDERSON.Steve BARKLEY.Karen BARNES.Ken BLAKENEY.Clay BOBINGER.Mark BRANTLEY.Stephanie BULLOCK.Allce BUR NS.Monica BUTTS, Wayne CARPENTER.Jonathan CHEATHAM.Chris COCKRELL.Cheryl COMER.Sharon COON,Elizabeth CORRIGAN,Lucy COX.Melanie DAW.Stacey DEVENING.Kenny DOUGLAS,Troy DUMAS.Clndy ELLIOTT,Cralg EUBANKS,Trey FORTENBERRY,Lisa GRAHAM,Mark HAYS.Catherine HEATH.Steve HOLLIMAN,Ann JOHNSON, Claire KOON, Henry LAWHORN,Alesla LEFLORE,Beth LITTLE,Barbie LITTLE.Charla LIVINGSTON, Linda LONG.Julla MATTHEWS,Melinda •p B9 ' B 362 L Pharmacy WKi ft .z ' 7t.wm. -: ' :- ■J-.MTO -;. MC CHESNEY.Cindv X MINOR. Kva MITCHELL. Pa m MONTGOMERY.Greta MOONEYHAM.Michele pi 1 MORGAN, Ruan MYERS.Tommy s :ii NICHOLAS.Debra O DOM.Kristina PIGOTT.Robin ROBINSON.Rhonda ROBINSON.Ridonna ROSER.Jane Ann ROWSEY.Perrin RUSSELL.Joe RUSSELL.Rhonda SANDERS.Lamar SCRUGGS.Sherry SEELY.Chrlsti SMITH.Joey STEINWINDER.Mlke SWAIM.Jason SYL VEST. Karl TAYLOR.Katrlna TERRY.Robert THARP.Kirk THOMPSON.Taletha TYLER.Joyce VALENTINE.Robert WALSH.Denise WARDLAW.Susan WATFORD. Deed ra WESTON.Scott WIGGS.Melody WILLS.Jenny WILLIAMS.AntonIo WILSON.Robbie WOOD.Greg WYCOFF.Brian YOUNG.Keith Pharmacy o 363 s ABLORDEPPEY.Seth. University ABRAHAM.Angela, VIcksburg AHMED.Haseeb. Oxford AHUJA.Deepak. University AKHTAR.Imran. University ALJUMAIH.Khalld, University ALI.MIrza, University ALONSO.Fernando, New York. NY ANDALEEB.Rahat, Oxford ANDERSON, Chester. Blue Springs ANDERSON.Johnny, ESatesvllle A ' t ' A ARCE.JIll. Chicago. IL ARNOLD.Gregory. University ASHIT.Bhatla. University AYADI.Olusegun, University BADRI.Masood. University BANDLAMURI.Sridhar, University BARNARD.Faul, University BARNES.Susan. University BAXI.Pritam. University BEARD.Lewls. Jackson BAUCUM.Donna, Kaleigh BELL, James, Indianola KA BHATI.Satyendra, University BISHOP,Tracy. Double Springs. AL BLACK,Chrlstine. St. Petersburg. FL BLANKENSHIP,Ray. University BLOUNT, Nathan. Carrolton BLUNTSON,Cralg. University A A BOWLIN, Amanda. Shreveport. LA BRAMLETT,Davld. Jackson BROCK.Ollver. Oxford BUFFINGTON,Terry. Oxford BYNUM.Lesley. Winston-Salem. NC CAI.Feng. University CAI.Hui. University CALHOUN,Camille. Oxford CAMPBELL.Connie, Defunlak Spring. FL CAMPBELL, Velta. Greenville AKA CARTER,Stephanle. Chicago, IL CHALLANLSunlta. University CHAN,Ngiap. University CHANDLER,Edward. Greenville, SC CHANCHsin-Hsin. University CHAUDHURLRaJal. University CHATTERJEE, Amitava, University CHEN,Chlen-llsun. University CHEN.lVllnhwa, University CHEN,Xin-Hua, University CHENG, Swee, University CHIA.Voon-Ket. University COLLINS.KImberly. Cleveland COLSON,Deryl. Oxford COOK,George. Alexandria. LA 364 o Graduates CORDER, I. Ism. Carrolllon GOTTEN, Karnicl. Walcr Vallcv GRAIN, t:f(ll. Maiden. MO GUPIT, Tanya, lirookhavcn DABNEY. mil. Jackson, TN .V il DAVIS, David. Oxford DAY, Any. Jackson DEBONA, Kimbcrly. Alexandria. LA DENG, Qing. University DENLEY, Dcanna. Uruce DENNIS, Jell. Madison DESAI, Hitesh. University DESVERGNES, Guenola. EUoston. MA DOGAN, Canan. University DONTI, Lakshmi. University DONTI, Kajendra. University DUNAWAY, Lara. Hollandale DUNCAN, John, BoonevUle DUNLAP, Gary, Oxford DUNN, Arthur. Jackson EATON, Mark, tlaldwyn ELAM, Laura, Oxford EL AWADY, Sayed. University ESTILL, Duane. Oxford FENG, Jinlng. Oxford FIEDLER, Pal. Kosciusko FUNG, Kwong-Mlng. University GAN, Hong. University GENTRY, Timothy, Pontotoc GILL, Kinloch. Greenwood GOGGANS, Terry, Corinth GRAHAM, Ronald. University GRIZZARD, Ashley. Germantown HARDER, William. University HARTFIELD, Rodney. Avinger. TX HARVEY, Reggie, Uiloxi HE, Shi-Dong. University HECK, James, Arabl. LA HEMPHILL, Elsie, Ruleville HO, Foo. University HOBBS, Christopher. Council Bluffs. lA HOLLAND, Karen. Oxford HOU, An. University HOUSTON, Toni. Pontotoc HSU, Chao-Jung. University HSU, Hui-Chang. University HSU, Shang-Pei. New York. NY HU, Uan. University HU, Po-Hua, University HU, Shu-Chuan. University HUANG, Gui, University HUGHES, Sybil. Jackson HUSSAIN, Masood, University ft » ft s Graduates o 365 s fa IRANMAGBOOB.Jamshid. University IRBY.Gerald, Sledge ITO.Shingo, University JACKSON. Teresa, University JAIN.Sanjay. University JEAN-JACQUES.Marie, University JENKINS.Laveme. University JIN.Lianyu, University JOHNSON, Sylvia. Eupora MH JOHNSTON, Janis. Duck Hill KARAHAN,Gokhan, University KARAN.Eliazar, University KAYANO.Yoshiko. University KEYS,Lynette. Tupelo ' Mi KIM,Jeung-Ki. University KIM.Mi. University KOENEEN,Alfred, Long Beach KOLPE.VIvek, University KRISHNAN.Nandi. University KWAK,Youngsik. University KWANCHock. University LABADI.Mohannad, University LAMKIN,Carol. Memphis LANGSTON.Cleveland, Magee LANCASTER, Susie, University LATHAM.William, New Albany LAWSON,Kay, Holly Springs LEE.Ik-Soo, University LEE,Seonsu, University LEMMONS.Deborah. Oxford LEONG.Kok. University LEWIS.Andre, Walnut Grove LEWIS.Sarah. Baton Rouge LEYDON, Robert. University Ll.Xun, University LIEW.Chea, University LIN,Bu. University LIN.GIn-Chung. University LIOU, Yuan-Fore. University LIOU.Yuenyen, University LIPSEY, Laura. Nesbit LIU.Renyi, University LONG.Scott. Philadelphia LOSORDO.Donald. HIngham, MA LOSSON.Chrlstopher, St. Joseph. MO LOVE.Audra. Kosciusko LOWTHER.John. University LOZANO,Nlcasio. University LUCAS,Cheryl. Oxford LUX,Mary. University MALLELA.Bala. University MALLELA,Umadevl, University MANIAM.Balasundram. University MANUEL, Berna. Greenwood 366 Cy Graduate i MARTIN. Victoria. University m. MC KINLEY, Laura. Oxford ■M MENG.IIuan. University MIYAMURA.Kvoko. University MONTGOMERY, Da n iel . s Greenville MOOKERJEE.Borenora. University MORGAN, Johnny. Pope MULL, Allison. University MUSA,Abdulla. University NADIZADEH.Hossain, University NOURIZADEH, Heshmat. University NOURIZADEH, Masqud, University OREY, Byron. Jackson ' J4 ' 1 OWEN.Pamela. Oxford PAI.Hui-Chuan. University PANETTA.John. University PARK,Jun-Seok. University PATEL.Bhaskarkumar. University PEARSON.Jeffrey. Greenville PERERA.Mihipagalage. University PERI.Divakar. University PETERS.Pellum. Holly Springs PINDIPROLI.Subha. University PITTMAN,Shaun. Clarksdale PITTMAN.Tana. Clarksdale PIYA-OUI.Panita. Oxford POPE, Brian. University gUIROS.Mauricio. Oxford RALLAPALLI, Kumar. University RAWW AS, Mohammed. University REICH,Robert. University REISENWITZ,Timothy. Hattiesburg RICE. Roger. Columbus RICHARD,Theodore. University RICHARDSON, Barbara. Magnolia RICKS, Boris. Los Angeles. CA ROBINS, Danny, New Albany ROBINSON, Mary. Jackson ROGERS, Joseph. Covington. LA RUDRARAJU.Varma, University SAMANT.Rajendra. University SANDERS. Mark. Meridian SARAGIH.Sudirman. University SHAH.AJay. University SHAHIN,Emad. University SHORTER.Lyonell. Oxford SHRINGARPURE. Sachin. University SIDDIQUI.Idrees. University SIM.Chee. University SIMS.Kevin. Jackson SISAKUN.Siphan. University SMITH.Edwin. University SMITH. Mae. Rich SMITH. Pamela. Senatobia Graduates o 367 a s fa SONG.Hailin. University SONG, llcngchang. University SONG.Jiachu. University SULLIVAN.Wanda. Mobile, AL TAM.Mel-Kam, University TAN.Jinxing. University TAN.Yeow, University TANG,Yu-Nan. University TATE.Marisa, Tupelo TAWARANGKOON.Wuttipan University TEAGUE, Alana. Kamer. TN TERRY.Jeffrey. Oxford TERZI.Fotini. University TESTA.Sam. Grenada TORRES.Epifanio, University TORRES.Michele. University TRAPP.Veronique. University TSAO,Ta-Wei. University TSENG.Yu-Peng. University TWIFORD.Tamle. Arroyo Grande. CA ULLAL.Rohan, University UTLEY.Meleia. Rector. AR VANJANI.Mahesh. University VARNELL.Sonya. Brandon VESTAL.Alan, Waveland VISWANATHAN.Jayashankar. University WADKINS.Melanie. University WALLS.Walter. University WALSH, Timothy, Memphis WANG,Ding. University WANG.Xlqlng, University WEI.Wei, University WILCOX.Kalu. Oxford WILUAMS,A1. Cleveland. TN WILLIAMS,Connie. Columbus WILLIAMS,Douglas, Pontotoc WILLIS,Eulanda, Meridian WINDHAM, Jeffrey, University WONG,Say. University WU,Welgeng. University XIE,Jlanye. University YAO.Lixin, University YECKeng, University YOUNG.Lloyd, Summit YOUNG,Mary. Oxford YU,Chao-Sung. University YUAN,Shlan. University YUN.Yung-Chang, University ZHANG,Jlanping, University ZHANG,Zhi-Yao. University ZHOU,Nalin, University ZHU.Jia, University I 368 o Graduates Graduates o 369 Directory of Students and Organizations A Aaron. Charles 338 Abbott. Jim . 161. 166. 249 Abdo, George 161. 190. 295. 338 Abedl. Mohammad 348 Abel. Alan . 249. 328 Abel. Cameron 194. 297. 328 Abel. Catherine 289. 316 Abel. Walker 197 Abernathy, Lisa 267. 348 Abernathy. Tommy 304. 305. 328 Abies. Kathleen . 328 Ablordeppey. Seth 364 Abong. Irene 338 Aboul-eneln. Yousseff 193. 194, 348 Abraham. Angela . , 146, 153.364 Abraham. Chet 338 Abraham. Emily 231 Abraham. Julie 201. 271. 316 Abraham. Sam 287 Accounting School 192 Ackley. David 299. 338 Adair. Robert 338 Adams. Caroline . 168. 203.316 Adams. Chad 203 Adams. ChrlstI 261. 338 Adams. Jack 204. 362 Adams. Joseph 348 Adams. Klmberly 338 Adams. Leigh 300. 301. 338 Adams. Michael 206. 338 Adams. Rlsa 261. 316 Adams. Shannon 110. 348 Addis, Krlstl . . . 283. 316 Aden, Anne-Russell 362 Aden, Barrie . 278. 279, 328 Aden. Leigh 348 Aduma. Nyarlnda 140. 275, 348 Afeman, Susan 267, 338 Agne. Phyllis 338 Agnew. Krlsta 207 Agnew. Leigh 338 Agnew. Patricia 269 Ahern. Mary 132 Ahmed. Haseeb . 364 Ahn. Blerng 197 Ahuja. Deepak 364 Alnsworth. Becky 205 Alnsworth. Ramona 205 Alnsworth. Rebecca 359 Air Force Rote .... 188 Aker. Laura 328 Akhtar. Imran 364 Aklns. Angela 289. 348 Albrltton, Audry 313. 338 Alderman, Tommy 197, 328 Aldrldge, Missy 261. 316 Ales. Tiffany 328 Alexander, Alan 202. 203 Alexander. Dawn 348 Alexander. Deborah 146. 257. 328 Alexander. Elizabeth 168 Alexander, Melanle 203 Alexander, Melissa 316 Alexander, Melony . 201, 328 Alexander, Myrtle 338 Alexander, Stacl 289, 316 Alexius, Jennifer 283. 328 Alfano. Steven 134 Alfano. Tommy 134. 307. 338 Alford. Caroline 316 Alford. Dana 338 Alford. Matt 305. 338 Alford. Megan 279.316 All. Mlrza 364 Aljumaih. Khalld 364 Allbrltton. Christopher 299. 338 Alleman. Joey 362 Allen. Abby 178. 289. 338 Allen. Brad 193.338 Allen. Brian 291 Allen. Caron 316 Allen, Dorothy 259. 338 Allen. Heath 316 Allen. Heidi 267. 316 Allen. Julie 167. 168. 267. 328 Allen. Kelly 261. 328 Allen. Leigh 285. 338 Allison. Elizabeth 269, 316 Allred. Klmberly ... 285. 348 Allsman. Bennett 348 Almond. Carl 316 Alonso. Fernando 364 Alonso. Hernando 197 AAn 256 Alpha Epsllon Delta .... 222 AKA 258 Alpha Kappa Delta 220 Alpha Lambda Delta .... 223 AOn 260 A A 262 AXn 266 Alt. Michelle . . 161. 168. 261. 338 Altazan. Dana 271.316 Altazan. Elizabeth 338 Ambassadors 154 American Institute Of Chemical Engineers . . 197 American Society Of Interior Designers .... 198 Ames, Chase 250 Amlsano, Cynthia 168, 279, 328 Ammann. Dennis 193. 338 Andaleeb. Rabat 364 Anders. Allcen 267. 328 Anderson. Anne 267. 285. 316 Anderson. Billy 192 Anderson. Charmalne 236, 362 Anderson, Chester 197, 364 Anderson. Hugh 206. 299. 328 Anderson. James 328. 348 Anderson. Jessica 188. 236, 259. 348 Anderson. Johnny 196. 364 Anderson. Karia 359 Anderson. Laura 255 Anderson. Olen 338 Anderson. Rob 224. 348 Anderson. Steve 362 Anderson. Tamatha 338 Anderson. William 295. 305. 338. 348 Andrews. Adam 182. 328 Andrews. Amy 279.316 Andrews. Charles 187. 305. 328 Andrews. Glenn 348 Andrews. William 348 Angel. Cheryll 328 Angel Flight 188 Angelozzl. Stacy 289. 338 Anglln. Sonny 303. 328 Anstead. Sophie 316 Anthony. Brooke 177. 182. 197. 328 Anton. Cliff 338 Antonangell. James 328 Antwlne. John 348 Anzelmo. Thomas 297. 316 Appel. Anna 279. 316 Appel. Edgar 348 Appleby. Klmberly 338 Applegate. David 265. 338 Arce. Jill 364 Archambault. Ann 271. 328 Archer. Taylor 197. 286,287.316 Archie. Tiffany 316 Ard. Barry 338 Arlnder. Stacey ... 348 Armstrong. Cynthia 338 Armstrong. Sarah Price 271.328 Army Rote 189 Arndt. Rebecca 316 Arnett. Sonja 338 Arnold. Gregory 364 Arnold. John 193. 328 Arnold. Mary Ann 174 Arnold. Nino 172. 173. 338 Asaro. Kevin 297. 328 ASB 154 Ashe. Charlotte 140. 144, 275, 348 Ashford. Catherine 267. 316 Ashford. Christine 184. 285. 316 Ashlt. Bhatla 364 Askew. Calvin 338 Askew. Paula 328 Association Of Computing Machinery 196 Association Of Women Studies 178 Aston. Betty 348 Atchison. Tara 168. 267. 316 Ates. John 24. 41. 154. 155. 213. 228. 231. 236. 305. 348 Atkins. Ashley 201 Atkins. John 287, 316 Atkinson, Catherine 168,261, 316 Atkinson, Clark 316 Atkinson, Joseph 277 Atkinson, Klmberly 348 At wood. Lorle 338 Au. Ylu 328 183 Austin, Andrea . 283, 338 Barber. Charles 265, 338 Austin Erin 316 348 Barber. Cotrell 292. 293 179, Austin, John 277 ,348 Austin. Kenneth 291, Barber. Dan 187 328 Barber. Marcus 147, Auw. Doug . . 130 316 Averett, Rebecca 283. 316 Barber. Scott 190 233, 348 Averltt. Susan 348 Barbour. Robert 303. Awady. El Sayed 365 316 Awan. Sajld 197 . 338 Barfleld. Alicia 328 Axton, Grant 328 Barker. Christy . 193 Ayadl. Olusegun 364 Barker. Lorl 338 Ayers. Chadwick 297. Barker. Thomas ... 316 316 Barkley. Karen 362 Ayers. Michael . 202 Barks. Victoria 279, Ayers. TamI 301 .316 316 Azar. Evelyn 267 . 348 Barksdale. Katherlne B Barley, Laura Barlow, Charles Babb, Michelle 316 Baber. Dawne 279. 328 Badgett. Melissa 279 Badgett. Rosle 338 Badrl. Masood 364 Baeshen. Hesham 197. 316 Baglow. Julia 313. 316 Baharudln. Hamldl 348 Baler. Allison . 285. 316 Bailey. Bob 203 Bailey. Carolyn 193. 328. 338 Bailey. James 122 Bailey. John 348 Bailey. Karen 152. 348 Bailey. Kyle 277. 316 Bailey. Laura . . 279, 328 Bailey, Mark 199 Bailey, Stephen . . 299, 328 Bailey, Susan 182, 236 Bain, Bruce . 190, 287, 348 Balnbrldge, Frank 277, 328 Balnes, John 295 Balrd, Angela 261, 316 Balrd, Bill 249 Balrd, William 338 Baker, Annellesa 177, 328 Baker, Belinda 168, 257, 316 Baker, Berrl 338 Baker. Christopher 316 Baker. Diane 316 Baker. George 309, 316 Baker. Janet 205. 358 Baker. John 348 Baker. Krlstle 283. 316 Baker, Lane 163. 184. 283. 328 Baker. Nancy 285 Baker. Scott 295. 316 Balduccl. Chris 206. 358 Baldwin. Randy . 103. 106, 108 Bales. Michael 328 Ball. Robbie 328 Ball. Tim 309. 338 Ballard. Alley 303. 348 Ballard. Kristle 328 Bandlamurl. Srldhar 364 Banks. Charlotte . . 126. 129 Bankston, Stuart 186. 348 Baptist Student Union . . 316 188 265, 328 Barlow. Chris . . 249 Barnard. Paul . . 364 Barnes. Alison . 328 Barnes, Dixie 338 Barnes, Ken 204 362 Barnes. Laura Lei eh 183 348 Barnes. Lawton 348 Barnes. Lee 160. 193, 249 Barnes, Molly . . 328 Barnes. Susan 364 Barnett. Billy 348 Barnett, Jennifer 271. 316 Barnett, Latresa 338 Barnett, Mary 267 328 Barnett, Missy 166 Barnhardt, Windy 271, 338 Barnhart. Margaret 269 316 Barrasso, Angela 316 Barrett, James 197 Barrett, Leigh 338 Barrett, Lynn 261 338 Barrett, Mark 307 Barrett, Patrick 164 Barrier, Frederick 303, 348 Barry, Betsy 285 348 Barth, Taml 261 316 Bartholomew, George 307 Barton, Alyson 279, 348 Barton, Caroline 328 Barton, Glna 160, 169, 271 .316 Barton, Paula 338 Barton, Roseanna 316 Barton, Wanda 203, 328 Barton, William 348 Barton, Wilson 297, 316 Bass. Bucky 197 338 Bass. James . . . 287 Bassett. Nlchole 289. 328 Bates. Jeffrey 265 316 Bates. Rodney 348 Battlste. Christopher 316 Baucum. Donna 364 Baumer. Merl Beth 160. 285 338 Baxl. Pritam 364 Baxter. John 287 316 Bays. James 305 ,316 Beacham. Jennifer . 348 Beadles. Tracy . 348 Beard. Angela 2bV Beard. Lewis . . . 364 370 o Directory JL 338 267, 316 271. 338 130 Beard. Lynn 168. Beard. Meghan Beasley. Mlssey Beavers, Jim Beazley. Jonny Beth 348 Beazley. Melanle 348 Becker. Ken 186 Beckett. Patrick 348 Beckman. Lynn 279. 316 Beckman. Mark . . 299. 316 Becnel. Alison 328 Bedwell. Travis 1 52 Beeson. Jay 295 Beeson. Robert 316 Beeson. Robin 158.348 Beevers. Dana 301.328 Behm. Krlsten 283. 348 Behm. Lauren 283. 328 Belssel. Canon 169 Belfor. Terrll 249, 281. 338 Belk. Billy 295. 338 Belk. Jamie 271. 348 Belknap. Lllllana 338 Belknap. Monica 257. 316 Bell. Chris 144 Bell. Garland 267. 316 Bell. James 364 Bell. John 297 Bell. Marvin 303. 316 Bell. NIchelle 203 Bell. Philip 316 Bell. Stephanie 316 Bell. Steven 316 Bell. Susan 316 Bell. Thomas 188 Bell. Whitaker Bell. William 158 Bender. Dcteena 166 Benlgno. Tina 248. Bennett. Ashley Bennett. Beth Bennett. Christy 279 Bennett. Chris 169. 299 Bennett. Elizabeth Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett Benson. Benton. Benton. . Janice Karla Lisa 172. 259 . Michael . Richard Tony 102 . Trad Ty VIckl Tracy 285 Antonnio 184. 263 Paige 161. Benton. Pamela Berch. Shelly Berger. Michael Bergeron. Alfred Bergeron. Joey Bergeron. Lorl 201. Bergfeld. Susan Berry. Andrea 328 183 127, 167 261. 338 168. 316 161 205. 358 168, 316 283, 328 193 338 173. 328 328 265 104 328 338 316 328 159, 338 166. 338 228. 267 328 265. 316 299 328 301. 328 279, 348 328 Berry, Ann Berry, Charles Berry. Jason . Berry. Lee Berry. Rodney Berry, VIckl . . 289 265 153, 277 168, 313 Berlin. Clifford Besant. Korl 261 BeU Alpha Psl ... Beta Gamma Epsllon Bethshares. Amy Belts. Catherine Belts. Rachel 152 Beverly. David 199 Bevlll. Jeffery Bhatl. Satyendra Bibbs. Janetla BIggers. Blair 267 Blgham. Amanda 285 Blllal. Sandrlne Bingham. Melissa Bingham. Missy BIrchfleld. Leslie Bird. Chris ... Birdsong. Brenda Blrge. Nancy 285 Bishop. Amory Bishop. Ann-marle 161. 162. 228. 236. Bishop. Theresa Bishop. Tracy . . Blssell. Melissa . , 338 328 328 Black. Candlce 168, 297, 279, 328 338 Black. Christine 364 328 Black. John 295.316 348 Black Student Union . . . 312. 172 338 Blackburn. Allison 257. 328 348 316 Blackburn. Amy .... 166, 233 168,301.316 Blackburn. George 295. 221 316 301. Blackburn. Lena 348 316 Blackwell. Daisy 267. 279. 