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.1 f PEOPLE The University of Mississippi is what its name implies, " The University of Mississippi " , yet ir is the PEOPLE who moke ir OLE MISS. THE OLE MISS 1 984 YEARBOOK OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI VOLUME 90 THE OU M65 1964 Yeortxx 1 2 Tobte of Confenrs - ' .- a r fc| T P fl 4 Opening I Elizabeth Anne Bowman Editor-in-Chief A. G. Harmon Assistant Editor Craig Miller Business Manager Mr. Bobby A. Towery Financial Advisor ectton hu peoptv pOu d (-. rhi) t ooh ' ;ho t O - 9 (X deoO ChQiOCt A Tribute to Chancellor Porter L Fortune, Jr. To the Students: The year 1983-84 is particularly significant to me per- sonally, for it marks the end of my sixteen years as Chancellor of The University of Mississippi. During the time I have been privileged to serve as Chancellor, I have developed a deep and abiding love for Ole Miss. I hove found the University to be more than an institution that offers degrees in over 100 fields. It is a way of life - - an honorable center of learning a very special place. There is a spirit here which gets into your bones, which is felt but cannot adequately be ver- balized. It is the essence of the name " Ole Miss. " What makes Ole Miss distinctive? It is this exciting spirit of its people students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends. It is its unique heritage. It is that inexplicable inspiration and quality that could spawn future William Faulkners, Eudora Weltys, Willie Morrises, Theora Hambletts, Ellen Douglases, Leontyne Prices, and D. B. Kings. It is that in- describable natural wonder we experience each Spring when God sends down to Oxford o little bit of Heaven, painting an incredibly gorgeous garden, which we proudly and affectionately call " Ole Miss. " Among the many students who have traversed the halls of the " first lady " of Mississippi institutions are generations of leaders in government, jurisprudence, business, science, literature, the arts, and athletics. You ore the beneficiaries of an incomparable legacy of in- spiration and achievement, of excellence that transcends the ordinary. It is with this memory and veneration that I pass the Chancellorship to my suc- cessor, confident that this great institution has a destiny of achievement far beyond our imagination and fondest dreams. I salute you as the finest students in the world and cherish your friendship as my proudest possession. Sincerely, Porter L. Fortune, Jr. Chancellor , t r ith the ris- ing of the sun each morn- ing we strive to promote the Ole Miss spirit through our lives. Each evening with the setting of the sun some- one judges Ole Miss by our ac- tions and reac- tions. The new day later be- comes history, and grouped together with others become our lives here at Ole Miss. ere in the midst of the deep South our college careers began. It is a place rich in heritage, culture, beauty, and pride. Yet, what makes it so grand? Its PEOPLE with their uni- queness as well as their conformity. The legends a student hears as he goes to college are manifested in the long nights of stu- dying, the pep rallies at the Peabody, and the Delta Darlings. They all seem like a dream, yet sometimes become realities. These are the reason the University of Mississippi is Ole Miss its PEOPLE and their dreams. I " he Ole Miss student body is composed of people from the Mississippi Delta to stu- dents from over-seos, truly our people are different with different his- tories and tradi- tions. Never- theless, we blend together to promote the Ole Miss spirit and create the Ole Miss tradition. F " he friend- ships you QC- quire while ploying college will never be f o r g o t r e n . These ore the friends who will coll you in the middle of the night and let you know what o good party you ore miss- ing. These ore the friends you will love for the rest of your life, because of the times you had together at OLE MISS. where teen- agers mature in- to adults, aeon- temporary life in a controlled, yet uncontroll- e d , atmo- sphere. It prepares its people for the " real world. " It is an educa- tional environ- ment where an individual is challenged to enrich his creative and scientific abilities and capabilities. herever on Ole Miss person ventures, he will be picked out in o crowd, like cotton is picked in th Delta. A student can leave the University, but one can never leave OLE MISS. " hese ore the red-blue fans who mean so well, yet strive so little and the overachievers who capture every honor im- aginable. These are the people we call Ole Miss Opening 23 le Miss is not just Q party school, it is The Party School, and is known for its connoisseurs of the best parties. It might be bid day or a foot- ball weekend, a drive to New Orleans for breakfast or sit- ting on the steps of the Lyceum wat- ching the sun come up. No matter when or where, there will always be liquid candy where an Ole Miss person is present. VI " ' " ' - 24 Opening Opening 25 This year ' began with ideas, hopes, and dreams made by people. It end- ed with a fulfill- ment, in one way or anoth- er, of each of those ideas, hopes , and dreams. We were the ones that made the dreams reality. Nothing was done here that was not the results of our decision, or indecision. Opening WELCOME TO Maine VAC ATI ON LAND Op n ig 27 ometimes we specu- late where we would be if there were not on Ole Miss. Where would we wander; where would we reside? There is only one answer, " We would be together hav- I a blast pretending there was a make-believe Ole Miss. " kV % -Ti JL Mm he special quali- ty of the cam- pus itself indelibly shapes the students who dwell upon it. Some of the stu- dents will venture from University, Mississippi and become presidents of large companies, high fashion mod- els, athletes in the Olympics, and others will be lovely housewives, but all who leave the Ole Miss . campus will carry with them a love for Ole Miss that will never falter. EBKt 32 Opening nese ore the golden times J ones that will never fade from your memory. The strategies you acquire now are the ones you will remember forever. These are your college days and what you accomplish during your stay at the University will be your stepp- ing stones for the future. You will look back on these days and see rays of memories that have not faded a 100th of a shade. This is true because you made your life part of Ole Miss and Ole Miss part of your life. Openng 33 DIXIE WEEK ' 83 36 Events ME WEEK SCHEDULE OF EVEN Monday, April 18 Red Beans and Rice on rhe Union Plaza Tuesday, April 19 Free ice cream or rhe Union; GONE WITH THE WIND in rhe Grove Wednesday, April 20 - - Dixie Week Bar-B-Que and championship wresrling Thursday, April 21 Grove Games and Red- Blue Run Friday, April 22 Shrimp Boil SHRIMP AND BEER 38 Events " The porty of oil parries! ' ,he parry of all parries " could be one phrase used ro describe rhe annual fesriviries of Shrimp and Deer. This day, as always, was rhe highlighr of Dixie Week, and everyone piled in cars and drove ro Sardis ro join in rhe fun. Miles of cars lined up along rhe highway in anriciparion of rhe unlimired kegs of beer and overflowing pounds of fresh shrimp. Cars were parked for miles or Sardis, and people flocked ro rhe cenrer of rhe parry. One could hear rhe sounds of rhe original " Drifters " over rhe noise of rhe boisrerous voices of Ole Miss srudenrs having a grear rime. The par- ry conrinued unril darkness inrruded, and rhe cars formed anorher long line of anriciparion, going home ro celebrare Friday nighr. Events 39 MISS UNIVERSITY " One con spend countless hours preparing, bur ir depends on a good orrirude and a strong will ro win. Korhy Johnson, Miss University Winning the ritle of Miss University was quite on honor for twenty-three yeor old Kathy Johnson to receive. Kathy is a senior from Memphis, Tennessee majoring in com- municative disorders. Kathy is quite involved on campus, including being a member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority. Singing " After You ' ve Gone " in the pageant was the talent which helped Kathy win her title. Runners up in the pageant included: Vicki Throgmorton, 1st alternate; Kathy Manning, 2nd alternate; Susan Akin and Ann Phillips; tied for 3rd alternate. Mary Donnelly served as mistress of ceremonies and provided special entertainment during the pageant. Other special entertain- ment for the pageant included Daphne Park, Miss University 1982 and Karen Hopson, Miss Mississippi 1982. SUMMER SCHOOL Mtf itv SB V There is . a calm difference or Ole Miss in rhe summertime. Ahhh . . . summer school. Summer School in 1983 was like ir is every summer: relaxed, un- crowded, and peaceful. Of course, school is never easy, and summer school studies ore, in facr, accelerated. But there is still a calm dif- ference at Ole Miss in the summertime. There are parking places. The grove is even greener. There are fewer committee meetings and social events. Time seems to be more abun- dant. All of these differences combine to make Ole Miss summer school an event in itself. SUMMER SHOWCASE ' The best summer entertainment in northern Mississippi " Dr. James Shollemberger series at entertaining and arrtul productions enriched life at summer school again this year. 1983 marked the 16th annual Summer Showcase series presented by the Department of Theatre Arts. This year ' s plays, which were free to Ole Miss students with ID cards, included three critically acclaimed productions. " Romantic Comedy, " the first of the series, was performed June 16-18, followed by " Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat " on July 7-9 and " Camelot " on July 28-30. The Showcase series, as always, provided Ole Miss with a summer of exceptional entertainment. Events 45 RUSH " Rush is parr of Ole Miss. Ir is rhe connnuonce of on important heritage where friends are made and where you can easily become involved. Kendall Smith The first stage of college life for many Ole Miss students is a sometimes confusing, yet often rewarding week called Rush. Waiting in the hot sun, shaking hundreds of hands, making conversation with strangers and drinking gallons of water, Kool-Aid, and Coke were the in- convenient aspects of the week. Meeting hun- dreds of people before school even starts and establishing the start of permanent friendships are some of the happier aspects. Some 618 girls and 555 boys participated this year in the week-long series of parties that ended with a highly publicized and muddy Bid Day celebra- tion on Fraternity Row and a somewhat quieter, yet joyful celebration in front of the sorority houses. WELCOME BACK REBELS 46 Events To moke oil Ole Miss students feel like they were home ogoin, the A5B sponsored o Welcome Bock . Rebels Week. " September 6 8. Students gothered in the Grove to see HIGH ROAD TO CHINA and also feasted on watermelon at the Union while they visited with friends they hadn ' t seen all summer long. To top the week off, students cheered on the Rebel football team at a pep rally, and then gathered in Fulron Chapel to hear the White Animals in a free concert. " Welcome Back Rebels Week " was a new idea this year, designed to bring out the true Rebel spirit early in the year. The week accomplished its pur- pose, and everyone looks forward to the same fun-filled week next year. THEATRE 50 Events I wo of Broadways mosr recent award- winning hits combined with old favorites and classic drama made rhe 1983 University Theatre Season one of rhe most exciting at the Universi- ty of Mississippi. Spring 1983 ' s season included a drama writ- ten by Ole Miss professors about change at Ole Miss called ' The Way They Did It, " February 23-25, and rhe historical drama " U.S.A., " April 21-23. Fall plays included " Children of a Lesser God, " September 20-24; rhe homecoming musical " Oklahoma, " October 20-22; and " Tolly ' s Folly, " November 10-12 and 14-19. HOMECOMING I W 1 t. Homecoming Day or Ole Miss is steeped in tradition. The olumni picnicing in the Grove, the football game (We won!), and the crowning of the Homecoming Queen all say, " This is Ole Miss. " Old friends and parents are everywhere. Yet Homecoming is more than just a special day; it is a celebration! The festivities begin far in advance with campaigns to select the Homecoming Queen. This year, Kay Stanley was elected by the student body. From the parties to the picnics, to the crown- ing of the Queen, Homecoming is the focal point of an Ole Miss autumn. Events BEST DRESSED Outfitted in the best of clothes, Diane Jackson took the title of Best Dressed for this year. Chosen from twenty-five finalists, Diane stood out in her dress and appearance. The twenty-five finalists are chosen for the pageant strictly from photographs. The top twenty- five compete in front of a panel of judges and from them are chosen the top ten and Best Dressed. MISS EBONY Ruby Burr was crowned Miss Ebony in the pageanr held in Fulron Chopel. Cornelia McCain was selected second alternate and Delphine Rice was first alternate. Competition included a dance routine, poise and ap- pearance competition, and an interview. PARADE OF BEAUTIES 56 Evenrs The University ' s Most Beautiful is chosen nor by election, but selected by o panel of judges in an annual pageant which is held in the fall in Fulton Chapel. Selected from many beautiful Ole Miss girls. Miss Susan Akin was the one who captured the eyes of the judges as well as the audience in the 1983 Parade of Beauties. Other beauties chosen included Lori Stockstill, Lori Lind- sey, Beth Braswell and Michelle Moore. Among the points considered in the selection of Most Beautiful were appearance, poise, stage presence, as well as an interview. CONCERTS Several famous musicians and singers visited the Ole Miss campus this year and brought to the students a variety of professional entertain- ment. B. B. King brought back a taste of the " good old blues, " and the week of September 1 when he appeared on the campus was pro- claimed Mississippi Blues Month. Governor William Winter made a special presentation to B. B. King at the University in honor of the month. On a different note, Hank Williams Jr. rolled into Oxford with his country style and charmed the audience with his talent. A com- bination of pop and soul was enjoyed by all who attended when Jeffrey Osborne entertain- ed a rather boisterous and enthusiastic crowd of fans. Bringing a touch of class and quality to Ole Miss, Doc Severinsen and his band Xebron per- formed Severinsen ' s well-known brassy sounds. ARTIST SERIES 60 Events ie University of Mississippi Artisr Aeries spon- sored Q variety of quality entertainment in 1983. These enriching events ranged from a Swiss Mime Troupe called Mummenshanz, to the internationally renowned Canadian Brass, to a concert of the outstanding Norman Luboff Choir. Ole Miss was also treated with a perfor- mance of Mexican Folklore Ballet. The Universi- ty Artist Series also sponsored Doc Severinsen and his band Xebron in Tad Smith Coliseum. Evvnn 61 Omicron Delta Kappa and the Mortar Board leadership honoraries invite major speakers to the Ole Miss Campus each year. Dr. Carlton Turner, special assistant to the President for drug abuse policy, spoke this year in Fulton Chapel, as did well-known syndicated colum- nist Jack Anderson. POLITICAL EVENTS Political momentum on the statewide level was sputred on this year by the elections held in the fall. Several of the major candidates made cam- paigning sweeps through Ole Miss in the months preceeding the November election. Also, Secretary of State candidates, Dick Molpus and Jerry Gilbreath highlighted the political season by holding a debate in the Union Ballroom a month before the election. DORM LIFE UNION i Evenrs 65 66 Administration GOVERNOR WILLIAM F. WINTER STATE OF MISSISSIPPI : PC Jo 6fl Admintsironon BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF STATE INSTITUTIONS OF HIGHER LEARNING Seared left to right: Denron Rogers Ponroroc; Travis E. Parker Drew; Dr. John Lovelace Daresville; Dr. Robert W. Harrison Yazoo City; Bobby L. Chain Hat- tiesburg; Mrs. Miriam Q. Simmons Columbia; Mrs. Betty A. Williams Columbus. Stan- ding: Bryce Griffis Starkville; Thomas D. Bourdeaux Meridian; George T. Watson Pass Christian; William E. Jones Jackson; James E. Woods Olive Branch; Charles C. Jacobs - - Cleveland; Dr. E. E. Thrash Raymond. Admirvsmjhon 69 CHANCELLOR PORTER L. FORTUNE JR. 70 Administration Dr. Lucius Williams Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. Thod Gordon Beasley Vice Chancellor For Student Affairs VICE CHANCELLORS Dr. Harvey 5. Lewis Executive Vice Chancellor Doyle Russell Vice Chancellor for Administration ACADEMIC DEANS Dr. Wallace V. Mann Dean of the School of Dentistry Dr. Edrie George Dean of the School of Nursing Dr. Parham Williams Dean of the School of Low Dr. Sylvester Moorehead Dean of the School of Education Dr. Norman Nelson Dean of the School of Medicine Dr. Joseph Sam Dean of the Graduate School 72 Administration Conner Hall 1961 Dr. Allie M. Smith Dean of the School of Engineering Dr. Lynn Spruill Dean of the School of Business Administration Dr. Thomas E. Freelond Deon of the School of Health Related Professions Dr. Wallace L. Guess Dean of the School of Pharmacy Admmisrranon 73 Dr. Steven Schoenley Acting director of Library School Dr. Jim Shankel Director of Computer Center Dr. H. A. Abodie Acting Dean of Liberal Arts Dr. Gerald W. Walton Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. Edward E. Milam Director of the School of Accountancy Dr. James O. Nichols Director of Institutional Research and Planning 74 Adminislrotion Roger K. Lyles Director of Purchasing Dr. Edwin E. Meek Director of Public Relations Dr. Joanne Hawks Director of the Sarah Isom Center for Women Jim Cleveland Director of Public Information Michael H. Stewart Chief of University Police A. Eugene Lee, M.D. Director of Student Health Services . 5 Thomas J. " Sparky " Reardon Director of Student Programming Edward P. Moore Jr. Director of University Publications Maurice N. Inman Director of the Division of Continuing Education Dr. Mary A. Connell University Attorney Oren W. Dickens Bursar John W. White Director of the Physical Plant 76 Admtnisfrorton Bishop Hall 1968 Mamie Franks Registrar Dr. Judirh J. Iron Acting Director of Student Services Mary E. Gwin Internotionol Programs Advisor Ardessa Minor Assistant Director of Minority Affairs - rOn 77 Dr. William R. Ferris Director of the Study of Southern Culture Robert W. Dowdy Director of Auditing Dr. James V. Jones, Jr. Director of Student Activities Leone D. King Assistant to the Chancellor Bondurant Hall 1937 78 Administration Robert 5. Show Assistant to the Chancellor Dr. Jomes L. Henderson Director of Student Development Max L. Woldrop Director of the Ole Miss Bookstore Dr. Belo J. Chain Director of Personnel Jomes N. Butler Director of Alumni Activities Bobby Arlen Towery, Sr. Director of The Ole Miss Union AdmMsffotion 79 Rufus T. Jones Director of Governmentol Services Noncy G. Word Foreign Student Advisor UlmerT. Bullock, Jr. Director of Food Services Theron Eldrid Hodge Director of Student Housing Dr. Kenneth Wooten Director of Admissions ond Records John Warner Alford, Jr. Director of Athletics 60 Administration NL Dr. Polly F. Williams Director of Religious Life Dr. Nolan E. Shepherd Director of Internotionol Programs Peabody Building 1911 Lucy Turnbull Director of Museums Dr. Robert G. Cole Director of Libraries Adminiwrohon 61 It was the oddest of seasons. Actually, it was the oddest of two seasons or so it seemed. Taking their fans on a roller coaster ride of embarrassing defeats and then an unbelievable five straight victories to gain the attention of the nation and a post season bowl berth, the Rebels proved that believing in yourself can be enough. The Rebels started the Billy Brewer Era amidst cautious optimism and rowdy Peabody patrons when they tangled with the Memphis State Tigers at the Liberty Bowl. Even the most loyal fans left Memphis wondering when the Lyceum would crumble to the ground and Ole Miss ' demise would be complete as the Rebels were humiliated 17-37. After two more losses the Rebels finally found the winning combination against the rival Arkansas Razorbacks in Jackson. The Rebels showed a tenacious defense and came away a 13-10 winner against the nation ' s 19th-ranked team. With high hopes Rebel fans packed into Vaught-Hemingway to see the Rebels take on the Southern Golden Eagles, but expectations turned to frustration as the Rebels were smashed 7-27. The Georgia Bulldogs visited next (this time without Herschal) and rolled over the sagging Rebels 1 1-36. So the hapless Rebels stood at 1-5 at midscason and things looked pretty bleak right? Wrong. The players and coaches stopped and re-evaluated the team as a whole and themselves as individuals. From here on out the Rebels would be a different team but even the most loyal fan could hardly have dreamed of the magic to come. The Rebs started it all in Fort Worth, Texas when they defeated a pesky TCU team 20-7. So what, everybody beats TCU right? Well maybe. Next, the Rebels hosted the Vanderbilt Commodores for Homecoming. Faithful alumni who came to the game hoping only to see old friends and for the Rebs to " keep it close " must have been shocked as the Rebels won their first SEC game in almost two years by a score of 21-14. The LSU Tigers rolled into Jackson expecting to find the same soft Ole Miss but were sent roaring back to the backwoods bayour country 27-24. Suddenly, the Rebels were 2-2 in the SEC and there were cautious whispers of a winning season and in even lower whispers and more cautious tones of an actual bowl game. However, the Rebels had two obstacles to overcome first. The first hurdle was a tough Tennessee Volunteer team played before 90,000 screaming Orange fans and a national television audience. The mighty Vols had been considered a dark-horse national championship contender and were rolling along on a 5 game winning streak but the rejuvenated Rebels prevail- ed in a 13-10 thriller. Now the Rebels at 5-5 were the proud winners of four in a row and the Independence Bowl was ready to invite Ole Miss with a win over arch-rival Mississippi State. A crowd of nearly 60,000 gathered on a dreary November afternoon to watch the outcome. The cowbell clanging crowd was sure that they could spoil the Rebels ' first chance at a bowl game in 13 years. For nearly three quarters the Rebel flags hung low and Red-Blue fans began to realize that all of the hope and all of the high expectations they had placed on their Rebels had again, turned to the usual disappointing reality. For, near the end of the third quarter the Rebels trailed 7-23 and things looked as gloomy as the rain-filled skies over the stadium. Then a quarter of football ticked onto the Scoreboard that will forever be remembered in Rebel hearts. The Rebels scored seconds into the fourth quarter to trim the lead to 14-23. After a State fumble, Powell found Moffet in the end zone to make the score 21-23. A Rebel interception on the next series put the Rebels in field goal range and Neil Teevan was true: Ole Miss 24-23. Minutes after the game, the Rebels had an invitation to play in the Independence Bowl against Air Force. The 1983 Ole Miss football team will long be remembered for its courage and for its excellent coaching staff led by Billy Brewer. But most of all the ' 83 Rebels will be remembered as a team that looked adversity square in the eye and on one crisp, fall day in Fort Worth and said, " no more. " Hotty Toddy. Ole Miss 17 at Memphis State 37 Ole Miss 23 at Tulane 27 Ole Miss at ' Bama 40 Ot Miss Foortxj 87 Ole Miss 13 Arkansas 10 86 CHe Miss Footboll Ole Miss 7 USM 27 Ole Miss 11 Georgia 36 Ote Miss Foorboll 89 Ole Miss 20 at TCU 7 90 Ok? Miss Footboll Ole Miss 27 LSU 24 Ole Miss 13 at Tennessee 10 - - Hotty Toddy, Lo and Behold, Ole Miss went to the Independence Bowl! frJS mte ' 11 ' al wtSd InZed t wa e s ' ?he S f! ! r e s b b " w i r ' Shed f the " " " " " " ' ' nV " ed ' " " " " ' " A " d V ' " " " Indt P l nd ' - n Bowl up the cry, " Hotly Toddy. Lo and Behold. Ole Miss is going to the Independence Bowl! " When I R helsTn r r ' T V l " . ' ' I K ' J ' ' IT ' " " " " " " U ' h ' " ' " Shreve P orl As fans gathered ,n a ram-soaked Shreveport the intensity level hit not proportions . finally ran onto the field, led by SEC Coach of the Year Billy Brewer, the fans erupted into proud celebration m l , t t t h " , " ,h ] ' " , C T n ' llh " t m C " U ! d T Ve ' he bM " " ' hC S 88X f ' eld Althou 8 h lhe final score sto d at 9-3 in favor of the Air Force, the fans lammed the locker room doors after Mo mal e Rebels had lost, the Rebels had won something more .mportant. They had won the hearts and admiration of their fans and a measure of respect from all who played them In short, the Rebels had turned a dismal season around and earned a long-awaited bowl appearance Lo and behold Air Force 9 Ole Miss 3 i, ' f Y " P lf ' ; IWHf IM HI Hi K ' SHBIjPBB w w Bw IPi B BB) I SSJS S 1983-84 Rebel Football Team Kent Ort, Kevin Hurt, Joe Hall, Johnny Armstrong, Kent Austin, Kelly Powell, Bill Smith, Roger Clark, Lee Davis, Duford McGee, Brian McElroy, Rusty Reed, David McKinney, Tony Harper, Frank Porter, Eric Truitt, Chris Gardner, Mario Perry, Dean Brown, Dwoyne Nesmith, Quintin Pitts, Patrick Brown, Alfred Eaton, Bobby Robertson, James Harbour, Titus Brown, Barry Wilburn, James Savage, Andre Rogers, Tim Moffett, Freddie Nunn, Nathan Wonsley, James Stewart, Adolph Ducksworth, Aaron Sanders, Thomas Hubbard, Steve Hendrix, Jonathan Shelley, Arthur Humphrey, Ralph Dimeo, Everett Flakes, Stephen Cunningham, Quinnis Huddleston, Ricky Lundstrom, Jerry Stewart, Dale Sanders, Carl Lewis, Darryl Thomas, Lee Cole, Mark Friedrichsen, William Johnson, Warner Ross, Joe Brewer, Richard Jackson, Wayne Pierce, Jeff Bacon, Eric Sheehan, Michael Portis, Danny Hoskins, Clark Richey, Jud Alexander, Eric Denmark, Larry Andrews, Charlie Casper, Bobby Clark, Gerald Gallik, Jeff Campbell, Mike Fitzsimmons, Ross Genovese, Dan Boyce, Marcus Green, Woody Soehn, Bob Cheatham, John Allen, Andre Townsend, Greg Walker, Todd Irvin, Benton Reed, Greg Johnson, Steve Joyner, David McMillin, Jamie Holder, Bob Blakemore, Dwight Bingham, Ben Morris, Michael Smith, Neil Teevan, Arnold Seymour, P. J. Stevens, Matthew Lovelady, Mike McBride, Terry Williamson, Sam Albritton. 94 Sports This season could well be known os " The Year of the Freshmen. " Consistently starring three or four freshmen per game, the Rebs got off to a rough 0-9 start in SEC play, but two come-from-behind vic- tories against Tennessee and Georgia gave these freshmen the confidence and enthusiasm they needed to be SEC contenders. With the pure raw talent these freshmen possess, Ole Miss ' basketball future looks bright. Named cooch of the year during his first year at Ole Miss, Lee Hunt hod to make many tough deci- sions along the course of the season. Among those was the suspension of two players for the re- mainder of the ' 64 season. Also, Coach Hunt didn ' t find a true " starting line " until midway through the SEC conference play, and even then, Hunt substituted freely. Eric Laird, the leading scorer, was known by opposing players for his outstanding defensive play. Making up the other half of the Laird connection is Eric ' s younger brother, Andre. Andre, along with Don Royster, Joe Ayers, Bruce Tranbarger and Sylvester Kincheon mode up the " fantastic freshmen " of the 1983-84 squod. Brad Pierce and free throw specialist Cecil Dowell added much needed leader- ship in the backcourt, and Ken Coughlan and Derek Horne came through as key reserve roles. Although the Rebs got off to a slow start, especially in the SEC, the team showed much promise and potential as a future powerhouse. Spans 95 The 1983-80 Lady Rebel Basket- ball ream was one rhar was known rhroughour the country as a contender for the No. 1 spot in the country. The Lady Rebs were con- sistently ranked in the top 10 throughout the entire season. Led by coach Van Chancellor, the 1983 Women ' s Cooch of the Year, the team went to the NCAA Women ' s Basketball Tournament twice and the SEC Western Division Championship in both 1982 and 1983. Led by Eugenia Conner, Marilyn Brooks, Alisa Scott and Jennifer Gilliom, the Lady Rebs got senior leadership from Sherry Winterstein and Maxine Fucher. Lucy and Lindy Noble, two hot-shot gurads played important reserve roles. Sports 97 98 Sports JI Spom 1 100 Sports I Sporo 101 102 Sports Spore 03 104 Sports Sporn CIS The 1982-83 Rebel baseball ream finished our rhe season by placing 3rd in rhe Wesrern division. The Rebels did nor give up wirhour purring up a fighr. The Rebels ' hope for a playoff bid hinged on rhe final series of rhe season wirh L5U. The Rebels needed ro sweep L5U ro gain rhe Wesrern division bid, bur rhe ream fell shorr. The never-say-die arrirude of rhe Rebels is spearheaded by rhe 12rh year head coach Jake Gibbs. Gibbs, a sraunch advocare of daily pracrice, complained of rhe lack of pracrice rime rhe Rebels were able ro pur in. Gibbs cired rhe rainy spring wearher as a big hindrance in nor allowing rhe Rebel baseball ream enough ream pracrice. The Rebels were also hampered by rhe numerous rainours during rhe season. The Rebel baseball ream is well srocked wirh ralenr. Ken Housen ser new ream records in mosr homeruns in a season wirh 14 and mosr doubles in a season wirh 16. Houser was also picked All-Wesr Division and All SEC. Infielder Kirk Hanson represenred rhe ream well by being chosen All-Wesr division and All SEC. The pirching corps is anchored by All-Wesr Division performer Laddy Renfroe. Look for Renfroe ro break rhe ream mark of single season wins in rhe upcoming season. Bryan Farmer and lefry Mark Dennis prove ro be promising hurlers in rhe 1983-84 ream. The Rebels are represenred in rhe professional ranks by ourfielder Par Pomerang who was drafred by rhe Chicago Whire Sox. Hopes are high for a successful 1983-84 season wirh Coach Gibbs always comperirive Rebels. I 106 Spans - XX ' ding " Spom O7 MK ' -l An Auburn player lunges for the base. 6 Spotis Cooch Gibbs and Ramie Ford confer. I Spom Guy Summerlin heads for the plare. Les Smith swings, defying a strike. Laddy Renfroe hurls the boll bock. 110 Sports Spom OLE MISS REBELS Ml! OLE Mibb HI In five years Rebel track coach Joe Walker has taken the Rebels to conference and national pro- minence. The 1983-84 team, led by All-Americans Ralph Spry and Tony Dees, featured outstanding athletes and showed continued improvement. Perhaps the most exciting moment in Rebel track history came when Ralph Spry won the NCAA long jump competition. Spry competed in the University Games in Canada and also the USA team that played against Cuba. Currently, Spry is bidding to become the Reb ' s first participant in the Olympics. In addition, Coach Walker was tabbed SEC Indoor Track Coach of the Year. It was a ban- ner year for the Rebel tracksters and the excite- ment continues as the Rebels make themselves known throughout the conference and the nation. 112 Spom Ralph Spry won rhe SEC long jump with this effort Tony Dees, rhe second rrocksrer to AlhAmericon honors in rhe 1963 NCAA Indoor Championships. KENTUCKY RELAYS Tony Dees won rhe SEC rirle in high hurdles, and his 7.16 rime is eighrh besr in rhe norion and fourth besr among college arhleres. Spom Wally Bumpus was fhe first Rebel trackster to win SEC cham- pionships, and holds both the Ole Miss Indoor and Outdoor 440 records. Baker Vinci, a tennis standout at Trinity University, now holds the Rebel pole vault record of16 ' Rebel Track Team: (front row, I. ro r.) Victor Shine, Rick Barnes, Perry Cartlidge, Doug Smith, Ralph Spry, Anthony Redditf, Jon Skiles, Scott Taylor, Nicky Nelson, Christy Parry student statistician; (middle row) assistant track cooch Brion Morrisette, Troy McKay, Cornelius Tote, Randy Dyess, Errol Bryant, Tony Dees, Don Harrison, K. C. Nielson, Land Renfroe, Frank Brister; (back row) head cooch Joe Walker, assistant track coach Bob Roberts, Ed Korschewitz, Clarence Daniel, Wally Bumpos, Barry Kelly, Tim Magee, Baker Vinci, Vincent Aldridge, Earl Bridges, and student trainer Randy Robertson. 114 Sports i JtOtTft Doug Weber anguishes over o drop shot or rhe net. The 1983-84 Rebel tennis ream returned to the courts as o young but experienced team. Second year coach Billy Chadwick worked to toughen the Rebel schedule. The team looked to the leadership of senior Simon Ber- tram as well as a group of sophomores with a depth of talent, expecially in the bottom positions. The Rebels continued their climb to the upper half of the conference. Simon Bortrom zings o backhand rewards rhe Rebel ' s opponent Spom 115 t i v- William Choffee shows his undescriboble form during o volley. Head coach Billy Chadwick advises Chuck Sober during practice. Rebel Tennis Team: (front row, I. to r.) Mitch Rencher, Chuck Sober, Paul Riser, Doug Weber, Derry Gorner, Jim Duckworth; (bock row) assistant coach Kathy Kolankiewicz, assistant coach Russell Buchi, Gerry Moote, William Chaffee, David Aikin, Neal Stapp, Paul Deck, Simon Bertram, and head coach Billy Chadwick. 116 Sports ; C SA% . Koren Borbiero. o senior Lody Rebel Tennis player, gets ready for a baseline forehand - Lisa Turner concenrrares on o backhand volley. Barbara Smith fires a forehand. Sporrs 117 Lody Rebel Tennis Team: (front row. I. to r.) Barbara Smith, Jackie Ruppert, Fran Spencer; (back row) assistant coach Russell Buchi, assistant coach Kathy Kolankiewicz, Sonya Sullivan, Lisa Turner, Karen Dorbiero, and head coach Billy Chadwick. The Lady Rebels finished third in the Southeastern Conference Championships last season and finished 15-11 for the year. Head coach Billy Chadwick is expecting bigger and better things this year as the majority of last season ' s squad returns to the Magnolia Courts. Aided by a pair of premier freshmen, Jackie Ruppert from Norcross, Georgia and Mem- phian Lisa Turner, the Lady Rebels are ready to challenge for the conference title. " I feel like we have the five best playe rs that we have had since I ' ve been coaching at Ole Miss, " said fifth year coach Chadwick. The squad will depend on the leadership of its lone senior, Fran Spencer. Spencer, along with Barbara Smith, was named AII-SEC after banner seasons in 1982-83. In addition to these steady players, Karen Barbiero, a junior, is also a formidable player. Because of the exceptional ability and talent of the entire squad, Chadwick and the lady netters have set a goal for the spring. The goal is to receive an NCAA tournament bid. A rugged schedule will certainly give the ladies a chance to prove themselves. Along with playing conference powerhouses Georgia and Florida, the Lady Rebels will also find themselves pitted against Memphis State and Clemson. So the future looks bright indeed for the lady netters and Chadwick believes this year ' s team is capable of living up to pre-season expectations and perhaps, of doing the unexpected. 118 Spom Spons 119 Vo oft unc Jec re: sec pa oi ty m Ge Top and middle Darrin Cole follows through; bot- tom Gary Martin watches the ball after a swing. due Sue The Ole Miss golf ream boosts o roster full of talented and experienced players. Led by junior Dove Peege, the Rebel golfers hod high hopes for a strong conference finish. Peege was named to the First Team AII-SEC in 1983 and captured the 1983 Kentucky Open Championship this summer. Also returning is senior Gory Martin who won the Mississippi Amateur crown this summer. With the efforts of sophomores Darren Cole and Duane Lorio, the Rebels should be one of the strongest teams in the conference. Coached by Ernest Ross, the squad includes Chip Sullivan, Pot Palmer, Buddy Bryant, Glen Day, Ladd Dilworth, Matt Long, Duane Lorio, Ham McGuire, Gary Martin, Dave Peege, and Darren Cole. I Ham McGuire tees off. 120 Sports The lady Rebel Volleyball ream enjoyed another successful season under fifth year head coach Jeanne Taylor. Taylor ' s record after the past season stands at 151-65. The past season ' s slate showed a 25-10 record. Hopes are high for the upcoming season as the Lady Rebels won 15 of their last 20 mar- ches, taking first place in the Ole Miss invitational and landing fourth place in the Tulane Invitational. Six Seniors will be returning for the 1983-64 season in- cluding AII-SEC performer Sue Sharpe. All SEC performer Sue Sharpe serves. Lady Rebels keep a sharp eye out for the boll. Spom 121 Leslie Schurz ond Jennifer Moginnis eye fhe boll for o spike. Angela Scotr sets up for o kill. Back row: (left to right) Grefchen Schiabach woman ' s trainer, Julie Link, Carol Drelling, Sue Sharpe, Leslie Schultz, Julie Wogomon. Center row: Rebekah Little stu- dent manager, Campbell Wright. Sharon Crabtree, Bobbie Noble, Jenny Rhodes, Jeonne Taylor head coach, Rich Zeciski ossr. coach. Front row: Lauro Kasses, Jenny Ann Hicks, Angela Scon, Jennifer Maginnis and Beth Bellar. 122 Sports Junior Varsity Cheerleaders include Christy Delozier, Chris Muggins, Susan Smith, Hal Cato, Peggy Piazza, Joe McKenzie, Jill Wantling, Tony Bradley, Sracia Rollins. Gary Ray, Brook Richardson, Monty Lang, Dana Lucas and Jay Fondel Spom 123 M-Club Officers ore Dewoyne Nesmith, president; Wolly Dumpos, vice president; Simon Bertram, secretary,- Wayne Pierce, treasurer; Clarence Daniels, sergeant at arms; and Kent Austin, historian. MEMBERS Pictured are: (front row, I. to r.) Wayne Pierce, Kathy Manning, sweetheart; Eric Truit t, Bobby Clark; (second row) Mark Frederickson, David McMillen, Andre Townsend, Timmy Mofferf, Lee Cole; (third row) Monty Montgomery, Bryan Farmer, Joe Hall, Joe Brewer, Ar- thur Humphreys, Lee Davis; (fourth row) Keith Morgan, Frank Brister, Jimmy Watson, Simon Bartram, Cecil Dowell, Laddy Renfroe, Ramie Ford, K. C. Neilson, Steve Cunningham; (fifth row) Dewayne Nesmith, Wally Bumpas, Don Harrison, Junior Rodgers, David Bass, Bill Blair, Michael Smith, Patrick Brown; (back row) Brad Pierce, Buford McGee, Barry Wilburn, Dwight Bingham, Greg Walker, Marcus Green. 124 Sports jeftDod 4 MEMBERS Piaured: Front row: Moxine Tucker, Leslie Schutz President, Julie Wogomon, Jean Morris, Angela Scott, Jen- nifer Moginnis Historian, Sherry Wintersrein, Alisa Scott Dock row: Jennifer Gillom, Sharon Crobrree, Jane Young, Lisa Turner, Jenny Ann Hicks, Bobbie Noble Vice President, Lisa Smith, Mel Brooks Not pictured ore Julie Link, Layne McLaughlin, Sue Sharpe, Jenny Rhoads, Lindy Noble, Teresa Hayman, Lucy Nobel, Barbara Smith, Campbell Wright, Beth Bellar, Marilyn Brooks, Flora Morris, Eugenia Conner, Karen Thorne, Rebekah Little, Karen Barbiero, Jockie Ruppert. :=c ; 126 Feorures PERRY EATON A Chi Omega from Jackson, Mississippi who is very active in all aspects of college life is Perry Eaton. A varsity cheerleader for three years. Perry has always been a supporter of the Rebels. Perry is a member of Rho Lambda, Roundball Recruiters, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Student Alumni Council, and was voted 1983 SAE Lit- tle Sister of the Year. She also was presented by the M-Club in the Homecoming Court this fall. Perry is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Barney Eaton. She is major- ing in Banking and Finance. A perfect choice for Miss Ole Miss. KELLY POWELL Kelly Powell represents Ole Miss as Colonel Rebel this year. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John N. Powell of Bay Minerte, Alabama. He began this year ' s season behind Kent Austin, yet led the Rebels onto victory. Majoring in physical education, Kelly is a member of the M-Club and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Kelly was a write in candidate for Colonel Rebel and won as the students ' choice. i. ' bUB Colonel Rebel and Miss Ole Miss Kelly Powell Perry Eaton FAVORITE KATHY BLACK PhiMu FAVORITE SCHUYLER BRADDOCK Delta Delta Delta . FAVORITE FINNEY COSSAR Delta De ' lta Delta FAVORITE DIANE JACKSON Alpha Omicron Pi FAVORITE KATHY JOHNSON Alpha Omicron Pi FAVORITE LAURA 5CHOLE5 Kappa Kappa Gamma 1 FAVORITE KAY STANLEY Kappa Delta FAVORITE WESLA SULLIVAN Chi Omega FAVORITE CAMMIEL WOODBURY Chi Omega Best Dressed Diane Jackson Diane, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Jackson is definitely a well dressed beauty. A sophomore from Como, Mississippi majoring in dental hygiene. Diane is a member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority, the DM Modeling board, Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sisters, and Roundball Recruiters. Most Beautiful Susan Akin Ole Miss is very proud to claim Susan Akin as their Most Beautiful. The gorgeous Gulf Coast definitely reflects her beauty well. Susan is sophomore majoring in broadcasting from Meridian, Mississippi. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Little and Mr. Earl B. Akin. Michelle Moore BEAUTY The daughter of Mr. L. K. Moore, Jr. and Mrs. Jacqueline Moore, Michelle is a junior majoring in nursing. She is pictured here in her hometown of Long Beach, MS. 138 Features Beth is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy B. Broswell. She is a junior from Jackson, MS majoring in Broadcast Journalism and is a true Ole Miss beauty. C Hfc " 5 m % V f as Lori Stockstill BEAUTY Lori is the doughrer of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Srocksrill. She is a sophomore majoring in Engineering. Nashville, TN is proud to claim this wholesome beaufy. Lori Lindsey BEAUTY The daughter of Mrs. Kennerh Lindsey. Lori is o junior majoring in accounting. The warer reflects the beauty of this co-ed from Fulton. MS. HOMECOMING COURT Perry Eaton Anita Hammond Angela Ellon Jenny Ann Hicks Rachael Gex Anita Nick Gina Robinson Beth Underwood April Wortham Homecoming Queen Kay Stanley Kappa Delta Sorority is proud of Kay Stanley, their 1983 Homecoming Queen. Kay is no longer a stranger to the spotlight as she is a campus favorite, Top Ten Beauty, Pike Calendar girl, Rebelette, and Beta Theta Pi Sweetheart. Ole Miss is proud to have Kay as part of its true beauty. Miss University Kathy Johnson Memphis, TN claims Kathy Johnson as their own. In addition to Miss University, Kathy has been Miss Memphis and is looking forward to competing in the Miss Tennessee pageant. She is an Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister, Army ROTC Sponsor, and a member of Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority. 144 Feoru ' es Mspedol Thanks To . . . Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Murhs, Jr., and their son, Sherman, III, for their assistance in organizing the beauty pictures for the 1964 OLE MISS. The Muths, of Gulf port, allowed the OLE MISS staff to take full advantage of the beautiful scenery and weather of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We thank them for their lovely hospitality and sincere interest in the 1964 OLE MISS. 146 Orgonizoiiom wimm O L E M I S S To produce a yearbook worthy of the University of Mississippi has been a for- midable task. It took many months of work by a dedicated staff to conceive, design, and publish the 90th volume of the Ole Miss. These are the members of the 1984 Ole Miss who have made this book possible. Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Bowman Assistant Editor A. G. Harmon Business Manager Craig Miller Secretary Laurel Adams Executive Consultants , Organizations Humor Features Greeks - Becky Smitheal Katherine Madden . Lawson Hester Benjy Bailey Bill Beck Lynn Evans Randy Jackson . Lil McKinnon Sports . . Index . . Classes . , Joey Gunn Lauren Lexa . Paul Maxwell Barbara Bo wen . Brad Rejebian Billy Day . Allison Owen Anna Emmons . Marisa Tate Missy Darnell 146 Orgonizotions O L E M I S S EXECUTIVES Liz Bowman A. G. Harmon Craig Miller Laurel Adams SPORTS HONORS Ward Toler Joey Gunn Barbara Bowen Mark Roberts Ellen Petrie ORGANIZATIONS Woody Sawyer Susan Stewart Lawson Hester Marty Myers Geren Moor OLE MISS HUMOR Tommy Babin Benjy Bailey Bill Beck FEATURES Randy Jackson Lynn Evans Anne Sanders GREEKS Nat Sampson May Lowe Lil McKinnon 50 Orgonizorions O L E M I S S I EVENTS CLASSES Anna Emmons Allison Owen Jim Hussey Sandra Byers Susan Kirkland Marisa Tate CONSULTANTS INDEX GENERAL STAFF Ellen Miller Marcie Davant Melissa Thompson Bradford Rejebian Lisa Wood Rebecca Lee Smitheal Katherine Madden PHOTOGRAPHERS Jimmy Blackwood Russ Dallen Skye Henry Walt Mixon Ogonizohons 151 ASBOFFICIALS PRESIDENT Joe Bogdahn VICE PRESIDENT Wesla Sullivan 152 Orgonizonons ASBOFFICIALS I! I TREASURER Helen Hall SECRETARY Melanie Hixon ASBCABINET Each year the Associated Student Body Cabinet provides the vital function of linking the student government with the students. Cabinet officials coordinate such broad areas of campus life as school spirit, academic affairs, and universi- ty relations, and take responsibility for specific programs like Legislative Day, Refrigerator Rentals, Traffic Appeals, and various other activities. Each ASB Cabinet officer, with the assistance of sub-cabinet committee chairmen, organizes and operates an important governmental department with the overall goal of achieving an effective service relation- ship with the student body. Their success in reaching this objective each year is dependent upon student interest, input, and participation, . each of which aids the Cabinet ' s efforts to make the Ole Miss student ' s relationship to his student government a positive one. Attorney General Jay Shirley Dir. of Public Info. Blake Donaldson Dir. of Univ. Relations Ben Logan Dir. of Academic Affairs Bob Schmie g Dir. of Student Services Jeff Johnson Presidential Asst. Neil White Dir. of School Spirit William Wincent Dir. of Campus Affairs Norbert Woods Dir. of Student Housing Etta Mhoon Ex.-Leg. Liaison John Wagster Ex. Asst. Wayne Clark Admin. Asst. Clare Nelson Dir. of Refrigerator Rentals Reed Ingram Dir. of Student Legal Serv. Justin McClure 54 Orgonizorions COMMITTEEOF82 Officers: Andy Phillips Chairman Russ Dallen Sub-Chmn. Dara Deaton Sub-Chmn. The Committee of 82 is a legislative lobbying group which is compos- ed of students chosen from each of the 82 counties in Mississippi. COMMITTEEOF100- I es- on- eacn we. Officers: Front Row: Ron V e a z e y , Ginger Richardson, Melissa Thompson, Buttons Cates Second Row: Lou Tyson, Gracie Hicks, Judy Beauregard, Vi- vian Spear, Tricia Thomas Third Row: Ben Landess, Hank Holman, John Wood- side, Ruth Day, John Dulaney, Mary Stephens Orgonuonons 155 ASB SECRETARIES The Rebel Recruiters ore o select group of Ole Miss coeds who serve os hostesses to foot- ball recruits on official visits to The University of Mississippi. Since their beginning in 1978, this group has become one of the most prestigious organiza- tions on the Ole Miss campus. The Rebel Recruiters act as of- ficial liaisons between the University and the football pro- gram. They meet weekly to plan and organize activities for the recruits as well os for the present Rebel team members. Interviews are held every spr- ing, and selection is chosen by a panel. Chairmen: Lyn Heard Sherry Shumpert Treas. Karen Tarbutton Sec. Kelly Blake REB RECRUITERS ' Lynda MocNaughton, Grocie Hicks, Elizo Qrittain, Elise Kilpatrick, Laura Wooley, Carolyn McMahon, Angela Mar- thews, Jane McMullen, Leslie Gordon, Aimee McDonald, Gene Yelverton, Pom Irving, Liso Jones, Pom Cox, Sue Adams, Beverly Ray, Lynn Ethridge. Janet Spotts, Melinda Hall, Sharon Huskey, Missy Mogee, Peggy Adorns, Ellen Miller, Deanne Dunlap, Robyn Young, Stephanie Jordan tf 156 Organizations FINANCIERS- The Financiers Club is on organization which seeks to ac- quaint interested students with outstanding businessmen ond bonkers from Mississippi ond sur- rounding stores. Sponsored by the Choir of Bonking, the Finan- ciers provide business majors an opportunity to listen ond speak to knowledgeable leaders in the business world. President Jon T. Fihser Advisor Dr. Donold L Mook. Choir of Bonking Orgonizofions SENATE Campus Senators Bob Combs Barry Kruger Catherine Robilio Com Cox Clifford Lagenfeld Dovid Rogers Doug Barfield Ken Crifes Marcus Manning Scott Ross Dill Barnerr Wayne Dickerson Mac McBride Walt Shinault Bill Beck Will Dunaway Roberto McGuire Stephanie Sims Sam Begley Tim Dykes Ellen Miller Dell Simpson Schuyler Braddock Liz Ferguson Margaret Moore John Smiley Nick Bragorgas Hueston Former Todd Starr Palmer Julie Sneed John Branson Missy Gafford Johnny Parker Scott Spragins Billy Brewer Scott Galloway Mike Patten Susan VanZandt Down Bump Craig Gordon Norm Perkins Blythe Warner Mark Corowoy Beth Harbison Steve Pittman Jon Wetzel Wilson Carroll Tina Harris Johnson Rice Joyce Wong Tim Climer Lisa Johnson 158 Organizations A W S The AssotiOTton of Women Students is o source of many ser- vices and programs ro the students of Ote Miss. Although most of our programs ore oriented for women and their concerns, this year ' s AWS has broadened the scope With the addition of mole members, the AWS hopes to serve more students on the Ole Miss campus. 1963-64 Officers 0. to to VP Schuyter Broddock Pres. Mary Womble Sec. Kothryn Green Treas. Liz Ferguson AVSExec. Row 1 (L to to Dana Patterson, Leigh Bynum. Helen Morgan. Porto Pride. Cin- dy Martin Row 2 (L ro R) Kore Smith, Elizabeth Hayes. Lisa Woods, Commiel Wood- bury. Jennifer Spoonts, Mozella Brown Organizations 199 SAC Organized in the fall of 1980, the Student Alumni Council consists of a structured board of directors, subcommittees, and university students. The SAC assists the Alumni Association in the organization of alumni programs, the coordination of alumni reunions, the hosting of faculty staff and football luncheons, and the welcoming of alumni to the university campus during football weekends with pre-game coffees and receptions. SAC is involved in projects like the Red Blue Run, A Christmas Party, ABC, student development, and a monthly newsletter. Board of Directors Jim Durham Jimmy Bynum Margaret Williams Charles Pringle Anne-Murray Hales Ellen Miller MHdred Harris Justin McClure Gail Crostwait Jo Wong Kay Lawrence Brooks Odom Marv Roberts Vivian Spear A. G. Harmon Russ Dal 1 en Robin Cochran Mary Stephens Henry Michel Liz Bowman De Jeanne Pesson Alexa Shields Chris Cava .os Officers President Jimmy Flanagin Vice-Pres. Gail Crostwait Vice-Pres. Robin Cochran Sec. Treas. Lawson Hester P.R. Director Chris Cavazos 160 Orgonizonons - DELTA SIGMA P I Founded on Nov. 7, 1907, at New York University School of Accounts and Finance, Delta Sigma Pi is a pro- fessional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities. It seeks also to foster and en- courage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for the mutual advancement by research and practice, to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. Officers: Greg Davidson President Peter McDowell Senior Vice Pres. Leigh Phelps Vice-Pres. of Pledge Ed. Russel McDaniel Vice-Pres. of Prof. Act. Carol Hassan Secretary Larry Russell Treasurer John May Chancellor Janet Roell Historian Lisa Hollidav Deltasig Correspondent Jeanne Duillion Asst. Pledge Ed. Brad Rejebian Social Chmn. Orgoruzoftons 161 PRIDE OF VAUGHT-HEMINGWAY STADIUM HOME OF THE TIE IKISS REBELS V Band Director: Dr. Luther Snavely Graduate Asst. Directors: Lynn Sledge, Johnny Robertson Color Guard Director: Robin Crawford Announcer: Rocky Miskelly Asst. Band Director: Keith Ellis 62 Organizations FTHE SOUTH Dorothy Clapp Angela Garner, Captain; Kim Walker, Colonel; Cathy LoWry, Captain Ole Miss Rebelettes Ogoraanon 160 PRIDE OF Rebel Lancer Color Guard Jay McArthur and Steve Moser 164 Orgonizorions THE SOUTH Pride of the South Section Leaders " i, ;i " ; j U M S P B UMSPB Officers: Ab Atkins Executive Director Van East Associate Director Mike Edmonds Financial Director Created by action of the ASB Senate in 1983, the University of Mississippi Student Programming Board combined the UPC and ASB Student Activities into one organization. Composed of three elected officials and seven appointed committees and their chairmen, UMSPB provides all forms of campus entertainment ac- tivities for the student body. Whether it be films, lectures, con- certs, comedians, or some other event, the Programming Board consistently provides quality collegiate entertainment. 166 Orgonizolions U M S P B UMSPB Committee Chairmen Judd Peters Concerts Lawson Hester Union Activities Lauren Lexa Executive Coordinator Valerie Hibbler Films Will Travis Promotion Nick Nicola Production Stuart Kruger Special Events Orgonizorions 167 D A I L Y M I S S Sallie Read Editor Sherri Gianino Business Manager I Front Row Peggy Hodges Copy Editor; Suzanne Bell Snr. Staff Writer; Susan Ferrell Assoc. Editor, News; Sallie Read Editor; Back Row Leslie Furman ; Mary Nettleton Snr. Staff Writer; Patricia Robertson Calendar Editor; Angle Summers Entertainment Editor; Terry Cassreino Snr. Staff Writer; Lynda Tullos Snr. Staff Writer; Suzanne Raines Assoc. Editor, Assignments; Kim Morris Staff Writer 168 Ocgonizolions S S I P P I A N Karen Evers Ad Sales Richard Sinervo Ad Sales Marie Martin Ad Sales Peggy Hodges Copy Editor; Susan Ferrell Assoc. Editor; Kate Magandy Sports Editor; Susanne Raines Assoc. Editor Assignments; Angie Summers Entertainment Editor; Sallie Read Editor Teresa Jackson Layout, Ad Composition Debbie Kloha Layout, Ad Composition Kerry West Layout Ad Composition Pam Garner Intramurals Editor Kate Magandy Sports Editor Bill Hampton, Bobby Pepper Sports Writer Charlie Adams Sports Writer Karl Floyd Photographer Orgonlzorlons 169 A G S B The Associated Graduate Student Body seeks to voice concerns of the graduate student body before the University and its various academic and campus institu- tions, through repre- sentatives chosen by the graduate student body itself. Officers: All Furr, President Jerry Guest, Vice-Pres. GFC Rep. - Mary Anna Garmon Robin Waters, Secretary Mark Dove, Treasurer TRAFFIC APPEALS Traffic Appeals Board Jay Cooke Chairman Frank Fall Secretary (L to R) Frank Hall Al Lucky Jay Cooke Elizabeth Cooke Jerry Gentry III Clark Spencer 170 Orgomzonons B S U 5 I BSU is a campus organization involv- ing Christian university students. It is a fellowship of Christians with two general objectives: to help students grow and mature in their Christian faith, and then to provide opportunity to share their faith through ministry, service and witness. BSU provides programs which will give students the opportunity to live a vital, well-rounded Christian life while in college. Officers Neal Fowler President Vice Pres. Rhonda Nabers Secretary Vicki Vance Internationals Mark Wanker Local Missions Tammy Avant Social Melanie Reeves Summer Missions Bebe Braswell Worship Alan Tucker Discipleship Daniel Hathorne JAZZ B A N D Jazz has been alive and well for 85 years at the University of Mississippi. Since the mid-1920 ' s, the " Mississippians " has been one of the University ' s most important musical representatives in putting Ole Miss ' best foot forward in every regard. With the " Collegians " being the No. 2 Jazz Ensemble, its membership is a very important building block in the Ole Miss jazz program. The " Mississippians " perform on and off campus 15 to 25 times each year and have won every competitive regional jazz festival that they have entered during the past five years. 22 of its members have won every " Outstanding Musician " award and two members have been awarded " Most Outstanding Musician. " Each year an alumni musicians reunion is held on or near the campus, which draws alumni musicians from all parts of the country. The Director of the University Jazz Ensemble and Co-Founder of the Ole Miss Alumni Jazz Reunion is Dr. John Mc- Cauley, associate professor of Music. 172 Orgonizotions A S M E The American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers is a Professional Engineering Society of over 100,000 mem- bers. The Society and its members are de- voted to advancing the profession of mechanical engineer- ing. Members are ac- tive at all levels of practically every seg- ment of business and industry, education and government. Officers: Chairman Herbert J. Zollar Vice-Chmn. Clay Horan Secretary John Johnson Treasurer Rich LaMagna Advisor Dr. Karl Brenkert, Jr. KAPPA E P S I L O N Kappa Epsilon is a professional fraternity for women in Phar- macy. Its purpose is to unite women students of pharmacy, to cooperate with faculty of the colleges where chapters are establish- ed, to foster a profes- sional consciousness, to stimulate in its members a desire for high scholarship, and to provide a bond of lasting loyalty, interest and friendship. Officers: Sharon Dickey, President; Lydia Fredrickson, Vice-Pres; 1st Vice-Pres., Meg Cranford, Barbie Edwards; Paige Huff, Secretary; Missy Blowe, Treasurer; Angela Rowsey, Chaplain Bobbie Nell Lewis, Historian; Sal- ly Still, Sharon Moore, Prov. Dir.; Carla Evans, Liaison; Nancy Fuller, Advisor. Orgonizonoro 173 AQUATIC CL UB The Ole Miss Aquatic Club (OMAC), founded in 1977, provides University of Mississippi students with a wide range of aquatic activities. Each year, intramural, extramural, dual and multi-team, college level competition in swimming, diving and water polo are held using the outdoor and new indoor campus pools. Students are given clinics in such topics as sports psychology, flexability and weight training, massage, distance swimming, sprint swimming, diving, lifesaving and polo. Weekend aquatic games such as water jousting and water wrestling are scheduled for small groups. The water polo team was undefeated in its first year of play. OMAC ' s swimming diving ' team won the Mississippi Collegiate Swimming 6 Diving Championships again this year. 174 Organizations AQUATIC CLUB MEMBERSHIP OLE MISS AQUATIC CLUB Rob Dickson Mart Srundrner Bebo Moore Clark Leo Mark Lovan Bill Thomas Lee Ann Pope Moggie Burnside Steve Be e Joon Ann Poutler Bill Codow Whitney Smith Jenny Korte Bill Toylor Thomas Murphree Wendy Trc Lonnie Pechnik Thomos Golloney Ken Good Ron Good Bruce Hicks Janet Yorbrough Corson Green Marie Herrick Michael Webb Mark Jordan Kothi Gould Johnny Roney Eva Ann Shepard Susan Shiverick Orlando Andy Mike Snuffer Von East John Mcgough Marty Hall Mike Craig Keith Cole Andy Szuwolski Jeff Almond Jim Landers Flash Greentow Woerner y Burton Bonnie Wilson Paul Shonley Joe MocKenzie Dove Jones Bill Hughes Tom Collins Par Collins Gregg Davis Ogonuanons fTS PI SIGMA EPS ILON Pi Sigma Epsilon, a marketing and sales management business fraternity, gives students the opportunity for a head start in gaining business skills. The development of in- terpersonal relationships and communication skills in Pi Sigma Epsilon will help the student prepare for the transition from college into the business world. Officer Pres. Croig Miller VP Marketing Terry Robinson VP Communication Brett Thompson VP Personnel Julie Nacke Rec. Sec. Bob Coffin Corr. Sec. Julie Curler Trees. Lori London Pledge Trainer Gregg Caraway FOSTER-MURRAY LO DGE Foster-Murry Lodge No. 711 was founded on the campus of the University of Mississippi on May 4, 1982. It is under the jurisdiction of the M. W. Stringer Grand Lodge of Prince Hall Free and Accepted Masons. The lodge is composed of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff. Its purpose is to promote brotherhood to the utmost abili- ty and to help those in need. Officers Worshipful Master Dexter Foster Senior Warden Theopolis Vinson Junior Warden Ronnie W iley Treasurer Anthony Martin Secretary Rickie Patterson 176 Organizations WEIGHTLIFT ING CLUB The University of Mississippi Weightlifting Club has been on active club on compus for the lost three years. The club has sponsored bench press, powerlifting, and bodybuilding contests. This organization pro- motes the sport of weightlifting through physical fitness, powerlifting, and bodybuilding. 1983-64 Officers Pres. Steve Smith VP Tommy Dodon Treos. Jon Olivier Sec Amy Mize S H E A The Student Home Economics Association is an organization formed for the purpose of ex- panding and enriching the fellowship and learning ex- perience of interested students. Pres. Tanya McCain VP Sherie Hendricks VP Becky Drody Sec. Corey Elliot Treos. Michelle Frykholm Dis. Del. Kay Harrison Pub. Chmn. Down Copely Advisor Ms. Lillye Jane Collins Organizations 177 A R O Freshmen Sophomores Jeffrey Borshinger, Jomes Dingier, Terry Drown, Jenifer Cannon, Robert Croven, Keith Duffy, Steven Estock, John Findloy, Robert Hetzel, Mitchell Hooper, Allen House, Edmund Hughes, Franklin Kirkpatrick. Mark Lovan, Austin Martenstein, David Newcomb, Jeffrey Noblin, Dilly Powers, Gloria Redmond, James Robertson, Mary Smith, Steven Srodgill, Vaughn Wilson Sheridan Boyd, Stocey Dracey, Robert Clayborn, Byron Dixon, Scott Golberry, Dwighf Johnson, Earl McCullough, Kim Oberkrom, Eddie Rokestraw, Lee Redmund, Richard Roberts, Sandra Schmutz, Galen Smith. Juniors Seniors Jeffrey Acred, William Blake, Adrione Freeman, Robert Gurner, Curtis Honeycutt, Ken- neth Hunt, James King, Charles McCain, Parsy Smith, Steven Smith, Kevin St. Mary, Paul Thomas, Craig Werenskjold, Steven Clark. Anthony Bradley, Jeffrey David- son, Gary Jefferson, Dennis Moore, Frank Parker, Benjamin Reeves, Robert Sandefur, Jomes Shoemaker, Bruce Taylor, Patrick Thompson, Dan- ny Whittingron. 178 Organizations MODELING BOARD The University of Mississippi Modeling Boord wos established in 1977 by rhe AWS. The board is compos- ed of Ole Miss coeds representing a variety of majors. Its purpose is to promote a better understanding and awareness of the University and its students,- to bring about an awareness of the total aspect of fashion; and to promote good will. Modeling Board members are selected each fall by a panel of two judges and the director of the Modeling Boord. Selection is based on poise, personality, modeling poten- tial, and scholastic ability. Officers Captain Karen Rice Co-Captain Laurie Barnett Sec Treas. Karherine Higgins Publicity Susie White ADVISOR Diane Browning Organization 179 REPUBLICANS The Ole Miss College Republican Club is the student run campus representative of the Notional Republican Party. Its foremost purpose is to foster student interest and activism in local, state, and national political issues. The organization is open to oil students of the University who desire to be more informed about current politics and boasts a membership of over 500, the largest of any campus orgonizorion. Officers President Janet Karen Roell Treasurer Brian Davis Secretary Brirt Herrin Secretary Whitney Waltman Historian Art Huggins Executive Director Scott Carmichael Public Relations Jan Allen 180 Organizations PHI BETA LA MBDA Ph Beto Lombdo is o notional orgonizahon comprised of coKeoe business students ond representing Future Dusness leaders of Amenco Phi Bero Lambda ' s mam goote ore to devetop competent aggressive business leadership, ro encourage scholarship ond to creore o better undersrondng of Americas free enterprise system First Row Officers Debro Mason Corr Sec : Sharon Hushey Ptes Rurh Ann Moore Rec Sec Mark R WWgnson. j P DonnoStepp Port : Dee Mosby. Treos Arteno Homphhes, Hrs Peri HoKberg. Reporter Second Row Dr Doris D Phps Advisor Leigh Ann Winters Rhonda Pronto Beverly SmcMond Janet Martin Harriet Hoi Rertee Qoarwrighr Third Row Judy Moore TrinoRiey MontoF Woodson Stephen H Morris GregBuness Money Anderson Mary Virginia Watson AMBASSAD ORS The Ote Miss Ambassadors is o student organization in the University Relations Deport- ment of the A5C which is concerned with student recruitment The Coordinator of Pre-Admissions in the deportment of Admissions ond Records serves as od- visor ro the chairman, who is appointed by the ASO Presi- dent and Director of Universi- ty Relations Activities of Am- bassadors indude hosting campus visitors, both during special recruiting days and during individually schedul- ed family ond school visits: writing ond colling prospec- tive students: ond par- ticipating in other activities directly ond indirectly related to student recruitment Chairman Melissa Thompson 101 GAMMA IOTA SIGMA Gamma lota Sigma is rhe only national insurance fraterni- ty in rhe United States. The pur- pose of Gamma lota Sigma is to promote and sustain student in- terest in insurance as a profes- sion, to encourage the high moral and scholastic achieve- ment of its members, and to cooperate with educational in- stitutions and professional men and women of insurance, through fostering research ac- tivities and scholarship. President Edward Neeld Treasurer Mike Axton A A S B The Associated Accounting Student Body is composed of all full-time undergraduate and graduate accounting students with a president, vice-president, and secretory-treasurer elected each spring. The organization is designed to familiarize students with the accounting profession, to enhance understanding be- tween faculty and students, and to work with the administration in all matters affecting the welfare of accounting students. Officers President Steve Hendrix Vice-President Cal Christian Sec- Trea. Leslie Palmer 182 Organizations A F R O T C Coder Staff Front Row (L to R) Bryan Tennont. Jeff Warden. Gory Coggins. Alon Stone. Ernesto Anoyo Dock Row (L to R) Pot Coleman. Den Logon. Keith Choney. Dovid Word, Joe Dickey Scholarship Students Front Row (L to R) Dovid Dykes. Jeff Warden. Steven Snipes. Rob Robinson Don Hudson. Belinda Branch. Lionel Lovett Bock Row (L to R) Anthony Smith. Irby Montgomery. John Hawkins. Dovid Word. John Redmond. Lorry Murphy, Paul Tyrell. Gary Hopkins Orgomzotions 1O3 ARMY R O T C MS HI ' S Front Row (L ro R) Korl Floyd, Scorr Butler, Steve Snipes, Rob- bie Robinson, Leslie Robinson, Miko McBride. Alon Stone, Casondro Hanks 2nd Row (L to R) Lionel Lovert, Tim Hill, Michael Harthcock, Car- roll Hassan, Grayson Gill, John Redmond, Adrienne Penson, Borry Pennix, James McClendon Back Row (L ro R) Keith Morgan, Dawn Randall, David Ward, Joe Dlcken, Lorry Murphy, Pierce Camp, Down Hudson, Larry Bonds M5IV5 Front Row (L to R) Ed Chaney, Randy Allred, Danny Blanton, Ernesto Anaya, Jean McDode. Brian Tennant, Prenriss Jolly 2nd Row (L to R) Pot Colemon, Jeff Warden. Anthony Smith, Paul Tyrrell, Vince Aldridge Back Row (L to R) Wes Holland, Ben Logon, John Hawkins, Alvin Spencer, Gary Coggins, Irby Montgomery 164 Organizations ARMY ROTC Contract Students Front Row (L to K) Belindo Bronch, Scott Butler. Miko McBride, Stephen Snipes, Leslie Robinson. Cosondro Honks. Jomes McQendon. Alon Stone, Mark Hill 2nd Row (L to R) Jeon McDode. Irby Montgomery, Anthony Smith. Dovid DyKes, Michoel Horrhcock, Robbie Robinson. Corroll Hosson, LJonel Lovert, Gory Hopkins 3rd Row (L to R) Rondy Allred. Donny Btonton, Vince AkJndge. Gory Coggins. Adtienne Penson, Pierce Camp, Brion Tennant, John Redmond Bock Row (L to R) Pot Cotemon, Paul Tyrell, Lorry Murphy, Ben Logon, Down Hutson, Keith Morgan, Lorry Bonds. Groyson Gill, Prenriss Jolty. Alvin Spencer. John Hawkins. Down RondoJI. Ed Choney, Dovid Ward, Jeff Warden, Joe Dickey .Sponsors Lisa Hinze. Becky Smith, Tonya Grisham. Karhy Byors, Lisa King. Ida Jockson. Lisa Posey, Kaye Steeje, Lisa Whiroker. Michele Doyron, Vicki Cock. Lori Jones, Krisry Rankin, Rachel Gex, Debra Portis, Gloria Robertson, Andrea Mobley, Sondreo Cox, Karhy Johnson, Down Bump, Pom Stanford, Ginna Parson. Laurie Kern, Pamela Wolk. Rhonda Jockson. Organizations 185 N R O T C Miss The Naval Reserve Officer ' s Training Corps was established in 1926 to offer certain college students the necessary Naval Science courses required to qualify them for commissions in the Naval Reserve. In 1946, the pro- gram was expanded to include a new sub-program, the regular Navy ROTC. The mission of the NROTC is to develop midshipmen morally, mentally, and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty, honor, and loyalty. Midshipmen represent the Navy unit in many activities at the University, and represent the University around the country. Officers Battalion Commander Battalion Executive Officer Battalion Operations Officer Fall Dejuran Adams Null John Graham Alan Malone Spring Alan Malone Phil Thompson Russ Powers 186 Organizations N R O T C Freshmen Thomas Alewine Robert Bornes y Collins ToddCook Robert Dyson r tts -s Goines Gregory Harrison Dovid Heiler en Jordan Kyle Hugh Loft is Edward Lovekxe Gregory McCully Michael McOain Mark Morrison Donald Moss Lonnle Pechnk I-eols Jerry Stokes Mark Warren - arts Sophomores Ems Anderson Stephen Arrim I z a-e- ; ina Barnerr ' 1 Dosorge Lorry Gowson Rotor Conotey MictxielOoig Brion Cyr ?Veer WiBiom Du ' - : Widiorri Durbin John r e e Michoel Gipson Gregory Herbert DonoKelsey Jomes Londers Jomes - Lyons Michoel McDonald Robert McPhoa JohnMetosKy PhOip Myers L-etOcosio Jomes Owen cherr WiBiom Sonford Monroe Sporte Roy Singley Arnold StauC ' Cortos Velasquez Michoel We: Kenneth Zc ' Organizations 167 N R O T C Juniors Dovid Beckett Eugenia Cairns Daniel Cuff John Demartini Sharon Easterling Wesley Hatcher Ashley Livingston James McColgan Glenn Morgan Patrick Murphy Johnny Raney John Riley Eric Schoonover Kurt Smith Michael Snuffer Jack Tyer Von Rooy Denise Wallingford Seniors Samuel Boehms Robert Green Andrew Jones Dorothy Kosack Michael Lipski Rodney McAvoy Winfred Molone DeJuan Null Michael Povolko Evan Pilling Joel Powers John Stevens Gregory Thorpe Phillip Thompson Earl Wheeler 188 Organizations N R O T C Row 1 (L to R) Rondy Hudsperh Edwin Chose Harold Sounders Timothy Boykin Robert Gromodo Charles Baker Lawrence Musgrove Row 2 (L to R) Alvin Givons Prentis McDonald Duone Gillette Steven Oisf Michael Williams Row 3 (L to R) Wilson Washington Michoel Smith Row 4 (L to R) Of uce Hess Alan Hayes Thomas Callahon Bradford Daniel I Row 1 (L to R) Kotrino Edwards. Donno Ban- nister, Trish Faye. Susan Bonks Row 2 (L to R) Angie Ingram, Cos Summers. Cindy Beard Row (L to R) Renee Story, Melindo Tilghmoa Caron Colvert Row 4 (L to R) Jocque Dean. Lone Graham, Cindi Tokrfous Organizations 169 N R O T C Change of Command Battalion Midshipman Dejourn Null to Midshipman Alan Malone Donna Bannister Navy ROTC Sweetheart 1984 190 Organizations N R O T C Professor of Novol Science Inspection Midshipmen on porode. R H A President Sara Struwe Vice-Pres. Ginger Johnson The Residence Hall Association is an organization composed of members from the University ' s residence halls. RHA membership includes everyone living in the halls, but specifically, each hall elects a rep. to sit in the RHA body. RHA assists the residence hall network by acting as a rep for residence halls as a whole, as a liaison between residence halls and other campus organizations, and by pro- moting a favorable environment in the residence halls. RHA attempts to fulfill these purposes through several service activities such as painting the picnic tables in the grove and placing trash cans around the campus. The main means of fulfill- ing RHA purposes resides in programming. RHA has become involved in several events including " Scream in the Dark, " Mash Bash, and an annual Ice Cream Social. L 192 Orgonizonons R H A Treasurer Pam Davidson Secretary Phyllis Walker RHA MEMBERS Debbie Sones Pamela Harvey Wendi DeFranc Tom Sheehan Phyllis Myracle Charles Bridges Jim Price Sherrye Thomas Beverly Smith Diedre Krecker Paul Liberty Lori Stoddard Lan Arnold Barry Fioranelli Organizations 193 Executive Council: President: Sara Struwe Vice-Pres.: Ginger Johnson Secretary: Phyllis Walker Treasurer: Pam Davidson Asst. Treas.: Tamye Sekul Publicity Chmn.: Charlie Carnathan Judicial Chmn.: John Schwalb NCC-Program. Chmn. Nancy Stengel Parliamentarian: Byron Dixon Asst. Publicity Chmn.: Grace Kassis BSU Liaison: Linda Coleman ASB Liaison: Etta Mhoon RHA Judicial Seated: Betsy Castleberry; Leslie Hinkle; Rebecca Smith, Recorder; Belinda Chow; Standing: Jerry L. DeLoach, Vice-Chairman; John D. Schwalb, Chairman; Jerry Wayne Sanford R H A 194 Orgonizorions BROWN- Officers: Seated Angela Reed, Floor Rep. Natalie COnningham, Floor Rep. B. J. Green, Vice-Pres. Rachel Dobbs, Sec. Treas. Standing Lauren Norman, President Man ' Waymack, Floor Rep. Bebe Braswell, Floor Rep. Lisa Ann Williamson Floor Rep. BARN IROM SOMER Seated: Amy Kelly, RHA Rep.; Margie Odom, Floor Rep.; Traca Sumrall, Floor Rep.; Paulette Butler, Floor Rep.; Gloria Robertson, Floor Rep.; Standing: Patricia Stewart, Pres.; Gwendolyn Jones, VP; Laura Schulte, Social Chmn.; Deborah Portis, Resident; Mozella Brown, Treas.; Donna Brolick, Floor Rep.; Michelle Crull, Floor Rep.; Heather Jones, RA; Vanessa Collier, Sec. Organizations 195 GAR H E D D MAYS Officers: Yuka Crosby, President; Ann Briggs, Vice-Pres.; Upea Trummel, Treasurer; Daphne Everson, Secretary: Riann Woodley, RA; Revonda Harris, RA; Paula Wilbanks. HO WER Y FAULKNER Front row: Santiago Chapa, Clay Ramsey, Walter Locke Pres., Mamoru Nunokawa, Charles Carnathan, Walt Shinault, Steve Clark, David Murphy, Rex Banks, Pat Murphy. Second row: Bill Dewbre, John Roquet, Charles Bridges, Earl Wheeler, David Dykes, RA, Jeff Covington Head Resident, Paul Stephenson. Third Row - Mike Gipson Sec. Treas. 196 Orgonizoions TWIN TOWERS- Officers: Darrel James Knight, President; Robert Phillips, Vice-Pres.; Barry Gilmore, Treasurer Antonio Christopher Provias, Secretary. KINCANNON Officers: Michael K. McDonald, Vice-Pres.; Jeff Peters, President; Barry Fioranelli. Ogornzonoos ffJ M I L L E R Officers: Joyce Wong, Secretary; Leslie Hinkle, President; Jo Wong, Treasurer; Katrina Edwards, Vice-Pres. Pam Ambrose, Toni Avant, Betsy Castleberry, Bridget Malone. Officers: Melissa Charbonneau, Vice-Pres.; Jane Mabry, President; Leif Pilkerton, Sec. Treas. NEW 196 Organizations D E A T O N Officers: Patsy Smith, Floor Rep.; Pam Davidson, President; Tamara Whitten, Sec. Treas.; Mary VVooten, F loor Rep.; Laurie Van Housen, Floor Rep.; Suzanne Cunningham, Floor Rep.; Belinda K. Chow, Vice-Pres. GUESS Officers: Thomas J. Sheehan, Chmn. RA; Lynn Sledge, ' Sec. RA; Hilary Atkins, Treasurer; Susan O ' Byrne, Floor Rep. Second Row: Robin Devine, RA; Hassane Awada, Floor Rep.; Lisa Bailey, Floor Rep.; Timothy Wehby, RA; Chuck Carroll, RA; Tambria Thomas, RA; Beabak Hamad, Floor Rep.; Tern- McGraw. - Organizations 199 E S B The Engineering Student Body serves as the governing body of oil students enrolled in the School of Engineering. The ex- ecutive board ' s objectives ore to encourage the development of professional attitudes in students and to provide a friend- ly association of students with the faculty and with the engineering profession. The ESB continually works for the in- terests of oil engineering students. Pres Joyce Wong VP Steve Pilgrim Sec-Treos Dannie Young P R S S A The Public Relations Student Society of America, a student run, nationwide organization founded by PR pracricioners, ac- quaints students with profes- sional people, methods, issues, and ethics. Public relations has evolved from on information go-between to a vital, manogeriol, policy-making func- tion. PRSSA helps students cultivate writing, decision- making, and other skills to meet the demands of this dynamic field and keeps us abreast of trends. President - Lauren Lexa Director Laurel Adams Secretory Debbie Adams Not Pic VP Randy Jackson Nat Liaison Elinor Corley 200 Organizations RUGBY CLUB OFFICERS President . Glen Murphy Vice Pres. Drown Brooks Sec. Don Ftafferty 1983 4 Members Jomes Barlow Tim Brennon Brown Brooks John Gothright Joe Davis Jim Hallidoy Jock Hill Steve Hickman Brendan Lysogut George Miller John J. Moore Glen Muprhy Doug O ' Donnell Don Rafferry Vince Spoltore Harry Ward Steve Winegerg Brod Daniels 105 CLUB THE 105 aUD Chartered In 1962. the 105 Qub ' $ one of rhe most identifiable Rebel support groups A veritobfe institution or home foorbotl gomes, members must exhibit rhe true Rebel stamina The ability ro overindulg- - CXe Miss ' sc loyo(ty ro a four quotrer football gome no matter whor rhe outcome, a disdain for un- natural fibers, ond o tove ond affection for fellow members ore rhe stringent re- quirements for occepronce A strong sense of social response Ote Miss ond the whole Rebel football rhing perperuotes the 105 Club s member- ship list A morto of Corpe D em exudes from that particular section of Vought- Hemmgwoy Stadium ere molly occupied by the 105 Club. The organization ' s spirirua! founder s Greer Person o senior engineer- ing major from Voter Volley OFFICERS Most Exorbironr Grand Soge Buddy Deormon Aide-de-compe of the Most Exorbitant Grand Sage Bill Beck Social Chairman for Post Events Budson Duzhordr Social Chairman for Curtenr Events Keppy Louder mon Social Choirmon for Coming Events Shelley Btoir Financial Advisor Jon Martin Publicity Choirmon Marie Bowman Srodium Manager David Woolvenon Photographer Benjy Bailey Organizations 201 on Greeks 204 Greeks Greeks 205 206 Greeks Greeks 207 Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi, the first secret society for college women and the nation ' s oldest sorority, was founded at Wesleyan College in 1851. Delta Sigma chapter opened in the spring of 1960. The chapter ' s symbols include the lion, diamond, woodland violet; the colors, azure blue ond pure white represent loyolry and friendship. Through such involvements on campus os Rho Lambda, Ambassadors, RoOndball ond Rebel Recruiters, Ar- my Sponsors, ond ASD, the ADPI ' s keep up that Ole Miss Spirit. 1 Marilyn Gunter President 2. Leiso Posey 3. K. C. Caldwell 4. Susan Probst 5. Rebecca Smith 6. Lisa Sims 7. Melissa Hood 8. Kim Boyd 9. Roz Filpi 10. Pom Cumberland 11. Anna Donstadt 12. Catharine Dohner 13. Tonya Grisham 14. Kelly Page 15. Amelia Gadd 16. Kathy Dyers 17. Lisa Germane 18. Leah Votes 19. Jacque Dean 20. Michelle Dayton 21. Robyn Young 22. Pattie Waddell 23. Peggy Hegwood 24. Stephanie Lawson 25. Sonio Hall 26. Rita Gollihue 27. Lynn Etheridge 28. Janet Martin 29. Stocey Fulton 30. Ruth Anne Moore 31. Susan Leigh Drown 32. Clarie Hafhcock 33. Louise Paul 34. Kristy Rankin Rush Chairman 35. Lil McKinnon Chairman 36. Pom Irving 37. Jane Kersh 38. Janet Dray 39. Anna Norwood Vice President 40. Lisa Jones 41. Angie Massey 42. Mary Rather 43. Susan Danks 44. CeCe Chatfield 45. Andrea Steineker 46. Sherry Chaffin 47. Rhonda Little 49. Amy Ford 49. Laura Howard 50. Lisa Whitader 51. Leslie Smith 52. Cheryl Gibbs 53. Rebecca Srine 54. Robin Fisher 55. Sandy Sauder 56. Debbie Kramer 57. Mom Walker Housemother 58. Theresa Gunter 59. Angie Lovorn 60. Gretta Morgan 61. Kim Smith 62. Lori Gilbert 63. Robin Sullivan 64. Sonya Hamblett 65. Susan Chrestman 66. Tamaro Cox 67. Sharon Walker Treasurer 68. Cynthia Grant 69. Stephanie Eselin 70. Dixie Conwill 71. Toni Thomas 72. Terri Rogers 73. Paige Kosack 74. Melissa Durfey 75. Amy Keevers 76. Annie Tison 77. Lynda Rutherford 78. Lisa Nelson 79. Pom Henson 80. Lydia Hudson 81. Trina Riley 82. Angie Warren 83. Pennie Fisher 84. Debbie Fowler 85. Kathey Longford 86. Lee Anne King 87. Janet Dick 88. Stephanie Proffer 89. Karen Rose 90. Carlo Russo 91. Sharon Huskey 92. Margaret Millsaps 93. Jeanne Shockleford 94. Chris Curtis 95. Lee Sanders 96. Peri Halberg 97. Gaye Welsh 98. Kim Morris 99. Kisa Watson 100. Aliera Tubb 101. Lynn Wing Greeks 209 Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Koppo Alpha, the first Greek letter black sorority, was founded In 1906 at Howard University, Washington, D.C. The pOrpose of the sorority was to cultivate and encoOrage high scholastic and ethical standards, improve the social status of the race, promote unity and friendship among college women, and keep alumni interested in college life Theto Psi chapter wos founded at Ole Miss in 1974. 1. Sandra Cox 2. Vickie Roberts 3. Kim Ford 4. Cassandra Byers Secretary 5. Sherry Franklin President 6. Bridget Perkins Vice President 7. Daphne Everson Treasurer 8. Regina Eichelberger 9. Linda Webster 2tt Greeks Greeks 211 Alpha Omicron Pi Alpho Omicron Pi Sorority, founded or Dernord College in 1697, chorrered rhe Nu Dero chapter or Ole Miss in 1957. The sheof of golden wheor and joqueminor rose symbolize rhe common bond of the AOPI ' s. This common bond reaches out to help others through such philanthropies like rhe annual pancake breakfast for rhe Arthritis Foundation. 1. Sandi Jackson 2. Shelley Dullen 3. Kafhi Richardson 4. Anne Walters 5. Lori Jones 6. Down Koesfler 7. Felicia Gregory 8. Cindy Norman 9. Donno Brown 10. Rhonda Madison 11 Laurie Stokes Pledge Trainer 12. Laura Geno 13. Karhy Smith 14. Debby Bailey 15. Renee Bootwright 16. Harriet Hoel 17. Dawn Archer 18. Lyn Halloran 19. Jennifer Shores 20. Nancy Stegall 21. Tammie Hardin 22. Suzanne Pegues 23. Denise Sease 24. Mollie Slaughter 25. Mary Jo Hutches 26. Cindy Jackson 27. Lu Ann Jordan 28. Stephanie Narmour 29. Molly Poschall 30. Margaret Heiskell 31. Kim Larson 32. Dorothy Wore 33. Mary Alice Dodd 34. Liz Miller 35. Bev Lyons 36. Ginger Richardson 37. Martha Derryberry 38. Dawn Bump 39. Diane Taylor 40. Jennifer Hansford 41. Lori Wooley 42. Leigh Anne Pope 43. Lynn Alvorodo 44. Margorie Ford 45. Lisa Bowers 46. Jennifer Goodnight 47. Denise Coleman 48. Donna Burford 49. Leigh Lowry 50. Caron Calvert 51. Patty Mims 52. Devra Porter President 53. Angela Allen 54. Stephanie Stroupe 55. Julie Nolan 56. Sharon McCardle 57. Mary Hanson Treasurer 58. Laura Smith 59. Gaye Palnke 60. Sylvia Bollard 61. Dana Lucas 62. Lisa Browning 63. Nicole Whitehurst 64. Susan Porter 65. Laurie Williams 66. Lelio Graf 67. Wanda Pertain 68. Julie Trainum 69. Dana Alexander 70. Suzanne Turnage 71. Mary Liles 72. Stacey Strider 73. Todd Courtney 74. Sheila Barrintine 75. Allison Richardson 76. Lane Graham 77. Kathryn Lindamood 78. Vicki Lamb 79. Patricia Nichols 80. Anne Cassell Allen 81. Diane Jackson 82. Kim Bishop 83. Teresa Echols 84. Amanda Crocker 212 Greeks Chi Omega Chi Omego ' s Tou Chapter was established on the Ole Miss campus in 1899. The white carnation is the flower of Chi Omego, and the colors ore cardinal and strow. The owl is the Chi O symbol. Scholarship achievement is on the Chi Omega priority list and lost year, the Chi Omega ' s were first in academic ranking on compus. 1. Tracy McDonald 2. Lyn Robinson 3. Patricia Thomas 4. Gail Crossrhwoit Secretary 5. Wesla SOIIivan 6. Perry Eaton 7. Mildred Harris 8. Evie Moore 9. Melanie Owens 10. Weesie Thames 11 Anne Wells 12. Cammille Woodbury Pledge Trainer 13. Lynn Hoffman 14. Kay Lawrence 15. Sally Kittle 16. Kathryn Madden 17. Mary Lotto Fowlkes President 18. Laurel Adams 19. Allyn Mitchell 20. Jill Sandroni 21. Donna Baker 22. Marcie Dauont 23. Beth Creekmore 24. Dara Deaton 25. Laurie Wooley 26. Susan Thompson 27. Barrett Caroll 28. Margo Doss 29. Victoria Blackburn 30. Choree Howell 31. Lynne Collins 32. Amy Brady 33. Carol Day 34. Jennifer Jones 35. Missie Williams 36. Bestsy Bee 37. Beth Walker 38. Anne Morehouse 39. Anne Murray Holes 40. Virginia Carter 41. Alyson Collier 42. De De Dunlap 43. Michelle Sowell 44. Jessica Hill 45. Caroline Chapman 46. Elizabeth Hays 47. Laura Dickinson 48. Margaret White 49. Jamie Reed 50. Georgie Carroll 51. Kelly Kruchten 52. Chris Whitley 53. Geye Yelverton 54. Stacey Anderson Rush Chairman 55. Kim Butler 56. Sue Forringron 57. Holly Barkley 58. Sue Farrington 59. Kimberly Yerger 60. Sracey Smith 61. Lynda Macnaughfon 62. Elizabeth Wise 63. Susie Hutt 64. Elizabeth Caldwell 65. Loura York 66. Elizabeth Fulcher 67. Christy McDonald 68. Erin McCrary 69. Sophie Sistrunk 70. Mary Loch Droughn 71. Margaret Boyle 72. Mindy Wright 73. Kathy McNeese 74. Jane Anna Dyer 75. Elizabeth Howie 76. Beth Caraway 77. Becky Blackman 78. Cathy Ferris 79. Mamie Williams 80. Jill Hutto 81. Susie Wright 82. Vickey Spivey 83. Jan Levy Treasurer 84. Carolyn Hutt 85. Laura Ball 66. Karherine Goraway 87. Ginger Gwynes 88. Caroline Roach 89. Margaret Doty 90. Lynn Hobbs 91. Toy King 92. Caroline Salmon 93. Susan McGee 94. Maggie Brown 95. Helen Morgan 96. Carolyn Baker 97. Sonya Sullivan 98. Margaret Coros 99. Mary Dalton 100. Tricio Balnd 101. Kim Reed 102. Jean Branum 103. Rivers Carroll 104. Amy Howard 105. Ellen Miller 106. Tracey Gilmore 107. Page Pylote 108. Allison McClelland 109. Bethany Farthering 110. Tracey Former 111. Lynn Sondlin 112. Kim Coon 214 Greeks Greeks 215 Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta established the Chi chapter at Ole Miss in 1904. Three symbols, the pearl, the pine odn the pansy plus the three colors of silver, gold, and blue ore o special port of eoch Tri-Delt. Tri Delts can be found in all campus orgonizotions from modeling board to fraternity little sisters. 