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Ole Miss is a culture of its own created by those who go there. It ' s a living thing made up of its history, the commitment of its faculty, and the future of its students. It is a potpourri of personalities, lifestyles, and perspectives. It ' s a continual fashion statement of biking pants and hightops, Liz Claiborne and Gucci, Duckheads and blazers, Greek T ' s and cutoffs. It ' s tailgating in the Grove and partying before, during and after the game. It ' s a tradition handed down from generations past to be carried on for generations to come. It ' s academic advancement and world-renowned achievements. It ' s beauty in itself and in its people. It ' s road trips and weekends that begin on Thursdays. It ' s deep discussions at a Union table or between classes in the Circle. It ' s the crispness of autumn and the newness of spring. It ' s ingrained in the lives of those who know it so well. Whatever your place at Ole Miss . . . It ' s for the rest of your life! Ok Miss 1989 VOLUME 95 University, MS 38677 Melanie Buntyn, Editor Hedy Walker, Assistant Editor Richard Whitley, Business Manager Jimmy Daniels, Advisor Opening 1 1 I -. . ,-J .--... 4 1 - I " IP v 2 I Opening What ' s Inside . . . Student Life 18 Features 58 Sports 78 Honors 1 22 Administration 162 Greeks 192 Organizations 264 Classes 328 Index 382 Closing 392 Amanda King Opening 4 Opening Respect for the past, pride in the present, vision for the future rich in history and steeped in tradition, the University of Mississippi proudly celebrates 140 years of academic achievement by preserving zest for the future, by refusing to rest on past laurels, by leaping with enthusiastic anticipation into the twenty-first century. Born over 140 years ago, the philosophy that is today Ole Miss grew out of the vision of a few leading Mississippians to tie the University and her mission to two revered literary and scholastic traditions those of ancient Greece and Oxford University in England. These men wanted to create a garden, much like the grove where Aristotle taught his students, in which the search for truth, through constant dialectic and inquiry, could flourish. They chose Oxford as the home for the first University building, the Lyceum, in an imaginative endeavor to craft a philosophy for the University founded on ancient Greek and later Enlightenment ideals of scholarship. His- tory tells us that Aristotle would often walk with his students through a grove called the Lyceum, and through questioning them, confronting them with fresh concepts, would encourage their intellectual awak- ening and incite them to deeper self-examination and perception of the world about them. The University, in the minds of her founders, was to be Aristotle ' s grove transplanted to the hills of North Mississippi, a mecca where lofty thoughts as well as practical knowledge challenged her inhabitants. Today, Ole Miss fulfills her charge, her mission to challenge students in every aspect of life by drawing on this rich scholastic heritage as an inspiration for the future. And all this rests on the people, the faculty, staff, administration, students, and alumni who make up Ole Miss. Just as Aristotle walked beside his pupils on their quest for knowledge, so today Ole Miss professors accompany their students on the same journey. These mentors, these modern-day Aristotles, through their constant questions, much-maligned exam- inations, and friendly conversations hold the key to growth not only for the student but also for themselves. Whether in spirited classroom discussions, on leisurely strolls through the Grove, or at local gathering places like the Hoka, students and faculty can be found in discourse, the key to education, the key to youth. And like the groves of ancient Greece, Oxford and the University, though set in the peaks and valleys of North Mississippi ' s hills, stir comparisons to ancient Greek ideals of pastoral beauty. Just as the ancient Greeks were struck by the beauty found in nature, so we are struck by the beauty of the Ole Miss campus the Grove on a cool fall afternoon, the sunlight streaming through the burnished reds and golds of the chameleon-like trees; or the Circle in the spring, fresh, crisp air, lush greens carpeting the ground, brilliant pinks blanketing the trees; and the buildings themselves, the Lyceum, Ventress Hall, the Barnard Observatory, stately and imposing, each suggesting classical Greek architecture. But underneath this philo- sophical tradition and classical beauty lies a University on fire for the future, heading into the twenty-first century as a leader in the worlds of art, medicine, law, science, business, politics, and research of all kinds. Ole Miss is proud to claim a nationally recognized Service Journalism program, the Center for Telecommunications, the National Center for Physical Acoustics, excellent Law and Medical schools, and a new Super Computing System. Ole Miss graduates excel in every walk of life business, education, and politics among others. Their sojourn at the University challenged these men and women to be more, to ask more, to think more. And today Ole Miss persistently pursues this mission as close to 9000 undergraduates experience all that is Ole Miss her history, her beauty, her scholastic tradition. History has not burdene d the University; rather it has nurtured a University where tradition does not limit but instead responds to the demands of modern life. Ole Miss a lifetime of achievement with a vision for the future. Ole Miss is made up of an eclectic mix of personalities and perspectives. Greeks co-exist with independents, long-held traditions still survive in the midst of new ideas, and most every classroom has an equal balance of bow heads and Dead Heads. This election year has shown that everyone at Ole Miss has an opinion, political and otherwise. The College Republicans and University Democrats battled for their candidates through the guises of guest speakers and mock elections. Even Ron Shapiro got into the political groove with his Anyone For The Greek Besides Me? party at the Hoka. But political opinions aren ' t the only ones expressed by the people who make up Ole Miss. The University is known for its great parties, academics, and cultural heritage. While there are those that insist on keeping these aspects separate (perhaps even ignoring one or two of them), most Ole Miss students reflect a meshing of the three. Somehow studying at the library, going to Happy Hour at Syd Harry ' s, roadtripping from Thursday until Monday morning, and listening to Son Thom- as ' Delta Blues at the Hoka fit together nicely. This intangible, eclectic feeling one finds here is the spirit of the people that are Ole Miss. by: Muffy Sewell John Biggs 6 Opening Jotm Biggs John Biggs John Coker Opening 7 i 8 1 Opening Ole Miss is a place; but for a place to have meaning and for a place to be something more than merely a dot on a map, the place must be inhabited by people living out their lives making a mark on each other. The marks left by others are what give a place vitality. It is the impressions carried from that place that maintain its livelihood. As a child, I was surrounded by people who carried with them the mark of Ole Miss. There is something about human nature that causes all to seek out some reference of identification. As children we most readily identify with our parents. In fact, we bear their name as one source of our identity. It didn ' t take long for me to realize that a part of my father ' s identity was closely tied to the impact Ole Miss had had upon his life. Nor did it take long for me to realize there was something about this place Ole Miss that lured my grand- father back decades after his graduation . . . something about mere- ly mentioning the name of Ole Miss that caused a spark and arousal in my grandfather when he was a bedridden patient lying listlessly in a hospital bed. There was something about this place that evoked tears and anger in my older brother when Rebel football suffered a loss. As a child, there was a sense of wonderment when I attended Ole Miss football games here on campus. What stirred people to show up in mass donned in red and blue apparel? Initially, my fondness for Ole Miss resulted from my identification and support of that which was valued by those whom I most admired and respected. That is the means by which traditions are started as the value of one generation is passed to the next and then on to the next. However, in order for these kinds of traditions to be perpetuated, each generation must at some point examine the values being passed down; the values must somehow become real to that generation. My affection for Ole Miss no longer stems solely from an identification I have with the values of members of my family, but instead it comes from my having been marked by the people in this place. Because of these marks, I too will be able to pass down the spirit of Ole Miss to future generations. by: Allison Pickering Steve Davis Opening I Activities at Ole Miss seem to peak during football season. From Thursday ' s pep rally to the winding down of the frat parties in the early hours of Sunday morning, the campus and Oxford are the site for a continuous social activity. Some would say a major PARTY!! The cheerleaders highlight the weekly pep rallies on the Square, in the Grove, or at the stadium in Jackson and for many the party begins on Thursday. Friday night students flock to fraternity row where the hottest bands rock the campus. Not only do the students get fired up about the game, alumni and their families swarm from all over the south in recreational vehicles. Late Friday night the UPD task force allows cars to be parked and spots saved for Saturday ' s crowd. By late morning the Grove, Circle and every available spot on campus is draped in red and blue as families and friends share in what has become tradition at Ole Miss tailgating. The football team marches to the fieldhouse, the Pride of the South makes its way to the stadium, and gradually parents, children, students, alumni, and rival fans proceed to Vaught-Hemingway stadium for the kick-off. The roar of " Hotty Toddy " and the flapping of thousands of flags signify that the Rebels are once again at play. After the game, win or lose, the bands play and the students have fun. It ' s the time to see and be seen. Classes are forgotten and worries are postponed. Otherwise it wouldn ' t be Ole Miss. by: Melanie Bun John Biggs 10 I Opening y i 12 I Opening The style of Ole Miss can often be seen in the style of her students. Visitors are quick to notice the pride and dis- tinct personalities that are represented through the clothes Ole Miss students choose to don. Football season comes but once a year and the festive atmosphere leads coeds to cheer the Rebels to victory dressed in their best. Ann Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Ruff Hewn casual wear add to the fall array of colors. The male complements of this feminine fashion show are the starched oxford and paisley tie, topping off khakis and white bucks. A new resolve, however, governs students the following Monday comfort. Faded, ripped, or cut-off Levis know no gender boundary. Hightops for the guys and Cole Haan boots for the girls are often the only separation of the sexes. Then when the sun sets and the moon takes its place, the same group of undergraduates step out in style to their favorite evening activity. From brushed cotton to clingy knits, young ladies don their Unisa flats and Claiborne accessories to join their dates dressed in J. Crew sportswear and Girbaud jeans. Ole Miss is not limited to just one fashion style, however, the variation is as limitless as the personality who chooses it. In- dividuality is proclaimed through hairstyles and shoes, accessories and labels. Personal preference rules when it comes to fashion in the life of Ole Miss students. by: Melanie Buntyn Mclanic Bunlyn McUnic Bunytn Opening I 13 I No matter what the time of year a certain beauty enfolds the halls of the University of Mississippi. Each school year begins in the sultry heat of August as students pour onto the campus and into Oxford. Even with the heat, Ole Miss ' lush greenery lasts until the subtle change to autumn. As the temperature drops slightly, a golden glow highlights the ever present beauty. The leaves change from green to yellow to red to finally brown before becoming a blanket to protect from the winter chill that soon follows. With bare trees and no flowers, the stately architecture that is unveiled gives a sense of respect a feeling of elegant grandeur. When nature chooses, a blanket of snow covers the historic paths and as if by metamorphosis, the campus is transformed for a short time into a sparkling wonderland. Spring eagerly awaits her annual chance to wave her wand of newness, bringing sprouts of grass and new budding leaves followed by flowers and blossoms in a rainbow of colors. Not only does Ole Miss have beauty, her people are beautiful. Recognized for numerous pageant winners, Miss Americas, and lovely coeds, the stud ent body reflects a degree of beauty not often found in a single institution. Ole Miss ' students are also beautiful inside. Smiles greet one another on sidewalks, in the hallway, and across the room on the faces of friends and acquaintances. Unique in many ways, Ole Miss is truly set apart by her beauty. All who experience a part of this uniqueness, carry with them an impression with which to associate Ole Miss. by: Melanie Buntyn John Biggs Melanie Buntyn 14 1 Opening Section Editor: Hedy Walker Assistant Editor: Donna Bufkin i 18 I Student Life y Character for the rest of your life As we embark on life as stu- dents, we are affected by the people we meet and by the con- troversies and circumstances that surround each day. We are forced to weigh priorities and determine what will shape individual out- looks on life. From national events to daily occurences, we es- tablish a basis on which we form the perceptions of our future. Stu- dent life is a conglomeration of our experiences at Ole Miss. Student Life I 19 I ; ' I ' ! Ole Miss students abandon )ks for seven straight days for a chance to experience good ol ' Dixie culture The week of April 18th through the 24th served as ' ' Dixie Week 1988 " for the Ole Miss campus. Students used the week as an opportunity to blow off some steam, relax, and have a good ol ' time for seven straight days after cramming for midterm exams. The Student Program- ming Board attempted to make Dixie Week a truly campus-wide affair while retaining the original concept of what a " Dixie Week " should be. The latter goal was achieved through having many southern-oriented activities and per- formers on hand. Music served as a major part of Dixie Week. The steps of the Union served as the stage for acoustical musicians such as Chet Lott and David Cook, Scott Strickland, and Steve Moore. On Tues- day evening, Dash Riprock was the opening band for Guadalcanal Diary, who performed in Fulton Chapel. The 2 Beans, members of the group Beanland, performed in the Grove on Wednesday night. The Grove also served as the backdrop for Reba and the Portables and " King of the Blues " B.B. King, who performed on Thursday. Atheletic events also played a great role in the week ' s festivities. The Dixie Week " 88 Olympics included events such as volleyball, tug-of-war, and a bi- cycle race. A frisbee golf tournament was also included in the week ' s atheletic events. The Dixie Week golf tourna- ment at the Ole Miss Golf Club ended the atheletic events on Sunday. Dixie Week ' 88 was not without it purely social events which, as usual, eluded fun as well as food. The social] events ranged from a " Dixie WeekJ Comedy Laugh-Off hosted by Gil Ea-j gles, world famous hypnotist, to a moonlight picnic in the Grove. Tuesday, April 19, Alexander ' s am Chantilly Lace hosted an ice cream sc cial fashion show with the theme " Life ' s a Beach " . On Wednesday evening, tf movie " Roxanne " was shown in cor junction with the moonlight picnic. On Thursday and Friday, barbeque was the food of the day, with the senior class and Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, respect lively, hosting dinners. The proceeds of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon cookout went to Habitat for Humanity. The week ' s events were capped off by the tradi- tional Red Blue football game in] Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. Although many students longed for the traditions Shrimp and Beer blow-out at Sardis outlawed since 1984, Dixie Week 198 proved to be an overwhelming success. by Missy Pace Student Life I Sieve Dav 1 Right Lazar Gosman, the director or the Tchaikovsky Chamber Orchestra Far Right Ruth Laredo, known as America ' s foremost pianist Below Classic scene from " The Nutcraker " . The 1989 Artist Series included performances to bring world culture to Oxford and Ole Miss. mat Public Relation! Ahox Members of the Master-player ' s Chamber Orchestra The 1988 Artist Series began with two performances by the highly acclaimed National Players. The troupe of trav- eling thespians performed Shake- speare ' s most " human " tragedy " Othello " on January 27 and also the thriller " Dracula " on January 28. Leon Bates, former winner of the National Association of Negro Musicians Com- petition, treated Ole Miss to an evening of classical and contemporary piano se- lections on February 18. On March 21, the Ballet Hispanico of New York per- formed classical Spanish dance flamen- co combined with modem dance and jazz to the delight of a large Ole Miss audience. Masterplayers Chamber Or- chestra, a group composed of seventeen of Europe ' s finest muscians, demon- strated their incredible talent on April 14. Musica Antiqua Koln, the leading Baroque Chamber music group on the international concert scene, performed October 13. The group, which was founded by violin master Reinhard Goebel, is known for the authenticity of its old instruments and musical wit, as well as its astonishing virtuosity. The Tchaikovsky Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of Lazar Gosman, took to the stage November 15. The group, which was the subject of a full-length documentary film, is acclaimed for its " luxurious, passionate, and golden " sound. Three-time Grammy nominee known as America ' s foremost pianist, Ruth Laredo, also performed in addi- tion to the Chamber Orchestra. The Art- ist Series season ended with the per- formance of the holiday classic " The Nutcracker " by Ballet South on Novem- ber 29. The Ballet was directed by for- mer international ballerina, Dame Sonia Arova. Adding a special touch, Oxford and University children partic- ipated in this magical interpretation of the season ' s favorite. Performers Student Life I 23 I What may seem an inconvenience today will mean a face-lift for Ole Miss tomorrow Cranes, concrete trucks, and piles of dirt were just a few of the sights Ole Miss students returned to this fall. From the rebuilding of the Baptist Student ' s Union to a new baseball stadium, the campus is receiving a facelift. Reno va- tions are underway on the site that will be the home for the new Cyber 205 supercomputer. The computer will be housed in Powers Hall, an unused dor- mitory changed into an office building. Traffic on campus was detoured around wrecking crews as the physical plant re- moved several smokestacks from an ob- selete boiler system. Many streets on campus were closed for days at a time this fall when the Physical Plant dug up parts of the streets to replace heating and cooling systems in some of the older buildings. During football season, sev- eral skyboxes and a new pressbox were added to Vaught-Hemingway stadium. Reconstruction of the Law School began after a fire in April, 1988 which caused extensive smoke and water damage over most of the fifth floor of the school. The end of all of the dirt, detours, and trucks does not seem to be near. For safety reasons, the school is planning to renovate the foundation, heating and cooling systems and faulty electrical sys- tems of the Lyceum. During this time most of the administrative offices in the Lyceum will be moved to the Old Gym. However, that building first requires a facelift and renovations to change it from a one to a two story building. Oth- er construction projects include exterior work to Barnard observatory and the Y- uilding and an addition to the John Davis Williams library. The plans to build a Fine Arts theatre, a new Student Health Center, and the Center for Tech- nological Development of Natural Products are not yet complete. In the future, there will also be additions to the Business School, Pharmacy School, the Library, and the Law Center. bv Amanda Robbing Student Life Fir left removal of smokestacks b a wrecking crew left Additions to Vaught-Hemingway Orfor -L niierit Student Life II 25 i Summer Showcase The 1988 annual Festival of Southern Theatre Summer Showcase reached new heights at Ole Miss with the production of five smash hits. Since its inception four years ago, the Festival of Southern Theatre has grown to be a great event for Ole Miss as well as one of interest internationally. Fes- tival ' 88 consisted of three original plays with Southern themes which won the annual contest sponsored by the uni- versity. This year ' s overall winner was " Kingfish! " by Jeff Frankel and John Franceschina. The musical, which centered around the life of Louisiana ' s colorful governor Huey Long, was per- formed July 14 and 15. On July 16, Rebecca Oilman ' s contemporary drams " The Land of Little Horses " was per- formed. The play focused on an eccen- tric Southern family. " A Shattering of Glass " by W.A. Sessions was a mean- ingful look at the lives of people in a small South Carolina town immediately after the end of World War II. It was performed July 17. Summer Showcase, which includes the festival winners, also performed two other popular plays. The showcase of- ficially opened the season July 23-25 with " Noises Off " , a delightfully wacky English farce. The play, written by Mi- chael Frayn, reveals the happenings backstage of an actual production. A showcase with incredible talent in acting, direction, and production ended with " The Mystery of Edwin Droud " by Rupert Holmes. The bright and original musical ended the season July 28-30. by Missy Pace Above: scene from " The Land of Little Horses " . I Above: scene from " Kingfish! ' 26 Student Life Students Discover That Frustration, Delirium, and Panic are the Results of Procrastination What do you do the day before the history midterm on the 900-page novel you have yet to read? Let ' s face it. An all-nighter is the only solution. The world of an all-nighter is a realm of cold pizza, delivered late and stuck to the top of the box, and little white pills in boxes that defiantly proclaim " SAFE AS COFFEE " . How safe is coffee, any- way? Though there is no set of instructions to follow, most all-nighters are alike. The first phase of a normal cramming ssion is one of complete frustration, u have finally realized that you should have studied for that big test at 9 a.m. tomorrow instead of going to For- resters. Not to worry, there are still eight hours left. After attempting to study for a short while, some people find it calm- ing to throw open their window and scream to the world, " ! HATE SCHOOL! WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO START STUDYING FOR THIS@ %$ !TEST? " Pros call it delirium: the phase of an all-nighter that begins around the fourth hour of continuous cramming. You know it has arrived when you are mys- teriously compelled to climb up on your desk and spin in circles, or jump up and down on your roommate ' s bed while she is sleeping or maybe she ' s just trying to sleep with an obnoxious study fiend in the room. The arrival of this phase is the signal to begin the hourly run to Tastee ' s for donut holes possibly a sugar fix? Occasionally during delir- ium, you catch yourself pondering things like: Why are we on this plan- et? ... Now, what is the speed of ; light? . . . " i " before " e " except af- what letter? . . . How much caf- feine really is in a gallon of coffee? ... I think I would be happy as a Wai-mart greeter, Why don ' t I just quit col- lege?.. I ' ll bet I ' m the only person on campus studying tonight . . . That clock can ' t be right .... The final stage of the all nighter is the stage of revolt. In this blurred state, you finally understand that your professor is on an evil quest to gain control of the world. Why else would he schedule a test on Friday, the day after Thursday, the day of the happy hour that usually lasts for the duration? Finally, around 4:30 a.m., even the most determine student gives up trying to understand the history of the world and takes ajf short nap before the test. Some students claim they have never , pulled one, but all-nighters are a fact of ,. college life. Sooner or later, you just might have to pull one yourself. It ' s not;. fun. It ' s not even slightly amusing. It is a ; j walk on the weird side, an occurrence that everyone should experience at leasts once before graduation - - the all-- nighter. i 28 I Student Life ite Page student studying earh in the evening. Top student studying later in the evening. Left Instant caffeine. Richard WhiUey Student Life I 29 I Opposite page BSU Noonday in the Grove. Bottom Small group workshops at a weekend retreat, Below RUF small group Bible study. I 30 1 Student Life Religious Life Students Seek Spiritual Growth and Guidance Through Religious Organizations Which Focus on Individual Needs Ole Miss in the past has not been oiown for such things as religious life, jut as is evidenced by the number of organizations on campus, it is a very 1 " eal part of the lives of many students, ' rom Jewish to Protestant. Catholic to Moslem, religious organizations at Ole ss include Christian denominations, nterdenominational groups and other eligions. These organizations include: Baptist Itudent Union, Campus Crusade for rhrist, Reformed University Fellow- hip. Black Student Ministry. Christian -cience Organization. University Chris- ians. Episcopal Students, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Church of Latter Day Saints Student Organization, Lu- theran Student Organization, Moslem Student Organization, Navigators. Pen- tecostal Youth Fellowship, Wesley Foundation, Covenant Fellowship, Westminister Fellowship, Assembly of God (Chi Alpha), and Catholic Campus Ministry can be found on campus or within walking distance of campus. Many groups have offices in the V- building. Others have their own build- ing or they meet in homes, churches, or. in some cases, in different fraternity or sorority houses. The focus of each organization varies from discipleship, to evangelism, to fel- lowship and bible study. Whatever the emphasis, each organization fills a dif- ferent role and meets the needs of its own group. Many of these organizations on campus seek to share Christ or in- troduce Christ to those who don ' t know Him. Others worship in their own unique ways depending on their par- ticular belief. Off-campus ministries such as volunteer service at the North Mississippi Retardation Center, nursing home visitation, and tutoring at chil- drens ' villages are a big part of some organizations . Other groups try to serve international students by meeting the special needs they have. Two organi- zations have song groups that travel to local churches The Black Student Union Choir and the " Gift of Song " of the Baptist Student Union. Most groups meet weekly for fellow- ship, devotionals, or Bible study. Some groups have weekly communion. There are also many individual small group Bible studies that meet in dorm rooms or fraternity or sorority houses. Groups with similar interests and fo- cus join in ministry by bringing guest speakers to campus and by sponsoring Favorite Faculty Breakfasts. These are methods of reaching people who have not been involved in a religious organ- ization. There is also a joint prayer time that focuses on the Christian witness. It is held weeknights at 10:15 in the Y- building for anyone interested in com- ing. Other activities include semester re- treats, conferences, conventions, and mission programs sponsored by individ- ual groups. bv MeJanie Buntvn Student Life 1 1 31 1 Movie transformation generates sense of awe and excitement as students and Oxford residents have a chance at stardom. In April, 1 988, the campus of the Uni- versity of Mississippi looked more like the same campus did back in 1955. The Lyceum was transformed into the main building of Randolph University, which is the fictitious college in " The Heart of Dixie " , a movie that was filmed on cam- pus and in surrounding areas. The mov- ie, which stars Ally Sheedy and Treat Williams, is a story about a young wom- an who becomes involved in racial is- sues during the Civil Rights Movement. Being the editor of the school paper she (Sheedy) meets an Associated Press pho- tographer (Williams). The racial issues and the photographer drastically affect her life and her ways of thinking. The movie is to be released in the spring of 1989. The director, Marty Davidson, and pro- ducers tried to involve the students of Ole Miss in many ways. Students were chosen as extras, stand-ins, people in crowd scenes, and were used to help on the set. Many extras were not paid, but when interviewed thought the experi- ence was well worth all of the time and work. Some students were interested in gaining experience in being in movies, some just to say they were in a movie, and still more were just in it to try to meet the stars. A casting member said that of the more than 2000 member cast, about one half were Ole Miss stu- dents. While the movie provided experience in acting for some, and " just something to do " for others, after a while it became inconvenient for most university stu- dents. The circle was completely blocked off to prevent traffic from in- terferring with filming. The Lyceum was sometimes totally closed to students during filming. The library was also closed at times. The many people that congregated to watch and look for stars also disrupted normal college life and even some classes. When the movie started being filmed, it was an exciting new experience. By the time it was over, most everyone was glad to get things back to normal. After one month, Ole Randy was turned back into Ole Miss. While this was a dissappointment to some, it was { joy to others. But no one can deny tht fact that it was an experience never to bt forgotten. This is especially true foi those who worked directly with the ca and crew of " The Heart of Dixie " . by Amanda Bobbins i Left: Movie extras " hanging out " around props 32 I Student Life John Biggs Tep: Transformation of Ok Miss. 19S8 to Ote Raody. 1958 Lrfh extras take a break between filming Student Life I 33 i Student Union The Union is Nucleus Around Which Student Life Revolves Whether to check mail or grab a quick meal, almost all Ole Miss students run through the Student Union at least once a day. The Union is home to the University Post Office. Students meticulously check mail every day hoping for letters or for those magical yellow slips sig- nifying a care package from home or a new shirt ordered from L.L. Bean. But day after day, the only people that keep in touch are Dominos and Walmart. The Ole Miss bookstore is also located in the Union. It opens early for all those people who forget to buy a blue book for their eight o ' clock exam. The bookstore is infamous for buying back textbooks as cheaply as possible, then reselling them at almost new book cost. However, it does have unusual posters, hard-to- find tapes, and an endless list of supplies that every student needs. Did you know that there ' s a game- room in the Union? Surprises await on every floor. Many students eat their meals at The Colonel ' s Place. One side serves cafe- teria style, while the other side offers a varying fast food menu. Student organization meetings are usually in the Union. Who can ever for- get Union 404 A B? These meeting rooms are booked solid before the se- mester even begins. Craft sales are a common occurrence on the second floor. Before Christmas, there was a huge arts and crafts sale that helped to fill many Christmas lists. A variety of wood, clay, or fabric items could be found . Other shows included student painting sales and a Mexican jewelry sale. During elections, students campaign- ing for their candidates can be found hanging around the outside of the Un- ion. Inside, others are waiting in lines to vote. Students can be found sitting on the " fuzzy blocks " , out at the patio tables, or on the front steps waiting for their next class. Perhaps to get an Icee between classes or to get a ticket from the ticket office, going to the Student Union fills some need for all students. by H. Walker John Big; I 1 Student Life Scenes from a typical day at UK Student Union, Ihe center of Ole Miss. John Biggs Melanie Buntyn Student Life II 35 i 36 Stude Opposite page Students pun tne ne field during halftime. Below Homecom [omecoming provided a day for students, past and present, to renew old acquaintances and possibly make a few new ones. " Would you like to go to Homecom- ng with me ' - The nine words an Ole iss coed wants most to hear each fall. Homecoming at Ole Miss is more ban a game. It ' s the social event of the eason. Having the date of your choice or Homecoming is second only to get- ing a date at all. " I ' d love to. " When a girl consents to go to Home- oming. she agrees to more than the me. The traditional Homecoming te includes two nights af hardcore artying with brunches and tailgating in etween. Friday night (or Thursday for many) arts Homecoming weekend. Bands ch as the Relaxations. Change to dei mpete for hordes of students party- opping on fraternity row. Forrester ' s. The Gin. and Syd ' s are also packed. The goal of Friday is as much dancing, drinking, and other entertainment as can possibly be squeezed into one night. This is why Saturday morning begins with water, aspirins, and a hangover. Ole Miss students valiantly rise early to prepare for more festivities. On Saturday, the male is responsible for a mum. a coat and tie, and rea- sonably good behavior. The girl is re- sponsible for a smile and a nice dress. Homecoming wouldn ' t be Homecom- ing if it weren ' t for hundreds of tail- gaters covering the Grove. Children play, students visit, alumni drink and reminisce about when they were at Ole Miss. Moms serve everything from chicken on paper to caviar on china and crystal. Dads discuss the possibilities of Ole Miss beating Tulane. For some, tailgating falls between brunch at her house and his house. Then comes the game . . . " Hotty Toddy! . . . Pledge, go get me a Coke in one of those squeezer things . . . Come on Mark, throw it ... Check out the big flag up on the stick ... Is that guy- going to run across the field this game? . . . Why is it so cold? . . . Get it together, Brewer, we can ' t lose to Tulane . . . Hey. Dude, how ' s it goin ' ? . . . Shove that ball across that line, shove that ball across that line, shove it! ... Boo. booo . . . Boo. booo . . . I ' ll bet those folks in the skyboxes are partying . . . That big cake reminds me of the one in Animal House! . . . Who did they say won the float con- test? . . . Hotly Toddy, gosh-a-mighty After the game is nap time. This is partly because traffic makes going any- where but home almost impossible. Hardcore fans go back to the Grove, but many would like to quietly collapse until the Saturday night partying begins. utside so you should bring a jacket. " Hungover and tired. Ole Miss still parties until the wee hours of Sunday morning. Bands play until 1:00 when Daddy Turner pulls the plug, then tape decks go on in stereos across the cam- pus. I ' ll call you tomorrow. " " After all, the Tennessee game is only a week away. " :: Student Life I 37 run MHii ii .. Right Bailey ' s Wood Condos, Btlow Right Campus sorority house, Below Cambridge Station apartments. 38 I Student Life Habitats Student inviduality cries out " Give Me My Space! " Most of us have fond memories of that 12x15 cubicle, the almighty dorm room. Remember the first time you opened the graffiti-covered door to have all of your hopes and dreams dashed by hundreds of staring, white cement blocks. Somehow, a couple of posters, a carpet, and a few other choice items turned the hellhole into something liv- able. After nine months, everyone feels strong attachments to the only home they have on campus. Colorful friends are always close by. Remember the guys down the hall who tried to line their walls with empty beer cans. Or the R.A. - 1 I w ho threw firecrackers under doors when she was off-duty. However, there are some drawbacks to dorm life. The guys next door get drunk every night. Another neighbor always has an ' incredibly horrible " test to study for and asks you to stop being so obnoxious and to turn down the music. There is only so much personal stuff you can cram into half of a cubicle. Air con- ditioning in February is not for eve- ryone. As a freshman, you never forget that you have no other choice but to live in a strictly regulated environment. " Will they ever let us grow up? " For some, fraternity or sorority hous- es are the home-away-from-home. Well- rounded, actually well-rounding, meals are only a few steps away. These houses are noisy and always partying. A frat house is no place to study on a Thursday night. No one is ever surprised to find their room occupied by T.V.-watching, non-T.V.-owning brothers or sisters; pi- ty those who own VCRs or microwaves. Someone always borrows your new red shirt or your coffee pot, without asking of course, just when you need it. Prac- tical jokers sneak into your room and change your conservative answering machine message into something quite tasteless. Life in a Greek house is like a giant slumber party year round. Apartments are another alternative from which to choose your residence. They offer that elusive substance freedom. There is no R.A. or house- mother to keep track of you. There is even the possiblity of your own bed- room! Students are decorating genuises and can do wonders with two bedrooms, a bathroom, and the kitchen-den- dining-guest bedroom combination. To be comfortable in your new home, dish- es and furniture must be gathered. May- be that green and yellow plaid herculon sofa Mom And Dad store in the attic; or that seashell lamp Grandpa hates so much. In some apartments, pets are al- lowed. Fluffy or Rover will be at home here, too. Apartment living can be a most enjoyable experience. Married student housing, located on campus, was originally built for GI ' s with families returning to school. Ahh, the good ol ' days. Condominiums, the stuff of dreams for university students, are only feasible if Pop can afford the investment. There are no holds on decorating your condo; paint it green with purple and orange stripes if you desire. Try to convince good ol ' Pop that it is a worthwhile investment; he can rent it out for years to come after you finish wrecking it. Somewhere at Ole Miss there is a space for everyone. by H. Walker Crosby HaU- " Just think, 356 rooms exactly like mine. " Student Life I 39 I Center offers solid factual information, counseling, and referral without giving students the third degree Official Non-Alcoholic Drink of Ole Miss The search for the Official Bev- erage of Ole Miss ended recently when the Delta Gamma Sorority won the Non-Alcoholic Drink contest sponsered by the Bessie Speed Center and BACCUS. The drink. The Rebel Rouser, is a sweet carbonated fruit punch. The simple instructions for a party of 200 are as follows: 8 quarts ginger ale 3 quarts Hawaiian fruit punch 2 quarts pineapple juice 2 large cans frozen orange juice 2 1 2 gallons orange sherbert ice cubes food coloring Mix together Hawaiian punch, pine- apple juice, frozen orange juice (diluted according to directions on can), and food coloring. Put ice cubes in bottom of punch bowl, then add sherbert on top of ice cubes. Pour previously mixed punch mixture over this. Finally, add ginger ale two quarts at a time, pouring down the side of the punch bowl. Do not open ginger ale until ready to use. Add whipped cream and a cherry on top. Serve in chilled cups. by H. Walker Awareness of the effects of alcohol and drugs has become a priority concern at Ole Miss among faculty and students alike. The Bessie S. Speed Center for Alcohol and Drug Education is designed to help individuals live their lives with- out chemical dependancy using a pre- ventive education program along with counseling. The Center has become a key factor in educating students. In promoting National Collegiate Al- cohol and Drug Awareness Week during October, the Bessie Speed Center spon- sored a series of events such as a drink- ing and driving demonstration. Stu- dents leaders were asked to drink alcohol and then drive an obstacle course. This demo was also sponsored by BACCUS (Boosting Alcohol Con- sciousness Concerning the Health of University Students), a new active stu- dent organization that follows the phi- losophy of the Bessie Speed Center. Other events during the week were a 5k Run Walk, in which over one hun- dred people participated, and a super mixer held in the Grove featuring The Refugees. The fun event was culminat- ed with the selection of a non-alcoholic drink to be designated the official beverage of Ole Miss. On October 16, Lonise Bias, mother of former star athlete Len Bias, who died in 1 986 as a result of cocaine use, spoke to students in order to kick off National Collegiate Alcohol and Drug Awareness Week. Her ultimate goal was to impress upon students that anyone can be affected neg- atively by drugs or alco- hol. Sgt. Pete Collins of the Mississippi High- way Patrol spoke to students on October 7 concerning the effects of alcohol abuse. The Bessie Speed Center, as well as the Kappa Alpha Order, sponsored Sgt. Collins. Kelly Piner, a graduate phschology student and counseler at the center, says, " We are accomplishing something, here at Ole Miss. We are helping people every day. People are just beginning to ' open their eyes to the dangers involved with drugs and alcohol. Thank goodness: we are here to guide and help when we. can. " Below: ASB President Bill Boyd judges unusual entry in bev contest. i 40 1 Student Life This is an alcohol and drug abuse awareness program that respects abstinence in decisions concerning alcohol and drugs, but does not profess it. James " Bucky " Bass, Vice President, BACCUS Fir right: Lone runner in 5k run crosses finish line, right: Lonise Bias speaks emotionally about her son. below. (Toilette Taylor experiences a breathalizer during the Drinking and Driving demo. Student Life I 41 i Pageantry Glamorous Co-eds and Gaudy Houseboys Set the Stage for Ole Miss Pageantry The Miss University Pageant is the preliminary of the Miss Mississip- pi Miss America pageant. Fifty percent of a contestant ' s score is determined by her talent. The other fifty percent is divided between an interview, poise, and appearance. This year ' s Miss Uni- versity is Dana Dalton, a junior from Corinth. She was sponsored by the Delta Delta Delta sorority. First-runner up was Mitzi Mullins, sponsored by Kappa Delta sorority. Second runner-up was Missy Hurdle, sponsored by Delta Gam- ma soroity. Third-runner up was Lisa Cole, sponsored by Pi Beta Phi sorority. Fourth runner-up was Jana Wadsworth, sponsored by Delta Gamma sorority. The University of Mississippi ' s Pa- rade of Beauties was held November 8 in Fulton Chapel. Most Beautiful and ten beauties were chosen from among 85 contestants. Each sorority and fra- ternity could sponsor up to ten con- testants. Other students could enter af- ter obtaining a sponsor. Most Beautiful 1988 is Janie Holman, a sophomore in- terior design major from Jackson. Contestants in the university ' s Best Dressed pageant were judged on formal and casual wear, figure, posture, car- riage, poise, and appearance. Heidi Hoefer, a banking and finance major from Laramie, Wyoming, was this year ' s winner. Heidi was sponsored by Chi Omega sorority. First alternate to the title was Ashley Ross, sponsored by Del- ta Gamma, followed by second alternate Jane Anne Roser, Delta Gamma; third alternate Cassie Jones, Phi Kappa Tau; fourth alternate Julie Meisburg, Kappa Alpha Theta; fifth alternate Amanda Lehman, Pi Beta Phi; sixth alternate Allison Taylor, Delta Delta Delta; sev- enth alternate Lucy Pittman, Kappa Delta; eighth alternate Michelle Hyver, Alpha Omicron Pi; and ninth alternate Jennifer Cole, Kappa Kappa Gamma. The Houseboy Beauty Pageant is a fundraiser for the United Way. Sorority houseboys dress as girls and compete for glory, but no big prizes. The pagent is divided into three catagories: talent, for- mal wear, and an onstage interview. Contestants also participate in a parade of costumes where each dressed as their sponsor ' s mascot. This year ' s winner was Phil McCarty, sponsored by Kappa Alpha Theta. First alternate was Jeff Palmer, sponsored by Alpha Omicron Pi. Second alternate was William Steiiij, sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi. Othei contestants were Larry Gettys, Del Delta Delta; Tommy Hayden, Chi Omi ga; Jay Jung, Pi Beta Phi; Darre Raybourn, Kappa Kappa Gamma; an Erik Richardson, Kappa Delta. by H. Walker Abo Miss Universiy Dana Dalton with former Miss America, Mary Ann Moblcy Collins. Far Lrft Envious contestants in the Housebo y Beauty Pagent applaud this year ' s winner Left Janie Holman at the Parade of Beauties. Dan! Student Life I 43 1 44 Student Life The Grove mysteriously attracts people from all walks of life to an environment of simple creativity. Somehow every person who has heard of Ole Miss has heard of the Grove. No other Mississippi university has any- thing on their campus quite like the Grove. It is the core of Ole Miss and student activity; and yet it is incredibly pure in its beauty. Somewhere along the line it became a symbol of Ole Miss, perhaps the epitome of student life. The Grove mysteriously lures people to it and thrives on life. It is famous for tailgating parties at home football games, but that is not its only purpose. The Grove is rarely bare or empty as peop le like to study there, enjoying the gentle breeze. It is always the setting for a great frisbee game, for a fun picnic, or for walking the dog. Stu- dents are often found sleeping in the Grove on picnic tables and on blankets in the patches of sunlight. Sweethearts meet there to whisper of the beauty of the Grove. It is also a scene for af- A a ternoon pep rallies and evening con- certs. Excited voices seem to swell in the Grove. As the seasons change, the beauty of the Grove does not fade. The intensity of the autumn colors and the silent cold beauty of the winter still entice students to the Grove. It cannot be denied of its people. The Grove is revered by all who have had anything to do with Ole Miss. Alumni will continue to migrate back to enjoy its unique beauty and students will continue to smile as they walk through it on their way to class. Perhaps the Grove has become a tra- ditional symbol of Ole Miss. However, it is also a reality that is something to be proud of today and hopefully will be by generations of Rebels who run, skip and hop across its beloved soil. I Student Life Students Search for Entertainment When the Sun Goes Down. Some go the movies, whether to the Hoka or to a more traditional theatre. The Hoka Theatre is unique in and of itself. It specializes in art films or mov- ies that have developed a following, like " Rocky Horror " . The Hoka is also a favorite of students for cheesecake, hot fudge pie and cinnamon coffee. The people who go there are from all walks of life. They wear jackets and ties or t- shirts and jeans. Some even show up barefoot. The Hoka has something for everyone. Others occasionally choose bowling as nighttime entertainment. In addition to bowling and pool, Kiamie ' s, which has been around for decades, is always good for cheese-covered fries and a chat with Mae Helen. Some head for the bars. For a small town, Oxford is blessed with a variety of bars. Syd and Harry ' s is best known for its great food, blues bands, and a laid- back atmosphere. Syd ' s has a regular crowd that claim it as a second home. The largest bar in Oxford, J. W. For- rester ' s caters to all types. Forrester ' s was always packed Thursday afternoon for happy hour. A relatively new bar, Oxford Alley, with its great drink spe- cials, is fast becoming an Ole Miss fa- vorite. Ireland ' s, a favorite of the locals, provides a relaxed atmosphere to watch big screen T.V. or play a game of pool. Usually a peaceful bar away from the crowds, The Gin is known for its good food and a good table ... to dance on. Say Ladies Night and it ' s Off the Wall, which has the largest dance floor in Ox- ford. It is known for great Ladies Night ; specials. However, many students still venture north into Marshall County,, home of Hotty Toddy ' s, Ole Miss ' Sun-| day night honky-tonk. ard Whitley Student Life Left Kiamie ' s is a great for a quick game of pool, Inside the Hoka Theatre. Student Life I 47 Ole Miss and Oxford Complement Each Other Socially and Culturally as Well as Economically. The relationship between Oxford and Ole Miss is one of strength and im- portance. The small college town thrives off the university, its students, and its faculty. This can be confirmed by driv- ing through Oxford and noting all of the store names beginning with " Rebel " , " Ole Miss " , or " University " . New businesses generally avoid mod- ernizing their buildings. White columns, balconies, red brick or pastel paints pre- vail on campus and around Oxford. The number of businesses in town has increased as the size of the university increases. Taco Bell, Hardees, Burger King and Tastee Donuts are some of the eating establishments that have been added to the Oxford area within the last two years, and the Downtown Grill opened for business in January of 1989. There are new clothing stores, dry clean- ers, and numerous other services offered which stand as testimony to the amount of money students and faculty bring into the Oxford economy. When the students are away for Christmas or summer vacation, many store owners are faced with tough times. Some businesses cut their hours, while others close completely. These are stores that depend almost entirely upon stu- dents as customers. Not only do they close because of poor business, many of the employees are students who take the time off to visit with their families. bv Amanda Robbins 48 I Student Life SQUARE BOOKS John Biggs Opposite page Do you recognize this famous sign? Left Oxford City Hal!, Top A well-known Oxford landmark. Student Life I 49 I International Students Add Culture to Ole Miss Can you imagine living in a foreign country where you don ' t know anyone, can barely speak the language, and are not accustomed to the social norms? This is a situation faced by many in- ternational students at the University of Mississippi. They come from different lands searching for a good education. They must adjust to a totally new coun- try with different values, a different cul- ture, and a different language. Foreign students leave behind their families for four years, or often longer if they chose to attend graduate school. Most studied English at home from grammar books, but learning from a book and actually carrying on a con- versation are two different things. Attending college in America does have advantages over colleges in their own countries. One student said a de- gree from an American university would help him get a better job at home. Some students from underdeveloped coun- tries chose to attend school in the U.S. because they feel they can learn a wider variety of skills here. Many students from other countries are surprised at the freedoms Americans take for granted. One foreign student interviewed stated that in her country saying, " I believe the government is wrong, " will result in your being ar- rested. Since she has grown accustomed to expressing her feelings more than be- fore, she must watch closely what she says when she returns home. Wah Foo Chan, a senior from Ma- laysia, has not gone home since he first came to the U.S. in 1987. When asked why he chose Ole Miss over different colleges, he said, " My country is very crowded. I like the rural area around campus. " Chan was introduced to Ole Miss through MACEE, the Malaysian American Commission on Educational Exchange, a program designed to help students choose the right American col- lege for their needs. Chan also consid- ered Mississippi State and Alabama. The Associated Student Body and the Office of International Affairs have or- ganized programs throughout the year that have helped to relieve some of the homesickness felt by international stu- dents. A Chinese Magic Show and an International Festival were widely at- tended by both foreign students and Americans interested in other cultures. The Student Association of Singapore organized " Satay on the Grove " , a Southeast Asian-style barbeque. While trying to learn more about American culture and society, interna- tional students representing many dif- ferent countries share the common bond of attempting to maintain their heritage. Above Balancing act in the Chinese Magic Show Strangers , 50 Student Life Left " Satav on the Grove " Below Traditional tribal dance by students from Republic of China during International Festival. Student Life I 51 52 I Student Life Opposite page right Lonise Bias speaks about drug abuse. Opposite page left Wayne Dowdy campaigning for a vacant Senatorial seat. Right Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O ' Connor, Below Senator Trent Lott. Speakers Political Leaders and Concerned Individuals Expound on Issues of the State and the World Several speakers were invited to lec- ture at the university during the year. The University of Mississippi Law jSchool hosted United States Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O ' Connor for the James McClure Memorial Lecture Series in Law. O ' Connor spoke on " Federalism and Individual Freedom: Remembering the Ratification. " She challenged law students to place less em- phasis on monetary goals and more on helping people and solving legal prob- lems. Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox spoke for the National Common Cause organization. Cox was appointed as the first special Watergate prosecutor, but was later fired by President Nixon for refusing to drop legal efforts to gather informaton about misconduct of White House officials. After his lecture he was honored by an autograph party for his book " The Court and The Constitu- tion " at Square Books. A dinner in his honor was held afterwards to raise funds for Common Cause. Cox is a professor emeritus at the Harvard University School of Law. Lonise Bias, mother of former Uni- versity of Maryland basketball star Len Bias, spoke to a large Ole Miss crowd on the dangers of drug abuse. Her son Len died of cocaine use shortly after being drafted by the Boston Celtics. She urged students to learn more about the dan- gers of illicit drugs and sex. Bias was sponsored by the Bessie Speed Center for Drug and Alcohol Education, the Student Programming Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, and the Office of Minority Affairs. Numerous political candidates campaigned at the University of Mis- sissippi this year. Senator Trent Lott and Wayne Dowdy, opponents for the U.S. Senatorial seat vacated by John C. Stennis, both spoke to large Ox- ford University crowds. Lott was later elected to the position. Representative Mike Espy and his Republican oppo- nent, Jack Coleman, also campaigned on campus. Espy, the incumbent, was re-elected to Congress. By H. Walker Amanda Robhins Student Life I 53 I , 54 Student Life -, Ole Miss Way down south in Mississippi there ' s a spot that ever calls. Where among the hills enfolded stand old Alma Mater ' s halls. Where the trees lift high their branches to the whispering Southern breeze. There Ole Miss is calling, calling to our hearts ' fond memories. With united hearts we praise thee, all our loyalty is thine, and we hail thee. Alma Mater, may thy light forever shine; May it grow brighter and brighter, and with deep affection true, Our thoughts shall ever cluster ' round thee, dear Ole Red and Blue. May thy fame throughout the nation, through thy sons and daughters grow; May thy name forever waken in our hearts a tender glow. May thy counsel and thy spirit ever keep us one in this. That our own shall be thine honor now and ever, dear Ole Miss! Student Life 1 55 , 56 1 Student Life ' 7e Miss Student Life I 57 Section Editor: Kathy Kellerman Assistant Editor: August Laurent 58 1 Features Distinction for the rest of your life. Ole Miss is in itself a place of distinction. There are those people, however, who stand above and beyond the ordinary whether it be as a beauty, a favorite among peers, or a representative of all that Ole Miss entails. Those who fit this definition will be remembered for years to come as a featured part of the university. These people are representatives of the uniqueness that differentiates Ole Miss in beauty, in character, and in style. Features I 59 I Wesley Walls Serving as this years ' Colonel Rebel is Wesley Walls an engineering major from Pontotoc, MS. A mem- ber of the M-Club executive committee and a four year letterman in football, he truly exemplifies the true meaning of Colonel Reb. An academic All-SEC and a Southern Magazine Scholar, he was recently awarded the National Football Hall of Fame Schol- arship. He was also chosen as the SEC Academic All- American. Whitney Vann This years Miss Ole Miss is Whitney Vann, a mem- ber of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. She is a television broadcasting major from Glasgow, KY. A very visible face on campus over the years, she has been a junior varisty cheerleader, campus fa- vorite, and serves as Channel 12 news anchor. A member of Sigma Tau Delta and Golden Key, she is also very active in the Student Programming Board. A Pike little sister, 1986 calendar girl, and top twenty-five beauty, it is easy to see how this very versatile beauty is a perfect choice for Miss Ole Miss. 60 Features Colonel Rebel and Miss Ole Miss Features 61 Favorites Margaret Pryor Margaret Pryor, a junior business and marketing major from Jackson, MS, said she chose Ole Miss because, " the people were friendly and she felt accepted. " Obviously others have been attracted to her own friendliness since she was recently elected president of Sigma Chi little sisters and chosen as a 1988 homecoming maid. A member of Phi Mu sorority, Margaret enjoys traveling and snowskiing. Stacy Smith Family tradition brought Stacy Smith to Ole Miss. She is a member of Delta Gamma sorority and she is a Kappa Sigma little sister. Stacy is a senior marketing major involved in College Republicans and AWS. She enjoys snow- skiing, walking, and other outdoor activities. 62 I Features , ' -: - :: :: " = - V: Favorites Beverly Chamblin A junior accounting major from Jackson, MS, Beverly Chamblin is a definite favorite. As a member of Kappa Delta sorority she has served as both rush chairman and vice-president. As a Chancellor ' s Scholarship recipient. Beverly is a member of the honors program. She was chosen 1 988 Sigma Chi sweetheart. Beverly is involved in Reformed University Fellowship and enjoys making friends from different places. Katie Ferguson Katie Ferguson, a member of Delia Delta Delta sorority, and former Sigma Alpha Epsilon sweetheart, has been a very active person on cam- pus. A senior marketing major from Southhaven. MS, she says Ole Miss has allowed her to make friends that will last for a lifetime. As a campus beauty, pike calendar girl, and 1987 Sigma Chi Derby Day queen. Katie is known on campus for her beauty. -:-:,- ' - ' " - . f " -- ' Mitzi Mullins A winning personality and bright smile attract everyone to Mitzi Mullins, a senior education major from Jackson. MS. She loves Ole Miss where she has served on various SPB and ASB committees. She has also been a top twenty-five campus beauty and first alternate to Miss University. Mitzi is the 1988 Kappa Sigma sweetheart and enjoys jogging and riding her bike. Features I 63 Favorites Sara Beth Baldwin Sara Beth Baldwin, a junior from Norcross, GA, represents Ole Miss as a rebel recruiter and a match mate. A special education major, she is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and Kappa Alpha little sisters. Sara Beth also serves on the Student Programming Board and is a member of College Re- publicans. Shelly Sumrall Shelly Sumrall came to Ole Miss because of its atmosphere and people. She is a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority and she is a Sigma Chi little sister. Shelly, who enjoys drawing, is a junior art major from Laurel, MS. She says she really likes Ole Miss because of " the friends she has made here. " 64 Features ., .