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FINDING NEW PERSPECTIVES THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI John Biggs Volume 94 Poppy Pruett Editor Melanie Buntyn Assistant Editor Carolynn Byars Business Manager Mr. Gale Denley Financial Advisor Ms. Traci Mitchell Asst. Financial Advisor Student Life Humor 56 Features 62 Sports 82 Honors 126 Administration 164 Greeks 194 Organizations 270 Classes 332 Index 388 Ads 398 Closing 400 2 Opening Opening 3 ississippi. The name conjures images of planters and share croppers, an- tebellum mansions and shacks, wealth and poverty and of course, cotton and kudzu. These contrasts are often a source of both pride and embarrasment of Mis- sissippi residents. Proud of the state ' s good points, Mississippians don ' t like to be reminded that the state ranks at or near the bottom in almost every eco- nomic area. There have, however, been improve- ments in recent years. Mississippi has led the nation in recognizing problems with our educational system. And slowly, Mississippi ' s economic condition is im- proving. Inspite of economic woes, Mississippi has an ambiance that most states do not enjoy. It sometimes seems that everyone in Mississippi knows everyone else or their families anyway. Conversations with strangers invariably turn to shared friendships. Because of this, Mississippi is loved as few states are. Hill, Delta and Coast res- idents may have their differences at times, but they all share a love for the state and its people. And there is just a friendliness in Mississippi that is not found in many states. If you doubt this, wa lk through the Grove on a football weekend, or visit the Neshoba County Fair. No, Mississippi is not one big, happy family. But some- times it seems like it is. by Frank Hurdle 4 - - Opening 2 A 1. The Mighty Mississippi River. 2. James " Son " Thomas, one of the Mississippi Delta ' s finest Blue ' s musicians. 3. William Faulkner ' s home in Oxford, Mississippi. 4. Sarclis Lake at- tracks many Ole Miss students to its beaches year around. Opening 5 ford, with fewer than 10,000 cit- fsTTB small. Located over an houTs drive from any major population center, in Northern Mississippi, it can be said to be in the middle of nowhere. Yet Oxford ' s size and location are what makes it special. Oxford ' s isolation offers at least some shelter from the worries of the world. Crime rates are lower, and the pace of life is slower, than in a large city. Oxford residents are aware that Ole Miss is what puts Oxford on the map, and they show it. Oxford residents are often the uni- versity ' s biggest boosters. Ole Miss and Oxford tend to work well together. Oxford now handles fire protec- tion for both the university and Oxford, allowing the purchase of better equipment to serve both communities. When Ole Miss needed a new baseball stadium, Oxford res- idents agreed to an additional tax to fund a stadium to serve both Oxford and the uni- versity. Oxford residents keep abreast of the uni- versity, and vice vena. Often, residents and students form friendships that last long af- ter a student ' s graduation from the uni- versity. Many students do not even realize how attached they have become to Oxford, until after a long absence they circle the town square and suddenly get the feeling that they have come home. Because for many, Oxford will always be a second home. by Frank Hurdle. 6 Opening tohnfcgg. 5A 1. The Oxford Square. 2. The beautiful trees on University Avenue. 3. Hecttc traffic around rush hour, which is almost any hour of the day, heading toward four coumers. 4. The dock on the top of the Court house helps tell the time of day. 5. Oxford water tower, just off the square. tohnBigg. Opening 7 Je MjssJs a many-faceted gem, a vel set in the golden rolling hills of Northeast Mississippi. In a state of different styles and cultures, we fit right in. We wear different cloaks at different times; in our closets are tie-dyes and silk ties. There are mornings in class, afternoons in the Grove, evenings spent in the library, late-nights at the Hoka. Even amongst the tradition that is the very backbone, the intangible spirit of Ole Miss, there are new thoughts, new ideas, reflected in our way of life. A special feeling exists here; it can be felt in the early morning of spring or in the twilight of brisk November. Can it be expressed in words? It is distinctly Southern and definitely Ole Miss. It wafts its way areound as softly as the name rolls off your tongue, --by John Barrett. 4 A 8 Opening I O ___ I - ,- 1. Friendly smiles are always found at Ole MIN 2. Raise your hands if you are a Rebel fan! 3. Lacy Langston, Kimberly Shirley and Blake Teller know that elections are a way of life at Ole V:-- 4 Hanging out at the library. 5. Allison Oakes Lisa arbrough Mary Kathryn Johnson, Amy Walsh and Katelyn Kelley are enjoying a beautiful spring afternoon. 6. Relaxing during prepartion for the parties on Red Blue Weekend. 7. Kathy. Judy, Sta- .ndrea. and Linda enjoying a afternoon in the Grove. 8. Bid Dav parties are great because it means rush is over. 9. Enjoying barbeque in front of the i. on Tailgate Thursday. both students and alumni the Jve represents the beauty, grace, and social atmosphere that the University of Mississippi is known for. It separates Ole Miss from the cluttered campuses of other schools and gives us a refreshing and spacious way of life. With the arrival of September comes the changing of leaves and football sea- son. Games at Vaught-Hemmingway- signal the transformation of the Grove into a convention place for Rebel fans of all ages. Cars, vans and campers blanket the Grove along with vast amounts of food and drink. The memory of Home- coming in the Grove will never be for- gotten by any Ole Miss student, and many alumni return each year to par- ticipate in this special occasion. Stillness falls upon the Grove during winter, and the bare trees wait patiently for warm weather to give them new life. The winter browns turn to spring rain- bows as the flowers and trees burst into bloom. This is the Grove at its lovliest. No matter what other changes occur, the Grove will always symbolize the beauty and spirit of Ole Miss. From gerneration to generation, the Grove will remain the beauty of the University of Mississippi. by Kerry Rice 10 Opening Poppy PruM Opening 11 Oxford gets a facelift: . new buildings are constructed; sports facilities are added; recreational centers are founded. The year was no different. Fast food places got new competition from the much awaited establishment of Burger King. Mexican food lovers welcomed the arrival of Mama T ' s and of course, Taco Bell. Some of the other food additions were Subway shop and Gar- den Deli. A new road connecting Jackson A v- enue directly with Fraternity Row is Hearing completion. This will give driv- ers a short-cut to the Oxford Mall. Within the Ole Miss campus, the new Physical Acoustics Center had its ground breaking ceremony in the fall, and sports fans cherished the construction of the new baseball stadium. The University ' s new supercomputer was also installed this year. A warehouse is being built behind Kincannon Hall to store excess dorm furniture. Ever-growing Oxford blends the new with the old. While nothing can diminish the majesty of the Lyceum, Rowan Oak and other vintage institutions, newer ad- ditions only add to the dazzle and glory of this ever-resplendant small college town. In Riimman Dastgir 2 A 12 -- Opening TACO BELL DRIVE THRU A 3 4 T ' BURGER KING BREAKFAST A 5 fnirtl 1. The University of Mississippi camp The contstruction of the Baseball stadium got underway in the Summer of 1987 3. When students returned to school in the fall, Taco Bell was a new addition to Oxford 4. A new Completed at the end of Fraterr rehexe the traffic at the intersection where Super Saver and Rebel Barn are kv 5. Burger King opened in October of 1987 Opening 13 defined as the handing jwn of information, beliefs, and customs by word of mouth or by ex- ample from one generation to another without written instruction. At Ole Miss, traditions are handed down from class to class, instead of by generations. But with that exception, the dictionary definition fits tradition at Ole Miss. Ole Miss traditions are many and var- ied, but they are certainly carried on without written instruction. Alumni and students know what is traditional almost instinctively. Administration efforts to artificially control tradition have failed miserably. Students and alumni still wave Rebel flags, yell " Hotty Toddy " and thrill to the strains of " Dixie. " Students still live up to Ole Miss ' reputation as a " party school, " whether the administration likes it or not. How are traditions started? There is no set formula. Instead, traditions are start- ed when something strikes the students ' fancy and is adopted. By its very nature, tradition must come from grass root sup- port. Efforts to dictate from above what tradition should be and are doomed to failure. Whatever is in the future of Ole Miss, one can be sure that tailgating. Rebel flags, " Dixie, " dressing up for games, " Hotty Toddy, " Dixie Week and party- ing will be a part of the future. Underneath it all, however, is an even greater tradition. A tradition that stu- dents, long after graduation from the University of Mississippi will still be a part of Ole Miss. by Frank Hurdle. 14 Opening John Bigg. Poppy Prut 8 A 2. The traditional football players walk through the Grove before the Vanderbilt came. 1 Students often talk with their teachers after dass. 4. Rebel flag Hotty Toddy go together at football games. 5. Homecoming feast in the grove. 6. Memphis is always an easy road trip from Oxford. 7. Kapoa Sigma South Sea Island is one of the traditional Red Hue Weekend fraternity theme parties. 8. Laura Murry and Lisa Cole are two examples of the Beauties that Ote Miss is known for. 9. BMW ' s are frequently found on the de Miss campus. IklunlWhUtr Opening 15 hen you want o blow off stud- jere is always something to do on a cold winter day or a beautiful spring day. Oxford offers a lot for students to do in their spare time. Here is just a few things that anyone can do for little or no money: taking a walk or having a picnic in the Grove; taking a nature walk behind Faulkners home; cruising fraternity or sorority row to check out the guys or gals; hunting in the hills of Mississippi ' s woodlands; go- ing to Sardis on a warm spring day; playing football or frisbee just about anywhere there is room; watching the Rebel sports spring, winter or fall; cheap night at the movies; partying all day or night at the local bars or in someones apartment; bowling at Kiamie ' s; having cheese cake at the Hoka; canoeing down a river (don ' t forget to tip over); going to Memphis to shop or party; going on a road trip whether it is 20 or 600 miles from Oxford; or just about anything you want to do, other than studying. Just relax and take a break, nobody expects anyone to study twenty four hours a day. There ' s always tomorrow. - by Poppy Pruett 16 -- Opening 2 A 3 A 1. Sardis Lake is a great place to go and have fun and just catch some rays. 2. Relaxing and having a picnic on an autumn day ure walks are always a great escape to get away from all your problems. 4. Sudie McCool practicing for a show at Oak Hill Stables. 6. A lunch break downstairs in the union is a great place to catch up on the news. 7. Between classes can be a great time to catch up on the latest gossip Dan Magee Opening 17 eUtwrsity of Mississippi is iown for strong academics. Ole Miss has been called by more than one person the " Ivy League of the South, " offering a good education at the economic convenience of a state- supported school. Teacher-to-student ra- tio is high, giving Ole Miss the advan- tage of more personal instruction. We are proud of our academic tra- ditions - - Ole Miss has produced 23 Rhodes Scholars, leaders on state and national levels, and prominent business- men. The University is taking new di- rections in the academic field, recently acquiring a Supercomputer and landing the National Center for Physical Acous- tics. The University Honors program is known throughout the country as a model program. With the rich scholastic tradition and new developments, the future is even brighter than the present for academic excellence at Ole Miss. fry John Barrett. 18 -- Opening 3 A - - 1. How could their be academics without the library? 2. Pharmacy students learn the facts about marajuana 3. With four prople working on a problem, someone ' s bound to get is right. 4. Mixing chemicals is sometimes a dangerous e perience. 5. Graduation is what all students strive for. Hamp Overton Opening 19 ,ebeLspirit here at Ole Miss is very i. enthusiastic when it comes to sup- porting our teams. The fans go out of their way to cheer the Rebs on. Fans travel almost anywhere for a road w trip and to see their team play. The cheerleaders are the basis of get- ting fans into the spirit that keeps Ole Miss alive and glowing. They help to let the team know the fans are behind them 100%. The Pride of the South Marching Band, Rebeletts and Color guard also give the fans and team their all to per- form well at each game. Johnny Reb, our mascot, is always making someone laugh or smile by his acts and cheers. All of these people are dedicated and put long hours of practice, just to support our Rebels and the University. Even if the season does not go as ex- pected, we will always support our teams and school. We are Ole Miss and are proud of it! by Poppy Pructt I. 1 A F 1 - lohn Bigs- 2 A Richard VVhitl. V ' J John 4 A Richard Whitl 20 -- Opening Richard Whit ley 1. Kids are bom and raised to be Rebels. 2. Cheerleaders are the real spirit behind the Rebels. 3. Homecoming floats always show the student support of athletics at Ole Miss 4. How about a good ' ol Hotty Toddy! 5. No matter what the score our Rebels are always ?1 within our hearts! 6. Johnny Reb, Sam Hubbard, is constantly cheering rebel fans on. 7. Fans will travel all the way to New Orleans on a train to support their team. Opening 21 ne of the most distinguishing ristics of the University " of Mississippi is the astounding number of students who get involved in campus activities - - whether it be ac- ademic, social, political, athletics, or some or all of these and others. For the academically oriented there is the Honor ' s Program. It is an accelerated and advanced program of study for out- standing students. Several National Honor Societies at all levels and fields of study are available for those who qual- ify. Taylor Medalists, Gannett Scholars, Rhodes Scholars; twenty three to this date, and members of Phi Kappa Phi; the University ' s highest honor, constitute Ole Miss ' s very own " braintrust. " Greek life forms the crux of Ole Miss ' s social activities. Hundreds of students go through rush every year aspiring to be- come a part of this Ole Miss institution. Fraternity Sorority parties, swaps, Greek Week, Sigma Chi Derby Day, Del- ta Gamma Anchor Splash, and other non-Greek activities like Dixie Week give students ample opportunity to enjoy themselves. Everyone interested in getting in- volved in student politics has numerous opportunities to do so. Dormatories offer serveral opporturnies; floor representa- tive, Hall President, Resident Advisor, Hall Director, etc. On a campus wide setting there is the ASB (Associated Stu- dent Body) which offers numerous ways to get involved. The Student Program- ming Board, Student Alumni Council, the Black Student Union, the Daily Mis- sissippian and the Ole Miss annual are a few organizations to get involved in. For serious politicos there are the College Republicans and the College Democrats. For sports fans and fanatics, the In- tramural Department provides ample opportunities to get involved. Intramural competitions are held in almost all major events. For the better atheletes there are official university teams such as football, tennis, golf, volleyball, track and field, baseball, etc. Overall Ole Miss is a very active school. With over 200 organizations and honoraries on campus there is bound to be at least one organization to suit eve- ryone. Get involved, there would not be a Ole Miss without the students, so do something for the school that you are a part of. by Rumman Dastgir. 22 - - Opening 3 A 4 A Hamp Overton 1. Malaysian Night brought a little bit of home entertainment to Ole Miss. 2. Bryan Tucker demonstrates a concentration exercise of blocking the pain of a 2 " by 2 " on his back. 3. Any sport will keep you busy with lots of practices and games. 4. Army ROTC has some exciting drills. 5. Baseball players practice year around. 6. RUF is a great way to get involved in a religious organization on campus. 7. Hedy Walker and Clark Monroe prove that late nights in the yearbook office are what it takes to produce a yearbook. Opening 23 are truly abundant at Miss. Mingled with tradition and enhanced by charm, this delightful trait is exhibited by every Ole Miss stu- dent, faculty, and staff. It is as if the warm Southern climate has seeped into the hearts of everyone on campus, and has cast a perpetual sunny glow on eve- ryone ' s face. Whether attending a ball game or a religious service, whether at a party or in class, whether whistling " Take me out to the ball game " at a baseball stadium or learning karate chops at a self-defense class, one can see smiling faces. Campus- wide events like Dixie Week, Greek Week, Homecoming and other social atheletic functions add further outlets for this innate Ole Miss characteristic. Rich in spirit and affluent in warmth, Ole Miss strives to be an academic in- stitution that combines the heart with the intellect. It seems to be doing a great job of it, as reflected in everyone ' s faces. by Rumman Dastgir. Dan Ma gee John I , .. 7 _, 24 Opening TffA KY KOO V Dan Maget- Opening 25 SECTION EDITOR: Liz VanZandt ASST. SECTION EDITOR: Holly Morton - 26 Student Life Finding new perspectives in STUDENT LIFE Student Life 27 Homecoming - - it ' s a time to come back to Ole Miss to see the changes that have taken place and to take part in traditions that just will not die. It ' s the height of the social season, a time when old friends return and families unite. Before the big weekend we all adjusted our attitudes in the Grove to the tunes of Beanland and the melody of Trowbridge and Har- rington. Some students spent f i n 28 Student Life their afternoons stuffing crepe pa- per through chicken wire for the float competition. The theme this year was " Straight A ' s for Ole Miss: Academics, Athletics, Alumni. " By Friday the out of towners had rolled into Oxford in their Jaguars and R.V. campers. They packed the restaurants and bars that evening. Then the actual day came. Every- one took their place in the Grove, eating, drinking, and chit-chatting as the jazz band ' s music drifted down from the Union and settled under the huge Oak trees. When the football team made its annual march through the Grove, the crowd ' s excitement grew as they headed for the stadium. At half- time Emily Fulcher was crowned Homecoming Queen and the maids were presented by the M Club. New Alumni Hall of Fame mem- were inducted and the Tri- Delta ' s, Kappa Alpha ' s and Delta Psi ' s were annouced vinners of the float competition by Sorority Di- vision, Fraternity Division, and overall winner, respectively. By the end of the game Ole Miss had pounded Vanderbilt 42-14. Everyone left the stadium waving their Rebel flags and cheering themselves on to the awaiting par- ties. H.H. ing ar- Student Life 29 When an Ole Miss student thinks of home ball Barnes, he think: weekends spent in Oxford, filled with exciting things to do. It oil starts Thursday night as we cheer the Rebels on during the pep rally in the Grove. Spirit awards are given to the sororitv or fraternity who can show the most spirit and everyone has a great time. On Friday night, everyone, along with their dates, goes out to eat before the bands crank up on fraternity row. Ruby ' s, Starnes ' , J.P. ' s, and Syd and Harry ' s are frequented by Ole Miss fans during football weekends. Dressed for the game. Rebel flags in hand, students take the short walk to Vaught-Hemingway Stadium to cheer on the Rebs on Saturday afternoon. Parents, alumni, and students swarm the Grove before and after the ball game Saturday enjoying all the good food and visiting with friends. There is nothing better than coming back after a spirit- filled game to relax in the Grove w ' ith our friends. No matter what the score of the game turns out to be. home football games mean a weekend full of good times with friends, rich with the tradition that is Ole Miss. l.V.Z. All photos by Alisa Habeeb frolic for everyone, took place on Friday, No- vember 13, 1987. Participants could play free video games, enter the pool or ping-pong tour- naments, or get up an act for the David Let- terman-style stupid human and pet tricks. For the more superstitious ones, " Friday the 13th " I and II were shown and ghost stories were told. If you were hungry, there was popcorn and a six foot subway sandwich to eat. As in the past, the All- Nighter lasted late into the night and was a big success. S.W. Student Life 31 Ijlf For a small college town, Oxford has a variety of nighttime entertainment. From Irish pubs to Mexican cantinas, movie theatres to discothe- ques, not to mention great bars both alcoholic and dry it ' s all here. The Gin - - Well known for its peaceful at- mosphere, The Gin ' s the place to bring a casual date and have a great time. Who could forget the Kazoo Contests, 75 cent longnecks, and those famous Gin t-shirts. Syd Harry ' s " Sophisticated " is how one Ole Miss co-ed describes this bar restaurant. Great food, live bands, Margarita Wednesday, and Love Night are why many Ole Miss students frequent this laid back, yet preppy bar. Irelands -- A favorite of the locals, Irelands provides a very relaxed atmosphere. Just sit back with a beer and watch the big screen T.V. or go downstairs for a game of pool. The Thursday night regulars always show up for Beanland. Forresters All types frequent Forresters. The largest bar in Oxford includes Pat ' s Porch the outdoor patio, dart boards, a downstairs pool hall, and dance floor as well as the two main bars. The plate lunches and crawfish boils are super. The Hoka This movie theatre cafe provides a delightful alternative to the usual " popcorn and Coke " movies. Featuring classics from " All About Eve " to " Rocky Horror " , this often visited place is renowned for its hot fudge pie, cheese cake, and cinamon coffee (a must!!). Jazz and Blues are piped in and occasional musicians like James " Son " Thomas perform. The Hoka Pocus Players put on an occasional play. Former Miss Americas, Allen Ginsberg, and members of the band REM visit the Hoka when in Oxford. Whether in a t-shirt and jeans or coat and tie, one can always feel at home in the Hoka. Off the Wall Oxford ' s premiere discotheque and newest establishment features live bands, complimentary buffets and drink specials. It ' s the place to be on Ladies Night. Owner, Jeff Thomp- son calls his bar " upbeat classy. " Mama T ' s This Mexican restaurant and can- tina is known for its live entertainment (Lee Thigpen, Trowbridge and Harrington) and Hap- py Hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays. R.D. I V! We knew it had to be big when students camped out in front of the ticket office in the Union and controversy arose over ticket dis- tribution. Then REM ' s 1987 Work Tour rocked a sold out crowd at Tad Smith Coliseum. The DB ' s got things rolling along and during in- termission, people could visit the Greenpeace and Amnesty International tables outside. Soon after, REM kicked off their set with " Finest Worksong " and played some old favorites from their previous albums. Michael Stipe danced wildly about the stage as the giant movie screen behind him randomly flashed words, T.V. clips and home movies, (if it weren ' t for the " dance police " we could cut loose too.) With so much going on it was like sensory overload! Whether you left the show feeling overwhelmed, inspired, disap- pointed, or confused, you could tell that REM put alot of heart ana energy into their No- vember 22 performance. H.A.H 34 StudentLife I 1. Ray Mabus makes a campaign stop at Ole Miss Law School during his race for the governship. 2. Attorney General Edwin Meese. 3. Jill Yarbrough, Panhellenic President, (center), mediates a discussion about date rape with guest speaker Laura X (left). 4. Brother Jim causes his annual scene by hexing students in front of the Union. 5. Jeana Yeager and Dick Rutan tell of their Voyager experience. Student Life 35 Dan Magee Dan Mage Tuesday night, November 3rd, button Chapel was filled with students, faculty, and friends as they crowded in to cheer on their favorite contestant at the 1987 Parade of Beauties Pageant. With ninety- eight girls competing, expectations were high, and at the end of the evening Beth Howell was crowned Most Beautiful. A freshman from Clinton and a member of Delta Gamma sorority, Beth was spon- sored by Kappa Alpha fraternity. Miss Mississippi 1988, Toni Seawright, performed several musical numbers throughout the evening and Anita Whitaker, Miss Louisana 1983 performed " Dancing in the Street " , the pageant ' s theme song. Con- testants were judged on interview, facial beauty, figure and posture, grace and poise, carriage and grooming. The top ten beauties are Lisa Cole, Dana Dalton, Tia Dees, Shelby Hammond, Angela Hart, Robin King, Angela Ligon, Laura Murray, Chandra Willis, and Elizabeth Wvatt. M.L. As the weather turned cooler and students began preparing for finals, they still made time to celebrate the coming holiday as well. The Christmas season at Ole Miss was kicked off on December 1st as Chancellor Turner lighted the University Christ- mas tree in front of the union. The BSU choir and the concert band performed at the ceremony. Throughout the month, students got into the spirit in a variety of ways. Sending cards and shopping on the square and in Memphis occupied students ' time, as did attending the many parties sponsored by sororities, fraternities, and residence halls. Some went to Dickens ' " A Christmas Carol " , presented by the Hoka-Pocus Players, or Handel ' s " Messiah " , performed by the University choirs and the Tupelo Symphony. With vindows framed in twinkling lights, the Union bells chiming familiar carols, and parties to go to, Ole Miss was surrounded by Christmas spirit. M.L. 1987-1988 Artist Series included eight diverse performances, he Mantovani Orchestra opened the season on October 5, when y presented " A Night in Vienna " consisting of familiar runes played by the 36 member group. The New York Woodwind Quintet, one of the tops in their field of music, brought chamber music to the stage on November 19. During the Christmas season, Amahl and the Night Visitors, an opera fined with a Christmas message,was presented featuring genuine costuming and scenery from the times. A thriller indeed, Dracula, was presented on January 27. The National Players acting company staged this performance as well as Othello, the classic Shakesperian tragedy of love and jealousy. Leon Bates, well known across college campuses as a favorite pianist, performed February 18. The Ballet Hispanico of New York performed modern ' ballet combined with traditional Hispanic dance. The Artist series season ended with the Masterplayers Chamber Orchestra on April 14, a group that has toured across Europe and Canada and acquired world-wide fame. New York Woodwind Quintet Othello Student Life 39 40 Student Life Company The 1987-88 Ole Miss Theatre season was extremely successful and enjoyable to both the performers and the audiences who came to watch. The first show of the season was " The Foreigner " , performed in Fulton Chapel September 24-26. Written by Larry Shue, this comedy deals with an Englishman who is relaxing at a Georgia fishing lodge. The fun comes in when you put someone of this man ' s back- ground into situations with the locals of the area. Next up was the Homecoming musical, " Company " , with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. This show ran October 22-24 in Fulton Chapel and is the 1971 Tony Award winner which centers on a thirty-five-year-old bachelor who is pres- sured by his married friends to tie the knot. On the evenings of November 12,14,17,19,21, in the Studio Theatre, " Baby With The Bathwater " was presented. This show, written by Christopher Durang, takes a look at the problems and surprises involved with raising children. Bill C Davis ' " Mass Appeal " was performed in the Studio Theatre November 13,18, and 20. This tw character play deals with the personal and theologica relationship between a Catholic priest and a young seminarian. " Little Footsteps " , the first production of the spring semester, was performed February 2-6 at the Studio Theatre. Both sentimental and funny, this show presents the dilema that prospective parenthood poses for a young New York couple. Fulton Chapel was the scene for the February 23- production of " The Importance of Being Earnest " , Oscar Wilde. This hilarious classic pokes fun at life a love in British high society. The 1987-88 Theatre season closed with the April 5- 9 showing of Sam Shepard ' s " Fool for Love " in the Studio Theatre. This production takes an intense look at love and human relationships. This year ' s theatre season was a success because of the hard work of many actors, actresses, crews, de- signers, and directors who allowed us to enjoy such first-rate shows. S.W. I Student Life 41 The 1987 Summer Showcase Festival of Southern Theatre included five shows with hard- working and talented ca ' sts, crews, and director ' s. The two musicals included " My One and Only " , featuring the music of George Gershwin, June 25-27: and " On Your Toes, a classic Rodgers and Hart production, July 30- August 1. The Festival of Summer Theatre is com- prised of the three winning plays from the annual contest seeking original plays which deal with Southern themes. This year the winning play was " Blue Collar Blues. " by Denise Willard, and the runners-up were " So Tender A Bond, " by Patricia Boatner, and " Matchless, " bv Kenn Robbins. Several writers and critics from major metropolitan newspapers were on-hand to critique this year ' s festival. S.VV. Dixie Week! It ' s that beloved spring ritual that ryone looks toward to. This is the week set aside to blow- off classes, put on our shorts and shades, and enjoy the festivities. ft It all started Tuesday night after Easter holidays as w grabbed our blankets and friends and took off to the Grove to watch " The Shinning " and " The Graduate. " " The wilder the better " is what we thought as we were tie-dying our T-shirts and boxers in the Grove while we listened to Beanland play some favorite tunes. Eddie Clearwater and his band carried our worries away and soothed our souls with their " blues. " We all had fun watching and participating in the campus wide game of Simon Says. The senior class had its traditional barbeque and afterwards students competed in the " Comedy Laugh -Off " held in the Union ballroom where anything went. Thursday night " The Malemen " played in front of the Union and the fun continued through the late hours with " The Crime " while we all parried our school blahs away. The Annual grudge between the Red Blue teams took place Saturday and some fraternities had bands to dance to Saturday night. Dixie Week was concluded with the Travel House Dixie Week Golf Classic on Sunday which benefited the American Cancer Society. BF Dixie Week was a blast because we got the chance to get away from our books for a week and try to forget about upcoming finals by enjoying the company of friends and all of the fun activities. L.V.Z. Christina Collier Student Life 45 the houseboy eauty pageant Competition was stiff, but y the end of the evening, Steve Wilson had caught the judges ' attention and walked away with the crown. With municipal court judge Dwight Ball as master of ceremonies, nine houseboys vied for the coveted title. In the first phase of competition, contestants paraded across the stage in costumes representing the symbol or mascot of their so- rority sponsor. In the second phase, the talent competition, Wilson stole the show with his rendition of the song ' Keep Your Hands To Yourself " , with his back-up band, The Diggs. The evening wear competition was the fi- nal phase, and for this, each of the houseboys chose a flat- tering gown that emphasized their beauty. Paul Berry, sponsored by Phi Mu, and Darby Rickets, sponsored by Kappa Kappa Gamma, were first and sec- ond runners-up. All proceeds went to benefit the United Way Challenge between Ole Miss and Mississippi State. - M.L 46 Student Life - Short skirts . . . mountain bikes ... big matches . . . t-shirt dresses . . . Iran contra cam . . . jeep Cherokees . . . Club MTV . . Remote Control . . . Jessica McClure . . . leather jackets ... 65 MPH . . . " safe sex " ... Joe Biden . . . little round glasses ... Fatal Attraction . . . Pictionary . . . Donna Rice and Gary Hart . . . super- conductors . . . boots . . . Fawn Hall . . . insider trading . . . jeans: acid washed, frosted, stonewashed . . . Jessica Haa . . . PTL . . . pot smoking politicians . . the stock market crash . . . L.A. Law . . . Contras . . . saying you used to do drugs . . . New Age Shirley McLain . . . Raising Arizona . . . big loop earrings . . . " Just say no " ... all those morning talk shows . . . VCRs . . . Good Morning Vietnam . . . Redskins-Superbowl XX11 . . . Dan Rath- er blasting George Bush on CBS . . . the church ladv . ' Writing on the wall at Taylor Grocery . . . parking tickets . . . Sardis in spring . . . the Grove . . . eating at the Ren- dezvous in Memphis . . . Hot- ty Toddy.. Peabody pep rallies . . . New Orleans Mardi Gras . . . bourbon and ballgames . . . formals . . . Mae Hellen . . . Starnes Catfish . . . Ruth and Jimmie ' s . . . b reakfast at Smitty ' s . . . hamburger steak at Mistilis ' s . . . Dixie Week . . . basketball games . . . tail- gating . . . hall parties . . . the fire tower . . . Sub Shop burn- ing . . . new basesall field . . . hot fudge pie and cheesecake at the Hoka . . . bands at Syd Harry ' s . . . lunch at For- rester ' s . . . walking Univer- sity Avenue . . . track at the Turner Complex . . . Alex- anders . . . Brother Jim . . . cof- fee at Square Books . . . Oys- ters at the Gin . . . Wal- Marting . . . Tuesday night at Cine ' 4 . . . Frozen Yogurt . . . Margarita Night at Mama T ' s . . . watching " Days " , Young and the Restless, All My Kids, etc ... Trying to get in the Gin . . . train to Tulane . . . REM concert . . . Subway . . - Blues Festival . . . working out with Jerome . . . planning the acoustics lab ... OPD on weekend DUI patrol . . . the new, improved Frat Row . . . Pete ' s One Stop . . . Student Life 47 . . . Ole Miss Style Spring Break ... a time for fun, friends, relaxtion, and forgetting about classes for a while. Ole Miss students make plans and reservations early for nights that will take them to exotic, sunny places such as Cancun and Puerto Vallarta or to Steamboat Springs and Brecken ridge for a week of skiing. Other students load up in their cars and head to traditional spring break spots such as South Padre Island, Destin, Ft. Walton, and Ft. Lauderdale for a week of beaches crowded with sunbathers and nights filled with parties everywhere. Spring break is always a fr ee week to have as much fun as you can and to do whatever you want, whether that be skiing, fun in the sun, or just taking it easy at home. Whatever the case, the Ole Miss student knows how to do it right. 48 Student Life le Student Life 49 If anything typifies Ole Miss it has to be the Grove. For generations it has served as Ole Miss ' playground. The Grove is the place to be on sunny Spring days whether you ' re walking the dog, throwing a frisbee or having a picnic. Bikers and walk- ers can be seen taking the shortcut to University Avenue while others study and read under the grand old Oaks. Of course, the afternoon con- certs in the Grove are always the perfect solution to end " the blahs. " Then ag ain you could just sit alone with the trees and watch the squir- rels cut up. HAH Kate Margolis I Student Life 51 r5tu(3ent Life ' agon trends and long- awaited comebacks marked the year in cinema and music. Yuppie society inspired the cra e of " baby " movies such as " Baby Boom " , " She ' s Having a Baby " , " 3 Men and a Baby " and " For Keeps " . The trend begun by " Platoon " and " Full Metal Jacket " took on a new twist with " Good Morning, Vietnam " , a hilarious com- edy which marked Robin Williams ' return to the screen. Michael Douglas riveted audiences in the psychological thriller " Fatal Attraction " , and then again in " Wall Street " . Other hit mov- ies included ' ' Broadcast News " , Steven Speilberg ' s " Umpire of the Sun " , and the outlandishly funny " Raising Ari ona " . The biggest sur- prise of the year was probably the box office smash " Dirty Dancing " , the hot musical romance starring Patrick Sway .e and Jennifer Grey. The soundtrack album topped the charts, as did the singles, " Time of my Life " , " Hungry Hyes " , and " She ' s like the Wind " . ' Another soundtrack, from the mov- ie " Less than Zero " , kept the Bangles riding high on their rise to stardom with the Simon and Garfunkle re- make of " Ha .y Shade of Winter " . The much-anticipated " Tunnel of Love " by Bruce Springsteen showed fans a more introspective side of the Boss, and " Bad " , Michael Jackson ' s follow- up to " Thriller " , didn ' t dissapoint them either. Belinda Carlisle, Steve Winwood, George Harrison, U2, and Prince all hit big with new releases, as did George Michael with " Faith " , containing the top-selling, highly controversial single, " I Want Your Sex " . Hard rock groups enjoyed a wave of commercial success with a string of hits by groups including White Snake, Poison, Cinderella, and Motley Crue. Alongside of them were newcomers Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, and RFM. In literature, Sidney Sheldon kept readers spellbound once again with his new bestseller " Windmill of the Gods " . The most talked about, crit- ically acclaimed book, however, was " Bonfire of the Vanities " , by Tom Wolfe, the leading social satirist of his generation. M.I. . The top twenty albums of 1987: 1) Bon Jovi -- Slippery When Wet 2) Michael Jackson -- Bad 3) U2 - - The Joshua Tree 4) Whitney Houston -- Whitney 5) Paul Simon -- Graceland 6) Beastie Boys -- Licensed to 111 7) Whitesanke -- Whitesnake 8) Anita Baker -- Rapture 9) Steve Windwood -- Back in the High Life 10) Genesis -- Invisible Touch 1 1) Bruce Hornsby and the Range - The Way It Is 12) Europe - - The Final Count- down 13) Janet Jackson -- Control 14) The Robert Cray Band - Strong Persuader 15) Madonna - - True Blue 16) Bruce Springsteen - - Tunnel of Love 17) Cinderella -- Night Songs 18) Fleetwood Mac - - Tango in the Night 19) Poison -- Look What the Cat Dragged In 20) Peter Gabriel --So Student Life photos courtesy Public Relations, convocation photos by Steve Davis Happy 140th birthday, Ole Miss! This year the University of Mississippi celebrates 140 years of tradition, excellence, and pride. The faculty, staff, and students kicked off the year long celebration with a convocation in the C. M. " Tad " Smith Col- iseum on January 27, 1988. Dignitaries such as Mississippi ' s First Lady Julie Mabus and Lt. Governor Brad Dye were on hand to greet the Ole Miss community and offer congratulatory remarks. The faculty was robed in full academic regalia for the event, and the combined University of Mississippi choirs performed in conjunction with the Ole Miss band. We hope some of the pic- tures on this page will help you glimpse into the rich heritage of Ole Miss ' past and spark fond memories of our own year here at this grand institution. S.W. SECTION EDITOR: Mark Graham ASST. SECTION EDITOR: Frank Hurdle 56 Humor Richard Whitfev Humor Contents: UM Funnies 58 Dating . . . Ole Miss Style 59 Ole Miss Alphabet 60 Finding new perspectives in HUMOR Humor 57 U M FUNNIES DOOMSBURY by Jerry Falsdeau BOOT by Neff MacJelly ues O N TO BE ? PEENUTS by Charles Shlitz YOU kdou Litius, I ' BLOOP COUNTRY by Badd Breath WH THf fO. iVe TO 58 Humor yov KMOI you $. DATING CLE MISS STYLE Our couple Tad and Tammy go out on their first date. Photos by Dan Magee 1. Tad and Tammy first make eye contact in English class. 2. TAD " So, uh, maybe if your uh, not busy maybe you might want to go out Friday night. " 3. " First time to shave Tad? " Our boy gets ready at the frat house for his first date with Tammy. 4. Tammy is certainly excited about her big date with Tad. 5. Tad " Hey Tammy, just thought I would call and make sure you ' re still going out with me, ha, ha, ha. " 6. Tammy " Well actually Tad, I forgot we were going out and made other plans . . . just joking Tad. " 7. Our evening starts off at the movies. It looks like the kids can ' t agree on which movie to see. 8. " Missed the movie, huh. Oh well Tad, taking her to Syd Harry ' s for a nice dinner should impress her. " 9. " That is if you can afford it. Look at those prices Tad, you had better think quick. " 10. Our swave man about town knows a better place with more atmosphere. Maybe Burger King. 11. After hitting the bar scene, (underage maybe?), the stud sneaks Tammy up to his room. 12. Whatever happened behind closed doors was not all good and they end up fighting in front of her dorm. 13. Tammy is pretty tore up about the breakup of what ap- peared to be TRUE LOVE. 14. " Hey take it easy Tad. " It seems as though our hero thinks he can drown his sor- rows in alcohol. 15. Weeks latter: Love con- quers all and Tad and Tammy get back together. " What ' s that Tad, A DROP? " 16. AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Yeah, right. Humor 59 PO . . is for Alcohol, alcohol is derived from the distilation or the fermentation of grains and fruits. It sometimes appears to be the life blood of some Ole Miss students. B Dan Magee ... is for Beer, which is form of the above. B is also for Bowheads, which can always be found at the Law Library looking for a hus- band. ... is for Cars. These are used by Ole Miss students to travel that arguous journey to and from classes. Cars of Bavarian variety are preferred. C is also for Confederates. Most Southerners still seem to think they actually won the Civil War. ... is for Dating, which is a fine art here at Ole Miss. (See page 59 for more informa- tion.) ... is for Elections, which is something that seems to occur every other month. E is also for Empty, which can describe your check- ing account, refridgerator, bottle of bour- bon, etc. 60 Humor 1 ... is for Football. It ' s when you dress up in hot clothes, get a date, get a bottle, get a flag, and go stand in the stadium and cheer on the Rebels. It ' s a religion here at Ole Miss, win or lose. ... is for Grades, yeah grades, that is why we are here, isn ' t it? G is also for Greeks, you either love them or hate them. LJ ... is for the Hoka. It ' s a great place to go and just relax, have some cheesecake, and catch a flick. H is also for Home football games, you know the ones we play in Jack- son, 200 miles away. I ... is for I.D. You are a nobody at Ole Miss if 1 you don ' t have a I.D. card. Please no fake ones. I ... is for Jack Daniels or Jim Beam, two close friends and big Rebel football fans. They are always at the games and they have a lot of school spirit(s). Dan Magee ... is for Kroger. This place never closes, you can cash checks here without paying 50$. You might even get a date here. ... is for the Library. The stacks must have been designed on the WWII submarine motif. They say you can take all the books in every public university in the state and put them in the library at L.S.U. What good will that do? They can ' t read down there anyway. M N ... is for Memphis. It ' s a great place to road trip to for the day or night, to go shopping or just to party. . . . is for New Orleans. What else could beat a road trip to " Mempho " than one to " Nawlins. " With streets with names like " Bourbon " it has to be great. . is for Overdrawn, like most student ' checkbooks around final time. i ... is for Partying. It is what Ole Miss does best. It is a required course at Ole Miss. It meets nightly usually Wednesday through Saturday, 4:00pm until the party is over. P is also for Parking, which is a definite problem that truly seems unsolvable. Q Hamp Overton ... is for Queers. You better watch out for these in certain library restrooms. Q is also for Quasi, which has become a frequent name used around the Daily Mississip- pian office this year. ... is for Rebel Flags. Bring your own, the University will not provide you with one. O ... is for Stereos. Everybody has a stereo that is louder than the other guy ' s, and they are out to prove it. Hence, " Stereo Wars. " . . is for Tickets. U.P.D. will give you a ticket just any ol ' time. They add up after awhile, but the money does go to a good cause, putting someone else through school. If you want tickets, say to an R.E.M. concert, you better get there early and buy in bulk. U Richard Whittey ... is for U.P.D. When are they going to get a SWAT team and just start blowing students away who park in faculty parking spots? ... is for Voting. " Have you exercised your right to vote today? " During certain elec- tions, it is possible to get a date just by walking down the street and telling some- one you haven ' t voted yet. W . . . is for THE Warehouse. We have to feel sorry for those of you who never had a chance to go to the beloved watering hole, but like a lot of other Ole Miss traditions, it is simply " gone with the wind. " ... is for Xerox. You know those wonderful xerox machines in the Library, only 5$ but do they ever work? is f r Yankee. There are a few of us that still believe there is life other than being a Southerner. ... is for Zoo, as in Stockard Dorm. Humor 61 SECTION EDITOR: Cheryn Netz 62 Features Features Contents: Colonel Reb Miss Ole Miss 64 Favorites 66 Miss University 70 Homecoming Court Queen 72 Most Beautiful 74 Beauties 76 Miss Hospitality 81 g new perspectives in FEATURES Features 63 Blake Teller Blake Teller represents Ole Miss as Colonel Rebel this year. A Banking and Finance major from Vicksburg, MS, Blake is the Business School President Blake was also Treasurer of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, a member of Golden Key National Honor Society, and a member of the Financiers Club. As an honor student, Blake re- ceived the Forest C. Mobley Scholarship and is on the Chancellor ' s Honor Roll. Mary Stevens Mary Stevens, a member of Tri-Delta Sorority, is a Liberal Arts Major from Birmingham, Al. She was a varsity cheerleader for three years and the M-Club Sweetheart. No stranger to the spotlight, Mary was Most Beautiful 1986, a Pike Calander Girl in 1985, a Fraternity Sweetheart, and a Homecoming Maid in 1986. Because of her involvement and service to the uni- versity, she was named to the Hall of Fame and Who ' s Who this year. Mary Stevens is a perfect choice for Miss Ole Miss. 64 Features - 1 COLONEL REBEL Blake Teller MISS OLE MISS Mary Stevens 65 Favorites S Kim Gotten Kim, a Journalism major from Carthage, MS, was the Kappa Delta Membership Chairman and a former Ole Miss Beauty. Kim was also the Dixie Week Committee Chairman and a member of RUF, Ole Miss Ambassadors, and College Re- publicans. Her hobbies include playing tennis, swimming, writing, and traveling. Amy King A senior from Monroe, LA, Amy has been in- volved on campus. She was the Rush Chairman for Kappa Delta, an ASB Executive Secretary, and was on the Student Alumni Council, and Student Programming Board Special Events Committee. In her spare time, Amy enjoys aerobics, bike-riding, and spending time with her friends and her par- ents. Allyson Heflin Allyson Heflin is a Junior from Forest, MS. She was in the Chancellor ' s Leadership Class, a mem- ber of Lambda Sigma, and a Sigma Nu Little Sister. A member of Phi Mu Sorority, Allyson was the Assistant Rush Chairman. When asked why she came to Ole Miss, Allyson said that Ole Miss made her feel at home and it was easy for her to meet new people here. Charlotte White Charlotte, a Senior Eng- lish Major from Jackson. MS. was the ASB Secretary Very involved on campus, White was an ASB Senator for two years and has vd as the Activities Chairman and Social Chair- man for Chi Omeqa Char- lotte was also the Vice- President for Kappa Sigma Little Sisters When asked why she chose Ole Miss, Charlotte replied, ' Because Ole Miss offers a superb ed- ucation as well as an at- titude of pride and Southern Spirit ' Christy Cole The President of Delta Gamma and the Vice- President of Omicron Delta Kappa, Christy Cole, a Se- | nior English major from Par- V has made the most I of her time at Ole Miss. Christy was also the Stu- dent Director of the Univer- sity Honors Program and a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Mortar Board, and Who ' s Who Among American Col- leges and Universities She is interested in politics and also likes to play golf. Cole came to Ole Miss to enjoy the benefits of a small, friendly campus. Pam Kloha What can be said about Pam that hasn ' t already been said before 9 A very familiar face on campus, Pam has been very involved with almost every aspect of campus since her freshman year. A senior majoring in journalism from Holly Springs, MS, Pam has served thqMSB as ator, Vice-President, and in January, she took over as ASB President On the Daily Missisippian, Pam was a se- nior staff writer, and the Campus Editor. One reason Pam chose Ole Miss ;G be- cause of the " Southern Charm and Beauty that per- sonifies the Deep South. " Christy Crockett According to Crockett, " The beautiful campus and Southern hospitality (at Ole Miss) provides a great col- lege atmosphere. " Christy, a Junior from Holly Springs, MS, has taken advantage of what Ole Miss has to offer by serving as Director of University Relations for the ASB, Phi Mu Parliamentar- ian, News Scene 12 Weath- er Anchor, and an officer in Angel Flight. Her other ac- tivities include Sigma Tau Delta Officer, Lambda Sig- ma, Student Programming Board, and the Chancellor ' s Standing Committee. te Miss has Southern Hospitality Ashley Hopkins Ashley is a Senior from Gulf port, MS A member of Delia Delta Delta sorority, she was the Chaplain and Panhellenic Representative She also belongs to Mortar Board. Beta Gamma Sigma. Rho Lamb da. Lambda Sigma, and was the Student Pro grammmg Board Committee Chairman in 1986 A very likable person. Ashley was chosen Sigma Chi Sweetheart Whitney Vann Whitney is a Junior majoring in Television Broad casting from Glasgow. KY She has been busy this year serving as the Director of Union Activities for the SPB A former junior varsity cheerleader. Whit ney was a Student Orientation leader, a Rebel Recruiter, and has been on the Student Alumni Council and ASB Spirit Committee Whitney is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority and enjoys snow skiing, playing tennis and water- skiing Lynn Hennessey Lynn, a member of the Varsity Tennis Team, chose Ole Miss because " it has one of the best tennis programs in the South " The Secre- tary Treasurer of the Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes and member of the Lady Rebel M-Club. Lynn was also involved in other aspects of campus such as Tn Delta Sorority. Mortar Board, and Sig- ma Chi Little Sisters Lynn has been an All- Academic SEC for two years, and she enjoys jogging, aerobics, and skiing I ; Miss University Miss Patricia Keith, from Water Valley, MS, is Miss University for 1987. Patricia, who graduated last year, was very involved on campus. She was a Rebelette, a University Dancer, and on the Mod- eling Board. A Cum Laude graduate, Patricia was on the Chancellor ' s Honor Roll, a member of Gold- en Key National Honor Society, and a member of Phi Alpha Theta. Patricia was also a Kappa Sigma Starduster. She is currently in her first year at Vanderbilt Law School in Tennessee. 70 - - Features Features HOME Amy ICeevers ECOMING QUEEN Hornecwnificra CM iwts is 6rr ' r sa grove filled itMai1gatinaIvjm , i ( . inhonofoithe.cxxas.on, : --culmirW Is 0)e Miss. Homecoming 1987 was no e October sk with footbaBs, ' defeating Va Futeher of JacksOfTHScOrtc-: c - c = F -e udent with her court as HotnecofniogrOueen, presiding bright smile on her seeder. There was a hint of Autumn 1 the breeze; the reveiry continued frro the nigbt, brimming with tradition, Homecoming stands put as ory ' s ghosts are kind, and they wear Rednd Me an e Sullivan Michelle ffartzog Christy Washington Shelby Hammond MOST BEAUTIFU 1987 Most Beautiful Beth Howell is a freshman from Clinton, Ms. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Howell. Beth, a member of Delta Gamma So- rority, was sponsored by Kappa Alpha Fraternity in the Parade of Beauties on Nove mber 3,1987. Her college activities include President of her pledge class, Ole Miss Modeling Board, and Ole Miss Am- bassadors. She is also a co-anchor of " Entertainment Review " on Channel 12. No stranger to pageants, Beth is Mis- sissippi ' s Junior Miss for 1987. u .. ;-.. ; i I I i BETH HOW ELL tS m - . OLE MISS BEAUTIES ANGELA HART Cleveland, Ms P i , v m IK m M fm ANGELA LIGON Grenada, MS SHELBY HAMMOND Corinth, MS v V CHANDRA WILLIS Meridian, MS OLE MISS BEAUTIES I 78 Features LAURA MURRAY Clinton, MS I ii i I J, TIA DEES Jackson, MS OLE MISS BEAUTIES Features 79 Special thanks to Libertyland and Dr. Lamar of Oxford for the use of their locations. All photography by Professional Images of Jackson, MS. Division page photograph cour- tesy of Cofield ' s Photography. DANA D ALTON Corinth, MS . , i ELIZABETH WYATT Cleveland, MS MISS HOSPITALITY 1987 Ole Miss is proud to have Miss Hospitality 1987 Elizabeth Wyatt as a student. Elizabeth, a senior from Cleveland, MS, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs Kent Wyatt. An honor student, Elizabeth is a Pre-Med major and on the Chancellor ' s Honor Roll with a 3.95 grade point average. She is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Golden Key National Honor Society A member of Tri-Delta sorority, Elizabeth is the Ote Miss Modeling Board Co-Captain, an Ote Miss Beauty, and a former Pike Calander girl. She is also an officer in her sorority and a Rebel Tennis Matchmate. Aside from all of her college activities, Elizabeth serves Mississippi in two roles as Miss Hospitality. Within the state Elizabeth acts as a hostess for visitors or any functions. Her activities include everything from speaking at high schools and civic clubs to appearing in parades. Out of state she serves as an ambassador for Mississippi. Working with the MS Department of Economic Developm ent, Elizabeth has travelled to Washington, DC, Los Angeles, CA, and New York to promote our state. ELIZABETH WYATT SECTION EDITOR: Melanie Buntyn ASST. SECTION EDITOR: Sean Akins 82 - - Sports Sports Contents: Baseball 84 Football 90 Men ' s Basketball 100 Women ' s Basketball 106 Volleyball 112 Men ' s Tennis 114 Women ' s Tennis 116 Track 118 Golf 120 Cheerleading 122 Intramurals 124 Finding new perspectives in SPORTS Sports 83 BAOEBALL REBELS BREAK EVEN GORDON AND SIMON LEAD TEAM Ole Miss head Coach Jake Gibbs headed into the 1987 season optimistically and with good reason. Gibbs in his sixteenth season with the team is the winningest coach in Rebel baseball history. He had starters returning in every position. Twenty-two let- termen, including Senior Al l-American candidate Kyle Gordon and Senior All-Southeastern conference per- former Bubba Simon, were returning to the squad. The Rebels completed the season with a win-loss record of 25-25-1 overall; 11-16 in the SEC. Gordon added 7 more home runs to his Rebel record for most career home runs. Joe Gex and Kyle Gordon led the team with 56 hits each. " I feel like we ' ll be a very experienced ball club and have a lot of senior leadership on the field, " said Gibbs. " We ' ll return several experienced players that will play a key role in the success of the season. However, we ' ll have a young pitching staff that will have to come through for us early. " The pitching staff ended the season with an earned run average of 5.07 led by sophomore Jeff Purvis who finished with a 9-2 record and a 3.42 ERA. The 1987 season proved a fair one. Both Bubba Simon and Joe Gex were named All-Southeastern con- ference; Gex led the team with a .350 batting average, 3 home runs, and 53 RBIs. Simon followed with a .348 batting average, 9 home runs, and 39 RBIs. All-in-all the Rebel baseball program, after com- pleting the 1987 season winning 50% of their games, will look good as they enter the 1988 season. 1. The Rebels leading pitcher following the 1987 season, Jeff Purvis winds-up for the pitch. 2. Keith Kessinger slides in safe at home. 84 Sports A2 John Big - V r 1. Jean Paul Gentleman awaits the call. 2. Roger Smith looks for the sign from Coach Simcox. 3. Gordon fights the sun to make a catch while Matt Smith looks on. Sports 85 1987 RESULTS Union won 2-0 Union won 4-3 Delta State won 8-3 Memphis State lost 7-9 Auburn lost 6-8 Auburn lost 1-2 Auburn won 10-2 NE Louisiana tied 6-6 La. Tech. won 9-2 Tulane lost 4-5 Vanderbilt won 5-3 Vanderbilt lost 3-4 Vanderbilt lost 7-8 Illinois won 2-1 Illinois won 7-0 Missouri won 3-2 Missouri lost 1-11 Missouri lost 5-6 Mid. Tennessee lost 4-11 Mid. Tennessee lost 1-11 Arkansas State won 10-8 Georgia lost 0-7 Georgia won 10-3 Georgia won 5-4 Delta State won 6-5 Memphis State won 2-1 Miss. State lost 5-11 Miss. State lost 0-8 Miss. State lost 5-6 Mid. Tennessee lost 2-9 Mid. Tennessee lost 5-6 UAB won 13-3 LSU won 4-0 LSU won 6-5 LSU won 3-6 Florida lost 1-9 Florida lost 5-6 Florida won 10-8 UAB lost 7-8 Memphis State won 7-6 Miss. State won 6-4 Kentucky won 6-5 Kentucky won 7-3 Kentucky lost 8-16 NE Louisiana lost 12-14 Alabama won 5-2 Alabama lost 1-4 Alabama lost 1-2 Tennessee lost 7-10 Tennessee lost 7-9 Tennessee won 8-5 V A 4 John Biggs 1. Roger Smith is caught stealing. 2. Mike Domenick, 20, heads for home. 3. Senior Joe Gex dodges the tag by the Bulldog catcher. 4. Popeye Cole, a senior from Meridian, gains an extra base. 86 Sports 1047 John Biggs, ALL-AMERICAN Kyle Gordon entered the ranks of the Rebels in 1983 as a redshirted freshman from Jackson. During his career at Ole Miss, the All-SEC first baseman led the team in home runs, RBIs, and hitting. Gordon came through for the Rebels on several occasions with game winning RBIs and he finished his career at Ole Miss with 48 home runs and a .338 batting average. Receiv- ing his B.A. from UM in De- cember 1986 holding a 3.42 GPA, Gordon was named Ac- ademic All-SEC and Academ- ic All-American for his ef- forts. Kyle Gordon truly an Ole Miss All-American. A 3 1. Kyle Gordon anticipates the throw from the mound as a Georgia player " gets back " . 2. Coach Simcox and Smith watch the action on the field. 