328 328 Blades, Dawn 328 194 Blaha, Beth 328 231 Blaha, Elizabeth 261 338 Blaine, Michael 273, 364 348 146 Blair. Carroll 166.267. 316 338 248. Blair. Jennifer 289.316 338 Blake. Rhett 287. 338 316 Blake. Tammie 201. 338 203. 338 168. Blakeney. Clay 362 271 Blakey. Peter 193 283. Blalack. Brent 297. 328 328 Blalack. KImberly 279, . 12 348 348 Blanchard. E. J 223. 328 291.307.316,328 226 Bland. Cynthia 267 156. Bland. Victoria 348 271. Blanke. Stacey 289.328 348 Blankenshlp. Ray 196. 279. 364 316 Blanlon, Leslie 316 364 Blanton. Whitney 291. 269, 328 Blarrasso, Angela 269 Blaschek, John 291, 338 Blaylock, DIna 182,348 Blaylock. Laura 269. 316 Bllssard. Amy 328 Blossom. Mike 169.316 Blouln, Becky 267.316 Blount. Karen 313.316 Blount. Kenneth 316 Blount. Nathan 364 Blumenlhal. Hank 168, 299. 338 Blumenlhal, Susan 289, 348 Bluntson, Craig .... 364 Bluntson. Eric 161, 166, 263, 328 Boatner, Bo 138, 316 Boalrlghl, Britin 166, 309, 328 Bobb, Amanda 168, 271,290. 338 Boblnger. Mark 204, 362 Boehm. Lorl 206. 358 Boga. Cassatta 316 Bogen. Edward 303, 316 Boggan, Jeffery . . 359 Boggan. Laura . 224. 348 Boggan. Mall . 25. 338 Boggen. Jeff 204 Bogle. Robert 188. 196. 348 Bole. Tracy 261. 338 EJoland. Laurie 316 Bolen. Lorl 205. 358 Boles. Andrea 201. 203. 316 Bolln. James 233. 295. 348 Boling, Eric . . 166. 297, 348 Bolles. John 309. 328 Bolton, Susan . 190,289, 348 Bond, Andrew 316 Bond, Bo 158. 307 Bond. Robert 338 Bone. Gratia . 132. 257, 328 Bone, Jennifer 279, 338 Bonner, Ashley 348 Bonner, Brett 220 Booker, Angela 348 Booker, Carrie 328 Boone, Elizabeth ... 271, 328 Boone, Kalherine 269, 316 Boone, Mark 307 Booras, Jamie 134. 144, 145 Borden, Georgia . . 168, 267. 328 BorgognonI, Thomas 265 338 Bornkamp. Amy 316 Bostic, Christina . 257, 316 Boswell, Luclnda . . 261, 338 Bothe. Richard 359 Botsarls. Penelope 348 Boucher. Allsha 328 Bounds. Angenltta 316 Bounds. Holly 164. 301. 328 Bourn. Freddie 295 Bourn. Kevin 295 316 Bourn. Trey 328 Boulwell, Angela 168. 271 338 Boulwell, Mary 279, 316 Boulwell. Matthew 338 Boulwell. Sharon 338 Bowden. Trad 257 316 Bowdre. John 348 Bowen, Patrick 147 Bowles, Klrby 285 338 Directory o 371 Bowles. Sherry 285. 338 Bowlln. Amanda . . 364 Bowling. Michelle 269 Bowling. Shelley 328 Bowman, Amy 269.316 Bowman. Julie 257, 338 Box. Robert 265. 328 Box. Sandy 205. 359 Box. Tracy 279. 338 Boyce. Virginia 267. 338 Boyce. Wendy 348 Boyd. Carolyn . 205. 359 Boyd. Elizabeth 158. 166. 167.317 Boyd. Frances 267 Boyd. Jeff 307 Boyd. Napoleon 338 Boyd. NIchelle 146. 157 Boyd. Reglna 203.317 Boyd, Rob 112, 144 Boyden. Jon 328 Boyden. Kristen 328 Boykln, Tim 204 Boyles, Betty 176.338 Bozek. Thomas 338 Brabyn. Thomas 254. 291, 317 Bracken, Jlmbo 186 Braddock, Tal 190, 307 Bradford. Barry , 307 Bradford, BUI 348 Bradford, Gene 163. 317 Bradford. Hudson ... 171 Bradford. William 305 Bradley. Cheryl ... 259. 348 Bradley. Kathryn . 348 Bradley. Leslie 338 Bradshaw. Bruce 163. 176. 348 Bradshaw. GIna 260. 261. 348 Bradshaw. Susan 317 Bragg. Lisa 165. 166. 190. 261. 348 Bragg, Thomas 303. 317 Bralnard. Kelly 16 Bramlett. David 364 Branan. Daisy 348 Brandon. Trad 278. 279. 317 Brandon. William . . . 338 Brandt. Allan . . 295. 338 Brandt. Julie . . 201. 203. 257. 317 Brantley. Larry 328 Brantley. Stephanie 362 Branton. Christy . 301. 328 Braswell. Andrea . . 267. 328 Braswell. Melissa 317 Braswell. PattI 271.348 Bratton. Scott 328 Brawley. Stacy 27 1 . 348 Brawner. Arlin 305. 348 Brazlle, Connie 348 Breath. Charles 287. 338 Breaux, Stephanie .301. 317 Breazeale. Mary .... 313. 317 Breisch. James 309. 317 Breland, Allison 257. 328 Breland. David 359 Breland. Marty 206 Breland. Robert 224 Brent. Elizabeth 257 Brent. Lisa Lynn 338 Brewer. Charles 297. 317 Brewer. Christine . 166. 167. 338 Brewer. Laura 283, 328 Brewer. Patricia . , . 164, 317 Brewer. Susan 338 Brezna. Todd 317 Bridges. Elizabeth 182 Bridges. Phillip . 291, 317 Brtdges. Timothy 338 Bridgforth. Barry . 158, 307 Bright. Pam 205, 358 Brightwell. Lauren 317 Brinkman. Brigid 283. 348 Briscoe. Michelle 285. 348 Britt. Sarah 131 Brltt. Tonya 146. 168. 338 Broad. Wendy 271.317 Broadway. Kristie 338 Brocato. Kimberly 166. 312. 313.338 Brock. Allison 271. 328 Brock. Ashley 190.267. 348 Brock. Charles 303. 317 Brock. Don 328 Brock. Henry 295 Brock. Lance 358 Brock. Mark ... 348 Brock. Oliver 364 Brockman. Jennifer 269. 317 Brockman, Mills 299. 317 Broderlck. Shani 279. 338 Brondyke. Ed 358 Brooks. Dan 134 Brooks. Derek , 134 Brooks. Don 328 Brooks. Elizabeth 208. 209 301.317 Brooks. Gina 283. 328 Brooks. Marcle .301. 328 Brooks. Tiffany 161. 282 283. 338 Brookshlre. Kristen 289.317 Broussard. Michael 296. 297. 317 Browen. James 317 Brown. Barbara Jim 160. 168. 270 271. 328 Brown. Barl 285. 339 Brown. Beverly 271. 328 Brown. Carmela 146. 339 Brown. Carolus 328 Brown. Carole 313. 328 177 317 Brown. Davis 202 Brown. Donna 339 Brown. Douglas 265 Brown. Elizabeth 257. 328 Brown. Jeff 158.329 Brown. Joey 197 Brown, Kathryn . . . . 285. 329 Brown. Keith . . . . . . 329 Brown. Krlstl 269. 317 Brown. Leslie 329 Brown. Lisa 146. 177. 261.329 Brown. Marlon 257. 348 Brown. Melody 339 Brown. Rebecca 162, 163 , 168, 339 Brown. Sharon . 201. 329 Brown. Stephen 348 Brown. Tee 170 Brown. Thomas 149, 295, 348 Brown. Tim 144 Brown. Tommy 157 Brown. William 273. 317 Browning. Gary 277. 348 Browning. Jeffery 309. 339 Brownlow. Velma 329 Brownsteln. Todd 317 Bruce. Dawn 160 Bruce. Mary 269. 339 Bruce. Paige 158 Bruce. Sheila 285. 317 Bruijn. De Jaap 318 Bruini. Anthony 277. 317 Brumfleld. Karen 283. 339 Brunson. Charlie 339 Brunson. Glna 271.317 Brunson. Jo 261. 329 Brunton. Stephen 348 Brunton. Steve 199 Bruton. Amy 205 Bryan. David 309. 317 Bryan. Harriet 146. 157. 166. 168. 279. 329 Bryan. Joel 305. 339 Bryant. Anthony 263. 348 Bryant. Brandon 263. 339 Bryant. Patricia . 329 Bryant. Patty 146 Bryson, David 187, 299, 339 Bryson, Patricia 339 Buchanan. Jeffrey 348 Buchanan. Scott 297. 339 Buck. Heather 317 Buck. Helen 339 Buck. Jeb 166. 307 Buck, Margaret 188. 313. 329 Bucker. Jeane ' 168 Buckley. Juanlto 187 Buckley. Michael 317 Buckley. Teresa 224. 275. 348. 357 Buckner. Jeane 203. 317 Buddenbohm. Philip 303, 317 Buffington. Kevin . 138. 317 Buffington. Terry 364 Bufkln. Donna 285. 339 Buford. Chris 317 Buford. Tangela 329 Bull. Christopher 309. 317 BuUard. Melanie 201. 257. 317 Bullen, Kammle 313. 329 Bullock. Alice 362 Bullock. Billy 197. 297. 339 Bullock. Susan 339 Bullock. Ulmer 348 Bunch. Matt 187. 309. 329 Bunch. Richard 329 Buntyn. Melanie . 348 Burch. Jennifer 283. 317 Burcham. Angela 201. 279. 317 Burcham. Nan 339 Burcham, Tonya 339 Burden. Bill 162. 329 Burden. William 265 Burford. Nelson 307 Burgamy. Aimee 203. 317 Burgamy. Amice ... 201 Burge. Curt 339 Burgess. Carmen . 289. 317 Burgess, Melvln 188, 293 Burgess, Michelle 1 58 Burkes, Britta 313 Burkhalter, Chris 198, 201.203. 228. 348 Burkhalter. Mark 197 Burkhardt. Melissa 339 Burleson. Clyde 307 Burleson. Mark 117 Burley. Erica 140. 144. 275. 281.348 Burnett. J 231. 265. 307. 329 Burnett. Mary , 267. 348 Burnett. William 197. 225 Burney. Cynthia 269. 317 Burnham. James 299, 329 Burns. Amy 348 Burns. Monica 362 Burt. Pamela 339 Busby. Anna 279 Busby. Jan . 285. 339 Busby. Jill 285. 339 Busby. Katie 168. 188. 339 Busch. Rebecca 285. 348 Bush. Bradley 359 Bush. Katie 268. 269, 339 Bush, Virginia 329 Buster, Cliff 339 Buster, Hugh 265 Butler, Denlse 205 Butler, Houston . 329 Butler, Jenlse 359 Butler, Margaret 267, 339 Butler, Mark 359 Butler. Sherry 339 Butts. Wayne 204. 362 Bynum, Lesley 364 Bynum. Pamela 339 Byrd, Angle 205, 359 Byrd, Anthony 358 Byrd, Ashley 317 Byrd, Eva Jo . 205. 358 Byrd. Joan 317 Byrd. Nancy . . 271. 317 Byrd. wmiam 339 Byrne. Susannah 283. 329 CalUes. Mlchele Calvasina. Melanie Calvert. Suzanne Calvery, Teresa Cameron. Bruce Cammack. Christie Campbell. Billy Campbell. Christa Campbell. Connie . c Cable. Joseph 303. 339 Cadle. Jennifer 279. 348 Cadle. Joey 339 Caffey. Shannon 301. 329 Cagle. Brian 144 Cagle. Robert 348 Cagle. Sharon 233. 348 Cagle. Susan 348 Cahlll. Christian 287. 317 Cai. Feng 364 Cai. Hui 364 Cain, Barry 339 Cain, Catherine 317 Calamari. Victoria 339 Caldwell. Britt 307 Caldwell. CaroUne 160. 161. 166. 168. 270. 271. 329 Caldwell. Christopher 291. 317 Caldwell. Mallory 227. 233. 236. 348 Caldwell. Mary Frances 269. 329 Calhoun. Camille . 364 Calhoun. Wendell 349 Callahan. James 329 Callahan. Sarah 257. 339 Callaway. Kathryn 329 301, 3291 174, 317 349! 339 161 289. 329 317 317 147, 364 349 Campbell. Mary Campbell. Mellsse Campbell. Frank Campbell. LaKeldra 317 289. 329 160, 285. 329 Campbell. Susan . 136 Campbell. Velta . . 364 Cangelosl. Stephen 190. 192. 349 Cannon. Judd 291.317 Cantrell. John 277. 317 Canup. B. J. 168, 297, 329- Canup, Dow 168 ' Canup, Monya 349 ■ Canup, William 317 Caples, Tammy . . 349; Capwell. Jeff 349 1 ' Carbonar. Whitman 349 Card. Sellna 317 Cardoos. Lisa 349 !■ Carle. Jimmy 130! Carleton. Lee Ann . 339 ' Carlew. Scott 307 Cariln. Almee 289. 329 Cariln. Scott 183 Cariisle. Amy 153. 194 Carlisle. Candy 261, 3291 Cariisle. Cheryl . 220 Cariisle. Elizabeth . 228, 269. 349 Cariisle. Richard . 265. 317 Carlyle. Kenny 115, 144 Carmlchael, John ps. Boni Carmlchael, Kelly Carnduff, Dana Carothers, David Carothers, Sandra . Carouthers, Rodney Carpenter, Chris Carpenter, John 291, 339 257. 339 261, 317 Carnes, Steven 349 Carney, Lee 182, 193, 313, 339 Carothers, Beall 162, 249, 339 277 . 317 172 271. 329 295, 317 Carpenter, Jonathan . . 204, 362 Carpenter, Martha Carol 339 Carpenter, Melissa . 317 Carpenter, Timothy 329 Carr, Allison 271, 339 Carr, Kristi 201 Carr, Marshonla 317 Carter, Jeff 104 Carter, Tracy 147 Chapman, Piper 146 Charette, Cherrylyn 147 Chase, Pamela 87 XS 268 Clark, Frank lift Cllne. Jody 14 Cobb, Guy 11 Cobb, Terrence 107: 23 ' Coleman, Chris U ' Collins, Betty 140, 27 Collins, Bobble 140 D :!(»»■, Bill isn, Chris jiliHealliB My.Palittk Ostai.Anih ' 3ax(t,S(t«ii imLBm W.BenJaicI KcU DafeMan ' IHJe terau,Ricl talme.Cmn itKj ' .Caraifi Di|ulla.Aii|tli iilij.Mtl ' taitii.liob SmUniella Ml, Amy M.John :s ' tll,M .jlllll111,Wt! ' .Tlflan tusm, Davi inport, Dor 1! :sis.jif( ■i on,Debi liM, Enc ' ' lson,Mall! M.Mail Mill ' Wsm.siich ts.Andy «s.Bets) ' is.Cani HCassant s. Charles li.Cllll|0B ■ " Coiiten 1 , C)i«hla ADwi)iie : ' ' ' C«ij( 372 o Directory 275 Collins. Bonnie 140. 275 Collins. Robert 110 Conolcv. Ivv 136 Cook. Blake 98 Cosman, Jim 117. 144 Cox. Michael 138 Craig. David 147 Craven. Dennis 110 Cumnilngs. Andy 87 Cvelbar. Jill 136 D D ' ascola. Pedro Dabney. Bill Dacrl. Chris Dacus. Paula Dahlke. Mary Dally. Heather Dally. Patrick 197. 349 150. 151. 238. 365 131 312. 313. 329 248. 269. 340 267. 340 295, 318. 340 Dalton. Andy 144 Dancer. Steven 358 Daniel. Ben 164. 349 Daniel. Benjamin 303 Daniels. Kelli 329 Daniels. Mar - 160. 161. 164. 166. 267. 349 Dansereau. Richard 297. 318 Dantone. Greenville 329 Danzey. Carmen 318 DaquUa. Angela 205 Darby. Amy 205. 359 Darby. Mel Darden. Rob Darnell. Amelia Darnell. Amy Darnell. John Daughdrlll. John Daughdrlll. Wes Daughtry. Tiffany Daugtry. Tiffany Dausman. David Davenport. Donna 193. 289. 349 Davenport. Elizabeth 283. 318 224 130 340 271 238 228. 231 167 318 285 307 190. Daves. Jeff Davidson. Debra Davidson. Eric Davidson. Mallssa Davidson. Mark Davidson. Melissa Davis. Leigh Ann 182. 269.271.318 Davis. Margaret 349 Davis. Mary 271.340 Davis. Michael 309. 329. 349 Davis. Pete 166 Davis. Phoebe 146. 156, 163. 166. 176. 329 Davis. Rodney 299. 340 Davis. Sarah 329 Davis. Scott 130 Davis. Will 318 Davis, William 265, 299, 340 Daw, Stacey 362 Dawkins, Dwight 197 Day. Amy 365 Day. Angela 261. 318 Day. April 349 Day. Danielle 190.260. 261. 329 Day. Jeffrey 265.318 Dean. Ginger 224. 340 Dean. Kelley 318 Dean. Scott 299. 340 Dean. Stephen 359 Dean. Steven 190 Dear. Carissa 261.329 Dear. Gabriel 293. 340 Dear. Steven 160. 165. 166. 307 Deaton. Bradley 204. 359 Deaton. Lorl 349 Deavenport. Matthew 349 349 358 136 160. 166 283. 329 Davidson. Michael 318 Davis, Amanda 193, 233. 271. 349 Davis. Andy 255 Davis. Betsy 318 Davis. Carol 318 Davis. Cassandra 340 Davis. Charles 329 Davis. Clinton 295. 329 Davis. Courtenay 166. 169. 269. 318 Davis. Cynthia 313. 329 Davis. David 159.365 Davis. Dwayne 329 Davis. George 309. 340 Davis, Jarvis 169,318 Davis. Jennifer 193. 233. 271. 349 Davis. Joseph Davis. Julia Davis. Kelly Davis. Kevin Davis. Kristi Davis. Kristy 305, 329 318 289, 340 329 166, 349 267. 329 Deavenport. Scott Debona. KImberly Decann. Jennifer Decell. Elizabeth Dedmon. Dean Deen. Reglna 309 299 318 365 140. 349 269. 349 , 318 318 Dees. TIa 283. 340 Deese. Rachel 318 Degulre. David 190 Deihl. Alan 204 Deleo. Joseph 340 Delgadlllo. Anne 267. 318 Deloach. Jamie 205. 359 AAA 268 AF 270 A 272 Delta Sigma PI ... . 193 Ar® 274 Demaree. Rodney 194. 349 Dempsey. Richard 186 Deng. QIng 365 Denkman. Michael 329 Denley, Deanna 365 Dennis. Amy 169. 318 Dennis. Jeff 158. 365 Dennis. Jeffrey 295. 318 Dennis. Kelly 261 Dennis. Lorl 205. 359. 361 Denton. Cassandra 329 Denton. Katrlna 340 Denton. Laurie 269. 340 Derryberry, Vance 265, 318 Desal. Hltesh 238. 365 Desvergnes. Guenola 365 Devane. Thomas . 318 Devenlng. Kenneth 204 Devenlng. Kenny 149. 362 Devlne. Carol 194. 349 Dewees. John 277. 329 Dexter. Darren 330 Dezemplen, Frederick 273. 318 De Vera. Monica . Dhindsa. Gunpreet Dickerson. Janet Dickcrson. Paige Dickins. Dana Dickinson. Leigh Dickson. Jackson Dickson. Lynn DIeterle. Heidi Dietrich. Kendra Dllworth. Kathryn 329 196. 330 349 283. 330 146 349 318 169.269 318 279. 349 DIffenbach. Sharon 349 DIgeso. Brian 197. 318 Dlldy. John 231 Dill. Laura 330 Dlllard. Rosemary 271. 330 168. 289. 318 Dinh, Dzung 197 Dismuke. Anna . 257. 330 DitoUa. Kate 132 Dlttmar. Jed 187 Dlxen. Burton 199 Dixon. Amanda 271. 330 277. 330 305. 318 358 176.330 182. 293, 349 340 136. 301. 330 330 259. 330 225. 349 161. 289. 330 Dodd. Janice 349 Dodson. Jack 287.318 Dogan. Canan Dolron. Jacqueline Donelan. Nancy Donnelly. Patrick Dixon. Daniel Dixon. David Dixon. Kayla Dixon. Kevin Dixon. Lloyd Dixon. Michael Dixon. Stephan ie Do. Tuan Doby. Erica Dodd. BlUie Dodd. Desiree 365 269. 318 Dolron. Phillip 138. 144. 277. 340 Dollar. Christy 271.340 Donaldson. Julie 284. 285. 340 289. 318 169. 318 330 330 365 365 205 249. 293 Donolan. Robert Donovan. William Dontl. Lakshml Donti. Rajendra Doolltlle. Judy Doris. Jesse Doris. Tommy 281 Dorrls. Linda 349 Dorris. Lindy 162 Dorrls. Russell 349 Dotson. Kenneth 340 Doty. Alison 267. 330 Doty. Beth 330 Douglas. Edie 313 Douglas, Paula 349 Douglas, Troy 204. 362 Dowd. Jim 327 Dowdy. James 318 Dowdy. Sharon 179. 340 Downer, Joy 318 Downer. Theresa 261 Downey. Anna 301.340 Downs. Brad Downs. Bradley Downs. Chuck Downs. Kimberly Downs. Virginia 167. 307 330 194. 340 330 257. 340 305. 330 , . 283. 318 184. 283. 318 167. 257, 318 Drake. Kerln 340 Drane. Kenneth 299. 340 Draper, Robert 299. 330 Draughn. Marilyn Doyle. Sean Doyle. Shannon Drake, Courtney Drake. Karen . Draughon, Robert 267, 340 277. 340 Drewery. Tracy 349 Driver. Ronnie 330 Drown. Kiml 340 Druey. KImberly 340 Dubois. James 318 Duchscher. Celena 349 Ducote. Andre 299. 340 Dugan, Dawn . 166. 283. 318 Dugglns. David 277. 318 Duke. Frank 305. 318 Duke, Josephine 285. 349 Dukes. Michael 299. 318 Dumas. Cindy 362 Dumas. Kelly 285. 340 271. 349 307 365 285. 330 205. 359 Duncan. Ashley 162. 169. 283. 318 Duncan. Benjamin 309. 349 Duncan, Beth 166.283 Duncan. Douglas 157. 330 Duncan. Elizabeth 340 Dunagin. Piper Dunavant. David Dunaway. Lara Dunaway. Laura Dunaway. Rhonda Davis, Leanne 318 Directory o 373 Duncan, John 365 177. 340 Ti Duncan, Tracy . . 289. Eggers, Stephanie 340 H 318 Ehrgott, Stacy 285. 340 X Dunlap. Candace 190. Eicher, Donald 273. 194. 267, 349 340 Dunlap, Carol 193 Elchman. Brandt 162. Pagan. Bill 152 Dunlap, Gary 365 167, 168 307, 318 Fagan. Brooke 269. 330 Dunn, Arthur 365 Eickholtz, Jim 179. Faherty. Lopez 283 Dunn, Kellv 283 ,318 224, 228,231, 238, 249. Faherty. Mlchele 319 Dunn, Leslee 285, 349 291, 350 Fancher. Jeremy 319 Dunn, Rachel , 283. 318 Eidt. Duncan 350 Farese, Allison . 350 Dunna. Shyam - - 349 Eidt, Jacob 318 Farese, John 307 Dunson. David 204 Filers, Alice 289 350 Farese, Mary 228. 231, DuraJ, Christopher 340 Ek, Slew 340 238, 267 Durant. Charles 204. Eklund, Edle 160 Farlss, Carol 279, 340 359 Flam, Laura 365 Farmer. Craig 319 Durastanti. Lisa - 205. Flam, Russ 350 Farmer. Josette 279, 358 Eldrldge, Valisa 340 319 Durbln. Kathleen 289, Fldringhoff, Andrew Farr, Christy 340 330 307 Farrington, Richard Durfey. Rosemary 269, Ell, Chrlssy . 289 350 166 , 305 340 330 267, Filer, Dianna Ellington, Jo . 203 318 Farris, Ham 195 Durham, Tamsin . 330 Faust, Cheryl 330 330 Ellington, Lisa 176 Fa veil, Stacy 271 319 Durrett, Laura 340 Elliott, Anne 168, 169. Feagin, William 340 Dyer, Frank 166 . 297, 271 318 Feazell, James 309 340 Elliott, Craig . 204 362 Feazell, Tadd 319 Dyer, Trip 164 , 170, Elliott, Kenneth 350 Feldt, William , 299 319 249 Ellis. Joseph 273 340 Fellds, Laura . - 161 Dyess, Robert 152, 349 Ellis. Melissa 283 330 Felber, Erin 289 319 Ellis. Patri 359 330 Felder, Laurie 230, 267, Ellis, Randi 257 330 Ellis, Susan 257 330 Felder, LInh 330 Ellzey, Scott 318 Feldhaus, Samuel 197 H Elrod, Sean 265 318 Felhaus, Samuel 350 MmJ Elsea, Michael 318 Felsher, Charles 307 Eltlste, Bret 265 319 Felton. Kelle 278, 279, Ely, Mary Ann Emerson, Brooke Emerson, Leo . 319 350 Eader. Michael 309, 330 Feng. Jining . . . 365 318 166, 249. Fennell. Robin 330 Eakes, Jeffrey 349 263 350 Ferguson, Chris 330 Eakes, Patrick Earhart, Erin . 