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Pop Poppy Pruett Editor Steve Davis Business Manager David Elmore Frances VanLandingham Financial Advisor Asst. Financial Advisor The University of Mississippi Stan Pruett 1987 Volume 93 Sfteeeal Hoet 30 " feembitiazatieuet 66 3eatirzea 94 Sfrrted 14 (91.94seepazeout 758 9iteefe4 222 294 302 Owmed 340 Tadex 394 eeddieet9 402 John Biggs Contents — 3 Larry Bonds Oxford, unlike many college towns, gets along with its university. Oxford citizens consider themselves a part of the university, while university students consider themselves a part of One of the reasons for the cordial relations is obvious. The storefronts that surround the Square stand as testimony to the spent by Ole Miss faculty, staff, and The relationship goes far deeper than money, however, most Oxford residents have grown up with Ole Miss. Even if they were neve r as a student, Ole Miss is still a part of their The lines that seperate Oxford and Ole Miss are fuzzy and neither Oxford nor Ole Miss stand as seperate entities. They are part of a larger whole. • 2 Hamp Overton ' • 3 • 6 Poppy Pruett • 4 %. " .%%%: " ..%%. " .%%%•:%: " ..•6%%%%::••■%%%% " .% .`1.901.1.V41 i .1•■•• 1 4.1 • ...I • 1 SON CC ♦ 7 John Biggs 1. Jackson Avenue on a sunny after noon in Oxford. 2. Country Village Shopping Center after the fire. 3. Mc D ' s, a great place to grab a quick sandwich. 4. These men are enjoying a peaceful afternoon on the square. 5. Cinema 4 gives students a break from their studies. 6. College Church on a autumn day. John Biggs ♦ 5 Hamp Overton Opening — 5 1. Do you recognize this sign errected by the Car- dinal Club? 2. The Ole Miss Bookstore has everything anyone could want, except for fair prices! 3. Two ice cr eam bars and an icey Little hungry dude? 4. Acting can be so much hard work! 5. Bill Parks gives tips on how to " impress your date! " 6. " This looks like a good birthday card for my mom. " 7. Taking a break from class and ing some rays. 8. Anthony Stringer lets off some steam with his rocket. Tuck Loon 2 ♦ 3 Melanie Buntyn Hamp Overton eastAatl, zeip Ole Miss, with a one-square-mile campus and under 10,000 students, is the smallest school in the Southeastern Conference. The result is a close-knit campus, where everybody seems to know or know of, everybody else. Walking to class is almost like being at a cocktail party-getting from one place to another is impossible without stopping a few times to chat with friends. The Grove, the Circle, the collumnade of Magnolias from Guyton Hall to the library, combine to make the Ole Miss campus one of the most beautiful around. Student behavior is predictable as the seasons. Fall means Rush, Bid Day, swaps, and football parties. Visitors to campus might assume that blue blazers Tuck Loong are mandatory attire, but they are merely strongly encouraged. As fall turns to winter, students, like bears, hibernate. The sudden realization that exams are a few weeks away, causes students to stay home and try to catch up. The second semester starts up slowly, as students resolve to study more. The resolution is soon weakened when spring arrives. Spring means riding around in convertables, drinking beer, throwing frisbees in the Grove and theme parties. The campuswide blowout called Dixie Week marks the end of the semester. Students take their exams, go home, and start preparing themselves to return in the fall and repeat the cycle. Hamp Overton Tuck Loong lohn Biggs e40-004 Age Larry Bonds ♦ 3 Larry Bonds The faint echos of the Old South can still be heard at Ole Miss, either delighting or dismaying students, depending on their outlook. History is everywhere-in the buildings, trees and even people. Tradition flows forward like the mighty Mississippi, flowing over and around attempting to force change. The ghosts of the Confederacy can still be seen, with statues, plaques and stained glass windows commemorating the ultimate sacrifice made by half-a-million Southerners in defense of their country. Students still wave Rebel flags at football games in spite of massive administration efforts to get them to wave something less controversial. " Dixie " still thrills the hearts of Rebel fans, just as it always has. Ole Miss students still dress up for football games, often amusing and puzzling outsiders. Football weekends still mean visiting in the Grove with family and friends and partying all night on Fraternity Row. Southern gentlemen, trained since birth to be experts on whiskey and women, find ways around administration attempts to restrict or eliminate drinking and partying. Ole Miss is still ranked as one of the top party schools in the nation, especially in the South. Memphis and New Orleans still draw students on weekends, except that now students take cars instead of trains. Some students spend more weekends in the lobby of the Peabody or on Bourbon Street than they do on campus. Most things, though, don ' t change very much. Delta boys still come to school with more money and nicer cars than everybody else, no matter how much their parents had to borrow to pay for everything. And students from other parts of the state look on with poorly disguised envy and say that they don ' t approve of living high on borrowed money. Some things will never change. 2. KA Old South brings friends closer. 3. The Warehouse after the big fire, February 14, 1986. 4. Fans support the Rebs at the I_SU game in Baton Rouge. 5. Registration as always brings long waiting lines. Opening — 9 • 1 Searching for the perfect " home away from home " is an important part of an Ole Miss student ' s life. Dorms, apartments, houses, and sorority or fraternity houses are a few of the options that a student has. Although freshmen are required to live in the dorm, many anxiously await the day they will be able to move into an homier atmosphere. Dorm life offers the opportunity to meet new people and find out interesting habits of old friends. Staying up all night to study or just talking with friends makes living in the dorm an experience in itself.. Sometimes this is the first time a student is not living under the same roof as mom and dad. There are no curfews for students on their own and learning to clean your room is sometimes impossible. Many students eventually Make their home off campus or to a sorority or fraternity house. Convincing mom and dad that living in an apartment or house is really cheaper is the first step t in getting off campus.. This may soon become -g fictitious because utility and telephone bills come (7) in and groceries must be bought. Overall it gives a— ' student a sense of accomplishment to be paying bills like a real adult, even though mom and dad usually foot the bill. Otherwise getting a job is the only way to pay for everything. Wherever one decides to spend his college days, roomates, studying all night, parties, and a constant mess are all a part of college life. Poppy Pruett L. Stockett dem t mhow lon Awe oniP KNOW Vi LL ACE 191111111.11111111 WARNING TS Assfral all 1151111;T AT All Vitae ft it WIWI ♦ 7 Poppy Pruett Melanie Buntyn ♦ 5 Melanie Buntyn • 6 1. Cambridge Station Apartments are the newest addition to the numerous apartment complexes in Oxford. 2. TV seems to be the reason why these girls do not have time to clean their room or do their homework. 3 A typical male dorm room: Rebel welcome mat, B W TV, cheap alarm clock, fraternity and scholarship plaques on the wall, a preppy duck, starched button downs in the closet, and Levis jeans on the floor. 4. Binbow Apartments seem to be the only place in town that someone can get orange countertops at no extra charge. 5. I forgot my soap! 6. Clay Overton asleep in the comforts of his apartment. 7. Crosby dorm renovated this year, at last! Hamp Overton 1. What a great lunch! 2. 8 ball is taken pretty seriously at Irelands. 3. Shall I steal or not? 4. Square books provides students with different books and it also has a place to eat and relax after a hard day of classes. 5. John, What happened to your happy meal? 6. Aerobic class with Jerome. 7. Super Saver on a Friday or Saturday night is the place to be. 8. The Hoka provides students with a place to relax and have some great food. • 1 Hamp Overton ♦ 2 • 4 John Biggs 12 — Opening • 3 Hamp Overton 0 a. E • 5 Hamp Overton ♦ 6 • 8 • 7 Hamp Overton Hamp Overton For students hailing from Jackson, Memphis, Atlanta, New Orleans, Dallas and Houston, Oxford may seem like a hole-in-the-wall. Some people complain about it being too boring, but there is a lot to do here in town. For thousands of others, who call one of the tiny little communities that dot the Mississippi landscape home, Oxford, with its fast food resturants, movie theaters, and department stores, is a veritable cultural center. In the beginning of the year, anyone 18 and over could go to the bars. The bars provided a place to meet your friends and have a few drinks or just sit around and talk. Things have changed for the majority of Ole Miss Students. The drinking age was raised to 21 on October 1st. This not only put a damper on the students but it hurt the bar owners who lost the income. But never fear there is always an apartment or house party to be found somewhere in Oxford. Most people have found an alternative to the bar scene. The Hoka provides a bar like atmosphere without the alcohol. Kiame ' s seems to attract many students with bowling for fun. Some students head to the Cinema for a break. Super Saver is the place to be on Friday or Saturday night if you want to meet people. It always has a line of people waiting for some inexpensive snacks. Whether you ' re a student coming back from Christmas Vaction or an alumni coming back for Homecomming, Oxford, with its familiar sights and styles, will always seem a little bit like home. — 13 " Oire t qieer,t4 Christina Collier John Biggs 1. Neal Beasley (middle) teaches pledges how to act at the Memphis State pep-rally on the square. 2. Nancy Kelly and Tracy Caperton a real close pair. 3. J.J., what kind of friend are you? 4. He ' s my little buddy! 5. LeAnne King and Amy Stone are celebrating a true friendship! 6. We got our Jim Beam, our rebel flag, and a football game-What else could we want? 7. We enjoy holding signs for our friends. 8. Honest Officer, I parked here just for a second. Poppy Pruett Hamp Overton The University of Mississippi is more than just buildings and numbers. Steeped in tradition and closely allied with its surroundings, friendships have been shaped by successive generations of enthusiastic, dedicated students. A school which has inspired both love and loyalty in its alumni, Ole Miss has provided life-time friendships. Friendship has always played an important role in the everyday life of Ole Miss students. Annually held activities such as Dixie Week, Greek Week, and various charity functions are just a few occasions which make our friendships special. Likewise, strong athletics and social functions with a reputation for excellence provide students with opportunities not only to participate but to become closely united. A truly spirited institution, Ole Miss is dedicated to education and organized social events for everyone. With this combination, along with the warmth and friendly smiles of our students, the ability to make special friends makes the university a " home away from home. " Hamp Overton • 1 • 3 Bar hopping ... some of this years ' freshmen may never know the true meaning of the term. Many Ole Miss students could only enjoy two months of care- free LEGAL enjoyment of this favorite past time. Although the bars in Oxford are now off-limits to students under 21, the gatherings and parties were abundant before and after October 1, on the campus this year. The finest examples of college students having a good time can be found at Ole Miss. Beginning in the fall with swaps, football parties, and the successful ' Tailgate Thursday, ' the parting never slowed down. Even after the fraternity theme parties in the spring, Ole Miss guys and gals kept up the social parting until the last day before summer break. Even today the once traditional " Shrimp and Beer " party at the end of Dixie Week is still celebrated by trips to Sardis by students even though there is no official " Shrimp and Beer " Party. There were, however, a few lightweights to be found-they may have passed out but their friends said they had a good time getting there. Yes, at Ole Miss, the students have fun. Theres never a dull moment. The bar-hoppers keep hopping, and the lightweights still don ' t slow down. But there are a few of us-a very important group-that wait for the magical age of twenty-one. 16 — Opening A 2 • 4 Hamp Overton 1. Can you find the guy that ' s passed out? 2. Everyone loves to party in the Grove. 3. Are you sure there ' s no alcohol on campus? 4. Beta ' s and band members, who could tell the difference. 5. PARTY ANIMAL! 6. Tailgate Thursday brought fun and friends together. 7. The B-Street Band parties at theA T O house. Opening — 17 • 6 Richard Whitley 1. Rebel fans start at a young age. 2. You ' re never to old to cheer the Rebs on! 3. Colonel Reb and his mighty cheerleaders. 4. Rebel Fans are never without their flags. 6. Once againg, " THE EGG BOWL CHAMPS! " q11111.11111 pening Rebel Fans are the dedicated people who reverently attend all Rebel athletic events, especially football games. They consist of alumni, students, faculty, staff,their families and anyone with any ties with the University of Mississippi. The excitement of the Red and Blue running onto the field, with Dixie in the air, and Rebel flags in the sky, has been sending chill bumps down the spines of Mississippians for almost a century. Victories over LSU, Mississippi State and Memphis State add excitement to the year. During football season there is a gathering of all these fans in the grove and various spots on campus, where a parking spot is available. They bring food, beverages (no alcohol of course), and lots of fond memories of Ole Miss. These fa ns attend all home games, whether they are in Oxford or Jackson, and will travel across the county to see the Rebels play away games. Our Rebellettes, Cheerleaders and the Ole Miss Band add excitement at Pep Rallies and at the games by cheering the Rebels on all year long. Lee Thigpen is this years ' Johnny Reb mascot. He is dedicated to promoting spirit among the crowds of fans at the games. He does this by climbing into the stands and getting the fans excited. He ' ll do whatever he can to get a rouse of cheer from the crowd. The famous cheer of Hotty Toddy unites the fans and the players. Hotty Toddy,Gosh Almighty Who in the hell are We! Hey-Flim Flam, Bim Bann Ole Miss by Damn! ...I IMO A.., ' Meet ' Way down south in Mississippi there ' s a spot that ever calls, Where among the hills enfolded stand old Alma Mater ' s halls. Where the trees lift high their branches to the whisper- ing Southern breeze, There Ole Miss is calling, calling to our hearts ' fond memories. With united hearts we praise thee, all our loyalty is thine. and we hail thee, Alma Mater, may thy light forever shine; May it grow brighter and brighter, and with deep affection true, Our thoughts shall ever cluster ' round thee, dear ole Red and Blue. May thy fame throughout the nation, through thy sons and daughters grow; May thy name forever waken in our hearts a tender glow; May thy counsel and they spirit ever keep us one in this, That our own shall be thine honor now and ever, dear Ole Miss!-1936 OLE MISS Opening— 21 1. The cafeteria relocated in the Union to better accomodate students ' eating habits this year. 2. Digging ditches is a common sight on campus. 3. The Grill getting a new modern look. 4. The Athletic dorm was officially named Kinard Hall. 5. Officer Evans writes another ticket for people who park by Lyceum to cash checks at the Bursar Office. 6. The money machines are now on the first floor of the Union. • 1 Ole Miss has experienced many changes in the past years. Some obvious, others not so obvious. Like all Universities, Ole Miss has to change to keep up with the times but some things take longer. Ole Miss is changing, even rapidly in some places. The old is comming down and the new is going up. The outdated is going out and the modern is coming in. The Power plant produces most of the more obvious changes. The new building is going up behind Shoemaker (Biology) Hall. The old plant was built in 1934. The new plant should ade- quetly and efficently heat the entire campus. The project for the Class of 1986, a sprinkler system for the grove, will soon begin production this year. The project for the Class of 1987 not be forgotten with their chimes informing us all of the holidays and hours of the day. But there are still some students that cannot seem to make it on time anyway. Of course it cannot be forgotten that the cafeteria was moved. It is now conviently located in the Union, where most students must pass it to get to class, check their mail, go to the bookstore, or shoot some pool. 22 — Opening Hamp Overton • 2 There were also some effects on Ole Miss that were not controlled by the University. What a blow it was to the Ole Miss males to loose the younger Ole Miss coeds in the bars. But the under 21 crowd should feel lucky, now they can evade part of the 2% tourism tax when they buy Coke or Pepsi in- stead of Budweiser. Luckily this campus is not ruled by radicals, but by those that think some things sould not change. Enjoying a pic- nic in the grove, walking through the grove or Rowan Oak (which has been ranked nation wide as one of the best places for grubbing), lovely coeds everywhere, a day at Sardis, a drive to Ben ' s and Todd ' s or Pete ' s One Stop, fraternity parties, SPB all-nighters and many more traditions, are a few ex- amples of things unchanged. The University will continue with just enough renovation and improvements to keep Ole Miss an excellent school without changing what really makes it Ole Miss . . . its traditions. ♦ A Ashley Nicholas ♦ 5 10 r John Biggs • 7 tvo 0 0 0 7 nr,anirlr, ' ) Hamp Overton Hamp Overton A2 ♦ 4 ♦ 5 Frank Hurdle Hamp Overton 11•11MME- The fall semester was an exciting year with alot of interesting things happenning. This year 661 women and 579 men went through rush. 531 women pledged a sorority and about the same number of men pledged a fraternity. As students went through registra- tion this year, they noticed a change in the price of the activity fee. It went up by $5.00 which was allocated to Women ' s Athletics. The fee was $131.00 and it is distributed to the following: Student development $5.25 Radio TV $6.50 Concerts Lectures $3.75 SPB $6.50 Yearbook $5.00 Daily Mississippian $6.00 Intermurals Recreation $13.00 Student Union $17.00 Student Health Ctr. . $34.00 Emergency Medical $1.00 UMAA $25 Library Special Fund $5.00 School Spirit $1.50 Band Travel $1.50 The phone books are quite dif- ferent this year, thanks to Nancy Hor- ton. They consist of some introduc- tory pages, that contain student organizations information, faculty and student listing and a new yellow page section. The books came out in mid-October. The Senior class project was to in- stall a computerized chime system. There are speakers on the top of the Lyceum and the Student Union. It has the capacity to be heard across most of the Oxford campus. This year the 9th Annual Mississip- pi Delta Blues Festival was held on September 20th in the heart of the Delta at Freedom Village. A Law was passed on October 1, 1986 which affected a majority of the Ole Miss students-A person must be 21 years in order to purchase alcoholic beverages. Kincannon and Howory Faulkner mens dorms now have lavatory dorrs. Something that was needed for a very long time. 24 — Opening • 8 A9 ♦ 10 Tara Jennings 4044€ Itee€A4 1. The " Ban Aparthide Now " march against the South African racial aprthide policy took place from the Union to the Square. 2. Slish Slosh! These football players love the play in the mud. 4. Nancy Horton, ASB President, is being interviewed on her views of the Library Fund decision. 5. Pete Straw checks a seedy looking characters I.D. before selling him the house ' s best! 6. Melissa Mason was crowned 1986-87 Most Beautiful. 7. Harley Davidson motorcycles seem to have become the new mode of transportation this year. 8. This coed responds to one of Brother Jim ' s criticisms. 9 John Abbington Brother Jim seem to be agreeing on something. 10. The new drinking laws slowed business at this local watering hole so the employees keep busy with checkers and TV. The Ole Miss student group " Ban Aparthide Now " rallied Friday Oc- tober 10th with a march and demonstration on the Oxford Town Square. The march was in protest of South Africa ' s racial aparthide policy. Congress approved a $11.5 million grant to build the National Center of Physical Acoustics research at the University of Mississippi. It ' s location will be where Swazee baseball field is located presently. After a little over two months of controversry, the ASB Judicial Coun- cil ruled against using money that was in the library fund to buy a new com- puter system for the J.D. Williams Library. For the first time since 1976, the Ole Miss football team was ranked 20th in the nation for five glorious days. They lost the following weekend to Tennessee but did go on the the Independence Bowl. There was a sweet taste of sugar for everyone for a few days. Lee Thigpen origionally dis- qualified as Colonel Reb candidate was reinstated after an appeal hear- ing. It appears he had not submitted all of his expense vouchers before the deadline. He was not found guilty. Towards the end of the fall semester, Sigma Alpha Epislon Frater- nity had its charter revoked because of hazing violations. The NCAA placed the Ole Miss Rebel football team on a two year probation because of recruiting violations. Overall the semester was a good one. The University keeps taking strides to its goal of excellence and is succeeding. Opening — 25 Richard Whitley Hamp Overton Prf Hamp Overton • 7 0 ` ) O 0 E _1 Christina Collier 400••■■■•■• aim. " •■■ ........... ..imm. mom ..... ■■■■ am. ,......... - 1.0.1 Ammo ..... ti. .11,■•■ ' ' ...• AMP, said Slab arm - .......analf MIMI am... Nimbi INIM tow NW oiMilli..........00Ma !=4, MOW. IMINI 11•111 OMNI vi■ Mmile As % •.....- i. N 1 MI MINIM ' ,Mil seiiia 1 " 1 ked NM MINN .,_ - .. ., Ir. . MIR MIME MIME =M 0:11.64. ■ p..• -g, 1111•10 . ' 14 " . r= .1!MIIMJe ' áigruiw, VIII= N 4 = - r a .. - 0 . - -. . . . - - ` MIN - . ......... ,,,,,,,......www.....-- - li irlotwosio-r=7;0.— ,--- , Ato•P•00010 ' • ...,...maislii.-Voiiim - ■,=1101 111166,0•011610 •••• re,IWaa ' llillWri " f " ...issolipiels ........, ♦ 2 Hamp Overton 1. Fun Friendship in Lion Luv! 2. J107- Oxford ' s hometown radio. 3. Are you really walking to class at Ole Miss? 4. This is one way to get into a yearbook! 5. Now wouldn ' t you want to buy a car from one of these fine young gentlemen? 6. The Union is a great place to meet your friends for a chat. 26 — Opening • 3 Tuck Loong 4 Richard Whitley ♦ 5 • 6 Christina Collier Opening — 27 28 — Oneni ng Richard Whitley A 4 A 2 Poppy Pruett Ashley Nicholas Nat ♦ 3 Tuck Loong 1. Going for the TD! 2. There ' s no such thing as a little bit of homework! 3. Novice Cardsharks. 4. Watch those hands! 5. Walk, talk and act like an Egyptian. 6. Cynthia Mitchell having dinner. 10 Hamo Overton Oee 77444 Hamp Overton IA Section Editors CyntWa Mitchel ' Laura !Inward Hamp Overton 4 proved she knew her " snuff ' in the tobacco- Susan Probst spitting contest. Dixie Week, a time for students to put down their books and engage in fun and leisure for seven straight days. The week was packed with activities for everyone to enjoy. Jazz bands, J107 ' s 107 ft. ice cream sundae, movies in the Grove, the state ' s largest aerobics class, ing, an Olympiad, Emo Phillips, Jason and the Scorchers, crawfish boil, and the list goes on and on. Despite the absence of Shrimp and Beer, Dixie Week ' 86 turned out to be a great success. T. Loong Students and faculty lined up for the barbecue sponsored by the senior class. T. Loong Coeds enjoyed a game of Hacky Sac while waiting for the band to begin. 1. Coke is it! 2. " You know that barbecue just didn ' t go down right " T. Loong T. Loong Jerome Burt, John Biggs, and Kathryn Merrill, 1985 Homecoming Queen, help raise money for the senior project. 1. Big Ruby Wilson and her Blues Band entertained the crowd. 2. Comedian Emo Phillips brought his strang e humor to Ole Miss. 3. Mike McDonald performs his first place routine at The Late Night Gong Show in the ballroom. T. Loong Lisa Bowers T. Loong 36 — William Faulkner T. Loong T. Loong During the summer term an exhibition was held in the student union honoring William Faulkner. I Freshmen and transfer students have the opportunity to attend Pre-College con- ferences in the summer so that they may pre-register and learn their way around campus. Many freshmen also enjoyed par- ticipating in fun activities for freshmen on- ly. These activities included movies, ice cream socials, and street dances. • 3 R. Whitley 1. Freshmen dance away the night at the Towers street dance. 2. Pre-College guide holds up a sign directing the participants. 3. Freshmen enjoy the band at Towers. 4. Participants of Pre-College tour the campus. Pre-College and Freshman Even • 2 38 — Sumner Showcase A 1 T. Loong The 1986 Summer Showcase was a little different from showcases of years past. The showcase, usually produced by students in the Ole Miss Theater Department, welcomed a change. This year an acting company, formulated at the Southeastern Theater Conference, helped with the showcase. The results were favorable. The 1986 showcases presented " Barnum, " " High Cocklorum, " " Dust, " " Daughter of the Giant, " and " A Chorus Line. " ?At • 2 T. Loong A4 • 5 T. Loong 1. Scene from " High Cocklorum " 2. Students spent many long hours learning their parts. 3. Scene from " Daughter of the Giant " 4. Scene from the musical " Bar- num " 5. Brent Holten as Mark Twain in " Daughter of the Giant " 6. Scene from the musical " A Chorus Line " • 6 • 1 T. Loong 2 • 1. The Tailgate Party, sponsored by the Student Programming Board, proved to be successful because of the overwhelming majority of students who par- ticipated. 2. Many students enjoyed relaxing and eating barbeque in front of the Union. 3. This Ole Miss co-ed is one of many students who participated in Tailgate Thursday. The Barbeque was sponsored by the Senior Class. A. Williams • 3 40 — Senior Events 1. " The Great Goblin Race " tested the endurance of the cyclists throughout the 16-mile course. 2. The White Animals played on the Union steps at Tailgate Thursday. The 1987 Senior Class has worked very hard to accomplish their goal of installing a computerized Lyceum chime system. Its estimated cost — $6,000. According to Senior Class Presi- dent, Robert Jackson, the class raised this money through parking donations and tee-shirt sales at Homecoming. Also, " The Great Goblin Race, " a 16-mile bicycle race was held dur- ing Halloween week. The chimes will chime the Westminster chimes on the hour and on Sunday morning, playing a wide variety of songs including the Alma Mater. The 1987 Senior Class Officers are Robert Jackson, President; Gwin Scott, Vice-President; and Nally Gremillion, Secretary Treasurer. • 2 Christina Collier Senior Events — 41 A. Nicholas Archie Manning Day was observed September 27. During half-time of the Ole Miss-Tulane game, Manning was honored for his contributions to the Ole Miss team and the University. He and his family were presented with awards. He also retired his football jersey. ' low= .w. " •••,11B A Nicholas •••■1 ' I ' , a. Alr..404, I% t .4 4 ' VA • VII le _ 1,, AV • MVO WI " . A. Nicholas A. Nicholas 1. Archie Manning and his wife during the ceremony 2. Chancellor 3. Archie ' s mother is given a portrait of her son. 4. Manning speaks Turner presents Manning with a plaque to the audience. 42 — Archie Manning Day C. Collier C. Collier Navy guys can carry their girls C. Collier C. Collier The tuffest event for the ROTC units was the bat spin. Tri-Services Field Day — 43 ,M. R. Whitly The White Animals and other bands performed at the fraternity houses after the Homecoming Game Saturday night. Homecoming tie dying in the Grove -- " ' ' " " " •••MMIW ' VilhkiNkkai—vow Poppy Pruett • 1 I. The Alpha Delta Pi award-winning float 2. Cheerleaders lead the crowd at the homecoming bonfire. 3. Lacey Herron works on the Phi Mu float. Richard Whitley Homecoming in the Grove Richard Whitley •••• ' Hemp Overton Cheerleaders help lead the Rebels to victory Rebeiettes perform their half-time show. Hamp Overton Homecoming week was filled with fun and excite- ment. Sororities and fraternities competed in building floats and painting windows on the Square. In the float competition Alpha. Delta Pi received first place for sororities, Phi Tau won first for the frater- nities, and Delta Psi was awarded first place overall. Phi Mu was awarded first place f or their window painting. Kappa Kappa Gamma placed second, and Kappa Alpha Theta won third. The Kappa Alphas received honorable mention. " A Day in the Grove " was held during homecoming week. Students par- ticipated in tie-dying, frisbee golf, and hacky-sac games while the Bean Land Band played. T-shirts were also sold in the Union. Laurie Hector was elected by the student body as 1986 Homecoming Queen. The climax of the week of events was the homecoming game with the Rebels ' defeating Southwestern Louisiana. Hamp Overton Rebelette Angie Reditt performs at half-time. Hemp Overton Laurie with ASB Pres. Nancy Horton 986 HWIECO QU. ACTOR Homecomin. 47.1 The Student Programming Board worked hard throughout the year to provide Ole Miss students with diver- sified entertainment. The All Nighter featured Webb Wilder and the Beatnecks, the Marks Brothers Film Festival, and music from Adam Trowbridge and Lee Harrington. Tie Dying in the Grove was another big event. Students brought T-shirts and dyed them bright colors. P. Pruett H. Overton -NIGHTER AND E, r I GOOD ROLL MES 0 0 0 V7 AS OM- ORD The SPB organized many events for the freshmen. One of these activities was Vegas Night, held in the lobby of Stockard Martin dorm. Gambling tables were set up, and bets were made with paper money. Several students received prizes. Non-alcoholic drinks were also provided. M. Buntyn osn McDoweIN ,10) :401z[cltdIbt Several speakers were invited to lecture at Ole Miss during the year. George Plimpton, a writer for SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, spoke on some of the stories he did for the magazine. As a participatory journalist, he has played with the Boston Celtic s, Detroit Lions, Boston Bruins, and the New York Philharmonic. He has also photographed centerfolds for PLAYBOY, flew on a trapeze for the Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus, and written several books. Josh McDowell, a well-known evangelist, spoke to students on " The Great Resurrection Hoax " and " Maximum Sex. " He encouraged students to become better acquainted with the Lord. White House Spokesman Larry Speakes honored Ole Miss by speaking at the ' 86 graduation. Larry Speakes ' son, Scott, was a member of the 1986 graduating class. Jim Giles returned to the university again this year. He continued to speak about the evils of the Greek system, alcohol, and immodest dress. Terry Waite was scheduled to speak at Ole Miss, but he was unable to lecture due to a conflict in his schedule of hostage negotiations. H. Overton Jim Gi es T. Loong Larry Speakes .Special Events — 51 Craig Voineag Craig Voineag — I m ics • Craig Voineag The Pharmacy Olympics are held each spring at Sardis Lake. Third, fourth, and fifth year pharmacy students compete in several fun events as they enjoy a day at the lake. This year the fourth year students won overall for the second year in a row. Craig Voineag Craig Voineag Craig Voineag " Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who ' s the fairest of them all? " Melissa Mason, a green eyed blonde from Jackson, Mississippi, won the title of Most Beautiful this year before a packed house at Fulton Chapel. R. Whitley R. Whitley R. Whitley R. Whitley MEM Ole Miss is proud to have some of the most attrac- tive females in the country grac- ing its campus. This was evident at the Parade of Beauties pageant. Over 75 girls competed for the title of Most Beautiful making the corn- petion very hard. R. Whitley T. Loong Melissa receives congratulations from Mary Stevens, last years ' Most Beautiful. R. Whitley Public Relations id Christina Collier 56 — Christmas Christina Collier Christmas is a special time at Ole Miss. The yuletide spirit abounds as everyone en- joy s the fun of parties and gift giving while cramming for exams and preparing to go home for the holidays. As the tradition stands, Chancellor Turner once again lit the Christmas tree in front of the Union this year as the Ole Miss chorus sang popular holiday songs. The chorus also presented a Christmas concert in Fulton Chapel. The Navy ROTC helped to spread Christmas joy by having a party for under- priviledged children in the community. Poppy Pruett Christmas — 57 Theatre The Dresser Brighton Beach Memoirs Ev ita During the 1986-87 theatre season, the University of Mississippi had eight plays performed in either the Studio Theatre or Fulton Chapel. The season started early with ' night Mother by Marsha Norman. The Homecoming play for this year was Evita on October 16 — 18. Tribute was next show- ing from November 8 to the 12th. The semester closed with A A. . . My Name is Alice. The second semester started with Brighton Beach Memoirs, written by Neil Simon. The Maids and Lysistrata continued the excellent traditon of performance by Ole Miss actors. The final spring play was Showstoppers on April 29 in Fulton Chapel. The overall season was a very exciting one. It took a lot of hard work and dedication from all performers. Richard Whitley Richard Whitley The Fabulous Thunderbirds WNie Animals Christina Collier Richard Whitley Jason and Ile Scortchers Concerts — 61 57FEL7.11111AllY E- 6 E- I-- 12 HI-TOPS 13 JET SET 14 EIOD:EDEN 20 THE UNITZ, 26 114PLIVNI Aga 27 25 A„Aft41 7: ■ Laura Howard First it was Abbeys Irish Rose then Churches and now it has trancended into a non-alcohol — no age limit Rock Cafe. Illusion ' s features popular bands such as Eli, The Generics, Sidewinder and The White Animals. Laura Howard 62 — Night Life Laura Howard Laura Howard Since the burning of the Warehouse, Foresters has moved to a bigger location on the square. You ' ll always find someone you know there. Irelands is a favorite of the locals in Oxford. You can always find a good time and get in a game of pool while you are there. ,TrelanOss IRIsH PUB-RESTAURANT GAME ROOM DOWNSTAIPc Hemp Overton Night Life — 63 Laura Howard !lamp Overton Syd Harry ' s is usually a pretty layed back kind of place. There is a wonderful restaurant downstairs and a bar above. The Hoka is great to visit after the bars close and Oxford rolls up its sidewalks. The Hot Fudge Pie is a must! Almost any night of the week you can find Ole Miss coeds entertaining themselves at various places. Whether it is in Oxford, Memphis, or New Orleans, the big cities attract the night life crowds also. Hamp Overton 64 — Night Life Laura Howard Night Life — 65 Laura Howard 25 Weekt BRu Hamp Overton �� Eek0E Magee —1 —1Q Left to Right, Seated: Mr. William H. Austin, Jr.; Mr. George T. Watson; Mrs. Martha H. Gill; Mr. Denton Rogers, Jr.; Mr. Charles C. Jacobs, Jr.; Mr. Bryce Griffis, President; Mrs. Betty A. Williams, Vice-President; Dr. John R. Lovelace; and Mr . Frank 0. Crosthwait, Jr. Left to Right, Standing: Dr. E. E. Thrash, Executive Secretary and Director; Mr. Will A. Hickman; Mr. Sidney L. Rushing; Mr. Thomas C. Bourdeaux; and Mr. William M. Jones. 68 — Administration rVVERNOR Governor Administration — 69 Cu IAACELLOR 1-1ANCELLOR R, GERALD TURNER 7n .._ Arlt-niniefrn+inr. Morris L. Marx Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Do yle Lamar Russell Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs VICE CHANCELLORS Thad Gordon Beasley Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Robert C. Khayat Vice Chancellor for University Affairs =-= Administration — 71 ADMINISTRATION John Warner Alford Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Nikkk James 0. Nichols Director of the Bureau of University Planning and Institutional 11 _nzraistsw 11 11111 II 11E11 Thomas C. Meredith Executive Assistant to the Chancellor Danny Ray Benjamin Director of Auditing James N. Butler Dir. of Alumni Affairs House Thomas J. " Sparky " Reardon Associate Dean of Students Judith Davis Trott Dean of Students 72 — Administration Margaret L. Dewey Director of Publications George A. Everett Director of the University Honors Program William Ferris Director of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture ADMINISTRATION Sellers Gale Denley General Manager of the Student Media Center Leone King Assistant to the Chancellor Don L. Fruge Executive Director of University Development Thomas Michael Rieland Director of the Communications and Resource Center Edwin E. Meek Director of Public Relations Lucy Curtis Turnbull Director of University Museums Gerald Wayne Walton Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs ADMNISTRATION Michael de Laval Landon Director of Libraries JoAnne Varner Hawks Director of the Sarah Isom Center for Women ' s Studies ' 7A A Arr.i.,;c+rntinn ADMINISTRATION Robert Wayne Dowdy Comptroller Robert D. Oesterling Acting Director of the Division of Continuing Education Oren William Dickens Bursar Monroe Harrison Director of Student Housing Jimmy E. Shankle Director of Computing and Information Systems Paul W. Hale, Jr. Acting Director of the Physical Plant Michael Hugh Stewart Chief of University Police Roger Keith Lyles Director of Purchasing and Bureau of Administrative Services Not Pictured: Lucius Lee Williams, Jr. Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Mary Ann Connell Special Assistant to the Chancellor V fl Administration — 75 ADMINISTRATION Mai Max Lee Waldrop Director of the Ole Miss Bookstore Ulmer Turner Bullock, Jr. Director of Food Services Bela J. Chain, Jr. Director of Personnel in WIN Ww1IIIIIMENass...,•-• _ so NM IIIII• ill Eli NIP w ea Will_ _ I No =NNW MN NMI IVO .3=_I•1116= 11111■1111•11114111 =NI 1 0 4 • JON 11111111111111 111111110011111110 I 1 I WI las ww,ssimill1111•11111.111111.1111.1 a I 1111111111111111 MI I MR MIEN NNE= 111111•11111111 A II INM MI II NM I= NM 111. ANN MI On =II MIMI II • =I 111= MN ION Nei am on N NB MI NMI II I MI MI _ II MEI MI NM Fffsl MIMI ' MIN I ma an= INIIIII NM itts Imp MINIM 1 MN 44.0.-- MN SIIIIMM M P- ■11 NMI I ,-- -■ Min VI II John William Bailey Director of Intramural and Recreational Sports Thomas Gordon Hood Director of Financial Aid 4101111rp,. Joseph David Elmore, II Director of the Ole Miss Union Marion Beckett Howorth, Ill Director of Admissions 76 — Ariminictration Administration — 77 ADMINISTRATION Jean K. Jones Director of Student Development William Bernard Kingery Director of Recreational Facilities Alfred Eugene Lee Director of Student Health Service Nolan Edgbert Shepard Dir.of International Programs, Student Religious Organizations and Volunteer Services Kenneth Lyle Wooten Registrar and Admissions Dean Jerry Lee Westbrook Dir.of Career Serv. Placement Asst.Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Frances VanLandingham Assistant Financial Advisor to the 1987 OLE MISS ACCOCiNTe,Y Ed Milam, Dean " The faculty of the School of Accountancy perceives its mission as properly preparing students for entry-level positions in the profession and providing them with the background and capacity for growth to positions of increased responsibility in government, industry and public accounting. In order to enable the the students to understand the common body of knowledge of accounting and to implement the use of that knowledge, the program must have high academic standards and effective teaching. Thus, the objectives of the School of Accountancy include the following: (1) To affirm the University of Mississippi as one of the leading institutions in accounting education in the nation, (2) To insure that the School of Accountancy continues to be accredited, (3) To encourage the involvement of the faculty in professional activities and continuing professional education for the people of the state, and (4) To promote the academic contributions of the faculty. " -The School of Accountancy .•■•••••=1: Accounting classes demand time both in class and out. Left: Cathy Simpson, a sophomore from Jackson, MS, concentrates on her homework. Below: Dr. Flesher ' s accounting class prepares for another lesson. A 70 EDUCATION ASSOCIATE DEANS Jimmy R. Chambless Lucius Williams,Jr ASSISTANT DEANS Joseph Blackston Peggy Emerson DEPAR MENT HEADS Austin W. unch Curriculum and Instruction Don Lynn Cheek Health, Physical Education, and Recreation David W. Cox Educational Administration James Simeon Payne, Dean " 1 chose Education because I enjoy working with children and seeing them learn. I chose Ole Miss because its Education Department seemed to best meet my needs. Even after transferring, the advisors worked with me to schedule me in the appropriate classes for graduation. Ole Miss has helped me prepare for a career in Education by offering a wide variety of classes. I have had the opportunity to learn various techniques and methods for teaching. Working in the schools has provided first hand experience in dealing with students in individual and group settings. I have not only learned how to work with students but also how to effectively communicate with administrators, fellow teachers, and parents. " -Beth Clinton Elementary Education Major 80 — Administration lk‘ Practical experience is an integral part of becoming an effective educator. Top: Laura York works with a group of children on following directions. Left: Physical Education majors Keith Holland and Kathy Laird are Special Olympic Volunteers during the area bowling meet. Above: Personal relationships with students are very important as demonstrated by Shannon Moore and friend. IOW mosime■ - ( _ r _1 ARTS 1 ASSOCK _yman N)5ott Magee ASSSTANI DEA ' ' high E ton Eateman ?EADS Margaret J. Gorove Art Edmund D. kaiser 3io ogy Andrew P. Stefan! Edwin Dolin, Jr. Classics John T. Jacobsen Communicative Disorders Evans Harrington English Robert Jo Haws History Jeanette Phil ips Home Economics Wilbert Norton, Jr. Journalism 1. Dale Abadie, Dean " A Liberal Arts degree provides a very broad base of knowledge in areas of the humanities, fine arts, and the biological, physical, and social sciences. It lays a foundation for graduate studies as well as many professional fields. With such a wide variety of programs, anyone can find an area of interest. Currently, the trend seems to be that businesses are hiring Liberal Arts graduates. The business end can be taught on the job while the broad foundation of a Liberal Arts degree is used when dealing with clients. " -Elizabeth Spiller Journalism Major 21•0111111 Freshman Liberal Arts students are challenged by a variety of experiences. Top: Donna Peterson weighs a mouse for a lab experiment. Bottom: Anne Robb Carroll consults professor Charles Gross before finishing her artwork. James F. Porter Mathematics Richard B. Klein Modern Languages Ronald F. Vernon Music Thomas J. Flynn P nilosopy and_ Religions Gordon E. Baird Physics and Astronomy John W. Winkle,111 Political Science Kenneth D. McGraw Psychology Gary R. Mooers Social Work Larry W. DeBord Sociology and Anthropology James C. Cobb Southern Studies James E. Shollenberger Theatre Arts .M4 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT - HEADS George D. Brunton Geology and Geological Engineering William E. Genetti Chemical Engineering Robert M. Hackett Civil Engineering Jeffrey A. R ux Mechanical Engineering Charles E. Smith Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Allie Smith, Dean " The University of Mississippi School of Engineering was initiated in 1854 as the first institution for the formal instruction of engineering in the state of Mississippi. Well established and respected, the School of Engineering has gained national recognition for the quality of engineers it produces. School Administrators couple an active research environment with a rigorous scheme of curricula to promote a highly competitive atmosphere for the students. Diversified study, well tailored curricula, and an excellent administration all provice for an outstanding education in the engineering sciences. " -Paul M. Berry Engineering 84 — Administration Engineering students devote much time to lab experiments, classes, and studies. The faculty members assist students in these formal learning experiences but also frequently take a moment to talk with students in a more relaxed setting. Below: Dr. Mark Tew and Paul Berry, an engineering student, take time out from busy schedules. Atiminictration —85 BUSINESS ffill1111■11■••11■11111111111111MMIllig ASSOCIATE -DEAN William R. Boxx ASSISTANT DEAN Carl W. Nabors DEPAR -FADS Joseph Paolillo Management and Marketing Norman K. Womer Economics and Finance Rex Cottle, Dean " Since business was going to be my major, I had to decide on which college to attend. After visiting schools from the University of Indiana to the University of Texas, I decided to settle at the University of Mississippi. The Business School here has quite a reputation for producing well equipped and educated business people. As I got deeper into my major and began preparing for a career, the faculty here pointed me in the right direction. They teach students the finer points of how to dress and be mentally prepared for an interview, and how to cope with the pressures of your superiors. These caring professors have taken meticulous time both in class and out of class to prepare the students for their careers. The Ole Miss Business School is like a well made bracelet, you don ' t notice the individual stones until they reflect off one another. The students and the faculty here work together to make the Business School shine. " -Stephanie Cunningham Banking and Finance Major 86 — Administration Above: Donald Williams, a General Business major, receives advice concerning his next semester ' s schedule. Left: Tracy Hill, a senior from Memphis, TN, spends an afternoon in computer lab. Atirninictration — R7 =11■mlir.=.■••■0■4 Guthrie Turner Abbott, Dean " Through its outstanding faculty and curriculum, the Ole Miss Law School has achieved a strong reputation across the southeastern United States. As well as benefiting from the reputatuion of the Law School, a diversified student body provides the law student with a unique cultural experience. Capitalizing on this diversified education, many Ole Miss Law School Graduates have become Governors, Senators, Representatives, and leaders in all walks of life. " -Stuart G. Kruger Law Student ENO Many Law students are actively involved in student body compaigns and elections. Left: Lore Thompson works the polls during an election. Below: Mike Crosby uses free time wisely by studying while taking advantage of the fall weather. Administration — 89 GRADUATE .4L ■Biont Leland Fox, Dean --7_7•■■■ The Graduate School at Ole Miss is responsibl e for identifying, attracting, nurturing, and graduating outstanding students who are setting off on professional careers or updating or validating their careers. Currently there are approximately 1,250 graduate students with more inquiries arriving daily. The prospective Ole Miss graduate stdent may be from as far away as Spain or Taiwan. Responses to people in other countries are made frequently. Their interest is sparked by Ole Miss ' outstanding reputation and the excitement of being a part of a great tradition. -Dr. Leland Fox Am, On — Adminictratinn Graduate students attain knowledge and experience by participating in many types of learning situations. They serve as teachers, experimenters, and students. Top: Alan James shows Anatomy and Physiology students the muscles of a cat. Left: John Mc Clure works on his dissertation experiment. Above: Graduate students in Dr. M. Dupper ' s Therapuetic Recreation class. 11■M■PV, PHARMACY ASSOCIA -E DEAN Joe B. McCaski Wallace Guess, Dean " As an outstanding leader in both education and research, the Ole Miss School of Pharmacy continues to climb its way to the top. One key to this success is the student-faculty communication. The dean and faculty members consider each student an individual and make sure each graduate takes with them an education they can be proud of and the assurance that will made them leaders in their profession. Ole Miss offers a well rounded education in pharmacy; one to be respected. There is a sense of pride among the students and administrators that keeps the school shining among the top- ranked schools in the nation. The Ole Miss School of Pharmacy is truly a school that places its students as top priority. " -Angela Hart Pharmacy Student OD Arlminiefratinn Students and faculty work closely together in the Pharmacy School. Above:Professor Nancy Lublanezki and Pharmacy student Jessica Goddard examine a box of medicine. Left: Kathy Coughlan and Dina Faulkner combine their resources on lab work. 041 00 3ecrLI: 95 Elected Colonel Rebel by the student body this year is Lee Thigpen, a senior from Jackson. Lee, a general business major, is a prime example of the true spirit of Ole Miss. He has served Ole Miss for the past two years as " Johnny Rebel " the official mascot of the University. Whether it is entertaining children or slam dunking a basketball, Lee can be found at all sporting events. Since becoming " Johnny Reb, " he has received almost every award a collegiate mascot can win, being named SEC Mascot of the Year and Runner Up to National Mascot of the Year Lee contributes a great deal of time to charities and won the national mascot fund raising competition for the United Way. He is also a Student Programming Board committee chairman and a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. He was honored this year by ing named to the Hall of Fame, the highest award any Ole Miss student can receive. 96 — Features Miss Ole Miss 1986 is Leslie Gordon of Tupelo, MS. Leslie, a fashion merchandising major, is no stranger in the spotlight, having been one of the most visible and active students at Ole Miss throughout her four years here. Leslie is a member of the Chi Omega sorority, and has served as both President and Rush chairman. She is also an active Sigma Chi little sister, and was named Sigma Chi sweetheart this past year. She was selected a Top Ten Beauty her sophomore year and a campus favorite her junior year. She is active on several A.S.B. committees as well as the Student Programming Board. Because of her involvement and service to the ty, she was named to the Hall of Fame this year. With all of her accomplishments, it is easy to see why Leslie is truly the " image of Ole Miss. " Leslie Gordon Lee Thigpen .: .�- alhArCORIA Move !injell@l Kim Efionop Joan nv -L)A ey Pederson She! Mary Stevens Missy 77 Lianas QUEEN A Senior majoring in vocal performance, this year ' s Miss University is Ladye Love Long. Sponsored by the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, Ladye represented the University in the 1986 Miss Mississippi pageant in Vicksburg, where she placed in the Top Ten. 100 — Features FAVORITI When April saw Ole Miss for the first time, she fell in love with its beauty and was con- vinced she had found the place for her. Since then, this Dallas, TX junior has become everybody ' s favorite. April has been involved in a wide array of activities while at Ole Miss. An officer of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, she has also served as Kappa Alpha sweetheart this past year. She is on the Senate Rules com- mittee and has served as co-chairman for the United Way drive. A journalism and advertis- ing major, April spends much of her time as vice president of sales for channel 12 news. gn Bet p A quick friendly smile and dynamic per- sonality characterize Carolyn Boltin. A junior from Orlando, FL, she is a member of the Kap- pa Delta sorority, of which she serves as vice president. She also serves as Sigma Alpha Ep- silon little sister president. She is a member of the Golden Key National Honor Society and has been named one of the top ten best dressed. An English and Journalism major, Carolyn spends a great deal of time in the Dai- ly Mississippian newsroom, where she is a staff writer. Carolyn ' s wit and good humor make her a favorite of all who know her. Favorites — 101 ()) RITES Cinny 71nz ' Whether it is working for Tel-O-Miss news or on the Senate, Ginny Donald ' s bubbling per- sonality makes her a favorite wherever she goes. A journalism and English major, Ginny has been very active with Tel-O-Miss news as a reporter and anchorwoman. She is also a member of Phi Mu sorority, serving as Rush chairman this past year. Ginny is an avid Rebel sports fan, serving both as a Rebel Recruiter and a Match Mate. She is a member of Rho Lambda, a senator, and Beta Theta Pi little sister. A senior from Chattanooga, TN, Ginny is definitely one of the outstanding leaders of Ole Miss. Emi A bright smile can always be found on the face of Ole Miss favorite Emily Fulcher. A graceful addition to the campus, Emily is a junior from Jackson, MS. Chi Omega sorority highly regards Emily as one of its members because of her service both as Rush chairman and pledge trainer. She is also involved on the Student Programming Board. A Graphics and Design major, Emily is a staff artist for the 1987 OLE MISS and is a member of Campus Crusade and AWS. FAVORITES Mnii A senior from Tupelo, Mimi Holland is definitely one of the friendliest students at Ole Miss. She is active both in the karate and scuba clubs, and is an officer in her sorority, Chi Omega. She is also a Pike little sister, a member of College Republicans, and in the Animal Welfare Group. Mimi spends a great deal of her time as a volunteer at the Mississip- pi Retardation Center. When not practicing Karate, this Ole Miss favorite enjoys writing poetry and bike riding with her friends. I Hally Nashville, TN is the home of favorite Hally Gremillion. Involved is the word which best describes this energetic senior. Her impressive list of activities includes Senior class secretary treasurer, ASB Executive Assistant, Omicron Delta Kappa and Mortar Board. She has served both as Rush chairman and pledge trainer of her sorority, Delta Gamma, and is an active Rebel Recruiter. A journalism and English major, Hally is a member of the Sigma Delta Chi Society of Journalism and Women in Communications. She is a Beta Theta Pi little sister, and was selected as little sister of the year. FAVORITES Serving as a leader on campus and in her sorority are reasons why Kim definitely qualifies as an Ole Miss favorite. A senior ac- counting major from Camden, Ark., Kim was attracted to Ole Miss because of its strong southern tradition and friendly atmosphere. She is a member of the Phi Mu sorority and has served as Vice President, Treasurer, and House President. Because of her outstanding service to her sorority, she was named to Rho Lambda. She is also an active Sigma Chi little sister and has been named to the Deans Honor Roll. Some of her other activities include the Student Alumni Council, College Republicans, and the Ole Miss Welcoming Committee. !io -Te Long luka, MS proudly claims this Ole Miss favorite, Ladye Love Long. A senior majoring in vocal performance, Ladye ' s outstanding talent and personality have earned her the title of Miss University and Top Ten in the Miss Mississippi pageant. She is a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and is very ac- tive with the University Chamber Ensemble and the Concert Singers, a group which in- fluenced her decision to attend Ole Miss. She is a past Dixie Week talent winner and a member of College Republicans and Reformed University Fellowship. With a ready smile, Ladye enjoys making friends all over campus. 