-:-. -., :,=, Favorites Regal Niffenegger Regal NifTenegger proved she was an Ole Miss Favorite when she was elected 1 988 Judicial Council Chairman. A senior marketing major. Regal says of Ole Miss. " 1 like the size of the school and the friendly people. " She is involved in various activities including Daily Mississippian pho- tographer. Order of Omega, matchmate and Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Ouida Branum 1988 Senior Class Vice-President. Ouida Branum is a Fashion Mer- chandizing major from Montreal, NC. She is a member of Chi Omega sorority for which she serves as Activities Chairman, and she is the Ole Miss Spirit Committee Chairman. Ouida says. " Ole Miss offers the advantages of a large school, as well as the close-knit feeling of a smaller school. " Some of her other activities include AWS. Kappa Omicron Phi, and Summer Orientation Leader. Paige York . " Involved " would truly describe Paige York, junior favorite from Hat- tiesburg. MS. She is the newly elected President of Chi Omega sorority and has also served as Social Chairman. She is a Pike little siser and a 1989 Pike calender girl. Paige also is an ASB senator, a member of the Daily Mississippian staff, and a Channel 12 reporter. Features I 65 . Miss University 1988 Dana Dalton, a junior from Corinth was crowned Miss Uni- versity 1988 on March 1 in Fulton Chapel. Dalton is a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority and represented Ole Miss in the Miss Mississippi pageant in Vicksburg in July. Dana says, " I really enjoy pageants. You can ' t lose by being in them because everything you do makes you a better person. " DANA DALTON 66 Features Features 67 HOMECOMING 1988 Allyson Heflin : 68 Features Laura Neyman Sonya Varnell Tia Dees Adina Maisel Margaret Pryor Jenny Roberts Erika Henderson Robin King Tyler Lott Allyson Heflin of Forest was crowned 1988 Ole Miss Homecoming Queen on November 5. As tradition has it the queen, her escort, Associated Student Body President Bill Boyd and the court came onto the field at half time. Unfortunately the Rebels lost the game to the Tulane Green Wave 14-9. Features 69 MOST BEAUTIFUL 1988 70 1 Features JANIE HOLMAN Crowned Most Beautiful of 1988 is Janie Holman, a soph- omore interior design major from Jackson. She is the daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Holman. She was sponsored by her sorority Chi Omega in the Parade of Beauties on No- vember 8. A very versatile person Janie ' s activities range from ASB senator and election commissioner to Sigma Chi little sister and 1988 Pike Calender girl. She enjoys outdoor sports such as tennis and waterskiing. Features 71 BEAUTIES Jenny Roberts Kathleen Irby 72 Features 1 BEAUTIES Sara Freeman Stephanie Ten Eyck Features 73 BEAUTIES Stacey Wood Missy Williams 74 Features s BEAUTIES Louise Hooker Sherry Bowles Features 75 BEAUTIES Dana Dalton Robin King Laarei Niie a tees. 76 Features Best Dressed Heidi Hoefer Heidi is a banking and finance major from Laramie, Wyoming. She was sponsored by her sorority Chi Omega. Heidi won the competition clad in a white mogashell linen double-breasted coat dress by Ralph Lauren with alligator shoes. She also wore a black and ivory silk chameuse by Ralph Lauren. Nine alternate were chosen. They were Ashley Ross, Jane Anne Roser, Cassie Jones, Julie Meisburg, Amanda Lehman, Allison Taylor, Lucy Pittman, Michelle Hyver and Jennifer Cole. Features 77 s Section Editor: Cindy Mitchell Assistant Editor: Sean Akins .... 78 1 Sports Spouts Loyalty for the rest of your life Rebel teams are never without support and Rebel fans are never without excitement. Slam- dunks, touchdown passes, and grand slam homeruns combined with top-seeded tennis players and marathon runners create an atmo- sphere of challenges, defeats, and victories. From " Slow Dixie " and Hotty Toddy to the seventh inning stretch or the final seconds, ath- letics at Ole Miss provides mem- ories that will last a lifetime. Sports I 79 I Tough Schedule Leads to . - - I .T Disappointing Season Ole Miss fans were not the only people who were skeptical of the ' 88 football season even before the first game. Head coach Billy Brewer said, " I don ' t think this University has ever faced a tougher schedule. We start off with a traditional rivalry in Memphis State . . . followed by four of the toughest anyone, anywhere will face Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, and Georgia. If we can come out of those five alive, we ' ll feel good. " The rest of the Rebel schedule could not be considered easy; other competitors included LSU, Tulane, Tennessee, and Mississippi State, and each of those teams beat the Rebels in ' 87. And if facing a rough schedule were not enough, the team was thin on both sides of the ball and was plagued with injuries. However, there was a ray of hope in changes on the coaching staff as new leaders on both sides of the ball arrived to help the Rebels. Jim " Red " Parker, offensive coordinator at Delta State University in the Gulf South Conference last year, became the new offensive coordinator, and Robert Henry, formerly of Southern Mississippi, SMU, and the University of Tennessee, joined the staff as defensive coordinator. The Rebels started off strong as they beat Memphis State 24-6 in Jackson, but their luck changed against their first SEC rival. The Rebels traveled back to Jackson to meet Florida where they were beaten 27-15. The Florida defense was number one in the SEC three out of the last four years, and, as Coach Brewer said, " They knew our audibles; they knew our hole numbers; they had done their homework. They were waiting for us. " The Rebels went back on the road to Little Rock where they lost to Arkansas 2 1-1 3. The Rebs hurt themselves by receiving eight penalties for 75 yards, five fumbles, and two interceptions. This game was the first game in the season where the Rebels faced a wishbone offense and an artificial surface. However, quarterback John Darnell held on to run for 56 yards and pass for 96 yards and two touchdowns. Lester Brinkley had a game high fourteen tackles. Ole Miss traveled to Georgia for their second SEC game. Although the Rebs led at half-time, they could not move the ball offensively in the second half. The Rebel defense was worn out, and Georgia went on to win 36- 1 2. Back on the road for the fifth consecutive week, the Rebels went to Tuscaloosa to play Albama at their homecoming. The Tide was the fourth opponent Ole Miss faced that was ranked in the nation ' s Top 20. The first half was scoreless, but the Rebels hung on and beat Alabama 22-12. That day marked the first time that Ole Miss had ever beaten Alabama in Tuscaloosa. It was also the first time since 1971 that Alabama was held to zero yards passing. They passed eleven times and completed none. Brewer said, " Before the game, I told our team I felt like we could win a number of ball games starting today. It ' s probably one of the biggest wins Ole Miss has ever experienced. " Ole Miss faced Arkansas State in the Rebels ' first home game, which they hung on to win in the fourth quarter 25-22. The next week the Rebs were back on the road to play in their second homecoming game and score their third consecutive winning touchdown in the fourth quarter. Ole Miss won 36-28 and was ranked as the nation ' s top pass defense. Ole Miss went to Baton Rouge next to play in LSU ' s homecoming game. The Rebels were emotionally and physically exhausted after playing so many road games and were unable to win against LSU. The Tigers won 31-20. The Rebels ' own homecoming was next as they finally returned to play in the newly renovated Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. The Rebs faced Tulam and self-destructed as they lost 14-9. With this loss, the Rebels also lost al hopes of a bowl bid. However, Bryan Owen kicked three field goals tha ' moved him past Hoppy Langly on the Rebels ' all-time list. Owen ' s career total stood at 35 after the game. Tennessee came to Oxford and destroyed all chances for Ole Miss to have winning season. There was a first for Ole Miss and a second for the nation ai this game. The UT place kicker prepared for the PAT. Stevon Moore blocked! the kick, and Tony Bennett ran the ball for a two point defensive conversion! That score was the second in the season after the NCAA Division I -A rulj was passed. Ole Miss ended the season by recapturing the Egg Bowl and beatin; Mississippi State 33-6. Mark Young tied Archie Manning and Kent Austir for the most touchdown passes in his career at 31 as he completed 19 of 37 passes for 334 yards and three touchdowns. This moved Young to third place on the Rebel passing all time yardage list. The Rebels finished the season a disappointing 5-6 overall, 3-4 in the SE ' where they tied for sixth place. Three Rebels saw post-season play in the Blue- Grey game: Wesley Walls, Stevon Moore, and Rodney Lowe. Walls was selected to play in the East- West and Senior bowls but had to camcel because of injuries sustained in the Blue-Grey game. Moore played in the Hula Bowl as well. Ole Miss head football coach Billy Brewer received a two year contract extension after finishing the disappointing ' 88 season. Brewer ' s record at Ole Miss stands at 31-33-3 including two trips to the Independence Bowl ( ' 83 and ' 86). He was also twice named SEC Coach of the Year. At the beginning of the season, Brewer was asked to make the ' 88 Rebels more competitive and in a position to win games. Considering the obstacles the Rebels faced, Brewer fulfilled the request. 4 I 80 Sports Wfa A4 John Biggs Bryan Owen connects with the ball. 2. Mac Smith lines up the luck-off team. 3. Mark Young hands off to Shawn Sykes against LSU. 4. Stevon Moore checks the receiver on the line. 5. Willie Green congratulates Joe M ickles on a touchdown. Sports 1 81 2 Bruce Newman 1. Egg Bowl turned Mud Bowl. 2. Pat Coleman carries the ball against Vanderbilt. 3. Vanderbilt receiver feels the crunch of the Ole Miss defense. 82 Sports M - 1. Crushing Ole Miss defense causes Vanderbm to cough up the ball. 2. Ole Miss stops Memphis State runner in his tracks. 3. A Florida Gator is attacked from both sides. 24-6 15-27 13-21 12-36 22-12 25-22 36-28 20-31 9-14 12-20 33-6 Memphis State Florida Arkansas Georgia Alabama Arkansas State Vanderbilt LSU Tulane (HC) Tennessee Mississippi State Sports I 83 1. Tim Brown, Shawn Sowder and Jeff Rhodes celebrate a touchdown scored against LSU. 2. Mark Young calls the play against Tennessee. 3. Mark Young rolls out looking for an open receiver at the Van- derbilt game. 4. John Darnell turns to pitch the ball on a sweep against Vandy. 84 I Sports i . John Biggs 1. Shawn Sykes curies the ball against Tulane. 2. Joe Mickles sees the hole in the LSU line. 3. Robert Cagle and Jeffrey Holder celebrate the last minute touchdown that spoiled Vanderbili ' s homecoming 4. Lopa? Jones. Tony Bennett and Phillip Kent stop a Memphis State runner. 5. Pal Coleman receives a punt Sports | 85 i 1. Lopaz Jones and Stevon Moore celebrate after bnngmg Memphis State player down. 2. Shawn Sykes evades Alabama defense. 3. Swarm- ing Ole Miss defense buries Alabama runner. 4. Shawn Sykes hits the hole behind the offensive line in Tuscaloosa. Bruce Newman A 2 Bruce Newman 86 Sports Wesley Walls Makes All-American Wesley Walls has become a common name on the Ole Miss campus. The 6 ' 5 " , 250-pound senior from Pontotoc started at both tight end and out- side linebacker this season, but he concentrated more on his offensive game. He also played on special teams. His 32 pass receptions rank him second on the team, the highest total by a tight end in the SEC this season. In ' 88. Walls had 32 receptions for 368 yards and three touchdowns, three rushes for ten yards, one pass completion for 34 yards, five tackles, and one-and-a-half sacks. The ' 88 season was Walls ' first at tight end after playing three years at outside linebacker, and he is considered one of the best blocking tight ends in the nation. He was selected to the first string All- American team, and, as a result, he appeared on the Bob Hope Christmas Special. He also made a trip to New York as one of eleven National Foot- ball Foundation and Hall of Fame Scholar Ath- letes for 1988. He played in the Blue-Grey game and was asked to play in the East- West and Senior bowls but had to cancel because of injuries sus- tained in the Blue-Grey game. Walls has received four letters at Ole Miss while he maintained a 3.39 GPA in engineering. He was also elected Colonel Rebel by the student body. Sports I 87 Rebel Baseball Young Team Faces Tough SEC Schedule I. Pick-off play al first. 2. Keith Kessinger makes an out at second base. 3. Richard Mines pitches another strike. 4. Conference at the mound. jonn Biggs 88 I Sports 1988 Schedule 0_ Rult J W g-4 NkkoUs Stale W -5 Nkkol Is Slate L 3-15 Omm W 12-4 DUai W 2-1 Delta State W ll-g Miss. Slate W 2-1 Miss. State L 2-t Miss. State L 1-6 MajaftaaJ W 5-3 McrekeW W7-4 Aakara Lft-f MhH 1-1-14 Aakara L t-1 Trfaae W 17-5 NE L siaaa W lt-1 Miss. College 14-11 Vaalirtilt W 4-2 VsairrtiH L 4-5 1 ' aaliiHH IV7- Aikaoas Slate L S4 Heaven State U 4-1 Mea kis State W 13- Mea kis State L l-7 LAB L 3-12 Gearfia IV8-9 Caia | L 5-7 W 3-2 LMffHtm W S-2 MtakCMaai W 7- LSU L 4-5 LSU L 2-11 LSU L 13-15 Aikaasas Stale 1.11-13 Mesaahis State 1 15-16 FhrMa iys- Fterifa L M FIsrMa L 2-4 Delta State L l -lt NELBsiaaa W 4- Kcatteky L S-9 " nS T L 4-7 LAB W S-4 Mesaakis State W -l Miss. State L 4-7 Alabama W 4-I Ankara i l-Km L 2-12 1 WV4-2 TeasKsaee W 4-3 Tiaiiii L 4-S John Biggs i . Russ Cleveland burls a strike against Florida 2, Pepper Pounds watches at first. 3. Rebels celebrate a victory. Sports I 89 1. Keith Kessmger eyes the throw. 2. Jimmy Cosman beats the throw to first. 3. Jimmy Cosman makes the out at home plate. 90 I Sports 1. Darren Musslewhite delivers a strike. 2. Tommy Boone slides in safely al third. Sports 1 91 Jake ' s Hit Men Battle The 1988 Ole Miss baseball team fought a tough season ending with a 22-26 record. Coach Gibbs and his staff entered the season minus two AI1-SEC players from the 1987 season. They had only five seniors and a host of underclassmen returning. " Fans will have to get to the ballpark early this year so they can learn all the new names and faces we ' ll have, " said Coach Gibbs. " I had trouble in the fall just trying to keep everybody straight. It will definitely be a new look for our team this year. " Pitching proved to be the team ' s greatest asset with experienced pitchers like Darren Musslewhite and Matt Smith who led the team with 1 5 starts each. One of the most memorable occasions this year was the Ole Miss v. Mississippi State series in Starkville. The three games brought nearly 7500 fans to the ballpark in March. The Rebels shocked the favored Bulldogs winning the first game 2-1, but they dropped the last two and the series (2-1). John Biggs A 2 Coach Gibbs has often labeled the SEC as " the toughest baseball conference in the nation because of the level of play from each school, " and he knew that the 1 988 season would be no different. The other SEC teams provided the toughest competition as the Rebels ended the season with a 4-16 SEC record. How- ever, in non-conference games the Rebels played well resulting in an 1 8-8 record. In October, the team played the firs t game at the new 3,000 seat Oxford- University Stadium. The new home and new faces will continue the baseball tra- dition. If nothing else, the 1988 Rebels gained needed experience that will carry over into 1989 1. Robin Coffman picks the opponent off at first base. 2. Monty Gibbs rounds first. 3. Jimmy Cosman tags the op- ponent out at home. John Bil i 92 I Sports I . James Sykes tries for a double play. 2. James Sykes looks on from the dugout. 3. Keith Kessinger scores. 4. Jean-Paul Gentleman eyes the pitch. Sports I 93 Young Team Expects To Fare Well At the beginning of the 1989 season, the Rebels were faced with the loss of four lettermen including two starters. However, to combat that loss, seven starters returned this season, and a great group of newcomers prepared to help the Rebels out. Although the 89 Rebels are young, they are expected to play well. The team leader this year is junior Gerald Glass. Glass played two seasons at Delta State University before transferring to Ole Miss. At Delta State he was named Gulf South Conference Freshman of the Year, and as a sophomore he was chosen GSC Player of the Year and chosen as NCAA Division II All-American. As a sophomore, Glass averaged 26.1 points and 12.5 rebounds per game. He also shot 60.5% from the field. At Ole Miss, Glass was picked as a pre-season All- SEC player. Another returning Rebel starter is sophomore Tim Jumper, the 1988 SEC Freshman of the Year. Last season Jumper averaged 13.6 points, 2.7 rebounds, and 2.2 assists per game. Rounding out the returning group of starters is sophomore Sean Murphy. Murphy has worked this season to regain the weight and strength he lost last year after suffering from tonsilitis. Coach Ed Murphy expe cts an improvement in 1 989 over last season ' s record. He said, " We should be much stronger. No longer is a trip to Tad Smith Coliseum a joy ride for opponents. We feel that we have this basketball program going in the right direction. " 1. Vanderbill ' s Frank Kornet reaches around Ole Miss ' Mike Paul to snatch the ball. 2. The 1988-89 men ' s basketball team. 94 Sports Gerald Glass pins the ball to the back- board against Kentucky. Spans I 95 1988-89 Men ' s Basketball Schedule Nov. 17 Nov. 21 Nov. 25 Nov. 28 Nov. 30 Dec. 3 Dec. 7 Dec. 16 Dec. 22 Dec. 27 Dec. 30 Jan. 4 Jan. 7 Jan. 1 1 Jan. 18 Jan. 21 Jan. 25 Jan. 28 Feb. 1 Feb. 4 Feb. 8 Feb. 1 1 Feb. 15 Feb. 18 Feb. 22 Feb. 25 Mar. 1 Mar. 4 Mar. 9-12 SPIRIT EXPRESS (exhibition) AUSTRALIAN NATIONALS (exhibition) CHRISTIAN BROTHERS COLLEGE " TENNESSEE NORTHWESTERN (LA) STATE Illinois Arkansas Bayou Classic Tulsa SAM HOUSTON STATE SOUTHEASTERN LOUISIANA " Florida " Alabama VANDERBILT " Auburn " Georgia " MISSISSIPPI STATE " KENTUCKY at LSU " FLORIDA " ALABAMA " Vanderbilt " Tennessee " AUBURN " GEORGIA " Mississippi State " Kentucky " LSU SEC Tournament Home games are in all caps. denotes SEC games. John Biggs I.John Matthews gets hammered while driving to the basket. 2. 1988 Freshman of the Year. Tim Jumper follows through on a shot. 3. Dave Midlick looks to set up the offense. I 96 Sports 1 . Hunter Atkins throws a pass. 2. Bernard Sylve puts it in for two. 3. Sean Murphy feels the pressure of a tough Tennessee defense. Sports I 97 A I A3 I . Gerald Glass applies a strong defense. 2. Tim Jumper beats his man and drives to the basket. 3. John Matthews finds no place to go against a sticky Vanderbill defense. 4. Sean Murphy gets the tip. John Biggs i 98 I Sports Greg Turner goes high lo shoot over the defense. 2. Dave Midlick shows a strong defense against Vanderbilt. 3. Sean Murphy reaches for the ball 4. Gerald Glass drives for two past LStTs dumb- founded Ricky Blanton. Sports 99 The Tradition Continues in 89 Women ' s basketball entered its 1 5th season at Ole Miss this year. So far, the Lady Rebels have never had a losing season, and this year ' s record should not prove to be any different. Ole Miss has made seven consecutive NCAA Tour- nament appearances and is expected to to play in the Tournament again this year. The Lady Rebels finished last year ' s season 24-7 and ranked 12th in the Associated Press Top Twenty poll. In 1 989, the team has been ranked as high as number three in the AP poll. Four starters and eleven letter winners from the 1988 team returned for this season, but winning will not necessarily be easy especially in the tough SEC. The Lady Rebels are facing a hard schedule overall, and the SEC teams will be especially challenging as the women ' s teams from Auburn, Tennessee, and LSU have been ranked in the Top Twenty along with Ole Miss. Coach Van Chancellor is expecting the team to carry on the tradition of winning despite the difficult schedule. He said, " We think this team will give us an opportunity to run more as we have depth. We ' ll also be much more diverse. " This year ' s team leader is senior Cynthia Autry. She was All-SEC last year, and she led the Lady Rebels last season in scoring (15.2 points per game) and rebounding (8.4 rebounds per game). Returning All-SEC player Kimsey O ' Neal led the team in blocked shots last year (24) and was second in scoring and rebounding. As a junior, she is in fifth place in all-time career blocked shots (55). Phyllis Stafford is another returning senior and is in fifth place in the all-time season field goal shooting percentage (54.8). The other returning starter is sophomore Jackie Martin. Last season she averaged 7.2 points and 3.5 assists per game. She had 1 10 assists total, second only to Kim Bullard. 100 | Sports . Michelle Hanzog looks to pass the ball. 2. Lady Rebels run the fast break against Memphis State. 3. 1988-89 Lady Rebels. 4. Ole Miss defense applies pressure. 1. Ole Miss defense corners the opponent. 2. Michelle Hartzog goes up over the Kentucky defense to shoot for two. 3. Sherry Slayton looks to pass. 4. Coach Van Chancellor and Jackie Martin discuss the game plan. 102 Sports Nov. 17 Nov. 25-27 Nov. 30 Dec. 2-3 Dec. 7 Dec. 12 Dec. 15 Dec. 19 Dec. 30 Jan. 5 Jan. 7 Jan. 11 Jan. 14 Jan. 18 Jan. 22 Jan. 25 Jan. 28 Feb. 1 Feb. 4 Feb. 7 Feb. 1 1 Feb. 15 Feb. 18 Feb. 21 Feb. 25 - jben Jordan Women ' s Schedule CANADIAN NATIONAL TEAM (exhibition) Aruba Tournament NORTHEAST LOUISIANA LADY REBEL CLASSIC Arkansas TEXAS Jackson State New Orleans TENNESSEE TECH SAM HOUSTON STATE ' Alabama MEMPHIS STATE ' Tennessee LSU Georgia MISSISSIPPI STATE KENTUCKY Alcorn State FLORIDA Stephen F. Austin State Vanderbilt Memphis State AUBURN Mississippi College Mississippi State Home games are in all caps. denotes SEC games. Sports I 103 A 2 Bruce Newman 1 . Ole Miss recovers the ball. 2. Sherry Slayton and an Alcorn State player go for a loose ball. 3. LaTeasha Johnson fights for rebounding position. 4. Ole Miss drives for two. 104 Sports Sports | 105 Lady Rebel Volleyball 1988 Al Ken Iv A2 Sid 1. Cami Jones digs the ball. 2. ' 88 Lady Rebels: Front Row Meshun Thomas, Lynn Pritchard, Rachelle Paul. Middle Row Student Assistant Coach Chris Houck, Stephanie Lindley, Michelle Whitby, Kristi Wilkinson, Mary Ahern, Student Assistant Trainer Kim Brocato. Last Row Graduate Assistant Coach Kalani Mahi. Robin Tweedy, Cami Jones, Gratia Bone, Tessie Palczynski, Margie Ackerman, Head Coach John Blair, Graduate Assistant Trainer Robert Steigman. Lady Rebels are Built Strong " We don ' t have a breather on our entire schedule, " says Blair. The 1988 Lady Rebels Volleyball team possesses all of the qualities of a winning team leadership, expe- rience, determination, dedication and teamwork. " This team has a cohesiveness as a group unlike any I ' ve ever coached, " says Head Coach John Blair. Of the season, Coach Blair says, " We ' re going to have to compete better this season because we ' re playing a better brand of teams. The teams on this year ' s schedule are better prepared and have a deeper volleyball tradition. We don ' t have a breather on our entire schedule. " An- other major determinate in the degree of success of this 1988 team, aside from the tougher-than-ever schedule, is the addition of five outstanding newcomers to the team. These newcomers (all freshman) include: Gratia Bone, Stephanie Lindley, Rachelle Paul, MeShun Thomas, and Kristi Wilkenson. Sports ' -I 1. Kristi Wilkinson is in top form during practice. 2. Coach John Blair discusses game strategy with the Lady Rebels during a time- out. Ackerman, Tweedy, and Whitby Carry Team Three members of the Ole Miss volleyball team stand out in accomplishments and exceptional talent. Margie Ackerman, Robyn Tweedy, and Michelle Whitby all possess impressive records as well as the potential for promising futures in volleyball. These players carried the three highest percentages on the 1 988 team. Ackerman, a senior from Sauk Rapids, MN, is a well-rounded athlete who plays many roles in the Ole Miss plan. The 1987 season was her second as a starter, and she made the Academic All- Southeastern Conference Team. Tweedy, a senior from Ruxico, MO, is largely responsible for stabilizing the offense since she is the only senior setter. 1987 was her first season as a Lady Rebel. Whitby, a sophomore from Memphis, transferred to Ole Miss last year from Mississippi State. She was a starter on the Volleyball team at State, and she proved to be a vital part and a great addition to the Rebels. John Coker Ok ; 8f i Ken Ivcv Sports I 107 MEN ' S TENNIS Ranks Fourth in SEC The Ole Miss men ' s tennis team under coach Billy Chadwick finished the 1988 season with a 15-14 record and an Ole Miss best fourth place finish in the South-eastern Conference. The Rebels had a six match winning streak with wins over Tulane, Memphis State, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Auburn, and Alabama to end the 1988 season. Ole Miss had two players reach the finals in singles play (Dave Randall in 1 singles and Wade Petty in 4 singles) with Randall winning the SEC Championship. In doubles the team of David Baxter and Tommy Alfano reached the semi-finals. The Ole Miss doubles team of junior Dave Randall and freshman Jamie Booras reached a number 10 ranking in the Volvo Tennis Colegiate Rankings on the way to a quarter-final appearance in the NCAA Tournament as they became the first ever Ole Miss tennis All-Americans. Randall and Booras defeated Patrick McEnroe (brother of professional tennis player John McEnroe) and Martin Blackmun of Stanford to reach the final eight. Randall and Booras finished the regular season with a 25-7 record. I. Jamie Booras focuses on the ball. 2. Eric Schwing tries for a lob. Cofield ' s 3. Front (1-r) Eric Schwing, Dave Randall, Rafael Herrera, Steven Alfano, Tommy Alfano. Back row (l-r) Coach Billy Chadwick.Derek Brooks, Mike Knowles, Jamie Booras, Dan Brooks, John Sales, Jim Williams, and Jay Toups (grad. asst.). Not pictured Keith Evans. 4. Tommy Alfano jumps to make a shot. 108 I A4 Sports Randall powers a backhand. Randall Ranks No. 1 in SEC Senior Dave Randall of Tupelo, MS, stood tall for the 87-88 Rebels as he won the 1988 SEC tournament in singles. Along with great talents in singles, he proceeded to make a tremendous showing in men ' s doubles with sophomore Jamie Booras. This showing included a win over Stanford ' s Patrick McEnroe and Martin Blackman at the NCAA Men ' s Tennis Championship. As a result, both Randall and Booras were named All-American players. The Randall-Booras team was Ole Miss ' s second entry ever to make the NCAA tournament. Bruce Newman Sports WOMEN ' S TENNIS Sports New Look The Ole Miss women ' s tennis team is sporting a new look this year, and Coach Jerry Montgomery likes what he sees. Because several top Lady Rebel netters were graduated last year, the team has many new faces, and Coach Montgomery thinks that these new girls may be the most talented, dedicated group to have come along in years. This fall, freshmen Alison Hill from England and Ivy Conoley of Orlando, FL won the Southern Intercollegiate 1 Doubles Crown, the first for Ole Miss in over five years. Also, Melissa Davidson from Meridian, MS and Stephanie Dixon of Henderson, KY won the Southern Intercollegiate 3 Doubles Title, defeating Alabama in the finals. Junior Kim Schmitz from Dunwoody, GA had an impressive SEC record last year with individual wins over LSU, Auburn, and Alabama. In the fall, Schmitz teamed with Hill to win the prestigious Southern Open Indoor Doubles Championship. JefTSanfordifl Isi row (l-r): Susan Campbell, Nina Topper, Ferris Newell. 2nd row: Melissa Davidson. Kim Schmitz, Allison Hill. 3rd row: Stephanie Dixon, Coach Jerry Montgomery, Jill Cvelbar. 4th row: Kate Jones, Ivy Conoley. A 2 Penny Fountain I III I Sporls I.Jill Oelbar makes an underhand shot. 2. Kim Schmitz concentrates on positioning. J.Ferris Newell plays the net. 4.Nina Topper serves with power. 5. Ivy Conoley displays her backhand. Sports I 111 New Coach Brings Bright Future To Team Joe Walker Returns as Head Coach Former Ole Miss coach Joe Walker has returned to the University to regain control of the track team. Walker coached at Ole Miss from the late 70s until 1985. In 1984 he led Ole Miss to its best ever second place finish in the SEC. Walker coached at Florida in 1986-87, and his teams won consecutive SEC indoor outdoor titles. He has also trained Olympic runners and NCAA champions. Joining Walker as new Ole Miss track coaches are Doug Blackwell and Jerry Masterson. Walker says that they are all excited about rebuilding the Ole Miss track program. Lewis Stockett l.Russ Curry mentally prepares for a meet. 2. Don Kelley practices on the steeplechase. 3. Brian Kelly and Dereck Green work to improve their time. 112 Sports Individuals Bring Home SEC Honors Six outstanding student athletes brought internation- al recognition to Ole Miss. Despite a threat of a change in coaching staffs the men ' s and women ' s track teams still made a good showing last season. Several members of the teams received South Eastern Conference honors. Allen Ince received second place in the 400 meter hurdle. Ince, Donald Lacy, Brian Kelly, and Gabriel Dear placed in the 4x400 relay and Verdell Oliver received fourth in the long jump. At the SEC Indoor Championship Oliver placed third in the long jump and the men ' s team placed sixth in the 4x800 relay. Ole Miss ' own Allen Ince participated in the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, where he represented his home country, Barbados. 1. Gabriel Dear, Lawrence Swindle, Alvin Haynes, and Russ Curry work to improve their endurance. 2. Mike Scalla. Russ Curry, and Brian Kelley show their hurdling form at the Ole Miss Invitational. Sports I 113 Women ' s Track Young Team Looks to Bright Future with Walker Women ' s track is still a young sport at Ole Miss but the team is gaining good experience. The Lady Rebels seem to be making a name for themselves since four Ole Miss Lady Tracksters placed in the 1988 South Eastern Conference Championship. Jody Cline placed in the discuss throw, but was later out of competition due to a knee injury. Charlotte Ashe received fifth in the long jump and the team of Ashe, Erica Burley, and Nyarinda Aduma placed fifth in the 4x400 meter relay. Also, Kelly McLaughlin and Sonya Varnell were academic All- SEC. With new head coach Joe Walker the lady rebels are looking forward to a brighter place in the ranks of the SEC. Younger team members are gaining valuable experience from the veteran runner, Wa lker, who has trained several Olympic runners. Even though the team is losing several seniors, they should have a good spring season. 1. Ande RudlofT perfects her form. 2. Team members stretch before practice. Lewis Stocke ' 1141 S ports . Cblisly Washington warms up 2. Christy kneger and Enka Buricy run spnnts 3 Lady trackstcrs do a 500 breakdown. Sports 1115 Rebel Golfers Fare Well Larry Slone approaches his second season as head coach of the Ole Miss golf team. Slone took over in November of 1987 replacing nine-year coach Ernest Ross. The Rebels ' four returning Seniors this year had a productive fall with help from the freshmen. During the 1988 fall season the Rebels tied for 2nd place at the Fairfield Bay Classic in Fairfield Bay. Arkansas. Dave Miley is expected to lead the Rebels in the spring along with Jeff Daves. Will Pritchard and Clayton Covey will also contribute a great deal to the team this spring with good experience as Seniors. All had good fall seasons. Miley was named second team All Southeastern Conference player while Daves was named Academic All Southeastern Conference with both expecting to have an ex- cellent spring. Coach Slone feels that the Rebels should have a good spring season and have a high finish in the Southeastern conference tournament. The third year of the Ole Miss golf program for women is off to a good start. The 1988 season turned out well under the leadership of coach Beth Estes. This years team is a young one and there has been steady improvement since last season. Chris Dacri, a freshman, is expected to lead the lady Rebels along with the returning veterans: Louise Davis, Lindy Dorris, Samantha Mayo; three sophomores, Keilly Frassrand, Stephanie Gentry, Amy Napolitano; and fresh- man, Jennifer Humkey. Coach Estes is hoping to have a good spring season since her team improved with each fall tournament and is becoming competitive. The Ole Miss women golfers are chipping themselves to a leading position in the SEC. 1. Concentration is a key. 2. Women Golfers. 3. Samantha Mayo lines up for a drive. 4. Jeff Daves makes contact with the ball. 5. Rodney Ponder shows his form. 6. Team practices on the driving range. 7. Dave Miley shows his All-Southeastern Conference swing. Al Melanie Buntyn Lady Rebel Golf Team: FrontfL to R) Stephanie Gentry, Samantha Mayo. Chris Dacri, Jennifer Humkey; Back(L to R) Coach Beth Estes, Louise Davis, Keilly Frassrand, Amy Napolitano, Lindy Dorris. 116 I Sports Sports 117 We Are Ole Miss! Cheerleaders play an important role in Ole Miss athletics. The respon- sibility of getting the fans fired up is often a hard job especially when the Rebels are behind on the Scoreboard. Varsity cheerleaders cheer at all of the football games and the junior varsity cheerleaders help them out at homecoming and Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State games. Both squads enthusiastically support the Ole Miss Rebels and Lady Rebels basketball teams who brought in record breaking crowds. The basketball schedule is divided between the varsity and junior varsity squads. 1988 varsity cheerleaders are Connie Brazile, Heather Stone, Susan Benson, Kim Kalberrer, Dana Mosley, Tracey Johnson, Greg Whittington, Steven Speights, Brian Baldwin, Jay McCroskey, Darrel Herring, and Richard Kraft. Kirk Frederick is Colonel Rebel, and Sam Hubbard is Johnny Reb. John Bigj I . Cheerleaders pose for the camera. 2. Richard Kraft. Kim Kalberrer, Jay McCroskey, and Dana Mosley perform a stunt for the crowd. 3. Cheerleaders lead a pep rally to the athletic dorm. 118 1 Sports I . Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Laurie Rankm. Fred McConnel. Sucey Robinson. Rick Ramsdale, Susan Lipscomb, Dan Magee, Jason Wheat, Shannon Adams, Tyrone Smith, Dana Dickens, Christian Stewart, and Stacie Gatewood. 2. JV Cheerleaders perform a stunt. 3. Sam Hubbard as Colonel Rebel and Kirk Frederick as Johnny Reb goof off at a game. Intramural Results SPRING Tennis Singles Men: Neal Burge Women: Le Agnew Tennis Doubles Men: Burge Toups Women: Riser Agnew Dart Singles Men: Jeff Ash Women: Jamie Van Noy Dart Doubles Men: Trout O ' Conner Women: Noblin Dunaway Swimming Men: Gumby Club Women: Alpha Omicron Pi Water Polo Men: Sigma Nu Racquetball Singles Men: Marty Simpkins Women: Dina Hilgeford Racquetball Doubles Men: Walzak Svehlak Basketball Men: All-Stars Women: Miller Thrillers Ultimate Frisbee Men: Fletch Women: Delta Gamma Golf Men: Rogers Burford Horseshoe Singles Men: Jack Collier Women: Lara Dunaway Horseshoe Doubles Men: Collier Walters Women: Dunaway Crespira Softball Men: Dirty Women: Kappa Epsilon Driving Contest Men: Ronnie McDaniel Women: Dru Walker FALL Flag Football Men ' s AAA: TAB (NOBS) Men ' s AA: Rat Patrol Men ' s Rec: All the Others Men ' s Pledge: Beta Theta Pi Women: Jets Women ' s Pledge: Pi Beta Phi Punt, Pass, and Kick Men: Andy Wright Women: Ann Huthnance Pickleball Singles Men: Blanton Hanson Women: Elizabeth Noblin Pickleball Doubles Men: Hanson Ethridge Women: Teller Minor Track and Field Men ' s AAA: Kappa Alpha Psi Men ' s Pledge: Phi Delta Theta Women: Delta Delta Delta Field Goal Kicking Men: Marcos Pustilnik Women: Lindy Teller Soccer Men ' s AAA: Sigma Nu Men ' s AA: Freedom Rockers Women: Kappa Delta Hot Shot Basketball Men ' s Singles: Brian Hinton Women ' s Singles: Elizabeth Noblin Men ' s Team: Kappa Sigma Women ' s Team: Chi Omega H-O-R-S-E Men: Leo Lazarus Women: Jennifer Thornton Volleyball Men ' s AAA: Third World Men ' s Rec: Ball Diggers Men ' s Pledge: Beta Theta Pi Women ' s Pledge: Pi Beta Phi Women: Jets Badminton Men ' s Singles: Wong Yang Chin Women ' s Singles: Elizabeth Noblin Men ' s Doubles: Wong Wong Women ' s Doubles: Noblin Dunaway Superstars Men ' s AAA: Woody Martin Men ' s Pledge: Kevin McGee Women: Lara Dunaway Floor Hockey Men ' s AAA: Sigma Nu Men ' s Rec: Mean Beans Women: Brown Dorm 3 on 3 Basketball Men ' s AAA: Pubic Enemy Men ' s Pledge: Sigma Nu Women: Trio Athletes of the Year John Robinson and Lara Dunaway Overall Champions Sigma Nu and Delta Delta Delta : 120 I Sports . The batter takes a swing. 2. Girls ' Flag Football- 3. The high jump event at the intramural track and field meet. 4. Footprints player runs the ball in a flag football game. Melanie Bunivn Sports 121 Section Editor: Katrina Howard Assistant Editor: Deanne Mosely 122 I Honors Achievements for the rest of your life. There are select students and groups that represent the best of what the University has to offer. The laurels that have been placed upon these students are more than resume fillers. For the student, an honor is a reward for hours of studying and the respect of faculty and administration. In only a few years at Ole Miss, these students have exhibited the best of their tal- ents, but the opportunities taken advantage of along the way will last a lifetime. Honors 1 123 i Hall of Fame WILLIAM LUTHER BOYD During his four years at Ole Miss, Bill Boyd has served in many leadership po- sitions, and one of his most challenging leadership roles was as 1 988-89 ASB Pres- ident. Other activities include, Alpha Lambda Delta Vice President, Sigma Nu Fraternity Chaplain, Beta Alpha Psi, Om- icron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, and Di- rector of University Development. Boyd was also chosen for Who ' s Who Among American College Students. , 124 I Honors Hall of Fame STUART TODD BRUNSON Stuart Brunson is an English History major from Moscow. TN. He has served as Omicron Delta Kappa President, Inter- fraternity Council President, and Sigma Nu Fraternity President. His campus ac- tivities include Mortar Board, Order of Omega, Phi Kappa Phi. Alpha Lambda Delta. Golden Key and Phi Eta Sigma. Brunson is also a member of Who ' s Who Among American College Students. Honors 1 125 Hall of Fame ALLYSON JEAN HEFLIN Allyson Heflin, 1988-89 Homecoming Queen, is an English major from Forest, MS. She was a member of Order of Omega, Sigma Tau Delta, Lambda Sigma, and was chosen as a Campus Favorite. She served as Rush Chairperson of Phi Mu Sorority and was in the Chancellor ' s Leadership Class. 126 Honors Hall of Fame WILLIAM GARNER RANSOM NEWTON Garner Newton, an electrical engineer- ing major from Greenville. Mississippi, is a member of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. His campus activities include Engineering Student Body President. Phi Kappa Phi. Mortar Board, Order of Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa. Golden Key. Eta Kappa Nu President, and numerous others. He also served on the Chancellor ' s Standing Com- mittee on University Police Department Affairs, and is member of Who ' s Who Among American College Students. Honors I 127 Hall of Fame JAMES FRANCIS PIERSON III Jimbo Pierson is a General Business ma- jor from Baton Rouge, LA. At the Uni- versity of Mississippi, he served as Senior Class President and Order of Omega Pres- ident. Jimbo is also a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Golden Key, Interfraternity Council, and Associated Student Body Ac- ademic Affairs Committee. He was chosen for Who ' s Who Among American College Students and Outstanding College Stu- dents of America. Pierson was also Pres- ident of Kappa Sigma Fraternity. 128 , Honors Hall of Fame CARL LEE POWELL An accounting major from Madison, MS, Carl Powell has served as Associated Student Body Treasurer. He was also Ac- ademic Affairs Chairman, Interfraternity Council Secretary, and President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Powell is also a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, Lambda Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta and Order of Omega. He served on the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Committee and was chosen for Who ' s Who Among American College Students. Honors I 129 Hall of Fame CHARLES WESLEY WALLS Wesley Walls, 1989 Colonel Reb, is a general engineering major from Pontotoc, MS. He was a Varsity Football Athlete and served on the M Club Executive Com- mittee. He was also inducted into the Ole Miss Chapter of the National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame Scholar Ath- lete. He is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa and was selected for Outstanding Young Men of America and Who ' s Who Among American College Students. , 130 I Honors Hall of Fame ELIZABETH PHARR WYATT Elizabeth Wyatt, a biology major from Cleveland, Ms. was a member of Phi Kap- pa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Lambda Sigma, and the University Honor ' s Program. She was Mississippi ' s 1988 Miss Hospitality and an Ole Miss Beauty in 1986 and 1987. Wyatt is a mem- ber of the Association of Women Students, the Delta Delta Delta Pledge Trainer, and she was selected for Who ' s Who Among American College Students. Honors 131 Beta Gamma Sigma is a national scholastic honor. Beta Gamma Sigma chapter may be chartered only in those schools of business and accountancy accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business. The University of Mississippi chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma was chartered in 1944. To be eligible for Beta Gamma Sigma membership, students must rank in the top five percent of the junior class, the top ten percent of the senior class, or in the top twenty percent of those students receiving master ' s degrees. Students who have completed all requirements for the doctoral degree conferred by a school of business or accountancy are also eligible for membership in Beta Gamma Sigma. The purposes of Beta Gamma Sigma are to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment among students of business administration, to promote the advancement of education in the art and science of business, and to foster integrity in the conduct of business operations. Officers: President: Robert Hyde Vice President: Linda De Vault Faculty Advisor-Secretary Treasurer: Nolan Waller , Members: Beth Bordelon James Clinton Thomas Coleman Vera Cranford Maggie Elliott Stacey Gillespie Holly Harris Rose Heath Erich James Randal Leister Lisa Liberto Jeffrey McCaskill Christopher McKee Laura McKinley Mary Moore Therea Murphy Seng Chiew Ngoi Marion Olgetree Suzanne Oliver Dawn Parkhurst Pellum Peters Carl Powell Dana Ramey Sharon Steele Stacey Stephenson Cameron Tyler Jerre Warren Jeffrey Wills Lisa Yarborough 132 Honors WMc bnH OkrM Cfetop Babetl Htvcrlvi JatsE: fa Fa EticFroi bard Ibid 944. Kent of 4 Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership honor society which main- tains that representatives in all phases of college life should coop- erate in worthwhile endeavors, and that outstanding students, faculty, and administrators should meet on a basis of mutual interest, understand- ing, and helpfulness. Members are chosen for their lead- ership contributions and scholastic achievement. Five areas offer the cri- teria for the evaluation of prospective members: scholarship, athletics, so- cial and student body activities, pub- lications and the arts. Officers: President: Stuart Branson Vice President: Lori Dennis Treasurer Ernie Williams I Faculty Secretary: Dr. Judy Trott Members in Picture: First row left to right: Stuart Branson Beth Moore Allison Oakes Janna Munn Karen Hall Second row left to right: Margaret Land Elizabeth Wyatt Amy Lewis Maggie Elliot Christy Crockett Ann Yager Third row left to right: Chris Bradford Tina Pennick Tom Coleman Linda De Vault Ernie Williams Steven Speights Barrett Green Other Members: Christopher Burkhalter Elizabeth Carlisle Beverly Chamblin ,il Steven Chevalier i John Daughdrill James Eickholz Mary Farese . Eric Frohn Leonard Hardison if Valerie Hyde Allan Millis Cynthia Mitchell Clark Monroe Kimberly Olmsted Mary Patton Regal Niffenegger Marion Noblin Mark Razor Warren Rogers Todd Sandroni Samuel Sliman Suzanne Skipton Kamilla Stokes Melanie Sullivan James Underwood Timothy Van Noy George Walcott Hedy Wlker Wesley Walls Robert Wood Paige York Honors I 133 , The Golden Key national Honor Society was founded at Georgia State University on Novem- ber 29, 1977. Membership is extended to the top fifteen per- cent of all juniors and seniors. This interdisci- plinary society seeks to recognize the top students in all courses of study. The Ole Miss chapter of Golden Key honors its new members each year with an initiation cer- emony and reception. Honorary members, made up of distinguished members of the administra- tion and faculty, are also recognized at this time. Golden Key awards a scholarship each year to the outstanding junior and senior initiates. Officers: President: Tom Coleman Vice President: Jeff Wills Secretary: Becky Owens Treasurer: Jimmy Clinton Public Relations: Elizabeth Spiller Members: Lisa Ledbetter Kok-Toong Leong Lisa Littlejohn Angela Long Kee Lua Helen Ma Mary Magee Richard Mallard Celeste Marquer Amy Martin Buffy May Lynne McCalla James McGlowan Elizabeth McGoodwin Janice McGreger Jeffery McKinstry Lynda McLellan Molly McMillan Ellen Meacham Dianne Meek Julia Miller Tracy Milligan Jeff Mincy Benjamin Mitchell Martha Mitchell Mellody Mitchell Clark Monroe Vanessa Morgan Rebecca Murphey Gavin Murrey Barren Nason Linda Neyman Chi Wai Ng Regal Niffenegger Julie Noblin Crystal! O ' Leary Suzanne Oliver David Olson Jeffery Paddock Marianne Padgett Helen Palczynski Gregory Park Beni Perry Pellum Peters Jones Phillips, Jr. Darryl Pieroni James Pierson Nicholas Pieschel Andrew Pirnik Michelle Plunk Patty Porter Sherri Prestridge Willie Quon Stephen Ray Darren Raybourn Beverly Rhodes Kerry Rice Dana Riley James Robbins Katherine Roberts Robbie Rogers Jeanne Salassi Dennis Sanders Jeffery Sartain Patrick Scanlon Aimee Schmidt Don Sealy Tammy Seid Linda Sexton Crystal Shannon Leah Shelton Mary Shotts Holly Shute James Sikes Kelli Simmons Lucy Simpson Kevin Sims Susan Slemons Andrea Smith John Smith Hugh St. Martin James Stanford Carla Stark David Strange Susan Sullivan Susan Taylor StaceyJo Thornton Connie Trim Bryan Tucker Donna Turner Alvis Tyler James Underwood Kristen Verhine Lance Wallace Thomas Waller Amy Walsh Lisa Weeks Melanie Wells Clifford Wheeler Alice White Kimberly White Jeana Wilder Diane Williams Joe Willingham Dennis Wilson Ginger Winstead Robert Wood William Woolen Jill Yarbrough Karri Adams Krista Agnew Heather Allison Jessica Anderson Sheri Baechle James Baetge Scott Barber Paula Barnett Jeffery Bates Mark Beauchamp Doris Bender Catharine Bennett Christopher Bina Christine Black Lynda Blackstock Robert Bogle Boyce Bolten Neil Bouchillon Susan Bowers Bruce Bradwhaw Jeffery Bramlett Tyson Bridge Ken Key Jon Brittingham Courtney Brock John Burchfield William Burnett Carolynn Byars Angela Byrd Herman Caldwell Debbie Carpenter Richaland Carroll Christy Cheang Trina Cheatham Sek Chiew Yok Chong Christine Cimon Sherryl Clanton Bobbie Clark James Clark Robert Close Jeffery Cole Will Coleman Connally Compretta Carol Crafton Cecil Crain Kristina Crosswell William Dabney Dana Dalton Darla Dalton Tamara Daniels Jennifer Day Lee Dearman Leronda Dennis Jacqueline Dike Rhonda Dunaway John Echols James Eickholz Gregory Endris Lois Evans Mary Farese Deborah Farris Wanda Fortner Henry Foster Mori Freeze Roberta Frizzell Eric Frohn Emily Fulcher Stacey Gatlin Mary Gibbons Tammy Gilmore Ginger Goodwin Valerie Gordon Lisa Grass Christi Gray Ronald Griffing Mark Grochau Alan Haag Samuel Habeeb Angela Hamlin Cydni Hart Meredith Hartley Heather Hartman James Heidel Kathy Helton Debora Henderson Kimberly Herring Leigh Herring James Hickman Katherine Hill Tracy Hill Mary Holloway Elizabeth Huguley Noel Hunt Gerald Irby Sue Javorsky Amy Johnson Cathy Johnson Edith Johnson Conigliaro Jones Richard Kennedy Stephanie Kenney Sandra Keys Loong Khor Charles King Ananda Krishnan Jens Kristjannson Ellen Lackey Henry Laird April Lancaster Clint Langley I 134 I Honors Mortar Board Established originally as a national women ' s honor society, Mortar Board is one of the highest senior honor groups for both men and women. Tassels, the local chapter, has been active on the Ole Miss campus since its founding in 1939. With a 95 member limit, Mortar Board selects members based on leadership, scholarship, service and at least a 3.0 GPA. Mortar Board is an organization that challenges the individual to provide thoughtful leadership to the campus and community, to create an environment of effective communication and to move toward a meaningful goal. The society continues to support the improvement of the status of men and women. Officers: President:Robin Bounds Vice President:Barrett Green Secretary:Janna Munn TreasurerTodd Fullam Elections:Tom Coleman CummunicationsrCollette Taylor Historian:Marianne Padgett Olhc Brock Members: Robin Bounds Bill Boyd Christopher Bradford Stuart Brunson Laura Burrell Thomas Coleman Marielle Crockett Donna Dean Linda Devault Maggie Elliott Todd Fullam Barrett Green Kathryn Gulley Karen Hall Birtie Harding Keith Hill Scott Lasso Amy Lewis Kelly McLaughlin Janna Munn Paul Nelson Garner Newton Allison Oakes Marianne Padgett Charles Pound Edward Pounds Carl Powell Mark Razor Alissa Smith Steven Speights Elizabeth Spiller Colette Taylor Richard Whitley Elizabeth Wyatt Ann Yager Honors 1 135 1 A A A ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda Delta is a national freshman honor society whose purpose is to encourage superior scholastic achievement among stu- dents in their first year in institutions of higher education, to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, and to assist women and men in recognizing and de- veloping meaningful goals for their roles in society. Membership at the University of Mississippi is open to freshmen who meet the mininum scholastic requirement. A student must attain a 3.5 GPA after his or her first semester or a combined average of first and second semester. Officers: President:Jay Wellons Vice President:Steven Wall Secretary: Jon Lucas Treasurer: Melvin Seid Historian: Bo Bond Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joanne V. Hawks Members: Stephen Alfano Thomas Alfano Dennis Ammann Billy Anderson Berri Baker Toni Balduccii William Bell Karla Bennett Paige Benton Melissa Bingham Brenda Birdsong Mary Bobb Lori Bolen Robert Bond Angela Boutwell Virginia Boyce Hudson Bradford Christine Brewer Mary Bruce Brandon Bryant David Bryson John Buckley Susan Bullock Katie Busby Christopher Cadle Britt Caldwell Jon Cheek Russell Church Cathryn Coker John Coker Lisa Comeaus Jeremy Cooker Robert Coon Carla Corley Reid Cotten Craig Cowart Wade Cox John Crawford James Crongeyer Beth Cross Brian Crump Jill Curry Mary Dahlke Andrew Dalton Mary Davis Sabrina Dayton Dianene Dickerson Kelly Dumas Leigh Edgar Daonald Eicher Jimmy Evans Ken Floyd Sharon Forester Glinda Fountain Anne Fowlkes Guy Freeman Juli Garrott Gregg Gausline Leland Gebhart Laura Geisewite Steven Gilbert Paul Gilmore Melissa Goff Lee Goldman Melissa Gordon Catharine Grimes Lori Group Amy Haddad Elizabeth Hammack Cara Harris Tara Hart Julie Hartness Jennifer Hicks Julie Hodges Barry Holcomb Rebecca Hollingsworth Jay Hopson Shelia Horton Elizabeth Howell Christopher Hughes Tammy Hutchinson Jason Johns Elizabeth Jones Tommy Keeton Kate Kellum Amy Kilpatrick Laura King Kelli Kinler John Kinsey Linda Kirby Kirk Ladner Kenneth Lnadreth John Lane Roxanne Larson Jody Lassiter Scott Layne Mark Lockhart Deryl Long Seth Lowrey Jonathan Lucas Tracy Lyons Lea Major Larry Martin Shannon Massie Mary Helen McCarty Philips McCarty Jean McClatchy Susan McCrocklin Alleen McLain Leigh McNeer Angela Meeks Kimberly Merkel Jan Meyer Timmie Millis Martha Minor Shannon Mock Gregory Moore John R. Moore Anne Morgan Deanne Mosley Julie Moss John Moulton Kathryn Mutchler Shelly Neville Kimberly North Mark Odom Craig Orr John Ott Stephen Payne Ann Peeples Kimberly Pennington Laura Peaster Jennifer Petering Leslie Pettis Catherine Pierce Mark Pierce Jennifer Pittman Lane Pitts Matt Porter Stephanie Powell Jennifer Reed Jennifer Revels Stephen Richardson Leslie Ricks Samantha Rimmel Marley Rivers Ben Roberson Donald Rockey Heather Rodgers Yvette Rome Ellen Rostand Teresa Rutledge John Sales Dellia Salone Regina Sanders Sonja Sanders Stephanie Sanders Tom Scales Steven Schoenly Louis Schruff Melvin Seid Carrie Shull Wendy Siggelkow Micael Sims Daniel Slone Victor Smith Chelsea Spooner David Stanfield Patricia Sterling Christyna Stewart Courtney Stewart Mark Strong Keleigh Sullivan Julie Swayze Donna Tackett Audrey Taflinger Patricia Tavoleti Lindy Teller Beth Tompkins Andrew Thompson Pamela Turner Amy Udouj Charley Upton Heather Vahle Wendi Waldrip Steven Wall Sherry Wallace Susan Webb Leslie Welford Jay Wellons Stacey Wescoat Jerry Whiteside i 136 | Honors Founded nationally at the University of Illinois March 22, 1923, Phi Eta Sigma established Mis- sissippi Beta chapter at The University of Mis- sissippi in 1 929. A national college scholastic hon- or society for freshmen, Phi Eta Sigma recognizes, encourages and rewards high scholastic achieve- ment among freshmen at approximately 225 in- stitutions of higher learning in the United States. All freshman men and women who have a cu- mulative grade-point average equivalent to a 3.5 or better on a 4.00 scale at the close of any cur- ricular period during their first year are eligible to join Phi Eta Sigma at Ole Miss. Induction cer- emonies are held during the spring semester of each year. Officers: President: Reid Cotten Vice PresidentrStephen Payne Secretary:Amy Haddad TreasurerCharlie Upton Senior AdvisorBill Bradford Staff Ad visor Paul Maxwell Richard Whille) Members: Susan Afeman Thomas Alfano William Anderson Tarun Arora Bern Baker Toni Balducci Pamela Benton Amanda Bigham Melissa Bingham Lori Bolen Robert Bond Angela Boutwell Virginia Boyce Stephanie Brock Brandon Bryant David Bryson John Buckley Anna Busby Christopher Cadle Lee Carne Jon Cheek Amy Cherry Allison Chrestman Russell Church John Coker Betty Collins Bonnie Collins Carla Corley Reid Cotten Craig Coward Wade Cox Leigh Crain John Crawford James Crongeyer Andrew Dalton Mary Davis ' Kelly Dumas ' Susan Edgar Donald Eicher William Floyd Sharon Forester Guy Freeman Juli Garrott Gregg Gausline Leland Gebhart Laura Geisewite Paul Gilmore Leigh Goldman Melissa Gordon Catharine Grimes Amy Haddad Tara Hart Julie Hartness Henry Hayden Renecia Hill Barry Holcomb Tammy Hutchinson Jason Johns Elizabeth Jones Tommy Keeton Amy Kilpatrick Laura King Kelli Kinler John Kinsey Linda Kirby Kenneth Landreth John Lane Jody Lassiter Scott Layne Edwin Linder Mark Lockhart Deryl Long Seth Lowrey Jonathan Lucas Lee Ann Major Larry Martin Shannon Massie Philips McCarty Jean McClatchy Susan McCrocklin William McKibben Carolyn McLain Shelly McNeer Angela Meeks David Midlick Martha Minor Camella Moore Gregory Moore John R. Moore Anne Morgan Deanne Mosley Julie Moss John Moulton Kathryn Mutchler Shelly Neville Kimberly North Mark Odom Craig Orr James Payne Laura Peaster Anne Peeples Kimberly Pennington Catherine Pierce Mark Pierce Lane Pitts Matthew Porter Stephanie Powell Scott Prewitt Michele Quinlan Ursula Richard Stephen Richardson Leslie Ricks Samantha Rimmel Benjamin Roberson Heather Rodgers Yvette Rome Ellen Rostand Stephanie Sanders Thomas Scales Steven Schoenly Louis Schruff Melvin Seid Daniel Slone Victor Smith Chelsea Spooner Margaret Stamm Patricia Sterling Christyna Stewart Courtney Stewart Mark Strong Keleigh Sullivan Julie Swayze Donna Tackett Particia Tavoleti Melinda Teller Andrew Thompson Pamela Turner Amy Udouj Charles Upton Heather Vahle Wendi Waldrip Steven Wall Sherry Wallace Stephen Weaver Susan Webb Kenneth Weeden Leslie Welford John Wellons Stacey Wescoat Jerry Whiteside Lindabeth Wiley Chris Williams David Williams Robin Williams Angela Wilson Paschal Wilson Sharon Witty Alison Wood Lee Toiler Honors I 137 i Beta Alpha Psi is the national honor society and professional fraternity for students planning to enter the accounting profession. The objectives of the fraternity include the following: ( 1 ) promotion of the study and practice of accounting, (2) rec- ognition of outstanding academic achievements in the field of accounting, (3) encouragement of a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibilities, (4) provision of opportunities for self- development and leadership, (5) provision of ideas for career goals and role models through interface with practicing professional accountants, and (6) promotion of social poise through as- sociation among members and practicing accoun- tants. Officers: President: Robert Hyde Vice President: Linda Devault Vice President: Jimmy Clinton Treasurer: Jeff Wills Secretary: Sharron Steele Secretary: Richie McLarty Faculty Advisor: Homer Burkett Ken Ivey Ken Ivcy Members: Laura McKinley, Carl Powell, Earmel Gotten, Marsha Burks, Rose Heath, Kim Easley, Beth Moore, Beth Bordelon, Roxanne Mills, Mellody Mitchell, Steven Thomas, Richie McCarty, Tom Coleman, Michael Vanderlip, Drew Fairley, Chris McKee, Pellum Peters, Chris Shankle, James Stanford, Thad Varner, Dewitt Lovelace i 138 I Honors Kcnlvcy Chi Epsilon is a national honor society for Civil Engineering students. There are over one hundred chapters nationally. The Ole Miss Chapter was founded in 1937 as the fourteenth chapter in the United States and the first chap- ter in the Southeast. The objectives of the Ole Miss Chapter are to maintain and promote the status of Civil Engineering as an ideal profession at the Uni- versity of Mississippi, to bestow honor upon Civil Engineering juniors, seniors, and grad- uate students who have demonstrated excep- tional scholarship and to develop the qualities of character, practicality and sociability in each member of the chapter. Officers: President: Chandran Subramaniam Vice President: Barrett Green Secretary: Carlos Barrera Treasurer Tim Gentry Marshall: Gillian Rogers Editor Chi-Chun Wu Faculty Advisor Dr. Samuel L. Deleeuw h TA KAPPA NU Eta Kappa Nu is the International Honor Society for Electrical Engineers. There are ap- proximately 200 chapters in the United States. Europe and Asia. Outstanding persons are elected into Eta Kappa Nu from the junior and senior classes. Students in the top third of the senior class and the top quarter of the junior class are eligible for consideration. The pur- pose of the honor society is to stimulate and reward scholarship and to improve the standars of the profession. Officers: President: Garner Newton Vice President: Jeyakumar Thurairatnam Secretary Treasurer John Davis Faculty Advisor Dr. Allen W. Glisson Members: Teck Hwa Chong, Daniel Gilmer, Sattar Mirzakuchaki. David Holmes, Kim Yong Chee. Hassan Golestanian. Mickey Batson. Thomas Waller. Edwin McDonald, Alan Haag. Subir Prassad. Sanjeeva Hanndra Wijesekera. J. Burnett Ken he Honors I 139 PHI KAPPA PHI Founded in 1897, the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi was established at the University of Mississippi to encourage and recognize superior achievement in and contributions to all academic disciplines. The Society advocates a philosophy of honoring persons of good character who have excelled aca- demically to stimulate other individuals to strive for excellence in scholastic endeavors. Phi Kappa Phi at the University extends invitations for membership to no more than ten percent of junior, senior or graduate students; and membership in Phi Kappa Phi is the highest academic honor attainable at Ole Miss. I Officers: President: Brenda West President-Elect: Dr. Tom Dewey Vice-President for public relations: Paul Maxwell Secretary: Connie Parham Treasurer: Dr. Dale Flesher Chancellor Emeritus: Dr. Porter L. Fortune Executive Committee Member: Dr. Charles Cannon Past President: Dr. Thomas Sharp 140 I Honors PHI KAPPA PHI Tracy Bishop Clyde Brown Stuart Brunson Christopher Cardone Glen Cooper Michael Cox Kala Duckworth Frank Gray Binie Harding Angela Hutson Carol Ingraham Laura Johnson Janis Johnston William King Tammy Nicholas Margaret Land Sheri Lee Sarah Lewis Susan Lusher Harvey Mason Robert McAuley Walter Mullins Paul Nelson Allison Oakes Rebecca Owens Jeffery Parker John Payne Robert Pitcock Warren Rogers Rebecca Sandefur Allissa Simlh Steven Speights Charles Thomas Alan Keith Walden Edith Warren Lisa Weber Snowe Wilkes Ernest Williams Ann Yager Daphne Young Beth Bordelon Fall 1988 Initiates: John Ates Bruce Bradshaw Davis Brown Johnny Bullock Valerie Chin Philip Copeland Mark Crick Virginia Dallon Eric Frohn Todd Fullam Stacey Gatlin Angelina Giarrusso George Hammilt Philip Jarrell Richard Kennedy Aik-Jiang Leow Cynthia Mitchell Edward Perry Charles Pound Willie Quon Mark Razor Dana Riley Loretta Rivers Christy Street Tina Swindaoll James Underwood Vicki Valentine George Dexter Walcott Laura Wright Herman Caldwell Mellody Mitchell Grover Monroe Amanda Shaw James Stanford Stephen Cumella Linda Devault Stacey Gillespie Robert Hyde Erich James Brian Johnson Kelly McLaughlin Mary Moore Robert Wade Jeffrey Wills John Howie Randa Leister Jeffrey McCaskill Betty Cross white Carol Ellison Darleen Heartfield Mary Hillety Lucy Lehmann Mary McCraine Sandy Yarber Imran Akhatar David Trebotich Lori Dennis Patricia Downing Melinda Mathews Jetty Reed Antonio Williams Sergio Adeff Janet Bennett Sidharth Ganju Karthikeyan Mahadevan Laura White John Williams Jisen Wu Jianpin Yue David Case Jack Melvin Donna Powe Kaleel Salloum Val Van Buren Paul Lago Natalie Schroeder Dennis Tosh Lisa Williams Jeffery Bramlett Kristina Crosswell Mary Farese Amy Johnson Alan McCracken Stacey Stephenson Say Wong Robert Wood Sheryl Clanton Patricia Cook Susan Harris Amy Holman Brenda Key Linda Sexton Delia Wing Teck Chong John Davis Alan Haag Subir Prasad ( handran Subramaniam Kenneth Barnes Stephen Graham Shearer Aldridge Violet Cole Rajendra Donti Mern Gadd Michael Mann Christopher Muller Mohamm ed Yahya Rawwas Brenda Wilder Danny Clearman Walter Jones Ricky Luke Henry Porter Honors I 141 i PHI GAMMA NU Phi Gamma Nu is a National Pro- fessional Fraternity of Business. The purpose of Phi Gamma Nu is to fos- ter the study of business, encourage high scholarship, and promote pro- fessional competency and achieve- ment in the field of business. The fraternity ' s events include profession- al speakers, a fund raiser, Founder ' s Day Celebration, and National Con- vention. Officers: President: Linda Neyman Vice-President: Neil Bouchillon Secretary: Elizabeth Noble Treasurer: Patrick McCraw Pledge Trainer: Susan Bowers Assistant Pledge Trainer: Danny Jue teiden VaPre iftTt!l ' tare Dirtctor Ken Ivej j 142 I Honors 2T A SIGMA TAU DELTA Sigma Tau Delta, the National English Hon- or Society, was founded in May 1924. Their organization grew out of Dakota Wesleyan ' s English Club with the purpose of encouraging the writing of and appreciation for literature. The society strives to brevet distinction upon undergraduates, and scholars in Academe, as well as upon professional writers who have realized accomplishments in linguistic or lit- erary realms of the English language. In order to be a member of Sigma Tau Delta, a student must have completed 12 hours of English classes with a minimum B average and must rank in the higest 35% of his her class in general scholarship. Officers: President: Muffy Sewell Vice President: Delia Wing Secretary: Dave Powell Treasurer Brenda Key Director of Communications: Ernie Williams Kenlvey Kenlvey Members: Rob Anderson. Sarah Andre. ' Betty Aston, Susan Ballard, Christine Black, Mark Boie, Dow Bonds, .Ashley Bonner, Robin Bounds, Daisy