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MALLORY DRAUGHON EDITOR IN CHIEF HAL CATO ASSISTANT EDITOR DAVID ELMORE FINANCIAL ADVISOR FRANCES VANLANDINGHAM ASST. FINANCIAL ADVISOR . 32 SPECIAL EVEl ' 62 FEATURES 82 HONORS 124 ORGANIZATIONS 204 ADMINISTRATION 222 SPORTS 260 GREEKS 334 CLASSES . ' 390 CLOSING . . - .... - Some of us were raised on Ole Miss, learning " Hotty Toddy " before we could say the alphabet. Some of us stumbled upon Oxford, Mississippi while checking out colleges as a high school senior. For those who unknowingly happened upon Ole Miss, the realization that they ' ve made a great discovery makes them smug to their other hometown buddies who have chosen inferior, lesser schools. They don ' t know what we know; if they knew, they ' d be here. As freshmen enrollment continues to escalate and as Chancellor Turner ' s " Legacy of Achievement with a Vision for Tomorrow " gains more recognition, more people will discover the reasons why Ole Miss is so special. Well, what is it about this place that creates such affinity? What is it that makes alums crazy with pride and generous with checkbooks? Why do we consider it the greatest school on earth? Why is this place so special? It is a number of things. The natural beauty of the campus and in the faces of people. It is also the atmosphere. A place of learning with an emphasis on the student and their abilities to achieve. We are encouraged by the administration to promote ourselves and in turn, the university. In our college community we grow and learn of ourselves by working with others. We experience. IJBfB m. Mr V r - CHANGE We were talking the other day in the offices about how much Ole Miss had changed since our parents ' age. Steve said when his dad was here, there were only about 200 cars on campus. " Yeah, and they shaved the heads of freshman guys as soon as they arrived on campus. The Cardinal Club set up a road block. You even had to pay them two bucks to do it. " Then you had to buy a beanie at Carl Coers for $1 .25 and it was required that you wear it all year. Some traditions have thankfully gone by the wayside. Did you know that the Parade of Beauties was once called the Parade of Virgins? Rosanne asked what the word " lyceum " meant, anyway. None of us knew so we looked it up. Lyceum: 1) an organization providing popular instruction by lectures, concerts, etc., also, its building. 2) a lycee. 3) a grove near Athens where Aristotle taught. Seems appropriate. When we were kids, going back to school on that cool first day, there was a special smell of halls cleaned with Pine-Sol, clean notebooks and stiff books. But not for us anymore. We go back to school in the sweltering heat and unbearable humidity. Our freshman year it took the entire family, the wagon loaded and seven hours to move in. Now it takes us about 30 minutes. We ' ve got this system down pat. You ' ve been away all summer and you ' ve got to have a Walmart fix. There is nothing so thrilling as to walk into that treasure trove of retail. Everything is so cheap and so useful that you ' ve got to have it. You spend $60 easy. No wonder Mr. Walton is the richest guy in America. We come to school tan and smiling and rushing those freshmen. Talking, " Do you know . . . " Then serious talk but always smiling. In Lisa Birnbach ' s college book she cites Ole Miss as a happy place and " who needs a happy hour in happy town. " It ' s true, it ' s a friendly place. Ole Miss, where everyone speaks, (and has a faculty parking sticker). ROUTINES Poppy was complaining about all the " stuff " she had to do. " Just look at my calendar. Go to Oxford Floral, buy happy for Susan; go to cleaners; tanning appointment at six o ' clock; work at library from one to three o ' clock; Racquetball at seven o ' clock; get hypnotized at Union at three thirty; we were all going to Pete ' s today and I have too much ' stuff ' to do. " Routines. They say they give order and a bit of security to our lives. Some can be enjoyable, others a chore. Some you can not get away from, like registration. The Opscan system cuts down on a lot of time, we don ' t know how lucky we are to have it. Payment of fees, depends on the time of day you hit the Turner complex. For some people, those holds at the Bursar and library can be a run around. Something strange happened to me this past semester I paid my fees in twenty minutes. We learned to PRIORITIZE. There are seminars and books teaching you to get your act together and get organized, but learning about it is only a form of procrastination. We all have calendars. We try to do everything and still leave time to take off for Sardis. How many times have you sworn to yourself that this semester would be different. You would study a little bit every day (no more all-nighters), work out at the Turner complex every day, stop eating and drinking so much, and be in bed by a decent hour? Maybe once very four months? It is so easy to be bad and so hard to be good. ..- . r K t ' II . u . . . drive around, please. Students coming back to Ole Miss in the fall found that one of their most favorite eating establishments Rebel Deli, had closed over the summer. But there were plenty of other places to assuage the appetite. We had our choice of at least seven pizza places. McDonald ' s, had Mceverything, Sonic was good for tater tots and cherry limeaid, Dino ' s was good for gyros, and lasagna, the Gin, burgers, Forrester ' s for home-cooked lunch, the Warehouse and the gargantuan salad bar, Syd Harry ' s nouvelle cuisine, B-Quick and Chevron for fried chicken and potato logs, Frogurt for those trying to diet, Smitty ' s, Kroger Deli, Hoka, KFC, original or extra crispy. Mistilis ' for burgers smothered in cheese and onions and Sadie ' s, the newest establishment where you could even get rumaki. Ruth Jimmie ' s was more than worth the drive for a real home-cooked, lots of vegetables meal. And let ' s not forget the Big Boy ' s gift to Oxford the Shoney ' s breakfast bar where you could eat your weight in scrambled eggs, big biscuits and gravy, pancakes, grits, french toast, hash browns, bacon and sausage. The place to be on Sunday. If there was a group of people going out to eat and they couldn ' t decide where to go, when in doubt, go to Wendy ' s. . . PARTY SCHOOL? We have been condemned as a " Party School. " Then you make the usual comeback: " Any school ' s a party school if you make it that way. " Thursday nights are big. Some people who go home often go out on Thursdays. Then all the other people figure they better get out on Thursday nights too, to see and be seen. We were talking about how big the Warehouse and the Gin used to be. Priscilla thought happy hour was making a comeback. We decided some bar needed to install a deck. What ' s going to happen when this 21 thing takes over someone asked. More fraternity parties? " I ' ll bet some freshman entrepreneur starts mass producing fake-IDs, " Bob said. Ole Miss is small enough so that you know or have heard of, most everyone. To walk in a bar and not know anyone is an impossibility. To walk around campus and not see anyone you know is an even greater impossibility. THE CAMPAIGN AS AN ART FORM In this seriously democratic school, the campus-wide elections are looked forward to events in the fall and spring. Probably, everyone has participated in some way whether it be singing in a song group or holding a sign. Granted you meet the requirements of running for office, here are some general rules for running a campaign. 1) Choose a well-respected, campus personality who ' s had campaign experience to be a campaign manager. More than one campaign manager is desirable. 2) Establish a contact at each sorority and fraternity house as an " In-house rep. " They will speak for you in chapter meetings and get other people to help with the campaign. 3) Start eating lunches and dinners at different houses, cafeterias, and athletic dorm to meet more people. 4) Choose a co-ordinated person to think up the dance for the song group. 5) Choosing a song: it must be memorble and not hard to sing. 6) Choosing a song group: girls must be cute and popular; guys must also be popular and unafraid to be hams. 7) Campaign literature must be eyecatching and a very flattering picture of you. 1 ,000 flyers is a safe number to order. They must go on every last bulletin board on campus. Assign a literture-replenishing committee to check that the flyers are always still on boards. 8) Talk to the ROTC groups, pharmacy classes, large organizational meetings and any other place where a lot of people are congregated. 9) Dress for class. 10) Go out more often than usual. 1 1) Strategic days for ad placement in the Mississippian first and last day of the campaign, and the Thursday and Friday of the campaign. 13) Fine your sponsoring organization if they are not always wearing the nametag that sports your name and picture. 14) Rallies in dorms are a good way to meet independents. If you know any other influential campus leaders, this would be a good opportunity for them to speak for you. It ' s not what you know, it ' s who you know. 1 5) Remember, not everyone is as into this campaign as you are. Some people couldn ' t care less. Only a little over 10% of the population votes. But it ' s their school too, and you have to inspire them to get out and vote. Campaigns, one of the things that makes Ole Miss unique. w ' - N % ' 1 k ' - aK 5.t i k -. - ' ' J ' ..,. DIFFERENT BUT THE SAME In a school this large, you ' re going to have distinctive groups of people that band together. You have your ASB politico. We have this image of the politico-making contacts, getting on committees, plotting, planning for a way to advance himself in the ASB framework. Well what is wrong with having some ambition? These people like to be in the middle of things. They have ideas and the abilities to put these ideas into a workable form. Then there are those who thrive on greek life. The social butterflies and party animals. They jump from one theme weekend to the next. There are intellectuals racking up honors and awards. There are dizzy debs and strong silent jocks. There are the artsy types that you can always pick out in a crowd. The over achievers who have their act so completely together. They do well in school and are intensely involved on campus. They ' ve got so much going on, you wonder when if ever, do they sleep, and here, in the middle of it, there ' s one other group the rest of us. WE ' RE INVOLVED Recruit is a buzz word around here. It has been said that if you can get a student to visit Ole Miss on a prime weekend (i.e. football game, Derby Day) they ' ll be sold on Ole Miss. Involvement is another key word. Do you know anyone, I mean even one person, who does not have at least one extra curricular activity to brighten their resume? This is not a school where a student goes to class from 8:00 to 12:00 then shrinks back home to be a couch potato and watch the soaps all day. Not every day anyway. Maybe for once, your parents were right. These are the best days of our lives. Cherish them, because it will never be this easy again. i " " ? hot fudge pie ... Ruth and Jimmie ' s in Abbeville . . . jaigermeister . . . Forrester ' s . . . Hotty Toddy Gosh a might ... Old Charter ... Dr. Doom ... Dr. Death . . . Dixie . . . Budweiser . . . KIAMIES Beer Bowlin ' ... the Square . . . Tuesday Night at Cine 4 ... Swaps ... Pep Rallies . . . Football games . . . Bourbon Street ... Pat O ' Briens ... No tre Dame . . . Chicago . . . The Grateful dead Revolution . . . Brewer ' s Billyball ... the Gin ... Pete ' s one stop the line . . . Memphis ... The Peabody . . . The Computer Center at 4 AM ... 8:00 classes . . . 2:00 classes . . . Sardis in the Spring . . . Sunsmash ' 86 ... elections . . . song groups . . . Formals . . . hangovers . . . diets . . . girls walking up University Ave. all the time . . . w walkmans . . . tickets . . . radar guns . . . tire locks . . . library holds ... the Bursar ' s .500 check cashing policy . . . Preserve the Grove . . . jackets and ties for the game in 80 weather . . . tailgating . . . fried chicken . . . Bourbon and coke ... Bud lite . . . housemothers ... no parking places for commuters . . . well-coiffeured girls with full make-up walking on the Hyper center track . . . Drivers ed? . . . Marriage and Family . . . Business law ... The Daily Mississippian . . .Chancellor Turner ' s second year . . . Sparky, Dr. Trott and J.J Alcohol Awareness . . . RUF . . . SPB . . . Knoxville . . . Auburn ... The Grill at the Union . . . Registration ... The Bookstore ' s Exorbitant Prices . . . this about building a McDonald ' s in the Union? . . . underground sprinklers . . . having to go see 3 plays for theatre appreciation . . . Neilson ' s . . . Oxford Floral . . . Balfour . . . French fries and gravy . . . Faulkner ' s Rowan Oak where everybody has their picture taken ... all these sorority girls getting engaged . . . thrown in the mud for getting dropped or pinned . . . studyhours for pledges . . . Intramural football Intramural Pickleball?! . . . Women ' s track added to the Sports program OpScan . . . Stealing composites . . . painting the lions . . . phone bills . . . Mae Helen . . . Ron Hokaman Shapiro . . . Barry Hannah . . . Willie Morris . . . Center for the Study of Southern Culture . . . visitation hours in the dorms . . . Alexander ' s . . . Rebel Press . . . paying for a typist ... The Cove . . . Benbow ' s Jacuzzi . . . Oxford Square . . . swimming at the Holiday Inn or Best Western. . H-O-L-D, hold that line . . . Cheerleaders go to California for National camp . . . throwing cups in the end-zone . . . Getting nothing accomplished during all-nighters . . . keys to Conner . . . " Can you do my computer program? " . . . Freshman 15 ... Parade of Beauties . . . Salad bars . . . Frogurt . . . Carol ' s Thrifty Mart for all your Swap needs ... The Beacon . . . Mistilis good drunk food . . . Oxford International Airport . . . Dexatrim . . . Can ' t buy cold beer ... The BIG Oxford Mall . . . Wal-Mart . . . Apple pectin . . . Happies . . . Tel-o- miss News . . . Mousse . . . Don Johnson and Miami Vice . . . Rolling Stone . . . having to read The Wall Street Journal . . . Rawhide bracelets . . . Everone smokes now . . . BMW ' s . . . Cutlass . . . Regal . . . a couple of porsches . . . white columns . . . Magnolias ... the Lyceum ... Old Geology renamed Ventress Hall . . . Does anyone call New Dorm Crosby? . . . Duckheads . . . Rainbow Cleaners . . . Guess Jeans ... Red brick everywhere . . . pharmacy students . . . Bluchers, Tretorns ... In the stacks of the library, pretty musty . . . Campaign for Ole Miss 25 million ... The Law School a building out of place on this traditional campus . . . illegal rushing . . . Love at first bite turkey sandwich . . . Xavion ... The Generics ... The MaleMen . . . Fraternity Row . . . Tanning booths . . . Exams Incredible . . . Research Papers . . . Wine Coolers . . . Getting kittens at the Humane Society and then having to give them back . . Laundry . . . Highlighters . . . Vending Machine food cheetos and Snickers . . . Chapter Meetings . . . Summer school . . . Baskin Robbins . . . Oxford . . . " Mississippi ' s Most Cultural Small town " . . . Roommates . . . friendships ... gas credit cards . . . Bartending . . . Deanna ' s Confections . . . Junior blocks in student teaching . . . Fitness Fun and Sun . . . Derby . . . What ' s after Sunsmash? . . . Bear Mania and the Superbowl Shuffle . . . answering machines . . . R.A. ' s . . . road trips. -f. - HOTTY TODDY HOTTY TODDY, GOSH AMIGHTYWHOINTHE HELL ARE WE! HEY FLIM FLAM BIM BAM OLE MISS BY DAMN! Our nickname, Ole Miss, became a part of the University more than 80 years ago, in 1896 when it was selected in a contest held to identify a new student publication, the yearbook. It was suggested by the late Elma Meek of Oxford. Each succeeding issue of the annual has been given this copyrighted identity. The name gradually became synonymous with the University. I ' -fr I g? ' - H,: Mr ALMA MATER ' Way down south in Mississippi There ' s a spot that ever calls, Where among the hills enfold Stands old Alma Mater ' s halls. To the whispering southern breeze, There Ole Miss is calling, calling To our hearts ' fond memories, Inr- wu " ? r iSSg s?j| -vaib 1 .-6 3L IKp Have you ever slipped up over the holidays and told your mother you left something " at home, " meaning Ole Miss. Her eyes narrow and she says " What do you mean af omePThis is your home! " Then you have to quieten her and try to explain what you meant. This is our home for an important, formative time in our lives. Sort of like a family, we don ' t always agree and we don ' t always stand together. But when it ' s important, like when we ' re called upon to raise spirit for our team or raise money for a cause, our groups and differences fade away and one thing shines clear and important: We ' re Ole Miss. We ' re surrounded by uplifting phrases that pinpoint certain emotions. On the library is an optimistic phrase by William Faulkner, " I decline to accept the end of man. I believe he not only will survive, but will prevail. " There is another short phrase that comes closest to how we all feel about our University. It is in the stairwell of the Student Union and was written by Frank Everett, " The University is respected, but Ole Miss is loved. The University gives a diploma and regretfully terminates tenure, but one never graduates from Ole Miss. " Ole Miss. I ' m thankful to have been able to experience it. , DECLINF TO ACCEPT THE END 3F MAN I BELIEVt THAT M N IU NOT KERELY ENDURE HE WIL1 PRF ML EVERYBODY WAS THERE HB if SECTION EDITOR JOY MUGGINS + + Or . . un Smash People attending the first annual Sunsmash festival in defiance of occasional rain Friday were treated to a variety of different foods and styles of music. Tuba Fats and the Choosen Few, a traditional New Orleans street jazz band, opened the festival to a crowd of about 250 people in the Grove, while venders set up concession stands selling barbecue sandwiches, oriental shish kabobs, boiled shrimp and crawfish, pork ribs and catfish. James Wilson, food service director of Mary Holmes Junior College, flame-broiled pork ribs while prospective customers watched. Susan Stanford stopped eating her plateful of boiled shrimp to say the festival was great. " I wish people would give it a chance. I think Lisa Gustin and the Programming Board did a good job, " said Stanford, a junior liberal arts major frc At 12 a.m. Saturday the rhythm and blues and Nappy Brown and Heartfixers entertained about 300 people on the Union steps to close Sunsmash and Dixie Week. " But it would have been nice if they could have planned the grand finale for Saturday, maybe the weather would have been better, " Wallace said. The senior from Georgetown said her favorite band was the reggae group, the Twinkle Brothers. " The only bad thing about them was they wouldn ' t come back for an encore, " Wallace said. Ron Shapiro, owner of the Hoka theatre, said he enjoyed all the bands. " It ' s perfect. The best thing in the world is the music, " Shapiro said. Shapiro said the bad weather did not bother him. " The rain gets rid of the wimps. " Article by Jane Hill I V. . " . 37 gnes of God . tf V V , , 1 i +.. . 4 1 . . ? ' . ummer hristmas at OleMiss " % mmm i H w ri-Services Field Day " ' M r - The Four To 4 Mish a and CipaDi . r t % . g fM j . 4 3 2S no. tn6 r reduce r$ " . " P. -% v w jdb ' M . V . ' i i I harmacy Olympics AJtte A Parade of Beauties Culminating the Parade of Beauties Pageant was the crowning of Mary Stevens as Most Beautiful, 1985-86. Stevens is a sophomore from Birmingham, Alabama. Hosting the pageant was Wanda Gayle Geddie, a former Miss Mississippi. She entertained the audience in Fulton Chapel along with Kathy Manning, Miss University 1985, Miss Mississippi 1985 and second alternate to Miss America. The Ten Beauties were: Kim Chandler, Angie Dicken, Cynthia Geary, Amy Lewis, Melissa Mason, Nicole Meeks, Elizabeth Ross, Kathy Staley and Lori Williams. ;- Senior Barbeque I i IT f 9 . S| howr 55 Union Eve t s T Brother Jim preaches anhe-Union. -, M andatoryZ H ' ' .- W ., T ftJ ' ' tf .-. : . i ! T i Freshmen get together ,, c at Tad Smith-Goli eum for a night of entertainment iTand-FUN! Chorus conquers NEW YORK EUROPE The highly acclaimed University of Mississippi Concert Singers were selected to perform in the Ail-American Choral Gala at Lincoln Center in New York last May. It was a first of its kind concert in Lincoln Center and featured outstanding and renowned choral programs in the U.S. with the American Symphony Orchestra, according to Peter Tiboris, assistant conductor and chorus master of the American Symphony. " The concert was an important musical event in this country because it served to highlight the appearance of seven great and distinguished choral programs together with the American Symphony Orchestra, " Tiboris said. The Ole Miss group joined choruses from Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota in the performance which included Anton Dvorak ' s " The Spectre ' s Bride. " With adventures in the Big Apple behind them, the Ole Miss Concert Singers have Europe to look forward to in May. Ole Miss was chosen by audition tape to participate in an International Choir Festival in Tours, France. They are the only choir from the United States that was chosen to compete. There will be choirs from every western country and eastern block country. While in Europe the choir will also visit Munich, Venice, and Paris, where the final concert will be in Notre Dame. NEXT oval Gambit Kagal Gambit is preaented b0 apecial arrangement uifflj Samuel frencb.. 3nc.. 45 Beat 25tb. t., eiu fork 10010. Sirertor ' s Jfnte: Mermarai (Kreaaieker enuiaiona his Henrn B333 aa one pe of mobern man and attempta, in his plan, to ueuelop aaperta of tlje mooern age tijrouojj his peraonali?e5 uieuipoint of Jienrg ' e relations hips mity his iniuea. Aa life plaQ progresses, (Kreaaieker shoius us a ftenro, uiho IB more and more aurare of cooag. Oilia ta not to aan t at Menqi marcl|ea granilQ tifrouglj tlje interuening centuries ana into oura as a participant, fiatljer, Ije and his urtuea are aware of tye future and auiare, too, of tlje furtlfer beuelopmenta and logical concluaiona of uihat Henrg began. Stye audience can eitijer accept tije gift of foreaigbt tljat tl|e plagmriglft ghiea aKenrn or tijen can push it aaide. Wljat remaina, in either caae. is a plan about a brilliant, Bad. arrogant and touching man and six magnificent uioraen. SECTION EDITOR CHERYN NETZ MISS AMERICA S US AN DIANE AKIN Ole Miss co-ed Susan Akin was crowned Miss America 1986 on September 14, 1985. Akin, a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority, won the Miss University title in the spring and went on to win the Miss Mississippi title in Vicksburg. A senior broadcast journalism major, she is the third Miss America to have come from Ole Miss. She will receive a $30,000 scholarship and $2,500 in scholarships for winning one of the swimsuit preliminaries. Akin sang " You ' re My World, " an Italian love song, for the talent competition. Susan was very involved while at Ole Miss. She was a Rebelette, Most Beautiful 1984, and Sigma Chi Derby Day Queen of 1984. She was also a Campus Favorite, Kappa Sigma Little Sister, M-Club Sweetheart and a former Pike Calendar Cover girl. A jubilant Susan Akin is crowned by Miss America 1985, Sharlene Wells. 64 COLONEL REB RICKY FAVA In a student body election held in November, Ricky Fava was voted Colonel Reb. A Business major from Jackson, Ricky cheered the Rebels on for three years. He also pursued other interests at Ole Miss such as College Republicans, Committee of 100, Gamma Beta Phi and Order of Omega. His friendly personality made this Pike a natural choice for Colonel Reb. A MISS OLE MISS JUDY SPEAR Judy Spear is no stranger to campus involvement. In her four years at Ole Miss, this Delta Delta Delta from Corinth was a varsity cheerleader, serving as head cheerleader her senior year, a member of Lambda Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Student Alumni Council and assistant pledge trainer. A Business major, she was also chosen as a Campus Favorite and voted into the Hall of Fame. I . ' . I COLOI LflEB AND MISS FAVORITE TAMMY BURNEY Senior Accounting Major Hometown: Jackson Phi Mu President Sigma Nu Little Sis Modeling Board Angel Flight Student Leader 1985 Senior Class Executive Board College Republicans Phi Gamma Nu Rhp Lambda Phi Beta Lambda FAVORITE MALLORY DRAUGHON Senior English Major Hometown: Atlanta 1 986 OleMiss Editor Kappa Kappa Gamma Rush Chairman Modeling Board Co-Captain Hall of Fame Who ' s Who Phi Kappa Psi Sweetheart Homecoming Court 1984 68 Pre-College Leader 1985 Sigma Delta Chi FAVORITE LESLIE GORDON Junior Business Major Hometown: Tupelo Student Programming Board Pike Calendar Girl 1985 Top Ten Beauty 1984 Chi Omega President Rush Chairman Sigma Chi Sweetheart Associated Women Students FAVORITE DIXIE CARTER Senior Marketing Major Hometown: Dallas Kappa Alpha Little Sis Alpha Delta Sigma Rho Lambda Kappa Kappa Gamma Activities Chairman Programming Board Special Events Dir. Dixie Week Chairman Chairman School Spirit Pre-College Leader Student Advisory Board Who ' s Who FAVORITE JAMIE HEBERT Senior Art Major Hometown: Baton Rouge Student Art Association Kappa Delta Elections Chairman FAVORITE ALLISON HUMPHREYS Senior Marketing Major Hometown: Columbus Panhellenic President Mortar Board President Delta Gamma Model Active Rho Lambda Student Alumni Council Senate Elections Commissioner Kappa Alpha Little Sis of the Year FAVORITE DANA PATTERSON Senior Communicative Disorders Major Hometown: Eupora Tri-Delta Vice-President AWS Publicity Director Hospitality Director Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sis Student Development Board Senior Exec Board Committee of 100 Committee of 82 Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma 70 Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Pre-College Leader FAVORITE MARISA TATE Senior English Major Hometown: Tupelo Associated Student Body Secretary Ambassadors Chairman Most Outstanding 1984 Student Programming Board Dir. Of Union Activities Hall of Fame Who ' s Who Chi Omega House Manager Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board University Honors Sigma Tau Delta Gamma Beta Phi Ole Miss Section Ed. FA VORITE WINTER MCKAY Senior Marketing Major Hometown: Anniston, AL Programming Board Dixie Week Rebelettes Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sis Rho Lambda Alpha Lambda Delta Lambda Sigma Phi Eta Sigma Campus Crusades Kappa Delta Chaplain FAVORITE KATHY TOLER Senior Fashion Merchandising Major Hometown: Jackson First Runner-up Most Beautiful Sigma Chi Little Sister Pres. Homecoming Court 1982 Pike Calendar Cover Girl Delta Delta Delta Treasurer Songleader Senior Executive Board Student Alumni Council College Republicans 71 it Crowned {luring Homecoming garri ebel. " I ' ve been a a big football fan said, Merrell, a K Top Ten 8 Leslie Belts Senior Maid Laurie Hector Junior Maid Cheryl Kimmons Senior Maid Penny Heliums Sophomore Maid Camille Calhoun Freshman Maid Mary Blair Junior Maid Charsley Wise Sophomore Maid Lori Williams Freshman Maid 73 . MOST BEAUTIFUL MARY STEVENS If only we could harness the enthusiasm of Mary Stevens, then our energy problems would be solved. This is perhaps what most captivated the judges with her, that and her dark beauty. A sophomore from Birmingham, Mary is a Broadcast Journalism major. A natural outlet for her buoyant personality is cheerleading and Mary has been a varsity cheerleader for one year. Her beauty was noticed early on when she was chosen as a freshman for the Pike calendar. She is a Sigma Alpha Epsilon little sister and a member of Delta Delta Delta. She was sponsored by Phi Delta Theta. BttK BEAUTY KIM CHANDLER Kim is no stranger to beauty pageants. Last year, she was chosen as a Top Ten beauty in the 1984 Parade of Beauties. She also graced the cover of the 1986 Pike calendar. A Kappa Delta from Jackson, Kim is a member of the Modeling Board, Committee of 100, Reformed University Fellowship, and a Pi Kappa Alpha little sister. She is a sophomore majoring in Marketing. BEAUTY ANGIE DICKEN A transfer from Hinds Junior College, Angle Dicken is another pageant veteran. At Hinds, Angle was a Top Ten Beauty for two years and Miss Congeniality 1985. She is also Miss Metro Center for 1985. At Ole Miss, Angle was the vice-president of the pledge class of Kappa Kappa Gamma, a Kappa Sigma little sister, a member of College Republicans and a Bat Girl for the Ole Miss Baseball team. She is a junior pharmacy major. BEAUTY AMY LEWIS A Kappa Delta from Tullahoma, Tennessee, Amy Lewis is a sophomore English major. She is also a member of the University Honors Program and a member of Lambda Sigma. Other activities that keep her busy are Rebelettes and being a Sigma Chi little sister. BEAUTY CYNTHIA GEARY Cynthia Geary, a junior voice major from Jackson, is smart as well as beautiful. She is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi and Phi Eta Sigma. She is also the recipient of a Chancellor ' s Scholarship. Her activities include, concert singers, Modeling Board, Student Alumni Council, and Reformed University Fellowship. A Tri-Delta and a Pike little sis, Cynthia hopes to pursue a career in the entertainment field after graduation. BEAUTY NICOLE MEEKS A senior music education major from Corinth, Nicole is the eldest of our Beauties this year. In her four years at Ole Miss, she has left her mark on our campus by participating in such organizations as Associated Women Students, Committee of 100, and Gamma Beta Phi. She was also treasurer of her sorority, Delta Delta Delta, a Pike Calendar girl and a member of the Chancellor ' s Honor Roll. BEAUTY MELISSA MASON We are certainly glad Melissa transferred from Hinds Junior College last year. Her beauty and friendly nature enhance our campus. She is a junior broadcast journalism major and is involved in Rebel Recruiters, Public Relations Student Society of America, Phi Kappa Psi little sisters, Ambassadors, Modeling Board and the Ole Miss Wesley Foundation. BEAUTY ELIZABETH ROSS Sponsored by Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Elizabeth Ross is a junior majoring in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in business. Paralleling her major, Elizabeth is a member of the UM Modeling Board. She is aTri- Delta and an SAE little sister. BEAUTY KATHY STALEY A sophomore from Brandon, Kathy Staley is a journalism major with a broadcast minor. She is a member of Angel Flight, a former Rebelette, on the ASB Publication Committee and a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. BEAUTY LORI WILLIAMS While only a freshman, Lori has already been very active on campus. She is a Rebelette and a member of Tau Beta Sigma. She was also a freshman Homecoming maid and is in the Chancellor ' s Leadership class for outstanding freshmen. Lori is from Starkville and is majoring in Business. All photography by Brian Rogers Studio, Inc.; Hair and make-up by Savvy, Inc., Ja Townsend and Diana Churchill. us--. ;-a vi - . - . ' .- 81 SECTION EDITOR: ROSANNE TURNER I The Hall of Fame is the highest honor a student can achieve at Ole Miss. To qualify for selection, a student must have an overall grade point average of 2.0, be classified as a senior and must not have been a previous recipient of the honor. A preliminary committee, made up of four university administrators, eight presidents of the various schools and DDK and the Mortar Board, the editor of the Daily Mississipplan and the editor of the Ole Miss, shall each submit names of two people to serve as a Selection Committee to the Administration Committee. The Administration Committee, composed of the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, the Editor of the Ole Miss and the Presidents of Lambda Sigma and Phi Eta Sigma, mail the ballots to the Selection Committee. Each member of the Selection Committee is allowed to nominate eight people. These selections are tallied by the Administration Committee in strict closed session. A minimum of four undergraduates and a maximum of eight may be declared members. This year there are seven members of the Ha ll of Fame. HALL OF FAME WINTER HODGES It Hodges, a general business major from Dyer, Tennessee is a member of Chi Psi fraternity. Elected ASWresident for 1985-86. Hodges has also been director of the Parade of Beauties, assistant director of the Miss University Pageant, director of University Relations, and a member of the Union Programming Board. He is a member of the Ole Miss Ambassadors, Committee of 82, Mississippi Governmental Affairs, Order of Omega. Greek twg |a f d O cron Delta Kappa and is an Outstandincwoung Man of Arrerfc. in addition to his many campus activities, HodgB o served his fraternity as Rush ' jpi, Scholarship CMfflanlilftws letter Editor. 85 HALL OF FAME REED INGRAM k Kappa Sigma from Jackson, Mississippi, Reed Ingram is an Accounting major. He has served as Associated Student Body Treasurer for two terms. He has also served Ole Miss as President of Omicron Delta Kappa and Director of Refrigerator rentals. His other activities include Scholarship Chairman and House Manager for Kappa Sigma, membership in Mortar Board, Beta Alpha Psi, Greek Century, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Kappa Phi Scholastic Honorary. HALL OF FAME MARISA TATE During her four years at Ole Miss, Marisa, an English major, has participated in a wide range of activities. As a senior, she was the ASB Secretary. She has also beatjvolved in the Student Programming Board as Director of Union JP fties, Dixie Week Committee, SPB publicity promoting committee, Chairman of Ambassadors, and Committee of 1 00 projects Chairman. She has beau section editor of the Ole Miss for two years an PPR photogflpher. Other campus activities include, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board. Sigma Tau " Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Reformed University Fellowship and the University Honors Program. A Chi Omega from Tupelo, Marisa was chosen Campus Favorite, Outstanding Ambassador of 1984 and a member of Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. 87 I HALLO MALLORY DRAUGHON Transferring as a on campus. An Enghsf the 1986 r ffss. Shi Bftppi Modeling Kappa Gamria.tene is a BnlMtf Sig h|jind wa KcteoX CaMGs ' Other honors mcJWe. vVio ' s Wro Among Stufler Colleges anc! tjAgities, Horpecomwjteourr Fraternity Sweer d Phi Kappa Psi 89 p p HALL OF FAME JUDY SPEAR A Marketing major from Corinth, Mississippi, Judy Spear is a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. She has represented the students as a cheerleader for the past four years, serving as head cheerleader the 1984-85 season. She was voted nss Ole Miss and a 1985 Campus Favorite. Judy has worked in her sorority as assistant pledge trainer and was chosen Model Active. Her oth Acivities include Student Alumni Council, Omicron Delta Kappa, Beti mma Sigma, Lambda Sigma and University Scholars. She is a member of the Chancellor ' s Honor Roll and Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. 90 L OF FAME itions ing t. Omicron and Alpha ekCen Order R o is a member i. From L ho ' s Who Among SUSAN AKIN Miss America 1986 Miss Mississippi 1985 Miss University 1985 Most Beautiful 1984 Sigma Chi Derby Day Queen 1984 M-Club Sweetheart Pi Beta Phi Sorority Campus Favorite Rebelette Kappa Sigma Little Sister MARYJOALINDER Student Director University Honors Program Carrier Scholar Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Lambda Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Delta Gamma Chaplain KENT AUSTIN Academic AII-SEC 4 years FCA President National Football Found. Hall of Fame Scholar Athlete Award NCAA Record completion percentage in single game 1983 M-Club Four Year Letterman TONI AVANT Delta Sigma Theta President Rush Chairman National PanHellenic Council Social Chairperson National Council For Negro Women Lambda Sigma Selection Committee MIRANDA BEARD BSU Alumni Assoc. Director Omicron Delta Kappa Gamma Beta Phi Tel-0-Miss Host and Producer News Director Radio Announcer Newscast Anchor DEANNE BOUTWELL Kappa Delta Sorority Efficiency Chairman Alumnae Relations Mortar Board Treasurer Phi Kappa Phi Beta Gamma Sigma Lambda Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Student Alumni Council 1 MARIANNE BRADFORD Panhellenic Secretary Mortar Board Secretary Kappa Delta Scholarship Chairman Phi Kappa Phi Rho Lambda Senior Class Executive Committee Omicron Delta Kappa Beta Alpha Psi RALPH BRASHIER Mississippi Law Journal Editor Mississippi Law Journal Assqc. President Board of Directors Phi Delta Phi Phi Kappa Phi Pi Kappa Lambda MOZELLA BROWN AWS Minority Concerns Director Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Vice-President Secretary Black Student Union Director of Finance Residence Hall Assoc. Representative DIXIE CARTER Student Programming Bd. Special Events Dir. Chairman of School Spirit Dixie Week Chairman Kappa Kappa Gamma Activities Chairman Asst. Social Chairman Campus Favorite Student Alumni Council ho ' s Who Among NANCY CHIEN Gamma Beta Phi Vice-President Treasurer Lambda Sigma Selection Committee Rho Lambda Vice-president Kappa Alpha Theta Treasurer Omicron Delta Kappa DARREN COLE Golf Team Academic AII-SEC All SEC First Team 1984 1985 All-American 1984 Honorable Mention 1985 Second team M-Club MARK CRAIG Student Programming Bd. Director Special Events Co-Chair Dixie Week Publicity Co-Chair Sigma Chi Secretary Tribune Greek Century Lambda Sigma PHILLIPdeVEER Phi Kappa Theta Social Chairman Rush Chairman Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Greek Century Kappa Kappa Psi Scabbard and Blade WAYNE DICKERSON ASB Senate Deputy Attorney General Engineering Student Body Vice-President Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Beta Lambda President Kappa Alpha Order MALLORYDRAUGHON 19860 eAf ss Editor Greeks Editor Kappa Kappa Gamma Rush Chairman Modeling Board Co-Captain Campus Favorite Hall of Fame Phi Kappa Psi Sweetheart HOPE EMMONS Delta Delta Delta Corresponding Secretary President New Dorm Judicial Council Angel Flight Committee of 82 ASB Executive Secretary Student Alumni Council JENNIFERGILLOM Lady Rebel Basketball 1 985 World University Games M-Club NCAA All-Tournament Team All Sec Most Valuable Player 1984 LYN HALLARON Alpha Omicron Pi Rush Chairman Parliamentarian Senior Class Executive Bd. Rho Lambda Delta Sigma Pi Greek Games Committee Chair. ASB Sub-Cabinet Elections Commission BOBBYHARGES Society of Black Engineers President Eta Kappa Nu Vice-President Black Law Student Assoc. Vice-president Moot Court Board Vice-Chairman ho ' s Who Among MARK HARRISON Engineering Student Body President Chairman, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Ole Miss Engineer, Editor Business Manager Assoc. Editor WINTER HODGES Associated Student Body President Director of Univer sity Relations Chi Psi Fraternity Scholarship Chair. Director, Parade of Beauties MICHAEL HARWELL Student Alumni Council President Board of Directors Chi Psi Fraternity Pledge Trainer Steward Scholarship Chair. Student Exchange program to Japan JAMIE HOLDER Rebel Football Team Team Captain M-Club Secretary Executive Committee Initiation Committee J. W. " Wobble " Davidson Award HANKHOLMAN Senior Class President Sigma Chi Fraternity Vice-President Alumni Chairman Senate ASB Cabinet Committee of 100 Executive Board ILL m ALLISON HUMPHREYS Panhellenic President Mortar Board President Phi Beta Lambda Historian Rho Lambda Delta Gamma Model Active Phi Gamma Nu Senate Student Alumni Council REED INGRAM Associated Student Body Treasurer (two years) Director of Refrigerator Rentals Omicron Delta Kappa President Kappa Sigma Fraternity Scholarship Chair. House Manager Phi Kappa Phi $ r MARK JOHNSON Interfraternity Council President Secretary Mortar Board Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Greek Century Phi Delta Theta Fraternity ALISHA JONES ASB Cabinet Director of Information Management Computer Services Chairman ASB Committee on Publications, Chairman Ambassadors Delta Sigma Pi Phi Beta Lambda DEBBIE KLOHA Daily Mississippian Editor Hall of Fame Carrier Scholar Campus-wide Model Pledae Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Delta Gamma ho ' s Who Among RICLINDSTROM Rebel Football M-Club Gamma Beta Phi Beta Alpha Psi Fellowship of Christian Athletes Kappa Alpha Order NCAA-Scholar-Athlete Award Academic AII-SEC Squad LINDA MCDOWELL Zeta Tau Alpha President Rush Chairman Activities Chairman Rho Lambda Tel-0-Miss News Outstanding Young Women In America ESTHER MAGEE Zeta Tau Alpha Recording Secretary Corresppnding Secretary Membership Chairman Equestrian Team Golden Key Club Beta Gamma Sigma KATHY MANNING Miss Mississippi 1984 Miss University 1984 Second Alternate to Miss America 1985 Campus Favorite Homecoming Maid Best Dressed M-Club Sweetheart Delta Gamma Rebel Recruiter CINDY MARTIN Beta Alpha Psi Secretary AWS Executive Secretary Executive Council Delta Gamma Panhellenic Delegate Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board SUZANNE MAXCY Delta Gamma President Corresponding Secretary Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Rho Lambda Golden Key National Honor Society Beta Gamma Sigma Rebel Recruiter CAL MAYO Alpha Lambda Delta President Accounting Associated Body President Greek Century President Carrier Scholar Taylor Medalist Phi Kappa Phi Kappa Alpha Order Hall of Fame KATHRYN MERRELL Homecoming Queen 1985 Kappa Alpha Theta President Vice-President Sigma Nu Sweetheart Top Ten Beauty Rho Lambda Rebel Recruiter ELLEJJ MILLER Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Chi Omega Model Initiate Activities Officer Student Alumni Council Board of Directors Parade of Beauties Contestant Advisor DAMON MOORE Taylor Medalist Phi Kappa Phi Golden Key Concert Singers Mortar Board Alpha Epsilon Delta President Alpha Lambda Delta Beta Beta Beta ho ' s Who Among MICHELLE MORRIS Delta Gamma Vice-President Rush Senior Class Executive Board Run Chairman ASB Student Loan Officer Sigma Chi Little Sister Social Chairman Student Alumni Council Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma PATRICK MURPHY President Engineering Student Body Executive Officer Naval ROTC Tau Beta Pi Secretary Rugby Club Exchange Student Alberta, Cana da CLYDE NELSON Delta Gamma Vice-Pres. Pledge Treasurer Beta Alpha Psi President Rebel Recruiter Captain Omicron Delta Kappa Rho Lambda RONALD PIERCE Beta Theta Pi Treasurer University Honors Senator Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board Alpha Lambda Delta ASB Academic Affairs LARRY PITTMAN Black Law Student Assoc. President Phi Beta Sigma Vice-President Omicron Delta Kappa Order Of Omega Phi Alpha Delta Moot Court Board PORTIA PRIDE Associated Women Students President Secretary Delta Gamma Vice-President ASB Spirit Comm. Rho Lambda Treasurer College Republican Vice-President DARRYL ROBERTS ' Chairman Computer Services Chairman Publications Committee Cabinet Attorney General Director Of Information Management Delta Sigma Pi Phi Beta Lambda JILL SANDERS Mississippi ' s Miss Hospitality 1985 Modeling Board Captain Golden Key Gamma Beta Phi Shorthand Reporter ' s Ass oc Phi Beta Lambda Student Alumni Council JOHN MICHAEL SHERMAN PhiGamma Nu President Beta Theta Pi Corresponding Sec. Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Alpha Psi JENNIFER SHORES Phi Kappa Phi Carrier Scholarship Campus Wide Model Pledge Alpha Omicron Pi Scholarship Chair. AWS Executive Board Vice-Chairman of Scholarship Golden Key Honors Program ho ' s Who Among JUDY SPEAR Miss Ole Miss Hall of Fame Campus Favorite Head Cheerleader Omicron Delta Kappa University Scholars Delta Delta Delta Beta Gamma Sigma Student Alumni Council DEBORAH STRONG Kappa Alpha Theta Spirit Chairman Fraternity Education Chair. Vice-President Kappa Delta Pi Ambassadors College Republicans AWS LORI STOCKSTILL Omicron Delta Kappa Vice-President Tau Beta Pi Vice-President Phi Kappa Phi Campus Favorite Kappa Delta Secretary Modeling Board MARISA TATE Associated Student Body Secretary Student Programming Board Director of Union Activities Hall of Fame Campus Favorite Omicron Delta Kappa Chi Omega Hpuse Manager Ole Miss section editor TRACEY TOLLESON Crosby Dormitory President Tau Beta Sigma President Tel-0-Miss News Director Anchor Producer Ole Miss Marching Band Delta Gamma Sorority Delta Psi Sweetheart AWS BEVERLY ANN TURNER Zeta Tau Alpha Vice-President American Auditory Society Women ' s Glee Club Ole Miss Ambassadors Student Alumni Council Rho Lambda DAVID WATSON ASB Judicial Council Chairman Moot Court Board Vice-Chairman Chi Psi Fraternity Treasurer Pledge Trainer Staff of Solicitor Phi Alpha Delta Beta Alpha Psi KEVIN WHITE Beta Alpha Psi Treasurer Sigma Nu Fraternity Scholarship Chairman Treasurer Philanthropy Chairman Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Beta Gamma Sigma LYNN WING Gamma Beta Phi Vice-President Alpha Delta Pi Public Relations Activities Phi Kappa Phi Rho Lambda ' Kappa Epsilon JO WONG Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Beta Alpha Psi Chancellor ' s Scholar Residence Hall Treasurer Student Alumni Council Board of Driectors Mortar Board Most Outstanding Sophomore I SS V H l t f $ NATHAN T. BRADFORD H.T.BUSH ROBERT J. COLE DEBORAH LYNETTE COOLEY IRENE KAUFMANN COTELO MARGARET A. COTROS MARTHA C. FARRIS RHONDA SUE FRANKS LISAV.GUYTON TRACEY C, JOLLY DAMON M. MOORE PHYLLIS LYNN RAY RONAL SCOn RUSSELL LESLIE K. SCHUT THOMAS J. SELVA STEVEN ALLEN SMITH MONROE J.J. SPARKS, JR. VIVIAN SPEAR ENG CHIN WANG SCOn LEE WITTCHEN HISTORY SCHOOL OF PHARMACY COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS SCHOOL OF EDUCATION MUSIC ACCOUNTANCY CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTANCY ENGINEERING PSYCHOLOGY ENGLISH MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BIOLOGY CHEMISTRY SCHOOL OF PHARMACY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ACCOUNTANCY ECONOMICS AND FINANCE SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING ortar Board I TATJANA ADAMS MARY JO ALINDER CAROLYN D. BOUTWELL - TREASURER MARIANNE BRADFORD SECRETARY DANIEL L. BUTCHER ARNOLD E.CIMON ELLEN GRAIN MARGIE D. DAVANT ELECTIONS MARY MARGARET DIXON LOUISE E. HARBISON- VICE-PRESIDENT WINTER HODGES ARTHUR E.HUGGINS ALLISON HUMPHREYS PRESIDENT REED INGRAM MARK V.JOHNSON DEBBIE KLOHA LEIGH LESLIE DEBBIE KLOHA LEIGH LESLIE CINDY MARTIN CAL MAYO SUZANNE MAXCY CALENDAR HENRY R.MICHEL DOROTHY MILLER DAMON M. MOORE - HISTORIAN JAMES H. OWEN RON PIERCE JANET B. RICHARDSON MARY D. RIVES LORI STOCKSTILL MARISA TATE LEETYNER ALEX H. YOUNG KEVIN M. WHITE JO V. WONG PUBLICITY LISA M. WOOD 4 % 7% i, f W j NICOLE AINSWORTH CHANDLER BATTAILE NEAL BURGE MOLLY BYRNES SHELIACROWLEY HAMPTON DYE JOHN A. EAVES CATHERINE GADGET KATHRYN GILCHRIST SCOTT GUNN DAVID GUYTON MARIA HOLCOMB ASHLEY HOPKINS CHARLES E. HORD ALLYSON IMBER CAROL JANE INGRAHM GIGI JEFFCOAT PAM KLOHA CISSY KLOTZ AMY LEWIS ED LOVE BOB MCEWAN STEPHANIE MCGEE PICKEY MATKINS GENAMILLIKEN ROBERT MIMS KIRK MULLINS PARD PRYOR SHARON RATLIFF BRAD RAY MARK RAY TOMMY RAYBURN LAURA ROBERTS BRAD SANDRONI DREWSIPPEL ART SPRATLIN JOHN STITT CRYSTAL TATE TIMTHREADGILL ROSANNE TURNER ANNE WALDO TRACEY WASHINGTON BOB WESLEY SCOTT WESTON KAREN WILLIAMSON AMELIA WRIGHT Rho Lambda l f i i : - . { M ll I SALLIE KATE ANDERSON MARIANNE BRADFORD TAMMY BURNEY ELLEN GRAIN KAREN CROPP MARGIE DAVANT MARY MARGARET DIXON LISA GERMANO LYN HALLARON ELIZABETH HARBISON ALLISON HUMPHREYS RENEELEE LEIGH LESLIE ANGIE MASSEY SUZANNE MAXCY KATHRYN MERRELL CLYDE NELSON CYNTHIA NORMAN SUSAN PROBST ANDREA ROBERTS LORI STOCKSTILL WENDY TRANCHIN LYNN WING MAMIE WILLIAMS JANET YARBROUGH ' A, O ' A . Phi Eta Sigma was founded for the sole purpose of encouraging high scholastic achievement among freshman students in institutions of higher learning. The organization operates under the assumption that obtaining good grades early in one ' s college career serves as a strong incentive for a continued high level of academic performance in subsequent years and thus benefits the student as well as the university community. In seeking to encourage scholarship, the Ole Miss chapter of Phi Eta Sigma sponsors several activities designed to benefit the academic population on campus. Foremost of these is our Homecoming Lecture Series. President John Burns Vice President Shyrell Benton Treasurer Tommy Childs Secretary Stephanie Magee Senior Advisor Mamie Williams Faculty Advisor Dr. Frederick Laurenzo Nicole Ainsworth Tracy Baggett Katherine Barrett Rebecca Beard Lee Bigham Louis Benton Jason Bouldin Angela Burkardt Molly Byrnes Dawn Calhoun Christopher Cardone Nancy Chien Amy Coates Christy Cole Art Cox Vera Cranford Sheila Crowley Eugene Cummings Willis Dabbs Ward Dawkins Hampton Dye James Eubanks Jeffrey Fribley Catherine Gaudet Beatrice Gentry Kathryn Gilchrist Jefferson Gilder Tinnie Glover James Gray Jack Scott Gunn David Guyton Leah Heindel Lorri Heindel Randy Henry James Herrington Jarnes Hickman Maria Holcomb Sondra Holman Kathleen Hooker Ashley Hopkins John Howie Stephen Hudson Michelle Hyver Stephen Im Allyson Imber Cassie Jacob Joel Kaye William Kelly Pamela Kloha Cecilia Klotz Mary Langeubacker Charles Law Gary Lee Patrick Lee James Leister Sharon Liat Joseph Love Doreen Mah Sarah Mallory Ricky Carter Jenny McCuled Gloria McElwain Stephanie McGee Jennifer McGehee Gena Milliken Robert Mims Jennifer Minton Helen Moffat Mary Moore Walter Mullins Laura Murray Cheryn Netz Stacy Parker Shapard Pryor Sharon Ratliff Beverly Ray Mark Ray Laura Roberts David Ross Rebecca Sandefur Heidi Sanford Deborah Schwartz Jody Simoox Andrew Sippel Jennifer Smith Orma Smith Arthur Spratlin Timothy Starnes Kay Summers Susan Sumner Scott Sweeden Wyndie Sweetser Crystal Tate Dawn Taylor Barrett Teller Timothy Threadgill Mark Ursri Robert Wade David Wallace Cynthia Ward Robert Westley Darrin Westfaul Sally Wilburn Jenna Wilder Thomas Woo William Woolen Amy Wright 4 f F - - - , OBHl President: Art J. Cox III Vice President: Tim Threadgill Secretary: Lee Bigham Treasurer: Scott Stricklin Editor: Susan Sumner Historian: Maelyse McElwain Earl E. Adams Lynn Adams Suzanne Z. Adams Nicole R. Ainsworth Tracy Baggett Kathrine Delene Barrett Megan M. Batson Rebecca Ann Beard Louis Wilson Benton Virgil Lee Bigham IV Jason Henderson Bouldin Dolan Doran Bugg Angela Lynn Burkardt Molly Ann Byrnes Dawn Denise Calhoun Christopher Scott Cardone Jorge Castilla Tommy Childs Amy Michelle Coates Christy Leigh Cole Artemus Jinnlngs Cox III Vera Don Cranford E. Maurice Cummings Willis N. Dabbs W. Edwin Dawkins, Jr. Hampton Dogan Dye Phillip Brady Garrett Catherine Leah Gaudet Beatrice Renee Gentry Kathryn Russell Gilchrist Jefferson Davis Gilder Stacy Lyn Grantland Mike Gray Jack Scott Woodward Gun David Albert Guyton Randy Lane Henry James Michael Herrington Maria Renita Holcomb Sondra Hyde Holman Kathleen Bird Hooker Ashley Anne Hopkins Denise Howard Michelle J. Hyver Stephen Seonbin Im Carol Jane Ingraham Cassie L. Jacob Joel Marshall Kaye Pamela Joanne Kloha Cecilia Campbell Klotz Gerald F. Kuchenmeister, Sr. Barbara Leigh Lamb Mary E. Langenbacker Charles Raymond Law Gary Lee J. Randal Leister Sharon Geraldine Liat Jean Lucinda Loftin Joseph Edward Joiner Love Doreen Mah Sarah Elizabeth Mallory Jonathan Hurt Massey Ricky Matkins Gloria Maelyse McElwain Robert C. McEwan III Stephanie Paige McGee Jennifer Lee McGehee Gena Malene Milliken Robert Douglas Mims Helen Crisler Moffat Mary Shannon Moore Walter Kirk Mullms Laura Marie Murray Thomas Scott Neal Helene Melissa Palmer Jeffery Glen Parker Stacy Lynn Parker Jennifer L. Pressley Sharon Elizabeth Ratliff Beverly Ann Ray Mark Andrew Ray Anthony P. Reynolds James Alton Robbins, Jr. Laura Leigh Roberts David M. Ross Randall B. Rowell Heidi Leigh Sanford Debbie Schwartz Joseph Speed Simcox III Drew Sippel Arthur D. Spratlin, Jr. Timothy Carr Starnes Scott Greer Stricklin Kay L. Summers Susan Neal Sumner Scott Sweeden Crystal Lane Tate Dawn Renee Taylor Barrett Blake Teller Timothy Meade Threadgill Horace A. Tilghman Rosanne Noble Turner Mark Stanley Ursic Robert B. Wade Denise Walsh Robert Wesley Sally Ross Wilburn Jeana Elizabeth Wilder Thomas L. Woo William Hylard Wooten III Amelia Jo Wright Daphne Renefe Young Orma R. Smith III Phi Kappa Phi is the highest scholastic honorary a student may receive at the University of Mississippi. The primary object of the honor society is to recognize and encourage superior scholarship in all academic disciplines. To be elected to membership, an undergraduate student must | be a senior or second semester junior exhibiting high standards of scholarship and character. Graduate students must have | distinguished records placing them among the most able in their classes. Election of faculty denotes a significant contribution to their field. 0. Finley Graves Lee N. Bolen Brenda J. West Johnny Brock James Rieves McAuley Jennifer Clare Shores Melinda Kay Waller Carrie B. Henderson Krista H. Vernon John R. Bradley Thomas R. Sharpe Charles E. Smith President President Elect Vice-President Honor Vice President Honor Vice-President Honor Vice-President Honor Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Executive Committee Executive Committee Executive Committee College of Liberal Arts Jerry Aderholt, Jr. Nick Earl Alexander Jeff Douglas Almand Nathan W. Baldwin Sallie Evelyn Brown Melissa Charbonneau Cindy L. Crist James McDougall Cross Lisa Anne Davis James B. Egger, Jr. Cynthia Lynn Geary Alison Denise Home Lawrence Jeffery Hubacek Arthur Eugene Huggins, Jr. Richard Hutchinson, Jr. Mark Vincent Johnson Tammy S. Little Walter McArthur Stephen Murray Neal Charles L. Quarles Michael Thomas Robinson Michele Hope Smith Elizabeth Stephens Sarah Lois Strebeck David F. Taylor Amy Karen Thomason Tara Ann Tomlin Susan R. Vaught Tatjana Monika Adams Chris William Akins Mary Jo Alinder Gina Lynn Bardwell Mellie Marie Billingsley Daniel Lee Butcher Christy Lane Colbert Wendi Suanne DeFrank Delia Jeanne Dumbaugh Thomas M. Dye IV Parker Lee Ellison William Walker Evans Lisa K. Hughes Marsha Danell Jackson Lea Anne King Stuart Glenn Kruger Lisa Marie Main Robert H. Lucas James Rieves McAuley Dorothy Ellen Miller James Love Moore, Jr. Helen Elliott Morgan Kimberly Seamster Morrow Richard Hyland Phillips David Michael Rose William D. Sanford, Jr. Jennifer Clare Shores Michael K. Smith Anthony Dominic Terracina Susan Marie VanZandt John Gardner West Sandra Gail Wilkinson Mamie Dunn Williams Alexander H. Young School of Business Administration Edward D. Bell Choo Sip Fong Robert E. Ferguson Susan McElroy Fraysier Elise Kilpatrick Stephanie Chia Lee Luan Suzanne Maxcy Judith Ellen Spear Richard W. Wackerfuss Keng Beng Yeo Carolyn DeAnn Boutwell Schuyler Jackson Braddock Wang Eng Chin Eric Arnold Cimon Weng Onn Lau Robert H. M. Rhea Zachary Hoyt Richards School of Accountancy Jeffrey Todd Campbell Donna Karen Stepp Patricia A. Thomasson Marianne Bradford Janet Watson Collins Angela Dawn Cook Edgar Troy Haase Bradford Lee Henry Reed B. Ingram Lori Ann Johnson H. L. Linda Li Teresa Fay Peters Jay LaNelle Tutor Linda Carol White Michael Kevin White Robyn Mia Young School of Education Judy Coleman Lynn Hansen Frees Penny Frances Mock Jennifer Rogers Phillips Margaret Mary Nash Schove Debra Jean Taylor Mary Elizabeth Childers Sherie Marie Hendricks Carolyn Kim Moore Susan Marie O ' Byrne Mary Jane Rhodes Deborah Burlison Stafford Barbara Ann Tutor School of Pharmacy Dolly Mah Carol Parker Cheryl Linder Lybb Wing School of Law Mary Elizabeth Byrd James Martin McGrew J. Lee Woodruff Ronald D. Collins Hal Scot Spragins School of Engineering Graduate School Nathan Jay Cope Tan Lui Choo Philip J. deVeer James A. Gerald Faris F. Hatab Linda Gayle Henderson Jeffrey Lynn Knott Eric Wilder McNeil Chandra Nath Prsad Alan Kirk Stewart Robert Todd Ward Johnny Brock Charles Carnathan David Alan Dykes Sandra K. Kilburn Choon Kee Lim Kimberly Ann Murphy John Parham Murrill Phillip Carl Reese Thomas Farrell Riley Kimberly H. Russell Marlin Ray Smith Paula Bryant Donna Whigham Ehrie Lynn J. House Kathy Morris Murray Shahrokh A. Naieni Jerry S. Pierce Glenda Roby Segars Donna Elaine Smith Frank G. Stanley Linda Hampton Wesson Tsuei-Chi Yeh Gregory B. Blackburn Susan Gail Curry Michele T. Lane Howie Elizabeth M. Montgomery Krishna Naishadham Deborah Lee Pope Faculty and Staff Michael de L. Landon Mary Carolyn Ellis Mahmoud A. ElSohly Robert J.Beebe I IK 1 1 II II froni Row: Reed Ingram President, Lori Stockstill Vice- President. Second Row: Cindy Martin, Clyde Nelson, Stacey Fortenberry, Art Higgins, Marianne Bradford, Mark Craig. Third Row: Jeff Knott, Keith Fischer, Jo Wong, Lori Johnson, Robin Young, Jeff Almand. Fourth Row: Nancy Sue Morton, Miranda Beard, Joyce Wong, Nancy Chien, Ron Pierce. Back Row: David Watson, Scott Galloway, Rob Russell, Alex Young, Joe Phillips, Marisa Tate. Marianne Bradford Nancy Chien Michael Crook Mary Dixon Cindy Martin Melanie Maxcy Clyde Nelson James Owen Marissa Tate Michael White Jo Wong Alexander Young Dr. Wallace Guess Mr. Rufus Jones Dr. Robert Khayat Dr. Edwin Meek Dr. Donald Moak Dr. Franklin Moak Dr. Carl Nabors Dr. Kenneth Wooten Mr. H. E. Peery Dr. James V. Jones Dr. James Davis Dr. Cabel Shull Dr. R. Gerald Turner Dr. Tom Meredith Thomas Reardon Dr. Dale Abadie Dr. Guthrie Abbott Dr. Frank Anderson Dr. Gordon Beasley Dr. Karl Brenkert Dr. Bela Chain Dr. William Champion Dr. Robert Ellis Dr. Thomas Ethridge Mr. Jake Gibbs Mr. William Gottshall Dr. Vaughn Grisham Dr. Rex Cottle Dr. Morris Marx Jeff Almand Deann Boutwell Hal Cato Scott Galloway Nancy Morton Loro Johnson Mark Johnson Joe Phillips Ronn Pierce Robert Rhea Alicia Sanders David Walker Jeffery Knott Robyn Young Mr. Mike Edmonds Ms. Liz Ferguson Tony Farese Robert Hill Kimberly Hogan James Knight Harvy Wright Joyce Wong Stuart Kruger Richard Maxwell Reed Ingram Cal Mayo Mary Alinder Mark Craig Bubba Dickerson Anna Emmons Elizabeth Hays Winter Hodges Arthur Huggins Kenneth McKay Stacey Fortenberry Janet McMurtray Drew Murphy Wesley Peters Jojn Sherman Gary Smith Robert Starnes Deborah Kloha Ellen Miller Lori Stockstill Miranda Beard The Greek Century was founded at the University of Mississippi in April of 1985. After the chapter of Order of Omega dissolved, the fraternity leaders across our campus searched for an organization to honor those who had accomplished great works within their own fraternal group as well as in campus activities. With the assistance of Mr. Reardon, Greek Century was formed to recognize the top one hundred greek men at Ole Miss. The Greek Century strives to select those men who exemplify the epitome of scholarship, leadership and fraternal character. The Greek Century is primarily a service organization, but does have strong social tendancies. The members must have a 2.75 grade point average and at least junior classification. Though the Greek Century is a new society on campus, all indications point to a strong future for this greek honorary. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Social Chair. Rituals Chair. Publicity Chair. Keeper of the Gate Cal Mayo Bob Wilkerson Henry Michel David Walker Phillip Clegg Bill Thomas Hank McKay Mark Craig Richard Redmont George Thomas Bob Wilkerson Ross Pepper Henry Michel Stephen Howell Henry Barbour Johnny Simpson Gary Morgan David Walker Rob Rhea Kevin White David Scott Moore Charles Ricketts James Sullivan Bill Thomas John Burns Kevin Smith Clinton Taylor Jim Hussey Lee Shaffer Gregg Carraway Hugh Warren Claude McRoberts Frank Pierce Mark Johnson David Bassinger Art Huggins Jim Owen Bubba Dickerson Tom Kellum Tim Climer Cal Mayo Andy Phillips Phillip Clegg Bob Buckly Greg Burke Michael Reece Ricky Fava Kevin Holman Tim Webb Reed Ingram Rodger Aldridge Hank McKay Ricky Wackerfuss Keith Fisher Mark Craig John DeVeer Hogan Tapp Mike Harwell Ben Silliman Michael Crook Winter Hodges Rick Thompson Billy Brewer David Smith Steven Snipes Patrick Bowers John Raulston Rich Phillips Jeff Almand Trey Antwine Chris Bailey John Beard Hal Cato Bryan Clay Richard Dent Carlos Escalante Reid Fletcher Willie Gagle Scott Galloway Clay Hays Jeff Hubacek Henry Huffman Robert Jackson Dan Jordan Greg Kemp Jeff Knott Lee Parks Joe Phillips Greg Piner Greg Portera Scotty Scott John Sowell Chris Tilton Adam Webster Bobby Woods Beta Gamma Sigma is a national scholastic honor society in the field of business and administration. Beta Gamma Sigma chapters may be chartered only in those schools of business and accountancy by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business. The University of Mississippi chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma was chartered in 1944. To be eligible for Beta Gamma Sigma membership, students must rank in the top five percent of the junior class, the top ten percent of the senior class, or in the top twenty percent of those receiving master ' s degrees. The purpose of Beta Gamma Sigma are to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment among students of business administration, to promote the advancement of education in the art and science of business, and to foster integrity in the conduct of business operations. William Ellet Allen Ann S. Benson Carolyn DeAnn Boutwell Anthony Scott Bunch Sharon Lee Burks Cynthia Bush Cannon Angela Dawn Cook Michael Lee Crook Melissa Ruth Darnell Deborah Lynn Deleeuw William Jarrett Faulkner, Jr. Robert E. Ferguson Acott Alan Fields Stacy L. Fortenberry Curtis J. Gabardi Scott Robert Gill E. Troy Haase Winter Wren Hodges Gragory Patrick Husnick Lori Ann Johnson Hon Ling Linda Li Weng Onn Lau James Cal Mayo, Jr. Esther Margaret Magee Cindy C. Martin Suzanne Maxcy Ronn Pierce Yvonne Cundiff Parrish Bruce Harper Prather Robert H. M. Rhea Zachary Hoyt Richards Kimberly Jill Sanders John Stewart Simpson Judith Ellen Spear Sloan Stribling George R. Thomas Particia A. Thomasson Joy L. Tutor Richard Wackerfuss Michael Kevin White Jo Valencia Wong Robyn Mia Young Moira Kristen Zemann Portia L. Zerilla 4 TAU BETA PI David M. Wan C. Davis Robe r As the Pre-medical Honor Society, one of the main functions of Alpha Epsilon Delta is to encourage and recognize publicly outstanding scholastic achievements among premedical and predental students. The selection of all worthy candidates and the election, initiation, registration and public recognition of new members and the stimulation of others to strive for such recognition is an important activity for the chapter. Thus, a major responsibility of the chapter president and the faculty advisor is to see that every qualified student is considered for membership as soon as possible. President Damon Moore Vice-President Marsha Jackson Secretary Terry McMillian Treasurer JeffAlmand Activities Chair Mark Johnson Reporter Jennifer Shores Historian Don Sanders Faculty Advisor Dr. Hugh Bateman Greg Addertiolt Patrick Andy Nathan Baldwin Michael Ross Barlowe Thomas A. Bates Keith Boden Patrick Bowers Bob Buckley Elizabeth Caldwel Nancy Chien Ted Collins Terry Colotta Mark H Craig James M. Cross Joseph Scott Davis Wendi DeFrank Parker Ellison William W. Evans Barry Fioranelli James Keith Fisher Derry Garner Leslie Reid Fletcher Derry Garner Kelvin Hamner Betsy Herrington Alison Denise Home Jeff Hubacek Jeff Hudson Henry T. Huffman Arthur E. Huggins, Jr. Greg Kemp Mark E. Ladner Brett Lampton Irvin L. Martin III James A. Martin James A. McAuley Andrea McLure Robin Nations Darrell Nesmith William L. Nester Leon Parks Joseph P. Phillips Rob Pickering William F. Pierce Chandra Nath Prasad Mike Robertson Robin Robinson David Michael Rose Larry Anthony Sims Jerold B. Sit Michael Kevin Smith Susan Sulliva n Clint Taylor Edith Warren Joanna M. Watson Ken Whittington D. Lynn Wing SlexanderH. Young Harold M. Artwine II John W. Barrett Melissa Beavers Charles W. Beene, Jr. David Bell Virgil Lee Bingham Donna C. Bowen Ann Bnggs John Bums Dorthy Clapp Kimberly Collins Art Cox SheliaCrowley Jacque Dean David A. Deneka Robert Alan Desantis Ginger Dickerson Tracy Duncan Andrew Fairley Juliette Fero Rickey Flechas Tina Foley Elizabeth Forester Frank Fortenberry Terry Fratesi Phillip Garret) Valerie Gordon Robert Gramling III Brooks Gray Jeffery Green Greg Hale Michael Hand William Haney Michael Harthcock Phillip Hayman Kellie Haynes James Hays, Jr. James Herrington John Hill Paul Hill John Holman Sam Howell Nancy Horton Joanna Hu Stephen Hudson Joy Huggins Stephen Im Carol Ingraham Lisa Jones Maria Jones John Kakales Thomas Kellum Henry Koon Deidre Krecker Mikela Kwan Monty Lang Bryan Lantrip Jeffery Laseter Scott Leary Darrell Lee Leigh Leslie Sarah Liddy Charles Lmton Linda Livingston Joseph Love Kelly Lucas Robert Lucus Jonathan Massey Julia Mayfield Bob McEwan Cooper Mclntosh Henry McKay III Joe Mitchell David Moore James Moore Kirk Mullins Sandra Obermire Jeffery Parker Mitchell Parker William Parrish Wilson Parry James Pickens Stephen Portera Micheal Pullen Mark Pun is Jeffery Rapp Kenneth Ray Thomas Rayburn Jamie Reed Land Refroe Robert Rhea Zachary Richards Samuel Rickman Paul Riser James Robbins Laura Roberts Prabhati Sahu Will Sistrunk Steven Slade Jennifer Smith P. Nelson Smith. Jr. Scott Smith Keith Steiner Robert Steinreide Scott Sweeden Suzanne Swords Chris Tate Anna Taylor Martin Taylor William Thomas, Jr. Horace Tilghman Jerry Vaughan, Jr. David Waddell Robert Wesley William Woolen The objective of the Alpha Theta Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and give due recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the field of accountancy at the University of Mississippi. To be elected to membership, a student must have an overall grade-point average of 3.0 and 3.0 in accounting. President: Clyde Nelson First Vice President: Robyn Young Second Vice President: Bryan McDonald Treasurer: Kevin White Corresponding Secretary: Cindy Martin Recording Secretary: Dawn Cook Faculty Vice President: Dr. Homer Burkett William Ellett Allen Amy Lou Aycock Julia Brooks Bell Marianne Bradford Belinda Branch Anthony Scott Bunch Kimberly Joyce Caldwell Robert H. Carstens Leslie Lee Carter Thomas Sidney Chain Angela Dawn Cook Melissa Ruth Darnell Deborah Lynn Deleeuw Carol L. Downs Stephen Lee Earnest William J. Faulkner, Jr. Scott Fields Stacy Leigh Fortenberry Scott R. Gill Edgar Troy Haase Mary Ann Ham ' s Gregory Joe Harville Melinda Neely Hendrix Sharon Alane Huskey Nancy Margaret Imre Reed Burroughs Ingram Lori Ann Johnson Sue B. Johnson Kris Tina Jones John Arthur Lewis Katherme Ruth Liebau Eric Everett Lindstrom Robert Lynn Livingston Sharon Kay Lum Cindy Carol Martin James Cat Mayo Bryan C. McDonald Peter Thomas McDowell Tammy Jo Monroe Clyde Josephine Nelson John Christopher Raulston Richard Lewis Redmont III Jeremiah Lee Regan Catherine Victoria Robilio Theresa Ann Ross John Michael Sherman John Burton Spencer III Donna K. Stepp Michael Trent Stillman William Bruce Swain Bettina Gaines Thomas Patricia Ann Thomasson Suzanne Marie Thompson Jill Lorie Thrift Joseph Edwin Vamer David Michael Walker Douglas Bradley Walsh Julie Lane Warner Wells Talbot Watson Adam Read Webster Linda Carol White Michael Kevin White Mary H.Williams Jo Valencia Wong Robyn Mia Young Moira Kristen Zeman VI I Chi Epsilon is a national honor society for Civil Engineering students. The objectives of the Ole Miss Chapter are to maintain and promote the status of Civil Engineering as an ideal profession at the University of Mississippi, to bestow honor upon civil engineering juniors, seniors and graduate students who have demonstrated exceptional scholarship and to develop the qualities of the chapter, practicality and sociability in each member of the chapter. In order to carry out these objectives the chapter provides a number of services such as organizing an EIT review course, providing free tutoring to other civil engineering students, writing an annual alumni newsletter, setting up displays and projects for Career Day and assisting in Engineering High School programs such as TEAMS and MATHCOUNTS. To foster sociability, members participate in pizza parties, bowling outings and a spring picnic. In the spring of 1986 a contingent of Ole Miss members will travel to Michigan State University to participate in the Chi Epsilon National Conclave. Members: Imad Abu-Asheh Raymond Brown (Marshall) Daniel Bruchman (Secretary) William Chaffe (President) Poon-Hoo Chan Toney Cunnins (Editor) Bryon Dixon (Treasurer) Timothy Graham James Sullivan Graduate Students: Adnan Basma Shakir Hussain Ali Khatami (Vice President) Ahmad Nemati Chong Seng Ng Jeff Rish Chia-Chun Wu New Initiates: Charles Carnathan Kamal Chanouha Kwai Cheng Steven Estock Robert Jenkins Lee Evans Tidwell Sam Waggoner Kent Howell Faculty: Dr. Abdulrahman Dr. Deleeuw (advisor) Dr. Gordji Dr. Prasad Dr. Stead Trustees: Charles Bidwood Jimmy Howell Tracy Lusk A. R. Robinson John White Chapter Honor Members: Francis Hall (1985) Paul Teng (1985) Charles Bidwood (1984) Roy Evans (1983) George Kimmons (1982) A. J.Rogers (1981) BurnellGustufson(1980) George Tomilson (1980) James Quin (1979) Henry Brevard (1979) John White (1978) Cliff Worsham (1978) James Guy (1977) Ben Collier (1956) Howard Fur (1952) Tom Stallworth (1950) Fred Kellog (1948) William Dickerson (1938) Lee Johnson (1938) Alfred Hume (1938) Alton Taylor (1938) amma Beta Phi WM The Gamma Beta Phi Society is a national honor and service organization. Its objectives are to recognize and encourage excellence in education, to promote the development of leadership ability and character in its members, and to foster, disseminate, and improve education through appropriate service projects. To be eligible for membership, a student must have completed 12 hours of college work and have a scholastic ranking within the top 20% of his class. President: Deborah Cook Vice Pres.: Nancy Chien Secretary: Tina Thomas Treasurer: Clay Hays Point Secretary: Michael Rose Advisor: Dr. William E. Smith SECTION EDITOR: RICHEY ROBERTS Ole Miss Staff: Back Row: Steve Davis, Business Manager, Hal Cato, Assistant Editor, Jim Duckworth, Sports Copywriter. Fourth Row: Jennifer Day, David Griffith, Ric Lindstrom. Third Row: Bob Herring, Sports Editor, William Brown, Art Huggins Head Photographer, Patty Carroll, Patty Jeffcoat. Second Row: Kevin Allen Assistant Sports Editor, PriscillaYarbrough, Secretary, Cheryn Netz, Features Editor, Rob Ferguson. Front Row: Rosanne Turner, Honors Editor, Peggy Williams, Kathy Kellerman. Not Pictured: Debbie Schmidt, Poppy Pruett, Classes Editor, Richey Roberts, Organizations Editor, Maria Holcomb, Cindy Ward, Greeks Editor, Joy Huggins, Special Events Editor, Keith Gadd, Holly Horton, Katie Gilchrist, Cathy Boswell, Jeff Mann, Lisa Bowers, CeCe Chatfield, Susan Probst, Valerie Gordon. THE 1986 OLE Ml 126 Front Row: Priscilla Yarbrough, Secretary, Mallory Draughon, Editor. Back Row: Hal Cato, Assistant Editor, Steve Davis, Business Manager. 127 I i r Back Row: Ross Pepper, Winter Hodges. Front: Marisa Tate, Reed Ingram. 128 WINTER HODGES PRESIDENT ROSS PEPPER VICE-PRESIDENT REED INGRAM TREASURER MARISA TATE SECRETARY ED STUDENT BODY 129 Alice Aufdenburg Mike Baxter Jodie Barringer Ben Bolton Robin Bounds John Bragorgos Colleen Coffield Tom Coleman Dee Davis Robert DeSantis Ron Dickerson Wayne Dickerson Derrell Doss John Arthur Eaves Trey Eubanks Francesca Gothie Mike Grantham Charles Griffin Sandy Holman Sam Kelly Pam Kloha Patrick McDpwell Layne McGuire Adele McLain Marty Merritt Margaret Moore Senate Pro Tern David Owens Greg Pearce Perry Phillips Catherine Robilio Robin Rorie Philip Rushing Jeanette Sanfilippo Chuck Smith David Smith James Smith Kristie Smith Valerie Sobol Russ Spengler Brian Staley Susan Sullivan Clifton Van Cleave Tacey Viegas Steve Waldrup Sarah Wallace Jill Wantling Charles Webster Jay Westfaul Charlotte White Marlin Womack SEN 130 131 MISSISSIPPI GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS Scott Fray Vice Chairman John Arthur Eaves Chairman Kavan Breazeale Vice Chairman Bill Wooten Hamp Dye Bella Leonard Channon Fox Malinda Prather Jan Bailey .Sidney Kellett James J. Clark Rob Fitzgerald Steve Burkes Garner Newton Scott Gunn Chris Austin Greer Houston Ann Waldi Kelly McCracken Margaret Moore Katherine Caldwell Laura York Maelyse McElwain Catherine Gaudet Ginger Carter Ben Sillman Stephen Thomas William Tate Bill Murray Tim Climer Brian Phillips Melissa Morton Angela Abraham Walt Simpson Ron Dickerson Tina Penick David A. Smith Elizabeth Prince Sylvia Jarrett Scott Lasso Kristie Echols David DeGuire Brian Staley Jeff Geutsch Rabert Narmour Tony Orman Norm Perkins Tommy Schafer Tommy Rayburn Connie Johnson Angie Davis Alden Lovelace Tony Goretski Chandler Battaile Mike Wilson Missy Draughn Greg Piner Tina Foley Scott Galloway Laura Hensley Emily Walker Vickie Spivey Joe Phillips Robin Bounds Shannon Moore Charley Bobo Alan Goodman Bill Boyd Jay Westfaul John Marquez Noel Simms Gina Cook Jennifer McGehee Mark Boutwell Dean Lester Craig Bluntson Kevin Allen Ed Coleman Kelly Ott Karen Lindley Terry Colotta Brian Young Tom Kirkpatrick Shannon Daniels Eril S. Richardson James Smith Paul Morphis Lee G. Henderson Tony Hardin Jeff Almand Tommy Olander Lee Bigham Harris Magruder Patrick Ford 132 ASB Judicial Council: Front: Lan Arnold, Lorrie Gann. Back: Jim Brun, David Watson, Chairman, Jeffrey Smink. Not Pictured: Tim Climer, Johnson R ice. HICIAL COUNCIL 133 ASB SECRET Elizabeth Knecht Beth Helsley Tracie McCurley Jean Lofton Holly Shute Michele In in Krista Agnew Tricia Tisdale Angel Lawyer Michelle Henry Sunny Childs Angela Abraham Kelly Mclaughlin Lynn Ross Karen Williamson Martha Witt Beth Lawhon Jennifer O ' Neal Kelly McCracken m Executive Secretary Janaff Back Row: Chandler Battaile, Monica Aldridge, Tuck Lee, Chris Bradford. Front Row: Larry Geiswhite, John Lowther, Nancy Morton Chairman, Jeff Smink. OLTMJSS " ' AFFAIRS COMMITTEE NS COMMISSION 7 BSU President Greg Sykes and Vice President Phyllis Keys. Not Pictured: Joan Johnson, Treasurer, Stacey Bracey, Executive Assistant. BLACK STUDEN UNION 136 Stacy Bracey. Executive Assistant, Phyllis Keys, Vice President, Greg Sykes, President and BSU Advisor, James Brown at the Fall Banquet. Head Basketball Coach Lee Hunt with BSU President Greg Sykes. " Leading the Way In the Pursuit of Visions for an Even Better Ole Miss. " With this Slogan, the Black Student Union kicked off what was to be its most exciting year ever. The BSU opened the school year by having Chancellor Turner welcome our freshmen to the university. On September 16, 1985, the organization began the month long " Free South Africa " campaign. For four weeks Ole Miss students were bombarded with information on the apartheid system of government in South Africa. Those efforts were to culminate on October 1 1 . On that day, over 100 students, faculty and members of the community marched from the Student Union to the Oxford square in protest of apartheid system of government in South Africa. Their efforts were not futile because several members of the U.S. Congress received word of the march and vowed to support economic sanctions against South Africa. Although the " Free South Africa " campaign was the BSU ' s most significant undertaking, there were a host of other activities planned such as the fall banquet and the Homecoming picnic. 137 BLACK STUDEN ant BSD President Greg Sykes presents Learning Development Center Ruby Hobbs with a Service Award at the BSD banquet. 138 II ! fe ASSOCIA FED WOMEN DENTS 1 Executive Council: Elections Director: Katie Smith Vice-Dir.: Michelle Mulder Women ' s Emphasis Director: Christy Cole Vice-Dirs.: Catherine Gaudet Jennifer Hollowell Scholarship Director: Deborah Cook Vice-Dir.: Ginger Hill Tina Foley Projects Director: Jeff Almand Vice-Dir.: Melissa McLain Rosanne Turner Minority Women ' s Concerns Director: Stacy Bracey Publicity Director: Laura Ann Smith Vice-Dir.: Lea Ashley Hospitality Director: Kelley Lucas Vice-Dir.: Leslie Ballard AWS ASB Liaison Winter Hodges Women ' s Faculty Liaison Nancy Chien News Director Hally Gremillion Donna Hill Amy Short Treasurer Portia Pride President Karmen Weatherly Vice-President Not Pictured: Cissy Poole Secretary 139 OLE MIS " THE PRIDE OF E SOUTH Drum Majors Jeff Callaway, Malissa Lambert m Section Leaders: Lynn Russell, Melissa Hewitt, Cathy Lowery, Andrea May, Lisa Cole, Will Evans, Cowan Hunter, Vickie Baker, Chris McArthur, Beth Tracy, Santiago Chapa, John Roquet, Tony DuBose, Chris Piecuch, Ramona Pearson 7 Rebeletts: Andrea May, Cathy Lowery, Melissa Hewitt, Allison Boyd, Amy Lewis, Dee Beasley, Donna Thornton, Patrica Keith, Kim Edmundson, Angelia Holloway. Lori Williams, Kelly Nornton, Saraya Klotz, Patricia Flechas, Linda Pinnix, Leigh McMullan. Judy Nave, Carolyn Boltin OLE MISS COLOR GUARD Dr. Luther Snaveley Dir. of Bands, Zachery Harris, Brad Pearson, Melanie Allen, Mark Davis Graduate Assistant, Mel Chrestman Announcer, Mr. Keith Ellis Asst. Dir. of Bands I 1 OLE MIS! C Tau Beta Sigma m i MC3SSJTT MTMGHA1 i f ' --- Ole Miss Drum Line - Feature Twirlers: Scarlette Flannigan, Dorthy Clapp n; Ml SIGMA TA NATIONAL ENGLISH HONOF Mary Jo Victoria Cooke Angela Stephanie Alinder Hope Emmons Middlebrook Russell Harry Bayne Terre Fratesi Robin Nations Stephanie John Biggs William Jeffrey Newton Sanders Merrie Bishop Galloway Melanie Ann Margot Nadine Brown John Given Parsons Segatto Robert Buckley Patricia Ellen Petrie Michael Skrien William Bush Harville Bevery Ann Kathleen Janet Byrd John Holman Ray Nigbor Robert Clark Jolene Hoots Mary Ray Smith Lisa Cole Chad Jeremiah Susan Smith Victoria Cooke Hammons Regan John Sowell Laura Howard Sally Renskers Elizabeth John Jacobson Jean Riley Stephens John Alisa Roberson John Stitt Kitchings, Jr. Conni Stock Tracey Tolleson Neely Tucker Jeffrey von Liebermann Ann Walthour Thomas West Kenneth Whatfield Lou Ann Wilkes Melony Wilson Glen Zediker 144 The Honors Program, established in 1982, coordinates special academic offerings that intensify the educational experience of the exceptional student. The Honors Program is a separate department that facilitates the arrangement of a program of studies for the superior undergraduate students enrolled in any School or College at the University of Mississippi. A rigorous curriculum has been designed to meet the educational needs of selected students, especially those planning to continue graduate studies or to enter the professionals. Student Director Christy Cole Asst. Student Director Todd Ward Secretary Marsha Jackson CENTER Matt Porter Beverly Ray John Reeves Michael Rose Sid Scott Jennifer Shores Scott Shuford Michele Smith Elizabeth Stephens Sally Strebeck Billy Taylor Lee Tyner Jay Vaughan Susan Vaught Todd Ward John Barrett Louis Benton Jason Bouldin Scott Bowen Nancy Horton Jeff Hubacek Marsha Jackson Vance James Jill Jones Jane Kersh Miki Kwan Sean Lucas Julia Mayfield Susan Mims Patty Mims Steve Morris Kimberly Murphy Joe Phillips Amanda Bowlin Dawn Calhoun Sunny Childs Christy Cole David Coon Russell Coon Art Cox Sheila Crowley Jane Emmons Julie Fero Shannon Fox Katie Gilchrist Maria Holcomb Danny Hoskins Denise Howard Stephen Hudson Michele Hyver John Kakales Beth Kammeier Stephanie Kenney Phyllis Keys Pam Kloha Mary Langenbacker Any Lewis Edward Lovelace Maelyse McElwain Ivy McPherson Jonathan Massey Richy Matkins Rob Pearson Debra Ramos Mark Ray Tony Reynolds Joe Richardson Shonda Ricks Laura Leigh Roberts Randy Rowell Don Sanders Michael Scnbner Jennifer Smith Becky Smith Timothy Stames Chris Tate Chady Tilghman Scott Weston Bob Wesley Amy Wright Clara Arnold Lewis Beard Chris Bradford Davis Brown Chris Bryant Marsha Burks Laura Burrell Jennifer Bu ssey Maggie Elliott John Grafe Frank Gray Barrett Green Ashley Grizzard Leanne Habeeb Cory Heath Laura Hensley Kim Herring Katherine Hughes Robert Hyde Jeff Johnson Jams Johnston Kelly King Angela Lawyer Jeff Lester Jeff McCaskill Stephanie McGee Layne McGuire Michael McMahan Melinda Mathews Michele Mooneyham Beth Moore Melinda Morgan Janna Munn Theresa Murphy Allison Oakes Jeff Parker Robert Pitcock Sally Renskers Loretta Rivers Paula Rodgers Muffy Sewell Amanda Shaw Kelli Simmons Emily Wagster Beth Weathers Elizabeth Wyatt Will James Jay Moore Ernie Williams Cecil Ford Sonya Mason Kandi Bowen Jason Christian Robin Bounds Catherine Acquaviva Heather Allison Laura M. Gilliland 145 Back Row: Bobby Pepper, Miles Marcus, Alan McCracken, Johnny Weathersby, Bo Bean, Rob McLeod, Billy Moak. Middle Row: Meg Moellenhoff, Renee Gammil, Susie Hoover, Bill Moore, Kim Bryant, Toni Lepeska, Rhonda Gooden, Debbie Kloha, Jane Hill, Sid Scott Front Row: Katie Smith, Beth Shaw, Karl Floyd, Tara Jennings. DAI MISSISS Daily Mississippian Editor: Debbie Kloha 146 Editors: Suzi Hoover, Syd Scott, Ronda Gooden, Jane Hill, Bobby Pepper Advertising Staff: Front Row: David Lambert, Lucy Halpin, Amanda Norton, Rodney Robinson, Business Manager. Back Row: Paige Pylate, Kathy McNeese, Alison Kernam, Gary Campbell. STUDENT PROGRAMMI 148 Front Row: Hal Cato, Associate Director, Mark Craig, Director, David Walker, Financial Director. Second Row: John Noblin, Concerts, Mario Pineda, Dixie Week, Dixie Carter, Special Events. Third Row: Lee Tyner, Special Events, Pam Kloha, Miss University Director, Priscilla Yarbrough, Dixie Week Chairman. Back Row: Mike Edmonds, Advisor. 1 149 The DM Mode ling Board is active on campus as well as off. Special events include shows for Case Co., Duvall ' s, and Neilson ' s, as well as the annual Christmas and Spring Fashion Shows. . ,. MODELIN BOARD 150 wj2 Officers: Jill Sanders, Capt.; Clifton Van Cleave, Public Relations; Mallory Draughon, Co-Captain; Elizabeth Pryor, Public Relations; Laura Murrary, Sec. Treas. MODEL NG BOARD I 4 V ft Wendy Allgood, John Beasley, Kim Chandler, Glennys Cowles, Lisa Cunningham, Traci Duke, Kim Edmundson, Allyson Hart, Angela Holloway, Sandy Holman, Scott Kramer, Ron Dickerson, Kevin Honan, Mike Grantham, Frederick Mannino, James Beard, Kirk Mullins. Kenneth Hood, Melissa Mason, Angie Howell, Cissy Klotz, Laura Murray, Tim Ozment, Leonard Pegues, Elizabeth Pryor, Elizabeth Ross, Laura Russell Holly Sallis, Jill Sanders, Clifton Van Cleave, Caroline Wansley, Karman Weatherly, Lois Lovelady, Joan Naughton. Elizabeth Wyatt, Valerie Sobol, Samantha Green, Jennifer O ' Neal, Susan Stepanian, Christine Conley, Yvonne Hutcheson, Leigh Ann Armstrong, Missy Williams, Christy Gardner, Emily Ann Lee, Van Creely, Julie Newhoff, Francesca Gothie, Melinda Burnett, Sandra Johnson, Robin Reed, Melanie Thompson, Laura Herrington, Mallory Draughon 151 Front: Chris Davis, Suzanne Adams, Earl Adams, Daivid Dykes, Thomas Murphee, Victor Hearn, Gary Hopkins. Second Row: Jay Baird, Dan Starnes, Joe White, Tad Hamilton, Laurie Buzzard. Third Row: Richard Criag, Derrick Wilson, Will Dabbs, Perry Phillips, Tim Smith, Melvin Dean. Fourth Row: Jason Hale, Kenny Garrett, Alan Futvoye, Jim Crofford, Ricky Joe Lamberth, Titus Brown, Perry Lust. Back Row: Frank Jones. " W ) i Front Row: Lieut. Col. Andrew Coffee, Betty Barren, Pat O ' Quinn, CPT Paul Hoekenga, SGM Stephen Beatty. Second Row: MAJ Joe Crossfield, Shirley Lewis, SSG Jow Roberts. Third Row: MAJ Steve Goff , SFC Bob Malonson, MSG Frank Burns, CPT Wayne Atwood. II III ; TV- r k T -, __ Front Row: John McKeown, Jim Crofford, Kenny Garrett, Dan Bobbins, Laurie Buzzard. Second Row: Roger Garner, Ricky Joe Lamberth, Tim Meredith, Derrick Wilson. Third Row: John Cunningham, Perry Lust, Melvin Dean. . Front Row: Victor Hearne, David Dykes, Tad Hamilton, Belinda Branch. Back Row: Joe White, Frank Jones, Gary Hopkins, Chris Davis. Front: Henry Michel Sec. Treas., Marianne Bradford; Hank Holman President, Dana Patterson, Gary Morgan Vice-Pres. Back: Steve Brandon, Jeff Lancaster, John Weathersby Publicity Chairman, Kathy Toler, Tammy Burney, Frank Hemeter, Esther Home, Lyn Hallaron. Not Pictured: Jerome Burt, Greg Caraway, Steele McCown, Katherine Merrell, Judson Ridgeway, Bob Wilkerson. SENIOR EXECU1 COMMI 4 3S Xx ' C : - _ _ I I . - _ Angel Flight Officers: Commander: Sandi Schmutz; Vice-Corrrm.: Jacqueline Gary; Little Major: Kathryn Staley; Administrative Officer: Helen Vaughn; Operations Officer: Edith Warren; Comptroller: Donna Bowen; Alumni: Rhonda Farrow; Public Affairs: Cindy Norman; Chaplain: Wendi DeFrank Members: Sara Boggan, Susan Bowers, Sunny Childs, Lora Colburn, Megan Duffy, Carrie Feldhaus, Beth Helsley, Lyn Hyde, Kay Lawson, Brooke Richardson, Kim Sams, Karen Scarborough, Saline Thomas, Allyson Imber ANGEL F CHERl Cherub Officers: President: Christy Crockett Operations: Lynn Ross Administration: Monica Gray Arnold Air Society Members: Front: Kim Oberkron, Scott McCart, Brian Mitchell, James Bingler, Dawn Calhoun. Back: Rob Craven, Tony Estock, Kirk Parker, Mike Murphry, Keith Duffy. Not Pictured: Randor Rice, Mike Robertson, Lori Wooley. H .D AIR SOCIETY Back Row: Jody McKuen, Leeann Pope, Chris Bailey, Joe Nathan Shelley, Robert Davidson Middle Row: Leigh Lowery, Melissa Charboneaux, Sylvia Johnson, Beth Tracey, Mario Carter, Katie Powell, Amanda Norton Front Row: Virginia Brody Instructor, Sarah McLeod, Hally Gremellion, Scott Balderson, Jerry Jones, Tracey Tolleson, Rob Gunn. Not Pictured: Jerome Trahan, Ken Habig, Rob McHugh, Chris Paine, Buddy Simmons, Don Harvey. 