104 — Features FAVORITES Anyone who knows Mary can understand why she is an Ole Miss favorite. Her enthusiastic personality has made her one of the most visible students at Ole Miss. A Liberal Arts major from Birmingham, Mary spends much of her time fulfilling her role as a varsity cheerleader, a position she has held for two years. She is a member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority and sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Mary was Most Beautiful 1985 and was selected by the M Club as the Junior maid on this year ' s Homecoming Court. A true all around Rebel is a perfect description for this favorite. .Laura S With an outgoing personality that endears her to many, Laura Ann Smith is definitely an example of true Southern hospitality. A fourth generation Ole Miss student from Greenwood, this friendly account- ing major has a long list of activities and honors that include Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, and Beta Gamma Sigma. She was named model active in her sorority, Delta Delta Delta, and has served it as Rush chairman and pledge trainer. She is also Vice President of the Student Alumni Council, an Ole Miss Ambassador, and a Sigma Chi lit- tle sister. Features — 105 Most 1987 Is Melissa Mason. Melissa )adcast journalism the Phi Kappa Psi -!r to the pageant Top Ten beauty e te, Miss Hinds t Melissa ter and unty has ser on the w a 108 — Features P, ' ‘, I ID ' JO Li wen Kim is a sophomore majoring in public relations and advertising. She was sponsored by the Kappa Delta sorority and is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Cotten of Carthage, MS. Kim is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Chandler of Madison, MS. She is a junior majoring in marketing and was sponsored by the Kappa Delta sorority. ES Dana is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dalton of Corinth, MS. She is a sophomore majoring in liberal arts and is a member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority. A junior from Memphis, Glennys is a member of the Chi Omega sorority. She is a fashion design and merchandising major and is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Craig Cowles, Features — 109 A sophomore Tri-Delta from Southaven, MS, Katie was sponsored by the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. She is a marketing major and is the daughter of Mrs. Suzan Davis and Mr. James Ferguson. Kahn ' ©uT Kathi, a member of the Delta Gamma sorority, is a senior from Monticello, MS. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Gould and is majoring in fashion merchandising. Kathi was spon- sored by Kappa Sigma. 110 — Features EAU-11ES Angela, a sophomore from Grenada, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James G. Ligon. She was sponsored by Chi Omega and is majoring in English. G-_)) A junior journalism major, Alden is a member of the Delta Delta Delta sorori- ty. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kent E. Lovelace of Gulfport and was sponsored by Kappa Alpha Order. Features — 111 E.Vizabe1 ' .7fatt Elizabeth, a pre med student from Cleveland, MS, is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Kent Wyatt. She is a sophomore and was sponsored by the Delta Delta Delta sorority. 112 — Features Joyce, a sophomore pharmacy stu- dent, is a member of the Kappa Delta sorority. She is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. James Tyler of Oxford. r(7--2) 7 U Features — 113 Dlessa UnEncq, Melissa, a senior from Metarie, Louisiana, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Young. A senior majoring in English, she w s sponsored by the Delta Delta Delta sorority. All features photography by Professional Images, Jackson, MS 11 A ' orfil dlICONi ' M Me am ' e Mulyni ,ohn John Biggs 8( a S ude Rebs 1986 was an exciting year for the Ole Miss baseball fans as the Rebels were very competitive and showed g reat pro- mise for the future. The Rebels got off to a flying start winn- ing 16 of their first 20 games. With consistent pitching and leadership from senior pitchers Bryan Farmer and David Miller the Rebels were consistent throughout the season, finishing with a 38-17 record overall. The Rebel bats were hot too, as evidenced by such scores as 20-2 over Union, 14-4 over Georgia, and 24-3 over Rhodes College. By the season ' s end, the Rebels found themselves in contention for a spot in the playoffs but finished in a three-way tie for fourth place in the SEC with Florida and Georgia. Florida was eliminated because both Ole Miss and Georgia fin- ished with better records against the top three teams in the SEC ... LSU, Alabama, and Auburn, respectively. Unfor- tunately, when the records were compared between Georgia and Ole Miss, the Rebels had fallen just one win short of the record necessary to earn a spot in the playoffs, and Georgia advanced. When all was said and done, however, there was still a great deal for the Rebel faithful to cheer about. Third baseman Bubba Simon received All-SEC honors. First baseman Kyle Gordon was named an Academic All- American. And Senior pitchers Bryan Farmer and David Miller joined the ranks of Rebels in professional sports by signing with the National League ' s Atlanta Braves. But, most significant and exciting of all was the announcment of plans the University revealed for the construction of a brand new, million-dollar baseball stadium. This long- overdue improvement will be a great asset to the Ole Miss baseball program and will provide the Rebels with the kind of facility an SEC team warrents. GROUP PHOTO BELOW: (Left to Right) ROW 1, Asst. Coach Tom Swayze, James Sikes, Chip Moreland, Jean-Paul Gentleman, Rodney Mattina, Jamie Johnson, Dean Brown, Barry Bethny, Gary Geno, Asst. Coach Johnny Adams; ROW 2, Head Coach Jake Gibbs, Darren Musselwhite, Jeff Purvis, Robert Cole, Bubba Simon, Joe Gex, Kyle Gordon, Rodger Smith, Monte Gibbs, Skipper Wright, Mgr. Randy Davis, Mgr. Jeff Pate; ROW 3, Asst. Coach Larry Simcox, Doug DuVall, Tommy Boone, Matt Smith, David Swolsky, David Miller, Mike McGowan, Allen Musselwhite, Brian Becker, Mike Domenick, Scott Che sser, Bryan Farmer, Asst. Coach Johnny Flynt, Trainer Bobby Barlow. Al 1 1 A Racahall Baseball — 117 1986 OLE MISS BASEBALL RESULTS RESULT 7-0 8-0 4-3 7-4 9-0 20-2 2-4 5-7 2-15 7-5 7-5 6-3 2-0 .12-1 4-7 16-11 2-1 5-4 9-1 4-0 4-9 2-4 14-4 12-4 3-0 12-3 2-3 6-1 7-1 6-9 6-3 1-10 4-3 6-4 5-4 4-3 5-4 7-11 13-12 7-2 5-8 11-9 10-3 5-4 2-1 24-3 3-6 1-3 1-18 4-3 2-10 5-4 5-13 6-1 OPPONENT Christian Christian North Alabama North Alabama Union Union at at at at Delta Kansas Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Morehead at Missouri Tulane Miss. College Miss. College Memphis at at at. at Arkansas Miss. Miss. Miss. Delta Delta at at at Arkansas Arkansas Memphis Florida Florida LA. Tech (9 Lousiana Miss. at Kentucky at at UAB (13 Rhodes College Alabama Alabama Alabama at Memphis at Memphis at Tennessee (8 at at Tennessee John Biggs John Biggs ♦ 3 John Biggs 118 — Baseball 1. ecker retires the side with a curve ball. 2. " Safe! " 3. " Determination in action!! " 4. 5. Rebel Aces ' David Miller and Bryan Farmer will both be pitching for the Atlanta Braves next spring. 6. Gordon drills another one over the fence. . John Biggs John Biggs John Biggs Baseball — 119 TRIVIA: What late 70 ' s Denver Broncos quarter- back roamed centerfield for Jake Gibbs? ANSWER: Norris Weese • 1 John Biggs John Biggs 1. Gibbs stalls for time in a close one while a reliever warms up. 2. " How much did they pay you to call this game anyway? " 3. Purvis prepares to blow another one past an enemy batter. • 2 • 3 120 — Baseball Oee litAd4 4. Simon cuts off a grounder down the line. • 5 5. Popeye goes " gator hunting " with his trusty Easton. John Biggs John Biggs Baseball — 121 1. " How s weet it is! " 2. " Mamma don ' t let your babies grow up to be bulldogs. " 3. Varsity Cheerleaders: (front) Charles Byrd and Lee Thigpen; (2nd row) Susan Ray, Ron Dickerson, Diana Smith, Scott Doles, Mary Stevens, Susan Benson, Robin Bounds; (3rd row) Jamie McGinnis, Jeff Bivins, Hal Cato, Scott Simons. • -1 John Biggs • 2 John Biggs 122 — Cheerleaders ©3 Tuck Loong ♦ 3 John Biggs 1. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: (front) H Stone, Arron O ' Connel, Tracy Johnson, Whitney Vann, Jennifer Jones; (back) Chris Green, Burger Alexander, Brett McCuiston, Jay McCroskey, Todd Thompson, Mark Nicholas. 2. Col. Reb (Lee Thigpen) and Wesley Walls celebrate after this years Egg Bowl win against Mississippi State. 3. " A future rebel? " ♦ 2 John Biggs Cheerleaders — 123 When Ole Miss ea oac y rewer went • e media last summer in Birmingham, AL, he was quick to that his Rebels were heading into the 1986 seaso th " cautious optimism. " Most pre-season polls ranked Ole Miss 8th or 9th in the conference. When the season was over, however, the Rebels had finished tied for second in the SEC with their best season in 15 years. The Rebels got off to a good start, crushing the hapless Tigers from Memphis, 28-6 in Jackson. The following week the Rebels travelled to " Hog Country " with high hopes, but were pointed by an impressive and nationally ranked Arkansas team, 21-0. The offense continued to struggle the next week with Akansas State and the Rebels were forced to settle for a tie with the upstart Indians, 10-10. Ole Miss celebrated " Archie Manning Day " the next Saturday by coming back from a 0-10 deficit to trounce Tulane, 35-10 in Oxford. It ' s always tough " between the hedges " and this year was no exception, the Junkyard Dawgs called on their defense to hold off Ole Miss in a close one, and managed to eek-out a 10-14 victory in Athens. The Rebels took out their frustrations on Kentucky the following week in Jackson, smashing the " Mildcats " 33-13. Following a suspence-filled, 21-20 Homecoming victory over Southwestern Louisiana, the s tra to Nashville where J. ed 94 yards with the ng kic o f for a touchdown and i was all Ole Miss from -12. Then came " The Win of the Decade " as Ole Miss .U. in Baton Rouge for the first time since 1968 lonal television audience and 77,000 not-so-rowdy Cajuns, 21-19, as Browndyke ' s field goal attempt sails wide to the right! The nationally ranked Rebels were brought back down to earth the next week as the defending SEC Champion, Te nessee Volunteers, made a late 2nd half comeback to defeat t Rebels 22-10, leaving all the " Sugar " in Memorial Stadium. 0 Miss bounced back against archrival Mississippi State in the Egg Bowl and sent the Bulldogs back to Cow-College losers for the 4th consecutive year: Culture — 24, Agriculture — 3. With their victory over State, the Rebels recieved an invitation to play Texas Tech in the Independence Bowl. Ole Miss, riding the arm of quaterback Mark Young, broke 12 Independence Bowl records in an exciting season finale, whipping the Red Raiders 20-17. The Rebels finished the season 8-3-1, ran 17th in the nation by the New York Times poll. The 1986 Rebels will be remembered for a tenacious defen that week to week found a way to win and refused to ever gi up. 124 — Football 1.111111111111WIF Ole Miss Memphis State Tuck Loong A2 • 3 John Biggs Ole Miss O Arkansas 21 1. Myers evades the tiger defense for big yards. 2. Osgood knifes through the porus Memphis State line. 3. Moore returns an interception against Arkansas. 4. Rebel defenders mob Fit- simmons after fumble recovery. 5. " 3rd and goal to go. " 17F. — Football • 5 Ole Miss Arkansas State 10 10 1. Stephen Moore and Company wrap up another quaterback behind the line. 2. Rebel " D " gets carried away. 3. Osgood spots his reciever. 4. Dently blows through the Tulane line. 5. More negative yardages for Tulane ' s offense. A 1 John Biggs John Biggs ♦ 3 ' At • John Biggs 1,Ntop)Ame Ole Miss John Biggs Tulane FrIntk,11 1 ' 77 7e , act te 0 e Wks 9 1.20 seconds later Rebel fans could breath again, and the party began. 2. Goodloe flashes through the LSU line as Irvin takes a Tiger out of the play. 3. TOUCHDOWN DENTLY! 4. A host of rebel defenders crush a Tiger running back behind the line. 5. Rebel defenders ' stick ' a Tiger. • 1 John Biggs • 5 Bruce Newman 110 1. Brian Owen puts 3 on the board for the Rebels. 2. Goodloe sloshes upfield for a big gainer. 3. Wesley Walls and Mike Fitsimmons force an errant pass. 4. State QB, Don Smith, is forced to eat the football again. e Mss ennessee 22 • 2 John Biggs AW..4 ' John Biggs ♦ 3 0 e !Ass 24 l ' Assss;o0 State 3 ♦4 John Biggs 700agee Rebels Rewrite Independence Bowl Record Book RECORDS SET Individual Most completions 31 by Mark Young Most passing yards 343 by Mark Young Most plays 46 by Mark Young, Ole Miss Most yards total 314 by Mark Young, Ole Miss Most tackles 17 by Jeff Hurrod, Ole Miss Highest punting avg 45.5 by Bill Smith, Ole Miss Team Most completions 31, Ole Miss Most passing yards 343, Ole Miss Most plays 88, Ole Miss Most first downs 26, Ole Miss ' 4 i . Jeff Sanford • ' ' ' .- 112 — InelartAnriartra 1Z flat ' •1111111.11 MIEMEMEIMMM.111.111Mff Sanford 133 134 — Basketball Murphy Rebe rigs New Look to 3as Ketball We said coming into this year that we were going to establish our style of play and that ' s what we ' re going to do, " said first year Head Coach, Ed Mur- phy. Murphy, in his 9th season of collegiate basketball, became Ole Miss ' 17th head coach in August of 1986. Murphy ' s number one priority this year was to establish the way Ole Miss plays ball — running the motion offense and playing man-to-man defense. The Rebels opened the season with only two losses in the first 10 games. Ole Miss put six players in double figures for the first time since 1976-77 in the season opener against Division Ill Washington University of St. Louis. After a loss to Arkansas, the Rebels were on a four game winning streak against North Texas State, Jackson State, SE Louisiana, and Mississippi College. Ole Miss won its third holiday tournament championship in eight years as the Rebels turned back San Diego State in the finals of the Holiday Bowl Classic. Still on a high from their tournament victory, Ole Miss opened its SEC season with a win for the first time since the 1981-82 season, in a 73-63 vic- tory over LSU. Junior, Rod Barnes, has paced Ole Miss in several games with a season high of 11 assists in a victory over Mississippi College and 18 points in the Rebels first road win against Tennessee. Senior, Joe Ayers, and Junior, Charles Prater, have led Ole Miss in scoring while Senior forward, Eric Smith has led the Rebels in rebounding for most of the season. Senior center, Ronnie Sims, broke the Ole Miss career record for blocked shots with four against Florida, giving him 52 for his career. Overall Ole Miss basketball has been a surprising improvement with several broken records and better performance. Ole Miss out-rebounded 16 of 29 opponents this season, which is quite an improvement considering the Rebels only out out-rebounded opponents in 12 of 29 games a year ago. Coach Murphy and the Rebels are establishing and building their style of play in the ranks of the SEC. Murphy has made some changes this year and looks ahead with high hopes to the coming years. 1. Eric Smith up for the jumper against a Vandy Defenser. 2. Senior, Ronnie Sims goes in for a layup at Vanderbuilt. • 1 Jeff Sanford 1. Joe Ayers slips in for two against Georgia. 2. Head Coach, Ed Murphy can ' t believe the referees made the call. 1986-87 Ole Miss Basketball Team- Front (I-r): Steve Cumella, manager; 23 Ronnie Miller; 20 Keith Kessinger; 11 Joe Colman (no longer on team); 12 Roderick Barnes; Falton Mason, manager; Back 31 Joe Ayers, 41 Bo Allen; 44 Bruce Tranbarger; 50 Clint Stegall; 35 Ronnie Sims; 40 Todd Robinson (no longer on team); 21 Paul Horn (no longer on team); 42 Eric Smith; and 34 Charles Prater. Jeff Sanford A 2 Jeff Sanford Basketball — 135 1. Ole Miss in a defeat against LSU. 2. Charles fights for the ball with Vandy defense. 3. Rod Barnes anticipates the rebound. Jeff Sanford ♦ 1 Jeff Sanford r 2 • • 1 Jeff Sanford Jeff Sanford • Richard Whitley • 3 138 — Basketball 1. The Rebels against Alabama. 2. Ronnie Sims in a dead ball situation. 3. Rod Barnes brings it down. ==, Basketball — 139 Richard Whitley 1. Joe Ayers in for the reverse layup. 2. Eric Smith drives against LSU. 3. Ronnie Sims sinks a layup against Tennessee. • 2 140 — Basketball Lady Rebels, Beating the Odds Who would have ever thought that the Ole Miss Lady Rebel basketball team would be 19-1 with only seven games to play before the Southeastern Conference Tournament? " When we started the year no one thought that we would be very good, " said ninth-year Head Coach Van Chancellor. " We are just so mentally tough, that I think that is what has helped us win some of our big games. " The Lady Rebels have had to roll with a lot of punches this season. The 1986-87 season looked gloomy for the Lady Rebels, senior forward Alisa Scott had to undergo athroscopic knee surgery, just three weeks before the season was to begin. " Alisa has had to overcome a lot this season, but she has really put out the effort that we have needed to win, " stated Chancelor. Senior Guard Myra Williams, was also hurt for a majority of the season. She played with both legs taped from toe to knee, but she got the job done for the Lady Rebels. The Lady Rebels also lost La Teasha Johnson, to a knee injury early in preseason conditioning. On their way to another winning season (13 straight), the Lady Rebels upset third ranked Tennessee, 69-65 and ninth ranked Louisiana State, 84-67. Their only loss was handed to them by second ranked Auburn, 66-62, in front of a record crowd of 3,116. The Ole Miss women began the season ranked in the upper half in many of the top 20 women ' s polls. However, with a lot of hard work and sweat, the Lady Rebels eventually were ranked as high as number five. " We just stuck together, and played as hard as we could, " explained Scott. " We never gave up, and played with a lot of guts. " In a game of Goliaths, the Lady Rebels were the Davids that fought to the victorious end. 1. The Lady Rebels against LSU. 2. Kim Bullard, down for defense against LSU. • 2 Sports Information ♦ 3 Jeff Sanford 1. 1986-87 LADY REBEL BASKETBALL TEAM: Seated (14): Peggy Bracey, Michelle Hartzog, Kim Bullard„ Anita Richardson, Teresa Hayman, Myra Williams, Alisa Scott, Joy Eichelberger, Desiree Drummond; Standing: Trainer David Emory, Graduate Assistant Donny Fuller, Student Assistant Jennifer Gilloin, Assistant Coach, Jack Gadd, LaTeasha Johnson, Kimsey O ' Neal, Kylia Morrison, Allana Cummings, Cynthia Autry, Head Coach Van Chanellor, Assistant Coach Peggy Gillom, Manager Johnny Chancellor and Manager Kathy Laird. 2. Myra Williams drives on a Florida guard. 3. Coach Van Chancellor has a few tips for his girls. Jeff Sanford Rac4.thnll — 141 Jeff Sanford 1. Cynthia Autry reaches for the rebound. 2. Kim Bullard takes a jumper against Florida. 3. Joy Eichelberger looks for an opening. Jeff Sanford A2 • 3 • 1 Alisa Scott at her best! • 1 Richard Whitley • 2 leff Sanford 144 — Basketball • 3 Jeff Sanford 1. Theresa Hayman, Joy Eichelberger, and Peggy Bracey after a fight for the ball. 2. Joy Eichelberger looks down court for the fast break. 3. Kimcey O ' Neal up for the jumper. A Oee 772( " 44 1. Laying it in!! 2. Anita Richardson hustles for the ball. 3. The Lady Rebels drill LSU. • 1 Jeff Sanford A 2 Richard Whitley • 3 Jeff Sanford Basketball — 145 Ird Ashley Nicholas ♦ 1 Ashley Nicholas 1. 2. Team members work out in a variety of ways. A3 Ashley Nicholas 3. Runners dread practicing in the drizzle. 4. Jody Cline working hard on shot form. • 4 Ashley Nicholas 146 — Track la Cross Country Wins Championship The 1985 Cross Country team won the Mississippi Intercollegiate Championships and placed 7th in the SEC. Brian Pope and Doug Smith gave the squad a one, two punch in most of the meets. The first year women ' s team was lead by Darlene Calvin. The team placed second in the Mississippi Intercollegiate Anderson College and Ole Miss Invitational meets. The track program was highlighted with outstanding , performances by Perry Cartlidge (.400 m), Earl Bridges, Brice Williams, and Troy Mckoy (jumps), Russ Curry (hurdles), and Doug Smith and Brian Pope (Distance). Bridges and Cartlidge qualified for the N.C.A.A. Championships. Bridges earned All-American honors in the triple jump. Darlene Calvin was the Outstanding Per- former for the women. Ole Miss Athletes participated in the N.C.A.A. and T.A.C. Championships as well as the prestigious Penn Relays and Martin Luther. King, Jr. Freedom Games. Track — 147 • 5 6. Track Team (left to right): ROW 1 -Jenny , Melanie Conjemi, Sondra Varnell, Darlene Calvin, Nyarinda Aduma, Maggie Henson; ROW 2 -Asst. Coach Bill Berg, Charlotte Ashe, Vicki Horton, Tara Edwards, Jody Cline, Erica burley, Kelly Mclaughlin, Head Coach Ken Gibson; ROW 3 -Brice Williams, Mike Daves, David Criswell, Russ Curry; ROW 4 -Verdell Oliver, Henrico Atkins, Rip Haney, Kevin McRay, Victor Shine, Gabriel Dear; ROW 5 -Allen Ince, William Thomas, Melvin Dean, Perry Lust, Gaines Williams; Top -Kermit Jackson. 5. Several runners stretch it out for their final lap. Ashley Nicholas Ashley Nicholas 17eretreted 1. Doug Weber lauches a forhand. Jeff Sanfo et rs on the Road to Success The 1986 Rebel Tennis Team enjoyed much suc- cess throughout the spring season. The team was led by seniors Neal Stapp, Doug Weber, and Chuck Sobers. The " Rebel Netters " began their season with a fourth place finish at the SEC Indoors Tournament in Knoxville, Tennessee- The highest SEC finish ever for an Ole Miss tennis team. Roy Eudy and Dave Randall captured Ole Miss ' s first ti- tle in the event ' s history, when they won 3 doubles divisicoilowing their success in Knox- ville, the Rebel Netters went on to win the consola- tion bracket in the prestigious Corpus Christie In- vitational. In their dual match schedule, the Rebels compiled an impressive 17-6 record and a fought 6th place finish in the extremely petitive SEC. " The Rebel Netters have turned the corner on the road to success, " said Coach Billy Chadwick, , . " and with new standout recruits such as Aaron Bar- rick and Jimmy Pitts along with our experienced . pper-classmen, the future looks very bright. " 2. Chuck Sobers sprints cross court for the shot. 3. Dave Randall cues for a backhand return. Jeff Sanford 148 — Tennis I 4. Neal Stapp in perfect form for the pwoer serve. 5. Junior, Jerry Johnson returns a strong backhand in an intra-s uad match. 6 )Ie Miss Tennis Team (left to right): F ront -Doug Weber, Tom Wallace, Chuck Sobers, Russ onings y, Dave Randall; ack -Coach Billy Chadwick, Jim Williams, Jim Duckworth, Roy Eudy, Joey Johnson, Neal Strop. Asst. Coach Jeff ,nderson. Tennis — 149 Wof " Jens Ten Gea 0 S ro ra 1---;sef ' s 0 The Lady Rebels are looking forward to an excellent year for 1986-87. Having enjoyed a successful fall season with wins over Arkansas State, Memphis State, and the University of South Alabama, the women ' s tennis program is in high gear moving toward the SEC tournament in the spring. New coach Jerry Montgomery is very optimistic about the future of the Lady Rebels this year. After a sixth place finish in the conference championships last year, the women netters have alot of incentive to improve their performance this year. With the impressive talent on the present squad, the potential for greater success is there. Jane Young of Canada, who represented Ole Miss in the NCAA Individual Championships two years ago, returns to the team after a year ' s absence. She played on the women ' s profes- sional world tour last year and retained her amateur standing in the process. Having achieved a world ranking in the top 150, Young is difinitely a world class player, and she brings significant strength and experience to the team. Clara Arnold of Oxford continued to show progess and improvement as she reached the finals of the Southern Junior Closed Championships this past summer. Clearly one of the most promising junior players in the United States and barely 18 years old, Arnold has tremendous potential to be very successful in intercollegiate tennis this year. Veterans Lynn Hennessey and Jackie Ruppert have considerable experience playing for the Lady Rebels and are demonstrating renewed interest and dedication this year. Dawn Parkhurst, Heather Hartman, Laura Nelson, and Kim Schmitz round out the team of scholarship players who have the talent and the ex- perience to make a winning contribution. " We have an excellent group of dedicated, accomplished, nice girls who are very serious about working hard to get back in- to the upper echelon of the SEC and achieve a bid for the NCAA Championships in the spring, " said first year coach Montgomery who has coached several All-Americans during his years of being a tennis professional in Shreveport, LA before coming to Ole Miss. A 1 Jeff Sanford 1. Heather Hartman prepares for a forehand in tournament play. 2. Vetran player Lynn Hinnessey makes a winning shot. 150 — Tennis • 3 Ole Miss Women ' s Tennis team — Front Row -(left to right):Laura Nelson, Heather Hartman, Dawn Parkhurst, Clara Arnold; Back Row Coach Billy Chadwick, Lynn Hennessey, Jackie Ruppert, Rachael Paris, Asst. Coach Jeff Anderson. • 5 Tennis — 151 ♦ 4 Jeff Sanford 4. Liz Daily with " her eyes on the ball! " 5. Laura Nelson from Macon, Georgia, hits a forehand for a winner. • 1 Jeff Sanford 987 X ' edel 7ear.n4 The Ole Miss men ' s and women ' s golf teams are on the move. The first year women ' s team competed in eight major college tournaments this season and looks foward to a competitive team in the coming spring. The men ' s golf season was highlighted by Chip Sullivan becoming the 3rd Ole Miss golfer in the last five years to win the SEC Championship. Also, Senior Darren Cole finished All-SEC for the third year in a row. The Ole Miss team finished third in the 1986 SEC Championship, and Chip Sullivan was invited to compete as an individual in the NCAA Championship. For the past five years the Ole Miss golf team has had the highest average finish in the SEC Championship. With this record to follow and a promising team the 23rd ranked golf team looks forward to the next year. 1. Chip Sullivan of the Rebels is the 1986 Southeastern Conference Medalist. 2. Freshman, Cindy Dorris, watches the flight of her ball. 3. 1987 Mens Golf Team- Row 1 (I-r): Ernest Ross, Chris Shuler, Dave Miley, Rob Darden, Jeff Guest, Lan Gooch, Fred Barrior, Vance Veazey; Row 2: Ladd Dilworth, Mark Mills, Dave Foley, Jeff Daves, John Harless, Jim Baetge, Chris Covey, and Will Pritchard. Jeff Sanford ■.• • 3 Sports Information _111111111111111111111111 Jeff Sanford • 2 Jeff Sanford • 1 A4 Jeff Sanford 1. Transfer, Jane Hawkins, lines up a putt. 2. Lan Gooch follows through on a long iron. 3. Freshman, Mark Mills, practices a bunker shot. 4. 1987 Ladies Golf Team- Row 1 (I-r): Cindy Dorris, Patty McCain, Stephanie Cunningham; Back: Veronica McFadden, Louise Davis, Jane Hawkins, Coach Beth Estes. s3 Jeff Sanford Golf — 153 A YEAR OF TRA It was a roller coaster year for the Ole Miss Lady Rebel volleyball team, but the ride ended on the upside. As first-year Head Coach John Blair stated earlier in the season, " Even with the coaching change and the youth of the team, the possibilities are exciting. The measure of this team will be at the end of the season rather than at the beginning. " And he was right, as they ended the season on a winning note. The team led by seniors Jenny Hicks, a 5-9 setter, Traci Mattox, a 6-0 middle blocker, and captain Julie Link, a 5-10 middle block, helped to lead the team S ION to it ' s second straight Ole Miss Invita- tional title as well as the Mississippi State Invitational. The Lady Rebels also captured second place at the Memphis State Lady Tiger Classic and at the DePaul Invitational. During the season many Ole Miss women were recognized for their outstanding performances on the court. Link earned MVP honors at both the Ole Miss Invitational and the Mississippi State Invitational. Chris Houck, a 5-7 junior hitter, earned the Depaul Invita- tional MVP award as well as a spot on the Ole Miss Invitational All- Tournament team. tAl • 2 • 3 1. Julie Link stuffs an Alabama Birmingham player. 2. Julie Link (left), Kathy Murry (middle), and Jenny Hicks (right) wait for the coming serve. 3. Jenny Hicks steps in for the serve. 4. Coach Blair gives the lady netters some pointers. • 4 154 — Volleyball 5. Group Photo (left to Right): Standing -Coach John Blair, Susan Blair, Chris Houck, Jenny Ann Hicks, Mary Ahern, Kathy Murray, Lori Pflug. Sitting - Cami Jones, Julie Link, Traci Mattox, Tessie Palczynski, Margie Ackerman. 6. Chris Houck concentrates on making the play. • 5 Robert Jordan • 6 Volleyball — 155 .-1•11MINIMMMIE Teetteuga4414 U [es SPR NG BADMINTON SINGLES Men: Siew Ching Ong Women: Christy Parry BADMINTON DOUBLES Men: Lim Cik Ong DARTS SINGLES Men: Dan Jordan Women: Christina Collier DARTS DOUBLES Men: Walters Collier Women: Collier Weathersby RACQUETBALL SINGLES Men: Mike Peaks Womens: Flossie Givens RACQUETBALL DOUBLES Mens: Peak Levine Womens: Sour Kilpatrick HORSESHOE SINGLES Jack Collier HORSESHOE DOUBLES Rolfe DeSantis GOLF Blue Day BASKETBALL Mens: Jam Session Womens: Untouchables FLOOR H CKEY Mens: Phi Kappa Psi Womens: Delta Delta Delta ULTIMATE FRISBEE Kappa Alpha SOFTBALL Mens: Bingo Womens: Kappa Epsilon WATER POLO Mens: Sigma Nu Womens: Alpha Omicron Pi SWIMMING DIVING Mens: Kappa Alpha Womens: Alpha Delta Pi ATHLETE OF YEAR Mens: Blake Mitchell- K 1 Womens: Christina Collier-A A El OVERALL CHAMPIONS Fraternity: Phi Delta Theta Sorority: Alpha Delta Pi FAL FLAG FOOTBALL Mens: Sigma Nu Women: Sybarites VVATER POLO Mens: Sigma Nu Women: Alpha Delta Pi PUNT PASS KICK Mens: Todd Brooks Jim Snyder Womens: Jennifer Martin FIELD GOAL KICKING Mens: John Howard Womens: Jennifer Martin SHUFFLEBOARD SINGLES Mens: Jeff Kemp Womens: Kathie Cavette BADMINTON SINGLES Mens: Chee Kim Yong Womens: Wendy Graham BADMINTON DOUBLES Mens: Ong Yong Womens: Lawrence Kedia VOLLEYBALL Mens: Raiders Womens: Sybarites SOCCER Mens: Sigma Nu Womens: Sybarites PICKLEBALL SINGLES Mens: Dick Rolfe Womens: Christina Collier PICKLEBALL DOUBLES Mens: Riser Rolfe Womens: Collier Weathersby HOT SHOT BASKETBALL Mens: Barry McNair Womens: Jennifer Gillom H-O-R-S-E Mens: Eric Tschirhart Womens: Linda Livingston PLEDG _E AGUE FLAG FOOTBALL Fraternity: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sorority: Kappa Kappa Gamma WATER POLO Sigma Nu VOLLEYBALL Fraternity: Phi Kappa Tau Sorority: Kappa Epsilon TRACK FIELD Fraternity: Sigma Chi Sorority: Alpha Delta Pi PICKLEBALL Fraternity: Phi Delta Theta Sorority: Kappa Kappa Gamma HOT SHOT BASKETBALL Fraternity: Sigma Nu Sorority: Chi Omega PLEDGE CHAMPIONS Fraternity: Sigma Nu Sorority: Kappa Kappa Gamma SHUFFLEBOARD DOUBLES Mens: Robinson Jordan Womens: Cavette Graham 156 — Intermurals Tuck Loong Ben Quintana Imo Intermurals — 157 158 Edkcii ' CaTo ymii Byars 159 Poppy Pruett Editor-in-Chief Cheryn Netz Assistant Editor Steve Davis Business Manager Gina Cook Secretary Hamp vei•ton Head Photographer Administration Editor: Nancy Magee Classes Editor: Jennifer Day Staff: Hedy Walker and Amanda King Features Editor: Hal Cato Greek Editor: Renee Taylor Staff: Kathy Kellerman, Andy McRae, Ardith Morrison, Debbie Phillips and Jeanne Salassi Honors Editor: Cheryn Netz Humor Editor: Frank Hurdle Organizations Editor: Carolynn Byars Staff: Katrina Howard, Mariane Padget, Beth Vaughn and Sara West Special Events Editors: Cynthia Mitchell Laura Howard Staff: Lisa Bragg, Shawn McIntosh, Kathy Seghers and Sherry James Sports Editors: Melanie Buntyn John Biggs Artist: Emily Fulcher Photographers: Hamp Overton, John Biggs, Lisa Bowers, Melanie Buntyn, Christina Collier, Sue Javorsky, Nancy Magee, Ashley Nicholas, Richard Whitley and Alice Williams. 1. Poppy, Gina, Cheryn and Steve, the FOUR BIG CHEESES! 2. The section editors and sup- port staff being their usual self. 3. Nancy seem- ed to have avoided the section editor picture but we could never leave her out. 4. The entire staff that seems to disappear when a de adline occurs. 5. Richard the ant killer! 6. How about typing the Who ' s Who stuff one more time Cheryn? 7. Do you ever do any work Steve? 8. Spent any late nights in the darkroom lately Hamp? 9. The prevous editors of the OLE MISS annual, wonder who put them up wrong? MN 11111111111•• 111111111111111111111111111111111111111011111111111 HEM= MEM MIME MEMO MEM 111■11111 MI= ■EM ■EM MOM IMMO 156 Oigiceir4 1111111-111111 111.1111111111 • a a a Prresideni Nancy Horton Vke Pne5Odent Margaret Moore Freasillver Camile Bland Seceeiavy Elizabeth Prince 211:1 r11111 ants Asti MGM Asti 162 — Organizations 1111111:111 inimminumm mom inomms ENE I II arcY Marga rat Moo 1111111■■IMEM■111 IN --1■111•11■111MINI__ a zemik • • • 11 1111111111111111111 • 1111111111111111111 11111111 -- 1111 al 111.1 I II I I I. . . „. - 4 - ......, _ sr _ . IP - 4 A i t i ,.M ■ - - lit , q Row 1 0_ to R11::- TREASURER — Camile Bland SECRETARY — Elizabeth Princ VICE PRESIDENT — Margaret Moore PRESIDENT — Nancy Horton now 2 (L to R): CAMPUS AFFAIRS — Pam Kloha REFRIGERATOR RENTALS — Beverly Ray ACADEMIC AFFAIRS — Michael Rose STUDENT HOUSING — Trey Eubanks ATTORNEY GENERAL — Jay Westfall SCHOOL SPIRIT John Sowell EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT — Hally Gremillion UNIVERSITY DEVELOPMENT — Christy Cole Rovv 3 (IL to R): INFORMATION MANAGEMENT David Walker STUDENT SERVICES — Russ Spengler UNIVERSITY RELATIONS — Dan Jordan PRESIDENT ASSISTANT — Chandler Battle ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT — Ed Coleman aim 1■1111•11111111111111111111111111MM ■— II 111 1111 RI 111 ■ III R 111 — ■ ■ 1111 IIIII IR RN I 111 ill 1111 II 11 ..1111 11111111111M •■IIIIIIIII ■•■ IIIIE 1111111111111110 MIMI ■IIII■■ EN II mu ■IIIIII ■I IIIIIIIIIII ISO ■■st 0.14 , 44A A144.4071, 4.1,4•4tftt.e, •4 1;0 I III IL 1111 la ONE - MIMI 111111111 III NMI • Mai NM In MIMI MI ENE IUIEIINIIMNIMNIINMMIMNMIMIMII ME 111 IL IIMENNINNE MEM 11111111111111111111111 MIMESIS= IMINIMINNEMIC I fadeceal eawacee Ago (Left to ROght)P0) PROSECUTOR — Scott Harrison CHAIRMAN — Darryl Roberts WOMENS DORM — Denise Howard MENS DORM — Jeffrey Smink FRATERNITY ROW — Jimmy Crocker VILLAGE — Jim Brun OFF-CAMPUS — Bruce Glister Not Pictuived: SORORITY ROW — Lorrie Gann • imul 1 NE • Nommiummilmm • mummumam Imi 111111611mm lommommum mom Emummi ii mmo Emmimir ININ immmimmummismummuummum mum umummummmommums immmommoom I i manimummummimi Nortmommommom I NuRidnimminmmul inommmtmumum Immmumammomml inummumummnall I Ims mmimmummimmummmummihm I -4-1-4-41ganizat 111111111 1111 NOM 1111 IMO 111111111111111111 1111111111111111 1111111 • 111111111 MN= MIME up, limmunimom 11111111111111111111.011m 11111111111111111111 ■ MEM. Richard Whitley (IL to R): Bill Stribeck, David Roberts, Ray O ' Neal — 167 (Clockwise horn bottom left) Maelyse McElwain Trey Quon Robert Fitzgerald Walt Morris Bill Stribeck Ray O ' Neal David Roberts Price Elliott Tommy Funk Jay Westfall eeuepteea, Row 1 (L to R): Hamp Overton Rob Pickering Michael Rose Jaime Johnson Row 2 (1_ to R): James Gerald Steve Davis Ron Pierce Trent Watts Scott Degroot Not Pictured: Cynthia Thomas Suzanne Turnage Immummum immommutmomilm 7,4se ■ME■■M ■MM■N■M ■ ■ r 111111.1111 iNIMMI EMMOMMI Hamp Overton Row 1 (IL to R): Malinda Prather Ardith Morrison Row 2 (L to R): Jay Westfall Johnathan Johnson Walt Morris Erik Richardson George Parker Tommy Funk Organizations Richard Whitley (Left to Right): Richard Whitley — Chairman Steve Hudson Leslie Gordon John Barrett Tommy Seid George Hammitt Jeff Rapp Not Pictuived Jeff Mincy Frank Gray Charlsy Wise Kathleen Gaylor Derek Horne Richard Whitle rfSe ddeaded4 1 Po-Dpy Pruett Organikations —;169 I Band Staff: Band Director — Dr. Luther M. Snavely, Jr. Assisant Band Director — Wade Irvin Graduate Assistants — Mark Davis, Allen Buffington, Bart Ghent Secretary — Bobbie Harris Announcer — Mel Chrestman Flutes: Tammy Wilkinson, Lillian Grif- fin, Cynthia Hill, Carrie Feldhaus, Jessica Esquivel, Sandy Yarber, Mary McCombs, Heather Allison, Shannon Naron, Deborah Norton. Clarinets: Rex Banks, Pam Crump, Jeff Knott, Jeremy Pierce, Mickey Busby, Scott Barber, Michael Blaine, Laura Boggan, Lisette Pezzullo, Tonya Gammage, Cheryl Bradley. Trumpets: Santiago Chapa, Michelle Brown, Glinnis Crawford, Rose Heath, Henry McGuire, Jennifer Smith, Paul Stephen, Scott Breazeale, Mark Eaton, Brett Guin, Duke Hussey, John Brownlee, David McKinney, Donnie Newman, Andy Pierce, Chuck McCullouch, Bubba Burton, Monica Catania, Jay Crisman, Stanley Dowdy, Keith Hill, Carter Jackson, Steve Richards, Scott Shelton, Mary Shotts, Allana Stephens, Tammie Styers, Vicky Vogle, Darrell Evans, Jimmy Allen. Trombones: Chris McArthur, Steve Bigelow, Davis Brown, Jim Egger, Rhonda Hood, John Payne, Billy Struss, Todd Williams, Chris Burkhalter, Bobby Evans, Sandra Newton, Jody Phillips, Chris Tomas, Tracy Wyatt, Kevin Yamamoto, Eric Cheney, Kevin Herrera, Paul Barnes, Michel Kessler, Scott Kelly, Josh Garner. Saxophones: Bill Blackmarr, John Reeves, Layne McGuire, Todd Crowell, Rodney Berry, Todd Crawford, Mary Frost, Jeff Patterson, Ed Perry, Tara Spears, Pam Kincaid, John Moore, Steve Kincaid, Jeff Holeman, Chris Piecuch, Scott Enochs. Horns: Nanci Adams, Bob Berry, Bet- sy Bess, Tracy Bishop, Joe Gurner, Laina Hanninen, Melanie Malner, Jodie Peterson, Mike Sevante, Luther Snavely, Amy Thomason, Tim Whit- ten, Becky Wilkinson, Lisa Behrendt, Nancy Smith. Baritones: Todd Collier, Darren Hunt, Scotty Tallant, Bernard Miller. 170 O rgani7ations NE IN iimmilim El immommaim as 1111 II • III ..i. 1111 11 — . A . . Ie. ' .. :. ,_ – , , v 4., • i , . . _tr 1 - 1 el . - te ' 4, SI -.J ' fil I . kel.ka - ■ I ! PliN ..7 ri T ;Ls " V ' S ' 4.1 1 • - ..,.— ilf ' i I . , .;1C ' - i - ' ' ' ' ' ‘) , • o w i ..--r-- • v - ■ , –4 ' • t . . t - • _ c i MN • , . A ' . - . ( ■191, k 1 k kw " e•- 1 .0 IP " _ r ' ' . 04 4 44 : -- W V it • • • e IV., NJ . t , A % , , k• It---%-- t o V 1 • , y " a v V . III IIIII — „.9.-............, .„ .. -99,-,...„.• . r Ill MI ., •••••• ,1 • ••••••••••■11.1•11111111M Ill 1111•1111E=M1 i011==•1111=1111= NM • 1 1 ' II IN - -41). ' ' 4,- - ' ir t! . . t • MINNIE . a r ., { ' :- • -, -, I Eli 41. " 41, ' .. .. IMIIIII . e . ' " ' • a- +■ .- .. • ■ a .. 1 - ..; • I ! ■-, %,.. et ,.• 9, IMMO IIIIIII NMI - ' ' ' . .. 11111111111111 , A. T -., 116 • r4, 4. . tit . ' -.4 .. ., .a.s t Mil 111111111111111 II T III ... ,. , .. . . , ._ . i.,.. ,.. , _____ . t. 9 _ _ ,.._ . -______,, ..._.___- ,,,,, . . ME Ell III 1 ;■; ,, ....■ . _..._ 0 11111 Ell 1 I ,, ., . .-,. ' , ; ' ' it . , . . r e r • N , - • IIIIIIIIIIII ‘, ' 4: ' 4 ' ' -.. , ' -f 4. ' ' r ; ' -• ' v RE M 1 7.4 e , . 4 , , 4 . . ; , .., . „. ....,. _ ,.... , . . t. ,, :A■ ■ st , ME 1 ,,... 9.4 4!-, ' , ,,::„. . _ ..., ,.... , : :. - ., . - . .. ,... , ( 0 . „...., III Illa 1111111111111 r. A . ... s ■ :-. e - ti i ' ° ' ' ' ' • ' i-9)‘V .4-1.: . it ..., - ' - - 1111111111 Organ!, atio ME 7 24vreek:(49 esaad Tubas: Phillip Sawyer, Dhawn Grasse, Charles Johnson, Jim Maher, Lloyd Heard, Philip Copeland, Corey Heath, Todd Sanders, Michael Mc- Swain, Noel Hunt, Doug Abbott, David Dillard, Edwin McDaniel. Percussion: Johnny Fears, Wendell Bafford, Mark Boie, John Mills, Jay Reed, Graham Strickland, Clay Taylor, Chris Tilton, Lane Tipert, Tommie Dorris, David Pace, Carey Allen, Chris Clasgens, Kenneth Minter, Anita Welch, Patti Maher, David Knowlton, Keith Fuller, Perry Rogers, Terry Calmes, Cindy Hale, Gavin McHenry, Tammy Sims, Mike Gibbs. Drum Majors: Doran Bugg, Jeff Callaway Feature Twirlers: Dorothy Clapp, Scarlett Flanagan Rebelettes: Georgana Atkins, Melissa Hewitt, Andrea May, Leigh McMullan, Kelley Norton, Saraya Klotz, Patricia Flechas, Deidra Kirchmayr, Amy Keevers, Kris Walter, Jill Morrison, Penelope Moulds, Con- nally Compretta, Deanny Coates, Angela Redditt, Andrea Parker, Lynne Switzer, Joan Naughton, Michelle McDaniel, Beth Burns. Flags: Maria Bagnardi, Nan Bailey, Donna Brolick, Melissa Horton, Leisa Jackson, Michelle Kelley, Cathy Parker, Dottie Parker, Stacy Parker, Beth Purvis, Julie Rawson, Dayna Vance, Chandra Williw, Barbara Fair- child, Samantha Hopper, Sally Ren- skers, Cathy Barrett, Sheri Prestridge, Bonnie Melanson. Rifles: Lynne Russell, Nancy Coffield, Sheri Garland, Kim Herring, Jennifer McGrath. 1 7 — Organizations M11111111111111111 1 RIM INN MEM IMMEMMONIMM MOM MEMMEMMIMME MMEMMEMMIMMINIMMEM IIIIMMOMM MMINIMMINI MINIMMEM MINIMMEMM MEMMINIMMINIMMOMMEM MIIMMOMEMMEMMINIMMIO MEMMEMEMEMEME Phi Beta Lambda, a post secondary divi- sion of FBLA-PBL, Inc., is made up of students pursuing careers in business. With more than 210,000 active members in over 10,000 chartered chapters throughout the United States and its ter- ritories, its purpose is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship. At the same time, business students are motivated and assisted in developing career competen- cies, potential and confidence. The Gamma Tau chapter at the Univer- sity of Mississippi currently boast three state chapter officers and the national president of Phi Beta Lambda. Members: Mike Mills, National President Donna Steinberg, Chapter President Chris Barnes, Vice President Cynthia Roland, Secretary Jeff Champion, Treasurer Sherry Whitlock, Reporter Chip Gordon, Parliamentarian Lisa Burns, Genie Caruthers, Sherry Dillow, Jane Emmons, Skip Gann, Angela Herrington, Mary Ann Hess, Ralph King, Richard Koenenn, Lisa Maniscalco, Edwin McDaniel, Donna Rhodes, Jeff Sartain, Jeffrey Smink, Jeannie Whitfield, Jane Brow, Sherri Prestridge, Jennifer Hammill, Will C. Wood, Connie Matkins, Van Creely, Rob Clark, Shelley Green, Robert Pickle. zeta 44(444 4 Elsa Eitdee0(4 Rho Epsilon is the first and only na- tional real estate fraternity in the United States. Began on 1947, the Ole Miss chapter was chartered in 1981 and is open to all real estate ma- jors and other students currently enrolled in real estate courses. Officers: President: Peter Wood Vice President: Barr Biggs Secretary: Scott Farrar Treasurer: Carrie Long Advisor: Dr. Dennis S. Tosh Members: Mark Irby, Kyle Caruthers, Laurie E. Spell, Douglas A. Nobert, Carrie E. Long, Barbara Woodruff, Steve Martens, Peter G. Wood, Jr., Keith Lamar, Jackie Ruppert, Rob Porch, Barr Biggs, Richard Upshaw, Charles Ferguson, J. David Mur- phy, II, Barbara Murphy, Michael Woods, Kevin Whittington, Charles C. West, Bennett York, Jr., Mary Beth Throneberry, An- dy Williams, John D. Bailey, Dean Webb, John B. Adams, Thomas L. Pittman, Stanley E. Kesler, Allen H. Crosswell, Dana A. Langham, Rob Barefeild, Gregory S. Morgan, James J. Cole III, Charles Brammell, Robert F. Farrell, Jon Lindemann, Dale Sanders, Angie Hamlin, Richard T. Roberts, Lee Nabors, Scott Farrar, Ben Morris. 174 — Or aniz tion 1111111111111111111111111117------- 11111111111111111111111 IMMO ENIIIIII IM0111 MEL I Melanie Bunty4, I III nie III MEI .., ... . . .....................,... . ................T......... . .............. ..... ......., •1111111111111111 RIIIIII IMO= 11111111111111111111111111111 MIN I 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111ft I rill 1111111111111111 utilyn The purpose of The Association for Women Students (AWS) is not only to promote women students and their needs and interests on this campus, but also to help all students, both men and women, in every aspect of campus life. As a student at the University, you are automatically a member of AWS. AWS provides speakers from the top levels in the national government to counselors on subjects such as dating, relation- ships, and careers. Other AWS ac- tivities include fund raisers, seminars, and this will be the fifth year for the AWS Fun Run. AWS prides itself in offering a variety of fun and educa- tional programs and events. Meeting new friends and experiences gained are two things we offer. The officers are as follows: President: Karman Weatherly Vice President : Cissie Poole Secretary: Christy Cole Treasurer: Roseanne Turner The Committee Directors are as follows: Stacey Bracey Crystal Davis Lara Dunaway Stephanie Foster Lavorace Frierson Catherine Gaudet Ginger Hill Kathy Hill Jennifer Hollingsworth Jennifer Hollowell Stuart Horne Nancy Horton Gigi Jefcoat Michelle Joseph Babara Mathis Courtney McCollum Maelyse McElwain -7F Richard Whitle 1761— Organ While 1986-87 will be remembered as a good year for The Daily Mississippian, the staff members will also recall it as being one of the most frustrating years they spent working on the student newspaper. It seemed that every really big story that hap- pened — the murder of a coed, Rebels on pro- bation, a mini-crime spree on campus — hap- pened the day after the newspaper stopped publishing for the semester. Such was life. But the staff members did have oppor- tunities to cover breaking news — such as the shooting of an Oxford woman by her husband; and still, more in-depth stories — such as on the homosexual community within the Oxford-University community. The paper also had its causes. Not only at the beginning of the Spring semester, but year round, the paper pushed for adequate funding for higher education in Mississippi. Not only on the editorial page, but through in-depth articles on other universities and how they could not sustain more budget cuts. And editorials were written every day on mostly campus issues, but also on state and na- tional issues. Not a day went by when The Dai- ly Mississippian didn ' t give its opinion on something. And whether people agreed or disagreed, they read it. Perhaps the biggest accomplishment of the year was being accepted by the board of the Mississippi Press Association to become a full member — to stand with and compete against the other daily newspapers across the state. No other college newspaper can say that. The content of the newspaper was geared entirely toward the University of Mississippi. All news pages, sometimes with the exception of one, were filled with campus news. News for the students and faculty of Ole Miss. The paper began featuring stories on fashion, health and where to go and what to do on the weekend. In addition to Dear Abby, it added Dr. Ruth, and a column by Jean Jones on career advice. But by far, the most popular item was the return of the comic strip Doonesbury. Officers: Editor — Malissa Lambert Business Manager — Paige Pylate Sports Editor — Steve Stewart News Editor — Paige Williams Assignments Editor — Kim Bryant Editorial Page Editor — Stacy Grantland Campus Editor — Pam Kloha Entertainment Editor — Gaye Plank Chief Photographer — Tuck Loong Senior Staff Writers: Toni Lereska, Tara Jennings, Jane Hill, Sid Scott, Ray Mikell (also music critic). Copy Editors — Nancy Oates, Ada Demlow, leff Smink Movie Critic — Jerome Billingsley Graphics — Bo Bean Columnists — Frank Hurdle, Gary Ryan, Chico Harris, Steve Wilson, Dave Powell Sports Photographer — Jeff Sanford e7A a 1 : Richa d-Whitl• 177 drgani6tio s — 11 II IIII MIN MEM 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1111111E1111111111111111.11111111111111111111111111111111 IIIIIIIIIIIII E111111111111111111r MUM 11111 111111111111111111 MEM 111111111111111111111111 11111111111111111 III IIIIIIIIII tle Richbrd V hitle Newscene 12 U 92 — FM Cable Newscene 12 and U 92 are student run media services to the Ole Miss Campus. They are offered to give students some real life experience in their area of specialty. The Black Student Union is an organization that works to insure that black students have every opportunity to become involved in cam- pus activities. The B.S.U. is also a community service organization that promotes better rela- tions between the campus and the community. Its membership as defined, includes all black students at the University. The B.S.U. does not promote segregation but works to make the needs of all students better understood. Preamble In the struggle for freedom, justice, and equali- ty in America, Afro-Americans have seen the need for unity and have united. The lack of this unity (the combining to form oneness) is but one of the hardships Africans had to endure while in slavery. And this lack of unity- togetherness — gave birth to and fostered many of the problems and needs that genera- tions of Afro-americans have and still are fac- ing. In order to combat the problem of iden- tification, support, and understanding, Afro- Americans have bound themselves in small groups and have formed various organizations which are responsive to the needs of Afro- Americans both in societies, and institutions of higher learning. The black students at the University of Mississippi have organized an organization to address their problems and needs — the BLACK STUDENT UNION. Because an organization such as this is more responsive and sympathetic to all aspects of their student life and activities, this organization was formed by Black students for Black students. Although this organization was formed to bring unity among Black students, IT DOES NOT AD- VOCATE SEGREGATION. The Black Student Union has a vested !..terest in all right and ac- tivities (academic, political, social, etc.) of Black students at the University of Mississippi. Vice President: Stacey Bracey Computer Science and English Major Pembrolle, KY President: Phyllis Keys General Engineering Major Tupelo, MS Secretary: Vanessa Morgan Electrical Engineering Major Durant, MS Treasurer: Mary Roberts Civil Engineering Major Jackson, MS (Right) Picture: Stacey Bracey, Phyllis Keys and Mary Roberts. I V-T 1 ---iii.....---k...i. 1111111.111111 MIN IIIIIIIIIIIIIII 111.11111111111111111111 I 11111111111111111111111111111011111111111111MIE II IIIIBIIMIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIDNIIIN II MIMI 11111111111111111111 i 11 lb, 111 MEM MOM III MIN 111111111M111111111111111111111111111 ENE 111111111111110111111•1111111111111111111111111 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 11111110111.1111111111111111111111111111111111111111 I •11111111M11111111111111111111111111111111111101 seda steedea zad. 11 I 78 CIF Inns 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 111111111111111 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1111111111.1111111111111111111111111111111111 11111111111111111M11111111111111111111111 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1111.11111111111111111111111111M11111111111111 11111.1111111111111111 s Keys Mary Roberts 11111.11111 MEM MEM IIIMIIIMIIIIN MR IMO 111111111111111111111111111111111111 ME 1111111111111111111111111111111 ani tio NM 80 tions Established by the Association of Women Students in 1977, the Model- ing Board of the University of Mississippi proposed to promote a sense of fashion among Ole Miss students. The Members of the board model for various constituents of the business community and also pro- duce fashion shows for the student body. Models are selected each fall by a panel consisting of two judges and the director of the Modeling Board. They are selected based on their poise, personalty, modeling potential, and scholastic ability. Officers are as follows: Captain-Karman Weatherly Co-Captain-Laura Lee Herrington Secretary Treasurer-Joan Naughton Members are as follows:Valerie Adams, Wendy Allgood, Dan Arnold, Wendell Bafford, John Beasley, Michelle Bullock, Melinda Burnett, Kim Chandler, Jennifer Cde, Glennys Cowles, Lisa Cunningham, Melaine Dame, Crystal Davis, Brent DeLoach, Ron Dicker- son, Traci Duke, Edward Francis, Tim Gallagher, Tracey Gifford, Tina Gosa, Samantha Green, Shelby Hammond, Allyson Hart, Laura Lee Herrington, Melissa Hewitt, Kevin Honan, Ken- noth Hood, Sandra Johnson, Angela Ligan, Brain Logan, Frederich Man- nino, Don Mauldin, Cynthia Mitchell, Shannon Moore, Joan Naughton, Julie Neuhoff, Jennifer O ' Neal, Tim Ozment, Randy Pee, Leonard Pe- ques, Mariana Pineda, Lucy Pittman, Polly Riley, Laura Russell, Elizabeth Ross, Susan Stepanian, Melaine Sullivan, Slan Tettleton, Elizabeth Van Zandt, Jana Wadsworth, Karman Weatherly, Jeff Windham, Lori Williams, Elizabeth Wyatt. 1. New Members. 2. Officers: Joan, Laura Lee, and Karman. 3. 1986-87 UM Modeling Board members. 4. Men models. 5. Old members. • I ammunemai NEI t 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 EMI 11-larn Ov rton ■1111 MIN ■ ■ I 1111111111111111111111 111111111111111 NM 1111111111111 11111111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111111 111111111111111111111 111111111110MINININ 11111111111111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111111 arapir MR IMP _111111111111111111 11•••••••■• —4-- The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) was established at Ole Miss in June, 1946. It is located in McCain Hall, which is named for the late Admiral John S. McCain, an Ole Miss Alumnus. The purpose of the NROTC is the training of Ole Miss students for future Naval Careers. NROTC students are classified as either Scholarship or College Program midshipmen. Scholarship midshipmen are under a Navy sub- sidized scholarship during their four years in college. These students are selected by nation- wide competitve examinations. Upon receive- ing their degrees, physically qualified students receive commissions as Ensigns in the Navy or Second Lieutenants in the Marine Corps. All Scholarship students commissioned must serve four years on active duty. After this period, those selected, are placed in the same status with all other Naval Officers. If at the end of this period they desire to leave the active ser- vice, they are commissioned in the Naval Reserve. College Program students join the Navy unit at the school to which they have already been admitted and are subject to the same physical and mental qualifications as the Scholarship students. During their third and fourth years of college these students are paid a subsistence allowance and, upon graduation, are given commissions in the Navy or Marine Corps Reserve. 1. (I to r) Third Class Midshipmen (front row) John Robbins, David Bannister, Clai Selden, Louie Hamilton, Joel Turk (back row) Andy Davis, Gerry Yegge, Cory Heath, Ray Eby, Pete Ar- matis, Barrett Green. Not Pictured:Dave Christian, Lloyd Dix- on, Mike Freiman. 2. (I to r) First Class Midshipmen (front row) Kevin Cory, Eddie Lovelace, Mike Weaver, John 0. Hearin, Steve Jordan, Kyle Ketchum, Chris Alewine (back row) Larry Dyson, Jim Landers, John Hatridge, Brent Loftis, Lisa Tamer, Mike McDaniel, Dar- ren Reinhart, John Fitts, Keith Seals Not Pictured: Steve Artim, Al Clawson, Ox Conoley, Greg Harrison, Greg Hollins, John Watts 3. (I to r) E.C.P. ' s Joe Logie, Jim Dickerson, Richard Van Damme, Randy Gongre, Rick Rutherford, Chuck Oden Not Pictured: Randy Blackmon, Randy Brown, Dave Hamby, Julie Jonhson, Richard Olsen, Owen Skyer, Carl Weber 4. (I to r) Navy Sponsors Maryruth Wiley, Amanda Odom, Dru Walker, Pam Vance, Leigh McMullan, Tricia Guizerix, Ann Yager, Amy Stone, Kim Samms, Marion Brown, Elizabeth Col- ville. Not Pictured: Krista Agnew, Caron Calvert, Christina Col- lier, Donna Dean, Eve Edwards, Kathleen Gaylor, Lynne Mc- Calla, Cyndy Raper, Ruth Ward, Jenny Wilkes, Susan Wilson, Bobbie lo Turnage 5. (I to r) Captain Weddington, GYSGT Charette 6. (I to r) Second Class Midshipmen (front row) Tracy Allen, Dan Uhls, Mike Crockett, Chris Cardone, Robert McDonald (back row) Mickey Batson, Ronnie Tatum, Chase Dulaney, Rubens Dalaison, Kim Billingsley, Brad Manning, Eric Kelsey, Buck Buckley Not Pictured John Goodwin 7. (I to r) Fourth Class Midshipmen (front row) Annalies Pear- son, J. C. Knee, Feebie Prater, Mike Knirnschild, J. Harris, Howard Rumore, Chris Simms, Pat Brown, Sanford Hardy (back row) Keith Moore, Doug Thompson, Pat Beckett, Stuart Bankston, Chris Zagst, Nicole Roy, David Dubyne, Andy Eldr- inghoff, Walker Wright, Bryant Rennell Not Pictured: Frank Douglass 182 .L Organizations ' A 3 Ashley Nicholas; Organizations — 183 ♦ 7 Ashley Nicholas 111111111111111111111111111 111111111111111111111111 1111111111•11•1 ME= MIME 1111111111111111 1111111111111111111111111111 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 111111111111111111111111111111•1111111111111111111111111111 111111111111=1.11111111111111111111111111111111111111111 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1111111111111•111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 111111111111111 111111111111111111111111111 The Ole Miss Ambassadors and Regional Representatives play and important part in the high school and junior college relations activities of the Admissions Office. A student organization within the executive branch of the ASB government, the Ambassadors provide tours and otherwise help host campus visitors, attend receptions for prospective students, visit high schools, and par- ticipate in other programs to com- municate information about Ole Miss to interested students and their families. Members are initally designated Regional Representatives and are selected for membership based on comunications skills, grades, and extracurricular activities. Representatives become Am- bassadors only after having par- ticipated in a significant number of the organization ' s activities. Member- ship is open to all undergraduates with at least a 2.5 grade point average. Application is usually re- quired in early September. Officers: Jeff Jaynes-Chairman Bitsie Hillery-Co-Chairman Allison Oakes-Secretary Tina Penick-Correspondence Joe Russell-Correspondence Art Cox-Special Events Angela Abraham-Telecomm. Amanda Shaw-Telecommunications Christy Cole-Publicity Susan Burress-Tours Yvonne Durity-Tours Beckett Howorth-Ambassador Advisor 1986 Ole Miss Ambassadors: E Ill 1 III III 111111 " " 11111111111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111•1 11111111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111111111N 11111111111111111111111111111111 Ha p 6 erton 184 Charmaine Anderson, Laura Anderson, Bill Boyd, Chris Bradford, Cheryl Burton, Stacy Jo Carlson, Tami Chambers, Rob Clark, Ed Col- eman, Vivian Collins, Bill Dabney, Richard Devine, John Eaves, Jane Emmons, Lane Flynn, Katie Gilchrist, Julie Granger, Samantha Green, Marsha Harris, Blake Hennington, Kim Holmes, Kim Jacobs, Karen Kearney, Pam Kloha, Maelyse McElwain, Nancy Magee, Rose Ann Mattina, Alan Melichar, Dean Moyer, Kimberly Nelms, Pepper Pounds, Carl Powell, Eric Richardson, Stephanie Russell, Lauren Sampietro, Tommy Schafer, Debbie Schwartz, Clai Selden, David Smith, Brian Staley, Nancy Sumner, Liz Thurman, Emily Wagster, Charlsy Wise. Second picture: These two ambasadors missed the picture and begged the photographer to take their picture! 