Branan. Stephen Brewer. Allison Brown. Genie Bryan. Amy Campbell. Dennis Coker, Christy Crokckett, Lisa Curtis. Jenny Dalton. Deanna Denley. Jennifer Dewees. Edith EkJund. Leo Emerson. Stephanie Estes. Tara Felts, Jane Frazier. Mark Garrett, Ray Garret, Larry Gettys, Tom Glasgow. Tod Goforth. Todd Grandy. Angie Gray. Ashley Grizzard. Birtie Harding. Meredith Hartley, Amy Hawkins. Tracy Hayes, Jay Heidel. Holly Henderson. Jennifer Hollingsworth, Jeffrey Haynes, lilary Jenkins. Janis Johnston. Katherine Keller, Maurice Kervin, Brenda Key. Vernon King. Michelle KirkJand, Kate Koehler. Margaret Land ' , Jee ' Lee, Ralph Lord. Larry Martin, Sonya Mason. Lucy McArthur. Mollie McDonald. Michael McDuffie, Tracey McLeod, Dianne Meek, Jeanice Midgett. Cynthia Mitchell. Mark Mitchell. Daniel Morris. Alan Nelson. Christopher Nesmith, Julie Noblin, Andy Olsen. ' Elizabeth O ' Quin, Bobby Painter. Lida Patterson, David Perlson, Rodney Ponder. Powell David. Christian Rahaim. Mark Razor. Loretta Rivers, Anne Roberts, Katherine Roberts. Laura Sams, Todd Sandahl. Aimee Schmidt. Laura Schreeder. Charlotte Scott. Lauren Sewell. Thomas Smith, Valerie Sobol. Linda Spargo. Christyna Stewart, Alan Swayze, Mary Swayze, Carol Switzer. Leah Taupeka. Revray Thompson, Tracey Tucker. Elizabeth Turner. Nancy Turner, Christina Upton, Milton Waldrop. Alison Walker, Scott Weston. Ellen Whittle, Snowe Wilkes, Ernie Williams. Paschal Wilson, Delia Wing, Karen Yates, Amy Zadroga Honors I 143 Order of Omeea The Order of Omega is an honorary organization recog- nizing outstanding fraternity and sorority members on the University of Mississippi cam- pus. Membership is granted on the basis of scholarship, lead- ership and service. The local chapter (Elvis Is Still Alive) was rechartered in 1988. Officers: President: Jimbo Pierson Vice President: Neil Bouchillon Secretary: Maggie Elliott Treasurer: Marianna Padgett Ken IK i Members: Wendy Agnew Neil Bouchillon Bill Boyd Stuart Brunson James Clinton Thomas Coleman Christy Crockett Jennifer Day Donna Dean David Dennis Lori Dennis Linda De Vault Maggie Elliot Ashley Grizzard Kathryn Gulley Karen Hall Holly Harris Leanard Harrison Michael Head Bitsie Hillery Charles Hill Robert Hyde Erich James Jeffrey Jaynes Charles King Natalie King Margaret Land Scott Lasso Leo Lazarus Lucy Lehmann Amy Lewis Kelly McLaughlin Jonathan Morgan Garner Newton Regal Niffeneger David Olsen David Owen Marianna Padgett Jimbo Pierson Carl Powell Jane Roser Lucy Simpson James Smith Ronald Solberg Steven Speights Elizabeth Spiller Brian Staley Stacey Stephenson Clifton Taylor Collette Taylor Stephen Thomas Jacqueline Triplett William Turner Richard Whitley Beth Whitehead Ernie Williams Jeffrey Wills Victoria Wooten Anne Yager Lisa Yarborough I 144 Honors AE A ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Ipull Members: itephen Alfano essica Anderson iusan Bailey lohn Biggs IJK Bigham Patricia Bowman JSruce Bradshaw Hyde Brown lonny Bullock Christopher Cadle Elizabeth Carlisle (Russell Carlisle Steven Chevalier jClinton Childs Henry Cook Harry Cooper Mark Crick Donna Dean David Dennis Lisha Eaton James Eickholz Ralph Ford Eric Frohn [Stacey Gatlin jrNorman Gillespie Walter Gorton Bruce Gray : Samuel Habeeb Karen Hall George Hammitt )J Martin Harvey ij Gloria Hasseltine [I Charles Hill Keith Hill Richard Hill John Hodge Paul Huddleston Joseph Hudson Deborah Hughes Noel Hunt Charles Idom Jeffrey Johnson Richard Kennedy- Mark Lockhart Julian Loden Ralph Lord Harvey Mason Robert McAuley Lena McDaniel Tracy Milligan John Moore Barron Nason Paul Nelson William Nester Garner Newton Tammy Nicholas Mark Norton Anthony Owen Edward Perry Robert Pitcock Charles Pound Stephanie Powell Subir Prasad Thomas Quinn Willie Quon Ellis Salloum Chad Saul Patrick Scanlon James Sikes David Smith Stephanie Smith .Alan Swayze Gilbert Thayer Paul Thomas Donna Turner Heather Vahle Jamie Van Noy Timothy Van Noy James Watson Lisa Weber Emie Williams Turner Willis Darwin Woolen William Woolen Associate Members Thomas Alfano Alpha Epsilon Delia is an educational or- ganization for the encouragement and recog- nition of scholastic excellence among premed- ical predental students, the stimulation of an appreciation of the importance of premedical education in the study of medicine, the pro- molion of cooperalion and contacts between medical and premedical students and educa- tors in developing an effective program of pre- medical education, and to use its knowledge for ihe benefit of health organizations, char- ities, and the community. Kenlvey Kimberly Allred Richard Barren William Bell Mundy Breazeale " Charles Branson Franklin Burton Martin Claylon V. R. Colten Russell Cox Mitzi Craft Kelly Davis Lori Dennis William Floyd Kandace French Albert Gardner Leland Gebhart John Grafe Vicki Gurley Leanne Habeeb James Herringlon Barry Holcomb Christopher Hughes Regina Hummel Robert Ingraham Kenneih Ivey Dana Johnson Conigliaro Jones Donald Jones Lisa Jones Douglas Jordan Scott Layne Thomas Lewellen Jonathon Lucas Matthew Lundien Sonya Mason Brodie McAlpin Charles McCullouch Rex McCullough Marvin McQueen Marcus Melton Tonya Miller Tim Millis Gregory Mitchell Janna Munn Officers: President: George M. Hammitt First Vice Presidenl: Henry W. Cook Second Vice Presidenl: Joseph Hudson Secreiary: Michelle McDaniel Treasurer Susan Bailey Historian: Julian Loden Reporter Eric Frohn Facully Advisor Dr. Hugh Batcman Gregory Parvin Mary Pender Jennifer Peiering Mary Phillips William Pillow Lane Pills Lynda Ramsey Siephen Ray Shannon Rayburn Christopher J. Richardson Chrislopher R. Richardson Barbara Ricks Michelle Rigby Laura Roberts Robert Russell Louis Schruff Chel Shermer John Sisirunk Michael Sliman James Smith William Smilh Tara Spears Sleven Speights Chrisiyna Slewart Jason Swaim James Underwood Charles Uplon Victoria Vogle David Waddell Anihony Waits George Walcoll Robert Watson Dennis Walls Greg Whilsell Michael Williams Robin Williams Dennis Wilson Paschal Wilson Elizabeih Wyall Honors 145 , TAU BETA SIGMA Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi are the National Honorary Band Fraternity and Sorority. They are active service organizations that work jointly for the band to improve it in every possible way. This year these organizations have worked with the University of Mississippi ' s Annual Alumni Band, Honor Bands, the Rebel Band Revue, and a year-end banquet for the band. Tau Beta Sigma Officers: President: Pam Crump Vice President: Deanne Mosely Treasurer: Lynne Russell Secretary: Tara Spears Historians: Jeannie Scott, Laura Boggan Seargeant-at-Arms: Patricia Sedlecky Social Chairman: Layne McGuire Band Director: Thomas Waggoner Members: Joanna Hernandez, Tina Robertson, Shelly Lyons, Jennifer Holmes, Kelly Hill, Regina Sanders, Kel- ly Horn, Angel Stricklin, Sandy Yarber, Sharon Moore, Robin Kendall, Debbie Hinds, Belinda Hasty, Samantha White, Lisa Morre, Wanda Moore, Alicia Barfield, Tami Taylor, Heather Al- lison, Amy Harrison, Lori lelaidnis, Sandra Ev- ans, Tracie Weeden, Mary Tillman, Terri Prater, Melissa McReynolds Ken Ive; KAPPA KAPPA PSI Kappa Kappa Psi Officers: President: Brett Guin Vice President: Kevin Herrera Treasurer: Brian Crump Secretary: Alan Alexander Historian: Scotty Tallant Parliamentarian: Gregg Gausline Members: Scott Enochs O ' Neal Douglas Chad Saul David Shiffman Darren Hunt Duke Hussey Joel Powell Davis Brown Jody Phillips Eric Cheney Chris Burkhalter David Stanfield Ken Ivey i 146 I Honors PHI DELTA CHI Phi Delta Chi is nationally known as " The Pharmacy Fraternity. " Our objective is to ad- vance the science of Pharmacy and its allied interest, and to foster and promote a fraternal spirit among its members. Along with pro- viding a social outlet for its members. Phi Delta Chi is involved in public awareness and charitable projects. Phi Delta Chi sponsored speakers on medical topics as well as a golf tournament for the Diabetes Foundation. Officers: President: Mike Steinwinder Vice President: Bryan Wyckoff Secretary: Kristina Odom Treasurer Renee Russell Prelate: Robert Terry Correspondant: Darryl Long Alumni Liason: Myra Hall Master at Arms: Loui Smith Inner Guard: Sheila Patton Pledge Master George Merrill Faculty Advisors: Dr. Ron Borne Dr. Frank Gilmore Dr. Henry Pace Dr. J. K. Baker GAMMA BE TA PHJ The objectives of the Gamma Beta Phi So- ciety are to recognize and encourage excellence in education, to promote the development of leadership ability and character in its mem- bers, and to foster, disseminate, and improve education through appropriate service proj- ects. The student must be enrolled in a program leading to an associate, bachelor, or graduate degree, must have completed at least twelve credit hours of college work and have a scho- lastic ranking within the top twenty percent of his her class. Officers: President: Lisa Weber Secretary: Sandra Moss Point Secretary: Vivian Collins Treasurer Juan Trippe Faculty Advisor Dr. Miller Honors 147 Honors Program The Honors Program, established in 1953 and restructured in 1982, coordinates special academic offerings that intensify the educa- tional experience of the exceptional student and facilitates the arrangement of a program of studies for superior undergraduate students en- rolled in any School or College at The Uni- versity. A rigorous curriculum meets the ed- ucational needs of selected students, especially those planning to continue with graduate studies or to enter the professions. Honors Senate: Derek Nelson Brad McPeak John Cosby Missy Pace Emily Wagster Stephen Payne Susan Bailey Eric Frohn Stacey Gatlin Patricia Sterling Juan Tripp Dan Magee Members: Louis Abbott Alan Abel Edith Adams Kimberly Alexander Alan Alexander Michelle Alt Alicen Anders John Ates Susan Bailey Alicia Barfield Laura Barnes William Bell Pamela Benton Stacey Blanke Henry Blumentaha! Robin Bounds Casondra Bowen Christopher Bradford William Bradford Thomas Brown Rebecca Brown Stephen Brown Carole Brown Davis Brown Charlie Brunson Harriet Bryan Marsha Burks Laura Burrell Christopher Buskirk Jennifer Bussey Herman Caldwell Jay Carter Beverly Chamblin Chris Cheek Curtis Childress Melissa Coggins Dorothy Coleman John Cosby Yvonne Couevas Wade Cox Mark Crowe Mark Currier Kristy Davis Donna Dean Frank Douglass Patrick Hakes Ruth Echols Maggie Elliott Randall Fernandez Mori Freeze Jeffery Frensley Eric Frohn David Fulcher Stacey Gatlin Paul Gilmore Tammy Gilmore Melissa Goff Frank Gray Barrett Green Julie Grimes Ashley Grizzard Grace Guy Linda Habeeb Samuel Habeeb James Haley Douglas Harkins Amy Harper Cara Harris Heather Hartmann Edward Harvey Jay Heidel Laura Hensley Heather Heriard Caroline Herring Tommy Hoard Maria Holcomb Jennifer Holmes Frank Howard Paul Huddleston Jennifer Hufford Robert Hyde Ingo Ihlbrock Penny Jackson Erich James Jason Jenkins Catherine Johnson Jeffrey Johnson Janis Johnston Albert Jones James Joyner Grace Kennedy Richard Kennedy Laura Kinard John Kinsey Catherine Knabb Ellen Lackey Hallie Ladner Jody Lassiter Mark Locknart Seth Lowery Andrea Lyall Sonya Mason Melinda Mathews Jeffrey McCaskill Michael McCready Bradley McPeak Glenn Meek Kimberly Merkel Alan Millis Margaret Minor Hugh Montgomery Michele Mooneyham Mary Moore John Moore IV John MOulton John Mullen Janna Munn Missey Murphey Candice Murphey Barren Nason Derek Nelson Kevin Null Allison Oakes Mark odom Katherine Otis Anthony Owen Missy Pace Alexandria Parrish Kevin Patterson Katherine Patterson Stephen Payne Tina Penick Robert Pitcock William Pitner Benjamin Poremski Stephanie Powell Subir Prasad Thomas Quinn Lisa Ratcliff Janet Raymond Stephen Richardson Loretta Rivers Benjamin Roberson Laura Roberts Paula Rodgers Linda Rogers Stephanie Sanders Chad Saul Steven Schoenly Lauren Sewell Jeanna Sewell Susan Shaw Amanda Shaw Wynn Shuford Carrie Shull Wendy Sigglekow Delbert Slone Stephanie Smith Lee Staten Patricia Sterling Christyna Stewart Whitney Swindell Oscar Thomas Revray Thompson Randy Thwealt Horace Tilghman Melony Tims Juan Trippe Pamela Turner Jeffrey Underwood James Underwood Charles Upton Heather Vahle Amy Vincent Emily Wagster Steven Wall Thomas Waller Michael Walshe William Webb Leslie Welford Jay Wellons William White Patricia White Sanjeeva Wijesekera Caroline Wilbourne Amy Williams Christopher Williams Ernest Williams David Williams James Williamson Keith Wilson Paschal Wilson Ginger Winstead Robert Wood Elizabeth Wyatt 148 i Honors The Society ' s fundamental purposes are to foster leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and the spirit of service as well as promoting and serving in every way possible the interests of this university. This year Iota Chapter has held bi-weekly meetings, and has done a food drive for The Pantry, a local organization to help the needy. It also plans to hold a Quiz Bowl in the Spring along with other service projects. A2 LAMBDA SIGMA Officers: President: Wade Cox Vice President: Jack Crawford Secretary: Ben Robertson Treasurer Charlie Upton Ritual Chairman: Leland Gebhart Ken Ivey Pamela Benton Angela Boutwell Michelle Boyd Hudson Bradford mary Burnett Anna Busby Chris Cheek Carla Corley Reid Cotten Craig Cowart Jill Curry Mary Davis Dianene Dickerson Kelly Dumas Leigh Edgar Jimmy Evans Marian Gaines Paul Gilmore Cathy Grimes Whitney Gurley Tara Hart Kim Hathom Kristi Heflin Beth Howell John Kinsey Jody Lassiter Traci Anne Lyons Tracy Powell Lyons Mary McCarty Phil McCarty Elizabeth McClatchy Stephen Payne Heather Rodgers Steven Schoenly Louis Schruff Melvin Seid Victor Smith Mark Strong Lindy Teller Pam Turner Heather Vahle Stephen Wall Lindabeth Wiley Lee Zoller Honors I 149 TAU BETA PI Tau Beta Pi, a national en- gineering honor society, was founded in 1885 to recognize students of superior scholar- ship and outstanding character in all fields of engineering. Since the establishment of the first chapter at Lehigh Uni- versity, Tau Beta Pi has grown to 196 chapters located throughout the country. The Mississippi Beta Chapter was founded in 1969 and is one of two chapters in Mississippi. Membership is by invitation only. A senior must be in the top fifth of his class and a jun- ior must be in the top eighth. A candidate must show exempla- ry character, personal integrity, breadth of interest both inside and outside engineering, adapt- ability and unselfish activity. TAU BTA PI i uv i not-H WOMNMITI HI I ( IIM ' II H ! MAWIMII I) f- R( II I , Ih ' l John Coker Officers: President: Garner Newton Vice President: Lewis Beard Recording Secretary: Meg Moellenoff Corresponding Secretary: Jey Akumar Thurairatnam Treasurer: Laura Burrell Cataloger: Linda Lum Faculty Advisor: Damon Wall Members: Barrett Green Chandran Subramaniam David Holmes Alan Gimer David Trebotich fete 150 I Honors $ A PHI ALPHA THETA - ! Officers: President: Mel Chrestman Vice President: Eamie Mounce Secretary: Sheila Moore Treasurer Robert Ginn j Correspondence Communications: Debra Northart Advisor Charles Wilson Kenlvey Members: Krista Agnew Billie Atkins Oayton Allen Kimberly Alexander Laurie Anchors Timothy Atkins James Baggett Bern Baker Susan Ballard Trey Berry William Blackston Thomas Boschert Kristie Boast Martha Boynton David Bradford Linda Bradshaw Patrick Brammell Steve Brewer John Bryan Angela Bullock Larry Campbell Jefferson Caruthers Mel Chrestman Jeffrey Cole Wilburn Coleman Patrick Craddock Rumman Dastgir Jim Dauphine William Davis Gloria Dingledein Johnny Duvall Charles Foster Webster Franklin Ray Garrett Charles Gates Edward Gay Paul Gilmore Robert Ginn Thomas Glasgow Phi Alpha Theta, Kappa Alpha Chapter, plays an active role in the Ole Miss history department. Weekly meetings with faculty members, fall wine and cheese party, and a spring softball game and picnic are tradi- tional events. This year the Univer- sity of Mississippi Kappa Alpha Chapter is hosting the state PAT con- vention, bringing students from col- leges thoroughout the state to present papers on historical topics. [vty Joel Grantham Ashley Green Edward Harvey Cathi Henry John Hermann Lucy Hilburn Philip Holman Scott Holzer Bonnie Howard Albert Jones Gina King Scott Kistler Sam Knowlton Joseph Kraft Alfred Lanan Bruce Mactavish Edward Maier Richard Mallard Eric Martin John McNeill James Miller John Mistilis Sheila Moore Clarence Morgan Earnest Morence Elizabeth Morent Jackson Neil Canie Newhauser Debra Northart Andy Olsen Patrick Page Rani-Villem Palo Pamela Paulsen Lynn Pearson Stephen Pringle Julius Ridgeway Benjamin Robertson Laura Roberts Wesley Roberts Le Ware Robinson Warren Rogers Raymond Rooney Robin Roper Mark Rummage M. R. Rutheford Aimee Schmidt Elizabeth Segars Leanne Seicshnayore Jane Sessions James Sikes Tyler Smith Eric Spears Deanna Stark Pete Thomas Tamara Thomas Cheryl Thomas Robert Tumage Marty Tyrone Richard Van Damme Kimberly Walters William Washbum Rob Waters Trammell Wiles Libby Woods Joseph Wroten Honors I 151 Who ' s Who ANGELA ABRAHAM ASB Executive Secretary Rebel Recruiter Chancellor ' s Partners Pro- gram Fellowhip of Christian Athletes Newscene 12 Anchor and Weathergirl AOII Sorority Who ' s Who JACK ADAMS Academy of Students of Pharmacy President Kappa Psi Pharmacy Student Body Executive Council Circle K IIKA Fraternity Treasurer ho ' s Wh RODRICK BARNES Varsity Basketball Captain M-Club Fellowship of Christian Athletes All-SEC Baskeball player Fraternity Who ' s Who LEWIS BEARD Engineering Student Body Vice President Tau Beta Pi Vice Presi- dent Engineering Honor Coun- cil Chairman Honors Program Golden Key Phi Kappa Phi f Who ' s Who DANIEL BORING American Chemical Soci- ety American Society of Phar- macognosy MS Pharmacist Assoc. RhoChi Who ' s Who NEIL BOUCHILLON Phi Gamma Nu Vice President Order of Omega Vice President Interfraternity Council ASB Senator Wall Street South Golden Key 2X Fraternity " i 152 I Honors -.; . 00; Who ' s Who ROBIN BOUNDS ASB Senator Mortar Board President UM Ambassador Omicron Delta Kappa Golden Key Phi Kappa Phi Honors Program Who ' s Who BILL BO YD Alpha Lambda Delta Vice President ASB President Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Beta Alpha Psi ZN Fraternity , Who ' s Who Who ' s Wh STUART BRUNSON Omicron Delta Kappa President Order of Omega Mortar Board Interfraternity Council President Phi Kappa Phi Golden Key 2N Fraternity Vice Pres- ident MELANIE BUNTYN Ok Miss Editor Alpha Lamda Delta Golden Key Phi Eta Sigma Baptist Student Union Outstanding College Stu- dents of America .ON ho ' s Who LAURA BURRELL American Institute Chemical Engineers Tau Beta Pi Treasurer AIChE Mortar Board Honors Program of ho ' s Who CAROLYNN BYARS Ole Miss Business Man- ager Kappa Psi ASB Student Advisory Committee Student Programming Board Golden Key M Sorority Correspond- ing Secretary Honors I 153 I Who ' s Who Who ' s Who KIMBERLY GOTTEN UM Ambassador Sigma Delta Chi Rho Lamda Junior Panhellenic Secre- tary Women in Communica- tions Campus Favorite Ole Miss Beauty KA Sorority CHRISTY CROCKETT ASB Vice President Sigma Tau Delta ASB Senate AWS Publicity Committee Mortar Board Campus Favorite Mortar Board Order of Omega Who ' s Wh KRISTINA CROSSWELL Phi Theta Kappa Presi- dent Golden Key Crosby Dorm Vice Pres- ident Who ' s Who i DANA DALTON Fellowship of Christian Athletes Concert Singers Golden Key 1988 Miss University Ole Miss Beauty AAA Sorority Who ' s Who Who ' s Who MICHAEL DENNIS Chancellor ' s Leadership Class Interfraternity Council Lamda Sigma Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Alpha Epsilon Delta A6 Fraternity , LORI DENNIS Omicron Delta Kappa Vi- ce President Intramurals Chairman Order of Omega Alpha Lambda Delta Chancellor ' s Leadership Class Phi Kappa Phi Gamma Beta Phi i 154 I Honors ho ' s Who Who ' s Who LINDA DEVAULT Beta Alpha Psi Vice Pres- ident Beta Gamma Sigma Vice President Mortar Board Rho Lambda Order of Omega Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa XQ Sorority Vice President MAGGIE ELLIOTT Lambda Sigma President Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Order of Omega Golden Key Phi Eta Sigma Student Alumni Council XQ Sorority President ho ' s Who Who ' s Wh J JANE FELDHAUS American Chemical Soci- ety Angel Flight Rho Chi Delta Phi .Alpha .Alpha Epsilon Alpha Phi Delta Epsilon DAVID GARNER Phi Theta Kappa Phi Beta Lambda Concert Singers College Republicans A Fraternity BARRETT GREEN Mortar Board Vice Pres- ident ASCE President Chi Epsilon Tau Beta Pi Omicron Delta Kappa Golden Key Phi Kappa Phi Who ' s Who KELLY GULLEY Phi Eta Sigma Treas- urer Order of Omega Mortar Board Lambda Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta AT Sorority President Honors I 155 I Who ' s Who ELOISE HARRIS National Student Speech and Hearing Assoc. Mental Health Board Ex- ecutive Committee Graduate Achievement Award Who ' s Who ROBERT HYDE Beta Alpha Psi President Beta Gamma Sigma Pres- ident Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Phi Kappa Phi Golden Key Alpha Lambda Delta ZX Fraternity Treasurer Who ' s W Who ' s Wh TANNIS JURGENS Rho Chi American Chemical Soci- ety American Society of Phar- macognosy Outstanding Young Wom- en of America KEITH KESSINGER Fellowhip of Christian Athletes M-Club Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball Academic All-SEC Who ' s Who Who ' s Who JUDY LEE Editor Journal of Space Law Delta Theta Phi Phi Kappa Phi Mississippi Law Journal Stephen Gorove Law Award LISA LIBERTO Alpha Lambda Delta Association of Women Students Phi Delta Phi Golden Key Beta Gamma Sigma Phi Gamma Nu I M Sorority Treasurer .1 156 Honors Who Who ' s Wh E :r n AUDRA LOVE Association of Women Students ASB Spirit Committee Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Reformed University Fel- lowship ,V A Treasurer DAN MAGEE ASB Senate Rules Com- mittee Daily Mississippian Head Photographer Ole Miss Photographer Phi Gamma Nu Delta Sigma Pi Junior Varsity Cheerlead- er KT Fraternity o ' s Wh J KELLY MCLAUGHLIN Varsity Track Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Order of Omega Lady Rebel M-Club Phi Kappa Phi Golden Key AOIl Sorority Treasurer JEANICE MIDGETT Sigma Delta Chi Sigma Tau Delta Reformed University Fel- lowship Habitat for Humanity KA Sorority 10 .--:- MARTHA MITCHELL Phi Theta Kappa Phi Beta Lambda Angel Flight Golden Key Phi Gamma Nu University Chorus MELODY MITCHELL Phi Theta Kappa Sigma Alpha Iota Treasur- er Beta Alpha Psi Phi Kappa Phi Honors 157 o ' s Who ho ' s Wh GARNER NEWTON Engineering Student Body President Tau Beta Pi President Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Golden Key Chancellor ' s Leadership Class REGAL NLFFENEGGER ASB Judicial Council Chairman Daily Mississippian Pho- tographer Order of Omega Rho Lambda KA0 Sorority Who ' s Who JULIE NOBLIN Association of Women Students President Ole Miss Staff Sigma Tau Delta Golden Key AF Sorority Who ' s Who ALLISON OAKES ASB Senate Sergeant-at- Arms Gamma Beta Phi UM Ambassadors Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Honors Program Golden Key KA0 Sorority I SUZANNE OLIVER Association of Women Students Vice President Golden Key Beta Gamma Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta College Republicans AF Sorority BRYAN OWEN Varsity Football M-Club Student Alumni Commit- tee A0 Fraternity I I 158 I Honors Who ' s Wh ho ' s Who ALLISON PHILLIPS Beta Alpha Psi Phi Kappa Phi Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Golden Key AT Sorority JAMES PIERSON Senior Class President Order of Omega President Pi Sigma Epsilon Omicron Delta Kappa Golden Key K2 Fraternity Who ' s Who Who ' s Who PEPPER POUNDS Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Golden Key Varsity Baseball M-Club Secretary Fellowship of Christian Athletes Phi Eta Sigma 2X Fraternity CARL POWELL ' ASB Treasurer IFC Secretary Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Alpha Lambda Delta Golden Key Chancellor ' s Leadership Class A A President Who ' s Who mini!- JAY REED Phi Mu Alpha Baptist Student Union President Chancellor ' s Leadership Class UM Band Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Phi Golden Key CATHY SIMPSON Rho Lambda Order of Omega Golden Key Chancellor ' s Leadership Class Habitat for Humanity KA Sorority President Honors 159 Who ' s Who Who ' s Wh DAVID SMITH ASB Senate Rules Com- mittee Chairman Interfraternity Council UM Ambassador MS Government Affairs KA Order Fraternity Pres- ident STEVEN SPEIGHTS Southeastern IFC Vice President IFC Corresponding Secre- tary Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Daily Mississippi Ad Salesperson Who ' s Who BRIAN STALEY ASB Senate Rules Com- mittee Chairman IFC Judicial Council ASB Student Loan Service Board of Directors Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Chancellor ' s Leadership Class Who ' s Who STACEY STEPHENSON ASB Senator Association of Women Students Order of Omega Golden Key Beta Gamma Sigma Phi Gamma Nu AAH Sorority Who ' s Wh RICHARD TAIT Kappa Psi Secretary Rho Chi Vice President Pharmacy Student Body President Honor Council Chairman American Pharmaceutical Assoc Who ' s W RENEE TAYLOR Beta Alpha Psi Phi Kappa Phi Beta Gamma Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Golden Key HB4 Sorority I 160 I Honors Who ' s Wh ho ' sW C Via WHITNEY VANN SPB Director of Union Activities Varsity Cheerleader Rebel Recruiter Campus Favorite ASB Spirit Committee KKT Sorority Pledge Trainer WESLEY WALLS M-Club Executive Com- mittee Varsity Football Outstanding Young Men of America Colonel Reb UMAA Honor Roll Who ' s Who ViM ERNEST WILLIAMS ASB Cabinet Director of University Development Omicron Delta Kappa Sigma Tau Delta Pi Mu Epsilon Phi Kappa Phi Order of Omega Honors Program 2X Fraternity Who ' s Who OWEN WILLIAMS Sigma Delta Chi Daily Mississippian Edi- tor College Republicans Hotty Toddy Club K2 Fraternity Who ' s Who IOR ELIZABETH WYATT Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Alpha Epsilon Delta Association of Women Students Ole Miss Beauty 1987 Miss Hospitality AAA Sorority Marshall ANN YAGER ASB Senate Kappa Pi Vice President Mortar Board Rho Lambda Gamma Beta Phi Order of Omega Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa AAII Sorority President Honors I 161 Section Editor: Amanda King Assistant Editor: Jill Jordan 162 I Administration Examples for the rest of your life. Always ready to help, advise, or explain, administrators guide us through scheduling, registering, and eventually graduation. The professors, teachers and staff have continued the tradition of excel- lence that embodies Ole Miss. They are more than just guides through the halls of knowledge, they care how we excel and want to influence our future. Their ad- vice will be with us as we leave and will affect the decisions of our lives. Administration I 163 UM Alumnus Governs the State of Mississippi Ray Mabus. the 60th Governor of the State of Mississippi, is also the nation ' s youngest Gov- ernor at 39. He was born on October 11,1 948 in Choctaw County, Mississippi. Mabus attended Ackerman public schools and the University of Mississippi. He then received a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship to attend Johns Hopkins University, where he earned a Masters degree in government. The UM Alumnus then volunteered for the U.S. Navy, where he served aboard a guided missile cruiser. After military service, he attended and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. Mabus then came back to Mississippi in 1980 to work on the staff of Governor William Winter where he drafted, and helped pass, the historic Education Reform Act of 1982. He was elected State Auditor in 1983, which marked the first time in 50 years that someone not endorsed by the outgoing auditor was elected. On February 16, 1987, Mabus was the first to officially announce that he was running for gov- ernor in the 1987 election. After winning both the August primary and subsequent run-off, he was elected on November 3, 1987, on a platform of educational improvement and economic devel- opment. Mabus married the former Julie Hines of Jackson, the youngest of three daughters born to Herman and Martha Hamilton Hines. The University of Mississippi is privileged to have such a distinguished alumnus. GOVERNOR RAY MABUS 164 Administration jus BOARD OF TRUSTEES State College Board members are (front row, left) Sidney Rushing. L Commissioner Ray Cleere, President Thomas Bourdeaux, Vice J President William Jones. Diane Miller, (back row, left) Frank hwait Jr., Nan McGahey Baker, Joe Haynes, Will Hickman, Johnnie Walls, Martin Ivey and James Luvene. Administration I 165 i CHANCELLOR TURNER i Dr. R. Gerald Turner became the twenty-second Chancellor of the University of Mississippi on April 2, 1984. He is the second youngest person ever to be named to this position. Preceeding his career at Ole Miss, Turner served as Vice President for Executive Affairs at the University of Oklahoma. His academic background credits him with earn- ing an associate of an in mathmatics from Lub- bock Christian College, a bachelor of science in psychology and mathematics from Abliene Chris- tian University, a master of arts in counseling psychology and the doctor of philosophy in psy- chology both from the University of Texas at Austin. Turner is known for his successful " Campaign for Ole Miss " which has credited the school with funds for improving our academic facilities and has recruited numerous amounts of students and support for the university in general. Chancellor Turner and his wife Gail have two children, Angela Jan, 17, and Jessica Diane, 12. Administration SERVICE CHANCELLORS THAD GORDON BEASLEY Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs ' RAY HOOPS Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs ROBERT C. KHAYAT Vice Chancellor of L ' niversitv Affairs J. LESLIE WYATT Vice Chancellor for Executive Affairs DOYLE RUSSELL Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs Administration 1 16 7 i I TEACHER OF THE YEAR Dr. William Staton The Outstanding Teacher of the Year Committee was established in 1966 to annually recognize excellence in teach- ing. In the beginning, it was publicized only with a flyer that had a drawing of an apple core and read: " Good teaching gets to the core of things Choose your outstanding teacher. " Now it is pub- licized with a newly designed poster and banners around the campus. The selec- tion committee is made up of eight for- mer recipients, the ASB President, and the Director of Alumni Affairs. They issue a call for nominating letters in November through December, review them in the Spring, and make their de- cision in late March. Dr. William Staton, a professor of mathematics and a ten-year teaching veteran at the University of Mississippi, has earned this honor. Along with this honor, Staton earned a plaque and a $1,000 check which was presented during Honors Day by Chan- cellor Gerald Turner. " The primary consideration is teach- ing excellence, " said Chancellor Turner, " and Bill Staton exhibits great ability in teaching and helping students under- stand the intricacies of mathematics. Hd is greatly concerned with the progress ot his students and is thoroughly dedicated to taking all the time necessary to teach and advise them. " Staton joined the faculty of Ole Miss as an assistant professor in 1978 afteri earning bachelor and masters degrees atj the University of Texas and a doctorate at the University of Houston. Staton was promoted to associate pro- fessor in 1984 and full professor 1988 alt the University of Mississippi. In addition to his teaching respon- sibilities, Staton has published 22 pa- pers and made 17 scholarly presenta-i tions in his fields of expertise graph theory and combinatorial mathematics. Staton is married to Dr. Carolyn Ellis " Staton, professor of law at Ole Miss Law School and they have two sons. As a member of St. John ' s Catholic Church. Staton ' s hobbies include long distance running, in which he has earned nu- merous awards. by: Amanda King ADMINISTRATORS I Diiw 168 I Administration Warner Alford Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Danny Ray Benjamin Director of Auditing Chancellor Turner awards Dr. William Slaton the Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award. Judy Cooper Director of the Bessie S. Speed Center Roger Keith Lyles Director of Purchasing and Bureaus Admissions Sans Russell Bursar Administration I 169 I UM Center helps students The Ole Miss Student Development Center is a multi-dimensional, full-service unit available to all students. The purpose of this center is to help in the development of the students here at Ole Miss as they move from their freshman year to their senior year. The center is divided into three main aspects orientation, testing, and counseling. The relationship between the student and the Student Development Center begins with orien- tation into the university. There are five different summer orientation sessions throughout the months of June and July for new freshmen and all transfer students. These sessions are to give new students an introduction to Ole Miss, as well as, assist them in their pre-registering for fall classes. The testing done through the center provides students with an individual academic and career assessment program to help the students to learn more about themselves. The areas of testing in- clude: an academic assessment test, an assessment test for learning disabilities, a career assessment test and a personality assessment test. The most important aspect of the Student De- velopment Center is the counseling. There are academic counselors, personal counselors, and ca-i reer counselors. The academic counselors arei available to assist all students in selecting a major and planning their individual educational pro- gram for the time that they spend here at Ole Miss. There is small group counseling, as well as, in- dividual counseling for those with time- management and self-discipline problems. There is also a parent-student support group offered through the center by Ms. Susan Eftink. This program is for students and their parents who wish for more extensive counseling in the ac- ademic area. Academic assistance is offered through the Learning Center, another part of the Student De- velopment Center. It is located in the bottom of the J. D. Williams Library to assist students main- ly through tutorial programs. All tutoring offered is free and in cooperation with the academic de-- partments and residence halls. Other services of- fered by the Learning Center are individual as- sistance in locating private tutors, improving basic skills, reading speed, comprehension, vocabulary, test-taking skills, and language improvement for foreign students. Ik I Marion Boenheim Affirmative Action Officer Ulmer T. Bullock Director of Food Services James N. Butler Director of Alumni Affairs I Margaret L. Dewey Director of Publications 170 1 Administration Robert Wayne Dowdy Comptroller Mike Edmonds Director of Student Programming ents " . ' ' - , ..- - - - The Disabled Student Services Program is yet another pan of the Student Development Center. It provides access for the handicapped and the earning disabled students. There is a separate coordinator that works with each. They are there to communicaate the needs of these students to [he University. Aside from the academic counselors, are the personal counselors. These counselors aid in the adjustment of the students to their new academic environment. They help with personal problems such as stress, depression, eating disorders and anxiety. If more intensive and extensive coun- seling is needed, the student edevelopment coun- selors will refer these students to the University sychologist or to the University Psychological Services Center. All of this type of counseling is ree and confidential. A very important type of counseling available to students, but especially helpful to those grad- jating seniors is career counseling. This type of inseling helps students in choosing a career and f moving out of their college environment to the world of work. Students who have chosen career may receive assistance in writing resumes, rview strategies and companv research. The Development Center maintains files on .ill the current job openings as they come up. as ell as. files on many of the individual companies all : ictualh nt fcrwni 1C _ i ' fci nte; ._ tr " a f Student ' .:.. that are hiring. It is through this career counseling that actual job interviews are set up for students. In addition, there is a job location program available to stu- dents not on financial aid to assist them while they are still in school. This program finds part-time jobs for these students when they need to earn a little extra money. In addition to all of these types of counselors, the Student Development Center is in the process of hiring a crisis counselor to help students cope when there has been a crisis such as an automobile accident. As one can see. the Student Development Cent- er is not just the mysterious office located on the third floor of the Lyceum. It is a very important component of this University. It is always avail- able to assist all students in any way possible. The counselors involved in the Center are with you from the time that you enroll until the time you receive your diploma. Ole Miss really is for yo u! by: Meredith Hartley Bela J. Chain Director of Personnel Charles L. Clark Court Education and Continuing Studies S. Gayle Denley Manager of the Student Media Center Josesph David Elmore Director of the Ole Miss Union George A. Everett Director of University Honors Program William Ferris Center for the Study of Southern Culture Administration I 171 I Turner has " Big Dreams " for Ole Miss Dr. Gerald Turner is known best on campus for his view that the school has become " a joyful combination of the traditional and the modern. " The mod- ern aspect is largely due to the actions and the vision of Chancellor Turner. Dr. Turner received the associate of art in mathematics from Lubbock Chris- tian College, a Bachelor of Science in psychology and mathematics at Abliene- Christian University, a Master of Arts in counseling psychology and the Doc- tor of Philosophy and Psychology both from the University of Texas at Austin. When considering Ole Miss, Turner had never visited Mississippi, but saw a need for change in the state and the school. " People talked of a new em- phasis needed at Ole Miss, " said Tur- ner; the new chancellor was ready to make a change. " I like as many irons in the fire at one time as possible. " Encouraging nationa school visibility, maximizing education- al potential, encouraging private and state support for the school and bringing athletic facilities up to " SEC standards ' ' are just a few of the Chancellor ' s long term goals. Turner has helped initiate the highly advertised " 140th Anniversary of Ole Miss, " plans for the supercomputer and center for acoustics, the building of a new baseball field, and the renovations! of Vaught-Hemingway stadium. V Don L. Fruge Director of University Development Paul W. Hale Director of the Physical Plant Monroe Harrison Director of Student Housing 172 Jean K. Jones Director of Student Development Administration Leone King Assistant to the Chancellor William Bernard Kingery Director of Recreational Services The key to success according to Chan- cellor Turner, is realizing that " big dreams are possible. " As the twenty-second Chancellor for the University of Mississippi, Dr. Ger- ald Turner works to keep " high respect for tradition, " but also focus on " the promises of the future. " by: Caroline Herring 14 Joanne Varner Hawks Sarah Isom Center for Women ' s Studies Thomas Gordon Hood Director of Financial Aid Marion Beckett Howorth Director of Admissions Alfred Eugene Lee Director Student Health Service Jean A. Major Director of Libraries Edwin E. Meek Director of Public Relations Administration 1 1 3 James O. Nichols Director of University Planning Thomas J. " Sparky " Reardon Associate Dean of Students Thomas Michael Rieland Communication and Resource Center Judith Davis Trott Dean of Students Lucy Curtis Turnbull Director of University Museums Max Lee Waldrop Director of the Ole Miss Bookstore I 74 1 Administration Michael Hugh Stewart Chief of University Police Jimrm E. Shankle Computing and Information Svstems Nolan Edgbert Shepard Internationals. Student Religious Organizations and Volunteer Services Gerald Wayne Walton Assoc. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Jem Lee Westbrook Assist. Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Kenneth Lyle W ' ooten Registrar and Admissions Dean Administration 175 SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTANCY The Ole Miss School of Accountancy has a unique organizational arrangement among accountancy programs in the U.S. While most accountancy programs are departments within a business school, at Ole Miss the School is a completely separate unit and is celebrating the tenth anni- versary of its establishment. A five-year program, the School awards the B. Accy. after four years and the M. Accy. after the fifth year. A doctoral pro- gram is also available. The School is fully accredited at both the Bach- elors and Masters levels. Students completing the program are well prepared for prestigious jobs with CPA firms and in industry, government and education, and for the professionald certification examinations. Ole Miss accountancy students are highly respect- ed for their leadership in academic honoraries, student government and organizations, and other | areas of campus life. In order to enable the students to understand the| common body of knowledge, the program must! have high academic standards and effective teach- f ing. Thus, the objectives of the School of Ac- countancy include the following: (1) To affirm thel University of Mississippi as one of the leading! institutions in accounting education in the nation. I (2) To ensure that the School of Accountancy continues to be accredited, (3) To encourage then involvement of the faculty in professional activ- ities and continuing professional education for theJ people of the state, and (4) To promote the ac- 1 ademic contributions of the faculty. Acting Dean Tonya K. Flesher Acting Associate Dean James W. Davis Edward E. Milam H. Eugene Peery Charles W. Taylor Homer H. Burkett Carl W. Nabors James H. Thompson William D. Wallace O. Finley Graves Diane T. Pearson Charles H. Walker William R. Rhodes Dean Tonya Flesher 176 1 Administration Conner Hall houses Ole Miss ' unique School of Accountancy Administration II 177 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS As the complexity of the business world has grown, so has the demand for people educated to understand and cope with these problems. The School of Business Administration strives to pre- pare its graduates to enter today ' s world of busi- ness ready to tackle responsibilities at the ad- ministrative level whether they may be in private business or at a similar level in the public or non profit sector. The home away from home for most busines school majors is Connor Hall, which they shan with the Accountancy majors. The Busines School offices are also housed in Conner. Associate Dean Randy Boxx Assistant Dean Carl Nabors Management and Marketing Joseph Paolillo Economics and Finance Norman K. Womer 178 1 Administration Dean Rex Cottle Business students listen attentively to Marketing stategies. Administration I 179 . SCHOOL OF EDUCATION " The School of Education is dedicated to the preparation of students for effective leadership and service in school, home, and community. A degree in education prepares a student for jobs in many areas. For example, public schools are hiring education graduates as teachers, supervisors, co- ordinators, administrators, and guidance coun- selors. A degree in education also carries with it thel responsibility of helping guide young people to be-J worthwhile and contributing citizens in our so-| ciety. " The School of Education Associate Deans Jimmy R. Chambless Lucius Williams, Jr. Assistant Deans Joseph Blackston Peggy Emerson Curriculum and Instruction Austin W. Bunch Health, Physical Education and Recreation Don L. Cheek Educational Administration, Counseling, and Educational Psychology David Cox i 180 1 Administration Dean James Payne Founded in 1903. the School of Education, lo- cated at the corner of University Avenue and Old Taylor road, strives to produce teachers who will greatly influence (he lives of young children. r School of Education was founded in 1903 and is located at the corner of Universit) enue and Old Taylor Road. Administration I 181 I SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING " The University of Mississippi School of Engi- neering had its beginning in 1854 when the first Chancellor, Frederick A. P. Barnard, was appoint- ed Professor of Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, and Civil Engineering. Thus, the Ole Miss En- gineering School is the oldest such school in the state of Mississippi and this region of the South. Over the past 135 years it has had many out- standing faculty and students and has produced many outstanding alumni who have become lead- 1 ers in the state and the nation. " The School of Engineering Geology and Geological Engineering George D. Brunton Chemical Engineering William E. Genetti Civil Engineering Robert M. Hackett Computer and Information Science Robert F. Roggio Mechanical Engineering Jeffery A. Roux Electrical Engineering Charles E. Smith Dean Allie Smith I 182 Administration iudents listen 10 a lecture in the School of Engineering, located in Carrier Hall on the Irde ken he Administraiion II 183 , THE GRADUATE SCHOOL The Graduate School at the University of Mis- sissippi was founded in 1927 and offers graduate degrees (Designated Masters, Masters, Specialist, Doctoral) in more than fifty academic areas. Courses at the graduate level were actually first offered at the University of Mississippi in 1870. However, a definite program of graduate study with a minimum residence requirement of one] academic year was first used in 1890. The Grad-f uate School was formally organized in 1927 tc| coordinate and administer graduate study and re-i[ search. The Graduate School is located in room 126 oil the Biology Building. l Dean Michael Dingerson Associate Dean Leland S. Fox Dean Michael Dingerson I 184 I Administration MelanieBunun Melanie Bunt n Administration I 185 I SCHOOL OF LAW On a warm September day in 1 854, seven students and a professor met in a corner room in the Lyceum building, thereby launching the fledgling Department of Law at the University of Mis- sissippi. Their " law library " consisted primarily of a few books made available from the personal libraries of lawyer-members of the Board of Trust- ees, and the classes were taught by a single in- structor, Professor William Forbes Stearns. In Au- gust 1988, the 134th year of the School of Law began. In a tangible sense, today ' s modern Law Center bears no resemblance to the modest Law Department of 1854. The student enrollment of approximately 500 is taught by a faculty of twenty- 1 one teachers; the Law Library contains overf 200,000 volumes including extensive holdings iml microfilm and microfiche, and substantial com-l puterized research capabilities; the various sub-f divisions of the Law Center provide continuing;! legal education for the lawyers, judges and courti officials of Mississippi and conduct research into! the legal needs of the state. In terms of intangible I qualities, however, the contemporary Law Center! is an extension and embodiment of the spirit and! dedication which characterized the efforts of those! early pioneers in legal education in Mississippi. Dean Thomas A. Edmonds Associate Dean Larry S. Bush Assistant Dean William R. Oliphant Law Archivist and Assistant to the Dean Clement John Sobotka Assistant to the Dean for Minority Affairs Jerry L. DeLoach Director of Admissions and Recruitment Betty L. Davis Director of Placement and Scholarships Joyce M. Whittington Registrar Constance E. Parham Assistant Registrar Dorothy M. Goss Dean Thomas Edmonds i 186 9 Administration mil : present day law school is greatly distinguished from it ' s predecessors. Administration I 187 I I SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS The college of Liberal Arts was founded in 1 848 and offers a variety of degrees. The College of Liberal Arts, the oldest and largest division of the university, offers broad and com- prehensive courses of study in the arts, humanities, and the physical, social and behavioral sciences. Students may seek a general education in one of some thirty-five programs or lay the broad foundation needed for specialized training in law, medicine, the- ology and other professional fields. Degrees offered are: Bachelor of Arts (with a major in about 30 fields), Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Public Administration. The Liberal Arts offices are located in room 2 1 5 of j! the Lyceum. Associate Dean Glenn Hopkins Assistant Dean lola McClurkin Art Margaret J. Gorove Biology James Kushlan Chemistry Andrew P. Stefani Classics Edwin F. Dolin, Jr. Communicative Disorders Thomas A. Crowe English Gregory A. Schirmer History Robert J. Haws Journalism Wilbert Norton, Jr. Mathematics James F. Porter Modern Languages Richard Klein Music Ronald F. Verno Naval Science Dean Sloan Philosophy and Religions Louis P. Pojman Physics and Astronomy James J. Reidy Political Science John W. Winkle Psychology Stan L. O ' Dell Social Work Gary R. Mooers Sociology and Anthropology Larry Debord Theatre Arts James E. Shollenberger Dean H. Dale Abadie 188 I Administration Ken l c Adminislration I! 1 89 J SCHOOL OF PHARMACY The School of Pharmacy, located in Faser Hall on University Avenue, was founded in 1908 and of- fers its students a Bachelor of Science of Phar- macy. The School of Pharmacy offers a curriculum pro- viding a broad foundation in pharmacy and the related fields of health care administration, me- dicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacognosy and pharmacology. Graduates gain academic foundation and ade- quate profesional experience to enable a graduate to successfully practice pharmacy in any of its| various forms. Pharmacy students can become involved in stu-tl dent organizations and activities such as Amer-[ ican Pharmaceutical Association, Kappa Epsilon | Kappa Psi, Phi Delta Chi, and Rho Chi. The ' School of Pharmacy Associate Dean Joe B. McCaskill Assistant Dean Jack P. Adams Dean Wallace Guess I 190 I Administration .CY ascr Hall houses Mississippi ' s onl Pharmao school and drug research center John Coker Administration I 191 i Section Editor: Holly Horton Assistant Editor: Steven Wall 192 I Greeks Friendships for the rest of your life. Being a Greek at Ole Miss pro- vides you with acceptance, friendships and a social life. These new families contribute in many ways to the way you think and act; in effect, you are molded, if only modestly, into a person that has the qualities of people from dif- ferent walks of life. However, Greek life isn ' t just restricted to the boundaries of the Ole Miss cam- pus. It is a lifestyle that begins on the night of initiation and contin- ues for the rest of your life. Greeks 193 ifc The Interfraternity Council is the governing body of Ole Miss ' s nineteen recognized fra- ternities. The council is composed of the pres- ident and two represenatives from every fra- ternity. Besides the usual tasks of coordinating fraternity rush and general policy making, the IFC was involved in several other notable ac- tivities this year. Among these was the con- tinuing commitment to a $50,000 pledge to the Bessie Speed Center and the establishment of a housing fund that raised over $20,000 to help the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity secure housing on Fraternity Row after arson destroyed the home in which they originally planned to live. 1. IFC Officers: Steven Speights, Vice Pres- ident;Stuart Brunson, President; Robert Wood, Treasurer; Alley Ballard, Recording Secretary; Larry Gettys, Vice President; Carl Powell, Corresponding Secretary. i C 21 A A,Leo Emerson, Alec Gardner, Craig Blunston, ATfl.Len Hardison, Scotty Crawford, Michael Head; B6n, Trey Eubanks, Brad Gunner, Jeff Shaw; X , Brian Staley, Alan Millis, James Smith; A , Kelley King, Jimmy Clinton; KA, Beall Carothers, JefT Fowler, David Smith; KS, Samuel Scott, Blake Brennan, Jimbo Pierson; BZ, Julius Harris; A6, Lee Powell, Dexter Walcott, Michael Dennis; K . Andy Olson, Jeff Browndyke, Scott Weinberg; KT, Trey Koons, Clay Taylor; I1KA, Meade Mitchell, Jim Eickholz, Todd Underwood; 2AE, Walker Lasiter, Ben Daniel, Will James; 2X, Neil Bouchillon, Howard Graham, Charlie Pound; ZN, John Gaston, Paul Purnell, Stephen Thomas; 2 E, Ralph King, Holland Me Kinnie, Tommy Myers; sn, Sidney Yarbrough, Steve Neal, Leo Lazarus. John Coker 194 Greeks panhellenic T-I I Ac at OfTlcers: Susie Averitt. Presidenl; Vivian Collins. Vice President; Suzanne Skipton. Vice Presidenl. Tracy Robinson. Secretary; Julie Tavaletti, Treasurer. Members: AAfl.Ann Yager. Stacey Stepfienson. Dyanna Voigt; AGO, Wendy Agnew, Tena Bemngo, Leigh Fisher; AKA. Melody Patterson. Vivian Collins. Jen White; Xfl. Maggie Eliott. Valerie Hyde. Christy Neal; KKT. Renee Walters. Nike Moore. Michelle Me Neer; M. Natalie King. Jill Curry. Vikki Woolen; AAA, Ashley Grizzard, Lisa De Cell. Jill Johnson; AP, Kelly Gulley. Eliz- abeth Hill. Kathy Hill; A. Winnie Wilkes. Katrina Howard. Angelia Sanders; KA8. Debbie Carpenter. Ginger Minga. Susie Bergfeld; KA. Cathy Simpson. Margaret Long. Lucy Pittman; HB . Allison Jones. Tina Tomlinson. Caroline Cocke: Z B. Mary Irby. V ttiotos by John Coker Greeks 195 rush 1988 Someone named it right. Rush. It ' s a crash course in Greek life at Ole Miss. In this hectic week of nonstop parties, coordinating outfits, and permanent grins, most people find a group they feel at home with. Rush is the beginning of life as a greek. Its the beginning of relationships with sorority sisters and fraternity brothers, life-long memories of formal dates and arrange-a-dates, spring parties and chapter meetings. Photos by Steve Davis 196 Greeks bid day s a rushee. you never thought the day would come. After an entire meeting hundreds of strangers you finally find a place where you belong. Once you receive your bid, you head to the house to meet your new brothers sisters. Soon after you are off to the Bid Day festivities frat parties and the bands on sorority row. You are now officially a Greek at Ole Miss. Greeks 197 Af anchor splash The third annual Ar Anchor Splash successfully helped to raise money for sight conservation and prevention of blindness. This year, 15 fraternities competed in two 15 meter swimming races, the Mr. Anchor Splash contest, synchronized swimming, a pledge president event, and other events. First place overall went to J?KT, and Danny Muse of KA won the Mr. Anchor Splash contest. v V B .. J . ' Photos by Amanda Robbins 198 Greeks IX derby day The 26th annual SX Derby Da brought weeklong festivities for a good cause The National Kidney Foundation. During the week, various bands played in local bars as a means of raising money. On Saturday. April 1 6, sororities did their dances and competed in field games at Village Field. Earlier that week. Katie Ferguson of AAA sorority was crowned 1988 Derby Day Queen. The overall Derby Day winner was KKF. ' AjTjCjH El ' SB Greeks 199 greek games The 1988 Greek Games concluded Greek Week on Friday, March 25. Members of Ole Miss ' s sororities and fraternities gathered on Village Field that afternoon and participated in events like Tug-o-war, Hippity Hop, Bat Spin, and of all things Greased Twister. Other events during the week included the bed race and a golf tournament. The 1 988 Greek Week was sponsored by Budwieser, K.Z-103, Coca-Cola, as well as various local spon- sors. Photos by Sieve Davis 200 Greeks " v f f : f I i - - c - ' , ' iw ' iT V i Greeks 201 1 .8 i _ u 1 C 5 w L O 1 rt c 4J li, d3 C3 to UH oo C ob C S ' S ' - o s ex 1 - J 4 C 5 ) 1 I I committe Q _ C _o hilanthro] Q , X) u Q r be memor a X! c 5 O T3 a c CS " 3 E U2 C 5 - " cS V- im Kincaid, Dye in 2.Dyanna V rea Mann 4. Ha 13 DQ ' CO n - __, C O X) Q UH o 3 c v OS 5 - 5 o o CJ " O O __ ,o Sf 4J C 5 3 _j vi - 3 O _ : " d o O +- Q. ;_ a T C CS C8 .S TD C tt-l c CJ O E T3 P3 O C O O o V!) cS Q 3 02 vw .= g Q S C " ' " 3 i leadershi ' 3 o OS " S X) 2 u J C 3 ' 3 _ U lw C8 O C o JS. . O a CC 11 tournam McDonal mecomin _, N i C 5 O .E - o CS 03 ! at blowom cd - " o 5? fi 1 ' , t r n ' S O -J U nr-; campu; aj OS T3 CS -! ' 5 - d T3 J= 0? 41 14 x CJ N O o Ronald o a T3 C 03 " O o o 00 ' - - o - t 5 .H t o x D c C 1 f J Ofi Oaia " 2 ag-s c-s = a 2 2 IE | JS JC ' C t N S . S 5 % I 202 Greeks Greeks 203 Y .V A ' V | ,t ,tx 911 5 2 e rt 5 5 .2 p| - - " 204 Greeks Greeks 205 206 Greeks W ' i i Greeks 207 ( ( .s 208 Greeks C % o o e C r, IM J Si 4-4 ' Sv 9ft b 3) O k " j Hi i Greeks 209 210 Greeks O O c o O C f t mttJ - ' i 5 C o I -m j . I o c : Oi O o I 3 tr. " - " C ' ' Bq J- " C tr, I O Q Q ceo C O e O ; ; ! O G! e o J B : o o O o o c o c Greeks 211 n i i i i i 212 Greeks f 1 Greeks 213 B ' B- a " -5 (Sis 214 Greeks Greeks 215 VI 1 C3 _- c2 ; U C - O aj - 3 c c 5 1 1 J winter o 3 O !U T3 C 03 a o i X) _yi ' o3 u 3 C elcomc neu g formal. 3. o g i 1 o c r3 o js 1 r " O z M 0. 03 U ( 5 c 5 J3 u- u h- C o i5 a. c } c 5 C 00 U " a M " s ' 3 u i ! " C 5 c 5 o +- ' c c 9 X; OJ H JJ L. OJ J= HJ 03 03 a. c 1) t i 4J " r- ' c 03 4J o n n 1- , C OJ JZ ii C c C w aJ 5 : ' " b o 1 3 c ' 5 o . a o u O c l 03 L o _0 " c3 i 1 L 00 C U- -s 00 o D. s 03 O 4= H i C ; T3 C a " a c x: ' 03 _c 1 - E o. C u u. 03 W 15 u. 4J .c w 00 c c C 03 O (U S VI (U .c 0. en a 03 a 00 C t ) +- t 5 -2 A c d u V5 T3 03 3 D " ) 3 X! -C D. _ 3 O Logoped " O i 03 P s 02 00 c ' u 3 Q party an friendshi ' S X3 1 0 3 3 03 U . ' , C - w J V3 O t s .la 216 Greeks co 217 218 Greeks f OC oo Greeks 219 220 Greeks I t Greeks 221 222 Greeks Greeks 223 I I I I I 224 Greeks Greeks 225 226 Greeks Greeks a a-o 5 a 2 3 o . ap c o w . -2 oo 00. E ifl! sjtti! _S| |5 aa 2 | S S ' " S 5 2 c S M co .-S , ,r - r- T7OOl-, w ' ?1 ' (ri- ; ' Litfi .E-lg ' SC oSg E - gSc = . c 3 ?; u b S O ,O O O O " 5 o O o O f ! 1 1 fin g E III _D. j= ; . jje ,3 co 228 Greeks Greeks 229 230 Greeks : II Greeks 231 i 232 Greeks I i Greeks 233 234 Greeks Greeks 235 5 If CO ca CO S u- 3 O O c " ta a C8 ! l ca T3 C ca i W - U ; 3 C : o : 3 : ) ' 3? jU o t tf ' . J3 U5 ca ) C " j c ; " 1 . T3 ' " 5. ; ? -t V5 x: O a 8 k. 3 00 cfl ca ca a 3 = 4- 5 13 3 e c ff o 5 2 t la c c ca J3 - C _ca IS Q, calenda annual ' Orleans o u a r u u. O od GO cr ' S D. u O o u i_ o C3 ! .2 ' o o !L - - t S 4) z T3 C O - inj - ca - o. 1 e C J i C U 3 O ' - 2r o W5 C ' ? U w ( " 3 00 .S +.J ca o. a rl e b 1 1 O W 35 i D, s 9- - 3 ?0 cj T3 U.SS j-j ca D S s - e Eaf u =3 ca aj F ca -XTJ 55 80 S C e - e S ' -o ' C C c ' S 3 ca l2.a. .C CJ " o o u IS C 3 oo " ). i r ca D r o w H u ca 236 Greeks Greeks 237 238 Greeks Greeks 239 I ! I I ! 240 Greeks Greeks 241 1 i T3 CD v -o v, ! S ;S Js o S S g 00 CD OQ , CD c i _ - o Xl " ag 0.0 Ml li iiil 5fij5.f o c . t T-silPl CD 1) H.S , 35 " O. a 00 ! 5 G -O , xl.2?.;: ip ' o H g ' Sfl 3g323| o c fj sg-a-g J t 4J C SS IS ? 80 -a 3- X) o 1 2.8 jjSl E c _ eS- -s T3 S o " r- IU u. VI U.B B ,. .__ ._ 2 c v 3 s CD S V.S aja-stll ' S OS , Hs iilllil " |-c | s . i J s s . 2 8 c = oo B e u u " .. C ident Julius Ha Phi Beta Sigma 3. Phi Beta Sign gmas and Little a big success. sa isli, J3pcD2Ol-3u i-UcXiCWO ' SuBoBa S S nj 5 Jg eu jj 3 2 ? -35,853 " =1 f rt u o , s- .1-5 " xl; js w -; s o X o-or cati.2 o. i x: m c-oS- g ' g 3 1 r u CD ' IS s O o -C o O CD fli H i u .f tz oo i ' S S :0 !.!!-$ : J J3 o. ; CD U 2 S ' 3 I , CD " e o 22 K ' B ,. Hi a M CD c C ! ob o O-. O u UQ . _ -C , r ' il T3 ' 3 C i CD D - ,CD v- t; -c s , c - lll S - 5 .5 -2 ,2 - CD TJ J3 3 o u a 11 I E e S 5 w C 5 UJ i2 u - 242 Greeks Greeks 243 5 ,_ a 03 43 U - - W3 03 S H 2 03 lj Q T3 a? ' C 43 O " o3 3 i u OH ' 5. . " S3 1 1 u 43 - 43 - ' ? C Q 43 CQ " u o C 3 V) 41 43 O = 55 t -; A ct . " g ags ' Soc cfl 4. Richard. Mark, nas party. " 3 C t O " S -j Q D C 03 S O " aj Q 43 ' S? . II M -S2 og QD c Q C 03 42 C 3 ' 5 43 ' sn V- C _o |S O S c ' N _ , fH u o O C- 4 t3 Q " 00 O o (U " 3 3 C C 43 CU u 03 2 0 X U c )_, " u 43 o ' 5 D 03 o C 3 O c !l u 2 i_ T) ' S 03 s 1 1 +- 15 o 2; U Q H c 43 4J c - 5 UH U I " f S o c _o ' aj 8 o CA ' 1 X C 4J U ' -5 03 O 00 43 D. E 03 _ , 2 02 :| c s 52 " S _o 03 C (U - o 03 amma C Rt a 03 c _o 1 O E O 4J S O " 3 c S fl " C, } c .s o O E o U, U 1 2 if tl SZ G aj 03 P 03 5 fS o 03 E o 3 " | pill J E S 2 E I - D, u .s J c S o e S ob a E 3 O a o 244 Greeks Greeks 245 .a 3 . fiS B O O ' ' " 2 ; 3 -2 4 c fN m _g, u C 5 VJ -C b o c ' B. f , cx U o 4J c c 4 a 3 41 " o c VI IS ai UM O ( O o o 03 1 u 1 " O 1 i the Mississi] o 3 r- oo c . " 2 ' G o C l o C 03 s u _c T3 C a jz 00 flj 43 H ' 2 U c 03 u H s D BACCHUS, a 03 4) V5 _o " 5 o rs, soccer, la 03 t 1 3 which Phi Psi ;he cancellati TU v QJ t 3 u zs f o 03 c C 3 c is 4) ' 5 T3 C 03 03 JS o 03 ! " o C 03 o X! - - 03 _c D 4 03 O 02 ' a. a O V) !fl 03 ,Q J) 3 O 1 C3 O. 03 O O 00 .c 4) - 03 a 03 03 _C C. in academics. o V3 en Cu a. " o (A oo c i_ o Programming t j ( 5 i , , 03 Q campus senate E W5 1 5 ii 4 O 2 ! 3 L 03 o 03 major organiza ticipate. Even 246 Greeks Greeks 247 H S 248 Greeks I Greeks 249 250 GREEKS I Greeks 251 252 Greeks Greeks 253 I 254 Greeks Greeks 255 256 Greeks ' Greeks 257 258 Greeks Greeks 259 gjgi.e .2 O, ? S55-: - O " v C ? 3 f Il3 ? 3 U O.SJ ill 5 8 a j . u o r ts : M Q Q Q T S r ' i ' 3CQ 1 -S -?8 jig -ajaii Ml l(H3i 15 3Kil O Z C 5 i C 4 ' Cd ' " 00 ' ' 5 o Jg " ? g .S | 4 c3 2 " " S O c5|S2-SB 1 1 - a - 1 1 g | 1 - 1 1 1 s a a o . ' !U S s I a o i s a i S c f C_ ( " r ' 2 R J3 CT O tj S ._. C CO 00 - 3 b ,5 . S tisfiasi i sr o yja -s " X 8.S5..9 260 Greeks ti I Greeks 261 262 Greeks Greeks 263 Section Editor: Anne Trainor Assistant Editor: Jennifer Seay OHH M HM I 264 I Organizations Experience for the rest of your life. The experience gained through participation in various organ- izational activities during college will be valuable in dealing with the people you encounter in employ- ment, social functions, and leisure activities. It will heighten your ability to adapt .to leadership roles as well as group efforts. It will give you an advantage in learning to accept opinions and values that differ from your own. Organizations 1 265 Yearbook Staff The 1989 OLE MISS is the 95th edi- tion of the yearbook of the Univer- sity of Mississippi. The ' 89 staf f is composed of roughly 70 students: section editors, copywriters, layout personnel, artists, photographers, photo processors, and business per- sonnel. The annual requires a business man- ager and assistant to sell 65 pages of organizations, 70 pages of fraterni- ties and sororities, and 20 pages of honoraries. The job of producing a quality year- book demands both dedication and patience. Yet through the concerted efforts of the editor, assistant editor, general staff, and business staff, the making of a quality yearbook be- comes a reality. 