3. Coaches Gibbs and Swayze look on as the Rebels do their thing. John Biggs John Biggs Sports-- 87 r Anrr AI I I EXPECTATIONS DON ' T PAN OUT! PROBATION, MISTAKES LEAD TO LOSSES " We made mistakes on the field, and that ' s our fault, not the coaches. They prepared us to play. " Those words of junior quarterback Mark Young emortalized the 1987 Rebel football season. The team began the year with a disappointing loss to Mem- phis State in the Liberty Bowl and the mistakes Billy Brewer said, seemed to snowball, " A couple of times we thought we had it stabilized, but the players took punch after punch. " " When you come out and play as hard as they did today, it shows the pride and class they have, " said Brewer after the 20- 30 heartbreak loss to Mississippi State in Jackson. With nine starters returning to the defensive squad that was No. 1 in the SEC in 1986, the defense just didn ' t pan out. " We only had three seniors on the defense this year, " said Jeff Herrod. " All the other guys are young. " Quarterbacks Mark Young and John Darnell shared time at the top post. Young completed 104 passes of 261 attempts, while Darnell posted 54 passes of 95 attempts. Shawn Sykes led the team in rushing, totaling 379 net yards and J. R. Ambrose led the team in receiving with 49 catches for 515 yards and three touchdowns. Kicker Bryan Owen completed 12 of 15 field goals and led the team in scoring with 59 points. Punter Charles Childers punted 38 times for a 39.2 yard average. " One thing we ' re going to have to do is come back in the offseason and dedicate ourselves to the program, " Young said. " We ' re going to work as hard as we can to try to improve. We ' ll come out with a different attitude next year. Hopefully, we ' ll come out on the right end. " " This program will be going forward, " Brewer said. " Every year is a new year. We ' ll be a new football team with new enthusiam and new direction come September. " 1. Willie Goodloe gets stuck against Arkansas State. 2. Ole Miss did its share of punting; Childers punts it away to USL. 90 Sports X I. A Kentucky reciever escapes the grasp of an O e Miss defender. 2. Goodloe can ' t hang on. Jeff Sanford Sports 91 1. Mark Young looks to hand-off against Arkansas State. 2. A host of Ole Miss defenders swamp the Georgia running back. 3. Goodloe makes the block for McAllister against Mississippi State. 92 --Sports John Biggs 1. 1987 OLE MISS REBEL FOOTBALL TEAM 2. Darnell calls the plays in victory over Arkansas State. s 3. Punter Kevin Hurt punts for Ole Miss against Geor- J g ' a. Sports 93 1. Shawn Sowder scores for the Rebs against Arkansas State. 2. Willie Green makes the reception in the opening loss to Memphis State. 3. Steven Moore celebrates an interception against Tulane. 4. Howard Moss stops a Georgia gain. A3 94 Sports SEC ' S BEST IN 3 Wide-Receiver J. R. Ambrose has been described as the most exciting player to watch in the SEC. The 6-0, 1891b. senior from Monroe, Louisi- ana was selected as the SEC ' s " Best " in three different cat- egories in a poll by the Bir- mingham News Best Kick Returner, Most Versatile, and Best Athlete. He led the team with 42 catches for a total of 515 yards, and 15 total touch- downs during his four years. JeffSanford A3 1. Sikes is dumped by a Tulane defender. 2. Bobby Martin makes the grab against Arkansas State. 3. Nose guard, Richie Davis, " noses-in " on a Cajun from USL. JeffSanford Jeff Sanford Sports 95 OLE MISS REBELS 96 --Sports fefe 1. John Darnell looks for a reciever against DSL 2. J R Ambrose makes the reception in victory over USL 3 Rodney Lowe tries to get to the Vandy quarterback. A )- __ Mer emphis State Arkansas Arkansas State Tulane Georgia Kentucky USL Vanderbilt LSU Tennessee Mississippi State 10-16 10-31 47-10 24-31 14-31 6-35 24-14 42-14 13-42 13-55 20-30 Sports 97 FOOTBALL Jeff Sanford 1. Chuck Cleveland carries the ball in 42-13 loss to LSU. 2. Stephen Moore makes the tackle in Ole Miss ' first ' 87 victory over Arkansas State. 3. Jim Earl Thomas leaps to avoid a tackle against the Southwest Louisiana Caiuns. 98 Sports DEFENSIVE BACKBONE Linebacker Jeff Herrod is the backbone of the Rebel ' s de- fensive unit. The 6-1, 240 Ib. senior from Birmingham, Al- abama was an Ail-American candidate in 1986 and was al- so selected as a member of the Southern Living Magazine All-South Pre-Season team at the start of the 1987 season. He has a total of 528 tackles in his college career and led the team in tackles with 150 during his 1987 season. JcffSanfoid A3 1. Shawn Sikes, who averaged 34.5 yards per game, carries against Kentucky. 2. Coach Brewer, in his fifth year at Ole Miss had high expectations for his ' 87 team. 3. Bubba Dickey ready to make the hit against Arkansas. JeffSanfonI Sports 99 . .,-. SEASON OF CHALLENGES MURPHY ' S 2ND SEASON DIFFICULT In his second year as Head Basketball coach at Ole Miss, Ed Murphy has had to face some major challenges namely the complete recon- struction of the basketball program from the ground up. The team has only two returning starters: Rod Barnes and Charles Prater. " We lost our entire front line. " Murphy said. " We do not have a single player returning at forward or center with any playing time at all. Everyone will be new. That is the problem we ' re facing. " Part of the reason for the depletion of the Rebel front line is the extensive recruiting of junior college players by former Ole Miss Head Coach Lee Hunt. In the last five seasons, the Rebels have linked 10 junior college transfers. Now, the junior college route Ole Miss followed so diligently has come to a dead end and Murphy spent most of the 1987-88 season trying to get his six freshmen to learn the " ropes " . " It was foreseeable. " Murphy said, " We went the freshman route this year because we did not want to face the same situation two years from now. Literally, we have a half dozen kids that have never plaved collegiate basketball. " The Rebels were 7-9 including a 1-6 record in the SEC games at mid- season, although Seniors Rod Barnes and Charles Prater had some out- standing performances. Freshman Tim Jumper set a school record for the most points scored in a single game by a freshman with 28 points against Florida. Murphy believes that this team played hard and did their best, which is the most important aspect of the team concept. " I ' m very fortunate. " Murphy said. " I ' ve told people this and they don ' t believe me: If I was independently wealthy, I ' d be the basketball coach at Ole Miss free. I would! I ' d give the salary away or something. I really don ' t ever want to do anything else. I ' m a basketball coach. I like doing what I do, and it ' s great to do it at a big state university that has the competition that we ' re up against. It ' s great experience a great job. I owe this university my best and believe me, you get it; even when I fail, you get it. " l.Rod Barnes brings the ball up the court. 2. Forward Edgar Ward is part of the Reb ' s man-to- man defense. 100 --Sports 1. Junior Mike Paul prevents the inside pass in action against Vanderbilt. 2. The 1987-88 Rebels: Front (L to R): Greg Jones, Ronnie Miller, Roderick Barnes, Tim Jumper. Charles Prater Back (L to R): Greg Turner, Mike Paul, Sean Murphy. Marc Wil- son, Bo Allen, Edgar Ward. Sports 101 1987-88 SCHEDULE Nov. 19 Nov. 27-28 Dec. 1 Dec. 7 Dec. 9 Dec. 12 Dec. 19 Dec. 28 -29 Jan. ft Jan. 9 Jan. 16 Jan. 23 Jan. 27 Jan. 30 Feb. 3 Feb. 6 Feb. 10 Feb. 13 Feb. 17 Feb. 20 Feb. 24 Feb. 27 Mar. 2 Mar. 5 Mar.10-13 SPIRIT EXPRESS(Exhibition) at MCI Baltimore Harbor Classic (Ole Miss vs. St. Joseph ' s; Maryland vs. Loyola-Md.) KENTUCKY STATE at Southeastern Louisiana at Arkansas TUI.SA BAPTIST CHRISTIAN at USI ' G Sugar Bowl Classic (Ole Miss vs. Temple; New Orleans vs. Southern) at Tennessee 1.SU MISSISSIPPI STATE at Alabama at Georgia AUBURN at Kentucky TENNESSEE at LSU at Vanderbilt FLORIDA at Mississippi State ALABAMA GEORGIA at Auburn KENTUCKY at SEC Tournament 9 Home Games in ALL CAPS Southeastern Conference Games 1 Mike Paul tries to move the ball inside in the season opener 2. Ronnie Miller looks for the inside pass. 102 -- Sports Ri hard VVhitley 1. Charles Prater takes the ball to the basket to complete the drive. 2. In SEC action fresh- man Sean Murphy seeks an open player. UNLIKELY GUARD 6-1 guard, Roderick Barnes is the only four-year player on Head Coach Ed Murphy ' s squad. The senior has com- piled personal records for the team including scoring 34 points vs. New Orleans and 7 assists against three teams. Coach Murphy said, " Rod is a great player one of the best defensive players in the league. He is the most un- likely looking player in the league. He just doesn ' t look like a basketball player. He ' s an excellent point guard; he takes care of the ball. Rod is a hard worker and an over achiever. " Sports - - 103 BA9KETBALL Robert Jordan 1. Freshman center, Marc Wilson, avoids an at- tempted block to score against Vanderbilt. 2. Guard Rod Barnes is the key to the Rebel ' s offense in early season action against LSU. 3. Senior guard Ronnie Miller attempts a steal at Tad Smith Coliseum. 4. Junior center Mike Paul goes over the opposition for a score. 104 Sports PRATER TOUGH In his second season with the Rebels, senior Charles Prater has added to the Murphy man-to-man offense. The small forward scored 16 re- bounds against Tennessee, a personal best. In 86-87 sea- son, he played all 29 games. " He is an outstanding defend- er and a tough player, " said Coach Murphy. After the Tennessee defeat in overtime Prater said, " I like going to the glass and rebounding . . . and they weren ' t doing much blocking. I got a lot of cheap, easy baskets. " 1 . Head Coach Ed Murhpy is disappointed with the referee ' s call. Robert Jordan Sports 105 TALENT WINS OVER ODDS YOUNG TEAM WINS BIG At the end of the 1986-87 season, everyone was unsure if the Lady Rebels could still produce a 25-5 team. Though playing without graduated all-star forward, Alisa Scott, and two other regulars from the 86-87 squad which tied for second in the SEC title chase, as well as, having only two returning starters, several publications had picked the group to be SEC and national championship contenders early in the season. Head Coach Van Chancellor, in his 10th season with the Lady Rebels, was concerned about the teams chances when he said, " We have a great schedule, but it will be a tough one. The SEC is a killer league and I think going into the season there are at least two teams in the league better than us and some more teams right there with us. " Apparently Chancellor overestimated his competition. The team won 16 of its first 17 games including Southeastern Conference wins against rivals Vanderbilt and Florida. Chancellor ' s concern about putting an inexperienced team on the court was put to rest. The team shot 47 percent from the floor and sank 32 percent of their three-point field goals throughout the early part of the season. Going for his 10th straight winning season at Ole Miss, Chancellor explained his philosophy. " We ' ve won in women ' s basketball at Ole Miss for several reasons. No. 1, we ' ve had good players who are good human beings. No. 2, we ' ve had good coaches who have complimented each other. And No. 3, we ' ve had a financial commitment from the University to give us the tools to be successful. My goal is to one day win an NCAA Championship at Ole Miss, but I realize that may be unrealistic because there are so many good women ' s programs, and many of them are in our own conference. " In the game of basketball, the Lady Rebels are winners both on and off the court. 1 . Renee Chancellor makes the three point shot in home action. 2. A Lady Raider looks on as a Lady Rebel glides in for the easy lay-up. 3. Guard Jackie Martin watches for an open player in the lane against Alcorn State. II A2 106 Sports Bnjce Newman Sports 107 1. Jackie Martin averts a steal at Tad Smith Coliseum. 2. Junior guard Sherry Slayton led her team in scoring with 21 points in mid- season action against Memphis State. A 2 Newman I 108 Sports PLAYING BIG High scorer Cynthia Autry af- ter starting in 30 games in the 86-87 season, has come on strong in 1988. The 5-11, jun- ior center from Houston, Mis- sissippi, led the team in scor- ing and rebounding through much of the season. " For a player her size, Cynthia Autry plays as big as anyone I ' ve coached. She ' s a good rebounder and has an uncan- ny ability to make shots. We ' re counting on her to give us additional leadership this year, " said Van Chancellor. 1987-88 SCHEDULE Nov. 16 AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL TEAM Nov. 28 ALCORN STATE Dec. 1 at Northeast Louisiana Dec. 4-5 LADY REBEL TOURNAMENT (Eastern Kentucky, McNeese State, Missouri-Kansas City, Mississippi) Dec. 7 MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE Dec. 9 at Arkansas Dec. 12 MEMPHIS STATE Dec. 15 JACKSON STATE Dec. 17 MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE Dec. 29-31 St. Peter ' s Tournament (Colgate, St. Peter ' s, Virginia Tech, Mississippi) Jan. 5 STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE Jan. 13 VANDERBILT Jan. 16 Florida Jan. 20 MISSISSIPPI STATE Jan. 22 at Texas Jan. 27 at Jackson State Jan. 30 at Auburn Feb. 2 at Kentucky Feb. 6 TENNESSEE Feb. 10 at Louisiana State Feb. 12 at Mississippi College Feb. 14 NEW ORLEANS Feb. 17 at Memphis State Feb. 20 at Mississippi State Feb. 24 ALABAMA Feb. 27 GEORGIA Mar. 4-7 Southeastern Conference Tournament Home games in ALL CAPS Southeastern Conference Games 1. Kim Bullard blocks her Jackson State opponent in a home game. Sports 109 DA9KCTDALL Al Bruce Newmar 1 . Kimsey O ' Neal drives for a score against Middle Tennessee State. 2. Cynthia Autry draws the foul 3. Coach Malcolm Brown, Head Coach Van Chan- cellor, and Coach Peggie Gillom await the outcome of an important play. TOP GUARD Over the four years Kim Bui- lard has started for the Lady Rebels, she has always per- formed. In 1988 at mid- season she led the team in three-point field goals at 38.5%. She also led the team with 85 assists and 34 steals. Head Coach Van Chancellor said, " Kim provides our team with exceptional leadership and is a good outside shooter. She handles and passes the ball extremely well, and her experience will be vital to us this year. " She is said to rank as one of the top three guards in the SEC. Sports 111 REVAMPING IN A TRANSITION YEAR TRAVEL, INJURY PLAY ON SEASON Head Coach John Blair feels the Lady Rebels have yet to reach a satisfied point. " We had a lot of adversity to deal with that was not in our control. This caused us to have to work a lot harder to be where we are. " The 1987 season was played on the edge of being really great. Every time it looked like the team was going to surge forward, something hap- pened to knock them back. " We played the heart of the season with only six players, but no one quit even when it would have been really easy, " says Blair. With only one senior, Chris Houck, the team counted on some young play- ers. Other returning upperclassmen were Marge Ackerman and Tessie Palczynski. Mary Ahern and Cami Jones returned as sophomores along with red-shirt Michelle Whitby. Two new setters, Rob- in Tweety and Trecia Holloway, filled in the gaps along with Lynn Pritchard. Even with their inexperience the Lady Rebels took 2nd place at the DePaul Invitational and captured top honors at the Ole Miss Invitational Blair says the team needs to recognize the opportunities they have and take ad- vantage of them. A lot of travel and several injuries added to the pressure of playing with only six players, Blair feels his girls were both physically and men- tally drained, and he looks forward to a better next year. 1. Robin Tweety, junior from Missouri tips one over the block. 2. Confused emotions expressed by Houck, Jones, and Pritchard. 3. Chris Houck stuff blocks an opponent. 4. Marge Ackerman reaches for the " kill " while Ahern looks on. r I (I % III JTOR Sc .. . JeffSanfofd ALL-SEC SPIKER Chris Houck a senior from Pittsburg, PA, entered the Rebel relm in 1984 from Plum High School. A four year starter, Houck has been a leading player from the be- ginning, averaging 226 kills and 277 digs. " I ' ve really en- joyed playing here under Coach Blair. He has been ex- cellent. " says Houck, who made the All-SEC Tourna- ment team as well as the DePaul Invitational, Ole Miss Invitational, and Jacksonville Invitational All-Tournament teams in her final season with the Lady Rebels. I g Jeff Sanford LADY REBEL VOLLEYBALL TEAM: (L to R) Back: Coach John Blair, Cam! Jones, Margie Ackerman, Tessie Palczynski, John Whistler, Robert Stiegman, Middle: Michelle Whitby, Chris Houck, Mary Ahem, Front: Manager Suzy Lewis, Trecia Holloway, Robyn Tweedy, Student Assistant Trainer Kay Barron. Not pictured: Lynn Pritchard. 1. Mary Ahem, sophomore, racks up another kill while Cami Jones covers. 2. Freshman Trecia Holloway suc- cessfully makes a pass. Sports 113 TENNIO NETTERS ON THE MOV YOUNG TEAM REACHES NEW HEIGH: The men ' s tennis team continued steady improv ement last spring achieving many firsts. Early in the season, the Rebels were ranked in the top 25 teams nationally for the first time ever. They also recorded first time victories over Florida and Cal. -Irvine, one of only 1.6 teams to reach the NCAA tournament. " We went 14-12, finished in 4th at the SEC indoor tournament, and recieved national exposure. With six return- ing players and three new recruits, we should continue to improve. " said Chad- wick optimistically. The team excelled both on and off the court with David Baxter, Joey Johnson, Wade Petty, and David Randall making the Academic All-SEC team. All-in-all 1987 was an exciting year. Among the returners are Dave Randall, a junior from Tupelo, and Aaron Barrick, a senior from North Carolina, who combined to win the SEC no. 2 indoor title last spring. Also returning is Jimmy Pitts, a sophomore from Georgia. Chadwick calls Pitts " the most consistent player on the team " , and predicts him to reach the NCAA tourna- ment this year. The other returning players include senior Wade Petty, and juniors Da- vid Baxter and Jim Williams. Improvement was evident in the fall season when Pitts made it to the finals of the Clemson Clas- sic, and Baxter and Pitts won the 2nd div. doubles. Also in the fall season, Randall and freshman Borris won the Rolex SW Louisiana Tournament. Chadwick expects to secure a spot in the NCAA tournament and to be ranked nationally in the spring of 1988 . " Things look bright, " says Chadwick " for tennis at Ole Miss. " 1. Jim Williams in top form. 2. Dave Randall volleys at the net as partner Aar- on Barrick looks on. 3. Joey Johnson and Jim Williams take a breather between sets. A 2 lohn Biggs - Sports A3 1. jimmy Pitts goes cross-court with a back- hand. SID 1 SOUTHERN TITLIST Aaron Barrick, a senior from N. Carolina, made an immediate impact on the Ole Miss men ' s team after transfering from Georgia Junior College. In 1986 he was ranked no. one in NC, the south, and top 24 nationally in boys 18-and-under-singles. He captured the 1986 Southern Closed singles and doubles titles and won the 1985-86 Southern Indoor Championships. In 1987 he competed with Dave Randall to win the no. two doubles help- ing UM finish 4th in the SEC Indoor Tourn., and he won the 1987 Southern Open doubles ti- tle with John Sales. .. A3 2 Wade Pern- plays the net waiting to volley. ; David Baxter anticipates the return from the opposing team. lohn Biggs SID Sports 115 -TENAH SEASON LOOKS OPTIMIST! YOUNG SEEKING NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIll Lady Rebel tennis coach Jerry Mont- gomery is optimistic and with good reason. With two-time All- Southeastern Conference player, Jane Young, returning, Coach Montgomery is looking forward to this season. Young, a senior from Canada, ap- proaches her final season with an NCAA Championship in her sights. Montgomery describes Young as a " world-class player with big-time po- tential. " Making the all SEC team twice, Young is the only Lady Rebel to reach the NCAA tournament. Also re- turning this year is Heather Hartman, a senior from Delaware. Hartman im- proved throughout the season to reach the finals of the SEC champi- onship, finishing 3rd in the SEC. The Lady Rebels defeated Vandy, Ala- bama, Virginia, and Syracuse to finish the season 6th in the SEC. Other play- ers returning include seniors Lynn Hennessey, and Rachel Paris, and juniors Clara Arnold, Laura Nelson and Dawn Parkhurst. The fall season was excellent for the Lady Rebels with Heather Hartman and Lynn Hennes- sey making it to the finals of the con- solation doubles in the SEC Indoor Tournament. Also making it to the finals was Young whose recovery from a 1986 injury had slowed her improvement. Montgomery antici- pates a great season in 1988 and looks for senior leadership from Young, Hartman, and Hennessey. 1. Heather Hartman, from Deleware, pre- pares for a forehand. 2. Jill Cvelbar, fresh- man, scoops a low shot. 3. Laura Nelson gets some one-on-one instruction from Coach Montgomery. 116 -- Sports SEEKING TITLE Jane Young, from Waterloo, Canada, came to Ole Miss in 1983 liking coach Chad wick ' s approach to the game and the good weather. A two-time all- SEC player, Young played in the 1985 NCAA Tournament before taking off a year to play on the pro circuit com- peting in the U.S. and Ca- nadian Opens. While on the tour she won the Canadian National title and was ranked as high as 128th in the world and 2nd in Canada. Young enters her senior year poses- sing a world-class forehand, and great determination as she strives for the 1988 NCAA title. 1. Lynn Hennessey returns a low shot from her oponent during an intersquad match. A3 2. Kim Schmitz " cues-in " for a backhand. 3. Dawn Parkhurst readies to return. )rff Sanford 2 Sports 117 TRACK NINTH IN SEC YOUNG TEAM WILL COMPETE Head Track Coach Ken Gibson, in his second season with the Rebels, ended the 1987 season with disappointing finishes in both the indoor and outdoor track and field events. The Ole Miss men ' s and women ' s teams each concluded the season with 9th place finishes in the SEC. The highlight came when freshman Alan Ince of Barbados finished third in the 500 meter run with a time of 1:04.07 at the Mason-Dixon Indoor Games in Louisville, Kentucky. The young women ' s cross-country squad with four returnees from the 1986 women ' s team finished 8th in the SEC Championships. The men ' s team, with only one returner and eight freshmen trying for the seven top spots, had a 9th place finish. Early in the season Gibson said, " We will be basically young teams with a lot of enthusiam. We have the kind of group that will improve as the season goes along. " As the teams work hard to get ready for the upcoming indoor season, Coach Gibson is shaping his athletes into true competitors. 1. Team members sprint the final yards during an intrasquad time trial. 2. Nyarinda Aduma waits for the gun before runing a 300m time trial. 3. WOMEN ' S TRACK TEAM: (L to R) Front: Melanie Congemi, Sonya Varnell, Nyarinda Aduma, Aimee Mallory, Dawn Mouton, Kelly McLaughlin; Middle: Coach Ken Gibson, Vicki Horton, Darlene Calvin, Jody Cline, Charlotte Ashe, Erica Hurley, Kristie Mullins, Suzanne Venoski, Libby Lumpkin, Coach Billy Wright; Back: Crama Manning, Betty Collins, Bonnie Collins, Bobby Collins, Jenny DeCann, Maggie Henson. A 2 Melanie Buntyn 4. MEN ' S TRACK TEAM: (L to R) Front: Allen Ince, Mike Scalla, Verdell Oliver, Gabriel Dear, Russ Curry, Ley Fletcher; Middle: Coach Ken Gibson, Steve Powland, David Knisely, Derrick Green, Tom Rice, Brian Kelly, Ken Smith, Will Traylor, George Baus, Coach Billy Wright; Back: Mark Hadley, Dirk Lipert, Tommy Ross, Bucky Thomas, Mike Daves, Don Kelley, Daron Johnson 118 --Sports A4 SID ' EXPECTED TO BLOSSOM Nyarinda Aduma joined the Lady Rebel team in the fall of 1986 following a strong career at East High School in Youngstown, Ohio. Coach Gibson expects her to " really blossom " in the spring of 1988. Aduma holds several high school records and fin- ished first in the 400 meters at the AAU Junior Olympics. During the ' 87 season at Ole Miss, Aduma scored in the South Eastern Conference as a member of two relay teams. Aduma ' s personal records: 100m-11.8, 200m-25.0, and 400m-55.3. OLYMPIC HOPEFUL A native of Christ Church, Barbados, Alan Ince came to Ole Miss when Coach Gibson showed an interest and of- fered him a chance to run for the Rebels. Following the 1987 season, Ince was 3rd in the South Eastern Conference in the 400m hurdles. He com- peted at the Mason-Dixon Games where he placed 3rd in both the 500m run and the 1600m relay. Ince hopes to compete in the 1988 Olympics representing Barba- dos and he looks forward to both the SEC and NCAA Championships in the spring where he ' ll be running for the Rebels. SID 1. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: (L to R) Kneeling: Mark Hadley, Tom Rice, Ed Maier, Tommy Ross, David Criswell, and George Fletcher; Middle: Coach Billy Wright, Darlene Calvin, Dawn Mouton, Jennifer DeCann, Kelly McLauglin, Aimee Mallory, Coach Dr. Ken Gibson; Back: David Knisky, Phillip Doiron, William Thomas, Michael Daves, Rip Haney. (not pictured) Maggie Henson, Libby Lumpkin, Erica Burley. 2. Will Taylor from Georgia practices the shot put with intensity. Melanie Buntyn Sports 119 PROGRAM ON THE RISE SEARCH FOR COACH, YOUNG WOMEN ' S TEAM The Ole Miss Golf program is on the rise. In their second year of play, after being added as the seventh women ' s sport in order to meet NCAA requirements, Coach Beth Estes looks confidently toward the future for the lady Rebels. The lady ' s team is young and building with re- cruits for the first time after a 1987 team of mostly walk-ons. Since most of the other seven teams in the SEC are well established, being competitive is going to take some time. Veronica McFadden is expected to lead the lady Rebels along with the other returning golfers: Louise Davis, Lindy Dorris, and Jane Hawkins, and there are four freshmen recruits with whom Coach Estes hopes to build a solid base for future squads. Estes is opptimistic about the spring and her young team. Even though the team is in- experienced there is definite talent that is going to show. The men ' s 1987 season turned out really well under the leadership of Coach Ernest Ross, who ended his career at Ole Miss this fall, after eight seasons at the helm of the Rebel squad. Fol- lowing a good spring season with a 2nd place finish at the SEC Invitational and a 3rd place finish at the Gamecock Invitational, the Rebels finished with an impressive spring scoring av- erage of 293.9. The 1987 fall season was equally impressive and left the Rebels holding top hon- ors at the Fairfield Bay Classic and 3rd place at the LSU National Invitational. Dave Miley, Jeff Daves and Lan Gooch are expected to lead the Rebels in the spring. All had good fall seasons, with Miley and Daves bringing home top honors. Miley won the LSU National Invitational and lost in sudden death at the Stan- ford Invitational. Jeff Daves won the Arkansas State Invitational and is expected to have an excellent spring. The Rebels hope to have a replacement for Coach Ross by January, but regardless of the coaching situation, the Rebels look forward to a great spring season. 1. Men ' s Golf: (L to R) Back row: Mark Mills, Vance Veazy, John Harless, Dave Foley, Jeff Daves; Front row: Dave Miley, Will Pritchard, Lan Gooch, Jim Paetge, Clay Covey. 2. Will Pritchard, a junior form Jackson, putts at the 18th in a intrasquad tournament. ALL SEC GOLFER Lan Gooch, from Houston, MS, has been a leader to the Ole Miss squad. As a fresh- man, he played in 5 tourna- ments completing the season with a 76.3 scoring average. In 1986, he finished 4th in the SEC, capturing top honors at both the Greenville and Deer- field Country Club Invitation- als. In 1987 he won the MS Amateur and the Spirit of America Tournaments and took top honors at the Green- wood Invitational for the 2nd time in his career. Gooch was chosen 1st team All-SEC in 1987 and expects a strong spring season. 120 Sports 1. Jim Baetge watches the flight of the ball after teeing off. 2. Ladies Golf: (L to R) Back row: Amy Napolitano, Keil Frassrand, Louise Davis, Veronica McFadden; Front row: Becky Hayes, Stephanie Gentry, Jane Hawkins, Lindy Dorris, Samantha Mayo; Kneel- ing: Coach Beth Estes. 3. Veronica McFadden follows through and watches the ball sour. 4. Mark Mills takes a practice shot before an intrasquad tournament. Melanie Buntyn A 2 TEAM LEADER Veronica McFadden, of West Columbus, Texas, came to Ole Miss from Houston Bap- tist Univ. Capturing top hon- ors in the Louisiana Chapter of the PGA in 1981, and the International Tournament of Champions in 1983, she was MVP of her high school team in 1984 and 1985. She com- peted in all 7 tournaments for UM in 1986 with a total scor- ing average of 84.2. During the 1987 fall season, she shot an average of 84.3 over 12 rounds leading the team. McFadden says of coming to Ole Miss, " thought it would be an honor to actually start out a college team. " Melanie Buntyn A4 Melanie Buntyn .. Sports 121 CHEERLEADERS GO REBELS SQUADS LEAD REBEL FANS Pep rallies, bon fires, stunts and tumbling all part of being a cheerleader at Ole Miss. Leading " Hotty Toddy " really fires up the crowd wherever and whatever the Rebels are playing. Colonel Rebel and the squads, wearing the Ole Miss colors, are part of the long standing Ole Miss tradition and the Rebel spirit. A 1 A2 John Biggs 1. Here come the Rebels! 2. Colonel Rebel, Jay and Mary cheer on the Rebels. 3. VARSITY CHEER- LEADERS: (LtoR) Back row: Jamie McGinnis, Jay McCrosky, Bryan Baldwyn, Mike Williams, Scotty Simmons, Ron Dickerson; Front row: Kim Kalbera, Tracy Johnson, Susan Benson, Mary Stevens, Jen- nifer Jones, Kim Allred. 4. Mary Stevens and Tracy Johnson fire up the Rebel fans. Ji- 122 Sports A4 John A 5 Dan Magee 1. Darrell Herring holds partner Dana Mosley in a torch as they cheer on the Lady Rebels. 2. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: !, to R) Back: Bill Turner, Dan Magee, Frank Clark, Darrell Herring, Len Hardison, Craig Whittington; Front: Connie Brazile, Erin O ' Connell, Shannon Adams, Dana Mosley,Tracey Johnson, Tracy Reeves. 3. Dan Magee and Erin O ' Connell cheer-on the Ole Miss Rebels in Vaught-Hemingway sta- dium. 4. The J. V. Cheerleaders dance to the Rebel fight song at the Ladv Rebel Classic. 5. Camera break! MfSanfon) Sports 123 INTRAMURALG SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE SPRING TENNIS SINGLES Men: Neal Burge Women: Elizabeth Noblin TENNIS DOUBLES Men: Riser Rolfe Women: Adams Caldwell DART SINGLES Men: Jeff Ash Women: Lara Dunaway DART DOUBLES Men: Ash Vernon Women: Cox Nation SWIMMING Men: Kappa Alpha Women: Alpha Delta Pi RACQUETTBALL SINGLES Men: Scotty Scott Women: Clara Arnold RACQUETTBALL DOUBLES Men: Peaks Simpkins Women: Lewis Elliott BASKETBALL Men: Probationers Women: Sybarites ULTIMATE FRISBEE Men: Sigma Nu Women: Sybarites GOLF Men: Smith Prasad Women: Knight Cox HORSESHOE SINGLES Men: Jack Collier Women: Jackie Chase HORSESHOE DOUBLES Men: Mock Collier Women: Livingston Bullard DRIVING CONTEST Men: Bill Power Women: Suzy Lewis FALL FLAG FOOTBALL AAA: Rockpile AA: Mississippi 1 2 Steps Rec: Drugs Unlimited Women: Kappa Epsilon SOCCER AAA: Blue Balls AA: Chi Psi Women: Delta Delta Delta H-O-R-S-E Men: Bill Bradford Women: Linda Livingston FLOOR HOCKEY Men: Gretzkies Women: Kappa Alpha Theta 3 ON 3 BASKETBALL YEAR ROUND ATHLETICS] Men: Phi Delta Theta Women: Trio PUNT, PASS KICK Men: John Edward Women: Jennifer Martin FIELD GOAL KICKING Men: David Rawls Women: Jennifer Martin SHUFFLEBOARD SINGLES- Men: Patrick Richard Women: Dina Hilgeford SHUFFLEBOARD DOUBLES Men: Lazarus Traut Women: Cavett Hilgeford BADMINTON SINGLES Men: Wong Say Jooi Women: Mee Mee Tan TRACK FIELD j Men: Sigma Nu Women: Tri-Delta VOLLEYBALL Men: Sigma Nu Women: Sybarites PICKLEBALL SINGLES Men: Richard Ethridge Women: Elizabeth Noblin PICKLEBALL DOUBLES Men: Boyd Boltin Women: Dunaway Noblin 124 Sports Sports 125 SECTION EDITOR: Katrina Howard ASST. SECTION EDITOR: Candice Murphy 126 Honors p Ovrrhm Honors Contents: Hall of Fame 128 Who ' s Who 136 Honor Clubs 146 Finding new perspectives in HONORS Honors 127 tiflLL EJF FflME Andrew Chandler Battaile Chandler Battaile is a marketing ma- jor from Belden, Mississippi. He is presently serving as Associated Stu- dent Body Treasurer and has been very active within the ASB and the Student Programming Board during his four years here at Ole Miss. His campus activities include Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Sigma, Gam- ma Beta Phi, Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mississippi Governmen- tal Affairs Committee, and Ambassa- dors. Chandler is also a member of Outstanding Young Men of America and Who ' s Who Among American College Students. 128 Honors HflLb Bf FflME Virgil Lee Bigham IV During his four years at Ole Miss, Lee Bigham has served in many lead- ership positions. He is currently Pres- ident of Omicron Delta Kappa, and has served as President of Lambda Sigma, Vice-President of Greek Cen- tury and secretary of Alpha Lambda Delta. Lee has also been very active in his fraternity Phi Delta Theta as Chap- lain and Scholarship Chairman. Lee is also involved in Phi Sigma Tau Phi- losophy Society, Alpha Epislon Delta, Eta Sigma Phi, Mississippi Govern- mental Affairs Committee, R.U.F., and was the Chi Omega head houseboy. A psychology pre-med major from Jackson, Mississippi, he was chosen to participate in the first class of Lead- ership America and was also chosen for Who ' s Who Among American Col- lege Students. Honors 129 flflLL QF FflME Hampton Dogan Dye Hamp Dye, an accounting major from Jackson, Mississippi, is a member of Sigma Nu fraternity. He is currently serving as Senior Class President, as well as, Interfraternity Council Judicial Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Mis- sissippi Governmental Affairs Com- mittee. He has been honored with the Army Superior Cadet Award, MSI, and is a member of Who ' s Who Among American College Students. He has served as Vice President and Pledge Trainer of his fraternity, and President of Greek Century. He is also involved in the Student Advisory Council, Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, and Lambda Sigma. 130 Honors WILL 0F FflME Frank Moore Hurdle Frank Hurdle is a law major from Holly Springs. He is currently serving as Editor of the Daily Mississippian and has worked on the paper for three years. He has also worked on the Ole Miss annual, serving as a section ed- itor and copy writer. Frank was cho- sen for Who ' s Who Among American College Students this year. He is also a member of the College Republicans, Mississippi Governmental Affairs Committee, and Phi Kappa Tau Fra- ternity. Honors 131 WILL EJF FflME Pamela Joanne Kloha Pam Kloha has contributed a lot to Ole Miss in her four years. She is a journalism major from Holly Springs, Mississippi and is currently serving as Associated Student Body Vice- President. Her leadership positions in- clude campus senator, Executive Leg- islative Liason, Senate Student Affairs committee chairman, and College Re- publicans chairman. She is a member of Delta Gamma sorority and has served as assistant to the President and on the Chapter Relations Board. She is also involved in many organi- izations such as Associated Women Students, Sigma Delta Chi, Phi Kappa Phi, Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, National Golden Key Society, Lambda Sigma, and Phi Eta Sigma. She has also been honored by being cho- sen for Who ' s Who Among American College Students and was elected Campus Favorite. 132 Honors Hflbb OF FflME Walter Kirk Mullins Kirk Mullins is English Pre-med ma- jor from Natchez, Mississippi. Cur- rently, Kirk is President of the Inter- fraternity Council and Sergeant-at- arms of Eta Sigma Phi. He also served as pledge trainer for his fraternity. Kirk was selected to Who ' s Who Among American College Students this year. Some of his other campus activities include: Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Epislon Delta, Lambda Sigma, Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board and the UM Modeling Board. Honors 133 HflLL QF FflME Poppy Lea Pruett A mathematics major from Pitts- burgh, Pennsylvania, Poppy is cur- rently serving in her second term as Editor of the Ole Miss Annual. She was also Greek Week Adversiting Chairman for two years and has served as Chairman for the 1987, 1988 Hall of Fame selection commit- tees. She was honored with being chosen for Who ' s Who Among Amer- ican College Students this year. Poppy has been active in her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, serving as Standards Board Chairman and on the Executive Com- mittee. She has also been a member of American Computing Machinery, the Engineering Student Body and Pi Mu Epislon Math Honary. 134 Honors HflLL EJF FflME Mary Eli Stevens Mary Stevens is this year ' s Miss Ole Miss for 1988. Mary has been a varsity cheerleader for three years. She has been honored by being chosen Most Beautiful, Campus Favorite, Sigma Al- pha Epislon Sweetheart, M-Club Sweetheart, a Homecoming maid, and a member of Who ' s Who Among American College Students. Mary has served on the Dixie Week committee and the Parade of Beauties Commit- tee. Mary is a Tri-Delta from Birming- ham, Alabama, majoring in Liberal arts and has been very acitive in her four years here at Ole Miss. Honors 135 JOHN BARRETT IFC Rush Vice President Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Alpha Epsilon Delta Honors Program Senator Greek Week Chairman Daily Mississippian columnist t Ki|i Fraternity WHETS WHEI WHETi WHEI WflETS WHE) WflETi W HE) WHETS W HEI WflETS W HE) CHANDLER BATTAILE ASB Treasurer Alpha Lambda Delta Omicron Delta Kappa UM Ambassador Lambda Sigma Mississippi Governmental Affairs Gamma Beta Phi Outstanding Young Men of America 1987-88 Hall of Fame LEE BIGHAM Omicron Delta Kappa President Mortar Board Lambda Sigma President Greek Century Vice President Alpha Lambda Delta Secretary Mississippi Governmental Affairs Alpha Epsilon Delta 1987-88 Hall of Fame 4 A0 Fraternity WflH ' i WtiB WHO ' i W H0 WtiQ ' i WflEl W-HETi WHE1 WHETi WflQ W HETi RANDY BLACKMON Navy ROTC Battalion Commander Tau Beta Pi Engineering Student Body Taylor Medal JOHN BRAGORGOS ASB President ASB Senator ASB Senator Pro-Tern NCAA Athletic Committee Outstanding Teacher Award Committee Homecoming Committee ZAE Fraternity WHEl ' i WflEJ WHG ' i WHQ WHETS WHEJ 136 HONORS KIMBERLY BULLARD Lady Rebel M-Club Fellowsship of Christian Athletes Baptist Student Union Dorm Council LORA COLBURN Beta Alpha Psi National Association of Accountants Phi Kappa Phi Lambda Beta Phi Golden Key UM Band Flag Corp Angel Flight Dorm Council WHO ' S WHQ WHO ' S WHQ WHETS WHQ CHRISTINA COLLIER Senior Class Executive Board ASB Elections Commission Wall Street South Investments Phi Beta Lambda UM Advertising Club AWS Female Intramural Athlete of the Year AAfl Sorority Pledge Trainer WHETS WHQ WHETS WHQ WHQ ' S WHQ ART J. COX Alpha Lambda Delta President Lambda Sigma Treasurer Golden Key President Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi UM Ambassadors Alpha Epsilon Delta Sigma Tau Delta WHQ ' S WHQ WHQ ' S WHQ WHQ ' S WHQ CHRISTY COLE ASB University Development AWS Omit run Delta Kappa Vice President Honors Program Senate Golden Key DM Ambassadors Mortar Board Phi Kappa Phi WHETS WHQ WHETS WHO WHQ ' 5 WHQ RUSSELL COON Liberal Arts Student Advisory Sigma Tau Delta Phi Sigma Tau Phi Kappa Phi Golden Key Honors Program WHQ ' S WHQ WHQ ' S WHQ WHQ ' S WHQ JANE DAY AOn Sorority President ASB Executive Secretary Dorm President UM D ancer UM Ambassador Delta Sigma Pi Rho Lambda Pre Law Society Secretary 137 JOHN DEMBOSK1 AFROTC Deputy Commander Flight Commander Mortar Board ' Beta Beta Beta Alpha Epsilon Delta Phi Kappa Phi Golden Key American Legion Excellence WHEJ ' i WHO WHETS WHE) WHETS WHO KEITH DUFFY AFROTC Vice Commander UM Bowling Club President Sigma Pi Sigma Arnold Air Society Member of the Year American Legion Excellence WtiB ' i WtiQ WtiQ ' i WHO WflETi W HEJ WtiETi WHO WtiQ ' i WtiEJ WtiQ ' i W HEJ BOBBIE GAIL DODD Rho Chi Kappa Epsilon Golden Key Phi Kappa Phi MS Society of Hospital Pharmacists Outstanding Young Women of America Alpha Lambda Delta Gamma Beta Phi CHRISTI ESTES AAfl Sorority President Rho Lambda Golden key AWS Publicity Committee College Republicans Order of Omega Panhellenic Council 138 HONORS WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO I HAMPTON DYE Senior Class President IFC Judicial Chairman MS Governmental Affairs Vice Chairman Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board Alpha Lambda Delta 1987-88 Hall of Fame ZN Fraternity WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO SHANNON FOX Financier ' s Club President Wall Street South Investors UM Tennis Honors Program Gamma Beta Sigma Rho Lambda Mortar Board AAA Sorority .1 TOMMY FUNK ASB Attorney General ASB Elections Commitle Chair Senior Class Executive Board ASB President Executive Assistant ASB Assistant Treasurer WHO ' S WHO WHETS WHO WHO ' S W HO I KATIE GILCHRIST Daily Mississippian Senior Writer UM Ambassadors Mortar Board Golden Key Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Kappa Phi AC Sorority WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO ANGELA HART Senior Class Vice President Kappa Epsilon ASB Executive Council Academy of Student Pharmacists Campus Beauty MS Society for Hospital Pharmacists International Society for Outstanding Youth AAA Sorority WHQ ' S WtiE) WHO ' S WHO WtiEJ ' 5 WHO CATHERINE CAUDET MS Governmental Affairs Rho Lambda Gamma Beta Phi Alpha Lambda Delta AWS President Student Alumni Council Phi Eta Sigma Af Sorority WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO SCOTT GUNN Chancellor ' s Leadership Class Lambda Sigma Omicraon Delta Kappa UM Ambassador Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma ASB Elections Committee WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO BRYAN HAWKINS t AO President Mortar Board Treasurer Senior Class Executive Committee Omicron Delta Kappa UM Ambassadors Daily Mississippian Sports Writer Alpha Lambda Delta Lambda Sigma 139 PATRICIA LYNN HENNESSEY UM Tennis Captain M-Club Fellowhip of Christian Athletes Mortar Board Campus Crusade for Christ Baptist Student Union All Academic SEC AAA Sorority WtiQ ' i WHO WHO ' S WflEJ WtiH ' i WtiQ W HQ ' S WHO WHO ' S WHQ WHETS W HQ DANIEL HOSKINS UM Football M-Club President Tau Beta Pi Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Kappa Phi National Football Hall of Fame Engineering Student Body DENISE HOWARD AKA Sorority President ASB Judicial Council Honors Program Alpha Lambda Delta Omicron Delta Kappa Golden Key Mortar Board Phi Kappa Phi WHETS WHQ WHETS WHQ WHO ' S WHETS WHQ WHQ ' S WHQ WHQ ' S WHQ RICHARD HOWE AGSB Council Phi Sigma Tau US Achievement Academic National Collegiate Award FRANK HURDLE Daily Mississippian Editor OLE MISS Annual Section Editor College Republicans MS Governmental Affairs 1987-88 Hall of Fame t KT Fraternity WHQ ' S WHQ WHQ ' S WHQ WHQ ' S WHQ 140 HONORS PAMELA KLOHA ASB Vice President Honors Program Senate AVVS Scholarship Committee Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Golden Key Mortar Board 1987-88 Hall of Fame Al Sorority MAELYSE McELWAIN ASB Deputy Attorney General AWS Director of Scholarship Golden Key DM Ambassadors Beta Alpha Psi Order of Omega Honors Program Al Sorority Treasurer WHETS WHO W HQ ' S WHQ WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHQ WHQ ' S WHO W HQ ' S WHQ STEPHANIE McGEE Honors Program Mortar Board Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Beta Alph Psi Secretary Phi Eta Sigma Secretary National Association of Accountants Rho Lambda RICKY MATTHEWS Alpha Epsilon Delta Vice President Alpha Lambda Delta Golden Key Phi Eta Sigma Beta Beta Beta Phi Kappa Phi A4 Fraternity W HQ ' S WHQ WHETS W HQ WHQ ' S WHQ WHQ ' S WflQ WHO ' S WHQ WHQ ' S WHE) GENA MILLIKEN PlB t Sorority President Senior Class Secretary Treasurer Golden Key Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Rho Lambda AWS Rebel Recruiter STEPHEN MULLINS UM Ambassadors Rush Book Section Editor Delta Sigma Pi Alpha Lambda Delta Golden Key Mortar Board Gamma Beta Sigma a i Fraternity President WHETS WHEJ WHO ' S WH0 WHETS WHO I KIRK MULLINS IFC President Alpha Lambda Delta Mortar Board Alpha Epsilon Delta ASB Elections Committee Phi Eta Sigma Omicron Delta Kappa UM Modeling Board 141 LAURA MURRAY MS Governmental Affairs Gamma Beta Phi Beta Lambda Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Golden Key Rho Lambda Phi Eta Sigma KKf Sorority WHETS WHO WHETS WHEJ WHG ' S WHG KEITH OBERT Law School Student Body President Honor Council Chairman Phi Alpha Delta President Senator Pro-Tern Christian Legal Fellowship Outstanding Young Men of America Sigma Pi Omega flKA Fraternity WHG ' 5 WHG WHETS WHEJ W HETS WHEJ STACY PARKER Angel Flight Phi Gamma Nu RHA Judicial Council UM Band and Flag Corp Golden Key Phi Eta Sigma nB t Sorority WHQ " S WHQ WHETS WHQ WHQ ' S WHEJ CHERYN NETZ OLE MISS Annual Assistant Editor SPB Executive Board Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Eta Sigma Golden Key Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Kappa Phi KKf Sorority WHQ ' S WHG WHG ' S WHQ WHQ ' S WHQ HAMPTON OVERTON OLE MISS Annual Head Photographer Phi Gamma Nu Vice President Daily Mississippian Photographer Golden Key Gamma Beta Phi ASB Senator I ' M Modeling Board B0D Fraternity WHQ ' i W-HQ WHETS WtiETS 142 HONORS PERRY PHILLIPS SPB Financial Director ASB Senator Omicron Delta Kappa College Republicans Outstanding Young Men of America ID Fraternity POPPY PRUETT 1987, 1988 OLE MISS Annual Editor Creek Week Ad Chairman Hall of Fame Selection Committee Chair Rush Book Section Editor Engineering Student Body 1987-88 Hall of Fame Pi Mu Epsilpn AAFI Sorority Standards Chairman W-HETS WHEJ WHETS W-HEI WHETS WHO RANDER RICE Fraternity President Air Force Rote Squadron Commander Corps Commander Black Student Union WttEJ ' i WtiB WHO ' i WflE) WtiETi WHEJ JAY SCHIMMEL UM Football M-Club Executive Board Academic All American SEC National Football Hall of Fame All American Football Team W-HEJ ' S WflQ WHETS W HQ W-HETS W HD SAMUEL RAYBURN American Chemical Society Omicron Delta Kappa Beta Beta Beta Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Reporter Golden Key Phi Kappa Phi Sigma Tail Delta President t A Fraternity WHETS WHE) WHETS W-HQ WHETS WHQ (EANETTE SANFILIPPO National Association of Accountants President Phi Gamma Nu President ASB Senator Outstanding Senator of the Year Outstanding Young Women of America Missisippi Governmental Affairs College Republicans RHA Dorm Representative WflETi WHO WtiQ ' i WtiEJ WtiQ ' i W H0 MATTHEW SMITH UM Baseball M-Club Fellowship of Christian Athletes Southeastern Conference Scholar 143 W HETS WHE) WHETS WHEJ WHQ ' S WHQ MARY STEVENS UM Cheerleader Most Beautiful Campus Favorite Homecoming Maid Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1987-88 Hall of Fame AAA Sorority W HETS W HE) WHQ ' S W HQ WHQ ' S W HQ KAY SUMMERS ASB Scholarship Committee Student Alumni Council AWS Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Golden Key Phi Kappa Phi PlB t Sorority WHETS WHQ WHQ ' S WHO WHQ ' S WHE) WHQ ' S WHQ WHQ ' S WHQ WHQ ' S WHQ ARTHUR SPRATLIN KA Fraternity President Mortar Board Golden Key Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Eta Sigma Beta Alpha Psi Lambda Sigma Rush Chairman WHETS WHQ WHQ ' S WHQ WHQ ' S WHQ WILLIAM STRIEBECK Law School Student Body Senator ASB Senator ASB Attorney General ASB Chief of Justice Department Phi Delta Phi MS Trial Lawyers Association WHQ ' S WHQ W-HEJ ' i WHO WHETS WHE1 LORRAINE SYLIANCO-WU Phi Sigma UP Pharmaceutical Association Fulbright Hays Scholar Rho Chi Sigma Xi Phi Kappa Phi 144 HONORS ROSANNE TURNER XO Sorority President AWS Vice Director of Projects OLE MISS Annual Section Editor Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Alpha Lambda Delta Lambda Sigma Rho Lambda WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO ELIZABETH VENTRESS KA Sorority President Mississippi Governmental Affairs Psi Chi Vice President Student Alumni Council Rho Lambda ASB Elections Committee Chancellor ' s Partners Program WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO (ILL YARBROUGH Panhellenic President UM Ambassador Psi Chi Rho Lambda Greek Week Committee UM United Way Fund Raiser Co- Chair UM Student Task Force WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO IERRY VAUGHN College Republicans SPB Beta Lambda Sigma Phi Eta Sigma Golden Key Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta ASB Deputy Attorney General WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO CHARLOTTE WHITE ASB Secretary Campus Favorite Senator Student Affairs Chairman Sigma Tau Delta Student Alumni Council Campus Crusade for Shrist Senate Judicial Committee Xn Sorority I WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO 145 EflMMfl BET-R Ptil AlKa Habeeb Members: First Row (l-r): Karen Cooke, Diane Meek, Charlotte Love, Vivian Collins; Second Row : Jeffrey Demlow, Sandra Daghmach, Tonja Smith, Linda Lucas, Mary Lynn McCrane; Third Row: Ada Demlow, Richard Kennedy, Karen Hall, Lisa Weber, Jeff Wills, Laura Boggan, Renee Barrett, Terri Haring, Craig Lloyd, Scott Hopkins, Brenda Scott, Angela Hopkins; Fourth Row: William Webb, Juan Trippe, Laura Murray, Mark Norton, Tracy Quinn, Brooke Moore, Chandran Subramaniam. The objectives of the Gamma Beta Phi Society are to recognize and encourage excellence in education, to promote the development of leadership ability and character in its members, and to foster, disseminate, and imporve education through appropriate service projects. The student must be enrolled in a program leading to an associate, bach- elor, or graduate degree, must have completed at least twelve credit hours of college work and have a scholastic ranking within the top twenty percent of his her class. Officers: President: Jeff Demlow Vice President and Projects: Sandra Daghmach Point Secretary: Vivian Collins Secretary: Lisa Weber Treasurer: Karen Cooke Publicity: Ada Demlov M III Cc 146 Honors OF toi 5 BETfl flLPflfl PSI . _. Kate Margotis Members and Pledges: Front row (r-l): Todd Strickland, Rose Ann Mattina, Shelly Dillow, Amy Wright, Leah Klepzig, Jennifer McGehee, Renee Taylor, Kay Summers, Pam Miller, Dr. Tonya Flesher, Acting Dean, Bob Mims; Middle row: Hamp Dye, Christine Ford, Mary Lou Selva, Lora Colburn, Tara Rawls, Maelyse McElwain, Mark Grochau, Stephen Cumella, Suon Liu, James Thompson; Back row: Homer Burkett, Kin Gill, Terry Traylor, Douglas Grochau, Brian Johnson, Todd Boolos, Patrick Cooper, John Repult, Mitch Lewellen, Robert Wade. Not pictured: Jason Calvasina, Maurice CUmmings, Dudley Denton, Scott Galloway, Donna Marecle, Rebecca McClure, Stephanie McGee, Bob Mims, Jon Peters, Art Spratlin, Steve Trask, and Melody Weathersby. Beta Alpha Psi is the national hono: society and professional fraternity for students planning to enter the account- ing profession. The objectives of the fra- ternity include: (1) promotion of the study and practice of accounting, (2) recognition of outstanding academic achievements in the field of accounting, (3) encouragement of a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibilities, (4) provision of opportunities for self- development and leadership, (5) pro- vision of ideas for career goals and role models through interface with practicing professional accountants, and (6) pro- motion of social poise through associ- ation among members and practicing accountants. Kate Margolis OFFICERS (l-r): Lora Colburn-Recording Secretary, Homer Burkett-Advisor, Amy Wright-Treasurer, Doug Grochau-Vice President, Kay Summers- President, Bobby Wade-Vice President. Honors 147 TflU BETfl PI I Members: Standing (l-r): Chow-Khong Tan, Mr. Damon Wall, James Dickerson, Randy Blackman, Mike Gray, Joe Richardson, Randy Rowell, Ong Siew Chin. Not Pictured: Paul Berry, Ngiap Song Chan, John Cleveland, Terry Dillard, Steven Estock, Daniel Gilmer, David Holmes, Chong Kiang Koh, Soon T. Poh, James Thomas. Gary Fudge Tau Beta pi, a national engineering honor society, was founded in 1885 to recognize students of superior scholar- ship and outstanding character in all fields of engineering. Since the establishment of the first chapeter at Lehigh University, Tau Beta Pi has grown to 195 chapters located throught the country. The Mississippi Beta Chapter was founded in 1969 and is one of two chapters in Mississippi. Membership is by invitation only. A se- nior must be in the top fifth of his class and a junior must be in the top eighth. A candidate must show exemplory charater, personal integrity, breadth of interest both inside and outside engi- neering, adaptability and unselfish ac- tivity. I Officers: President: Mike Gray Vice President: Daniel Hoskins Recording Secretary: Randy Rowell Corresponding Sec.: Randy Blackman Treasurer: Chow-Kong Tan Cataloger: Siew Chin Ong Faculty Advisor: Mr. Damon Wall Mfci 148 Honors PREJGRflM Honors Senate: Front Row (l-r): Emily Wagster, Christy Cole, Amanda Bowlin, Debra Ramos; Second Row: Dawn Calhoun, Susan Baily Third Row: John Barrett, John Cosby, Juan Trippe :V julie Carnes Muffy Sewell, Members: egina Adams Vngie Akins Ian Alexander awn Alexander iealher Allison Michelle Alt ohn Ales usan Bailey jura Barnes ohn Barrett ewis Beard Villiam Bell ouis Benton aige Benton obin Bounds andy Bowen manda Bowlin hris Bradford Villiam Bradford )avis Brown hris Buskirk ennifer Bussey lallory Caldwell )awn Calhoun everly Chamblin hris Cheek lelissa Coggins hristv Cole Dorothy Coleman 5avid Coon ussell Coon ohn Cosby vonne Couevas dark Cowan rtCox tfade Cox ott Crawford heila Crowley lizabeth Crowson Jonna Dean Frank Douglass Ford Dye Christian Eddleman Stephanie Edwards Maggie Elliott lane Emmons Julie Fero Cecil Ford Shannon Fox Mori Freeze Eric Frohn Stacey Gatlin Katie Gilchrist Paul Cilmore Tammy Gilmore Melissa Coff Frank Cray- Barrett Green Ashley Grizzard Tricia Guizerix Leanne Habeeb Amy Harper Cara Harris Matt Harris Heather Hartmann Edward Harvey Cory Heath lay Heidel Beth Hensley Heather Heriard Caroline Herring Maria Holcomb Jennifer Holmes Danny Hoskins Denise Howard Paul Huddleston Stephen Hudson Katnerine Hughes Robert Hyde Michele Hyver Ingo Ihlbrock Will James Catherine Johnson Jeff lohnson lanis Johnston Albert Jones Richard Kennedy Phyllis Keys Laura Kinard Kelly King John Kinsey Pam Kloha Catherine Knabb Jens Kristjansson Ellen Lackey Mary Langenbacker Jody Lassiter Mark Lockhart Edward Lovelace Seth Lowrey Andrea Lyall Stephanie Mapp Sonya Mason Jonathan Massey Melinda Mathews Ricky Matkins Jeffrey McCaskill Maelyse McElwain Stephanie McGee Layne McGuire Bradley McPeak Dianne Meek Kimberly Merkel Alan Millis Cynthia Mitchell Michele Mooneyham Mary Moore John Moore Jill Morrison John Moulton John Mullen Janna Munn Missy Murphey Candice Murphy Theresa Murphy Barron Nason Derek Nelson Kevin Null Allison Oakes Mark Odom Tony Owen Missy Pace Jeff Parker Stephen Paynes Rob Pearson Tina Penick Jodie Peterson Robert Pitcock Stephanie Powell Subir Prasad Thomas Wuinn Debra Ramos Lisa Ratcliff Mark Ray Joe Richardson Shonda Ricks Loretta Rivers Ben Roberson Laura Roberts Paula Rodgers Linda Rogers Randy Rowell Stephanie Sande Saul Steven Schoenly Michael Scribner Muffy Sewell Amanda Shaw Wynn Shuford Carrie Shull Wendy Sigglekow Kelli Simmons Danny Slone Jennifer Smith Stephanie Smith Timothy Starnes Patricia Sterling Christy Stewart Melanie Stout Crystal Tate Revray Thompson Randy Thweatt Juan Trippe Pam Turner Jay Underwood Jeff Underwood Charlie Upton Heather Vahle Dayna Vance Emily Wagster Steven Wall Tommy Waller William Webb Leslie Welford Jay Wellons Scott Weston Bob Wesley Cheryl White Harindra Wijesekera Chirs Williams David Williams Ernie Williams Keith Wilson Pascal Wilson Ginger Wlnstead Hal Wood Margie Wood Robert Wood Amy Wright James Wright lames B. Wright Elizabeth Wyatt Honors 149 MEJRTflR BEJflRD Slew DHVI , Members: Kristie Alley, Chandler Battaile, -Louis Benton, Paul Berry, Lee Bigham, Carolyn Boltin, Tommy Childs, Christy Cole, John Demboski, Hamp Dye, Shannon Fox, Lynn Hennessey, Kathleen Hooker, Ashley Hopkins, Denise Howard, Carol Ingraham, Kelly King, Pam Kloha, Cecilia Klotz, Maelyse McElwain, Stephanie McGee, Stephen Mullins, Kirk Mullins, Cheryn Netz, Deborah Schwartz, Arthur Spratlin. Established originally as a national women ' s honor society, Mortar Board is one of the highest senior honor groups for both men and women. Tassels, the local chapeter, has been active on the Ole Miss campus since its founding in 1939. With a 95-member limit, Mortar Board selects members based on lead- ership, scholarship, service and at least a 3.0 GPA. Mortar Bard is an organization that challenges the individual to provide thoughtful leadership to the campus and community, to create an environment of effective communication and to move toward a meaningful goal. The society continues to support the improvement of the status of men and women. OFFICERS President: Tommy Rayburn Vice President: Michelle Joseph Secretary: Paige Williams Treasurer: Bryan Hawkins Director of Communications: Katie Gilchrist Director of Elections: Rosanne Turner Historian: Stephen Hudson Fund Raising: John Barrett- 150 Honors GEJLQEN KEY I vard, Bryce Turnage Members: First Row: Laura Barrell, Tammy Sims, Elizabeth Spiller, Karen Hall, Gena Milliken, Tonja Smith, Linda Lucas, Mary Lynn McCraine; Second Row: Tommy Childs, Jeff Palmer, Alicia Sanders, Angie Alias, Laura Murray, Jeff Wills, Lisa Yarborough, Laura McKinley, Rose Heath; Third Row: Rob Pierson, Jimmy Clinton, Stephen Hudson, Richard Whitley, Tom Coleman. irdis oups ,fc ithe fig in that )vide sand ntot move xiety went The Golden Key national Honor So- ciety was founded at Georgia State Uni- versity on November 29, 1977 Membership is extended to the top fifteen percent of all juniors and seniors. This interdisciplinary society seeks to recognize the top students in all courses of study. The Ole Miss chapter of Golden Key honors its new members each year with an initiation ceremony and reception. Honorary members, made up of distin- guished members of the administration and faculty, are also recognized at this time. Golden Key awards a scholarship each year to the outstanding junior and senior initiates. Officers: President: Rob Pearson Vice President: Tom Coleman Secretary: Gena Milliken Treasurer: jimmy Clinton Public Relation: Elizabeth Spiller Honors 151 PHI KflPPfl Ptil Founded in 1897, the Honor Soceity of Phi Kappa ' hi has as its primary objective the recogniton and juragement of superior scholarship in all aca- lic disciplines. The society believes that by recognizaing and honoring those persons of good character, who have excelled in scholarship, that oth- ers will be stimulated to similar goals of excellecne. Phi Kappa Phi taps no more tha 10% of juniors, seniors or graduates and is the highest academic hon- or obtainable at the University of Mississippi. Phi Kappa Phi has one general meeting each se- lester and various meetings of the officers for con- ducting business. There is an initiation in the Fall and in the Spring. Officers President: Thomas R. Sharpe President Elect: Brenda }. West Vice Presidents: Jolee Hussey and Thomas Dewey Honor Vice Presidents: Jason Calvasina Patsy Hawkins Pamela Kloha Maelyse McElwain Stephanie McGee Michael Scribner Crystal Tate Secretary: Carrie Henderson Treasurer: Russell Briner Executive Committee: Benjamin F. Fisher Porter L. Fortune Immediate Past President: Lee Bolen 152 Honors PfH KflPPfl PHI ;,;2W INITIATES FALL 1987 College of Liberal Arts Suzanne Adams Lee Bigham Robin Bounds Wendy Bovven Christopher Bradford Angela Burkardt David Crisvvell Thomas Childs Elizabeth Curtis Marie-Julie Etua Karen Hall Chad Mammons Marin Harvey Elaine Hatfield Keith Hill Patrick Hopkins Kelly King Julian Loden Robert McKinney Gena Milliken Janna Munn Cheryn Netz Pard Pryor Samuel Rayburn Nichole Roy Mary Swayze Cammy Tidwell Robert Wesley Turner Willis Elizabeth Wyatt School of Accounting Marsha Burks Rose Heath William Jones Rebecca McClure Arthur Spratlin Todd Strickland Dawn Renee Taylor School of Business Administration Brenda Caldvvell Voon-Ket Chia David Guyton Stephen Mullins Deborah Schwartz Teck Tan Woo Pheng School of Education Angela Alias Karen Cooke Linda Lucas Nina Welch School of Engineering Lewis Beard Randy Blackmon Laura L. Burrell Ong Siew-Chin Barrett Green David Holmes Daniel Hoskins Linda Lum William Newton Chan Ngiap Son Chow-Khong Tan Jeyakumar Thurairatnam Ho Ching-Yi School of Pharmacy Charmaine Anderson Tracy Harris Maria Holcom Doreen Mah James Mangrum Michele Mooneyham Tina Penick Bierng Chearl Ahn Jerri Bradley Xiao Di Mark Frees Glenda Matkins John McClure Deborah McCollister Dana Patterson Krishnamagaru Ramesh Harriet Reeves David Roebuck Linda Spargo Shirley Stoll l-Wen Sun James Condra Richard Jones W. Roy Landrum Jane Myres Robert Starnes Paul Sullivan John White Honors 153 EJMIEREJN DEbTfl K-flPPfl Gary Fudge it: Lee Bigham Vice President: Christi Cole Secretary Treasurer: Perry Phillips Advisor: Dr. Judith Trott )micron Delta Kappa is a nationa leadership honor society which main- tains that representatives in all phases of college life should cooperate in worthwile endeavors, and that outstand- ing students, faculty, and administrators should meet on a basis of mutual in- terest, understanding, and helpfulness. Members are chosen for their lead- ership contributions and scholastic achievement. Five areas offer the cri- teria for the evaluation of prospecive members: scholarship, athletics, social and student body activities, publications and the arts. Members: Louis Benton Robin Bounds Doran Bugg Angela Burkardt Bryan Hawkins Stephanie McGee Robert Mims )anna Munn Cheryn Netz Jonathan Peters Arthur Spratlin Rosanne Turner |ohn Barrett Chandler Battaile John Biggs Lee Bigham John Burns Christy Cole Art Cox Hamp Dye Scott Galloway Scott Gunn Denise Howard Pamela Khola Jeff Knott Maelyse McElwain KirkMullins Perry Phillips Samuel Rayburn Robert Rhea Richard Roberts Alicia Sanders Robyn Young William Boyd Christopher Bradford Stuart Brunson Thomas Coleman Christy Crockett Willis Dadds John Demboski Lorie Dennis Linda DeVault Beatrice Gentry Kathryn Gilchrist Barrett Green Karen Hall Holly Harris Charles Hill Robert Hyde Carol Ingraham Erich James Tara Jennings Stephanie Kenny Kelly King Scott Lasso Lucy Lehmann Amy Lewis Mark McFarland Kelly McLaughlin Ricky Matkins Gena Milliken Stephen Mullins William Newton Allison Oakes Stacy Parker Jeffrey Pearson Tina Penick Carl Powell Randall Rowell James Smith Stephen Speights Elizabeth Spillers Brian Staley Kay Summers Ernest Williams Amelia Wright Elizabeth Wyatt Ann Yager 154 Honors flbPHfl EPSIbGN IDELTfl Alpha Epsilon Delta, led by Dr. Hugh Bateman, is an educational organization for the encouragement and recognition of scholastic excellence among premed- ical students, the stimulation of an ap- preciation of the importance of premed- ical education in the study of medicine, the promotion of cooperation and con- tacts between medical and premedkal students and educators in developing an effective program of premedical edu- cation, and to use its kno ledge for the benefit of health organizations, charities, and the communitv. 