248 330 .283. Enchelmayer. Ernest 319 Ferguson, David Ferguson, G. G. 319 162, 340 Endrls. Greg Endrls. Gregory Eng-see. Ng Engineering Stu Body Ennls. Kelly 225 303 350 Early, Dorritte 283, 340 188 Ferguson, Harold 350 Easley, Leigh Ann 318 196 Ferguson. James 157, Easterling, Larry Easterling, Shan 349 190 dent 196 Ferguson. Kevin 188 350 319 Easterwood, Lee 265. 330 319 Ferguson. Richard 340 Enochs, Scott 203 Ferguson, Samuel 295 Eaton, Mark 365 Eoff, Jerry Eoff, William 193 Ferguson. Sean 330 Eaton, Raenora 330 340 Ferguson. Sheila 330 Eaves, Paige 313, 340 Epiey, Amy 168. 267. Fernandez. Joe 186 Ebach, Jason 318 330 Fernandez. Kevin 319 Echols, Ruth 166, 168, Epperson, Irene 330 Fernandez. Randall 330 230 , 271, 330 Erhardt, Michael 182. Ferrell, Jeana 193, 283, Edgar, Leigh 278 297 , 319 340 Edgar, Susan 279, 340 Erickson, Lisa 283 . 319 Ferrell, Joann 289 , 340 Edgerton, Clyde . , lb Erikson, Prentiss 299, Ferris, Anne 228, 231, Edmonson, William 319 238, 248, 269 ,350 287.318 Escamilla. Laura 350 Ferris, Doug 305 , 319 Edmunds. S. C. 318 Estes. David 319 Ferro. Ralph 350 Edwards. Bob 147 Estill, Duane 365 Flckel, Jason 350 Edwards. Charles 277. Ethrldge, Richard 110 Fiedler, Pat , , , 365 318 Etua. Juliette 188 Field, Laura 269 Edwards, Chris 305, Etua. Marie-Juliette Field, Lee 309 ,319 318 340 Field. Robbin 319 Edwards, Daphine 349 Fubanks, Trey Eustis. Colleen 362 Fielder. Robin 340 Edwards, Docie 340 269, Fields, James 350 Edwards, Frederick 305 330 Fields, Laura 166 Edwards, Gary 350 Evans. Amy 261 267, Fields. Mel 153 Edwards, Helen 267. 330 Fikes. Melanie 205 , 358 350 Evans. Carol 233 313. File. Tina 166 193, Edwards, Hugh , 318 350 285 , 330 Edwards. James . . 295, Evans. Christina 257. Filipovic. Srdan 197 350 330 169 Filipskl. Greg 186 Edwards, Mecca . 201. Evans. Jennifer Fimiano. Domini ck 319 318 Evans, Jimmy Evans. Lee 161 . 166 Fimlano. Donnle 327 Edwards. Melanie 285, 266 Fimiano. Tara 340 350 Evans. Leslie 285 . 319 Financiers . . . 191 Edwards, Melissa . 267. Evans. Lois 26? .350 Finch. JImmie K ay 319 318 Evans. Rene 340 FInley. Andrea 350 Edwards. Michael 330 Evans. Sandra 203 FInley. Holly - 162 224, Edwards. Missy - - 146 Evans. Timothy 162. 267 .340 Edwards, Rebecca 257, 186, 319 Finn. Kelly , . 257 . 319 318 Everett. Rebecca 319 Finn, Michael 188 Edwards, Richard 265, Everhart. Shannon 330 FInnegan, Gary 340 330 Evins, Angela Ewert. Phillip 350 Fitzgerald, Klair 168. Edwards. Robert 318 277 .319 28£ .330 Edwards, Scott 307 Ewing. Bill Ewing. Emily Ezzell. Jane 199 Flaccomio, Mary 267, Edwards, Shelby Edwards, Stefanle 190 318 271, 330 267. 340 Flack, Susanne 330 269 Edwards, Stephanie Flack, Wesley 340 Flasck, Gregory 330 Flelschmann, Jennifer 261, 330 Fleming, Ashley 283, 319 Fleming, Jessica 267, 330 Fletcher, Ann 271, 350 Fletcher, John 307 Fletcher, Joshua 277, 330 Fletcher. Larry 88 Fletcher. Ley 138. 144 Fletcher. Spence . 145. 277. 350 Flowers. Catherine 261. 319 Floyd. Kenny 358 Floyd. Tamara 285. 340 Floyd, Thomas . 350 Floyd, William 340 Fly, Jennifer 319 Fly, Mary 269 Fly, Stacey 340 Foard, Robert 303, 330 Folhn, Tim 187 Fondren, Lorl . , 340 Fontana, Angel 248 Fontenot, Cherie , 205, 359 Foote, Ashley 319 Foote, Terra 269 Ford, Kathleen 261, 340 Ford, Kathy 260 Ford, Peyton 319 Foregger. John 319 Foreman. Robin 176. 350 Forester. Sharon 269, 340 Forrest. Debra 330 Forrester. Randall 350 Forrester, Suellen 283, 330 Fortenberry, David 319 Fortenberry, Joyce 340 Fortenberry, Kellle . 160, 283, 340 Fortenberry, Lisa 362 Fortenberry, Tanya 330 Fortner, Jennifer 267, 330 Fos, Tammy . 146,350 Foster, Henry 350 Foster, Joseph 265, 330 Foster, Kim . 160, 162, 178, 284, 285, 350 Foster, Lara 319 Foster, Laura 166, 168. 193. 283. 330 Fountain, Audrey 330 Fountain. Gllnda 188. 340 Fountain. Margaret 279. 319 Foushee. Suzanne 267. 330 Fouts. James 291 Fouts, JImmie 319 Fowler, Andrew 291, 330 Fowlkes, Anne 167, 267, 340 Fox, Elizabeth . 285,319 Fox, Kurt 197 Fox. Thomas 299. 340 Foy. Mandy 269.319 Francis. Thomas 291. 319 Franco. Debra 350 Frank. Kimberly 279. 350 Franklin, Heath 168 Franklin, Kristi 350 Franklin. Myra 184, 340 Franklin, Webster 158, 295. 350 Franklin. William 303. 319 Franks. Suzanne . 261. 340 Frassrand, KelUy Fratesl. Katherlne Fratesi. Leigh Ann Frazer, Jeffrey Frazer, Max Frederic, Alicia Frederick. Rebecca Fredin. Micky . . . . Fredin. Nicole . . . , Fredrickson. Mary Freel. Heather Freeland. Matthew Freeman. Chip Freeman. Dudley Freeman. GIna Freeman, Guy Freeman, Reglna Freeman, Sara 131 3301 267, 319 297 319 271, 3301 340 319 285 319 201 153, 265. 330 157. 163.3401 168.1 295. 319 330i 295) 2891 184. 301,330 ' WnerAlKi; " ' , .•s.Bsili ' 249, 2S Can. Hong Cinann. Susan IK Cann.Jullt Canil,A )nasii Frensley, Jeffery Fritts, Timothy Frohn, Eric 212, 228, 231 Fuillen, Javier Fulcher, Dave Freeze. Mori 205. 359( French. Kandace 231 3501 French. Kandy 179, 28; French, Tiffany .... 285, 3i 166 265. 330 ' 277 3301 154. 155, 238. 307, 3501 1931 158.295,1 3301 Fulcher. David 230i Fulford. Kim 269. 340i Fulford. Kimberly 3301 Fulgham. Jason . 291. 3191 Fulgham. Jodl 267. 350 Fulgham. Wes , , , 330 Fulgham. William 309 Fuller. David 309 Fuller. Scott 319 Fulton, Taylor 350 Fung. Kwong-MIng 365 Funk. Paige 340 Funk, Patricia . 279 Furr, Erin 267, 319 Fyfe. Charlie . 295. 319 Carinnitnili Cinlntr.Maili Caitliier.Sanli Car{«s,Ainy Carllnj,Jiillin» Cimon, Tto»« earner, Anjtlu GamtrCarla Cara(r,Ja»n (;a[[,Sbella GinethLAla GaireHChaii lirall.jKh CantlLfttsIm Gaite«,Tii)) ' G 1 Gaddo, Andrea Gafford. Lawrence Gage. William Gala. Jole 271 Gaines. Anthony Gaines, Ashley Gaines, Chelsea Gaines, Christopher 299 Gaines, Heather Gaines, Roger Gaines, Tony Gallagher. Erin Gallagher. Sean Gallerano, Kelly Galllen. Jane Ellen Gallina. Ellen 167, Galloway, Charles 301, 330 265. 319 159 340 307, 319 i 285, I 319 ! 330 ! 319 269. 340 ; 319 169 257, 330 319 269. 340 271, 350 285, 350 303, 330 % 374 o Directory Galloway. Lee 307. 330 Galloway. Valarle 16 Galvanl. GIna Galycan. James Gamble. Barkley Gamble. Melissa 193 319 289. 330 267. 330 Gamble. Woody 359 Gamblln. Kim 224. 248 Gamblln. KImberlv 261. 350 Gambrel. Sheral 340 Gamma Iota Sigma 194 Gammage. Jeff 153, 249. 280. 281. 330 Gan. Hong 365 Ganann. Susan 26. 98, 183. 205. 358 Gann. Julie 166. 285. 340 Gantl. Avinash Gardner. Albert Gardner, Kenda Gardner. Mark Gardner. Sarah Gargus. Amy Garling, Jullanne Garmon, Thomas Garner, Angella Garner, Carla Garner. Jason Garr, Sheila Garrecht. Alex Garrett. Chad Garrett. Josh Garrett. Preston Garrett, Troy 350 330 350 319 330, 350 340 340 319 319 205. 358 167. 305. 319 285. 340 , 187. 307. 340 319 309, 319 350 194, 307, 350 Garretty, Eric Garrison. Phyllis Garrott. Jennifer 267 Garrott. Jull 267 Gartln. Kent Gartln. Ronald Gassawav, Kathrvn 267 Gaston. John 307 Gaston. Kathryn Gates. Ann Gates. Gloria Gates. Rebecca 87 Gatewood. Sherry Gatlln. Rich Gatlln. Stacey 167. 231. 239. 271 Gatwood. Stacy Gausllne. Gregg 202. 203 Gautler. Bertrand Gean. Claire Gebhart. Leland 305 Geddy. Catherine Gee. Linnet Gehring, Andrew Gelsewlte. Laura Genetti. Berlin Gentry, Kathl Gentry, Krlstl Gentry. Stephanie Gentry. Timothy Geral. James Geshwender. Dawn Gettys, Larry 156. 277 Gex. Joseph 187 330 169. 319 340 341 273 319 350 267. 330 169 330 319 330 204 228. 350 330 157. 341 198 319 162, . 341 283, 350 330 265. 330 269. 341 197 341 359 131 365 197 199 231. 350 330 Gho. Angela 285, Gho. Patricia 285. Gholson. William Gibb, Stacey 261 Gibbons. David Gleselmann. Arlluir Gleselmann. Kent 304. GIfford. Tammy Gilbert. Jennifer Gilbert. Teresa Gilbert. Tracy Gilchrist. Daniel Gilder. Timothy Giles. Nicole 267. Gill. Bobby Gill. Kinloch GiUentine. Billy GlUentine, Brian GiUentine, Stephanie Gillespie. Charlotte Gillespie. Melissa GlUom. Hugh Glllom. Theresa 177 Gilmer, Daniel Gilmer. Judith Gilmer. William Gilmore. Paul 166. Gin, Guan Glnn. Robert 319 341 295. 350 319 309. 330 305 169, 319 205 301, 319 285. 341 341 277. 350 265. 319 , 341 341 365 273. 319 203. 341 341 205. 358 330 159 146. 341 197 330 330 265. 341 190 207 GIpson. Yolanda GIssel. Lewis Gissle. Lewis GIvens. Preston GIvens. Ronaldo Glasck. Greg Glasgow. Jane Glasgow. Thomas Glasgow. William Glass. Gerald 341 162. 277 341 273, 341 187. 249 147 140 303, 350 303, 319 120, 121. 122 Glass. Russell Glenn. Ellen Glover, Rhonda Glover, Tanya Glover, Theresa Godwin, Chauncey Goehring, Kristen Goforth, Albert Goforth. Todd Goggans, Stephanie Goggans. Terry Goh, Eng Goh. Slew Huat Goh. Tan Kim Goldberg. Jeffrey 265. 341 269. 330 350 163 330 104 126. 128 273 350 319 365 350 180. 350 180 265. 330 341 341 Golden, Charles Golden, Donna Golden Key 226 Golden, Lane 87. 269. 319 Golden. Rickey 341 Goldman, Bethanna 331 Goldman, Lee 162. 166. 168. 279. 298. 341 Gombar. Amy Gonzalez. Angela Gooch. Spencer Goode, TcrrI 169 Gooden. Rochelle Goodman. Courtney 301 Goodman, Jeffrey Goodwin, Shana 166 Gordon, Bonnie Gordon. Dave Gordon. Deborah Gordon. James Gordon, Kevin Gordon, Ram Gordon, Virginia Gore, Trey Gorham. Brendon Gorman. John Gorton, Walter Goss, VIntrice 197. Gossett, William Goudelock, Ann Gough, John Graber. Kelly Grace, James Grace. Wes Grace. Wesley Graeber. Chad Graeber. Kelly Grafton. Alan Graham. Amy Graham. Georgia Graham. Ginger Graham, Howard 287 303 190 283 269 331 187 277. 331 , 319 331 . 3.50 319 160. . 341 261. 319 158 331 194 193 193 341 167 303. 319 341 231 293. 319 307 331 319 282 350 193 190 169 161. 341 307 341 161, 319 166 170. 304 Directory o 375 Graham. Jonathan 194 Graham, Mark 206. 362 Graham. Martha 283. 341 Graham. Robert 309, 341 Graham. Ronald 365 Graham. Virginia 267. 350 Granger. Michelle . 331 Granger. Wendy ... 283, 341 Grant. Jason 160 Grant. Paul 319 Grant. Stephanie 168. 261.319 Grantham, Jonathan 350 Graves. Michelle . 193 Gray. Angela 350 Gray. Brenda 201. 319 Gray. Carol 319 Gray. Kevin . 165. 193. 299. 350 Gray. Nicole 319 Gray. Sandy 341 Gray. Suzanne 283 Greaves. Greta 331 Greco. Brian 331 Green. Barrett 186. 225, 228, 350 Green, Harvey 319 Green, Jennifer 283, 319 Green. John 167. 307. 319 Green. Les 190 Green. Pam 341 Green. Rollle . 301. 350 Green. Todd 305 Green, Willie 108 Greene. Wren 249. 303. 331 Greenhaw. Blake 296. 319 Greenhaw. Stephen 297 Greenlee. Charles 295, 331 Greenlee, Vickie 269. 319 Greenwell. Amy 224. 261. 350 Greer. David 341 Greer. Jason . 306. 307. 341 Greer. Stacy 5. 166. 283, 331 Greer, Todd 165, 196, 225, 239, 350 Gregory, Andrew . . 303, 319 Gregory, Elizabeth 199 Gregory, John 297 Gregory, Leigh 267,319 Gregory, Mike 350 Gregory, Romalas ... 211 Greller, Kathryn 269. 331 Grenn. Thomas 358 Griffin. Darla 350 Griffin, James 350 Griffin. Julie . 313, 331 Griffin. Mark 295. 331 Griffin. Michele 257. 331 Griffin, Sheila 184, 248, 313, 331 Griffin, Verdell 319 Griffis, Mitty 331 Griffis, Patricia 285 Griffith, David 194,350 Griffith, James 331 Griffith, Thomas . . 197, 319 Griffith, Vicki 205, 359 Grim, John 265,319 Grimes, Catherine . 271, 341 Grimes, Julie 158, 162, 166, 178, 301, 331 Grlnalds, Elizabeth 331 Grlner, Charles 341 Grisso, Kerry 331 Grissom, Brian 350 Grlssom, Roberta 341 Grlswold, Catherine 267, 341 Grizzard, Ashley 365 Grlzzard. Whitney 269. 331 Grochau. David 265, 331 Grogan, William 188 Groman, John 291 Grubbs, Jeff 196 Grubbs, Jennifer 313, 331 Guarr, Holly 319 Guest, Anna Kathryn 182, 285. 341 Guest. GIna 279. 331 GuUlon. Javier 157 Guillory, Brandl 341 Gulllot, Daniel 350 Gulatl. Manlsh 350 GulUck. Janet 319 Gumbinner. Garrett 309. 319 Gunn, Ken 360 Gunnarson, Patricia 279, 350 Gunnells, James 358 Gunner, Brad 231, 239 Gunter. Bubba 144 Gurley, Claudia 261, 319 Gurley, Whitney 261. 341 Gurner. Joe 150 Guy. Grace 331 Guy. Kimberly 279 Guy. Stacy 267, 331 Guyton, Janet 271,350 Gwynn, James 319 H Haag. Alan 197 225 Haag, Holley 331 Haas. Elizabeth 279. 331 Habans, Jon 179. 265. 350 Habeeb, Daniel 168. 320 Habeeb, Sam 156. 163. 176 179 Habeeb. Samuel 228. 239 350 Haberle. Paul 341 Hable. Katherlne 269. 350 Hachem. Hassan 225. 350 Hadad, Holley 168. 267. 331 Haddad. Amy 166. 267, 341 Haddock. Joy 168. 184, 267 ,320 Hadley. Mark 138 ,341 Hagaman. Robin 301, 341 Hagan. Saprena 350 Hage. Phil ... 357 Hagins. Nancy 341 Hagler. Margaret 350 Hahn. Meredith 279, 320 Hall. Thomasanna 198 Halle. Leslie 146 ,341 Hailey. Shea 204 ,360 Hairald. Shawn 350 Haire, Paul 331 Haire, Robin 290 291, 320 Hale. Cynthia 201 ,350 Hale. Jay 158 , 307 Hale. Jennifer 146, 182.231 .261 , 350 Hale. Sherby 331 Hale, Sonya 205, 358 Haley, Alicia 283 Haley, Elaine 289, 350 Hall, Amanda 283, 320 Hall, Brian 187 Hall, Chanis 257, 341 Hall. Christian 145 Hall. Justin 299.331 Hall, Leann 257, 331 Hall, Mike 341 Hall, Ramona 341 Hall. Will 161 Halliday. John 287.331 Hallum. Bryan 193. 297. 341 Hallum, Stephan 297, 320 Ham. Amanda 331 Ham, KIley 320 Ham, Mandy 271 Ham, William 299 Hamblin, Linda . . . 341 Hamblin, Mark 341 Hamilton, Brady 320 Hamilton. Merrily 279. 341 Hamilton, William 265, 295, 320 Hamm, Jodi 341 Hamm, Jon 287. 320 Hammack. Laura 283 Hammack. Misty , . 44. 184. 301. 341 Hammack, Stephanie 320 Hammett, Helene 283, 320 Hammett, Torey . . 287. 320 Hammons. Chad 220 Hamrick. Terry 309. 320 Hamsley. Kimberly 289. 341 Hanbury. Jennifer 331 Hancock. Christy 313. 319 Handel, Heather 267, 319 Handel, Justin 307 Haney, Amy 360 Hanklns, David 341 Hanklns, Tedral . 341 Hanninen, Laina 350 Hanor, Kristi 261, 320 Hanshaw, Rayne . . 197 Hanson, Melissa . 289, 341 Harden, Jack 303,331 Harder, William 365 Hardin, Elaine 341 Hardin, Stacey 193. 261, 320 Hardin, Tamela 341 Hardin, Traci 320 Hardin, Tracy 261 Hardy, David 341 Hardy, Elizabeth . 257, 320 Hardy, Kandy 331 Hardy. Michael 320 Hardy. Sanford 153. 188 Hardy. Stephanie 341 Harklns. Douglas 265. 331 Harlan. Holly . 261, 320 Harmon. Kelly 305. 320 Harmon. Patrick 291. 341 Harnel. Gerald 166 Harney. Scott 320 Harper. John 307 Harpole, Patricia 269, 331 Harrell, Kimberly , 267, 320 Harrell, Lea 331 Harrell, Lisa 320 Harrell, Lynn 331 Harrelson, Beth 331 Harrelson, Elizabeth 261, 320 Harrelson, Mary 285 Harrington, Mike 331 Harris, Cara 279, 341 Harris, Hayden , , 267, 331 Harris, Jay 286 Harris, Joy 320 Harris, Julius 292 Harris. Karen 271, 331 Harris. Matthew . 231 Harris, Norman 320 Harris, Norma 303 Harris, Shawn 167,350 Harris, Sheila 341 Harris, Stephanie 341 Harris, Susan 285, 341 Harris, Troy 309, 331 Harris, Will 320 Harris, William 305 Harrison. Amy , , . . 184, 203, 271, 331 Harrison, Beth 193 Harrison, Cynthia 168, 320 Harrison. Elizabeth 341 Harrison. Kate 331 Harrison. Lee 320 Harrison. Mary 301 Harrison. Steve 166 Harrison. Sylvia ... 341 Hart. Tara 178. 194. 271. 341 Hartfield. Angelia 271. 341 Hartfield. Angela 248 Hartfield. Rodney 365 Hartmann. Heather 179. 231. 301, 350 Hartness, Cindy 206, 360 Hartness, Julie . . 178. 182. 193. 269. 341 Hartzog, Michelle 83, 126, 129,259, 350 Harvell, Joe 122 Harvey, Alicia . . 285, 320 Harvey, Amos 199 Harvey, Brian 265 Harvey, Ed 159 Harvey, Reggie 365 Harvey. Scott 331 Harvlel. Jennifer 331 Harwell. Cary 331 Harwell. Dana 320 Harwell. Laura 331. 341 Hase, Cynthia 261, 350 Hase, Laura 261. 320 Hasseltln. Gloria 231 Hasseltlne. Suzanne 269. 350 Hastings, Karen 350 Hasty, Belinda 203 Hathcock. Martha 301 Hathcock. Stacy 331 Hathcock. Stephanie 146. 261. 341 Hathorn. John 307 Hathorn. Kim 205. 358 Haven. Dana 283. 331 Hawes. John 197 Hawes. Mary 350 Hawkins. Joe 277. 320 Hawkins. Perry 168, 169, 174. 320 Hawkins. Stephen . 350 Hayden, Claire 267. 350 Hayden. Tommy 307 Hayes. Alan 320 Hayes. Alicia 267 Hayes. Beverly 320 Hayes. Brooke 320 Hayes. Dawn 350 Hayes. James 193.350 Hayes. Katherlne 269. 331 Hayes, Kathryn 166 Hayes, Kathy 170 Hayes, Laura-lucia 283, 331 Hayes, Sheila 257 Hayes, Terrence . 265, 331 Hayes. Tracy 161, 163, 164, 166, 167, 179, 267, 350 Hayles, Amy . . 301, 331 Hayman, Jason 320 Haynes, Alvin 139, 144, 293,331 Haynes, Katherine 350 Haynes, Shelly 257, 331 Hays, Catherine Hays, Jennifer Hays, Kathryn Hays. William He, Shi-dong Head, Chantelle Head, Michael Healy, Merrill Healy, William Heard, Angela 362 257, 331 269, 320 291, 331 . 365 . . 331 265, 350 160, 291. 331 303, 320 156, 160, 172 Heath, Steve 362 Hebert, Stephen .... 305. 331 Hebrul, A. M 199 Heck, James 365 Hedrick, Stacy 350 Heebe, Bernhardt 303, 320 Heflin, Kristi 160, 166, 167, 301, 331 Heidel, Anna 269 Heidel, Finney 161,331 Heidel. John 265. 341 Heidel. Tonya 285. 320 Heidlnger. Clifford . 265. 320 Helmer. Gail 203 Heimer. Kyle 341 Hein, Stacy 331 Heinecke, Greg 130 Heitzke, Dara 169, 320 Helmers. Lee 320 Helton, Coleman . . 147, 350 Hemmlngs, Robert 202 Hemphill, Elsie 365 Hemphill, Jeffery . 351 Henderson, Doris . . 158. 203, 259, 331 Henderson, Erika . 177, 331 Henderson, Jean 169. 269. 320 Henderson. Lee . . 351 Henderson. Yolanda 259. 351 257 301. 331 313, 341 Hendrlckson. Betty . 341 Hendrix. Brian 198 Heng. Hwee Mian 180 Hennessey. Caren 182, 271. 320 Henry. Jill 289. 331 Hensarling. Robynne . . 160. 279. 351 Hensley. Elaine Henson. Carolyn Htrriii.R ' " ' " Htrton.CWs ' l ' Hendrick. Stacy Hendricks. Nancy Hendricks. Sheila Henson. Jeff Hen son, John Hentz, David Hererra, Raphael Herlard, Heather 351 267, 320 166, 168, 351 295, 331 197 Hermetz, Rebecca 134 193, 341 193, 269, 331 Hernandez, Joanna 176, 203, 341 Herrera, Kevin 202, 203 Herrera, Patricia 301, 320 Herrera, Rafael 144 Herring, Ashley 351 Herring, James 297 Herring, Leigh Ann 205, 360 376 o Directory S7, 179,25 Herrlngton, James 186 285 351 331 Herrlngton. Julie 205. Hlllenburg. Jill 285. Holder, Wade 160. 