3. OLE MISS General Staff 266 I Organizations 1. Seated Left to Right: John Coker-Head Photographer, Laura Lee Barnes- Secretary, Melanie Buntyn-Editor, Hedy Walker- Assistant Editor, Richard Whitley-Business Manager. Standing Back: Jimmy Daniels- Advisor 2. Section Editors: From the back: Holly Horton -Greeks. Hedy Walker-Student Life, Richard Whitley-Closing, Katrina Howard- Honors, Amanda King- Administration, Sherri Prestridge-Classes, Anne Trainor- Organizations, Kathy Kellerman-Features. Assistant Section Editors: (L to R) Jill Jordan, Jennifer Seay, Deanne Mosley. Steve Wall. Lisa Lynch 2. See the happy moron, she don ' t give a g % @!!! 1 wish I was a moron. My gosh, perhaps I am!!!!!!!!! " John Coker What if . . . naaahhhh. ' John Coker Student Life Section editor-Hedy Walker Asst. editor-Donna Bufkin Staff Clark Monroe, Anna Francis, Phyllis Agne, David Parker, Missy Pace, Margaret Buck, Amanda Lewis, Bart Hyer, Kathy Scott, Amanda Robbins. Features Section editor-Kathy Kellerman Asst. editor-August Laurent Staff-Jennifer Cole Honors Section editor-Katrina Howard Asst. editor-Deanne Mosley Staff-William Webb, Amy Vincent, Catherine Johnson, Helen Ma, Jennifer Harviel. Administration Section editor-Amanda King Asst. editor-Jill Jordan Staff-Rosie Badgett, Jeanne Scott, Phillip Caffey. Marcy Matthews, Kelly Thorell. Greeks Section editor-Holly Morton Asst. editor-Steve Wall Staff-Rumman Dastgir Organizations Section editor-Anne Trainor Asst. editor-Jennifer Seay Staff-Alleen McLain, Susan Brewer, Daine Risher, Kelly Mims, Shirley Walker, Stephen Davis, Anna Speck, Missy Lavender. Classes Section editor-Sherri Prestridge Asst. editor-Lisa Lynch Staff-Beth Purvis, Brooke Anthony, Holley Haag, Carol Devine, Jay Warren, Verna Humphrey, Wendy Claxton. Photographers Head Photographer-John Coker Staff-Ken Ivey, Alisa Habeeb. Amanda Robbins, Mark Mollere, John Biggs, Lewis Stockett, Steve Davis, Shannon Baker, Kenneth Drane. Artists Leo Emerson Organizations 1 267 i , Daily Mississippian The Daily Mississippian is the only daily campus newspaper in the state. The staff consists of more than 75 students who not only report, but also have the op- portunity to work in the related areas in advertising, editing, and production. A member of the Mississippi Press Association, the paper has served Ole Miss since 1911 when it was a weekly entitled The Mis- sissippian. It has been a daily since 1962. The Daily Mississippian is the only newspaper read by most stu- dents on a regular basis. It is a morning paper available in most campus buildings and at various local businesses. The Daily Mis- sissippian focuses not only on rel- evant campus issues, but also covers Mississippi news and the nation. 1. Daily Mississippian Editor, Owen Wil- liams. 2. Daily Mississipian Section Editors: Back row (1 to r): Bill Dabney-Campus Editor, Chris Upton-Assignments Editor, Rob Wa- ters-Editorial Page Editor, Owen Williams- Editor. Front row (1 to r): Ray Mikell and John Nail-Entertainment Editors. 3. Daily Mississippian Staff. 268 m Organizations UMTV, a production of the Stu- dent Media Center, is run totally by Ole Miss students. Not only does the Channel 12 crew pro- duce a nightly newscast which airs Monday through Friday, but they also produce other programs designed to entertain and inform UMTV the University and Oxford com- munity. This year.the UMTV crew was fortunate to be able to travel to Washington for the In- auguration. UMTV is located in Farley Hall on campus and broadcasts over cable channel 1 2 in Oxford. 1. UMTV anchors Robin Rone. Angela Abraham and D.C. Luchesi prepare for daily five o ' clock news. 2. UMTV staff and anchors: Front row (1 to r) Scott Counce. Robin Rone. Angela Abra- ham. D.C Luchesi. James Ridgeway. Back row (I to r) David Dillard. Jill Simmons. Cathi Boswell. Brittany Layton. Radio U-92 Ole Miss ' student-run radio sta- tion, U-92, continues to grow in the basement of Farley Hall. The station allows students to pro- gram and play their favorite mu- sic, whatever it may be. New to Ole Miss students this year is the additon of WUMS. So much do its creators want to cater this station to the students, they distributed a questionaire asking about their musical tastes and what they would like to hear. 3 U-92 staff: First row (I to r) Juliette Etua, Jeanie Tave. Jeff Sarver. Edie Eklund. An- drew Moore. Second row (1 to r): Mel Fields. Beth Webb. David Chnstian. Derick Pitts. .Alan Molichar. Third row (1 to r): Melanie Wadkins. Stephen Wagner. Fourth row (1 to r): Stephen C. Plait Jr., Stephen Hawkins. Ben Campbell. Michael A. Mog. Fifth row (1 to r): Rodney J. Holley. Jeremy S. Weldon. Lindsey Hunt, William Brown. Terry Lan- dreth. Faculty advisor-David Kellum. Not pictured: Scott Reese, Dena O ' Bannon. Jan Billington. Organizations , is I 269 ASB Officers ASB Officers: (L to R); Carl Powell, Melanie Sullivan, Christy Crockett, Bill Boyd Photos by Steve Davis 270 I Organizations ASB President Bill Boyd ASB Treasurer Carl Powell ASB Vice President Christy Crockett ASB Secretary Melanie Sullivan Organizations 1 271 Campus Senate The Campus Senate is the legislative branch of the As- sociated Student Body and is presided over by the Vice President of the ASB. These 50 elected senators represent- ing various areas of campus, comprise rules for carrying out business in matters del- egated to the student associ- ation. In addition to making the rules regarding such things as structure and function of J 1988-89 Senators:Kiper Nelson. Monty Montgomery, Gerald Irby, Neal Morley, Da- vis Brown, Lee Smith, James Williamson. R.L. Jackson, Marci Matthews, Sarah Jerni- gan. Cami Crocketl. Heather Patterson, Emile Bleau, Lane Baker, Doris Henderson, Lee Ann Major. Alleen McLain, Shannon Massie. Jack Crawford. Wade Cox, Clay Taylor, Beth Webb, Robynne Henserling. Laura Anderson, Paul Bennett, Barbara Blassett, John (Cinsey, Eric Froun, Jay Un- derwood, Clay Stubbs, Philip Bowman, Suzanne Skipton, Dennis Coker. Charles Barbour. Dave Gordon, DufTin Newman, Beth Whitehead, Elizabeth Turner. (Candy French, Jeff Jaynes, Bnan Staley, Tracey McLeod, Lea McGaugh, Trent Jobhn, Allen Couch, Stacey Stephenson. Jamie Smith, Whitney Swendoll. committees and qualifica- tions for offices and honors, the Senate also decides how to allocate the money that allows various ASB committees to carry out their functions to best serve the students. The Senate is divided into various committees that deal with different areas of the ASB. Senators are elected each fall for a one year term. Chairmen of the Standing Senate Com- mitees: Brian Slaley-Rules, Beth While- head-Judiciary, Wade Cox Finance, Beth Webb-Elections, Davis Brown- Academic Affairs, Rumman Dasligir- Student Services, Alleen McLain- Student Affairs, Lee Ann Major- University Relations, Gerald Irby- University Development, Jay Under- wood-Code Revision. John Coker 272 I Organizations Student Judicial Council The Student Judicial Council, the highest court in the ASB, consists of an elected chairman and six elected associate members. Their duties include review of legisla- tion and constitutional matters of the Campus Senate in addition to about 400 disciplinary cases a year. Among those 400 cases, the Vice Chancellor of Student Af- fairs reviews their recomenda- tions. Student Judicial Council Chairman-Regal NifTenegger Steve Davis 1988-89 Student Judicial Council:Regal Nif- fenegger Chairman. Mike Cronin. Sylvia Gregory.Renee Hambnck.Charles Hill, Ker- ry Pearson. Jeffrey Paddock, Christina Tom- Imson. E. Dexter Walcott. Jr. Steve Davis Organizations I 273 Executive Secretaries The Executive Secretaries form a commitee which was newly in- stalled within the 1987-88 ASB administration. Made up of vol- unteers who are experienced sec- retarial workers, the Executive Secretaries assist the ASB officers by doing clerical jobs in the ASB office. Although volunteer work in the Associated Student Body govern- ment is nothing new, the Exec- utive Secretaries have again proven to be an important asset to this year ' s ASB secretary, Me- lanie Sullivan. I . ASB Executive Secretaries: Top row: (I to r) Joanna Ward, Amy Solomon, Bridget Nosef, Melanie Rains. Second row (I to r): Andrea Braswell, Georgia Borden, Allison Sample, Melissa Gamble, Parker Hiebrn. Bottom row (1 to r): Hayden Harris, Jenny McCauley, Holley Hadad, Starr Magee. Not pictured: Lacey Scott, Jay Underwood. Mary Frances Patton, Alison Terese. II ASB Cabinet The ASB Cabinet is made up of a group of students who are pre- sidentially appointed and senatorially confirmed. All con- firmed members represent vari- ous areas of the campus. The several sections include: Ac- ademic Affairs, Attorney Gener- al, Campus Affairs, Information Management, School Spirit, Stu- dent Housing, Student Services, University Development, and University Relations. Other cab- inet positions include Executive- Legislative Liaison, presidential advisors, and presidential assis- tants. 2. ASB cabinet members: John Ates- Attorney General, Sam Habeeb-Academic Affairs, Dow Bonds-Student Services, Gar- ner Newton-Campus Affairs. Eric McAfee- Student Housing, Sammy Sliman- Information Management, Ernie Williams- University Development, Len Hardison- School Spirit, Scott Prewitt-Election Com- missioner, Allison Oakes-Legislative Liai- son, Winnye Wilks-Refrigerator Rentals, Ann-Marie Bishop-University Relations, Caroline Herring-Administrative Assistant i 274 1 Organizations Elections Commission Ken Ivey The members of the Associated Student Body Elections Commis- sion are appointed by the ASB President. Election commission members make certain that can- didates meet all qualifications for their office, and that the candi- dates stay within ASB Code reg- ulations for campaigning. They also supervise c ampus elections in the fall and spring, except Se- nior Class elections. If any questions about over- spending or illegal campaigning arise, the commission investi- gates and penalizes the candidate if evidence of wrongdoing is found. 1. SB Elections Commission (1 to rf. Let Phillips, Steven Pear. Clark Monroe-Vice Chairman. Scott Prewin-Chairman. Mike Tompkms. Janie Holman. Not pictured: Ste- phen Payne. Justice Department The ASB Justice Department is the legal branch of the Executive Department. The Attorney Gen- eral and his deputies are empow- ered to enforce the code and con- stitution of the student body. They handle all civil cases brought against the ASB, such as election violations, and provide the student judicial bar. which is made up of law students that help students when they are charged with an offense. 2 ASB Judicial Department: Front Sai Ireland. Jay Weir-Deput Attorney General. Lisa Dillingham-Chairman Judicial Bar. Clark Monroe-Attorney General. Shan Slack. Back John Sherman. David Bana, Mark Strickland. Tim Smaliwood. John Coker Organizations Ambassadors The Ole Miss Ambassadors and Regional Representatives play an important part in the high school and junior college relations ac- tivities of the Admissions office. A student organization within the executive branch of the ASB gov- ernment, the Ambassadors pro- vide tours and assist campus vis- itors, attend receptions for prospective students, visit high schools, and participate in other programs that communicate in- formation about Ole Miss to pro- spective students. Members are initially designated Regional Representatives and are selected for membership based on com- munication skills, grades, and ex- tracurricular activities. Repre- sentatives become Ambassadors after having participated in sig- nificant number of activities. Membership is open to all un- dergraduates with a 2.5 grade point average. Application is due in early September. 1988-89 Ambassadors Executive Council: backd 10 r) Melvin Seid Letter Coor- dinator.Patricia Sterling Secretary-John Kinsey Tour Guide. Frontd to r (Christy Hcflin Phone Blit Coordinator, Elvin Knight Events C ' oordinator. Brandon Bry- ant-Mi Monty Coordinator. Heat her Cook. Juan Tnpp-Chairman. 1988-89 AmbassadorsiGcorge Abdo. Alicen Anders. Ann Archambault, Carolyn Bailey. Lane Baker. Static Berry. Missy Bingham. Dma Blayloek. Hank Blumenthal. Holly Bounds. Christine Brewer. Allison Brock. Carmela Brown. Harriet Bryan. Cherry ' Bus- by. Katie Busby. Katie Bush. Caroline Cald- well. Michele Callies, Jean Marie Chambers. Sandy Childs, Jay Coggin, Xavier Alexander Cole. Mike Cronm. Kimberly Outright, Donna Dale. Renee Dantone, David Duna- vant. Richard Duncan, Ruth Echols. Steph- anie Edwards. Ward Edwards, Melissa Ellis. Emily Dale Ewing. Louis George Finch IV. Tammy Lynn Fos, Laura Foster. Camille Gardner. Elisha Gladney. Leigh Goldman. Am) Greenwell. Julie Grimes, Michelle Hagaman. Deborah Harrison, Ally-son Hcf- lin. Caroline Herring. Paige Hodges, Paul Huddleston III, Jennifer Jackson, Jill Jor- dan, Libbie Kakales. Grace Ann Kennedy. Hallic Eh abcth Ladncr. Amanda Lewis. Mark Lockhard. Amy Kathryn Lowe. Susan Lynch. LccAnnc Major. Francis Ma. Leland Martin. Beth McElroy. M. Neal McCready, Margaret Minor. Eone Gabbert Moore. Greg Moore. Karin Morlcy. Neesa Neal. Spencer NetT. Meredith Neifl. Arden Oakes. Misty- Owens. Peter Ta-Hsien Pan. William Chris- topher Ration. Monica Perry. Ava Stafford Petcrmann. Derrick Pitts III. Rives Pringle. Anna Provence. Paul Quin. Leanna Range. Marni Reeves. Laurie Rose, Terri Scott, Je- anna Scwcll. Paige Elizabeth Smith. Marisa Songcharoen. Anna Wilson Speck. Donette Stafford. Whitney Kay Swindell. Jack Tan- nehill. Jr.. Amy Lynn Taylor. Christy Tice. Kathryn Thomas. Rcvray Thompson. Me- lissa Thrash. Donna Traylor. Juanita Turnipsccd. Anne-Marie Venoski, Ken Vcrhceck. Jr.. Jeffrey Wall. Lauren Walts, Kimberly Ann Wilder. Cory- Todd Wilson. Ha ley Dawn Wilson. Hassan M. Yasine. Laurie Yawn. Lee Zollcr. 276 1 Organizations [fi MGAC The Mississippi Governmental Af- fairs Committee represents the in- terests of the University to the leg- islature and tries to promote legislation that will benefit Ole Miss. It also coordinates Public Officials Day and serves as hosts to the state legislatures, which are honored that day. The MGAC tries to encourage student involvement in political election and emphasize importance of politics in our daily lives. The committee also conducts an absentee voting drive for students regarding local, state, and national elections. MGAC Executive Council: Greg Moore. Ken McDill. Steve Wall. Barr Holcomb. Ann-Mane Bishop 1988-89 MGAC members: Jack Crawford. Tim Porter. Angela Abraham. Kamiila Stokes. W nn Shuford. Mark Razor. Tracev Williams. Ava StafTord-Petermann. Adnan Oakes. Jonathan Johnson. Shannon Massie. Slacie M. Bern. Steve Hamson. Ben Rober- son. Ha le Williams. And) McDill. Victor Smith. Am Solomon. Jennifer Revels. Le- land Gebhart. Anne Tramor. G. Shannon Magness. Lisa Miller. Julie Grimes. Man. Helen McCaru. Jmnv Evans. Rhea Tan- nehtll. Katelvn Kell . Nanc Hendncks. Whitney Swmdoll. Paige Benton. Wes Daughdnll. Jod Lassiter. Mark P Crick. Katie Busbv Organizations I 277 Oxford University Liaison The purpose of the Ox- ford University Liaison Commit- tee is to maintain good relations between the University and the city of Oxford. The committee has two major projects each year, and sends Christmas packages and cards from the University to the Oxford Board of Aldermen, Lafayette Board of Supervisors, and members of the local Cham- ber of Commerce. University Oxford Liaison Committee: Kim Spencer Chairman, Valerie Hyde, Kiper Nelson, Diane Risher, Laurie Yawn, Rodney Berry, Dana Haven, Lindsey Marchbanks, Grace Ann Kennedy. Clay Stubbs, Kerry Pearson, Jay Wellons, Laura Chain, Albert Jones, Amy Walsh, Kellea Odom, Melissa Quest, Trey Koons, Kelly Shoemake, Amy Lynn Shakespeare, Tracey Mathis, Bruce Montgomery, Billy Anderson, Ava StafTord- Peterman, Leslea Martin. Trey Kamman, Sandi Shaw, Jacque Beck, Clay Joyner, Alicia Brown, Chris Taylor, Lynne Switzer, Kelly Rogers, Sherri Preslridge, Scott Corlerv, Lindabeth Wiley. SAC ThepurposeoftheStudent Adviso- ry Committee is to inform the State Board of Trustees about any mat- ters related to University . This cor- respondenceiscairhdoutbyletters and phone calls to each of the Board members. fjO Student Advisory Com m ittee members: Mark Razor Chairman, ReynoldsThomas, Carrie Thomas, Blair Holmes, Andee RudlofT, Geor- gia Borden, Jeffrey D. Wall. DaineRisher, Lisa Sharbrough Jones. Lea Wilson, Ava StafTbrd- Petermann.SteveHarrison.PhilMcCarty.Ka- tie Busby. Lindabeth Wiley, Stacie M. Berry. KamillaStokes.AlanSwawe, Shannon Massie. Jennifer Revels. Christina Wright. Pat H. Scanlon, Lisa Bragg. Jean na Sc well. Katelyn Kelly, August Laurent, Ted Pewitt, Christy Street, Julie Noblin, Alice Anfdenberg, Kim Olmstead, Deanne Mosley, ChristyTice, Lee Zoller.AmandaKing. JohnC 278 Organizations University Development The University Development Committee is responsible for stu- dent fund raising, promotion of the University of Mississippi alumni contributions, and plan- ning and implementing projects to better Ole Miss financially. The committee also devel ops stu- dents ' ideas into programs that can enhance the University ' s en- vironment. ' niversity Development Committee mem- bers Front (I to r) Ernie Williams-Director. Caroline Hemng. Jamie V ' an.No . Wend Granger. Stacey Gatlin. Enc Frohn Back (1 to r) Jay Weir. James Bass. Mark Ra2or Leland Gebhart. Ronnie Solberg. Not pic- tured are Lmdse Marchbanks. Katie Busby. Phil McCam Kenlve AAC Thepurpose of the Academic Affairs Committee is to nurture the needs of students in all areasofacademia. Such areasincludeexamweekanddeadday. pre-regist rat ion. course changes, teacher policies, and student " I " (incomplete)grades. Academic. Affairs Com mi ttee:SamHabeeb- Di rector. YvonneCouevas. Andrew Pimik. Steven Chevalier. Stacej Gatlin. Enc Frohn. Susan Bailey. Charles Du rant. Paige Benton. Lee Goldman. Billy Anderson. BillRhea. Lea AnneMajor.SubirPrasad. DewayneMcKmney. David Parker Laura Ander- son. Bnan Hinton. Jay W ellons. Ellen Lackey .Paul Gilmore. Cory Wilson. TraceyMcLeod. ChipFree- manJeffPaddock.TammySeid.MelvinSeid Kenlvey Organizations 279 I Information Management The purpose of the Information Management Committee is to handle student publications. Members of the 1988-89 Infor- mation Management Committee are Sammy Sliman-Director, Yvonne Couevas, Jim Pirnick, Ellen Lackey, Mark Beauchamp, Shawn Harris, Lon Coggesshall, Todd Greer, Kamilla Stokes- Chairman, Lee Goldman, Linda Winham, Tammy Seid, Missy Pace, Eric Keller, Phil McCarty, Heather Hartman. Student Loan Service The Student Loan Service is an ASB funded operation that pro- vides Ole Miss students with short-term loans when they are in need of financial assistance. Loans between $ 1 5 and $ 1 00 are given out to students to be paid back within 30 days. The Student Loan Service is located in room 408 of the Student Union. Student Loan Service Committee members Front (I to r) Jennifer Hollingsworth, Cristan Cruthids, Shelly McNeer, Lisa Bragg, Penelope Rambin-Co-Chairman. Back (1 to r) Alan Swayze Co- Chairman.John Stanford, Gregg Mitchell- Chairman, Steve Everett. Clay Stubbs. Not pictured are Scott Stanford, Jack Crawford, Dan Magee, Kim Walters, Mitzi Mullins, Melanie Cunningham, Marisa Songcharren. 280 I Organizations Greek Ind. Relations Greek Independent Relations committee members are: Jim Eickholz-Chairman, Dana Ha- ven-Secretary, Pat Scanlon, Todd Teller, Arden Oakes, Wheat Sto- ry, Jennifer Revels, Tina Tom- linson, Tina Penick, Rhonda Dunaway, Marni Reeves, Glinda Fountain, Terri Scott, Diana Smith, and Bruce Montgomery. Kenlvey Race Relations Ken Ivey The purpose of the Race Rela- tions Task Force is create better communication between races making it possible to diminish ra- cial stereotypes; have a greater insight into race relations; form a better sense of community; de- velop an ability to discuss race relations; work together toward solutions to racial problems that exist at Ole Miss. The Race Re- lations Task Force holds regular meetings twice a month. Speak- ers, films, and discussion sessions which are open to the public, in- clude some of the committees ac- tivities. Race Relations members: Stuart Brunson. Leo Emerson. Juanita Tumipseed, Margaret Minor, Julie Noblin. Robert Pickle. Caroline Herring, Todd Teller, Ben Roberson, Laurie Anchors. Mary Werby. Elizabeth Wyati, Jimbo Pierson. Sam Habeeb, Winnye Wilks, Jay Wellons, John Ales. Jerry Lacey, Craig Bluntson, Bill Boyd, Sonya Mason. Organizations Refrigerator Rentals The ASB Renfrigerator Rentals committee not only provides a convenience for students each se- mester, but constitutes a major source of revenue for the ASB. It is available to all full-time stu- dents on a semester basis at a cost of $25. New to refrigerator rent- als this year is the addition of a computer which promises to pro- ide greater efficiency to stu- nts. I. ASB Refrigerator Rentals committee: Winnye Wilks-Chairman, Todd M. Ack- erman-Vice Chairman, Charles Adams, Phoebe Davis. Student Housing The ASB Student Housing com- mittee is controlled by the Stu- dent Housing division of the ASB cabinet, and primarily acts as a liaison between ASB and the In- ter-Hall Council (IHC). The com- mittee has repersentatives in eve- ry dormitory on campus, allowing residents to easily pres- ent ideas or problems to the dorm administration. Some activities sponsored by the committee in- clude the fall festival and the scavenger hunt. 2. ASB Student Housing office... McAfee-Director. Mary Alison Farese- Assistant Director, Shah Nagree, Tammy Ford-Programming, Jennifer Shumpert- Facilities Inspector, Frederick McConnell- Visitation Policy, Nicole Giles, Eric Blunt- son-Liaisons to ASB, Renecia Hill-Secretary. Organizations I 282 Chancellor ' s Leadership In 1985 Chancellor Gerald Tur- ner announced the formation of the Chancellor ' s Leadership Class. As a result, the University launched a search for approxi- mately sixty prospective fresh- man men and women to join the proud ranks of the Leadership Class. These select students are chosen for their accomplish- ments in high school and are en- couraged to further develop their leadership abilities. As preparation for their leader- ship roles, the members of the Leadership Class attend leader- ship functions and seminars throughout the year. Leading the discussions of these events are members of the administration, internationally known professors, students holding top offices in campus groups, and government, professional, and business lead- ers. Class members are encour- aged not only to take part in the various organizations on campus, but to continue to participate in civic and state affairs after grad- uation. I. 2 Students enjoying themselves at the annual Christmas party. 1988-89 Chancellor ' s Leadership Class: Carol Bailey. Lane Baker. Trails Bedell. Trey Biggs. Eric Bl unison. Larry Bramley. Rebecca Brown. Harriet Bryan. Mary Fran- cis Caldwell. Xavier Cole. Mike Cronin, Rodney Crouiher, Rosemary Dillard. Doug Duncan. Ruth Echols. Michael Edwards. Ward Edwards. Jr.. Amy Evans. Laurie Felder. Tina File. Chip Frensley. Melissa Gillespie. Stacy Greer, Julie Games. Javier Guillen. Troy Hams. Dana Haven. Fmney Heidel. Kelly High. Blair Holmes. Frank Howard. Ginger Hubbard. Ban Hyer, Sarah Jemigan. Clay Joyner. HaJhe Ladner. Tyler Lett. Neal McC ready. Bryan McDanieL Dan McEwan. Paula Malone. Marci Matthews. Margaret Minor. Connie Molino. Becky Molitor. Monty Montgomery. Eone Moore. Neesa Neal. Peter Ta-Hsien Pan. David Par- ker. Jamie Phillips Rust) Reed. Jim Rich- ardson. Laune Rose. Jason Sawyer. Jeanna Sewell. Marshall Smith. Bobby Solberg. Scott Stanford, Whitney Swindol. Rhea Tan- nehill. LaTonya Taylor. Courtney Towery. Amy Wallace, Lauren Watts. Amy Williams. Angle Williams. Hayley Williams, james Williamson- Organizations I 283 . 284 i Lacrosse Club For several years, lacrosse at Ole Miss was just a Sunday afternoon pastime. The fall of 1987 marked the beginning of the Ole Miss La- crosse Club with the help of some interested students. The UM club, which plays in the spring, has scheduled games againest Rhodes, Auburn, Alabama, Tu- lane, Sewanee, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, and Vanderbilt. Lacrosse Club members: First row(l to r): Duffy Newman, Mike Lynn, Trent Buckroyd, Lon Loggeshall, Joe Bob Hubacek. Second row(l to r):Randall Peter- son, Greg Moehlich, Steven Neuhaus. Alan Crosswell. Third row(l to r): Steve Mason, John Mallard, John Roady, Jim Thornhill, Roumain Peters, Sam Knowlton, Tom Glas- gow, Bill Panton, Peter Lisowski, Matt Flemister, Jay Totey. Ken Ivey I Soccer Club John Co Water Ski Club Ole Miss Water Ski Club .founded three years ago. enjoys membership from university stu- dents and faculty who share a common interest in water skiing. Our members ski at the Duck Hill Ski Ranch which provides a pri- vate lake complete with a slalom course and jump as well as Motorcraft tow boats. The club shares diverse membership with both recreational and competi- tive water skiers. We ski three to five days out of the week in warm weather and occasional polar bear excursions during winter. Competitive members attend four tournaments each semester, where we consistently place well above average in our region of twenty-two teams. 1 .CMc Miss Ski Club membervRucker Leake- Presidem. Rob Hendrin-Vice-Presidenl, Charlene Meador- Secretary . Ham Chap- man. Greg Arnold. Trade Barton. Kandy Parson, Gene Chase, Molly Barnes. Mason Rollins, Kim Waikms. Brad Davis. Clay Collier. Chns Wells, Rob Rushton. Glen Hilbon. Hunter Howard. Clair Howard. Dana Liegh Johnson, Leland Martin. Michelle Bullock. Mark Lawrence, .Amber Bishop, Tonya Herd, Mike Lynn. Ken Key Officials ' Club 2. Ole Miss Officials ' Club: John Esposito-President. Hugh Scribner-Vice President, Mike Scribner-Secretary, Joe Carter- Advisor, Eddie Burks, Chipper Calhoun David Carter, Clint Childs, Kent Donovan, Dale Es- sary, Mark Hill, Walter Howard, Sonny Janssen, Trip Johnson, John Lunardim. Thomas McK- inney, Pat Mathis, Ronnie Melton, Thomas Moore, David Nanney, Scott Neal, Keith Pear- son, David Rubenstein, David Vaughters, Bill Westling, Bill Westing, Gentry Williams. Charles Adams, Jim Brady. Ron Hudson, Scott Weinberg, Tom Gadbery. Richie Essary, Lara Dunaway, Leslie Swilley. Shawn Steele, Bruce Johnson, Richard Pittman, Allen Young, Robbie Wuichet, Terrance Hoong. Gin Guan Ong. Kenlvey Organizations -, I Rugby Club The Ole Miss Rugby Club ended their ' 88 season by ranking third in SEC, placing second in the Joc- ques-trappe Tourney, and also finishing well in the Mid South tournament. Their fall schedule included matches against Rhodes, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Dry Gulch, Memphis State, and Gulf Coast Match Club. For the 1 989 spring semes- ter, the Rugby Club scheduled Dry Gulch, Mississippi State, Rhodes, and Memphis State. Other spring matches included the Mardi Gras Tourney in Baton Rouge, the Governor ' s Cup in Jackson, the Gulf Coast Tourney in Gulfport, and the Dixie In- vitational, which was hosted by the Rugby Club during March. 1. An important throw made during one of their games this year. 3. Rugby Club members: Todd St. Mary, Reno Nataro, Phillip Wittman, Doug Ward. David Lever, John Wieble, Kyle Hamn. Matt Souicup. Milton Cuevas, Gator Thom- as. Bruce Linton. Carter Stewart, John Hal- liday. 286 1 Organizations 2. Some members get together for a practice at Kincannon Held. John Coker Weightlifting Club The University of Mississippi Weightlifting Club is a sports club designed for students and faculty members who have an in- terest in fitness, weight training, bodybuilding, and powerlifting. The Ole Miss Weightlifting Club annually sponsors the Ole Miss powerlifting meet in the fall, and Mr. Ole Miss, the Southern Col- legiate Bodybuilding Champion- ships in the spring. Membership is open to all male and female undergraduate, grad- uate students, and faculty mem- bers. 1 Weighllifting Cub members: Noel Hunt Adam Chesman-Presidenl, Doug Haley, Bubba Burton. Kris Walters, Kelly Walters- Secretary, Mark Bobinger. Rusty Haire-Vice President. Bowling Club The Ole Miss Bowling Club com- petes regionally within the South- ern Intercollegiate Bowling Con- gress. The SIBC includes teams from Louisiana. North Carolina, and Florida, as well as other southern states. The Ole Miss club also competes in national tournaments such as the National Collegiate Match Game Tourna- ment held in St. Louis, Missouri. 2. Ole Miss Bowling Club members: (I to r) Jamie King. Jennifer Swords, Lora Thomason. Not pictured: Michael Roben- son. LL Organizations 1 287 Table Tennis Club The University of Mississippi Ta- ble Tennis Association is a re- cently formed organization, whose goal is to promote table tennis as a sport as well as a pas- time at the University. One of its goals is to compete with other universities and organizations at a professional level. The club holds practice three times a week. Coaching will be available for beginning members. All faculty, staff, and students are invited to become members. I. Oie Miss Table Tennis Club members: (1 to r) Curtis Donald-Secretary, Raymond Liebau- Faculty Advisor, Shyam Donna- Treasurer, Pamela Lawrence-President. Not pictured: Lin Bu-Vice President. The Volleyball The Ole Miss Volleyball club was established in January 1989 by- some interested students who wanted to organize a group that all shared an interest in the sport. Scheduled games have been set at such schools as LSU, University of Alabama, Mississippi State, Memphis State, and University of New Orleans. All faculty and students are encouraged to join. 2. Ole Miss Volleyball Club members: Mar- cos Pustilnik, Jay Oglesby, David Owens, Fade! Dimassi, Alberto Braga. Terence long, Charles Stroble. Hassan, Tiachu Song, Jim Hawkins, Gentry Williams, Mark Tew. Nick Aumen. Mohammed Labadi. Kelly Ward. 288 Organizations Racquetball Club The purpose of the Ole Miss Rac- quetball Club is to provide members with an organization where all can share an equal in- terest in the sport, and be able to play competitively against other schools. Members practice each week, and membership is open to anyone who loves to play. 1. Members of the Ok Miss Racquetball Club. Karate Club The Ole Miss Karate Gub was founded in 1975 by Bob Nance. Nance ' s senior student, Bobby Holley, took over as instructor of the group in 1982. Holley is cur- rently director of the Mississippi Karate Association. The style of the Ole Miss Karate Club is Isshinryu. an Okinawan variety. Balance, posture, and agility are stressed as well as stamina and physical conditioning. The club represents the Univer- sity by sponsoring a major tour- nament each fall, through sem- inars by karate masters such as A.J. Advincula. and by its own demonstrations and rank tests. The Karate Club meets on Mon- day and Wednesday nights, and is open to all students, faculty, and staff. 2 Karate Club officers and members: Bobby Holky-Inslructor. Bryan Tucker-President. Janet Smith-Vice President, Cherry Charette-Secreiary. Mike Kirkpamck- Treasurer Organizations 289 Navy ROTC The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps(NROTC) was es- tablished at Ole Miss in June 1946, with the purpose of train- ing Ole Miss students for future naval careers. NROTC students are classified either Scholarship or College Pro- gram midshipmen. Scholarship midshipmen are under a Navy subsidized scholarship during their four years in college. These students are selected by nation- wide competitive examinations. Upon receiving their degrees, physically qualified students re- ceive commissions as Ensigns in the Navy or as Second Lieuten- ants in the Marine Corps. All commissioned scholarships stu- dents must serve four years on active duty. At the end of the four year period commisioned stu- dents may choose to leave the active service and be commis- sioned in the Naval Reserve. For more information contact the staff at McCain Hall at 232-5831. 1. Sponsors (I to r): Sherry Gatewood. Daisy Woo, Ann Richardson. Lindabeth Wiley. Heather Voltintine. Trish Staples, Tracey Gilbert. Allison Brock. Jorja Wceden, Brigette West. Maryruth Wiley, Tracey Im- wold, Kelly Gill. Christy Barker, Kcnda Gardner. 2. NROTC Staff (1 to r): Capt. Weddington. USMC; Gysgt. Black; Li. Grubbs; Cdr. Hiery; Qmc. Kelly: SKC Norgaard; Capt. Sloan: Mrs. Karen Smith; Lt. Mallette; Mrs. Martha Lyles; YNC Geohagan. 3. EPC ' s MECP ' s: (1 to r) F. Starr, M. Jack- son, J. Coleman, Sgt. E. Garrelty, Sgt. R. VanDame, Sgt. E. Ezzell. 4. Midshipmen Fourth Class: (I to r): B. Morris, G. Kelly, C. Stead, D. Peacock, C. Tucker, R. Anne. B. Hall. R. Fernandez, D. Turner. M. Poe. T. Caldwell. L. Swindle. S. Keenan. H. Butler. C. Andrews, D. Burns, M. Bunch. 290 1 Organizations 1. Midshipmen First Class: Silling L Ham- ilton. P. Armatis. Standing (1 to r): M. Bat- son. J. Yeggc. R. Tatem. A- Da is. B. Green. 2. Midshipmen Second Class: (1 to r) K. Moore. S Yarborough. P. Prater. C. Zagst. C. Simms. A. EldnnghofT. J Mmo. D Thompson. M. Knirnschild. K. Becker. K. Pearson. P. Beckett. Dan Magce J. Midshipmen Third Class: (I to r) T. Scales. D Barber. M. Mollerc. A. Garrecht. R. Gib- bens. ). Bucklev B Murph . M Moore. S. Morton. A. Gonzalez. V. Lowe. i. Bracken, W. Bvrd Dan Magce Organizations I 291 Air Force ROTC The mission of the United States Air Force is to " Fly and Fight. " The mission of the Air Force ROTC is, through a College Cam- pus Program, to commision ca- reer oriented Second Lieutenants in response to Air Force require- ments by idenifying, motivating, and selecting qualified college students. AFROTC is not all work and no play. Some fun events for our cadets include Tri-Services Field Day, Tri-Services Formal, the Halloween Party, Christmas Ban- quet party, and the Annual Din- ing-Out, which is a formal Air Force banquet. These activities bring our cadets closer together and let them know that there is more to life than just work. Having well-rounded cadets is one of the goals of our Detach- ment. AFROTC at Ole Miss not only prepares cadets for life in the Air Force, but life in general as well. I. Air Force ROTC staflll to r): Major Al- bert. TSgl Donald, Colonel Yosle. Sgt. Land (kneeling). Major Moran. Captain Taylor. 2. POC Staff: Back row (1 to r): Wes Ogier, Melvin Burgess. Ray Sprous, Mike Finn, Jes- sica Anderson. Greg Endris. Middle Row (1 to r): Drew Sanguinetti. Laine McGuire. Shannon Rayburn, Num Shelton. Annalis Pearson. Duanc Brasher. Front row (I to r): Mike McQuade. Jim Ferguson, Gustave Bal- dwin, Jim McElhenney, Tim Long, Terry Johnson. Paul Nelson. 3. Alpha Flight: Back row (I to r): Mike Evans, Bufford Wallace. Michael Pickman, Robin Mason. Rhonda Thompson. Second row (I to r): Omar Colbert, Monte Spencer. Paul Smith, Dexter McAin, Jesse Kirke- gaard. Front row (1 to r): Bill Clark, Ken Drane. Steve Croll. Michael Angle, Scott Dunn, Adrian Doss. Flight Commander- Bobby Boogie. 4. Bravo Flight: Front: Nolan Grogan-Flight Commander. First row (I to r): Mark Bell, Alan Lcc, David Midiek. Second row (1 to r): Tara Brooks, Lisa Ellington. 5. Charlie Flight: Front: Walt Moore-Flight Commander. First row (I to r): Michael Cis- neros. Tommy Hoard, Jeff Kemp, Darlay Richardson. Second row (I to r): Carolus Brown, Richard Schmidt. Doug Duncan. A 5 i 292 I Organizations 11. Saber team for Angel Flight initiation: (1 to r) Doug Duncan, Tommy Hoard, Darby Richardson. Bill Clark. Paul Smith. Steve (Troll. 2. Colonel Yoste talking to members of Ar- nold Air and Angel Flight. 3. Cadets marching in formation at predict. 4. Members of Air Force and Angel Right watch Dexter McCain. Scott Dunn, and Omar Colbert as they prepare for a flag rais- ing ceremony. 5. A mock F-16 was on display at a recent football game. 6 Cadets marching in formation at practice. 7 Cadets and their dates enjoying them- selves at the yearly " Dining Out " formal. 8. Cadet Johnson presents the Navy and Marine Corps cadets a surprise " present " during the Tri-Service formaL Organizations 1 293 Angel Flight Angel Flight is a service organ- ization in conjunction with the Arnold Air Society of the Air Force ROTC. Angel Flight is a national organization represent- ed by schools across the nation. It provides individuals in activities that benefit the Air Force, the Oxford community, and the na- tion. Each year, its members par- ticipate in two regional and one national conclave. Along with be- ing the official hostesses of the University, Angel Flight is one of several proud sponsors of the Bessie Speed run. I. Angel Flight officers: Front row(l to r):Kishida Webster-Comptroller. Kelley Purvis-Comander, Lisa Todd-Director of Operations. Julie White-Vice Commander. Back row(l to r): Buffy May-Pledge Trainer, Katie Busby-Rush Chairman. Mary Liles- Public Affairs, Missy Murphey-Director of Administration. 2. Angel Right members: First row (1 to r): Mary Liles-Public Affairs, Missy Murphey- Director of Administration, Kelley Purvis- Commander, Julie White- Vice Commander. Second row (1 to r): Buffy May, Katie Busby, Kishida Webster-Comptroller. Lisa Todd- Director of Operations. Third row (I to r): Linda Felder. Lorri Logan, Allison Chrestman, Ann Smiley, Valerie Phillips, Betsy Moore, Cheryl McDonald, Shirley Walker. Fourth row (1 to r): Emily Penrod, Phyllis Garrison, Candice Black, Debi Rush- ing, Janie Aker, Juliette Etua, Debra Klayman, Margaret Buck, Laura Bailey. Dee Dee Diffenbach. Fifth row( 1 to r): Renee Reilly. Marley Rivers. Amy Ladner, Sandy Parker, Tracey Drewers. Tammie Turner, Debra Mathis, Tonya Smith. I Ken Ivey 294 I Organizations Region C Staff ir This year Angel Flight was fonunate enough to be selected by a group of their peers to host the Region C Staff. This staff serves as the gov- erning body of Angel Flights located at eight universities in Mississippi and Alabama, which make up Re- gion C. Angel Flight is a nationwide organization sponsored by the Ar- nold Air Society and the Air Force Association. It is a sponsor organ- ization dedicated to the support of AAS. the AFA, AFROTC. USAF. the University, and surrounding communities. Region C is the largest in the nation with 246 members. 1 . Region C members: From row(l to r) Car- rie Jile -Vioe Commander. Dorothy Parker- Cooimander. Glenda Fountain-Director of Administration. Back row (I to r): Berne Boyles-Director of Public Affairs. Polly O ' Quinn-Comptroller. Sunny Childs- Director of Operations. Area 7 Staff The Arnold Air Society Area 7 Staff supervises the operation of 10 squadrons in Mississippi and Alabama. The staff also hosts the annual Area convention, and heads the delegation to the Na- tional convention. This year ' s staff also works closely with the Angel Flight Headquarters, to school the universities in .Ala- bama and Mississippi. 2. Area 7 staff officers (I to r): Drew Sanguinelti-ComptroUer. Colonel Yoste- Advisor. Joe Watkins-Director of Opera- tions. Laine McGuire-Commander. Jim McElhennev-Public Affairs. Mike Mc- Quade-Vice Commander. Annahs Pearson- Director of Administration. i lve Organizations | 295 I ' 1 Army ROTC 296 Organizations Black Student Union The Black Student Union of the University of Mississippi is a so- cial, service, and political organ- ization designed to promote black interests. The goal of the BSU is to establish black aware- ness and to unite and maintain black idenity at Ole Miss. Any Afro-American or any stu- dent enrolled at the University of Mississippi who supports and promotes the principles and ideas expressed in the preamble of the Black Student Union is eligible for membership in the BSU. 1. Black Student Union officers: (1 to r) Reginald Turner-Vice President. Leo Em- erson-Secretary. Cheryl Burton-Treasurer. Tracev Causo -President. John Coker 2. 1989 Black Student Union Choir Front row (1 to r) Mariette, Cumming. Levette Up- shaw. Melody Brown. Renecia Hill. Angenette Smith. Barbara Howard. Nanette Bledsoe. Angela Sanford. Second Row (I to r) Kern Nichols. Lisa Bennett. Velsie Pale. Doris Henderson. Katrina F. Howard. Tangela Buford, Erika Henderson. Keith Hill. Lynette Keys. Linda CrofT. Back row (1 to r) James Mosley. Reginald Turner- President. Director. Kelvin Nichols. Rodney Crouther. Nino J. Arnold. Patrick Thomas, Edgar A. Tnce Jr.. Leslie A. McAuley. Tom- mie Doms. Frank How-ard. Jr. Arvy T. Belfor. John Coker L r Organizations I 297 i: Rebel Recruiters The Rebel Recruiters have been a vital pan of the football program at Ole Miss for about ten years. The girls represent Ole Miss with their friendly smiles and their co- operative attitudes. Not only do they recruit prospective football players, but they support the football team by keeping the school spirit behind them. " Being a Rebel Recruiter means long hours and lots of hard work, but the end results are always what makes the difference. After " signing day, " each girl has a good feeling that they were part of why these guys choose Ole Miss for their new home. " - Annette Key, President. The coaching staff does truly ap- preciate all the Rebel Recruiters; they depend on our helping them make a strong football team; a team that will bring school spirit and a winning season. We as Reb- el Recruiters feel that if we give all we can, we help Ole Miss be- come a stronger institution. 1 . Rebel Recruiter officers (I to r): Angela Abraham-Media Liaison, Ashley Woods- Secretary Treasury, Traccy Williams-Vice President, Annette Key-President. 2. Rebel Recruiters: First row (1 to r): Robin King, Sondra Edwards, Reeca Lockhart. Dana Dickins, Leanna Range, Tammy Ford. Second row (1 to r): Ashley Woods, Lisa Yarborough, Lacey Scott, Andrea Erwin. Renee Walker, Susan Steete, Nichelle Boyd. Third row (1 to r): Missy Edwards, Susan Jordan, Jill Samsel, Margaret Benson, Al- lison Oakes, Annette Key. 3. Rebel Recruiters: First row (I to r): Jamie DanNoy, Tracey Williams. Gilda Holbrook, Kelly Krohn, Amanda Davis, Yolanda Cur- ry, Robynne Hensarling, Denise Knight. Sec- ond row (I to r): Monica Thomas, Mclanie Sullivan, Sharon Forester, Le Robinson, Robin Harmon, Cheryl Burton, Angela Abraham, Jennifer Hale. Third row (1 to r): Janice Jenkins, Theresa GiUom, LeAnne King, Jessica Anderson, Amy Gavin, Mar- garet Davis, Amanda Mason. 298 I Organizations 3A The Ole Miss M Club is com- posed of tho se men who have earned a varsity letter in one of the intercollegiate sports spon- sored by the University to in- clude: cross country track, base- ball, basketball, football, golf, tennis, and trackfindoor out- door). The purpose of the M Club is to promote athletics and sportsman- ship on campus, assist in the re- cruiting of prospective high school athletes, and function as a social and service organization. The student M Club, in conjunc- tion with the M Club Alumni As- sociation, annually sponsors eight scholarships for the chil- n I. 1988-89 M Club officers: (I to r) Todd Sandrom-Treasurer. Russ Curn-Vice Pres- ident. Derek King-President, Pepper Pounds- Sccretarv Tony Bennett-Sergean at-Arms. MClub dren of former Ole Miss M Club members. The M Club has tra- ditionally been honored with the responsibility of selecting the homecoming court. .. M ciub members- Organizations I 295 Hotty Totty Club " Supporting the traditions and spirit of Ole Miss . . " Michael Adams, David Adkisson. Cecil Ahl, Pat Ainsworth, Cindy Amisano, Lawrence Bailey, Keilh Baker, David Barber, Alison Bechnel, Hank Blumenlhal, Neil Bouchillon, Denton Boutwell, Robert Box, Tal Brad- dock, Allison Breland, Kristie Broadway, Elizabeth Brown, Steve Brown, Bif Brow- ning, Bill Burdell, Kelby Burnham, Cliff Buster, JeffCarruth, Denver Carter, Theresa Champion, Robbie Clark, John Coker, Chip Cook, Marilyn Cooney, John Crafton. Steven Cuevas, Kim Cutright, Renee Dantone, Todd Dean, Mike Dishman, Anna Dismuke, Jimmy Dorriety, Doug Duncan, Ford Earney, Lee Easterwood, Steve Everett, Bari Fildel, Chris Finnegan, Josh Fletcher, Spence Fletcher, Robin Foreman, Randy Foster, Frank Garrison, Andrew Gehring, Scott Gerhart, Todd Goforth, Billy Gotliwas. Robert Graham, Susan Greenway, David Grochan, Jay Hale, Justin Half, Doug Harkins, Scott Harvey, Robert Harwood.Ashley Hasseltine, Stephen Haw- kins, James Hayes, Terry Hayes, Chamelle Head, John Heidel, Meriwelher Houston Lindsay Howell, Beth Hux, Phillip Johns, Donald Jones, Trey Kamman, Eric Keller, Johnathan Kemp, Erik Kohler, Tracie Koss, Kirk Ladner, C.C. Leech, Douglas Lovorn, Don Massey, Joe Matthew, Beth McCollum, Mark McDonald, Lee McMillan, William McNamara, Greg Mitros, Clark Monroe, Bruce Montgomery, Wait Moore, Chris Nance, Lori Neal, Michael Nipper, Earnest Noel, Audra Parker, Chris Patton, Ava Petermann, Justin Pimsner, Lee Pryor. Paul Quinn, Barclay Ridge, Amanda Robbins, Trey Roberts, Julie Roldan, Craig Rosenan, Susan Schweers, William Simon, Jeff Smith, Frank Stebbins, Stetson Van Ausberg, Seldon Vancleve Kathy Vicars, Lisa Vigres, Hedy Walker, George Walston, Tracey Weeden, Richard Weems, Sabrina West, Richard Whitley, Keith Wilke, Cory Wilson, Daisy Woo, Alison Wood, Archie Wright, Hassan Yasine. Officers: (Left to Right): John Coker- Treasurer, Keith Baker-President, Christo- pher Patton-Vice President. Not pictured: Cory Wilson, Secretary; Mrs. Judy Robbins, Advisor. Lady M-Club Ken Ivr 300 I Organizations Afro American Studies Afro American Studies Club, founded in the spring of 1988. is based upon the principles of the introductory Afro American studies class. Its purpose is to promote educational activities which increase the sensitivity and awareness of the past, present, and future struggles of Afro Americans. Our activities this year have included helping plan the Welcome Back Program for incoming students to the Univer- sity, bringing the movie " School Daze " to the Hoka. and hosting a luncheon for Mylie Evers, wife of Medgar Evers. I Afro American Studies Club members: (1 o r) Vanessa Morgan-President. Eric McAfee-Vice President. LJovd Diion-PuMic Relations Coordinator. Renecia Hill Not pictured: Charmayne Walker- Secretary. Wil- lie Green-Treasurer. Randl) Woods- Parhmentanan. of Prof. Journalists The Society of Professional Jour- nalists is an organization whose purpose to to promote ethical standards in journalism and per- petuate the existence of a free press. The society provides its members with the opportunity to share opinions wit h other stu- dents and professionals in the field of journalism. Membership is open to all who intend to pur- sue a career in journalism. 2. Societ) of Professional Journalists mem- bers Silting fl to r) Ollie Brock. Jane Clover. EmiK Wagster-Vtce President. Standing (1 to r): Donna Shelton. Bretl Alexander. Cla Scon. Chns Upton. Beth Webb. Tom Lepes- ka-President II Organizations I 301 BAND Previous lo 1928, the (JM Band was a small organi ation under the leadership of a selected stu- dent director. In 1928, Roy C ' oats was appionted as the first Direc- tor of Bands with faculty status at the university. C ' oats ' initial marching band exclusively used instruments, uniforms, and equipment donated by the Na- tional Ciuard. Not until 1934 did the band own full dress uniforms purchased with funds solicited by the general student body. In 1958, the Ole Miss Band was in- vited to perform at the World ' s Fair in Brussels, Belgium. Prior to the trip, the band competed with bands from many nations at the World Music Festival in Ker- krade, Holland. 2. The " Pride of the South " Today " The Pride of the South, " Ole Miss Rebel Band, performs at all home UM football games and travels to several away games. The Rebel Band has often appeared on regional and nation- al television, frequently performs at National Football League games, and has officially repre- sented the University of Missis- sippi at Presidential and Guber- natorial Inaugurations. There are three concert bands, in addition to the UM Basketball Band in the University Band program. The Wind F.nscmblc, Symphonic Band, and Concert Band cover an extensive repertoire of literature while performing regularly sched- uled concerts on and off campus. 302 I Organi ations I . Drum major, Greg Parvin and Assistant Drum Major, Laync McGuire. 1 Sliilt (I to r): Brian Juslison-Pcrcusiion leaching sMslant Chris l iecuch- jradualc Assistant. L r Mark D- Avcry-Assistant Di- rector of Bands. Thomas H Waggoner- Director of Bands. O ' Neal Douglas- ( Graduate Assistant. l.;.nnc RusstlUiraduale Assistant 2 olor (iuard: I irsl row (I to r): Regma lane. U-anne Haberb. Melony Alciandcr. Shern Preslndge-Sc|uad leaders Second row (I lo r): Licsa Jackson. Manl n Swifl. Rebecca Pekich. Sharon Moore. Adria Ward. Kc-lh Allen Third ro (I lo r): Kim Merrell. Jackie Sam. Janice Holmes. Heath- er Williams. Lecie Mann. Beth Pur is. Fourth ro II lo r): James Camith. Lisa Moore. Lisa Thompson. Wendell BafFord. Lisa Rialev Sharon Bro n. Rodne Berry. John Carruth. 3. Percussion: First row (I lo r): Mat! Porter, David Pace. Erin Sanders. Terry Calmes, CTinsti Herod. Michael Sims, Angel Sinck- lin. Tommie Dorris, Jon Findless. ( " hns C lasgens. Second row (I io r): Hunler Smith. Barn Cain. Curtis Welsh. Lance Tipert. 4 ind Emsemble; Piccolo: Leanne Habeeb. Rule: Heather Allsion. Christy LaSota. Ramona Pearson. Janna Singleton- Soprano Clarinet: Alicia Barfield. Adam Clabrese, Pam Crump, Regma Sanders. Je- annie M Scott. Elizabeth Weimer Bass Clarinet: Shelley L ons. Contrabass Clan- net: Lynne Russell. Oboe: Angie Adams. kal) Hopkins English Horn: kai Hopkins. Bassoon: Chris Piecuch. Alto Saxophone: Steve Kincaid. Jon Young. Tenor Saxo- phone: Michael Ayers. Baritone Saxophone- La yne McGuire. Trumpet: Glinnis Crawford, Rod Flores. Brett Gum, Duke Husse . David McKmney. Don C. Newman- French Horn: Tracy Bishop. Belinda Hasty. DwigJit Pur is, Becky Wilkinson. Euphoni- um: Doug Durrett. Brad Pearson Trom- bone. Paul E Barnes. Herb Basselt. O ' Neal Douglas. Bob Ta lor. Tuba: EN in A Knight. Phillip Sawder. Percussion: Carey Allen. Terrv C ' almes. Chns Clasgens. Brian Jus- tinson. David Pace. Matt Porter. Michael Sims. Organizations 303 I 303 SAC " The Student Alumni Council, sponsored by theOleMiss Alumni Association, iscomprise ' dof stu- dents who represent class- es.academicdepartments, campus organizations, and geographical districts. The SAC acts as the " bridge " between the University ' s students and alumni. One of the principle goals of the Council is to educate these representatives aboutthealumniprogramandallof itsfunctions. Somemaythenbe- come actively involved in alumni- related activities. Through the SAC, students may meet alumni and discoveropportunities the As- sociationhastooffer. Student Alumni Council Officersand Board Members: top(l to r)Cheryl Burton, Anne Trai- nor, John Kinsey, Wcs Daughdrill. Karri Ad- ams. Bottom (1 tor) Sonya Mason, Amanda King-President. DinaBlaylock-Secretary. Not picturedare: SheliaJames-VicePresident, Bri- an Staley-Public Relations. Fred McConnell. Susan Spiller. Elizabeth Noblin. Ronnie Solberg.WesDaughdrill. JohnCokal SeniorExec.Board The SeniorClass Executive Board iscom- posedofaselectnumberofstudentswhoor- ganizeactivitiesinordertoraisemoneyfor theiryearlycIassproject.Thegoalofthe Boardistochooseaprojectthatwillinsome waycontributetothebeautyofthecampus. The 1 988-89 SeniorClass Executive Board: Jimbo Pear- son-President. Mark Beecham. Sam Luskow.JefTWells. Mark Razor, Bnan Phillips, JamesSmith, HowardGra- ham. Beth Whitehead.Mitzi Craft, Sonya Mason, Carolyn Byars.Vicki Woolen, AlisaThomas.LynnNev- ille.CnerylBunon.TinaPennick.LisaYarborough.Oui- daBranum-VicePresident. Organizations TheAssociationofWomenStu- dents is a student organization workingtoimproveandthereby promotetheneedsandconcems of women students on this cam- pus in all areas- personal.educational, and eco- nomic. A WSprovidesinforma- tionontopicsofmterestthrough AWSofficersandBoard Members:Julie Noblm-President. Suzanne Oliver- Vice President. Missy Pace Secretary, Deani JoiDer-Treasurer.SuzanneSkipton.Anna Provence. Stacey Gatlin, Helen Fender, Stacev Stephenson, Mary McLauren. Pe- nelope Moulds. Tonya Miller. Vicki Calamese. Elizabeth Hill. Amy Darnell. Christy Crockett. Lisa Yarborough. Deb- bieCarpenter. AWS outreach programs, workshops, and fund-raisingevents. However, most of all, AWS creates an educa- tional atmosphere while ofiennga variety of fun-filled activities with many opportunities to meet new friends and enjoy new experiences together. AWS members: Alison Holhster. Kiraberly Pennmgton. AnneFowlkes, Lauren Lewis, J u- lieHanness. Melanie Rains. Katy Shaw. Jill Johnson, Audra Love, Mick Leonard. Sharon Steele. Tiffany Sistrunk. Hollev Hadad. Angle Grav.KathyEmn.ChnstyCrockett.KJmFos- , ter.Sherri Foster, Sherri W ai lace. Cyndi Davis, Martha Perry.ChaliseLenoir. Amanda Bigham. Heidi Tickle, Celesie Chang, Crisly Freudonberg, Kate McDonough.Emelie Krai. Gina Freeman, Kern Fulford, Jennifer Blacham.Mary SchieleDaniels. Barbara L. Dicks. Ann Walsh, Katherme Geddy. Aimee Schanadi.finaTomlinson.Miss Crosby. Hal- lieLadner.StaceyGatlm,MaryMcLaunn.Alli- son Wilkens, Amy Epley . Lynn Beard. Shel ly Neville, Beth Ogletree. Mnzi Mullins.Tracey Box. Brooke Ross, Lee Robinson, JenmferCit- ty , Kandace French. Stephanie K. Martin. Fer- rellSmith.Mary Magec.Jud) Withers. Lucy McArthur. MilaceyCotten. Susan Streele. Cheryl Carlisle. Lee E ans. Mary Helen Sandifer. Lynn Draughn . Reagan West, Susan N. Wolff. SamanthaC. Murphy, Tracy Aerby, KarisReasonover.PattiBraswell. Rosemary H.DUlard.CarolmeHernng.LeilaH.Cochran. AnnPetermann.JennyRoberts.KellyHigh .Al- lison Becnel.JorjaWeeden, Amy Morris, Dorann Mah. Juh Carroll. Kelh Lee. Mandi Nonon, LoraNetz. Christy Littlejohn, Renee Dowy.Milacey Cotton. Lucy McAnbur.Lara Sullivan, SamanthaMurph .SusanWolff.Lyn Draughn, Reagan West. Key Neville. Kathy Haynes, Gi nger Flowers. Leslea Mani n, Linda Croff. Heather Waggoner. Katie Rose.Susan Stepanian. Missy Gntter. Tracey Williams, Leah McNair. Bethany Garrecht. Stephanie Hill, Laura Foster. Emily Ewi ng. Caroline Cas- sidv.Kandv French. Karin Nforley. Tiffany O ' Quinn.Cindy Wayne. Amanda Robbins. Lisa Curl is. Katelyn Kelly. Jill Slay. Siss Mehnard. Liesl Williams. Ashle Hasseltme. DanaDalton.Mandy Tehman. Amy Nicord. . ngie Ankins, Carol meSmith. Blaire Kenner- Iv, Missy Pace. Lea Anne Major, Stephanie TenEyck. Beth McElroy. Jill Sones. Missy Capvaccia. Leigh Pegram.Kelli Lee. Angela Magee. Lisa Ryals, Christie Cammack. Marni Reeves. Christy Lane. KelleaOdom, Virginia Man sell .Jennifer Jackson . Helen Werby . Kjm- berley Jane North, Susan Schweers. Suzanne Savery. Margaret Patricia Buck. Scarlett Sheldon. Sherry Hawkins. Jenna Lounsbury , Mary Schiele Daniels, Missy Bamett. Tiffany LotUaneOeveland.StephanieHontzas.Chal- ise Lenoir. Linda Winham. Lee Goldman. F. Amanda Mason, VickiCalamese, Jennifer Beacham, Leigh Herrington.Angie Atkins, Amy Nicoud. Laura Sulh an, Camille Love Crockett. Cami Jones. Sara Mane Vaccarella. Diane Montgomery. Linda Croff. Lynda Thomas. Missy Gritter. Joy Rickman.Gwen Cotten.TessRainzy.HeatherVahle.Kathenne Shaw. Jeanne Menard.ChnsttneMcCarlie. BlaireKennerly, Jill Arm istead. Melanie Buntyn, Gracie Ann Kennedy, Amy Haddad. Ann Archambault, Tracey Williams, Georgia Bord en, Meilisa .Ann Hanson, Tracey Tucker. Kristin Rontunda, Jennifer Davis, Lee Ann Yates. Kelly Shoemake.Cra ma Manning. Tay- lorBowen.ChhstineMcCaiiie.Beverly Brown, Priscilla Coleman, Laune YBWTI, Lisa Magers. Leigh Ann Coleman. .Allison Turner. Kaknane Kitchens. Melissa Neal. Teresa Cossar, She- lainePerktns.CarolineCaldwell.LaurieSmith. Jennifer Thornton. Sa rah Price Armstrong. Al- lison Brock, Barbara Jim Brown. Cassie Manders. EleshaGladney. Kathryn Thomas. JackiePerry.GabrielleGordon.LesheLeavell. Melissa Piper. Christina Bakewell. Barkley Gamble. KJaire Fitzgerald. Camille Brown. Laura Binford. Stacey Blanke. Julie Marsches- ki. Heather Houchins, Gina Gal v an i . Joanne Parks, Laune Rankin. Julie Pugh. Jennifer Gaudry JameeBry ant. DesireeDodd, Suzanne Skipton.LonJohnson.MelanieCunnmgham. Sara Tegelhoff. Ferrell Smith. Stacey Angeloz- Organizations Modeling Board Established in 1977 by the As- sociation of Women Students, the University of Mississippi Modeling Board sets and pro- motes the fashion standards and styles at Ole Miss. Now a part of the Home Economics depart- ment, UMMB participates in wide varieties of fashion shows including runway, tearoom, and freeze modeling, numerous tele- 1. Kalhy Harrison-Director Advisor and Kccia Long-Coordinator. 2. 1988-89 Modeling Board officers. 3. 1988-89 Modeling Board members: Toni Balducci, Michelle Bullock, Cherry Busby, Melisse Campbell, Ashley Crowley, Crystal Davis, Sondra Edwards, Sara Freeman, Misty Hammock, Shelby Hammond, Heidi Hoefer, Holly Holbrook, Beth Howell, Re- becca James, Deani Joiner, Jill Jordan, Rob- in King, Angela McGlowan, Jeanie Miller, Zandra Moody, Margaret Pinson, Lucy Pittman, Marni Reeves, Polly Riley, Jenny Roberts, Julie Roye, GiGi Saak, Jennifer Seay, Melanie Sullivan, Stephanie TenEyck, VickiLynn Valentine. Susie Warren, Carrie Williams, Wendall Baflbrd, Richard Kraft, Bill Lewis, Dan Magee, David Malone, Alan Millis, Leonard Pegues, John Smith. 1988-89 Modeling Board alternates: Dora Cook, Myra Franklin, Suzanne Oakley, Shaye Williams, Stacey Gregory. vision appearences, and print- work. Not only does the UMMB produce fashion shows for the university, but they also serve the state and surrounding areas as models and fashion representa- tives of Ole Mis s. Models are judged each fall by a panel of judges. They are judged on their pose, personality, appearance, and modeling potential. ' 306 I Organizations A3 1988-89 male modeling board members. 2. Zandra Mood;. Angela McGlowan, and Wemdall Bafford 3. Vicki Valentine and Sheila Herron. 4. Julie Rove. Misty Hammock, Richard Kraft, and Beth Howell Organizations 1 307 I. SPB 2. Listening to the Blue Beats during Tailgate Thursday. 3. 1988-89 SPB directors: Front row {1 to r): Adam Trowbridge-Concerts, Slyrra Leger- Union activities, Beth Whitehead- Homecoming, Kala WUcox-Publicity. Back row (1 to r): Steven Chavilier-Travel, Andy Olson-Student Associate Director, Howard Graham-Publicity Co-chairman, Robert Wood-Student Director, John Little-Dixie Week. I 308 I Organizations The University of Mississippi Student Programming Board has had a busy year planning various activities for Ole Miss students. With many activi- ties for fall and spring semes- ters, the SPB played an im- portant role in adding color and fun to the Ole Miss cam- pus. During the fall semester, the SPB schedule imcluded such events as Tailgate Thursday, Glamour Magazine Fashion show, and the annual Parade of Beauties. Among some of the spring semester activities were Noon Jazz and the an- nual Dixie Week. I. Students enjoying themselves at the senior class barbeq I . One of the many bands that arc scheduled through- out the year 2 Students are shown the latest styles at the Glamour Fashion show held during the fall. 3. The Smithereens, one of SPB ' s main events for the fall semester as a smash. 4 The Student Programming Board. John Coker Organizations III BSU ' i TheOle Miss Baptist Student Un- ion isanorganizationforall Chris- tian students who wish to join to- gethertogrowclosertoChrist.Such growth is achieved through Bible study, discipleship, weekly fellow- ship, and intramural activities sponsored by the Baptist Student Union. The BSU also conducts campus and community out reach projectswhichgivestudentsoppor- t unity to minister toothers. This spring.theBSUmovedintotheir new Baptist Student Center. The membersanticipatethatthismove will enhance the furthergrowth of their ministry on theOleMisscam- pus. BSU Executive Council: KeiihCal ing- Director. VeraCranford-lnlern, Jay Reed- Presidem,TimGentry-VicePresideni, Wendy Sigglekow-Secretary, Loretta Rivers Disci- pleship. Ricky Vinson-Outreach Chairman, Ken Ash ley-Local MissionsChairman.Melis- saCoggins CommunicationsChairman.JetT Holeman- WorshipChairman, Laura Wright- Summer Missions Chair man. Randal Abel- Fellowship Chairman, Ellen Meacham- ImernationalChairman. Thesiteofthenew MembersoftheBaptistStudentUnion. I 310 1 Organizations Kenlvey Gamma Iota Sigma ' Gamma Iota Sigma is a national col- legiate insurance fraternity and is the only one of its kind in the United Stales. The purpose of Gamma Iota Sigma is to improve the quality of insurance education and to serve as a liaison between the campus amd the insurance. Mu chapter of Ole Miss was organ- ized in 1 976 and has remained active since that date. In a typical year some two dozen speakers from all segments of the insurance industry will visit the Ole Miss campus and speak to the insurance society. Gamma Iota Sigma members: Amy Foster- President, Steve Orrell-Vice President James Brown-Treasurer. Patrick Ford-Secretary. Radford Neuhaus-Dir of Public Relations. Sulynn Herrington. Dr. Joe H. Murray. Mary Ann Boose- Advisors. r Phi Mu Alpha Phi Mu Alpha is a professional men ' s music fraternity. Phi Mu Alpha actively works to promote the highest standards of creativ - ity, performance, education, and research in music in America. Meeting every Monday evening, the Ole Miss student section of Phi Mu .Alpha has approximately eighteen members. Phi Mu Alpha officers: Darren Hunt- President. Duke Hussey-Vice-President. Brent Swain-Secretary. Alan Alexander- Treasurer. Chris Piecuch-Warden. Bobby Patrick-Historian. Kevin Herrera-Alumni Secretary. Phi Mu Alpha members; Eric Cheney. Gregg Gaaslme. David McKinoey. Brent Swain. Matt Porter. Michael Avers. Scott Enochs. Elvin Knight. Chris Thomas. O ' Neal Doug- las. Douglas Williams. Donnie Newman. Steve Davis Organization ASID The Ole Miss student chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers was organized to en- hance the future of students ma- joring in Interior Design. It en- ables students to make full use of the services and benefits offered by the society, and provides stu- dent members with the opportu- nity to participate in worthwhile endeavors with each other and professional designers. The ASID student chapter mem- bers participate in a wide range of learning experiences and pro- grams which complement their academic training. The ASID sponsors fundraisers, and attends seminars and conferences in cit- ies such as New Orleans, Dallas, and Grand Rapids, Michigan. 