0 II MR MIN= MEMME IMMO M MN= NMI I INIM m MMOMMINIMMOIMME IMMEMEMMMEMEMMEMMEMM MMEMMOMMINIMMEMEMEMEM 1 MEMIMMEMEMEMEMMINIMI NM= MEM UM I ME MEM MEMMEMMINIMMMEMMEM MEM= ME 1 =MOM MIMI= I M MIEN mmEMEM • I MEINIMEMEO MMEMORM MR I 11111111111ME • 11111111MEMMERM I I MIMI M 11111111111111111 M 11111111 I 11111111 MOM MOOMMINOMMEM • WM m MINIMMEMMINIM ME Mil= 11111111111•11111■1=111111111111111= The Chancellor ' s Leadership Class is a two-semester one hour non-credit class made up of approximately seventy new freshman who are nominated by their principals and then selected for participation by a University commitee. Previous leadership experience, academic achievement, and class demography are all factors in the selection process. The class serves participating students by exposing them to the ideas and personal reflections of top government, business, and educa- tional leaders, and by giving them a diverse group of proven high school leaders who have not previously been acquainted — the opportunity to get to know each other. CLC Members: Sherry Anderson, John Ates, Theodore Atkinson, John Balderson, Mary Bartlett, Chris Bell, Timothy Blocker, Christopher Burkhalter, Kathryn Burnett, Rebecca Busch, Elizabeth Carlisle, Laura Chain, Anne Cossar, Mark Crick, John Daughdrill, Mark Davidson, John Davis, Michael Edwards, Mary Farese, Anne Ferris, Tonya Gammage,.Daniel Gilchrist, Margaret Goudelock, Wen- dy Grisham, Katharine Hable, Leigh Herring, Katrina Howard, Cathy Johnson, Scott Johnson, Albert Jones, Richard King, April Lancaster, Victoria Lawson, Chadwick Lewellyn, Patti McClain, Charles McCulloch, Shawn McIntosh, Mary McLaurin, Fredean McNemar, Grover Monroe, Jay Morgan, Adrian Oakes, Kim Olmsted, William Patton, Jodie Peterson, Robert Pickle, Timothy Porter, Paul Purnell, Michael Quinn, William Rhea, Marcia Robbins, Tammy Seid, Kelly Shoemake, Samuel Sliman, Stephanie Smith, Tonja Smith, Kimberly Spencer, Kamilla Stokes, Susan Streete, Susan Sullivan, Douglas Thompson, Revray Thomp- son, Matthew Thornton, Christy Tice, Allyson Trahan, Robert Turnage, Timothy VanNoy, Mary Watson, Jeri White, Susan York, Kimberly Young. Organizations — 185 ,ifet 70,:ce Roo7e ' The Ole Miss AFROTC Detachment 430 has had a great year in 1986. In fulfilling its mission of recruiting and training officers for the United States Air Force, our detachment has gained much recognition. The hard work of our staff and cadets earned our detachment a rating of excellent on an inspection by the Inspector General. We were also honored by visits from General Richard E. Hearne, National Commandant of AFROTC, and Colonel Charlie B. Moore, Area Commandant of AFROTC. Several members of our staff have received awards for outstanding per- formance of duty. These people set very good examples for our future of- ficers by demonstrating needed characteristics such as leadership, discipline, and motivation. It takes a great detachment, and our staff is the best. A Flight: (I to r) Row 1: Drew Sanghinetti, Greg Endris, Layne McGuire, Mary Liles; Row 2: Glen Andrews, Vince Woods (Flight Com- mander), Patricia Maher. 2. B Flight: (I to r) Row 1: Mike Mc- Quade, Alexis Meaders, Nolen Grogan, Chuck Garam; Row 2: Danny Raines (Flight Commander), Mike Clark, Jessica Anderson, Tab Bell, Allen Elliot. POC: Professional Officer ' s Course. All pictures by Kirk Parker. 186 — Organizations A 3 1 Col. Orville G. Robertson, Professor of Aerospace Studies. 2. (l-r) Capt. Vince Albert, Capt. Robert Gaston, Col. Orville Robertson, Tsgt. Frank Taylor. 3. AFROTC cadets claim the hill for the U.S. 4. An F-16 at Tyndell AFB in Florida. I 111111111111111111111.111111111111111.111111 I Nall IIIIUIINIIIINIIIIIIIMMIIIII 111111111111 11111111111111111111111111111111111 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIII lrIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIII I 1111.1111111111111=111111.1111111111111111111 il 111M1111111111111.1111111111111111111111 I 111111111111111111111111111111111111 ' ' ' A ? ,,AC., Orgar izatigns 187 ■31 • 2 In addition to regular classroom in- struction, AFROTC cadets learn by practicing their leadership skills at Leadership Lab. Junior and Senior cadets have a chance to demonstrate concepts they have learned while they introduce the freshmen and sophomore cadets to these concepts. Besides the learning experiences on the Ole Miss campus, cadets are pro- v ided the chance to visit Air Force bases. This year ' s visits to Little Rock AFB, Arkansas and Englin AFB, Florida gave cadets added insight into life in the Air Force. AFROTC is not all work and no play. Some fun events for our cadets are TRI-ROTC Field Day, the Hallo- ween Party, the Christmas Ban- quet Party, and the annual Dining Out, a formal Air Force banquet. These activities bring our cadets closer together and let them know that there is more to life than just work. Having wel l-rounded cadets is one of the goals of our detachment. AFROTC at Ole Miss not only prepares cadets for life in the Air Force but " LIFE. " T. C Flight: (I to r) Row 1: Tim Morgan, Teresa Barr, Eric Boling, Joe Watkins, Kevin Yamamoto (Flight Commander); Row 2: Chris Farmer, Terry Johnson, Thomas Walker, Tim Long. 2. i1 Flight: (I to r) Row 1: Jim McElhenney, John Demboski (Flight Commander); Row 2: Bobby Bogle, James Taylor, Steven Oliver; Row 3: Peter Phillips, Mike Todd, Nathan Napier. 3. GMC: General Military Course. 4. James Turner, Corps Commander for the 1987 Spring Semester, does the Fin Flop at Tri-ROTC field day. 5. Det. 430 Staff greets General Richard E. Hearne, AFROTC National Commandant. 6. AFROTC Sabre Team welcomes General Richard E. Hearne, AFROTC National Commandant. 7. Flag Retreat Ceremony. Photos by Kirk Parker. 188 — Organizations • 4 • 5 • 6 V 7 RIM 111111111111111 111111111111111111 111111111.11111 111111111111111= 11111.111111111111 MOM MEM 11111111111111111111 1111111111 iiii1111111111111111111111 11111111111111111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111111111111111 .1111.1111111111111111111111111 misimunp 11111111111.111111111111111111 1111111111=1111111111111111111 IIIIIIIIIIIIINNIINNNI xpor M11111.111111 1111111111111 111111111 ation. 89 Two service organizations, Arnold Air Society and Angel Flight, provide cadets and other interested civilians a chance to serve our Air Force corps, the Oxford community, and our na- tion. Members of Arnold Air Society and Angel Flight attended Area Com- mander ' s Call, Area Conclave and National Conclave. Kathryn Staley, a member of Angel Flight, was selected to be Little Colonel for Area 7. She is in charge of protocol and Arnold Air Society Angel Flight relations for all Mississippi and Alabama schools. 1. Members Pictured (l-r): Row 1: Kathryn Staley, Lynn Ross, Sheila Crowley, Sunny Childs, Karen Scarborough, Lora Colburn, Saline Thomas, Lisa Bain; Row 2: Lisa Ratliff, Carmon Edwards, Cathy Smith, Libby Yarborough, Sharon Lard, Carol Powell, Penelope Moulds; Row 3: Megan Duffy, Linda Simmons, Dottie Parker, Charise Yankee, Leisel Kruger, Allison Lowery, Janice Jenkins, Stacy Parker; Row 4: Captain Rob Gaston, Tab Bell, Jessica An- drews, Mike Clark, Danny Raines, Chuck Garron, Tony Goretski, Krik Parker, Mike Robertson, Mike Mur- phy, Wally Odom; Row 5: Scott Mc- Cartt, Joe McDonald, Layne Mc- Quire, Kim Obercrom, Keith Duffy, John Demboski, Jim Bingler, Kevin Yamamoto, Nam Shelton. 2. Christmas Banquet. 3. Arnold Air Society shows their ap- preciation by presenting each Angel with a rose at the Christmas Banquet. (Photo inset) Kathryn Staley con- gratulates Lynn Ross on becoming the 1987 Little Major. = 1.■ 1=Aiti HIGH 76:94t ••• The Ole Miss Isshinryu Karate Club has been headed by Robert Holley, 2nd degree black belt, since 1982. Robert is also the director of the Mississippi Karate Association, and he is the youngest instructor to ever attain that position. The Ole Miss Karate Club is open to University students, faculty, and staff. Its pur- pose is to teach the traditions of the Isshinryu style of Okinawan martial art. This syle concentrates on car- diovascular conditioning, body toughening, and control. The club represents the University at tour- naments, rank tests, and demos. The club meets each Monday and Wednesday nights at 7:00 p.m. The Officers of the club are: Chief Insructor: Robert Holley Assistant Instructor: Murray Estess President: Bryan Tucker Vice President: Chaminda Perera Secretary Treasurer: Cherry Charette I I ey N cholas MINIMM1111111•1 192 — 0 aniz Ce44-eleete a. 1 1 1 1 T1— The Ole Miss Financiers Club is primarily made up of students major- ing in Banking and Finance or Managerial Finance. The club is however open to all Ole Miss students. Annual dues are used to entertain guest speakers and put on a fall and spring party. The guest speakers bring to the club informa- tion about the current Banking and Finance business world. Past students also speak on the topics of getting a job and experiences related to one ' s first job in the banking field. The members are as follows: Maggie Abraham, Leigh Adkins, Jon Anne Alston,Robert Ball, James Berry, Charles Brammell, Deborah Brooks, John Burchfield, Christopher Burford, Pamela Burge, James Burnett, John Burns, Clyde Butler, Michael Camp, Jeffery Cham- pion, Sudon Chang, Cheng Bok Chew, Chin Tet Yin, Chow Kay Cheong Sebatian, Lea Christian, Karen Dlizabeth Churchill, Sarah Clemts, Frost Cochran, Lora Colburn, Kimberly Coon, Christopher Coppedge, Erin Corrigan, Brian Crick, Stephanie Cunningham, Bennie Daniels Ill, Joe Dehmer III,Bruce Dixon, William Kevin Doddridge,Clyde Edwards Ill Samy El-Feraly, Wynn Ellinger, John Edward Ellis Jr., James Evans Ill, John Anderson Everett, Wayne Farmer, Robert Farell, Ed Flemmons, Shannon Fox, Christina Brigid Fredericks, Emily Freemyer, Cedric Fuller, Henry Fyfe III, Kevin Gerhard, James Graham Jr., Marcus Gressett, Robert Hammons, Prentiss Harvey, Thomas Hayes III, Randy Henry, Ginger Hill, Patricia Hobbs, William Holland, Philip Holman, Sam Holston, Chiew Hooi, William Hopson III, Christy Hughes, Laurie Hughes, Lee Keeng- Woh, Tom Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth Lee-Ming, Angela Long, Roger Lowery, Brendan, Lysaght, Caroline Madden, Harris Magruder, Falton Mason III, Lynn McCain, Patrick McDowell, Stephanie McGee, Tara McGee, Brian McKee, Phillip Meek, Mark Melvin, Annalisa Metcalfe, Bob Mims, Mary Mims, Andrea Mobley, Asharat Mohamed, Carl Moody, Mark Morrow, Yan-Tho Ng, Ashely Nicholas, George Ninying, Paul Ott, Ralph Peeples Jr, Wade Petty, Larry Pickle, Lewis Rainer, John Repult, William Robertson, McWillie Robinson III, Joel Ross, Thomas Rowsey, Gwendolyn Salters, Ross Scallorn, Hoong See, James Siegfreid, John Smith III, Greg Smith, Kim Smith, Susan Steele, Edwin Stephens IV,Monte Stuart, Dawn Taylor, Charles Thomson, Suzan Triplett, Mark Trusty, Shannon Weatherly, Michael Webb, Mark Williams, Ann Wolfe, Joyce Wong, Kein-Weng Wong, Sook Woo, Cindy Young. Ashly • • The Malaysion Student Association was established to help Malaysions adjust to life in Ole Miss. It also aims to foster better relations with other international as well as American students on campus. MSA provides valuable information about life in America in general and Ole Miss in particular to prospective Malaysian students. On arrival, students will be shown the ropes by members of MSA for at least the first couple of months. For a bit of home away from home, MSA organizes cookouts and parties to celebrate certain national, religious and cultural festivals. Annually, MSA hosts the ' Malaysian Nite ' . This pro- vides on opportunity for Ole Miss to enjoy Malaysian food, entertainment, handicrafts and so on. MSA functions are not only for Malaysians, but for Ole Miss as a whole. The officers are as follows: President Leong Kum Weng Vice President Kanendran Intharajah Secretary Chandran Sueramaniam Treasurer Tan Moh Liang Members include: Ananda Kumar Krishnan, Ananda Rajah, Asharat B. Ramzah Ali, Audrey Au Siew Ling, Aw-Young Wee Lam, Chan Chiaw Shee, Chan Keng Voon, Chandran Subramaniam, Chee Kim Yong, Cheng Kwai Chuan, Chew Cheng Bok, Chia Voon Ket, Chia Voon Kuen, Chiew Sek Thong, Chin Tet Yin, Brandon,Stanley Chong Teck Hwa,Chong Yok Wen, F. Christina Brigid, Govinadasamy Visvanathan, Hooi Chiew Wai,Richard Hwang Yu Ang„Kanendran Intharajah, Karim,Kee Laik Chai, Khor Frederick, Koh Chong Kiang, Kong Ng Fuk, Kubenthiran R., Lee Ching Shin, Lee Keng Woh, Lee Tse Tiong,Leong Kum Weng, Liew Chea Khean, Liew Suon Laong,Elizabeth Lim Lee Ming, Lim Lian Choo,Bernard Lim Lian Hee, Lim Lum Kong, Lim Tze Sen, Loong Tuck Weng, Lua Kee Huat, Matthews Chacko,Jerry Mourin Gordon, Ng Tzer Foong, Ngwe Nam Chan,Ronnie Oh Yew Khoon,Ong Siew Chin Poh Soon Teong, S. Pushparajah,Randy See Hoong Wei,Casey Sha Kok Weng, Sia Kian Sum,David Sii Pang Sing,Sim Chee Keat, Sin Kin Peng, Soo Kwong Kee,Lorraine Sylianco, Tan Chow Khong, Tan Koon Heng, Stephanie Tan Mee Mee,Tan Moh Liang,Vivian Tan Sook Wah,Wang Eng Chin, Wong Kam Chuen,Derek Wong Kong Mong, Wong Say Jooi, Woo Sook Pheng,David Wu Yong Kaw, Yap Kim Ming, Chan Seen Yin. Middle :Two friendly Malaysian students. bot- tom : Picnics are always fun places to meet people. It IRE ■ ■ ■ ■ A .11111. ■■■111■111111 ati !Rich rd Witte 1 0 _ri,,.,,,„,1 I I Pi Sigma Epsilon, a marketing and sales management business fraternity, gives students the opportunity for a head start in gaining business skills. The development of enter-personal relationships and communications skills in Pi Sigma Epsilon will help the student prepare for the transition from college to the business world. MIMI MIME MI Imo II IMammonimmidmit Epimaimmormomasommo rs sim • mom Campus Crusade for Christ is a Chris- tian Organization that is designed to help students grow in their relation- ship with God and to effectively equip them to minister to the needs of fellow students. Activities include a weekly meeting, Bible studies, parties and conference which help prepare students to become well-rounded Christian leaders. mow 1. Military Science IV Class 1986-1987 Row (I to r):Perry Lust, Melvin Dean, Laurie Buzzard, Tim Smith, Geoffry Yost, Rickey Lamberth Row 2:Darren Cuevas, Dale Sanders, Scott Shuford, Tom Kirkpatrick, Dan- ny Robbins Row 3:Perry Phillips, Kenny Garret, Derrick Wilson, John McKeown, Jim Crofford 2. Military Science III Class 1986-1987 Row 1 (I to r):Keith Grigby, Drayton Berkley, Tom Weaver, Abel Cham- pion, Cliff Wheeler, Kermit Jackson Row 2:Tim Tyler, John Dildy, Will Dabbs, Gregg Steverson, Robert Wise, Joe Mickles Row 3:Lance Wilson, Jason Hale, Matt Blackston, Darin Lewis, Curtis Kyle, Trent Kelly Row 4:Johnny Boatman, Richard Craig, William Merril, Titus Brown 111 3. Contract Cadets, Fall 1986 Row 1 (I to r):Jim Crofford, Perry Phillips, Perry Lust, Kenny Garret, Melvin Dean, Laurie Buzzard, Tim Smith, Geoffrey Yost, Rickey Lamberth Row 2:Robert Wise, Gregg Steverson, Kermit Jackson, Keith Grigsby, Cliff Wheeler, Drayton Berkley, John McKeown Row 3:Jodie Cline, Cecil King, Lance Wilson, Abel Champion, Curtis Kyle, Joe Mickles, John Dildy Row 4:Michael Head, Will Dabbs, Jason Hale, Titus Brown, Tim Tyler, Danny Robbins, Trent Kelly Row 5:Tom Weaver, Darren Cuevas, Darin Lewis, Johnny Boatman, John Clement, Buddy Jones, Richard Craig Row 6:William Merrell, Tara Edwards, Derrick Wilson, Scott Shuford, Dale Sanders, Matt Blackston Achlev NicholAcl 1196 --10renizationc I 1 One of the primary objectives of the American Advertising Federation is to encourage young people to enter advertising as a career and to enhance the quality of advertising education, thus strengthening the skills of future advertising practi- tioners. AAF College Chapters serve as the Division of the Federation to accomplish this goal. Each college community has its own individual op- portunities depending upon its loca- tion and facilities. This student-run organization plans campus activities and often moneymaking projects in the practice of communications. The Chapter organizes discussion groups and seminars with professionals and promotes visits to advertisers, agen- cies, media and nearby AAF ad clubs. tali r 111111116111111111111111111111111111111 MEI 111 MINIM 1111111111111111111111111111111 The Ole Miss Lifeguards are Nancy Moore, Parry Malone, Stephanie Eselin, Kim Billingsley, J. B. Goodsell, Jim Landers, Eric Walzak, Kenny Chapman, Dee Wade, Chris Gelenter, Will Westbrook. Officers: Advisor: Dr. Charles Treas President: Jim King Vice President: Sharon lupe Advertising and Publication Chairman: Sara N. McLeod Treasurer: Ester Magee Recording Secretary: Ann Davis Members: Denise Andrews, Anna Bohnstedt, Karma Brantley, Kathy Breeland, Angela Burkhardt, Clinton Carroll, Colleen Davern, Melissa Durfey, William S. Fletcher, Dana Gully, Lisa L. Hardin, Done Hertlein, Cissy C. Klotz, Deborah A. Kramer, Aden Lovelace, Gregory Morgan, Marty Myers, Joyce Stewart, Jonathan P. Stoltz, David Sturdivant, Lynn Vickery, Kisa Wat- son, Kem Wong, Chris Whitley. 111•1111111111111111111111111111 Hamp Overton eta A E fl was founded at New York University on Nov.7, 1907, to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancemnt by research and practice; to promote a closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commer- cial welfare of the community.A EP Chapter ofA i fl was founded in 1927. President -Sonya Gong, Senior Vice Pres. -Mark Morrow, Vice Pres. of Pledge Education -Skip Gann, Vice Pres. of Professional Ac- tivities -Donna Rhodes, Vice Pres. of Chapter Operations -Mary Ann Hess, Chancellor -Trey Quon, Treasurer -Terry Traylor, Secretary -Donna Smithers, Historian -Melinda Upshaw, Faculty Advisor -Dr. Frank Wiebe. ACTIVES: Maggie Abraham, Dawn Archer, Pam Burge, Clint Carroll, Cathy Cook, Erin Corrigan, Scott Doles, Skip Gann Sonya Gong, James Gorden, Kevin Gray, Dana Gully,Anthony Harper, Tony Hollingshead, Sandra Johnson, Tim Mask, Nancy Leigh Moore, David Murphy, Sonya Myers, Carter Nicholas, Norm Perkins, Trey Quon, Kent Rogers, Donna Smithers, John Turbeville, Todd Wilemon, Barbara Woodruff, Marita Wood- son, Clyde Edwards, Cindy Harvey, Mary Ann hess, Mona James, Mark Morrow, Donna Rhodes, Terry Traylor, Melinda Upshaw, Sam Braswell, Kathryn Breland, Debbie Brooks, Patrick Cooper, Beth Daniels, Doug Grochau, David Massey, Trace Swartzfager CO F N is one of four National Fraternities in the field of business.c1) r N offers scholarships, scholarship awards, collegiate chapter awards, educational grants and professional publica- tions. Xi Chapter is committed to furthering ex- cellence in the business field by offering a variety of professional speakers, a national net- work of job contacts, and help in preparing resume and job interview techniques. A ban- quet is held each year to celebrated) f N ' s Founder ' s Day as well as initiation of new pledges.cD F N ' s goal is to be a medium through which students with common profes- sional interests can develop lasting relation- ships among themselves and with practicing professionals. The Phi Gamma Nu officers: President: Jeanette Sanfilippo Vice President: Marty Ferguson Secretary: Shelley Green Treasurer: Kathryn Tavoleti Pledge Educator: Cissie Poole Advisor: Dr. John Malley Members:Edward Apple, Doug Atkinson, Barrie Blankenship, Beth Bordelon, Jim Cahill, Rob Clark, Ed Coleman, Thomas Crews, Ann Davis, Mike Dendy, Kathleen Gaylor, Holly Holden, John Howie, Brian Jones, Cissie Klotz, Richard Loenenn, Greg Meek, Ashley Nicholas, Hamp Overton, Elaine Poynter, Dan Rainer, Robbie Rogers, Stacey Stephenson, Todd Strickland, Elisa Thomas, Latricia Tisdale, Sarah Tudor, Travis Vance, Cindy White, Sarah Whitfield. Oraanizations — 197 I ' S We are a professional men ' s music fraternity responsible for encouraging and actively promoting the highest standards in creativity, performance, education, and research into music in America. Phi Mu Alpha Officers: President Jim Egger Vice Pres. — Bart Ghent Sec. Treas. — Cass Patrick Historian — Eric Cheney Alumni Sec. — Mark S. Davis Warden — Chris McArthur Faculty Advisor Dr. Ronald Vernon Row 1: Chris McArthur, Bart Ghent, Jim Egger, Mark Davis, Eric Cheney, Row 2: Chris Piecuch, Steve Bigelow, Jay Reed, Johnny Fears, Darrel Evans, Cass Patrick, Row 3: Keith Hill, Todd Williams, Chris Thomas, Durren Hunt, Billy Struss, Brett Guinn, Row 4: Phillip Copland, David Lindsey, Paul Barnes, John Payne, Tom King, Duke Hussey. Not Pictured — Jeff Callaway The Society of Professional Jour- nalists, Sigma Delta Chi, is the largest and oldest voluntary journalism organization in the world. Its 30,000 active members include those work- ing in the media and those in college preparing for careers in journalism. The Society serves to advance high ethical standards, recognize outstan- ding achievement, elevate the prestige of journalism, safeguard the flow of information from government and other sources to the public, and raise the standards of competence of its members. Officers: James Daniels — President Paige Williams Vice President Scott Balderson Treas. Traci Mitchell Secretary 1 I $ • t ' A i ...dr I .0 iiiMiniiiiMMEMMENEM I 111 I111111VIMMIIIIIIIIIIII I 11111111111111.1 1 111111111111 I .6111111M. Christina ;Collier 199 — Ornani7aiions The UMSRA, University of Mississippi Shorthand Reporters Association, is a program for court reporting students. It was established to foster the study of Court Reporting and to provide professional development in the field. The organization provides guest speakers and or special presenta- tions at the organizational meetings. Students have a first hand chance to view and operate the equipment they will be using as court reporters. They also have a chance to meet and talk with professional court reporters and to ask questions of the reporters ' experiences. UMSRA Officers: President-Stacy Smith Vice President-Susan Yeager Secretary-Jill Cox Treasurer-Roy Curry Jr. Historian-Gayla White Reporter-Maggie Brown Members are as follows: Shelia Stasggs, Kiane Payne, Connie Lucus, Damien DeSimone, Connie Lambert, Mary Scotts, Lisa Guthery, Angelia Patterson, Kim Callaham, Kathy Childers, Tanya Pan- nell, Susan Lee, Cristy Littlejohn, Julie Rawson, Kristi Mages, Missy Capoccia, Donita Owen, Kim Kilpatrick, Barbara Crawford, Corine Sanders, Kellye Smith, Leigh Ann Garner, Julie Jones. r MOM MIN The Engineering Student Body represents the aims and interests of all Engineering and Computer Science students. The primary con- cern of the Executive Council is to encourage academic prosperity and scholastic achievement among students. E.S.B. members actively participate in various activities such as tutoring programs and recruting schemes to effectively promote the Ole Miss School of Engineering. The success of the E.S.B. is ultimately dependent upon student interest, in- put and participation each of which supports the efforts and concerns of the Executive Council. E.S.B. Officers: President:Paul Berry Vice-President:Susan Rogers Secertary:Jill Rogers Treasurer:John Cleveland Bnntyn .1111111111111 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEMMIIII ........ IIIIIIIIIIIIIINIIINIIIIII 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 MEN IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIII MINIM ie B ntyn 1111111111111111111111111111r11111111111111111111 111111111111111111110.11111111 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEIIIIMR II NMI Er 1 111111111111111111111111111111•111111111 11•1111111 III 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 111111111111111111 111111111111111 111111 III 1111111.1 7fir nrelani-iatinne 1 11111111111111111111111111117 11111111111111111111111111111 111111111111111m111111L.--- r I I The Ole Miss Rugby Club has gone through a tough rebuilding season, with a season ending victory over arch rival Mississippi State in the Jac- que Strapp Tournament in Memphis, TN. Our membership has risen sharp- ly this semester and we are looking forward to getting back into the winn- ing tradition. The Rugby team has relished in for the past fourteen years. We are currently pre-season ranked second in both the SEC and the Mid- South Union Tournaments. We are expanding our spring season to in- clude the " Ole Miss Classic " to be held on the Oxford Campus, and plan to travel to such exalted tour- naments as the " Mardi Gras " tourna- ment in Baton Rouge, La., the " Governors Cup " at Jackson, MS, the " Gulf Coast " tournament at Gulfport, MS, the " Memphis in May " in Mem- phis, TN, the " Hogs Breath Invita- tional " in Fayetville, Ark., and the " Grand Bahamas Invitational " at Nassauu Bahamas. The Officers are as follows: President-Ed Sadauskas Vice President-Robert Jones Treasurer-Ben Lee Match Secretary- ' Spyder ' James Barlow Recruiter and Seargent at Arms-Ben Lee The Players are as follows: Mike Norton, Jim Horton, Bill King, Gavin McHenry, David Demos, Greg Bailey, Sid Yarborough, Bob Casey, James Nelson, Art Joyce, Buddy Jones, Tim Long, Bruce Linton, Robert Jones, Milt Quevas, Tom Ramsey, Jay Bowen, Kyle Hamm, Greg Mofield, Tab Bell, Erich Marble, Andrews Sessions, Shawn Snipes, Gator Thomas, Rene Gusman, Jeff Underwood, Nathan Napier, John Gathrite, ' Snowball ' Rick White, Coach, Peter Lee, Ssg. Dawson. I Hama Overtoil Richlitd " Whitley if The University of MS Student Pro- gamming Board (SPB) is the executive committee that represents the students for entertaining events on campus. SPB has been active this year serving the students with a wide variety of educational, social, cultural and recreational opportunities for the Ole Miss and other members of the campus community. These events are funded by the students activities fees. This year SPB provided a wide variety of entertainment and people events for every sector of the Univer- sity community. Some of the pro- grams this year were " Welcome Back Rebels " . Homecoming, Dixie Week, sell out concerts like The Fabulous T-Birds, Hank Williams, and the White Animals, the All-Nights in the Union, Parade of Beauties and the Miss University Pageant. It also spon- sored speakers like George Plimpton and William Raspberry. SPB has had a successful year and is pleased with student involvement which represented on the the true qualities of Ole Miss. 1. Lee Tyner, SPB Director at the All- Nighter. 2. Dixie Week is one of the major activities planned during the year. 3. Pictured (14): ttow Perry Phillips: Publicity Chairman Barrie Blackenship: Union Activities Lee Parks: Special Events Chairman Art Cox: Calendar Chairman Skipper Lowery: Associate Director Row 2: David Walker: Finincial Director Lee Tyner: SPB Director Gray Laird: Production Greg Kemp:Co-Chairman Special Events Scott Gunn: Travel Director Not Pictured: Mike Edmonds: Advisor 4. " A Day in the Grove " , provided tye dying fun for everyone. 5. Beanland, one of the many bands the SPB had on campus. trt Ham. Overton OM 11111111111111111111111111 • amiummisamm. II III III III IIM ERE MEM Ill Ill III III 111111. MEE EEO ENE IMO 1111111111 III 111111111 MN•1111111111111 IUIIIIIIII MIME 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 •11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 0 ,aniz. bons — 2 3 I 0 1111111111111 111 0111111111111 El I MU Emmillill NEN mommiumm um mom immommiumni I I ... ... _. .... .1. t ........... ...L..... ...1......1 .... ..... .... .... ............ ... .... ............., ... ••••••••., BSU is a campus organization in- volving Christian university students. It is a fellowship of Christians with two general objectives: to help students grow and mature in their Christian faith, and then to share their faith through ministry, service and witness. BSU provides programs which will give students the oppor- tunity to live a vital, well-rounded christian life while in college. 2 w 1: (I to r) Ty Bauer Internationals Temple Stewart Intern Thomas West President Scott Neal Vice President Mark Brown Summer Missions Keith Cating Director Row 2: Ron Beckham Worship Annette Almand Discipleship Darrell Herring . . . . Communications Mark Alan Vinson Evangelism Loretta Rivers Secretary James Anderson Local Missions Vicki Michael Social Sefted t ei444 edotektatee n III 111111111111111111 • 1 RN ................. 1 •• Nommatimm moms 1 III ... .... . ........ .. ...... ......... .. ...... • . .. ........ .. , The Class of 1987 added a special quality to the University by installing a chime system designed to play hourly strikes and traditional carillon concerts. The beautiful sound of the ringing bells can be heard throughout the Ole Miss campus. To provide for the $8,000 dollar system, the Senior Class held many fund raising events. These included: Union barbecues, a bike race and Fun Run, T-shirt sales, and promo- tions of the University Bowl. Through these efforts the Senior Class was also able to continue support for the " Preserve the Grove " project established by the class of 1986 The Senior Class would like to thank the alunmi, students, faculty, and friends of Ole Miss for their generous contributions and en- thusiasm. As a result of everyone ' s participation, the security and charm of the campus was further enhanced. Officers: Picture Sitting (l-r): Elizabeth Prince, Leigh Pearson, Mike Jordon, Mike Down- ing, Travis Vance, Jimbo King Standing: Haloy Gramelion, Robert Jackson, Scotty Scott, Chris Burford, Norm Perkins Mehribeirs: Picture 2. Column 1: (top to bot):Susan Smith, Sara McLeod, Cam Cox, Susan Hyde, Elizabeth Prince, Nancy Magee, Leigh Pearson, Hally Gremillion Column 2: Chris Burford, David Stur- divant, Mike Jordan, Robert Desan- tas, Bailey Braswell Column 3: Jim Burnett, Clyde McDonald, Tiffany Villanger, Travis Vance, Phillip Holman, Norm Perkins, Anne Rooks, Mike Downing, Scotty Scott, Robert Jackson e Inimma mm IRRRRRRRRMI 1.111= a ■ arm Immummiimm MEM MEM IMO III I 11101111111111111111111111111111=11111MIIIIMINIMINEMMIRS Seadeet The Student Alumni Council is an organization designed to bridge the gap between students and alumni and is sponsored by The University of Mississippi Alumni Association. SAC is composed of representatives from classes, academic units, campus organizations, and geographical districts. The goal of the SAC is to create an awareness among the students of the alumni program and its interests, ideals, goals, and services to the University. The SAC involves students in alumni-related activities so they can meet alumni and learn about the Association and what it has to offer. The Mississippi Governmental Affairs Com- mittee represents the interest of the University to the legislative and tries to promote legisla- tion that will benefit Ole Miss. It also Coor- dinates Public Officials Day and serves to host the state legislators — who are honored on P.O.D. The MGAC tries to encourage student involvement in political election and em- phasizes the importance of politics in our everyday lives. This committee also conducts and Absentee Voting Drive for students in re- cent Congressional elections. Chairman Tommy Rayburn Vice Chairmen Bryan Hawkins, Elizabeth Ventress Members: Angela Abraham, John Ates, Ann- Marie Bishop, Victoria Bland, Craig Bluntson, Carolyn Boltin, Kavanaugh Breazeale, Steve Burkes, Steven Chevalier, Leah Coggins, Cristy Crockett, Leslie Dunn, Hamp Dye, Ford Dye, Kristie Echols, John Eaves, Lane Flynn, Shan- non Fox, Web Gholson, Kin Gill, Chip Gordon, Christopher Gwin, Elizabeth Hargrove, Kim Herring, Kim Holmes, Skipper Lowery, Alan McCracken, Michelle McDaniel, Maelyse McElwain, Kelly McLaughlin, Barry McNair, Shannon Moore, Garner Newton, Kim Olmsted, Keith Pearson, Tina Penick, Paul Purnell, Erick Richardson, Jim Siegfreid, Walt Simpson, Sophie Sistrunk, Leigh Ann Smith, David Smith, John Sowell, Brian Staley, Tricia Tisdale, Paige Williams Row 1: (kr), Beth Clinton, Page Crosby, Elizabeth Spuler, Sheila James, Sherry James, Clay Hays, President; Row 2: Elizabeth Stevens, Lorie Hertlein, Angie Burhardt, Jen- nifer Day, Kevin Allen, Karen Hall, Brian Staley; Row 3: Keith Gadd, Maelyse McElwain, Anne Rooks. Not pictured: Laura Anne Smith, Vice President. _ P• IMMO tY I Melanie B 0 11111111111111111111111111 111111111111111= UMIMMI1111111111 Seated (l-r) Rob Fitzgerald-Chairman Betsy Moore-Secretary Chet Lott-Publicy Director Pam Kloha-Past Chairman Standing (l-r) Mary Ann Hess-Parliamentarian Barry B roadhead-Executive Director Jay Westfaul-Executive Director Not pictured: Bill West-Vice Chairman Greg Strackelford-Program Director Rob Clark-Treasurer Advisors: Dr. Gene Perry Mrs. Cornelia Mason 1 1 iiimirdiswismin 11111111111111111111=111111111111111111111111111 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111M1111 ISM 1111111111111111111111111111111111111 1111 Ill 111111.111111111111111111111 1111 115111111111RIIINI111111111111 111111 111 MEI Immilm I 11111111111111111111111 mmummims• IMPIEM II E ' ! sizaedeet President: Angela Hart Vice President: Debbie Wright Pledge Trainer: Angie Hannon Chaplain: Teresa Hayman Historian: Jessica Goddard Treasurer: Bobbie Gail Dodd Secretry: Cheryl Devereaux _11•111.1.„ eolee9e Reizedeecaet4 Ole Miss College Republicans boast about having the largest membership of any campus organization. Ole Miss College Republicans is dedicated to the advancement of the Republican party not only on a nationwide level but also focuses its attention on state, local, and campus elections. The Ole Miss chapter accomplished its goals by having speakers such as MS State Republic Party Chairman Ebbie Spivey, Congressional Can- didates and 1987 MS Gubernatorial Candidates and also by conducting a Campus Canvass to discover the political views of the average Ole Miss Student. • 11111111111 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 Sth year: Sheila Brock, Natalie Cunningham, Rhonda Dyess, Elizabeth Fox, Judy Freeman, Tammy Gibson, Trellis Haney, Susan Jackson, Leigh Ann Jones, Teresa Kirkwood, Joyce Mac- Naughton, Deborah Magoun, Dolly Mah, Janis McCormick, Manly McMillan, Carol Parker, Emily Rialls, Beth Russell, Chokaew Sangsomrose, Milli Myers Scruggs, Kay Sullivan, Patti Vance, Andrea Wilkerson, Nancy Wilson, Lynn Wing 4th year: Mary Blades, Darlene Brekeen, Cathy Coghlan, Don- na Cranford, Cheryl Devereaux, Bobbie Gail Dodd, Linda Dor- rob, Patricia Downing, Jessica Goddard, Robin Hammond, Angie Hannon, Angela Hart, Teresa Hayman, Rhonda Hutto, Liisa Lutz, Kim Newman, Janeen Pharr, Pam Robinson, Tern Rogers, Laura Rutherford, Debbie Wright 3rd year: Ellen Algee, Brenda Allen, Karen Barbiero, Dan,: Bolton, Alice Bullock, Delita Duncan, Laura Flowers, Traci Floyd, Lisa Fortenberry, Sonya Hamblett, Tracy Harris, Wendy Haydel, Melanie Hayes, Malendia Hite, Maria Holcomb, Rebecca James, Melissa King, Debbie Lee, Doreen Mall, Meg Mathis, Greta Montgomery, Suzanne Parker, Susanne Quick, Audra Randolph, Margo Reeves, Rebecca Scott, Belinda Smith, Dana Smith, Elka Summers, Melissa Tilghman, Bobbie Jo Tur- nage, Bonnie Sue Vance, Melissa Viox, Beth Warner, Renee Wilson -1.1777 Ornanizations —:2®7 I - I - I r N M a a • a ii ■ • IN ■ The Rebel Recruiters organization was begun during the Coach Steve Sloan era. Coach Tommy Limbaugh was in charge of the program. The purpose of the Rebel Recruiter organization is to help the coaching staff with the recruitment of prospec- tive student athletes and to offer support to the football team. The Rebel Recruiters serve as hostesses during recruiting events. During campus football games, they greet the prospective student athlete, take them on a walking tour of campus, and sit with them at the ballgame. During official visit weekends, they greet the prospects upon their arrival at the. motel, eat breakfast, lunch or dinner with them, and answer any questions he may have about Ole Miss and the football program. During the recruiting season, each girl is assigned to a coach. During the week, she phones or writes those prospects assigned to her by her coach. Rebel Recruiters are also on hand to see the team off for away games. They make signs of encouragement and support for the team. On Mon- day nights after a victory, these girls decorate the athletic cafeteria and serve the players their victory dinner. Officers: President: Amy Guthrie Vice President: Marcia Martin Secretary Treasurer: Penny Hellums Other recruiters are as follows: April Abney, Maggie Abraham, Suzanne Acker, Monique Adams, Nicole Ainsworth, Teresa Barr, Lynda Blackstock, Rhonda Blount, Kandy Bowen, Stacey Bracey, Cheryl Burton, Allison Byrd, Camille Calhoun, Allison Carsten, Brenda Carter, Melissa Colingo, Carolyn Cox, Christy Crockett, Betsy Cuthbert, Melanie Dahlem, DeDe Dunlay, Leigh Fisher, Tammy Ford, Beatrice Gentry, Lindsay Gorton, Gloria Gunn, Mary Irby, Mary Kathryn Johnson, Mechalle Johnson, Bridget Jones, Annette Key, Kristy Norman, Allison Oakes,, Shelley Pederson, Yana Pounders, Suzanne Prince, Suzzane Ray, Debbie Schwartz, Mia Smith, Robin Sullivan, Dina Tobin, Laura Van Buren, Kim White, Tonya Whitener, Elizabeth Winston, Martha Witt, Vicki Wooten, Lisa Yarborough, Gret- chen Zellers. 208 0+niz ions 1 P 0 _ili mEndEM EM Lamm il Nommusimumm imill In IIIIIIIIIIhudIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIhmdIIIIIIIIII 1111•11•1111111M111111111111111111111111111111111111111 11111111111111111111111111111.111111111111111111111111 11111111111111111111111111TMIIII 11111111111111111111111M 1111111111111111•1111111111m IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 1111111111111111111111111111111 111111111111111111111111 IINIIIIIIIMIIIMIIIIIIININIIIIINIII INN= L AIEUREMIN 31 MINE111111111111 IN THIS ROOM DRESS AMERICAS BEST imonmem• 28 • -am wanwang Po s py P L ■ 74 N eeed ■ Es mom r ■ ■ al - --- nu 46:: " - - II . __■ 4,1 ' 4 mgh At foI Fr ' f - - " M " The Ole Miss Club of the Si 1 ...- , • • ' , g at 4a4-1 t • ; i University of Mississippi is composed of those men who have participated and lettered in one of the inter- 111 I f ' - ,f,-• ,-,.) 4 ,SC., , a collegiate sports sponsored by the University. Only the members of the " M " Club are eligible to wear the Ole Si . t , ,,T.- " M " Miss which distinguishes these men as winners of the varsity athletic — - • award. ■ 1 ' . . ' - ' t 47 • , . k - - at The purpose of the club is to pro - motes ports and sportsmanship at the University. The members assist in the recruiting of prospective high school 11 1. ( i .444 athletes as well as involvement in .... A .•■— _ ir,e,i_. . community service projects. Officers: f .. President: Jeff Noblin Vice President: Melvin Dean .• , rf:, Secretary: Steve Horne le mg L . Treasurer: Bruce Tranbarger III 11111111111111111111111 H a m ov-rton Sergeant at Arms: Ben Morris II • IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Members: J.R. Ambrose, Jeff Bacon, Bobby Barlow, Rick Barnes, Brian IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Becker, Barry Bethay, Johhny Boat- man, Tommy Boone, Lester Brinkley, Dean Brown, David Caldwell, John IIIIIIII IIIIII II 111111111 • 111111111111111111 Carlton, Scott Chesser, Chuck Cleveland, Robert Cole, Russ Con III 11111 •■1111111111 ingsby, Scott Criswell, Russ Curry, Butch Davenport, Jeff Daves, Bubba Dickey, Mike Domenick, Jimmy t 11111111ILIE 1111111111111111111111 Mike Fitzsimmons, Everett 111111111rirli IIIIIIII6 111111 Flakes, Gerald Gallik, Gary Geno, Ross Genovese, J. P. Gentlemen, Joe 1111111111111 IIIII IIII 111111111111 Gex, Monte Gibbs, Lan Gooch, Willie Goodlow, Kyle Gordon, Sonny IIIIIIIII 11111 Harbuck, Lance Hathcock, Jeff Her- ■1111 rod, Dereck Horne, Danny Hoskins, 1111101101111111111 1 opin iiiiimpip Todd Irvin, Kermit Jackson, Daren Johnson, Jamie Johnson, Lopaz Jones, 1111MI IIII ■• 111■■■ al Steve Joyner, Barry Kelley, Keith Kessinger, Perry Lust, Falton Mason, ■ uet NM 111111111 ■IIIIIII ■III Rodney Mike McGowan, IIIII David McKinney, Troy McKoy, Joe Mickles, Dave Miley, Chip Moreland, Howard Moss, Allen Musselwhite, 11111111110 III 11111 11111111 1111111111111111 ■11.1111111111111 Ricky Myers, Verdell Oliver, Bryan Owen, Mario Perry, Michael Portis, Will Pritchard , Jeff Purvis, Dave ■ IIIIIIIIIIII ■MIMI III EN dall, Jay Schimmel, Arthur Scott, Jonathan Shelley, Victor Shine, James ■ Sikes, Bubba Simon, Bill Smith, Doug Smith, Matt Smith, Robert Smith, 111111 ■ 1.1111111111.11 " M Roger Smith, Woody Soehn, Chip Sullivan, David Swolsky, Bric ■ 1111 ■1111111 I I I ■ Willims, Mark Young, Mike Zullo. 1111111111 IIIIII 111 I II 1111 11111 01 ani tion — 2)9 This year the Ole Miss Soccer Team had its most sucessful year ever. The team ' s record for 1986 was 15-3. We won the Gulf States Col- legiate Soccer League (GSCSL). The teams in this league consist of Ole Miss, Mississippi State, University of Southern Mississippi, LSU, Tulane, Loyola, and the University of Alabama. We ended our season with a 5-1 conference losing only to LSU. With the conference title, we were able to host the league tournament. We won the tournament with a finals victory of Mississippi State 2-0. Another big achievement for this year ' s team came at the SEC tourna- ment in Tuscaloosa. Out of a total of sixteen teams, we finished in 2nd place. We lost to Bir- mingham Southern, a varsity team, in the finals 1-0. We beat a couple of other varsity teams along the way to posting a 5-1 tournament record. We had ten goals for and one goal against in the tournament. Before this year the team had never finished higher than 5th place in the SEC Tournament. We also won this year ' s Eagle Cup Trophy Match against Southern Mississippi, 2-0. This year ' s team in- cluded five graduating players, Thomas Gallaney, Patrick Lyle, Ken Roberts, Carter Bolt, Charles Rucketts. This spring, the team will be traveling to Memphis every week to participate in an indoor league. Coach: Charles Rucketts Advisor: Dr. Ken Gilbert Players: John Cosmich, Eddie Stevens, Jorge Castilla, Paul Barnard, Sim Emmanuel, Patrick Lyle, Kent Donavan, Jay Cole, Jim Synder; ' Joel Le- June, Kim Morgan, Tim Sears, Alfie Lanasg. i — yout4.1-0411.0. } 11- Teethatenalai 111111111111111111111111 Nommimmuummomm 11.01111111111=111111111.11111111111111 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 Iliammumn. I 111111111111111111111111111.1111111111111111111111111111111111.11111 I Ismulams IIII11111111111111 eceet caw 0111111111111111111111111 1.0 • • • I ■ € II Melanie Buntyn President: Sean Duffy Vice President: Lee Elliff Secretary Treasurer: Keith Duffy Row 1: Keith Duffy, Rick Elliott, Mike Johnson Row 2: Charles Johnson, Lee Elliff, Sean Duffy Not Pictured: Bruce Hicks, Robert Trout, John Andry f The Racquetball Club was founded four years ago and is open to students, faculty, and staff. Its pur- pose is to build a strong racquetball program at Ole Miss by having lad- ders and clinics. The club also spon- sors an intercolleg iate team which has participated in the NCAA for the past three years. Last year they earn- ed a national ranking of fifteen. This year ' s tournament is in Denver, and the club plans to have its 2nd Annual Rebel Classic to help finance the trip to Denver. Officers: President: Kerry Kaiser Vice President: Doug Grochau Chairman: Scotty Scott Members are: Monty Simpkins, John Boware, Aw Young, Wee Lam, Dean Brown, Lee Powell, Chris Svehlak ■ 11111111111111111111111111111 IIIIIIMIU1111M1 =NM 04 N414 70 Although the sport of competitive water ski- ing is relatively unheard of for many, several students at Ole Miss have caught onto this new rapidly growing sport. Together they received for the university an official membership in the Intercollegiate Water Ski Association. As a result, Ole Miss competes in tournaments around the south during both fall and spring semesters. Other schools in their conference include LSU, Northeast Louisiana University, Mississippi State, Auburn, Oklahoma State, Baylor, and Mississippi College. Membership requirements are that a person loves to ski and is willing to pay fifty dollars dues each semester. Club members compete in the areas of jumping, trick skiing, and or slaloming which are judged by officials chosen by the American Water Ski Association. Available to members are a slalom course, a ski jump, professional and nonprofessional coaching, and lots of fun! The Founding members are Rucker Leake: President, Allison Grogan: Vice-president, Robert McGraw Robert Hendrix. Pictured (l-r): Row 1: Rucker Leake, Allison Grogan, Cherry Dabney, Tonya Freeman, Carolynn Byars, Charlene Meador; Row 2: Douglas Grochau, Harry Chapman, Rod Newhaus, Spence Fletcher, Steve Newhaus, Kent Droscoll; Row 3: Leigh Adkins, Robert Hendrix, Lee Rogers, Lee Chandler, Skip Wilson. chard_ Whitley Richard Whitley ELI MOM 1111111aratilliWil 11111•11111111111111111111•11111 IMMO MN 1111•11111111111 :NM MI 1•11111 IIIIM . I= MOP 1111111■11 MO 11011111Mai IIM NM •11111111•1111 MIMI MIN 4 IMO= MN NM 01 NM IMO NM MIMI ■ IIIM•11111•N MI OM 4 MIN MIIIII•11•11••• Mil II= MIMI IIIIIIII ANIIIIIIIIIIII IIIMII Mal IMO MI 111111111•111111 M1 ■ii NM 111111•111111MI 1=1=1 MIMI IMMO ■•=1 ft The purpose of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers at Ole Miss is to promote professional development of its members, as well as to encourage fellowship among students and faculty. The AIChE also serves as a representative of chemical engineering at Ole Miss. Members promote and encourage the profession on and off campus. Activities of the student chapter are varied from social to educational extremes. Every year a back-to-school banquest is hosted by the AIChE members for the instructors and staff in the department. Field trips, speakers, and services are offered to the members to help prepare them for life as a chemical engineer. The AIChE also provides outlets for students and faculty to unwind from the hard, demanding course work. The chapter holds informal parties and encourages activity in the intramural sports program. Members in the AIChE chapter at Ole Miss encourages the chemical engineering student to expand his horizons and become involved in his surroundings. Participation on the campus level means the development of a better and well- rounded engineer entering the professional world. President: Harry Holliday Vice President: Sergio Soares Secretary: Michael Caples Treasurer: Barry Chapman Sponsors: Dr. Yam Lee, Dr. James Clemmer Members: Susan Rogers, Susan Simms, Lisa Hodges, Arun Malhotra, Danny Hoskins, James Thomas, Ronnie Good, Carl Snipes, Clark Lid- don, Linda Lum, Emad Shahin, Sean Duffy, Cindy Rushing, Jeff Green, Terrell Boothe, Drayton Berkley, Thomas Murphree, James Taylor, Derrick Wilson, Tammy Seice, Laura Burrell, Jeff Papasan, Denise Sease, Anuchit Sekthira, Regan Russell, Dena Webb, Shyrell Benton, David Ellison, Clyde Johnson, Fred Rand, Bassam Tannir, Timothy Usey. Pictured (l-r): Front: Sally Stribeck, Jennifer Shores; Back: Steve Hudson, Steven Im, Frances Sit, Julie Fero, Lisa Weber, Jeff Hubacek, Dr. Maurice Eftink. Richard Whit y tt 11111111111111111111111111 111WRIMM1111 111111111111111111111111 11111111111111111111111111111111110111119 1111111111111111111111111 " ' mu OM 111=111 The American Chemical Society is an organization made up of undergraduates majoring or minoring in chemistry, chemical e ngineering or related fields, The purpose of the organization is to promote interest in various areas of chemical science. Among the many activities involv- ed with the organization are a presen- tation of a chemical magic show, tour of state laboratories, and guest speakers. Advisor: Dr. Maurice Eftink President: Jennifer Shores Vice President: Julie Fero Treasurer: Jeff Hubacek Secretary: Sally Stribeck Organizati ns -- 213 • mmE1111 The India Association of the University of Mississippi was reinstated three years ago. It started with sixteen members and today there are forty-six members. The purpose behind the founding of this association was to create a feeling of togetherness among the Indian ' s. Its aim has always been to bring out the best of the rich Indian culture before all to promote a better cultural understanding between the American and Indian people. Committee members: Yesh Pendharkar: President Jayashree Hariharan: Vice President Sanjay Parekh: Treasurer K.S. Ramesh: Secretary Jolly Sahu: Advisor Usha Ramachandran: Public Relations Members: Row 1 Ajay Shah, Ravi Gor- thala, Usha Ramachandran, Rita Ganupuru, Jayashree Hariharan, Yesh Pendharkar, Samir Yajnik, Paresh Parikh; Row 2: K.S. Ramesh, Amit Mehrotra, Ramu Kumar, Rajendra Donti, Venkatesh Nalluri, Sougata Mukherjee, Rupak Goaoi, Sidharth Ganju, Anand Gundavajhala; Row 3: Tacey Viegas, Deepak Sahay, Mahadevan Karthikeyan, Shyam Dunna, Ashwin Karamchandani, Devendra Naniwadekar. mentammummommommill MEM • I NM IIMMEMINI MUMS MI MINIMMINIMMIMMIMMIIMMEM IIIMMEMMINIMMITIMIMMM mim Richard W itiey The Student Home Economics Association promotes professional development of home economics students at the University of Mississippi by: Providing opportunities to develop leadership. Making students more familiar with the history, current trends, and future of home economics. Providing opportunities to meet people who have attained recogni- tion in the home economics profession. SHEA is made up of students in fashion mechandising, dietetics, hotel motel restaurant management, home economics education, and general home economics majors. Ma- jor activities f or 1986-87 included: selling Mississippi Home Economics Association Cookbooks, helping with the K 0 program on combining career and family, and various profes- sional meetings. Advisor: Kathy B. Knight Barbara Burrows Joy Byrd Katherine Drane Katy Dunn Katrina Edwards Tara Gordon Kathi Gould Kim Greer Mary Kay Hollis Melissa Hood Stephanie Lawson Luann Livingston Renee Martin Jenessa Potts Martha Suter Stephani Verucchi Dawn Welch Nancy Leigh Wooten J _.._217=7777mmmmmmmm2F-1 111111111111111111 Mr 11111111111111111111 1111111111111nr mansomma■ The Residence Hall Association acts as a representative council for all the residence halls on campus. It promotes a favorable, social and academic en- vironment in residence halls. Row 1: Secretary: Usha Ramachandran, Judicial Council Chairman: Lloyd Dixon, Vice President: Laura Jones, Advisor: Judy Hill; Row 2: Stewart Dorm: Janice Jenkins, Crosby Dorm: Rhonda Dunaway, Advisor: Bonnie Gideon, President: Anne Klinger, B-I-S:Ronnie Tatum, Hefley:Anissa Cox, Kincan- non:Scott Enochs, Kincannon: Rumman Dustagir, Kincannon: David Glenn, Miller: Delores Flowers, Not Pictured: Guess Hall: Gwen Coleman. Organ izati xsu s — 215 216 -- Organizations Richard Whitley I VPufreoet qiale Hall Council Officers: President: Jody Cline Vice President: Lisa Williams Secretary: Pam Kincaid Treasurer: Shannon Sansing RHA Representative: Kamilla Stokes Intramural Chai rman: Pati Maher Basement Floor Rep: Terri Haring First Floor Rep: Lisa Cauthen Second Floor Rep: Beth Young Third Floor Rep: Charmayne Walker Resident Advisors: Basement: Traca Sumrall First Floor: Brenda Webb Second Floor: Pam Dees Third Floor: Gwen Selmon 11111111E11111111111111111111111111M 111111111111111M11111111111MIR111111 • 11111111111111111111111111111immallil 1E111 II 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111011111111111111.1111 111111111111111101111 11111111111111111111 1111111111 11=1111111111 1111111111111111 1111111111 NM 11111111111111111111 1111111111111111 111111111111111111 11111111111111111 11111111111111111111 EMI elanie Buntyn Stewart Hall Dorm Council: President: Lisa Mathews Vice President: Kay Lawson Secretary: Marion Brown Front to Back (I to r): Tracey Quinn, Kay Lawson, Angela Ezell Linda Lucas, Linda Porter Debrough Cook, Sharon Floyd Febbie Prater Chandra Willis Marion Brown, Victoria Lawson, Jen- ny Dedam Lisa Mathews, Barbara Mathis, Kim Johnson Pam Crump, Winnye Eilks Janis Jenkins Richard hitley d Whitle ' a mom ow NE imumummommil am 1111111•=11 am lim ism Imummonimmo wommmomommirmuom aimmummum mom so immum imimmINE Crosby Hall is the newest dorm on the Ole Miss campus. It has the capability to hold over 700 people. Despite its large size, a friendly at- mosphere is maintained by the social functions held. For Christmas, Santo visits the staffs ' children and hands out presents. There are bar-b-que ' s, painting parties, sweat-shirt decorating parties, and Low-cal din- ner nights. The staff and girls work together for a " fun atmosphere! " Crosby Hall Dorm Council Row 1 (l-r): Anne Klingea, RHA Presi- dent, Lisa Weber, Michele Williams, Julie Granger. Row 2: Rhonda Duraway, Angela Abraham, Michele McDaniel Vice President, Lucy Lehman, President, Beth Hobson, Secretary Treasurer, Elizabeth McGee. Crosby Hall RA ' s Row 1 (l-r): Sally Stebeck, Lisa Brantley, Tina Taylor, Anne Klingea; Row 2: Elizabeth McGee, Jenny Wilkes, Denise Howlet, Bernadette Kilgore, Yvonne Durity, Lora Col- burn, Nadine Brown, Phyllis Keys; Row 3: Elanor Rook, Advisor. Organizations — 217 witerieda eiteaede " 414(4, MIEREMIEMBE 11111.111111.11111 M 1111111111 MBERIMMEMINIIMMIla r11111•1111•1111.1MMINMUM Poppy Pruett Ahsan-I-Jamil: President Javed Akbar: Treasurer Amir Afzal Khan: Secretary M. Khalid Ashfaq: Advisor Front: Amir Afzal Khan, Ahsan-I- Jarnil, M. Khalid Ashfaq, Javed Akbar; Back: Shahid Afzal Khan, Imran Akhtar, Masood Hussain, Imtiaz Ahmed, Imran Mahmood. 