265, 3 30U 358 331 331 Herrlngton, Leigh 1 46. HlUlard. Tonya 177. Holland. Jesse 169 320 139. H 293.3 279. 341 341 Holland, Karen 365 Herrlngton. Leslie 269. Hlllmer. Casey 320 Holland. Twyla 351 341 Milton. Alvln 152 351 llolley. Robert 147 Herrlngton. Sulynn Hilton. Renee 351 Holley. Rodney 152 a 194.351 Hinds. Deborah 203. Holley. Steven 193 341 ' ■ Hcrrod. Carol 205. 360 313 331 Holllnian. Ann 362 ' 5 269: Hcrrod. Renlta 320 HIndsley. Eugene 305 Hollls. Mary 313 320 Herron. Christopher HIndsley. Pace 320 Holllson. Monica 301, 320 HInes. Owen 351 320 Hester. Chris 165 HIncs. Reld 144 HoUoway. Judy 205 Ip Hewes. Forrest 305. Hinton. Brian 249. 287. Holloway. Mary 239. 265,1 160,2 320 320 351 248. 283 351 Hewitt. Charles 305. HInton. Don 162. 307. HoUowell. Teresa 341 331 320 Holman. David 331 303,! 156,1! Hewitt. Marcus 193. Hipp. Melissa 168 331 Holman. Janie 158. 304 Hitchcock. Darrel 87 160. 162. 166. 267 341 Hezlep. Klmberlv 279. Hlte. Stacy .... 169 320 Holmes. Andrew 299 ]■ 320 HItt. Ryan , , 265 320 Holmes. Blair 160. 162. 3 HIatt. Caroline 165. Ho. Foo 365 166 n , 3( 283. 331 Hoard. Tommy 331 Holmes, Cliff 165 ■ Hickman. Stephanie Hobbs. Chrlstoph er 365 Holmes. David 197 1 159 Hobbs. Dirk 309 351 Holmes. Drew 158 . 320 ! Hlers. Angel 201 Hobbs. Holly 178. 248. Holmes. Harold 172. ' Hlgglnbotham. Steven 257 331 320 irdt 3 295. 341 Hodge. Gaines 351 Holmes, James 297. Hlgglnbotham. Steve Hodge. Lee 113. 115. 320 160.11 190 117 Holmes, Janice 201 6?.301,1 High. Kelly 271 Hodge, Thomas . 287. Holmes. Jeananne 320 High. Slldell 331 341 Holmes. Jeanne 257 161,1 HIghtower, Pamela 351 Hodges, Jeffrey 158. Holmes. Jennifer 201, 261 Hllbun. Mary 267 277 .341 273 313 .341 28,1 Hllburn. Parker 162. Hodges. Kenya 259 .331 Holmes. Rudolph 295. Old 1 166.331 Hodges, Martha 267 320 Hill. Alison 136.331 Hodges. Melanle 331 Holmes. Russell 351 Hill. Anndra 271.351 Hodges. Paige 331 Holmes. Stephen 92 Hill. Brenda 162. 163. Hodgklns. Mark 130 Holmes. Victoria 285. 193,201.331 Hogan, Margaret 289, 331 J.,, 1 Hill, Christopher ., . 277, 341 Holt. Edwin 161 295. 169,1 351 Hogue, Hugh 291 320 Hill, Dorothy 320 Hogue. Robert 291 .341 Honan. Kelly 285 . 341 u 1 Hill, Keith 165. 172. Hogue. Trey 320 Honeycutt. Karen 182, 173. 351 Holbrook. Christine 271 ,320 ibol 1 Hill. Kelly 203.341 313 ,320 Honeycutt. Laurie 285, e 1 Hill. Kitty 351 Holbrook. Holly 184 320 tTi 1 Hill, Renecia 172. 173. Holbrook. KrIstI 301, Hong. Christopher 341 lis ' . 194, 248.293, 311. 341 320 Honors Program 232 03,259,1 Hill. Shannon 261.320 Holcomb. Barry 162 Hontzas. Stefanle 162, ika I Hill. Stephanie 284. Holder. Timothy 309, 179. 190 301 .351 Hood. Doris 341 Hooker. Allison 162. 267. 341 Hooker. Edwin 295. 320 Hooker. Louise 161. 168. 190. 267 Hooker. Mary 341 Hooker. I ' lillllp 277. 341 Hooker. WlUle 320 Hoops. VIkkl 168 Hoppe. Bryan 265. 320 Hopper. Kerry 279. 320 Hopper. Samantha 341 Hopson. Jay 144 Hopson. Lester 341 Hopson. William 239 Horan. Sean 265. 320 Hord. EUsa 351 Horgan. Shauna 289. 331 Horn. Kelly 203 Horn. MIchele 351 Horn. Thomas 320 Hornaday. Stephen 341 Home. Tome 307 Hornsby. Mary 267. 351 Horton. Chad 309, 320 Horton. Edward 265, 320 Horton. Maria 301. 320 Horton. Sheila 187 Horton. Thomas 351 Horton. Tom 199 Hosklns. Xavler .211. 341 Hospodor. Eric 299, 320 Hospodor. Greg 207 Hotty Toddy 206 Hou. An 365 House. Nanette 285. 351 Houston. Karen 205 Houston. Lauren 201 Houston. TonI 365 Hovas. Laura 205 Hovas. Todd 331 Hovious. Mary Katherine 87. 168. 169. 267. 320 Howard. Barbara 172. 311,341 @ Howard, Ben 307 Howard. Bllllc 285 Howard. Clair 351 Howard. Frank 149. 160. 166.293. 331 Howard. Hunter 331 Howard. Katrlna F. 208, 209, 217,239, 248, 275. 351. 400 Howard. Richard 291 Howard. Tom 351 Howard. William 287 Howe. Kevin 341 Howell. Beth 32. 205. 358 Howell. Christopher Howell. Devin Howser. Mark Hoye. Monica Hsu. Chao-Jung Hsu. Fu-nuel Hsu. Hui-chang Hsu. Shang-pei Hu. Dan Hu. Po-hua Hu, Shu-chuan Hu, Zhifang Huam. Adelene Huang, Gui Hubbard, Ginger 320 172, 320 231 331 365 331 365 365 365 365 365 331 320 365 267, 331 301, 331 273, 320 Huddleston, Paul 163, 168, 176. 351 Hudnall, Paige 190,331 Hudson. David 358 Hudson. Joe 222 Hudson. Kelly 342 Hubbard, Leslie Huddleston. Bryan Hudson, Rayford Hudson. Robert Hudson, Stacy Hudspeth. Lorelei Huff. Jenna Huff, Matt Hufflnes. Michael Hufford. Jennifer Hugglns. Greta Hugglns. Jennifer Hugglns. Preston 291. 342 277, 331 140 342 267. 342 190 297. 320 331 342 261. 342 204. 360 307 269. 331 303, 320 Hughes, Chris Hughes, Hope Hughes, Lacey Hughes. Marks 332 Hughes. Sybil 365 Hughes. Tim 187 Hughes, Virginia 267 Hull, Bria n 309, 332 Hull, Genevieve Humkey, Jennifer Hummel, Reglna Humphrey, Verna , Humphrey, Wana Humphries, William Hundley, Krlsta 269, 332 131. 332 177, 342 168, 332 182 342 279. 332 342 342 Hunkaplller. Marta Hunt. Kevin Hunt, Noel 224. 351 Hunt, Tammy 332 Hunt, Tracey 111,279, 320 Hunter, Shannon 279, 351 Hunter, Tracey 332 Hurd, John 303, 332 Hurst, Stacey 332 Hurt, Linda 351 Hussain, Masood 156, 196. 365 Hussey. Duke 203. 351 Directory o 377 378 o Hutchinson, Charlie 17 Hutchinson. Vincent ... 190. 351 Hutchison. Barry 365 Hutchison. Stacle 358 Huthnance, Ann 166. 269. 332 Hux. Elizabeth . 257. 332 Hux, Steve 204 Hwee. Mian 332 Hyde. Grant 320 Hyde. Patrick . 166. 307. 332 Hyde, Rebecca 269 Hyde. Valerie . 228.231. 267. 351 Hyer. Bart 249 I lannelli. Richard lelaldnis, Lorl 177. Imwold. Tracy Ince. Allan Ince. Samuel . India Association Indovlna. Robyn Indovna. Robyn Ingram. Jennifer 257. Ingram. Lee Ingram. Mary . Ingram. Melissa 248, 285. 283. 283. 291. 342 203. 342 332 138 342 180 289. 351 220 269. 320 284, 351 320 193. 351 299 320 Inman. James Inman, Todd 168 Institute Of Electrical And Electron Engineering .... 197 Inter-hall Council . 174 Iranmagboob. Jamshld 366 Irby, Gerald 366 Irby. Heather 146 Isaacs. Cody . 257. 320 Ismail. Mohamad . . . 342 Isom. Travis 342 isom. Willie . 172. 320 Isonhood. Robert 277. 351 Ito. Shingo 366 Ivey. Ken 196.208.342 Iyer. Sangeeta 320 Jackson. Jackson. Jackson. Jackson. Jackson. Jackson. Jackson. Jackson. Jackson. Jackson. Jackson. Jackson. Jackson. Jackson. J Demetria Fagan Felisha Freddy George Glenda Jennifer . 271,306, Karma . . Llesa 233, 261, Lisa . - 183, Mark Mary 269. Maylon . . . Penny ... Jackson, R. C. 287 Jackson, Jackson, Scott Stacy Jackson, Stephen 320 351 342 342 196 342 168, 332 271, 320 231, 351 320 187 320 169 279, 332 157, 332 342 267, 342 320 Jackson, Sterling Jackson, Steve Jackson, Steven Jackson, Teresa Jacobs, Doug . . Jacobs, Gilbert . Jacobs. Thomas Jaggers, Chad Jaggers. Cynthia Jaggers. James Jain. Sanjay . , . . James. Jennifer James. John James. Jonathan James. Leslie . . Jamleson. Carol Jamieson. Tonya Jansson. Donna Jarrett. James Jarvls. Janna Jaudon. Teresa 283 Jean-Jacques, Marie Jeans, Chandranita Jeans, Tonla .... Jee, Emily Jefcoat, Jere . 267 Jefcoat. Jodl . . . 267 Jefferles, Undrea Jehl, Cameron . 265 Jenkins, Bill Jenkins, Hilary . Jenkins, Laverne Jenkins. Linda Jenkins. Thomas Jenkins. William . . Jennings. Jean Jennings. Mary .... Jernlgan. Krlstl Jernigan. Nan Jernlgan. Sarah 271 279 269 Jester. Katherlne . . Jin, Llanyu Jobe, Brad Joblln. Trent Joe. Amy Johansen. Stephanie John. Michelle 283 Johns, Jason 265 Johns, Tracl . . . 279 Johnson. Alecla .... 173,311 Johnson, Amanda . . 267 Johnson, Anthony . . Johnson, Bill Johnson, Bruce Johnson, Carol 269 Johnson, Cathy Johnson, Cecil Johnson, Christine Johnson, Claire Johnson, Cynthia 259 197 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, 1 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Dan Dana Darron Dave James . Jay John Jonathan 61, 182, 299 Joyce Julie Katrlna Laura . 332 Johnson, Mathew . 342 186 Johnson, Mellnda . . 351 169, Johnson, Patricia 351 305 Johnson. Patrice 190. 366 193,240,288.289.351 144 Johnson, Paula 342 332 Johnson, Phadrea . 332 291. Johnson. Randy . . 197. 320 351 204 Johnson. Reglna . . . 261. 205. 321 360 Johnson. Rick 303. 351 360 Johnson. Robert 305, 366 347 351 Johnson, Scott 221, 321 305,321,351 321 Johnson, Stephen 158, , 332 304 351 Johnson, Sylvia ... 366 257, Johnson, Todd 169, 332 321 332 Johnson, Tracey 110. 342 160.285.351 321 Johnston. Janet ... 205. 203. 358 321 Johnston. Janis 366 . . . . Johnston. Stephen . . 87. 366 305,321 342 Johnston, Steven 169 332 Johnston, Thomas 342 342 Joiner, Deani 184,271, , 342 342 ,321 Jolly, Karen 182,271, 321 321 , 321 Jone. Andrae 203 193 Jones, Albert 170,347 351 Jones. Alison 271.332 366 Jones. Andrae 321 332 Jones. Angela 342 342 Jones. CamI . 132. 224. 295. 351 321 Jones. Charlotte . . 285. 321 321 269 Jones. Cynthia 190, 270, 194 , 342 Jones, Donald 332 168, Jones, Elizabeth .271, 332 301,332 170, Jones, Geoffrey 351 332 Jones. Heather 279. 283. 332 332 Jones. Jacqueline 259. 366 332 197 Jones. Jeffery 204. 240. 204 360 351 Jones. Jeremy 304. . . . . 305. 321 193 Jones. Kate . 136,332 342 Jones, Kelly . . . 267. 332 342 Jones. Kenneth . . 332 332 Jones. Leslie 342 172. Jones. Linda 240 351 Jones. Lisa .... 166. 248. 140. 301.311.332.351 321 Jones. Lou Ann . . 169. 174. 283.321 332 Jones. Marilyn 285. 184 342 351 Jones. Martha 269 268. Jones. Marty 321 , 342 Jones. Moneke 321 248. Jones. Rhonda 342 , 351 Jones. Robert 172, 173, ,351 265.321 224. Jones. Sarah 285. 321 351 Jones. Scott 342 205. Jones. Stephen 291, 362 321 267, Jones, Vernell 321 351 Jones, Wanda 259,351 321 Jones. William 321 342 Jordan. Jacqueline 182. 280 279. 342 196 Jordan. Jill 184 295 Jordan, Kimberly .201, 321 261,332 332 Jordan, Leanna 301, 342 , 351 Jordan, Lisa 285 342 Jordan, Michelle ... 164, 224 342 351 Jordan, Steffanie . 351 224 Joslin. Mary 342 Jourdan, Angela . 283. 321 Joyner. Clay 332 Joyner. James 265 Jue, Debbie 332 Jumper. Debbie .... 205 Jumper. Deborah . . . 360 Jumper. Tim 120. 122. 144. 281,351 Jung, Jay 307 Junker, Gregory .... 197 K Kadlec, Ellen 321 Kafouros, Antonis 321 Kakales, Llbble 162 Kalbearer, Kim 110 Kaluz, Karen 271 Kamman, John . . 265, 332 KA 276 KA 280 KA« 278 KA 282 K2 286 Kappa Epsilon .... 205 KKr 284 Kappa Kappa Psi . . 203 Kappa Psi 204 Karahan. Gokhan . 366 Karamchandanl. Ashwin 176. 351 Karan. Eliazar 366 Karthlkeyan, Mahadevan 197 Karunakaran. Mohan .... 351 Kasralan. M 197 Kay. Jennifer 190. 279. 342 Kayano. Yoshlko . . . 366 Kaye. Jake . . 265. 332 Kde. Wern 197 Ke. Bin 197 Keefe. Colleen 289. 321 Keen. Hugh 321 Keen. Kevin . . . 309.321 Keen. Michael 332 Keeton. Michael . 321 Kehoe. Elizabeth 164 Kelesar. Michael 164 Keller, Roger 186 Kelley. Don . . 138. 144, 307, 342 Kelley, Michelle .... 257, 351 Kelley, Mike 147 Kellum, Kate 224 Kellum, Kevin . 291,342 Kellum, Patrick . 158, 265, 321 Kellum, Stacey 182, 313. 342 Kellum. Wendy 157. 313. 342 Kelly. Brian . 138. 144. 280, 281, 342 Kelly, Glen 44, 187 Kelly, Jennifer 165, 168, 321 Kelly, Jerry 321 Kelly, Joe 166 Kelly, Trent 351 Kelso, Laura 279, 342 Kemp, Jeffrey 265, 332 Kemp, Virginia 285. 332 Kendall, Leigh 301,321 Kennedy. Grace Ann . 168. 267. 332 Kennedy. Richard 196 Kennedy. Wendy . 198, 351 Kennlngton, Mack . . 166, 287, 342 Kent, Phillip 104 Kerr, Kristlne . . 271, 321 Kersh, George 139, Kersh, Julie Kesslnger, Keith Kesslnger, Kevin Kessler, Mike . . 152, Ketcham, Kevin .... Ketchum, Tammle . . Key, Billy Keys, Lynette 172, Khaleel, Amal Khirieh, Suzanne . . . Khong, Steven KIdd, Margaret Kieffer, Drew . 287 Kilgore, Jay KUIough, Elizabeth . KUpatrick, Amy . . 301 KUpatrick, Kara . Kim, Jeung-KI Kim, Mi Kimble, Anastasla Kimzey, Kelli . 271 Klncaid, Jessica .... KIncaid, Mary . . 261 Klncaid, Pamela .... King. Alan King, Charlie 161, 167, 228, 240, 277, King, Jeff King, Julia King, Laura . . 257. King. Laurie King. Michelle King. Ralph . . . 309, King. Richard King. Robert King. Robin 184, King. Vernon . 265, King. Wayne . 203 Kinney. Elizabeth . Kinsey. John . . 158. 182. 193.208 Kinzey. Natalie Kirby. Jennifer Kirby. Tina ... 301 KIrchmayr. Deldra KIrkendall, Patrick . Klrkland, Christie . Kirkland, Linda . . . KIrkpatrick, Brian Kirkpatrick, Danielle 146 Kirkpatrick, Mike . 147 Kitaka, Richard ... 197, 321 Kitchens, Elizabeth . 321 Kitchens, Kakljane . . 271, 332 Kitchens, Marion 257 Kitchens. William . 342 Klaus. Jessica 177. 289. 332 Kliebert. Adam 332 Kloek. Marc 351 Knabb. Catherine 342 Knee. Michael 351 Knelsler. Dan 187 Knight. Angela 342 Knight. Denise . 146, 300 Knight, Elvin . 160, 262. 263, 358 Knight, Leslie 201, 279. 342 Knight. Mary . 301.342 Knight. Patrick 197 Knirnschild, Michael . . . ■ 186 Knowles, Mike . 134.135 Knox. James 342 Ko, Maria 180 Kobila, Kristlne 257, 321 Koeneen, Alfred . 366 Koestler, Christopher . . . • 303, 321 342 ' S ' - ' = " ;:.| 351 » ■ ' " Vl7 ¥ ' t 153 ,l!«»« ' ' ' 342 351 342 311,. 3661 j 321 H T " , 332 Kotacti ' J " 342 ' KEid.WP ' ' 342 ' bf., " " " , 321 SnLTIiw ' " ' 272 332 itfinfsl.w " 161, ,342 ' Sr r,Kelll 358 ' Enrser,Cl 366 366 fci!liiiiil»{ " " 321 ,342 321 ,321 257, 351 307 163, 351 130 351 342 332 321 351 351 332 351 351 321 321 168, 342 332 301, 332 ,321 224 351 283, 351 283, 332 309, 332 Directory ■ i Kohn. Katherlne Kolcsar. Michael 199 299, 342 Kolpe. VIvek 366 Koncak. Julie . 289. 332 Konecnv. J ' Anne 279, 321 Koon. Henr ' 204. 362 Koons, Harold 231 Koons. Trey Lacy. Monica Ladncr, Amy 188, Koss, Trade Kovach, Jennifer Kraft. Joseph Kraft. Richard Krai, Theodore 161, 164, 249 193. 351 166 Krelnest. Michael Kreller, Kelll Krleser, Cynthia 351 184. 332 303, 321 265. 342 313, 321 208. 257. 321 Krlshnamagara, Dharmesh 225 Krohn, Kelly 283. 351 Kublsta. Theodore 351 Kuchenmelster. Gerald 196 Kuluz. Karen 321 Kurachek. Katherlne 279, 321 Kurtz. Wendl 342 Kurtz. Wendy 257 Kwak, Youngsik 366 Kwang, HockEng 180, 366 Ladner, Halite 166, 168, 279 Ladner, John 190 Ladner, Kirk 265 Ladner, Stephanie Lagarde, James . Lall. Brandon . Lall, Deana Lalne, Leslie Laird, Sydney Lamar, Lucius Lamb, Laura Lambda Sigma . Lambert, Andree 301, 279 313 305, 301 Lambert, Connie Lamid, Farldah Lamkln, Carol Lampman, Mitchell Lampton, Mitch Lancaster. April Lancaster, Susie . Landes, Jacqueline Landreth, Kenneth Landrum, Laura Lane. Ben .... Lane. Christina 261 L Labadl. Mohannad 366 Labrot. Paula 261.321 Lackey. Ellen 165. 190. Lackre. Kevin 186 Lacoste. Ken 307 Lacoste. Lash 307 Lacoste. Robert 342 Lacour. John 342 Lane. Christy . Lane. John Lane, Regina Lang, Robert Langford, Leslie Langford. Rhonda Langley, Doreen Langston, Cleveland Langston. Genevieve 166 313, 332 167, 342 351 342 342 197. 321 321 342 332 321 351 321 230 261, 332 351 342 366 307 184 205, 360 366 283. 332 342 269. 332 130 279. 332 168 342 , 342 342 332 351 177 Lanzelta. Paula Larroux. Jean 287 Larsen, Lars . . 299 Larson. Allison Lary. Stephen 295 Lassiter. Jody 158 Latham. Dan 295 Latham, William Latt, Lee Laurent. August 209, 269 Lavender, Michelle Lavender, Missy Law. David Lawhorn. Alesla Lawrence, David Lawrence, Jason Lawrence. JInnlfer Lawrence. Julia Lawrence. Mark Lawrence. Nan Lawrence. Pamela Lawrence. Tosha Lawson. Kay Lawson. Patricia 169, 366 321 Langston. Kimberly 289. 321 Langston. Sam 305 Langston. Sime . . 342 Lankford. Malone . . 153, 168. 208. 266, 267, 332 Lawson, Victoria 177, Lax. Jennifer Lay. Kao Sheng Lay. Lisa 158, Layne. Robert Layne. Scott Layton. Brittany 194. Lazarow, Victor Leake, Lindsey Leake. Robert Leask. Brand Leathers. Julie Leavell. Leslie Leavy. Montray 172. Ledbetter. Carrie Ledbetter, Diane Lee, Gary Lee. Danna 233 205 279 273 273 285 305 287 289 173 168. 271 283 201 332 321 342 321 249 321 366 144 208. 342 261 224. 332 295. 321 362 351 277. 321 342 351 305. 332 193 351 332 366 301, 342 174, , 351 , 358 197 , 321 , 321 , 342 153, . 342 16 351 321 321 332 342 169, 321 342 224 169. 321 351 307 289. 332 332 303.321 366 321 225 321 283, 342 366 332 297, 332 342 279. 321 96 Leflore. Beth Lefoldt, Kimberly Leow. Men Lester. Catherine Lee. David Lee. Elizabeth Lee, Eng Lee, llunlcr Lee. Ik-Soo Lee. Jesse Lee. Jung Wen Lee. Klan . Lee, Laura Lee, Seonsu Lee, Thomas Lee, Wyatt Lee. Van Leech, Kendall Leeper, Sam Leeper. Valerie 96 Lefner, Chelle 321 Leffler, Michelle 166, 285 205, 362 289, 332 Legler, Robert 295, 321 Leigh. Robin 313,342 Lemmons, Deborah 366 Lemmons. Sonny 321 Lemons. Jared 265,321 Lence. David 342 Lenoir, Chalise 179, 190. 300 Leong. Kai 351 Leong. Kok 180. 366 Leong-Chuan. Tan 194 Leopold. Boomer 305, 321 332 269. 321 Lester. Crystal 358 Lever, James 290, 291, 332 Lewand, Lee 190 Lewis, Amanda 168, 332 Lewis, Amy 188, 228 Lewis. Andre 366 Lewis. George 197 Lewis, Hunter 190 Lewis, Jon 291, 342 Lewis, Kallepha 138 Lewis, Lauren 270,271, 342 Lewis. Megan 12 Lewis, Paul 273, 332 Lewis, Sarah 366 Lewis, Thomas 190 Leydon, Robert 190, 366 Leyser, Clay 286 Li. Xun 366 Lian, Kang 197 Llew, Chea 366 LIghtsey, Jana 32 1 Llgon, Allen 158. 168, 169. 295, 321 Llles, Mary ... 188. 351 Lilly, Robin 205 Llm, Cynthia 321 Lim, Ewe 342 Llm, Joo 332 Lim, Sin 332 Llm, Sing 351 Lim, Tien Fang 180. 321 Lin, Bu 366 Lin, Gin-Chung 366 Lin, Keam 342 Lindley. Stephanie .. 132. 224 Lindsay. Hugh 291.342 Lindsey, Jennifer 332 Lindsey. Stephen 176, 342 Ling, James 342 LInzy, Delores 342 Llong. Yew 321 Llou. Yuan-Fore 366 Llou, Yuenyen 197.366 LIpert, Derick 287. 342 Lipert, Dirk 138, 194 Lippincott, Licki 166 Llppincott. VIckl . 257, 321 LIpsey, Laura 366 LIpsteuer. Stuart 291, 321 LIpsteuer. William 342 LIpsleur. William 291 LIsowskI, Peter 332 LItson, Matt 186 Little. Angel 168.313, 332 Little, Barbie 362 Little, Charla 362 Little, Ramona 360 LIttleJohn, Christy 271, 351 Liu, Renyi 366 Livingston, Amy 182, 271, 321 Livingston. Linda 205, 362 Livingston. Marsha 352 Llzana, Mary 269, 321 Lloyd. Craig 225 Lloyd. James 352 Lloyd, Myanthla 342 Lockhart. Mark 1 58. 