1, ASID members: Deas Johnson-President, Kris Bromley-Vice President, Lacy Lang- ston-Treasurer, Gabrielle Gordon-Secretary, Allison Melville, Brenda Barnes, Patrick Craddock, Jennifer CundifT, Anette Key, Su- san White, Peggy Stokes, Debora Hender- son, Renee Walters, Elaine Hensley, Melanie Cunningham, Wendy Forney, Alison Bering, Sara Vaccarella, Lim Lian Choo, Carrie Cain, Lee Ann Yatcs, Susie Averitt, Cary Wilson, Paige Brown. NAA John Coker The National Association of Ac- countants is an association of people throughout the world who plan ahead for their own profes- sional development as central to their career in management ac- counting. The student chapter at the Uni- versity of Mississippi is an af- filiate of the Northeast Missis- sippi chapter of NAA. Technical meetings held on campus are structured around presentations of important topics by leading speakers and the exchange of practical knowledge among par- ticipants. 2. NAA officers and members: Jeff Sartain- President, Liddell Smith-Vice-President, Roxanne Miller-Secretary, Patricia Camp- bell-Treasurer, Phillip Hodum, Jill Tillman, Tammy Brown-Directors. 312 1 Organizations John Coker Kappa Epsilon Kappa Epsilon is a national pro- fessional fraternity which serves to promote women in pharmacy. The Alpha Gamma chapter of Kappa Epsilon was chartered at the University of Mississippi in 1 960, and has grown to one of the largest chapters in the nation. Kappa Epsilon strives to instill within its members a desire for high scholarship and a bond of lasting loyality. Activities for this year include a Kappa Epsilon-Kappa Psi cook- out, Big Sis-Lil Sis breakfast, school-wide Fall Froli c, exam stress seminar, and a faculty ap- preciation luncheon in the spring. Kappa Epsilon also has a very successful intramural program which includes flag football, soft- ball, basketball, and volleyball championships. 1. Kappa Epsilon officers and members: Tina M. Pcnick-President, Claire Johnson- Vice-Presideni, Cathy Waite-Pledge Trainer, Michele Mooneyham-Secretary. Robin Pigott-Treasurer, Cindy McChesney- Historian, Catherine HaysJChaplain. Linda Livingslon-lntramurals Coordinator, Nancy Fuller-Advisor. Kappa Psi Kappa Psi has the distinction of being the first professional fra- ternity in pharmacy and main- tains the largest membership of all the pharmaceutical fraterni- ties. The Beta Rho chapter at Ole Miss was chartered in 1926. The Beta Rho chapter stresses outstanding leadership, scholas- tic achievements, community service, and social activities. During the past year, Kappa Psi enjoyed a period of growth and success. We added 26 new pledges and 49 active members. We also welcome 33 new Little Sisters. Our Little Sisters helped with many social functions throughout the year. Some activ- ities we enjoyed this year includ- ed a banquet, cookout, and at- tending the province convention. 2. Kappa Psi 1988-89 officers: Bill Calhoun- Regent. Robbie Wilson-Vice Regent, Scott Weston-Secretary. Henry Koon-Treasurer. Tony McCollum-Hislorian, Perrin Rowsey- Chaplain. Jason Swain-Sergeant-at-Arms, Kirk Tharp-Little Sister Liaison. Antonio Williams-Athletic Director. John Coker Organizations I 313 i College Republicans ' College Republicans is an organ- ization which promotes the Re- publican party on university campuses across the nation. The Ole Miss chapter of College Re- publicans meets on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. This year the group has been ac- tive in the Victory ' 88 Presiden- tial campaign for George Bush as well as the Trent Lott for Mis- sissippi senatorial campaign. Throughout the fall, most meet- ings have focused on the fall elec- tion, a topic which all the guest speakers have addressed in de- tail. College Republicans fosters opportunities for youth in the Re- publican party and functions as a vital link for many Ole Miss stu- dents interested in the political world. 1. College Republican officers: (1 to r) Steve Wall-Co-Chairman, Dina Blaylock- Secretary Treasurer, Caroline Herring-Vice Chairman, Victor Smith-Chairman. Amanda Robbins Petro.Land Management The Petroleum Land Manage- ment Program is offered through the School of Business Admin- istration at the University of Mis- sissippi. Established in 1982, the interdisciplinary program offers students a bachelor of business administration degree with an emphasis in Petroleum Land Management. The rigorous curriculum has been accredited by the American As- sociation of Petroleum Landmen ( (AAPL), making the Ole Miss ' program one of only nine AAPL- accredited programs in the na- tion. 2. Petroleum Land Management members: Back row ( 1 to r): Neal Stover, Danny Lee, John C. Clark, Tommy Ross, Bill Maddox- President, David Lynch-Treasurer. Second row (1 to r): Chris Phillips, Barclay Ridge, Trice Huflbrd-Treasurer. First row (1 to r): Charles Walker-Advisor, George Schmidt. 314 I Organizations UMSRA The University of Mississippi Shorthand Reporter ' s Associa- tion is a program for court re- porting students. It was estab- lished to foster the study of court reporting and to provide profes- sional development in the field. The organization provides speak- ers and special presentations at the organizational meetings. Stu- dents have a first-hand chance to view and operate the equipment they will be using as court re- porters. UMSRA students also have the opportunity to meet and talk with professional court re- porters and ask questions about the field. MarkMoUere Malaysian Student Assc. 1 . UMSRA officers: Front row (1 to r): Mary Shoos, Connie Lambert. Christy Littlejohn. Back row (1 to r): Damien Desimooe. Aman- da Magee. Max Curry 2. UMSRA members: Front row (I to r): Cissy Davis. Candy Harris, Chnsty Ander- son. Barbara Crawford. Max Curry. Second row (I to r . Connie Lambert, Mary Shotts. Susan Lee. Kristy Vershive, Cindy Fowler. Amy Cole. Third row (1 to r): Damien Desimone. Louise Mullins, Shannon Ser- rurier. Lisa Horn. Kim Callahan, Amanda Magee. Dr. Lorn Williamson. Fourth row (1 to r): Mrs. Janice K. Bounds, Connie Lucas. Paulynn Magee. Lee Ann Flinn. Cathey Shu- mate. Cathy Pierre. Back row (1 to r): Jan Meyer. Teresa Cousar. Christy Littlejohn, Kathy Childers. The Malaysian Student Associa- tion was formed in January of 1982. From a charter member- ship of IS, the Malaysian Student Association has grown to a mem- bership of over 80 students. Our goal is to foster friendship and good-will among Malaysian stu- dents and University residents. The annual Malaysian Night, sponsored by ASB takes place in mid-November. The event in- cludes exibition of handicrafts, posters, food, and traditional songs and dances performed by the Malaysian students. 3. Malaysian Student Association offi- cervMmg-Han Chai-President, David Sii P- Vice President. Fauziah bt. Kassin- Treasurer, Lum-Kong Lim-Secretary. Dan Magee Organizations 1 315 I ESB The Ole Miss Engineering Stu- dent Body (ESB) is an organiza- tion composed of engineering students who share an interest in serving their school and their fel- low students. The ESB organizes such events as the annual phone- a-thon, barbecues, and tutorials for the students. Membership in the ESB is only three dollars per semester. The ESB officers meet every Sun- day evening in the student lounge in Anderson Hall. 1. 1988-89 Engineering Student Body of- ficers: Barrett Green-President, Lewis Beard-Vice President, Linda Lum-Secretary, Tammy Seid-Treasurer, Subir Prasad, John Cosby-Editors. A 1 Dan Ma: Student Art Assc, The Ol e Miss Student Art Asso- ciation is composed of both art majors and those who are very interested in all areas of art. The association ' s goal is to provide a viable group where all students can learn from one another new and different areas of art. 2. Student Art Association members. 316 1 Organizations Ivey %r The UM student section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is primarily concerned with getting mechanical engineer- ing students acquainted with the " real world " of engineering. ASME activities include plant tours, design and paper contests, seminars, and an annual regional contest. The society is funded mostly through grants from engineering corporations such as Texas In- struments and International Pa- per. The Ole Miss chapter also sponsors an engineering contest each spring semester where funds are made through entry fees. I. ASME member (1 lo r) Yatin Chachad, Malt Scardino-Vice Chairman. Pepper Pounds-Secretary. David Trebotich- Chairman. Tom Flaherty-Treasurer. Not pictured are: Jorge Castilla. Kok-Hgat Chong. Willis Dabbs, Gary Fudge. James Gray. Yu-Huat Chong. Phyllis Keys. Mohonnad Labadi. Richard Mealms. Ste- phen Ofchsle. Stephen Richardson. David Ross. Pushparaja Shanmygam, Anthony Shelton. Byran Tucker. Kuo Wong. Ken Ivey AICE- The Ole Miss chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers promotes professional development among its members as well as encouraging fellowship between students and faculty. Social and educational activities are provided by the group. The annual back-to-school banquet begins the year. Speakers, field trips, and other services are avail- able to the students in their prep- aration for life as a chemical en- gineer. 2. AICE members: Debbie Tollion- President. Randy Taweatt-Vice President. Linda Lum-Treasurer, Tammy Seid- Secreury. Man-in Spencer. Marty Lamer. Michael Alexander. Tommy Keith Alder- man. Brooke Anthony. Meg MoellenhofT. Laura Burrell, Andy Thomas. Alberto Lead Braga. Tim Mayo. Jui-Hsin Huang. A. Sekthira, Naveed Alim. Kao-Sheng Lay, Yo- Nan Tang, Robert G. Zeller. Yuenyen Liou. Cheryl White. Cathy Coker. Hashem- Jazayerpour. Mauhcio Quiros, W. Clark Liddon. Bassam Tanmr. and Rudraraju- Ramarju. Robert Fisher. Clint Williford- Advison. Organizations | 317 L i SPS The Society of Physics Stu- dents(SPS) promotes interest in the study of physics and physics research. The SPS chapter also provides service to the campus and the community through var- ious on-going projects. Some of these projects are: operation of the observatory for public use; assistance in local science fairs; demonstrations for special events on campus; assisting in the junior science and humanities sympo- sium; and attending other meet- ings and science events in Mis- sissippi and surrounding states. The SPS chapter also hosts a spring and fall student faculty- staff picnic and Softball game for the physics department. I. Alan Walden-President, Gabriella Sang- Vice President, Angelina Giarusso- Treasurer, Brian Hoffman-Secretary, Davis Brown, Chris Burkhalter, Brian Hendrix, Paul Nelson, John Bladlock, Fay White, Pam Hoffman, Madhu Dason, Ed Perry, Tracy May, Belinda Hasty, Beau Idom, Scott Morgan, Kaye Morgan, Chris Cheek, Heath- er Gaines, Paul Thomas, Tammie Ketchum, Wendy Kennedy, Matt Lundien. John( Recreational Majors Re-established in 1986, the Rec- reational Majors Association was organized to bring together stu- dents who are interested in rec- reation as a profession. Social and academic atmospheres are de- signed and utilized by the asso- ciation to aid its members with their personal and professional development. Members partici- pate on a regular basis in socials, fundraising events, and service projects. Ole Miss Recreational Majors Association members: First row (1 to r): Claire Stockton- Treasurer, Libby Lumpkin-Vice President, Tammy Wilkinson-Secretary, Troy Young- President, Ken McMullen. Second row (1 to r): Jane Massey, Shannon Adams, Marie Kemp, Billy Lathom, Danny Robbins. Third row (1 to r): Wayne Taylor, Tim Frills, Ernest Noe, Denice Drummond. Top row (1 to r): Dr. Chase, John Chancellor, Myra Wil- liams. I 318 I Organizations MBA Association The Masters of Business Admin- istration Association is an organ- ization that serves and represents all students of the MBA program. For approximately three years. the MBA Association has aided MBA ' s in such areas as resource availability, academic advice, and also social opportunities. Whether the MBA Association is hosting a speaker, or conducting a workshop . the Association is always assisting its members to obtain their career dreams. ! MBA Association Officers: (I to r) Steph- anie Cunningham Activities Director, LaJana Gibson Vice-President. J. D. Con President, Leigh Pearson Secre- John Coker 2 MBA Association members: John Caritoo, Cheng Bok Chew. Jimm y Cote, J. D. Cox, Sharon Dobson. Stephanie Cunningham, Jack Estenar. 1. Kim Horvell. Dans Gaitan Renita Grey, Rhonda Rick, Burton Spenser. Susan Owen. Jana Washam Organizations Financiers ' Club The University of Mississippi Financiers ' Club is primarily made up of students majoring in banking and finance and man- agerial finance; however the club is open to all Ole Miss students. Annual dues are used to entertain guest speakers and to put on a fall and spring party. The speakers bring to the Financiers ' informa- tion about the current banking and finance business world. Past students also speak on the topics of getting a job and the expe- riences associated with one ' s first job in the banking field. I. Joel Ingram. Financiers ' president and Dr. Ronald Moak. Financiers ' advisor. 2. Financiers ' Club members. 320 I Organizations India Association The India Association is com- posed of students and faculty at Ole Miss of Indian origin; how- ever, membership is open to any- one interested. The main purpose of the association is to provide opportunities for interaction among the members at the social level; facilitate and promote greater awareness of India and its culture among the students of Ole i i Ken Ivey Miss: and provide moral support and assistance to its members. Social interaction opportunities are provided by celebration of In- dia festivals, India Night-a major event, and participation in on- campus international events like the " melting pot. " These events provide a glimpse of the Indian culture and tradition. 1 . The Quawwalh. a form of music with Persian origins, is very popular in northern India. The words are usually couplets and poetry in urdu or hmdi. sel to music. 2. The Odissi dance originates from the state of Orissa and is a highly sensuous and lyrical form of dance. Odissi dances center mainly on the tempestuous love of Radha and Lord Krishna and are often performed in temples or a religious offering. 3. India Association members First row(l to ri: Michael Sadu. Prasham Chowdhury. Arthi Shridharan. Neeh Sadand. Ms. Sadana, Monica Sahu. Second row Sumali Pinngern. Dr. Conlon. Mrs. Gupta, Dr. Gupta. Mrs. George. Dr. Dant, Mrs. Dam, Arun Gandhi. Mrs. Gandhi. Pallavi Trivedi. Mrs. Sadana. Third row (1 to r): Arun Shridharan, Sangamibra Chowdhury, Saishree Ravi. Gunpreet Dhmusa. Umadevi Mallela. Raminder Kaur. Laxmi Donti. Bhama Shridharan. Renu Ramnarayan, Sudeshna Roy. Sujatha Ramesh, Christine Paswan. Sudeepa Chaudhuri Dr. Sadana, K. Sadu. Fourth row (1 to r): Prabhat Chowdhu- ry Balaji Coomandur. Ravi Gorthala, Prasad Donri, Govmdrao Pasumarthi. Jayaprakach Romachandran. Mr. Balasubrahman am M-. Sanja Jain, Mabinderpal Gujral. Hitesh Kumar. K P. Shridharan. Amitav Dar. Amitava Chatterjee. Mahesh Vanjani. Audhesh Paswan, Drjjatam Rama. Sougata Mukherjee. Fifth row (I to r): Raju Rudraraju. Prasad Jayanthi. Jayashankar Vishwanalhan. Ramesh Krishnamagaru. Manish Parekh. Ramu Kumar, Vivek Kapoor. Ajay Shah. Mr. Jayakumar S.. Sunil Gangwani. Tarun Arora. Dharmesh Krishnamagaru. Bhaskar Dal. Mahadevan Kanhikeyan, Niraj Dant. Members not in photograph: Vipin Suneja, Santosh Sharma. Samudra Sengupta, Rajan Parrikar. Rajendra Naniwadekar. Subha Kumar. Dr Khan. Ashwin Karamchandam. Jana Kalidas. Anand Gundavajhala. Venkahramana Ganupuru. Nerin Carvalho, Sahyendra Bhari, Ginu Abraham. Organizations 1 321 i Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi was founded at New York University on Novem- ber 7, 1 907, to foster the study of business in universities; to en- courage scholarship and social activity; and the association of students for their mutual ad- vancement by research and prac- tice; to promote a closer affili- ation between the commercial world and students for com- merce; and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the com- munity. The Ole Miss Alpha Phi chapter was founded in 1927. 2. Delta Sigma Pi members: Front row(l to r): Jennifer Davis, Mark Beauchamp-Vice President-Chapter operations, Tammy Brown-Vice President-Pledge Education, Chris Shankle-President. Second Row(l to r): Amanda Davis, Kathy Utter, John Kinsey, Chris Picket!. Third row(l to r): John Nosser, George Gammoy, Kevin Gray. Not pictured: Dana Davenport, Chris Hannibal-Historian, Terri Herring-Treasurer, Marsha Burks. Beta Lambda Epsilon Beta Lambda Epsilon, the nation- al law enforcement fraternity was founded at Memphis State Uni- versity in 1966. The Ole Miss Beta chapter encourages all Legal Systems Administration majors to be a part of this organization. Beta Lambda Epsilon takes part in different projects to assist lo- cal, state, and federal law en- forcement agencies. The fraterni- ty also takes part in field trips, such as to the Memphis crime lab, Mississippi State Penitentia- ry, and the police officers training academy. Our goal is to teach the facts of law enforcement by hav- ing many different educational opportunities. 1. Beta Lambda Epsilon members: Front Row (I to r): C.B. Hopper-Advisor, Barbara Wadley, John Hillhouse, Kevin Spark, Rob- ert Selby. Back row (1 to r): Mark Lehner- President, Scott Turner-Vice President, Jer- ry Swinford-Secretary Treasurer, Michael Moore. Eric Carlisle. 322 I Organizations Rho Epsilon Rho Epsilon is a national real es- tate fraternity that promotes the interests of both real estate ma- jors and those who have an in- terest in related fields. The Uni- versity of Mississippi chapter was founded in 1980, and has over forty chapters throughout the United States. Activities for the year include speakers from the real estate field and member par- ticipation in specific job projects. Membership is open to all who are majors in real estate, or have an interest in the field of real estate. 1 Rho Epsilon members: First row (I to r) Mim Marks. Poll Yates. Nanette Roui. Second row (1 to r): Dr. Dennis Tosh- Advisor. Frank Dyer III, Hamilton Sweany. Randv Stark. Missy Cappachia. JefTMcCas- kill Third row (1 to r): .Alan McCracken. Neal Heery. Pat Ford, Steve Orrell. Dave Owen, Chuck Morrison, Todd MarkJe. Ned Swift. Ronnie Sims. Shannon Baker Phi Beta Lambda The Mississippi Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda is a non-profit charitable association and civic improve- ment society. Established in 1 987, the Foundation ' s main goal is to promote the education of members of Phi Beta Lambda. The purpose of Phi Beta Lambda is to develop competent and ag- gressive business leadership, fos- ter self confidence in its mem- bers, and ease the transition from college to the business commu- nity. Membership is open to all business majors. 2 Phi Beta Lambda members. Ken Key at Organizations 1 323 d, is I 323 , Advertising Club The philosophy of the Ole Miss Advertising Club is to provide opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience in the ad- vertising and marketing fields. One avenue of this opportunity is provided through guest speakers who discuss topics in these fields with members. National Student Advertising Competition is an- other avenue of opportunity. This year the Kellogg Company sponsored the competition. Stu- 2. Advertising Club members: William Avani, Allison Brown, Mark Campbe Shannon Chandler, Jon Crawford, Betsy Cuthbert, John Dellenger, Mark Downs, Ste- phen Edmonson, Lewis Gissel, Alice Grant, Jon Habans, Todd HammeU, Holly Harris, William Johns, Danny Jue, Binky Kittle. Sandy Loper, Charlene Meadpr, Alan Me- lichar, Mike Mog, Michele Morphis, Julie Moss, Marie Murff, Melissa Pollock, Karen Quinn, Missy Rando, Carolyn Reno. Leah Shelton, Leanne Skinner, Greg Tidwell, Mi- chael Voland, George Walston, Martha Witt, Julius Young. dents were asked to develop a promotional plan to introduce a new cereal. The opportunities abound for those who have the vision, desire, and drive to make it happen. 1. Advertising Club officers: Michael Lam- pley-President, Blanche Brennan-Vice Pres- ident, Membership, Ida lupe-Vice President, Programs, Lynn Neville-Corresponding Sec- retary, Tim McNair-Recording Secretary, Jo Beth Crespino-Treasurer, Jack Tucker- Publicity Chairman. 324 ' Organizations Ken Ivey BACCHUS BACCHUS (Boosting Alcohol Consciousness Concerning the Health of University Students) is a national student organization with affiliated chapters at insti- tutions of higher education throughout the United States. Through education and activities designed to increase awareness of changing alcohol issues, BAC- CHUS advocates informed, inde- pendent decision-making and re- spect for the choice of abstinence. Ken Key 1. BACCHUS officers: Blake Brennen- President. Bucky Bass, Melamc Cunning- ham. Katelyn Kelly-Vice President BAC- CHL ' S members: Tom Horton. Kara Rawls. Angle Akin, Chnss Ell. Lisa Kerst. Donna Davenport. Came Carlson. Donna Traylor, Kim Libby. Tom Scales. John Dicd . Scott Austin. Rebecca Cook. Bill Stewart. Darren Furman. Phillip Bowman. Paul Owinn. Joe Pinson. Bari Fielder. Julie Tavoleti, Mitzi Craft. Suzanne Hasslnne. Anna Provence. Amy Darnell. Sabrina West. Beth Hobson. Michele Hagaman. Riley Stogner. Walker Wnght. Jennifer Harwood, Allison Jones. Samuel W ber, Tammy Fos. John Kinsey. Jeana Farrell, Wendy Granger. Larry Bran- xley. Tom Calhoun. Enc Epperson. Steven Gilbert. Chris Wells. Debbie Loner. Laura Dill. Lisa Smith, Tammy Smith. Lisa Lynch. Carol Williamson. Emily Ewing IHC The Inter-Hall Council (IHC) of- fers an opportunity for all res- idence hall students to partici- pate in monthly campus-wide activities. All residents are mem- bers of IHC, which is a governing body for all the residence hall councils, and are encouraged to lend their talents to its services and programs in the residence halls. IHC includes you and needs you!! 2. IHC members: From row (I to r) Jody Clme-President. Jim Pirnik-Vice President. Edie Douglas-National Communications Coordinator (NCC). Lynn Beard-Secretary. Bonnie Gideon-Advisor. Eric Blunslon. Back row (I to r) Linda Lucas. Twyla Hol- land. Chris Picket!. Keith Schepers. Charles Durant Organizations I 325 Brown Hall 1 Brown Hall, a three story fresh- man girls ' dorm, provides its res- idents with an environment that is filled with friendship and sup- port. Its size, roughly 250 people, is small enough where one does not feel lost in a crowd. Along with being conveniently located on campus, Brown offers its res- idents an enclosed, private sun deck. 1. Brown Hall Council (I to r): Allison Brc- land. Camille Davidson-Secretary, Stepha- nie Sanford. Brooke Anthony-President. An- gela Heard. Not pictured: Angenette Smith, LaTonya Taylor. Heather Johns-IHC Rep- resentative. Ken Ivey 2. Brown Hall Resident Advisors (1 to ): Vanessa Morgan-Ground Floor, Angie Thompson-Third Floor, Renae Robinson- Second Floor. Angie Tillman-Fiisl Floor. Stockard Martin Stockard Martin, commonly re- ferred to as " Towers " , are dorms which separately house freshman men and women. The two dorms are separated by a lobby which houses a convenience store and grill, and a computer room. One of the most popular freshman dorms, Stockard Martin contin- ues the tradition of providing its residents with freshman memo- ries that last a lifetime. 3. Stockard Martin Hall Resident Advisors: Leanna Range. Lisa Gillard, Winnye Wilks. Betty Boyles, Katrina F. Howard. Joanna Hernandez, Tonya Miller, Robin Foreman, Caroline Gautier, Carrie Shull. Russell Church, Reginald Turner, Ashwin Karamchandani. Hal Wood, Lloyd E. Dix- on, Darren Clark. John Cosby, Paul Hud- dleston. Shah Nagree. Bruce Bradshaw. r 326 Organizations Crosby Hall Crosby Hall, the largest women ' s dormitory on campus, boasts 10 floors with a kitchen TV lounge on each floor. New for the 1988- 89 school year. Crosby offers vid- eo machine and tape rentals. The hall council, resident advisors, and hall director work hard to provide a " home away from home " for each of its residents. To entertain its residents and to bring such a large group of girls together. Crosby sponsors such get-togethers as cookouts. Home- coming activities, and holiday parties. Crosby Hall residents are actively- involved in sports and organiza- tions throughout campus. Con- stantly striving to provide its res- idents with the most up-to-date services, Crosby Hall continues to be the place to be. r Ken lve I. Crosby Hall Council: Front silting (1 to r) Vickie Calamese. Myra Franklin-Secretary. Amy Haddad-Presidem. Beck; Neai. Leslie Peltis. Back row (I to r): Christina Wright, Monica Thomas. Virginia Mansel. Rene Cowan. Not pictured: Theresa Gillam-Vice President. 2. Crosby Hall Resident Advisors: Front row (1 to r) Lindsey Howell. Suzanne Sarbeck. Tracy Ross. Kimberly Leigh Roch, Vivian Collins. Back row (1 to r) Victoria Lawson. Beth Altazan. Bonnie Gibbs, Suzie Stuvee. Bernadette Kilgore, Sherron Plumber. Bitzie Hillery Ken h Organizations I 327 Section Editor: Sherri Prestridge Assistant Editor: Lisa Lynch iJ ' ! 328 I Classes Gteses Personalities for the rest of your life. The year of your graduation is a common bond which ties you with hundreds of fellow alumni. At freshman orientation you are thrown together as high school graduates from various regions. It is with these people that you spend hours in chemistry lab, accounting classes, and summer school, and slowly you become friends striving for a common goal. Finally you evolve into graduating seniors from the University of Mississippi. Classes I 329 ABBOTT, Kimberly.Covington, LA, Bus., M ABBOTT, Louis.Oxford, Eng., A ABEL, Alan.Cleveland, TN, Eng., 2n ABEL, Cameron.Oxford, Lib. Arts, K ADAMS, Angela.Okarche, OK, Pharm. ADEN, Barriejackson, Accy., h AM ALDERMAN, Tommy.Richland, Eng. ALEXANDER, Melony.Cteveland, Pharm. ALLEN, Julie.Brookhaven, Lib. Am, XI) AMISANO, Cynthia.Germantown, Lib. Arts, KA9 ANDERSON, Hugh.Okolona, Lib. Arts, KT ANDREINL Lisa,Memphis, Lib. Arts, IIB ANDREWS, Adam,Jackson, Lib. Arts ANDREWS, Charles,Clinton, LA, Eng., IX ANTHONY, Brooke.Sardis, Eng. APPEL, Anna.River Ridge, LA, Educ., KA9 AQUILJNL Khristain.Oxford, Bus. ARCHAMBAULT, Ann.St. Louis, MO, Lib. Arts, AT ARMSTRONG, Sarah.Hazelhurst, Lib. Arts, AT ARNOLD, John.Cleveland, Bus. ARNOLD, Mary.Madison, IL, Bus. ASKEW, PauIa.Crenshaw, Accy. AUSTIN, Scott.Madison, Lib. Arts, K2 BAER, Elizabeth, Metaine, LA, Lib. Arts BAILEY, Carolyn,Jackson, Lib. Arts BAILEY, Laura.Germanlown, Accy., KA6 BAINE, Rodney.Clarksdale, Bus., IIKA BAKER, Anneliesa.Tupelo, Lib. Arts BAKER, Ellen.Holly Springs, Lib. Arts, KA BAKER, Kristen.Vicksburg, Lib. Arts, AOH BAKER, Susan.Lcrna. IL, Bus. BAKUTIS. Kimberly,Jackson, Lib. Arts BALES, Michael.Ocean Springs, Lib. Ans BALL, Robbic.N. Carrollton, Educ. BARLOW, Chnstopher.Memphis, Bus., Ben BARNES, Alison.Clarksdale, Educ. BARNES, Lee,Jackson, Lib. Arts, K2 BARNES, Molly.Fairfax, VA, Lib. Arts BARRETT, James,Cruger, Eng. BARNETT, Mary .Jackson, Bus., XO BARTON, Wanda,Ethel, Law Ctr. BECK, Matthew.Iuka, Lib. Arts, 211 BEDWELL, WiUiam,Jackson, Lib. Arts, K2 BEEVERS, Dana.Jackson. Bus., M BEHM, Lauren.Germantown, Pharm., KA BELLFLOWER, Ruth. Springfield, TN, Accy., KA6 BENNETT, Michael.Southaven, Lib. Arts BENNETT, Traci.New Albany, Lib. Arts BERCH, Shelly.Hrookhaven. Pharm. BERGERON, Lori.Mandeville, LA, Bus., M BERRY, Lee.Florence, AL, Accy., KA BERRY, Stacie.Picayune, Lib. Arts BERTIN, aifford,New Orleans, Lib. Arts DIRGE, Nancy.FaUs Church, VA, Lib. Arts, KKT BISHOP, Amber.Kenner, LA, Lib. Arts BISHOP, MoUy.Germantown, Lib. Arts, AAH BLAHA, ElizabethJacksonviUe, NC, Lib. Arts, AOH BLANKE, Stacey.Metairie, LA, Lib. Arts, IIB BLANTON, Whitney,Dallas, Bus., OKA BLEAU, Emile.Gloucester, MA, Lib. Arts, KT BI.ISSARD, Amy, Holly Springs, Bus. BLUNTSON, Eric,Jackson, Bus. BODIFORD, Bronnie.Marietta, GA, Bus. BOLDT, Chad.Brentwood, TN, Bus. BOOKER, Carne.Metaine, LA, Eng. BORDEN, Georgia, Slidell. LA, Bus., XI! BOUCHER, Alisha.Southaven, Educ. BOUNDS, Holly.Newton, Lib. Arts, M BOUTWELL, William.Pascagoula, Accy., KT BOWLES, Sherry.Lambert, Lib. Arts, KKT BOYDEN, Kristen,Oxford, Lib. Arts BOYDEN, Jon.Oxford, Lib. Arts BRADDOCK, Gerald.Vicksburg, Bus., SN BRADLEY, Regina.Biloxi, Lib. Arts BRASWELL, Andrea.Morgan City, Educ., Xf) BROCK, Henry.Greenwood, Lib. Arts, K6 BRODOFSKY, Adam.Coila, Lib. Arts j 330 I Classes FRESHMEN BROOKS, Donald.CofTeeMlle. Bus. BROOKS, Jeana.Oxford. Pharm BROOKS, Marciejonesboro. AR. Lib. Arts, +M BROWN. Angie.HolUndale. Lib. Arts, OB BROWN, Barbara.Iuka. Aocy.. AT BROWN, BeverlvPascagoula. Bus . AT BROWN, Carok.Deiter, MO. Pharm. BROWN, Elizabeth.HumboMt. TN, Pharm.. AAH BROWN, Rebecca.Demon. TX, Aocy. BROWN, Sharon.Abbeville. Accy. BROWN, William.Nesbit. Bus.. X BRUNSON. Jo.Champaign. IL. Educ . ADD BRYANT, Patncia.Hemando. Lib. Arts BUCK, Margaret. Memphis. Lib. Arts BL FORD, Tangela. Water Valley. Bus. BULLEN. Kammie.McComb. Bus. BUNCH, Richard. W.lhamsburg. VA. Bus. BLRNHAM, James.Pascagoula. Lib. Arts, KT BURNHAM, Romne Jackson. Bus.. AAA BUSBY, Cherry.Belden, Lib. .Arts. M BUSBY, Kimberly.Oxford, Lib. Arts BUSH, Virginia, Clarksdilc. Pharm. BUTLER. Houston.Ocean Springs, Lib. Arts BYltO, WUUam.M tthews. NC. Bus. BYRNE, Susannah. Natchez. Lib. Arts. KA CAFFEY, Angela.Batesville. Bus. CALOWELL, Carolint.Shdell. LA, Bus., AT CALOWELL, Mary Franas.Columbus. Lib. Arts, AAA CALDWELL, William.Cary, NC, Lib. Arts CALTON, MicbeUe.Brandon, Educ., AAH CAMPBELL, La ' Keldra.Sardis. Accy. CAMPBELL, Mdiste.Batoo Rouge, Lib. Arts, KKT CARLISLE, Cand . Brandon. Educ., AMI C ARMICHAEL. Ketty.Martinsviue, IN, Bus., AAD CARPENTER, Chris. Wiggins, Lib. Arts, AT CARTER, Dcnvcr.Magee. Lib. Arts, ATD CAVEK, Russell. Vicksburg. Lib. Arts CAYSON, Sara.Pontoioc. Educ. CHANDLER. Stacv.Decatur. AL, Educ., M CHEN, TZE,Univemty. Eng. CHOW, Kong.L ' niversit . Bus. CLANTON, Kevin.Brandon. Bus. CLARK, Crlos.Bruce, Educ. CLARK, Dittnch.Baiesvilie. Pharm. CLAYBROOK, Charles Jackson. Bus., K2 COBB, Jason.norence. AL, Lib. Aru COLDrrZ, Cynthia,Carn nton. GA, Lib. Arts, M COLE, Xavier.North Biloxi. Pharm. COLEMAN, Uigh. Savannah, TN. Pharm., AT COLLINS, Jenmfer.Tampa. FL, Bus., SB COLLINS, Roben.Brenmood. TN, Bus., KZ CONOLEY, h-N .Orlando. FL. Lib. Am CONIGLIO, Camilla.Slidell.LV Lib. Arts COOK, Chip.Springfield, MO, Bus.. ATQ COOMER, Alice.Norcross, GA, Lib. Arts COOPER, Melissa,Gulfport, Educ. COOPER. MichaeLCovington, TN, Bus. COTIE, Tina. Wa eland. Lib. Arts, 4M COTTON, wmie.Clarksdale. Bus. COUTURE, Brent. Violet, LA, Accy., A COY, .Andy.Gloster. Lib. Arts, X COX, Ronald.Oxford. Bus. CRANE, John.Ointon. Pharm. CRJGLER, Juha.Huntsville. AL. Educ.. AAA CROLTHER, Rodney.CoUwater, Lib. Arts CUEVAS, Stephen.Bay St. Louis. Lib. Arts CURRIER, MartScott AFB. IL, Lib. Arts CUTRER, Canette.Covonglon, LA. Lib. Arts, AOH DANTONE, Renee.Greenville, Educ. DACRL Chnstina.Madison. TN. Lib. Arts Classes | 331 I DAVIS, Charles.Stewart, Lib. Arts DAVIS, Clifton.Quitman, Bus. DAVIS, Cynthia.Prairie, Lib. Arts DAVIS, Dwayne.Uurel, Lib. Arts DAVIS, Jennifer.Southaven, Educ. DAVIS, Michael.Jackson, Accy., Z E DAVIS, Phoebe.Jackson, Lib. Arts DAVIS, Sarah.McCarley, Bus. DAVIS, Susan, Rim r. Bus. DAVIDSON, Ellen.Tupelo, Accy. DE VERA, Monica.University, Lib. Arts DEMPSEY, Richard.Alexandria, VA, Accy., KZ DILL, Laura.Manchester, MO, Lib. Arts DILLARD, Rosemary.New Albany, Pharm., AT DISMUKE, Anna,Roswell, GA, Accy., AAII DIXON, Amanda. Braxton, Bus., AT DIXON, Antonctta.Jackson, Lib. Arts DIXON, Daniel, Florence. AL, Accy., KA DIXON, Jim.Germantown, Bus., IIKA DOBY, Erica.Pearlington, Pharm. DOLEY, John.Williamsburg, VA, Bus., KA DONOVAN, William.Sikeston, MO, Lib. Arts DORR, Zandra.Jackson, Lib. Ans DORRIETY, James.Gulfport, Bus., ATO DOTY, Beth.Nashville, Bus. DOWDEN, John.Waveland, Lib. Arts DRIVER, Ronnie.Eita, Educ. DUNAWAY, Laura,Gulfport, Lib. Arts, KKF DUNCAN, Douglas,Jackson, Lib. Arts EASTERWOOD, Lee.Magee, Lib. Arts, ATO ECHOLS, Ruth.Misenheimer, NC, Lib. Arts, AT EDWARDS, Michael.Sidon, Eng. EDWARDS, Richard.Dyer, TN, Bus., ATO ELLINGTON, Jo.Slidell, LA, Eng. ELLIS, Melissa.Midland, TX, Lib. Arts, KA ELLIS, Randi.Longview, TX, Bus., AAII EMERSON, Brooke.Dallas, Lib. Arts EVANS, Christina.Memphis, Lib. Arts, AAI1 EVANS, Amy.Dyersburg, TN, Bus., XQ EVANS, Merry Beth.French Camp, Lib. Arts EWING, Emily,Houston, TX, Bus., AT FAULK, Jolyon.Dover, MA, Lib. Arts FELTUS, Charles.Natchez, Bus., KZ FERGUSON, Chris.Birmingham, Bus., A6 FERGUSON, Christopher.Grenada, Eng. FERGUSON, Sean, Grenada, Eng. FILE, Tina,Pope, Accy., KKT FINNEGAN, Michael.University, Bus., ZH FISHER, Uland.Batesvillc, Lib. Arts FITZGERALD, Klaire.Dallas, Lib. Arts, IIB FLAHERTY, Justin.Saltillo, Lib. Arts, K FLEET, Angela.Olive Branch, Lib. Arts, IIB FLETCHER, Joshua, Indianola, Lib. Arts, KA FOREHAND, James.Madison, Lib. Arts FORTNER, Jennifer.Jackson, Accy., XQ FOSTER, Laura.Tupelo, Accy., KA FOUNTAIN, Audrey.Gautier, Bus. FOUSHEE, Suzanne.Jackson, Bus., XI) FRANCS, Shelle.Memphis, Educ. FRANKS, Helen.Shreveport, Lib. Arts, AAA FRANKS, Suzanne, Winona, Lib. Arts, AOH FREEMAN, Regina.Jackson, Lib. Arts, HB4 FRATESI, Kalherine.Greenville, Pharm. FULGHAM, William,Jackson, Accy., Z E GADBERRY, Thomas.Sikeston, MO, Accy. GADDO, Andrea.Belden, Educ. GAINES, Chelsea, Picayune, Bus. GAMBLE, Mehssa,Montgomer , AL, Bus., XI! G AMM AGE, Tonya, Benoil, Lib. Arts GARDNER, Albert.River Ridge, LA, Bus., Ben GARNER, Brooks.Belden, Bus. GARRETT, Josh.Batesville, Pharm. GARRISON, Phyllis.Byhalia, Lib. Arts GARTIN, Ronald.Hot Springs, AR, Lib. Arts GATEWOOD, Sherry, Pelahatchie, Bus. GATWOOD, Stacy, Warner Robins, GA, Lib. Arts, KA GAUDRY, Jennifer.Savannah, GA, Lib. Arts.HB ft ' i 332 I Classes FRESHM EN GENTRY, Stephanie, Hermitage. TN, Lib Ans GEORGE. Karenjackson, Pharm GEX Joseph.Bay Si Louis. Lib Am CILI.fc.SPIK, Mehssa.Oxford, Pharm GILPIN, Carey .Housion. TX, Lib Ans. A GLOVER, Tan a, Jackson. Lib Ans GOLL, Naef.Arabi, LA, Lib. Arts GOMBAR, Am .Basking Ridge, NJ. Educ . AOII GOOCH, Teresajackson. Lib Arts GOODEN, Rochelle.CTarksdale, Pharm. GORDON, Deborah.Balesville, Lib Arts GORDON, Kimbertye.Okolona, Pharm , M GRAHAM, Manha.Memphis, Educ.. KA GRANT, Jason. Dallas. Bus , M GREAVES, Grcta.Madison, Lib. Arts GRECO, Bnan.Greenwell Springs. LA, Lib. Ans GREER, Stacyjackson, Bus , KA GRIFFIN, Shelia.Kosciusko. Lib. Ans GRIFF1S, Mitty.San Angelo, TX, Lib. Ans. KKP GRIFFITH, James,Oinlon, Lib. Arts, 11 GRIMES, Juhe.Fulton. Lib. Ans, M GR1NALDS, Elizabeth,Scarcy, AR, Lib. Arts GR1SBAL M, Gevin.Metairie, LA, Lib. Ans GR1ZZARD, Whilney.Germantown. Educ., AAA CUCCIONE, Joseph.Mcuirie, LA. Lib. Arts, X+ GUILLEN, Javier.Honduras, Lib. Arts HAAG, Holley.Gretna, LA, Bus. HADAD. Holley.Vicksburg, Lib. Ans, HALE, Sberby.Byhalia. Educ. HALL, Bnan. Fairfax. VA, Lib. Arts, A HARJKINS, Douglas.Jactson. Lib. Arts, A Til HARRIS, Hayden. Nashville. Lib. Ans, XQ HARRIS, Sbelia.Mound Bayou. Accy. HARRIS, Sonhi.Grcnada, Lib. Ans HARRIS, Troy.Biloxi, Ub. Arts, S+E HARRISON, Amy.Grcnada, Lib Arts HARRISON, Kate.Forrest City, AR, Lib. Ans, M HARTLEY, James.Nalchez. Bus., KZ HATHCOCK, Siac . Brandon. Educ., M HAVEN, Dana.Forrest City, AR, Bus., KA HAYES, Katherine.Matairie, LA, Educ., AAA HAYES, Laura-Lucia. Baion Rouge. Lib. Arts, KA HAYNES, AIvin,Bar1dos, Eng. HAYNES, Shelly.Baldwyn, Lib. Arts, AAH HAYS, Jeffrey.Springfield, MO, Bus., KI HAYS, Jennifer ,St. Louis, MO, Educ., AAH HEAD, Chantelle.Nashville, Accy., AAH HEALY, Memll.Macon. Lib. Arts, I1KA HEARD, Angela. Planicrsville. Lib. Arts HEBERT, Stephen. Baion Rouge, Lib. Arts, SX HE1N, Stacy. Brandon. Bus. HEM.MINGS, Roben.Millington. TN, Bus. HENDERSON, Doris,Oiford, Accy. HENDERSON, EnU.Tunica. Pharm. HENSON, John.Greenwood, Bus., A8 HEARD, Tonya,Chark ttc, NC, Bus. HERHON, Kathy.BatesvUk, Lib. Ans HIATT, Caroline. Baton Rouge, Lib. Arts, KA HICKMAN, Chris,Barring1on, 1L, Lib. Arts, ATO HIGH, Kelly .Slidell, LA, Law Qr., AT HILBERT, Daye.Metairie, LA, Bus. HILBL N. Parker.Tupelo. Bus., XQ HILL, Alison. Devon. England. Educ. HOBBS, Holly.Collierville, TN, Bus., AAH HODGES, Kenya,Oxford, Accy. HODGES, Melanie.BatesviUe, Accy. HOLMAN, Scon.Jack.son. Bus., KI HOLMES, ClifTJackson, Bus. HOOKER, Gregory Jackson, Lib. Arts HOVAS, Donald.Kalmichael, Pharm. Classes I 333 i HOVAS, Todd.KJlmichael, Phanm. HOWELL, Jacqueline.University, Educ., AAA HOWARD, Richard.Lake Providence, LA, Bus., HKA HOVE, Monica.Decatur. AL. Pharm. HUBBARD. Virginia.Jackson, Bus.. XI) HUDNALL, K.imberly,Mcridian, Lib. Arts HUDSON, JefTrey.Jackson, Bus., IIKA HUFFORD, Jennifer.Marion, OH, Accy. HULL, Brian.Tupelo, Bus. HULL, Genevieve.Meridian, Lib. Arts, AAA III MKKY, Jennifer.Hixson, TN, Bus. HUMPHREY, Verna,Fayette, Lib. Arts HUNT, Tammy.Brooksville, FL. Bus., KA6 HUNTER, Tracey.Columbia. TN, Lib. Ans HURST, Stacey.Southaven, Pharm. HUX, Elizabeth.Sikeston, MO, Bus., AMI HYDE, Patrick.Eupora, Bus., ZN HYER, Ban.Hollandalc. Lib. Arts, KT IMWOLD, Tracy.Tallahassee, FL. Lib. Arts, AAI1 JACKSON, Gray,Jackson, Bus. JACKSON, Jennifer.Brandon, Bus., AT JACKSON, Michael.Brandon, Bus., IIKA JACKSON, R.L.,Covington, TN, Bus., KZ JAMES, Tamala.Oxford, Bus. JANUS, Jay.Ocean Springs, Lib. Arts JENKINS, Felicia.Hattiesburg, Lib. Arts JENKINS, JefTrey.Hernando, Bus. JENKINS, Tony.Oxford, Eng. JERNIGAN, Sarah. Hcrnando. Lib. Arts, AAA JOHNS, Heather.Clinton, Lib. Am JOHNSON, Anthony.Prairie, Eng. JOHNSON, Catherine.Booneville, Lib. Arts JOHNSON, James.Bowling Green, KY, Lib. Arts JONES, Donald. Poplar Bluff. MO, Lib. Arts JONES, Elizabeth.Grenada, Educ., AT JONES, Heather.Covington, LA, Lib. Arts, KA6 JONES, Jacqueline.Oxford, Bus. JONES, Kenneth.Mabem, Lib. Arts JONES, Lisa.Clinton, Lib. Arts, M JONES, Rhonda.Memphis, Educ., KKT JOHNS, Tracijackson, Accy., KA6 JORDAN, Jacqueline.Columbia, Bus., KAH JORDAN, KJmberly.Corinth, Educ., AOn JUE, Debbie, Indianola, Pharm. JUENGEL, Stewart,Helena, AR, Bus., ZI1 KAKALES, Libbie.Oxford, Lib. Arts KAMM AN. John.Vicksburg, Lib. Arts, AID KEEN, Michael, Redwood. Lib. Arts KELLER, Enc.Saraloga. CA, Bus., ATQ KELLY, ( ilcn.Biloxi. Lib. Ans KELLY, Jeny.Gulfport, Bus. KEMP, Jonathan. Deslin. FL, Lib. Arts KENNAMORE, Kristy,Adamsville,TN,Lib.Arts, AOH KERN, Geribeth.Gulfport, Bus. KHAW, Fook,University, Eng. KHONG, Steven.University, Eng. KIDD, Allan. New Albany, Bus. KITCHENS, Kakijane.Iuka, Lib. Arts. AT KITCHENS, Leigh.Utica, Educ. KLAUS, Jcssica.Saugci. IL, Lib. Am, MB KLAYMAN, Debra.Atlanta, Lib. Arts KOHLER, Erik.Bloomington, IN. Bus., 4 KT KOLOMS, Shawn.Wilmette, IL. Educ. LACEY, Andrew.Mobile, AL, Bus., ZX LADNER, Amy.Lumberton, Lib. Arts I.ADNKR, Hallio.Ncdcrland. TX, Eng., KA6 I.AINK. Leslie.Slidell, LA, Lib. Arts, KAH LAIRD, Sydney .Simsbury, CT, Lib. Arts LAMBERT, Andree.Kenner, LA, Educ., AOn LAMPMAN, Mitchell. Houston. TX, Bus., IN LANDRETH, Terry.Grant, AL, Bus. LANE, Chnstma, Brandon. Lib. Arts, KAB LANKFORD, Malone, Little Rock, Lib. Arts, XQ I.ARROt X. Jean.Bay St. Louis. Bus., KZ LAVANDER, Michelle.Memphis, Lib. Arts, ADD LAWRENCE, Tosha.Biloxi. Lib. Arts LEATHERS, Julie.Olive Branch, Bus. i 334 | Classes FRESHMEN LEDBETTER. JohnnvManelta. GA. Bus. LEE, Sara. Madison. Lib. Ans LEWIS, Amanda.Vicksburg, Lib. Ans LEW IS, Mary. Water Valley. Educ LEYSER, John.Pass Chnsiian. Bus . KI UNDSEV, Jenmfer.Harrisburg. IL. Accy LISOWSKL Peier.Tabb. VA. Lib. Arts LOFLJN, Daniel. Yazoo City. Bus LOGGINS, Carla.KjImichael. Lib. Arts LOH. Lai. University, Bus. LOHRMANN, Jeffrey Jackson. Bus. LONG. Lance.Nashville. Educ. LOTT, Angela,Kalmichael, Bus. LOLTFI, Lila.Richmond. VA. Lib. Arts. HB LOWE, Amy. Oxford. Bus.. XQ LYLES, Raquel.Kevil. KY. Lib. Arts LYNCHARD, Daryl.Milton. FL. Accy. LYONS, Barbara. Water Valley. Pharm. MADRID, Andrea. Brandon. Lib. Arts MAGEE, Antela.Mendenhall. Lib. Arts. AT MAGEE. Marsha. Prenuss. Lib. Arts. KA MAR Dorann.Lake Village. AR. Bus. MALLETTE. James,Killen, AL. Lib. Arts. KA MALLOY, LyleXlarksdale. Bus.. A8 MALONE. Paula.Ohve Branch. Lib. Arts MALOL ' F, EncJackson. Lib. Arts MANSOOR. Anthony Jackson. Bus.. KA MARGIOTTA, Mark. Bay St. Louis. Pharm.. X+ MARSCHEWSU. Julie.LitUe Rock. Lib Ans. ITB+ MARSH, Eliiabeih.Jack.son. Educ.. AAA MARSHALL, Angela.DaJlas. Lib. Arts MARTIN, JOHN.Gulfpon. Bus.. IX MARTIN, Stephanie. Indianola. Bus.. AT MASK, Jerry Jackson. Bus. MATHEW ' S, Mary.Tupeto, Bus.. AAA MATHIS. Debra.Holly Spnngs. Educ. MATTHES, Celma.Madison. Lib. Arts MAY, Matthew.Germamown. Accy. MA TIELD. Jody.Etla. Lib. Ans MCCAL ' LEY, Jennifer.Germantown. Lib. Ans. XQ MCCREAVE, Sean.Oxford, Lib. Arts MCDONOUGH. Kate.Vidalia. LA. Lib. Arts, KA MCELROY, Beth.Columbia, Lib. Arts, AT MCGEE, Kevm.Brandon. Bus., IN MCGEE, Rebeccajackson. Lib. Arts, XQ MOGLOW AN. AngeU.Oxford, Lib. Ans MCGONAG1U, Philhp.Calhoun City. Bus. MCGREGOR. Cindy.Oxford, Educ. MCKEE, Carla.Lauderdile. Lib. Ans MCKENZIE, Robyn.Florencc. AL. Lib. Arts, +M MCNEAL. Joseph. Vancleave. Bus MCNEIL. Comelius.Oiford, Educ. MCRANEY. CharlesJackson. Lib. Arts MCREYNOLDS, Maryjackson. Lib. Arts MCW1LUAMS, Mary.Haalhunt, Pharm.. Ml MICHEL, Cymhia.Munsier. IN. Lib. Arts. AAH MILAM, Kennethjackson. Bus.. KA M1LBLRN. Angela. Natchez. Bus.. M MILLER, Fredenc.Shrevepon. Bus.. ID MILLER, Jeanie.Eupora, Lib. Arts MILLER. Mci.nda. Monroe. LA. Bus.. M MILLER. Naulic. Baton Rouge. Lib. Arts. KA MILLER. Whitney.Memphis, Lib. Arts. AAA MINOR. Jason. Allen. TX. Bus. MINOR. Margaretjackson. Lib. Ans, AAA MITCHAM, Michelle.Monroe. LA, Bus MITCHELL, Carolyn.Nalchez, Lib. Arts, AT MITCHELL, Dee.Umversjty. Lib. Arts MITCHELL, Jennipber.Eupora, Lib. Arts, M MITCHELL. Lisa.Greenville, Lib Ans. AAA Classes I 335 i MITCHELI, Melisa.Summit, Pharm. MITCHELL, Michael, Brandon, Lib. Arls MITCHELL, Robert, Memphis, Lib. Arts MITCHELL, Stacey.Shalimar, FL, Bus. MOLITOR, Rebecca.Marinette, Wl, Bus MOMEN, Hasib.Bangladesh, Eng. MONTAGNA, Anthony, Englewood Clfs., NJ. Lib. Arts, KT MONTGOMERY, James.Louin, Lib. Arts MOODY, Zandra.Laurel, Lib. Arts MOORE, Andrew.Louisvilie, Lib. Arts MOORE, Eone.Senatobia, Lib. Arts, AAA MOORE, Jennifer.Carthage, Educ., M MOORE, Lisa.Yazoo City, Lib. Arts MOORE, William.Bruce, Lib. Arts MORGAN, Allyson.Memphis, Accy., AAII MORGAN, Louanne.Eupora, Bus. MORGAN, Nicki.Graysville, AL, Lib. Arts MORLEY, Karin.Jackson, Educ., AAM MORRIS, Slacy.Russellville, KY, Pharm., KAW MOYSE, Allison.Baton Rouge, Lib. Arts, IIH MYERS, Charles. Yazoo City, Educ. MYERS, Erin.Jackson, Educ., XS1 NAPPA, Brenda.Lynnfield, MA, Bus., AOI1 NEILL, Meredith, Birmingham, Lib. Arts, M NETHERO, Sandra.Climon, Bus. NEWELL, Ainsworth.Metairie, LA, Lib. Arts, KAe NEWELL, Ferris.Paducah, KY, Lib. Arts, AAA NICHOLS, Harold.Lexinglon, Lib. Arts, KA NISHIOA, Miyako.University NIX, Jack.Greenwood, Bus., X NIX, Jerry.Bruce, Lib. Arts NIX, Johneen.Tupelo, Lib. Arts NIXON, Sheriee.Ocean Springs, Bus. NOE, Ernest.Clarksdale, Educ. NORED, Elizabeth.Greenwood, Bus., KA NORMAN, Sara.Batesville, Educ. OAKES, Arden.Brandon, Lib. Arts, KA OLIVE, Frederick.Woodville, Lib. Arts ONSTOTT, Daphne.Fairfield, 1L, Lib. Arts OTTING, Bernadette.Dunnellon, FL, Bus. OVERSTREET, Kimberly.Brandon, Lib. Arts, Al ' OWENS, Misty.Crossett, AR, Pharm., M PAIGE, Shawn.Lumberton, Bus. PAN, Peter.University, Bus. PARKER, David.Mendenhall, Bus.. KT PARKER, Richard.Jackson. Bus., 4 A6 PARKER, Sandra.McHenry, Lib. Ans, AA1I PARKS, Joanne.New Albany, Bus., HIM ' PARKS, Shawn.Jonesboro, AR, Bus. PARRISH, JelTrey.Counce, TN, Lib. Arts PARSON, Kandy.Franklin, TN, Lib. Arts, AOI1 PARSONS, Clint.Tulsa, OK, Lib. Arts PATE, Lauren.Canlon, Lib. Arts, KA PATE, Velsie.Universily, Lib. Arts PEACOCK, Donald.Millington, TN, Eng. PEATROSS, Allison.Shreveport, Educ., KA PECK, Nancy.Florence, AL, Bus., M PEELER, Trey.Amory, Bus., KS PEOPLES, Marcus.Oxford, Bus. PERKINS, Angela.Memphis, Lib. Arts, KKF PERKINS, Joseph. Marks. Bus. PERKINS, Shelaine.Anguilla, Lib. Arts, AP PERRY, Monica.Gulfport, Lib. Arts, AAA PETTIS, Leslie.Oxford, Bus., X(l PHILLIPS, Deidra.Oxford, Lib. Arts PHILLIPS, James.Ripley, Eng., I ' K ' I PHILLIPS, Leslie.Shreveport, Educ.. M PICKETT, Lisa.Delray Beach, FL PIQUE, Joely.Gautier, Lib. Arts POE, Michael.Brentwood, TN, Bus. PRATHER, Monica.Corinth, Bus., AAA PRESTON, Daniel.Martinsville, VA, Bus. PRIVETT, Melissa.Nashville, Lib. Arts PRYOR, Lee.Kingwood. TX, Lib. Arts. KAB PUCKETT, Lee.Jackson, Bus. QLJ, Xianting.University, Bus. Ul All), Alison, Baton Rouge, Educ., KA I 336 I Classes A 4f% FR ESHM EN RATUFF. SneUa.KilmichaeI, Bus. RAY, Morgan,Atnens. AL, Eng. Z RAYMOND, Usa.Floreiice. Lib. Arts REED, Russell.MS Slate. MS. Bus. REESE, Lelitia,Montgornery, AL, Bus . KA REID, Joseph.Batesville, Lib. Arts, IIKA RE1LLY, Renee.Mctaine, LA. Pham. RICHARDSON, Ptul.Winona, Lib. Am RICHMOND, Casoodra.Byhalia, Acc . RISK. Michael.Mendian. Bus., +A8 R1SHER, Daine.Newton. Accy.. M RIVES. Mason.University, Bus. BOBBINS. Amanda,Oxford. Pharm. ROBERSO.N, MichaeUackson. Lib Arts ROBERTS, Jenny.Memphis, Educ., XB ROBERTS, Ricque.Greenlown, IN, Aocy. ROBERTS, Sean,New Orleans, Lib. Arts ROBERTS, Thurman.Grayson, LA, Accy., KT ROBERTSON, KJmberty.Monon, Pharm.. M ROBERTSON, Robi.New Albany, Lib. Aits ROBERTSON, Tina,Soulhaven, Lib. Aits ROBINSON, Anlbony.Nesbit, Bui. ROSE. Laurie.Philadelphia, Lib. Ans, KA ROL ' SE, Ronald.Philaddphi. Lib. Ans ROWLEY, ChnstopbCT.Sandy Hook. Lib. Aiu RL ' DLOFF, Andrea milhs Grove. KY. Lib. Ans, KKT RUSHING, Debr,Monon, Lib. Ans, AAH RUSHING, Tooi.Kilmichad, Lib. Ans RUTLAND, Junes,Oiford, Bus.. KI RYALS, Lis,Meuiric, LA, Pbarm., OB VAN, Oscar Jackson. Lib. Arts SAHAY, LaravAlpharetu, GA, Eng. SAIN, Jcaquehne, Memphis, Lib. Arts SALASSL, Carol.New Orleans, Bus.. HB SAMPLE, AUisoo,Tuscumbi, AL. Lib. Arts, SB SA.NFORD, Angda,CourUan l. Lib. Arts SANFORD. Siephanie.Counlaod, Lib. Arts SAUNDERS. Sandra.Metairie. Lib. Arts SAWYER, Jasoo.Mattoon, IL, Bus., N SCALES, Joceryn,Holly Springs, Eng. SCHAEFFER, Frederick.Memphis, Bus., A8 SCHMIDT, Christopber.Pass Christian. Bus., SCHWEERS, Susan,Germanlown, Bus., AAD SCOTT, Evelyn,Shrevepon, Educ. SCOTT, Jana,Tupeto, Lib. Arts. KKT SCOTT, Jwnnic Jackson. Lib. Arts SCOTT, Kathy.Quiunan, Lib. Arts SCOTT, Lisa,Meridian, Lib. Arts, AAA SCOTT, Shune,Tallulah, LA. Pharm., AAA SCOTT, Terri.SlioeU, LA, Lib. Arts SEDLECKY, Patricia,University, Lib. Arts SENKO, Jason. Woodville, Bus., KA SEWXLL, Jeanna,Pontotoc, Pharm., KA8 SEYMOUR, Shannon.Houston, TX, Lib. Arts, AQn SHAW, Susan. Florence. Pharm. SHEFFIELD, DYANNA outhaven, Pharm., AAII SHEPHERD, Lucile.Montgomery, AL, Bus., KA SHERMAN, Jusun.Baiesville. Lib. Arts SHING, Patricia,CTarksdale, Accy. SHOEMAKE, James,Bruce, Bus. SIMMONS, Pamela. BeUeviUe. lab. Arts. KKT SIMPSON, Charlotte.Oxford, Lib. Arts SIMPSON, Dawn.Ashland, Bus. SINGLETON, Janna.Fk yds Knobs. IN, Eng., KA9 SKILUNGS, Heatber.Germanlown. Lib. Arts, KA SMITH, Angeneue.Coldwater, Lib. Ans SMITH. Dana.Poplar Bluff, MO, Pharm. SMITH, Don,K.osciusko. Lib. Arts, OKA SMITH, James,Batesville, Lib. Arts SMITH, Jenmfer.Memphis, Lib. Arts, I1B Classes I 337 i SMITH, Jim.Pattison, Lib. Arts SMITH, Kate.Flowood, Accy. SMITH, Lana.Gautier, Bus., KA SMITH, Laurie.Jackson, Bus., AT SMITH, Leslie.Memphis, Bus. SMITH, Lisa.Oxford, Lib. Arts SMITH, Mary.Abbeville, Lib. Arts SMITH, Patrick.Charleston, Lib. Arts SMITH, Rishea.Shreveport, Lib. Arts SMITH, Shannon. Southaven. Accy. SMITH, Thomas.Fort Worth, TX, Lib. Arts, 211 SMITH, Trina.Holly Springs, Lib. Arts SNYDER, Vicki, Water Valley, Pharm. SOLBERG, Robert.Southaven, Bus., ATO SOLOMAN, Amy.Hattiesburg, Lib. Arts, Xfl SOUGERON, Danielle.New Orleans, Lib. Arts SPANN, Stephanie.Jonesboro, AR, Bus. SPIERS, Alan.Picayune, Lib. Arts SPROLES, Staccy.Byhalia, Lib. Arts, M STAFFORD, Donette.Crossett, AR, Lib. Arts STARNES, Derek.Oxford, Pharm. STASIULIS, Paul.Southaven, Eng. STEEG, David.New Orleans, Lib. Arts STENNETT, Denise.Vicksburg, Lib. Arts, AMI STEPHENSON, Gwyn.Memphis, Lib. Arts, AAA STEVENS, Leila.Birmingham, Lib. Arts, AAA STEWART, Christian.Oxford, Bus. STEWART; Robert.Southaven, Lib. Arts STICKLEY, Holly.Starkville, Lib. Arts, AMI STOUDER, William, Metaine, LA, Bus., B6H STRINGER, Wendy.Crystal Springs, Lib. Arts, AT STROUP, Jennifer.New Orleans, Lib. Arts SWINDALL, Lawrence.Aberdeen, Bus. SWINDOLL, Whitney,Hernando, Pharm. TANNEHILL, Rhea.Umon. Lib. Arts, +A TATUM, Stacie.Oxford, Lib. Arts TAYLOR, Jennifer.Lexington, KY, Lib. Arts, KKT TAYLOR, Latonya, Walls, Lib. Arts TEASLEY, Kevin.Kosciusko, Accy., HKA TEDFORD, Launc.Lyon, Bus. TEICHE RT, Joey.Pearl, Lib. Arts, K2 THARPE, Laurie.Madison, Lib. Arts, XO THIGPEN, Tate,Jackson, Bus., ZN THOMAS, Patrick.Bolton, Lib. Arts THOMAS, Vikki.Carthage, Lib. Arts, KA THOMPSON, Ashley.Jonesboro, AR, Lib. Arts, M THOMPSON, Lisa.Batesville, Pharm. THORNTON, Faith.Coldwater, Lib. Arts, AAA THRASH, Ann, Virginia Beach, VA, Lib. Arts TICKLE, Heidi.Metairie, LA, Lib. Arts, KA8 TILL, Kimberly.Natchez, Bus., M TOWERY, Courtney.Indianola, Lib. Arts, AAA TOWNSEND, Dennis,Vicksburg, Lib. Arts TRAMMELL, Cynthia.Gulf Shores, AL, Bus. TRAVIS, Joc.Brandon. Bus., I E TRAYLOR, Bradley. Kcnncr. LA, Educ., ZFI TRICE, Edgar.Shannon. Bus. TUBBS, Michelle.Oxford, Educ. TURBERVILLE, David, Brandon. Pharm. TURNER, Tammie.Fayette, Pharm. TURSHEN, Rebekah, Columbia. TN, Lib. Arts TVER, Andrew.Helena, AR, Lib. Arts, A TYLER, Robert.Bnice, Accy. URQUHART, Stephanie.Corinth, Bus., KKF UTER, Kristen.Baton Rouge, Lib. Arts, KA i 338 I Classes Melanie Buntvn FRESHMEN VALUER. Raymond.Dre. Lib. Ans VANEMST, Marietl.Univenity. Bus. VARNEY, Metfe.Brandon. Lib. Art . E VAUGHN, Am .Abbeville. Lib. Am VAUGHN. Angela.Abbeville. Lib. Ans VAUGHN, Karen.Paducah. KY. Accy.. AOn VEGA, ChadJey.Heidelberi, Lib. Am VINSON, Sharronjacfcson. Lib. Am VIRTUE, Dee.Memphis. Lib. Am. AOn VOLUNTINE, Heather.Fon Worth. TX. Educ.. AAU VON HOVEN, Tem.Kenner. LA. Lib. Am. AAH WADLEY, Demck,O ford. Lib. Ans WALKER, David.Memphis. Lib. Am. I E WALKER, Shiriey.Vicksburt, Lib. Am WALKER. Wilhe.Leland. Bus. WALLACE, Amy.Laurel. Lib. Am. AAA WALLACE. Fred.Brandon. Lib. Am. K+ WALLACE. Kcllc .Bowling Green. KY. Lib. Am. KAO WALLER. Jenmfer.CIarksdale. Lib. Am WALLS, Marsha.Holly Springs. Lib. Am WALTERS. BrenUackson. Bus.. HKA WALTERS, Kelly.San Ramon. CA. Lib. Am. AT WALTHALL, Jennifer.Hunstville. Bus. WARD, dna.Abbevillc. Accy. WARD, Joanna,Stockton. GA. Aocy.. XQ WARNER. Ann,Centralia, IL. Lib. Am. AT WASYLINA, Timothy. BalesviUe. Pharm. WATKINS, Kimberly.Tallahassee. FL, Lib. Am. KA W ATKINS. Wilham.Jackson. Bus. WATSON. Roy.Taytor. Lib. Am WATTS, Lauren.Raymond. Lib. Arts. +M WEA TR, Ten Jackson. Lib. Am. AAH WEBB, Regina.Paris. Educ. WEEMS, Richard. Winona. Bus. WEERASINGHE, Don,University, Bus. WELBORN, Ma rk. Augusta. GA. Bus.. K2 WELDON, Jeremy.Clarksdale, Lib. Am WELSH. Curtis.Gautier, Bus., S E WERBY. Mar .Gulfport, Lib. Am. KKT WESLEY, Yoianda.Cleveland. Lib. Am WESSON, Casey. Birmingham. Lib. Arts. AAA WEST, AdriaruCharlotte, NC. Bus. WEST, Raymond.FloreDC. Lib. Arts WHITE, Dana, Dun woody. GA. Lib. Arts WHITE, Kristina.Savannah, GA. Lib. Arts, K AS WHITE, Stacy.Taytorsville. Bus WHITE, William.Taylorsville. Eng. WHITE, William_Atlanta. Lib. Arts. K2 W1LBORN, KJmberly.Melboume. FL. Educ. WILCOX, Lou Ann,Cordova, TN. Bus., KA6 WILDER, Kimberly.Bowling Green, K.Y. Lib. Arts, KA WILDER, James. West. Lib. Arts WILKINSON, John.Carthage. Lib. Am WILKINSON, Pene.Oxford, Bus. WILLARD, Elizabeth.Oarksdale. Accy. KKT WILLIAMS, Amy.Hemando, Lib. Am WILLIAMS, Angelajackson. Lib. Am. M WILLIAMS, Anhur.Olive Branch. Eng. WILLIAMS, Beth.Ailanta. Educ., AAA WILLIAMS, Dana,Flint, TX, Lib. Arts WILLIAMS, Elizabethjackson, Lib. Arts, AAA WILLIAMS, Hayley.Meridian, Lib. Arts, KA WILLIAMS, Heather.Florence, Lib. Arts. AAH WILLIAMS, John.Laurel, Lib. Arts, KA WILLIAMS, Leigh.Brandon. Bus.. AOn WILLIAMS. Michael.Germantown. Bus.. KA WILLIAMS. Rogerjackson. Accy.. K+ WILLIAMS. Stacy.Coldwater. Lib. Arts WILLIAMSON, JamesTylenown. Lib. Am. ATQ WILLIAMSON, Katherine. Meridian. Pharm.. M Classes I 339 I WILLIAMSON, Linda,Paducah, KY, Bus. WILSON, Jacqueline.Batesville, Lib. Arts WILSON, Kimberly.Lauderdale, Lib. Arts WILSON, Platte.Vicksburg, Bus., AAA WILSON, Russell.Cunningham, TN, Lib. Arts WINKLER, Bryon.Arnold, MO, Bus. WIYGUL, Frank,Greenville, SC, Lib. Arts, S E WOO, Daisy.Bclzoni, Lib. Arts WOOD, Kathcrinc.Nashville, Lib. Arts, KA6 WOODWORTH, Benjamin.Germantown, Lib. Arts WOOTEN, Lisa.University, Accy. WORK, Tammy.Potts Camp, Lib. Arts WRAY, Ueanne.Memphis, Bus., AAA WRIGHT, Bessie.Grenada, Bus. WU, Hoi.University, Eng. YASINE, Hassan.Greenville, SC, Accy., KT YAWN, Laurie.Baton Rouge, Accy., AT YEAGER, Knstian.Cleveland. Bus., KAH YEMELOS, Cassandra.Manalapan, FL, Lib. Arts, AOII YOUNG, John.New Orleans, Lib. Arts., YOUNG, Reba.Bruce, Lib. Arts, AOH i 340 I Classes Steve 1 Amanda King I Classes I 341 i ARRON, Charles.Hemando, Lib. Arts ABBOTT, James.Indianola, Bus., A8 ADAMS, Christi.Kosciusko, Lib. Arts, AOH ADAMS, Leigh.Birmingham, Lib. Arts, M ADAMS, Michael, University, Bus., KT AFEMAN, Susan, Baton Rouge, Educ., Xi! AGNE, Phyllis.Anna, IL, Lib. Arts, AOH ALBONETTI, Haley.Bartlett, TN, Bus. ALFANO, Thomas.San Antonio, TX, Lib. Arts, ZN ALLBRTTTON, Christopher.Fulton, MO, Eng., KT ALLEN, Abigail.AJex City, AL, Lib. Arts, HE ALLEN, Kelly.Corinth, Pharm., AOH ALLEN, Leigh.Jackson, Educ., KKT ALTAZAN, Beth.Baton Rouge, Lib. Arts AMMANN, Dennis,Mendenhall, Bus. ANDERSON, Olen.Perkinston, Lib. Arts ANDERSON, Taraatha.Clinton, Educ. ARNOLD, Nino.Madison, IL, Eng. ARORA, Tarun.Calcutta, India, Eng. ASKEW, Calvin.Crenshaw, Lib. Arts BADGETT, Melissa,Taylor, Lib. Arts, KA6 BAKER, Berri.Batesville, Lib. Arts BARKER, Lori.Monroe, LA, Accy. BARNES, Lawton.Madison, Lib. Arts, ZH BARNES, Nancy.Dearborn, MI, Bus. BARRETT, Leigh.Aberdeen, Accy. BARRETT, Lynn,Aberdeen, Bus., AOH BARRETT, Mark.Cordova, TN, Bus., ZN BASS, James.Lumberton, Lib. Arts, KZ BEARD, Lynn.Lauderdale, Accy., AAH BEASLEY, Missey.Columbia, Bus., AT BEI.K. Wilham.Indianola. Bus., AH BENIGNO, Tina.Kenner, LA, Lib. Arts, AOH BENNETT, Karla,Houston, Bus. BENNETT, Richard.Clinton, Bus., ATO BENTON, Antonnio.Kosciusko, Lib. Arts, A A BINGHAM, MeIissa,Collierville, Bus., AT BIRDSONG, Brenda,Winona, Accy. BLAIR, Carroll.Columbus, Bus., X!) BOBB, Mary.Holly Springs, Lib. Arts, AT BOGGAN, Matthew.Kilmichael, Phann. BOIE, Tracy,Anna, IL, Lib. Arts, AOH BOLEN, Lori.BoonevUle, Pharm. BOND, Robert, Dallas, Bus., ZN BONDS, Jessica,Oxford, Lib. Arts BONDS, Susan. Houston. Bus., AT BOOCK, Stacy.Amory, Educ. BOUTWELL, Matthew.Petal, Eng. BOUTWELL, Sharon.Petal, Accy. BOX, Tracy.Flora, Lib. Arts, KA6 BOYCE, Virginia,aarksdale, Bus., XB BOYLES, Betty.University, Educ. BOZEK, Thomas. University. Eng. BRADLEY, Marshall.Senatobia, Pharm. BRANDT, Allan, Houston, TX, Bus., A6 BRENNAN, Maureen, Clinton, Lib. Arts BREWER, Christine.Metairie, LA, Accy. BRIDGES, Darryl.Paducah, KY, Lib. Arts BRIDGES, Timothy.Iuka. Eng. BROADAWAY, Kristie.Houston, TX, Lib. Arts BROCATO, Kimberly.Brandon, Educ. BROOKS, Angela, Water Valley, Accy. BROWN, Bradley.Charleston, Bus. BROWN, Carmela,Biloxi, Eng. BROWN, Melody.Oxford, Bus. BRUCE, Mary .Jackson, Accy., AAA BRUMFIELD, Karen.Meridian, Lib. Arts, KA BRYSON, David.Tullahoma, TN, Bus., KT BUCK, Helen.Olive Branch, Accy., AAH BUFKIN, Donna.Pickens, Pharm., KKT BULLOCK, Susan.Hattiesburg, Educ. BURFORD, Edwin.Senatobia, Pharm., ZN BUSBY, Anna.Poplar Bluff, MO, Accy., KA6 BUSBY, Jan.Oxford, Educ., KKT BUSH, Katie.Laurel, Lib. Arts, AAA BUSH, William.Columbia, MD, Bus. BUTLER, Sherry.Leland, Educ. i 342 A Classes SOPHOMORES BYRl ' M. Johnny.Olive Branch. Eng. RVNL ' M. Pamela. Byhalia. Pharm CADLE, Chnstopher.Booneville. Lib. Arts CAIN. Barry Kosciusko. Bin. CALAM AR1. Victoria. Metaine. Educ CALDWELL, Bntl.Tupelo. Accy CARNEY. Lee.Crysul Spring. Bui CAROTHERS. Beall. Dallas. But.. KA CARTER. JetTrey.Tuscaloosa. AU Lib Arts. KA CASTON. McKav Madison. Lib. Arts. IX CHAN. WaJUJniveroly. Bus CHANG. Kum.University. Bus CHATHAM. Soma.Mendian. Lib. Arts. AOn CHENEY. Robert.Oxford. Bus CHRESTMAN. Hamilton.Oxford. But. CHURCH. Russell. Mansfield. LA. Bin. CrTTY, Jenmferjackjon. Lib. Arts, KA9 CLARK. Darren. Florenc. Lib. Ans CLE ARM AN, Jefferry.Petal. Bus.. X CLEMENT. Demse.Waier Valley. Lib. Arts CLOWER, Alhson.Raymond. Educ.. XO COGGIN. Kerry. Tupeto. Lib. Arts. AMI COKER, John.Quilman. Bus.. KT COLE, Amy.Booncvillc. Law Or. COLE. Angela. rnivcrsiu. Bus.. K At COLLINS, Tonya, Winona, Bus COLOSIMO, Joscph.Gaithrrsbuit, MD. Bus.. K! COMEAUX LA. Accy.. KA8 COMER. Mar . Fulton. Pharni . AT COOK. Heilber.McComb. Accy. COOK. John.Oxford. Bus COOK. Thomas.NashMlle. Bus.. AB COOKER. Jfrcm .Oxford. Lib. Arts COSTELLO. Chnina,Decatur. AU Bus . COTTEN, Milaccy.HaltKsburi, Educ.. AAA COTTEN. Reid.Carthae. Lib Arts. IX COURTNEY. Bobby.PeUl, Lib. Arts COUSAR. Tcrrsa.Ntw Albuy. Law Or.. AT COWAN. RciKt.Boulder. CO. Lib. Arts. AAA COW ART. Craia.Mois Point. Bus.. A COX. Wadc.Columbuj. Lib Arts. IX CRAWFORD. John Jackson. Bus.. IX CROCKETT. Camille.Holly Spnngs. Lib Arts. Ml CROCKETT. Phillip.Osford. Bus. CROLL, Steven. Pass Christian. Eng CRONGEVER. JamevVirmima Beach. VA. Lib. Arts CROSS. Ransom. Mendian. Bus.. +A6 CRITH1RDS. Cnstan. Memphis. Educ . KKP CRO IXY. Kathryn.Malhiston. Lib. Ares. AOH CROW-SON. Ehzabtth.Mendian. Lib. Arts. AAA CRL ' M. Matthe .Oxford. Lib. Ans CRL ' MP. Bnan.Jackson. TN. Eng, CRLSE. Shannon.Paducah. KY. Lib. Arts. M CL ' MMINGS, Crai|,Ctarksdak. Bus.. BI DAILY. Heather.Engltwood. Lib. Arts. XQ DALE, Donna.Clmton. Educ.. AT DALTON, Andrew.Salma. kS. Lib. Arts DARBY, Melone .BaiesMlle. Lib. Ans DARNELL, Amelia.Okolona. Bus.. AT DEAN. Todd.Mendian. Lib. Arts. HKA DEAR. Sieven.Jackson. Bus.. IN DEES. TiaJackson. Lib. Arts. KA DENTON, Kalnna.Drew. Lib. Ans DENTON. Uune.OveUnd. Bus.. AAA DICKERSON. Dianent.Holly Spnngs. Accy.. AT DOIRON. Phillip.Vicksburg, Lib Arts. KA DOUGHERTY. Elizabeth. Buffalo Grove. IL. Educ DOWDY, Sharon,Oford. Accy. DOWNS, Chuck. Clinton. Bus. DOXEY. Angela. Holh Spnngs. Bus. Classes I 343 I DRAUGHN, Marilyn.Jackson, Bus., Xfl DUBBERLY, Elizabeth.Greenville, Bus. DUMAS, Kelly.El Dorado, AR, Lib. Arts, KKF DUNCAN, Eula.Eupora, Educ. DURRETT, Laura,Olive Branch, Lib. Arts DYER, Frank.Memphis, Bus., K EARLY, Uoyd.Memphis, Educ., KA EDWARDS, Stephanie.New Bern, NC, Lib. Arts EGGERS, Stephanie.Ballwin, MO, Lib. Arts, IIB EICHER, Donald, Vicksburg, Bus., A ELLINGTON, Rosalind.Blue Mountain. Lib. Arts ELLIS, Joseph.Niceville, FL, Bus., A ETUA, Juliette.Louisville, Lib. Arts EVANS, Carolyn.Bus. EVANS, Jimmy.Dyersburg, TN, Bus., A6 EWING, William.Catlettsburg, KY, Eng., KT EZZELL, Elwood.Oxford, Eng. FARISS, Carol. Houston, TX, Lib. Arts, KA6 FARRINGTON, Richard, Jackson, Bus., ZX FEAGIN, William.New Orleans, Lib. Arts FERGUSON, Richard.Oxford, Eng. FERRELL, Jeana,Batesville, Accy., KA FIMIANO, Tara.Biloxi. Lib. Arts FINLEY, Holly.Dyersburg, TN, Lib. Arts, X(l FLACK, Susanne.Birmingham, Lib. Arts, AAA FLOYD, William.Sardis, Lib. Arts FLYNN, Penny,Aberdeen, Educ., AOH FORD, Kathleen.McLean, VA, Lib. Arts, AOH FORSLUND, Charlotte.New York, NY, Lib. Arts FORTENBERHY, Kellie.Greenville, Bus., KA FOUNTAIN, Glmda.Biloxi. Bus. FOUNTAIN, Penny.Gautier, Accy. FRASSRAND, Keilly.Hixson, TN, Bus. FREDERICK, Coy.Springfteld, VA, Bus., KZ FREEMAN, Guy.Greenville, Accy., A6 FULFORD, Kim.Greenville, Lib. Arts, AAA FUNK, Patncia.Harlmgton, TX, Lib. Arts, KA9 GATTHER, Joseph.Jackson. TN, Bus. GANANN, Susan.Kosciusko, Pharm., AAII GANN, Julie.Memphis, Educ. GARY, Anne Marie.Nettleton, Lib. Arts, KKT GAUSLINE, Gregg,Tupelo, Lib. Arts GEBHART, Leland,Jackson, Lib. Arts, IX GERHART, Scott, Columbus, Accy., KT GHOLSON, William.Columbus, Bus., A9 GIBBONS, David,New Orleans, Lib. Arts, Z E GILBERT, Sheila.Toomsuba, Educ. G ILES, Carissa.Dallas, Lib. Arts, AAII GILLOM, Theresa,Jackson, Bus. GOFF, Melissa,Stringer, Lib. Arts GOH, Eng.Malaysia, Bus. GOLDMAN, Lee.Meridian, Lib. Arts, KA9 GOODWIN, Shana,Hickman, KY, Bus., AOH GORDON, Richard, Raymond, Bus. GRAHAM, Amy.Brownsville, TX, Educ. GRAHAM, Rohert.Philadclphia, Eng., I E GRANGER, Wendy.Qeveland, Lib. Arts, KA GREEN, Derrick,Detroit, MI, Lib. Arts GREER, Jason, Houston, TX, Lib. Arts, ZN GREGORY, Romalas.Clarksdale, Bus., (I GRIMES, Catharine.Longview, TX, Accy., AT GRINER, Charles.Columbia, Eng. GRISWOLD, Catherine.New Orleans, Lib. Arts, XQ GUILLORY, Brandi, Brandon, Lib. Arts HADDAD, Amy.Somerville, TN, Lib. Arts, XO HAGINS, Nancy.Holly Springs, Lib. Arts HALL, Mike.Pearl, Lib. Arts HALLUM, Bryan.Walls, Bus., K HAMM, Jodi.Meridian, Pharm. HANDLEY, Charles.Houston. TX, Lib. Arts, A HANSEN, Blanton.Atlanta, Educ., KA HANSON, Mellisa.Kosciusko, Bus., FIB HARRIS, Susan.Meadeville, Educ. HARRISON, Stephen.Clinton, Lib. Arts, ATO HARRISON, Sylvia,Kilmichael, Lib. Arts HART, Tara,Louisville, Lib. Arts, AT HARTNESS, Julie.Kosciucko, Accy., AAA 1 344 I Classes SOPHOMORES HARWELL, Laura.Oxford, Bus., 4 M HARWELL, Patrick, Brandon, Lib. Arts HATHORN, Kimberle.Louisville, Pharm., M HAWKINS, Sharon, Memphis, Lib. Arts HAVDEN, Henry.Carulhersville, Accy., ZN HEARD, Steven. Brookhaven, Lib. Arts HEFLIN, Krisli.Forcsl, Lib. Arts, M HEIMER, Kyle.Oxford, Pharm. HERIARO, Healher,Jackson, Accy. HERRING, Caroline.Camon, Lib. Arts, KA HERRINGTON, Martha.Natchez, Lib. Arts, KAH MICKEY, Jefirey.Oxford, Bus. HIGGINBOTHAM, Stevenjackson, Bus., A8 HILL, Kelly.McClure, IL, Lib. Arts HIM., Renecia.Toomsuba, Lib. Arts, ' MB MINES, Richard.Milton, FL, Bus. IIOBBS, Dirk. Naples, FL, Lib. Arts, i ' t ' K HODCINS, Mark.University, Bus. HOLLINGSWORTH, Rebecca, Lafayette, LA, Lib. Arts HOLLINS, Lavada,Jonestown, Bus. HOLMAN, Janc.Jackson, Lib. Arts, XII HOLMES, Jennifer.Round Rock, TX, Educ. HONAN, KElly.Woodbury, CT, Bus., KKF HOOD, Rockelle.Oxford, Educ. HOOKER, Allison.Jackson, Lib. Ans, XI) HOOKER, Mary, Lexington, Lib. Ans, XII HOOPER, Slevcn.Nashville, Bus., ZAE HOPSON, Lester.Glen. Accy., K+ HORN, Wilham.West Chester, OH, Bus., KZ HOSKINS, Xavier.Holly Springs, Bus., S1++ HOWARD, Barbara.New Albany, Lib. ArU HOWELL, Eli abeth.Clintun. Pharm., AT HL ' BACEK, Joseph. Palos Heithts, IL, Pharm., A HUDGENS, Lori.Brandon, Lib. Ans, KKT HUDSON, Amy.Oxford. Lib. Ans HUDSON, Tina.New Albany, Accy. HUGGINS, Jennifer.Germantown, Lib. Ans, AOH HUGHES, Christopher.Brandon, Lib. Arts, N HUGHES, Luanda. Horn Lake, Educ. HUMMEL, Regina.Kenner. LA, Lib. Ans HUNT, Kevin.Adamsville, TN, Lib. Arts, KZ IELAIDNIS, Lori.Selmer, TN, Accy. IVEY, Kenneth.Quitman, Lib. Ans JACKSON, Fehsha.Batesville, Accy. JACOBS, Gilben.Drew, Bus. JEANES, Earline.Tiplersville. Educ. JEE, Emily, Ruleville, Bus. JEFCOAT, Jere.Cleveland, Lib. Arts, XH JOHNSON, ( arolyn. Meridian. Bus., AAA JOHNSON, Dana, Summit, Lib. Ans JOHNSON, Kent.New Orleans, Lib. Ans JOHNSON, Patty.Calhoun City, Educ. JOHNSTON, Janet.McComb, Pharm. JOINER, Donna.Cormth, Educ., AT JONES, Angela.Oxford. Lib. Ans