1187-88 OFFICERS: (Above l-r) Tommv Ra burn- Reporter Steve Hudson-Historian Crvstal Tate-Treasurer Tommv Childs-Secretarv Rickv Matkins-Second Vice President (Activities) Ion Massex -First Vice President (Programs) left Parker-President Not Pictured: Dr. Hugh E. Bateman-Facultv Advisor MEMBERS: Anne Aden Nathan Baldwin ]ohn Barrett Kathrine Barrett Robin Bennett Lee Bigham johnny Bullock Thomas Childs Henry Cook Art ). Cox Sheila Crovvlev John Demboski Ginger Dickerson Juliette Fero Leslie Gray Albert Habeeb Karen Hall George Hammitt Martin Harvey Michael Herndon Charles Hill Richard Hill Denise Howard Stephen Hudson Stephen Im Carol Ingraham James Jaggers Jeffrey Johnson William King Jeffrey Laseter Benjamin Lee Sheri Lee Julian Loden loseph Love Sanjay Madnani Jonathan Massey Rickv Matkins Lena McDaniel Mark McFarland Robert McKinnev William Nester letters ' Parker Robert Pitcock Stephen Portera Charlie Pound Shapard Pryor Mark Purvis Jeffrey Rapp Kenneth Rav Tommy Rayburn Samuel Rickman Robin Robison Ellis Salloum James Sikes Tammy Sims Karen Sullivan Crvstal Tate Paul Thomas Lisa Thorn Horace Tilghman Edith Warren Lia Weber Michael Weeden Robert Wesley Turner Willis ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: Jessica Anderson John Atkins Susan Bailey Richard Barnes Patricia Bowman Bruce Bradshaw Mundy Breazeale Clyde Brown Franklin Burton Russell Carlisle Steven Chevalier Clinton Childs Kimberly Collins David Coon Russell Cox Mitzi Craft Mark Crick Donna Dean Lori Dennis Marsha Dickerson Ford Dye William Frohn Phillip Garrett Stacev Gatlin Norman Gillespie Valerie Gordon |ohn Grafe Robert Gramling Vicki Gurley Leanne Habeeb Samuel Habeeb Heather Hartman Gloria Hasseltine lames Herrington Keith Hill John Hodge David Holden Paul Huddleston Joseph Hudson Noel Hunt Douglas Jordan Conigliaro Jones Lisa Jones Richard Kennedy Kelly King Margaret Land Charles La Linda Livingston Matthew Lundian Brodie McAlpin Robert McEwan James McGlowan Marvin McQueen Gregory Mitchell Kirk Mullins Janna Munn Barren Mason Paul Nelson Anthony Ray William Patton Robert Pearson Marv Pender Edward Perry Mary Phillips William Pillow Mario Pineda Subir Prasad Willie Quon Stephen Ray Shannon Rayburn Marni Ree es Christopher Richardson Erik Richardson Barbara Ricks Laura Roberts Robert Russell Patrick Scanlon James Smith Jennifer Smith Tara Spears Steven Speights Kenneth Steiner John Stitt Jason Swaim Alan Swayze Anna Taylor Jamie Van o David Waddell Dennis Wattsa e ille VVichman Michael Williams Dennis Wilson William Woolen Elizabeth Wyatt Honors 155 LflMBDfl ilEMfl Lambda Sigma is a national sopho- more honorary society stressing the qualities of leadership, scholarship, fel- lowship, and service. Lambda Sigma is limited to those students with a 3.25 GPA, a potential for service, and a dem- onstration for leadership. The society challenges each individual and the group to promote the interests of the university, to provide the guidance for freshmen, and to achieve meaningful goals; all for the benefit of the society. Officers: President: John Ates Vice-President: Robert Wood Secretary: Tim Van Noy Treasurer: Mallory Caldwell Publicity Chairman: Bill Bradford Ritual Chairman: Elizabeth Noblin Members: Emily Abraham Sarah Andre ' Susan Bailey Ann Marie Bishop Kathyn Burnett Steven Chevalier Yvonne Couevas Mark Crick Blair Crosby Ford Dye Laura Escamilla Amy Claire Etoch Anne Ferris Eric Frohn jane Gallien John Gaston Stacy Gatlin Mack Gorton Todd Greer Jennifer Hale Cathy Johnson Richard Kennedy Charles King Ellen Lackey David Lee Kenneth McDill Dianne Meek Allan Millis Cynthia Mitchell Elizabeth Noblin Mary Frances Patton Robert Pickle Roane Tayner Pat Scanlon Tammy Seid Wynn Shuford Sammy Sliman Stephanie Smith Tonja Smith DELT-fl ilGMfl PI i H.ibeeb Mark Sullivan Gregg Tobin Juan Trippe Jamie Van Noy Hedy Walker Lisa Williams Tracey Williams Robert Wood Paige York Elizabeth Carlisle Delta Sigam Pi was founded at New York University on November 7, 1907, to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote a closer affiliation between the commercial world and stu- dent for commerce and to further a higher standard of commercial ethcs.and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. Alpha Phi Chapter of Del- ta Sigma Pi was founded in 1927. Officers: President: Melinda Upshaw Senior Vice President: Debbie Schwart; Vice President of Pledge Education: Bonnie Jones Vice President of Professional Activities: Andrew Moak Vice President of Chapter Operations: Marsha Burks Secretary: Amy Mandart Treasurer: Alan McCracken Gary Fudge Members: (L-R) First row: Mark Grochau, Bonnie Jones, Melinda Upshaw, Christina Mullins, Andrew Moak; Second row: Amy Mandart, Debbie Schwartz, Terri Herring, Marsha Burks, Alan McCracken; Third row: David Lubin, James Hunger, Chris Shankle 156 Honors flbPHfl LflMBlDfl IDEbTfl Alpha Lambda Delta is a national freshman honor society whose purpose is to encourage superior scholastic achievement among students in thier first year in institutions of higher ed- ucation, to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learn- ing, and to assist women and men in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their roles in society. Membership at the University of Mis- sissippi is open to freshmen who meet the minimum scholastic requirement. A student must attain a 3.5 GPA after his or her first sememster of as a combined average of first and second semester. OFFICERS: President: Robert Wood Vice President: Steven Chevalier Secretary: Yvonne Couevas Treasurer: Subir Prassad Historian: Mack Gorton Faculty Advisors: Susan Eftink and Dr. Jan Hawks Members: lames Adair Karri Adams Angie Akim Fred Anderson Jessica Anderson Sarah Andre lohn Ales Melissa Azlin Nan Bailey Scott Barber Laura Barnes Patrick Barrett Jormy Beazlev Kristen Behm " ManonBelk Heather Bell Thomas Bell -Anna Bishop Bruce Bradshaw Stacy Brawley Thomas Brown Christopher Burkhalter Kathryn Burnett Mallory Caldwell Elizabeth Carlisle Callie Chancellor Steven Chevalier loanne Cline Melissa Paul Cook Sharon Cordell Yvonne Couevas Joseph Crawford Mark Crick Blair Crosby Daphne Date lohn Daughdril! Lance Dell Jennifer Dewees lacki Doke Frank Douglass Ricky Down Ben Duncan Charles Durant lames Ekrkholz Andy Eldringhoff Loui Evan Alison Farese Anne Ferris Mori Freeze William Frohn lane Fallien John Gaston Stacev Gatlin Walter Gortom lames Grace Todd Greer Bradley Gunner Samuel Habeeb Cindy Hale lennifer Hale Gerald Hamel Edward Harvey Gloria Hasseltin James Hayes lames Heidel Leigh Herrinng Elizabeth Hill Mary Hollowav Mark Hwser Joe Hudson Valerie Hyde Jerry Hyer Cathy Johnson Patricia lohnson Scott Johnson Susan Jordan Richard Kennedy Charles King Richar King Harold Koons Georgianna Kwan Ellen Lackey lohn Ladner Lucius Lamar Connie Lambert Victoria Lawson David Lee Samuel Leeper Walden Lewis Edwin Linder Patrick Scanlon Aimee Schmidt Celia Shell Philia Shell Mary Shotts Wvnn Shutord Sammy Sliman ;eff Smith Stephanie Smith Kim spencer Henry Stubbs Tracy Sullivan William Sullivan Teresa Michael Tarkington Todd Teller Susan Thompson Man Thornton Gregg Tobin Juan Trippe Tammie Tucker Tracey Tucker Jeffrey Underwood Timothey Usey Jamie VanNov Tim VanNov Knstv Verhine Hedy Walker Lee Ann Wall Kimberiy W ' ahers Leigh Warren Cody Waters Lisa Ratcliff Vicki Weatherford William V ebb Mary Welsh Jeri White Lisa Williams Tracey Williams Say Jooi Wong Robert Wood Susan York Jill Rivet Brooke Moore Subir Prasad Susan Bailey Fall Initiates: Dawn Alexander Amv Blankenship Stephanie Case Heather Cook Rachel Cox David Herrera Judy Hollowav Katrina Howard Noel Hunt Amy Johnson Kathrvn Keesee Elizabeth Kehoe Ralph King Ananda Kumar Knihnan Franci Ma Edwin McDonald Edward Mounce Lida Patterson Sherri Prestndge John Quaka Bill Rhea Erik Schnautz Suzanne Skipton Melanie Sullivan Murphy Thompson Donna Turner Ng Chi Wai Chee Kim Young Deroo Zeppelin Craig Lloyd Sandy Loper ANdrea Lyall Clyde Manning Dan Magee Laura Escamilla Gloria Mayfield Charles McDougald Mary Mclntosh lames McLemore Dianne Meek Allan Millis Cvnthia Mitchell Greg Mitchell Jill Morrison Barron Nason Cathenne Nation Linda Ne man Elizabeth Nichols Marion Noblin Kim Olmstead David Owen Sharlotte Patterson Christopher Parton Mary Parton Edward Pern Robert Pickle Cornelia Pierags Lucy Pittman Tim Porter Thomas Quinn Willie Quon Penelope Rambin Roane Rayner Barbara Ricte Dana Riley Mkhell Rouse Leah Russell Stephanie Saracini Honors 157 PSI QMEBfl Steve Davis Members: Front row (l-r): Howard Leach, Dex Edwards, Rusty Gates, Eric Kuhn, Steve Reily Second row: Jeannine McDonald, Lias Gillespie, Katharine Shaffer, Meleia Utley, Ginger Winstead, Angela Holsworth, Linda Kirby Third row: Mindy Clarke, Lee Mayfield, Terry Milner, Crystal O ' Leary, Tari Fitch, Raymond Kester, Marie-Julie Etua, Gary Slocum, Laurie Wilson, Lawrence Keller Back row: Jean Hagen, Lisa Wilbourn, Bob McMaster, Mikel Jones, Jennifer, Riales, Laura Kinard, Colleen Tueth. Officers President: Raymond Kester Vice President: Tari Fitch Secretary: Marie-Julie Etua Treasurer: Crystal O ' Leary 158 Honors KflPPfl KflPPfl P5I Members: Joy Crisman, Scotty Tallant, O ' Neal Douglass, Scott Enoch, Doran Bugg, Tim Whitten, Kevin Herrera, Duke Hussey, Michael Blaine, Jody Phillips, Steve Bigelow. Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma are active service organizations that work jointly for the band and its new director, Thomas H. Waggoner. They work to improve the band program in every possible way. This year these organizations have worked with the University of Missis- sippi ' s Annual Alumni Band, Honor Bands, and a year-end banquet for the band. Kappa Kappa Psi Officers: President: Brett Guin Vice President: Darren Junt Treasurer: Scott Barber Secretary: Keith Hill Historian: Eric Cheney Parliamentarian: Jim Egger TflU BETfl SIEMfl Members: Jennifer Smith, Mry McCombs, Layne McGuire, Leanne Habeeb, Ca Barrett, Cathy Parker, Jodie Peterson. Tau Beta Sigma Officers: President: Pam Crump Vice President:: Sandy Yarber Treasurer: Vicy Vogle Secretary: Tara Spears Historian: Laura Boggan Seargeant-at-Arms: Michelle Brown Honors 159 Ptil DELT-fl Efll Phi Delta Chi is nationally known as " The Pharmacy Fraternity. " Our objec- tive is to advance the science of Phar- macy and its allied interests, and to fos- ter and promote a Fraternal spirit among its members. Along with providing a so- cial outlet for its members Phi Delta Chi is involved in public awareness and charitable projects. Phi Delta Chi spon- sered speakers on medical topics as well as a golf tournament for the Diabetes Foundation. OFFICERS WCC: Joey Merrill WVC: Louie Smith WKKS: Robert Yarber WKF: Lamar Sanders WC WAL: Barry Criddle WP: Jeffrey James WMA: Joe Stenwinder Members: Paul Wadsworth, Ray Goforth, Myra Hall, Alan Landray, Brian Wyckoff, Bill Tidwell, Robert Terry, Patri Ellis, Allen Steen, Mike Steinwinder, Kristina Odom, Renee Russell, Cindy Hartness, Stephanie Strawbridge, Amy McElroy, Sheila Patton, Frank Hudspeth, Rhonda Gill, Beth Warner, Sherry Scruggs. R HE) LflMBDfl Rho Lambda signifies " Panhellenic Leadership. " This organization seek to honor those sorority women who have exhibited the highest qualities of lead- ership and service to Panhellenic and their sorority. The purpose of this or- ganization is to further the ideals and principles of the Panhellenic woman, and to extablish and perpetuate the fra- ternity system on our campus. A pledge class project was started this year. An award is presented at the Greek banquest to the " Best Pledge Class on Campus. " Officers: President: Kathy Kavelman Vice President: Allison Byrd Treasurer: Karen Williamson Secretary: Debbie Swartz Gary Fudge Members: Christi Estes, Terri Rogers, Melissa Viox, Amy Jo Wright, Jane Day, Sylvia Jarrett, Karen Williamson, Camille Bland, Stephanie McGee, Roesanne Turner, Paige Williams, Shannon Fox, Ashley Hopkins, Cissie Poole, Ginger Goodwin, Allison Byrd, Christy Cole, Catherine Gaudet, Maelyse McElwain, Jill Yarbrough, Debbie Schwartz, Nicole Ainsworth, Kathy Kavelman, Ann Waldo, Elisabeth Prince, Carol Bailey, Carolyn Bolfin, Sharon Ratliffe, Elizabeth Ventriss, Margaret Bair, Lisa Franklin, Laura Murray, Margaret Palmer, Tracy Washington, Stephanie Kenney, Jennifer Hollowell, Angela Walsh, Jeanne Alvarez, Angela Burkardt, Tara Jennings, Gena Milliken. 160 Honors ilGMfl TflU DELTfl tnaOdooi Ome Members: Huatu Bao, Genie Bryan, Sherron Franks, Catherine Gaudet, Lawrence Geisewite, Ashley Grizzard, janis Johnston, Gary Keel, Lisa Lamberth, jeffery Parker, Robert Pearson, Melissa Robbins, Shelly Smith, Carla Treat, Grady Weston, Lynn Adams, Sarah Andre ' , Christine Black, Mark Boie, Robin Bounds, Donna Buford, Gregory Burwell, Amy Campbell, Frances Carroll, Dennis Coker, Virginia Dalton, Deanna Denley, Thomas Draper, Juliette Fero, Mark Garrett, Preston Garrett, Angela Gray, Meredith Hartley, Mary Henderson. Patrick Hopkins, Stephanie Kenney, Brenda Key, Margaret Land, Amy Lewis, Christopher Nesmith, Julie oblin, David Olson, Susan O ' Quinn, Wilfried Raussert, Mark Razor, Lauren Sewell, Susan Siemens, James Smith, Valerie Sobol, Joseph Stancliff, Alan Swayze, Mary Swayze, Leah Taupeka, Nancy Turner, Milton Waldrop, Katherine West, Snowe Wilks, Ernest Williams, Delia Wing Sigma Tau Delta, the National English Honor Society, was founded in May 1 924. Their organization grew out of Da- kota Weleyan ' s English Club with the purpose of encouraging the writing of and appreciation for literature, The so- ciety strives to brevet distinction upon undergraduates, and scholars in Aca- deme, as well as upon professional writ- ers who have realized accomplishments in linguistic or literary realms of the Eng- lish language. Officers: President: James Dowd; Vice- President: George Kehoe; Secretary: Christy Crockett; Treasurer: Louis Ben- ton; Public Relations: Katie Gilchrist. PHI ETfl SIEMfl Members: Joanne Cline lames Adair Amy Cobb loseph Adams Sharon Cordell Billie Akins Mark Crick Kimberlv Allred Blair Crosbv Fred Anderson Daphne Dale lessica Anderson John Daughdrill AA John Ates Jennifer Dewees 11 Melissa Azlin Benjamin Duncan MJ . Bailey Bradtor Dve HI Laura Barnes Kim Easley Pat Barrett James Eickholz Johnny Beazley Lois Evans n Behm Mary Farese Heather Bell Anne Ferris H Ann Bishop Mori Freeze Irl Laura Boggan William Frohn LJ William Bradford Jane Gallien Brawley Stacy Gatlin Thomas Brown Walter Gorton Christopher Todd Greer Burhalfer Bradley Gunner M Laura Burrell Samuel Habeeb m Herman Caldwell Gerald Hamel 4 Elizabe Carlisle Edward Harvev Beverly Chamblm Gloria Hasseltine - - -a Callie Chancellor lames Heidel _. ' --r Steven Chevalier David Herrera Teck Chong Leigh Herring Joseph Hudson Valeri Hyde Jerrv H er Cathy lohnson Jeffrey Johnson Scott Johnson Richard King Michael Knirnschild Harold Koons Ceorgianna Kwan Ellen Lackex John Ladner Lucius Lamar Connie Lambert Victoria Lavvson Samuel Leeper James Llova Sandy Loper Andrea Lyall Clyde Manning Gloria Mayfield Kenneth McDill Charles McDougald Laura McKinlev Dewayne McKinne James McLemore Alan Millis Cvnlhia Mithchell Gregory Mitchell Cover Monroe Brooke Moore Jill Morrison Janna Munn Catherine Nation Linda Neyman Elizabeth Nichols Marion Noblin Stephanie Oakes Jay Oglesbv Kimberly Olmsted David Owen Susan Park William Ration Edward Perrv Robert Pickle Robert Pitcock Lucy Pittman Timoth Porter Tracv Quinn Willie Quan Penelope Rambin Lisa Ratcliff Camilla Rayner William Rhea Patrick Scanlon Aimee Schmidt Mary Shotts Wynn Shuford Samuel Sliman Stephanie Smith Tonja Smith Kimberly Spencer Clay Stubbs Tracy Sullivan James Taylor Lanman Teller Susan Thompson Matthew Thonton JUan Trippe Tammie Tucker Tracey Tucker Jeffery Underwood Timothy I Jamie Van Kristein Verhine Leigh Warren Cody Waters William Webb Mary Welsh Charles VVilkerson Lisa Williams Tracey Williams Say Wong Robert Wood Susan York Deron Zeppelin Phi Eta Sigma is a national college scholastic honor society for freshmen founded at the University of Illinois March 22, 1923. The goals of Phi Eta Sigma are to encourage and to reward high scholastic attainment and academic excellence among freshmen at some 225 institutions of higher learning throughout the United States. Mississip- pi Beta Chapter of Phi Eta Sigma was established at the University of Missis- sippi in 1926. All freshman men and women with a cumulative grade-point average equivalent to a 3.5 or better are eligible for membership in Phi Eta Sigma at Ole Miss. Officers: President: Bill Bradford; Vice- President: Elizabeth Noblin; Secretary: Paige York; Treasurer: Ford Dye; Senior Advisor: Tommy Childs; Faculty Advisor: Paul Maxwell. Honors 161 PHI GflMMfl NU Phi Gamma Nu is a National Professional Fraternity of Business. The purpose of Phi Gamma Nu is to foster the study of business, encourage high scholarship, and promote professional competency and achieve- ment in the field of business. The fraternity ' s events include professional speakers, a fund raiser, Founder ' s Day Celebration, and National Con- vention. Members: Edward Apple, Beth Bordelon, Jim Cahill, Mike Dendy, Kathleen Gaylor, Holly Holden, John Houire, Brian Jones, Cessie Klotz, Richard Koenann, Ashley Nicholas, Dan Rainer, Robbie Rogers, Stacy Stephenson, Todd Strickland, Elisa Thomas, Latricia Tisdale, Sarah Whitfield, Kathleen Hooker, Lynne McCalla, Ivy McPherson, Shannon Naron, Linda Newman, Stacy Parker, Kimberly Shirley, Susan Sullivan, Andrew Fairley, Carl Moody, Darry! Pieroni, Melissa Azlin, Neil Bouchil- lon, Susan Bowers, Adam Chesman, Amanda Cook, Jobeth Crespino, Michelle Edwards, Katie Ferguson, Daniel Henderson, Gilda Hoibrook, Joel Ingram, Danny Jue, Martha Mithchell, Mellody Mitchell, Christy Morris, Theresa Murphy, Patrick McCraw, Lynn Neville, Elizabeth Noble, Amada Shaw, Elizabeth Thurman, Robert Vining, Say Wong, Fred Caffey , Amber Cook, Michael Musgrove, Paige Perry. Steve Davis BETfl LflMBDfl EPilLQN The Beta Chapter of Beta Lambda Ep- silon is the Southern Law Enforcement Fraternity at Ole Miss. It was established in 1969 as a joint project between the University of Mississippi and Memphis State University. Constructed to be a service organization, the fraternity helps to develop and prepare students for fu- ture careers in the Criminal Justice pro- fession. Former members have gone on to serve federal military, state and local law envorcement agencies all over the world. Officers: President: Dawn Howard Vice-President: Steve Sutton Secretary: Patricia Brim Treasurer: Nicole Roy Alisa Habeeb Members: First Row (l-r): Windsor Cannon, Andre Campbell, Terry Swinford, Suzanne Cooper, Greg Boggan, Roger Kirby, Suzanne Elgin; Second Row: Cheryl McDonald, Dawn Howard, Steve Sutton, Patricia Brim, Nichole Roy, Sonya Varnell; Third Row: Eric Carlisle, Scott Hallman, Scott Turner, Jamie King, Mark Lehner, Bond Tubbs, Don Douglas, Bill Moak; Not Pictured: Greg Stevenson, Chris Sims, Darryl Bridges, Don Chancellor, Curt Williams, Kerry Swinford, Jay Mayfield, Clint Ashly, Van Gunter, Ronnie McDaniel. 162 Honors PHI flLPtifl TtiETfl Gary Fudge Members: Front Row (l-r): Mark Rummage, Bonni Howard, Sheila Moore, Trey Berry, Debra Northhart, Daphne Young; Back Row: Deanna Stark, Robert Ginn, Scott Smith, Thomas Glasgow, William Lilly, Jim Dauphine, Dr. Charles R. Wilson. Phi Alpha Theta, the History Honor Fraternity, conducts regular meetings for undergraduate students and graduate students in history, Their organization offers lectures on " publishing " for grad- uate students and other social events for both graduates and undergraduates. Phi Alpha Theta holds initiation each se- mester and this semester will hold a book sale to raise funds for the organ- ization. Members must have a 3.00 (undergraduate), 3.50 (graduate) grade point average in 1 2 hours of history, plus a 2.75 grade point average overall. Officers: President: Trey Berry Vice-President: Sheila Moore Secretary: Debra Northart Treasurer: Robert Ginn Faculty Advisor: Dr. Charles R. Wilson : Honors 163 SECTION EDITOR: Hedij Walker ASST. SECTION EDITOR: Jennifer Seay 164 Administration Administration Contents: Governer 166 Board of Trustees 167 Chancellor Turner 168 Vice Chancellors 170 Teacher of the Year 171 Administration 172 School of Accounting 178 School of Business Administration 180 School of Education 182 School of Engineering 184 Graduate School 186 School of Law 188 College of Liberal Arts 190 School of Pharmacy 192 Finding new perspectives in ADMINISTRATION Administration 165 I Born in Mississippi, Governor Allain was edu- cated in public schools, graduating from Natchez High School. He attended the University of Notre Dame and the University of Mississippi School of Law. He served in the United States Army Infantry for three years during the Korean conflict. Receiving an honorable discharge in 1953, he practiced law in Natchez until 1962, when he accepted a position as Assistant State Attorney General. In 1979, Governor Allain was elected Attorney General of Mississippi. During this time, he earned a reputation as one of the leading consumer ad- vocates in the state. All in all, he has practiced law for 25 years, gaining recognition among his fellow attorneys as one of Mississippi ' s foremost constitutional lawyers and one of its most effective trial advocates. On November 8, 1983, he was elected as the fifty-ninth Governor of Mississippi. As governor, he has the power to appoint mem- bers to the Board of Trustees. Because of this power, Governor Allain has significant influence in higher education in Mississippi. GOVERNOR Bl 166 Administration BOARD OF TRUSTE The members of the Board of Trustees are the chief administra- tors of statewide higher education. The members are appointed by the Governor for twelve year terms. The members are: seated(l-r) George T. Watson, Charles C. Jacobs, Jr., Dr. John R. Lovelace, President Betty A. Williams, Bryce Grirfis, Vice President Thomas D. Bourdeaux. Sidney L. Rushing, Frank O. Crosthwait, Jr., Diane Miller. Standing(l-r) Dr. E.E. Thrash, former Board Executive Secretary and Director, William H. Austin, Jr., Will A. Hickman, Denton Rog- ers, Jr., and William M. Jones. Administration 167 168 Administration 1 . Chancellor Gerald Turner. 2. Dr. Turner at the summer commencement exercises. 3. Chancellor Turner working in his office. 4. Dr. Damon Wall pins Chancellor Turner at a United Way meeting at the Union. 5. Doctor Turner with Warner Alford. Director of Intercolligiate Athletics, at the Ole j Miss Tulane football game. On April 2, 1984, Dr. Gerald Turner became the twentv-second Chancellor of the University of Mississippi. He is the second youn- gest person ever to be named to this position. Before coming to Ole Miss, Chancellor Turner served as Vice President for Executive Affairs at the University of Oklahoma Dr. Turner recieved the associate of art in mathmatics from Lubbock Christian College, a bachelor of science in psychology and mathematics from Abliene Christian University, a master of arts in counseling psychology and the doctor of philosophy in psychology both from the University of Texas at Austin. Chancellor Turner and his wife Gail have two children, Angela Jan, 16, and Jessica Diane, 11. Chancellor Turne Administration 169 Vice Chancellors Thad Gordon Beasley Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Robert C. Khayat Vice Chancellor for University Affairs Morris L. Marx Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Thomas C. Meredith Vice Chancellor for Executive Affairs Doyle Lamar Russell Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs 1 70 Administration TEACHER OF THE YEAR This year a professor of English orginally from Chicago, Dr. Natalie Schroeder, was chosen as " Teacher of the Year. " Dr. Schroeder received a B.S., M.D., and Ph.D. from Northwestern University. She is ad- visor to the Mortar Board and Sigma Tau Delta honoraries and was selected as Mor- tar Board ' s Outstanding Teacher in 1983. Dr. Schroeder and her husband, Ronald, also a professor of English at the University of Mississippi. Administration 171 John Warner Alford Director of Intercollegiate Athletics John William Bailey Director of Intramural and Recreational Athletics Danny Ray Benjamin Director of Auditing Ulmer Turner Bullock Director of Food Services James N. Butler Director of Alumni Affairs and the Alumni House Bela J. Chain Director of Personnel S. Gayle Denley General Manager of the Student Media Center 1 72 Administration Margaret L. Dewey Director of Publications Oren William Dickins Bursar Robert Wayne Dowdy Comptroller - .,- ; -45- - : ' JV Mike Edmonds Director of Student Programming Joseph David Elmore Director of the Ole Miss Union George A. Everett Director of the University Honors Program William Ferris Director of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture Administration 173 Don L. Fruge Executive Director of University Development Paul W. Hale Director of the Physical Plant Directi 174 Monroe A. Harrison Director of Student Housing and Residence Life Administration Joanne Varner Hawks Director of the Sarah Isom Center for Women ' s Studies Thomas Gordon Hood Director of Financial Aid Marion Beckett Howorth Director of Admissions Jean K. Jones Director of Student Development Leone King Assistant to the Chancellor William Bernard Kingery Director of Recreational Services Alfred Eugene Lee Director and Physician-in Charge of the Student Health Service Roger Keith Lyles Director of Purchasing and Bureau of Administrative Services Jean A. Major Director of Libraries Edwin E. Meek Director of Public Relations James O. Nichols Director of Bureau of University Planning and Institutional Research Administration 175 Thomas ). " Sparky " Reardon Associate Dean of Students Thomas Michael Rieland Director of the Communication and Resource Center jimmy E. Shankle Director of Computing and Information Systems Nolan Edgbert Shepard Director of International Programs, Student Religious Organizations, and Volunteer Services Michael Hugh Stewart Chief of University Police Lucy Curtis Turnbull Director of University Museums 176 Administration Max Lee Waldrop Director of the Ole Miss Bookstore Judith Davis Trott Dean of Students Gerald Wayne Walton Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Altai I Jerry Lee Westbrook Director ot Career Services and Placement and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lucius Lee Williams Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Kenneth Lyle Woolen Registrar and Admissions Dean Administration 177 THE SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTANCY Darron Dodd, a junior Accounting major from Laurel, receives help with his schedule from Advising Coordinator Drucilla Le Grand. 178 Administration ' Dan Magee Dean Tonya Flesher " The faculty of the School of Accountancy per- ceives its mission as properly preparing students for entry-level positions in the profession and providing them with the background and ca- pacity for growth to positions of increased re- sponsibility in government, industry, and public accounting. In order to enable the students to understand the common body of knowledge, the program must have high academic standards and effective teaching. Thus, the objectives of the School of Accountancy include the follow- ing: (1) To affirm the University of Mississippi as one of the leading institutions in accounting education in the nation. (2) To ensure that the School of Accountancy continues to be accred- ited, (3) To encourage the involvement of the faculty in professional activities and continuing professional education for the people of the state, and (4) To promote the academic con- tributions of the faculty. " The School of Accountancy Administration 1 79 THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Associate Dean Randy Boxx Assistant Dean Carl Nabors Management and Marketing-Joseph Paolillo Economics and Finance-Norman K. Womer 180 Administration Dean Rex Cottle As the complexity of the business world has grown, so has the demand for people educated to understand and cope with these problems. The School of Business Administration strives to prepare its graduates to enter today ' s world of business ready to tackle responsibilities at the administrative level whether they may be in private business or at a similar level in the public or non-profit sector. The School of Business Administration Poppy Pruetl Administration 181 THE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Associate Deans Jimmy R. Chambless Lucius Williams, Jr. Assistant Deans Joseph Blackston Peggy Emerson Curriculum and Instruction-Austin W. Bunch Health, Physical Education and Recreation-Don L. Cheek Educational Administration, Counseling, and Educational Psychology David Cox - - 1 1. nan MvraW KV. ' iiM on Xo yQ IfWic WodposW ( oraK Freelarvi 182 Administration Dean James Payne " The School of Education is dedicated to the preparation of students for effective leadership and service in school, home, and community. A degree in education prepares a student for jobs in many areas. For example, public schools are hiring education graduates as teachers, super- visors, coordinators, administrators, and guid- ance counselors. A degree in education also carries with it the responsibility of helping guide young people to be worthwhile and contributing citizens in our society. " The School of Education Administration 183 THE SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Geology and Geological Engineering-George D. Brunton Chemical Engineering-William E. Genetti Civil Engineering Robert M. Hackett Mechanical Engineering-Jeffery A. Roux Electrical Engineering Charles E. Smith David Gongre, a senior from Natchitochas, LA, works on the computers in the Engineering build- ing. 184 Administration Dean Allie Smith The School of Engineering offers a program of study in five basic engineering fields: chemical, civil, electrical, geological, and mechanical. A cooperative education program is also available to qualified students in the School of Engineer- ing. Work experience combined with classroom study helps many students better prepare them- selves for their future career. - The School of Engineering Dan Magee Administration 185 THE GRADUATE SCHOO James Conner, a first-year graduate student from Columbus, paints for one of his classes. 186 Administration Dean Michael Dingerson Courses at the graduate level were first offered at The University of Mississippi in 1870. A def- inite program of graduate study with a minimum residence requirement of one academic year was first used in 1890. The Graduate School was formally organized in 1927 to coordinate and administer graduate study and research. The Graduate School DanMagee Administration 187 THE SCHOOL OF LAW Court Reporting Janice K. Bounds 188 Administration Dean Thomas Edmonds The University of Mississippi School of Law, the fourth oldest state-supported law school in the United States, was founded in 1854. The School of Law offers three years of instruction in gov- ernment and legal process leading to the JURIS DOCTOR degree. The School of Law Administration 189 THE COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS Associate Dean Glenn Hopkins Assistant Dean Hugh Bateman Art-Margaret J. Gorove Blology-lola McClurkin Chemistry P. Stefan i Andrew Classics - Edwin F. Dolin, Jr. Communicative Disorders-Thomas A. Crowe English-Gregory A. Schirmer History-Robert J. Haws Home Economics- Jeanette C. Phillips Journalism Norton, Jr. ...... Alice Williams, an Interior Design major W 1 1 DC rt fr m Memphis, diligently works on her design. 190 Administration Dean Dale Abadie The College of Liberal Arts, the oldest and larg- est division of the university, offers a broad and comprehensive course of study. Students may seek a general education or lay the broad foun- dation needed for specialized training in law, medicine, theology and other professional fields. - The College of Liberal Arts Dan Magee Mathematics James F. Porter Modern Languages Richard Klein Music-Ronald F. Vernon Philosophy and Religions-Louis P. Pojman Physics and Astronomy-James J. Reidy Political Science-John W. Winkle Psychology-Stan L. O ' Dell Social Work-Gary R. Mooers Sociology and Anthropology-Larry Debord Theatre Arts-James E. Shollenberger Administration 191 THE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY Associate Dean Joe B. McCaskill Dr. Henry Pace, Professor of pharmacology, points out the different parts of a marijuana plant to fifth year pharmacy students Bill Ponell, Rich- ard Paris, and Jack Magee. 192 Administration Dean Wallace Guess The School of Pharmacy offers a curriculum pro- viding a broad foundation in pharmacy and the related fields of health care administration, me- dicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacog- nosy and pharmacology. Graduates gain an ac- ademic foundation and adequate professional experience to enable a graduate to sucessfully practice pharmacy in any of its various forms. The School of Pharmacy Dan Magee Administration 193 SECTION EDITOR: Kathy Kellerman ASST. SECTION EDITOR: Mariane Padgett 194 Greeks Greek Contents: Panhellenic 196 IFC 197 Greek Week 198 Sigma Chi Derby Day 200 Rush 202 Bid Day 203 Delta Gamma Anchor Splash 204 Sororities 206 Fraternities 232 Finding new perspectives in GREEKS Greeks 195 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Steve Davis The Interfraternity Council is responsible for organizing fraternity rush and serving as a governing body over all sexteen fraternities. This year IFC pledged over $50,000 to the Bessie Speed Center in an effort to educate students on alcohol and drug abuse. IFC Represenatives: A4 A -Leo Emerson, Carl Powell; ATO -Scotty Crawford; B ; -MOIP fl -Brad Gunner, Jeff Willis; X ij -Allen Millis, James Smith, Brian Staley; A ij.i Kel -Jimmy Clinton, Kelley King, A -Jeff Foweller, Art Spratlin; KZ -Scott Archer,! oilier R, Steven Speights, OB I -Cotrell Barber, Julis Harris, Edward Johnson; OA0 -Bryani " ,8ed Hawkins, Lee Powell, Dester Walcott; OK -Andy Olson; OKT Trey Coons.i " Rutfin David Owen; l l KA -Meade Mitchell; IAE -Alley Ballard; I X - Neal Bouchillon,! " enMd Robert Wood; I N -Stewart Brunson, Hamp Dye, John Gaston, Joel Ingram; X t EI n ionN -Will Coleman, Todd Schandal; I D -Leo Lazarus, Sidney Yarbrough. 196 Greeks PANHELENIC Richard Whitley ANHELENIC Front Row C- r ) : Melissa Azlin, Martha Witt, Christy Cole, Liz Ventress, Natalie King, Cheryl Caffey, 3ena Milliken, Jill Conwill, Jill Yarbrough, Dorie Hertlein, Jeri A hite, Denise Howard, Mary Strothers, Julie Miller; Back Row: fracey Washington, Danita Owen, Beth Hobson, Angie Byrd, Margaret Palmer, Tracy Hill, Leah Coggins, Jennifer Hollowell, Ihristi Estes, Adrienne Yates, Ginger Goodwin, Katherine Edwards, .eigh Aaron, Ann Waldo, Susie Averitt. s.Jl Richard Whitley JNIOR PANHELENIC Front (l-r): Caroline Herring, Celeste Pasley, Ginger linga, Kelly Dumas, Kris McCarthy-President, Stacey Mi chals-Vice President, ' eather Rodgers-Secretary, Stephanie Myers, Misti McMullan, Gina Brad- law, Becky willman, Laurie Denton, Susan Lott; Back Row: Molly Breedlove, Dri Ruffin, Misty Hammack, Kim Tubertini, Catherine Pierce, Beth Howell, lleen McLain, Cathy Grimes, Kelly Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Laurie Childers, hannon Moran. Richard Whitley PANHELENIC OFFICERS: Standing (l-r): Susie Averitt- Vice President, Jill Yarbrough-President, Seated: Margaret Palmer-Treasurer, Dorie Hertlein-Secretary Panhellenic is composed of representatives from each sorority on campus. The purpose of Panhellenic is to promote and maintain good relations among all the greeks; to complete and enforce rush regulations, pledging and formal initiation and to promote intellectual achievement and scholarship among all members. Greeks 197 1987 GREEK GAMES 198 Greeks The 1987 Greek Games were held at Village Field on April 10, 1987. The greek games are a way for fraternities and sororities to compete against each other on a friendly but competitive basis. Beta Theta Pi and Delta Delta Delta were the overall winners. The nine events included in competition were Tug of war, Wheel barrel! race, Bat spin, Sack race, Bucking Bull, Cup-on-a-stick, Overall race, Basketball shot, and the Pie Toss. Greek week was sponsored by Budweiser, Pepsi and many local stores within Oxford. I ' ' Greeks 199 Sigma Chi Derby Day A 1 -- 200 Greeks The 25th annual Sigma Chi Derby Day was held April 4, 1987 at Villiage Field. All week sororities practiced their dance, searched the campus for the hidden derby, and held fund- raisers. With the Sigma Chis coaching, the girls were well prepared for the field games. Glennys Cowles, a Chi Omega, was named the 1987 Derby Day Queen, Phi Mu captured the Derby for the second year, and Kappa Delta was the overall winner. Sigma Chi fraternity raised approximately $1 5,000 for the National Kidney Foundation. 1 . Phi Mu smiles to their dance to " Danger Zone. " 2. Mitzi and Sandy pose for a quick picture at Derby Day. 3. K Kf dresses their pledge as Liberty. 4. Glennys Cowles is announced Derby Day queen. 5. Kappa Delta " Heard it through the Grapevine. " Greeks 201 202 Greeks BID DAY 1987 I Vfl Greeks 203 Af Anchor Splash The Second Annual Delta Gamma Anchor Splash was held on Friday, September 1 8, 1 987 at the Old Gym swimming pool. The Delta Gamma ' s raised $3,650.00 for sight com- servation and prevention of blindness. Fraternities participated in swimming competitions as well as for a fraternity brother to be named as Mr. Anchor Splash. This year ' s title went to IO E ' s Bryan Thomas. Overall winners of the day were the KA, ATO, AND KI Fraternities. Margaret Hogan of Pi Beta Phi sorority was the winner of the Most Beautiful Eyes contest. y Greeks 205 I I 206 Greeks Greeks 207 . 208 Greeks L Wr lilll! Greeks 209 R 210 Greeks U I CO c ; Ot t t W H. rs 5 ?; c o o T C x iz BJ c c. K. ) C c r c M c? ' Greeks 2 G X G X G X G X G X G X G X G X S S S G X G X G X 212 Greeks Greeks 213 214 Greeks O . x Mt U C l 1 IB CO -sj i o:o 5 o o Spj Sfc GO o c c G o O G _ O O O Cr G ! G !, g| g.. ' BBi x " H c o B x ' J BB x ' Ciff-l 4 e O; O o o 6 n H-r C i- o s- a. w s --. v% K, tr =-. a - e fc G C : if? i f C ! A! 6 t O C C c mt i mS f f i K ! . 1 - ' . 1 i! 4 is i P i CIO C! ? fel CTi@- O ft i 1 C G C 6 ' iC- : i r cr ' I . b. g fl m m I m 2 fl v j J i K ! B i m Greeks 215 -o E 01 -a 3 O) 115 01 O C - U ro E - - U 3i -3 S - g Q ro -Q II - 3 p Jr ?5 O -i u 0.53= o c =0 c 3 - O o E -n " 1 Si m u a Gamma. C rfl Ol (J C _0) " oi u X inization. Fro T k_ OJ (S t i _OJ ro Q. " n3 E ro t U ro t _i_ E DO T3 5 OJ E c " c T3 ich represents the Gamma. DeeGee 01 C - ro many different J o ' c OJ -D C ro .with fun activities Q " o Q. .00 itrive for scholastic n every c ampus or uiters to fraternity homecoming mai Dlars, Delta Gamrr DO DO ro -C : _c " 2 " OJ Q ro QJ j: - ( ) t ) .Si ' c DC C _o t_ ro ( i Ol j -c c 3 u_ u OJ C 2 -c 2 ' QJ 1 ro C ro I " ro 0) T3 ro " ro Q. CC Lrt i_ OJ J QJ 1 t i Oi Ol OJ ro " o; Xi OJ 01 3 -C ro i- (V) ro -D U I (N E . o Of a; - .a x 01 u t: re O 1 __ r- J1 8. J . D Q. i i ob I Q.-O Jl - - U . r- f I N LJU N W N IS N H h r 2 TO C. 01 ' C O in ; l ' _ ' ' OI ro Q u i U i nj _ 03 TO i O 1 if. -T- ' 2 E r " U 4) 3 i_ , O 03 oT ._- c c TO Q- " O j- - S O . ! v. 0) - o -a Si ! c C i5 4i O) _Q I ' S " o 2 - ' U ' = a. o . - o " DO- i i t- . m Q DO 03 is X a a TO .E TO .-: tj C .S -| -!2 2 _ - hf TO 7 TO - O) u O Oi 3 ?r n c . fl I i s f-n ' C 2 oi g TO I - Z . 03 o 2 != " o, 3 t 00 .2- 1 O g ' l-i S. TO D m TO ' o =E _ -s c e " E TO o- IT; a) E TO , SI TO O TO P r DOJT " D 00 X 01 -C E Utfil 218 Greeks Greeks 219 220 Greeks O ) Greeks 221 222 Greeks eO d G} G) ' x BF ' Br X Q) , 224 Greeks : : Greeks 225 226 Greeks e C o C C " O v : C w tn I K. Ct - r, I C -;: I c v C o O O o Greeks 227 228 Greeks ;-c; Greeks 229 230 Greeks I -a c o O o I 01 T3 Ol o m 03 U ! -.; -:; i W m Greeks 231 232 Greeks w J 234 Greeks Greeks 235 236 Greeks Greeks 237 238 Greeks 240 Greeks f to! 242 Greeks Greeks 243 v 244 Greeks Greeks 245 Kl _ CQ e e Kl _ CQ e e Kl CQ CO CO KI CQ o Kl Kl CQ ezie Kl __ CQ e .e CQ Kl CQ Kl CQ eu-e Kl CQ Kl CQ e CQ Kl CQ CQ CQ 0Q.0 CQ CQ e e [ sj [ j CQ CQ e e - ' . CLi D CD U .= O t: - -j TO n , i_ i i -, -. -f _ rrr r- - O in O u CQ 9 5-c C OJ F ' c . i i oj -C h- 1- 5- cK ( i m 0. ifl _c u (fl Ol -C " S " C OJ JZ t l ' 5. .S-LO i in T 50 _ o - i i i- 1 -s l TO " TO ) fO j: ed that brotherhood, i TO -c C ; the greatest assests - - r o u ;u O-Q Z .2 c -_ -t= o TO 1; , . 3 JDV 2 1 ; . T; E OJ i= .i i TO C ro p O c o. = 1J c - TO - p Dt) ' O DO - DO o E .ii E 0, _ ' . i- 4- ' " in .- O " -= " 553 TO oo.a 01 .t: j " = O 2, -a - m a; a; 2: C . 3 cc DO TO 3 O C C TO L .2 o 5 o i m - ' - ' ; ,T .0 , fT- - Wl - " D XUJ ajZ) ocn_Q _ E . TO TO " C Q_ .iz TO O 03 ; D P ?n i , iz - C 5 O - in rn r 1 . , i t i O Q- .t: i m W m 3 ' 5 : - - - II I - :-] Greeks 247 .sSlI T-O.Q 2, 248 Greeks Greeks 249 I I i i 6 I i- _i re CQ I i E 250 Greeks Greeks 251 252 Greeks . 2 ' z Greeks 253 9. 254 Greeks I - v ; . Greeks 255 256 Greeks il Greeks 257 4 CN Oto 1 t r I 258 Greeks I Greeks 259 I I .S{ o . OJ rv ( ra,, C U -i .- J2,UCQ - P 260 Greeks Greeks 261 H H O W W w w H W 262 Greeks H W N H H W IZ W iie - U_I f " - flj - c - ra (N j; 2 Q- . a; x 2 o E u w J- d; T5 3 i5 o m u. 0) C oo- 5 ' C ( S!r Greeks 263 264 Greeks I I c c V f Greeks 265 ,: 268 Greeks Greeks 269 SECTION EDITOR: Richard Whitley ASST. SECTION EDITOR: Brian Staley 270 -- Organizations Gary Fudge Organization Contents: Student Media 272 Associated Student Body 276 Black Student Union 288 University Band 290 Military Science 294 Sports Clubs 299 Student Organizations 305 Residence Halls 324 Finding new perspectives in ORGANIZATIONS Organizations 271 272 C Yearbook Staff The 1988 OLE MISS is the 94th edition of the yearbook of the University of Mississippi. The ' 88 staff was composed of 70 stu- dents: section editors, copywriters, layout per- sonnel, artists, photogra- phers, photo processors, and business personnel. The annual requires a business manager and as- sistant in order to sell 60 pages of organizations, 60 POPPY PRUETT Editor MELANIE BUNTYN Assistant Editor CAROLYNN BYARS Business Manager HAMP OVERTON Head Photographer GINA COOK Secretary 1. Hamp, can ' t you tell I ' m on the phone with Taylor?! 2. OLE MISS section editors: Front(l to r) Mark Graham, Liz Van Zandt, Kathy Kellerman, Hedy Walker, Amanda King, Ka- trina Howard. Back(l to r) Me- lanie Buntyn, Richard Whitley. Not pictured: Cheryn Netz. 3. Before Homecoming, the staff took it upon themselves to hold a pep rally at The Gin. Putting it all together pages of fraternities and sororities, and 18 pages of honoraries. Because the job of pro- ducing a quality 416-page yearbook is a tremendous undertaking, requiring co- ordination among the ed- itor, section editors, gen- eral staff, and business staff, the ' 88 yearbook staff hopes you enjoy your 1988 OLE MISS. 2 A Mampo rganizations 3 A 1. Annual Big-Shots: (I to r) Hamp Overton, Poppy Pruett, Melanie Buntyn, Carolynn Byars, and Cina Cook. 2. Yes, Steve Davis is STILL on the annual staff, and he STILL doesn ' t do any work. 3. Assistant Section Editors: (I to r) Marianne Padgett, Holly Norton, Jennifer Seay, Brian Staley, Sherri Prestridge, and Frank Hurdle. Not pictured are Candice Murphy ana Sean Akins. (Note: As usual, this elite group can do absolutely nothing and get away with it 1. Staff of the 1988 Ole Miss: ADMINISTRATION Hedy Walker-section ed. Jennifer Seay Rumman Dastigir John Kinsey Clark Monroe CLASSES Amanda King-section ed. Sherri Prestridge Susan Brewer Lisa Lynch Julie Noblin Lee Phillips Anne Trainor FEATURES Chen n Netz-section ed. John Barrett CREEKS Kathy Kellerman-section ed. Marianne Padgett Phyllis Agne David Lubin Suzanne Oliver Lyn Hyde Ellen Whittle HONORS Katrina Howard-section ed. Candice Murphy William Webb Penny Fountain Deanne Mosley HUMOR Mark Graham-section ed. Frank Hurdle ORGANIZATIONS Richard Whitle -section ed. Brian Staley Kate Margolis Amy Dowe Robert Wood Jodi Hamm Linda Winham SPORTS Melanie Buntyn-section ed. Sean Akins Traces Mathis Marc Cranson Meg Davis Steve Davis Sandy Keys STUDENT LIFE Liz VanZandt-section ed. Holly Morton Madaline Long Steven Nail PHOTOGRAPHERS Hamp Overton, Sean Akins, John Biggs, Matt Blackston, Melanie Buntyn, Julie Carnes, Steve Davis, Amy Dowe, Mark Graham, Alisa Habeeb, Amanda King, Kate Margolis, Bryce Turnage, Richard Whitley, Gary Fudge, Jeff Santord, Dan Magee, Poppy Pruett ARTIST Mark Graham BUSINESS OFFICE Andy McRae Organizatio The Daily Mississippian Whether you liked it or not, you read it. The Daily Mississippian, a member of the Missis- sippi Press Association, has served the Ole Miss cam- pus since 191 1, first week- ly as The Mississippian, and since 1 962 as The Dai- ly Mississippian. Ole Miss is among the minority of college campuses that en- joys a daily newspaper. Few students realize it, but reading the comics every day is something most col- lege students don ' t get the chance to do. Yet The Daily Mississip- pian is far more than com- ics. The 1987-88 Daily Mississippian has worked to keep the students abreast of the news and views of the Ole Miss cam- pus. But they didn ' t stop there. Because The Daily Mississippian is the only 1. 1987-88 Daily Mississippian Editor, Frank Hurdle. 2. Editorial Staff: Front(l to r) Em- ily Wagster, News Editor; Mary Irby, Calendar Editor; Katie Gil- christs. Back(l to r) Ray Mikell, Entertainment Editor; Frank Hur- dle, Editor in chief; David Magee, Sports Editor. Not pictured: Owen Williams, Assignments Ed- itor; Pam Kloha, Campus Editor. 3. DM Staff: Julie Evers, Todd Ful- lam, Chico Harris, Nick Walsh, Sougata Mukherjee, ). Adrain Fox, Carolyn Boltin, Allison Gro- gan, Felisa Maaya, Marcus Grahm, Andy Staten, Tammy Vandiver, Kristie Alley, Dan Magee, Clarissa Siebert, Ton! Lepeska. 274 Organizations newspaper many students read, The Mississippian felt it had an obligation to re- port more national and state news than in the past. This added coverage was due in part to the ef- forts of the advertising de- partment, which increased ad sales by almost 25 per- cent over the previous year. These added sales translated into a larger pa- per with more news for the students. The 1987-88 Daily Mississippian had its share of mistakes, but it al- so had its share of success. The greatest success, how- ever, is that student jour- nalists were able to prac- tice the skills they will use after graduation, while the students were able to get a quality newspaper. Radio U-92 Cable radio? Ole Miss ' student-run radio station, U-92, contin- ues to grow in the base- ment of Farley Hall. The station allows students to program and play their fa- vorite music, whatever it may be. Currently, U-92 listeners must have a University ca- ble hook-up to receive its signals. However, by the fall semester of 1 988, U-92 will change its transmission from cable to antenna; stu- dents will be able to hear U-92 over the airways. 1. U-92 managers: (I to r) Jimmy Daniels-advertising, Jack Wil- liams, Mary Nettleton-station manager. 2. U-92 staff: Frontd to r) Michael Stielhack, Jay Toxey, Mary Nettleton. 2nd(l to r) Fletcher Isacks, lack Williams, Steve Moore, Doug Roberts. 3rd(l to r) Amy VanSengal, Jimmy Daniels. UMTV " That ' s the way it was " on Channel 12 UMTV, a production of the Student Media Center, is run totally by Ole Miss students. Not only does the Channel 12 crew pro- rl A4 lulie Carnes duce a nightly newscast which airs Monday through Friday, but they also produce other pro- grams designed to enter- tain and inform the Uni- versity and Oxford community. UMTV is located in Far- ley Hall on campus and broadcasts over cable channel 1 2 in Oxford. 3. New scene 12 anchors (I to r) Chris Bailey, Wilson Simmons, and Robin Williams in action. 4. UMTV staff: Frontd to r) Pam Kloha, Jens Kristjansson, Mike Pounders, Whitney Vann, Maria Mclaughlin, Valerie Chin, Chris Norwood, Dale Kirchhoff, Steve Wilson. 2nd(l to r) Chris Bailey, Wilson Simmons, Angie Burkardt, Robin Williams. 3rd(l to r) Allison Tarsi, Jimmy Daniels, Cindy Scott, Cathi Boswell, Chris Upton, Ronnie Williams. Organizations 27! Associated Student Body Officers Atisa Habeeb JOHN BRAGORGOS-President, Eads, TN RAM KLOHA-Vice President, Holly Springs CHANDLER BATTAILE-Treasurer, Belden CHARLOTTE WHITE-Secretary, Jackson 276 Organizations I Chandler Battaile Treasurer Charlotte White Secretary John Bragorgos President Pam Kloha Vice President Organizations 277 ASB Cabinet The heart of ASB government The ASB Cabinet is made up of a group of stu- dents who are Presiden- tially appointed and Senatorially confirmed, and each confirmed cab- inet member represents an important section of cam- pus. The several sections in- clude: Academic Affairs, Attorney General, Campus Affairs, Information Man- agement, School Spirit, Student Housing, Student Services, University Devel- opment, University Rela- tions, Other cabinet positions include Executive- Legislative Liaison, presi- dential advisors and pres- idential assistants. ASB Cabinet members: (I to r) Christy Crockett-University Relations, Jeanette Sanfilippo-lnformation Man- agement, Jeff Johnston-Campus Affairs, Tommy Funk-President ' s Advisor, Bill Boyd-University Development, Lori-Lynne Miller-Director of School Spirit. Not pictured: Dee Davis-Student Services, Carl Powell-Academic Affairs, Greg Steverson-Student Housing, Bill Stiebeck-Attorney General. Information Management Handling student publications Members of the 1 987-88 Information Management Committee are: Jeanette Sanfilippo-Director, Toni Lepeska- Press Secretary, Kamilla Stokes-Student Publications, Laura Ander- son, John Ates, Mark Beauchamp, Molly Bishop, Angie Burkardt, Heather Cook, Yvonne Couevas, Marc Cranson, Alex Gar- recht, Wendy Granger, Ka- trina Howard, Ellen Lack- ey, John Langford, Ann Leineweber, Jeff Lloyd, Susie McCrocklin, Stepha- nie Oakes, Missy Pace, Thomas Phillips, Kerry Rice, Matt Thames, David Thorn, Jay Toxey, Tessa Travis, Todd Underwood, Whitney Vann, Scott Walker, Beth Webb, Ellen Whittle. )rganizations ASB Elections Commission " Your limit is $500, and not one penny more! " The members of the As- sociated Student Body Elections Commission are A 1 Hamp Overton appointed by the ASB President. Election com- mission members make certain that candidates meet all qualifications for their office and that the candidates stay within ASB Code regulations for campaigning. They also su- pervise campus elections in the fall and spring, ex- cept Senior Class elec- tions. If any questions about overspending or illegal campaigning arise, the commission investigates and penalizes the candi- date if evidence of wrong- doing is found. 1. ASB Elections Commission: frontd to r) Alison Farese, Liz Triplett, Christina Collier, Leigh McMullan. Backd to r) Scott Prewitt, Clark Monroe, Tommy Funk-Chairman, Tom Coleman, Craig Bluntson. ASB Justice Department Checking and balancing The ASB Justice Depart- ment is the legal branch of the Executive Department. The Attorney General and his deputies are empow- ered to enforce the code and constitution of the stu- dent body. They handle all civil cases brought against the ASB, such as election violations, and provide the student judicial bar, which is made up of law students that help students when they are charged with an offense. 2. Justice Department members: (I to r) Tommy Funk-Election Commission Chairman, Gregg Steverson-Chief Deputy Attorney General, Bill Stribeck-Attorney General and Chief of Justice De- partment, Alison Farese- Secretary of Justice Dept., Keith Davis-Deputy Attny. Gen. for Elections, Kavanaugh Breazeale- Deputy Attny. Gen. for Legisla- tion, Craig Bluntson-Deputy Attny. Gen. for Code and Con- stitution. Organizations - - 2 H G University Development Committee Helping Ole Miss grow The University Develop- ment Committee is re- sponsible for student fund raising, promotion of the University of Mississippi- alumni contributions, and planning and implement- ing projects to better Ole Miss financially. The com- mittee also develops stu- dents ' ideas into programs that can enhance the Uni- versity ' s environment. 1. University Development Committee: front(l to r) Tina Penick, Liz Triplett, Elizabeth Noblin-Director. Second(l to r) Subir Prasad, Ben Roberson, Mark Razor, Britt Caldwell. Back(l to r) Chandler Battaile, Bill Boyd-Chairman, Steven Wall. Academic Affairs Committee In-class concern for students The purpose of the Ac- ademic Affairs Committee is to nurture the needs of students in all areas of academia. Such areas in- clude exam week and dead day, pre-registration, course changes, teacher policies, and student " I " (incomplete) grades. Over the past year, the council has been mainly concerned with the pro- cess of pre-registration and with teachers who give tests during dead week, which is the week prior to final exam week. 2. Academic Affairs Committee: front(l to r) Lynne Neville, Valer- ie Adams, Debbie Carpenter. Back(l to r) Carl Powell-Director, Ernie Williams, Anne Trainor, Jim Eickholz, Brandon Bryant. A 1 Alisa Habeeb A 2 Dan Maget rganizations I Steve Davis Campus Affairs Committee Working to solve campus problems 1. Campus Affairs Committee members: (I to r) Jamie Davis, Rhonda Dunaway, Will Carroll, Terry Korte, Catherine Molony, Vike Dietrich, and Jeff Johnston- director. Student Housing Committee Representing all dormitory residents Dan Magee 2 A The ASB Student Hous- ing Committee is con- trolled by the Student Housing division of the ASB Cabinet, and it pri- marily acts as a liaison be- tween ASB and the Res- idence Hall Association. The committee has repre- sentatives in every dormi- tory on campus, allowing residents to easily present ideas or problems to dorm administration. 2. Student Housing Committee: (I to r) Tammy Ford, Tina Taylor, John Robbins, W. Gregg Stever- son-director, Missy Critter, Windsor Cannon, Amy Haddad. Organizatio: Campus Senate Debating campus issues The Campus Senate is the legislative branch of the Associated Student Body and is presided over by the Vice President of the ASB. As such, this branch, composed of 50 elected senators repre- senting different areas o f campus, makes the rules for carrying out business in matters delegated to the student association by the administration. In addition to making the rules regarding such things as structure and function of committees and qualifications for of- fices and honors, the Sen- ate also decides how to al- locate the money that allows various ASB com- mittees to carry out their functions to best serve the students. To facilitate the proce- dure, the Senate is divided into committees which each deal with different student government inter- 1987-88 Senators: John Ates, Ann- Marie Bishop, John Blashek, Donna Blaylock, Ben Bolton, Dow Bonds, Neil Bouchillon, Kavanaugh Braezeale, Lisa Cole, Wade Cox, Ruman Dastgir, Ford Dye, Kristie Echols, Suzanne Fetterd, Nicole Giles, Sam Habeeb, Amy Haddad, lanie Holman, Gerald Irby, Scott Lasso, Lee Anne Major, Crama Manning, Alleen McLain, Meade Mitchell, Denise Moore, Mark Odom, Hamp Overton, George Parker, Pam Paulsen, Keith Pearson, Alan Perkins, Jerry Perry, Kerry Rice, Ben Roberson, Emad Shahin, Kim Spencer, Scott Sweeden, Matt Thames, Jay Underwood, Elizabeth Warren, Beth Webb, Jay Weir, Jay Wellons, Beth Whitehead, Lindabeth Wiley, Ernie Williams, Jeanna Willis, Clay Wilson, Skip Wilson, Keith Young. April Abney-Executive Liaison Winnie Wilkes-Legislative Monitor Allison Oakes-Serjeant at arms Brian Staley-Parliamentarian 282 Organizations ests to study measures of importance to each area. Senators are elected each fall for a one year term. l 1 A Richard Whitley 1. Chairmen of the Standing Sen- ate Committees: Front(l to r) Beth Whitehead, Ann Marie Bishop, Meade Mitchell. Back(l to r) Don- na Blalock, John Ates, Ford Dye, Kavan Brezeale, Keith Pearson. I Richard Whitley , i I!T -W fc Richard Whitley M l Executive Secretaries The ASB Secretary ' s little helpers The Executive Secre- taries form a committee which was newly installed within the 1987-88 ASB administration. Made up of volunteers who are expe- rienced secretarial work- ers, the Executive Secre- taries assist ASB officers by doing clerical jobs in the ASB office. Although volunteer work in Associated Stu- dent Body government is nothing new, the Execu- tive Secretaries have prov- en themselves important to this year ' s ASB secre- tary, Charlotte White. 1. ASB Executive Secretaries: Frontd to r) Amy King, Elisa Thomas- Chairman. 2nd(l to r) Leslie Pace, Christy Neal. 3rd(l to r) Allison Farese, Cathy Grimes. 