2 8 — Organizations Richard Whitley Pi Mu Epsilon is a non-secret organization whose purpose is the promotion of scholarly activity in mathematics among students in academic institutions. Members are selected based on the proficiency in mathematics and overall academic ability. President: Charlie Barnet Vice President: Marie Husni Secretary: Paul Smith Faculty Advisor: Dr. William R. Trott .........ummis ...0-...0.0...6. mormmoramuir ■ rrommummus sum II Imminor II r aimmummilismaingrumm um amommmorr mm.....m.m. -- mom 111 a 9 i Pictured Left to Right: Cary Wilson, Valerie Horton, Alison Bonham, Jennifer Swords, Elaine Gelbard, Paula Cook, Patricia Keith, Dawn Calhoun, Cindy Crist, Donna Burford, Allison Movitz. Organizations —619 Row 1: Gwei-Hung Tsai, Laura Wright, Stephen Im, Crystal Tate Row 2: Ramadan Jeliaima, Charlie Barnett, Susan Taylor, Geritta Wise, Cassie Jacob, Marie Husni, Dr. William Trott Row 3: Jeff Hughes, Chris Bradford, James Bowers, Bailey Braswell, Johnny Brock, Chan- dra Prasad Not Pictured: Elizabeth Stephens, Hayan Adi, Mark , JoAnna Watson, Jeffrey Knott, Paul Pau Smith Eric McNeil, Cassandra Jacob, Shyrell Benton, Jill Jones. I .111111111111.1MMENEMENIMI 1111111.111111111111111111111.1 11111111111111111111111111 111111111111111111 The BMW Club Of Ole Miss was founded in 1983 when the poor man ' s luxury car, the 318i, was first introduced. It was then that a rash of beamers hit the Ole Miss campus, replacing the Cutlass and Regal as the Most Desirable Automobile for an Ole Miss Student. Re- quirements for membership are only that you own a BMW: year and make are inconsequen- tial. The club has no meetings and no social ac- tivities. Instead, they acknowledge one another by waving through their standard sunroofs. U. of Michigan, Prof. Maxwell Reade, Honorary Member Members of this prestigious club are as follows: Professor William M. Causey, Hal Cato, Meredith Hartley, Margaret Palmer, Michael Stillhack, Mr. Wong, Matlie Hayes, David Ad- dison, Walton Brown, Susie Averitt, Mary Lynn Doody, Mary Stevens, Katherine Bartlett, limbo Pearson, Susan Stribling, Alden Lovelace, Dorthy Washmon, Laura Dyer, Scott Coop- wood, Hillary Shows, Courtney King, )ohn Payne, Barr Biggs, Chris Coppedge, Karl Broesche, Kelly Foy, Brent Cartwright, Frank Verger, Kevin Hermit, Mike Morton, Robert Hyde, Mollye Smith, Harris Lydon, Travis Vance, Molly Ringwald, Greg Piner, Chris Patton, Wendell Bonner, Patrick Richard, Chris Crowe, Ed Apple, Nell Buchillon, Ed Kelly, Kevin Hermetz, Kyle Gordon, Richard Nemmon, Tom Kirkpatrick, John Howard, Bill Robertson, Allen Swayze, Kevin Gordon, Mark Ladner, Molly Hornsby, Stephanie Foster, Courtney King, Kala Duckworth, Courtney King, Laura Chain, Susan Ahers, Catherine Gaudet, Amy Levenson, Dixie Carter, Michelle Mulder, Tracy Robinson, Stacy Young, Nancy Weichsel, Kelly Klentos, Margaret Palmer, Melissa Quest, Stephanie Hill, Kelly Dowell, Mollye Smith, Tiffany O ' Quinn, Susie Averitt, Susan White, Jackie Hirschmann, Ellen Whittle, Beth Wright, Leigh Men, Kelly Felton, Almadoll Mclutchin, Cynthia Jones, Mark McLemore, Jay Simmons, Trey Fife, Tripp Wells, Kit McQueen, Patrick Johnson. The American Society of Interior Designers Officers are: President: (Fall 1986) Sheri Parker (Spring 1987) Kathy Freeman Vice President: Stephanie Narmour Secretary: Allison Carston Treasurer: Karen McCann Members: Carol Ballard, Carol Bailey, Tracey Bratton, Deas Johnson, Brenda War- ren, Yoland Biebrich, Kris Bromley 2201— Organizations I I M■OM■■■ME■E Impau • Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) was founded at the University of Mississippi in 1976. The purpose is to reach students to Christ and equip them to serve Him. This is done weekly through large group studies and small group fellowship. RUF also has a weekend retreat in the fall and spring. Campus minister: Reverend Jimmy Turner a a ,4 • tt 41 lie AV 111E1 OM= ME MINIMMINIMMO MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ME MMINOMMEMMOIM MUM MIIMMINIMMOMMEMMEMMINIMMI M 11111111mOMMEMMINIM ME WWI MMINIMMEM • OM MEM IIMMINIMMIT MN MINIMEMOMMOMME II 10111 II NM IIMMOMOMM ■ I r an zatio s — 221 NJ N) NJ Sec 0 E(LkT_D Renee Taylar Richard Whitley IFC Represenatives:A A-Johnny Anderson,A T It-Norm Perkins,B 0 II-Mark Irby,X Beasley,A 4 - Chris Bailey,K A-Dennis King and Charlie Law,K A Derek Horne,K -Steven Speights and Scott Archer,S2 4 41-Dale Sanders, B I-Morris Lewis, 43 A 0- Tim K Mullins,4 ' K T-John Barrett and Fred K 0-Christopher Tilton,II K A-Bill Turner, A E-Will James, X-Kirk Mullins, N- Stuart Brunson, II-Mark Edwards and Eric Drewes Richard Whitley Interfraternity Council Officers for this year are from left to right: Joe Phillips, President, Ken Roberts, Vice President, Ed Love, Corresponding Secretary, Clark Liddon, Recording Secretary, and Scott Gunn, Treasurer. The main responsibility of the Interfraternity Council is to organize Fraternity Rush. This year they were in- strumental in improving the Fall Rush program and publicizing the positive aspects of Greek life. Richard Whitley Alpha Delta Pi: Susan Sullivan, Christy Estes; Alpha Kappa Alpha: Sharon Floyd, Valerie Adams; Alpha Omicron Pi: Jane Day, Gayla White; Chi Omega: Lynn Hobbs, Kathleen Hooker; Delta Delta Delta: Ashley Hopkins, Elise Kilpatrick Delta Gamma: Carolyn McMahan, Lisa Zepponi; Delta Sigma Theta: Shyrell Benton, Alemida Turner; Kappa Alpha Theta; Jill Yarbrough, Mary Katherine Johnson; Kappa Delta: Tracy Hill, Liz Triplett; Kappa Kappa Gamma: Monique Adams. Renee Walters; Phi Rai Stephanie Lawson, Christy Crockett; Pi Beta Phi: Valerie Gordon, Allison Rattiken; Zeta Phi Beta: Mozella Brown. Panhellenic acts as a liaison between the ten NPC and three NPHC sororities on campus. The council makes all rules for rush, pledging and initiation. Panhellenic also par- ticipates in area ser- vice projects. This years officers include (L to R) Stacy Wyatt, secretary; Cathy Cook, vice president; Tara McGee, president; Jeanne Alverez. treasurer. Melanie Buntyn Panhellinic — 225 GREE AILH Greek Week is a week set aside to promote the greek system and help unify the greek organiza- tions. The Second Annual Greek Games were held March 31 through April 4th sponsored by Budweiser. Leading up to the games was the Bed Race event won by the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. All participants paid an entry fee of $25 and the proceeds went to the Red Cross. The Greek Awards Banquet was held on Thursday to honor the cam- pus model pledge and active, and award was also given to the most distinguished advisor The Greek Games commenced at 3pm on Friday at Village Field. J107 was on hand to announce the events. Everyone who participated in the games had to wear a Greek Week T-Shirt. The Blue Beats played when the games were over. The overall win- ners of the Greek Games were Kappa Kappa Gam- ma sorority and Sigma Nu fraternity. I Greek Games Winners Fraternity Sorority E N K K AE B (13. ,EN,TKE AF,KA,KKF B 0 11 • N 11 B (13 K X St K A K K F Batspin Trike Race Egg Toss Pie Toss KA Tug o ' War Jello Jump Barrel Buck Cup on a Stick it 226 — Greek Week GREEK 7M11 gee .1111%,11 " . Pi Phi ' s are smiling about their win at Tug o ' War! -m■NENNI■iumw. A 1 1. Kappas struggle to Skin the Snake. 2. Derby Daddy announces the winners. 3. Pi Phis are doing the Jailhouse Rock. 4. Byron and Elise congratulate Elizabeth Ross. Lisa Bowers • 3 A 4 awe Derby Day — 229 16Lk6V hiff • 2 Lisa Bowers • 3 Lisa Bowers A 1 Lisa Bowers 1. Lory tries to stay in line. 2. Thetas have " What U Need. " 3. Alpha Delta Pis go Hawaiian for Sigma Chi. The 24th annual Derby Day was April 12, 1986. All week sororities practiced their dances, searched the campus for the hidden derby, and held fundraisers. Sigma Chis coached their game practices. Thursday night, Doug Clark The Hot Nuts and Detour played at the Sigma Chi fundraiser at Church ' s Music Hall. Saturday, Elizabeth Ross, the Delta Delta Delta candidate, was named Derby Day Queen. Derby Daddy, Steele McCown, hosted the field events, and Kappa Kappa Gamma was the overall win- ner. Sigma Chi Derby Day raised over $14,000 for the National Kidney Foundation. A 2 Ashley Nicholas Lisa Bowers • 1 1 • 3 Lisa Bowers 1. Rushees wait nervously for the next party to begin. 2. Girls enjoy the Delta Sigma Theta rush. 3. Tri-Delts wave good-bye after skit party. ' o) 1. Thetas are ready to entertain rushies. 2. A ' s call out for their rushies ' name. 3. The Kappa house is ready for skit parties. 4. Rushies eagerly wait outside the Tri-Delta house. Lisa Bowers Larry Bonds Pam Remers • 3 Rtich — 731 • 1 A2 LA. D 70, 232 — Bid Day r=1 " 1-11 AO, AAA. ,•.•..1.0 it Wititt•;• " :40,1f, • 5 1. Sigma Chi pledges claim they ' re number one. 2. Dina Tobin welcomes new pledge. 3. Thetas pose for picture. 4. Phi Kappa Psi ' s Randy Hudson makes pledge feel at home. 5. Delta Psi ' s celebrate with pool party. 6. KD ' s happy about bid day. 7. New found Tri-Delt sisters. A4 n ' 6 • 7 Bid Day — 233 -11111■11____ A1.0a Delta Pi 111 ce I MP ' Stephanie Oaks ALPHA DELTA Lind Kathy Murry, Kris Jurgens, Christina Collier, Bonnie Howard, Leanne King, Derby Day Robin Sullivan, Kelly Crowe Alpha Delta Pi, the first secret society for college and the nation ' s oldest sorority, was founded in 1851 at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. The Delta Sigma chapter at Ole Miss opened in the spring of 1960. Identified by the lion, diamond, woodland violet, and the colors azure blue and white, an Alpha Delt can be found in all areas of campus life; including Rebelettes, Rebel Recruiters, Feature Twirler, yearbook editor and staff, fraternity little sisters, fraternity sweethearts, Army and Navy sponsors, Rho Lambda, Intramural Champions. We love our pledges ... entertainment on the houseboys . Will you trade lock up with me? . . . ere ' s Richard? ... What ' s for dinner? ... luv a lion ... walking on sunshine ... " We live for each other ' . miss you seniors of ' 87. W 111, Rose Thompson, Vice-President ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Denise Howard Ft,,,„u i9 Valerie Adams 7; n -7 (7 " ,. 7-7 H b Joan Johnson Not Pictured: Sharon Floyd, President; Beatrice Gentry, Secretary; Carolyn Stewart, Treasurer; Barbara Richardson, Sonya Varnell, Gwen Sims Lillian Griffin Victoria Jackson Alpha Kappa Alpha, oldest Greek letter organization for black college women, was founded at Howard University, Washington, D. C. in 1908. Its pur- pose is to cultivate and encourage high scholastic standards, to promote unity and friendship among college women and to be of service to all mankind. The Theta Psi chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha was the first black sorority founded at the University of Mississippi in 1974. Since its beginning, the women of the Theta Psi chapter have maintained a distinguished record of achievement. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA 4 Lillian Griffin, Beatrice Gentry, Sharon Floyd Gwen Sims, Denise Howard, Rose Thompson, Carolyn Stewart, Valerie Adams INCK■ TWV■11 CLAM 1.10.,04 004 0 41,011■1.10.-0 19 a lir KW, nt■Nt■ liniurriiitg 9 [1,. 71110.10 „-- 1 000 _ - 1.11116- Minirrott 1it Nu iLkta Tilapirr MOI GAMON Samantha Hopper, Bitsie Hillery Top pic: Lori Cleveland, Sylvia Jarrett, Jennifer O ' Neal. Bottom Pic: Jane Day, Angela Abraham. Karen Williamson, Santa, Wendy Agnew Alpha Omicron Pi was founded at Barnard College in 1897. Nu Beta chapter was chartered at Ole Miss in 1958. The sheaf of golden wheat and the jaqueminot rose symbolize the common bond among the members ofA 0 H. As a group, theA 0 H ' s reach out to help others through such activities as their annual -pancake breakfast whose proceeds are donated to arthritis research. Their members try to get involved in every facet of the university. They are represented on the Modeling Board, Rebel Recruiter, Ole Miss Ambassadors, Pike Calendar, Mississippian Staff, ODK, Morter Board, Annual Staff, ROTC sponsors, and many other campus activities. -=9110111■ Lori Doyle, Andrea Mobley ALPHA OMICKLN LA I I 30c,Cal 110,7. ,0,3,4•1 ,:389 Anv11•54m3a3 N3.431, • ItiV1•01 01.1. ' ,MI, va • P■00.11a, ainvO 080,,n0 A110,5 1+,41(71:11m JJ, Noanoo 3nv0 : ,Snai H9n1.4 U • Itililg!-.71,5,J11.11ti 1ipg.1,1[111111 II 1.1 rfthno inn) Nifty- I 40 EMU IP Buddy Ross, William Johns, and Hal Hallum Sam Berry and William Johns Dave Gordon, Jon Wolfe, Ronnie Solberg, Sam Berry, Micheal Head, Jennifer Whitkopf A T Q was founded at the Virginia Military Institute on September 11, 1865. Aside from being nationally ac- tive Delta Psi Chapter is very involved on the Ole Miss campus having members in such organizations as the Ole Miss Ambassadors, Lambda Sigma, Greek Century, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Beta Lambda, the Inter- fraternity Council, and the OLE MISS staff just to name a few. A T ,C2 ' s are also philopanthric having an annual blood drive, super kids fundraiser, and a can drive during Thanksgiving. 0 Gator Bash, the annual spring party, is one of the best on campus, gearing up after almost a month ' s preparation. AT ■ • ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ In MI le ■ ■ 1111 Mil 111 Lynda MacNaughton and Missy Gafford Cinny Johnson and Ross Stevens ALPHA TAU OMEGA Ross Stevens and Buddy Ross —1111111111. RICK GUHTH ...COT I ,HEL SHELOY STORY z 11SZTLAT SCOTT SIMMONS HEAL BOZEMAN RICHARD ALVAREZ .ANTE McGINN, SCOTT HARRISON SEED S DAVID ROBERT.a :Orta VIrta 11t BETA BETA CHAPTER Uniurr.sity TODD SCHERI4ER TIM BARTUSEK HOOVER BRTAN WALLACE LAN, r MICHA, TM= ■ Spring Formal on the riverboat. During the past year, the Beta Beta chapter of Beta Theta Pi has continued to succeed as well as grow in many areas. Socially, the Betas and their little sisters have been very active. With their winter formal being held in the mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, welcome relief from classes was provided on the ski slopes. Their 4th annual Ole Man River party was the highlight of the spring. The conversion of the backyard deck in- to a riverboat with a sandbagged pool around it and an afternoon crawfish boil were two contributions to the success of the party. The Betas continued their community involvement with their Christmas party for the North Mississippi Retardation Center. The chapter ' s relationship with the University administration was im- proved by inviting their teachers and top administrators to their annual Wild Game Supper at the Beta house. Beta Toga Party Bid Day 1986 Jamie McGinnis and Scotty Simmons at Casino Party. Trey Eubanks with date at Ole Man River MIA HETA Grafitti Swap Elizabeth Caldwell, Leslie Gordon CHI OMEGA --.1101111111111111■1111•11=1,.. tn NJ Mandy Holland, Mimi Holland Tau chapter of Chi Omega began an exciting year with an exceptional group of pledges running down the hill. They were quick to learn the mystical background of Chi Omega and the symbolisms of the carnation and owl and the colors of cardinal and straw. As each week passed, the pledges became better acquainted with Chi Omega traditions and standards so they could put their knowledge to use within and outside the chapter. Each week the pledges had an owl pal, a special Chi 0 sister, one of which would be a big sister. Swaps, fund raisers and elections are favorites of Chi O ' s and each member actively participates in various campus organizations. Chi O ' s are sisters who love and support each other. The bond of Chi Omega sisterhood runs deep and is an everlasting treasure to those who know what a joy it is to belong to such a special group of girls. I=4 MICHAEL M NULTY BEN SILIMAN JOE BURNS JEFF REYNOLDS ROBERT WOMAN TOM DICKEY SCOTT CXXI IC JOHNEAVES wat maw. JOHN PAYNE LOOM TERRY COLOTTA 1111440.117 ED ROBERT AINSWORTH .9011[ UMW.. SCOTT FRAY ■111111•1•I■ MICHAEL HARWELL KENNY HUGHES JOHN MILLS STEPHEN ARTINI LUTHER SNAVELY NICK OLANIPEAU TOM GARNER NEAL BEASLF-Y KEVIN ALLEN JONATHAN DINWIDDIE CHUCK HARDING BRIAN STALEY ROBERT NAMAOUR GREG WILSON LARRY MICHELS WIRTH LAWSON JAMES SMITE DAVID DMIMINE PATRICK FORD CHRIS BRYANT NEVM SREOMILL GUS EVERS LOUISE HUDDLESTON SAM RADOWICK KEN WILSANKS ■111111111■1111111111m■ RAYMOND EBY RICHARD KOENENN NEAL NEERY ■PP " ADMAN ROUNDS CHRIS WEATHERLY WALTER WILLIAMS PENDLETON TIM KAGAN JEFF JAYNES DENNIS COKER PALL TIMNIPSON MARX BOIE JIMMY BRUNO LOAM SIEGAL DENNIS BADACIEWSKL II TONY PRATHER HOWARD ROBERTSON WILL NIXON JURY WHITE ALAN MILLIS ERIC SPEARS PETER PHILLIPS Founded on the Ole Miss campus in 1858, Chi Psi Fraternity is a leader in all areas of campus life. Chi Psi Fraternity was the first to emphasize the fraternal and social principles of brotherhood. The " Program for Excellence " " is designed to encourage Chi Psi undergraduates to work hard to achieve ex- cellence in academics, campus and community activities, athletics, and all other aspects of college life. Locally Chi Psi stresses the same excellence. Chi Psi ' s have held many important positions on the Ole Miss Campus. Recently Chi Psi ' s have been Student Body President, Director of University Relations, Chairman of the Ole Miss Ambassadors, President of the Student Alumni Council, Campus Senators and m any other positions. The Chi Psi Social Calendar and Little Sister Program are some of the best on campus. A proud tradition once set now a legacy proudly upheld is Chi Psi Fraternity. Jody Champlin, James Nelson Bid Day CHI PSI i 01(1551954p fir LiI y.■1,111111n 2111 go fit P. 1,1 La I1,11 ii TRI-DELTA ... sisterhood ... homecoming queens ... campus scholars ... .elections .. fraternity sweethearts ... favorites ... excitement . .intramural champions ... homecoming maids ... feature twirlers . . .Pike calendar girls ... senators ... cheerleaders ... ambassadors ....laughing . rebelettes campus leaders ... concert singers .. .Miss University participants and finalists ... friendships ... derby day queens ... parade of beauties ... tennis pros ... LOVE ... and so much more. Tri-Delta . three times the fun! A Christy Seargant, Stacey Mills, Cissie Poole, Laura Anderson, Allison Taylor, Lea Deaterly ..101‘ Lisa Ulmer, Tay Cossar, Kala Duckworth, Ivy McPherson, Anne Love Cossar, Katherine Burnett Tri Delta Bid Day Leigh Aaron and Lisa Decell Laurie Hector and Laura Ann Smith DELTA DELTA DELTA GO )))14, r t. tatuutT 124.PEI H " ' r 11,)901‘.- ,,hud .1°11 ' 11- ' " ' 11 " " ' ,1 MUIL LIU y 1)14lit fyor ,woujrn., jaGprit, . 1 ' L 1 i))),j Alarnr., ,0 " j )1)))1P.L. umar- Cuur,-) hum- 111)1.1- )))1T- )1)11 ,1111)11) »,ft t),3 .P.r• 0 ' 9 " 1 Iwurc, ' P,15 nt, WOW lint 17Aur 411111,))1)t LI 1qt a i1,01011111t IMOC ppQL Poutf) 11111■1)))ft )1,11,:r 114 t 0 our ■■■■w),I) Howt■,) tH61-9R6T pitilooloomi Jo filloaanlurE JJ ' 61.mIL I( ' mooft fi) 111, A )1 { : ' ) ))1 L 111)),_ 0r fi,o,„K; fAllp.Ja , ,obokt ' 6P .l: CHAO pljal upod 04011 .0,r, PJ.,0,11 " Y p.r,:of.)1)))),I))11-) ) 1j) 111 1111100 11.1.1uro 11,W14)) ofmon,i 4,111•14)))1(1 11■11.10 ))) ) 1)1,1t1.0 ),..1))11.1 DELTA GAMMA ru Alpha Psi elta Gamma is a special chapter, because it was founded at Ole Miss in 1873. r colors are bronze, pink and blue, and our flower is the cream colored rose. Our symbol is the golden anchor and a Raggedy Ann, named Han- nah, which represents the ideal Delta Gamma. DeeGee ' s are always ready to have fun. We have swaps with many different fraternities and enjoy two formals a year. Along with fun activities, scholarship is a big part of Delta Gamma. DeeGee ' s strive for scholastic excellence and are found in every campus organization. From Rebel Recruiters to fraternity little sisters, beauties to homecoming maids, campus leaders to Carrier scholars, Delta Gamma has it all. Tiffany Villager, Christy Cole, Lisa Sepponi • Top pic: Derby Day. Bottom pic: DeeGee ' s get ready for rush. Hally Gremillion, Angie Davis DORAN BUGG JIMMY CUNT ON SERF ' , CAD RD MR ORDOW ‘11111111111111;111111 di RAI 11.. ANDY LUSTER H - KEITH BYRAM MARK CROGHAJ HANK HUFFMAN JIM SIEGFREID CHRIS BAB TOMMY CHILDS DOUGLAS GROCYA i (filavtrr of iOall BILL NES SILTS THOMAS lititurrtiitg 11 ,OHER7 f - W W4LmEa ANDY WALDEN JERRE WARM ill 117 I ,LF KNO:t WIL SON PARRY 3: ' PUMAS Delta Psi is a unique fraternity established on the Ole Miss campus in 1855, having originated from the old Ivy League fraternities. Other chapters are located along the Eastern seaboard from Columbia and Yale to U.V.A. and Chapel Hill. St. A ' s are small both nationally and locally by choice. Delta Psi ' s are the only fraternity on campus which maintains the high degree of secrecy once found in all fraternities. Through our size and internal structure we are able to have a close feeling of brotherhood and loyalty among our brothers. As in all good social organizations, there is a place for fun. Here again, St. A ' s are not beat. St Anthony hall has seen some of the best parties on campus including the annual Saints and Angels Ball and the Christmas Party. Christmas Party Alan Walden, John Biggs, Randy Liester _____Imm=mmt DELTA L ' S1 Top pic: Kelly King and date. Bottom Pic: James Hunger enjoys the party. ( , —4 Jessica Watkins, Treasurer Caroline Fells, Secretary LT = Shyrell Benton, President Charlotte Martin, First Vice President • . . • . Nadene Dunlap, Second Vice-President Charlsy Wise Rosie Thomas Ronda Gooden Delta Sigma Theta ' s enjoy their rush skit. A I 0 ' s take time out to pose for a party pic. MA H A Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. was founded on January 15, 1913, at Howard University in Washington, D.C., by 22 outstanding college women. Her purpose at founding was " to establish and maintain a high stan- dard of morality and scholarship among women. " The Ole Miss chapter of Delta Sigma Theta is the Lambda Sigma Chapter. This chapter was chartered in 1974. Our annual activities consist of a Thanksgiving Dinner for the elderly, Girl Scouts visits, Little Miss Delta Sigma Theta pageant, and Adopt-A-Friend Program at the North Mississippi Retardation Center. Presently, there are over 750 chapters of Delta Sigma Theta, and we have over 125,000 members. The of- ficial colors of this sorority are crimson and cream. Lena Horne, Natalie Cole, Leontyne Pric kki Giovanni, Barbera Jordan, Shirley Chisolm, and Leslie Uggams are a few of the many famous Deltas .1.=..M11■11111 nib 1 Kappa Alpha ®rirr 11107 1 lititurtfittg of filiggiBgippi A IP ep • 1IN ilia a tAti jc Dw.10 9MT. TWOS. ■ 1,34. Kappa Alpha Order was founded at Washington College on December , 1865. Later, in January of 1900, Alpha Upsilon Chapter was established at the University of Mississippi. During 1986-1987 the K A ' s of Ole Miss demonstrated their progressive attitude toward life while possessing a feeling of pride and accomplishment. The men of K A are involved in every aspect of life at Ole Miss, claiming memberships in such honoraries and organizations as Lambda Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Beta Alpha Psi, Omicron Delta Kap- pa and Order of Omega. K A athletics, both varsity and intramural, as well as its much talked about social pro- gram, show still another facet of the versatility and excellence of portrayed by this fine chapter. Academical- ly, socially, politically and athletically it is easy to see that the K A ' s at Ole Miss aim for the ultimate and achieve it. Bid Day 1986 Top: Rose Ball in Destin, Florida KAPPA ALPHA ,ff " 410 . Kappa Alpha Psi was founded January 5, 1911 at Indiana University. The chapter at Ole April 15, 1983. The basic purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi is achievement in every field of endeavor. Mis s was founded Members in picture on opposite page: Front (1-r): Ben Moris, Treasurer, Derek Honre, President, Everette Flakes, Back: Rod Claborne, Chris Osgood, Perry Lust, Wayne Leake, Ricky anderson, Victor Stewart. Ricky Anderson, Chris Osgood Nupes and Sweethearts socializing in the Union. KAPPA ALPHA PSI k IMP I V O co co X " co 0 0 iKappa A1p4a -0.70.rta of 1 ' V AM= A- - –=■■■ KAPPA ALPHA THETA Wendy Tucker, Ardith Morrison, Jill Morrison Laurie, Mary, Ann, Dana. Sassa, Jennifer, and Camille Gay Kappa Alpha Theta, being founded January 24, 1870, at Asbury University, has grown to be the largest in- ternational sorority. In 1979 the Epsilon Zeta chapter was established at Ole Miss, where Theta ' s are recogniz- ed by the kites they wear. With the symbolic colors of black and gold, and pansy as the flower, Theta ' s hold a special togetherness. Becoming a Theta means fun times, lifetime sisters and working to maintain a high standard of scholarship. Thetas are visible all over campus as leaders, cheerleaders, Rebelettes, Homecoming Queens, beauties, favorites, Rebel Recruiters, fraternity little sisters, and sweethearts, too! It just ain ' t a swap without the Gop . Ditto . . . Grub bug ... TNT . . . Pedro fan club ... We love out houseboys . Ah, Puddin ' . Aerobics in the living room ... Lemon pledge .. Who stole my bunnies? .. Pansy Pranksters .. Kim Drummond, Kathy Staley, Holly Horton 14011211r Emily Freemyer, Caroline Madden Holly Holden, Debbie Schwartz Oi The Kappa Delta sorority was founded in Farmville, Virginia in 1897, and established at Ole Miss on January 15, 1927. Since that time, the Alpha Mu chapter of Kappa Delta has been involved in all aspects of campus life. Aof This past year the KD ' s have been the recipients of several awards and honors. Lori Stockstill was chosen as a Taylor Medalist in Engineering, and as a member of the Modeling Board. Tara Magee, a junior from Nat- chez, was elected as president of Panhellenic. Shelley Peaderson was chosen as president of Rebel Recruiters and selected as M Club Sweetheart. Elizabeth Prince was also chosen as ASB secretary. Laura Dyer, Jennifer Bethshares Jenny Dalton, Leah Taupeka li Kelley Flick, Cami Berry, Christine Cimon Stephanie Feltus and friend Cami Berry, Mitzi Mullins KAPPA DELTA 264 -- Greeks Whether she ' s Miss University, editor of the " Ole Miss " annual, ASB Vice President, a homecoming maid, a fraternity sweetheart, or a campus favorite, a Kappa is always present in Ole Miss activities! For three of the past four years we have brought home the Sigma Chi Derby Day trophy! We ' re also involved in many service and philanthropy projects. Each year we join with the Sigma Nu fraternity and raise thousands of dollars for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Last year we threw a " Philanthrophy Bash " for the Humane Society with Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. Kappa ' s take great pride in their traditions and high values, and we continue to strive for excellence under our symbols of the fleurde-lis, the golden key and the wise old owl. A Kappa is proud to wear our colors of dark blue and light blue because with them comes love, friendship, and a special sisterhood that only a Kappa Kappa Gamma can know. Amy Levenson and Stacy Saed Stacy Saed, Courtney McVean, and Tracey Washington Laura Boughton and Carol Lynn Tolson, Nike Moore, Maggie Moore, Stacy Smith and Kathy Fouts, Chrissy Erlicher, Robin Reid, Paula Switzer, and Sara Beth Baldwin Paula Switzer, Jennifer Cole, Marianna Pineda, Ellen Dean, Stacy Saed, Adina Maisel, Margaret Bair, Tracey Washington, and Melissa Quest Shay Burdette and Laurie McCall KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA JAL COL{ MIKE DOWNING ILI !ME DAVID rorr JOE PHILLIPS MICHAEL BARLOW REISENIAN SCOTT ARCHER TOMMY sOUCH REESE HILLARD CHRIETOPNER SCHULLY T422,?,`.; I H C Nu pint Iglu a DELTA XI CHAPTER RANSOM CRENSHAW KEITH ()AVG KENNETH JOHNuTON 198.6 Eniorr5ity of flii551.stiittin WORN 14STI. [TEN NOSS AL FRET LANASA WILLIAM AVANT RIOT SOMERS JOHN HODGE ELLIS SALLOLHA ER5 TIM OALLAGNEL EDWARD FRANCIS HARRY BRAMMCLL JOHN ROWELL NEILL Mc KENNETH HOOD CHARLES BYRD JEFF LLOYD CALVIN MASTERSON JIM SNYDER KARL NELSON ANDREW WILLIAM, ON DI KT WALKER YARBROUGN " " VE.T112,V " HARRY JOHNSON RODNEY PONDER SAM ECOTT TREY WALTMAN PHILIF HAGF ON PATRICK BRUM CELL ODNEY SEA SIM MOSBY ANDREW SCHATZLE PATRICK NOLAN EMIL ELLIS MATTHEW HARRIS TRICE HUFFORD BRENT LARSON DODD DAVIS 1937 HARRY CHAPMAN BREN KINTBROUGH TRIP LOBRANO KEITH LARSON BRYAN NASH (WORSE ALEXANDER KAPPA SIGMA Kappa Sigmas are involved in virtually every aspect of the Ole Miss campus. Kappa Sigmas have a strong standing on the ASB Senate. We are also represented on the ASB Cabinet, Student Programming Board, Vice-President of ODK, President of the IFC, and Lambda Sigma. Other activities include Delta Sigma Pi, Greek Century and Chancellor ' s Standing Committee. We also have Taylor Medalists and Carrier Scholars. Our annual South Sea Island Party in April has been chosen by Playboy three consecutive years among the Top Ten Parties in the Nation. We also sponsor the Special Olympics and a fund raiser for St. Jude Hospital. Kappa Sigmas pose at the Toga Swap • Kappa Sigs and guests gather for a party pic. Jimbo, isn ' t one enough? Bourbon Street Bash , . 4.4 • _ 4_,.... kr. lli k iv .4 i 4, it ilik4 14 i 4 _ 1 • _ , e .013i.5 xTry SteAvi SI.. t , f-, i At I fa A liwilatillIFE . It ri of . 2R ..., •t., 11111 li I 6 SOO A 4 4 i ,, fir i 631dVI-ID . risItiT Vnc11%, IcIdiSSISSIN rilaa , NA 11.. i t . . de i tf .10.. AD,. AV, MO.M. 11005 or,- , . ■ v 1 , A wdalli ' cie ' Lno 4 .iliNtir srulv.r.sW „v.:, ,. NOVV,..7 1.0.5 3VdcIV OVOJOV. 317.03. SONO., 1V14 .10.V.• 1:..ihk, op t ) 4 • : 4 --- .. - -- 41 A -,- 0 .0e " WM 11.2 AIM ' S , 01•14,1 A V. YD. JA3( INA, OAVVI NVIVAIOIA V401 a Tion N. .. , 5.3.,• .,11. NO , ...Ah - 4. 4 .--. a, -- - __ cl) A 0 Ivy League Bill Morgan, Patrick Johnson, Alan Kimbrell On December 26, 1848, at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, six college men founded a brotherhood called Phi Delta Theta based on friendship, sound le arning, and moral rectitude. Since those days, Phi Delta Theta has grown into an organization claiming approximately 200 chapters. Although the men of Mississippi Alpha are proud of the heritage of their national fraternity, we are even more proud of our own accomplishments. Established on June 9, 1877,4) A 0 has been an integral part of many aspects of campus life. In 1986, we were awarded the Harvard Trophy, the award given by our national office recognizing the A 0 chapter in the nation. We are not content to settle for second-best, but we constantly strive to strengthen and better our standard of excellence. Through our efforts and diligence, we will continue to make Mississippi Alpha one of the best. Fred Sandifer, Verne Ferguson, Frank Terracina PHI DELTA THETA ■ 13■HDIVI 21371.5 1118 ,..3ne1V13 113, Ititt15517.51}}-i JET VW, 5.3,V,0 L1 v1A-d044 a 3iuVH I ddiSS,SE.,.. riittryi ' 7,A1Sfst, ' nr it 0 Swap with Alpha Delta Pi Bid Day Rowdiness PHI KAPPA PSI 41,111111W W Phi Kappa Psi, organized at Jefferson College in 1852, chartered the Mississippi Alpha chapter in 1857. With members participating in the Order of Omega, Ambassadors, and SPB, the Phi Psi ' s have contributed to all facets of college life. During the past year, the Phi Psi ' s participated in a variety of academic, athletic, and social events, in- cluding several successful swaps, cook outs and football weekend parties. February was a busy month with the celebration of Founders Day, as well as traveling to New Orleans for the annual Winter Formal. With spr- ing came the annual theme party, NO REGARD, and the first annual Phi Psi Softball Tournament. The Phi Psi ' s have built a strong chapter dedicated to their motto: " United by friendship, sustained by honor and led by truth, we live and flourish. " Phi Psi has a number one pledge class. John Lowther welcomes new pledges Bid Day Brotherhood z1114F1111111111,,, I MI SEAM LUCAS MTN COLE CLAY TAYLOR wu.u. IRJETCHLR 0613 FOX 011:1S. COLL. RAFOR W.KR S 114i Kappa Oat ' DELTA GAMMA CHAPTER 198.6 1067 C rtaiS Iniurrsitg Ississippi MARLIN WOIMPL MS RAULSTOR FRILLIR S% - .101013TYMAIT MRS MAX MARCOS •USTII.N. OIRISTOMIXR MRU .16.1 MIRUISOR 0MnTOwMw VAIXIMAX WO AXIIMICTRY JORATIAR LEE ROGERS ROOM ' MO. MIRE SIEVE TERRI inDOEAS JE=.2.14.IINS GRAHAM STRIOSAPIO .LAM R[ RAM NUALSCALRO MORE SZUWALSXI MARTY 1...niER FAA. 1.1.1.E. WILLY!. ROVIIM III•111111R14. owaven. Ron. me. ALTON KELLEY KEITH MIL{ DONALD CLSIRMAIIR GUALEL GEIRRARO PHI KAPPA Ray Erwin, Fred Caffey Phi Tau ' s party at Pat O ' s in New Orleans. .kei.11111164.: Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity was founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio 06. in 1968, the Delta ma Chapter was established at Ole Miss. Members of Phi Kappa Tau are active in such honoraries and organizations as Campus Senate, Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi and ASB positions. Phi Tau ' s are active in all phases of fraternity sports including football, basketball, waterpolo, and swimming. With their great sense of pride and many accomplishments, the men of Phi Kappa Tau have achieved a prominent position at Ole Miss. They have a grand heritage, an impressive present, and a future which pro- mises to be outstanding. pio ix AilAa TIrthi Ettiorniity of 111 It, Wer .01■7 wOrrA " ..11. a Since being founded in 1852 at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, Phi Mu has become one of the strongest fraternal organizations for young women in America. The Alpha Delta chapter here at Ole Miss is proud to have members involved in various campus activities, such as student government, intramural sports, fraternity little sisters, as well as areas of academic excellence. Phi Mu ' s are always on the move. During the fall semester we are busy with sorority rush, Big Sis-Lil Sis week, Homecoming and campus elections. Spring is also an exciting time around the Phi Mu house with events like initiation, Derby Day, Bermuda Boat Bash, and our annual 10-mile walkathon. The Alpha Delta chapter of Phi Mu symbolizes friendship and sisterhood at its best! Ginny Donald, Betsy England Big Sis-Lil Sis Allison Hart, Jennifer Hollowell NO,•1•01 MOO NO, • ••••••111..••0104 00 litigaattont •00O • I Wm Mfg tell 9661 nIagi Tina Tomlinson, Holly Harris Pi Beta Phi was founded at Monmouth College on April 28, 1867, for the scholastic advancement of college women. The Mississippi Beta chapter was chartered at Ole Miss in 1962. Our colors are wine and silver blue, our flower is the wine carnation, and our symbols are the angel and the arrow. As soon as a girl becomes a Pi Phi, she steps into a world of sincere friendships, loyal ties, and true sisterhood. Pi Phi ' s participate in a variety of activities on the Ole Miss campus. Our members participate in organizations such as Ole Miss Ambassadors, Student Alumni Council, College Republicans, Association of Women Students, cheerleaders, Rebel Recruiters, Rebelettes, the Daily Mississippian, and various honoraries. Some longtime Pi Phi traditions include Fall and Spring Formals, Arrange-a-Date, Big Sis-Lil Sis, King of Hearts, Senior Farewell, Favorite Professor Dinner, and Founder ' s Day. IF Kathy Brady, Sharon Courtney, Jill Foster, Renee Taylor, Amy Segatto, Elizabeth Bradley Tracy Caperton, Ann Davis, Jeanne Alvarez `, ■•■ ' tt• r + 4 VI .. , ft 81 • N, 10.: ' 4. yr -1:, - • •• 71. fr.. , V. Pf 0 t1( . l ' - • l . 7.-...-., -,e- 1 - , • . • . NiJN -1,- 11 410. ifr:41 ,.N.11 v ..., ....... . , -..„., N ' ' _.... ..._ - , 0 I rr ...„.... ..... .. I ,..,„,„. Ve 411 ...... li ; f If illt , ,,.i V 1 • , Zji , Alv4a • . 10 1 , i Ily I ( . , 19 litcA: . 117 . a :51, I . I I V liniurniity tif iiiititiiii!Appi ... V IPS ma 1 ‘ii. .,.... ,... 1 t 1 3, , . .,.. , 1 ,, , rv• •,. ... ... V41 ' t Uflf t i Fiii fl ! IS _ • _ 111 ill 1 . . .. . ' : ■ . , .,,, 10 ,.,.. Aa iire fr .,.. ; f ■ 3 ,. .. .........,....,,.........,.. I John Sumner, Bob Buckley, Bailey Braswell Pikes and Chi O ' s enjoy St. Patrick ' s Day swap. Bid Day 1986 Cas Heath poses with date at Halloween Party. Each year Pikes are involved in a wide variety of activities. The past four years Pikes have raised money for the Mississippi Memorial Burn Center by sponsoring the Pike-Bike-Hike, a bicycle from Oxford to Jackson on the weekend of the Stste game. Our efforts have netted over $10,000 for the center. Each February Pikes and their dates relax during Charles Sumner Weekend, a three day bash hailed as one of the 25 Best College Parties in the nation by Campus Voice magazine. Early in March the past two years, Pikes have been proclaimed champions of the University Bowl, a full-contact football game to raise money for the Cam- paign for Ole Miss. In addition to these special events, there are are many other activities on the Pi Kappa Alpha calender, such as swaps and our annual Christmas Party. PI KAP ALPHA MIME IMMO IN 1111111■111• MOM THOMAS HAYES GABBY JCPINSON MARKHAm PARKUNE CHARLES WEST JOHN SCHULTZ WARREN BALL BAKER CUMINOIMd CRAIG FOY JONATHAN STOLTZ EARLE GEORGE HAND ER CHARLES SMITH DAN TOMLIN BLANE� SELLER MAURY LANE BILL BARFIELD PHILLIPS BRECKINIDNIE EN WILLIAMS MYAR SELLA. MISSISSIPPI GAMMA LAWSON OA GRAMMA:4 KIMBROVM TAYLOR lgaz KELLY PEW 0. LARS TOMMY SCGIAPER DOUGLAS GAY MARK SAM.. RICK ..ICAINS. MARIAM OHN ABIWITON RODNEY MADDEN ANDY .CIDEwS SAMUEL FIELD LLIAPIS GAMY McDANIEL ROBMT YARBROUGH BO ALLEN GREG PRICE DOUG ATKINS. JOHN wAPTE R. J LEE DERBY WILL JAMES MICHAEL MA Ittiturrtitt!I filititiifoiippi DAVID S DAVID LIEU% JOSH GRAM. BARRY MuCULLAPI P. WALKER LASITER CANTER STSWMIT RICHARD S BEN DANIEL WESLEY GRACE BRETT BLANTON NORMAN COAI1LS PAUL SCHI. PASDERICK BARRIER TED ATKINSON SHAWN MpOONALD ROBERT BASS CHRIS WAILER PAUL MARCHAND TIENGAS GLASGOW JAMES TO RED LONG.. ALLEY ILALLAJAD DAVID NELDNIAN APPAL, O. CLARKE RICHARD SPEED JOHN TAYLOR LANUS A GTO SILA LA Nc ILL GOWAN JCPIN J. - 4111•11•EPIL- a Pledges on the lion Sigma Alpha Epsil s founded in 1856 at the University of Alabama. Our chapter, Mississippi Gamma, was founded in 1866 by illiam C. Marshall. The strong tradition of leadership and campus involvement still reigns at Mississippi Gamma. Our annual MS fund raiser and our raffle for the Northeast Mississippi Retarda- tion Center only scratch the surface as examples of our community involvement. Sigma Alpha Epsilon social functions seem to speak for themselves. Swaps, the annual Christmas Party and Paddy Murphy have been longtime campus favorites.E A E is tradition of the past, and a vision for the future. We are often imitated but never duplicated .. . Top pic: Tree Trimming Party. Bottom pic: Sam Field, Will James, Silas Lawrence. Paddy Murphy SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON iluitirniiip of LIME WILL ..15 010■17 +E., • • .7.;:g. -41111Th Latin Swap Sigma Chi Fraternity was founded at the University of Miami in 1855. The Eta Chapter was established at Ole Miss in 1857, and was the first chapter of Sigma Chi in the South. The Sigma Chi ' s have always believed that friendship among men of different temperments, talents, and convictions is the strongest type of brotherhood. The diversity of its members separates X from other fraternities. E X is proud to have as members student body officers, IFC officers, religious organization leaders, in- tramural All-stars, varsity athletes, cheerleaders, and government organizations members. Despite all of the activities X ' s are involved in, they still have an active social life. Every year they hold Groundhog as well as Derby Day which raises money for the National Kidney Association. 4 Let ' s Play Doctor Larry Peeples, Greg Roy, Jay Toups, Mitch Buse Dan Jordan, Robert Jackson H. F. Mason, Michael McFall SIGMA CHI i , ...,.., 4 1 - . ., . ......,.........,.... ..,, ..... t • i 4.. • v 411 et • 4; 3 A , . it , . I t -k .,i. t f , UD 41. . ,, IUI , ' 1 t 4 s3,1Z6:71,ci ,,,...... . ,..,..„...., 1. • , ,,.. II1 ■ 1,.....,,,„ W VI , saernMaob ja lii!51,mliiit si • ,IIK , 1 IX NrrlISdA ' ' . " 1 " 7= 4 11, limn i ti 1 I so,.. 3 • ■ k , ' ; ' , ' " Y stl g 4 k 4 ::7;;; ' ;,..,,., ' .: ;:::-.. ' Of ,::::...7731Zor t• 4.;Z. ' ' ;, ' .,: ,. g; aZiolioT:I., ik 0 , , . .. ... . . .. ummir, -ow w Ji -2:••■•1111111111•111M.- Bill Boyd, David Walker SIGMA NU Hurricane Swap Ken Roberts, Laura Ann Smith The Epsilon Xi chapter of Sigma Nu was founded in 1927. Since then Sigma Nu ' s have proven themselves to be campus leaders in academics as well as in athletics, proving we are a diverse group as well as a strong one. Our members are involved in ODK, the Order of Omega, Lambda Sigma and student government just to name a few. As Sigma Nu ' s, we are very proud of our involvement on campus. These activities give Sigma Nu a well- earned place of distinction; keeping the tradition alive and the setting the groundwork for a bright Sigma Nu future. MARK EDWARDS PATRICK MASLANKA JOHN MULKEY VICE PRESIDENT PRESIDENT SEC START ROBERT TROUT SERDEANT-AT-ARMS LEO LAZARUS TREASURER CHARLES GORDON HERALD GALEN SMITH ERIC DREWES SOCIAL CHAIRMAN igitta 1986 RANDY COBB JOHN JERNIGAN STEPHEN LEWIS MICHAEL WHITE TIMOTHY SMITH DAVID NEEL JOHN DILDY TODD CRAWFORD DON SIMMONS ALAJIANI ADVISOR HEATHER ALLISON SWEETHEART JOHN DODD CHAPTER CONSULTANT TODD CROWELL SIDNEY YARBROUGH KEVIN SUS ILI I I CHUCK WCULLOUCH SEGARS LAWTON BARNES STEPHEN RICHARDS 11 KEFF COUCH WARD JACKSON JR JAMES WILEY STEPHEN O ' CONNOR TIM BARNES RALPH FERRO JOHN MOORE PATRICK OLEARY The 1985-86 school year was a great year for Sigma Pi. It was the first year in our new house, the former Delta Kappa Epsilon house. After a sweltering rush week, we boasted of 20 new pledges. Throughout the year, our chapter participated in the usual swaps, cook-outs, parties, intramurals, and formals as most Greeks do. Overall the 1985-1986 school year was a turning point for Sigma Pi and has set the stage for 1986-1987. In the future, we plan to remodel our house by adding a front porch with columns and by improving our kitchen facilities. 111111._ 1011■11111=1■111■Me- Bid Day 1986 Top pic: Big Bro-Lil Bro. Bottom pic: Crowell and friend SUMA 171 =IMC=7.0. r ROW Y (l-r): Jeffrey Smink (Controller), Todd Sandahl (President), T. Holland McKinnie (VP), Dirk Hobbs (Secretary); ROW 2: Bruce Johnson, Mark White, Dave Christian, Jeff Sarver, Ben Lee, Jeff Roberts, Will Coleman, Jeffrey Pad- dock, Aaron Barrick, Scott Cathey; Not Pictured: Stephen Hawkins, Keith Hill, Jeremy Pierce, Robert Pickle. Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity was founded in Richmond Virginia in 1901 at what is now the University of Richmond. It was expanded to a national fraternity October of 1902 and has grown to be the largest national fraternity in the U.S. Sigma Phi Epsilon is the second largest fraternity in number of chapters. With over 14,000 members in 240 chapters Sig Ep ' s purpose is to maintain an environment conducive to personal growth, friendship and self-fulfillment, and to foster in its members a lasting and positive attitude toward the fraternity by supplementing an individual ' s education with the richness of group experience and shared ideals as embodied inpur Ritual. Jeffrey Paddock, Jeff Brandli Presidential point of orde r Sig Ep Regional Rep, Jeff Brandli et 290 — Greeks -� 292 — Greeks 294 «iviron 11.--:4 ' t ' Lotro) j ' rfia-aR 295 Goofus gets so durnk he has to have his date hold him up. Gallant usually gets sick before he gets drunk. AT) Goofus bounces checks all over town. Gallant never bounces checks except to the Bursar, and only if he has to. 296 NAME: Andrea " I ' LL take a drink any time I damn well please " Steineker AGE: 21 HEIGHT: 5 ' 7 " WEIGHT: 140 lbs. WANTED FOR: Taking a drink while listening to Brother Jim ' s Sermon. NAME: Patrick " Whatcha doing tonight " Richards AGE: 20 HEIGHT: 6 ' WEIGHT: 160 lbs WANTED FOR: Taking unfair advantage of his female party guests. NAME: Richard " Lee surrendered I didn ' t " Whitley AGE: 18 HEIGHT: 5 ' 10 " WEIGHT: 160 lbs. WANTED FOR: Possession of a controlled flag with intent to distribute. These suspects should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. If you have any information con- cerning their whereabouts please contact Police Chief Mike Stewart, University Police Department, 298 University, MS 38677. And why after it burned to the ground University of Mississippi Associated Student Body President Nancy Horton was kidnapped by a Bigfoot monster while attending a library computer seminar in the Pacific Northwest. Miss Chancellor glum speech; then crowd by Horton was attending the seminar with ASB Senator Clifton Van Cleave to determine whether or not com- puters are a capital improvement. Also accompanying Horton on the trip was ASB Attorney General Jay Westfaul. Horton was abducted while atten- ding a conference entitled " How to Spend the Egg Money on Beer. " Hor- ton was about to exit the meeting and head to the beer store when tire eight- foot Bigfoot monster attacked her, causing near panic in the crowded convention hall. Police and the National Guard were called out in the effort to track Bigfoot monster to his mountain lair but were unsuccessful. Several weeks later officers said they believed the whole affair was an elaborate hoax perpetrated by so- meone dressed as Bigfoot. This allegation came after a party of mountain climbers found a Bigfoot costume located in a cave 20 miles from the convention site. Authorities found no trace of Horton, but did find a billfold belonging to Margaret Moore, also a student body official at the University of Mississippi inside the costume. Authorities are still searching for either Horton or Moore, and a substantial reward is offered for in- formation leading to their wherea bouts. How to weight or the famous beer and potato chip diet 299 What started out as a sophomoric prank sent dozens of Ole Miss coeds to the infirmary and almost resulted in two deaths. Wayne Wexler, a junior marketing major from Scuba, thought he was being real funny when he released a bag full of vicious biting crabs in Martin Hall. The joker ' s idea of fun turned into a nightmare for hundreds of girls who were chased from room to room by the giant crustations. Loud screams could be heard as the crabs grabbed the girls with their giant pinchers. The University of Mississippi police department was unable to handle the crisis. At Chancellor Gerald Turner ' s re- quest Gov. Bill Allian sent in the National Guard, but they were unable to bring the situation under control. Residents, who were forced to continue living in the dangerous dorms by university regula- tions found some u nusual ways to combat the danger. Residents and male visitors wore helments to keep the crabs from crushing their skulls. A solution was discovered by accident when a scared coed sprayed an attacking crab with Lysol. The crab keeled over on the spot, and the dorm was soon cleared of the pesky shelled creatures. As for the not-so-bright prankster, he has been put in a cage in the Martin Hall lobby along with, you guessed it, a bunch of crabs. Vicious biting crabs were so bad in Martin Hall that residents and visitors had to wear helments to protect themselves! STORIES SHINE NSID E IN TilE Foods that make you super-sexy ii Ancien t stones have magic power to cure illness l Entire town wants Creatures from Mar; invade Ole Miss tiding skateboards How to be a parasite on society If it seems like everybody is get- the like. " ting money from the campus Another senator, Ronn Pierce, senate but you, maybe you should agreed. " Cut off your legs, poke take some tips from Campus out an eye, or do whatever is senators. necessary to put yourself in a Former senator Pam Kloha says minority, " he said the important thing is to set Both senators agreed these yourself off from the rest of the drastic measures were necessary. campus. " Dye yourself and some " We don ' t give money to ordinary friends green and you should have people on this campus, " said no trouble getting all the money Pierce. you want for dinners, concerts and THE MIRACLES MILLIONS HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED You can be among the people who have already received millions through the Miracles of Saint Gerry ' s Medalions. There are published reports from many people who have received cash, in addition to the millions of people from all over the world who have received the gifts of the Miracles of Saint Gerry. These gifts have included cash, health, hap- piness, love, faith and graduation. And they have been received by students of all faith, young and old, from all walks of life — med students, law students, business students, perpetual students. People just like you! Please rush me a set of Saint Gerry ' s Medalions. Enclosed is my contribution to The Campaign for Ole Miss. Please send me my medalions today so miracles of cash, health, love, faith and gradua- tion can start happening to me. THE MIRACLES BEGIN AS SOON AS YOU ORDER YOUR SAINT GERRY MEDALIONS Your personal miracles can begin as soon as you order your own Saint Gerry ' s Medalions. After you ' ve returned the coupon, start thinking of what you really want to make your life complete — to regain health?to obtain money?to find love?to graduate? We have heard of people who paid off ma- jor debts and bought things they only dreamed of ever owning. They tell of miracles of the heart, miracles of health, miracles of finance, and even miracles of graduation. The opportunity to join their ranks is all yours. Just fill out the coupon below with a check to the Campaign for Ole Miss and your miracles can begin happening today! Secfon ilEdko CheTyin] !etz T. Leong During his four years at Ole Miss, Hal, a Business and Journalism major, has participated in a wide range of ac- tivities. Presently, Hal is an Associate Director and the Special Events Director of the Student Programming Board. He has also served as chairman for the Dixie Week Committee and the Parade of Beauties Committee. Hal has also been very active on the OLE MISS Annual Stiff as the Assistant Editor in 1986 and the Features Editor for 1987. Hal is the Head Varsity Cheerleader this year and has been a cheerleader for four years. Other campus activities in- clude: Editor 1985, 1986 IFC Rushbooks, Fraternity Pledge Trainer, Ole Miss Ambassador, and Summer Orientation Leader. A Phi Delta Theta from Nashville, Tennessee, Hal is also a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Greek Cen- tury, and the Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. 304 — Honors Leslie Gordon is Miss Ole Miss for 1987. A Chi Omega from Tupelo, Mississippi, Leslie is a Fashion and Merchan- dising major. She is the President and former Rush Chairman of her sorority. Leslie has served on the Senior Class Executive Board, the Greek Relations Committee, the AWS Publicity Committee, and the Chancellor ' s Standing Committee for Partners Program. Leslie has been a campus Favorite, a campus beauty, and she is the Sweetheart of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. She is also a member of Rho Lambda and served as a Summer School Orientation leader. 306 — Honors f Double-majoring in English and Political Science, Nancy Horton, from Shreveport, Louisiana, has contributed much to the Ole Miss campus. She is currently the Associated Student Body President and has held many other of- fices such as the Director of Campus Affairs, Senator of the University Honor ' s Program, and President of Lambda Sigma. Nancy is a member of Delta Gamma Sorority and has served as Vice-President, House Manager, and Panhellenic Delegate. She has been honored with the titles of Mortar Board ' s " Most Outstanding Sophomore " and AWS " Most Outstanding Female of the Junior Class. " Her other activities include Ole Miss Ambassador, Omicron Delta Kappa, Rho Lambda, Rebel Recruiter ' s, and the Mississippi Governmental Affairs Committee. She is also a member of Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities. Jordan, an economics major from Charlottesville, Virginia is a member of Sigma Chi Fraternity. A member of Who ' s Who Among Amer ican Colleges and Universities, Dan is President of the Greek Century and the Vice-President of I FC. He has also served in a variety of other positions such as Vice-President of Pi Sigma Epsilon, ASB Director of University Relations, and the Assistant Director of the Parade of Beauties. Also active in his fraternity, Jordan has served as judicial chairman, rush chairman, and alumni chairman of Sigma Chi. During the summer, Dan organized student participation in pre-college and served as the moderator for the Parent Student Panel. Other activities in- clude the Prelaw Society, Mississippi Governmental Affairs Committee, Ole Miss Ambassadors, Mortar Board, Elec- tions Committee, and the Chancellor ' s Partners Program. Lambert, a journalism major from Hazlehurst, has contributed much to the Daily Mississippian, by working as news editor and editorial editor. This year she held the position of Editor of the Daily Mississippian, the only daily college newspaper in the state. Malissa was also the drum major for the " Pride of the South " marching band for two years. A member of Women in Communications, Lambert is also on the Student Publications Committee, and a member of Sigma Delta Chi and Tau Beta Sigma. Malissa has also received the honor of Outstanding Sophomore Freshman Photojournalist and is a member of Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities. ' 4 r Joe Phillips has held a variety of leadership positions at Ole Miss. He is presently serving as the Interfraternity Council President. A member of many honoraries, Phillips has also been Vice President of Omicron Delta Kappa and Lambda Sigma. This Kappa Sigma has also served his fraternity as its president, rush chairman and scholarship chairman. His other activities include Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, Greek Century, and Ole Miss Am- bassadors. Phillips has also served on the Mississippi Governmental Affairs Committee, and he is a member of the Chancellor ' s Standing Committee for Student Financial aid. A member of the Who ' s Who Among American Col- leges and Universities and Outstanding Greeks of America, Phillips is a biology major from Canton. Honors — 309 Lee Thigpen, a general business major from Jackson, Mississippi, is the 1987 Ole Miss Colonel Rebel. As Johnny Reb for two years, Lee has contributed much to the spirit of the Ole Miss Students. Thigpen was Runner up for the National Mascot Championship, and he was chosen the Southeastern Conference Mascot of the Year for the 1985-1986 school year. Lee was also chosen National Mascot Fundraiser Champion for his efforts in juvenile diabetes. A Phi Delta Theta, Thigpen has served on the Chancellor ' s Standing Committee and on various Student Programming Board committees. Also active in music, Lee has sung in the Men ' s Glee club and the University choir. 310 — Honors o David Walker is an accounting major from Paducah, Kentucky. He is presently serving as president of Omicron Delta Kappa and treasurer of the Greek Century. A member of many honoraries, Walker is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Mortar Board, Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Phi Eta Sigma. David is also active with the Associated Student Body, serving on the Cabinet as the Director of Information Management and the Computer Services chairman. He is the Financial Director for the Student Programming Board and is a former Junior Varsity Cheerleader. David is a member of Sigma Nu Fraternity. Honors — 311 JOHN BIGGS OLE MISS Sports Editor Delta Psi Fraternity Officer Mortar Board Greek Century Golden Key Alpha Lambda Delta Omicron Delta Kappa Sigma Tau Delta JERRI BRADLEY Sigma Alpha Iota Vice President Alpha Lambda Delta Concert Singers Female Concert Singer of the Year Singer and Acconpanist " The Connection " University Pianist of the Year JOHN BURNS Phi Eta Sigma Vice President Co-Chm. Greek-Independent Relations Comm. ASB Elections Supervisory Council Delta Psi Fraternity Officer The Financiers Club Omicron Delta Epsilon Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board PAUL BERRY Engineering Student Body President " Ole Miss Engineer " Editor Chairman of University Relations Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ESB Treasurer University Ambassador JEFF ALMAND Mortar Board President Alpha Lambda President Beta Beta Beta President ODK Treasurer Secretary Greek Century ASB Cabinet Director of University Development Student Services Academic Affairs STACEY BRACEY Black Student Union Vice President BSU Secretary BSU Drama Club Treasurer NAACP Secretary Society of Black Engineers Secretary Resident Advisor Chancellor ' s Committee on Black Student Concerns ELIZABETH CALDWELL Chi Omega Vice President President Society of Physics Students Sigma Pi Sigma Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Rho Lambda Phi Kappa Phi Alpha Lambda Treasurer JEFFREY CALLAWAY Phi Mu Alpha President Kappa kappa Psi Vice President Drum Major Ole Miss marching Band Statue of Liberty All-American Marching Band, Summer 1986 Ole Miss Jazz Band Ole Miss Trombone choir Kappa Delta Pi HAL CATO Head Varsity Cheerleader Asst. Editor 1986 Ole Miss SPB Special Events Director Dixie Week Committee Chairman Editor IFC Rushbook 1985,1986 Parade of Beauties Comm. Chm. Assoc. Director Student Programming Board SHANNON DECELL Delta Delta Delta President Fraternity Little sister Secretary Gamma Beta Phi Phi Kappa Phi Dixie Week Committee Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Phi Eta Sigma JOHN CLEVELAND Engineering Student Body Treasurer American Society of Civil Engineers Treasurer Chi Epsilon Mu Alpha Theta Who ' s Who Among American Junior Colleges JERRY DELOACH Alpha Phi Alpha President Pledge Trainer Black Law Student Assoc. Treasurer ASB Judicial Council 1984 Order of Omega Outstanding Young Men of America Pre-Law Society JAMES GERALD Chairman of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Honors Program Senator ESB Honor Council Mortar Board ASB Academic Affairs Committee Taylor Medalist ,■111111■1■16- - 1 - DEWEY GARNER Fraternity Executive Council IFC Rush Counselor Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board Alpha Epsilon Delta Ole Miss Varsity Tennis Team Sigma Nu Fraternity KYLE GORDON Ole Miss Baseball Team All-SEC 1984-1985 Academic All-SEC 1984-1986 Academic All-American Team 1985 Most Valuable Player 1985 Sigma Chi Rush Chairman secretary M-Club RALLY GREMILLION Senior Class Secretary Treasurer Delta Gamma Vice President Ole Miss Campus Favorite B e Fl Little Sister of the Year ASB Executive Assistant Cabinet Member Executive Secretary B erl Little Sister President GINGER GUYNES Student Social Work Assoc. Vice-President Chi Omega Sorority Fl K A Little Sisters Historian Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board Senior Class Executive Comm. Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Alpha Lambda Delta JAMES GORDON Beta Alpha Psi Vice President National Assoc. of Accountants Delta Sigma Pi Vice President Order of DeMolay Phi Theta Kappa Baptist Student Union 314 — Honors LeLLL•th TERESA HAYMAN Kappa Epsilon Chaplain Phi Kappa Phi Rho Chi Track Academic All SEC 1986 Basketball Academic All SEC 1985,86 Lady Rebel Scholar Athlete of the Year Lady Rebel M-Club Rebel 3.00 Club • LYNN HOBBS Beta Gamma Sigma President Chi Omega Panhellenic Rep. Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister Vice-Pres. Mortar Board Pi Kappa Alpha Sweetheart Financier ' s Club Phi Kappa Phi Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Phi Beta Lambda State President Delta Sigma Pi Vice President Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Golden Key Who ' s Who in Mississippi Phi Beta Lambda Who ' s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges MARY ANN HESS CLAY HAYS JR , • Student Alumni Council President •o. Phi Delta Theta Treasurer Gamma Beta Phi Treasurer " " t Irs• SPB Homecoming Chairman Greek Century Golden Key Society Mortar Board GINGER HILL Delta Gamma President Mortar Board Rho Lambda - ■ Lambda Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta The Financier ' s Club Gamma Beta Phi Golden Key • v--- ' r- 1 1 DEREK HORNE Polemarch of Kappa Alpha Psi Vice President of M-Club Vice President of IFC -- . Captain of Basketball Team Academic All SEC 1986 C.M. Tad Smith Award • • Ho nors — 315 (IPILLat NANCY HORTON ASB President Director of Campus Affairs University Honor ' s Program Senator Sigma Tau Delta Secretary Lambda Sigma President Delta Gamma Vice President Mortar Board Rho Lambda Omicron Delta Kappa JEFF HUBACEK Gamma Beta Phi American Chemical Society Kappa Kappa Psi Parliamentarian Fraternity Officer Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Golden Key ROBERT JACKSON Senior Class President Sigma Chi Vice President Mortar Board Greek Century Elections Committee Mississippi Governmental Affairs Comm. Model Pledge Campus Crusades JANE KERSH OLE MISS Classes Editor Alpha Delta Pi President Alpha Lambda Delta Lambda Sigma Rho Lambda Alpha Epsilon Delta Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Alpha Delta Pi Treasurer DAN JORDAN Greek Century President Pi Sigma Epsilon Vice President IFC Vice President ASB Cabinet ASB-SPB Liason Director University Relations Pre Law Society Mortar Board Asst. Dir. of Parade of Beauties KYLE KETCHUM NROTC Helm Representative Semper Fidelis Club Treas. Semper Fidelis Vice President Drill Team Squad Leader NROTC Recruiting Officer NROTC Executive Officer Golden Key Phi Eta Sigma PHYLLIS KEYS Black Student Union President Zeta Phi Beta President Society of Black Engineers BSU Vice President Honors Program Alpha Lambda Delta Tau Beta Pi Chancellor ' s Honor Roll ' EMUbilk LADYE LOVE LONG Miss University Dr. of Parade of Beauties BSU Masterlife Group Concert Singers " The Connection " Delta Psi Omega Dixie Week Talent Contest Winner Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority I MALISSA LAMBERT DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN Editor News Editor Editorial Editor The Pride of the South — Marching Band Drum Major Sigma Delta Chi Tau Beta Sigma Student Publications Committee Ole Miss Symphonic Band LEAH LORENDO Health Care Admin. Student , Assoc. Vice President American Society of .7 Professional and Executive Women National Assoc. of Female Exc . National Comm. on Educational Technology Phi Kappa Phi 1 Rho Chi Pharmacy Honorary _._.. SUSAN MCGEE Chi Omega Treasurer Alpha Lambda Delta Officer Beta Gamma Sigma Honorary ASB Dixie Week Committee Phi Kappa Phi ■ Mortar Board Phi Delta Theta Sweetheart Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Hoy ors — 317 DOLLY MAH Kappa Epsilon Historian The Ole Miss Pharmacist Honor Council Rho Chi Honorary Gamma Beta Phi Phi Kappa Phi Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Mississippi Society of Hospital Pharmacists r) TARA MCGEE President of Panhellenic Kappa Delta Membership Chm. Beta Alpha Psi Mortar Board Rho Lambda The Financier ' s Club Phi Kappa Phi Beta Gamma Sigma MARGARET MOORE ASB Vice President President of Campus Senate Senate Pro-Tempore Deputy Attorney General ASB Cabinet and Sub-Cabinet ASB Committee Chairman Mortar Board Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority JOE PHILLIPS IFC President Omicron Delta Kappa Vice President Lambda Sigma Vice President Kappa Sigma Fraternity President Kappa Sigma Rush Chairman Mortar Board Greek Century Honors Program LINA OWENS Corinth Teacher ' s Assoc. Sec Treas. Layfayette Teacher ' s Assoc. Secretary National Education Assoc. Mississippi Education Assoc. Associated Graduate Student Body Representative Kappa Delta Pi Phi Delta Kappa JEFF NOBLIN President M-Club ASB Judicial Committee Senior Class Committee Team Captain of Football Team Academic All SEC 1985-86 Alpha Epsilon Delta Golden Key Academic All American 1986 JULIA ELIZABETH POOLE A A A Social Chairman AWS Vice President AWS Secretary Phi Kappa Phi ASB Spirit Committee ASB Greek Independent Relations Comm. AWS Executive Council Mortar Board 318 — Honors -. i 1211LLLL L ' t ' L-Lbit6t JOHN SOWELL ASB Director of School Spirit Kappa Sigma Secretary IFC Rush Book Editor Mortar Board Historian DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN Sports Editor Omicron Delta Kappa Greek Century Sigma Tau Delta Treasurer ALICIA SANDERS Golden Key Delta Gamma Sorority Phi Kappa Phi Omicron De lta Kappa Gamma Beta Phi University Marching Band Mississippian ' s Jazz Band Chancellor ' s Sholar GREG PORTERA Phi Delta Theta President Rush Chairman Greek Century Social Chairman Senior Class Executive Council Beta Beta Beta Dixie Week Committee Elections Commission KENNETH RAY AGSB President Chm Board of Traffic Appeals ASB Director of University Relations Ole Miss Ambassadors Chm. Vice Pres. American Chemical Society ASB Cabinet Alpha Epsilon Delta Beta Beta Beta MICHAEL ROSE ASB Director of Academic Affairs Gamm Beta Phi Secretary Beta Theta Pi Scholarship Chm. Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Carrier Scholar Alpha Epsilon Delta AMY SHORT Delta Delta Delta Treasurer Model Pledge AWS Treasurer Lambda Sigma Treasurer Carrier Scholar Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board SUSAN SULLIVAN Alpha Delta Pi Sorority Society of Physics Students Rebel Recruiter Gamma Beta Phi Sigma Pi Sigma Pi Mu Epsilon Golden Key Phi Kappa Phi LEE TYNER Dir. Student Programming Board SPB Special Events Chairman Dir. ASB Book Exchange Phi Delta Theta Fraternity Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board RUF Greek Century ELIZABETH STEPHENS Delta Delta Delta Treasurer Committee of 100 Chairman Student Alumni Council Sec. Alpha Lambda Delta Vice President Phi Kappa Phi Chancellor ' s Scholar Sigma Tau Delta Golden Key WILLIAM THOMAS Delta Psi Secretary Lambda Sigma Greek Century Alpha Epsilon Delta Omicron Delta University Glee Club Phi Kappa Phi Baptist Student Union LOUISE TYSON Kappa Delta Philanthropy Chm. Committee of 100 Amnesty International Phi Kappa Phi Alpha Lambda Delta Honor ' s Program Carrier Scholar Beta Gamma Sigma DAVID WALKER Omicron Delta Kappa President Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board Greek Century Treasurer ASB Cabinet Dixie Week Committee Beta Alpha Psi Phi Eta Sigma rffLLGJVL Li 1LLLL GEORGE WALL American Chemical Society Treasurer Toastmasters International American Pharmaceutical Assoc. Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences Kappa Psi Rho Chi Honor Society New York Academy of Sciences AED Premedical Honor Society KARMAN WEATHERLY AWS Vice President AWS President UM Modeling Board Captain Delta Gamma Senior Programming Officer Dir. of UM Best Dressed Pageant Rho Lambda Pike Calander Girl 1986 Top 10 Best Dressed IV% A 11 LOU ANN WILKS Delta Delta Delta Pledge Trainer Rush Chairman Alpha Lambda Delta Lambda Sigma Mortar Board Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Chancellor ' s Honor Roll LAURA YORK President Student MS Assoc. of Educators Chi Omega Sorority Kappa Delta Pi Golden Key Gamma Beta Phi Student Alumni Council Fraternity Little Sister Intramural Football ROBERT WOODS Sigma Nu President Vice President Omicron Delta Kappa Beta Alpha Psi Sigma Tau Delta Sen ior Class Executive Board Greek Century Gamma Beta Phi ROBYN YOUNG Beta Alpha Psi Vice Presdient Alpha Delta Pi Sorority Treasurer National Assoc. of Accountants Gamma Beta Phi Treasurer Omicron Delta Kappa Rho Lambda Beta Gamma Sigma Phi Kappa Phi I:(LL mr MEI a.M1111161 aairallearatileMe at NMI MN Or ...IV MIN OW MO XIII. 41,1102•1a.sIlErtns ans ullaWarn :•••■•••• 01111161•1111•11 AIM Maw Mai lip 10111.01111 1111111•Nar MIAs AO PO AIM Mar air • ■•••••••1 • AIM norm sum • MOM MIN will NM MIMI, Wm Nada Mai alias O P meet Mao mow a Isaa MOW HAPIIIVA 11•111111.111••■ MINA 1411•11 14 SIMI Michael Akers William Allen Jon Anne Alston Barry Atkins Michael Barlow John Beard Robert Broom Anthony Scott Bunch Jeffrey Campbell Robert Clark Kevin Collins Angela Cook Jeffrey Coole Erin Corrigan Maurice Cummings Kenny Dickerson Sid Ewer William Gage William Galloway Jefferson Davis Tracey Gilmore James Gordon Lynn Hobbs Stephen House Susan Hyde Merlin Jones Kelli Kruchten Yvette Leblanc Ashley Lee Eric Lindstrom Robert Livingston Cindy Martin Melissa Martin Tara McGee Sack Quon Wanda Reaves Richard Redmont Amy Short Laura Smith Kay Summers Patricia Thomasson Steve Trask Terry Traylor Charlotte Underwood Jennifer Virden David Walker Adam Webster Denise West Thom Weller Michael White M. Todd Wilemon Ann Wolfe Robert Woods Amelia Wright Beta Alpha Psi is a national scholastic and professional accounting fraternity. Tthe primary objective of the fraternity is to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the field of accounting. This includes promoting the study and practice of ac- counting; providing opportunities for self-development and association among members and practicing accoun- tants, and encouraging a sense of ethical, social and public responsibility. Todd Wilemon President Tracey Gilmore Vice President James Gordon Vice President Homer Burkett Advisor Z11 1-Inrinrc LLALLCii embers: Theresa Alexander, Laurie Anchors, Chris Bolton, Robin Bounds, Bill Boyd, Chris Bradford, Stephanie Brantley, Stuart Brunson, Clinton Childs, Jason Christian, lames Clark, James Clinton, Connally Compretta, Marielle Crockett, Lori Dennis, Michael Dennis, Marsha Dickerson, Lara Dunaway, Magie Elliott, Kristie Echols, Kinlock Gill, Barrett Green, Ashley Grizzard, Kathryn Gulley, Linda Habeeb, George Hammitt, Holly Harris, Martin Harvey, Bryan Hawkins, Allyson Heflin, Leigh Hurdle, Becky Jones, Margaret Land, Scott Lasso, H.F. Mason, Margaret McGuire, Kelly McLaughlin, Michael McQuade, Marla Munn, Garner Newton, Allison Oakes, Tina Penick, Mary Phillips, Charles Pound, Ed Pounds, Carl Powell, Erik Richardson, Elizabeth Roberson, Kim Sams, Dennis Sanders, Steven 5peights, Brian Staley, Mary Swayze, Charles Thomas, Elizabeth Warren, Ernest Williams, Elizabeth Wyatt. - Lambda Sigma is a national sophomore honor society whose purpose is to foster leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and the spirit of service among freshmen and to serve and promote the interests of the university in every possible manner. All freshmen with a minimum grade point of 2.75 may apply for membership in . the Iota Chapter. Selection is made in the spring by a ' 0 committee composed of active society members and other campus leaders. Maggie Elliot President Charles Pound Vice President George Hammitt Treasure Stuart Brunson Rituals Chair Garner Newton Publicity Honors — 323 !ALI 1g ILL Phi Kappa Phi has one general meeting each semester and various meetings of the officers for conducting business. There is an initiation in the Fall, and an in- itiation in the Spring. Founded in 1897, the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi has as its primary objec- tive the recognition and encouragement of superior scholarship in all academic disciplines. The society believes that by recognizing and honoring those persons of good character, who have excelled in scholarship, that others will be stimulated to similar goals of excellence. Phi Kappa Phi taps no more than 10% of juniors, seniors, or graduates and is the highest academic honor obtainable at the University of Mississippi. Lee Bolen President Jolee Hussey Vice President Thomas Sharpe President Elect Carrie Henderson Secretary Russel Briner Treasurer Executive Committee Robert Beebe Carolyn Ellis Porter Fortune Student Honor Vice Presidents Deborah Cook David Deneka 324 — Honors BOBBIE G. DODD PATRICIA LYNN HOBBS JILL A. JONES ALLISON PHILLIPS SUSAN SULLIVAN Honors — 325 1A,LL LLtiL Tau Beta Pi, a national engineering honor society, was founded in 1885 to recognize students of superior scholarship and outstanding character in all fields of engineering. Since the establishment of the first chapter at Lehigh University, Tau Beta Pi has grown to 195 chapters located throughout the country. The Mississippi Beta Chapter was found- ed in 1969 and is one of two chapters in Mississippi. Membership is by in- vitation. A senior must be in the top fifth of his or her engineering class. A candidate must show exemplary character, personal integrity, breadth of interest both inside and outside engineering, adaptability and unselfish activity. Spencer Aldridge Shyrell Benton Grace Carman David Case Sean Duffy Steven Estock James Gerald Jeffrey Green Daniel Hoskins Phyllis Keys Jeffrey Knott Ng Fuk Kong Sean Lucas James Owen Soon T. Poh Chandra Prasad Thomas Riley James Thomas Robert Ward Elizabeth Hodges I r ( )(It Jeffrey Green President Chandra Prasad . Vice President Sean Lucas Rec. Secretary Shyrell Benton Corr. Secretary Ray Aldridge Treasurer James Thomas Cataloguer Damon Wall . . . Faculty Advisor Walker Abel Jeffrey Jesse Franks Lena McDaniel Stephen Thomas Theresa Alexander Todd Fullam Margaret McGuire Latricia Tisdale Melanie Austin Mary Gautier Laura McKinley Deborah Tollison Robin Bennett Kin Gill Kelly McLaughlin Mark Traylor Beth Bordelon Stacey Gillespie Michael McMahon Nguyen Tuan Robin Bounds Laura Gilliland Michael McQuade Joel Turk Casondra Bowen Frank Gray Michele Mooneyham Yee ling William Boyd Barrett Green Dorothy Moore Emily Wa gster William Boykin Ashley Grizzard Mary Moore Ronald Wallace Christopher Bradford Kathryn Gulley Vanessa Morgan Elizabeth Wallace Stephanie Brantley Leanne Habeeb John Moss Jerre Warren Clyde Brown Karen Kay Hall Janna Munn Lisa Weber Stuart Todd Brunson George Hammitt Theresa Murphy Richard Whitley Anthony Bryant Holly Harris Allison Oakes Ellen Whittle Melanie Buntyn Martin Harvey Beth Ogletree Ernest Williams Marsha Burks Massie Headley Suzanne Oliver Randy Woods Laura Burrell Kim Herring Anthony Owen Laura Wright Jennifer Bussey Rich Hill Dawn L. Parkhurst Elizabeth Wyatt Michael Butts Tracy Hines Tina Penick Ann Yager Julie Carnes Preston Huggins Robert Pitcock Lisa Yarborough Clinton Childs Lauren Hurdle Pepper Pounds Gretchen Zellers Jason Christian Mary Hurdle Carl Powell R. Ainsworth James Clinton Robert Hyde Virginia Prewitt Charles Pound Thomas Coleman William James Wiliam Newton Lewis Beard Vivian Collins Rebecca Jones Allyson Rattikin Pedro D ' Ascola Connally Compretta Catherina Kellerman Jerry Reed Kathleen Gaylor Henry Cook Kelly King Loretta Rivers Robert Higginbotham Karen Cooke Wern Koe Elizabeth Roberson Charles Hill Lucy Corrigan Margaret Lane Warren Kendrick Rogers Bonnie Howard Stephen Cumella Scott Lasso Mary Rush Jeff Johnson Camille Curry Kay Lawson Robert Russel Lisa Liberto Patricia Davis Sheri Lee Ellis Salloum Alan McCracken Kathan Dearman Lucy Lehmann Kimberly Sams Marla McLaughlin David Michael Dennis Sarah Lewis Amanda Shaw Missy McNemar Lori Dennis Julian Loden Kelli Simmons Michael Morton Linda DeVault Audra Love Alissa Smith Jeffrey Palmer Marsha Dickerson Linda Lucas Luther Snavely Ill Mark Razor Kala Duckworth Linda Lum Staven Speights Tonya Smith Lara Dunaway Beverly Elise Maaya Elizabeth Spiller Christy Street Stephen Edmonson John Marquez Jason Swaim Sia Sun Tara Edwards Wendy Massey Mary Margaret Swayze Steven Waldrup Celeste Farmer Melinda Mathews Chris Thomas Thomas Waller Karen Fisher Mary McCraine Alpha Lambda Delta is a national freshman honor society whose purpose is to encourage superior scholastic achievement among students in their first year in instutions of higher educa- tion, to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, and to assist women and men in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their roles in society. Membership at the University of Mississippi is open to freshmqn who meet the minimum scholastic require- ment. A student must attain a 3.5 GPA after his or her first semester or as a combined average of first and second semester. Garner Newton President Bill Boyd Vice President Pepper Pounds Treasurer Tina Penick Historian Honors — 327 LI4DIAL LCIJIWCL The function of Kappa Kappa Psi National Band Honorary Fraternity is to promote the cause of better music on the university campus. It does this by pro- viding as many services as possible for the university band and the community of Oxford. Primary among these services is an effort in conjunction with Tau Beta Sigma, Band Honorary Sorority, to raise money to be donated to the band. This money will be used to buy equipment for the band. Bobby Evans President Mark Davis Vice President Eric Chqey Treasurer John Re4ves Secretary Scott Enochs Historian MEMBERS:Allen Buffington, Jody Phillips, Chris Thomas, Brett Guin, Cory Heath, Keith Hill, Andy Pierce, Steve Bigelow, Jim Egger, Lloyd Heard, Santiago Chapa, Tracy Bishop, Davis Brown II, Jay Crisman, Scotty Tallant, Duke Hussey, Edwin McDaniel, Scott Barber, Micheal Blaine, David Knowlton, Kevin Herrera, Lance Tipert, Donnie Newman. V(iiL LULL11:1 Tau Beta Sigma, a National Honorary Sorority for bandswomen, was formed in 1947 to parallel Kappa Kappa Psi. Beta Tau, the Ole Miss Chapter, was rechartered in 1978 and has since been an asset to the University of Mississippi, " Pride of the South, " band program. C. Lynne Russell President Pam Crump Vice President Victoria Vogle Treasurer Mary McCombs Secretary Amy Thomason Sgt. at Arms Layne McGuire Social Chm. MEMBERS:Brecky Wilkinson, Melanie Malner, Sheree Garland, Carrie Feldhaus, Michelle Brown, Sandy Yarber, Jodie Peterson, Kathy Barrett, Dottie Parker, Barbara Fair- child, Dayna Vance, Nan Bailey, Debra Norton, Shannon Naron, Pam Kincaid, Tara Spears, Laura Boggan 328 — Honors Established originally as a national women ' s honor society, Mortar Board is now one of the highest senior honor groups for both men and women. Tassels, the local chapter has been an active part of Ole Miss campus since its founding in 1939. Mortar Board has a limit of thirty-five members. Selections are bas- ed on leadership, scholarship, service, and at least a 3.0 G PA. Mortar Board is a society that challenges the individual and the groups to provide thoughtful leadership to the campus and community, to create an environment of ef- fective communication and to move toward a meaningful goal. The society continues to support the improvement of the status of men and women. as- Jeff Almand . . . . President Eleanor Rooks Vice President Ginger Hill Secretary Paula Pearson .. Treasurer Beverly Ann Ray . . . Dir. of Communications John Sowell . . . . Historian Jennifer Shores Elections Chairperson MEMBERS: Jeff Almand, John Biggs, John Burns, Elizabeth Caldwell, Tracey Caperton, Robert DeSantis, William Gage, William Gallaway, Dewey Garner, James Gerald, Nally Gremillion, Ginger Guynes, Clay Hays, Ginger Hill, Lynn Hobbs, Nancy Horton, Jeff Hubacek, Robert Jackson, Dan Jordan, Julia Mayfield, Susan McGee, Tara McGee, Margaret Moore, Jeffrey Scott Newton, Paula Leigh Pearson, Joe Phillips, Julia Poole, Beverly Ray, Eleanor Rooks, Michael Rose, Jennifer Shores, Amy Short, John Sowell, David Walker, Lou Ann Wilks. Honors — 329 ObaLtiLL IDLL`C 330 — Honors 11M111111111111111111■1111■11111111- Jeff Almand Lou Johnson Lee Tyner Jake Gibbs John Barrett Dan Jordon David Walker William Gottshall Chandler Bataille Pam Kloha Kevin White Dr. Wallace Guess John Biggs Knott LouAnn Wilks Dr. Vaughn Grisham Virgil Bigham Eric Lindstrom Denise Wing Rufus Jones John Burns Mallyse McElwain Bobby Woods Dr. Robert Khayat Elizabeth Caldwell Kirk Mullins Laura York Dr. Morris Marx Hal Cato Leigh Pearson Robyn Young Dr. Edwin Meek Christy Cole Joe Phillips 0 A K-Faculty Dr. Tom Meredith Art Cox Perry Phillips Dr. Dale Abadie Dr. Franklin Moak Shannon DeCell Ron Pierce Dr. Guthrie Abbott Willie Morris Robert Desantis Cissie Poole Dr. Frank Anderson Carl Nabors Hamp Dye Greg Portera Dr. Gordon Beasley H.E. Peery John Eaves Tommy Rayburn Dr. Karl Brenkert Thomas Reardon Scott Galloway Robert Rhea Dr. Bela Chain Dr. Cabel Shull Bill Garner Richard Roberts Dr. William Champion Dr. Charles Taylor Kyle Gordon Mike Rose Dr. Rex Cottle Dr. Judy Trott Nally Gremillion Alicia Sanders Dr. James Davis Dr. Gerald Turner Scott Gunn John Sowell Mike Edmonds Dr. Gerald Walton Nancy Horton Elizabeth Stephens Dr. Robert Ellis Dr. Parham Williams Denise Howard Bill Thomas Dr. Thomas Ethridge Dr. Kenneth Wooten Jeff Hubacek LilviL, Hamp Overton Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership honor society which main- tains that representatives in all phases of college life should cooperate in wor- thwile endeavors, and that outstanding students, faculty, and administrators should meet on a basis of mutual in- terest, understanding, and helpfulness. Members are chosen for their leader- ship contributions and scholastic achievement. Five areas offer the criteria for the evaluation of prospective members: scholarship, athletics, social and student body activities, publica- tions, and the arts. David Walker President Joe Phillips Vice President Jeff Almand Treasurer Dr. Judy Trott Faculty Secretary Voting Faculty Dr. Donald Moak Dr. Frank Moak Mr. H. E. Peery Honors — 331 LaLC LL ' ILL41.1 Rho Lambda signifies " Panhellenic Leadership. " This organization seek to honor those sorority women who have ex- hibited the highest qualities of leadership and service to Panhellenic and their sorority. The purpose of this organization is to further the ideals and prin- ciples of the Panhellenic woman, and to establish and perpetuate the fraternity system on our campus. Officers: President Elizabeth Prince Vice President Ann Waldo Secretary Treasurer Laurie Hector Events Chm Amy Short Advisor Dr. Judith Trott Ficont (l-r): Amy Short, Karman Weatherly, Sara McLoud, Jane Kersh, Debbie Kramer; Back: Laurie Hector, Elizabeth Prince, Ann Waldo, Andrea Mobley, Tara McGee, Nancy Weichsel. Front (l-r): Lesleigh Gordon, Jennifer Shores, Sara McLoud, Elizabeth Caldwell; Back: Elizabeth Prince, Tara McGee, Nancy Weichsel, Ann Waldo. LULL, Llitb[Ci Phi Eta Sigma was founded for the sole purpose of encouraging high scholastic achievement among freshman students in in- stitutions of higher learning. The organization operates under the assumption that obtaining good grades early in one ' s college career serves as a strong incen- tive for a continued high level of academic performance in subse- quent years and thus benefits the student as well as the university community. In seeking to en- courage scholarship, the Ole Miss chapter of Phi Eta Sigma sponsors several activities design- ed to benefit the academic populations on campus. p Richard Whitley Officers: Tommy Childs, President; William Pillow, Vice President, Kelly Gulley, Treasurer; H.F. Mason, Secretary; John Burns, Senior Advisor; Dr. Frederick Laurenzo, Faculty Advisor. Theresa Alexander George Hammitt Kimberly Moore Regan Russell Charmaine Anderson Massie Headley Mary Moore Robert Russell Beth Bordelon Kimberly Herring Vanessa Morgan Kimberly Sams Casondra Bowen Tracy Hines Michael Morton Heidi Skinner Randy Bowie Mary Hurdle Theresa Murphy Alissa Smith William Boykin Robert Hyue Robert McArley Steven Speights Stephanie Brantley Erich James Mary McCraine Elizabeth Spiller Stuart Brunson Kelly King Kelly McLaughlin Jason Swain Melanie Buntyn Scott Lasso Michael McMahon Mary Swayze Clinton Childs Kay Lawson Michael McQuade Charles Thomas James Clinton Sheri Lee Paul Nelson Stephen Thomas Thomas Coleman Lucy Lehmann William Newton LaTricia Tisdale Karen Cooke Sarah Lewis Allison Oakes Mark Traylor Lucy Corrigan Julian Loden Rebecca Owens Emily Wagster Stephen Cumella Jim Long Dawn Parkhurst Alan Walden Linda DeVault Audra Love Tina Penick Elizabeth Warren Stephen Edmonson Linda Lucas Mary Phillips Jerre Warren Katherine Edwards Linda Lum William Pillow Lisa Weber Tara Edwards Beverly Maaya Charles Pound Richard Whitley Maggie Elliot John Marquez, Jr. Edward Pounds Ellen Whittle Bruce Gray H.F. Mason Virginia Prewitt Ernest Williams Barrett Green Wendy Massey Jerry Reed Laura Wright Ashley Grizzard Melinda Mathews Loretta Rivers Elizabeth Wyatt Kathryn Gulley Michele Mooneyham Beth Roberson Ann Yager Karen Hall Dorothy Moore Mary Rush Lisa Yarborough Honors — 333 oilier Beta Gamma Sigma is national scholastic honor society in the field of business and administra- tion.B r X chapters may be chartered only in those schools of business and accountancy ac- credited by the American Assembly of Col- legiate Schools of Business. The University of Mississippi Chapter of B was chartered in 1944. To be eligible for B X membership, students must rank in the top 5% of the junior class, the top 10% percent of the senior class, or in the top 20% of those students receiving master ' s degrees. The purposes of B X are to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment among students of business administration, to promote the advancement of education in the art and science of business, and to foster in- tegrity in the conduct of business operations. JonAnne Alston Leslie Ballard Michael Barlow Kathryn Breeland Mary Bryson Jeff Campbell Sudon Chang Jeff Coole Kim Coon William Galloway Tracey Gilmore Laurie Hector Lynn Hobbs Elise Kilpatrick Stephen Li Susan McGee Tara McGee Tara Phillips Cissie Poole Sack Quon Vance Simmons Laura Ann Smith Martha Stallworth William Taylor Carolyn Tyson Charlotte Underwood Jerry Vaughan Joseph Weller Michael Wilemon Ann Wolfe Kam Wong Lynn Hobbs President Stephen Li Vice President Faculty Advisor and Secretary Treas . . . E. Nolan Waller ' 114 — Hnnnrs LGLoci Lfit ' UCLab CLLLL LLLLLtY Golden Key, founded at Georgia State University on November 29, 1977, is a national non-profit academic honors organization dedicated to ex- cellence. The purpose of Golden Key is to recognize and en- courage scholastic achievement and excellence. The Society is in- terdisciplinary, and unites the talents of the very best undergraduate students. Outstanding faculty and universi- ty administrators are active in Golden Key at both the chapter and national levels. Golden Key is a vigorous organization com- mitted to the challenge of meeting the needs of scholastic achievers. Dr. George Everett Advisor Art Cox President Nancy Magee .... Vice President Maelyse McElwain Treasurer Rob Pearson Secretary Doran Bugg . Public Relations Richard Whitley William Adkins Deanna Davis David Holmes Kathleen Milford Crystal Tate Angela Allen Sara Dean Nella Hoots Margaret Moore Toni Thomas Harold Antwine Scott DeGroot Stephen House Stephen Morris Ginger Trammel Rex Banks Joseph Dehmer Stephen House Laura Murray Carolyn Tyson Michael Barlow David Deneka Marilyn Houston Jeff Newton Jerry Vaughan John Barrett Dana Dew Denise Howard Jeff Noblin Joanna Watson Kathrine Barrett Eugenia Dowdy Sharon Hudson Alicia Sanders Wells Watson Sallie Baunhauer Charlene Echols Ang Hwang Kim Sanders Robert Wesley Shyrell Benton Steven Estock Cassie Jacob Jennifer Shores Thomas West Elizabeth Bess James Evans John Jacobson Lee Smith Todd Williams John Biggs Delbert Farmer Brian Johnson Michele Smith Richard Wingo Carolyn Boltin Samuel Farrington Joseph Johnston Rebecca Smith Kam Wong Anna Brand Chuck Ferguson Patricia Keith Elizabeth Stephens Barbara Woodruff Patricia Brewer Robert Fitzgerald Cecilia Klotza Michael Znachko Wilson Parry Barry Broadhead Beatrice Gentry Susan Lee Charlotte Wyman Melanie Parsons Robert Broom James Gerald Tze Sen Lim Laura York Pamela Pearce Beverly Brown Jefferson Gilden Eric Lindstrom Grace Carman Paula Pearson Mary Bryson Jennifer Goodnight Julie Link William Compton Rebecca Sandefur Dolan Bugg Anthony Goretski Tammy Little James Egger Yeshodhan Pendharkar Alice Bullock Madelyn Gray Melinda Long Judy Gardner Wade Petty William Carson Hally Gremillion Mary Lowery Jeff Hubacek Robert Pickering Robert Chamberlin Robert Hadley Sean Lucas Kyle Ketchum Ruth Pojman Sudon Chang Imtiaz Halepota Sarah Lyons Jeff Knott Matt Porter Nancy Clinton Robert Harper Tara McGee Jeffrey Laseter Debra Pratt Amy Coates Clay Hays James Martin Evelyn Massey Paula Pruitt Lora Colburn Vanita Hazlewood Renee Martin John Rolfe Mary Rather Amy Collins Michael Herndon Robert Masoner Tammy Sims Mark Ray Edward Collins Angela Herrington Theresa Scott Perrin Smith Jamie Reed Martha Cook Lynda Herron Andrea McFarland Sharon South Robin Reid Russell Coon Mary Ann Hess Mark McFarland Marth Stallworth Stephanie Rogers Tamara Cox Dorothy Hill Jennifer McGehee William Struss Eleanor Rooks Brenda Craig Maria Holcomb Susan McKay Susan Sullivan Linda Rosado Mary Crosswhite Katherine Holland Joe McKewen Paula Switzer Randall Rowell Ann Davis Harry Holliday Sara McLeod Koon Tan Carl Davis Brooke McMillan Debra Tarkington Vicki Michael onors — The Gamma Beta Phi Society is a national honor and service organiza- tion. Its objectives are to recognize and encourage excellence in educa- tion, to promote the development of leadership ability and character in its members, and to foster, disseminate, and improve education through ap- propriate service projects. To be eligi- ble for membership, a student must have completed 12 hours of college work and have scholastic ranking of his class. Kevin Cory President Sally Strebeck Vice President Angela Booker Secretary Ade Denlow Treasurer Dale Jacobs Secretary Dr. William E. Smith Advisor Richard Whitley Lee Tyner Lou Tyson Jeff Underwood Dayne Vance Jay Vaughan Emily Wagster Tommy Waller Todd Ward William Webb Bob Wesley Scott Weston Ernie Williams Ginger Winstead Robert Wood Valorie Woods Amy Wright James Wright Elizabeth Wyatt Ali Zahedi Sarah Andre Thomas Brown Edward Harvey Missy Murphey Angela Akins Dawn Alexander Heather Allison Clara Arnold John Ates Susan Bailey Laura Barnes John Barrett Bo Bean Lewis Beard Louis Benton Bob Berry Robin Bounds Kandy Bowen Amanda Bowlin Chris Bradford Chris Bryant Marsha Burks Laura Burrell Chris Buskirk Jennifer Bussey Mallory Caldwell Dawn Calhoun Beverly Chamblin Jason Christian Eric Cimon Rob Clark Melissa Coggins Cathy Coghlan Christy Cole Debbie Cook David Coon Russell Coon John Cosby Yvonne Couevas Art Cox Scott Crawford Jim Cross Sheila Crowley Donna Dean Randy Douglass Ford Dye Maggie Elliot Jane Emmons Julie Fero Cecil Ford Shannon Fox Mori Freeze Eric Frohn Stacey Gatlin James Gerald Katie Gilchrist John Grafe Frank Gray Barrett Green Ashley Grizzard Tricia Guizerix Leanna Habeeb Amy Harper Matt Harris Tracey Harris Heather Hartmann Cory Heath Jay Heidel Laura Hensley Kim Herring Jane Hill Maria Holcolmb Susan Hoover Nancy Horton Danny Hoskins Denise Howard Jeff Hubacek Paul Huddleston Stephen Hudson Catherine Hughes Theresa Humphrey Robert Hyde Will James Vance James Jeff Johnson Janis Johnson Albert Jones Jill Jones Beth Kammeier Richard Kennedy Jane Kersh Phyllis Keys Laura Kinard Kelly King Pam Kloha Miki Kwan Ellen Lackey Mary Langenbacker Angela Lawyer Joel LeJeune Jeff Lester Kathy Lester Kathy Lewis Edward Lovelace Sean Lucas Andrea Lyall Angela Marascalo Sonya Mason Jonathon Massey Melinda Mathews Ricky Matkins Julia Mayfield Jeff McCaskill Maelyse McElwain Stephanie McGee Layne McGuire Ivy McPherson Dianne Meek Alan Millis Susan Mims Patty Mims Cynthia Mitchell Michele Mooneyham Jay Moore Beth Moore Stephen Morris Jill Morrison Janna Munn Theresa Murphy Barron Nason Kevina Null Allison Oakes Tony Owen Jeff Parker • Rob Pearson Jodie Peterson Joe Phillips Paula Phillips Robert Pitcock Ruth Pojman Matt Porter Subir Prasad Thomas Quinn Debra Ramos Lisa Ratcliff Beverly Ray Mark Ray Sally Renskers Tony Reynolds Joe Richardson Shonda Ricks Loretta Rivers Laura Roberts Paula Rodgers Linda Rogers Michael Rose Randy Rowell Sid Scott Michael Scribner Muffy Sewell Amanda Shaw Jennifer Shores Scott Shuford Wynn Shuford Kelli Simmons Jennifer Smith Michele Smith Rebecca Smith Stephenie Smith Timothy Starnes Elizabeth Stephens Melanie Stout Sally Strebeck Kathy Stroud Chris Tate Billy Taylor Revray Thompson Chady Tilghman Juan Trippe 336 — Honors Li; LLLLIIL DLLIfcii OFFICERS: Jonathan Massey, activities chairman;William Thomas, reporter;Stephen Hudson, historian; Chris T ate, treasurer; Robert Wesley, secretary; Robert DeSantis, vice-president;Jeff Parker, president. Alpha Epsilon Delta, led by Dr. Hugh Bateman, is an educational organization for the encouragement and recognition of scholastic ex- cellence among premedical students, the stimulation of an appreciation of the impor- tance of premedical educa- tion in the study of medicine, the promotion of cooperation and contacts between medical and premedical students and educators in developing an effective pro- gram of premedical educa- tion, and to use its knowledge for the benefit of health organizations, charities, and the community. Anne Aden Bryan Lantrip Tim Thompson Leslie Gray Paul Nelson Jeff Almand Jeff•Laseter Horace Tilghman Jeffery Green Jeff Noblin Harold Antwine Sanjay Madnani Edith Warren Leanne Habeeb Anthony Owen Nathan Baldwin James Martin Joanna Watson Karen Hall Elizabeth Parker Michael Barlow Evelyn Massey Robert Wesley George Hammitt Robert Pearson Elizabeth Caldwell Jonathan Massey Kenneth Whittington Scott Harrison Mary Phillips Tommy Childs Ricky Matkins Denise Wing Martin Harvey Mario Pineda Terry Colotta Mark McFarland William Adkins Clay Hays Robert Pitcock Art Cox Brooke McMillan John Atkins Terry Heindel Sam Rayburn James Cross Terry McMillan John Barrett James Herrington Erik Richardson Sheila Crowley Robin Nations Thomas Bates Chuck Hill Sam Rickman Sara Dean William Nester Melissa Beavers Richard Hill James Robbins John Demboski Jeff Parker Charles Beene Nancy Horton Paul Riser Robert DeSantis Leon Parks Robin Bennett Joy Huggins Laura Roberts Ginger Dickerson Wilson Parry John Biggs Josie Hughes Robert Russell Juliette Fero Joe Phillips Virgil Bigham Carol Ingraham Suzanne Sadler Leslie Fletcher Robert Pickering Donna Bowen Jeff Johnson Ellis Salloum Derry Garner Stephen Portera Clyde Brown Lisa Jones Kelli Simmons Kyle Gordon Chandra Prasad John Burns Kelly King Jennifer Smith Albert Habeeb Mark Purvis Clinton Childs Robert Laird Scott Smith William Haney Jeff Rapp Greg Dellinger Gary Lee Steven Speights Alison Horne Kenneth Ray Kim Collins Sheri Lee Kenneth Steiner Denise Howard Mike Robinson David Deneka Sarah Liddy John Stitt Jeff Hubacek Robin Robinson Lori Dennis Linda Livingston Jason Swaim Stephen Hudson Michael Rose Marsha Dickerson Julian Loden Anna Taylor Stephen Im Jennifer Shor David Elliott Joseph Love Jerry Vaughan James Jaggers Tammy Sims Andrew Fairley Julia Mayfield David Waddell Greg Kemp Rebecca Smith Scarlette Flanagan Robert McEwan Lisa Weber Jane Kersh Sarah Strebeck Phillip Garrett Cooper McIntosh Neville Wichman William King Susan Sullivan Karen Germany Steven Molpus Michael Williams Mikela Kwan Crystal Tate Valerie Gordon Kirk Mullins Turner Willis Mark Ladner William Thomas Robert Gramling Janna Munn Elizabeth Wyatt Honors — 337 diAI•L LLLVLIA, Dan Jordan President David Walker President Jeff Almand Vice President Marty Ferguson Secretary Greg Portera Social Chairman Scotty Scott Publicity Chairman Adam Webster Rituals Members: Stephen Howell, Richard Redmont, George Thomas, Richard Dent, Jim Cahill, John Howie, Lee Tyner, Robert Jackson, John Rolfe, Glen Garrett, Scott Gunn, Neal Burge, Kirk Mullins, Art Cox, Scott Galloway, Bobby Woods, Hamp Dye, Richard Roberts, Perry Phillips, Tim Wehby, Mike Crook, Hal Cato Clay Hayes, Scott Stricklin, John Stitt, Bob McEwen, Brooks Gray, Ed Love, Lee Bigham, Jim Burnett, Tommy Rayburn, Scott Degroot, Steve Mullins, Travis Vance, John Barrett, Ed Flemmons, Chris Tilton, Ricky Fava, Trey Ant- wine, Brian Clay, Carlos Escalante, Greg Kemp, Lee Parks, Phillips Holman, John Sumner, Bailey, Braswell, Brad Atkins, John Beard, Billy Brewer Greg Piner, Darryl Roberts, Trey Eubanks, John Burns, Bill Thomas, Chris Bailey, Jeff Hubacek, Jeff Knott, Doran Bugg, John Biggs, Robert Broom, David Basinger, Reid Fletcher, William Gage, Mario Pineda, Keith Pearson, James King, Charlie Law, Art Spratlin, Patrick McDowell, Russ Spengler, Joe Phillips, John Sowell, Clifton Van Cleave, Terry Colotta. April 10, 1986 was designated as Honors Day at the University of Mississippi. Classes were suspended for part of the day in order that the students could attend the Honors Day Program held in Fulton Chapel. The University of Mississippi Men ' s Glee Club served as the entertain- ment, and the guest speaker was Dr. Thomas K. McCraw, Professor at Har- vard Business School and an Ole Miss alum. The Taylor Medals and other awards were presented, including the Outstanding Teacher Award. Guthrie Abbott, former acting dean of the law school was pronounced by Chancellor Gerald Turner to be the outstanding teacher. Honors Day also recognized the 75th Reunion of Mississippian Editors and Staff. Richard Whitley ARM 10, 1986 0 YM MVUNTY OF i ' dDS,SNAPPI 338 — Honors FLLLCIALLL iLLL Dr. William T. Taylor of Booneville, Mississippi, in June, 1904, founded the Marcus Elvis Taylor Memorial at the University of Mississippi, " out of affection and regard for the memory of his son, the late Dr. Marcus Elvis Taylor, an honored alumnus of the University of the class of 1871, and out of benevolent regard and good will for the youth of the state and the interest and work of the University of Mississippi, and for the encouragement of meritorious scholarship and deportment. " This memorial fund provides scholarship medals to students nominated for outstanding scholarship in a particular field combined with superior work in all other subjects. The number awarded annually may not be more than one percent of the student body. Each medal has engraved on it the name of the nominating department. A faculty com- mittee recommends those students to be so recognized for " meritorious scholarhip and department " from those nominated by the participating division of the University. JOHNNY BROCK COMPUTER SCIENCE ANGELA DAWN COOK ACCOUNTANCY JACKIE DILLARD FERGUSON CURRICULUM INSTRUCTION CURTIS JUDD GABARDI ECONOMICS AND FINANCE JAMES GERALD ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING MARSHA DANELL JACKSON LIBERAL ARTS MELISSA ANN JONES PHARMACY PAUL EDWARD KARLSSON BUSINESS JAMES RIEVES McAULEY MELISSA MITCHELL PENNY MOCK JOY PITTS ROBERT RHEA MARGARET SCHOVE JENNIFER SHORES MARLIN SMITH MICHAEL SMITH LORI STOCKSTILL MELINDA WALLER JO VALENCIA WONG ADMINISTRATION BIOLOGY PHARMACY EDUCATION ACCOUNTANCY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL ENGINEERING PHYSICS ENGINEERING PHARMACY ACCOUNTANCY 5edrion E4 ' roro) efunler 0Ay w■■••-•-: • Richard Whitley 61511TIIDENT ,- PERMIT EXP. • psItf. " `. ape AL.. ....owl ' . TO LEFT r " " Christina Collier Overton liamp Overton 342 — Classes Sue Javorsky Nancy Magee Tuck Loong Nancy Magee Nancy Magee Tuck Loong Dan Jordan gives speech at pre-college. ABDULKADER, Muna, University. Lib.Art ABEDIVARNOSEFADERANI, Mohammad, Univ., Engr. ABRAHAM, Emily, Vicksburg ,Lib.Art,A F ABRAHAM, Naomi, Bala Cynwyd, PA, Bus.,A A 11 ADAIR, James, Columbus, ACCY. ADAMS, Christopher, Jackson. Bus.,K ADAMS, Joseph, Vardaman. Lib.Art ADKINS, Andrea. Brandon, Lib.Art,X AKERS, Susan, Meridian, Bus.,A A A AKINS, Angela, Walls, Lib. Art,11 B 4 ' ALLEN, Louis, Memphis, Bus., A E ANDERSON, Sherry, State Line, Bus. ANDRE ' , Sarah, Jackson, Lib.Art,Il B ' h ANTON, Clifford, Canton, Bus.,4 ' K T ARINDER, Stacey, Columbia, Bus. ATKINS, Henrico, Scarborough, Lib.Art ATKINSON, Theodore. Yazoo City, Bus.,£ A E AZAR, Evelyn, Greenville, Lib.Art,X BACCARDAX, Martn, Novia Scotia, Educ. BADACZEWSKI, Dennis, Marquette, MI, Lib.Art,X BAILEY, James, Jacksonville, FL, Lib.Art BAILEY, Nancy, Hattisburg, Lib.Art BAILEY, Susan. Biloxi, Lib.Art BAKER, Dallas, Oxford, Engr.,K A BALL, Angela, Dallas, TX, Lib.Art.K A BALL, R andy, Indianola, Educ. 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BROWN, Thomas, New Orleans, Lib.Art.4 ' A 0 BRUNO, James, Tula, Bus.,X BUCK, Richard, Gautier, Bus., N BUCKLEY, Theresa, Batesville, Lib.Art BULLOCK, Michelle. Laurel, Lib.Art.t M BURKHALTER, Christopher, Picayune, Lib.Art BURNETT, Kathryn, Oxford, Bus.,A A A BURNS, Mary, West Memphis, Bus.,43 M BUSH, Bradley, Clarksdale, Lib.Art BUSCH, Rebecca, Lafayette, LA. Lib.Art,K K BUTLER, Matthew, Harrison, AR, Lib.Art BYRD, Angela, Clinton, Lib.Art,A A II CADLE, Jennifer, Ripley, Lib.Art,K A CAGLE, David, Savannah, Tn, Engr. CAIN, Candice, Memphis, ACCY.,A A II CALHOUN, Natalie, Oxford, ACCY. CAMPBELL, George, Nashville, Lib.Art,I A E CANGELOS1, Stephen, New Orleans, Bus. CARDARELLA, Jennifer, Metairie, LA, Lib.Art,A 0 n CAROLL, Anne, Jackson, Educ.,X ft CARWILE, Nicole, Jackson, Bus.,K K CASSIN, Christina, Houston, Lib.Art,11 B CAUTHEN, Lisa, Forest, Lib.Art, ' P M CAVETT, Woods, Jackson, Lib.Art,K CHAIN, Laura, Hattiesburg, Bus.,A A A CHAMBERS, Robert, Ackerman, Bus. 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Jackson, Bus.,E ❑ EATON, Raenora, Hattiesburg, Lib.Art,A A II EDWARDS, Audrey, Monroe, LA, Lib.Art,X EDWARDS, Dawn, University, Lib.Art EDWARDS, Michael, Eupora, Bus..E N ELLIS, Susan, Monroe, LA, Lib.Art ERWIN, Andrea, Sardis, Lib.Art,Il B 4r ESCAMILLA, Laura, Badalona, Spain, Engr. ETZ, Blair, Germantown, TN, Bus., K T EUBANKS, Tara, Tunica, Lib.Art,A A A EVANS, Carolyn, French Camp, Lib.Art EVANS, Lois, Ruleville, ACCY.,X EWING, Andrea, Gulfport, Lib.Art,A 0H FAIRCHILD, Barbara, Collins, Lib.Art FALVEY, Bryan, El Campo, TX, Engr. FARESE, Mary, Ashland, ACCY.,X FARRISH, Christi, Coila, ACCY. FELDHAUS, Samuel, Oxford, Engr. FELSHER, Charles. Hattiesburg, Lib.Art,E N FELTON, Kelle, Dallas, Bus.,K A B FERGUSON, Gary, Jackson, Engr.,Z A E FERRIS, Anne, Laurel, Lib.Art,A A A FICKEL, Jason, Gunnison, CO, Lib.Art FIELDS, Laura, Metairie, LA, Bus.,K A 0 FLEMISTER, Matthew, Alanta, Bus.,E A E FLOWERS, Ginger, Jackson, Lib.Art FOSTER, Kimberly, Marshall, TX, Educ. 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GANTI, Avinash, Philadelphia, Lib.Art GARDNER, Casey, Aberdeen, Lib.Art GARRETT, Vienna, VA, Lib.Art,A A II GASTON, John, Madison, Bus.,I N GATLIN, Stacey, Columbus, Lib.Art,A F GEORGE, Stephanie, Tunica, Lib.Art GERMANDO, Charles, Germantown, T GETTYS, Lowrence, Metairie, LA, Bus..K A GOFF, Jason, Blytheville, AR, LibArt,4 K T GOODMAN, Courtney, Germantown, ACCY.,4 ' M GRACE, James, Memphis, Lib.ArLE A E GRADY, Joseph, Ridgeland, Engr. GRAVES, Carol, Jackson, Bus.,A r GRAY, Kevin, Natchez, Engr.,4K T GREENBERG, Kimberly, Metairie, LA, Lib.Art,K A GREENWELL, Amy, Waverly, KY, Lib.Art GRIZZARD, Melissa, Cleveland, ACCY.A GROGAN, Patrick, Madison, Bus. GUIZERIX, Patricia, Picayune, Lib.Art GUNNER, Brad, Tupelo, Bus. GURLEY, Vicki, Rienzi, Lib.Art GUYTON, Janet, Tupelo, Bus.,A 1-• HABEEB, Samuel, Vicksburg, Lib.Art HACHEM, Hassan, University, Engr. HADAD, Laurin, Vicksbury, Educ. HALE, Cynthia, Oxford, Engr. HALE, Jennifer, Pontotoc, ACCY.,A 0I1 HALEY, Elaine, Shreveport. LA, Bus.,Il B HARDEE, Doak, Tomball, TX, Educ. HARDY, Sanford, Columbus, Lib.Art,B HARING, Terri, Ocean Springs, Bus. HARMON, Robin, Oxford, Bus. 1111;Iiii4 HARNESS, Lynn, Verona, Lib.Art,I1K A HARPER, Amy, Oxford, Lib.Art HARRIS, David, Long Beach, Lib.Art HARRIS, Elizabeth, Magee, Lib.Art,4 M HARRIS, Jay, Wynne, AR, Bus.,X HARRIS, Shawn, Lake, Engr. HARRISON, John, Memphis, ACCY.,I A E Melanie Buntyn HART, Christopher, Cleveland, Lib.Art HARTZOG, Rosalind, Jackson, Lib.Art HARVEY, Edward, Ocean Springs. Lib.Art HARWELL, Patrick, Brandon, Lib.Art HASSELTINE, Suzanne, Jackson, Lib.Art,A A A HASTINGS, Karen Michelle, Lambert, Lib.Art HAYDEN, Claire, Caruthersville, MO, Lib.Art,X HAVES, James, Brandon, ACCY. HAYES, Sheila, Jackson, ACCY.,A. A II HAYES, Tracy, Clarksdale, Lib.Art,X HEIDBREDER, Karen, Lincoln, IL, Bus. HEIDEL, James, Vicksburg, Lib.Art,E N HELDMAN, David, Nashville, Bus.,E A E HENSARLIPIG, Robynne, McComb, Lib.Art HERRING, Leigh, Bruce, Lib.Art HERRINGTON, Michael, Jackson, Bus. HERRON, Lacey, Batesville, M HICKS, Courtney, Racine, WI, Educ.,K A HILL, Anndra, Brooksville, ACCY.,A HINES, Reid, Milton, FL, Lib.Art HINTON, Brian, Dexter, MO, Lib.Art HILL, Elizabeth, Columbia, Lib.Art,A HODGE, David, Oxford, Bus. HOLDER, Melissa, Gulfport, Lib.Art,K A HOLLAND, Amanda, Tupelo, Lib.Art,X HOLLAND, Twyla, Holly Springs, Lib.Art HOLLOWAY, Judy, Jackson, Lib.Art HONTZAS, Stefanie, Jackson, M Students on their way to the library. HOOD, Rochelle, Tupelo, Educ.,K K HORAN, Brian, Vicksburg, Bus.,E A E HOWARD, Bonni, Waterloo, IL, Lib.Art,A A 11 HOWARD, Katrina, Clarksdale, Bus. HUBBARD, Larry, Arlington, TX, Lib.Art,K A HUCKA1Y, Jimmy, Water Valley, Engr. HUDSOI Amy, Oxford, Educ. HUDSON, Joseph, Jackson, Lib.Art HUGHES, Melody, Ponotoc, Educ. HUMPHREY, Theresa, Waterford, Engr. HUTCHINSON. Vincent, Hattiesburg, ACCY.,A HUX, Deborah, Vicksburg, Lib.Art HYDE, Valerie, Jackson, ACCY.,X ft HYER, Jerry, Hollandale, Llb.Art, I, K T INCE, Samuel, Barbados. Engr. INGRAM, Lee, Jackson, Bus.,K K ISONHOOD, Robert, Canton, Lib.Art,K A JACKSON, JIB, West Memphis, Educ.,A A II JACKSON, Robin, Rowlett, TX, Educ. JACKSON, William, Kenner, LA, Lib.Art,4, K T JAMES, Fred, New Orleans, Lib.Art JAMES, Sheila, Southaven, Lib.Art JARRELL, Philip, Fulton, Lib.Art JEANS, Chandranita, Holly Springs, ACCY. JENKINS, Hilary, Dallas, Lib.Art,A JENNINGS, Ivy, Derma, Lib.Art JOE, Amy, Greenwood, Lib.Art JOHNSON, Cathy, Brooksville, Bus. JOHNSON, Cornell, Tunica. ACCY.,X JOHNSON, Cynthia, New Orleans, Lib.Art,X JOHNSON, Fred, Jackson, Bus.,E A E JOHNSON, Kim, Montgomery. LA, Lib.Art JOHNSON, Lateasha, Taylorsville, Lib.Art JOHNSON, Patricia, Senatobia, Lib.Art,A 011 JOHNSON, Scott, Philadelphia, Bus. Melanie Buntyn JOHNSON, Tracey, Germantown, TN, Lib.Art,K K F JONES, Cami, Brawley, CA, Lib.Art JONES, Dorothy, Marks, Educ. JONES, Gregory, Brandon, ACCY. JONES, Jennifer, Jackson, Bus.,X St JONES, Martina, Corinth, Lib.Art JONES, Michael, Florence, SC, Lib.Art JONES, Trevor, Dallas, Lib.Art,K E JONES, Wanda, Corinth, Lib.Art JURGE1 ' 18, Kristen, Chatham, IL, Bus.,A A II KALBERER, Kimberely, Rowlett, TX, Lib.Art,II B 4, KELLEY, Michelle, Kennett, MO, Lib.Art,A A II KELLY, Pete, Byhalia, Bus. KENNEDY, Richard, Indianola, Lib.Art KENNINGTON, Kathryn, Jackson, Lib.Art,A A A KERGOSIEN, John, Bay St. Louis, Lib.Art KER8H, Julie, Hattiesburg, Lib.Art,A A II KESSLER, Michael, Biloxi, Lib.Art KINCAID, Pamela, Washington, MO, Educ. KING, Charles, Ackerman, Lib.Art,K A KING, Laurie, Abbeville, Lib.Art,A A II KING, Ralph, Ocean Springs, Lib.Art KING, Rick, Conehatta, Engr. KING, Vernon, Houston, TX, Lib.Art,A T KNIRNSCHILD, Michael, Willowick. OH, Lib.Art KNOWLTON, David, Memphis, Bus. KOONS, Trey, Silverhill, AL, Lib.Art,4 ' K T KRISHNAN, Ananda, Selangor. ACCY. Kisa Watson concentrates in the computer center. KROHN, Kelly, Corinth, Bus.,K A KRUEGER, Heidi, Middleburg, VA, Lib.Art KUBENTHIRAN, Ramanathan, Taiping, Engr. KWAN, Georgianna, Moorhead, Lib.Art LABUDA, Anna, University, Lib.Art LACY, Jerry, Wynne, AR, Lib.Art LACKEY, Ellen, Forest, Engr. LADNER, Stephanie, University, Lib.Art LAMBERT, Connie, Carriere, Law LAMBERT, Renee, Vicksburg, M LANCASTER, April, West Memphis, AR, M LARD, Sharron, Memphis, Lib.Art,A 0 n LAWRENCE, Pamela, Kenya, Lib.Art LAWSON, Victoria, Holly Springs, ACCY. LEAKE, Lindsey, Tupelo, Bus. LEE, Danna, Nashville, Lib.Art,K A LEE, Lisa, Hernando, Lib.Art LEEPER, Samuel, Alexandria, VA, Bus. LEHEN, Lavonne, Hernando, Lib.Art LEJEUNE, Joel, Jackson, Engr. LEYSER, Richard, Pass Christian, Engr. LINEBAUGH, Diane, Charleston, MO, Educ. LIPMAN, Stacy, Memphis, Bus.,K A H LI8TON, Lori, Winona, Lib.Art,X LITTLE, Dawn, Raleigh, Lib.Art LITTLEJOHN, Christy, New Albany, Law,A LLOYD, James, Texarkana, TX, Engr. LOCKE, Jefferson, Atlanta, Bus., A E LOCKETT, Jametta, Senatobia, Lib.Art LONG, Madeline, Arkadelphia, AR, Lib.Art LONG, Timothy, Memphis, Lib.Art,Il K A LONGORIA, Alcide, Dallas, Lib.Art,E A E LOPER, Sandy, Water Valley, Bus. LORIO, Andy, Matairie, LA, Lib.Art LOTT, Lee, Puckett, Lib.Art 1•1 rn LUA, Kee Huat, Kelantan, Engr. LUCCHESI, D. C., Southaven, Lib.Art,4, K MA, Francis, Clarksdale, Bus. MACIAS, Eliseo, University, Engr. MAGEE, Suzanne, Courtland, Bus. MAGERS, Kristi, Kingwood, TX, Law MAISEL, Adina, Dallas, Educ. MALONE, David, Saltillo, Lib.Art,K A MANNING, Valarie, Terry, Lib.Art MANSOOR, Sabrina, Jackson, Bus.,II B MAR, Linda, Greenville, Bus. MARCHAND, Gerald, Baton Rouge, ACCY., A E MARASCALCO, Angela, Grenada, Lib.Art,A A II MARASCALCO, Paul, Grenada, Lib.Art,,I)K T MARSH, Dina, Belleair, FL, Lib.Art MARTIN, April, Red Banks, Lib.Art MARTIN, Leslea, Memphis, ACCY.,A MARTIN, Margaret, Grenada, ACCY.,A A II MATTHEWS, Emmma, Montgomery, AL, Lib.Art MCAN ALLY, Larry, Gulfport, Lib.Art MCARTHUR, Lucy, Jackson, Lib.Art,X MCCAFFERTY, Steven, Ashland, Lib.Art mccLAIN, Patricia, Ackerman, Lib.Art,,D M MCCOY, Kelly, New Orleans, Educ.,A A A MCCULLOUCH, Chuck, Louisville, Lib.Art, H MCCURDY, Michael, Atlanta, Bus. MCDANIEL, Albert, Nashville, Bus.,E A E MCDANIEL, Edwin, Tupelo, K B MCDANIEL, Kimberly, Gulfport, Lib.Art,,IJ M MCDILL, Kenneth, Brandon, Lib.Art,Z N MCDONALD, Jeanette, Meridian, Lib.Art MCDONALD, Shawn, Yazoo City, Engr.,E A E MCDOUGALD, Charles, Kelly, LA, ACCY. MCELREATH, Amy, Oxford, Educ.,A 0 H MCINTOSH, Shawn, Forest, Lib.Art MCLAURIN, Mary, Hollandale, ACCY.,A MCLEAN, Shaw, Sallie, Educ. MCLELLAN, Lynda, Oxford, Lib.Art MCLEMORE, James, Winnsboro, LA, ACCY., N MCMASTER, Robert. Jacksonville, AR, Lib.Art MCNAIR, Jennifer, Jackson, Lib.Art,A A A MCNEMAR, Missy. Sardis, Lib.Art,X Students talk outside the Union. Melanie Buntyn MCJORDAN, Walton, Clinton, Bus. MCKAY, Kevin, Pelahatchle, Lib.Art MCKEE, Lisa, Oxford, Lib.Art,K A B MCKELLAR, Catherine, Jackson, Lib.Art MCKINNEY, Dewayne, Batesville, Bus. MCKINNEY, Jonh, Magnolia, Bus. MCLARTY, Jerry, Byhalla, Lib.Art MCQUEEN, Marvin, Corinth, Lib.Art, X MCREDMOND, Mary, Nashvile, Bus.,A A II MEACHAM, Ellen, Smyrna, TN, Lib.Art MEEK, Dianne, Bolivar, TN, Lib.Art,K A MERIDETH, Angela, West Memphis, AR, Lib.Art MICHAEL, Howard, Coldwater, Bus.,E N MICHELBERG, Jack, Jackson, Lib.Art MILLER, Shawn, Kosciusko, Engr. MILLER, Tonya, Rosedale, Lib.Art MIMS, Cathy, Philadelphia, Lib.Art MINK, Steven, Long Beach, Lib.Art MINTER, Kenneth, Pearl, Lib.Art MISSKELLEY, Jennifer, N. Carrollton, Educ. MITCHELL, Cynthia, Sheffield, AL, Lib.Art,4 ' M MITCHELL, Gregory, Memphis. Lib.Art,X X MONROE, Clark, Newton, T MOOORE, Brooke, Jackson, Lib.Art,K A MOORE, John, Jackson, Lib.Art,A T MOORE, John, Greenville, Bus.,A T MOORE, Kelly, ' West Memphis. AR, Lib.Art,,b M MORGAN, Harold. Vicksburg, Bus. MORGAN, Jay, Columbia, Lib.Art.A T MORRISON, Jill, Slidell, LA, Lib.Art,K A B MORRISON, Kylia, Corinth, ACCY. MORRISON, Mary, Jackson, Lib.Art,A A H MORTON, Stacy, Dyersburg, Bus. MOULDS, Penelope, Jackson, Bus. MULLINS, Christina, Oxford, Bus. MULLIS, Audrey, Birmingham, Educ..K K MURPHEY, Rebecca, Oxford, Lib.Art MURPHEY, Smith, Sumner, Bus.,K A MUSGROVE, Mickey, Brandon, Bus. MYERS, Stephanie, Smyrna, GA, Lib.Art BARON, Shannon, Oxford, Bus. NASON, Barron, Paris, TN, Lib.Art4 K T NATION, Catherine, Jackson, Lib.Art,K K NEWMAN, James, Franklin, TN, Lib.Art NEYMAN, Linda, Columbus, Bus. NGWE, Nam Chan, University, ACCY. NICHOL, Michael, Nashville, Lib.Art, " : A E NICHOLSON, Harold, Madison, Bus. NICKLE, Eliza, Batesville. Bus.,K A B NOBLIN, Elizabeth, Jackson, Bus.,X NORWOOD, Catherine, Baton Rouge, Lib.Art,K A NULL, Kevin, Ackerman, Lib.Art OAKES, Adrian, Brandon, ACCY. OAKES, Stephanie, Abbeville, Lib.Art,A A n OBANNON, Lurleen, Mobile, Al, Lib.Art ODOM, Amanda, Horn Lake, Lib.Art ODOM, Andrea, Forest, Lib.Art OLMSTED, Kimberly, Meridian, Bus.,K A O ' NEAL, Kimsey. Carthage. Lib.Art OWEN, David, Hattiesburg, Bus.,E N OWEN, Kathryn, Covington, TN, ACCY.,X PACE, Amy, Jackson, Lib.Art PAGE, Adrian, Meridian, Lib.Art Band members get ready for half- time show. PAGE, Joel, Oxford, Bus. PAGE, Shelley, Southaven, Lib.Art PARKER, Andrea, Swartz, LA, ACCY.,A A H PARKER, George, St. Simons Is., GA, Bus.,X N PARKS, Julianne, Fort Worth, TX, Lib.Art PATTERSON, Aubrey, Tupelo, Bus. PATTERSON, Charlotte, Decatur, Al, ACCY. PATTERSON, Melody, Corinth, ACCY. PATTON, Christopher, Biloxi, Lib.Art,4 K T PATTON, Mary, New Albany, Bus.,X PAULSEN, Pamela, Laurel, Lib.Art,K A PEARSON, Annalies, Clinton, Lib.Art PENDER, Helen, Memphis, Lib.Art,K A PENDERGRASS, William. Coffeeville, Engr. PERRY, Jamie, Osceola, AR, ACCY.,A 0 n PETERSON, Donna, Ponotoc, Lib.Art PETERSON, Jodie, Houston. Lib.Art PETTY, Ruth, Memphis, Lib.Art,A A H PEZZULLO, Lisette, Naples, FL, Bus.,A A H PHILLIPS, Lee, Hattiesburg. Lib.Art,A A H PICKENS, Renee ' , Oxford. Educ.. id 3 1011.11.. Coed studies in Grove during the summer. PICKLE, Robert, Amory, Bus.,4, K T PINEDA, Mariana, Jackson, Lib.Art,K K PITCHER, Holly, Germantown, TN, Educ.,A 0 n PITTMAN, Lucy, Jackson, Lib.Art,K A PITTMAN, Pam, Pascagoula, Lib.Art,A r PORTERA, Mary Lynn, Chattanooga, TN, Lib.Art POTTER, Russell, Gulfport, Lib.Art POWELL, Carol, New Albany, Lib.Art,A PRASAD, Subir, Oxford, Engr. PRESTRIDGE, Sherri, Amory, ACCY. PRESZLER, Kristin, Memphis, Bus. PRICE, John, Ral eigh, Lib.Art PRINGLE, Scott, Meridian, Lib.Art,A T ft PRITCHARD, Lynn, Oakland, Lib.Art PRITCHETT, David, Nashville, Bus. PRUETT, John. Germantown, Bus.,X A E PUENTES, Carlos, North Miami, FL, Lib.Art PURNELL, Paul, Jackson, Lib.Art,X N PURVIS, Sherry, Morton, Lib.Art QUAK A, John, Jackson, Lib.Art QUINN, Karen, Jac kson, Bus.,A QUINN, Michael, Drew, Lib.Art QUINN, Thomas, Cleveland, TN, Lib.Art QUINN, Tracy, Memphis, Lib.Art,K A 6 LLa QUON, Judy, Lexington, Lib.Art QUON, Willie, Inverness, Lib.Art RAGAN, James, Cleveland, Lib.Art,40 A RAGAN, Melissa, Cleveland, Lib.Art,X II RAGSDALE, Charlotte, Jackson, Lib.Art RAM8EY, Lynda, Vicksburg, Educ.,A A A RAMSEY, Richard, Port St. Joe, FL, Lib.Art RATCLIFF, Lisa, Summit, Lib.Art RATLIFF, Merritt, San Angelo, TX, Lib.Art,11 B 4, RAWSON, Julie, Pearl, Law RAYNER, Camilla. Oxford, ACCY.,A A A REED, Susan, Silver City, Bus.,A REEVES, Marni, Oxford, Bus. REEVES, Michael, Memphis, Educ. REINHART, David, Norwood, MO, Lib.Art RHEA, Bill, Somerville. TN, Lib.Art, N RIALES, Jennifer, Tunica, Lib.Art RICKMAN, Amanda, Gallatin, TX, Bus.,K A RIC KS, Barbara, Glendora, Lib.Art RICKS, June, Jackson, Bus.,X 0 RIGBY, Martha, Shreveport, LA, Lib.Art RILEY, Denise, Water Valley, Lib.Art,A J n RILEY, Polly. Morton, Bus., M ROBBING, Susan, University, Educ.,4, M ROBERSON, Kendra, Germantown, TN, Lib.Art,4 ' NI ROBERTS, Jeffrey, Brandon, Bus. ROBERTS, Kelly, Memphis, ACCY.,A A A ROBERTS, Leslie, Nashville, Bus.,K A 8 ROCH, Kimberleigh, Biloxi, Lib.Art ROGERS, Linda, Panama City, FL, Engr.,A A H ROSE, William, Philadelphia, Lib.Art,IIK A ROSENAU, Paige, Pensacola, FL, Lib.Art,A A II ROUNDS, Adrian, Olive Branch. Lib.Art,X 4 ' ROY, Lisa, Oxford, Lib.Art RUEBEL, Ann, Dallas, Lib.Art,I1 B RUSH, Mary, Pontotoc. Bus. RUSHING, Pamela. Madison, Lib.Art,K A RUSSELL, Leah, Oxford, ACCY. SABATIER, John, Metairie, LA, Lib.Art Bookstore cashier waits for coed ' s check. Christina Collier SADLER, Suzanne. Oxford, Lib.Art SANDOZ, Thomas, Metairie, LA, Lib.Art SANSING, Shannon. Maben, Lib.Art SARACINI, Stephanie, Newport, AR, Lib.Art,4 ' M SAUCIER, Michelle, Hernando, Law SCANLON, Patrick, Jackson, A 0 SCHARF. Thomas Memphis, Lib.Art,B 8 II SCHMIDT, Aimee ' , Pass Christian, Lib.Art,K A 0 SCHNAUTZ, Erik, Hampton, VA. Lib.Art SCHWING, Eric, New, Iberia, LA, Bus. SCOTT, Leslie, Meridian, Lib.Art,A A A SCOTT, Michael, Carthage, Lib.Art SEGHERS, Kathryn. Bay St. Louis, Lib.Art,A O n SEID, Tammy, Vicksburg, Engr. SHAW, Katherine, Kosciusko, ACCY.,A A A SHAW, Rachel, Holly Springs. Bus. SHAW, Stephanie, Gulfport, Bus.,A 0 II SHELDON, Scarlett, Greenville, Lib.Art,X SHERIFF, Lamarkus, Jackson, ACCY. SHIMEK, Daniel, Cornwall, NY, Bus. SHOEMAKE, Kelly, Collins, Lib. AI LA A A MUTTS, Mary, Hamilton, AL, Law SHUFORD, Wynn, Franklin, Tn, Lib.Art SILLS, Scott, Madison, Bus. SIMMONS, James, Fort Worth, TX, Bus.,X N SIMMONS, Janice, Clarksdale, Lib.Art SIMMONS, Linda, Gulfport, Lib.Art SIMMONS. Richard. New Orleans, Bus., A E SIMS, David, Kosciusko, Lib.Art SISCO, Phillip, Mountain Brook, AL, Bus. SK1PTON, Suzanne, Houston, Lib.Art,II SLIMAN, Samuel, Ocean Springs, Engr.,£ N SMITH, Jeffrey, Memphis, Bus. SMITH, Jennifer, Baton Rouge, Lib.Art,K A SMITH, Kendall, Gretna, LA, Lib.Art,A O H SMITH, Ramey, Newport, AR, Lib.Art SMITH, Stephanie, Tyronza, AR, Lib.Art,43 M SPEARS, Tara, Columbus, Lib.Art SPENCER, Kimberly, Holly Springs, Lib.Art,A SPRAGINS, David, Germantown, TN, ACCY.,X A E SPRATLEY, Amy, Gulfport, Bus.,K A SPRINKLE, Lisa, Southaven, Educ. STEWART, Lance, Pittsfield, MA, Lib.Art,E X STINE, William, Corinth, Lib.Art STOKES, Kamilla, Columbus, Lib.Art STONE, Heather, Waco, TX, Bus.,K K r