JONES, Gregory.Millington, TN, Bus. JONES, Jenmfer.Booneville. Educ., AT JORDAN, leanna.Hokomb, MO, Law. Ctr., +M JUMPER, Timothy, Booneville. Bus., KA KEIXUM, Karen. Oxford, Lib. ArU KELLL ' M, Kcvm.Jackson. Lib. Ans, IIKA KELLL ' M, Stacey.Charleston, Accy. KELLL ' M, Wendy.Charleston, Lib. Arts KELLY, Brian.Lansing, Ml. Bus. KELSO, I jura. Aberdeen. WA. Lib. Ans, K AM KETCHAM, Kevin.Yazoo City, Eng., H KILPA I ' RIC ' K. Am . Philadelphia. Bus.. M KIMZEY, Kelli.Slidell, LA, Bus., AT KINLER, Kelli.Grclna. LA, Lib. Ans, K B KINSEY, John.Belden, Bus. Classes I 345 KNABB, Catherine.Raleigh, Accy. KNIGHT, Denise.BeUefontaine, Bus., M KNIGHT, Elvin.Coldwater, Pharm., A A KN1SLEY, John.Hillsboro, IL, Bus. KOLESAR, Michacl.Gainesville, GA, Bus., KT KRAFT, Richard.Manetta. GA, Lib. Arts KRAI, Emilie.Allenlown, PA, Lib. Ans, AAA LADNER, John, Bay St. Louis, Bus. LANDRETH, Kenncth.Grant, AL, Lib. Arts LANE, Regina. Cleveland, Bus., AOI1 LANGSTON, Sime.Cleveland, Bus., ZX LARSEN, Roxanne.Pascag lula, Bus. LAWRENCE, Gregory.Etta, Educ. LAYNE, Scott.Greenwell Springs, LA, Lib. Arts, A LAYTON, Brittany, Woodstown, NJ, Lib. Arts, KKT LEAVELL, Leslie.DaUas, Lib. Ans, IIH LEE, John. Ocean Springs, Eng. LEE, Kclli.Bay St. Louis, Bus., XI) LEWIS, Megan.Tullahoma, TN, Lib. Arts, KA LEWIS, William.Hickory, NC, Lib. Arts, ZN UPERT, Derick,Mctropolis, IL, Bus. LIPSCOMB, Susan,Foley, AL, Bus. LOCKHART, Mark,Tupeol, Lib. Arts, KT LOFUN, Jennifer.Star, Accy. LOGAN, Lom.Southaven. Lib. Arts LOKE, Kok.Universily, Bus. LOTT, Amy.Coldwater, Lib. Arts, KA9 LOTT, Tiffany.Belzoni, Bus., AT LOVELADY, Valerie,Jackson, Educ. LOWE, Vemon.Monticello. AR, Eng. LOWERY, Seth,Sheridan, AR, Eng., A LUCAS, Jonathan.Newton, Lib. Arts, ZN LU1GS, Jennifer.Kevil, KY, Bus., KAe LUKE, Charlene.Germantown, Bus., K AH LU N ARDI NI, John. Jackson, Lib. Arts LYNCH, Lisa, Water Valley, Lib. Arts LYNCH, Susan.Springfield, IL, Lib. Arts, IIB LYONS, Traci.New Albany, Accy., AOH MAGEE, Melissa,Prentiss, Lib. Arts, KA MAIER, Edward.King of Prussia. PA, Lib. Arts MAJOR, LeaAnne.Hickman, KY, Lib. Arts, K AH MALLETT, Denise.Cleveland, Bus. MALLETTE, Mickey.Indianola, Bus., ZN MALONE, David.Sahillo. Bus., KA MAO, An,University, Educ. MARASCALCO, Paul.Grenada, Lib. Arts MARTIN, Cynthia,Olive Branch, Lib. Arts MARTIN, Larry.Utica, Lib. Arts MARTIN, Nancy.Clinton. Educ., AAH MASON, Amanda.Oxford, Bus., AT MASON, Freddie.Grand Junction, TN, Lib. Arts MASSIE, Shannon,Quitman, Accy., AT MATTHEWS, John,Memphis, Bus. MAUNEY, Mary, Memphis, Bus., XI! MAYS, Kathenne.Columbia, TN, Bus., KKT MCCARTHY, Kristine.Clarksville, TN, Educ., KA8 MCCARTY, Philips,ainton, Bus., ATQ MCCLARD, Alexandra,Aplharetta, GA, Lib. Arts, KKT MCCLOSKEY, John.Yazoo City, Bus. MCCOLLUM, Margaret.Herndon, VA, Lib. Arts, M MCCONNELL, Fredrick, Meridian, Bus. Mf CORD, Perry.Blue Springs, Accy. MCCROCKLIN, Susan.Mattoon, IL, Bus., AAn MCELROY, James.Meridian, Bus. MCKIBBEN, William, Water Valley, Accy. MCKINNON, Alena.Holly Springs, Bus. MCLEOD, Marty.Jackson, Bus., AH MCMAHON, John.Metairie, LA, Accy., ZAE MCNEER, Leigh.Memphis, Accy., KKT MEADOWS, Stewan.Orlando, FL, Bus., Z E MEEKS, Paige.Corinth, Educ. MICHALS, Stacey, Valley, NE, Lib. Arts, AAH MILLER, Lisa.Fairhope, AL, Accy., KA MIMS, KeUy.McCornb, Bus. MINGA, Gmger.Greenwood Springs, Bus., KA6 MINOR, Martha.Newport, AR, Lib. Arts, XQ MITCHELL, Corey.Oxford, Eng, 346 1 Classes SOPHOMORES MOCK, Shannon,University, Lib. Arts MONTGOMERY. Dianc.Clmton. Bus., KA8 MOORE, Camella.Lexmgton. Accy.. XQ MOORE, John.Memphis. Lib. Arts. A8 MOORE, SytviaXJakvale. Lib. Am MORGAN, Anne.Vardaman. Pharm. MORRIS. Amy Jackson. Lib. Aru MORRIS, Tina,Oiive Branch, Lib. Aru MOSLEY, Dana,Greenville, Educ., AAA MOSLEY, Deanne.Meridian. Lib. Aru MOSS, Julie.Natchez. Lib. Arts. HB MULLINS. William. Laurel. Bus.. IX MURPHREE, Mary.Madison. Accy., KA8 MUSE, Danru. Dallas. Bus.. KA NAPOUTANO, Amy.Hivm, TN, Educ. NEAL, Mehssa.Mantee. Bus.. AT NEAL, Stephen,Ocean Springs. Lib. Arts, in NEELLY. Claudia,Tupeh), Lib. Arts, AT NETZ, Knsta.Lexmgton. Bus., KKT NEVILLE, Shelly Jackson. Accy.. XQ NEWELL, Dana.HazeIhurst. Educ.. M NG. HatL ' mversity. Bus. NIX. KrisU,Counce, TN. Accy.. AT NORMAN, Kxisti.Calhoun City, Bus.. AT NORTON, Mandi.Laurel, Lib. Arts, XQ ODOM, Kcilea.Pascagoula. Lib. Arts. AT OLIVER. Cabrina arah. Bus. O HARA. Timothy.Emporia, VA, Bus.. X ORR. Crai Charleston, Bus., K2 OTT, Lisa.Gen untown, Accy., AOD OWENS, RayTnond,Univenity, Bus. PACE, MdissaAberdeen, Lib. Arts, AT PACE, Stcphanic.BilMi. Eng. PARKER, Audra.Pascagoula. Bus. PARKER, Ronald.Housion. Lib. Arts PAULSON, Thomas.Laurel. Lib. Arts. IX PAVOUN1. Thomas.Pass Christian. Eng. PEASTER, Laura, Yazoo City, Lib. Arts, SB PEEPLES, Ubby.Brookhaven, Educ., XQ PENMNGTON, Kimberiy.Kosciusko. Bus.. AAA PENNINGTON, Paul umner. Lib. Arts PENROD. Emily.Ocean Springs. Bus. PEREZ, Wilham.River Ridge. LA. Bus.. I AE PERKINS, Jennifer .Olive Branch. Lib. Arts PERKINS. Paige.Moss Point, Lib. Arts PERRY, Martha,Oiford. Lib. Arts, KA PERRY. Michelle.Salem. IL. Lib. Arts, KA9 PETERING, Jetmifer.Houston, TX, Lib. Arts PETERMANN, Ava,Vossburg, Lib. Arts, AOT PHILLIPS, Une.Jackson. Educ.. AAA PHILLIPS, Valerie, Water Valley, Bus. PIECUCH, Timothy.Clewiston. FL, Bus. PINSON. Margaret.Hattiesburg. Lib. Arts, XQ PITTS, Une. Laurel. Lib. Arts POTSGROVE, Chrisjonesboro, AR. Lib. Arts POUNDERS, Gary.Nesbit, Lib. Arts POWELL, Joel Yazoo City. Pharm. POWELL, Stephanie.Anguilla. Lib. Arts PREWTTT. ScottJackson. Lib. Arts. OKA PRICE, Melissa.Booneville. Lib. Arts. M PROTNCE, Anna.Ncw Albany. Accy., AT PULLIAM, Leigh.Oxford, Lib. Arts. AAI1 PURMS, K.elley,Peari. Educ. PUTNAM. Melaniejackson. Pharm., KKT QUINLAN, Michele.River Ridge. LA. Educ.. AAA RAINES, JohnJackson. Bus.. A6 RANDALL, Mark,FIint. TX. Bus. RANGE, Leannajackson. Bus. RAWLS. Kjra.Bogue Chilto. Bus.. IIB REDFERN, James.Mouni Pleasant. TX. Bus.. ATO Classes 1 347 REEVES, Bradleyjackson, Educ., ZN RESTER, Renee.Ackerman, Pharm., M REVELS, Jennifer.Hattiesburg, Accy., AAA RICE, Thomas.Ocean Springs, Accy., Ben RICHARDSON, Stephen.Dexter, MO, Eng. RIGBY, Michellejackson, TN, Lib. Am RILEY, Kitsy.Gulfport, Bus., M RIMMEL, Samanlha. Ocean Springs, Educ. RISLEY, Jason.Memphis, Bus. RIVERS, Marley.Ellisville, Educ. ROBERSON, Benjamin.Jackson. Lib. Ans. IN ROBERTS, Dcnnis.Jackson. Lib. Arts ROBERTS, Kimberly.Clinton, Accy., AMI ROBERTSON, Virginia.Jackson. Lib. Ans ROBINSON, M.chelle.Eupora. Bus. ROBINSON, Suzanne.Grenada, Lib. Ans ROBINSON, Theresa.Panama City, FL, Lib. Arts RODGERS, Hcather.Uke Charles, Lib. Arts, IIB ROGERS, Kenneth, Water Valley, Lib. Arts ROLAND, Amhony.Forest, Lib. Arts ROSS, Thomas.Pascagoula, Bus. ROSS, Tracy.Long Beach, Lib. Arts ROSTAND, Ellen, Mountain Brook, AL, Bus. ROTUNDA, Kristin.University, Bus. ROUX, Nanette.University, Bus., M ROWLAND, Steve.Poplar Bluff, MO, Pharm. ROYE, Julie.Pontotoc, Law Ctr., M ROZINA, Gregory,Jackson, Bus. NA1.AVERRI A, Luis,Madison, Bus. SAI.IMIN, Ersan.University, Bus. SALONE, Dellia,Jackson, Lib. Arts SAMUEL, Brooke.Broiuville, NY, Educ., XQ SANDERS, Regina.Carthage, Lib. Ans SANDERS, Sonja,Arvada, CO, Bus. SANDERS, Stephame.Jackson. Lib. Ans, M SARBEC K, Su anne. (live Branch, Bus. SANDERS, William,University, Pharm. SAUL, Chad,ainton, Lib. Arts SCALES, Andrea, Waterford, Lib. Arts SCHARF, Thomas.Memphis, Bus., Hull SCHMIDT, Julie.Biloxi. Lib. Arts, AMI SCHNOLL, Davonna.Laurel, Pharm., KA6 SCHRUFF, Louis,Pa$s Christian, Lib. Arts, KZ SCHWING, Eric,New Iberia, LA, Bus. SEAY, Jennifer, Winona, Bus., M SEAY, Jennifer.Canton, Bus., KKT SEID, Melvin. Vicksburg. Pharm. SHANMUGAM, Pushparajah.University, Eng. SHERMER, Chet,Natchez, Lib. Arts SHULL, Carrie.Bartlett, TN, Lib. Arts SHUMPERT, Jennifer.Cleveland, Educ., XO SIGGLEKOW, Wendy.Carrollton, Lib. Arts SIMMONS, James,Fort Worth, TX, Lib. Arts, ZN SIMON, Curtis,Columbia, Bus. SISSON, Tracey.Madison, Accy., AMI SISTRUNK, Woody .Jackson, Lib. Arts, ZX SUMAN, Michael.Gretna, LA, Lib. Arts SLONE, Daniel.Biloxi, Lib. Arts SMITH, Elizabeth.New Orlean, Lib. Arts SMITH, Johnnie.Southaven, Bus. SMITH, Kenneth, Baton Rouge, Lib. Arts, KZ SMITH, Lee.Holly Springs, Lib. Arts, A A SMITH, Patricia,Jackson, Educ., XQ SMITH, Victorjackson, Lib. Arts, ZN SNG, Eng,Universtiy, Eng. SNIPES, Donna.Olive Branch, Pharm. SOBOTKA, John.University, Lib. Arts SONGCHAROEN, Marisa.Madison, Lib. Arts, KA SPENCER, Edward.Nesbit, Bus. STANFIELD, David.Oxford, Pharm. STEEVES, Matthew,Dayton, OH, Lib. Arts STEPHENS , Susan.Monroe, GA, Lib. Arts STEWART, Christyna.Clinton, Lib. Arts STEWART, Courtney.Brownsville, TN, Pharm., AAA STEWART, Georgia.Leesburg, FL, Bus. STEWART, Hydejackson, Bus., AAA STEWART, William,Oford, Bus., K+ I 348 Classes SOPHOMORES SnTT, William. Yazoo City. Bui.. A8 STRICKLIN. Angel. Yazoo City, Lib. Arts STROM. Mindy.Iuka. Bus. STUMP, Kurt.South Bend, IN, Lib. ArU STUVEE. Suiie.Duck Hill. Lib. ArU SULLIVAN, UrJckon. Lib. Am, KKT SWAIN, William.Northpon. AL, Lib. Arts SWANN, Christopher.Brookhaven. Accy.. K+ TAFUNGER. Audrey.Cche. IL. Bus.. AOH TAN, Yoke.University. Eng. TARTT, Sara.Grenada. Lib. Arts TAVOLETU PatririaXTarksdale, Educ . AAA TAYLOR, Christopher.Memphis. Accy., ATO TAYLOR, ElizabethJackson, Lib. ArU. XQ TAYLOR, Michelle.Holly Springs. Lib. ArU TAYLOR. Richard. Hamesburj. Bus. TAYLOR. Tamara,Rockwall. TX, Educ. TEN EYCK, Stephame.Laurel. Lib. Arts, AAA THOMAS, Curie Leigh.Eupora. Bus.. +M THOMAS, Sabrinajackson. Lib. Arts THOMASON, Lora,Olive Branch. Accy. THOMPSON, Angela. West Point. Lib. ArU THOMPSON. Rhonda,Darling, Lib. Arts THORNTON, Angda.Canton. Lib. Arts THORNTON, Blanche.Brownsville, TN, Accy.. XQ THWEATT, Randy.Oiford. Eng. TILLMAN, Mary.Grenada. Lib. Arts TOMPK1NS, Hizabeth.Winona. Accy. TRUETT, Frank.Mcmphis. Bus.. IN TUCKER. Rosscer.Houston. TX Eng, TURNER. Pamcla.Ncw Albany. Lib. Arts TURNER. Reginald. Lamar. Bus. TY " E, Lee,University, Bus. T Ta)ALL, Larue.Vancleave, Bus. UDOUJ, Amy.Ft. Smith. AR, Accy.. XB CPSHAW, Marlin.Batesville. Accy. UPTEGRAPH, Tanya.University, Bus.. AAA UPTON, Charlie. West Point, Lib. Arts. r.X VAHLE, Heather,Seward, NE, Lib. Arts. AT VAN CLEAVE, Joseph.University. Bus., KA VAUGHAN, Gregory.Ferriday. LA. Pharm.. KA TNOSKL Suzanne-Marie.Newark, NY. Lib. Arts TRHEEClt, Kennethjackson. TN. Bus.. +KT WAGGONER, Heather.Memphiv Bus.. HB WALKER, Scott.Laurel. Accy.. ZN WALL, Steven.Oxford. Bus.. ZN WALLACE, Sherry.Canhage. Bus.. AAA WANG, Ling Ung,University. Bus. WANG, Tsung-Juang.University. Eng. WATKINS, ShaixWaynesboro, Educ.. M WAY, Michael.Greenville. Pharm. WEATHERSBY, Thomas.Florence. Bus. WEBB. Susan. Greenville. Bus.. AT WTBB. Virni.Oxford. Accy. WEBER, SamueLDallas. Lib. Arts. Bn WEEDEN, Jorja,New Albany. Educ.. AOH WTEDEN, Kenneth.Blue Springs. Accy. WEEDEN, Tracie.Como. Pharm. WELLS, Christopher.Carriere. Lib. Arts WEST, Reagan. Tupelo. Lib. Arts, XQ WHEAT, Jason.Pearl. Bus.. ZN WHITAKER, Shannon. Eupora. Pharm. WHriE, David.Oxford. Bus., KZ WHITE, Gregory.Soso. Accy. WHITE, John.West Point. Eng. WHITESIDE, Jerry.Decalur. AL. Pharm. WICKER. Lisa.Brandon. Bus. W1ER, Steven.Sidon. Lib. Arts WILEY, Lindabeth.Austin. TX. Lib. Arts. AGO WILKERSON. Marshall.Charleston. Bus. Qasses II 349 1 WII.KKS, i:va,l yi-isl)uig, I N, l.llv Ails, AA WII.KKS, (irahain.Oxliird, I il) An WII.KINS, nii, l.i, kv,i, Lduc , AAA VMI M.NSO.V Diane. Polls (amp, I ' harni. WILLIAMS, Oins.Mclame, LA, Lib. Ails WILLIAMS, Jellrcy.l ' adui-ah, KY, Lib. Alls WILLIAMS, Max.Bakerslleld, CA, Bus.. X+ WILLIAMS, Kobin.Smilhdalc, Lib. Alls WILLIAMS, Victoria. Widma I alls. IX, Lib. Ails, M WILLIS, William.Oxtbrd, Lib. Ails, K WILLIAM, Ki-bi-o.a,Kidummd, IN, Lib. Arls v II I ()l (.inn. Rymond,(JuM ' porI, Bus. WILSON, l.lsa.Oxlord, Accy. WILSON, I ' aschal.Osyka, Fng. WINIIAM, l.inda.Meridian. Lib. Arls WirilCllEN, Sarah, Memphis, Bus., Xll WIYGUI, Bradlcy.Columbus, Bus., A WOI.KF, Susan, Monroe, LA, Bus., XI! W(KK ' K, Patrick, University. Eng. W K)I), Alison.Jackson, Accy., AOII W M)I), Charloite.Naiche , Lib Arls, Xll WOOD, Henry.Tylerlown, I ' harm. WOOD, William.Tunica, Bus., A WOODS, Michelle.Greenville, Bus., t M WRIGHT, Christina, Brandon, Lib Arls, KA YONG, Yil Kung.Universily, Bus. YOUNG, l.isa.New Orleans, Lib. Arls John Bigg: I 350 | Classes John Coker Classes I 351 ABOUL-ENEIN, Yousseff.Oxford, Bus. ADAMS, Jospeh.Vardaman, Lib. Arts ADAMS, Kimberly.Poplar Bluff, MO, Pharm. ADAMS, Shannon, Senalobia, Educ. ADUMA, Nyarinda.Youngstown, OH, Educ., AZ6 ALFANO, Stephen.San Antonio, TX, Lib. Arts, ZN ANTON, Clifford.Canton, Lib. Arts ANTWINE, John.Jackson, Bus., I1KA APPLEBY, Kimberly.Highpoim, NC, Lib. Arts ARINDER, Stacey.Columbia, Bus. ASTON, Betty.New Albany, Educ. BAHARUDIN, Hamidi.University, Accy. BAILEY, Jeff.Pontotoc, Accy. BAILEY, John.Batesville, Lib. Arts BAILEY, Karen, Potts Camp, Accy. BAILEY, Susan, Biloxi, Lib. Arts BAKER, Dallas.Oxford. Eng.. KA BAKER, Larry.Carrollton, Pharm. BALLARD, Susan.Olive Branch, Educ. B ANKSTON, Stuart.Holden, LA, Accy. BARBER, Scotl.Oxford, Accy. BARLOW, Jeffrey.Pascagoula, Lib. Arts BARNES, Karen.Jackson, Lib. Arts BARNES, Laura.Lebanon, TN, Lib. Arts BARTON, William.Ethel, Bus. BEACHAM, Jennifer.Brandon, Bus. BEAZLEY, Beth.Forrest City, Lib. Arts BEESON, Robin.Memphis, Accy., X(l BEHM, Kristen.Germantown, Lib. Arts, KA BEITH, Traci.Clarksdale, Educ. BELK, Jamic.Aberdeen, Lib. Arts, AT BELL, Mark.Bdlefomaine, Lib. Arts, B1 BELL, Thomas.Tok, AL, Lib. Arts, B6II BELLFOR, Arvy.University, Bus., KA BERGFELD, Susan.Tyler, TX, Educ. BERRY, Rodney.Freeburg, IL, Lib. Arts BISHOP, Ann-Maric.Fulton. Bus. BLACKBURN, Allison. Brandon, Bus., AAII BLAINE, Michael.Laurel, DE, Lib. Arts, A BLAYLOCK, Dina.Greenville, Lib. Arts BOATNER, Tammy.New Albany, Lib. Arts BOGGAN, Laura,Hickory, Lib. Arts BOGLE, Robert, West Helena, AR, Lib. Arts BOLTON, Susan.Charlottesville, VA, Bus., IIB BOND, Tamela,Oxford, Bus. BONNER, Ashley.New Orleans, Lib. Arts BOONE, Stewart.Jackson, Bus., ZX BOWEN, Derek, Water Valley, Lib. Arts BOYD, Jeffrey.Amite, LA, Bus., ZN BRADLEY, Cheryl,Holliswood, NY, Lib. Arts, AKA BRADLEY, Kathryn,Senatobia, Educ. BRAGG, Lisa.Frogmore, LA, Accy., AOII BRANAN, Daisy.Memphis, Lib. Arts, KA BRAWLEY, Stacy, West Memphis, AR, Accy., AT BREAZEALE, Mundy.Philadelphia, Lib. Arts BROCK, Jcnnifcr.Tupelo, Educ., M BROCK, Mark.Pontotoc, Lib. Arts BROWN, Choxie.Meridan, Lib. Arts, IIB BROWN, Stephen.Kemmerer, Eng, BUCKLEY, Teresa.Batesville, Lib. Arts, A2 BUMPUS, Timothy.Holly Springs, Lib. Arts BtRKH ALTER, Christopher.Picayune, Lib. Arts BURLEY, Erica,Shelbyville, KY, Bus., AZ6 BURNETT, Mary.Manchester, MO, Accy., SO BURNS, Amy.University, Lib. Arts BURTON, Franldin,Iuka, Pharm. CADLE, Jennifer.Booneville, Lib. Arts, KA6 CAFFEY, Phillip.Little Rock, AR, Lib. Arts, X CAGLE, Alicia.Baldwyn, Lib. Arts CAGLE, David.Savannah, TN, Bus. CAGLE, Robert.Decatur, AL, Bus. CAGLE, Sharon.Baldwyn, Accy. CALDWELL, Mallory.Orenada, Accy. CAMPBELL, Frank.Saltillo, Educ. CANGELOSI, Stephen.New Orleans, Bus. CANUP, Monya.Booneville, Lib. Arts CARNES, Stevenjackson, Bus. I 352 I Classes CARRUTH, Jefrrey.McComb, Lib. Arts, Z+E CARTER, Johnnie. Marks. Bus. CAUSEY, Tracy.Tylertown, Lib. Arts, A A CHAMBLEE, Charles.Fulton. Eng. CHAMPLJN, K.imberly.Pensacola, FL. Educ. CHANG, Celestejackson. Pharm. CHAPMAN, Lisa.Mendian, Pharm. CHEE, Chee.University, Bus. CHEE, Kjm.University, Eng. CHEVALIER, Steven.Prentiss, Lib. Ans, nKA CHILDS. Sandra.C onmh. Educ., AA1I CH1SHOLM, David.Ponloloc. Lib. Am CHRISTIAN, David.Burke, VA. Bus., I+E CHRISTIAN, Linda,Amory. Bus. JUNIORS C1ARAMITARO, Angela. Loveland. OH, Bus., AT CLARK, Linda. BalesMlle. Educ. CLASCENS, Chrislopher.Germantown. Lib. Arts CLAYTON, Shanc.Pontotoc. Bus. CLEARY, Ann,O ford, lib. Arts, KA CLINE, Joanne. Laudcrdale. Lib. Ans COCKRELL, Kerry.Ripley, Accy. COGGINS, Melissa, West Point, Lib. Arts COLE, Richard, Baldwin. Lib. Arts COLEMAN, Patrick.Cleveland, Educ. COLLINS, Terry .Newton, Bus. CONSTANTINIDES, Theodoro.University, Eng. COOK, Amber.Como, Bus. COOK, Larry.University, Eng. COOK, Blake. Vardaman. Pharm. COOK, Paula.Nableion. GA. Lib. Arts, AAII CORDELL, Sharon. Isola. Bus. COSBY, John.Crossett, AR, Eng. COSSAR, Anne.Charleston, Law Clr., AAA COUCH. Allen.Southaven, Lib. Arts, 2N COUEVAS, Yvonne.Ocean Springs, Eng. CRAWFORD, Joseph.Jackson. Accy., ATQ CROFF, Linda.Crenshaw, Lib. Arts CULVER, Michael.Jackson. Lib. Arts, KMI1 CUNNINGHAM, Melanie.Brentwood, TN, Lib. Arts, HB DALE, Daphne. Jackson. Educ., KA DALTON, Dana.Connth. Educ., AAA DANIELS, Lisa. Blue Springs, Accy. DANIELS, Mary Belzom, Lib. Arts, XQ DAVENPORT, Donna. Germanlown. Bus., IIB DAVIDSON, Debra, Meridian. Accy. DAVIDSON, Mark.Millmgton. TN, Bus., +KT DAVIS, Amanda. luka. Accy.. AT DAVIS, C nthia.Mamachie, Accy. DAVIS, Donald. Meridian. Lib. Arts. IX DAVIS, Jamie.Baion Rouge, Pharm. DAVIS, Kristi.Pascagoula, Bus. DAVIS, Michael. Petal. Bus. DEAN, William.Sledge, Eng. DEAR, Gabriel, Brandon, Lib. Arts, BI DECELL, Elizabeth. Memphis. Lib. Arts. AAA DENNIS, Leronda. Water Valley, Accy. DICKINSON, Angie.Mantachie. Educ. DOKE, Jacqueline, Wicklifle, K V, Educ. DOSSETT, Jennifer.Picayune, Lib. Arts DREWERY, Tracy.Connth, Accy. DUCHSCHER, Celena,Longwood, FL, Lib. Arts, AT DUKE, Jopi. Madison. Educ., KKT DUNCAN, Benjamin. Marietta. GA, Lib. Arts, 2 E DUNCAN, Benny.Eupora, Educ. EAKES, Jeffrey Jackson, Bus.. Ill EASTERBROOK, Melissa, Nottingham. England, Bus. EASTERLJNG, Larry.Pontotoc. Bus. EDMONSON, Cnstina.Fuhon. Lib. Arts EDWARDS, Enc.Ocala. FL. Lib. Arts EDWARDS, Gary.Banner. Bus. Classes I 353 EILERS. Alice.Chillicothe. IL. Educ., IIB ELDRINGHOFF. Andy.Ocean Springs. Lib. Ans. ZN EMERSON. Leo.Meridian, Lib. Arts, A A ERW1N. Andrea.Memphis. Lib. Ans. AAFJ ESCAMILLA, Laura. University. Eng. ESPOSITO, John.,Chalmette. LA, Bus. EUBANKS, Tara.Tunica. Lib. Arts. AAA EW1NG. Andrea.Gulfport. Pharm.. AOO FARESE. Mary.Ashland. Bus.. XQ FELDER. Darren.Summil. Bus.. KA FERGUSON, James.Hcrnando. Lib. Arts FERRIS, Anne.Laurel. Lib. Arts, AAA FICKEL, Jason.Gunnison. CO. Lib. Arts F1NNIE, Margaret.Batesville. Educ. FLINN, Mary.Hernando, Law Or. FLOYD, Uigh.Batesville. Educ. FLOYD, Thomas.Corinth. Bus. FOS, Tammy.Chalmctte. LA. Lib. Arts FRANCO, Debra.San Antonio. TX. Lib. Arts FRANKLIN. Marlene.Columbia. Lib. Arts FRANKS. Elizabeth.Tupelo, Bus. FRENCH. Kandacc.Jackson. Lib. Arts. KA FROHN. Eric.Madison. Lib. Arts, ZN FUDGE, Christopher.Oxford, Bus. FULGHAM, Jodi.Jackson. Educ.. Xfl GALLIEN, Jane Ellen.Savannah. TN. Educ.. AP GANN, Vicki.Corinth. Lib. Arts GANTI, Avinash, Philadelphia, Lib. Arts GARRETT, Troy.Cordova. TN. Bus., ZN GATLIN, Stacey. Columbus. Lib. Arts. AP GATLIN, Wesley.Eupora, Educ. GAVIN, Amy.Laurel. Lib. Arts GAYDEN, John.Oxford. Bus. GETTYS, Lawrence.Metairie, LA. Lib. Arts. KA GILBERT, Tracy. University. Accy. GILCHRIST, Daniel.Carthage. Bus., KA GLASS, Gerlad.Sidon, Lib. Arts. BZ GLOVER, Rhonda.Pine Bluff, AR, Educ. GOFORTH, Todd.Batesville, Lib. Arts. A GOH, Siew.University, Eng. GOODMAN, Courtney.Germantown. Accy., M GRANT, Alice.Batesville. Bus. GRAY, Angela.Batesville, Lib. Arts GREEN, Lester. Waynesboro. Bus. GREER, Todd.Paragould. AR, Eng., SX GRIFFITH, David.Mandeville, LA. Bus. GRISHAM, Jerry.Byhalia. Bus., A+ GRISHAM, Tammy, Blue Mountain, Accy. GRISSOM, Brian.Baldwyn. Bus. GRITTER, Melissa.Mobile. AL, Educ., KA GUION, Rebecca.Brandon, Lib. Arts GULLY, Tracie.Tupelo, Bus. GUYTON, Janet.Tupelo, Educ., AP HABEEB, Samuel.Vicksburg, Lib. Arts HAGAN Saprena.Hernando, Lib. Arts HAIRALD, Shawn. Nouleton. Bus. HALE, Cynthia.Oxford, Accy. HALEY, Elaine.Shreveport. Bus.. HB HALL, William.Water Valley. Educ. HANSHAW, Rayne.East Moline, IL, Eng. HARING, Terri.Ocean Springs. Bus. HARMON, Robin.Oxford, Bus. HARRIS, Matthew.Potts Camp, Bus., KZ HARRIS, Shawn. Lake. Bus. HARTMANN, Heather.Ocean Springs. Lib. Arts, M HARTZOG, Rosalindjackson. Bus.. AKA HASSELTINE, Suzanne.Jackson. Lib. Arts. AAA HAYDEN, Claire.Caruthersville, MO, Educ.. XI! HAYES, David.Germantown. Bus.. K+ HAYES, Sheilajackson. Bus., AAn HAYES, Tracy.Clarksdale. Lib. Arts. Xll HAWKINS Stephen.Pascagoula, Lib. Arts. ! E HAYNES, Bridget.Dumas. Accy. HAYNES, Katherine.Oakland, Educ. HEIDEL, James.Vicksburg, Lib. Arts, ZN HEMPHILU Jeffery.Florence, Bus. HENDERSON, Lee.Richton. Bus. I 354 Classes JUNIORS HENSON. Margaret.Newport Beach. CA, Educ. HEROD. Chnstina.Blue Spnngs. Lib. Arts HERRINGTON. Sulynn.Union. Bus. HILL. Elizabeth.Columbia. Lib. Arts. AT HILL, K.eith.Ohve Branch. Bus. MINES. Reid. Milton. FL. Lib. Arts HOLLAND, Twy-U.Holly Spnngs. Lib. Arts HOLMES. Russell.Tylertown. Lib. Am HONTZ AS. Slefame.Jackson. Bus.. M HORD. Ehsa. Natchez. Bus. HORN. M.chclc.Goldcn. Lib. Ans HORTON, Thomas.Oiford. Eng.. KZ HOV1S. kimberK .England. AR. Lib. Arts HOWARD. Katnna.Clarksdale. Lib. Arts. AIM HOWARD. Wtlliam.Southaven. Bus.. Kl HL ' DDLESTON. Paul.Smiihville. MO. Lib. Arts HI CUES. Melody. Ponlotoc. Educ. HUNT, Nocl.luka. Lib. Arts HYDE, VaferieJackson. Accy.. XQ HYER. JerrvHollandale. Lib. Arts. KT ISONHOOD. Robert.Canton. Lib. Arts. KA JACKSON. Kenneth. Belden. Bus. JAMES. Jenmfer.Mechamcsburg. PA. Bus AAII JENG. Woonshen.l ' niversit). Eng. JENKINS. Hilary. Piano. TX. Lib. Arts. AF JOE, Amy. Greenwood. Bus. JOHNSON. m . Springfield. TN. Bus.. +M JOHNSON, Bnice.Pascagoula Educ r+E JOHNSON, Cynihia.Nc Orleans. Educ.. XQ JOHNSON, Katnna.Rienzt. Accy. JOHNSON. Palnce.Iuka, Bus.. I1B JOHNSON, Pamcia.Senatobia. Lib. Arts JOHNSON. Scott.Philadelphia. Bus JOHNSTON, Thomas.Summa. Bus. JONES, Cami.Brawley. CA. Lib. Arts JONES. Jennifer.Jackson. Lib. Arts. XQ JONES. Jennifer.Booneville. Educ. JONES, Manina.Cormth. Accy. JONES. WandaXonnth. Lib. Arts. AKA JORDAN. Susan.Decatur. AL. Lib Arts JL ' STICE. Ellen.Lewisiown. IL. Bus. KARAMCHANDANL Ashwin.University. Eng. t Rl NAKARAN. Mohan.University. Eng. KELLEV. Michelle.Kennett. MO. Educ.. AAn KENNEDY. Richard. Indianola. Lib. Arts KENNEDY, Wcndy.Belmonl. Lib. Arts KENNINGTON, KalhryiUackson. Educ.. AAA KERSH. Julie.Hamesburg. Educ.. AAI1 KINCA1D, Pamela. Washington. MO. Educ.. AAII KING. Charlie. Ackerman. Bus.. KA KING, Robin.Chnton. Lib. Arts KIRKENDALL, Palnck.Violet. LA. Bus. KLOEK. Marc.Memphis. Educ. KNOX James.Greenwood. Bus. KOONS. Harold. SiNerhill. AL, Lib. Arts. KT KRAFT, Joseph.Madison. Lib. Arts KRISHNAN, Ananda.Univenity. Accy. Kl BIST A. Theodore.Delulh. MN. Bus. KYLE, Scott. Pomoioc. Bus. LACKEY, Ellen.Forest. Eng. LAMAR. Lucius.OfonL Lib. Arts. X LAMBERT, Connie.Carriere. Law Or. LANGFORD, Rhonda.New Albany. Educ. LAWRENCE. Juha.Booneville. Bus. LAWSON, Victona.HolK Spnngs. Accy. LEONG, Kai.University. Bus. LEWIS, Kathy.Oxford. Lib. Arts LIM. Smg.University. Eng. LITTLEJOHN. Christy.New Albany. Law Or.. AT Classes I 355 I: LIVINGSTON, Marsha.Pulaski, Educ. LLOYD, James.Texarkana, TX, Eng. I (X KHAKI. Reeca.Ripley, Pharm. LONG, Madeline.Arkadelphia, AR, Lib. Arts LONG Timothy.Memphis. Lib. Ans, HKA LOPER, Sandy.Waler Valley, Bus. LOTT, Lee.Puckett, Pharm. LOVORN, Douglas.Louisville, Bus., I+E LOWREY, Jay.Tishomingo, Educ. LUCCHESL. D.C.Memphis, Lib. Arts, K Lt ' SK, Cliftonjackson, Lib. Arts MA, Francis,Clarksdale, Bus. MADDUX, Robin.Coldwater, Educ. MAGEE, Suzanne, Courtland. Educ. MAGERS, Lisa.Tupelo, Lib. Arts, AT MAHAFFEY, Melanie.Dallas, Educ. MALLARD, Richard.University, Lib. Arts MALONE, Ellen.Clinton, Accy. MANNING, Clyde.Dunwoody, GA, Lib. Arts, A8 MANNING, Valerie.Terry, Pharm. MANSOOR, Sabrma.Jackson. Bus. MAR, Linda.Greenville, Bus. MARASCALCO, Angela.Grenada, Pharm., AMI MARQUER, Celeste, Waveland, Pharm. MARTIN, April.Red Banks, Lib. Arts MARTIN, Eric.University, Lib. Arts MARTIN, James, Fulton. Bus. MARTIN, James, Jackson. Accy. MARTIN, Mark, Wmona, Bus. MATTHEW, Joseph.Richmond, VA V Bus., KT MAYO, Samantha.Hemando, Lib. Arts MCAFEE, Eric.University, Lib. Arts MCARTHUR, Lucy .Jackson, Lib. Arts, XQ MCCOY, Christi.Booneville, Educ. MCCULLOUCH, Charles.Louisville, Lib. Arts MCDONALD, Edwin.Yazoo City, Eng., 2AE MCELREATH, Amy .Oxford, Lib. Arts MCLEVEEN, Shane.Crystal Springs, Lib. Arts, X MCGEE, Patricij.Sherman, Bus. MCGEE, William.Coldwater, Bus. MCKAY, John.Water Valley, Educ. MCKAY, Kevin.Pelahatchie, Lib. Arts MCKINNEY, Dewayne.Batesville, Bus. MCKINNEY, John, Magnolia. Lib. Arts MCLAURIN, Man .Hollandale. Educ., AT MCMASTER, Robert,Jacksonville, AR, Lib. Arts MCNAIR, Jcnmfcr.Jackson. Educ., AAA MCNEER, Cheryl.Greenwood, Lib. Arts MCNEMAR, Fredean.Sardis, Lib. Arts, XO MCQUEEN, Marvin.Corinth, Lib. Arts, ZX MEACHAM, Ellen.Smyrna, TN, Lib. Arts MEANS, Charla.Batesville, Educ. MEEKS, Charles.Corinth, Bus. MEISBURG, Julie.Tallahassee, FL, Lib. Arts, KA6 MELTON, Steven.Southaven, Accy. MEREDITH, Angela, West Memphis, AR, Lib. Arts I 356 I Classes Amanda King Dan Ma JUNIORS METTETAL, Cary.Sardis. Lib. Arts. KT MILLER, Kyle.Sandy Hook, Bus. MILLER, Tammi.Ocean Springs, Lib. Arts MILLER, Tonya,Roesdale, Lib. Arts. AI8 MILLIS, Alan.CTarksdale. Accy., X MILLS, Ronald,Ecm, Bus. MINCY, Jeflrey.Rienzi, Accy.. A MITCHELL, Cynthia.Sheffield, AL, Lib. Arts, M MITCHELL, Gregory.Memphis, Lib. Arts. IX MITCHELL, Scouie.Byhalia, Bus. MITCHELL, Susan.Southaven. Educ. MOG, Michael.Marietta. Bus., IIKA MOLONY, Cathenne.Oxford, Lib. Arts MONROE, Clark,Newton, Accy., KT MOORE, Gina.Ripley, Accy. MOORE, JotuUackson, TN, Lib. Arts, ATO MOORE, Johnjackson, Lib. Arts, ATO MOORE, Thomas,Littk Rock, Lib. Arts, SK MORGAN, Harold,Booneville, Bus. MORGAN, Jay .Columbia. Accy. MORRISON, Maryjackson, Educ., AMI MORRISON, Patncia.Gulfpon. Bus. MULUNS, James.Natchez, Lib. Arts, IX MULUNS, Timothy.Oxford, Educ. MURPHEY. Rebecca.Oxford, Lib. Arts MURPHEY, Smith.Sumner, Bus., KA MUSGROVE, Mickey.Braodon, Bus. MYERS, Bradley.Madisonvilk, K.Y, Bus. N AGREE, Shah.University. Eng. NAGY, Pamela,Peul, Lib. Arts NARAMORE, Bylinda.Oxford. Educ. NASON, Banon,Paris, TN, Lib. Arts. KT NEAL, Candice.Mobik, AL. Educ., XQ NEFF, Spencer.Covington, LA, Lib. Arts, KA NELSON, Alan,Crystal Springs. Lib. Arts NEUHAUSER, Carrie,Livingston, AL, Lib. Arts NEWMMAN, Duffin.Basking Ridge. NJ. Educ. NEYMAN, Linda,Columbus. Bus. NICHOLS, KeIvin.Union. Lib. Arts NICHOLS, Mark,Olive Branch. Accy. NORMAN, John. Houston. Bus. NORWOOD, Nataliejackson, Lib. Arts. M NOSS, Timothy, Wilmington, IL, Lib. Arts OAKES, Adrian.Brandon, Accy., KAO ODOM, Andrea,Oxford, Lib. Arts ODOM. ShMi,Horn Lake, Accy. OLSON, Gary.University, Bus., +K O ' NEAL, Kimsey.Carthage. Lib. Arts, AKA OXJUINN, Pollyjackson, Lib. Arts ORMAN Anthony.Cleveland, Bus., X OWEN, Melinda.Gautier. Lib. Arts OZBIR.N. Carla,Tupelo, Accy. PACE, Amyjackson. Lib. Arts, AAH PAINTER, Bobby.Mantachie. Educ. PLALNJIAN, Christy.Pass Christian. Pharm. PARDOE, Kimberry.Batesville. Educ. PARKER, Andrea,Swartz, LA, Bus., AMI PARKER. jGeorgc.St. Simons Is., GA. Lib. Arts PARKER, Jeffrey .SmithviUe, MO. Bus. PARKER, John.MoseUe, Accy.. X PARKER, Vanessa.Calhoun City. Bus. PARKS, Karla,Senatobia, Bus.. AOO PATTERSON, Lida.Brookhaven. Lib. Arts, AAA PATTERSON, Michaeljackson. Bus. PATTON, Mary.New Albany. Accy., XB PATTON. WiUiam.Biloxi. Lib. Arts. KT PALXSEN, Pamela.Laurel, Lib. Arts. K PENDER, Mary.Memphis. Lib. Arts. KA8 PENZES, Attila.Grapevine. TX. Bus.. IX PERRY, Edward,Vicksburg, Lib. Arts Classes I 357 PETERSON, Donna.Pontotoc, Educ. PETERSON, Jodic.Houston, Educ. PEZZULLO, Lisette.Naples, FL, Lib. Arts, AMI PHANG, POH.University, Eng. PHILLIPS, Joey.Rienzi, Lib. Arts PHILLIPS, Lee.Hattiesburg, Educ. PICKETT, Christopher.Pope, Bus. PICKLE Robert.Amory, Bus., S E PINSON, Joe.Olive Branch, Pharm. PITTMAN, Karen.Charleston, Accy. PITTMAN, Lucy .Jackson, Lib. Arts, KA POGUE, Cynthia.Fulton, Accy. POUNDER, Rodney.Vicksburg, Lib. Arts, KZ POOLE, Arthur.Potts Camp, Bus. POPE, Deborah.Pope, Lib. Arts POTEET, Mclany.Mantachie. Educ. POTTER, Russell.Pass Christian, Lib. Arts POWELL, John,0xford, Bus. POWER, William,Ackerman, Bus., KA PRESLEY, Martha.Booneville, Lib. Arts PRESTRIDGE, Shcrri,Amory, Accy. PRTTCHARD, Lynn.Oakland, Lib. Arts PURNELL, Paul,Jackson, Lib. Arts, ZN QUAKA, John. Jackson. Lib. Arts, IN QUINN, Tracy.Memphis, Accy., KA6 QUON, Willie,Invemess, Lib. Arts RAGLAND, Robie. Franklin. TN, Educ. RAMZY, Martha.Carthage, Pharm., AT HANDLE, Elizabeth.Jackson, Lib. Arts RATLIFF, Merritt,San Angelo, TX, Educ., IIB REED, James.Biloxi, Bus., ZN REEVES, Marni.Oxford. Eng. RELAN, Scott.Gautier, Lib. Arts, KT RI ALES, Jcnn ifer.Tunica. Lib. Arts RICHARDSON, Erik,Oxford, Lib. Arts, ZX RICKMAN, Karen.Glen. Bus. RICKS, Barbara.GIendora. Lib. Arts, AKA RIDGWAY, John. Pine Bluff, AR, Bus., ZX RILEY, Dana, Water Valley, Lib. Arts RILEY, Polly.Morton. Bus., M ROBERSON, Ramona.Tremont. Bus. ROBERTS, Vernon.Lauderdale. Lib. Arts ROBERTSON, KJmberly.Mattson, Educ. ROBINSON, Dafphine.Marks. Bus. ROBINSON, James.Randolph, Educ. ROBINSON, Rhonda.Summit, Lib. Arts ROCH, Kimberleigh.Biloxi, Lib. Arts ROGERS, Sealctte.Oxford. Bus. ROLDAN, Juliette.New Orleans, Bus. ROONEY, Raymond, Wheeler, Lib. Arts ROSENBERG, Pennie.Jackson, Accy. ROUNDS, Adrian.Olive Branch, Bus., X RUPANL, Qayad,University, Bus. RUSH, Tina,Pontotoc, Lib. Arts RUSSELL, Leah.Oxford, Accy. RUTH, Timothy .Bruce, Bus. RUTHERFORD, Elizabeth.Myrtle, Lib. Arts SALES, John.Ontairo, Canada, Bus. SANDIFER, Mary.Greenwood, Lib. Arts SARACINL, Stephanie.Newport, AR, Educ., M SARTOR, Elizabeth.Oxford. Lib. Arts SAUCIER, Michelle, Hernando. Lib. Arts SAVAGE, Craig.Coldwater, Bus. SCANLON, Patnck.Jackson, Lib. Arts, A6 SCHEPERS, Terry.Natchez, Bus. SEID, Tammy, Vicksburg, Eng. SENSING, Wilbur.Bremwood, TN, Bus., ATO SHAW, Katherine.Kosciusko, Educ., AAA SHELDON, Scarlett.Greenville, Educ., XQ SHIELDS, David.Grenada, Accy., ATO SHIMEK, Daniel.Comwall, NY, Bus. SHOEMAKE, K.elly,Collins, Educ., AAA SIEGAL, Adam.Rorence, SC, Bus., X SILLS, Joseph, Madison, Bus. SIMS, Kelly.Amory, Accy. SITTON, Vonda,Olen, Accy. SKELTON, Pamela.Southaven, Lib. Arts I 358 Classes JUNIORS SKIPTON. Suzanne.Houston. TX. Educ . OB SLAYTON, Douglas. Piano. TX. Bus SL1MAN, Samuel.Ocean Springs. Eng., SN SMILEY. Ana.Univmity. Educ. SMITH, Christie.Booneville. Acc SMITH, Debra.Southaven. Educ SMITH, Mark.Elhsulle. Lib Arts. ATS! SMITH. Myra.Dexter. MO. Educ. SMITH. Ramey .Philadelphia. Lib. Arts SMITH, Slephanie.Manon. AR. Lib Ans. M SNOW. Laura, Memphis. Law Clr. SOERLUND, Bjoem.Umversity. Bus SPEARS, Tara.Columbus. Lib. Ans SPENCER. Mamn.Rollmg Fork. Eng. SPRINGFIELD. William.Ohve Branch. Bus SPRINKLE, Lisa.Souihaven. Educ. STANFORD. Michelle.Blue Spnngs. Accy. STARR, Wilham.Oxford. Bus. STATEN. Nona.Pontotoc. Educ. STEPHENS, Shirley.Shreveport. Lib Arts STONE, Terry Jackson. Lib. Arts. KA STORK, Leigh.Koscmsko. Lib. Arts. AAA STREETE, Susan.Caruthersville. MO. Educ.. XO STKOBLE, Charlcs.Oxford, Lib. Ans STLTTS, Nancy.Booneville. Educ. SLLLIVAN, Bradley.Ecru. Bus. SLLLIVAN. Melanic.Terry. Lib. Arts. XO SULLIVAN, Tracy.Koscmsko. Lib. Arts. AF SUMRALU Shellcy.Laurel. Lib. Arts. AAA SWITZER, Carol.Natchez. Lib. Ans. KA SWORDS, Jennifcr.Spnngfield. VA. Acc . TARDY. Michael.Sl. Petersburg. FL. Lib Ans. K+ TAYLOR, Allethea.BatesviIle. Lib. Arts TAYLOR, James.Kennett. MO. Eng. THAMES, Edward.Abbeville. Lib. Ans THOMAS, Edwin.Webb, Bus. THOMAS, James.Foxwonh. Lib. Ans THOMAS, Walter.Universily. Lib. Ans THOMPSON, Alviia.Connth. Lib. Ans THOMPSON, Douglas.Orean Spnngs. Lib. Arts, SN THOMPSON, Elizabeth.Tupelo. Accy. THOMPSON, Kristi.Hickory Rat. Bus. THOMPSON, Murphy.Tupelo. Bus.. SX THOMPSON. Paul.Louisville. KY. Lib. Ans. X THOMPSON, Revray. Canton, Lib. Ans THOMPSON. Susan.Yazoo City. Lib. Ans. XQ THOMPSON. Susan.Pascagoula. Bus. THOMPSON. Theresa. Water Valley, Lib. Arts THORNTON, Stacey.Helcna. AR. Pharm.. XB John Coker Classes I 359 THRASH, Melissa.Decatur, Lib. Arts TICE, Christy.Iuka, Bus., IIB TIDWELL, James.Murfreesboro, TN, Bus., KA TILLMAN, Julie.Hazclhurst, Lib. Arts TINNELL, Elizabeth.Marietta, GA, Lib. Arts TODD, Lisa.Byhalia, Bus., AKA TOLES, Edward.Taylor, Bus., B2 TRAINOR, Anne.Jackson, Lib. Arts TRAYLOR, Donna.Germantown, Bus. TUCKER, Shannon.Mcmphis, Bus. TUCKER, Tammie.Potts Camp, Lib. Arts TURNER, Elizabeth.Columbia, SC, Lib. Arts, KA TURNER, Misty.New Albany, Lib. Arts, [IB TUTOR, Mary.RandoIph, Educ. TYRONE, Marty.Pearl, Lib. Arts UNDERWOOD, Jamesjackson, Lib. Arts, IX UNDERWOOD, Jefirey.Holly Springs, Accy. UNDERWOOD. Todd.Virginia Beach, VA, Bus., IIKA UTTER, Jennifer.Paducah, KY, Accy. VACCARELLA, Sara.McComb, Lib. Arts VANAUSBURG, Stelson.Mcridian, Lib. Arts VENOSKI, Anne-Marie,Newark, NY, Lib. Arts VERHINE, Kristin, Vicksburg, Law Ctr. WALDEN, Cherie.Booneville, Lib. Arts, AAn WALKER, Aiison.Laurel. Educ., KA WALKER, Barbara.Corinlh, Lib. Arts, AAII WALKER, Elizabeth.Jackson, Lib. Arts, AZ6 WALKER, Pamela,Memphis, Lib. Arts, AAH WALKER, Thomas.Nesbit, Accy., KA WALL, Jeff.Decatur, Bus., KT WALLACE, Sherri.Fulton, Accy. WALSTON, Georse.Meridian, Bus. WALTERS, Kimberly.Oxford, MD, Lib. Arts, KA6 WALTERS, Kris,San Ramon, CA, Bus., AT WATERS, Cody.Pascagoula, Bus., S E WATSON, Jon.Charlotte, NC, Accy., A WATSON, Mary.Clarksville, TN, Bus., KA8 WATTS, Dennis,Madison, Lib. Arts WARNER, Myra.Big Creek, Educ. WARREN, Leigh.GuIfport, Lib. Arts, KA WEBB, William.Memphis, Lib. Arts WEBSTER, John.Daly City, CA, Bus. WEDDINGTON, Marilyn.Clarksdale, Bus. WELCH, Anita.Philadelphia, Lib. Arts, AAII WELSH, Mary,Jackson, Accy., AAA WENDEL, Stacie,Bricktown, NJ, Lib. Arts WERBY, Helen,Gulfport, Bus., AAA WEST, Sabrina.New Albany, Lib. Arts, AOII WHELAN, Susan.Slidell, LA, Lib. Arts, AAII WUESEKERA, Sanjeeva.University, Eng. W1LCOX, Russell,Jackson, Bus., ZN WILEY, Maryruth.Austin, TX, Lib. Arts, AOII WILLIAMS, Gaines.Indianapohs. IN, Lib. Arts, KA WILLIAMS, Lisa.aoumbus, Accy., AOII WILLIAMS, Shaye.Soso, Lib. Arts WILLIAMS, Melissa,Flint, TX, Lib. Arts WILLIAMS, Michael, Pascagoula, Bus., ZN WILLIAMS, Tracey.Tupelo, Educ., XO WILLIAMS, Robert.Oxford, Lib. Arts WILLIS, Jeanna. Meridian. Bus. WILKE, Robert,Metropolis, IL, Bus., KT WILKS, Winnye,Jackson, Lib. Arts, A28 WILSON, Corrine.Dallas, Lib. Arts, KA6 WINSTEAD, Ginger.Houston, TX, Lib. Arts WITHERS, Judy.Kosciusko, Lib. Arts, AT WTTTE, Doug,Quincy, IL, Bus. WONG, Yau.University, Accy. WOOD, Robert.Natchez, Bus., ZX WOOD, Stacy.Charleston, Educ., AAA WOODS, Ramona.University, Bus. WREN, Crystal.Nettleton, Bus. WRIGHT, Anthony .Sikeston, MO, Eng. YEH, Ching-Ying,University, Lib. Arts YOUNG, Matthew,New Albany, Accy. YOUNG, Susan .Southaven, Lib. Arts ZAGST, Joseph.Kosciusko, Lib. Arts ZEPPELIN, Deron.Starkville, Bus., A8 I 360 1 Classes Mclanic Bunlyn Classes I 361 ABRAHAM, Angela, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts, AOH ACKERMAN, Margarel.Sauk Rapids, MN, Bus. ACKERMAN, Todd.Memphis, Bus., IN ALLEN, Angela.Riplcy, Bus. ALLEN, Karina.Oxford, Lib. Arts ALLISON, Heather.Laurel, Lib. Arts ANDERSON, Cathy.Red Banks, Accy. ANDERSON, James.Holly Springs, Eng. ANDERSON, Scoll.Lake Forest, IL, Eng. ANGLJN, Virginia.Southaven, Educ. ARNOLD, Dicran.Madison, IL, Bus., B2 ASHLEY, Kenneth.Hazlehurst, Lib. Arts ATES, John.Gautier, Lib. Arts, 2X ATKINSON, Cheryl.Southaven, Lib. Arts AU, Audrey,University, Bus. AUFDENBERG, Alice.Matthews, MO, Bus., XO AUST, Jessica, Booneville, Bus. BAt FORD. Wendell.Okolona, Bus. BAILEY, Stephanie.Batesville, Educ., KKr BAKER, Keith.Summit, Lib. Arts, KT BALDWIN, Lois.Oxford, Lib. Arts BARNES, Brenda,Jackson, Lib. Arts BARNETT, Paula.Baldwyn, Lib. Arts BATSON, Mickey.Duncan, SC, Eng. BEARD, Lewis,Jackson, Eng. BEAUCHAMP, Mark,Dallas, Bus. BECKER, Kenneth.Flanders, NJ, Bus. BEE, David.University, Bus., ATO BENJAMIN, Krissy.Oxford, Accy. BENNETT, Tony.Farrell, Educ. BIGGS, Johnjackson, Lib. Arts, A BISHOP, Tracy.Double Springs, AL, Lib. Arts BLACK, Christine.St. Petersburg, FL, Educ., KA6 BLACKSTOCK, Lyndajackson, TN, Bus., M BLACKSTON, William.Oxford, Lib. Arts BLEDSOE, Nanette.McCarley, Bus., Z B BLUNTSON, Craig,Jackson, Accy., A A BOIE, Mark.Anna, IL, Lib. Arts, X BOOKER, Angela.Southaven, Lib. Arts BOONE, Stephanie.Grenada, Bus. BORDELON, Bcth.Greenville, Accy., M BOUCHILLON, Neil.Laurel, Bus., ZX BOUNDS, Robin.Macon, Lib. Arts BOWERS, Susan.Slidell, LA, Bus. BOWIE, Randy.Oxford, Eng. BOWMAN, Patricia,Greenville, Lib. Arts BRADFORD, Christopher.McComb, Lib. Arts, ZN BRAMLETT, Jeffery.Ecru, Bus. BRANUM. Ouida,Montreat, NC, Educ., Xfl BRASHER, Duane.Charleston, Accy. BRIDGES, Deborah.Blue Mountain, Accy. BRIDGES, Kimberly.Crowder, Educ. BRITTEN, Barbara,Abbeville, Bus., AZ8 BROWN, Benjamin.Oxford, Bus. BROWN, Davis.Oxford, Lib. Arts BROWN, Debra.Sardis, Bus. BROWN, Tamatha.Bruce, Accy. BRUNSON, Stuart.Moscow, TN, Lib. Arts, ZN BULLOCK, Johnny.Hattiesburg, Lib. Arts BULLOCK, Ulmer.Oxford, Eng. BUNTYN, Melanie.Brandon, Lib. Arts BURKES, Steve.Hollandale, Lib. Arts, A6 BURKS, Marsha.Baton Rouge, Accy. BURROWS, Barbara.McComb, Educ., AOn BURTON, Cheryl.Drew, Lib. Arts, AKA BUTLER, Stacey.Germantown, Bus. BYARS, Carolyn.Memphis, Lib. Arts, M BYRNE, Ryan.Coffeeville, Bus. CAFFEY, Fred.Martinsville, VA, Bus., KT CALAMESE, Vickie.Booneville, Lib. Arts CALHOUN, Camille.Oxford, Lib. Arts CALLENDER, John.Columbia, Accy., A CAMPBELL, Mark.Cairollton, Bus. CAMPBELL, Patricia, Walnut, Accy. CANNADY, William.Madison, Bus. CAPOCACCIA, Missy.Cleveland, Bus. CARBONAR, Whitman.Washington, D.C., Bus. 362 I Classes CARLISLE. Cheryl. Memphis. Lib. Arts, AAD CARLISLE, Eric. Water Valley. Lib. Am CARLISLE, Russell. Wesson. Lib. Arts CARPENTER, Debbie Jackson. LA. Bus., KA0 CARROLL, Pam.Jackson. Educ. CARSON, Bnan.Iuka. Eng. CARTER, Mistie.Pontotoc, Educ. CASEY, Robert,Greenville, NC, Educ., A CATANIA, Monica.Oxford. Bus. CAYSON, FrantPontotoc, Educ. CHACHAD, Yatm. University. Eng. CHAMBERLAIN, Leah.Tupelo. Educ. CHAN, Chiaw-Teng,University, Bus CHAN, K.eng.University. Lib. Arts SENIORS CHAN, Lap.University. Eng. CHANG, How.University. Bus. CHEATHAM, Tnna.Dekalb, Educ. CHIEW, Sek-Tbong,University, Eng. CHILDERS, Everett,Orford, Lib. Arts CHILDS. Omton.Houston. TX. Lib. Arts, A CHONG, K.ok,University, Eng. CHONG, Teck,Univer ity, Eng. CHONG, YotUniversity, Bus. CLANTON, Sherry l.Senatobia. Educ. CLARK, Wren.Camden. AR. Bus., +M CLARK, Ernest. Waynesboro, Bus. CLARK, Melissa, Virginia Beach. VA. Lib. Arts CLARK, M.chael.Gainesville. FL. Lib. Arts CLARK, Michelle.Holcomb. Bus. CLARKE, Mdinda,Fort Lauderdale, FL, Lib. Arts CLEVELAND, Carlajackson, Bus. CLINTON, James. West Memphis, AR. Accy., A CLOSE, Robert,Oxford. Bus. COKER. Denms.HuntsMlle. AL, Bus., X COLE, Jeffrey.Booneville, Lib. Arts COLEMAN, Tbomas,Corinth, Accy., ZX COLEMAN, WiIbura,New Albany, Lib. Arts COLLINS, Vivian.ClarksdaJe. Bus., AKA COLLUM, Barbara.Fulton. Lib. Arts COLSON, DerylOifoid, Lib. Arts CONLEY, Felicia,Gore Springs. Lib. Arts COOK, Amanda. Como. Bus. COOK, Paincia.Calhoun City, Educ. COOKE, Karen. Lexa. AR, Educ. COPELAND, Phihp.Natchez. Lib. Arts CORDER, Lisa.Carrollton. Educ. COSMICH. Richard. Biloxi. Bus. COUCH, JohnJaclcson. Lib. Arts, K2 COLSAR. Jeflery,New Albany, Bus. COUS.AR. Mary .Blue Mountain, Lib. Arts COW ART, Mark..Mendian. Bus., A COX, Anissa. Ashland. Educ. COX, Caroh n.Jackson, Bus.. KKT COX Joe. Water Valley. Bus. COXWELL, Beverly. Waynesboro, Educ. CRADDOCK. PatrictCleveland, Lib. Arts, KA CRAFT, Mitzi.Mendian. Lib. Arts. AAA CRALN, Cecil.Malden. MD. Bus. CRANFORD, Vera,Seminary, Accy. CRAWLEY, Janei.Etla. Bus. ' CRESPINO, JoBeth Jackson. Bus., XQ CRIDER, William.Brookhaven, Lib. Arts CROCKETT. Manelle.Holly Springs. Lib. Arts, M CROSBY. Kecia.MendenhaU, Educ., AT CROSSWELL, Knstma.Gautier. Bus.. AOn CRUM. PatnctOxford. Lib. Arts CUMMINGS, Tony. Victoria, Bus. CUMMINS, Randy.Vicksburg, Bus. CUPIT, Tanya.Brookhaven. Educ. CL ' RRY, Roy.Ringsland. AR. Law Ctr. Classes I 363 CURRY, YOLANDA.University, Bus., AKA DABBS, Willis,Clarksdalc, Eng. DABNEY, Bill.Jackson, TN, Lib. Arts, ATO DAUPHIN, Bcnjamin.Natchez, Bus. DAVENPORT, John.Ft. Walton Beach, FL. Bus., K DAVIDSON, Walter.Clinton, Lib. Ans DAVIS, Andy.Birmingham, Lib. Arts, ATO DAVIS, Ann. Paris. Educ. DAVIS, Beverly.Baldwyn, Bus. DAVIS, Chrisiopher.Pascagoula, Bus. DAVIS, William, Baldwyn. Accy. DAY, Jennifer.Pontotoc, Lib. Arts DAY, Jennifer.New Orleans, Bus., HB DEARMAN, Sarah.Jackson, Educ., HB DEATON, Lori.Booneville, Pharm. DELLENGER, Earl.Biloxi, Bus., K DENLEY, Deanna.Bruce, Lib. Arts, AOn DENNIS, Michael.Madison, Lib. Ans, A9 DENNY, Dawn.Nashville, Lib. Arts, KA DEVENDRA, Sheela.University. Eng. DIFFENBACH, Dee.Harrisburg, IL, Educ. DILDY, John.New Orleans, Lib. Arts, ZFI DIXON, Lloyd.Summit. Bus., B2 DOOM, Arnold.New Albany, Accy. DORRIS, Russell.Raymond. Lib. Ans DOWNS, Mark.Oxford, Bus., KA IK l IF.R, Tina.Nettleton, Lib. Arts DREWERY, Linda.Oxford, Lib. Arts DRUMMOND, Desiree.Tupelo, Educ. DRUMMOND, Jess.Nauvoo, AL, Lib. Arts, OKA DUCKWORTH, Kalajackson, Lib. Arts, AAA DUNAWAY, Lara.Hollandale, Lib. Arts, X DUNNA, Shyam.University, Eng. DURHAM, John.Metairie, LA, Bus., KA DURRETT, Elaine.Plantation, FL, Educ., AAA EASLEY, Kim.Jackson, Accy., M EATON, Lisha.Seminary, Lib. Arts ECHOLS, John.Southaven, Educ. ECHOLS, Kristie.Tarboro, Lib. Arts, AF EDWARDS, Jerry.Jackson, Bus. EHRLICHER, Nancy.Memphis, Lib. Arts, KKF EIDT, Manfred.Natchez, Lib. Arts ELAM, Laura.Oxford, Lib. Arts ELLIOTT, Kenneth.Marshall, TX, Educ. ELLIOTT, Maggie.Oxford, Accy., Xfl KI.MORE, David.Oxford, Bus. ENDRIS, Gregory.Biloxi, Eng. ENOCHS, Sco,Jackson, Lib. Arts ESTES, Stephanie.Natchez, Lib. Arts, KA ESTILL, Duane.Corinth, Lib. Arts EUBANKS, Micky.Oxford, Lib. Arts EUBANKS, Pamela, Water Valley, Educ. EVANS, Sandra.Winona, Educ. FALAH, Marwan, University, Eng. FALK, James.Morganfield, KY, Lib. Arts FARMER, Greta.Louisville, KY, Bus., KA6 KARRIS, Deborah.Hernando, Lib. Arts FLETCHER, Luther.Panama City, FL, Lib. Arts FLETCHER, Spence.Indianola, Educ., KA FLOWERS, Ginger.Jackson, Educ. FORD, Patrick, Biloxi, Bus., X FORD, Tammy.Holly Springs, Bus., AKA FORTENBERRY, John.Canton, Bus., KZ FOSTER, Henry.Blue Springs, Lib. Arts FOUNTAIN, Cynthia.Gautier, Lib. Arts FOX, Kurt.Sterling, IL, Eng. FRANCIS, Anna.Fulton, Educ. FRANKS, Sherron.Pontotoc, Educ. FREIMAN, Michael.Harvard, IL, Eng. FULLAM, Todd.Biloxi, Lib. Arts, KT GADD, Walter.Hickory Flat, Accy., ATO GARAM, Charles, West Hartford, CT, Lib. Arts GARNER, Gerald.Magee, Bus., A GARNER, Thomas.Ripley, TN, Bus., X GARRETT, Preston.Thaxton, Lib. Arts GAUTIER, Caroline.France, Lib. Arts GENTRY, Timothy.Pontotoc, Eng. I 364 Classes SENIORS GILL, Kmloch. Greenwood. Accy.. +A6 GILLARD. Lisa.Housion. Lib. Aru GILLESPIE, Stacey.Pontotoc, Accy. GOFF, Jason.BlytheviUe, Lib. Arts. KT GOLDMAN, PauLMeridian. Bus. GOLESTANIAN, Hassan.lran. Eng, GOLESTANIAN, Hossein.Oxford, Eng. GOODMAN, Alan.Llniversity, Lib. Aru GOODWIN, Wilham, Meridian. Bus. GORDON, Charles,Laurel. Lib. Arts GORDON, Gabneile.Houston. TX. Lib. Aru, nB GORHAM, Ashley.Brcntwood, TN. Educ., KKT GRANGER, Julie.Kennett, MO, Bus.. AOH GREEN, Anna, Water Valley, Lib. Arts GREEN, Rose.Booneville. Educ. GREGORY, GaiLOnford, Law Ctr. GREGORY, Sylvia,C1arksdak. Bus.. AS8 GRIZZARD, Ashley.Germantown. Bus.. AAA GUI BBS, Chns.Pomotoc. Bus. GULLEY, KUlhryn.Brookhaven, Lib. Arts, AT GUTIERREZ, Luis,University. Eng. GUY, Barbara, Weston, CT. Bus., KA HAGLER, Margaret.South Dennis. MA. Lib. Arts HALL, Karenjackson, Lib. Arts, I1B HALL, Ruth.New Albany, Accy. HALLMAN. Scoit.Myrtle. Lib. Arts HAMM. Kyle.New Orleans, Bus. HAMMETT, Deha.Connth. Lib. Arts HANEY, RoberuMemphis, Lib. Arts HARDAWAY, JilLOxford, Bus. H.4RDIN. Timothy.Fulton. Eng. HARRIS. Chico.Tupelo. Lib. Arts RARRISON. Cindy.Detroit, AL, Law Ctr. HARRISON, Ja me.Tupelo. Bus. HARVEY, Manin.Collms. Lib. Arts HARVTY, Reggie.Bilon. Bus. HASE, CmdvAnna. !L. Pharm.. AOn HASSELTINE, Ashley, Batesville, Educ., AAA HATHCOCK, Kenneth,Smithvule. Lib. Arts HAWKINS, James.Ojiford. Educ., ZN HELTON, Kath .Burnsville. Lib. Arts HELSLEY, Claudia.Memphis. Bus.. AOn HENDERSON, Daniel.University. Bus. HENDRIX. Michael. L ' niversil . Bus. HENSLEY, Elaine.Holly Springs. Lib. Arts HERRING, Byron. Brandon. Educ. HERRON. Sbelia.Cold-ater. Bus.. AKA HIGGINBOTHAM, Robertjackson, Bus., A6 HIGHT, Kenneth.Tupelo. Bus. H1GHTOWTR, Pamela,Houlka, Educ. HILBL N, Hayles.Moss Point. Bus., KA HILL, Katberine.Hollandale. Law Ctr., AT HILL, Richard. Forest. Lib. Am H1LLERY. Man .New Orleans. Educ.. AOH HILTON, Frances,MendenhaU. Educ. HODGE, John. Laurel. Lib. Arts, KI HOEVABJENYTSKOEVSKY, KabLUniversity, Educ. HOLBROOK. Gilda.Florence. Accy.. AATI HOLEMAN, Jeffery.Yazoo City. Educ. HOLLEY. Edward.Oxford, Lib. Am HOLLINGSWORTH, Stacy.Fulton. Lib. Am HOLMES, David.W.ggins. Eng. HORN, Christian.Moss Point, Lib. Arts, IIB HOL ' SEY, John.Metame. LA. Bus. HOWARD. Dawn.University. Lib. Arts HOWTLU JefTer .Bolivar. TN. Bus. HOWELL, Lindsey.Senatobia. Lib. Arts HOWELL, Rosalyn.New Albany. Lib. Arts. AKA HUGHES. Deborah.Collins, Lib. Am HUNT, Darren.Ackerman, Lib. Arts Classes I 365 I HUSSEY, William.Tupelo, Lib. Arts HYDE, Robert.Jackson, Accy., ZX IRBY, Gerald.Sledge, Educ. JACKSON, Gregory.Crystal Springs, Educ. JACKSON, Sherri.Lake Conmanon, Lib. Arts J AGGERS, Mark.Pontotoc, Lib. Arts JARRELL, Philip.Fulton, Lib. Arts JAYNES, Jeffrey.Columbus, Lib. Arts, X JETER, Ronald.New Albany, Lib. Arts JOBE, Brad.Corinth, Eng. JOBLIN, Anita,University, Educ. JOHNSON, April,0xford, Lib. Arts JOHNSON, Cathy.Brooksville, Bus., AKA JOHNSON, Daren.Meridian, Lib. Arts, KA JOHNSON, David.Batesville, Eng. JOHNSON, Edith.Guntown, Lib. Arts JOHNSON, Jeffrey.Olive Branch, Lib. Arts JOHNSON, Kenneth, Winona, Bus., KZ JOHNSON, Laura.Meridian, Lib. Arts, AAA JOHNSON, Loria.Dallas, Lib. Arts, IIB JOHNSON, Randy.Banner, Eng. JOHNSON, William,Hattiesburg, Lib. Arts JOHNSTON, Janis,Duck Hill, Lib. Arts JONES, Allison,Monroe, LA, Lib. Arts, IIB JONES, Conigliaro.Terry, Lib. Arts, KA JONES, Geoffrey.Tupelo, Lib. Arts JONES, Lisa.Holly Springs, Lib. Arts, M B JONES, Lopaz.Eupora, Lib. Arts JONES, Patricia,Como, Lib. Arts JONES, Timothy.Jackson, Lib. Arts, ZN JONES, Scott.Randolph, Lib. Arts KKI1 , Kcnncth.St. Petersburg, FL, Bus. KELLER, George.Endicott, NY, Eng. KELLY, Katelyn,University, Lib. Arts, KA6 KEMP, Sheryl.Ocean Springs, Lib. Arts KERST, Lisa, West Memphis, AR, Lib. Arts, IIB KESTER, Raymond, New Boston, TX, Lib. Arts KEY, Annette.Shreveport, Lib. Arts, KA KEY, Brenda,Tupelo, Educ. KEYS, Sandra, Wesson, Educ. KI1.PATRICK, Kara.Cordova, TN, Pharm., AAA KING, Amanda.Pelahatchie. Lib. Arts KING Bobbic.Louisville. Bus., AAII KING, James.Oxford. Lib. Arts KING, Natahe.Ackerman, Lib. Arts, M KING, William, Dunwoody. GA, Lib. Arts KLOTZ, Saraya,Bald Knob, AR, Lib. Arts KNECHT, Elizabeth, Pascagoula, Lib. Arts KOEN, Teresa.University, Lib. Arts LAMBERT, Deanna.Booneville, Bus. LAND. Margaret.Alpharetla. GA, Lib. Arts, KA LANGFITT, Shawna.Biloxi, Bus. LATHAM, William.New Albany, Educ. LAWRENCE, Pamela.Kenya, Lib. Arts LAWSON, Kay.Holly Springs, Bus. LAZARUS, Leo.Jackson, Bus., Zn LEDBETTER, Lisa.Henderson, TN, Educ., M LEE, Mitchell.New Hebron, Bus. LEE, Shueh-Shmg.University, Bus. LEECH, Jeannie.Tupelo, Lib. Arts LEEPER, Sam.Oakton, VA, Lib. Arts LEISTER, Randal.Oxford, Bus., A LEOW, Aik-Jiang,University, Lib. Arts LEPESKA, Ellen,Collierville, TN, Lib. Arts LEWIS, Hank, Baton Rouge, Lib. Arts LEWIS, Sarah.Baton Rouge, Lib. Arts U, Yujun,University, Lib. Arts LINDSAY, Derrick.University, Lib. Arts LIPSEY, Laura,Nesbit, Educ. LISTENBEE, Sharon.Bruce, Educ. LIVINGSTON, Mimi.Booneville, Accy. LODEN, Julian.Fulton, Lib. Arts LOUNSBURY, Jenna,Houston, TX, Bus. LOWTHER, John.Madisonville, KY, Lib. Arts, K LUCAS, Kee.Canada, Eng, LUCAS, Cheryl.Biloxi, Accy. LUDLOW, William,Houston, TX, Educ., ATS! I 366 I Classes SENIORS LUMPKIN. Elizabeth, Dallas. Educ LUSCO, Samuel.Vicksburg, Accy., KZ LLTHER, Rusty.Crcnsnaw, Accy. MA, Helen.Clartcsdale. Lib. Arts MA ' AYA. Beverty.Ocean Springs. Lib. Am MACEY. Michael.Oiford, Bus. MAGEE. Daniel. Magee. Bus.. KT MAGEE, Martin, Western Springs, IL. Lib. Am MAGEE, Mary Premiss. Lib. Arts. KA MAGEE. Paulynn.Long Beach. Law Ctr. MALHAM, Arnie.Bnnkley. AR. Bus.. ATQ MALNER, MeUme.Dekalb, Lib. Arts M ALONE. Lon.Oxford. Bus. MALTA. Paul.Oxford. Lib. Am, ZX MARTIN, Marcia,O ford. Educ. MASON. Son a.Sardis. Lib. Arts, ADD MASON, Tami,Oxfont Educ. MATTOX, Lisa,Rienzi. Lib. Arts MAY, Buffy .Magee. Educ " . MAY, Tracy.Iuka, Lib. Am MAVTIELD, Lee,Eustace. TX, Lib. Am MAYO, Timothy.New Albany, Eng. MCCALLA. Cathenne.Burlison. TV. Lib. Arts MCCOLLfM, Judithjacksoo, Accy., AT MCXHACKEN, Alan.Leland. Bus. MCCREAVE. Ravmond.Oxford. Lib. Am MCCULLY, Sharon.Tupelo. Educ. MCDANIEL, Una. V.cksburg. Lib. Arts, KA MCDONALD, K.enneth.Riplei . Lib. Arts MCDUFFTE, Micharl.Petal. Lib. Am MCELWA1N, Allana.Tupelo. Educ. MCGREGER. Janice.Pittsboro, Educ. MCGL ' IRE. Margaret.Oxford, Lib. Arts MCKEE, Chnstopher.DaUas, Accy., KT MCKINLEY, Laura. Oxford. Accy. MCTUNNEY, David,OxfoL Lib. Am MCK1NNEY, Rhonda.Boonevillc. Educ. MCLARTY, Janet.Byhalia. Educ. MCLAUGHLIN, Marta.Oxford. Lib. Am MCLEOD, Billy.Columbus. Bus.. Ben MCNAIR, Timoth Jackson. Bus.. A8 MCRAE. Richard.Dekalb. Bus., ATO MEADOR. Came.amion. Bus. MEDINA, Javier.University, Lib. Arts MEGGS, Scott,Freeburg, IL, Lib. Arts MELICHAR, Cnarles,Forest, Bus., KT MERRILL. George.Booneville, Lib. Arts METCALFE, Anna.Tupelo. Educ. MIDDLETON, Debra.Brandon. Bus. MIDGETT, Jeanice.Hermitage. TN, Lib. Arts, KA MIKELL, jRay.Kosciusko, Lib. Arts MILLER. Lesley .Monroe, LA, Educ., M MILLER, Lester. Mobile. AL, Bus. MIRZ.AKUCHAKI. Sattar.University. Eng. MITCHELL, Manha.Sherman. Bus. MITCHELL, Mellody.EIlisviIle. Accy. MITROS, Greg.MAhetta, Lib. Arts. KT MIZE, Janet.Pans. Lib. Arts MOELLENHOFF, Meg,Columbiis. Eng. MOFFATT, Cathenne.Myrtk, Educ. MONTGOMERY, MucheU.Pontotoc, Bus. MOORE, Dorothy. McComb. Lib. Arts, KAe MOORE, Mary. Memphis. Accy., AAA MOORE. Melissa.Houston. Lib. Arts MOORE, SneUi.Umversity. Educ. MORG.A.N, Michael Jackson, Accy., ATQ MORPHIS, Uuralee. Madison. Bus. MORPHIS, Paul,Meridian. Bus. MULKEY, John,University, Bus., ZH Ml NN. Janna.Mendnhall. Lib. Arts. SO Classes I 367 MURPHY, Theresa.Biloxi, Bus. MUSSELWHITE, Darren.Southaven, Bus. MYERS, Christopher, Jackson, Bus., A6 NAIL, John.Yazoo City, Lib. Arts NASAL, Nick.Bucksnort, TN, Lib. Arts NEAL, Thomas.Oxford, Educ. NELMS, Kimberly.Pascagoula, Educ., KA NELSON, Paul.University, Lib. Arts NEVILLE, Susan.Jackson, Bus., XO NEWCOMB, Don.Oxford, Bus., SX NEWTON, Garner.Greenville, Eng., A6 NGOI, Seng,University, Bus. NGUYEN, Tu.Oxford, Eng. NGUYEN, Tuan.Oxford, Eng. NICHOLAS, Tammy.Meridian, Lib. Arts NICHOLS, K.erry,Union, Lib. Arts NICHOLS, Phelan.Olive Branch, Bus. NIFFENEGGER, Regal.Chesterfield, MO, Bus., KA6 NOBLIN, Juliejackson, Lib. Arts OAKES, Allison.Brandon, Lib. Arts, KA6 O ' CONNOR, Stephen,Herrin, IL, Eng., 211 O ' LEARY, Crystal.Decatur, AL, Lib. Arts OLITA, Sandra.Olive Branch, Lib. Arts OLIVER, Suzannejackson, TN, Bus., AT OLSON, David.Columbia, TN, Lib. Arts, K O ' QUINN, Susan.Ocean Springs, Lib. Arts OUTZ, Daniel. Greenwood. Lib. Arts PADGETT, Marianne.Atlanta, Lib. Arts, M PALCZYNSKI, Helen.Lagrange Park, IL, Educ. PALMER, Jeffrey, Villa Ridge, IL, Bus. PARKER, Dorothy.University, Lib. Arts PARRISH, Nena.Blue Springs, Accy. PATRICK, Robert.Iuka, Lib. Arts PATTERSON, Angela.Madison, Lib. Arts PATTERSON, Melissa.Pontotoc, Lib. Arts PATTON, Casandra.University, Accy. PEDDY, Brent, Henderson, Bus. PEGRAM, Leigh.Tunica, Bus., AAA PERERA, Chaminda,University, Eng. PERRY, Paige.Jackson. Educ. PHILIPPART, Margaret,Oxford, Bus. PHILLIPS, Jones.Monon, Educ. PHILLIPS, Larry.Shreveport, Bus., ZN PHILLIPS, Marie.Meridian, Bus. PIERSON, James.Baton Rouge, Bus., KZ PILLOW, William, Yazoo City, Lib. Arts PIRNIK, Andrew.Ocean Springs, Eng. PITCOCK, Robert.Grenada, Lib. Arts PITTMAN, John.Eupora, Educ. PLUMMER, Sherron.Holly Springs, Bus. POLLOCK, Melissa.Madison, Bus. POON, Bernard.Malaysia, Bus. POWELL, Carl.Madison, Accy., A A POWELL, Harriet.Oxford, Educ. PRASAD, Subir.Oxford, Eng. PRATT, Gregory.Batesville, Eng. PRIDE, Willie.Batesville, Educ. PULASKI, Michael.Dallas, Bus. PULLEN, Barney, Water Valley, Lib. Arts PULLIAM, Lesia.Pontotoc, Lib. Arts PUSTILNIK, Marcos.Rio De Janeiro, Eng., KT RACKLEY, Alesha.Pontotoc, Lib. Arts RAKESTRAW, Kenny.Blue Springs, Accy. RAMEY, Dana.Fulton, Accy. RAWSON, Melissa.Meridian, Educ., KA RAYBURN, Shannon.Hattiesburg, Lib. Arts REED, Don.Hickory Flat, Educ. REESE, Douglas.University, Educ., AS REEVES, Margaret.Prentiss, Lib. Arts RENO, Carolyn.Jackson, Bus., KKF RICE, Kerry.Ocean Springs, Lib. Arts, AAE RICHARDSON, Christopher.Booneville, Lib. Arts RILEY, Matthew.Lexington, Bus., KA RIVERS, Loretta.Union, Lib. Arts ROBBINS, Danny.New Albany, Educ. ROBERTS, Katherine.Oxford, Lib. Arts ROBERTS, Laura.Grayson, LA, Lib. Arts, AAU I 368 I Classes SENIORS ROBINSON. Jimmy .Summii. Lib Arts RODGERS. Paula.Greenwood. Lib. Arts ROGERS. Kandace.Brandon. Bus . AT ROSE, C nihia.Oxford. Pharm ROSE. Katie.Starkville. Bus.. XQ ROSS, John. Ashland. Eng ROY. Nichok.Mansura. LA. Lib. Ans RUBENSTE1N, David.Cleveland. Bus RUFF, Jenmfer.Memphis. Educ . AAII RUSHING. David.Orford. Lib Arts RUTHERFORD, Melvern.Germanlown. Lib. Ans. BW1 SAHAY. Decpak.Universny. Eng. SAMPIETRO, Laurcn.Memphis. Educ . IIB SANDAHL, Todd.Gcrmantown. Lab. Arts SARTA1N. Pbilip.Connth, Bus. SCOTT, Rebecca. Hernando, Lib .Arts SCRIBNER. Hugh.Tupeto. Bi. SELDEN, CUiborne.Mrmphis. Bus.. BW1 SHAN1UX. Christt pher.Bates Tfle, Accy. SHEARER. Diane.Raymond. Bus.. AAA SH ELTON, Nam.Ocean Spnngs, Eng. SHEPHERD, Tammie,Oxfotd. Bs. SIMCOX, Jody.Oxford. Bus . i8 SIMON, RobcruCoKimbia, Lib. Am, A+ SIMPSON, Lucy Jackson, Edw:, K-i SIMS. K.t in Jackson. Bus.. ZH SUUEN, TerrwOiford. Educ SLOAK Glenda,Olive Branch. Lib. Arts SMITH, Jesse.MoseUe. Bos. SMITH, Laura,HousK. TX. Educ.. HB SMITH. Mia.Vicksburj. Ub. Arts. XO SMITH, Pameb,Senaobia, Lib. Arts SPIGHT, JeanetieJIoHy Spnngs. Lib Arts SPROUS. Ray.New Albany. Lib. Arts STAFFORD. Phyuis.Rienzi. Educ. STA1JFV. Bnan,Naichez. Lib. Arts, X STANFORD, James.CarroHioo. Accy. ST ANTON, CfcristinaXWord, Lib. Arts STEBBINS, FrankJackson. Bus. STEPANIAN, Susan.Madison, Lib. Arts. KA STEPHENSON, Slacey.Gcrmanlown. Bus.. AAH STEWART, Cahin.Marks. Lib. Arts STOUT. Melanie,Ocean Spnngs. Bus. STROM, Tnna.luka. Lib. Arts STROUD, K.enncth.Charlesion. Bui. SLBRXMAN1AM. Cbandraa.University, En. SWEEDEN, Scott.Greenvilk. Lib. Arts SWILLEY, Leslie.UiuvTrsity. Lib. Arts SWINFORD, Kerry.Greenood. Lib. Arts TAN, YEOW.Umversity, Eng. TAUHEED. Irfan.University. Bus. TAUPEKA. Leah.Pomt Ckar. AL. Lab. Arts, KA TAVOLETL Julie.Clarksdalc. Educ.. AAA TAYLOR, Oiftonjackson. Bus., KT TAYLOR, Colktte.Hattiesburg. Bus.. KS TEMPLE, Kerry, West Poult. Lab. Arts THOMAS. Charles, Wynne, AR, Lib. Arts. i+ THOMAS, Disajackson. Bus.. XQ THORNTON. Billy. Raleigh. Lab. Ans THL RAIRATNAM. Jeyakumar.Univeraty. Eng. TIDWELL, Cammy.Golden. Lib. Ans TOMUNSON, Lee.Clarksdale. Bos. TOLSON, Carol Lynn. Lafayette. LA. Lib. Arts. KKF TRAYLOR, Mark.Gennantown. Bus TREAT, Kelli.Blue Spnngs. Educ TREBOTICH, Davidjackson. Eng. TRIPLET!, Jacquehnejackson. Lib. Arts, KA TRLSSEUU HughJackson. Bus TURNER. Kevm.LeakesviIle. Lab Arts TV EEDY. Robyn.Puiico-. MO. Bus. Classes I 369 I TZENG, Kou-Laine,University, Eng. UPCHURCH, Kimberly.Batesville. Lib. Arts UPSHAW, Megrctta.Batesville, Bus. UTTER, Kathleen.Paducah, KY. Bus. VAN BUREN, Laura.Basking Ridge, NJ, Bus.. AAO VARBOROUGH, Lisa.Mandeville, LA, Bus., KA6 YATES, Janet.Rienzi. Pharm. YOUNG, Oint.Pontotoc, Bus. VALENTINE, Vicki.Ellisville, Lib. Arts VARNELL, Sonya.Brandon, Lib. Ans, AKA V1NING, Roben.Metairie, LA, Bus., KA VOGLE, Victoria.Saucier. Lib. Ans VOIGHT, Dyanna.Memphis, Bus., AAF1 VOYLES, JetTrey.Olive Branch, Bus., 2N WAGSTER, Emily.Jackson, Lib. Arts WALLACE, Lance.Olive Branch, Lib. Ans WALLACE, Sarah.Gideon, MO, Educ., KA WALLER, Thomas.Oxford, Eng., K WALSH, Amy.Madisonvillc, KY, Educ., KA6 WALSH, Renee.Jackson, Lib. Arts, KKP WATKINS, Miche!le,Jackson, Bus., KKF WATSON, Roben.Rolling Fork, Lib. Ans WARDLOW, Charles.Ohve Branch, Lib. Ans WARE, Sheila.Mt. Olive, Lib. Ans WARNER, Gerilynn.Oxford, Lib. Arts WARREN, Jerre.South Fulton, TN, Bus., A WEBB, Shelley.Flemington, NJ, Educ. WEBER, Lisa.New Albany, Lib. Ans WELCH, Nina.Oxford, Educ. WELLS, Ronald.Prairieville, LA, Bus. WESTLING, William.Milton, FL, Eng. WHITE, Alice.Oxford, Educ. WHITE, KJmberly.Oxford, Bus., KA9 WHITEHEAD, Phillip.Tishomingo, Lib. Ans WHITLEY, Richard.Covington. TN. Bus., KT WHITTLE, Ellen.Newton, Lib. Ans, M WILLIAMS, Alice.Memphis, Lib. Ans, AAH WILLIAMS, Cunisjackson, Lib. Arts WILLIAMS, Dexter.Tougaloo, Lib. Arts WILLIAMS, Diane.Marysville, WA, Bus. WILLIAMS, Douglas.Pontotoc, Lib. Ans WILLIAMS, JefTrey.University, Eng. WILLIAMS, Jim.Terrell Hills, TX, Bus., SAE WILLIAMS, Michael.Hernando, Accy. WILLIAMS, Susan.Corinth, Educ. WILLIAMS, Todd.Columbus, Lib. Ans WILLINGHAM, Joe.Oxford, Lib. Arts WILLIS, Tumer.Ecru, Lib. Arts WILSON, James.Oxford, Bus. WILSON, Laura.Southaven, Educ. WILSON, Laurinda.Germantown, Lib. Arts WILSON, Susan.Fairfield. IL, Lib. Arts, AAn WITT, Manha.New Albany, Educ., Ar WONG, Say.Oxford, Bus. WONG, Wayne.Canton, Bus. WOODS, Joseph.Ackerman, Eng. i 370 Classes WOODS, Mary. New Orleans. Educ. K WOODS, Randy. Southaven. Lib. Arts WORSHAM, Jem. Greensburg. LA. Educ. WRIGHT, Laura. Tupelo. Lib. Arts. YAGER, Ann, Madison. Lib. Arts YARBER, Sandy. Corinth. Educ. VARBROl GH, Jennifer. Water Valley. Educ. YATES, Janet, Rienze, Lib. Arts YATES, Karen, Taylorsville, Lib. Arts YEGGE, Gerald. Buffalo Center. IA. Lib. Arts YEILDING, Frankie, Tremont. Pharm. YEILDING, Johnny, Tremont. Accy. YOUNG, Julius, Oxford. Bus. YOUNG, Michelle, Houston, TX. Educ. SENIORS MelanicBum n Classes 371 i i ABLORDEPPEY, Seth.Ghana AGNEW, Krista.Mullins, SC AHMED, Haseeb.Jacksonville, AL AHMED, Nasir.University AMITAR, Imran, University AL-ABEDALLA, Bashir.University ALIM, Naveed.Pakisun AL-TWEAM, Nasser.Saudi Arabia ALQUTRI, Samir.University ARNOLD, Gregory.University ARRECHEA, Katherine.Oxford ATKINSON, Douglas.Eads, TN AYADI, Olusegun.Univcrsily BAKER, Laura.Water Valley BALDWIN, Michael.Oxford BAO, Huafu. University BARNARD, Paul. University BARNES, Christopher.Glen BAUCUM, Donna.Raleigh BENNETT, Lawrence.Universily BENSON, Kimberly.Pittsburgh, PA BOHME, Julia, Germany BONAVENTURE, Maryse.Universily BOWEN, Scolt.Biloxi BOWLIN, Amanda.Shreveport BRADSHAW, Lmda.Piiisboro BRAGA, Albeno.University BROCK, Oliver.Umversity BRYSON. Mary.Oxford CAI, Hui, University CAMPBELL, Connie.Defumak Springs, FL CHANG, Hsin-Hsin.University CHEN, Ming-Fang,Taiwan CHEN, Minhwa.Universily CHEN, Xin-Hua,University CHENG, Kwai. University CHEW, Cheng,University CHOI, Dong,Universtiy CHOI, Yongjoon.Korea COLLINS, Kimberly.Cleveland CUNNINGHAM, Stephanie.Brentwood.TN DANT, Niraj, University DAS, Amilav.lndia DAVIS, Steve.Memphis DEBONA, Kimberly.Alexandria, LA DENG, Qing.China DONTO, Rajen dra.India DORRI, Mehdi.University DOUGLAS, O ' Neal.University John Biggs John Biggs 372 I Classes GRADUA ' ES DL ' NLAP. Gary.HemliKlo ECONOMIDES, ThoukididtvGrtece FELDHAL ' S, Joseph.Oiford FERNANDEZ. Remta.Univenity FTTCH. Tan.Manssa. IL FOSTER. CharkvPangbum. AR FUNG. Kwong-Min.Hong Kont GAIT AN Mikna.Oiford CAN. Hon.Univera ly GANUPL ' Rf . Vcnkauramana.Univety GAl ' DET. Cathennt. Natchez GRAHAM. Ronald.Univcnity GL ' RLEY. WiliCT.L ' niversit) HARDER. William.Umvmny HARRISON. David.Oiford HO. Kong HO, Chif.Univcrsil HOLLAND. Karen.Oxford HOONG. Nfn.Univenily HOWE. Richard.Tupeto HOWELL, Knn.0nfoni HL . Dan.Univcnily HU, Shu-Chuan.Universil HUANG. Shu-Hua.Univcniiy HL ' SSAIN. Mauod.Universily HWANG, Yu,Universily HW I . Shing-Min.Taiwan JAIN. Sanja . India JERN1GAN. Manm.Orford JIANG. Songchun.L ' niversiI JOE, Ilcnt.Grecnwood JOl . Kou-Rong.Univenily KAPOOR. Vivek.Univenity KARAN. Eliazar.Univcnity KEYS. Audrcy.Tupdo KIM, Jrung-Ki. University KIM. Jung ook. Korea KIM. Mi Hyc.Korca KOH, Hup.Universit) KOEHLER, Kalhcnnc.Oiford KUMPATY ' , Subba.Univenity KWAK. Youngsik. Korea Classes | 373 i LEE, Dae.University LEE, Ik-Soo,University LEE, Sang Im, University LEE, Seonsu, University LEYDON, Robert.Burke, VA LI, Erguang.University LI, Hai-Peng,University LI, Xun, University LIEW, Chea.University LIM, Tze.University LIN, Bu, University LIN, Gin-Chung,University LIN, In-Jiau, University LIN, Tao,University LIN, Zhihong,Brighton, MA LIOU. Yuenyen, University LONG, Scott.Philadelphia LOONG, Tuck.University LOVE, Dale.Batesville LOZANO, Nicatio.Farwell, MI MAGEE, Dan.McComb MANIAM, Balasundram, University MATTHEWS, James.Bailey MCCOY, Patricia.Batesville MCMULLEN, Jennifer.Ackerman MONK, Mary, Birmingham MORRIS, Vicki.University MUKHERJEE, Sougata.University MULL, Allison.University NADIZADEH, Hossain.University NAM, Ki-Chan,University NG, Yan-Tho,Singapore NOSSER, John.University O ' BANNON, Dena, Forest OREY, Byronjackson ORMAN, Jennifer.Ellisville ORTEGO, Lisa.Oxford OWTEN, Deetra,Marks PALMER, Marion.Corinth PALO, Rani-Villem,Buffalo, NY PARK, Jun-Seok,University PHILLIPS, Allison.Germantown POOLE, Helen. Baton Rouge PYUN, Yong,University QUIROS, Mauricio.Colomhia RAINA, Dijjotam, University RAWWAS, Mohammed.University REESE, Michael.Reno ROGERS, Robbie.Kossuth i 374 Classes GRADUA ' ES John Biggs RYAN, Ronald. Laudcrdak SARTOR. William Oxford SCHMIDT. Silke.Umversity S RIBNKR. Michael.Moorevilk SHAHIV Errad.Umversity SHARMA. Sanlosh.Umversily SIMPSON. SIN. Km.Umveruiy SISAKl N. Siphan. University SMITH. Mac Rich SMITH, Sidney .Gulfpon SMITH. Sleven.University SONG, Bailm.Umversity SPE.NCER. Bunon.Charlnion SRIDHARAN K.Univcnily STATE.N. Andy.Carrolllon STEWART. Edna.Grenada SULLIVAN, Wanda.Mobik. AL TAN. Moh-Liang.Mala sia TAN, TKk.Lrmersiu TATE, Mansa.Tupelo TAYLOR. Dawn.Murray. K.Y THEOPHA.NPOLS, Ekalermi.Grecce TUCKER. Bryan.Yazoo City TURNER. Susan.Mcmptlis LTLEV. Mekia.Rcdor. AR V1SW ANATHA.N. Ja ashankar.L ' nivcrsu WADKINS. MeUnk.Univemly WANG. Din.LIniveniIy W ASHAM, JamevOxford WASH AM. Ujana.Oiford WEI, Wei. University WEIR, Kenneth.Grenada WENG, Dexi.Chma WOO, Sook.Universilv W L. ' eigeng.L ' nnersil W t, Wu-Chung.Taian WU-HWANG, Yi-Wen.Taiwan ME. Jianye.Chinj YO.NG. Kin.Univenily YONC. Lee.Univenily YUAN. Shian. University YL ' E, Jianpmg.1 nivcrsit ZHENG, Zhao.Chma ZHANG, Zhi-Yao.Univenity Classes I 375 i M DABl S. Aboul.University BOYK1N, Bruce.Brighton, TN BYNUM, Lesley.Winston-Salem, NC CHEN, Chicn-Hsun.University CONWELL, GeofT.Umversity COX, Tamara, Florence CROSS, Denice.Falkner DUNCAN, Linda.New Orleans EATON, Mark.Baldwyn ELMORE, David.University GRAHAM, Jonathan. Huntsville. AL HWANG, Yuan-Her,Taiwan JEFFERSON, W.,Greenwood JIAN, Jin.University JOHNSTON, Kennelh.Bay St. Louis JOSEPH, John.Oxford KELSEY, David.Fern Creek, KY KRAI SK, Volker.West Germany KWANG, Hock.Singapore LAFFERTY, Auslin.White Deer, TX LEE, Thomas,Glen Rose, TX LUO, Xiao-Zhong,University MCDONALD, Robert.Collins MCMULLEN, Jeflery.Ackerman MORTABIT, Abdessamad.University PENG, Jen-Chieta,University POLK, Chris,Oxford SEARS, Patti.Oxford SCHELNUTT, Gregory.University SHORTER, Lyonell.University SIM, Chee.University SONG, Xiaoqun.University STURGEON, Alonzo.Woodville SWIFT, Marilyn.Germantown TZENG, Howchyang,University WARD, Kelly.Dixon, IL WILCOX, Kalu.Windsor, CT WRIGHT, William.University YU, Chao-Sung, Taiwan i 376 I Classes : " Melanie Bunun Mclanie Bunlyn Classes I 377 , I ABRAHAM, Emily.Vicksburg, MS AINSWORTH, Becky.Hemando, MS BOGGAN, Jeffery.Kilmichael, MS BOTHE, Richard.Corinth, MS BRASWELL, Michelle.Winona, MS BRELAND, David.Wiggins, MS BUSCH, Rebecca.Lafayette, LA BUSH, Bradcly.Clarksdale, MS BUTLER, Jenise.Martin, TN BYRD, Angela.Clinlon, MS GLOWERS, Kenneth.Pontotoc, MS COKER, Kalhryn.Toomsuba, MS COMMER, Susan.Gulfport, MS COMPRETTA, Connally.Bay St. Louis, MS DARBY, Amy, West Point, MS DEATON, Bradley .Jackson, MS DUNAWAY, Rhonda.McComb, MS DURANT, Charles.Biloxi, MS FOSTER, Cassie.Batesville, MS FOWLER, Susan.Somerville, TN FREEZE, Mori.McComb, MS GAMBLE, Woody.Picayune, MS GATLIN, Thomas, Walnut, MS GUNN, Kenyon.Oxford, MS HAILEY, Shea.Cleveland, MS HANEY, Amy.Amory, MS HERRING, Leigh Ann.Bruce, MS HERROD, Carol.Eupora, MS HOUSTON, Karen.Brandon, MS HUFFMAN, Melanie.Philadelphia, MS JAGGERS, Cynthia, Pontotoc, MS JAGGERS, James.Pontotoc, MS JUMPER, Deborah.Etta, MS LITTLE, Ramona.Jackson, MS LONG, DarryUuka, MS MARTIN, Christopher.Batesville, MS MARTIN, Sandra.Grenada, MS MCINTOSH, Shawn.Forest, MS MCLELLAN, Lynda.Oxford, MS MCMULLEN, Karen.Sturgis, MS MELLINGER, Deborah.Perkinston, MS MILLER, Deanna.Pearl, MS MORPHIS, Stephanie.Madison, MS MOSLEY, George.Sidon, MS MYERS, Christopher.Jackson, MS NATION, Tiflany.Jackson, MS ORR, Teresa.Eupora, MS OUBRE, Stephen.Florence, MS OVERBY, Kimberly.Morton, MS 378 I Classes John Biggs PHARMACY OVERTON, Mona.Batesville, MS PARKER, Elizabelh.Charleslon, WV PITTMAN, Pamela.Pascagoula, MS PURVIS, Beth.Monon, MS RATCUFF, Lisa.Summit, MS RAYFORD, Sheila, Holh Springs, MS REED. Jerry.Starkville, MS SANDERS, Alicia.Kosciusko, MS SANDROM, William.Shaw, MS SHAW, Wonda,Qarksdale, MS SMITH, Denms.Moselle. MS SMITH, Robert. Batesville. MS SMITH, Ronald. Wesson, MS SMITH, Sleve,Amory, MS SPELL, Tommy.Cryslal Springs, MS STANLEY, Adrian. Pascagoula. MS STANLEY, Cassie. Waynesboro. MS STEINER, Kenneth.Natchez, MS SULLIVAN, William.Indianola. MS SUMRALL, Ocanna. Moselle. MS THERRELL, Sharon. Balesville. MS TR1PPE, Juan.Slidel, LA TURNER, Donna,MiUn, TN TURNER, Sarah.Okolona. MS WALDEN, Jeffrey.Pascagoula, MS WALL, Sandee.Cleveland, MS WATFORD, Lisa.Pensacola. FL WHITAKER, Oregon .Bruce. MS WHITEHEAD, David,Dennis, MS WILKERSON, Mona.Lucedale. MS WILLIS, Eulanda.Mendian. MS II ADAMS, Dianne. Waveland. MS ADAMS, Jack.Umversitv MS ANDERSON, Charmaine.Hollandale.MS ANDERSON, Karla,Selmcr. TN AUSTIN, Melanie.Houlka. MS BARKLEY, Karen.New Albany, MS BARNES, Kenneth.Osyka, MS BOBINGER, Lyndon. Lucedale. MS BULLOCK, Alice.Semman . MS BURNS, Monica.Summii. MS BUTLER, Mark.Tishomingo. MS CHEATHAM, Christopher.Preston, MS COMER, Sharon. Mantachie. MS DAW, SlacevSumrall. MS DEAN, Stephen. Wesson. MS DEEN, Regina,University, MS DENNIS, Lori. Madison. MS DOOLJTTLE, Judy.Gore Springs, MS Melanie Bunlyn John Biggs Classes I 379 DOUGLAS, Troy.Hazlehurst, MS ELLIOTT, Stanley.University, MS ELLIS, Patri.Louisville, MS EUBANKS, James.Tunica, MS GEE, John, Ilia Bena, MS HARTNESS, Cindy.Clinton, MS HAYS, Catherine.Sardis, MS HEATH, Steven.Greenwood, MS HUGGINS, Preston, Vaden, MS JOHNSON, Claire.Clinton, MS LAWHORN, Alesia.Belmont, MS LITTLE, Barbara.New Albany, MS LIVINGSTON, Linda.Oxford, MS LONG, Julie.Booneville, MS MATHEWS, Melinda.Liburn, GA MCCHESNEY, Cynthia.Oxford, MS MCELROY, Amanda.Booneville, MS MONTGOMERY, Greta.Belmont, MS MOONEYHAM, Michele.Houston, MS MOORE, Mary.Senatobia, MS MYERS, Tommy.Olive Branch, MS PENICK, Tina,McComb, MS PIGOTT, Robin.Tylertown, MS ROBINSON, Kcnee.Nesbit, MS ROBINSON, Rhonda.Biloxi, MS ROBINSON, Ridonna.Oxford, MS ROWSEY, Pemn.Courtl and, MS RUSSELL, Rhonda.Jackson. MS RUSSELL, Roben.Corinth, MS SANDERS, William, University, MS SCHMITZ, Kenneth, Water Valley, MS SCRUGGS, Sheiry.Saltillo, MS SEELY, Linda, Moss Point, MS SMITH, Lome.Hernando, MS STEIN WINDER. Michael, Indianola, MS TAYLOR, Katrina.Booneville, MS THOMPSON, Taletha.Meridian, MS VALENTINE, James.Newton, MS WATTE, Catherine, Sahillo, MS WARE, Gregory.Forest, MS WATERS, Amy.Oxford, MS WILLIS, Jenny. Philadelphia, MS WILSON, Robert.Clinton, MS WONG, Richard.Oxford, MS YOUNG, Keith.Oxford, MS III 380 I Classes ADAMS, Dianne.Bay St. Louis, MS ALGEE, Ellen.Coldwater, MS ARMSTRONG, Eddie.Tupelo.MS BARBER, Glen.Columbia, MS BARBIERO, Karen.Ontario, Canada BOLTON, Dana.New Albany, MS BURFORD, Brian.Senatobia, MS CALHOUN, Bill.Oxford, MS CARR, Robert. Bassfield. MS COLLINS, Michael.Bay St. Louis, MS CRIDDLE, Barry.Houston, MS CULVER, Sandy.Tupelo, MS DUNCAN, Delita,Meridian, MS FAILLA, Andrew.Picayune, MS FLOWERS, Laura. Brandon. MS FLOYD, Traci.Booneville, MS FORTENBERRY, Lisa.Canton, MS FYKE, Jenny,Jackson, MS GIBSON, Greg,Dekalb, MS GOOD, Ken.Columbus. MS HAMBLETT, Sonya.Vicksburg, MS HARRIS, Tracy.Mendenhall. MS HAYES, Melanie.Pascagoula. MS HAYDEL, Wendy.McComb, MS HEAD, Melinda.Poplarville, MS HENDERSON, Mark.Louisville, MS KITE. Malendia.Clarksdale, MS HOLCOMB, Maria.Biloxi. MS HOLLIDAY, Cunis,McComb, MS HUDSPETH, Frank.Crenshaw, MS JAMES, Becka.Clinton, MS JOHNSON, Connie.Meridian, MS PHARM AC Y KING, Mehssa.Fuplarville, MS LANGSTON, Kevin.Florence. MS LEE, Debbie.Heraando, MS LJNDSTROM, Mary.Laurd, MS LONG, Cathy.Saltillo, MS MAR Doreen.Lake Village. AR MANGRUM, James.Decatur. MS MCGARTTY, Rocky, We Point, MS MCGUIRE, Henry. Waler Valley, MS MILLING, Mark.Umon. MS MILLS, Jobn.Manchester. MO N.ASSAR. Phillip.Shelby, MS NESTER, BiIl.Soso. MS PARKER, Suzanne.Milan, TN PATTON, ShehaJackson. MS PERRY. Gerry.Brooksville. MS PHILLIPS, Guy.Moorhead. MS PRICE, Richard. Monticello. MS QUICK, Susannc. Summit. MS RANDOLPH, Audra.Aberdccn. MS S.A.N DROM. Bradley.Shaw. MS SMITH, BelmdauLaurel. MS SMITH, Dana,Hazlehurst, MS SMITH. Robby .Oxford, MS SPEED, Lisa.Collms. MS STRA ABRIDGE. Stcphanje.Amory. MS STODGHILL, Steven, Madisonvillc. KY SUMMERS, Elka.Gulfport. MS TATT, Biyin,Fayteville, GA THOMPSON, RoM.Shannon. MS TIDWELL, Bill) .Dennis. MS TURN AGE, Bobbie Jo.McComb. MS VANCE, Bonnie.MonticeUo, MS V AL GRAN. Chns.Fcmda . LA VIOX, Melissa. Hebron. KY WADSWORTH, Russell.Oxford. MS WATTS, Tony umrall, MS WEST, William.Ponlotoc. MS WHITING, kara.St Petersburg. FL WILLIAMS, Sunley.Gulfpon. MS WILSON, Renee.Oxford. MS YARBER, Roben.Belmont. MS YUNG, John. Beulah . MS Classes I 381 I 1989 INDEX Ammann. Dennis 342 Baker. Berri 342 Bell. Damon 241 Bolen, Lori 342 Anchors, Laurie 219,281 Baker. Dallas 352 Bell, Gayden 251 Bolin. Jay 245 Anders, Alicen 276 Baker. David 253 Bell, John 247 Boling, Eric 247 Anderson, Andy 245 Baker, Ellen 330 Bell, Mark 243. 