4th(l to r) Mary Frances Patton, Andrea Atkins. Not pictured: Shannon Mock, Sidney Creekmore, Shannon Spencer. Student Loan Service Need a little extra cash? The Student Loan Ser- vice is an ASB funded op- eration that provides Ole Miss students with short- term, no interest loans when they are in need of financial assistance. Loan between $15 and $100 given out to students to b paid back within 30 days. The Student Loan Service is located in room 408 of the Student Union. Organizatio is 21 Chancellor ' s Leadership Freshmen today-leaders tomorrow In 1985 Chancellor Ger- ald Turner announced the formation of the Chancel- lor ' s Leadership Class. As a result, the University launched a search for ap- proximately sixty young men and women to re- ceive the Chancellor ' s Leadership Awards, which were inaugurated to salute Ole Miss freshmen for their accomplishments in high school and to encour- age further development of their leadership abilities. As preparation for their leadership roles, the mem- bers of the Leadership MEMBERS: Leigh Agnew, Michelle Alt, Chris Avers, Lynn Barrett, Nichelle Boyd, Brandon Bryant, Nelson Burford, Jean Chambers, Bill Clark, Jeremy Cooker, Jennifer Cotie, Harry Cotros, Reid Gotten, Wade Cox, Jack Crawford, Pam Dillon, Kelly Dumas, Tom Eubank, Heather Gaines, Laura Geisewite, Cather- ine Grimes, Amy Haddad, Jay Harris, Kim Hathorn, Kristi Hef- lin, Caroline Herring, Barry Holcolmb, Tom Horton, Xavier Hoskins, Beth Howell, Chris Hughes, Ingo Ihlbrock, Darren Johnson, Jill Jordan, Amy rick, Kelli Kinler, Elvin Knight, Mark Lockhart, Jon Lucas, Steph- anie Mapp, Bo Martin, David Martineau, Shannon Massie, Ma- ry Helen McCarty, Fred McCon- nell, Brad McPeak, Deanne Mos- ley, Derek Nelson, Laura Olsen, Missy Pace, Libby Peeples, Anna Provence, Leanna Range, Jennifer Revels, John Richards, Heather Rodgers, Louis Schruff, Melvin Seid, Marisa Songcharoen, Mag- gie Stamm, Susan Templeton, Stephanie TenEyck, Juanita Turnipseed, Charlie Upton, Steven Wall, Jay Wellons, Lisa Wicker ganizations Class attend leadership functions and seminars throughout the year. Lead- ing the discussions of these events are members of the administration, in- ternationally known pro- fessors, students holding top offices in campus groups, and government, professional, and business leaders. Class members are encouraged to take an active part in campus life during their undergraduate careers and to assume re- sponsible roles in civic and state affairs when they leave college. . The CLC marked the end of the fall semester with a Christmas party at the Chancellor ' s home. Brad McPeak looks on as Kelli Kilner unwraps her gag gift, a bottle of champagne. Richard Whillyv Ambassadors Representing Ole Miss from across the nation The Ole Miss Ambassa- dors and Regional Repre- sentatives play an impor- tant part in the high school and junior college relations activities of the Admissions Office. A student organi- zation within the execu- tive branch of the ASB government, the Ambassa- dors provide tours and otherwise help host cam- pus visitors, attend recep- tions for prospective stu- dents, visit high schools, and participate in other programs to communicate information about Ole Miss to interested students MEMBERS: Jennifer Day, Angela Byrd, Melissa Coggins, Adrian Oakes, Neil Boucnillon, Robin Pigott, Rhonda Dunaway, len White, Clark Monroe, Lisa Wil- liams, Meade Mitchell, Susan Streete, John Hodge, Kim McDaniel, Katherine Hable, An- gela Abraham, Mark Davidson, Jeff Jaynes, Brian Staley, Maryruth V and their families. Mem- bers are initially designat- ed Regional Representa- tives and are selected for membership based on communications skills, grades, and extracurricular activities. Representaives become Ambassadors only after having participated in a significant number of the organization ' s activities. Membership is open to all undergraduates with at least a 2.5 grade point av- erage. Application is usu- ally required early in Sep- tember. Wiley, Sarah Youmans, Vivian Collins, Ann Marie Bishop, and Jennifer Hammill. REGIONAL REPRESENTA- TIVES: Kari Adams, Lynn Beard, Paige Benton, Carolyn Boyd, Brandon Bryant, Colleen Burghardt, Joey Cadle, Jennifer Cole, Tom Coleman, Heather Cook, Carla Corley, John Cosby, Wade Cox, Jack Crawford, Jen- nifer Cundiff, Rumman Dastigir, Wes Daughdrill, Debra Davidson, Pamela Dillon, Kelly Dumas, Charles Flesher, Shannon Fleitas, Chip Freeman, Paige Funk, Nicole Giles, Lewis Grissell, Cathy Grimes, Misty Hammack, Matthew Harris, Tommy Hayden, Bryan Hawkins, Kristi Heflin, Beth Howell, Claire Johnson, Patrice Johnson, Stacy Kenny, Richard King, John Kinsey, Elvin Knight, Ellen Lackey, Julian Loden, Tracy Lyons, Angela Marascalco, David Martineau, Shannon Massie, Phil McCarty, Elizabeth McClatchy, Margaret McCollum, Tonya Mill- er, Alan Millis, Ben Mitchell, De- anne Mosley, Linda Newman, Stephanie Oakes, Kim Olmsted, Audra Parker, Stephen Payne, Libey Peeples, Alan Perkins, Mar- tha Perry, Ted Pewitt, Robert Pickle, Penelope Rambin, Charles Reed, Louis Schruff, Linda Seely, Melvin Seid, Scott Self, Lee Smith, Mollye Smith, Valerie Sobol, Virginia Stallworth, Me- lanie Sullivan, Elisa Thomas, Su- san Thome, Tina Tomlinson, Juan Trippe, Pam Turner, Charlie Up- ton, Heather Vahle, Liz Van Zandt, Brent Walker, William Webb, Beth Whitehead, Lisa Wicker, Lindabeth Wiley. Organizatio 286 O Mississippi Governmental Affairs O e Miss ' representative in Mississippi government The Mississippi Govern- mental Affairs Committee represents the interests of the University to the leg- islature and tries to pro- mote legislation that will benifit Ole Miss. It also co- ordinates Public Officials Day and serves as hosts to the state legislatures, which are honored that MGAC Members: Lea McGaugh, lim Abbott, John Ates, Pat Mc- Dowell, Michelle McDaniel, Chandler Battaile, Ann Marie Bishop, Joe McNeese, Ben Bol- ton, Greg Moore, Barry Bridgeforth, Deanne Mosley, Jay Burnett, Garner Newton, Steven Chavalier, Stephen Payne, Chris- ty Cole, Scott Prewitt, Lisa Cole, Carl Puentes, Wes Daughdrill, Ben Roberson, Todd Dowdy, Wynn Shuford, Celest Farmer, Walt Simpson, Jonathon Smith, Tommy Funk, Lea Gardner, Wictor Smith, John Gibbs, Susan Stahlman, Shannon Beth Fox, Daniel Gilchrist, Brian Staley, Paul Gilmore, Susan Stouer, Chip Gordon, Scott Sweeden, David Guyton, Tricia Tisdale, Matthew Harris, Dina Tobin, Barry Holcomb, Anne Trainer, Amy Johnson, Steven Wall, Julia Jones, Beth Whitehead, Stephanie Ken- ney, Lisa Wicker, Jody Lassiter, Paige Williams, Scott Lasso, Clay Wilson, Phil McCarty, Robert Wood. day. The MGAC tries to encourage student in- volvement in political elections and emphasize the importance of politics in our daily lives. This committee also conducts an absentee voting drive for students regarding lo- cal, state, and national elections. anizations MGAC Executive Council: Keith Pearson-Chairman, Winnie Wilkes, Lea McGaugh, Angela Abraham, Pat McDowell. Dan Magee I University Oxford Liaison I ! i ,- Linking Ole Miss and Oxford The purpose of the Uni- versity Oxford Liaison Committee is to maintain good relations between the University and the city of Oxford. The committee has two major projects each year, and sends Christmas packages and cards from the University to the Oxford Board of Al- dermen, Lafayette Board of Supervisors, and mem- bers of the local Chamber of Commerce. The Com- mittee also plans to help recruit students from Ox- ford and surrounding com- munities. University Oxford Liaison Committee: Muffy Sewell-Chairman, Stan Abel, Susan Bailey, Keith Baker, Mark Barrett, Alan Brent, Lee Evans, Kandy French, Sam Habeeb, Claire Hayden, Melissa Hewitt, C.A. Hulan, Ellen Lackey, Kelr Moore, Sam Scott, Susan Streete, Anne Trainor, Kevin Wallace. Student Advisory Committee Communication with the Board of Trustees The purpose of the Stu- dent Advisory Committee is to inform the State Board of Trustees about any mat- ters related to the Univer- sity. This correspondence is carried out by letters and phone calls to each of the Board members. 1. Student Advisory Committee members: FrontU to r) (eanna Ferrell, Rhonda Dunaway, Mar- garet Bair, Mark Razor, Chandler Battaile, Christy Crockett. Back(l to r) Mel Rutherford, Carolynn Byars, leanette Sanfillipo, Mari- anne Padgett, Pat Scanlon. Organization s 288 C Black Student Union Freedom, justice, equality The University of Missis- sippi Black Student Union is a social, service, and po- litical organization de- signed to promote black interests. The major goal of the BSU is to establish black awareness and to unite and maintain black identity at Ole Miss. Any Afro-American or any person enrolled at the University of Mississippi who supports and pro- motes the principles and ideas expressed in the pre- amble of the Black Student Union is eligible for mem- bership in the BSU. 1. 1987-88 BSU officers: Tracy Causey-Secretary, and Stacey Bracey-President. Not pictured are: Herman Edwards-Vice Pres- ident and Alec Gardner- Treasurer. 2. BSU Cabinet: frontd to r) Bar- bara Mathis, Winnye Wilks, Stacey Bracey, Tracy Causey, Reginald Turner. Backfl to r) Leo Emerson, Katrina Howard, Kerry Pearson, Kalu Wilcox, Pam Tur- ner, P.M. Hoskins. 3. General BSU members. ganizations 1 A Gary Fudge BSU BSU Preamble In the struggle for freedom, justice, and equality in America, Afro-Americans have seen the need for unity and have united. In order to combat the problem of identification, support, and understanding, Afro-Americans have bound themselves in small groups and have formed organ- izations which are responsive to the needs of Afro-Americans both in societies and institutions of higher learning. 1. BSU Ebony Elegance: (I to r) Lundy (ones, Nanette Bledsoe, RandK Woods, fersea Barr, Reginald Turner, Barbara Mathis, Renecia Hill. 2. BSU Drama Club: fronti I to r) RandK Woods, Lavorace Frierson, Mary Irby, Barbara Mathis, Reginald Turner. Back I to r) Barbara Humphreys, Winnye Wilks, Katrina Howard, Lawanda Smith. 3. BSU Choir frontll to r) Patricia Stew- art, Teresa Barr, Barbara Mathis, L oretta McNairy, Bobbie Collins. Backd to r) Lundy tones, Reginald Turner, Lynette Keys, Barbara Humphreys, Kalu Wilkox, lanice Dodd, Linda Hubbard, Lavorace Frierson, Alecia (ohnson, RandK Woods, Nanette Bledsoe. Organizatio 290, I Pride of the South Thomas H. Waggoner-Director Mark Avery-Assistant Director Bobbie Harris-Secretary John McCauley-Band Announcer Sherry Elkins-Rebelette Coordinator Graduate Office Assistants: Lynne Russell, Chris Piecuch, Phillip Sawyer. Graduate Field Assistants: Lisa Behrendt, Jim Egger, Brian Justison, O ' Neal Douglas. Drum Majors: Doran Bugg and Greg Parvin. Rebelettes: Melissa Hewitt, Georgana Atkins, Deanny Coates, Connally Compretta, Patricia Flechas, Amy Keevers, Saraya Klotz, Michelle McDaniel, Kelly Norton, Kris Walters, Penelope Moulds, Melissa Gordon, Jen- nifer Holmes, Leslie Knight, Kelli Kinler, Courtney Stew- art, Mary McCarty, Maggie Henson, Martha Perry, Camille Crockett, Deani Joiner, Carrie Thomas. Guard: Cathy Parker, Cathy Barrett, Michelle Kelly, Sher- ry Prestridge, Beth Purvis, Regina Lane, Melony Alex- ander, Sharon Moore, Cathy Knabb, Leisa Jackson, Lisalynn Brent, Kelly Allen, Gilda Holbrook, Kim Merrell, Marcia Stockton, Leanne Habeeb, Julie Palmer, Janice Holmes, Samantha Hopper. I rganizations Band Flutes: Jessica Esquivel, Mary McCombs, Sandy Yarber, Carrie Feldhaus, Lori lelaidnis, Deanne Mosley, Debbie Norton. Trumpets: Michele Brown, Santiago Chapa, Darrell Evans, Jay Crisman, Scott Breazeale, Stanley Dowdy, Mark Eaton, Brett Guin, Keith Hill, Duke Hussey, Chuck McCullouch, David McKinney, Donnie New- man, Tim Piecuch, Steve Richards, Mary Shotts, Jen- nifer Smith, Vicky Vogle, Stephanie Powell, Randall Wright, Paul Dennis, Gregg Gausline, Greg Heimburger, Mary Tillman, Bobby Patrick, Joel Powell, Glinnis Crawford, Tracy May, Da- vid Williams. Percussion: Johnny Fears, Carey Allen, Wendell Baf- ford, Mark Boie, Terry Calmes, Tommie Dorris, David Pace, Jay Reed, Gra- ham Strickland, Anita Welch, Barry Cain, Mi- chael Sims, Matt Porter, Lance Tipert, Chris Clas- gens, Stephen Brown, Pam Peterson, Angel Stricklin. Baritones: Darren Hunt, Scotty Tallant, Todd Col- lier, John White, Clay Gar- ner. Organizatioi s 2 Marching Band Alto Saxophones: Layne McGuire, Pam Kincaid, Jeff Holeman, Steve Kincaid, Jeff Patterson, Ed Perry, Tara Spears, Jon Young, Dayna Vance, John Jillhouse, Matt Sleeves, Charlene Luke, Greg Parvin, Scott Enochs. Tenor Saxophones: Todd Crawford, Todd Crowell, Michael Ayers, Paschal Wilson, Rodney Berry, Alana Morgan. Clarinets: Pam Crump, Mi- chael Blaine, Laura Bog- gan, Scott Barber, Lisette Pezzullo, Mickey Busby, Regina Sanders, Jeannie Marie Scott, Chad Saul, Michelle Bell, Kelly Horn, Sylvia Moore. .v . 292 J rganizations n Ole Miss Band Feature Twirlers: Dorothy Clapp and Tami Taylor. Trombones: Billy Struss, Todd Williams, Paul Barnes, Steve Bigelow, Chris Burkhalter, Eric Cheney, Kevin Herrera, Rhonda Hood, Michael Keesler, Sandy Newton, John Payne, Jody Phillips, Chris Thomas, Patrick Ow- ens, Traci Weeden, Todd Goforth, Brian Crump, Todd Loper, John Tan. Horns: Tim Whitten, Tracy Bishop, Nanci Adams, Joe Gurner, Melanie Malner, Kelly Hill, Betsy Bess, Becky Wilkerson, Patricia Sedlecky, Sandra Evans, Jodie Peterson. Organization 293 294 ( Air Force ROTC UM cadets spread their wings Ole Miss ' Air Force Re- served Officers Training Corps cadets receive in- struction in both the class- room and in leadership labs. Junior and senior cadets have a chance to demonstrate concepts they have learned while they introduce the fresh- men and sophomore cadets to these concepts. In addition to the learning experiences on campus, cadets are provided the chance to visit Air Force Bases around the country. AFROTC is not all work and no play. Some fun events for our cadets in- clude Tri-services Field Day, the Halloween party, Christmas banquet party, and the annual Dining Out, which is a formal Ail Force banquet. These ac- tivities bring our cadet? closer together and lei them know that there i more to life than just work Having well-roundec cadets is one of the goals of our detachment. AFROTC at Ole Miss not only prepares cadets for life in the Air Force, but life in general as well. T. Alpha Flight. 2. Bravo Flight. 3. POC Flight. Hi. Lewis Stockett rganizations Angel Flight Arnold Air Civilian students and cadets work together Two service organiza- tions, Angel Flight and Ar- nold Air Society, provide cadets and other interest- ed civilians a chance to serve our Air Force corps, the Oxford community, and our nation. 1. Angel Flight members: front(l to r) leanna Willis, Sunny Childs, Lynn Ron, Carol Powell, Kathryn Staley, Lora Colburn, Christy Crockett. Secondfl to r) Allison Chrestman, Lynn Beard, Pam Mayhall, Karen Pittman, Lisa Toad, Kelly Penvis, Car! Giles, Dottie Parker, Dee-Dee Dif- fenback, Betty Boyles, Kishida Webster, Victoria Law son. Back (I to r) Janice Jenkins, Capatin Gas- ton-advisor, Cindy Harrison, Amanda Magee, Lorri Logan, Glinda Fountain, Mary Liles, Car- rie Feldhaus, Tracy Sisson, Helen Buck, Polly O ' Quinn. 2. Arnold Air Society members: frontd to r) Nam Shelton, Mike McQuade, Dawn Calhoun, Laync McGuire, John Demboski. Sec- ondll to r) Rhonda Thompson, Captain Gaston, Danny Raines, Audrey Albritton, Bobby Bogle, Drew Sanguinetti, Jessica Ander- son, Steve Brown, Steve Croll, Joe Watkins. Back(l to r) Joe McDonald, Mike Evans, Paul Nel- son, Nathan Napier, Todd Wood, Jim McElhenney. Organizatu Navy ROTC Not just college, an adventure The Naval Reserve Of- ficers Training Corps (NROTC) was established at Ole Miss in June, 1946, with the purpose of train- ing Ole Miss students for future naval careers. NROTC students are classified as either Schol- arship or College Program midshipmen. Scholarship midshipmen are under a Navy subsidized scholar- ship during their four years in college. These students are selected by nationwide competitive examinations. Upon receiving their de- grees, physically qualified students receive commis- sions as Ensigns in the Navy or as Second Lieu- tenants in the Marine Corps. All Scholarship stu- dents commissioned must serve four years on active duty. At the end of the four year period commissioned students may choose to leave the active service and be commissioned into the Naval Reserve. College Program stu- dents are subject to the same physical and mental qualifications as the Schol- arship students; however, during their third and fourth years of college, these students are paid a subsistence allowance and, upon graduation, are given commissions in the Navy or Marine Corps. 2. NROTC Staff: (I to r) Qmc.(SS) Bays, USN; Cysgt. Charette, USMC; Mrs. Martha Lyles; Mrs. Karen Smith; YNC Ceohagan, USN; SKC Turner, USN; Lt. Grubbs, USN; Esn. Loftis, USN; Capt. Sloan, USN(Commanding Officer); Cdr. Hufford, USN; Lt. Roesner, USN; Capt. Weddington, USMC. 3. EPC ' s MECP ' s: (I to r) Sgt. E. Carretty, ). Coleman, R. Gongre, Sgt. R. VanDame, R. Blackmon, ). Dickerson, R. Olsen, C. Ruther- ford, C. Oden. 4. Midshipmen Second Class: (I to r) A. Davis, |. Yegge, C. Dulaney, B. Greene, P. Armatis, C. Selden. 1. Sponsors: Front(l to r) M. Wiley, A. Yager, S. Wilson. Sec- ond(l to r) C. Collier, D. Walker, D. Dean. Thirdd to r) A. Joe, C. Rotunda, S. Berthea,. Fourthd to r) K. Gardner, R. Sloan, B. West, L.Knight. Fifthd to r) L. Escamilla, L. Snow. Sixthd to r) A. Green, C. Barker, L. Wiley, C. Fariss. rganizations Gary Fudge 3 A Gary Fudge 4 A Gary Fudge H 1 A Gary Fudge 2 A Gary Fudge Navy 1. Midshipmen First Class: Fronti I to r) M. Batson, M. Crockett, D. Uhls, C. Cardone, B. Manning. Backd to r) E. Kelsey, ). Goodwin, B. Buckley, R. Dalaison, P. Brown. 2. Midshipmen Third Class: Fronti I to r) A. Pearson, ). Mincy, M. Knirnschild, P. Prater, J. Har- ris, K. Moore, C. Simms. Backd to r) P. Beckett, S. Bankston, A. El- dringhoff, C. Zagst, D. Thomp- son, W. Wright, C. Drummond, S. Yarbrough, F. Douglas. 3. Midshipmen Fourth Class: Frontd to r) V. Love, D. Reinhart, K. Pearson, W.Byrd, R. Givens, S. Norton, ). Buckley, F. McConnell. Second! I to r) K. Horn, P. Willey, D. Bridges, B. Musseman, t. Moore, D. Bryson, A. Garretht, M. Moore, B. Murphy, D. Weber, J. Bracken. Third( I to r) T. Scales, P. VVilsar, T. Brower, E. Harvey, D. Houston, J. White, G. Jacobs, P. Watts, R. Ward. 3 A Gary Fudge Organizatioi ; - ArmyROTC O e Miss students being " all they can be Army ROTC (Reserve Officers ' Training Corps) is a program which offers college students the op- portunity to graduate as of- ficers and serve in the U.S. Army, the Army National Guard, or the U.S. Army Reserve. ROTC enhances a student ' s education by providing unique leader- ship and management training, along with prac- tical experience. It helps a student develop many of the qualities basic to suc- cess in the Army, or in a civilian career. The Army ROTC pro- gram was activated at the University of Mississippi as 1. Army ROTC: Front(l to r) Rex McCullough, Cliff Wheeler, Lau- ra Roberts, Drayton Berkley. Sec- ond to r) Will Dabbs, Darin Lewis, Richard Mallard, Kermit Jackson. Thirdd to r) Robert Wise, George Schmidt, Russ Spengler, Matt Blackston. Fourthd to r) Richard Craig, Keith Grigsby, Phillip Parker, Titus Brown. 2. Army Rangers receive Soviet weapons instruction. 3. Rangers: Front(l to r) Laura Roberts, Cliff Wheeler, Will Dabs, Spyder Barlow, Ron Beckham. Back(l to r) George Forbes, John Clement, Matt Blackston, David Barton, Jason Hale, Cecil King, Phillip Parker, Fletcher Isacks. an infantry unit on 11 March, 1936. It was orig- inally housed in the Pea- body Building where it re- mained until World War II. The unit moved to its pres- ent quarters at Guyton Hall in 1961. In 1954, ROTC was made compul- sory for all male students and remained so until 1970 when it became vol- untary. To date, over 1200 cadets have recieved their commission at Ole Miss, of which four have attained the rank of General. 2 A Mat! Blackston )rganizations 3 A ; Rugby Club President Ben Lee accepts the second place trophy after the Mid-South Collegiate Tournament. Rugby Club Ruggers have busy year The Ole Miss Rugby Club finished their fall schedule just above .500, with a 7-6 record. The fall schedule included match- es against Rhodes, Vander- bilt, Mississippi State, Dry Gulch, Memphis State, and Gulf Coast Match Club. Although their fall finish wasn ' t spectacular, the club fought to a sec- ond place finish in the Mid-South Collegiate Tourament and a third place finish in the Jocques- trappe Tourney. For the 1988 spring se- mester, the Rugby club scheduled Dry Gulch, Mis- sissippi State, Rhodes, and Memphis State. Other spring matches included the Mardi Gras Tourney in Baton Rouge, the Gover- nor ' s Cup in Jackson, the Gulf Coast Tourney in Gulfport, and the Dixie In- vitational, which was host- ed by the UM club during March. 1987-8 8 Rugby Club members: Ben Lee-President, Todd St.Marvs-Vice President, Milt Cuevas-Treasurer, Shawn Snipes, lames Barlow-Secretary, Jeff Un- derwood, Kyle Hamm, Robert Thomas-Captain, Peter Lee- Coach, Andrew Sessions, Robert White, Mike Norton, Eric Page, Bruce Linton, Robert McGraw, Phil Wittman, Jim Bobo, John Wible, Doug Ward, Jim Gates, Jason Risley, David Lever, Von Sumrall, Shawn McCivern, Sid Yarbrough, Dave Adams, Lance Stewart. Organization ; 299 300 C Karate Club Karate students get their kicks The Ole Miss Karate Club was founded in 1975 by Bob Nance. Nance ' s se- nior student, Bobby Hoi- ley, took over as instructor of the group in 1982. Hoi- ley is currently the director of the Mississippi Karate Association. The style of karate studied by the Ole Miss Karate Club is Isshinryu, an Okinawan variety. The traditions of this style are respectfully maintained by the UM group. Balance, posture, 1. Bob Hoi lev . defending with " s.ii " , leaps to avoid Bryan Tuck- er ' s sweep of the " bo " . 2. Karate Club officers: (I to r) Bryan Tucker, president; Chaminda Percra, vice-president; Cherry Charette, sccretary;Dec Davis, treasurer. 3. Members: Front row(l to r) Dee Davis, Bryan Tucker, |ay Moore, Wes Salmon, Cherry Charette, Chaminda Perera. Back rovv(l to r) Will Dabs, Celeste Marquer, lason Hale, Brian Hoffman, Ge- offrey (ones, |ohn Sobotka, Bob Holley, Missy Draughon, Ben Bullcn, Beckey Willman, Dean Kruger, Rosalyn Howell, Ken McDonald. and agility are stressed as well as stamina and phys- ical conditioning. The Ole Miss Karate Club represents the Uni- versity by sponsoring a major tournament each fall, through seminars by karate masters such as A. ). Advincula, and by its own demonstrations and rank tests. The Karate Club meets on Monday and Wednesday nights and is open to all students, fac- ulty, and staff. 1 A 2 A M 3 A ganizations RK turd Whille Lacrosse Club New club comes in with style For several years, la- crosse at Ole Miss has been a Sunday afternoon game played only in the halls of Stockard, in the Grove, or in the front yards of a few fraternity houses. However, the fall of 1987 marked the beginning of the Ole Miss Lacrosse Club, and with the help of Steven Mason, Randall Peterson, and many other interested students, the 1987-88 team material- ized. The DM club, which plays in the spring, tenta- tively scheduled Rhodes, Auburn, Alabama, Tulane, Sewanee, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Georgia, LSD and Vanderbilt. 1. Lacrosse team member Alan Evans practices his passing skills in Oxford ' s Avent Park. 2. Lacrosse Club: Frontd to r) M.|. Ledbetter, John Mallard, Steven Mason, Jay Toxie, Lawrence Cettys, Tom Glasgow. Back(l to r) Mark Downs, Jefferson Locke, John Roady, |im Thornhill, Roumain Peters, Matthew Flemister, Alan Evans, Bruce Mullen, Sam Knowlton, John Smith, Sean Dunn, Allen Croswell, Greg Moehlich. Soccer Club Club finishes 5-4 The 1987-88 season proved not completely successful for the Ole Miss Soccer Club, as the team lost five starters to injuries. Coach Paul Barnard stat- ed that, " Although good players came through to replace them (the injured starters), the other confer- ence teams retained their rosters and the games were more competetive. " The club ' s final confer- ence record was 3-3, which was not good enough to qualify for the Gulf States Conference post-season tournament; however, the club did re- ceive an invitation to the Southeastern Conference tournament. 3. Soccer Club Members: Front row(l to r) Marcos Pustilnik, Jorge Castilla, Charles Rickets Captain, Jim Pirnik, |ohn Cosmich Treasurer, Tim Ross, Mohammed Baeshan, Steven Gilbert. Back row(l to r) Paul Barnard Coach, All Hachem, John Monaghan, Ingo Ihlbrock, Billy Courtney, Ed Ap- ple, Chris Svehlak, Richard Weber, lay Cole, Dean Turner, Dr. Ken Gilbert Faculty advisor. Not Pictured: Scott Weinberg, Lucho Gutierrez, Alberto Braga, (onathan Garner, Les Brewer, John Edwards, Skip Musseman, Mike McQuade, Chuck Oden. Organizatk Water Ski Club Although the sport of competitive water skiing is relatively unheard of for many, several students at Ole Miss have caught onto this rapidly growing sport. As a result, Ole Miss com- petes in tournaments around the south during both fall and spring semes- ters. Membership require- Ramp Dogs ments are that a person loves to ski and is willing to pay dues each semester. Club members compete in the areas of jumping, trick skiing, and slaloming. Available to members are a slalom course, a ski jump, professional and nonprofessional coaching, and lots of fun! Intramural Officials Never a bad call? Intramural Officials: Malcom Ba- ker-President, Thomas Neal-Vice President, Thomas West- Sect Treas, Fred Anderson, Ty Bayer, Malcom Brown, David Buck- ler, Phillip Coode, Michael Dixon, Thomas Kent Donovan, Michael Ed- wards, Dale Essary, James Eubanks, Randall Forrester, Marlene Frankline, Kin Gill, Glenn Gunn, lames Hardins, Randy Harwell, Ed- ward Johnson, Gregory Landers, David Lucehes, Berna Manuel, Lar- ry McAnally, Kenneth McMullen, Bobby Melton, William Merrell, John Milam, Gregory Mock, Harold Morgan, Jonathan Morgan, Gavin Murrey, Richard Nelli, Terry Niko- lai, David Owens, William Patter- son, Kieth Pearson, Bardin Pillar, Robie Ragland, Wesley Rogers, Aaron Russell, Ronald Schwartz, Jeffrey Souls, John Stockett, Steven Thompson, Hugh Trussel, Jerre Warren, Bill Westling, Dane White, Keith Wilke, Michael Williams, Sta- cy Bazaar, Tommy Gardner, Charles Adams, Buster 1. Water Ski club member Byron Howard runs the slalom course at the Duck Hill Ski Ranch. 2. Ski Club Members: frontd to r) Harry Chapman, Michelle Bul- lock, Allison Grogan, Charlene Meador, Rucker Leake. 2nd row: Robert Bass, Chris Green, John Lazzara. 3rd row: Lee Chandler, Dana Johnson, Robert Hendrix. 4th row: Mark Yeaman, Robert Taylor, Adam Siegal. Mooneyham, Allen Rush, Dawn Henderson, Bruce Johnson, Allen Young, Darin Grantham, David Carter, Douglas Winston, Steve Mullins, Clinton Childs, Kris Pleck- er, Tracy Gilbert, Matt Butler, Mi- chael Blaine, Dru Walker. rganizations ' Z4ZF 0 1 A Allison Grogan I 2 A Steve Davis Julie Carries Steve Davis AJisa Habeeb Racquetball Club Tennis in a box? Not exactly 1 A 1. Racquetball Club members: irontil to r) Ben King, Eric Walzak, Dirk Hobbs. Back! I to r) Monty Simpkins, Douglas Crochau, Kerry Kaiser, Chris Gray. Wcightlifting Club No pain, no gain J Organizatio Aquatics Club After a two-year ab- sence as a coordinated sports club, the Ole Miss Aquatics Club returned in the fall of 1987 to offer fit- ness and competition to Ole Miss ' swimming stu- Like fish IN water dents. The club participated in two swim meets during the 1987-88 season: at Delta State in February and at Memphis State in March. 1. Ole Miss Aquatics Club: (I to r) Bob Minims- President, David Bee- Assistant Coach, Hank Lewis-Treasurer, Lindabeth Wiley-Secretary Not pictured: Stephen Craddock-Head Coach, Mike Inge!, Mary Lynn Portera-Vice President, Tom Marshall-Advisor. Bowling Club ' Please, do not loft ball " The Ole Miss Bowling Team competes regionally within the Southern Inter- collegiate Bowling Con- gress. The SIBC includes teams from Louisiana, North Carolina, and Flor- ida, as well as other South- ern states. The Ole Miss club also competes in na- tional tournaments such as the National Collegiate Match Game Tournament which is held in St.Louis, Missouri. 2. Ole Miss Bowling Club: stand- ing(l to r) Robert Trout-Vice Pres- ident, Bruce Hicks-Secretary, Lee Elliff-Treasurer, Rob Waters. Kneelingd to r) Charles Johnson- President, Ken Waters, Dwayne Seamster. ganizations 1 A Richard Whitley He Hfl 01 He O i 2 A Alisa Habeeb I Are You Ready? Hell Yes, Damn Right, Hotty Toddy, Gosh A Mighty, Who The Hell Are We? Hey! Film Flam, Bim Bam, Ole Miss, By Damn! Hotty Toddy Club ARE YOU READY?! Although the Hotty Tod- dy Club is new to the Ole Miss campus, students have repeated the often criticized Hotty Toddy cheer over and over at DM athletic events. Dedicated to the preservation of tra- ditional Ole Miss spirit, the Hotty Toddy Club sup- ports all Ole Miss specta- tor sports. With almost 75 students gathering for the first meeting in February, the Hotty Toddy Club collect- ed annual dues to fund many projects. Some of the planned events in- clude a spring shrimp boil, " Hotty Toddy " T-shirts (which are no longer sold on campus), and the dis- tribution of buttons. Membership is open to all Ole Miss students. .- Richard Whittey Hotty Toddy Club charter mem- bers: David Ackley, Pat Ains- worth, Brad Bedell, Christine P. Black, Jennifer Bone, Bradley Bush, Brian Cain, John Coker, Mark Davidson, John Dill, Dar- ron Dodd, Shelby Edwards, Bill Ewing, Tommy Fox, Tommy Funk, Scott Gerhart, Chico Harris, Ash- ley Hasseltine, Stephen Hawkins, Frank Hurdle, Katelyn Kelly, Saraya Klotz, Trey Koons, Lee Le- wand, Douglas Lovorn, Alma Doll McCutchin, Maria Mclaugh- lin, Howard McMillan, Alan Me- lichar, Clark Monroe, Betsy Moore, Steve Neal, Poppy Pruett, Kelly M. Purvis, Scott Relan, Aimee Schmidt, Brian Taylor, Juan Trippe, Stephen Wagner, George Walker, Jeremy WeTdon, Richard Whitley, Keith Wilke, Owen Williams, David Wright, Sidney Varbrough. Organizatio s 306 Rebel Recruiters Always there, making a difference The Rebel Recruiters had its beginning in the Steve Sloan era and has played an important role for our sports program ever since. The students in the organization help the coaching staff with the re- cruitment of prospective student athletes. They serve as hostesses during recruiting events, wel- come propects who are visiting campus, and phone or write prospects that the coaches assign to them. Each girl represents Ole Miss and shows her friend- ly attitude toward people and her willingness to help them. The Recruiters are always present to show support for the football team, and always do their best to build school spirit. Recruiters see the team off for away games, make signs, and send " nappies " to players that are hurt. Being a Rebel Recruiter means lots of hard work, 1. Rebel Recruiters in the Grove ready to welcome visitors before an Oxford game. 2. Rebel Recruiter Officers: (I to r) Mary Irby-Media Liaison, Mi- lanie Dahlem-President. Not pic- tured are Marcia Martin-Vice President and Alta Dewey- Secretary. yet this year ' s president, Melanie Dahlem, who has been a Recruiter for four years, aserts that being in the Recruiters is truly a " rewarding experience. " As well a getting to know some great people, Re- cruiters may actually influ- ence a prospective ath- lete ' s decision to choose Ole Miss. The Rebel coaching staff is proud of the Rebel Recruiters, as each girl plays an impor- tant part in the recruiting process. ' ganizations Recruiters: Front row(l to r) Annette Key, Ashley Woods, April Abney, Martha Witt, Teresa Barr, Gloria Gunn Tammy Ford, Mary Kathryn Johnson, Camille Calhoun, Cheryl V. Burton, Allison Oakes. Second row(l to t Margaret Davis, Lisa Yarbrough, Robynne Hensarling, Kelly Krohn, Anndra Hill, Mary Irby, Stacey Bracey Laura VanBuren, Jamie VanNoy, Tonya Gammage. Third row(l to r) Jill Samsel, Sarah Beth Baldwin, Tracev Williams, Jodi Glover, Courtney Hicks, Melissa Colingo, Jessica Anderson, Virginia Stallworth. Fourth row(l tc r) Melanie Dahlem, Jennifer Hale, Susan Jordan, Angela Abraham, Lisa Cole . M-Club Ole Miss ' finest The Ole Miss " M " Club of the University of Mis- sissippi is composed of those men who have let- tered in one of the inter- collegiate sports spon- I Sieve Davis sored by the University. Only the members of the " M " Club are eligible to wear the Ole Miss " M " which distinguishes these men as winners of the var- sity athletic award. The purpose of the club is to promote sports and sports- manship at the University. The members assist in the recruiting of prospective high school athletes as well as involvement in community service proj- ects. 1987-88 M-Club Members: Dan- ny Hoskins-President, Woody Soehn-Vice president, Bruce Tranbarger-Secretary, Keith Kes- singer-Treasurer, Derek King- Sergeant-at-arms. Rich Adamcik, |.R. Ambrose, Bobby Barlow, Aaron Barrick, Brian Becker, Jim Bessleman, Barry Bethay, Tommy Boone, David Caldwell, John Carlton, Richard Carroll, Scott Chesser, Chuck Cleveland, Robin Cofiman, Robert Cole, David Criswell, Russ Curry, Butch Dav- enport, Jeff Daves, Richie Davis, Melvin Dean, Gabriel Dear, Bub- ba Dickey, David Ferguson, Jim- my Fields, Dave Foley, George Forbes, Gary Geno, J.P. Gentle- man, Monte Gibbs, Rob Goff, Lan Cooch, Willie Coodloe, Sonny Harbuck, Jeff Herrod, Bobby Higginbotham, Reid Nines, Steve Horae, Alan Ince, Todd Irvin, Kermit Jackson, Darren Johnson, Lopaz Jones, Greg Lee, Perry Lust, Bobby Martin, Falton Ma- son, A.D. Matthews, Rodney Mat- tina. Mark Meiers, Joe Mickles, Dave Miley, Mark Mills, Chip Moreland, Howard Moss, Darren Musselwhite, Verdell Oliver, Bry- an Owen, Jeff Pate, Wade Petty, Jimmy Pitts, Pepper Pounds, Jeff Purvis, Dave Randall, Jeff Rhodes, Ricky Richardson, Mike Scalla, Jay Schimmell, Arthur Scott, James Sikes, Paul Sils, Bub- ba Simon, Darryl Smith, James Smith, Matt Smith, Robert Smith, Roger Smith, Clint Stegall, Da- mon Stroud, Steve Sutton, Bucky Thomas, Will Travlor, Wesley Walls, GAines Williams, Dean Worsham, Mark Young. 1987 Sweatheart: Mary Stevens. 1. M-Club Officers. 2. M-Club Members. Organizatio c Engineering Student Body The Ole Miss Engineer- ing Student Body is an or- ganization composed of engineering students who have an interest in serving the school and their fellow students. The E.S.B. organ- izes such events as the an- nual phone-a-thon, barbe- cues, and tutorials for the students. Membership in the E.S.B. is only three dol- lars per semester. Each year two members ESB Members: Randy Blackmon, Zoffee Dorghmich, John Cleve- land, Terry Dillard, Paul Berry, Jeanie Barber, Mike Gray, Jorge Castilla, John Smith, Barrett Green, Charles Weeks, Stephen Brown, Chester Anderson, Mary Roberts, Tony Estock, Lisa Harold, Stephen O ' Conner, Da- vid Holmes, Vuiek Kapoor, Rich- ard Vandemark, Brad Jobe, Joe Richardson, Kuo Cheng Wong, Dave Steele, Robert Wells, Bryan Tucker, Lepng Kok Toong, James Wages, Mike Falkner, Chandran Subramaniam, Ed Stranbridge, Garner Newton, Gary Fudge, Linda Lum, J. Burnett, T. Economides, Emad Shahin, Rich- ard Carroll, Pepper Pounds, Alan Sang, Lynette Pope, Randy Rowell, Laura Burrell, Clark Lid- don, Tim Whitten, Pushparajah Shanmugam, Neil Gulliver, Deb- bie Tollison, Mark Fletcher, Chris Craft, Meg Mollenhoff, Nguyen Anh Tuan, Lewis Beard, Barbara Collum, Timothy Usey, Randy Bowie, Kevin Henera, Tim Mor- gan, Gilmer Daniel, Denise Sease, Susan Simms, Scott Ander- son, Joseph Corlew, John Davis, Thomas Waller, Tammy Seid, Matthew Scardino, Jay Barrett, Mark Burkhalter, Tim Mack, Der- rick Wilson, Tony Wright. rganizations Let ' s get analytical of the E.S.B. are voted into the Engineering Student Body Hall of Fame. The students who received the honor this past year were Paul Berry and Terry Dil- lard. The E.S.B. officers meet every Sunday evening in the student lounge in An- derson Hall. The E.S.B. of- fice is located in Anderson Hall. (OMB Oun,H): HiboM. taw, toriclW SdmidU I ESB Officers: (I to r) Mary Roberts-Treasurer, Linda Lum-Secretary, Garner Newton-President, Randy Rowell-Vice president. . a Dan Magee AICE MEMBERS: Sekthira Anuchit, Laura Burrell, Barry Chapman, Barbara Collum, Frederick Gulliver. Sean Dum, Hashem Jazayeripour, Marty Lanier, Clark Liddon Vice president, Ming Shan Lu, Linda Lum, Arun Mahotra, Timothy Mavo, Meg Mollenhoff, Shah Nargree Reporter, Mauricio Quiros, Denise Sease - Treasurer, Emad Shahin, David Sii, Susan Simms President, Andy Thomas, Debbie Tollison Secretary, Derrick Wilson, Randy Thweatt, Trey Core, Robert Tavlin, Cathryn Colter, Lara Andrews, Rebecca Gould, Kelly Schmidt, Cher l White, Jim Henley, Susan Webb. 1. ASME Officers: (I to r) Chong Kok Huat, Treasurer; David Trebotich, Vice President; Mark Fletcher, President; Wong Kho Cheng, Secretary. AICE Promoting Chemical Engineering The UM chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers pro- motes professional devel- opment among its mem- bers as well as to encourage fellowship be- tween the students and faculty. Social and educational activities are provided by the group. The annual back-to-school banquet begins the year. Speakers, field trips, and other serv- ices are available to the students in their prepara- tion for life as a chemical engineer. AICE also holds informal parties for the stu- dents and faculty, and en- courages participation in intramural sports. ASME Mechanical engineers prepare for real world ASME Front row(l to r): Ron Bishop, Pushparajah Shanmugan, Wong Kuo Cheng, Bryan Tucker, Forrest Clark, Chong Kok Haut,Mark Fletcher. Back row(l to r): Joe Richardson, Tony Shelton, Yu-Ang Hwang, Lim Tze Sey, Charles Weeks, Mike Gray, David Trebotich, Kin Peng Sin. The UM student section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is primarily concerned with getting mechanical engi- neering students acquaint- ed with the " real world " of engineering. ASME activi- ties include plant tours, design and paper contests, seminars, and an annual regional conference. The society is funded mostly through grants from engineering corporations such as Texas Instruments and International Paper. The Ole Miss chapter also sponsors an " egg drop " contest where funds are made through entry fees. Organizatic Student Alumni Council Working with alumni for a better Ole Miss The Student Alumni Coun- cil, sponsored by the Ole Miss Alumni Association, is comprised of students who represent classes, ac- ademic departments, cam- pus organizations, and geographical districts. The S.A.C. acts as the " bridge " between the University ' s students and alumni. One of the principle goals of the Council is to educate these representatives about the alumni program and all of its functions. The representatives may then become actively involved in alumni-related activi- ties. Through the S.A.C. , students may meet alumni and discover opportunities the Association has to of- fer. Senior Class Exec. Board Seniors leave their mark The 1987-88 Senior Class Executive Board is responsible for directing the senior class project. This year ' s project is to place commemorative gates at the new university entrance, which is located across from Oxford Mall on Jackson Avenue. Fun- draising efforts for the project included soliciting contributions at home football games and T-shirt sales. The entire senior class appreciates the stu- dents, alumni, and friends of Ole Miss for their sup- port in making the project a reality. 1. Student Alumni Council mem- bers. SAC Officers: Front row(l to r) Brian Staley-Public Relations, Page Crossley-President, Amanda King-Secretary, Shannon Fox-Vice pres- ident. Second row(l to r) Lisa Flynt, Jeniffer Day, Liz Ventress, Sheila James. Senior Class Executive Board Members: Front(l to r) David Ramsey, Bryan Hawkins, Gena Milliken, Jennifer McCehee, Louis Benton. Second row: Douglas Grochau, John Barrett, Christy Cole, Dudley Denton, Shannon Moore. Back row: Keith Pearson, Hamp Dye, Tommy Funk. Not pictured are April Abney and Christina Collier. C rganizations BH i AWS Officers: (I to r) Jennifer Hollowejl-Treasurer, Catherine Gaudet- ' resident, Rosanne Turner-Vice President. Not pictured is Christy !ole-Secretarv. Association for Women Students Helping all students The purpose of The As- sociation for Women Stu- dents (AWS) is not only to promote women students and their needs and inter- ests on this campus, but to also help both men and women in every aspect of campus life. As a student at the University, you are automatically a member of AWS. AWS provides speakers from the top levels in the national gov- Executive Board is as follows: Elections Mary Shiele Daniels; Woman ' s Emphasis Suzanne Oliver and Julie Noblin; Scholarship Maelyse McElwain; Projects Courtney McCollum; Minority Concerns Stacy Bracy; Publicity Renee Hambrick; Hospitality Amy Bourne, Kathy Hill, and Stuart Home; AWS ASB Liaison Pam Kloha; Faculty Liaison Tracy Hayes. ernment to counselors on subjects such as dating, re- lationships, and careers. Other AWS activities in- clude fund raisers, semi- nars, and the AWS Fun Run. AWS prides itself in offering a variety of fun and educational programs and events. Making new friends and offering new experiences are two things we also offer. Organizatic s 311 Financiers Club Understanding finance in the business world The University of Missis- si ppi Financiers Club is pri- marily made up of students majoring in banking and fi- nance and managerial fi- nance; however, the club is open to all Ole Miss stu- dents. Annual dues are used to entertain guest speakers and to put on a fall and spring party. The speakers bring to the Financiers in- formation about the cur- rent banking and finance business world. Past stu- dents also speak on the topics of getting a job and the experiences associated with one ' s first job in the banking field. L IM I Dftiw km P Pictured above are (I) Shannon Fox, president, and Dr.Ronald Moak. Richard Whitley 31 2 - I , in ganizations UMSRA Officers: Frontd to r) Max Curry, Vice President; Damien DeSimone, Treasurer. Backd to r) Gayla White, Secretary; Maggie Brown, President; Marv Shotts, Historian; Connie Lambert, Reporter. 1 A UMSRA Best notetakers on campus The University of Missis- sippi Shorthand Reporter ' s Association is a program for court reporting stu- dents. It was established to foster the study of court reporting and to provide professional development in the field. The organization pro- vides speakers and special presentations at the organ- izational meetings. Stu- dents have a first-hand chance to view and oper- ate the equipment they will be using as court re- porters. UMSRA students also have the opportunity to meet and talk with pro- fessional court reporters and ask questions about the field. 1. UMSRA Members: Front row(l to r) Da mien DeSimone, Mary Shotts, Connie Lambert, Max Curry, Maggie Brown, Gayla White. Second row(l to r) Kim Austin, Genise Colburn, Susan Lee, Shannon, Serrurier, Cindy Harrison, Lisa horn. Back row(l to r) Janice Bounds, Connie Lucas, Tonya Panned, Velma Thompson, Susan Yeager, Kellye Smith, Lorri Williamson. UMACA Enhancing student ' s culture at Ole Miss The University of Missis- sippi American Chinese UMACA Members: Richard Wong, Alan Sang, Ronald Wong, Frances Sit, Nathan Chu, John Gee, Gabriella Sang, Melvin Seid, Willy Quon, Judv Quon, )oe Hudson, Bonnie Vance, John Yung, Stephen Im, Doreen Man. Wayne Wong President, Amy Joe Vice president, Linda Mar Secretary, Tammy Seid Treasurer. Association was founded in 1979 by Raymond H. Joe and Hiron M. Ju to fos- ter ties of friendship among the Chinese stu- dents in the University community. The credo of UMACA encourages its members to stimulate, de- velop, and promote cultur- al, social, academic, and other relative aspects that will in turn enhance the general well-being and de- velopment of these indi- viduals. UMACA fulfills some of these obligations by sponsoring activities with Asian student organ- izations, sponsoring tail- gate parties for high school student recruitment, hav- ing summer and year-end dances with Mid-south ori- entals, and meeting regu- larly for special cultural ac- tivies. Organizatio 314 C Modeling Board Setting the standards of style at Ole Miss Established by the Asso- ciation of Women Stu- dents in 1977, the Mod- eling Board of the University of Mississippi proposed to promote a sense of fashion among Ole Miss students. Modeling Board mem- bers model for various constituents of the busi- ness community and also produce fashion shows for the student body. Models are selected each fall by a panel consisting of two judges and the director of the Modeling Board. Mod- els are selected based on poise, personality, model- ing potential, and scholas- tic ability. rganizations Crystal Davis modeling fall fashions at the AWS fashion show in September. Richard Whitley Richard Whirtey Modeling Board 1. 1987-88 male Modeling Board members. 2. Modeling Board of- ficers: Susan Stupanion and loan Naughton. 3. 1987-88 female Modeling Board members. Organization ; 3 ASID Stepping out in interior design The Ole Miss student chapter of the American Society of Interior Design was organized to enhance the future of students ma- joring in interior design. The ASID sponsors fun- draisers, seminars, and marketing trips to cities such as Dallas and New York. 1. ASID Members: Front row(l to r) Allison Melville; Susie Averitt; Susan White, Vice-president; Gabrielle Gordon. Second Row(l to r) Kris Bromley, Secretary; Sara Vaccarella; Brenda Warren, President. Third row(l to r) Renee Walters; Lisa Johnson; Deas Johnson, Treas- urer; Ann Yager. 2. ASID Officers: (Clockwise from top) Deas Johnson-Treasurer, Brenda Warren-President, Susan White-Vice president, Kris Bromley- Secretary. Malaysian Student Association Strengthening Malaysian Culture at Ole Miss The University of Missis- sippi Malaysian Student Association was formed in January of 1982. The pur- pose of the group is to fos- ter good will among Ma- laysian students and residents of the University. Each year the group sponsors Malaysian Night, which includes exhibits by Malaysian students, foods from the Malay Peninsula, and traditional Malaysian songs and dances. 3. Malaysian Student Association 1 A Amy Dowe Amy Dowe 3 A Richard Whitley ganizations Baptist Student Union BSU to receive new student center The Ole Miss Baptist Student Union is an organ- ization for all Christian stu- dents who wish to join to- gether to grow closer to Christ. Such growth is achieved through Bible study, discipleship, weekly fellowship, and intramural activities sponsored by the Baptist Student Union. The BSU also conducts campus and community outreach projects which give stu- dents the opportunity to minister to others. This past winter, the old Baptist Student Cehter was razed and the lot prepared for the construction of a new Baptist Student Cent- er. The new structure, which is expected to cost $500,000, replaces a building which was home for the Baptist Student Un- ion for 1 4 years. 1. BSU Council Officers: Front -I to r) Leonard Locke, Darrell Her- ring, Keith Cating-Director, Clint Ashley. Backd to r) Melanie Buntyn, Temple Stewart, Ellen Meacham, Loretta Rivers, Vera Don Cranford, Sherry Wilbourn. Not pictured: |im Waterson, Ron Becknam. Organizatio Kappa Epsilon Fostering future female pharmacists Kappa Epsilon is a na- tional professional fraterni- ty which promotes women in pharmacy. The Alpha Gamma Chapter of Kappa Epsilon at the University of Mississippi was chartered in 1960 with the purpose of uniting all students in pharmacy. In addition to cooperating with the fac- ulty, Kappa Epsilon hopes to instill within its mem- bers a desire for high scholarship, a sense of last- ing loyalty and interest in pharmacy, and friendship. Activities for the year in- cluded a Pharmacy School phone-a-thon which raised approximately $5000, a Halloween party for all pharmacy students, a faculty appreation lun- cheon in the spring, and a trip by several students to the Province Convention at Florida A M University. 1987-88 Kappa Epsilon Officers: Maria Holcomb-President, Bobbie Jo Turnage-Vice President, Malendia Hite-Secretary, Alice Bullock- Treasurer, Doreen Mah-Historian, Ellen Algee-Chaplain, Audra Ran- dolph-Pledge Trainer, Nancy Fuller-Advisor. Phi Mu Alpha S info ma Sounds good Phi Mu Alpha Sinphonia is a professional men ' s mu- sic fraternity. Phi Mu Alpha actively works to promote the highest standards of creativity, performance, education, and research in music in America. Meeting every Tuesday evening, the Ole Miss stu- dent section of Phi Mu Al- pha has approximately twenty-five members. 1. While at the Province Con- vention, Kappa Epsilons take time out to pose tor the camera. 2. Kappa Epsilon members. C rganizations 2 A Phi Mu Alpha Sinphonia: Front row(l to r) Michael Avers, Chris Thomas, Donnie Newman, Duke Hussey, Kevin Herrera, Paul Barnes, Jon Young, Keith Hill. Second row(l to r) Robert Patrick, Scott Enochs, Patrick Owens, Greg Gausline, Elvin Knight, Chris Pieluch, Tom King. Third row(l to r) Michael Sims, Alan Alexander, Brent Suain, Joha Hillhouse, Douglas Williams, Steve Bigelow. Fourth row(l to r) David Lindsey, William Struss, Darren Hunt, Jim Egger, Ronald, Todd Williams, Eric Cheney, James Evans. Kappa Psi Pharmaceutics at Ole Miss UM Pre-Law Society Law school hopefuls reorganize The Ole Miss Pre-Law Society, after several years being absent, was reorga- nized in 1987 to bring to- gether undergraduates with a common interest in the law and the study of law. The society guides its members on the types of I . Steve Davis 1 A courses that would be beneficial during their un- dergraduate years, how to apply to law schools, what to expect in law school, and the practice of law. Speakers such as judges, practicing lawyers, admis- sions representatives, and law students give the members a well-rounded view of law. Other pro- grams enable small groups of students to sit in on class lectures at the Law Center on campus; therefore, the undergraduate gets a glimpse of how Law class- es are conducted and what to expect in class. 1 . UM Pre-Law Society members: Lois Baldwin, Clark Monroe, Kris- tina Croswell, John Milam, Trey Koons, Ralph King, Wilburn Coleman, Gary Mullins, Tom Coleman, Alan Perkins, Craig Cowart, Ellen Lackey, Steve Smith, Brian Staley, Andy Olson, Lee Zoller-Treasurer, Greg Park, Nick Pieschel, Johan Fremlin- President, Jay Heidel-Vice Pres- ident Organizatk Student Programming Board Students programming fun programs for students The Universtiy of Missis- sippi Student Programming Board has had a busy year planning great things for Ole Miss students. With many activities for fall and spring semesters, the SPB played an important role in adding color and fun to the Ole Miss campus. During the fall semester, the SPB schedule included such events as the Train to Tulane, Tailgate Thursday, and the All-Nighter. Many students enjoyed an SPB- 1. Coordinating 1987-88 SPB events were: (seated, top to bot- tom) Skipper Lowrey-Assistant Director, Perry Phillips-Financial Director, Art Cox-Director. Standing: (middle, I to r) Whitney Vann, Brian Staley, Sarah Andre, Cheryn Netz, Amy Lewis. Back(l to r) Robert Wood, Adam Trow- bridge, Andy Olson, Noell Simms. sponsored ski trip to Steamboat Springs, Colo- rado, over their Christmas vacation. Spring semester activities included a con- cert by blues singer B.B. King, a performance in Fulton Chapel by Charlie Pride, and Dixie Week, which featured a concert by Guadalcanal Diary in Fulton Chapel. In addition to the spring SPB events was a Mexican Riviera cruise, an SPB first, during spring break. Rick King, center, and other students prepare t-shirts for tie-dying during 1987 Dixie Week Richard Whitlev ganizations Ahsa Habeeb 1 A SPB 1. While on the SPB ' s " Train to Tulane, " Ashley Crizzard, left, and friends enjoy a game of cards. 2. Students perform strange exper- iments on hamsters during the SPB All-Nignter! 3. The successful operation of the Student Programming Board involves many dedicated students. Gary Fudge 3A Organizati( Women in Communications Women and men in communications Women In Communica- tions, Inc. is a national or- ganization composed of men and women in all areas of communication from journalism to market- ing. The Ole Miss student section of WICI strives to provide students with the opportunity to meet pro- fessionals throughout the nation, obtain internships and professional employ- ment, and gain the lead- ership experience needed to succeed in a commu- nications career. - WICI officers: Ada Demlow-President, Pam Kloha-Vice President, Carolyn Boltin-Vice President, Valerie Sobol-Secretary, Allison Cro- gan-Treasurer. Wesley Foundation Foundation fosters fellowship Wesley Foundation is the ministry of the United Meth- odist Church to students, fac- ulty, and staff at Ole Miss. WF goals are to relate students to the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Christian fellowship, Bible study and worship, out- reach service projects, and by providing worship in local churches, nursing homes and the North Mississippi Retar- dation Center. Wesley pro- vides opportunities for spir- itual growth and faith Wesley Foundation Members: Cathy Parker- President, Barrett Green-First Vice Presi- dent, Lisa Sprinkle-Second Vice President, LisaLynn Brent-Secretary, Chris Upton- Treasurer, John Cosby-Newsletter Editor, Ju- lie Granger, Sherry Kemp, Libby Lumpkin, Suze Thompson, Kathv Smith, Sabrina West, Theresa Humphrey, Lewis Beard, Tracy Box, Kayce O ' Daniel, Becky Moore, Sheila James, Loni Cook, Tommy Johnston, Marc Melton, Mary Frances Patton, Max Curry, Edward Coleman, Candice Murphy, Steven Melton, Tammy Ward, Lisa Williams, Hank Lewis, Kim Robertson, Jody Lassiter, Andrea Ad- kins, David Holmes, Virginia Stallworth, Bet- ty Boyles. development so that students may achieve their personal goals from the Christian per- spective. Organizations Campus Crusade for Christ " Committed to the building of strong men and women of faith " On the Ole Miss campus, Campus Crusade for Christ is actively preparing students for a lifetime of growth in their relationship with God. Campus Crusade at Ole Miss provides students with small group Bible studies, large group meetings with other Christians, conferences, and socials. Campus Crusade also prepares students for growing in their personal relationship with the Lord, studying the Bible on your own, leading small group Bible studies, un- derstanding your faith in Christ, sharing your faith with others, and helping other Christians grow in their rela- tionship with Cod. Gamma Iota Sigma For students seeking an " insured ' education Gamma lota Sigma Officers: Front(l to r) Angela McClain-advisor, Christina Collier-public relations, Marcia Cordon-secretary. Backd to r) Dr. Joe Murray-advisor, Rob Sumner-vice president, Jay Vaughan-president. Gamma lota Sigma is a na- tional collegiate insurance fra- ternity and is the only one of its kind in the United States. The purpose of Gamma lota Sigma is to improve the qual- ity of insurance education and to serve as a liaison be- tween the campus and the in- surance industry. Mu chapter of Ole Miss was organized in 1976 and has remained active since that date. In a typical year some two dozen speakers from all segments of the insurance in- dustry will visit the Ole Miss campus and speak to the in- surance society. This year several members of Mu chap- ter attended Insurance Edu- cation Day in Jackson where they learned more about ac- tual jobs in insurance and how to get a job in the in- dustry. Organizations Kincaimon Hall Kincannon Hall Council members are Rumman Dastgir-President, Alan Perkins Public Relations, Danny Raines-Vice Presi- dent, Dennis Watts- Secretary and Program- ming Director, Bill King- Public Relations Assistant. Kincannon Resident Advi- sors are: Mike Clark, Ahsan Jamil, Chris Svehlak, Bill Westling, Matt Person, Jack Davidson, Dave Carvin, Adrian Wallace. Stockard Martin RA ' s T. Stockard and Martin Hall Res- ident Advisors: (front) Todd Ack- erman. Second row(l to r) Charmaine Anderson, Ashwin Karamchandani, Doug Brown, Tammy Ford, Winnye Wilkes, Russell Potter, Victoria Lawson, Steve Smith, Vanessa Morgan, Lloyd Dixon. Back(l to r) Gloria Gunn, Jennifer Brown, Rene Ev- ans, Lee Garner, Bruce Bradshaw. Not pictured: Shah Nagree, Te- resa Whitten, Katrina Howard. Kincannon council members: (I to r) Bill King, Danny Raines, Rumman i Dastgir, Dennis Watts, Alan Perkins. Not pictured is Phillip Coode, hall director and council advisor. 324 C rganizations Martin 4th Martin Fifth Residents are: Gwen Cotten, Carroll Blair, Charlotte Lovelady, Ashley Martin Fourth Residents are: Elizabeth Brent, Lisa Lusk, Leslie Herrington, Helen Buck, Tracy Reves, Jennifer Johnson, Heather Vahle, Meri Baumer, Susan Edgar, Leslie Ricks, Caro- line French, Catherine Johnson, Marian Boyd, An- gel Stricklin, Diane Mos- ley, Kinberly Roberts, Kay Fountain, Elizabeth Dun- can, Margaret Stamm, Lynn Johnson, Julie Hodges, Cynthia Pittman, Mary Hamilton, Gmilie Krai, Lorie Bolen, Julie Moss, Heather Couvillion, Rebecca Stewart, Tracy Sisson, Mary Cassar, Leslie Leavell, Gloria Gunn- Resident Advisor. Martin 5th Chappell, Samantha Mur- phy, Dana Mosley, Ellen Cockrill, Meredith Macdiarmid, Sharon For- ester, Virginia Boyce, Marisa Songcharoen, Emily Boone, Katie Bush, Steph- anie Swilley, Jere Jefcoat, Kerin Drake, Margaret Breedlove, Suzanne Gilmartin, Juli Carrot, Kelli Kinler, Lori Ruffin, Elaine Ashton, Mary Dahlke, Cynthia Flippin, Marilyn Jones, Jennifer Barrousse, Susan Webb, Jane Ezzell, Margaret Butler, Kristin Cobern, Kelly Davis, Mary McCarty, Melissa Pittman, Stephanie Hardy, Laurie Denton, Stacey Shelton, Leslie Madden, Mary Par- ker, Elizabeth Peeples, Leslie Schwartz, Vanessa Morgan- Resident Advisor. Organizations -- 325 . 326 Martin 6th Fall semester activities for the sixth floor included a program on date rape, with speaker Linda Christian, and the week of October 26-29 was " Secret Pal Week. " 1. Martin Sixth Residents: Susan Lynch, Erin Earhart, Deana Lail, Jeannie Barber, Amy Kilpatrick, Catherine Griswold, Cynthia Gerlach, Heidi Hoefer, Julie Donaldson, Susan Brewer, Phyllis Agne, Amy Cherry, Lara Sullivan, Kristi Jernigan, Melissa Gordon, Elizabeth Wade, Cheri Suares, Tracy Ross, Elizabeth Altazan, Jacqueline Jordon, Molly Graham, Diane Montgomery, Nicolle St.Pierre, Susan Afeman, Virginia Mansell, Mary Murphree, Shannon Cruse, Martha Fowler, Amanda Lehman, Andrea Wall, Meg Davis, Tracy Boie, Leigh Ann Allen, Deani Joiner, Elizabeth Crowson, Kim Tubertini, Celeste Pasley, Wendy Jarrell, Lauren Lewis, Carol McKey. Resident Advisor: Victoria Lawson; Floor Representative: Andrea Elliot. Martin 7th 2. Elvin Knight celebrates Hal- loween in Stockard Martin lobby with two Martin Seventh co-eds. 3. Martin Seventh Residents: Eliz- abeth McClatchey, Laura Lee Peaster, Angie Marshall, Lara Bogardos, Beth Smith, Laura Kelso, Holly Hawkins, Shani Broderick, Paula Cole, Anne Ga- ry, Kara Smith, Heather Rodgers, Kimberly Gragson, Carla Corley, Paige Pittman, Anna Guest, Samantha Baldwin, Heather Her- ring, Maureen Moore, Louise Hooker, Jill Busby, Mellette Mor- gan, Kristi Heflin, Stephanie Ten Eyck, Theresa Rouse, Kim Fulford, Jan Busby, Laura Harwell, Tiffany Brooks, Leigh Nicholson, Terrisa Whitten, Amy Garner, Anne Long, Kelly Horn, Leslie Knight, Faith Thornton, Louise McKellar, Sherri McKell, Lea-Ann Smithvaniz. Resident Advisor: Rene Evans; Floor Rep- resentatives: Beth Bennitt and Keleigh Sullivan; President of Martin Stockard: Paige Eaves. ganizations Steve Davis Martin 1 Oth Martin tenth residents: Jennifer Seay, Anne Leineweber, Kimberly Hamsley, Stacey Ray, Charlene Boshae, Leigh Yeargain, Elizabeth Mc- Granie, Stephanie Taylor, Patricia Gary, Katy Scarles- ki, Shannon Hurley, Cathy Grimes, Jan Meyer, Paige Meeks, Lee Ann Neal, Me- lissa Magee, Phaedra Farr, Tara Fimiano, Allison Clancy, Roxanne Larsen, Susan Lipscomb, Sara May, Reed Harwell, Melissa Martin, Angie Montgom- ery, Elizabeth Jones, Wendy Britt, Susan Bul- lock, Tonya Osburn, Ka- trina Denton, Sylvia Moore, Lawanda Pointer, Kellie Fortenberry, Beth Dubberly, Stacy Dobrei, Melanie Marvin, Jennifer Walthall, Melony Alexan- der, Regina Lane, Jessica Graham, Brigette West. Resident Advisor: Katrina Howard. 