STORK, Leigh, Kosciusko, Lib.Art,A A A STOUT, Melanie, Ocean Springs, Bus. STOVALL, Adam, Okolona, Lib.Art,I X STRANGE, David, Baton Rouge, Lib.Art,I A E STREETS. Susan, Caruthersville, MO, Bus.,X 0 STROUD, Kathy, Jackson, Lib.Art STUMP, Kurt, South Bend, IN, Lib.Art STRUNK, Tiffany, Moss Point, Lib.Art,A A SULLIVAN, Tracy, Kosciusko, Lib.Art,A SUMRALL, Shelley, Laurel, Lib.Art,A A A SWEARGEN, Dejuana, Sardis, Lib.Art SWITZER, Lynne, Natchez, Lib.Art,K A TALLANT, Scotty, Bruce, Lib.Art TARDY, Michael, St. Petersburg, FL, Lib.A0,4 ' K xl; TAYLOR, Cynthia, Ruston, LA, Lib.Art TAYLOR, James, Chattanooga, TN, Engr. TAYLOR, James, Kennett, MO, Engr. TAYLOR, Nora, Ashland, ACCY. TELLER, Todd, Vicksburg, Lib.Art, X THOMAS, Barry, Grenade, Bus.,A T THOMAS, William, Fort Sheridan, IL, Bus. THOMPSON, AlvIta, Corinth, Lib.Art THOMPSON, Douglas, Ocean Springs, Lib.Art,X N THOMPSON, Murphy, Tupelo, Bus.,X X THOMPSON, Revray, Lake, Lib.Art THOMPSON, Susan, Yazoo City, Lib.Art,X THORNTON, Stacey, Helena, AR, Lib.Art,X TICE, Christy, luka, Lib. B 4 TOBIN, Gregg, Oxford, Engr.,K A TODD, Grace, Brentwood, TN, Llb.Art,A r TODD, Llsa, Byhalia, Bus. The new fad in hairstyles this year. Hamp Overton TOMIJN, Debbie, Dallas, Lib.Art TOMLINSON, Farris, Cordova, Lib.Art TOON, Darryl, Union City, TN, Bus. TRAYLOR, Donna, Germantown, TN, Lib.Art TRAYLOR, William, Marietta, GA, Bus. TRIPPE, Juan, Littleton, CO, Lib.Art TUCKER, Shannon, Memphis, Bus. TUCKER, Tammle, Potts Camp, Lib.Art TUCKER, Tracey, Jackson, Llb.Art,A r TUPMAN, Darren, Memphis, Bus. TURNER, Elizabeth, Oxford, Lib.Art,K A TURNER, Jonathan, Frankfort, KY, Lib.Art,4 K TURNER, Michelle, Milan, Tn, Lib.Art TURNER, William, Marion, AR, Lib.Art,4 K UNDERWOOD, Jeffrey, Holly Springs, Lib.Art UPTON, Christina, Brookhaven, Lib.Art UTTER, Jennifer, Paducah, ACCY. VANAUSBURG, Stetson, Meridian, Lib.Art VANCE, Dayna, Batesville, Lib.Art VANCE, Pamela, Canton, Lib.Art,A 0 ❑ VAN NOY, Timothy, Jackson, Lib.Art,4 A VASSAR, Richard, Sherwood, AR, Bus. VERHINE, Kristen, Vicksburg, Law. WAGNER, Kathleen, Poplarville, Lib.Art WALKER, Alison, Laurel, Lib.Art,K A WALKER, Elizabeth, Jackson, Lib.Art WALKER, Hedy, Newton, Lib.Art,A 011 WALKER, Pamela, Memphis, Lib.Art,A A ❑ WALKER, Renee ' , Corinth, Lib.Art,A A ❑ WALLACE, Brian, Dallas, Bus.,B 9 II WALLACE, Christopher, Pearl, Lib.Art WALTERS, Kristine, Slidell, Bus.,A WARREN, Laurie, Jackson, Engr.,K A 6 WARREN, Leigh, Gulfport, Llb.Art,K A WATSON, Jon, Charlotte, ACCY.,A WATTS, Dennis, Madison, Lib.Art WAYNE, Ng Chi Wal, Univ., Engr. WEATHERSBY, Eleanor, Indianola, Lib.Art,A A A WEBB, Beth, Dyersburg, TN, Lib.Art,A WEBB, William, Memphis, Lib.Art WEBSTER, John, Daly City, CA, Bus.,B WEEMS, Kelly, Waveland, Bus.,X f WEIGEL, Elizabeth, Nashville, Lib.Art,A WEIR, James, Tupelo, Bus., X WELCH, Anita, Philadelphia, Lib.Art,A A n WELLMAN, Cathy, Osceola, AR, Lib.Art WELLS, Lori, Hamilton, Lib.Art WENDEL, Stacie, University, Lib.Art WEBBY, Helen, Gulfport, Lib.Art,A A WHITE, Chris, Fayetteville, AR, Lib.Art WIGGINS, Janice, Owensboro, KY, Llb.Art,II B 4, WILBOURN, Sherri, Bossier City, LA, Lib.Art WILCOX, Russell, Jackson, Bus.,£ N WILEY, Maryruth, Austin, TX, Lib.Art,A WILKE, Robert, Metropolis, IL, Lib.Art,4 ' K T WILKERSON, Charles, Jackson, ACCY.,£ N WILKS, Winnye, Jackson, Lib.Art WILLIAMS, Donald, Lawrenceburg, TN, Engr. WILLIAMS, Lisa, Columbus, Lib.Art,A O II WILLIAMS, Ronald, Oxford, Educ. WILLIAMS, Sheryl, Rosewelt,GA, Educ. WILLIAMS, Tracey, Tupelo, Lib.Art,X WILLIS, Jeanne, Meridian, Lib.Art Rushees at the Alpha Delta Pi house. Pam Remers WILSON, Dennis, Oxford, Lib.Art,4 ' K T WILSON, Rollin, Atlanta, Bus.,K K WILSON, Susan, Fairfield, IL, Bus.,A A 11 WILSON, William, LA Center, KY, Lib.Art WINSTEAD, Ginger, Houston, Lib.Art WITHERS, Judy, Kosciusko, Lib.Art,A WIYGUL, Joseph, Tupelo, Bus,,K A WONG, Say, Matasia, Bus. WOODS, Joseph, Ackerman, Engr. WRIGHT, Anthony, Sikeston, MO, Engr. WRIGHT, David, Germantown, Bus.,4 ' K T WRIGHT, William, West Hartford, CT, Bus.,I N YANKIE, Charise, Maumelle, AR, Lib.Art,A O H YARBROUGH, Elizabeth, Germantown, Lib.Art,A O H YARBROUGH, Sidney, New Orleans, Lib.Art, H YORK, Paige, Hattiesburg, Lib.Art,X 0 YOUNG, Linda, Jackson, Bus. YOUNG, Kimberly, Memphis, Lib.Art YOUMANS, Sarah, Jackson, Lib.Art,A A A ZAGST, Joseph, Kosciusko, Lib.Art Smiling coed during Derby Day. 0 0 O Richard Whitley Campaign volunteers in front of Kinard Hall. AARON, Leigh, Memphis, Bus.,A A A ABRAHAM, Angela, Vicksburg, Lib.Art,A 0 n AGNEW, Krista, Mullins, SC, Lib.Art,A O H ALEXANDER, George, Jackson, Bus.,K ALLISON, Heather, Laurel, Lib.Art ALSRAP, Abdul, Malaysia, Educ. ANDERSON, Charmalne, Hollandale, Pharm. ANDERSON, Karla, Selmer, TN, Pharm. ANDREWS, Laura, Ecru, Lib.Art ARCE, Jill, Chicago, Lib.Art,A O H ASHFORD, Pallas, Ripley, Lib.Art AUSTIN, Melanie, Houlka, Pharm. BAKER, Austin, Bolivar, TN, Lib.Art BAKER, John, Tupelo, Lib.Art,A BALDWIN, Sarah, Atlanta. GA, Educ.,K K r BARNES, Brenda, Jackson, Educ BARTLETT, Katherine, Jackson, Lib.Art,A A A BAUCH, Brenda, Oxford, Bus.,4 ' M BEARD, Lewis, Jackson, Engr. BEARD, Melissa, Germantown, EJuc BECK, Tom, Jackson, Lib.Art • BECKER, Kenneth, Flanders, NJ, Accy BELL, Roderick, Holly Springs, Engr BERGERON, Renee, Metairie, LA, Lib.Art,A 0 BERRY, Robert, Madison, Bus. A 8 BERRY, Rodney, Freeburg, IL, Lib.Art BETTS, Rachel, Jackson, Educ.,K K F BISHOP, Tracy, Double Springs, AL, Lib.Art BLACK, Christine, St.Petersburg, FL, Educ,K A 8 BLACKSTOCK, Lynda, Jackson, TN, Lib.Art,4 ' M BLACKSTON, William, Oxford, Lib.Art BLAIR, William, Columbus, Bus.,d, A 8 BLALACK, Kimberly, Brighton, TN, Bus.,K A 8 BLASINGAME, Hubert, Oxford, Lib.Art BLOUNT, David, Jackson, Lib.Art,I N BLUNTSON, Craig, Jackson, Accy BOGGAN, Jeffery, Kilmichael, Pharm BOIE, Mark, Anna, IL, Lib.Art,X BOND, Tamela, Oxford, Bus. BOOKER, Angela, Pryor, OK, Lib.Art BOOTHE, Terrell, Sardis, Engr BORDELON, Beth, Greenville, Accy,S M BORNE, Merribeth, Jackson, Educ. BOSWELL, Anne, Eleberton, GA, Pharm. BOSWELL, Catherine, Jackson, Lib.Art BOUCHILLON, Neil, Laurel, Bus.,I BOWLER, Trista, Pontotoc, Lib.Art BOX, Laura, Bartlesville, OK, Lib.Art BOYKIN, William, Raleigh, Pharm., K T BRANUM, Ouida, Montreat, NC, Educ. BRENNAN, Blanche, Dallas, Bus.,K A 0 BRIDGES, William, Franklin, TN, Accy BRISTOL, Rees, Dallas, Bus. BRITTEN, Barbara, Abbeville, Bus. BROWN, Allison, Ripley, Lib.Art,K A 8 BROWN, Lisa, Senataobia, Lib.Art BROWN, Paige, Meridian, Lib.Art,H B BROWN, Tematha, Bruce, Accy. BRYANT, Christopher, Memphis, Engr.,X BULLOCK, Johnny, Hattiesburg, Lib.Art BULLOCK, Ulmer, Oxford, Engr. BURKS, Marsha, Baton Rouge, Lib.Art BURNETT, William, Oxford, Engr. Sigma Chi ' s are dressed and ready for Derby Day. Poppy Pruett Picture Not Available BURNHAM, Stever), Morton, Bus.,K BURNHAM, Susan, Jackson, Bus.,A A A BURROWS, Barbara, Oxford, Educ.,A O H BURTON, Cheryl, Drew, Lib.Art BUTLER, Stacey, Germantown, TN, Bus. BUTT, Omar, Pakistan, Engr. BYARS, Carolynn, Memphis, Lib.Art,4 ' M CAFFEY, Fred, Martinsville, VA, Bus.,. K T CAIN, Susan, Biloxi, Bus.,K K r CALHOUN, Camille, Oxford, Lib.Art CAMPBELL, Amy, Carrollton, Lib.Art CAMPBELL, Mark, Carrollton, Lib.Art CANNADY, William, Madison, Bus. CAPOCACCIA, Melissa, Cleveland, Law CARBONAR, Whitman, Huntington Bch, CA,Engr,4 K T CARLETON, Amy, Union, Lib.Art CARLISLE, Cheryl, Memphis, Lib.Art,A A H CARLISLE, Eric, Water Valley, Lib.Art CARLSON, Stacy Jo, Brandon, Pharm CARPENTER, Debbie, Jackson, LA, Bus.,K A B CARROLL, Patti. Jackson, Edu.,A O H CARSON, Brian, luka. Engr. CARTER, Michael, Myrtle, Engr CASSIDY, Caroline, Marks, Bus.,X CHAMBERLAIN, Leah, Tupelo, Educ CHAMBERS, Tamara, Paris, AR, Bus.,A O H CHAMPION, Abel, Canton, Lib.Art CHANDLER, Mary, Ocean Springs, Lib.Art CHAPMAN, Guy, Oxford, Lib.Art CHASE, Willie, Univ, Lib.Art,0 CHEANG, Christy, Singapore, Bus CHESMAN, Adam, Columbus, GA, Educ. CHIA, Voon-Ket, Malasia, Bus. CHIA, Voon-Kuen, Malasia, Engr. CHILDS, Clinton, Houston, TX, Lib.Art,A CHONG, Yok, Univ, Bus. CHU, Nathan, Greenville, Bus. CHUNG, Bean, Univ. Lib.Art CLARKE, Melinda, Ft.Lauderdale, Lib.Art CLARK, Delinda, Camden, AR, Accy,4, M CLINTON, James, West Memphis, AR, Accy,A COFFEY, Sharon, Oxford, Pharm COLINGO, Melissa, Pascagoula, Bus.,K A COLLINS, Vivian, Clark sdale, Engr. COLVILLE, Elizabeth, Germantown, TN, Bus COPINART, David, Jackson, Bus.,B H H COOK, Amanda, Como, Bus COOK, Henry, Biloxi, Lib.Art COOKE, John, Jackson, Lib.Art,I N COOKE, Karen, West Helena, AR, Educ. COPELAND, Philip, Natchez, Lib.Art CORDER, Lisa, Carrollton, Educ CORRIGAN, Lucy, Meridian, Pharm COUCH, John, Jackson, Bus.,K COUNCE, Scott, Corinth, Bus., N COWART, Mark, Meridian, Bus.,4z A COX, Anissa, Ashland, Educ COX, Carolyn, Jackson, Lib.Art,K K CRADDOCK, Patrick, Cleveland, Lib.Art,K A CRAFT, Mitzi, Meridian, Lib.Art,A A A CRESPINO, Jo Beth, Jackson, Bus..X CROCKETT, Marielle, Holly Springs. Lib.Art4 M CROSBY, Kecia, Mendenhall, Accy,A CROSBY, Melissa, Jackson, Lib.Art,K K r CROWE, Kelly, Baton Rouge, Bus.,A A II CROWELL, Joseph, Memphis, Llb.A0,1 II CURRY, Max, Kingsland, AR, Law CURRY, Yolanda, Chicago, IL, Bus. DABNEY, William, Jackson, TN, Bus.,A T DALTON, Dana, Corinth. Lib.Art,A A A DAUPHIN, Benjamin, Natchez, Bus. DAVENPORT, John, FT.Walton Bch, FL, Educ DAVES, Jeff, Franklin, TN, Bus. DAVIS, Andrew, Birmingham, AL, Lib.Art,A T DAVIS, Donald, Meridian, Lib.Art,X X DAY, Jennifer, New Orleans, Bus.,I1B DEAN, Donna, Madisonville, KY, Lib.Art,A A H THE cleaners for most Ole Miss students. Hamp Overton DEES, Pamela, Natchez, Pharm DENLEY, Deanna, Bruce, Lib.Art,A 0 II DENNIS, Michael, Madison, Accy,d ' A 0 DENNIS, Lori, Madison, Pharm,A A A DENNY, Dawn, Nashville, Lib.Art,K A DICKERSON, Marsha, Jackson, Lib.Art DIXON, Lloyd, Summit, Accy DIXON, Marsha, Southaven, Educ DODD, Darron, Laurel, K T DONOVAN, Thomas, Chattanooga, TN, Bus.,X ‘It DOWNS, Mark, Carrollton, Bus.,K A DRANE, Windel, Memphis, Lib.Art DREWERY, Linda, Oxford, Lib.Art DRUMMOND, Desiree, Tupelo, Lib.Art DUCKWORTH, Kale, Jackson, Lib.Art,A A A DUNAWAY, Lara, Hollandale, Lib.Art,X DUNAWAY, Rhonda, McComb, Pharm DUNN, Wendy, Hernando, Pharm DUNNA, Shyam, Zambia, Engr EASLEY, Kim, Jackson, Accy,t1, M EDWARDS, Wayne, Bruce. Lib.Art EHRLICHER, Nancy, Memphis, Lib.Art,K K EIDT, Manfred, Natchez, Lib.Art ESPOSITO, John, Chalmette, LA, Lib.Art EUBANKS, Micky, Laurel, Pharm EVANS, Doris, Oxford, Bus EVANS, Sandra, Winona, Educ FARMER, Greta, Louisville, KY, Bus.,K A 8 FISHER, Ghyrane, Southaven, Bus FLECHAS, Patricia. Natchez, Educ.,K K I ' FLETCHER, Spence, Indianola, Lib.Art.K A FLYNN, Lane, Tupelo, Lib.Art,11 B FLYNT, Lisa, Jackson, Bus.,11B tt, FORD, Tammy, Holly Springs, Bus FREEMAN, Samuel, Morton, Bus FREEMAN, Tonya, Clinton, Bus.,4, M FRETTERD, Suzanne, Natchez, Pharm FORD, Patrick, Biloxi, Bus.,X FULLAM , Todd, Biloxi, Lib.Art,4 ' K T FUND, Kwong-Ming, Unlv, Engr GADD, Walter, Hickory Flat, Accy,A T GARRETT, Preston, Thaxton, Lib.Art GARY, Monica, Eupora, Bus., t1, M GAUTIER, Caroline, Univ, Lib.Art GAYDEN, John, Memphis, Bus GEER, Joel, Germantown, TN, Educ,A T GEORGE, James, Jackson, Lib.Art GILLESPIE, Stacey, Pontotoc, Accy GOLDEN, Nathaniel, Evanston, IL, Lib.Art 0 0 0 GOLDMAN, Paul, Meridian, Bus GOODNIGHT, Patricia, Water Valley, Law GORHAM, Ashley, Brentwood, TN. Educ,K K r GOODSON, Wendy, Brandon, Pharm GIRAHAM, Jack, Baton Rouge, LibArt,I 4, GRAHAM, Marcus, Braxton, Lib.Art GRANGER, Julie, Kennett, MO, Bus.,A 0 II GRANT, Alice;Batesville, Bus. GRA8SE, Cynthia, Kennett, MO, Lib.Art GRAVES, Timmi, Clardsdale, Lib.Art,X GRAY, Angela, Batesville, Educ GRAY, B.Frank, Memphis, Lib.Art, N GRAY, Julie, Oxford, Engr GREEN, Barrett, Franklinton, LA, Engr,K A Students passing mail boxes in the Union. Melanie Buntyn GREEN, Christopher, Houston, TX, Bus., 4 ' GREGORY, John, Memphis, K GREGORY, Sylvia, Clarksdale, Accy GRISHAM, Jerry, Walls, Accy,A 4f GRIZZARD, Ashley, Germantown. TN, Accy,A A A GUEST, Jeffrey, Lagrange, KY, Bus GURNER, Joseph, Water Valley, Lib.Art HABEEB, Linda, Gautier, Lib.Art,A 0 Il HAGAN, Saprena, Coldwater, Lib.Art HAIRE, Karen, Bruce, Educ HALE, Christa, Memphis, Bus HALE, James, Memphis, Bus HALL, Karen, Jackson, Lib.Art.II B 4 ' HALLMAN, Scott, Myrtle. Lib.Art HAMILTON, Louie, Hattieville, AR, Lib.Art HAMMITT, George, Vicksburg, Lib.Art HAMMOND, Shelby, Corinth, Lib.Art,A A A HANCOCK, John, Corinth, Accy HANEY, Robert, Memphis, Bus.,K HARDAWAY, Doris, Oxford, Bus HARPER, William, Memphis, Bus., N HARRIS, Nancy, Stuttgart, AR, Educ HARVEY, Martin, Collins, Lib.Art HARVEY, Reggie, Biloxi, Bus HARE, Cynthia, Anna, IL, Pharm HASSELTINE, Ashley, Batesville, Educ.,A A 6 HAWKINS, Bryan, Stuttgart, AR, Bus.,4 ' A 8 HAWKINS, James, Oxford, Accy, N HEARD, Lloyd. Mobile, AL, Lib.Art HEAD, Michael, Gray Ridge, MO, Accy,A TO HEATH, Rose, Grenada, Accy HELSLEY, Claudia, Memphis, Accy,A 0 II HERRING, Kimberly, Brandon, Accy,K A HERRINGTON, Sulynn, Union, Bus.,A 0 II HEWES, Finley, Gulfport, Eka.,1:4, HICKEY, Clare, Jackson, TN, Lib.Art,K A El HICKMAN, James, Coffeeville, Engr HIGGINBOTHAM, Robert, Jackson, Lib.Art.4 ' A HILL, Charles, Columbia, Engr..13 811 HILL, Christopher, Tupelo, Bus.,K A HILL, John, Kosciusko, Bus.,4 ' K T HILL, Keith, McClure, IL, Lib.Art HILL, Rich, Forest, Lib.Art HILLERY, Mary, New Orleans, Lib.Art,A 0 II HINES, Tracy, Yazoo City, Educ.,K A HOBSON, Elizabeth, Southaven, Bus.,A HODGE, John, Laurel, Lib. Art,K HOLEMAN, Jeffery, Yazoo City, Educ HOLLEY, Rodney, Batesville, Lib.Art HOLMES, Kimbely, Brandon, Bus.,A HORTON, Holly, Oxford, Lib.Art,K A B HOUGH, Jill, Biloxi, Bus.,K K HOWELL, Jeffery, Bolivar, Tn, Bus HOWELL, Lindsey, Senatobla, Lib.Art HOWELL, Martha, Corinth, Educ HUBBARD, Linda, Batesville, Lib.Art HUGGINS, Preston, Winona, Pharm HUNT, Darren, Ackerman, Llb.Art HUSSEY, William, Tupelo, Lib.Art HUSSUNG, Michael, Brentwood, TN, Llb.Art HUTCHESON, Ginger, SaItillo, Lib.Art HYDE, Kathlyn, Eupora, Bus.,4, M IUPE, Ida, Jackson, Bus.,11B JACKSON, Anne, Hattiesburg, Educ,A A JACOBS, Kimberly, Dallas, Educ,A A A JAMES, Sherry, Southaven, Educ JAVORSKY, Sue, Biloxi, Llb.Art JAYNES, Jeffrey, Columbus, Lib.Art,X 4, JEFFCOAT, Rebecca, Jackson, Bus JOHNSON, Deas, Meridian, Lib.Art,A A A JOHNSON, Dorothy, Clinton, Pharm,4 ' M JOHNSON, Earl, Jackson, Lib,Art JOHNSON, Jeffrey, Olive Branch, Lib.Art JOHNSON, Jennifer, Wildwood Crest, NJ,L1b.Art JOHNSTON, Janis, Duck Hill, Lib.Art JONES, Arthur, Biloxi, Lib.Art,4, K T JONES, Bobby, Holly Springs, Educ LU 0 Campaign volunteers support Lee Thigpen. 0 X ak JONES, Cassie, Magee, Lib.Art,A r JONES, Conigliaro, Terry, Lib.Art JONE S, Geoffrey, Belden, Lib.Art JONES, James, Univ., Llb.Art,K A JONES, Lisa, Holly Springs, Lib.Art JONES, Lou, Batesville, Educ JORDAN, Dwight, Forest, Lib.Art JUE, Danny, Indianola, Bus KEANEY, Patricia, Gautier, Law KEARNEY, Karen, West Memphis, AR, Lib.Art,4 ' M KEE, Laik, Univ, Engr KEIL, Kenneth, Mango, FL, Bus KELLERMAN, Catherine, Paducah, KY, Bus.,HB 4 ' KELLY, Layne, Carthage, Accy KERST, Lisa, West Memphis, AR, Lib.Art,H B 4 ' KHAN, Shahid, Only, Engr KHOR, Loong, Univ, Bus KILPATRICK, Kara, Memphis, Pharm,A A A KILPATRICK, Kimberly, Philadelphia, Law,4 ' M KING, LeAnne, Louisville, Educ,A A H KING, Amanda, Brandon, Bus KING, Margaret, Jackson, Lib.Art,4 ' M KIRBY, John, Natchez, Lib.Art KIRKLAND, Michelle, Baton Rouge, Bus.,K A KNEE, J.C., Chattanooga, TN, Bus.,X 4, KO, Margaret, Singapore, Llb,Art KOSSMAN, Natalie, Cleveland, Lib.Art KWANG, Hock, Singapore, Engr LAND, Margaret, Cary, NC, Lib.Art,K A LAWHON, Beth, Laurel, Lib.Art,A 0 LAWSON, Kay, Holly Springs, Bus LAWYER, Angel, Lamar, Lib.ArtA O H LEDBETTER, Lisa, Henderson, TN, Bus.,4 ' M LEOW, Aik-Jiang, Singapore, Lib.Art LEPESKA, Ellen, Collier ville, TN, Lib.Art Richard Whitley LEWIS, Walden, Baton Rouge, Lib.Art LIBERTO, Lisa, Germantown, TN, Bus.,,la M LIEUX, David, Baton Rouge, Bus., A E LISTENBEE, Sharon, Bruce, Educ LIVINGSTON, Carthage, Bus.,K A LLOYD, Jeffrey, Univ., Bus,K LODEN, Julian, Fulton, Lib.Art LONG, Jimmy, Southaven, Lib.Art LOTT, Chester, Pascagoula, Bus., LOUNSBURY, Jenna, Houston, TX, Bus.,A 0 H LOVE, Charoltte, Arcola, Lib.Art LOVORN, Douglas, Louisville, Lib.Art LOWTHER, John, Madisonville, KY, Lib.Art,r1? K LUCAS, Linda, Crystal City, MO, Educ LUCK, Milissa, Ocean Springs, Pharm,11B LUDLOW, William, Montgomery, TX, Educ,A LUM, Linda, Pace, Engr. LUSCO, Samuel, Vicksburg, Bus.,K Z MA ' AYA, Beverly, Ocean Springs, Lib.Art MAGEE, David, Oxford, Lib.Art MAGEE, Mary, Prentiss, Lib.Art,K A MAGEE, Richard, Jackson, Bus MALNER, Melanie, Clinton, Lib.Art MANNINO, Frederick, Gulfport, Lib.Art MARTIN, Angela, Kewanee, MO, Bus MARTIN, Marcia, Oxford, Educ MASON, Sonya, Sardis, Lib.Art,A 0 MATHEWS, Melinda, Oviedo, FL, Pharm Supportive Rebel fans at the Homecoming game. O O O Louis Stockett MASSEY, Wendy, Memphis, L ' ib.Art,K K MATHIS, Patrick, Corinth, Bus MAULDIN, , Jeff, Harry, Pas Memphis, cagoula, Bus McCASKILL McCOLLUM, Judith, Jackson, Accy,A r McCOMBS, Mary, Collierville, TN, Lib.Art McCRACKEN, Alan, Leland, Bus.,A McCROSKEY, James, Henderson, KY, Engr,K I McCUISTION, Bretton, Houston, TX, Bus McDANIEL, Michelle, Vicksburg, Lib.Art,K A McELHENNEY, James, Union, Lib.Art McGUIRE, Margaret, Oxford, Lib.Art McINTOSH, Gregory, Ft.Lauderdale, FL, Lib.Art McKEE, Christopher, Englewood, CO, Accy,4 ' K T McKINLEY, Laura, Oxford, Accy McKINNIE, Thomas, Henderson, TN, Lib.Art McLAUGHLIN, Marla, Odessa, FL, Lib.Art McLEOD, Billy, Columbus, Bus.,B 011 McMULLAN, Leigh, Kennett, MO, Educ,A A H McQUADE, Michael, Biloxi, Lib.Art,4, K T McRAE, Richard, Dekalb, Bus.,A T McSWAIN, Michael, Birmingham, AL, Lib.Art,A McWHIRTER, Amy, Olive Branch, Bus MEADOR, Charlene, Clinton, Bus MEEKS, Charles, Corinth, Accy MELTON, Univ, Engr Folsom, LA, Lib.Art,A A H MICHAEL, Darron, Booneville, Lib.Art MIDGETT, Jeanice, Hermitage, TN, Lib.Art,K MIKELL, Ray, Kosciusko, Lib.Art MILLER, James, Tupeol, Lib.Art MILLER, Lesley, Monroe, LA, Educ,4 ' M MILLER, Lai i Lynne, Jackson, Lib.Art,KK r MILLER, Michael. Moss Point, Engr MOELLENHOFF, Meg, Columbus, Lib.Art MOPIELD, Joseph, Univ, Bus MOO, Michael, Marietta, GA, Bus.,11 K A MOONEYHAM, Michele, Houston, Pharm MOORE, Allen, Southaven, Lib.Art MOORE, Dorothy, McComb, Accy,K A MOORE, James, Etta, Lib.Art MOORE, Mary, Memphis, Accy,A AA MOORE, Rebecca, Calhoun City, Educ MOORE, Theodosla, Atlanta, GA, Lib.Art,K K MORGAN, Jonathan, Jackson, Accy,A T MORGAN, William, Jackson, A 8 MORRISON, Jefferson, Versailles, KY, Bus MUNN, Jenne, Mendenhall, Lib.Art,X ft MURPHY, Theresa, Biloxi, Bus MURRAY, Kathleen, Jacksonville, IL, Educ,A A II MYERS, Christopher, Jackson, A 6 MYERS, Deana, Clinton. Lib.Art MYERS, Laurie, Calhoun City, Bus MYERS, Tommy, Byhella, Pharm MACE, Shirley, Germantown, TN, Bus NAVE, Jada, Kingston Spring, TN, Educ,rIB 4, NEAL, Karen, Perkinston, Lib.Art NELSON, Paul, Lib.Art NEUHOFF, Barbara, Montgomery, AL, Accy,A A A NGUYEN, Tu, Vietnam, Engr NGUYEN, Tuan, Oxford, Engr NETTLES, Douglas, Clinton, Bus NEWTON, Garner, Greenville, Engr,4 ' A 6 NIORELLE, Lisa, Dallas, Lib.Art NOBLE, Elizabeth, Montgomery, AL, Bus.,A A A NORMAN, Anna, Clarksdale, Educ,X K2 OAKES, Allison, Brandon, Lib.Art,K A 8 O ' LEARY, Crystal, Decatur, AL, Lib.Art O ' LEARY, Deborag, Pontotoc, Lib.Art 0 OUTZ, Daniel, Grenada, Lib.Art 0 Kimberly, Morton, Pharm OVERTON, Mona, Batesville, Pharm,A A A OWEN, Danita, New Albany, Law,A 0 II PADGETT, Marianne, Atlanta, Llb.Art,4 ' M PALCZYNSKI, Hellen, Lagrange Park, IL, Educ PALMER, Jeffrey, Villa Ridge, IL, Lib.Art,A 4, = PALMERTREE, Delete, Pontotoc, Educ Ci4 0 Tri-Delta ' s at the first UM pep rally. PARKER, Dorothy, Wiggins, Lib.Art PARKER, Kimberly, Vardaman, Llb.Art PATTON, Casandra, Oxford, Engr PEGRAM, Leigh, Tunica, Bus.,A A A PENDLETON, Brett, Jackson, PENICK, Tina, McComb, Pharm PERERA, Mihlpagalage, Engr PERKING, Patrick, Jackson, Lib.Art PETERSON, Penelope, Clinton, Bus PETITPREN, Georgette, New Orleans, Lib.Art PHILLIPS, Elizabeth, Bailey, Pharm PHILLIPS, Jones, Morton, Educ PIERCE, Jeremy, Vicksburg, Bus PIERSON, James, Baton Rouge, Bus.,K £ PIGOTT, Robin, Tylertown, Pharm PLEASANT8, Amy, Germantowe,TN, Bus,K K POAG, Anne, Clinton, Pharm POUNDS, Pepper, Greenville, Engr,£ X PRUETT, David, Memphis, Bus,I X PULLIAM, Lesla, Pontotoc, Lib.Art PULSE, Anthony, Bolivar,TN, K John Biggs Ashley Nicholas PUSTILNIK, Marcos, Houston, Lib.Art RAMSEY, William, Germantown, TN, Bus.,B RANDLE, Elizabeth, Jackson, Lib.Art RAPER, Cynthia, Osceola, AR, Educ,X RAYUURN, Shannon, Hattiesburg, Lib.Art RAZOR, Mark, Jackson, Lib.Art,A T RENO, Carolyn, Jackson, Bus.,K K r REED, Jerry, MS State, Lib.Art RICE, Kerry, Harper Woods, Ml, Lib.Art RICHARDSON, Erik, Union, Lib.Art,E RIDGWAY, James, Carbondale, IL, Lib.Art RIVERS, Loretta, Union, Lib.Art ROBERSON, Elizabeth, Greenwood, Bus.,X ROBERTSON, Kimberly, Mattson, Educ ROBERTSON, Rhonda, Crystal Springs, Lib.Art ROE, Robert, Southaven, Bus.,E N ROGERS, Anita, Ocean Springs, Bus ROGERS, Jery, Okolona, K T ROGERS, Kandace, Clinton, Bus.,A 1-• ROGERS, Perry, Enterprise, Lib.Art, ' k B ROSAMOND, Stephen, Univ ROSE, Mary, Starkville, Bus.,X ROWSEY, Perrin, Courtland, Pharm RUFF, Jennifer, Bartlett, TN, Educ,A A N RUSH, Tina, Pontotoc, Lib.Art RUSSELL, Rhonda, Jackson, Pharm,I1 B RUSSELL, Robert, Corinth, Pharm SAHAY, Deepak, Univ, Engr SALAZAR, Pamela, Coral Springs, FL, Lib.Art SALERNO, Scott, Washington, DC, Lib.Art SAMS, Kimberly, Jackson, TN, Lib.Art,A 0 n SANDERS, Dennis, Southaven, Pharm,K A SANDERS, Elizabeth, Tupelo, Lib.Art,K K F SAVELL, Timothy, Jackson, Bus.,I N SCARBOROUGH, Karen, Byhalia, Lib.Art SCHAFER, Thomas, New Orleans, Bus., A E SEELY, Linda, Moss Point, Lib.Art SELDEN, Claiborne, Memphis, Bus.,B B II SENSING, Wilbur, Brentwood, TN, Bus.,A T SHAHIN, Emad, Israel, Engr SHANKLE, Christopher, Batesville, Accy SHANMUGAM, Pushparajah, Univ, Engr UM students always enjoy football games. SHERMAN, Richard, Clarksdale, Lib.Art,B 9II SHERMAN, Susan, Louisville, KY, Bus.,A O H SHERRY, Leslie, Biloxi, Bus.,X SIA, Kian, Malasia, Bus Chee-Keat, Univ, Bus SIMON, Robert, Columbia, Lib.Art SIMPSON, Lucy, Jackson, Lib.Art SKELTON, Milton, Atlanta, Lib.Art SLAYTON, Douglas, Plano, TX, Bus. SMITH, David, Woodville, Bus.,K A SMITH, Stacy, McComb, Bus.,A SMITH, Mia, Slidell, LA, Bus.,X SOBOL, Valerie, Granite City, IL, Bus..K K F SOCKWELL, Samuel, Oxford, Bus SOLBERG, Ronald, Southaven, Accy,A T SPILLER, Elizabeth. Lake Charles, LA, Lib.Art,❑ B STALEY, Brian, Natchez, Lib.Art,X STEELE, Sharon, Calhoun City, Accy,A STEPHENS ON, Stacey, Germantown, TN, Bus,A A H STEVENS, William, Water Valley, Lib.Art STEWART, Calvin, Marks,Lib.Art Intramural football seems to be alot of fun to these guys! Ashley Nicholas STRATTON, Robin, Corinth, Bus STREET, Christy, Cleveland, Lib.Art,A A A STROM, Irina, luka, Lib.Art STYERS, Tammie, Oxford, Educ SUBRAMANIAM, Chandran, Univ SUGAR, Helene, Shreveport. LA. Lib.Art SUTTLES, Jennifer, Houston, TX. Lib.Art SWAYZE, Mary. Benton, Lib.Art,A A A SZUWALSKI, Elisa, Vicksburg, Engr TADLOCK, Kimberly, Clinton, Lib.Art TAVOLETI, Julie, Clarksdale, Educ,A A A TAYLOR, Clay, Jackson, Accy,4 ' K T TAYLOR, Leigh, Brooksville, Bus.4 ' M TAYLOR, Steven, Millington, TN, Lib.Art THAMES, Becky, Monticello, Accy,A 0 Ile THAMES, Edward, Tupelo, Lib.Art THARP, David, Winona, Pharm THOMAS, Charles, Wynne, AR, Lib.Art,A 4 ' THOMAS, Paul, Paducah, KY, Lib.Art THOMPSON, Catherine. Fayetteville, TN, Lib.Art THOMPSON, Paul, Birmingham, AL, Accy.X THOMPSON, Susan. Pascagoula, Accy TIDWELL, Greg, Murfreesboro, TN, Flus,K A TILLMAN, Jessica, Louisville, Accy TOLLISON, Deborah, Oxford, Engr TOLSON, Carol, Lafayette. LA, Lib.Art,K K TOWNSEND, Jerri, McCool, Lib.Art TRAYLOR, Mark, Germantown. TN, Bus TREBOTICH, David, Jackson, Engr TRIPLETT, Liz, Jackson, Lib.Art,K A TULLOS, Dana, Magee, Educ,4• M TYLER, Tracy, Duck Hill, Educ,A O H UNERWOOD, Sharon, Tupelo, Lib.Art UPSHAW, Megretta, Batesville, Engr VAN DAMME, Richard, Oxford, Lib.Art VARNELL, Sonya, Brandon. Lib.Art VAUGHAN, Elizabeth, Grenada, Lib.Art,A O H VAXTER, Barbara, Batesville, Bus WAGSTER, Emily, Jackson. Lib.Art WALDEN, Alan, Perkinston, Lib.Art,A WARREN, Jerre, South Fulton, TN, Bus,A WEEDEN, John, New Albany, Engr WELFORD, David, Pascagoula, Lib.Art WHITE, Mark. Pineville, LA, Lib.Art WHITTLE, Ellen, Newton, Lib.Art, ' T M WILEY, Laura, Oxford, Pharm WILSON, Lynn, Southaven, Lib.Art WOLFE, Kevin, Clarksdale, Lib.Art WORSHAM, Jerry, Greensburg. LA, Educ YATES, Denise, Taylorsville. Lib.Art YOSTE, Mary, Cordo va. TN, Educ,X 4, UNDERWOOD, Todd, Virginia Bch. VA, Bus,Il K A UTTER, Kathleen, Paducah, KY, Bus VANCE, David, Calhoun City, Lib.Art VICK, Christopher, Water Valley, Lib.Art VINING, Robert, Metairie, LA, Bus.K A VOGLE, Victoria, Saucier, Lib.Art VOIGT, Dyanna, Memphis, Bus,A A WADLEY, Donna, Abbeville, Bus WALDROP, Steven, Madison, Lib.Art,E N WALLER, Deborah, Oxford, Lib.Art WALLER, Thomas, Oxford, Engrg K WALSH, Angela, Memphis, Accy4 M Tuck Loon Ole Miss drummers practice for fall football games. WALSH, Nicholas, Collegeville, PA, Lib.Art WALTERS, Renee, Jackson, Lib.Art,K K WARREN, Elizabeth, Greenwood, Accy,X WATERS, Amy, Oxford, Pharm WATKINS, Michelle, Ridgeland, Lib.Art,K K WATSON, Philip, Dana Point, CA, Engr WAYNE, Cindy, Corinth, Lib.Art WEBER, Lisa, New Albany, Lib.Art WELCH, Nina, Oxford, Educ WELLS, Melinda, Oxford, Pharm,A A H WEST, Sabrina, New Albany, Lib.Art,A 0 H WHITEHEAD, Beth, England, AR, Bus,4 ' M WHITEHEAD, Mamie, Columbia, Lib.Art,X 11 WHITLEY, Richard, Covington, TN, Bus,4 ' K T WILLIAMS, Alice, Memphis, Lib.Art,A .A II WILLIAMS, Dexter, Tougatoo, Lib.Art WILLIAMS, Ernest, Oxford, Lib.Art,I X WILLIAMS, Michele, Jackson, Bus,H B 4, WILLIAMS, Robin, Laurel, Lib.Art,A WILLIS, Chandra, Meridian, Lib.Art WILSON, Laurinda, FilaAerdate, Lib.Art WILSON, Timothy, Osyka, Lib.Art WISE, Dixon, Jackson, Bus, X WITT, Martha, New Albany, Educ,A WOOD, Charles, Univ, Lib.Art WOODS, Mary, Metairie, LA, Lib.Art,K A WOODS, Randly, Southaven, Lib.Art WOOTEN, Victoria, Jackson, Bus.4, M WRIGHT, Laura, Tupelo, Educ WYATT, Elizabeth, Lib.ArLA A YAGER, Ann, Madison, Lib.Art,A A H YARBER, Sandy, Corinth, Educ YEGGE, Gerald, Buffalo Center, IA, Lib.Art YOUNG, Michelle, Houston, TX, Educ Band members posing for the camera after a " Pride of the South " performance. 0 0 0 z tri Band member Graham Strickland performs with the Pride of the South band during halftime at football games. John Biggs ABERNETHY, James, Tupelo, Lib.Art,d, K T ABEL, Jerry, Duck Hill, Bus. ADAMS, Jack, University, Pharm. ADAMS, Valerie, Cleveland, Llb.Art,A K A AINSWORTH, Nicole, Brookport, IL, Llb.Art,K A B AKHTAR, Imran, Kitwe, Engr.Sch. ALEXANDER, Lamar, Jackson, Accy Sch,K A ALFORD, Amanda, Macomb, IL, Lib Art,A A II ALLEN, Kevin, Corinth, ACCY Sch,X tit ALLEN, Tracy, University, Lib. Art. ALLEY, Kristle, Starkville, Lib. Art. ALLFRED, Tracy, Summit, Bus. Sch,I1B 4 ' ALVVAREZ, Jeanne, Metairie, LA, Lib. Art,Il B 4 ' ANDERSON, James, Holly Springs, Engr. Sch. ARNOLD, Dicran, Madison, IL, Bus. Sc ARTHUR, Donald, Corinth. Bus. Sch. ASHLEY, Clint, Hazlehurst, Lib. Art. BABERS, Petula, Milwaukee, WI, Pharm. Sch. BAECHLE, Sheri, Wheaton, IL, Lib. Art.,K A 0 DAGGETT, Tracy, Water Valley, ACCY Sch. BAGWELL, Rebecca, Boone, NC, Lib. Art. BAILEY, James, Greenville, Lib, Art,A BAKER, Adelaide, University, Lib. Art, 0 BALLARD, Tommy, Gulfport, Bus. Sch. BARNES, Christopher, Glen, ACCY Sch. BARNES, Paul, Natchez, Lib. Art. BARNETT, Paula, Oxford, Lib. Art. BARRETT, Katherine, Orlando, FL, Lib. Art. BARRETT, Renee, Rienzi, Lib. Art. BARRICK, Aaron, Matthews, NC, Bus. Sch. BATSON, Mickey, Duncan, SC, Educ. Sch. BAUCUM, Amanda, Oxford, Bus. Sch, BEARD, James, Hickory Flat, Bus. Sch,$ B BEARD, Ricky, Booneville, Bus. Sch. BELTON, James, Memphis, Bus. Sch,it K BENJAMIN, Krissy, Oxford, Bus. Sch. BENNETT, Scott, Tunica, Bus. Sch, N BENSON, Mary, Tupelo, Educ. Sch. BENTON, Louis, St. Louis. MD,A T BETHANY, Robin, Meridian, Lib. Art,A A A BETHANY, Timothy, Meridian, Lib. Art. BIDDY, Brad, Grenada, Engr. Sch,A T 11 BISHOP, Angela, Plantersville, Educ. Sch. BLACKMARR, William, Oxford, Lib. Art. BLACKWELL, Kathy, Pascagoula, Bus. Sch,A BLALOCK, Tabatha, Liberty, Lib. Art. BLAND, Camille, Grand JCT, TN, ACCY Sch. 011 BLEDSOE, Nanette, McCarley, Bus. Sch. BOWDRE, John, Hernando, Pharm. Sch. BOWEN, Scott, Biloxi, Llb. Art. BOWEN, Wendy, Philadelphia, LIb. Art. BOWERS, ane, University, Lib. Art. BOWLIN, Amanda, Shreveport, Lib. Art. BOZEMAN, Jeffery, Hazlehurst, Bus. Sch,B 011 BRACKEN, William, Meridian, Lib. Art. BRADSHAW, Linda, Pittsboro. Lib. Art. BRANTLEY, Lisa, Brandon, Lib. Art. BREAZEALE, Kavanaugh, Port Gibson, Lib. Art,H K A BREWER, Emily, Tupelo, Educ. Sch. BRIM, Patricia, Tupelo, Lib. Art. BRINKLEY, Lester, Drew, Educ. Sch. BROCK, Oliver, McComb, Lib. Art. BROOKS, Michael, Hattiesburg, Lib. Art, N Hamp Overton An Ole Miss student ' s dream comes true at the Exxon station. BROWN, Davis, Oxford. Lib. Art. BROWN, Jennifer, Batesville, Lib. Art. BROWN, Jane, Booneville, ACCY Sch. BROWNLEE, John, Senatobia, Educ. Sch. BRYANT, Molly, Gulfport, ACCY Sch. BUCHANAN, Jeffery, Albertville, AL, Lib. Art. BUCKLEY, Henry. Cantonment. FL, Lib. Art. BUFORD, Donna, Glendora. Lib. Art. BUGG, Doran, Corinth, Lib. Art,A BULLARD, Gary, Oxford, ACCY Sch. BULLARD, Kimberly. Corinth, Educ. Sch. BULLEN, Ann, Brownsville, TN, Lib Art,A 011 BUNTIN, Anne, Memphis, Lib. Art,K A 0 BURGE, John, Jackson. Bus. Sch,E X SURKARDT, Angela, Meridian. Lib. Art,Il B 4, BYERS, Alison, Opelousas, LA. Lib. Art. BYRD, Allison, Collierville, Bus. CAFFEY, Cheryl. Batesville, Lib. Art.I1 B 4 ' CALDWELL, Brenda, Nesbit, Bus. Sch. CALHOUN, Dawn, Nornbeak. TN. CALLOWAY, Neida. Tupelo, Bus. Sth. CAMPBELL, Douglas. Jackson, Bus. Sch. CARDONE, Christopher, Rabun Gap. GA, Lib. Art. CARMICHAEL, Virginia, Brandon, Bus. Sch. CARTER, Cherie. Forrest City, AR, Lib. Art,41 B 4, CARY, Shelley, Little Rock, ACCY Sch,H B CATANIA, Monica, Statesville, NC, Lib. Art. CATE, Collin, Irvine, GA. Bus. Sch,K A CAYSON, Jeanne. Tupelo, Bus. Sch. CHAMBLEE, Philip, Carthage. Bus. Sch. CHAMPLIN, Jodi. Pensacola. Bus. CHILDS, Sonya. Corinth, Lib. Art. CHILDS, Thomas, Ethel, Lib. Art.,, 4r CHIN, Tet. Sabah. Bus. CLAPP, Dorothy, Garretsville, OH, Bus.,A ,[I CLARK, James, Jackson, Bus.,4, A 9 CLARK, Stephan, Southaven, Lib. Art. CLEMENTS, Sarah. Tupelo, Bus.,K A COLBURN, Lora. Baytown, TX, Accy. COLE, Christy, Paris, TN, Lib. Art.,: COLE, Lisa, Abbeville. Educ.,Il B COLE, Stuart, Dallas, Lib. Art..43 A COLLIER, Christina, Memphis. Bus.,A A H COLLIER, Todd. Bartlett, Lib. Art. COLLINS, Kimberly, Cleveland, Lib. Art.,X COLLUMS, Jimrnu, Corinth, Lib. Art. CONDON, Mary Anne, Hinsdale, IL, Educ.,K A 8 COOK, Cathy. Hickory Flat, Accy. COOK, Gregory, Souhaven, K T COON, David, Sanda Rosa, FL, Lib. Art. COOPER, Patrick, Carthage, Accy. COURTNEY, Sharon, Hattiesburg, Lib. Art.,11 B 4 COURTNEY, Tanya, Souhaven, Lib. Art. COX, Art J., Columbus, Lib. Art.,E X COX, Barry, Memphis, Lib. Art. COX, David, Pensacola, Lib. Art COX, Russell, Byhalia, MS. Lib. Art. COX, William, Birmingham, Lib. Art. CRAFT, Paul, Memphis, Bus.,A T CRAIG, Brend3, Dellrose, TN, Lib. Art. CRANE, Martin, Gulfport, Bus. CRAWFORD, Jon, Jackson, Bus. CRAWFORD, Philip, Baldwyn, Bus. Co CROWLEY, Sheila, Maben, Lib. Art. CRUM, Patrick, Vardaman, Lib. Art. CRUMP, Pamela, Jackson, TN. Lib. Art. CRUMPTON, Natalie, New Albany, Educ. CUEVAS, Milton, Bethlehem, PA, Accy. DABBS, Willis, Clarksdale, Engr. DAGHMACH, Hak math, Syria, Engr. DALAISON, Rubens, Union City, CA, Bus. DALE, Maureen, Monticello, Educ.,A F DANIELS, Lelia, Quitman, Bus. DAVES, Michael, Canton, Bus. DAVIDSON, Linda, New Albany, Bus. DAY, Jerry, Holly Springs, Lib. Art. DEARMAN, Sarah, Jackson, Educ.,FIB 4, Students enjoy themselves at Square Books. DEATON, Bradley, University, Pharm. DEMBOSKI, John, Louisville, MS, Lib. Art. DENDY, Micheal, Houston, MS, Bus. DESILVA, Ajit, Lanka, Eng, DICKERSON, Penny, Decatur, Educ. DICKERSON, Ronald, Clinton, Bus.,K DICKEY, William, Potts Camp, Bus.,X 4 ' DILLARD, David, New Albany, Accy. DILLOW, Lynda, Jonesboro, IL, Accy. DOWE, Amy, Utica, Lib. Art. DOWNEY, Mary Ann, Yazoo City, Educ. DRAUGHON, Elizabeth, Frankenmuth, IL, Pharm.,A A A DRUMMOND, Lisa, New Albany, Lib. Art. DUNLAP, Gary, Hernando, Engr. DUNLAP, Nadene, Bay Springs, Lib. Art.,4 I 8 DYE, Hampton, Jackson, Accy.,X N EATON, Mark, Baldwyn, Engr. EDWARDS, Carmon, Guntown, Educ. EDWARDS, Jerry, Jackson, Engr. ELAM, Kimberly, Corinth, Lib. A rt. ELLIS, John, Vicksburg, Bus. ELMORE, Susan, Vaiden, Lib. Art. EMERSON, William, Vicksburg, Lib. Art. ESTES, Christi, Clinton, Bus.,A A H ESTILL, Duane, Corinth, Lib. Art. EUBANKS, Angela, Oakland, Pharm.,A A H EVANS, James, Milan, TN, Lib. Art. FAIR, Frederic, Gainesville, FL, Bus.,K X FALAH, Marwan, Nashville, Engr. FAULKNER, Romus, Senatobia, Lib. Ar t. FERO, Juliette, Ocean Springs, Lib. Art. FLANAGAN, Scarlette, Grenada, Lib. Art. FLINN, Mary, Hernando, Bus. FLOYD, Beverly, Batesville, Bus. FOARD, Mary, Lafayette, LA, Lib. Art. FOX, Julia, Pontotoc, Lib. Art. FOX, Shannon, Calhoun City, Bus., A A A FRANCIS, Edward, Chalmette, LA, Accy.,K FRANKS, Sharron, Pontotoc, Educ. PRATES!, Lisa, Leland, Lib. M FRIERSON, Lavorace, Oxford, Bus. FUNK, Tommy, Harlingen, TX, Bus. GARDNER, Jon Lea, Hattiesburg, Bus. GARNER, Lee, Pearl, Lib. Art. GARNER, Todd, Vidalia, LA, Bus. GARRETT, Phillip, Baldwin, Lib. Art. GATES, James, Tyler, TX, Lib. Art. GATES, Patti, Corinth, Lib. Art. CAUDET, Catherine, Natchez, Lib. Art.,Ar Hamp Overton GEBHART, Michelle, Jackson, Educ.,K A GENTRY, Beatrice, Tunica, Lib. Art. GENTRY, Timothy, Pontotoc, Engr. GIBBS, Michael, Newton, Lib. Art. GIFFORD, Tracey, Rienzi, Lib. Art. GILBERT, Barbara, Starkville, Bus. GILCHRIST, Kathryn, Carthage, Lib. Art.,A GILDER, Melanie, Jackson, Educ. GLIDEWELL, Sherry, Corinth, Educ. GODFREY, Troy, Jacksonville, Bus. GOODMAN, Alan, Jackson, Engr..Z N GOODWIN, Ginger, Jackson, Bus.,A A A GOODWIN, John, University, Engr. GOODWIN, William, Meridian, Bus.,X Future Rebels enjoy Colonel Rebel ' s company. Hamp Overton GORDON, Charles, Laurel, Lib. Art.,X H GORDON, Valerie, Meridian, Lib. Art.,H B 4 GOSA, Tina, Jackson, Bus. GOVINDASAMY, Visvanathan, Jchore, Engr GRAHAM, Hardy, Meridian, Lib. Art.,I1K A GRAMLING, Robert, Indianola, Lib. Art. GRAY, Christi, Pontotoc, Educ. GRAY, Mike, Corinth, Engr.,K X GREGORY, Lorie, New Albany, Accy. GRIFFIN, Timothy, Tupelo, Bus. GROGAN, Allison, Canton, Lib. Art.,X GUIN, Brett, West Memphis, Lib. Art. GULLETT, Stephen , Hernando, Lib. Art. GUNN, Gloria, Tupelo, Accv. GUTIERREZ, Luis, New York, New York, Engr. GUYTON, David, Tupelo, Bus.I X HABEEB, Albert, Vicksburg, Lib. Art. HALE, Jason, Clarksdale, Lib. Art. HALL, Elizabeth, Ocean Springs, Lib. Art. HALL, Randle, Walnut, Educ. HAMLIN, Angela, Corinth, Bus. HARDIN, James, Long Beach, Bus.,4 K HARDIN, Timothy, Fulton, Engr. HARDING, Charles, Southaven, Bus.,X HARRISON, Darrell, Eupora, Bus. HARRISON, Deborah, Courtland, Lib. Art. HART, Cyndi, Crossett, AR, Educ.,4 ' M HARTFORD, Carol, Jackson, Lib. Art. HAMMER, Shannon, Glendora, MS, Educ. HEAD, Jean, Jackson, Accy. HELM, Thomas, Pass Christian, Lib. Art. HELTON, Kathy, Burnsville, Lib. Art. HELTON, Pamela, Oxford, Accy. HENDERSON, Bryan, New Albany, Engr. HENDRIX, Michael, Big Creek, Bus. HENRY, Carol, Kosciusko, Bus.,A O II HENRY, Randy, Oxford, Bus. HENRY, Thomas, Oxford, Bus. HENSLEY, Elizabeth, Holly Springs, Lib. Art. HERMAN, Tammy, Hattiesburg, Lib. Art. HERRING, Robert, Memphis, Bus. HERRINGTON, Jeanne, Metairie, LA, Educ.,K A HERRON, Lynda, New Orleans, Educ. HERRON, Shelia, Coldwater, Bus. HERTLEIN, Doris, Grenada, Bus.,RB 4 HESS, Kurt, Arlington, VA, Bus. HEWITT, Melissa, Natchez, Educ.,4 ' M HIGHTOWER, Pamela, Houlka, Educ. HILTON, Frances, Mendenhall, Pharm. 0 John Biggs HO, Ching. Kowloon, Engr. HODGES, Amanda, Leaksville, Educ HOLLEY, Edward, Oxford, Lib. Art. HOLLAND, Anthony, Memphis, Bus. HOLLOWAY, Jerry, Pontotoc, Bus. HOLLOWELL, Jennifer, Olive Branch, Bus„iii, M HOLMES, David, Wiggins. Engr. HONAN, Kevin, Woodbury, Bus. HOOD, Robin. Blue Springs, Lib. Art. HOPKINS, Angela, University, Lib. Art. HOPKINS, Scottie. Tupelo, Engr. HOPPER, Richard, Hernando, Bus. HOWARD, Dawn, Lucedale, Lib. Art. HOWARD, Denise. Columbus, Lib. Art.,A K A HOLLOWELL, Jennifer, Olive Branch, Bus. HUBBARD, Phyllis, Oxford, Lib. Art. HUDSON, Stephen, Jackson, Lib. Art. HURT, Linda, Sardis, Lib. Art. HUTSON, Angela. Brandon. Lib. Art. INGRAHAM, Carol, Jackson. TN, Lib. Art., M INMAN, Willard, Jackson, Lib. Art. INTHARAJAH, Kanendran, University, Engr. IVERSON, Gary, Picayune, Bus. IVERSON, Mary, Picayune, Bus. JACKSON, Gregory. Crystal Springs, Cduc. JACKSON, Sherri, Lake Conmanort, Lib. Art. JACOB, Cassandra. Clarksdale, Lib. Art. JENNINGS, Tara. Batesville, Lib. Art.,F1B Porky!! JARRETT, Sylvia, Bruce, Bus., A 0 11 JETER, Ronald, New Albany, Pharm. JOHNS, Williams, Memphis, Bus. JOHNSON, Clyde. New York, Engr. JOHNSON, Kenneth, Winona, Bus, K JOHNSON, Randy, Banner. Engr. JOHNSTON, Tommy, Summit, Bus. JONES, Bonnie, Doddsville, Accy. JONES, Gerald. Plano, TX. Bus. JONES, Julia, Clarksdale, Law Ctr.,X JONES, Laura, Munster, IN. JONES, William, Meridian, Accy. JONES, William, Randolph, Lib. Art. KAVELMAN, Katherine, Simpson, IL, Bus.,K A () KEARNEY, Mary Lu, Jackson, Bus.,A A II KEEL, Gary, Pass Christian, Lib. Art. KELLER, George, Crown Point, NY, Engr. KELLEY, Ed, Brentwood. Lib. Art.,E X KELLEY, William, University, Engr. KELLY, Charles, Tupelo, Lib. Art. KELLY, Dina, Vicksburg, Educ. KELLY, John, Union, Accy.,4 ' K T KELLY, Katelyn, Breuillet, France, Lib. Art.,K A 0 KELLY, Scott, Clinton, Lib. Art. KENNEY, Stephanie, Jackson, Lib. Art,4 ' M KHAN, Amir, Pakistan, Engr. KING, Cecil, Pearl, Accy. KLOHA, Pamela, Holly Springs, Lib. Art.,A F KLOTZ, Cecilia, Mobile. Bus.,A A A KLOTZ, Saraya, Bald Knob, Lib. Art. KNIGHT, John, Lafayette, Bus. KNIGHT, Michael, Oxford, Bus. KNOCHEL, Kimberly, Jackson, Lib. Art. KOEHLER, Julie, Denver, Lib. Art. LADNIER, Walter, Biloxi, Lib. Art. LAFFERTY, Austin, White Deer,.TX, Bus.,E X LAWHON, Leslie. Tupelo, Educ. LEA, Clark, Belleair. FL, N LEE, Benjamin, Summit, Lib. Art. LEE, Ching, Malasia. Eng, LEE, Jeffery, New Albany, Lib. Art, LEE Kengwoh. Jaya Selangor, Bus. LEE, Michael, New Hebron. Accy. LEE, Mitchell, New Hebron, Accy. LEONG, KoK Toong, Singapore, Engr. LEWIS, Darin, Bay St. Louis, Lib. Art. LEWIS, Suzanne, New Orleans, Educ.,A LIM, Lum Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Engr. LINDLEY, Angelia, Ripley, Lib. Art. LIU, Suon-Laong, University, Accy. LOWE, Michael, Vicksburg, Engr.,K X LUCAS, AI, Newton, Lib. Art..I N LUSHER, Susan, Coldwater, Lib. Art. LYNCH, Hugh. Oxford, Bus.,X N LYTAL, Cynthia, Myrtle, Accy. MAGEE, Daniel, Magee, MS, Bus., d) K T MAGEE, Martin, Western Springs, IL, Lib. Art., c4 K 4 ' MAGRUDGER, Harris, Jackson, Bus.,4, MAIER. James, Natchez, Lib. Art. MALLORY, Sarah, Clifton, IL, Lib. Art. MALONE, Parry, Pensacola, FL, Bus.,K MANKOWSKI, Kathleen, Dallas, Lib. Art. MAPLES, Anthony, University, Bus. 17: " NF.47- 11F-11k. Rebels celebrate the win over Mississippi State Bulldogs. T T John Biggs MAPLES, Sandra, Water Valley, Educ. MARECLE, Donna, Tupelo. Accy. MARK, Siong-Theng, Singapore, Lib. Art. MARSHALL, Jena, Calhoun City, Lib. Art. MARTIN, Amy, Pelahatchie, Educ. MARTIN, Charlotte, St. Louis, Law Ctr...1I MARTIN, Marina, Arlington, Bus.,K MARTIN, Mitchell, Pelahatchie, Engr, MATHIS, Barbara, Oxford, Educ, MATHIS, Mark, Corinth, Eng, MATKINS, Ricky, Tupelo. Lib. Art.,a 4, MATTHEWS, James, Bailey, Lib. Art. MATTINA, Rose Ann, Biloxi, Accy. MAXCY, Karen, Tupelo, Bus. MAY, Elizabeth, Jackson, Educ.,A A ,5 MAYFIELD, Jay, Etta, Lib. Art. MCCAIN, Cynthia, Batesville, Lib. Art. MCCARTT, Scott, Germantown. Engr. MCLARTY, Janet, Byhalia, MS, Educ. MCCLURE, Rebecca, Sardis, Accy. MCDANIEL, Max, Jackson, Lib. Art. MCDILL, Eddie, Forest, Educ. MCDONALD, Joe, Pontotoc, Lib. Art. MCELWAIN, Maelyse, Grenada, Accy.J.1 MCGLOTHLIN, Thomas, Laurel, Lib. Art. MCGLOWAN, James, Oxford, Lib. Art. MCKINNEY, Robert, Booneville, Lib. Art. MCKINSTPY. Jeffrey, Atianta, Bus. MCLELLAN, Tammy, Oxford, Bus. MCNAIR, Gregory, Union, Accy. MCPHERSON, Meredith, Germantown, Accy.,,1 A A MEDINA, Javier, Lima, Lib. Art. MEEKS, Shelia, Leland, Pharm. MEGGS, Scott. Freeburg, IL. Engr. MEHROTRA, Amit, India, Engr. MENHAL, Patty, Greenville, Accy, MESSER, Pamela, Oxford, Accy. MILLER, Jane, Jackson, Bus. MILLIKEN, Gena, Dewitt, AR, Lib. Art.,11 B MIMS, Robert, Jackson, Accy., ,I, A MINOR, Kimberley, Waterford, Educ. MITCHELL, Brian, Clarksdale, Lib, Art, MIZE, Janet, Paris, MS, Lib. Art. MOORE, Susanne, Sardis, Educ. MORGAN, Barry, Florence, Bus. MORPHIS, LauraLee, Madison, Bus. MORPHIS, Paul, Meridian, Bus. MORRISON, Ardith, Slidell, LA, Lib. Art.,K A El MOSLEY, Sheila, New Albany, Bus. MOYER, Dean, Brentwood, Llb. Art., X MULLINS, Walter, Natchez, Lib. Art.,I X MURRAY, Laura, Clinton, Accy.,K K 1 ' NAVAILLE, Christie, Carmel, CA, Educ. NEAL, Barron, Oxford, Llb. Art. NEAL, Stuart, Palantine, IL, Lib. K NEAL, Thomas, Winona, Bus. NEELLY, Edwin, Tupelo, Bus.,K A NEELLY, Michael, Fairport, NY, Lib. Art.,A T St NELMS, Kimberly, Pascagoula, Educ.,K A NG, Yan-Tho, Singapore, Bus. NELSON, Brandi, Houston, TX, Lib. Art. NELSON, Karl, Yazoo City, Pharm.,K NETZ, Cheryn, Lexington, Lib. Art.,K K r NICHOLAS, Tammy, Meridian, Llb. NICHOLS, Keith, Olive Branch, Lib. Art.,A T f, O ' CONNOR, Stephen, Herrin, IL, Engr.,I H OH, Yew-Khcon, Kuala Lumpur, Engr. OLIVER, Verdell, Hernando, Lib. Art., B I Janet, Kosciusko, Lib. Art. OWEN, Katie, Meridian, Bus. tZ PARIS, Rachel, Indianola, Bus.,X f PARKER, Jeffery, Vardaman, Lib. Art. PARKER, Stacy, Glen Ellyn, IL, Bus.,I1 B 4, Dennis, Yazoo City, Bus. PERSON, Matthew, New Orleans, Accy. PEARSON, Robert, Kosciusko, Lib. Art, PATTI, Michael, Jackson, Lib. Art. 0 1, Colonel Rebel with his fans. John Biggs PETTY, Wade, Pearsall, TX, Lib. Art. PHILLIPS, Deborah, Jackson, PHILLIPS, Nancy, Jackson, TN, Engr. PHILLIPS, Perry, Hattiesburg, Accy.,I N PICKERING, Allison, Laurel, Llb. Art.,X POLK, Tim, Algoma, Bus. PORTER, Patty, Okolona, Educ. POYNTER, Elaine, Ripley, Bus.,A O re PRUETT, Paula, Collinsville, Lib. Art. PRUETT, Poppy, Pittsburgh, Engr.,A A II RAINER, George, Brandon, Accy.,B 0 II RAINES, Daniel, Long Beach, Lib. Art. RAMOS, Debra, Vancleave, MS, Lib. Art. RAMSEY, David, Baton Rouge, Bus.,K RASCO, Kent, Dewitt, AR, Educ.,K K r RATHER, Mary, Lexington, Lib. Art.,A A II RATLIFF, Sharon, Brandon, Lib. Art.,K A RAWLS, Tara, Columbia, Accy. REED, Tammy, Noxapater, Educ. RICHARDSON, Jonathan, Louisville, MS, Lib. Art.,K RICHARDSON, Marie, Charleston, MS, Lib. Art. RICKS, Jacqueline. N. Carrollton, Lib. Art. RIDDELL, Chris, Corinth, Bus. RIEM, Sharon, Hernando, Bus. RILEY, Christopher, Lexington, Bus.,K A ROBERTS, Richard, Jackson, Bus,,E; N ROBBINS, Danny, Blue Mountain. Educ. ROBERTSON, Blake, Booneville, Lib. Art.,F1K A ROBERTSON, Tracey, Oxford, Educ. ROGERS, Robbie, Kossuth. Accy. ROLAND, Cynthia, Glen, Bus. ROLFE, Richard, Springfield, Bus. ROSS, Lynn, Olive Branch. Educ. ROWELL, Randall, Kokomo, Engr.,A T ROY, Nichole, Mansura, LA, Lib. Art. RUBENSTEIP1, David, Cleveland, Accy. RUCKER, Robert, Vaiden, Lib. Art. RYALS, Tammany, Saucier, Educ. SANDEFUR, Rebecca, Greenville, Lib. Art.,A A A SANFORD, Heidi, Clinton, Lib. Art.,K A 13 SARTAIN, Jeffrey, Dennis, Accy. SARTAIN, Phil, Corinth, Bus. SARTOR, Harriet, Oxford, Pharm. SCOTT, Cynthia, Houston, Accy. SCRIBNER, Michael, Tupelo, Accy. SELVA, Mary, Apo, NY, Accy. SHARP, Richard, Southaven, Educ. SHARPLIN, Micheal, Moselle, Lib. Art. SHEEHAN, Pamela, St. Louis, MO, Educ.,A SHEFFIELD, Sherry, Tupelo, Bus. SHELTON, Anthony, Richardson, TX. Engr. SHELTON, Nam, Ocean Springs, Engr. SHIPMAN, Angela, Corinth, Accy. SILLS, Jon, Madison, Lib. Art. SIMS, Kimberly, Trinity, AL. Lib. Art. SIMMS, Susan, Oxford, Engr. SIMS, Kevin, Jackson, Bus.,E SIT, Frances, Vicksburg. Lib. Art. SLOVER, Russell, Natchez, Lib. Art. SMALLWOOD, John, Jackson, Lib. Art. SMITH, Bryan, Corinth, Accy. SMITH, Jennifer, Pascagoula, Lib. Art.,A 0 TI SMITH, Melinda , Blue Mountain, Lib. Art. Band members stand at attention. 0 id CP SMITH, Orma, Corinth, Lib. Art.,E, X SMITH, Timothy, Hattiesburg, Bus. SMITH, Timothy, Southaven, Lib. Art. SNELLINGS, Kimberly, Bruce, Bus. SOEHN, Elwood, Gatlinburg, Bus. SOO, Kwong, Malaysia, Engr. SOUTHAND, David, Tishomingo, Pharm. SPIERS, Melissa, Gulfport, Lib. Art. SPRATLIN, Arthur, Bruce, Accy.,K A STALEY, Kathryn, Brandon, Lib. Art.,K A 8 STEELE, Susan, Calhoun City, Bus.,: STEVENS, Mary, Birmingham, Lib. Art.,A A STEVERSON, William, Ripley, Lib. Art. STEWART, Sherria, St. Louis, MO, Pharm. STEWART. Steven, McComb, Bus. STITT, John, Yazoo City, Lib. Art. STONE, Robert, Corinth, Bus. STORK, Susan, Kosciusko, Lib. Art.4 A A STRICKLAND, Todd, Memphis, Accy. STROTHER, Mary, Pascagoula, Lib. Art.,K A STRUSS, William, Gulfport, Lib. Art. 111 GM football players love beating State! SULLIVAN, Brenda, University, Lib. Art. SULLIVAN, Susan, Zachary, LA, Bus.,X SUMMERS, Kay, Olive Branch, Accy.,Il B 4 ' SVEHLAK, Christopher, Picayune, Bus.,X TAN, Chow-Khong, Malaysia, Engr. TAN, Mee, University, Bus. TAN, Sook Wah, Johore, Bus. TAN, Teck Shoon, University, Bus. TATE, Crystal, Ecru, Lib. Art. TATUM, Ronnie, Ripley, Lib. Art. TAYLOR, Bettina, Southaven, Bus. TAYLOR, Renee, Murray, KY, Accy.,I1 B TAYLOR, Susan, Belmont, Educ. TERRY, Janice, Coila, Lib. Art. TERRY, Kristin, Nashville, Bus.,A , II TERWILLIGER, Susan, West Memphis, Lib. Art.,4 ' M THARP, Beverly, Tupelo, Educ. THOMAS, Bryan, Pace, Lib. Art. THOMAS, Cynthia, Greenville, Educ.,A THOMAS, Rosie, Winona, Bus., A f) THOMAS, Sherrye, Waterford, Lib. Art. THORN, Lisa, Dennis, Lib. Art. THORN, Teresa, Dennis, Lib. Art. TILL, Glen, Jackson, Lib. Art.,£ N TISON, Anmarle, Harrisburg, IL, Lib. Art. TOBIN, Dina, Oxford, Educ.,4 ' M TRAYLOR, Terry, Oxford, Accy. TRUE, Robert, Oxford, Bus. TRW:I MU, Hugh, Jackson, Accy.,A T TUCKER, Bryan, Yazoo City, Engr. TURNER, Doubles, Jackson, Accy.,K TURNER, Martha, Belzoni, Educ.,A TURNER, Rosanne, Belzoni, Lib. Art.,X TURNER, Susan, Memphis, Bus.,A A II UHLS, Daniel, Franklin, KY, Engr. UPTON, Timothy, Oxford, Bus. UTLEY, Brenda, French Camp, Lib. Art. VANDIVER, Tammy, Corinth, Bus. VAN ZANDT, Elizabeth, Jackson, Bus. VILLAGER, Tiffany, Nashville, Lib. Art.,A WADE, Kathy, Ellisville, Bus. WADE, Robert, Memphis, Accy., A E WALDSAUER, Scott, Vicksburg, Bus. WALLS, Aaron, Oxford, Bus. WALSH, Elsie, Liberty, Pharm. WALTON, Virginia, Memphis, Educ,4 ' M WARE, Sharon, Belden, Accy. WARREN, Jennie, Clifton, TN,Educ. WARREN, Tyrone, Natchez, Bus. WATFORD, Lisa, Pensacola, FL, Educ. WATSON, Anne, Picayune, Lib.Arts. WEATHERSBY, Melody, Laurel, Accy,A A H WEAVER, Thomas, Tupelo, Llb.Arts. WEBB, Michael, Saltillo, Accy. WEEDEN, Michael, Blue Springs, Lib.Arts WELDON, Barbara, Randolph, Educ. WESLEY, Robert, PoplarvIlle, Lib. Arts,I n WESTFAUL, Jay, Moss Point, Llb.Arts., X WESTLING, William, Milton, FL, Engr. WHEATLEY, James, Madison, Bus. WHEELER, Debra, luka, Bus. WHITE, Charlotte, Jackson, Lib.Arts, ❑ II WHITE, Susan, Atlanta, GA, Lib.Arts,d, M Pam Remer Rushees are escorted into the Kappa Delta house. WILLIAMS, Jeffrey, Charleston, Eng, WILLIAMS, John, Jackson, Bus.K WILLIAMS, Paige, Tupelo. Lib.Arts. X WILLIAMSON, Peggy. Greenwood, Educ, X 11 WILLIAMS, Richard, Ft Washington. MO, Educ WILLIAMS, Susan, Corinth, Educ. WILLIAMS, Todd, Columbus, Lib.Arts. WILLIAMS, Todd, Olive Branch, Engrg K WILSON, Greg, Jackson, Bus.,X WINDHAM, Jeffrey, N. Aurora, IL,Bus,A T CI WISE, Charlsy, Tupelo, Bus.,AZ WISE, Geritta, Booneville, Lib.Arts. WITT, Todd, Belmont, Educ. WOLFE, Marcia, Senatobia, Educ. WOOTEN, Mary, Arcola, Lib.Arts WOOTEN, Bill, Jackson, Lib.Arts.X WRIGHT, Amy, Tupelo, Accy.A WROTEN, Greg, Smithdale, Lib.Arts. YAMAMOTO, Kevin, Alen, HI, Lib.Arts YAP, Kim, Ontario, Canada, Engr. YARBROUGH, James, Atlanta, GA, Bus.K X YARBROUGH, Sheila, New Albany, Bus. YATES, Marty, Taylorsville, Lib.Arts YOUNG, Daphne, Cleveland, Lib.Arts. YOUNGBLOOD, Mary, Jackson, Lib.Arts,K K I ' ZAHEDI, Mohammad, Santa Monica, CA, Lib.Arts. WHITEHEAD, Melissa, Yazoo City, Bus. WHITLOCK, Sherry, Baldwyn, Accy. WHITT, Virginia, Eupora, Bus.,: WHITT, Samuel, Eupora, Bus. WIGINGTON, Michael, Clarksdale, Accy. WILKES, Jennifer, Nashville, TN, Educ. WILLIAMS, Brice, Pascagoula, Educ. Rebel fans enjoy a UM basketball game. Tuck Loong m Sri Outside the Union during Dixie Week. ADAMS, Monique, Shreveport, LA, Educ.,K K r ADKINS, William. Memphis,TN, Lib. Art.,11K A AKIN, Malcolm, Southaven.MS, Accy. ALBEE, Richard. Gulfport,MS, Bus. ALDRIDGE, Spencer, Marks.MS„Engr. ALDRIDGE, Vincent, Memphis,TN, Lib. Art. ALES, Lonnie, Batesville, Educ. ALEWINE, Thomas. Oxford, Lib. Art. ALLEN, Angela. Yazoo City, Lib. Art,A H ALLEN, Gary, Vicksburg, Bus., ALLEN, Trent, Jackson, Lib. Art. ALLGOOD, Wendy, Jackson, Educ.,.1.1...1 ALLISTON, Wayne, Ocean Springs, Bus. ALQUTRI, Samir, Oxford, Engr. ALSTON, Jon Anne, Sallis,MS, Accy. ANDERSON, Jamie, Charleston, MS, Bus. ANDERSON, Johnny, Batesville, Engr.,A di A ANDY, John, Madison, Lib. Art.,43 K T ANTWINE, Harold, Jackson, Lib. Art.,Il K A ARCHER, Dawn, Jackson, Bus. ARIARATNAM, Kulaindran. Singapore, Engr. ARRECHEA, Katherine, Oxford, Educ. ATKINS, Barry. Memphis, Accy. AUSTIN, Brian, Dunwoody, GA, Lib. Art. AVERA, Cheryl, Oxfords B 4 ' BACON, Jeffrey, Heiskell,TN, Bus. SAFFORD, Wendell, Okolona, Bus.,X H BAGGETT, Bruce, Water Valley, Engr. BAGNARDI, Maria, Ithaca, NY, Bus. BAILEY, Carol, Jackson, Lib. Art.,K BAILEY, John, Batesville, Bus.,11 K A BAILEY, Victor, Holly Springs, Bus.,. B BAIN, Melissa, Oxford. Educ. BAIN, Rebecca, Glen. MS, Accy. BAKER, Michael, Oxford. Engr. BALDWIN, Michael, Corinth. Lib. Art. BALL, Franklin, Jackson, Lib. Art. BALLARD, Kimberly, Gulfport, Bus. BALLARD, Martha, Mathiston, Lib. BANKS, Rex, Bartlett, TN, Lib. Art. BARFIELD, William, University, Bus.,X A E BARHAM, Tracey, Clinton, Lib. Art.,4, M BARLOW, Michael. Picayune,MS, Lib. Art.,K BARLOW, Michael, Hernando, Accy. BARNES, Darrell, Jackson, Educ. BARNES, Marilyn, University, Lib. Art. BARRETT, Andrew, Mendenhall, Lib. Art..4i K T BARRETT, John, Mendenhall, Lib. Arts.,4 ' K T BASINGER, David, Ackerman, Lib. Arts.,K A BASWELL, James, Ackerman, Lib. Arts. BAUER, Ty, Sharpsville,IN, Accy. BEAN, Roscoe, Greenville, Lib. Art. BEARDEN, Peggy. University, Accy. BEASLEY, Neal, Helena, Engr.,X BEAVER, John, Falls Church, VA, Lib. Art. BEAVERS, Edna, Greenwood, Engr. BELLEW, Colleen, Ripley,MS, Lib. Art. BENTON, Shyrell, Kosciusko, Engr.,A X B BERRY, Paul, University, Engr. BERRY, Robert, Freeburg, IL. Engr. BESS, Elizabeth, Sikeston,MO, Educ. BESSELMAN, James, River Ridge,LA, Bus. BEAVERS, Melissa, Carriere, MS, Lib. Art. Archie Manning Day during the Tulane game Ashley Nicholas BIGELOW, Steve, Tupelo. Lib. Art. BIGGS, John, Jackson, Lib. Art.,A 4, BILLINGSLEY, Amy, Blue Springs, MS, Bus. BINGLER, James W., Johnstown, PA, Lib. Art. BISHOP, Kimberly, St.Louis, Bus. BLANKENSHIP, Barrie, Sardis, Bus.,A A A BOATNER, Sandra, Hickory Flat, Accy. BOATWRIGHT, Renee, Pontotoc, Law Ctr. BOBBITT, Kendall, Hernando, Accy. BOHNSTEDT, Anna, Florence, AL, Lib. Art. BOLT, Robinson, Atlanta, Engr.,A BONDS, Larry, Houston, Lib. Art.,K A BONHAM, Alison, Dallas, Educ.,4 BOOTH, Julie, Tupelo, Educ.,A A H BOWEN, Donna , Eupora, Lib. M BRACEY, Stacey, Pembroke, KY, Engr. BRAGORGOS, John, Eads, TN, Bus.,M A E BRASWELL, Roy, Jackson, Lib. Art.,f1 K A BRASWELL, Samuel, Hernando, Bus. BREWER, William, Pewee Valley, KY, Bus.,A T4 BRIDGES, David, Isola, MS, Lib. Art. BROADHEAD, Barry, Laurel, Accy. BROOKS, Deborah, Corinth, Bus. BROOM, Robert, Campbell, MO, Accy.,A BROWN, Benjiman, Meridian, Bus . BROWN, Mark, Water Valley, Accy. BROWN, Nadine, Foxworth, MS, Lib. Art. BROWN, Patrick, Natchez, Engr. BROWN, Randall, Oxford, Bus. BRUNTON, Kurt, University, Engr. BRYSON, Mary, Michican City, MS, Accy. BUCHANAN, Brian, Southhaven, Engr. BUFORD, Martha, Oxford, Bus. BUNNELL, Polly, Oxford, Lib. Art. BURDEN, Bradley, Greenwood, Accy. BURFORD, Christopher, Greenville, Bus.,I X BURFORD, Donna, Hernandb, Educ. BURGESS, Janet, Pascagoula, Bus. BURNS, Joe, West Memphis, Engr.,X BURNS, John, Brookhaven, Lib. Art.,A BURNS, Lisa, Corinth, Accy. BURNETT, James, Memphis, Bus.,4 A 8 BUSBY, Mickey, Oxford, Bus. BUSH, Dianne, Columbus, Lib. Art. BYERS, Sarah, Olive Branch, Educ. BUZZARD, Laurie, Pontotoc, Engr. CALLAWAY, Jeffery, Starkville, Lib. Art. CALVERT, Michael. Oxford, Accy. CANAFAX, Jennifer, Desoto, TX, Lib, Art. CARMAN, Grace, Burnsville, MS, Engr. CARNES, Lady, Elliott, MS, Bus. CARROLL, Clinton, Booneville, Bus. CARSTEN, Allison, Memphis, Lib. Art. CARTER, Tami, Pontotoc, Pharm. CARUTHERS, Mary, Oakland, Lib. Art. CASE, David, Brookhaven, Engr. tri CASTLE, Ronald, Eupora, Bus.,4 K T CATO, Hal, Nashville, Bus.,,N ,u 8 CAVETTE, Kathie, Memphis, Educ. CHAMBERLIN, Robert, Hernando, Lib. Art. CHANG, Sudon. University, Bus. CHAPA, Santiago, Alice, TX, Lib. Art CHAPMAN, James, Ripley, MS, Engr. Ashley Nicholas CHAPMAN, Kenny, Brandon, Bus. CHENEY, John, Oxford, Lib. Art. CHENG, Kwai, Malaysia, Engr. CHEW, Cheng,Kuala Lumpur, Bus. CHISHOLM, Stuart, Oxford, Bus. CHOW, Kay, University, Bus. CHRISTIAN, Lea, Greenwood, Bus. CHRISTIAN, Robert, West Point, Accy.,B B H CLARK, Forrest, Winona, Engr. CLARK, Robert, Moorhead, Accy. CLAWSON, Larry, Kingsport, TN, Engr. CLAY, Bryan, Jackson, Lib. Art.,11 K A CLEMENS, George, Milford, MA, Lib. Art. CLEVELAND, Elizabeth, Fulton, Educ. Chancellor Turner during the dedication of the athletic dorm. CLEVELAND, John, Fulton, Engr. COAXER, Margaret, Leakesville, Lib. Art. COCHRAN, Frost, Houston, Bus. COCHRANE, William, Lindenhurst, NY, Lib. Art. COLEMAN, Edwin, Ackerman, Bus.,X COLOTTA, Terry, Indianola, Lib. Art.,X COMPTON, William, Sardis, Engr. CONLEY, Felicia, Gore Springs, Lib. Art. CONWILL, Dixie, Nettleton, MS, Educ. COOK, Anthony, Houston, MS, Educ. COOK, Cathy, Nashville, Bus.,K A COOK, Deborah, Grenada, Lib. Art. COOK, Thomas, Oxford, Bus. COOLE, Jeffrey, Oxford, Accy. COOLEY, Linda Kay, Ellisville, Lib. Art. COLLIER, Jack, Olive Branch, Bus. CORLEY, Cynthia, Mize, Engr. CORRIGAN, Erin, Meridian, Accy.,K A B CORY, Kevin, Oxford, Lib. Art. COSSAR, Margaret, Jackson, Lib. Art.,, A A COX, Jill, Charleston, Law Ctr. COX, Mary, Miami, FI, Law Ctr.,A CRADDOCK, Steven, Cleveland, Lib. Art.,K A CRAFT, Christopher, Pascagoula, Engr. CRAVEN, Tina, Elllsville, Educ.,A ,b n CRAWFORD, Golda, Kosciusko, Bus. CREELY, Van, Wesson, Bus. CRIDDLE, Frank, Greenville. Lib. Art. CROFFORD, James, Rison, Ar, Accy. CROSSLEY, Merry, Dallas, Bus.,H B CRONAN, Russell, Malden, MO, Bus. CULPEPPER, David, Meridian, Bus. CUNNINGHAM, Stephanie, Brentwood, TN, Bus .I1 B DAVIDSON, Curtis, Houlka, Bus. DAVIS. Alison, Lumberton, Educ. DAVIS, Ann, St. Petersburg, FL, Bus..41 B DAVIS, Brenda, Nettleton, Lib. Art. DAVIS, Deanna, Batesville, Accy. DAWSON, Seymour, Clearwater Beach, FL, Bus.,K A DAVIS, Stefanie, Corinth, Educ. DAY, Carol, Gunnison, Lib. Art.,X 11 DAY, William, Raymond, Engr.,4 K DEAN, Melvin, Tupelo. Lib. Art. DEAN, Sara, Corinth, Lib. Art.,A A ❑ DEARMAN, Bernie Jarvis, Leakesville, Bus.,4 K T DECELL, Frances, Memphis. Lib. Art.,A A ' A DEES, Leland, Booneville, Accy. DEHMER, Joseph, Jackson, Bus.,E 4 DEMLOW, Ada, University, Bus. I Hamp Overton DEMLOW, Jeffrey, Antigo, WI, Educ. DESANTIS, Robert, Laurel, Lib. Art., X DEW, Dana, Yazoo City, Bus. DICKERSON, James, Oxford, Engr. DICKERSON, Kenny, Decatur, Accy. DILLON, Perry, Tylertown, Lib. Art. DILWORTH, Danny, Tupelo, Accy.,B 8 II DINH, Binh, N. Biloxi, Engr. DINH, Dzung, Biloxi, Engr. DIXON, Bruce, Olive Branch, Bus. DIXON, Vickie, Pontotoc, Lib. Art. DOBBVS, Ramona, Vardaman, Bus. DOLES, Scott, Glen, Accy. DORR, James, Sardis, Engr. Steve Davis relaxing in his office. DRANE, Catherine, Orlando, Educ.,K K DRUMMOND, Allison, Oxford, Lib. Art.,K A 8 DUMAS, Charles, Prentiss, Lib. Art.,E X DUNAWAY, Gregory, Carrollton, Lib. Art. DUNAWAY, Harold, Jackson, Lib. Art. DUNCAN, Dana, Tupelo, Educ. DUNCAN, Howard. Booneville, Lib. Art. DUNN, Tammy, Greenwood. Educ. EASTRIDGE, Lisa. Enid. Law Ctr. ECHOLS, Charlene, Holly Springs, Lib. Art. EDWARDS, Katrina, Slidell, LA, Educ. EGGER, James, Fulton, Lib. Art. EICHELBERGER, Andrea, Louisville, Bus. ELLIOTT, Charles, Greenwood, Engr. ELLIOTT, David, Long Beach, Lib. Art.,K ELLIOTT, Michele, Ripley, Bus. ELLIOTT, Paul, Long Beach, Lib. Art.,K E ELLIS, Phil, Nettleton, Educ. ENOCHS, Scott, Jackson, Lib. Art. ETHERIDGE, Lynn, Port Gibson, Lib. Art.,AL1 EVANS, Nina, Memphis, Lib. Art. EVANS, Terrell, Pearl, Educ. EVERETT, John, Thomasville, GA, Bus. Farmer, Wayne. Benoit, Bus.,E X FARR, Paul, Prentiss, Educ.,E X FARROW, Rhonda, Coldwater, Lib. Art. FAUST, John, Lambert, Bus.,B B II FELDHAUS, Carrie, Oxford, Lib. Art. FELLS, Caroline, University, Law Ctr.,A I B FELTUS, Stephanie, Natchez, Lib. Art. FLETCHER, Leslie, Indianola, Lib. Art.,K A FLETCHER, Luther, Hamilton, VA, Lib. Art. FLETCHER, Mark, Hamilton , VA, Engr. FLOYD, Luther, Booneville, Engr. FOLEY, Michael, Memphis. Bus. FOSTER, Jill, Tupelo, Bus. FOX, Leila, Brandon, Lib. Art. FRANKLIN, Rhonda, Pittsboro, Accy. FRANKLIN, Suzi, Senatobia, Lib. Art. FREDERICKS, Christina, Malasia, Bus. FREEMAN, Ruby. Biloxi, Lib. Art. FREEMYER, Emily., Helena, Bus. FREY, Melissa, Hollandale, Educ. FULKS, Walter, Levelland, TX, Lib. Art. FULLER, Cedric, Tupelo, Bus. GADD, Amelia, Hickory Flat, Bus.,A A II GAINES, Stan, Booneville, Lib. Art. GALLOWAY, William, Brandon, Accy.,1.; N GAMARRA, Juan, University, Engr. GANN, Skip, luka. tsus. GARDNER, Judy, Greenwood, Bus. GARDNER, Richard, Long Beach, Lib. Art GARNER, Roger, Oxford, Lib. Art. GARRARD, Eileen, Ocean Springs, Bus. GARRETT, Kathey, Oxford, Educ. GERALD, James, Brookhaven, Engr. GILBERT, Lisa, Clarksdale, Pharm. GILLESPIE, Lisa, Phoenix. AZ, Lib. Art. GINN, Randy, Golden. Lib, Art. GLOVER, Tinnie, Holly Springs, Engr. GOLD, Jonathan Paul, Ontario. Canada, Lib. Art. GOLDEN, Beverly, Kingsport, TN, Bus. GONG, Sonya, Merigold, MS, Bus.,A Fl GOLDEN, Ronda, Clarksdale, Bus..: GOOLSBY, Gloria, Accy. GORDON, James. Banner, MS, Accy. GORDON, Robert, McCool, MS. Engr. GORETSKI, Anthony, Ocean Springs, Bus. GORHAM, John, Brentwood, Bus.. A E GOULD, Kathryn. Monticello, Educ.,A GRAHAM, Julia, Vienna, VA, Accy.,A U n GRAHAM, Renee, Tupelo, Educ. GRAHAM, Timothy. New Albany. Lib. Art. GRAY, Fred, Decatur, Engr. GRAY, Kevin, Pearl, Bus.,A ❑ GREEN, Jeffrey, Booneville, Engr. GREEN, Shirley, El Dorado, AR. Lib. Art. Playing with a hacky sack in the grove is lots of fun to these guys. O ' U Hamp Overton GREMILLION, Hally, Brentwood, TN, Lib. Art. GRESSETT, Marcus, Kosciusko. Bus. GRIFFEY, Bruce, Paris, TN, Lib. Art. GRIFFIN, Lillian, Memphis, Bus.,A K A GRISHAM, Tonya, Oxford, Educ.,A GUNN, Glenn, Meridian, Educ.,X GUYNES, Ginger, Jackson, Lib. Art.,X 11 HAGAN, Jean, Whitehouse, TX, Lib. Art. HALFORD, Lisa, Memphis, Educ.,K A HALL, James, Ft. Washington, MD, Accy.,4 ' K T HALL, Lisa, New Albany, Lib. Art. HALPIN, Lucy, Vicksburg, Educ.,K K A HANNAH, Barry, Oxford, Lib. Art. HARDIN, Lisabeth, Winter Springs, FL, Educ.,4 ' St HARGETT, Amy, Fulton, Accy. HARPER, Robert, Greenville, Bus. HARRIS, Anthony, Meridian, Bus. HARRIS, Chico, Oxford, Lib. Art. HARRIS, Craig, Coffeeville, Educ. HARRISON, Gregory, Brandon, Lib. Art. HARRISON, Jayme, Pontotoc, Bus. HATRIDGE, John, Jonesboro, Engr. HAWKINS, Micheal, Tupelo, Educ. HEGWOOD, Peggy. Jackson, Educ. HELTON, Kevin, University, Lib. Art. HENDERSON, Mary, Friars Point, Lib. Art. HERNDON, Jennifer, Waterford, Lib. Art. HERNDON, Timothy., Natchez, Educ. HERRINGTON, Angela., Laurel, Educ. HESS, Ma ry Ann, Laurel, Bus. HIBLER, Calvin, Como, Bus. HILL, Cynthia, New Albany, Lib. Art.,Z B HILL, Jane, Greenville, Lib. Art. HILL, Shawn, Collierville, Lib. HOARD, Lisa, New Site, Engr. Ashley Nichola HOBBS, Patricia. Jackson. Accy..X HODGES, Lisa. Greenville, Engr..