292, 352 Bolles, John 259 Aaron, Leigh 211 Anderson, Billy 278, 279 Baker, Keith 249. 300 Bell, Thomas 233, 352 Bolton, Dana 380 Abbott, James 342 Anderson, Charmaine 379 Baker, Kristen 207, 330 Bell. William 231 Bollon, Susan 225, 352 Abbott, Jim 245 Anderson, Christy 315 Baker, Lane 219,272,276 Bellflower, Ruth 217,330 Bolton. Vaughn 247 Abbott, Kimberly 223, 330 Anderson, Dair 221 Baker. Larry 352 Benge, Mike 251 Bonaventure. Maryse 372 Abbott. Lewis 237 Anderson. Fred 249 Baker, Laura 372 Benigno, Tina 195.207, 342 Bond. Bo 136,257 Abbott, Louis 330 Anderson, Hugh 249, 330 Baker, Shannon 267 Bennett, Bith 219 Bond, Robert 342 Abdo, George 245, 276 Anderson. Jessica 292, 298 Baker, Susan 330 Bennett, Karla 342 Bond, Tamela 352 Abel, Alan 261,330 Anderson. John 253 Bakewell, Christina 225, 305 Bennett, Lawrence 372 Bonds, Dow 143,251,274 Abel. Cameron 247, 330 Anderson, Karla 379 Bakitis, Kimberly 330 Bennett, Lisa 297 Bonds, Susan 213.342 Aberle, John 237 Anderson, Kristin 221 Baiducci, Toni 211.306 Bennett. Michael 330 Bone, Gratia 106 Abemathy, Lisa 209 Anderson, Laura 272, 279 Baldwin. Brian 118 Bennett. Paul 272 Bone, Jennifer 217 Abemathy, Terry 249 Anderson, Lindsey 251 Baldwin. Gustave 292 Bennett, Richard 342 Bonner, Ashley 143, 352 Abemathy, Tommy 255 Anderson. Olen 342 Baldwin, Michael 372 Bennett, Tony 85. 299 Boock, Stacy 342 Abington, John 253 Anderson. Rob 143 Baldwin, Sara Beth 64,221 Bennett, Traci 330 Boogie, Bobby 292 Ablordeppey, Seth 372 Anderson. Tamatha 342 Bales, Michael 330 Benson, Kimberly 372 Booker, Carrie 330 Aboul-Enein. YoussefT 352 Anderson, William 255 Ball. Angela 219 Benson, Margaret 298 Boone, Marc 257 Abraham, Angela 1 52, 207, 269. 277, Andre, Sarah 143 Ball. Robbie 255, 330 Benson, Susan 118 Boone, Stewart 255, 352 298 Andreini, Lisa 225. 330 Ballard, Alley 194, 253 Benton, Antonnio 229. 342 Boone, Tommy 91 Abraham. Chet 241 Andrews, Adam 330 Ballard, Susan 143, 352 Benton, Paige 209. 277, 279 Booras. Jamie 108 Abraham, Emily 213,378 Andrews. Charles 255, 290, 330 Band 302 Berch, Shelly 330 Boose, Mary Ann 311 Abraham. Ginu 321 Andrews, Earl 253 Bankston, Stuart 352 Bergeron, Lori 223, 330 Booth, Amber 221 Academic Affairs Committee 279 Andy, Patrick 249 Bao, Huafu 372 Bergfeld, Susan 195,217.352 Bordelon, Beth 138 Ackerman, Margie 106 Andy, Paul 249 Baptist Student Union 310 Bering, Alison 312 Borden, Georgia 209, 274, 278, 305, Ackerman, Todd 257. 282 Anfdenberg, Alice 278 Barbeiro, Karen 380 Bernardy, Nicole 221 330 Ackley, David 249 Angelozzi, Stacey 225, 305 Barber, Dan 231 Berry, Charles 231 Borgognoni, Tommy 231 Acosta, Erin 217 Angle, Michael 292 Barber, David 231 Berry, Jason 247 Boring, Daniel 152 Adams, Angela 330 Anglin, Sonny 253 Barber, Emanuel Cotrell 243 Berry, Lee 239, 245, 330 Boswell. Cathi 269 Adams, Angie 303 Ankins. Angie 305 Barber. Glen 380 Berry. Robert 245 Boswell, Cindy 207 Adams, Charles 282, 285 Anne, Robert 290 Barber. Scott 352 Berry. Rodney 278, 303, 352 Boihe. Richard 378 Adams, Christi 207, 342 Anthony, Brooke 267, 317,326. 330 Barbour. Charles 272 Berry. Stacie 276. 277, 278, 330 Botsaris, Penny 207 Adams, Dianne 379, 380 Anton, Clifford 352 Barfield. Alicia 146,303 Benin, Clifford 330 Boucher, Alisha 330 Adams, Jack 152,379 Antwine, John 251,352 Barfield, Mary Lauren 209 Bertschi, Brent 261 Bouchillon, Neil 142. 144, 152, 194, Adams, Jospeh 352 Appel. Anna 217,330 Barker. Christy 290 Beta Alpha Psi 138 255 Adams, Karri 304 Appleby, Kimberly 352 Barker. John 255 Beta Theta Pi 232 Bounds. Holly 223, 276, 330 Adams, Kimberly 352 Applegate. David 231 Barker. Lori 342 Belts, Rachel 221 Bounds. Kevin 255 Adams. Leigh 223, 342 Aquilini, Khristain 330 Barkley, Karen 379 Beverly, David 233 Bounds, Robin 135, 143, 153 Adams, Michael 249, 342 Archambault, Ann 213, 276, 305, 330 Barlow. Christopher 233, 330 Bhari, Sahyendra 321 Bourn, Trey 245 Adams. Ray 249 Argote. John 241 Barlow, Jeffrey 352 Biggs, John 237, 267 Boutwell, Angela 213 Adams, Shannon 1 19, 318,352 Arinder, Stacey 352 Barnard, Paul 372 Biggs, Trey 255 Boutwell, Demon 249 Aden, Barrie 217.330 Armatis, Peter 291 Barnes, Alison 330 Bigham, Amanda 221,305 Boutwell. Matthew 342 Administration 162 Armistead. Jill 225, 305 Barnes, Brcnda 312 Binford, Laura 225, 305 Boutwell, Sharon 342 Aduma, Nyarinda 215, 352 Armistead, Valeria 217 Barnes, Christopher 372 Bingham, Melissa 342 Boutwell, William 330 Advertising Club 324 Armstrong, Eddie 380 Barnes, Karen 352 Bingham, Missy 213.276 Bowen, Derek 352 Aerby, Tracy 305 Armstrong, Sarah 213, 305.330 Barnes. Kenneth 379 Birchfield, Leslie 219 Bowen, Scott 372 Afeman, Susan 137, 209. 342 Army 296 Barnes. Laura 352 Bird. Chris 231 Bowen, Taylor 305 Afro- American Studies 301 Arnold. Dicran 243 Barnes. Lawton 261,342 Birdsong. Brenda 342 Bowers, Susan 142 Agne, Phyllis 207. 267, 342 Arnold. Gregory 285, 372 Barnes, Lee 241,255,330 Birge, Nancy 221,330 Bowles, Kirby 221 Agnew, Krista 372 Arnold. John 330 Barnes, Molly 285, 330 Bishop, Amber 285, 330 Bowles, Sherry 75. 221, 330 Agnew, Leigh 211 Arnold, Mary 330 Barnes, Nancy 342 Bishop, Ann-Marie 213, 274, 277, 352 Bowlin, Amanda 372 Agnew, Wendy 144, 195,207 Arnold, Nino 297, 342 Barnes. Paul E 303 Bishop, Molly 203, 330 Bowling 287 Ahern, Mary 106 Arora. Tarun 321, 342 Barnes. Rodrick 152 Bishop, Tracy 303 Bowling. Shelley 211 Ahmed, Haseeb 372 Arrechea, (Catherine 372 Bamett, Mary 330 Bissell. Melissa 211 Bowman, Phillip 245, 272. 325 Ahmed. Nasir 372 Arron, Charles 342 Barnett, Missy 209, 305 Blacham. Jennifer 305 Bowron, James 233 AICHE (ot) 317 Asaro, Kevin 247 Bamhardt. Windy 213 Black. Candice 217,294 Box. Robert 231 Ainsworth, Becky 378 ASB Officers 270 Barnhart, Catherine C 211 Black, Christine 143,217 Box. Tracy 217. 305, 342 Ainsworth, Pat 249 Ashe, Charlotte 215 Barrera. Carlos 139 Black, Elizabeth 221 Boyce, Jenniger 219 Air Force (ot) 292 ASID 312 Barrett, James 330 Black Student Union 297 Boyce, Virginia 209, 342 Aker, Janie 294 Askew. Calvin 342 Barrett. Leigh 342 Blackburn. Allison 203, 352 Boyd. Bill 124,144 . 153,257.281 Akhtar, Imran 372 Askew, Paula 330 Barrett. Lynn 207, 342 Blackburn, Meredith 203 Boyd, Brook 225 Akin, Angie 325 ASME 317 Barrett, Mark 257, 342 Blackmon. Ben 245 Boyd, Jeffrey 257, 352 Akins, Angie 225 Aston, Betty 143, 352 Barrett, Patrick 255 Blackstock. Lynda 223 Boyd, Nichelle 298 AI-Abedalla. Bashir 372 Ales, John 255,274,281 Barrett, Richard 255 Bladlock. John 318 Boyden. Jon 330 AI-Dabus, Aboul 376 Atkins, Angie 305 Barrier, Frederick 253 Blaha. Elizabeth 207, 330 Boyden, Kristen 330 Al-Tweam, Nasser 372 Atkins, Hunter 97 Barry, Betsy 221 Blaine, Michael 237, 352 Boykin, Bruce 376 AJbert, Major 292 Atkins, Jack 241 Barry, Bill 239 Blair. Carroll 209, 342 Boykin, Tim 249 Albonetti, Haley 342 Atkinson, Douglas 372 Barry, Bradford 257 Blair. Key 245 Boyles, Bettye 295 Albritton, Chris 249, 342 Atkinson. Ted 253 Bartholomew, George 257 Blake. Rhett 241 Boyles, Betty 326, 342 Alderman, Tommy 317.330 Atkisson, David 249 Bartlett, Katherine 211 Blalack. Brent 247 Bozek, Thomas 342 Alexandar. Atan 146.311 Aufdenburg, Alice 209 Barton, Allison 217 Blalack. Kim 217 Brabston, James 241 Alexander, Brett 301 Aumen. Nick 288 Barton, Tracie 207. 285 Bianchard. David 239 Bracken, James 291 Alexander, Dawn 203 Austin, Andrea 219 Barton, Wanda 330 Blanchard. E J 257 Braddock, Gerald 257, 330 Alexander, Deborah 203 Austin, Jay 239 Barton, William 352 Bland, Victoria 209 Bradford, Bill 137 Alexander, Jeff 247 Austin, Kenny 251 Bartusek. Catlin 225 Blanke, Stacey 225, 305, 330 Bradford. Chris 133,257 Alexander, Lamar 239 Austin, Melanie 379 Bass, Bob 253 Blanks. Mosby 255 Br adford. Hudson 255 Alexander, Melony 303, 330 Austin, Scott 325, 330 Bass, James 241 279, 325, 342 Blanton, Brett 253 Bradley, Cheryl 205. 352 Alexander, Michael 317 Autry, Paul 255 Bassett, Herb 303 Blanton. Danny 237 Bradley, Kathryn 352 Alexius, Jennifer 219 Avant, Mac 241 Bassett, Nicole 225 Blanton, Whitney 251, 330 Bradley, Marshall 342 Alfano, Stephen 257, 352 Averitt, Susan 195,203,312 Batson, Mickey 139,291 Blaschek. John 251 Bradley, Regina 330 Alfano, Steven 108 AWS 305 Baucum, Donna 372 Blassett. Barbara 272 Bradshaw, Bruce 326 Alfano, Thomas 257, 342 Ayadi, Olusegun 372 Baumer, Men Beth 221 Blaylock, Dina 276, 304,314. 352 Bradshaw, Gina 207 Alfano, Tommy 108 Ayers, Michael 303.311 Beacham, Jennifer 305, 352 Bleau, Emile 249. 272. 330 Bradshaw, Linda 372 Algee. Ellen 380 Azar, Evelyn 209 Beard, Angela 203 Bledsoe, Nanette 297 Brady. James 255 Alim. Naveed 317, 372 Beard, Lewis 150, 152,316 Blissard. Amy 330 Brady, Jim 285 Allen, Abby 225 Beard, Lynn 305, 325. 342 Blouin, Beverly 219 Braga, Alberto 288, 317, 372 Allen. Abigail Allen. Bo Allen. Ca Ca 342 253 221 B Beary, Elizabeth Beasley, Beth Beasley, Missy 225 352 213,342 Blumenthal, Henry Blumcnthal, Susan Blunston, Craig 249. 276 225 194 Bragg, Lisa 207 Brammell. Patrick Branan. Daisy . 278, 280. 352 241 143, 352 Allen. Carey 303 Beauchamp. Mark 261.280.322 Blunston, Eric 325 Branan, Tucker 219 Allen, Julie 209, 330 Baber, Lisa 217 Beck, Jacque 213, 278 Bluntson, Craig 229,281 Brandon, Bill 247 Allen, Kelly 207 , 303, 342 Bacchus 325 Beck, Matthew 261.330 Bluntson, Eric 282, 330 Brandt, Allan 245, 342 Allen, Leigh 221,342 Badaczewski, Dennis 235 Becker, Ken 291 Board of Trustees 165 Brann, Michael 241 Allison, Heather 146, 303 Badgett, Melissa 342 Becker, Will 233 Boatner, Tammy 352 Bransford, Jeff 253 Allred, Kim 221 Badgetl, Rosie 217.267 Beckett, Patrick 291 Boatright, Britin 259 Branton. Christine 223 Alpha Delta Pi 202 Baer, Elizabeth 330 Becnel, Allison 305 Bobb. Amanda 213 Branum, Ouida 65, 209 Alpha Kappa Alpha 204 Baetge, Jim 259 Bedell. Brad 249 Bobb, Mary 342 Branxley, Larry 325 Alpha Lambda Delta 136 Bafford, Wendall 303. 306, 307 Bedwell, Travis 241 Bobinger. Lyndon 379 Brasher, Duane 292 Alpha Omicron Pi 206 Baharudin. Hamidi 352 Bedwell, William 330 Bobinger, Mark 287 Braswell, Andrea 209, 274. 330 Alpha Phi Alpha 228 Bailey, Carolyn 276. 330 Bee, David 231 Bodiford, Bronnie 330 Braswell, Michelle 378 Alpha Sigma Delta 145 Bailey, Jeff 352 Beecham, Mark 304 Bogardus, Lara 225 Braswell. Patti 213, 305 Alpha Tau Omega 230 Bailey, John 352 Beeson. Robin 352 Boggan, Jeffery 378 Brawley, Stacy 213, 352 Alqutri, Samir 372 Bailey, Karen 352 Beevers, Dana 223, 330 Boggan. Laura 146, 352 Brawner. Braddock 255 Alt, Michelle 207 Bailey, Laura 217,294, 330 Behm, Kristen 219, 352 Boggan. Matthew 342 Brawner, Rebecca 209 Altazan. Beth 327, 342 Bailey. Stephanie 221 Behm, Lauren 219,330 Bogle, Robert 352 Bray, Keith 231 Ambassadors 27 Bailey. Susan 145 148,279.352 Beith. Traci 352 Bohme. Jutta 372 Brazile, Connie 118 Ames, Charles 241 Bainbridge, Frank 239 Belfore, Arvy 227, 297, 352 Bohner, Alex 255 Breath, Chuck 241 Amisano. Cynthia 217, 330 Baine, Brown 231 Belk, Dean 245 Boie, Mark 143, 235 Breazeale, Mundy 352 Amitin, Philip 249 Baine, Rodney 251,330 Belk, Jamie 213,352 Boie, Tracy 207, 342 Breedlovc, Molly 225 Baird, William 233 Belk, William 342 Boldt, Chad 330 Breland, Allison 203, 326 Baker, Anneliesa 330 Bell. Chris 245 Bolen. Bill 231 Breland, David 378 382 Index Brennan. Blake 194.241.3:4 Surge. Curt 231 Carlisle. Enc 322 Chowdhury, Prashanl 321 Conniff. Cathenne 211 Brennan. Blanche 217.324 Burgess. Melvin Arnold 243. :: Carlisle. Missy 211 Chrestman. Allison 203. 294 Connor. Thomas 247 Brennan. Maureen H2 Burkhalter. Chns 146.318.352 Carlson. Came Mane 225. 325 Chrestman. Hamilton 343 Conoley. Ivy 110. 111.331 Brennan. Shawn 225 Burks. Eddie 285 Carlton. John 319 Chrestman. Mel 24 " Consiantmides. Theodora 353 Brent. Lisa 203 Burks. Marsha 138. 322 Cariton. Michelle 203. ri Chnstian. Dave 259 Conwell. Geoff 376 Brewer. Chnstme - 342 Burleson. Clvde Carmichael. J D 251 Christian. David 269. 353 Conwill. Marcia 221 Brewer. Laura 219 Buriey. Enka 115.215.352 Carmichael. Kelly 203. 331 Christian. Linda 353 Cook, Amber 353 Brewer. Stephen 143 Burnett. John 139.231.25 ' Carnes. Steven 352 Church. Russell 326. 343 Cook, Becky 213 Brewer. Susan Burnett. Kathryn G 211 Carney. Lee 343 Ciaramitaro. Angela 213.353 Cook. Blake 353 Bndgeforth. Barry tn Burnett. Mary 209. 352 Carotliers. Beall 194.239. 343 Cimon. Chnstme 219 Cook. Chip 231.331 Bridges. Darryl 342 Burnett. Phillip 253 Carpenter, Cempcr 221 Cinlli. Richard 245 Cook, Dora 221 Bndges. Roddy 251 Burnham. James 331 Carpenter, Chris 213.331 Cisneros. Michael 239. 292 Cook. Heather 276, 343 Bndges. Timothy 342 Burnham. Kelby 249 Carpenter. Debbie 195.217.305 Citty. Jennifer 217,305. ?43 Cook. Henrv w 145 Brimm. James 241 Burnham. Romney 211.331 Carr. Robert 380 Clabrese. Adam 303 Cook. Holly 225 Brinkman. Bngid 219 Burns. Amy 352 Carroll. Ann Rob 209 Clancy. Allison 221 Cook. John 343 Bnscoe. Michelle 221 Bums.D 290 Carruth. James 303 Clanton. Kevin 331 Cook, Larry 353 Broadaway. Knstie 342 Burns. Mary 207 Carruth. Jeff 259 Clark. Bill 292. 293 Cook. Loni 217 Broadhead. Barry 237 Bums. Monica 379 Carrulh. Jeffrey 353 Clark, Carlos 331 Cook. Paula 203. 353 Brocato. Kimberly 106, 342 Burred. Laura 150. 153. 3P Carruth. John 303 Clark. Darren 326. 343 Cook. Rebecca 325 Brocato. Rav 231 Burres, Susan 211 Carter. Amy 223 Clark. Dittnch 331 Cook. Robert 239, 257 Brock. Allison 213.276,290.305 Burrows. Barbara 207 Carter. Angie 209 Clark. Donna 203 Cook. Thomas 343 Brock. Ashley 209 Burton. Bubba 287 Carter. Chipper Calhoun David- 285 Clark. Jack 245 Cook. West 253 Brock. Courtney 213 Burton. Cheryl 205. 297. 298. 304 Carter. Denver 231.331 Clark. John 253.314 Cooker. Jeremy 343 Brock. Don :-(5 Burton, Franklin 352 Carter. Jeff 239 Clark, Linda 353 Coomandur. Prabhat Chowdhury Brock. Henry 330 Busbv. Anna 342 Carter. Jeffrey 343 Clark. Miller 223 Balajf 321 Brock, Jennifer 352 Busby. Cherry 223 276, 306. 331 Carter. Joe 285 Clark. Robbie 249 Coomer. Alice 331 Brock. Mark 352 Busbv. Jan ::i.342 Carter. Johnnie 353 Clark, Thomas Francis 233 Coon. Robert 245 Brock, Oliver Busby. Jill 221 Carter. Kevin 259 Clark, Walt 245 Cooney. Manly n 217 Brock. Olhe 301 Busby. Katie -.279. Carter. Matt 253 Oasgens, Chris 303 Cooper, Glen 237 Brodenck. Sham 217 294 Carvalho. Nenn 321 Clasgens. Chnstopher 353 Cooper, Mark 257 Brodofsky. Adam 330 Busby. Kimberly 331 Carwile. Nicole 221 Classes 328 Cooper, Melissa 331 Bromley. Kris 312 Busch. Rebecca 221.378 Casanova. Pearman 245 Claxton. Wendy 267 Cooper. Michael 331 Brooks. Angela 342 Bush. Bradely 378 Cascio. Chris 245 Claybrook. Charles 331 Coppedge. Chns 251 Brooks. Dan 108 Bush. Katie 211. 276. 342 Case. Stephanie 219 Claybrook. Chris 241 Corded. Sharon 353 Brooks. Derek 108 Bush. Virginia 331 Cassidy. Caroline 209.305 Clayton. Emily 213 Corlerv, Scott 278 Brooks. Donald 331 Bush. W illiam 342 Cassidy. Jim 245 Clayton. Shane 353 Corlew. Scott 257 Brooks. Gina 219 Busier. Cliff 231 Castilla. Jorge 317 Clayton. Wade 255 Coriey. Carla 223 Brooks. Jeana 331 Butler. Houston 290. 331 Castin. McKay 255 Clearman. Jefferey 235. 343 Corpstein. Kelly 217 Brooks. Marcie 223.331 Butler. Jenise 378 Caston. McKay 343 Cleary. Ann 219.353 Corrigan. Lucy 217 Brooks, Tara 292 Butler. Mark 379 Catchings. Sean 241 Clcfau. Scott 239 Cosby, John 148, 316.326.353 Brooks. Tiffany 219 Butler. Meg 209 Cato. Cathie 211 Clement. Denise 343 Cosman, Jimmy 90.92 Broom. Robert 237 Butler. Sherry 342 Cato. Kinch 255 Clement. John 249 Cossar. Anne 353 Bnnrm Dorm 32 Byars. Carolynn 153.223, 304 Cato. Todd 245 Clemmer. Jeff 237 Cossar. Mary Payne 211 Brown. Adnenne 219 Bynum. Lesley 376 Caudle. Machelk 217 Cleve. Seldon Van 239 Cossar. Teresa 305 Brown. Alicia 22: Bynum. Pamela 343 Causey. Traoey 297 Cleveland. Jane 213.305 Costeilo. Chnssie 223. 343 Brown. Allison 143.217 Byrd. .Alan 251 Causey. Tracy 229, 353 Cleveland. Russ 89 Cothran. Brian 249 Brown. Angle 225. 331 Bvrd. Angie 203. 378 Cauthen. Lee 251 Cline. Joanne 325. 353 Cothren. Cindy 217 Brown. Ann-Caroline 219 Byrd, William 291.331 Caver. Russell 331 Clinton. James 144 Cotie. Jennifer 223 Brown. Barbara 213.305.331 Byrne. Susannah 219.331 Cavett. Woods 241 Clinton. Jimmv 138. 194,237 Cotie. Tina 223.331 Brown. Ban Byrum. Johnny 343 Cavin, Anne-Harris 223 Closing 392 Cotros. Harry 251 Brown. Beverly 213.305.331 Cavm. Shane 223 Cloud. Ally 217 Cotten, Earmcl 138 Brown. Bradley 342 Cayson. Sara 331 Clover. Jane 301 Cotten. Gwen 203. 305 Brown. Camille - 305 Chachad. Yatm 317 Clower. .Allison 209.343 Cotten. Kim 154.219 Brown. Carmela 276. 342 Chat, Ming-Han 315 dowers. Kenneth 378 Cotten. Milaccy 211.305.343 Brown. Carolus 292 Chain. Laura G 211.278 Coates. Deanny 225 Cotten. Reid 137.255.343 Brown. Carole 331 Chambers. Jean 207. 276 Cobb. Jason 331 Cotton. Willie 331 Brown. Choxie 35: Caddis. Addison 211 Chambers. Robert 251 Cobern. Kristin 211 Couch. Allen 25 ' . 272.353 Brown. Chns 259 Cadle. Chnstopher 343 Chambers. Sheila 205 Cochran. Joey 257 Couch. John 241 Brown. Davis 146. 272. 318 Cadle. Jennifer 352 ChamWee. Charles 353 Cochran. Leila H 305 Couevas. Yvonne 279, 280. 353 Brown. Elizabeth 203.331 Caery. Jerry 255 Chamblin. Beverly 63.219 Cocke. Caroline 195. 225 Coughlm. Kelly 217 f Brown. James 311 Caffey. Angela 331 Champlin. Kimberly 353 Cockrell. Kerrv 353 Coulon. Katie 225 : Brown. Johnny 231 Caffey, Fred 249 Chan. Wah 343 Cockrill. Lucy 209 Councc. Scott 269 Brown. Manor 203 Caffey. Michael 251 Chancellor Timer 1M Cockroft. Deanne 203 Courtney. Bobby 343 Brown. Melody 342 Caffey. Phillip 235, 267. 352 Chancellor. Callic R 211 Coe. Emilv 217 Courtney, W ' llliam 257 Brown, Paige 312 Caffey. Shannon 223 Chancellor. John 318 Cofer. John 249, 266. 267, 300. 343 Cousar. Teresa 315.343 Brown. Patrick 245 Cagle. Alicia 352 Caaacellors Leadership 283 Coffins, Melissa 353 Couser. Sandra 213 Brown, Rebecca 331 Cagle. David 352 Chancellor. Shannon 211 Coffman, Robin 92. 245 Couscr, Teresa 213 Brown. Sharon 303.331 Cagle. Robert 85. 352 Chancelor. Don 251 Coggesshall. Lon 280 Couture, Brent 237, 331 Brown. Stephen J52 Cagle. Sharon 352 Chandler. John 253 Coggin. Jay 25 " Couvidion. Heather 219 Brown. Tammy 312. ?:: Cai. Hui 372 Chandler. Shannon 211 Coggin, Kerry 202. 203. 343 Cow-an. Rene Brown. Terrell 255 Cam. Barry 303.343 Chandler. Stacy 223. 331 Coggins. Leah -209 Cow-an. Renee 211.343 Brown. Tim 84 Cain. Brian 249 Chancy . Tnsti 225 Coker. Cathy 317 Cow-ard. Kim 223 Brown. Tommy 245 Cam. Carrie L 211. 312 Chang, Celeste 305. 353 Coker. Dennis 143.235.272 Cowan. Craig 237. 343 Brown. William 269.331 Cain, Roger 249 Chang. Hsin-Hsin 372 Coker. Kathrvn 378 Cowart. Mark 245 Browning. Gary 239 Cain. Susan 221 Chang. Kum 343 Col Re M Cowles, Bernard 245 Browning. Jeffrey 194.259 Calaman. Victoria 343 Chapman. Harry 285 Colbert, Omar S 229. 292. 293 Cox. Carol 209 Bruce. Bawn 221 Calamese. Vicki 305 Chapman. Lisa 353 Coldilz. Cynthia 209.331 Cox, Carolyn 221 Bruce. Jeffrey 255 Calamese. Vickie 327 Chapman. Piper 211 Cole. Amy 315.343 Cox. Chrislv 207 Bruce. Mary 342 Calandro. Stephen 233 Chappell. Ashley 209 Cole. Angela 217.343 Cox. J D 319 Bruce. Melissa 211 CaidwTll. Barry 209 Charette, Cherry 289 Cole. Janet 221 Cox. Mike 249 Brumfeld. Michelle 219 Caldwell. Bntt 257, 343 Chase. Gene r, 285 Cc4e. Jennifer 221. 267 Cox, Ronald 331 Brum field. Karen 342 Caldwell. Caroline 213, 276. 305. 331 Chatham. Sonya 207. 343 Cole. Jim 231 Cox. Tamara 376 Branson. Jo 207.331 Caldwell. Jennifer 209 Chatterjee. Amitava 321 Cole. Jimmv 319 Cox. Wade 149 255. 272, 343 Branson. Stuart 125. 133, 144. 153. Caldwell. Maltory 352 Chaurin, Luke 249 Cole. Melynda 225 Cov. Andy 331 194.25 . 281 Caldwell. Marv Francis 211.331 Chavilier, Steven 308 Cole. Richard 353 Craddock, Patrick 239.312 Bryan. Chase 255 Caldwell. T 290 Cheat rs. Meredith 209 Cole. Xavier 276.331 Craddock. Steven 239 Bryan, Genie 143 Caldwell. William 331 Cheatham. Chnstopher 379 Coleman. Deeana K 211 Craft, Mitzi M 211.304, 325 Bryan. Harriet 217,276 Calendar, John 237 Chee. Chee 353 Coleman. J 290 Craft. Paul 231 Bryan. Joel 257 Calhoon. Chipper 231 Chee. Kim 353 Coleman. Leigh 213.305.331 Crafton. John 249 Bryant. Brandon 276 Calhoun, Bill 313,380 Cheek. Chns 318 Coleman, Leslie 251 Crain, Eric 221 Bryant. Jamee 225. 305 Calhoun. Tom 325 Chen. Chien-Hsun 376 Coleman, Pat 82,85 Crain. Lee Ann 221 Bryant. Patricia 331 Callahan. Kim 315 Chen. Mi T ang 3-: Coleman. Patnck 353 Crampton, Jay 239 Bryson. David 249. 342 Callawav. Suzanne 217 Chen. Mi -a 372 Coleman. Priscilla 305 Crane. John 331 Brvson. Mar% 3-: Callies. Michede 223 Chen. TZ 331 Coleman. Thomas 144 Crane. Michael 247, 253 Buck. Helen 203. 342 Callies. Michele 276 Chen. XH la 372 Coleman, Tom 135. 138.255 Cranz. Cynthia 221 Buck. John Calmes. Terry 303 Cheney. E 146.311 Colingo. Alyson 219 Crawford, Barbara 315 Buck, Margaret -4. 305,331 Cambell. Spencer 247 Cheney P fl 343 Colmgo. Melissa 219 Crawford. Glinnis 303 Buck. Richard 257 Cameron. Bruce 233 Cheng. K 372 Collier, nay 285 Crawford. Jack 149. 255. 2 ' 2. 277.280 Buckley. J 291 Cameron. William 233 Chesman. am 287 Collins. Chns 249 Crawford, John 343 Buckley. Teresa 215. 352 Cammack. Chnstie 305 Chevalier. ven 251.279.353 Collins. Jennifer 209, 331 Crawford, Joseph 353 Buckroyd. Trent 284 Campbell. Amy 143 Chew. Che 319. 372 Collins. Kelly 221.231 Crawford. Scoity 194.231 :t Buell. Anne 223 Campbell, Ben 253, 269 CaiEaxilw 139 Collins. Kimbertv yn Creek, Chris 237 Buffington, Cliff 257 Campbell. Connie 372 CUOataa 208 Collins. Michael ' 380 Creekmore. Sidney 209 Bufkin. Donna 221.267.342 Campbell. Frank 352 CkiPsi 234 Collins. Robert 241. 331 Crespino. Jo Beth 209. 324 Buford. Tangela 297.331 Campbell. La Keldra 331 Childeress, t in 231 Collins. Terry 353 Cressy. Paul 253 BuUen. Kammie 331 Campbell. Melisse 221,306.331 Childers, Ka iv 315 Collins. Tonya 343 Crestman. John 245 Bullock. Alice 379 Campbell. Patncia 312 Childers. Lai ie 209 Collins. Vivian 195. 205. 327 Crick. Mark 245 Bullock. Billv 247 Campbell. Susan 110 Childs. Clinu n 237 Collum. Mark 241 Cnck. Scott 245 Bullock. Michelle 285,306 Can|M3 Senate 272 Childs, Clint 285 Colosimo. Joseph 241,343 Criddle, Barry 380 Bullock. Susan 342 Canada. Kara Beth 225 Childs. Sandra 203. 353 Colvm. John 257 Crigler. Julia 211.331 Bumpus. Timothy 352 Canedy. Julie 225 Childs, Sandy 276 Comeau v Lisa 217.343 Crochet. Allen 261 Bunch. Matt 259. 290 Cangelosi. Stephen 352 Childs. Sunny 295 Comer. Chase 241 Crockett. Cami 223. 272 Bunch. Richard 331 Cannon. Gregg 251 Chipman. Tracey 217 Comer. Mary 213.343 Crockett, Camille 305,343 Buntyn. Metanie Canup. Monya 352 Chisholm. David 353 Comer. Sharon 379 Crockett, Christy 133. 143. 144, 154. 400 Capvaccia. Missy 305 Choi. Dong 372 Commer. Susan 225, 378 223. 305 Burchfield. John 251 Cardoos. Lisa 207 Choi. Yongjoon Compretta. Connallv 378 Crockett. Phillip 343 Burdell. Bill Cardwell. Cathy 217 Chong. Kok-Huat 317 Compton. Grelchen 207 Croff, Linda 297, 305, 353 Burford, Brian 380 Carlin. Aimee E 225 Chong. Yu-Huat 317 Coniglio. Camilla 331 Croll. Steven 343 Burford. Edwin 14] Carlisle. Candy 207. 331 Choo. Lim Lian 312 Conklin. Cam 255 Burford. Nelson 257 Carlisle. Cheryl 203. 305 Chow, Kong 331 Connart. David 233 Index 383 Croll. Sieve 292. 293 Davis. Keith 241 Dougherty, Elizabeth 343 Ellinglon, Lisa 292 Fields. Mel 269 Crongeyer. James 343 Davis, Kelly 225 Douglas. Edie 325 Fllington. Mark 249 File, Tina 221. 332 ( ' ronin. Mike 23 1 . 273,276 Davis, Kristi 353 Douglas. O Neal [46. 301. 311. 372 Ellinglon, Rosalind 344 Fimiano. Tara 344 ( rosb . Kecia 213 Da is. Kmt 2(1 ' ) Douglas. Troy 380 Ellioi, Maggie 133. 144. 195 Financiers C ' lub 320 ( rosin, Missv 305 Davis. Margaret 298 Douglass. Janna 225 Elliot. Mike 235 Finch. Kay Kay 225 Crosby. Will 255 Davis. Meg 213 Dowden. John 332 l-lhoil. Allen 239 Finch. Louis 249 Crosby Dorm 327 Davis. Michael 332. 35.3 Dowdy. Sharon 343 Elliolt, Maggie 155. 209 Fmdleys. Jon 303 ( ross. Beth 209 Davis, Mike 259 Downs. Chuck 343 Elliolt, Slanlev 380 Finley. Holly 209, 344 ( ross, Denice 376 Davis, Phoebe- 2K2. 332 Downs. Mark 239 Ellis. Emil 241 Finn, Mike 292 ( ross. M Ics 245 Davis, Roger 251 Doxey, Angela 343 Ellis. Joe 237 Finnegan. Michael 261, 332 ( ross. Ransom 343 Davis, Samamha 207 Doxey, Renee 305 Ellis. Joseph 344 l-innie. Margaret 354 ( ross. 1 rc 24S Davis, Sarah 332 Doyle. Sean 255 Ellis. Melissa 219. 276. 332 Fischer. Daniel J 227 Crosslev. Beth 225 Davis, Stephen 233. 267 Drake. Kerin 219 Ellis. Pain 380 1 istu-r. Leigh 195, 207 Crosswell. Alan 284 Davis, Sieve 267. 372 Drane. Ken 249. 292 Ellis. K.imli 203, 332 Fisher, Lcland 3.32 C ' russw ' ell. Kristl 207 Davis. Susan 1 12 Drane, Kenneth 267 1 His. Susan 203 Filch. Tari 373 Crosswell. Kristina 154 Davis, Vnk 207 Draper, Kenny 249 Elmore. David 376 Fil gerald, Klaire 225. 305. 332 Crouch. Stephen 233 Daw-. Stacey 379 Draughn, Lyn 209. 305 Emerson, Brooke 332 Flaccomio, Allison 209 Crouthcr. Rodney 297. 331 Day. Danielle 207 Draughon, Robert 239 Emerson. Leo 143. 194.267, 281, 297, Flack, Susanne 2 1 1 . 344 Crowe. Kelly 203 Day. Jennifer 144. 225 Drcwers, Tracey 294 354 Flaherty Justin 247, 332 Crowe Mark 255 Dav. Mall 251 Drewery, Tracy 353 Endns, Greg 292 Flaherty, Tom 317 Crowcll Todd 261 l)c ( ell. Lisa 195. 211 Driscoll. Kent 239 English. Jeff 255 Flechas, Patricia 221 Crowlcy, Ashle 2 1 9. 306 De Vera. Monica 332 Driver. Ronnie 332 English. Ray- 233 Fleet. Angela 225, 332 Crowlev. Belli 207 Dean. Donna 144. 2(1.1 Droughn, Marilyn 344 Enochs, Scott 146, 311 Fleming. Jessica 209 Crowley, Kathryn Crowson. Eli abcllt 343 211. 343 Dean, Stephen Dean, Todd 379 251. 343 Drummond, Chris Drummond, Denice 231 318 Epley. Amy Epperson, Eric 209, 305 235, 325 Flcmister. Mall Flesher, Charles 252, 284 257 ( rum. Matthew 343 Dean, William , 353 Duhberly, Elizabeth 344 Epting, Leigh Anne 213 Fletcher. Ann 213 Crump. Brian 146. 343 Dear, Gabriel 113,243. 353 Duchscher, Celena 213.353 Erkens. Scott 247 Fletcher. John 257 Crump. I ' am 1 46. 303 Dear. Slc en 257. 343 Duckworth, Kala 211 Ervin. Kathy 305 Fletcher. Josh 239 ( ruse. Shannon 223, 343 Dearman. Craig 255 Ducote, Andre 249 Erwin, Andrea 203, 298, 354 Fletcher, Joshua 332 Cruthirds. Cnslan 221. 280. 343 Dear man. Lee K 211 Duke, Jope 221 Escalanle, Carlos 251 Fiddler. Spence 239 ( uchman. Robert 231 Dealon. Bradley 378 Duke. Jopi 353 Escamilla. Laura 354 Flinn, Lee Ann 315 Cucvas. Milton 286 DeBem. Jcanic 207 Dulancy, C ' hase 255 ESP 316 Flinn. Mary 354 Cucvas, Stephen 331 Debona, Kimbcrly 372 Dumas. Kelly 221 144 Esposilo. John 285 Flippin, Cindy 211 Cuhcr. Michael 233, 353 Decell. Eh abelh ' 353 Dunagin. Piper 213 Esposilo. John 354 Flores. Koel 303 Culver. Sandv 380 Deen. Rcgina 379 Dunavant. David 257, 276 Essary, Dale 285 Rowers, Ginger 305 Cummings, Craig 243, 343 Decs, Tia 69, 219, 343 Dunaway. Denise 221 Essary, Richie 285 Flowers, Laura 380 Cundiff, James 255 Dell. Lance 2.33 Dunaway, Lara 285 Eslenar. Jack 319 Floyd. Binky 221 Cundifl, Jennifer 221, 312 Delta Delia Delia 210 Dunaway, Laura 209, 332 Esles. Stephanie 143 Floyd. Leigh 354 Cunningham, Melanic 225, 280. 105. Delta Gamma 212 Dunaway, Rhonda 281. 378 Elhridge, Richard 239 Floyd. Thomas 354 312, 325. 353 Delta Psi 236 Duncan, Ben 259 Etua, Juliette 269 294, 344 Floyd, Traci 380 ( unninghani, Stephanie 319. 372 Delia Si|{ma Pi 322 Duncan, Benjamin 353 Eubanks, James 233, 380 Floyd, William 344 Curran. Calhy 225 Delta Sigma I fit-lit 214 Duncan, Benny 353 Eubanks, Tara 21 1. 354 Flynn, Penny 207, 344 Currier. Mark 331 Demeris, Stephanie 225 Duncan. Beth 219 Eubanks. ' Ire; 194 Flynl, Joc 261 Curry. Jill 195 Dempsey, Richard 24 1 , 332 Duncan, Delila 380 Euslice, Colleen 211 Flynl, John 245 Curry. Max 315 Deng. Qing 372 Duncan, Doug 292. 293 Evans, Amy 207 . 209. 332 Foard. Robert 253 Curry. Russ 112. 113, 241. 299 Denkman. Greg 251 Duncan, Douglas 332 Evans. Carolyn 344 Fomby, Cameron 239 Curry. Yolanda 205, 298 Denley, Dcanna 143, 207 Duncan, Eula 344 Evans. Christina 332 Ford. Breck 253 Curtis. Lisa 143, 221, 305 Dennis. David 144 Duncan, Linda 376 Evans. Christy 203 Ford. Draylon 217 Cutrcr. Candle 207, 331 Dennis. James 237 Duncan, Richard 276 Evans. Jimmy 245 . 277. 344 Ford. Kathleen 207, 344 Cutrighl. Kimherlv 2(13 Dennis. Leronda 353 Dunlap. Candace 209 Evans. Lee 209. 305 Ford. Patrick 311 Cvelbar, Jill no, 111 Dennis. Lori 144. 154. 211. 379 Dunlap. Gary- 373 Evans. Merry Beth 332 Ford. Tammy- 205. 282. 298 Dennis. Michael 154. 194. 245 Dunn. Bobby 255 Evans. Mike 292 Forehand. James 132 Deniu, Dawn 219 Dunn. Leslee 221 Evans. Sandra 146 Foreman. Robin 326 Demon, Katrina 343 Dunn, Scoll 292. 293 Everetl, Sieve 280 Forester, Sharon 211.298 Demon, Laurie 211. 343 Durant, Charles 279. 325. 378 F verhart, Shanon 207 Fornev. Wend 209. 312 Desimone, Damicn 315 Durbin, Kalhlecn 225 Event!, Margol 221 1 orrestcr, Suellen 219 DcVaull Linda 111 1 38 144 155 209 Durfcv. Rosemary- 211 Ewing, Andrea 207. 354 Forslund, Charlotte 344 Dabbs, Willis 317 Devine. Carol 267 Durham. Tamsin 209 Ewing, Bill 249 Fortenberry. John 241 l)abm- . Bill 231. 268 Dewees, Gu 245 Durrett. Doug 303 Ewing, Emily 213,276.305 . 325. 332 Forlcnberry. Kellie 344 Dacn, Christina 331 Dewees, Jennifer 143. 211 Durretl. Elaine 211 Ewing, William 344 Fortenberry. Kelli 219 Dahlke. Man 1 21 1 DeWees, John 2.19 Durrett, Laura 344 Executive Secretaries 274 Fortcnberr . Lisa 380 Daily. Heather 209. 343 Dicdy. John 325 Dyer, Frank 344 Eyck. Stephanie Ten 73 Fortenberry. Reynolds 245 Daily Mississippian 268 Dickens, Dana 119 Dyer, Laura 219 E zell, Elwood 344 Former. Jennifer 209. 332 Dal. Bhaskar 321 Dickerson. Dianene 343 Dyer. Tripp 247 Ezzell, Janie 209 Fos, Tammy- 276. 325. 354 Dale, Daphne 219,353 Dickerson, Dianne 213 Foster, Amy 311 Dale, Donna 213. 276. 343 Dickerson, Paige 219 Foster, Cassie 378 Dale, Kalhryn Dallon. Andrew Dalton. Dana 76. 154. 211. 213 343 3(15. 353 Dickins, Dana Dickinson, Angic Dicks. Barbara L 298 353 305 E F Foster, Charles Foster, Kim Foster, Laura 219 373 221, 305 , 276, 305. 332 Dalton. Jenny 143, 219 Diennes, David 239 Foster. Randy 231 Dame, Melanic 211 Dietrich. Kendra 217 Eakes, Jeff 260, 261 Fagan, Brooke 211 Foster, Sherri 305 Daniel. Ben 194, 253 Dietrich. Vikc 241 Eakes, Jeffrey 353 Faherty, Michelle 21 ' ) Fountain. Audrey 332 Daniel. Ronnie Me 241 Diffcnbach. Dec Dee 294 Earhart, Erin 219 Failla. Andrew 380 Fountain. Gtinda 281.295, 344 Daniels. Lisa 353 Dildv, John 261 Early, Lloyd 2 1 9, 344 Fairley, Drew 138, 249 Fountain. Penny 344 Daniels. Mary 209, 305. 353 Dill, John 251 Earney, Ford 231 Fanning. Brian 251 Foushee. Suzanne 209, 332 DanNoy, Jamie 298 Dill, Laura 325.332 Easley. Kim 138 Farese. Allison 209 Fouls, Kathy 221 Danl. Dr .121 Dillard. David 269 Easlerbrook. Melissa 353 Farese, Mary 282. 354 Fowler. Andy- 251 Danl. Mrs 321 Dillard, Rosemary 213, 305.332 Easlerling, Larry 353 Farese, Steven 241 Fowler. Cindy 207,315 Dant, Niraj 321. 372 Dillon, Pam 221 Easterwood, Lee 2.11. 332 Fariss, Carol 217, 344 Fowler. Jeff 194,239 Dantone, Renee 276.331 Dilworth, Jack 233 Eaton. Mark 376 Farmer, Grelta 217 Fowler. Martha 219 Dar, Amitav 321 Dimassi, Fadel 288 Eaves, Brandon 247 Farrell, Jeana 325 Fowler. Susan 219, 378 Darby, Amy 378 Dismuke. Anna 203. 332 Ebach, Jason 233 Farrington. Richard 255, 344 Fowlkes, Anne 209, 305 Darby. Mcloney 343 Dixon, Amanda 213. 332 Echols. Krislie 213 Farns, Hamilton 233 Fox. Tommy 249 Darnell, Amelia 343 Dixon, Anlonetta 332 Echols. Ruth 213. 276. 332 Farris, Steve 233 Francis. Anna 267 Darnell, Amy 2 1 3. 305, 325 Dixon, Daniel 239, 332 Ecklund. Edie 221 Faulk, Jolyon 332 Franco, Debra 354 Darnell. John 84 Dixon, Jim 251, 332 Economidcs. Thoukididcs 373 Faulkner, Alfie 249 Frank, Kim 217 Das. Amitav 372 Dixon. Lloyd Erncsl 243, 301, 326 Edgar. Leigh 217 Faunc, Robert 241 Frank, Shclle 332 Dason. Madhu 318 Dixon, Michael 233 Edmondson, Crislina 353 Favorites 62 Franklin, Marlene 354 Dasigir. Rumman 267, 272 Dixon, Slephanie 110.223 Edmonson, Stephen 241 Feagan, Deanna 203 Franklin. Myra 327 Daughdnll. Wes 241 277. 304 Dobrei. Stacy 225 Edwards. Audrey 209 Feagin, William 344 Franklin, Webster 245 Davenport, Dana 322 Dobson, Sharon 119 Edwards, Dawn 221 Features 58 Franks. Elizabeth 354 Davenport, Donna 225 325, 353 Dobv, Erica 332 Edwards. Eric 353 Felder, Darren 239, 354 Franks. Helen 332 Daves. Jeff 116 Dodd, Darron 249 Edwards, Gary 353 Felder, Laurie 209 Franks, Suzanne 207, 332 David, Powell 143 Dodd. Desiree Kathleen 225. 305 Edw-ards, John 257 Felder, Linda 294 Franks. Victoria 211 Davidson. Camille 326 Dodson. Drew 245 Edw-ards, Kalhennc 211 Feldhaus. Jane 155 Frassrand. Keilly 344 Davidson. Debra 353 Dodson. Liza Bcnayc 225 Edwards, Mark 261 Feldhaus, Joseph 373 Fratesi. Katherine 332 Davidson. Ellen 332 Doiran, Phillip 219 Edwards, Michael 332 Fclton. Kelle 217 Frazier, Jane 143 Davidson. Mark 249, 353 Doiron. Phillip 343 Edwards, Michelle 219 Felts, Tara 143. 207 Frederic, Alicia 213 Davidson. Melissa 110.219 Doke, Jacqueline 353 Edw-ards, Missy 298 Feltus, Charles 241. 332 Frederick. Coy 344 Davis. Amanda 213,298 , 322, 353 Dolcy. John 239, 332 Edwards, Missy 203 Ferguson. Chrislopher 245.332 Frederick, Kirk 118. 119. 241 Davis, Andy 231, 255 Donald, C ' urtis 288 Edwards. Pal 253 Ferguson. G G 253 Freeland, Dana 223 Davis, Bob 255 Donaldson, Julie 221 Edwards, Richard 332 Ferguson, James 354 Freeland. Mall 231 Davis, Brad 249. 285 Donna, Shy-am 288 Edwards, Scott 257 Ferguson. Jim 292 Freeman, Chip 245. 279 Davis, Chad 241 Donovan. Kent 235. 285 Edwards, Shelby- 245 Ferguson, Karen 211 Freeman. Gina 305 Davis. Charles 332 Donovan, William 332 Edwards, Sondra 298, 306 Ferguson, Katie 63 Freeman, Guy 344 Davis, Ciss 315 Donri, Prasad 321 Edwards, Stephanie 276, 344 Ferguson, Richard 344 Freeman, Kelly 219 Davis, Clifton 332 Donto. Rajcndra 372 Edwards. Ward 231, 276 Ferguson, Sean 332 Freeman. Regina 225.332 Davis, C lint 245 Dooley, William 233 Eggers, Stephanie 344 Ferguson, Verne 245 Freeman. Sara 73. 223. 306 Davis. Crystal 213. 306 Doolittle, Judy 379 Ehrgolt. Stacy 221 Fernandez, Randy 261 Freeze. Mori 378 Davis. Cyndi 305 Dorr. Zandra 332 Ehrlicher, Crissy 221 Fernandez, Renita 373 French. Caroline 225 Davis. Cynthia 332. 353 Dorri. Mehdi 372 Eicher, Donald 344 Ferrcll. Jeana 344 French. Kandace 219 . 272, 305, 354 Davis. Dodd 241 Dornely. James 231. 332 Eicher. Ike 237 Ferrell. Jeanna 219. 225 Frensley, Chip 231 Davis. Don 255 Dorns. Jesse 243 Eickholz. Jim 194. 251.281 Ferris. Anne 211. 354 Frenzel. Patrick 253 Davis. Donald 353 Dorns. Lindy 217 Eilers, Alice 225. 354 Ferris, Ferris 336 Frills, Tim 239, 318 Davis. Dwaync 332 Dorris, Tomnne Lee 227. 297. 303 Eklund. [die 143.269 Ferro. Ralph 261 Frohn, Eric 145. 148 , 257. 279, 354 Davis. Jamie 353 Doss. Adrian 292 Eldridge. Leigh 223 Fickel. Jason 354 Froun, Eric 272 Davis. Jennifer 213.305 , 322, 332 Dossett. Jennifer 353 EldringholT. Andy- 257. 354 Fiedler, Bari 211 Fudge, Christopher 354 Davis. John 139 Doslcr. Cathy 217 Elections Commission 275 Field. Laura 217 Fudge, Gary 233, 317 Doly. Alison 209 Ell. Chrissy 225. 325 Field. Walker 255 Fulchcr, Dave 245 Doly. Beth 332 Ellinglon. Jo 332 Fielder, Ban 325 Fulford, Kem 305 384 Index Fulford. Kim 344 Gibbs. John 251 Gregory. Joe 241 Hanson, Blanton 239 Heflin, Knsti Fulford. Kimberlj 211 Glbbs. Monty 92 Gregory- Mike 24- Hanson, David 241 Heidel. Fmney 211 Fulgham. Jodi . Gibson. Greg 380 Gregory. Romalas Hanson. Melissa 225. 1 Heidei. James Fulgham. W 259 Gideon. Bonnie 325 Gregory. Sylvia 215. 2 " 3 Hardeman, Durwood 253 Heidel. Jay 143 Fulgham. William 332 Gilbert. Chnsti 221 Grelicr. Kalhryn 211 Harder. William 373 Heidel. John 231 Fullam. Todd 135 Gilbert. Sheila 344 Grey. Dans Gaitan ' Ren Hardm. Len 231 Heimer. Kyle 345 Fuller, Nanc 313 Gilbert. Steven 325 Griffin. Mark Hardm. Paul 245 Hem. Stacy 333 Fung, Kwong-Ming Gilbert, Traces 290 Griffin. Shelia Harding. Birtie 143 Heldman. David 253 Funk. Paige :r Gilbert. Tracv 354 GnlTmg. Sandra 211 Hardison. Len 194. 274 Helsley.Beth Funk. Paincia 3-44 Gilbrech. Jeff Gnffis. Michele 203 Hardy. Stephanie Hemmmgs. Roben 333 Furman. Darren 245. 325 Gilchnst. Daniel 239. 354 GnffU 221. 333 Hanng. Tern 354 Hemphill Jeffery 354 Fulch, Jason Giles. Canssa 203.344 Griffith. David 354 Harkms. Doug 231 Henderson. Debora 312 Fyke. Jenn 380 Giles. John 253 Gnffith. James 2M. 333 Harkms. Douglas 333 Henderson. Dons Giles. Nicole Gnmes. Cathanne 213. 344 Harless. Chns 251 Henderson. Enka 69,2- Gill. Chns 243 Grimes. Julie 223 Harmon. Patnck 251 Henderson. Holly 143 G Gill. KelK Gill. Km 290 .45 Gnnalds. Elizabeth Griner. Charles 333 344 Harmon. Robin Harmon. Stu 291 255 Henderson. Lee Henderson. Mark 354 380 VJ Gillard. Lisa 326 Gnsbaum. Gevm 333 Harper. Jeff 257 Hendnck. Stacy 203 Gillespie. Melissa 333 Gnsham. Jerry Harpole, Patsy 211 Hendncks. Nanc Gabnel. Stan 231 Gillom. Theresa 298. 344 Gnsham. Patnck Harrelson. Beth 221 Hendnx. Brian 318 Gadberry. Thomas 332 Gilmanm. Suzanne Gnsham. Tammy Hams. Candy 315 Hendrix. Heather 221 Gadbery. Tom Gilmer. Daniel 139 Gnsham. Wendy 22! Hams. Cara Hendnx. Rob Gaddo. Andrea 332 Gilmore. Paul 231,279 Gnsso. Kerry Hams. Eloise 156 Hendry. Kelle; Gaic. Jole 213 Gilpm. Carey 237, 333 Gnssom. Brian 354 Hams. Frank 245 Henican. Michael 233 Games, Chelsea 332 Gimer. Alan 150 Gnswold. Cathenne 209. 344 Hams. Hayden -4. 333 Henlev. Ross 237 Games, Heather 318 Gissel. Lewis 239 Gnswold. Dickson 245 Hams. Holly 144. 2:5 Henry. Jill 225 Games. Marion 211 Given, Chhs 251 Gntler ' 219. Hams. Jay 241 Hensarhng, Robynne Games B William. Ill 22- Givens. Konaldo Desmond 243 Gnzzard. Ashley 143 . 144. 195. 211 Hams. Julius 194 Hensley. Elaine 312 Gaither. Joseph 344 Gladney. Elesha 213. 276. 305 Gnzzard. Whitney 211.333 Hams. Mail 241 Hensley. Laura Beth 209 Gallagher. Erin 203 Glasgow. Tom 143. Grochau. David 231 Hams. Matthew 354 Henson. John 245. 333 Gallerano. Kc!l 211 Glass. Gerald 95. 98. 99. 354 Grogan. Nolan Hams. Shawn 28i Henson. Margaret 355 Galhen. Jane Ellen 213.354 Gleason. John 247 Guccione. Joseph 333 Hams. Shelta 333 Herd. Tonya 285 Gallina. Ellen 221 Glenn. Ellen 211 Guckert, Harry 251 Hams. Sonhi 333 Henard. Heather 345 Gallina. John Glenn. Pax 253 Guest. Anna Kathnn 221 Hams. Susan 211.221. 344 Hermitz, Rebecca 211 Galloway. Lee Glover, Rhonda 354 Guillen. Jauer 333 Harris. Tracy 380 Hernandez. Joanna 146.326 Gallowa . Perr 253 Glover, Tanva 333 Guillory. Brand i 344 Hams. Troy 333 Herod. Christi 303 Galvant. Gtna 225. 305 Goalby, Kelly Guin. Brett 146. 303 Harrison, Amy 146. 333 Herod, Christina 355 Gamble. Bar- 225. 305 Goberville. Knsten Guion. Rebecca 354 Hamson. David Herrera. Kevin 146.311 Gamble. Melissa 209 2-4. 332 GofT, Melissa 344 Gujral. Mabmderpal 7-21 Harrison. Deborah 205 Herrera. Rafael 108 Gamble. Woody Gofonh. Todd 143. Gullev. Kathnn 144 Harrison. John 2S3 Hemng. Ashlev 247 Gambhn. kirn Goh, Eng 344 Gulley.Kelh 155. Harrison. Kate 223. 333 Hernng. Caroline 219. . 279. Gaum Beta Phi Ml Goh, Siew Gully. Tracie 354 Hamson. Kathy 306 281. 305.314,345 Gammage. Jeffery Lajohn Goidel. Chip 261 Gundavajhala. Anand 321 Hamson, Leanard 144 Herring. Darrel 118 Gammage, Tonya 332 Goldberg. Jeff 231 Gunn. Gilbert Hamson. Steve 231. 277. 278. 344 Herring. Kim 219 Gammoy . George Golden Ke 134 Gunn. Kenyon Hamson. Sylvia 344 Herring. Leigh Ann 213,378 Gan. Hong Goldman. I 280. 305. Gunnarson. Tncia Han. Tara 213. 344 Hernng, Tern Ganann. Susan 344 Gunner. Brad 194 Hartfield, Angela 213 Hemngton, Leigh Gandhi. Anin 321 Golestanian, Hassan 139 Gunner. Bradley 233 Hartley. James 333 Herrington. Leslie 211 Gangwam. Sunil 321 Goliwas. William 231 Gupta. Dr Hartley. Jay 241 Herrington. Martha 345 Gann. Julie 221. 344 Goll. Naef 333 Gupta. Mrs 321 Hartley. Meredith 14? Herrington. Sulynn 311. 355 Gann. 354 Gombar. Amy 333 Gurtey. Walter Hartman. Heather 280 Herrod, Carol 378 Gannan. Susan 203 Gonzalez. A 291 Gurtey. Whitney 207 Hanmann. Heather 354 Herron. Kathy 333 Gannon. Joe 231 Gooch. Spencer 239 Gussio. Greg Hartness. Cindy 380 Herron. Sheila 205. 307 Ganti. Avinash 354 Gooch, Teresa 333 Guy. Barbara 219 Hanness. Julie 211.305.344 Hester. Chns 259 Ganupuru. Venkataramana 321.373 Good. Ken 380 Guy. Grace Hartzog. Michelle 101. 102.205 Hewitt. Mark 255 Gardner. Albert 233. 332 Gooden. Rochelle 333 Guy. Stacey 209 Hartzog. Rosalind 354 Hewitt. Whit 245 Gardner. Alec Goodman. Courtney 354 Guyton. Janel 213. 354 Harvey. Scott 231 Hiatt. Caroline 219.333 Gardner, Brooks 332 Goodwin, Shana Harviel. Jennifer Hickey, Jeffrey 345 Gardner. Camillc Gordon. Brooks Harwell, Laura 345 Hickman. Chns 231.333 Gardner, Kenda 290 Gordon. Dave 272 Harwell. Patnck 345 Higginbolham. Bobby 245 Garland. Elisa 213 Gordon. David 231 Harwood. Jennifer 2I - Hig mbolham. Laura 221 Gamer. David Gordon. Deborah 333 Harwood, Robert 231 Higgmbotham. Steve Garner. Taneia Gordon. Gabnelle 225, 305.312 Hase. Cindy 207 High. Kelly 213.305.333 Garner, Tom 235 Gordon. Kevin 239 Haag. Alan 139 Hasselttne. Ashley 211.305 Hilben, Dave 333 Garr. Sheila It I Gordon. Kimbertye Haag. Hollev 267. 333 Hasseltme. Suzanne 211. 325.354 Hilbun. Glvn 255 2S5 Garrecht. Alex 257. 291 Gordon. Richard 344 Haas. Liz 217 Hasu. Belinda 146.303.318 Hilbun. Halev 219 Garrecht. Bethany 305 Gore. Trey Habans. John 231 Hatcher. Kjm 225 Hilbun. Parker 209. 333 Garret. Ray 143 Gorham. Ashle; Habeeb. Alisa Hathcock, Stacy 223. 333 Hilbun. Parker Garrett. Josh 332 Gorman, John 251 Habeeb. Leanne 207. 303 Hathom. John Hill. Alison 1 10. 333 Garrett. Mark 143 Gonhala Ravi 321 .281.354 Hathorn. Kimberle 345 Hill. Anndra 213 Garrctt. Troy 257. 354 Gonon, Lindsay 209 Hable. Kathenne 211 Haun. Boy d 241 Hill. Charles 144.233.273 Garrison, Frank 231 Gonon. Mack 239 Hadad. Hollev 305. 333 Haven. Dana HU1, Chns 239 Garrison. Phyllis 294. 332 Goudn . Jennifer Haddad. Arm 13 T . 209, 305. Hawkins, Amy 143.219 Hill. Elizabeth 195 .213.305.355 Garrott. Juli 305 Governor Malms 164 Hadley. Tnp Hawkins, Jim 288 Hill, John 249 Garrotl. Julie 209 Grace. Wes 253 Hagaman, Michelle 223, 276. 325 Hawkins, Sharon 345 Hill. Kaihv 195.213 Gartm. Ronald 332 Graeber. Johnny 253 Hage. Philip 241 Hawkins. Sherry- 305 Hill. Keith 259. 29-. 355 Gary. Anne Mane 22 1 , 344 Gracber. KelK 219 Hager. J R 231 Hawkins. Stephen 269 Hill. Kellv 146.345 Gaston. John Grafe. Holly ' 223 Hagins 344 Hawkins. Susan 213 Hill. Mark 285 Gaston. Kathryn 209 Grafe, John Hailey. Shea 378 Haydci. Wendy 3SO Hill. Renecia 297, 301, 345 Gaiewood. Gayla 213 Graham. Amy 344 Hairald. Shawn 354 Haydcn. Claire 209. 354 Hill. Stephanie 221.305 Gatewood. Sherry 290. 332 Graham. Bob Haire. Rusu Hayden. Henry 345 Hill. Ted 241 Gatewood. Stacic 119 Graham. Ginger 209 Halben. Kelh 213 Havden. Tommv Hillenburg. Jill 221 Gatlm Stacev 1-18 VIS 3 4 Graham. Howard 304. 308 Hale. Cvnthia Hayes. David " 4 " } 4 Hillery. Bitsie 144,2 Gatlm. Thomas Graham. Jonathan 376 Hale. Jay Hayes. Dawn 202. 203 Hillhouse. Danny 253 Gatlm. Wesley 354 Graham. Martha 333 Hale. Jennifer 207. 298 Hayes. James 259 Hillhouse. John 322 Galwood. Stacy 219.332 Graham. Molly 219 Hale. Sherbv 333 Hayes. Jennifer 203 Hillman. Laura Gaudet. Catherine 173 Graham. Robert 344 Haley . Doug 287 Hayes. Kathenne 211.333 Hinds, Debbie 146 Gaudry. Jennifer 305. 332 Graham. Ronald 3M Hale . Elaine 225. 354 Hayes. Laura-Lucia 219. 333 Htncs, Owen 233 Gault. Win 253 Graham. Wayne 253 Hall, Bnan 290. 333 Hayes. Melanie 380 Hines, Reid 355 Gauslme. Gregg 146. 344 Grandy. Todd 143 Hall, Justin 249 Hayes, Sheila 354 Hmes. Richard 88.345 Gauiier. Caroline 326 Granger. Julie Hall. Karen 133, 144.225 Hayes. Terry 231 Hmton. Bnan 241.279 Gavin. Amy 298. 354 Granger. Wendy 219.279. Hall. Le.Ann 203 Hayes, Tracy 143.209,354 Hite. Malendia 380 Gay. Douglass 253 Grant. Alice 354 Hall. Mike 344 Haymond, Holly 203 HIIL Ashlev 211 Gay. Edward 233 Grant. Jason 241.333 Hall. Myra 147 Haynes. Alvin 113,333 Hladkv. wide 233 Gayden. John 354 Grantham, James 261 Hall. Will 239 Haynes. Bndget 354 Ho, Chiew 373 Gean. Rodnev 241 Graves. Timmi 209 Hall. William 354 Haynes. Jeffrey 143 Ho. Ching 373 Gebhart. Leland 149. 255. Gray . Angle 143. 305. 354 Hall of Fame 124 Haynes. Katherine 305. 354 Hoard. Tommv 292. 293 344 Gray. Frank 257 Haliiday. John 286 Haynes. Shelly 203. 333 Hobbs. Dirk 259. 345 Geddy. Cathenne 219. 305 Gray. James 317 Hallum. Bryan 24-. 344 Havs. Catbenne 313.380 Hobbs. Holly 203. 333 Gee. John 380 Gray. Kevin 249. 322 Halieman. Rick 237 Hays. Jeff 241 Hobson. Beth Geer, Joe 231 Greaves, Greta 333 Ham. Tracy 213 Hays. Jeffrey 333 Hodge. Dana 203 Gehnng. Andrew Greco. Brian 333 Hamblett. Sonya 380 Hays. Jennifer 333 Hodge, John 241 Geisewue. Laura 211 Greek Games 200 Hambnck. Renee Head. Chantelle 333 Hodge. Tom 241 Gentleman. Jean-Paul 93 Greek Indepeodant Relations 281 Hamel. Gerald Head, Eva 203 Hodges, Kenya 333 Gentry. Stephanie 333 Greeks 192 Hamilton. L 291 Head. Melmda 380 Hodges, Melanie 333 Gentry. Tim 139 Green. Barrett 135. 1 39. 1 50. 155.239. Hamilton. Merrily 217 Head, Michael 144, 194,231 Hodges. Paige 209. 276 George. James Christopher 22- 291.316 Hamm. Jodi 344 Headley. Massie 239 Hodgins. Mark 345 George. Karen 333 Green. Barren 133 Hammack. Misty 223. 306.307 Healey. Merrill 251,333 Hodum. Phillip 312 Gerhart. Scott 249. 344 Green. Chris 255 Hammett. Todd 241 Heard. Angela 326. 333 Hoefer, Heidi 9,306 Getlys, Lam 143. 194 Green. Dereck 112 Hammitt. George M 145 Heard. Steven 345 Hoffman. Brian 318 Gettys. Lawrence 239. 354 Green. Derrick 344 Hammock. Elizabeth 213 Heard. Tonya 333 Hoffman. Pam 318 Gex. Joseph 333 Green. Lester 354 Hammond. Shelby 211. 306 Heath. Rose 138 Hogan. Margaret 225 Gho. Paincia 221 Green. Willie 81 Hamn, Kyle 286 Heath. Steven 380 Hogue. Greg 253 Gholson. Web 245 Greenlee. Charles 245 Handle. Justin Hebert. David 233 Hogue. Robbie 251 Gholson. William 344 Greenlee. Richard 245 Handley. Charles 344 Hebert, Stephen 255. 333 Honoris. Charlie 251 Giarusso. Angelina 318 Greenwell. Amy 207. 276 Haney. Arm 378 Heckle. Lee 233 Holbrook. Gilda 203. 298 Gibbons R 291 Greer. Jason 257, 344 Hankms. Sarah 221 Hedricks. Nancy 223 Holbrook. Holly Gibbons. David 259. 344 Greer. Stacv 219.333 Hannibal. Chns 322 Heebe. Marvin Holcomb. Barry 255.2 7 Gibbons. Gregg 253 Greer. Todd 255, 280, 354 Hansen. Blanlon 344 Heflin. AUyson 68. 126. 223.276 Gibbs. Bonnie 327 Gregory. Fred 253 Hanshaw. Rayne 354 Heflin. Christy 276 Index 385 Holcomb, Maria 380 Hudson, Randy 247 Jean F Larroux. Ill 241 Juengel, Stewart 261, 334 King. Natalie 144. 195, 223 Holden. David 231 Hudson, Rob 239 Jeancs. Earline 345 Jumper, Deborah 378 King. Ralph 194.259 Holder. Jeffrey 85 Hudson, Ron 239. 285 Jee, Emily 345 Jumper. Tim 96, 98. 227. 345 King. Robin 69, 76. 298. 306. 355 Holder, Tim 259 Hudson. Tina 345 Jefcoat, Jere 209, 345 Jung. Walter 257 King. Scott 251 Holder. Wade 231 Hudspeth. Frank 380 Jefferson. W 376 Jurgens. Tannis 156 King. Vcrnon 143,231 Holister. Alison 219 Huff, Jenna 209 Jeng. Woonshen 355 Justice, Ellen 355 Kinler, Kellim 217 Holland. Karen 373 Huff. Matt 241 Jenkins. Felicia 334 Justice Court 275 Kinlcr, Kelli 345 Holland. Keith 251 Huffman. Melanie 378 Jenkins, Hilary 143. 355 Justmson. Brian 303 Kinsey. John 272. 276. 304, 322. 325. Holland, Twvla 325. 355 Hufford. Jennifer 334 Jenkins, Janice 298 Justison. Brian 303 345 Holley. Bobby 289 Hufford. Trice 241. 314 Jenkins. Jason 261 Kirby, Tara 223 Hollcy. Rodney J 269 Huggins. Jennifer 207. 345 Jenkins. Jeffrey- 334 Kirchmayr, Deidra 21 1 Holliday. Cunis Hollingsworth. Jennifer 380 143, 211.280 Huggins. Preston Hughes. Chris 380 257. 345 Jenkins, Tony Jennings. Warren 334 257 K Kirkegaard, Jesse 292 Kirkendall, Patrick 355 Hollingsworth. Rebecca 345 Hughes. Ginny 209 Jcrnigan. Chris 257 .JJL Ik. Kirkland. Christie 219 Hollins. Lavada 345 Hughes. Hope 211 Jernigan. Martin 373 Kirkland. Linda Carol 2!9 Hollister. Alison 305 Hughes, Laura 221 Jernigan. Nan 217 Kakales. Libbie 276. 334 Kirkland. Michelle 143 Holloman. Haley 211 Hughes. Lucinda 345 Jernigan, Sarah 211 272 314 Kalberer, Kim 118.225 Kirkpatrick. Danielle 223 Hollowa . Judy 203 Hughes. Melody 355 Jester. Kathy 219 Kalidas, Jana 321 Kirkpatrick, Mike 289 Hollow-ay, Mary Jordan 219 Hulan. C A 231 Jeter, Susan 225 Kamman, John 334 Kitchens, Kakijane 2 1 3, 305, 334 Holman. Janie 71 . 209. 275. 345 Hull. Brian 334 Jian. Jin 376 Kamman. Trey 278 Kitchens. Leigh 334 Holman. Lara 221 Hull, Gena 21 1 Jiang. Songchun 373 Kammcn. Trey 231 Klaus, Jessica 225, 334 Holman. Scott 241,333 Hull. Genevieve 334 Jiles, Carrie 295 Kapasalis. Stassa 217 Klayman. Debra 294, 334 Holmes. Blair 221.278 Humkey, Jennifer 334 Joblin. Trent 272 Kapoor, Vivek 321. 373 Klentos, Kellie 221 Holmes. Cliff 333 Hummel, Regina 345 Joe, Amy 355 kappa Alpha 238 Kliebert. Adam 239 Holmes. David 139. 150 Humphrey. Verna 267. 334 Joe. Ilene 373 Kappa Alpha I ' si 226 Kloek. Marc 355 Holmes. Janice 303 Humphries. Amy 203 Johanscn. Stephanie 225 Kappa Alpha Theta 216 Knabb. Catherine 346 Holmes, Jennifer 146. 345 Humwold. Tracy 203 John, Michelle 219 Kappa Delta 218 Knight, Denise 298, 346 Holmes. Marianna 225 Hundley. Krista 217 Johns. Heather 326. 334 Kappa Kappa Gamma 220 Knight. Elvm 229,276,311.346 Holmes. Russell 355 Hunger. James 237 Johns. Jason 231 Kappa Sigma 240 Knight. Leslie 217 Homecoming 68 Hunt, Darren 146. 311 Johns. Phillip 231 Karamchandani. Ash win 321, 326. 355 Knight. Steve 249 Honan. Kelly- 221. 345 Hunt, Kevin 241, 345 Johns. Traci 217,334 Karan, Eliazar 373 Knirnschild. M 291 Honors 122 Hunt, Lindsev 233, 269 Johns. William 231 Kanle Club 289 Knisley. John 346 Honors Program 148 Hunt. Noel 287. 355 Johnson. Amy 223, 355 Karthikeyan. Mahadevan 321 Knochel, Robert 239 Honuas, Stefanie 305. 355 Hunt. Rocky 241 Johnson, Anny 209 Karunakaran, Mohan 355 Knowles. Mike 108 Hood. Keith 239 Hunt. Tammy 217. 334 Johnson. Anthony- 334 Kassin. Fauziah 315 Knowlton, Sam 239, 284 Hood, Rockelle 345 Hunter. Bobby 249 Johnson. Bruce 259. 285. 355 Kay, Jennifer 217 Knox. James 355 Hooker, Allison 209. 345 Hunter. Shannon 217 Johnson. Carol 211 Keen. Michael 334 Kochler, Kate 143.373 Hooker. Gregory 333 Hunter. Tracey 334 Johnson. Carolyn 345 Keenan, S 290 Koenenn. Richard 235 Hooker. Louise 75 Hurd. John 253 Johnson, Catherine 267, 334 Keesee. Kathryn 221 Koestler. Scott 253 Hooker, Mary 345 Hurdle, Leigh 213 Johnson, Cathy 205 Kehoe, Barbie 225 Koh, Hup 373 Hooker. Nat 245 Hurdle. Missy 213 Johnson, Charmly 217 Kehoe. Elizabeth 225 Kohler, Erik 249, 334 Hooker, Phillip 239 Hurst, Stacey 334 Johnson. Claire 223.313,380 Keith, Billy 237 Kolesar, Michael 249, 346 Hoong. Ngee 373 Hurton, Laura 207 Johnson. Connie 380 Keller, Eric 280. 334 Koloms, Shawn 334 Hoong. Terrance 285 Hussain. Masood 373 Johnson. Cynthia 355 Keller, Katherine 143 Koncak, Julie Dianne 225 Hooper, Steven 253, 345 Hussey, Duke 146. 303, 311 Johnson, Dana 285, 345 Kellerman. Kathy 266, 267 Koon, Henry 3 1 3 Hopkins, Katy 303 Huthnance. Ann 211 Johnson, Darren 227, 245 Kelley. Brian 113.227 Koons. Harold 355 Hopkins. Norris 255 Hutson. Scott 251 Johnson, Deas 312 Kelley. Don 112 Koons, Trey 194,249,278 Hopper, C B 322 Hux, Debra 225 Johnson. Gary- 231 Kelley, Michelle 203, 355 Kostilnik, Nick 241 Hopson. Lester 345 Hux. Elizabeth 203. 334 Johnson, James 334 Kellum. Chris 251 Kraft. Joseph 355 Hopson. Max 247 Hwang, Yu 373 Johnson, Jill 195, 211. 305 Kellum. David 269 Kraft, Richard 1 1 8. 306, 307. 346 Hord. Elisa 355 Hwu, Shing-Min 373 Johnson. Jon 249 Kellum. Karen 345 Krai. Emclie 211,305.346 Morgan. Shauna Ivy 225 Hvde. Patrick 257, 334 Johnson. Jonathan 277 Kellum. Kevin 251.345 Krause. Volker 376 Horn, Brent 241 Hvde. Robert 1 38. 144, 156 Johnson, Jordan 241 Kellum, Stacey 345 Kneger. Chnstv 1 1 5 Horn, Kelly 146 Hvde. Valerie 195.209, 278. 355 Johnson, Katrina 355 Kellum, Wendy 345 Knenesl. Mike 231 Horn, Lisa 315 Hyer, Ban 249, 267. 334 Johnson. Kent 345 Kelly. Brian 112, 345 Krishnamagaru, Dharmesh 321 Horn. Michele 355 Hyer. Jerry 249. 355 Johnson. LaTeasha 104 Kelly, Frank 237 Krishnan, Ananda 355 Horn. William 345 Johnson. Laura 211 Kelly, Glen 290. 334 Krohn, Kelly 219.298 Hornsby, Molly 209 Johnson. Lori 225, 305 Kelly, Jerry 334 Kruger. Bill 247 Horton. Holly 266. 267 Johnson, Mary K 217 Kelly, Joe Berry 245 Kubista. Theodore 355 Honon, Jim 249 Johnson, Neil 209 Kelly, Kalely-n 217,277,278. 305, 325 Kuhn. Katherine 223 Horton, S 291 Johnson, Patrice 225. 355 Kelsey, David 376 Kumar. Hitesh 321 Horton, Thomas 355 Johnson, Patricia 355 Kelso. Laura 2 1 7. 345 Kumar, Ramu 321 Horton. Tom 241. 325 lannelli, Richard 251 Johnson. Patty 345 Kemp, Jeff 231, 251,292 Kumar. Subha 321 Horvell, J Kim 319 Idem, Beau 318 Johnson. Rick 253 Kemp, Jonathan 251. 334 Kumpaty, Subha 373 Hoskins. Xavier 345 lelaidnis, Lori 146,345 Johnson. Robert 251 Kemp, Marie 318 Kunkel. Bruce 249 Hott) forty Club 300 IHC 325 Johnson, Scott 233. 355 Kemp, Virginia 221 Kurachek, Katherine 217 Houchins. Heather 225. 305 Imwold. Tracy 290. 334 Johnson, Shaw 245 Kendall. Robin 146 Kurtz. Wendy 203 Houck. Chris 106 India Association 321 Johnson, Terry- 292 Kennamore, Kristy 207, 334 Kwak, Youngsik 373 Hough. Jill 221 Indovina, Robin 225 Johnson. Tracey 118, 221 Kennedy. Grace Ann 209, 276. 278, Kwang, Hock 376 House. Nikki 221 Information Management 280 Johnson, Trip 255. 285 305 Kyle. Scott 355 Houston, Karen 378 Ingram, Joel 257, 320 Johnson, William 233 Kennedy, Mary Alice 225 Houston, Meriweather 203 Ingram, Lee 221 Johnston. Janet 345 Kennedy, Richard 355 Hovas. Donald Hovas. Todd 333 334 Ingram, Missy Ingram, Robert 219 241 Johnston, Janis Johnston. Kenneth 143 376 Kennedy, Wendy Kennerly, Blaire Suzanna 318. 355 225. 305 L Hovis. Kimberly 355 Irby, Gerald 272 Johnston. Thomas 355 Kennington. Kathryn 211. 355 j Howard. Barbara 297, 345 Irby, Heather 219 Joiner. Deani 305, 306 Kennington. Mack 241 Howard. Byron 251 Irby, Kathleen 72,221 Joiner, Deanie 213 Kent. Phillip 85 Labadi. Mohammed 288.317 Howard, Clair 285 Irby, Mary 195 Joiner. Donna 345 Kerkland. Michelle 219 Lacey. Andrew 255. 334 Howard. Frank 297 Isonhood. Robert 355 Jones. Albert 251. 278 Kern. Geribeth 334 Lacey. Jerry 281 Howard, Hunter 251.285 lupc. Ida 225. 324 Jones, Alison 213 Kerr. Kelly 219 Lackey. Ellen 279. 280, 355 Howard. Jeffery 233 Ivey. Ken 267. 345 Jones, Allison 195.225, 325 Kerch, Julie 203. 355 Lackford. Malone 209, 334 Howard. Jenny 221 Jones, Angela 345 Kerst, Lisa 225, 325 Lacoste, Lash 257 Howard. Katrina 195, 215. 266,267, Jones, Cami 106, 305, 355 Kervin, Maurice 143 Lacross Club 284 297, 326, 355 Jones, Cassic 213 Kessinger, Keith 88, 90, 93, 156 Ladner. Amy 294. 334 Howard, Richard 334 Jones, Conigliaro 227 Ketcham, Kevin 345 Ladner, Hallie 217.276,305.334 Howard, Tom 241 Jones, Cynthia 217 Ketchum, Byron 261 Ladner. John 346 Howard, Walter 285 Jones, Donald 334 Ketchum, Tammie 318 Ladner, Kirk 231 Howard. William 355 Jackson, Ann 225 Jones. Elizabeth 213.334 Key. Annette 219. 298.312 Lafferty. Austin 376 Howe, Richard 373 Jackson. Anne F 211 Jones, Glen 259 Key. Brenda 143 tail. Deanna 223 Howell, Beth 2 1 3. 306, 307 Jackson, Carter 237 Jones, Gregory 345 Key. David 241 Lame. Leslie 217,334 Howell, Elizabeth 345 Jackson. Felisha 345 Jones, Hampton 239 Key, Woody 231 Laird, Sydney 334 Howell. Holly 225 Jackson, Gray 334 Jones, Heather 217.334 Keys. Audrey 373 Lake. Don 253 Howell. Jacqueline 334 Jackson, Jennifer 2 1 3. 276, 305. 334 Jones. Jacqueline 334 Keys. Chris 231 Lamar, Lucius 255, 355 Howell. Kim 373 Jackson. Kenneth 355 Jones. James 239 Keys. Lynette 297 Lamb. Clayton 253 Howell, Lindsey 327 Jackson, Liesa 207, 303. 355 Jones. Jennifer 209, 213,345.355 Keys. Phyllis 317 Lambda Sigma 149 Howell, Rosalvn 205 Jackson. Michael 334 Jones. Kate 110.223 Khaw. Fook 334 lambert. Andree 207, 334 Howell. Shae 211 Jackson. Mike 251 Jones. Kellv 209 Khong. Steven 334 Lambert, Connie 315.355 Howell, Timothy 253 Jackson. Penny 217 Jones, Kenneth 334 Kidd. Allan 334 Lampley. Michael 324 Howser. Mark 249 Jackson. R L 272, 334 Jones, Lisa 223. 278, 334 Kidd. Jimbo 245 Lampman. Mitchell 257. 334 Hoye. Monica 334 Jackson, Stacy 209 Jones, Lopaz 85,86 Kiiborn. Nora 219 LaNasa. Alfred 241 Hu. Dan 373 Jacobs. Gilbert 345 Jones, Marilyn 221 Kilgore. Bemadette 327 LaNasa. Philip 241 Hu. Shu-Chuan 373 Jacobs. Kimberly 211 Jones, Martina 355 Kilpatrick. Amy 223. 345 Lancaster. Keith 247 Huang. Jui-Hsin 317 Jaggers. Cynthia 378 Jones, Michael 233 Kilpatrick. Kara 211 Land. Margaret 1 33. 1 43. 1 44, 2 1 9 Huang. Shu-Hua 373 Jaggers, James 378 Jones. Rhonda 221, 334 Kiipatrick. Kim 223 Landes. William 253 Huang. Yuan-Her 376 Jain, Sanjay 321.373 Jones. Wanda 205, 355 Kim, Jeung-Ki 373 Landreth, Kenneth 346 Hubacek. Joseph 284, 345 James, Becka 380 Jones, Wendy 209 Kim. Jungwook 373 Landreth, Terry 269, 334 Hubbard. Ginger 209 James, Erich 144 Jordan, Allison 213 Kim. Mi Hye 373 Landrum, Frances 211 Hubbard. Sam 118. 