158 L TEL-O-MISS FOSTER-MURRY LODGE James Barksdale Tyrus McCarty Dewight Johnson President Vice President Antonio Edwards Greg Driver Jeffrey McMullen Jerry OeLoach THE! LE MISS B The BMW Club of Ole Miss was founded in 1983 when the poor man ' s luxury car, the 31 8i, was first introduced. It was then that a rash of beamers hit the Ole Miss campus, replacing the Cutlass and Regal as the Most Desirable Automobile for an Ole Miss Student. Requirements for membership are only that you own a BMW: year and make are inconse- quential. The club has no meetings and no social activities. Instead, they acknowledge one another by waving through their standard sunroofs. DIXIE CARTER MEREDITH HARTLEY NANCY WEISCHEL MARGARET PALMER AMY LEVENSON MICHAEL STILLHACK MR. WONG DAVID ADDISON HANKHOLMAN WALTON BROWN SUSIE AVERITT MARY LYNN DOODY MARY STEVENS KATHERINE BARTLETT JIMBO PEARSON MICHELLE MULVER SUSAN STRIBLING ALDEN LOVELACE DOROTHY WASHMON LAURA DYER HILLARY SHOWS COURTNEY KING MARK WOLFE JOHN PAYNE BARR BIGGS MONTY LANE CHRIS COPPIDGE CARL BROESCHE KELLY FOY BRUCE SWAIN BRENT CARTWRIGHT FRANK YERGER TREY FIFE KEVIN HERMIT MIKE MORTON ROBERT HYDE MOLLYE SMITH HARRIS LYDON TRAVIS VANCE SARAH STEWART 160 - - in Associated Accounting Student Body Cal Mayo President Scott Fields Vice President Lisa Brown Treasurer ASSOCIATED ACCO UNTING STUDENT BODY EPSILON J Back: Dan Jordan, V.P. Of Marketing; Leslie Betts, Secretary; David Williamson, Lisa Metcalfe, V.P. of Public Relations; Karan Chew; Margaret Palmer; Brad Adams. Middle: Allen May, Pledge Trainer; Carol Cianciola, President; Gina Burke, Treasurer; Jack Burrell; Scott Mclllwain; Maria Litchf ield; Mary Lawler; Jim Ogletree. Front: Don Snyder, Faculty Advisor; David Ramsey; Dana Puckett; Margaret Bair; Julia Gillespie; Susan Googe, Janet Martin. First Row: Kim Paine, Stephanie Pongetti, Tanya Palazola, Lisa Mathews, Cathrine Drane, Melissa Hood, Stephanie Verucchi, Elizabeth Farris, Katrina Edwards. Back Row: Carol Johnson, Cynthia K. Morris, Renee Martin, Helen Smith, Susan Beck, Cynthia Brumfield, Julie Apple, Ann-Porter Unlhorn, Rhonda Russell Robertson. ' t ASID student members participate in a wide range of learning experiences and stimulating programs which complement their academic training. Through the society ' s thousands of professional members, student members gain important insight into the professional aspects of interior design. Members include: Sandra Wilkinson (Pres.), Ann R. Carter (Vice Pres.), Suzanne Abraham (Sec.), Julia Boswell (Treas.), Terri Daley (Pub.), Dawn Trudeau, Kathy Freeman, Stephanie Narmour, Elaine Hensley, Susan Cox, Ann Yager, Tracy Gardner, Betsy Milward, Allison Cummins, Stacey Dickerson, Jennifer Clark, Stephanie Bailey, Sheri Parker. STUDENT HOME ECONOH SHI ASl! AMERICAN SOCIETY DESIGNE OF INTERIOR S3 :q ! Committee of 100: Front Row: Edward Lovelace; Mary Ann Fruge, Advisor; Nicole Ainsworth; Charlie Law; Rosanne Turner; Keith Power. Back Row: Kathleen Hooker; Chad Hammons; Greg Meek; Elizabeth Stephens; Louis Benton. COMMI CHUR IN CHRIS JTEE OF 100 j H OF GOD FELLOWSHIP The Church of God In Christ (COGIC) Fellowship is a religious organization organized in the Fall of 1984. It is a segment of the Church of God In Christ, Inc. Elder Edwin B. Smith is the minister of the COGIC Fellowship. The purpose of this organization is to praise God and to learn more about the Word of God. We want to inform students and others of God ' s grace and salvation. We have choir rehearsal on Mondays in the Y building at 6:00pm and have fellowship service on Tuesdays in the Y Building at 7:00pm. 163 Melinda Lindsey Peter Wood Kyle Caruthers Caroline Madden Diz Davidson Janet Martin John Beasley Helen Mansoor Brian Burrage Laurie Spell Moreland Bell President Henry Miche Burt Duvic Kirk Welch Karen Cervantes Carrie Long Patrick Collins Scott Farrar Joel Lofton Jane Featherstone Winter Hodges Richard Upshaw Robert Veazy Eliot Brown Jerome Burt Tim Guntharp Jack Lewis Darryl Davidson Nat McMullen RH GAMMA I OTA SIGMA A Gamma lota Sigma is a national collegiate insurance fraternity and is the only one in the United States. The purpose of the organization is to improve the quality of insurance education on the campuses and to serve as a liaison between the campus and the insurance industry. Mu chapter of Ole Miss was organized in 1976 and has remained active since that time. In a typical year some two dozen speakers from all segments of the insurance industry will visit the Ole Miss campus and speak to the insurance society. Mu chapter has also hosted the annual management conference for the various insurance schools around the country. Membership is available to insurance majors and those who have taken at least one insurance class. Brad Adams Jerry Black Michael Brennan Thurman Caldwell President Mary Ann Haick Sean Harrison Frank Hemeter Joel Loftin Henry Michel Anthony Morgan Zack Richards Mary Donna Rives Tara Steepleton Gregory Smith Jimmy Turner Patrum Veazy Kevin Whittington Brian Williams Joseph Terry Womble Young 164 fl Back Row: Natan Chu, John Szeto, Kin Sin, John Gee, Tommy Woo, John Yung, Glenn Joe. Front Row; Sonya Gong, Doreen Mah, Dolly Mah, Jean Woo, Judy Quon, Frances Sit, Gabriella Sang, Linda Lum AMERICA ' ASSOCIA ' -CHINESE ON 165 BOWLING CLUB KEITH DUFFY LEEELLIFF RICK ELLIOTT GREGG WALLACE JEFFFROSS JOHNANDRY BRUCE HICKS BRUCE HICKS WAYNE CLEMENTS RICK HALTEMAN ROBERT TROUT SEAN DUFFY CHARLES JOHNSON BOWLING C SOCCER C Front: Dean Turner, Steve Parker, Charles Ricketts, Patrick Lyle. Middle: Bayard Sardine, Jorge Castillo, Carter Bolt, Ken Roberts, Gus Kelley. Back: Kelly Bolin, Wilson Lyle, Phillippe Guston. V Rugby: Top: Rick White, Brown Brooks, John Gathright, Adam Brown, Fletcher Isacks, Chris Davis, Mike Norton, Patrick O ' Leary, Jim Johnson Coach. Middle: Andy Olson, Gary Evans, Eric Marble, Tim Brennan, Mike Norton, Alien Meeghan, Greg Bailey. Bottom: Buddy Fletcher, Gary Olson, T. Murphree, Brian Cox, Gator Thomas. Not Pictured: Steve Wineberg. If CLUB TRIAN CLUB Michael Cox, Captain; Mary Mac Parish; Lisa Franklin; Mark Cames, Assistant Captain; Amy Richardson; Owen Sale, Treasurer. Not Pictured: Esther Magee, Committee Chairman; David Ramsey; Chris Payne; Scott Ellison; Mary Ann Gary; R. Gray Cole, Advisor; Olivia Roland; Amy Nicoud; John Hodge; Jennifer Hemdon; Julie Andrews, Assistant Advisor. WEIGHTLI CLUB SHORTHAND REP Cam Cox President Madelyn Gray Vice President Lisa Eastridge Treasurer Amy Jones Secretary Stacy Smith Reporter Susan Yearger Historian Maggie Brown Jill Cox Deanne Craig Max Curry Jennifer Goldman Susan Lee Corinne Sanders Shelia Skaggs LuAnneWalden . ' ' w -, Robert Holley instructor Bruce Prather President Todd Wilmon Vice President Clif Bullard Treasurer Kel Canty Secretary Lavern Moody Murray Estes Robert Woods Von Wilson Jeff Ritch Brian Tucker Scott Bowen Welter Fulk Dee Davis Mimi Holland Phil Hage Wes Salamon Rich Ridgeway Bill Hart Tim Boykin Richard Skaret Richard Kraig Brad Manning David Guimbellot Vikki Cooke Joel Carriker Pete Williams KARATE I UB Baseball Brian Becker Tommy Bone Scott Chesser Robert Cole Doug Duvall Bryan Farmer J.P. Gentleman Joe Gex Kyle Gordon Rodney Mattina Mike McGowan Allen Musselwhite David Miller Chip Moreland Matt Smith Skip Wright Basketball Derek Home Todd Robinson Bruce Tranbarger Football Judd Alexander J.R. Ambrose Kent Austin Jeff Bacon Johnny Boatman Dan Boyce Joe Brewer Dean Brown Pat Brown David Caldwell John Carlton Bobby Clark Chuck Cleveland Butch Davenport Eric Denmark Bubba Dickey Jimmy Fields Mike Fitzsimmons Everett Flakes Gerald Gallick Ross Genovese Willie Goodloe Lance Hathcock Jeff Herrod Danny Hoskins Jon Howard Todd Irvin Richard Jackson Daren Johnson Lopaz Jones Steve Joyner Reed Killion Billy Lantnp Ric Lindstrom David McKinney Joe Mickles Ben Morris Howard Moss Ricky Myers Jeff Noblin Bryan Owen Mario Perry Frank Porter Michael Portis Tony Rayburn Benton Reed Todd Richtner Andree Rodgers Nubbin Ross Jay Schimmel Arthur Scott Eric Sheehan Jonathan Shelley Bill Smith Michael C. Smith Robert Smith Woody Soehn Darryl Thomas Eric Truitt Wesley Walls Jay Webb Nathan Wonsley Mark Young Golf Darren Cole Chip Sullivan Tennis Jim Duckworth Neal Stapp Doug Webber Track Vincent Aldridge Rick Barnes Earl Bridges Perry Cartlidge Melvin Dean Kermit Jackson Berry Kelley Pery Lust Troy McKoy Mark Napier Verdell Oliver Brian Pope Anthony Redditt Land Renfroe Victor Shrine Doug Smith Scott Taylor Managers Steve Home Joey Pate Jeff Robertson Mike Zullo Trainers Bobby Barlow Bill Calhoun M-CLI The Va Lettermen ' s Club President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sgt. at Arms Dan Boyce Derek Home Troy McKoy Kyle Gordon Mike Fitzsimmons EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Baseball Joe Gex Basketball Bruce Tranbarager Football Jud Alexander Football Jamie Holder Tennis Neal Stapp Track Perry Cartlidge zCRUITERS Tara Gordon Stacy Fortenberry Gloria Gunn Chelle Wilson Valerie Head Dede Dunlap Suzanne Ray Melisa Mason Brenda Carter Marilyn Barnes Mary Margart Mitchell Susan Sullivan Melanie Dahlem Kim Gritting Ann Allen Monique Adams Barbara Richardson Shelby Pederson Alether Webster Norma Conrad May Lowe Beatrice Gentry Kim White Elizabeth Winston Stacey Bracey Maggie Abraham Suzanne Abraham Suzanne Prince Rhonda Marsalis Kay Sneed Yanna Pounders Kent fiasco Mary Irby Wendy Allgood Stephani Kenney Julie Luedke Nadine Dunlap Katherine Merrell Alison Davis Gena Milliken Kelly Ott Amy Guthrie Bridget Jones Angela Middlebrook Mary Blair Ann Pierce Nicole Ainsworth Debbie Swartz Paulette Butler Angela Oliver Becky Nuckolls 171 (I FINANCIER 172 Ricky Wackerfuss, President Dr. Moak, Sponsor 173 President Peter McDowell Senior Vice President Lisa Fortenberry V.P. Pledge Education James Gordon V.P. Professional Activities Trey Quon V.P. Chapter Operations Donna Smithers Treasurer William Faulkner Secretary Jo Wong Chancellor Lisa Brown Historian Julia Mosby Deltasig Correspondent Mozella Brown Faculty Advisors Dr. Frank Wiebe Mrs. Diane Pearson vWHCTtt i ' ' . If DELTA SIG Delta Sigma Pi founded in 1907 at New York University, is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities, to encourage scholarship and social activity and to promote a closer affiliation between students and the business world. Founded in 1927 and boasting one of the largest alumni rolls of any chapter in the fraternity, the Alpha Phi chapter at the University of Mississippi is dedicated to the goals of professional education and service. Membership is composed of business and accountancy students elected by the chapter at the beginning of each semester. During the year, members ' educational experiences are enriched by a variety of professional programs, service projects, leadership opportunities and social activities. Peter McDowell Lisa Brown Mozella Brown Cynthia Gin Sonya Gong Julia Mosby William Faulkner Scott Fields Susan Googe Alish Jones Suzanne Maxcy Chris Raulston Belinda Reed Belinda Sims Eve Allen Pam Burge Steve Davis Jane Day Terri Dorsey Neal Draper Caroline Fells Rob Ferguson Fatime Fisher James Gordon Laura Haynes Dawn Henderson Nancy Imre Melanie Johnson Dean Lester Mike Maramon Tim Mask David Murphy Leah Nabors Alice Robertson Bob Tatum Bettina Thomas Tina Walden Jo Wong Moira Zemann Jennifer lukster Mitch Adcock Lisa Fortenberry Jeanette Fuller Scott Gill Anthony Harper Bryan McDonald Cassandra Pantlow Trey Quon Donna Smithers Maggie Abraham Greg Alston Dawn Archer 174 WIURAL OFFICIALS Back Row: Eric Truitt, Tommy Olander, Andrew Endres, Chris Svehlak, Brad Biddy. Front Row: Rankin Fowlkes, Von Wilson, David Bee, Fred Johnson. 175 ADVERTISIN Back Row: Sandy Ranier President, Allen Homra, John Sullivan V.P. of Membership, Deidrie Mitchell V.P. of Programs. Middle Row: Maria Litchfield Recording Secretary, Patrum Veazy Public Relations, Ron Marshall Speaker, Charles Treas Advisor. Middle Row: Mike Smith, Esther Magee, Kisa Watson, John Ivy. Front Row: Allison Barkley, Peter Straw, Jim Ogletree, Caise Thomas, Nancy Leight Moore. 176 Officers: Sandy Rainer President John Sullivan Vice President Membership Dedrie Mitchell Vice President Programs Maria Litchf ield Recording Secretary Patrum Veazy Public Relations Mary Virginia Wilson Treasurer Board of Directors: Mike Harwell President Henry Michel Vice President Elizabeth Stevens Sec. Treas. Susan James Public Relations Renea Welch Assistant to Advisor Jimmy Allen Kevin Allen Sallie Brumhauer Jennifer Belk Steve Braden Wayne Dickerson Hope Emmons Shannon Fox Keith Gadd Jonathan Graham Clay Hays Bubba Hopson Missy Lambert Anne Leigh McGaha Rachel Paris Laura Ann Smith THF UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI LOWS Henry Michel, President; Susan James, Public Relations Chairman; Renea Welch, Special Assistant to the Advisor; Elizabeth Stephens, Secretary Treasurer. Not Pictured: Harwell, President. Engineering Student Body: Daniel Gilmer, Will Dabbs, Marlin Smith, Kristie Smith, David Dykes, Lynda MacNaughton ENGINE STUDEN1 ETili The Engineering Student Body (ESB) represents all students in the school of engineering. The executive council elected by the students organize ESB activities such as " E " Day and special guest presentations from the various engineering disciplines. In addition, the ESB is in charge of the publication of the " Ole Miss Engineer " and the appointment of the Engineering Honor Council. Offices are: Pres., Pat Murphy; Vice-Pres., Wayne Dickerson; Treas., Victor Caballero; Executive Council: Mark Harrison, Murray Therrell, Cynthia Erwin, Randy Dingledine. 180 Engineering Student Body: Back: Murrary Therrell, Jim dimmer (faculty advisor), David Dykes, Mark Harrison. Front: Cynthia Erwin, Patrick Murphry (President), Victor Caballero. 181 Ole Miss Ambassadors: Ed Coleman, Chairman; Kelly McCracken, Corresponding Vice-Pres.; Peggy McKie, Telecommunications; Scott Weston, Campus Programs; Debbie Schwartz, Tours; Stephanie Russell, Secretary; Pam Kolha, Publicity. OLE M AM BASS 182 Ambassdors: Kevin Allen Michael Barlow Sallie Baumhauer Chandler Battaile Louis Benton Charley Bobo Donna Bower Lisa Brown Barbara Burkett Nancy Chien Rob Clark Ed Coleman Art Cox Dee Davis Scott DeGroot John Eaves Jane Emmons Nina Evans Margie Ford Katie Gilchrist Samatha Green Scott Gunn Harriet Hale Lyn Hallaron Nancy Horton Judy Hubbard Sylvia Jarrett Lonnie Johnson Greg Kemp Stephanie Kenney Pam Kolha Rella Leonard Dean Lester Kathryn Lindamood Peggie McKie Melissa McLain Kelly Page Norm Perkins Matt Porter Candis Pylate Stephanie Russell Debbie Schwartz Denise Sease Travis Vance William West Scott Weston Bryan Young Ken Ray Bill Woolen Monica Willars Jill Yarbrough Angela Abraham Charmine Anderson Robin Bounds Stacy Jo Carlson Vivian Col lins Bill Dabney Richard Devine Bitsie Hillery Kim Jacobs Jeff Jaynes Maria Martin Jay Mayfield Tara Magee Alan Melichar Allison Dales Joe Russell Tommy Schafer Clai Selden Leigh Shepard Kelli Simmons Laura Rae Anderson Lee Bigham Merribeth Bowles BillBoyd Chris Bradford Billy Brewer Christis Bilbro Beth Brenner Anne Buntin Susan Burress Cheryl Burton Tami Chambers Shannon Chandler Christy Cole Cathy Cook Bill Cox Van Creeley Jeannie Deberry Lea Deterly Ron Dickerson Yvonne Durity Rob Fitzgerald Lane Flynn Tommy Funk Valerie Gordon Julie Granger Michael Grantham Marsha Harris Michael Head Blake Hennmgton Sandy Holman Kimberly Holmes Jennifer Inkster Joseph Johnston Karen Kearney Scott Lasso Nancy McGee Rose Ann Mattina Maelyse McElwain Dava Mealer Stephen Oakes Carl Powell Pepper Pounds Rebecca Puckett Eris Richardson Lauren Sampietro Benny Scales Amanda Shaw David Smith James Smith Kristie Smith Laura Ann Smith Brian Staley Nancy Sumner Colette Taylor Elizabeth Thurman Laura Van Buren Emily Wagster Donna Wells Charlsey Wise 183 Melanie Austin Paul Autry Mary Bartley Linda Blackstock Key Blair Chris Bolton Robin Bounds Rushelle Bowles Tim Boykin Courtney Brock Sturat Brunson Clyde Brown Susan Burress Stacy Jo Carlson Abel Champion Tom Coleman II Pam Dees Deanna Denley Lori Dennis Michael Dennis Marsha Dickerson Amy Dowe Kristie Echols Chrissy Ehrlicher Ray Garrett John Grafe, Jr. Karen Hall George Hammitt Martin Harvey Allyson Heflin Blake Hennington Kim Herring Rich Hill Bitsie Hillery Tracu Hines Kim Holmes Melissa Horton Jeff Jaynes Claire Johnson Kim Kilpatrick Leanne King Cleve Langston Kay Lawson Chet Lott Sonya Mason Alan McCracken Adele McLain Jennifer Misskelley Mary Carol Moore Vanessa Morgan Nancy Nations Garner Newton Mark Norton Tina Penick Carl Powell Kelley Powell Steve Quarles Jay Reed II Erik Richardson Mickie Robinson Muffy Sewell Cathy Simpson Alissa Smith Ronnie Solberg Brian Staley Nancy Sumner Mary Margaret Swayze Collette Taylor Trica Tisdale Bill Turner, Jr. Elise Wade Robin Williams Sandy Williams Chandra Willis Denise Yates CHANCELLfi LEADERSHIP 184 PHI BE A LAMBDA Phi Beta Lambda, a post-secondary division of FBLA-PBL, Inc., is made up of students pursuing careers in business. With more than 210,000 active members in over 10,000 chartered chapters throughout the United States and its territories, its purpose is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship. At the same time, business students are motivated and assisted in developing career competencies, potential, and confidence. The Gamma Tau chapter at the University of Mississippi currently boasts two state chapter officers and six first place winners in 1985 International Business Competition. Pres. Donna Stepp, VP Michael Sullivan, VP David Hensen, Treas. La Ne Graham, Rec. Sec. Vicki Michael, Corr. Sec. Sylvia Jarrett, Repor ter Chip Gordan, Parliamentarian Angela Herrington, Historian Sharon Stone, Christy Cook, Cheryn Netz, Le Anne King, Cissie Poole, Kimberly Shirley, Frank Yeager, Mary Lu Kearney, Monica Willars, Michelle Henry, Julie Granger, Jane Featherstone, Renee Lee, Mark Mills, Greg Pearce, Larry White, Grace Curmen, Elizabeth Chapman, Abby George, Sharion Prather, Margaret Ann Scalon, Janet Spotts Rhonda Sparks, Michael Scribner, Tim Climber, Anne Marie Mortonson, Jerome Sheffield, Bill Kruger, Dorthy Johnson, Sara Ann Davidson, John McGill, Jeffery Champion, Anthony Goretski, Mary Kathryn Lauler, Wilson Parry, Brian Williams, David Rubenstein, Marty Myers, Dennis Mason, Kathleen Gombos. Angie Lons, Cynthia Herman, Amy Wright, Mary Ann Hess, Lyn Hallaron, Karen Lee, Julia Mosby, Wayne Dickerson, Lake Mattherrs, Scott Napier, Jane McMullen, Lynda Robinson 185 RHA Executive Council: Phillip Coode, President Lan Arnold, Vice-President Melanie Leake, Secretary Mary Wooten, Publications RESIDENG ASSOCI RHA Council: Phillip Coode, President, Earl Bridges, BIS Rep, Lloyd Dixon, Stockard Rep, Lisa Nigrelle, Martin Rep, Wayne Edwards, Deaton Rep, William Emerson, Howry-Faukner Rep, Brian West, GHM Rep, Mary Wooten, Publications Chair, Lan Arnold, Vice-President, Melanie Leake, Secretary, Diane Bush, Miller Rep, Martha Gaylord, Stewart DORM [I. FFICERS 187 V SCREAM IN THE DARK J( n OF PICNIC msf 189 Stewart Hall House Council: Robyn Fortner, R.A., Kathy Spelman, R.A., Martha Gaylor, RHA Rep, Cheryl Kimmons, Judicial Council Chairperson, Amy Coates, Dorm President, Lisa Mathews, Vice-President, Seated, Angela Lawrence, R.A. I 1 I STEWAR i Crosby Dorm Council: Jane Day, President, Claudia Turner, Judicial Chairman, Elizabeth Prince, Vice- President, Lora Colburn, Sec.-Treas., Gwen Walters, Amy Wallce, Ada Moreau, Hall Reps. I I ' J I i IE BY HALL Crosby Hall Resident Assistants Crosby Hall Judicial Committee ADMINISTRATION SECTION EDITOR: WILLIAM BROWN CHANCELLOR GERALD TURNER ...In this special time, at this special place, may our resolve be strong: our commitment deep: our efforts tireless: and our hearts united. As we have shared in our " legacy of achievement, " may we together provide " vision for tomorrow. " On August 25, 1984, the newly inaugurated Chancellor Gerald Turner delivered these words to a crowd of Ole Miss faculty, students, and friends. As they sat and listened, they probably would have never imagined how far this new, young Chancellor would take the university in just two short years. As of January 23, Turner and his " Campaign for Ole Miss " have raised nearly 24 million dollars in private funds, and is just one million short of its minimum goal of 25 million. " We are ahead of schedule and I wouldn ' t be surprised if we were close to $30 million when the campaign is over, " said Turner. " We had hoped to be at $20 million and have 300 founding members of the Ole Miss Associates by the end of December 1985. " Contributions from the 300 Founding Members of the Associates Program totaled $322,000 last year and will go towards academic support. The Ole Miss Associates each donated $1 ,000 to the campaign. Turner has set membership goals for the Associates program at 500 by the end of 1986 and 1 ,000 by 1990. More than $6 million given to the campaign will go to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, which has been hit hard by the budget cuts. Robert Khayat, vice chancellor of university affairs, said he has high hopes of getting close to $30 million for the campaign by next year. " Last year was the first year to have the Associates Program and it really worked out well for academic purposes, " said Khayat. " Everything ' s going really well. We ' ll just continue the campaign aggressively throughout the year. " 195 ' GOVERNOR BILL ALLAIN BOARD OF TRUSTEES 196 William H.Austin, Jr. Frank 0. Crosthwait Bryce Griffin Will A. Hickman Charles C. Jacobs, Jr. William M. Jones John Lovelace Denton Rogers, Jr. R odney L. Rushing Dr. E. E. Thrash Betty A. Williams 197 VICE- CHANCELLORS Dr. Thomas Meredith Executive Assistant to the Chancellor f IT Dr. Robert Khayat Vice Chancellor University Affairs 198 Dr. Gordon Beasley Vice Chancellor Student Affairs Mr. Doyle Russell Vice Chancellor Administration Dr. Morris Marx Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs 1 199 200 I , 201 ADMINIS 1 Bill Kmgery Director of Turner Complex Roger Lyles Director of Purchasing Dr. James McChesney Chairman and Professor of Pharmacognosy Dr. Ed Milan Dean of School of Accountancy Dr. Ron Marshall Director of the Center for Telecommunications , - Dr. Ronald Moak Chair of Banking 202 ORATION Dr. Wilbert Norton Chairman of Journalism Assistant Dean of the School of Business Education Dr. Eric Reidenbach Phil B. Hardin Chair of Marketing Dr. James Nichols Director of the Bureau of Univer- sity Planning Thomas J. Reardon Associate Director of Student Services 203 I ADMINIS Dr. Russell Aven John Bailey Director of Intramurals Dr. Dale Abadee Professor of Chemical Engineering Acting Dean College of Liberal Arts Dr. Gordon Baird Chairman of Physics Danny Benjamin Director of Auditing Dr. Erie Jean Bowen Affirmative Action Officer TEA TION I H i Ulmer Bullock Director of Food Services Dr. George Brunton Dr. Randy Bott Chairman of Geology and Geological Engineering Associate Dean of the School of Business Administration Dr. Carol Caffey James Butler Director of Academic Affairs Coordinator of Regional Admis sions Counselors Dr. Beta Chain Director of Personnel ADMINIS Roland T. Clark Manager of University Services Tim Cleveland Grey Cole Director of Library Acting Director of Personal Relations Dr. Mary Ann Connell University Attorney Rex Cottle Dean of Business School Dr. Sam DeLeeuw Acting Chairman of Civil Engineering fS T RATION S. Gale Denley General Manager of Student Media Oren Dickens Bursar Robert Dowdy Comptroller Mike Edmonds Director of Student Program David Elmore Director of Ole Miss Union Dr. Bill Ferris Director of the Center for the Study of Social Culture Dr. John Fox Chairman of Mechanical Engineering Mary Gwin International Programs Advisor ADMINIS1 Margaret Gorove Chairman of Art Dr. Wallace Guess Dean School of Pharmacy Tom Hood Director of Student Financial Aid Dr. James Henderson University Psychologist 208 MIRATION Mr. Beckett Howorth, I Maurice Inman Director of Continuing Education Dr. James Jones Director of Student Activities Dr. Jean K. Jones Director of Student Development Richard Klein Chairman of Modern Languages Leone King Assistant to the Chancellor 209 ADMINIS ] im Dr. James Shollenberger Chair of Theatre Arts Dr. Dwayne Sagen Chairman of Music Nancy Ward Rodgers Foreign Student Advisor ! I Dr. Nolan Shepard Dr. Gerald Skelly Chair of Management and Marketing Director of International Programs Dr. Allie Smith Dean of School of Engineering 210 STRATI ON Dr. Charles E. Smith Chair of Electrical Engineering Dr. Mickey C. Smith Acting Chair of Health Care Administration Mike Stewart Chief of University Police Dr. Dennis Tosh Chair of Real Estate Dr. Judith Trott Director of Student Services Frances Vanlandingham Assistant Financial Director of 1986 Die Miss 211 ADMINIS , . Dr. Stanley Stansell Chairman of the Tom B. Scott Chair of Savings and Loan Jerry Westbrook Director of Career Services Dr. Gerald Walton Associate Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs I Director of the Ole Miss Bookstore John Winkle Acting Chair of Political Science Dr. Ken Wooten Registrar and Admissions Dean 212 STJtt TION Dr. Larry DeBord Dr. John Jacobson Ruby Hobbs Chairman of Sociology and Anthropology Chairman of Communicative Disorders Director of the Learning Develop- ment Center Dr. Evans Harrington Chairman of English Department Dr. Thomas Flynn Chairman of Philosophy Dr. Edwin Dolin Chairman of Classics ADMINIS Dr. E. Keiser Chemistry Capt. W. H. Ketchum Naval Science Dr. K. McGraw Acting Chairman, Psychology Dr. G. Moores Social Work Col. 0. Robertson Aerospace Dr. A. Stefani Chemistry 214 TRATION Dr. Ron Borne Acting Dean of Graduate School Dr. Robert Cleary Professor of Pharmacy Dr. George Evertt Honors Chairman Dr. Wallace Guest Dean, School of Pharmacy Marvin Wilson Chairman of Pharmacology Dr. James McChesney Chairman of Pharmacognosy SECTION EDITOR BOB HERRING 218 REBELS HAVE DISAPPOINTING SEASON Coach Jake Gibbs is disappointed when he looks back over the 1985 baseball season. His Rebels who finished at 20- 28, could just not play consistent defense throughout the season. " Our inability to play consistent defense was our downfall, " Gibbs said after experiencing his second consecutive losing season. Pitching and giving away too many games with costly errors was the story of the season. In addition to defense, the hitting was inconsistent also. But the Rebels did sport a .286 team batting average which was a far cry from 1984. " We went into the season with hitting and leaving men on base being our primary concerns, " Gibbs said. " But hitting didn ' t cost us near the games it did a year ago. " So the 1985 season could be summed up with one word: Basics. Take away some costly errors and pitching downfalls and the Rebels could have had a much more productive season. Coach Gibbs felt the slide started after the Rebels had won three in a row and had Memphis State at home next. " We lost to Memphis State, 5-4 in 12 innings, ' Gibbs said. " Then we had a double-header with Alabama and blew a 2-1 lead in the first game, and a 6-4 lead in the second. " Gibbs felt good about the team effort though. " They kept hustling and always wanted to win, " he said. " Never once did I see a player give up. " The Rebels finished the season in the conference cellar for the second year in a row. Gibbs felt talent wise that this team was much better than their record indicated. The season was not a total loss though, as many Rebels had an outstanding year individually. Kyle Gordon was voted MVP as he broke the career home run hitting record at Ole Miss. He has accumulated 28 home runs in only two seasons. He was also selected to the first team AII-SEC and was the only SEC player chosen on the first team Academic All-American Team. Doug Duvall was a pleasant surprise as he went 33 innings, had a record of 2-2 and an ERA of 2.7. The bullpen was also more productive this year and was led by Skipper Wright. Darryl Oliver was another Rebel who had a good year as he was chosen to the All-Sec team and the All-South Region team. Joining Gordon on the AII-SEC Academic Team were Joe Gex, David Bass, Doug Duvall and David Mattina. On the whole, the Ole Miss baseball team was represented very well as far as the student-athlete is concerned. When asked about the upcoming season. Gibbs proclaimed, " With the addition of five good recruits and some hard work on basics, we will be right in the thick of the SEC race. " 219 James Sikes, Richard Willaims, Allen Musselwhite, Junior Rogers, John Gex, David Bass, Scott Chesser, Kyle Gordon, Robert Cole, Head Coach Jake Gibbs; Greg Reasoner, Darryl Oliver, Rodney Mattina, Barry Bethay, Gray Nicholson, Jean-Paul Gentleman, Chip Moreland, Gary Geno, Bryan Farmer, Asst. Coach Larry Williams, Asst. Coach Johnny Flynt; Kent Williams, Brian Becker, Tommy Boone, David Miller, Mike McGowca, Doug DuVall, Dean Gibbs, Deric Ladnier, Matt Smith, Skipper Wright. Not Pictured: Greg Evans and Mont Gibbs. 220 Christian Brothers 11-2 Livingston 4-5 Livingston 15-0 Union 17-13 LSU 2-6 LSU 2-14 LSU 6-13 Delta State 4-5 Delta State 6-2 Morehead State 5-0 Morehead State 6-1 Memphis State 2-5 Alabama 5-8 Alabama 6-11 Alabama 7-5 South Alabama 10-7 Auburn 2-11 Auburn 5-7 Auburn 6-14 Mississippi College 17-9 Mississippi State 0-4 Mississippi State 2-10 Mississippi State 12-7 Mississippi College 16-7 Arkansas State 3-0 Northeast Louisiana 3-2 LSU 8-10 LSU 8-6 LSU 2-7 Rhodes College 6-2 Southern Mississippi 6-4 Memphis State 3-11 Vanderbilt 2-8 Vanderbilt 2-16 Delta State 10-7 Delta State 4-9 Alabama-Birmingham 2-8 Alabama 4-2 Alabama 6-8 Alabama 7-10 Mississippi State 2-5 Memphis State 0-10 Tulane 10-6 Auburn 1-7 Auburn 6-5 Mississippi State 5-6 Mississippi State 1-4 Mississippi State 3-4 1 221 222 223 A SEASON THAT COULD HAVE , The 1985 season for the Ole Miss Rebels was characterized by " what it ' s? " For example what if a) Ray Demp- sey goes for it on the 4th down, b) Nathan Wonsley converts a 4th and 1 , c) Kent Austin was able to play against Auburn, d) Ole Miss didn ' t rough Chris Carpenter, or e) Roland Barbay played clean football. Although the record didn ' t show it, the Rebels had some very outstanding accomplishments this season. The Rebels, for the third year in a row, har- bored the Egg Bowl trophy bragging rights with a 45-27 whipping of Mississippi State. Overall as a team, Ole Miss finished seventh in the Southeastern Conference with all six others being ranked in the top 20. Quarterback Kent Austin, free safety Jeff Noblin, and defensive tackle Ben- ton Reed were all named to the Academic All American squad. Individually, punter Bill Smith was named to numerous All-America teams. Smith finished fifth in the nation and second in the SEC in punting with a 45.3 average and landed 9 out of 14 at- tempts inside the yard line. He also broke the record for SEC average in a season. Kent Austin broke John Four- cade ' s school record for most career yards of 5,572. Bryan Owen tied a school record of 4 field goals in a game. Special teams ace Willie Goodloe was among the kickoff return leaders most of the season. J. R. Ambrose was named to the Football News 2nd team All American along with Jeff Herrod who was honorable mention. The Rebels finished 4-6-1 but with starters coming back, the Rebs definite- ly will challenge next year for the top half of the SEC. After battling one another for 59 minutes and 29 seconds, the 1985 meeting be- tween the Rebs and the Tigers of Memphis State came down to a Ray Dempsey deci- sion, a decision most fans didn ' t like. Memphis State ' s Walter Hays gave the Tigers a 7-0 lead on a two-yard run that capped a 69 yard drive after a Bryan Owen field goal attempt, was blocked. The momentum switched when the Rebs ' Everett Flakes intercepted a Danny Sparkman pass at the Memphis State 40. Then Joe Mickles closed out the drive with a 31 yard run that tied the score at 7-7. The Rebels also put together another im- pressive drive starting at their own nine and ending with a Bryan Owen 46 yard field goal on the last play of the half for a 10-7 lead. Nine seconds into the second half the Rebels were down 14-10 as Andree Rogers fumbled the opening kickoff and Terry Douglass of Memphis St. recovered in the end zone. The Rebs then marched 94 yards in 7 plays as Rogers redeemed himself when Kent Austin connected on a 28 yard pass with 1 :18 left in the quarter, giving Ole Miss a 17-14 lead. Memphis State soon found new life as a Kent Austin pass was intercepted by Eric Fairs with 5:21 to go in the game. The Tigers drove down to the 5 for a goal. Billy Brewer ' s " no-name defense " stiffened and held for 3 straight plays for a 4th and goal on the 3. Next came the decision with seconds to go to kick a field goal and opt for a tie rather than the win. The field goal was good and the Tigers pulled out a more satisfying tie. OLE MISS 17 MEMPHIS STATE 17. ARKANSAS It can be said that this game was a typical Arkansas-Ole Miss game. The game with the 14th ranked Razorbacks started out sluggish but finished strong. The game was scoreless through the first quarter due to the strong defensive play of both teams. The Hogs struck first with a safety on a mishandled snap by punter Bill Smith. They soon followed that with a field goal to take a 5-0 lead at the half. The Rebs took advantage of Arkansas ' Bobby Joe Edmunds fumbled punt when Ole Miss ' Rick y Myers recovered on the Hogs ' 30. Five plays later, Kent Austin hit tailback Nathan Wonsley for a 10 yd. TO, but the two-point conversion failed. With Ole Miss leading 6-5, Arkansas retaliated with a 66 yard drive that was capped with a one yard run by Derrick Thoma.s, but their two point conversion failed also. So the Hogs led 11-6. With 13:22 left in the game the Rebels recaptured the lead again when Joe Mickles scored from three yards out to give Ole Miss a 12-11 lead, as the two- point conversion failed again. Things were looking good until a costly fumble by Shawn Sykes on the Rebel 30 was turned into a five yard touchdown run by Arkan- sas ' Carl Miller for a 17-11 lead with 8:47 remaining. Ole Miss failed twice more to take the lead when Wonsley was stopped on a fourth and two at the Arkansas 22. The next opportunity was stopped when Austin was intercepted by David Dudley for a touchdown to give the Razorbacks a 24- 12. The Rebels did score once more when Austin hit Jamie Holder for a touchdown to give the Razorbacks a 39 yard scoring pass with four seconds left. Austin, who broke John Fourcade ' s school record for most career yards (5,572) summed up the game by stating, " We ' ve just got to find a way to win. " OLE MISS19 ARKANSAS24. ARKANSAS ST. If it were not for the last drive of the game, the Ole Miss vs. Arkansas State game could have ended in a major upset. The drive came with the Rebs trailing 16- 12, Ole Miss getting its points off of 4 Bryan Owen field goals. The last drive was sparked by 3 pass plays from Kent Austin to J. R. Ambrose, and ended with a 10 yard touchdown pass to Andre Rogers. The ex- tra point was blocked and Ole Miss had an 18-16 lead with just over a minute to play. The Indians tried one last desperation drive, but that was halted with Everett Flakes intercepting an Arkansas State pass. Several times the Reb defense and special teams were called upon to save the day. After shutting down the Arkansas State running game for most of the after- noon, the special teams came through with 2 blocked punts by Jonathan Shelley. Both of these set up 2 of Bryan Owen ' s 4 field goals, which tied an Ole Miss record. OLE MISS 18 ARKANSAS STATE 16 TULANE It finally happened. The Rebels put together some offense for the first time this season. With Kent Austin injured, David McKinney got the starting nod for the Rebels. With the Rebels leading 13-10 behind a blocked punt by Willie Goodloe (which was recovered for a touchdown) David McKinney went down with wrist and leg cramps. Out comes Austin who hasn ' t taken a snap all week long. Kent then proceeded to drive the Rebels 51 yards and hit Mario Perry on a 3 yard scoring pass to give the Rebels a 20-10 lead. " That was the first snap he had taken this week, " Brewer said. " He ' s proven what kind of mental toughness he has. " Later in the final quarter, Austin hit J: R. Ambrose with a 50 yard pass that set up Nathan Wonsley ' s 33 yard touchdown run. Wonsley, who finished the evening with 144 yards on 15 carries and a TD, had his best game ever as an Ole Miss Rebel. " We just made up our mind to do it, " Wonsley said. " The whole team went out and ex- ecuted. " The Rebels did regroup and did it despite seven turnovers. This was the game the Rebels needed and they got it. OLEMISS27 TULANE10 Even though the Tiger defense played a great game, the Ole Miss Rebels didn ' t get the breaks they needed. " I ' m proud of my football team, " said Brewer despite the loss, " but I know the LSU Tigers are clean living. There were three fumbles and three deflections and we couldn ' t get a hold of any. " The biggest play of the day was the ob- vious " cheap shot " administered to Kent Austin by LSU defensive end Roland Barbay on a third and 56 late in the second quarter. " The guy came in and hit me low. I mean, I usually don ' t say things like this, but it was a cheap shot and he knows it, " said a dejected Austin. When asked if he thought Barbay went for the injured knee, Austin didn ' t hesitate to make a statement. " I think so, " he said, " he went for the leg and got up laughing. " The difference though was the LSU defense, combined with the running of Dalton Milliard. Milliard ' s first one yard TD run was set up by a fumbled punt by Willie Goodloe on the rain soaked field. He also added a four yard TD run to end the scoring for the national TV audience. " Everybody played hard, but LSU came up with the breaks to day, " said Rebel defensive tackle Mike Ftizsimmons. OLE MISS 0 LSU 14 ? " ' ' " ' ; 1 AUBURN Too Much Bo Jackson!!! OLE MISS 0 AUBURN41. ' 229 At least there was one bright side to the 49-21 thrashing the Rebels took at Memorial Stadium, there was an open date coming up. " I ' ve never seen a football team need one as badly as we do, " said Brewer. Early penalties and turnovers hurt the Rebels ' chances early. A fumble recovery on the Reb 48 and an offside penalty set up the Dogs ' first touchdown. Ole Miss then took advantage of a Georgia turnover and David McKinney starting again for the injured Austin, hit J. R. Am- brose for a 9-yard scoring pass to tie the score at 7-7. Then late in the half, the Rebs roughed Chris Carpenter, Georgia ' s punter, . to keep their drive alive and set up a James Jackson touchdown for 1 a 14-7 halftime lead. " We gave them two scores in the first half, " Brewer said. " You can ' t do that against good football teams and expect to come away a winner. " The second half was a nightmare. A fumble and an interception off of an at- tempted option pass by Antonio Harris set up Georgia ' s next two scores in the second half for a 28-7 lead. Georgia also added 3 more scores in the second half, one being a 51 yard fake punt by David McCloskey. McKinney added another TD pass in the 3rd quarter when he hit flanker Andre Rogers for a 40-yard pass. Then in the final quarter, Brewer went out with Freshman Brian Young. In his first game as a Rebel, Young completed 4 of 7 passes for 55 yards and a touchdown pass of 18 yards to J. R. Ambrose. " I thought he handled himself extremely well for a freshman, " said Brewer of Young. " I think we ' ll see more of him. " OLEMISS21 GEORGIA49. VANDERBILT Kent Austin returned to action and his presence was felt during this game. The Rebels used their week off to recuperate and proceeded to give Vandy a good old- fashioned whipping. " We ' re undefeated in our new season, " said Brewer after the game. The opening drive set the tone for the game as Willie Goodloe started things off with a 54-yard kickoff return. Austin then completed passes to Jamie Holder and Andre Rogers which landed the Rebs on the Vandy 2 yard line. Tailback Nathan Wonsley finished things off with a 2-yd. plunge that left Ole Miss leading 7-0 with 1:07 off the clock. Things didn ' t stop there either as Holder made a great catch in the endzone to ex- pand the lead to 14-0 with 1:43 left in the first quarter. Austin then hit J. R. Ambrose on a tipped-around 16-yard scoring pass that was set up by a blocked field goal by Willie Goodloe. The defense decided they wanted to get in on the fun too as they recorded two safeties, one by Benton-Reed and the other by Morris. Freshman Bryan Owen also decided to contribute a 50-yard field goal which was his longest ever. Austin finished his day off with a 68-yard scoring bomb to J. R., his second scoring reception of the day. The Commodores finally put 7 on the board, but it was way too late to even matter. Ole Miss showed on this Saturday afternoon that they are NOTRE DAME only one step away from where they could be playing. OLE MISS 35 VANDY 7 " Notre Dame is one of the top football teams we ' ve played this season, " said Brewer, " we just couldn ' t do anything with them today. " It was the same old story for the Ole Miss offense, which couldn ' t get started all day. The Irish drew first blood on a 41 yard field goal by kicker John Car- rey. They added two more touchdowns to lead 17-0 at halftime. The second half saw the emergence of Chris Osgood, the standout freshman - called upon to steer the Rebels. The play of the game for the Irish came when Ole Miss was threatening to score. Nathan Wonsley coughed up the ball on the Notre Dame 16, and the Irish recovered and returned it to the Rebel 5 yard line. Allen Pinkett, the All America tailback, scored for the second time of the day and Notre Dame led 24-0. The Rebels finally managed to score mid- way through the final period when Osgood drove the Rebels 62 yards and hit Ricky Myers on a ten yard scoring strike. Then with 2:34 left in the game, freshman Chuck Cleveland scored from 1 yard out. " I was disappointed by today ' s game, " Osgood said, " but you learn something new every week. This just means that I ' ll have to work harder in the future. " OLE MISS 14 NOTRE DAME 37 TENNESSEE Neyland Stadium was the scene of a bit- tersweet SEC football contest between Ole Miss and a Sugar Bowl bound Tennessee. The Vols ' big opportunity came after free safety Chris White blocked a Bill Smith punt which Tennessee recovered on the Ole Miss 38 yard line. Seven plays and three minutes later, Sam Henderson hit paydirt from one yard away. Ole Miss put together one of its best drives of the season early in the second quarter driving 75 yards in 10 plays. Shawn Sykes capped the drive with a one yard plunge. Ten- nessee answered that rebuttle with 27 straight points without a reply from the Rebels. " The second half was the poorest we ' ve played all year long, " said Ole Miss head coach Brewer. " It appears that our kids are mentally tired, which I can understand. " Ole Miss was unable to get the ball to its big play target J. R. Ambrose until there was 1:27 left in the game. Ambrose ' s single reception came on a 19 yard touchdown toss from Mark Young. The Rebels close their season next week against Mississippi State. " We ' ll play like hell, " he said, " and take the strongest and the ones hanging on and go to war. " OLE MISS14 TENNESSEE34 Mark Young couldn ' t explain why MISSISSIPPI STATE everything worked when he quarterbacked the Ole Miss Rebels against State in the annual Egg Bowl. " I can ' t explain why everything worked so well, " said Young. McKinney got off to a bad start by throwing an interception to MSU safety Kirby Jackson. It set up a one yard touchdown run by Don Smith with 7:29 left in the opening quarter. Brewer put Young in on the next series, and he quickly hit split end J. R. Ambrose on a 38-yard touchdown pass with 1 :06 to go in the quarter, tying the game. After Willy Goodioe gave Ole Miss good field position with a 55 yard punt return, Young hit flanker Jamie Holder with a 12 yard scoring pass. Bryan Owen ' s 41 yard field goal with 8:59 left gave Ole Miss a 17-7 lead going into the half. Osgood, bothered by a bruised shoulder, could not move the team while Smith led the Bulldogs back to within 17 with two one yard runs touchdown Brewer put Young back in and again the freshman marched the offense, setting up a three yard Shawn Syked touchdown run. " It ' s needless to say how happy I am for our football team, " said Brewer after the game. " Our team understands what a dif- ficult season we had ... maybe the win will make it a better winter. " OLE MISS 45 STATE 27 I ' l g 00 o e E oj = REBELS HAVE SEASON OF UPS AND DOWNS if The 1985-86 season can best be described as being frustrating. Over and over again the Rebs found themselves struggling to rebound from a bad break. They started with losses to Vandy, Tennessee and Kentucky but then knocked off conference leading Florida at home. A bad loss to LSD in Baton Rouge was then followed with a thrilling one point victory at home over State. But then the Rebs fell at home to Auburn and on the road to Georgia. Most of the emphasis this year was on how the point guard situation would be handled due to the loss of Andre Laird, who was involved in an off-season car accident. " It was really tough to lose Andre who had two years of point guard experience in the SEC, " said head coach Lee Hunt. " Only time will tell if he will ever be able to play again. " The 13 man roster included just two seniors, three juniors, five sophomores and three freshmen. The players returning included seniors 6 ' 7 " Derek Home, and 6 ' 6 " Curtis Ritchwood, 6 ' 5 " junior Joe Ayers, sophomores 6 ' 1 " Roderick Barnes, 6 ' 5 " Steve Calhoun, 6 ' 1 " Joe Coleman, 6 ' 9 " Todd Robinson and 6 ' 7 " Bruce Tranbarger. " I can see a lot of unity in this group, " says Hunt. " They worked very hard in the spring and summer and the chemistry among them is very good. " Five newcomers will join the returnees on campus this season. Trying to pick up some slack for Andre at guard will be freshman Keith Kessinger and Ted Hunt. And helping out underneath will be junior college transfers Ronnie Simms and Eric Smith along with freshman Clint Stegall. " At Christmas I felt like we were right where we wanted to be with a 7-2 record. How far we go this season will depend very much on how our more experienced players respond to the competition and how injury-free we can stay, " said Hunt. Curtis Ritchwood ' s dislocated thumb certainly didn ' t help matters as he had to miss three games. " The entire league is strong and our talent has improved but we are still a little behind the top dogs, " explained Hunt. Even though the Rebs are not off to the best start, in Ole Miss history, there is very much potential to be seen in the Tad Smith Coliseum. 