1. Many Stockard Martin residents, such as these Martin 10th coeds, enjoyed spending time in the TV rooms which were added last sum- mer. Each floor in Stockard Martin now has one TV room and one study. Martin 8th 8th Floor of Martin: Sherry Hawkins, Margot Smith, Alisa Habeeb Kimberly Knight, Leslie Pace, Leigh Boehret, Anne Pulliam, Christian Cruthrids, Leigh McNeer, Pamela Peebles, Lee Ann Wray, Ashley Price, Leila Cochran, Leslie Mudd, Laurie Jenkins, Sarah Stew- art, Amy Haddad, Jenny Robert, Pamela Benton, Nicole Giles, Leigh Grain, Virginia Jackson, Lori le- laiolnis, Jennifer Seay, Me- lanie Rains, Stephanie Sanders, Wendy Granger, Jennifer Shumpert, Donna Leach, Billie Stribling, Yvette Wyatt, Tia Dees, Bari Brown, Molly McGehee, Alicia Scrog- gins, Tara Hart, Kimberle Hathorn, Dana Freeland, Allison Moyse, Laurine Casey, August Easom, Jen- nifer Cundiff, Shannon Massie. Resident Advisor: Tammy Ford. Organizations Martin llth Martin eleventh resi- dents: Ginger Minga, Me- lissa Pace, Renee Cowan, Victoria Colomarie, Lisa Young, Karen Beall, Raenee Payton, Janice Holmes, Elizabeth Moore, Marie Roux, Stephanie Mapp, Michelle Alt, Michelle Bell, Andrea Scales, Heather Heriard, Patricia White, Melissa Dennison, Lynn Gooch, Heather Bennett, Carrie Shull, Michelle Stewart, Stephanie Powell, Candice Murphy, Kelly Clinton, Melony Tims, Carol Goff, Dana Dickens, Cheri An- derson, Kristie Ballard, Cara Harris, Stephanie Ed- wards, Wendy Sigglekow, Elizabeth Sterling, Caroline Herring, Dawn Woods, Danielle Dillon, Rhonda Thompson, Jacqueline Flemmons, Mary Stansell, Lora Thomason. Resident Advisor: Charmaine An- derson. Stockard fourth resi- dents: William Wood, Da- vid Nosef, William Phillips, Rayford Hudson, Bryan Helium, Lee Conner, Paul Cressy, Lance Lassetter, Scott Self, Harry Sumner, Jason Scott, John Langford, Charles Adams, Jerry Whitfield, Chet Eller, Trent Scheringer, Michael Page, Charles Parks, Charles Honorst, Bryan Caradine, George Greenlee, Steve Higginbotham, Tim Rober- son, Sam Abraham, Robert Coon, Harry Cotros, Scott Green, Christopher McAuley, Greg Rogina, Patrick Harmon, Richard lanelli, John Lane, Robert Shards, Bill Ewing, Bill Bolen, Bradley Brower, Le ' slie Coleman, Don Smith, Damon Bell, Barry Cain, Steven Sims. Resi- dent Advisor: Doug Brown. ganizations Stockard 4th Before Hefley ' s Thanksgiving feast, residents help each other prepare the food. Hefley Hall Hefley Dorm ' s hall council set themselves apart this year by getting involved in many philan- thropy projects. Money was raised for the Natchez Children ' s Home by hav- ing a " Tape of Dimes " contest. Each resident col- lected dimes and stuck them onto cellophane tape. In the end, the Hefley resident with the : Hefley Council Board members are: Juana Sweargen-Second floor representative. Charlotte Martin-RHA representative, Robin King-Hefley President, Laura Lipsey-Hefley Vice President, Karen Smith- Secretary Treasurer, Diane Keenum-Third floor representative, Marilyn Weddington-Fourth floor repre- sentative. longest tape won a prize. Hefley also had many social events which in- cluded cookouts, a Hal- loween party, Christmas party, and a potluck Thanksgiving feast. Through the social efforts of the Hefley council, each resident had the chance to better know their neigh- bors. Organizatic ts 31 Crosby Hall Crosby Hall, the largest women ' s dormitory on campus, boasts 10 floors with a kitchen TV lounge on each floor. The hall council, resident advisors, and hall director worked hard to provide a " home away from home " for its residents. To entertain its residents and to bring such a large group of girls together, Crosby sponsored many events. Residents of Cros- by Hall were welcomed back to school with an ice cream social on the back patio. Other fall get- togethers included cookouts, Homecoming activities, and holiday par- ties. At the end of the 1 988 spring semester, Crosby sponsored the annual " School ' s Out " barbecue. Crosby Hall residents were also greatly involved in sports and organizations throughout campus. Rep- resented by such a wide variety and large number of girls, Crosby Hall was definitely the place to be. Crosby Hall Council: kneeling(l to r) Nanette Bledsoe, Vickie Calamese, Lisa Weber. Seatedd to r) Jennifer Riales-Council Secretary, Diane Shearer-Council President, Kristi Crosswell-Council Vice Pres- ident, Donna Pomes-IHC representative. Standingd to r) Resident Advisors: Elizabeth Magee, Jeri White, Denise Howard, Anne Klingen, Lisa Brantley, Kimberleigh Roch, Ms. Elanor Rook-hall director, Ber- nadette Kilgore, Petula Sabers, Tina Taylor, Kris Bromley. 330 C ganizations 30 C - Alisa Habeeb Alisa Habeeb Stewart Hall Stewart Hall is one of the most involved dorms in the University ' s intra- mural program. They had great teams for football, basketball, and softball. Not only did the residents play, but others turned out in great numbers to cheer on their team. Some other activies sponsored by Stewart Hall are cookouts and tye dye and T-shirt painting parties. For Christ- mas, Stewart had a cam- pus-wide party. 1. Stewart Hall Council: Jodv dine, Lynn Beard, Shana Goodwin, Liza Cook, Carole Lakoff, Lavorce Frierson, Thersa Humphrey, Barbara Mathis, Janice Jenkins, Liz Thurman, Colleen Burghardt, Sherry Butler, Kelly Allen, Audrey Allbritton, Beth Higginbotham, Jean Chambers, Erin Crowther, Ginger Weir, Dana Johnson. Brown Hall ce Turnage Brown Hall Resident Council: Heather Cook- President, Ginger Robert- son-Vice President, Nancy McAuley-Secretary, Renee Robinson, Cristi Adams, Kristina Wright. Brown Hall Resident Advisors: Pe- nelope Moulds, Brenda Webb, Usha Ramachan- dran, Bitsie Hillery, Charmayne Walker. 2. Stewart Hall coeds relaxing in Stewart lobby take time out to pose for the yearbook ' s camera. Organizatio i SECTION EDITOR: Amanda King ASST. SECTION EDITOR: Sherri Prestridge 332 Classes Richard Whit Classes Contents: Freshmen 334 Sophomores 346 Juniors 356 Seniors 366 Graduates 378 Pharmacy 382 Finding New Perspectives in CLASSES Classes 333 FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHME Robertson gains independence while at UM Two of Ginger Rob- ertson ' s goals when she came to Ole Miss were to learn how to survive on her own and to make lots of friends. Robertson, a fresh- man from Jackson, has been blind since birth. She was given excess oxygen when born three months premature and, as a result, glaucoma took her vision. Robertson decided to attend Ole Miss, follow- ing in her parents ' foot- steps, because it was near her home but far enough away for her in- dependence. Although she is very in- dependent, Robertson says " there are times that I can ' t do every- thing. " AARON, Charles, Memphis, Lib. Arts ABBOTT, James, Indianola, Lib. Arts, de ABDO, George, Gulfbreeze, FL, Pharm, j}8 ABEL, Stacey, Tupelo, Pharm. ACKLEY, David, Pewaukee, WI, Bus, KT ADAMS, Christi, Kosciusko, Law Ctr., AOH ADAMS, Kimberly, Poplar Bluff, MO, Pharm ADAMS, Leigh, Birmingham, Lib. Arts, 4 M ADAMS, Russell, Shreveport,LA, Lib. Arts AFEMAN, Susan, Baton Rouge, LA, Educ, XS2 AGNE, Phyllis. Anna, IL, Lib. Arts, AOH ALBRITTON, Audry. Gulfport, Lib. Arts ALEXANDER, Melony, Cleveland, Pharm. ALFANO, Thomas, San Antonio, TX, Lib. Arts ALLEN, Abigail, University, Lib. Arts, I1B ALLEN, Kelly, Corinth, Lib. Arts, AOH ALLEN, Leigh, Jackson, Bus, KKF ALT, Michelle, Gulfport, Lib. Arts ALTAZAN, Elizabeth, Baton Rouge, Lib. Arts AMITIN, Phillip, Chamblee, GA, Bus, KT ANDY, Paul, Madison, Lib. Arts, KT APPLEGATE, David, Counce, TN, Bus, ATO BABER, Lisa, Madison, Pharm, KA9 BAESHEN, Mohammed, Saudi Arabia, Educ. BAKER, Bern, Batesville, Lib. Arts BALDUCCI, Toni, Lyon, Bus, AAA BARBER, Jeannie, Glen, Eng. BARNES, Dixie, Dearborn, Ml, Lib. An BARNETT, Gary, Louisville, Pharm. BARRETT, James, Cruger, Eng, ATO BARRETT, Lynn, Aberdeen, Lib. Arts, AOFI BEARD, Angela, Lauderdale, Accy BELK, Dean, Indianola, Bus, de BELL, Michelle, Holly Springs, Accy BENIGNO, Tina, Kenner, LA, Lib. Arts, AOI1 BENNETT, Elizabeth, Jackson, Lib. Arts, BENNETT, Richard, Clinton, Bus, ATO BENTON, Antonnio, Kosciusko, Lib. Arts BENTON, Pamela, St. Louis, Lib. Arts, Xfl BETHEA, Shelley, Gulfport, Lib. Arts, AOFI BILLIONS, Jeffrey, Memphis, Bus. BINGHAM, Melissa, Collierville, TN, Bus, AF BIRDSONG, Brenda, Winona, Accy BISHOP, Man, Memphis, Lib. Arts, AAH BLACKBURN, George, Jackson, Bus, Ae BOBB, Amanda, Holly Springs, Lib. Arts, AF BOGGAN, Matthew, Kilmichael, Lib. Arts BOLEN, Lori, Booneville, Lib Arts BOND, Robert, Dallas, Bus, SN 334 Classes To help her get around campus, Robert- son has Roxanne, a see- ing eye dog who trained with her for one month in New Jersey. " I wish I could see, " says Robertson, " but it won ' t happen. I just try to make the best of sit- uations. " ' |r t , % - A RESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN BONDS, Jessica. Oxford, Lib Arts, AOI1 BONDS, Susan, Houston, Bus. AT BOONE, Thomas, Holly Springs, Bus IN BOWLES, Sheny, Lambert, Lib Arts, KKT BOX, Tracy, Flora, Lib. Arts, KAO BOYD, NicheUe, Memphis Accy BOYLES, Bettv, Tabb, VA, Lib Arts BRADLEY, Marshall, Sentatobia, Pharm. BRADY, James. Starkville, Lib Arts, ZX BRANDT, Allan. Houston, TX. Bus, A8 BRATTON, Miles, Lodi, CA. Bus BREATH, Chuck, Waveland. Accv. KI BREAZEALE, Daniel, J ackson, Lib. Arts. KT BREWER, Susan, Tupelo, Lib. Arts BRIDGES, Timothy, luka, Eng. BROADAWAY, Kristie, Houston, TX, Lib. Arts BRODERICK, Shani. Friendswood, TX, Educ. KAB BRODOFSKY, Adam. Coila, Lib. Arts, Ke BROOKS, Tiffany, Jackson. Bus. ICi BROWN, Carmela, Biloxi, Eng. BROWN, io, Paragould, AR, Lib. Arts BROWNDYKE, Jeffrey. Germantown, TN, Bus, K BRUCE, Marv, Jackson. Accy. AAA BRUNSON, Charlie, Silver City. Lib. Arts BRYSON, David, Tullahoma, TN, Phann, KT BUCK, Keith. Sikeston, MO, Bus, KT BUCK, Helen. Olive Branch, Pharm, AAH BUCK, John, Gautier, Lib Arts IN BUFKIN, Donna, Pickens, Pharm. KKT BULLEN, Dale. Greenville, SC, Accy. BULLOCK, Susan, Hattiesburg, Educ. BURFORD, Nelson. Senatobia, Pharm. BURNETT, Man Beth, Manchester, MO, Accy, SB BUSBY, Kane. Poplar Bluff. MO. Bus. KA9 BUSH, Katie. Laurel, Lib Arts, AAi BUTLER, Sherry. Leland, Educ, AMI BYRD, William. ' Matthews. NC, Bus. 6 " RNES, Penny, Carlisle, Bus. AT CADLE, Joey, BooneviUe, lib. Arts IN CALAMARl Victoria, Metairie, LA, Lib. Arts C ALDWELL, Britt, Tupelo, Bus IN CAMERON, Donald, Natchez, Bus, BW1 CAMERON, William Natchez, Accy, B6H CARDOOS, Lisa, Bossier City, LA, Lib. Arts CARMICHAEL, Kellv, Martinsville. IN, Lib. Arts, AAU CARNflCHAEL, lohri. Brandon, Lib. Arts, IIKA CARNEY, Lee. Cr -stal Springs, Bus. CARROLL, William, Ya2oo Otv, Accv. 6 CASANOVA, Law-rence, Cleveland. Lib. Arts, A6 CAUDLE, MacheUe, Jackson, TN, Lib. Arts, KA8 CHEEK, Jon. Poplar Bluff, MO, Lib. Arts CHOTARD, Lisa, Jackson, Lib Arts. KKP CHRESTMAN, Allison, Jackson, Bus. AAI1 CHRESTMAN, Hamilton, Oxford. Bus. CHURCH, Russell, Mansfield, LA, Lib. Arts CLAPPER, Lee Ridgeland, Pharm. CLEAR-MAN. Jefferev, Petal, Accv. CLINTON, Kellv, Olive Branch, Lib. Arts, M CLOCK, Eric, Emmaus, PA. Bus, KT COCKROFT, Pegg ' . Memphis. Lib. Arts. AAO COGGIN, Kerry, Tupelo, Lib. Arts, AAH COKER, Ca:hn-r. Newton, Eng. COKER, John, Quitman, Bus, KT COLE, Melvnda. Aberdeen, Lib. Arts, HE COLEMAS, Dorothy, Ackerman, Eng, M COLLUM, Mark, Fulton, Aco ATS COLLLNS, Martin. Deerfield IL, Lib. Arts COLLINS, Tony a, Winona, Bus COLOSIMO, Joseph. Memphis Bus KI CONKUN, Ensign, Atlanta Bus IX CONWILL, Marcia. Gulfport, Aco, KKT COOK, Heather. McComb, Accy. ' COOK, Loni. Stone Mountain. GA. Phann. COOK, Sidney. Jackson, Accy. COON, Robert, Jackson, Bus, ' AS CORLEY, Carla, Canton. Accv, M COSTELLO, Christina. Decatur. GA. Lib. Arts, M Classes 335 FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEf RESI COTHRAN, William, Houlka, Lib. Arts, KT GOTTEN, Milacey, Hattiesburg, Lib. Arts, AAA COTTEN, Reid, Carthage, Lib. Arts, SX COX, Wade, Columbus, Lib. Arts CRAKE, Lance, Baton Rouge, Lib. Arts CRANSON, Marc, Tampa, FL, Lib. Arts CRIGLER, Julia, Huntsvillc, AL, Educ. AAA CROCKETT, Camille, Holly Springs, Lib. Arts, M CROCKETT, Phillip, Oxford, Bus. CRONGEYER, James, Virginia Beach, VA, Lib. Arts CROSS, Beth, St. Louis, Lib. Arts, XSi CROWLEY, Kathryn, Mathiston, Lib. Arts, AOI1 CROWSON, Elizabeth, Meridian, Lib. Arts, AAA CRUMP, Brian, Jackson, TN, Eng. CRUSE, Shannon, Paducah, KY, Lib. Arts , M CRUTHIRDS, Cristan, Olive Branch, Educ, KKP DALTON, Andrew, Salina, KS, Educ. DARNELL, Amy, Okalona, Bus, AF DAVIS, Steven, Lauderhill, FL, Lib. Arts DAVIS, William, Mobile, AL, Lib. Arts, KT DEAR, Steven, Jackson, Bus. DENTON, Laurie, Cleveland, Lib. Arts, AAA DENTON, Katrina, Drew, Lib. Arts DEXTER, Darren, Southaven, Bus. DICKERSON, Duinene, Holly Springs, Accy, AI " DINERO, Keely, Biloxi, Lib. Arts DITTMAR, Joseph, Dallas, Bus, B0I1 IXON, Kendra, Houston, TX, Lib. Arts DOIRON, Phillip, Vkksburg, Lib. Arts DOLAN, Stephanie, Ackerman, Pharm. DOSSETT, Chris, Natchez, Bus, Ben DOUGHERTY, Elizabeth, Buffalo Grove, 1L, Bus, FIB DOWDY, Sharon, Oxford, Lib. Arts DOWNEY, Anna, St. Simons Is., GA, Educ, M DOXEY, Angela, Holly Springs, Bus. DRANE, Kenneth, Natchez, Eng, KT DRAUGHN, Marilyn, Jackson, Bus, X(! DUMAS, Kelly, El Dorado, AR, Lib. Arts, KKF DUNN, Robert, Natchez, Pharm, 2X DURRETT, Laura, Olive Branch, Lib. Arts DYER, Frank, Memphis, Bus, K EARHART, Erin, Baton Rouge, Lib. Arts, KA EARLY, Lloyd, Memphis, Educ, KA EAVES, Paige, Jackson, Educ. EDWARDS, Mary, Batesville, Accy. EDWARDS, Stephanie, Columbus, Lib. Arts EDWARDS, Sondra, Walls, Bus, M E1CHER, Donald, Vicksburg, Bus. ELDRIDGE, Leigh, Wynne, AR, Bus, M ELLIOT, Michael, Alexandria, VA, Bus, X ELLER, Chet, Centralia, IL, Educ, B8H EPPERSON, Eric, Memphis, Lib. Arts, X EVANS, Patrick, Carthage, Lib. Arts, 2 E EVANS, Jimmy, Dyersburg, TN, Bus, A6 EVANS, Sandra, Water Valley, Lib. Arts FARISS, Carol, Houston, TX, Educ. FARRINGTON, Richard, Jackson, Bus., SX FARRISH, Teresa, Coila, Lib. Art FAUST, James, Oxford, Lib. Art FEAGIN, William, New Orleans, Lib. Art FERGUSON, Ricky, Oxford, Eng. FERRELL, Joann, Dallas, Lib. Art, FIB FERRELL, Jeana, Batesville, Accy., KA FIELD, Darryl, Natchez, Pharm., ZX FIMIANO, Tara, Biloxi, Bus. FINLEY, Holly, Dyersburg, TN, Lib. Art, XSZ FISCHER, Daniel, Jupiter, FL, Lib. Art, 2N FLETCHER, George, Huntsville, AL, Educ. FLEMONS, Jacqueline, Abbeville, Lib. Art FLOYD, William, Sardis, Pharm. FORTENBERRY, Kellie, Greenville, Pharm FOUNTAIN, Glinda, Centerville, UT, Bus. FOUNTAIN, Penny, Gautier, Accy. FRANK, Christopher, Caledonia, Bus., KH FRANKLIN, Myra, Batesville, Bus. FRANKLIN, Paula, Ocean Springs, Lib. Art FRANKS, Sandra, Saltillo, Lib. Art 336 Classes Hf IRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRATESI, Katherine Greenville. Pharm. FREELAND, Dana, Greenwood Bus +M FREEMAN, Elizabeth. Hopkmsville. KY Ed ion FREEMAN, Guy. Greenville, Lib Art. AH FREIMAN, Mark, Harvard. 1L. Lib Art FL ' NK, Patricia, Harlmgen. TX, Lib. Art K AH GAIA, )ole. Memphis. Lib Art AF CAINES, Marian, luka, Accv , AAA CALLERANO, Kellv. Houston. Lib Art. AAA GAMMAGE, Jeffrey, Ellisville, Educ GANANN, san, Carthage. Pharm AAI1 GARRECHT, Alexander, Atlanta. Eng . JN GARROTT, Juli, Ocean Springs. Lib Art X!! GAUSLINE, Gregg, Tupelo, Lib Art MA GEBHART, Leland. Jackson. Lib Art. X GERHART, Scott. Columbus, Accy +KT GIBBONS, David New Orleans. Ub. Art GIBSON, Kelvin, Brooksville. Lib Art GILES, Carissa. Dallas. Lib Art GILES, Nicole, Dallas Bus XI! GILLIAM. Carolyn. Oxford, Educ GILLOM, Theresa, lackson. Lib. Art GILMARTIN, Suzanne, Germantown. Lib. Ait GIVEN, Chris, Oxford, Bus . IIKA GOFF, Melissa, Stringer. Lib. Art GOLDMAN, Bethanna, Potts Camp, Bus GOLDMAN, Lee. Meridian. Lib. Art. KAH GOLDSMITH Alan. Atlanta. Eng . X GOODE, Tonya, Hemando, Lib. Art GOODWIN, Shana. Hickman. KY. Lib Art. AOH GORDON, James Tupelo. Bus . A6 GORDON, Melissa. Meridian. Lib Art. KA GORDON, Richard, Raymond. Eng GRAHAM, Martha Memphis. Educ GRAHAM, Robert. Philadelphia. MS. Eng.. 2+E GREEN, Derrick, Detroit. Lib. Art GREER, Jason, Houston, Lib Art IN GREGORY, Beverly. Oxford, Pharm. GREGORY, Tracev, Mount Vemon, OH. Lib. Art, XQ GRIFFITH, Cvnthia, McCool, Bus. GRIMES, Catharine. Longview, TX. Accv AF GRINER, Charles. Columbia, Eng. GRISWOLD, Catherine. New Orleans, Lib Art, XQ GROUP, Lon, Oxford, Lib. Art GL ' ILLORY, Brandi. Brandon. Lib Art, AOH GURLEY, V Tiitney, Greenwood, Bus . AOII HADDAD, Amv Somerville, TN. Lib. Art. XB HADLEY, Mark. Hemdersonville. NC, Bus HAGAMAN, Robin, Wynne, Lib Art, M Freshman wins Most Beautiful u 4 Believe it or not, being a freshman student at Ole Miss doesn ' t mean you are inferior com- pared to upperclassmen. Just ask Beth Howell. Hovvell was crowned as Ole Miss Most Beau- tiful 1988 over 97 other girls even though she was " just a freshman, " as Howell put it after hearing her number called as the winner. Howell, a Delta Gam- ma pledge from Clinton, said she has never been more excited than win- ning the honor. This should prove to all freshmen that their goals, no matter how high, are never out of reach. Congratulations Beth! Classes 337 FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMElP HALEY, Jeff, Rosenburg. TX HAMM, Jodi, Meridian, Pharm. HAMMACK, Misty, Brandon, Bus., M HANSON, Mellisa, Kosciusko, Bus., lilt HARDY, Stephanie, Brandon, Lib. Art, M HARMON, Patrick, Brandon, Lib. Art, IIKA HARRIS, Cara, Senatobia. Bus., KA(- HARRIS, Shelia, Mound Bayou, Accy. HARRISON, Svlvia, Kilmichael, Lib. Art HARTFIELD, Angelia, Gautier, Bus., AC HARTNESS, ]ulie, Kosciusko, Accy, AAA HARWOOD, Jennifer, Brentwood. ' TN, Educ.. K HARWELL, Reed, Nashville, Lib. Art, AAA HATHORN, Kimberle, Louisville, Pharm., M HAWKINS, Sharon, Memphis, Lib. Art HAYS, William. Jackson, Lib. Art HAYDEN, Henrv, Caruthersville, MO, Lib. Art, N HEFLIN, Kristi. Forest, Lib. Art, M HENDRICKS, Roy, Richmond, Lib. Art HERIARD, Heather, Jackson, Aocy HERNANDEZ, Joanna, Oxford, Lib. Art HERRINCTON, Martha, Natchez, Lib. Art, KA9 HICKERSON, Michael, Jackson, Lib. Art, ATS! HICKS, Jennifer, Brentwood. TN, Lib. Art, KA6 HIGG1NBOTHAM, Steven, lackon, Bus., A8 HILBURN, Gary, Shreveport, Accy. HILL, Kelly. McClure, II, Lib. Art HILL, Renecia, Toomsuba. Lib. Art HINES, Richard, Milton, FL, Lib. Art HOGUE, Robert, Grenada, Bus., IIKA HOHORST, Charles, Lafayette, LA, Bus., IIKA HOLLINGSHEAD, Jonathan, Laurel, Bus. HOLLOWAY, Gregory, Houston, TX, Lib. Art, KA HOLMAN, Janie, Jackson, Lib. Art, Xfl HOLMES, Kimberlv, Jackson, Lib. Art, AAII HOOFNAGLE, Joseph, Rockwall, TX, Lib. Art HOOKER, Louise, Lexington, Lib. Art, XS! HOPSON, Max, Glen, Accy, 4 K HORN, William, West Chester, OH, Bus., KS HORNADAY, Stephen, Bay Springs, Lib. Art HORNOR, Mary, Helena, Lib. Art, IIB4 HORTON, Sheila, Daleville, Bus. HOSKINS, Xavier. Memphis, Bus. HOUSEY, Eugenie, Metairie, Lib. Art, KA HOVIS, Kimberlv, England, AR, Lib. Art HOWARD, Barbara, New Albany, Lib. Art HOWARD, Stephanie. N. Carrollton, Lib. Art HUDDLESTON, Mark, Smithville, Bus. HUDSON, Rayford, Jackson, Bus., IIKA HUDSON, Tina, New Albany, Accy. HUGGINS, Jennifer, Germantown, Lib. Art HUGHES, Christopher, Brandon, Lib. Art, 2N HUMMEL, Regina, Kenner, LA, Lib. Art. M HUNT, Kevin, Adamsville, TN, Lib. Art HURLEY, Shannon, Germantown. Bus. IELAIDNIS, Lori, Selmer, Accy. IHLBROCK, Ingo, Bay Springs, Bus., KT IVEY, Kenneth, Quitman, Lib. Art JACKSON, Felisha, Batesville, Accy. JACKSON, Kimyuana, Crowder, Lib. Art , , , . JARRELL, Wendy, Angie, LA, Lib. Art JAYME, Bob, Moreland Hills, OH, Accv., , JENKINS, Laurie, Coldwater, Educ. v., HUM JERNIGAN, Kristi, Union City, TN. Lib. Art, AL JESTER, Katherine, Columbus, Lib Art KA JOHNSON, Catherine, Booneville, Lib Art JOHNSON, Dana. Summit, Lib. Art JOHNSON, Darren, Dyersbure, TN, Eng., AB JOHNSON, Shaw, Clarksdale, Bus., A JOHNSON, Pattv, Calhoun City, Educ. JOHNSON, Phadrea. Brandon, Lib. Art JOINER, Donna, Union City, TN, Pharm., AP JORDAN, Jacqueline, Columbia, Lib. Art JORDAN, Leanna. Holcomb, Lib. Art. M KAY, lennifer, Tupelo, Bus , KAH KELLEY, Donald. Frankfort. KY Lib Art KEKLLUM, Karen, University, Lib. Art 338 Classes MfflRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Bryce Tumage A ft T ti 1. i KELLL ' M, Kevin, Jackson, Lib Art, OKA KELLLM, Wendy. Charleston. Lib. Alt KELLY, Brian. Detroit, Bus KELLY, (oe, St. Louis. Bus . J KENNEY, Stacy. Jackson, Lib. Art. M KER, lames. Chattanooga. Lib Art KETCHAM, Kevin. Yazoo City. Eng . LT1 KILPATRICK, Amv, Philadelphia, Bus., M KIMZEY, Kelli, Slidell, LA, Bus AF KING, Laurie, Abbeville, Bus . AOII KINLER, Kelli. Gretna. LA. Lib Art. KA9 K1NSEY. ]ohn. Belden. Bus KN ' ABB, Catherine. Magee, Accy. KMCHT, Elvir, Coldwater. Pharm KNIGHT, Kim. Laurel. Lib Art, +M KNIGHT, Mary, Bellefontaine. Lib. Art. +M KNISLEY, John Hillsboro. IL, Educ. KOLESAR, Mkhael. Gainesville, Lib. Art KRAJCER, Sean, Metaine, Lib. Art LA NASA, Philip, New Orleans. Bus. LACKEY, Mark, Jackson, Bus LACY, Jerry. Wynne. Lib An LAKOFF, Carole. Richmond. Educ LAIL, Deana. Jackson. Bus M LANDRETH, Terry. Grant. AL. Eng LANE, Regina. Cleveland. Lib Art, AOII LASSITER, Jodv, Dexter. KY Lib Art, A LAWRENCE, k ' evin Kosciusko. Lib Art LEACH, Donna, McCariev, Lib Art LEE, Kelh Bay St. Louis, Lib- Art. Xs: LEINEWEBER, Ann, Greenville. Ub Art, KA6 LESCHNER, Leslie, Oxford. Lib Art LESTER, Brent. Metairie, Lab Art. K+ LEWIS, Lisa. Oxford, Pharm LEWIS, Man is a:er Valley, Bus. KAO LEWIS. William, Hickory NC Lib. Art LIN, " ian Qing. University, Eng LINDSEY, Stephen. Jackson Pharm LIPERT, Denck Metropolis IL. Bus LIPSCOMB, Susan Fotey AL, Bus LOBELLO, Anthony Metaine. Lib Art LOBRANO, Nicole Ocean Springs. Bus LOCKHART, Mark. Tupelo. Lib Art LOFLIN, lenmfer. Star Accv LOGAN, Lorri, Southaven. " Lib. Art LONG, Deryl Yazoo City. Eng LOPER. Todd. Philadelphia. Accy LORSBACH, Edward Marquette Ml. Lib Art LOTT, Amy. Coldwater Lib. Art, KA6 UPSA: Classes 339 FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN LOTT, Lisa, Charleston. Lib. Arts LOTT, Susan, Columbus. Bus, AAA LOWREY, Seth, Sheridan, AR, Lib. Arts, A+ LUCAS, Jonathan, Newton, Lib. Arts, 2)N LUCKEY, Robert, Beaumont, Eng. LUIGS, Jennifer. Memphis, Lib. Arts, KAO LUKE, Charlene, Oakland, NJ, Pharm, KA8 LUNARDINI, John, Jackson, Lib. Arts LUSK, Clifton, Magee, Lib. Arts, KT LYLES, Tracey, Oxford, Lib. Arts, AAII LYNCH, Lisa, Water Valley, Lib. Arts LYNCH, Susan, Springfield, 1L, Lib. Arts, [IB LYONS, Traci, New Albany, Accy, AOI1 LYONS, Tracy, Clinton, Accy, AP MAGEE, Melissa, Prentiss, Lib. Arts, KA MAIER, Edward, Irvine, CA, Lib. Arts, X MAJOR, Leaanne, Hickman, KY, Lib. Arts, KA6 MALONEY, Mark, Jackson, Bus, A9 MANTON, James, Columbus, Pharm. MARINO, Traci, Memphis, Lib. Arts MARKS, John, Birmingham, Bus, A8 MARTIN, Jacqueline, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts MARTIN, jerry, McComb, Lib. Arts MARTIN, Larry, Utica, Lib. Arts MARTIN, Melissa, Mobile, AL, Bus. MASON, Amanda, Oxford, Lib. Arts, AT MASSIE, Shannon, Carriere, Accy. MCCAIN, Edwin, Batesville, Eng. MCCARTHY, Kristine, Clarksville, TN, Lib. Arts, KA6 MCCARTY, Mary, Magee, Lib. Arts, M MCCARTY, Philips, Clinton, Bus, AT!) MCCAUGHAN, Danny, Pearl, Bus. MCAULEY, Christopher, Rocky Mount, NC, Lib. Arts, 2N MCCLATCHY, Elizabeth, Indianola, Accy, AF MCCLOSKEY, John, Yazoo City, Eng, MCCOIN, Mac, Nashville, Bus, AT!) MCCOLLUM, Margaret, Hemdon, VA, Lib. Arts, M MCCONNELL, Fredrick, Meridian, Bus. MCCROCKLIN, Susan, Mattoon, IL, Bus, AAII MCCRORY, Gabrielle, Germantown, TN, Lib. Arts MCDANIEL, Kim, Gulfport, Lib. Arts, M MCDONALD, Margaret, Tupelo, Lib. Arts, AF MCELROY, James, Meridian, Bus. MCFARLAND, Mark, Gulfport, Lib. Arts MCFARLAND, Rob, Clifton, VA, Lib. Arts MCINTYRE, Andrews, Jackson, Bus, SX MCKEE, Brian, Pearl, Bus. MCKELL, Sheri, Greenwell Spgs, LA, Educ. MCKEY, Carol, Clinton, Accy. 340 - Richard Whitley John Biggs FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN I 1 MCKIBBEN, William. Wa:er Valley, Accy MCKLNNON, Alena. Holly Springs. Bus ' MCLEOD, Mam. Jackson, ' Bus A8 MCMAHON, John. Metairie, LA. Accy, JAE MCNEESE, )oe. Columbia. Bus, ATO ' MCNEER, Shelly. Memphis. Accy. KKF MEADOR, Charles. Tupelo, lab ' Arts K6 MEADOWS, Stewart. Orlando. FL. Bus.j MEEKS, Paige. Connth. Bus. MENARD, Robert, Metairie, LA. Accy. S+E MERKEL, Kimberly, Clarksdale. Bus. ' XQ MICHALS, Stacey, Valley. ME. Lib Arts, AAH MILLER, Jeff. Bruce, Eng " . MILLER. Lisa. Shreveport. LA, Accy. MILLS, Kimberly, Philadelphia, Bus. M MTMS, Kelly, McComb. Bus. MINGA, Ginger. Greenwood Springs, Bus. KA6 MINOR, Martha. Newport, AR, Lib. Arts, XQ MITCHELL, Stephanie. Oxford, Educ. MOEHLICH, Gregory, Gainesville, GA. Bus, KT MOELLENHOFF, Mark. Columbus. Lib. Arts, K6 MONTGOMERY, Angela, Troy, MI, Accy. MONTGOMERY, Diane, Clinton, Bus. MONTGOMERY, Elizabeth. Lafayette. LA, Lib. Arts, KKT MOCK, Shannon, Dexter. MO, Lib. Arts MONAGHAN, John, Memphis, Lib Arts, 2AE MOON, Robert, Oxford, Lib. Arts MOONEYHAM. Buster, Pearl, Lib. Arts MOORE, Cavsie, Oxford, Eng. IIB MOORE, Gregory, Knoxville, TN, Lib Arts, KT MOORE, Jeffrev. ' Oxford. Lib Arts MOORE, Keir, Meridian, Lib. .Arts. ILKA MOORE, John. Memphis, Lib. Arts, A8 MOORE, Svlvia. Oakvale, Lib. Arts MORAN, Snannon, Brentwood, TN, Lib. Arts, AAII MORGAN, Anne, Vardaman, Pharm. MOSLEY, Dana. Greenville, Educ, AAA MOSLEY, Deanne, Meridian, Lib. Arts MOSS, Juhe Natchez, lib. Arts, OB MOLTTON, John, Byhalia, Lib. Arts MULLEN, Bruce, Belioni, Bus MURPHREE, Mary. Madison. Accy, KAO NAPOLITANO, Amy, Hixson, TN. Educ. NEAL, Melissa. Mantee, Educ. NEAL, Becky, Jackson. Lib. Arts, XQ NEAL, Steve. Spanaway, WA. lib. Arts NEFF, Spencer, Covington, LA. Lib. Arts, KA NELSON, Derek Union, Lib. Arts, +KT NETZ, Krista. Lexington. Bus, KKf NEVILLE. Shelly. Jackson, Accy, XQ VLX Knsri, Counce, TN, Lib. Arts, AT NORTH, Kimberlv. Yazoo City. Lib. Arts, AT NOSEF, Joe, Clarksdale. Accy. +A OLSEN, Laura. Ocean Springs, lib. Arts OSBORN, Tonya, Purvis, lib Arts OTT, John. McComb. Accy, A6 OTT, lisa, Germantown, TN, lib. Arts, ADD OUSLEY, Britton, Madison, Bus, KA PACE, Amy, Jackson, lib. Arts, AAH PACE, Lesli, Brentwood, TN, lib Arts. AAH PACE, Melissa, Aberdeen, lib. .Arts. AT PARKER, Audra, Pascagoula. Bus PARKER, Marv, Germantown. TN, lib Arts. KA6 PARKER, Michael. Summit, lib Arts KA PARKER, Ronald. Houston, lib. Arts PARKER, Vanessa, Calhoun City, Bus PARRISH, Jeffrev Counce. TN. Pharm. PATTERSON, Karen, Cordova. TN lib .Art, KA PATTON, Drue. Pine Bluff, AR. Bus. PEEPLES, Ann. Brookhaven. Educ., XQ PENNINGTON, Lori. Jackson. TN. Educ. PENMNGTON, Kimberly. Koscrusko. Bus . AAA PENNINGTON, Paul, Surnner. lib. Art PENROD, Emilv, Ocean Springs, Lib. Art PERRY, Martha " . Oxford, lib Art, KA PERRY, Michelle, Salem. IL, lib. Art, KAS PHANG, Poh. Malaysia, En Classes 341 FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEfP New restaurants provide better food selection Being a college stu- dent means studying hard, partying hard, and eating out often. We are all more than familiar with the various eating places in Oxford and we are probably all equally burned out on them by Christmas break. However, this year Ole Miss students are fortunate enough to gain several new restau- rants. We can now add Burger King, Taco Bell, Subway, Mama T ' s, Ca- fe Ole ' , and the Garden Deli to our list of choices. These places add a lit- tle more variety to the diets of Ole Miss stu- dents, so maybe the burn-out won ' t be as se- vere as in past years. Poppy Pruett PHILLIPS, William, Jackson, Lib. Art, HKA PIERCE, Mark, Dyersburg, TN, Bus., Ae PIERCE, Preston, French Camp, Lib. Art PILLOW, Stephen, Morgan City, Bus., A8 PINSON, Margaret, Hattiesburg, Lib. Art, XQ PITTMAN, Jennifer, Florence, Accy PITTS, Lane, Laurel, Lib. Art FLECKER, Krisrine, Noblesville, IN, Accy. POAG, Lorie, Greenville, Lib. Art POH, Tiong Sua, University POINTER, Lawanda, Drew, Bus. PORTER, Matthew, Oxford, Lib. Art POTTS, Amy. Robertsdale, AL, Bus., AAF1 POWELL, Joel, Yazoo City, Pharm POWELL, Stephanie, Anguilla, Lib. Art, Band POWERS, Randolph, Somerville, TN, Eng PRICE, Ashley, Monticello, AR, Eng. PURVIS, Kelley, Baton Rouge, Lib. Art RAINES, John, Jackson, Bus., A6 RAMZY, Martha, Carthage, Pharm., AP RANDALL, Mark, Flint, TX, Bus. RANGE, Leanna, Jackson, Bus. RATTON, Ralph, Paragould, AR, Lib. Art RENDON, Andrew, Starkville, Lib. Art, I RETER, Renee, Ackerman, Bus., M REYES, Ramon, Waynesboro, Lib. Art RICE, Thomas, Harper Woods, Ml, Accy., B8I1 RICHARD, Ursula, Donaldsonville, LA, Bus , HA RICHARDS, John, Houston, TX. Bus. RICHARDSON, Stephen, Warrenton, MO, Eng RIGBY, Michelle, Jackson, TN, Educ. RIDGEWAY, Patrick, New Orleans, Bus., SAP. RILEY, Kitsy, Gulfport, Bus., M RIMMEL, Samantha, Ocean Springs, Lib. Art RIVIERE, Aimee, Metairie, LA, Lib. Art RIVERS, Marley, Ellisville, Accy. ROBERTSON, Ginger, Jackson: Lib Art ROBINSON, Michelle. Eupora, Bus ROBINSON, Theresa, Oxford, Lib Art ROCKEY, Donald, Carlisle, PA, Lib Art RODGERS, Heather, Lake Charles, LA, Lib. Art, IIB ROLAND, Anthony. Forest. Lib. Art ROLDAN, Juliette, New Orleans, Bus ROPER, Robin. Belle Chasse. LA, Lib. Art ROSS, Thomas, Pascagoula, Eng. ROSS, Tracy, Lone Beach, Lib Art ROTAND, Ellen, Mountain Brook Al Bus ROTUNDA, Kristin, Quincy, 1L, Bus. ROUSE, Theresa, Union, Lib. Art, M 342 Classes KESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN ROUX, Nanette. Oxford. Bus, M ROWLAND, Steve. Poplar Bluff. Phan ROYE, Julie. Pontotoc. Law Ctr M ROZINA. Greg. Jackson, Bus. I+E RUPANI, Qavad. Lisbon, Bus RUSHING, Phillip. England, AR. Bus SALES, John, Londonontario, Bus. SALONE, Dellia. Jackson. Lib Arts SAMUEL, Brooke. Bronxville, NY, Educ. SANDERS, Regina, Carthage. Lib Arts SANDERS, Sonja. Arvada. CO. Bus. SANDERS, William, Columbus. Bus. .16 SANDERS, Stephanie, Jackson, Lib Arts. +M SANDIFER, John, Charleston. Lib. Arts SANFORD, Kimberly, Columbia. Lib. Arts SAUL, Chad, Clinton, Lib. Arts SAUL, Stacy. Cardova, TN, Bus SCALES, Andrea, Waterford. Lib. Arts SCARLESKL Katherine, Memphis. Lib Arts AAI1 SCHMIDT, Kellv. University. Eng, KAH SCHMIDT, Robert. Clarksdale, Ub Arts. A9 SCHRUFF, Louis, Pass Christian. Lib. Arts SCHWARTZ, Leslie, New Orleans. Ub Arts. OB SCOTT, Jeannie. Jackson. Eng SCOTT, Julie. Tucker, GA, Bus SCOTT, Lacey. Memphis. Educ. AAA SCOTT, Stanton, Shreveport. LA. Lib Arts. A6 SEAY, Jennifer, Winona, Bus SEDLECKY, Patricia. Piano, TX, Lib. Arts SEID, Melvin Vicksburg, Phann. SELF, Scott, N Little Rock, AR. Accy, K SHEAROUSE, Scott. Augusta, GA, Lib. Arts. KA SHERMER, Chet, Natchez. Lib Arts SHIPP, Ruskin, Macon, GA, Bus, KT SHULL, Carrie. Bartlett. TN. Lib. Arts SHUMPERT, Jennifer, Cleveland. Lib. Arts. XO SIGGELKOW, Wendy, Carrollton. Lib. Arts SIGLER, Charles Nashville. Eng, B8H SIMON, Curtis, Columbia, Lib. Arts SIMPSON, Dawn, Ashland, Bus, M SING, Yau Lim, University. Pharm. S1STRUNK, Woody. Jackson. Lib. Arts. SX SKARDA, Dottie. Little Rock, AR, Lib Arts SLIMAN, Michael, Gretna, LA. Lib Arts SLOSE, Delbert. Camden, Lib Arts SMALL. Toveta Duck Hill. Lib Arts SMITH, Allison Metairie. LA. Lib. Arts. ACM! SMITH, Anthony Pheba. Pharm. SMITH, Dorothy. Clarksdale. Accy SMITH, Elizabeth. New Orleans. Lib Arts AOI1 SMITH, Kara. Cordova, TN, Educ, AOO SMITH, Kenneth. Baton Rouge, Lib Arts, Kl SMITH, Lee Holly, Springs. Lib. Arts SNYDER, Rexanne. Water Valley, Accy. SPENGLER. Kristin Springfield. ' VA. Bus. M SONGCHAROEN, Marisa. Madison, Lib. Arts. K SPEARS, Michael. Anson TX. Lib Arts SPEED, Tom, Meridian, Lib. Arts. HKA SPENCER, Shannon, Oxford, Aco SP1LLER, Susan. Lake Charles. LA, Educ. HB STAMM, Margaret. Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. AAA STEEVES, Matthew, Davton, OH, Ub. Arts STECCHINT Steven Ridgewotvi. l. Bus, 211 STEPHENS, Sheila, Eupora Ub Arts STEPHENS, Susan. Monroe. LA. Lib ArS STERLING, Patricia, Fort Worth. TX. Ub Arts STEVENS, Michael War Valley. Ijb. Arts STEWART, Carter. Pass Christian Pharm IX STEWART, Christyna. Clinton, Ub. Arts STEWART, Courthev Brownsville TN. Pharm. VV STEWART, Georgia, Leesbure, FL Bus STEWART, William, Oxford, Bus, K STOCKDALE, Larkin, Pawling, NY Lib Arts KAH STONE, Elizabeth New Orleans, Lib Arts STONE, Gregon Slarkville. Bus. STRAYER, Michael, Winona. Bus. K+ STRICKLIN, Angel. Yazoo City, Eng. Classes 343 FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEimS STRIBLING, Billie, Winona, Lib. Arts. AAI1 STRONG, Mark, McComb. Lib. Arts, ilN SULLIVAN, Keleigh. Collins, Lib. Arts, AOI1 SULLIVAN, Lara, Jackson, Lib. Arts, KKF SUMMERS, Pattra. Memphis, Bus, KAO SUTTON, Heather, Smyrna, TN, Lib. Arts, AAII SUTTON, Mark, Cape Coral, FL, Lib. Arts SWAIN, William. Knoxville. Lib. Art SWANN, Christopher, Brookhaven, Accy. SWAYZE, Jennie, Benton, Lib. Art, AAA SWAYZE, Julie, Greenwood, Bus., XSI SWILLEY, Stephanie, Brandon, Lib. Art, M TACKETT, Donna, Lyon, Lib. Art, AAA TAFLINGER, Audrey, Cache, IL, Bus., AOH TASHIE, |udd, Memphis, Bus 1 ' AK TAVOLETI, Patricia, Clarksdale, Lib. Art, AAA TAYLOR, Christopher, Memphis, Accy., KT TAYLOR, Elizabeth. Jackson. Lib. Art. ' XS TAYLOR, Michelle. Holly Springs, Lib. Art TAYLOR, Stephanie, Jackson. Bus. TAYLOR, Tamara, Rockwall. TX, Lib. Art, IIB TAYLOR, Tate, Jackson, Bus., A9 TEEL, Jonathan, Houston, Lib. Art TEN EYCK, Stephanie. Laurel. Lib. Art, AAA TERRELL, Denny. Kosciusco, Bus., IIKA THAMES, Joel, Jackson, Bus , IIKA THARPE, Laurie, Madison, Lib. Art, X THOMAS, Carrie. Eupora, Bus., M THOMAS, Kelvin, Oxford, Lib. Art THOMAS, Monica, Amory, Lib. Art THOMAS, Tamara, Water Valley , Pharm. THOMASON, Lora, Olive Branch, Eng. THOMPSON, Andrew, Germantown, Bus., X THOMPSON, Angela, West Point, Lib. Art THOMPSON, Revray, Canton, Lib. Art THOMPSON, Rhonda, Darling, Lib. Art THORNE, Susan, Oxford, Lib. Art THWEATT, Randy, Oxford, Eng. TILLMAN, Julie. Hazelhurst, Educ. TILLMAN, Marv. Newton, Lib. Art TIMS Melony. gyhalia. Lib. Art TITTLE, Scott. Lima, OH, Bus., BBII TOMPKINS, Elizbeth, Winona, Accy. TUBBS, Michelle, Oxford, Educ. TRUETT, Frank, Memphis, Bus . IN TUCKER, Anne, Houston, Lib. Art, AAH TURNER, Kimberly, Brentwood, Lib. Art, KA TURNER, Pamela, New Albany, Lib. Art TURNER, Reginald, Lamar, Bus. TURNIPSEED, Juanita, Weir, Pharm. UPSHAW, Marlin, Batesville, Accy. VAHLE, Heather, Seward, NE, Lib. Art, AT VANAUSBURG, Stetson, Meridian. Lib. Art VAN CLEVE, Joseph, Indianola, Bus., KA VANDEMARK, Richard, Oxford, Eng VAUGHAN, Gregory, Ferridav, LA, Pharm., KA VENOSKI, Suzanne-Marie, Newark, NY, Lib Art VERHEECK, Kenneth, Jackson, TN, Lib Art VIGNES, Lisa, Picayune, Lib. Art WALDRIP, Wendi, Tupelo. Lib. Art, M WALKER, Joseph, Dallas, Lib. Art WALKER, Scott. Laurel, Lib. Art. IN WALL, Steven, Oxford, Bus., ZN WALLACE, Sherry, Carthage, Bus., AAA WARD, Edgar, Dolton, IL, Bus. WARREN, Susan, Shreveporl, Bus., KA WASHINGTON, Laquila, Red Banks, Bus WATSON, Mary, Clarksville, TN, Lib. Art, KA9 WAY, Michael, Greenville, Pharm. WEAVER, Stephen, Jackson, Accy., X WEAVER, Vicky, Grenada, Bus , HH t WEBB, Jeffrey, Natchez, Bus WEBB, Susan, Greenville, Eng , AF WEBB, Virni, Oxford, Accy WEBER, Samuel, Dallas, Ob Art WEEDEN, Jorja, New Albany, Lib. Art WEEDEN, Kenneth, Blue Springs, Accy. 344 Classes i . ' RESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN ' WEEDEN, Tracie, Southaven. Pharm WEIR, Ginger. Cordova. Lib Art. KKT WELDON, Jeremy. Clarksdale. Lib. Art WELIONS, John; Columbia. Lib Art, i WELLS, robert. Laurel. Lib Art. KT WESCOAT, Slacey. Kewqanee. MO. Lib Art KAS WEST, Brigerte, Pearl. Lib. Art. M 1 I I . WETH, Daniel. McLean. VA, Bus WHITTINGTON, Paul, Cordova TN WHITENER, Kenneth, Marhnsville. VA, Lib Art. KT WHITESIDE, lerry- Decatur, AL. Pharm W1JESEKERA, Sa ' njeeva. Sri Lanka. Eng WICKER, Lisa. Brandon.-Bus WILEY. Lindabeth Austin. Lib Art, AOn WILKERSON. Marshall. Charleston, Lib Art WILLIAMS, Chns Metairie, Lib Art, +KT WILLIAMS, Jeffrey Paducah. KY. Lib Art WILLIAMS, Matthew, Aberdeen. Lib Art, ATC WILLIAMS, Man Bakersfield, CA. Bus . X WILLIAMS, Stacy, Coldwater. Lib Art WILI1AMS, Robin, Smithdale. Lib. Art WIL1AMS, Vicki, Houston. Lib. Art, M WILLIS, Vicki. Germantown. Educ . KKF WILLIS, William. Oxford, Lib Art. K+ WILSON, Angela. Nettleton. Lib. Art WILSON, Keith. Amorv. Lib. Art WILSON, Kelly. Greenwood. Lib Art. KKP WILSON, Melissia, Pontotoc. Lib. Art WILSON, Paschal, Osyka, Eng WINDHAM. Rodnev Birmingham, Bus . WINHAM, Linda, Meridian. Lib Art WITHERS, Sondra, Hatriesburg, Lib Art WITTICHEN, Sarah. Memphis, Bus . XC WITTY, Sharon, Kilmichael, Bus WIYGUL. Bradley, Columbus, Lib. Art, WHITE, Krishna. Savannah. GA. Lib. Art K AH WILKINS, Anne. Jackson. Lib Art. AAi WILKINSON Diane, Potts Camp. Phann WOOCK, Patrick. Lockport. IL, Eng. WOOD, Henr - Tvlertown, Pharm WOOD, Kellie. Oilord, lib. Art WOOD, Todd, Metairie, LA. Accy WONG, Chan. Sinapore. Bus WL, i Fang, University, Lib. Art WRIGHT, Christina. Brandon, Lib Art. KA8 Y ARBOROUGH, Charvl, Ocean Springs. Eng. YOUNG, Allen Oxford " . Bus YOUNG, Lisa New Orleans. Lib Art ZOLLER, Lee. Bowling Green, KY, Accy . KA Richard Whitlev Amanda King Classes 345 SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORESs; ABERNATHY, Lisa, Jackson. Bus., X!! ABOUL-ENEIN, Yousseff. Oxford, Bus. ADAMS, Shannon, Senatobia, Educ. ADKINS, Andrea, Brandon, Lib. Arts. XS! ADUMA, Nyannda, Youngstown, OH, Educ. AKINS, Angela. Walls. Lib. Arts, IIB ANDRE, Sarah, Jackson, Lib. Arts. IIB ANDREWS, Tina, Carrollton, Educ. ARINDER, Stacey, Columbia, Bus. ARMISTEAD, Donna, Jackson, Lib. Arts, KA APPLEBY, Kim, Lafayette, LA, Lib. Arts AZAR, Evelyn, Greenville, Pharm., XS! BAILEY, Susan, Biloxi. Lib. Arts BAKER, Dallas, Oxford, Eng.. KA BALDWIN, Sarah. Dunwoodv, GA, Educ., KKP BALL, Angela, Dallas, TX, Educ., KA BALL, Tricia, Carrollton. Pharm. BANKSTON, Stuart, Holden, LA. Eng. BARBER, Scott, Oxford, Accy. BARNES, John, Madison, Eng., 11 BARNES, Lee, Elaine, AR, Eng., IX BEASLEY, Missey, Columbia, Lib. Arts, AP BARRITT, Christopher, Philadelphia, Lib. Arts BARRY, Betsy, Jackson, Lib. Arts, KKT BARTON, William, Ethel, Bus. BASS, Robert, Tulsa, OK, Bus., IAE BASSETT, William, Oxford, Lib. Arts BEACHAM, Jennifer, Brandon, Bus. BEAZLEY, Jonny Beth, Forrest City. AR, Lib. Arts BECKETT, Patrick, Olive Branch, Bus. BELFOR, Arvy, Holly Springs, Eng. BELL, Thomas, Tok, AR, Lib. Arts, B9II BENDER, Doris, Oxford, Educ. BENNER, Melissa, Kidgefield, CT, AAII BISHOP, Ann Marie, Fulton, Accy., AP BLACKBURN, Allison, Brandon, Bus., AAII BLAINE, Michael, Laurel. DE, Lib. Arts, A BLANKENSHIP, Amy, Jackson, TN, Lib. Arts, M BLANKS, Thomas, Marion, AR, Lib. Arts BLAYLOCK, Dina, Greenville, Lib. Arts BOGGAN, Laura, Hickory, Lib. Arts BOGLE, Robert. West Helena, AR, Lib. Arts UM ' L- lastvear BOLIN, James, Brooksville. Bus., +A6 BOLTON, Susan, Charlottesville, VA, Bus. IIB BONNER, Ashley, New Orleans, Lib. Arts BOOKS, Matthew, Mechanicsburg, PA, Lib. Arts, K6 BOSWELL, Catherine, Jackson, Lib. Arts BOZEK, Thomas, Boonesville, Eng., K6 BRADLEY, Cheryl, Holliswook, NY, Lib. Arts BRADY, Chris, Springfield, IL, Pharm.. X BRAGG, Lisa. Frogmore, LA, Accy., AOII BRANAN, Daisy, Memphis, Bus.. KA BRINKMAN, Brigid, Virginia Beach, VA, Lib. Arts, KA BRISCOE, Michelle, Tupelo, Lib. Arts, KKP BROCK, Ashley, Greenwood, Bus., XS! BROCK, Jennifer, Tupelo, Bus., M BROCK, Mark, Pontotoc, Lib. Arts BROOM, Sarah, Campbell, MO, Bus. BROWN, Marion, New Orleans, Lib. Arts, AAII BROWN, Stephen, Kemmerer, WY, Eng. BUCKLEY, Teresa, Batesville. Lib. Arts BULLOCK, Jen, Laurel, Lib. Arts, M BURGESS, Melvin, Water Valley, Eng. BURKHALTER, Christopher, Picayune, Lib. Arts BURNETT, Kathryn, Oxford Educ ' " BURNS, Amy, Safdis, Bus. BUSCH, Rebecca. Lafavette, Pharm., KKF BUSH, Kenneth, Clarksdale, Pharm. BUTLER, Matthew. Harrison, AR, Lib. Arts BYRD, Angie, Clinton, Pharm., AAII CADLE, Jennifer. Ripley. Lib. Arts. KAB CAFFEY, Phillip, Little ' Rock, AR, Lib Arts X CALDWELL, Herman, Grenada, Accy CALHOON, Chipper. Grenada, Bus., ATI! CANGELOSI, Stephen, New Orleans, Bus S CARROLL, Anne, Jackson, Educ., XS! CASE, Stephanie, Metairie, LA, Educ., KA 346 Classes -OPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES UM Enrollment increases in 1987 Enrollment figures for I the University of Missis- sippi are up this year. Total enrollment for 1987 is approximately 9200 -- up from 9053 last year. Freshmen enrollment is up 7.1% with an in- crease in the number of freshmen from Missis- sippi. Over 40 percent of freshmen are from out of state. Student quality has improved with the new requirements of an ACT score of 15 and the com- pletion of certain high school course require- ments. Dan Magee CASSEDY, Lara. Jackson. Lib.Arts CAL ' SEY. Iraq,. Tylertown. Lib Arts CALTHEN, Lisa forest. Lib Arts. M CEVDAR, Giselle. Tupelo. Lib. Arts CHAMBLIN, Beverly, Jackson. Accv KA CHAMPLIN, Kimberlv Pensacola. FL. Educ CHAN, Chiaw-Teng. Malasya, Bus CHATHAM, Sonya. Meridian, Lib Arts, AOn CHEE, Kim. Malasya. Eng CHEVALIER. Steven. Prenhss. Lib Arts. HKA CIARAMITARO, Angela Loveland. OH, Accy . AP CLASGENS, Christopher, Germantown. TN. Lib Arts CLEVELAND, Constance. Kenner. LA, Lib. Arts. AT CLINE, Joanne. Uuderdale. Lib. Arts COBB, Amy. Carrollton TX. Pharm AATI COGGINS. Melissa West Point. Lib Arts COLBURN, Gemse Fulton Law Ctr COLE, Janet, Southaven. Accy . KKI " COLEMAN, Deana. Magnolia. Bus . AAA CONCEML Melanie. Boardman. OH. Lib Arts. . CONWILL, Jennifer, Gulfport. Lib Arts. AAI1 COOK, Amber. Como. Bus. COOK, Barry Ripley, Bus COOK, Blake. Vardaman. Pharm COOK, Larry University. Eng. COOK, Paula Smyrna GA. Educ AAI1 COOPER, William Somenille, TV Bus.. iN CORDELL, Sharon. Isola, Bus COSBY, John. Crossett. Eng COSSAR, Anne. Charleston, Bus v COL ' EVAS, vonne. Ocean Springs. Eng. COLSAR, lellen New Albany. Bus CRAWLEY. Janet Etta Bus CREEKMORE, Sidney lackson, Lib Arts. XU CRISMAN, lames Selma AL. Lib Arts CROFF, Linda, Crenshaw. Lib. Arts CROSBY, Blair Baton Rougue, LA, Lib Arts. AOII CROWELL, Joseph Memphis Bus ill CRL ' M, Matthew. Oxford Lib. Arts CLMBEL1CH, James. Fort Lauderdale FL Bus CL ND1FF, Jennifer. Dunwoody. GA, Lib Arts KKF CUNNINGHAM, Melanie. Brentwood. TN. Lib Arts OB DALE, Daphne. Jackson. Lib Arts KA D ' ASCOLA, Pedro. University. Eng DAVENPORT, Donna, Memphis Bus MB DAVIDSON, Debra. Meridian Lib Arts DAVIDSON, Mark. Millmgton TV Bus KT DAVIS, Amanda, luka. Arcy A! DAVIS, Jennifer, luka. Accy AP Classes 347 SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMOREsU DAVIS, Margaret, Sanford, FL, Bus., M DAVIS, Stacy, Holly Springs, Lib. Arts DEAN, Ellen, San Antonio, TX, Lib. Arts, KKF DEAR, Kristen, Jackson, Bus. DECANN, Jennifer, Charlotte, NC, Eng. DECELL, Elizabeth, Memphis, Lib. Arts, AAA DE LA TORRE, Iva ' n, University, Eng. DEMOS, David, Oxford, Bus., X DENKLER, Amy, Memphis, Bus., M DENNIS, Vester, Abbeville, Bus. DESIMONE, Damien, New Milford, NJ. Law Ctr. DEVINE, Carol, Pascagoula, Bus. DEVINE, Richard, Pascagoula, Bus., 2E DIETRICH, Kendra, Lexington, KY, Educ., KA8 DINGELDEIN, Mark, Oxford, Lib. Arts DIXON, Michael, Western Springs, IL, Educ. DOKE, Jacqueline, Wickliffe, KY, Educ., KA6 DONOVAN, Kent, Chattanooga, TN, Bus., X DOSSETT, Jennifer, Picayune, Lib. Arts DOUGLASS, Frank, University, Lib. Arts DOUGLASS, lanna, Dallas, TX, Lib. Arts, FIB DOWDY, Stanley, Lamar, Lib. Arts, B2 DOYLE, Lori, Nashville, TN, Lib. Arts DUKE, Josephine, Madison, Educ., KKr DURANT, Charles, Biloxi, Pharm. DYE, Bradford, Jackson, Lib. Arts, SX EAKES, Jeffrey, Jackson, Bus., ZI1 EAST, Melissa, Oxford, Bus. EDWARDS, Audrey, Monroe, LA, Bus., X EDWARDS, Melanie, University, Lib. Arts, KKP EICKHOLZ, James, Metropolis, IL, Lib. Arts, IIKA EMERSON, Leo, University, , A A EMERSON, Peter, Houston, TX, Lib. Arts, X ENDRES, Andrew, Southampton, PA, Lib. Arts ERWIN, Andrea, Memphis, Bus., AAI1 ESCAMILLA, Laura, Barcelona, Spain, Eng. ESTES, Stephanie, Natchez, Lib. Arts, KA EUBANKS, Tara, Tunica, Pharm., AAA EWING, Andrea, Gulfport, Pharm., AOFI FARMER, Christopher, Crossett, AR, Lib. Arts FELTON, Kelle, Dallas, TX, Bus., KA9 FERGUSON, James, Hemando, Lib. Arts FERRIS, Anne, Laurel, Lib. Arts, AAA FERRO, Ralph, Ridgewood, NJ, Lib. Arts, SH FICKEL, Jason, Gunnison, CO, Lib. Arts FIELDS, Laura, Metairie, LA, Bus., KA8 FORTENBERRY, Bobby, Jackson, Lib. Arts FOS, Tammy, Chalmette, LA, Bus. FOSTER, Michael, Southaven, Bus. 348 Classes John Biggs Hamp Ov IOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES FOXWORTH. lason, Columbia. Pharm FRANK. Kirrbem Chattanooga. TN. Lib Arts. KA8 FRANK, Vescia. Drew. Lib Arts FRANKLIN. Marlene. Columbia. Lib Arts FRANKS, Elizabeth Tupelo. Bus FREDERICK, Carla New Albany Pharm FREEZE, Mon Oxford. Pharm FRENCH, Kandace. Jackson. Lib Arts. IvA FROHN. ' .Vlliam Madison. Lib A- GAL I N Oak Brook IL. Lib Arts GAMBLE. Wood Picavune. Pharm. GAMBL1N. K-.rrrvrlf, " hiiadelphia. Educ . AOT1 GANT1. Avinash. Philadelphia. Lib. Arts GARDNER, Don, Poplarville. Lib Arts. KT GATLIN. Stacev. Columbus. Lib Arts. Af GERMANO, Charles, Germantown. TN Accy.. KT GILBERT, Tr_. Accy GILDER, Rivers. Olive Branch Li ' b Arts GOFORTH, Albert. Batesville, Lib. Arts, A GOOD, David. Hollywood, FL. Lib. Arts, K6 GOODE, Kay Lynn. Dallas. TV Bus. GRAY, lulie. Oxford. Eng GREEN, Rolhe. Holly Springs, Bus., M GREENWELL. Amy Waverly KY Pharm , AOTI GREER, Gina Brookhaven, Lib Arts GREER. Todd Paragould. AR. Eng i GRIFFIN, Patnzia. Xmorj-. Lib Arts. AKA GRIFFITH. D H Dave, liandnfle. LA. Bus. GLIZERIX Patricia, Picayune, Lib Arts GL ' LATL Manish, Chmgola, Zambia, Eng GILLV Trade, Tupelo.Bus GUNNARSON, Patricia. Dallas, TX. Educ KA8 GUNNER, Bradley Tupelo, Bus . Ben HABEEB, Samuel Vicksburg. Lib. Arts HADAD, Laurm % ' icksburg. Lib. Arts. SB HAGINS. arc Holly Springs. Lib. Arts HAIGLER, Charlotte. Atlanta, GA, Lib Arts. HALE, Cynthia, Oxford Aery. HALE, leinnifer. Pontotoc, Accy., AOH HARING, Tern, Ocean Spring-s, Bus. HARRIS. Elizabeth Magee. Educ . M HARRIS. )ohn. San Antonio. TX, Bus., X HARRIS, Matthew. Potts Camp, Accy , KS HARRIS, Shawn. Lake. Bus. HARTMANN, Heather. Ocean Springs. Lib Arts, +M HASSELTINE, Suzanne. Jackson, Lib Arts. AAA HAY DEN. Claire. Caruthersville. MO. Pharm . Sfl HAY ES, David. Germantown, TN, Bus . K+ HAYES. Dawn. Jackson. Bus , AAI1 HAYES, Tracv. Clarksdale. Lib Arts, SB HEIDBREDER, Karen. Lincoln, IL, Lib Arts HEIDEL, lav Vicksburg Lib Arts ZN HENDERSON, Chad Memphis. Lib. Arts HENSARLING. Robv-nne, Mccomb, Bus . KAB HENSON, Margaret Newport Beach. CA, Lib. Arts. AF HERRING. Leigh. Bruce. Pharm AF HERRINGTO.N, Michael, Jackson. Bus IN HICKS, Lisa Racine Wl Educ KA6 HIGGINS, Samantha. Hatnesburg, Lib Arts. .1AJI HILL, Anndra. Brooksville, Acc ., AT HILL, Elizabeth. Columbia LiK Arts, AT HILL. Stephanie. Baton Rouge. LA. Bus.. KKP HILLMAN, Laura. Bay St. Louis, Pharm . HAS HODGE, Games. Monroe, LA Bus HOLLAND, Twvla. Holly Springs, Lib. Arts HOUSTON, lames, Batesvilie, Eng. HOWARD, Bonm Waterioo. IL. Lib Arts HOWARD, Karrina. Clarksdale. Lib. Arts HOWSER, Mark Sikeston, MO, Accy KT HUCKABY. hmmy. Water Valley, Eng. HUDDLESTON, Paul, Smithville, MO, Lib Arts HUDSON, my. Oxford. Educ HUDSON, Joseph. Jackson, Lib .Arts HUGHES, lav Jackson. Eng HUGHES, Melody. Pontotoc, Educ HULAN, Carl SKelbwille. TN, Lib Arts, ATO HUNT. Noel luka. Lib. Arts Classes 349 SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE! OPH Ole Miss foiled again After much talk and negotiation, Warner Brothers Inc. decided not to film the movie " Everybody ' s All- American " at Ole Miss. University officials said that the reason was scheduling conflicts with one of the film ' s stars, but according to an AP story, the produc- ers werelooking for green locations " appropriate for shoot- ing fall scenes in Janu- ary. " Louisiana State Uni- versity has been chosen as the location for the filming. John Biggs HUNTER, Shannon, New Madrid, MO. Lib Arts. KA6 HUTCHINSON, Vincent, Hattiesburg, Accy. HYDE, Valerie, Jackson, Accy., 0 INCE, Samuel, Christ Church, Barbados, Bus. INDOVINA, Robyn, Metairie, LA, Lib. Arts, IIB INGRAM, Cheryl, Oxford. Lib Arts IRVIN, Trade. Hamilton, Bus ISONHOOD, Robert, Canton, Lib Arts. KA JACKSON, Liesa, Brandon, Accy , AOFI JARRELL, Philip, Fulton. Lib. Arts JEANS, Chandranita, Holly Springs, Accy. JEROME, Kelly, Horn Lake. Bus JOE, Amy, Greenwood. Pharm. JOHNSON, Amy. Springfield. TN, Bus. JOHNSON, Bruce, Pascagoula, Bus , D E JOHNSON, Cathy, Brooksville, Bus JOHNSON, Comeil, Tunica, Accy.. Xfl JOHNSON, Cynthia, New Orleans, Educ., Xil JOHNSON, David. Starkville, Eng.. ATO JOHNSON, Cent Davenport, IA, Lib Arts JOHNSON, (onathan, Rye. NY, Lib. Arts. KT OHNSON, Patrice, luka. Lib Arts OHNSON, Scott, Philadelphia, Bus OHNSON, Tracey, Germantown, Accy , KK1 ' ONES, Martina, Corinth, Accv. ORDAN, Douglas. Holcomb. ' MO. Lib Arts, IIKA JURGENS, Knsten, Chatham, IL. Bus KAl.BERER, Kimberly. Rowlett, TX. Lib Arts, MB KELLEY, Michelle, Kennett, MO, Bus . AOI1 KENNEDY, Richard. Indianola, I ib Arts KERSH, luhe, Hattiesburg, Educ AA11 KESSLER, Michael. BiloxT, Lib. Arts. AH KING, Charles. Ackerman, Bus , KA KING, Ralph, Ocean Springs, Lib Arts. 1+K KING, Ricnard. Conchatta, Eng. KING, Robin, Clinton. Lib Arts KNEELAND, |eame. Medina, OH, Bus KNIRNSCHILD, Michael. Brooksulle Fl I ib Arts KNOX, Erin, Horn Uke. Lib Arts. A.1.1 KOONS, Trey. Silverhill, AL, Lib. Arts, KT KRISHNAN, Ananda. Selangor. Malaysia, Accv KROHN. Kellv, Connlh. Educ . KA ' LACKEY, Ellen. Forest, Eng LAMAR, Lucius, Oxford. Lib Arts IX LAMBERT, Connu-. Camerc. Law Ctr LAMBERT, Renee. Vicksburg, Pharm +M LAWRENCE, Pamela. Kenva, Lib. Arts LAWSON, Victoria. Holly Springs. Accv LEAKE, Lmdsav. Tupelo " Bus 350 Classes SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES LEE, Danna, Nashville. TN. Lib Arts. KA LEEPER. Samuel. Oakton. VA Bus LINEBAUGH, Margie. Randolph, Lib Arts LITTLEJOHN, Chnstv. New Albany. Law Or . AP LLOYD, lames, Texarkana. TX. Eng. LOCKHART, Reeca, Ripley. Pharm, LONG, Madeline. Arkadelphia. AR, Lib Arts LONG, Timothy. Memphis. Bus . MKA LOTT, Lee, Pucketl. Pharm LUA Kee, Malaysia. Eng. LUCCHESI, DC. Memphis, Lib Arts +K+ LUNDY, David. Philadelphia. Accy. LYDON, Elizabeth. Greenwood, Lib Arts KKF MA Francis. Clarksdale. Bus MADDEN, Peter. Nashville. TN, Bus , Ben MAGEE, Suzanne, Courtland, Educ. MAHMOOD, Imran. University, Eng MAIER, lames. Natchez. Lib. Arts MAIERHOFER, Kimberly. Bricktown, Lib Arts MALONE, David, Saltillo. Lib. Arts. KA MANN, Andrea, Richmond. IN. Lib Arts. AAII MANNING, Valarie, Terry. Pharm. MANSOOR, Sabrina. Jackson. Bus., I1B MAPP, Stephanie, Live Oak, FL. Lib. Arts MAR, Linda Greenville. Bus. MARASCALCO, Angela, Grenada, Pharm., AAll MARASCALCO, Paul. Grenada, Lib. Arts. X+ MARQUER, Celeste. New Orleans. Pharm. MARTIN, April. Red Banks. Lib. Arts MARTIN, Nancy, Clinton. Lib Arts MASSEY, lames. Picayune. Bus. MAY, Kevin, lackson. Lib Arts, 6611 MAYO, Samantha, Hernando, Lib Arts MCANALLY, Larry, Gulfport. Lib Arts MCARTHUR, Lucy, Jackson, Lib. Arts. XQ MCCALL, Laura, Northbrook. IL, Lib. Arts, KKP MCCLAIN, Patricia, Ackerman, Lib Arts, M MCCORMICK, Ann. Gallatm. TN. Bus. MCCL ' LLOUCH, Charles Louisville. Lib. Arts MCCUTCHIN, Alma. Dallas. TX. Bus . KA6 MCDANIEL, Ronnie. Vicksburg, Lib. Arts MCDEARMAN, Stephanie. Jackson. Educ.. AOD MCDOUGALO, Charles. Kelly. LA. Accy MCELREATH, Amy Oxford, Educ., ADD MC1NTOSH, Shawn, Forest. Pharm. MCKAY, Kevin. Pelahatchie. Lib. Arts MCKELLAR, Catherine, Jackson, Lib. Arts MCKINNEY, Dewavne. Batesville. Bus. MCKINNEY, John. Magnolia. Bus. MCLEOD, Tracey, London, England. Lib. Arts MCNAIR, Jennifer, Jackson. Bus . AAA MCQUEEN, Marvin. Connth. Lib Arts. i. MCREDM OND, Man, , Nashville. TN. Bus . AGO MEACHAM, Ellen, Smyrna, TN, Lib Arts MEEK, Dianne, Bolivar. ' TN. Lib. Arts. KA MEISBURG, Julie, Tallahasee, FL. Lib. Arts KA MELTON, Steven. Southaven. Lib Arts MERIDETH, Angela. We t Memphis, AK. Lib. Arts MILLER, Tonva, Rosedale, Lib. Arts MILLIGAN, tracv. luka Lib. Arts. IIB MILLIS, Alan, Clarksdale, Accy.. X MINCY, Jeffrey. Rienzi, Accv , A MINTER, Kenneth Pearl. Pharm. MITCHELL, Cynthia. Sheffield. AL, Lib Arts, M MITCHELL, Gregory. Memphis, Lib Arts, IX MOORE, |ohn. lackson. Lib. Arts. ATS! MORRIS, Scott. Windermere. FL, Lib. Arts 1 MORRISON, Jill. Houston, TX, Lib Arts. KA8 MORRISON, Kvlia. Corinth MORRISON, Iviarv lackson, Bus.. Anil MOULDS, Penelope lackson. Bus MOL ' NCE, William. Pontotoc. Lib. Arts MULLINS, Christina, Oxford. Bus MULLINS, Gary. Natchez. Lib. Arts MULLINS, Timothy. Oxford. Educ MLRPHEY, Rebecca, Oxford. Lib Arts MUSGROVE, Mickey. Brandon. Bus. Classes 351 SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORESP MYERS, Stephanie, Smyra, GA, Lib. Arts, AOII NAGREE, Shah Nawaa ' z, Dubai Uae, Eng. NARON, Shannon, Oxford, Bus. NASON, Barren, Pans, TN, Lib. Arts, KT NELLI, Richard, Memphis, Bus., IIKA NEVILLE, Key. Jackson. Bus., XS! NEWMAN, Duffin, Basking Ridge, NJ, Educ., I NEYMAN, Linda, Columbus, Bus. NG, Chi, University, Eng. NICHOLS, Elizabeth, Oxford, Lib. Arts, KKI " NICHOLS, Mark, Olive Branch, Pharm. NOBLIN, Elizabeth, Jackson, Bus , XI! NORMAN, John, Houston, Bus. NORWOOD, Natalie, Jackson, Lib. Arts, M OAKES, Stephanie, Abbeville, Lib. Arts, AAII O ' CONNELL, Erin, Baton Rouge. LA, Lib. Arts, KK] ODOM, Andrea, Forest, Lib. Arts O ' NEAL, Kimsev, Carthage, Pharm. O ' QUINN, Mary, Jackson, Bus. OWEN, Danita, New Albany, Bus., AOII OWEN, Kathryn. Covington, TN, Accy., XS! OWEN, Melinda, Gautier, Lib. Arts OZBIRN, Carla, Tupelo, Accy. PAGE, Joel, Oxford, Bus. PALMERTREE, Tish, Batesville, Lib. Arts PARKER, Andrea, Swartz, LA, Bus., AAII PARKER, George, Saint Simons Is, Ga, Bus, N PATTERSON, Charlotte, Decatur, AL, Accy., 4 M PATTERSON, Lida, Brookhaven, Bus., AAA PAULSEN, Pamela, Laurel, Lib. Arts, KA PEARSON, Annalies, Clinton, Lib. Arts PEARSON, Tiana, Clinton, Lib. Arts PENDER, Mary, Memphis, Lib. Arts, KA6 PF.NZES, Attila, Grapevine, TX, Bus., SX PERKINS, Alan, Natchez, Lib. Arts, Ki PERRY, Edward, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts PETERSON, Donna, Pontotoc, Educ. PETERSON, Jodie, Houston, Lib. Arts PEZZULLO, Lisette. Naples, FL, Lib. Arts, AAII PHILLIPS, Cary, Jackson, Accv., A v PHILLIPS, Lee: Hattiesburg, L ' ib. Arts PHILYAW, Melody, Kosciusko, Pharm. PICKENS, Renee ' , Oxford, Educ. PICKLE, Robert, Amory, Bus., 14 E PINSON, Joe, Olive Branch, Pharm. PITTMAN, Karen. Charleston, Accy. PITTMAJxL Pamela, Pascagoula, Pharm., Al ' PITMAN, Todd, Smithville, MO, Bus. PITTS, James, Smyrna, GA, Lib. Arts, ZX POOLE, Arthur. Potts Camp, Bus. POTTER, Russell, Pass Christian, Lib. Arts POWELL, Carol, New Albany, Lib. Arts, AF POWER, William, Ackerman, Bus., KA PRESTRIDGE, Sherri, Amory, Accy. PR1TCHARD, Lynn. Oakland, Lib. ' Arts PUENTES, Carlos, North Miami, FL, Lib. Arts PURNEL, Paul, Jackson, Lib. Arts SN PURVIS, Beth, Morton, Pharm., AAH QUAKA, John, Jackson, Lib. Arts, 2N QUEST, Melissa. Dallas, TX, Bus , KKP QUINN, Tracy, Memphis, TN, Pharm., KA9 QUON, Willie, Inverness, Lib. Arts RACKLEY, Cheryl. Oxford, Lib. Arts RAGAN, Melissa, Cleveland Bus XS! RAGLAND, Robie, Franklin, TN, Educ. RAMBIN, Penelope, Natchez, Accy., KA RATCLIFF, Lisa, Summit, Pharm. RATLIFF, Merritt, San Angelo, TX, Lib. Arts, FIB REEVES, Marni, Oxford, Lib. Arts RELAN, Scott, Gautier, Lib. Arts. KT REYCRAFT, Stacey, Englishtown, NJ Lib Arts RHEA, Bill, Somerville, TN. Bus. RIALES, Jennifer, Tunica. Lib. Arts RICKMAN, Amanda. Gallatin, TN Educ KA RICKS, Barbara, Glendora, Lib Arts RILEY, Dana, Water Valley, Lib. Arts RILEY, Polly. Morton, Bus ' ., M 352 Classes ORES3PHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES ROBBINS, Marcia, Oxford. Phamv. AI ROBBINS, Susan New Albany. Educ.. M ROBERSON, Kendra. Germantown, TN, Lib Art.. M ROBERTS, Camp. Lmversitv Lib Arts. KA ROBERTSON, Rhonda. Oxford. Lib Arts ROBINSON, Le, Vicksburg. Lib. A: ROCH, Kimberleigh. Biloxi, Lib. Arts RODRIGUEZ, Nalaha. Ponce, Por Riza. Educ ROGERS, Kelley. Jackson. Educ.. AAA ROGERS, Linda, Panama City Bch-, FL, Eng.. AAI1 ROSE, Jennie, Meridian Pharm KAO ROUNDS, Adnan, Olive Branch. Lib Arts. X RUEBEL, Ann, Dallas. TX, Lib Arts HB+ RUSSELL, Connie, Batesville. Accy RUSSELL, Leah, Oxford, Accy SADLER, Suzanne. Oxford, Lib. Arts SARACINT, Stephanie, Newport. AR. Lib Arts. 4 M SAUCIER, Michelle. Hemando. Lib. Arts SAVAGE, Craig, Coldwater. Lib Arts SCANLON, Patrick, Jackson. Lib. Arts, 4 A6 SCHARF, Thomas. Memphis. Lib Arts, Ben SCHMIDT, Aimee Pass Christian. Lib Arts. KAS SCHNAUTZ, Enk. Hampton, VA. Lib. Arts SEGARS, Bryan. Southaven. Lib Arts. 2H SH W, Kathenne. Kosciusko. Accy . AAA SHELBY, Tina. Jackson, Educ SHELDON, Scarlett, Greenville. Educ . XO SHERIF, Malik Etheopia. Eng. SHIMEK, Daniri. Cornwall, NY. Bus. SHOEMAKE, Kellv, Collins. Lib. Arts, AAA SHOTTS, Mary rfamilton, AL, Law Ctr. SIEBERT, Clarissa. Toronto Ontario, Canada, Bus., AT S1EGAL, Adam Florence, SC, Bus X SILLS, Joseph, Madison. Bus. SIMMONS, James. Fort Worth. TX, Bus . IN SIMMONS, Linda. Gulfport, Lib. Arts SIMS, David, Kosciusko, Lib. Arts SISCO, Phillip, Mountain Brook, AL. Bus. SKIPTON, Suzanne. Houston. TX. Educ , OB SMITH, leff Memphis, Bus.. KT SMITH, Myra. Dexter, MO. Pharm. SMITH, Ramev Newport. AR, Lib. Arts SMITH, Stephanie. Tyronza. AR. Lib Arts, M SMITHMIER, Brenda. Oxford. Pharm , AOO SPEARS, Tara, Columbus. Lib Arts SPRATLEY, Amy, Gulfport. Bus., HAS SPRA 1 ) BERRY, Gwendolyn, Gore Springs, Lib. Arts, AAA SPRINKLE, Lisa, Southaven, Educ STALLWORTH, Virginia, Pascagoula. Lib. Arts John Biggs Classes 353 SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMOREp STANSELL, Mary. Slidell, LA, Lib. Arts STARK, )ohn, Ackerman, Lib. Arts STARK, Randy, Oxford, Bus., KA STEWART, Amy, Ackerman, Lib. Arts STINE, William, Corinth, Lib. Arts, 4 K STOUT, Melanie, Ocean Springs, Bus. STRANGE, Jennifer, Conway, AR. Educ, KA STREETE, Susan, Caruthersville, MO, Educ., X!2 STRICKLAND, Brian, Vicksburg, Bus., 2 E STROUD, Kathy, Jackson, Bus SULLIVAN, Bra ' dlev, Ecru, Accv. SULLIVAN, Melanie, Terry, Lib. Arts, Xfl SULLIVAN, Susan, Olive Branch, Lib. Arts, KAS SULLIVAN, Tracy, Kosciusko, Educ., AF SYKES, Teressa, Nettleton, Lib. Arts TALLANT, Scotty, Bruce, Pharm. TAN, Yeow Khoon, Singapore, Eng. TARDY, Michael. St. Petersburg Lib. Arts. K+ TAVQIR, Aamir, Karachi Sind, Eng TAYLOR, James, Chattanooga, TNI, Eng. TAYLOR, James, Kennett, MO, Eng. TAYLOR, Kathleen, Memphis, Lib. Arts, XS2 TAYLOR, Steve, Millington, TN, Lib. Arts, 4 KH TERRELL, James, Southaven, Bus. TODD, Lisa, Byhalia, Bus TOLBERT, Gary, Vicksburg, Educ., 2 E THOMAS, Ann, Vicksburg, Educ., Xfi THOMAS, Walter, Seattle, WA, Lib. Arts THOMPSON, James, Tupelo, Bus , SX THOMPSON, Paul, Birmingham, AL, Lib. Arts, X THORNTON, Stacey Jo, Helena, AR. Pharm., XH TICE, Christy, luka, Lib. Arts, FIB TRAINOR, Anne, Jackson, Lib. Arts TRIM, Connie, Corinth, Educ. TRIPPE, Juan, Slidel, LA, KT TUCKER, Tammie, Potts Camp, Lib. Arts TURNER, Michelle, Milan, TNI, Pharm. TURNER, William, Marion, AR, Lib. Arts, K+ TYRONE, Marty. Pearl, Lib. Arts UNDERWOOD, Jeffrey, Holly Springs, Lib. Arts UPTON, Christina, Brdokhaven, Lib. Arts UTTER, Jennifer, Paducah, KY, Accy. VACCARELLA, Sarah, Mccomb, Lib. Arts VAN NOY, Timothy, Jackson, Lib. Arts, A9 VASSAR, Richard, Sherwood, AR, Bus. VENOSKL Anne-Marie, Newark, NY, Lib. Arts VERHINE, Kristin, Vicksburg, Law Ctr. WAGERMAN, Jerald, Memphis, Bus., A6 WALKER, Barbara, Corinth, Pharm.. AAH WALKER, Dru, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Educ., KKF WALKER, Pamela, Memphis, Lib. Arts, AAII WALLACE, Angelia, Olive Branch, Lib. Arts WALLACE, Donna, Monticello, Bus., AF WALTERS, Kristine, Slidell, LA, Bus., AF WARDLOW, Charles, Olive Branch, Bus. WARREN, Leigh, Jackson, TN, Eng., KA9 WARREN, Leigh, Gulfport, Lib. Arts, KA WATERS, Cody, Pascagoula, Bus. WATTS, Denni ' s, Madison, Lib. Arts WEBB, Mary, Dyersburg, TN, Lib. Arts, AF WEBB, William, Memphis, Lib. Arts WEBSTER, John, Dalv Citv, CA, Bus. WEBSTER, Kishida, Coldwater, Accy. WEDDINGTON, Marilyn, Friars Point, Bus. WEEMS, Kelly, Waveland, Bus., XS2 WEIR, Jay, Tupelo, Bus., 2X WELCH, Anita, Philadelphia, Lib. Arts, AAII WELCH, Terri, N. Little Rock. AR, Bus. WELLS, David, Jackson, Bus., Ben WESTBROOK, Angela, Olive Branch, Bus., KKF WHITE, Jen. Nettleton, Lib. Arts, AKA WHITE, Jerry, Oxford, Eng. WHITE, Julie, Austin, TX, Educ. WILBANKS, Shelley, El Dorado, AR, KA6 WILBOURN, Sherri. Bossier City, AR, Lib. Arts WILCOX, Russell. Jackson, Bus , r.N WILEY, Maryruth, Austin, TX, Lib. Arts. AOI1 354 Classes SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES John Biggs Poppy Pruett 4 K: A Habeeb Richard Whitlcy WILKE, Keith, Metropolis !L. Accy +KT WILKERSON, Charles. Jackson, Accy IN WILKS, Wmnye. Jackson. Lib. Arts WILLIAMS. Amy, Laurel, Lib Arts. AF WILLIAMS, Gentry, PascagouJa, Bus. WILLIAMS, Lisa. Columbus. Accy., AUII WILLIAMS, Tracev, Tupelo, Educ. XI! I i niioi ' r. ! tM. ' .Y.YiiMi l WILLIAMS, Walter. Hattiesburg, Bus . X WILLIS, Jeanna, Meridian. Pharm WILSON. Susan. Fairfield. 