119 James. Jennifer 203. 355 Jordan. Jill 267, 276. 306 Kimzey, Kelli 213, 345 Lane. Christy 217,305.334 Hubbard, Virginia 334 James, Leslie 219 Jordan. Kim 207 Kincaid. Pamela 202, 203, 355 Lane, John 235 Huddleston. Paul 326. 355 James, Rebecca 306 Jordan, Kimberly 334 Kincaid. Steve 303 Lane, Regina 207. 303. 346 Huddlcston. Paul III 276 James. Shelia 304 Jordan, Leanna 223. 345 King. Amanda 266. 267. 278, 304 Langford. John 251 Hudgens, Lori 345 James. Tamala 334 Jordan, Michelle 221 King, Charlie 239, 355 Langford. Leslie 209 Hudgins. Lori 221 James. Will 194.253 Jordan. Susan 298, 355 King, Charles 144 Langford. Rhonda 355 Hudnall. Kimberly 334 Jamison. Justin 245 Jordsn. Jacqueline 217. 334 King, Courtney 211 Langley. Mike Hudson, Amy 345 Janssen. Sonny 285 Joseph. John 376 King, Derek 299 Langston. Kevin 381 Hudson. Jeffrey 251.334 Janus. Jay 334 Jou. Kou-Rong 373 King. Jamie 287 Langston. Lacy 3 1 2 Hudson. Joseph 145 Jax, Frederic 241 Joyner. Clay- 231.278 King, Kelley 194 Langston. Sam 255 Hudson, Rafe 251 Jayanthi, Prasad 321 Judicial Council 273 King, Laura 203 Langston, Sime 346 Jaynes. Jeff 235. 272 Jue. Danny 142 King. Leanne 203. 298 Lanier, Marty 317 Jaynes. Jeffrey 144 Jue. Debbie 334 King, Melissa 381 LaRose. Gary 251 386 Index Larroux. Jean 334 Little. Ramona 378 Magee. Paulynn 315 May Matthew 335 McLartv. Richie 138 larsen. Roxanne 346 Littlcjohn. Chnsty 2 1 3 305. 3 : Magee. Starr 2 " 4 Mav. Trao 318 McLaughlm. Kelly 144. 157.207 Larson. Brent 241 Litllejohn. Lisa 203 Magee. Suzanne 356 Mav field. Gloria 202. 203 McLauren. Man 305 | Larson. Kenh 241 Livingston. Linda 313.380 Magers. Lisa 305. 356 May field. Jody 335 McLaunn. Man 213. 305.356 LaRue. Paul 233 Livingston. Marsha 356 Magncss. Shannon 22!. 277 May field. Laura 211 McLees. Beth 221 Lasiter. Jake 253 Livingston. Susan 219 Mah. Dorann Ma o. Samantha 1 16. 356 McLellan. Lynda 3 " 8 Lasner. Walker 194. 253 Lloyd. James 356 Mah. Doreen 381 Mayo. Tim 317 McLemore. Lauren 219 USoia. Chrisu 303 Lloyd. Jeffrey 241 Mahaffey. Mclanie 356 Mays. Kathenne 346 McLemore. Mark 257 Lassiter. Jod i - - -- Lobrano. Trip 241 Mahaffev. Robert 245 Mays. Kane 221 McLcod. Billy 233 Lasso. Scon 144 25- Locke. JefT 253 Mahi. Kalam 106 MBA Association 319 McLeod. Martv 245. 346 Laihom. Billy 318 Lockhard. Mark Maier. Edward 346 McAfee. Enc 2 ' 4 282. 301.356 McLeod. Tracey 143. 1 Lanure. Paul 245 Lockhan, Mark 249. 346 Maisel. Adina 69. 221 Me Am, Dexter 292 McLeveen. Shane 356 Laurent. August 261 Lockhan. Reeca Major. Lea.Anne 21 Z7Z 27 McAnhur. Joseph 255 McMahon. John 253. 346 Lauienl. Elizabeth 211 Loden. Julian 145 305. 346 McArthur. Lucy 143. 209. 305. 356 McMahon. Lurch 253 Lavander. Michelle 334 Loflm. Daniel 335 Majors. Lisa 213 McAulev. Chns 257 McMaster. Roben 356 Lavender. Miss 207. 26 ' Loflin. Jennifer 346 Makehm. Bo 235 McAuley. Leslie A McMillan. Howard 245 Lawhorn, Alesia 380 Logan. Lorn 294. 346 NUUtsiin Student Orginizatioa 315 McAuley. Roben 251 McMillan. Slacie 223 Lawrence. David 23 ) Loggeshatl. Lon Malham. Arnie 231 McCain. Cynthia 205 McMullch. Jeffery 376 Lawrence. Oregon 346 Loggms. Carla 335 Mallard. John 284 McCain. David 231 Mi Mullen. Jennifer 374 Lawrence. Julia .155 Loh. Lai 335 Mallard. Richard 356 McCain. Dexter 293 NKMullen. Karen 378 Lawrence. Mart 255. 2S5 Lohrmann. Jeffrev 335 Malleti. Denise 346 McCall. Laune 221 McMullen. Ken 318 Lawrence. Pamela 288 Loke. Kok 346 Malletie. James 335 McCarlie. Chnstine 213.305 McMullen. Misti 211 Lawrence. Tosha 334 Loner. Debbie 325 Mallette. Mickev 346 McCarthy. Kns MiNair. Jennifer 211.356 Lawson. Victoria $27, 355 Long. Cathy 381 Malleue. Mo 239 McCanhy. Knstine 346 McNair. Leah 305 Lay. Kao-Sheng 117 Long. Dairy 1 147. 378 Malloy. Lyle 245. 335 McCaru. Man 22V 2 " McNair. Tim 245. 324 Layne. Scott ::--. 346 Long. Julie 380 Malloy. Shawna 209 McCany. Phil 231,278. 279. 280. 346 McNamara. Will 231 Layton. Bntlany 221. 269.346 Long. Kecia 306 Malone. Dave 245 McCarty. Richie 138 McNeal. Joseph 335 Lazarus. Leo 1 44 I ' M. 260. 261 Long. Lance 335 Malone. David 239. 306. 346 McCaugnam, Dan 233 McNeer. Cheryl 356 Lazzara. John 241 Long. Madeline 356 Malone. Ellen 356 McCauley. Jennifer 335 SIcNeer. Leigh 346 Leah . Terrance 233 Long Margaret 195 Malone. Parry 241 McCauley. Jenny 209. 2-4 M.Necr. Michelle 195 Leake. Rucker 285 Long. Scott 3-4 Malone. Paula 335 McChesney. Cindy 313 McNeer. Shellv 221. 280 Leathers. Julie 334 Long. Tim 251.292 Malonev. Mark 245 McChesney. Cvnihia 380 McNeese. Joe 231 Leavell. Leslie 225. 305. 346 Long. Tommy 251 Malouf. Enc 335 McCIam. Adele 213 MoNeil. Cornelius 335 LeBlanc. Stephanie 211 Loong. Tuck . " 4 Malouf. Michael 241 McClard. Alexandra 346 McNemar. Fredean 356 Lecher. Robin 213 Loper. Sandy 356 Manders. Cassie 213.305 McClard. Andra 221 McNemar. Missv 209 Ledbetter. Johnnv 335 Lord. Ralph 143 Mangrum. James 381 McCloskey. John 346 McPeak. Brad 148 Lee. Allan 255. 292 Lou. Amy 217.346 Maniam. Balasundram 174 McQung. David 257 McQuade. Mike 292. 295 Lee. Dae Lott. Angela 335 Mann. Andrea 203 McCom. Mac 231 McQueen. Bubba 255 Lee. Dana 219 Lott. Chester 253 Mann. Lecie 303 McCollum. Beth 217 McQueen. Chnslian 257 Lee. Dann 314 Loll. Edward 241 Mann. Leslie 203 McCollum. Courtney 213 McQueen. Man ' in 356 Lee, Debbie 381 Lott. Lee 356 Manning. Clyde 245. 356 McCollum. Margaret 223.346 McRae. Andy 231 Lee. Elizabeth Gentry 225 Loll. Tiffany 213.305. 346 Manning. Crama 213.305 McCollum. Tony 111 McRaney. Charles 335 Lee. Ik-Soo 374 Lott. Tyler 69.219 Manning. Marcus 249 McConnel. Fred 119 McRancv. Tad 245 Lee. James 255 Lottman. Jeffery 233 Manning. Valene 356 McConnell. Fred 304 McReadv Neal 245 Lee. Jee 143 Louis. George IV ' Finch ' Z7 Mansel. Virginia 2I1..V McConnell. Frexlenck 282 McReynolds. Laura 209 Lee. John 346 Lounsbury. Jenna 305 Mansoor. Anthony 335 McConnell. Frednck 346 McReynolds. Man 335 Lee. Judv 156 Loutfi. Lila 335 Mansoor. Sabnna 356 McCord. Perry 346 McReynolds. Melissa 146 Lee. Kell ' i 209. 305. 346 Loulfil. Lila Claire 225 Mansoor. Tony 239 McCormack. Blame 253 McReynolds. Sara 209 Lee. Laura 219 Love. Audra i . 305 Mao. An 346 McCoy. Chnsti 356 McSwam. Michael 23- Lee. Marietta 209 Love. Dale J7 Maples. Hunter 251 McCoy. Kelly 211 McWilhams. Cathy 223 Lee. Michael 25; Lovelace. Dee 253 Mar. Linda 356 McCoy. Patncia 374 McWilliams. Mary 335 Lee. Sang Im 174 Lovelace. Dewitt 138 Marascalco. Angela 203. 356 McCrams. Beth 219 Meacham. Ellen 356 Lee. Sara 335 Lovelace. Kent 253 Marascalco. Paul 346 McCraw. Patnck 142.259 Meador. Charlene 285 Lee. Seonsu r-i Lovelady. Valene 346 Marchbanks. Lmdsey 219. 278 McCready. M Neal 276 Meador. Stephanie 219 Lee. Susan 315 Lovom. Douglas 259. 356 Margiotia. Mark 335 McCreave. Sean 335 Meadows. Stewart 259. 346 Lee. Thomas 376 Lowe. Amy 209. 276. 335 Markle. Todd 251 McCrocklin. Susan 203. 346 Mealms. Richard 317 Lcger. Slyrra 308 Lowe. Vemon 291. 346 Marks. John 245 McCron. Tom 24- Means. Charta 356 Lehman. Amanda 223 Lowrey .Jay 356 Marks. Mem 211 McCroskey. Jay 118.241 Medley. Laura 203 Lehman. Lucy 14- Lowrey . Seth 237 Marlbrough. Jay 261 McCroskv Alex 257 Meek. Dianne 143 Lehner. Mark 322 Lowrie. Guy 225 Marquer, Celeste 35 6 McCullar. Barry 25? Meek. McLeod 245 Leister. Randy 237 Lownher. John 24- Marquez. John 257 McCullouch. Charles 356 Meek. Randy Lenoir. Chalise 305 Lozano. Nicatio 3-4 Mars. Dawn Lea 219 McCurley. Clark 241 Meeks. Angela 209 Leonard. Connie 203 Lucas. Connie 315 Marschew-ski. Julie 225. 305. 335 McCulchm, Alma Doll 217 Meeks. Charles 356 Leonard. Mick 305 Lucas. Geno 24- Marsh. Elizabeth 211.335 McDamel. Bryan 257 Meeks. Paige 346 Leong. Kai 355 Lucas. Jonathan 136.2 ' Marshall. Angela 335 McDamel. Gary 253 Megee. John 241 Lepeska. Tom 301 Lucas. Linda 325 Martin. Apnl 356 McDamel. Gretchen 211 Mehnard. Sissy 305 Lever. David 286 Lucchesi. D C 24 7 . 269. 356 Martin. Bo 257 McDamel. Michelle 145.219 Mehrof 1 . Carter 24- Lever. Jeff 251 Luigs. Jennifer 346 Martin. Chns 245 McDill. Andv Meisburg. Julie Levi. Bryan 241 Luigs. Robin 217 Martin, Christina 221 McDill. Ken ' ,-- Melichar. Alan 249 Lewand. Lee 245 Luigs. Thomas 24- Martin. Christopher 378 McDill. Kenneth Melleville. Allison 203 Lewis. Amanda -.335 Luke. Charlene 346 Manm. Cynthia 346 McDonald. Cheryl 294 Mellmger. Deborah 378 Lewis. rm 133. 144 Lum. Linda 150,316. 3I 7 Martin. Dennis 251 McDonald. Edwin 139.356 Melton. Ronnie 285 Lewis. Bill 306 Lumpkin. Libbv 318 Martin. Emily 209 McDonald. Hardie 245 Melton. Steven 356 Lewis. Grant 249 Lunardmi. John 285. 346 Martin. Enc 356 McDonald. Mollie 143 Melville. Allison 312 Lewis. John 24- Lundien. Man 318 Martin, Jackie 102 McDonald. Roben 243. 376 Melvin. Robby 245 Lewis. Kathy 355 Luo. Xiao-Zhong 376 Martin. James 356 McDonald. Shawn 253 Menard. Jeanne Andre 225. 305 Lewis. Lauren 2 1 3. 305 Lusco. Sam 241.304 Martin. John 255. 335 McDonough. Kale 219.305.335 Meredith. Angela 356 Lewis. Mary 335 Lusk. Clifton 356 Manm. Larry 143. 346 McDowell. Sean 251 Mcrrell. Kim 207. 303 Lewis. Megan 21 9.346 Lusleck. Jay 237 Martin. Leland 285 McDuffic. Michael 143 Merrill. Gearge 147 Lewis. Paul 237 Lvall. Andrea 207 Martin. Leslea -$.305 McEihcnney. Jim 292. 295 Metlalal. Cary 249. 357 Lew-is. Terrell 237 Lydon. Liz 221 Martin. Mark 356 McElrealh. Amy 356 Meyer. Jan 213.315 Lewis. Vmce 251 Lylcs. Raquel 335 Manm. Michael 253 McElrov. Amanda 380 Meyer. Sara Lynn 213 Lewis. William 257, 346 Lynch. Chris 241 Martin. Nancy 203. 346 McElroy. Beth 213. 276, 305. 335 Michael. Elizabeth 221 Leydon. Robert 374 Lynch. David 314 Manm. Sandra 378 McElrov. James 346 Michael. JefT 241 Leyser. Clay 241 Lynch. Lisa - 346 Martin. Stephanie 213. 305. 335 McEwan, Dan 245 Michael. Martin 257 Leyser. John 241.335 Lynch. Susan - 346 Manm. Woody 247 McFadm, Thomas 233 Michals. Stacey L3. 346 Li. Erguang Lynch. Thomas 237 Manineau. David 239 McFall. Mark 255 Michel. Cvnthia 203, 335 Li. Hai-Peng 374 Lynchard. Daryl 335 Marvin. Melanie 225 McGanty . Rocky 381 Mickles. Joe 81.85 Li. Xun 174 Lynck. David 253 Mary. Todd St 286 McGaugh. Lea 2-: Midgetl. Jeanice 143. 15 " . 219 Libby. Kim 219. 325 Lynn. Mike 253. 284. 285 Mask. Jerry 335 McGee. Kevin 257. 335 Midiek. David 292 Liberto. Lisa 156.223 Lyons. Barbara 335 Mason. Amanda 2 1 3 298. 305, 346 McGee. Patncia 356 Midhck. Dave 96 Liddon. W Clark JI7 Lyons. Shelley 146.303 Mason. Freddie 346 McGee. Rebecca 335 Midhck. David 255 Lidikay. JefT 231 Lyons. Tract 207. 346 Mason. Robin 29J McGee. Starr 209 Mikell. Ra 268 Liebau. Raymond 288 Mason, Sony a 143 207,281. 304 McGee. William 356 Milam. Ewmg 239 Lieux. David 253 Mason. Steven 253. 284 McGinnis. Tara 211 Milam. Jay 257 Liew.Chea Like. Charlene " 4 217 M Massey. Jane Massie. Shannon 213. 318 272, 2 " McGlowan. Angela McGonagill. Phillip 306 107 335 335 Milam. John Milam. Kenneth 241 335 Liles. Mary 294 -L T A 346 McGown. Cole 245 Milbum, Angela 223. 335 Lim. Lum-Kong 315 Masters. Scott 251 McGregor. Cindy 335 Miles. Rob 231 Lim. Sing 355 M-Clb 299 Malheney. Timolhy 25- McGuire, Drew ' Lame ' 292. 295 Miller. Deanna 378 Lim. Tze 374 Ma. Francis 356 Malhess. Celina 335 McGuire. Henry 381 Miller. Dian Lin. Bu 174 Ma. Helen 267 Mathews. Mary 335 McGuire. Layne 146.302.303 Miller. Frederic 335 Lin. Gin-Chung Mac Arthur. Sonny 231 Mathews. Melinda 380 Mclntosh. Man Howell 219 Miller. Jeanie 306.335 Lin. In-Jiau 3 ' 4 Macdiarmid. Meredith 225 Malhis. Debra 294. 335 Mclntosh. Shawn 378 Miller. JUIian B 225 Lin. Tao 37 Macdonald. Mark 231 Maihis. James 257 Mclnlvre. Drew 255 Miller. Julie Lin, Zhihong 3-4 MacElroy. Stacy 221 Malhis. Pal 285 McKav. John 356 Miller. Kvle Lind. Kurt 251 Machn. Manon 221 Maihis. Pnce 223 McKav. Kevin 356 Miller. Leslie 223 Lmd. Malt 251 Madden. Leslie 225 Mathis. Tracey 213. 278 McKee. Carla 335 Miller. Lisa 21 9. ;--. 346 Lindley. Stephanie 106 Madden. Peter 233 Matlock. Scott 247 McKee. Chns 138.249 Miller. Logan 261 Lindsey. Jennifer 335 Maddox. Bill 314 Matthew. Joe 249 McKellar Anne L 211 Miller. Lon Lynne 221 Lindsley. Dawn 211 Maddux. Robin 356 Matthew. Joseph 356 McKenzie. Robvn 223. 335 Miller. Melinda 223. 335 ILindstrom. Mar 381 Madnd. Andrea 335 Matthews. James 3-4 McKibben. Will ' iam U6 Miller. Michael 25- Linton. Bruce Liou. Yuenyen Lipert. Denck 286 31- 346 Magee. Amanda Magee. Angela Magee. Angle 315 305. 335 213 Matthews. John Matthews. Marcy Mamson. Sydney 96. 98. 346 211. 26-. 272 219 McKinley. Laura McKmney. David McKmney, Dewayne 138 303. 3 1 1 - 356 Miller. Natalie Miller. Roxanne Miller. Samantha 219.335 312 207 Lipscomb. Susan 119. 346 Magee. Dan 119 15-. !49. 280. 306. Mauney. Man 346 McKinney. John 356 Miller. Skip 247 Lipsteuer. Bill 251 3-4 Maxwell. Hank 241 McKmney. Thomas 285 Miller. Tammi 35 7 Lisowski. Peter Little. Barbara 335 380 Magee. Marsha Magee. Mary K 219. 335 219.305 Maxwell. Monica Maxwell. Paul 209 137. 140 McKmnie. Holland McKmnon. Alena 194 146 Miller. Tonya 215 305. 326. 357 Little. John 308 Magee. Melissa 219.346 May. Buffy 294 McLam. Alleen ' Index 387 Miller, Whitney 211. 335 Morris, Elizabeth 211 Nethero. Sandra 336 Orey, Byron 374 Payne, Temple 219 Milligan. Tracv 225 Morris. Martha 211 Net .. Knsui 221, 347 Orman, Jennifer 374 Peacock, Donald 290. 336 Milling. Mark 381 Morris, Stacy 217. 336 Netz. Lora 305 Orman, Tony 235 Pear, Steven 275 Milhs, Alan 194 ,235, 306, 357 Morris. Tina 347 Neuhaus, Radford 311 Orr, Craig 241. 347 Pearson, Annalis 292. 295 Millis, Tim 257 Morris. Vickt 374 Neuhaus. Stephen 239, 284 Orr. Teresa 378 Pearson, Arlin 247 Mills. Heather 21 1 Morrison, Beth 203 Neuhauser. Carrie 207. 357 Orrell, Steve 247, 311 Pearson, Brad 303 Mills. John 381 Morrison, Kylia 205 Neville. Key- 209. 305 Ortega, Lisa 374 Pearson, Jimbo 304 Mills, Kathleen Ann 225 Morrison, Mary 357 Neville. Lvnn 209. 304. 324 Oswold, Chris 251 Pearson, Keith 285 Mills. Mark 255 Morrison. Patricia 357 Neville. Shelly 209, 305, 347 Ott. Brent 245 Pearson, Kerry 273 , 278.291 Mills. Ronald 357 Morrow. Shelley 217 New, Pam 213 Ott, John 245 Pearson, Melitta 213 Mills. Roxanne 138 Mortabil, Abdessamad 376 Newcomb, Chris 255 Ott, Lisa 207. 347 Pearson, Ramona 303 Mims. Kelly 267, 346 Mortar Board 135 Newell. Ainsworth 336 Otting. Bcrnadette 336 Peaster, Laura 209, 347 Miney, Jeff 231 Mortimer, John 257 Newell. Amsy 217 Oubre, Stephen 378 Peatross. Allison 219. 336 Mincy. Jctttc 357 Mosby, Sim 241 Newell. Dana 347 Ousley. Britton 219 Peck. Nancy 223. 336 Minga. Ginger 195.217. 346 Mosley, Dana 118. 211. 347 Newell. Ferris 110, 111. 211 Outright, Kimberly 276 Peeler. Trey 241. 336 Minor. Jason 335 Mosley, Deanne 146, 267, 278. 347 Newman, Diffin 257 Overby. Kimberly 378 Peenstra. Leslie 211 Minor. Margaret 211 276.281. 335 Mosley, George 378 Newman, Don C 303 Overstreet. Kim 213, 336 Peeples. Libby 209, 347 Minor. Martha 209. 346 Mosley, James 297 Newman, Donnic 235 Overton, Mina Richelle 225 Pegram. Leigh 211,305 Mirzakuchaki. Sattar 139 Moss, Brian 241 Newman, Duffin 272, 284. 357 Overton, Mona 211, 379 Pegues, Leonard 306 Miss Ule Miss 60 Moss, Julie 225, 347 Newton. Garner 127. 139. 144. 150, Owen, Bryan 81, 158. 245 Pekich, Becky 207 Mitcham. Michelle 335 Moss, Michael 245 158,245,274 Owen, David 144. 249 Pckich, Rebecca 303 Mitchell. Beverly 211 Most Beautiful 70 Neyman, Laura 69. 219 Owen. Elizabeth 209 Pender, Helen 217,305 Mitchell, Carolyn 213.335 Moulds. Penelope 2 1 5, 305 Neyman. Linda 142. 357 Owen, Kate 209 Pendcr. Mary 357 Mitchell. ( m 346 Moyse, Allison 225, 336 Ng, Hak 347 Owen, Melinda 357 Peng, Jen-Chieta 376 Mitchell. Cynthia 143. 357 Ms (.mc-rnmenlal Affairs Comm. 277 Ng, Yan-Tho 374 Owen, Rob 241 Penick, Tina 133. 281 . 313, 380 Mitchell. Dee 335 Ms University 66 Nicaise. Ryan 235 Owen, Susan 319 Pennington. Kimberly 211.305,347 Mitchell. Gregg 280 Mudd. Leslie 217 Nichol, Michael 253 Owen, Todd 233 Pennington. Paul 347 Mitchell. Gregory 357 Mukherjee, Sougata 321, 374 Nichol, Scotty 253 Owens. David 231. 288 Penrod. Emily 294, 347 Mitchell, Jennipher 223. 335 Mulkey. John 260.261 Nichols. Harold 336 Owens. Misty 223, 276, 336 Penzes. Attila 357 Mitchell, Lisa 211.335 Mull. Allison 374 Nichols, Kelvin 297. 357 Owens. Raymond 347 Peoples. Marcus 336 Mitchell, Mark 143 Mullen. Bruce 237 Nichols. Kerrv 297 Ow-inn, Paul 325 Peppiat. Virginia 225 Mitchell, Martha 157 Mullen. John 231 Nichols. Mark 357 Owten, Dcetra 374 Perez. Billy 253, 347 Mitchell. Meade 194. 251 Mullen. Steven 231 Nichols, Rob 239 Oxford University Liaiso n Comm. 278 Perkins. Angela 221, 336 Mitchell, Melisa 336 Mullins. Gary 255 Nicholson, Leigh 219 Ozbirn 357 Perkins, Jennifer 347 Mitchell. Mellody 138. 157 Mullins, James 357 Nicolas, Mark 233 Perkins, Joseph 336 Mitchell. Michael 336 Mullins, Louise 315 Nicoud, Amy 225. 305 Perkins, Lori 221 Mitchell, Robert 336 Mullins, Mit i 63, 219.280. 305 Niffcnegger, Regal 65, 144, 158. 217. P ' Perkins, Paige 347 Mitchell, Scottic 357 Mullins. Timothy 357 273 Perkins, Shelaine 213 , 305. 336 Mitchell, Stacey 336 Mullins. William 255. 347 Nipper, Michael 231 Perlson, David 143 Mitchell, Susan 357 Munn, Janna 133. 135,209 Nishida, Miyako 336 Perry. Edward 318.357 Mitros. Greg 249 Munster. Kourtney 225 Nix. Jack 336 Pace, Amy 203. 357 Perry. Gerry 381 Mixon. Jeffrey 251 Murff, Harvey 245 Nix. Jay 255 Pace, David 303 Perry, Jackie 225. 305 Mixon. Stephanie 203 Murff, Mane 209 Nix. Jerry 336 Pace, Melissa 347 Perry. Martha 219 , 305, 347 Moak. Dr Ronald 320 Murphey, Missy 294 Nix, Johneen 336 Pace, Missy 148,213 . 267. 280, 305 Perry, Michelle 217. 347 Mock, Shannon 347 Murphey, Rebecca 357 Nix. Kristi 213.347 Pace. Stephanie 347 Perry. Monica - j 1 , 276. 336 Modeling Board 306 Murphey. Smith 239. 357 Nixon. Sheriee 336 Paddock. Jeff 279 Perry. Shane 239 Mochlich, Greg 249. 284 Murphree, Claudette 217 Nixon. Will 235 Padgett. Marianna 144 Person, John 239 MoetlcnhofT, Meg 150. 317 Murphree, Mary 347 Nizuryn, Nicky 251 Padgett. Marianne 135, 223 Petering, Jennifer 347 Mog, Michael 269. 357 Murphy. Blake 241. 291 Noble. Anne 211 Paffrath. Kevin 251 Petermann, Ann 305 Mogridge. James 249 Murphy. Candace 203 Noble. Elizabeth 142. 211 Page, Mike 231 Petcrmann, Ava 203 , 276. 347 Molichar, Alan 269 Murphy, Samantha 207, 305 Noblm. Elizabeth 209. 304 Paige. Shawn 336 Peters, Pellum 138 Molina. Connie 219 Murphy. Scott 241 Noblin. Julie 143.158. 213.278.281. Painter, Bobby 143. 357 Peters, Roumain 253, 284 Molitor. Rebecca 336 Murphy. Sean 97, 98. 99 305 Palczynski, Tessic 106 Peterson, Chip 233 Mollere. Mark 257. 267, 291 Murray. Dr Joe ' H ' 311 Noe. Ernest 318,336 Palermo, Robert 241 Peterson. Donna 358 Molony. Catherine 357 Murray. Gavin 245 Nored, Elizabeth 219,336 Palmer, Jeff 237 Peterson. Jodie 358 Momen. Hasib 336 Muse. Daniel 239, 347 Norman. John 357 Palmer. Marion 374 Peterson, Jon 247 Moncus. Susan 211 Musgrove. Chris 241 Norman. Kristi 213, 347 Palmer. Tricia 209 Peterson, Randall 241.284 Mong. Tim 259 Musgrove. Mickey 357 Norman. Sara 336 Palo, Rani-Villem 374 Pettis, Leslie 209 , 327. 336 Monk, Mary 374 Musslewhite, Darren 91 North, Kimberly 213. 305 Palumbo. Lewis 257 Pewitt. Ted 245. 278 Monroe. Clark 249. 2b7, 275, 357 Myers. Bradley 357 Norton. Debbie 207 Pan, Peter 276. 336 Pezzullo, Lisette 203, 358 Monlagna, Anthony 249, 336 Myers. Charles 336 Norton, Mandi 209, 305, 347 Panhellenic 195 Phang, Poh 358 Montgomery ' . Bruce 278,281 Myers. Chris 245 Norton, Mark 233 Pardoe. Kimberly 357 Phi Alpha Theta 151 Montgomery, Diane 217. 305,347 Myers, Christopher 378 Norton, Michael 233 Parekh, Manish 321 Phi Beta Ijunbda 323 Montgomery, Greta 380 Myers. Erin 209. 336 Norwood, Chris 247 Parham, Connie 140 Phi Beta Sigma 242 Montgomery, Jeff 251 Myers, Tommy 194.259. 380 Norwood, Natalie 357 Park, Jun-Seok 374 Phi Delia Chi 147 Montgomery, Monty 272 Nosee. Bridget 209 Parker, Andrea 203, 357 Phi Delta Theta 244 Montgomery, Tracey 207 Nosef. Bridget 274 Parker, Audra 347 Phi Eta Sigma 137 Momgommery. Monty Montjoy. Paul Moody. Zandra 257 241 306. 307, 336 N Nosef, Joe Noss , Timothy Nosser. John 245 357 322. 374 Parker. David 249 Parker, Dorothy Parker, Elizabeth , 267, 279. 336 295 379 Phi Gamma Nil Phi Kappa Phi Phi Kappa Psi 142 140 246 Mooneyham. Michele 313,380 Notaro, Renard 233 Parker, George 357 Phi Kappa Tail 248 Moore. Andrew 269. 336 NAA 312 Parker, George 257 Phi Mu 222 Moore. Beth 133. 138 Nabors. Geoffrey 251 Parker, Jeffrey 357 Phi Mu Alpha 311 Moore. Betsy Moore, Brooke 217.294 217 Nadizaden. Hossain Nagree, Shah 374 282. 326, 357 o Parker, John Parker, Michael 357 239 Phillips, Allison Phillips. Ashley 159 .211,374 211 Moore, Camella 347 Nagy. Pamela 357 V X Parker, Richard 336 Phillips. Brian 304 Moore, Eone 211,276. 336 Nail. John 268 Parker, Rick 245 Phillips. Chris 241. 314 Moore. Gina 357 Nail, Wayne 233 O ' Bannon. Dena 374 Parker, Ronald 347 Phillips. Dcidra 336 Moore. Greg 249, 276. 277 Nam, Ki-Chan 374 O ' Bnan. Mike 247 Parker. Sandra 203, 336 Phillips, Guy 381 Moore. Jennifer 223. 336 Naniwadekar, Rajendra 321 O ' Brien, Ed 253 Parker. Sandy 294 Phillips, James 336 Moore. John 231, 245. 347. 357 Nanney. David 285 O ' Connel, Erin 221 Parker, Suzanne 381 Phillips. Jamie 247 Moore, Keir 251 Napoiuano. Amy 347 O ' Connor. Stephen 261 Parker, Vanessa 357 Phillips, Jody 146 Moore. Kell 213 Nappa. Brenda 207, 336 O ' Hara, Timothy 347 Parks. Joanne 225. 305. 336 Phillips, Joey 358 Moore. Lisa 303. 336 Naramore. Bylinda 357 O ' Neal, Kimsey 205. 357 Parks. Karla 207. 357 Phillips. Lane 347 Moore. Marc 249 Nash. Geoffe ' ry 233 O ' Quin, Elizabeth 143 Parks, Shawn 247, 336 Phillips, Lee 275, 358 Moore. Mary 211.213.380 Nason, Barron 249. 357 O ' Quinn. Polly 295, 357 Parrikar. Rajan 321 Phillips, Leslie 223. 336 Moore. Maureen 209 Nassar. Phillip 381 O ' Quinn. Tiffany 203, 305 Parrish. Alex 203 Phillips, Mary 219 Moore, Mcchelle Moore, Michael Moore. Nike 225 231.322 195 Nataro, Reno Nation, Tiffany Nations, Sarah 286 378 211 O ' Ryan. Mary Oakes. Adrian Oakes. Allison 133, 158, 207 217,277,357 217,274. 298 Parrish. Jeffrey Parson, Kandy Parsons, Clint 285, 336 336 336 Phillips, Paige Phillips. Thomas Phillips. Valerie 211 251 294. 347 Moore. Niki 221 Naughton, Joan 219 Oakes. Arden 239, 276,281. 336 Parsons, Kandy 207 Phinney. Amy 217 Moore. Rachel 207 Neal. Andrew 255 Oakes. Stephanie 203 Parvin, Greg 302 Pi Beta Phi 224 Moore. Sharon 146, 303 Neal. Becky 209, 327 Oaks. Stephen 255 Pasumarthi, Govindrao 321 Pi Kappa Alpha 250 Moore. Stevon 81,86 Neal, Candicc 357 Odom. Andrea 357 Paswan, Audhcsh 321 Picket!, Chris 322, 325 Moore, Sylvia 347 Neal, Christy 195,209 Odom. Brad 251 Pate. Brad 251 Picket!, Christopher 358 Moore, Thomas 259, 285.357 Neal, Lee Ann 211 Odom. Kellea 2 1 3. 278. 305. 347 Pate. Grant 239 Pickett. Lisa 336 Moore. Walt 231.292 Neal, Lori 221 Odom. Kristina 147 Pate. Lauren 219. 336 Pickle. Robert 259, 281 Moore, Wanda 146 Neal. Meesa Rae 203 Odom. Mark 231 Pate. Velsie 297. 336 Pickle. Scott 251 Moore. William 336 Nea). Melissa 213.305.347 Odom. Sheri 357 Paterson, Billy 251 Pickman. Michael 292 Moorman. Bruce 233 Neal, Neesa 276 Ofchsle, Stephen 317 Patrick. Bobby 311 Piecuch, Chris 303, 311 Moran. Major 292 Neal. Scott 285 Official ' s Club 285 Patters. Kristen 203 Piecuch, Timothy 347 Morgan, Allyson 203, 336 Neal, Shelly 225 Ogier. Wes 292 Patterson. Angela 221 Pierce, Catherine 221 Morgan, Anne 347 Neal, Stephen 347 Oglesby. Jay 255, 288 Patterson, Denise 203 Pierce, Cathy 315 Morgan. Harold 357 Neal, Steve 194 Ogletree, Beth 209. 305 Patterson, Heather 223, 272 Pierce, Mark 245 Morgan. Jay 357 Neblett, Robert 239 Ole Miss Yearbook 266 Patterson, Karen 219 Pierre, Nicole 225 Morgan. Jonathan 144 Necaise, John 233 Olive, Frederick 336 Patterson. Lida 143,211, 357 Pierson. Jimbo 144. 159, 194. 241. 281 Morgan. Kaye 318 Neelly, Claudia 347 Oliver, Cabrina 347 Patterson. Melody 195, 205 Pierson, John 241 Morgan, Louannc 336 Neelly, Eddie 239 Oliver, Suzanne 158, 213, 305 Patterson. Michael 357 Pigott. Robin 313 380 Morgan, Nicki Morgan. Scott 336 318 Neelly. Perry Neff. Spencer 213 239. 276. 357 Oliver, Verdell Olmstead. Kim 243 278 Patton. Christopher Patton, Drue 249. 300 241 Pillow. Stephen Pimsner. Justin 245 231 Morgan. Vanessa 301.326 Neill, Meredith 223. 276. 336 Olmsted, Kim 219 Patton, Mary 209, 274. 357 Pinel, John 239 Morgan. Walk Morley. Kann 203. 257 276. 305. 336 Neilson. Shannon Nelli. Richard 260 251 Olsen, David Olson. Andy 143. 144 194,247,308 Patton, Shclia Patton, William 147, 276, 381 357 Pinngem, Sumali Pinson. Joe 321 325. 358 Morley, Neal 272 Nelson. Alan 143,357 Olson, Gary 247, 357 Paul, Mike 94 Pinson. Margaret 209, 306, 347 Morphis. Stephanie 378 Nelson. Derek 148, 249 Olson, Karin 209 Paul, Rachellc 106 Piper. Melissa 225, 305 Morre. Lisa 146 Nelson. Kelly L 225 Omicrom Delta Kappa 133 Paulsen, Pam 219. 357 Pique. Joely 336 Morris, Amy 305, 347 Nelson. Kiper 245, 272. 278 Ong, Gin Guan 285 Paulsen, Thomas 255. 347 Pirnik, Andrew 279 Morris, Daniel 143 Nelson. Paul 292.318 Onstott. Daphne 336 Pavolini, Thomas 347 Pirnik, Jim 280, 325 Nesmith. Christopher 143 Oppenheim. Matt 231 Paxton, Bill 284 Pittman, Jennifer 207 Nester. Bill 237,381 Order of Omega 144 Payne, Stephen 137. 148, 257 Pittman, Karen 358 388 Index Pittman. Lucv 1 95. 2 1 9. 306, 358 Ramzv. Tess 213.305 Roberson. Ben 25 ' 277.281 Russell. Renee 147 School of Liberal .Arts 188 Pittman. Mehsa 219 Randall. Dave 108. 109 Roberson. Benjamin 348 Russell. Rhonda 380 School of Pharmacy 190 Pittman. Paige 221 Randall. Joe 255 Roberson. Michael 337 Russell. Robert 380 Schoonover. Laune : ' Pittman. Pam 2 1 3. 3-9 Randall. Mark Roberson. Ramona Russell. Sandy 209 Schreckenhofer. Scot! 257 Pittman. Richard 285 Randle. Elizabeth ?58 Roberson. Tim 255 Ruth. Timoih) 358 Schreeder. Laura 143 Pitts. Denck 269 Rando. Marc 239 Robens. Anne Rutherford. Elizabeth 358 Schroeder, Amy 221 Pius. Lane Rando, Missy Robens, Camp 239 Rutherford. Melvem 233 Schruff. Louis 241.348 Plata. Chnsty Randolph. Audra 381 Roberts. Dennis 348 Rutland. James 337 Schuler. Chns 253 Plait. Stephen 233 Range. Leanna . ' ...347 Roberts. Jeff 25 " Ryals. Lisa 225 305. 337 Schumann. Brooke 211 Flecker. Knstme 203 Rankin. Laune L - 305 Robens. Jenny 6 - 305. 306. Ryan. Devin 223 Schumpert. Jennifer 209 Plumber. Sherron Rankin. Tern 209 337 Ryan. Oscar Schwalje. Glenn 249 Poe. Michael 290. 336 Ransone. Meredith 22? Robens. Kathenne 143 Ryan. Ronald Schwartz. Leslie Pogue. Cvmhia 358 Ratcliff, Lisa 379 Robens. Kimbcrly Ryan. Tracey 225 Schweers. Susan 203, 305. 337 Polk. Chns Ratliff. Merrill 225. 358 Roberts. Ricque 337 Schwing. Enc 108. 348 Pollard. Elizabeth 221 Ratliff. Shelia 337 Roberts. Sean 337 Seism. Josh 231 Pollock. Art 249 Rawls. David 239 Roberts. Thurman 337 Scolt. Charlotte 143 Ponder, Rodney 143. 241 Rawls. Kara Robens. Trey 24 v Scott, Chnstopher 241 Poole. Arthur 358 Rawonh. V 241 Robens. Vernon 358 Scott. Clay 301 Poole. Helen 74 Rawson. Melissa 219 Robenson. Ben 149 Scott. Evelyn 337 Pope. Angie 213 Rawson. Win Robenson. Blake 251 Saak. GiGi 306 Scolt. Gwen 203 Pope. Deborah 358 Raw-was. Mohammed Robenson. Kim Saba. Nicole 217 Scott. Jana 221.337 Poner. John 239 Ray. Gene Robenson, Kimberly Sadand. Neeh 321 Scon. Jason 251 Pone- 303.311 Ray. Morgan Robenson. Leslie Fay 219 Sadu. Michael 321 Scott Jeannie 146 3. 337 Porter. Susan 213 Ray. Rand 255 Robenson. Robi Sahay. Lara 337 Scott, loel 253 Porter. Tim 277 Ra . Shannon Robenson. Tina 146. 337 Sahu. Monica 321 Scott. Kathy Portera. Mary Lynn 211 Raybum, Shannon Robertson. Virginia 348 Sain. Jackie 303. 337 Scott. Lacey 211 2-4. 298 Poteet. Melany 358 Ray ford. Sheila Robinson. Anthony Salassi, Carol 225. 337 Scon, Lisa 211.337 Potsgrove. Chns 34- Raymcnd. Lisa Robinson. Clark 257 Salavema. Luis 348 Scott, Samuel 194.241 Potter. Russell 358 Ravner. Roane 211 Robinson. Dafphme Salem. James 261 Scott. Shaune 211,337 Pound. Charlie 194 Razor. Mark 143. 277 n 304 Robinson. James 358 Sales. John 108 257, 358 Scott. Stanton 245 Pound. John 25? Reasonover. Kans 213.305 Robinson, Le 209 298, 305 Salimin, Ersan 348 Scolt. Tern 2-6.281.337 Pounder. Rodney 358 Reasonover. Tracy 219 Robinson. Michelle 348 Salloum. Ellis 241 Scnbner. Hugh 285 Pounders. Gary Rebel Recruiters 298 Robinson. Renae 326 Salloum. George 241 Scnbner. Michael 285. 375 Pounds. Pepper 89. 1 59 255 299.317 Reckling. John 239 Robinson. Renee 380 Salone. Dellia 348 Scroggins. Daw-n 221 Powell. Carl 1 38 144 159. 194 Recreation Majors Association 318 Robinson. Rhonda 358, 380 Samms, Chnstie 209 Scroggins. Kimberlv 221 Powell, Dave 143 Redding. Jane 209 Robinson, Ridonna 380 Sampietro. Lauren Scruggs, Sherry 380 Powell. Joel Redding. Jeanne 209 Robinson. Stacey Sample. Allison 209 2 " 4. ' -?- Sears. Patti 376 Powell, John 358 Redding. Jeff Robinson. Susannah IT i Sams. Laura 143 Seay. Jennifer 221 267. 306. 348 Powell. Lee 194. 245 Redfeam. James Rex 231 Robinson. Suzanne 348 Samsel. Jill 298 Sedlecky. Paincia 146. 337 Powell. Stephanie Redhead. John 241 Robinson. Theresa 348 Samuel. Brooke 348 Seely, Linda 380 Power. Bill 239 Reed. Bo Robinson. Tracy Sandahi. Todd 143 Segresi. C hns 241 Power. William Reed, Christian Robinson. William 233 Sanders. Alicia 379 Seib. Tim 235 Powers. Will 251 Reed, James 358 Robison. David Sanders. Angelta 195.215 Seid. Melvin 136, -9. 348 Prasad. Subir 139 279.316 Reed. Jennifer 209 Roccom, Larry 241 Sanders. Enn 303 Seid. Tamim 279. 280. 316,317.358 Prater. P 291 Reed. Jerry - 379 Roch. Kimberieigh Sanders. John 251 Sekthira. A 317 Prater. Tern 146 Reed. Knsten 209 Rodgers. Heather 348 Sanders. Randy Selby. Roben 322 Prather. Monica 211.336 Reed. Russell 337 Rogers. Gillian 139 Sanders. Regma 146 303. 348 Selden. Claiborne 233 Presley. Martha 358 Reese. Ben 251 Rogers. Heather 225 Sanders. Sonja 348 Self. Scott 247 Preston. Daniel 336 Reese. Letitia 337 Rogers. Jeff Sanders. Stephanie Sengupta. Samudra 321 Prestndge. Shem 278, 303. Reese. Michael 374 Rogers. Kandace 213 Sanders. Will 245 Senior Executive Board 304 358 Reese, Tish 219 Rogers. Kelley 211.278 Sanders. W ' llliam 348. 380 Senko. Jason 239. 337 Prewitt. Gmme Reeves, Anne 221 Rogers. Kenneth Sandifer, Fred 245 Sensing. Carson 231 Prewitt. Scott 251 Reeves. Brad 25- Rogers. Kyle 237 Sandifer. John Sensing. Wilbur 358 Pnce. Greg Reeves. Bradlev Rogers. Robbie Sandifer. Mary 209 305. 358 Serio. Stephanie 219 Pnce. Melissa 223. 34 " Reeves. Mann 305. 306. 358 Rogers. Sealette 358 Sandrom. Bradley 381 Serruner. Shannon 315 Pnce. Richard 381 Reeves. Tracy 219 Rogge. Rulhie 213 Sandrom. Todd 299 Sewell. Jeanna Prince. Beverly 219 Reid. Harris 241 Roland. Anthony 348 Sandrom. William Sewell. Muffy 143 Pnngle. Rives Reid. Joseph 25. Roldan. Juliette 358 Sands. Steve Seymour. Shannon 207. 337 Pntchard. Lynn 106. 358 Reilly. Renee 294 Rollins. Mason Sanford, Angela Shah. Ajay 321 Pnvett, Melissa 336 Reily. Gavin 233 Romachandran. Jayaprakach 321 Sanford. Stephanie 326. 337 Shahm. Emad Provence, Anna 2 305. Relan. Scolt 249. 358 Romair. Enn Sang. Gabnella 318 Shakespeare. Arm 221. 2 8 Provo. Marc 233 Reno. Bill 241 Rome. Yvetie 225 Sangumetti. Drew 25 Shankle. Chns 138,322 Pruden, Bryan 251 Reno. Carolyn 221 Ronlunda. Knstin 305 Saracmi. Stephanie Shanmugam. Pushparajah 317.348 Pruett, Ken 25? Rester. Renee 348 Rooney. Raymond 358 Sarbeck. Suzanne 32-. 348 Sharma. Santosh 321.375 Pruett, Thad 253 Re els. Jenmfer2l 1.277. II, 348 Rone. Mark 255 Sargeant. Chnsty 211 Sharp. Robert 253 Pry or. Lee Reynolds. Jimmie Rone, Robin 269 Sarpy. Henry 233 Sharp. Will 253 Pryor. Margaret 69 Revnolds. Todd 253 Rone. Scott 255 Sartain. Jeff 312 Shaughnessv. Michelle .;. Lee 336 Rhea. Bill 257 Rose. Beth Sartor. Elizabeth 358 Shaw. Jeff 194 Pugh. Julie J 225. 305 Rho Lambda 323 Rose. Billy 251 Sartor. William Shaw. Kaihenne 211.305.358 Pulliam. Leigh 260. 347 Rhodes. Jeff 84 Rose. Katie 209. 305 Sarver. Jeff 269 Shaw. Lara 21 7 Pulliam. Rob Rhodes. Kaiherine Rose. Laune 219. Saucier. Michelle 358 Shaw. Sandi 221.278 Pumell. Paul Riales. Jennifer 358 Rose. Tanya 211 Saul. Chad 146. 348 Shaw. Susan 337 203. 267, 303. 379 Riales. Lisa 303 Rosenau. Craig 231 Sauls. Skip Shaw. Wonda 379 Purvis. Dwight 303 Rice. Kerry 203 Rosenau, Paige 203 Saunders. Elizabeth 219 Shearouse. Scon 239 Purvis. Kclley 294, 347 Rice. Thomas 233. 348 Rosenberg. Penme 358 Saunders. Sandra Sheelly . Roben 255 Puryear. Amy 211 Richard. Patnck Rosenfeld. Beth 217 Savage. Craig 358 Sheffield. Dyanna 203. 337 Pustilmk. Marcos 249. 288 Richard. Stephanie 219 Roser. Jane Ann 144.213 Savage. Paul 251 Sheldon. Scarletl 209, 305. 358 Putnam. Melame Richard. Ursala 219 Ross. Ashley 21? Savery. Suzanne 211.305 Shellabarger. Sam 231 Pvun. Vong 3 -4 Richards. George 259 Ross. Brooke 213. 305 Sawyer. Jason Shelion. Anthony 317 Richards. John 239 Ross. Buddy 231 Sawder, Tom 253 Shelion. Donna 301 Richardson. Ann 290 Ross. David 317 Scales. Andrea 348 Shelion. Ellen 225 Q Richardson. Chris Richardson. Darby Richardson. Darlay 293 292 Ross. Elizabeth Ross. Stewart Ross. Thomas 221 251 Scales. Jocelyn Scales. Tom 261 Scalla. Mike 337 291.325 113 Shelion. Leah Shelion. Num Shelion. Slacy 209 292 209 Richardson. Enk 255. 358 Ross. Timmy 25? Scalon. Pal 281 Shepherd. Lucile 219.337 Qu. Xianling 336 Richardson. Phil Ross. Tracy Scanlon. Pat 245 278, 358 Sherman. Justin 337 Quaid. Ah 219 Richardson, Stephen 317.348 Rostland. Ellen Scarborough. Ginger 219 Sherman. Richard 233 Quaid. Alison 336 Richardson. Willie 227 Rotunda. Kristin 348 Schaefer. Ernie 253 Shermer. Chel 348 Quaka, John Richmond. Casondra 337 Rounds. Adrian 235. 358 Schaeffer. Fred 245. 33- Sherry, Leslie 209 Quest. Melissa Rick. Rhonda 319 Rouse. Ronald 337 Schanadi. Aimee 305 Shields. David 231. 358 j Quick. Susanne 381 Rickman. Joy 219. 305 Roux. Nanette 223. 348 Scharf. Thomas 233. 348 Shiffman, David 146 Quin. Paul Rickrrjn. Karen 358 Rowland. Steve 348 Schalzle. Andrew 241 Shimek. Dame! 358 Quinlan. Michele 211,347 Ricks. Barbara 205. 358 Rowley. Chnsiopher Schelnult. Gregory Shing, Paincia Quinn. Karen 213 Ricks. June 209 Row sev. Pemn 313.380 Schepers. Keith 325 Shinn. Libba 223 Quinn. Paul 249 Ricks. Leslie 209 Rove. Julie 306, Schepers. Terry 358 Shipp. Ruskin 233 Quinn. Thomas Ridge. Barclav 314 Rozina. Gregory 348 Schenger. Todd 233 Shoemake. James Quinn. Tracy Ridge. Billy 239 Rubensiem. David Scherzer. Stephanie Shoemake. Kelly 211. 278. 305. 358 Quiros. Mauncio Ridgeway. Fan 253 Rudloff. Andee 114. Schmidt. Aimee 143. 2P Shook. Fara Quon. Willie 358 Ridgeway. James 269 Rudloff. Andrea Schmidt, Chnstopher 241. 33- Shorter. Lyonell 376 Ridgwav. John 255. 358 Rudraraju. Raju 321 Schmidt, George 314 Shells. Mary 315 Rigbv. Michelle 348 Ruebel. Lolly 225 Schmidt, Helen 225 Shndharan. Arthi 321 R Riley. Dana RUey. Kitsy 358 223.348 Ruff. Came Ruff. Scollie 221 203 Schmidt, John Schmidt. Julie 257 203,348 Shndharan. K P Shuford. W nn 321 245. 277 A. Rilev. Matt 239 Ruffin. Lon 217 Schmidi. Justin 245 Shull. Carrie 326. 348 Riley. Polly 223. 306. 358 Ruffin. Melame 225 Schmidi. Kelly 217 Shumate. Caihey 315 Ran Relations 281 Rimmel. Samantha 348 Ruffin. Natalie 225 Schmidt. Richard Shumpert. Jennifer 282. 34S Racquelball Club 289 Rippee. Brian 245 Rugby Club 286 Schmidt. Silke 375 Shusier. nd 231 Radik. Elizabeth 336 Riser. Kjmberlv 211 Rupani. Qayad 358 Schmidz. Kenneth 380 Shule. Holh ' 207 Ragan. Melissa 209 Rish. Michael Rush. Allen 231 Schmilz. Denzil 245 Siegal. Adam 235. 358 Ragland. Robie 358 Risher. Dame v 337 Rush. Tina 358 Schmilz. Kim 110. 111. 2P Sigglekow, Wendv 348 Rahaim. Christian 143. 233 Risher. Diane 223. 278 Rushin. Glvnn 221 Schnecshneidre. Leigh Ann 221 Sigler. Charles 233 Rama. Dijjolam 321. ? 7 4 Risley. Jason 348 Rushing. Debra 203. 294. 337 Schnoll. Davonna 348 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 252 Rainer. Daniel 233 Rivers. Loretta 143 Rushing. Kns 219 Schoenlv. Steve Sigma Chi 254 Raines. John 245. 347 Rivers. Marley 294. 348 Rushing. Tom 337 Scholl. Cmdv 217 Sigma Nu Z9f Rams. Doyle Rams. Melame Rambm. Penelope 209. 259 274, 305 219.280 Rives. Mason Roach. Ben Roady. John 337 245 239. 284 Rushton, Rob Russ. Julie Russell, Carta 285 219 209 Scholl. Davy School of Accountancy School of Business 217 176 178 Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Pi Sigma 1 in Delia 258 M 143 Ramsdale. Rick 1 19 Robbins. Amanda 267, 305. 33- Russell. Leah 358 School of Education 180 Sii. David P 315 Ramsey. William 233 Robbins. Danny 318 Russell. Lvnne 146.303 School of Engineering 182 Ramzy . Martha 358 Robbins. Marci 213 Russell. Michelle 219 School of La 186 Index 389 Sihman. Lori Jill 203 Smith. Tricia 209, 225 Stewan, Christian 119,338 Thompson. Angela 326, 349 Sills, Joseph 358 Smith. Trina 338 Stewart. Chnstyna 143, 348 Thompson, Ashley 223, 338 Silman, Saimm 257 Smith. Tyler 257 Slewarl, ( ourtnev 21], 348 Thompson, Douglas 257. 359 Sim. Chee 376 Smith, Tyrone 119 Stewan, Edna 375 Thompson, Elizabeth 359 Simaon. Bubba 237 Smith. Victor 257. 277 ,314, 348 Siewart, Georgia 348 Table Tennis Club 288 Thompson, Kirk 245 Simmons. Damone 253 Smith. Whitman 231 Siewart, Hyde 348 Tackell, Donna 21 1 Thompson, Kristi 359 Simmons. James 233. 348 Smith, Wilson 231 Stewart, Rebecca 21 1 Taflmger, Audrey 207. 349 Thompson, Lisa 303, 338 Simmons. Jase 257 Smith, Win 251 Stewart. Robert 338 Tail. Bryan 381 Thompson. Murphy 359 Simmons. Jill 269 Smilh-Vaniz, Lee Ann 209 Siewart. William 348 Tail. Jeff 235 Thompson. Olga 209 Simmons, Kclli 219 Smilhmicr, Joelle 207 Stickles, HolK 203, 338 Tail. Richard 160 Thompson. Paul 359 Simmons, Pamela 221.337 Smithnner. Larry 2.37 Still. Cathy 219 Talbol, Michael 253 Thompson, Revray 143, 276. 359 Simms. C 291 Sng. Eng 348 Stmc, William 247 Tallant, Scotly 146 Thompson, Rhonda 292, 349 Simms, Kevin 260, 261 Snipes, Donna 348 Still. William 245. 349 Tan. Moh-Liang 375 Thompson, Rose 205, 381 Simms, Noel 257 Snook, John 261 Slockdale. Larkm 217 Tan. Teck 375 Thompson, Scolt 251 Simon. Curtis 348 Snow. Laura 359 Stocketl. Lewis 237, 267 Tan, Yoke 349 Thompson, Susan 209, 359 Simon, Troy 237 Snowden. Beau 231 Stockstill, Jeffrey 259 Tang, Yo-Nan 317 Thompson, Taletha 380 Simpson, ( ath 144 1 S ( I9S 219 Snyder, Vicki 338 Stockton, Claire 318 Tannehill, Jack 276 Thompson, Theresa 359 Simpson. ( ' harlotte 337 Sobol. Valerie 143 Stockwcll. David 231 Tannehill, Rhea 245. 277, 338 Thorell, Kelly 221,267 Simpson, (oilier 257 Sobotka, John 348 Stodghill, Steven 249,381 Tannir, Bassam 317 Thornhill, James 239 Simpson, Dawn 337 Soc. of Professional Journalists 301 Stogncr. Rilev 325 Tant. Suzi 207 Thornhill, Jim 284 Simpson, Sharon 375 Soccer 284 Slokes. Kami ' lla 277,278,280 Tardy, Michael 247. 359 Thornton, Angela 349 Sims, Ashlev 219 Soerlund. Bjoern 359 Slokes, Peggy 312 Tartt. Sara 349 Thornton, Blanche 209. 349 Sims, Kelly ' 358 Solberg, Bobby 231 Slonc, Charles 245 Tale, Mansa 375 Thornton, Faith 211.338 Sims, Michael 303 Solberg, Robert 338 Slonc, Heather 1 IS. 221 Taicm. R 291 Thornton. Jennifer 213.305 Sin. Km 375 Solberg. Ronnie 144 231, 304 Stone. Jennifer 207 Taium, Stacie 338 Thornton, Leigh A 211 Singleton, Janna 217.303.337 Solomon. Amy 209. 274 277, 338 Slone. Terry 359 Tau Beta Pi 150 Thornlon. Stacey Jo 209, 359 Sisakum. Siphan 375 Sommcrs. Taylor 247 Stone. Will 241 Tau Beta Sigma 146 Thrash, Ann 338 Sisson. Tracey 203. 348 Sones. Jill 2 1 3, 305 Sloner. Todd 257 Taupeka, Leah 143,219 Thrash, Melissa 276. 360 Sisirunk. Woody 255. 348 Song. Bailin 375 Stonneti. Sonya 203 Tave, Jeanie 269 Thun, Krislen 221 Sillon. Vonda 358 Song. Tiachu 288 Storey, Sharlenc 2 1 7 Tavuleti, Julie 195.211, 325 Thurairalnam. Jeyakumar 139. 150 Skehon. Pamela 358 Song. Xiaoqun 376 Slork. Leigh 211.359 Tavolcti. Patricia 211. 349 Thweatt, Randy 349 Skillings, Heather 219. 337 Songcharoen, Marisa219, 276 280, 348 Story, Wheat 219.281 Taweatt. Randy 317 Tice, Christy 225 276. 278, 360 Skipton, Su annc 195. 225. 272. 305, Sorsby. Leigh 221 Stoudcr. William 233, 338 Tawlin, Robert 233 Tickle, Heidi 217, 305,338 359 Sougeron. Danielle 338 Stovall, Tonquin 255 Taylor, Allclhea 359 Tidwell, Billy 381 Slade. (ieorge 233 Souicup, Matt 286 Stover, Dana Joyce 225 Taylor, Allison 211 Tidwell, Greg 239 Slay. Jill 225, 305 Southall. Jennifer 207 Slover. Neal 3 1 4 Taylor, Amanda 211 Tidwell, James 360 Slaylon. Douglas 359 Sowder. Shawn 84 Strange. David 253 Taylor, Amy 223. 276 Till. Andy 257 Slayton. Sherry 102, 104 Spann. Stephanie 338 Strange. Jenin 219 Taylor, Bob 303 Till. Kim 223. 338 Shman. Michael 348 Spargo, Linda 143 Slrallon. Eric 253 Taylor. Brian 249 Tillery. Alicia 219 Sliman. Sammy 274. 280, 359 Spark. Kevin 322 Slrawbndge, Slephanic 381 Taylor. Calvin 239 Tillery, Ellen 219 Sloan. Rebecca 203 Speakes. Jerenu 241 Slrayer. Mike 247 Taylor. Camille 221 Tillman, Angie 326 Slonc, Daniel 348 Spears. Tara 146, 359 Strcel. Christy 211.278 Taylor, Captain 292 Tillman. Jill 312 Smart. Catherine 219 Speck. Anna 207, 267, 276 Street, Scott 251 Taylor, Chris 231.278, 349 Tillman. Julie 360 Smiley. Ana 294, 359 Speck, Jeanie 207 Streele. Susan 209. 305, 359 Taylor, Clay 194, 249,272 Tillman, Mary 146.349 Smilie. Andrew- 257 Speed. Lisa 381 Slriblmg. Slaccy 209 Taylor, Clifton 144 Tilly. Maria 203 Smilh, Aimce 221 Speed. Tom 251 Stribling. Susan 209 Taylor, Collcllc 135, 144, 219 Tinnell, Elizabeth 360 Smilh, Alissa 209 Speights. Steven 118, 133. 144, 160. Strickland. Brian 259 Taylor, Dawn 375 Tipert, Lance 303 Smilh, Allison 207 194, 241 Stricklin. Angel 146,303.349 Taylor. Elizabeth 209, 349 Tipton, Jim 257 Smith, Angenette 297, 326, 337 Spell, Tommy 379 Stringer, Wendy 213,338 Taylor, Heather 219 Tirshen, Becky 217 Smith, Bainc 239 Spence. Edwin 233 Slroble, Charles 288, 359 Taylor, James 359 Tisdale, Tricia 207 Smith, Belinda 381 Spencer, Burton 375 Strohm, Brooks Ann 219 Taylor, Jennifer 338 Tisdale. Vicki 213 Smith. Caroline 305 Spencer. Edward 348 Sirom. Mmdy 349 Taylor, Kalrina 380 Tillle. Scott 233 Smilh. Christie 359 Spencer. Kim 213,278 Slrong, David 245 Taylor, Kristin 209 Todd, Lisa 205, 294. 360 Smilh. Courtney 221 Spencer, Marvin 317. 359 Slrong. Mark 257 Taylor, Latonya 326, 338 Tolcs, Edward 360 Smilh, Dana 337, 381 Spencer, Monte 292 Stroup, Jennifer 217.338 Taylor. Malcom 253 Tollison, Debbie 317 Smnh, Daryl Dawaync 227 Spencer. Paige 221 Stubbs, Clay 235. 272. 278. 280 Taylor. Michelle 349 Tolson, Carol Lynn 221 Smilh, David 160, 194.239 Spencer. Shannon 209 Sluddard, Sandy 261 Taylor. Renec 160 Tomlin, Debbie 213 Smith. Debra 359 Spcnglcr, Kristin 223 Student Advisory Committee 278 Taylor, Richard 349 Tomlinson, Christina 273 Smith. Dennis 379 Spenser, Burton 319 Student Alumni Council 304 Taylor, Tamara 349 Tomlinson, Tina 195, 225.281, 305 Smith. Diana 281 Spiers, Alan 338 Student Art Association 316 Taylor, Tami 146 Tompkins. Elizabeth 349 Smith, Don 337 Spillcr, Elizabeth 144.225 Student Loan Association 280 Taylor, Tate 245 Tompkins, Michael 251. 275 Smith. Elizabeth 348 Spillcr. Susan 225. 304 Student Programming Board 308 Taylor, Ty 239 Tong. Terence 288 Smilh. Ferrell 225, 305 Spivey, John 255 Stump. Kurt 349 Taylor, Wayne 318 Topper. Nina 110. Ill Smilh, Gregory 257 Sports 78 Sturgeon. Alonzo 376 Taylor, W ' es 239 Totey, Jay 284 Smith. Hunter 261, 303 Spragins, Beaver 253 Slulls, Nancy 359 Teacher of the Year 168 Toups, Jay 108 Smilh, James 144. 144. 235, 304, 337 Springfield. William 359 Sluvec. Susie 327. 349 Teasley. Kevin 251, 338 Toups, Lacy 219 Smilh, Jamie 272 Sprinkle, Lisa 359 Suares, Cherie 219 Tedford. Laurie 338 Towery, Courtney 211,338 Smilh. Janel 289 Sproles, Stacey 223. 338 Subramaniam, Chandran 139, 150 TegethotT. Sara 225, 305 Townsend. Dennis 338 Smilh, Jeff 249 Sprous. Ray 292 Suddulh. Drew 257 Tehman, Mandy 305 Trahant. David 253 Smith, Jennifer 219.225. 337 Sprouse, Shannon 221 Suggs, Jason 260,261 Teichert, Joey 241.338 Trainor, Anne 266. 267. 277, 304. 360 Smilh. Jim 338 Stafford, Donetle 276. 338 Suhren, Charles 241 Teller, Lindv - j j Trammel!. Cynthia 338 Smilh, John 239. 306 StatTord-Peterma. Ava 277. 278 Sullivan. Amy 221 Teller. Todd 255.281 Travis. Brenl 249 Smilh, Johnnie 348 Stahlman. Susan Jane 213 Sullivan, Bradley 359 Templetcn, Susan 211 Travis, Joe 259, 338 Smith, Jonathan 255 Slaley, Brian 144. 160, 194. 235, 272, Sullivan. J D 245 Ten Eyck. Stephanie 21 1. 305, 306, 349 Traylor, Brad 261,338 Smilh. Kara 207 304 Sullivan. Keleigh 207 Terese, Alison 274 Traylor, Donna 276, 325. 360 Smilh. Karen 207 Stanfield, David 1 46, 348 Sullivan, Lara 221.305,349 Terracina, Frank 245 Traylor. Will 233 Smilh. Kate 338 Slanford, Craig 257 Sullivan. Lavellc 231 Terrell, Denny 251 Trebolich, David 150, 317 Smilh. Kalhy 203 Slanford, Hardy 2.33 Sullivan. Melanie 209, 298, 306, 359 ' Terrell, Rebecca 213 Trice. Edgar 338 Smilh. Ken 241. 348 Slanford, James 138 Sullivan. Tracy 213,359 Terry, Robert 147 Trice. Edgar A. 297 Smilh. Kimball 209 Stanford, John 255. 280 Sullivan, Wanda 375 Tew, Mark 288 Triche. Leigh 209 Smilh, Lamar 241 Slanford, Michelle 359 Sullivan, William 379 Thames, Edward 359 Tripleu. Jacqueline 144 Smilh, Lana 219,338 Slanford, Scott 255, 280 Summerford, Julia 211 Thames, Mail 251 Triplet!. Liz 219 Smith, Laurie 211, 213.305,338 Slanley, Adrian 379 Summers, Elka 381 Tharp. Kirk 313 Trippe. Juan 148, 249, 276, 379 Smith, Lee 229. 272. 348 Stanley. Beth 203 Summers, Greg 241 Tharpe, Laurie 209. 338 Trivedi. Pallavi 321 Smith, Ix ' slie 338 Stanley, Cassie 379 Summers. Paltra 217 The Graduate School 184 Troll. Andy- 247 Smith. Liddell 312 Stanley. Jill 223 Summitt, Laurel 21 1 Theophanpous. Ekaterini 375 Trout. Robert 261 Smith. Lisa 325. 338 Staples. Tnsh 290 Sumner, Harry 255 Therrel. Steve 259 Trowbridge, Adam 308 Smith. Loui 147 Stark, Randy 239 Sumner, Nancy 209 Therrell. Sharon 379 Tnietl, Frank 349 Smith. Louie 380 Slarnes, Derek 338 Sumrall, Deanna 379 Thcsmar, Alex 247 Truell, Wesley 257 Smith, Lynn 217 Slarr, William 290. 359 Sumrall, Shelley 64, 2 1 1 . 359 Thigpen. Tate 257. 338 Truitt, Allen 251 Smith, Mac 81, 257 Siasiulis. Paul 338 Suneja, Vipin 321 Thomas, Alisa 304 Tubbs. Michelle 338 Smith, Mac 375 Sialen. Andy 375 Surber, Jason 261 Thomas, Andy 317 Tubertini, Kim 219 Smilh, Margol 217 Staten, Nona 359 Sutlle. Pay-Ion 225 Thomas. Bubba 237 Tucker, Bryan 289, 375 Smilh. Mark 231. 359 Stead, C 290 Swaim. Jason 245 Thomas. Carolyn 211 Tucker, By-ran 317 Smilh, Marshall 255 Sleeg, David 338 Swain, Brenl 311 Thomas, Carrie Leigh 223, 278, 349 Tucker, C 290 Smilh, Mary 338 Steel. Sharon 213 Swain, Jason 313 Thomas, Chris 237. 311 Tucker, Jack 241. 324 Smnh. Mia 209 Stecle. Sharon 305 Swain. William 349 Thomas. Edwin 359 Tucker. Rosscer 349 Smilh. Molly 225 Steele, Shawn 285 Swann, Christopher 247. 349 Thomas. Elisa 209 Tucker. Shannon 360 Smilh, Myra 359 Stccn, Clay 257 Swanson, Scon 251 Thomas. Gator 286 Tucker, Tammie 360 Smilh, Paige Smilh, Palncia 213 348 Sleete, Susan Sleeves, Matthew 298 348 Swayze, Alan 143.278.280 Swayze. Jennie E 211 Thomas. James Thomas, Jim Earl 359 243 Tucker, Tracey Turberville, David 143.213,305 338 Smilh. Palrick 338 Sleiner, Kennelh 379 Swayze. Julie 209 Thomas, John 239,251 Turnage, Bobbie Jo 381 Smilh. Paul Smilh, Ramey 292. 293 359 Sleinwinder, Michael Sleinwinder, Mike 380 147 Swayze. Mary ' 143 Swendoll. Whitney 272 Thomas, Kathryn Thomas, Lynda 213,276, 305 213,305 Turner. Allison Turner. Bill 213,305 144,251 Smith. Rishca 338 Stenger, Holly 217 Swift, Marilyn 303. 376 Thomas, Medora 221 Turner, Donna 290, 379 Smilh. Robby 381 Stennelt. Demse 338 Swilley. Leslie 285 Thomas, Meshun 106 Turner, Elizabeth 143, 219.272,360 Smilh, Robcn Smilh. Ronald 379 379 Slcpaman, Susan Stephens. Rogers 219,305 241 Swilley. Stephanie 223 Swindall. Lawrence 1 1 3. 290. 338 Thomas. Mikki Thomas. Monica 219 298, 327 Turner, Greg Turner, Kim 99 219 Smilh. Shannon 338 Stephens. Shirley 359 Swindell, Whitney 276. 277, 338 Thomas. Palrick 297, 338 Turner, Lee 251 Smilh. Sidney Smilh. Slacy 375 213 Stephens. Susan Stepnenson, Christopher 348 239 Swinford. Jerry 322 Swilzer. Bill 247 Thomas. Paul Thomas, Reynolds 318 278 Turner, Mary- Turner. Misty 207 225. 360 Smilh. Stephanie 359 Stephenson. Gwyn 211, 338 Swil .er. Carol 143.359 Thomas, Sabrina 349 Turner. Nancy- 143 Smith. Steve 379 Stephcnson, Stacey 1 44, 1 60, 195.203. Switzer, Lvnnc 219.278 Thomas, Stephen 144, 194, 257 Turner. Pamela 349 Smilh. Slevcn Smith, Tammy Smilh, Thomas 375 325 143.338 Sterling, Patricia Stevens, Leila 272. 305 148. 276 211. 3.38 Swords, Jennifer 287, 359 Sykes, James 93 Sykes. Shawn 81.85.86 Thomas, Steven Thomas, Steve Thomas. Vikki 138 239 338 Turner. Reginald 243, Turner, Rusty Turner, Sarah 297. 326. 349 245 379 Smilh, Todd 239. 247 Slcvens. Ross 231 Sykes. Teresa 215 Thomas. Walter 359 Turner. Scott 231. 322 Smilh. Tonya 294 Sievens. Trey 257 Sylve, Bernard 97 Thomason, Lora 287, 349 Turner, Susan 375 Slewarl, Bill 247. 325 Thompson. Alvita 359 Turner, Tammie 294. 338 Siewart. Carter 255, 286 Thompson. Andrew- 235 Turnipseed, Juanila 276.281 390 Index . ' ,. Turshen. Rebekah 338 Wane. Catherine 380 Webb. William 360 W ilkmson. Valle W ' ood. dim 245 Tutor. Mars 360 Wane. Cathv 313 Weber. Richard 240 Wilks Wmnve 195.215. Wood. Donald 233 Tutor. Susan 20- 1 W aits. Tonv 381 Weber. Samuel 233. 325. -40 326. 360 Wood. Hal 326 Tweedv. Robin 106 Walcoti. Dexter IS, 2 " 3 Webster. John 360 W illard. Elizabelh 221. 339 Wood. Henry 350 Tye. Lee M9 Walden. Alan V 318 Webster. Kishida 20 W illiam. Rebecca 350 Wood. Kaihenne 340 Tver. Andrew 338 Walden. Chene 203, 360 Weddinglon. Manlvn 360 Williams. Alice 203 W ' ood. Kau 217 Tyer. Andv Walden. Jeffrey 379 W eeden. Jorja 207. 290. 305. 349 Williams. Amv 213.339 Wood. Nan:-. 217 Tyler. Drew 239 W ' aldrop. 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Kellev 217.339 Wcslev.Bob 261 W ,!1.3m ,. Michelle 225 Wu. Weigeng 375 Utler. Kalhv 322 Wallace. Kevin 241 Wesley. Yolanda 339 Williams. Mike 23v. 24] Wu. Wu-Chung 375 Wallace. Sarah 219 W ' esson. Casev 211. 339 Williams. Missy -4. 211 W u-Hwang. Yi-Wen 375 Wallace. Shem 305,360 West. Adrian 339 Williams. Mvra 318 Wuichei. Robbie 285 v W allace. Sherry Waller. Jennifer 211,349 339 W ' esl. Brenda West. Bngelle 140 290 W ' llhams. Owen W illiams. Peier 161.241.268 241 Wvali. Elizabelh 131 Wyan. Tracy 161.211.281 237 Waller. Thomas 139 West. Raymond 339 Williams. Robert 360 Wvckoff. Bryan 147 Waller. Tommv 24- West. Reagan 209. 305. 349 Williams. Robin 213,350 Vaccarella. Sara 305. 312.360 Walls. Marsha 339 W ' est, Sabnna 207. 325. 360 Williams. Roger 247, 339 Vahle. Healher 305. 349 Walls. Weslev 60. 87. 130. 161 West. W illiam 381 Williams. Shave 360 Valenune, James 380 W alsh. Amv , 305 Wesicoat. Stacy Williams. Slacv 339 Vak-nnne. ' 307 Walshe. Michael 239 Westing. Bill 285 Williams. Slanlev 381 Valenune. VickiLvnn 306 Walsion. Charla 221 Westlmg. Bill 285 Williams. Smart 239 Valher. Raymond 339 W alsion. George 360 Wesion. Scon 143.313 Williams. Tracey 209. v 305. Xie. Jianye m Van Cleave. Joseph 349 Wallers. Brenl 251. 339 Wheat. Jason 360 Vanausburg. Stetson 360 Wallers. Kelly 213. 287. 339 Wheeler. Jav 259 Williams. Vicki 223. 350 ;-. O VanBuren. Laura Vance. Bonnie Van Dame, Sgi R 203 381 290 W allers. Kim Wallers, Kris Wallers. Renee 217,280.360 213.287.360 195. 221. 312 W ' helan. Susan W ' hilaker. Gregorv Whitaker. Shannon 203. 360 379 349 Williams, Waller Williamson. Carol Williamson. Dr Lorn 235 325 315 Y Vanderlip, Michael 138 W ' alihall. Jennifer 339 Whitbv. Michelle 106 Williamson. James " 2. 339 Vandy. Tim 245 Waliman. W ' yaii 241 White. Bam 231 Williamson. Kaihenne 223.339 Yager. Ann 133. 195.203 Vanemsi. Manella 339 Wang. Ding 375 White. Cheryl JI7 Williamson. Linda 340 Yager Anne 144 V ' anjam. Mahesh 321 Wang. Ling Ling M9 While. Dana 339 Willis. Chandra 205 Yancev Adam 241 Vann. Hunier 255 Wang. Tsung-Juang 349 White. David 349 Wilhs. Eulanda 379 Yarber, Robert 381 Vann. Whitney 60. 161.221 Ward. Adna 303, 339 White. Dee 231 Willis. Jeanna 360 Yarber. Sandy 146 Vannov, Jamie 211.279 W ard. Doug 286 White. Doug 241 Willis. Jennv 380 Yarborough, Lisa 144. 217.298. 304. Varden. Gmny 213 Ward. Joanna 209. 274. 339 While. Fav 318 W illis. Vikki 221 305 Vamell. Sonya Varner. Thad Vamev. Merl 69. 205 250 Ward. Kelly W ' ard. Lawrence Edger Ward. Tammv 288. 376 22- 203 White. Gregon While. Jeff White. Jen 349 241 195 W ilhs. William Willoughbv. Ravmond W ills. Jeffrey 350 350 138. 144. 2? 3 Yarborough. S Yarbrough. Robert Yarbrough. Sidney 291 253 194.261 Vamev. Merle 339 Ware. Gregon 380 White. Jethro 253 W ilson. Boogie 245 Y ' asme. Hassan 249. 276. 340 Vaughan. Chns 381 Warlick. David 245 While. John 349 Wilson. Can 225.312 Yates. Adnenne 209 Vaughan. Gregorv 349 Warner. Allison 213 W hue. Julie 294 Wilson. Conine 217.360 Yates. Karen 143 Vaughan. Painck Z31 Warner. Ann 213,339 White. Krisiina 339 Wilson. Cory 231. 2-6.279 Yaies. Lee Ann 213. 305,312 Vaughn. Amv 339 Warner. Mvra 360 White. Liz 217 Wilson. Denis 2-r Yawn, Laurie 213. 2 ?b 278, 305. 340 Vaughn. Angela 339 Warren, Beth 209 W ' hite. Paislev 217 Wilson. Genie Yeager. Kns 217.340 Vaughn. Greg 23v Warren, Jav 237, 267 White. Samantha 146 Wilson. Havlev Dawn Yegge, J 291 Vaughn. Karen 207, 339 Warren. Leigh 219.360 White. Stacv 339 Wilson. Jacqueline 340 Yeh. Ching-Ymg 360 Vaughn. Rickey Rennel 22- Warren. Susie 219. 306 Whne. Susan 312 Wilson. Kelly 221 Yemelos, Case 207 Vaughlers. David 285 W ' amngion. David 239 While. Tina 217 W ' ilson. Kimberlv 340 Yemelos. Cassandra 340 Vega. Chadley 339 W ' arringlon, Jim 251 While. Wilham 339 Wilson. Lea 221.278 Yerger. Elizabelh 209 Venoski, Anne-Mane 276. 360 Wamngton. Wes 251 Whnehead. Beih 144. 272. 304. 308 W ilson. Lisa 350 Yong. Kin 375 Venoski. Suzanne-Mane 349 Warwick. Marv 225 Whnehead. Dav id 379 W ' ilson. Lissa D 225 Yong. Lee 375 Verheeck. Ken 249. 276. 349 Washam. James 175 Whnehead. Mamie 209 Wilson. Marc 239 Yong, Yil Kung 350 Verhine. Knslin 360 Washam. Jana 319 Whileside. Jem 349 Wilson. Paschal 143.350 York, Paige 65.209 Vershive. Knstv 315 Washam. Lajana 375 W ' hilmg. Kara 381 Wilson. Plane 2 1 1 . 340 Yoste. Colonel 292. 295 Vicars. Kaihenne 203 Washington. Chnsty 115 Whnlev. Richard 144. 240. 266. 2t - W ' ilson. Renee 381 Yoste. John 251 Vice Chancellors 167 Washmglon. Maria 221 Whillmglon. Brenl 247 W ilson. Robbie 313 Yoste. Tricia 209 Villager, Troy Vincent. Amv Elizabeth 24 " Washum. Jana Wasvlma. Timoihv 319 339 Whillmglon. Greg Whillle. Ellen 118 143 Wilson. Robert Wilson. Rollin 380 221 Young. Allen Y oung. John 285 261.340 Vimng. Robert 239 Water Ski Club 285 Who ' s Who 152 W ' ilson. Russell 340 Young. Jon 303 Vinson. Sharron 330 W ' aiers. Amy 380 W icker. Lisa 349 Wilson. Susan 203 Y ' oung. Keith 380 ' iox. Melissa 381 W aiers. Clay 251 Wieble. John 286 W ' mdham. Tavlor 245 Young. Lisa 350 Viox, Meridith 203 Walers. Cody 259. 360 W ier. Sleven 349 Wmg. Delia 143 Young. Mark 81.84 Virden. George 238 W ' aiers. Dana 207 Wiggs. Jill 203 W ' mham. Linda 280. 305. 350 Young. Matthew 360 Vinue. Dee 207, 339 Waters, Rob 268 Wijesekera, Sanjeev a 360 Wmkler. Bnon 340 Young. Reba 207.340 Viswanalhan, Javashankar 321.375 Walford. Lisa 379 Wilbank. Shelley 217 W ' mmkaies. Man 225 Young. Susan 360 Vohland. Mike 231 Walkins. How-ard 239 Wilborn. Kimberlv 339 W msiead. Ginger 360 Young. Susan ne 223 Voigi. Dvanna 195. 202. 203 Walkins. Joe 295 Wilcox. Kalu 30 W ' irth. Adam 239 Young, Troy 318 Volk. Bnan 23v Walkins. Kim 219. 285. 339 Wilcox. Lou Ann 2 1 7 . 339 W ' inh. K K 217 Yu, Chao-Sung 376 Vollmline. Healher 203. 290. 339 Walkins. Michelle 221 Wilcox. Russell 25-. 360 W ise. Meredith 223 Yuan. Shian 375 Von Hoven. Tem 203. 339 Walkins. Shara 349 Wilder. James 339 W islar. Philip 241 Yue. Jianping 375 Voyles. Keith 257 Walkins. Wilham 339 W ' llder. Kimberlv 210. 2-6. 339 W nhers. Judy 213.305.360 Yung. John 381 Walson. Jim Ed 255 Wilder. Penn 245 Witt Martha 213 W ' alson, Jon 237. 360 Wilev. Lmdabeih 207. 278, 290. 349 W me. Doug 360 W Walson. Lee W ' alson. Man Walson. Ro 217 360 339 Wilev. Marvruth Wilke. Keith Wilke. Robert 207. 290. 360 249 360 W ' ntichen. Jennv W niichen. Sarah W ntman, Phillip 209 350 286 Z Walls. Chris 257 W ilkens. Allison 305 Wivgul. Brad 245, 350 Wade. Elizabeth 219 Wans, David 251 Wilkerson. Charles Wiygul, Frank 340 Zadroga. Amv 143. 219 Wadkins. Melanie 269. 375 Walls. Dennis 360 Wilkerson. George 253 W ivgul, Trae 259 Zagst. C 291 Wadtev. Barbara 322 Walls. Lauren 223.2-6.339 Wilkerson. Marshall 349 Wodicka. Jennifer 21- Zagsl. Joseph 360 Wadley. Derrick 339 Way Michael 349 Wilkerson. Mona 379 Wolf, Jem 239 Zeller, Robert G 317 Wadsworth. Russell 381 W ' ayne. Cindv 305 Wilkes. Eva 350 Wolff. Susan 209, 305, 350 Zeppelin. Deron 245. 3 60 Wagerman. Jem 245 Weaiherall. Curtis 251 W ilkes, Graham 350 W omack. Brad 25 " Zhang. Zhi-Yao 375 Waggoner. Healher 225. 305. 349 W eatherly. Chns 235 Wilkes, Snow ' e 143. 209 W ' ong. Kuo 31- Zheng, Zhao 3 " 5 W aggoner. Thomas H 303 W ' eaihersby. Sayle 211 Wilkins. Allison 2)1 Wong. Richard 380 Zoller. Lee 230. 276.278 Wagner. Enka 219 W ' ealhersby. Thomas 340 Wilkins. Anne 350 Wong. Yau 360 Wagner, Paul 251 Weaver. Sleven 235 Wilkinson. Becky 303 Woo. Daisv 290.340 . W agner. Sherwood 221 Weaver. Tem Kav 203. 339 Wilkinson. Diane 350 W oo. Sook 375 Wagner. Slephen 251.269 W ebb. Beih ' 213 269. 272. 301 Wilkinson. John 339 Woock. Patnck 350 Wagsler, Emily 148.301 Webb, Regina 339 Wilkinson. Knsti 106. 107 Wood. Alison 207, 350 Waidelich. Amy 221 Webb. Susan 213.349 W ilkmson. Pene 339 Wood, Brenl 231 Wailes. Robert 239 Webb. Vimi 349 W ilkmson. Tammy 318 Wood, Charloue 209. 350 Index 391 Section Editor: Hedy Walker Assistant Editor: Richard Whitley i 392 I Closing Memories for the rest of your life. Many people have tried to pin- point what it is about Ole Miss that makes it so unique. Each person who graces the campus with his presence sees a different scope of what the University of- fers. Whatever niche is claimed, whatever outlook is viewed, what- ever identity is chosen, a part of Ole Miss is engrained in each who leaves to reflect on the past and the memories held or embark on life ' s future. Closing 393 - . 9 394 1 Closing John Coker Gosing I 395 I John Biggs 396 Closing John Coker Closing I 397 I we now Wave a John Coker 398 Closing Steve Davis Colophon The 1989 Ole Miss is the 95th Volume, published by Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas. Texas. The press run was 6000 copies. There are 400 9x12 pages printed on 80 Ib. enamel paper. The cover is a special design-embossed Blue 2 with Mission Grain applied with Silver 915. The cover was designed by Melanie Buntyn, Richard Whitley. Hedy Walker. Kathy Kellerman. and Deloris Landin. The operating budget was $128.079. Students paid $14.50 in their student activity fee. Other individuals payed $20.00. Revenue made in sales of Honors. Organizations, and Greek pages was approximate S Classes portraits. Who ' s Who. Band. Colonel Rebel. Miss Oie Miss. Favorites. Beauties. Most Beautiful. Best Dressed, and Homecoming Court pictures were all taken by Pro- fessional Images of Jackson. MS. Hall of Fame pictures were taken by Clements Photography. Some Who ' s Wno and Favorites w-ere taken by Coffield ' s Studio. All other pictures were taken by student photographers of the Ole Miss an- nual. The 1 989 Ole Miss is a student-edited yearbook produced at the University of Mississippi. University. MS. The view- points represented in this yearbook are those solely of the staff and writers and in no way reflect University policy. John Cokcr Closing I 399 The editor ' s closing I ' m not exactly sure what I want to say or what I ' m supposed to say. Little did I know when I came here four years ago, that I would be writing some- thing that will forever be a part of Ole Miss. I decided last January to run for editor of the Ole Miss feeling there would always be regret if I didn ' t at least try. I guess I wanted to leave Ole Miss knowing a part of me would remain. I won ' t say it has all bei-n fun. It hasn ' t. Running for, much less winning, any elected position on the Ole Miss campus without Greek support isn ' t easy. It has been work from the beginning. Many hours of thought have been put into this yearbook probably more thought than actual work, but nevertheless, the hours have been long and hard. Nothing could have prepared me for this job or for what it has taught me. I ' ve seen Ole Miss from a new perspective there ' s a lot here that everyone ' s not aware of. I ' m almost saddened by the prospect of not being a part of it, but I guess, in a sense, I always will be. It has been a wonderful year. My list of I-owe-yous will probably never be longer. I can ' t say thanks enough to my campaign man- ager, Audra Love, without whose confidence and hard work I would never have done this, or to the others who worked so hard to get me elected. Richard, thanks for staying and being my business manager. I never would have survived it without you. Hedy, thanks for the all-nighters working on deadlines, proofs and just talking. Thanks, too, for believing in me. Laura Leigh, you know " I love you, " but you ' ll never know how much it meant to go to Odom A knowing you and the bond we share were there, too. John, thanks for everything for keeping me laughing and sticking with me. I bet you didn ' t know what you were getting into, but you did a great job. I would also like to thank Kathy Kellerman, Katrina Howard, Sherry Prestridge, Anne Trainor, Holly Horton, Amanda King, Cindy Mitchell, Steven Wall, and the rest of my staff. You all were great. My apologies for all of my mistakes. Many thanks to Jimmy, Traci, Mr. Denley, Ben, Nancy, and Delores. I would have been lost without you. To the rest of my friends, thanks for the encouraging words and the many prayers. Vera and Alice, my biggest thanks go to you for consoling me when the barricades no longer held the tears and for your prayers. (Phil. 1:3) Mom and Dad, thanks so much for the sacrifices you made so I could do this. I don ' t regret it; I hope you don ' t either. As you read this closing, the year, too, is coming to an end. I hope that for each of you this book holds some special memory. Please don ' t be too quick to judge our publication, at least not until you ' ve spent a few hours in our shoes. I ' m sure there are mistakes, because I don ' t claim perfection or journalistic experience. I am proud of the book we ' ve put together. I think we have changed some things maybe simplified, but we ' ve continued the tradition without ignoring the growth and progression of our university. Thanks Ole Miss for everything. I ' ll leave soon, but I ' ll carry with me an experience and many memories. I ' ve learned; I ' ve grown; I ' ve been shaped for the rest of my life. Sdrton ' s I 400 Closing c I I ' -li

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