235 Ritchwood Curtis Ritchwood Bruce Tranbarger Bruce Tranbarger, Keith Kessinger Eric Smith Joe Ayers r Ritchwood, Avers, and Home 240 Joe Coleman ' Steue Calhoun - Rol)enck ' Clint Ste a " ' LADY REBELS ARE ABSOLUTELY AWESOME T Losing three starters off of last year ' s top five finish was devastating. This is certainly going to be a rebuilding year, right? Wrong. The Lady Rebs picked up where they left off last season to storm out to a 16-4 record and a number eight ranking by the end of January. " This team is so much better than I ever thought. It ' s amazing, " exclaimed head coach Van Chancellor. With the loss of seniors Eugenia Connor, Marilyn Brooks and Deborah Temple it seemed inevitable that this year would be a down year, but not so. " The heart, determination and desire this team portrays is wonderful, " said Chancellor. " This is definitely the best team I have ever been associated with. " Certainly the presence of Jennifer Gillom has a lot to do with their success. She has received so many rewards there is not enough space to list them. " Jennifer is truly one of the greatest athletes in Ole Miss history, " Chancellor proclaimed. " She was named the U.S. Olympic team player of the year and has carried our team many times this season. " The team has been ranked in the top 10 all season. Three of the team ' s four losses came to number one Texas, number two Georgia and number three Northeast Louisiana. " We have proven that we can play with the best in the country this year, " said coach Chancellor. " Right now we are preparing to be the best we can be at the end of the season when it really counts. " With the signing of four recruits, Coach Van Chancellor is very excited about the upcoming season and hopes things go as well as they have this year. Vikki Craig " Front: Desiree Drummond, Myra Williams, Kim Bullard, Alisa Scott, Teresa Haynan, Joy Eichelberger. Louise Davis, Cynthia Autry. Back: Steve Lewze Trainer, Peggie Gillom, Asst. Coach, Van Chancellor, head coach, Valerie Rushing, Alana Cummings, Jennifer Gillom, Viki Craig, Jack Godd, asst. coach, Mel Brooks, student coach, Johnny Chancellor, manager, Kathy Laird, manager. SQUAD TRAVELS TO HAWAII Being ranked as one of the best teams in the country the Die Miss cheerleading squad traveled to Honolulu to participate in the National Collegiate Cheerleading Championships. The competition was produced by the Universal Cheerleading Association and sponsored by the Ford Motor Company. Ten teams were chosen from around the country to participate and seven of those were chosen to perform live on NBC-TV. The Rebels had a great showing and finished as the fifth best team in the country. Brooke Richardson, Steve Spratley, Susan Ray, John Beasley, Head Cheerleader Judy Spear, Hal Cato, Scott Doles, Ellen Petrie, Jamie McGinnis, Susan Smith, Chris Huggins, Mary Stevens. Standing: Colonel Reb, Charles Byrd; Lee Thigpen, Johnny Reb. Chris Muggins, Penny Floyd Scott Doles, Mary Stevens L CHANGING OF THE GUARD This year ' s track team at Ole Miss will find themselves with a different face calling the shots, as head coach Joe Walker resigned to take the head coaching job at the University of Florida. His replacement, Ken Gibson, has plenty of work ahead of him to get the Rebels to rebound from a somewhat disappointing season. " We had a very disappointing season, " Coach Walker said. " This team had some great athletes and very high expectations. " The team was not without highpoints throughout the season though. The Rebels dominated the state of Mississippi as they won the Ole Miss Invitational and the Mississippi State Triangular meet. Six Rebels were named to All-State team. Ole Miss took their largest squad ever to the NCAA meet. Individually, Baker Vinci was the standout as he won the SEC crown for the second consecutive year in pole vaulting. He followed that up with a fourth place finish in the NCAA ' s, which was the highest finish ever for an Ole Miss Rebel. Coach Walker did point out that injuries had a lot to do with the limited success for the Rebs. " We had very many freak injuries throughout the year which were extremely uncommon, " claimed Walker. Tony Dees was injured most of the season, along with Baker and Brian Pope who had nagging injuries all year. When asked how he would sum up his years at Ole Miss, Coach Walker said, " Wonderful, exciting and very proud to have had the opportunity to be involved with such a class program. " V Front: Coach Christy Parry, Peer Zalopeny, Parry Cartlidge, Melvin Dean, Perry Lost, Rick Barnes, Scott Taylor, Brian Cyr, Second: Coach Brion Morrisette, Rip Haney, Trey Weaver, Drew Bell, Doug Smith, Mike Stadther, Anthony Reddit, Eric O ' Neal, Brice Williams, Mike Carr, Ed Wroblewski. Third: Coach Walley Bumpus, Mark Napier, Mike Daves, Troy McKay, Darren Johnson, Tony Dees, K. C. Neilsen, Cornelius Tate, Verdell Oliver, Brian Pope, David Ciswell, Coach Joe Walker, Coach Gary Carter, Fourth: Clarence Daniel, Land Renfroe, Kermit Jackson, Victor Shine, Barry Kelley, Vincent Aldridge, John Poehlein, Baker Vinci, Tom Howe, Jim Leone, Greg Sims, Nathan Harvell, Donny Sanders, Trainer Randy Robertson, Coach Nicky Nelson. r Mississippi Intercollegite CC SEC Cross Country Championship Kodak Indoor Invitational LSD Indoor Invitational Florida Invitationa l Florida Five-Way Meet SEC Indoor Last Chance Indoor NCAA Indoor Championships Domino Pizza Relays Miss. State Tri-Team Meet Paper Tiger Relays Arkansas Invitational Arkansas Invitational Ole Miss Invitational Drake Relays SEC Outdoor 1of5 3 of 10 non-scoring non-scoring non-scoring 4of5 7 of 9 non-scoring tied 34th non-scoring 1of3 non-scoring non-scoring non-scoring 1of9 non-scoring 9of9 Neal Stapp . NETTERS TOP IN MISSISSIPPI SEC A YEAR AWAY The Ole Miss Men ' s tennis team finished the 1985 season with an eighth place finish in the SEC tournament in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. " We had a very inconsistent year, " said head coach Billy Chadwick. " We had good individual efforts, but never got it totally together as a group. " At times though the Rebels looked very tough. They posted wins over Belhaven, Mississippi State and captured the Mississippi Intercollegiate tournament. Individually, the Netters had many bright spots. Chuck Sobers won the number two singles flight at the Rice Invitational in Houston, Texas, with a 6-2, 6-2 win over Greg Hill of Texas A M. He also reached the semi-finals of the SEC tournament. Neal Stapp reached the finals of the SEC Indoors and maintained a top 50 ranking all season. The Netters finished the year at 1- 9, with a 1-7 SEC mark. But Chadwick talks of the upcoming year with a big smile. " Next year, with four outstanding seniors and those excellent recruits, the Rebels should maintain atop 20 ranking. " Memphis State 6-3 Mississippi State 4-5 Purdue 5-4 Southwest LA 3-6 LSU 1-8 South Alabama 5-1 Southwest Missouri 8-1 Florida 2-7 Memphis State 6-3 Kentucky 3-6 Belhaven 5-4 Mississippi Intercollegiate 4-12 Alabama 0-9 Georgia 1-8 Mississippi State 5- 4 Tennessee 8-1 Auburn 3-6 SEC Tournament 8th Ij - Back: Neal Stapp, William Chaffe, Jerry Moote, Paul Beck, Neal Surge, Mitch Rencher, Jeff Anderson Asst. Coach. Front: Billy Chadwick Head Coach, Jim Duckworth, Chuck Sobers, Doug Webber, Tom Wallace, Russell Coningsby, Kathy Kolankiewic Asst. Coach. Chuck Sobers LADY NETTERS HAVE BANNER SEASON The Lady Netters finished third at the SEC Tournament in Auburn, Alabama and had two finalists and one champion. Sophomore Jackie Ruppert of Atlanta, captured the number four singles slot for her second consecutive SEC crown. Sophomore Jane Young of Toronto, Canada, was a runner-up at number one singles along with Heather Hartman at number three doubles. " This was my hardest working team ever, " said coach Billy Chadwick. " We had wins for the first time over SMU, Cal-lrvine, North Carolina and Duke. We also had a second place finish behind Miami at the Catherine Sample tournament in Miami. " The Lady Netters finished the year with a 13-6 record and a 7-2 record in the conference. Jane Young and Jackie Ruppert captured AII-SEC honors, while Young was also chosen to play in the NCAA tournament. Young finished out the year ranked 35 in the country, Barbara Smith was 59 and the duo of Smith and Ruppert were 19. The team as a whole was ranked in the top 20 for the entire season. Coach Chadwick and Assistant Coach Jeff Anderson of Atlanta, look forward to the upcoming season, with the help of two freshmen and a junior college transfer. Brigham Young Calif-Irvine SMU Oklahoma State Florida Mississippi State Duke Miami Clemson North Carolina Duke Alabama Tennessee Vanderbilt Auburn Florida State Georgia LSD Kentucky SEC Tournament Back: Jane Young, Barbara Smith, Lynn Hennessey, Crissy Hoffee, Kathy Kolankiewic Asst. Coach, Billy Chadwick Head Coach. Front: Rachel Paris, Heather Hartman, Jackie Ruppert. Not Pictured: Karen Barbiero. 6-2 5-3 5-4 4-5 8-1 9-0 6-3 6-0 6-3 7-2 5-4 7-2 7-2 6-3 9-0 6-2 5-4 6-3 5-4 4th Lynn Hennessey REBEL GOLFERS FINISH WITH HIGHEST RANKING EVER The 1985 golf season at Ole Miss was a banner year for Ernest Ross ' Rebels. The Rebels ended the season ranked number four in the country. " I am really pleased with the play of all of our players this year, " said Ross. " This was Ole Miss ' best golf team in history. " The Rebels have gained a big reputation nationally over the last two years. They won team titles at the Dixie Intercollegiate, the Panhandle Intercollegite, the Country Club of Jackson Intercollegiate and the Chris Schenkel Intercollegiate. They were also runners-up at the Imperial Lakes Intercollegites. Leading the Rebs were co-SEC Players of the year, senior Dave Pegge of Lousiville, Kentucky and Junior Darren Cole of Newborough, Australia. Pegge was named to the first team All-America for the second consecutive year. Pegge finished in the top five in five of the 12 tournaments, winning two of those and finishing as a runner-up in two more. Cole was a top 10 finisher in all but three of the Rebels tournaments. He won one, was a runner-up twice and finished in a tie for sixth place in the NCAA Championships. Darren was also selected to the second Team All-America. Ross tabbed the season a success due to the play of Pegge and Cole along with the consistency throughout the season at 3, 4 and 5. " Chip Sullivan, Glen Day and Lan Gooch all made tremendous improvements throughout the year, " Ross claimed. The 1986 year should be another exciting one as the Rebels signed four new freshmen. Along with the freshmen will be the return of All- American Darren Cole who will represent the USA against Japan in an all-star match in the fall. Ross is optimistic about the upcoming season due to the Rebels ' " best signing year ever. " Darren Cole Chip Sullivan Head Coach Ernest Ross, Lan Gooch, Glen Day, Duane Lorio, Ladd Dilworth, Tracy Richardson, Dave Pegge. Back: Pat Palmer, Chip Sullivan, Buddy Bryant, Darren Cole, Roy Embry. Glen Day USM-Laurel Invitational LSU National Grenelefe Invitational Dixie Intercollegiate Pan American Intercollegiate Gator Intercollegiate Imperial Lakes Intercollegiate Panhandle Intercollegiate Southeastern Intercollegiate Country Club Of Jackson Chris Schenkel Intercollegiate Southeastern Conference NCAA Championships Third Fourth Ninth First First Seventh Second First Tenth First First Third Fourth LADY REBEL SPIKERS HOST SEC TOUNRAMENT The Ole Miss women ' s volleyball team completed its 1985-86 season with a 28-16 overall record and a 3-6 SEC record. The was the most SEC victories ever since moving to the tournament format. The host Rebels finished fourth in the SEC after being seeded sixth. They also added two tournament titles and many individual honors to a very successful season. The Lady Rebel spikers took first place honors in the Depaul Invitational along with their own Ole Miss Invitational. " We had a successful season this year and probably should have won eight of the 16 we lost. In those matches we just beat ourselves, " Ole Miss coach Al Givens said. " If we could have played as well against LSU as we did in the Florida match we would have have been in the finals of the SEC tournament against Georgia. We plan to build upon the success we had this year with the addition of our new indoor facility and hard work this spring we should be in the SEC race again next season. " Individually, the Rebels had banner seasons. Angela Scott was named the MVP of the Depaul Invitational and was a member of the AII-SEC team. Yolanda Biebrich was named MVP of the Ole Miss Invitational, made the All- Tournament team in the Tiger Classic and had 48 assists against Florida, which was an SEC tournament high. Julie Link was named to the All SEC Academic team and a member of the AII-SEC Tournament team. Delores Flowers was also named to the AII-SEC Tournament team and had the most kills in the SEC tournament. ' Linda u ' ar Ackerman, Trac, Mattox, Julie W 90mon ' Delores Flores - Julie Link All Academic SEC SECTION EDITOR CINDY WARD A To Ole Miss students, fall Rush is practically a religious experience. Hundreds of students come each year at the end of summer to participate in it. They want to be Greek. The reasons for pledging are various: friendships, built-in social outings and contacts, the need to belong, and fun. The week prior to pledging, Rush, has been anticipated all year. Sororities start planning 10 months in advance. Some even begin rushing high school girls while the girls are in the tenth grade. 262 w I w I Milly Moorhe For guys, the " Pre-Rush " rush is not as intense, but their formal rush poses the same dilemmas and confusions as does the sorority rush. This year over 600 men participated in Rush and pledged. Over 600 girls participated in Rush, with 557 pledging. Quota was set at 64 for the women. On Bid-Day, everyone had the " Number One Pledge Class " and the hoopla and happiness made the long, tiring week all worth it. The Mecca Of Greekdom " The University of Mississippi 1985 Derby Day Queen Cynthia Geary Kappas Katharine Spurrier, Carolyn Lollar Phi Mus tola ' s 266 I - I Theta ' s Skin the Snake. Delta Gammas Delta Delta Delta celebrates their Derby Day Victory. Executive Council Members: Bailey Braswell, Treasurer; Gary Morgan, Corresponding Secretary; Mark Johnson, President; Dan Jordan, Vice President; Mayo Flynt, Recording Secretary. PPf fomas J. " Sparky " Reardon, ; Advisor Alpha Tau Omega Norm Perkins Beta Theta Pi Steve Davis Chi Psi Rob Aimsworth Delta Psi Charlie Ingram Kappa Alpha Dennis King Kappa Sigma Scott Archer Phi Delta Theta Ed Love Phi Kappa Psi Jim Duckworth Pi Kappa Alpha Kenny Heredri Sigma Alpha Epsilon Clark Liddon Sigma Chi Scott Gunn Sigma Nu Ken Roberts Sigma Pi Pat Maslanka Phi Kappa Tau Drew Fairley Phi Kappa Theta Kevin McHale 268 Panhellenic is the governing body of the 1 1 NPC and three NPHC sororities on the Ole Miss campus. The council promotes understanding and cooperation among the members of sororities and regulates and enforces all rules concerning Rush, pledging and initiation. Panhellenic also promotes intellectual achievement and scholarship. The Panhellenic council is made up of the President Allison Humphreys, Vice-President Jodie Champlin, Vice- President NPHC Sharon Floyd, Secretary Marianne Bradford and Treasurer Cathy Cook. Over the past year Panhellenic has participated in various service projects such as collecting for the Battered Women ' s Home, Can Good Drives for the needy, and contributing to the Christmas store in Oxford. Also, Panhellenic along with the Intrafraternity Council has had an active part in the Mississippi Blood Drive as well as forming Greek Aid. Alpha Delta Pi Pres. Angie Massey Del. Pennie Fisher Del. Stacy Wyatt Alpha Kappa Alpha Pres. Sharon Floyd Del. Gwendolyn Sims Del. Phyllis Walker Alpha Omicron Pi Pres. Patty Lambert Del. Cindy Norman Del. Jane Day Chi Omega Pres. Sallie Kate Anderson Del. Virginia Carter Del. Kat Spivey Delta Delta Delta Pres. Karen Cropp Del. Connie Johnson Del. Mary Ann Gammage Delta Gamma Pres. Suzanne Maxcy Del. Cam Cox Del. Ginger Hill Delta Sigma Theta Pres. Toni Avant Del. Shyrell Benton Del. Alemida Turner 269 Kappa Alpha Theta Pres. Kathryn Merrell Del. Cathy Cook Del. Ann Waldo Kappa Delta Pres. Sarah Watts Del. Tara McGee Del. Tracy Hill Kappa Kappa Gamma Pres. Mary Margaret Dixon Del. Nancy Weichsel Del. Loren McLeod Phi MU Pres. Tammy Burney Del. Sandy Curtis Del. Stephanie Lawson Pi Beta Phi Pres. Rennee Lee Del. Helen Smith Del. Debra Crosby Zeta Phi Beta Pres. Amy Elizie Del. Mozella Brown Del. Iris McDuffie Zeta Tau Alpha Pres. Wendy Tranchin Del. D. D. Walker Del. Anmarie Tison Alpha Delta Pi Angle Massey President Ton! Thomas Rec. Secretary Jacque Dean Exec. Vice-President Jane Kersh Treasurer Debbie Kramer Exec. V.P. Pledge Terri Rogers Membership Chairman Mpha Drlta Pi lluiurriiitii nf AiBSt AKA Alpha Kappa Alpha Back Row: Marita Woodson, Barbara Richardspn, Gwin Sims, Cynthis Pittman, Lillian Griffin. Front Row: Valerie Adams Vice President, Denise Howard President, Belinda Branch Not Pictured: Joan Johnson, Sara Gilkey, Sharon Floyd, Rose Thompson, Victoria Jackson, Ida Jackson. KHISTA AGNEW WENDY AONEW ta CMB.L ALI.EN ANCELA Alpha Omicron Pi President Patty Lambert Corresponding Secretary Lisa Brown Vice President Harriet Hale Recording Secretary Vicky Lamb Treasurer Laura Arnold Rush Chairman Suzanne Parker Ml AMI MAGG BURNSOE CARON CALVER ANC oat mn DEANNA DENLEY LIZ OUMBAUQ 1 RANGtfl LAUR HOM ' SA4ANThA HOPPER WCHtLLE tffVE) I vii ; " . ' " ; KATHRYN LWDAMOOO JEAN LOf TIN JENNA L JENNfFEK O ' F A: Of TH " A- - " ER SMITH KENDAL . SM 1 CARLA BAHRE T T MAWSSA BE AT T T RNEE KRGCftON WM BtSWOP HMMCT HALE PATTY LAMBERT LAURA ARNOLD TOOOCOlITE v c v -- - Alpha (mtrr0n Pi Nu EVE EDWARDS 1985 19BB uf ifltaatsatppt 8CTHXLSLEY HOCLE M Y SULYMN cn)M AMANDA KHG ELJZAKTH KMECHT SHAKM KRAMER BETH LAOHON AHOEL LAWTEI JENKY MTTCHELL ANDREA M08LEY SOHYA MYERS STEPHAME NARMOUR Ol NCHOLS OAG KATC POWELL ELAiff PO ' ' E .ND A ROBINSON AMiV i- , ' - -w Aw XMSE SEASE CM Y SELLERS MtSSr SHANKS SUSAN SHERMAN ARE STOCKTCW BECKY THAMES LATRtCUV SJ2ANNE TJRNAGE DAWN E_C- TL_ AMS KAREN WtL ' AMSOS LJSA W1.LIAMSO Chi Omega Sallie Kate Anderson President Leslie Gordon Rush Chairman Mamie Williams Vice President Elizabeth Fulcher Rush Chairman Kimberly Yerger Secretary Vickie Spivey Treasurer (Chi (Outran Karen Cropp President Dana Patterson Vice-President Amy Short Treasurer Hope Emmons Secretary Laurie Hector Rush Chairman Laura Ann Smith Asst. Rush Chairman THRYN TAVOLETI BARBIE BLANKEN HIP - - -; NSON LEA C ' FTERLY CATHERINE HUGHES LEIGH PEGR l- ORTR UHLHORN 8ETH SHA PR WILSON KAREN CERVANTES STACY GREEN ELIZABETH DURWETT L AM NABOR5 JUDY S AR ELIZABETH FARRIS KATHY IOLER MELISSA CHAflBONNEAU AM MOORE SUSAN ARRINGTCN LEE SMl ' M NICOLE MEEKS AMY SMITH CYNTHIA QEARY MELISSA YOUNG TORl QTT CMRtSTV HUOCS CONNIE JOHNSON WENDT AU.GOOO KATHLEEN TR AMY SHORT DANA PATTERSON KAflEN CPOPP CCTOK LAURA ANN SMITH TARA PHHJ.rS LOU ANN WNJCS rftfiLLt nrvoM KAMI Brlta Drlla ELIZABETH ROSS SHANNON DECELL LEA ASHLEV LfSLlE SUSAN B ' S- 6f- t i ' .MAM CHARLOTTE J MAJTY MARGARET MITCHELL GCORGAMA ATKINS KELLY OTT MBSCILLA GRANTHAM GINGER GOODWIN MfSSC SANOCFUR ALDE NE EMMONS SCAMLETTE SHANNON FOX -f Sr, . -f B " AMMONC MlEE vtcMJL AN MISSY Of)A(X3HON ASHLEY HOPH MARY MAPOAfCT SWAYZE LOR ' HERlNE EDWARDS BEC JONES COURTNEY KMG JEHM " CR HOLLMOSWQRTH Mi ' ;- CS jF EROUSON LESLIE ENSTB CHRISTY MORRIS JILL JOHNSON AUDRA LOVE ELIZABETH NOBLE TftAOV ALDCRSON MONA OVERTON CAMR C ME.ANlE DAME lETl L SA BROWN NEUHOFP ANME FAMLEY JACKSON SANC GRlFFMG ASHLE QRlZZARO BETH MOORE Delta Gamma Suzanne Maxcy President Michelle Morris Rush Chairman Portia Pride Vice President Lisa Fitch Recording Secretary Clyde Nelson Treasurer Renee Martin Corresponding Secretary HallyGremillon Pledge Trainer f ' k, n,, " 4.. . . . t " . -if ,, i I; ,, R,,H 280 Helta (latnma ; of 1985-1980 f . 1WU. .Vk-JU, Tw,., , ' ... .( . EAXO Q9L 1 li : " - Kathryn Merrell President Debbie Schwartz Vice-President Susan Smith Vice-President Shelly Walthour Secretary Kathryn Stallworth Treasurer Anne Russell Aden Rush Chairman Alpha ahrta 11 r; n u lluiurriiitu nf fltsstsstppi w I ., t A,,, ,, .. x, ,. - f } .,,, - Kappa Delta President Sarah Watts Secretary Katherine Mullins Vice President Anne Rooks Editor LizVentress Treasurer Leigh Pearson Panhellenic Tara Magee Asst. Treasurer Shelley Peterson Membership Sallie Baumhauer br ' . 286 Selta Alplja iiu of iflisstsfiippi 19B5-B6 3 3 KKT Kappa Kappa Gamma Mary Margaret Dixon President Paula Switzer Corresponding Secretary Maggie Moore First Vice President Susan Cox Recording Secretary Kim Russell Second Vice President Julie Johnson Treasurer iKa pa (6am ma PhiMu Tammy Burney President Betsy England Phi Director Jacqueline Gary Vice President Tracey Scoville Rush Chairman Mary Donna Rives Treasurer Ginny Donald Recording Secretary Alpha Drlla Oaplrr 1985 F. iw nf i Pi Beta Phi President ReneeLee Treasurer Mary Virginia Wilson V.P. of Moral Advancement Suzanne Menard House Manager Irene Dulaney V.P. of Social Advancement SaraMcLeod Rush Chairman Sissy Poulos V.P. of Mental Advancement Angie Burkardt Rush Chairman Tracy Caperton Recording Secretary Sheri Parker Membership Chairman Helen Smith 1985 ne D lluinrrstty nf i . - Zeta Tau Alpha DinetiaTomlinson President Jane Mille r Secretary Lynn Ross Vice President Sonny Childs Treasurer Cathy Barret Vice President Shelia Crowley Membership Chairman 294 Alpha Phi Alpha Back: Michael Gentry. Front: Jerry L. Deloach, Sheridan W. Boyd, Arnold Slaughter. Not Pictured: Eric Rayford, Wille Summer, Kenneth Simmons, Norbert Woods, John Elzie, Johnny Anderson, Kevin Hamner. 297 Alpha Tau Omega Carter Bolt Worthy Master Ronnie Bishop Worthy Keeper of Annals Les White Worthy Chaplain Brad Biddy Worthy Sentinel Rick Thompson Worthy Exchequer Billy Brewer Worthy Scribe Darren Cuevas Worthy Usher RAMOY KHIEGCB iTEPMEN CAMPBELL - ' . ' - - - JA-;K McLEMORE bft 1 , DIN KKNNV NEWMA KEITH HATWAUD MIKE NEELV TOM GLADNEY LBAFT BiLL f BILLY PRICE RONHY JOE SHOWER M)KE TAYLOR 5W6 PINER H - - T PABHAM MiCMAEL WOODS JE ' :J e - - " O JEWW ABEL PHIL EVANS ILLY BREWER LES WHITE CARTER BOLT RiCK THOMPSON Alpha aau DELTA PS ' CHAPTER VAN WHITE JIM WONFB CHARLEY BOBO ' " - - ilmurrsttii nf _ - " -.- - KEITH OAuD BILL MCCAIN LOUIS BENTO TOM SLADNEV SONNY McART MARK RAZOR POWELL ftOMViE SOLBEPO MCY DAVIS Beta Theta Pi Gary MaGee President Michael Rose Corr. Secretary David Sturdivant Vice-President Rob Christian Treasurer Ronn Pierce Treasurer Mark Judson Rec. Secretary Clyde Edwards House Manager II II JOt- J iBrta ahrla BETA BE A CHAPTER it it i u r r ii i t M of miBBiS -- -- - _ SCO MAWC .nG Chi Psi John Payne President Ben Silliman Treasurer Mike McNulty Vice-President John Mills Sgt. At Arms JAMES FLETCHER DEAN HARBOUR KENNY HUGHES JEFF PIERCE HERBERT F DUVIC. IE KENNETH ORA " JIM NEAL BEASLEY NICK CHAMPEAU ED COLEMAN ROBERT e JOHN ILGES TOM WINDHAM CHRIS SVEHLAK JOH RICH HILL PAUL MORPHIS FF. HENDERSON TOM KEVIN BRECHBILL JOE ARRECHEA RICHARD KOENENN JAMES I LARRY MICHEILS RICHARD DEVINE ALAN MELICHAR RICHARCl CKEBSTAFF ROBERT 3URNER SCOTT KAMCRER BEYWOLOS WINTER HODGES JOE M1TOCLL ROBER ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER WOLFE ' - - - . ' - - : - i Es JONATHAN D ' Sf 7 = - - - --- Httiitrrfitti) nf TOM SPIESE GILBERT GUNN W WILDER TOM COLEMAN CY FOIORON MRS BILL PlOTCU. DAVID DcGUWE J C KNEE ROGCRT DYESS - WCHA ilfttf W.SON PARRY EDUWIPWEST M.LMUI THOMAS BOB8Y YARBCR Phi 10 uf i a. Antluniji lull uf iHt55tastppi RO6EBT f.TZCtlUU) PATlBCKOHBnIU J ' .OEK KAPPA ALPHA ORDER Jim Owen President David Bassinger Rec. Secretary Jimmy Turner Vice-President Art Muggins Corresp. Secretary ETCHER ' -... ...... UMM JOHN BtLL (V TY TAYLOH ; JERSV WOI Ft JQMN THOMAS , -v VC LMOSTWH TOMKEL.JM MV.SON L ;F JEFF DUKE ALLEN MU1AMS DANCL WOOCRTSON (t -.- HJWIWHJLACI SANDY CURTIS TE1WT SAKER EDOC NEELLt ; -- - ' - ' " " LAMAfl Kappa Sigma Grand Master Joe Phillips Grand Scribe John Sowell Grand Master of Ceremonies Joseph Lynch Grand Treasurer Roger Aldridge B JAY COLE SCOTT SMITH ALLEN HOMRA BILL MURRAY f f ' - ' IIKE DOWNING JAMES PRICE KENNETH JOHNSON HARBY BRAMMELL t PATRICK CASCIO CHRISTOPHER SCHULLY GREG MORGAN PAUL ELLIOTT TONY MADORMO KARL NELSON MARRY CHAPMAN OWEN WILLIAMS ' SAMUEL SCOTT TOOO BOOLOS NICK KOSTELNIK CHARLES RUTLANC Ff McCROSKEY KEVIN WALLACE BEN ROSS JIMMY HAYNES I CHRIS HUDSON SCOTT McCLINTOCK WILLIAM HARVEY ELLIS SALLOUM F= ARTY PERSON ALFRED L NASA IKE GRAY DAVID SMITH BREG ALSTON CLIFTON VAN CLEAVE CHOICES BVHD PW- REESE MAR SE SEMA ' ARCHEB MICHAEL BARLOW MfTCB RENCHER MUfli CHAWSGOSS TArtoi JAY COLE EieTH JOWCTCW == : JOSETMLniCH JOCPHILLS MCHAEL TUXAM DELTA X! CHAPTER KEITH DAVIS SCOTT BEST VE tXETMCH RANSOM CSEKSMAW DAVC llniurrsitii uf CALVI MASTEMSOK s SCOTT EL SO. JEFFREY LLOYD MICHAEL GKANTHAH BRYAN MAS " EDWARD LOBRANO JACK T1XXEK CHAPMAN PATRICK NOLAN - 7- ANDREW WILLIAMS ROONET PONDEJ1 STEPte. EDMONSO SON T RAP VN o , 1 -I (L-R) James Fuller, President; Perry Rogers, Anthony Hillard; Treasurer; Leonard Boothe; Victor Bailey; Davind Covington; Anthony Kangethe; Morris Lewis, Vice President. Not Pictured: Danny Love; DiCran Arnold; Curtis Ritchwood; Verdell Oliver, Secretary; James McGlowan; Greg Long; Jeffry McMullen; Ray Hawkins; Robert Clayborne. Phi Delta Theta Hugh Warren President HalCato Secretary Frank Pierce Vice-President Charles Burnett Warden Richard Vollmer Treasurer Scotty Scott Rush Chairman SCOTT NEWTON NT T O C SCOTT JIM BROOKS GftAV JAMES ROSBINS JOEL CHRIS MYEHS MICHAEL DENNIS JOHN CMBESTMAN . I Ituiurrsttij f JiBsisfii Phi Kappa Psi President Brad Donaldson Recording Secretary Keith Steiner Vice President John Olson Chaplain Bill Parks Treasurer Steve Jones Messenger Gary Olson Asst. Treasurer Scott DeGroot Sgt. at Arms John Hardy Corre sponding Secretary Skipper Lowery ARK MAFH-T BRIAN LE KE I MICHA DAVID WILLIAMS PAUL HOOD JOHN OLSON STEPHEN JONF1 TOMMY CARTER RUSSELL CONINGSBY BRUCE PRATHER JIM DUCKWORTH BRADFORD DONALDSON ROBERT McHUGH JOHN DUFF SEAN McGIVERN LEE CHANDLER BERNIE PINTO CRIS JACKSON TOOD WILLIAMS ELLIOTT WATTS ALAN STOVALL MARTY MAGEE ROBERT THOMAS RUSTY GIBBS MICHAEL I ' -ET- NIX r- JIM HANCOCK STEPHEN WINEBEBG TOMMY BADON HEN HODGES -- -! : |HIP COSKERV M EDDIE STEPHENS KEN WHITFIELD DAVID MATTiNGLr - L1OCHANN BRIAN McGIVERN THOMAS GALLONET DON SANOCJVS JEFF M llntuprsttij of i TIM CLEVELAND ART JOYCE CLINTON SCHOVE BILL PARKS PETE Wll Jot WILLIAMS SCOTT SWEEDEN JOSEPH WHITE CHRIS KENNEDY CHRIS SOUTHERN JESSE LEE DAVID SAUCIER JEFF LLOYD PAUL McOAUGHY RON DICK CLIFF WHEELER BOBBY SHELL CHR S JOrNER CHRIS MALONE GARY OLSON SKIPPER LOWERY SCOTT SRISMER KEITH STEINER ROBERT LEYOON Phi Kappa Tau Henry Koon President Steven Stodghill Rush Chairman Joel Lewis Vice-President Andre Suwalski Rush Chairman Chris Raulston Treasurer Marcus Manning Rush Chairman SEAN LUCAS MARK LOVAN RICHARD HALE Y KEITH C CHARLES ERWIN MARCUS GRAHAM JAMES HALL DAVID DE I ROBBIE CLARK MARTY LANIER MIKE COX BILL SEE; BRYAN SMITH JOHN HILL JOHN STIRRATT CHRIS COLLINS GLENN SCHWALJE FRED CAFFEY KENNETH McG E MARLiN WOMAC JEFF ECKMOLZ JONATHAN TROYKA SAM ROBERT WILLIAMS RODNEY ROBMSON MHCE MULLMS " - - RAOLSTOW STEVE STODGHtu. O1S FOX ER C Mc!L AE DELTA GAMMA CHAPTER ALLEN JEFFREY WILLIAMS KENNETH DRAPER CHAR, --- _-. - --.-_- ANDY BARBETT BILL POwEU. Uniiirrsitit nf e_ Phi Kappa Theta Hogan Tapp President Christopher Tilton Vice President Jim Belton Treasurer JOHN MELOSKY DAVID WILLIAMSON VICTOR ZIMMERMAN DAVID MILLAR WHITMAN CARBONAR JOHN EMRYS JOSEPH CHRISTOPHER TILTON VICE PRESIDENT J. HOGAN TAPP PRESIDENT JIM BELTON TREASURER n MISSISSIPPI CHI CHAPTER 1935 19BB Mniitrratty nf { PHILIP DC VEER KENNETH ZOBRIST MIKE SKRiEN KEVIN McHALE President Greg Burks Vice President Greg Kemp Treasurer Michael Reece Secretary Carlos Escalante In-House Executive Jeffery Sutton Out-House Executive Frank Givens House Manager Bo Williamson JJt iKappa Alpha GAMMA IOTA Sigma Alpha Epsilon Joseph Pepper President Richard Redmont Treasurer Briggs Hopson Vice-President Bill Barfield Secretary I - ; , . : =. f - turn a tpailuu MISSISSIPPI GAMMA Itntitprsitii nf iBissi Ad - - BA . - - Sigma Chi Lee Gibson Consul Glen Garrett Quaestor Hank Holman Pro Consul Josh Dehmer Quaestor Mark Craig Annotator Chip Pickering Magister -N ift ' BlLi - ' -wt 19135 19B6 Sigma Nu David Moore Commander Kevin White Treasurer Booby Woods Lt. Commander Adam Webster Treasurer Richy Roberts Reco rder HampDye Pledge Trainer JOHN ROBINSON ..EA 8ICE. ELLIOTT ALAN GOODMAN SCOTT BtNNE T " PAUL STAPP BOYO ' " I X N BOUNDS DAMON WAXUER ' - - JOHN EDWARDS , v -AWKINS TODD ACKERMAN TIM SAVELL CBAt ftMr - C COU.WS JO - S MOOBE ICHABO BOflERIS ADAM WEBSTER BtOUUW BOBERTS X M1 SIMPS EPSILON XI CHAPTER OOOOmOGE OA. T LASSO HALPM MATTEI STEPtet THOMAS C f. LOTT NOE1 SIMMS 3HEG PEARCE JOHN i CRAIO SANFOSC JEFF XOYLES -RPER Sigma Pi Jimmy Cobb President John Mulkey Treasurer Pat Maslanka Vice-President Stephen Lewis Historian Mark Edwards Secretary Robert Smith Sgt. At Arms PAT MASLANKA X PRE50EHT JMMY R. C06B PRESOENT MARK EDWARDS SECRETARY STEPHEN LEWIS XSTOKAN TOMMY HUFFMAN PARTY AMMAL of iliaataatppi =-- s ' MCM STEVEN SILLS HISTOB JEFF DIXON (WJkMMATClrt 4ARK HESTER LOWTHER " kMES LANE, JAMES BARLOW ACTIVITIES CMA1AMAN RHUEL DICKINSON SAMMY KIM PETE) RUSH f BOBBI PATRICl iILL (IMG Kappa iEpstUm COLONY B4 MARK COOKE ROY McCLUHG OOAL C Umuprsity of Mississippi TOM PIKEV CARLOS PBUITT MARK FLETCHER JASPER WELSCH GRAHAM WILKES CHRIS ALEWINE RICHARD WILLIAMS SCOTT ENOCHS SECTION EDITOR POPPY PRUETT Ashmen AARON, Leigh, Memphis, Bus., AAA ABRAHAM, Angela, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts ACQUAV VA, Catherine, Frankfort, KY, Edue. ADAMS, D ' Ann, Yazoo City, Bus., M AGNE W, Krista. Bartlett, TN. Lib. Arts. AOH AGNE W, Wendy, Jackson, Bus., AOR AINSWORTH, Brian, Jr., Baton Rouge, Lib. Arts. AKHTAR. Imran, Karachi, Eng. ALDR DGE, Monica, Lexington. KY. Bus. ALEXANDER, George, Jackson, Bus., KI ALLISON, Heather, Laurel, Lib, Arts. AMARAWEERA, Ravindra, Colombo, Lib. Arts. ANDERSON, Abby, Okolona, MS, Lib. Arts, Af ANDERSON, Amy, Okolona, MS, Lib. Arts, Af ANDERSON, Charmaine, Hollandale, Lib. Arts. ANDERSON. Karla. Selmer, TN, Lib. Arts. ANDERSON, Laura. Monroe, LA, Lib. Arts, 0 M ANDERSON, Patricia. Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. APPLETON, Tammy, Batesville, Lib. Arts. ARMATIS, Peter, Des Moines, Lib. Arts, Ben ARRECHEA, Joseph, Oxford, Eng xi ATKINSON, Krista, Brandon, Lib. Arts. AU, Audrey, Darawak, Bus. AUSTIN, Christopher, Germantown, Lib. Arts, Xd; AUSTIN, Melanie, Houlka, MS, Lib Arts AVERITT. Susan, Dallas, Lib. Arts, AAH BAILEY, John. Biloxi, Lib. Arts. . BAILEY. Stephanie, Batesville, Lib. Arts, K Kf BAKER, Austin, Bolivar, TN, Eng., DKiL BAKER. John, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. BALDWIN. Sarah, Atlanta, Educ., KKf BALLARD, Penelope, Jackson, Lib. Arts, K Kf BANTON, Ladonna, Southaven, Lib Arts BARNES. Brenda. Jackson, Lib. Arts BARROW, Frances, St. Francisville. LA. Lib. Arts, KA BARTON, Jerry. Grenada. Bus. BARTON, Sandra, Southaven, Educ. BATMAN, Marie. Pontotoc, Lib. Arts BAUCH, Beth, Jackson. Bus., M BAXTER, Monica, Perkinston, MS. Lib Arts ZTA BECK. Tom. Jackson. Lib. Arts. Ben BELL, Roderick, Holly Springs, Eng. BELMONT, Alexander, Jackson, Lib. Arts, Ben BERGERON, Renee, Metairie, LA, Lib. Arts AOn BERGSTROM, Beth. Houston, Educ., KAe BERRY, Jacpuelyn, Prentiss, Lib. Arts, KA BERRY, Oscar, Shreveport, LA, Bus., IAE BERRY. Rodney, Freeburg, IL, Lib Arts BETHSHARCS. Jennifer, Jackson. Lib. Arts. KA BE US, Rachel, Jackson, Educ., K Kf BILBRO, Christie, Carthge, Lib. Arts. BISHOP, Tracy, Double Springs, AL Lib Arts BLACKSTOCK. Lynda, Jackson Bus OM BLALACK, Kimberly, Brighton. TN, Lib. Arts, KAe BLANKS. John, Scon, MS, Bus., IX BLEDSOE, Susanne, West Memphis, AR. Lib. Arts. OM BLUNTSON. Craig, Jackson, Lib. Arts BOHART, Kimberly, Orlando. Lib Arts SO f, Mark. Anna. IL. Lib. Arts, xi BOLTON. Benjamin, Jackson, Lib Arts IAE BOLTON. Chris. Somerville. TN. Lib Arts IN BONNER. Wendell. Memphis, Bus. BOOKER. Angela, Pryor. OK, Lib. Arts. k M fai I . ry. Birmingham. Lib. Arts. KAG BOOTHE. Terrel. Sards. Eng. BOOZER. KU, Dmmitt TX. Bus.. AOP BOKXLON. Beth. Greenville. Ub. Am. PM BOStVf U, Anne. Eberton. GA, Ub. Aits. SOSWFU. Catherine. Jackson, Lib. Aits. BOUCHLLON. Neil. Laurel. Lib. Arts. IX aOULOW. Kenneth. Memphis. Bus. BOUNDS. David. Memphis. Bus., n KA BONBV. Kandy. Aberdeen. MS. Ub. Arts. BOYD. Bill. GuHport Lib. Arts. IN BOYIOH. William. Raleigh. MS. Lib. Arts. BRADFORD. Kimberty, Meridian. Lib. Arts. AT BRADSHAW. Tnpp. Rome. GA. Bus.. IX BRAMLETT. Russei, FayeOe. NC. Bus. BRANTLEY, Stephanie. Brandon. Lib. Arts. HBO BRANUU, Oukla. Montreat NC. Lib. Arts. XO BRENNAN. Blanche. Dallas, Bus . K A6 BRIDGES. (Ombertey. Growler. MS. Educ. BROCK, Courtney. Vandeave. MS. Lib. Arts. AT BflMMSEW. Beth. Lexington. KY. Bus. BMHW, Allison. Rirjley. MS. Lib. Arts. K AS BflOMW. Davis. Oxford. Lib Arts. TKI SfiOHW, Lisa. Madison, Ub. Arts, AAA SftOIW Oats. Pascagoula. Eng. aflOHW. WNkam. Bruce. Lib. Arts. BKJCf. Page. Greenwood. Lib. Arts. AAA BRUNSON. Stuart. Moscow. TN. Bus.. IN SffM VT. Christopher. Memphis, Lib. Arts. BRYANT. Lrssa. University. Lib. Arts. XO BUCKLEY. Henry, Cantonment FL, Educ. BULiOCX. Johnny. Hatfiesburg. Eng. BULLOCK. Ulmer, Oxford, Eng. HffYIV. Melanie. Brandon. Lib. Arts. BURKES. Steve. Hottandate, MS. Lib. Arts, Ae OWCS, Marsha. Baton Rouge, Ub Arts BURRESS. Susan. Water Valley. Bus.. K AS aumus, Margaret Germantown. Lib. Arts. BLRT-OV. Cheryl. Drew. MS. Lib. Arts. BUTLER. Stacey. Germamowr . Bus. 81 77, Unar. Pakistan. Eng. at 775. Michael. BatesvMe. Lib. Arts. BYARS. Caroryrm. Memphis. Educ..M AIR OFFICER L.7.TING CVFfX, Fred. Marbrsville. VA. Bus.. OKT CUV. Came. Jackson. Lib. Arts. AAA CAIN, Susan, Btoxi, Bus.. KKF CAWWELL. Lome. Thaxton. MS. Educ. CALHOUN, Carralle. Oxford. Lib. Arts. CALLAHAM. Kimberly. R0ey. Lib. Arts. CAMPBELL. Amy. CarroHton, Lib. Arts. CAMPBELL, Julie, CarroMon. Lib Arts. CAMPBELL, Itok. Carrotton. Ub. Arts. CAPOCACOA, Melissa. Cleveland. MS. Bus. CARLISLE. Cheryl. Memphis. Lib. Arts. CARLISLE. Juke. Okve Branch, Ub. Arts. CARLSON, Stacy Jo. Brandon. Lib. Arts. CARPENTER. Debbie. Jackson. LA, Bus., KA6 CAW?. Carolyn. Atlanta. Bus., 1C KT CARROLL. Pa . Jackson. Bus.. KOT1 CASSOY. Caroline. Marks. MS. Bus.. XQ CHAMBERS. Tamara. Star City. AH. lib. Arts. AOH CHAMPION. Abel. Canton. Eng, CHANCELLOR. Don, Meridian. Lib. Arts. PICA CHANDLER. Mary. Ocean Springs. Ub. Arts. ZTA CHENEY. Joseph. Oxford, Ub. Ate. CHESMAN. Adam. Columbus, GA, Lib. Arts. CHLOS. Clinton. Hou ston. Lib. Arts. CHONG. Yok Wen. University, Lib. Arts. CHU. Nathan. Greeny . Ub. Arts. CLARK, James. Jackson. Bus.. AG CL tX Michael. Ganesvifc, a. Ub. Arts. CLARK. Wren. Camden, AR, Lib Arts. 0 M CLARKE. Metnda. Fort Lauderdale. Lib. Arts CLEVELAND. Madelyne. Summit Eng. CLINTON. James. West Memphis. AR. Lib. Arts. A COBS. Dylsa. Forrest City. Aft, Lib. Arts. OOFFMAN. Robin. Germantown. Bus.. OA6 eshmen COKER. Mmdy, Brunswick, TN, Lib. Arts, AAH COLEMAN, Thomas, Corinth, Lib. Arts, XJ COLLINS, Vivian. Clarksdale, Eng. COLVILLC. Elizabeth. Germantown. Lib. Arts. COMPRETTA, Connally, Bay St. Louis. Bus., M CONNART, David, Jackson, Bus..Ben COOK, Amanda. Como. Bus. COOK, Gregory. Southaven, Bus., t KT COOK, Henry, Biloxi, Lib. Arts. COOKE, Karen, West Helena, AR, Lib. Arts, ZTA COOLE Y, Carl. Germantown. Lib. Arts, ATQ COOPER, Kathryn, Baton Rouge. Bus. COPELAND, Philip. Natchez, Lib. Arts. CORDER, Lisa, Carrollton, Educ. CORRIGAN. Lucy, Meridian, Eng., KA0 COUCH, John. Jackson, Bus., KI COWART, Mark, Meridian, Bus. AG COX, Anissa, Ashland, MS, Lib. Arts COX, Carolyn, Jackson, Lib. Arts K Kr COXWELL. Beverly, Waynesboro. Lib. Arts, AAO COY, Angela, Paragould. AR, Bus. CRAFT, Mitzi. Meridian. Lib. Arts. AAA CRAFT, Tiffany, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts GRAIN. Cecil, Maiden, MO. Lib. Arts CRAWFORD, Todd, Germantown, Lib Arts in CRESPINO, Jo Beth. Jackson, Bus., XQ CRIDDLE, James, Salt Lake City, Lib. Arts. CROCKETT, Christy, Holly Springs, Lib. Arts, M CROSBY, Kecia. Mendenhall Lib. Arts Af CROSSLEY, Margaret, Dallas. Lib. Arts, HEW CROWELL, Joseph, Memphis, Lib. Arts, ATQ CUMELLA, Stephen, Longwood, FL. Lib. Arts BGH CUMMINGS, Allana, Troy. Ml Bus ZAE CUMMINGS, Kurt, Snreveport LA Bus CURRY, Max, Kingsland AR Bus CURRY, Yolanda. Chicago, Bus. DABNE Y. William, Jackson, TN, Lib. Arts, ATQ DALE. Martha, Glendora Bus Al DANIELS, Charles, Natchez, Lib. Arts, X DAVENPORT, John, Ft. Walton Beach, Lib Arts DAVIS, Andrew, Birmingham, Lib. Arts ATQ DAVIS, Crystal. Jackson, Lib Arts Al DAVIS Donald. Meridian, Lib Arts DAWS, Louise, Como, Lib. Arts. DAY, Jennifer. New Orleans, Bus.. nB DEAN, Christopher, Atlanta, Bus IN DEAN, Donna, Madisonville, KY Lib Arts AAn DEBERRY. Jeanie, Savannah, TN Educ AOn DEEN. Patrick, Tyler, TX. Bus., Ben ' DEES, Pamela, Natchez, Lib. Arts DEGUIRE, David, Jackson, Lib. Arts, XJi DELLENGER, John, Biloxi, Bus (PKJi DEMLOW. Jeffrey, Antigo, Wl, Lib. Arts. DENMARK, Amy. Pascagoula, Lib. Arts. DENNIS, Lori, Madison, Lib. Arts AAA DENNIS, Michael, Madison. Lib. Arts PAe DENLEY, Deanna, Bruce. Lib. Arts AOn DENNY, Dawn, Nashville. Lib. Arts KA DETERLY, Lea. Jackson, Educ AAA DEVAULT, Linda, Clarksdale, Lib Arts XQ DICKERSON, Marsha, Jackson Lib Arts KA6 DICKINS, Stacy, Oxford, Lib. Arts DILLAHUNTY, Michelle, Hughes. AR, Educ.. OM UMEGUO, Stephen. Memphis, Eng OHWVOf. Johathan. New (Means. Bus.. DOLAM, Melne. Oakvale. Lib Arts DOOOY, Maty. Metame. Lib Aits. AAH DOUGLAS, Angela. Memphis. Bus. DOWDY. Sue. Oxford. Bus DOWE. Amy, Ubca. Lib. Arts. OOHWS. Mart, CanoNon. Lib. Aits. K A DRANE. WMel. Memphis. Lib. Arts. DREWERY. Linda. (Word. Ub Arts DOUUMOHD. Otsnt. Tupelo. Lib Arts. DUKE, Lenh. Sekner. Lib. Arts. DUUBAUGH. Mary. Lousy . KY. Lib Arts. AOH DUNAWAY, Lara. Hollandale. Lib. Arts. XO DUNAWAY. Rhonda. McComb. Lib. Arts. DURFEY. Allan. Canton. Lib Arts. Ben OrCT, Laura. Jackson. Lib. Arts. KA OHMMStt. Walter. Semnole. FL. Bus . IP EASLEY. Km. Jackson. Lib. Arts. M EASTEF UOK. Melissa. Hackettstown. NJ. Bus.. K Kf f8f. Raymond. Tupelo. Ub. Arts. ECHOLS. Kristte. Houston. MS. Lib Arts. AT EDMONDS. Holly. Brookhaven. Educ. EDWAODS. Wayne. Bruce. Lib. Arts. EDWARDS. Gartnda, McCool. MS. Educ.. AOn EDWARDS. Lisa, Jackson. Lib Arts. EDWARDS. MicheHe. Memphis. Bus.. KA EDWARDS. Tare. Brooksvdle. FL. Bus.. ZTA EHRUCHER. Chrissy. Memphis. Bus.. K Kf r. Manfred. Natchez. Lib. Arts. LUS. Clyde. Veksburg. Lib. Arts arOWW. Snw ar. Unrversity. Bus liandale. Lib. Arts. M . . ntany. HollaniWe. B4AKS. Micky. Laurel. Lib. Arts. fV WS. Sandra, Wftnona. Educ. EVBfJT. Dunn. GmnMoMi. Ub. Arts. K Kf EZat, Angela. Moss Port, MS. Lib. Arts. BSU AHOTC MAS, David. Charlotte. NC. Lib. Arts. fiWMER Margaret Anchorage. KY. Ub. Arts. KAG MSH. Chnsti. Cola. MS Eng FAVHET. Jute, New Ortans. Ub. Arts. HB FBKUSOM. torn. Southaven, Bus.. AAA FERGUSON. Timothy. Pontotoc. Lib. Arts. ffiSSEU. Juanta. OUve Branch. Bus. FfLD. Samuel. Baton Rouge. Lib. Arts. IAE FIELDER. Ban, Madison. Lib. Arts, AAA flSHER Dee. Vaughan, Ub. Arts. AAH FISHER. Ghyrane, Southaven. Bus. RSEB. Karen Logh, Drew. L Arts, AOH ftfOMS. Patricia. Natchez. Ub. Arts. K KP ftfMWG. David. Memphis. Bus FLETCHER. Andrew. Memphis. Educ. KA FLOWERS. Paul. Trenton. IN. Bus FLYHN, Lane. Tupelo. Lib Arts. MB ftJLfX Tracy. Long Beach. MS. Lib. Arts. HMD. Patrick, fttaa. Bus.. X fOBD. Tammy. Holy Springs. Bus FORTEHBERFIY. Michael. Grenada. Eng. FOWLER. Lvdtt. New Madrid. MO. Lib. Arts. FOWLER. Susan. SomervMe. TO. Lib. Arts. KA FOY. Kelly. Fort Worth. Lib Arts. IAE FMHK, Vesoa. Drew. Lib. Arts. FRETTERD. Suzanne. Natchez. Lib. Arts. WiMW. Todd. BitOKi. Ub. Arts. KT GALLAGHER, ttmberty, Jackson, Ub. Arts. ZTA fiiUMKi, Dawn. PacnuU. MS. Ub. Arts. GARDNER, Margaret Tupelo. IJb. Arts. XQ ftWRfTT. Preston, thaxton. MS. Lib. Arts fiVtr. Monica. Eupora. MS. Bus.. OM Sff. Joel. Germantown. Educ CfftWD, Roy. East Lansing. Ml. Bus SB8S. Bonnie. Grenada, Lib Arts SKSON. Daniel. University. Lib. Arts. OLLESPf. Stacey. Pontotoc. Eng. GILL LAND. Laura. Roanoke. TX. lib. Arts. GiOVtfl, Jodi. Brentwood. TN, Lib. Arts. G04iBX. Kel. BelleviBe, IL. Lib. Arts. ZAE GOGGANS. Melinda. Pontotoc. Lib. Arts. eshmen GOLDEN. Nathaniel, Evanston, IL. Lib. Arts. GOLDMAN, Paul, Meridian, Bus GOODYEAR. Ella, Covington, Lib Arts, K Kf GORHAM, Ashley. Brentwood. TN. Educ., K Kf GRAHAM, Howard, Memphis, Bus., IX GRAHAM, Tommy, Corinth, Lib. Arts, 0 KT GRANGER, Julie, Kennett, MO. Bus.. AOP1 GRANT. Alice, Batesville, Bus. GRASSE. Cynthia, Kennett. Lib. Arts. GRAY, Frank. Memphis, Eng. GRAY, Julie, Oxford, Eng. GREEN, Brrett, Franklinton, LA, Eng.. KA GREEN. Christopher, Houston, Bus., IX GREER, Gregory, Miami, Bus. GREGORY, Edouard, Dallas, Lib. Arts, IAE GRIFFIN, Laura. West Memphis, AR, Educ.. AOH GRIPPING. Sandra. Jackson. Lib. Arts, AAA GRIFFITH, David, New Orleans, Lib. Arts. GRISHAM, Patrick, Walls, MS, Lib. Arts, Ai| GRISWOLD, Dickson, New Orleans, Lib. Arts, A0 GUCKERT. Harry. Grenada, Bus., n KA GUIMBELLOT. David, Hollandale, Eng., IX HABEEB, Leanne. Gautier, MS, Lib. Arts, AOH HAGAMAN, Jennifer, Houston, Bus., PM HAGAN, Saprena. Coldwater, Lib. Arts, AAH HAIRE. Karen, Bruce. Educ. HALL, Karen, Jackson, Lib. Arts, (IB HALLMAN. Scott. Myrtle, MS, Lib. Arts. HAMILTON. Dorothy, Hatlieville, AR, Lib. Arts. HAMMITT, George, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. HAMPTON, Vickie, Pontotoc, Lib. Arts. AAD HANNINEN, Laina, Perry, OH, Lib. Arts, AAH HARDIN, Mark, Tupelo. Lib. Arts. HARLAN. Kimberly, Jackson. Lib. Arts. HARPER. Jeff, Memphis, Bus., IN HARRF.LSON, Kimberly, Pine Bluff, AR. Lib. Arts KKf HARRIS, Frank, Shreveport, LA, Lib. Arts, t AG HARTLEY, Meredith, Atlanta, Lib. Arts, K Kf HARVEY, Martin, Collins. Lib. Arts. HAWKINS, Bryan, Lake Village, AR, Lib. Arts, OA0 HAWKINS, James. Shreveport, LA, Lib. Arts. IN HAWKINS, Susan, Hattiesburg Bus Al HEARD, Lloyd, Mobile, AL, Lib. Arts. HEATH, Rose, Grenada, Lib. Arts. HEFLIN, Allyson. Forest. Lib. Arts. PM " " " " ' " n - ! HELSLEY. Claudia, Memphis. Lib. Arts AOH HENDERSON. Casanda, Water Valley. Eng HENNINGTON. Michael, Summit, MS, Lib Arts HENSLEY. Elaine. Holly Springs, Lib. Arts. HERMETZ. Kevin, University, Lib. Arts, IX HERRING, Kimberly, Brandon, Bus.. KA HERRINGTON, Sulynn, Union, MS, Lib. Arts, AOn HERTLEIN. Doris, Grenada, Bus., HB HERVEY, Lisa, Oxford, Lib. Arts. HICKMAN, James, Coffeeville Eng HIGDON. Joseph, Greenville, Lib Arts HIGGINBOTHAM. Robert, Jackson. Lib. Arts, OA0 HILL. Charles, Columbia, MS Eng Ben HILL, Katherine, Hollandale Bus Af HILL, Keith. McClure, Lib. Arts. HILL, Richard. Forest, Lib. Arts, XJ; HILLERY. Mary, New Orleans, Lib Arts HINES, Tracy, Yazoo City, Lib. Arts, KA HOBSON. Elizabeth. Blytheville, Erra.. AOn HODGE. John. Laurel, Lib. Arts K HOLLIDAY. Laurie. Baton Rouge Educ HOLMAN. Linda. Oxford. Educ HOLMES. Kimberly. Brandon. Lib Arts HOL T, Edwin. New London. TX. Lib Arts ZAE HONAN. Kevin. Woodbury. Lib Arts HORNE. De Lam. Oxford. Eng. HOPPER. Samantha. WalthaTl. MS. Lib. Arts. AOP1 HORNE. Stuart. Inverness. MS. Lib. Arts A MORTON, Melissa, Coffeeville Lib Arts HOUGH. Jill, Biloxi. Bus., KKP HOUSTON. Greer. Murray, KY. Lib Arts XQ HOWELL. Lmdsey, Senatobia Lib Arts HUBBARD. Richard. McComb Lib Arts KI HUCKABY. Bobby. Water Valley Lib Arts HUFFMAN. Monica. Kosciusko Lib Arts AATI 1UGGINS. Preston. Winona. Lib. Arts. HUMPHRIES. Amy. West Memphis. AR. Lib Arts HUNT. Darren. Ackerman Lib Arts HuROf, Leigh. Holly Springs. Lib. Arts AT HURDLE, Mary. Holly Springs, Lib. Arts Af HUTCHESON. Yvonne, Dallas, Educ.. (DM HYDE. Kathlyn. Eupora. Lib Arts PM HYDE, Robert. Jackson Lib Arts IX IRVIN. Michele. Pine Bluff. AR. Lib. Arts AOn ISACKS, Fletcher. Metame. LA. Lib. Arts. a Ki)i JACKSON, Anne. Hattiesburg. Educ.. AAA JAMES. Sheila. Southaven, Lib. Arts JAMES, Sherry. Southaven. Educ JA YNES, Jeffrey. Columbus. MS. Lib. Arts. Xi JEFFCOAT. Rebecca. Jackson Educ JENKINS, James. Jonesboro, AR. Lib Arts. JOHNSON, Claire. Clinton, Lib Arts 0 M JOHNSON. David, Batesville Eng JOHNSON. Earl. Jackson. Lib. Arts. JOHNSON. Deas. Meridian Lib Arts A JOHNSON. Jeffrey. Olrve Branch. Lib. Arts. JOHNSON. Paul, Reston. VA. Lib. Arts. JOHNSON. Scott, Greenwood, Bus., Ben JOHNSTON, Jams. Duck Hill Lib Arts JONES, Ashley, Jackson. Lib. Arts JONES. Cass . Magee. Lib. Arts. AT JONES. Leslie, ParagoukJ. Bus.. AT JONES, Rebecca, Jackson. Lib. Arts. AAA JONES. Timothy. McComb. Lib Arts, IN KASPEFt, Jeanme. Pinellas Park FL Lib Arts KEARNEY, Karen. West Memphis AR Lib Arts PM KELLERMAN. Catherine. Paducah KY Bus KELLY. Katelyn. Universrty. Lib. Arts. KA0 KELL Y, Layne. Carthage. Lib. Arts. KEMP, Sheryl. Ocean Springs, Lib. Arts, AOTI KEPPEN. Keith. Germantown. Eng., t Ki)i