1. Toy Cossar 2. Julia Mayfield 0. Tracy Caves 4. Amy Smith 5. Kafhy Toler 6. Kelli Lucas 7. Suzanne Davis 8. Amy Short 9. Sophie Scruggs 10. Beth Newton 11. Regina Jackson 12. Pepper Grantham 13. Laura Greer 14. Nicole Meeks 15. Anne Porter 16. Jane Snyder 17. Jane Mayberry 18. Laura Chatman 19. Lisa Millis 20. Melissa Charbonnau 21. Mary Adams 22. Debbie Home 23. Lorrie Puryear 24. Dorthy Allan 25. Karen Cropp 26. Ellen Birdsong 27. Beth Harbison 28. Kendall Smith President 29. Barrie Blankenship 30. Lou Ann Wilkes 31. Laura Ann Amith 32. Kim Griffin 33. Camille Pryor 34. Tara Phillips 35. Beth Moore 36. Brenda Warren 37. Cynthia Geary 38. Elizabeth Ross 39. Caroline Wansley 40. Jane Prater 41. Karen Kimbrough 42. Sigrid Sykes 43. Christie Hughes 44. Yonnie Bouchillon 45. Helen Swartzfager 46. Susie White 47. Amanda Elliott 48. Emily Ann Lee 49. Lonie Ligon 50. Nancy Drake 51. Gail Seymour 52. Ruth Ellen Duvall 53. Leslie Deddens 54. Meg Elliott 55. Schoyler Braddock 56. Susan Yandell Vice President 57. Lindy Walters 58. Melody Smith 59. Laurie Spell 60. Ellen Vincent 61. Mary Margert Mtchell 62. Lee Ashley 63. Cissie Poole 64. Kathleen Trout 65. Elizabeth Chatman 66. Mary Anne Gammage 67. Katheryn Tavoleti 68. Connie Johnson 69. Jane McMullen 70. Elizabeth Stevens 71. Melissa Martin 72. Paulo Majaure 73. Cara Dawkins 74. Stephanie Smith 75. Leslie Bollard 76. Mary Johnson 77. Wendy Allgood 78. Beth Shaw 79. Lee Smith 80. Piper Wilson 81. Robin Cochran Pledge Trainer 82. Anne Lominick 83. Tori Ott 84. Libby Pettis 85. Leah Neighbors 86. Jordan Parks 87. Trisha Snipes 88. Vivian Spear Treasurer 89. Miriam Moore 90. Libba Loue 91. Kathleen Murray 92. Anno Emmens 93. Mory Stevens 94. Sally McGailen 95. Dede Hector 96. Laurie Hector 97. Annette Rand 98. Melonie Hixon 99. Laurie Douglas 100. Beth Nordan 101. Tina Stewart 102. Mirzi Butler Secretary 216 Greeks GreeKs 217 Delta Gamma Delto Gamma Sorority, Alpha Psi chapter, was established in Oxford, Mississippi in 1873. The flower is the cream colored rose and the symbol is the anchor. A Raggedy Ann named Hannah represents the ideal Delto Gamma. DG ' s participate in every parr of campus life: different organizations, intramurals, and student government. Delto Gamma is proud of its heritage and tradition and strives to keep the high ideals set for them by their founders. 1-7. Houseboys 8. Kendall Dunn Treasurer 9, Alain Anderson 10. DeErre Murray 11. Sharon Stevens 12. Debbie Adams 13. Suzanne Womble 14. Virginia Ewing Rush Chairman 15. Melody Crunk 16. Sarah Weeks 17. Stephanie Jennings 18. Lee Ann Harden 19. Allison Phillips 20. Jennifer Spoonts 21. Donna Hill 22. Karyn Smith 20. Merrie Lynn Bishop 24. Lauren Kitchens 25. Aven Pruett 26. Diana Caldwell 27. Buttons Cotes 28. Cindy Kelly 29. Terri Downey 30. Joanne Sasser 31. Mary Kay Hollis 32. Tricia Humphreys President 33. Lee Anna Burkitt 34. Lorrie Woods 35. Shaundes Byrd 36. Elaine Cook 37. Chantel Crosby 38. Joyce Lane Corresponding Secretory 39. May Kay Newman 40. Anno Glenn 41. Patty McCain 42. Elizabeth Fox 43. Carol Craig 44. Jennifer Gore 45. Angel Ott 46. Paula Volkhart 47. Melissa McClain 48. Renee Martin 49. Christy DaOler 50. Julie Lassiter 51. Melinda Hall 52. Lisa Hodges 53. Edie Holman 54. Karman Wearherly 55. Holly Gremillion 56. Lisa Zepponi 57. Ginger Hill 58. Carolyn McMahan 59. Leigh Bynum 60. Becky Fontaine 61. Elizabeth Wood 62. Allison Humphreys 63. Sharon Gifford 64. Lisa McCain 65. Madelyn Grey 66. Kay Sneed 67. Mondy Norton 68. Katie Dunn 69. Kathy GoOld 70. Dana Biglane 71. Charma Dudley 72. Mary Green 73. Lisa Johnson 74. Ashley Sherrer 75. Natalie Carr 76. Allison Kernan 77. Jennifer Wiltshire 78. Michelle Morris 79. Mory Wamble 80. Dino Faulkner 81. Helen Hirt 82. Bobs Smith 83. Clyde Nelson 84. Liz Coho 85. Laurie Harris 86. Liz Ferguson 87. Katie Comer 88. Karen Comer 89. Nancy Comer 90. Jerri Laughlin 91. Paulette Nicholson 92. Emily Boyer 93. Mary Jo Alinder 94. Leigh Scott 95. Cam Cox 96. Beth Hazlewood 97. Karen Coblentz 98. Ann Williams 99. Aimmen McDonald 100. Valerie Thomas 101. Roberta McGuire 102. Diane Stone 103. Margaret Allen 104. Cindy Posey 105. Mary Nettleton 106. Tiffany Villager 107. Michelle Mulder 108. Kathy McLean 109. Jo Prater 110. Suzanne Maxy 111. Portia Pride 112. Mary Peyton Baird 113. Anita Witt 114. Lisa Littlejohn 115. Margaret Ann Tisdale 1 218 Greeks GreeKs 219 Kappa Alpha Theta Koppo Alpho Theto Sorority was founded or Asbury University on Jonuory 24, 1870. The Epsilon Zeto chopter wos chortered ot Ole Miss in 1979. A foirly new sorority, the Thetos ore increasing rapidly with membership. Koppo Alpho Theto is recognized by the ponsy, kite, and colors of black and gold. One can find o Koppo Alpho Theto in olmost every field of study, social, and community activity ot Ole Miss. 1. Dobs Jourdan 2. Julia Knighr 3. Lynn Perrie 4. Susan Shelton 5. Suzanne Yeager Recording Secretary 6. Derh Brenner 7. Lori O ' Dell 8. Suzie Souer 9. Holly Holden 10. Angela Wildman 11. Jeannerre Cooney Treasurer 12. Julie Wilson President 13. Lino LaRoche 14. Pom Graham 15. Sherry Seeley 16. Anne Russell Aden 17. Dana Cowarr 18. Elizabeth Merrill 19. Kafhy Carter 20. Betsy Robertson 21. Maura Goodrick 22. Vance James 23. Laura Burks 24. Nickie Baker Vice President 25. Erin Corrigan 26. Caroline Madden 27. Allison Byers 28. Leslie Robertson 29. Beth Clements 30. Sandy Sharman 31. Martel Thompson 32. Emily Freeman 33. Donna Levens 34. Andrea Norwood 35. Ginny Chalus 36. Melanie Cooper 37. Boberte Owen 38. Lynn Winger 39. Ann Wolfe 40. Noncy Leigh Moore 41. Lisa Hollidoy 42. Kim Drummond 43. Lisa Gusfin 44. Tammy Brands 45. CoOrtney Rodgers 46. Sarah Sharp 47. Leslie Mclntyre 48. Shelly Walthour 49. Robin Reed 50. Mary Lee Shearin 51. Dana Gully 52. Jennifer Daniel 53. Cathy Cook 54. Stacey Barber 55. Cindy Young 56. Amanda Collins 57. Skye Henry 58. Nancy Chien 59. Mary Lynn Cupir 60. Sondi Lauderdale 61. Mollie Clements 62. Beth Schmidt 63. Lori Everare 64. Adrienne Wade 65. Cheryl Weotherford 66. Lisa St. John 67. Debbie Strong 68. Tina Foley 59. Ann McDonough 70. Susan Smith 71. Susan Stanford 72. Ann Norman 73. Merilyn McMillan 74. Eliza Brittoin 75. Evy-Ann Dundas 76. Lelia Wallender 77. Maria Lirchfield 78. Jennifer Cash 79. Yana Pounders 80. Tonya Byrd 81. Ann Turner 82. Tish Haynes 83. Jennifer Tomaszewski 84. Jenny Korte 85. Blair Holwadel 86. Ellen Petrie 87. Leigh Ann Jones 88. Lynn Stallworth 89. Cheryl Channell 90. Julie Landrum 91. Karhryn Srallworth 92. Elizabeth Cooke 93. Laurie Weller 94. Laura Stovall 95. Mauri Davis Jessie Kelley Pledge Trainer ' . 220 Greeks Greeta 221 Kappa Delta Kappa Delra, founded in Farmville, Virginia in 1897, established rhe Alpha Mu chapter at Ole Miss in 1927. KD ' s are represented on campus by activities and honoraries. Whether it is in Rebel Recruiter, ODK, Am- bassadors, or Mortar Board, one can find Koppo Delta. Along with activities, the KD ' s help the community with its onnuol philanthropy to raise funds for crippled children. 1. Deanne Doutwell 2. Diane Owns 3. Jennifer Belk 4. Sharon Burks 5. Emily Page 6. Shelley Blair 7. Laura Champion 8. Jamie Herbert 9. Dee Pesson 10. Marjorie Shaddock 11 Michele Boles 12. Sara Warts 13. Stacy Tyner 14. Shelly Stewart 15. Melissa Thompson 16. Danelle Carson 17. Caroline Hollister 18. Sallie Baumhauer 19. Jenny Ansorge 20. Carol Daubs 21 Amy Watson 22. Whitney Parker 23. Catherine Mullins 24. Kim Finos 25. Elizabeth Prince 26. Lisa Frey 27. Anne Rooks 28. Sealy Lowery 29. Debbie Warren 30. Paige Pollard 31 Elinor Corley 32. Julie Knudson 33. Kelly Colingo President 34. Corah Walker 35. Marina Martin 36. Carol Bailey 37. Betsy Allen 38. Kristy Cook 39. Jennifer Odom 40. Kay Carnathon 41. Michele Moore 42. Leigh Person 43. Marianne Bradford 44. Leigh Wentworth 45. Holly Garrert 46. Lisa Halford 47. Kothy Truerel 48. Gina Robinson 49. Julie Pollard 50. Alicia Greenlee 51 Julie Holmes 52. Jody Barringer 53. May Shelley Jack 54. Amy Therell 55. Amy Akers 56. Katie Graham 57. Beth Buchler 58. Shelley Pederson 59. Hope Walker 60. Katherine Higgins 61 Lynn Jansing 62. Carlron Leike 63. Lori Srockstill 64. Susan Hyde 65. Patti Hyde 66. Beth McClellan 67. Merry Ann Nevins 68. Cassie Wells 69. Jill Johnson 70. Stacy Elliott 71 Staci Jones 72. Pebbles East 73. Jenny Ann Hicks 74. Kathy Edwards 75. Kim Hogan 76. Mimi Sesson 77. Elinor Gotney 78. Tracey Robinson 79. Staci Dickerson 80. Becky Grissinger 81 Janie Featherstone 82. Lori Buffington 83. Lynda Williams 84. Anne O ' Neil 85. Gay Wilson 86. Lauren Millerte 222 Greeks Greets 223 Kappa Kappa Gamma i The Delto Rho chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, founded at Monmouth College in 1870, came to Ole Miss in 1947. The Kappa symbols are the fleur-de-lis, golden key, and the owl. Representing love, friend- ship, and a special sisterhood ore the colors of dark and light blue. The Kappa Koppo Gammas strongly believe in campus involvement and maintaining academic excellence which is important at Ole Miss. 1 Terri Galloway 2. Lori Gonn 3. Kothryn Green 4. Korhey Corpender 5. Wendy Haydel 6. Paula Crystal 7. Jan Allen 8. Jennifer Crews 9. Dixie Carter 10. Felicia Fergeson 11. Emily Noble 12. Claire McLendon 13. Stephanie Kistler 14. Conni Cleveland 15. Sally Tucker 16. Karen Donner 17. Ginnie Piper 18. Ruthie Hegner 19. Michelle Hewes 20. Ashley Conwill 21. Julie Johnson 22. Laura Carothers 23. Nancy Weichsel 24. Ann Ward 25. Kim Higgins 26. Shannon Casey 27. Maggie Moore 28. Suzanne Smith 29. Lesa Baird 30. Catharine Drone 31. Dana Puckett 32. Ann Rigsby 33. Josephine Carmody 34. Kelly Corpender 35. Julie Butler President 36. Mary Morgan 37. Lacy Washington Rush Chairman 38. Donna Taylor 39. Pam Garner 40. Toni Tedford 41. Kim Fouts 42. Dee Dee Wolbrerch 43. Kathleen McConnell 44. Meliss Morris 45. Margaret Moore 46. Michelle Austin 47. Stephanie Miller 48. Elizabeth Guglielmo 49. May Lowe 50. Peggy Goldthorpe 51. Lisa - Sammons Social Chairman 52. Linda Lusco 53. Liz Milne 54. Beth Gilmore 55. Diane Cox 56. Vickie Hudson 57. Dana Puckett 58. Lee Ann Hough 59. Moggie Abraham 60. Monique Adams 61. Margaret Edit 62. Natalie Person 63. Tina Hatcher Secretary 64. Beth Randle 65. Laura Scholes 66. Beth Atkins 67. Terri Tarkington 68. Edie Morgan 69. Mary Margaret Dixon 70. Mary Ann Gary 5ergeant-ar-Arms 71. Jean Dillard 72. Linda Kridle 73. Carol Gondola 74. Leah Sigler 75. Judy Beauregard I I 224 Greeks Greeks 225 Phi Phi Mu Sorority wos founded of Wesleyon College in Mocon, Georgio on March 4, 1852. The Alpha Delta chapter was chartered of Ole Miss in 1925. Rose and white ore the Phi Mu ' s colors. The symbols ore the lodybug and the rose carnation which represents beauty and true ideals of sisterhood. Anywhere on com- pus, one can find a Phi Mu ready to lend a helping hand or a smile. 1 Trisha Patterson 2. Cindy Carter 3. Susan Dell 4. Gaye Gould 5. Joyce McNaughron 6. Holly Hill 7. Paige Anes 8. Karen Tarbutton 9. Anne Hein 10. Anne Waters Pledge Trainer 11. Lindy Root President 12. Kathy Rowan Public Relations Chairman 13. Beth Underwood 14. Stephanie Hester Rush Chairman 15. Mary Donna Rives 16. Tara Steppleton 17. Kathy Black 18. Naomi Martin Corresponding Secretary 19. Jenni Beth Hunter 20. Sherry Staples 21. Nancy Alexander 22. Carolyne Smith 23. Bird Thompson 24. Susan McKay 25. Doone Hector 26. Allison Owens 27. Beth Banner 28. Anne Robbins 29. Tracey Dickinson 30. Diana Sanders 31. Missy Stevens 32. Carma Brantley 33. Beth Jordan 34. Terri Fratesi 35. Lori Lindsey Panhellenic 36. Christy Douglas 37. Mari Whifner 38. Mary Beth Childers 39. Kim Champion 40. Judy Teevan 41. Cecily Boone 42. Stephanie Miller 43. Margaret Sconlon 44. Donna Bowen 45. Ann Marie Hume 46. Mamma Dean Housemother 47. Lisa Fratesi 48. Becki Sullivan 48. Stephanie Pongetti 50. Corrine Hopper 51. Linda Potter 52. Jacqueline Gary 53. Ginger Carter 54. Suzanne Heflin 55. Kim Caldwell 56. Donna Ray Vice President 57. Lynn Stewart 58. Lacey Keppen 59. Rebecca Smith 60. Murray Clayton 61. Kelli Warren 62. Lori Tarsi 63. Sandra Hughes 64. Barbara Bowen 65. Deborah Gerrard 66. Ginny Donald 67. Susan Van Zandt 68. Allison Bonham 69. Susan Bearden 70. Laura Leigh Rhert 71. Betsy England 72. Leigh Bolren 73. Tammy Tolbert 74. Jill Sanders 75. Tammy Burney 76. Marty Myers 77. Lisa Johnson 78. Lory Wilkerson 79. Mary Kay Donahue 80. Patsy Goache 81. Barbie Edwards 82. Janet Sports 83. Tracey Scoville 84. Deborah Crumpron 85. Karen Lindley 86. Nancy Anderson 87. Dona Dew 88. Polly Johnson 89. Joy Huggins 90. Wendy Wise 91. Donna Sanders Treasurer 92. Stephanie Rosina 93. Teresa Cox 94. Nan Newman 95. Jan Willianson 96. Susan Stewart j 226 Greeks Greeks 227 PI Beta Phi Pi Beta Phi was founded or Monmouth College in Illinois on April 28, 1867. Pi Phi wos established at Ole Miss in 1962. The colors are wine and silver blue, the flower is the wine carnation and the symbols are the angel and the arrow. From philanthropies to the ASO, community and campus activities ore on important part of Pi Phi. 1. Srocey Forrenberry 2. Dayna Carpenter 3. Christy Martin 4. Jan Reid 5. Lynette Hoyt 6. Lake Matthews 7. Terri Taylor Secretary 8. Suzanne Menard 9. Tare Tomlin 10. Donna Thomas 11. Julie Grubbs 12. Lou Anne Doves 13. Amy Smith 14. Sarah McCleod 15. Tracey Caperton 16. Page Crossley 17. Beth Thomas 18. Amy Cook 19. Katye Crosby 20. Jill Foster 21. Eva Ann Shepherd 22. Molly Selmon 23. Kathy Erl Bacher 24. Amy Segatto 25. Robin Leake 26. Elise Durbin 27. Amy Thorton 28. Lori Goodman 29. Cathy Delbove 30. Carlo Nicholson 31. Sissy Poulos 32. Allison Fletcher 33. Heart Burns 34. Jenny Walker 35. Sharon Courtney 36. Louro Word 37. Amy Richardson 38. Irene Doulaney 39. Ammanda Hammock 40. Rhonda Hegwood 41. Libby Smith 42. Darby Soefker 43. Mary Catherine Howell 44. Judith Gibson 45. Penny Porker 46. Sandy Roiner 47. Cloire Patrick 48. Susan Garraway Rush Chairman 49. Elizabeth Bradley 50. Ann Davis 51. Shelly Fisher 52. Mimi Broodwell 53. Helen Smith 54. Leigh Myers 55. Nancy Guy Kelly 56. Alice Carrol 57. Mitti Miles 58. Donelle Logo President 59. Dabney Yarborough 60. Diane Hannah 61. Michelle Biosatti 62. Laura Dodge 63. Sandra Wilkinson 64. Mary Virginia Wilson 65. Houseboy 66. Houseboy 67. Vonda Bowie 68. Karhy Herring 69. Stephanie Cunningham 70. Carissa Campbell 71. Sharon lupe 72. Renee Lee 73. Leslie Hobbs 74. Leigh Bryan 75. Becky Boll 7y. Koren O ' Meallie 77. Dana Bryan 78. Angele Andry 79. Shelly Smith 80. Caren Spencer 81. Karen Gore Treasurer 82. Missy Parrish QBV 1 to : UJi g 1 229 Zeta Tan Alpha fiii= Zero Tou Alpha, founded or Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia, established a Gamma Delta chapter ot Ole Miss The Zetos are involved in all aspects of campus activities: Rho Lambda, the Doily Mississippian, and many others. Also, among the Zetos ' community involvements, they raise money for Muscular Dystrophy. Cystic Fibrosis, and with such philanthropies as the " Zero Man " calender, the Zetas contribute to the Association of Retarded Citizens. 1. Christy Parry President 2. Beverly Turner 3. Donna Heern 4. Jenny Brire 5. Phyllis Selley 6. Therese Halligan 7. Claire Mulkins 8. Shira Huddlesron 9. Susan Thornton 10. Lisa Kilgore 11. MoryLynn Castellaw 12. Andrea Cox 13. Karrina Dendy 14. Kathy Cox 15. Bo Sizemore 16. Sarah Ann Drone 17. Jenny Brite 18. Mrs. Reid Housemother 19. Betsy Martin 20. Renea Welch 21. Quinn House 22. Beth Brown 23. Debbie Hoover 24. Syvie Elder 25. D ' Ann Davis 26. Denise Willis 27. Linda McDowell 28. Susie Misch 29. Kathy Goodman 30. Linda White 31. Beverly Suit 32. Kathy Stott 33. Lisa Baxter Secretory 34. Lisa Marlowe 35. Katie Mullis 36. Angela Campbell 37. Jennifer Burketf 38. Robin Butler Vice President 39. JoAnna Thornton Pledge Trainer 40. Barbara Burkett 41. Frances Cothey 42. Susan Fleming 43. Susan Kirkland 44. Sharon Carter 45. Moira Zemann 46. Andrea Roberts 47. Cathy Mileski 48. Janet Yarbrough 49. Wendy Tranchin 50. Mary Hutson 51. Karen Germany 52. Renee Ducore 53. Robin Dickinson 54. Dinetio Tomilnson 55. Lisa Rains 56. Stacey cox 57. Sherry Garland 58. Lynn Goodman 59. Ann Dial 60. Marie Herrick 61. Sarah Liddy ,J 230 Gfeeks Greeks 231 Zeta Phi Beta J Zero Phi Beta wos founded or Howard University on January 20, 1920. Tau Eta chapter was founded on the Ole Miss campus in 1976. bringing its colors of blue and white. The objectives of finer womanhood, sister- ly love and scholarship have brought together women with similar tastes and aspirations. 1. Cynthia Burgess Treasurer 2. Loretha Jones 3. Theresa Ramsey Secretary 4. Charlotte Gatter 5. Etta Mhoon Parliamentarian 6. Diane Storey 7. Luretho Jones 8. Barbara Brooks President 9. Betty Balfour Vice President j 232 Greeks Greeks 233 Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., founded at Cornell University In 1906, chartered the Nu Upsllon chapter at Ole Miss in 1978. Campus involvement and achievement has been associated with this fraternity. The Alpha Phi Alpha ' s mono is: " We are first of all and We shall transcend oil. " 1. Jerry L. DeLoach 2. Arnold De Wayne Slaughter Corresponding Secretary 3. Harry Smith 4. Keith Tucker Chaplain 5. Melvin Banks 6. Kelvin Manner 7. Jerry Gentry II 8. Jimmy L. Williams 9. Jerry W. Sanford 10. Dexter R. Merrill 11. Norbert Woods Parliamentarian 12. Sheridan W. Boyd B.G.C. Representative 13. Micheal Fentry Treasurer 14. Clifton Johnson President 15. Charles McCain Vice President L 234 Greeks Cxe ta 205 Alpha Tau Omega Alpho Tou Omega, formed in 1865, was chartered on the Ole Miss campus in February of 1927. The members of ATO are involved in such activities as Phi Eta Sigma, ODK, inframurols. campus senate and much more. Their goal is to uphold the high ideals established by rheir founders. 1. Billy Price . Treasurer 2. Drir Bert 3. Ronnie Joe Brower 4. Kelly McGuire 5. Will Toylor 6. David Holder 7. Derek Denley 8. Mike Taylor 9. Steve Sprafley 10. Danny Reynolds 11. Kevin Winsteod 12. Robert Hollingsworth Secretory 10. Bob Graham 14. Bill McMullen 15. Ricky Thompson 16. Greg Piner 17. Ron Terrel 18. Rick Warden 19. Tom Chain 20. Troy Young 21. Norm Perkins 22. Jeff Dalton 20. Brad Flynn 24. Jim Worner 25. Borry Gilmore 26. David Smith 27. Keith Hayward 28. Jack McClemore 29. Lee Williams 00. John Muirhead 01 Chris Burrows 02. Chris Palm 00. Mike Gunter 04. Wes Cook 05. Ronnie Bishop 06. Paul Tedford 07. Les White 08. Kenny Johnson 09. Ronnie Knighton 40. Ken McKay 41. Hal Wright 42. J. R. Grantham 40. Drew Murphy President 44. Van White 45. Jasper Welsh 46. Chris Bradford 47. Greg Burris 48. Scott Geinsler 49. Billy Brewer 50. David O. Smith Vice President 51. Tim Carter 52. Andy Jones 50. John Andress 54. Joe Bogden 55. Joy Chain 56. Cliff Reynolds 57. Robert deSanres i 1 I 236 Greeks f Greeks 207 Beta Theta Pi Beto Theto Pi, the oldest sociol fraternity, was founded ot Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Betas have con- tinuously been involved with such organizations as ASD Senate, ODK, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and Inrramurols. Beta Theta Pi represents Ole Miss with both outstanding scholars and athletes. 1. Clark Fire 2. Jeff Young 3. Little Sister 4. Phil Jones 5. Little Sister 6. Dovid Henry 7. Art Shirley 8. Little Sister 9. Donny Smith 10. Mark Christian 11. Lodd Dilworth 12. Stark Harbour 13. Scott Watts 14. Steve Costleman 15. Jenny Ansorge 16. Woody Forris 17. Little Sister 18. Drew Drown 19. Scott Butler 20. Ronnie Good 21. Chili Montavilo 22. Scott Patterson 23. David Roberts 24. Little Sister 25. Little Sister 26. Little Sister 27. Little Sister 28. Little Sister 29. Whit Wills 30. Little Sister 31. Chick Riley 32. Little Sister 33. Lee Clark 34. Johnny Faust 35. Little Sister 36. Todd Prilhart 37. Little Sister 38. Jeff Johnson 39. Greg Thompson 40. Little Sister 41. Bob Bell 42. James Gore 43. Little Sister 44. Gary Magee 45. Little Sister 46. Little Sister 47. Chip Crumk 48. David Sturdivant 49. Doug Fleming 50. Mike Rose 51. Kathy McLean 52. Bruce Taylor 53. John Sherman 54. Scott Patterson 55. Bruce Hicks 56. Hamp Overran 57. Little Sister 58. Jamie McGinnis 59. Little Sister 60. Wade Heatherly 61. Little Sister 62. Jeff Rinaldi 63. Little Sister 64. Greg Mclntosh 65. Marlin Duff 66. Little Sister 67. Ken Good 68. Rob Christian 69. Pete Straw 70. Don Ashley 71. Little Sister 236 Greeks Greeks 239 Chi Psi i Chi Psi, founded or Union College in Schenecrody, New York, on Moy 20, 1641, esroblished the Alpho Gom- mo choprer of Ole Miss in 1858. Former Choncellor Robert Furwell Fulron, for whom Fulton Chopel wos nam- ed, wos on early Chi Psi at Ole Miss. Chi Psi stresses social interest and academic excellence. Whether it ' s Col- lege Republicans, Intromurals, the Daily Mississippian, or many other organizations, a Chi Psi is involved. 1. Steve Arfim 2. Pot Thrash 3. Little Sister 4. Nick Chompeau 5. Tom Seymer 6. Joe Burns 7. Jeff Reynolds 8. Ford Goudin 9. Brian Daniele 10. Stan Bennett 11. Tim Graham 12. Brad Abbey 13. Little Sister 14. Ken Hughes 15. Dean Harbour 16. Little Sister 17. Little Sister 18. Little Sister 19. Little Sister 20. Little Sister 21. Gene Hoover 22. Darryl Knight 23. Little Sister 24. Little Sister 25. Eric Norwood 26. Little Sister 27. Benjy Gerner 28. Little Sister 29. Little Sister 30. Jonathan Rogers 31. Forrest Gibson 32. Joe Mitchell 33. Little Sister 34. Little Sister 35. Duke Young 36. Little Sister 37. Johnny Coleman 38. Little Sister 39. Chris Waters 40. Little Sister 41. Ed Coleman 42. Winter Hodges 43. Burt Duvic 44. Beau Stewart 45. John Payne 46. Mark Wolf 47. Little Sister 48. Robert Ricky 49. Bill Howks 50. Bob McGahn 51. Daniel Finch 52. Elliott Bickerstaff 53. Jeffery Brooks 54. Mike McNolty 55. Little Sister 56. Little Sister 57. Jeff Johnson 58. Mike Crook 59. John Smith 60. Little Sister 61. David Young President 62. Scott Cramer 63. Leroy Jones 64. Mike Harwell 65. Rob Ainsworth 66. Robert Hopson 67. Little Sister 68. Mark Stowers 69. Little Sister 70. Wes Thomas 71. John DeMartini 72. Jim Young 73. Little Sister 74. Little Sister 75. Greg Germany 76. Myer Gilbert - 241 Delta Kappa Epsilon Delto Kappa Epsilon was founded at Yale University on June 22, 1644. Recently re-estoblished on the Ole Miss campus, the Dekes are increasingly becoming involved in all different organizations at Ole Miss. 1. Bert Blasingame . Treasurer 2. Walter F. Sufhon I.F.C. Representative 3. Christopher J. Haug Pledge Trainer 4. Jerry D. Brewer Jr. President 5. William F. West 6. Robert L. Rosen Vice President 7. Scott Kistler 8. Scott Bush Secretary 9. Jeff vonLietermann 10. Robert D. Liebkemann 11. Steven E. Barnes 12. Jimmy Craven 242 Greeks Greeks 243 Delta Psi Delto Psi, founded ot Columbia University in 1847, established itself at Ole Miss in 1855. One of the oldest fraternities, the Delta Psi ' s keep up their heritage of privacy and high academics. Preferably small in size, the men of St. Anthony ' s Hall have kept up outstanding achievements at Ole Miss. 1. Bill Thomas 2. Dill Lehr 3. Wilson Parry 4. Ed Priest 5. Bobby Yarbrough 6. Terry Cade 7. John Pitner 8. John Burns 9. John Biggs 10. James Hunger 11. David Geer 12. Jay Keller 13. Craig Jackson 14. Mark Robey 15. Jamie Gronfham 16. Marvin Rollins 17. Perry Path 18. Erik Brockman 19. Tom Dye 20. Frank Hall 21. Frank Lacey 22. Keith Byrun 23. Jim Hussey 24. Danny Blanton 25. Russ Dallen 26. Steve Epperson 27. Rusty Frye 28. Richard Roberts 29. Rick Halteman 30. Greg Kennedy 31. Paul Broom 32. John Carney 33. Paul Huddleston 34. Joe Martin 35. Phillip Smith 36. James Sullivan 37. Kyle Cook 38. Terrel Lewis 39. Kevin Smith 40. John Davis 41. Tony Scheider 42. Joey Granfham 43. Charles Coney 44. Gene McDade 244 Greeks SAINT ANTHONY Greeks 245 Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Order was founded at Washington College, now Washington Lee University, on Dec. 21, 1865. In January 1900, Alpha Upsilon Chapter was established at the University of Mississippi. The men of KA claim memberships In Lambda Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, OAK, and the Order of Omega. The KA ' s ot Ole Miss aim for the top ond achieve it. 1. Brad Rejebian Historian, Social Chairman 2. Barbara Bowen 3. Sam Moore 4. Buddy Dearman 5. David Woolverfon 6. Nelson Cole 7. Cal Mayo Treasurer 8. John Rodgers Brashier 9. Ernest Mellor 10. A. W. Lyle 11. Jimbo McCauley 12. John Howard 13. Amy Howard 14. Stuart Easterly 15. Craig Miller 16. Lee Owen 17. Mike Sullivan 18. Calvin Walls 19. Fritz Anderson Treasurer 20. Grayson Gill 21. Elizabeth Bryant 22. Ben Landess 23. Danny Spivey 24. Jan Levy 25. Brad Kilgore 26. David " Beef " Bassinger 27. Ric Wolbrecht 28. Art Huggins 29. Dan Robertson 30. Margaret Scanlon 31. Mad Dog Rives 32. Jon Martin 33. Mike Alef 34. Beth Buehler 35. Katie Graham 36. Andrew Phillips President 37. Jeff Duke 38. Kelly Colingo 39. Miller Crowe 40. John Owen 41. Marci Divont 42. Pierce Camp 43. Mrs. Clara Wallace House Mother 44. Jimmy Turner 45. Stacy Smith 46. Tim Climer Vice-President 47. Allen Baker 48. Kent Campbell 49. David Krouse 50. Tim Angle 51. Mike Brennan 52. Jill Johnson 53. Susan Greene 54. Sandy Curtis 55. Scott Coopwood 56. Susan Van Zandt 57. Bill Beck 58. Scott Laxton 59. Joy Huggins 60. Margaret Moore 61. Tracy Scoville 62. Davis Aikens 62. Bill Robbins 64. Tom Black 65. Suzie White 66. John Lewis 67. Heard Butler 68. Bubba Dickerson 69. Kat Spivey 70. Scott Napier 71. Marry Ferguson 72. Elizabeth Wood 73. Veto Brahma 74. Richard Clanton 75. Joey Estes 76. Kim Higgens 77. Tommy White 78. Allen Williams 79. Cindy Nelson 80. Spencer Turner 81. Roberta McGuire 82. Craig Company 83. Randy Ivy 84. Adorn West 85. Dennis King 86. Andy Ashford 87. Jim Homan 88. T. D. Dickey 89. Bill Garner 90. Allen Wood 91. Dave Edwards Secretary 92. J. George Throsing 93. Farban Cartel Ofc 246 Greeks Greeks Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma, founded or rhe University of Virginia on December 10, 1669, was chartered ot Ole Miss on Oc- tober 8, 1926 This fraternity is one of the largest national fraternities. Participating in all areas of campus af- fairs, the Kappa Sigs continue to keep up their tradition of excellence and established leadership on rhe Ole Miss campus. 1. Lil Sis 2. John Sowell 3. Marty Warren 4. Lil Sis 5. Mike Axton 6. Clifton VanCleave 7. Lil Sis 8. Terry Robinson Vice President 9. Lil Sis 10. Richie Edmonson Ritualist 11. Lil Sis 12. David Boyd 13. Lil Sis 14. Charles Byrd Sec. 15. Mike Downing 16. Phil Reese 17. Kevin Ward 18. Lil Sis 19. Lil Sis 20. Joy Cole 21. Horry Brammell 22. Don Larson Trees. 23. Lil Sis 24. Alan Minter 26. David May 27. Lil Sis 28. Lil Sis 29. David Jones 30. Hardy Hill 31. Greg Morgan 32. Lil Sis 33. Hundley Elliotte Pres. 34. Lil Sis 35. Lil Sis 36. Joe Phillips 37. Lil Sis 38. Lil Sis 39. Lil Sis 40. Berk Donaldson 41. Dave Elliott 42. Lil Sis 43. Blake Mitchell 44. Michael Smith 45. Lil Sis 46. Kevin Smith 47. Lil Sis 48. Regan Mason 49. Lee Fuller 50. Scott Bryant 51. Mark Read 52. Lil Sis 53. Clark Nolan 54. Greg Traxler 55. Lil Sis 56. Chad Gross 57. Lil Sis 58. Johnny Marshall 59. Lil Sis 60. Lil Sis 61. Alan Temple 62. Greg Russell 63. Paul Elliott 64. Mike Barlow 65. John Elliotte 66. Bill Tares 67. Mike Middleton 68. Sean Harrison 69. John McMannis 70. Bubba Miller 71. Mark Reisman 72. Brett Thompson 73. Joson Wilks 74. Lil Sis 75. Eric Atkinson 76. Joe Lynch 77. Roger Aldridge 78. Jeff Hardy 79. Michael Tillman 80. Holland Henton 81. Kenneth Hood 82. Lil Sis 83. Lil Sis 84. Van East 85. Stephen Stokes 86. Jep Pollard 87. Lil Sis 68. Scott Smith 89. John Thomas 90. Bobby Gandy 91. Lil Sis 92. Lil Sis 93. Lil Sis 94. Tim Quigley 95. Scott Archer 96. David Galtney 97. Jimmy Bledsoe 98. David Thimmes 99. Jay Price 100. George Reed 101. Lil Sis 102 Bill Baumhauer Greeks 249 Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Thera, founded at the University of Miami, Oxford, Ohio, chartered the Alpha chapter ot Ole Miss in 1877. The Phi Delts are based on friendship, sound learning, and moral rectitude. Phi Delta Theta, having established itself on the Ole Miss campus, has members actively involved in UPC, Committee of 100, Ole Miss Yearbook, student government, athletics, and all other aspects of Ole Miss. 1. Porker Ellison 2. Rich Ellison Vice-President 3. Joson Colquet 4. Horlen Sadler 5. Geren Moor 6. Ted Hill 7. Cloy Hoys 8. Srevie Martin 9. Charles Franklin 10. Joe Maxwell President 11. Login Baker 12. Mark Schaefer 10. Brian Sullivan 14. Scott Richardson 15. Gram Meadors 16. Marcus Laughlin 17. Robert Spell 18. David Lone 19. Hamilton Show 20. Harris Lydon 21. Cambell McCool 22. Clark Spencer 23. Anthony Terracina 24. Corley fownsend 25. Tucker Olander 26. Tom Workman 27. Eddie Lavere 28. Trey Tucker 29. Red Martin 30. Mark Frafezi 31. Joke Crews 32. Allen Hughes 33. John Sullivan 34. Tommy Blair 35. Bill Porter 36. Scott Shuford 37. Barry McNair 38. Greg Portera 39. Mayo Flynt 40. Don Pruitt 41 Ashford Little 42. Steve Burton 43. Russ Pruitr 44. Bobbie Byors 45. Lindy Shook 46. Gwin Scott 47. David Williams 48. Rob Pickering 49. Darby Ricketts 50. Trip Mounger 51. Hugh Warren 52. Rick Show 53. Whirey Gray 54. Hal Boyd 55. Allen Holimon 56. Palmer Adams 57. Brum Elliott 58. Jimmy Moss 59. Neil Hixon 60. Louis Burge 61. Henry Hitt 62. Ric Vollmer 63. Jeff Johnson 64. Stan Roberts 65. Mel Perkins 66. Rusty Gebharr 250 Greeks 251 Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Psi, organized at Jefferson College in 1852, chartered the Mississippi Alpha chapter in 1857. With members participating in the Order of Omega, Ambassadors, Senate, the Phi Psis have contributed to all facets of campus life. The Phi Psis have built a strong chapter dedicated to their motto: " United by friendship, sustained by honor, and led by the truth, we live and flourish. " 1. Lance Line 2. Mike McClellon Secretory 3. Grady Clinkscale 4. Lil Sis 5. Greg Cunningsby 6. Lil Sis 7. Tommy Badon 8. Chip Coskery 9. Lil Sis 10. Steve Wineburger 11. Lil Sis 12. Lil Sis 13. Nick Nicolo 14. Tim Borune 15. Michael Cox 16. Butch Metcaff 17. Brian Lee Vice President 18. Michael McGee 19. Roy O ' Neil 20. Lil Sis 21. Mark Maffeft President 22. Joy Lewis 23. Todd Bursar 24. Michael Young 25. John Olson 26. Pin Williams 27. Kelly Smith 28. Steve Jones 29. Scott Compton 30. Ken Whitfield 31. Brendan Lysaght 32. Collins Coon 33. Brian McGivern 34. David Mattingly 35. Rob McHugh 36. Richard Stives 37. Mike G. Lee 38. Joe Burns Treasurer 39. M. Brown 40. Brad Donaldson 41. Jeff Hancock 42. Ross Capwell 43. Mark Carroll 44. Bruce Prof her 45. Bill Parks 46. Steve Mullins 47. Patrick Bowers 46. Mike Boulanger 49. Ken Hagbig 50. Randy Abraham 51. Mark Roberts , . p ' N 252 Greeks Greeks 253 Phi Kappa Tau Phi Kappa Tau. established at Miami University on March 17, 1906, chartered the Delta Gamma chapter at Ole Miss on March 20, 1969. With active and growing interests represented in the A5D administration. Com- mittees of 82 and 100, Campus Senate, Varsity Cheerleoding, and other organizations, the men of Phi Tou hove achieved a prominent position at Ole Miss. 1. Jamie Ready 2. Steve Stoghill 3. Dill Fletcher 4. Ronnie Castle 5. Brian Smith 6. Steve Williams 7. Bob Dennis 8. Andy Szuwalski 9. Eric McNeil 10. Bill Powell 11. Matt Porter 12. Marcus Manning 13. David Denneka 14. Jack Andy 15. John Dulaney 16. Peri Hallberg 17. Lee Sanders 18. Keith Cole 19. Steve Vaughn 20. Bill Allen 21. Henry Kaon 22. Barry Kruger 23. Sam Kelly 24. Terry Jones 25. Charlie Kistler 26. Leigh Pender 27. Paul Thomas 28. Rodney Robinson 29. Alicen Kerman 30. Angela Raid 31. Randy Jefferson 32. Marlin Womack 33. Jeff Williams 34. Steve Clark 35. Randy Watkins 36. Bruce Olivers 37. Ed Flemmons 38. Jay McCarthy 39. Chris Raulston 40. Rich Sinervo 41. Mike Mullins 42. Amy Haddad 43. Joe Guyton 44. Jeff Acred 45. Mike Thompson 46. Chris HcHliwell 47. David Hood 48. Jeff Lewis 49. Sandra Thomas 50. Orlando Andy 51 Terri Merrill 254 Greeks 255 Phi Kappa Theta Phi Koppo Theto evolved at Ole Miss on April 29, 1959, os o result of the joining of two fraternities Theta Koppa Phi and Phi Kappa. The Phi Kaps are involved in such activities as Phi Eta Sigma, ODK, Order of Omega, rhe Daily Mississippion, and other compus organizations. 1 John Melosky Treasurer 2. Mike Skrien 3. Barry Tarum Corresponding Secretary 4. David Williamson 5. Chris Tilton 6. Dave Millar 7. Glen Riley 6. Michael McManus 9. Lars Karlstrom Vice President 10. Adam Stall President 11 Kenneth Zobrist , ' RW K , . .. 256 Greeks Greeks 257 Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha was founded in 1868 and came to the Ole Miss compus in 1927. Pike members maintain the lofty ideals which prompted their establishment ond have characterized their organization. Pikes are ac- complished in political and campus affairs, athletics and scholastics. 1. Steven Howell 2. Chris Campbell 3. Gene Horner 4. Mac McCauley 5. Ken Ellis 6. Frank Givens 7. Ed Apple 8. D. J. Stevens 9. John Strange 10. Geoffrey Mover President 11. Kevin Hollman 12. Keith Henderson 13. Herb Taylor 14. Jody Gatty 15. William Liston Vice President 16. Eddie Redding 17. Johny Ray 18. Steven Pruifr 19. Phillip Hollman 20. Trolly Pifman 21. Ernie Blue 22. Greg Kemp 23. Scott Carmichael 24. Allen May 25. Jimmy Moore Treasurer 26. Dave Sanders 27. Monty Lang 28. Irv Martin 29. Tony Smith 30. Revel McGregor 31 Trey Antwine 32. Carlos Esclante 33. Lee Parks 34. Brad Atkins 35. Barr Biggs 36. Cyle Caruthers 37. Mike Mason 38. David Ross 39. John Sumner 40. Brad Barbee 41. Mark Melvin 42. Fred Alexander 258 Greeks G-eeks 259 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigmo Alpha Epsilon, established or the University of Alobomo on Match 9, 1856, founded the Mississippi Gamma chaptet in 1866. Members of SAE ate involved in College Republicans, Ambossadots, and represented on the Rebel football, baseball, and golf teams. The SAE ' s have continued in the proud heritage that has persisted over 115 years of existence. 1. David Butler 2. Craig Foy 3. Dedrick Mitchell 4. David Goodwin 5. Don Jones 6. Charles Barber 7. Bobo Clark 8. Bobby Hewitt 9. William Glass 10. Lyle Horan 11. Bubbo Rowan 12. Earl Moore 13. John Gorham 14. Guy White 15. Karl Mook 16. John Murrell 17. Judd Peters 18. Doug Hodgkins 19. Dan Tomlin 20. Jay Carpenter 21. Brian Dye 22. Billy Edwards 23. Paul Adams 24. Bobby Taylor 25. Jep Barber 26. Henry Barber 27. Bill Abbington 26. Bill Hawell 29. Dickey Speed 30. Jeff Davis 31. Peter Wood 32. Meod Myers 33. David Hepner 34. Raimey Faulkner 35. Bob Wilkinson 36. Bubbo Neol 37. John Taylor 38. Ross Pepper 3. Chris Boiley 40. Phil Ship 41 Joy Stokes 42. Ricky Sullivan 43. Tripp Hayes 44. Richard Redmont 45. Lawrence Hoffner 46. Carlton Smith 47. Lee Evans 48. Lauren Mott 49. Joe Wilson 50. Dovid Atkins 51. Glenn Horn 52. D. King 53. Will Holland 54. Dick Perry 55. Jayden Wells 56. Joe Foss 57. Poyrum Veazey 58. Maurey Lane 59. Therman Caldwell 60. Richard Dent 61 Bubba Hopson 62. John England 63. Bill Barfield 64. Jeff Veazey 65. Ashley Parrish 66. Henry Michell 67. Worren Ball 68. Leon Webster 69. Hal Hooper 70. Nat McMullan 71. Beau Young 72. Clint Horn 73. Matt Brooks 74. John Schultze ft, 260 Gre eks j-l Greeto 261 Sigma Chi [ Sigma Chi ' s Eto chapter was chartered at Ole Miss on October 10, 1887. The Sigma Chi fraternity credits its suc- cess to the belief of friendship, justice, and learning. Its members belong ro Lambda Sigma, Order of Omega, ODK, and many other honoraries and are leaders in compus politics, and athletics. 1 Sam Jones 2. Note Bradford 3. Jon Cunningham 4. Timmy Klien 5. Adam Martin 6. Par Palmer 7. Brooks Odom 8. Ron Toylor President 9. Blake Tartt 10. Noel Reed 11 Justin Ridgeway 12. Simon Martin 13. Scott Mclllwain 14. Hampton Thames 15. John Noblin 16. Vance White 17. Curry Bollard Secretary 18. Larry Taylor 19. Chip Pickering 20. Stuart Robinson 21 Mac Robinson 22. Hunter Mitchel 23. Lee Hozelwood 24. Lee Moore 25. Mary Adorns 26. Cole DeLong 27. Jon Fisher 28. Lynn Jansing 29. Heber Simmons 30. Bryan Ellis 31. Ben Williams 32. George Adams 33. Trace Swartzfoger 34. Amzi Thames 35. Scott Neuhaus 36. Bill Smallwood 37. Kirk Hannon 38. Beth Creekmore 39. David Crumly 40. Jerome Sheffield 41 Mark Craig 42. Cathy McNeese 43. Felder Beechum 44. Melanie Hixon 45. Greg Malta Vice-President 46. John O ' Herrin 47. Robert Jackson 48. Josh Demer 49. Scott Lewis 50. Bill Robertson 51 Bill Jones 52. Glen Garrert 53. Jimmy Bauch 54. Marty Toylor 55. Chip Walker 56. Tom Kirkpatrick 57. Frank Yerger 58. Dena Cooley 59. Robert Blond 60. Logan Peterson 61 Don Waller 62. Chris Payne 63. Lyle McGee 64. Frank Parker 65. Pepper Grantham 66. Barry Crain 67. Trae Winston 68. Mary Stevens 69. Lee Tyner 70. Will Sistrunk 71 Laura Brown 72. Amy Smith 73. Stuart Kruger 74. Piper Wilson 75. John Smiley Treasurer 76. Susan Purvis 77. Alex Young 78. Tim Bodooux 79. Susan Thompson 80. Ricky Wockerfuss 81 Margb Doss 82. Ray Baylis 83. John Lewis 84. Steele McCowan 85. Victoria Blackburn 66. Mart Headly 87. Robbie Pendleton 88. Jennifer Quickie 89. Wayne Farmer 90. Lee Pritchard 91 Bill McCain 92. Charles Dulaney 93. Tal Hicks 94. Bill Farringron 95. Frank Durrenr 96. Jay Vaughn 97. Nelson Pope 98. Honk McKay 99. Andy Hume 100. Sam Farrington 101 John Rolfe 102. Gray Campbell 103. Keith Kennedy 104. Jimmy Travis 105. Gary Ray 106. Kothy Toler 107. Dan Jordan 108. Keith Rickman 109. Darrel Horan 110. Jamie Butler 111 John Wearhersby 112. John Branum 113. Paul Riser 114. Doug Boone 115. Keith Fisher 262 Greeks I Greeks 263 Sigma Nn Sigmo Nu froterniry, founded in Lexington, Virginio, chartered the Epsilon Xi chapter on May 23, 1927. Sigma Nu has instilled great degrees of character and responsibility in her men. The Sigma Nu ' s have established their name on campus in such activities os ODK, Order of Omega, Lambda Sigma, and other organizations. The reason for Epsilon Xi ' s success is the pursuit of three main principles love, honor, and truth. 1. Jody Varner 2. Webb Crunk 3. Bobby Siedell 4. Lou McPhoil 5. Paul Hinton 6. Ken Roberts 7. Burton Spencer 6. Bill Powell 9. Brad Walsh 10. Greg Stewart 11. Mike Harrell 12. Mark Roberts 13. Tom Collins 14. Eric Schoonober 15. William Vincent 16. Ron Schneider 17. Rob Campbell 18. Steve Tisdale 19. Lee Wheatley 20. David Scottmoore Recorder 21. Pat Collins 22. Tom Weller 23. Kevin Jackson 24. George Gattis 25. Rob Porch 26. Emery Galbraith 27. Richie Roberts 28. Jim Martin 29. Trey Fyfe 30. Chris Perkins 31. John David Williams 32. Mike Metheney 33. Ronnie Nedrow 34. John Harless 35. Bobby Woods 36. Sherman Muths 37. Frank Hemeter 38. Sam Norn ' s 39. William Jolly 40. Rob McLeod 41. Joey Torrent 42. Johnny Simpson 43. Brian McKee 44. Paul Purvis 45. Kevin White 46. Charles Moss 47. Steven Boatwright 48. Scott Galloway 49. Andy Kountz 50. Charles Ricketts 51. Clark Lea 52. Terry Marthaler 53. Chris Polk 54. Steve Long 55. Gory Morgan 56. Doug Sanford 57. Tommy Carter 58. Paul Milner Commander 59. Rusty McCown 60. David Rogers 61. John Stanford 62. Mark Cummings Treasurer 63. Chris Lynch 64. Mike Jordan 65. Jimmy Klepper 66. William Mills 67. Alan Gho 68. Porky Barren 264 Greeks Greeks 265 Sigma Pi m Sigmo Pi, founded of Vicennes University in Vincennes, Indiana, re-esrablished the Beta Mu chapter two years ago. As o fairly young fraternity at Ole Miss, the Sigma Pi ' s have become involved in all aspects of Ole Miss life including social, academic, and political organizations. 1. Jon Jernigan Vice President 2. Patsy Jernigan 3. Little Sister 4. Little Sister 5. Little Sister 6. Keff Couch Sergeont-at-Arms 7. Randy Cobb 8. Don Simmons 9. Doug Harrington, Jr. 10. Little Sister 11. Joe Bechner President 12. Tommy Huffman 13. Jay Moore 14. Pat Hightower 15. Little Sister 16. Ken Waitman 17. Galen Smith Treasurer 18. Little Sister 19. Little Sister 20. Little Sister 21. Little Sister 22. Little Sister 23. Little Sister 24. James Wiley 25. Little Sister 26. Patrick O ' Leary 27. Ward Jackson Secretary 28. Pat Maslanka 29. John Clark 30. Chip Thomas 31. Little Sister 32. John Little 33. Rock White 34. Bruce Reed 266 Greeks 00 CfJ rr XI . f Greehs 267 Zeta Beta Tan While founded on December 29. 1898 or Columbia University, Zero Beta Tou is one of the newest frorerniries or Ole Miss. Chartered here on November 3. 1976, members of ZDT are involved in a wide-range of activities on campus, including Phi Bero Lombdo, Phi Koppo Phi, College Republicans, Young Democrats, Alpha Ep- silon Delta, Sigma Delta Pi, Kappa Koppa Psi, Order of Omega, ASD, Ambassadors, the Financiers Club, Delta Sigma Pi, the Committee of 100, Omicron Delta Kappa, Lambda Sigma and Alpha Lambda Delta. 1. Jimmy Stacey 2. Mark Wilkinson 3. Terry Cassreino 4. Biff Scott 5. Dill Anderson 6. Dob Carney Vice President 7. Steve Dourgeoise 8. William Poynter 9. Oliver Lafil 10. Mike Doker 11 Jim Knight 12. Dobby Worrington 13. Jeff Davidson 14. Michael Savante 15. John Woodside Treasurer 16. David Foxworth 17. Wesley Holland President 18. Dave Cullison Rush Chairman 19. Jimmy Allen 20. Allen Tucker 268 Greeks Greets 269 Phi Beta Sigma founded In Jonuory of 1914, and chartered or Ote Miss In 1975, Phi Beta Stgmo bears the mono, " Culture for Service and Service for Humanity. " Their greek letters represent on organization with proud traditions and a new future. 1. Ricky Robertson Secretory 2. Chris Porker 3. Donny Love Vice President 4. Sammy Smith 5. Jomes Fuller 6. Curtis Brooks 7. Lorry Pittmon 8. Keith Kimmons 9. Willie Pittmon 10. Eugene Lindsey 11. Glen Pickett Treasurer 12. Prentiss Jolly 10. Adroin Pinson 14. Alvin Spenser 15. Dennis Connon 16. Rodney Jones 17. Victor Hervey President 16. David Covington 270 Greeks Gre) 271 Greeks I 272 Greeks |73 ARTIST CONCEPTION T his is the case of the " Imp Nearly Im- - peached ' According to the plaintiff, they were shocked when it was reported that President-Elect Joe Bogdahn criminally removed vital news from the Daily Mississippian printing press before press- time. The defendant claims that he acted in the students ' best interest. Well, why did Bogdahn mess with the media? Judge Wapner has reviewed the case profiles and will hear what the plaintiff has to say. What if Joe Bogdahn had his day in . . . THE PEOPLE ' S COURT T his is real. The participants are not ac- tors. They are the actual people who have already either filed suit or been served a summons to appear in a municipal court. Both parties in this suit have agreed to dismiss their court cases and have their disputes settled here, in our forum, THE PEOPLE ' S COURT. ARTIST CONCEPTION 276 Humot ARTIST CONCEPTION Anxiety fills the courtroom as Judge Wapner returns to dramatically deliver the verdict. " As you know the First Amendment allows for freedom of the press ' recites Wapner. " The Daily Mississippian could have run the article uncensored. However, I ' ll have to agree with Mr. Bogdahn in saying that the Daily Mississippian is a student-run operation and because of that fact doesn ' t really know enough about freedom of the press and how to responsibly use this privilege. Judgement in favor of the defendant 7 The ASB succinctly recounts the events that lead up to the trial. They tell of the narrow victory margin that Bogdahn scored over Carol Spencer. Witnesses from the Daily Mississippian describe the brutal destruc- tion of the front page election story that fell victim to Joe ' s Exacto Knife. They relive the blundering apologies to the students and media. The butchered newspaper and a petition containing some 2000 irate students ' names are submitted as evidence. Joe Bogdahn is allow- ed to present his case in which he exclaims, " I was ac- ting in a moment of despair in the students ' behalf I had only the interests of the good name of Ole Miss in mind. " Then Joe throws himself on the mercy of the court and Judge Wapner. Judge Wapner abruptly says, " We ' ll take a short recess, I ' ll be right back with my decision. " ARTIST CONCEPTION T V oug Lleweyen casually chats with the victorious Joe Bogdahn outside the courtroom. " Are you pleased with Judge Wapner ' s decision? " asks Lleweyen. " Of course ' Bogdahn replies, " it was a bitchin ' decision and I can ' t wait to see what other favors I can render the student body. " ARTIST CONCEPTION Humor 277 i " The Daily i Mssissippian Tuesday, October 11. 