163. 168, 170. 182. 299. 342 Lockhart. Reeca 146. 205, 358 Lockhart, Renee 168. 301. 332 Logan. Lorrl 188 Logglns. Carla 193,332 Loh, Edmond 321 Loh. Lai 342 Loke. Kok 343 Long, Darryl 206, 360 Long, Jennifer 169, 269. 321 Long. Julia 362 Long. Rosemary 332 Long. Scott 149. 366 Long. Thomas 1 94 Long, Timothy 188. 291. 352 Loper. Sandy 352 Lord, Julie 283, 321 Lore, Bart . . 321 Losordo, Donald 366 Losson, Christopher 366 Lott, Amy 279, 343 Lott, Ashley 301,321 Lott. Lee 358 Lott. Richard 352 Lott. Tiffany 271, 343 Lott. Tyler . 283, 306, 332 Loustalot, Melissa 169, 267, 321 Loutfi. Lila 289. 332 Love. Audra 366 Love, John 265, 321 Love, Sherry 146 Lovejoy, Mark . 277. 321 Lovek. Eade 17 Lovelace, Everett . . 295, 322 Lovelady, Valerie 343 Lovett. James 309, 343 Lovorn, Douglas . 309, 352 Low, Anne 343 Low. Yee-Huap 343 Lowe. Amy 168, 267, 332 Lowe, Lissa 269, 322 Lowe, Vernon 187, 343 Lowery, Maggie 279. 322 Lowery. Seth 183. 196 Lowrance. Keltha 332 Lowrey. Jay 352 Lowrey. Leticia 322 Lowrey. Seth 343 Lowrie, Guyla 289, 332 Lowther, John 366 Lozano. Nicaslo 199. 366 Lu. Lee 322 Lua, Kee 352 Luber, Byron 167, 307 Lucas. Amanda 301 Directory o 379 Lucas, Cheryl 366 Lucas, Jon 168. 307. 343 Lucas. Leeanne 168. 279. 322 Lucas. Leigh 168. 169. 267. 322 Lucas. Mandy 322 Lucchesl. DC. 153. 297, 352 Luce. John 299. 322 Luck. Edward 297. 322 Ludlow. William 352 Lulgs. Jennifer 279. 343 Lulgs, Robin 160 Lundy. Jennifer 285. 322 Lupberger, Ted 161, 168, 186, 295, 332 Lusk, Cllf 150, 194 Luter, Chip . 307, 322 Lux, Mary 366 Lye, Chuan 322 Lyerly, Marc . 265, 322 Lyles, Raquel 187 Lynch, David 303. 322 Lynch. Lisa 343 Lynchard. Daryl 332 Lyon. Jacqueline 301. 322 Lyons. Trad 261. 343 M 380 o Ma. Francis , . 168. 352 Ma. Helen 208. 209. 352 MacDlarmld. Meredith 289. 343 MacDonald. Mark 265. 332 MacDougall. Scott . 265. 322 Macey. Carter 352 Maclnnes. Rosalie 332 Macintosh. Stephanie 283. 322 Maczko. John 322 Madasamy, Supplah 197 Madden. Leslie 289. 343 Maddox. Bill 162 Maddox, Virginia - 313, 322 Madrid. Andrea 313, 332 Magee, Angle 271.332 Magee. Marsha 283. 332 Magee. Melissa 283. 343 Magee. Paulynn 352 Magers. Lisa , 271. 352 MagUl. Mark 343 Mah. Dorann . . 193, 322 Mahfowz, Michael . 186 Mahl. KalanI 132 Maler, Edward 309, 343 Main, Meredith , 267, 322 Major, LeAnne 157, 162, 168, 279. 343 Majors. Lisa 248 Malaysian Student Association 181 Maley. Alicia , 322 Malhotra. Arun 240 MalladI, Siva 197 Mallard. Lee 352 Mallela. Bala 366 Mallela. UmadevI 366 Mallette. James 277 Mallette, Mickey 307 Mallette. Mo 162.332 Mallette. William 343 Malley. Chris 198 Directory Malley, Katharine 240 Malloy, Kara 140, 322 Malloy, Shawna , 194 Malone, David 160, 184, 193, 277, 295, 352 Malone, Elizabeth 360 Malone, Ellen 352 Malone, Lorl 322 Malone. Paula 332 Malone. Phil 190 Malone. Sharlene 206 Malone. Suzanne 289. 322 Maloney, Mark 295. 343 Malouf. Eric 332 Malouf. Michael - 287. 333 Maness, Denise 283. 322 Maness. Melissa 322 Maness. Scott 224. 333 Manlam, Balasundram 366 Mann, Andrea 257, 343 Manning, Crama 271, 343 Manning, Valerie 205, 358 Manogln., Terrance 138 Mansel, Pamela 197 Mansell. Lara 343 Mansell, Virginia 269. 343 Mansoor. Anthony 277. 322 Mansoor, Sabrlna 190, 352 Manton, Scott 164 Manuel. Berna 366 Mao. An 343 Mapp. Jane 190 Mar. Linda Fanney 157. 352 Marascalco. Angela 257. 352 Marble. Eric 199. 352 Marbury, Cheryl 205. 360 Marcellus. Adrian 197. 322 Marchbanks, Ltndsey 333 Marchbanks, Sarah 283 Marglotta, Mark 249 Marlon, Dan 199 Marks, Anne 269, 322 Marks, Margaret 269 Marks, Mem 352 Marquer, Celeste 206 Mars. Dawn 162, 166, 179, 193, 283. 352 Marschewskl. Julie 289, 333 Marsh, Adrian 322 Marsh, Brian 193, 333 Marsh, Elizabeth 269. 333 Marshall. Courtney 279. 322 Martin, April 352 Martin, Bo 307 Martin, Christopher , 322 Martin, Cynthia . , 333 Martin, David - , 333 Martin, Emily 267, 333 Martin, Eric 352 Martin, Hamel 295, 322 Martin, Hollls 295, 333 Martin, Jackie 124. 126. 127. 343 Martin. James 352 Martin. Jeffrey 303. 322 Martin, John 190 Martin, Lakelsa 322 Martin, Lance 265, 333 Martin, Leland 182 Martin, Leslea 271,352 Martin, Mandy 168, 261, 322 Martin, Marina 159 Martin, Nancy 257. 343 Martin. Randy 343 Martin, Shannon . . . 257. 322 Martin. Stephanie . . 271. 333, 343 Martin, Sunny 352 Martin, Victoria 367 Martineau, David 170, 199 Mask, Chad 307, 333 Mason, Amanda 146, 271. 343 Mason. Freddie 343 Mason. James 352 Mason. Lola 261. 322 Mason. Rhonda 322 Mason. Sonya 150 Massenglll. Laura 343 Massey. Amy 283. 322 Massey, James 352 Massey. Lee 271 Massey. Lyndel 322 Massie, Shannon 166, 168, 271, 343 Masterson. CIci 322 Masterson, Constant 269 Matheny, James . 322 Mathews, Marcl - 158, 161, 269, 333 Mathews. Mellnda 205 Mathls. Debra 333 Mathls. Shelly 205. 358 Mathison. George . 265. 322 Matlock. Scott 297. 333 Matthes. Cellna 313. 333 Matthew. Joseph 299. 352 Matthews. Jason 322 Matthews. John 118 Matthews. Mary ... 269. 333 Matthews. Mellnda 362 Mattlson. Sydney . 283. 333 Mattox. Lisa 352 Mauney, Mary 162. 168. 343 Maxcy. Brian 322 Maxcy, David . 305 Maxwell, David 287, 322 Maxy, Allyn 193 May, Cynthia - 313, 343 May. Jonathan 352 May. Matthew 333 May. McDanlel - 146. 333 May. Tracy 1 98 Mayfleld. Gloria 231. 248. 257. 352 Mayfleld. Laura 269. 333 Mayfleld. Terry . . 186 Mayhall. Pamela . 257. 343 Mayo. KIberly 257 Mayo. Kim 197. 322 Mayo. Samantha 131. 352 Mays, Katherine 285, 333 McAdams, RIc 299, 322 McAdory, Brad 169. 322 McAlpin. Elizabeth 358 McAlpln. Garrett 307 McAlpln. Page 110.205 McAnn. Stephanie 224 McArthur, James 305. 322 McArthur. Lucy . 267. 352 McBee, Ward 309, 322 McBryde, VIckl 343 McCaa, Gayle 267, 322 McCain, Edwin 343 McCain. Freyja 157. 162. 322 McCall. Brent 322 McCallum. Ryan 299. 322 McCarley. Melonie 333 McCarlie. Christine 271. 333 McCartney. Jennifer 158. 289. 322 McCartney. Matt 265. 322 McCarty. Mary Helen 301. 343 McCarty. Phil , . 158. 166. 170. 264. 265. 343 McCauley. Jennifer 267. 333 McCausland. Patrick 277. 322 McChesney. Cindy 241. 363 McClaln. Alleen . 270. 271 McClain. Mellnda 360 McClaln. Patricia 352 McClard. Alexandra 285. 343 McClatchy, Elizabeth 168, 270, 271 McClatchy, J. 333 McClelland, Benjamin 322 McCllntock, Tonya 289, 322 McCloud, Marty 12 McClure. Randl 271. 322 McCotn. Jerry 333 McColgan, Jim 147 McColgan. Tamara 147 McCollum. Allyson 162. 301. 322 McCollum. Beth . 279, 333 McCollum, Margaret 301, 343 McCollum. Melissa 267. 322 McCollum. Tony 190 McComas. Wes . 183 McConnell. Fred 160. 166. 167. 182. 184. 343 McConnell, Natalie 257 McCord, Scott 193 McCorkle, Charles 277. 322 McCorkle. Tiffany 271. 322 McCormack. Patricia 197, 343 McCormick, Michael 343 McCoy, Christ! 352 McCoy, Corrice 322 McCranev, Kathleen 267, 322 McCraney. Tad 295, 333 McCranie, Beth 162, 282. 283, 343 McCready, Jill 190 McCready, Michael 295, 333 McCreave, Raymond 352 McCreave, Sean 333 McCrocklln, Susan 248. 257, 343 McCrory, Leslie 261, 322 McCroskey, Jay 110, 241 McCrosky, Alex 307 McCullough, KImberly 279. 322 McCutchln. Alma 352 McDade. Allison 301. 333 McDaniel. Bryan 307 McDanlel. Herman 197 McDanlel. Kim 158. 224. 231. 300 McDaniel, KImberly 352 McDaniel, May 261 McDanlel. Ralph 333 McDavltt. Susan 289. 322 McDill. Andy 307 McDIU. Kenneth McDonald, Cheryl . McDonald, Edwin . . McDonald. Hardle McDonald. Jennifer McDonald. Matt McDonald. RIddell McDonald. Shawn 307 188 197, 303 295, 333 322 322 265 225. 352 343 283 McGehee, CamiUe McGlU. Antrice McGlowan, Angela McGuIre, George McDonough, Kate McDonough, Mary McDowell, Matthew 291,322 McDowell, Sean 291. 343 McDuffle, Michael . , 352 McElhaney, Michael 307 McElroy, Beth 271.333 McElroy. James . 190. 343 McElroy. Nicole . 283. 322 McElroy. Stacy 285, 333 McElveen. Shane , 352 McEwan. Dan 160, 166, 333 McGee, Karen 322 McGee, Kevin 307 McGee, Melissa 168, 322 McGee, Philip 297. 322 McGee. Rebecca 267. 333 322 126 61, 146. 184 McGowan. Renda 322 McGready. Jill 193 McGreger. Dedee . 169 McGreger, Pamela . 261, 322 265. 322 McGulre. Layne 35. 201. 203.352 McGulre. Margaret 241 McHaney. Beth 301. 322 Mcintosh. Mary .... 233. 283, 352 Mcintosh, Shawn 205 McKay, James 309. 322 McKay. Kevin McKay. Kirk McKellar, Anne McKenzle, Robyn McKeown, Angela McKeown, Michael McKlbben. William McKinley, Laura - McKinney. Cindy McKlnney, David McKinney, Dewayne McKlnney, John McKinney, Ronnie McKlnnon, Alena McKissick, Leigh Anne 162. 271. 322 McKnIght. Eleanor 266 McKnight. Leigh 87. 158. 168. 169. 322 McKnIght. Richard 322 McLaln. Alleen 158 McLaln. Carioyn - 343 McLaren. Derek 343 McLaughlin. David 297, 322 McLaurin. Christopher 322 271 35: 201. 255, vj ULeod. In " ! tMaSei. ■»! iltt.! " Jlllaii.l (iMIIlan. Mellnda (t ian,Siw (Jlin.MaO ' |lMiin.Uii ltllilion.Jiil n itHiillan.»isii Inllu.Ritlu " ' iato.Kmn lalr.Jtnnlfti lilletse,Jot Btll, Cornelius 280; Ms.P3Mk Wemir.Fitdeu) ltNeniat.Mlssv ltlll{lit,lllthari M.lon llSueeD.Xantii l8wn.MeiHll lij«n. Susan Allttn ttanev.M HlJf.Melaiiie Reynolds, Uur leyBolds.Meli! « ' :,mlds,Sara McLaurin. Mary McLees. Beth ' ; ' ■. Uui3 f ■■ ftinne ■■■■ Cltrin ' ;■■ ' i ' . m ' y- Handi ' ■ " ■4 Angela " " fr.Debta, »,Llsa Edd|, " " " nnfe ' " ' Sintn i 284 Melville. Allison 257. McLellan. Lynda 205 352 Mcl.cmore, Lauren 283. Melvln. Robert 295. 322 333 Mcng. Huan 367 WcLemorc, Leanna 322 Menke. Charlotte 285. VIcLemore. Mark 307 323 VlcLemore. NIkkl 224 Merldeth. Angela 224. VlcLemore, Patricia 333 352 McLeod. Alice 322 Merkul. David 176 VIcLeod. Angle 168 Merrell. Tim 323 McLeod. Evans 295. Merrell. William 305 343 Merrill. George 352 McLeod. Tracey 158. Merrill. Joey 206 195. 352 Merrill. Mellnda 343 KcMahon. John 303. Metcalfe. Anna 352 343 Metcalfe. John 352 McMaster. Amy 271. Metslnger. Bryan 323 322 Meyer. Angela 283. 323 •IcMaster. Robert 352 Meyer. Jan 270.271. McMillan. Lee 12. 162 343 vlcMlUan. Mellnda 205 Meyer. Sarah Lynn 271. McMillan. Stacle 301. 323 333 Michael. Elizabeth 193. McMlUln. Mary 193. 285. 352 343 Michael. Jeff 160 McMlnn, Robin 343 Michael. Martin 307. McMohon. John 166 352 McMullan. Mlstl 343 MIchals. Stacey 257. McMuUan. Richard 352 272. 343 cMullen. Karen 360 Michel. Cindy 152.333 tIcNalr. Jennifer 231. MIchler. Julie 285. 323 269. 352 MIddleton. Darrer 287. HcNamara. William 343 160. 265. 343 MIddleton. David 263. McNeal. Joe 299. 333 343 -IcNeer. Cheryl . . 358 MIddleton. Debra 352 IcNeer. Leigh . . 285 Milam. Ewing 161 McNeer. Shelly 178, Milam. Jay 307 248. 343 Milam. Klmberly 343 klcNeese. Joe 265. 343 Mllburn. Angela 163. HcNell, Cornelius 138. 301. 333 280. 281.333 Mlley. David 130. 194 McNeills. Patrick 309. Miller. Allison 283. 323 322 Miller. Charles 305. 323 IcNemar. Fredean 267 Miller. DeAnna 206. IcNemar. Missy 248. 360 352 Miller. Frederic 333 IcNIght. Richard 287 Miller. Glenn 203. 323 IcPhall. Lorl 271. 322 Miller. Jason 87. 186 •tcQueen. Marvin 305. Miller. Jeanle 184 352 Miller. Jeff 196.343 IcQueen. Merrill 269 IcQueen, Susan 322 IcQueen. William 291. 322 IcRae. Alleen 269. 333 IcRaney. Mark 333 IcRay. Melanle 322 (g) IcReynolds, Laura 267. 343 HcReynolds. Melissa 203. 333 HcReynolds. Sara 158. 267. 343 (IcWhIrter. Dawn 343 llcWhorter. Heather 278. 279. 322 HcWIUIams. Mary 301. 333 . Beacham. Ellen 194. 352 i Meadows. Stewart 309. 343 I (edlna. Javier . 352 jjk Uedley. Carson . 265, 322 Jm (edley. Laura 257. 343 V leek. Dlanne 283. 352 Heek. Edwin 295 leek. Glenn 333 leek. McLeod . 322 leek. Randy ... 307 leeks. Angela 267. 343 leeks. Paige 201.313. 343 lellenger. Michelle 322 lellinger. Debbie 205. 360 lellon. Alicia 269 (T ? lellon, Lisa 322 C lelton. Eddie 196 v- lelton. Jennifer 322 r 1 lelton. Steven 352 K Miller. Jlllian 289 333 Mitchell. Cindy 162. Miller. Kyle 352 194 228 Miller. Lisa 193. 283. Mitchell. Cornelia 266 343 Mitchell. Cynthia 241. Miller. Lorl 14 301 352 Miller. Mellnda 160. Mitchell. Deana 343 190 301 333 Mitchell. Dee 333 Miller. Mike 306 307 Mitchell. Greg 156. 226. Miller. Natalie 283 333 228 305 352 Miller. Tamela 195 Mitchell. Herbert 2 211 Miller. Tonya 146. 163. Mitchell. Jennifer 301. 176. 178. 182 275 352 333 Miller. Wendy 283 323 Mitchell. John 323 Miller. Whitney 269. Mitchell, Lisa 269 333 333 Mitchell. Meade 154. Minis. Alan 157. 192. 155.214.228. 231. 233, 227. 228.231. 241. 249. 241 291 3,52 352 Mitchell. Pam 205 363 Mills. Elizabeth 269. Mitchell. Scott 323 323 Mitchell. Stephanie 152 Mills. Georganna 323 Mitchell, Susan 352 Mills. Marcus 86. 130. Mitros. Gregory 206. 305 343 299 352 Mills. Ronald 352 Mlxon. Stephanie 257. Mills. Tim 307 333 Milner. Amy 301 323 Miyamura. Kyoko 367 Milner. Dorothy 269 Mock. Lee 144 352 Milner. Sharea 323 Modeling Board 184 Minahan. Heathe r 313. Mogridge, James 162 323 Moleon. Marie 352 Mincy. Jeffrey 352 Moleon. Monique 220 Minev Jeff 186 Molino. Connie 283. MInga. Ginger 248. 278. 333 279 .343 Molitor, R ebecca 166. Mink. Anthony 343 193 .333 Mink. Steven 343 Mollere. Mark 307 .352 Minor. Eva 363 Momen. Hasib 333 Minor. Jason 333 Mong. Wai San 180 Minor. Margaret 160. Monroe. Clark 156. 168 269 .333 166.231.233. 241. 299. Minor. Martha 267 . 343 352 Dally Mlsslsslpplan Monroe. Grant 193 . 343 150 Montani. Laura 313. Mltcham. Marian 333 323 Mitchell. Beverly 352 Monteith. Melanle 283. Mitchell. Carolyn 271. 323 333 Montgomery, Bruce Mitchell. Cecy 323 157 . 174 Mitchell. Chad 277 . 323 Montgomery, Daniel Mitchell. Chrlstor her 367 105. 107. 144 Montgomery. Diane 182.279.343 Montgomery. Greta . 363 Montgomery. James 333 Montgomery. Jeffrey 291. 333 Montgomerv. Monty 158,223.307 Montgomery. Tracey 261. 333 Moody. KImandrIa 323 Moody. PattI 313. 343 Mookerjee. Borenora 367 Mooneyham. MIchele 205. .363 Moore. Andrew 152. 19 4 Moore. Camella 267. 343 Moore. Carey 352 Moore. Cooper 323 Moore. Eone 158.269. 333 Moore. Jennifer 301. 333 Moore, John 188,262. 263, 265, 295. 343, 352 Moore, Justin 309, 343 Moore, Keith 186, 196 Moore, Kelly 271,333 Moore. Latrinta 343 Moore. Looper 295 Moore, Marc 187 Moore, Maureen 158. 161. 165 Moore. Michael 333 Moore, Nancy 289, 323 Moore, Pamela 289, 333 Moore. Rachel 261.333 Moore. Thomas 12 Moore. Tina 259. 262 Moorehead, Chris 186 Morals. Julianna 161. 283. 323 Morgan. AUyson 165. 166, 257. 333 Morgan, Anne 358 Morgan, Greg 183, 193 Morgan. Harold 352 Morgan. Jay 352 Morgan. Johnny 367 Morgan. Karen 166. 343 Morgan. Kay 140 Morgan. Mary 289. 323 Morgan. Millette . 205 Morgan. Nicki 333 Morgan. Ruan 363 Morgan. Sean 323 Morgan. Susan 257 Morgan. Vanessa 311. 352 Morgan. Wally 307. 323 Morgan. William 303. 323 Moroney. Cristln 283. 333 Morphls. Stephanie 205. 360 Morrill. Jonathan 287. 323 Morris. Brian 187 Morris. George 323 Morris, Jason 265, 323 Morris. Martha 269. 333 Morris, Michelle 182. 269. 323 Morris. Scott 195, 242 Morrison. Beth 352 Morrison, Jem 144 Morrison. Kristi . . 301. 323 Morrison. Kylia 259. 352 Morrison. Mary 257 Morrison. Shara 224. 257. 323 Morrow. Shelley 279. 333 Morrow. Sherman 291. 333 Directory o 381 Morse. Krlsta 323 Mortar Board 227 Mortimer, David 167. 307 Mosely. Deanne 203 Moser, Chad 323 Moser. Kenneth 303 Mosley. Dana 110. 269. 343 Mosley. Deanne 208. 209. 343 Mosley. George 206 Mosley. Richard ... 309, 333 Moss. David 303. 333 Moss. Jerry 343 Moss. Tracy 205. 358 Mott, Brian 323 Moulds. Penelope . 193. 208, 275, 352, 357 Moulton. John 224. 343 Movahedl. Allreza 197 Mudd, Leslie 279. 343 Mulrhead. Thomas . 277. 333 Mull. Allison 367 Mullen. John 249. 265. 343 Mullen, Steven 265, 333 Mulllns, Chucky 53. 106. 333 Mulllns, Gary 352 Mulllns, James 305 Mulllns, Tim . . 144. 352 Mulllns. Will . . 305. 343 Munster, Kourtney . 333 Murch. Scott 333 Murff, Harvey 295. 333 Murley. Shanl 193, 343 Murphey. Greg 323 Murphey. Missy , , . 188 Murphey. Rebecca 352 Murphey. Smith . . 190. 277. 352 Murphree. Mary ... 279. 343 Murphy. Billy 187 Murphy. Candace 224 Murphy. Catherine 271. 323 Murphy. John 265. 323 Murphy. Jonathan . 287. 333 Murphy, Kelly 261.323 Murphy. Mary 266. 323 Murphy. Missy 224 Murphy. Samantha 261. 343 Murphy. Sean 118 Murray, Nora Shellla . 146, 152. 257. 333 Murray. Richard 299. 323 Murrey. Gavin 194. 295. 352 Murry. Alicia 343 Musa. AbduUa 367 Musgrove. Melanle 333 Musselwhite, Darren 117 Myers. Ashley 162 Myers. Bradley 352 Myers. Charles 333 Myers. Christopher 360 Myers, Chuck 183 Myers. Erin 267. 333 Myers. Tommy 249. 363 N Nabors, Michael 309. 323 Nadlzadeh, Hossain 367 Nadllckl, Terri . 289. 323 Nadllckl. Tonl . 289. 323 Nagree. Shah 163. 176. 352 Nail. James 323 Napolltano. Amy . . 131 Nararaore. Byllnda 343 Nasekos. John 323 Nason, Barron 352 Nation, Catherine 360 National Residence Halls Honorary 176 Nations. Betsy 344 Nations. Sarah 269 Nations. Tiffany ... 205 Nations, Todd . . 167. 307. 323 Navy ROTC 186 Neal. Candlce 352 Neal. Christina 267, 352 Neal, Christy , 178. 248 Neal. Daryl 307 Neal. Karen Neal. Lee 289. 323 269, 344 Neal, Lorl 285. 352 Neal, Melissa Neal, Michelle Neal, Neesa 271. 344 289. 344 168. 257. 333 Neal. Rebecca . 267, 344 Neal. Reglna 344 Neal. Robert 323 Neblett, Douglas . . 285, 323 Neblett. Robert 277. 352 Neely. Jeffery 333 Neff. Spencer 162. 166. 193. 231 301. 333 291, 353 313, 333 289. 333 223. 295. 333 279. 333 188. 323 160. 285, 344 Neville. Key 190. 353 Neville. Pendleton 267 Neville. Shelly . 267, 344 Newcomb, Klmberly 333 Newcomb. Nell Newell. Dana Nelll, Meredith Nelll, Richard Nelson. Angela Nelson. Kelly Nelson. Klper Nelson. Melanle Nelson. Sara Netz. Krista Newell. Ferris . Newell. Maria Newman. Duffin 295. 344 166. 301. 344 136, 137 279, 323 307. 353 Newman. Phil 224 Newton. Garner . 