KERST. Lisa. West Memphis. AR. Lib. Arts, HEW) KETCHER. Roy. Philadelphia. MS. Lib. Arts. KEY, Annette. Shreveport. Lib Arts KA KEYS, Patricia. Oxford, Lib. Arts KHAN. Shahid, Lahore. Eng. KILPA TRICK, Kimberly. Philadelphia, Lib. Arts. M KING, Amanda. Brandon. Bus AOD KING, Bobbie. Louisville. MS. Lib. Arts AOD KING. David. Monroe. LA. Lib. Arts. KHG. Natalie. Ackerman. Lib. Arts. OM KINO, Margaret, Jackson Lib Arts J M KING. William. Dunwoody GA Bus KINNCY. Rachel. Oxford Lib Arts KLENTOS, Kellie. Lafayene. LA. Lib. Arts K Kf KLOTZ, Rose, Brandon, Lib. Arts KNECHT. Elizabeth. Pasagoula Bus AOO KOf. Wern. Penang Eng KOEPPEN. Michelle. Memphis. Lib. Arts. KA KOH. Chong, Muar Johore, Eng. KNIGHT. Kenneth. Elaine. AR. Eng.. HKA KFtAMER. Sharon. Dunwood. Ga. Lib. Arts. AOTI KRUSE. Mark. Germantown. Bus Kdi LAIRD. Amy. Oakland. TN, Lib. Arts, XO LAND, Margaret. Hendersonville. TN, Lib Arts KA LANOES. William, Edwards MS Bus IAE ' LANNOM. Tara. Lebanon. TN Lib Arts KKf LASSO. Scon. Baton Rouge. LA Bus IN LAWHON, Margaret, Laurel. Lib Arts AOTI shmen LAWSON. Kay, Holly Springs, Bus LAWYER, Angela. Germantown, Lib Arts LEDBETTER. Lisa, Henderson, TN. Bus., OM iff. Ching, Penang. Eng. iff, Shen. Hattiesburg. Lib. Arts. iff. Tanya, Lucedale. MS, Lib. Arts. OM LEHMANN. Lucy. Natchez. Educ. ifOIV. Aik-Jiang. Singapore. Lib. Arts. LESUEUR. Patricia. Holly Springs. Educ. LEVENSON. Amy. Dallas, Educ., K Kr LIBERTO. Lisa. Germantown, Bus.. OM LINDSCY, Wade. Gulfport, Lib. Arts. LISTENBEE, Sharon, Bruce. Educ. LITTLEJOHN. Lisa, West Memphis. AR, Lib. Arts, AAF1 iOOf V, Julian. Fulton. MS, Lib. Arts. LONG, Jimmy, Southaven, Lib. Arts. LOTTMANN. Jeffrey, St. Louis, MO, Lib. Arts, Ben LOUNSBURY. Jenna, Houston, Lib. Arts. AOH iOVf. Audra. Kosciusko, Lib. Arts, AAA LOVE. Charlotte. Arcola. MS, Lib.Arts. LOVOPN. Douglas, Louisville, MS, Lib. Arts. LOWTHER. Jobn. Madisonville, KY, Lib. Arts. OKil LUCAS. Cberyl, Biloxi, Lib. Arts. ZTA LUCAS. Linda, Crystal City. MO. Educ. LUM. Linda. Pace. MS. Eng. MAGEE. Mary. Prentiss. Lib. Arts. KA MAGEE. Richard. Jackson, Lib. Arts. Xi i MAGEE. Stacy, Jackson, Bus.. Al MALHAM. Arnie. Brmkley, AR. Eng., ATO MALNER. Melanie, Humboldt, TN. Lib. Arts. MALONE. Richard, Oxford. Lib. Arts. MAL TA. Ted, Brookhaven Bus MANN, Jeffrey, Duck Hill Lib Arts MANNING, Frederick, Gulfport. Bus.. ATO MAPLES. Stephanie. Oxford. Lib. Arts. MARK. Siong-Tbeng, Singapore, Lib. Arts. MARTIN. Angela, Kewanee. MO Lib Arts MARTIN. Christopher, Batesville Lib Arts MARTIN. Linda, Jackson, Lib. Arts MARTIN. Mark. Winona. Lib Arts MARTIN. Maria, Hickory Valley, TN. Lib. Arts. AOT1 MARTIN. Sherry, Waterford. MS Lib Arts MASON, Sonya, Sardis, Lib. Arts MSSf Y. Wendy, Memphis, Lib. Arts K Kl ' A THEWS. Melinda. Lebanon. TN, Lib. Arts. MATHIS. Tracey, Carthage, Lib. Arts. Al " AM K Mary, Jackson, Bus OM MEALER. Diva. Horn Lake, MS, Lib. Arts MCANS. Charla. Batesville. Lib. Arts. MELTON. Lesley. Tunica, Lib. Arts. AAH MELTON. Riley. Water Valley. Eng. MERCER. David, Herrin, IL. Eng. MERRELL. William. Brandon, Lib. Arts. IX MERRY. Steven, Slidell, LA. Eng.. OKI MESSER. Phillip, Oxford. Bus. MIDGETT. Jeanice, Hermitage, TN. Lib. Arts KA MILLER. Lesley. Monroe, LA, Educ., M MILLER. Lori Lynne, Jackson, Lib. Arts K Kf MILLER. Michael, Moss Point, Eng MILLER. Shari. West Memphis, AR Lib Arts AOF1 MILLER. Wendell, Greenwood, Bus.. KA MIMS. Robert. Paragould. AR, Lib. Arts MITCHELL. Julia, Lexington, MS. Lib. Arts. Af MITCHELL. Michael. Ocean Springs. Lib. Arts. MOONEYHAM. Michele. Houston. MS. Lib. Arts. MOORE. Allen, Southaven. Lib Arts MOORE . Amy. West Point. MS Lib Arts MOORE. Dorothy. McMomb Lib Arts MOORE. James. Etta. MS. Lib. Arts MOORE . Mary. Corinth. Bus.. Al MOORE. Rebecca. Calhoun City Educ MOORE. Shelley. Dallas. Educ.. K KP MOORE, T. S.. Atlanta. Lib. Arts. KKC MOORHEAD. Elizabeth. Paris, MS, Eng. MOREL. James. Brentwood. TN. Educ.. BOH MOBaW Harold, Veksburg. Bus. MORGAN, Vanessa. Durant. MS. Eng. MORPHIS. Paul. Meridian, Bus.. Xi|r MOflfl S, Daniel. Amoru. Lib. Arts. MORRIS. Wai. New Albany. Lib. Arts. IN XOSfS, Michael. Gultport. Bus. MOSS. Lisa. Almyra. AR. Lib. Arts. MUNN. Janna. Mendenhall. Lib. Arts. XO MURPHY, Theresa. Biioxi. Bus. MURRAY. Kathleen. Jacksonville. IL. Lib. Arts. MUSSELWHITE. Darren, Southaven. Lib. Arts. MYERS. Tommy, Byhalia. MS. Lib. Arts MCCALLA, Lynne. Brandon. Lib. Arts. AAH MCCASKILL, Jeffrey. Memphis, Lib. Arts. UCCOLLUM, Judith. Jackson. Lib. Arts. Af MCCOMBS. Mary, Collrerville. TN. Lib. Arts. MCCRACKEN, Alan. Leland. Bus. MCCUISTION. Bretton, Houston. Bus.. IX MCCURLEY. Tracie, Madison. Lib. Arts. ZTA MCDANIEL, Lena. Vicksburg. Lib. Arts. KA MCFERRAN. Gregory, Germantown, Bus.. HKA MCGEE. Tern, Natchez, Lib. Arts. MCGUIRE. Margaret. Oxford. Lib. Arts. ZTA UCKINLEY. Laura, Enid. Bus. MCLAUGHLIN. Kelly. Pascagoula. Lib. Arts. AOH MCLEOD. Billy. Columbus. MS. Lib. Arts. Ben MCMAHON. Michael. Metairie. LA, Lib. Arts. IAE MCMULLAN. Leigh. Kennett. MO. Educ.. AAH MCNAIR, Timothy. Jackson. Bus.. J AG MCRAE , Richard. Dekalb. MS. Lib. Arts, ATO MCSWAIH. Michael. Birmingham. Lib. Arts. AI|I MCmiRTER. Amy. Olive Branch, Bus. NACC. Shirley. Germantown. Bus., ZTA , James, Metaine, LA. Lib. Ar ts. X+ NELSON. Laura. Macon. Ga. Educ. NELSON. Paul. University, Lib. Arts. NEUHOFF. Barbara. Montgomery, AL. Lib. Arts. AAA NEVILLE, Lynn, Jackson, Bus., XO NEWSOM, Larry. Olive Branch, Lib. Arts, KA NEWTON. William. Greenville. Eng., IX NG. Kiat. Kuala Lumpur. Eng. NG. Yan-Tno. Singapore, Bus NGUYEN. Tuan. Ho Chimmh City. Eng. NICHOLS. Thomas. Jackson. Lib. Arts. NIFFENEGGEFt. Regal. Chesterfield. MO. Bus., KA0 NIX. Betty. Dallas. Educ.. HBO NOBLE. Elizabeth. Montgomery. AL, Bus., AAA NOBLIN, Julie, Jackson, Lib. Arts. AT NORMAN, Chnsty. Lula, Lib. Arts, XO NORTON, Mark. Laurel. Lib. Arts, Ben NUNN. Nancy. New Madrid, MO, Lib. Arts. OAKES, Allison, Brandon, Lib. Arts. KA0 OAKES, Stephen, Greenville, Bus., IX O ' DANIEL. Kathleen. Southaven, Lib. Arts. O ' LEARY. Crystal. Decatur, AL. Lib. Arts. O ' OUIN. Susan. Ocean Springs, Lib. Arts OH. Yew-Khoon. University. Eng. OGLEJREE. Beth. Macon. Bus.. XO OLITA. Sandra. Olive Branch. Lib. Arts OLIVER. Suzanne, Jackson. TN, Bus . Af ONG. Siew-Chin. Trengganu. Eng. ORMAN, Anthony, Cleveland, MS, Lib. Arts, Xi|i ORR. Jenny. Gulfport, Lib. Arts. AT OUTZ. Daniel, Grenada. Lib. Arts. OWEN. Bryan. Nashville, Bus. OVERTON. Mona. Batesville. Lib. Arts. AAA PADGETJ. Marianne, Atlanta, Lib. Arts, OM PALCZYNSKI. Helen, Lagrange Park, IL. Educ. PALMER. Jeffrey, Villa Ridge. IL. Lib. Arts. A+ eshmen PARCHMAN, Lauren, Jacksonville, PARK, Gregory, Meridian. Lib. Arts. PARKER. Dorothy, McHenry, MS, Lib. Arts, ZTA PARKER. Elizabeth. Charleston. WV, Lib. Arts, AOH PARKER. Kimberly. Montgomery. IL, Lib. Arts. PARSONS. Kelli. Shreveport, LA. Lib. Arts, KA0 PASS. Patricia. Olive Branch, Lib. Arts. PATTERSON, Angela. Southaven, Bus.. K.KI " PA TTERSON. Julia. Corinth, Lib. Arts. PAYNE, Temple, Fredencksburg, VA. Lib. Arts. KA PEABODY. John. Memphis, Lib. Arts. PEDDY, Brent, Henderson. TN. Bus. PEEDE, Christopher, Brandon, Bus., A 1 PEGRAM. Leigh. Tunica, Lib. Arts. AAA PENICK. Tina. McComb. Lib. Arts. PERERA. Mihipagalage. University, Eng. PETERS, Roumam, New Orleans, Lib. Arts. IAE PETERSON. Penelope. Ja ckson, Lib. Arts, Al PETITPREN, Georgette. New Orleans. Lib. Arts, PHILLE Y. Bobby, Grenada, Bus. PHILLIPS. Brian, Shreveport, LA, Lib. Arts, IN PHILLIPS. Jones. Morton, Educ. PIERCE. Jeremy. Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. OKT PIGOTT. Robin. Tylertown. MS, Lib. Arts PLEASANTS. Amy, Germantown, Bus., K KC PLUMMER, Sherron, Holly Springs, Lib. Arts. PONDER, Rodney, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts, KI POOLE. Diana. Olive Branch, Lib. Arts. POUNDS, Pepper, Greenville, Eng., IX PRESLEY, Karen, Clinton, Lib. Arts. PROFFin. Ralph, Poulsbo, WA, Eng. PROVENCE. Ginger, New Albany, Lib. Arts, Al PRUETT, David, Memphis, Bus., IX PULSE, Anthony, Bolivar, TN. Lib. Arts, OKOi PYLE, Perryolyn, Grenada, Bus.. ZTA QUON. Judy. Lexington. MS, Lib. Arts. RADOWICK, Sam. Lansing, IL, Lib. Arts, Xili RAMSEY, William, Germantown Bus BOM RANDO. Missy, Macon, GA, Lib. Arts. KAG RATTIKIN. Allyson. Fort Worth, Bus.. HBO RAYBURN, Shannon, Hattiesburg Lib Arts RAZOR. Mark. Jackson, Lib. Arts. ATQ REASONOVER. Karis. Metairie, LA, Lib. Arts, Af REAVES. Timothy. Clarksdale. Bus.. HKA REED. Jerry, Mississippi St., Eng. REED. Kristin, Jackson, Lib. Arts, XO REIOY, Michelle. Oxford, Lib. Arts K Kl REND. Carolyn, Jackson. Lib. Arts, K Kl RHODES, Jeffery. Oppai. Lib. Arts. RICHARDSON. Erik. Union, Lib. Arts, X| RICHTER. Robert, Horn Lake, MS Eng R DGWAY, James, Herrin. IL, Lib. Arts RILE Y, Lucy. Jackson, Lib. Arts, 0 M RIVERS. Loretta. Union, Lib. Arts. ROBBINS. Bobby. Etta. Eng. ROBERSON. Elizabeth, Greenwood, Bus., XQ ROBERTSON. Kimberly, Mattson. Educ ROBINSON, Mickie, Saltillo, Lib. Arts RODGERS. Paula. Greenwood, Eng. ROE. Germantown. Bus., IN ROGERS, Amanda, Lexington, TN. Lib Arts AOH flOGfffS, Kandace. Clinton, Bus.. Al flOGfflS. Wendy, Hazlehurst, Lib. Arts AAH BOMSCTGffl. Pamela. Water Vafcy. Eng. ROSE. Katie. Statin . Bus.. XQ WSCTJane Ann. Savannao, TN. Lib. Arts. AT flOSS. HaskeK. Camel. wTBus.. ATQ flCSS. Jerry. Jackson. TN. Bus.. KI SOWSfy. Perm. Courfland, Lib. Art. BUT. Scott, Bardetl TN. Bus.. AAT1 AUSK Tina. Pontotoc. Lib. Arts. flUSSat Rhonda. Jadoon. Lib. Arts. RUSSELL. Robert. Corinth. Lib. Arts. RUTHERFORD. Melvern. Memphis. Lib. Arts. Ben SADLER. Suzanne. Grenada. Lib. Arts. SAED. Stacey, Memphis. Bus.. KKf SAMS. Kimberty. Jackson. TN. Lib. Arts. AOTI SANDERS. Angela, Sards. Lib. Arts. SANDERS, Dennis. Southaven. Lib Arts. KA SANG. Gabneta. Rosedale, MS. Lib. Arts. SATTERFIELD, Mara, Germantown, Educ.. KKF S4iS, Jeffrey. Ocean Springs. Lib Arts. OK+ S4 YR1. Tnothy, Jackson. Bus.. IN SAWYER, ETC. Memphis. Lib. Arts. SCARBOROUGH. Karen. Byhab. MS. Lib. Arts SCARUNO. Matthew. Pass Christian. Eng SCHAFER. Thomas. New Orleans. Bus.. IAE SCHEXNA YDER. Am. Huston, LA, Bus. Sff . Hoong. Kuala Lumpur. Bus. SEEL Y. Linda. Moss Port, Lib. Arts SELDEN. Claibome, Memphis. Bus., BOD SENSING. Carson. Brentwood. TN, Eng., ATQ SEW. Stephanie. Natchez. Bus.. KA SEWELL. Lauren. Oxford, bb Arts. KA0 SHAFFER. Kathame. Schnever, LA, Lib. Arts. ZTA SHANKLE. Christopher. Batesvite. Bus. SHANKS. Missy. Memphis. Bus.. AOTI SHANNON. Crystal. Hemando. Lib. Arts. SHERMAN. Richard. Oarkscale. Eng.. Ben SHERMAN. Susan. LousvNte. KY. Bus.. AOH SHERRY. Lesfce. Btaa, Lib. Arts. XD SHCENO. Ha. University. Lib. Arts. SUNN. Elizabeth. Oecatur, AL. Lib. Arts. M SHORT. Scott, Grenada. Bus. SHOWS. Wan. Shreveport LA. Ub. Arts. KA SW7F. Holy. Goodman. Bus.. AOn SW, Chee KeA University. Lib. Arts. SIMONS, KeW. Germantown. Lib Arts. KA SIMMONS. Robin. Tupelo. Educ.. XQ SMOK Robert, Columbia. L . Arts. SMPSOV. Cathy. Jackson. Ub. Arts. KA SPKHT. Jeanede. Holy Springs. Ub. Arts. SMmt Daniel. Dewitt AR, Bus. SUnH David. Woody . Bus, KA SMITH. James. Natchez. L . Arts. X+ SMITH. Knsbe. Veksburg, Eng.. AT SMfED, Jennifer. Metame. LA, Lt . Arts. AAA SOCKWELL. Samuel. Oxford, Eng. SOMES. George, Birmingham. Bus.. KZ SPUER Bzabetk. Lake Chates. LA, Lib. Arts. HB STALEY. Brian, Natchez. Lib. Arts. X STAMPS, Terri. Prentes. Lib. Arts STANTON. Christina. Cordova. TN. Lib. Arts. STEELE, Sharon. Calhoun City. Lib. Arts. AT STEPHENS, Christopher. Cape Canaveral, a. Bus.. KT STEPHENSON, Stacey. Germantown. TN. Lib. Arts. AATI STEWART. Calvin, Marks. Lib. Arts STIVERS. Aroe, Flint, M. Bus. STELHACK, Michael. New Orleans, Bus.. Ben SiDMF. Amy. Roswel. GA. Bus.. AAH SWAN. Jason. Covmgton, TN. Lib. Arts. AO SWAYZE. Mary. Benton. Lib. Arts. AAA smtrr W ST- B-2 ' CGn .D A-.s 64 SZUWALSKI Etea. Veksburg. Eng. TAVOLETI. Juhe. Qarksdate. Lib. Arts. AAA TAYLOR, day. Jackson. LJ) Arts.O KT TAYLOR. CoHette. Hatdesburg. Bus.. KA TAYLOR. Dawn. Brandon. Lib. Arts. TAYLOR. Timothy. Greenwood. Bus THAMES. Becky. Monbceto, Lib. Aits. Add THAMES. Edward. Verona. Lib. Arts. IMWP. David. Wiiorta. Lib Arts THOMAS. Charles. Wynne. AR. Lib Arts. A bshmen THOMAS, Visa, Jackson, Bus., XQ THOMAS, Paul, Paducah, KY, Lib. Arts. THOMPSON, Paul. Birmingham, Lib. Arts, Xi|j THOMPSON, Susan, Pascagoula, Lib. Arts. THRASHER, Audra, Blue Mountain, MS, Lib. Arts THRIFT. Amy, Oxford, Educ. THURMAN, Elizabeth, Keo. AR, Bus. TILLMAN. Jessica, Louisville. Lib. Arts, AOH TODD. Grace, Brentwood. TN, Lib. Arts. Af TOLLISON, Deborah, Oxford, Eng. TOLSON. Carol, Lafayette, LA. Lib. Arts, K Kf TOWNSEND, Jerri. McCool. Lib. Arts. TRAYLOR. Mark, Germantown. Bus. TRIPLETT, Jacqueline. Jackson, Lib. Arts. KA TUCKER. Charles, Henderson, TN. Bus. TYLER, Joyce. Oxford, Lib. Arts, KA TYLER. Tracy. Duck Hill, Educ. UHLHORN. William, Memphis. Bus.. KA UNDERWOOD, Thomas. Foley, AL, Bus. UNDERWOOD, Todd, Virginia Beach, VA, Lib. Arts, DKA UNG. Yee, Penang, Bus. UPSHAW, Megretla, Batesville, Eng. VANBURAN, Laura, Franklin Lakes, NJ, Eng. VAN DAMME. Richard Oxford. Lib. Arts. VACCARO. Amber. Atoka. TN, Lib. Arts, XO VALLENILLA. Candace, Blytheville, AR, Eng.. OM VANCE. David, Calhoun City, Lib. Arts. VANN. Whitney. Glasgow. KY, Bus., KKI " VARNELL, Sonya. Brandon, Lib. Arts. VAXTER. Barbara, Batesville. Bus. VOGLE, Deirdre, Saucier, Lib. Arts. VOGLE. Victoria, Saucier, Lib. Arts. VOIGT, Dyanna, Memphis, Bus. VOYLES, Jeffrey, Olive Branch, Bus., IN WACASER. Krista, Ripley. Bus. WADSWORTH, Jana, Clinton, Lib. Arts, Al WAGSTER. Emily. Jackson, Lib. Arts. WALDRUP, Steven, Madison, Lib. Arts, IN WALKER, Martha, Schlater, MS, Lib. Arts. K KC WALLACE. Ronald. Longwood. FL, Bus., I N WALLACE. Sarah, Gideon, MO Educ KA WALLS, Charles, Pontotoc. Lib Arts WALLS Dana, Pontotoc. Eng. WALSH, Amy. Madisonville, KY, Lib. Arts, KAS WARD, Teresa, University, Lib. Arts. WARREN. Elizabeth, Greenwood, Lib. Arts. XQ WARREN, Jem. South Fulton, TN. Bus., AIJJ WARRINGTON. David. Baton Rouge. Eng.. KA WASHINGTON. Zana. Greenville. Bus. WATERS, Elizabeth. Oxford, Lib. Arts, Af WATKINS. Joe, Union, Bus., A| WATKINS. Michelle, Ridgeland. MS. Lib. Arts. KKf WATKINS. Shara, Waynesboro, Lib. Arts. PM WAXLER. Damon, Memphis, Bus.. IN WEBER. Lisa, New Albany, MS, Eng. WELDEN. Lawrence, Meridian, Bus., riKA WELLS. Donna, Nassau Bay, TX, Lib. Arts, M WELLS, Melmda. Oxford, Educ., AAH WELLS, Tracey, Jackson. Lib. Arts. WESTBROOK. Jamie, Oxford. Lib. Arts. WHITE. Barry, Tampa. Lib. Arts. ATO WHITE. Fred, Kiln, MS. Lib. Arts. WHITEHEAD. Beth. England. AR, Lib. Arts, M WHITLEY. Richard, Covington. TN. Bus. WHITTLE. Ellen. Newton. lib. Arts. t M WIGGS, Jill. University. Lib. Arts. AATI WILEY. Laura. Oxford. Lib. Arts. WILLIAMS. Alice. Memphis. Lib. Arts. WILLIAMS. Ernest. Oxford. Lib. Arts. IX WILLIAMS, Michele. Jackson. Lib. Arts. WILLIAMS. Sandy. New Albany. Bus., o " WILUS. Bethany. Miller City. IL. Eng. WILLS. Jeff. Memphis, Lib. Arts. Ben WILSON. Laura. Southaven. Lib. Arts. WILSON. Laurinda, Ft. Lauderdale. Lib. Arts. WISE. Dixon. Jackson. Lib. Arts. IX Win. Martha. New Albany. MS, Educ.. AT WONG. Kong Mong. Kuala Lumpur. Eng. WONG. Kuo Cheng. Singapore. Eng. WOOD. Donald. Metairie, LA. Bus.. Ben WOOD. Stacy. Sumner. Lib. Arts. XO WOODS. Ashley. Metairie. LA. Lib. Arts. KA WOODS. Frank, Grenada, Bus. WOODS. FUndall. Ackerman. Eng. WORSHAM. Jerry, Greensburg. LA. Lib. Arts. WOOLHOUSE. Arthur, Corinth, Lib. Arts. IX WOOTEN. Victoria. Jackson. Bus.. M WRIGHT. Laura. Tupelo. Lib Arts. WATT. Elizabeth, Cleveland. MS. Lib. Arts. AAA YAGER. Ann. Madison. Lib. Arts. AAH YARBER, Sandy. Connth. Lib. Arts. YARBOROUGH, Lisa. Mandeville, LA. Bus.. KA6 YATES. Denise, Taylorsville. Lib. Arts. YAWN. Charles. McComb, Bus.. KI YEAMAH Leslie. Dallas. Educ. YEGGE. Gerald. Buffalo Center. IA. Lib. Arts. YOSTE. Tricia. Cordova. TN. Educ..XO YOUNG, Clinton, Nesbit. Eng. YOUNG. Craig. Paducah. KY! Lib. Arts. YOUNG. Michelle. Houston. Lib. Arts. YOUNG. Stacy, Johnsonville. SC. Educ.. K Kf KOIWG, William. Laurel, Eng. ZELLERS. Gretchen, Mattoon. IL, Lib. Arts, K KT . .. , , r E ABEL. Jerry. Duck Hill. Bus., ATQ ABNEY. April. Dallas, Lib. Arts. KAQ ABRAHAM. Elie, Port-Au-Prince. Eng. ACKER. Suzanne. Oxford. Educ.. KAG ADAIR. Christopher, Union. Lib. Arts. BGfl ADAMS Vallene. Cleveland. Lib. Arts. AINSWORTH. Nicole. Brookport, IL, Eng.. KAG ALEXANDER. Lamar, Jackson, Lib. Arts, KA ALFORD, Amanda. Macomb, IL. Lib. Arts. AAH ALLEN. Kevin, Corinth. Lib. Arts, Xi|i ALLEN. Tracy. Little Rock. AR. Eng. ALLISON. Carrie. Batesville, Lib. Arts. ALMAND. Annette, Eustis, FL. Educ. ARNOLD, Dicran. Madison, IL. Eng.. 0 1 BAECHLE Sheri. Wheaton, IL, Lib. Arts. KA9 BAGGETT. Tracy. Water Valley. Lib. Arts. BAILY. Chris, Greenville. Lib. Arts, AI|I BAKER. Terry. Tupelo, Bus., KA BALLARD. James, University. Bus. BARRETT. Kathrine, University. Lib. Arts, ZTA BATTAILE. Andrew, Belden, Bus. BAUCUM. Margaret. New Augusta. Bus., AAH BEARD. James, Hickory Flat, Bus.. BE BEATTY. Marissa, Columbus. Lib. Arts. AOH BEITH. Traci. Clarksdale, Bus., AAH BELL. James. University. Educ. BELL. Terry, Gulfport, MS, Bus., IX BENJAMIN, Dame. Oxford. Bus. BENNETT. Catharine. Columbia, MO, Lib. Arts. Al BENTON, Louis, Cleveland, Lib. Arts, ATO BENZ. Howard, Schlater, Bus., J AS BIDDY. Brad. Grenada, Eng.. ATO B GHAM. Lee. Jackson. Lib. Arts, AQ BLACKSTON. William, Oxford, Lib. Arts. BLACKWfLL. Kathy. Pascagoula, Lib. Arts, Al BLALOCK. Tabatha. Liberty. Lib. Arts. fli WD, Camille. Grand Jet.. TN, Bus., XQ BLEDSOE, Nanette, McCarley, Bus. BOL TON, Dana. New Albany, Pharm.. PM BOND. Tamela. Bruce, Bus. BORDEN. Cindia. Corinth, Educ. BOURN. Amy. Jackson, Lib. Arts, XQ BOWEN, Scon. Biloxi. Lib. Arts. BOWLIN. Amanda, Shreveport, LA, Lib. Arts. BOZCMAN. Jeffrey, Hazlehurst, Bus.,B0n BOZEMAN. Kimberly. Hazlehurst. Lib. Arts. OM BPAGORGOS. John. Eads, TN, Bus., IAE BRANTLEY. Lisa. Brandon, Pharm. BRASHEAR. Kerry. Jackson, Eng. BRAY. Keith, Pascagoula. Bus. BRECHBILL. Kevin, Lexington, KY, Bus.. Xi)i BROCATO. Allison. Baton Rouge. LA. Pharm. .AAR BROCK, Oliver, McComb, Lib. Arts. mOWN. Ben|i, Meridian, Bus. SflOWW. Jennifer. Batesville. Lib. Arts. BROWN. Michael. Water Valley, Bus. BRYANT. Susan. Raymond, Lib. Arts. BUDZ. George, University, Eng. SUGG, Doran. Corinth, Lib. Arts, AI|I BULLARD. James. Kennett, MO. Eng. BULLARD. Kimberly, Corinth. Lib. Arts. BULLOCK. Alice. University, Pharm. BUNTIN. Anne. Memphis. Educ.. KAG 3 y BURATTO, Nancy. UbertyvMe. IL. Lib. Arts. AOH BURGE. John. Jackson. Lib. Arts. IX BURNS. Lisa. Corinth. Lib. Arts. BYRD. Alteon. CoMavDe. TN. Bus.. AT BYRNES. Mo . Cariiste. Lib. Arts. AT CAFFEY. Cheryl. Batesvibe. Educ.. HBO) CALHOUN. Dawn. Hombeak. TN. Eng, CALLOWAY. Neida. Tupelo. Bus. CAMPBELL, Lou Anne. Cooler, MO. Bus.. OH CAPEWEU, Jeff. Sekner, TN, Bus.. + WOOWF. Christopher. Rabun Gap. GA, Lib. Arts. CARUODY. Anne. Shrewport. LA. Lib. Arts. KKf GWMC . Brian, Southaven. Lib. Arts. CARNES. Steven. Jackson, Bus. CARTER. Cherie. Forrest City. AR. Lib. Arts. HBO CARTER. Sarah, Natchez. Lib. Arts. K A CASWU Jorge. New York. NY. Eng. OWMMM. Monica. StatesviBe, NC. Lib. Arts. CHAMBERLAIN. Leah. Tupelo. Lib. Arts CHAMPUN. Mi. Pensacola. FL. Bus. CHAN. Chiaw-Shee. Kuantan. Pahang. Bus. CHAN. Keng. Selangor. Eng. CHAN. Naiap-Sung. Smapore. Eng. CHAPIN, Mary Elizabeth. University. Lib. Arts. AAA CHILDS. Sunny, Corinth. Lib. Arts. ZTA CHILDS. Thomas. Ethel. Lib. Arts, AI|P CLAPP, Dorothy. Garretsville. OH. Bus.. AATI CUfTT. Lon. West Point Lib. Arts. AAD COATES. Amy. Hazlehurst Lib. Arts. COKER. Sam. Yazoo City, Eng.. AS COLBURN. Ion. Russellville. AR. Lib. Arts. COLE. Christy. Paris, TN, Lib. Arts, AT yjLEMAN, Christie. Southaven. Lib. Arts. COLLIER. Christ. Memphis. Bus, AAD COLLIER. Jack. Dim Branch. Bus. COLUHS. Margaret Houston. TX. Educ.. KA0 CONQUEST. Gregory. Cotumbus. Lib. Arts. C07BOS. Ria. Germantown. TN, Bus, XO COUCH. Robin. North Little Rock. AR. Bus, KA COURTNEY. Tanya. Southaven. Lib. Arts. COX. Art. Columbus. Lib. Arts. IX Of. Warn. Birmingham. Lib. Arts. X John Biggs CRANFORD. Vera. Seminary. Lib. Arts. CROmfY, Sheia, Maben. Lib. Arts. ZTA CRUH. Patrick. Vardaman. Eng. CUMBERLAND. Crystal. Big Creek. Pharm. CURTIS, Anita. Oxford. Educ.. KA OABBS. WHs. Ctarksdale. Eng. DAHLEM. Metanie. HamMon. Lib. Arts. OM DALAISON. Rubens. Union City. CA. Bus. DALE. Maureen, MontKdlo. Educ.. AT DANIEL. John, New Albany. Lib. Arts. A |J DANN. Christman, Orlando. FL. Bus, IAE DAVES. Michael. Canton. Bus. DA VIS, Loretta. Marks. Bus. DAY. John. Oxford. Bus. OEATON. Bradley, Jackson. Pharm. DEHBOSKI. John. Louisville. Lib. Arts. DESIL VA. At Sri-Lanka. Eng. DKKERSON. Ronald. Clinton. Bus, KI UXON, Lloyd. Summit Lib. Arts. DIXON. Nancy. Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Lib. Arts, KA3 DOWNEY, Mary. Yazoo City. Bus. ORAUGHON, Elizabeth. Memphis. Pharm, AAA DUBBERLY. John. Greenville. Bus, OAG DUNLAP. Michael. North Andover. MA. Eng. DYE. Hamp. Jackson. Lib. Arts, IN EASLEY. Dianne. Houlka. Bus. EASTER Brooke. Charlottesvlle, VA. Bus, KA EAVES. John. Jackson. Lib. Arts. X EDWARDS. Stacie, Oxford. Bus. EICHELBERGER. Nicole. Jackson. Lib. Arts. AOH fU Orr. Mary. Owensboro. KY. Bus.. AAH ELLIOTT, Walter. Riptey, Ace.. IN ELMORE. Susan. Vaiden. Lib. Arts. ENSLEN. Enk. Elk Grove. IL. Educ. FS7FS. Christ. Clinton, Bus, AATI fSTFS. Maria. Mooreville. Bus. ETERNOD, Alicia, Ocean Springs, Lib. Arts. EUBANKS, Angela, Oakland, Educ.. AAO EUBANKS, James, Tunica. Lib. Arts, Ben EVERS, Julie, Jackson, Bus. FAIR, Frederic, Gainesville, FL, Bus., KI FAIRLEY, Andrew, Lake Cormorant, Lib. Arts, PKT FARRINGTON, Gena, Jackson. Lib. Arts, XO FELDHAUS. Carrie, Oxford. Lib. Arts, TBI FENNEGAN, Sydney. Harlingen, TX, Educ., HBO FERO, Juliette, Ocean Springs, Lib. Arts. FICK, Jeffrey, Memphis, TN, Bus., IN FINLCY. Misty, Centralia, IL, Lib. Arts, KAG FLINN, Mary, Hernando. Bus. FOARD, Mary, Lafayette, LA, Bus., KAQ FFIANCIS, Edward, Chalmette, LA. Ace. FRANCKHAUSER, Oeanne. Dallas. TX, Lib. Arts, XQ FREIMAN. Michael, Harvard, II, Eng. FR ERSON, Lavorace, Oxford, Bus. FRIERSON. Tina, Oxford, Educ. FUNK. Tommy, Harlingen, TX, Bus. 6ADD. Walter, Hickory Flat. Ace., ATO GARNER, Lee, Pearl, Lib. Arts. GARRARD, Beverly, Oenison, TX, Bus. GAUDE T, Ariane. Lafayette. LA, Lib. Arts, Al GAUDET, Catherine, Natchez, Bus., Af BAYLOR, Martha, Jackson, Educ. GENTRY, Beatrice. Tunica, Lib. Arts. GILCHRIST. Kathryn. Carthage, Lib. Arts, Al GILDER, Jefferson, Olive Branch, Ace. GILDER, Melanie, Jackson. Educ. G LLENWATER. Grace, Memphis, TN. Bus.. AOH GOFORTH, Kristina, Oxford. Lib. Arts. GOODMAN. Alan, Jackson. Eng.. IN GOODWIN, Ginger, Jackson. Bus., AAA GORDON, Charles, Laurel. Bus., in GORDON. Robert, McCool, Eng. GORDON, Valerie, Meridian. Lib. Arts, nB GOVINDASAMY, Visvanathan, Johore Eng GRAHAM. Hardy, Meridian, Bus., RKA GRAHAM. Kim, Golden, Lib. Arts. GRANTHAM. Michael, Pearl, Bus., KI GRAY. Mike, Corinth. Eng., KI GREER, Kimberly. Hattiesburg, Bus AAA GRIFFING, Ronald, Jackson, Ace. GRIMM, Thomas. Paducah, KY, Lib. Arts. GROSSELL, Sean, Destrehan, CA, Lib. Arts. GUNN. Gloria, Tupelo, Ace. GUNN, Jack, Ellisville, Bus., IX GUTIERREZ. Luis, New York. NY, Eng. GUYTON, David, Tupelo, Bus. HABIG, Douglas, Woodville, Lib. Arts, OKi HAMILTON. La Angela. Ace. HAMMER. Dag. University. Bus. HAGUE. Zakir, University, Eng. HARBOUR. Michael, Summit, Bus., OK| HARDIN, James, Long Beach, Bus., DKi|i HARRIS, Chico. Tupelo, Lib. Arts. HART. Allyson, Crossett, AR, Bus., 0M HARTFORD, Carol, Jackson, Lib. Arts. HATCHER, Nancy, Cordova, TN, Ace., KA HAUSNER, Shannon, Glendora, Educ. HEINDEL, Leah, Oxford, Bus. lit M HEMJEL Lori. Mont. Bus. HEWrT. Carol. V M : I. Kosousko, Bus HENRY. Randy. Oxford. Bus. HERNOON. Jennifer. Waterford. Lib. Aits. HERRINGTON. Jeanne, Metame. LA, Educ.. KA HERRHGTON. Thomas. Jackson. Lib. Arts. ATQ HEHT7T. Melissa. Natchez. Bus . M MU. Tracy. Memphis. Bus.. KA HNTOH. Mary. Huston. LA. Lib. Arts. AT HODGES, Amanda. Leaksville, Educ. HOLCOMB. Maria. Bikwi. Pharm NOUAVD. Anthony. Memphis. TN. Bus., ATQ HOLLOHILL, Jennifer, Orve Branch. Bus.. 0 M HOLMES. David. Wtagins. Eng. HOOT, Chiew. Kuala Lumpur. Bus. HOOKER. Kathleen. Lexngton. US. Bus.. XQ HOOKER. Lori. Thaxton. Bus. NOHME. Mane. Inverness. Lib. Arts. AT MORTON, Holy. Oxford. Educ.. KA9 HOWARD, Dawn, Lucedale. Lib. Arts. HURT. Benjamin. Marietta. GA, Lib. Arts. HUSSUHG. Michael. Brenhmod. TN. Bus mVEa Michele. New Orleans. LA. Pharm.. AOn MBffl, Alryson, Southheld. Ml. Lib. Arts. NGRAHAU. Carol. Jackson. TN. Lib. Arts. M MWW, Ward, Jackson, Lib. Arts. HTHMAMH. Kanendran. University. Eng. JAUES. Amy. Meridian. Lib. Arts. AT MRRETT. Sylvia. Bruce. Lib. Arts. AOTI JAVORSKY, Sue. BUoxi, Pharm. JOHNSON. Kenneth. Winona. Bus.. KI JOHNSON. Mary. Mantee, Bus. JOHNSON, Randy. Banner. Eng. JOHNSTON, Kenneth. Bay St. Louis. Bus . I JOHNSTON. Thomas. Summit. Bus JOHES. Cynthia. Kosousko. Lib. Arts. JOMfS. Gerald. Piano. TX. Bus. JONES. Ma. darksdale. Bus.. XQ JONES. Laura. Munster. IN, Bus. MKfR Kerry, Natchez. Bus. IX KAMMEER, Ekabctti, Ferguson, MO, Pttvrn. MtCUMM, Katnerine. Simpson. .. Educ.. KAS KEARNEY, Mary. Jackson. Lib. Arts. AAH KEEVERS, Amy, New Orleans. LA. Lib. Arts. AAH KEH, Kenneth, Tampa, FL. Bus. - ' ' V I X f ; EiifH, George. Crown Port NY, Eng. KELLEY. Ed. Brentwood. TN. Bus.. IX KELL Y. WWam, University, Eng. KELL Y. Beniamin, Nashville. TN. Bus.. IAE KELLY. On, Vicksburg, Educ. KENNEY. Stephanie, Jackson. Lib. Arts. OM KHAN. Amir. University. Eng. KIM, Samuel. Greenwood. Lib. Arts. KLOHA. Pamela, Holly Springs. Lib. Arts. AT KLOT2. Cecilia, Mobile. AL. Bus.. AAA KNOCHEL. Kimberty, Jackson. Bus. LADNIER, Walter Biloxi. Lib Ans LAFFERTY. Austin. While Deer, TX. Bus.. IX LANGENBACKER. Mary. Wavebnd. Bus. LANIER. Marly. Paducah. KY. Lfc. Arts. KT LAWHON. Leslie. Tupelo. Educ. LAWSON. Stephanie, Brandon. Bus.. OM iff. Chia Phang, Singapore. Enj iff. Jesse. Monroe. LA, Bus.. 0 4 iff, Kengwoh. University, Bus. LEISTER. Randy. Oxford. Lib. Arts, A+ LENOIR. Steven, Long Beach, Bus., flKA tfVBl Jeffrey. Haztehurst Bus., HKA iflMS. Bradley. PascagouU. Lib. Arts. a K UAT, Sharon. University. It. Arts. UK Lun Kong. Kuala Lumpur, Eng. IM. Tze. Petaling Jaya Eng. LLOYD, Jeffrey. Gatlinborg, TN. Lib. Arts, KI LOCKE. Aubrey, Oakland. Lib. Arts. LOFUN. Pamela. Jackson. Educ LOLLAR. Carolyn. Houston. TX. Lib Arts. K Kf LOONG. Tuck, Kampar Perak, Bus. LOVELACE. Margaret, Gultport, Lib. Arts. AAA LOWERY, Roger. Winona, Bus., K+ LUBIN, David. Memphis. TN. Lib. Arts. A LUSHER. Susan. Coldwater. Lib Arts. MACK. Thomas, Stireveport. LA. Bus. MAGEE, Marty, La Grange. IL. Bus., Ki|i MAGEE. Stephen. Jackson, Eng. MAGGIO. Andrea, Monroe, LA, Lib. Arts, J M MAGRUDER. Harris, Jackson, Bus.,OA0 MAH, Doreen. Lake Village, AR. Pharm. MALLORY. Sarah. Clifton. IL, Lib. Arts. MANSFIELD, Robert. Pope. Lib. Arts . MAPLES. Tony, University. Bus. MARSHALL. Jena, Calhoun City, Bus. MARTIN. Amy, University, Educ. MARTIN. Charlotte. St. Louis. MO, Bus. MARTIN. Marcia, Oxford. Lib. Arts. MARTIN. Marian. Vardaman. Educ. NART1N. Mitch. University. Eng. MASSE Y, Jonathan. Vardaman. Lib. Arts. MATHIS. Barbara, Oxford. Educ. MATKINS. Ricky, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. AI|I MATTHEWS. James, Bailey. Lib. Arts. MATTINA, Rose Ann. Biloxi, Lib. Arts. MAYFIELD. Jay. Etta, Lib. Arts. MCCAA. Lois. Jackson. Bus., XQ MCCALLA. Joy, Burlison, TN. Lib. Arts. MCCARTT, Scott, Germantown. TN. Eng. MCCRACKEN. Kelly, Memphis. TN. Eng. MCOANIEL. Lori. Bolivar, TN, Bus.. KAG MCELWAIN. Gloria, Grenada. Lib. Arts. Af MCftUl Michael, Corinth, Bus., IX MCGff. Stephanie, Jackson, Lib. Arts. XO MCGEHEE, Jennifer, Natchez, Lib. Arts, KA MCLEOD. Loren, Jackson, Educ., KKf MCMAHAN. Michael. Grenada, Lib. Arts. MC VffSf.Shelia, Prentiss. Bus. MCPHERSON. Meredith. Germantown. TN. Bus., AAA MEDINA, Javier, Lima, Lib. Arts. MEHROTRA. Amit. Ghaziabad, Eng. MELICHAR. Charles. Forest, Bus., XJ ME TZ. Yvonne, New Albany, Educ.. M MILANO, Virginia. Bolton. Lib. Arts, AC MILLER, Jane. Jackson. Bus., ZTA MILLIKEN. Gena, Dewitt, AR, Lib. Arts, RB MILLS. Henry. Jackson, Lib. Arts. MILLS. Stacey. Clinton, Educ.. AAA MIMS, Bob. Jackson. Lib. Arts. DAQ MWOfl, Nancy. Memphis. TN, Lib. Arts. AOn MITCHELL. Margaret, Ocean Springs. Bus. MITCHELL. Steven, Greenwood, Lib. Arts. MIZE. Janet. Paris. Lib. Arts. MIZE. Lynn. Oxford, Bus. MOORE. Mary. Jackson, Educ., XO MORGAN, Barry, Florence, Eng. MORRISON. Ardith. Slidell, LA, Bus.. KAG MOSS, Vicki, Memphis, TN. Bus., KA MOUPIN. Jerry. Penang. Eng. MOYER. Dean, Granklm. TN. Lib. Arts. IX MULKE Y. John. Laurel, Lib. Arts, in MULLINS. Stephen. Ocean Springs. Lib. Arts, Ki|i MULLINS. Walter, Natchez. Lib. Arts. IX MURRAY. Laura. Clinton, Lib. Arts, K Kf MYERS, Suzanne. Jackson, Educ. NAVAILLE. Christie. Carmel, CA, Educ. HEAL. Karen, Perkinston. Pharm. NELSON. Karl, Yazoo City. Pharm., KI HETZ. Cheryn. Lexmoton. Lib. Arts. 1C Kf NICHOLAS. Ashley, Oxford. Lib. Arts. NOLAND, Tammy. Grenada. Bus.. AATI OBBMAtCarta. West Port. Lib. Arts, 0 M CONNOR, Stephen. Hemn. I. Eng,. in HEAL. Jennifer. Sledge. Lib. Arts. AOTI OLIVARE S. Antonio. Alee. TX. Lib. Arts. QL YFS. Verdell. Hemando, Bus.. WI 077. Kelly. Qsyka. Lib. Arts.AaA MiMEH. Margaret. Jackson. Bus., KKf ftWK, Rachel. lndiaou. Bus.. XQ PARKER. Jeflery. Vardaman, Lib. Arts. PARKER. Stacy. Glen Ellyn, IL. Bus.. HBO BWKS. Dennis. Yazoo City. Bus. PA TTESON. Hat. Memphis. TN. Lib. Arts. PAYNE, Elizabeth. Monroe. LA. Pharm.. AT PAYNE. John, Jackson. Lib. Arts. KA PEARSON, Robert Koscusko. Lib. Arts. PERKINS. Patnck. Jackson. Lib. Arts. PHILLIPS. Deborah, Jackson. Bus.. 0 M W uyPS, Perry. Haroesburg. Lob. Arts, IN HOE. Brian. Madison.TN, Bis. PITTMAN. Susan, Yazoo City. Educ.. KA PKKEOH6, Alteon. Laurel. Lib Arts. XO H.UWC Stacy. Calhoun City. Bus. ttXX.Tm.Algoma.Bus. POPE, Coleta. Amory, Bus. POUND. La Ronda. Dallas. TX. Lib. Arts. POWELL, Kathleen, Bowling Green. KY, Lib. Arts. AOH POrWTFR Elame. Ripley, TN, Bus.. AOH PRESSLEY. Jennifer, Coidwater. li. Arts. WBCf, Ray. Forest Lib. Arts. ATQ Lf. Stephen. Meridian. Lib. Arts. ATQ r. Poppy. PMsbun . PA, Eng.. AAH , Aden. Greenwood. Lib. Arts. AAA fUHWS. Mark. Natehez, Lib. Arts. IX PURVIS, Richard, West Monroe. LA, Bus. OUNW. Cheryl. Jackson. Bus.. Af (XXW. Sack. Moorhead. Lib Arts. UMSMV. William. Derham. NH. Eng., 0 KT RAM2AN, All. Mohamed. University. Bus. RATUFF. Sharon. Brandon, Lib. Arts. KA RAWLS, David, Nesbrt. Bus.. KA RAWLS. Tara. Columbia, Lib. Arts. RAY. Susan, Natchez. Bus.. M REED, WMiam. Edwards. Pharm. SffVFS. Gregory. Decatur. AL, Lib. Arts. REVfS, Christopher. Jackson, Eng. RICHARD. Partrick. Owensboro. KY, Lib. Arts, 0 KT RICHARDS. Stephen. Salem. IL, Lib. Arts. RICHARDSON. Jonathan, Lousville, Lib. Arts. KI flCQLf, James, Vicksburg. Lib. Arts. flOSSWS, Billy. Tupeto. Bus ROBERTS. Laura. Grayson, LA, Lib. Arts. AATI ROBERTS, Richard. Memphis. TN. Lib. Arts. IN ROBERTSON. Drew. Grenada, Lib. Arts. IX ROBERTSON. Tracey, Oxford. Educ. ROBINSON, Rnee. Nesbit Eng. ROBHSON. Todd, NorwaU. OH. Bus. ROGERS, Anita, Ocean Springs. Bus ROSS. Lynn, Olive Branch, Bus., ZTA nVWGLL Randall, Kokomo. Eng.. ATO RUBEHSTEM. David. Cleveland. Bus. RUSHNG. Valerie. Columbus. Educ. SALTERS, Gwendolyn. Belden. Bus. I. Heidi. Orton, IJb. Arts. KAS K Ross, Batesv . Bus SCHATZLE. Sharon. Pass Christian. Pharm., KAG SCOTT. Cynthia. Houston. TX. Bus. SCRtBNER, Michael. Tupelo. Lib. Arts. SELPH. Michael. Bardett TN. Lib. Arts. TKE SELVA. Mary. Apo. NY. Lib. Arts. SH4.Kok.Unrversity.Ena SHANNON. James. Corinth. Lib. Arts. KI SHEl nw. Anthony. Richardson, TX, Eng. SHEPHERD, Carol. Fayette. AL. Lib. Arts, M SMMS. Susan. Oxford. Eng. SIT. Frances, Vicksburg, Lib. Arts. SKRIEN. Tern, Oxford. Educ. SLOVER. Russell. Natchez. Lib. Arts. SMITH. Bryan. Corinth. Lib. Arts. OKI SMITH. Dana. Little Rock. AR, Lib. Arts, XO SMITH, Jennifer, Pascagoula, Lib. Arts, AOP SMITH. Lynann. Poplarville, Bus., AAH SMITH. Orma. Corinth. Lib. Arts, IX SMITH. Rhonda, Kosciusko. Educ. SMITH. Robert, West Point, Bus. SMITH, Robert. Laurel. Pharm., in SMITH, Stacy. Dallas. TX, Bus.,K Kl SMITH. Teresa, Westminster, SC. Bus.. KAG SMITH, Timothy, Hattiesburg, Bus. SOUTHERN, Christopher, Monroe. LA, Bus., 0 Ki|j SPRATL N. Arthur, Bruce. Bus., KA STALE Y. Kattiryn. Brandon, Lib. Arts. KAG STEELE. Susan. Calhoun City, Bus.. Af STEWART. Sherna, St. Louis, MO, Pharm.. AAA STORK. Susan, Kosciusko. Lib. Arts. STRICKLAND. Todd. Memphis, TN, Lib. Arts. STRICKLIN, Scott, Jackson, Bus.. AG STRUSS. William, Gulfport, Lib. Arts, TKE SULLIVAN. Brenda. Pearl, Educ. SULLIVAN. Susan, Zachary, LA, Bus., XO SUMMERS. Kay, Olive Branch, Lib. Arts, HBO SVEHLAK. Christopher, Carriere, Lib. Arts, X+ SWEEDEN. Scon, Greenville, Lib. Arts SWEE TSER, Wyndie. Middleton, TN. Lib. Arts. TATf. Crystal. Ecru. Lib. Arts. TATUM, Ronnie. Ripley. Lib Arts TAYLOR, Bettina, Southaven, Bus. TERRY, Kristin, Nashville TN Bus AAH TERWILLIGER, Susan, West Memphis. AR. Lib. Arts, M TEXAOA, Nandy, Alexandria, LA, Bus XQ THAGGARD, Paul, Batesville. Lib. Arts. THOMAS. Cynthia. Greenville. Educ. Al THOMAS. Saline. Southaven. Lib Arts THOMPSON. Todd, Little Rock. AR Bus IX THORNTON, Charlotte, Bay St. Louis, Lib Arts THREAOGILL, Timothy, Columbus Lib Arts 0 Ae TILL. Glen, Jackson. Lib. Arts, IN TOBIN, Dina. Oxford, Bus., 0 M TRAVIS, Lynn. Glasgow. KY. Bus.. AAH TRAVIS, Tessa. Redding. CT. Bus.. KA TRAYLOR. Terry, Oxford, Lib. Arts. TRYOUT, Robert, Meridian, Bus., in TRUE. Robert, Oxford. Lib. Arts. TUBBS. Doyle, Sumner, Lib. Arts. TUCKER, Bryan, Oxford, Eng. TUCKER. Scon. Corinth, Eng. TUCKER. Wendy. Tupelo. Lib. Arts. KAG TURNAGE. Bobbie, McComb, Pharm. TURNER, James. Grenada. Bus. TURNER. Martha, Belzoni, Educ., AP TURNER, Rosanne, Belzoni, Lib. Arts, XQ TURNER, Susan. Memphis, TN, Bus., AAD UHLS, Daniel, Franklin, KY, Eng. UTTER, Kathleen. Paducah, KY Bus.. ZTA VANCE, Kayla, Southaven. Lib. Arts. VAUGHAN, Christopher, Ferriday, LA. Pharm.. 0 KT WADE, Robert, Memphis, TN. Lib. Arts, ZAE WALKER. Sarah, Tutwiler. Lib. Arts, XO IMiSH. Else. L - . WALSH Jonathan. ibdsonviTe. KY. Bus WAL TON. Lisa, Grenada, Bus.. IN WARD. Cynthia, A bbeville. Educ WAOKH. Terre. Comth. Educ. WfATHFRSBY. Melody. Laurel. Lib Arts. AAT1 MWVFfl. Thomas. Tupelo. Lib Arts. WEBB. Jeffrey. Tanner. AL. Bus. WESLEY. Robert. Poptarv . Lib. Arts WfSTFAUL. Jay. Moss Pont, Lib Arts. HfSTlMG; WMkam. MMon. FL. Eng . IN . tvFSrOY Grady. Ocean Sphngs. Pharm HMFUffl. Tracy. Pearl. Lib Arts. WHTC. Charlotte. Jackson, Lib. Arts. XO WHTfHEAD. Mehssa. Yazoo Cy. Bus. WHTEHURST. Debra. Bolivar. TN. Lib. Arts WHTTJ. Vrana. Eupora. Bus.. AT lHr77lcfav.Cf9.Natftez.Lib Arts. B0n tHLOffl. Jeana. Columbus. Bus . XQ WILLIAMS. Jeffrey. Charleston. Eng. WILLIAMS. Richard. Ft. Washington, MD. Educ WUMM5. Todd. Columbus. Li. Arts. WILLIAMS. Todd. Owe Branch. Eng.. Kf WtlMMSOW. Karen. Paducah. KY. Lib. Arts. AOTI WIUJAMSOH. Rhonda. Jackson. Bus.. KA6 IMLSOr-. Marcy. Hemando. Educ. WILSON. Gregory. Jackson. Bus.. Xi| WILSON. Susan. Oxford. Pharm. WILTSHHf. Debbie. CanoMon. Bus HMM4W. Jerry. University. Ace.. IN HWfiffl. Connie. Franklin. TN. Educ. Wise, Chartsy. Tupelo. Bus WOLFf. Marco, Senatobia. Educ HOMG. Ken. Singapore. Bus. MOO. Sook Pheng. Kuala Lumpur. Bus. WOOD. Craig. Tupelo. Lib. Arts. WOOTEN. VWkam, Jackson. Lib. Arts. X+ WRKHT. Amy. Tupelo. Acct . AAH WftOTEH. Gregory. Srrathdale. Lib Arts. HV . KJm Ming, Ontario. Eng. YAR8ROUGH, James, Atlanta. GA. Bus.. KI M7FS. Mashall. Taykvsvile. IJb. Arts. YOUNG. Daphne. Cleveland, Lib. Arts. nXMG. Julius, Oxford. Bus. YUNG. John. Beutah, Pharm. iniors ADAMS. Kent, Yazoo City. Bus. ADAMS, Monique. Shreveport, LA, Educ., K Kf ADKINS, William. Memphis. TN, Lib. Arts, HKA ALBEE, Richard. Gulfport, Bus. ALDERSON, Laura. Oxford, Bus. ALLEN, Jimmy, Moss Point. Lib. Arts, A0 ALLISTON, Wayne. Ocean Springs, Bus., OGK, ct A ALSTON. Jon Anne, Sallis, Ace. ANDERSON, James. Holly Springs, Eng. ANDERSON, Johnny, Batesville. Eng., AOA ANDERSON, Ramona. Holly Springs, Bus. ANDERSON. Scott, Lake Forest, IL, Eng. ANDY. John, Madison. Lib. Arts, OKI ARRECHEA. Katherine, Oxford, Educ. ASHFORD, Andrew. Germantown, TN, Bus., KA ATKINSON. Douglas, Memphis. TN, Bus., IAE AUSTIN, Brian. Dunwoody, GA, Lib. Arts. BACON. Jeffrey. Heiskell. TN, Bus. BAFFORD, Wendell. Okolona, Bus. BAGGETT, Bruce, Water Valley, Eng. BAHM, Shelli, Gulfport, Lib. Arts, AOn BAILEY, Carol. Jackson, Lib. Arts, KA BAILEY, John. Batesville, Bus.. HKA BAILEY. Robert. Jackson, Lib. Arts. BAIN, Rebecca, Glen, Ace. BALLARD, Leslie, Hernando, Bus., AAA BALLARD. Martha. Mathiston, Lib. Arts, M BANKS, Rex, Bartlett, TN, Lib. Arts. BARFIELD. William, Jackson. Bus , ZAE BARLOW. Michael. Hernando, Lib. Arts BARNES. Darrell, Jackson, Lib. Arts. BARNES, Marilyn, Oxford, Lib. Arts BARNES. Terri, Mantachie, Bus. BARNETT, Samantha, Jackson, Educ BARRETT, Andrew, Mendenhall, Lib Arts PKT BARSH NGER, Jeffrey, Oxford, Lib Arts BASWELL, James, Ackerman, Lib. Arts. BEAN, Roscoe. Greenville. Lib. Arts. BEASLE Y, Neal, Helena, AR, Eng., XJ BEAVER. John, Munich, West Germany Lib Arts BEAVERS, Edna, Greewood, Eng. BECK, Susan, Eads, TN, Educ.. KA BENNETT, Dalton, Olive Branch, Bus., KA BENNETT, William. McComb, Bus. BENTON, Shyrell, Kosciusko. Eng., AI9 BERRY, Robert, Freeburg, IL, Lib Arts BIGELOW, Steve, Tupelo. Lib. Arts BIGGS. John, Jackson, Lib. Arts, Adi BILLINGSLEY, Amy, Blue Sprinos, Bus. BINGLER, James. Johnstown, PA, Lib. Arts rB4 BLACKMAFtR. William, Oxford. Lib. Arts BLANKENSHIP, Nathan. Elaine. AR, Eng BLAIR, Mary, Laurel, Pharm., XO 80ATNER, Sandra. Hickory Flat. Ace. BOBBITT. Kendall. Hernando, Ace. BOLEN. Vicki. Batesville, Educ BOONE, Cecily. New Albany Bus M BOOTH, Julie, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. AAD BCWf V.Oonna, Eupora, Lib. Arts, M BOWDRE, John, Hernando, Pharm. BOYLE. James, Vardaman, Eng. BFSACEY, Stacey, Pembroke. KY, Lib. Arts BRADFORD. Chris. Vardaman, Bus., ATO i ,y BRANTLEY. Karmalea. Madden, Bus. BRASWELL Bailey, Jackson. Lib. Arts, n KA BRASWELL Samuel. Hemando. Bus. BRAY Jerry Pjsaoouli, Bus BREA2EALE. Kavanaugh, Port Gibson. Lib. Arts. BREELAHD, Kathryn, Jackson. Bus. BROAOHEAD. Barry, Laurel. Ace. flROOM Robert. Campbell. MO. Ace.. A aWMW. Mark. Water Valley. Ace BROWN, Patrick. Natchez. Eng. BROWN. Randall. Jacksonville. FL. Bus. BROtW. WWam, Laurel. Lib. Arts. BULLEH. Ann, BrownsvMe, TN. Ub. Arts. AOTI BURFORD, Christopher. Greenville. Bus.. IX BURGESS. Janet Pascagoula. Bus. BURNETT. James. Memphis. TN. Bus, OAG BYARS, Kathryn, Oxford. Ub. Arts. AAT1 BURRESS. Gregory. Water Vatey. Eng, ATO BUS8K, Mickey. Oxford, Bus. BUSH. Dianne. University. Lib. Arts. CALHOUN. William. Oxford. Pharm. GUICR7; Caron, Tequesta. Fl. Ub. Arts. AOTI CALVERT. Michael. Crowder. Ace. CAPERTON, Tracey. NashviHe. TN. Lib. Arts. HBO CANADY. Jana. Jackson. Bus.. KAS CARNES, Lady. Elliott, Bus. CARUTHERS, Mary. Oakland. Lib Arts CAYSOH, Allen. Pontotoc. Ub. Arts. CH4MBERUV. Robert. Hemando, Ub. Arts. CHAPMAN. Kenny. Brandon. Bus. CHENG. Kwai. Eng, CHOW. Kay. University. Bus. CHRISTIAN. Robert. West Port, Ace CHRISTIAN, Lea. Greenwood, Bus. CLfVELMD. John, FuNon. Eng. CUHTON. Nancy. West Memphis. AR. Educ. . HBO) aOWGrl Lane. Raymond. Ub. Arts. OMAFfl. Margaret Leakesv . Lib. Arts. COf. Lisa. Centrata, IL. Lib. Arts. COFFfLD. Dallas. Ft Walton Beach. Ub. Arts. ATO COGHLAN. Kathy, Petahatchie. Pharm.. AT CCtf. David. Hanson. KY, Bus, OKI COLEMAH. Edwin. Ackerman. Ace.. X I t v J Butdme J Bur I COLLJNS, Kevin. Grenada. Ace. COLOTTA, Terry, IndanoU. Lib. Arts. Xd. COLOUETT, Jason. Schlater, Bus.. 0 A6 CaWfT, Felicia. Gore Spms. Ub. Arts. COtnHJL, Doc, Netteton, Educ. COWC Deborah. Grenada. Ub. Arts. COOK, Mary. Nashville, TN. Bus., KAS COOK Thomas. Oxford. Bus. CQHLfy, Cyntha. Mae. Eng. aft COmiGAN. Erin. Meridian. Ace.. KAG O3SSJW. Margaret Jackson, Lib. Arts. AAA COSSITT. Tommy. TiplersviUe. Educ. COURTNEY. Paul. Neery. Bus. CO(7MFr. Todd. Fkxence. Bus., AOH COX. Barry. Memphis. TN. Lib. Arts. COX, Brian. Memphis, TN. Bus. OK Sacey. Oxford. Lib. Arts. COX, Tamara, Orlando. FL. Lib. Arts. AAO CRAFT. Christopher, Pascagouta. Eng. CRADOOCK. Steven. Cleveland. Lib. Arts. KA CRAK, Brenda. DeKrose. TN, Ub. Arts. CRAVEN, Robert Fulton, KY. Eng CRAWFORD, Goida. Koscusko. Ace. CSffiK Van. Wesson, Bus, OK CROOLE, Frank. Salt Lake City. UT. Lib Arts. CROFFORD, James. Rson, AH, Ace. CROSSLEY. Merry, Dates. TX. Bus., HBO CRUMPTON. Natalie. New Albany. Educ. CULPEPFfa. David. Menoan. Bus OmEY. Charles. Memphis. TN, Bus, A DANIELS, Leta. Quitman. Ace. MWSCW. Tod. Oxford. Ace, Ain WWS. Arm. St Petorsburgh. FL Bus.. CBO) WMS.Deama.Balesvae.Acc Of GROOT. Scott Corinth. Lib. Arts. K OEXM. Sara. Corinth. Lib Arts. AAR iniors DEES, Leland. Booneville. Ace. DEHMER, Joseph. Jackson. Bus., IX DESANTIS, Robert. Laurel, Lib. Arts, IX DICKERSON, Kenny, Decatur. Ace. DICKERSON, Penny, Decatur, Pharm. DINH, Binh, N. Biloxi, Eng. DINH, Toi, Biloxi, Eng. DIXON, Vickie. Ponotoc, Lib. Arts DONALDSON. Kenneth, Enid, Ace. DRANE, Catherine, Orlando, FL, Educ., KKf DRUMMOND, Anne, Nashville. TN. Educ., KA DUKE, Karl, Pittsboro, Lib. Arts. DUMAS, Charles. Printiss. Lib. Arts, IX DUNCAN, Dana, Tupelo, Educ. DUNLAP. Gary. Hernando, Eng. DUNN, Tammy, Greenwood, Educ. DURFE Y, Mary, Canton, Lib. Arts. DYE, Pamela, Coldwater, Educ. EASTRIDGE, Lisa. Enid, Bus. EDWARDS, Clyde, Canton. Bus., Ben EDWARDS, Katrina, Slidell, LA, Educ. EICHELBERGER, Andrea, Louisville, Bus. EIDT, Margaret, Natchez, Bus. ELLIOT, Ricky, Greenwood, Eng., K KI|I ELLIS, John, Vicksburg, Bus. ELLISON. Scotty, Cleveland, Bus. EMERSON, William, Vicksburg, Eng. ENOCHS, Scott, Jackson, Bus., K KOi ETHERIDGE, Samonia, Port Gibson, Lib. Arts, AAH EVANS, Demetria, Southaven, Educ. EVANS, Nina, Water Valley, Lib. Arts. EVANS, Philip, Jackson, Lib. Arts, ATQ FARMER. Wayne, Benoit, Bus., IX FARR, Paul, Printiss, Bus., IX FARROW, Rhonda, Coldwater, Lib. Arts. FILES. Scott, Lib. Arts. FISHER, Benjamin, Marks Bus FISHER, Larry, Batesville Bus FITCH, Lisa. Holly Springs. Bus., Af FITZGERALD, Robert, Waynesboro, Bus., Adi FLETCHER, Mark. Hamilton VA Eng FLETCHER, Reid, Indianola, Lib. Arts. KA FLOYD, Donna, Pittsboro, Ace FOLEY, David, New Berlin, Wl, Bus. FOX, Chris, Germantown. TN. Ace., OKT FRATESI, Lisa, Leland, Lib. Arts, OM FRATESI, Terre, Marion, AR. Lib. Arts, PM FREEMAN, Ruby, Biloxi, Lib. Arts. FREEMYER, Emily, Helena, AR, Bus., KAG FREY, Melissa, Hollandale, Educ., t M FULKS, Walter, Levelland, TX, Lib. Arts. FULLER. Cedric, Tupelo, Bus. GADOY, Jody, Gulfport, Eng., HKA GAINES, James, Booneville, Lib. Arts. GALLOWAY. William, Brandon, Ace., IN GANN, Skip, luka, Bus GARDNER, Jeftery, Corinth, Bus. GARDNER, Richard, Long Beach, Lib. Arts. GARDNER, Tracy, Corinth, Lib. Arts. GARNER, Roger, Oxford, Lib. Arts. BAI GARRETT, Glen, Goodlettsbille, TN, Bus. GASTON, Stephanie, Belzoni, Bus., Al Gff.John, Itta Bena, Lib. Arts. 13 ' 3 i r GERALD. James. Brookhaven. Eng. GHOLSON. Dense. Holly Springs. Educ OLLESPf. Lisa. Phoena. AZ. Lib. Arts GMK Randy. Golden. Ub Ms. GtOVCT Ton . Holly Spnngs, Eng 6OLQW. Bwn. New Many. Bus. COLO Beverly. Kngsport. TN. Bus GOHGOf. David. Njtefioehei. LA. Eng GOOQEW. Honda. Oarksdale. Bus.. AI6 M GOOOWW. W am, Meridian. Lib. Arts. X+ GOROO . James. Banner. Ace GONDOW.Marcia.Uberry.Bus GORDON. Tina. Caftoun Cy. Educ GCHF7SW, Anthony. Ocean ' springs Bus GOULD, Kathryn. Montcelo. Bus.. AT GR4HH, UMe. Vienna. VA. Ace.. AOO GRAHAM. Wanda. AbbevHe. Enp, GRAY, Fred. Decatur. AL. Erin. U GREEN. Samantha, Senatoba. Educ. GRfmjJOH. Hafly. Brentwood. TN. Lib. Aits. GOffHG. (Omberfy. Jackson. Lib. Alts. AA GWSMUf. Penny. Meridian. Bus GM5HUC Tonya. Oxford, Educ.. AAP fiuMK Candy. WMnut. Bus.. A n GUM . Glenn. Meridian. Educ.. X+ GtMH. Robert, Corinth. Lib. Arts. GtMfS. Gnger. Jactaoii. Ub. Arts. XO rMU. James. Ft Washington, MD. Ace.. Kf (MU. Lisa. New Abany.Ub. Arts. WLW. Lucy. VicksburQ, Educ, Kicr rMflQWr. Juk Mendan. Ub. Arts. ZP A MMDW. Usabeth. Winter Springs. FU Educ.. M HMQW. Tony. Cilhoon City. Lib. Arts. HMPfR Tony. Meridian. Bus. HUMS. Anthony. Meridian, Bus HMBS. Craig. CofreeMfc. Educ. HARRISON, Charlotte. Btaa. Bus. HARRISON, Darren. Eupora, Bus MSW. Jean, WNMouse, TX. Ub. Arts HARRISON. Gregory. Brandon. Ub. Arts, ATA HMWSOV. Scott, Jackson, Lib. Arts, B9TI rMTCrd veki. Cordova. TN. Bus.. KA rMTROGf. John. Jonesboro. AR. Eng, HAYES. Malanie. Pascagoula. Eng. MrlMV. Teresa. Jackson. Prarm Ji f5e MK5, Clay, Jackson. Ub. Arts, J A8 HBtOOM. Rhonda, Tupelo. IJb. Arts. HERDON, Tifnothy, PascagouU, Educ. flEFHMG. Robert, Memphis. TN, Bus. HERRMGTON. Angela. Laurel Educ. CSS, Maryam. Laurel. Bus. MOTS, Joseph. Brentwood. TN. Lib. Arts, Ben MGGKS. Kim. Forrest City. AR. Educ.. K Kf MtCynttia. New Albany. Ub. Arts. Z08 -T HLL Jane. Greenville, Lib. Arts. HOARD. Lisa. New Site, Era NOLCOMBf. Bobby. Crowder. Ub. Arts. HOLOAY. Patricia. CMon. Bus HOUAHO. Orvalette MM. Tupelo. IJb. Arts, XQ NQU MO. Sandra, Etta. Bus. HOUfY. Angela. Rienzi, Ub Arts. HOUFY, Edward, Oxford. Ub Arts HOLSONBAtX, Tmmy. FuHon. Bus. HOLSTOH, Sam. PoptarviHe. Bus OW, Laura. Rierui Bus. HORHE, Nam. EtevBe. Ub. Arts. AATI HOfTW. Nancy. Shreveport. LA. Ub Arts. AT MOOTS, John. Arnory. Lib. Aits. HOmOD. Gal. Cola, lib. Arts. ! Laura. West Memphis, AR Educ, AAP! Jtfery. Durant Ub, Arts. . . . HOmfTT, Suzanne. NesbtUb. Arts. ( W4Cf(. Lawrence, Patos Heights. IL. Lib. Arts. Ail HUXHESrOH. Chana. Boonevfc. Ace. HUFFSTATLER. Dnta, Southaven. Ub. Arts. HUGGHS, Jo. Southaven. Ub. Arts, M HOGWfS Josie. Rera. Ub. Arts. WRSr, Randy. Paducah. KY. Eng. HWANG. Yu-Anfl. University, Eng. HYDE. Susan. Jackson. Ace.. KA SOW, Victor. Sunflower. Ace iniors IUPE, Sharon, Jackson, Ace. HBO) JACOB. Cassandra, Clarksdale Lib Arts JACKSON. Kermit. Gulfport, Lib. Arts JADWIN, Lynn, Winona, Lib. Arts JOHNSON, Connie, Meridian, Pharm. AAA JOHNSON, Dorothy, Batesville, Ace. JOHNSON, Linda, Holly Springs, Lib. Arts. JOHNSON, Lisa, Henderson, TN, Lib. Arts, Ar JOHNSON. Lisa, Jackson, Bus. JOHNSON, Lonnie, Coffeeville, Eng. JOHNSTON, Joseph. Jackson, Lib. Arts. JOHNSTON. Wayne, Oxford, Eng. JONES, Bridget. Holly Springs, Lib. Arts. JONES, Jill, Greenwood, Eng. JONES. MArk, Oxford, Eng. JONES, Merlin, McComb, Acc.,B0n JORDAN, Daniel, Charlottesville, VA, Bus ZX JORDAN, Lisa. Friars Point, Lib. Arts. JOYCE, Arthur, Corinth, Bus., JOYNER, Steven, Brandon, Bus. KAZEMBA. Michael, Collierville, TN, Acc.JJen KELLETT. Sidney, Memphis, TN, Lib. Arts KA KELLY, Charles, Tupelo, Pharm. KELLY, Charles, Carriere, Lib. Arts. KERSH. Jane, Hattiesburg, Lib. Arts, AAF1 KEYS. Audrey, Tupelo, Educ. KEYS, Phyllis, Tupelo, Eng. I KING, James, Ackerman. Bus., KA KING, Kellye. Wesson, Educ. AWG, Paula. Mt. Olive Eng KIRKPATmCK. Tom, Brandon, Bus., IX KNIGHT, John, Lafayette, LA, Bus. KNIGHT, Michael, Oxford, Bus. KNIGHT, Susie, Lafayette, LA, Bus., K KT KONG, Ng, University, Eng. . Jennifer, Metropolis, IL, Bus., KAe KUEHNDORF. Peggy, Southaven Ace KUNKLER, Kristen, Oxford Lib Arts KWAN. Mikela. Moorhead Lib Arts LAHAYE. Marie, Leonville, LA, Lib. Arts, AAfl LAIRD, Kathryn. Southaven, Lib Arts LAMB. Victoria, Tupelo, Ace. AOO LAMBERT. Melissa, Vicksburg. Bus. LAMBERT, Patricia, Greenville, Lib. Arts., AOH LANE, James, Richland. Eng. LANTRIP, James. Ocean Springs Eng LASETER, Jeffrey, Ellisville, Lib. Arts IX LE BLANC, Yvette, Biloxi.Acc. tfVWS, Lori, Nashville, TN, Lib. Arts, AOn LI, Stephen, Kowloon, Bus. LIDDY, Sarah, Holly Springs, Lib. Arts, ZTA L M, Teck, Singapore, Bus. LINDAMOOD, Kathryn, Tiptonville, Lib. Arts, AOn LINDLEY, Karen, West Memphis. AR. Lib. Arts, cpM 1 LITTLE, Amy, Fulton Ace LOWERY. Mary, New Albany, Lib. Arts. IOMW, Leigh, Memphis, TN, Bus., AOH LUCAS, Kelley, Columbus, Lib. Arts.AAA LUCAS, Sean, Kankakee, IL, Eng.. OKT LUCKEN, Donna, Corinth. Pharm., KE KRW LU, Ming Shan. University, Lib. Arts. LUST. Perry, Memphis, TN, Lib. Arts. LYONS, Sarah, New Albany. Educ. , Valene. Biloxi, Lib. Arts. KAS MADDEN. Caroline, Bay St. Lous, Bus.. KAS MAGEE. Nancy. Collins, Educ., HBO A WiY, Caryn. Booneville. Bus. MANNING, Jimmy. New Albany. Lib. Arts. MARTIN. Charles. Natchez. Act.. KAS AMflTW Melissa. Meridian. Ace.. AAA MARTIN. Renee. Indianola. Educ.. AT MARTIN Victoria. Jackson. Lib Arts MASLANKA. Patrick. Laurel. Bus.. OT AMSOW, Falton. Oxford, Ace. M4 1 HEWS. Lisa. Locust Valley. NY, Educ. MATHEWS. Randy. Ecru. Bus., AITI AM 777AM, Rodney. Btao, Eng. MAYO. Teresa. New Albany, Lib. Arts. MCARTHUR. Walter. Clinton. Lib. Arts. MCCARTY. Libby. Tupelo. Educ. MCCOY. Kent. Greenville. Bus. I UCCRACKEN. Andrew. Baton Rouge, LA. Lib Arts. IX MCDONALD. Jeanine. Shelbyville, TX, Lib. Arts. Ai|O MCGF5, Elizabeth. Grenada. Bus. MCGEE. Michael. Oxford, Educ. MCGEE, Patrica, Oxfon). Ace. MCSEF, Susan. Jackson. Bus. MCHUGH. Robert University. Lib. Arts. OK MXEF. Bran. Brandon, Ace.. IN MCKEOWN, John. Pittsburgh. PA. Lib. Arts. a A6 MCLEMORE, Theodore, Meridian, Bus.. ATO MCMULLEN. Jane. Meridian, Bus., AAA MCAM fl, Barry. Jackson, Bus.. (DAG MCNEELY. James. Oxford. Bus. MEQLW, Michael, New Atony, Lib. Arts. MEEGAN. Robert University. Lib. Arts. MEEK. Phillip. Lexington. Ace., DKA MERRITT. Laura. Greenville. Lib. Arts. MfSSfft Pamela. Oxlord, Ace. METCALFE. Anna. Tupelo. Ace. MICHAEL. Vicki. Rienzi, Ace. W LFOflo! Kathleen, Marks, Lib. Arts. MILLS, John. Manchester. MO. Pharm.. X+ M U5. Mark. Corinth. Bus. MM5. Mary. ByhaSa, Bus. MTOH6U, Brian, Ctarksdate. Eng.. T KE MOBLEY, Andrea, Baton Rouge. LA. Bus.. AOH MOORE. Margaret Tupelo. Ace.. K Kf 4 + + 9 m - . MOOflf. Nancy. Shannon. Bus.. KAG MOREAU Ada. Fort Devens. MA Bus. MORGAN, Shonda. Meridian. Bus. MORGAN. Tma. Smcthville, Lib. Arts. MORffiS, Stephen. Amory, Lib. Arts. MORTON. Cynthia. Dyersburg, TN, Bus. MULDER. tAttOte, Dates. TX, Lib. Arts, AT MURPHY, Mike University. Eng. AMPPffl. Tna. Southaven. Bus. NARMOUR, Robert, Mathiston. Bus.. X NARMOUR. Stephanie, Charlotte. NC. Lib. Arts. AOH FS7Bf?. VWiam. SoSo. Lib. Arts. AI|I NEWSOM. Deborah. Oxford, Lib. Arts. NICHOLS. Pttelan. Olive Branch, Bus. NOBERT, Douglas, Memphis. TN, Bus.. KA NUCKOLLS. Rebecca. Bolrvar, TN. Bus. Q47FS. Nancy. Adanta. Ga. Lib. Arts, KA O ' DELL. Lori. Greenwood. Ace.. KA0 ORMON. Jennifer, Ellisvnlte. Educ.. KA OZMENT, Timothy. Dyersburg. TN. Lib. Arts. ATO PAC ULLO. Mchele, Masapeqja. NY. Lib. Arts. PARKER. Suzanne. MilanTTN, Pharm.. AOT1 PARSONS. Melanie. Meridian. Educ. PEARCE. James, Flora. Bus.. IN PEEPLES. Larry, Brookhaven. Bus., IX RENDER. Leigh. Kosciusko, Educ. PENDHARKAR, Yeshodhan, Maharashtra. Eng. PERKINS. Norman. Brandon. Bus., ATQ PERRY. Robert, Winona. Educ. PETERS. Joseph. Nettteton. Ace. PHILLIPS. Gary. Grenada. Bus. PHILLIPS. Joseph, Canton. Lib. Arts, KI PHILLIPS. Tara, Gulfport. Bus., AAA PLANK. Gaye, Huntsville, Lib. Arts. AOH PONGETTt. Stephanie. Shelby, Educ., M POOLE. Helen. Baton Rouge. LA. Educ., AT iniors POOLE. Julia. Charlotte. NC, Bus., AAE PORCH, Robert, Jackson, Bus., IN POTTS. Jenessa, Corinth, Educ. POTTS, Kelly, Eta. Bus. PRATHER, Malinda, Columbus, Bus., Al PRATHER, Sharion, Saltillo. Bus. PRICE, Amy, Tupelo, Ace. PRICE, James, Corinth, Eng. PRINCE, Suzanne, Alexandria. LA, Educ., K Kl PRUETT, Christopher. Oxford. Eng. OUAZI, Rumman, Canberra, Eng. RAGLAND, Rita, Franklin, TN, Bus.. AOn RA Y, Beverly, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. XO REED. Elizabeth. Fulton, Lib. Arts. REED, Jamie, Jackson, Lib. Arts, XO REED, Jean, Birmingham, AL, Lib. Arts. REED, Kimberly, Jackson. Lib. Arts, XQ REEDER, Kelli. Pontotoc, Educ. REEVES. John, East Peoria. IL, Lib. Arts, K Kf AG REID, Robin, Batesville, Pharm., KKT RENSKES. Sally, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. RE YES, Alberto, W. Palm Beach, FL, Lib. Arts, in RHODES, Donna, Ellisville, Bus. RICE. Rander, Columbus, Bus., Oi(iO RICHARDS. Manell, Eupora, Lib. Arts. RICHARDSON, Amy, Shreveport, LA, Bus.. HBO RISH. Angela, Houston, Lib. Arts. ROBERTSON, Blake, Booneville, Lib. Arts, F1KA ROBINSON, Linda, Yazoo City, Bus.. AOn ROBINSON, Sonya, Saltillo, Pharm RODRIGUEZ, Henry, W. Palm Beach, FL, Lib. Arts, in ROGERS, Stephanie. Bus. ROSADO, Linda, Jacksonville, AR, Lib. Arts. ROWLAND, Dennis, Shannon Lib Arts ROWSEY, John. Courtland, Pharm RUSHING, Belsy. Manlachie, Bus. RUSSELL. Stephanie. Blytheville. AR Educ SALLIS, Holly, Oxford, Lib. Arts SANDERS, Alicia, Kosciusko, Lib. Arts, Al SANDERS, Corinne, New Albany, Bus. XO SANDERS, Tim, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. SARJI, Mustapha, University, Eng. SCALES. Benny, New Albany, Bus. SCANLON. Margaret. Jackson, Bus., M SCHMIDT, George, Hattiesburg. Bus. SCHNEIDER. Teresa, Tupelo, Educ.. AAH SEASE, Denise. Greenville ,Eng., AOn SESSUMS, Nancy, N. Carrolton Educ SEVANTE. Michael, New Orleans, LA, Lib. Arts SCHILLING. Angela, Shreveport, LA, Bus. SHOEMAKER. Mary. Dallas. TX, Bus., KA SHORT, Amy, Sardis, Ace.. AAA SHOWS, Steven, Jackson Bus KI SHUBERT, Terri, Tupelo, Educ. SILLS. Jon, Madison, Lib Arts SILLS, Steven, Madison, Bus. SIMMONS, William, Jackson, Lib. Arts. Ben S MS, Gwendolyn. Holly Springs, Ace., AKA SIMMONS. Stacye, Como Bus SIMS, Kimberly, Trinity, AL, Lib Arts SISTRUNK. Sophie, Jackson Bus XO SLATER, Albert, Crenshaw, Lib Arts SMITH, Allison, Oxford. Bus. Sum. jorothy. Aberdeen. Educ. SMITH. Donna. Sardis. Educ. SMITH. Dellye, Jackson, Bus., OM SMITH. Michele. Camden, AR. Lib. Arts. SMITH. Rebecca, West, Lib. Arts. AATI SMITH, Samuel. Vicksburg. Lib. Arts. SMITH. Susan, Brighton. TN. Lib. Arts. K SMITH, Tim, Booneville, Bus. SMITH. Vaughn. Richland. Bus. SHILLINGS. Kim, Bruce. Bus. SOARES, Sergio, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Eng. SOPER. Todd, Natchez. Bus. SOWELL. John. Clarksdale. Lib. Arts. KI SPRATLEY, Stephen, Gulfport, Bus.. ATQ STEINBERG, Donna. Senatoba. Ace. STEPHENS. Elizabeth. New Albany. Lib. Arts. AAA STEPP, Donna. Thaxton. Ace. STEWART. Carolyn. Holly Springs. Educ. STJTT, John. Yazoo City. Lib. Arts. OA6 STOKES. Patricia. Coffeeville. Bus. STRICKLAND. Lisa. Houston. TX. Educ. STRINGER, Anthony, McComb. Bus.. KT STURttVANT, David. Madison. TN. Bus.. Ben SULUVAN. Ricky. Dundee. Bus.. ZAE SULUVAN, Robin, Monroe. LA. Educ.. AATI SULUVAN. Susan. Netneton. Lib. Arts. A n SUMMER, John, Winona. Bus., n KA SUMRALL. Anita. Carnere. Ace. St mOV, Walter. New Orleans, LA. Lib. Arts. SWITZER. Paula. Greenwood. Eng.. K K r TAN. Koon Hang, University, Eng. TANNIR. Bassam, University, Eng. TATE. William. Tupelo. Bus. TAVOLETI. Kathryn, Clarksdale, Bus.. AAA 7FO. Rosemany, Singapore. Bus TfTTLETON. Philip, Oxford. Educ. 7MMM5. James. Martm. TN. Eng. 7NMMS. Stacilyn. Charleston. Educ. THOMAS. Tom. Natchez. Lib Arts. AATI 7HOAMS. William. Long Beach. Lib. Arts. Ail THOMPSON. Andy. Moselle. Lib. Arts. A THORNTON. Amy, Timid. Ace. TKDALE, Margaret. Botivar. TN. Educ.. AT nSOrV, AnmarieT Harrisburg. IL. Lib. Arts. ZTA TOMUNSON. Dinetia. Cordova. TN. Lib. Arts. ZTA TRAMMEL Ginger. Corinth. Educ. MUFTT. Oliver. Forest Bus. TUCKER. Daniel. Kilmichael, Lib. Arts. TUDOR. Sarah, Southaven. Ace. TUOBfVILLE. John, Jackson. Bus. TUWfB. Claudia. Canton, Bus. TURNER, James. Osford, Bus. TURNER. Timothy. Grendad. Bus. TUTOR. Mite. Pontotoc. Lib. Arts. TUTOR. Rebecca. Batesville. Lib. Arts. TYSON. Latonia. Collins, Bus. UNDERWOOD. Charlotte. Holly Springs, Ace. UPSHAW. Melinda. Batesville. Ace. VAN CLEVE. Helen, Indianola. Bus., M VANDIVER, Tammy, Corinth. Bus. VAUGHN. Helen, Lake Cormorant, Lib. Arts. VERUCCHI. Stephani. Bruce. Educ. VILLAGER. Tiffany. Nashville. TN. Lib. Arts. Af VIRDEH. Jennifer. Greenville. Ace.. Af WAKHUt, Deborah. Memphis. TN. Lib. Arts. WALKER. D. D . luka. Lib. Arts. ZTA WALTERS. Jerry. Nesbit, Ace. WALTON, Virginia, Memphis. TN. Bus., 0 M HiUZWC Eric. Jackson, Bus. WARREN. Edith, Jackson. TN. Lib. Arts. WATKINS. Jessica. Clarksdale. Bus.. Aie HMT75. Sandra. Smithdate. Lib. Arts. WA TSOH. Kisa, Clarksdale, TN, Bus.. AATI HEBB, Dean, Tupelo. Bus., AID WEBSTER, Adam, Madison, Ace., IN WEKHSEL. Nancy. Dallas. TX, Educ., K Kf WESSON. Eunice, Taylor. Lib. Arts. WEST, Thomas, Camere. Lib. Arts. WEST. William. Cleveland. Lib. Arts. WHITE. Charles. Aberdeen. Bus. WHITE. Gavla. Vicksburg. Bus.. AOT1 WHITE. Rayburn, Caledonia. Lib. Arts. WHITENER, Mari. Hayti. MO. Educ..M WW T7 VG. Kara. St. Petersburg, FL. Pharm. WHITT, Samuel, Eupora. Bus. WHITTEN. Robin, Oxford. Educ. WILKERSON, Mallory. Jackson, Educ.. 0 M WILKS, Lou Ann. Jackson, Lib. Arts, AAA WILLARS. Monica. Paducah. KY. Bus.. KA WILLIAMS, John. Winona, Lib. Arts. WILLARD Brenda, Etta. Ace.. DK WILLIAMS, Ray. Laurel, Bus. WILLIS. Jenny. Philadelphia. MS. Pharm. WILLIS. Kristre, Tupelo. Educ. WILSON. Derrick. Hollandale. Eng.. O| t WILSON. Lynnete. Grenada. Lib. Arts. WILSON. Stephen. Columbus. Lib. Arts. WINDHAM. Karen. Wheller. Ace. WISE. Wendy. Germantown. TN. Educ.. 0 M WONG. Joyce. Clarksdale. Bus. WONG, Kam, Ipoh, Perak. Bus. WOOD. Ruby. Kosciusko. Bus. WOODRUFF, Barbara, luka. Bus. WOODS. Robert. Memphis. TN. Ace.. IN WOOTEN. Mary. Chicago, IL. Lib. Arts. WRIGHT. Gay. Coktwater. Bus WYMAN, Charlotte. Clinton. Bus. YARBER, Bobby. Greenville. Bus.. At YERGER. Frank. Jackson, Bus.. IX YORK, Laura, Holly Springs, Educ., XO YOUNG. David. Holly Springs. Lib. Arts. YOUNG. Shelly. Pontotoc. Bus. ZIPPONI. Lisa. Clarksdale. Lib. Arts. Af emors ABRAHAM. Michel, Port-Au-Prmce, Eng. ADAMS, John, Mobile, AL, Educ. ADAMS. Stephen, Jackson. Lib. Arts, OKA ADCOCK, Mitchell. Pearl, Ace., Ain AIKINS. John, Oxford, Educ., KA AILSWORTH, Gregory, Oxford, Lib. Arts. AKHTER. Najam, Kitwe, Eng. AL-ASSI, Abdulwahed, Coffeyville, KS ALLES, Lonnie, Batesville, Educ. ALEXANDER, John, Union, Bus. ALINDER. Mary Jo, Columbus, Lib. Arts, Al ALLEN, Charles. Corinth, Eng. ALLEN. Leslye, Clarksdale, Bus. ALLEN. Trent, Jackson, Lib. Arts. ALLGOOD, James, Duck Hill, Eng. ALLISON, Joan, Batesville, Lib. Arts. ABSTON. Gregory, Jackson, Bus.. KX ANDERSON, Bonnie, Greenwood, Bus. ANDERSON, Erns, Fairfax Station. Va, Bus. ANDY, Patrick, Madison. Lib. Arts, KT ARR NGTON, Susan. Meridian, Lib Arts AAtl ASHMORE, Mary, Southaven, Bus. ATKINSON, Robert, Hernando, Lib. Arts. AVANT, Tammie, Greenwood, Lib. Arts, AI AVANJ, Toni, Como, Lib. Arts, AI t AW YOUNG, Wee, University, Eng BAKER, Charlie, Courtland, Bus. M. Moorehead BANNISTER, Donna. Pascagoula, Lib. Arts. BARBIERO, Karen, University, Lib. Arts. BARKLEY. Allison, Armuchee, GA, Bus. BARNES, Elizabeth, luka. Lib . Arts. BARNES. Everett. Corinth. Lib. Arts. BARNES. Richard. Belleville, IL. Lib. Arts, Ki|i BARNETT, Georgianna, Oxford, Lib. Arts. BARR, Teresa. Oxford, Bus. BASMA, Khalil. Tyre, Eng. BATES, Alice. Mendenhall Lib Arts BATCMAN, Debbie, New Albany. Ace. BEACHAM, Harry, Madison Bus IX BEARD, Jamie. Sardis. Lib. Arts. BEARD, Miranda. University Lib Arts BECKETT. David. Olive Branch. Eng. BECKETT. Wendy, Olive Branch, Lib. Arts BELK, Jennifer, Kosciusko. Educ., KA BELLEW, Colleen. Ripley, Lib. Arts. BENNETT, Melissa, Tupelo, Bus BETTS. Leslie, Jackson. Bus., KKf BLACK, Jerry, Water Valley, Bus. BLANTON, Elizabeth, Baldwyn Lib Arts BLEDSOE, Jeanette, McCarthy, Lib Arts AZG BONDS. Larry, Houston, Lib. Arts KA BOOKER. Katherine, Charleston, Bus BOOTHE. Sue, Sardis, Educ. BORRIES. Angela. Ocean Springs, Bus. BOSWELL. Julia, Somerville. TN. Lib. Arts. BOUTWELL, Carolyn, Laurel. Bus., KA BOWEN, Brigitta. Houston, Lib. Arts. AIG Sfl ID V,Steven, University, Bus. BRADLEY. Wayne. Pontotoc, Eng. BRANCH, Belinda, Coila, Ace., AKA BRENNAN. Michael, Germantown, TN, Bus KA BREWER, Jerry, Shalimar, FL. Lib. Arts BRIDGE, Leah, Oxford Eng BRIDGES, Gregory, Tupelo, Bus. BRIDGES. James, Forest. Lib. Arts. BRIDGES. Wilfred. Ellisville, Lib. Arts. BROCK, Johnny. Kosciusko. Eng. BROCK. Tyler. Jackson, Eng.. AI|I BROCKMAN. Eric. Winona. Ace.. A BROOKS.Brown. Memphis, TN. Eng. BROCKS. Deborah. Corinth. Ace. BROWN. Lisa, Columbus. Ace.. AOTI BROWN. Mozella. Claricsdale, Ace.. ZB BROWN. Sandra. Grenada. Lib. Arts. BROm. Vemon. Grenada. Bus. BRYANT. Timothy. Walnut Educ. BRYSON. Mary, Michigan City. Ace. BUCHANAN. Brian. Southaven. Eng. aUPFOPD. Donna. Hemando. Educ. BURKE. Virginia. Jackson. Bus., K Kl BURKEJT. Barbara. Oxford. Lib. Arts. , Tammy, Jackson, Ace.. M BUfttELL, Jack. Dallas. TX. Bus.. Ben SW?r, Ruby. Oxford. Lib. Arts. BYRD. Janet. Ocean Spnngs. Lib. Arts. BYFtD. Shawndus, Dundee, Educ. CABALLEftO. Victor, Southaven. Eng. CADE. Terry. West Lib. Arts. A CALDWELL. James. Como. Educ. CALDWELL. Kathenne, Tupelo. Lib. Arts, AATI CALL MAY. Jefery. Starxville. Lib. Arts. CALUCOTT, Aby. Baton Rouge. LA. Bus. CAMP, John. Southaven. Bus. CANON, Gwendolyn, University, Educ. CARMAN. Grace. Burns lie. Eng. CARMtCHAEL, Scott. University. Bus.. HKA CARNEY. John. Crystal Springs. Bus.. A CARPENTER, Camion. Boonevilte, Bus. CARR. Michael. Ann Arbor. Ml. Educ. CARRKER, Joel. Vardaman. Eng. CARTER. Dixie. Dallas, TX. Bus.. K Kf GWTBl Leslie. Sardis. Ace. CARTER. Mario. Memphis, TN. Lib. Arts. CARTER. Mary. Sardis, Bus.. OM CARTER, Tmi. Tupelo. Pharm. CARLIDGE. Perry. Greenville. Educ. XSf. David. Brookhaven. Eng. CUSf. Robert Madson. Lib. Arts. HKA C45H, Jennifer. Trumann. AR, Educ.. KAG CASTLE. Ronald. Eupora. Bus., t KT CAVfTTE. Kathie. Memphis. TN. Educ. CERVANTES. Karen. Hattjesburg. Bus.. AAA CfS W. Carol, Vicksburg, Bus., M CHAIN. Thomas, Oxford. Ace.. ATO CHAN. Poon. Pahang. Eng. CHANOUHA. Kamal, University. Eng.. XI CHM. Stephanie. Singapore. Bus. CHIE N. Nancy. Oxford. Lib. Arts. KAG CHOO. Sip. Lumpur. Malaysia, Bus. CHRESTMAN. Amy. Pontotoc. Educ. CHFtESTMAN. Richard. Clarksdate. Eng. CHUA, Kea. Rantau. Eng. CHURCHILL. Tammy, University, Lib. Arts. CIANCIOLA, Carol, Memphis, TN. Bus., K Kl CLW. Bobby. University, Lib. Arts. CLARK. Paula. University. Lib. Arts. CLARK. Tammy, kika. Ub. Arts. CWIVSCW, Larry, Kingsport. TN. Eng. CLEMENTS, Wayne, Bruce. Lib. Arts. CLIMER. Timothy. Southaven, Bus., KA COFFEY. James. Etta, Bus. COLEMAN, Judith, Sardis, Educ. COLLINS. Madge, Taylor, Lib. Arts. CONINGSBY. Gregg. Ft Lauderdle. FL. Eng., COULEE, Joe. Ripley. Bus. CONNER. Ruby, Calhoun City. Educ. COHRAD, Norma. Como. Educ. COOOf. Phillip, Nashville, TN, Bus. CONWILL. Ashley, Gulfport, Bus.. K Kf CO(K Angela. Como. Ace. COWART. Dana, Hazlehurst. Bus., KAQ COX. Michael. Lexington. KY. Eng., 0 Ki). COX, Susan. Jackson, Lib. Arts. K Kf T. Estella. Holly Springs. Lib. Arts. eniors CRAIG, Michael, Oxford, Eng. CRAWFORD. Emily, Flora. Ace CREEKMORE, Elizabeth, Jackson, Educ.. XQ CROPP, Karen, Franklen, TN, Bus AAA CUMMINS, Allison, Jackson, Educ CUNNINGHAM, Brian, Laurel, Lib. Arts CYR, Brain, Laprote, TX, Eng. DALE Y, Mary. Jackson. Lib. Arts DAVANT, Marcie, Jackson, Lib. Arts, XQ DAVIDSON, Sara, Terry, Ace. DAV IS, Alan, Bruce, Eng. DAVIS, Alison, Lumberton, Educ DAVIS, Christopher, luka, Educ DAVIS. Joseph, Mantachie, Lib. Arts. DAVIS, Joseph, Sandersville, Eng DAVIS. Lisa, Hattiesburg, Lib. Arts Oxl VIS. Steve, Memphis, TN, Ace., Ben DAWSON, Seymour, Clearwater, FL, Bus., KA DEAN, Edward, Sledge, Eng. DEAN, Jacqueline, Madisonville, KY, Lib. Arts, AAH DAY, Byrom. Jackson, Bus., Ben DEARMAN, Bernie, Leakesville, Bus., 0 KT DEARMAN. Raymond, Hattiesburg, Ace., DEFRANK. Wendi, Jackson, Lib. Arts. DELL, Eric, Gideon, Eng.. Ben DENDY. Donald, West, Lib. Arts. DEVEER, Philip, Jackson, Eng.. K0 DICKERSON. Ginger. Corinth, Lib. Arts. DICKSON. Robin, Great Falls, VA, Lib. Arts ZTA D NSMORE, Robert, Wausau, Wl, Educ OOSBS, Rachel, Mantee, Bus. DOifS, Scott, Glenn. Ace. DOOLITTLE. Barry, Grenada. Eng. DORR, James, Sardis Eng DORSE Y, Terri, Carthage, Bus., AZn DOUGLAS. Scon, Memphis. TN, Lib. Arts, BOH DOYLE, Richard, Hazlehurst, Bus. DRAPER. Neal, Jackson, Bus.. ZN DRAUGHON, Mallory, Atlanta, GA, Lib Arts K Kl DRAUGHN. M ary. Jackson, Educ., XQ DREWRY, James, Kossuth Bus DRIVER. Gregory, Etta, Eng. Of SOSf, Anthony, Sheridan, AR, Eng DUKE, Jeffery, Fulton, Eng., KA DULANEY. Vivian, Tunica, Lib. Arts, riB M DUNAWAY, William, University Eng OAG 01 flflW, William, Hopkinsville, KY Lib Arts DURRETT, Elizabeth, Plantation FL Educ AAD DWfS, David, Tallahassee, FL Eng EDWARDS. Paula, Greenwood, Eng. EGGER, James, Calendonia, Lib Arts EGGER. Mary. Calendonia, Educ. ELLIOTT, Donna. Greenwood Bus ELLIOTT. Frank. Oxford, Bus., OAG ELLISON. Parker, Jackson, Lib. Arts CMMONS, Hope, Meridian, Educ AAA ESTES, Joseph, Shannon, Educ. KA EVANS, Bobby, Greenville, Ace. FANNING, Kelly, Yakima, WA, Lib Arts FARRINGTON, Samuel, Jackson Bus ZX FARR NGTON. Sue, Jackson, Bus XQ FARRIS, Elizabeth, Clarksdale Educ AAA FARRIS, Richard, Watervalley, Lib. Arts. . ' Err or FEATHERSTONE. Jane. Oxford. Bus., KA FINN. Cheryl. Sallis. Educ. FIORANELLI. Barry. Cleveland. Lib. Arts. FIORE. Angela, Oxford. Lib. Arts. FISHER. Annie. Marks, Educ. FISHER, Fatima, Marks. Bus., AITI FISHER. Pennie. Vaughan. Educ..AATI FISHER. Steven. Jackson, Lib. Arts. FITTS. Laura. Corinth, Lib. Arts. FLOYD. Billy. Batesville. Educ. FLOYD. Karl. Houston. Bus. FOLEY. Tina. Long Beach, Lib. Arts. KAS FORTENBERRY. Mona, Oxford. Ace. FORTENBERRY. Stacy. Magnolia. Ace.. HBO FORTNER. Robyn, Gulfport. Lib. Arts. fOSTFfl. Charles, Holly Springs. Lib. Arts. FRAYSIER. Susan, Oxford. Bus. FFf PERKING. Jay. Oxford. Eng. FREIBERG. Roy, Carrolton, Lib. Arts. GABARDI, Curtis. Brandon, Bus. 0400, Amelia. Hickory Flat Bus.. AATI GAINES. Susan. New Albany. Lib. Arts. GAMARRA. Juan. La Paz. Bolivia. Eng. GARCIA. Robin. Laurel. Lib. Arts. GARDNER. Judy. Greenwood. Lib. Arts. GARDNER. Kevin. Jackson. Bus. GARRETT. Steve. Booneville. Bus. GARY. Mary Ann. Oxford. Educ.. K K r GfOBGf, Abby. Oxford. Bus. SO., Scott RusstMte. AR. Ace GIPSON. Michael. Waynesboro. Eng. SOLO. Michael, Wiltowdate, Ontario. Lib. Arts. GONG. Sonya. Merigok), Ace. GOOOf , David, New Albany, Bus. GOOGf , Susan. Booneville. Bus. GORE. Jennrfer, Woodland, Lib. Arts, AT GORHAM. John. Brentwood. TN. Bus.. IAE GRAHAM. Bob. Greenwood. Lib. Arts. ATQ GRAHAM. Ronald. Huntsville. AL. Educ. GRAY. Kevin, Pearl, Bus.. AIT1 GRAY. Madelyn. Brooksvilte. Bus., AT GRESSETT. Alicia. Kosciusko, Lib. Arts. eRfFH. Marshall. Eupora, Lib. Arts. GUHfR, Robert Water Valley. Ace.. X GUSTIN, Lisa. Binningnam, AL. Lib. Arts. KAS h i m " W TA GUZMAN. Carlos. Lima. Peru. Eng. K4 CK. Mary, Jackson, Bus., PM H4if, Hanet, Pontotoc, Bus.. AOH HALE. Terri, Pontotoc. Educ.. AOH HALLARON. Lyn, Harahan, LA, Bus., AOH HAMIL TON. Susan, Shannon, Lib. Arts. HAMILTON. Tad, Duck Hill. Eng. HAMMOCK. Todd. Golden, Eng. HANKINS, Wanda. Mantachie. Educ. HANSF.N, Jill, Byhalia, Eno. HARBISON. Beth, Memphis. TN. Lib. Arts. AAA HARDEN. Jeffrey, Mantee. Bus. HARDIN. Sheila. Fulton, Ace. HARRELL. Patncia, Vardaman, Lib. Arts. Afl S. Elos. Tupelo. Educ. HARRISON, Michael. Eupora, Bus.. PKT HARVEY. James, Hendersomnlle, NC. Eng. HARWELL, Michael. Nashville. TN. Bus.. X+ HATCHER, Wesley, Jacksonville, FL. Bus. H tW. Zeid. Abu-Dhabi, Eng. HAWKS. William, Jackson, Eng., X HAYMAN, Philip, Pascagoula. Lib. Arts. HAYNES. Laura. Potts Camp, Bus HEAD. Varane, Belzoni. Bus. HEARN, Hugh, University. Lib. Arts. HEARNE. Victor, Glen, Educ. HEARST, Cynthia, Jackson, Lib. Arts, K Kl HEGWOOD, Peggy. Jackson. Educ. HEINDEL. Terry. Oxford. Lib. Arts. AIA HEMETER. Francis, Hattesburg. Bus.. IN HENDERSON, Gayle, Pontotoc, Eng. HENSON, David. Olrve Branch, Bus., O6A HfJ, Edward, Oxford. Lib. Arts. HERRIH. James, Clarksdale. Lib. Arts. HIGGINBOTTOM, Yvette. Mathiston. Lib. Arts. HILL. Donna, West Point. Bus.. AT emors HODGES, Elizabeth, Greenville, Eng HODGES. Winter. Dyer, TN, Bus. Xi)r HOGENOOBLER. Susan, Villa Ridge, IL Lib Arts HOGUE. Willie Verna, Grapevine TX Bus AAA HOLEMAN, Steven. Amory, Lib. Arts TKEj HOLLOWAY. Cynthia, Okolona, Lib. Arts. HOMAN, James, Shannon, Bus., KA HOMRA. Allen, Gulton, KY. Bus., KZ HOOD. Denneth, Terry, Bus.. KZ HOOD, Paul, Benton, Ace., OKI HORNE, Esther, Jackson, Bus., AAA HOUSE, Robert, Pearl, Bus. HUDSON, Elizabeth, Sardis, Educ. HUDSON, Kevin, Louisville, Lib. Arts. HUDSON, Sharon, Batesville, Educ. HUGGINS. Arthur. Southaven, Lib. Arts KA HUMPHREY, Arthur, Shalimar, FL, Bus. HUNTER, Kevin, Tupelo, Bus., ZX HUSKE Y, Sharon, Amory, Ace., AAfl HUSN K. Gregory, Woodridge, VA, Ace. IMRE, Nancy, Milan, TN, Ace.. AOR INKSTER. Jennifer, Jackson, Bus., KAO ITANI, Ahmad, University, Eng. IVEY, Tammie, Dennis, Lib. Arts. IVY, John, Booneville, Bus.. IN JACKSON, Ida, Cruger, Lib. Arts, AKA JACKSON. Marsha, Louisville, Lib. Arts. JACKSON, Victoria, Cruger, Lib. Arts, AKA JACKSON, Ward, Greenwood, Eng., in JENK NS, Robert, Plantersville, Eng. JOHNSON, Elizabeth, Columbus, Lib. Arts M JOHNSON, James, Clinton. Bus. JOHNSON, Jeffrey, Winona, Lib. Arts. JOHNSON, Jeffrey, Germantown, TN, Eng Ben JOHNSON, Lori, Lafayette, LA, Ace., KAS JOHNSON. Melanie, New Site, Ace. JOHNSON, Sandra. Bellefontaine. Bus. JOHNSON, Susan, Booneville, Lib. Arts. JONES. Amy, Cleveland Bus JONES, Frank, Jackson. Bus. JONES, Jennifer, Water Valley, Bus., XQ JONES, Heather, Munster IN Bus JONES, Paula, Bruce. Educ. JONES, Stephen, Franklin, TN. Bus., PK Ji JU, Margaret. Greenwood. Educ. KRAMMER. Karl, Doraville, GA, Eng XJi KARLSSON, Paul, Oxford, Bus. KELLE Y, Barry, Weir, Educ., m club Kmr. Heidi, Tupelo, Bus.,AP KEYS, Richard. Oxford. Eng. K DD, James, Jackson, Lib. Arts. K MMONS, Cheryl, New Albany, Bus. KING, Lea Anne, Water Valley, Lib. Arts. AAn KING, Lisa. Abbeville, Bus. KIRK, Michael, Oxford, Ace. KIRKLAND, Susan. West Helena. AR, Educ.. ZTA KNOTT, Jeffery, Dyer, TN, Eng AOi KNOWLTON, Miriam, Oxford, Lib. Arts. CO, Yee. Singapore. Bus KRECKER, Deidre, Biloxi, Lib Arts LABELLA. Roy, Indianola, Lib. Arts, in LAIRD. Jean, Jackson, Lib. Arts XO LANCASTER. Jeff, Jackson, Bus. LAROCHE. Lina. Ripley, TN, Educ. LAWLER. Maty. Vicksburg. Bus.. M LAWRENCE, Angela, Lucedale, Bus. i Uff, Janet , Southaven. Ace.. Ale Iff. Patti, Tupelo. Bus. LENTZ, Gena, Decatut, AL. Lib. Arts. LESLIE, Leigh, Oxford. Lib. Arts, KA LESTER, Ladye. West Point. Bus. LESTER. Martin. Florence. Ace.. Ben LEE. Karen, Oxford. Bus..M i.awfi, Ursula. Aberdeen, Bus. LIU. Hwan, Singapore, Lib. Arts. UPS 0, Thomas, Long Beach, Enj. UTCHFIELD. Maria, Baton Rouge. LA, Bus., KA0 LOFTON, Joel, Jackon, Bus. LOGIE. Joseph. Batesville. Eng. LONG, Ladye, Mo. Lib. Arts. K Kf L YOHS, Beverty, Grenada. Bus. LOWRY. Mary, Crossett, AR, Lib. Arts. M LAMPTON. Brett Jackson. Lib. Arts. LANDERS, James, Caledonia. Eng. LINDSEY, Eugene. Jacksonville, FL. Lib. Arts. UHDSTROM, Enc. Laurel, Ace.. KA i 77lf. Audrey. Blue Springs. Bus. LIM, Ashley. Oxford, Educ. UCADEN, Bryan. Memphis, TN, Bus., OKA MC8RYOE. Jennifer. AledO, TX, Lib. Arts. KA9 MCCUt Dana, Natchez. Bus. MCCLELLAN, Michael, Jackson. Bus., 0x4, MOMOf, Robert. Shannon, Ace., A MCDONIEL. Edward. Holly Springs, Bus. MCGHff. Kenneth, Saltilto, Eng., KT MCGILL. John, Millington. TN. Bus. MCGRATH.Lynn. Tupelo, Lib. Arts. Maff, Dam. Walnut. Lib. Arts. MQflf. Peggy, Dekalb. Lib. Arts. MCKOY. Troy, Plainfield, NJ. Bus. MCLENDON, Jimmy, Newton. Educ. MQMNW. On. Batesville. Bus. HCPHAJL, Robert. Btsmark, NO, Eng. MCROBERTS. Claude. Jackson, Lib. Arts. 0 AG UABRAY. Jane, Nashville, TN, Bus.. AAD MACNAUGHTON, Lynda. Harrisonburg. VA, Eng.. XO MADISON. Rhonda. Crowder. Lib. Arts, AOH tUGEf, Esther, Oxford, Bus. UAGEE, Gary, Jackson, Lib. Arts, Ben UAGEE, Johnny, Pope, Ace. MAHER, James. Clinton, Eng. UALONE, Linda. Batesville. Lib. Arts. MALONC. Tammy. Penscola. FL. Educ. MANN, James. Duck Hill, Bus. MANSFIELD, Charlotte, Pope, Lib. Arts. MANSOOP. Helen, Tchula. Bus. UAR8LE. Enc, McComb, Eng., KA UARION, Gwendolyn, Waterford. Bus. MARTIN. Janet Tupelo, Bus. MASK, Timothy. Connth, Ace. MASOH, Dennis. Michigan City, Ace. AM 7W S. Lon, Connth, Enj. MATTHEWS. Helen. Robmsonville, Bus., F MAYHALL. John, Aberdeen, Bus. MEEK. John, Pascagoula, Bus. MERRELL, Kalhryn. Brandon. Bus.. KAS MICHEL, Henry. Jackson. Bus.. IAE MIDDLEBROOK. Angela, Silver Creek, Lib. Arts, AI6 UILESKI, Catherine, Greenville. SC. Lib. Arts, ZTA MILLER. Charles. Smrttiville, Ace. MILWA.RD. Elizabeth. Lexington. KY, Lib. Arts, KKf M SCH Susie, Cedar Lake, IN, Lib. Arts, ZTA MITCHELL. Michael, Batesville, Lib. Arts, BOE MOAK. Clarence. McCool. Lib. Arts. MOAK. William. Bogue. Chitto. MS. Lib. Arts. MOCK. Penny, Senatobia. Educ. " WflOf, Tammy, Dennis. Ace. ORE. Damon, Coldwater. Lib. Arts. ORE, David, Hattiesburg, Lib. Arts. IN ORE, Lisa. Tupelo, Bus.. KKF ORE, Miriam. Senatobia. Eng.. AAD ORE, Rebecca, Fulton, Lib. Arts. R6AN, Anthony, Bruce, Bus. iRGAN. Barry. Winona. Bus. emors MORGAN, Fred. Colorado Springs, CO, Bus., IX MORRIS, Michelle, Madison, TN, Bus., Al MORROW, James, Birmingham. AL, Lib. Arts, PAG MOSBY, Julia. Oxford, Bus., AID MOSS, Charles, Oxford, Bus., IN MULLER. Robert, Jackson, Eng., Aiji MURPHREE. Thomas, Waveland. Eng. MURPHY, David, Tunica, Ace. MURPHY, Kimberly, Indianapolis, IN, Eng.. TBI MURRY, Timothy, University Lib. Arts. MURRY, Wil liam, Clinton. Lib. Arts, KI MYERS, Martha, Mobile, AL, Educ.. XQ NABORS, Leah, Clarksdale. Ace., AAD V WCf.Judy, Ripley, Educ., ADfl NELSON. Clyde. Port Gibson, Ace., Af NEMATI, Robin, University, Educ. NEWMAN, Bruce. Oxford, Lib. Arts. NEWSOME. David. University. Lib. Arts. NICK. Anita. Greenville, Lib. Arts. NICKtE , Sally. Batesville, Lib. Arts. O ' BYRNE, Susan, Calgary. Alberta, Educ. OCASIO, Michael, Radcliff, KY, Lib. Arts. OGLETREE, James, Union. Bus.. AI(I OLANDER. Thomas, Meridian, Bus., PA6 OLIVER, Angela. Hernando. Lib. Arts. OH, Helen, Morton. Pharm., Al CWOT, Bobette, Nashville. TN. Educ., KA0 OWEN, Cynthia, Potts Camp, Lib. Arts. OWEN, James, Ackerman, Eng., KA PAINE, Kimberly, Kennett, MO Educ PANNELL. Derinda, Tupelo, Bus. PARKER. Mitchell. McComb, Lib. Arts. PARKER. Whitney, Moreland Hills, OH, Lib. Arts, KA PARKS, Jordan, Jackson, Educ., AAD PARRISH, Yvonne, Conway, AR, Bus., HBO) PARTLOW. Cassanda. Shannon. Bus. PATE, Joey. West Point. Educ. PENDLETON. Robert, Jackson, Bus., IX PE TRIE, Ellen. Eads, TN, Eng., KA0 PIECUCH. Chris, Labelle, Fl. Lib. Arts, K Kib PIERCE, Andrew, Collierville, TN. Lib. Arts. PIERCE, Randall, Mt. Pleasant. Lib. Arts. PIERCE, Ronald, Pearl, Ace., Ben PIUS, Kevin. Jackson, Bus. POPE, Brian. Brandon. Bus. PORTER, Jon. Oxford, Lib. Arts. POULOS, Andria, Dallas. TX, Bus.. HB PRATHER, Bruce, Memphis, TN, Bus., OKOi PRATHER. Valerie, Columbus, TN, Bus., Ar PRAn, Debra, Corinth, Lib. Arts. PRESSLEY. Tobyn. Coldwater, Ace. PREWin. Wiley. Winona. Lib. Arts. PRIDE, Laundra, Marks, Educ., Ale PRIDE. Portia. New Albany, Bus.. Af PRIEST, Edwin, Shannon Bus Ail PRINCE. Donnie, Walnut. Bus. PRITCHEn, John, Palm Springs, FL, Bus. RAGON, Donna. Oxford, Educ. RAINER, Sandra, Brandon, Bus.. nBO RAKESTRAW, Eddie, Blue Springs. Eng. RAMSfY. Clay, Vero Beach, FL, Eng. RAY, James, Pearl Bus REDMOND, Belinda, Holly Springs, Lib. Arts. IfDMOHT. Richard. Jackson. Ace.. IAE If GAM. Patnca, Yazoo City. Lib. Arts. K K r REV. Cherry. Nesbit. Ing RHEA. Robert. Somerville. TN. Bus.. IN RICHARDSON. Brooke. Birmingham. AL. Eng., 0 M RIVES. Mary. Louisville. Bus.. 0 M meOMS. Read. New Albany. Bus ROBERSON. Alisa. Ripley. Lib Arts. JBINSON. Mcwillie. Jackson. Bus . IX ROOHSOH Peggy. Laurel. Educ. ROBERSON, Andy, Lyon. Lib. Arts. flOBffiTS, Andrea. Murtreesboro, TN. Bus . ZTA SQSfsrsb . Alee, luka. Bus ROBERTSON. Betsy. Windermere. Fl. Educ.. KA6 ROBERTSON, Daniel. Jackson. Bus.. KA flOSCTTSOW. Mike. Koscwsko. Lib Arts. ROBHJO. Catherine, Memphis. TN Ace OM ROBINSON, Sonya, Nesbit. Lib. Arts. flOOSO . Eleanor. Holy Springs. Educ . USERS. Gillian. Oxford. Eng. ROGERS. Susan. Ocean Springs. Eng. ROLFE, John, Springfield, TN. Bus , IX ROQUET. John. Alice. TX, Lib. Arts. flOSSffl, Ludie. Moorhead. Lib. Arts. BOSS, Teresa. Coffeeville, Ace. RUSHING. Pamela, Clinton, Educ. RUSSELL, Carol, Oxford. Lib. Arts. XQ RUSSELL. Charles, Water Valley, Educ. RUSSELL Jennifer. Pontotoc. Lib. Arts. SAMWOWS, Leigh. Memphis. TN. Lib. Arts. K K r SANDERS. Don. Tupelo. Lib. Arts. 4 Ki|i SANDERS. Jill. Amory. Bus.. 0 M SANDERS. Stephanie, Memphis. TN. Lib. Arts. XQ SANFILIPPO. Jeanette. University. Ace.. DTN SANG. Alan. Rosedale. Eng. SAUER, Suzanne. Warson Woods. MO. Educ . KA6 SCHHKT. Elizabeth, Pass Christian. Lib. Arts. KAS SCHHUTZ. Sandra. Nashville. TN. Lib. Arts. SCHNEIDER. Gregory, Oecatur. IL. Eng. SCOTT. Angela. Birmngham. AL. Eng. SCOTT. Jackie. Corinth. Bus. SCOTT, Sidney, Tupelo, Lib. Arts. SEALY. Mary, Senatobia. Eng. S6WS. Patti. Birmngham, AL. Lib. Arts. AATI SHEFFIELD, Alan, Tupelo, Bus.. IX ' " SHEFFIELD. Melame, Fulton. Educ. SHINE. Victor. Jacksonville. FL, Educ. SH0BFS, Jennifer. Yazoo City. Lib. Arts, AOT1 SIBLEY. Mark, Batesville. Bus. SIGLF.R. Anita, Huntsvilte. TX. Educ., K KC SMMONS. Margaret. Abbeville. Lib. Arts. SIMMONS. Vance. Southaven, Ace. SIMPSON. Johnny. Jackson, Bus.. IN SISULAK. Andrew. Carbondate. IL. Bus. s I; A i ' Zir s vi - SKELTON. Tern. Hemando, Educ. SLAUGHTER, Arnold. Hopkmsville. KY. Lib. Arts. AOA SMART. Karen. Okotona. Bus. SMWr. Marvin. Oxford.Bus. SMITH. Amy. Jackson, Lib. Arts, AAA SMITH. Betty. BaWwyti, Lib. Arts. SMITH. Galen, Hemando, Lib. Arts, in SMITH Gregory. Booneville. Eng. SMITH. James, Ripley, Lib. Arts. SM 7H. Lee. Clarksdate. Educ.. AAA SMITH. Michael. Philadelphia, Bus. SMITH. Nelson. Columbus. Lib. Arts. Ben SMITH. Scott, McComb, Lib. Arts, KI SMITH. Steven, Madison, Lib. Arts. IX SMITH. Susannah. San Anselmo. CA. Lib. Arts, K Kl SNUGGS. John, Jackson. Lib. Arts. SOLDEVILA. Monica. Clarksdlae. Lib. Arts. XQ SOUR. Stacy. Shreveport. LA. Educ. SPARKS. Rhonda. Beknont, Bus. SPEAR, Judith. Corinth. Bus.. AAD SPfNCER. John. Charleston. Ace.. IN SPMIY, Kathenne, Canton. Educ., XQ SPIVEY, Vickie, Canton, Bus.. XQ STACY. Betty, Boonville. Ace. STACY, Jimmy. Greenwood, Lib. Arts. STARNES. Daniel. Odessa, DE. Eng.. ATQ STEPHENS, Timothy, Corinth. Ace. miors STEVENS, Patrick, Brandon, Bus.. OKA STEWART, Alan, Grenada, Eng. Srf WART, Paula, Hickory Flat, Lib. Arts. STOWERS, Mark. University, Lib. Arts. STREBECK, Sarah, Decatur, Lib. Arts. STRICKLAND, Andrew. Corinth, Lib. Arts. STROUPE. Annette, Senatobia, Educ. STUBBS, Steven, Memphis, TN, Bus. STURDIVANT, Esther, Smilhdale, Eng, STURDIVANT, Max, Oxford, Lib. Arts. SULLIVAN, Jeffrey. Louisville, Bus., BGH SULLIVAN, Michael, Mendenhall, Bus., KA SULLIVAN, Russell, Ackerman, Lib. Arts. BUTTON, Richard, Brookhaven, Bus. TAN, Lui, Johore Bahru, Eng. TATE, Marisa, Tupelo, Lib..Arts, XQ TATE, Milton. University, Bus. TATUM, Robert, Hattiesburg, Bus.. IN TAYLOR, Debra, Coldwater, Educ. TAYLOR, Scott, Merritt Island, FL, Eng. TAYLOR. Sheree, Grenada, Bus. TAYLOR, Shern, Clarksdale, Lib. Arts. TEDFORD, Toni. Clarksdale, Educ. TESTA, Sam. Oxford, Lib. Arts. THERRELL, Amy, Ellisville. Lib. Arts, KA THOMAS. Carol, Marietta. Bus. THOMAS, Valerie, Greenville, Educ., Af THOMASON.hmy, New Albany, Lib. Arts THOMASSON, Patricia. Philadelphia Ace THOMPSON, Angela, Senatobia, Ace THOMPSON, Patrick, Bay St. Louis, Ace., ATO THORNTON, Donna, Blue Mountain Educ TBI ITA THORNTON, Rebecca, Booneville, Educ. THORNTON, Susan, Amory, Lib. Arts, ZTA THRASH, Patrick, University, Bus., XJi THREKELD. Steve, Oxford. Bus. THRIFT. Jill, Oxford. Ace. TICE, Cynthia, Memphis, TN, Educ. TOLER, Katherine, Jackson, Educ. AAD TOLLISON, Tracey. Kosciusko, Lib. Arts, Ar TOMA, Raymond, Oxford, Educ. TONAHILL, Brenda, Memphis, TN, Educ. TRACY, Beth, Caledonia, Lib. Arts. TRAHAN. Jerome, Oxford, Lib. Arts. TRANCHIN, Winifred. Metairie. LA. Lib. Arts. ZTA TRAYLOR. James, Clarksdale, Bus., ATO TROYKA, Jonathan, Laurel, Lib. Arts, OKT TRUDEAU, Dawn, Bronx, NY Educ TRUE 77, Kelly, Memphis, TN, Lib. Arts, OM TRUITT, Eric, Memphis, TN, Lib. Arts, KAO TUCKER. Randy. Fulton, Bus. TUCKER, Sharon, University, Lib. Arts. TURNER, Gloria, New Albany, Educ. VAN CLEAVE. Clifton, Centreville, Bus., KI VAUGHT. Susan, Germantown, TN, Lib. Arts. VELA, Luis, Lima, Eng. VINCENT. Ellen, Clarksdale Educ AAA VOLLMER, Richard, Cordova TN Bus A0 WADSWORTH, Russell, Hernando. Pharm. WALDEN, Luanne, Tupelo, Bus WALDON, Carol, Corinth. Ace. WALKER, Kimberly, Tupelo, Bus WALKER, Susie. Wiggins, Lib. Arts. r-Tr L i WALSH, Douglas. Madisonvilte. KY, Ace.. IN WALTHOUR. Shelley. Jacksonville. FL. Lib. Arts. KA6 WARNER. Julie. Port Gibson. Ace.. K Kf WARREN. Hugh. Greenwood. Bus.. A0 WASSON. Rebecca. Kosciusko. Lib Arts WATTS, Sarah. Franklmton. LA. Lib. Arts. KA WEBER. Carl. University. Eng. WEBER. Douglas. Arlington. IL. Bus.. IN WEBER. Judith. University. Eng. WELLS. Anne. Jackson, Bus XO WHITE Janet. Jackson. Bus. WHITTINGTON. Kevin, Natchez. Bus.. Bn WHITE. Larry. Oxford. Bus. WHITFIELD. Pamela, Southaven. Lib Arts WHORTON, Robert. Oxford. Eng. WIGGINS, Permetne, Clarksdale. Lib. Arts. WLBAHKS Paula. Walnut. Lib. Arts. WILBOURN, Russell. Water Valley. Bus. WILEY. Phyllis. Byhala. Eng . Z9 WILKINSON, Sandra, Georgetown. SC. Lib. Arts. TOP WILLIAMS, David. Ft. Lauderdale. FL. Bus. WILLIAMS. Glendell. Thaxton. Educ. WILLIAMSON. David. Brandon. Bus.. KS WILLIAMSON, James. Philadelphia. Bus. WILLIAMSON. Kurt. Olive Branch, Ace. WILLIAMSON. Lisa. Helena. Ace.. AOTI WILSON. Kim. Corinth. Educ WILSON. Mary. Clarksdale. Bus.. TOP WILSON. Piper, Jackson. Bus.. AAA WIL TSHIRE, Gregory. University, Educ. WOLFE, Tracey. University. Bus IVCWG, Wayne, Canton, Pharm. WOOD. Lisa. Natchez. Lib. Arts, XO WOODS, David, Grenada, Bus.. ATO HOODS, Jerry. Hemando. Lib Arts HOOPS Libby. Nesbtt Lib. Arts WORMS. Susan. Grenada, Eng WOODSOH. Manta, Kchton. Ace.. AK A YEO. Keng. Malaka. Bus. YERGER, Kimberty, Jackson, Educ.. XQ YOUNG. Alexander. Wynne, AR. Lib. Arts. IX YOUNG. Angela. Bel (Jen, Bus .Q- YOUNG. Lloyd. Summrt, Lib. Arts. 0 eK YOUNG. Robyn, Durant. Ace.. AAH ZEMANN, Moira. Memphis. TN, Ace. f S 3 duates ABBURI, Raghunath, Hyderabad AILSWORTH, Melody, University AKBAR, Javed, University AKEEL. Saleh, Oxford AL-ABEDALLA. Bashir, University AL-DARAYSEH, Musa, University AL-HUSAINY, Mohammed University AL KOUZI. Samir, Beirut APIARATNAM. Indran, University ASAVAROENGCHAI, Chinnaro, Bangkok BAI, Rung-Fein, Taipei BANSAL, Vipul. Gwalior BARB ERO, Oenise. Scarborough. Canada BASHARAHEEL, Mohammed. Riyadh BEISER, Michael, Florence, KY BERRY, Trey, Arkadelphia, AR BHATTACHARYA, Maheshwar, Calcutta BILBEISI. Khamis, University. AL BONTEMPS, Joseph, Bay St. Louis BRADLEY. Carla, Clarksdale BROWN, Rebecca. Picayune, MS BRUMLEY. John, Berea, KY BRUN, Inger, Stavanser, Norway BRUNER, Kaylon, Grenada BRYSON, Mary, Bruce BYERS, Shirley, University C4 , Hui. Shanghai J mi m CARTER. Brenda, Sardis CARREON-ROBLCDO, Enrique, University CARTER. Ann Runyon, Vicksburg Wflrffl, Joe, Iron City, TN CXISSXfl. Mario, Santa Venera CAYETANO. Judith, Belize City CWf V. Chang-Loung, Taipei. Taiwan CHEN. Chi-wei, University CHEN. Sheng-Chang. Taiwan CHEN, Xin-Hua. University CHO, Ki Yong, Seoul, Korea CHO, Su-Hee, University CHO , Dong. Seoul, Korea CHOLTHICHANUN. Somporn. Bankok CHUA, Keng Mui, Singapore CHUA, Lek, Malaisa CO . Andrea, Memphis TN ZTA Cflf tVS. Mary. Oxford, KA CURTIS, Paul, Gulfport DAVIS. Mark, University DELBRIDGE, Sandy, Abbeville DOUD, James, Jackson, TN DUCHARME, Jay, University, AJiO OOOtf Y. Mary, Calhoun City 5if TR, Amr, Alexandria ft MARAKBY, Sayed, University tt VDH, Charles. Oxford FAY, Patricia, Madison, TN. ZTA FORTENBERRY, Frank, Columbia MS FORTINBERRY, Luther, Water Valley ftMI rV, William, Oelvnle. VA FRANKS. Timothy, Mantachie FREEMAN. Gary, Beaumont GENTRY, Micheal, Batesville GILL, Tracey, Oxford GOGGANS. Tina. Corinth GORE, Susan. Oxford GREEN, Susan. Memphis. TN. XO HEADLEY. Matthew. Oxford. IX HEMVACHIRAVARAKORN. Nwe. University HENDRIX. Richard. Helena. AR HENRY. Rachel. New Albany HERLYN. Bodo. Trier HfffVEY. Victor. Water Valley. 