1L, Lib. Arts. AAO WILSON, Timothy, Osvka. Lib. Arts WILSON, William " . La tenter, KY, Pharm WTNSTEAD, Ginger, Houston, T , Lib. Arts WTTHAM, Jonnie. Byhalia. Bus. WITHERS, Judy. Kosciusko. Lib Arts, AT WOODS, Ashley, Metairie. LA, Lib Arts KA WOOD, Donald " , Metairie. LA. Bus . BSI1 WOOD, Robert, Natchez. Bus.. SX WONG, Say. Penang. Bus. WOOD, Stacey. Charleston. Lib Arts, AA-1 WRIGHT, Anthony. Sikeston. MO. Eng. YARBROUGH, Sidney New Orleans. Lib Arts, 211 YOSTE, Mary. Cordova, TN. Educ X ' .! YOUMANS, ' Sarah, Jackson. TN. Lib. Arts, AAA YOUNG, Beth, Jackson, Educ YOUNG, Debra, Caruthersville. MO. Pharm. ZAGST, Joseph. Kosciusko. Lib Arts ZEPPELIN, Deron. Starkville, Bus , A8 Classes 355 JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORF AARON, Leigh, Memphis, Educ. , AAA ABRAHAM, Angela, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts AOI1 ADAMS, Nanci. Corinlh, Lib. Arts AGNEW, Wendv, Jackson, Accy., AOII AINSWORTH, tracey, lackson, Bus. ALEXANDER, George, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Ki ALLEN, Angela. Ripley, Accy. ALLEN, Karina, Oxford, Lib. Arts. ALSTRAP, Abdul, Malaisya, Educ. ANDERSON, Uura, Monroe, LA, Bus. M ANTWINE, John. Jackson, Bus., I1KA ARMATHIS, Peter, Oxford. Bus.. Hull ARRECHEA, Joseph, Oxford, Bus i ' K ARTMAN, John, Grenada. Eng. ASBRIDGE, Richard, Millington, TX, Educ. AVERITT, Susie, Dallas, TX, Lib. Arts, AAII AZLIN, Melissa, Myrtle, Bus., KAH BAETGE, lames, Richmond, TX, Bus., 2 K BAKER, Austin, Bolivar, TN, Bus. BAKER, John, Tupelo, Lib. Arts, A BAKER, Keith, Summit, Lib. Arts, KT BARNES, Brenda, Jackson, Educ. BARRON, Kay, Oxford, Educ. BEARD, Lewis, Jackson, Eng. BEARD, Melissa, Memphis, Educ. BEAUCHAMP, Mark, Dallas, Bus., 11 BECKER, Kenneth, Flanders, NJ, Accy. BELL, Roderick, Holly Springs, Eng., A A BELTON, James, Memphis. Educ. K BENNETT, Tony, Alligator, Educ BERRY, Rodney, Freeburg, IL, Lib Art BETHSHARES, Jennifer, Jackson, Educ., KA BE.VERLY, David. Ne w Orleans, Educ., Bn BISHOP, Tracy, Double Springs. AL, Lib. Art BLACK, Christine, St. Petersburg, FL, Educ., KAB BLACKSTOCK, Lynda, Jackson, TN, Bus., M BLALACK, Kimberly, Brighton, Tn , Bus RAW BLUNTSON, Craig, Jackson, Accy A A BOGGAN, Jeffery, Kilmichael, Pharm. BOIE, Mark, Anna, II. Lib Arts, X BORDELON, Beth, Greenville. Accy., M BOOKER, Angela, Southaven, Lib Arts BORNE, Merribeth, Oxford, Educ. BOUCHILLON, Neil, Laurel, Bus. 2X BOWERS, Susan, Slidel, LA, Lib. Arts BOWLES, Trista. Oxford, Lib. Arts BOWMAN, Patrica, Greenville, Lib. Arts BOYD, Bill, Gulfport, Accy., SN BRADSHAW, Gma, Jackson, Lib. Arts, A0tl Bands battle for United Way Thursday, November 12, 1987 a Battle of the Bands was held at the University Inn ' s club, Off the Wall. The Relaxations, The Digs and Jett Screamer, three local bands, and Adam ' s House Cat! from Muscle Shoals, Al- abama performed in an effort to raise money for the United Way. The Ole Miss student United Way and the se- nior class sponsored this I event in hopes of reach-] ing their goal of| $11,000.00 and raising more money than Mis- sissippi State University. I 356 Classes Dan Magee INIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS rife! BRAMLETT, Jefferv. Ecru, Bus BRANUM, Ouida, Montreal. NC Educ XI! BRECHILL, Kevin. Lexington, KY. Bus.. X+ BRENNAS, Blanche. Dallas. TX. Bus., KAt BREWER. Emilv. Tupelo, Educ BREWER. Stephen, Louisville. Lib Arts BRIDGES, Deborah, Blue Moutian, Accy BRITTEN, Barbara Abbeville Bus , SS8 BROCK, Courtney, Vancleave. Lib. Arts BROWN, Allison. " Ripley. Lib Arts, KA8 BROWN, Oatis, Pascagoula. Eng. BROWN, Paige, Meridian. Eng BROWN, Tamatha, Bruca, Accy. BRUNSON, Smart. Moscow, Lib. Arts. SN BULLOCK, Johnny Hattiesburg. Lib Ans. BULLOCK, Ulmer. Oxford, Eng BUNNELL, Alicia Coon Rapids, MN. Lib Arts. KA9 BUNTYN, Melanie, Brandon Lib Arts BURKS, Marsha. Baton Rou ge. LA, Accy BURNETT, William, Oxford, Eng iN BURNEY, Robert, Coffeeville, Bus. BURNHAM, Susan, Jackson, Lib. Arts. AAi 8URRESS, Susan. Water Valley, Bus.. BURROWS, Barbara, Mccomb. ' Educ.. AOO BURT. Pamlea. SenatoWa. Lib Arts BUTLER, Stacey, Germantown. Bus. BURTON, Cheryl, Drew Lib Arts BYARS, Carolyrin. Memphis, TN. Lib. Arts, 4 BY RNE, Rvan. Coffeeville, Bus CAFFEY, Fred, Martinsville, VA, Bus . KT CAIN, lerri. Pascagoula, Lib Arts CALAMESE, Vickie, Booneville. Lib Arts CALHOUN, Camille. Oxford, Lib Arts CAMPBELL. Amy. Carrollton. Lib Arts CAMPBELL, Mark. Carrollton, Bus CAMPBELL, Patricia, Walnut. Accy CANNADY, William. Madison. Bus CARBONAR, Whitman. Washington, DC. Bus CARLISLE, Cheryl Memphis, TN. Lib Arts. AAII CARISLE, Enc Water Valley. Lib Arts CARLISE, Russell, Wesson Lib. Arts CARNES, Steven. Jackson, Bus CATALAND, lames, Jackson, Bus CATANIA, Monica, Oxford, Bus CHAMBERLAIN, Leah. Tupelo, Eng. CHANDLER, Pamela Florence Bus CHANDLER, Shannon Houston, TX, Bus , - CHANDLER, Teresa. Weir. Bus CHASE, Willie. Hollandale. Lib Arts CHE, Toan. Oxford. Bus CHIA, Voon-Ket, Malaysis. Bus CHIA, Voon -Keun. Malaysis, Lib. Arts CHILDS, Clinton, Houston. TX Lib Arts. CHONG, Kok Huat Peaang Eng CHONG, Yok. Perak, Bus CHRISTIAN, David Burke VA Bus . : CHL, Nathan, Greenville. Bus CHUNG, Hean University. Lib. Arts CLANTON, Annette, Senatobia. Educ. CLARK, Wren. Camden. AR. Accy . +M CLARK, Michelle. Hokomb, Bus CLARK, Melhsa, Virginia Beach, VA, Lib Arts CLARKE, Melinda. Fort Lauderdale, FL, Lib. Arts CLARK, Michael. Gainsville, FL. Lib Arts CLAY, Christopher. Dennis, Lib Arts CLEMENT, John, Onnda, CA. ENG KT CLEVELAND, Chuck, West Chester OH. Bus CLINTON, lames. West Memphis Accy., A+ CLOSE, Robert, University Bus COKER, Dennis, Huntsville. AL Bus X COLE, leffrey Booneville, Lib Art COLEMAN, Tom. Connth. Accy . rx COLEMAN, Wilbum, New Albany. Bus , S E COLLINS, Vivian. Clarksdale, Bus COMPRETTA, Connally. Bay St Louis. Pharm , M COOK, Amanda Como, " Bus COONEY, Marilyn. Sikeston, MO, Bus KA9 Classes 357 JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIOR IM COOK, Gregory, Southaven, Bus. I KT COOK Holly, Birmingham, Al, Lib Arts IIB COPELAND, Philip, Natchez, Lib. Arts CORDER, Lisa, Canolton, Educ. COUNCE, Kevin, Cornith, Lib. Arts COWART, Mark, Meridian, Bus., K6 COX, Anissa, Ashland, Educ. COX, Bobby, Water Valley, Bus. COX, Carolyn, Jackson, Bus., KKI ' CRAFT, Mitzi, Meridian, Lib. Arts, AA A CRESPINO, Joan, Jackson, Bus., XQ CRIDER, William, Brookhaven, Lib. Arts CROSBY, Kecia, Mendehall, Educ., Af CROSSWEIL, Kristina, Gautier, Bus., AOI1 CROSSWHITE, Bettv, Senatobia. Educ. CUMMINS, Randy, Vicksburg, Bus CUPIT, Tanya, Brookhaven, Educ CURRY, Roy, Kingsland, AR, Law Ctr. CURRY, Yolanda, Chicago, IL, Bus. DAGHMACH, Sandra, University, Lib. Arts, IIB DALTON, Dana, Corinth, Lib. Aft, AAA DANIELS, Tamara, Vicksburg, Educ., M DAUPHIN, Benjamin, Natchez, Bus. DAVENPORT, John, Ft Walton Beach, FL, Educ KZ DAVIS, Andy, Birmingham, Lib. Arts, ATO DAVIS, Donald, Meridian, Lib. Arts, IX DAVES, Jeff, Franklin, TN, Bus DAVIS, Louise, Como, Bus DAWSON, Eric, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Lib Arts DAY, Jennifer, Pontotoc, Lib. Arts, IIB DAY, Jennifer, Oxford, Lib. Arts DEAN, Donna, Madisonville, KY, Lib. Arts AAII DEAN, William, Sledge, Eng DEATON, Lori, Booneville, Pharm DELLENGER, John, Blloxi, Bus K DENLEY, Deanna, Bruce, Lib. Art AOH DENNIS, Michael, Madison, Lib. Art A6 DENNY, Dawn, Nashville, Educ., KA DEVENDRA, Sheela, Malasia, Engr DIFFENBACH, Dee-Dee, Harrisburg, IL Educ DILDY, John, New Orleans, Lib. Art, SI1 DILLARD, David, New Albany, Bus. DIXON, Lloyd, Summit, Bus., BS DODD Darron, Laurel, Bus DOOM Arnold, New Albany, Accy DOSTER Cathy, Sikeston, Mo., Bus KA8 DRUMMONO; Desiree, Tupelo Educ DUNAWAY, Lara, Hollandale, Lib. Art X!! 358 Classes INIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS DLNAWAY, Rhonda. McComb. Pharm. DL ' NN, Wendy, Hemando. Bus. DUNNA, Shvam. Oxford. Eng. DURRETT, Elaine, Plantation. FL. Educ.. AAA DYE. Angela, Blue Springs, Lib Ar: EASLEY, Kim. Jackson, Accy M EASTMAN, Allison. Brace. ' .Any EATON, Lisha. Seminary ' . Lib. Art ECHOLS, John. Southaven, Educ. ECHOES, Knstie. Tarboro. NC, Lab. Art. Al ' ECONOMIDES, Thoukidides, University. Eng. EIDSON, Mary. Mathiston. Educ. EIDT, Manfred. Natchez.-Ub. Art ELAM Uura, Livonia. Ml Lib. Art ELLIOTT, Frank. Oxford, Lib Art. KA ELLIOTT, Maggie. Oxford. Bus XU ENDRIS, Gregory. Biloxi. Eng. ENFIN ' CER, Robert, New Albany, Pharm ERWIN. Ray, Tunica. Bus EUBANKS, Micky. Laurel. Lib Art EVANS, Sandra, Winona, Educ FALAH, Marwan, Nashville, Tn, Eng. F RMER, Margaret. Louisville. ICY, Bus.. KA6 FARR1SH, Christi, Coila, Accy. FERGUSON, James, Oxford, Lib. Arts FINLEY, Misty, Centralia, IL, Lib Arts, KA8 FINN, Michael, Olive Branch, Lib. Arts FISHER, Thomas, Yazoo City, Bus FLETCHER, Spence, Indianola. Educ FLOWERS, Ginger. Jackson. Pharm FOARD, Man-, Lafayette, LA, Lib Arts FORD, Patrick, Biloxi. Bus , X FORD, Tammv. Holly Springs. Bus. FORRESTER, Randall, Oxford . Bus FOSTER, Henry. Blue. Springs. Eng. FOWLER, Jeffrey. Southaven. Bus , KA FREEMAN, Samuel, Morton, Bus FRETTERD, Suzanne Natchez. Pharm FLLLAN, Todd, Biloxi, Lib. Arts GADD, Walter. Hickory Flat, Accy . ATS! GARNER, Gerald. Magee. Bus GARRETT, Preston. Thaxton, Lib. Arts GATLIN, Thomas. Walnut. Pharm GAL ' TIER, Caroline, Pessac, Lib. Art GAVIN, Amy, Laurel, Lib Art. AAH GILL Kinloch, Greenwood, Accy., A6 GILLARD, Lisa Houston, Lib Art GILLESPIE, Stacey. Ponotoc. Accy GILMORE, Tamm ' v, Corinth. Lib. Art GLASS, Gerald. Siddon. Lib. Art, B? GLOVER, Jodi Brentwood, TN, Accy. GOFF, Jason. Blytheville, AR. Lib. Art, KT GOLDMAN, Paul. Meridian, Bus. GOLESTANIA.N, Hassan, University, Eng GOLESTANIAN, Hossem. University, Eng. GOODMAN, Alan, Jackson, Lib. Art ' GORDON, Gabrieile, Houston. TX, Lib. Art. FIB GORDON, Robert. McCool, Lib Art. K6 GORHAM, Ashley. Brentwood. TN, Educ. KHT GRANGER, Julie. ' Kennett, MO, Bus.. AOH GRANT, Alice, Batesville, Bus. GRANTHAM, Dann, Florence. Accy l ' +E GRANTHAM, Tiffany. Vicksburg, Ilib. Art, KA GRAY, Angela. Batesville. Educ.. AAH GRAY, Frank, Lib. Art. SN GREEN, Anna. Water Valley, Lib Art GREEN, Barrett, Franklinton, LA, Eng.. KA GREEN, Rose, Booneville, Educ. GREER, Harold. Clinton, Bus GREGORY, Sylvia, Clarksdale, Bus. GRIMM, Thomas Warner, Paducah. KY, Bus. GRISWOLD, Dickson, New Orleans, Lib. Art. CRITTER, Melissa, Mobile, AL. Educ . KA GRIZZARD, Ashley, Germantown. Accy AAA GRUBBS, Chris. Ponotoc, Bus. GLTON, Rebecca, Brandon, Lib. Art GUTTENSOHN, Eric Huntsville. AL. Lib Art Classes 359 JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIOR W GUTIERREZ, Luis, University, Eng. HAIRE, Karen, Bruce, Educ. HAIRE, Ross, Dalton, GA, Lib. Art HAMBRICK, Renee, Fairfax, VA, Lib Art, AF HAMMETT, Todd, Corinth, Bus , K HANEY, Robert, Memphis, Lib. Art HANNIBAL, Chris, Durant. Lib. Art HARRELL, Angela, Fulton. Lib. Art HARRIS, Candy, Fulton, Law Ctr. HARRIS, Celeste, West Point, Lib Art HARRIS, Frank, Shreveport, LA, Lib Art, A9 HARRISON, Cindy. Detroit. AL, Law Ctr. HARTFORD, Carol, Jackson, Lib Art HARVEY, Martin, Collins, Lib. Art HARVEY, Timothy, Ocean Springs, Bus. HARWELL, Randy, Courtland, Educ. HASE, Cynthia, Anna, 1L, Pharm., AOI1 HAWKINS, Bryan, Stuttgart, AR, Bus., A HAWKINS, James, Oxford, Educ., 2N HAWKINS, Stephen, Pascagoula, Lib. Art, S E HEAD, Michael, Gray Ridge, MO, Accy., ATI! HEATH, Rose, Grenada, Accy HEERY, Neal. Atlanta, Bus., X HELM, Thomas, Pass Christian, Lib. Art, KS HELSLEY, Claudia, Memphis, Accy , AOII HENDERSON, Daniel, Petal, Bus. HENSLEY, Marv, Holly Springs, Lib. Art HERRING, Kimiwrly, Water Valley, Eng. HERRINGTON, Sulynn, Union, Bus., AOII HILBUN, Haylev, Moss Point, Bus., KA HILL, Charles, Columbia, Eng.. BOH HILL, Richard, Forest, Lib. Art HILLERY, Mary, New Orleans, Lib. Art. AOII HINES, Owen, Long Beach, Accy, BOH HINES, Tracv, Yazoo City, Educ., KA HOBSON, Elizabeth, Germantown, Bus., AOFl HOBSON, Joyce, Houlka, Bus. HODGE, John, Laurel, Lib. Art, K2 HOEVABJENYNKOEVSKY, Kablden, University, Educ HOLBROOK, Gilda, Florence, Accy., AAII HOLEMAN, Jeffery, Yazoo City, Educ. HOLLEY, Rodney, Batesville, Lib. Art HORN, Christian, Moss Point, Lib. Art, I1B HORNE, Virginia, Iverness. Lib. Art, AF HOUSEY, lohn, Metairie, LA, Bus. HOWARD, Julie, Leland, Educ. HOWELL, Lindsev. Senatobia, Lib. Art HOWELL, Rosalyfi, New Albany, Lib. Art HUCKABY, Bobby, Water Valley, Eng. HUFFSTATLER, Lana, Blue Mountain, Bus. HUGHES, Deborah, Collins, Lib. Art HUGULEY, Elizabeth, Pass Christian, Educ. KURD, Rebecca, Fulton, Lib. Art HURDLE, Lauren, Holly Springs, Lib. Art, AF HUTCHESON, Ginger, Saftillo, Lib. Art HYDE, Robert, Jackson, Accy., 2X IRANMAHBOOB, Jamshid, University, Eng. IRBY, Gerald, Sledge, Educ. ACOBS, Kimberly, Dallas, TX, Educ.. AAA AGGERS, Mark, Ponotoc, Lib. Art AMES, Sherry, Southaven, Educ. AYNES, Jeffrey, Columbus, Lib. Art, X+ JENKINS, Elizabeth, Brandon, Lib. Art JOHNSON, April, Oxford, Lib. Art JOHNSON, Edith, Guntown, Lib. Art JOHNSON, Jeffery, Olive Branch, Lib. Art JOHNSON, Laura, Meridian, Lib. Art, AAA JOHNSON, Loria, Dallas, TX, Lib. Art, I1B JOHNSON, Randy. Oxford, Eng. JOHNSON, William, Hattiesburg, Lib. Art JOHNSTON, Janis, Duck Hill, Lib. Art OHNSTON, Thomas, Summit, Bus. ONES, Conigliaro, Terry, Lib. Art JONES, Geoffrey, Belden, Lib. Art JONES, Jennifer. Booneville, Bus., AF JONES, Lisa, Holly Springs, Lib. Art. . !( JONES, Lou, Batesville, Educ. 360 Classes JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JONES, Patti. Como, Lib- Art KADLECEK. Kimberly, Houston, TX. Educ KAN, Wai. Hong Kong. Eng KAVELMAN, Kelly. Simpson. 1L, Bus., KAS KAVELMAN, Knsty. Simpson. IL. Bus.. KA6 KEE, Uik, Malaysia. Eng KEIL, Kenneth, Mango. FL. Bus KELLER, George, Endicott, NY, Eng KELLERMAN, Catherina, Paducah. KY. Lib. Art. OB KELLY, Katelvn. University. Lib. Art, KA6 KEMP, Shervl. Ocean Springs, Lib. Art, AOI1 KERST, Lisa, West Memphis, AR. Lib Art, MB KERVIN, Maurcie. Collins, Lib Art. M KEY, Annette, Shreveport, LA, Lib Art. KA KEYES, Deborah. Jackson. Lib. Art KEYS, Sandra. Wesson. Lib. Art KOHR, Loong, Malaysia, Bus KILPATR1CK, Kara Cordova, TN, Pharm AAA KILPATRICK, Kimberly, Philadelphia, Educ.. +M KIMBROUGH, Brendan, Dallas, TX, Bus., KS KING, Amanda. Pelahatchie. Lib. Art KING, Bobbie, Louisville. Bus . AMI KING, Natalie, Ackerman, Pharm.. M KIRBY, John, Natchez, Lib. Art KIRCHHOFF, Dale, Oxford. Lib. Art KIRKENDALL, Patrick, Violet, LA. Eng. KLOEK, Marc. Memphis, Lib. Art KNEE, Michael, Chattanooga, TN, Bus., X KOEHLER, Julie, Denver. CO. Educ. KRISTIJANSSON, lens. Iceland, lib. Art KWAN, Chee. University. Bus LAMBERT, Deanna. Booneville, Bus. LANASA, Alfred. New Orleans. Lib. Art, KS LANGDON, Albertina, Drew, Lib. Art LANGFORD, Ellen, Jackson. Lib. Art LAWSON, Kay. Holly Springs. Bus LAZARUS, Leo. Jackson. Bus . 211 LEDBETTER, Lisa. Henderson. TN, Educ . M LEE, Sheri. Hattisburg. Lib. Art LEHNER, Mark Pickens. Lib Art LEPESKA, Ellen, Collierville, Lib Art LEWIS, Sarah, Baton Rouge. LA, Lib. Art LEWIS, Hank Baton Rouge, LA. Lib. Art LIBERTO, Lisa, Germantown. Bus . +M LILES, Mary. University. Lib Art LIPSEY, Laura. Nesbit. Educ LIVINGSTON, Gina. Carthage, Bus KA LIVINGSTON, Mimi, Booneville, Accy. LLOYD, Jeffrey. Lib Art. K2 LODEN, Julian, Fulton, Lib Art LOLNSBURY, Jenna. Houston, TX. Bus.. AOH LOVE, Charlotte, Arcola, Lib. Art LOVORN, Douglas, Louisville, Bus LOWTHER, John Madisonville. KY, lib. Art. K+ LUCAS, Cheryl. Biloxi. Accy. LUCAS, Linda. Crystal City. MO, Educ LUM, Linda. Pace, Eng. LUSCO, Samuel, Vicksburg. Accy.. KS LUTHER, Rusty Crenshaw, Actv. MA ' AYA, ElLW, Ocean Springs. Lib Art MACEY, Michael, Longview. TX. Bus MAGEE, Mary Premiss. Lib Art. KA MAGEE, Richard, Jackson, Bus MAISEL, Adma, Dallas, TX, Educ . KKP MALNER, Melanie, CTinton, Lib Art MARGOL1S, Alicia, Edwards, Lib Art MARTIN, Amy. Pelahatchie. Educ MARTIN, Manna. Oxford Educ MARTIN, Sunny Hattiesburg, Educ. MASON, Harvey. New Albany. Lib Art. IX MASON, Sonya, Sardis, Lib Art. AOII MATTOX, Lisa, Rienzi. Lib Art MAYFIELD, Anna. Kountze TX, Lib Art. MCALPIN, Brodie, Corinth, Lib Art MCATEE, Bart. Senath, MO, Educ . BSII MCCASKILL, Jeffrey. Memphis. Bus MCCRACKEN, Alan, Leland. Bus. Classes 361 JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIOR MCCRAW, Patrick, Jackson, Accy., S E MCCOLLUM, Courtney, Jackson, Accy., AF MCDANIEL, Lena. Vicksburg, Lib. Art. KA MCDONALD, Sharon, Baldwyn, Lib. Art MCELHENNEY, James, Union, Lib. Art MCGAUCH, Lea, Greenville, Bus., M MCGREGER, Janice. Pittsboro, Educ. MCGUIRE, Margaret, Oxford, Lib. Art MCKEE, Christopher, Dallas, TX, Accy., KT MCKINLEY, Laura, Oxford, Accy. MCKINNEY, Rhonda, Booneville, Educ. MCKINNIE, Thomas, Henderson, TN, Lib. Art, 2 MCCLARTY, Janet, Byhalia, Educ. MCLAUGHLIN, Maria, Odessa, FL, Lib. Art MCLEOD, Billy, Columbus. Bus., UHII MCMILLAN, Molly, Batesville. Educ. MCRAE, Richard, Dekalb. Bus.. ATI! MCSWAIN, Michael, Birmingham, AL, Lib. Art. A+ MEADOR, Carrie, Clinton, Bus. MELTON, Riley, Oxford, Eng. MIDDLETON Debra, Pearl, Bus. MIDGETT, Jeanice, Hermitage, TN, Lib. An. KA MIKELL, Ray, Kosciusko, Lib. Art MILLER, Don, Vicksburg, Bus., +K MILLER, Lesley, Monroe, LA, Educ., M MIRZAKUCHAKI, Sattar, Tupelo, Eng. MISSKELLEY, Jennifer, N Carrollton, Educ. MITCHELL, Martha, Sherman, Bus. MITCHELL, Mellody, Ellisville, Accy. MIZE, Janet, Paris, Lib. Art MIZE, Lynn, Oxford, Bus. MOELLENHOFF, Meg, Columbus, Eng. MOG, Michael, Marietta, GA, Bus., IIKA MOORMAN, (Catherine, Winona, Bus. MONAGHAN, Molly, Jackson, Lib. Art MOORE, Delisa, Booneville, Accy. MOORE, Dorothy, McComb, Lib. Art, KAO MOORE, Mary. Corinth, Educ., AF MOORE, Mary, Memphis, Accy., AAA MOORE, Melissa, Houston, Lib. Art MOORE, Rebecca, Calhoun City, Educ. MOORE, Shelley, Dallas, TX, Educ., KKF MORGAN, Clarence. Kosciusko, Lib. Art, Bell MORGAN, Michael, Jackson, Accy., ATS! MULLIS, Audrey, Birmingham, Educ., KKF MUNN, Janna, Mendenhall, Lib. Art, X!l MURPHY, Theresa, Biloxi, Bus. MUSSELWHITE, Darren, Southaven, Bus. MYERS, Christopher, Jackson, Bus., AH MYERS, Laurie, Calhoun City, Educ. NACE, Shirley, Germantown, Bus. NELSON, Ala ' n. Crystal Springs, Pharm. NELSON, Paul, University, Lib. Art NESMITH, Christopher, Wesson, Lib. Art NEVILLE, Lynn, Jackson, Bus., XI! NEWMAN, Don, Jackson, Lib. Art, X NEWTON, William, Greenville, Eng., A6 NICHOLS, Kerry, Union, lib. Art NIFFENEGFER, Regal, Chesterfield, MO, Bus., KA8 NGOI, Seng, University, Bus. NGUYEN, Tu, Oxford, Eng NGUYEN, Tuan, Oxford, Eng. NOBLIN, Julie, Jackson, Lib. Art, AF NORTON, Michael, New Orleans, Eng., Bell OAKES, Allison, Brandon, Lib. Art, KAB O ' CONNOR, Stephen, Herrin, 1L, Eng., 211 OGLETREE, Beth, Macon, Bus., Xil O ' LEARY, Crystal, Decatur, AL, Lib. Art OLITA, Sandra, Olive Branch, Lib. Art O ' QUIN, Susan, Ocean Springs, Lib. Art O ' QUINN, Tiffany, Pittsburg, TX, Lib. Art, AAII OUTZ, Daniel, Grenada, Lib. Art OVERBY, Kimberly, Morton, Lib. Art PADGETT, Marianne, Atlanta, Lib. Art, M PALMER, Jeffrey, Villa Ridge, 1L, Bus., A PANNELL, Pamela, Tupelo, Lib. Art PARDUE, Gary, Tishomingo, Bus. 362 Classes NIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS V rWer i .5. H Al L v PARKER. Dorothv Umversitv 1 ih Art PARKER, Kimberlv. Vardaman. Ub Arts PARRISH, ena. Slue Springs Am PATE, Umi ! i iPt ton, AL, Bus PATTERSON, Melissa. Pontotoc Ub Arts PATTON, Casandra. Oxford, Accv PATZIUS. Came. Ripley Lib Arts PEDDY, Brent. Henderson TN, Bus PEGRAM. Leigh. Tunica. Bus, AAA PERERA, Mihipagalage. University. Eng PERRY, Diana Florence Acc PETERS. Pellum. Holly Spnngs. Acc PHILLIPS, Elizabeth. Bailev. Bus PHILLIPS, |ones. Morton. Educ PHILLIPS, Brian Shreveport LA. Bus i P1ERSON, James, Baton Rouge. LA. Bus, K PIRMK, Andrew. Ocean Springs. Eng. PITCOCK, Robert. Grenada. Lib Arts PITTMAN, Jennifer, Uurel. Lab Arts KA POAG, Anne, Clinton. Pharm KAH POPE, Lvnette, Fulton. Eng. PORTER. uian. lonesboro. AR. Lib Arts Af POUNDS. Pepper, Greenx-ille. Eng. :. POWELL, Cari, Madison, Aco MM PRASAD, Subir, Oxford. Eng PRUETT. David. Memphis. Bus 1 HULLEN, Barney. Water Vallev, Lib. Arts PULLIAM. Lesia, Tontotoc, Lib Arts PUSTILNIK, Marcos, Rio De Janeiro. Eng, KT QL ' ON, ludy. Lexington, Bus RACKLEY, Alesha.Tontotoc. Pharm. RAKESTRAW, Kenny. Blue Spnngs, Acxy. RAMEY, Dana. Fulton. Accv RAMSEY, William fensacola, Fl, Bus . BBll RANDLE. Elizabeth, (ackson, Educ. RAPER, Cynthia. Osceola. AR. Educ XQ RAYVUKN. Shannon. Hattiesburg, Lib. Art RAWSON, Melissa. Meridian, Educ KA REDDING, Deborah. University. Educ REED, Jem Mississippi St. Lib Art REEVES, David. Gulfport. Lib Art REMMERS, Pamela. Germantown. Bus . . AI RHODES, Beverly. Senatobia. Educ RICE, Kern, Harper Woods. Ml. Lib Art. AAH RICHARD, Joseph. Owensboro KY Lib Art. KT RICHARDSON, Chnstopher Booneville. Lib Art RIDDELL, lohn Corinth Bus RIDGWAV, lames, Carbondale, II. Ub. Art RIDGWAY, Sarah. Laurel, Bus M RIVERS, Loretta, Union. Lib Art ROBERTSON, Kimtvrly Mattson. Educ. ROBINSON. Mickie. Saltillo Lib Art ROBINSON, William. Dallas, Lib Art. Bell RODGERS, Paula Greenwood. Lib Art RORIE, Robin. Memphis, Lib Art. M ROSAMOND, Steven. Eupora. Bus Classes 363 JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORSP ROSS, lohn, Ashland, Eng. ROSS, Lynn, Olive Branch, Educ. RUFF, Jennifer, Bartlett, TN, Educ., AAII RUSH, Tina, Pontotoc, Lib. Art RUTHERFORD, Melvem, Gemiantown, Lib Arts, BBII SAHAY, Deepak, University, Eng. SANDERS, Ann, Bloomington, IN, Lib. Arts SANDERS, Dennis, Southaven, Lib. Arts, KA SANDERS, Dennis, West, Bus. SANDAHL, Todd, Germantown, Bus, S+F. SANG, Gabriella, Rosedale. Lib. Arts SARTOR, Harriet, Oxford, Educ. SCHEPERS, Terrv. Natchez, Eng SCROGGINS, Ki ' mberly. Brandon, Bus, KKI ' SCRUGGS, Bradley, Senatobia, Accy. SEAMSTER, Charles, Plantersville. ' Bus. SELDEN, Claiborne, Memphis, Bus, Bell SEWELL, Lauren, Oxford, Lib. Arts SEXTON, Linda, Independence, Educ. SHANKLE, Christopher, Batesville, Accy. SHANMUGAM, Pushparajah, University, Eng. SHANNON, Phyllis, Enid, Bus. SHEARER, Diane, Raymond, Pharm, AAA SHERMAN, Richard, Clarksdale, Lib. Arts, Bail SHINN, Elizabeth, Decatur, AL, Lib. Arts, M SHOWS, Hilaire, Shreveport, LA, Lib. Arts, KA SHUFORD, Wynn, Franklin, TN, Lib. Arts. A6 SIM, Chee-Keat, University, Bus. SIMON, Robert, Columbia, Lib. Arts, A SMITH, David, Woodville, Educ, KA SMITH, Mia, Slidell. LA, Lib. Arts, X!i SMITH, Russell, Carrollton, Accy. SMITH, Scott, Meridian, Lib. Arts, ill SMITH, Sherry, Osyka, Educ, KA SMITH, Thomas, Thibedaux, LA, Educ, AT!! SMITHMIER, Lawrence, Oxford. Eng, A SOCKWELL, Samuel, Oxford, Bus. SOUTH, Bonnie, Tishomingo, Lib. Arts SPENCER, Leslie, Jackson, Lib. Arts SPIGHT, Jeanette, Holly Springs, Lib. Arts SPILLER, Elizabeth, Lake Charles, LA, Lib, Arts, MB STAHLMAN, Susan, Natchez, Lib. Arts, AP STALEY, Brian, Natchez, Lib. Arts, X+ STEBBINS, Frank, Jackson, Bus. STEELE, Sharon, Calhoun City, Accv, AI " STEPHENSON, Stacey. Germantown, TN, Bus, AAII STREET, Christy, Cleveland, Lib. Arts, AAA STRITZINGER, John, Howell, Ml, Lib. Arts STROBLE, Charles. Ocean Springs, Lib. Arts STANTON, Christina, Cordova. TN, Lib. Arts STROM, Trina, luka. Lib Arts SWAYZE, Alan, Jackson, Lib. Arts, SX SWAYZE, Mary Margaret, Benton, Lib. Arts, AAA SWEEDEN, Scott, Greenville, Lib. Arts SWILLEY, Leslie, Brandon, Lib. Arts SWINDOLL, Tina, Hemando, Lib. Arts SWINFORD, Kerry, Greenwood, Lib Arts TAYLOR, Clifton, " Jackson, Accv, KT TAYLOR, Collette, Hattiesburg; Bus, KA TAYLOR, Leigh, Brooksville, Bus, M THAMES, Edward, Verona, Lib. Arts THOMAS, Charles, Wynne, AR, Lib. Arts, A THOMAS, William, Fort Sheridan, II., Bus. THOMPSON, Susan, Pascagoula, Accv. TIDWELL, Cammy, Golden, Lib. Arts ' TIDWELL, James, Murfreesboro, Bus, KA TILLMAN, Jessica, Louisville, Accy, AOfl TOLLISON, Deborah, Oxford, Eng TOLSON, Carol, Lafayette, LA, Lib Arts, KKP TREAT, Kelh, Blue Springs, Educ. TREBOTICH, David, New Orleans Eng TRIPLETT, Jacqueline, Jackson. Lib. Arts, KA TULLOS, Dana, Magee, Educ. M TURNER, Scott. Clinton. Lib. Arts, ATSi TURNER, William, Philadelphia, Bus, I1K UPSHAW, Megretta. Batesville, Bus. UTTER, Kathleen. Paducah. KY. Bus. 364 Classes IKTIL ITlTlV JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS UOR1UNIORS JUNIORS VALENTINE, Vick,. EUisville, Lib Art VAN DAMME, Richard. Oxford. Lib. Art VARNELL, Sonya. Brandon. Lib Art. AKA VAUGHAN, Elizabeth, Grenada. Educ . AOH VAXTER. Barbara. Batesville. Bus VIN1NG, Robert. Metairie, LA, Bus , KA VOGLE, Victoria. Saucier. Lib. Art VOIGT, Dvanna. Memphis, Bus., AAI1 WADSWdRTH, Jana, Clinton. Lib. Art. AT WAGSTER, Emily, Jackson, Lib Art WAIDELICH, Amv. Jackson. Bus . KKT WALDEN, AUn, Perkinston. Lib Art WALKER. Martha, Schlater, Educ . KKT WALLACE, Lance. Olive Branch. Bus WALLACE, Sarah, Gideon, MO, Lib. Art. KA WALLER. Thomas, Oxford, Eng., K+ WALSH, Amy. Madisonville, KY, Educ.. KA6 WARD. Michael, Horn Lake, Bus. WALSTON, George, Meridian, Bus WALTERS, Tina, Jackson, Lib. Art, KKT WARDLAW, Mark, Oxford, Educ. WARREN, Elizabeth. Greenwood, Educ., XO WARREN, Jerre, South Fulton, TN, Bus.. A WASHINGTON, Tracy, Yazoo City. Educ . KKT WATK1NS, Michelle, Ridgeland, Lib. Art. KKF WATSON, Robert Rolling Fork. Lib. Art WAYNE, Cynthia, Counce, TN, Lib. Art WEBER, Lisa, New Albany, Lib. Art WEBB, Shelley. Germantown. TN. Lib. Art WELCH, Nina Oxford, Educ WEST, Sabnna, New Albany, Lib. Art, AMI WESTLING, William, Milton. FL. Eng WHITE, Alice. Oxford. Educ. WHITE, Anna Crystal Springs. Lib Art WHITE, Barry, Tampa, FL. Lib. Art. ATO WHITE, Melissa. Clinton. Pharm., M WHITE, William. McComb. Bus. WHTTEHEAD, Karen, England. AR, Lib. Art. +M WHITEHEAD, Mamie. Columbia, Educ., Xfl WHITEHEAD, Phillip. Tishomingo, Lib. Art WHITKOPF, Jennifer. Dyersburt TN. Educ. WHITIEY, Richard. Covmgton. TN. Bus KT WHITTLE, Ellen, Newton, Lib. Art, M WIGINGTON, Michael. Oarksdale, Bus WILBANKS, Nancv Ripley. Bus. WILKINSON, Thomas. Oxford. Bus. WILLIAMS, Alice, Memphis. Lib. Art. AAH WILLIAMS, Curtis. Jackson. Lib. Art WILLIAMS, Dexter. Tougaloo, Lib. Art WILLIAMS, Douglas. Pontotoc. Lib. Art WILLIAMS, Earnest. Oxford. Lib. Art, SX WILLIAMS, Michael, Hemando. Accy WILLIAMS, Patsy. Jackson, Lib Art. ' HB WILLIAMS, Pat. Montgomery, AL, Bus. WILLIAMS, Robin. Laurel, Lib. Art WILLIAMS, Todd. Olive Branch, Eng. WILLINGHAM, ]oe, Oxford, Lib Art WILSON, Laura. Southaven. Lib Art WILSON, Uurinda. Germantown, TN. Lib Art WINCHESTER, Carla. Bartlett TN, Lib. Art WITT, Martha New Albany, Educ ST WOOD, Launn, Byhalia. Educ. WOODS, Joseph, Ackerman, Eng. WOODS, Randly, Southaven, Lib Art, BS WORSHAM, Jem. Greensburg, LA. Educ WRIGHT, Laura, Tupelo, Lib. Art WRIGHT, Randall Senatobia Accv WYATT, Elizabeth, Cleveland, Lib Art. AAA YAGER, Ann. Madison. Lib. Art. AAII Y ARBROL ' GH, James. Atlanta. GA, Bus . KS YARBOROUGH, Lisa, Mandeville, LA. Bus KA6 YATES, Janet, Rienzi Pharm 1ERGER, Kathryn. Jackson, Educ , Xi! YIELDING, Johnny Tremont Acc YOUNG, Clinton Tupelo. Bus YOL ' NG, Jonathan, Columbus. Lib. Art YOUNG. Michelle. Houston. TV, Educ Classes 365 SEN(ORS SEN(ORSSEN(ORS SEN(ORSSENIOR$NI Herrod works hard for the Rebels I Ole Miss linebacker Jeff Herrod helps the Rebels defense tremen- dously by a simple tech- nique. " I just never stop until the whistle blows, " said Herrod. " If you watch me in games you ' ll see that I just never stop. " A career in the NFL is not the first thing on Herrod ' s mind. " I don ' t really think about it. My knee could go out in practice tomorrow and that would be the end. " With All-SEC honors and a SEC Player of the Week honor tucked un- der his belt, the 6-foot- 1, 240-pound senior said his main goal was to fin- ish school and to get his degree. ACKER, Suzanne, Oxford, Educ., KA6 ADAIR, Lisa, Coldwater, Educ. ADAMS, Valerie, Cleveland, Lib.Arts, AKA AGNEW, Krista, Mullins.SC, Lib.Arts, AINSWORTH, Nicole, Brookport.IL, Lib.Arts, KA6 AKBAR, Javed, Pakistan, Eng. ALEXANDER, Lamar, Jackson, Bus., KA ALFORD, Amanda, Macomb.IL, Lib.Arts, AAII ALLDREAD, Melissa, Tupelo, Educ. ALLEN, Kevin, Corinth, Accy., X ALLEY, Marv, Starkville, Lib.Arts ALLISON, Heather, Laurel, Lib.Arts ALVAREZ, Jeanne, Metairie.LA, Lib.Arts, IIB ANDERSON, James, Holly Springs, Eng. ANDERSON, Julie, Covington,LA, Lib.Arts ANDERSON, Laura, Murfreesboro.TN, Bus., AAA ANDERSON, Scott, Lake Forest.IL, Eng. ASHLEY, Clint, Hazlehurst, Lib.Arts ASHLEY, Donna, Brandon, Lib.Arts, M ARCE, Jill, Chicago,IL, Lib.Arts, AOH ARTHUR, Donald, Corinth, Bus. BAKER, Charlie, Courtland, Bus. BAECHLE, Sheri, Wheaton.IL, KA6 BAGGETT, Tracy, Water Valley, Accy. BAILEY, James, Greenville, Lib.Arts BAILEY, William, Grenada, Lib.Arts BALLARD, Talmadge, Oxford, Bus. BARNES, Christopher, Glen, Bus. BARNES, Paul, Natchez, Lib.Arts BARNETT, Paula, Baldwin, Lib.Arts BARR, Teresa, Oxford, Bus. BARRETT, Renee, Rienzi, Lib.Arts BARRETT, Katherine, Orlando.FL, Lib.Arts BARRETT, John, Mendenhall, Lib.Arts, KT BARRICK, Aaron, Charlotte.NC, Bus. BATSON, Mickey, Duncan.SC, Eng BATTAILE, Andrew, Belden, Bus BAUCUM, Amanda, Oxford, Bus., AAF1 BEARD, James, Hickory Flat, Bus., BS BEARD, Ricky, Boonville, Bus. BEATTY, Marissa, Columbus, Lib.Arts, AOH BELILES, Dawn, Nashville.TN, Bus., AT BENJAMIN, Krissy, Oxford, Accy. BENNETT, Catherine, Germantown.TN Bus AP BENNETT, Scott, Tunica, Educ., SN BENTON, Louis, St.Louis.MO, Lib.Arts, ATO BENZ, Howard, Schlater, Bus., A6 BIDDY, Brad, Grenada, Eng., ATO BIGELOW, Steve, Tupelo, Lib.Arts 366 Classes 5EN(ORS SEN(ORS SEN(ORS SEN(ORS SEN(ORS BIGGS, John. Jackson. Ub Art BIGHAM. Let. Jackson Lib Arts. A6 BLACKM.ARR. William Oxford Lib.Arts BLACKMON, Randv Osceola AR. Eng BLACKSTON, William, Oxford Lib Arts BLALOCK. Tabatha Liberty lab Arts BLEDSOE, Nanette, McCarley Bus BOGGAN, Gregory Conehatta Lib Arts BOOLOS, Tod ? Vksburc Accv KS BOOTH. Julie, Tupelo, Educ AAII BORDEN, Rhonda, Horn Lake Educ BOLRN, Amv lackson. Bus . XQ BOVVEN, Scott, Biloxi. Lib Arts BOWL1N, Amanda Shreveport.LA. Lib Arts BOZEMAN, Jeffrey. Hazlehurst, Bus., B8H BRACED, Stacev tVmbroke.KY Eng BRADFORD, Christopher ardaman Bus BRADLEY, Curhs Hickon Rat. EJuc.. K BRADSHAW, Linda Pittstoro, Educ. BRAGORGOS, lohn. Eads TN Bus . IAE BRASHER, Duane, Charleston. Aory. BRAY, Jerri-. Tascagoula. Bus . ATQ BRAY, Keith. Tascagoula. Bus . ATB BREAZEALE, Kayanaugh.Port Gibson. Lib.Arts, IIKA BREWER. Sheila New Albany, Bus BRIM, Patricia. Tupelo, Lib Arts BRITT1NGHAM, (on Memphis TN, Lib Arts BROADHEAD, Barn-. Quitman, Bus , A BROCK, Oliyer. McComb. Lib Arts BROOKS, John Oxford Educ iN BROWN, Catherine Pass Christian. Lib Arts BROWN, Mary Jane. Boonyille, Accy BR ANT, Christopher Memphis TN, Eng , X+ BUCKLEY, Henry. Cantonment.FL Lib Arts BUFORD, Donna. Glendora Lib.Arts, KAO BL ' GG, Doran, Corinth, Lib Arts. A BULLARD, Kimberly. Corinth. Educ. BUNT1N, Anne Memphis.TN, Lib.Arts. KAH BLRGE, John. Jackson, Bus IX BLRKARDT, Angela, Meridian.Lib.Arts. HB BURNS, Darid. Sardis. Law Sch. BUSBY, Mickey Oxford, Bus BUTTROSS, Thomas UniversHv. Grad. BYRD, Allison, CollK-rvilleTN. Bus , AP CAFFEY, Cheryl. Batesyille. Lib.Arts, HB CALHOUN, Dawn, Hombeak,TN, Lib.Arts CALLOWAY, Neida. Tupelo Bus CAMPBELU Douglas Jackson, Bus CARDONE. Chnstopher, Rabun Gap.GA. Lib Arts CARMICHAEL, Virginia, Brandon, Bus CARPENTER. Debbie, Jackson. Bus K.AM CATE, Collin. Imne.CA. Bus KA CARTER, Cherie. Forrest Cit -.AR, Lib.Arts. I1B+ CHAMPION, Jeffrey, Charleston, Bus.. ATO CHAMPLIN, lodi. rensacoJa.FL, Bus. CHAN, Chiaw-Shee. Kuantan Pahang, Bus CHAN, Keng Malaysia. Lib Arts CHAP A, Santiago. Alice.TX, Lib Arts CHAPMAN, James. Ripley, Eng CHIN, Tet, Uniyersity, Bus CARSON, Brian, Juki, Eng. CARTER. Tami, Pontotoc, Ac- CHEANG. Christy. Singapore. ' Bus CHILDS, Thomas, Ethel. Lib Arts. A ClAPP, Dorothy. Oxford, Bus , AAfl CLARK, James, ' Jackson, Bus +A t CLARK, Luke. Ellisville. Lib Arts, ATO CLARK, Stephan, Southaven. Lib.Arts CLEMENS, Scott. Milford.MA. Lib Arts CLEMENTS, Sarah, Tupelo. Bus . K.AS CLEVELAND, John. Fulton. Eng COLBL ' RN, Lora, Baytown.TX. Accy. COLE, Christy. ParislTN Lib Arts, AP COLE, Lisa Abbeyille. Educ . I1B COLEMAN, Bruce. Jackson. Lib Arts COLEMAN, Edwin. Ackerman, Bus X+ COLLIER, Christina, Memphis.TN, Bus . AAI1 Classes 367 SEN(ORS SEN(ORS SEN(ORS SEN(ORS SEN(OfUNI COLLIER, Jack, Olive Branch, Bus. COOK, Thomas, Oxford, Bus. COOKE, Karen, Lexa, AR, Educ. COON, David, Santa Rosa.Fl, Lib. Arts COON, Russell, Santa Rosa.FL, Lib.Arts COOPER, Glen, Oxford, Lib.Arts, A COOPER, Vicki, Memphis.TN, Lib.Arts, X!i COUNTS, William, Sarasota.FL, Bus. COX, Art J..III, Columbus, Lib.Arts CRAFT, Christopher, Pascagoula, Eng. CRANFORD, Vera, Seminary, Accy. CRAVEN, Tina, Ellisville, Bus. CRAWFORD, Jon, Jackson, Bus. CROSSLEY, Merrv, Dallas.TX, Bus., MB CROWDER, Barbara, Water Valley, Educ. CROWLEY, Sheila, Maben, Lib.Arts CRUM, Patrick, University, Lib.Arts CRUMP, Pamela, Jackson, Lib.Arts DABBS, Willis, Clarksdale, Eng. DAGHMACH, Hakmath, University, Eng. DALAISON, Rubens, Oxford, Bus. DALE, Maureen, Monticello, Educ., AI " DANT, Niraj, University, Grad. DASTGIR, Rumman, Canberra, Lib.Arts DAVES, Michael, Canton, Bus. DAVIDSON, Linda, New Albany, Bus. DAVIS, Brenda, Nettleton, Lib.Arts DAVIS, David, Tampa.FL, Law Sch. DAVIS, Dee, Mendenhall, Bus., 2X DAWKINS, Ward, Sardis, Lib.Arts, d6 DAWSON, John, Gulrport, Law Sch. DAY, Jane, Blytheville,AR, Bus., AOII DEATON, Bradley, University, Pharm. DEMBOSKI, John, Louisville, ' Lib.Arts DEMLOW, Jeffrey, Antigo.WI, Educ. DESILVA, Ajit, Ratmalana,Sri-Lanka, Eng. DEWBRE, Doyle, University, Eng. DICKERSON, James, Oxford, Eng. DILLOW, Lynda, Jonesboro.IL, Accy. DODSON, Shelly, Pontotoc, Bus. DOWE, Amy, Ut ' ica, Lib.Arts DOWNEY, Mary, Yazoo City, Educ. DRAUGHTON, Elizabeth, Frankenmuth,MI,Pharm. DRUMMOND, Lisa, New Albany, Lib.Arts DUNLAP, Gary, Hernando, Eng.; S E DYE, Hampton, Jackson, Accy., N EASTER, Brooke, Charlottesville.VA.Bus., KA EATON, Mark, Baldwyn, Lib.Arts EDWARDS, Carmon, Guntown, Educ. EDWARDS, Ian, Macon.GA, Lib.Arts EDWARDS, Frank, Jackson, Bus. EDWARDS, Sarah, Big Creek, Bus. EDWARDS, William, New Albany, Lib.Arts, ZO EICHELBERGER, Sharon, Jackson, Lib.Arts, AGO ELAM, Kimberlv, Oxford, Lib.Arts ELLIOTT, Charles, Greenwood, Eng. ELLIS, John, New Albany, Bus., ATO EMERSON, William, Vic ' ksburg, Lib.Arts ENSIGN, Michael, Pelahatchie, Bus. ESTES, Christi, Clinton, Bus., AdH EUBANKS, Angela, Oakland, Pharm., AJiH EVANS, Demetria, Southaven, Educ EVANS, James, Milan.TN, Lib.Arts EVANS, Nina, Germantown.TN, Lib.Arts EVANS, Philip, Jackson, Lib.Arts EVERS, Julie, Jackson, Lib.Arts FAIR, Frederick, Oxford, Lib.Arts, KZ FANSLER, Amanda, Oxford, Lib Arts FLETCHER, Larrv, Hamilton, VA, Lib Arts FLETCHER, Mark, Hamilton.VA, Eng FLOYD, Beverly, Batesville, Bus. FOLEY, David, " New Berlin, Wl, Bus., 2 E FOUNTAIN, Cynthia, Gautier, Lib.Arts FOX, Julia, Pontotoc, Lib.Arts FRANCIS, Anna, Fulton, Educ. FRANKLIN, Rhonda, Bruce, Accy. FRIERSON, Lavorace, Oxford, Bus. 368 Classes NI(1EN(ORS SEN(ORS SEN(ORS SEN(ORS SEN(ORS FR1ZZELL, Jerry. Crystal Springs, Bus FRIZZELL, Roberta Crystal Springs.Bus.. KA FL ' NK, Tommy. Harlingen.TX. Bus GAMBLE, George Hemando, Lib.Arts. KT GARAM, Charles. West Hartford CT Lib Arts GARDNER, Alec. Corinth. Accy., A A GARDNER, Judy. Greenwood, Bus. GARDNER, Tracy. Corinth, Lib Arts GARNER, Lee, Pearl. Lib.Arts GARRECHT, Belhanv. Atlanta.GA.Bus., X!! GARRETT, Phillip, Baldwin. Lib.Arts GAL ' DET, Cathenne. Natchez, Lib-Arts GENTRY, Beatnce. Batesville. Lib Ar.s AKA GENTRY, Michael, Batesville, Grad , AA GENTRY, Timothy. Pontotoc. Eng. GIBSON, William Water Valley. Accy. GIFFORD, Tracev. Rienzi, Lib.Arts GILCHRIST, Kathryn. Carthage, Lib.Arts, AT GILL, John, Clinton. Grad GLIDEWELL, Sherrv. Corinth, Educ GOLDEN, Beverly. Kingsport.TN. Bus. GOFORTH, Manuel. Tupelo, Lib.Arts GOGOI, Rupak. Oxford, Grad GONGRE, David. Oxford. Eng GOODNITE, John. Batesville, Educ. GOODWIN, Ginger Jackson, Bus . AA GOOLSBY, Gloria. Oxford. Bus GORDON, Charles. Laurel. Lib.Arts GORDON, Marcia. Liberty, Bus . KA6 GORDON, Teresa Union Lib.Arts GORDON, Valene Mendian, Lib.Arts, I1B GOULD, Bret Miami Beach.FL, Law Sch. GRAHAM, Marcus, Braxton Lib Arts GRAHAM, R , Huntsville.AL Bus GRAHAM, Wanda. Abbeville, Bus. GRAY, Chrisri. Pontotoc. Educ GRAY, Fred, Decatur.AL, Eng GRAY, Mike. Corinth, Eng., Kl GREGORY, Lone, New Albany, Bus GRIFFIN, Timothv. Tupelo, Bus, GROGAN, Allison, Canton. Lib Arts, XQ GUIN, Brett. West Memphis.TN. Lib.Arts GULLETT, Stephen. Hemando, Lib.Arts. 2 E GUNS, Candy, Walnut. Bus.. AAH GUNN, Glenn, Meridian. Educ X GUNN, Gloria. Tupelo. Bus GUYTON, David. Tupelo. Bus. IX HABEEB, Albert. ViciLsburg, Lib.Arts HABIG, Douglas Woodville, Lib.Arts -U...I. Classes 369 John Biggs A. Habeeb SENIORSSEN10RSSENIORSSENIORSSEN10I Nl HAGAN, )ean. Whitehouse.TX, Lib. Arts HALL, Ginger. Ripley. Accy. HALL, Karen, Jackson, Lib. ' Arts. [Ill HALL, Lisa, New Albany. Lib. Arts HALL, Ruth, New Albany, Accv. HAMLIN, Angela, Corinth, Bus. HAMMILL, Jennifer, Poplarville, Bus., AOII HAQUE, Zakir, Biratnagar, Eng. HARBOUR, Dave, Summit, Bus, HARDIN, James, Long Beach, Educ, 4 K HARRIS, Craig. Coffeeville, Educ. HARRISON, Deborah, Courtland, Bus. HARRISON, Javme. Tupelo, Bus. HART, Cydni, Crossett.AR, Educ., M HATHCOCK, Kenneth, Smithville, Lib.Arts HAUSNER, Shannon, Glendora, Educ. HEATH, Cory, Havana.lL, Lib.Arts HELTON, Ka ' thy, Bumsville, Lib.Arts HENDERSON, ' Bryan, New Albany, Lib.Arts HENDERSON, Holly, Oxford, Lib. ' Arts, -i-iA HENDRIX, Michael Big Creek, Bus. HENNINGTON, Thomas, Summit, Lib.Art HENRY, Carol, Kosciusko, Bus., AOII HENRY, Thomas. Oxford, Bus. HENSLEY, Elizabeth, Holly Springs, Lib.Art HERMAN, Tammy, Hattiesburg, Lib.Art HERRING, Robert, Memphis.TN, Bus. HERRINGTON, James, Hattiesburg, Lib.Art HERRON, Lvnda, New Orleans, Educ. HERTLEIN, TJoris, Grenada, Bus. HESS, Kurt. N. Beach Haven.NJ, Bus. HEWITT, Susan, Natchez, Educ., M HIGHTOWER, Pamela, Houlka, Educ. HILTON, Frances, Mendenhall, Pharm. HODUM, Phillip, Walnut, Accv. HOLLAND, Anthony, Cordova.TN, Bus., ATI) HOLLEY, Angela, Ri ' enzi, Lib.Art HOLLINGSVVORTH, Leslie, Fulton, Educ. HOLMES, David, Wiggins, Eng. HOOD, Robin, Blue Springs, Lib.Art HOOD, Teresa, Senatobia, Lib.Art HOOI, Chiew, University, Bus. HOOTS, Nella, Amorv. Lib.Art HOPKINS, Angela, Fulton, Lib Art HOPKINS, Ashley, Gulfport. Bus AAA HOPKINS, Scottie, Tupelo. Eng. HOPPER, Richard, Hernando, Bus , 2AE HORTON, Holly, Oxford, Lib.Art, KA6 HOWARD, Dawn, Lucedale, Lib.Art HOWARD, Denise, Columbus, Lib.Art, AKA HUBBARD, Phyllis, Oxford, Educ. HUMPHREYS, Barbara, Senatobia Bus Z B HUNT, Darren. Ackerman, Lib. Art HUNT, Jeffrey, Senatobia, Educ. HURT, Linda, Sardis, Lib.Art, Z B HUSSAIN, Masood, Pakistan, Eng. HUTSON, Angela, Brandon, Lib.Art INGRAHAM, Carol, Jackson, Lib.Art, M INTHARAJAH, Kanendran, University, Eng IVERSON, Gary, University, Bus IVERSON, Mary-, University, Bus JACKSON, Mynck, Senatobia, Law Sch. JACOB, Cassandra, Clarksdale, Lib.Art JARRETT, Sylvia, Bruce, Bus., AOII JAVORSKY, Sue, Biloxi, Lib.Art JEFCOAT, Gigi. Cleveland, Lib.Art, X!! JENNINGS, Tara, Batesville, Lib.Art, IIB JETER, Ronald, New Albany, Lib.Art JOE, Glenn, Greenwood, Bus. JOHNSON, Brian. Water Valley, Accy. OHNSON, Kenneth, Winona Bus K2 OHNSTON, Kenneth, Bay St. Louis, Bus , K2 ONES, Bonnie, Doddsville, Accy ONES, Gerald, Plano.TX, Bus , S E ONES, Laura, Munster.IN, Bus. JONES, William, Randolph, Lib.Art JOWELL, Kelly, Arlington.TX, Lib.Art, KK1 ' 370 Classes 1 I Picture Pic Not Available ' ; NIOEN10RS ' SENIORSSENIORSSENIORS ' SENIORS Hotty Toddy Gosh Almighty Who in the Hell are we? Hey, flim flam bim bam Ole Miss, by damn! " Hotty Toddy " not the image of Ole Miss No more " Hotty Tod- dy " T-shirts are sold in the Ole Miss Union bookstore or the Rebel Shop. The reason for this ac- tion stemmed from com- plaints that these items " did not represent the image of the Universi- ty, " said Doyle Russell, Vice Chancellor for Ad- ministrative Affairs. It is unknown whether the complaints came from students or alumni. The decision to re- move these items is not negative but a positive way to enhance the im- age of the University. Other Ole Miss logos are still available in the Union bookstore and Rebel Shop. KAVELMAN, kathy Simpson. II . Bus . K AH KEARNEY, Mary 1 u Jackson, Bus AAII KEENUM, Dorothy. Bel mi. Lib Art KEEVERS, Amv New Orleans.l A. Lib Art. AAII KELLEY, William University. Eng KELLY, Charles Carriere. IJh.Art KELSEY, Km, Gulfport. Lib Art. K KENNEDY, - tins. Nettlelon. Bus KENNEY, Stephanie. lackson. Lib Art. M KEYS, Audrey. Tupelo. Lih Art KIDD, am Pontotoc. Bus KLOHA, Tarn Holly Springs. Lib Art Al ' KLOTZ, Coviha Mobile. Al Bus . AAA KLOTZ. Saraya Bald Knob.AR 1 ib Art KNIGHT, Michael Oxford. Bus KNOCHEL, KimN-rly )acks in. Lib Art KO, Margaret, Singapore, Lib. Art KO, Yet. ' , Singapore. Bus. KUNKLER. Knsten. Oxf.wd. I ib.Arl KWANG, Ho k Singapore Eng. LADNIER. Walter Biloxi Lib Art LAFFERTY, Austin, While LVer.TX. Bus.. iX LAMPLEY, Danny. AMwillo. Law Sch LASETER, leftrey ElllsyiHe Lib Art. SX LAWHON, I eshe Tmvlo. Ldm LEE, Chinj;, Penang. Eng. LEE, Daniel. Hattiesburg. Bus. LEE, Mirharl. New Hebron, Aay LEE, Mitchell, New Hebron. Bus LEECH, Jeannie. Tupelo. Lib Art LEEPER. Daphl n. Souttuvm. Kng. LEONG, Kok. Singapore. L 7 n s LEWIS, Dann. Bav st ] ouis 1 ib.Art LEWIS, M r.l lore !. Edur LEWIS, Su ,- Orlean- I liduc., AAII LEYDON, Robert Burke VA Bus LIEW, Chea. Malaysia V. LIM, Lum, Malaysia. Eng. LINDSEY, David, Danvflle.AL. Lib Art III x:on-laong. L ' n. . LOVELESS, Charles Boonevilk.. Bus LUCAS, a- Sewlon 1 ib .Art. IN 1 LCK, Milissj Ocean Springs. Lib Art. lilt LL ' DLOW, I MonlgomervJX. Edur.. ATS! LUSHER. Susan Col ' dwjler Lib.Art LYTAL, Cviilhia Myrtle MAGEE, Daniel Magiv. Bus. MAGEE, Esther. Oxford. Bus MAGRUDER, l-rrrland. Ukson Bu- -I ' Art Classes 371 SENIORSSENIORSSENIORS ' SENIORSSENIOR MAIIORV, Saiah Chiton II.. l.iKArt MANN, Terry. Amory l.iKArt MAPLES, Sandra, Water Valley, l : ciuc MARBLE, Eric. University. l.ib ' .Art, KA MARTIN, Charlotte, 5t.lxniis.MO, Law Ctr MARTIN, Mitchell. IVljhalchie, Eng. MASSEY, Jonathan, VarJaman. I.ih.Art MASSIE, Pamela, Como, l.ib.Art MASTERSON, Robert, Vicksburg. l.ib.Art, MATHIS, Barbara. Oxford. Educ. MATHIS, Mark Oxford, l-ng MATK1NS, Ricky. Tupelo. l.ib.Art. A f MATTHEWS, lames. Bailey, l.ib.Art MATTINA, Rodnev, Biloxi " , Aery. MATTINA, Rose Ann. Biloxi Accy. MAXCY. karen. Tupelo, Bus. MAY, Eli abeth, Jackson, Educ. AAA MAY, lohn. Mendenhall, Bus. MCCAIN, Cynthia. Batesville. Lib. Art MCCAIN, David. Bolton. Bus AT!! MCCARTT, Scott. Oxford. Eng MCCLAIN, Kathy. Blue Springs. Edue. MCCLURE, Roberta. Sardis. Aay. MCCOOL, li-iinifer, Wayn on MCCREAVE, Raymond, Grenada, l.ib.Art MCDAN1EL, lohn, Jackson. l.ib.Art MCDAN1EL, Lori, Biilivar.TN. Educ., KAH MCDONALD, Kenneth, Riplcv lidm. MCELWAIN, Gloria, Grenada. Aav. MCEWEN, Brodie. Universitv. l.ib.Art MCGEE, I-li7,ibi ' th. Grenada! Bus. MCGEHEE, lenniter, Natche . Accy.. KA MCGLOWAN, )amcs. Oxford. l.ib.Arl, MC1NTOSH, Gregory. Et.l audcrdalc-.l -I., l.ib.Art MCK1NNEY, Robert, Boonville, l.ib.Art MCKINSTRY, Jeffrey. Atlanta. GA. Bus MCLAIN, Melissa. Oxford, I.ih.Art. AF MEEKS, Shelia, l.eland, l.ib.Art, AilH MEDINA, I.IVICT 1 ima Peru, l.ib.Art MEHROTRA, Aniit. Oxford, Eng. MERRELL, John Brandon, Bus., i ' X MELICHAR, Charles, lores!. Bus., t ' KT MILLENDER, Eli abeth, Oxford, MILLER, Charles, Smithville, Bus MILLER, lane, Jackson, Bus. MILLER, Ralph, Scobev, Bus. MILLER, Ronnie. Hemando, Bus , A A MILLER, Stephanie, Blylheville.AR, lidu MIMS, Robert, lackson. Accv . I ' AO 372 Classes Hiinip OviTtun lohn I MlfcENIORS ' SENIORS ' SENlORS-SENIORS-SENlORS MINOR, kimherlv Waterford I dm MOOKKRJFE, Borendra. INDIA MOORE, Man, lackson EC- Mill IKEV Gena. Dewm AR, Ub Art. IIB+ MORGAN. Bam Florence. Bus MORPHIS, Uuralec Madison Bus MORRISON, Ardnh . Houston T lib An KW MOSELEY, Shelia. New Albany. Bus MOL ' NCE. Martha. Pontotoc. Lib.Art MOL ' RIN, |err Penang Erie MO ER, IVan Brentwood.TN lib Art IN ML 1 KEY, lohn. I-aunH, Bus ill MURRAY. I aura, Clinton, Accv . KKI ' N AMOR ATO, karen, Oxford, Educ. NA 1ITF, Christie, Camvel.CA, Educ NEAU Stuart Palatine.!!.. Lib Art. K+ NET , Cheryn l xington Lib. Art. KKI NEWMAN. Richard, Jackson Bus i NG, Yan-Tho University. Bus NICHOLAS, Hurston, Oxford Bus NICHOLAS, Tammy. Meridian. Ub Art MC HOLS, Phclan Olive Branch. Bus O BRIAN, Carla West Point. Lib Art. M ODEN, Charles Oxford Bus O ' NEAL. Jennifer. Sledge, UK Art. AOII OVERTON, Hamp l,oorms,CA, Bus . Brtll OVVf N. K Meridian Bus PACE, lennifier. Oxford, Lib An PALMERTREE, Delese Pontot.v. Educ PARKER, leffrev. Vardaman Ub Art PARKER. Stary Glen Ellyn II bL ' S , MB PARKS, IVnms Yaroo City Bus PARKS, Melissa Ya?ixi Cit ' v. Bus PARIS, Rachel Indianola. Bus XI! PATRICK, Robert. 1UKA. Ub Art PATTESON, Alice. Memt i5..T lib Art. M PAINt : lackson. Ub.Art KA PEARSON. !effre . Greenville. Bus , KA PEARSON, Robert. Kosciusko. Ub Art PEGUES, I eonard, Batesville lib Art. A+A PERRY, Robert. Winona, Ub.Art PERSON, Matthew New Orleans.lA, Acc PETERSON, ano Ub Art PETT . Wade. PearsallTX. Ub.Art PHILLIPS, Deborah Jackson. Bus . M PHIl 1 IPS. Pern Hattiesburg lUn IN PICKERING, Allison. Laurel. Lib. Art. XU PIERCE. Traiev Sardis. Educ PI L VK . M :, hele. Pontoloc. Bus POLK. Tim Algoma, Bus PORTER, Pain Okolona. Educ POYSTER, Hame Rinlev T Bus AOII PRICE, Ray. Eorest Ub An PRIDE. Willie, Batesville. Edu. PR1VCE. Martha, Shreveport.LA. Lib An K PRL ' ETT. Poppy Pittsburgh PA 1 ib Art. AAI1 QUIROS. Vlauricio. University hng RACLAND, Rita, Franklin T tdu.- AOII RAINES. Paniel Ijone Beach I ib.Art RAMOS, IVbra. Vancleve Lib Art RAMZAN ALL Mohamed L ' mversity. Bus RASCO. Canl. Dewitt ,AR, Educ KKI RATL1FF, Sharon lackson Lib Art KA REED, Tammy Noxapater Educ REID, Robin featesvilte. 1 ib Art KKI RICHARDSON, Barbara Magnolia 1 ib Art. AKA RICHARDSON, Jonathan, Louisville. Lib Art. Ki ROBBINS, lohn, Tupelo. Eng ROBERTS, Marv lackson. Eng ROBERTSON, Andrew Grenada, Bus IX ROBERTSON. Blake Boomille. I ib Art IIKA ROGERS, loe Raleigh. Bus ROGERS, Stephanie Raleigh. Uw ROGERS, Robbie. Kossulh. Acc ROWELL, R.indall Kxkomo. Eng Ml! ROY, Nil-hole Mansura.l.A RUBENSTFIN, David Cleveland Bus Classes 373 SEN10RS-SENIORSSENIORSSENIORS-SEN(OR! RUCKER, Robert. Vaiden. Lib. An RUSHING, Betsy, Mantachie, Bus. RUSHING, David, Oxford, l.ib.Arts SABA, William, Sarasota.FL, Ijw Sch. SANDEFUR, Missie, Greenville, l.ib.Art, AAA SANDERS, Alicia, Kosciusko, l.ib.Art SANG, Alan, Rosedale, Eng. SARTAIN, Jeffrey, Dennis, Accy. SCHWARTZ, Ronald, Shreveport.l.A. Bus SCOTT, Brenda, Nexv Albany, Bus. SCOTT, Cynthia, Houston,! , Accv. SCOTT, Rebecca, Hernando, l.ih.Art SEASE, Denise, Greenville, Eng , ADM SEE, Hoong, Malaysia, Bus. SEKTHIRA, Wallika. Thaland, Bus. SELVA, Mi-ry, Apo.NY, Accy. SELVAKUMAR, Sivasubraman, University, Bus SHADBURN, Wesley, Corinth, Bus SHAHIN, Emad, Oxford, Eng. SHANKS, Jacquelyn. Jackson, Bus., M SHANNON, James, Corinth. l.ib.Arts SHARP, Richard, Southaven, Educ. SHARPLIN, Micheal, Moselle, l.ib.Art SHELTON, Anthony, Richardson.TX, Eng. SHELTON, Nam, Ocean Springs, Eng. SHILLING, Angela. Shreveport.LA, Law Ctr SHIPMAN, Angela, Corinth, Accy. SHOOK, Susan, Birmingham.AL. ' l.ib Art, KA SH, David, Malasia, Eng. SIKES, Sigrid, Oxford, Educ , AAA SILLS, Jon, Madison, l.ib.Art SIMMS, Susan, Oxford, Eng. SIMS, Kimberly, Trinity, AL, Lib Art SIMS, Kevin, Jackson, Bus., i)ll SIMS, Ronnie. Memphis.TN, Bus. SIMS, Tammy, Houlka, l.ib.Art SIT, Francis, Vicksburg, l.ib.Art SLOVER, Russell, Natchez, Lib.Art SMITH, Bvran, Corinth, Accy. SMITH, Elizabeth, Water Valley, l.ib.Art SMITH, Matthew, Columbus, Educ. SMITH, Melinda, Blue Mountain, Lib.Art SMITH, l.ynann, Poplarville, Bus., AAI1 SMITH, Timothy. Hattiesburg, Bus. SMITH, Timothv, Southaven, Lib.Art SOEHN, Elwood, Catlinburg.TN, Bus. SOO, Kvvong, University, Eng. SPRATLIN, Arthur. Bruce, Accy.. KA STARNES, Timothy, Jacksonviile.FL. Accy.. -N 374 Classes NIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSEN(ORS STEELE, David. Hattiesburg Eng STEELE, Susan Calhoun Citv Bus _il " STEINWTNDER, Sheila. Greenwood. Educ STEVENS. Mary Birmingham, Al. Lib Art STEVERSON, William. Riplev Lib Art STEWART, Carolyn. Holly Springs Educ STEWART St. ., McComb, Bus STITT, Dina. Vicksburg, Educ STITT, John tazoo Citv, Lib Art, A8 STRICKLAND, Todd, Memphis.TN. Accy. STOCKTON, Claire New Orleans.LA. Educ AOI1 ST MARY, Todd. Vicksburg, Li: STROTHER, Mary Pascagoula. Ub.An. KA8 STRUSS. William. ' Culfport. Lib Art SUBRAMANIAM, Chandran, Barucaves. Eng. SULLIVAN, Susan. Zachary.UA Bi SUMMERS, Kay, Olive Branch, Accv SVEHLAK, Christopher. Picayune, Lib Art. X TAN, Chow-Khong, U ' mversity Eng. TAN, Mee, University. Bus TAN, Moh Ljang, Malaysia, Lib. Art TAN, Teck. University, Bus. TATE, Crystal, Ecru. Lib. Art TATUM, Sonnie. Riplev. Lib Art TAILOR, Bettina. University. Bus TAVLOR, Susan. Belmont. Educ TERWILLIGER, Susan. W Memphis.TN. Lib Art. M TEXADA, A C1 Alexandria.LA. Bus THARP, Beverly. Tupelo. Educ THOMAS, Byra ' n, Pace,FL, Lib An. 1 E THOMAS, Cynthia, Greenville. Educ . Al - THOMAS, Rosie, Winona, Bus., 139 THOMPSON, Steven. Water Valley, Educ THORN, Lisa, Dennis, Lib Art TISON, Anmarie, HarrisburgJL, Ub.Ait TRAYLOR, lames, Qarksdale. Bus . ATS! TRAYLOR, Terrv, Oxford. A cv TRIPLETT, Suzan, lackson. Bus. TROTT, lohn. Oxford. Ljb.Art TROUT, Robert. Philadelphia. Bus III TRUE. Robert, Oxford. Bus. TUBBS, Doyle, Sumner. Lib.Art TUCKER, Brvan. lazoo City. Eng TURNER. Kevin. Leakesvilfe. Lib Art TURNER, Martha. Belzom. Educ.. Al ' TURNER, Pamela. Southaven. Educ. TURNER, Susan Memphis.TN. Bus AAI1 TURNER. Rosanne. Belzoni. Lib Art XQ TUTOR, Mike. Pontotoc, Law Sch. T ' UER, Mm Tupelo, Accy. UHLS, Daniel, Franklin.KY; Lib Art UPSHAW, Mehnda, Batesville. Acc UTLEY, Brenda, French Camp, Lib.Art VANDIVER, Tammv. Corinth, Bus VAN 2ANDT, Elizabeth, Jackson, Bus. VEAZEY, Vance. Senatobia. Educ VILLAGER, Tiffany. astnille.TN Lib Art, AT WALKER, Beverly Brandon. Bus . M WALKER. Hugh. ' Falkner. Bus WALKER, Sarah, Tulwiler. B. WALTERS. Jerry. Olive Branch Bus WALTON, Virginia. Memphis.TN. Educ.. +M WANG, Zhaobo. China. Grad WARNER, Genlynn. Oxford. Lib An WARREN, Barbara. Tupelo. Educ WARREN, Brenda. Jackson, Lib Art WARREN, Edith. Jackson, Lib.Art WARREN, Jennie. Clifton.TN, Educ. WARREN, Terre, Connth Educ , AA-i WARREN, T rone Natchez Bus WATFORD, Lisa. Pensacola.FL. Pharm. WEEDEN, Michael, Blue Spnnes. Lib.Art WEEKS, Charles, University, Enc WEEKS. Lisa. Corinth. Lib WEIR, Kenneth. Grenada, Eng WESLEY, Robert. Poplarville. Lib Art, 11 WHEELER, Clifford. Woodville Lib.Art Classes 375 SEN(ORS SEN(ORSSEN(ORS SEN(ORS SEN(OR! WHEELER, Debra, luka, Educ. WHITE, Charlotte, Jackson, Lib.Art, XI! WHITE, Kimberly, Oxford. Bus., KA WHITE, Mary, Atlanta.GA, I.ib.Art, +M WHITENER, Tonya, Hayti.MO, I.ib.Art, X!l WHITFIELD, Sarah, Corinth, Bus. WHITT, Samuel, Fairhope.AL, Bus. WITT, Todd, Belmont, Educ. WHITT, Virginia, Europa, Bus., AF WHITTINGTON, Craig, Natchez, I.ib.Art, HUM WICHMAN, Neville, Ha lehurst, I.ib.Art WILDER, |eana, Columbus, Educ., XS! WILKES, Jennifer, Nashville.TN, Educ. WILKINSON, Kathy, Crowder, Lib.Art WILLIAMS, Jeffrey, University, Eng. WILLIAMS, Paige, Tupelo, I.ib.Art, XI! WILLIAMS, Susan, Corinth, Educ. WILLIAMS, Todd, Columbus, I.ib.Art WILLIAMSON, Karen, Paducah.KY, Accy., AOII WILLIS, Turner, Ecru, Ub.Art WILSON, Stephen, Columbus, Lib.Art WINDHAM, Jeffrey, N.Aurora.iL, Bus. WISE, Geritta, Booneville, Lib.Art WISE, Robert, New Albany, Eng. WOERNER, James, Oxford, Bus. WONG, Kuo, Singapore, Eng. WOO, Sook, Malaysia, Bus. WOOTEN, Mary, Arcola, Lib.Art WOOTEN, Bill, Jackson, I.ib.Art, WOODWARD, Allison, Germantown.TN, Lib.Art WOODWARD, (Catherine, Gerrnantown.TN, Lib.Art WRIGHT, Amelia, Tupelo, Accy., AAI1 WRIGHT, Amv, Pittsboro, Lib.Art WRIGHT, Michael, Pittsboro. I.ib.Art, K YAP, Kim, Malaysia, Eng. YARBER, Sandy, Corinth, Educ. YARBROUGH, Jill, Bowling Green,KY, Lib.Art, KA YOSTE, Geoffrey. Starkville, Bus., 2X YOUNG, Daphne, Cleveland, Lib.Art YOUNG, Russell, Holly Springs, Lib.Art ZINN, Ricky, Bruce, Bus. 376 -- Classes A. Habe4 1ENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS |ohn Biggs Classes 377 GRADUATES GRADUATES GRADUATES GRADUATE fire. Units from Grenada, Yalobusha, Union, Car- roll and Tallahatchie counties and two from Bruce were called in to help with this catastro- phe. Wildfires in Lafayette County November 5, 1987 was the day six wildfires broke out in Lafayette County and destroyed an estimated amount of 1,000 acres of county woodlands. The wind caused one ofthe six fires (Thacker Heights) to be uncon- trollable after the other five had been contained. Seven Lafayette County fire departments went to county fires and two Oxford fire depart- ment units reported to the Thacker Heights ALIM, Naveed. Pakistan ABLORDEPPEY, Seth, Ghana ALLEN, Charles, Oxford ALQUTRI, Samir, Yemen ARRECHEA, Katherine, Oxford ASHLEY, Jon, Bonita, CA AW YOUNG, Wee Lam, Malaysia BAILEY, Laura, Vicksburg BAIN, Rebecca, Glen BALDWIN, Michael, Oxford BARNARD, Paul, University BATHAEE, Alireza, Iran BEHRENDT, Lisa, Birmingham, AL BEISER, Michael, Florence, KY BHAMA, Sridharan, University BRAGA, Alberto, Jaragu, Brazil BROCK, Glenda, Memphis BRpWN, Michael, Henderson BROWN, Patrick, Stewart BRYSON, David, KT BULLEN, Ann, Brownsville, TN BURCHFIELD, Charles, Piedmont. AL BURFORD, Donna, Oxford CABRAL, Jose, Brazil CAI, Hui, San Francisco, CA CAPBELL, Connie, Defuniak Spring, FL CHALLANI, Sunita, Karnataka CHANDRASHEKARAN, Rajesh, India CHANG, Li Ly, Taiwan CHANG, Shuh-Hwa, Rep. of China CHATTERJEE, Amitava, India CHEN, Jong-Tim, Taiwan CHEN, Minhwa, University CHEN, Wen, Taiwan CHEN, Xin-Hua, China CHENG, Kwai, University CHEW, Cheng, Kuala Lumpur CHITNIS, Ashish, India CHOI, Dong, University CHOI, Yongjoon. Oxford CLARK, Bobby, University COCKRILL, Thad, Marion, AR COY, Stephen, Paraeould, AR CRAWFORD, Emily, Flora CUNNINGHAM, Lisa, Hattiesburg CUNNINGHAM, Stephanie, Brentwood, TN DAS, Amitav, India DAS, Bhaskar, India DAVIS, Steve, Memphis, BBII 378 Classes GRADUATES GRADUATES GRADUATES DEAN, Sara. Corinth. DEMLOW, Ada. Antigo, WI DO NTT, Rajendra DORRL Mehdi, University DOUGLAS, O ' Neal, University DOWD, James, Jackson. TN EGGER, James, Fulton EWER, Sid. Oxford FERNANDEZ, Renita, Deland, CA FORD, Kevin. Oxford FREDERICKS, Christina, University GANJU, Sidharth. India GANUPURU, Venlcataramana, India GRAHAM, Renee, Tupelo GUNDAVAJHAL, Anand. University GUPTA, Anil, India GUTIERREZ, Sergio. University HARIHARAN, Javashree. India HDAIB, Shaban, Paleshn HERRINGTON, Angela, Laurel HESS, Mary Ann. Laurel , . HOONG, Ngee, Singapore HOWE, Richard. Tupelo HSIEH, Fonchan, Chiayi HU, Dan. China HUANG, Chintan. Taiwan HUGGINS, Rhonda, Shirley. AR , . JACKSON, Victoria. Cruger. AKA JAMES, Alan. University HOARD, Tina. Booneville HUSNIK, Gregory, Oxford HUTTO, CeciT University HWANG, Yu, Malavsia ' HWU, Shing-Min. Taiwan JACKSON, Jacquelyne. Greenville JAYANTHl Raghavendra, India JAYASURIYA, Desappriya. Sri Lanka JAYASURIYA, Hiranthi, Sri Lanka JENG, Chin-Fang, University JIANG, Songchun, China JOSEPH, John-Emrys, Oxford, K6 KAPOOR, Vivek. India KEDIA, Manju. Calcutta KIM. Jeung-Ki. Seoul KUZUNO, Keiko. Japan LANGIUS, Heidi, Oxford LEE, Ik-Soo. Seoul. Korea LEE, Peng. University LEE, Sang, Seoul Classes 379 GRADUATES GRADUATES GRADUATES GRADUATE! LEE, Tse, University LEE, Yee-Hee, University LEE, Yong, Shanghai LIM, Tze, Petaling Jaya LIN, Bu. University LIN, Gin-Chung, university LIN, Juh-Cheng, University LIN, Wen-Feng, Taiwan LIN, Zhihong, Shanghai LIU, Li, China LOONG, Tuck, University LOU, Yongyao, China MALHOTRA, Arun, India MANIAM, Balasundram, Malaysia MANUEL, Bema, Phillip MARTIN, Victoria, Jackson MEINERT, David, University MOORE, Rebecca, Fulton MUKHERJEE, Sougata, University NADIZADEH, Hosain, University NAM, Ki-Chan, Korea NANIWADEKAR, Devendra, In. O ' BEID, Khaled Musa, Jordan OBI, Cyril, Nigeria ORMON, Jennifer, Ellisville OWEN, Susan, Alexandria, VA PAASO, Maria, University PAN, Zhongping, China PARIKH, Paresh, India PATRICK, Raymond, Walls PERNILA, Heino, Finland POH, Soon, POOLE, Helen, Baton Rouge, PYUN, Yong, Kyongsangbuk QUINN, Stacey, Memphis, TN RAMACHANDRAN, Usha, Hyderabad RAMU, Kumar, Maharashtra RAWWAS, Mohammed, Lebanon REICH, Robert, University ROBERSON, Alisa, Ripley ROM, Heui-Seol, Seoul RYAN, Ronald, Lauderdale 380 Classes GRADUATES GRADUATES GRADUATES A. Habeeb SALEH, Nasser Abed. Lebenon SANFILIPPO, Jeanette. Biloxi SARJL Slustapha, Lebanon SARTOR, William. Jr.. Oxford SCHMAKEIT, Susanne, Marburg SCHMIDT, Gesine-Ulrike, Grenoble SEKTHIRA, Anuchit, Thailand SHAH, Manish, India SHIN, Chong Gak. Seoul SIDDIQUE, lukhJesur. Monroe, LA SIN, K:r V.aiavsia SISAKUN, 5:rhan. Bangkok SMITH, Steven, Duncani-ille. TX SONG, Bailin. Univ SRIDHARAN, K. University STATEN, Andy. Carrollton STEPHENS, Timothy. Corinth STEWART, Laurie Palm Beach. Fl STIFFLER, ioel D. Gurdon. AR SL ' N. Chi, Taiwan THOMPSON, Patrick. Bay St. Louis THORNTON, Susan, Amorv TORRES, Epilanio TORRES, Michele, Camden, AR TSAL Gwei-Hung, Taiwan TZENG, Howchyang, Taiwan LTLE ' , Meleia ' Rector AR ANJANI, Vahesh. India VEAL, Mark. Natchez VERNON, Thomas, Decarurv-ille TN VVASHAM, lames. Oxford WASHAM, Lalana Gibson. Jonesboro WEI, Shau -Yen. Taiwan WILCOX. Kalu. Windsor. CT WRMS, Geert. Belgium WU, Zhongren, China YANG, Yun Pin. Unjversir - YOSG, Kin. Penang YUAN, bhian Der, L YUE, lianping, China Classes 381 PHARMACY PHARMACY PHARMACY PHARMACW ADAMS, Jack.University.MS ADAMS, Reglna.Booneville.MS ADEN, AnneJackson.MS AKERS, Katrina,Boon ville,MS ALLEMAN, |oey,McComb,MS ANDERSON, C " harmaim ,Ho1landale,MS ANDERSON, Karla.Selmer.TN ANDERSON, Stephen, l.umK ' rton, MS ANDERSON, Tonya.Wiggins.MS AUSTIN, Melanic.Houlka.MS BARKLEY, Karen.New Albany.MS BARNES, Ken.Osyka.MS BLAKENEY, Clay ' Jackson.MS BOYD, Carolyn.Jayess.MS BOYKIN, Tim.Raleigh.MS BRACKEN, Donald.Cleveland.MS BRANTLEY, Stephanie, Brandon. MS BURNS, Monica,5ummit.MS BUTLER, Mark.Tishomingn.MS BUTTS, David, Univcrsily MS BUTTS, Wavnc,FloreiH-i-,MS CARLSON, Stacy.Brandon.MS CARPENTER, ]on,Iuka.MS CHAMBERS, Shelia.Moorhead.MS CHANCELLOR, Donna. Waynesboro.MS CHATHAM, Tammy,Uurel,MS CHEATHAM, Chris.University.MS COCKRELL, Cheryl.Amory.MS COMER, Sharon. Mantachie.MS CARRICAN, l.ucy.Moridian.MS DAW, Stacy.Sumrall.MS DEAN, Stephen. Wesson, MS DENDY, Jane.Tupelo.MS DENNIS, l.ori.Madison.MS DENTON, Jan.Clcveland.MS DEVENING, Kenm ' (h,Natch?7,MS DOOLITTLE, Judy,O ford,MS DOUGLAS, Troy.Hazk ' hurst.MS DUMAS, Cindy.Trentiss.MS ELLIOT, Cr.iig.Oxford.MS ELLIS, Patri.Louisvilfc.MS EUBANKS, Trey.Tunica.MS GENTRY, Krisli,Shaw.MS GRAHAM, Mark.Stringer.MS HARTNESS, Cindv.Clinlon.MS HAYS, Catrwrine.Sardls.MS HEATH, Su-ven.Greenwood.MS HOLLIMAN, Ann.Univcrsity.MS HORTON, |oey,Pontotoc,MS HUGG1NS, Proston.Vaidcn.MS HUX, Steve.Boguc Chitlo.MS IOBLIN, Tronl.Oxford.MS JOHNSON, Claire.Clinton.MS KOON, Hrary.Hernando.MS LEFLORE, Ehzabpth.Oxford.MS LITTLE, Barhara.Ncw Albany.MS LITTLE, Charla.Haltii-sburg.MS LIVINGSTON, Linda.Oxford.MS LONG, ]ulie,BoonevilIe,MS MALONE, Shark-ni-.Sandersvillo.MS MATHEWS, Melinda.Oviedo.H. MCCLAIN-BUTTS, Melinda.Universily.MS MCCHESNEY, Cindy.Oxford.MS MCCOLLUM, Tony.Richland.MS MCELROY, Amanda, Boonevillt-.MS MINOR, Eva.Slarkville.MS MITCHELL, Pam.Tupclo.MS MOONEYHAM, Mi.hi-le.Houslon.MS MOORE, Mary.Senatobia.MS MORGAN, Ruann.Lamar.MS MYERS, Tommy.Byhalia.MS NICHOLS, nebra.Nollli-lon.MS ODOM, Krislina.Clinlon.MS PENICK, Tina.McComh.MS PETERSON, Panu-l.vHornando.MS PIGOTT, Kobin.Tylertown.MS POAG, Anm Clinion,MS 382 Classes ' HARMACY PHARMACY at I PHARMACY PHARMACY - I - II POMES, Donna.Smithdale MS RAY, Keith. Henderson TN ROBINSON, Renee.Nesbit MS ROBINSON. Rhonda Biloxi MS ROBINSON, Ridonna.luka.MS ROSER. lane Savannah.TN ROWSEV, rerrin.Courtland.MS RUSSELL, loe Corinlh.MS RUSSELL, Renee.lackson.MS RUSSELL, Rhonda Jackson MS SCHMITZ, Kennv.Water Valley MS SEALY, Christi.Moss Point M- SMITH, loev .Wall ' ' STEINWINDER. Mike Indianola MS STRICKLIN, Joannalazoo Citv MS SWAIN, Jason CovingtonTN SYLVESt, kar) Bassfield.MS THARP, Kirk.Winor THOMPSON, JuUe.Sardis.MS THOMPSON, Taletha Meridian MS TSANG, Elise Hong Kong TUCKER. Greg,Yazoo Cily.MS TYLER. Jovce.Oxfo! VALENTINE, Robert.Newton.MS WAITE, Cathv.Saltillc MS WALSH, Denise Uberty.MS WARDLOW, Susan Ointon.MS WATERS, Elizabeth.Oxford.MS WATFORD, Deedra.Leland.MS WATMNS, Tim.Meridian.MS WESTON, Scott. Ocyan Springs, MS WIGGS, Melody.Mark MS WILLIAMS, Antonio. Aberdeen.MS WILLIAMS, George.Cedar Bluff.MS WILLIS, lennv.rhiladelph.a MS WILSON, Robert Clinton.MS WING. hmmv.L ' niversity.MS WONG. Richanj.Oxford ' .MS WOOD, GreeTupek ' MS WYCKOFF, Brian Oxford.MS YOUNG, Artis.McComb MS YOUNG. Keilh Oxford.MS (I ALGEE, Ellen. Univer- ALLEN, Brenda.Senatobia.MS ARMSTRONG. Edwaid.Oxford.MS BARBER, Glen.ColumHa.MS BARBIERO, Karen.Univeratv MS BOBINGER, Mark.l ucedaleAlS BOLTON, Dana. New Albany MS BULLOCK, Alice .Seminary. MS BURFORD, Brian.Senatobia M? CALHOUN, Bill. Oxford. MS CARR. Robert.Bassfield.MS COLLINS, Michael.Bay St Louis.MS COLEMAN, Gwendolyn laikson. MS CRIDDLE, Barrx, Houston MS CULVER, Sandra.Tupelo.MS DETTOR, l-isa Sardis MS DUNCAN, Delita.Meridian.MS FAILLA, Andrew.ricayune MS FLOWERS, Laura Brandon. MS FLOYD, Traci.Booneville MS FORTENBERRY, I isa Canton.MS FULTON, Taylor.Collins MS FYHE, lenny.lackson.MS GEE. lohn.ltta BenaMS GIBSON, Gree.Dekalb.MS GOOD, Ken. Columbus, MS HALL, Mvra Dearlington.MS HAMBLfTT, Sonva Alendenhall.MS HARRIS, Tracv.Mendenhall. MS HAY DEL, Wendy.MrComb MS HAY S, Melanie ' GauHer MS HEAD, Melinda.Poplarxille.MS HENDERSON, MarMouifville MS KITE, Mdlendia Clarksdale.MS HOLCOMB, Mana Biloxi MS Classes 383 PHARMACY - (I - PHARMACY PHARMACY PHARMACYM HOLLIDAY, Curtis.McComb.MS HUDSPETH, Frank,Crenshaw,MS HUGHES, Amv.Booneville.MS JAMES, Becka.CHnton,MS JOHNSON, Conn ie.Meridian.MS KING, Melissa, Poplamlle.MS LANCSTON, Kevin.Florence.MS LAWHORN, Alesia.Belmont.MS LEE, Deborjh.Hernando.MS LINDSTROM, Mary.l .aurel.MS LONG, Catherine.Saltillo.MS MAH, Doreen.l.ake Village.AR MANGUM, James.Decatur.MS MCGARITY, Rocky.West Point, MS MCGUIRE, Henry.Oxford.MS MERRILL, Joey.Booneville.MS MILLING, Mark.Union.MS MILLS, John.Manchester.MO NASSAR, Phillip.Shelby, MS NESTER, William, Soso, MS PARKER, Su anne, Milan, TN PATTON, Sheila.Jackson.MS PERRY, Terry.Brooksville.MS PHILLIPS, Guy. Moorehead.MS PRICE, Richard, Monticello.MS QUICK, Su anne, Summit.MS RANDOLPH, Audra, Abtrdeen.MS SANDERS, Lamar, Sardis.MS SANDRONI, Bradley.Shaw.MS SCHATZLE, Sharon, Pass Christian.MS SCRUGGS, Sherry, Saltillo.MS SLOAN, Thomas, Clinton.MS SMITH, Belinda, Laurel.MS SMITH, Dana, Ha lehurst.MS SMITH, Louie, Hernando.MS SMITH, Robert.Oxford.MS SPEED, l.isa.Collins.MS STODGHILL, Steven, Madisonville.KV STRAWBRIDGE, Stephanie, Amory.MS SUMMERS, lilka, Guffport MS TAIT, Brvan, Oxford.MS TENNEV, Dianne, Bav St. Louis.MS TERRY, Kohert.West Poinl.MS THOMPSON, Rose,Shannon,MS T1DWELL, Billy,Dennis,MS TILGHMAN, Horace.Greenville.MS TOUCHSTONE, Richard.Enterprise.MS TURNAGE, Bobby Jo, McComb.MS VANCE, Bonnie, Monticello.MS VAUGHAN, Chris, Ferriday.LA VIOX, Melissa, Hebron.KY WADSWORTH, Russell, Oxford.MS WAITS, Anthony, Sumrall.MS WALKER, Joseph.ColIins.MS WARNER, Myra.Big Creek.MS WEST, William.Pontotoc.MS WHITING, Kara, St. Pelersburg.FI WILLIAMS, Stanley, Gulfnort.MS WILSON, Renee, Oxford.MS WONG, Wayne, Canton.MS YARBER, Robert, Belmont.MS YEILDINC, Frank, Tremont.MS YUNG, John, BeuIah.MS Not Pictured: FOX, Edwin, Clarksdale.MS WOO, Tommy.lsola.MS HI ADAMS, Stan, Hurley, MS ADKINSON, Kim, Pascagoula MS BAKER, Diana, Rinley MS BARRETT, Todd, Tvlertown, MS BATTE, Mark, Petaf, MS BLADES, Mary, Pascagoula, MS BLAYLOCK, Donna, I.eland, MS BOATWRIGHT, Steve.Millineton TN BOWLES, Valerie, Charleston MS BRACKIN, Becky, Cleveland. MS BREKEEN, Darlene, McComb, MS BRINSON, Scott, Prentiss, MS BROWNING, Sherri. Quitman, MS CHILDERS, Tammy Cobb, Poplarville.MS 384 Classes PHARMACY PHARMACY If t m PHARMACY - (II COGHI AN, kjlhrvn.Pelahauhie MS COLE, Ki.ber! Mark COX, Todd.Rien .i.MS CRANFORD, Donna. Semin.: CRAWLEY, li-aUkson.TN DALTON. Terry.Cor: DEVEREAUX, Cheryi.Cold. DODD, Bobbie Gail. Sunfluv. DORROH, I inda, Carulhersville. MO DOWNING, Patricia. Greenville, MS DUDLEY, Shane, Caruthersville. MO DL NLAP, Shannon, McKen. FARIS, Kiihard. Fon du U FAULKNER, Dina, Amory. MS, Af FRANKLIN, Ann. Mernando, MS FRILOUX, Brian. Columbia, MS GILL, Khi.nda, Liber GODDARD, Jessica, BoooeviUe. MS GOODMAN, Lynn. Oxford, MS HAMMOND, Robin. Southaven, MS HANNON, Angie, Fulton. MS HARRINGTON, Lev. Jackson. MS HART, Angela, Cleveland. MS HAWKINS, ettlrton. MS HA1 MAN, Teresa, Jackson, MS HOLLEY, Karen Darlene, Byhalia, MS HOLMES, Terry. University, MS HL ' TTO, Rhonda. Wayni-sboro. MS ILLANNE, iikv.Hattii-sburg.MS JAMES, | t -!!fry,Belmont.MS JENKINS, ..n.Sardis.MS KNO . :.,: aret,Greenwood,MS 1 A.NDVAY, Alan.Universitv MS LARSON, Kimberiy.Oxford ' .MS LEE, Dorthea.University.MS LIDDY, Tim, Holly Springs, LUTS, Ijisa Lva. Oxford. MS MADNANI, anjay. Tylerto MAGEE, lack. Magw MS MAY, Frances, Senatobia. MS MCELROY, Amy, Hernando, MS MCLALR1N, Angela, Columbia. MS MIMS, Pally Greenwood, MS MORRIS, Alita. Woodville, MS NEWMAN, Kim, Jackson, MS PETTY, David. Glen. MS PHARR, Jane-en, Marietta. MS P1TTMAN, Randy. Columbia, MS POWELL. Bill, Mount Olh, PURVIS, Eddie, J oo City, MS RAGON, Janice l.ittletield. " Oxford READY, David, Clinton, MS ROBINSON, Pam. Como. MS ROGERS, Tem. Germantown, TN RL THERFORD, Uura, Tiplersville.MS RYDER, Kelly Waynesboro, MS SCOTT, Michael, Senatobia. MS SIMS, Anthony, Oxford MS STEEN, Allen. Aberdeen. MS STEINWINDER, Joe, Oxford. MS STEWART, Monica, Yazoo C TARSL Lori, Boyle. MS TOWNSEND, lames. Prairie, MS TURNAGE, Dorothv.Vicksburg.MS VANDE VENDER, Ro .Dekalb.MS WADSWORTH, Paul.Hemando MS WALDR1P, Terrie.Sardis.MS WALLER, Ronald.Oxford MS WATSON, Vanore.Okolona.MS WILLIAMS, Claude L WILLIAMSON, Laura, Durant, MS WOO, Jean. Isola. MS WOOD, Amy, Plantersville, Sis WRIGHT, Debbie. Booneville. MS YELVERTON, Gene, Jackson MS YOUNG, Dereck, Tupelo, MS Classes 385 386 Classes : M I Poppy Pruetl Dan Magee .