225. 228. 234. 353 Newton. Melissa . . 323 Newton. William 197. 295 Neyman. Jody . 167,307 Neyman, Joseph 323 Neyman. Linda 168. 190. 353 Ng. Barbara 323 Ng. Eng-See 323 Ng, Hak 344 Ng-Chong, Seau-Horng 344 Ngol. Seng Chlew 180 Ngor, Sing Nguyen, Tu . . . . Nicholas. Debra Nichols. Harold . Nichols, Kelvin Nichols. Phelan Nicholson, Angela Nicholson, Leigh Nicholson, Sandl Nlckelson, Anna Nlcol. Maria Nies, Erica 190 197 363 277. 333 353 353 269. 323 283. 344 344 333 300. 301. 344 301. 323 Nipper. John 265 Nipper. Michael . 333 Nix. Jack 194.295.333 Nix. Jay 153. 161 Nix. Jerry 334 Nix. Krlsti 344 Nix. Krlstls ... 270, 271 Nix. Vincent 158 Noble, Anne 269, 334 Noble. Douglas 295 Noble. Rachel 203 Noblln. Elizabeth 179. 215. 227. 228. 231. 242. 267, 353 Noe. Ernest 344 Noel, Beverly 344 Nolan. Patrick 190 Nored. Amy 283 Nored. Elizabeth . . 283. 334 Norman, John 353 Norrls. Carolyn 279. 323 Norrls, George 277 Norrls, Shane 305, 323 North, Klmberly 271, 344 Northart, Debra 207 Northcutt, Shannah 34 Norton, Deborah 261. 353 Norton. Mandi 168. 248. 267. 344 Norton, Michael 147, 353 Norton. Susan 283. 334 Norton. Tiffany 289. 323 Norwood. Natalie 301. 353 Norwood, Thomas 297. 344 Nosef, Bridget 267, 334 Nosef, Joe 295. 344 Nosser. Hohn 1 93 Nourizadeh. Heshmat 367 Nourizadeh, Masqud 367 Null. Andy 206 Null, John 358 Nunley, Judith 360 Nunnally, Holly .... 344 o O ' Bannon, Dena O ' Brien, Connor O ' Brien. Danna O ' Connell. Erin 285 309 O ' Danlel. Jeff O ' hara, Chuck O ' Hara. Timothy O ' Mara. William O ' Neal, Brian O ' Neal. Kimsey 52. 127. 128. 242 O ' Neal. Ronald O ' Quln. Wendy O ' Qulnn. Tiffany O ' Ryan, Mary Oakes, Adrian Oakes. Stephanie Oakley. Suzanne 168 279 Odom. Heath 265 Odom. Kellea 271 Odom. Kristina Odom. Mark 158. 249. 265 Olasdotter. Kristina Olgesby, Jay 152 323 277. 323 224. 353 . 323 199 344 169 138 126. .358 323 205 257, 353 261, 334 233. 353 224 184. 334 323 344 206. 363 233. 344 334 166 Olita, Sandra 353 Oliver. Cabrlna 344 Ollvi, Tasha 323 Olmsted. Klmberly 228, 231. 283. 353 Olsen. David 242 Olson. Columbia 334 Olasdotter. Kristina 334 Olgesby. Jay 1 66 Olita. Sandra 353 Oliver. Cabrina 344 Olivl. Tasha 323 Olmsted. Kimberly 228. 231, 283, 353 Olsen. David 242 Olson. Columbia 334 Olson. David 228 Olson. Gary 297, 353 Olson. Karin 267 Omara, William 295. 323 Omlcron Delta Kappa . . . 228 Ong. Gin Guan 180 Ong. GIn-Guan 344 Ong. Lay 344 Ool. ChongMing .... 193 Order of Omega ... 231 Orey. Byron 367 Orman. Brandon . 344 Orr. Craig 166, 287, 344 Orr. Michael 299. 323 Orr. Mike 168 Orr. Teresa 205, 360 Orrell, Stephen 194 Osborne. Alison 182. 271. 323 Osborne. Stephen 344 Osier. Dean 188 Otis. Kate 165. 166, 168. 271. 334 Ott. John 295. 344 on. Lisa 261. 344 Oubre. Stephen 360 Ousley. Britton 283. 344 Outlaw. Mary 323 Overby. Scott 161 Overstreet, Janet 220 Overstreet. Kim 184. 271. 306. 334 Overton. Mina 288, 289. 334 Overton. Mona 360 Owen. David 190. 353 Owen. Donna 334 Owen. Elizabeth 267. 334 Owen. Joanna 323 Owen. Kathryn 190. 267. 353 Owen. Mary 266. 323 Owen. Pamela 367 OWEN. Todd 334 Owens. David 265. 353 Owens. Lea 301 Owens. Misty 146. 164, 168. 334 Ozblrn. Carla 353 P Pace. Amy 257. 353 Pace, Jennifer . 168, 271.323 Pace. Leslie 344 Pace. Lesli 257 Pace. Missy 158. 166. 178. 194, 208. 209. 271. 344 Pacetti. Vandy 203. 323 Paden. Jill 261.323 Page. Michael 265. 344 Pal. Hul-Chuan 367 Paige. S hawn 334 PalczynskI, Helen 353 Palmer. Julia 261.344 Palmer, Julie 201 Palmertree, Lucretta . . 353 Palumbo. Lewis 307 Pan. Peter 166. 168. 334 Panetta. John 367 Pannell, Byhalla . 323 Pannell. Janet 353 Paplzan, Cherle . 358 Parchman. Jennifer 289. 323 Parden. Allyson . . 168, 261.323 Parham, Stephanie 176 Park. Janle 285, 323 Park. Jun-Seok 367 Parkenson, Jamie 250 Parker. Andrea 257, 353 Parker. Audra 182.323 Parker, David 323 Parker. Dorothy 353 Parker. Dottle 188 Parker, George . 182. 307. 353 Parker. Helen 334 Parker. John 193. 353 Parker, Kenny 190. 286. 287. 334 Parker. Kerri 169 Parker. Michael .... 303. 323 Parker, Pamela 158. 261.323 Parker. Phillip 334 Parker. Rick . 295. 334 Parker. Ronald 147. 344 Parker. Sandra 188. 257. 334. 353 Parker. Thomas .... 303, 334 Parker. Tiffany 323 Parker. Vanessa 196, 353 Parkerson. James 287, 344 Parks. Joanne 289. 334 Parks. Karla 353 Parks. Mary 269. 323 Parrikar. Rajan . . 197 Parrish. Andrla ... 160, 166. 168. 257. 334 Parrish. Elizabeth . 353 Parrish, Nena 353 Parson. Kandy 261.323 Parsons. Alice 160. 166 Parsons. Jessica 271, 323 Parsons. Jessie 168 Parsons. Susan . 279, 323 Parsons. Virginia . 334 Pate, James 277, 353 Pate. Lauren 283. 334 Pate. Velsle 172.334 Patel. Bhaskarkumar .... 367 Patel. Bobby 344 Patel. Rakesh 344 Paterson, Mark 196 Patrick. Latrina . 323 Patrone. Tina 323 Patterson. Charlotte 353 Patterson. Judd 334 Patterson. Karen 283, 353 Patterson. Katherine 257. 334 Patterson. Kathy 283 Patterson. Kevin 298. 299. 334 Patterson, Krlsten .193. 323 Patterson, Llda 166, 269, 353 Patterson, Mary 353 Patterson. Melody 159, 259. 353 Patterson. Will 193,. 323? 0 ' 382 o Closing I Ration. Chris 166. 206, I Fatten. Dave Ipatton, Drue Ipatton. Mary k 287, 228 242. 267. iPatton. Tammy I Paul. Rachelle IPaulsen. Pamela P.uilson. Thomas l.iyne. Stephen Pi .ibody. Alex I ' f.irson. Annalles I ' r.irson, Jeffrey Pi-arson, John 305. l ' .irson, Ker ' . 155. 159. 242. 263. LPearson. Lewis jPearson. Tucker IPeaster, Dameron jPeaster. Elizabeth ■ Peaster. Laura 267, [Peck. Nancy 301. fpeden. Lacey 271, Peeples. Ann Peeples. Llbby I Peh. Suan jpeklch. Becky 188. 203. 261 ender. Kathryn Pender. Mary 231. •endergraft. Monica 147. 261 Peng, Lee Penlck. Timothy Penlck. Tina 228. 168. 226 249 344 231. 353 323 132 283. 353 305, 344 307, 344 186 188, 353 367 323 154, 353 358 196 323 301 344 334 323 267 344 334 201. 334 283. 323 279. 353 323 180 309. 323 242. 353 er 323 i Pennington. Chrlstoph ' 291, I Pennington. Courtney 285. 323 ! Pennington. Klmberly 178. 182. 248. 269. 344 Pennington. Paul 353 Penzes. Attlla 192 Perera, Chamlnda 197 Perera. Mlhlpagalage 367 Perera. Shawn 147 Perl, DIvakar 367 Perkins, Darron 334 Perkins, Lorl 344 Perkins, Paige 344 Perry, Edward 353 Perry. L.Trry 353 Perry. Martha 162.201, 203. 283. 344 Perry. Melissa 182.271. 323 Perrv. Michelle 279. 344 Perry. Monica 269. 334 Perry. Ronal 197 Person. Ann 266. 324 Person. John 277. 344 Person. Stephanie 301. 324 Person. Tucker 167. 168. 169 Petering. Jennifer 353 Peterman. Ava 166, 167. 168. 324 Peters, Pellum 243. 367 Peterson. Cheryl 285. 334 Peterson. Donna 353 Peterson, Kltch 324 Peterson. Marlon 303. 334 Peterson. Randall 287. 324 Pettis. Leslie 168. 193. 267, 324 Pevey, Gregory 299. 334 Pezzullo. Lesette 353 Pfelffer. Sarah 279. 324 Pham. Kelvin 334 Phang. Poh 353 Pharr. Richard 344, Phi Beta Lambda . . 193 B2 292 Phi Delta Chi 206 Ae 294 Phi Gamma Nu .... 192 Phi Kappa Phi . . 234 KT 298 M 300 Phi Mu Alpha 202 344 Prasad. Sublr 196. 197. Phlllppart. Margaret Poe, Klmm 301 324 225. 227. 243. 353 353 Poe, Mike 44 187 Prater. Fcbble 186 Phillips. Allison 353 Pogue. Ryan 305 324 Prather, Monica 166, Phillips. Gary 269 Polk. Joseph 353 269 334 Phillips. Dede 324 Polsgrove. Christopher Pratt. Gregory 197 3b3 Phillips. James . 162. 193 344 Pratt. Michael 28b 28 297 334 Ponder. Betty 324 Preston. Stephanie 324 Phillips. Joey 353 Ponder. Elizabeth 301 Prestrldge. Sherri I6K, Phillips. Lee 182 353 Ponder, Rodney 184 192. 201. 203. 208. 2uy. Phillips. William 291. Pook. Kyle 193 353 334 Poole, Christy 301 324 Prewltt. Casey lb nB 288 Poole. Kyle 353 Prewltt. Scott 26. 156. nKA 290 Pope, Allison 156. 166, 160. 291 344 347 PIckell. Karen 324 169. 182 271 324 Price. Don lUb Pickens, Amy 201 324 Pope. Angle 201. 203. Price. Gregory 303 353 Pickering, James 324 271 344 Price. Melissa 301 344 Pickett. Chrlstoph er Pope. Audrey 259 Price, Rodney 324 193 353 Pope. Brian 138 367 Price, Stayce 324 Pickle. Robert 156. 157, Pope. Christina 344 Prichard, Amy 344 193.226.227. 228. 231. Pope, Lynette 196 353 Pride, Willie 353 243. 249 309 353 Porter, Margaret 271. Priestly, Abbe 324 Pierce. Mark 12 . 166 324 Prince, Mark 182 334 Plgott. Robin 205 .363 Porter, Timothy 170. Pringle, Joseph 334 PlndlproU. Subha 367 228. 231 305 353 Pringle. Rives 30 PInel, John 130. 277. Porterfield. Brooke 324 Pritam. Baxi 344 334 Porterfleld. Lenna 285 Pritchard. Lynn 132. Plnkston. Lisa 344 Portman, Bridget 324 224 353 Piper, Melissa . . 353 Poteet. Melaney 353 Pritchett. Kelvin 105 Pique. Joely . . . 334 Potter. Russell 179 353 Privett, Melissa 188. Plrnlk, Andrew 174. Pottes. Russell 176 334 176. 196, 225 243 . 353 Potts, Shannon 334 Provence. Anna 162. Pltcock, Kathy . 344 Pound, John 305 334 168. 178. 182 271 344 Pltner Will 197 353 Pounders, Laura 205. 358 Provence. Brenda 203. Plttman. Deandra 324 Plttman. Karen 259. Pounds. Edward 228 Provence. Ginger 353 353 Pounds. Laura 257 324 Pruden, Bryan 291 , 334 P lttman. Lucy 231 283. Pounds. Pepper 115, Prultt. Patricia , 194 353 145.225 305 353 Pruitt, Tina 324 Plttman. Pamela 360 Powell. Harriet 353 Pryor. Anna 301 Plttman. Paulette 324 Powell. James 324 Pryor, Lee 168. 279, Plttman. Shaun 367 Powell. Joel 203 358 334 Plttman. Tana 367 Powell. Patricia 197 Pryor. Margaret 24. Pitts. Derlck 353 Powell. Stephanie 222, 179. 190. 231, 243. 248. Pitts. Derrik . , 153 353 304 .353 Pitts. Lane 344 Povi er. Bill 161. 231, Psl Chi 224 Pitts. Robert 353 249 277 .353 Puckett, Donald 334 Plya-Oul. Panlta 367 Powers. Dawn 285 Pugh, Steven 324 Plaxlco. Chuck 344 Powers. Michelle 324 Pulliam, Rob 204 .360 Pleasants. Christy 285. Powers, Will 160, 164. Purls, Jason 26b . 324 324 166 291 . 344 Purnell, Paul 307 .353 Plecker. Krlstlne 257, Poyner. Shelley 344 Purvis, Beth Purvis, Kelley Purvis. Kim Puryear. Amy Putnam, Beth Putnam, Melanle 166, 182 188 269 . 205 360 .344 205 .334 344 162. .358 9 Quald. Alison Quaka, John Quest, Melissa 283 285 Qulnn. Bubba Qulnn. Cassandra Qulnn. Karen 178. Qulnn. Thomas Qulnn. Tracy Quirk. Nell , . . , Quirk. Patrick Quiros. Maurlcio Quon. David Quon. Judy Quon. Willie 291 205 225 334 307 231. 353 347 261. 334 271. 353 231. . 353 358 297 324 197, . 367 324 353 353 R ' Cfl Directory o 383 Rabbi. F. S 199 Radowtck, Sam 353 Ragan. Melissa . . 267. 353 Ragg. Dewey 344 Ragland. Roble 353 Raines. John 158. 190. 344 Raines. Melanle 161 Ralney. Tracie 324 Rains. John 295 Rains. Lee 299 Rains. Melanle 168. 267. 353 Rains. William 334 Rallapalll. Kumar 174. 367 Ralph. Sandy . 261.324 Ramaraju. Venkata 158 Rambln. Penelope 231. 233. 283, 353 Ramsey. Bill 353 Ramsey. Jeff 186 Ramsey. Romney 285. 324 Ramzy. Martha 353 Ramzy. Tess 271 Randall. Dave 134 Rando. Stephanie 279. 324 Range. Leanna 166. 168. 176. 178. 344 Rankin. Terrlssa 267, 353 Ranson. Kerry 291.324 Raso, Maria Katrlna 194 206, 360 324 299. 324 289. 353 193. 353 Reeves. Marni 225. 243 Reeves. Stacey 285 Reeves. Tracy Reeves. WImberly Ratcliff. Lisa . Ratcllff. Sandra Ratllff. Cavett Ratllff. Merritt . Ratllff. Sheila 324 289. 344 Ratnanather. Anthony Rawls. Kara 178. Rawwas. Mohammed 367 Ray. Angela 334 Ray. Cynthia 169. 285. 324 Ray. Kim 324 Ray. Mark 194 Ray. Morgan 309. 334 Ray. Patricia 344 Ray, Rand 166 Rayburn. Andrew 324 Rayfield. Debra 324 Rayford. Sheila 360 Raymond. Janet 334 Rayner. Camilla . . 231 Rayner. Roane 269. 353 Rea. Barbara 283. 324 Reasonover. Tracy 283. 353 Reaves. Stacey 168. 182. 271. 324 Recreational Majors .... 195 Redd. Rita 193. 353 Redding. Jane 267. 353 Redding. Jeanne 165. 267. 353 Redmond. David 307 Redmond. Tajuana 178 Reece. Scott 152 Reed. Bo 307 Reed. Christian 307. 334 Reed, Jay 204 Reed, Jerry 360 Reed, Kendal 324 Reed, Russell . 158, 334 Reed, Shannan 266. 324 Reed. Tara 283 Reeder. Walter . 305. 334 Rees. Tlsh 12 Reese. Letltia . 283. 324 Reese. Michael 220. 243 Reeves. Anne 334 Reeves. Brad 307 Reich. Robert Reid. Joseph 161. 197. 353 334 161 257. 324 367 291. 334 324 230 . 334 . 344 Reid. Karen Reid. William Reilly. Renee 188 Reily. Gavin , . 147 Reisenwitz. Timothy 367 Relan. Scott 299. 353 Rell. Brian 161 Ren. Angqing 197 Renfroe. Audra 257. 324 Reno. Bill 160, 164. 166. 287. 334 Renovlch. Michael 307 Replogle. Janell . 132 Rester. Eddie 158 Rester. Renee 301. 344 Rester. Thomas . . 265. 324 Retter. Beth 344 Reuter. John 161. 277. 324 Reuter. Stephanie 152. 162 Revels. Jennifer 161. 269, 344 Reves, Tracy 193,283. 344 Reynolds. James 305. 334 Reynolds. Jimmie 307 Reynolds. Judd 307 Reynolds. Michael 303. 334 Rhea. Bill 244. 249. 307. 354 Rhea. William 228.231 Rho Eta Sigma .... 229 Rhodes. Jeff 145 Rhyne. Wendy 206. 359 Rial. Alexander 324 Rials. Lisa 201. 334 Rice. Roger 367 Rice. Thomas 344 Richard. Stephanie 283. 334 Richard. Theodore 367 Richards. George 309. 344 Richards. John 277. 344 Richards. Peter 265. 324 Richardson. Ann 334 Richardson. Barbara 367 Richardson. Carole 334 Richardson. Charlene 324 Richardson Christopher 231 Richardson Clyde 309. 344 Richardson Darby 305. 334 Richardson Elizabeth 359 Richardson Erik . 227. 228. 305. 354 Richardson. Lamont 334 Richardson. LIzzI 205 Richardson. Ricky 145. 281. 354 Richardson. Stephen 225. 344 Richmond. CaSondra 172. 334 RIckles. Gregory 344 Ricks. Barbara 228. 259. 354 Ricks, Boris 367 Ricks, Leslie 267, 344 Riddle, James 344 Ridge, Barclay RIdgway, James RIdgway, John Rlecher. Scotty Rigby. Michelle Riley. Bethany Riley. Charles Riley. Dana Riley. Denlse Riley. KItsy Riley. Luci Riley. Martin Riley. Polly 261 291 301 299 231. 301 RImmel. Samantha Rimmer. Ashley Ring. Jane Riser. Kim 283 168. 269 Risher. Dalne 182. Risley. Jason Rivers. Marley 188 Rives. Mason Robblns. Michael Robblns. Rhea 313 Roberson. Ben 307 Roberson. Kendra Roberson. Michael Roberson. Tim 166 Roberts. Brad 158. Roberts. Elizabeth Roberts. Jeff 249 Roberts. Jeffrey Roberts. Jenny 267 Roberts. Joshua Roberts. Kim Roberts. KImberly , 257 Roberts. Martha Roberts. RIcque Roberts. Sean Roberts. Vernon Robertson. Gerald Robertson. Ginger Robertson. Jerry Robertson. KImberly 301. 334 Robertson. Leslie Robertson. Robl Robertson. Sandra Robertson. Tim . Robertson. Tina . . . Robertson. Virginia Robins. Danny Robinson. Anthony Robinson. Clark Robinson. James Robinson. Joanna Robinson. John Robinson. Le 162. 267 Robinson. Mary Robinson. Michael Robinson. Michelle Robinson. Paul Robinson. Renee Robinson. Rhonda Robinson. Ridonna Robinson. Stacey Robinson. Susannah 285, Robinson. Theresa Robinson. William Robson. Marc Rocconi. Larry 334 153. 194 305. 354 197 344 324 324 354 183 344 224 .344 248. 354 344 285. 324 324 268. 344 301. 334 344 168. 344 334 334 344 249. 344 301. 354 334 190 295. 324 279. 324 354 309 184. 344 324 344 168. 324 301, 324 261. 334 334 354 287 177 286. 344 354 283. 344 334 354 255 203. 334 344 367 344 223. 307 324 266. 324 334 164. 354 367 211 344 334 360 344. 363 363 110 334 345 354 345 162. 166, Roch. Kimberleigh Rockenfield. Tiffany 279, Rodgers. Heather 166. 248. 289, Rodgers. Jeff Rodney. Davis Rodney. Raymond Rogers. Jeff 291, Rogers. Joseph Rogers. Kelley 182. Rogers. Laura Rogge, Ruth 205 194, Roland, Anthony Rolling, Karen Rollins, Edmond Romines, Elizabeth Root, Steven Roper, Robin Rorie, Mark Rose, Beth Rose, Cynthia Rose, Jennie Rose, Laurie 257 277 305 206 168, Rosebery, Richard Rosenau, Paige . . . Rosenthal, Lynda Roser, Jane Ann Ross, Amanda 289 Ross, Brooke 271 Ross, Elizabeth . . Ross, Haskell 265 Ross, John 324 Ross, Johneen Ross, Pamela 163 Ross, Tracy , , 177 Rost, Mary Susan Rostand, Ellen 164 Roth, Andrew Roth, Andy 169 Rotunda, Kristin Rounds, Adrian Rousey. Perrln Roux, Jeffrey 277 Roux, Nanette . 301 Rowan, David Rowell, Renee Rowland, Steve . . 139 Rowland, Tiffany Rowsey. Perrln Roy, Sudeshna . Roye, Julie . , , Rozina. Greg Rudd, Amanda . Rudloff, Andee Rudraraju, Raju Ruff, Caroline Ruff, Carrie Ruffin, Lorl Ruff In. Melanle Ruffin. Natalie Rupani. Quayad Rupanl. Tareeq Rush. Allen Rush. William Rushin. Glynn Rushing. Debra Rushing. Gregory Rushing. Toni Russ. Julie Russ. Mary Russell. Angela 301 285 182 279 289 289 285, 283 166. 269 Russell. Carla 267 Russell. Cassandra Russell. James Russell. Joe 204 190 354 324 160. 345 290 345 354 . 345 367 269. 354 . 359 271. 354 345 324 334 . 324 . 345 345 . 345 354 . 359 279 283. 334 324 257. 354 289. 324 363 . 324 . 334 261. 324 . 354 . 354 345 . 334 . 345 220 . 166 324 . 273 345 354 204 . 324 . 345 345 324 138. . 359 324 363 194 , 345 110 313. 324 140. , 334 197. 367 . 285 345 345 190. 354 253. 354 354 324 345 265 324 334 324 334 354 169. 324 313. 345 334 334 291. 324 363 Russell. Leah 157 Russell. Lynne Russell. Michael Russell. Michelle Russell. Renee Russell. Rhonda Ruth. Timothy 193 Rutherford. Elizabeth Rutherford. Leslie Rutherford. Sally Rutherford. Sara Rutledge. Chad Rutledge. William Ryals. Lisa 289 Ryan. Davis Ryan. Shannon Ryan. Tracey 289 354 203 345 283. 334 206 363 , 354 354 345 250, 271 324 324 295, 324 , 334 334 324 ,334 s Sain, Jackie 201,203, 334 Saint-Fleurant, Jacques . . 345 SalassI, Carol 334 Salaverria, Luis . 354 Sales, John 134 Sallmln, Ersan . . 345 Salloum, George 163, 287, 334 Salmon, Ramona . . . 354 Salmon, Wes 147 Salone, Dellia 345 Samant, Rajendra 367 Sammons, Ellen . 266, 324 Samptetro, Beth . . 324 Sampletro, Margaret 285 Sample, Allison 166, 168, 267, 335 Sams, Christie 267, 354 Samsel, Jill 146 Samuel, Brooke . . 345 Sanchez, Tiffany . 289. 324 Sanders, Alicia 205, 360 Sanders, Allison 324 Sanders, Angella . 224. 275. 354. 357 Sanders. Chris 299. 324 Sanders. Dee-Dee 169 Sanders. Dennis 354 Sanders. Henry . 324 Sanders. Jay 295 Sanders, John 291,335 Sanders, Lamar . 