1983 University. MS M677 Sirs, Whof hoppened to me fhree days ago was so wild that I hod to tell someone. However, it was so personal that I couldn ' t even tell my friends, and so I ' m writing to the Doily Mississippion to tell my for-out story. I was walking past Hefley Dorm late one night when o pack of wild, hungry girl goobs attacked me yelling profanities like I , and p , and q . They led me to an upstairs room which they had cleverly labeled as the sauna. Upon entering, they locked me inside I was their man- slave. These girl goobs continued lambasting those cursed starred words at me before they finally freed me. Now I make it a habit to walk past these reject dorms late at night. AnSAE Fraternity Row Sirs, You ' ve got to get one of these new " Ole Miss " flags. I ' ll give you the percent off. Okay, okay you con have them half price. Okay you drive a hard bargain, just cart the damned things off. They ' re wasting valuable shelf space. Max Waldrop Ole Miss Bookstore Sirs, I have a list of demands that have too long been overlooked by the bureaucratic hierarchy of the University. They are: 1. All persons with deviated sep- tums and 1978 Duick Regals should be recognized as a minority on campus. 2. An affirmative action officer should be hired to look after this afflicted group ' s needs. 3. More than their share of financial aid should be allot- ted to them. Josiah Crudup Society for Persons with Deviated Septums and 1978 Buick Regals Sirs, Perhaps the A5B could invent a few more elections. You know we could have a perpetual campaign going all year. This way we could run our girls for just about anything. Just think of the power . . . we mean the honors we could cherish. The DG ' s Sorority Row Sirs, Where do you people come up with such juicy exclusives? I ' ve worked my butt off 18 hours a day for nine and a half years and still can ' t get the scoops that " you all " get so readily. How the hell do you do it? Joe DuBois Columnist for the Notional Inquirer Sirs, What is white with rings around it, always smiling, majoring in in- dustrial psychology, and was goobed during rush? ME! The Michelin Robot Twin Towers, Rm. 857 Sirs, What is the difference between the Lyceum and Sparky Reardon? Well, the Lyceum is a very old building in the middle of campus that houses many administrative offices. And Sparky Reardon is the Advisor to Student Programming Board. See what I mean? The Chancellor University, MS Sirs, So what else can be an official product of the 1984 Olympics? Phenobarbital? Colombian mari- juana? Illegal aliens who flood our work force? Slo Gin fizzes? A Young Capitalist New Albany, MS Sirs, Materialism! I love it, I love it, I love it! Just this year alone I ' ve grossed $2 million. Like my col- league the POLO pony, I ' ve cashed in on the craving attention-mongers of today ' s col- lege society who thrive on their own conformist tendencies. It ' s great preying on these pitiful public larvae. Thanks to the profits I reap, I plan to branch out into some kind of late-night evening lingerie or o Saturday morning prim-time cartoon series opposite the Smurfs or o NBC mini-series or my very own Christmas Special. My powers are limitless! Those Silly Little Strings On Your Wayfarers Sirs, What would property rotes be like in some place like Abbeville for a farm that could accomodate 100 or more followers who give their semesterly tuition in retribu- tion for my guidance? RUF International Sirs, I want to encourage all of your readers to join the most popular group on campus. We help you learn some political beliefs while sponsoring sensationalizing events such as keg parties and cham- pagne socials. It ' s a lot of fun and everyone ' s doing it. Tripp Higgomborham, III President, College Republicans Sirs, Vogue scum! Hop on the band- wagon you spineless status seekers. Three-fourths of you aren ' t even of aristocratic birth. You don ' t know Emily Post or Amy Vanderbilt from Lisa Birnbach or Calvin Klein. Feast on your poliricol ideologies, but if you don ' t know what ' s going on do us and yourselves a favor and don ' t get involved. Danny Tom President, University Democrats Sirs, Damn liberals! We tower over your impotency. Our cash reserves can outlast yours 6 to 1, we ' re surrounded by wealth. Col- lege Republicans is big business. At least we stay loyal to America, not like your communist plots to hypnotize the public with cable TV and USA Today. Die you traitors! Tripp Higgombofham, III President, College Republicans Sirs, Typical of Tripp to respond that way. At least we have free- thinking members unlike those faddish materialists who ore brain-washed by their own pursuit of some sort of pseudo-ideals. Your organization ' s practices are perpetrated by anoligorchy from within distinct and removed from the masses you coll membership. Danny Tamo President, University Democrots OLE MISS GROVE: LIVE OR LET DIE L r weekly .- " - -.-. - LORNE .GREENE Trades in the Ponderosa for the Lyceum 279 MAIL D 2 PICS PANS D 6 O Barbara Mandrel! has a special Christmas with orphans D Asia counts their ABC ' s, Ted Nugent talks to the animals, and some young rockers stir up a new hit D Nancy Reagan hits the shelves along with Farban ' s book for the 80 ' s D Sylvester Stallone endures another cinema run this time with Rocky V BIO D 36 D After a brief absence from Top 40 territory, Elton John, 37, is still standing FOOD D 43 D Culture Club ' s Boy George shares some of his favorite Jello recipes COVER D 55 D The University of Mississippi finds a real bonanza in new Chancellor Lome Greene KIN D 78 D The rise, fall, and rise of brother-sister combo Randy Moffett and Billie Jean King UP FRONT D 85 D Some Beatniks stop breaking tradition and help an Ole Miss mainstay the Grove D The late John Lennon has another son he never knew he had and the new Lennon ' s demanding compensation! D Eighteen-Year-Old claims to be the son Bette Midler, 38, never knew she bore D Marketing moneysuckers plan a new Flashdance Fame sequel; animated by DC Comics IN THEIR OWN WORDS D 98 D Dick Cavett on the late comic strip artist Al Capp: " What a wretch of a man " JOCKS D 105 III More on Johnny McEnroe, but he sure was rude in giving it up SONG D 113 D Duran Duran is not just another group of pretty faces it ' s five beautiful people ON THE JOB D 120 D Male Stripper job is a way of life for Guido Moscone, who moonlights as small town high school football coach ... but not for long INNERS D 131 D Gross, disfigured Pakistanian refugee overcomes homesickness and heartache and becomes the most popular boy in the 6th grade PEOPLE PUZZLE D 147 CHATTER D 154 PICKS PANS A Noteworthy look at TV, movies, books, records, and other happenings BARBARA MANDRELL SPECIAL Scheduled to preempt all three major networks an Superstation WTBS, Barbara Mandrell ' s 1984 Christma Special is a stupendous production. Filmed on a desolat Carribean island where incidentally they Tan into Dun Duran making their next video, Barbara llftw in at her expense the entire population of Boystown. Appropriate themed " The Lady Is A Champ, " the vivacious blonde per forms several skits with the young orphans. Barbara out does herself this time, making all the costumes, designin the sets, and choreographing the musical numbers. ROCKY V Written, directed, produced, financed, and starring, of course, Sylvester Stallone, this fifth and final (?) flick in the Rocky saga takes place in 1994, approximately ten years after the time frame in Rocky IV. The initial part of the! movie rushes the viewer throSgh the previous ten years of Balboa ' s life. And the viewer will be surprised to learn of Rocky ' s painful divorce from his wife Adrian (played by Penny Marshall who takes over the part previously playe by Talia Shire in the first three Rocky ' s and Olivi Newton-John in the fourth). The audience also learns that! he ' s bankrupt, a broken-down drunk, facing two paterni suits, amidst a mid-life crisis. His son (most aptly played b; Sean Penn) is a confessed Communist and defects to Cuba where he is a professional boxer under his new men tor, ex-Olympic champion Teofilio Stevenson. Penn lat wins the World Championship and then denounces hi father as " a typical example of the pitifully ignorant American materialist who succumbs to the temptations; and evils of capitalism and is destroyed by them. " This public attack on his person and the embarrassment that his own son causes him, reinforced with his financial in- stability, forces the Italian Stallion out of retirement and in- to the boxing world once again, this time at age 46. So the viewer is set up for the classic confrontation between father and son, ideology versus ideology, country against country. John Houseman is convincing as Balboa ' s corner-: man philosopher motivator leading Balboa back to t right path. It ' s a movie which the masses won ' t want t miss. QUEEN AND KING Singers Micheal Jackson, 25, and Paul McCartney, 41 are currently workiing on a new video cassette mini-album which will be released later this summer. (Contracts an percentages still have to be worked out). Insiders say thi production-package will consist of four dynamite vid and will cost around $85-$100. The four exotic location: for the video shooting are San Francisco ' s Chinatown, Haiti, Austin, Texas (and a visit with Willie N.) and Lawrence, Kansas. TED NUGENT ' S CWTTERS Ted Nugent likes to rock ' n ' roll and hunt. He likes to hunt his critters horses and minks. He keeps a lot of critters around him. And whenever he wants to wear one of his critters around his neck, he hunts them. " These critters are big boy ' s toys. " So befittingly, the new LP is entitled " Critters. " " Because that ' s what I feel - critters. " This great guitarist satisfies those who foam at the mouth for rock ' n ' roll; and those who thrive in the magnitude of decibals. What a guy. RAGU REGGAE With the advent of Julia Child ' s 24-hour cable cook- ing network, Johnny and the Spaghettis have come out with a new sound and a new message. Even though his mother ' s Italian recipes may be a delight to him and the neighborhood, I don ' t believe that putting them to a reggae beat will produce any gold records. There is some merit in his recording Chef-Boy-Ardee sales are up 20% from last quarter. BETA AND THE REST OF THE GREEK ALPHABET Making music with only money in mind is all I can say about the rock group, Asia. My skin crawls when I see their videos on MTV and I get nauseous when I see the rest of those robot video jockeys endorse them. But alas expecting the masses to like music that I love is expecting a bit much, indeed. Their songs are like emp- ty wastepaper baskets and as shallow as a blank, bleached-blonde valley girl. NANCY REAGAN ' S EXERCISE BOOK: TEACH A NEW DOG SOME OLD TRICKS with a foreword by Ron This book is a marvelous version of the trend which in the past has been exploited unmercilessly by naive sex- pot movie stars. This reader was not distracted by every inch and curve of a body vulgarly displayed. The First Lady ' s plain but smart Christian Dior long-pant exercise clothing (all in red, no less) preserves the decency and class of the conservatively dressed. Finally society ' s up- per echelon is presented something by one of their own. FARBAN ' S HIGHLY SATIRICAL AND CULTURALLY ENLIGHTENING ESSAYS AND SHORT STORIES WHICH REVEAL MUCH If you like Joyce and if you like Faulkner, you ' ll love Farban. In what is pretty much his autobiography, Cartel uniquely explores the thoughts of his characters in Joyce ' s stream of thought. This publication could become the handbook of the 80 ' s generation. Due to come out in late 1984, every literary connoisseur will respect it. ETIQUETTE FOR CIVILIANS AROUND THE MILITARY " Each of you, in the future I hope, will very likely find yourself in a situation which calls for a modicum of knowledge of official military protocol, " thus sayeth Al Haig in his new guide for etiquette when around military personnel. Haig ' s style is original and his prose is brilliantly structured. However, General Haig ' s preference for big words (when three or four would do nicely) will prohibit many from comprehending the true message. Warner Communications presents his newest novel and probably our next box office smash . STEVEN KING ' S " The Worm of Conscience " " Absolutely Treacherous . . . The finest novel King has ever written ... A master teller of terror who gives a new twist to the tiresome plot of ' world conquest ' . " L. Dennis Plunkett, Nat ' l Lampoon (Please buy us, Mr. Warner. Please.) " Mr. King exposes the atrophy of a not-so distant society with a sadistically humorous touch. And it ' s vivid. " Terry Cassreino, Daily Mississippian " A tenuous Ted Turner story. " Playboy Magazine " It begnaweth not my soul . . . King is a master. No need for Nicholson here. It already overflows with intensity. " Howard Mulligan, Time Magazine " A project like this is about as safe to invest in as that $19 bottle of wine I bought back in ' 77 that ' s worth $200 today, seven years later. This is a hot tip. " Louis Rukeyser, " Wall Street Weekly " Warner Comm. At bookstores now. Princeton has Brooke Shields, Yale has Jody Foster, and Ole Miss now has Lome Greene. In the wake of many celebrities ' exodus from the silver screen to the bright lights of our nation ' s prestigious colleges, the University of Mississippi unanimously selected Mr. Lome Greene as the 22nd executive head succeeding Dr. Porter L. Fortune. Accepting the role as chief administrator of this southern liberal arts school, Greene ' s ma- jor focus will be promoting the University. Quite a task Lome will have in re-establishing the im- age of Ole Miss after the recent publicity over fraternity hazing and racial confrontations. But what better man could have been chosen? With his public appeal and experience in acting (there seems to be a trend in this actor-turned-president thing these days) the College Board considered him a natural for Chancellor. Stemming from his role as Ben Cartwright on the popular western series, Bonanza, Greene can be expected to act as a father figure to col- lege students. " He is one of the most understanding people I have ever grown to love, " said Michael Landon. " Yet he is ex- tremely stern. " However, under this stern-minded character is the warm-hearted Lome Greene, a lover of nature and animals as depicted in his recent ALPO campaign. " I just want the University to be one happy family respected by everyone in the valley, " said Greene. University of Mississippi Chancellor Lome Greene discusses with the College Board his plans for a new Ole Miss. Nonetheless, bridging the gap between all the interest groups on campus is not the only goal of the new Chancellor. Greene has plans for expansion in the University ' s academic fields. " I plan to introduce a School of Veterinary Medicine. Something to help out horses and cows and sheep, " said Greene. He commented that the additional courses in animal sciences will boost recruiting. For added appeal, the Veterinary School will have as an extension, a Petting Zoo to aid the School of Education. Another aspect of his expansion plan is extending the University ' s traditional boun- daries to outer space. Communications satellites are just a shot in the dark compared to his total plan. A skylab revolving the earth will be maintained to study the effects of col- lege students in space. " I want to see how outer space affects their studying, eating, and breeding. " If federal monies are awarded the University, Greene plans to build an experimental space city in the Grove. Students, faculty, and visitors can see how they will be living in the future. Replacing the flora and fauna of the Traditional Grove 282 Humor with a gigantic polyurethane bubble to simulate space weightlessness and expose the mysteries of the last frontier. The ASB will sponsor Happy Hour in the bubble from 4:00 to 7:00 every day and fraternities will be allowed to rent it for swaps. Pernell Roberts, now a suc- cessful surgeon and hospital chief of staff, will add to the new chancellor ' s program as a surgeon-in-residence at the UM Medical Center in Jackson. " Those kids in Jackson need a break from all that serious stu- dying and Pernell has such a dry wit. " Students and faculty are pleased with the new appoint- ment. Wesla Sullivan, a senior English major from Mendenhall, said, " Mr. Greene is a remarkable man, he has done so much to advance television and now he can ap- ply his charm and common sense to his job at Ole Miss. " Robert Schmieg, a senior triple-majoring in chemistry, physics and broadcast jour- nalism from Natchez, said, " I think it is outstanding that Ole Miss can have a man with such insight as Lome Greene. His plans for advancing the college curriculum and experimental facilities are far beyond any in- stitution in this country. " John Hawkins, a junior accounting major from Water Valley, said, " Chancellor Greene will be able to provide the needed link between the students here at Ole Miss. " Director of Public Relations Ed Meek said, " Lome Greene has the dynamic personality the University needs to sell its expanding curriculum to pro- spective students. He also responds with convincing diplomacy in tight situations. " Dr. Dwight Ball, criminal justice (Above) A skylab revolving the earth will be maintained to study the ef- fects of college students in space. " I want to see how outer space af- fects their studying, eating, and breeding, " said Greene. (Below) Good things are happening at Ole Miss and Lome Greene aims to prove it. professor, said, " He will do a good job. " Mr. H. E. Peery, ac- counting professor, said, " Thank goodness we have Lome Greene, he ' s what ' s true. " Looking to the future and honoring the past, Lome Greene is enthusiastic about his role at Ole Miss. Good II ' - things are happening at Ole Miss and Lome Greene aims to prove it. REPORTED BY JOHANN GOODGAME AND MARY PRICE IN OXFORD, MS; VADER STILLHAM IN PALM SPRINGS; AND J. GEORGE THRASHING AT THE PONDEROSA E The octogenarian oaks who have established residence in the Ote Miss Grove since antebellum realtors closed the Lyceum deal can maintain their cur- rent address thanks to a devoted group of Beatniks. A 24-hour telethon to benefit the " Save the Grove " movement was sponsored by the Children of Algernon. This misplaced group from the sixties often philan- thropizes for nature, the arts, and other meaningful things. Alarmed by. the century-old trees ' rapid deaths, Clyde Small, leader of the movement, initiated the telethon which netted $23,744.89. Telephones manned by " Children " and other devoted nature freaks rang in- to the night as people pledged their financial and moral support. WCBH, campus television, aired the telethon which featured the talents of many campus and com- munity residents. A particular highlight was Rebecca Jane Barlow ' s in- terpretative dance to Joyce Kilner ' s poem, " Trees. " The Latayette County Chapter of the Sierra Club presented a graphic theatrical portrayal of the effects of nuclear fallout on the Grove and Sorority Row. Many other citizens presented their viewpoints on the plight of the Grove on a special point-counterpoint segment. " We would like to whole-heartedly thank the Children of Algernon for their untiring efforts in preserving the tradition-rich Ole Miss Grove, " said Chancellor Lome Greene. Small responded, " We are Just thankful to all the wonderful people who supported us in our struggle. " Small summed up the sentiments of those involved and said, " We want to preserve the Grove for future generations, we want the children of our children to know the natural beauty of it. " " We are nature ' s neophytes yearn- ing to prevent the decadence of our peaceful environ- ment. " Clyde Small, spokesman for the Children of Algernon -s? PRESIDENTIAL PROSE " We came, we saw, we conquered. " So says Joe Bogdahn of his term as the students ' chief representative. It ' s been a bumpy road for Joe starting his career with a midnight caper to censor the not-since censored Daily Mississippian and a turbulent term in office of blundering and inept remarks. " All these things should be written in a book, " quipped Joe. " That ' s why I ' m writing a book of my memoirs. " Sounds great Joe, but don ' t think finding a college for your presidential library will be easy. OLD BLUE EYES BOWMAN Sweeping through sixteen states on journey to eat Maine lobster in Freeport, David Wootverton and Ok Mto annual dhor Elizabeth Anne Bowman encountered Frank Sinatra, 72, in a corner piz- za market in New York City. It was love at first sight. After a whirlwind romance, Liz and Frank were married in the Grove amidst multitudes of well-wishers and his fans. Following an extend- ed honeymoon in New York, New York, the couple is residing in student housing. Sinatra is teaching music in Meek Hall, while Liz spends her time in the annual office. Yet, they both seem to find time to attend Happy Hour daily. PRAISE GERITOL! Tammy Bakker, 24. popular wife of Jim Bakker, 47, the television evangelist, was in tears over her being selected twelfth on Mr. Blackwell ' s Best Dressed Women List. It was announced last Wednes- day. " Words can not express my sincere jubila- tion, " she blubbered on her husband ' s show shortly after the announcement. Spokesman for Blackwell complimented Mrs. Bakker on her oddly-bright, unique colors in her wardrobe, especially in her choice and style of facial cosmetics. JoeBofldahn Liz Bowman Myrtle I GOT YOU BABE Last week it was learned that out of work singer Sonny Bono, 49, will host the All-New Candid Camera Show premiering this fall despite legal protest from the show ' s aging creator, Allen Funt. 75, who still wants his job. The show ' s financial backers said, " Funt ' s health and age is a factor we don ' t want to get into. But the insurance money would be lucrative. " GOOD VIBRATIONS The rock world mourns the death of Brian Jasper, 28, lead singer of the up-and-coming heavy metal group, Iron Zodiac. Jasper was performing Zodiac ' s ver- sion of Ted Nugent ' s " Critters, " when unex- plainable, his head exploded. Authorities have found no evidence of foul play. One uniden- tified band member had this to say about Jasper, " The music was real loud and Bri was really screaming the tune. Like, it was beautiful, dude. Then like all of a sudden, his head blew up. Like that movie, ' Scanners. ' It was crazy. All our faces had blood and brains on it. Everyone was crazy, so like, we just finished the set. " FOUL FOWL Crack psychic. " Myrtle, " of Mr. Quik fame (Oxford, MS) is once again in the news. The eccentric time-saver attendant who only a year ago claimed that she knew the whereabouts of skyjacker fugitive extraor- dinairre D.B. Cooper, 42, now prophesies that an Ole Miss sorority coed will marry soft rock, easy-listening, non-gentile superstar Barry Manilow, 38, on June 23rd. She says the source of this prediction came from, in her words, " The vibes felt when dandling the giz- zards and intestines of a not-yet boited chicken and listening to a lot of early David Bowie. Wow! SEX SCANDAL AT THE MISS- ISSIPPIAN OFFICE Now there ' s some positive journalism! RON SHAPIRO ON RON SHAPIRO The famed restaurateur speaks out on politics, utilities, nuclear disarmament, and X-Rated movies CAN WE TALK? Dick Cavet denounces the dead Al Caapp " I deplored that wretch of a man. " , FRATERNITY 1 Hello, I ' m Dick Cavett. I ' ve had the dubious distinction of being at Ole Miss for formal rush. To retain the foolishly tender memories of my visit, I took along my Kodak. Ah yes, the traditional hand- shaking as the " rushees " meet the active members. That first handshake can be a " gripping " moment in the rush experience of these youngsters. Oh, forgive me for that shallow pun. Firm grip but what ' s this coming through the door. " I ' m going to have a little fun, " one of them smartly remarks. The discerning eye of these fraternity men single out out delta boy. " Glad to meet you. I ' m Capers Easterby, " he announces. " Lloyd Ball, " he replies. " Nice group of guys. I m a freshman forensic science ma- jor, " says Lloyd. " What ' s your chapter G.P.A.? " " G.P.A., Lloyd? " says Capers. " Wait right here, I think you Cautious and timid at first, our friend succumbs after a little encouragement. And there they go . . " This IS the shower. Remarkable, huh? " says Capers. " Is that steel or polyurethane piping? " asks Lloyd. " Some sort of recently discovered alloy. " After a deep discussion, Capers ' ' Lloyd says, " C ' mon in here, you ' ve got Ball, I ' d to meet this guy. " like you to n.a Ma- Nothing wrong here The brothers are overwhelmed at Lloyd ' s novice approach at repairing their lawnmower. " Well Lloyd, to tell truth, I ' m bisexual. " One over- zealous host offers It seems that there slight problem lawnmower. Lloyd his services. might be a with the volunteers Y RUSH BY DICK CAVETT Oh goodness! One of the great things I ' ve discovered with rush is the op- portunity for freshmen to meet their college peers. It seems as though this " frosh " is a delta boy. The fraternity composite allows the rushee to examine the group as a whole maybe there ' s a hometown boy in this group. That ' s interesting, possibly someone could show him around the house. need to meet " John, Charles, Tad, Biff, Chase, some of the and Nelson! " brothers. " Nice tie. Look at them swarm around this prospect. They ' re just " buzzing " over him. Oops, I ' ve done it again. My apologies. They invite Lloyd upstairs. lloydj meet Bluto It would appear that Lloyd is Bill, Ml Martz. " making a lot of friends at the ,. . ] house. Pretty popular guy, what do you think? Lloyd is impressed at the many talented guys at the house. Here he meets Larry Ferguson, chapter pianist. Our amicable friend partakes of the abounding brotherhood in song and merriment. Lloyd a little pick-me-up. All too soon, it ' s time for the rushees to leave and the fraterni- ty men to deliberate on these prospectful members, but of course . . . everyone has found a friend in Lloyd Ball. " Great punch. And so I see this is Ole Miss, where every body speaks. Humor 287 288 Honors THE HALL OF . ' . ' m ..: - Hii FAME : - . The Highest Honor . . . To qualify for selection to The University of Mississip- pi Hall of Fame, a student must have an overall grade point average of 2.0, be classified as a senior and must not have been a previous recipient of the honor. A preliminary committee and an administrative committee are responsible for selection of honorees. The 1984 Hall of Fame includes seven students. ELIZABETH ANNE BOWMAN Elizabeth Anne Bowman, who graduated in December of 1983 with a degree in elementary education, serves as Editor-in-Chief of the 1984 OLE MISS and has been a member of the annual staff for four years. She is a member of the Student Alumni Board of Directors, the Student Publication Board, the Association for Women Students, and College Republicans. Chosen for inclusion in Who ' s Who Among American Universities and Colleges, Elizabeth is a member of the Advisory Panel to the Board of Trustees to Select a Chancellor for T he University of Mississippi. She is a member of Chi Omega social sorority and is a Na- tional Dean ' s List Scholar. Elizabeth was also selected for Outstanding Young Women in America. She is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Bowman, Jr. of Greenwood, Mississippi. JETT PERRY EATON 1 - 1 1 a - 1 H Jett Perry Eaton, a managerial finance major, is active in Omicron Delta Kappa and Rho Lambda honoraries and is a member of Association for Women Students, Financier ' s Club, Pi Sigma Epsilon and the Student Alumni Council. A cheerleader for four years, she was elected a campus favorite and is a member of Chi Omega social sorority. Elected as 1984 Miss Ole Miss, Perry is the daughter of Judge and Mrs. Barney Eaton of Jackson, Mississippi. MICHAEL LEON EDMONDS Michael Leon Edmonds, a theatre arts and English major, is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa honorary fraternity, Mortar Board, Phi Eta Sigma scholastic honorary and College Republicans. He serves as financial director of the Student Programming Board, co-chairman of the Ole Miss Ambassadors and parliamentarian of the Campus Senate. He is Director of Food Services as a member of the Associated Student Body Cabinet and a member of the Ole Miss Forensics Team. Mike has served on the Parade of Beauties committee for three years, the Miss Ebony committee for two years and the 1983 Miss University committee. He is a national officer of Delta Sigma Rho - Tau Kappa Alpha, a member of the University chapter of NAACP and is active in Kappa Delta Pi education honorary. Mike is listed in Who ' s Who Among American Universities and Colleges. He is the son of Mrs. Hattie Edmonds of Clarksville, Tennessee. m MARY MELANIE HIXON Mary Melanie Hixon, a journalism major, serves as secretary of the Associated Student Body and is a member of Mortar Board, Lambda Sigma and Rho Lambda honoraries and Delta Delta Delta social sorority. She is treasurer for Angel Flight and is a member of the Daily Mississip- pian staff. Chosen as a campus favorite, Melanie is listed on the National Dean ' s List and Chancellor ' s Honor Roll and is a University Scholar. She is an Ole Miss Ambassador and serves on the Chancellor ' s Committee for Student Organizations. Having served as clerk of the Campus Senate, Melanie was selected for Outstanding Young Women of America and Who ' s Who Among American " Universities and Colleges. Melanie is the daughter of Frank and Jeanne Hixon of Franklin, Tennessee. PAUL BENNETT MILNER Paul Bennett Milner, who received his bachelor of arts degree in English from Ole Miss in December 1983, acted as president of Omicron Delta Kappa honorary, president of Lambda Sigma honorary and presi- dent of Sigma Nu social fraternity while attending the University of Mississippi. Selected for Who ' s Who Among American Universities and Colleges, he was a member of Order of Omega, Mortar Board and Phi Eta Sigma and served as Interfraternity Council representative and IFC Judicial Council member. Paul was active in Alpha Epsilon Delta honorary and played on the Ole Miss Soccer Team. He is the son of Thomas W. Milner and Cathie B. Milner of Gulfport, Mississippi. m .:- ' - i- " I - - t :; g ' DAVID MARK ROGERS V- v David Mark Rogers, a managerial finance major, is senior class president and a campus senator. He is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa and Lambda Sigma honoraries and Order of Omega and acted as pledge trainer and treasurer for Sigma Nu social fraternity. David was an Ole Miss cheerleader for three years, is ac- tive in College Republicans and served as co-chairman of Dixie Week publicity. A Special Olympics volunteer, David is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Rogers of Gulfport, Mississippi. : ! - WESLA ANN SULLIVAN Wesla Ann Sullivan, a political science and English major, serves as vice-president of the Associated Student Body and president of the Cam- pus Senate. She is Director of University Relations as an ASB Cabinet member and is active in Committee of 82. She is an Ole Miss Am- bassador, a member of the Association for Women Students and Chi Omega social sorority. Wesla was chosen for Who ' s Who Among American Universities and Colleges and is included in Outstanding Young Women of America. She is active in Mortar Board and the Stu- dent Alum ni Council and is a University Dancer. Wesla is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Sullivan of Mendenhall, Mississippi. - - Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities TONIJILLBERTOLET Mortar Board Secretory Eta Sigma Phi President AW5 Executive Council ASB Director of Student Loon Service Phi Koppo Phi Alpha Lombdo Delta Sigma Tou Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta Beta Beta Beta Gomma Beta Phi MARGARET QUAY BICKERSTAFF Alpha Lombdo Delta Phi Eta Sigma Rho Lambda Rebel Recruiter Health, Physical Education ond Recreation Major Club Secretory Alpha Delta Pi Second Vice-President ELIZABETH ANNE BOWMAN Editor-in-Chief, OLE MISS Annual Chi Omega Rush Book Editor Chancellor ' s Committee for University Publications ASB Student Publications Committee Student Alumni Council Board of Directors Mississippi Youth Congress Kappa Delta Pi Search Committee for Selecting the Councellor Holl of Fame Omicron Delta Kappa AYLMERBUFORD ATKINS Mortar Board Beta Gamma Sigma Omicron Delta Epsilon Lombdo Sigma Phi Era Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Student Programming Board Executive Director Dixie Week Committee Chairman Gamma Beta Phi ASB Director of Student Activities JOSEPH RICHARD BOGDAHN ASB President Alpha Tau Omega President IFC Secretary, Judicial Council AWS Elections Director College Republicans Secretary Ole Miss Ambassadors Lambda Sigma Ole Miss Athletic Committee Sorah Isom Center for Women ' s Studies Advisor Committee Committee of 82 298 Hooots SUSAN ELAINE BROWN Third-Year Phormocy Closs Vice-President 5APHA Secretory-Treasurer Kappa Epsilon Curriculum Committee Foculry-Srudent Relations Committee RODIN CRANE COOHRAN Angel Flight Administrative Officer Student Alumni Counal Vice-President; Secretory-Treasurer AWS Co-Direoor of Projects Manor Board UPC SAC Board of Directors Sigma Tou Detto Delta Delta Detto Standards Committee FRANCES GATES CRENSHAW ASB Secretory Morror Board Editor Lambda Sigma PubliciTy Chairman Rho Lambda Lambda Sigmo Omiaon Detto Kappa OLE MBS Annual Section Co-Editor UPC Committee of 62 Chi Omega Pubficiry Chairman J DEBORAH JEAN CRUMPTON Morror Board Phi Thera Kappa Corresponding Secretory Junior Vorsiry Cheerleader Coach Ole Miss Ambassadors VAN PHUP EAST. I Mort or Board Lombdo Sigmo Omicron Detto Koppo Phi Koppa Phi Sigma Tou Delta Alpha Lombdo Delta Phi Eta Sigma Phi Beta Lombdo Student Programming Board Associate Director Miss University Pageant Director Student Programming Board Financial director Mortar Board Omiaon Delta Koppa Phi Eto Sigmo Delta Sigma Rho Tou Koppo Alpha National Officer ASO Senate Pcrtomentarion OLE MISS annual Copy Editor ASO Food Services Director Ote Miss Ambassadors Co-choirmon UPC Minority Chairman Hexxxs 29 J Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities MARY LATTA FOWLKES Mortar Board Rho Lambda Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Kappa Delta Pi Gamma Beta Phi AWS Chi Omega President Panhellenic Council RUF Secretary MARY ANNA GARMON SELLERS AWS Exectuive Secretary Alpha Chi Alpha Lambda Delta Sigma Pi Sigma OLE MISS ENGINEER staff writer American Chemical Society American Institute of Chemical Engineers Carrier Scholar Magno Cum Laude graduate JAMES LAWSON HESTER Omicron Delta Kappa IFC Rushbook Editor OLE MISS annual Section editor Student Alumni Council Treasurer Kappo Alpha Corresponding Secretory Committee of 82 Chairman Alpha Lambda Delta Sigma Tou Delta Order of Omego Union Programming Board Director of Union Activities ELIZABETH ALLISON ESTE5 Phi Kappa Phi Alpha Lambda Delta Sigma Rho President Alpha Psi Omega Ole Miss Export Alpha Psi Touring Company University Repertory Theatre Ole Miss Forensics Team MARY HELENA HALL ASB Treasurer; Attorney General; Executive Secretory Sigma Delta Chi Lambda Sigma Phi Gamma Nu AW5 Executive Council Delta Gamma Historian AWS-ASB Liason Committee of 82 Pre-Low Society 300 Honors il J DCVin TALMADGE HICKS III Omicron Delro Koppo Speaker ' s Forum Sigma Chi Treasurer OLE MISS annual staff Section co-editor Committee of 82 Phi Kappa Phi Beta Alpha Psi Gamma Beto Phi Lambda Sigma Phi Eta Sigma Pre-Law Society MARY MELANIE HIXON Mortar Board Lambda Sigmo Rho Lambda ASB Secretory Delta Delta Delta Activities chairman DAILY MI55I5SIPPIAN staff member Angel Flight Comptroller Pre-Low Society KIMBERLY ANN HOGAN Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigmo Koppo Delta Scholarship chairman Lambda Sigma Beta Beto Beto AWS Ole Miss Ambassador Angel Flight Liberal Arts Advisory Committee University Chorus Women ' s Glee Club PATRICIA HUMPHREYS Mortar Board Rho Lambda AWS Faculty Lioson Kappa Delta Pi President Delta Gammo . President; rush chairman Elections Supervisory Chairman Elections Commission Vice-Chairman LAUREN JANICE HUTCHINS Phi Delro Phi Mississippi Trial Lawyers Association Mississippi Bar Association (S.M.) MISSISSIPPI LAW JOURNAL staff member Jusritio (Women In Low) Secretory Lomar Society of International Low Secretary University of Mississippi Election Commissioner Phi Mu Scholarship chairman Arkansas Medical Records Association Newsletter editor American Bar Association (S.M.) Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities Honors 301 Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities SAMUE. CLAYTON KELLY Phi Kappa Tau President; Assistant treasurer Ole Miss Ambassadors Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Beta Alpha Psi Order of Omega Committee of 82 Phi Theta Koppa SALLY ANN KITT Phi Koppa Phi Beta Alpha Psi Alpha Lambda Delta Beta Gomma Sigma Vice-President Chi Omega Activities chairman Student Alumni Council Board of Directors A5B Executive secretory Phi Beta Lambda Committee of 82 A5B Elections committee JOSEPH LAMAR MAXWELI Lambda Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Sigma Tou Delta Gomma Beta Phi Phi Delta There President; Secretory Chancellor ' s Standing Committee Library Council; Museums UPC Publicity Chairman Order of Omega ASB Board of Directors Traffic Court of Appeals DAVID BAXTER JONES School of Business Administration President Order of Omega Secretary IFC Corresponding Secretary Koppo Sigma Ritualist ASB . Senate; finance committee Rho Epsilon IFC representative Phi Beta Lambda Financier ' s Club Business School Advisory Committee JAMES EDWARD KNIGHT, JR Phi Koppa Phi Omicron Delta Epsilon Beta Gamma Sigma Zero Beta Tou Treasurer Delta Sigma Pi Phi Beta Lambda Financier ' s Club IFC representative Taylor Medal Business Administration 302 Honors PAUL BENNETT MILNER, Omkron Delta Kappa President Speaker ' s Forum Lambda Sigma President Phi Eta Sigma Order of Omega IFC Judicial Council; representative Sigma Nu President: pledge ft aider Dixie Week Committee JAMES TUCKER MfTCHEJJ Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Alpha Delta Phi Gamma Nu Moor Court Board Vice-Chairman Law School President; Vice-President Board of Directors of Barristers, Inc. President Lamor Society erf International Law Mississippi Trial Lawyers Association ASB Senator American Adjudicoture Society VtCKI CAROL MORR6 Student Art Association President KappiPi Phi Kappa Phi Sigma Tau Delta Taylor Medol Art Toykx Citation Art I BELINDA JANE MOTHERSHED Koppo Delta Pi Phi Kappa Phi Phi Delto Koppo Outstanding Educator of the Yeor. 1963 American Association of School Administrators Association for Children with Learning Disabilities Council for Exceptional Children Mississippi Association of Talented ond Gifted Mississippi Professional Educators Mississippi Organization for Special Education Services BARBARA RITA NEIT Mortar Boord Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Student Alumni Council Boord Member of the Yeor Business School Advisory Board ASB Executive Secretary ASB Senate Sergeanr-or-Arms UPC Society for the Advancement of Management ROBERT OLIVER PHILIPS. Ill Order of Omega IFC President; corresponding secretory Sigma Nu . President: vice-president: chaplain Refrigerator Rentals Co-Choirmon Union Program Council Publicity committee Ote Miss Ambassadors Homecoming Committee Co-Chairman Honors 303 Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities SARAH CORRELL READ Editor-in-Chief, DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN Kappa Kappa Gammo Fraternity Education Chairman Sigma Delta Chi Vice-President Women in Communications PRS5A Student Advisory Committee for Center for Southern Studies Chancellor ' s Committee for University Publications Army Sponsor DONNA LORENE RAY Beta Alpha Psi Secretary Rho Lambda Treasurer Phi Mu Vice-President; treasurer Phi Gamma Nu Secretary; pledge trainer Senior Class Secretory-Treasurer Mortar Board Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Gamma Beta Phi JOSEPH NORWOOD REDHEAD, JR. Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Lambda Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Beta Beta Beta Eta Sigma Phi . Treasurer Phi Kappa Phi Order of Omega Kappa Sigma . Secretory; Scholarship choirmon Editor of alumni newsletter Carrier Scholar Lambda Sigma Mortar Board Alpha Koppo Alpha Chairman of Publication Committee Modeling Board Sigma Alpha lota Block Greek Council University Chorus Rebelette ROY ANNE REED Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Alpha Psi Lambda Sigma Ole Miss Ambassadors AW5 Beta Beta Beta Outstanding Young Women of America Delta Gamma Society for Advancement of Management J CHARLES THEODORE SCHMIDT Phormocy School President Phormocy School Honor Council Phormocy School Elections Committee Choirmon Refrigerator Rentols Co-Choirmon Chi Psi Schotorship chairmen Koppo Psi IFC Represenrotive Mississippi Society of Hospitol Phormocisrs Student Americon Phormoceuricol Associotion GARY LAMAR SMITH Phi Eto Sigmo Sigma Nu Scholarship choirmon; Marshal Student Americon Phormoceuricol Associotion President Mississippi State Hospitals Phormocisrs Associotion Phi Theto Kappa Phormocy School Election Committ LAURA KAY SMITH Mortar Board Omicron Delta Koppo Beta Alpha Psi Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigmo Lambda Sigmo Beta Gamma Sigma Head Cheerleader Alpha Omicron Pi Assistant Corresponding Secretary; Chaplain ASB Executive Secretory; Senate Sergeont-at-Arms REBECCA LEE SMITHEAL Omicron Delta Kappo Morror Board Rho Lambda Lambda Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Panhellenic Council President. Vice-President Chi Omego Vice-President OLE MBS annual section editor section assistant editor Ole Miss ruch book editor ASO Production Committee Choirmon Ok? Miss Athlete of the Year. 1962-63 M-Qub All-American Track and Field Team World University Gomes Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1983 NCAA Notional Long Jump Champion 1962-63 NCAA-SEC Long Jump Champion Lay Witness for Christ Organization Undergraduate Assistant Track and Field coach Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities Honon 305 Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities SARA ANN STRUWE Alpha Lambda Delta Pi Alpha Alpha Vice-President Phi Kappa Phi RHA President; Assistant treasurer Residence Hall Judicial Council Taylor Medal Political Science WESLA ANN SULLIVAN ASB Vice-President Chi Omega Civic chairman; Activity chairman Director of University Relations Senate President Committee on Race Relations Chairman Outstanding Young Women in America Student Alumni Council Ole Miss Ambassadors SUSAN MEMORY THOMPSON Alpha Lambda Delta Rho Lambda Phi Beta Lambda Beta Gamma Sigma Phi Era Sigma Ole Miss Ambassadors Panhellenic Council Financier ' s Club SHELLY V. STEWART Omicron Delta Kappa Treasurer Kappa Delta Treasurer; Assistant Chaplain Rho Lambda ASB Executive secretary Phi Kappa Phi Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Delta Tau Sigma Mortar Board Taylor Medal Psychology RONALD GARRETT TAYLOR Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Phi Eta Sigma Beta Alpha Psi Beta Gamma Sigma Order of Omega Lambda Sigma IFC representative; Judicial Council Sigma Chi President; assistant treasurer ASB Book Chairman 306 Honors J VIRGINIA LEE WALKER Mortar Board Phi Kappa Phi Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Omicron Delro Epsilon Koppo Delta Varsiry Cheerleader Outstanding Young Women of America Fraternity sweetheart IUDY LOUISE WALLER Beta Gamma Sigma Phi Beta Lambda Beta Alpha Psi Secretary; Treasurer Phi Kappa Phi Vice-President Compass Qub President School of Accountancy Marshal Taylor Medal PAUL EFFERY WARDEN Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Lambda Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Gamma Beta Phi Order of Omega Alpha Tau Omega Pledge trainer Circle K Club Army ROTC Ranger Commander VFW Medal for Scholastic Achievement J NEIL WARE WHITE Phi Lambda Omega Executive Director Kappo Sigma President ASB Presidential Assistant Pre-Low Society University Roquetboll Champion Intramural All-Star Mississippi Debate Champion Editor. PROGRESSIVE FORENSK5 magazine University Forum Moderator DAISY KIM WONG Mortar Board Phi Era Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Lambda Sigma Tou Beta Pi University Honors Council Dixie Week Chairman American Institute of Chemical Engineers President: Vice-President Student Alumni Council Board of Directors NORBERT L. WOODS Kappo Kappa Psi Porliomenrarian Alpha Phi Alpha Parliamentarian Bloch Student Union Vice-President ASB Senate Pride of the South Bond Director of Campus Affairs Honon 307 MORTAR BOARD Established originally as a national women ' s honor society, Mortar Board is now one of the highest senior honor groups for both men and women. Tossels, the local chapt er, has been an active part of the Ole Miss campus since its founding in 1939. Mortar Board has a limit of thirty-five members. Selections are based on leadership, scholarship, service and at least a 3.0 overall grade-point average. Mortar Board is a society that challenges the individual and the groups to provide thoughtful leadership to the campus and community, to create an environment of effective communica- tion and to move toward a meaningful gool. The society con- tinues to support the improvement of the status of men and women. OFFICERS President Christy Colbert Vice President Bob Bennett Secretary Toni Berrolet Treasurer Cal Christian Elections Bobby Schmieg Calendar Mike Edmonds Editor Mary Roberts Historian Martha Moore 308 Honors 1983-84 MORTAR BOARD Deboroh Lee Adorns Aylmer Buford Atkins, III Bobby Gene Bennett, Jr. Toni Jill Bertolet John C. Chrisrion Robin Crone Cochron Christy Lone Colbert Elizabeth Gail Crosthwoif Deboroh Jeon Crumpron Von Philip East. Ill Michael L. Edmonds Stephen Paul Epperson Mary Latta Fowlkes Margaret Ellen Gaddis Jerry Gentry, II Sherry Lynn Holes M. Melanie Hixon Patricia Humphreys Carolyn J. McKay Martha Lynn Moore Mory Kathleen Murray Rita Barbara Neitz Elizabeth Ann Parkin Devra Kay Porter Donna Lorene Ray Mory Elizabeth Roberts Robert E. Schmieg, Jr. Laura Kay Smith Rebecca Lee Smitheal Shelly V. Stewart Wesla Ann Sullivan Stocey Elizabeth Tyner Virginia Lee Walker Daisy Kim Wong Joyce Lena Wong PHI KAPPA PHI OFFICERS: President: Dr. Jean Jones President-Elect: Dr. Lyman Magee Vice-President: Ms. Modine Bolen Secretory: Dr. Roscoe Doyer Treasurer: Dr. 5. N. Prosod Board Members: Dr. Helen Moak Dr. Tom Pullen Mr. Joe Symons College of Liberal Arts Dejuan Patrice Adams Ansel Glen Anderson III Kathy L. Bain Toni Bertolet Shleby Karl Brantley, Jr. Sherry Louise Choffin Robert Rodes Currie Alison Ann Darsey Rhonda J. Dunn Van Philip East, III Elizabeth Allison Estes Jeon E. Ezell L. Wayne Ferguson George R. Frye Diane Marie Hampton Chris Hancock Thomas K. Harris Jay S. Keller Lawrence L. Line, Jr. Jill Elisabeth Lummus Barry Reid McCain Victoria Alexis Meaders Jason M. Milligan Robert Timothy Morris Deborah Ann Parker Mary Kay Pickens Evelyn Marie Pierce Bryant Lewis Poole Devra Kay Porter Joseph Norwood Redhead, Jr. James Alfred Rish Leslie Karen Schutz Leslie Ann Staehle Nancy L. Stengel Shelly V. Stweart Sara A. Struwe Deborah J. Wall 310 Honors School of Engineering Ramon Narh Dewan Derek Allen Higginborham Laura Jean Hrebenar Jeffrey R. Johnson Joe Frank Lacy, III William Curris Lehr Ng Cheng Seng Monroe Jessie-James Sparks, Jr. School of Business Administration Debra Lynn Allen Emily D. Barnes Berry L. Bar Kenney M. Hanks Lanrz E. Harvey Ross Eames Henley James E. Knighr, Jr. Bobby Knox Debra S. Mason Judy Karharine Moore Michael Alan Mulvihill John Carlron Roberrson Michael Anrhony Schneider Richard G. Shidler William Carrer Smallwood, III Sracey Elizoberh Taybr Ginny Lee Walker School of Education Bersy Rurh Aron Leriria S. Collins Shirley Lisa Langsron Crawford Sheryl M. Dunlap D. Emily Haworrh Force Meg Gaddis Peggy Jean Hughes Melody Jean Moore Mary Karhleen Murray Lisa Roberrs School of Accountancy Gina Marie Agosrinelli Dewirr Talmodge Hicks, III Karhy O. Hutchison Karen K. Jonhson Samuel Clayron Kelly Sally Ann Kirrell Phyllis E. Knox Regan Adonis Mason Marrha Lynn Moore Donna L. Roy Ronald Garrerr Taylor Mark Warren Van Doren School of Pharmacy Burgess Lee Arkins Pom Caffey Brenda Carol Pleasant School of Law Robert V. Baker (In Absentia) Janie E. Holley Thomas Coffey Lacey, Jr. (In Absentia) Paul J. Stephens Graduates Lolly Beaird Carol L. Blanton Mary Terrell Cargill Barbara Ann Childers Robbie Linville Clifton Sarah K. Faulkner Carmen J. Huddleston Louann O. Hurst Mary Arrington Jones Robert S. Kivetz (In Absentia) Glenda Rawson Lester Robin Lois Levine (In Absentia) Karen J. Hyver-LoCoco Michael R. Pinter Salya Sareewiwatthana Suzanne Flandreau Steel The National Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, founded in 1897, was originated by a group of students who felt the need to recognize scholarship in all disciplines. It is the highest scholastic honor a student may receive at the Universiry of Mississippi. The Universiry of Mississippi chaprer was charrered in May 1959. To qualify for membership, undergraduares musr be seniors or second-semester juniors with high standards of scholarship and character. Graduate students and students in professional schools must have distinguished records placing them among the ablest in their classes. Faculty and Alumni members must have made significant contributions ro rheir disciplines. LAMBDA OFFICERS: President: Claude McRoberts Vice-President: Jim Owen Secretory: Marcie Davant Treasurer: Leigh Leslie Public Relations: Helen Morgan Rituals Chairman: Will Dunaway Lambda Sigma is a national sophomore honor society whose purpose is TO foster leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and the spirit of service among freshmen and to serve and promote the interests of the University in every possible manner. All freshmen with a minimum grade point of 2.75 may apply for membership in lota Chapter. Selection is made in the spring by a committee composed of ac- tive society members and other campus leaders. Mary Jo Alinder Henry L. Barbour DeAnn Boutwell Patrick Dowers Marianne Bradford MarthaBardford Gilbert Scott Carmichael Timothy Thomas Climer Marcie D. Davant Mary Margaret Dixon William Dunaway David Callender Edwards Parker Ellison James Keith Fisher Tina Marie Foley Elizabeth Louise Harbison Gracie Hicks Lisa Hodges Winter Wren Hodges Hale Hooper III Stephen D. Howell Arthur E. Huggins, Jr. Lorie Diane Jackson Marsha Danell Jackson Lori Ann Johnson Mark V. Johnson Debbie Kloha Carol Leigh Leslie Cindy Carol Martin James Cal Mayo, Jr. Claude McRoberts I David Scott Moore Helen Elliott Morgan Clare Frances Nelson Clyde J. Nelson James H. Owen Portia D. Pride Phillip Carl Reese Robert H. M. Rhea Janet Brook Richardson Michael Kevin Smith Judy Spear Kahtleen Lois N. Smith Stephen P. Spratley Susan Lorraine Stewart Lori Elizabeth Stockstill Patrick Weston Thompson Rose Marie Thompson Richard Wallace Wackerfuss Hugh W. Warren Sarah Elizabeth Watts Mamie Dunn Williams Piper L. Wilson Jo Velencia Wong Lisa Montgomery Wood Alexander H. Young 312 Honors MEMBERS: William Cory Browner Jeffrey H. Brooks Note Bradford Deborah R. Boggerr Charles Lynn Cooper Srephen Epperson Toni Kay Flonnigon George Russell Frye Jerry Gentry II Barbara L. Bowen Robert Anthony Hill Jay 5. Keller Kerry Lee Christopher J. Liberro Lawrence L. Line Paul B. Milner Betty Sue Martin Lisa Main Devra Kay Porter Charles Pringle Timothy Quigley J. Kent Roby Jay C. Shirley Paul J. Sabborini Jeffrey N. Evans John Christopher Hancock Robert E. Schmieg. Jr. John D. Isaacs. Jr. Thomas K. Harris Orlando Andy Keith Boden Randy Dyess John Webb Brett R. Bartlett Royce E. Shiel Jeffrey Srephenson Mark William Maffet Harvey B. Wright, Jr. Alex Trent Hunt Andrea McLure Presley D. Mallert Joseph W. Wills Joyce Kaye Lowe Susan Marie VanZondt ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Maria Andy C. Adele Anderson Chris W. Akins William Baker R. Conner Burnhom Joe Burns Patrick H. Bowers Ann Briggs Robert Cole Ralph B. Chapman Sarah K. Dunn Wendi S. DeFrank Ricky Flechas Elizabeth Anne Forester Tina M. Foley Patti Fuhr Catherine Friedrichs Joanna Hu William Johnson Greg Hale Paul E. Hill Michael Horthcock Andrew T. Hume Marsha D. Jackson Kenron M. Johnson Zachary Richards Rob Jordan David L. Jameson Henry Koon Robert Lucos Richard C. Lowe Charles G. Linfon Virgil Massey Patrick Lee Meadows Kenneth Ray Joe Mitchell James Moore Terry Y. McMillin Drew Murphy Damon M. Moore Gay Pitts Michael Pullen William Sanford Robert Steinreide John D. Smith Jeffrey N. Stokes Suzanne Swoards Anne M. Stefani Prabhati Sohu Michael W. Peoden Perron N. Smith, Jr. Patrick E. Tucker Chris Williams Willie Wang Melanie J. Williamson ALPHA EP5ILON DELTA OFFICERS: President: Robert Anthony Hill Vice-President: Nate Bradford Secretary: Stephen Epperson Treasurer: Keith Lawrence Historian: Brett R. Bartlert Reporter: Lisa Main Activities Chairman: John Christopher Hancock Faculty Advisor: Dr. Hugh Bateman Since Alpha Epsilon Delta ' s formation in 1926, it has become the world ' s largest body devoted to pre-medical education. Its objective is to encourage and recognize excellence in premedicol scholarship; to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of a premedical education; to promote co-operation and contacts between students and educators in developing an adequate program of premedical education; and to use its knowledge for the benefit of health, organization, and the community. PHI ETA SIGMA OFFICERS President: Stephen Epperson Vice-president: Kevin Smith Treasurer: Momie Williams Secretary: Parker Ellison Senior advisor: Nate Bradford Faculty advisor: Dr. Frederick E. Laurenzo Phi Era Sigma was founded for the sole pur- pose of encouraging high scholastic achieve- ment among fresman students in institutions of higher learning. The organization operates under the assumption that attaining good grades early in one ' s college career serves as a strong incentive for a continued high level of academic performance in subsequent years and thus benefits the student as well as the University community. In seeking to en- courage scholarship, the Ole Miss chapter of Phi Eta Sigma sponsors several activities designed to benefit the academic population on campus. MEMBERS Torjana M. Adams Mary Jo Alinder Charles R. Allen Ronald E. Gaker Donna D. Bannister Gino L. Dardwell Mellie M. Dillingsley Ken L. Dobbin Marrha E. Bond Carolyn DeAnn Boutwell Patrick H. Bowers Marianne Bradford Martha W. Bradford EricJ. Brockman Sharon L. Burks David Lee Butcher David Lee Butcher David M. Case Betsy L. Castleberry Julia C. Cotron Eric A. Cimon Robert W. Coleman Anglea D. Cook Donno D. Crow Janice N. Cunningham Mary L. Cupit Wendi 5. DeFrank Philip J. deVeer Mary M. Dixon William J. Dunaway David A. Dykes David C. Edwards Joanna Beth Garrett Lisa M. Germano Stephen D. Howell Arthur E. Muggins Gregory P. Husnik Richard G. Hutchinson Reed B. Ingram Valerie J. Jaudon Guy J. Johnson Lori A. Johnson Mark V. Johnson Leonard 5. Kellum Leo. A. King Deborah M. Kloho Kymble L. Lawrence Mary Y. Longstoff Cooper A. Mclntosh Elise W. McKay Henry E. McKay, III William R. Mdellan, Jr. Marilyn M. McMillan Dolly Mah Cindy C. Martin James C. Mayo Timoth D. Meredith Damon M. Moore Barry D. Morgan Michelle D. Morris Elizabeth Ann Murray Julie L. Nacke Clare F. Nelson Clyde J. Nelson James D. Nesmith Missy C. Parrish Dano H. Patterson Valerie A. Peters Ronald H. Pierce Kirk A. Porter C. Elizabeth Pryor Robert H. M. Rheo Mory D. Rives Lynda C. Rutherford John 5. Simpson John D. Smith Katie L. Smith Michael K. Smith Susan L. Stewart William E. Stewart Lori E. Stocksrill Barbara S. Stribling James S. Sullivan Clinton H. Taylor Robert M. Taylor Patrick W. Thompson Rose M. Thompson Tara A. Tomlin Carolyn L. Tyson Richard W. Wackerfuss Hugh W. Warren Paula 5. Edwards Parker L. Ellison Evelyn T. Ewing William J. Faulkner, Jr. Pamela J. Garrison Virdie L. Hansen Elizabeth L. Harbison Holly M. Horrell Sarah E. Watts Sandra G. Wilkinson Mamie D. Williams Piper L. Wilson Denise L. Wing Jo V. Wong Liso M. Wood Alexander H. Young Robyn M. Young Winter W. Hodges Albert H. Hooper Dorothy Ellen Miller 314 Honors SIGMA ALPHA IOTA President: Ginger 5. Richardson Vice-president: Jennifer Holmes Secretory: Paula Bert Treasurer. Debbie Wall Chaplain: Deanno Dear Sergeant-ar-Arms: Drenda Cole MEMBERS Paula Bert Jerri Lamar Bradley Brendo Cole Deanna Dear Jennifer Holmes Andrea G. Johnson Lisa McGregor Parti Phillips Beth Randle Ginger 5. Richardson Lisa Simmons Debbie Wall Sigma Alpha loro is a professional music fraternity for women. It promotes high scholarship and musicianship in its members at every level of outreach. 5AI is internationally based and serves people around the world through scholarships, financial contribu- tions, work on music programs for the disabled and underprivileg- ed and people to people teaching. OFFICERS President: Chris Springer (First) Vice-president: Ann Tohill (Second) Vice-president: Rob Starnes Treasurer: Judy Waller Recording Secretary: Donna Ray Corresponding Secretary: Mark Van Doren Faculty Vice-president: Dr. Murphy Smith MEMBERS Graham Adams Swoyze A Word James I Barber James Dormer William H Bouch P Altce Blanchord Bethanye Braswell Milter L Brack Ellen M Chopin Marvin L Chiiders J Colvin Christian Mark K Christian Daniel O Conwill Koren 5 Cooper Sieve Corso Teresa Cox Gene E Crick Ewen Webb Crunk Charles Mark Cummings Jonei L Dick Rhuel P Dickinson JohnF England John Eskndae Donna Flowers David Mark Furr Andrew S Go ren Patn Genrry Rita Sue Gollihue Christopher HolliweM Denise Ann Harden Clone Elizabeth Harhcock Steven Michael Hendrix Brod Henry Dew in Talmodge Hicks Kirk Hines Froncine Holland Robert Brown House Stephanie C Hunt Pamela P Irving Cindy Jackson Jeff Johnson Samuel Clayton Kelly Terry Plazette King Loura Mize Kinney Solly Ann Kiftell Carl L Leggett Lindo M Leinicke Korhy Liebou J Dennis Livingston Leigh Yerger Lurate John Alvin Moy BorryM McGendon Carolyn J McKay Frances E McNoir Barbara McQueen Joseph C Melton Amy Cook Merrs Mark Milletre Robert M Naykx SusonNix LesteeC Palmer William Newman Price Roger Lee Pritchord Lyn Pryor Kristy D Rankin Rondi L. Rotdiff Donna L Roy Danny L. Reed Roy Anne Reed Joyce A. Rescho ScotT Richison Winnie Duhon Riley Hugh A Skinner Laura Kay Smirh Vivian Spear Christopher M Springer Suzanne W Stacy Robert C Stornes Sarah Joe Stegoll Jeffrey Weston Stewart Mike B Sullivan Ronold G Toykx Potsy Thomason Ann Tohill Mark W Von Doren Todd Voughon JudyL Waller David L. Worsen William E Weaver Kerry J. West Robert B Whirren LisaJ WilKerson The objective of Alpha Theta Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and give due recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the field of accountancy at the University of Mississippi. To be elected to membership, a stu- dent must have an overall grade point average of 3.0 and a 3.0 in accounting. BETA ALPHA PSI Honofs 315 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA OFFICERS President: Col Mayo Vice-Presidenr: Eric Cimon Secretory: Lori Srocksfill Treasurer: Johnny Simpson Publicity: Deonne Boutwell Historian: Susan Stewart Alpha Lambda Delta is o national freshman honor society whose purpose is to encourage superior scholastic achievement among students in their first year in institutions of higher educa- tion, to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, and to assist women and men in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their roles in society. Membership or the University of Mississippi is open to freshmen who meet the minimum scholastic require- ment. A student must attain a 0.5 GPA after his or her first semester or as o combined average of first and second semester. Mary Jo Alinder Charles R. Allen II Ronald Earl Baker Donna Darlin Bannister Mellie M. Billingsley DeAnn Boutwell Patrick Hilton Bowers Marianne Bradford Martha Wade Bradford Eric James Brockman David Elvin Burdin Sharon Lee Burks Daniel Lee Butcher Jeffrey Todd Campbell John Todd Carter Eric Arnold Cimon Vanessa Leigh Collier Angela Dawn Cook William Todd Cooper Mark Harris Craig Caryn Michelle Crain Michael L. Crook Donna Denise Crow Janice Natalie Cunningham Mary Lynn Cupit Wendi Suzanne DeFrank Philip J. DeVeer Mary Margaret Dixon William J. Dunaway Dovid Alan Dykes David Callender Edwards Paula 5. Edwards Parker Lee Ellison William Jarreft Faulkner, Jr. James Keith Fisher Tina Marie Foley Ure M. Franklin Joanna Beth Garrett Lisa Germane Elizabeth Louise Harbison Holly Marlond Harrell Melona Tish Haynes Sally Jane Heliums Gracie Diane Hicks Winter Wren Hodges Hale Hooper III Stephen Donelson Howell Henry Thurmon Huffman Arthur E. Huggins, Jr. Gregory Patrick Husnik Richard Glenn Hurchinson, Jr. Reed B. Ingram Marsha D. Jackson Valorie Jaudon Alan Heningron Johnson Guy Jacobs Johnson III Lori Ann Johnson Mark V. Johnson Kathleen C. Keith Lea Anne King Deborah Marie Kloha Jeffrey L. Knort Kymble Lawrence Leigh Leslie Mary Yvonne Longsraff James R. McAuley Steele Hunter McCown Cooper A. Mclnrosh Elise Winter McKay Henry Earl McKay III William R. McLellan, Jr. Marilyn Marie McMillan Dolly Mah Cindy Carol Martin James Cal Mayo, Jr. Timothy Dean Meredith Dorothy Ellen Miller Damon Miguel Moore Barry Morgan Helen Elliott Morgan Michelle Morris Clare Francis Nelson Clyde Josephine Nelson James Darrell Nesmirh Merry Ann Nevins Dana Hall Patterson Valerie Ann Peters Ronald Henry Pierce Kirk Arenhold Porter Carol Elizabeth Pryor John Stewart Simpson III John Dovid Smith Kathleen Lois Nigbor Smith Michael Kevin Smith Perrin Nelson Smith, Jr. Susan Lorraine Stewart William Edward Stewart, Jr. Lori Elizabeth Stockstill Barbara Sloan Sfribling Patricia A. Thomasson Patrick Weston Thompson Rose Marie Thompson Tara Ann Tomlin Carolyn Louise Tyson Richard Wackerfuss Hugh W. Worren Sarah Elizabeth Watts . Richard White Sandra Gail Wilkinson Mamie Dunn Williams Jo Valencia Wong Lisa Montgomery Wood Alexander H. Young Robyn Mia Young Portia Lynn Zerillo Robert Howard Matthew Rhea Juan Jose Gamarro C. 316 Honors President: Joy Streer Vice-President: Johnny Su Secretory: Cheng-Seng Ng Treasurer: Frank Porker Editor: Kooi Sim Marshall: Mike Slaughter Faculty Advisor: Dr. Samuel L. DeLeeuw Dr. M. 5. Abdulrahman Nodim Aziz Adnon Basma Sawas Choralombides Michelle Gull Dr. Samuel L. DeLeeuw Abdallah EI-Khalil Abdulhokim Ghalayini Kokhong Goh Dr. Sohrab Gordji Chee Min Kan Felix Molina Ahmad Nemori Cheng-Seng Ng Davidson Ozodigwe Frank Parker Dr. S. N. Prasad John Richards Jeff Rish Cindy Ross Hussain Shakir Kooi Sim Mike Slaughter Dr. K. A. Stead Jay Street Johnny Su Chia-Chun Wu CHI EPSILON Chi Epsilon is o notional Civil Engineering Honor Society which has as its purpose the maintaining andpromoting of Civil Engineering as an ideal profession. The Ole Miss Chapter was founded in 1937 as the fourteenth in the notion and the first in the South. In order to be eligible, a student must be in the upper third of the junior or senior civil engineering class. Activities planned this year include providing tutoring for civil engineering students, organizing a review course for the Engineer-ln-Troining examination, field trips, honoring the outstanding freshman engineering students, honoring distinguished civil engineering alumni, and participation in the norionol Chi Epsilon Conclave in Pittsburgh. OFFICERS Phi Gamma Nu, a notional professional fraternity in the field of business, was found- ed February 17, 1924, ot Northwestern University and first incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois in the year 1927. Phi Gamma Nu Fraternity was organized to foster the study of business in colleges and universities: to uphold the interests of our Alma Maters through the encourage- ment of high scholarship participation in school activities, and the association of students for their mutual advancement; to promote professional competency and achievement in the field of business; and to further o high standard of commercial ethics and culture in civic and professional enterprises. Phi Gamma Nu consists of chapters instituted ot fully accredited universities, colleges and departments of business administration offering courses leading to recognized degrees. Those who have completed six semester hours of pre-business subjects in- cluding economics, retailing, management, political science, data processing, food monagement, etc., are eligible for membership. Paige Ames Alaine Anderson Julie Bell Kim Coldwell Teresa Cox Greg Cronin Patti Gentry Pom Irving Joan Morrison Mark Palmer Melanie Pierron Billy Price Aven Pruert Kristy Rankin Donna Ray Donna Sanders John Sherman Lynn Stewart Dan Pruert Geren Moore Richard L. Stives President: John Michael Sherman Vice-President: Lynn Alice Stewart Secretary: Aven Patricia Pruett Treasurer: William Newman Price, Jr. Editor: Mary Alaine Anderson Pledge Trainer: Donna Lorene Roy Advisor: Mrs. Janice Bounds PHI GAMMA NU BETA GAMMA SIGMA OFFICERS President: Ross E. Henley Vice-President: Solly Ann Kittel Foculty Advisor ond Secretary- Treasurer: E. Nolan Waller Kathy Ann Adams Aylmer Duford Atkins Mary Alaine Anderson James Martin Dlackwood Carlo Huston Bradley John Calvin Christian, Jr. Thomas Nicholas Collins Teresa Ann Cox Gene Ellis Crick, Jr. John F. England Clark Dole Fine Neal Irving Fowler David Mark Furr Rita Sue Gollihue Lantz E. Harvey Ross Eames Henley Dewitt T. Hicks Jennifer Kay Holmes Laura Ann Mize Kinney Sally Ann Kiffell James E. Knight, Jr. Francis Elizabeth McNair Lisa E. Mahorrey Debra S. Mason Joseph Collins Melton, Jr. JOdy Katharine Moore Martha Lynn Moore Meode Slater Myres Leslee Manon Palmer Barry Douglas Pope Kristy Delaine Rankin Donna Lorene Roy Danny Lamor Reed Roy Anne Reed Rodney Douglas Robinson Gorvin Sounders Sharp Louro Koy Smith Robert Coldwell Starnes Jeffrey W. Stewart Michael Brent Sullivan Ronald Garrett Taylor Susan Memory Thompson Mark Warren Van Doren Ronald P. Weaver Melissa Ann Whirehead Beta Gamma Sigma is a national scholastic honor society in the field of business ond administration. Beta Gamma Sigma chapters may be chartered only in those schools of business ond accountancy accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business. The University of Mississippi chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma was chartered in 1944. To be eligible for Beta Gamma Sigma membership, students must rank in the top five percent of the junior class, the top ten percent of the senior class, or in the fop twenty percent of those students receiving master ' s degrees. Students who have completed all requirements for the doc- toral degree conferred by a school of business or accountan- cy are also eligible for membership in Beta Gamma Sigma. The purposes of Beta Gamma Sigma are to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment among students of business administration, to promote the advance- ment of education in the art ond science of business, and to foster integrity in the conduct of business operations. ' . ' : tart Ma Pen Mo De: Don h: Ma 316 Honors RHO LAMBDA President: Emily Colbert Vice-president: Mory Roberts Secretory: Louro Champion Treasurer: Donna Ray Debbie Adams Allison Balducci Jenny Brire Julie Butler Laura Champion Robin Cochran Christy Colbert Emily Ann Colbert Kelly Colingo Elizabeth Cooke Goil Crosthwoit Dora Dearon Mortha Derryberry Perry Eaton Mary Lotto Fowlkes Kathryn Green Marilyn Gunrer Peri Hallberg Mary Nelle Hanson Debbie Howorth Donna Heern Stephanie Hester Mary Melonie Hixon Kimberly Hogon Patricia Humphreys Ginger Kitchens Danelle Logo Gwendolyn LoNasa Erin McCarthy Elizabeth Merrell Mirtie Miles Rito Neitz Julie Nolen Anna M. Norwood Beth Parkin Christy Parry Lynn Perrie Devra Porter Leiso Posey Kristy Rankin Donna Roy Roy Ann Reed Trina Riley Mary Elizabeth Roberts Lindy Root Carolyn Smith Kendall Smith Laura Smith Becky Smitheal Shelly Stewart Karen Tarburton Susan Thompson Beverly Turner Stacy Tyner Ginny Walker Sharon Walker Lindy Walkers Julia Wilson Suson Yandell Suzanne Yeoger Rho Lambda, the Notional Ponehllenic Recognition Society, honors those women within Panhellenic who have been outstanding in the display of demonstrated leadership . ability and loyalty to Panhellenic and to their sorority. Only active members in their Junior or Senior years are eligible. An overall overage of 2.3 is required for membership. A moximum number of members to be elected in any year is 10% of the total Panhellenic membership. ORDER OF OMEGA OFFICERS Order of Omega, notional honorary for outstanding Greeks, was founded at the University of Pittsburgh in 1957. The University of Mississippi ' s Omego Theta Chapter of Order of Omega was founded 1968 but was reactivated in the spring of 1976 under the direction of David Halle. The organization exists to recognize those fraternity men who have attained a high standard of leadership in interfraternity ac- tivities, to encourage them to continue to strive toward excellence, and to inspire others to work for similar conspicuous attainment. Working closely with the Interfraternity Council, the Order of Omego brings Greek Faculty, alumni, and student members together on a basis of mutOal interest, understanding and helpfulness. During any one year, the Order of Omega is limited by its constitu- tion to pledging no more than three percent of the total number of regularly enrolled full-time undergraduate fraternity men. Order of Omega rush is conducted during the foil and spring with each fraterni- ty being allowed to nominate rushees from its active membership. President: Ron Veazey Vice-president: Neel Gammill Treasurer: Denjy Bailey Secretary: David Jones Social Chairman: Robert Phillips C-e MEMBERS Christopher Covazos Bela J. Chain John Calvin Chrisrran Robert A. Coffin Joel Benjamin Cunningham Mark Dove Bill Ellison Ramey Falkner James Larry Grantham Christopher Halliwell Eames Henley Ross Clifon Johnson Geoffrey Mavar Mike Morgan Garnet Andrew Murphy Edwin Tye Neilson Halbert Philip Neilson Tucker Olander David Rogers Oby Rogers Charles Frederick Slovens Harry Humphrey Smith Rob Sfarnes John Wagster Paul Jeffrey Warden John H. Webb Harvey Banks Wright David Eugene Young Mike Borne Wayne Clark John Dobb William Douglas Joson Eklund Greg Ellsron John England Jerry Gentry Tal Hicks Gary Jefferson Joe Maxwell Paul Milner Steve Pilgrim Larry Pitman Bill Smallwood Ron Taylor Fred Tull Al Williams Martin Womack Joe Bogdahn 320 Honors OFFICERS President: Toni Bernheim Vice-President: Trocey Tolleson Secretory: Jennifer Holmes Treasurer: Kimberly Ann Murphy Sergeonr-At-Arms: Beth Tracy Mario Bognordi Karhryn Breelond Donno Brolick Becky Brown Ellen Fox Cheryl Gibbs Poula Groves Romona Hale Frances Hall MEMBERS Liso Heaborg Sherry Herbert Susan Hogendobler Melissa . Lambert Karen McConn Sandra Moffar Paula Phillips Sondi Schmutz Michelle Yoeger TAU BETA SIGMA Tou Beta Sigma is a notional bond sorority for women, which was formed in 1947 to parallel Kappa Kappa Psi. The Ole Miss chapter. Beta Tau, was rechorrered in 1978 and has since been a tremendous asset to rhe band program. OFFICERS President: Dean Flessas Vice-president: Steve Clark TreosOrer. Barry Morehead Recording Secretory: Joy McArthur Corresponding Secretary: Tony Dubose Parliamentarian: Jeff Knott Historian: Bill Sartor, Jr. MEMBERS Jimmy Allen Rex Bonks Bill Blockmorr Sheridan Boyd Greg Bridges Robert Bryonr Johnny Burns Jeff Collowoy Don Cox. Jr. Michael Cravens Ryssell Currey Phil deVeer Tony Dubose Eony Edwards Scort Enochs Bobby Evans Jomie Finch John Fins Dean Flessas Mark Fletcher Scon Gill Marshall Griffin Brett Guin Mark Holmes Greg Horner Jeff Hubocek Honk Huffman Cowan Hunter Alon Johnson Joe King Jeff Knon Chris McArthur Joy McArrhur Eddie McDoniel Lester McKinney Keith Moffor Barry Moreheod Randy Pee Andy Pierce John Reeves Andy Sanders Butch Sanders Bill Sortor. Jr Don Yoncey Kappa Koppo Psi is a national men ' s band fraternity dedicated to service of the University ' s band programs. Chartered in 1948, Beta Beta Chapter has served rhe Ole Miss band with ser- vices like field preparations, musicol functions and social events. Membership is open to selected bandsmen. KAPPA KAPPA PSI BETA PI OFFICERS President: Frank Lacy Vice-president: Jeffery Johnson Recording secretory: Willie Prince Corresponding secretory: Dill Lehr Treasurer: Greg Sisk Cataloguer: Derek Higginborhom Faculty Advisor: Damon Wall Tou Beta Pi, a national engineering honor society, was founded in 1885 to recognize students of superior scholarship and outstan- ding character in all fields of engineering. Since the establishment of the first chapter of Lehigh University in 1885, Tau Beta Pi has grown to 185 chapters located throughout the country. The Mississippi Beta Chapter, founded on March 15, 1969, is one of two chapters located in the state of Mississippi. Membership is by invitation. A senior must be in the top fifth of his engineering class or a junior in the top eighth of his class. A candidate must show exemplary character, personal integrity, breadth of interest both inside and outside engineering, adaptability and unselfish activity. MEMBERS William Barrack John Boswell Michael Cunavelis Derek Higginborham Jeffery Johnson Frank Lacy Bill Lehr William Lesley Frank Parker Willie Prince Gregory Sisk Rory Sneed Danny Whirtington Julio Wilson Daisy Wong Carl Arnold Serce Bakhos Perry Fath Laura Hrebnar Ivan Molina Cheng-Seng Ng Gay Pitts James Sanders Kin Peng Sin Jay Street Earl Wheeler Scott Wittchen 322 Honors Deboroh L Adams Morcio L Adorns Robbie Adorns Sharon Alfred Detxa AHen CoH Arnold Jr Kelly Ann ThomosJ Doiley Karhy Bam Deoise Borbiero Karen Botbtero Emily Barnes DOVKJ Thomas Bai Charles L Beormon Trocey Beostey Judy Beouregord Bobby Gene Bennett Jr Jomes Mtchoel Bennett Robert Bertok i Elizabeth Oevill Bethanye Braswell Frances Broswell Mary Drowning Lesite IVyoni III Oethony Buckley Jonice Buskirk Muzi Butler Susan Cohoon Gkxtwin Keith Corpenter De Anne CorroH MorkS Choney Mork Chnsiion Jeffrey Dirtey Jock Donaldson Jr Kenneth Dotson Thomos Dnscofl Sruort Easterly Talitho Edwards Kimberly Ford Jone Foster Solite Anne Foster Norobe Freese Jennifer Funkhouser Debra Gornry Abdulhokim Ghotayini Elaine Gnn M.choe) Gtodney Korhryn Gf een Loune Greshom Undo Gunner Martha Hare Mildred Horns Lonrz Harvey Iim Hoynes EluobeihC Hoyes DonnoHeern Leslie Hinkle Vtfgmto Hoffman DophneHogon Joy Defh HoHey GohKoKHong Mory Elizabeth House SomHowetl Andrew Hume Louro Hrebenar Pomelo kving Kenron Mork Johnson MOT? ho Johnson Phil Jones JOyKeHer SruortKruger Kay Lawrence Jon Levy Lizoberh Locke Mononne Long Fronk Love Corto Luther BethMcGeHon Sheita McCoy Russel McDontel W,Hiom R McLeHon Jr CorolS McMillen Pom Mogee Lisa Mohor rey JohnMorshoM Annie Mason Dono Moynor Jooe Megenee Jason MiUer Joe Rhert Mitchell Cor otyn Kim Moore Michael Lone Moore Ehzoberh Murray Julie Nocke Edwin Neitson III Bryonr Poote Leiso Posey DonnoL Roy Vioto Regan Ginger Richardson Lynda Rutherford MoH? Slaughter Marion Johnson William Johnson Rosemary Keebter Rhoncta Little MikeMcCouley Lisa McGregor Brooks McRee Gkxia Momn Beverly Moore Loura Morris Mrs Bitty Morrow Annette Morton RichordReid Lynn Stewart Rebecca Snne Kothi Wore Troe Winston Roye Ann Dickerson Jon Ftsher Down Dump Krfby Moore BtflSmoUwood Williom Sronford Poul Warden Dorboro Worenom CassiJoWeNs Sherry Whiteheod Tommy Whiteheod Brett Wiiioms Morgoret Wiikxns Denrse Wing Trocey Wright Uso Anderson Jennt Ansorge Bertho Baker Jim Barber Porky Dorron Borbora Bowen Schuyler Droddock RiceOyors Cunger Corr Mtchele Carter Louro Champion Denise Ckoro Jeff Cote Leo D Gray Rhuel R Ockinson RochelDobbs MarlmOuff Robin Duncan Regino Erchelbefgef Terri Ford Tino Harris EsroHerdd Alex Hunt GAMMA BETA PHI President: J. J. Drown Vice-President: Rita Folse Secretory: Jenni Ansorge Treasurer: Robin Young Projects Chairman: Billy McLellan Publicity Chairman: Jeanne McGinley Induction Chairman: Stuart Kruger Scrapbook Editor: Sherri Jernigan Gamma Beta Phi is a scholastically oriented honor society for college and university students. The objec- tives of this organization are to recognize and en- courage excellence in education, to promote the development of leadership abilities, and to develop outstanding character in its members. OFFICERS President: Patricia Thomas Vice-president: Michelle Frukholm Secretary: Bethany Buckly Treasurer: Becky Brady Reporter: Vicki Kennedy MEMBERS Sherie Hendricks Marti Tate Prebble Wilkinson Peggy Woodley Kappa Omicron Phi is a professional fraternity organized to further the best interests of Home Economics. The goal has been achieved through programm- ing of community activities that con- tribute services as well as leader- ship professional development oppor- tunities and through recognition and en- couragement of scholastic excellence. KAPPA OMICRON PHI 1983 TEACHER OF THE YEAR DR. J. RONALD BARTLETT PROFESSOR OF MODERN LANGUAGE Dr. J. Ronald Barrleff, professor of modern languages, is the 1983 recipient of rhe Outstanding Teacher Award at The Univer- sity of Mississippi. Dr. Bartlett received rhe award and a $1,000 check from Ole Miss Chancellor Porter L. Fortune, Jr. during Honors Day ceremonies Thursday, April 7. Dr. Bartlett ' s name will be engraved on a plaque which is displayed in rhe Chancellor ' s of- fice and lists previous recipients of rhe award. Nominations for Outstanding Teacher are made by alumni, current students and faculty, with final selection by a commit- tee of former recipients. The 1982 award went to William M. Champion, professor of law. Dr. Bartlett, a native of Price, Utah, joined the Ole Miss faculty in 1970 as an associate professor of modern languages. Before conning to Ole Miss, he served on the faculty of Weber State College, Brigham Young University, and University of Utah. He was a visiting professor of German at Rust College in 1970-71. A specialist in German literature, Dr. Bartlett received the bachelor and master ' s degrees in German language and literature from the University of Utah, and received rhe doctoral degree in German literature from Brigham Young University in 1969. Dr. Barflert is a member of the American Association of Teachers of German, Mississippi Foreign Language Association, South Central Modern Language Association, The Association of Mormon Letters, Poetry Society of Tennessee, Mississippi Poetry Society and Oxford Madrigal Society. He is married to Beth Pattillo Bortlert, a library assistant in the J. D. Williams Library at The University of Mississippi. The Barrlerts have two children, Brett Ronald, 20, and Kip Aaron, 18. TAYLOR MEDALS Dersy Aron William D. Denney D. Emily H. Force Diane M. Hampton Kenney M. Hanks James E. Knighr Jr. Sracey E. Tyner Douglas L. Hill Laura J. Hrebenor Joe F. Lacey III William C. Lehr Carolyn J. McKay Randi Lyn Rarcliff Michael G. Mercalfe Mary K. Murray Joseph L. Prarr John M. Schwab Peggy L. Seid Daniel E. Smith Shelly V. Stewart Sara A. Struwe Curriculum and Instruction Liberal Arts Education Social Work Business Administration Business Administration Business Administration Physics Chemical Engineering Electrical Engineering Geology Geological Engineering Accountancy Accountancy Engineering Home Economics Biology Chemistry Pharmacy Premedical Area Psychology Political Science The Taylor Medal program ar The University of Mississippi was established in June of 1904 by Dr. William T. Taylor of Booneville, Mississippi, in memory of his son, Marcus Elvis Taylor, who died soon after graduation from Ole Miss. Established to recognize and encourage meritorious scholar- ship and scholastic achievement, the Taylor Medal and Taylor Medal Citation are the Univer- sity ' s highest academic honors. Taylor Medal Citations are awarded to students who have already received a Taylor Medal in recognition of achievements during their junior year. Each year a faculty commit- tee selects those students deser- ving of recognition from those nominated by the participating divisions of the University. Some 40 students were awarded medals or citations for 1983. TAYLOR MEDAL CITATIONS Karen Camp Elizabeth Carsten Angela Clark Elizabeth Cutler Brian L. Davis Jean E. Ezell Timothy Ferris Cheri Green Lantz E. Harvey Thomas 5. Guyron A. Camille Henick Barbara J. Howell Vicki C. Morris Alan W. Partin Robert E. Schmieg Patricia L. Wall Judy L. Waller Pharmacy Computer Science Journalism Education Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Electrical Engineering Business Administration Business Administration Physics English Curriculum and Instruction Art Chemistry Mathematics Engineering Accountancy 111111 OFFICERS: OMICRON DELTA KAPPA President: Paul Dennett Milner Vice-President: Devra Porter Treasurer: Shelly Stewart Secretary: Jay Shirley Faculty Secretary: Dr. James Jones Voting Faculty Member: Dr. Donald Moak Voting Faculty Member: Mr. H. E. Perry to V: la tic to Ct Re Mo c repr OfXJ nw M Five 326 Honors MEMBERS Deborah Lee Adorns Aylmer Duford Arkins Benjamin Thomas Bailey Bobby Gene Bennett Toni Jill Berrolet Schuyler Jackson Broddock Laura Ruth Champion Robin Crane Cochran Van Phillip East Jen Perry Eaton Michael L. Edmonds Stephen Paul Epperson Elizabeth Irene Ferguson Anthony Luther Farese Margaret Ellen Gaddis Jerry Gentry, III Alonzo George Moore Harmon James Lawson Hester Dewitt Talmodge Hicks, III Robert Anthony Hill Mary Melanie Hixon Kimberly Ann Hogon Sai Ireland Bobby Johnson Kenton Mark Johnson Samuel Clayton Kelly Sally Ann Kittell James Edward Knight Paul Benjamin Landess Benjamin Mel Logan Mark William Maffet Regan Adonis Mason Joseph Lamor Maxwell Michael Hunter McGee Carolyn McKay Janet Dixon McMurtray Martha Lynn Moore Garnett Andrew Murphy Barry Douglas Pope Devra Kay Porter Donna Lorene Ray James Stevenson Ray Joseph Norwood Redhead, Jr. Rodney Richardson David Mark Rogers William Douglas Sanford Robert Eugene Schmieg, Jr. J. C. Shirley William Douglas Sanford William Carter Smallwood, III Laura Kay Smith Rebecca Lee Smitheal Robert Caldwell Starnes Shelly Stewart Ronald Gorrert Taylor Melissa Sherill Thompson Srocey Tyner John Samuel Wagsrer Virginia Lee Walker Mary Ann Wamble Harvey Banks Wright Mark Warren Van Doren Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership honor society which maintains that representatives in all phases of college life should cooperate in worthwhile endeavors, and that outstanding students, faculty and administrators should meet on a basis of mutual interest, understanding and helpfulness. Members are chosen for their leadership contributions and scholastic achievement. Five areas offer the criteria for the evaluation of prospective members: scholarship, athletics, social and student body activities, publications, and the arts. Abel, Jerry R , Duck Hill. MS: Bus.; ATO Abraham, Moggie: Vicksburg. MS, Bus.; KKr Adorns, Kent; Yazoo City, MS; Bus.; SAE Adams, Monique. Shreveport, LA; Educ.: KKP Adkins. William B. Memphis, TN- Ub Am I1KA Afemon, Anne; Boron Rouge LA Ub Arts- Xfl Ahers. Amy M. : Memphis. TN: Lib. Am; KA Akin. Malcolm K : Sourhoven, MS; Accy. Alford, Sreven R.; Ackerman, MS; Lib Arts Allen, Angela; Yozoo City. MS: Lib Arts Aon Allen, Betsy; Laurel, MS; Lib. Arts; KA Allen. Margaret A : Metoirie, LA: Lib. Am. AT Almond, Jeff D.; Eustis. FL; Lib Arts, A6 Alston, Jon, Sollis, MS; Accy. Ambrose, Pomelo D.; Verona, MS, Bus Anderson, Sylvio A.; French Comp. MS: Eng. Anrwine, Harold M.; Jockson MS- Lib Arts- IIKA Archer. Down: Jackson. MS; Bus.: AOI1 Arnold. Lon E.: Modison. IL; Eng. Arpecheo. Katherine M . Oxford, MS; Bus. Ashford, Andrew K. Germontown, TN; Lib. ArtS:KA Ashley. William E ; Sibley. MS: Lib Arts Austin. Kimberly K ; Botesville. MS; Lib. Arts: KKP Bodeoux, Tim, Covington. LA; Bus.; ZX FRESHMEN Bohner, M.. Signal Mountain. TN; Ub. Am Bailey. Debby L.; Wlnono. MS; Ub. Am- AOH Bailey. John C : Oak Brook. IL; Lib Am Bailey, John 0.: Boresville MS Ub Arts IIKA Baker Jodie: San Angela, TX; Bus.: KKT Bollard. Billy M.; Winono. MS: Eng. Bollard. Leslie. Hernando. MS; Bus.; AAA