-, Steve Davis Classes 387 Aarnn C] 1988 INDEX -A- Aaron, Charles 334 Aaron, Leigh 197, 356 Abbott, James ' Jim ' 249, 286, 334 Abdo. George 249, 334 Abel, Stacey 334 Abel, Stan 287 Aberle, John 241 Abemathy, Terry 253 Abemethy, Usa 213, 346 Ablordeppey, Seth 378 Abney, April 221, 282, 306, 310 Abney, Katey 244 Aboul-Enein, Yousseff 346 Abraham, Angela 209, 210, 285. 286, 306, 356 Abraham, Emily 156, 217 Abraham, Sam 328 ACADEMIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE 280 ACCOUNTING SCHOOL 178 Acker, Suzanne 221, 366 Ackerman, Margie 112, 113 Ackerman, Todd 263, 324 Acklev. David 253, 305, 334 ACQUATICS CLUB 304 Acton, Anne 225 Adair, Lisa, 366 Adamcik, Rich 307 Adams, Charles 302, 328 Adams, Christi 209, 331, 334 Adams, Dave 299 Adams, Kari 285 Adams, Kimberly 334 Adams, Leigh 227, 334 Adams, Lynn 161, 213 Adams, Nanci 293, 356 Adams, Russell 334 Adams, Shannon 123, 346 Adams, Stan 386 Adams, Valerie 280, 366 Aden, Leigh 221 Adkins, Andrea 322, 346 Adkinson, Kim 386 Adkisson, John 253 ADMINISTRATION 164 Aduma, Nvannda 346 ADVERTISING 398 Afeman, Susan 213, 326, 334 Agne, Phyllis 209, 273, 326, 334 Agnew, Krista 366 Agnew, Leigh 215, 284 Agnew, Wendy 209, 356 Ahern, Mary 113 Ainsworth, Nicole 160, 221, 366 Ainsworth, Pat 253, 305 Ainsworth, Tracey 356 AIRFORCE ROTC 294 Akbar, Javed 366 Akins, Andrea 213 Akins, Angela 229, 346 Akins, Sean 273 Albritton, Audry 295, 331, 334 Albritton, Chris 253 Alexander, Alan 318 Alexander, Dawn 207 Alexander, George 356 Alexander, Kim 227 Alexander, Lamar 366 Alexander, Melony 290, 327, 334 Alfano, Thomas 334 Alford, Amanda 366 Alford, Javme 207 Alford, John Warner 172 Alford, Phyllis 213 Algee, Ellen 318 Alias, Angie 225 Alim, Naveed 378 Alldread, Melissa 366 Allen, Abigail ' Abbey ' 229, 334 Allen, Angela 356 Allen, Bo 101 Allen, Carey 291 Allen, Charles 378 Allen, Karina 356 Allen, Kelly 290, 331, 334 Allen, Kevin 366 Allen, Leigh Ann 225, 326, 334 Alley, Mary Kristie 150, 274, 366 Allison, Heather 366 Allred, Kim 225 ALPHA DELTA PI 206 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA 155 ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA 208 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA 157 ALPHA OMICRON PI 210 ALPHA PHI ALPHA 232 ALPHA PSI OMEGA 158 ALPHA TAU OMEGA 234 Alqutri, Samir 378 Alstrap, Abdul 356 Alt, Michelle 284, 328, 334 Altazan, Elizabeth 326, 334 Alvarez, Jeanne 160, 229, 366 AMBASSADORS 285 Ambrose, J R 95, 97, 307 Amitin, Philip 253, 334 Ammann, Dennis 283 Anderson, Andy 249 Anderson, Charmaine 324, 328 Anderson, Chen 328 Anderson, Chester 308 Anderson, Fred 253, 302 Anderson, James 366 Anderson, Jessica 295, 306 Anderson, Julie 366 Anderson, Laura 215, 227, 278, 356, 366 Anderson, tjndsey 255 Anderson, Scott 366 Bartusek, Caitlin 229 Andre, Sarah 161, 346 388 Index Andre, Sarah 156. 320 Andrews, Lara 309 Andrews, Tina 346 Andy, Patrick 253 Andy, Paul 253, 334 ANGEL FLIGHT 295 Angeleozzi, Stacy 229 Antwine, John 255, 356 Anuchit, Sekthira 309 Apple, Edward 162, 301 Apple, John 249 Appleby, Kim 346 Applcgate, DaVid 235, 334 Arce, Jill 209, 366 Archer. Scott 196 Arinder, Stacey 346 Armatis, Peter 356 Armistead, Donna 346 ARMY ROTC 298 Arnold, Allison 209 Arnold, Austin 255 Arnold, Clayton 235 Arnold, Dican 246 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY 295 Arrechea, Joseph 265, 356 Arrechea, Katherine 378 Arthur, Donald 366 ARTIST SERIES 39 Artman, John 356 ASB CABINET 278 ASB EXECUTIVE SECRETARIES 283 ASB OFFICERS 276 Asbridge, Richard 356 Bailey, Susan 149, 156, 287, 346 Bain, Rebecca 378 Baine, Brown 255 Bair, Margaret 160, 287 Baker, Austin 356 Baker, Bern 334 Baker, Charlie 366 Baker, Dallas 346 Baker, Diana 386 Baker, John 24 1,356 Baker, Keith 253, 287, 356 Baker, Malcom 302 Balducci, Toni 215, 334 Baldwin, Bouly 249 Baldwin, Lois 319 Baldwin, Michael 378 Baldwin, Samantha 326 Baldwin, Sarah Beth 225, 306, 346 Balin, Jay 249 Ball, Angela 346 Ball, Rob 259 Ball, Tricia 346 Ballard, Alley 196 Ballard, Courtney 221 Ballard, Kristie 328 Ballard, Talmadge 366 BAND 290, 292 Bankston, Stuart 346 Bao, Huafu 1M BAPTIST STUDENT UNION 317 Barbee, William 255 Barber, Contrell 246 Barber. Cotrell 196 Barber, David 235 Bartletl, Katherine 215 Barton. Alyson 221 Barton, William David 298. 346 Bartusek, Caitlin 229 Bartusek, Timonthy 237 BASEBALL 84 BASKETBALL-MEN ' S 100 BASKETBALL-WOMEN ' S 106 Bass, Robert 302, 346 Bass, Susan 215 Bassett, William 346 Bathaee, Alireza 378 Batson, Mickey 366 ' Battaile, Chandler 128, 136, 150, 276, 277. 280, 286, 287, 366 Batle, Mark 386 Baucum, Amanda 207, 366 Baumer, Meri Beth 225, 325 Baur, Margaret 225 Baus, George 249 Baxter, David 115 Bayer, Ty 302 Ba aar, Stacy 302 Beacham, Jennifer 346 Beall, Karen 328 Beard, Angela Lynn 285, 295, 331, 334 Beard, James 246, 366 Beard, Lewis 322, 356 Beard, Melissa 356 Beard, Ricky 366 Benson, Susan 229 Beasley, Missey 217, 346 Beasley, Thad Gordon 170 Ashley, Clint 366 Ashley, Donna 227, 366 Ashley, Jon 378 Ashton, Elaine 325 ASID 310 ASME309 Ales, John 156, 258, 259, 278, 282, 286 Atkins, Andrea 283 Atkins, Georgana 215, 244, 290 Aufdenberg, Alice 213 Austin, Kim 313 Austin, Robert 255 Autry, Cynthia 109, 1 10 Autrv, Paul 259 Aventt, Susie 197, 207, 356 Aw Young, Wee Lam 378 AWS 311 Ayers, Chris 284 Ayers, Michael 292, 318 Azar, Evelyn 213, 346 Azlin, Melissa 162, 197, 221, 356 -B- Baber, Lisa 221, 334 Badgctt, Rosie 221 Baechle, Sheri 220, 221, 366 Baeshen, Mohammed 301, 334 Baetge, James ' Jim ' 265, 356 Bafford, Wendell 291 Baggett, Tracy 366 Bafley, Carol 160 Bailey, James Christopher 275, 366 Bailey, John William 172, 366 Bailey, Laura 378 Barber, Jeannie 308, 326, 334 Barber, Scott 159, 292, 346 Barker, John 259 Barksdale, Tom 259 Barlow, Bobby 307 Barlow, James 298, 299 Barnard, Paul 301, 378 Bames, Brenda 356 Bames, Christopher 366 Bames, Dixie 334 Barnes, John 346 Bames, Lee 259, 346 Bames, Paul 293, 318, 366 Bames, Roderick 100, 101, 103, 104 Bamett, Gary 334 Bamett, Paula 366 Barnhardt, Windy 217 Barnharl, Catherine 215 Barr, Teresa 289, 306, 366 Barrett, Andy 253 Barrett, Carla 209 Barrett, Cathy 159, 290 Barrett, James 334 Barrett, jay 235 Barrett, John 136, 149, 150, 196, 253, 273, 310, 366 Barrett, Katherine, 366 Barrett, l.eigh 209 Barrett, Lynn 209, 284, 334 Barrett, Mark 263, 287 Barrett, Patrick 259 Barrett, Renee 366 Barrett, Todd 386 Barrick, Aaron 115, 265, 307, 366 Barritt, Christopher 346 Barren, Kay 113,356 Rarruusse, Jennifer 325 Barry, Betsy 225, 346 Barry, Bradford 263 Bartholomew, George 260, 263 All index art by Leo Emerson Beatly, Marissa 209, 366 Beauchamp, Mark 278, 356 BEAUTIES 76 Beazley, Jonny Beth 346 Becker, Brian 307 Becker, Kenneth 356 Beckett, Patrick 346 Beckham, Ron 298 Bedell. Brad 253, 305 Bee, David 235 Behrendt, Lisa 290, 378 Beiser, Michael 378 Belfor, Arvy 346 Bellies, Dawn 217,366 Bellies, Tina 217 Belk, Dean 249, 334 Belk, Jamie 217 Bell, Chris 249 Bell, Damon 328 Bell, James 255 Bell, Michelle 292, 328, 334 Bell, Roderick 356 Bell, Tab 236 Bell, Thomas 346 Bell, Tim 242 Bell, William 235 Belton, James 356 Bender, Doris 346 Benigno, Tina 209, 334 Benjamin, Danny Ray 172 Benjamin, Krissy 366 Benner, Melissa 207, 346 Bennett. Catherine 2 1 7, 366 Bennett, Elizabeth ' Beth ' 326, 334 Bennett, Heather 328 Bennett, Richard 235, 334 Bennett, Scott 263, 366 Bennett, Tony 356 Bennett. Ty 235 Benson, Susan 229 Bent, Candice 217 Bunion. Antonnio 334 Benlon, Louis 150, 161, 235, 310, 366 Benton, Pamela Paige 213, 285, 327, .5.14 Benvenutti, Maria 225 Benz, Howard 249, 366 Bergfeld, Susie 221 Bering, Alison 228, 229 Berkley, Drayton 298 Berry, Ann 2 ' 29 Berry, Paul 150, 308 Berry, Robert 249 Berry, Rodney 292, 356 Berry, Trey 151, 163 Bess ' , Betsy 293 Bessleman, Jim 307 BETA ALPHA PSI 147 BETA LAMBDA EPSILON 162 BETA THETA PI 236 Bethay, Barry 307 Bethea, Shelley 209. 334 Bethshares, Jennifer 356 Belts, Rachel 225 Beverly, David 356 Bhama, Sridharan 378 Bickham, Elizabeth ' Beth ' 215 BID DAY 203 Biddv, Brad 235, 366 Bigelow, Steve 159, 293, 318, 366 Biggs, John 241, 273, 367 m. 367 Bi iggs, Jo igham. Lee 129, 136, 150, 249, Billions, Jeffrey 334 Bingham, Melissa ' Missy ' 217, 334 Bird, Christopher 235 Birdsong, Brenda 334 Bishop, Ann Marie 156, 217. 282, 285, 286, 346 Bishop, Mart 334 Bishop, Molly 207, 278, 297 Bishop, Ron 309 Bishop, Tracy 293. 356 Black, Christine 161, 221, 305, 356 Black, Elizabeth 225 BLACK STUDENT UNION 288 Blackburn, Allison 207, 346 Blackburn, George 249, 334 Blackmarr, William 367 Blackmon, Randy 136, 148, 308, 367 Black-stock, I.vnda 227, 356 Blackston, Matt 273, 298 B lackston, William 367 Blades, Mary 386 Blaine, Michael 159, 241, 292, 302, 346 Blair, Carroll 213, 325 Blair, Kev 249 Blalack, Kimberly 221, 356 Blalock, Tabatha 367 Bland, Camille 160, 213 Bland, Victoria 213 Blankenship, Amy 227, 346 Blanks, Mosbey 259 Blanks, Thoma ' s 346 Blaschek, John 282 Blaylock, Dina 346 Blaylock, Donna 282, 386 Bledsoe, Nanette 289, 330, 367 Blumenthal, Susan 229 Bluntson, Craig 232. 279. 356 BOARD OF TRUSTEES 167 Boatman. Johnny 246 Boatwright, Steve 386 Bobb, Amanda 334 Bobb, Missy 217 Bobo, Jim 299 Boehret. I,eigh 229, 327 Bogardus, Ura 229, 326 Boggan, Gregory 367 Boggan, Jeffery 356 Boggan, Laura 159, 292, 346 Boggan, Matthew 334 Bogle, Bobby 295 Bogle, Robert 346 Boie, Mark 161, 291, 356 Boie, Tracy 209, 326 Boker, Keith 253 Bolen, Lori 325, 334 Bolen, William ' Bill ' 235, 328 Bolin, James 346 Boltin, Carolyn 150, 160, 274, 322 Bolton, Ben 282, 286 Bolton, Christopher 263 Bolton, Susan 228, 250, 346 Bomboy, Mary Louise 221 Bond, Robert ' ' Bo ' 260, 263, 334 Bonds, Jessica 209, 335 Bonds, Susan 217, 335 Bonds, William Dow 255, 282, 283 Bone, Jennifer 221, 305 Bone, Payne 253 Bonner, Ashley 346 Booker, Angela 356 Booker, Wendy 221 Books. Matthew 346 BOOKS, MOVIES, SONGS 52 Boolos, Todd 147,367 Boone, Emily 325 Boone, Stewart 259 Boone, Thomas Marc 260, 263, 307, 335 Booth, Julie 367 Boothe, Terrell 246 Bordelon, Beth 162, 227, 356 Borden, Rhonda 367 Borgononi, Tommy 235 Borne, Merribeth 356 Boshae, Charlene 327 Boswell, Catherine ' Cathi ' 275, 346 Boswell, Cindy 209 Bouchillon, Neil 162, 196, 259, 282, 285, 356 Boughton. Uura 225 Bounds, David 255 Bounds, lanice 313 Bounds. Robin 161 Bourn. Amy ; , Bowen, Scc ; : Bow, 35c Bowi, Bowks rhews 386 Bimi.IVG CLUB 304 Phillip 249 Box. I Boy... Boyd. Bill 278, 280, 356 Bovd, Brool - Bovd id 260, 263 335 253 J 335 Thomas 346 T. 367 :S8. 306, 367 . 386 er 263. 367 George 249 Bradley Cheryl 346 M Bruce 324 ' 209,356 Bradshaw Linda 367 p 259 Brady. Chris 346 335 Braga. Alberto 30 1.378 36 Bramlett. Jeffi- Bramlette, Ul 213 Branan, Dai . Brandt. Allan 249. 335 Brantley, Lisa 330 Brantley, Stephana. . Brasher. Duane 367 Robert 263 Brattoi Brawle. Rebecca 213 - 367 Bra ile Connie 1 23 Breath. Chuck 335 e, Daniel 335 Breazrale, Kavanaugh 279, 282, Breazeale. Scott 291 Brechi: Breedlove, Margaret Molly ' 197, Brekeen. Darlene 386 Brennan, Blanche 22 Brent. Elizabeth 325 Brent Lisalvnn 290 Brewer, Bilfy 99 Brewer, Catherine 213 Brewer 359, 301 Brewer Sheila 367 Brewer. Stephen 357 Brewer, Susan 273. 326, 335 Bridgeforth, Barn 263. 286 l 229 Timothy 335 an, Brigid 346 Brinson. Scott 386 Briscoe. Michelle 225. 346 327 Barbara 357 . ,am. Jon 367 v, Krishe 335 Broadhead. Barry 241, 367 Broadus, Steven " 283 Brocato, Ray 2.35 Brock, Ashley 346 Brock. Court! Brock. Jennifer 227. 346 Brock. Johnr Brock. Mark 346 Brock. Oliv,- Brodenck. Sham 221. 326, 335 Brodofsky, Adam 335 Bromley, Khs 316 Brooks. Tiffany 326. 335 Brooks. Todc Broom. Sarah Brouwer. Trt- . Brad ' 235, 328 Brown. Allison Margaret 2: Brown. Ban 225. 32 Brown. Carmela 335 Brown Doug 324, 328 Brown. Jam. Brown, Jennifer 324 Brown Jo 335 Brown, Johnr - Brown, Kathefine 367 Brown, Maggie 313 Brown. Malcolm 302, 378 Brown, Manon 207 296, 346 Miry Jane 367 Brown, Michelle 159. 291 Brown, Oatis 357 Brown. Paige 357 Brown, Patrick 249 Brown. Ryan 259 Brown, Stephen 291, 295, 308, 346 Brown, Tamatha 357 Brown, Tee 259 Brown, Thomas 249 Brown. Titus 298 BROWN HALL 331 Browndyke, Jeffrey 3.35 Browning, Ren Browning. Sherri 386 Bruce, Jeffrcv Bruce. Mary ' Melissa 215, 335 Brunson, Charlie 335 Brunson, Stuart 1%, 2- Bryan, Chase 259 Bryan, Genie 161 Bryant. Brandon 280, 284, 285 Bryant, Christopher 367 Bryant, Kim 217 Bryson, David 253, 335, 378 Buck, Helen 207. 295. 325. 335 -n 335 ;lh 253, 335 Buck, Richard 263 Buck, Ted 263 Buckler. David 302 Buckley Hen . Teresa 346 Buell, Ann 228, 229 Buffmgton, Clifford 263 Builun, Donna 225, 335 Buford, Donna 161, 221, 3 7 Bugg, Doran 159. 240, 290, 367 Builard. Kim 109, 111, 136, 367 Bullen. Ann 253, 378 Bullen, Ben 300 Bullen. Dale 335 Bullock. Alice 318 Bullock. Jeri Michelle 227. 302, 346 Bullock. Johnr Bullock, Susan ' 327. 335 Bullock. Ulrr Bunnell, Alicia 221, 357 Buntin, Anne 12 Buntvn, Melanie 272, 273, 357 Burchfield, Charles 378 Burchfield, John 255 Burdine, Cassidy 22 1 Burford, Donna 378 Burford. Nelson 284. 335 Burge. A- Burge. Curt 235 Burge, John 367 Burge, Neal 259 Burgess, Melvin 346 Burghardt, Colleen 285, 331 Burghen, Susan 209 Burkardt. Angela 160, 229 278, 367 Burkes. Steve 249 Burkhalter, Chris 293, 346 Burks. Marsha 156 Burleson, Ma-. Burnett, Jay 263, 286 Burnett, Kathryn 156, 346 Burnett, Mary Beth 213, 335 Burnett, William 357 Bumey, Robert 357 Bumham, Susan Spiller 215. 357 Bums, Amy 346 Bums David 367 Bums, John 241 Burrato, Nancy 210 Burrell. Laura " 309 Burress, Susan 221. 357 Burrows, Barbara 209. 357 Burson, Richard 236 Burl. Pamlea 357 Burton, Cheryl 306, 357 Burwetl. Gregory 161 Busbv. Jan 22= Busbv, Jill 22- BusbV, Mickey 292. 367 Busch. Rebecca 346 Bush. Bradley 305 Bush, Kane 2 " ! 5. 325. 335 Bush. Kenneth 346 Bush, Rebecca 225 BUSINESS SCHOOL 180 Buster, Cliff : Butcher, Billy 263 Butler, James Butler. Margaret 325 Butler, Matthew 302, 346 Butler, Sherry 209, 331, 335 Butler. Stace) Bultross. Thomas 367 BUZZWORDS 47 Byars. Caroly! 7,357 Byrd. Allison ' Alii ' 160, 217, 367 Byrd. A ngle 197. 207. 285, 346 Byrd. Wiffiam 335 Byrne. Ryan 357 Byrnes. Penny 335 -c- Cabral. Jos, Caddis. Addison 215 Cadlc, Jennifer 221, 346 Cadlf neryl 197. 229, 367 Caffey, Fred ' , Phillip 346 Cahill, Jim 162 Cai. Hui 378 Cain. Barry 291. 328 Cain. Brian 253, 305 Cain. Carrie 215 Cain. Jerri 357 Cain. Roger 253 Calamari, Viet - Calamese. Vickie 330, 357 Calcote. Cathy 217 Caldwell. Brit ' t 263. 280. 335 Caldwell. David 307 Caldwell, Herman 3+6 Caldwell, Mallory 156 Calhoon, Chipper 235, 346 Calhoun. Carmlle 30- Calhoun, Dawn 119, 295, 367 Callander, Scott 265 Callander, Wade 265 Galloway. Neida 367 Calmes, terry 291 Calvasina, Jason 152 Cameron, Donald Bruce 283. 335 Cameron, William 335 Camoll, Anne Rob 213 Campassi, Christy 213 Campbell. Amy 161, 357 Campbell. Bla, Campbell. Connie 378 Campbell, Douglas 367 Campbell, Mart 357 Campbell. Patricia 357 CAMPUS AFFAIRS COMMITTEE 28J CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST 323 Canada, Kara Beth 229 Canedy, Julie 229 Cangelosi. Stephen 265. 346 Cannady, William 357 Cannon, Windsor 281 Caradine, Bryan 25 s Carbonar, Whitmar Carder, Leslie 221 Cardone. Christopher 367 Cardoos. Lisa 33? Carlisle, Chervl 207, 357 Carlisle, Elizabeth 156 Carlisle. Eric 1 r . Carlisle. Missy 215 Carlisle, Russell 357 Carlton. ]ohn 307 Carmichaei, John 255. 335 Carmichael, Kelly 207, 335 Carmichaei, Virginia 367 Cames, Julie 273 Games. Steven 357 Carney. Lee 335 Carpenter, Cempe: Carpenter, Debbie 221, 280, 367 Carraoo. Jiii Carroll. Anne 346 Carroll. Frances 161 Carroll. Patri 209. 210 Carroll, Richard 307 Carroll, William ' Will 249. 281, Carson, Brian 367 Carter, Cherie 229. 367 Carter, David 302 Carter, Tarn: Carvin. Dave 324 Carwile, Nicole 225 Casanova. Glen 249 Casanova, Lawrence 335 Casanova, Pearman 249 Case, Stephanie 346 Case, Suzy 225 Casey, Laiinne 327 Cassar, Mary 325 Cassedy, Lara 347 Cassidv, Caroline 213 Castilla, Jorge 301, 308 Catalano. James 357 Catania, Monica 357 Cate, Collin 367 Cathey. Scott 265 Cato. Todd 249 Caudle, Machelle 221. 335 Causey. Tracy 288, 347 Cauthen, Lisa 347 Cavin. Shan. Cevdar. Giselle 347 Chain. Bela i Chain. Laura 215 Challani. Sunita 378 Chamberlain. Leah Chambers, Jean 284, 331 Chamblin, Beverlv 347 Champion. Jeffrey 235, 367 Champiin. Jodi 367 Champlin, Kimberiy 347 Chan, Chiaw.Shee ' 367 Chan, Chiaw-Teng 347 Chan, Keng 367 CHANCELLOR 168 Chancellor. Callie 215 Chancellor. Renee 106 CHANCELLORS LEADERSHIP CLASS 284 Chandler. Lee 302 Chandler. Patricia 357 Chandler, Shannon 2 1 Chandler, Teresa 357 Chandrashekaran, Rajesh 378 Chanev, Trisri 229 Chang, Li Ly 378 Chang. Shun Hwa 378 Chapa. Santiago 291. 367 Chapin. Mary Catherine K K, 215 Chapin. Mary- Elizabeth Li Chapman, Barry 309 Chapman. Harry 302 Chapman. Jarr Chappell, Ashley 213,325 Charette, Cherry 300 Chase, Willie 37 Chatham, Sonya 209, 347 Chatlerjee, Amitava 378 Chauvin. Mk-hele 229 Chavalier, Steven 286 Che. Toan 357 Cheang, Christv 367 Chee, Kim 347 " Cheek, Jon 335 CHEERLEADLERS 122 Chen, Jong-Tim 378 Chen, Minhwa 378 Chen, Wen 378 Chen. Xin-Hua 378 Cheney. Enc 159. 293. 318 Cheng. ' Kwai 378 Cherry. Amy 326 Chesman, Adam 162 Chesser, Scott 307 Chevalier. Steven 156. 157 Chew, Cheng 378 CHI OMEGA 212 CHI PSI 238 Chia, Voon-Ket 357 Chia, Voon-Keun 357 Childers, Charles 90 Childers, Hope 227 Childers, Laurie 197, 213 Childers, Tammy Cobb 386 Childs, Clinton 241, 302, 357 Childs, Sunn, Childs. Thomas Tommy ' 150, 155, 161, 241,367 Chin, Tet 367 Chin. Valent Chitnis. Ashish 378 Choi. Dong 378 Choi, Yongjoon 378 Chong, Kok Huat 357 Chong, Yok 357 Chotard, Lisa 225, 335 Chrestman. Allison 207, 295, 335 Chrestman, Hamilton 335 Chrestman, Todd 249 Christian. Da CHRISTMAS 3S Chung, Hear Church, Russt Ciaramitaro, Angela 216, 217, 347 Jennifer 221 Clanc. Clanton, Annette 357 Oapp. Dorothy 293 Clapper, Lee 335 Clark, Bill 284 Dark, Bobby 378 Clark, Cvru- Clark, Forrest 309 Clark Frank 123 ,k249 Clark. James 249, 367 Clark, Luke Clark, Mellisa 357 Clark. Mkhael 324. 357 Clark Michel Clark, Robbv 253 Clark. Stephan 367 Clark, Walt 249 Clark, Wren 2: Clarke, Melinda Mindy 158, 357 Clasgens, Chris 29! CLASSES 332 Clay, Christopher 357 Clearman. Jefferey 335 Clemens. See:- Clement, John 253, 2 Clements, Sarah 367 Cleveland, Chuck 98, 307, 357 Cleveland, Connie 21 Cleveland, John 308 Cline, Joanne ' Jody ' 331, 347 Clinton, James ' Jimmy ' 151, 1%, Clinton, Johnny 241 Clinton. KeUv 328. 335 Clock, Eric 253. 335 Cose, Rober CLOSING 400 Coates, Deannv 229, 290 Cobb, Amy 2 1 Cobem, Kristin 215. 325 Cochran. Joev 263 Cochran, Leila 229, 327 Cocke, Caroline 229 Cocknll, Ellen Lucy 21.3 Cockrill. Thad 378 ' Cockroft, Peggy Deanne 207 335 Cot field, Nancy 229 Coffman, Robin 249. 307 Coggin, Kerrv 207, 335 Coggins, Leah 197, 213 Coggins, Melissa 285, 347 Coehlan, Kathy 386 Coker, Cathrvn 309, 335 Coker, Dennis 161. 357 Coker, John 253, 305, 335 Colbum, Genise 313. 347 Colbum, Lora 137, 147, 295, 367 Cole. Angela 221 Cole, Christy 67. 137, 149, 150, 160. 197. 217. 286. 310, 367 Cole, James 235 Cole, Janet 225. 347 Cole. Jav 301 Cole. Jeffrey 357 Cole. Jennifer 225. 242, 285 Cole, Lisa 15, 78, 282, 286, 306, 367 Cole, Melynda 229, 335 Cole, Paula 326 Cole, Robert 307, 386 Coleman, Bruce 367 Coleman, Deana 215, 347 Coleman. Dorothy 22 Coleman. Leslie 255. 328 Coleman, Tom 151, 259, 279. 285. 31v Coleman. Will 196. 265, 31 Colingo. Melissa 306 COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS 190 Collier, Christina 137. 207. 279, 310 Collier. Jack 368 Collier. Todd 291 Collins, Bobbie 289 Collins, Chr. Col lins. Kelly 235 Collins, Kim " 72. 213 Collins, Martin 335 Collins. Tonya 335 Collum. Barbara 309 Collum. Mark 235, 335 Colomarie. Victoria 328 COLONEL REB 64, 65 Colosimo. Joseph 335 Comeaux, Lisa 221 Commer. Susan 229 Compretta, Connally 227, 290, 357 Cona. Tricia 209 CONCERTS 34 Condon. Mary Anne 221 Congemi, Melanie 207, 347 Conklin, EnsK Connart, Dan Conner, Lee 328 Conwill. Jennifer 2i ' Conwill.Jill 197 Conwill, Mama 22- Coode, Phillip 302 Cook. Amanda 162 357 Cook, Amber 162. 347 Cook. Barry 347 Cook. Becky 217 Cook. Blak Cook. Cina 21 Cook. Gregory 358 Cook, Heather 278, 285. 331, 335 Cook. Holly 2: Cook. Urn Cook. Liza ' 331 Cook. Loni 22 1.322. 335 Cook, Paula 2 Cook, Sidney 335 Cook, Thomas 368 Cook, William 263 Cooke. Karen 146. 368 Cooker, Jeremy 284 Coon. David 3 i8 Coon, Robert 249, 328, 335 Coon, Russell 137, 368 Cooney, Marilyn 22 : Coons, " Trey 196 Cooper, Glen 241. 368 Cooper, Pair Cooper, Tim 253 Cooper, Vicki213, 368 Cooper. WiDiam 26 . " - Copeland. Philip 358 Cordell. Sharon 347 Corder. Lisa Corley. Caria . - 335 Corrigan, UK . Cosby, John 149. 285. 322. 347 h, John 301 Cossar. Anne Love 215. 260, 347 Cossar, Mary Payne 215 Costello, Christina Chrisi. 335 Cothran. Brian 253 Cothran. William 336 Cothren, Cinj Cone, Jennifer ' 227. 284 Cotros. Harry 255 284. 328 Cotros, Ria2i Gotten, Gwer Gotten, Kim 66 Gotten, Milacev 215. 336 Gotten, Reid 284, 336 Couch, Allen 263 Couevas, Yvonne 156, 157, 278. Coulon. Kathenne 229 Counce, Kevin 358 Countiss, Lyne Counts, William 368 Courtney, William Billy 263, 301 Cousar. Jetfer , Couvillion, Heather 325 Cowan, Renee 215. 328 Index 389 Cowart, Craig 241, 319 Cowart, Mark 249, 358 Cowles, Glennys 213 Cox, Anissa 358 Cox, Art 137, 258, 259, 320, 368 Cox, Bobby 358 Cox, Carol 21 3 Cox, Carolyn 225, 358 Cox, Cynthia 224 Cox, Mike 253 Cox, Todd 386 Cox, Wade 258, 282, 284, 285 Coy, Stephen 378 Craft, Christopher 368 Craft, Mitzi 215, 358 Craft, Paul 235 Craig, Richard 298 Crain, Leigh Ann 225, 327 Crake, Lance 336 Cranford, Donna 386 Cranford, Vera 368 Cranson, Marc 273, 278, 336 Cranz, Cynthia 225 Cranz, Kelly 225 Craven, Tina 368 Crawford, Emily 378 Crawford, Glinnis 291 Crawford, Jack 283, 284, 285 Crawford, Jon 368 Crawford, Mark 235 Crawford, Scottie 196, 235 Crawford, Todd 292 Crawley. Beth 209 Crawley, Janet 347 Crawley, Lisa 386 Creekmore, Sidney 213, 283, 347 Crespino, Joan ' Jo Beth ' 162, 213, 358 Cressy, Paul 328 Crick, Mark 156, 249, 283 Criddle, Barry 160 Crider, William 358 Crigler, Julia ' Juky ' 215, 336 Crisman, James 347 Crisman, jay 159, 291 Criswell, David 307 Critelli, Amanda 227 Crockett, Camille ' Cami ' 227, 290, 336 Crockett, Christy 68, 161, 227, 278, 287, 295 Crockett, Clinton 263 Crockett, Phillip 336 Croff, Linda 347 Croll, Steve 295 Crongeyer, James 336 Crosby, Blair 156, 209, 347 Crosby, Kecia 217, 358 Crosby, Missy 225 CROSBY HALL 330 Cross, Beth 213,336 Cross, Terry 249 Crossley, Beth 228, 229 Crossley, Merry Page 229, 310, 368 Crosswell, Kristina 209, 319, 330, 358 Crosswhite, Betty 358 Croswell, Allen 301 Crowder, Barbara 368 Crowe, Kelly 206, 207 Crowell, Joseph 347 Crowell, Todd 292 Crowley, Kathryn 336 Crowley, Sheila 368 Crowson, Elizabeth 215, 326, 336 Crowther, Erin 331 Crum, Matthew 347 Crum, Patrick 368 Crump, Brian 293, 336 Crump, Pam 159, 292, 368 Cruse, Shannon 227, 326, 336 Cruthirds, Cristan 225, 327, 336 Cuevas, Milt 299 Gulliver, Frederick 309 Cumbelich, James 347 Cumella, Stephen 147 Cummings, Eugene 263 Cummins, Randy 358 Cundiff, Jennifer 225, 285, 327, 347 Cunningham, Henry 235 Cunningham, Lisa 378 Cunningham, Melanie 229, 347 Cunningham, Stephanie 378 Cupit, Tanya 358 Curran, Cathy 229 Currie, Judy 215 Curry, Jill 227 Curry, Roy Maxwell 313, 322, 358 Curry, Russ 307 Curry, Yolanda 358 Curtis, Lisa 225 Cushman, Robert 237 -D- D ' Ascola, Pedro 347 Dabbs, Willis 298, 300, 368 Dabney, Bill 235 Daghmach, Hakmath 368 Daghmach, Sandra 146, 358 Dahlem, Melanie 227, 306 Dahlke, Mary Linda 227, 325 Daily, Heather 213 DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN 274 Dalaison, Rubens 368 Dale, Daphne 347 Dale, Kathryn 21 7 Dale, Maureen ' Maury ' 217, 368 Dalton, Andrew 336 Dalton, Dana 80, 215, 358 Dalton, Terry 386 Dalton, Virginia 161 Dame, Melanie 215 Daniels, Eric 235 Daniels, Jimmy 275 Daniels, Mary Schiele 213 Daniels, Tamara Tammy ' 227, 358 Dant, Niraj 368 Darnell, Amy 336 Darnell, John 93, 97 390 Index Das, Amitav 378 Das, Bhaskar 378 Dastgir, Rumman 273, 282, 2S5, 324, 368 Daughdrill, Wes 285, 286 Dauphin, Benjamin 358 Dauphine, Jim 151, 163 Davenport, Donna 229, 347 Davenport, John ' Butch ' 307, 358 Daves, Jeff 307, 358 Daves, Michael 368 Davidson, Debra 285, 347 Davidson, Jack 324 Davidson, Linda 368 Davidson, Mark 253, 285, 305, 347 Davis, Amanda 347 Davis, Andy 235, 358 Davis, Angle 72 Davis, Brad 253 Davis, Brenda 368 Davis, Chrystal 217 Davis, David 368 Davis, Dee 259, 278, 283, 300, 368 Davis, Dodd 244 Davis, Donald 259, 358 Davis, Jamie 213, 281 Davis, Jennifer 347 Davis, Keith 279 Davis, Kelly 197, 229, 325 Davis, Louise 358 Davis, Margaret 227, 306, 348 Davis, Meg 273, 326 Davis, Richie 95, 307 Davis, Roger 255 Davis, Siacy 348 Davis, Steve 237, 273, 336, 378 Davis, William 336 Dawkins, Ward 368 Dawson, Eric 358 Dawson, John 368 Day, April 227 Day, Jane 137, 160, 209, 368 Day, Jennifer 229, 285, 310, 358 De La Torre, Iva N 348 Dean, Donna 207, 358 Dean, Ellen 225, 348 Dean, Melvin 307 Dean, Sara 379 Dean, William 358 Dear, Gabriel 246, 307 Dear, Kristen 348 Dear, Steven 336 Dearman, Kathan 215 Deaton, Bradley 368 Deaton, Lori 358 Deberry, Jeanie 209, 210 Decann, Jennifer 348 Decell, Elizabeth ' Lisa ' 215, 348 Dees, Tia 79, 327 Dell, Lance 237 Dellenger, John 358 Deloach, Brent 255 Deloach, Jerry 232 DELTA DELTA DELTA 214 DELTA GAMMA 216 DELTA GAMMA ANCHOR SPLASH 204 DELTA PSI 240 DELTA SIGMA PI 156 DELTA SIGMA THETA 218 Demboski, John 138, 150, 295, 368 Demeris, Stephanie 229 Demlow, Ada 322, 379 Demlow, Jeffrey 146, 368 Demos, David 348 Dendy. Mike 162 Denkler, Amy 348 Denkman, Gregory 255 Denley, Deanna 161, 209, 358 Denley, Sellers Gail 172 Dennis, James 241 Dennis, Lori 215 Dennis, Michael 249, 358 Dennis, Paul 291 Dennis, Vester 348 Dennison, Melissa 328 Denny, Dawn 358 Denton, Dudley 215, 310 Denton, Katrina 327, 336 Denton, Laurie 197, 215, 325, 336 Desilva, Ajit 368 Desimone, Damien 313, 348 Dessler, Michael 350 Deterly, Lea 215 Deukler, Amy 227 Devault, Linda 213 Devendra, Sheela 358 Devereaux, Cheryl 386 Devine, Carol 348 Devine, Richard 265, 348 Dewbre, Doyle 368 Dewees, Jennifer 215 Dewess, Guy 249 Dewey, Alia 306 Dewey, Margaret L 172 Dexter, Darren 336 Dickens, Dana 328 Dickens, Oren William 172 Dickerson, Dianene 336 Dickerson, James 148, 368 Dickey, Bubba 307 Dietrich, Kendra 348 Dietrich, Vike 281 Diffenback, Dee-Dee 295, 358 Dildy, John 358 Dill, John 255, 305 Dillard, David 358 Dillard, Terry 308 Dillon, Danielle 22 1, 328 Dillon, Pamela 225, 284, 285 Dillow, Lynda 368 Dillow, Shelly 147 Dinero, Keely 336 Dingeldein, Mark 348 Dittmar, Joseph 336 DIXIE WEEK 44 Dixon, John 255 Dixon, Kendra 336 Dixon, Lloyd 246, 324, 358 Dixon, Michael 237, 302, 348 Dobrci, Stacey 229, 327 Dodd, Bobbie Gail 138, 386 Dodd, Darren 252, 253, 305, 358 Dodd, Janice 289 Dodson, Drew 249 Dodson, Shelly 368 Doiron, Phillip 336 Doke, Jacqueline 348 Dokerich, Jackie 221 Dolan, Stephanie 336 Donaldson, Julie 225, 326 Donovan, Kent 302, 348 Donti, Rajendra 379 Doom, Arnold 358 Dorghmich, Zoffee 308 Dorough, Melinda 227 Dorri, Mehdi 379 Dorris, Lindy 221 Dorris, Tommie 291 Dorroh, Linda 386 Dossett, Chris 336 Dossett, Jennifer 348 Doster, Cathy 221, 358 Dougherty, Elizabeth ' Liz ' 229, 336 Douglas, Don 162 Douglas, Janna 229 Douglas, O ' Neal 159, 290, 379 Douglass, Frank 348 Douglass, Janna 348 Dowd, James 161, 379 Dowdy, Robert Wayne 173 Dowdy, Sharon 336 Dowdy, Stanley 246, 291, 348 Dowdy, Todd 259, 286 Dowe, Amy 273, 368 Downey, Anna 227, 336 Downey, Mary 368 Downing, Jeff 249 Downing, Patricia 386 Downs, Chuck 235 Downs, Mark 301 Doxey, Angela 336 Doyle, Lori 209, 348 Drake. Kerin 325 Drane, Ken 253, 336 Draper, Kenny 253 Draper, Thomas 161 Draughn, Marilyn ' Lyn ' 213, 336 Draughon, Elizabeth 368 Draughon, Missy 215, 300 Drinkard, David 263 Driscoll, Katherine 221 Drummond, Chris 235 Drummond, Desiree 358 Drummond, Lisa 368 Dubberly, Beth 229, 327 Dubberly, John 249 Duchscher, Celena 217 Duckworth, Kala 215 Dudley, Shane 386 Duffy, Keith 138 Duffy, Sean 309 Duke, Josephine ' Jopi ' 225, 348 Dulaney, Chase 259 Dumas, Charlie 259 Dumas, Kelly 197, 225, 284, 285, 336 Dunagin, Piper 217 Dunaway, lira 213, 358 Dunaway, Rhonda 281, 285, 287, 359 Duncan, Elizabeth 325 Dunlap, Candace 213 Dunlap, Gary 368 Dunlap, Shannon 386 Dunlap, Tommy 265 Dunn, Leslie 225 Dunn, Robert 336 Dunn, Sean 301 Dunn, Wendy 359 Dunna, Shyam 359 Durant, Charles 348 Dur fey, Allan 237 Durrett, Elaine 215, 359 Durrett, Laura 336 Duvic, Engenie 225 Dye, Angela 359 Dye, Bradford ' Ford ' 156, 161, 259, 282, 348 Dye, Hamp 130, 138, 147, 150, 196, 263, 310, 368 Dyer, Frank 336 -E- Bakes, Jeff 262, 348 Earhart, Erin 326, 336 Early, Lloyd 336 Easley, Kim 227, 359 Easom, August 221, 327 East, Melissa 348 Easter, Brooke 368 Eastman, Allison 359 Eaton, Lisha 359 Eaton, Mark 291, 368 Eaves, Paige 326, 336 Echols, John 359 Echols, Kristie 217, 282, 359 Ecklund, Edie 225 Economides. Thoukidides 359 Eddleman, Christian 241 Edgar, Leigh 221 Edgar, Susan 325 Edgcworth, Jeff 259 EDITOR ' S CLOSING 416 Edmonds, Mike 173 EDUCATION SCHOOL 182 Edwards, Audrey 213, 348 Edwards, Carmon 368 Edwards, Dex 158 Edwards, Frank 368 Edwards, Herman 288 Edwards, Ian 368 Edwards, John 260, 263, 301 Edwards, Katherine 197, 215 Edwards, Mary 336 Edwards, Melanie Dawn 225, 348 " Edwards, Michael 263, 302 Edwards, Michelle 162, 283 Edwards, Sarah 368 Edwards, Shelby 249, 305 Edwards, Sondra 227, 336 Edwards, Stephanie 328, 336 Edwards, William 368 Egger, James ' Jim ' 159, 290, 318, 379 Eggers, Kelly 229 Ehrgott, Stacy 225 Eichelberger, Sharon Nicole 209, 368 Eicher, Donald 336 Eickholz, James 255, 348 Eickholz, Jim 280 Eidson, Mary 359 Eidt, Manfred 359 Elam, Kimberly 368 Elam, Laura 359 Eldridge, Leigh 227, 336 Eldringhoff, Andy 263 ELECTION COMMISSION 279 Eller, Chet 328, 336 Elliot, Michael 336 Elliott, Andrea 326 Elliott, Charles 368 Elliott, Frank 359 Elliott, Maggie 213, 359 Elliott, Mary 207 Elliott, Walter 263 Ellis, Ed 241 Ellis, Joe 241 Ellis, John 368 Ellis, Patri 160 Elmore, Joseph David 173 Emerson, Leo 196, 232, 288, 348 Emerson, Peter 348 Emerson, William 368 Emmons, Jane 215 Emory, Mayo 255 Endres, Andrew 348 Endris, Gregory 359 Enfinger, Robert 359 ENGINEERING SCHOOL 184 ENGINEERING STUDENT BODY 308 English, Ray 241 Enochs, Scott 159,292,318 Ensign, Michael 368 Epperson, Eric 336 Epting, Leigh Anne 217 Ertle, Stacy 209, 210 Ervin, Daniel 227 Erwin, Andrea 207, 348 Everett, George A 173 livers, Julie 274, 368 Ewer, Sid 379 Ewing, Andrea 209, 348 Ewing, Bill 253, 305, 328 Eyck, Stephanie Ten 326 Eizell, Jane 213, 325 Erwin, Charles Ray 359 Escamilla, Uura 156, 348 Esquivel, Jessica 291 Essary, Dale 302 Estes, Christi 138, 160, 197, 207, 368 Estes, Stephanie 348 Estess, Tom 253 Estock, Tony 308 Etoch, Amy Claire 156 Etua, Marie-Julie 158 Eubank, Tom 284 Eubanks, Angela 207, 368 Eubanks, James 237, 302 Eubanks, Micky 359 Eubanks, Tara 215, 348 Euban Evans, Evans, Evans, Evans, Evans, Evans, Evans, Evans, Evans, Evans, Evans, Evans, Evans, ks, Trey 236 Alan 301 Darrell 291 Demetria 368 James 318, 368 jay 259 jimmy 336 Lee 2 13, 287 Mike 295 Nina 368 Patrick 265, 336 Philip 368 Rene 324, 326 Sandra 293, 336, 359 -F- Fair, Frederick 368 Fairley, Andrew ' Drew ' 162, 253 Falah, Marwan 359 Falkner, Mike 308 Fansler, Amanda 368 Farese, Alison 213, 279, 283 Fans, Richard 386 Fariss, Carol 336 Farmer, Celest 227, 286 Farmer, Christopher 348 Farmer, Greta 221 Farmer, Margaret 359 Farr, Paul 259 Farr, Phaedra 327 Farrington, Richard 336 Farris, Woods 237 Farrish, Christi 359 Farrish, Teresa 336 Faulkner, Alfie 253 Faulkner, Dina 386 Faust, James 336 FAVORITES 66 Feagin, William 336 Fears, johnny 291 FEATURES 62 Feldhaus, Carrie 291, 295 Felsher, Charles 263 Felton, Kelle 221, 348 Fennegan, Sydney 229 Ferguson, David 307 Ferguson, James 348, 359 Ferguson, Katie 162 Ferguson, Ricky 336 Ferguson, Vern 249 Fernandez, R enita 379 Fero, Juliette 161 Ferrell, Jeana 287, 336 Ferrell, Joann 229, 336 Ferris, Anne 156, 215, 348 Ferris, William 173 Ferro, Ralph 348 Fetlerd, Suzanne 282 Fickel, Jason 348 Field, Darryl 336 Fields, Jimmy 307 Fields, Laura Lynn 221, 348 Fimiano, Tara 327, 336 FINANCIERS CLUB 312 Finch, Kay Kay 229 Finley, Holly 213, 336 Finley, Misty 359 Finn, Michael 359 Finnegan, Chris 235 Fischer, Daniel 263, 336 Fisher, l.eigh 209 Fisher, Thomas 359 Fitch, Tan 158 Flack, Wesley 215 Flechas, Patricia 225, 290 Fleitas, Shannon 285 Fleming, Jim 253 Flemister, Matthew 301 Flemons, Jacqueline 328, 336 Flesher, Charles 285 Fletcher, Bill 253 Fletcher, George 336 Fletcher, Mark 309 Fletcher, Spence 359 Flippin, Cynthia 215, 325 Flowers, Ginger 359 Floyd, Binky 225 Floyd, William 336 Flynn, Penny 209 Flynt, John 249 Flynt, Lisa 229, 310 Foard , Mary 359 Foley, Dave 307 FOOTBALL 90 FOOTBALL GAMES 30 Forbes, George 298, 307 Ford, Christine 147 Ford, Kathy 209 Ford, Kevin 379 Ford, Patrick 359 Ford, Tammy 281, 306, 324, 327, 359 Forester, Sharon 215, 325 Forney, Wendy 213 Forrester, Randall 302, 359 Fortenberry, Bobby 348 Fortenberry, Kellie 327, 336 Fortenberry, Reynolds 249 Fos, Tammy 348 Foster, Amy 221 Foster, Henry 359 Foster, Kim 225 Foster, Michael 348 Foster, Stephanie 213 Fountain, Glinda 295, 336 Fountain, Kay 325 Fountain, Penny 273, 336 Fouts, Kathy 225 Foweler, Jeff 196, 359 Fowler, Martha 326 Fowlkes, Anne 213 Fox, J Adrain 274 Fox, Shannon 138, 150, 160, 215, 286, 310,312 Fox, Tommy 305 Foxworth, Jason 349 Frank, Christopher 336 Frank, Kim 221,349 Frank, Vescia 349 Franklin, Ann 386 Franklin, Lisa 160, 225 Franklin, Marlene 302, 349 Franklin, Myra 336 Franklin, Paula 336 Franklin, Webster 249 Franks. Elizabeth 349 Franks, Sandra 336 Franks, Sherron 161 Franks, Suzanne 209 I ralrsi, Katherine 337 1-rc ' di-mk. Carla 349 fTfdt-rk ks Christina 379 Freeland. Dana 227, 327, 337 I nvman. Chip 249, 285 Freeman, Elizabeth 209, 337 Freeman, Guy 337 Freeman, Samuel 359 Freeman, Trey 263 Freew, Mori 349 Freinian, Mark 337 Fremlin, Johan 319 French, Caroline 229, 325 I r.-iu h. Kandace 287, 349 l-ri ' iuh, Prcskm 237 FRESHMEN 334 FretU ' rd, Suzanne 359 Frierson, Uvorace 289, 331, 368 I nloux, Brian 386 Fn ell. Jerry 369 Fn ell, Roberta 369 Frohn, trie 156, 260 1-rohn. William 263, 349 Fruge. Don 1. 174 Fudge, Chris 253 Fudge, Gary 237, 273, 308 Fulcher. Emily 29, 73, 213 Fullord, Kim 215, 326 Fulgham, )odi 213 Fullam, Todd 274, 359 Funk, Patricia Paige 221, 285, 337 Funk, Tommy 139, 278, 279, 286, 305,310,369 -G- Gadd, Keilh 235, 359 :i 337 Gaines, Heather 215, 284 Gaines, Marian 337 Gallerano. Kelly 21 5, 337 Callien, |ane Eflen 156,217 Gallina, Ellen 224, 225 Gallina, |ohn 249 Galloway, Scott 263 Calvin, Michele 349 Gamble, George 369 Gamble, Woody 349 Gamblin, Kim 509, 349 GAMMA BETA PHI 146 GAMMA IOTA SIGMA 323 Gammage, Jeffrey 337 Gammage, Tonya 306 Ganann, Susan 207, 337 Ganju, Sidharth 379 Gann, Julie 225 Gann, Robin 207 Ganri, Avinash 349 Ganupuru, Venkataramana 379 Garam, Charles 369 Gardner, Alec 232, 288, 369 Gardner. Don 253, 349 Gardner, Judy 369 Gardner, Lea 286 Gardner, Tommy 302 Gardner, Tracv 369 Gamer, Amy 326 Garner, Clay 291 Gamer, David 241 Gamer, Gerald 359 Gamer. Jonathan 301 Gamer. Lee 324, 369 Garr, Shelia 225 Garrecht, Alex 263, 278, 337 Garrecht, Bethany 213, 369 Garrett, Linnc 20 ' 7 Garrett, Mark 161 Garrett, Phillip 369 Garretl, Preston 161, 359 Garrott, Juli 213, 325, 337 Garst, Leslie 225 Gary, Anne Marie 225, 326 Gary, Monica 227 Gary, Patricia 327 Gaston, John 156, 196, 263 Gates, Rusty 158 Gallin, Stacey 156,217,349 Gatlin, Thomas 359 Gaudet, Catherine 139, 160, 161, 217. 369 Gausline, Gregg 291, 318. 337 Gautier, Caroline 359 Gavin, Amy 207, 359 Gay, Edward 237 Gaylor, Kathleen 162 Gebhart, Leland 337 Gee, John 313 Geer, Joe 235 Geisewite, Laura 215, 284 Geisewite, Lawrence ' Larry ' 161, 249 Geno, Gary 307 Gentleman, J P 307 Gentry, Beatrice 369 Gentry, Michael 232, 369 Gentry, Timothy 369 Georgeson, Sarah 221 Gerhart. Scott 253, 305, 337 Gerlach, Cynthia 326 Germano, Charlie 253, 349 Gettys, Lawrence 301 Gho, Patricia 225 Gholson. Webb 249 Gibbons, David 265, 337 Gibbons, Marv 225 Gibbs, John 255, 286 Gibbs, Monte 307 Gibson, Kelvin 337 Gibson, William 369 Giddens, John 259 Gideon, James 255 Gifford, Tracey217, 369 Gilbert, Steven 263, 301 Gilbert, Tracy 302, 349 Gilbreach, Jeff 259 Gilchrist, Daniel 286 Gilchrist, Katie 139, 150, 161, 217, 274, 369 Gilder. Rivers 349 Giles, Carissa ' Cari ' 295, 337 Gili-., Nicole 213, 282, 285, 327, 337 Gill, Catherine 229 Gill, Chris 249 Gill, John 369 Gill, Km 147, 249, 302. 359 Gill, Rhonda 160, 386 Gillard. Lisa 359 Gillespie. Julie 225 Gillespie, Lias 158 Gillespie, Stacey 359 Gilliam, Carolyn 337 Gilhs, Shawn 237 Gillom, Theresa 337 Gilmartin, Suzanne 325, 337 Gilmore, Paul 250. 286 Gilmore, Tammy 359 Gilpen, Cary 24 " ! Ginn, Robert 151, 163 Given, Chris 337 Gladney, Tom 235 Glasgow, Tom 163, 256, 301 Glass, Gerald 359 Glasser, Edie 215, 244 Glidewell. Sherry 369 Glover, Jodi 306, ' 359 Goberville, Kristin 229 Goddard, Jessica 386 Goff. Carol 328 Goff, Jason 359 Goff, Melissa 337 Goff, Rob 307 Goforth, Albert 349 Goforth, Manuel 369 Goforth, Ray 160 Goforth, Todd 241, 293 Gogoi, Rupak 369 Golden, Beverly 369 GOLDEN KEY 151 Goldman, Bethanna 337 Goldman. Lee 221, 337 Goldman, Paul 359 Goldsmith, Alan 337 Colestanian, Hassan 359 Golestanian, Hossein 359 GOLF 120 Gongre, David 369 Gooch, Jeff 249 Gooch, Lan 307 Gooch, Lynn 328 Gooch, Shirley 229 Good, David 349 Good, Kenneth 237 Goode, Kay-Lynn 349 Goode, Tonya ' 337 Goodloe, Willie 90, 91, 307 Goodman, Alan 359 Goodman, Courtney 227 Goodman, Lynn 386 Goodnite, John 369 Goodwin, Ginger 160, 197, 215, 369 Goodwin, Shana 209, 331, 337 Goolsby, Gloria 369 Gordon, Bobby 265 Gordon, Brook ' s 249 Gordon, Charles 369 Gordon, Chip 286 Gordon, Dave 235 Gordon, Gabrielle 316, 359 Gordon, James 337 Gordon, Marcia 220, 221, 369 Gordon. Melissa 290, 326, 337 Gordon. Richard 337 Gordon, Robert 359 Gordon, Tara215 Gordon, Teresa 369 Gordon, Valerie 229, 369 Gore, Trey 309 Gorham, Ashley 225, 359 Gorman, John 255 Gorton, Lindsay 213 Gorton, Mack 156, 157 Could, Bret 369 Gould, Rebecca 309 GOVERNER 166 Grace, Ginger 229 GRADUATE SCHOOL 186 GRADUATES 378 Grafe, John 263 Gragson, Kimberly 326 Graham, Bobby 265 Graham, Ginger 213 Graham, Howard 196, 259 Graham, Jessica 207, 327 Graham , Johnathan 369 Graham. Mark 272, 273, 274, 369 Graham, Martha 337 Graham, Molly 326 Graham, Renee 379 Graham, Robert 337 Graham, Tommy 253 Graham, Wanda 369 Grambling, Edgar 24 1 Granger, Julie 209, 322, 359 Granger, Wendy 278, 327 Grant, Alice 359 Grantham, Darin 302, 359 Grantham, Lisa 207 Grantham, Priscilla 215 Grantham, Tiffany 221, 359 Grantland, Stacy 225 Graves, Michelle 217 Graves, Timmi 213 Gray, Amy 207 Gray, Angela 161, 207, 359 Gray, Bruce Frank 263, 359 Gray, Bryon 249 Gray, Chris 303 Gray, Christi 369 Gray, Fred 369 Gray, Julie 349 Gray, Kevin 253 Gray, Mike 148, 308, 309, 369 GREEK WEEK 198 GREEKS 194 Green, Anna 359 Green, Barrett 308. 322, 359 Green, Chris 259, 302 Green, Derrick 337 Green, Rollie 227, 349 Green, Rose 359 Green, Scott 328 Green, Shelley 215 Green, Willi 94 Greene, Jonathan 255 Greenlee, George 328 Greenlee, Richard 249 Greenwell, Amy 209, 349 Greer, Gina 349 Greer, Harold 359 Greer, Jason 260, 263, 337 Greer, Kim 215 Greer. Shelly 162 Greer, Todd 156,259,349 Gregory, Beverly 337 Gregory, Lone 569 Gregory, Sylvia 359 Gregory, Tracey 213, 337 Grey, Brooke 249 Griffin, Parrizia 349 Griffin, Timothy 369 Griffing, Sandi 215 Griffith, Cynthia 337 Griffith, Dave 349 Grigsbv, Keith 298 Grimes, Cathy 197, 283, 284, 285, 327, 337 ' Grimm, Thomas 359 Griner, Charles 337 Grisham, Wendy 225 Grissell, Lewis 285 Griswold, Catherine 213, 326, 337 Griswold, Dickson 249, 359 Critter, Melissa ' Missy ' 281, 359 Grizzard, Ashley 161, 215, 321, 359 Grochau, Douglas 147, 241, 303, 310 Grochau, Mark 147. 156. 241 Grogan, Allison 213, 274, 302, 322, 369 Grogan, Nolan 259 Gross, Chad 244 Group, Lori 337 Growan, Will 256 Grubbs, Chris 359 Guccio, Greg 259 Guckert, Harry 255 Guest, Anna Kathryn 225, 326 Guillory, Brandi 209, 337 Guimbellot, David 259 Guin, Brett 159, 291, 369 Guion, Rebecca 359 Cum ' rix, Patricia 349 Gulati, Manish 349 Gullett, Stephen 265, 369 Gulley, Kelly 217 Cullv, Nicole 221 Gully, Trade 349 Gundavajhal, Anand 379 Gunn, Candy 369 Gunn, Glenn 302, 369 Gunn, Gloria 306, 324, 325, 369 Gunn, Scott 139, 258, 259 Gunnarson, Patricia 221, 349 Gunner, Brad 196, 237, 349 Guntharp. Richard 237 Gupta, Anil 379 Gurley, Whitney 209, 337 Gumer, Joe 293 Guthridge, Robert 255 Gutierrez. Luis 301, 360 Gutierrez, Sergio 379 Guton, Janet 217 Guttensohn, Eric 359 Guy, Sean 255 Guvton, David 259, 286, 369 -H- Habeeb, Albert 369 Habeeb, Alisa 273 Habeeb, Leanne 159, 209. 240, 290 Habeeb, Sam 282, 287, 349 Habig, Douglas 369 Hable, Katherine 215, 285 Hachem, Ali 301 Hadad, Laurin 349 Haddad, Amy 213, 281, 282, 284, 327, 337 Hadley, Mark 337 Hagaman, Michelle 227 Hagaman, Robin Michelle 227, 337 Hagan, Jean 158, 370 Hagins, Nancy 349 Haigler, Charlotte 227, 349 Haire, Karen 360 Haire, Ross 360 Hale. Cynthia 349 Hale, Jason 298, 300 Hale, Jennifer 156, 209, 306, 349 Hale, Paul W 174 Haley, Elaine 229 Haley, Jeff 338 Hall, Ginger 370 Hall, Karen 151,229,370 Hall, Lisa 370 Hall, Marty 253 Hall. Mvra 160 Hall, Ruth 370 HALL OF FAME 128 Hallman, Scott 162 Hambrick, Renee 217, 360 Hamel, Anna 227 Hamelley, Trip 241 Hamil, Leigh 207 Hamilton, Mary Ellen 225, 325 Hamilton, Merrily 221 Hamlin, Angela 570 Hamm, Jodi 273, 338 Hamm, Kyle 299 Hammack, Misty 197, 227, 285, 338 Hammett, Todd 360 Hammill, Jennifer 210, 285, 370 Hammond, Kristan 209 Hammond, Robin 386 Hammond, Shelby 73, 77, 215 Hamsley, Kim 229, 327 Handley, Trip 240 Haney, Robert 360 Hankins, Sarah 225 Hannibal, Chris 360 Hannon, Angie 386 Hansen, David 244 Hanson, Melissa 229, 338 Haque. Zakir 370 Harbour, Dave 370 Harbuck, Sonny 307 Hardie. Scott 249 Hardin, Les 302, 370 Hardin, Paul 249 Hardison, Len 123, 235 Hardy Sanford 237 Hardy, Greg 246 Hardy, Stephanie 227, 325, 338 Hare, Amelia 244 Hargrove, Elizabeth 215 Hariharan, Jayashree 379 Haring. Tern 349 Harless, John 263 Harmon, Patrick 255, 328, 338 Harmon, Stu 259 Harold, Lisa 308 Harper, William 263 Harrell, Angela 360 Harrelson, Kim 225 Harrington, Lee 386 Harris, Candy 360 Harris, Cara 221, 328, 338 Harris, Celeste 360 Han-is, Chico 274, 305 Harris, Craig 370 Harris, Elizabeth Joell 227, 349 Harris, Frank 249, 360 Harris, Holly 229 Harris, Jay 284 Harris, John 349 Harris, Julie 225 Harris, Julius 196, 246 Harris. Matthew 285. 286, 349 Harris. Shawn 349 Harris. Sheila 230, 338 Harrison, Cindy 295. 313. 360 Harrison, Debo ' rah 370 Harrison, Jayme 370 Harrison, Monroe A 174 Harrison, Steve 235 Harrison, Sylvia 338 Hart. Angefa 76, 139, 386 Hart, Cvdni Allyson 227, 370 Hart, Tara 327 Hartfield, Angelia 338 Hartford, Carol 360 Hartley. Meredith 161,225 Hartman, Heather 227, 349 Hartness, Cindy 160 Hartness, Julie 215, 338 Hartzog, Michelle 73 Harvey, Martin 360 Harvey. Timothy 360 Harwe ' ll, Laura 526 Harwell, Randv 302, 360 Harwell, Reed ' 2 15, 327, 338 Harwood, Jennifer 338 Hase, Cynthia ' Cindy ' 209, 360 Hasseltine, Ashley 215, 305 Hasseltine, Suzanne 215, 349 Hathcock, Kenneth 370 Hathom, Kimberle 227, 284, 327, 338 Hausner, Shannon 370 Hawkins, Bryan 139, 150, 196, 249, 285, 310, 360 Hawkins, Holly 326 Hawkins. James 263, 360 Hawkins. Jane 207 Hawkins, Palsy 152 Hawkins, Path 386 Hawkins, Sharon 338 Hawkins, Sherry 327 Hawkins, Stephen 265, 305, 360 Hawkins, Susan 217 Hawks, Joan Varner 174 Hayden, Claire 213, 287, 349 Hayden, Henry 338 Hayden, Tommy 260, 263, 285 Hayes, David 349 Hayes, Dawn 207, 349 Hayes, James 265 Hayes, Tracy 213. 349 Hayman, Teresa 386 Hays, William 338 Hd ' aib, Shaban 379 Head, Michael 235, 360 Heath. Cory 370 Heath. Rose 360 Hedrick, Stacey 207 Heery, Neal 360 HEFLEY HALL 329 Heflin, Allyson 66, 227 Heflin, Kristi 227, 284, 285, 326, 338 Heidbreder. Karen 349 Heidel, James ' Jay ' 260, 263, 319, 349 Heimburger, Greg 241, 291 Helium, Bryan 328 Helm, Thomas 360 Helsley, Beth 209 Helsley, Claudia 360 Helton. Kathv 370 Henderson. Bryan 370 Henderson, Chad 349 Henderson. Daniel 162, 360 Henderson, Dawn 302 Henderson, Debora 213 Henderson, Holly 215, 370 Henderson, Mary 161 Hendricks, Roy 338 Hendrix, Michael 370 Hendrix, Robert 302 Henley, Jim 309 Hennessey, Lynn 69, 117, 140. 150, 215 Hennican, Michael 237 Hennington, Thomas 370 Henrv. Allyson 213 Henri, Carol 370 Henry, Debra 225 Henry, Michelle 209 Henry, Thomas 370 Hensarling, Robynne 221, 306, 349 Hensley, Elizabeth 370 Hensley, Laura Beth 213 Hensley, Mary 360 Henson, Margaret 290, 349 Heredia, Kenneth 255 Heriard. Heather 328, 338 Herman, Carol 207 Herman, Tammy 370 Hermitz, Kevin 259 Hernandez, Joanna 338 Herrera, Kevin 159, 293, 318 Herring, Caroline 197, 284, 328 Herring, Darrell 123 Herring, Heather 229, 326 Herring. Kimberly 360 Herring, Leigh 349 Herring, Robert 370 Herring, Terri 156 Herrington, Angela 379 Herrington, James 370 Herrington, Leigh 221 Herrington, Leslie 215, 325 Hemngton, Martha 338 Herrington, Michael 263, 349 Herrington, Sulynn 209, 360 Herrington, Tommy 235 Herrod, Jeff 99, 307 Herron, Lynda 370 Hertlein, Doris 197, 229, 370 Hervey, Dawn 215 Hess, Kurt 370 Hess, Mary Ann 379 Hewes, Fmley 259 Hewes, Fredrick 255 Hewes, Robert 255 Hewitt, Melissa 227, 287, 290, 370 Hewitt, Rob 249 Hewitt, Whit 249 Hickerson, Devin 235 Hickerson, Michael 338 Hicks, Courtney 221, 306 Hicks, Jennifer 221, 338 Hicks, Joseph 237 Hicks, Lisa 349 Higginbotham, Beth 331 Higginbotham, Bobby 249, 307 Higginbotham, Steve 249, 328, 338 Higgins. Samantha 207, 349 Higmower, Pamela 370 Hilburn, Cary 338 Hilbum, Hayley 260, 360 Hill, Anndra 217, 306, 349 Hill, Charles 237, 360 Hill, Cynthia 162,231 Hill, Elizabeth 217, 349 Hill, John 253 Hill, Kathy217 Hill. Keith 159,265,291.318 Hill, Kelly 293, 338 Hill, Nancy 227 Hill, Renecia 289, 338 Hill, Richard 360 Index 391 Hill, Stephanie 225, 349 Hill. Tracy 197 Hillery. Bitsie 209 Hillerv. Man ' 360 Hillhouse. John 318 Hillman, Laura 221, 349 Hilton, Frances 370 limes. Owen 3i.O limes. Reid 307 Mini ' s, Richard 338 Hini-s, Tracy 360 Hinder, James 241 Malendia 318 Hitt. Ashley 21? Hoard. Tina 37 ' Hol ' bs, Dirk 2p5. 303 Hobson. Beth 197, 209, 360 Hobson, Joyce 360 Hodge, Gaines 349 Hodge, John 28?, 360 Hodges, lulii- 229, 325 Hodges. Michelle 229 Hodum, Phillip 370 Hoefer, Heidi 213, 326 Hoevabjenvnkoevs, Kablden 360 Hoffman. BVian 300 i login ' . Robert 2??, 338 Honors!, Charles 2.S5, 338 Holbrook Debbie 227 Holbrook, Cilda 162, 207, 290, 360 Horton, Shelia 338 Horton, Tom 284 Hoskms, Dame! 140. 307 Hoskms. I M 288 Hoskins, Xanei 284. 338 HOTTY TODDY CLUB 305 Houck, Chris 112, 113 Mouire. lohn 162 House, Nikki 225 House. Sivy 217 i lousev [ m;. ' im . vS Housey, John 360 Houston. James 349 HovU, Kimberlv 138 Howard. Barbara 338 Howard. Bourn 161, 349 Howard, Dawn 162. 370 Howard, Ilenise Ml), ISO, 197, 330, .57(1 Howard, Ginny 225 Howard, lulie 360 Howard, Katnna 218, 272, 273, 278, 288. 28 " . 324. 327, 349 Howard, Stephanie 207, 338 Howe, Richard 140. 379 Howell, Bernie 235 Howell. Beth 74, 197. 216. 284. 285 Howell. Holly 22 " Howell Lindsev .? () Howell, Martha 215 Holiomb. Barry 286 Holcomb. Maria 318 Holden. David 237 Holden, Holly 162 Holcman, Jeff 292, 360 Holland. Anthony 370 Holland, Keith 255 Holland, Tony 235 Holland, Twyla 349 Holley, Angela 370 Holley, Bob 300 Holley. Karen Darlene 386 Holley, Rodney 360 Hollingshead, Jonathan 338 Hollingsworth. Leslie 370 Holloman, Haley 215 Hollowav. Gregory 338 Holloway, Judy 207 Hollowav, Trecia 113 Hollowed, lennifer 160, 197 Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho man, lanie 211, 282. 338 man, Lara 225 mes, David 308, 322, 370 mes, Janice 290, 328 mes. Jennifer 290 mes, Kimberly 338 mes, Marianna 229 mes, Paige 207 mes, Terry 386 sworth, Angela 158 HOMECOMING 28 HOMECOMING COURT 72 Honan, Kelly 225 HONORS 126 HONORS PROGRAM 149 Honors!, Charles 328 Hontzas, Stephanie 227 Hood, Rhonda 293 Hood. Robin 370 Hood, Teresa 370 Hood, Thomas Gordon 1 74 Hoofnagle, Joseph 338 Hooi, Chiew 370 Hooker, Allison 21 3 Hooker, Kathleen 150, 162, 213 Hooker, Louise 213, 326, 338 Hooker, Nat 249 Hoong, Ngee 379 Hoof.. ' Nella 370 Hopkins, Angela 370 Hopkins. Ashley 69, 150. 160, 215. 370 Hopkins, Patrick 161 Hopkins, Scottie 370 Hopper, Richard 265, 370 Hopper, Samantha 209, 290 Hopson, Max 338 Horae, Steve 307 Hord. Eddie 2.35 Horn, Christian 229, 360 Horn, Kelly 292. 326 Horn, Lisa 313 Horn, William 338 Hornadav, Stephen 338 Home. Virginia 360 Hornor, Mary 229, 338 Homsbv, Molly 213 Horton, ' Holly 273, 370 Horton, Jim 253 Horton, Melissa 231 392 Index Howell. Rosalyn 300, 360 Howie, ]ohn 196 Howorth, Marion Beckett 175 Howser, Mark 253, 349 Hsieh, Fonchan 379 Mu. Dan 379 Huang, Chintan 379 Hubacek, Ux-241 Hubbard, Linda 289 Hubbard, Phyllis 370 Hubbard, Sam 21 Huckaby, Bobby 360 Huckaby, Jimmy 349 Huddleston, Mark 338 Huddleston, Paul 349 Hudson, Amy 349 Hudson, Donald 255 Hudson, Joe 313, 349 Hudson, Randy 250 Hudson, Rayford 255, 328, 338 Hudson, Stephen 150, 155 Hudson, Tina 338 Hudspeth, Frank 160 Huffstatler, Una 360 Muggins, Jennifer 338 Muggins, Rhonda 379 Hupes, Chris 260, 263, 284, 338 Hughes, Deborah 360 Hughes, Glen 249 Hughes, Jay 349 Hughes. Laura 225 Hughes, Melody 349 Hughes, Stanley 237 Huguley, Elizabeth 360 Hufan, Carl ' C.A. ' 235, 287, 349 Hummel, Regina ' Gina ' 227, 338 HUMOR 56 Humphrey, Theresa 322, 331 Humphreys, Barbara 230, 231, 289, 370 ' Humphries, Amy 206, 207 Hunger, James 156 Hunt, Darren 291, 318, 370 Hunt, Jeffrey 370 Hunt. Kevin 338 Hunt, Lindsey 237 Hunt, Noel 349 Hunter, Shannon 221, 350 Hurd, Rebecca 360 Hurdle, Frank 131, 140, 273. 274, 305 Hurdle, Leigh 2 17, 360 Hurdle, Missy 216, 217 Hurley, Shannon 327, 338 Hurt, Kevin 93 Hurt, Linda 23 1.370 Htisnik, Gregory 379 Hussain, Masixnl 370 Hussey. Duke 159, 291, 318 Hutcheson, Ginger 360 HuUhe-on. Yvone 227 Hutchinson, Vincent 350 Hutson, Angela 370 Hutson, Scott 255 Hutto. Cecil 379 Hulto, Rhonda 386 Hux, Deborah 229 Hwang, Yu 379 Hwu, Shing Min 379 Hyde Lyn227, 273 Hyde, Robe.t 259. ' ,(,() Hyde. Valerie 213. 350 Hyer km 252. 251 Hyvei Michelle 209, 210 -I- lannelli. Riihard 255. 12 lelaidms. Lori 211.327,338 Ihlbrock. Ingo 253, 284, 301. 338 Illanne. Vicky 386 Im, Stephen 3 1 3 Ince. Alan Samuel 307. 350 Indovina, Rubyn 22.S, 229, 350 INFORMATION MANAGEMENT 278 Ingraham, Carol 150, 227, 370 Ingram, Cheryl .150 Ingram. Joel 162, 196, 263 Ingram, Lee 225 Intharajah. Kanemlran 370 INTRAMURAL OFFICIALS 302 1NTRAMURA1.S 124 Iranmahboob. lamshiii 1MI Irby, Gerald 282, 360 Irbv Mark 237 Irby, Mary 230. 231, 274, 289, 306 Irvin, Todd 307 Irvin. Trade 350 Isacks. Fletcher 275. 298 IsonhoiHl, Robert 350 lupe. Ida 229 Iverson, Gary 370 Iverson Marv 370 Ivey, Kenneth 338 Anne 215 lat kson, Anne 215 laikson. Fehsha 318 lackson, laiquelyno 379 lackson, Kermit298, 307 l.u kson, Kimyu.ina 338 Jackson, Liesa 209, 350 Jackson. Myrick 370 Jackson. Stac 213 lackson, Victoria 379 lackson, Virginia Ann 228. 229, 327 Jacob, Cassandra 370 Jacobs. Dale 263 Jacobs. Kimberly 215, 3o() laggers, Mark 360 lames, Alan 379 lames, Jeffrey 160. 386 James, Sheila 310, 322 James, Sherry 360 [ami!, Ahsan 324 tan-ell, Philip 350 larrell. Wendy 326, 338 larrett, Sylvia 160, 209, 370 javorsky, Sue 370 Jayanthi, Raghavendra 379 jayasuriya, Desappriya 379 Jayasuriya, Hiranthi 379 Javme. Bob 3.38 laynes, left 285. 36(1 Jazayeripour, Hashem 309 Jeans, Cnandranita 350 Jefcoat, Gigi 213, 370 K ' fcoat, |ere213, 325 Jeng, Chin-Fang 379 lenkins, Elizabeth 360 Jenkins, Hilary 217 Jenkins, Janice 295, 331 Jenkins, Joy 386 Jenkins, Laurie 327. 338 Jennings, Hal 249 Jennings, Tara 160, 229, 370 Jennings. Warren 263 Jernigan, Kristi 326, 338 Jerome, Kelly 350 Jester, Katherine 338 Jeter, Ronald 370 liang, Songchun 379 Jillhouse. John 292 Jobe, Brad 308 joe, Amy 313.350 Joe, Glenn 370 Johanson, Stephanie 229 Johns, Jason 235 lohns, William 235 Johnson, Alecia 289 Johnson, Amy 227, 286, 350 Johnson, Anna 221 Johnson, April 360 Johnson, Brandon 255 Johnson, Brian 147, 370 Johnson, Bruce 265, 302, 350 Johnson, Carol 215 Johnson, Catherine 325, 338 Johnson, Cathy 156, 350 Johnson, Cinn ' y 213 Johnson, Claire 227, 285 Johnson. Cornell 350 Johnson, Cynthia 350 lohnson, Dana 302, 331, 338 Johnson, Darren 249. 284, 307, 338 lohnson, David 350 Johnson, Edith 360 Johnson, Edward 196, 246, 302 Johnson, Gary 215 Johnson, Gerri 350 lohnson, Jeffery 360 Johnson, Jennifer 207, 325 Johnson, Jill 215 Johnson, John 253 Johnson, Jonathan 350 Johnson, Jordan 244 Johnson, Julie 221 Johnson, Kenneth 370 Johnson, l,aura Deas 215, 360 lohnson, I.oria 229, 360 Johnson, Lynn 325 lohnson, Mary Kathrvn 221, 306 lohnson. Neil 213 Johnson, Patrice 285. 350 Johnson. I ' atr. Johnson. I ' ruJre.i J S Johnson, Randy .160 lohnson. Robert 255 lohnson, Siott 237. 350 lohnson Shaw 24 " , 338 Johnson Traiey 123, 350 Johnson. Tricia 209 lohnson. Trip 259 lohnson, William 237, 360 lohnston. Janis 161. 16(1 Johnston, Jeff 27X. 281 Johnston, Kenneth 244. 370 lohnston, Thomas 322. 3hO lomer. Donna IVam 20. 326. 338 (ones. Alan 265 tones-. Albert 254, 255 lones, Allison 229 Jones, Bonnie 156, 370 (ones Brian 162 lones. Cami 11.3 lones, Conigliaro 1r 0 Jones, Cynthia 221 Jones, Elizabeth 327 Jones, Geoffrey 300, 360 lones. Gerald 370 lones, Greg 101 (ones. Jean K 175 Jones, lennifer 213, 36(1 Jones, Jerry 265 lones. Julia 213, 286 I. aura 1711 Lisa 230, 231, 360 Jones, Lopa 307 Jones 1 ou 360 lones. I undy 230. 289 (ones. Marilyn 325 lones. Martina 350 lones. Mikel 158 Jones, Pain 161 Jones, Timonthv 263 Jones. William 370 Jordan, Allison 217 lordan. Douglas 350 lordan, Jacqueline 32 ' Jordan, Leanna |ill 227, 284, 338 Jordan, Lisa 225 Jordan, Susan 209, 306 Joseph, John I miys 379 loseph, Michelle 150, 213 Jowell, Kelly 225, 370 Jue. Danny 162 Jumper, Tim 101 Jung, Walter 263 JUNIORS 356 Junt, Darren 159 lurgens. Kris 1511 histison, Brian 290 -K- Kadir, Mike 259 Kadlecek Kimberlv .161 Kaiser. Kerry 259, ' 303 Kalberer. Kim 229, 350 Kan, Wai 361 Kapoor, Vivek 308, 379 KAPPA ALPHA 242 KAPPA ALPHA THETA 220 KAPPA DELTA 222 KAPPA EPSILON 318 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 224 KAPPA KAPPA PSI 159 KAPPAPSI319 KAPPA SIGMA 244 Karamchandani, Ashwin 324 KARATE CLUB 300 Kavelman, Kathy 160, 221, 371 Kavelman, Kelly 221, 361 Kavelman, Kristy 221, 361 Kay, Jennifer 221, 338 Kearney, Mary Lu 206, 207, 371 Kedia, Manju 379 Kee, Laik 361 Keel. Gary 161 Keenum, Dorothy Diane 329, 371 Keesler, Michael ' 29.1 Keevers, Amy 72, 290, 371 Keezel, Kathryn 225 Kehoe, Barbie 229 Kehoe, George 161 Keil, Kenneth 361 Keller, George 361 Keller, Greg ' 236 Keller, Lawrence 158 Kellerman, Kathy 229, 272, 273, 361 Kelley, Donald 3.38 Kellev. Michelle 207, 290, 350 Kelley, William 371 Kellum. Karen 3.38 Kellum, Kevin 255, 339 Kellum, Wendy 33 Kellum, William 255 Kelly, Brian 339 Kelly. Charles 371 Kelly. Ld 258. 