081 Hf WGtf K Bndgette. Hendersonville. TN HOLLIHGSHEAD, Toney. Morton. Ain HOU. Han. Taipei HOUSE. Virginia. Mantee SO. Ray-Yale. University HUBBARD Cort, Columbia. IL HUVG. Jun-Kwei. University HUSAINY. laaa. University MMMG. Jeng-Chian. Taiwan JMUfS. Alan. Oxford JAYASURIYA. Desappriya. Ratmalana, Snlanka MYASURIYA. Kiranthi, University JEAN-MICHEL. Robert. University JOSEPH. John. Oxford. DKG KAIKUUBA. Francis. Freetown KF fff. Jonathan, Franklin, TN KHANNA. Sandeep. Hissar MM. Dae. University KRUGGER. Stuart. Prenfes My l-Kang, University LANTRIP. Bryan. Waynesboro LATOUR. Lydia. Ocean Spnngs MO, Siu. University LEBARIC. Jovan. University iff, Guang-Liang. University LEE. Ik-Soo. Seoul, Korea LEE. Peng, University LEFEUVRE. Isabelle. University tMO, Ruey-Ming. University UF8W. Katherine. Oxford iW. Han-Hon. Taiwan LIN. Shem-Long. University LIN. Sun-Sane. University UN. Wen-Yuan. Taichung UN. Yih-Gwo. University UU. Hsm-Tsu. Taiwan LIU. Wei. University LLEWELLYN. Daniel, Decatur, Ga LOVOm, Angela. Rolling Fork UCADAMS. Sandra. Guffport MALHOTRA. Arun. Bangalore. India METCALfE. Michael, Tuscumbia.AL M Uffi, Karen. Hays. KS MING-RONG. Chen. University UURPHEY. William, Decatur. GA NA SHADHAM, Radhaknshna. University HE MA n. Seyed. University Cefflr, Keith. Memphis. TN fiW Zhongping. University ftWKH. Saniay. Capita PARRY. Christy, St. Louis, MO, ZTA PASCHALL. Molly. Jackson. TN, AOO P (7R Of. Raymond, Walls POiUS. Dana. University PROW. Stacy. Chesterfield, MO OUIROS. Mauncio. University RAYFORD. Enc, Holly Springs. AIA SOeSWS, Jon. Jackson ROBINSON. Tomrrae. Friars Pont OOWSEY. Melissa, Jackson UtU4, Poonam. New Delhi SHACKLEFORD, Jeanne. Mobile. AL. AAH . Syracuse. NY SHERMAN. John. Clarksdate. Ben SIMMONS. Donald. Scooba. in SM 7H. Carol. Woona SMfW Katherine. Tupelo SMim Keith. Mendenhall. K SMITH. Melanie, Mendenhall STEPHENS. John, Sumrall SULLIVAN. Sherita. Pascagoula SYLIANCO. Loraine. University MNG, Chung-Sha. Taipei. Taiwan TAWARANGKOON. Wutnpan. Bangkok THERRELL. Murray, Sardis THRONEBERRY. Mary, Murfreesboro. TN 7RE47; Carta. Searcy. AR TRUJILLO DELGADO. Jaime. University 7X4 . Gwei-Hung. Taiwan r 10. Ta-Wei. Taipei TO Pei-Shm. Taipei 7U ? f ?. Beverly. Memphis. TN Uff. Barry. Franklin. LA VAILS. Teresa. Tupelo VERTZ. Steven. Abilene. TX MMSOV. Mark Alan. Memphis. Tn WALLACE. Amy. Georgetown. MS WANE. Chao. University WAMG. Eng. Malacca G. Jiunn-Oeng. University WANG. Yung Jang. University WARNER. Kaye Phillips, Oxford WESTPHAL. Gregory. New Albany WiWS. Geert. Leuven WILSON. Mark. Oxford WONG. Kwok-Fai, Hong Kong WOODRUFF. James. Hattiesburg. OA0 Mt , Chia Jine. University ttt , Ta-Peng, University YAJNIK. Samir. Bombay C WG. Bo-Syung. Taipei. Taiwan YIN. Haochih. Taiwan YOUNG. Chung-Jer. Taipei. Taiwan YOUNG. Dianna, Pontotoc YOUNG. Lucy, Memphis. TN YOUNG. Zin, University ZHU. Guo. Shanghai rmacy ALFORD, Paul, Morton ATCHISON. Jem, Chester, IL AWADA, Hissane. Belzoni BLALACK, Mike. Greenwood BLOWE. Missy, Yazoo City BOATWRIGHT, Dorothy. Holly Springs BORNE. Mike, Oxford 80WVDS, Currie. Oxford BOUDNS, Kaki, Newton BROOME. Erik, Batesville flflOMW, Susan, Crystal Springs BRYANT. Barry, Huntsville, AL BUSH. Hugh. New Hebron CARRATHAN. Kay, Houston CO vif K, Charles. Kissimmee, FL COWART. Tami. Terrell, TX COX. Cindy, Jackson CRANFORD. Meg. Raleigh DEVAUGHN, Maria, Marietta D CKF V, Sharon, Columbus DUBRAVEC. Don. Algiers, LA EDWARDS. Barbie. Ruleville EDWARDS. Jim. Slidell, LA FU4 VS, Carla, Greenville FREDRICKOON. Lydia, Sardis H4i, Greg, Corinth WWfS, Jim. luka HEAD. Robert, Maker HEIN, Ann, Oxford WOOICT, Gene, Olive Branch HUFF. Paige, Alexandria, LA HING. Jim, Ripley LETELLIER. Rudy, Bay St. Louis if MS, Bobbie, Rosedale MCCOY, David. Indianola MCKENZIE, David, Smithdale MCKNIGHT , Mike. Shaw MCMELLON, Escatawpa MEDDERS, Jimmy. Cleveland WWf y Danny, Saltillo (IIBU, Glynn. Houston NELSON. Carolyn. Biloxi O ' NEAL, Donnie, Perkinston OSBORN, Greg, Carthage PEEPERS, Patti, Starkville PLEASANT, Carol, Jackson POy, Lily, Canton Pff Cf, Brenda. McComb PROFFER, Stephanie, Little Rock, AR ROBBINS, Janet, Columbia RODGERS, Kim, Bassfield flOSS, Lee Anne, Hattiesburg ROWSE Y, Angelia, Courtland SCHNELLO. Lucy, Senatobia SEAL. Sid. Philadelphia S U, Kirk.Tupelo SKELTON, Henry, Greenwood SW W, Gary, Meridian SMITH, Shane, Brookhaven S f rw, Steve, Fulton SPENCER. Fran, Jackson, TN THREADGILL. Misti, Biloxi TURNER. Tommy, Fulton y, Keith, Sardis WINGINGTON. Teresa, Blue Springs WILLIAMS. Dicky, Macon kVO G. Richard, Clarksdale WOOLF, David, Fulton WRIGHT. Brenda, Booneville WRIGHT, Richard, Louisville tVWTT, Sherry, Waveland VOflK, William. Holly Springs ZEPPONE. Diane, Leland f- lasses of 85 86 ALLISON. Peggy. Forrest City. AR WOE RSOH Jamt. Jackson ftWfffl, Chene. Summit BARNES, Melissa, Moorevdte BARNETT. Donald, Winona BONDS. Mke. Corinlti BREEZE. Harry. Stonewall CARPENTER, Melissa, Holly Springs CASH. Rebecca. Columbus CHSOLM. Terri. Belzom CHRISTIAN. Howard, Oxford CWWf. Rhonda, Pascagoula COUCH. Mke. Oxford COOK Elan. Oxford COtffl, Craig. Yazoo City CftWf. Greg. Golden CWTIS. Daphne, Ufica OA VIS, Patricia, Columbus GftAWHf, Betfi. Charleston. MO GOOOtMV, Lao, Bitoxi GOfiOOV. Elaine. Coldwater MMBL W. Ernestine. Calhoun City HfYER, Nancy. Corintti WOCS, Dx, Waynesboro HOLSTON. Scott, Pascagoula JflXS. Daniel. Jackson JOHNSON. Nelson, Skeston. MO JONES. Mara. Corinth JONfS. Mefesa, OSve Branch Kf TW, Raymond. Purvis LAVANWAY, Don.LaSafc.1 iff. Ernest New York. NY ifVWS. Ron. Oxford UEDKf.Robin.Soumaven UMOffl, Cheryl Kay. Batesvle LOFT9I. Jimmy, Laurel LOVE. Russd.GuKport AMrTOC Dana.Oceana.WV MC8E4m.Mte.Kosciusko MGKMMEY, John, Mtridon MCKHNEY, Wendy, Mcndmi MCHUUMt. Angela. Jackson MUS. Van. Verona MrrCHEU. Metesa. RukM WOflf, Dawn. Southaven MONTGOMERY. Carole. Belmont MUVMK.RKk. Charleston WVFRS. PM. WMes Creek. TN ME ffiEW. Beth.Amory fVUJWFfl. Raymond. Waynesboro RW7VUV, Wanda, Catendona mXFTT, Glenn. Robinsonville , . PITTWW. Cynthia. Natchez POUCH. David. Columbus S. Tod. Pascagoula RATHER. Allison. Oxford flffVFS. Gena. South Bay. FL EKH.Patl).lrman.SC flfC.Cndy.Hemando flCSS. Ruft, Cleveland OOWSEY. Sherry. Hemando RUSCHEWSKI. Bruce. Yazoo City SMMOHS. Kennem. Magnolia SHUTT, Tern. Savannah, TM SMITH Karen Am, TyMoMi S 7H. Karen Jane. Batesv 5SMT7W. KKtt, Mendenhal SMEED. Chart . Hemando STEELE. Sammy. GoUen STEPHENS, Johnny. Sumrall HWOfVFMJfH, Jim. Dekaft WALLER. Kay. Oxford HM TKINS. Sarah, Jackson WILLIAMS, Beverly. Tougatoo HCMMCK Becky. Hemando HQKSLf. Suzanne. Batesvte WOOD. Phil, Plantersville rmacy MMS, Stanton. Hurley, I ADKISON. Kemberly, Pascagoula, I BAKER. Cherie, Summit. Ill BAKER, Diana. Ripley, I BARNES. Melissa. Mooresville, III BELL. Tim. Pontotoc, II BHATNAGAR. Priti. University, II BLADES, Mary, Pascagoula, I BRACKIN, Rebecca, Cleveland. I BRAND Howard, Ruleville, II BREWER. Keith. Richton. II BROCK, Shelia. Tylertown BROWN. Jom. Cleveland. I CONWAY, Lisa. Byhalia. I COOK, Elaine, Oxford, III COX, William. Rienzi, I CRANFORD, Donna, Seminary, I CMWLf K. Lisa. Jackson, TN, I CROZIER. Moseziner, Vaughan. I CUMBERLAND. Jay. Meridian. II CUNNINGHAM. Natalie. Florence, AL, DALTON. Robert, Corinth. I WAS. Stefame, Corinth, I DEVEREAUS, Cheryl, Senatobia, I DEVINE. Michael. Winona, II DIXON. Matthew. Aberdeen, II DODO. Bobbie, Sunflower, I FREEMAN, Judy. Oxford. II FRILOUX, Brain. Columbus, I GOOD, Kenneth, Columbus, I GODDARD, Jessica, Booneville, I GOODMAN. Lynn. Oxford, I GRIFFIN. Diane, Decatur, II HHif, Tracie, Vicksburg. II HAMMOND. Robin, Southaven, I HANEY, Trellis. Amory, II HANNON. Angela. Fulton, I HARRIS. Terrie. Sardis, I HW Angela. Cleveland. I HAWKINS. Patsy, Nettleton. I HODGES, Franklin, Leakesville I HOLLE Y, Karen, Byhalia, I HORTON, Nathan, Lexington, I HOVAS DeAnne. Kilmichael I JACKSON. Susan. Hernando II JAMES. Jetfery, Belmont. I JAUDON, Valorie, Grenada, II JfiKS, Daniel. Jackson, III JENKINS. Joy, Sardis, II JONES. Maria, Corinth, III JUHMANI, Omarlssa, University, III KEATING, Jane, KIRKWOOD. Teresa, Lucedale, II KIMBR EL. Everette. Meridian. II KNOX, Margaret. Greenwood. I LARSON. Kimberly, Oxford, I LEDLOW. Michael. Laurel, II LEE, Emily. Savannah. GA. II LITTLEFIELD, Janice, Oxford, I LONG. Catherine. Saltillo. I LONG Darryl. luka. I MADNANI. Sanjay. Tylertown. I MAGEE. James, Magee. MS, I chool UVf. DoK.LakeVaan.AfXI HUSSf. Pamela. Como. I MY. Frances. Senatoba, I HAYHOR. Dana.Oceana.WJI MCBEAJH, Mike. Kosousko. M MCCOOL, Frank. Laurel. II UCCORHKK. Jams. NeOMon. I HCUUUAH. Angela, Jackson. MCMEER Cheryl. Greenwood. I MMS. Patricia. Greenwood. I MOORE. Dawn. Southavcn. M MOVitS, Uita.Woo Me.l fTCRS. MM, Philadelphia, I HOOUAN, Brooks. Holty Springs, OSBOm. Susan. Carthage. II MCE Adrian. Menoanjl PMKBl Carol, PMaddpho. II ftttMK Mark. Purvis, H flETTV. David. Glen. I flNSOM. Vaterie. Hatbesburo, II r7MW, Joel, Cotumba, I ML George. Tup . I TOHBt VHfam. Mnrt Ofcve. I flBOVBKZ . Karen. Greeny . I PURVIS. Edward , Yazoo City. I SWifS. Emily. Byhaia. AOBmSOV. Pam. Como. I flUSSatEtiaboXOxfcrt.1 HUJHBfOPD. Laura. TipteMifc. I SA GW Tank. Oxford. II SCOiT.Mte,Senak ba.l Sh WEFl flenee, Jackson, SMMCWS. Kemedi, Magnola. H SWS. Emm Wtynatoro. I SJfW WT. Monica, Yazoo City, II STfUWBODGf. Stephanie. Amory. I SUUMW.Karen.SunAI SZF7D. John. Greenwood. I TAfiSI, Lori. Boyle. I THOMAS. Michael. Greenwood. I THOMPSON, Rose. Shannon. I TURHAGE. Suzanne. Vicksbura I KWCf. Patt. Greenwood. II fWZFT. Vicki, MMttG. Crag, Camere. I " IMiOW. Mary, Oxford. I IMiXFfl. Karen, New Albany, II WATSOM. Van. Oxford. I WHTHBJ). Sarah, Cormth, I WILKERSON, Andrea. Oxford. II HHIMMSOW. Laura. Durant I WILLIS. Dense. Miller Cy. IL. I WOO. Jean. Isola. I WOO. Thonas toU. I WOOD, Amy. Punicrsnte, I WfUGHT, Deborah. Boonevrite , I WYATT. Stacy. CMon.1 YEL VERTON. Gene. Jackson. I Aaron, Leigh 336 Abburi, Raghunath 374 Abel, Jerry 348 Abney, April 348 Abraham, Angela 336 Abraham, Elie 348 Abraham, Michel 364 Acker, Suzanne 348 Acquaviva, Catherine 336 Adair, Christopher 348 Adams, D ' Ann 336 Adams, John 364 Adams, John 364 Adams, Kent 356 Adams. Monique Michelle 356 Adams, Stanton 378 Adams, Stephen 364 Adams, Valerie 348 Adcock, Mitchell 364 Adkins, William Bradford 356 Adkison, Kimberly 378 Agnew, Krista 336 Agnew, Wendy 336 Aikins, John 364 Ailsworth, Gregory 364 Ailsworth, Melody Morris 374 Amsworth, Nicole 348 Ainsworth, Brian 336 Akbar, Javed 374 Akeel, Saleh 374 Akhtar, Imran 336 Akhter, Najam 364 Al, Kouzi 374 AI-Abedalla 374 AI-Assi 364 AI-Darayseh 374 AI-Husainy374 Albee, Richard Earle 356 Alderson, Laura Lovell 356 Aldridge, Monica 336 Ales, Lonnie 364 Alexander, Lamar 348 Alexander, George 336 Alexander, John 364 Alford, Amanda 348 Alinder, Mary Jo 364 Allen, Charles 364 Allen, Jimmy Thomas 356 Allen, Kevin 348 Allen, Leslye 364 Allen, Tracy 348 Allen, Trent 364 Allgood, James 364 Allison, Carrie 348 Allison, Heather 336 Allison, Joan 364 Alliston, Wayne Jeffrey 356 Alrnand. Annette 348 Alston, Gregory 364 Alston, Jon Anne 356 Amaraweera. Ravindra 336 Anderson, Abby 336 Anderson, Amy 336 Anderson, Bonnie 364 Anderson, Charmaine 336 Anderson, Erns 364 Anderson, John Denley 356 Anderson, John Gaston 356 Anderson, Johnny Mack 356 Anderson, Karla 336 Anderson, Laura 336 Anderson, Patricia 336 Anderson, Ramona Lynn 356 Anderson, Scott Vallaly 356 Andy, John Christopher 356 Andy, Patrick 364 Appleton, Tammy 336 Ariaratnam, Indran 374 Armatis, Peter 336 Arnold, Dicran 348 Arrechea, Joseph 336 Arrechea, Katherine Marie 356 Arrington, Susan 364 Asavaroengchai, Chinnarong 374 Ashford, Andrew Knox 356 Ashmore, Mary 364 Atkinson, Douglas William 356 Atkinson, Krista 336 Atkinson, Robert 364 Au, Audrey 336 Austin, Brian Miles 356 Austin, Christopher 336 Austin, Melanie 336 Avant, Tammie 364 Avant, Toni Denise 364 Averitt, Susan 336 Aw, Young Wee 364 Bacon, Jeffrey Lee 356 Baechle, Sheri 348 Bafford, Wendell 356 Baggett, Bruce 356 Baggett, Tracy 348 Bahm, Shelli 356 Bai, Rung-Fein 374 Bailey, Carol 356 Bailey, Chris 348 Bailey, John Andrew 356 Bailey, John David 336 Bailey, Robert Gregory 356 Bailey, Stephanie 336 Bain, Rebecca Gail 356 Baker, Austin 336 Baker, Charlie Gaines 364 Baker, Cherie 378 Baker, Diana 378 Baker, John 336 Baker, Terry 348 Baldwin, Sarah Beth 336 Ballard, James 348 Ballard, Leslie Carol 356 Ballard, Martha Carol 356 Ballard, Penelope 336 Banks, Rex 356 Bannister, Donna 364 Bansal, Vipul 374 Banton, Ladonna 336 Barbiero, Denise 374 Barbiero, Karen 364 Barfield, William 356 Barkley, Allison 364 Barlow, Michael 356 Barnes, Brenda 336 Barnes, Darrell 356 Barnes, Elizabeth 364 Barnes, Everett 364 Barnes, Marilyn 356 Barnes, Melissa 377 Barnes, Richard 364 Barnes, Terri 356 Barnett, Dolores 377 Barnett, Georgianna 364 Barnett, Samantha Kay 356 Barrett, Andrew Frank 356 Barrett, Kathrine 348 Barrow, Frances 336 Barshinger, Jeffrey Allen 356 Barton, Jerry 336 Barton, Sandra 336 Basharaheel, Mohammed 374 Basma, Khalil 364 Baswell, James 356 Bateman, Debbie 364 Bates, Alice 364 Batman, Marie 336 Battaile, Andrew 348 Bauch 336 Baucum, Margaret 348 Baxter, Monica 336 Beacham, Harry 364 Bean, Roscoe 356 Beard, James 348 Beard, Jamie 364 Beard, Miranda 364 Beasley, Neal 356 Beatty. Marissa 348 Beaver, John 356 Beavers, Edna 356 Beck, Susan 356 Beck, Tom 336 Beckett, David 364 Beckett, Wendy 364 Beiser, Michael 374 Beith, Traci 348 Belk, Jennifer 364 Bell, Tim 378 Bell, James 348 Bell, Terry 348 Bell, Roderick 336 Bellew, Colleen 364 Belmont, Alexander 336 Benjamin, Danae 348 Bennett, Catharine 348 Bennett, Dalton 356 Bennett, Melissa 364 Bennett, William 356 Benton, Louis 348 Benton, Shyrell 356 Benz, Howard 348 Bergeron, Renee 336 Bergstrom, Beth 336 Berry, Jacquelyn 336 Berry, Oscar 336 Berry, Robert 356 Berry, Robert 356 Berry, Rodney 336 Berry, Trey 374 Bethshares, Jennifer 336 Berts. Leslie 364 Belts, Rachel 336 Bhatnagar, Priti 378 Bhattacharya, Maheshwar 374 Bigelow, Steve 356 Biggs, John 356 Bigham, Lee 348 Bilbeisi. Khamis 374 Bilbro, Christie 336 Billingsley, Amy 356 Bingler, James 356 Bishop, Tracy 336 Black, Jerry 364 Blackmarr, William 356 Blackstock, Lynda 336 Blackston, William 348 Blackwell, Katherine 348 Blades, Mary 378 Blair, Mary 356 Blalack. Kimberly 336 Blalock. Tabatha 348 Bland, Camille 348 Blankenship, Nathan 356 Blanks, John 336 Blanton, Elizabeth 364 Bledsoe, Jeanette 364 Bledsoe, Susanna 336 Bledsoe, Nanette 348 Bluntson, Craig 336 Boatner, Sandra 356 Bobbin, Kendall 356 Bohart, Kimberly 336 Boie. Mark 336 Bolen, Vicki 356 Bolton, Benjamin 336 Bolton, Chris 336 Bolton, Dana 348 Bond, Tamela 348 Bonds, Larry 364 Bonds, Michael 377 Bonner, Wendell 336 Bontemps, Joseph 374 Booker, Angela 336 Booker, Katherine 364 Boone, Cecily 356 Booth, Julie 356 Boothby, Mary 337 Boothe, Sue 364 Boothe, Terrell 337 Boozer, Kyla 337 Bordelon, Beth 337 Borden, Cindia348 Borries, Angela 364 Boswell, Anne 337 Boswell, Catherine 337 Boswell, Julia 364 Bouchillon, Neil 337 Bouldin, Kenneth 337 Bounds, David 337 Bourn, Amy 348 Boutwell, Carolyn 364 Bowdre, John 356 Bowen. Brigitta 364 Bowen, Casondra 337 Bowen, Donna 356 Bowen, Scott 348 Bowlin, Amanda 348 Boyd, William 337 Boykin, William 337 Boyle, James 356 Bozeman, Jeffrey 348 Bozeman, Kimberly 348 Bracey, Stacey 356 Brackin, Rebecca 378 Braden, Steven 364 Bradford, Chris 356 Bradford, Chris 356 Bradford, Kimberly 337 Bradley, Carla 374 Bradley, Wayne 364 Bradshaw, Tnpp 337 Bragorgos, John 348 Bramlett, Russell 337 Branch, Belinda 364 Brand, Howard 378 Brantley, Karmalea357 Brantley, Lisa 348 Brantley, Stephanie 337 Branum, Ouica 337 Brashear, Kerry 348 Braswell, Amanda 337 Braswell, Bailey 357 Braswell, Samuel 357 Bray, Jerry 357 Bray, Keith 348 Breazeale, Kavan 357 Brechbill. Kevin 348 Breeland, Kathryn 357 Breeze, Harry 377 Brennan, Blanche 337 Brennan, Michael 364 Brewer. Jerry 364 Brewer, Keith 378 Bridge, Leah 364 Bridges, Gregory 365 Bridges, James 365 Bridges, Kimberley 337 Bridges, Wilfred 365 Broadhead, Barry 357 Brocato, Allison 348 Brock, Courtney 337 Brock, Johnny 365 Brock, Oliver 348 Brock, Sheila 378 Brock, Tyler 365 Brockman, Eric 365 Bromagen, Beth 337 Brooks, Brown 365 Brooks, Deborah 365 Broom, Robert 357 Brown, Allison 337 Brown, Benji 348 Brown, Davis 337 Brown, Jennifer 348 Brown, Joni 378 Brown, Lisa 337 Brown, Lisa 365 Brown, Mark 357 Brown, Michael 348 Brown, Mozella 365 Brown, Oatis 337 Brown, Kevin 357 Brown, Randall 357 Brown, Rebecca 374 Brown, Sandra 365 Brown, Tamatha 337 Brown, Vernon 365 Brown, William 337 Brown, Christopher 357 Bruce, Paige 337 Brumley, John 374 Brun, Inger 374 Bruner, Kaylon 374 Brunson, Stuart 337 Bryant, Christopher 337 Bryant. Issa 337 Bryant, Steven 346 Bryant, Timothy 365 380 Bryson, Mary 374 Bryson, Mary 365 Buchanan, Brian 365 Buckley. Henry 337 Budz, George 346 Bugg, Doran 348 Bullard, James 348 Bullard. Kimberly 348 Bullen, Ann 357 Bullock, Alice 348 Bullock, Johnny 337 Bullock, Ulmer 337 Buntm, Anne 348 Buntyn, Melanie 337 Buratto, Nancy 349 Burford, Christopher 357 Burford, Donna 365 Burge. Neal 349 Burgess, Janet 357 Burke, Virginia 365 Burkes, Steve 337 Burkett, Barbara 365 Burks, Marsha 337 Burnett, James 357 Burney, Tammy 365 Burns. Lisa 349 Burrell, Jack 365 Burress, Gregory 357 Burress. Susan 337 Burrus, Margaret 337 Burt, Ruby 365 Burton, Cheryl 337 Busby, Mickey 357 Bush, Dianne 357 Butler, Stacey 337 Butt, Umar 337 Butts. Michael 337 Butts, Michael 337 Byars, Carolynn 337 Byars, Kathryn 357 Byers, Shirley 374 Byrd, Allison 349 Byrd, Janet 365 Byrd, Shawndus 365 Byrnes, Molly 349 Caballero. Victor Louis 365 Cade, Terry Conner 365 Caffey, Cheryl 349 Catfey, Fred 337 Cai, Hui 374 Cain, Carrie 337 Cain, Susan 337 Caldwell. James 365 Caldwell, James 365 Caldwell. Katherine 365 Caldwell, Lome 337 Calhoun. Camille 337 Calhoun, Dawn 349 Calhoun. William 357 Callahan. Kimberly 337 Callaway, Jeffrey 365 Callicott, Aby 365 Galloway. Neida 349 Calvasma. Jason 349 Calvert, Caron 357 Calvert, Michael 357 Camp, John 365 Campbell, Amy 337 Campbell, Julie 337 Campbell. Lou Anne 349 Campbell, Mark 337 Canady, Jana 357 Canon, Gwendolyn 365 Caperton, Tracey 357 Capocaccia, Melissa 337 Capwell. Jeff 349 Cardone, Christopher 349 Carlisle. Cheryl 337 Carlisle, Julie 337 Carlson, Stacy Jo 337 Carman. Grace 365 Carmichael, Scott 365 Carmody, Anne 349 Carmon, Brian 349 Carnes, Lady 357 Carnes, Steven 349 Carney, John 365 Carpenter, Carmon 365 Carpenter, Debbie 337 Carpenter, Melissa 377 Carr. Carolyn 337 Carr. Michael 365 Carreon-Robledo 374 Carriker, Joel 381 Carroll, Clinton 357 Carroll, Pattj 337 Carter A. 374 Carter, Brenda 374 Carter. Chene 349 Carter, Dixie 381 Carter, Marlow 381 Carter, Joe 374 Carter, Leslie 381 Carter, Mary 381 Carter, Sarah 349 Carter, Tami 381 Cartlidge, Perry 381 Caruthers, Mary 357 Gary, Shelley 349 Case, David 381 Case, David 381 Case, Robert 381 Cash, Jennifer 381 Cash, Rebecca 377 Cassar. Mario 374 Cassidy, Caroline 337 Castilla, Jorge 349 Castle. Ronald 381 Cavette. Kathie 381 Cayetano, Judith 374 Cayson, Allen 357 Cervantes, Karen 381 Cesare. Carol 381 Chachad,Yatin337 Chain, Thomas 381 Chamberlain, Leah 349 Chamberlin, Robert 357 Chambers, Tamara 337 Champion. Abel 337 Champlin. Joanna 349 Chan, Chiaw-Shee 349 Chan. Keng 349 Chan, Poon 381 Chan, Song 349 Chancellor, Donald 337 Chandler, Mary 337 Chanouha, Kamal 381 Chapin. Elizabeth 349 Chapman, Kenny 357 Chase, Willie 349 Chen. Chang-Loung 374 Chen, Chi-Wei 374 Chen, Sheng 374 Cheney, Joseph 337 Cheng, Kwai 357 Chesman, Adam 337 Chia, Stephanie 381 Chien, Nancy 381 Childs, Clinton 337 Childs, Sonya 349 Childs, Thomas 349 Chisolm, Tern 377 Cho.KiYong390 Cho, Su-Hee390 Choi, Dong 390 Cholthichanun 390 Choo. Sip 381 Chow. Kay 357 Chrestman, Amy 381 Chrestman, Richard 381 Christian, Howard 377 Christian, Jason 337 Christian, Lea 357 Christian, Robert 357 Chu, Nathan 337 Chua.Kea381 Chua, Keng 390 Chua. Lek 390 Churchill, Tammy 381 Cianciola, Carol 381 Clapp, Dorothy 349 Clark, Bobby 381 Clark, Wren 337 Clark, James 337 Clark, Michael 337 Clark, Michael 337 Clark. Michael 337 Clark, Paula 381 Clark, Robert 357 Clark, Robert 357 Clark. Robert 357 Clark, Tammy 381 Clarke, Melinda 337 Clawson, Larry 381 Clemens, Wayne 381 Cleveland, John 365 Cleveland, Madelyne 337 Cliett, Lori 349 Climer, Timothy 381 Clinton, James 337 Clinton, Nancy 365 Glower, Lane 365 Coaker, Margaret 365 Coates, Amy 349 Cobb.Dylsia337 Coe, Lisa 365 Coffey, James 381 Coffield, Dallas 365 Coffman, Robin 337 Coghlan, Kathryn 365 Coker, Melinda 338 Coker, Sam 349 Colburn, Lora 349 Cole, Christy 349 Cole, David 365 Coleman, Christie 349 Coleman, Edwin 365 Coleman. Edwin 365 Coleman, Judith 381 Coleman. Thomas 338 Coleman, Thomas 338 Collier, Christina 349 Collier, Jack 349 Collier, Michael 377 Collins, Kevin 365 Collins, Madge 381 Collins, Margaret 349 Collins, Vivian 338 Colotta, Terry 365 Colquett Jason 365 Colville. Elizabeth 338 Compretta, Connally 338 Coningsby, Gregg 381 Conlee, Joe 381 Conley. Felicia 365 Connart, David 338 Conner, Ruby 381 Conquest, Gregory 349 Conrad, Norma 381 Conway, Lisa 378 Conwill, Dixie 365 Conwill, Ashley 381 Coode, Phillip 381 Cook, Amanda 338 Cook, Angela 381 Cook, Deborah 365 Cook, Elaine 377, 378 Cook, Gregory 338 Cook, Henry 338 Cook, Mary 365 Cook, Thomas 365 Cooke, Karen 338 Cooley, Carl 338 Cooper, Kathryn 338 Copeland, Philip 338 Corder, Lisa 338 Corley. Cynthia 365 Corngan, Erin 365 Corngan. Lucy 338 Cossar, Margaret 365 Cossitt, Tommy 365 Cotros, Ria 349 Couch, John 338 Couch, Robin 349 Courtney, Todd 365 Courtney, Paul 365 Courtney, Tanya 349 Cowart. Dana 381 Cowart, Mark 338 Cox, Andrea 390 Cox. Anissa338 Cox, Artemus 349 Cox, Barry 365 Cox, Brian 365 Cox, Carolyn 338 Cox, Michael 381 Cox, Michael 381 Cox, Stacey 365 Cox, Susan 381 Cox, Tamara 365 Cox, William 349 Cox, William 349 Coxwell, Beverly 338 Coy, Angela 338 Craddock, Steven 365 Craft. Christopher 365 Craft, Estella 381 Craft, Mitzi 338 Craft. Tiff any 338 Craig, Brenda 365 Craig, Michael 356 Grain, Cecil 338 Crane, Gregory 377 Cranford, Donna 378 Cranford. Vera 349 Craven, Robert 365 Crawford, Emily 356 Crawford, Golda 365 Crawford. Todd 338 Crawley, Lisa 378 Creekmore, Elizabeth 356 Creely. Van 365 Crespino. Elizabeth 338 Crews, Mary 390 Criddle. Frank 365 Cnddie, James 338 Crockett, Christine 338 Crofford. James 365 Cropp, Karen 365 Crosby, Kecia 338 Crossley. Margaret 338 Crossley. Merry 365 Crowell. Joseph 338 Crowley, Sheila 349 Crozier, Moseziner 378 Crum, Patrick 349 Crumpton, Natalie 365 Culpepper, David 365 Cumberland, Crystal 349 Cumberland, Jay 378 Cumella. Stephen 338 Cummings, Allana 338 Cummings, Kurt 338 Cummins, Allison 356 Cunningham, Brian 356 Cunningham, Natalie 378 Currey. Charles 365 Curry, Yolanda 338 Curtis, Anita 349 Curtis, Daphne 377 Curtis. Paul 390 Cyr. Brian 356 Dabbs. Willis 349 Dabney, William 338 Dahlem. Melanie 349 Dalaison, Rubens 349 Dale, Martha 338 Dale. Maureen 349 Daley, Mary 365 Dalton, Robert 378 Daniel, John 349 Daniels. Charles 338 Daniels, Lelia 365 Dann, Christman 349 Davant, Marcie 365 Davenport, John 338 Daves, Michael 349 Davidson, Todd 365 Davidson, Sara 365 Davis, Alan 365 Davis, Alison 365 Davis. Andrew 338 381 Davis, Ann 365 Davis, Christopher 365 Davis, Crystal 338 Davis, Deanna 365 Davis, Donald 338 Davis, Joseph 356 Davis, Joseph 356 Davis, Joseph 356 Davis, Lisa 356 Davis, Loretta 349 Davis, Louise 338 Davis, Mark 390 Davis, Mark 390 Davis, Patricia 377 Davis, Patricia 377 Davis, Stefanie 378 Davis, Steven 356 Dawson, Seymour 356 Day, Byrom 356 Day, Jennifer 338 Day, John 349 De Groot, Scott 365 Dean, Christopher 338 Dean. Donna 338 Dean, Edward 356 Dean, Jacqueline 356 Dean, Sara 365 Dearman, Bernie 356 Dearman, Raymond 356 Deaton, Bradley 349 Deberry, Jean 338 Deen, Patrick 338 Dees, Leland 358 Dees, Pamela 338 Defrank, Wendi 356 Deguire, David 338 Dehmer, Joseph 358 Delbridge, Sandy 390 Dell, Eric 356 Dellenger, John 338 Demboski, John 349 Demlow, Jeffrey 338 Dendy, Donald 356 Denley, Deanna 338 Denmark, Amy 338 Dennis, Lori 338 Denny, Dawn 338 Desantis, Robert 358 Desilva, Ajit 349 Deterly, Lea 338 Devault, Linda 338 Deveer, Philip 356 Devereaux, Cheryl 378 Devine, Michael 378 Dickerson, Ginger 356 Dickerson, Kenny 358 Dickerson, Marsha 338 Dickerson, Penny 358 Dickerson, Ronald 349 Dickins, Stacy 338 Dickson, Robin 356 Dillahunty, Michelle 338 Dimeglio, Stephen 339 Dinh, Binh 358 Dinh, Toi 358 Dinsmore, Robert 356 Dinwiddie, Jonathan 339 Dixon, Lloyd 349 Dixon, Matthew 378 Dixon, Nancy 349 Dixon, Vickie 358 Dobbs, Rachel 356 Dodd, Bobbie 378 Dolan, Melanie 339 Doles, Scott 356 Donaldson, Kenneth 358 Doody, Mary 339 Doolittle, Barry 356 Dorr, James 356 Dorsey, Terri 356 Douglas, Angela 339 Douglas, Scott 356 Dowd, James 390 Dowdy, Mary 339 Dowe, Amy 339 Downey, Mary 349 Downs, Mark 339 Doyle, Richard 382 Drane, Catherine 358 Drane, Windel 339 Draper, Neal 382 Draughn, Mary 382 Draughon, Elizabeth 349 Draughon, Mallory 382 Drewery, Linda 339 Drewry, James 382 Driver, Gregory 382 Drummond, Anne 358 Drummond, Desiree 339 Dubberly, John 349 Dubose, Anthony 382 Ducharme, Jay 390 Dudley, Mary 390 Duke, Jeffery 382 Duke, Karl 358 Duke, Leigh 339 Dulaney, Vivian 382 Dumas, Charles 358 Dumbaugh, Mary 339 Dunaway, Lara 339 Dunaway, Rhonda 339 Dunaway, William 382 Duncan, Dana 358 Dunlap, Gary 358 Dunlap, Michael 349 Dunn, Tammy 358 Durbin, William 382 Durfey, Allan 339 Durfey, Mary 358 Durrett, Elizabeth 382 Dye, Hampton 349 Dye, Pamela 358 Dyer, Laura 339 Dyess, Robert 339 Dykes, David 382 Edwards, Garlinda 339 Edwards, Ian 339 Edwards. Katrian 358 Edwards, Lisa 339 Edwards, Michelle 339 Edwards, Paula 382 Edwards, Stacie 349 Edwards, Tara 339 Egger, James 382 Egger, Mary 382 Ehrlicher, Nancy 339 Eichelberger, Andrea 358 Eichelberger, Sharon 349 Eidt, Manfred 339 EI.Marakby390 Eletr, Amr 390 Elliott, Donna 382 Elliott, Frank 382 Elliott, Walter 349 Ellis, Clyde 339 Ellis, John 358 Ellis, John 358 Ellison, Parker 382 Ellison, Scotty 358 Ellison, William 358 Elmore, Susan 349 Emmons, Hope 382 Enochs, Scott 358 Enslen, Erik 349 Estes, Christi 349 Estes, Joseph 358 Estes, Maria 349 Etheridge, Samonia 358 Etienne, Tiffany 339 Eubanks, Angela 350 Eubanks, James 350 Eubanks, Micky 339 Evans, Bobby 382 Evans, Demetria 366 Evans, Nina 366 Evans, Philip 366 Evans, Sandra 339 Everett, Merilee 339 Evers, Julie 350 Ezell, Angela 339 Easley, Dianne 349 Easley, Kim 339 Easter, Brooke 349 Easterbrook, Melissa 339 Eaves, John 349 Eby, Raymond 339 Echols, Kristie 339 Edmonds, Holly 339 Edwards, Alton 339 Fair, Frederic 350 Fairley, Andrew 350 Fanning, Kelly 382 Faris, David 339 Farmer, Delbert 366 Farmer, Margaret 339 Farr, Paul 366 Farrington, Eugenia 350 Farrington, Samuel 382 Farrington, Sue 382 Farris, Elizabeth 382 Farris, Richard 382 Farrish, Christi 339 Farrow, Rhonda 366 Favret, Julie 339 Fay, Patricia 390 Featherstone, Jane 367 Feldhaus, Carrie 350 Fennegan, Sydney 350 Ferguson, Karen 339 Ferguson, Timothy 339 Fero, Juliette 350 Ferrell, Juanita 339 Fick. Jeffrey 350 Field, Samuel 339 Fielder, Bari 339 Files, Scott 366 Finley, Misty 350 Finn, Cheryl 367 Fioranelli, Barry 367 Fiore, Angela 367 Fisher, Annie 367 Fisher, Benjamin 366 Fisher, Fatima 367 Fisher, Ghyrane 339 Fisher, Karen 339 Fisher, Larry 366 Fisher, Pennie 367 Fisher, Steven 367 Fisher, Yolanda 339 Fitch, Lisa 366 Fitts, Laura 367 Fitzgerald, Robert 366 Flechas, Patricia 339 Fleming, David 339 Fletcher, Andrew 339 Fletcher, Leslie 366 Fletcher, Mark 366 Flinn, Mary 350 Flowers, Paul 339 Floyd, Billy 367 Floyd, Donna 366 Floyd, Karl 367 Flynn, Lane 339 Foard, Mary 350 Foley, David 366 Foley, Tina 367 Foley, Tracy 339 Ford, Patrick 339 Ford, Tammy 339 Fortenberry, Frank 390 Fortenberry, Michael 339 Fortenberry, Mona 367 Fortenberry, Stacy 367 Fortinberry, Luther 390 Fortner, Robyn 367 Foster, Charles 367 Fowler, Lydia 339 Fowler, Susan 339 Fox, Chris 366 Foy, Brian 339 Fralin, William 390 Francis, Anna 350 Franckhauser, Deanne 350 Frank, Vescia 339 Franks, Timothy 390 Fratesi, Lisa 366 Fratesi, Terre 366 Fraysier, Susan 367 Frederking, Jay 367 Freeman, Gary 390 Frierson, Lavorace 350 Frierson, Tina 350 Friloux, Brian 379 Fulks, Walter 366 Fullam, Todd 339 Fuller, Cedric 366 Funk. Tommy 350 Freeman, Judy 378 Freeman, Ruby 366 Freemyer, Emily 366 Freiberg, Roy 367 Freiman, Michael 350 Fretterd, Suzanne 339 Frey, Melissa 366 Gabardi, Curtis 367 Gadd, Amelia 367 Gadd, Walter 350 Gaddy, Jody 366 Gaines, Anita 367 Gaines, James 366 Gallagher, Kimberly339 Galloway, William 366 Gamarra, Juan 367 Gammill, Dawn 339 Gann, Skip 366 Garcia, Robin 367 Gardner, Jeffery 366 Gardner, Judy 367 Gardner, Kevin 367 Gardner, Margaret 359 Gardner, Richard 366 Gardner, Tracy 366 Garner, Lee 350 Garner, Roger 366 Garrard, Beverly 350 Garrett, Glen 366 Garrett, Preston 359 Garrett, Stevie 367 Gary, Mary 367 Gary, Monica 359 Gaston, Stephanie 366 Gaudet, Ariane 350 Gaudet, Catherine 350 Gay, Douglas 359 Gaylor, Martha 350 Gee, John 366 Geer, Joel 359 Gentry, Beatrice 350 George, Abby 367 Gerald, James Albert 359 Gerard, Roy 359 Gholson, Denise 359 Gibbs, Bonnie 359 Gibson, Daniel 359 Gilchnst, Kathryn 350 Gilder, Jefferson 350 Gilder, Melanie 350 Gill, Scott 367 Gillenwater, Grace 350 Gillespie, Lisa 359 Gillespie, Stacey 359 Gilliland, Laura 359 Gilmore, Elizabeth 377 Ginn, Randy 359 Gipson, Michael 367 Glover, Jodi 359 Glover, Tinnie 359 382 Goalby, Kelly 359 Goddard. Jessica 378 Goforth. Kristma 350 Goggans. Melinda 359 Goggans, Tina 390 Gold. Michael 367 Golden. Beverly 359 Golden. Elvm 359 G olden. Nathaniel 340 Goldman, Paul 340 Gong. Sonya 367 Gongre, David 359 Good, Kenneth 359 Goode. David 367 Gooden. Ronda 359 Goodman. Alan 350 Goodwin, Ginger 350 Goodwin. Laci 377 Goodwin. William 359 Goodyear. Ella 340 Googe, Susan 367 Gordon. Charles 350 Gordon. Elaine 377 Gordon. James 359 Gordon, Marcia 359 Gordon, Robert 350 Gordon. Tina 359 Gordon, Valerie 350 Gore. Jennifer 367 Gore. Susan 359 Goretski. Anthony 359 Gorham, Ashley 340 Gorham. John 367 Gould, Kathryn 359 Govmdasamy, Visvanathan 350 Graham. Bob 367 Graham. Hardy 350 Graham. Howard 340 Graham, Renee 359 Graham, Ronald 367 Graham. Kim 350 Graham. Tommy 340 Graham. Wanda 359 Granger, Julie 340 Grant, Alice 340 Grantham, Michael 350 Grasse, Cynthia 340 Gray, Charles 340 Gray. Fred 359 Gray, James 350 Gray, Julie 340 Gray, Kevin 367 Gray. Madelyn 367 Green, Barren 340 Green, Christopher 340 Green, Samantha 359 Green. Susan 359 Greer, Gregory 340 Greer, Kimberly 350 Gregory, Edouard 340 Gremillion. Hally 359 Gressett, Alicia 367 Griffin. Laura 340 Griffin, Marshall 367 Griffin, Sara 378 Gnffing, Kimberly 359 Griffing. Ronald 350 Gnffing. Sandra 340 Griffith, David 340 Grimm, Thomas 350 Grisham, Patrick 340 Grisham, Tonya 359 Gnswold,Dickson340 Grossell. Sean 350 Guckert. Harry 340 Guimbellot. David 340 Gunn. Candy 359 Gunn. Glenn 359 Gunn. Gloria 350 Gunn. Robert 359 Gurner. Robert 367 Gustm. Lisa 367 Gutierrez, Luis 350 Guynes, Ginger 359 Guyton, David 350 Guzman, Carlos 367 Habeeb, Leanne 340 Habig. Douglas 350 Hagaman, Jennifer 340 Hagan, Jean 367 Hagan, Saprena Mane 340 Haick. Mary 367 Haire. Karen 340 Hale. Harriet 367 Hale. Terri 367 Hale. Tracie 367 Hall, James 359 Hall. Karen 340 Hall. Lisa 359 Hallaron, Jocelyn 367 Hallman, Scott 340 Halpin. Lucille 359 Hamblin, Ernestine 377 Hamilton. Dorothy 340 Hamilton, La 350 Hamilton, Susan 367 Hamilton, Tad 367 Hammer, Dag 350 Hammitt. George 340 Hammock, Todd 367 Hammond. Robin 378 Hampton. Vickie 340 Hankins. Wanda 367 Hanninen. Laina 340 Hannon, Angela 378 Hansen, Jill 367 Hague. Zakir 350 Harbison. Elizabeth 367 Harbour. Michael 350 Hardan. Julie 359 Harden, Jeffrey 367 Hardin, Anthony 359 Hardm, James 350 Hardin. Lisabeth 359 Hardin, Mark 340 Hardin. Sheila 367 Harlan. Kimberly 340 Harper. Anthony 340 Harper, Jeffrey 359 Harrell, Patricia 367 Harrelson, Kimberly 340 Harris. Anthony 359 Harris. Craig 359 Harris, Delos 367 Harris, Frank 340 Harris, Terrie 378 Harrison, Charlotte 359 Harrison, Darrell 359 Harrison. Gregory 359 Harrison. Michael 367 Harrison, Scott 359 Hart. Angela 378 Hart, Allyson 350 Hartford, Carol 350 Hartley. Meredith 340 Harvey, James 367 Harvey. Martin 340 Hatcher, Nancy 350 Hatcher, Vicki 359 Hatcher, Wesley 367 Hatridge, John 359 Hausner, Shannon 350 Hawi. Zeid 367 Hawkins, Bryan 340 Hawkins, James 340 Hawkins, Patsy 378 Hawkins, Susan 340 Hawks, William 367 Hayes. Melanie 359 Hayman, Philip 367 Hayman, Teresa 359 Haynes. Laura 367 Hays, James 359 Head. Valarie 367 Headley, Matthew 359 Heard. Lloyd 340 Hearn. Hugh 367 Heame, Willie 367 Hearst, Cynthia 367 Heath, Rose 340 Heflin, Allyson 340 Hegwood, Peggy 367 Heindel. Leah 350 Hemdel, Lorri 359 Heindel, Terry 367 Helsley, Claudia 340 Hemeter, Francis 367 Henderson. Casandra 340 Henderson. Linda 367 Hennington, Michael 340 Henry, Carol 359 Henry. Rachel 359 Henry, Randy 359 Hensley, Elaine 340 Henson, David 367 Herd, Edward 367 Herlyn. Bodo 359 Hermetz, Kevin 340 Herndon, Jennifer 359 Herndon, Rhonda 359 Herndon, Timothy 359 Herrin, James 367 Herring, Kimberly 340 Herring, Robert 359 Herrington, Angela 359 Herrington, Jeanne 359 Herrington, Sulynn 340 Herrington, Thomas 359 Hertlem, Doris 340 Hervey. Lisa 340 Hervey. Victor 359 Hess, Mary Ann 359 Hewgley. Bndgetie 359 Hewitt. Elizabeth 359 Heyer, Nancy 377 H ic km an. James 340 Hicks. Joseph 359 Hicks. Robert 377 Higdon. Joseph 340 Higginbotham, Robert 340 Higginbottom, Yvette 367 Higgins,Kim359 Hill, Charles 340 Hill. Cynthia 359 Hill, Donna 367 Hill, Jane 359 Hill. Kathenne 340 Hill, Keith 340 Hill, Richard 340 Hill, Tracy 359 Hillery, Mary 340 Hines. Tracy 340 Hinton. Mary 359 Hoard. Lisa 359 Hobson. Elizabeth 359 Hodge. John 359 Hodges. Amanda 359 Hodges. Elizabeth 359 Hodges. Franklin 378 Hodges. Winter 359 Hogendobler. Susan 359 Hogue. Glona 359 Hogue. Mary 359 Holcomb. Maria 359 Holcombe, Bobby 359 Holeman. Steven 359 Holiday, Patncia 359 Holland. Anthony 359 Holland. Sandra 359 Holley, Angela 359 Holley. Edward 359 Holley. Karen 367 Holliday. Laurie 359 Hollmgshead, Anthony 359 Holloway. Cynthia 359 Hollowed. Jennifer 359 Holman, Amy 359 Holmes, David 359 Holmes. Kimberly 359 Holsonback, Timmy 359 Holston, Sam 359 Holston, Stephen 377 Holt, Edwin 359 Homan. James 359 Homra, Allen 359 Honan, Kevin 359 Hood, Kenneth 359 Hood. Paul 359 Hooi,Chiew359 Hooker, Kathleen 359 Hooker. Lori 359 Hoots, Nella 359 Hopper. Samantha 359 Horn. Laura 359 Home, Alison 359 Home. Esther 359 Home, Marie 359 Home. Delain 359 Home. Stuart 359 Horton, Holly 359 Horton. Melissa 359 Horton, Nancy 359 Horton, Nathan 378 Hou. Han 359 Hough, Jill 359 House, Robert Brown 359 House. Robert Lynn Jr. 359 House, Virginia 359 Houston. Greer 359 Hovas, Deloris 378 Howard. Dawn 359 Howard. Gail 359 Howard, Laura 359 Howell. Jeff ery 359 Howell. Lindsey 359 Hewlett, Suzanne 359 Hsu. Ray- Yale 359 Hubacek, Lawrence 359 Hubbard,Cort359 Hubbard, Richard 359 Huckaby. Bobby 359 Huddleston. Charla 359 Hudson, Elizabeth 359 Hudson. Kevin 359 Hudson. Sharon 359 Huffman, Monica 359 Huffstatler, Danita 359 Huggins. Arthur 359 Huggins, Joy 359 Huggins. Preston 359 Hughes. Josie 359 Humphrey, Arthur 359 Humphries, Amy 359 Hung. Jiin-Kwei 359 Hunt. Darren 359 Hunter, Kevin 359 Hurdle, Leigh 359 Hurdle, Mary 359 Hurst. Randy 359 Hurt, Benjamin 359 Husain.Shakir359 Huskey. Sharon 359 Husnik, Gregory Patrick 359 Hussung, Michael 359 Hutcheson, Yvonne 359 Hwang, Jeng-Chian 359 Hwang, Yu-Ang 359 Hyde, Kathlyn 359 Hyde, Robert 359 Hyde. Susan 359 Hyver, Michelle 359 Imber. Allyson 359 Imre. Nancy 359 Ingraham. Carol 359 Inkster, Jennifer 359 Inman, Willard 359 Intharajah, Kanendran 359 Irvm. Chen 341 Isacks, Fletcher 341 Isom, Victor 359 Itani. Ahmad 368 lupe, Sharon 360 Ivey. Tammie 368 Ivy, John 368 383 Jackson, Anne 341 Jackson, Ida 368 Jackson, Kermit 360 Jackson, Marsha 368 Jackson, Susan 378 Jackson, Victoria 368 Jackson, Ward 368 Jacob, Cassandra 360 Jadwin, Lynn 360 James, Alan 375 James, Amy 351 James, Jeffery 378 James, Sheila 341 James, Sherry 341 Jarrett, Sylvia 351 Jaudon, Valorie 378 Javorsky, Sue 381 Jayasuriya. Desappriya 375 Jayasuriya 375 Jaynes, Jeffrey 341 Jean-Michel 375 Jeff coat, Rebecca 341 Jelks, Daniel 377, 378 Jenkins, James 341 Jenkins, James 341 Jenkins, Joy 378 Jenkins, Robert 368 Johnson, Connie 360 Johnson, David 341 Johnson, Dorothy 360, 341 Johnson, Dorothy 360 Johnson, Earl 341 Johnson, Elizabeth 368 Johnson, James 368 Johnson, James 368 Johnson, Jeffrey 341, 368 Johnson, Jeffrey 341, 368 Johnson, Jeffrey 341, 368 Johnson, Kenneth 351 Johnson, Laura 341 Johnson, Linda 360 Johnson, Lisa 360 Johnson, Lisa 360 Johnson, Lonnie 360 Johnson, Lori 368 Johnson, Lori 368 Johnson, Mary 351 Johnson, Mary 351 Johnson, Melanie 368 Johnson, Nelson 377 Johnson, Paul 341 Johnson, Randy 351 Johnson, Sandra 368 Johnson, Scott 341 Johnson, Susan 368 Johnston. Janis 341 Johnston, Joseph 360 Johnston, Kenneth 351 Johnston, Thomas 351 Johnston, Wayne 360 Jones, Amy 368 Jones. Ashley 341 Jones, Bridget 360 Jones, Cassie 341 Jones. Frank 368 Jones, Gerald 351 Jones, Heather 368 Jones, Jennifer 368 Jones, Jill 360 Jones. Julia 351 Jones. Laura 351 Jones, Leslie 341 Jones, Maria 377, 378 Jones, Mark 360 Jones, Melissa 377 Jones, Merlin 360 Jones, Paula 368 Jones, Rebecca 341 Jones, Stephen 368 Jones, Timothy 341 Jordan, Daniel 360 Jordan, Lisa 360 Joseph, John 375 Joyce, Arthur 360 Joyner, Steven 360 Ju, Margaret 368 Kaikumba, Francis 375 Kaiser, Kerry 351 Kammeier, Elizabeth 351 Karlsson, Paul 368 Kasper, Jeanine 341 Kavelman, Kelly 351 Kazemba, Michael 360 Kearney, Karen 341 Kearney, Mary 351 Keating, Jane 378 Keevers, Amy 351 Keil, Kenneth 351 Keith, Raymond 377 Keller, George 351 Keilerman. Catherine 341 Kellett, Sidney 360 Kelley, Barry 368 Kelley, Everett 351 Kelly, Benjamin 351 Kelly, Charles 360 Kelly, Charles 360 Kelly, Dina 351 Kelly, Heidi 368 Kelly, Katelyn 341 Kelly, William 351 Kelly, Willie 341 Kemp, Sheryl 341 Kenney, Stephanie 351 Keppen, Keith 341 Kersh, Jane 360 Kerst, Lisa 341 Kesler, Jonathan 375 Keys, Audrey 360 Keys, Phyllis 360 Keys, Richard 368 Khan, Amir 351 Khanna, Sandeep 375 Kidd, James 368 Kim, Dae 375 Kim, Samuel 351 Kimbriel,Everette378 Kimmons, Cheryl 368 King, James 360 King, James 360 King, Kelly 360 King, Lea 368 King, Lisa 368 King, Paula 360 Kirk, Michael 368 Kirkland, Susan 368 Kirkpatrick, Tom 360 Kirkwood, Teresa 378 Kloha, Pamela 351 Klotz, Cecilia 351 Knight, John 360 Knight, Michael 360 Knight, Susie 360 Knochel, Kimberly351 Knott, Jeffery 368 Knowlton, Miriam 368 Knox, Margaret 378 Ko, Yee 368 Kong, Ng 360 Korte, Jennifer 360 Krecker, Deidre 368 Kuehndorf , Peggy 368 Kunkler, Kristen 368 Kwan. Mikela 368 Labella, Roy 368 Ladnier, Walter 351 Lafferty, Austin 351 Lahaye, Marie 368 Laird, Jean 368 Laird, Kathryn 368 Lamb, Victoria 368 Lambert, Melissa 368 Lambert, Patricia 368 Lampton, Brett 369 Lan, l-Kang 375 Lancaster, Jeffrey 368 Landers, James 369 Lane, James 368 Langenbacker, Mary 351 Lanier. Marty 351 Lantrip, Bryan 375 Lantrip, James 365 Laroche, Lina 369 Larson, Kimberly 378 Laseter, Jeffrey 368 Latour, Lydia 375 Lau, Siu 375 Lavanway, Don 377 Lawhon, Leslie 351 Lawler, Mary 369 Lawrence, Angela 369 Lawson. Kay 342 Lawson, Stephanie 351 Lawyer, Angela 342 Le Blanc, Yvette 368 Leake, Janet 369 Lebaric, Jovan 375 Ledbetter, Lisa 342 Ledlow, Michael 378 Lee, Chia351 Lee, Ching 342 Lee, Emily 378 Lee, Ernest 377 Lee, Guang-Liang 375 Lee, Ik-Soo 375 Lee, Jesse 351 Lee, Karen 369 Lee, Kengwoh 351 Lee, Patti 369 Lee, Peng 375 Lee, Sheri 342 Lee, Tanya 342 Lefeuvre, Isabelle 375 Lehmann, Lucy 342 Leister, Randal 351 Lenoir, Steven 351 Lentz. Gena 369 Leow. Aik-Jiang 342 Leslie, Leigh 369 Lester, Ladye 369 Lester, Martin 369 Lesueur, Patricia 342 Leung, Ursula 369 Levenson, Amy 342 Lever, Jeffrey 351 Lewis, Bradley 351 Lewis, Lori 368 Lewis, Ronald 377 Lewis, Ronald 377 Li, Stephen 368 Liao, Ruey-Ming 375 Liat, Sharon 351 Liberto, Lisa 342 Liddy, Sarah 368 Liebau, Katherine375 Liedke, Robin 377 Lim, Hwan 369 Lim, Lum351 Lim, Teck 368 Lim, Tze 351 Lin, Shern 375 Lin, Sun-Sane 375 Lin, Wen-Yuan 375 Lindamood, Kathryn 368 Linder, David 377 Lindley, Karen 368 Lindsey, Wade 342 Lindsey, Eugene 369 Lindstrom, Eric 369 Lipski, Thomas 369 Listenbee, Sharon 342 Litchfield, Maria 369 Little, Amy 368 Little, Audrey 369 Littlefield, Janice 378 Littlejohn, Lisa 342 Liu, Hsin-Tsu 375 Llewellyn, Daniel 375 Lloyd, Jeffrey 351 Locke, Aubrey 351 Loden, Julian 342 Loflin, Pamela 351 Loftin, James 377 Lofton, Joel 369 Logie, Joseph 369 Lollar. Carolyn 351 Long, Catherine 378 Long, Darryl 378 Long, Jimmy 342 Long, Ladye 369 Loong, Tuck 351 Lottmann, Jeffrey 342 Lounsbury, Jenna 342 Love, Audra 342 Love, Charlotte 342 Love, William 377 Lovelace. Margaret 351 Lovorn, Angela 375 Lovorn, Douglas 342 Lowery, Mary 369 Lowery, Roger 351 Lowry. Leigh 368 Lowry, Mary 369 Lowther, John 342 Lubin, David 351 Lucas, Cheryl 342 Lucas, Kelley 368 Lucas, Linda 342 Lucas, Sean 368 Lucken, Donna 368 Lum, Ashley 369 turn, Linda 342 Lusher, Susan 351 Lust, Perry 368 Lyons, Beverly 369 Lyons, Sarah 368 Lyons, Valerie 361 Mabry. Jane 385 Mack, Thomas 352 MacNaughton, Lynda 385 Madden, Caroline 361 Madison, Rhonda 385 Madnani, Sanjay 378 Magee, Esther 385 Magee, James 378 Magee, Johnny 385 Magee, Marty 352 Magee, Mary 342 Magee, Nancy 361 Magee, Richard 342 Magee, Stacy 343 Magee, Stephen 352 Maggio, Andrea 352 Magruder, Harris 352 Mah, Doreen 352 Maher, James 385 Malham, Arnie 343 Malhotra, Arun 375 Mallory. Sarah 352 Malner, Melanie 343 Malone, Linda 385 Malone, Richard 343 Malone, Tammy 385 Malta, Ted 343 384 Manley. Caryn 361 Mann. James 385 Mann. Jeffrey 343 Manning. Jimmy 361 Mannino. Frederick 343 Mansfield. Charlotte 385 Mansfield. Robert 352 Mansoor. Helen 385 Maples. Anthony 352 Maples. Stephanie 343 Marble. Enc 385 Marion. Gwendolyn 385 Mark. Siong-Theng 343 Martin. Amy 352 Martin. Angela 342 Martin. Charles 361 Martin. Charlotte 352 Martin. Christopher 342 Martin. Janet 385 Martin. Linda 342 Martin. Marcia 352 Martin. Marian 352 Martin. Marina 352 Marshall, Jena 352 Martin. Mark 342 Martin. Maria 342 Martin. Melissa 361 Martin. Mitch 352 Martin. Renee 361 Martin. Sherry 342 Martin, Victoria 361 Mask. Timothy 385 Maslanka. Patnck 361 Mason. Dennis 385 Mason. Falton 361 Mason. Sonya 342 Massey. Jonathan 352 Massey. Wendy 342 Massie. Pamela 379 Mathews. Lisa 361 Mathews. Melinda 342 Mathews. Randy 361 Mathis. Barbara 352 Mathis. Lon 385 Mathis. Tracey 342 Matkins. Ricky 352 Matthews. Helen 385 Matthews, James 352 Mattina. Rodney 361 Mattina. Rose 352 May. Frances 379 May. Mary 342 Mayfield.Jay352 Mayhall. John 385 Maynor. Dana 379 Mayo. Teresa 361 McAdams. Sandra 395 McAden. Bryan 369 McArthur. Walter 361 McBeath, Mike 379 McBryde, Jennifer 369 McCaa. Lois Coleman 352 McCall. Dana 369 McCalla. Lynne 343 McCartt. Scott 352 McCarty. Libby 361 McCaskill. Jeffrey 343 McClellan. Michael 369 McCollum. Judith 343 McCombs, Mary 343 McCool. Frank 379 McCormick, Mary 379 McCoy. Kent 361 McCracken. Alan 343 McCracken. Andrew 361 McCracken. Kelly 352 McCuistion. Bretton 343 McCurley, Traoe 343 McDade. Robert 369 McDaniel. Lena 343 McDaniel. Lon 352 McDonald. Jeanine 361 McDomel. Edward 369 McDowell. Peter 375 McElwam. Gloria 352 McFall. Michael 352 McFerran. Gregory 343 McGee. Elizabeth 361 McGee. Michael 361 McGee. Patricia 361 McGee, Stephanie 352 McGee. Susan 361 McGee. Tern 343 McGehee, Jennifer 352 McGhee, Kenneth 369 McGill. John 369 McGrath, Lynn 369 McGuire. Margaret 343 McHugh. Robert 361 McKee. Donna 369 McKee. Brian 361 McKeown. John 361 McKie. Peggy 369 McKmley. Laura 343 McKinney, John 377 McKinney. Wendy 377 McKoy. Troy 385 Mclaughlin. Kelly 343 McLemore, Theodore 361 McLendon, Jimmy 385 McLeod. Billy 343 McLeod. Loren 352 McMahan. Michael 352 McMahon. Michael 343 McMinn. Dan 385 McMullan. Angela 377. 379 McMullan, Leigh 343 McMullen. Jane 361 McNair. Barry 361 McNair. Timothy 343 McNeely, James 361 McNeer, Cheryl 379 McNeese. Shelia 352 McPhail. Robert Jr. 385 McPherson. Meredith 352 McRae, Richard 343 McRoberts, Claude 385 McSwain. Michael 343 McWhirter.Amy 343 Mealer. Dava 342 Means, Charla 342 Medina. Javier 352 Medlm. Micheal 361 Meegan. Robert 361 Meek. John 385 Meek, Phillip 361 Mehrotra, Amit 352 Mehchar. Charles 352 Melton, Lesley 342 Melton. Riley Jr. 342 Mercer, David 342 Merrell. Kathryn 385 Merrell. William 342 Merntt Laura 361 Merry. Steven 342 Messer. Pamela 361 Messer. Phillip 342 Metcalfe. Anna 361 Metcalfe. Michael 375 Metz. Yvonne 352 Meyers. William 379 Michael. Vicki 361 Michel. Henry 385 Middtebrook. Angela 385 Midgett,Jeanice342 Milano. Virginia 352 Miles. Royce 377 Mileski. Catherine 385 Milford, Kathleen 361 Miller. Charles 385 Miller, Karen 375 Miller. Lesley 342 Miller. Lori 342 Miller, Jane 352 Miller, Michael 342 Miller, Shan 342 Miller. Wendell 342 Milliken, Gena 352 Mills. Henry III 352 Mills. John IV 361 Mills. Mark 361 Mills. Stacey 352 Milner. Robert 352 Milward. Elizabeth 385 Mims, Mary 361 Mims. Patricia 379 Mims. Robert 342 Minor, Nancy 352 Misch. Mary 385 Mitchell. Brian 361 Mitchell, Julia 342 Mitchell. Margaret 352 Mitchell, Michael 342 Mitchell, Michael 342 Mitchell, Steven 352 Mize. Janet 352 Mize. Lynn 352 Moak. Clarence 385 Moak. William 385 Mobley. Andrea 361 Mock. Penny 385 Monroe, Tammy 385 Montgomery, Carole 377 Mooneyham, Michel e 342 Moore, Allen 342 Moore, Amy 342 Moore, Damon 385 Moore, David 385 Moore. Dorothy 342 Moore, James 342 Moore, James Jr. 342 Moore. Lisa 385 Moore, Margaret 361 Moore. Mary 342 Moore, Mary 342 Moore, Mary 342 Moore. Mary 342 Moore, Miriam 385 Moore, Nancy 361 Moore, Rebecca 342 Moore, Rebecca 342 Moore. Shelley 342 Moore, Sheree 379 Moore, Theodosia 343 Moorhead. Elizabeth 343 Moreau. Ada 361 Morel. James 343 Morgan. Anthony 385 Morgan. Barry 385. 