f3anks. Rex D.. Gulfport, MS: Bus.; KK Borfleld, Willlom G.; Jockson. MS; Eng.; ZAE Barker, Tommy P.; Florence, MS; Ub. Arts Barlow, Michael S : Hetnondo, MS; Accy. Bornett, Somontha; Jockson, MS; Bus. Botrentine. Shelto G ; Winono. MS; Lib. Arts Barrett. Andrew F.. Mendenhall MS- Ub Am. KT Borshlnger. Jeffrey A. .Sourhoven MS- Ub Arts Bauer, Ty; Shorpsville. IN; Phorm. Beard. Jomes H . Hickory Flot, MS; Bus. Beard, John B : Jockson. MS, Accy. Beovets. Melissa C.; Corriere, MS; Lib. Arts Beazley. Melanie, Forrest City, AR. Eng Belk, Jennifer; Kosciusko, MS, Educ.; KA Bennerr. Dalian L; Olive Branch. MS. Bus. Benron. Shyrell D., Kosciusko, MS; Eng. Biggs. John G ; Jockson. MS; Ub. Arts; A Bingler. Jomes W : Johnsrown, PA; Lib Arts Bishop. Kimberly A : Manchester MO- Bus Aon Bishop, Leslie L.. Sourhaven. MS; Ub. Arts Blockmorr. William A.; Oxford. MS. Lib. Arts Blair. Mary; Laurel. MS; Phorm.; Xfl Blonkenship, Nathan R.; Elaine, AR. Eng. Boarwrighr. Renee: Pontotoc MS Bus - Aon Boarwright. Steven L; Millington TN; Phorm.: ZN 330 Classes 1 ! Bobo Charles R .. Chiton. MS. Bus : ATQ Bohnstedi. Anno M_: Florence. AL: Bus; tea Bonhom. Alison; Donas TX: Ub AITS Booth Amity; Dallas TX: Bus.: KKT Bowdre. John F.. Hernondo. MS; Phorm Bowen Donna C Euporo. MS. Ub. Am. M Bowers. Mefeso R Greenwood. MS: Eng : AOH Bowie Vondo K . Ackermon. MS; Bus : OH Boyce Margoret E Bay St Louis. MS: Ub. Am Boyd. Kimbetty M ; Voter Votey. MS: Bus : AAH Brocey Stocey L : Pembroke. KY: Eng Brododford Joseph P : Dyersburg. TN. Ub. Am ATQ Brodhxd. Leigh A ; Baton Rouge. LA: Ub Am Btodtey. Ekzobeth A : Pensocoto. a : Bus : HH Bronham Mary A Gatottn. TN: Lib Am: U Btosheor Keny B : Jackson MS: Lib Am Btoswell Christy M : Oxfofd MS: Ub Am Btaswe Roy B . Jackson, MS: Accy : OKA Breord Cynttiio G : Gterxxto MS: Ub Am Bteetond Kartvyn G Jackson. MS; Lib Am Brigtsen. Norman C.:Coftervifle. TN; Bus BritTingham. Jon D.: Germontown. TN; Bus Broom. Robert P : Compbel MO: Accy.: A Btower. John D : Vinono MS: Accy : A FRESHMEN Katherine. Vienna. VA. Ub Am Maggie Oxford MS: Bus . XQ Mark A.: wcnet Votey. MS Accy Nodine E ; Gtetno LA: Lib Am Patrick K : Natchez MS: Eng Karia: Tupelo. MS: Bus Setwyn J ; Noshvile, TN: Ub Am Ekzobeth D.: Dumam. NO Educ : Bufotd. ManhoJ: Oxford. MS: Lib Am Butock. Angela D : Hotriesburg. MS. Ub. Am Bunrin. Meksso D : Baresve. MS: Pharm Bunrin. Robert R : Datesve MS: Bus : BSD Burden. Brodey D . Greenwood. MS: Aory Burford. Chris: Gteenvile. MS: Bus : SX Burken. Barbara: Oxford. MS: Ub Am. ZTA Bumen. Jomes F; Memphis. TN: Bus : A8 Burnerte Freddo L : Tunico. MS. Ub Am Bums, John B ; Brookhoven, MS: Ub Am: A Burress Gregory A.. Voter Valey. MS. Eng; ATQ Busby Mickey L : Oxford. MS: Bus Buse Lori A ; Netrleton. MS: Educ Bush. Susan; Jackson. MS: Educ AAA Burler. Jerry D ; Vlnona. MS: Accy Butler, Lisa G : Tiplersvie. MS: Lib. Am Byors Korhy Oxford. MS; Ub Am: AAII Byers AHson: Opeiousos. LA; Lib Am: KA6 Colvert. Coron L .: Tequesta. FL; Ub Am: Aon Company. Craig Y . Shelby. MS: Accy : KA Coperton. Trocey: Nashvile TN: Ub. Arts; no Carlisle Charles A . Voter Valey. MS: Ub. Am Carmody, Josephine: Shreveport. LA: Ub. Am:KKP Comes. Lady J : Eliott. MS. Ub Am Classes 331 Corpenrer, James, Jackson, MS: Bus,; TAB Corsren Allison, Memphis, TN; Lib. Arts: KAB Coruthers. James K ; Memphis. TN; Bus., OKA Coruthers Mory E : Oakland, MS. Lib. Arts Casey, Shannon; Dallas, TX; Lib Arts Cassidy. Lois T ; Clarendon Hills. IL. Educ. Carhey, Frances G,; Memphis, TN: Educ.; ZTA Caro, Hal G : Nashville, TN; Lib. Arts; A9 Coves, Tracy. Laurel, MS: Lib. Arts; AAA Chain. Thomas S.: Oxford. MS: Bus. Chopa. Santiago; Houston, TX; Lib. Arts Chesser. Scott; Storkville. MS; Eng.; I1KA Chien, Nancy Y.; Oxford, MS; Lib Arts Chrestmon, Susan L ; Clarksdole. MS; Bus , A -in Christian Robert B. West Point, MS; Accy.; BM Clark, Lena M , Pearl. MS. Educ. Clark. Robert E. : Mooreheod, MS: Accy. Clayborn, Debbie; Holly Springs, MS; Bus. Clements, Beth; Tupelo, MS; Bus.; KA8 Cleveland. Tim A.; Columbia. TN; Lib. Arts. K Coghtan, Eunice K., Pelahotchie. MS; Ub. Arts Cole. David K : Hanson, KY; Lib. Arts; KT Cole, Lisa L. Hughes, AR; Ub, Arts: KB Colemon, Edwin A.; Ackerman, MS: Accy. FRESHMEN Collins. Kevin U; Grenada. MS. Eng. Colotra. Terry A.; Indianokx MS; Lib. Arts Colquett. Jason: Schlater, MS. Bus ; A8 Compton, William J.; Sardis. MS; Eng. Conroy. Johnorhan; Oxford. MS: Eng. Conwill. Dixie L ; Netlleton. MS; Educ.. A AI1 Cook. Deborah W ; Grenada. MS; Accy. Cook, Thomas W. ; Oxford, MS; Accy.; ATO Cook. Todd A ; FPO. NY; Eng Coon. Kim; Jodaon. MS. Bus : X8 Cooper, Elizabeth L,; Tunko. MS; Eng. Cooper, Lisa C; Potts Comp. MS; Bus. Corrigon. Erin; Meridian. MS: Accy.: KAO Cossor. Toy. Jackson. MS; Lib. Arts; AAA Courtney, Alma T.; Florence, MS; Bus.; AOI1 Courtney. Sharon P.; Sumrall. MS; Lib. AtTS: BM Cox. Com; Jackson. MS; Bus.: AT Cox. Stocey 5.; Oxford. MS; Bus ; ZTA Cox. Whitney T : Hinsook?, IL; Lib Arts Craven. James. ABE Crawford. Goldo E.; Kosciusko, MS; Accy. Crocker, Pafrkio A.: Coffeeville, MS: Accy. Crofford, James L.; Rison. AR; Accy. Cross, James; Ooklond, MS: Lib Am Cunningham, Stephanie L : Brenrwood. TN; Accy;nB Cunningham. Suzanne T . Horn Lake. MS: Bus. Currey, Charles R.: Memphis. TN; Bus.; KA Curtis, Nora C,; Horn Lake, MS; Bus.: AAI1 Dovis. Ann P ; St. Petersburg, FL: Ub. Arts: BM Davis, Emily P : Memphis, TN, Lib. Arts Dovis. Jeffrey D. : Nashville. TN: Lib. Arts; AE Davis. Jonathan S ; Tupelo, MS; Bus. 332 Classes $ DowMns. Cora: Horiesbura. MS. Ub Am: Ooy, Cord A.: Gunntson. MS: Ub. Am: XB Doyton. MJchete S : Oxford. MS: Ub Am: ua DeGroot Scon: Corinth. MS: Eng : K Dehmer. Joseph T;Jockson. MS: Eng: TX Drtste Stelo L. Porrageve. MO: Phorm. Deneko. David A : MJBngron. TN : Bus ; +KT DerJey Derek M : Grenada MS: Bus.: ATU Desonris Robert A : Laurel. MS: Ub. Am: ATQ Dessouer . Patrick T. : Covtogtan. LA: Bus.: AKE Deveteaux. Cheryl D : Coldwatet. MS: Pharm. Dickey. Regina L : Vote Voley. MS: Ub. Am Dickey. Travis D.: Datas. TX: Bus. Dickey. Wiliom T : Pom Camp. MS; Ub Am Dixon. Bruce V : Olive Branch. MS: Bus Ducon. Vickie 5 : Pomoroc MS: Ub Am Dobbs, James H Boktwyn. MS: Bus Dodd. Bobbie G : SurAower. MS: Pharm Dodd. Edward F . Vinona. MS: Ub Am Doddridge. VBom K. : Olive Branch. MS. Ub. Am DonaWsoo. Bradford L Long Beoch. MS: Ub Arts: K Dorizas. Irene A : Oxford. MS: Ub. Am Dory. Margaret G: Jackson. MS: Educ Downey. Stephanie: Cope Giraroeou. MO: Ub Am HM FRESHMEh Drone. Mary C: Orlando. FL Educ.: KKT Dudey. Chormo: Long Beach. MS: Ub. Am. AT Dunoway. Gregory L; Carrolron. MS: Phorm. Duncan, Dano L: Tupelo. MS: Bus Duncan. Tracy D.: Brythevte, AR: Ub. Am Dunlap. DeOe: Ridgery , TN: Bus.: XQ Dunlop. GaryT.: Hemando. MS: Ub. Am Duntap. Vom G : Memphis. TN: Bus. Dunn Tommy D : Greenwood. MS: Phorm. Eosrndge. Lisa M. Enid. MS: Bus. Edwards. Clyde B : Canton. MS: Bus. Edwards. Karrina M : Sldel. LA Educ. Edwards. Kim: Gutport. MS: Ub. Am: KA Eggers. Todd. Monchester. MO Bus. Eleurenus. AJbon: Bossier Qry, LA: Ub. Am EKs. Bryan K.; Cortonrown. TN: Eng.: X England. Ann E : Jackson. MS: Bus IM Enochs. Scon E Jackson. MS: Ub. Arts: KA+ Ertbocher. Korhryn: Cope Girordeou. MO: Ub Am HB Esen. Stephanie L: Pascogouto. MS: Bus.: AAn Erhehdge. Somonio L: Port Gibson. MS: Ub. Am: AAH Evans. Demerrio L: Soumaven. MS: Ub. Am Evans. Nna C: Voter Voley. MS; Ub. Am Feb. Caroline D.: Foyerte MS; Bus. Ferguson, James M : Sourhoven. MS: Ub. Am.KA FBchio. Carolyn: Boca Raton. FL Educ. Finch. James R.; Trenton. TN: Ub. Am Fischer. Mchete A.: Ft Lauderdale. FL- Ub. Am FIB ntch. Uso j : Holy Springs. MS: Bus ; AT Fleming. James D.: Meridon. MS; Ub. Arts: sen Fletcher. Leslie R.: tndonota, MS; Ub Arts: KA Fletcher Mark K ; HomJton, VA: Eng. Oasses 333 Fletcher. William S., Sordis. MS; Lib. Arts; KT Floyd, Sharon T : Vlcksburg, MS; Lib. Arts Fondren, Cindy C.; Mothiston, MS, Bus. Foo, Siong; Singapore; Bus. Ford, Marjorie E.; Woter Valley, MS; Lib. Arts. AOIl Forrest, Lawonno M ; Winono. MS, Accy. Foster, Jill A., Tupelo, MS; Bus.; HB Fox. Chris N. ; Germantown, TN, Bus.; HOT Fox, Deborah D.: Kosciusko. MS: Bus. Fox. Leilo E.: Hottiesburg. MS; Lib. Arts Foy, Croig M.. Fort Worth. TX: Bus.; 2AE Frotesi, Lisa; Lelond. MS; Lib. Arts; M Frotesi. Mark; Lelond, MS; Bus.; A6 Frotesi, Terre J ; Morion. AR; Lib. Arts Frazier. Jeffrey T : Gulfport. MS, Lib. Arts Freeman, Richard W. : New Orleans, LA; BUS ; X Freemyer. Emily A.; Helena, AR: Educ.; KA8 Fridge, Joanna; Mobile, AL; Lib. Arts; KA Frlerson, Tino L.: Oxford, MS; Bus. Gage, William M., Port Gibson, MS; Bus.; KA Galbroith. Howard E.; Moitlond. FL; Bus.. ZN Galloway, William S.; Brandon, MS: Lib. Arts;2N Golvln, Sean J.; Hinsdole, IL; Lib. Arts Gonn, Lorrle: Memphis. TN; Lib. Arts: KKF FRESHMEN Garland, Sherl L.; Smithton, IL; Lib. Arts; ZTA Garner. Stephen R . St. Louis. MO; Lib. Arts; B8II Gorren. Ephraim S.; Goutier. MS; Lib. Arts Garrison, Shirlyn; Lake Cormorant, MS: Eng. Goudln. Olfford; Day 5t Louis. MS: Accy.; X Gerold, James A ; Vlcksburg, MS; Eng. Germany, Karen L .; Long Beoch, MS; Phorm .; ZTA Gillesple. Uso R.; Memphis, TN: Lib. Arts Gillls. Shown : Jackson. MS: Ub. Arts Gllmore. Trocey; Slkeston, MO: Accy ; Xfl Gllvory. Toro A.; University. MS: Ub. Arts Glover. Tinnie M ; Holly Springs. MS; Eng. Good. Kenneth D.; Columbus, MS: Lib Arts; sen Gooden. Rondo M ; Oorksdote. MS: Lib. Arts Goodman, Rosolyn M ; Oxford. MS; Phorm.; ZTA Gordon. Leslie T ; Tupelo. MS: Educ: XO Gordon. Robert L ; McCool. MS, Eng. Gordon. Tina A.; Colhoun City. MS; Lib. Arts Gould. Korhryn K.; Monlicelto, MS; Bus.; AT Gower, Elaine; Hernondo. MS; Lib Arts Graham, Julia L.; Vienna, VA; Eng.; AOH Gramling. Robert E , Indionota, MS; Lib. Arts Gronthom. Joel C: Vlcksburg, MS; Lib. Am Gray, Modelyn; Drooksville, MS; Bus ; AT Gray. Rubel E.; Vlcksburg. MS: Ub. Arts Green, Carson M.; Nashville. TN; Lib. Arts Gregory. Ammo; J . MS; Bus.. KKF Gremillion. Holly A.; Brenrwood. TN; Bus.; AT Gressett, Alicia C.; Kosciusko. MS: Lib. Arts Gressert. Morcus F.; Kosciusko. MS; Bus. Gritting. Kim; Jackson. MS: Lib. Arts; AAA Grishom, Tonya A.; Oxford, MS; Lib. Arts 334 Classes i i Gurley. James M., Morhiston. MS: Lib. Arts Gurtery, tyndo K : Memphis. TN; Dos. Gwin. Christopher G.; Greenwood. M5: Bus. Hobig, Douglas K.: Woodville. MS: Lib. Arts. K Holtord, Lisa M : Memphis. TN: Lib. Arts: KA Honnon. Williom K.. Jockson. MS: Bus.: 2X Hordin. Lisoberh L ; Winter Pork, FL. Accy. Hording. Charles D : Soothoven. MS: Dus. Horrell. Mkhoel P.: Hottiesburg. MS: Bus.: ZN Horrelson. Suson A . Calhoun City. MS: Dus. Harrison. Scott E . Jockson, MS: Lib. Arts Howtey. Lisa M.: Drandon, MS: Eng. Hayes. Thomas S : Qorksdole. MS: Bus.: 2AE Hoymon, Tereso C.: Jockson. MS; Phorm. Hoys. James C : Jockson. MS; Lib Arts. A9 Hays. Susan. Sordis. MS: Lib. Arts: Xfl Hazlewood. Vonito B.. Winona, MS: Lib. Arts: AT Heflin, Suzanne; Forest. MS: Educ.; M Hegner. Ruth; Gulfport. MS: Educ.: KKT Heiskell. Margaret Sumner. MS: Dus. Hemphill. Robbie 0.: Wlnono, MS; Dus. Henderson. John W. : Tchuta. MS; Ub. Arts Henley. Cynthia L.: Aberdeen, MS; Accy. Herman. Cindy; Gulfport, MS; Bus.; KA FRESHMEN Herrick. Sophk) M.. Opeliko. AL: Lib Arts: ZTA Herring. Robert H.: Memphis. TN: Accy. Higgins. Kim R.; Forrest Oty, AP : Ub. Arts; KKF Hill. Jone A.; Greenville, MS; Lib. Arts Hilton. Kristine: Jockson. MS: Bus. Hogendobler. Suson E.. Vllto Ridge. IL; Ub. Arts Holmes. Charles T.. Duck Hill. MS: Eng. Holmes. John M.. Henderson. TN; Accy.; A Holmes. Julie; Germamown. TN; Educ.: KA Hood, Toni M.; Yazoo Oty. MS. Ub. Arts: AAn Hopper. Corinne: Woltholl. MS: Ub. Arts: W Horn, Clint Greenville. MS; Bus.; ZAE Honon. Nancy. Shreveport. LA. Lib Arts: AT House. Stephen E.; Sordis. MS: Lib. Arts Howard. Goil: Coita. MS; Ub. Arts Howard. Louro E.; Morion. AR: Educ.: AAII Hoyt. Lynerte; Grenada. MS: Ub Arts; IIB Hubocek. Lawrence J.: Polos Heights. IL: Ub Arts: KA Hugglns. Christopher K.; Greenwood. MS: Ub. Arts Hunt. Felicia A , luko. MS: Lib Arts Kyde. Suson; Jockson. MS: Accy . KA bom. Victor: Sunflower. MS: Accy. Ivy, P.oseontonio: Holly Springs, MS: Ub. Arts Jockson, Kermit K.; Gulfport. MS: Ub. Arts Jockson, Sandra L.; Winono. MS: Ub. Arts: AOII Jacobs, Jeffrey W. : Memphis. TN; Dus.; ATO Jennings, Srephene; Tippo, MS; Dus.; AT Joe, Evelyn L. Indionolo. MS: Ub. Arts Johnson. Connie; Meridian, MS. Ub. Arts; AAA Johnson. Dorothy J.: Botesville. MS; Accy.: ZTA Johnson. Joon D. : Coktwater. MS. Lib. Am Johnson. Julie L.; Gulfport. MS: Accy , KKF Classes 335 Johnson Kenneth W ; Winono. MS; Bus , AT11 Johnson. Linda F ; Holly Springs, MS: Lib Arrs Johnson LisoG Henderson, TN; Lib Arts. r Johnson Lisa M Jackson. MS; Bus Johnson, Stephen L ; Houston, TX. Eng , Jacqueline; Botesville. MS, Bus Bridget B ; Holly Springs. MS. Lib Arrs Jill A ; Greenwood, MS; Eng John B , Memphis. TN; Accy. Liso R . Port Gibson. MS: Bus. Lori A . Greenwood. MS. Lib Arts Merlin K : McComb. MS, Accy Jone Stocio E . Porogould. AR. Lib Arts; AA Jordon, Cloir M Hottiesburg. MS: Lib. Arts, Jordon. Daniel. Richmond. VA: Bus ; X Jordon. Liso D : Friars Point. MS: Lib. Arts Jordan, Stephen E ; Sherwood. A(V Eng Joyoer, Mildred M ; Memphis. TN; Lib Arts Kozembo. Mark E : Colliervilte. TN. Bus Kelley, Barry J . Weir. MS. Educ Kelly. Amy K ; Tupelo. MS; Phorm. Kersh. Jane; Hortiesburg, MS, Lib Arts; AAll Ketchum, Kyle R ; APO New York, NY. Ous Keys, Audrey L . New Albany, MS; Educ FRESHMEN Keys. Carlron L.: New Albany. MS: Eng. Keys. Phyllis Y : New Albany. MS. Eng Kilpolrick. Elise. Memphis. TN; Bus : AA. Kim Somuel; Greenwood, MS. Lib. Arts Kimbrough. Koren; Coffeeville. MS: Pharm King. James W : Ackerman. MS: Bus : KA King. Walter D : Jackson. MS: Eng : KA Kirkporrick. Tom. Brandon. MS; Accy.: TX Kisller. Charles A . Marietta, GA. Lib Arts; KT Kistler. Michael S ; Gretna. LA: Lib Arts; ARE Knight, Julio; Durban: Accy. Knight. Susie E ; Lafayette. LA: Bus. Ko. Yee P : University. MS: Bus Kramer, Debbie: Germantown, TN; Bus : AAI1 Kridle Linda N . Alexandria. VA; Bus : KKI ' Kruchten Kelli. Gremontown. TN: Accy : xn Kwon. Nikeia. Moorheod, MS: Lib Arts Kyser, Kim: Camden. AH: Lib Arts: +M Laird. Karhryn A . Southoven. MS: Educ. Lake. Mary H : Jackson. MS Lamb. Victoria L : Tupelo. MS; Accy : AOII Lombeft. Potticia A . Greenville. MS. Lib Arts: AOII Lawson. Stephanie J : Marrinsville, VA. Bus . AAll Leak. James D ; Arab, AL Leake Robin L Eorrest City. AR; Lib Arts. DM Lee. James: C Xorinrh. MS. Lib Arts Lewis James Pr Louderdale. FL. Bus . K Lewis. John M . Water Voiley. MS: Accy Lewis. Lori A . Nashville. TN; Lib Arts Lewis. Sheilo M : Wove : ond, MS. Lib Arts Li Hon. Lindo: Hong Kong. Accy Liddon William C Yozoo City. MS. Eng . SAE I I I r UeWiemonn. Robert D: New Orleans. LA: Bus. 0900. Lonie: Duck Hi. MS: Educ: AAA Urn. Lion: Johore. Encj Lndomood. Korhryrv TfxonvBe. TN: Ub AnvAOn Unctey. Karen D.: Ve Memphis. AR. Ub. Am+M Logon. Harold G Voter Voiey. M5; Ub. Am Long. Carrie: Connrh. MS: Ub Arts: AAA Lovelace. Edward C: Brandon. MS: Eng. Lowry. Leigh A.: Memphis. TN : Ub. Am: Aon Lucas. Dana R Vest FranKfort. I Ub. Am: ADD ilT . Ketey : Columbus. MS: Ub Am AAA Lucas. Lowri C: Jackson. MS: Ub. Am Lust. Perry D.: Sourtvoven. MS Ub. Ans Lyle. Frank Lysoghr. Brendan M : Bedford. NY: Bus.: Madden. Coroioe B: Boy St. Louis. MS: Accy:KA6 Monley. Jennifer L: Oxford. MS: Ub. Am Manning. Jimmy B.: New Albany. MS: Ub. Am Maples. Anrhony 0.: University. MS; Eng, Morkery. Christopher 0.: jotet. L Accy Martin. MefssO: Mericton. MS: Accy : AAA Montn. Reoee Indonalo. M5: Accy.: AT Martin. Viaorto O.r Univeisty. MS: Lib. Am Moss Pometo A.: Como. MS: Phorm FRESHMCN Mothews. Usa Locust Votey. NY: Bus. Martina. Rodney A.. Moxi. MS: Eng, McArthor. Voer C: Ocean Springs. MS: Ub Am MoCahey. VBam G.. Shatter Heighn. OK Ub Am McConn. Karen S.: Fordyce. AA: Bus McCcrde. Sharon: Hazlehurst. MS: Eng,: AOD McCaskJ. Jane: McComb. MS; Ub Am McCrary. Erin: Horriesburg. MS Ub. Arts; SB McCukxjgh. Annie: Lincoln. L: Bus. McDode. Robert E. Shannon. MS: Bus.- A McDonie). John M : Jodaon. MS: Ub Am McEnrre. Lesie A.. Memphis. TN: Accy ; KA6 McGee. Michael V : Germontown. TN. Bus.:IIKA McGinley. Thomas R.: Germontown. TN Bus. McGmnis. James S.. Jackson. MS: Ub. Any Ben McKay. Susan: Memphis. TN: Eng.: Ml McKee Jules B.. Brandon. MS: Bus.: ZN McKnstry. Jeffrey H.: IJbum. GA: Eng, McLemore. Theodore J . Meridon. MS: Bus : ATQ McMulen. Jane: Mertdan. MS: Bus.: AAA McNoir. Barry J.: Jackson. MS Pharm.. A6 McQuBams. Angela S : Sourhaven. MS: Accy. Meadows. Karhryn L; Gutport. MS: Educ: Ml Meaur. MicN A.. Unrversty. MS: Accy. Meek. PNBp G Lexingron. MS: Bus.: IUCA Meyers. Jute K Formingron Hfc. Ml: Bus. Michael. Karhy N ..- Baldwyn. MS Educ Mler. Eboberh L : Vashingron. MO; Ub. Mfc. John K.: Borme Terre. MO: Ub. Am: X Mfc, Lesle S.: Oxford. MS: Ub. Are Mims. Mary S.: Byhc o MS: Ub. Arts Mims. ParrtdoL: Greenwood. MS: Ub. Am: ADD Oosses 337 Mobley, Andreo R.: Boron Rouge. LA: Bus.; Aon Monres, Stephen L ; Elmwood Pork, IL; Lib. Arts Montgomery, Stephen O.; Weir, MS; Eng. Moody, Denice C : Holly Springs. MS; Ous. Moore, Gerald W , Dublin. MS; Ous. Moore. Money L ; Tupelo. MS; Bus : KA8 Morgon, Juoniro L.; Hernondo, MS; Bus. Morris. Melisso. Hottiesburg, MS; Bus.: KKF Morris. Stephen H : Amory, MS; Lib Arrs Mulder. Michelle: Dollos. TX. Lib. Arts: AP Mullins. Stephen W ; Oceon Springs, MS; Bus.; K Mulvihill. Jomes A.: Coscillo. MS; Phorm. Murphy, MiKe L,; Ashlond. MS: Eng. Musselwhire, Jomes A : Southoven, MS; Lib. Arts Myers. Leigh C . Mobile, AL; Lib Arrs, I1B Novoille. Christie D.; Cormel, CA; Lib. Arts Newmon. Moy K. : Jockson, MS: Bus : AT Newron. Beth: Greenville. MS: Eng.; AAA Nichols. Potricio L.; Oxford. MS; Lib. Arrs; Aon Nicholson, Toni J , Memphis. IN; Educ. Noble, Emily; Brookhoven, MS; Bus.; KKF Noblin, John T.: Jockson, MS; Lib. Arts; ZX Normon, Jomes D : Houston. MS; Bus. Norwood, Doniel E.; Romer, TN; Bus ; X+ FRESHMEN Nuckolls, Rebecco; Bolivor. TN. Bus. Odom, Jennifer: Lourel, MS; Lib. Arts; KA Overton, John H.: Loomis. CA. Lib. Arts; sen Owen, Suson E.: Alexondrio. VA; Accy.; Aon Poce. Jomes R.; Winono, MS; Lib. Arts Poge. Kelly M.; Pontofoc. MS; Lib. Arts; AAn Porker, George K.; Noxopofer, MS; Eng. Porks, Leon L.; Southoven. MS; Lib. Arts; nKA Porks. Williom A . Gollotin, IN; Accy. Portridge. Deorie: Notchez. MS; Lib. Arts; KA Potterson Scon D. Metoirie. LA Lib. Arts een Poul. Louise V.; Corinth. MS: Educ.; AAI1 Poyne. Chris: Fredericksburg. VA: Bus.; 2X Pelegrin. Sondro. Clorksdole. MS: Lib Arts Perkins Normon A Brondon. MS Bus ATS Perry. Robert M . Winono, MS; Lib. Arts Peterson, John P.; Srurgis. MS; Accy.; KA Pettis. Libby: Tupelo, MS; Lib. Arts; AAA Phillips, Allison L.; Memphis. TN; Lib. Arts; AT Phillips, Angela: Jockson. MS; Lib. Arts Phillips. Fronklin R. : Hortselte. AL: Accy. Phillips. Joseph P ; Canton. MS: Lib. Arts: K2 Phillips. Tara: Gurfport, MS: Bus.; AAA Pickle. Lorry 5 ; Kosciusko. MS; Bus.: I1KA Pierce. Stella, Long Beach. MS; Lib Arts: AAA Pinedo, Mario F , Jockson, MS; Lib Arts; KA Pirrmon David E Merairie LA Lib Arts Ken Plunk. Michelle R : Pontotoc. MS: Lib Arts Poggen. Glen G . Meridian, MS; Eng. Pongerti. Stephanie E.; Shelby, MS; Educ., M Poole. Helen F , McKenzie. TN; Bus.; AF Poole. Gswe Columbus. GA: Ous : AAA u Pop . Colelio A.: Anxxy. MS: lib Am: AOn foxy. Cynrhio L: Brandon. MS: Bus.: KKT Powel Phyfc G . Oxford, MS: Ub Am Powet. V om H.: Mount Olive, MS: Powers. IMy I.. Bnoxi. MS: Ub Am Powers. Jeffrey F : Jockson. TN: Ub. Am Proer. Jone: Universiry. MS: Ub Am: AAA Presley Holy K : Greenfield. IN: Ub Am Prince. Morrho E . Memphis. TN: Accy , KA Prince. Suzonne: Alexondria. LA: Bus Pumel. Thomas C: Qnton. MS: Phomv Pumom. Horvey D-: Plcoyune. MS: Lib. Am Pytare. Poige: Lohe Providence. LA: Accy.: Xfl Pyron. Vonesso M : Duck HI. MS: Ub. Are Roones. Richord D : Gufport, MS: Accy : XP Reed. Jomie: Jackson. MS. Ub Am: XQ Reed. Kim: Jockson. MS: Lib Am: XQ Reese. Douglas P.: DoHos. TX: Bus A6 Reeves. John A : East Peorio. L. Ub Am Reid. Robin: BotesvUe. MS: Eng. : KXT Rhodes. Lee A.: GermonfOwn, TN: Accy.: DDT Rice. Render: Columbus. MS: Ub Am Richards. Manet: Euporo. MS: Bus. Rickey. Robert C : Pompono Beoch. FL. Bus X FRESHMEN Rigsbey. Anne E.: Spnngfield, L: Ub Am: KKT Rkord. Gory L : Pope. MS: Ub. Am Roberts Richord T : Jockson. MS: Bus : 2N Robemon. Lesse K.: Fort Worrh. TX: Bus : KM Robertson. Wam W. ; Onion, MS, Phorm.: a. Rogers. Jone C: Memphis. TN: Phorm. Rogers. William K.: Lexington. TN: Bus.: KT Role, John M.: Springfield. TN: Bus.: EX RonoJdl. Jeffrey J.: Upper Marlboro. MD. Eng:B6n Rosamond. Stephen G.: Euporo. MS: Ub. Am Rose. David M. : Columbus. MS: Ub. Am Rosen. Robert L: New Orleans. LA: Bus. Rover. Rochee A : Ft Louderdole. FL Ub. Arts Rowsey. John W. ; CourHand. MS: Lib. Arts Roy. Gregory P.: Tupelo. MS: Ub. Am Rozina, Stephanie L. Jackson. MS: Ub Am: Russel. Stephanie: BlyrhevBe. AR Sokers. Gwendolyn: BeWen, MS: Ub. Am Sommons. Leigh A.: Memphis. TN: Ub. Am Sanders. Alda: Kasousko. MS: Ub Am: AT Sanders. David A : Tupelo. MS: Ub. Am Sanders. Timothy L. Tupelo. MS: Ub. Am Sonford. Jefferson F : Grenada. MS: Bus. Sartor. Etaoberh S.: Oxford. MS: Ub. Am; A An Souder. Sandra L.: Roswel. GA: Bus.: AAH Sconlon, Margaret A.: Jockson. MS: Bus. Schmidt. Jeffrey A. : Bonne Terre. MO: Ub. Am Scott. David L : Brandon. MS: Bus. Scoville. Trocey A.: Belden, MS: Phorm.: M Seddon. Kevin J . EWne. AR. Bus BSD. Seeley. Sherry L.: Wptey. TN: Bus : KA6 Selmon. Mary W. : New Orteons. LA: Ub. Am:IIB Classes 339 Sevonte, Michael A.; New Orleans. LA: Ub Am. ZBT Sexton, W. Lawrence: Meroirie. LA: Bus. Shonley. P. Sylvester: Huntsville, AL: Lib. Am Sheedy. Michelle A.. Weir, MS: Educ. Shellmon, James E.; Lambert. MS: Accy. Shiver, Lela E.: Washington. DC: Lib. Arts Shook, Jamie L: Charleston, MS: Bus. Shores, Jennifer C: Yazoo City. MS: Lib. Arts: ADD Shuford. Scott. Franklin, TN: Bus.: A8 Sikes, Sigrid: Jockson. MS: Bus.: AAA Sills, Jon Hi.. Modlson. MS: Lib. Am Simmons, Sonjia M.; Osyko, MS; Lib. Am Simpson. Carolyn K.; Pass Christian, MS; Lib. Arts Sims, Gwendolyn G.; Holly Springs. MS; Accy. Sims. Stephanie A., Laurel, MS Singleton, Aleen; Jockson, MS; Lib. Arts Sistrunk. Sophie; Jockson, MS; Lib. Arts; XQ Skrien. Michael A Oxford MS Lib. Arts; KO Sloter. Albert J.; Crenshow. MS; Ub. Arts Small. Kathryn D.; Clarksdole, MS; Bus. Smink. Jeffrey R.; Potomac, MD; Bus. Smith, Amy E.; Yazoo dry, MS: Lib. Arts; HB Smith, JomesC . Jockson, MS, Bus.: 2AE Smith. Louie J.; Hernondo, MS: Ub Am Smith, Mark K.: Corrollton, TX; Bus.; K Smith, Michele H.; Comden, AR; Eng. Smith, Susan C; Brighton, TN; Ub. Arts; KA6 Smith. Suson S.; Botesville, MS; Lib. Arts; Xfl Sneed. Koy; Euporo, MS; Eng.; AT Soehn. Elwood R.; Gatlinburg. TN; Bus. Soweti. Potricio M.; Hernondo. MS Phorm.; xn Spedole. Madeleine: New Orleans. LA; Lib. Arts;IlB Speed. Richard L: Bteniwood. TN; Lib Arts. 2AE Stodther. Michael; Mobile. AU Bus, Stephens, Elizabeth: New Albany. MS; Ub. Am. AAA Srepp. Donna K.; Thoxton. MS; Accy. Stevens. Hurchell P.: Slarkvilte. MS; Lib Am Stewart, Mono K.; Colhoun Qfy. MS; Bus. Stieneker. Andrea K.; Houston, TX; Lib. Arts; ua Stone, Sharon M.; Gulfport, MS; Lib. Arts; KA Stricter, Stocey Y . Grenodo. MS. Eng.; AOH Sturdivont. David A.; Modison. TN; Bus.: Ben Sullivan. Suson D.. Nettteton. MS. Ub. Am Surmon, Cynthia J.: Roswell. GA; Ub. Am Swales. Edward B.; Kosciusko. MS; Eng. Swltzer, Paula G.; Greenwood. MS; Eng.; KKF Sykes. Gregory L ; Grenodo. MS: Ub. Arts Ton. Lui; Johore Bohru; Eng. Tapp. John M.. Univeristy. MS; Phorm. Tarner. Elisoberh A. ; Charlotte, NC. Bus. Torsi. Lori L; Boyle, MS, Phorm; M Tote. William M.: Monassos, VA; Bus. Tovoleti. K.; Qorksdole. MS, Bus.; AAA Taylor, Debro J.; CokJwoter. MS; Educ. Taylor. Dionno L ; Brandon. MS; Bus. Tetfleton. Philip O.: Oxford. MS. Bus. Thomas. William A ; Long Beach, MS; Ub. Arts. A Thompson. Carolyn A.; Germantown, TN; Ub. Arts; M Thompson, Gregory H. : Nashville. TN: Ub. Arts; B6I1 Thornton. Charlotte D.; Boy St. Louis, MS; Ub. Am Threkek). Steve W.; Oxford. MS. Accy. Throckmorron, Raymond T.: Brentwood. TN; Ub. Am Tidwell, John M. : Vicksburg. MS; Bus. Tllghmon. Melindo; Grenodo. MS; Ub. Arts Tilton. Christopher A.. Brick. NJ; Lib Arts, +KO Tlsdok?. Margaret A ; Bolivar, TN; Educ.; AT Tison, Anmorie; Harrisburg, IL Tomlinson. Dmetia D.; Memphis. TN; Eng . ZTA Toney, George A .; Byholio. MS; Ub. Am Treutel. Catherine B .; Boy St. Louis. MS; Lib. Arts:KA Triplet!, Suzon L.; Jockson, MS; Ub. Am True. Robert W.; Water Volley, MS: Bus. Ttusty, Mark T.; Water Volley. MS; Bus Tsin. Jessicco; Vicksburg, MS; Eng. Tubb, Alieta K. ; Esponolo. NM. Lib. Arts Tucei, Deneen P.; Gretno, LA; Accy. Tudor, Soroh C.; Sourhaven. MS; Accy. Turnoge, Suzanne; Vicksburg, MS ' Phorm Aon Turner. Timothy M.; Grenada. MS; Bus. Tutor. James M.; Ponroroc. MS; Lib. Arts Tutor. Rebecca A : Botesville. MS; Ub Arts Upshow. Melinda J.; Botesville, MS; Accy. Voughon. Froncls M ; Columbus. MS. Ub. Am; Hen Voughon, Jerry W.; Derma. MS; Ub. Arts; ZX Vaughn. Helen A ; Lake Cormorant. MS: Ub. Arts Vaught, Suson R.; Germonrown, TN; Lib. Arts Veazey. John G.: Senatobio, MS: Bus.: SAE Vining. Lee; Memphis, TN, Educ.; XQ 340 Classes , - 1 Wode. Adhenne P . Prairie v oge KS IJb Am KA9 Wokhom Deborah D : Memphis. TN: Ub. Am Woker EmJy J Horn Lake. MS Educ KM Valuer. Jacqueryn H : Pascogouta MS: Accy KA Walker James R : University. MS: Ub Am V er Mory D : lufco. MS: Lib Am Wolier Sharon E : Horhesburg. MS: Bus : Xfl Walters. Anne M . Memphis. TN: Bus : AOD Wall Cynrhio L: New Iberio. LA: Ub. Am Vord. Robert T Jockson. MS: Eng Word Wlmer K : Long Beach MS Eng et Vordtow. Mary C Doton Rouge LA: Lib Am Vorren. Edrh A Jackson. W Ub Am Varren. Ket S : Brandon. MS Ub Am: M Vorren. Mark A : Ponroroc. MS Ub Am Varkins Jessica Y: Oarksdole. MS: Accy. Votson. Joanna M : Jockson MS Lib Am Warson Kisa E : OorksvBe. TN: Ub Am: AA11 Wearherford Cheryl L : West Memphis. A.R Dus : KA6 Weeta Eric D Marks MS: Ub Arts Weems. Midxjel H Winona. MS Phorm KA+ Weichsel Noncy E : Dalas TX: Dus KKT Wekti Kirk H : Cordova. TN Bus Weler. Joseph T : Memphis. TN: Accy.: ZN Wentworrh. Marian L : Mobile AL Bus : KA Wesson. Eunice M : Univny. MS. Ub Am West. Charles C : Oorksdole MS: Accy West. Thomas C Corriere. MS: Ub Am West. WOiam F Mer Rouge. LA Bus AKE Whitaker. Lisa: Corinrh MS: Ub Arts: AAH White. Roybum L : Caledonia MS Educ WNtener, Mori M Hayri. MO Ub Arts: M Whinen. Robin A : Oxford. MS: Ub Am Whittington. Kenneth 1 Hadehursr. MS: Ub Am Wtemon. Michael T . Aberdeen. MS: Accy WJkerson Malory W . Jackson. MS. Educ : M WHnson. Margaret E AKgator. MS: Ub Am WOams. Den R . Jockson. MS: Ub Arts: ZX ViBoms. Laurie A . Kosousko MS Eng : AOI1 Wiliams. Myro : Marvel. AR Educ WHiams. Peter M Calhoun dry MS Dus K+ Wfcon. Oerrk D : Hofcmdate MS Eng Wolfe Mark R : Savannah. TO: Dus : X Wong Joyce A Oarksdate. MS: Ub Am Wong Richard: Canton MS Phorm Wood Etaoberh A : Sourhaven MS: Ub Am AT Wood Peter G : Jackson MS Dus SAE Wood Ruby J : Kosousko. MS Wooley Uokxes A : Tupelo MS Eng : AOD Wooren Mory A : rtotondole. MS: Ub Am Worrhom Donna K : Thaxron. MS: Bus Wright Mr I Vardaman. MS: Ub Am Yanez Arnold D Ake. TX: Ub Am Yetverton. Gene A : Jockson. MS: Phorm : xc York. Laura H : Holy Springs. MS: Educ : XQ Young Cindy: SoMto. MS: Accy KA6 Young Melissa Meroirie. LA: Lib Arts: AAA Young. Michael F . Dalas. TX: Dus K+ Young Troy D : Woterford MS Eng Zepponi Uso L : Oarksdale. MS Bus Zulo Michael A: Carthage MS: Eng Oasses 341 Abel, Dovid W., Oxtord, MS. Bus. Abraham. Suzanne L: Vicksburg. MS; Lib. Arts; KKP AdcocK, Mitchell H : Pearl. MS. Accy. Aldridge. Vincenr W. : Memphis, TN; Bus. Alexander, John; Union, MS; Bus. Alinder, Mary; Columbus. MS; Lib. Arts; AT Allen, Anne C : Canron, MS: Educ.; AOII Allen. Charles R.; Corinth, MS, Eng. Allen, Eve M.; Daresville. MS; Bus. Allen, William E.; luka, MS; Accy. Allgood. Pom; Duck Hill. MS; Eng. Anderson, Rickey. Pickens, MS; Eng. Andrews. Dennis M.; Tyler. TX; Lib. Arts Apple, Julie; Memphis. TN; Bus.. XQ Arnold. Louro M.; Cleveland. MS; Accy.; Aon Arrington, Suson; Meridian, MS; Lib. Arts; AAA Ashley, Don D.; Parma. MO; Bus.; B6I1 Ashmore, Mary A.; Sourhaven. MS; Bus. Aune, Mark K.; Water Volley. MS; Eng. Avanr, Tommie G.; Greenwood, MS; Lib. Am Avont, Toni D . Como. MS, Lib. Am Bognordi. Mario C ; Irhoca. NY. Bus. Bahm. Shelli E ; GuHport, MS; Lib Am; AOII Bailey. Warren L r; Shelby. MS; Bus. SOPHOMORES Bain. Melissa; Hickory Flat. MS; Bus. Baker. Audrey C.; Olue Springs, MS; Accy. Baker. C, Haniesburg, MS; Educ : XB Bollard, f.-. Mathiston. MS; Eng. Bollard. Sylvia E., Germonrown, TN; Bus., AOII Bollard. Tolmodge T ; GuHport. MS; Bus. Bannister, Donno D.: Poscogoulo, MS: Lib. Am Bordwell. Gino L.; Indionoto, MS. Lib. Am Barnes, Richard L ; Belleville. IL; Ub. Arts; K Bell. Dovid M.; Belzoni, MS; Ub. Arts Bellew. Colleen S., Riptey. MS; Lib. Am Berry, Robert W ; Freeburg. IL. Lib. Am Btggers. Susan; Corinrh. MS; Lib. Arts; AAA Billingsley. Mellie M.; Batesville: MS; Lib. Arts Bkxk. Angela A ; Kosciusko. MS. Bus. Blackburn. Mary E.; Pope, MS. Bus. Bledsoe, Jeonerte; McCorley. MS; Lib. Am Blue. Votarie L ; Vordomon. MS. Ub. Am Bolt. Robinson, C ; Atlanta. GA. Eng.; ATO Bond, Mortho E. Perkinsron. MS; Lib. Am Bonds, Lorry O.: Houston, MS; Bus. Bonnet. Elizabeth A.; Erhridge, TN; Bus. Boswell. James L.: Oxford, MS; Ub. Arts Boutwell. Carolyn D.; Loutel, MS; Ub. Am: KA Bowe, Metonie L.; Batesville, MS; Lib. Am Bowen, Drigitta P.; Houston, MS: Lib. Arts Boyd, Sheridan W.; Sledge, MS; Eng. Boyle, James J.; Vardamon, MS; Eng. Bradford, Morionne; Jockson, MS; Accy.; KA Bradford. Morcy; Birminghom. AL; Bus.; AAA Branch, Belinda; Coila. MS; Assy. Brosel. Lorry E.; Baresville, MS; Bus. 342 Classes Jfc -V ' Droswet. Somuel V : Hernondo. MS. Eng Brennon. Michoel I.. Germonrown. TO. Bus : KA Btewei Jerry D-: ShoSmor, FL: Lib Am Bridge. Leoh M : Oxford. MS, Eng Broodbent. Peier V : Codiz. KY: Accy Brock. Johnny; Kosciusto. MS: Eng Brock. Tyler: Jockson. MS: Eng. Brochmon, Eric J : Winono. MS: Accy.. A+ Drown. Drew C . Aligoror. MS: Educ ; B9H Brown. Koren L: Vicksburg. MS: Lib Arts: AOH Brown. Louro M .- Jockson. MS: Educ.: KH Drown. Liso Me: Columbus. MS: Accy.: AOFI Brown. Mozeto: Oorksoote. MS: Accy Brown. Wokon E.: Bus : ZX Browning. Anthony O : New Atoony. MS: Eng Bruno. Lao M : Tuta. MS: Bus Burford. Donno: Hernondo. MS: Educ : AOIT Burke. Virginio Een: Jockson. MS: Bus.: KKT Burks. Shoron L : Noshvile. TN: Accy : K Burney Tommy L: Jockson. MS: Accy.: $M Bums. Joe P.: Wea Memphis. AR. Eng : X Bums, Johnny H.: West Memphis AR: Phorm. BurreH. Jock L : Doltos TX. Bus : Ben Burrow. John C . Universiry MS: Lib Am. ATX SOPHOMORES Bush. Wiltom 5.: Memphis. TN: Eng.: ARE Burcher. Doniel L : Ditoxi. MS: Lib Am Bynum. Jomes R ; Houston, TX: Bus.: A6 Byrom. Robert K : hjko. MS: Lib Am: A Byrd. Tonyo L: Angie. LA: Educ : KA6 Code Terry C : West. MS: Lib Arts Colowoy. Jeffrey A : Storkvile. MS: Lib. Am KA+ Compoel. Stephen D ; Oxford. MS: Eng : ATX Cornel. Koren L Oxford, MS: Bus. Corney. John H : Crysrol Springs. MS: Bus . M Corriker. Joel W : Vordomon. MS: Eng. CorroH. Corherine R . Jockson. MS. Lib Am: a Correr. Dixie L . Data. TX: Bus : KXT Carter. Edno 5 . Dekolb. MS: Bus : ZTA Cotter. Mory V ; Sorcte. MS: Accy . M Cortiidoe. Perry L.: Greenville. MS: Educ. Cose Dovid M : Jockson. MS: Lib Arts Cosh Jennifer J : Trumonn. AR: Lib. Am,- KA6 Cosron. Billy J : Liberty. MS: Educ : ARE Cotton Julio C Memphis. TN: Lib Arts: KM Cervantes. Karen: Horriesburg. MS: Bus.: AAA Chapmen. Guy D : mo Beoo. MS. Lto Am Qondoto. Carol L : Memphis. TN: Bus : KKT dork. Bobby L : Meridian. MS: Lib Arts dement. Charlotte Y : Water Votey, MS: Educ dements, Wayne F : Bruce. MS: Lib Am Coffey Jomes M : Ena. MS: Lib Arts CoffiekJ. Donas B : Ft Walton Beach. FL Accy :ATO CoCer. Vanessa L Horn Lake. MS: Lib Arts Collins. Cord L.: Tupelo. MS: Accy Conoley. Roton M : Eng Conwoy. Liso C : Byhoho. MS: Pharm dosses 343 Coode. Phillip A Nashville. TN; Bus. Cook. Angela D : Como. MS: Accy Cook. Susan J Rockford. IL. Bus Cooper. William T . Blytheville. AR: Bus Cowort, Dona. Summit. MS Bus Cox. Casey B ; Morvell. AR: Bus Cox. Michael L : Lexington. KY: Eng ; K+ Cox, Suson L : Jockson. MS; Lib Arts: KKI ' Cox. Tomora: Florence. MS; Lib Arts. AAI1 Coyle. Rebecca C ; Oxford. MS; Lib Arts Craig. Mark; Natchez. MS: Lib Arts: TX Craig. Michael R: University. MS: Lib. Am Croin. Ellen: Ripley. TN: Lib Am, AOI1 Crawford. Emily R ; Flora. MS: Accy. Crews. Jennifer: Dallas. TX; Educ.: KKP Crook. Michael L : Henning, TN; Bus . X Crow. Donna D. Brookhoven. MS: Pharm Crozier. Moseziner: Voughan. MS; Lib. Arts Cruse. Pofti L : Ports Camp. MS; Phorm Cunningham. Janice N . Florence. AL; Pharm Cupil, Mary L . Jockson. MS; Lib Arts; KA6 Cysensky. Morio: Oxford. MS; Bus. Daley. Mary T . Jackson. MS; Lib Arts Daniels. David G : Oxford, MS; Eng. SOPHOMORES Dovom. Marcie; Jockson. MS: Lib Arts. XB Dovern. Colleen B ; Vicksburg. MS. Lib Arts Davis, Alison D . Lumberton. MS; Lib Am Davis. Donna. Abbeville. MS; Lib Am Dovis. Joseph: Montochie MS- Lib Arts Day Byron. HOT Day. Lou A.; Columbia. TN. Bus.: MB Dean Edword F ; Sledge. MS; Eng Dean Lee: Sledge MS; Ous Deon. Michael R : Panama City. FL: Eng. Deon. Vanessa: Lib. Am Deoton. Shoron L ; Booneville, MS. Bus. Dedeoux. Teresso L. : Lewisburg. WV Lib Arts Defronk Wendi 5 ; Ocean Springs MS Lib Am Demon. Julie. Tupelo. MS. Educ : KA Dial Elizabeth A . Memphis, TN; Bus ; ZTA Dickerson. Robin L.; ZTA Dickinson. Tracy: England. AR. Educ M Dickson. Amy L . Memphis. TN; Lib Arts Dilwonh. Danny L . Tupelo. MS: Eng : B8I1 Dixon. Melonie A : Cordele, GA Lib Arts KKP Dodd. Kathy. Winono. MS: Bus Dogon. Sylvester; Charleston MS Accy - OBi Donohoo. Trocey D ; Winono. MS Donaldson. Cynthia A : Long Beoch MS Educ Dorsey. Terri L ; Corttrage. MS, Bus Droughn Mary L : Jockson. MS: Educ : XS Droughon. Mollory. Atlanta GA Lib Arts KKT Duloney. Vivion I ; Tunica. MS Lib Arts OM Dunowoy. William J . Hollondale MS Eng A Durbin. William A : Hopkinsville. KY: Eng. Durren, Elizabeth. Plantation FL Educ AAA 344 Classes Dykes. Dovld A.: Totohossee. FL; Eng Edwords. Pouto S : Greenwood. MS; Ub. Am Elder . Syfvio L: Doles, TX: Ub Am: ZTA EBon. Stocey L : Jockson. MS: Bus ; KA OK. John : VTcksburg. MS: Bus EHson. Porker L .; Jockson. MS: Ub. Am: Mi Estes. Joseph H ; Shonnon. MS: Educ: KA Evons. Bobby W.. GreenvBe. MS: Accy Evons. Lee A : Vicksburg. MS: Eng : M Evons. Lomo : Sourhoven, MS: Accy. Forts. Richard E.: Taotobo. MS: Ub. Am Foukner. Dtno L : Amory. MS: Ub. Am; AT Foukner. VWom .. BoresviKe MS: Accy. Feorherstone. Jone; Oxford. MS: Bus : KA Felts. Wom R : Kosdusko. MS: Bus Ferguson. Robert E : Aberdeen. MS: Bus. FkxoneK. Barry A : Oeveknd. MS: Lib. Am Fisher. Benjamin: Marks. MS; Eng Fisher. Fanma C: Marks. MS: Accy. Fisher. Pennie S : Voughan. MS: Educ.; AAH Firch. Courtney: Oxford. MS: Bus. Fleming. Susan D : Michigan City. MS: Accy.: ZTA Flemmons. Samuel E : Oevetond. MS: Eng.: KT Fotey. Jo D ; Erro. MS: Educ SOPHOMORES Foiey. Tina M.: Long Beoch. MS: Ub. Am; KM Fontaine. Rebecca V : Poscogouto. MS; Ub. Am: AT Former. Robyn C: GuKport. MS: Ub. Am Fox. Elizobe D Houston. MS: Pharm.; AT Frank Edwin A.. Canronment. FL: Eng.; ATQ Frederking. Joy P.: Oxford. MS: Eng. Freeman. Judy: Oxford. MS; Pharm.. AT Freiberg. Maria E.: Lexington. MS: Ub. Am Freiberg, Roy E.: University. MS: Accy. Fugler. Brian K.. Brookhoven. MS: Eng. Godd Amelia A.: Hickory Flat. MS: Eng.: AAII Gomorro. Juan: La Paz Eng. Gommoge. Mory A ; Letond. MS. Ub. Am: AAA Gormon. Hubert C . GreenvHe. MS: Eng. Gorrett. Glen G . GoodemvBe. TN; Bus.; ZX Garrison, Pomelo J : Rutevlle. MS: Accy. Gores. Minnie R.: Moben. MS: Ub. Am Gentry. Karen M.: Show. MS: Accy. Glbbs. Cheryl R.: Yozoo dry. MS: Ub. Am Glbert. Meyer L : Forrell. MS: Bus.. X Gilder. Angela D : Pimboro. MS: Educ Gill, Scon R : Dumas. AR: Ub. Am Gm. Cynrhta S : TutwDer. MS; Accy Golden. Stephen D.: Sourhoven. MS. Pharm. Goodwin. William M.: Meridian. MS: Bus Gore. Jennifer C : Woodland. MS: Educ.: AT Graham. Karhryn M.: Memphis. TN: Bus : KA Grontriom. Pepper. Yazoo City. MX. Educ.: AAA Gray. Charles H. : Mobile. AL: Eng : A9 Gray. Kevin L.: Pearl. MS: Ub. Am Green Suson 5 : Memphis. TN; Accy.: XQ Greenlee. Bradford S : Boresvile. MS: Bus.: U Classes 345 Greer, Laura, Shreveport. LA. Lib. Arts; AAA Grissinger, Becky; Oxford. MS; Lib. Arrs; KA Guin. Brut A.;Dus.;KA Gustin, Lisa. University, MS; Lib. ACTS, KA0 Guzman, Carlos. New York, NY, Eng. Hoick. Mory A , Jackson, MS, Accy., 4 M Hale, Harrier. Pontoroc, MS, Dus.; AOH Hale, Trade L; Vicksburg, MS; Lib Arts Holford. Michael W .; Clinron, MS; Lib. Arts Holl. Melinda H , Grenodo, MS; Educ. ; AF Hall. Patricia A ; Haftiesburg, MS; Accy., XS1 Hall. Sonia G; New Albany, MS; Dus.; AAI1 Halloron, Jocelyn A.; Harahon, LA; Dus.; Aon . Hammond, Inita A ; Winona, MS; Lib. Arts Honks, Cassandra D.; Oenshaw, MS; Lib. Arts Honsen, Virdie L: Gulfport, MS, Educ. Honsford, Jennifer L.; Dus.; AOH Harden, Jeffrey G.; Mantee, MS; Dus. Harden, Leigh A. ; Grenada. MS; Lib. Arts; AF Hardy, Yvonne; Tillotobo, MS. Dus. Harris, Kojovio L ; Holly Springs. MS; Lib Arts Morris, Mory A ; Tupelo. MS. Accy.; 4 M Harrison, Mary C ; Forest, MS; Lib. Arts Harwell. Michael D . Nashville, TN ; DOs.; X SOPHOMORES Hawi, Zeid O.. Abu-Dhobi; Eng. Hawks, William N ; Jockson, MS; Eng.; X Head. Valorie P.; Belzoni. MS; Bus. Heodly, Matthew L.. Lib. Arts Hemerer, Francis W ; Hattiesburg. MS; Bus.; 2N Herbert, Sherry A.; N. Carrollton, MS: Lib. Arts Herin. Jomes B.; Vance, MS; Bus. Hess, Timothy F. Wynne AR- Lib Arts- Hitchcock. James W. ; Lib. Arts Hodges, Robert W.. Corinth. MS; Bus. Hodges, Winter W. ; Trenton, TN; Bus.; X Hoffman. Lawrence F.; New Orleans, LA: Lib. Arts; 2AE Hollingsworth. Robert J.; Grenada, MS; Bus.; ATS! Holloman. Edith A : Jackson. MS: Bus.: AT Holmon, John K . Jockson, MS; Lib. Arts: 2X Horton, Joey K . Pontotoc, MS; Eng. House, Robert L : Ogierhorpe, GA; Bus. Hovos, Deloris A.. Kilmichoel, MS; Phorm. Howell. Stephe O.; Lib. Arts Huffman. Henry T; Kosciusko, MS; Lib Arts Huggins, Arthur E.; Sourhaven, MS; Lib Arts; KA Humphreys Allison ColumbOs MS Bus AF Hurdle, Toni; Holly Springs. MS; Bus. Huskey, Sharon A : Amory, MS; Lib. Arts; AAFI Husnik, Gregory P., Long Beach. MS; Accy. Hussey, James L.; Aberdeen, MS; Lib. Arts; A Imre, Money M ; Milan, TN; Eng., AOI1 Ingram, Angela L : Senarobia, MS; Bus. Ingram. Charles G.; Pine Bluff. AR. Bus Ingram. Reed: Jockson, MS: Accy.; K2 Jackson. IdoG.. Cruger, MS; Lib. Arts Jackson. Lorie D : Coma. MS; Lib Arts; AOH Jockson. Morsho D.: LoubvOe. MS: lib Am Jodoon. Suson R.; Hemondo. MS: Phorm. Jockson. Vioorio: Cruger. MS: Ub Am Jocot Suzette Drew. MS; Ub Am Jodwin. Lynn A Vinono. Ms: Ub Am Joudon. Vatorie J Grenodo. Ms: Ftorm Jeffrey Joseph M.: Hueytown. Ah Ub Am Jentgns. Gwendolyn I Oxford Ms. Educ Jenkins. Jo P. :Ub. Am Johnson. Aton H : Horhesburg, MS; Ub. Am: KK Johnson. Angela R Nesbrtt. MS: Lib Am. KKT Johnson. Jeffrey T : Vinono. MS: Ub. Am Johnson. Lori A.: Lofoyene. LA: Accy : KA6 Johnson. Sondro L; Belefontoine. MS: Bus. Jones. ASsho L; Preston. MS: Bus.. KA6 Jones. Afcon H. : Anniston. AL: Bus.: KA Jones. Heorher L; Munsler. H Bus. Jones. Jock M: Jodoon. MS: Eng, Jones. Jennlet L: Voier Voley. MS; Bus.: n Jones Stephen A.. FronWn. TN; Eng : K+, Berh {..: Ub Am; KKT Xidson. Mark M.; Vest Point. MS: Ub. Arts: sen Korooonis. Irene M.: Grand Aopids. Ml; Aa . Kassis. Nemat; Meridian. MS: Ub. Am SOPHOMORES Kely. Rktxird L; Vinono. MS; Bus. King, Lisa A.. AbbevOe. MS; Ub. Am KirWond. Susan L. Vest Helena AP.. Edut: CTA KJoho. Debbie. Holy Springs. MS: Ub. Am; AT Knight. Michael G.: Meridan. MS: Buy Knighton. Ronnie E : Universly. MS: Bus. Knott. Jeffrey L: Dyer. 1H: Ehg.: O Koon. Michael L: Myrtle. MS: Bus Krecker. Deidre M.: BSoxi. MS; Lib. Am: XQ Kroeze. John O : Jodoon. MS: Accy : KA Lacks. Sondro C: Tupeto. MS: Ub. Am Landers. James V. : Caledonia. MS: Eng, Lantrip. James K. : CXon Springs. MS: Eng. Lapeyre Andrew D. New Orleans. LA: Bus.. KO Lorson, Kimberty K.: Oxford. MS: Phorm.: ADD Lou. Veng O.: Perak. Bus. Louderdate. Sondro D.: Oarksdole. MS: Ub. Am:KA9 Loughin. Jerri L: Memphis. TN. Ub. Arts: AT Lawrence. Lance M.; Jodoon. MS: Bus. Lawrence. Steven C: Kosrjusko. MS: Bus. Leake. Jonet M.: Souchoven. MS: Ao . Lee. Emy A.: Moss Point. MS; Phorm.: AAA Lee. Karen; Oxford. MS: Eng : Ml Lee. Sondro R : CkxksdoJe. MS: Bus.. OB Lenrz. GenoR.:LJb Am Lesle. Leigh: Oxford. MS: Ub Arts: KA Lesr.LodyeA..Bus. Lester. Mortin D.: Florence. MS: Accy : B9H Uberto. Christine: Grenada. MS: Ub. Am Umbrick. ABson J. : Armuchee. GA. Ub. Am Undsrrom. Eric E.: Laurel. MS; Bus : KA LJpski. Thomas A.: Long Beach. MS: Eng, dosses 347 Litchfield. Morlo A.; Boron Rouge, LA Bus KA6 Linle, Cheryl L ; Sourhoven. M5; Accy. Little. Deedro E.; Vicksburg. MS; Lib. Arts Littlejohn, Alison J.; Oxford. MS; Bus. Lodgek. Borboro A.: Collingswood. KJ; Bus. Lodgek. Glenn W. : University, MS; Lib. Arts Logon. Mory K . Poris, KY; Bus. Long. Stephen P.; Oxford, MS; Eng.; B8II Lowe, May W.; Glendoro, MS; Lib. Arts. KKP Moce, Berry J.. Edwards, MS; Lib. Arts Mocnoughton. Lyndo L.; Horrisonburg. VA; Eng.: Xfl Moddox. Mory N.; Horlingen, TX; Lib. Arts Madison. Rhonda L.; Crowder, MS; Eng.; ' A ' O ' P Magee. Gary E ; Jockson. MS; Bus.; B6I1 Moh, Dolly: Lake Village, AR; Phorm. Mallett, Lucy M ; Natchez, MS, Lib. Arts; Aon Motone. Bridget E.; Lib. Arts Molone, Linda: Botesville, MS; Lib. Arts Mann, William .. Memphis. TN; Bus.; A6 Monsoor, Helen M.; Tchulo, MS: Bus. Marshall, Susan, Oxford, MS; Accy. Martin. Betsy B ; Double Springs, AL; Bus.; ZTA Martin, Cindy C; Indianolo. MS; Accy.: AT Martin, JonerM.; Tupelo. MS; Bus.; AAI1 SOPHOMORES I J J mJL. Mason. Andrew T.; Oxford, MS; Lib. Arts Mason, Dennis ; Michigan City, MS: Accy. Mossey. Angela M.; Germonfown. TN; Lib. Arts, AAU Mossey, Susan M.; Bruce. MS; Lib. Arts Matthews. Lake; Robinsonville, MS: Bus.; HO Moxcy. Suzanne; Amory, MS: Bus.; AT McCarthy, James T ; Jockson. MS; Bus., KT McCaughon, Karen L ; Pearl, MS; Lib. Arts McCoy. John S.; Oxford, MS; Bus.; IAE McConnell, Joseph A.: Natchez. MS: Ub. Arts; K McCorkle. Loretta; Marks, MS; Accy. McCorkle. Scott A.: Jacksonville FL; Lib. Arts McCullough, Eorl; Oxford, MS; Bus. McDonald, Michael K.: Meridian. MS; Eng. McDonald, Thomas R.; Tylertown, MS: Lib. Arts McDoniel, Edward G.; Holly Springs, MS; Lib. Arts McGoho, Anne L.: Forrest City, AR Educ xn McGill, John T : Millington, TN; Eng. McGowon. Felicia: University. MS; Bus. McGrow. Gregory W. : Salem. VA; Bus Mclntyre. Mark A.: Meridian. MS, Bus. McKoy. Troy D.; Ploinfleld, NJ; Bus. McMillan. Marilyn M.; Fronklinron, LA: Phorm ; KAO McNeer, Cheryl R : Greenwood, MS, Lib. Arts McRoberrs. Qoude E : Jockson, MS; Lib Arts; A6 Meegan, Robert T.; Memphis. TN; Eng. Meek. John W : Pascogouto, MS; Bus