206, 363 Sanders, Mark 367 Sanders, Michael 169, 273, 324 Sanders, Paige 285, 324 Sanders, Stephanie 300, 301,345 Sanders, Suzanne 324 Sanders, Will 166 Sanders, William . 295, 345 Sanderson, Julia 257, 324 Sandidge, Amy 324 Sandridge, Layne 289. 324 Sandroni. Todd 228. 244 Sands. Steve 303. 335 Sanford. Angela 259. 335 Sanford. Stephanie 172. 324 Sang. Gabriella 198. 354 Sangulnettl, William 384 o Directory itlle 3i ! 193, 3i( 3 nona . lendra Jttk an .. 168, !K, a 2t?, 157, 35( 188,354 Saraclnl. Stephanie 231, 301. 354 Saraglh. Sudlrman 367 Sarbeck. Suzanne 177, 345 Sargeant. Christine 269, 354 Sartaln. Harry 345 Sartor, Andrea 266, 324 Satcher. Albert 359 Saucier. Derike 324 Saucier, Michelle 153 Saul. Chad 203. 222. 345 Sauls. Jeff 196 Saunders. Elizabeth 335 Saunders. Gerald 277. 325 Saunders. Sandra 285. 335 Savage. Craig 354 Savage. Tracey 325 Savell. Jan 205 Savell. Tim 345 Savery. Suzanne _awyer. Jason Sawyer. Jennifer Sawyer. Tom Saxer, Michael Sayle. Jena Baylors. Vandy IScales. Andrea IScales. Tom Bcanlon, Carlene 269. 335 , 325 261. 325 303. 335 309, 325 301. 325 . 325 . 345 187. 194 325 Bcanlon. Pat 163. 166. 170. 179. 198, 222. 231. 354 Scarborough, Virginia 283, 354 ©carbrough, Kevin 299, 325 •Schaefer, Chris 359 Schaefer. Greg 199 Schaefer, Paula 289. 325 iSchaeffer. Fred 249. 295, 335 Scharf. Thomas 354 Schepers. Terry ... 354 Schlefer, Rivers ... 257. 325 Schism. Josh 12.265. 335 Schmidt. John 307 Schmidt. Julie 257. 345 Schmidt. Justin 295. 335 Schmidt. Kelly 279. 345 Schmidt. Richard 307 Schmitz. Kenny 204 Schmltz. Kim 136. 137 Schnleders. Sandra 261. 325 Schnltta. Brian 309. 325 SchoU. Cindy 279. 335 Schove. John 297. 325 Schreckenhofer. Scott 307 Schroeder. Amy 285. 335 Schruff. Louis 287. 345 Schumann. Brooke 269. 354 Schweers. Jane 285. 335 Schweers, Susan . . 257, 335 Schwing, Eric . 134, 135. 144 Schwing. Katherlne 325 Scott. Caroline 266. 325 Scott. David 325 Scott. Gwendolyn 257 Scott. Jana 335 Scott. Jeanne 203 Scott. John 295, 325 Scott, Karol 205, 359 Scott, Kathy 1, 335 Scott, Lacey . 269, 345 Scott, Lisa . . 269, 335 Scott, Shaune 335 Scott, Stanton 166. 295. 345 Scott. Susan 335 Scott. TerrI 163. 168. 279. 335 Scott. Thomas 194 Scrogglns. Alicia . 285. 345 Scrogglns, Allison 285 Scrogglns, Christopher 345 Scrogglns. Paige ... 325 Scruggs, Sherry 363 Scull. Sam 196 Seawright. Connie 325 Seay. Jennifer ,190. 285. 301. 345 Seeger. Vonnett 201 Seely. Christl 363 Segar. Tracy 289. 335 Selcshnaydrc. Leanne 354 Seld. Melvin 157. 158. 161. 163. 168. 208. 209. 345 Seld. Tammy 166. 196. 197.354 Sellers. Christine . , 345 Selden. Claiborne 354 Selqulst. Gwendolyn 313 Selqulst. Wendy - .153. 184. 248. 345 Sengupta. Sam 196. 335 Senior Class Executive Board 179 Serlo. Barnett 325 Serlo. Samuel 295 Seward. Elizabeth . . 285. 325 Sewell. Jeanna 163. 168. 279, 335 Shackleford, Temple 345 Shah. AJay ... 158. 367 Shahln. Emad 367 Shakespeare, Amy . 160. 168, 285, 335 Shannon, Phyllis . 354 Shannon, Tammy 325 Sharp, Bob 197 Sharp, James , 305. 325 Sharp. Robert 303. 335 Sharp. Susan 335 Sharp. William 325 Shaughnessy. Michelle 289, 354 Shaw, Jennifer 203 Shaw. Josh 165. 277. 354 Shaw. Katherlne 269, 354 Shaw. Katy 182 Shaw. Lara ' 279. 345 Shaw. Sandl 335 Shaw. Sandra 285 Shaw. Susan 335 Shearer. Diane 354 Shearon. Robert 167. 307. 325 Sheehan. MargI 169. 182 Sheffield. Dyanna 201. 257. 335 Sheftall. Katherlne 289. 325 325 267. 354 265 335 345 193 220 283, 335 161, 354 Shields, David 265. 354 Shiffman, David . , , , 196, 203 Shimek. Daniel 345 Shiner. Kristle . 289. 325 Shing. Patricia - , - 335 Shipp. Ruskln 345 Shnautz. Erik 166 Shoemake. Kelly 33. 269. 354 Shong. Fook-Cherng 325 Shook. Fara , - - 248. 261. 354 Short. Paige 283. 325 Shorter. Lyonell . - 367 Shotts. Mary 354 Shotz. Stephanie 335 Show. Gregg 186 Shrlngarpure. Sachln 367 Shuey. Brian 220 Shelby. John , - - - Sheldon. Scarlett Shellabarger. John Shellabarger, Sam Shelton. James Shelton. Mark Shepherd. Leigh Shepherd. Lucille Sherm an. Richard Shuford. Wynn 244. 295. 354 Shull. Carrie 176.345 Shumake. Daniel . 291, 325 Shumate, Cathey 354 Shumpert, Jennifer 267, 345 Shumpert, Krista 266. 325 Shuster. Calvin 265. 335 Slddlqul. Idrees 367 Sides. Scott 325 Slefert. Eric 299 Slerest. Eric 325 2AE 302 SX 304 2N 306 2 E 308 Sills. Joseph 354 Sim. Chee 367 Slmcox. David 161. 295. 325 Simmons. Casey .301. 325 Simmons. Jase 307 Simmons. Jill 194 Simmons. Linda . . . , 354 Simmons. Pam , . - . 177 Simmons. Pamela 285. 335 Simmons. Worth . 295. 325 Simon. Curtis , 161. 277. 345 Simon. Ruth Allison 87. 169. 301. 325 SImonson. Hilary 261. 325 Simpson. Amanda 283. 325 Simpson. Charlotte 325 Simpson. Collier , - , 144. 307. 345 Simpson. Dawn 345 Simpson, Jennifer 257, 325 Simpson, John 291, 325 Simpson, Sharla ... 257, 335 Sims, Billy 325 Sims, Chris 186 Sims, David 354 Sims, Heather 325 Sims, Kelly 354 Sims, Kevin 367 Sims, Stephanie . 266, 325 Student Association of Singapore 180 Singleton, Travis . 325 Singley, Shelly 271,325 SIsakun, Siphan 367 Sisk, Alison 301, 325 SIsson, Clay 335 Sisson, Tracey 257. 345 SIstrunk. Woody 305, 345 Skelton, Pamela 354 Skilllngs, Heather 283, 335 Sklpton, Suzanne . . 178, 218. 228.231. 244. 248. 289. 354 Slay. Clayton 335 Sledge, Homer . 277, 335 Sllman, Michael 345 Sllman, Samuel 228, 231, 244, 307, 354 Sloan, William 325 Slocum. Earnestlne 140, 325 Slone, Daniel 157, 161. 163, 168 Small, Toveta 193 Smart, Catherine 283, 335 Smedman, Diane 131 Smith, Alan 325 Smith. Andrew 295. 325 " - Directory r- ' 385 Smith. Angenette 259. Solberg, Robert 265 335 Solomon, Amy 161. Smith, Ashley . 289 325 166, 267 335 Smith, Brent 325 Somers, Taylor 297. Smith, Caroline 168. 335 269 325 Sones, Jill . 271 335 Smith, Christie 354 Song, Ballin 368 Smith, Dana 335 Song, Hengchang . . 368 Smith. Darryl . 144 Song, JIachu 368 Smith. David . 197 222 Songcharoen, Marisa Smith. Deann 205 359 168 283 Smith. Dennis , 360 Sorsby. Leigh 285 335 Smith. Don 291 335 Southall. Jennifer 261. Smith. Edwin 367 335 Smith. Emily . 325 Southerland, Thomas Smith. Greg 156 307 295 335 Smith. Jeff 165 Sparks. Stephen 203. Smith. Jim 335 325 Smith. Joey . 363 Sparks. Terry 197 Smith. John 184 Spearman. William . . Spears. Tara 203 .H54 Smith. Johnny . 203. 354 335 Speck. Anna , 261 335 Smith. Jonathan 305 Speckels. Sandra 266. Smith. Julia . 301 325 Smith. Kara - . , 261 Specs. Michael 305 335 Smith. Kelly . 335 Speights. Allison 325 Smith. Ken 160. 164. Speights. Delia 283 166 287 Spell. Thomas 360 Smith. Kevin 305 335 Spence. Michelle . 278. Smith. Kim . 166 279 325 Smith. Lamar . . 162 Spencer. Bill 169 325 Smith. Lana 283 335 Spencer. Justin 307 Smith. Laurie 203. 271. 335 Spencer. Kim 161. 248. 271 Smith, Lee Eric 150. Spencer. KImberly 228. 151. 158 184 263 244 354 Smith. Leslie 325 Spencer. Marvin . . 197. Smith. Lisa 178. 278. 354 279 325 Spencer. Shannon 194. Smith. Louisa . , 354 267 354 Smith. Mae .... 367 Spencer. William . . 305 Smith. Margot . 279 Spiers. Dwlght 206 Smith. Mark . 265 Splller. Sarah 289 325 Smith. Mary . . 267 335 Splvey. Daniel 265 335 Smith. Michael . 265, 325 Splvey. John . 249. 305. 335 Smith. Nelson 285 325 Springfield. William 354 Smith. Paige 271 335 Sprinkle. Lisa 354 Smith. Pamela 367 Sproles, Stacey 301. Smith. Patricia 267, 335 289 325 Sprous, Alvln 188 Smith, Phil . 167 307 Sprous, Ray 354 Smith, Ramey 354 Sprouse, Shannon . . 285. Smith. Richard 254, 335 354 Stack, Sharl 159 Smith. Richar 197 Stacy, Susan . 283 325 Smith. Robert . 360 Stafford, Donette . 335 Smith. Ronnie 204 Stafford, Donnette 168. Smith. Sandra 325 313 Smith. Sidney Lamar Standi, Calvin 138 325 194 Stanfleld. David ... 203 Smith. Stephanie 301, Stanford. Charles . . . 305 354 Stanford. John 305. Smith. Steven . 197 354 Smith. Thomas 265 Stanford. Michelle 233 Smith. Todd 166 Stanford. Scott 335 Smith. Tonja 359 Stanley. Casandra 360 Smith. Trlna 335 Stanley. Cassie 205 Smith. Tyler . 307 Stanley. Jill 325 Smith. Victoria 335 Stansel. Martha 169. Smith. Victor . , 182 307 266 325 Smith. Wesley . 295 325 Stapleton. Lashunya Smith, William Todd 325 162 277 335 Stark. Randy 277 354 Smlthmler. Christopher Starkey. Patricia 182 335 Starnes. William 325 Smlthmler. Joelle 205, Starr. Joanna 186 196 359 Stasiulis. Paul 303 335 Smyth, Charles 325 Staten, Nona 354 Snedeker. Stephen 291, Stead, Rachel . 289 325 325 Stec. Leigh 140 Sneed. Dawn 224 Stec. Lynda 325 197 Steeg. David Steele. Christy 335 Snipes. Jennifer 289. 325 325 Stelner. Keith 204 Snook, John . . 335 Steiner. Kenneth 360 Snow. Laura 354 Steinwlnder. Mike 206. Snow. Paul . . 325 363 Society of Physics Stephans. Mellsande Students . . . 198 335 Society of Professional Stephens. Bryan .... 168. Journalists . 194 299 325 Solberg. Bobby 335 Stephens. Carolyn . 279. 325 Stephens. Rogers 335 Stephenson. Christopher 160. 161. 166. 305, 325 Stephenson, Gwyn 335 Stepp, Mike . 206, 359 Sterling, Patricia 161, 167, 168 Stevens, Anna 146, 261, 335 Stevens. Leila 269. 335 Stevens. Mary 335 Steward. David 307 Stewart. Amy 150. 178. 194 Stewart. Beverly . 354 Stewart. Bill . . . 162. 249 Stewart. Chad 325 Stewart. Christian 335 Stewart, Courtney . 158, 359 Stewart, Georgia 313 Stewart. Robert 325 Stewart. Rosanne 269. 325 Stewart. Sara Elizabeth 224 Stewart. William . 193. 297 Stickley. Holly 335 Still. Cathy 335 Still. Leila 283 Stltt. William 190.295 Stockard Martin . . 176 Stockdale. Larkin . . 279 Stockett. John 197 Stockstlll. Jeffrey 354 Stogner. Riley 202. 335 Stokes. Kamllla 228. 301. 354 Stokes. Michael 325 Stoll. Christina 301. 325 Stoltz. David 325 Stone. August 277 Stone. Gary 187. 335 Stone. Charles 295, 335 Stone. Jon Douglas 303. 325 Stone. Terry 224. 354 Stoner. Christopher . 335 Stoner. Todd 307 Storey. Brad 296 Storey, Cynthia . 279, 325 Storey, Paul . . . 297, 325 Storey, Sharlene 279, 335 Story, Amy 283, 325 Story, Sabrina 158, 168, 169, 182, 271, 325 Story, Wheat . . 162, 283 Stovall, Tonquln . 304 Stover, Dana 335 Stover. Diana 289 Strange. Holly 279. 335 Strange. Jennifer 283, 354 Strawn, Natalie 354 Streete, Lara 169.266. 325 Streete. Susan 162. 179. 267.354 Stribllng. Stacey 267. 335 Strlcklin. Joanna 205 Stringer, Wendy 166, 271, 335 Stroble. Jay 87, 168, 325 Strohmeyer. Robert 197 Strom, MIndy 193,354 Strong, Dave 223, 295, 335 Strong, Mark 168,307 Stroud, Kenneth . 194 Strunk, Tiffany ... 157, 161, 354 Stubbs, Clay 231 Stubbs, Michael 296. 297. 325 Student Advisory Committee 182 Student Programming Board 170 Students for Environmental Awareness 195 Stuvee. Susan 354 Stuvee. Susie 177 Suddath. Benjamin 325 Sudduth, Drew 307 Sullivan. Grant 144 Sullivan. John 325 Sullivan. Katy 269. 325 Sullivan, Kelelgh 261 Sullivan, Lara 285 Sullivan, Melanle . 154, 155, 228. 244. 267. 354 Sullivan. Sheryl . . 325 Sullivan. Tracy 271. 354 Sullivan. Wanda . 368 Sullivan. William 360 Summerford. Julia 269. 335 Summerford. Tanya 205. 359 Sumrall. Deanna . . 205. 360 Sumrall, Mary 169 Sumrall, Melanle . 269, 325 Sumrall, Shannon 325 Sumrall, Shelley 269, 354 Sumrall, William . 309, 326 Sundberg, Jennifer . 169, 326 Sutton, Kathryn 269, 326 Swaim, Jason 204, 363 Swann, Chris . 158, 160, 166, 297 Swanson, Angela . 326 Swayze. Allison ... 266. 326 Swayze. Jennie . 269 Swayze, Julie 161. 182, 267 Sweet, Michael 277, 326 Swilley, Leslie 354 SwlndoU, Lawrence 187, 293, 335 Swindell, Whitney 157, 161. 165. 168. 208. 209. 230. 301, 335 Swlnford. Kerry . . 354 Swords. Jennifer 166. 233 Sykes. Jay 190 Sylvest, Karl 363 T Tabor, Serena 285, 326 Tackett, Donna 269 Tafllnger, Audrey 190, 261 Tai, University 335 Talt, Jeff 249 Talt, John . 299, 326 Talbot, Michael ... 303, 335 Talley, Laura . 289, 326 Talley, Randall 326 Tarn. Mel-Kam 368 Tamburrlno. Gabrlella 285. 326 Tan. Jinxing 368 Tan. Kee Cheong ... 180, 225. 354 Tan. XInzhe 326 Tan. Yakguan 335 Tan. Yeow 368 Tang. Tung 335 Tang, Yu-Nan 368 Tang, Yunan 1 97 Tannehlll, Jack .... 295. 335 Tannehlll, Monica . 346 Tannehlll, Rhea . 156, 157. 158. 161. 168 Tant. Suzette 335 TanziUo. Scott 162. 307. 326 Tapp. Laura 257. 326 Tarlano. Anthony . 335 Tartt. Sara Lynn ... 184, 346 Tarver. Rusty 199 Tate. Elizabeth 289, 326 Tate. Marisa 368 Tatum. Andrew . . 265, 326 Tau Beta Pi 226 Tau Beta Sigma . . . 203 Taulin. Robert 225 Tave. Jeanie 61 Tave. Jeannie 153 Tavlln. Eva . 289. 326 Tavoleti. Patricia 269, 346 Tawarangkoon, Wuttipan 368 Tay, Chin Hian 180, 326 Taylor, Allison 269, 354 Taylor, Alycia 346 Taylor, Amanda 269, 335 Taylor, Calvin 165,192. 233 Taylor. Christopher 265. 346 Taylor. Davaline . 346 Taylor. Dawn 283 Taylor. Debbie 132,133 Taylor, Debra 346 Taylor, Elizabeth . . . 267, 346 Taylor. Eric 326 Taylor. Heather .... 283, 335 Taylor. Jennifer . . 285, 335 Taylor, John 277, 336 Taylor, Katrlna 363 Taylor. Krlsten 346 Taylor. Kristlan .... 326 Taylor. Kristin 267 Taylor. LaTonya .... 157, 166. 172.336 Taylor. Leslie 205 Taylor. Michelle ... 346 Taylor. Pamela 326 Taylor. Sherlta 193. 336 Taylor. Stephanie . . . 346 Taylor. Steven 354 Taylor. TamI 176.203 Taylor. Tammy 336 Taylor. Tate 162. 166 Taylor. Vanlssa . . 326 Teague. Alana 368 Teasley. Kevin 291.336 Teater. Christy 301. 346 Tedford. Jo 346 Tedford. Laurie 336 Tegethoff. Sara 289, 346 Telchert. Joseph . . 287, 336 Teller. Landman .... 305 Teller. Llndy . . 248. 269, 346 Teller. Todd 354 TenEyck. Stephanie 178. 184. 268. 269 Tennant. Leslie 326 Terrell. Becca 224 Terrell. Rebecca . . 271. 346 Terry. Jeffrey 368 Terry. Robert . 206, 363 Terzi. Fotlnl 368 Testa, Sam 368 Tew, Philip 87, 193, 326 ;ja«iti ' 386 o Directory Thames. Edward Thames, Lawrence Tharp. Kirk Tharp. Tricia Tharpe. Laurie Therrell. Peter Therrell. Sharon 204. 166. 346 295. 326 . 363 , 285. 326 267. 346 346 205. 360 Therrell. Steve 309. 336 Thesmar. Alex 297. 346 Thigpen. Edward 105, 292 Thirugnanasampan. Logeswaran 346 Thoas. Monica 146 Thoda. Letltia 285. 326 Thomas. Bryan 307. 336 Thomas. Bubba . . 249. 336 Thomas. Carolyn 269 Thomas. Carrie 301. 346 Thomas. Danny 354 Thomas. Daryl 326 Thomas. Ginger 278. 279. 326 Thomas. Kathryn 158. 168. 271. 336 Thomas. MeShun 132 Thomas. MIkkl 168 Thomas. Monica . 248. 274. 275. 346 Thomas. Oscar 273 Thomas. Patrick .... 172. 336 Thomas. Portia 269. 346 Thomas. Sabrina 177 Thomas, Steven . 359 Thomas. Tamara 346 Thomas. VIkkl 283. 336 Thomas. William 354 Thomason. Matthew . . 326 301 201, , 336 Thompson, Allison Thompson, Ashley 301 Thompson. Catherine W. 220. 305, 326 Thompson. Cindl 312 Thompson, Cissy . 168. 326 Thompson. Cynthia 313. 346 186. 307 Thompson. Doug Thompson. Elizabeth Thompson, Geoffrey Thompson, James Thompson. Jim Thompson. KrIstI . . Thompson, Leslie Thompson. Lisa Thompson. Michael Thompson. Olga Thompson. Paul Thompson. Rhonda Thompson. Sharon Thompson, Shelby . Thompson, Stephen Thompson, Steve Thompson, Susan Thompson, Taletha Thompson, Tammy Thompson, Ted 354 346 354 307 355 285, 326 182, 336 346 267, 336 355 346 336 301, 326 265 326 355 363 326 167, 307 336 326 Thompson. Terrle Thompson, Tommy Thompson, Tommy Lee 182, 299 Thome, KrIstI 326 267, 346 269. 346 271. 336 269, 336 231. 245 Thornton. Blanche Thornton. Faith Thornton. Jennifer Thornton. Leigh . Thornton, Matt . . . Thornton, Robert 355 Thornton. Steven 295. 326 Thornton. Virginia 346 Thorton. Matt 161 Thrash. Ann 336 Thrash. Melissa 166. 168. 355 Thuralratnam, Jeyakumar 197 Thurber. Courtenay 326 Thurber. Courtney 301 Thurston. Thomas 326 Thweatt. Randy 197. 346 Tlce. Christy 190. 193. 245. 288. 289. 355 Tickle. Emily . 283. 326 Tickle. Heidi . . , 177, 178. 279. 336, 337 Tldwell. Laura 269 TIdwell. Lesley 326 Tlgrett. Stacle 205, 359 Till. Andy 307 Tillery. Ellen 336 TlUery. Sarah 283 Tillman. Laurie . 336 Tillman. Mary 203 Tilly. Maria 257. 336 Tllton. Lorl . . 162,301, 326 Tlndall. DInnis 197 Tingle, David 336 TInnell. Elizabeth 194. 355 TInsley. James 336 Tlong. Lee 180 Tipton. Jim 307 Tittle. Scott 190 Titus. Carl 313, 336 Tobln, Devln 305, 336 Tobin, Gregg 225. 346 Todd. Ginger 326 Todd. Lisa . 259. 355 Todd. Virginia 266 Tolbert. Gary 309. 346 Tolllson. Gray 1 59 Tomlln. Debbie 271. 355 Tomlln, Dena 184, 271, 326 Tomllnson, Christina 199 346 179. 231. 248. 289 355 Tucker. Shannon 355 291. Tucker, Stacey 146. 355 346 Tompkins. Mike 167 Tucker, Tammie 355 205 Tucker, Tracey 224, 359 271 355 Tong. Kam . . 346 Tumma. Julie 326 Tonos. Chris 265 326 Tuner. Casey 197 Topper. Nina 136. 137. Turbervllle. David 326 336 Turcotte. Stacey 269, Torjusen, Howard 346 326 Torres, Epifanio 368 Turner. Alison 271 346 Torres, MIchele 368 Turner. Charles 291, Totten, Deborah 346 326 TouDes Jav 134 Turner. David 187 336 Toups, Lacy 283 346 Turner. Elizabeth 179, Towery, Courtney 336 283 3bb Townsend, Dennis 158, Turner, Greg 281 ,346 265 336 Turner, John 166, 265, Townsend, Vandallla 326 326 Turner, Joy 205 179. Turner. Kim 282. 283, 182 355 346 Trapp, Veronique 368 Turner. Mary 261 ,355 Trautman, Becky 266. Turner. Melia 283 326 Turner. Michelle 205, Travis, Jason . 326 360 Travis, Joe ... 309 336 Turner. Misty 198. 289, Travis, John 295 326 355 Travis, Thomas 299, Turner, Pamela 166. 326 259 .346 Treadway. Keith 346 Turner, Preston 277. Triche Leieh 168 :v 6 Triche, Nancy 267 336 Turner, Reginald 172, Trigg, Dana 289 326 173, 176. 184 293 ,346 Trippe, Juan 166. 168, Turner. Sarah 360 204, 228 231 360 Turner. Tammie 168. True. Melissa 279 326 172 208 , 336 Truett, Wes . . . 307 346 Turnlpseed. Juanita Tsang. Elsie . . . 360 201 Tsang, Kwee . . . 336 Turshen. Rebekah 279, Tsao, Ta-Wel . . 368 336 Tseng, Yu-Peng 368 Tutor. Mary 355 Tubbs. Elizabeth 326 Tutor. Nikl .... 131 Tubertlnl, Susan 283, Tutor. Randl . . 