259 Kelly. Joe Berry 249 Kelly, Katelyn ' 220, 221, 305, 361 Kelly, Trent 253 Kelsey, L : ric 146. 371 Kelso! Uura 221, 326 Kemendo, Gay 22 1 Kemp, Shervl ' ' Sherry ' 209, 322, 361 Kennedy, Chris .171 Kennedy, Mary Alice 229 Kennedy, Richard 156, 350 Kennedy, Terry 241 Kenney, Stacy 227, 285, 339 Kermev, Stephanie 160, 161, 227, 286, 371 Kennington, Kathy 227 Ker, James 339 K ' ersh. lulie 207, 350 Keret, Lisa 229, 361 Kervin, Maurcie 227, 361 Kessinger, Keith 307 Kester, Raymond 158 Ketcham, Kevin 339 key, Annette 306. 361 Key. Rrenda 161 Keyes. IVlMrah 361 Keys, Auclrqv 371 Keys. I vnette 289 keys. Sandra 273. 161 Khavat. Robert I 170 Kidd - Kilner Kelli 284 Kilpalnck. Amy 227, 284, 326, 339 Kilpalrtck. Kara 215, 361 Kilpatrick. Kimberly 227. 361 Kim. leung -Ki 379 Kimbroueh. Brendan 361 Kimzey. Kelli 33 Kim ev, Kim 217 KmarJ. I jura 158 Kim-aid. Pam 207, 22 Kincaki, St.-ve 292 K1NCANNON HALL 324 Kimlard, Frank 265 King. Amanda 272, 273, 310, 361 King. Amy 66. 283 King, Ben ' 303 King, Bill 324 King, Cecil 298 King, Charles 156,350 Kni} ' ,. Courtney 227 King. Derek 307 King. Jamie 162 King, |onk 237 King Karen 207 King. Kelly 150, 196 King, ljura 207 King, Laurie 207, 339 King, I eanne 207, 361 King, I eone 175 King. Natalie 197, 227, 361 King, Ralph 264, 265, 319, 350 King, Richard 285, 350 King. Rick 320 King, Robin 78. 329, 350 King, Tom 318 Kingery, William Bernard 175 Kmler, Kelli 221, 284. 290. 325, 339 K msey, John 273, 285, 339 Kirby, John 361 Kirby, Linda 158 Kirchhofl, Dale 275, .161 Kirchinayer, Dii-dra 227 Kirkenclall, Patrick 361 Kittle, Binkv 225 Klentos. Kelly 225 Klep ig, Lean 147 KTingen, Anne 330 Kloek, Marc 361 Kloha, Pam 68, 132, 140, 150, 152 217, 274, 275, 276, 277, 322 371 Klotz, Cecilia 150, 162,371 Klotz, Saraya 290, 305, .171 Knabb. Catherine 290, 339 Knee, Michael 361 Kneeland. Jeanie 350 Knight, Elvin 284, 285, 318. 339 Knight, Kim 327. 339 Knight, Leslie 221, 290, 326 Knight, Marv Denise 227. 339 Knight. Michael 371 Knight, Steve 253 Knirnschild. Michael 350 Knisley, John 339 Knochel, Kimberly 371 Knowlton. Sam 301 Knox, Erin 215, 350 Knox, Margaret 386 Ko, Margaret 37) Ko, Yce.371 Koehler, Julie 361 Koenann, Richard 162 Kohr, Loong 361 Kolesar, Michael 339 Koons, Trey 253, 305, 319, 350 Korte. Terry 281 Kraft, Richard 263 Krajcer, Sean .119 Krai, I : milic215, 325 Krishnan, Ananda 350 Kristijansson. Jens 275, 361 Krohn, Kelly 306, 350 Kruger, Bill ' 250 Kruger, Dean 300 Kuhn, Eric 158 Kunkle, Brace 253 Kunkler, Kristen 371 Kurland, Kim 217 Kuzuno, Keiko 379 Kwan, Chee 361 Kwang, Hock 371 Kyle, Bill 235 -L- 3SSE CLLB 301 : , 339 156 ' 13. 350 1. CVanna 361 Uver David 299 : i-J. 305 l-ewf! 263 my If 1. 320 Lew . Beth . . sa339 53 J Sarah 361 Liddon Clark 309 Liddy. : !63 Lim. l.i- ' in 160, 386 jertina 3 1 78, 328 e241 386 371 286 OL188 v I :6. 350 Leo 1 6. 361 02 LeBlanc. Stephanie : Ledr- 361 301 Lee. Allied Eugen Lee. Ben 265. Sw 371 Lee Da- 86 307 0379 Lee. Ji Lee ' K -n 361 on 313 380 -e-Hee 380 =;380 Leech, leannie 371 Leeper. Daphlyn 371 Leeper, Samuel 351 Lehman Amanda 229. 326 Lucy 209 Lehner. Mart, ' 162. 361 .eber. Ann 221,278.339 Leister. Ramd Leong. Kok 371 Lepe ka. Ellen Ton) 274. 278. 361 Leschner. Les! Lesh. Lisa 229 Lester. Brent 250. 339 Lim, Tie 380 Lin, Bu 380 Lin. Gin-Chung 380 Lin. Juh-Cheng 380 Lin. Wen Feng 380 Lin. YanQir, Lin. Zhihong 380 Lindsey. David 318. 371 Stephen 339 Linebaugh. Margie 351 Linton. Bruce 299 Lipert, Derick 339 Lipscomb. Susan 327. 339 Lipsey Laura 32 ) - Lori 213 Little. J. - Uttkjohn, Christy 2: " Littlejohn. Lisa 206 Uu. U 380 Lhj. Suon-Laong 147. 371 Livingston. Gina 361 -;ston, LuAnn 215 Livings Uovd. James 351 Lloyd Lobello Anthony 339 Lobrano. Nicole 339 Locke, Jefferson 301 Lockhart, Mark 284. 339 Lockhart. Ree Loden. lulian " it Loflin. Jennifer 339 Logan. Lorn 295, 339 Loggie. Dorothy 22i Lonv Long, Anne Long. Dery! Long, Madeline 273 Long, Susan 213 Long, Timothv 255, 351 Loong.Tuc Loper, Todd 2- Lord, Ralph 259 Lorsbach. Edward 265. 339 Lori, Ar Loci. Chester 263 Lott, Lee 351 Lott. Lisa 340 Lott. Susan 197, 215, 340 Lott. Til fan-. ! Lottrr Lou. Lounsbury. Jenna 209, 361 Lourey. Setr Love. Audra 215 Love. Charlotte 146, 361 Love, Ed 249 Lovelace. AWen 215 Lovelace, Scott 235 Loveladv. Charlotte ' Charlee ' 22 Loveless, Charles 37 ' . Lovom, Douglas 265. 305. 361 Lowe, Rodn. Lowrey, Seth 340 Skipper 320 Lowther. John 250, 361 Lua. k. Lubin, DavxJ I Lucas, Cheryl 361 Connie 313 Lucas.. Jon 263 284. 340 Lucas, Linda 146. 151. 361 Lucas. Van 263. 371 Lucchesi. David 302 351 l-uck, Mihssa 371 Lucketl. Kel!; Robert 340 Ludlo 410 40 Robin 221 Luke Chariene 221 I Lum, Linda 308. 309. 361 Lumplun. Ubby US 119.322 Lunardini. fohn 340 Lundy. David 35 1 Lusco. Samuel 3 1 Lusher, Susan 371 i 340 j 241 Luther. Rusty 361 Luts Liisa Lya 386 Andrea 209 Lydon. Bizab- Lyles. Roger K, Lyles. Tracey 340 Lynch. -=340 3 1 -M- Maaya. Felisa 274 Madden. Peter 237. 351 Madnani. Sanjay 386 Magee. Amanda 295 Magee. Dan Magee. Dav:. Magee. Elizabeth 330 340 Richard 361 Magee. Suzan: Jer Freelam 4 Man. Doreen 3 Mahaffey. Ror- Mahmood, hnr. Mahotra, Arun 309 Maier, Edward 340 Ntawr, |ame Maierhofer, Kimber: . Maior Major. Leanne 221. 282. 340 MALAYSIAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION 316 Malham. Am. Malhotra. Arun 380 Mallard. John 301 Mallard. Richard 298 Mallory. Sara- Malloy, Lvle 24 3 213 :e 293. 361 Malone. David 249. 35 1 -k 249, 340 Mandart. Amy 156.221 Maniam. Balasundram 380 Maniscalco, Lisa 215 Mann, Andrea 207. 351 Mann Terr. Msnning. Clyde 249 Manning. Cr ' ama 2! Manning, Marcus 253 Manning, Vaiarie 351 Mansell, Virginia 215. 326 Mansoor, Sabrina 22- Manton. James 340 I Bema 302, 380 Maples, Sandra 372 Mapp. Stephanie 284. 32 . 351 Mar. Linda 3! Marascalco, Angela 207. 285. 351 Marascalco. Paul 351 Mart- 3 1 Traci 340 MarUe. Todj :is Marquer. Celeste 300. 351 Marquez. Job ' Marque .!!. Angie 209. 326 Martin. Amv 361 April 351 Bo 284 Bobbv307 Charlotte 32- Jackie 72. 106. 108. 340 Martin, Jennr- 263. 340 Martin, Larry 340 Martin. Leslt . a306,361 340 Martin. Mitch- - 351 Martin, Shell. Martin Sunnv 361 Victoria 380 MARTIN 10TH FLOOR 327 MARTIN 11TH FLOOR 328 MARTIN 4TH FLOOR 325 MARTIN 5TH FLOOR 325 MARTIN 6TH FLOOR 326 MARTIN 7TH FLOOR 326 MARTIN 8TH FLOOR 327 MAKTIN RESIDENT ADVISORS 324 Martineau. David 2f Marvin, Melar Marx MomsL 170 Mason Amanda 217. 340 Mason Fahon 307 Mason Harvey H F 259. 361 : Sonya209, 361 Mason. Steven 301 Massey. Jonathan 1- = Tamela 372 Massie. Shannon 2 - Matheney. Timonlh Mathia- Matlhevvs. A D 307 Maxwell Paul 161 Mai. Jo- May Kt Mai. Tracy 291 -a 215 3fcl Mayhetd. Gloria 207 Ma ' _ : .1- 361 Bart 361 40 Mc.Auk. McAuley, Rob McBrid, McCaa Loi 213 McCain McCain, Da McCall. Uura 225 351 McCall. Laur. McCalla. Lynn 162. 207 McCartr ; 1 . 340 McCa- -T Helen 12 296,3. McOr 5.286.340 McCadi McCaughan. Danny 340 McCUin. Kath McClain. Patncia TJ McQarJ McClanv. Jar, McCIatcny. HizaK McCloskev. John 340 McClure. Rebv McCoin ' McDearman, Nancy 209 MiDearman. Stephanie 351 McDill. kenneth 15- McDonaU. Ch. McDofiald Jeannine 158 McDor McDonald. Ken 30(! McDonald Margaret ; McDonaU. Sharon McDougalo Charles 351 McDowi McBhennry. Ume |im ' 2- McElr. 141, 14- McEwan. Bob 249 id Marl 340 . d. Rob 340 16f ' McGlov. me. Elizabel- McCraw. Robert 29 McGreger. )an McCuire. Layr. McGuire, Margaret 362 40 MdCci 26.340 Mr kellar Ann Louise : McKdlar. Catherine 351 MclOnln. Uura 362 . .d 291 62 nie. HoQand : McKinnie Thorr=. McLaughlm. Marb . " McLemore, Jarr McLeod. ! McLeod Marty 249. 341 McLeod. Mor Mcl od. Trac n |ohn341 McCollum, Courtney 217. 362 McCollum. Margare- McCor McConneU. Fred 284. 340 McCool. Jennr Mccool, Sutl McCormick, A- McCo. McCracken, Alan 156. 361 McCratken. Ar McCrane- Mary Lynn 146 McCraw. Patnck if! McCreave. Raymond 372 McCrocklin. Susie 207. 278. 340 McCrory. Gabriel le 340 McCuistion. Brett 258, 259 McCullouch, Charles 351 McCullough. K McCutchin. Alma 2! McDade. Gene 241 McDanie), Gretchen 215 McDaniel. |oh- McDaniel. Kim 227, 285. 340 McDaniel. Lena 362 McDaniel. Lori 372 McDaniel, Michelle 286. 290 McDaniel, Ronnie 351 McMasler. B. McMillan Howard 249. 305 McMullan. I,eigh207. 279 215 McMullen. Jeft McMullen. Kenneth 24 McMumv Michae 351 341 McNeese, Joe 235. 286, 341 MrPeal McPherson lv 162. 215 McQuade, Mike 253 295, 301 McQueen, Bubba 283 McQueen Kit 249 McQueen Marvin 351 McRae. Andy 235, 273, 362 McRedmond, Mary Catherine 207. 351 McSwain Michael 362 Index 393 Meai ham, Mien 351 Meador. Charles 14 I Meador. Charlene 102. 162 Meadows, Stewart 341 Meakm. Angle 20 ' ' Medina, l.ivier 172 Medley, Donna 225 Medley, I aur.l 207 Meek, Dianne 156, .351 Meek I ' dwin I: 175 Meels, Angela 213 Mi ' oks. Paige 127, 341 Meeks, Shelia 172 Mehrotra. Amll 172 Meiers, Mark 307 Meinert, David 380 Meisburg, Julie 221, 283, 351 Melichar, Charles Alan 252, 253, 305, 372 Melton, Bobby 302 Melton, Man 322 Mellon, Riley 362 Melton, Steven 322. 351 Melville Alison 207 Menard, Robert 265, }41 Merideth, Angela 351 Merideth, Thomas C 170 Merkel, Kimberly 213, 141 Meirell, John 259, 372 Meirell, Kim 290 Merrell, William 259. 302 Merrill, |oey 160 MESS AMERICA 46 Meyer, fan 217, 327 Miihael, Howard 263 Mich.ils, Stdivv 197. 207, 341 Micheal, Elizabeth 225 Mickles, loe 307 Middleton, Debra 362 Midgell, Jeanice 362 Mikell, Kay 274, 362 Milam, John 302, 319 Miles, Robert 235 Miley, Dave 307 Millemier, Elizabeth 372 Miller, Charles 372 Miller, Dian 209 Miller, Don 362 Miller, Jane 372 Miller, Jeff 341 Miller, fulie 197, 229 Miller, I eslcy 227, 362 Miller, Lisa 341 Miller, Lori l.ynne 225, 278 Miller, Pam 147 Miller, Ralph 372 Miller, Ronnie 101, 102, 104, 232, 372 Miller, Skip 250 Miller, Stacy 217 Miller, Stephanie 372 Miller, Tonya 285, 351 Milligan, Tracy 229, 351 Milliken, Gena 141, 151, 160, 197, 229,310,373 Millis, Alan 156, 196, 285, 351 Millis, Tim 263 Mills, John 239, 384 Mills, Kimberly 227, 341 Mills. Mark 307 Mills, Slacey 215 Milner, Terry 158 Mims, Bob 147, 249 Mims, Kelly 341 Mims, Patty 386 Mims, Robert 372 Mincy, Jeff 241. 351 Minga, Ginger 197, 221, 328, 341 Minor, Barry 246 Minor, Kimberly 373 Minor, Martha 213, 341 Minter, Kenneth 351 Mirzakuchaki, Sattar 362 MISS HOSPITALITY 81 MISS OLE MISS 64, 65 MISS UNIVERSITY 70 MISSISSIPPI GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS 286 15 Misskelley, Jennifer 362 Mitcnet, Beverly 2 Mitchell, Ben 285 Mitchell, Cynthia 156, 227, 351 Mitchell. Greg 259, 283, 351 Mitchell, Martha 162. 362 Mitchell, Meade 196, 255, 282, 285 Mitchell, Mellody 162, 362 Mitchell, Stephanie 341 Mize, Janet 362 Mize, Lynn 362 Moafc, Andrew 156 Mo.ik. Bill 162 Moik, Gregory 302 Mixk. Shannon 2X1. 141 MODELING BOARD 314 Moehli.h. Greg 253, 101, ,141 Mc.elli ' nl.olf. Mark .141 Moellenhoff, Meg 309. 162 Mog Miih.ii-! .162 Molonv Catherine 2X1 Mon.ighdH. John 1111, 341 Monaghan. Molly S( 2 Mom us, Susan 215 Monf Timothy 25 Monroe, ( lark ' 21. 253. 273. 279, 2X5. 105. ll Montgomery, Angela .127. 141 Montgomery Diane 326, 341 Montgomery, I ' li .abelh 225. 341 Montry, Paul 2h5 Moody, Carl 162 Mooker|ee, Horellilr.l 371 Moon. Robert 141 Mooneyham, Buster 1 " 2, .141 Moore. Becky 122 Moore, Betsy 221. 305 Moore, Brooke I ' lh, 221 Moon-. ( ay-ii ' 229. 341 Moore, Delisa 362 Moore, Denise282 Moore, Dorothy 162 Moore. Elizabeth 328 MiHire, Greg 253, 286, 341 Moore, Jay 11)0 Moore, Jeffrey 34 1 Moore, John 215, 249, 141, 351 Moore, Keir 255, 287,341 Moore, Mary Carole 215, 217, 362, 373 Moore, Maureen 326 Moore, Melissa 362 Moore, Nikki 225 Moore, Rebecca 362, 380 Moore, Shannon 213, .110 Moore, Sharon 290 Moore. Sheila 151, 163 Moore, Shelley 362 Moore, Stephun 94, 98 Moore, Steve 275 Moore, Sylvia 292, 327, 341 Mixire Thomas 265 Moore, Todd 255 Moorman Katherine 362 Moran, Shannon 197, 207, 341 Moreland, Chip 307 Morgan. Alana 292 Morgan, Anne 341 Morgan, Barrv 373 Morgan, Bill 249 Morgan, Clarence 362 Morgan, Harold 302 Morgan, Jonathan 234, 302 Morgan, Mellette 326 Morgan, Michael 235, 362 Morgan, Vanessa 324, 325 Morphis, I uralee 373 Morris, Alita 386 Morris, Christy 162, 215 Morris, Scott 151 Morris, Walter 263 Morrison, Ardith 221, 373 Morrison, Beth 207 Morrison, Jill 221, 351 Morrison, Kylia 351 Morrison, Mary 351 Morse, Samuel 255 MORTAR BOARD 150 Mortimer, John 263 Moseley, Shelia 373 Moseley, Trey 259 Mr.sley, Dana 123, 215, 325, 341 Mosley, Deanne 273, 284, 285, 286, 291, 341 Mosley, Diane 325 Moss, Howard 94, 307 Moss, Julie 228, 229, 325, 341 Moss, Michael 249 MOST BEAUTIFUL 74 Moulds, Penelope 290, 351 Moulton, John 341 Mounce, Martha 373 Mounce, William 351 Mourin, Jerry 373 Moyer, Dean 259. 373 Moyse, Allison 229, 327 Mudd, Leslie 221, 327 Muirhead, Jon 235 Mukherjee, Sougata 274, 380 Mulkey, John 373 Mullen, Bruce 301, 341 Mullen, John 235 Mullins, Bruce 241 Mullins, Christina 156, 351 Mullins, Gary 259, 319, 351 Mullins, Kirk 133. 141, 150, 196, 259 Mullins, Stephen 141, 150 Muliins, Timothy 351 Mullis, Audrey 225 Munn, Janna 213, 362 Murff, Marie 213 Murphey, Rebecca 351 Murphree, Claudetre 221 Murphree, Mary 326, 341 Murphy, Candice 207, 273, 322, 328 Murphy, Samantha 209, 325 Murphy, Sean 101, 103 Murphy, Theresa 162, 362 Murray, Uura 15, 79, 142, 146, 160, 225,373 Murrey, Gavin 249, 302 Musgrove, Michael ' Micky ' 162, Musselwhite, Darren 307, 362 Musseman, Skip 301 Myers, Chris 249, 362 Myers, 1 ,jurie 362 Myers, Stephanie 197, 352 Myers, Tommy 265 -N- Ogleshy, lay 259 Ogletrce. Beth 213 l lldliam Hubert 235 Ol.l MISS YI-.AKBOOK 272 Sht aa 124. 352 . Ki { h.jn 1X0 arm.r.ito. Karen 173 N.ulivv, l,, Ilevetnirj LSI) Napiei. .ithan 2 r Napolildtio. Amy )4 1 Nargree. Shah 109 Narc.n, Shannon 162, 152 Nason. Barron 253 Nason, Barron .552 Nations, Namy 215 Nations, Sarah I li -.lbeih ' Betsy ' 215 an,;liuin, fo.ui J15 Navaille, (. hristie 373 NAVY ROTC 2% Ni-jl. lie-dry 213, 141 Ni-jl, hristy 21 I, 283 Neal. I ee Ann 215, 127 NiMl, Melissa 341 Ncal, Shelly 22 Ni-al, Sieve 105. 14 I Neal, Stuart 173 Neal, Ih.mias in: Neclly, IVrry 217 Nelf Spencer 341 Ni-lli. Richard 255, 3112, 352 Nelson, Alan 162 Nelson, Brandi 215 Nelson, Derek 253, 284, 341 Nelson, laura 229 Nelson. Paul 295, 362 Nelville, Shelly 213 Nesmith, Christopher 161, 362 Nester, Hill 241, 3X4 Nettleton, Mary 275 Net . Cheryn 142. 150, 225, 273, 320, 373 Nelz, Krista 225. 341 Neville, Key 213, 280, 352 Neville, l.ynn 162, 362 Neville, Shelly 341 Newcome, Chris 254 Newell, Dana 227 Newman, Dunnie 291, 318, 362 Newman, Duffin ' Duffy ' 263, 352 New man, Kirn 386 Newman, Linda Ih2, 2K5 Newman, Phil 259 Newman, Richard 259, 373 Newton, Garner 248, 286, 308 Newton, Sandy 293 Newton, William 362 Neyman, Linda 2X3, 352 Ng, Chi 352 Ng, Yan-Tho 373 Ngoi, Sent; 362 Nguyen, Tu 362 Nguyen, Tuan 362 Nicholas, Ashley 162 Nicholas, Hurslon 373 Nicholas, Kenneth 255 Nicholas, Tammy 373 Nichols, Babs 225 Nichols, Elizabeth 352 NII hols, lames O 175 Nichols, Kerry 362 Nichols, Lisa " 225 Nichols, Mark 352 Nichols, Phelan 373 Ni. holson, Leigh 326 Nicol, Maria 227 Nicolas, Mark 237 Nicoud, Amy 229 Niffenegger, Regal 221, 362 NIGHTLIFE 32 Nikolai, Terry 302 Nix, Kristi2l7, 341 Nizuryn, Nikolas 255 Noble, Elizabeth 162, 215 Noblin, Elizabeth 156, 161, 213, 280, 352 Noblin, fulie 161, 217, 273, 362 Norman, John 352 Norman, Kristi 217 North, Kimberly 217, 341 Northart, Debra 151, 163 Norton, Debbie 209, 291 Norton, Kelly 207, 290 Norton, Mandi 213 Norton, Mark 237 Norton, Michael 237, 299. 362 Norwood, Chris 275 Norwood, Natalie 227, 352 Nosef, Joe David 249, 328, 341 -o- O ' Beid, Khaled Musa 380 O ' Brian, Carla 227, 373 O ' Connell, Erin 123, 225, 352 O ' Connor, Stephen 362 O ' Daniel, Kayce 322 O ' Hearin, John 259 O ' Learv. Crystal 158, 362 O ' Neaf. Jennifer 211, 373 O ' Neal, Kimsey 110, 352 O ' Quin, Susan 161, 362 O ' Quinn. Mary 352 O ' Quinn, Polly 295 O ' Quinn, Tiffany 207, 362 Oakes, Adrian 221, 285 Oakes, Allison 221, 282, 306, 362 Oakes, Stephanie 207, 278, 285, 352 Oakes, Stephen 259 Oates, Jim 299 Obert, Keith 142 Obi, Cyril 380 Oden, ' Chuck 301, 373 Odom, Andrea 352 Odom, Kristina 160 Odom, Mark 235, 282 OMK RON DELTA KAPPA 154 OPENING! Onpenheim. Malt 2 ORGANIZATIONS 270 Ormon. Jeniufei ' IK " Oil. lohn ' ) I. ' 249, 141 Oil. I I-.J 2m. 141 Ousle , lirltloll 341 Ouslev. i.nVie231 ' .irks. Charles 328 ' .irks. rockett 2 15 ' ii ks, Dennis 173 ' .irK Melissa 373 ' .mish. (elfrev 141 ' jrrish, Nena 163 ' .irvin (,rej 290. 292 ' asley, Celeste 197, 207, 126 ' ate, ' fames 363 ' ate, left 307 ' .ilerson. Beth 2)5 ' .ilrkk, Raymond 18(1 ' alriik, Robert ' Bobby ' 291. .118. 171 ' atlerson. Angela 225 ' .literson, ( h.iilolte 227, 1S2 ' atti-rson, Jefl 292 ' atteison. Karen " )4 1 ' jtlerson, I ida 215, 352 ' atterson, Melissa J61 ' atterson, William ' Billy ' 255, 102 Palteson. Aim- 227. 173 Out , Daniel 362 Overby, Kimberly 362 Overtop, Clay 237 Overtoil. Hamp 142, 162, 237, 272, 273, 282, 373 Overton, Mona 215 Owen, Brian 249, 307 Owen, Danita 197, 209, 352 Owen, David 196, 253, 263 Owen, Kate 213, 352, 373 Owen, Melinda 352 Owen, Susan 380 Owens, Becky 229 Owens, David 235, 302 Owens. Patrick 293, 318 OXFORD LIAISON 287 Ozbirn, Carla 352 Pace, Amy 207, 341 Pace, Ang ' ie 217 Pace, David 291 Pace, Jennifier 373 Pace, l.esli 207, 283, 327, 341 Pace, Melissa ' Missy ' 278, 284, 328, 341 Padgett, Marianne 227, 273, 287, 362 Page, Eric 299 Page, Joel 352 Page, Michael 235, 328 Pafczynski, Tessie 1 13 Palm, Chris 235 Palmer, Jeff 241, 362 Palmer, Julie 209, 290 Palmer, Margaret 160, 197, 225 Palmer, Tricia 213 Palmertree, Delese 373 Palmertree, Tish 352 Palumbo, Lewis 263 Pan, Zhongping 380 Pannell, Pamela 362 Pannell, Tonya 313 PARADE OF BEAUTIES 36 Pardue, Gary 362 Parikh, Paresh 380 Paris, Rachel 213, 373 Park, Greg 319 Parker, Andrea 207, 352 Parker, Audra 285, 341 Parker, Cathy 159, 290, 322 Parker, Dorothy 363 Parker, Doltie 295 Parker, George 263, 282, 352 Parker, Jeffery 155, 161, 373 Parker, Kimberly 363 Parker, Mary 325, 341 Parker, Michael 341 Parker, Phillip 298 Parker, Ronald 341 Parker, Ronda 217 Parker, Stacy 142, 162, 229, 373 Parker, Vanessa 341 Parkhurst, Dawn 117 Parks, Cary 235 Patton, Casandra 363 Patton, Chris 253 Patton, Drue 341 Patton. Marv Frances 156, 213, 2X3, .322 Patton, Sheila 160 Pat .ius, Carrie 363 Paul, Mike 101, 102, 104 Paulsen, Pamela 282, 352 Paxton, Bill 241 Payne, fohn 29.3, 373 Payne, Stephen 263, 285, 286 Payton, Raenee 328 Pearson, Annalies 352 Pearson, Jeffrey 373 Pearson, Keith 282, 286, 302, 310 Pearson, Kerry 288 Pearson, Melitta 217 Pearson, Robert 161, 373 Pearson, liana 352 Peaster, Laura Lee 213, 326 Peddv, Brent 363 Peebles, Pamela 225, 327 Peel, Hollis 249 Peenstra, Leslie 215 Peeples, Ann Hi abeth Tabby ' 213, 284,285,325,341 Pegram, U-igh 215,363 Pegues, Leonard 373 Fender, Mary Helen 221, 352 Penick, Tina 280 Pennington, Kimberly 215, 341 Pennington, Lori 341 Pennington, Paul 341 Penrod, Emily 341 Penvis, Kelly 295 Penzes, Atrila 259, 352 Peppiatt, Virginia 229 Peques, Leondard 232 Perera, Chaminda 300 Perera, Mihipagalage 363 Perkins, Alan 282, 285, 319, 324, 352 Perkins, Lori 225 Pernila, Heino 380 Perry, Diana Paige 162, 363 Perry, Edward 292, 352 Perry, Jackie 229 Perry, Jerry 282 Perry, Martha 285, 290, 341 Perry, Michelle 341 Perry, Robert 373 Perry, Wade 115 Person, Matthew 324, 373 Peters, Pellurn 363 Peters, Roumain 301 Peterson, Donna 352 Peterson, fodie 159, 293, 352 Peterson, Nancy 373 Peterson, Pam 291 Pettis, l,eigh Ann 215 Pettis, Leslie 213 Petty, David 386 Petty, Wade 307, 373 Pcwitt, Ted 249, 285 Pezzullo, Lisette 207, 292, 352 Phang, Poh 341 PHARMACY PORTRAITS 382 PHARMACY SCHOOL 192 Pharr, faneen 386 394 Index PHI Al I ' HA IllH A 163 PHI Bl IA SIGMA 246 PHI DELTA CHI 160 PHI 1)1 I I A THETA248 PHI I TA SIC, MA 161 PHI GAMMA NL 162 PHI KAPPA PHI 152 PHI KAPPA PSI 25 PHI KAPPA IAL 252 PHI ML 226 PHI MU AlPHA 318 n 215 363 . !52 Phil!:; 293 Phillip Philhi Philli; 142 PI BETA PHI 228 PI KAPPA ALPHA 254 -:. 373 85 152 118 291 ( athenne 197. 225 Mark 249. 342 Pieroni.vDarry I lt 2 Piersoi Pn-s, h. Hjrdin 3(12 en 24 " . 342 Mananna 224. 225 . 352 Pinson. Margaret 342 Pipi-r. Melissa 229 Pirmk, Andrew lames ' Jim 301, Pitcex-k, Robert 363 Pilmjii. Todd 352 1 ::,! 325 Pitlman lenmler 142. 363 Pittman. Karen 295. 352 Pmman. Melissa 325 Pmman, Paige 225. 326 Pittman, Pamela 217, 352 Pittman, Kami .imes Jimmy ' 115, 307, 352 .ne342 Player, lake 265 Plecker. Kris 302, 342 Plunk. Muhel. nnt 221, 363 n 380 Poh. Tiong Sua 342 Ijwanda 327, 342 Polk, Tim 373 Pollard, Craig 255 Pomes Donna 330 Poole. Arthur 352 Poole. Helen Cissie 160, 380 Pope, Angie 217 " 363 el 249 Porter, Mall 291 342 Porti-i ;;sa ' n 217, 363 Porter, Tim 259 Portera, Mary Lynn 215 Poiler, Russell 324, 352 mv 207, 342 Pound, Charlie 259 Poundei Pounds, Pepper 259. 307, 363 Powell, Bill 25 Powell, Carl 196, 232, 27S, 2HO, Powell, Carol 217. 295,352 Powell, Joel 291, 342 Powell, Lee 196, 249 Powell. Stephanie 291. 328. 342 Power, William 255, 352 Powers, Randolph 342 Poynter. Elaine 162, 209. 373 Pra ' sad. Subir 157, 280, 363 Prater. Charles 101. 103, 105 Prestridge. Shem 273, 290, 352 Prewilt. Ginny 225 Prewitt, Scott 279, 286 rnre. Ashley 327, 342 Price. Ray 3 3 Pncle. Willie 373 Prince. Martha Elizabeth 160, 373 Prince, Todd 265 Pnkhard, Lynn 113, 352 Provence, A ' nna 217, 284 Pruett, David 259, 363 Pruett, Poppv 134. 143, 207. 272, 273. 305 " . 373. 416 Prycr. Margaret 227 Pryor. Shepard ' Pard ' 259 Puentes, Carl 286, 352 Pullen, Bamev 363 Pulliam, Anne Leigh 207, 327 Pulliam, Lesia 363 Pulliam, Rob 255 Pumell. Paul 260, 263, 352 Purvis, Eddie 386 Purvis, James 263 Purvis. Jeff 307 Turns Kelley 305.342 Purvis. Mark 259 Purvis, Sherry Both 207. 290, 352 Pushlmk. Marcos 253, 301 363 Pyun, Vong 380 -Q- Quaka, lohn 26.3. 152 2 1 7 ! hi irnas 255 (Juinn. b.uv 146 22(1. 221. 152 173 Ouon. JuJv H -R- RACQUETBALl HUB 303 RADIO SI AT1ON lU-92) 275 Kjgan. Mehs-a 21 ' 237 Daniel ' Danny ' 162 295 l. ' hn 249. 342 Rains. Melanie213. 327 Kama handran Csha 380 Rambin. IVi J5, 352 . Dana 163 i.i 149. 373 RairiM-v. O-t il 237 Ramsey. David 310 :.i 215 William 363 Ramu, Kumar 3HO Ram an, Ali Mohamed 373 Martha less 217 142 Randall. Dave 259, 307 Randall. Mark 342 I li abeih 363 -. 221 Range. I eanna 2X4. 342 Rankin. Cyndy 213 Raper. Cynthia 363 Carol 373 Rasco, Ki Ratclift. I i a V52 Rallilf, Mt-mt! 22 " . 352 Ratliff, Sharon 160, 373 Rallikin, Allyson 229 Ration. Ralph 342 RausMTt. U limed 1M Kawls. Tara 147. 229 Rawson, Melissa 363 Rawwas, Mohammed 380 ' i.innon 221 ,rey 227, 327 Kav. Susan 227 Rayburn, Shannon Raybum. Tommy 143, ISO. 155, 249 Rayner, Roane 215 K.i or Mark Inl. 2 0, 287 Readv, David 386 Rearcion, Thomas I Spark 176. er. Karis 217 REBEL RECRUITERS 306 Redding, Deborah 363 Reddh Redditt, Ang.e 227 Rei-d. Charles 285 Reed. James 263 lay 291 Rei-d. Jennifer 213 Reed Jerry 363 Reed, Kns ' tin 213 K.-ed Swavze217 ammy 373 vn 255 Brad 260, 263 David 363 Reeves. Mami 352 Keexes. Tracy 123 Reich. Robert 380 Reid, Pen 225 Reid. Robin 373 Michelle 225 Reilv. Steve 158 Relan, Scott 253. 305, 352 Remmers. Pam 207 Rendon, Andrew 265. 342 Reno. Carolyn 225 Repult, )ohn 147. 255 Rester. Renee 227. 342 Revels, Jennifer 215, 284 Kt-ves, Tracy 325 Rev-craft. Stacey 352 Reyes, Ramon 342 Rhea. William Bill ' 263, 352 RHO LAMBDA 160 Rhodes, Beverly 363 Rhodes, Jeff 3 07 Riales. Jennifer 330, 352 Hire, Kerry- 207, 278, 282, 363 Km-, Rander 143 Rice, Thomas 342 Richard. Patrick 253, 363 Richard, Ursula 342 Richards, George 265 Richards, John 284. 342 Richards, Steve 291 Richardson, Barbara 373 . Richardson, Chns 255, 363 Richardson, Erik 259 Richardson, Joe 148. 308. 309 Richardson, John 235 Richardson, Jonathan 373 Richardson, Michael 259 Richardson, Rickv 307 Richardson, Stephen 342 Ricketts, Charles 263, 301 Kicknian, Amanda 352 Rickman, Keith 259 Ricks, Barbara 352 Ricks, June 2)3, 254 l ( -slie2!3 125 KuM.-il lohn 363 in 259 : k 342 ., 249 - ,h 227. 163 Kieland. rhonias Muhael I7r Chris 25 Dana i52 Kiley, Kilsy 23 Riley. Megan 227 !7. 152 Rimn :i 215 . )a on 299 rtk 246 la 363 Kivien R.uih, Sen 249 Road, Robl- : Kiibbi- 353 Robbms. M.-lis-.a 11 Robbir Roln-rson, B ' n 23 Robi-r-t- 7.353 Roberson, Tin Ki ' bert. Ji-nn. Roberts, Can-.; Rorx-rts, Darvl 237 Rotx-ri. Rutierts. Doug 275 Roberts. Jeff 265 Roberts, lenti) RoK-r- Roberls. Laura I eigh 207. 298 Rob-: (73 R:i hard 263 Robi-rtstin Andrew 373 Robertson, Blake 255. 373 Robertson. Dawne 229 Robertson, Drew 25S, 259 Robertson, Cimger 331. 342 Robertson, Jer: Robertson, Kim 322, 363 Robertson. Rhonda 353 Robinson, John 263 Robinson, I e 2 i Robinson. Michelle 342 Robinson. Miikie 163 Robinson, Pam 386 Robinson, Renee 331 Robinson, Theresa 342 Robinson, Tracy 225 Robinson. William 363 Roch, Kimberleigh 353 Rockey. Donald 342 Rodge ' rs. Heather 197. 229. 284. 326, 342 Rodgers, Paula 363 Rodriguez, Natalia 353 Rogers, Joe 373 Rogers. Kandace 217 Rogers. Kelley 215.353 Rogers. Kyle 241 ,-e 253 Rogers, Linda 207, 353 Rogers, Robbie 162. 373 -lephanie 373 Rogers. Terri 1 60. 386 Rogers. Warren 263 Rogers. Wendy 207 . 302 Rogge, Ruthie ' 217 Rogina. Greg 328 Roh, Heui - : ' ' " " i 380 Roland, Anthony 342 Roldan, Juliette 342 Rolle. Dick 259 Rolfe. Jim 259 Rome, Yvette 229 Ron, Lynn 295 Roper. ' Robm 342 Rorie, Robin 227, 363 Rosamond, Steven 363 Rose. Beth 221 Rose. Billy 255 Rose, Jennie 3.53 Rose, Katie 213 Rownau, Paige 207 Roser. Jane Ann 217 Ross, Ashlev2l7 Ross, Buddy 235 Ross, John 364 Ko s. Lvnn 364 Ross, Thomas 342 Ross, Tim 301 Ross, Tracv 326. 342 Rostand, Ellen 342 Rotunda. Kristin 342 Rounds. Adrian 353 Rouse. Mirhe-:. Rouse, Theresa 227. 326, 342 Roux. Marie 328 Roux. Nanette 227. 343 Row-ell. Randall ' Randv ' 148, 235, 373 Rowland. Steve 343 Roy, Greg 259 hole 162, 373 Rove, Julie 227, 343 Rozina. Greg 265, 343 Rubenstein, David 373 Rucker, Robert 374 Ruebel, Ann 353 Ruebel, Lolly 229 Ruff, Carrie ' 225 Ruff, Scotri 207, 364 Ruffin. Anne Lindsev 229 Ruffm. Lori 197, 325 " Ruffin, Melanie 229 Ruffin, Natalie 229 RUGBY C LUB 299 Rummage, Mark 163 Rupani, Qavad 343 RUSH 202 Rush, Allen 302 Rush. Tina 3M Rushir Rushing, David 374 Rushing, Phil: n 302 ( onme .153 II. Leah .3 5 3 RUSS.H: Russell, Ren, , Khonda 229 Rutherford, I aura 3S6 Rulhvrfi Ruth, !t 4 Rutlaml. Charles 244 Ryan. Kuna).: -s- 74 - 225 :r 225 ik 164 . 225 .. 22 " Abed 3X1 sales John 343 [Jellia 143 Sampielro. Lauren 228, 229 Sams, (. hnssie 21 3 ::ll 306 Saniuel, Buxike 343 Sandahl, Todd 196, 2- 374 i 174 rs Ann 164 n Chris 255 Claire 225 Sanders, ! ennis 164 Sanders, Jill 227 Sanders. l.amar 160 ma 292 343 Sanders. S nja 343 Sanders. Stephanie 227. 327. 343 Sanders, Wifliam Will 24- Sandifer. t red 24 Sandifer. John 341 Sandifer. Kathleen 213 Sandifer Mary Helen 211, 215 Sanhlippo. Jeanette 143, 2 rd, lefl 273 Sanford. Kimberlv 343 Sanford. Paul 26J ' jn 113. 174 Sang, Gabnella 313, 364 Sanguinetti. Drew 295 Saracini. Stephanie 227, 353 i aune 221 Sihrufl. Louis : -.inn. Broo ' M- 215 n 253 .rah 150. 15 " . 160. 221 ,artz lest,.. 229, 125, 343 Schwarl . Ronald i02, 374 2o3 Arthur 307 iirenda 374 Cynthia 275. 174 n 255 :nnie 292. 343 le 343 Ul Michael 386 i 174 Krger 235 im 2S7 Su ' tt. Sr stan ' ton 24 " ia Dawn 225. 327 . ' s 364 Bradley 164 S njggs, Sherry 1 60 - Charles 364 Sea e. Demst- 309, 374 ,-nmler 225. 273.327. 343 Kevin 237 Svdleckv. Palncia 293, 343 See. Hoong 374 I inda 2ri5 Brvan 353 95 313 341 Christy 22 " Sekthira. Anuchil 381 Seklhira, Wallika 374 Selden. Claiborne 364 S ' lf - 143 Mary Lou 147 Selvakumar. Sivasubraman 374 SENATE 282 St MOR EXEC L ITVF BOARD 316 SENIORS 366 Sensing, Carson 235 Senter, Courtn. Andrew 299 Uuren Mulfy ' 149 161. 287 Linda 3ft4 Shad burr Shaffer. Kathar Shah. Manish 3d I Shahin, Emad 282. 309. 374 Shands, Robert 328 Shankle. Christopher 156, 3o4 Shankle. Jimmy F: I7h Shanks, Jacquelyn 374 Shanmugam, Pushparajah 309. 364 Shannon, Jam. Sargeant. Christy 215. 256 Mustapha 381 Sartam. Jeffrey 374 Sartor. Harriet 364 Sartor, William 381 Sarver, Jeff 265 Saucier, Michelle 353 Saul. Chad 292, 343 Saul. Stacy 343 Saunders, Cindy 207 Savage, Craig 353 Sawyer. Phillip 290 Scales, Andrea 328. 343 Scalla, Mike 307 Scanlon, Patnck 156, 249, 287, 353 Scarleski, Katy 207, 327. 343 Scharf, Thomas 353 Schatzle, Sharon 221 Schepers. Terry 364 Scheriger, Todd 237 Scheringer, Trent 328 Schimmel. Jay 143, 307 Schmakeit, Susanne 381 Schmidt, Aimee ' 221, 305, 353 Schmidt. George 298 Schmidt, Gesine Ulrike 381 Schmidt. Helen 229 Schmidt. John 260, 263 Schmidt, Kel ly 309, 343 Schmidt, Robert 343 Schmitz. Denzil 249 Schmitz, Kim 117, 221 Schnautz. Erik 353 Schoenly. Steven 24 1 Shannon. Phyllis 364 Sharp, Richard 374 Sharplin. Mkheal 374 Shaughnessy. Michelle 229 Shaw, Amanda 162 Shaw, Jeffrey 237 Shaw, Kathe ' rine K ' ly ' 215, 353 Shaw. Lara 220. 2.1 er. Diane 330. 364 Shearouse. Scott 242, 343 Sheehan, Pam 217 Shelby. Tina 353 Sheldbn, Scarlett 2 13, 353 Shelton, Anthony ' Tonv ' 309. 374 Shelton, Nam 29 " 5. 374 ' Shelton. Stacey 213. 325 Shelton, Tony ' 309 Shepard. Nolan Edgbert 176 Shepherd, Anna 227 Sherif. Malik 353 Sherman, John 237 Sherman, Richard 237, 364 Shermer, Chet 343 Shields. Alex 249 Shields. David 235 Shilling. Angela 374 Shimek, Daniel 153 Shin. ChongGak 381 Shinn. Elizabeth 227, 364 Ship, Ruskm 253 Shipman, Angela 374 Shipp, Ruskm 343 Shirley, Kimberlv 162. 215 Shoemake. Kellv ' 215, 353 Index 395 Shook. Lira 209 Shook. Susan 374 Shotls, Mary 291. 313.353 Show ' s, Hilaire 364 Shuford, Wynn 156,286,364 Shull, Carrie 328, 343 Shumperl. Jennifer 213. 327. 343 Shute, Holly 209 Siddiquc. Mukhlesur 381 Sifherl, Clarissa 217.274.353 Adam 302 353 Sigfried. Tim 241 Siggelkow, Wendy 328, 343 Sigler, Charles 343 SIGMA ALPHA El ' SILON 256 SIGMA CHI 258 SIGMA CHI DERBY DAY 200 SIGMA NU 260 SIGMA PHI EPSILON 264 SIGMA PI 262 SIGMA TAU DELTA 161 Sii. David 309, 374 Sikes. lames .107 Sikes, Sigrid 374 Sills, Ion Mark 374 Sills. Joseph 353 Sills, Paul 307 Sim, Chee- Keat 364 Simmons, Buddy 259 Simmons, James 353 Simmons. I inda 353 Simmons. Scolt 237 Simmons, Wilson 275 Simms. Noel 263 Simms, Susan 30 " . 374 Simon, Curtis 343 Simon, lohn ' Bubba ' 241, 307 Simon, Robert 364 Simon. Trey 241 Smipkins, Monty 303 Simpson, Collier 263 Simpson, Dawn 227, 343 Simpson, Walt 259, 286 Sims, Anthony 386 Sims, David 351 Sims, Kevin 374 Sims, Kimberly 374 Sims, Michael Slev.-n 291, 31S 328 Sims, Ronnie 374 Sim . T.immy 151, .174 Sin, Km 381 Sing. au 343 Sisakiin, Siphan 381 Sisco, Phillip 353 Sisson, Tracy 207, 295, 325 Sistrunk, Woody 343 Sit. 1 ranees 313, 374 Skarda, Dottie 343 Skinner, Leanne 227 Skipton. Suzanne 229 Skipton. Suzanne 353 Slavlon, Sherry 108 Slemons, Susan 161 Sliman. Michael 343 S!im,m. Sammy 156 Sliman, Samuel 26.1 Sloan, Rebecca 28, 207, 296 Slocum, Gary 158 Slone, Delbert 343 Slover, Russell 374 Small, Toveta 343 Smink, Jeffrey 265 Smith, Aimee 225 Smith, Alhssa 213 Smith, Allison 209, 343 Smith, Anthony 34.1 Smith, Beth 326 Smith, Byran 374 Smith. Darryl 307 Smith, David 242, 364 Smith, Don 328 Smith, Dorothy 230, 343 Smith, Elizabeth 343, 374 Smith, Ferrell 229 Smith, Greg 260, 263 Smith, James 161, 196, 307 Smith, l.ynann 207, 374 Smith. Lynn 213 Smith, Margot 221, 327 Smith, Matt 143,307,374 Smith, Melinda 374 Smith, Mia 213. 364 Smith. Mollye 229, 285 Smith, Myra 353 Smith. Orma 259 Smith, Perrin 237 Smith, Kamey 353 Smith, Robert 307 Smith, Roger 307 Smith, Russell 364 Smith, Scolt 163, 364 Smith. Shane 265 Smith. Shelly 161 Smith, Sherry 217. 364 Smith, Stacy 217 Smith, Stephanie 156, 227, 353 Smith, Steve 319, 324 Smith, Steven 381 Smith, Teresa 221 Smith. Thomas 235. 164 Smith, Timothy 374 Smith, Tonja 146, 151, 156 Smith, Tricia 213 Smith, Victor 263. 286 Smith. Whitman 235 Smith V ' ani Lea Ann 213, 326 Smithmier, Brenda Joelle 210, 211, 353 Smithmier. l.awrence ' Ulrry ' 241, 364 Snipes, Shawn 263, 299 Snvder. Rexanne 343 Sobol, Valerie 161, 225, 285, 322 Sobotka. lohn 300 SOCCER CLUB 301 Sockwcll. Samuel 364 Soehn, ITwood ' Woody ' 307, 374 Solberg. Ronnie 235 Song, Bailin 381 Songcharoen, Mansa 284, 325, 343 Soo, Kwotig 374 SOPHOMORES 346 Souls. Jeffrey 302 South, llnnnie 364 Sowder. Shawn 98 SPB-ALL NIGHTER 31 SPB-STUDENT PROGRAMMING BOARD 320 SPEAKERS 35 Spears, Michael 343 Spears, Lira 159. 292.353 Speck, Jeannie 209 Speed, James 255 Speed, Tom 343 Speights, Steven 196 Spencer, Kim 217. 282 Spencer, Leslie 364 Spencer, Paige 225 Spencer, Shannon 213, 283, 343 Spengler. Kristin 227, 343 Spengler. Kuss 28 Spight, Jeanette 364 Spiiler, Elizabeth 151, 229, 364 Spiller, Susan 229, 343 SPORTS 82 Spratley, Amy 221,353 Spratlin, Arthur 144, 150, 196, 243, 374 Spravberry. Gwendolyn 353 SPRING BREAK 48 Sprinkle, Lisa 322, 353 Sridharan, K 181 SI Marv. lodd 299, 375 St Pierre, Niiolle 229, 326 Stahlman, Susan Jane 217, 286, 364 Staley, Brian 196, 239, 273, 282, 283, 285, 286, 310, 319, 320. 364 Staley, Kathryn 221.295 Stallwortli, Virginia 285, 306, 322, 353 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith. Smith, Smith, Jeff 253, 353 Jennifer 159. 291 John 301. 108 jonathon 286 Kara 209, 326. 343 Karen 209, 329 Kathy 207, 322 Kellye313 Kenneth 343 l-awanda 289 UH 285, 343 U ' igh Ann 227 Liz 209 Louie 160 Stamm, Margaret ' Maggie ' 215, 284. 32 5! 343 Slancliff, Joseph 161 Stanford, lohn 259 Stansell, Mary 328. 354 Stanton, Christina 364 Stark. John 354 Stark, Randy 354 Starnos, l-.dic 217 Starnes, Timothy 263, 374 Staten, Andy 274,381 Stebbins, Lrank 364 Steci him. Steven 343 Steel, Matt 253 396 Index Steel, IXlvi.l 3DK, 375 Stecle. Sharon 217. .164 Sleele, Susan 217. .175 Steen, Allen I Ml. .186 Sleeves. Matthew 292. 343 Stegall. Clinl -HI " Steinbaugh Anni ' 215 Steinwinder, loe 160, 23, 386 Steinwmder. Mike 160 Stcinwmder. Sheila 375 siephens. Sheila 341 Stephens. Shirley 22V Stephens, Susan 343 Stephens. rimolhy38l Stcphcnson. Slacey 162. 207, 364 Sterling. Elizabeth 328 Sterling. Patricia 343 Slovens. Man 64. 65, 135, 144, 215,31)7:375 Stevens, Michael 343 Stevens, Koss 234 Stevens, Tie) 260, 263 Steverse.n, Crcgg 278, 279, 281 Sieverson. William 375 Stewart, Arm 354 Stewart, Carolyn 375 Stewarl, Carlei 343 Stewart, Chrislyna 343 Stewart. Courtney 215, 290, 343 Stewart, Georgia 341 Stewart, lance 299 Stewart, I .auric 3SI Stewart, Michael Hugh 176 Stewart, Michelle 328 Stewart, Monica 386 Stewart, Patricia 210, 289 Stewarl, Rebccia Hyde 215, 325 Stewart. Sarah 327 ' Stewart. Steven .575 Slewart, William 343 STEWART HALL 331 Stielhaek, Michael 275 Stilfler, Joel 381 Stine. William 354 Stilt, Dina 375 Slitt, John 375 Slitt, William 249 STOCKARD 4TH FLOOR 328 STOCKARD RA ' S 324 Stockdale. Urkin 221, 343 sioi kett, John 302 SUickett, Lewis 241 Stockett. Rob 249 Slinks, Susan 217 Slix-kl.m, Claire 209, 375 Slocklon. Man ia 290 Stodgchill, Steven 253 Stoke s, K.nnilla 227, 278 Stone. Elizabeth 343 Stone, Gregory 343 Stone, Hi 225 Stone, Jennifer 209 Slone. Kent 263 Slone, Rhonda 227 Slork, Leigh Ann 215 Story, George 237 Stoiier, Susan 286 Stout. Melanie 354 Stovall, Tonuuin 259 Stranbridgc, Ed 308 Strange, Jennifer 354 Straw. Peler 237 Strawbridge, Slephanie 160 Straver, Michael 343 Street, Christy 215, 364 Slreete, Susan 213, 285, 287, 354 Slribling, Billie 207, 327. 344 Strickland, Brian 265, 354 Strickland, Graham 253, 291 Strickland, lodd 147, 162, 375 Slricklin Angel 291, 325, 343 Stricklm. Scott 249 Slriebeik, William ' Bill ' 144, 278, 279 Stril inger, John 364 Stroble, Charles 364 Strom, Trina 364 Strong. Mark 263. 344 Slrother. Mary 197, 221, 375 Siroud, Damon 307 Slroud, Kathy 354 Strunk. Tiffany 207 Stnjss, William ' Billv ' 293, 318, 375 STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE 287 STUDENT ALUMNI COUNCIL 310 STUDENT HOUSING COMMITTEE 281 STUDENT LIFE 26 STUDENT LOAN SERVICE 283 Stupanion, Susan 315 Suain, Brent 318 Suares, Cheri 326 Subramaniam, Chandran 146, 308, 375 Sullivan, Bradley 354 Sullivan. John 249 Sullivan. Keleigh 209 326 344 Sullivan, Lara 225, 326, 344 Sullivan, Ijvelle 215 Sullivan, Mark 156 Sullivan. Melanie 73, 213 285 354 Sullivan, Mitchell 283 Sullivan, Susan 162, 213 154 375 Sullivan, Suzy 221 Sullivan, Tracy 217, 354 SUMMER SHOWCASE 42 Sumrm ' rhill, Kay 253 Summers, Kay 144, 147, 229, 375 Summers, Paitra 221, 344 Sumner, Harry 328 Sumner, Nancy 213 Sumner, Roll 249 Sumrall, Shelley 215 Sumrall, Von 299 Sun, Chi 381 Sutton. Heather 207, 344 Sulton, Mark 265, 344 Sulton, Steve 162, 307 Svehlak, Chris 301. 324, 375 Svetlay. Sarah Margaret 217 Swain, Jason 249 Swain, William 344 Sw.uin. Christopher 344 Swanson. Scolt 255 Mv.n c Alan l6l. 25 ' i. 283. 364 Swayze, lenme l-.h alvlh 215, 344 Sw.iv e. lulie 213, 344 Sway o, Mary Marj ' aret 161, 215, 164 Sweargen. jujn.i 129 Swei-den. Si oil 2H2, 286, 164 Swille) K.ires215 Swilley, Ieslie364 Swilley. Slephanie 227, 325, .144 Swindoll. Tina 364 Swinlord. Kerry 364 Svkes. Shawn 90 Svkes I ' eressa 354 Svlunco Wu. Lorraine 144 -T- Tacketl, Donna 215, 344 Tatlhngei. Audiey 211, 344 Lail. Brian 3K4 Siotly 159. 291. 354 Tan, Chow Khong 375 Tan, lohn 293 Tan, Mee 375 Tan, Moh Liang 375 Ian, leek 375 Ian, Yeow Khoon 354 Michael 354 Tarsi. Allison 275 Tarsi, Lori 386 Tashie, Judd ,344 Tale, Crystal 152, 15.5, 375 Tate, France;. 213 Tatum, Margaret ' Margie 215 Tatum, Ronnie 375 TAU BETA PI 148 Taupeka. Leah 161 Tavlin. Robert 309 Tavolet, Julie 2 15 I ' avoleti, Patricia 215. 344 Tavqtr. Aamir 354 lavlor. Allison 215 Taylor, Bettina 375 Tailoi Unan 253. 305 Taylor, Chris 25?, 344 Taylor, Clay 253 Taylor, Clifton 364 Taylor, Colletle 364 Taylor, Elizabeth 197, 213. 344 Taylor, lames 354 Taylor, Kathleen 213, 3 54 Taylor, Kristen 213 Taylor, Leigh Ann 227, 364 Taylor, Michelle 144 Taylor, Renee 147. 229 Tayloi, Robert 302 Tavloi. Stephanie 327, 344 Taylor. Steve 354 Taylor, Susan 375 Taylor. Tamara Tami ' 229, 293. 344 Taylor, Tate 249, 344 Tayner, Roane 156 TEACHER OF THE YEAR 171 Ttvl, lon.ithan 144 Tegelhotf, Sara 229 TELEVISION STATION-UMTV 275 Teller, Blake 64, 65 Teller. Melinda ' l.indy ' 215 Teller. T odd 259 Temple. Alan 244 Templelon, Susan 215. 284 Tenevck, Stephanie 215, 284. 344 TENNIS-MEN ' S 114 TENNIS-WOMEN ' S 116 Terracina, Frank 249 Terrell, James 354 Terrell, 1 jwrence ' Denny ' 255, 344 Terrv, Robert 160 leruilliger. Susan 227,375 Tcvada. Nancy ' Beth ' 213, 375 Thames, Edward 364 Thames, Joel 344 Thames, Matt 278, 282 Tharp, Beverly 375 Tharpe, Laurie 213, 344 THEATRE 40 Thomas, Andy 309 Thomas, Ann Blair 213, 273, 354 Thomas, Bill 241 Thomas, Bucky 307 Thomas, Byran 375 Thomas, Carrie 215, 227, 290, 344 Thomas, Charles 364 Thom as, Chris 241, 293, 318 Thomas, Cynthia 217, 375 Thomas, Elisa 162, 213, 283, 285 Thomas. Jim Karl 98 Thomas, Kelvin 344 Thomas, Lynda 217 Thomas, Medora 225 Thomas. Monica 344 Thomas. Robert 299 Thomas, Rosie 375 Thomas, Stephen 26.1 Thomas, Tamara 344 Thomas, Trey 255 Thomas, Walter 354 Thomas, William 364 Thomason, Lora 328, 344 Thompson, Andrew 344 Thompson. Angela 344 Thompson. Douglas 263 Thompson. James 147, 354 Thompson. Murphy 259 Thompson, Patrick 381 Thompson, Paul 354 Thompson, Revrav 344 Thompson, Rhonda 295, 328, 344 Thompson, Steven 302, 375 Thompson, Susan ' Suze ' 213, 322, 364 Thompson, Velma 313 Thorn, David 278 Thorn, Lisa 375 Thorne. Kim 253 Thome Susjn 285 144 Ihotnhill. |im 101 Thornton. Blanche 21 1 Thornton, l-aith 215 124 Thornton, Malt 25 " Thornton. Staiey Jo 211. .154 Thomlon. Susan 181 I ' hreadgin. Tim 24 " rhurman lh .il-. ill li.. ' ill Chweatt. R.mdy 309. 144 lice. Chnslv 229. 154 ITdwell. Bill 16(1 lulwell Cammv 164 lidwell. lames 1M I illman, ]essita 364 lillman, Jill 20 " Tillman Julie 344 Tillman. Marv 291. 141 Vims, Melony 32S. 344 lipeil. I ance 291 Tisdali . lnci.i 162, 209, 210. 286 I ison Aiimane .175 Tittle, Si oil 344 lobin. Dm.] 227. 286 Tubin, Gregg 156 Todd, Lisa 295 354 Tolberl. Gary 265,354 Toles, Id 246 lolliscin, Deborah 309, .164 Tollison, 217 Tolson, Carol Lynn 225, 364 Toinlin, Debbie 217 Tomlinson, Kathy 225 Tomlinson. Tina 229, 285 Tompkins. K-th 344 Tompkms, Leigh 22 " Torres, Lpifanio 381 Torres, Michele 381 I oups, Ja r 259 Townes, Todd 249 Townsend. lamt - 386 Toxey.Jay 275. 278,301 TRACK 118 Trahan, Allyson 229 Irainor, Anne 273, 280. 286. 287. 354 Tranbarger, Bruce 307 Travis, Lynn 207 Travis, Tessa 278 Traylor, limmy 375 Traylor. Terry ' 147. 375 Traylor. Will 307 Treat, Carla 161 Treat, Kelli .164 TrebolHh David 109, .164 Trim, Connie 354 Triplet), Jacqueline ' .a ' 283. 364 Triplet), Liz 279, 280, 283 Triplet!, Suzan 375 Tnppe, Juan 146, 149, 156,253. 285. 305. 354 Troll, Andy 250 Trott, John ' .175 Trott, Judith Davis 154, 176, 197 Trout, Robert 375 Trowbridge, Adam 259 True. Robert 375 Truett. I rank ' Wes ' 263, 344 Trussel. Hugh 302 Tsai, Gwei Hung 381 1 schirlurt, line 237 Tuhbs, Bond 162 Tubbs, Doyle 375 Tubbs, Michelle 344 Tubertini, Kim 197, 326 Tucker, Anne 207, 344 Tucker, Bryan 23, 300, 308. 309, 375 Tucker, Tammie 354 Tucker, Traeey 217 Tueth, Colleen 158 Tullos. Dana 227, 364 Turnage. Bobbie Jo 318, 384 Tumage, Bryce 259, 273 Turnage, Suzanne 386 Turnbull, Lucy Curtis 176 Turner, Amanda 213 Turner, Bill 123, 254 Turner, Dean 301 Turner, Greg 101 Turner, Kevin 375 Turner, Kimberly 344 Turner, 1 .of 254, 255 Turner. Lon 217 Turner, Martha 375 Turner, Mary 209 Turner, Michelle 354 Turner, Nancy 161 Turner. Pamela 285, 288, 344. 375 Turner, Reginald 230, 288. 28 " , 344 Turner, Rosaline 145 150, 160, 213. 375 Turner, Rusty 249 Turner, Scott 162, 235. 364 Turner. Susan 207, 375 Turner, William 255, 354, 364 Turnipseed, luanila 284, 344 Tutor, Mike 375 Kulnn 112 in Tic. Ra T eng. ! i -u- IS MK11T1 319 I MM A 313 LMSRA 313 . I lOPVHNI 209 -V- 306 -etson 344 Barbara 365 -e344 Jbeth 145. 160. 197, ' 44 VICr CHASCFLLORS 170 44 VOILI Voylt- -w- n 326 rth. (ana 217 365 rth. Paul tr ian, |errv 24- . aiher 22 ; 305 : i. Alan 241 Ann 160, 197, 221 ii 227, 344 n. Don 255 Waldrop. Ma Lee 176 Waldrop. Milton 161 Waldrup. Steven 263 Walker. Barbara 354 Button 225 . 354 Walker, George 249, 305 Walke- - 209, 27 Walker. Hu Walker )oseph 344 Kenney 249 Walker Martha 365 Walket " -atjh 21 ' - Wall 1 . Wall l.-ishai Wall . Wallace Bn.v Walla,. Walb, . 144 Waller K.M Waller Thon;. Walter-, Waltlvj! Walton. Gcrj! Wallrt VSal? Ward l : 1(W. 101 344 Ward lamrm 207. 322 . 3 5 .- 354 249 Warner Beth 1M ' ' nhnn 375 Warren. Barbara 20 " Belh 213. 221 Brenda 375 Warr, T4I W ' arrei Warren. Jetr Warren, (oh- Warren, Susan 344 Warren. Ter Warren, Tyro Wamnglon. Paul 255 Warwick. Mary 229 Washam Ian Washam lagana Gibbon 381 " gton. l quita 344 Washington Marl.i . ton Tracy 160. ! ' Washmon, I WATER SKI CLUB 302 Waterv Co,: Wall, Watkir,- Watkins, Michelle : - Watson. |im 1 n Jon 24] Watsiv Watson. Sara 217 Watson, Van 386 Walter., Cl.i Watts Dennis 324 Michael 344 Wavne. Cvnll-. Weaver, Stephen 344 Weai 344 Webb Beth : Webb. Camille 217 Webb. )etfr, Web: Webb. Shell, Webl- -i 9, 325, 344 Webb, Virni 344 Webb William I4f !jsa 330. 365 Weber, Richard 253. 301 Weber, Samuel 344 Webster. John 354 Wed Weeden. Jor Weeden, Kenneth 344 Weeden. Michar ' Weeden Traoe 293 345 Weeks. Charles 3 ' - Weeks Lis.- We,- hau Yen 381 WE1GHT1 IFTING CLUB 303 Weinberg. Scott 301 We.- Weir, Kenneth 375 Welch Anita 207. 291. 354 Welch, Nina 365 Weld 5. 345 4 345 1 345 Wesc; ' . . 345 Wesley. RoN WESLEY FOUNDATION 322 We- ' 45 - West. Reagan 213 West. Sabnna 322. 365 West. Sar; West, Thomas 302 W ' estbrook. Ange ' Westbrix . (em L- Westhng W ' llliam Bill 30: Grady 161 Whjli-n Couneru . Debra 376 Whela Whitbv Michelle 1 1 3 it-5 ! }. 276. White Cheryl 309 While. Chn- 2f ? Whin-. Dane 302 :jyla 209. 313 :9i 365 Whitesid.-. I. : Whilfield. Jrr- Whilfield. Sarah 16. Whill Williams Dev Williams DPI . Williams Ernie 161 365 .. Caim-s 307 Wilham . Ger - Williams. |a William- ).-t William iiesliJI Willia., 322. Williams. 1 ui iu Ij- Williams. M.v Willu - 365 229 Willw- Willw 160 213. 286. Williams Pat 365 Williams Pa: William,. Rt.i 45. 365 Williams. Stacy 345 Williams Susan 376 Williams. Todd 293. 318. - Williams. Tomrm Williar 213. 306.355 Willia William- Wai Williamson, Karen 160. 20 jmson. l ur Williamson, 313 Williamson. Peggv 213 Williamson. Rhonda 22 1 Willmgham. j Chandra 77 if 196 iVilliam 34 m Rebecca 197. 209. 300 WTiitt, Samuel 376 Whin Virginia 376 Whitten. Terrisa 324 326 Whilten. Tim 1 Whittington. Craig : . Whittington. P i Whittle Ellen 227. 273 278. 365 WHO ' S WHO 136 Wible. }ohr i Wichman. Neville 376 Wicker Usa 284. 285. 28f- :,!! 207 iton. Michae Wijesekera. Sanjeeva 345 Wilbanks. Nancy 365 Wilbanks. Sh. Wilboum. Lisa 158 Wilboum. Sherri 354 Wilcox. kjlu 28 . 289, 381 354 Wilder (ear Wiley. Undabeth 2 345 Wiley. Marvruth 213. 285. 354 Wiliams. Vic. Keith 253. 302. 305. 355 Wilkerson Becky 293 Wilkerson. Charle- Wilkerson. Willis 263 lennifer 376 Wilkms. Anne Allison 215. 345 Wilkinson. Din Wilkinson, Kathy 376 Wilkinson, Thorna- Wilks, Snowe 161.213 Wmnve 218. 282. 286. 288, 289. ? ! Williams, Alice 207. 365 Williams. Amy 217, 355 Williams. Car- Williams. Chns 253. 345 Williams. Claude 386 Williams. Curtis 365 Williams. David 291 Geert 381 Angela 345 Wilson, Boogie 249 Wilson. Can 229 Derrick 309 Eugenea 229 Wiison. Laurinda 3f5 Marc 101. 104 a 345 Paschal 2 " 2 345 Wmdham. JetV iam. Rodne Wmdham. Taylor 249 .m. Linda 273. 345 Winikates M;- ,d Ginger 15- Douglas 302 Dixon 259 Wise Robert 298. 376 Witham, (onnie 355 Wiihers. Adams 249 Withers, )udy 217 Withers. Soridra 345 Witt. Martha 197. 217, 306, 365 Witt. Todd 376 n, Sarah 345 Wittman, Phil 599 Sharon 345 : Brad 249 WONUN IS COMMUNICATIONS 322 .n 376 RRhjid313 Kcmald 313 Wong Wayne 313 in 386 - ' k 376 VVivxk. Patrick 345 Wood. Amy 386 Wood Brer V KX) Charlotte 21 3 Wo.v Wood. Dona ' I Wood Cen. Wood. Henry 34? Wood. Kellie 345 Ws1 Robert 15 . 157. 196, 258, Wood. Stacey 215, 355 Wood. Todd ' j William 328 Ashley 30 Wo. !-. Jose; Woods Michelle D. Woods. Kandly 246. 289, 365 Woodward ' Wood ard Katherine 376 Woolhouse. T: Wooli. Woolen. Bill 376 th l.yle 1 n Vicki 227 TV Dean 307 W T orsham. Jerry 365 1 147, 160. 2( " B.ih 221 : 345 W5 ' nstrna 331 I aura 3to Randall 291 Wnght. Walker 263 ' u ngren 381 Elizabeth 8 Tracy 241 I Brian 160 -Y- Yang. Vun-P m 376 Yarber. Robert 160 Yarher, Sandy 159. 2 )1, 376 Yarborough. Charyl 345 Yarborough. Usa 221. 30f Yarbrougn, lames 365 Yarbrough Illl 35, 145, 160. 197. Yarbrough. Sidnev 19ft. 7 - ' - Adrienne 197.213 Yale , lanet 365 ; ee Ann 217 : Chris 235 r. Susan 313 m. Mart. 302 Yeargain, Leigh 327 n Gene 386 lizabeth 213 Yielding. Johr r Yong. Km 381 York. Paige 156. 161. 213 ,eoffrey 376 Yoste. (ohn 255 Man- 355 Trici ' a 213 Youmans. Sarah 2 1 Young, Allen 302, 345 Young. Betr Y ' oung, Clinton 365 Young, Daphne 376 Young, Debr Young, Dereck 386 Young. )on 292, 318, 365 Young, Keif Y ' oung, IJK - Young. Usa 33 Young, Mark 92, 97, 307 Young. Michelle 3 5 Young. Russell 376 Young. Steve 250 Yuan Shtan Der 381 Yue, Jumping 3S1 Yung, lohn 31 3 -z- Zaegel, Luci. Zagst. Joseph Zeppelin. Deron 249. 355 ZETA PHI BETA 230 Zinn. Ri. Zoller. Lee 319 34? Index 397 The Mississippian PUBLISHED BY STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI UNIVERSITY. MISSISSIPPI. OCTOBHR 14. ion BACK L. I. I. Defeated 1 5 To in Good Game Mississippi Had to Fight Hard Was up. Again Heavy Team t ..of con- ' s of the t Dr. N. tire be- oe which full ih v H) pound ho was enraln- arly part i useful- rr.-r HV ttiig the hern h - (les KSivf Ill-South- fin our of tliu j re,ulet and nwt UoLly contmud Ksumti played uu die local gridiron hi niany seawxw. Oke Mian defeated the heavy and strong UMitataua Industrial Jrwiiiiii ' - IS to yesterday. Ti ; KKJIIC WOK hard fougttt iltruuKhout uitd while ihi ' i- - uk. WHS i ( In. doubt at any Jui - Ibe vbriuini liad a few attni c.tiaitow o wore. It wa marked by funibliu and ummucawful forward paawa due o a heavy ' muddy, field. In the early port of (he game, MU Ustppl lot several of her olayvra ough Injurtas aud moct ot the game was played with at least four substitutes. Calm II at fuH as usual played a (tar (sine, kicking three field goals and luaktuc cood gain . Tucker 4u Shields place at Jialf 4W extraordinary good work tackling and ground gaining. Adams ( renter and Carter, left tackl did good w,ork tho Imo, but there was one weak point In the Hue throngh which an I. I. I. wooM (at through oearlr er- at? time. MlleaoU kicked well. and did good tackltac. This was Rttey ' s first appearance Mil seaaon and his work at quarter In thb km half wan good. Slay was dvtwi a trial 04 vlChl guard for (he flnU Jme hls sanon. Cattail maoe Clrat touch tewn from 26 yard tt and MktclH-ll kicked coal. Mlsalsalppl was up acatnxt a good roHK heavy plueky exp nl iK ' ed iin, JUKI n f.-w |Kind HK II T and d to fight for eviTy pi lnt . irn- . Ilarr Smith (Capt.) and Barnes played good game for the visitors L. I. I. dUl excellent tackling, held a. good lino and one of the remarkable qualities of their team waa their wind and staying qualities. At end f irai (juHrtr Ihe. srom stood t to 0., The second quarter yielded only one field goal kicked by Hilly Cahall TThe third quaVtr wae absolutely trulUess and last flnld goal was Uck ed just before the wMatle blew. In the ihlrrt Randolph ran 4S yards for touchdt m, but wa railed back be causH of UN ' CJil hkt rCej-ence by o Of our .IIMMI. A full report of na will appe r In next Issue. Brewer Could 1Mtol be -Present Bondurant at His Old Duties Hermaean Program tfexuiae n l.nenar So ity he-Id Its ffcrat regular mebUrur In- Hwmaeail hall Friday uLgUt. S.s L 30 A large dudlunce WAS pre umt ;uid evtva IM3W monibers wi-re lnitlateU. the a ctaQy IhQH bo luninK the year n i The waa Jled to ortlr Jniversity Opens; Bright Prospects Over F6ur Hundred ' Students Have Matriculated U. nilirr lai u talk about our muk bM a hu ! our tine In- uu, we wl gfve a feM tart Over our hundred atudoiU have matricu- lated up to a week ago aud the rec- irda Show khM MMatfppl DM a argtr truniixr of Krestuixw. 4Mn ver baCore la her blaaary libe ow men began ta arrive acreral oaya b- (ore the opeohig and have, uouduuud la oome auit . Ckaacellor K I reran n Mi wast oa Muu Cbe first tff aad k .hla uauaj gat and coorteous manner wioomed aew and old man. he snake In uragluc torms of the prosper u tor- Ihe new year. at had teen, announced that Oo- elect Brewer, an alinumu of Miss would deJIver tne opening but vrafeailona] duties pre- aMed hum from ccapUns. AaotlKir atamnua. Ur. Bucbanaa, Sunt. of toe rtam at MKdlan. ! ad speech luli ol remlutoencas In UraMtBf: a the atadeMs. rraf. An L. UoaAtraul who SJKII hart rea In fkawpu rtudyin and tratellnc w J wtrlotimm) bacrk ey .ti atudwts) -wjio i-heon-d blat to KM- aoho as he.apoke. Hlsj tMatuai t thai nearly all, U not all of MkulMlnufa Khodes ' ' " Jl ara m Oxford. Hngland. ' " a-i ui r UnlTersliy aud that uvvr on ,ve taktni lionnrM. wn ' ' ' li receiv- ed. AU .nuimben. of thn faculty wre (Ivan an opportunity to make prelim- inary remarks ' YegardUx he courses ot work tbey would offer during the Many Changes in Faculty siuce the last seaeton many changes have bean made In our fac y. Mr. .( ' . D. Oaplel, InMructor In Kngllsh laat yoar Koa UlrralnRbaJii College wjiere he 1la accepted U- choir In English. Dr. H. N. Page. Assistant Pnofeasor of Analouiy, Pathology and BactwIolJ ogy laat year. Is now Profesftor of Anatomy at the I ' nlvnrrtiy of Gor gla. Pnof. M. B. GonreM. AmiMaiU ProXeasor of History go lo tlM University of M.lcMg.w where he 2u lds a almlkif fioiJtlon. Mr. jju H A REQUEST To Our Friends and Patron In pursuance of our Advertis Policy we have solitited Ads from the b man in each line, the good business me the big sen of liberal policy, consci tious men who will Look to your welfar To you we recommend them mos heartily. Let us assure you that any tr action you may have with, them will be wholly and mutually satiafactory . LOOK them up in ' The Missis sippi an. " Mention ' ' The Mississippian " when p ronizingany concern advertising ther 75 YEARS OF COVERING OLE MISS J ( Y.M.C A. Reception In accordance with Ms usual cus- tom Ihe Y. M. C. A. gave an Infor- mal reception to the whole atudeint body Ln front of the Lyceum on Sat- urday night following the Opening. Moat at the student took advantage of the opportunity to make new ac qu1 nuances and enjoy the V. M. C. A. ho pltaltty The exercises were opened; iby a abort talk by Dr Stauf- fer full of encouragement to all stu- dent alblettcaUy Inclined But M was wore. He apoke of the all Junior wreatled and Colcman won two out of three falls Another feature of the program- was ' the fortune telling. Two Gyp- sies., Misses Sims anfd SrarboroUKh itokf tbv fortunes of the guetla. Of course Tip Ray and Fred .Spajigllng Qaater -were " there and found out Utay were In love, would niwrry three ttra tuherht fortune jid, live u be a century old. Dcllclou ninx h. not aplked was served. rrime thai ' which proml bearing tt. The eas- for }2.00 do ' nunabor Is u i Ea ' h fttudor aalf with a ' to hlmsnlf ' aU)8t aio ' under who6 ; betng manag Lyceum Bureau F otb 398 Advertisements JOHNSON ' S DISCOUNT FURNITURE OLE MISS HEADQUARTERS FOR NEW AND USED FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Furniture for rent or sale One item or a houseful, the choice is yours WE DO IT ALL! We offer: Big Cash Discounts 30-60-90 Days ' Same as Cash ' Short or Long Term Installments No Money Down Financing No Extra Charge for Delivery and Set-up Same Day Delivery Visa and MasterCard Welcomed BROWSERS WELCOME you find something you can use it won ' t cost much, and if you don ' t it won ' t cost anything! 404 South Lamar Oxford 234- 77 W OXFORD AND OLE MISS . . .SITE OF 1987 AAU JUNIOR OLYMPICS GIRLS ' NATIONAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS AND LOW ELECTRICITY RATES " We hope you enjoy our hospitality. " City of Oxford Electric Department City Hall Oxford, MS 38655 (601| 232-2372 OXFORDBANK ASSOCIATION FIRST NATIONAL BANK MERCHANTS FARMERS BANK SUNBURST BANK UNITED SOUTHERN BANK Members, FDIC Advertisements 399 SECTION EDITOR: Mdanie Bnnti u 400 -- Closing Finding new perspectives in CLOSING Closing -- 401 402 Closing Closing 403 404 -- Closing Poppy Pruelt Closing 405 406 Closing Gosing 407 408 Closing Closing 409 410 Closing Buntyn using 411 412 Closing Closing 413 414 Closing olophon- The 1 988 Ole Miss wa s produced by the Uni- versity of Mississippi ' s student yearbook staff. The 94th Volume was published by Taylor Pub- lishing Company of Dallas, Texas during the spring semester of 1988. Our Taylor Publishing representatives were Ben Allen, Jimmy Nix, and Nancy Jones. Press Run was 6,050. SPECIFICATIONS: This 9x12 book contains 416 pages, printed on 80 Ib. enamel paper. A Smyth binding was used and the endsheets used Beckett 65, Colonel Blue. There are 32 pages of four-color and 40 pages pages of spot color. The spot colors used were Deep Green No.23 in the Opening, Super Blue No. 1 1 in Student Life, Mid- night Blue No. 17 in Sports and Brilliant Red No.30 in the Closing. Copy was submitted on TypeVision and the index was submitted on In- dexvision, both are from the Vision Series Year- book Software package from Taylor. COVER: The cover is two-color Lithocoat with a glossy finish. The colors used were Red No.30 and Blue No. 17. The cover was designed by Poppy Pruett and Delores Landin of Taylor Pub- lishing Company. TYPE: The following sections used Palatino for their main copy: Opening, Student Life, Sports, Classes, Index, and Closing. The follow- ing sections used Optima: Administration, Hon- ors, Greeks and Organizations. The Features and Humor sections used Helvetica. Headlines for each section varied as follows: Student Life- Brush, 36pt.; Features-Helvetica Extra Bold, 30- 60pts.; Honors-Davida, 48pt.; Organizations- Winsor, 30pt. Classes-Tramp, 24pt. OPERATING BUDGET: The approximate cost for the 1988 Ole Miss was $1 19,000. Students paid $10.50 in their Student Activity Fee and and anyone not payiiB: re tor so fcj venue made in A Hi nors Organiza; K.and Greek was approximately $17,5C TUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY: C Hall of Fame, Who ' s Who, Band. Colom Miss Ole Miss Favorites Beauties M B tiful and Homecoming Court pictures wi taken by Professional Images of Jackson other photography was taker. b student tographers of the Ole Miss annual. The 1988 Ole Miss is a student-edited book produced at the University of sippi, University, MS. The viewpofcff rep- resented in this yearbook are thosHClely of the staff and in no way are intenderto reflect University policy. 1 Closing 415 It is hard to believe that this year, the yearbook and my four years at Ole Miss are almost fin- ished. I would never have believed when I was a freshman that I would be Editor of the 1987 1988 OLE MISS. Two years ago when Mallory Draughon, Editor of the 1986 OLE MISS, asked me if I would consider running for Editor, I thought she was crazy. I had to think about it for a while but I committed myself to the yearbook then and I do not regret one minute of it. There are so many good things that come from being Editor. To see the excitement in someones eyes as they look through an an- nual that I have worked on, to get proofs back and see that a year of work is finally coming together and that it is not half bad, are just a few of the better things that come with yearbooks. There is only one thing that I ask, please do not be too critical on the annual, it takes more work than anyone will ever know. There are so many people I want to thank, but most of all is my Dad. He taught me how to have strength, courage and confidence in myself to make me believe that I could do the job. Thanks for eve- rything! I love you! I would like to thank my Mother, Kathy, Aunt Poppy and my Grandparents. You all helped me so much! If it was not for your encouragement and sup- port I would not have made it through four years of college and two of those being Editor. Thanks to all my friends, Amy, Ann, Garnet, Nancy and Mr. G. but especially Ty who put up with all those long, late hours at the office. I hope you like the yearbook now that it is finished. Thank you for all your love and support, you really helped and stood by me when I needed it most! Thanks for just be- ing there for me. Carolynn you were great! You should be a business major not an art major. I think you could sell anything to anyone and get them to sign their life away. Hamp, the yearbook would not be anywhere without you. Thanks for helping, putting so many hours into the Editor ' s Closing darkroom, and finding photogra- phers to take all those pictures. Al- isa, we could not have finished without you! Thanks for taking over. Many, many thanks to all my section editors. Thanks for putting up with my griping, begging and pleading to get your pages finished on time. There would not be a year- book without all of you. If you only knew what I meant when I said, " I NEED those pages before the dead- line. " I appreciate every thing all of you have done. My many thanks to Melanie, Richard, Hedy, Amanda, Liz, Holly, Cheryn, Katrina, Kathy, Mark, all the assistant section ed- itors, the rest of the staff, and any- one else who helped! It was all worth it in the long run! To Nancy Jones, the yearbook Account Representative at Taylor, who answered and solved all my problems, Rick Hess, of Taylor, who answered all my computer problems, and Ben Allen, our Tay- lor Representative, who was al- ways there when I needed him, thank you for all your help, it was greatly appreciated! The annual would not exist without financial advisors, thank you Traci and Mr. Denley. I appologize for having so many " thank you ' s " but it takes more than one person to complete a yearbook. I hope everyone will look back on your Ole Miss years and remember the good ' ole days of fun and friendship! Good luck next year and remem- ber patience! I 416 Editor ' s Closing

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