Meredith, Timothy D.: Cadiz, KY; Eng. Merrell. Karhryn A. Brandon. MS; Bus. KA6 Michel. Henry R.: Jockson. MS: Bus.; ZAE Middlebrook Angela D. Silver Creek, MS- Eng. Miller. Ellen; Jockson. MS; Lib. Arts. XCI I Mb JomesR : Countond. MS: Edoc Mirchei Michael S Memphis IN; Eng Montgomery Mite R : Pontotoc MS Ub Am Moore Deobroh L Corrhoge MS Phorm Moore. Lee H Duck m MS Bus IX Moore. LisoC Memphis TN Bus KkT Moore. Moody L OorksOoJe MS: Ub Am Mooreheod Shoron T : Klmichoel MS: Ub Am Moreheod Dorry L Bus Morehouse Anne M : NoshvOe. TN Ub Am XQ Morgon. Borry D Vinono. MS: Bus Morris Michelle D Modbon TN Accy : AT Morron. Cynrhto C : Dyersburg. TN: Eng Moss. Chorles: Canton MS: Bus 2N Murphree Thomas B Wovetand, MS Eng Murphy. Cindy Ptantersvfc MS Ub Am Oovid M Tunico MS Accy ieorgonne: Sourhoven MS: Ub Am Monho J Mobile AL: Bus : XB Leoh OorksdoJe MS Accy AAA . Voi R Howoii: Eng Oore F Port Gibson MS: Lib Am: MoMn Nelson AT -? : Oyoe J Port Gibson MS Accy : AT Robin A : Universiry MS Educ SOPHOMORES Nesmith. Jomes D : Wesson MS Lib Am Nolen. OorK E : Belzoni MS: Bus KS Mormon. Ann H : Westport CT: Bus : KA8 Mormon Cyntho A : Dotesviie. MS: Ub Am: AOH Morris. Sruort A : Worsow. IN. Accy ZN Oberkrom Kim M : Union. MS: Eng O Brien Koren E Ocosio Michoel I RodcBf. KY: Accy Odom LorroJne F Greenville MS: Ub Am Odom. Margaret A : Horn Lake MS: Bus Otander Thomas 5 Meridian MS: Bus M Over Angeto M Hernondo MS: Bus Owen James H . Ackermon. MS: Eng : KA Poine. Kimberiy J : Educ Porker Suzanne Milan TN Ub Arts: AOO Porker. Whitney J : Morekmd H . OH: Bus KA Porks Cory L : Onton. MS: Eng ATQ Porrish Yvonne C Conwoy AR: Bus I1B Parrlow. Cassandra D Shannon MS: Bus Patterson. Dono Eupora. MS: Lib Arts: A A Patterson. Sammy G : Fulton. MS: Ub Am Pou . Pomelo S Dyersburg. TN: Phorm. Peaster James R : Yazoo City MS: Ub Arts: M Pendet Frances L : KosOusko. MS Accy Penderon Robert H : Jackson. MS. Bus Pepper. Robert E : Houston. MS: Lib Am Perkins, Wifcoms R: Eng : ATQ PMIps. Pouto D Portogevae. MO: Lib Am Pierce Andrew J.. CoBervOe. TN: Ub Am Pierce. Kendal L Ub Arts Pierce. Ronald H. Peart. MS: Accy : B8II Classes 349 Plicock. Frances A. : Botesville, MS: Lib. Am Pitner, John M-; Winono. MS; Lib. Am. At Piirmon, Jill: Hortiesburg. MS; Educ.: Xfl Prorher. Bruce H ; Memphis, TN. Bus : K+ Prewitt. Wiley C. Winono, MS: Lib. Arts Pride. Portia. Aberdeen, MS. Bus.: AT Prirctierr. John S.; Palm Springs. FL. Bus. Roiner, Sondro A ; Brandon, MS: Bus ; tlB Rains. Lisa K.. Poscogoulo, MS; Lib. Arts Reddift. Anrhony C . Grenada. MS; Lib Arts Redmond. Lee .: Bus. Reed. Angela D., Memphis, TN; Lib. Arts Reed. Randall S; St Paul. MN; Educ. Regan, Jeremiah L.: Liberty, MS; Accy Rieves. jimmy A.; Aberdeen, MS; Educ. Robbins. Read G : New Albany, MS: Bus. Roberts, Andrea L: Murfreesboro, TN; Bus.; ZTA Roberts, Stanford T , Bus.; A6 Robertson, Daniel L.; Jackson. MS: Bus.: KA Robinson, Mcwillie M.: Jockson. MS. Ub. Arts:ZX Robinson, Peggy A ; Laurel, MS: Educ Robinson, Sonyo K ; Nesbit, MS: Lib Arts: Aon Robison. Eleanor H ; Holly Springs. MS: Educ : XQ Ross. David H ; Olive Branch. MS; Accy Ross, Joel C.; Colhoun City. MS: Lib. Arts Russell, Billy M.; Fulton. MS: Educ Russell. Jennifer E ; Sardis. MS, Bus Russell. Jennifer L.: Pontotoc, MS: Lib. Arts Russell. Rhonda D ; Thaxron. MS; Educ Sag. Victor 5.: Bus.; X+ Sonders. Jim L.; Lib. Arts Sanders. Jill; Amory. MS; Bus.; M Sanders, Wendy L; Memphis. TN; Ub. Arts Sanders, Winifred A.; Columbus, MS; Lib. Arts; XH Song. Akjn J ; Rosedole. MS: Eng. Sappington, Chris; Ponfofoc, MS; Bus. Schmutz. Sandra G ; Nashville, TN; Lib Arts Schulte. Laura A.; Memphis, TN; Lib Arts Scott. Tina J ; Winono. MS; Bus Scruggs. Kimberly A ; Winona. MS; Lib Am Seoly. Mary E ; Senotobia. MS; Eng Sears. Potti L.; Birmingham. AL; Lib Arts Sease, Denise; Greenville, MS; Lib. Arts; AOD Sellers. Jamie L.; Blytheville, AR; Educ. Serhol, Mozen-Louron; Hassa; Eng. Show, Beth; Kosciusko. MS; Lib. Arts; AAA Sills, Steven C.: Madison, MS; Lib. Arts Stmonerri, Robert B.; Marion. AR; Educ. Simpson. John S., Jockson, MS; Bus.; ZN Singletory. Wondo G.: Jockson. MS. Bus. Sistrunk. William W.; Jackson. MS, Lib. Arts Skinner. Hotriet M.; Memphis. TN; Educ. Skinner, Richard D , Olive Branch. MS; Lib. Arts: A A Slaughter, Arnold D.; Hopkinsville. Ky: Lib Smith. Amy W.; Jockson. Ms; Bus; AAA Smith. Clinton L.; Bus: B8I1 Smith, Galen A.; Hernondo. MS; Lib. Arts; zn Smith. Kathy D ; Botesville. MS; Educ.; AOI1 Smith. Lee; dorksdale. MS; Bus.; AAA Smith, Paul A.; Brookhaven, MS, Eng . DJCA Smith Perrin N Columbus. MS Lib. Arts sen Smith. Perry M ; Jockson. MS: Bus. Smith. Sally E.: Oxford. MS; Bus. Smith. Susan C.; Phorm ; KAO Smith. Susannah M.; Houston, TX; Lib. Arts; KKT Snyder. Jane; Jackson, MS; Ub. Arts; AAA Sones. Debro A.; Lib. Arts Soper. Todd C ; Natchez. MS. Accy. Spear. Judy; Corinth, MS, Bus.: AAA Spivey. Karherine, Canton. MS; Educ.; XQ Spivey. Vickie L.; Canton. MS; Bus ; Xfl Spurrier. Kofherine: Lib. Arts; KKT 5l Mary, Todd E.. Vicksburg. MS. Eng Stanford. Kelly J.. Webster, IA; Eng Stevenson, Jomes; Unrvetsity. MS; Bus. Stewart. Giles: Lib Arts: ZAE Stine. Rebecca; Corinth. MS; Ub Arts; AAII Sroddord. Lorre L ; Southoven. MS; Ub. Arts Stokes. Stephen B ; Lighthouse Pi.. FL. Ub. Arts;K2 Stticktand. Andrew L; Bus. Sullivan. Jomes S ; Clinton. MS; Eng.. A Sullivan. Ricky G.. Dundee. MS; Bus.: ZAE Sufhon. Walter F ; New Orleans. LA; Ub. Arts.AKE Tote, Mariso; Tupelo. MS; Ub. Arts; XQ Tote, Milton L .; Senotobio. MS; Eng Taylor, Martin; Natchez. MS; Lib Arts; SX Taylor. Scon A ; Merritt blond, FL; Eng. Taylor. Sheree G ; Grenada. MS; Bus 350 Classes Tedford TonN Oorksdole, MS; Ub. Am: KKF Therrell. Amy S : Ellisville. MS: Bus.: KA Thomas, Beiti H.. Memphis. TN; Lib. Am Thomas. Vote D.; Greenville. MS: Ub. Am: AT Thomasson, Potrioa A ; Philodelphio. MS: Accy. Thompson. Donno A., Bruce, MS: Bus. Thompson. Patrick W.: Boy St Louis. MS; Accy.; ATQ Thompson. Rose M.; Shannon. MS: Ub. Am TWmon. Vicky A.; New Albany. MS: Bus. Tknmie. Earnest J.; Ub. Am Toler. Karhy; Jackson, MS; Ub. Am: AAA Tolleson, Trocey L.; Ub. Am : AT Tomo. Raymond D : Phoenix. At Educ. Tomlln. Toro A.. Ookkxv TN; Ub. Am; IIB Townsend. Walter C ; Jackson. TN; Bus.. M Trocy. Beth E. : Caledonia. MS: Ub. Am Tronchin. Winifred B.: Metoirle, LA: Ub. Am; ZTA Troyka, Evan B.: Baton Rouge. LA; Eng.: KT Tucker. Frank H : Meridian. MS: Ub. Am; MM Turner. Alemedo: Senotobio. MS: Eng. Turner. David A.: Belzoni, MS: Bus.: KA Turner. James B.: Belzoni. MS:Bus.: KA Tutor. Joy L.: Pontotoc. MS: Accy. Uhlhorn, Ann P.; Oxford. MS: Bus.; AAA Von Cleave. Clifton; CentreviUe, MS: K2 Von Oeve. Paul L.. Dayton. OH Veto. Luis E.; Umo; Eng. Venoski. John, Newark. NY; Ub. Am Vollmer. Richard F ; Cordova. TN; A6 Waddell. Pottle W.: Duroro. MS: Lib. Am: AAH Walker. Jerrel D.; Laurel, MS; Phorm. Wallace. Michael R ; luka. MS: Bus. Waller, Ronald E : Oxford. MS: Phorm. Wolrhour Ann S.; Jacksonville. FL: Ub. Am: KA6 Wore. Karen L; Winono. MS: Bus. Worren. Angela D : Pontotoc, MS: Ub. Arts: AMI Worren. Hugh W . Greenwood. MS. Bus : M Watson Amy V : Brondon. MS: Ub. Arts; KA Worn, John; Franklinton. LA: Eng.: KZ Watts. Sarah: Franklinton. LA; Ub Arts: KA Webster. Charles L. Ill: Fr. Worth. TX: Ub Ans:2AE Welch. Kirk C ; Oxford. MS: Bus. Wells. Anne; Jackson. MS; Bus.; XQ West. Romono M . Oxford, MS, Educ. White. Charles L.: Aberdeen. MS; Bus. Whorton. Robert L: Oxford. MS: Eng. Wiggin s, Permetrie E .; Oorksdote. MS; Eng. Wilbourn. Russell L : Woter Volley. MS: Bus Wildmon. Angeto Tigrert, Tupelo. MS; Educ.; KA6 Wilkinson. Sandra: Georgetown. SC: Ub. Arts.nB Williams. Brian J.; Jackson. MS. Bus. Williams. Jeffrey L.: Ulbourn. MO: Ub. Arts; KT Williams. John Q. Winono, MS; Eng. Williams, Lee G.: Foirhope. AL: Bus.: ATQ Williams. Mamie D.; Yazoo City. MS; Ub. Am: XI! Williams. Missie 5.; Yozoo City. MY: Educ.; SB Williams. Susan W. : Booneville. MS; Educ. Williamson. Dovid G ; Brondon. MS; Bus.. MB Williamson. Jurt A.. Olive Branch. MS: Accy. Williamson. Lisa M.; Helena. AR: Accy.: AOH Wilson. Joseph E ; Senotobio, MS; Ub. Am. ZAE Wilson. Lynerte C.; Grenada MS; Ub Am Wilson, Mark E : Pascogouto. MS: Ub. Arts Wilson, Mory V ; Oorksdole, MS: Accy.; M Wilson Soroh J ; Long Beoch, MS; Ub. Am: DM Wilson. Vickie D.. Duck Hill. MS Winters, Leigh A.; luka. MS. Accy. Wise, Elizabeth, Jackson. MS: Lib Arts; XQ Wong, David N. K.; University. MS; Eng. Wong. Jo V.; Moorheod. MS, Accy Wong, Woyne; Canton, MS; Phorm. Woods. Dovid M : Grenada, MS; Bus.; ATQ Woodson. Morito F.. Richton. MS: Accy Wright. Michael D.: Booneville. MS: Educ. Wright, Moses: Grenada, MS. Eng. Wyort. James D.: Hernondo. MS: Bus.. I1KA Yoeger. Michelle M.: Slidell. LA: Accy. Yorbrough, Jonet A.: Bus.: ZTA Yorbrough. Virginia R : Louisville. MS: Ub. Am Yotes. Leah A.; Nesbit. MS; Educ.: AAII Young Alex: Wynne, AR. Ub. Am: ZX Young. Robyn; Duront. MS: Accy : AAI1 Zemonrv Moiro: Chesterfield. MO: Accy : ZTA Zepponi. Christopher L : Leland. MS: Accy. Abrohom. Suson 5 : Clorksdole, MS: Bus Abraham Talol: UniversiTy. MS, Eng Adams. Roderick. Columbus. MS; DOS Adeleke, John F.. Eruwo; Bus AI-Amari. Abdullah G ; University. MS: Eng AI-Hamdi Shihob. University. MS. Eng Alfred. Sharon J : Wiggins. MS, Lib Arts Allen. Andrew P : Memphis. TN; Bus : ATO Allen. Donald T : Oxford, MS. Bus. Allen Jimmy T . Sihesron. MO; Eng.; ZBT Allen. Valerie B : Sourhaven. MS. Educ. Allgood, James C . Duch Hill. MS. Eng An Pak Edgar: Hong Kong. Eng Anderson Erns M Fairfax Station VA Bus +KK Anderson. Ramono L Holly Springs MS Bus Ansorge Jennifer L. Huntsville AL Bus KA Ard. Julie L ; Ponrotoc. MS. Bus Arnold Doniel L : Pearl. MS. Bus : BOIl Ashley. Ty O : Hazlehurst. MS. Educ. Ashmore Raymond E Southoven, MS. Bus Atkinson. Robert L , Hernondo. MS. Eng Atwood, Lauro R : Bell Buckle. TN: Lib Arts Austin, Melissa J.: Lib Arts Austin, Suzanne L , Oxfotd, MS; Bus. JUNIORS Austin. William. Oxford, MS; Bus.; I1KA Avery. John Allen. Millington. TN. Bus Avery, Srocey L : Millington, TN: Educ Bain. Beverly D ; Corinth. MS: Accy. Boker NickieL Clarksdale MS Lib Arts KAO Ooker. Will: Oxford. MS; Lib Arts: KA Boll. Elissa L : Vicksburg. MS: Educ. Banks. Melvin: Show. MS; Lib Arts. A A Berkley. Borbero H.; Jackson, MS; Bus : Xlf Barnes. Elizabeth E.. luko. MS: Lib. Arts Borneft. Lauro L., Educ. Bortkiewicz. Veroniko M : Brandon, MS Lib Arts Basil. William M . New Albany, MS. Bus. Bates. Thomos A . Meridian. MS; Lib. Arts Baxter. Lisa J . Olive Branch. MS. Eng : ZTA Oeord. Jamie A Beormon. Charles L : Corinth. MS; Lib. Arts Beosley. Tracey L . Jackson. TN; Lib. Arts Beauregord. Judith A . West Memphis. AR; Accy : KKP Beavers. Wilmo G : Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts Beckett. David R : Olive Branch. MS; Eng. Bell. Archie L.; Walnut, MS: Educ Bell. Douglas W ; Univetisty. MS; Eng. Bell. Gerald T ; Pontotoc. MS: Phorm Bell. Suzanne R . Jackson. MS: Lib Arts Benefield. Patricia A ; Lib Arts: AF Bennett, Gary G : Duck Hill. MS: Bus Bennett. Laurie A ; Eupora. MS: Educ : t ' M Benton. Cynthia L : Kosciusko, MS: Lib Arts Bercow. Barbara E . Jackson. MS; Lib Arts Berry Helen E. Robinsonville MS Educ. AAA Bkxk, Carolyn; Phorm 352 Classes Btock. Leste: Memphis. TN: Ub. Am Btockwel. Debro K. : Morr on. MS: Ub. Am Btoke. Keiy: ShoSmor. FL: Bus. Btanron rmorhy: Kosdusko. MS; Ub Am Btount. Mary A.; Gulfport. MS Boggs David R_. Gutport. MS: Eng, Booker. Kothertne C: Chorlesion. MS: Accy. Boone. Douglas R : Jackson. MS: Bus Bouchlon. Yvonne A.: Hemando. MS Bus.: AAA Bowen Barbara L;Eupora MS: Ub. Am: M Broden. Steve: Jadaon. MS: Accy Bradford. PhBp M.: Ub Am: TJK Bradey. Jem L: Ponrotoc. MS: Ub Am Bradey. Vayne M : Pontotoc. MS Eng, Bramlen. John K : Brandon. MS Bus. Bromlen. Jute C: Ub. Am Broswel. Frances E : Jodaon. MS; Ub. Am Broswel. Lestye D : Hemando. MS: Educ Bronon. Peggy 5 Oxford. MS: Educ Bridges Gregory D.: Tupelo. MS: Bui Bridges. James P.; Forest. MS: Ub. Am Bridges. Undo D SKercreeH. MS: Ub. Am Briscoe Roger K.: Sourhoven. MS; Accy. Blister Frank L: Brownwood. TX. Bus. JUNIORS Jl BrorX Gory L: Oxfofd. MS: Eng, Brooks. Drown S : Memphis. TN: Eng, Brown. Ano A.: Vinono. MS: Ub. Am Brown. Jocqueine P . Tupelo. MS: Ub Am Brown Lome N.: Oxford. MS: Ub. Am Brown Malcolm E Oxford. MS: Ub Am Brown. Thomas P.. Mogee. MS: Ub Am Brownhg, Mory L; Ecru. MS: Ub Arts: AOH vnlcc Morrho: Myrtle. MS: Ub Am i Dona E BotesvMe. MS: Educ : UB n Otvto L: Ontftfc. MS: Educ. TJB n Robert M Ub Am lonon Brian K Sourhoven. MS: Accy. d, tewy A.; Voter Vaiey. MS; Bus. yd Robbie L : AbbevSe. MS: Educ X Dawn E.: Ocean Springs. MS: Ub. m ACW Bums. Valerie D.: Oortadote. MS: Accy. Burcham. Berry J ; Corinrh. MS: Buv Burcham Janice L: Corinrh. MS: Accy. Burford. Osd v. : GreenvBe. MS: Bus. Burgess. Cynthia D : Voter Valey. MS: Accy. Burkett. Jermfer A ; Oxford. MS: Ub Anv CTA Bumen. John R_. Boy Springs. MS: Eng. Bums. Julonne R.: New Orleans. LA. Educ.: M Bums. Ronald K : Mortetta. MS; Bus. Burton. Parnao J . Moben. MS. Ub Am Busby. Ralph A : Oxford. MS: Bus Burter Noel S.: Oorksdale MS: Bus : B8H Butter. Pouleneo: Botesvfc. MS; Ub Am Burter. Room P ; Spring, TX. Accy : ZTA Byors. George R-: Memphis. TN; Buv: A6 Cabolero. Vicror L: Ham Lake. MS: Eng, Oasses 353 Cairns. Eugenia L ; Senotobia, MS; Lib. Arts Camp, John E : Sourhaven, MS; Bus. Campbell. Sherri L . Druce, MS; Lib. Arrs Cannon. Cynthia F., Oxford, MS; Bus. Canty. Christina V; Bus. Carlson. Barbara J ; Greenville. MS; Lib Am Cornes, Cindy C : Ponroroc. MS. Lib. Arts Carnfick. Paul. University, MS, Bus. Carpenrer. Cormon IV; Boonevitle, MS. Eng Carpenter. Glodwin K ; Grenada. MS. Bus. Carpenrer, Kimberly A , luha, MS: Lib Arts Carroll. Alice L ; Jackson. MS. Bus , t B t Carter. Brendo K , Sordis. MS: Lib Arts Carter, Catherine L Forrest Ciry, AfV Educ P ' B ' U Caner, Karherine IV; Brandon, MS; Bus. Carurhers, Stephen A.; Indianolo. MS, Bus.; KA Cose. David W . Oxford, MS; Lib. Am Castleberry. Kimberely A.: Sikesron, MO; Lib. Arts Cavozos, Christopher M.: Southoven, MS; Lib. Arts; OK Chambers, Marti; Lib. Arts; AAA Champion, Laura; Bus.; KA Chonnell, Cheryl J. : Hazlehurst, MS; Accy., K e Chllders. Abby A.; Ripley, MS: Educ ChiWers, Richard H.; Riptey, MS; Bus. JUNIORS Chow. Belinda K.: Gatksdale MS: Bus. Christian. Kevin A ; Oxford. MS; Bus.. HK Chuo, Keng; Singapore Eng. Clock. Forrest K.: Winono. MS; Eng. Clork, John E.: Nesbit, MS; Accy. Cloyborn. Robert L; Lib Arts; B2 Oemenr, Melanie G , Pontotoc. MS; Bus. Clement. Rhondo A : Myrtle. MS; Eng. dements. Jerry V.: Voroomon. MS: Accy. Clements, Mollie V.; Tupelo. MS; Accy.; KM Clements, Roye A.: Bruce, MS: Educ. alburn. Jerry S.: Peorl. MS: Eng. Clinkscoles. Grody. Arlonto. GA: Bus: I ' K ' I ' Coots. Dwoyne IV; Toylorsville. MS: Lib Arts Cobb. Sylvia C: Hernondo. MS: Bus. Cochron. Liso K . Coldwoter, MS: Accy. Cochroine, Alexander L : Lake Forest. IL: Ub Am Colbert. Emily A ; Houston. MS; Educ.: AOII Cole. Mark A., Booneville, MS Colemon. John R : Southoven. MS Ous X Colemon, LisoG ; Meodvilte, MS: Ub. Arts: KA Colemon. Robert W ; Okotono. MS Bus zn Collins. Oovid N. : Oxford. MS, Lib. Arts Collins, Jonel, Louisville, MS. Accy. Comer. Karen L ; Fulton. MS: Eng , AT Coningsby. Gregg O.. Ft Lauderdale. FL- Eng , K Conner. Roy N.: Sourhoven, MS; Accy. Conniff. Stephen: Corinth. MS; Bus. Conrad, Normo J . Como. MS: Educ Conwill, George G ; Gutfport, MS; Lib. Arts Cook, Brian C . Vestavio Hills. AL: Bus.: ATS1 Cope. Nathan J ; Sun Valley. CA; Eng. 354 Classes Cossor. Finney; Jockson. MS: Bus.: AAA Cothom. Keilh E.; Southoven. MS: Eng Couch. Jerry K. : Hemondo. MS: Bus : III Counts. WilBom T. : Sorosoro. FL: Dus .: ' f ' H A Cox. Korherlne E.: Amory. MS: Accy : ZTA Cox. Mark E : Jockson. MS: Lib Arts: A6 Oowford. Kevin T.: Peocl. MS: Educ. Oowford. Robert M. : Brookhoven, MS: Ub Am Crews. James M . Memphis. TN; Ub Arty M Crocker. Amondo D.; CoJhoun dry. MS: Educ. Crowe. BonHo K : Oxford. MS: Educ Cruchirds. VBom A.: GuKporr. MS: Educ Cutoreorh. Donno M.: Coldwoter. MS: Educ Cummmgs. Susan D.. Water VaJJey. MS: Bus. Cummins. Toney K : Vkksburg, MS: Eng. Curtey. George T.: Moss Point. MS: I . Am Culler. Julo L: Grenada. MS: Bus.: AT Daley. Melissa M.e: Ripley. TN: Educ : AA8 Dole Mary G.: MonHceio. MS: Dus.: AT Daniel. Bradford R.: Oxford. MS: Eng. Daniel. John E.: Columbus. MS: Ub. Are Davidson. Pamela L: BetevMe. L. Accy. Davidson. Robert F. : Tupelo. MS: Bus. Davidson. Sara A.. Terry. Mi Accy. JUNIORS Davis. Alan C: Druce. MS: Eng. Davis, D ' Ann R. : Jena. LA: Ub. Arts: ZTA Davis. Lance H.: University, MS: Eng. Davis, Michael L: Oxford. MS: Bus. Dovis. Suzanne: Como. MS: Educ: AAA Davis, Whitney B.: Wiggins. MS: Eng. Dowklns. John: Hatttesburg. MS: Bus.: ZN Day. Charles M.: Jockson. MS: Ub. Arts Dean. Angela C.: Tupelo. MS. Ub. Am Deormon. Rebecca R.: Jockson. MS: Educ.: Delbrtdge, Sondy F, ; AbbevMe. MS: Ub. Are Den. Eric D.: Gideon. MO; Eng : B9H Derbes, Erin 5 Boron Rouge. LA: Bus.: I1B Dexter. Robert J.: Accy. Dickinson. Laura E.: Memphis. TN: Bus.: XB Dobbs Rachel A Montee MS: Bus. Drone, Sarah A.: Orlando. R, Educ : ZTA Dubose Anrhony W.; Sheridan. AR: Eng. Dufcon. Evelyn J.: Pensocola. FL: Bus. Duncan. Donald D.: Lake Cormorant. MS; Bus Duncan. Thomas C: Dubln. TX: Phorm. Dundas. E.: Forrest dry. AR; Ub Am; KA8 Duvfc, Herbert F. Dwyer. Joe T.: Corinth. MS: Dus. Dykemon. WVom D.: Ripley . MS: Eng. Easreriy Stuart M.; Danvlle. KY; Ub. Are. KA Echote. Teresa D : Houston, MS: Educ.. AOH Edwards. M.; RuleviDe. MS; Accy. Eeo. Meng Y.; Muor; Eng. EHIon. Frank B.; Oxford. MS: Bus.: A8 EMon. Roberr W; Ripley. MS; Ub. Are ElUs. Juliette: Jockson. MS: Accy. Dosses 355 Embry, Ellen. Boresville. MS; Accy. Epperson. Stephen P: Yozoo City MS ' Lib Am; A Erwin, Cynrhio A ; Blue Springs. MS: Eng. Evans. Alicia L . Dyersburg. TN; Bus, Xfl Fandel. Joy; Tupelo. MS. Lib. Arts Farese. Tammy N.; Ashland. MS; Ous. Former. Jennifer E.; Jackson, MS. Lib. Arrs Forherree. Berhony A.. Jackson. MS. Pharm.. XH Fedric, Helen C ; Clorisdole. MS; Lib. Arts Ferguson. Elizabeth L: Boresville MS- Accv AT Filpi, Rosalyn A.; Arlington, VA; Bus AOII Finn, Cheryl D.; Sollis. MS; Educ. Finney, Vickie L ; Nertleton. MS. Lib. Am Fiore, Angela M., University. MS; Eng. Fisher, Catherine M.; Natchez. MS; Educ. Fisher. Natalie H ; Memphis. TN. Educ.; KA Flowers. John D.; Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts Floyd. Korl P.; Houston. MS; Bus. Ford. Amy L ; Sardis. MS; Lib Am Ford. John. Greenwood, MS; Bus.; ZX Former, Trocee. Memphis. TN; Bus.; Xfl Fountain. Mike; Goulier. MS; Lib. Am Franklin. Rhonda K.; Indionota. MS. Educ. Franks. Rhonda S. C.; Corinth, MS; Accy. JUNIORS Freeman. Adrione R. : Como. MS; Lib. Am Freeman, Dino A.. Pascogoulo. MS; Accy. Freeze, Natalie D : Oxford. MS; Eng Fuller, James A.: Bus.; ' LTB ' R Gobbert. William G; Water Volley MS Bus Goltospy. Cherie R , Kosciusko. MS; Bus. Gollowoy, Terri L.. Yazoo City MS- Bus KKP Gardner, Mitch J .; Philadelphia. MS; Lib Am Gorroway. Susan C ; Jackson. MS Lib Am BM Gorrert. Stevie W ; Booneville. MS, Bus. Garrison, Sherry L.; Oxford. MS; Bus. Gentry. Steven O ; Boldwyn. MS; Accy. Gionino. Sherri A ; Columbia. MS: Bus. Gillspie. Bevelin D.. dive Branch MS- Lib Am Gtodney. Michael H ; Jackson, MS; Accy. Glenn, Anno E.; Educ.; AT Gong. Sonya E . Merigold. MS. Accy. Goodwin. David P.; Jockson, MS. Bus.; 2AE Goodwin. James W . Salisbury. NO Lib Am. sen Googe. Susan; Dooneville MS; Bus. Goolsby. Jomes L.; Abbeville. MS: Lib. Am Gore, Jomes S; Woodland. MS; Lib Am Goso, Michael D ; Jockson. MS; Accy Graham. Bob; Greenwood, MS Lib Am ATf] Gronbery, Elizabeth A : Bus. Xli Granger. Kimberly A ; Educ : ZZA Graves. Kenneth D ; Colt. AR; Lib Am. X+ Groves. Paulo D ; West Point. MS; Lib Am Green. Kothryn E ; Jockson MS Lib Am KKF Green, Melissa Lynn; Kosciusko. MS. Educ. Greenlee. Thomas E.; Datesville. MS; Bus. Greet. Tracy J . Miami. FL; Accy , KKP 356 Classes Griffin. Morshon C : Euporo. MS; Ub Am Gromota. Robert L . Bus Gruenewold Deobroh Jo: Memphis. IH Bus Gunnels. N e De Bus : RJWRC Gurnet Robert B ; Vo Voley. MS: Eng,: X Gutierrez. Sergio G : University. MS: Eng Hone Morthc H ; Vinono. MS: Lib Am Holes. Anne M ; Hortiesbutg. MS: Educ.: M Homod. Beobok A H : University. MS; Eng Homaton Dorothy Anito: Tunico. MS: Educ.: KKT Homfeon. Joon; Cooper. TX: Lib Am Homfcon Tod 5 : Duck Hi. MS: Eng Hammock. Todd W : Belmont. MS: Eng Hammer John G; Columbus. MS: Lto Am Homnet. Kelvin M.; Oorksdole. MS. Lto Am Hampton. Wom A : Muncie. W. Lib Am Honks. Kenney M ; Tupelo MS: Bus : B8D Harbour. Barry D .: West Memphis. AR; Accy :X Hon n. Tommie D ; New Albany. MS: Educ : ADO More. Monte J : Boonevie. MS: Bus Harp. EKzobertv Ub Am Horns. Amethyst: Euporo. MS: Lib Am Morris Jeftery D : Laurel. MS: Bus Harris. Shelley K : Educ JUNIORS 4H Harris. Viootio A : Jonesboro. AR: Bus AOH Harris. Yotondo S : Tupelo. MS: Ub. Am Harrison Michael A: Euporo MS: Accy : KT Hanhcock Michoel G : Peart. MS. Lib Am Hosson Carol R ; Accy Hatcher Wesley M.: Virginia Beach. H: Bus Horborne, Daniel A Soso. MS: Lib Am Hawthorne. Margaret R; Jackson MS: Lib Am Hector. Dorothy 0.: Boy St. Louis. MS: Lib Am AAA Heinboch. Ronoid E : Hetnondo. MS. Eng Henderson Herbert E : YazooOty. MS: Lib Am Hendrtcks. Sherie M : Blue Mountain. MS: EdOc Heng, Chen; Singapore. Eng. Henry, Bradford L : Pontotoc MS: Accy Henry, Kmberty K.: Phorm Henry. Skye C : New Orteans. LA: Ub Arts: KM Herd. Edward S ; Oxford. MS: Lib Am Herring. Korherine L : Cartolton. MS: Bus : Herrington. Borboro L : Peorl MS; Lto Am Herrington Berry L : Peal. MS; Lib Arts: AAR Hdvnon James A : Picayune. MS: Educ Hi Robert A Meridian, MS; Lib Am M Thomas R Ripley, MS: Bus HMon Brent N Corinth. MS: Accy Hit. Henry W : McComb. MS: Bus : A6 n. Mary H : Aberdeen. MS: Lto Am. AT Hoar. Benjamin J.; Oxford. MS: Ub Am Hoffman. Virginia L : New Orteans. LA. Accy.XB Hotond. Koren: Charleston. MS. Lto Am Holond. Raymond L Mineoto. TX: Lto Am Holowel. Hoty R : Oxford. MS; Educ. Hood. David R ; Utico. MS Bus ; KT Dosses 357 Hood, Paulo C : Houlko. MS,- Educ Hoover Debbie A Olive Branch MS Bus. ZTA Horn. Debbie Clinron. MS, Educ . AA.} Honon, Joseph: Glen Ellyn, IL, Bus ; KT Howell, Rebecco J , Senotobio, MS; Educ Hudson, Elizabeth D , Sardis. MS; Educ. Hudson, Lydio L : Calhoun Ciry, M5; Educ ; A.} Hudson, Mark A : Sardis, MS; Lib. Arts Hudson, Robert L ; Oxford, MS Hull, Karen L , Ringgold. GA. Lib Arts Hume. Andrew T . Jackson. MS; Lib Arts. zx Humphries. Arlena: Ellisville. MS; Bus. Hunr, Alex T . luka. MS; Lib Aits Hunter. Jennie B . Selmer. TN. Lib Arts; M Hutches. Mory Jo; Tallevost, FL; Educ.; AOH Hutson. Donald H Corinth, MS; Bus. Iskandarani. Issom, Beirut; Eng Ivy, Randal R.; Bus. Jockson, Word N : Greenwood. MS. Eng. Jacobs, Dale IV: Eng.: N Janes. Letgh A.; Eng. Jenkins, John W. ; Lawrenceville, GA. Lib. Arts Johnson. Chris K., Water Volley, MS. Accy. Johnson, David W , Falkner. MS. Lib Arts JUNIORS , i Johnson. Frances P.; Clinton, MS: Lib. Arts; N Johnson, Jeffrey D.; Memphis. TN. Eng.; SKn Johnson. Lou S.; Lib. Arts Johnson, William C: Meridian, MS; Lib Arts; KT Jolly, Trocey C ; Storkville, MS: Lib Arts Jones, Amy C.: Cleveland. MS; Bus. Jones. Johnny R ; RuleviUe. MS; Bus.: A A Jumper. Becky Jo; Ripley, MS; Bus. Jumper, Kenneth S ; Memphis, TN; Bus. Kobbon, Emil: Tupelo, MS: Eng. Kobbon, Rita I . Tupelo, MS: Lib, Arts Kohl. Reuben F., University. MS; Phorm. Konaon. Lino, Amman. Lib Arts Koreotes. Anthony: Joliet, IL: Bus. Koy. Kotherine A : Tupelo, MS. Accy : KKF Kech. Herbert L: Bus.. Sen Kelley. Chris A : Bay St Louis, MS, Lib Arts Kendricks. Angela K.: Clorksdole, MS. Educ Kennedy. Kerry M ; St Joseph, TN, Eng. Kern. Laurie A : Jockson. MS: Bus. Kidd. Jeffrey W ; Southaven. MS, Accy. Killen. Susan A : Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts Kimmons, Keith D : New Albany, MS: Lib. Arts Jeffrey W ; Wesson. MS, Educ King, Larry J . Oxford MS; Bus Knight. Cecil. Columb ' us. MS: Bus. Knight, Darrel J . Abilene, TX; Bus , X Kon. Chee M , University. MS: Eng. Koon. Henry Hernondo. MS; Lib Arts; KT Kruger. Stuart G : Premiss. MS: Lib Arts; ZX Lobelia. Roy A : Indianolo, MS: Lib. Arts: 11 Londress Paul B , Memphis, TN: Accy. 35fi Classes ' Lone. Cossondro C: Soginow. Ml: Ub. Am Long. Scon A ; Osford. MS: BIB Longston. M on H : Oxford. MS. Eng.: ATQ Lonirip. Dryon S : Woynesboro. MS: Ub Am Loroche, Lino M : Ripiey. TN: Ub Am; KA8 Lowrence. Angelo D : Lucedole. MS: Bus Leoch. Lorn R : Olive Branch MS: Eng. Lee. Korrino R : Peorl. MS: Lib Am Lee. Lorry B : Benton. MS: Accy : K Lee. Undo D : Courrtond. MS: Lib Am Lee, Peng. University. MS; Eng Lee. wasom M . Jockson. MS: Bus Leeuw. Ove: University. MS: Ub Am Leong, Chooo-Kiong; Soboh: Bus Levens. Oonno M : Long Beoch. MS: Accy.; KM Levy. Jon. Conron. MS; Educ : XQ Lewis. Dona 5: Lib Am Lewis. John A : Horriesburg. MS: Accy : TX Lewis. Leigh A.: Tupelo. MS: Educ. Liebou. Korherine R.: Oxford. MS: Accy Uedke. Robin M. Undsey. E.; JocksonvBe. Fk Ub Am Urrte. Rondo C . Smirhvile. MS: Bus.: AOH Utrlejohn. Liso M ; New Albany. MS; Ub. Am, AT JUNIORS Urrteron. Fetecio J : N. Corrolron. MS: Accy.: KM Locke. Lizoberh P , Artonto. GA. Bus : XQ Logon. Ben: Tupelo. MS: Accy.: KA Lord. Mono L ; Corrolron. MS; Educ Lon. Trocy D.. Cdombus. MS: Ub Am; A9 Loven. Lionel F.. Greenvte. MS: Eng.; A0 Lovorn. Angela G . Rolling Fork. MS: Bus . AAH Lowe. Richord C. McComb. MS. Ub. Am Lusco. Undo M . VWaburg, MS. Educ : KKT Lyle. Kimberry L : Jackson. MS: Accy. Lyons. Beverly J ; Greondo, MS: Bus : AOH Mocdonold. WWom C, Oxford. MS; Bus. Moffet. Mark W . Biloxi. MS; Ub Am; K Mogee. Johnny L ; Pope. MS; Accy Mogee. Tommy E.: Mount Olive. MS: Eng. Magers Sandra F : Boldwyn. MS: Educ. Maher. Jomes E ; Clinton. MS; Eng Motchow. Kenneth E ; BoresviHe, MS: Educ Mangrum. Parsy A.. Ethel. MS: Bus Mann. Jomes W : Duck Hill. MS: Bus. Martin. Joseph A . New Albany. MS: Ub. Arrs:TX Martin. Neva N : Brandon. MS, Educ : M Martini. Julio A.: Ub. Am Mask. Marty E : Pontotoc. MS: Ub. Am Mossenojn. Pomelo D.. Rlenzl. MS: Bus Morhis. Kenny J.: Oxford, MS; Educ Morhis. Lori H.: Corinth, MS: Eng. Marson. Arthur F.: Coral Gobies. FL: Bus. Mcolisrer. Larry W.. Blue Mountain. MS; Bus Mcorthur. John E , Ocean Springs. MS: Ub. Am McCain. Charles F . Botesvilte. MS: Ub Am: A A McCoin Liso A ; Greenwood. MS: Ub. Am: AT dosses 35 McColl. Dono D ; Natchez, MS; Accy McClung. Roy E ; Corinrh, MS: Bus. McClure. Joy I : Sordis, MS. Accy ; A6 McClure, Kyle; Belzoni. MS: Eng McCool. Dovis C : New Orleans. LA, Lib Arrs McDoniel. Russell P : Brighton. TN: Accy McDonald. PrenrisM : Oxford, MS: Bus. McDonald, Zeldo F : Southoven, MS; Bus McDowell. Linda J : Oxford. MS; Bus : ZTA McGhee Kenneth M ; Tupelo, MS, Lib Arts; KT McGrath, Lynn T ; Tupelo, MS; Lib Arts McGraw. Terry G : Salem, VA; Eng. McGreger. Janet: Booneville. MS, Educ. McGregor. Anno L : Memphis. TN. Lib. Arts McGuire Michael K ; Memphis. TN; Bus.. ATS! McKibben. Charles D : Jochson. MS: Accy. McKie, Peggy R : Lib Arts McKinnon. Lil: Tompo. FL: Lib. Arts; AAH McLean, Anno K,, Columbus. MS; Lib. Arts: AP McMillin. Terry Y.; Lib. Arts McMullen. Jeffery K : Ackermon. MS; Lib. Arts Meadows. Patrick L . Lelond, MS: Lib. Arts Mellor, Ernest H : Germontown, TN; Bus ; KA Merrill, Teresa A ; Escarowpo. MS: Bus JUNIORS MetcoK. Michael G.; Eng Mhoon, Etta J.; Colhoun City. MS; Lib. Arts; Z B Middleton, William D.. Gutfport, MS; Lib, Am Mildes, Kenneth E,; Verono, MS; Educ Miller. Marshall; Lib. Arts Miller. Stephanie F., Memphis. TN; Educ. Miller. Youlondo J.; Oxford, MS; Lib Arts Millerte. Louren A : Pascogoulo, MS; Educ. Millicon. Aliso K.. McComb. MS; Bus. Mills. Hugh D.: Oxford, MS; Lib. Arts Mills, Liso A ; Corinrh, MS: Lib. Arts Misiilis. Steven T.. Oxford, MS: Bus. Mitchell, Morsha A.; Cleveland, MS; Lib. Arts: Xfl Mook, Clarence W ; McCool. MS: Lib Arts Moffitt, Edward L.; Dumas, MS; Educ Mulpus, Mary M,. Philodelphio, MS; Lib, Arts Montgomery. Erby H.; Greenwood. MS; Lib Arts: ATS! Moody. Joe N.; Holly Springs, MS: Eng.; Moore, Carolyn I ; Clinton. MS: Lib. Arts: KA6 Moore. Clara B : Scort, MS. Lib. Arts Moore. Jacqueline. GuKport; Lib Arts; KA Moore. James S.; Ethel, MS. Phorm Moore, Kimberly L; Sardis, MS: Bus. Moore. Rurh A . Ellisvilk?. MS: Accy.; AOFJ Moore. Timothy L, Wolnut. MS: Educ Morgan. Gretto J.; Booneville. MS: Educ.: AAF1 Morris. Kim M.. Tupelo. MS: Lib. Arts. AAH Morrow, Kimberly Jo: Courttond. MS: Lib. Arts Mosby. Ellen D : Natchez. MS; Accy., KA Muller, Robert J . Eng ; A Mullins, Timothy D : Wesson, MS, Pharm Murphy Gornett A Memphis TN Lib Arts ATO 360 Classes Murphy. Glen A ; Vest Berlin. HI: Ub. Am Murphy. Lorry C .: Ashland. MS; Bus. Murray. Timothy J.: Jodeon. TN: Bus Myers. Mickey V.; University. MS: Lib Am Myrode. PhysL:Bus. MyricK. Robin L: Grenodo. MS. Ub. Am Nocke, Jute L: Burke. VA: Bus Nelson. Liso: Oxford. MS: Educ.: AAI1 Nelson. Nicky D.: Memphis. TN; Ub. Am Newmon. Dominic B.; Oorksdole. MS: Ub Am Nickels WBtam M : Tupelo. MS: Ub. Am O ' NeB. Patrick K.: Gulrport. MS: Ub. Arts Obrien. Mork: Meridion. MS; Accy. Odbm. Herb ert B.: Greenwood. MS; Bus. Ohebie. Porrtce: Bendel: Accy. Okeke. Uchechukwu A.: Uninverslry. MS; Ub. Am Owens. Nancy M.: Jackson. MS; Ub. Arts; n Palmer. Pat: Corinth. MS: Bus.: ZX Palmer. Worn M.; Walnut. MS: Bus Poisons. Gmno L; Dorhon. AL. Ub. Am Paschol. Moly L; Jackson, TN: Educ Pate Vom J.; Vest Point, MS: Bus. Patrick. Raymond C: Vofc. MS: Bus. Poufler. Joan A.: Chester. L: Bus.: KA9 JUNIORS TS ' fr " 5 " ! 4k IHHEIHIH Peal. Lori D.: Oxford. MS: Bus. Pegues. Mary S.; Tupelo. MS. Accy.: AGO Perry. Pouta 5.: New Albany. MS; Ub. Arts Peters. Teresa F : BakJwyn. MS; Accy. Phebus. Joy P.: Peorl. MS; Bus plkey. Thomas E.: Wotertoo. L: Bus. Pinsoo. Margaret D.: Pontotoc. MS. Bus Pitts. Jerry W : Pontotoc MS; Accy. Pah. Soon T. : Perak; Ena PC . Chrts A.. Honiesburg, MS: Accy. Porter. Jon P.; Oxford. MS; Ub. Am Porter wTKom C; Jackson. MS: Bus.: A6 Prorher. Valerie Jo; Columbus. MS: Bus.: AT Pringle. Charles K.r : Bloxi. MS; Ub Am Provios. Tony C ; Aberdeen. MS; Bus. Prow, Stocey L: Chesterfield. MO: Ub. Am Pryor. Lyn: Jonesooro. AR; Accy.: KKT Putnam. Johnny W. ; Canton. MS; Bus.: B9II Puyou. Stephen F : Oxford. MS; Bus Rakestrow. Antto C: New Albany. MS; Ub. Am Rokesrraw. Eddie B.; Blue Springs. MS. Ing Roubton, John C: KnoxvBe. TN: Ub. Am: KT Roy. Kenneth G : Pontotoc. MS: Ub. Am Roy, PhyBs L: Henderson, TN: Bus. Redmond. Belndo K; Byhola MS: Ub. Am Reed Belinda J ; Charleston. MS: Accy.: A8A Reed Bruce E : Holly Springs. MS: Bus.; SO Reed. Don: Hickory Flat. MS; Educ Reed. Harryfi : Baton Rouge. LA: Bus. Reed. Suson M : Terry. MS: Lib. Am Reeves. Melon J.: Kosdusko. MS: Educ. Reid. JomesT. Humsvfc. AL; Bus. dosses 361 Reidy. JomesJ : Oxford, MS; Lib. Arrs Rejebion, Myron B.; Dallos. TX: Bus ; KA Reynders. Scott R ; Plono, TX; Lib. Arts. II9E Rhodes. Mory J.; Franklin, TN; Educ.; N Richords. Zochory H : Biloxi, MS; Lib. Arts Richordson, Elton H., Floro, MS; Accy. Riddle. Robert H ; Amory, MS; Lib Arts Riley. Thomas F ; Doresville, MS; Eng. Rimmer, Jerry N.; Dronr Broch. NJ; Bus. Rooch. Brian P , Newton. MS; Bus. Roone. Emily B , Memphia, TN; Lib Arts; I1B Robbins. Steven A ; New Albany. MS; Lib. Arts Roberson, James W.; Tiplersville. MS. Bus Roberts, Billy G ; Grenada. MS; Bus. Roberts. Moth A.; Ocean Springs. MS; Bus. Robertson. Chatles K.; Durant, MS, Bus. Robertson, Morion E,: Windermere. FL; Educ : KAO Robinson. Charles E.; Bus. Roland. Amanda K., Qorksdole, MS; Eng. Rollison. Stocio L Memphis, TN; Bus.; KKF Roquet. John A.; Alice, TX; Lib. Am Ross. Lori K.; Clorksdole, MS; Bus, Rutherford. Lyndo C ; Tiplersville. MS; Educ.; Aon Rybak. Lucy A.; Bethlehem. PA; Bus. JUNIORS Rybok, Susan J.; Bethlehem. PA: Bus. Rye. Gregory L.; New Albany. MS; Accy. Sabbatini. Paul J.; Lelond. MS; Lib. Arts; sen Sadler. Le Lieso M . Franklin, TN; Bus.; KA Sampson. Nothon M.. Jackson. MS; Lib. Arts; 2AE Sandefer. Sharon A.; Plontersville, MS; Educ. Sanders, Barry C ; Batesville. MS; Accy. Sanders, Celetta L ; McLean, VA; Lib. Arts Sanders, Diana L.; Jackson. MS; Educ.. M Sanders, Thomas A.: Amory, MS; Lib. Arrs Sanders, Willis G.. Amory, MS Sondlin. Sharon L Ripley, TN; Educ.; XS! Sandroni. Jill A : Show. MS; Bus. Songuinetti. Charles P.; Oxford, MS, Educ. een Sartoin. Kothy L : Carrollton, MS; Lib. Arts Scheffing. Tracy L . Florissant. MO; Lib. Aits Scobey. Jeffrey M.. Coffeeville. MS; Lib Am Scott, Brett P.. Frankfort, KY; Lib. Am Scott. Keri J.: University. MS; Bus. Sealy. James: Senarobio, MS; Dus. Sekut, Tomye L : Gulfport, MS; Bus. Self. John D.: Durant, MS, Accy : K Senfer. Amy; Fulton. MS: Bus. Sexton. Morgoref E.; Coma, MS; Educ. Shockleford. Jeonne M.. Mobile AL Lib Arts: AAH Sheon. Daniel W.: Bus. Sheorin. Mory L ; Accy.; KA9 Sheffield. Melonie R : Fulton. MS. Educ. Shelley. Pomelo J ; Conehotto. MS, Accy Shepherd, Evo A.; Aberdeen MS Lib Arrs- DM Sherman, John M, Clarksdale MS Accy Ben Shields. Alexo. Meridian. MS; Bus : .vv 362 Classes Shinsrodi. Chrisropher J.: CoMwotef. MS: Accy. Shumpen. Antron: BoonevBe. MS: Lib Am Simmons, Donald C . Scoobo. MS. Educ: n Smervo. Richard E : Oxford, MS: Bus.: +KT Sisson MHom J.. Laurel. MS: Bus : KA Skelron. Tern E. : Hernondo, MS: Educ Slode Steven D . Meridian. MS: Ub Am Slaughter. M : Jockson. MS: Ub Am: AMI Stoon. Richord G : Boy City. TX: Bus. Srnlrh. Do bora G . Anglefon. TX: Bus. Smlrh. Beverly C: Sourhoven. MS: Accy Smith. Corotyn L: Jackson. TH Bus.: Ml Smith. Daniel G : CorroHton. MS: Ub. Am Smirh. Foye: Fokner. MS: Accy. Smirh. Mary K : Accy. Smth. Metanie A : Mendenhal. MS: Ub. Am Smth. Stephanie: Vesson MS: Ub. Am Snipes. Sieve G Tupelo. MS: Bus.: ATQ Sparta, vasom D : Tupelo. MS. Bus. Spencer. John B Cnartesran. MS Aay. Stontord. Pamela M.: Carrakon. MS: Educ Sraren. Andy F . Carofcoo. MS Bus. Steete. Kaye: Greenwood. MS: Bus.: AAA Sreaal. Karhy M.: Poorotoc. MS: Bus. JUNIORS SreoaH. Nancy 5 : Jockson. MS: Bus. Stephens. Michael L: Btowntstown. FL: Bus.: ZBT Stephens. Wam T : Oxford. MS: Ub. Am Stewart. Beau: Picayune. MS: Ub. Arts: X Stewart Joe G Oxford. MS. Bus : ZN Stewart Lauren Ooire: Eupora MS: Ub. Am Stewart. Tank) D.: Oorksdole. MS: Lib. Arts Stoker. Ted O.: Stewart, MS; ing Stone, Diana G ; Columbus. MS: Bus. Stone. Robert M.: Oxford. MS: Pharm. Stove . Linda S : Okotona MS: Educ : KA8 Stowers. Mark H ; Inverness. MS: Ub Arts: K Strange. John B.: Memphis. TH Bus. Straw. Brien A.: Arlngton Heights, C Ub. Arts: B0n SMbbig. John H.: Bus. StrkMond. Beverty C: ElsvMe. MS: Bus. Strickland, Terry V. : luko. MS: Accy. Str!ckn. Joy S.: Riptey. MS: Bus Srroupe. Stephanie G.: Ashland. MS: Ub Arts: AOI1 Su Pong, Johnny: University. MS: Eng. SuHvan. George D : New Hebron. MS: Ub. Am SuBvan Sherito. Pascagpulo. ME: Ub Am Summers. Trooe A.: Voxten. MS: Ub. Am Sumral, Troco L: Ub. Am Tockert. Cynthia A.; Tisnomingo. MS: Phorm. Tan. Kion C: Sekkngor: Eng. Tarrant, Joe A : New Albany. MS; Bus Tare. Cornelius F.: Edmoodson. AR. Eng. Torum. Juto G.: Taytor. MS: Educ Taykx DavidW. Vero Beach. FL: Lib. Arts Toykx. James T. : Water Valey. MS: Bus. Taylor, Martha: Charleston. MS: Eng. Classes 363 Taylor, Mary. Charleston, MS; Lib, Arts Taylor, Susan R ; Brooksville, MS; Educ.; M Taylor. Verlean, Como, MS; Educ. Teevon, Judith A ; Memphis, TN; Educ.: M Tester, Donald E.; Kosciusho, MS; Bus Thomas, Edison W.: Grenada, MS; Bus.; X+ Thomas. Sheila A : Oxford, MS. Lib Arts Thomas. Vickie L.; Leftsworth, LA; Lib. Arts Thompson Melissa, Ocean Springs, MS; Bus.:KA Thompson. Suzanne M.. Mobile. AL; Accy. Thornton, Jo A.; Courtlond, MS; Bus.; ZTA Thornton. Rebecca J.. Booneville, MS; Educ. Thornton. Suson A.; Amory, MS; Lib. Arts Thrift. Jill L.; Oxford, MS; Bus. Thweotr. Curtis M.; Oxford, MS; Bus. Tice. Cynthia A.; Memphis. TN; Educ.; ZTA Tidwell. Belinda Jo; Oxford, MS; Accy. Tison, Michael P.; Horrisburg. IL; Bus. Topper, Sandra K ; Qorksdale, MS, Lib. Arts Troinum Julia K.; Ashland. MS: Lib. Arts; Aon Travis, William B. : Jackson, MS; Lib. Arts Triplet!. Diane D.: Jackson. MS; KA Tubb, Bethany L.; Amory. MS; Educ.; AT Tutor. Debra E.; Botesville. MS: Educ. JUNIORS te? Tyer. Jock A.; Clinton. MS; Lib. Arts Valentine, John M.; Newton, MS; Accy. Von Rooy, Joseph J.; Glen Burnie. MD; Lib. Arts Vance. Barry C. : Winona, MS; Bus. Vance. Gregory A.; Newton. MS; Lib. Arts Vincent, W., Meridian, MS; Bus. Wade. Lawrence C : Memphis. TN; Bus Wogster, John 5.: Nashville. TN; Lib. Arts; KA Wolker, Edward R. : Jackson. MS; Bus.; KA Wolker. Teresa Oxford, MS; Accy. Wallace, Amy C ; Georgetown, MS, Lib. Arts Wallender. Lelia L.; Tyler, TX; Lib. Arts; KA6 Walls. Evo P.; Amory. MS: Lib. Arts Walsh, John B.; Jockson. MS; Lib. Arts Ward. Dovid B.; Coldwoter. MS; Bus. Watd. Lydio C.; Jockson. MS; Lib. Am Ward. Sharon L.; Como. MS; Educ. Warren. Beverly S. ; Senotobia, MS; Lib. Arts Warren. George A.; Tupelo, MS; Lib. Arts Washington, Wilson J. : Vaughn. MS: Bus. Watts. Carroll; Shreveport. LA; Lib. Arts; AAA Woymock. Mory T.. Bofesville, MS: Bus. Wearhersby, Stephen S.; Lourel. MS; Accy. Weeks. Janice M ; Pirtsboro. MS; Lib. Arts Wegener, Diane T.; Atlanta, GA; Bus.; ZTA Weightman. Kenneth M.; New Port Richey. FL: Ub. Arts; 211 Welch, Elizabeth G : Clorksville. TN; Educ.: AMI Wells. Cassi Jo; Natchez. MS; Bus.; KA Werenskjold. Croig; Millington, TN; Eng. West. John G.: West Hartford, CT; Lib. Arts Wester. Barry T : Pontotoc. MS; Bus. White. Donno A ; Collins. MS: Educ. 364 Classes Vhite, Robert D Tupelo. MS Bus ZX Vhiw. TofcorK , Aberdeen. MS. Accy VhoesOe. Suzanne M : Ponratoc. MS: Accy VhtrheW Pomelo A : Sourhovea MS: Ub Am VMnen. Tomoro A : Oxford. MS: Ub Am Vfcom. Richard E Sumral. MS: Phorm Vilemon Debra L: Fukon. MS: Educ Vifcerson. Andrea R Dyersburg. TN: Phorm. ViKioms. Ellen: Oxford, MS: Accy VBans. John P : Oxford. MS: Educ VOioms. Korhy D : Educ. Voms. Kennerti O.: Bus. ViHoms, Morgorer M : Dotos TX: Accy : X2 Vttams. Mary H : Dunwoody GA: Accy.: t n Vflkomson. Carolyn: Vote r Voley MS: Ub Am Vliomson. Jan L Euporo. MS: Ub Am: M Vfc. DenoeM MerOy LPnorm ZTA Vifc Joseph W : Memphis TN : Ub. Am:B8n Vilrsrwe. Gregory A Coita MS: Educ Wiltshire Jenfer: Educ : AT Vineberq Stephen E Universiry. MS: Bus : MCt Vinford Greoory W jockson MS: Accy Vogomon. Scon C : Brondon. MS: Bus VoXe Pomelo J Hernando. MS: Bus JUNIORS VoUerron David C Unrveiry. AAS Voog IXorxsW G Greenvitte WS Bus Voog Y.u Eng Woodey Peggy A TipterwiWe MS Edoc Vr9hr KimbertyA CottXXjn Oy WS Lto Arts Wrighr Trocey C Grerxxio. MS: Accy Yeoger Krorm A Choriesron WV; Lib. Am Amy R Corinrh MS Bus Ycxjng Donno G Ponrotoc, MS; Lib Arts Young Mary A Artonra, GA; Bus. Young. RonoW W Memphis TN : Bus : X Young Steven D Pomoroc MS: Lib Am Yu KowkT Ckarksdote MS Lib Am Dosses 365 Adorns. Deborah L: Germanfown, TN. Liberal Am; AT Adams, Karhy A . Valparaiso, FL; Business Adoms, Laurel: Jackson, Liberal Arts, Xii Agnew, Bonnie; Salrillo; Liberal Arts; 4 B2 Alexander. Robert H.; Greenville; Accountancy Allbritton, Mory V.; Business Allen, Debra L., Courrtand; Business Allen, Sharon B.: Indianola; Business Allen, Timothy ; Oxford; Business Alfred, Sammy Q. ; New Albany; Accountancy Ames, Kathryn P . Jackson. TN; Business; 4 N Anderson, Mory A. : OKolona; Business; AT Andrews, Darcy D.; Brookhaven, Liberal Arts Andy, Orlando J., Madison; Liberal Arts Anthony. Jonelle G.. Business Sxrhool Anttila, Vendye L.. Calhoun City; Educorkxi Arnold, Angela R.; Booneville Arnold, Cart W., Toylorsvitle; Engineering Avenr, Rhonda J.; Corinth, Accountancy Babcock. Kenneth V. Mexico, NY; Engineering Bobcock, Kevin B.; Mexico, NY; Engineering Bobin, Thomas M.; New Orleans. LA; Liberal Arts; ZX Boggetr, Deborah R.; Rienzi; Liberal Arts Bohm, Harry D. ; Gutfport; Liberal Arts SENIORS Bailey. Beverly Jo New Albany: Education Bailey, James M.; New Albany; Education Bain. Kothy L .; Glen; Libetal Am BoKer, Charles R.; Oxford. Engineering Baker, Mlcheol L.; Vicksburg; Liberal Arts Bokhos, Serge J.; Engineering BoKour, Betty L.; Holly Springs: Business Borblero. Denise C.: Scorborougtl; Liberal Arts Berkley. Ricky D.; luko; Engineering Barlow, Debbie R.: Education Barnes. David L.; Liberal Am Barnerr. Jeffrey A.; Jackson; Engineering Boteman. Blone E.; Oxford; Liberal Arts Bares. Charlotte R.; Nesbirt; Liberal Am Beam. Paul E.; Oxford; Engineering Bell, Karon L,; Comden. AL; Liberal Am Dell. Timothy C.: Business Bennett. Bobby G.; Yupeto: Liberal Am Bennett, Douglas D,; Riptey; Engineering. ZN Bennett, John W. ; Aberdeen; Liberal Am Benz. Carl R .; Schtarer; Liberal Arts; A6 Berry. Amanda M.; Franklin, TN; Education Blngham, Dwighr N.; Sromford, CT, Liberal Arts; KA Blackburn. Victoria; Dallas. TX Education- xn Blockstock, Larry K.; Kosciusko; Liberal Am Blockwood, Jomes M.: Jackson; Business Blake, Bertie J ; Clorksdole: Liberal Arts Blake, William A. Memphis, TN ' Business- sn Bloylock. John D.; Greenville; Accountancy Bogdohn, Joseph R. ; Business; ATO Boggon. Sarah J.; Tupelo; Educarion Boswell, John R.; Jackson; Engineering I JC-3- Bowea Abo V : Oxford Business M Boomon. Efizoberh A . Greenwood: Educotioon: XQ Boyene Mark S.: Tupelo: Business BoyMn. Margaret K.; Modbon Bushes Brodey. Anthony G.: Otve Branch. Brodey. Bedford C: Business: 2AE Bradey. Carlo H. : Oarksdate. Business: Brodshow. Susan L: Charleston: Business Bramlen. Eugene V : Oxford: UberoJ Am Browner. V om C: Rienzi: Uberoi Am: Ben I. Timothy A-: i QrOQe V odnc M ; Oxford; E Briggs. Arm M: Onion: UberoJ Am BrtnWey. Susan L: Boonevei UbefOl Am Bre. Virginia L. emphis. TN ; Business. ZTA BrotcX Donno L Menoton: Business Brooks. Barbara A : Wpley: Engmeering Brooks. Beverly D. : HuntsvOe. AL: EOjcanoo KKJ Brown Mont D-: Oxford: Business Brown. Rebecca C: Enterprise: UberoJ Are Bruce Parr iao A: Oxford: Business Bryanr. Leslie R : New Orteons: Liberal Am SENIORS Buckley. Bethany A : Education. XQ Buffington. Terry J : Oxford: Liberol Are Burcham. Nelda R Burchfield. Timothy .: Acfcemnon; Burke. Susan E : Jackson: UberoJ Are: KKT Bumey Tracy K: CoffeevMe: Education Bums. Dovid A : Sards Liberal Are Burton. Tamaro L: Sr Petersburg. FL: Uberoi Am: AOn Busby. Elizabeths.: Thoxrorv Business Butler. X e C : Houston. TX. Education: KKT Butler. MUzi M : Oxford: Business: Bum. Joyce A . Vinono: Accounrancy Dyers Robbie A : Baresvle: Accounrancy Byford. Sheto M.: CoffeevBe Education Byrum Ofton A. Owe Coeur, MO Engneering Cohoon. Susan 0.. Jackson: Accountancy: KT Coin. Charles H. : Ncrnelon. Accountancy: Caktwel, J. Brice Jodaon. Business: DJCA Coidwel. Kimberty J.: Futon: Accountancy Coktwel. Prisdo A : Oxford: Uberal Am Caianan. Locey C: Stuart. FL Uberoi Am Colon. AnnoC : Natchez: Liberal Am Camp. Marvin E Otve Branch: Engineering Cannon. Deonice C: Hkkory Flat: Educahon Cannon. Dennis Corsito John R.: Ubero) Am Cossreino. TerryR_. New Orteons. LA: IJberal Arts: ZBT Cosneoerry. Dersy L . Bynalio Engineering Causey. Vendai E : Pascogouta Business M ChoctcH. Ira A.: Kasciusko: Business: I1KA Chaffin. Sherry L: CarurhenvOe. MO: UberoiAm AJJI Chain Beta: Oxford: Business ATQ Classes 367 Chan Sin M , Engineering Chancellor. William D ; Collins, Business Choney. Joy D . Ponrotoc Engineering Chapmon. Louro C . Housron. TX, Liberal ArtS;AAA Charalombides. Sowas H ; Nicosia, AZ. Engineering Chrisrion, John C . Jackson; Accountancy; KO Chrisrion Mark K West Point; Accountancy; BBII Chun. Matthew M H , Tupelo. Engineering Clorh. Dorry K ; Botesville; Liberal Arrs Clerk. Sreve K . McComb; Liberal Arrs, t KT Cochron, Robin C: Doion Rouge. LA; Liberal Arrs; ANA Coffey. Suzohne R ; Oxford; Business Coggins. Gory W ; Pontotoc; Business Coghlon. Julio L . Benoir Liberal Arts Cole. Brendotyn J.. Housron. Liberol Arts Collins, Kathryn R . Jockson; Liberol Arts Cooke, Elizabeth L . Jackson; Business; KA6 Cooper. Charles L : Liberal Arts; 2N Cooper. William M . Fulton; Business Cox. Diane E ; Jockson; Business; KKF Cox, Gregory C ; Quirmon; Business Cox. Teresa A , Florence, AL; Accountancy Cranfield. Deborah M . New Orleans, LA; Liberol Arrs Cronford. William A ; Seminary. Engineering SENIORS Cravens. Micheol J . Louisville; Liberol Arts Crawford, Vaughn K. ; AT11 Crosby. Cynthio D ; KosciuskO; Liberal Arts Crosrhwait, Elizabeth G ; Indianokx Education; 4x3v4x Crout. Joseph M ; Jockson; Liberal Arts Crowe. Miller M ; Liberal Arts; KA Crumbley. Joe C., Enterprise: Business Crumbley. Joseph G . Enterprise. Business Crunk. Melody L ; Brenrwood: Liberol Arts: AF Cuicchi. Susan D ; Germontown, TN; Engineering Cunningham, Ronnie G.: Booneville; Education Danner. Karen A . Clermont. FL. Business; KKP Darnell. Jerry A : Coldwater; Education Dato, Harun S B ; Engineering Davis. Brian L ; Soufhoven; Business Dovis. Charles J ; Sherman; Education Davis, Joseph P ; Montee. Engineering. KA Dovis, KendoH E , Winono. Business Davis. Mononno; Accountancy Dowkins. Richard W ; Meridian; Liberal Arts Day, Williom R . Vicksburg. Business; ZX Dean. Robert W ; Sledge, MS. Eng. Deor. Deonno S ; Memphis, TN; Lib Arts; DM Deoton, Doro; Greenwood. MS. Bus ; Xfl Deddens. Leslie. Madison. MS: Educ : AAA Deloshmirt. Sherri Jo. Woterford. MS: Educ. Delooch. lerry. Columbus. MS: Lib Arts: A A Dendy. Donold D : WeM. MS. Lib Arts Demon. Felicio K . Oxford: MS: Bus. Derrybety. Martha: Shelbyville. TN: Lib Am Di Denederro. Anna M ; Lib. Arts; KA6 Dickinson, Rhuel P : Droxlon. MS; Accy Donohoo. Ronald: ing Doss. Margo: Littleton. CO: Ub AITS: XB Douglas. Laurie: Jackson. MS: Educ .: AAA Downing. Tern Re.. Humbotdr. TO: Ub Ans: AT Docker. Irene G: Oxford. MS; Lib Arts Duff. Martin F : Ponroroc MS: Ub Arts: B8H Duffy. Paula: Oxford. MS. Ub Am Dumas. Kilty: Eupora. MS: Lib. Am Duncan. Mary C: Lyon. MS: Educ Duncan. Mary 5.: Humbok . TO: Ub. Am Duncan. Sybil A.: Pickens. MS: Bus. Dunn. Mary S.. Indonota. MS. Bus. Dunn. Sarah K : Vefumpka. AL Ub Am Durham. James K . Forest. MS. Bus ; EN Earnest Tore R.; Okotono, MS: Educ East. Von: Amory. MS: Ub. Arts: KT Eosterwood. Edward L: Eupora. MS: Bus. Edmons. Michael L: Clarksvae. TN: Lib Am Edwards. Antonio: Oarksdale. MS. Bus.: KK Ekheberger. Reojno F .: Vest Point. MS: Educ : AKA EVChoueani. Nojto L: University. MS: Eng Elen. Doyle V. : Scobey. MS: Educ EBort, Carey L: Oxford. MS. Educ.. KA EBon. Meg: Brookhoven. MS: Bus.. AAA SENIORS Embry. Teresa D.: Vmona. MS: Educ Ernst. Eugene R.: Oxford. MS: Accy. EsKrigge. John V.: Gteenvfc. MS: Accy. Estes. JonKe: PlanrersvBe. MS: Educ Esrndge. Karen I.: Enid. MS: Ub. Am Evans. George A. : Meridan. MSr Bus. Evans. Jeffrey N : Jackson. MS: Ub Am Even. Metonie A.: Loretro. TO: Ub. Arts Fan. Klmbetty A.: New Albany. MS. Bus Farrtngron. VKam C: Bus. Ferguson. Pouto B Monree. MS: Educ Fernandez. Frank. CoffeevOe. MS: Educ Ferrel Susan BatesvlBe. MS: Ub. Arts Tine dark D : RussenvMe, AL: Bus : BBII Fisher Robin L.: Selmer. TN: Ub. Arts Ftanogin. Ton! K : Fulton. MS: Ub. Am Flessas omesO .: Eods. TO: Eng. Foley. Judith B. : New Albany. MS: Educ Ford. Gordon D.: Memphis. TO: Bus. Ford Kimberly N : Holy Springs. MS: Accy : AKA Ford. Ramie: Amory. MS: Educ. Forester. MorOa D.: Jackson: Business Foster. Beverly J.: Ecru: Business Fowler. Deborah A.: VWoburcj: Accountancy Fowler. Neol I.: Jackson: Business Froresl. Leslie D.: Morion. AR: Business Freeman. Kathleen M.. Jocksoo: Liberal Am Frterson. Harry L: Picayune. Business Frykholm. Mlchele L: Germonfown. TO; Educorion Fuhr. Patti 5.: University: Liberal Am Fulron. Stacy A.: Murray. KY: Business Furman. Leste H.: Miami, FL Liberal Arts dosses 369 Gombrell, Cozett J ; Blue Springs; Accounroncy Gaines, Dovid W ; Orooksvjlle Geno, Louro M . Rienzi. Liberal Arts Gentry, Jerry; Tunica; Liberal Arts Genrry, Parti A ; Marietta; Accountancy Gho. Charles A . Tunica; Business Gifford, Sharon D ; Booneville,- Liberal Arts Givhan. Shorie M ; Shannon.