352 Morgan, Barry 385 Morgan, Fred 370 Morgan, Harold Jr. 343 Morgan, Shonda 361 Morgan. Tina 361 Morgan. Vanessa 343 Morphis. Paul 343 Moms. Alita 379 Moms. Daniel 343 Morris, Michelle 370 Morris. Stephen 361 Morris. Walter 343 Morrison. Ardith 352 Morrow. James 370 Morton, Cynthia 361 Mosby, Julia 370 Moses. Michael 343 Moss. Charles 370 Moss. Lisa 343 Moss. Vicki 352 Mourin, Jerry 352 Mover, Dean 352 Mulder, Michelle 361 Mulkey. John 352 Muller. Robert 370 Mullins. Stephen 352 Mullins. Walter 352 Munn. Janna 343 Murphey. William III 375 Murphree. Thomas 370 Murphy, David 370 Murphy. Kimberly 370 Murphy. Mike 361 Murphy, Theresa 343 Murray, Kathleen 343 Murray. Laura 352 Murray. Richard Jr. 377 Murray. Timothy 370 Murray, William 370 Musselwhite. Darren 343 Myers. Martha 370 Myers, Mildred 379 Myers, Ricky 377 Myers, Suzanne 352 Myers, Tommy 343 Nabors. Leah 370 Nace. Shirley 343 Naishadham. Radhaknshna 375 Nance. Judy 370 Napper . Tina 361 Narmour, Robert 361 Narmour. Stephanie 361 Navaille. Christie 352 Neal. Karen 352 Nelson. Clyde 370 Nelson. James Jr. 343 Nelson. Karl III 352 Nelson. Laura 343 Nelson, Paul 343 Nemati, Robin 37 Nemati. Seyed 375 Nerren. Elizabeth 377 Nester. William 361 Netz. Cheryn 353 Neuhoff. Barbara 343 Neville. Lynn 343 Newman. Bruce 370 Newsom. Deborah 361 Newsom, Larry Jr. 343 Newsome. David 370 Newton. William 343 Ng,Kiat343 Ng.Yan-Tho343 Nguyen. Tuan 343 Nicholas. Ashley 353 Nichols. Phelan 361 Nichols. Thomas 343 Nick. Anita 370 Nickle. Sally 370 Nrffenegger. Regal 343 Nix. Betty 343 Nobert, Douglas 361 Noble. Elizabeth 343 Noblin. Julie 343 Noland, Tammy 353 Norman. Anna 343 Norman. Brooks 379 Norton, Mark 343 Nuckolls. Rebecca 361 Nunn. Nancy 343 0 ' Brian.Carta353 Byrne. Susan 370 O ' Connor. Stephen 353 O ' Daniel. Kathleen 343 Dell. Lori 369 O ' Leary. Crystal 343 O ' Neal. Jennifer 353 Qum, Susan 343 Oakes, Allison 343 Oakes. Stephen 343 Dates, Nancy 369 Ocasio. Michael 370 Ogletree. James 370 Ogletree. Beth 343 Oh, Yew-Khoon 343 Olander, Thomas 370 Olita. Sandra 343 Olivares. Antonio 353 Oliver. Angela 370 Oliver. Suzanne 343 Oliver. Verdell 353 Oneal, Raymond 392 Ong. Siew Chin 343 Orman, Anthony 343 Ormon, Jennifer 369 Orr, Jennifer 344 Osbom. Susan Shay 379 Ott, Helen 370 Ott. Kelly 353 Outz. Daniel 343 Overton. Mona 343 Owen, Barbara 370 Owen. Cynthia 370 Owen. James 370 Owen. James 370 Ozodigwe. Anizoba Davidson 369 385 Parker, Mark 379 Parker, Mitchell 370 Paciullo, Michele 369 Padgett. Marianne 343 Page, Adrian 379 Paine, Kimberly 370 Palczynski, Helen 343 Palmer, Jeffrey 343 Palmer, Margaret 353 Palmer, Robert 393 Pannell, Derinda 370 Parchman, Lauren 344 Parekh, Sanjay 391 Paris, Rachel 353 Park, Gregory 344 Parker, Carol 379 Parker, Dorothy 344 Parker, Elizabeth 344 Parker, Jeffery 353 Parker, Kimberly 344 Parker, Stacy 353 Parker, Suzanne 369 Parker, Whitney 370 Parks, Dennis 353 Parks, Jordan 370 Parrish, Yvonne 370 Parry, Christy 391 Parsons, Kelli 344 Parsons, Melanie 369 Partain, Wanda 393 Partlow, Cassandra 369 Paschall, Molly 391 Pass, Patricia 344 Pate, William 370 Patrick, Raymond 391 Patterson, Angela 344 Patterson, Julia 344 Patteson, Alice 353 Payne, Elizabeth 353 Payne, John 353 Payne, John 353 Payne, Temple 344 Peabody, John 344 Pearce, James 369 Pearson, Robert 353 Peddy, Brent 344 Peede, Christopher 344 Peeples, Penelope 392 Peeples, Ralph 369 Pegram, Leigh 344 Pender, Leigh 369 Pendharkar, Yeshodhan 369 Pendleton, Robert 370 Penick, Tina 344 Perera, Mihipagalage 344 Perkins, Norman 369 Perkins, Patrick 353 Perry, Robert Moore 369 Peters, John 344 Peters, Joseph Lee 369 Peterson, Penelope 344 Petitpren, Georgette Marie 344 Petrie, Ellen 370 Petty, David 379 Philley, Robert 344 Phillips, Deborah 353 Phillips, Gary 369 Phillips, Jones 344 Phillips, Joseph 369 Phillips, Larry 353 Phillips, Perry 353 Phillips, Tara 369 Pickering, Allison 353 Pickett, Glenn 393 Piecuch, Christopher 370 Pierce, Andrew 370 Pierce, Jerry Strickland 344 Pierce, Randall 370 Pierce, Ronald 370 Pigott, Robin 344 Pinson, Valerie 379 Pittman, Joel 379 Pittman, Susan 353 Pitts, Kevin 370 Plank, Gaye 369 Pleasants, Amy Carole 392 Plummer, Sherron 344 Plunk, Stacy 353 Polk, Tim 353 Polus, Dana 391 Ponder, Rodney 344 Pongetti, Stephanie 365 Poole, Diana 344 Poole, George 379 Poole, Helen 369 Poole, Julia 362 Pope, Brian 370 Pope, Colelia 353 Porch, David 393 Porter, Jon 370 Potts, Jenessa 362 Potts, Kelly 362 Poulos, Andria 370 Pound, La Ronda 353 Pounds, Edward III 344 Porch, David 362 Powell, Kathleen Jo 353 Powell, William 379 Poynter, Marie 353 Prather, Bruce 370 Prather, Malinda 362 Prather, Sharion 362 Prather, Valerie 370 Pratt, Debra 370 Presley, Karen 344 Pressley, Jennifer 353 Pressley, Robyn 370 Prewitt, Wiley Jr. 370 Price, Amy 362 Price, James 362 Price, James 362 Price, Ray 353 Pride, Laundra 370 Pride, Portia 370 Priest, Edwin 370 Prince, Donnie 370 Prince, Suzanne 362 Pringle, Stephen 353 Pritchett, John 370 Proffitt, Ralph 344 Provence, Ginger 344 Provenza, Karen 379 Prow, Stacey 391 Pruett, Christopher 362 Pruett, David 344 Pruett, Poppy 353 Pryor, Aden 353 Pulse, Robert 344 Purser, Amy 353 Purvis, Edward 379 Purvis, Mark 353 Purvis, Richard 353 Pyle, Perryolyn 344 Quazi, Rumman 362 Quinn, Cheryl 353 Ouiros, Mauricio 391 Quon, Judy 344 Quon, Sack 353 Radowick, Sam 344 Ragan, Richard 370 Ragland, Rita 362 Ragon, Donna 370 Rainer, Sandra 370 Rains, Francis 393 Rakestraw, Eddie 370 Ramsay, William 353 Ramsey, Roy 370 Ramsey, William 344 Ramzan, Ali 353 Rando, Melissa 344 Ratliff, Sharon 353 Rattikm, Allyson 344 Rawls, David 353 Rawls, Tara 353 Ray, Beverly 362 Ray, James 386 Ray, James 386 Ray, Susan 353 Rayburn, Shannon 344 Rayford, Eric 391 Razor, Mark 344 Reasonover, Karis 344 Redmond, Belinda 370 Redmont, Richard 387 Reed, Elizabeth 362 Reed, Jamie 362 Reed, Jean 362 Reed, Jerry 344 Reed, Kimberly 362 Reed, Kristin 344 Reeder, Kelli 362 Reeves, Gena 393 Reeves. Gregory 353 Reeves, John 362 Regan, Patricia 387 Reich, Patti 393 Reid, Cherry 387 Reid, Robin 362 Reidy, Michelle 344 Reno, Carolyn 344 Renskers, Sally 362 Reves, Christopher 353 Reyes, Alberto 362 Rhea, Robert 387 Rhodes, Donna 362 Rhodes, Jeffery 344 Riales, Richard 379 Rice, Rander 362 Richard, Joseph 353 Richards, Manell 362 Richardson, Amy 362 Richardson, Barbara 387 Richardson. Erik 344 Richardson, Jonathan 353 Richter, Robert 344 Riddle, James 353 Ridgway, James 344 Rikard, Gary 353 Riley, Lucielle 344 Rish, Angela 362 Rivers, Loretta 344 Rives, Mary 387 Robbins, Bobby 344 Robbins, John 353 Robbins, Jon 391 Robbins, Read 387 Roberson, Alisa 387 Roberson, Andy 387 Roberson, Elizabeth 344 Roberts, Andrea 387 Roberts, Laura 353 Roberts, Richard 353 Roberts, Richard 353 Roberts, Richard 353 Robertson, Alice 387 Robertson, Blake 362 Robertson, Daniel 387 Robertson, David 353 Robertson, James 387 Robertson, James 387 Robertson, Kimberly 344 Robertson, Marian 387 Robertson, Tracey 353 Robilio, Catherine 387 Robinson, Linda 362 Robinson, McWillie 387 Robinson, Mickie 344 Robinson, Pamela 379 Robinson, Peggy 387 Robinson, ReneS 353 Robinson, Sonya 362 Robinson, Sonya 362 Robinson, Todd 353 Robinson, Tommie 391 Rodgers, Paula 344 Rodriguez, Henry 362 Roe, Robert 344 Rogers, Amanda 349 Rogers, Anita 353 Rogers, Gillian 387 Rogers, Kandace 344 Rogers, Perry 353 Rogers, Stephanie 362 Rogers, Susan 387 Rogers, Wendy 344 Rolfe, John 387 Romberger, Pamela 345 Roquet, John 387 Rosado, Linda 362 Rose. Mary 345 Roser, Jane 345 Ross, Haskell 345 Ross, Jerry 345 Ross, Lynn 353 Ross, Ruth 393 Ross. Teresa 387 Rosser, Ludie 387 Rowell, Randall 353 Rowland, Dennis 362 Rowsey, John 362 Rowsey, Melissa 391 Rowsey, Perrin 345 Rowsey, Sherry 393 Rubenstein, David 353 Ruff, Jennifer 345 Ruschewski. Darryl 393 Rush, Tina 345 Rushing, Betsy 362 Rushing, Pamela 387 Rushing, Valerie 353 Russell, Carol 387 Russell, Charles 387 Russell, Charles 387 Russell, Elizabeth 379 Russell. Jennifer 387 Russell, Rhonda 345 Russell, Rhonda 345 Russell, Robert 345 Russell, Stephanie 362 Rutherford, Laura 379 Rutherford, Melvern 345 Sadler, Suzanne 345 Saed, Stacey 345 Sallis, Holly 362 Sailers, Gwendolyn 353 Saluia, Poonam 375 Sammons, Leigh 371 Sams, Kimberly 345 Sanders, Alicia 362 Sanders, Angelia 345 Sanders, Corinne 362 Sanders, Dennis 345 Sanders, Don 371 Sanders. Kimberly 371 Sanders, Stephanie 371 Sanders, Timothy 362 Sanford. Heidi 353 Sang, Alan 371 Sang, Gabriella 345 Sarji, Mustapha 362 Satterfield. Marci 345 Sauer, Suzanne 371 Sauls, Jeffrey 345 Savell, Timothy 345 Sawyer, Eric 345 Scales, Benny 362 Scallorn, Ross 353 Scanlon. Margaret 362 Scarborough. Karen 345 Scardino. Matthew 345 Schafer, Thomas 345 Schatzle, Sharon 353 Schexnayder, Ann 345 Schmidt. Elizabeth 371 Schmidt. George 362 Schmutz. Sandra 371 Schneider. Gregory 371 Schneider, Teresa 362 Schuster. Myles 353 Scott. Angela 371 Scon. Cynthia 353 Scon. Jackie 371 Scott. James 379 Scott. Sidney 371 Scnbner. Michael 353 Sealy. Mary 371 Sears. Patti 371 Sease. Denise 362 See. Hoong 345 Seely. Linda 345 Selden.Calibome345 Selph. Thorns 353 Selva. Mary 353 Sensing. Wilbur 345 Serio. Stephanie 345 Sessums. Nancy 362 Sevante. Michael 362 Sewell. Lauren 345 Sha. Kok353 Shackleford. Jeanne 375 Shatter. Kathanne 345 Shah. Aiay 375 Shankle. Chnstopher 345 Shanks. Melissa 345 Shannon. Crystal 345 Shannon. James 353 Shearer, Bobbie 379 Sheffield. David 371 Sheffield. Melanie 371 Shelton. Anthony 353 Shepherd. Carol 353 Sherman. John 375 Sherman. Richard 345 Sherman. Susan 345 Sherry. Leslie 345 Shilling. Angela 362 Shine. Victor 371 Shinn. Elizabeth 345 Shoemaker. Mary 362 Shores. Jennifer 371 Short. Amy 362 Short. Scott 345 Shows. Hilaire 345 Shows. Steven 362 Shubert Tem 362 Shute. Holly 345 Shun. Terri 377 Sibley, Mark 371 Sigier. Anita 371 Sills. Jon 362 Sills. Steven 362 Simmons. Donald 375 Simmons, Kelli 345 Simmons. Kenneth 379 Simmons. Margaret 371 Simmons. Robin 345 Simmons. Stacye 362 Simmons, Vance 371 Simmons. William 362 Simmons. William 362 Simms. Susan 353 Simon. Robert 345 Sim pson. John 371 Simpson. Lucy 345 Sims. Emmie 354 Sims. Gwendolyn 362 Sims. Kimberty 362 Sistrunk. Sophie 362 Sisulak. Andrew 371 Sit. Frances 354 Sketton, Tern 371 Skrien. Tern 354 Slater. Albert 362 Slaughter. Arnold 371 Slover. Russell 354 Smart, Karen 371 Smart. Marvin 371 Smith. Allison 362 Smith. Amy 371 Smith. Betty 371 Smith. Bryan 354 Smith. Carol 375 Smith, Dana 354 Smith. Daniel 345 Smith, David 345 Smith, David 345 Smith, David 345 Smith. David 345 Smith. Donna 363 Smith. Donna 363 Smith. Dorothy 363 Smith. Galen 371 Smith. Gregory 371 Smith. James 371 Smith. Jennifer 354 Smith. Karen 377 Smith. Karen 377 Smith, Katherine 375 Smith. Keith 377. 375 Smith. Lee 371 Smith, Lee 371 Smith. Lynann 354 Smith. Melanie 375 Smith. Michael 371 Smith. Michele 363 Smith, Orma 354 Smith, Perrin 371 Smith. Rebecca 363 Smith, Rhonda 354 Smith, Robert 354 Smith, Samuel 363 Smith, Scott 371 Smith. Scott 371 Smith. Stacy 354 Smith, Steven 371 Smith, Susan 363 Smith, Susan 363 Smith, Susannah 371 Smith, Teresa 354 Smith. Timothy 363 Smith. Vaughn 363 Sneed. Charlie 377 Sneed. Jennifer 345 Snellings, Kimberty 363 Snuggs. John 371 Scares. Sergio 363 Sockwell. Samuel 345 Soldevila, Monica 371 Somers. George 345 Soper. Todd 363 Sour. Margaret 371 Southern, Christopher 354 Soweli. John 363 Sparks. Rhonda 371 Spear. Judith 371 Spencer, John 371 Spight. Jeanene 345 Spiller. Elizabeth 345 Sprvey, Katherine 371 Sprvey, Vickie 371 Sprattey. Stephen 363 Spratlin. Arthur 354 Stacy. Betty 371 Stacy, James 371 Staley. Brian 345 Staley. Kathryn 354 Stamps, Terri 345 Stanton, Christina 345 Stames, Daniel 371 Steete. Samuel 377 Steele. Sharon 345 Steele. Susan 354 Steinberg, Donna 363 Stephens. Christopher 345 Stephens, Elizabeth 363 Stephens. John 377 Stephens, Timothy 371 Stephenson. Stacey 345 Stepp. Donna 363 Stevens, Angie 345 Stevens, Patrick 372 Stewart Alan 372 Stewart. Calvin 345 Stewart, Carolyn 363 Stewart, Monica 379 Stewart. Paula 372 Stewart. Shema 354 Stielhack. Michael 345 Sim. John 363 Stokes. Patricia 363 Stone, Amy 345 Stork. Susan 354 Stowers. Mark 372 Strawbridge. Stephanie 379 Strebeck. Sarah 372 Strickland. Andrew 372 Strickland, Lisa 363 Strickland, Todd 354 Striddin, Scott 354 Stringer. Charles 363 Stroupe, Annette 372 Struss. William 354 Stubbs. Steven 372 Sturdivant. David 363 Sturdivant, Esther 372 Sturdivant. Max 372 Sullivan, Brenda 354 Sullivan. Jeffrey 372 Sullivan. Karen 379 Sullivan. Michael 372 Sullivan. Ricky 363 Sullivan, Robin 363 Sullivan, Russell 372 Sullivan. Sherita 375 Sullivan. Susan 363. 354 Sullivan. Susan 363. 354 Summers. Kay 354 Sumner, John 363 Sumrall, Anita 363 Suthon, Walter 363 Sutton. Richard 372 Svehlak, Chnstopher 354 Swaim. Jason 345 Swayze. Mary 345 Sweeden. Scott 354 Sweetser. Wyndie 354 Swilley. William 345 Switzer, Paula 363 Sylianco. Lorraine 375 Szeto, John 379 Szuwalski. Andre 345 Tan, Chow 345 Tan, Koon 363 Tan, Lui 372 Tang, Chung-Sha 375 Tamir. Bassam 363 Tarsi, Lori 379 Tate, Crystal 354 Tate. Vansa 372 Tate, Milton 372 Tate. William 363 Tate, William 363 Tate. William 363 Tatum, Robert 372 Tatum, Ronnie 354 Tavoleti. Julie 345 Tavoleti. Kathryn 363 Tawarangkoon 375 Taylor. Bettina 354 Taylor, Clifton 345 Taylor. Collette 345 Taylor. Dawn 345 Taylor, Debra 372 Taylor, Scott 372 Taylor. Sheree 372 Taylor. Sherri 372 Taylor, Timothy 345 Tedford,Toni372 Teo. Rosemary 363 Terry. Kristin 354 Terwilliger. Susan 354 Testa, Sam 372 Tettteton. Philip 363 Texada. Nancy 354 Thaggard. Paul 354 Thames. Edward 345 Tharp. David 345 Therrell.Amy372 Therrell, John 375 Thomas, Carol 372 Thomas, Charles 345 Thomas, Cynthia 354 Thomas. Elisa 346 Thomas. Elizabeth 354 Thomas. James 363 Thomas, Michael 379 Thomas Paul 346 Thomas, Stacilyn 363 Thomas. Toni 363 Thomas. Valerie 372 Thomas. William 363 Thomas. William 363 Thomas. William 363 Thomason. Amy 372 Thomasson, Patricia 372 Thompson. Angela 372 Thompson. Patrick 372 Thompson, Patrick 372 Thompson. Paul 346 Thompson, Rose 379 Thompson, Susan 346 Thompson, Timothy 363 Thompson, Todd 354 Thornton. Amy 363 Thornton. Charlotte 354 Thornton, Donna 372 Thornton, Rebecca 372 Thornton, Susan 372 Thrash, Patrick 372 Thrasher, Audra 346 Threadgill, Timothy 354 Threkeld. Steve 372 Thrift, Amy 346 Thrift, Jill 372 Throneberry, Mary 375 Thurman. Elizabeth 346 Tice. Cynthia 372 Till. Glen 354 Tillman. Jessica 346 Tisdale. Margaret 363 Tison. Anmarie 363 Tobin. Dina 354 Todd. Grace 346 Toler. Katherine 372 Tolleson,Tracey372 Tollison. Deborah 346 Tolson. Carol 346 Toma. Raymond 372 Tomlinson. Dmetia 363 Tonahill, Brenda 372 Townsend. Jerri 346 Tracy, Beth 372 Trahan, Jerome 372 Trammel. Ginger 363 Tranchin, Winifred 372 Travis, Susan 354 Travis, Tessa 354 Traylor. James 372 Traylor, Mark 346 Traylor. Terry 354 Treat, Carta 375 Tnplett. Jacqueline 346 Triptett. Oliver 363 Trout. Robert 354 Troyka, Jonathan 372 Trudeau. Dawn 372 True, Robert 354 Truett, Kelly 372 Truitt. Eric 372 Trujillo. Delgado 375 Tsai. Gwei-Hung 375 Tsai. Reytong 375 Tsao,Ta-Wei375 Tu. Pet-Sim 375 Tubbs, Doyle 354 Tucker. Bryan 354 Tucker, Charles 346 Tucker, Daniel 363 Tucker. Harold 354 Tucker. Randy 372 Tucker. Wendy 354 Tudor. Sarah 363 Turbeville. John 363 Tumage. Bobbie 379 Turnage. Dorothy 354 Turner, Beverly 375 Turner. Claudia 363 Turner, Gloria 388 Turner, James 354 Turner, Martha 354 Turner, Rosanne 354 Turner, Susan 354 Turner, Timothy 363 Tutor, James 363 Tutor, Rebecca 363 Tyler. Joyce 346 Tyler. Tracy 346 Tyson. Latonia 363 387 Uhlhorn, William 346 Uhls, Daniel 354 Underwood, Thomas 346 Underwood, Todd 346 Underwood, Sharon 363 Ung, Yee Kheng 346 Upshaw, Megretta 346 Upshaw, Melinda363 Utter, Kathleen L. 354 Uze, Barry 375 Vaccaro, Lori 346 Vails, Teresa 375 Vallenilla, Candace346 Van Buren, Laura 346 Van Cleve, Helen 363 Van Damme, Richard 346 Vance, David 346 Vance, Kayla 354 Vance, Patti 394 Vandevender, James 393 Vandiver, Tammy 363 Vann, Whitney 346 Varnell, Sonya 346 Vaughan, Christopher 354 Vaughn, Helen 363 Vaught, Susan 388 Vaxter, Barbara 346 Veazey, Vicki 394 Vela, Luis 388 Vertz, Steven 375 Verucchi, Stephani 363 Villager, Tiffany 363 Vincent, Virginia 388 Vinson, Mark 375 Virden, Jennifer 363 Vogle, Deirdre 346 Vogle, Victoria 346 Voigt, Dyanna 346 Voineag, Craig 394 Vollmer, Richard Jr. 388 Voyles, Jeffrey 346 Wacaser, Krista 346 Wade, Robert 354 Wadsworth, Jana 346 Wadsworth, Paul 379 Wadsworth, Russell 372 Wagster, Emily 346 Wakham, Deborah 363 Walden, Luanne 372 Waldon, Carol 372 Waldrip, Mary 379 Waldrup, Steven 346 Walker. David 363 Walker, Karen 379 Walker, Kimberly 372 Walker, Martha 346 Walker, Sarah 354 Walker, Susie 372 Wallace, Amy 375 Wallace, Ronald 346 Wallace, Sarah 346 Walls, Charles 346 Walls, Dana 346 Walsh, Amy 346 Walsh, Douglas 373 Walsh, Elsie 355 Walsh, Jonathan 355 Walters, Jerry 363 Walthour, Ann 373 Walton, Lisa 355 Walton, Virginia 363 Walzak, Eric 363 Wang, Chao 375 Wang, Eng 375 Wang, Jiunn-Deng 375 Wang, Yung-Jang 375 Ward, Cynthia 355 Ward, Teresa 346 Warner, Julie 373 Warner, Tamlyn 355 Warner, Kaye 375 Warren, Edith 363 Warren, Elizabeth 346 Warren, Elizabeth 346 Warren, Hugh 373 Warren, Jerre 346 Warrington, David 346 Washington, Zana 346 Wasson, Rebecca 373 Watkins, Joe 346 Watkins, Jessica 363 Watkins, Sarah 346, 377 Watson, Kisa 363 Watts, Sandra 363 Watts, Sarah 373 Waxier, Damon 346 Weaver, Thomas 355 Webb, Dean 363 Webb, Jeffrey 355 Weber, Carl 373 Weber, Douglas 373 Weber, Judith 373 Weber, Lisa 346 Webster, Adam 363 Weichsel, Nancy 363 Welden, Lawrence 346 Wells, Anne 373 Wells, Donna 346 Wells, Melinda 346 Wells, Tracey 346 Wesley, Robert 355 Wesson, Eunice 363 West, Thomas 363 West, William 363 West, William 363 Westbrook, Jamie 346 Westfaul, Darrin 355 Westling, William 355 Weston, Grady 355 Westphal, Gregory 375 Wheeler, Tracy 355 White, Barry 346 White, Barry 346 White, Charles 363 White, Charles 363 White, Charlotte 355 White, Fred 346 White, Gay 363 White, Janet 373 White, Rayburn 363 Whitehead, Beth 346 Whitehead, Melissa 355 Whitehurst, Debra 355 Whitener, Mari 363 Whitfield, Pamela 373 Whitfield, Sarah 379 Whiting, Kara 363 Whitley, Richard 355 Whitt, Samuel 363 Whitt, Virginia 355 Whitten, Robin 363 Whittington, Craig 355 Whittington, Kevin 373 Whittle, Ellen 355 Whorton, Robert 373 Wiggins, Permetrie 373 Wiggs, Jill 355 Wilbanks, Paula 373 Wilbourn, Russell 373 Wilder, Jeana 355 Wiley, Laura 355 Wiley, Phyllis 373 Wilkerson, Andrea 379 Wilkerson, Mallory 363 Wilkinson, Sandra 373 Wilks, Lou Ann 363 Willard, Brenda 363 Willard, R. 363 Williams, Alice 355 Williams, Beverly 377 Williams, David 373 Williams, Ernest 355 Williams, Glendell 373 Williams, Jeffrey 355 Williams, Jeffrey 355 Williams, John 363 Williams, John 363 Williams, Patsy 355 Williams, Ray 363 Williams, Richard 355 Williams, Richard 355 Williams, Todd 355 Williams, Todd 355 Williamson, David 373 Williamson, James 373 Williamson, Karen 355 Williamson, Kurt 373 Williamson, Laura 379 Williamson, Lisa 373 Williamson, James 373 Willis, Bethany 347 Willis, Denise 379 Willis, Jenny 363 Willis, Kristie 363 Wills, Jeffrey 347 Wilms, Geert375 Wilroy, Marcy 355 Wilson, Derrick 363 Wilson, Gregory 355 Wilson, Kim 373 Wilson, Laura 355 Wilson, Laura 355 Wilson, Lynnette 363 Wilson. Mark 375 Wilson, Mark 375 Wilson, Mary 373 Wilson, Mary 373 Wilson, Mary 373 Wilson, Mary 373 Wilson, Piper 373 Wilson, Stephen 363 Wilson, Stephen 363 Wilson, Susan 355 Wiltshire, Gregory 355, 373 Windham, Jerry 355 Windham, Karen 363 Winger, Connie 355 Wise, Charlsy 355 Wise, Dixon 355 Wise, Wendy 363 Witt, Martha 355 Wolfe, Marcia 355 Wolfe, Tracey 373 Womack, Mary 377 Womble, Suzanne 377 Wong, Joyce 363 Wong, Kam 363 Wong, Kein 355 Wong, Kong 355 Wong, Kuo 355 Wong, Kwok-Fai 375 Wong, Wayne 373 Woo, Jean 379 Woo, Sook 355 Woo, Thomas 379 Wood, Amy 379 Wood, Deborah 355 Wood, Lisa 373 Wood, Phillip 377 Wood, Ruby 363 Wood, Stacy 355 Wood, William C. 355 Woodruff, Barbara 363 Woodruff, James 375 Woods, David 373 Woods, Frank 355 Woods, Jerry 373 Woods, Libby 373 Woods, Mary 355 Woods, Randly 355 Woods, Robert 363 Woodson, Marita 373 Woolhouse, Arthur 355 Woolen, Mary 363 Woolen, Victoria 355 Woolen, William 355 Worms, Susan 373 Worsham, Jerry 355 Wright, Amelia 355 Wright, Gay 363 Wright, Deborah 379 Wright, Laura 355 Wroten, Gregory 355 Wu, Chia-Chun 379 Wu, Ta-Peng 375 Wyatt, Stacy 379 Wyatt, Tracy 355 Wyman. Charlotte 363 Yager, Ann 355 Yajnik, Samir375 Yang, Bo-Syung 375 Yap, Kim 355 Yarber, Bobby 363 Yarber, Sandy 355 Yarbrough, Lisa 355 Yarborough, James 355 Yates, Karen 355 Yates, Marshall 355 Yawn, Charles 355 Yeaman, Leslie 355 Yegge, Gerald 355 Yelverton, Gene 379 Yeo, Keng 373 Yerger, Frank 363 Yerger, Kimberly 373 Yin, Haochih 375 York, Laura 363 Yoste, Mary 355 Young, Alexander 373 Young, Angela 373 Young, Chung 375 Young, Clinton 355 Young, Craig 355 Young, Daphne 355 Young, David 363 Young, Dianna375 Young, Julius 355 Young, Lucy 375 Young, Michelle 355 Young, Robyn 373 Young, Lloyd 373 Young, Shelly 363 Young, Stacy 355 Young, William 355 Young, Zin 375 Yung, John 355 Zellers, Gretchen 355 Zemann, Moira373 Zepponi, Lisa 363 Zhu, Guo Ping 375 388 i 389 SECTION EDITOR: HAL CATO - - 392 GALLERY 393 394 GALLERY 395 396 GALLERY 397 398 GALLERY 400 GALLERY 401 THE 402 IJV REVIEW 403 WHAT WAS IJV r RAMBO FEVER Sylvester Stallone hit the silver screen again as America ' s number one hero Rambo, bringing along with him a new sense of patriotism (along with a lot of tacky commercialism). GAUDY WAS GLAMOROUS The older, the junkier, the tackier the better. Mado nna ' s rosaries and Cyndi Lauper ' s earrings inspired girls everywhere to search % through old jewelry for treasurers for their wardrobe. SWATCHES TICKED IN All across the U.S. and the Ole Miss campus, people shelled out 30 big ones for a plastic watch, available in every design from paisley to pinstripes. BIEVIERLYHILLS THE VCR ' S BIGGEST YEAR YET As more and more people bought VCR ' s, more and more cassette rental stores sprung up. Take Two Video in Oxford reports RAMBO, BEVERLY HILLS COP, and GHOSTBUSTERS as the top money makers. 404 q MIAMI VICE _ WHAT WAS IJV 50 Things Not to Forget Paisley, paisley, and more paisley . . . big sweaters . . . Guess jeans . . . BMW ' s . . . " The Bill Cosby Show " . . . " Dynasty " . . . " The Jagged Edge " . . . " The Color Pur- ple " . . . Sylvster Stallone and " Rocky IV " . . . Meryll Streep and Robert Redford . . . David Letterman . . .Fishook Bracelets . . .Stephen Spielberg . . . Space Shuttles . . . MTV . . . Dire Straits . . . USA for Africa . . . REM . . . Duran Duran . . . Live Aid . . . Opus . . . Teddy Ruxpin and the Cabbage Patch Kids . . . Wayfarers, Ray Bans, and Vuarnets (all with strings) ... Dr. Ruth . . . AIDS . . . Ecstacy . . . Joan Rivers . . . the Chicago Bears . . . the Superbowl Shuffle . . . Lionel Richie . . . Whitney Houston . . . The White Animals . . . Eddie Murphy . . . California Coolers . . . The Statue of Liber- ty ... Prin cess Di in Washington D.C. . . . Organizers (which we bought and didn ' t use) . . . Burger King Whoppers and McDonalds McD.L.T. ' s . . . Frogurt . . . Hands across America . . . Rock Hudson . . . the Cola Wars . . . aerobics . . . answering machines Classic Coke, Cherry Coke, New Coke, Diet Coke . . . 1985 was the year when Coke was it, and it, and it ... (you get the picture). Thousands everywhere revolted when Coca-Cola in- troduced their new Coke. Shortly therefter, the old Coke was brought back (called Classic Coke). It, in turn, was followed by Cherry Coke, Diet Coke, Caffeine Free Coke, and, last but not least, Caffeine Free Diet Coke. Sneaker Sales Soar Tennis shoes were big this year, especially Reeboks, whose sales soared in excess of 13 million this year. One of the more popular styles were the hightops, which were worn for everything from aerobics to playing basketball. BORN IN THE US. Like a Virgin Madonna mania swept the country this year, bringing with it a lot of lacey clothing, rosaries, and cross earrings. Madonna ' s " Like a Virgin " album became one of the year ' s top sellers and made her an overnight sensation which is why, I guess, her boyfriend-husband Sean Penn beat up everybody that tried to take their picture. The 501 Blues Faded 501 ' s, preferably with the knees torn out, were the backbone of any well dressed Ole Miss student. Popularized by Bruce " the Boss, " no student would be caught dead in a new pair. Stirrup Pants Revived First came the stirrup pants (which anyone who thumbs through a 1964 copy of the Ole Miss can get a good look at). Twenty years later came aerobics, which produced skinny legs, which (you guessed it) brought back the stirrup pants. These pants, which " Mademoiselle " calls a privilege, not a right, could be seen on the bodies of Ole Miss coeds everywhere. WHO WAS HOT The Recognition She Deserves Jennifer Gillom is finally getting the recognition she deserves. Selected as the 1985 Athlete of the Year in women ' s basketball, Gillom was a member of the U.S. women ' s team that won a silver medal at the World University Games last summer in Japan. Gillom, a native of Abbeville, was said by the Olympic Committee to " possess all the qualities necessary to be the basketball ' s Sportswoman of the Year as well as a leading candidate for the 1988 Women ' s Olympic basketball team. In the championship game against the Soviet team, Gillom scored a game-high 18 points and pulled down five rebounds. She finished the overall competition with an average of 12.8 points per game. " To be chosen the best in any field is an impressive accomplishment and we here at Ole Miss take great pride in Jennifer ' s selection, " said athletic director Warner Alford. " She has been such a joy to watch these last four years. " Gillom leads the nationally ranked Lady Rebels in scoring at 23.7 points per game. She was joined on the USA team by Lady Rebel teammate Alisa Scott. " While I ' m proud of the honor, I know it could have gone to anyone else on our team, " said Gillom. ISSUES ISSUES ISSUES NCAA probe persists By WAYNE CLEMENTS DM Senior Stilt Writer Ole Miss Chancellor Gerald Turner said Thursday that he thinks the NCAA investigation of Rebel football recruiting has taken long enough, and he wants it ended as quickly as possible. " If they ' ve found any wrongdo- ing, let ' s get about correcting it; if they haven ' t, let us get on about our business, " Turner said. The NCAA has been conducting the investigation since November 1984, and has not made any an- nouncement as to whether Ole Miss is guilty of violating NCAA recruiting procedures. Turner said he will meet with Raymond Talley and Daniel Beebe, who are conducting the investiga- tion, today to urge them to conclude the investigation. " They ' ve been hanging around here for a year, " Turner said, " and that should be long enough. " In a story published Thursday in The Jackson Clarion-Ledger, Turner said, " I hope we can get some (specifics). That ' s one of the things I ' m going to urge them to do before they leave. I ' d like to get this done as quickly as possible and move on to other areas. " Talley and Ron Watson started the investigation last November, but Watson left the NCAA for an ad- ministrative position at Tulane. That is when Beebe entered the in- vestigation. Ole Miss Athletic Director Warner Alford said in The Cl arion- Ledger that if Watson had not taken the Tulane job, the investigation might have been finished already. " That ' s probably the truth, " he said. " When I talked to (the NCAA) this summer, they suggested Ron ' s taking the job at Tulane did throw it behind. But we have no way of knowing when it might have ended. " The NCAA was on campus in June as part of the investigation. SUES ISSUES ISSUES 408 The Strongest Punter in America Coach Billy Brewer summed it up best by saying " Bill Smith has some great athletic ability to do some things you ' ve never seen before. By far this is his most productive year as a punter because of his pooch punting. He ' s been the difference in our effectiveness on defense and infield position. " This definitely contributed to Smith ' s success as a Rebel punter as well as his landing on the Football News First Team All American. After finishing second in the nation last year with a 47.7 average, Smith ' s role with the Rebels changed when Brewer started calling up his punter to keep the position in a hole. Smith knew that his average might fall slightly, but he wanted to prove to Brewer and the team that he could handle the short punts as well as the long. By benching 420 pounds, Smith was expected to hit the long ones, but his goal was to be able to drop the ball just outside the goal line, a goal he achieved. Former Notre Dame coach Gerry Faust had this to say on Smith " Bill Smith is outstanding. He always put us in bad field position. We might be able to hold them on defense, but he certinly got them out of trouble. " Smith ' s statistics continue to be impressive in that his game average has not dipped below .2 yards. In 1985, Smith sent the ball flying 75 times for 3398 yards. Smith also iled punts of 59, 53, 52, and yards against Georgia. Bill Smith has definitely developed into an outstanding pooch punter. Not only that, he has proven to himself, to his coaches, and to his teammates that he is the best. A TWO TIME CHAMPION Jackie Ruppert has already been one of the most successful players in Ole Miss Women ' s Tennis history, and she is only a junior. Jackie has been a two time Southeastern conference champion and has won one number four and five singles titles for the last two seasons. In 1984, she was chosen for the all-SEC team. Last year Jackie teamed up with Barbara Smith to form the 19th ranked doubles team in the country. She ended the 1985 season with an match winning streak and went on to extend the mark to 15 this fall. Since becoming a Lady Rebel, she has notched a 33-13 overall record and is 23-2 in the SEC. Jackie has also been a finalist in the 32 Gator Bowl tournament. When asked about Ruppert, Head Coach ly Chdwick had nothing but positive things to say about her. She is one of the smartest players on the team who possesses a good all around game, in addition to being a great touch player. T WAS HOT AT OLE MISS Preserve the Grove The 1986 senior class will be remembered for a long time. Taking on the largest class project in the history of the school, President Hank Holman, the executive board, and the rest of the senior class set out in October to " Preserve the Grove. " The Grove, which has long been a campus landmark, was in danger of losing the many trees so dear to anybody associated with the school. Constant tailgating as well as other activities caused the ground to become so packed that the lives of the many magnolias and oak trees were in danger. Setting a goal of $100,000, the Senior class sponsored several events for the student body this year. In October, a bar-b-que and fun run were sponsored, which raised approximately $12,000. They also charged five dollars to all alum- ni that wanted to park in the grove over home football weekends. In addition to all of this, they also sold T-shirts. All of these events were sponsored by Coca-Cola bottlers of Memphis. ISSUES ISSUES ISSUES ISSUES ISSUES ISSUES ISSUES ISSUES ISSUES ISSUES BOARD VOTES TO CLOSE TWO SCHOOLS The following was condensed from AP reports. Mississippi University for Women and Mississippi Valley State University should be closed after this school year and the state ' s higher education system should be sharply cut back, the State College Board recommended. Facing dwindling appropriations that will force another round of budget cuts at the state ' s eight universities, the board in an emotional session recommended the legislature make sweeping cutbacks. In addition to closing the two universities, the board approved a resolution to close the veterinary school at Mississippi State University and the dental school at the Ole Miss medical center. " We cannot continue to operate as we have, " said college board ISSUES ISSUES ISSUES ISSUES ISSUES K resident Denton Rogers. " The sgislature can take this resolution and pass it or they can fund us adequately. " Rogers also said it was the most significant issue ever addressed by the board. The resolution was offered by board member Thomas Bpurdeux of Meridian. The presidents of MUW and Mississippi Valley pleaded with the board not to recommend the closings. " I beg of you not to take away the opportunity for economic and intellectual development away from the people, " said Valley President Joe Boyer. MUW asked the board to consider an alternative to outright closing. He n oted his university has the highest requirement or any of the eight. Board member George Watson said the changes will most affect the minority students. ISSUES ISSUES ISSUES ISSUES ISSUES DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 9, 1985 percent enrollment increase is official Enrollment increase means more J k Miss ' enrollment for the 1985 semester showed a 3 percent in- -w over last fall ' s enrollment at end of the late registration lod Friday, university officials d ' otal enrollment for the Universi- f Mississippi numbered 8.918 rie nts at 5 p.m. Friday compared total enrollment last year of 15 students The total for this ir may increase even more, ac- ding to Tom Meredith, eiecutive t to Chancellor Gerald . Imversity officials had predicted pen-ent decline in enrollment for fall or a drop of 500 students " he larger number of students mean an increase in funding for university immediately in stu- tuition (ees and in future fun- from If Stale College Board. redith wid Money from the state is an after- fd situation State funding is ed on the number of student u hours in relationship lo enrollment, and we don ' t have details on an increase in credit hours Uken yet. " Meredith said. The increase in credit hours taken will not immediately raise funding for Ole Miss The figures will not be taken, to the state legislature until 1997 and will affect budgeting for the 1987-8K school year, he said. Meredith said he is not sure enrollment will continue to increase in the spring semester because the tendency is for enrollment to drop between fall and spring semesters " Our hope is that we will continue to improve By having an increase (in enrollment i we have turned around a powerful trend. Improve- ment may continue, " Meredith said. Mississippi universities were re- quired to turn in their fall enroll- ment figures to the State College Board Friday afternoon. " I have heard that Mississippi State was even or up slightly and that Southern was down. Those reports are unofficial though. " Meredith said. Beckett Howorth, coordinator of Fall of 1985 projected Fall of 1985 Last year ' s enrollment enrollment 8,215 actual enroll- ment 8,715 6% drop 3% Increase pre-admissions, satd the increase was terrific news Howorth at- tributed the higher number of students to Turner ' s high public profile and a feeling of moving for- ward for the university ' There has also been u lot of positive news generated by the Campaign for Ole Miss. " Howorth Director of student housing, E ' dn ' l Hodge, said that his office wis not yet sure what effect the higher number of students would have on the campus housing situa- lion. Hodge said the housing office began counting the number of cancellations of reserved rooms Fndav after the late enrollment period had ended, but had rx cocne up with a total. Hodge did say that he be that the number of students wt living on campus is up. Chancellor Gerald Turner s a statement released Frida what made the report of incr enrollment so encouraging i fact that the number of students is larger. This reflects the greater int we are seeing in Ole Miss a students in this state throughout the nation I atti the increase to the thousands Miss students, faculty and members and alumni who become actively involved U imversity ' s recruitment capita) campaign efforts duni last two years. " Turner said. Turner also cited the lead of Gordon Iteasley, vice chan for studen affairs, and regional recruiters stall throughout tie state. Improvements on campus been a factor too. Turner said. dent housing has made ari provements recently, " he Enrollment on the Rise 410 V : : -. ' I -,J H - If the number of votes cast for a candidate were the only prerequisite for winning Colonel Rebel at Ole Miss, then a fictional pudgy penguin would have been eligible for the run-off in November. According to A.S.B. Attorney General Darryl Roberts, Opus received 778 votes that had to be counted as no votes. " Opus does not meet the requirements to run for Col. Rebel because he is not enrolled in school and has no g.p.a. " Bob House, one of Opus ' campaign managers said he would like to see Opus in the runoff because he is popular, adorable, preppy, and always A Penguin for Colonel Reb? wears a tie. Some of the qualifications listed on Opus ' ads were that he was a four year letterman (he was the football), best dressed, always making the papers, and has never had a parking ticket. Patrick O ' Neil, another one of Opus ' managers, said that he had many people coming up to him saying that they thought running Opus was a great idea. " Whoever won the election will always know that he was almost beaten by a stuffed animal that campaigned with no song groups, no flyers, and only one 50 dollar ad. " m AU V Our Third Miss America First there was Mary Anne Mobley, next came Lynda Lee Meade, and this year the coveted Atlantic City crown returned to Ole Miss and wearing it was a blonde haired, blue eyed coed from Meridian. Susan Diane Akin brought honor upon herself, her university, and the entire state of Mississippi when she was crowned Miss America in September. As we sat and anxiously watched on TV, cheers could be heard around the state as tears filled the eyes of that face familiar to us all when her name was called out as the winner. For Susan Akin, the title had only been a far away dream since she was a little girl. Crowned Miss University, Susan traveled to Vicksburg during the summer and made pageant history when she won both the swimsuit and the talent preliminaries. She then went on to receive the state title. From there it was two months of rigid preparations for the title. About two weeks oefpre she even went to Atlantic City, she was making the headlines when a computer picked her as the next Miss America, a prediction that came true. Since being crowned in September, she has returned to the Ole Miss campus twice. No definite plans have been made as to when she will return to school, but when she does, we will be waiting. 411 TT WHAT WE THOUGHT 1985-86 has been a year marked by despair, joy, controversy, and tragedies. Whether it was on the Ole Miss campus or around the world, there have been definite occurrences that will stand out in our minds as being significant. The 1986 OLE MISS asked ten students that have been highly visible on the Ole Miss campus, whether it was on the pages of THE DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN or on the stage of Fulton chapel, what will stand out in their minds the most when they reflect back on the past year. In 20 years, our children will read about some of these events in their history books, while others will have been long forgotten. Kent Austin Senior Brentwood, TN Ole Miss Q.B. " I think the cancer of the 90s is going to be AIDS. It ' s such a young disease; we know very little about it. And the most dev- astating part of it is that it ' s not limited to homosexuals. Everyone is susceptible. " | Leslie Gordon J Junior - Tupelo, MS Favorite " ... I think it ' s wonderful how the U.S. and the world pulled together to help the hungry. Events like Farm Aid, Live Aid, and USA for Africa are great examples of what an impact we all can have " Ricky Fava Senior Jackson, MS Colonel Rebel " It would have to be the devastating explo- sion that ended the 25th mission of the Space Shuttle ' Challenger ' . " Becky Jones Freshman Jackson, MS HeadJ.V. Cheerleader " The horror of terrorism. It is incredible the acts that people do to one another, all for political dominance. Today, Americans are even afraid to travel to such popular tourist spots such as Rome and Israel because of it. " 412 kL Debbie Kloha Senior Holly Springs, ; MS Editor ' The Daily Mississippian " As far as Ole Miss, I think the enrollment increase was great. It gave Ole Miss a lot of optimism. The budget cuts will affect us the most, as well as other schools in the state. To counterbalance this, we ' ve got the Campaign for Ole Miss, which has been so positive . . . while it can ' t do away with the detri- ment caused by the budget cuts, it at least helps balance it out. " J 5 Kathryn Merrell Senior Jackson, MS Homecoming Queen " The idea that the Senior Class is pulling together on such a big project is something I ' ll always remember and be proud of. " Mary Stevens Sophomore Birmingham, Ala. " Most Beautiful " " . . . having another Miss America repre- sent Ole Miss stands out the most. Every time you hear of Susan ' s achievements it all reflects back on Ole Miss and the state of Mississippi. " Greg Sykes Junior Grenada, MS President Black Student Union " The occurrence that I remember the most is the newfound broad awareness of the American people concerning the atrocities the South African government is imposing upon the blacks in that country. " 117] Lee Thigpen Junior Jackson, MS " Johnny Reb ! Mascot " I think the situation in Ethiopia and other African countries has really awakened the rest of the world to the horrible poverty and hunger that exists. I can ' t believe we actually let the situation get that bad before doing something about it. " Lori Williams Freshman Starkville, MS Beauty " . . . Opus, I thought that it was interesting that a cartoon character ran and almost won . . . also, I ' ll remember the Chicago Bears blowout and the ' Super Bowl Shuffle ' . " 413 THE CAMPUS CODE A ASB Did you know that we all are a part of the ASB, technically, and it is not just composed of politicos on the 4th floor of the Union? B BURSAR Where you go to pay those parking tickets, pay late fees, telephone fees, and cash a check if you feel like paying an extra 50 cents. COMPUTER CENTER Does it ever close? Did we ever do our own programs? Did it ever break down on the night when you were about to finish? D DEADHEAD How to identify: goes barefoot to class, hangs out at FORRESTERS, tye-dyed T-shirts, rawhide bracelets, and anyone willing to drive to Michigan for a two day Grateful Dead festival. ELECTIONS How do we put up with three a year? How can so many elections be run by so few people? How many elections has Nick " the election guru " Bragorgas actually run? dr: Dt elf be nil HI B P ' e T sc C b FRESHMAN FRESHMAN Anyone who: (a) brags about how drunk they got the night before; (b) brings their books to class on the first day; (c) gains 15 pounds in one semester; (d) spends $75 a week on party pictures; (e) asks where the Lyceum is. G GRUB (grubbing) intense public display of affection; massive mak- ing out; " They were grubbing on the dance floor. " H HOMECOMING stuffed floats in front of houses; alumni; mums; Fri- day and Saturday night fraternity bands. KEYS as in to Conner Hall; call 234-508 1 if ever in need of. I.D. never, we repeat, never go anywhere without it. JOGGING what everybody claims to do; the only two socially acceptable places are up Universi- ty avenue before dinner and at the Turner complex. 414 LIQUOR what you acquire a taste for your first semester at Ole Miss, even though 18 and under age. M MRS. DEGREE Requirement for: drive an ' 83 Cutlass; be from the Delta; maximum ACT score of 13; elementary education major; must be perched at the Gin for 4 of 7 nights. N RUSHEE One who gets up at 6:00 to begin preparing for a 2:00 party; trying to look pretty while sweating; having to wear a tie in the Mississippi summer humidity; all of this while shaking hundreds of hands and smiling hundreds of fake smiles. NEW ORLEANS A trip down Bourbon Street is practically a prerequisite for graduation; Includ- ed in the trip is at least one Hotty Toddy and two Hurricanes in souvenir glasses at Pat O ' Briens. o SNAG usually takes place after intoxication has set in; To meet someone in a bar and thirty-five minutes later have them in your dorm room or apartment. ORGANIZATIONS what we become involved in our freshman year; for those ready to start their hike toward the Hall of Fame. TRASHED a verb used to ex- press a state of intoxication; occurs most frequently at Thursday night swaps, weekend parties, and Hap- py Hour. PARKING TICKETS UPD ' s call- ing cards; If not careful, these green gems can add up well into the hun- dreds; can you honestly say that you ' ve never gotten one? u UNDERDOG what Ole Miss athletic teams are constantly re- ferred to as. Q QUOTA A big deal if you don ' t make; a sure prevention of this not happening is to have 200 girls at- tend pref . VUARNETS expensive, plastic, French sunglasses; used to help achieve " the look " ; usually accom- panied by a string around the neck. Rushees Trashed w WAREHOUSE " It ' s not a house, it ' s a home " ; easily recognizable by its large bouncers, Wednesday Amateur night, and freshmen mak- ing an attempt at their first snag (see above for definition). X XEROX a type of machine into which we pump dimes and has the magical ability to create copies of old tests; known for being broken down when needed the most. YUPPIE Young Urban Profes- sionals; what % of all Ole Miss grads are destined to be. ZOO better known as Stockard- Martin; became even more so when all windows were bolted shut. 415 Vuarnets Press Run: 6,1 00. Cover: Designed by Mallory Draughon, Illustrated by Carra Hewitt and Barry Clark of University Publications, Durolith cover material. All photos of marble on cover and opening taken by Bill Draughon and Studio III of Atlanta. Typeface: Body copy is Helvetica Condensed and headlines are Helvetica Bold Condensed. Other typefaces include: Bodoni Special Events, Bodoni Bold Italic Administration, Melior in Closing and Stymie in Closing also. Class pictures, Favorites, Who ' s Who, Col. Reb and Miss Ole Miss were all taken by Professional Images of Jackson, Mississippi. Beauty Pictures: By Brian Rogers Studio in Atlanta. Spot Colors: Mediterranean 18 Brilliant Red 30 and process Red 35 Paper: Meads 80 pt. high gloss double coated enamel. Even though it is a journalistic taboo, I ' ll start with something trite: " I watch the sun rise from Odom A for the last time. " Every editor says it and it ' s absolutely true. No one ever said it wasn ' t worth staying up all night for though. If the 1 986 Ole Miss can capture the feeling and emotion and events of the school year, then it will have been more than worth it for me. Yearbooks of the 40 ' s, 50 ' s and early 60 ' s were " look-at-the-pretty-co-eds-and-let ' s- have-fun-at-college. " Books of the late 60 ' s and early 70 ' s were very organic and soulful, filled with " The Essence of Being poetry. " Some yearbooks today are very businesslike with an emphasis on reporting. We are in an age of yearbook journalism which strives to accurately recount the year in copy and pictures with magazine like layouts and design. This has been the goal of the 1986 Ole Miss. There are a lot of people I would like to thank for their hard work and dedication. Without them, this book would not have been possible. Steve Davis, the Business Manager, was really my right arm and kept the contracts straight. David Elmore and Mrs. VanLandingham, Financial Director and Assistant Financial Director, were always supportive as were George Copeland and Nancy Jones of Taylor Publishing Company in Dallas. We had an excellent staff of photographers. They include: Art Huggins, Head Photographer, David Griffith, Rob Ferguson, The Mann, Jeff, Katie Gilchrist, Lisa Bowers, Cathy Boswell, CeCe Chatfield, Valerie Gordon, Susan Probst and John Gibbs who contributed much to the Sports section. To Rosanne Turner, Holly Horton, Poppy Pruett, Jennifer Day, Joy Huggins, Kathy Kellerman, Cheryn Netz, William Brown, Carolyn Byars, Patty Carroll, Kevin Allen and Bob Herring a very big THANK YOU! Priscilla, thanks for lending your name in the opening. Also, a big thanks to Jim Duckworth for his excellent sports copy and Hal Cato, assistant editor. He did a wonderful job on the closing and gave great advice. So here we are at the end. No more losing the ladder diagram, no more losing the clear copy fitter, no more losing the scissors, no more all nighters, no more Cheetos and Cokes. This was a special year and a special book. Hope you like it. The 1986 Ole Miss is a student edited publication. The viewpoints ate of the staff and are in no way intended to represent the official University opinion. 416 ,;. JL

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University of Mississippi - Ole Miss Yearbook (Oxford, MS) online yearbook collection, 1989 Edition, Page 1


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