-1 r HOLLEY, Angela. Rienzi. Lib. Art. HOLLIDAY, Harry, Ripley. Engr. HOLLINGSHEAD, Anthony. Morton. Bus.,A HOLSTON, Sam, Poplarville, Bus. HOOD, Kenneth. Terry, Bus.,K HOOD, Paul, Benton. Accy.,4 K H001, Chiew, Malasia, Bus. HOOTS, Nella, Amory, Lib. 6rt. HOOVER, Susan, Germantown, Lib. Art. HORNE, Alison, Ellisville. Lib. Art.,A , Fl HORNE, Stephen, Oxford, Educ., M-Club HORTON, Nancy. Shreveport. Lib. Art..A HOWARD, Gail, Coila, Lib. Art. HOWARD, Laura. West Memphis, Educ.,A A H HOWELL, Jeffery, Durant, Lib. Art. HOWLETT, Suzanne, Nesbit, Lib. Art. HUBACEK, Lawrence, Palos Heights, II, Lib. Art.,A HUDDLESTON, Charla. Booneville, Accy. HUDSON, Kevin, Louisville, Lib. Art. HUGHES, Kenneth, Oxford, Bus.,X 4, HUGGINS, Jennifer, Waynesboro, Educ. HUGGINS, Joy, Southaven, Lib. Art.,4 ' M HUNT, Felicia, luka, Educ. HUNTER, Robert, Hickory Flat, Bus. HWANT, Yu, University, Engr. ISOM, Victor, Sunflower, Accy. Rebel football players score against Tulane. 0 IUPE, Sharon, Jackson, Bus..❑ B 4 ' JACOBS, Jeffrey, Memphis, Bus. JADWIN, Lynn, Winona, Lib. Art. JAMES, Susan, Southaven, Bus. JENNINGS, Stephene, Tippo. Bus.,A r JOE, Don, Cleveland, Bus. JOHNSON, Dorothy, Batesville, Accy. JOHNSON, Joan. Coldwater, Bus.,A K A JOHNSON, Linda, Holly Springs. Lib. Art. JOHNSON, Lisa, Jackson, Law Ct, JOHNSON, Melanie, New Site, Bus. JOHNSTON, Joseph, Jackson. Lib. Art. JONES, Bridget, Holly Springs, Lib. Art. JONES, Jack, Jackson, Engr. JONES, Jill, Greenwood, Engr. JONES, Lori, Greenwood, Lib. Art. JONES, Mark, Oxford, Engr. JORDAN, Daniel, Charlottesville. VA, Bus., X JORDAN, Stephen. Sherwood, AR, Lib. Art. JOSEPHIC, Beth. Cincinnati, OH, Bus.,K K r JOYNER, Steven, Brandon. Bus. JU, Margaret, Greenwood, Educ. KABBAN, Emil, University. Engr. KAZEMBA, Michael, Oxford, Accy. KEITH, Patricia, Water Valley, Lib. Art.,4 ' M KELSEY, Eric, Gulfport, Lib. Art. KERSH, Jane. Hattiesburg, Lib. Art.,A A II KEYS, Audrey. Tupelo, Lib. Art. KELLUM, Leonard, Water Valley, Lib. Art. KEYS, Phyllis, Tupelo, Engr.,5 B KIDD, James, Jackson, Lib. Art. KILPATRICK, Janice, Memphis, Bus.,A A A KING, James, Ackerman, Bus.,K A KING, Paula, Mt. Olive, Engr. KIRKPATRICK, Torn, Brandon, Bus., X KNOTT, Jeffery. Dyer, TN, Engr.,A KONG, Ng, Malasia, Engr. KROEZE, John, Jackson, Bus.,K A KWAN, Mikela, Moorhead, Lib. Art. KYSER, Kimberly. Camden, AR, Accy.,,I, M LABELLA, Roy, Indianola, Lib. Art. LAHAYE, Marie, Oxford, Lib. Art. LAIRD, Kathryn, Southaven, Educ. LAMB, Victoria, Tupelo, Bus..A O H LAMBERT, Amy, Southaven, Educ. LAMBERT, Melissa, Vicksburg, Bus. LAMPLEY, Danny, Abbeville, Lib. Art. LANDERS, James, Caledonia, Engr. LANOHAM, Dana, Banner, Bus. LAWSON, Stephanie. Martinsville, VA, Educ. LE BLANC, Yvette, Biloxi, Accy. LEE, Tse Tiong. Malaysia. Accy. LEEPER, Daphlyn, Souhaven. Engr. LE, Stephen, University, Bus. LIAT, Sharon, Singapore, Lib. Art. LIDDY, Sarah, Holly Springs, Lib. Art. LIM, Tack, Singapore, Bus. LIM, Tze, Petaling Jaya, Engr. LINDEMANN, Jon, Meridian, Bus., ' F K LINDLEY, Karen, West Memphis, Lib. Art .,4 ' LINDSEY, David, Danville, Al, Lib. Art. LIPSKI, Thomas, Long Beach, Engr. LOFTIS, Hugh, Naughton, LA, Lib. Art LOGIE, Joseph. Batesville, Engr. LONG, Carrie, Corinth. Bus.,A A A LONG, Ladye, luka, Lib. Art.,K K r LOONG, Tuck, Malaysia, Bus. LOVELACE, Edward, Brandon, Lib. Art. LOWERY, Mary, New Albany, Lib. Art. LOWERY, Leigh, Memphis, Lib. Art.,A O H LUCAS, Sean, Kankakee, IL, Engr.,4 K T LUST, Perry, Southaven, Lib. Art. LYLE, Patrick, Jackson, Lib. Art. LYONS, Sarah, New Albany, Educ. MADDEN, Caroline, Bay St. Louis, MS, Bus.,K A 8 MAGEE, Esther, Oxford, Bus. MAGEE, Nancy. Collins, Educ.,Tt 13 43 Drummers play at the Homecom- ing pep rally bonfire. Hamp Overton MAHER, James E., Clingon, Engr. MANNING, Jimmy, New Albany, Lib. Art. MARION, Gwendolyn, Waterford, MS, Bus. MARTIN, Janet, Tupelo, Bus. MARTIN, Melissa, Meridian, Accy.,A A A MARTIN, Renee, Indianola, Educ.,A MARTIN, Victoria. University, Lib. Art. MASLANKA, Patrick, Laurel, Bus. MASSIE, Pamela, Como, Pharm. MATHEWS, Lisa, Locust Valley, Educ. MATTINA, Rodney, Biloxi, Accy. MAYFIELD, Julia, Clarksdale, Lib. Art.,A A A MAYO, Teresa, New Albany, Lib. Art. McARTHUR, Walter, Clinton, Lib. Art. McCAIN, Lynn, Bolton, Bus..A McDADE, Robert, Shannon, Accy.,A McDONALD, Michael. Meridian. Engr. McGEE, Elizabeth, Grenada, Bus. McGEE, Patricia, Oxford, Accy. McGEE, Susan. Jackson, Bus.,X II McGINNIS, James, Jackson, Lib. Art.,B 8 H kett McGUIRE, Roberta, Alexandria, VA, Lib. Art.,A McKAY, Susan, Memphis, Engr.,4 M McKEE, Jules, Brandon, Bus.,E N McKEWEN, Joe, Corinth, Lib. Art. McKINLEY, Joel, Laurel, Lib. Art. McMILLAN, Brooke, Franklinton, LA, Lib. Art. McMILLEN, Angie. Mantachie, Educ. McMULLEN, Jane, Meridian, Bus., Micheal, New Albany, Lib. Art. MEEK, Phillip, Lexington, Bus.,I1 K A MERRITT, Laura, Greenville, Lib. Art. METCALFE, Annalisa, Tupelo, Bus. MICHAEL, Vicki, Corinth, Accy. MILFORD, Kathleen, Marks, Lib. Art. MILLER, Bret, Dallas, Bus.,4 K MILLER, Charles. Smithville, Accy. MILLS, Mark, Corinth, Bus. MIMS, Mary, Byhalia, Bus. MOAK, Clarence, McCool, Lib. Art.,B C E MOBLEY, Andrea, Cullman, AL, Bus.,A 0 H MOODY, Levern, University, Engr. MOOKERJEE, Borendra, Calcutta, Engr. MOORE, Margaret, Tupelo, Bus.,K K F MOORE, Nancy, Shannon, Bus.,K A 8 MOORMAN, Scott, Myrtle, Bus. MORGAN, Anthony, Bruce, Bus.4 K MORGAN, Gregory, Lexington, KY, Bus.,K MORGAN, Mary, Oxford, Lib. Art.,K K MORRIS, Stephen, Amory, Lib. Art. MORROW, Mark, Sebastopol, Bus.,X MORTON, Cynthia, Dyersburg, Bus. MULDER, Michelle, Dallas, Lib. Art.,,X MULL, Allison, Booneville, Engr. - MULLDOON, Harold K., Paris, Lib. Art. MURPHY, Barbara, Oxford. Bus. Cif MURPHY, Jackie, Oxford, Bus.,E n MYERS, Thomas, Oxford, Bus. NEGROTTO, Negrotto, Gulfport, Lib. Art.,K K r NEGROTTO, Nichel, Gulfport, Accy.,K K NICHOLAS, Ashley, Oxford, Bus. NARMOUR, Robert, Mathiston, MS, Bus.,X ‘1, 0 NICHOLS, Phelan, Olive Branch, Bus. Students after the Homecoming game against USL. NICKLE, Sally, Batesville, Lib. Art. NINYING, George, University. Bus. NORPHLET, John, Oxford, Educ. NORRIS, Stuart, Warsaw, IN, Bus.,E N OBERKROM, Kim., University, Engr. ORMON, Jennifer, Ellisville, Lib. Art.,K OTT, Kent, Osyka, MS, Bus. OWEN, Susan, Alexandria, Accy.,A 0 ❑ PALMER, Todd, Bloomfield Hill, MI, Bus. PARKER, George, Noxapater, Engr. PARKS, Carey, Clinton, Bus.,A T PARKS, William, Gallatin, TN, K PARSONS, Melanie, Meridian, Educ. PATTERSON, Angela, Oxford, Lib. Art. PAYNE, Christopher, Fredericksburg, VA, Lib. Art.,Z X PAYNE, Cynthia, Plantersville, MS, Educ. PEARCE, Greg. Flora, Bus.,E N PEE, Randy, Kosciusko, Bus. PENDHARKAR, Yeshodhan, Maharashtra, Engr. PENNINGTON, Janet, Pontotoc, Accy. PERKINS, Norman, Brandon, Bus. Colonel Reb finds some influential friends before a game. John Biggs PHILLIPS, Gary, Grenada, Bus. PHILLIPS, Joseph, Canton, Lib. Art..K PHILLIPS, Tara, Gulfport. Bus.,A A A PHIPPS, Kyle. Baton Rouge. LA, Lib. Art. PICKLE. Larry, Kosciusko. Bus.,FI K A PIERCE, Andrew, Collierville, Lib. Art. PIERCE, Kendall, Mt. Pleasant. Lib. Art. PIERCE, Randall, Mt. Pleasant, Lib. Art. POLLARD, Julie, Nashville, Lib. Art..K A PONGETTI, Stephanie, Shelby, Educ.,43 M POOLE, Helen, Baton Rouge, Educ.,A POPE, Colelia, Amory, Bus. POTTS, Jenessa, Corinth, Educ. POTTS, Jethlynn, Corinth, Lib. Art. POTTS, Kelly, Etta, Bus. POUNDERS, Yana, Corrigan, TX, Lib. Art. PRATER, Jane, Fayette, Lib. Art.,A A A PRATHER, Malinda, Columbus, Bus.,A PRIDE, Laundra, University, Educ.,A 0 PRINCE, Martha, Shreveport, Educ.,K A PRINCE, Suzanne, Alexandria, Educ.,K K QUON, Trey, Moorhead, Accy. RAMZAN, Ali Mohamed Asha, Malaysia, Bus. RAY, Beverly, Tupelo, Lib. Art.,X ft RAY, Paula, Terry, Lib. Art. REDA, Ali, University, Engr. REED, Jamie, Jackson, Lib. Art.,X a REED, Jean, Birmingham, Lib. Art. REED, William, Edwards, Lib. Art. REEVES, John, East Peoria, IL, Lib. Art., 43 A 6 REID, Robin, Batesville, Lib. Art..K K r REID, Cherry, Nesbit, Engr. REINHART, Paul, Camden, AR, Engr. REMMERS, Sally, Tupelo, Lib. Art. RHODES, Donna, Ellisvllle, Bus. RICHARDS, Menai], Eupora, Lib. Art. RICHARDSON, Amy, Shreveport, Bus.,Il B 43 RICHMOND, Basil, Oxford, Engr. RIKARD, Gary, Pope, Lib. Art. ROBERTS, Mary, Jackson, Engr. ROBINSON, Linda, Yazoo City, Bus.,A 0 II ROGERS, Gillian, Oxford, Engr. ROGERS, Susan, Panama City Beach, FL, Engr. ROGERS, William, Lexington, Bus. ROLFE, John, Springfield, Bus., X ROSADO, Linda, North Biloxi, Llb. Art. ROSADO, Samuel, University, Lib. Art. ROSE, Michael, Columbus, Lib. Art.,B B II ROWLAND, Dennis, Shannon, Lib. Art. ROWSEY, Thomas, Enid, Bus. RUSHING, Betsy, Mantachie, Bus. RUSHING, Cynthia, Jackson, TN, Engr. RUSSELL, Stephanie, Blytheville, AR, Educ. SALTERS, Gwendolyn, Belden, MS, Bus. SANDERS, Alicia, Kosciusko, Lib. Art.,A SANDERS, Corinne, New Albany, Law Ctr.,X SANFILIPPO, Jeanette, Biloxi, Accy. SANG, Alan, Rosedale, Engr. SCANLON, Margaret, Jackson, Bus., 43 M SCHNEIDER, Teresa, Tupelo, Educ.,A A II SCHWARTZ, Mark, Oxford, Lib. Art. SCOTT, Sidney, Tupelo. Lib. Art. SEALS, Keith, Kennesaw, GA, Engr. Chancellor Turner speaks before the Engineering Student Body. Richard Whitley SEASE, Denise, Greenville, Engr.,A 0 fl SESSUMS, Nancy, Carrollton, Educ. SEVANTE, Michael, New Orleans, Lib. Art. SHANKS, Jacquelyn, Jackson. Bus.,4 ' M SHILLING, Angela, Shreveport, LA, Law Ctr. SHINE, Victor, Jacksonville, FL, Lib. Art. SHIRLEY, Ginger, Myrtle, MS, Law Ctr. SHOEMAKER, Mary, Dallas, Bus.,K, SHORES, Jennifer, Yazoo City, Lib. Art.,A 0 El SHORTER, Jimmy, Oxford, Bus. SHOWS, Steven, Jackson, Bus.,K SILKENSEN, James, Russellville. AR, Lib. Art. SILLS, Steven, Madison, Bus. SIMMONS, Stacye, Como. Bus. SIMS, Gwendolyn, Holly Springs, Bus.,A K A SISK, Brian, New Albany, Bus.,E N SISTRUNK, Sophie, Jackson, Bus. SKRIEN, Michael, Oxford, Lib. Art. SMITH, Donna, Sardis, Ed uc. SMITH, Galen, Oxford, Lib. Art. SMITH, Kellye, Jack M SMITH, Laura Ann, Greenwood, Accy.,A A A SMITH, Paul, Nashville, Bus. SMITH, Michele, Camden, AR, Lib. Art. SMITH, Rebecca, West, Lib. Art.,A A II SMITH, Samuel, Vicksburg, Lib. Art. SMITH, Stacy, Batesville, Law Ctr.,X SMITH, Susan, Brighton, TN, Lib. Art.,K A 0 Ct SMITHERS, Donna, Cleveland, Bus. SNUGGS, John, Jackson, Lib. Art. SOARES, Sergio, University, Eng, SOPER, Todd, Natchez. Bus. SOWELL, John, Clarksdale, Lib. A rt.,K 2; SPELL, Laurie, Jackson, Bus.,A A SPRATLEY, Steve, Gulfport, Bus.,A T SPROUS, Ray, New Albany, Lib. Art. STAUFFER, Sherman, Inverness, Bus. STEINER, Richard, Lafayette, LA. Lib. Art. STEPHENS, Elizabeth, New Albany, Lib. Art.,A A A STEWART, Giles Norsworthy, McComb, Lib. Art. STOKES, Patricia. Coffeeville, Bus. STONE, Sharon, Gulfport, Bus.,K A STEWART, Carolyn, Holly Springs, Educ. STREBECK, Sarah, Decatur, Lib. Art. STRICKLAND, Lisa, Houston, Educ. STRINGER, Charles, McComb, Bus.,4, K T STURDIVA NT, David, Madison, TN, Bus.,B ell SULLIVAN, Ricky, Dundee, MS, Bus.,E, A SULLIVAN, Rebecca, Ecru, Bus. SULLIVAN, Susan, Nettleton, Lib. Art.,A SUMNER, John, Winona, Bus.,11 K A SUMRALL, Tracy, Orange, Lib. Art. SWARTZFAGER, Raymond, Laurel, Bus.,E X SWITZER, Paula, Greenwood, Engr.,K K r TAN, Koon, Selangor, Engr. TANNIR, Bassam, Lebennon, Engr. TARTER, Deborah, Marietta, GA, Bus.,11 B 4, TATE, William, Manassas, VA, Bus. TATE, William, Tupelo, Bus. TAVOLETI, Kathryn, Clarksdale, Bus.,A A A TEDFORD, Toni, Clarksdale, Educ. TED, Rosemary, Singapore, Bus. TERRY, Edward, Decatur, AL, Lib. Art. Hamp Overton r THERRELL, Amy, Ellisville, Lib. Art.,K A THOMAS, James, Millington. Engr. THOMAS, William. Long Beach, Lib. Art.,A THOMASON, Amy, New Albany. Lib. Art. THOMASON, Stephen, Tupelo, Educ. THOMPSON, Timothy, Moselle. Lib. ArLA THREADGILL, Amy. Oxford, Lib. Art. TILTON, Christopher, Brick, NJ, Lib. Art. TISDALE, Margaret, Bolivar, TN. Educ.,A r TOUCHSTONE, James, Summit, Educ. TRAMMEL, Ginger, Corinth, Educ. TROYKA, Jonathan, Laurel, Lib. Art., K T TUBBS, Doyle, Sumner, Lib. Art. TUCKER, Daniel, Kilmichael, Lib. Art. UM Army members watch a helicopter demonstration. TUDOR, Sarah. Southaven, Bus. TURBEVILLE, John, Jackson, Bus. TURNER, James, Oxford, Bus. TUTOR, Mike, Pontotoc, Lib. Art. TYNER, Larry, Columbus, Lib. Art.,£ X UNDERWOOD, Charlotte, Holly Springs, Accy. UPSHAW, Melinda, Batesville, Accy. VANCE, Travis, Vicksburg, K ‘1, VICKRY, Lynne, Oxford, Bus. VIGOUR, Theresa, Winona, Lib. Art. WAILD, Paul, Baton Rouge, Bus. WALUKEVICH, Micheal, Haverhill, Mass., Educ. WAKHAM, Deborah, Oxford, Lib. Art. WALDEN, Luanne, Tupelo, Law Ctr. WALKER, Emily. Horn Lake, Educ.,K A 0 WALKER, Susie, Wiggins, Lib. Art. WARD, Todd, Jackson, Engr. WARREN, Edith, Jackson, TN, Lib. Art. WATKINS, Jessic a, Clarksdale, Bus.,A 0 WATSON, Joanna, Jackson, Lib. Art., M WATSON, Kisa, Clarksville. Bus.,A A II WATTS, Sandra, Smithdale, Lib. Art. WEAVER, Michael, Wunne, Engr. WEBB, Dean. Tupelo, Bus. WEBER, Carl, Piqua, OH. Engr. WEEKS, Kevin, Jackson, Bus. WELLER, Joseph, Memphis, Accy.,I N WESSON, Eunice, Taylor, Lib. Art. WEST, Thomas, Carriere, Lib. Art. WHEATLEY, William, Madison, Bus. WHITE, Charles, Aberdeen, Buz. WHITE, Gay, Vicksburg, Law Ctr.,A 0 11 WHITE, Rayburn, Caledonia, Lib. Art. WHITFIELD, Sarah, Corinth, Bus. WHITTEN, Robin, Oxford, Educ. WHITTINGTON, Kevin, Natchez, Bus.,B WHITTINGTON, Kenneth, Hazelhurst, Lib.Art. WILEMON, Michael, Oxford, Accy. WILKERSON, Mallory. Jackson, Educ.,,I, M WILLIAMS, Patrick, Poplarville, Bus. WILLIAMS, Robert, Booneville, Bus. WILLIS, Kristie, Tupelo, Educ. WILSON, Lynnette, Grenada, Lib. Art. WILSON, Stephen, Columbus, Lib. Art. WINDHAM, Thomas, Birmingham, Bus.,X 4 ' WIXON, George, Oxford, Lib. Art. WOMACK, Jerry, Greenville, Lib. Art. WONG, Joyce. Clarksdale, Bus. WONG, Kam, Malaysia, Bus. • WONG, Kein, Singapore, Bus. WOODRUFF, Barbara, University, Bus. WOODS, Robert, Memphis, Accy.,E N WU, David, Kowloon, Accy. WYMAN, Charlotte, Clinton, Bus. YERGER, Frank, Jackson, Bus.,Z X YORK, Laura, HollySprings, Educ.,X YOUNG, David. Holly Springs, Lib. Art. YOUNG, Lloyd, Summit, Lib. Art., A 8 ZEPPONI, Lisa, Clarksdale, Lib. Art.,, F WU, Zhongwei, University, Engr. 1. Everyone is happy after winning a game! 2. Robert -Popeye " Cole prepares to bat. 3. Students get excited when the White Animals play at the Union. 4. I ' m scared! Know what I mean? John Biggs • 2 John Biggs A3 Christina Collier • 1 rn May 0 am AHLVIN, Alder, Vicksburg, Eng. AHN, Blerng, Seoul. AILSWORTHN, Gregory, Oxford AKBAR, Javed, Pakistan, Eng. AL.ABEDALLA, Bashir, Jordan. ALLEN, Thomas, Lyon, Law. ALLGOOD, James, Duck Hill. ANG, Toon Cheow, Singapore. ANSARI, Rasoul, Univ. AREFIN, Sharnsul, Bangladesh. ASADATORN, Urgit, Prakanong. ASHLEY, Jon, Bonita, CA. AW, Young Wee, Univ., Eng. BAI, Rung-Fein. Taiwan. BARNARD, Paul, Univ. BATEMAN, Bobby, Oxford, Law. BATHAEE, Alireza, Univ. BEHRENDT, Lisa, Birmingham, AL. BEISER, Michael, Florence, KY. BRADLEY, Jerri, Pontotoc. BRAGA, Alberto Lean, Eng. BROCK, Johnny, Kosciusko. BRUMLEY, John, Berea. KY. BRYANT, William, Forest, Eng. BRYSON, Mary, Bruce. Eduard, Univ. CAI, Hui, San Francisco, CA. CARROLL, Kimberly, Duck Hill. CARTER, Brenda, Sardis CHALLANI, Sunita, India. CHAUG, Stitse, Univ., Eng. CHEN, Chi-Wei, Taiwan. CHEN, Fu, Taiwan. CHEN, Hegang, China. CHEN, Jong-Tim. Univ. CHEN, Shide, Univ. CHEN, Xin-Hua, China. CHIU HUNG, Li-Ling, Taiwan. CHIU, Ruey-Heh, Taiwan. CHIU, Shang-Haing, Taiwan. CHOATE, Steven, Winona. CHUNG, Molin, Taiwan. CHUNG, Won. Seoul. CLARK, Bobby, Univ CLARK, Tammy. luka. CONWILL, George, Univ. COOK, Angela, Como. COX, Tamara, Orlando. CROSS, James, Oakland. CROW, Brian, Hernando, Law. DAVIS, Mark, Univ. DAVIS, Steve, Memphis,B 811 DESAI, Suketu, Univ. DIANA, Paul, Univ., Bus. DONT1, Rajendra, Univ. DODSON, Jack, Clarksdale, Law. DORRI, Mehdi, Univ. DOWD, James, Jackson, TN. DOWNS, Marilyn, Greenwood, Law. ELFEKEY, Mahmoud, Univ. ELLARD, Gregory, Pittsboro. ELLINGTON, Mark, Kosciusko, Bus. FRANKS, Timothy, Mantachie. Educ. FULLER, James, Laurel, Law. GANJU, Sidharth, India. GARRAWAY, Belynda, Lumberton. GARRETT, James, Oxford, Law. GENTRY, Michael, Batesville. GILL, John, Clinton. GOGOI, Rupak, Univ. GOODNITE, John, Batesville, Educ. GORE, Jennifer. Woodland. GORTHALA, Ravi, India. GOULD, Bret, Miami Beach, Law. GRIFFIN, Patricia, Pontotoc, Lib.Art. GUNDAVAJHALA, Anand, India. GUTIERREZ, Sergio, Univ. HA, Hun, Korea. HANNA, Saadeh, Univ, Bus. HAO, Yi, Univ. HARIHARAN, Jaya shree, India. HDAIB, Shaban, Univ., Eng. HERLYN, Bodo, Belgium. HILL, Robbie, Hattiesburg, Lib.Art. HITCHCOCK, Patricia, Taylor. HONG CHENG, Hui-Ching, Tiawana. HOOD, James, Oxford, Law,TI K A HO88FELD, Leslie, Wilmington, NC. HOWE, Richard. Tupelo. HSIEH, Fonchan, Tiawan. HSU, Tsungda, Tiawan. HUANG, Chintan, Taiwan. HUNG, Lang-Bang. Taiwan. HUSNIK, Gregory, Oxford. HUTTO, Cecil, Plano. TX. HWANG, Jeng-Chian, Taiwan. IMAM, Hussain, Houston, TX. JACKSON, Jacquline, Greenville. JACKSON, Victoria, Cruger,A K A JADWIN, Ruth, Winona. JAN, Mai-Lin, Taiwan. JAN, Minder, Taiwan. JAYASURIYA, Desappriya, Srilanka. JENG, Chin-Fang, Taiwan. JIA, Yi-Wei. China. JIA, Yimin, Univ. JOE, Glenn, Greenwood, Bus. KAISER, Ingerborg, Germany. KALUZA, Babett, Germany. K AO, Hung-Sea, Univ. KEDIA, Manju, India. KETEMA, Hailu, Ethiopia. KHANNA, Sandeep, India. KHATAMI, Ali. Iran. KIM, Kyung, Korea. KLINGER, Gundula, Oxford. KO, Yee, Singapore, Bus. KOMBEM, Ngwainmbi, Univ. KUZUNO, Keiko, Univ. LAYTON, Bruce. Univ. LEE, Guang-Liang, San Jose, CA. LEE, lk-Soo, Univ. LEE, Peng, Singapore. LEE, Yee-Hee, Korea. LEONG, Kum Weng, Univ. LIAO, Ruey-Ming, Taiwan. LIN, Gin-Chung. Taiwan. LIN, Han-Hon, Taiwan. Shern, Taiwan. LIN, Wen-Yuan, Taichung. LIU, Bih Jen, Taiwan. LIU, Hsin-Tsu, Taiwan. LIU, Wei, Univ. LU, Ming-Shan, Taiwan. LUTHER, John, Pontotoc, Law. MACK, James, Univ. MAHADEVAN, Karthikeyan, India. MALHOTRA, Arun, Univ. MAO, Jie-Ying, Shanghai. MARKS, Sharon, Port Richey, FL. McCRAW, Elese, Pontotoc. McGAHAN, Robert, Oxford,X MEINERT, David, Marquette, MI. MIDKIFF, David, Oxford. MIDKIFF, Sheri, Oxford. MILLER, Ralph. Scobey, Bus. MILLS, Jacqueline, Batesville. MILLS, Michael, Jonesboro. AR. MOFFET, Joseph, Fayette, Law. MORRISON, Mary. Oxford, Law. NANIWADEKAR, Devendra, Univ. NAUNDORF, Gerardo, Columbia. NE(IBERT, Lisa. Oxford. NIVATvorws, Vorawan, Bangkok. OBERT, Keith, Oxford, Law. PALMER, George, Great Britain. PAREKH, Sanjay, India. PASCHALL, Molly, Jackson, TN. PATRICK, Raymond, Walls, Pharm. PEEPLES, Durrett, Coffeeville. POH, Soon, Malasia. POLUS, Dana, Germany. QUINN, Stacey, Memphis.Z B QUIROS, Mauricio De, Medellin. RAMACHANDRAN, Usha, India. RAMU, Kumar, Univ. REICH, Robert, Corydon, IN. ROBERSON, Alisa, Ripley. ROBERTSON, Alice, luka. RYAN, Ronald, Lauderdale. SALAZAR, Luis, Lima. 8ARJI, Mustapha, Lebanon. SARTOR, William, Oxford,K K SEKTHIRA, Anuchit, Thailand. SEWELL, Stephen, Nashville. SHED, Weiming, Univ. SHIEH, Irene, Univ. SHIELDS, Frances, Greenwood, Law. SHIN, Gi-Hwang, Korea. SONG, Bailin, China, SONG, Hengchang;China. SRIDHARAN, K., India. STEPHENS, Timothy, Corinth. STEWART, Joe, Oxford, Bus. SUGIYAMA, Kazue, Univ. SULLIVAN, Sherita, Pascagoula. SUMNER, Willie, Swanlake. SUNDARARAJAN, Ramesh, Univ. SUTTIWISEDSAK, Pipet, Bangkok. SYLIANCO, Lorraine, PhillipInes. TATUM, Julia, Taylor. TAWARANGKOON, Wuttipan, Bangkok. TAYLOR, Martha, Charleston. TESTA, Sam, Oxford. THOMAS, Valerie, Greenville,J1 THOMASSON, Patricia, Philadelphia. THORNTON, Susan, Amory. TRAYLOR, Janet, Germantown, TN. TREAT, Carla, Searcy, AR. TRUJILLO, Delgado Jaime, Columbia. TSAI, Gwel-Hung, Univ. TSAO, Ko-Wei, Vienna, Bus. TSAO, Ta-Wei, Taipei. TSIN, Jessica, Vicksburg. VELEZ-BERNAL, Martha, Columbia. VIEGAS, Tacey, India. WADSWORTH, Russell, Hernando. WANG, Chao, Taiwan. WANG, Eng, Malasia. WANG, Jlunn-Deng, Taiwan. WEINMAN, C.J., Oxford, Law. WILMS, Geert, Univ. WINKLER, Jutta, New York. WONG, Kwok-Fal, Hong Kong. WOOD, William, Cleveland. WU, Chia-Jane, Taiwan. YI-Wen, Taiwan. WU, Ta-Peng, Taiwan, WU, Wu-Chung, Univ. WU, Yong, Malasia. WU, Zhongren, China. YANG, Yun-Pin, Taiwan. YEH, Yun, Taiwan. YI, Denying, China. YIN, Haochlh, Taiwan. YOUNG, Dianne, Pontotoc. YOUNG, Li, Taiwan. YU, Chih, Univ., Engr. YUE, JianpIng, Univ. YUAN, Shien, Univ. ZHU, Guo, China. ZIGNANI, Jean, France. The University Museum has in- teresting things for students to observe. Hamp Overton ALGEE, Ellen, Coldwater. ALLEN, Brenda, Senatobia. ARMSTRONG, Eddied, Oxford. BARBER, Glen, Columbia. BARBIERO, Karen, Univ. BOBINGER, Mark, Lucedale. BOLTON, Dana, New Albany. BOYLES, Marcus. Raleigh. BULLOCK, Alice. Seminary. BURFORD, Brian, Sentobia. BYRD, Jessie, Seminary. CALHOUN, William, Oxford. CARR, Robe,. Bassfield. COCKRELL, Cheryl, Amory. COLEMAN, Gwendolyn, Jackson. COLLINS, Michael, Bay St.Louis, MS. CRIDDLE, Barry, Houston, MS. CULVER, Sandy, Tupelo. DETTOR, Lisa, Sardis. DUNCAN, Delita. Meridian. EUBANKS, Trey, Tunica,B FAILLA, Andrew, Picayune. FAIRLEY, Drew, Lake Cormorant4 ' K T FLOWER, Laura, Brandon. FLOYD, Traci, Booneville. FORTENBERRY, Lisa, Canton FULTON, John, Collins,A FYKE, Jenny, Jackson. GEE, John, !Ha Bena. GIBSON, Gregory, Dekalb,K GOOD, Ken, Columbus. HALL, Myra, Pearlington. HAMBLETT, Sonya, Mendenhall. HARRIS, Tracy, Mendenhall HAYDEL, Wendy, McComb HAYES, Melanie, Gautier HEAD, Melinda, Poplarville HENDERSON, Mark, Louisville HITE, Malendia, Dundee HOLCOMB, Maria, Biloxi HOLLIDAY, Curtis, McComb,K HUDSPETH, Edward, Crenshaw HUX, James, Bogue Chitto,K rF JAMES, Rebecca, Clinton JOHNSON, Connie, Meridian,A A A JUHAN, Bob, Sardis KING, Melissa, Poplarville LANTRIP, Bryan, Waynesboro LAWHORN, Alesia, Belmont LEE, Deborah, Hernando LEVER, David, Univ.K LANGSTON, Kevin, Florence MAH, Doreen, Lake Village. AR MANGRUM, Darrel, Decatur MATHIS, Margaret, Corinth,K B McCARTY, Keith, Tupelo McGARITY, Rocky, West Point McGUIRE, Henry, Oxford MERRILL, Joey, Booneville MILLING, Mark, Union MILLS, John, Manchester, MO MONTGOMERY, Gretta, Belmont MORGAN, Ruan, Lamar NASSAR, Phillip, Shelby,K NESTER, William, Soso,. ' Y ,K PARKER, Suzanne, Milan, TN PATTERSON, Ricky, Belmont PATTON, Sheila. Jackson PERNELL, Heath, Philipp PERRY, Terry, Brooksville,K PHILLIPS, Guy. Moorhead PRICE, Richard, MonticelloK QUICK, Susanne, Summit,K B RANDOLPH, Audra, Aberdeen REEVES, Margaret, Prentiss SANDERS, William, Sardis SANDRONI, Brad, Shaw SCHATZLE, Sharon, Pass Christian SCOTT, Rebecca, Hernando SCOVILLE, Tracey, Belden, d, M SCRUGGS, Sherry, Saltillo SLOAN, Thomas, Clinton,K ‘1, SMITH, Belinda, Laurel SMITH, Dana, Hazlehurst SMITH, Louie, Hernando SMITH, Robby, Univ. SOUTHARD, David, Tishomingo SPEED, Lisa, Collins STODGHILL, Steve, Madisonville, KY STRAWBRIDGE, Stephanie, Amory SUMMERS, Elka, Gulfport TAIT, Bryan, Oxford TENNEY, Dianne, Bay St.Louis TERRY, Robert, West Point THOMPSON, Rose, Shannon,A K A TIDWELL, Bill, Dennis TILGHMAN, Horace, Greenville TILGHMAN, Melissa, Columbus TOUCHSTONE, Richard, Enterprise TURNAGE, Bobbie, McComb,K E VAUGHN, Chris, Ferriday, LA VANCE, Bonnie, Monticello VIOX, Melissa, Hebron,A ATI WADSWORTH, Russell, Hernando WAITS, Tony, Sumrall WALKER, Jody, Collins WARE, Gregory, Forest WARNER, Myra, Big Creek WEST, William, Cleveland WHITING, Kara, St. Petersburg. FL WILLIAMS, Gil, Cedar Bluff WILLIAMS, Stanley, Gulfport WILSON, Renee, Oxford WONG, Wayne, Canton YARBER, Bob, Belmont YIELDING, Frankie, Tremont,K YUNG, John, Beulah ADAMS, Stanton, Univ ADKISON, Kimberly, Pascagoula BAKER, Diana, Ripley BLADES, Mary, Pascagoula BLAYLOCK, Donna. Univ. BRACKIN, Rebecca, Cleveland COGHLAN, Kathy, Pelahatchie CRANFORD, Donna, Seminary CRAWLEY, Lisa, Jackson, TN CUNNINGHAM, Natalie, Florence, AL DALTON, Robert, Corinth DEVEREAUX, Cheryl, Senatobia DODD, Bobbie, Sunflower DARROH, Linda, Oxford DUNLAP, William, McKenzie, TN FARIS, Richard, North Fondulac, WI FAULKNER, Dina, Amory,9 F FRANKLIN, Ann, Memphis FREEMAN, Gary H., Beaumont,K GODDARD, Jessica, Booneville GOFORTH, Ray, Tupelo GOODMAN, Rosalyn, Oxford GRIFFIN, Sara, Decatur HALE, Tracie, Vicksburg HAMMOND, Robin, Southaven HANNON, Angela, Fulton HARRINGTON, Lee, Jackson,H K A HARRIS, Terrie, Sardis HART, Angela, Cleveland HAWKINS, Patsy, Nettleton HAYMAN, Teresa, Jackson • HODGES, Franklin W., Leakesville,K 4, HOLLEY, Karen, Byhalia HOVAS, DeAnne, Kilmichael HUTTO, Rhonda, Waynesboro JACKSON, Susan, Hernando OMEN JAMES, Jeffery, Belmont KNOX, Margaret, Greenwood 111 LONG, Darryl, luka LUTE, Liisa, Oxford LIDDY, Timothy, Holly Springs,K xIr U MAGEE, James, Magee MAH, Dolly, Lake Village MATHEWS, Valerie, Charleston MAY, Frances, Senatobia MIMS, Patricia, Greenwood MORRIS, Alita, Woodville MAMMY, David, Saltillo OSBORN, Susan, Carthage PARKER, Carol, Philadelphia David, Glaen,K xIr PHARR, Janeen, Booneville PITTMAN, Joel, Univ.,K xi, POWELL, William, Mount Olive Edward, Yazoo City RAGON, Janice, Oxford ROBINSON, Pamela, Como RUSHING, Philip, Univ. RUTHERFORD, Laura, Tiplersville,A rl H SAUNDERS, Angela, Hollandale SCOTT, Michael, Univ. SCRUGGS, Mildred, Philadelphia STEEN, Paul, Aberdeen STEINWINDER, Joseph, Univ STEINWINDER, Shelia, Univ STEWART, Monica, Yazoo City,11 B TARSI, Lori, Boyle TURNAGE, Suzanne, Vicksburg,A 0 II VAN DEVENDER, Roy, Dekalb WADSWORTH, Paul, Hernando WATSON, Van, Okolona WILLIAMSON, Laura, Durant WOO, Jean, Isola WOODS, Valorie, Grenada WRIGHT, Debbie, Corinth YELVERTON, Gene, Jackson,X YOUNG, Dereck, Tupelo Melanie Buntyn Sleepy Coed Hamp Overton WELCOME TO MISSISSIPP BELL, Tim, Pontotoc BOWEN, Cindy, Fulton BREWER, Keith, Richton BROCK, Sheila, Tylertown BURGESS, Ricky. Oxford COLLINS, Joe, Shannon COOPELICH, Todd, Gulfport CROW, Donna, Brookhaven CUMBERLAND, Jay, Meridian CUNNINGHAM, Natalie, Florence, AL DEVINE, Stan, Winona DIXON, Mary. Brownsville, TN DIXON, Matt, Aberdeen DOWNS, Steve, Booneville DYESS, Rhonda, Pearl EATON, Robert, Columbus ELLIS, Eddie, Lambert ESTESS, Murray, Hollandale Fox, Elizabeth, Houston, MS FREEMAN, Gary, Beaumont FREEMAN, Judy, Oxford GIBSON, Tammy, Biloxi GUNTHAYS, Melissa, Amory HALE, Trade, Vicksburg HAMMOND, Gay, Winona HANEY, Trellis. Amory HATCHER, Scott, Pontotoc HENDRICKS, Pam, Lumberton HODGES, Wayne. Leakesville HUDDLESTON, Cathy. Hattisburg HUEY, Diane, Decatur JACKSON, Susan, Hernado JONES, Leigh Ann, Florence KEATING, Jane, Batesville KIMBRIEL, Lee, Chunky KIRKWOOD, Teresa, Lucedale KNIGHT, Malcolm, Tippo LEDLOW, Michael, Laurel LEE, Emily. Moss Point LEONARD, Jon, Ft.Walton Beach MAGOUN, Deborah, Clinton MAH, Dolly. Lake Village, McCOOL, Frank, Mobile. AL McCORMICK, Janis, Tupelo McCUSKER, Brian, Gulfport MCMILLAN, Marilyn, Franklinton, LA MEYERS, William, Friars Point, MS NORMAN, Brooks, Holly Springs OSBORN, Susan, Carthage OWEN, James, Covington OWEN, Jerry, Richland PAGE, Adrian, Meridian PARKER, Carol, Philadelphia PARKER, Mark, Purvis PIERCE, Ann, Clinton PINSON, Valerie, Hattiesburg PROVENZA, Karen, Greenville POOLE, George, Oxford RIALES, Emily, Byhalia RUSHING, Philip, Indianola RUSSELL, Beth, Tunica SANGSOMROSE, Chokaew, Thailand SAUNDERS Angela, Hollandale SCRUGGS, Philadelphia SHEARER, Renee, Jackson SHIRLEY, Carl, West Point SULLIVAN, Kay, Sumrall SZETO, John, Greenwood TAYLOR, Ronda, Corinth THOMAS, Mike, Monticello, AK VANCE, Patti, Greenwood VEAZEY, Vicki, Batesville WALKER, Karen, New Albany WILKERSON, Andrea, Oxford WILLIAMS, Allen, Canton WILLIS, Denise, Miller City WILSON, Nancy, Grenada WING, Lynn, Sledge WOODS, Valorie, Grenada WYATT, Stacy, Clinton HORTON, Nathan, Univ. A familiar sight to those com- ing from Tennessee. Aaron, Leigh 356 Abbott, Doug 172 Abdulkader, Muna 344 Abedivarnosefade, Mohammad 344 Abel, Jerry 366 Abernethy, lames 366 Abney, April 208 Abraham, Angela 184, 206, 217, 239, 263, 356 Abraham, Emily 344 Abraham, Maggie 197, 208 Abraham, Naomi 344 Acker, Suzanne 208 Ackerman, Margie 155 Adair, James 344 Adams, Christopher 344 Adams, lack 366 Adams, John 174 Adams, Johnny 116 Adams, Joseph 344 Adams, Monique 116, 147, 151, 208, 376 Adams, Nanci 170 Adams, Stanton 392 Adams, Valerie 180, 225, 366 Addison, David 220 Aden, Anne 337 Aden, Leigh 220 Adi, Hayan 219 Adkins, Andrea 344 Adkins, Leigh 212 Adkins, William 335, 376 Adkison, Kimberly 392 Aduma, Nyarinda 147 Agnew, Krista 182, 356 Agnew, Wendy 239 Ahern, Mary 155 Ahers, Susan 220 Ahlvin, Alder 388 Ahn, Bierng 388 Ailsworthn, Gregory 388 Ainsworth, Nicole 208, 366 Akbar, laved 388 Akers, Susan 344 Akhtar, Imran 366 Akin, Malcolm 376 Akins, Angela 344 Al-Abedalla, Bashir 388 Albee, Richard 376 Aldridge, Spencer 376 Aldridge, Vincent 376 Ales, Lonnie 376 Alewine, Chris 182 Alewine, Thomas 376 Alexander, Burger 123 Alexander, George 356 Alexander, Lamar 366 Alexander, Theresa 333 Alford, Amanda 366 Algee, Ellen 207, 391 Alison, Davis 378 Allen, Angela 376 Allen, Bo 135 Allen, Brenda 207, 391 Allen, Carey 172 Allen, Gary 376 Allen, Jimmy 170 Allen, Kevin 206, 366 Allen, Louis 344 Allen, Thomas 388 Allen, Tracy 182, 366 Allen, Trent 376 Alley, Kristie 366 Allfred, Tracy 366 Allgood, James 388 Allgood, Wendy 180, 376 Allison, Heather 170, 356 Alliston, Wayne 376 Almand, Annette 204 Almand, Jeff 338 Alqutri, Samir 376 Alsrap, Abdul 356 Alston, Ion Anne 376 Alston, IonAnne 334 Alvarez, Jeanne 225, 277 Alvvarez, Jeanne 366 Ambrose, I R 209 Anderson, Charmaine 184, 356 Anderson, James 204, 366 Anderson, Jamie 376 Anderson, Johnny 224, 376 Anderson, Karla 356 Anderson, Laura 184, 249 Anderson, Sherry 185, 344 Andre, Sarah 344 Andrews, Laura 356 Andry, John 211 Andy, John 376 Ang, Toon Cheow 388 Ansari, Rasoul 388 Anton, Clifford 344 Antwine, Harold 376 Antwine, Trey 338 Apple, Ed 220 Apple, Edward 197 Arce, Jill 356 Archer, Dawn t97, 376 Archer, Scott 224 Aref in, Shamsul 388 Ariaratnam, Kulaindran 376 Arinder, Stacey 344 Armatis, Pete 182 Armstrong, Eddied 391 Arnold, Clara 150 Arnold, Dan 180 Arnold, Dicran 366 Arrechea, Katherine 376 Arthur, Donald 366 Artim, Steve 182 Asadatorn, Urgit 388 Ashford, Pallas 356 Ashley, Clint 366 Ashley, Jon 388 Ales, John 185, 206 Atkins, Barry 376 Atkins, Brad 338 Atkins, Georgana 172 Atkins, Henrico 147, 344 Atkinson, Doug 197 Atkinson, Theodore 185, 344 Austin, Brian 376 Austin, Melanie 356 Autry, Cynthia 141, 142 Avera, Cheryl 376 Averitt, Susie 220 Aw, Young Wee 388 Ayers, Joe 135, 139 Azar, Evelyn 344 Babers, Petula 366 Baccardax, Martn 344 Bacon, Jeff 209 Bacon, Jeffrey 376 Badaczewski, Dennis 344 Baechle, Sheri 366 Baetge, Jim 152 Bafford, Wendell 172, 180, 376 Baggett, Bruce 376 Baggett, Tracy 366 Bagnardi, Maria 172, 376 Bagwell, Rebecca 366 Bai, Rung-Fein 388 Bailey, Carol 376 Bailey, Chris 224 Bailey, James 344, 366 Bailey, John 174, 376 Bailey, Nan 172 Bailey, Nancy 344 Bailey, Susan 344 Bailey, Victor 376 Bain, Melissa 376 Bain, Rebecca 376 Bair, Margaret 265 Baker, Adelaide 366 Baker, Austin 356 Baker, Dallas 344 Baker, Diana 392 Baker, John 356 Baker, Michael 376 Balderson, John 185 Balderson, Scott 198 Baldwin, Michael 376 Baldwin, Sara Beth 265 Baldwin, Sarah 356 Ball, Angela 344 Ball, Franklin 376 Ball, Randy 344 Ballard, Alley 344 Ballard, Kimberly 376 Ballard, Martha 376 Ballard, Tommy 366 Banks, Rex 170, 376 Bankston, Stuart 182 Bannister, David 182 Barber, Glen 391 Barber, Scott 170, 344 Barbiero, Karen 207, 391 Barefeild, Rob 174 Barfield, William 376 Barham, Tracey 376 Barlow, Bobby 209 Barlow, Michael 376 Barnard, Paul 210, 388 Barnes, Brenda 356 Barnes, Chris 174 Barnes, Christopher 366 Barnes, Darrell 376 Barnes, Laura 344 Barnes, Lawton 344 Barnes, Marilyn 376 Barnes, Paul 170, 198, 366 Barnes, Rick 209 Barnes, Rod 135, 136, 138 Barnett, Charlie 219 Barnett, Paula 366 Barr, Teresa 208 Barrett, Andrew 376 Barrett, Cathy 172 Barrett, John 224, 338, 376 Barrett, Katherine 366 Barrett, Renee 366 Barrick, Aaron 148, 366 Barrier, Fredrick 344 Barrior, Fred 152 Barrett, Christopher 344 Bartlett, Betsy 344 Bartlett, Katherine 220, 356 Bartlett, Mary 185 Barton, William 344 Basinger, David 338, 376 Bass, Robert 344 Bassett, William 344 Baswell, James 376 Bateman, Bobby 388 Balhaee, Alireza 388 Batson, Mickey 182, 366 Bauch, Brenda 356 Baucum, John 344 Baucum, Margaret 366 Bauer, Ty 204, 376 Bean, Bo 176 Bean, Roscoe 376 Beard, James 366 Beard, John 338 Beard, Lewis 356 Beard, Melissa 356 Beard, Ricky 366 Bearden, Peggy 376 Beasley, John 180 Beasley, Neal 14, 224, 376 Beaver, John 376 Beavers, Edna 376 Beavers, Melissa 376 Beazley, Beth 344 Beck, Tom 356 Becker, Brian 209 Becker, Kenneth 356 Beckett, Pat 182 Beckham, Ron 204 Behm, Kristen 344 Behrendt, Lisa 170, 388 Reiser, Michael 388 Belcher, Sally 344 Belfor, Arvy 344 Belk, Marion 344 Bell, Chris 185 Bell, Roderick 356 Bell, Thomas 344 Bell, Tim 393 Bellew, Colleen 376 Belton, James 366 Benjamin, Krissy 366 Benner, Melissa 344 Bennett, Scott 366 Benson, Mary 366 Benson, Susan 122 Bentley, Ann 344 Benton, Louis 366 Benton, Shyrell 213, 219, 225, 254, 376 Bergeron, Renee 356 Bergfeld, Susan 344 Berkley, Drayton 213 Berry, Bob 170 Berry, Cami 263 Berry, Paul 376 Berry, Robert 356, 376 Berry, Rodney 170, 356 Berry, Sam 241 Berry, Samuel 344 Bess, Betsy 170 Bess, Elizabeth 376 Besselman, James 376 Bethany, Robin 366 Bethany, Timothy 366 Bethay, Barry 209 Bethny, Barry 116 Bethshares, Jennifer 263 Betts, Rachel 356 Biddy, Brad 366 Bigelow, Steve 170, 198, 377 Biggs, Barr 174, 220 Biggs, John 253, 338, 377 Bigham, Lee 338 Billingsley, Amy 377 Billingsley, Jerome 176 Billingsley, Kim 182, 196 Bingler, James W 377 Bird, Christopher 344 Bishop, Angela 366 Bishop, Ann-Marie 206, 344 Bishop, Audrey 344 Bishop, Kimberly 377 Bishop, Tracy 170, 356 Bivins, Jeff 122 Black, Christine 356 Blackburn, Allison 344 Blackenship, Barrie 202 Blackmarr, Bill 170 Blackmarr, William 366 Blackmon, Randy 182 Blackstock, Lynda 208, 356 Blackston, William 356 Blackwell, Kathy 366 Blades, Mary 207, 392 Blaine, Michael 170, 344 Blair, Susan 155 Blair, William 356 Blalack, Kimberly 356 Blalock, Tabatha 366 Bland, Camille 366 Bland, Victoria 206 Blankenship, Amy 344 Blankenship, Barrie t97, 377 Blasingame, Hubert 356 Blaylock, David 344 Blaylock, Dina 344 Blaylock, Donna 392 Bledsoe, Nanette 366 Blocker, Timothy 185, 344 Blount, David 356 Blount, Rhonda 208 Btuntson, Craig 206, 356 Boatman, Johhny 209 Boatner, Sandra 377 Boatwright, Renee 377 Bobbitt, Kendall 377 Bobinger, Mark 391 Boggan, Jeffery 356 Boggan, Laura 170, 344 Bogle, Robert 344 Bohnstedt, Anna 377 Boie, Mark 172, 356 Bolt, Robinson 377 Boffin, Carolyn 206 Bolton, Dana 207, 391 Bond, Tamela 356 Bonds, Larry 377 Bonham, Alison 219, 377 Bonner, Ashley 344 Bonner, Chris Patton 220 Booker, Angela 336, 356 Boone, Tommy 209 Booth, Julie 377 Boothe, Terrell 213, 356 Bordelon, Beth 197, 356 Borne, Merribeth 356 Boswell, Anne 356 Boswell, Catherine 356 Bouchillon, Neil 356 Bounds, Robin 122 Bourne, Blythe 344 Boware, John 212 Bowdre, John 366 Bowen, Cindy 393 Bowen, Donna 377 Bowen, Kandy 208 Bowen, Scott 366 Bowen, Wendy 366 Bowers, James 219 Bowles, Trista 356 Bowlin, Amanda, 366 Box, Laura 356 Boyd, Bill 184 Boyd, Jeffrey 344 Boykin, William 356 Boyles, Marcus 391 Bozeman, Jeffery 366 Bracey, Peggy 141, 144 Bracey, Stacey 175, 208, 377 Bracken, William 366 Brackin, Rebecca 392 Bradford, Chris 184, 219 Bradley, Cherly 344 Bradley, Cheryl 170 Bradley, Elizabeth 277 Bradley, Jerri 388 Bradshaw, Linda 366 Brady, Kathy 277 Braga, Alberto Leao 388 Bragg, Lisa 160, 344 Bragorgos, John 377 Brammell, Charles 174 Brantley, Lisa 217, 366 Branum, Ouida 356 Brasile, Connie 345 Braswell, Bailey 205, 219, 279, 377 Braswell, Sam 197 Braswell, Samuel 377 Brawley, Stacy 345 Breazeate, Kavanaugh 206, 366 Breazeate, Scott 170,345 Brekeen, Darlene 207 Breland, Kathryn 197 Brennan, Blanche 356 Brewer, Billy 338 Brewer, Emily 366 Brewer, Keith 393 Brewer, William 377 Bridges, David 377 Bridges, Earl 147 Bridges, Olivia 345 Bridges, William 356 Briggle, Georgie 345 Briggs, Stacy 345 Brigid, Christina 193 Brim, Patricia 366 Brinker, Machell, Memphis, 345 Brinkley, Lester 209, 366 Bristol, Rees 356 Britten, Barbara 356 Broadhead, Barry 207, 377 Brock, Johnny 219,388 Brock, Oliver 366 Brock, Sheila 207, 393 Broesche, Karl 220 Brolick, Donna 172 Brooks, Debbie 197 Brooks, Deborah 377 Brooks, Michael 366 Broom, Robert 338, 377 Broom, Sarah 345 Brow, Jane 174 Brown, Allison 356 Brown, Benjiman 377 Brown, Jennifer 367 Brown, Lance 345 Brown, Leonard 345 Brown, Lisa 356 Brown, Maggie 199 Brown, Marion 182, 216 Brown, Mark 204, 377 Brown, Michelle 170 Brown, Mozella 225 Brown, Nadine 217, 377 Brown, Paige 356 Brown, Pat 182 Bruno, James 345 Brunson, Stuart 224 Brunton, Kurt 377 Bryant, Christopher 356 Bryant, Kim 176 Bryant, Molly 367 Bryant, William 388 Bryson, Mary 377, 388 Buchanan, Brian 377 Buchanan, Jeffery 367 Buchillon, Neil 220 Buck, Richard 345 Buckley, Bob 279 Buckley, Buck 182 Buckley, Henry 367 Buckley, Theresa 345 Buford, Donna 367 Buford, Martha 377 Bugg, Doran 172, 335, 338, 367 Bullard, Gary 367 Bullard, Kim t40, 141, 142 Bullard, Kimberly 367 Sullen, Ann 367 Bullock, Alice 207, 391 Bullock, Johnny 356 Bullock, Michelle 180, 345 Bullock, Ulmer 356 Bunnell, Polly 377 Buntin, Anne 367 Buntyn, Melanie 346 Burden, Bradley 377 Burford, Brian 391 Burford, Chris 205 Burford, Christopher 377 Burford, Donna 219, 377 Burge, John 367 Burge, Neal 338 Burge, Pam 197 Burgess, Janet 377 Burgess, Ricky 393 Burhardt, Angie 206 Burkardt, Angela 367 Burkes, Steve 206 Burkhalter, Chris 170 Burkhalter, Christopher 185, 345 Burks, Marsha 356 Burley, Erica 147 Burnett, James 377 Burnett, Jim 205, 338 Burnett, Katherine 249 Burnett, Kathryn 185, 345 Burnett, Melinda 180 Burnett, William 356 Burnham, Steven 357 Burnham, Susan 357 Burns, Beth 172 Burns, Joe 377 Burns, John 333, 338, 377 Burns, Lisa 174, 377 Burns, Mary 345 Burrell, Laura 213 Burress, Susan 184 B urrows, Barbara 214, 357 Burton, Bubba 170 Burton, Cheryl 184, 208, 357 Busby, Mickey 170,377 Busch, Rebecca 185, 345 Buse, Mitch 283 Bush, Bradley 345 Bush, Dianne 377 Butler, Matthew 345 Butler, Stacey 357 Butt, Urnar 357 Buzzard, Laurie 377 Byars, Carolynn 160, 212, 357 Byers, Alison 367 Byers, Sarah 377 Byrd, Allison 208, 367 Byrd, Angela 345 Byrd, Jessie 391 Byrd, Joy 214 Cadavid-Restrepo, Eduard 388 Cadle, Jennifer 345 Caffey, Cheryl 367 Caffey, Fred 224, 273, 357 Cagle, David 345 Cahill, Jim 197, 338 Cai, Hui, San 388 Cain, Candice 345 Cain, Susan 357 Caldwell, Brenda 367 Caldwell, David 209 Caldwell, Elizabeth 245, 332 Calhoun, Camille 208, 357 Calhoun, Dawn 219, 367 Calhoun, Natalie 345 Calhoun, William 391 Callaham, Kim 199 Callaway, left 172, 198 Callaway, Jeffery 377 Calloway, Neida 367 Calmes, Terry 172 Calvert, Caron 182 Calvert, Michael 377 Calvin, Darlene t47 Campbell, Amy 357 Campbell, Douglas 367 Campbell, George 345 Campbell, Mark 357 Canafax, Jennifer 377 Cangelosi, Stephen 345 Cannady, William 357 Caperton, Tracy 277 Caples, Michael 213 Capocaccia, Melissa 357 Capoccia, Missy 199 Carbonar, Whitman 357 Cardarella, Jennifer 345 Cardone, Christopher 367 Cardone, Chris 182 Carleton, Amy 357 Carlisle, Cheryl 357 Carlisle, Elizabeth 185 Carlisle, Eric 357 Carlson, Stacy Jo 184, 357 Carlton, John 209 Carman, Grace 377 Carmichael, Virginia 367 Carnes, Lady 377 Cara, Anne 345 Carpenter, Debbie 357 Carr, Robert 39t Carroll, Clinton 377 Carroll, Clint 197 Carroll, Patti 357 Carrrol, Kimberly 388 Carson, Brian 357 Carsten, Allison 208, 220, 377 Carter, Brenda 208, 388 Carter, Cherie 367 Carter, Dixie 220 Carter, Michael 357 Carter, Tami 377 Cartlidge, Perry 147 Cartwright, Brent 220 Caruthers, Genie 174 Caruthers, Kyle 174 Caruthers, Mary 377 Carwile, Nicole 345 Cary, Shelley 367 Case, David 377 Cassidy, Caroline 357 Cassin, Christina 345 Castilla, Jorge 210 Castle, Ronald 377 Catania, Monica 170, 367 Cate, Collin 367 Cating, Keith 204 Cato, Hal 160, 220, 377 Caudet, Catherine 36B Cauthen, Lisa 216,345 Cavett, Woods 345 Cavette, Kathie 377 Cayson, Jeanne 367 Cde, Jennifer 180 Chain, Laura 185, 220, 345 Challani, Sunita 388 Chamberlain, Leah 357 Chamberlin, Robert 377 Chambers, Robert 345 Chambers, Tamara 357 Chambers, Tarni 184 Chamblee, Philip 367 Champion, Abel 357 Champion, Jeff 174 Champlin, Jodi 367 Champlin, Jody 247 Champlin, Kimberly 345 Chan, Eddie 215 Chandler, Kim 180 Chandler, Lee 212 Chandler, Mary 357 Chang, Sudon 377 Chapa, Santiago 170, 377 Chapman, Barry 213 Chapman, Guy 357 Chapman, Harry 212 Chapman, James 377 Chapman, Kenny 196, 378 Chapman, Lisa 345 Charette, Cherry 191 Chase, Willie 357 Chaug, Stitse 388 Cheang, Christy 357 Chee, Kim 345 Chen, Chi-Wei 388 Chen, Fu 388 Chen, Hegang 388 Chen, Jong-Tim 388 Chen, Shide 388 Chen, Xin-Hua 388 Cheney, Eric 170, 198 Cheney, John 378 Cheng, Kwai 378 Chesman, Adam 357 Chesser, Scott 209 Chevalier, Steven 206, 345 Chew, Cheng 378 Chia, Voon-Ket 357 Chia, Voon-Kuen 357 Childers, Kathy 199 Childs, Clinton 357 Childs, Sonya 367 Childs, Thomas 367 Childs, Tommy 333 Chin, Tet 367 Chin, Valerie 345 Chiocchio, Tom 345 Chisholm, Stuart 378 Chiu, Ruey-Heh 388 Chiu, Shang-Haing 388 Chiu Hung, Li-Ling 388 Choate, Steven 388 Chong, Teck 345 Chong, Yok 357 Chow, Kay 378 Christian, Dave 182 Christian, David 345 Christian, Lea 378 Christian, Robert 378 Chu, Nathan 218, 357 Chung, Hean 357 Chung, Molin 388 Chung, Won 388 Ciaramitaro, Angela 345 Cimon, Christine 263 Clapp, Dorothy 172, 367 Clark, Bobby 388 Clark, Delinda 357 Clark, Forrest 378 Clark, James 367 Clark, Rob 174, 184, 197, 207 Clark, Robert 378 Clark, Stephan 367 Clark, Tammy 388 Clarke, Jeffrey 345 Clarke, Melinda 357 Clasgens, Christopher 345 Clasgens, Chris 172 Clawson, Al 182 Clawson, Larry 378 Clay, Brian 338 Clay, Bryan 378 Cleek, Shannon 345 Clemens, George 378 Clements, Sarah 367 Cleveland, Chuck 209 Cleveland, Elizabeth 378 Cleveland, John 378 Cleveland, Lori 239 Cline, Joanne 345 Cline, Jody 146, 216 Clinton, Beth 206 Clinton, James 357 Coaker, Margaret 378 Coates, Deanny 172, 345 Cobb, Amy 345 Cochran, Frost 378 Cochrane, William 378 Cockrell, Cheryl 391 Coffey, Sharon 357 Coffield, Nancy 172, 345 Coggins, Leah 206 Coggins, Melissa 345 Coghlan, Cathy 207 Coghlan, Kathy 392 Colburn, Lora 217, 367 Cole, Christy 175, 184, 251, 367 Cole, James 174 Cole, Jay 210 Cole, Jennifer 265 Cole, Lisa 367 Cole, Robert 116, 209, 387 Cole, Stuart 367 Coleman, Ed 184, 197 Coleman, Edwin 378 Coleman, Gwen 215 Coleman, Gwendolyn 391 Colingo, Melissa 208, 357 Collier, Christina 182, 235, 367 Collier, lack 378 Collier, Todd 170, 367 Collins, Joe 393 Collins, Kimberly 367 Collins, Michael 391 Collins, Vivian 184, 357 Collums, Jimmu 367 Colman, Joe 135 Colotta, Terry 338, 378 Colville, Elizabeth 182, 357 Compretta, Connally 172 Compton, William 378 Condon, Mary Anne 367 Congemi, Melanie 346 Coningsby, Russ 149, 209 Conjemi, Melanie 147 Conley, Felicia 378 Connart, David 357 Conoley, Ox 182 Conwill, Dixie 378 Conwill, George 388 Conwill, Jennifer 345 Cook, Amanda 357 Cook, Amber 345 Cook, Angela 388 Cook, Anthony 378 Cook, Cathy 147, 197, 225, 367, 378 Cook, Deborah 378 Cook, Debrough 216 Cook, Gina 160 Cook, Gregory 367 Cook, Henry 357 Cook, Paul 345 Cook, Paula 219, 345 Cook, Ronald 345 Cook, Thomas 378 Cooke, John 357 Cooke, Karen 357 Cooker, William 345 Cook, Jeffrey 378 Cooley, Linda Kay 378 Coon, David 367 Coopelich, Todd 393 Cooper, Patrick 197, 367 Coopwood, Scott 220 Copeland, Philip 172, 198, 357 Coppedge, Chris 220 Cordell, Sharon 345 Corder, Lisa 357 Corley, Cynthia 378 Corrigan, Erin 197, 378 Corrigan, Lucy 357 Cory, Kevin 182, 336, 378 Cosby, John 345 Cosmich , John 210 Cossar, Anne Love 185, 249, 345 Cossar, Margaret 378 Cossar, Tay 249 Couch, John 357 Couevas, Yvonne 346 Coulon, Katherine 346 Counce, Scott 357 Courtney, Sharon 277, 367 Courtney, Tanya 367 Covey, Chris 152 Cowart, Mark 357 Cowles, Glennys 180 Cox, Anissa 215, 357 Cox, Art 184, 202, 335, 338, 367 Cox, Barry 367 Cox, Cam 205 Cox, Carol 346 Cox, Carolyn 208, 357 . Cox, David 367 Cox, Jill 199, 378 Cox, Mary 378 Cox, Russell 367 Cox, Tamara 388 Cox, William 367 Craddock, Patrick 357 Craddock, Steven 378 Craft, Christopher 378 Craft, Joseph 346 Craft, Mitzi 357 Craft, Paul 367 Craig, Brenda 367 Crane, Martin 367 Crane, Michael 346 Cranford, Donna 207, 392 Craven, Tina 378 Crawford, Barbara 199 Crawford, Glinnis 170 Crawford, Golda 378 Crawford, Jon 367 Crawford, Philip 367 Crawford, Scotty 346 Crawford, Todd 170,346 Crawley, Lisa 392 Creekmore, Helen 346 Creely, Van 174, 180, 378 Crespino, Jo Beth 357 Crews, Thomas 197 Crick, Mark 1135 Criddle, Barry 391 Criddle, Frank 378 Crisman, lay 170 Crist, Cindy 219 Criswell, David 147 Criswell, Scott 209 Crockett, Christy 206, 208, 225 Crockett, Marielle 357 Crockett, Mike 182 Crofford, James 378 Cronan, Russell 378 Crook, Mike 338 Crosby, Blair 346 Crosby, Kecia 357 Crosby, Melissa 358 Crosby, Page 206 Cross, James 388 Crossley, Merry 378 Crosswell, Allen 174 Crow, Brian 388 Crow, Donna 393 Crowe, Chris 220 Crowe, Kelly 235, 358 Crowell, Joseph 358 Crowell, Todd 170 Crowley, Sheila 368 Crum, Patrick 368 Crump, Pam 170, 216 Crump, Pamela 368 Crumpton, Natalie 368 Cuevas, Milton 368 Culpepper, David 378 Culver, Sandy 391 Cumbelich, James 346 Cumberland, Jay 393 Cummings, Allana 141 Cunningham, Lisa 180 Cunningham, Melanie 346 Cunningham, Natalie 207, 392, 393 Cunningham, Stephanie 153, 378 Curry, Max 358 Curry, Roy 199 Curry, Russ 147, 209 Curry, Yolanda 358 Cushman, Robert 346 Cuthbert, Betsy 208 Dabbs, Willis 368 Dabney, Bill 184 Dabney, Cherry 212 Dabney, William 358 Daghmach, Hakmath 368 Daghmach, Sandra 346 Dahlem, Melanie 208 Daily, Liz 151 Dalaison, Rubens 182, 368 Dale, Daphne 346 Dale, Maureen 368 Dalton, Dana 358 Dalton, Jenny 263 Dalton, Robert 392 Dame, Melaine 180 Daniel, Benjamin 346 Daniels, Beth 197 Daniels, James 198 Daniels, Jon 346 Daniels, Lelia 368 Daniels, Mary Schiele 346 Darden, Rob 152 Darroh, Linda 392 Dascola, Pedro 346 Daughdrill, John 185 Dauphin, Benjamin 358 Davenport, Butch 209 Davenport, John 358 Daves, Jeff 152, 209, 358 Daves, Michael 368 Daves, Mike 147 Davidson, Curtis 378 Davidson, Linda 368 Davidson, Mark 185 Davis, Andrew 358 Davis, Andy 182 Davis, Angie 251 Davis, Ann 196, 197, 277, 378 Davis, Brenda 378 Davis, Crystal 175, 180 Davis, Deanna 378 Davis, Donald 358 Davis, John 185 Davis, Louise 153 Davis, Margaret 346 Davis, Mark 198, 388 Davis, Stace 346 Davis, Stefanie 378 Davis, Steve 160, 388 Davis, William 346 Dawson, Seymour 378 Day, Carol 378 Day, Jane 225, 239 Day, Jennifer 160, 206, 358 Day, Jerry 368 Day, William 378 Deam, Ellen 346 Dean, Donna 182, 358 Dean, Ellen 265 Dean, Melvin 147, 209, 378 Dean, Sara 378 Dear, Gabriel 147 Dearman, Bernie 378 Dearman, Sarah 368 Deaterly, Lea 249 Deaton, Bradley 368 Decann, Jennifer 346 Decell, Elisabeth 346 Decell, Frances 378 Decell, Lisa 249 Dedam, Jenny 216 Dees, Leland 378 Dees, Pam 216 Dees, Pamela 358 Degroot, Scott 338 Dehmer, Joseph 378 DeLoach, Brent 180 Deloach, Sherri 346 Demboski, lohn 368 Demlow, Ada 176,378 Demlow, Jeffrey 379 Dendy, Micheal 368 Dendy, Mike 197 Denley, Deanna 358 Denlow, Ade 336 Dennis, Lori 358 Dennis, Michael 358 Dennis, Vester 346 Denny, Dawn 358 Denson, Donna 346 Dent, Richard 338 Desantas, Robert 205, 337 Desantis, Robert 379 Deshi, Suketu 388 Desilva, Ajit 368 DeSimone, Damien 199 Dettor, Lisa 391 Devereaux, Cheryl 207, 392 Devine, Richard 184 Devine, Stan 393 Dew, Dana 379 Dewees, Jennifer 346 Dey, Daniel 346 Diana, Paul 388 Dickerson, James 379 Dickerson, Jim 182 Dickerson, Kenny 379 Dickerson, Marsha 358 Dickerson, Penny 368 Dickerson, Ron 180 Dickerson, Ronald 368 Dickey, Bubba 209 Dickey, William 368 Dienes, David 346 Dillard, David 172, 368 Dillon, Perry 379 Dillow, Lynda 368 Dillow, Sherry 174 Dilworth, Danny 379 Dilworth, Ladd 152 Dinaway, Gregory 379 Dinh, Binh 379 Dinh, Dzung 379 Dixon, Bruce 379 Dixon, Lloyd 182, 215, 358 Dixon, Marsha 358 Dixon, Mary 393 Dixon, Matt 393 Dixon, Michael 346 Dixon, Vickie 379 Dobbus, Ramona 379 Dodd, Bobbie 207, 392 Dodd, Darron 358 Dodson, Jack 388 Doke, Jacqueline 346 Doles, Scott 197, 379 Domenick, Mike 209 Donald, Ginny 275 Donavan, Kent 210 Donovan, Thomas 358 Donti, Rajendra 214, 388 Doody, Mary Lynn 220 Dorr, James 379 Dorri, Mehdi 388 Dorris, Cindy 152, 153 Dorris, Linda 346 Dorris, Tommie 172 Dorroh, Linda 207 Dossett, Jennifer 346 Douglass, Frank 182, 346 Douglass, Janna 346 Dowd, James 388 Dowdy, Stanley 170, 346 Dowe, Amy 368 Downey, Mary Ann 368 Downing, Mike 205 Downing, Patricia 207 Downs, Marilyn 388 Downs, Mark 358 Downs, Steve 393 Doyle, Lori 239 Drane, Catherine 379 Drane, Katherine 214 Drane, Windel 358 Draughon, Elizabeth 368 Drewery, Linda 358 Drewes, Eric 224 Droscoll, Kent 212 Drummond, Allison 379 Drummond, Desiree 141, 358 Drummond, Kim 261 Drummond, Lisa 368 Dubose, Vandarian 346 Dubyne, David 182, 346 Duchscher, Celena 346 Duckworth, Jim 149 Duckworth, Kala 220, 249, 358 Duffy, Keith 211 Duffy, Sean 211, 213 Duke, Traci 180 Dulaney, Chase 182 Dumas, Charles 379 Dunaway, Harold 379 Dunaway, Lara 175, 358 Dunaway, Rhonda 215, 358 Duncan, Benjamin 346 Duncan, Dana 379 Duncan, Delita 207, 391 Duncan, Howard 379 Dunlap, Gary 368 Dunlap, Nadene 254, 368 Dunlay, DeDe 208 Dunlsp, William 392 Dunn, Katy 214 Dunn, Leslie 206 Dunn, Tammy 379 Dunn, Wendy 358 Donna, Shyam 214, 358 Durant, Charles 346 Duraway, Rhonda 217 Durity, Yvonne 184, 217 Dustagir, Rumman 215 Dye, Bradford 346 Dye, Ford 206 Dye, Hamp 206, 338 Dye, Hampton 368 Dyer, Laura 220, 263 Dyess, Rhonda 207 Dyrdd, Rhonda 393 Dyson, Larry 182 Eakes, Jeffrey 346 Eastridge, Lisa 379 Eaton, Mark 170, 219, 368 Eaton, Robert 393 Eaves, John 184,206 Eby, Ray 182 Echols, Charlene 379 Echols, Kristin 206 Edwards, Audrey 346 Edwards, Carmon 368 Edwards, Clyde 197 Edwards, Dawn 346 Edwards, Eve 182 Edwards, Jerry 368 Edwards, Katrina 214, 379 Edwards, Mark 224 Edwards, Michael 185, 346 Edwards, Tara 147 Edwards, Wayne 358 Egger, lames 379 Egger,lim 170,198 Ehrlicher, Nancy 358 Eichelberger, Andrea 379 Lichelberger, Joy 141, 142, 144 Eidt, Manfred 358 Eilks, Winnye 216 Elam, Kimberly 368 Eldringhoff, Andy 182 Elfekey, Mahmoud 388 Ellard, Gregory 388 Elliff, Lee 211 Ellington, Mark 388 Elliott, Charles 379 Elliott, David 379 Elliott, Michele 379 Elliott, Paul 379 Elliott, Rick 211 Ellis, Eddie 393 Ellis, John 368 Ellis, Phil 379 Ellis, Susan 346 Ellison, David 213 Elmore, Susan 368 Emerson, William 368 Emmanuel, Sim 210 Emmons, lane 174, 184 England, Betsy 275 Enochs, Scott 170,215,379 Erlicher, Chrissy 265 Erwin, Andrea 346 Escalante, Carlos 338 Escamilla,Ladra 346 Eselin, Stephanie 196 Esoisuti, John 358 Esquivel, Jessica 170 Estes, Christy 225 Estes, Christi 368 Estess, Murray 393 Estill, Duane 368 Etheridge, Samonia 379 Etz, Blair 346 Eubanks, Angela 368 Eubanks, Micky 358 Eubanks, Tara 346 Eubanks, Trey 243, 338, 391 Eudy, Roy 148 Evans, Bobby 170 Evans, Carolyn 346 Evans, Darrel 198 Evans, Darrell 170 Evans, Doris 358 Evans, James 368 Evans, Lois 346 Evans, Nina 379 Evans, Sandra 358 Evans, Terrell 379 Everett, John 379 Ewing, Andrea 346 Ezell, Angela 216 Failla, Andrew 391 Fair, Frederic 368 Fairchild, Barbara 172, 346 Fairley, Drew 391 Falah, Marwan 368 Falvey, Bryan 346 Farese, Mary 185, 346 Faris, Richard 392 Farmer, Bryan 116, 119 Farmer, Greta 358 Farmer, Wayne 379 Farr, Paul 379 Farrar, Scott 174 Farrell, Robert 174 Farrish, Christi 346 Farrow, Rhonda 379 Faulkner, Dina 392 Faulkner, Romus 368 Faust, John 379 Fava, Ricky 338 Fears, Johnny 172, 198 Feldhaus, Carrie 170, 379 Feldhaus, Samuel 346 Fells, Caroline 254, 379 Felsher, Charles 346 Felton, Kelle 347 Felton, Kelly 220 Feltus, Stephanie 263, 379 Ferguson, Charles 174 Ferguson, Gary 347 Ferguson, Marty 338 Fero, Julie 213 Fero, Juliette 368 Ferris, Anne 185, 347 Fickel, Jason 347 Field, Sam 281 Fields, Jimmy 209 Fields, Laura 347 Fife, Trey 220 Fisher, Ghyrane 358 Fisher, Leigh 208 Fitts, John 182 Fitzgerald, Rob 207 Fitzsimmons, Mike 209 Flakes, Everett 209 Flanagan, Scarlett 172 Flanagan, Scarlette 36B Flechas, Patricia 172, 358 Flemister, Matthew 347 Flemmons, Ed 338 Fletcher, Leslie 379 Fletcher, Luther 379 Fletcher, Mark 379 Fletcher, Reid 338 Fletcher, Spence 212, 358 Flick, Kelley 263 Flinn, Mary 368 Flower, Laura 391 Flowers, Delores 215 Flowers, Ginger 347 Flowers, Laura 207 Floyd, Beverly 368 Floyd, Luther 379 Floyd, Sharon 216,225 Floyd, Traci 207, 391 Flynn, Lane 184, 206, 358 Flynt, Lisa 358 Foard, Mary 368 Foley, Dave 152 Foley, Michael 379 Ford, Patrick 358 Ford, Tammy 208, 358 Fortenberry, Lisa 207, 391 Foster, Jill 277, 379 Foster, Kimberly 347 Foster, Michael 347 Foster, Stephanie 175,220 Fosworth, Jason 347 Fouts, Kathy 265 Fowler, Susan 347 Fox, Elizabeth 207, 393 Fox, Julia 368 Fox, Leila 379 Fox, Shannon 206, 368 Foy, Kelly 220 Francis, Edward 180, 368 Frank, Christopher 347 Franklin, Ann 392 Franklin, Kristi 347 Franklin, Rhonda 379 Franklin, Suzi 379 Franks, Elizabeth 347 Franks, Sherron 368 Franks, Timothy 388 Fratesi, Lisa 368 Frederick, Khor 193 Frederick, Kirk 347 Fredericks, Christina 379 Freeman, Gary 392, 393 Freeman, Judy 207, 393 Freeman, Kathy 220 Freeman, Ruby 379 Freeman, Samuel 358 Freeman, Tonya 212, 358 Freemyer, Emily 261, 379 Freeze, Mori 347 Freiman, Mike 182 French, Kandace 347 Fretterd, Suzanne 358 Frey, Melissa 379 Frierson, Lavorace 175, 368 Frohn, Eric 347 Frost, Mary 170, 347 Fulks, Walter 379 Fullam, Todd 358 Fuller, Cedric 379 Fuller, James 388 Fuller, Keith 172 Fulton, John 391 Fung, Kwong-Ming 358 Fung, Patrick 215 Funk, Tommy 368 Fyke, Jenny 391 Gadd, Amelia 379 Gadd, Keith 206 Gadd, Walter 358 Gafford, Missy 241 Gage, William 338 Gaines, Stan 379 Gallagher, Tim 180 Gallien, Jane Ellen 347 Gallik, Gerald 209 Galloway, Scott 338 Galloway, William 379 Galvin, Michele 347 Gamarra, Juan 379 Gamblin, Kimberly 347 Gammage, Tonya 170, 185, 347 Gandy, Angela 347 Ganju, Sidharth 214, 388 Gann, Skip 174, 197, 380 Ganti, Avinash 347 Ganupuru, Rita 214 Gardner, Casey 347 Gardner, Jon Lea 368 Gardner, judy 380 Gardner, Richard 380 Garland, Sheri 172 Garner, Josh 170 Garner, Lee 368 Garner, Leigh Ann 199 Garner, Roger 380 Garner, Todd 368 Garrard, Eileen 380 Garraway, Belynda 388 Garrecht, Bethany 404 Garrett, Glen 338 Garrett, James 388 Garrett, Kathey 380 Garrett, Linne 347 Garrett, Phillip 368 Garrett, Preston 358 Gary, Monica 358 Gaston, John 347 Gates, James 368 Gates, Patti 368 Gatlin, Stacey 347 Gaudet, Catherine 175, 220 Gautier, Caroline 358 Gayden, John 358 Gaylor, Kathleen 182, 197 Gebhart, Michelle 369 Gee, lohn 218 Gee, John, 391 Geer, Joel 358 Gelbard, Elaine 219 Gelenter, Chris 196 Geno, Gary 116, 209 Genovese, Rcss 209 Gentleman, Jean-Paul 116 Gentlemen, I P 209 Gentry, Beatrice 208, 369 Gentry, Michael 388 