326 346 Tutor. Sharon 336 Tucker, Brian 147 Tutor. Stephanie 261 Tucker, Dana 313 326 Tutor. Susan 336 Tucker. Greg 204 Tweedy. Robyn 355 Tucker, Rosscer 187. Twiford. Tamie Tye. Lee 368 355 Tyer. Andrew 273 .336 Tyler. Joyce 363 Tyrone. Marcy 224 Tyrone. Marty 3bb Tyrrell, Christina 313, 326 u U-92 152 UdouJ, Amy 163. 267. 346 UdouJ. Jill 266, 326 UUal, Rohan 368 Ulmer, David 295, 326 UM Bands 200 UMGS AEG 199 UMTV IBS Underwood, Harold 199 Underwood. Jay . . 228, 231,305. 355 Underwood, KImberly 346 Upshaw, Marlin 346 Uptegraph, Tanya 269, 346 Upton, Charile 167, 305, 346 Uter, Kristen 283, 336 Utley, Melela 368 Utter, Jennifer 233. 355 Directory o 387 1 V Vahle. Heather 168, 222.271. 346 Valentine. Robert 204. 363 Valle, Jonathan . 186 Valuer. Raymond . 182, 336 Van. Jeffrey 307. 346 Van-Horn, Michelle Braswell 205 Vanausburg, Stetson 355 Vance. John 326 Vance, Nick 307, 326 Vance, Tlwanda 140, 326 Vandevender, Tol 346 Vanjanl. Mahesh 368 Van Cleve, Joseph 277 Van Horn. Regina 360 Van Noy, Jamie 269, 355 Van Noy, Tim 227. 231. 295, 355 Varn. Charles 138, 326 Varnell, Sonya 368 Varney. Merle 309. 336 Vaughan. Greg 277, 346 Vaughn. Amy 336 Vaughn. Karen 261. 336 Vaughn. Ricky 280 Vega. Chadley 336 Venoskl. Anne-Marie ... 355 Venoskl. Suzanne-Marie 346 Verges. Christy 261, 326 Verheeck, Kenneth 299, 346 Verhlne. Everette 299. 326 Vestal, Alan 182. 368 Vicars, Katherlne 146, 257. 336 Vlgnes, Lisa 336 Vincent. Amy 168, 336 Vinson, Sharron . 336 Vlnyard, Todd 273, 326 Vlox. Meredith 257, 336 Vlswanathan, Jayashankar 368 Vogle, Victoria 355 VoUlntlne, Heather 257. 336 Von Hoven, Terrl . 257 w Waddell. Richard 265. 326 Waddell, Timothy 346 Waddle. Lee 346 Wade, Elizabeth 283, 346 Wade. Glger 346 Wade. Keith 326 Wade. Thomas 336 Wadklns, Melanle 152. 194. 368 Wadklns, RIsa . 168, 261, 326 Wadstrom. Sarah 279. 326 Wagner, Erika 283. 336 Wal. Chow Kong 193 Wal. Ng 197 Walts, CherrI 359 Walcott, George . 228. 231. 295. 355 Wald. Gretchen 285. 336 Walden. Cherie 355 Walden. Shanda . 289. 326 Waldrop, Tamara 346 Walker, Alison 283. 355 Walker, Angela 355 Walker, Barbara 257, 346 Walker. Brent 162, 190 Walker, Caroline 285, 326 Walker. Charmayne 275. 355 Walker. David 165, 166, 309, 336 Walker, George 295. 355 Walker, Hedy 228, 261. 355 Walker. Joseph 346 Walker. Renee ' 146 Walker, Scott 167. 307, 346 Walker, Shirley 188, 336 Walker. Thomas 277. 355 Walker. William 295, 346 Walker, Willie 138, 139, 293. 311.336 Wall, Andrea 284, 285, 346 Wall, Chip 307 Wall, CuUen . 161, 326 Wall. Jeffrey 162. 168, 193. 299. 355 Wall. Sandee 205. 360 Wall. Steven 156. 167, 182, 307. 346 Wall Street South . . 190 Wallace, Amy 269, 336 Wallace, Lance . 355 Wallace. Sherrl 313, 355 Wallace, Sherry 168, 184. 193, 269.346 Waller. Jason 291. 326 Waller. KImberly 261. 326 Waller. Thomas 197. 225. 297. 355 Walls, Marsha 336 Walls, Walter 368 Walsh. Denlse 363 Walsh. Martin 291.326 Walsh. Timothy 368 Walshe. Michael . 277. 336 Walston. Charla ... 285. 346 Walston. George ... 355 Walters. Brent 291,346 Walters, Kelly 336 Walters, KImberly 165. 279, 355 Walters. Krlstlne 355 Walters. Renee 355 Walthall, Jennifer . 336 Waltman. Wyatt 166. 193. 286, 287. 346 Walton, Andy 186 Walton, Jay 326 Walton, John 265 Wang, Ding 368 Wang. Hsiang-Chyl 355 Wang. Ling 355 Wang. Xiqing 368 Ward, Adria 201 Ward, Jeremey 169. 326 Ward. Joanna 162. 168. 267 Ward. Stockton 336 Ward. Tammy 193. 256. 257, 346 Wardlaw. Bradley 326 Wardlaw. Susan 363 Ware, Sheila 355 Warllck. David 295, 355 Warman. Sammy 346 Warner, Allison . 355 Warren, Brennen 307 Warren. Elizabeth 355 Warren. Fred 336 Warren. Gerald 295 Warren. Jeff 168. 326 Warren. John 355 Warren. Leigh 355 Warren. Susan 283. 346 Warren, Susie . 166, 184 Warrington, David 277. 355 Warrington. Paul 291. 346 Warwick, Mary 288, 289. 346 Washington. Christy . . 285. 346 Washington. Maria . 285. 355 Waterman. Mark 16,17 Waters. Beth 326 Waters. Cody 179. 192. 221. 228. 245 Waters. Mary 266 Watford. Deedra 363 Watford, Lisa 205 Watkins. Carrie . . 269, 326 Watkins, Greg 346 Watkins. Howard 277. 336 Watkins. KImberly 146. 283, 336 Watkins. William 336 Watson. Bradley . . 299. 346 Watson, James 277, 326 Watson. Robert 355 Watson. Scott 168 Watson. Taylor 279, 326 Watts. Alison . . 266, 326 Watts, Benny 306 Watts. Chris 307. 336 Watts. Dennis 156. 179. 355 Watts. Heather 205. 359 Watts, Lauren 160, 168. 301. 336 Way, Michael 346 Weatherall, Curtis .291, 346 Weatherford, Helskel 326 Weatherford, Joseph 305 Weatherly, Michael 190 Weathersby. Eleanor 231 Weathersby, Thomas . . 303, 346 Weaver, Russell . . 295, 326 Weaver, Stephen 193 Weaver, Terl 161, 166, 168, 257, 336 Weaver, Vicky 336 Webb, Alvln 172, 326 Webb, Beth . 153, 158. 194. 271 Webb. Mary 355 Webb. Shelley 355 Webb, Susan . . 271.346 Webb, VIrni 336 Webb, William 168, 355 Webster, Kishida . 248, 355 Webster, Vemeda 326 Weddington, Marilyn 259, 355 Wee, Chleu-Nee . 346 Weeden, Joija 261,346 Weeden, Kenneth 346 Weeden, Trade . 346 Wei, Wei 368 Weidler, Eric 326 Weldler, Robert . 198 Weir, Jay 157,305,355 Weir, Mitchell 305, 336 Welborn. Mark 287, 336 Welch, Anita 355 Welch, Don 186 Weldon. Anna 326 Weldon, Jeremy 150, 194 Wilder, Kim 166, 295, 346 346 360 Wellons. Jay Wells, John Wells. Kathie Wells, Kelvin 159 Wells, Ronald 355 Welsh. Curtis 309. 336 Welsh. Lynne 355 Welsh, Mary 269 Welsh, Moira 198 Wendel, Stacle 355 Werby, Helen 355 Werby, Mary . . 146, 285. 336 Wescoat. Stacey Ann . 225. 279. 346 Wesley. Yolanda 146, 163, 167, 168, 177. 182. 259, 336 West, Brigette . 301, 346 West, Deborah 220 West, Reagan 267, 336 Westergard, Shaun 313. 326 Westmoreland. Dwayne 355 Weston, Scott 204, 363 Weth. Daniel 336 Wheeler, James . 309, 336, 346 Whelan. Susan 256, 257, 355 Wheller, Jay 166 Whitaker. Gregory 360 Whitaker, Shannon 346 Whitby, Michelle 132, 133 White, Dana 289, 336 White, Daniel . 265, 326 White, Deena 205, 359 White, Doug 193 White, George 169 White, Hubert 265, 336 White, Jeffrey 326 White. John 309, 346 White, Julie 188 White, Kristina 279, 346 White, Lori . . 203, 326 White. Mary 355 White. Penny 355 White. Samantha 336 White. Stacy 336 White. Verina 346 White, William 197. 336 Whiteside. Jane Ann 285. 326 Whiteside. Terry . . 359 Whitesldes, Margaret Whitfield. Chylynda Whitley. Cynthia Whitsell. Alyssa Whitten, Timothy . Whittlngton, Brent Wlble, John Wlckens, David Wicker, Lisa Wicktom. Barry Wiggs. Melody . Wijesekera. Harindra Wljesekera. Sanjeeva 355 326 355 346 197 326 355 346 336 169 363 197 355 279 248 .336 Wilbanks. Shelly Wilbanks. Shelley Wllborn. Kim 201 Wilcox. Hoke 336 Wilcox. Kalu 368 Wilcox. Lou Ann 248. 278. 279. 326 Wilcox. Russell 161. 226, 307, 355 Wilder, James 295, 336 Wiley, Maryruth 168, 283, 336 261, 355 Wilke, Keith 193 Wllke, Robert 299, 355 Wllkerson. Charles 307, 355 Wllkerson, Marshall 346 Wllkerson, Mona . . 205, 360 Wilkins, Anne 269, 346 Wllklns. Guy 291, 326 Wilkins, Shawn-Michael 158 Wilkinson, Diane . 205. 359 327 168 132, 336 193 299, 327 Wilks, Winnye . 67, 157. 158, 161, 163, 164, 166, 176. 178. 179. 231,245, 252, 275, 355 WiUard. Sara 285, 336 Willey, Paul 186 Williams. Al 166,368 Williams, Amy 336 Williams, Angela ... 301, 336 Williams. Angle 44 Williams. Anthony . 293, 355 Williams, Antonio ... 7, 204, 363 Wilkinson, Joseph Wilkinson, Kevin Wilkinson, Krlstl Wilkinson, Pene . Wllklson, John . Williams, Arthur Williams, Blake Williams, Clifford Williams, Connie 336 307, 336 327 153. 368 355 327 368 Williams, Hayley Williams, James . Williams, Jeffrey Williams, Melissa Williams, Michael 336 269, 327 224, 355 277, 336, 355 Williams, Pamela .301, 337 Williams, Rex 327 Williams, Richard 168, 190, 273, 327 Williams, Ronald . 327 Williams, Sheryl . . 152 Williams, Stacey . . 327 iim- %iim ' ' Williams, Curtis . Williams, Donald Williams, Douglas Williams, Elizabeth 201, 257, 269,327,336 Williams, Emellne . . 336 Williams, Frank .... 193 Williams, Gentry . . . 194. 307 161, 283, 336 Williams, Heather . . 257. 336 346 224, 347 Williams, Jim 134 Williams, John 277, 336 Williams, Kelley .... 283. 327 Williams, Kenneth . . 144. 347 Williams, KImberly 336 Williams, Leigh 166, 260,261,336 Williams, Lisa 228. 261,355 Williams, Margaret . 289, 327 Williams, Mary 285, 327 Williams, Matthew Williams, Melinda 4 388 o Directory Williams. Stuart Williams. Susan Williams. Tim Williams. Todd Williams. Tracey Williams. Trevor Williams. Victoria I . 249 279. 283. 327 347 299. 327 146. 267. 355 359 301. 347 Williamson, Carol 193 Williamson. James 157. 160. 161. 168.337 Williamson. Jeannle 205. 359 Williamson. Katherlne 301.337 Williamson, Kathy 193 Williamson. Linda 337 Williamson. Lynette 194 Wllllford. Stewart 307 Willis. Ashley 327 Willis. Chandra 184. 259. 355 Willis. Elizabeth . 327 Willis. Eulanda 368 Willis. Ginger 203 Willis. Jeanna 347 Willis. Trade 337 Willis, William 347 Willock. Roland 307 Wllloughby. Raymond Wills. Jenny Wilson, Angelia . Wilson, Angela 274. 275. 327 Wilson. Angle Wilson, Barry Wilson, Bryant Wilson. Cathy Wilson. Corrlne 279 Wilson. Cory 158. 168. 182, 265 Wilson. Dennis Wilson. James Wilson. Jeff 277 Wilson. Kelly 182, Wilson, KImberly Wilson, Marc 277 Wilson. Michael Wilson. Mike Wilson, Paschal Wilson, Platte Wilson. Robbie Wilson, Robert 269 Wilson, Rollln 285 Wilson. Rosemary Wilson. Russell 309 Wilson. Susan 347 363 347 248. ,347 271 347 299, 327 203 278, , 355 161, , 337 204 347 327 285, 347 337 , 347 327 203 168, 347 337 363 204, 245 355 355 168, 337 220. 257. 355 Wiltshire. Peggy 355 Winchester, Carla 355 Windham, Jeffrey 368 Windham. Melissa 168, 266, 327 WInebrenner. Jacqueline 257, 327 Wing, Eric Wingo, Robert WInstead, Ginger Winter, Michael Winters, Henry 347 347 355 144 287, 327 327 Winters, Porcia Wlntersteln, Chrlsta 266, 327 WIrth, KImberly 279, 337 Wiseman, KImberly 201, 327 WIslar, Philip 287, 347 WItte. Doug 355 WIttichen, Ginny . . . 166 WIttlchen. Sarah 267. 347 Witty. Sharon 193 Wlygul. Trae 309. 337 Wolff, Susan 267, 347 Womble, Connie 327 Wong, Kong 337 Wong, Melissa . 233 Wong, Richard 355 Wong. Say 368 3»1 a itiyi Woo, Daisy . , Wood. Alison Wood. Barry Wood, Brent Wood, Charlotte Wood, Clint Wood, Greg Wood, Helen Wood, Henry Wood, Katherlne Wood, Katie Wood, Kellle Wood, Leslea Wood, Leslie Wood, Nancy 260. 299 . 12. 295 269 162, 279 Wood, Robert 170, 228, 231. 245, 305 Wood, Stacey 264 Wood, Todd Wood, Willie Woods, Billy Woods, David Woods, Joseph Woods, Libby Ann . . Woods, Michelle 301 Woods, Randall Woods. Todd 190. 277 Woodson. Natalie Wooten. Lisa Wray, Leeanne . Wren, Crystal . . Wright, Andrew Wright, Anthony Wright, Betty Wright, Christina Wright, David Wright, Jennifer Wright, Jodie , Wright, Walker Wright, William Wu, Welgeng Wu, Wenliang Wulff. Shannon Wyatt. Steve Wycoff. Brian 295 299 301 295 337 261. 347 327 265, 347 267, 347 347 363 355 347 279. 337 168 347 327 182 174. 337 216. 355 269 193 347 307 190 355 158, 182 300, 347 197 231. . 355 193 337 269. 347 347 194. . 355 197. 355 355 279, 347 355 301, 327 327 307 355 368 197 266. 327 .327 363 Yeldell, Susan Yelverton. Ralph 289, 327 265. 327 X Xie, JIanye 368 Y Yang. Bo 197 Yao. LIxin 368 Yap, Bee 347 Yarber. Deborah 355 Yarbro, London 269. 327 Yarbrough. Sid 186 Yasin, Ammar 327 Yassln. Walid 327 Yates. Angelia 355 Yates. Leeann 271.356 Yates. Shawn 327 Yawn. Laurie 271 . 337 Veager, KImberly 283, 327 Yeagle. KImberly 313, 337 Yeh. Chlng-Ying 356 Yemelos. Cassandra 261, Yeo, Keng Yerger, John Yielding, Frankle Yielding, Johnny Yong, Vlt Kung York. Paige 228, 245. 248, 267, Yoste. John . 291. Yoste. Mary . . . Yoste. Virginia Young. John 299, Young, Keith 149,: , 337 368 327 359 3,56 356 , 231. , 356 ,347 283 347 , 327 204. 363 Young, Ken 190 Young, Kenny 265, 327 Young, KImberly 356 Young, Lloyd 368 Young, Mary 368 Young, Melynde 266 Young, Mlndy 160. 327 Young, Reba 261, 337 Young, Susan 347 Young, Susanne 301, 337 Young, Wesley 265, 327 Youngblood, Heather 337 Youngblood, Mark 277. 327 Yu. Chao-Sung 368 Yuan, Shian 368 Yue. Patricia 327 Yun. Yung-Chang 368 z Zagst. Chris 186 Zagst. Joseph 356 Zelsler. Paige 327 Zeisler. Paula 301 Zeppelin. Deron 295, 356 Zerby. Tracy 205 Z B , . . 310 ZTA . . . 312 Zettler. Linda 151, 194. 347 Zhang, JIanping 368 Zhang, Zhi-Yao 368 Zhou, Nalln 368 Zhu, JIa 368 Zla, All MIrza , , 197 Zlemet, Christian 327 ZoUer. Lee . . 161.277. 347 Directory _i 399 a DiiriiifJ the past ten years. Ole Miss has j rown treineiulously. Alhou h tears were shed and many values were challenged, the bond existing within the university could only grow tighter. phttto by Anttij ffl dial Ive loi nt at ' (luring the past wniilcl br r I m f II t a I I school ' s would )V tflv shal- ' " loslnji ifei Reach InjLi to higher height was the main force that prevented us from slipping. Stu- dents and staff were willing to step In to attain quality pro- grams, better edua- callonal resources and racial equality. ven in the midst of turniotl. we stood. For w ' remembered the saying. " United we stand: dl- Ided we fall. " lys ready to tackle ilfe ' J battle wlxthct if viTis a ralciiliis probreiii or the dissolution of a treasured tradition. a ret re h Til U 1 :. 1 V t hrough Sunday were our times of Joy wi-re al- ways on h a n ci — partying at the Gin, Off tlie Wall or the Alley, football games, tyc dying or frls- b e c In the grove — what more could we ask • 4 Closlii In tough times, we stood together to comfort each other and passed around enough love and support so that each of us felt special. . . • • • •• ' • : :: : • •• ::::::: : :: -,..., • •• • • •• • •• • . , . . . • •. • • •• • ;• •• :t , . . . • • •■ ■. o Men we It seemed that we wer- f en ' t progres- sing as we should, we ave our- elves a little ick to rekln- I die the flame. - Closlnji N ow when we look W.k past that enabled us t embark upon a new aiul excltitif ' fiirnre our w will moM ujth .-ach pass! passing year. pholo b i CNIIr Hroi k « Kan ' t believe it ' s over! I knew that this day would come but it just wasn ' t coming fast enough. It seemed like everytime I ' d think the end was approaching, the date would slip further down the calendar. I guess I ' m supposed to thank people for helping me, so I ' ll do that first. First, I thank God for giving me the strength, the endurance and the sanity to complete this book, for without his love and guidance, I could never have accomplished this. Next, thanks goes to my par- ents, (especially my mother). Each time I would feel that life In the yearbook offfice was too depress- ing, there was confidence in knowing they were constantly keeping me in their prayers and more often than not In their pock- ets. Of course many thanks goes to the staff members who stayed on to help me finish this book: De- anne Mosley, Elizabeth Brooks, August Laurent, Whitney Swindoll, Missy Pace, Michael Huffines, Helen Ma, Mary Kincaid, Theresa Champion, Sherri Prestridge, Brook Anthony, and special " sticker " staff, Beth Josephic. I couldn ' t forget my hardwork- ing and dedicated secretary, Tam- mle Turner. Little does she know, she was my right arm, my inspi- ration, and my little sister. Now, Ken and Melvin, I don ' t know what to say about you guys. I know this book would not have been possible without you. Even though we argued and fussed — mostly you argued with each other — I could see the friendship that we shared that went beyond that of co-workers. This year has been quite an ex- perience. Not many of my original plans were carried out. Problems seemed to arise on every hand — from staff members quitting to computer sickness. But the year- book is finished. Although the problems unfolded first semester, they didn ' t quite hit me until second semester. I didn ' t particularly like all the at- tention I received from the media, so I ignored it. I knew that I was doing the best job that I could and nothing or no one could deter me from that belief. I knew that my being the first black editor of a major publication would draw attention, but I can hon- estly say that I ' ve had more than my share. And when it seemed that no one was helping me, I kept going, for I had faith that it would soon could to an end. " Good things come to those who wait. " To the next editor, August, don ' t panic. I don ' t know what your out- come will be, but I hope it will be as rewarding as mine. Remember that good help is hard to come by for free. Before I turn this Typevision com- puter off for the last time, I want to extend personal thanks to Lloyd Dix- on, Robbie Buford, and my brother Frank. Without you guys 1 definitely don ' t think I could have survived. Lloyd, thanks for being my friend (not my slave); Robbie thanks for be- ing. . .Robbie; and Frank thanks for being my pesty little brother. Spe- cial, special thanks to my Sorors, The 12 Flames, Delta Express and Cynthia. You guys gave me a lot of support. 400 Editor ' s Closing II 1 want to joydDlx- j. brother definitely sunived ' ny friend ksforbe- lanksfor her, Spe- y SororSi iress and ealoff t £ ' ' P COLOPHON Volume 96 Press Run 6,900 Total Operating Budget . . . 128.207 Costs $14.00 (w activity fee) 20.00 (without) Revenue from groups .... $18,500 Class Pictures, Features, Band, Who ' s Who . . . Professional Images, Jackson, MS Other Pictures Student Photographers The 1990 OLE MISS is a student- edited yearbook produced by stu- dents of the University of Mississip- pi. The viewpoint represented in this yearbook are those soley of the staff and writers and in no way reflect University policy. Taylor Publishing Company Dallas, Texas IPIi f : . ' 1 : '

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