Gentry, Timothy 369 George, James 358 George, Stephanie 347 Gerald, James 339 Germand, Charles 347 Gettys, Lawrence 347 Gex, loe 116, 209 Ghent, Bart 198 Gholson, Web 206 Gibbs, Jake 116 Gibbs, Michael 369 Gibbs, Mike 172 Gibbs, Monte 116, 149, 209 Gibson, Gregory 391 Gibson, Tammy 207, 393 Gideon, Bonnie 215 Gifford, Tracey 180, 369 Gilbert, Barbara 369 Gilbert, Lisa 380 Gilchrist, Daniel 185 Gilchrist, Kathryn 369 Gilchrist, Katie 184 Gilder, Melanie 369 Gill, John 388 Gill, Kin 206 Gillespie, Lisa 380 Gillespie, Stacey 358 Ginn, Randy 380 Giraham, Jack 359 Glenn, David 215 Glidewelt, Sherry 369 Glover, Tinnie 380 Goaoi, Rupak 214 Goddard, Jessica 207, 392 Godfrey, Troy 369 Goff, Jason 347 Goforth, Ray 392 Gogoi, Rupak 388 Gold, Jonathan Paul 380 Golden, Beverly 380 Golden, Nathaniel 358 Gong, Sonya 197, 380 Gongre, Randy 182 Gooch, Lan 152, 153, 209 Good, Ken 391 Good, Ronnie 213 Gooden, Ronda 254, 380 Goodlow, Willie 209 Goodman, Alan 369 Goodman, Courtney 347 Goodman, Paul 359 Goodman, Rosalyn 392 Goodnight, Patricia 359 Goodnite, John 388 Goodsell, J B 196 Goodson, Wendy 359 Goodwin, Ginger 369 Goodwin, John 182, 369 Goodwin, William 369 Goolsby, Gloria 380 Gorden, James 197 Gordon, Charles 369 Gordon, Chip 174, 206 Gordon, Dave 241 Gordon, James 380 Gordon, Jerry Mourin 193 Gordon, Kevin 220 Gordon, Kyle 116, 209, 220 Gordon, Lesleigh 332 Gordon, Leslie 245 Gordon, Robert 380 Gordon, Tara 214 Gordon, Valerie 225, 369 Gore, Jennifer 388 Goretski, Anthony 380 Gorham, Ashley 359 Gorham, John 380 Gorthala, Ravi 214, 388 Gorton, Lindsay 208 Gosa, T ina 180, 369 Goudelock, Margaret 185 Gould, Bret 388 Gould, Kathi 214 Gould, Kathryn 380 Govindasamy, Visvanathan 369 Grace, James 347 Grady, Joseph 347 Graham, Hardy 369 Graham, Julia 380 Graham, Marcus 359 Graham, Renee 380 Graham, Timothy 380 Gramelion, Hailey 205 Gramling, Robert 369 Granger, Julie 184, 359 Grant, Alice 359 Grantland, Stacy 176 Grasse, Cynthia 359 Grasse, Dhawn 172 Graves, Carol 347 Graves, Timmi 359 Gray, Angela 359 Gray, Brooks 338 Gray, Christi 369 Gray, Frank 359 Gray, Fred 380 Gray, Julie 359 Gray, Kevin 197, 347, 380 Gray, Mike 369 Green, Barrett 182, 359 Green, Christopher 359 Green, Jeff 213 Green, Jeffrey 380 Green, Samantha 180, 184 Green, Shelley 174 Green, Shirley 380 Greenberg, Kimberly 347 Greenwell, Amy 347 Greer, Kim 214 Gregory, John 359 Gregory, Lorie 369 Gregory, Sylvia 359 Gremillion, Nally 205, 251, 380 Gressett, Marcus 380 Griffey, Bruce 380 Griffin, Lillian 170, 380 Griffin, Patricia 388 Griffin, Sara 392 Griffin, Timothy 369 Jerry 359 Grisham, Tonya 380 Grisham, Wendy 185 Grizzard, Ashley 359 Grizzard, Melissa 347 Grochau, Doug 197, 212 Grochau, Douglas 212 Grogan, Allison 212, 369 Grogan, Patrick 347 Guest, Jeff 152 Guest, Jeffrey 3S9 Guin, Brett 170, 369 Guinn, Brett 198 Guizerix, Patricia 347 Guizerix, Tricia 182 Guttelt, Stephen 369 Gulley, Kelly 333 Gully, Dana 197 Gundavajhala, Anand 214, 388 Gunn, Glenn 380 Gunn, Gloria 208, 369 Dorm, Scott 202, 224, 338 Gunner, Brad 347 Gunthays, Melissa 393 Gurley, Vicki 347 Gurner, Joe 170 Gurner, Joseph 359 Guthery, Lisa t99 Guthrie, Amy 208 Gutierrez, Luis 369 Gutierrez, Sergio 388 Guynes, Ginger 380 Guyton, David 369 Guyton, Janet 347 Gwin, Christopher 206 Ha, Hun 389 Habeeb, Albert 369 Habeeb, Linda 359 Habeeb, Samuel 347 Hable, Katharine 185 Hachem, Hassan 347 Hadad, Laurin 347 Hagan, Jean 380 Hagan, Saprena 359 Haire, Karen 359 Hale, Christa 359 Hale, Cindy 172 Hale, Cynthia 347 Hale, James 359 Hale, Jason 369 Hale, Jennifer 347 Hale, Tracie 392, 393 Haley, Elaine 347 Halford, Lisa 380 Hall, Elizabeth 369 Hall, lames 380 Hall, Karen 206, 359 Hall, Lisa 380 Hall, Myra 391 Hall, Randle 369 Hallman, Scott 359 Hallum, Hal 241 Halpin, Lucy 380 Hamblett, Sonya 207, 391 Hamby, Dave 182 Hamilton, Louie 182, 359 Hamlin, Angela 369 Hamlin, Angie 174 Hammill, Jennifer 174 Hammitt, George 359 Hammond, Gay 393 Hammond, Robin 207, 392 Hammond, Shelby 180, 359 Hancock, John 359 Haney, Rip 147 Haney, Robert 359 Haney, Trellis 207, 393 Hanna, Saadeh 389 Hannah, Barry 380 Hanninen, Laina 170 Hannon, Angela 392 Hannon, Angie 207 Hao, Yi 389 Harbuck, Sonny 209 Hardaway, Doris 359 Hardee, Doak 347 Hardin, lames 369 Hardin, Lisabeth 380 Hardin, Timothy 369 Harding, Charles 369 Hardy, Sanford 182, 347 Hargett, Amy 380 Hargrove, Elizabeth 206 Hariharan, Jayashree 214, 389 Haring, Tern 216, 347 Harless, John 152 Harmon, Robin 347 Harness, Lynn 347 Harper, Amy 347 Harper, Anthony 197 Harper, Robert 380 Harper, William 359 Harrington, Lee 392 Harris, Anthony 380 Harris, Chico 176, 380 Harris, Craig 380 Harris, David 347 Harris, Elizabeth 347 Harris, Holly 277 Harris, jay 182, 347 Harris, Marsha 184 Harris, Nancy 359 Harris, Shawn 347 Harris, Terrie 392 Harris, Tracy 207, 391 Harrison, Darrell 369 Harrison, Deborah 369 Harrison, Greg 182 Harrison, Gregory 380 Harrison, Jayme 380 Harrison, John 347 Harrison, Scott 404 Hart, Allison 275 Hart, Allyson 180 Hart, Angela 207, 392 Hart, Christopher 348 Hart, Cyndi 369 Hartford, Carol 369 Hartley, Meredith 220 Hartman, Heather 150 Hartzog, Michelle 141 Hartzog, Rosalind 348 Harvey, Cindy 197 Harvey, Edward 348 Harvey, Martin 359 Harvey, Reggie 359 Harwell, Patrick 348 Hase, Cynthia 359 Hasseltine, Ashley 359 Hasseltine, Suzanne 348 Hastings, Karen Michelle 348 Hatcher, Scott 393 Hathcock, Lance 209 Hatridge, John 182, 380 Hausner, Shannon 369 Hawkins, Bryan 206, 359 Hawkins, James 359 Hawkins, Jane 153 Hawkins, Micheal 380 Hawkins, Patsy 392 Haydel, Wendy 207, 391 Hayden, Claire 348 Hayes, Hal Cato 338 Hayes, lames 348 Hayes, Matt ie 220 Hayes, Melanie 207, 391 Hayes, Sheila 348 Hayes, Tracy 348 Hayman, Teresa 141, 207, 392 Hayman, Theresa 144 Hays, Clay 206 Hdaib, Shahan 389 Head, Jean 369 Head, Melinda 391 Head, Michael 241, 359 Heard, Lloyd 172, 359 Hearin, John 182 Heath, Cas 279 Heath, Corey 172, 182 Heath, Rose 170, 359 Hector, Laurie 332 Hegwood, Peggy 380 Heidbreder, Karen 348 Heidel, James 348 Heldman, David 348 Hellums, Penny 208 Helm, Thomas 369 Helsley, Claudia 359 Helton, Kathy 369 Helton, Kevin 380 Helton, Pamela 369 Henderson, Bryan 369 Henderson, Mark 391 Henderson, Mary 380 Hendricks, Pam 393 Hendrix, Michael 369 Hendrix, Robert 212 Hennessey, Lynn 150 Hennington, Blake 184 Henry, Carol 369 Henry, Randy 369 Henry, Thomas 369 Hensarling, Robynne 348 Hensley, Elizabeth 369 Henson, Maggie 147 Herlyn, Bodo 389 Herman, Tammy 369 Hermetz, Kevin 220 Hermit, Kevin 220 Herndon, Jennifer 380 Herndon, Timothy 380 Herrera, Kevin 170 Herring, Darrell 204 Herring, Kim 172, 206, 359 Herring, Leigh 185, 348 Herring, Robert 369 Herrington, Angela 174, 380 Herrington, Jeanne 369 Herrington, Laura Lee 180 Herrington, Michael 348 Herrington, Sulynn 359 Herrod, Jeff 209 Herron, Lacey 348 Herron, Lynda 369 Herron, Shelia 369 Hertlein, Doris 369 Hertlein, Lorie 206 Hess, Kurt 369 Hess, Mary Ann 174, 197, 207, 380 Hewes, Finley 359 Hewitt, Melissa 172, 180, 369 Hibler, Calvin 380 Hickey, Clare 359 Hickman, James 359 Hicks, Bruce 211 Hicks, Courtney 348 Hicks, jenny 150, 151, 154, 155 Higginbotham, Robert 359 Hightower, Pamela 369 Hill, Anndra 348 Hill, Charles 359 Hill, Christopher 359 Hill, Cynthia 170, 380 Hill, Elizabeth 348 Hill, Ginger 175 Hill, lane 176, 380 Hill, John 359 Hill, Judy 215 Hill, Kathy 175 Hill, Keith 170, 198, 359 Hill, Rich 359 Hill, Robbie 389 Hill, Shawn 380 Hill, Stephanie 220 Hill, Tracy 151, 225 Hillery, Bitsie 184, 239 Hillery, Mary 359 Hilton, Frances 369 Hines, Reid 348 Hines, Tracy 359 Hinton, Brian 348 Hirschmann, Jackie 220 Hitchcock, Patricia 389 Hite, Malendia 207, 391 Ho, Ching 370 Hoard, Lisa 380 Hobbs, Lynn 225, 334 Hobbs, Patricia 381 Hobson, Beth 217 Hobson, Elizabeth 359 Hodge, David 348 Hodge, John 359 Hodges, Amanda 370 Hodges, Franklin 392 Hodges, Lisa 213, 381 Hodges, Wayne 393 Holcomb, Maria 207, 391 Holden, Holly 197, 261 Holder, Melissa 348 Holeman, Jeff 170 Holland, Amanda 348 Holland, Anthony 370 Holland, Mandy 245 Holland, Mimi 245 Holland, Twyla 348 Holley, Angela 381 Holley, Edward 370 Holley, Karen 392 Holley, Rodney 359 Holliday, Curtis 391 Holliday, Harry 213, 381 Hollingshead, Anthony 381 Hollingshead, Tony 197 Hollingsworth, Jennifer 175 Hollins, Greg 182 Hollis, Mary Kay 214 Holloway, Jerry 370 Holloway, Judy 348 Hollowell, Jennifer 175, 275, 370 Holman, Phillip 205 Holman, Phillips 338 Holmes, David 370 Holmes, Kim 184, 206 Holston, Sam 381 Honan, Kevin 180, 370 Hong Cheng, Hui-Ching 389 Hontzas, Stefanie 348 Hood, James 389 Hood, Kenneth 381 Hood, Kennoth 180 Hood, Melissa 214 Hood, Paul 381 Hood, Rhonda 170 Hood, Robin 370 Hood, Rochelle 348 Hoot, Chiew 381 Hooker, Kathleen 225 Hoots, Nella 381 Hoover, Susan 381 Hopkins, Angela 370 Hopkins, Ashley 225 Hopkins, Scottie 370 Hopper, Richard 370 Hopper, Samantha 172,239 Horan, Brian 348 Horn, Paul 135 Horne, Alison 381 Horne, Dereck 209 Horne, Derek 224 Horne, Stephen 381 Home, Steve 209 Horne, Stuart 175 Horton, Holly 261, 360 Horton, Melissa 172 Horton, Nancy 175, 381 Horton, Nathan 393 Horton, Valerie 219 Horton, Vicki 147 Hoskins, Danny 209, 213 Hossfeld, Leslie 389 Houck, Chris 155 Hough, Jill 360 Hovas, DeAnne 392 Howard, Bonnie 235 Howard, Dawn 370 Howard, Denise 370 Howard, Gail 381 Howard, John 220 Howard, Katrina 160, 185, 348 Howard, Laura 160, 381 Howe, Richard 389 Howell, Jeffery 360, 381 Howell, Lindsey 360 Howell, Martha 360 Howell, Stephen 338 Howie, John 197,338 Howlet, Denise 217 Howlett, Suzanne 381 Hsieh, Fonchan 389 Hsu, Tsungda 389 Huang, Chintan 389 Hubacek, Chris Bailey 213, 338 Hubacek, Lawrence 381 Hubbard, Larry 348 Hubbard, Linda 360 Hubbard, Phyllis 370 Huckaby, Jimmy 348 Huddleston, Charla 381 Hudlleston, Cathy 393 Hudson, Amy 348 Hudson, Joseph 348 Hudson, Kevin 381 Hudson, Randy 233 Hudson, Stephen 337, 370 Hudson, Steve 213 Hudspeth, Edward 391 Huey, Diane 393 Huggins, Jennifer 381 Huggins, joy 381 Huggins, Preston 360 Hughes, Jeff 219 Hughes, Kenneth 381 Hughes, Melody 348 Humphrey, Theresa 348 Hung, Lang-Bang 389 Hunger, James 253 Hunt, Darren 170, 198, 360 Hunt, Felicia 381 Hunt, Noel 172 Hunter, Robert 381 Hurdle, Frank 160, 176 Hurt, Linda 370 Husni, Marie 219 Husnik, Gregory 389 Hussey, Duke 170, 198 Hussey, William 360 Hussung, Michael 360 Hutcheson, Ginger 360 Hutchinson, Vincent 348 Hutson, Angela 370 Hutto, Cecil 389 Hutto, Rhonda 207, 392 Hux, Deborah 348 Hux, James 391 Hwang, Jeng-Chian 389 Hwant, Yu 381 Hyde, Kathlyn 360 Hyde, Robert 220 Hyde, Susan 205 Hyde, Valerie 348 Flyer, Jerry 348 T m, Stephen 218, 219 m, Steven 213 mam, Hussain 389 nce, Allen 147 nce, Samuel 348 ngraham, Carol 370 ngram, Lee 348 nman, Willard 370 ntharajah, Kanendran 193, 370 rby, Mark 174, 224 rby, Mary 208 rein, Todd 209 som, Victor 381 sonhood, Robert 348 upe, Ida 360 upe, Sharon 196, 381 verson, Gary 370 verson, Mary 370 ackson, Anne 360 ackson, Carter 170 ackson, Gregory 370 ackson, Jacquline 389 ackson, Jill 348 ackson, Kermit 147, 209 ackson, Leisa 172 ackson, Robert 205, 283, 338 ackson, Robin 348 ackson, Sherri 370 ackson, Susan 207, 392, 393 ackson, Victoria 389 ackson, William 348 acob, Cassandra 219, 370 acob, Cassie 219 acobs, Jeffrey 381 acobs, Kim 184 acobs, Kimberly 360 adwin, Lynn 381 adwin, Ruth 389 ames, Fred 348 ames, Jeffery 392 ames, Maier 371 ames, Mona 197 ames, Rebecca 207, 391 ames, Sheila 206, 348 ames, Sherry 160, 206, 360 ames, Susan 381 ames, Will 224, 281 an, Mai-Lin 389 an, Minder 389 arrell, Philip 348 arrett, Sylvia 239, 370 avorsky, Sue 360 ayasuriya, Desappriya 389 aynes, Jeff 184 aynes, Jeffrey 360 eans, Chandranita 348 efcoat, Gigi 175 effcoat, Rebecca 360 eliaima, Ramadan 219 eng, Chin-Fang 389 enkins, Hilary 348 enkins, Janice 215 enkins, Janis 216 ennings, Ivy 348 ennings, Stephene 381 ennings, Tara 176, 370 eter, Ronald 370 ia, Yi-Wei 389 a, Yimin 389 oe, Amy 218, 348. oe, Don 381 oe, Glenn 389 ohns, William 241, 370 ohnson, Cathy 185, 348 ohnson, Charles 172, 211 ohnson, Clyde 213, 370 ohnson, Connie 391 ohnson, Corneil 348 ohnson, Cynthia 348 ohnson, Daren 209 ohnson, Deas 360 ohnson, Dorothy 360, 381 ohnson, Earl 360 ohnson, Fred 348 ohnson, Jamie 116,209 ohnson, Jeffrey 360 ohnson, Jennifer 360 ohnson, Jerry 149 ohnson, Joan 381 ohnson, Joey 149 ohnson, Julie 182 ohnson, Kenneth 370 ohnson, Kim 216, 348 ohnson, Lateasha 141,348 ohnson, Linda 381 ohnson, Lisa 381 ohnson, Mary Kathryn 208, 225 ohnson, Mechalle 208 ohnson, Melanie 381 ohnson, Mike 211 ohnson, Patricia 348 ohnson, Patrick 220 ohnson, Randy 370 ohnson, Sandra 180,197 ohnson, Scott 185, 348 ohnson, Tracey 349 ohnston, Janis 360 ohnston, Joseph 381 ohnston, Tommy 370 ones, Albert 185 ones, Arthur 360 ones, Bobby 360 ones, Bonnie 370 ones, Brian 197 ones, Bridget 208, 381 ones, Cami 155, 349 ones, Cassie 360 ones, Conigliaro 360 ones, Cynthia 220 ones, Dorothy 349 ones, Geoffrey 360 ones, Gerald 370 ones, Gregory 349 ones, Ja,k 381 ones, James 360 ones, Jennifer 349 ones, Jill 219, 381 ones, Julia 370 ones, Julie 199 ones, Laura 215, 370 ones, Leigh Ann 207, 393 ones, Lisa 360 ones, Lopaz 209 ones, Lori 381 ones, Lou 360 ones, Mark 381 ones, Martina 349 ones, Michael 349 ones, Trevor 349 ones, Wanda 349 ones, William 370 ordan, Dan 283, 338, 344 ordan, Daniel 381 ordan, Dwight 360 ordan, Mike 205 ordan, Stephen 381 ordan, Steve 182 ordon, Mike 205 oseph, Michelle 175 osephic, Beth 381 owell, Kelly 220 oyner, Steven 381 oyner, Steve 209 u, Margaret 381 ue, Danny 360 uhan, Bob 391 urgens, Kris 235, 349 Kabban, Emil 381 Kaiser, Ingerborg 389 Kaiser, Kerry 212 Kalberer, Kimberely 349 Kaluza, Bahett 389 Kan, Kelvin 215 Kao, Hung-Sea 389 Karamchandani, Ashwin 214 Karthikeyan, Mahadevan 214 Kavelman, Katherine 370 Kazemba, Michael 381 Keaney, Patricia 360 Kearney, Karen 360 Kearney, Mary Lu 370 Keating, Jane 393 Kedia, Manju 389 Kee, Laik 360 Keel, Gary 370 Keevers, Amy 172 Keil, Kenneth 360 Keith, Patricia 219, 381 Keller, George 370 Kellerman, Catherina 360 Kellerman, Kathy 160 Kelley, Barry 209 Kelley, Ed 370 Kelley, Michelle 172, 349 Kelley, William 370 Kellum, Leonard 381 Kelly, Charles 370 Kelly, Dina 370 Kelly, Ed 220 Kelly, John 370 Kelly, Katelyn 370 Kelly, Layne 360 Kelly, Nancy 14 Kelly, Pete 349 Kelly, Scott 170, 370 Kelsey, Eric 182, 381 Kemp, Greg 202, 338 Kengwoh, LEE 371 Kennedy, Richard 349 Kenney, Stephanie 370 Kennington, Kathryn 349 Kergosien, John 349 Kersh, Jane 332, 381 Kersh, Julie 349 Kerst, Lisa 360 Kesler, Stanley 174 Kessinger, Keith 135, 209 Kessler, Michael 170, 349 Ketchum, Kyle 182 Ketema, Hailu 389 Key, Annette 208 Keys, Audrey 381 Keys, Phyllis 217, 381 Khan, Amir 370 Khan, Shahid 360 Khanna, Sandeep 389 Khatami, Ali 389 Khor, Loong 360 Kidd, James 381 Kilgore, Bernadette 217 Kilpatrick, Elise 225 Kilpatrick, Janice 381 Kilpatrick, Kara 360 Kilpatrick, Kim 199, 360 Kim, Kyung 389 KimbellL, Lee 393 Kincaid, Pam t70, 216, 349 Kincaid, Steve 170 King, Amanda 160, 360 King, Bobbie 360 King, Cecil 370 King, Charles 349 King, Courtney 220 King, Dennis 224 King, James 338, 381 King, Jim 196 King, limbo 205 King, Kelly 253 King, Laurie 349 King, LeAnne 14, 235 King, Margaret 360 King, Melissa 207, 391 King, Paula 381 King, Ralph 174, 349 King, Richard 185 King, Rick 349 King, Tom 198 King, Vernon 349 Kirby, John 360 Kirchmayr, Deidra 172 Kirkland, Michelle 360 Kirkpatrick, Tom 220, 381 Kirkwood, Teresa 207, 393 Klentos, Kelly 220 Klingea, Anne 217 Klingen, Anne 215 Klinger, Gundula 389 Kloha, Pam 176, 184, 207 Kloha, Pamela 370 Klotz, Cecilia 370 Klotz, Cissie 197 Klotz, Saraya 172, 370 Knee, J C 182, 360 Knight, John 370 Knight, Malcolm 393 Knight, Michael 370 Knirnschild, Mike 182, 349 Knoche!, Kimberly 370 Knott, Jeff 170, 338 Knott, Jeffery 382 Knott, Jeffrey 219 Knowlton, David 172, 349 Knox, Margaret 392 Ko, Margaret 360 Ko, Yee 389 Koehler, Julie 370 Koenenn, Richard 174 Kombem, Ngwainnthi 389 Kong, Ng 382 Koons, Trey 349 Kossman, Natalie 360 Kramer, Debbie 332 Krishnan, Ananda 349 Kroeze, John 382 Krohn, Kelly 349 Krueger, Heidi 349 Kubenthiran, Ramanathan 349 Kumar, Ramu 214 Kuzuno, Keiko 389 Kwan, Georgianna 349 Kwan, Mikela 382 Kwang, Hock 360 Kyser, Kimberly 382 Labella, Roy 382 Labuda, Anna 349 Lackey, Ellen 349 Lacy, Jerry 349 Ladmier, Walter 370 Ladner, Mark 220 Ladner, Stephanie 349 Lafferty, Austin 371 Lahaye, Marie 382 Laird, Gray 202 Laird, Kathryn 382 Lam, Wee 212 Lamar, Keith 174 Lamb, Victoria 382 Lambert, Amy 382 Lambert, Connie 199, 349 Lambert, Malissa 176, 308 Lambert, Melissa 382 Lambert, Renee 349 Lampley, Danny 382 Lanasg, Alfie 210 Lancaster, April 185, 385 Land, Margaret 360 Landers, James 382 Landers, Jim 182, 196 Langham, Dana 174, 382 Langston, Kevin 391 Lantrip, Bryan 391 Lard, Sharron 349 Law, Charlie 224, 338 Lawhon, Beth 360 Lawhon, Leslie 371 Lawhorn, Alesia 391 Lawrence, Pamela 349 Lawrence, Silas 281 Lawson, Kay 216,360 Lawson, Stephanie 214, 225, 382 Lawson, Victoria 185, 216, 349 Lawyer, Angel 360 Layton, Bruce 389 Le, Stephen 382 Le Blanc, Yvette 382 Lea, Clark 371 Leake, Lindsey 349 Leake, Rucker 212 Ledbetter, Lisa 360 Ledlow, Michael 393 Lee, Benjamin 371 Lee, Ching 371 Lee, Donna 349 Lee, Debbie 207 Lee, Deborah 391 Lee, Emily 393 Lee, Ernest 215 Lee, Guang-Liang 389 Lee, lk-Soo 389 Lee, Jeffery 371 Lee, Lisa 349 Lee, Michael 371 Lee, Mitchell 371 Lee, Peng 389 Lee, Susan 199 Lee, Tse Tiong 382 Lee, Yee-Hee 389 Leeper, Daphlyn 382 Leeper, Samuel 349 Lehen, Lavonne 349 Lehman, Lucy 217 Lejeune, Joel 349 Lejune, Joel 210 Leonard, Jon 393 Leong, KoK Toong 371 Leong, Kum Weng 389 Leow, Aik-Jiang 360 Lepeska, Ellen 360 Lereska, Toni 176 Levenson, Amy 220, 265 Lever, David 391 Lewellyn, Chadwick 185 Lewis, Darin 371 Lewis, Morris 224 Lewis, Suzanne 371 Lewis, Walden 361 Leyser, Richard 349 Li, Stephen 215, 334 Liao, Ruey-Ming 389 Liat, Sharon 382 Liberto, Lisa 361 Liddon, Clark 213, 224 Liddy, Sarah 382 Liddy, Timothy 392 Liester, Randy 253 Lieux, David 361 Ligan, Angela 180 Lim, Lum Kong 371 Lim, Teck 382 Lim, Tze 382 Lin, Gin-Chung 389 Lin, Han-Hon 389 Lin, Shern 389 Lin, Wen-Yuan 389 Lindemann, Jon 174, 382 Lindley, Angelia 371 Lindley, Karen 382 Lindsey, David 198, 382 Linebaugh, Diane 349 Link, Julie 154 Lipman, Stacy 349 Lipski, Thomas 382 Listenbee, Sharon 361 Liston, Lori 349 Little, Dawn 349 Littlejohn, Christy 199, 349 Littleston, Carthage 361 Liu, Bih Jen 389 Liu, Hsin-Tsu 389 Liu, Suon-Laong 371 Liu, Wei 389 Livingston, Luann 214 Lloyd, James 349 Lloyd, Jeffrey 361 Locke, Jefferson 349 Lockett, Jametta 349 Loden, Julian 361 Loenenn, Richard 197 Loftis, Brent 182 Loftis, Hugh 382 Logan, Brain 180 Logie, Joe 182 • Logie, Joseph 382 Long, Carrie 174, 382 Long, Darryl 392 Long, Jimmy 361 Long, Ladye 382 Long, Madeline 349 Long, Timothy 349 Longoria, Alcide 349 Loong, Tuck 176,382 Loper, Sandy 349 Lorio, Andy 349 Lott, Chester 361 Lott, Chet 207 Lott, Lee 349 Lounsbury, Jenna 361 Love, Charoltte 361 Love, Ed 224, 338 Lovelace, Alden 220 Lovelace, Eddie 182 Lovelace, Edward 382 Lovorn, Douglas 361 Lowe, Michael 371 Lowery, Leigh 382 Lowery, Mary 382 Lowery, Skipper 202, 206 Lowther, John 361 Lu, Ming-Shan 389 Lua, Kee Huat 350 Lucas, Al 371 Lucas, Linda 216, 361 Lucas, Sean 382 Lucchesi, D C 350 Luck, Milissa 361 Lucas, Connie 199 Ludlow, William 361 Lum, Linda 213, 361 Lusco, Samuel 361 Lusher, Susan 371 Lust, Perry 147, 209, 382 Luther, John 389 Luts, Liisa 207, 392 Lydon, Harris 220 Lyle, Patrick 210, 382 Lynch, Hugh 37t Lyons, Sarah 382 Lytal, Cynthia 371 Ma, Frances 218 Ma, Francis 350 Ma Aya, Beverly 361 Macias, Eliseo 350 Mack, James 389 MacNaughton, Joyce 207 Madden, Caroline 261, 382 Magee, Daniel 371 Magee, David 361 Magee, Ester 196 Magee, Esther 382 Magee, James 392 Magee, Martin 371 Magee, Mary 36t Magee, Nancy 160, 184, 205, 335, 382 Magee, Richard 361 Magee, Suzanne 350 Magers, Kristi 350 Mages, Kristi 199 Magoun, Deborah 207, 393 Magrudger, Harris 371 Mah, Dolly 207, 392, 393 Mah, Doreen 207, 218, 391 Mahadevan, Karthikeya n 389 Maher, lames 382 Maher, Jim 172 Maher, Pati 216 Maher, Patti 172 Maisel, Adina 265, 350 Malhotra, Arun 213, 389 Mallory, Sarah 371 Malner, Melanie 170, 361 Malone, David 350 Malone, Parry 196, 371 Mangrum, Darrel 391 Maniscalco, Lisa 174 Mankowski, Kathleen 371 Manning, Brad 182 Manning, Jimmy 382 Manning, Valarie 350 Mannino, Frederich 180 Mannino, Frederick 361 Mansoor, Sabrina 350 Mao, lie-Ying 389 Maples, Anthony 371 Maples, Sandra 371 Mar, Linda 218, 350 Marascalco, Angela 350 Marascalco, Paul 350 Marchand, Gerald 350 Marecle, Donna 371 Marion, Gwendolyn 382 Mark, Siong-Theng 371 Marks, Sharon 389 Marsh, Dina 350 Marshall, Jena 371 Martens, Steve 174 Martin, Amy 371 Martin, Angela 361 Martin, April 350 Martin, Charlotte 254, 371 Martin, Janet 382 Martin, Leslea 350 Martin, Marcia 208, 361 Martin, Margaret 350 . Martin, Marina 371 Martin, Melissa 382 Martin, Mitchell 371 Martin, Renee 214, 382 Martin, Victoria 382 Mask, Tim 197 Maslanka, Patrick 382 Mason, H F 209, 283, 333 Mason, Sonya 361 Massey, David 197 Massey, Jonathan 337 Massey, Wendy 361 Massie, Pamela 382 Mathews, Lisa 216, 382 Mathews, Melinda 361 Mathews, Valerie 392 Mathis, Babara 175 Mathis, Barbara 216, 371 Mathis, Margaret 391 Mathis, Mark 371 Mathis, Meg 207 Mathis, Patrick 361 Matk ins, Connie 174 Matkins, Ricky 371 Matthews, Emma 350 Matthews, James 371 Mattina, Rodney 116, 209, 382 Mattina, Rose Ann 184, 371 Mattox, Traci 155 Mauldin, Don 180 Mauldin, Harry 361 Maxcy, Karen 371 May, Andrea 172, 40S May, Elizabeth 371 May, Frances 392 Mayfield, Jay 371 Mayfield, Julia 382 Mayo, Teresa 382 McAnally, Larry 350 McArthur, Chris 170, 198 McArthur, Lucy 350 McArthur, Walter 382 McCafferty, Steven 350 McCain, Cynthia 371 McCain, Lynn 382 McCain, Patty 153 McCall, Laurie 265 McCalla, Lynne 182 McCann, Karen 220 McCartt, Scott 371 McCarty, Keith 391 McCaskill, Jeff 361 McClain, Patricia 185, 350 McClure, Rebecca 371 McCollum, Courtney 175 McCollum, Judith 361 McCombs, Mary 170, 361 McCool, Frank 393 McCormick, Janis 207, 393 McCoy, Kelly 350 McCracken, Alan 206, 361 McCraw, Elese 389 McCroskey, James 361 McCroskey, Jay 123 McCuistion, Bretton 361 McCuiston, Brett 123 McCulloch, Charles 185 McCullouch, Chuck 170, 350 McCurdy, Michael 350 McCusker, Brian 393 McDade, Robert 382 McDaniel, Albert 350 McDaniel, Edwin 172, 174, 350 McDaniel, Kimberly 350 McDaniel, Max 371 McDaniel, Michele 217 McDaniel, Michelle 172, 206, 361 McDaniel, Mike 182 McDill, Eddie 371 McDill, Kenneth 350 McDonald, Clyde 205 McDonald, Jeanette 350 McDonald, Joe 371 McDonald, Michael 382 McDonald, Robert 182 McDonald, Shawn 350 McDougald, Charles 350 McDowell, Patrick 338 McElhenney, James 361 McElreath, Amy 350 McElwain, Maelyse 175, 184, 206, 335, 371 McEwen, Bob 338 McFadden, Veronica 153 McFall, Michael 283 McGahan, Robed 389 McGarity, Rocky 391 McGee, Elizabeth 217, 382 McGee, Patricia 382 McGee, Susan 382 McGee, Tara 225, 332 McGinnis, lames 382 McGinnis, Jamie 243 McGlothlin, Thomas 371 McGlowan, James 371 McGowan, Mike 209 McGrath, Jennifer 172 McGuire, Henry 170, 391 McGuire, Layne 170 McGuire, Margaret 361 McGuire, Roberta 383 McHenry, Gavin 172 McIntosh, Gregory 361 McIntosh, Shawn 160, 185, 350 Mclordan, Walton 350 McKay, Kevin 350 McKay, Susan 383 McKee, Christopher 361 McKee, Jules 383 McKee, Lisa 350 McKellar, Catherine 350 McKewen, Joe 383 McKinley, Joel 383 McKinley, Laura 361 McKinney, David 170, 209 McKinney, Dewayne 350 McKinney, John 350 McKinney, Robert 371 McKinnie, Thomas 361 Mckinstry, Jeffrey 371 Mckoy, Troy 147, 209 McLarty, Janet 371 McLarty, Jerry 350 McLaughlin, Kelly 147, 206 McLaughlin, Marla 361 Mclaurin, Mary 185, 350 McLean, Shaw 350 McLellan, Lynda 350 MCLellan, Tammy 371 McLemore, James 350 McLemore, Mark 220 McLeod, Billy 361 McLeod, Sara 196, 205 Mcloud, Sara 332 McLutchin,Almadoll 220 McMahan, Carolyn 155, 225 McMaster, Robert 350 McMillan, Manly 207 McMillan, Marilyn 393 McMillan 383 McMillen, Angie 383 McMullan, Leigh 172, 182, 361 McMullen, Jane 383 McNair, Barry 206 McNair, Gregory 371 McNair, Jennifer 350 McNeil, Eric 219 McNemar, Fredean 185 McNemar, Missy 350 McPherson, Ivy 249 McPherson, Meredith 371 McQuade, Michael 361 McQueen, Kit 220 McQueen, Marvin 350 McRae, Andy 160 McRae, Richard 361 McRay, Kevin 147 McRedmond, Mary 350 McSwain, Michael 172, 361 McVean, Courtney 265 McWhirter, Amy 361 Meacham, Ellen 350 Meador, Charlene 212, 361 Medina, Javier 371 Medlin, Micheal 383 Meek, Dianne 350 Meek, Greg 197 Meek, Phillip 383 Meeks, Charles 361 Meeks, Shelia 371 Meggs, Scott 371 Mehrotra, Amit 214, 371 Meinert, David 389 Melanson, Bonnie 172 Melichar, Alan 184 Melton, Eddie 361 Menhal, Patty 372 Merideth, Angela 350 Merrill, Joey 391 Merritt, Laura 383 Messer, Pamela 372 Metcalfe, Annalisa 383 Meyers, William 393 Miceli, Maria 361 Michael, Darron 361 Michael, Howard 350 Michael, Vicki 204, 383 Michelberg, Jack 350 Mickles, Joe 209 Midgett, Jeanice 361 Midkiff, David 389 Midkiff, Sheri 389 Mikell, Ray 176, 361 Miley, Dave 152, 209 Milford, Kathleen 383 Miller, Bernard 170 Miller, Bret 383 Miller, Charles 383 Miller, David 116 Miller, James 361 Miller, Jane 372 Miller, Lesley 361 Miller, Lori Lynne 361 Miller, Michael 361 Miller, Ralph 389 Miller, Ronnie 135 Miller, Shawn 350 Miller, Tonya 350 Milliken, Gena 372 Milling, Mark 391 Mills, Jacqueline 389 Mills, John 172, 391 Mills, Mark 152, 153, 383 Mills, Michael 174, 389 Mills, Stacey 249 Mims, Cathy 350 Mims, Mary 383 Mims, Patricia 392 Mims, Robert 372 Mink, Steven 350 Minor, Kimberley 372 Minter, Kenneth 172, 3S0 Misskelley, Jennifer 350 Mitchell, Brian 372 Mitchell, Cynthia 160, 180, 350 Mitchell, Gregory 351 Mize, Janet 372 Moak, Clarence 383 Mobley, Andrea 239, 332, 383 Moellenhoff, Meg 361 Moffet, Joseph 389 Mofield, Joseph 362 Mog, Michael 362 Monroe, Clark 351 Monroe, Grover 185 Montgomery, Greta 207 Montgomery, Gretta 391 Moody, Levern 383 Mookerjee, Borendra 383 Mooneyham, Michele 362 Moore, Allen 362 Moore, Betsy 207 Moore, Brooke 351 Moore, Dorothy 362 Moore, James 362 Moore, John 170,351 Moore, Kelly 351 Moore, Maggie 265 Moore, Margaret 383 Moore, Mary 362 Moore, Nancy 196, 197, 383 Moore, Nike 265 Moore, Rebecca 362. Moore, Shannon 180,206 Moore, Susanne 372 Moore, Theodosia 362 Moorman, Scott 383 Moreland, Chip 116, 209 Morgan, Anthony 383 Morgan, Barry 372 Morgan, Gregory 174, 383 Morgan, Harold 351 Morgan, Jay 185, 351 Morgan, Jonathan 362 Morgan, Mary 383 Morgan, Rim 210 Morgan, Ruan 391 Morgan, William 362 Morphis, LauraLee 372 Morphis, Paul 372 Morris, Alita 392 Morris, Ben 174, 209 Morris, Stephen 383 Morrison, Ardith 160, 261, 372 Morrison, Jefferson 362 Morrison, Jill 172, 261, 351 Morrison, Kylia 141, 351 Morrison, Mary 351, 389 Morrow, Mark 197, 383 Morton, Cynthia 383 Morton, Mike 220 Morton, Stacy 351 Mosley, Sheila 372 Moss, Howard 209 Moulds, Penelope 172, 351 Movitz, Allison 219 Moyer, Dean 184, 372 Mukherjee, Sougata 214 Mulder, Michelle 220, 383 Mull, Allison 383 Mulldoon, Harold K 383 Mullins, Christina 351 Mullins, Kirk 224, 338 Mullins, Mitzi 263 Mullins, Steve 224, 338 Mullins, Walter 372 Mullis, Audrey 351 Munn, farina 362 Murphey, Rebecca 351 Murphey, Smith 351 Murphree, Thomas 213 Murphy, Barbara 174, 383 Murphy, David 174, 197 Murphy, Jackie 383 Murphy, Theresa 362 Murray, Kathy 119, 154, i 55, 235, 362 Murray, Laura 372,404 Musgrove, Mickey 351 Musselwhite, Allen 209 Musselwhite, Da, ren 116, 151 Myers, Christopher 362 Myers, Deana 362 Myers, Laurie 362 Myers, Ricky 209 Myers, Sonya 197 Myers, Stephanie 35t Myers, Thomas 383 Myers, Tommy 362 Nabors, Lee 174 Nace, Shirley 362 Nalluri, Venkatesh 214 Naniwadekar, Devendra 214, 3 89 Nanney, David 392 Narmour, Robert 383 Narmour, Stephanie 220 Naron, Shannon 170,351 Nason, Barron 351 Nassar, Phillip 391 Nation, Catherine 351 Naughton, loan 172,180 Naundorf, Gerardo 389 Navaille, Christie 372 Nave, Jada 362 Neal, Barron 372 Neal, Karen 362 Neal, Scott 204 Neal, Stuart 372 Neal, Thomas 372 Neelly, Edwin 372 Neelly, Michael 372 Negrotto, Negrotto 383 Negrotto, Nichel 383 Nelms, Kimberly 184, 372 Nelson, Brandi 372 Nelson, James 247 Nelson, Karl 372 Nelson, Laura 150 Nelson, Paul 362 Nemmon, Richard 220 Nester, William 391 Nettles, Douglas 362 Netz, Cheryn 160, 372 Neubert, Lisa 389 Neuhoff, Barbara 362 Neuhoff, Julie 180 Newhaus, Rod 212 Newhaus, Steve 212 Newman, Donnie 170 Newman, James 351 Newman, Kim 207 Newton, Garner 206, 362 Newton, Sandra 170 Neyman, Linda 351 Ng, Chi-Wai 2t5 NG, Yan-Tho 372 Nguyen, Tu 362 Nguyen, Tuan 362 Ngwe, Nam Chan 351 Nichol, Michael 351 Nicholas, Ashley 197, 383 Nicholas, Carter 197 Nicholas, Tammy 372 Nichols, Keith 372 Nichols, Phelan 383 Nicholson, Harold 351 Nickle, Eliza 351 Nickle, Sally 383 Nigrelle, Lisa 362 Ninyiog, George 383 Nivatuongs, Vorawan 389 Nobert, Douglas 174 Noble, Elizabeth 362 Noblin, Elizabeth 351 Noblin, Jeff 209 Norman, Anna 362 Norman, Brooks 393 Norman, Kristy 208 Norphlet, John 383 Norris, Stuart 383 Norton, Deborah 170 Norton, Kelley 172 Norwood, Catherine 351 Null, Kevin 351 0 Connor, Stephen 372 0 Leary, Crystal 362 0 Leary, Deborah 362 0 Neal, Jennifer 180,239 0 Neal, Kimsey 141, 351 0 Quinn, Tiffany 220 Oakes, Adrian 185, 351 Oakes, Allison 184, 208, 362 Oakes, Stephanie 235, 351 Oates, Nancy 176 Obannon, Lurleen 351 Oberkrom, Kim , University, 383 Obert, Keith 390 Oden, Chuck 182 Odom, Amanda 182, 351 Odom, Andrea 351 Oh, Yew-Khoon 372 Oliver, Verdell 147, 209, 372 Olmsted, Kim 185, 206, 35t Olsen, Richard 182 Ormon, Jennifer 383 Osborn, Susan 392, 393 Ott, Kent 383 Outz, Daniel 362 Overby, Kimberly 362 Overstreet, Janet 372 Overton, Hamp 160, 197 Overton, Mona 362 Owen, Bryan 209 Owen, Danita 362 Owen, David 351 Owen, Donita 199 Owen, James 393 Owen, Jerry 393 Owen, Kathryn 351 Owen, Katie 372 Owen, Susan 383 Ozment, Tim 180 Pace, Amy 351 Pace, David 172 Padget, Mariane 160 Padgett, Marianne 362 Page, Adrian 351, 393 Page, Joel 351 Page, Shelley 351 Palczynski, Hellen 362 Palczynski, Tessie 155 Palmer, George 390 Palmer, Jeffrey 362 Palmer, Margaret 220 Palmer, Todd 383 Palmertree, Delese 362 Pannell, Tanya 199 Papasan, Jeff 213 Parekh, Sanjay 390 Parikh, Paresh 214 Paris, Rachael 151 Paris, Rachel 372 Parker, Andrea 172, 351 Parker, Carol 207, 392, 393 Parker, Cathy 172 Parker, Dorothy 362 Parker, Dottie 172 Parker, George 351, 383 Parker, Jeff 337 Parker, Jeffery 372 Parker, Kimberly 362 Parker, Mark 393 Parker, Sheri 220 Parker, Stacy 172, 372 Parker, Suzanne 207, 391 Parkhurst, Dawn 150 Parks, Bill 6 Parks, Carey 383 Parks, Dennis 372 Parks, Julianne 351 Parks, Lee 202,338 Parks, William 383 Parsons, Melanie 383 Paschall, Molly 390 Patrick, Cass 198 Patrick, Raymond 390 Patterson, Angela 383 Patterson, Angelia 199 Patterson, Aubrey 351 Patterson, Charlotte 351 Patterson, Jeff 170 Patterson, Melody 351 Patterson, Ricky 391 Patti, Michael 372 Patton, Casandra 362 Patton, Christopher 351 Patton, Mary 351 Patton, Sheila 391 Patton, William 185 Paulsen, Pamela 351 Payne, Christopher 383 Payne, Cynthia 383 Payne, John 170, 198, 220 Payne, Kiane t99 Pearce, Greg 383 Pearson, Annalies 182, 351 Pearson, Jimbo 220 Pearson, Keith 206, 338 Pearson, Leigh 205 Pearson, Rob 335 Pearson, Robert 372 Pederson, Shelley 208 Pee, Randy 180, 383 Peeples, Durrett 390 Peeples, Larry 283 Pegram, Leigh 362 Pender, Helen 351 Pendergrass, William 351 Pendharkar, Yesh 214 Pendharkar, Yeshodhan 383 Pendleton, Brett 362 Penick, Tina 184, 206, 362 Pennington, Janet 383 Peques, Leonard 180 Perera, Charnincla 191 Perera, Mihipagalage 362 Perkins, Norm 197, 205 Perkins, Norman 383 Perkins, Patrick 362 Pernell, Heath 391 Perry, Ed 170 Perry, Jamie 351 Perry, Mario 209 Perry, Terry 391 Person, Matthew 372 Peterson, Donna 351 Peterson, Jodie 170, 185, 351 Peterson, Penelope 362 Petetpren, Georgette 362 Petty, David 392 Petty, Ruth 351 Petty, Wade 372 Pezzuilo, Lisette 170, 351 Pflug, Lori 155 Pharr, Janeen 207,392 Pheng, Woo Sook 193 Phillips, Debbie 160 Phillips, Deborah 372 Phillips, Elizabeth 362 Phillips, Gary 384 Phillips, Guy 391 Phillips, Jody 170 Phillips, Joe 224, 309, 338 Phillips, Jones 362 Phillips, Joseph 384 Phillips, Lee 351 Phillips, Nancy 372 Phillips, Perry 202, 338, 372 Phillips, Tara 384 Phipps, William 384 Pickens, Renee 351 Pickering, Allison 372 Pickle, Larry 384 Pickle, Robert 174, 185, 352 Piecuch, Chris 170, 198 Pierce, Andrew 384 Pierce, Andy 170 Pierce, Ann 393 Pierce, Jeremy 170, 362 Pierce, Kendall 384 Pierce, Randall 384 Pierson, James 362 Pigott, Robin 362 Pillow, William 333 Pineda, Mariana 180, 265, 352 Pineda, Mario 338 Piner, Greg 220, 338 Pinson, Valerie 393 Pitcher, Holly 352 Pittman, Joel 392 Pittman, Lucy 180, 352 Pittman, Pam 352 Pittman, Thomas 174 Pitts, Jimmy 148 Plank, Gaye 176 Pleasants, Amy 362 Poag, Anne 362 Poh, Soon 390 Polk, Tim 372 Pollard, Julie 384 Polus, Dana 390 Pongetti, Stephanie 384 Poole, Cissie 175, 249 Poole, George 393 Poole, Helen 384 Pope, Brian 147 Pope, Colelia 384 Porch, Rob 174 Porter, Linda 216 Porter, Patty 372 Porter, Timothy 185 Portera, Greg 33B Portera, Mary Lynn 352 Portis, Michael 209 Potter, Russell 352 Potts, jenessa 214,384 Potts, Jethlynn 384 Potts, Kelly 384 Pounders, Yana 208, 384 Pounds, Pepper 184, 362 Powell, Carl 184 Powell, Carol 352 Powell, Dave 176 Powell, Lee 212 Powell, William 392 Poynter, Elaine 197, 372 Prasad, Chandra 219 Prasad, Subir 352 Prater, Charles 135 Prater, Febbie 216 Prater, Feehie 182 Prater, Jane 384 Prather, Malinda 384 Prator, Charles 136 Prestridge, Sherri 172, 174, 352 Preszler, Kristin 352 Price, John 352 Price, Richard 391 Pride, Laundra 384 Prince, Elizabeth 205, 332 Prince, Martha 384 Prince, Suzanne 208, 384 Pringle, Scott 352 Pritchard, Lynn 352 Pritchard, Will 152, 209 Pritchett, David 352 Prouenza, Karen 393 Pruett, David 362 Pruett, John 352 Pruett, Poppy 160, 372 Pruitt, Paula 372 Puentes, Carlos 352 Pulliam, Lesia 362 Pulse, Anthony 362 Purnell, Paul 18 5, 206, 352 Purvis, Beth 172 Purvis, Edward 392 Purvis, Jeff 116,209 Purvis, Sherry 352 Pustilnik, Marcos 363 Pylate, Paige 176 2 Quakajohn 352 Quest, Melissa 220, 265 Quick, Susanne 207, 391 Quinn, Karen 352 Quinn, Michael 185, 352 Quinn, Stacey 390 Quinn, Thomas 352 Quinn, Tracey 216 Quinn, Tracy 352 Quiros, Mauricio De 390 Quon, Judy 218, 352 Quon, Trey 197, 384 Quon, Willie 218, 352 Ragan, James 352 Ragan, Melissa 352 Ragon, Janice 392 Ragsdale, Charlotte 352 Rainer, Dan 197 Rainer, George 372 Raines, Daniel 372 Ramachandran, Usha 214, 215, 390 Ramesh, K S 214 Ramos, Debra 372 Ramsey, David 372 Ramsey, Lynda 352 Ramsey, Richard 352 Ramsey, William 363 Ramu, Kumar 390 Ramzan, Ali Mohamed 384 Rand, Fred 213 Randall, Dave 148, 209 Randle, Elizabeth 363 Randolph, Audra 207, 391 Raper, Cynthia 182, 363 Rasco, Kent 372 Ratcliff, Lisa 352 Rather, Mary 372 Ratliff, Merritt 352 Ratliff, Sharon 372 Rattikin, Allison 225 Rau, Beverly 384 Rau, Paula 384 Rawls, Tara 372 Rawson, Julie 172, 199, 352 Ray, Susan 122 Ray, Suzzane 208 Rayburn, Shannon 363 Rayburn, Tommy 206, 338 Rayner, Camilla 352 Razor, Mark 363 Reda, AS 384 Redditt, Angela 172 Redmont, Richard 338 Reed, Jamie 384 Reed, Jay 172,198 Reed, Jean 384 Reed, Jerry 363 Reed, Susan 352 Reed, Tammy 372 Reed, William 384 Reeves, John 170, 384 Reeves, Margaret 391 Reeves, Margo 207 Reeves, Marni 352 Reeves, Michael 352 Reich, Robert 390 Reid, Cherry 384 Reid, Robin 265, 384 Reinhart, Darren 182 Reinhart, David 352 Reinhart, Paul 384 Kennel ' , Bryant 182 Reno, Carolyn 363 Renskers, Sally 172, 384 Rhea, Bill 352 Rhea, William 185 Rhodes, Donna 174, 197, 384 Riales, Emily 393 Riales, Jennifer 352 Rialls, Emily 207 Rice, Kerry 363 Richard, Patrick 220 Richards, Mandl 384 Richards, Steve 170 Richardson, Amy 384 Richardson, Anita 141, 145 Richardson, Eric 184, 363 Richardson, Erick 206 Richardson, Jonathan 372 Richardson, Marie 372 Richmond, Basil 384 Rickman, Amanda 352 Ricks, Barbara 352 Ricks, Jacqueline 373 Ricks, June 352 Riddell, Chris 373 Ridgway, James 363 Riem, Sharon 373 Rigby, Martha 352 Rikard, Gary 384 Riley, Christopher 373 Riley, Denise 352 Riley, Polly 180, 352 Ringwald, Molly 220 Rivers, Loretta 204, 363 Robbins, Danny 373 Robbins, John 182 Robbins, Marcia 185 Robbins, Susan 352 Roberson, Alisa 390 Roberson, Elizabeth 363 Roberson, Kendra 352 Roberts, Darryl 338 Roberts, Jeffrey 352 Roberts, Kelly 352 Roberts, Ken 224 Roberts, Leslie 352 Roberts, Mary 384 Roberts, Richard 174, 338, 373 Robertson, Alice 390 Robertson, Bill 220 Robertson, Blake 373 Robertson, Kimberly 363 Robertson, Rhonda 363 Robertson, Tracey 373 Robinson, Linda 384 Robinson, Pam 207 Robinson, Pamela 392 Robinson, Todd 135 Robinson, Tracy 220 Roch, Kimberleigh 352 Sabatier, John 352 Sadler, Suzanne 353 Sued, Stacy 265 Sahay, Deepak 214, 363 Salassi, Jeanne 160 Salazar, Luis 390 Salazar, Pamela 363 Salerno, Scott 363 Salters, Gwendolyn 384 Samms, Kim 182 Sampietro, Lauren 184 Sams, Kimberly 363 Sandefur, Rebecca 373 Sanders, Alicia 384 Sanders, Corinne 384 Sanders, Corine 199 Sanders, Dale 174, 224 Sanders, Dennis 363 Sanders, Elizabeth 363 Sanders, Todd 172 Sanders, William 391 Sandoz, Thomas 353 Sandroni, Brad 391 Sanfilippo, Jeanette 384 Sanford, Heidi 373 Sanford, Jeff 176 Sang, Alan 218, 384 Sang, Gabriella 218 Sangsomrose, Chokaew 207 Sansing, Shannon 216, 353 Saracini, Stephanie 353 Sarji, Mustapha 390 Sartain, Jeff 174 Sartain, Jeffrey 373 Sartain, Phil 373 Sartor, Harriet 373 Sartor, William 390 Sherman, Richard 363 Sherman, Susan 363 Sherry, Leslie 363 Sheu, Weiming 390 Shieh, Irene 390 Shields, Frances 390 Shilling, Angela 385 Shimek, Daniel 353 Shin, Gi-Hwang 390 Shine, Victor 147, 209, 385 Shipman, Angela 373 Shirley, Carl 393 Shirley, Ginger 385 Shoemake, Kelly 185, 353 Shoemaker, Mary 385 Shores, Jennifer 213, 332, 339, 385 Short, Amy 332 Shorter, jimmy 385 Shotts, Mary 170, 353 Shows, Hillary 220 Shows, Steven 385 Shuford, Wynn 353 Shuler, Chris 152 Sia, Kian 363 Siegfreid, Jim 206 Sikes, James 116, 209 Silkensen, James 385 Sills, Jon 373 Sills, Scott 353 Sills, Steven 385 Sim, Chee-Keat 363 Simmons, lames 353 Simmons, Janice 353 Simmons, Jay 220 Simmons, Linda 353 Simmons, Richard 353 Sockwell, Samuel 363 Soehn, Elwood 373 Soehn, Woody 209 Solberg, Ronald 363 Solberg, Ronnie 241 Song, Bailin 390 Song, Hengchang 390 Soo, Kwong 373 Soper, Todd 385 Southand, David 373 Southard, David 391 Sowell, John 206, 338, 385 Spears, Tara 170, 353 Speed, Lisa 391 Speights, Steven 224 Spell, Laurie 174, 385 Spencer, Kimberly 185, 353 Spengler, Russ 338 Spiers, Melissa 373 Spiller, Elizabeth 363 Spragins, David 353 Spratley, Amy 353 Spratley, Steve 385 Spratlin, Art 338 Spr atlin, Arthur 373 Sprinkle, Lisa 353 Sprous, Ray 385 Spuler, Elizabeth 206 Sridharan, K 390 Ssngsomrose, Chokaew 393 Staley, Brian 184, 206, 363 Staley, Kathryn 373 Staley, Kathy 261 Stapp, Neal 148, 149 Stasggs, Shelia 199 Stauffer, Sherman 385 Stebeck, Sally 217 Sullivan, Chip 152, 209 Sullivan, Kay 207, 393 Sullivan, Melaine 180 Sullivan, Rebecca 385 Sullivan, Ricky 385 Sullivan, Robin 208, 235 Sullivan, Sherita 390 Sullivan, Susan 185, 225, 374, 385 Sullivan, Tracy 353 Summers, Elka 207, 391 Summers, Kay 374 Sumner, John 279, 338, 385 Sumner, Nancy 184 Sumner, Willie 390 Sumrall, Shelley 353 Sumrall, Traca 21 6 Sumrall, Tracy 385 Sundararajan, Ramesh 390 Suter, Martha 214 Suttiwisedsak, Pipat 390 Suttles, Jennifer 364 Svehlak, Chris 212 Svehlak, Christopher 374 Swartzfager, Raymond 385 Swartzfager, Trace 197 Swayze, Allen 220 Swayze, Mary 364 Swayze, Torn 116 Sweargen, Dejuana 353 Switzer, Lynne 172, 353 Switzer, Paula 265, 385 Swolsky, David 209 Swords, Jennifer 219 Sylianco, Lorraine 193, 390 Synder, Jim 210 Szeto, John 393 Szuwalski, Elisa 364 Roe, Robert 363 Rogers, Anita 363 Rogers, Gillian 384 Rogers, Jery 363 Rogers, Kandace 363 Rogers, Kent 197 Rogers, Lee 212 Rogers, Linda 235, 352 Rogers, Perry 172, 363 Rogers, Robbie 197, 373 Rogers, Susan 213, 384 Rogers, Terri 207 Rogers, William 384 Roland, Cynthia 174, 373 Rolfe, John 338, 384 Rolfe, Richard 373 Rooks, Anne 205, 206 Rosado, Linda 384 Rosado, Samuel 384 Rosamond, Stephen 363 Rose, Mary 363 Rose, Michael 384 Rose, William 352 Rosenau, Paige 352 Ross, Buddy 241 Ross, Elizabeth 180, 228 Ross, Ernest 152 Ross, Lynn 373 Rounds, Adrian 352 Rowell, Randall 373 Rowland, Dennis 384 Rowsey, Perrin 363 Rowsey, Thomas 384 Roy, Greg 283 Roy, Lisa 352 Roy, Nichole 373 Roy, Nicole 182 Rubenstein, D avid 373 Rucker, Robert 373 Ruebel, Ann 352 Ruff, Scotti 363 Rumore, Howard 182 Ruppert, Jackie 150, 174 Rush, Mary 352 Rush, Tina 363 Rushing, Betsy 384 Rushing, Cindy 213 Rushing, Cynthia 384 Rushing, Pamela 352 Rushing, Philip 392, 393 Russell, Beth 207, 393 Russell, Joe 184 Russell, Laura 180 Russell, Leah 352 Russell, Lynne 172 Russell, Regan 213 Russell, Rhonda 363 Russell, Robert 363 Russell, Stephanie 184, 384 Rutherford, Laura 207, 392 Rutherford, Rick 182 Ryals, Tammany 373 Ryan, Gary 176 Ryan, Ronald 390 Saucier, Michelle 353 Saunders, Angela 392, 393 Savell, timothy 363 Sawyer, Phillip 172 Scanlon, Margaret 384 Scanlon, Patrick 353 Scarborough, Karen 363 Schafer, Thomas 363 Schafer, Tommy 184 Scharf, Thomas 353 Schatzle, Sharon 391 Schimmel, Jay 209 Schmidt, Aimee 353 Schnautz, Erik 353 Schneider, Teresa 384 Schwartz, Debbie 184, 208, 261 Schwartz, Mark 384 Schwing, Eric 353 Scott, Alisa 141, 143 Scott, Arthur 209 Scott, Cynthia 373 Scott, Leslie 353 Scott, Michael 353, 392 Scott, Rebecca 207, 391 Scott, Scotty 205, 212, 338 Scott, Sid 176 Scott, Sidney 384 Scotts, Mary 199 Scoville, Tracey 391 Scribner, Michael 373 Scruggs, Mildred 392 Scruggs, Milli 207, 393 Scruggs, Sherry 391 Seals, Keith 182, 384 Seargant, Christy 249 Sears, Tim 210 Sease, Denise 213, 385 Secretary, Dale Jacobs 336 Seely, Linda 363 Segatto, Amy 277 Seghers, Kathy 160, 353 Seice, Tammy 213 Seid, Tammy 185, 218, 353 Sekthira, Anuchit 213 Selden, Clai 182, 184, 363 Selmon, Gwen 216 Selthira, Anuchit 390 Selva, Mary 373 Sensing, Wilbur 363 Sepponi, Lisa 251 Sessi, s, Nancy 385 Sessums, Nancy 385 Sevante, Michael 385 Sevante, Mike 170 Sewell, Stephen 390 Shah, Ajay 214 Shahin, Emad 213, 363 Shankle, Christopher 363 Shanks, Jacquelyn 385 Shanmugam, Pushparajah 363 Sharp, Richard 373 Sharplin, Micheal 373 Shaw, Amanda 184 Shaw, Katherine 353 Shaw, Rachel 353 Simmons, Scotty 243 Simmons, Stacey 385 Simmons, Stacye 385 Simms, Chris 182 Simms, Susan 213,373 Simon, Bubba 116, 209 Simon, Robert 363 Simons, Scott 122 Simpkins, Monty 212 Simpson, Lucy 363 Simpson, Walt 206 Sims, David 353 Sims, Kevin 373 Sims, Kimberly 373 Sims, Ronnie 134, 135, 138, 139 Sims, Tammy 172 Sin, Kin Peng 218 Sisco, Phillip 353 Sisk, Brian 385 Sistrunk, Sophie 206, 385 Sit, Frances 213, 218, 373 Skelton, Milton 363 Skipton, Suzanne 353 Skrien, Michael 385 Skyer, Owen 182 Slayton, Douglas 363 Sliman, Samuel 185, 353 Sloan, Thomas 391 Stover, Russell 373 Smallwood, John 373 Smink, Jeff 174, 176 Smith, Belinda 207, 391 Smith, Bill 209 Smith, Bryan 373 Smith, Dana 207, 391 Smith, David 184, 206, 363 Smith, Diana 122 Smith, Donna 385 Smith, Doug 147, 209 Smith, Eric 134, 135, 139 Smith, Galen 385 Smith, Jeffrey 353 Smith, Jennifer 170, 353, 373 Smith, Kellye 199, 385 Smith, Kendall 353 Smith, Laura Ann 206, 249, 385 Smith, Louie 391 Smith, Matt 209 Smith, Melinda 373 Smith, Mia 208, 363 Smith, Michele 385 Smith, Mollye 220 Smith, Nancy 170 Smith, Orma 373 Smith, Paul 219, 385 Smith, Ramey 353 Smith, Rebecca 385 Smith, Robby 391 Smith, Robert 209 Smith, Rodger 116 Smith, Roger 209 Smith, Samuel 385 Smith, Stacy 199, 363, 385 Smith, Stephanie 185, 353 Smith, Susan 205, 385 Steele, Sharon 363 Steele, Susan 373 Steen, Paul 392 Stegall, Clint 135 Steinberg, Donna 174 Steiner, Richard 385 Steinwinder, Joseph 392 Steinwinder, Shelia 392 Stepanian, Susan 180 Stephen, Paul 170 Stephens, Allana 170 Stephens, Elizabeth 219, 385 Stephens, Timothy 390 Stephenson, Stacey 197, 363 Stevens, Eddie 210 Stevens, Elizabeth 206 Stevens, Mary 122, 220, 373 Stevens, Ross 241 Stevens, William 363 Steverson, William 373 Stewart, Calvin 363 Stewart, Carolyn 385 Stewart, Giles 385 Stewart, Joe 390 Stewart, Lance 353 Stewart, Monica 392 Stewart, Sherria 373 Stewart, Steven 373 Stewart, Steve 176 Stewart, Temple 204 Stillhack, Michael 220 Stine, William 353 Stitt, John 338, 373 Stley, Brian 206 Stodghill, Steve 391 Stokes, Kamilla 185, 216, 353 Stokes, Patricia 385 Stone, Amy 14, 182 Stone, Heather 123, 353 Stone, Robert 373 Stone, Sharon 385 Stork, Leigh 353 Stork, Susan 373, 404 Stout, Melanie 353 Stovall, Adam 353 Strackelford, Greg 207 Strange, David 353 Stratton, Robin 364 Strawbridge, Stephanie 391 Strebeck, Sally 336 Strebeck, Sarah 385 Street, Christy 364 Streete, Susan 353 Streete, Susan 185 Stribeck, Sally 213 Stribling, Susan 220 Strickland, Graham 172, 366 Strickland, Lisa 385 Strickland, Todd 197, 373 Stricklin, Scott 338 Stringer, Anthony 6 Stringer, Charles 385 Strom, Trina 364 Strother, Mary 373 Stroud, Kathy 353 Tadlock, Kimberly 364 Tait, Bryan 391 Tallant, Scotty 170, 353 Tan, Chow-Khong 374 Tan, Koon 385 Tan, Mee 374 Tan, Sook Wah 374 Tan, Teck Shoon 374 Tanir, Bassam 385 Tannir, Bassam 213, 385 Tardy, Michael 353 Turner, Lisa 182 Tarsi, Lori 392 Tarter, Deborah 385 Tate, Chris 337 Tate, Crystal 219, 374 Tate, William 385 Tatum, Julia 390 Tatum, Ronnie 182, 215, 374 Taupeka, Leah 263 Tavoleti, Julie 364 Tavoleti, Kathryn 385 Tawarangkoon, Wuttipan 390 Taylor, Allison 249 Taylor, Bettina 374 Taylor, Clay 172,364 Taylor, Cynthia 353 Taylor, James 213, 353 Taylor, Leigh 364 Taylor, Martha 390 Taylor, Nora 354 Taylor, Renee 160, 277, 374 Taylor, Ronda 393 Taylor, Steven 364 Taylor, Susan 219, 374 Taylor, Tina 217 Ted, Rosemary 385 Tedford, Toni 385 Teller, Todd 354 Tenney, Dianne 391 Terry, Edward 385 Terry, Janice 374 Terry, Kr:stin 235, 374 Terry, Robert 391 Terwilliger, Susan 374 Testa, Sam 390 Tettleton, Slan 180 Thames, Becky 364 Thames, Edward 364 Tharp, Beverly 374 Tharp, David 364 Therrell, Amy 386 Thigpen, Lee 122,310 Thomas, Barry 354 Thomas, Bill 338 Shaw, Stephanie 353 Smith, Timothy 373 Strunk, Tiffany 353 Thomas, Bryan 374 Shearer, Renee 393 Smith, Tonja 185 Stress, Billy 170, 198 Thomas, Charles 364 Sheehan, Pamela 373 Smithers, Donna 197, 3 85 Struss, William 373 Thomas, Chris 198 Sheffield, Sherry 373 Snavely, Luther 170 Stump, Kurt 353 Thomas, Cynthia 374 Sheldon, Scarlett 353 Snellings, Kimberly 373 Sturdivant, David 205, 385 Thomas, Elisa 197 Shelley, Jonathan 209 Snipes, Carl 213 Styers, Tammie 170, 364 Thomas, George 338 Shelton, Anthony 373 Snuggs, John 385 Subramaniam, Chandran 364 Thomas, James 213, 386 Shelton, Nam 373 Soares, Sergio 213, 385 Sugar, Helene 364 Thomas, Mike 393 Shelton, Scott 170 Sobers, Chuck 148 Sugiyama, Kazue 390 Thomas, Paul 364 Sheriff, Lamarkus 353 Sobol, Valerie 363 Sullivan, Brenda 374 Thomas, Rosie 254, 374 Thomas, Sherrye Thomas, Valerie Thomas, William 386 Thomason, Amy 374 390 147, 170, 337, 386 354, Thomason, Stephen 386 Thomasson, Patricia 39(1 Thompson, Alvita 354 Thompson, Catherine 364 Thompson, Douglas 182, 185, 354 Thompson, Murphy 354 Thompson, Paul 364 Thompson, Revray 185, 354 Thompson, Rose 391 Thompson, Susan 354, 364 Thompson, Timothy 386 Thompson, Todd 123 Thorn, Lisa 374 Thorn, Teresa 374 Thornton, Matthew 185. Thornton, Stacey 354 Thornton, Susan 390 Threadgill, Amy 386 Threadgill, Tim 224 Throneberry, Mary Beth 174 Thurman, Liz 184 Tice, Christy 185, 354 Tidwell, Bill 391 Tidwell, Greg 364 Tilghman, Horace 391 Tilghman, Melissa 207, 391 Till, Glen 374 Tillman, Jessica 364 Tilton, Christopher 224, 386 Tilton, Chris 172, 338 Tipert, Lane 172 Tisdale, Latricia 197 Tisdale, Margaret 386 Tisdale, Tricia 206 Tison, Anmarie 374 Tobin, Dina 208, 233, 374 Tobin, Gregg 354 Todd, Grace 354 Todd, Lisa 354 Tollison, Deborah 364 Tolson, Carol Lynn 265, 364 Tomas, Chris 170 Tomlin, Debbie 354 Tomlinson, Farris 354 Tomlinson, Tina 277 Toon, Darryl 354 Touchstone, James 386 Touchstone, Richard 391 Toups, Jay 283 Townsend, Jerri 364 Trahan, Allyson 185 Tralyor, Terry 374 Trammel, Ginger 386 Tranbarger, Bruce 135,209 Traylor, Donna 354 Traylor, Janet 390 Traylor, Mark 364 Traylor, Terry 197 Traylor, William 354 Treat, Carla 390 Trebotich, David 364 Triplett, Liz 225, 364 Trippe, Juan 354 Trout, Robert 211 Troyka, Jonathan 386 True, Robert 374 Trujillo, Delgado Jaime 390 Trussell, Hugh 374 Tsai, Gwei-Hung 219, 390 Tsao, Ko-Wei 390 Tsao, Ta-Wei 390 Tsin, Jessica 390 Tubbs, Doyle 3 86 Tucker, Bryan 191, 374 Tucker, Daniel 386 Tucker, Shannon 354 Tucker, Tammie 354 Tucker, Tracey 354 Tucker, Wendy 261 Tudor, Sarah 197, 386 Tullos, Dana 364 Tupman, Darren 354 Turbeville, John 197, 386 Turk, joel 182 Turnage, Bobbie Jo 182, 207, 391 Turnage, Robert 185 Turnage, Suzanne 392 Turner, Alemida 225 Turner, Bill 224 Turner, Doublas 374 Turner, Elizabeth 354 Turner, lames 386 Turner, Jonathan 354 Turner, Martha 374 Turner, Michelle 354 Turner, Rosanne 374 Turner, Roseanne 175 Turner, Susan 374 Turner, William 354 Tutor, Mike 386 Tyler, Tracy 364 Tyner, Larry 386 Tyner, Lee 202, 338 Uhls, Dan 182 Uhls, Daniel 374 Ulmer, Lisa 249 Underwood, Charlotte 386 Underwood, Jeffrey 354 Underwood, Todd 364 Unerwood, Sharon 364 Upshaw, Megretta 364 Upshaw, Melinda 197, 386 Upshaw, Richard 174 Upton, Christina 354 Upton, Timothy 374 Usey, Timothy 213 Utley, Brenda 374 Utter, Jennifer 354 Utter, Kathleen 364 Van Buren, Laura 208 Van Cleave, Clifton 338 Richard 182, 364 Van Devender, Roy 392 Van Noy, Timothy 185, 354 Vanausburg, Stetson 354 Vance, Bonnie 207, 391 Vance, David 364 Vance, Dayna 172,354 Vance, Pans 182, 354 Vance, Patti 207, 393 Vance, Travis 197, 205, 220, 338, 386 Vandiver, Tammy 374 Vann, Whitney 123 Varnell, Sondra 147 Varnell, Sonya 364 Vassar, Richard 354 Vaughan, Elizabeth 364 Vaughn, Beth 160 Vaughn, Chris 391 Vaxter, Barbara 364 Veazey, Vance 152 Veazey, Vicki 393 Velez-Bernal, Martha 390 Ventress, Elizabeth 206 Verhine, Kristen 354 Verucchi, Stephani 214 Vick, Christopher 364 Vickry, Lynne 386 Viegas, Tacey 214, 390 Vigour, Theresa 386 Villager, Ti ffany 251, 374 Villanger, Tiffany 205 Vining, Robert 364 Vinson, Mark Alan 204 Viox, Melissa 207, 391 Vogle, Vicky 170 Vogle, Victoria 364 Voigt, Dyanna 364 Wade, Dee 196 Wade, Kathy 374 Wade, Robert 374 Wadley, Donna 364 Wadsworth, Jana 180 Wadsworth, Paul 392 Wadsworth, Russell 390, 391 Wagner, Kathleen 354 Wagster, Emily 184, 364 Waild, Paul 386 Waits, Tony 391 Wakham, Deborah 386 Waldbauer, Scott 374 Walden, Alan 253, 364 Walden, Luanne 386 Waldo, Ann 332 Waldrup, Steven 364 Walker, Alison 354 Walker, Charmayne 216 Walker, David 202, 311, 338 Walker, Dru 182 Walker, Elizabeth 354 Walker, Emily 386 Walker, Hedy 160, 354 Walker, Jody 391 Walker, Karen 393 Walker, Pamela 354 Walker, Renee 354 Walker, Susie 386 Wallace, Brian 354 Wallace, Christopher 354 Wallace, Tom 149 Waller, Deborah 364 Waller, Thomas 364 Walls, Aaron 374 Walls, Wesley 123 Walsh, Angela 364 Walsh, Elsie 374 Walsh, Nicholas 365 Walter, Kris 172 Walters, Kristine 354 Walters, Renee 225, 365 Walton, Virginia 374 Walukevich, Micheal 386 Walzak, Eric t96 Wang, Chao 390 Wang, Eng 390 Wang, Minn-Deng 390 Ward, Ruth 182 Ward, Todd 386 Ware, Gregory 391 Ware, Sharon 374 Warner, Beth 207 Warner, Myra 391 Warren, Edith 386 Warren, Jennie 374 Warren, Jerre 364 Warren, Laurie 354 Warren, Leigh 354 Warren, Tyrone 374 Washington, Tracey 265 Washmon, Dorthy 220 Watford, Lisa 374 Watkins, Jessica 254, 386 Watson, Anne 374 Watson, Joanna 219, 386 Watson, Jon 354 Watson, Kisa 349, 386 Watson, Mary 185 Watson, Van 392 Watts, Dennis 354 Watts, John 182 Watts, Sandra 386 Wayne, Ng Chi 354 Weatherly, !Carman 175, 180, 332 Weathersby, Eleanor 354 Weathersby, Melody 374 Weaver, Michael 386 Weaver, Mike 182 Weaver, Thomas 374 Webb, Beth 354 Webb, Brenda 216 Webb, Dean 174, 386 Webb, Dena 213 Webb, Michael 374 Webb, William 354 Weber, Carl 182, 386 Weber, Doug 148 Weber, Lisa 213 Webster, Adam 338 Webster, John 354 Weeden, John 364 Weeden, Michael 374 Weeks, Kevin 386 Weems, Kelly 354 Wehby, Tim 338 Weichsel, Nancy 220, 332 Weigel, Elizabeth 354 Weinman, C J 390 Weir, lames 354 Welch, Anita 172, 354 Welch, Dawn 214 Weldon, Barbara 374 Welford, David 364 Weller, Joseph 386 Wellman, Cathy 354 Wells, Lori 354 Wells, Tripp 220 Wendel, Stacie 354 Werby, Helen 354 Wesley, Robert 337, 374 Wesson, Eunice 386 West, Bill 207 West, Charles 174 West, Sara 160 West, Thomas 204, 386 West, William 391 Westbrook, Will 196 Westfaul, lay 207, 374 Westling, William 374 Wheatley, James 374 Wheatley, William 386 Wheeler, Debra 374 Whelan, Susan 235 White, Charlotte 374 White, Charles 386 White, Chris 355 White, Cindy 197 White, Gay 386 White, Gayla 199, 225 White, Jeri 185 White, Kim 208 White, Mark 364 White, Rayburn 386 White, Susan 220,374 Whitehead, Melissa 375 Whitener, Tonya 208 Whitfield, Jeannie 174 Whitfield, Sarah 197, 386 Whiting, Kara 391 Whitkopf, Jennifer 241 Whitlock, Sherry t74, 375 Whitt, Samuel 375 Whitt, Virginia 375 Whitten, Robin 386 Whitten, Tim 170 Whittington, Kenneth 386 Whittington, Kevin 174, 386 Whittle, Ellen 220, 364 Wiggins, Janice 355 Wigington, Michael 375 Wilbourn, Sherri 355 Wilcox, Russell 355 Wilemon, Michael 386 Wilemon, Todd 197 Wiley, Laura 364 Wiley, Maryruth 182, 355 Wilke, Robert 355 Wilkerson, Andrea 207, 393 Wilkerson, Charles 355 Wilkerson, Mallory 386 Wilkes, Jennifer 375 Wilkes, Jenny 182, 217 Wilkinson, Becky 170 ' Wilkinson, Tammy 170 Wilks, Winnye 355 Williams, Alice 160 Williams, Allen 393 Williams, Andy 174 Williams, Brice 147, 375 Williams, Donald 355 Williams, Gaines 147 Williams, Gil 391 Williams, Jeffrey 375 Williams, lint 149 Williams, John 375 Williams, Lisa 216, 355 Williams, Lod 180 Williams, Myra 141 Williams, Paige 176, 198, 206, 375 Williams, Patrick 386 Williams, Richard 375 Williams, Robert 386 Williams, Ronald 355 Williams, Sheryl 355 Williams, Stanley 391 Williams, Susan 375 Williams, Todd 170, 198, 375 Williams, Tracey 355 Williamson, Karen 239 Williamson, Laura 392 Williamson, Peggy 375 Willims, Brice 209 Willis, Chandra 216 Willis, Denise 393 Willis, leanna 355 Willis, Kristie 386 Williw, Chandra 172 Wilms, Geert 390 Wilson, Cary 219 Wilson, Dennis 355 Wilson, Derrick 213 Wilson, Greg 375 Wilson, Lynn 364 Wilson, Lynnette 386 Wilson, Nancy 207, 393 Wilson, Renee 207, 391 Wilson, Rollin 355 Wilson, Skip 212 Wilson, Stephen 386 Wilson, Steve 176 Wilson, Susan 182, 355 Wilson, William 355 Windham, Jeff 180 Windham, Jeffrey 375 Windham, Thomas 386 Wing, Lynn 207, 393 Winkler, Julia 390 Winstead, Ginger 355 Winston, Elizabeth 208 Wise, Charlsy 184, 254, 375 Wise, Gerilta 219, 375 Withers, Judy 355 Witt, Martha 208 Witt, Todd 375 Wixon, George 386 Wiygul, Joseph 355 Wolfe, Jon 241 Wolfe, Kevin 364 Wolfe, Marcia 375 Womack, Jerry 386 Wong, Joyce 218, 386 Wong, Kam 386 Wong, Kein 387 Wong, Kwok-Fai 390 Wong, Mr 220 Wong, Ronald 218 Wong, Say 355 Wong, Wayne 218, 391 Woo, lean 392 Wood, Peter 174 Wood, Will 174, 390 Woodruff, Barbara 174, 197 Woods, Bobby 338 Woods, Joseph 355 Woods, Michael 174 Woods, Robert 387 Woods, Valorie 392, 393 Woodson, Marita 197 Wooten, Bill 375 Wooten, Mary 375 Wooten, Nancy Leigh 214 Wooten, Vicki 208 Worsham, Jerry 364 Wright, Amy 375 Wright, Anthony 355 Wright, Beth 220 Wright, David 355 Wright, Debbie 207, 392 Wright, Laura 219 Wright, Skipper 116 Wright, Walker t82 Wright, William 355 Wroten, Greg 375 Wu, Chia-line 390 Wu, David 387 Wu, Ta-Peng 390 Wu, Wu-Chung 390 Wu, Yong 390 Wu, Zhongren 390 Wu, Zhongwei 387 Wu-Hwang, Vi-Wen 390 Wyatt, Elizabeth 180 Wyatt, Stacy 225, 393 Wyatt, Tracy 170 Wyman, Charlotte 387 Yager, Ann 182 Yajnik, San 214 Yamamoto, Kevin 170, 375 Yang, Sun-Pin 390 Yankie, Charise 355 Yap, Kim 375 Yarber, Bob 391 Yarber, Sandy 170 Yarborough, Lisa 208 Yarbrough, Elizabeth 355 Yarbrough, fames 375 Yarbrough, Jill 225 Yarbrough, Sheila 375 Yarbrough, Sidney 355 Yates, Daphne 375 Yates, Denise 364 Yates, Marty 375 Yeager, Susan 199 Yegge, Gerry 182 Yeh, Yun 390 Yelverton, Gene 392 Yerger, Frank 220, 387 Yi, Danying 390 Yielding, Frankie 391 Yin, Haochih 390 York, Bennett 174 York, Laura 387 York, Paige 355 York, Susan 185 Yoste, Mary 364 Youmans, Sarah 355 Young, Aw 212 Young, Beth 216 Young, David 387 Young, Dereck 392 Young, Dianna 390 Young, lane 150 Young, Kimberly 185, 355 Young, Li 390 Young, Linda 355 Young, Lloyd 387 Young, Mark 209 Young, Stacy 220 Youngblood, Mary 375 Yu, Chih 390 Yuan, Shian 390 Yue, Jianping 390 Yung, John 218,391 Zagst, Chris 182 Zagst, Joseph 355 Zahedi, Mohammad 375 Zandt, Liz Van 180, 346 Zellers, Gretchen 208 Zepponi, Lisa 147, 225, 387 Zhu, Guo 390 Zignani, lean 390 Zullo, Mike 209 Se or FdAor (Az 1 ' gal A., I 7 Wie Ste el He:44 Andrea May Closing — 405 . | | 1111111=CuLiiliKL= r r. _�=.. sing — 409 i " ! Duck Fountain, Peabody, by Hi ' rton Beth Roberson -tr Mary Pat Langford obin Simmons Margaret Gardner Hess Worsham he 1987 OLE MISS is dedicated in memory of Beth, Mary Pat, Robin, Margaret and Hess who lost their lives in a tragic accident on March 26, 1987. We will miss them dearly. 416 —

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University of Mississippi - Ole Miss Yearbook (Oxford, MS) online yearbook collection, 1989 Edition, Page 1


University of Mississippi - Ole Miss Yearbook (Oxford, MS) online yearbook collection, 1990 Edition, Page 1


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