- Business Glidewell, Steve L.; Ripley. Engineering Go, Peter C ; Memphis, TN; Pharmacy Goddard. Richard C, Booneville; Education Goh, Kokhong, Muar Johore; Engineering Gollihue. Rita 5 ; Summerville, SC. Accounroncy Gordon, Marcus C., Union; Liberal Arts Graham, Scort R .; Walls; Liberal Arts Grant, Grade M : Baresville; Accountancy Granthom. James L.; Crystal Springs; Engineering Grantham, Walter L.; Shalimor. FL. Liberal Arts Green, Rboerr E , Stuttgart, AR; Business Griffin, Donald G.; Kosciusko; Business Grimes. Dana D : Okolona; Business Grisham, David H.; Senarobia,- Business Grisham, Guy W ; New Albany; Business Guess, Laurie L ; Takoma Pork, MD; Liberal Am SENIORS Gunner, Mike Gunter, Marilyn A . Memphis, TN. Liberal Am Hale, Dianna L.; Liberal Am Hall, James F . Memphis, TN; Business Hall, Mary H.; Grenada. Business Halligon, Anne T ; Arlonta, GA; Education Hornby. Lydio K., Ewing, KY, Liberal Arts Homdan. Tariq W. ; University; Engineering Hancock, John C, Greenville. Liberal Arts Hannaford, Robert B., 5enatobia; Business Hanson. Mary N.; Winchester. TN; Business Harbour, Stark D ; Montevallo, AL, Business Harden. Denise A. Harris, Mildred M.. Greenwood; Liberal Arts Harwell. James D.; University; Liberal Am Hatcher. Tina R ; Education Hoyes. Francis D ; Canton; Business Heoberg. Lisa L ; Jockson, TN; Accounroncy Heavey. Laurie A : Collierville. TN; Liberal Arts Heern. Donno R ; Jonesboro. AR. Liberal Arts Hegwood, Emily E ; Jackson. Business Hein, Ann L, Helldorfer. Kothryn M ; Roswell. GA; Business Hemeter. David B.; Seminary; Business Henderson. Jimy D ; Liberal Arrs Hendncks, Clarence R.; Blue Mountain; Business Henry, Dovid C . Memphis, TN; Business; Henry. Kristy K , Oxford; Education. Hensley, Susan B ; Holly Srings. Liberal Arts Henson. Pamela L.. Kosciusko; Accounroncy; Herring. Glenn E ; Walls. Liberal Arts Hess, Sonya K . Oxford; Accountancy 370 Classes Hester. Stephonie 5 : BeWen. Education: M Hibbter. Voterie F. : Sledge Business: A2A Higgmbortom. Ooro A : Matt ron: Uberol Am Hi. Cosro R.: Tupeto. MS: lib Am: M Hill, JocK D . Notchez MS: Bus M. VMom D.r Charleston, MS. Ub Am Hlndmon. Jeffrey Mines. Owlght K. Modbon. MS: Accy : IIKA Hinkle. LesBe: Gulrport. MS: Bus Hnron Terry L : Corinrh. MS: Engr HUon Mory M : FronKBn. MS: Ub Am: AAA C VD Hoard. Tina J.: Boonevtte. MS: Engjr Hodges. Peggy Hokxtoy. Eric L. Holland, Cormon R : Bus Hoknd. Frandne: Erra. MS: AUy. Hotond. Wode A.: Hickory Flat. MS: Bus. HoKday. Uso C: Riptey . MS: Bus. Hotowoy. Bony E.: Sards. MS: Bus. Hotowel Joseph C: Holy Springs. MS: DOs Holmes. JenrUfer K.: HendersoovWe. TN: Bus. Halt. Penny L: Corinrh. MS: Bus. HolyfleW. WBiam 6.: Bus. SENIORS (f Horon. Oovid C: Water VoJey. MS: Engr. Horn. Jean T : Greenvde. MS: Bus.: AAA House. Robert B.: Holy Springs. MS: Accy Howel. Sam L : Pontoroc. MS: Ub. Am Hoyme. Corhy A : Oxford. MS. Ub Am Hudsoerh. Randy J.. Oxford. MS. Bus Humphreys. ParrWo: Columbus, MS: Educ: AT Hum. Paul E.: Achermon. MS: Accy Hunt. Stephanie C : AcKermon. MS: Accy. Hunt. Steven H. : ScNater. MS: Ub. Am Hunter. Raymond C: Tupeto. MS: Ub. Arts Hyde. Porn L: Jackson. MS: Educ.: KA les. MIchoH G.: Natchez. MS: Bus Inmon. Martin O.: Oxford, MS: Ub Am hmon. Corhie E : Pontotoc. MS: Accy. Irby. Vlrgjnio F.: Cddwofet. MS: Educ baocs John D. : MerirJon. MS: Ub. Am: TJKA Jackson. Cynrhto L : Comom. MS: Accy . AOn Jockson. Mory C , Sorcfe. MS: Ub. Am Jacobs. Lourtn C: St. Petersburg. FL: Educ James. Tracy M.: Sournaven. MS: Engr. Jarren. Demerrtco: Pom Camp. MS: Accy. Jeans Berry J.:Nest . MS: Ub. Am Jinette Steven W . Oxford. MS: Ub Arts: T9 Joe. Gtenn A : Greenwood, MS: Ub. Are Joe Itene L : Greenwood, MS. Bus. Johnson. Elizabeth K.: Memphis. TN: Ub. ArtS:AOn Johnson. John A-: Gamier. MS: Engr. Johnson. Kenton M.: Lafayette. LA: Ub Arts: A Johnson. Lori A.: Tupelo. MS: Ub. Am Johnson. Margaret L : New Albany. MS: Ub. Am Johnson. Marianne P : Bus dosses 371 Jolly, Prenriss fV; Coldworer. MS. Bus. Jones, Bonnie J.; Hotly Springs, MS: Bus Jones. Dovid B.; Voter Volley, MS: Bus.: K2 Jones, Doris L., Oxford, MS, Bus. Jones, Joner D.: Oxford, MS; Educ. Jones, Loretho; Byholio, MS: Educ ; Z B Jones, LurethO: Byholio, MS: Lib. Arts; Z B Jones, Phillip E , Amory, MS; Lib. Arts; B6I1 Jordon. Doniel W.. Wiggins, MS: Bus. Jordon, Lu A.; Bells. TN, Lib. Arts, A n Jourdon, Borboro A.: luko, MS; Bus.; KA6 Jumper, Jochie L., FolKner. MS; Educ. Kobbon. Tino S.; Tupelo. MS; Eng. Kelder, Jomes R., Corinth. MS; Bus. Kelley. Jessie P.; Brenrwood. TN; Lib. Arts: KM Kennedy, Gregory L.; McComb. MS; Lib. Arts; A Kennedy. Modolyn V.; Nertleton, MS: Lib. Arts Kennington, Jocquelyn L.; Jockson, MS; Lib. Arts Kierspe, Lynn E.; Memphis. TN; Bus.; AT Kilpotrick, Louro, Memphis, TN; Bus.; AAA Kinney. Louro A.; Toylor, MS; Accy. Kirksey. Williom M., Montochie, MS; Lib. Arts Kitchens, Mory V.; Corinth, MS; Educ.; I1B Knight, Cynrhio K.; Bellefonroine. MS; Accy. SENIORS Knight, Jomes E.: Gulfport, MS; Bus.: ZBT Knowlton. M.. Oxford. MS; Lib. Am Knox, Tracy L.; New Albany. MS; Bus. Koon. Robert H.: Oceon Springs, MS- Bus.- UK Koski. Arnall R. Kuehn. Henry: Ocean Springs, MS: Eng. Kuykendoll. Grady M.; Bus. Lomogno. Richard M.; Peorl River, NY; Eng. Lonaso. Gwendolyn; New Orleans LA Ub Arts, AOIl Longford, John R.: Oxford. MS: Bus. Longston. Monica L.. Southaven. MS; Bos. Lou. Ngee Mui; Oxford. MS Lqughlin. Marcus S.- Memphis TN Lib Arts- AO Lawrence. Alto D.; Hickory Flat, MS; Educ. Lawrence, Andrew J.; Oceon Springs MS- Bus.: 1 1 K Lawrence. Koy P.; Greenwood. MS- Bus Xfl Lawrence. William K.; Etta. MS; Lib. Arts Lee. Hu: Oxford. MS: Eng. Lesley, William T.: Holly Springs. MS; Eng. Lewis, Annie P.: Sordis. MS: Educ.: A28 Lewis. Jeffrey C; luka, MS: Bus.; KT Lexo. Lauren; Oxford, MS: Lib. Arts Liao, Jen C.: Koohsiung; Accy. Line. Lawrence L.: Cleveland, MS; Lib Arts K Lineberry, Dorothy J.: Booneville. MS, Bus. Lipomonis. Glenn. Oxford. MS; Bus. Lipski. Michael C. Long Beoch. MS; Eng. Little. John W. : Blue Springs. MS: Educ.: 211 Linle. Timothy S.: New Albany. MS: Accy. Loffin. Michael H.; Tupelo, MS: Dus. London, Lori L.. Tupelo, MS: Bus Love. Libba: Jockson. MS: Lib. Arts: AA 372 Classes Love. Andy: Corinth. MS Bus EN Lowitiei. John V.T Mize. MS; Ub Am Lum. Shoron K : Cleveland. MS; ing Lurote. Leigh Y .: Jackson. MS: Accy Lyne. Eugene D : Memphis. TN: Bus. Moossorani, Moher University. MS: Eng Mooondy. Kate Long Beach. MS; Ub Arts Mohorrey. Mo " - 5 : Sourhoven, MS: Bus Mden Presley: BJoxi. MS: Lib Am Molone. Brendo C ; Byhoto, MS: Dus Motone Johnnie L ; AbbevOe MS Bus Motone. Vlnfred A : Hoty Grove. AR: Eng Mann Lowrence A : Vicksburg. MS: Eng Marquis Michoel A ; Oxford. MS: Eng Momn. Berry S : Wesson. MS Lib Am Martin, Leigh Martin. Sarah L : Uorversiry MS Eng Mason Dana D : Oxford MS: Educ Morhis. Valerie M ; Oxford MS. Educ Mortons. Vemon D : Pontotoc. MS Educ Movar Oaire G ..- Bioxi. MS: Accy Moxcy No J: Fulton. MS: Bus. Maxwel Joseph L: Joctaon. MS; Lib Am: MM May. John A : Germontown. TN: Accy. SENIOR5 Mayo. Donna Philadelphia MS: Lib Ans Mayes M: Bus 3N McABster Vincent; Aberdeen MS: Lib Am McBride VBarn A : Oxford. MS: Ub Ans McCain. Ceceto R : BoresvBe. MS: Educ McCain. Cornelo A ; Botesve MS Lto Am McCain. Tonyo M ; Skeston. MO: Educ McOelon. Beth A Joctaon, MS: Lib Am; KA McCrow Etese V ; Pontotoc MS: Educ McGee. Michael McLoughtn Vidii L : Pontotoc. MS: Educ McMBon. Karen A : Voter Valey. MS: Lib Ans McM n. David L : Chalybeate MS Bus McMuten. Kenneth D : Acketmon. MS: Ub Arts McMuien. Susan: Meridian MS: Educ AAi McRee Brooks W Grenada MS: LJb Arts: U Meadows, Peyton T : Oxford MS: Bus Meeks rr my K : Riptey. MS Ub Am Meeno Mary M Oortedole MS; Educ : AVN Melton. Joseph C: Voiden. MS: Accy Merrel. Etaoberh A : Brandon. MS: Bus.; KM Mem Amy; Oxford. MS: Accy Mitel. Rita D : Kosciusko MS: Educ Mies. Mitrie W ; New Orleans. LA: Educ : aw Mfter BrooTey E : SaHto. MS: Ub Arts MOs. Rely S ; Corinth. MS; Bus Miner, Paul GuUpon. MS: Lib Am SK Mingo. Rebo L ; Oxford. MS: Educ M che. Howel G : Senotobio MS: Bus MMiel. Roleen: Lepanto AR: Educ Moffot Keirti S.: University. MS: Lib Arts Molina. AvJo I F : Lapaz: Eng Classes 373 Montgomery. Alvin D : Weir. MS, Bus. Mooneyhon, Mork C. Clorksdole. MS; Bus. Moore. Dennis D.. Oceono, WV; Lib. Arts Moore. Evelyn O., Clorksdole. MS; Bus ; Xfl Moore, Jockie L ; Long Beoch. MS; Bus. Moore. Judy K.. FronWinton, LA; Bus. Moore, Julio K-; Oevelortd; MS; Lib. Arts Moore. Morfho; Tupelo, MS; Bus. Moore, Rebecco A ; Fulton. MS: Lib. Am Moore. Steven M ; Meridion, MS, Lib. Arts Morgon, Kenneth G , Ashlond, MS; Lib Arts Morris, Anthony L . Botesville. MS; Educ. Morris. Flora J.; Terry. MS; Lib. Arts Morrison. Jono T . Southoven. MS; Accy. Motes. Amy L ; Tyler, TX; Lib. Arts Mulkins, doironn; Noshville. TN; Educ.; ZTA Murphy. James C. : Oxford, MS; Bus. Nobers. Rhondo K. : Booneville. MS; Lib. Arts Neirz, Rito B.; Monroe. LA; Bus ; KKF Nelson. Robert B.. Vicksburg, MS, Lib. Arts Nesmith. Malcolm Dwayne; Wesson, MS; Eng. Ng, Cheng; Johore; Er g. Noble, Roberto L. ; Princeton. IL; Bus. Nolen. Julia R.; Manree, MS; Accy.; AOH SENIORS LJ LULil Mormon. Lauren D ; Houston. MS; Bus. Nuntey, Arthur G.; Memphis, TN; Bus O ' Oonnell. Catherine I.: Phoenihville. PA; Ub. Am Olgbokie Dosil E Otondet, Tucker; Merkjion. MS; Bus ; A6 Ozodtgwe, Anizobo D.; Enugu Anombro: Eng Pace. Lanny; Kossuth. MS; Bus. Palmer. Leslee M ; Meridion. MS: Accy. Porhom. Robert M ; Gfeenwood. MS; Accy . ATS Parish, Rebecca 5 ; Richtond. GA; Lib. Am Pork. Thomas W ; luho. MS; Bus. Porker, Judy C : Oxford. MS; Educ. Porker, Lisa. Moretond Hills. OH; Educ Parkin. Elizabeth A.: Jockson. MS; Educ : AT Pormley, Robert E ; Columbus. MS; Bus. Parry. Christy. 51 Louis, MO; Bus . ZTA Patterson, Patricia E.; Greenvie, MS, Lib. Arts; M Payne, Emily R , Houston. TX; Educ.. KA Peoden. Michael W. : Cantonment. FL; Lib. Am Peorson, Samuel C.; Eng. Pennington. Shorron M.. Oxford. MS; Bus. Perkins, Bridget D ; Amory. MS; Bus.; AKA Phelps, Leigh; Crenshow. MS; Bus.; AAA Phillips, Beverly R. Pickens. James M ; Pine Bluff, AR; Ub Am Pitt, Pomelo J ; Arlington. TX; Bus. Poppenheimer, Laurie A.; Senotobio. MS: Educ Porter, Devro K ; Slcirkville. MS: Lib Arts: AOII Porocki. Douglas E . Livonio. Ml; Eng. Pom. Kothryn; Water Volley. MS; Bus Powell, Lisa A.: Mount Olive. MS; Educ. Pratt, Joel C. 374 Classes Qunn. Vom C Voter Volley MS: Bos Rogon. Cheryl A : University. MS; Accy Ron Georgo S Uruversiry . MS: Bus tamkx Joseph M Mendton MS: Bus. Ramsey Roy C; Oxford. MS: Eng. Rand Annette: Lib. Arts: Rossouk. Javo H : Lib. Am Routine. Phiip D : Grenada. MS: Eng Roy, Donno L: New Albany. MS; Accy. Reed. Donny L; Tiptersve. MS: Aca Reed. Patrick D ; University, MS: Bus IN Reed, Roy A : Slver Qty. MS; Accy : AT Reeves. Benjamin T : South Boy. FL: Eng. Rhcods. Moroct J ; Huntsve. AL Bus : AOD Rionnejod. Porvtz. University. MS: Eng. Richard. Keith i. Btoxi. MS; Bus Richardson. Ginger S ; Dunwoody, GA: Ub ArtS:AOn Richison. Scott H : Chickasho. OK; Accy Riddel. John F : Canton. MS: Lib Arts Ridngs. Janice M ; Tupelo. MS: Ub. Am Rley Vom H : Oxford. MS: Ub. Am Robbins Richard V ; New Abony. MS: Rabbins Steven G : New Albany. MS: Accy Roberts. Dorryl J : Poscogouto MS: Accy.: sen SENIORS Roberts. Keith; Grenada, MS: Bus. Roberts. Larry K : Ripley. MS: Btrs Roberts. Movis V : Vinona MS: Bus ; 404)40 Roberts. Sherry L ; Jackson. MS: Bus Robertson Brendo K : Botesve. MS: Ub Am Robertson. Gloria A : 5otesve. MS Educ Robertson. Patricia A : Ub Am Robnson. Kenneth R : Ub Arts Robinson Tommie: Friors Point. MS: Lib Am Roby. Jeffrey K; Kosciusko. MS: IJb. Am Reel. Janet K ; Jackson. MS: Bus Rogers David Gutport. MS: Bus : 2N Rogers. Joe V : Sytvoreno. MS: Ub Am Roland. James S: Jackson. MS: Buv. K Rose Roberto J: Greenwood, MS; Bus Rowan. Carhryn K.: Brentwood. IN: Ub. Am M Russell Liso A : Tremont. MS: Educ Russet Ronald S: Brandon. MS: Accy Russell Sheito G -. Thoxton. MS. Ub Am Sando. Tony A ; Netrteron. MS. Ub Arts Sanders. Jomes R : Memphis. TN: Eng. Sanders. Ronald K : Carthage. MS: Lib Am Sonford. Mary: Courriond. MS: Ub Am Sartor Vom 5 : Oxford. MS: Eng Sovoge Mourin D : Oxford. MS: Ub Am Sovel. Nancy J : Pascogouto. MS: Lib Am Sawyer. Chiotopher B.. OCve Branch. MS: BUS: sen Scores. Juto M : Coma. MS: Educ Schmieg Robert E : Natchez. MS: Lib. Am Schneider Michael A.; Tupelo. MS. Ub Arts: HKA Schutz Leslie K ; Formingtoo Hi. Ml; Ub. Am Scruggs Natalie P : Sards. MS: Educ dosses 375 Shoddock. Morjorie: Tupelo, MS; Educ : KA Shodko, Gregory A ; Memphis. TN. Lib Arrs Shormon, Sandra J ; Jockson. MS. Educ : KAtt Shorp, Soroh J : Duck Hill. MS: Dus : KA6 Shorpe. Susan E : Merriom. KS. Bus Shelton. Suson I Orlando, FL: Educ : KA8 Shibley Joseph P : W Springfield. MA. Bus Shields. Timorhy M : Oxford, MS: Bus Shirley. J C : Brandon. MS: Lib Arts: IN Shirley. James A : West Point. MS, Lib Arts: Ben Shorter. Lyonell J . Oxford. MS. Lib. Arts Shumpert Sherry. Nettleron. MS: Accy Simmons. Heber. Jockson. MS: Bus.. X Simmons Lisa S : Tupelo. MS. Lib. Arts Simmons Tommy N : Newton, MS, Bus Sims. Lorry A . Booneville. MS. Lib. Arts Sin. Kin P : Selongor. Eng Slaughter. Arthur M : Batesville. MS: Eng Smolley. Sandra R ; Courtlond. MS: Lib Arts Smollwood. Bill, New Albany MS Lib Aits at Smiley, John. Covington. LA. Accy. Smith. Alvo M . Baltimore. MD: Bus . A28 Smith. Barbara A Manchester MO Bus AT Smith, Daniel G : Sikeston, MO: Accy . TOO SENIORS Smith. David F : Honiesburg. MS: Lib. Arts Smith. David O . Decatur. MS: Lib. Arts: ATS] Smith. Deborah: Corinth. MS. Bus. Smith. Harry H . Terry. MS: Lib Arts: A A Smith, James E : Clinton. MS: Bus. Smith. Jeffie M : Nerrleton, MS: Lib. Arts Smith, John W . Southaven. MS. Bus . X Smith. Kendall: Houston. TX: Educ.: AAA Smith. Loura: Yazoo City. MS. Accy.: AOI1 Smith. Melanie J : Tuterrown. MS. Lib. Arts Smith, Miriam O : Meridian. MS. Educ. Smith. Polricio E : Pontotoc. MS. Educ. Smith. Phillip K Oxford. MS. Lib. Arts: A Smith. Rebecca R : University. MS. Educ Smith. Robert B : Wesson, MS: Bus : K+ Smith. Robert V : University. MS: Lib Arts Smith Sammy D Morion, AR, Educ : tB2 Smith Susan N Educ Smith, Sydney Brookhoven. MS: Bus : - A Sneed Rory H : Thoxton, MS: Eng. Snyder Jean L : Woter Volley. MS: Educ Soon Chono Y : Eng. Sparks. Larry D Oxford. MS: Accy Spencer Alvin L Lib Arts Spivery. Daniel 5 : Canton. MS: Lib Arts. KA Spry Ralph B : Severn. MD: Educ St Mary. Kevin B : Vicksburg, MS: Lib Arts Stanley Kay Lib Arts: KA Stornes Robert C, Jacksonville. Fl. Accy Stolen. David C Ponfotoc. Ms. Lib Arts 376 Classes ' Stomom. Jomes M . Peort. US. Ing Stephenson. Jeffrey L: Ocean Springs. MS: Ub Am Srephenson. Paul T . Give Bconch. MS: Eng Stevens. John A Grenada. MS: Bus. Stevenson Karen L; Arlanta. GA. Educ: Stewart, James C: Grenada MS: Ena,: ATB Stewart. Jeffrey V : New Afcony. MS Accy BSD Stewart. Lyrm A : Brenrwood. TN: Accy.: M Stewart. Shety: Pass Christian. MS: Ub Arts: Stewart, Victor. Sledge MS: Eng Stokes. Lourin L. lighthouse Point. FL Educ AAI1 Stone. Alan K : Phtodelphio. MS: Ub Arts Stone. Regina L . Memphis. TN: Bus.: 2TA Stoop. Lone A . BoonevBe. MS: Educ StricHond. Berry Jo: University. MS: Bus Stringer. Karhr yn C McComb. MS: Educ Stringer. Vondo G McComb. MS: Bus Struwe. Sara A. Marion. AR: Ub Arts Stuart. Tina: Bus : Srubbs. John L. Rlpley. MS: Accy. Srurdrvont. Esther M:llorven y MS: Eng. SuMvon. Vesto: Mendenhal. MS: Ub Arts Swofford. Oerro N : Greenvfle. MS: Educ. Swords. Kenneth L New AJbany. MS: Eng SENIORS t e f l e Tan. Leong H . Paya Lebor Voy: Eng. Ton. Yew S Singapore. Eng. Toykx LBO M : Humooldt. TN: Educ. AT Taylor. Ron: Oxford. MS: Accy . X Toykx. Ten A : Bokon. MS: Bus : OB Taylor. V om M.. Bus : ATD Tedford. Gerald P.- Oarksdale. MS: Bus Templeton. Jonno D : Guys. TN: Eng. Teononr Brian D : University MS: Dus. Thies. Susan S University , MS: Educ Thomas. ParrtOo A.. NashvBe. TN: Educ Thomas 5 Coldworer. MS: Educ Thomason. Patsy A Tupelo. MS Accy. Thompson. Brenda Jo University. MS: Educ Thompson. Cynthia C: Sourhaven. MS. Bus. Thompson G en H.: Phiadelphia MS: Bus Thompson. PhBp F.: Columbus. MS: Ub. Arts Thompson. Susan Tupelo. MS. Bus.. Xfl Thompson. Teresa G : Senotobo. MS: Accy Thome. Karen i. University. MS: Educ. Thornton. James D.: Fulton MS: Bus Thornton. Michael D.. Laurel. MS Toter. Vord Bui: 21 TompHns. Deborah: Shrevepon. LA: Ub. Arts TrknuH. Upeo I . Columbus. MS Accy Toggle AtoniO: Hemondo. MS: Ub Arts Tutos. David N I. Marts. MS. Ub Arts: ATQ Turner. Beverly A : Memphis. TN: Ub. Arrs. ZTA Tynet. Srocey: Columbus. MS: Bus . KA Tyrrel. Paul A.: Arcodkx CA: Ub Arts Underwood Mary B.: Vinona MS: Educ Vafe. Teresa L: Tupelo. MS Educ dosses 377 Van Doren Mark W Fulton. KY, Accy ; ATS! Vondivef, Parricio N : Corinth, MS: Educ Veozey. Ron; Jockson. MS: Bus ; ZN Vick, Dono A . Oxford. MS; Educ Vi ngocheo. Ano: Water Volley. MS, Eng. Wodley. Von M . Bolivar, TN: Lib Arts Walker. Jenny; Cleveland, TN. Accy : IIB Wall, Deborah J.. University. MS: Lib Arts Waller, Charles IV; Oxford, MS: Educ Walters. Lindy; Corinth. MS: Bus : AAA Walters. Steven L : Fulton. MS: Dus. Wang, Willie. Meridian. MS; Lib. Arts Watd. Anne C : Dallas. TX: Educ. Worner. Tomlyn D.: Vicksburg, MS; Lib. Arts; AAA Warren Deobroh J Greenwood. MS. Dus.; KA Waters, Ann. Memphis. TN: Educ.: 4 M Watson. Donna F : Etta, MS: Dus. Watson. Jomes P.; Pittsburgh, PA. Dus. Wans. Scott D : Hollywood. FL; Dus.; B6[l Weber. Killeen: University. MS; Dus. Weeks. Poula I.. Walls. MS. Educ. Wehby. Timorhy J.: Madison. TN; Accy., 211 Welch, Thomas A.. Drookhoven, MS: Dus. Weller, Ann L.; Memphis. TN: Dus : KA6 SENIORS West, Kerry. Dexter. MO; Accy. West, Lisa Jo; University, MS; Lib. Arts Wesr, Peter; Tupelo. MS. Lib. Arts: KA West, Raymond T . Fulton, MS; Accy. White. Neil: Gurfport. MS: Lib Arts: KZ White, Ronnie L.; Euporo, MS: Lib Arts Whiteheod. Melliso A.: New Albany. MS. Accy. Whitehurst, Nicole; Corinth, MS: Educ.; AOII Whitkopf. Judith D ; Univeristy. MS: Educ.: AF Whitley. Elizabeth D : Covington. TN; Dus.: Xii Whitley, MelisoC : Dooneville, MS; Educ. Whirtington, Danny C . Oceon Springs. MS; Eng. Wilder, Elizabeth Roe; Jockson. MS. Educ. Wilkerson, Lisa J.; Jockson. MS; Accy.; M Wilkinson, Prebble E . University. MS: Educ. Wiltioms. Jimmy L.: Courtland, MS. Dus Williams, John D.: Lib. Arts: SN Williams. Liso D ; Ooonevilk?, MS; Educ Williams, Mory L . Senotobio, MS: Educ. Williams. Mike R Willis, Dobby L . Vordomon, MS: Educ : t B Wimbish, Mory N ; luko. MS: Lib Arts Winstead. Kevin D ; Union. MS; Lib. Arts; ATS! Winter. Doniro F.: Jockson, MS: Educ Winters. Porricio A ; Oxford. MS. Eng. Wiseman, Keith G : Oxford. MS. Lib. Arts Wong, Daisy: Doyle. MS; Eng Wong. Joyce L : Moorheod. MS; Eng Wood. Robert S : Oceon Springs. MS; Bus Woodord. Cynrhio L ; Senotobio. MS: Bus Woods. Libby A : Nesbit. MS; Lib Arts Woods. Norberr L . Colt. Art. Lib Arts I 378 Classes ft Vooiten. Money. Voter Volley. MS: Educ. Vord. Suson E : CoBetvOe. TN: Bus. Worshom Andrea 5 : Oxford. MS: Educ Vright. Derak) B : Oortadole. MS: Lib Am Vrighr, Erica D . Tupelo. MS: Educ Vrighr. Horvey B. : Ub Am. ATQ Vu. Yong Kow: Kuonlon P . Eng Yancey. Daniel C : Webster Groves. MO: Ub Arts Yandel. Suson: Vance. MS: Ub. Am: AAA SENIORS Yores. James F : Yaioo Qry. MS: Educ. Yeoger. Gretctien A . Chortesron. W: Ub Am Yerger. Michoel G : Bus.: OKA Yeoger. Suzanne: Memphis, TH Bus. Yerverron. Byron E.: Toytorsvflte. MS. Eng. Young. Jeffrey L : Skesroo. MO: Accy.: Zohn, Jody R.. Gunrown. MS: Educ Zoltor Herbert I . Oxford. MS: Eng Oasses 379 Barnes. Melissa A., Mooreville, MS Boies. Alice K ; Mendenholl. MS Bonds, Michael E ; Corinrh, MS Brock. Sheila A.. Tylertown, MS Brown, Elizabeth D.. Amory, MS Carpenter, Melissa J . Holly Springs, MS Cash. Rebecca E. r Columbus. MS Chisolm, Terri L ; Belzoni. MS Cook, Elaine J.; Oxford. MS Daniel, Vicky E., Coldwarer, MS Davis, Porricia A.; Columbus. MS Ellis. John M-; New Albany, MS Forrenberry. Cherie E-; Summit. MS Fox, Edwin E-: Clarksdale, MS Gilmore. Elizabeth A. : Charleston. MO Hamblin, E., Calhoun City. MS Harrell. Phillip E.; McComb, MS Herndon. Timothy E ; Pascagaulo. MS Hicks. Robert D.: Waynesboro, MS Hightower, Lynwood: Laurel, MS Holston, Stephen S , Pascogpula. MS Horron, Nathan R ; Lexington, MS Johnson. Craig E ; Indionola, MS Jones, Maria D; Corinth, MS PHARMACY Keith, Raymond L.; Pruvis, MS Lee, Ernest W. : Kowloon Tong Loftin, Jomes A.; Laurel. MS Mocnoughton, Joyce H.; Horrisonburg, VA May nor, DonoK. McBeath. Mike; Kosciusko. MS McLendon, Jimmy D.e; Newton, MS Miles, Royce V. ; Verono, MS Moore, Sheree D.: Southoven. MS Moss, Joonn; Byhalio, MS Mutter, Lawrence J.; Gutfport, MS Norman. Brooks L ; Holly Springs, MS Osborn, Susan S-; Corthoge, MS Pickett. Glenn B.; Robinsonville. MS Pinson. Valerie C. ; Haniesburg. MS Porch, David M.; Columbus, MS Pratt, Cheryl K. : University, MS Rather. Allison L.: Oxford. MS Reeves, Geno G.: Sourh Boy. FL Reich, Parti A ; Tupeto, MS Reid, Cynthia C.; Hernando, MS Rowsey, Sherry L.; Hernando. MS Simmons, Kenneth R.; Magnolia, MS Smith, Katen A.; Tylertown, MS Smith, Karen J . Botesville. MS Smith, Vicki L.; Botesville, MS Speed, Liso Ann Stork, Rhonda C .; Pascogoulo. MS Vaughan, Billy S , Baresville, MS Waller. Melinda K ; Oxford, MS Washington, Cynthia M : Natchez, MS Womble, Suzonne C., Batesville, MS 060 Classes Vood Philip R Ptontefsvdte MS AKtiison. Jerre D ; Chester. I Awodo. Hossone Oelzoni. MS Motock. Michoel F: Greenwood. MS Wowe Metoo C Yozoo Cry. MS Doorwright. Doroitly A. . Holy Springs MS Bounds Leigh C: Newton. MS Drown Suson E : Crystal Springs. MS Dtyont. Bony: HuntsvBe. Al Chresman, Rhord ; Oarksdote MS Cowert, Tomoro Jo: Terrel. TX Cox. Cynthia I GoKport. MS Cronrord. Margaret R Seminary MS Dickey. Sharon R . Cotomous. MS Dubrovec. Donald I University. MS Dykes Brendo C ; McComb. MS Edwards Jomes P Oxford MS Evons. Carlo D. A : University. MS Fredndaon Lydia A Sordis MS Hoines Jomes R : loko. MS Hever. Nancy C Corinrh MS Maidna. Vendy D .: Unrversiry MS King Jomes B Ripley. MS Terry G Abbevie. MS PHARMAC1 Lavonwoy. Don D.: Oxford. MS Lewis. Bobbie N Rosedote. MS McCoy. Dorvd V : IrvJonola MS McKenzie David A . Smithdole. MS McMekm. Paul A University. MS Ned. VBiam G Dennis. MS O ' Neal. Donald B : Pertansion. MS Osbom. Gregory L .: Carrhoge. MS Pleasorit. rvendo C.: Orondoo. MS Proffer. Stephanie A.; Little Rock. AR Rams. Francs I: Poscogouto. MS Rabbins. Janet L - Columbia. MS Rowsey. AngefoLude Schneier Lucy: Senotobo MS Seal. Sidney V . PMoaXphia. MS Smith, Gory L.: Meridian. MS Smith. Herman S ; Brookhaven. MS Smith. Keith E MendenahJ. MS Sri. Sony D : Fayene. AL Valdrip. Harold K : Sardis MS Vigington Teresa A Blue Spnngs. MS Wong. Richard C : Oartadale. MS WooK Regmox) D : Fulton. KY Vright. Brenda L BoooeviHe MS Zepponi Donne L . letand. MS Ausnn. VKam H : Voter Voley. MS Balducd Alison J Shelby. MS On Karl E : DorovBe. GA Vheot. Timothy S : GuKport. MS Vibon. Simon P Viggins. MS Alord. George D : Ftora. MS Oasses 31 Atkins. Burgess L ; Memphis, TN Ausrin, Witliom H. : Oxford Ayers, George P . Oxford Bolducci, Allison J. ; Shelby Dornerr. Judy C ; Vordomon 5oorh. Dovid G.; Euporo Brent, William E. Jr.; Raymond Drewerfon, Lonell L.; Greenwood Duchlew, Rebecca; Collins Bullock, John D. ; Bossfield Burford, Robert L. Ill, Senarobia Burke, Holly $.; Bitoxi Byrd, Jomes A.,- Corinth Caffey, Pamela R.; Lambert Chomp, Roger D.; Holcomb Chancellor, Kim F.; Vossburg Chestnurt, Kelty G.; Golden Clark, Angela P ; Jackson Clement, Poula L ; Lexington, TN Cooper, James A III; Grenada Corr. Angela; Sordis Davis, Dovid B-; Louisville Dickey, Shannon G ; Columbus Dixon, Deanne; Brownsville, TN PHARMACY Dykes, Kenneth E.; Oxford Edwards. Angela G.. Clorksdale Ferri, Patricia; Cleveland Fowler. Lisa G.. Memphis, TN Gorlin, Melissa E-; Brookhoven Greenlee, Edye J.; f3aresville Gregory. Dovid F., Nashville, TN Henry, Ronold A.; Soso Holston, Harry L.; Poscogoulo Home, Stephen G.; Lucedole Hughes. Bethany A.; Crystal Springs Hull, Leslie C. ; Chunky Hurst, JulieJene H. ; Oxford Jackson. Polly A.; McComb Jennings, Melinda L.; Louisville Juhon. Elizabeth C.; Florence Lee, Gregory T.; New Hebron Long, Scon F. ; Philadelphia Louis, Thomas M.; Jockson McMillan, Margaret $ ; Mendenholl Miller, Leo A.; Quifman Miller, Sheila: Memphis, TN Mohomed, Joseph A.; Inverness Moore, Sharon G.; Brooksville Morgan, Sherry R ; Inverness Murphy. LisoC ; Byhalio Nichols, Richard K ; Oxford Nyman. Micheal A.; Lucedale Oleis, John Y , University Porker, Donna L : Biloxi Ramsey. Lorry L.. Ponroroc Ray, Lilo J. 362 Classes Reed. Fon R Loutsve Reed. Volten Hendersonve. TN Reoo Jornes w Gouher Reynolds Constonce M : Florence AL Roberts G e T Oevetand Russel Morgoret H Oxford Sovr . ChoriesT PossChnsnon Seid Peggy LVidaouig Shoot Kothryn L Joctoon Sit Ronnie C Vidoburg Sproyberry Mort 5 Fuon SiiHtoer. Kanin R : Hotriesburg. MS Suftvon Rondoi G Botesve Veksburg Vokhom. Cynlhio V Drew Thornburg Deboro Duckh MS Tumoge FtiyfcL Vohhom Moncel V Drew Volley Cormon G : Neely Webb Dovid E Vokhol Weed Coroi Ootesvie Wesson Koten E : Helena AR Wong John P Mooreheod Votes Jeffrey K ; Phtodelphio Corson. Phd. Aberdeen PHARMACY DeVougnn. Mono 5 : Morieno ' dosses 3K Abu. Yomon Mohommod Arnold Gregory Barton Borshooi, Mortezo Dorrle. Orendo. Indianapolis, IN Doss. Mory Elizabeth; Crystal Springs, M5 Dennett, Anno Grace Dennett. James Michael; Duck Hill. MS Denre. Lisa, Bethesda. MD Oillingsley, Jerome Dlanchard, Patricia Alice; Magnolia. AR Bloylock. Dorrell Brock. Miller Lee; Jackson, MS Drown, Farris Wayne; Aberdeen, MS Chan, Chun-Cheng Chang, Lay Boo-Lan Chang, Shih-Chieh Chen, Chen-Gi Condon, William Patrick Cotaniolis, George Dowd. Arleen Delinda; University, MS Evans. Terese Ann; Greenwood, MS Forris, Timothy Hall; University, MS Fulton. Hal Edwin; Lena, MS Gorman, Mary Anno; Murray, KY Garreti, Andrew Samuel; Alexandria, VA Griffin, Judi Laverne; Belden, MS Gusto, Lorry John; Oxford, MS Hammond, Elizabeth. Moss Point, MS Heard, Carolyn Cooper; Oxford, MS Hendrix, Steve. Evansville, IN Houston, Annice Evelyn; Drandon. MS Hsieh. Chin-Yun Hung, Chou-Kuong Hwu, Shian-Uei Ikheloo, Ikhide Roland; Denin City Jones, Deobrah Carlene Karunaratne, Maddumoge Lee, Thomas Landris. Marks, MS Lyle. Dovid Leslie; University. MS McClendon. Dorry Meek, Jackson, MS McConnell, Kris; Natchez. MS McCorkle, Marilyn Evon McDowell. Peter Thomas McMillen, Carol Sue, University, MS McReynolds. Kothryn Charmoine; Dristol, TN Mirza, Yusue Mahmood Murphy, William Smith Nemori, Seyed Ahmad, University, MS O ' Byrne, Susan Onwugbenu, Paul Igweamaka; University. MS Roper. Laurie Elizabeth; Jackson. MS Sohu, Prabhoti. Holly Springs. MS Sanford. Jimmie Holland, Morgan City, MS Shanks. James David; Oxford, MS Shiel, Royce Edward Sholy, Beshara Ibrahim Simpson. Lidell Monn Srivastova. Krishna Kishore; Voranasi Sunderroj. Vive k Roy Tote, Deobrah Grace. University. MS Vernon. Krista Ann; Oxford. MS Viegas. Tacey Xavier; Karnaraka State Wagner, Daryl Eugene Wanker, Tris Marcus; Jockson, MS Weeks, John Drian; Hohenwold, TN Williamson, Kelli Renee Williams, Martin Lee: Como, MS Wilson, Dorothy Annette; Dallas. NC Wise, John Eric Wong, Chong Ming Yakubu, Fotima Emitselo; Bendel Store Zarrf. Mohmood Ahoubore kimura. YukikO; Yamoguchi Nimanandh. SuKanya; University. MS Ahmed, Nasir Anglin, Cheryl Louise, Jockson, MS Baker. Kenneth Neil; Tupelo, MS Bonsol. Vipul Kgmor; Dethi BeasJey. Martin Wade; Oxford, MS Bhotnoggar. Priti Bhoocho-Oom, Areepong; Bangkok Crogon. Michoel Patrick Gusco. April Horkins; Oxford, MS Cutts, Teresa Fay. Cleveland. MS Dailey. Riro Sikes Davis. Mark Howard Ducharme. Joy Ebochue, Edward 564 Classes EdnoulM EhKhocury. Goby Ferguson. Kennon Eugene Fulron. Mary MeHsso Gex. Luden Morion Svhon Samuel Dexter : Oxford. MS Guntane. Ahmed Mahomed HemvochlravaraKum, Niwes: Bangkok Hord. Olver Armstrong: Hottisburg, MS HosoW. Tohou; Univeristy. MS Lamb. James Leon lee. Jooh: Seoul Lki. Ue-Sueuo Lodgel Bortxxo Lu.Snrvfo Matoous. Lort Anne Monmood. Mossef McDonald. Dormo Dare Meaner. Bortxxo M er. HughVBtom Myon. Roben John: Oxford. MS Mkhotos, Mkhoel; CordK Poreda. Damel Pegues. Arnold froze: Oxford. MS Plner. Kely Btzobettv Oxford. MS Plnrer Michael Raymond: Uoiversiry . MS Prudhomme. Jimmy Gertd: Sronwfc. MS Robbku. Karen Marie Reese. Jimmy Malcolm AoHmL Charles Solyochivin. Roomchoc Sang. Anthony Sareewiworrhana. Poiboon: Bonokc Sareewiwotrhana. Solyo Chonxhin, BongKok Smth. Ernest Marcus Sytonco Lorraine: Quezon dry Tang, Hoo JHes. Thomas Turner. Jomes Alen Vhire. Srocy Jonetre. Eng GRADUATES STUDENT REGISTER Brad Rejebian, Editor Addy, Kathy Dione Addy. Richard Lomar Adeeho, Isaac Oluwofemi Adeleke. John Folorunso Aden, Anne Russell Aaron, Mary Robert Aaron, Thomas Keirh Abborr. Monho Edirh Abd, Homid, M.D. Abderrahmon. Marwan Abdelori Abdul-Monap, Sahorudin Abee, Donald Bradley Abel, Donald Wright Jr. Abel, Jerry Ray Aberle, Jonathan Andrew Abide. Peter Charles Abington, William Kennedy III Abouali, Issam Abouerous, Sami Gomie Abraham, Abraham Abraham, Margaret Lucille Abraham, Michel Abraham, Ralph Sumner III Abraham. Susan Scott Abraham, Suzanne Louise Abraham, Total M. Abu. Yomon Mohommod Shohado Acker, Leigh Elizabeth Acred. Jeffrey Tyson Adair. Angie Massey Adair, Michael Lee Adams, Charles Floyd Jr Adams, Cynthia Jane Adams, Deborah Lee Adams, DeJuon Patrice Adams, Felicia Collete Adams, George Fletcher Adams. Jesse Rolond III Adams. John Baxter Adams. John Palmer Adams, Kathy Ann Adams, Kenr Adorns, Laurel Adorns, Marcio Lisa Adams, Mary Virginia Adams, Monique Michelle Adorns, Paul III Adams, Peggy Keylon Adams, Roderick D. Jr. Adams, Rolond Anthony Adams, Ruthie M. Adams, Sue Howell Adams, Suson Catherine Adorns, Tatjano Monika Adcock, Clay Douglas Adcock. Michael Eugene AdcocK, Mitchell Henry Adcock. Paige Boyd Adcox, Norman Forrell Adderholt. Jerry Gregory Addison, Stephen IV Adkin Adkin Adkin Adkin Elizabeth Lynne Peggie Ann Susan Elizabeth Sylvia Maxine William Bradford Afeman. Anne Randall Agarwal, Pradeep Kumor Agorwol, Rekha Agnew, Howard Thomos Agnew, Ronnie Ahmed, Ansor M. Ahmed, Nosir Ahrens, John Michael Aikin, David Campbell Aikins, John William Davis Ainsworth, Douglas Ralph Ainsworth, Robert Andrew IV Akeel, Saleh Alowi Aker, Shannon Edward Akers, Amy Michele Akin, Malcolm Kenneth Akin, Susan Diane Akin, Thomos Dwayne Jr. Aklns. Chris William AI-Alawoif. Suloimon Ali AI-Amori. Abdullah Gholeb AI-Assoss. Roed Husni AI-Homdi. Shihab AI-Kass! Youkhana Tomo AI-Mousa. Ibrahim Al-Shokorchi, Zoinob A-Alkhalik Albert, Paul Howard Alberti, Joseph Anthony Albritton, Jonathan Shawn Alderman, John Everett Jr Alderman. William Nelson Jr. Alderson, Glenda Koy Doniels Aldrich, Wondo Sue Aldridge, Roger Croig Aldridge, Vincent Wallace Alef. Michael Rlley Alewine, Thomas Christopher Alexander. Alice Lynne Alexander, Dana Ann Alexander. James Russell Alexander, John F. IV Alexander, Jon Phillip Alexander, Mark Larue Alexander, Nancy Anne Alexander. Rayann Alexander, Robert Heard Jr. Alexander, Teresa Ann Alford, Drod Alan Alford, Emily Cheryl Higgs Afford, John Warner Afford. Paul Drirtoin III Alford, Steven Roy Arford, Tom Swayze Alfred, Sharon Janique Alghresi, Jamil R Ali, Monif Hassan Alinder, Mary Jo Allan, Patricia Ann Allard, George Dole Jr. Allen, Andrew Perkins Allen, Angela Denise Allen, Anne Cossell Allen, Carl Frank Allen, Corhron Elizabeth Allen. Charles Ray II Allen, Debro Lynn Allen, Donald Terence Allen, Dorothy Brandon Allen, Eve Marie Allen, Frances Karen Allen, Gory Lee Allen, James William Allen, Jan Elizabeth Allen. Janie Mae Allen. Jimmy Thomas Allen, Jo-Ann Marshall Allen, John Fronklin Allen, Leslye Wade Allen, Margaret Ann Allen, Robert Hugh Allen, Sharon Blanche Allen, Steven Dean Allen. Timothy Brian Allen, Volerie Beth Allen, William Ellett Allgood, James Clifton Jr. Allgood. Pam E Allgood, Tracy Carol Allgood, Wendy Lynette Allin, John Maury Jr. Allison, Alisso Jeon Allison, Peggy Lorene Allman, Henry James III AHred, Randy Alon Allred Sammy Quay Almond. Jeff Douglas Aloway, Joy Lynn Aired. Jesse James Jr, Alston, Angela Alston, Carlo Ann Alston, Gregory James Alston, Jon Anne Alvorodo, Frances Lynn Alvarez. Mark Gerard Alvarez. Richard Edmund Amocker, William Earl Ambrose, Pamela Diane Amburn, Rita Lynn Amelung, Edwin Walter Jr. Amenkhienan, Felix Ehichoyo Ames, Kothryn Paige Amick. William Rhetr Amos, Jon Amos. Paul Franklin Jr. An Pok, Cheung Edgar Anayo, Ernesto Juan Anayo. Rebecca Karen Andero. Abraham Aino Anderson, Ansel Glen Anderson, Arlean Anderson, Bill Joesph Anderson. Deborah Lyn Anderson, Erns Moses Jr Anderson, Fritz William II Anderson, James Thomos Anderson, John Denley Anderson, John Gaston Anderson. Johnny Mack Anderson, Johnny Wilson Anderson, Karen Arlene Anderson. Laura Louise Anderson. Lorro Rand Anderson. Mary Aloine Anderson. Noncy Gail Anderson. Patricia Jo Anderson, Romona Lynn Anderson, Rickey Anderson, Sallie Kate Anderson. Stocey Denise Anderson, Sylvia Anne Anderson, Veronica Andress, Dono Troy Andress, John Byron Andrews. Darcy Dianne Andrews, Dennis Mitchell Andrews. John Howard Andrews. Karen Ashleigh Andrews, Lorry W. Andrews, Mary Kimberly Andrews, Patricia Lynn Andrews, Shirley Mae Andrews, Stanle Cooper Andrews. Thomos Temple Jr. Andry, Angele Annette Andry, Jonathan Beauregard Andy, John Christopher Andy, Maria Louise Andy, Orlando Joseph Andy, Patrick Murphy Ang. Toon Cheow Angero, Jomes Daniel Angle, Timothy Ramsay Anglia Cheryl Louise Ansorge, Jennifer Lynne Anthony. Jonelle Goy Antonow, Laura Ellen Anroon. Marie Lucille Anttila, Wendye Leigh Anrwine. Harold Melville III Apple, Edward Lee Jr Aquino. Amanda Irene Arommash. Fouzi Hassan Archer, Down Cecelia Archer, James Scott Ard. Julie Lee Armstrong. Brunei! Armstrong. Dorothy Jean Simmons Armstrong. Herbert Chodwick Armstrong, Johnny Armstrong, Ricky David Arnett. Lisa Carol Arnold. Angela Renee Arnold, Annie Jean Arnold, Carl William Jr. Arnold, Daniel Lynn Arnold, Gregory Barton Arnold, Jonet Garcen Arnold, Joyce Ann Arnold. Karen Faye Arnold, Lon Ester Arnold, Laura Michelle Arnold, Michael Dole Arnold, Robert Jomes III Arnold, Susan Elizabeth Arrechea, Kotherine Marie Arrington, Noncy Page Arrington, Susan Ann Arfim, Stephen Arthur Aschoff, Peter Richard Asher, Robbie Kirk Ashford. Andrew Knox Ashley. Don Duane Jr. Ashley, Lelia Yvonne Ashley. Ty Okeith Ashley, William Eric Ashmore, Mory Alice Ashmore, Raymond Edgar Atchison. Jerre Dale Archlson. Rebo Elizabeth Archley. Anthony Armstrong Atkins, Aylmer Buford Atkins, Barry Woyne Atkins, Burgess Lee Atkins, Hilary Powers Atkins, John CoMn Atkins. Leigh Modden Atkins, Timothy Philip Atkinson, Eric Wayne Atkinson, Robert Logan Atkinson, Robert Wesley Atwood, Laura Rene Atwood, Sron Elliott Aune, Mark Krisrion Aurell. Mike R. Austin. Alicia Michelle Austin. Brian Miles Austin, Gloria Jean Austin, Joseph Brian Austin, Kimberly Kristine Austin, Linda Longford Austin. Mark Anthony Austin, Mary Kotherine Austin, Melissa Jane Austin, Richard Kent Austin, Suzanne Lynn Austin, William H. Ill Austin, William Howard Avonr, Tammie Gale Avant, Toni Denise Avenr, Arlie Ray Avent, Rhonda Joyne Avent. Suson Varas Avery. John Allen Jr. Avery. Stocey Lynn Aw, Young Wee Lam Awodo, Hassone F. Axton. Michael Jomes Ay cock, Amy Lou Ayers, George Phillip Ayers, Joe Douglas Aziz, Nodim M. Aziz, Susan Teresa Toylor Bobatunde. Adegboyego Akintoyese Bobcock, Kenneth Word Bobcock, Kevin Brian Bobin, Thomas Michael Bacon. Jeffrey Lee Baddeley, William Franklin Badeaux, Timothy Edward Badon, Thomos Earl Boggerr, Deborah Renee Boggetr, Dennis Ray Bagley, Elizabeth Dabney Bagnardi, Moria Christina Bagwell, Cynthia Lynn Bagwell, Douglas Bohm, Harry Dewitt Bohm. Shelli Elizabeth Bahner, Margaret Catharine Bahr, Howard Leslie Bailey, Annelle Lee Bailey, Benjamin Thomos Boiley, Beverly Jo Boiley, Carol Aldridge Bailey, Catherine Elise Bailey, Loyno Elizabeth Bailey, Debby Lynn Bailey. Elizabeth Anne Caldwell Bailey. Jomes Andrew Bailey, Jomes Monroe Boiley. Jeffrey Alon Boiley. John Charles Bailey, John David Boiley, Lisa J. Boiley, Mark Alon Boiley, Robert Gregory Bailey, Warren Luther Bain, Angela Leigh Bain. Beverly Denise Bain, Kathy Lenese Bain. Melissa Gail Baird, Jerry Rolond flaird. Leso Lynne Baird, Mary Peyton Baker. Allen Boren Baker, Audrey Carol Baker, Bertha Reo Baker. Carolyn Baker, Charles Ray Baker, Donna Danielle Baker, James Logan Baker, Josephine Hoys Baker, Kenneth Neil Jr. Bkoer, Malcolm Roy Baker, Michael Joseph Baker. Michael Leo Baker, Nickie Lou Baker. Pamela Cook Baker, Rex William Baker, William Clair Baker. William Dawson Baker, William Harris Bokhos. Serge John Bolch, Jackson Balducci, Allison Judith Bales, Jennifer Lee Bolfour, Betty L. Boll, Elisso Louise Boll, Luaro Lovelace Boll, Pamela Ewing Buchonon Ball, Rebecca Ann Ball. Taro Lafoye Ball, Warren N. Bollard, Billy Michael Bollard, Frank S. Bollard, Fred Curry Jr. Bollard, Leslie Carol Bollard, Martha Carol Bollatd, Sylvia Estelle Bollard. Talmadge Thomas Jr. Ballew. Emily Moe Balmo. Youssef Bane. Allen Allred Banks, Charles Edward Bonks. Cynthia Ann Bonks, Frank Raymond Banks, Iva Jill Banks, Melvin Bonks, Rek Dorron Banks, Susan Kelly Banks. Susan Lynn Bannister, Donna Darlin Bonnon. Anthony Wilson Bonsai, Vipul Kumar Baraboo, Stanley Gerold Barbee, Thomas Bradley Barber, Christopher Jomes Barber, David George Borber, John Paul Barber, Kenneth Quay Borber, Kimberlee Ann Barber. Sracey Gwyn Barbiero, Denise Cleeste Borbiero. Karen Barbour. Charles Allen Barbour, Henry LeFlore Barbour, Jepfha Fowlkes IV Bard, Linda Jane Bardwell, Gina Lynn Barefield, Robert Jamison Jr. Barfield, Douglas Eugene Barfield, William Gavin Barfus, Brian Lawrence Bergeron, Dorothy Louise Barker. Tammy Paige Borkley. Barbera Hollowell Berkley. Harold J. HI Borkley. Ricky D Barksdale, James Calvin Barlow, Debbie Ray Borlow, Jomes C Barlow, Michael Ross Barlow, Michael Sherrell Barmer, James Lynn Barnes. David Lee Barnes. Donna Marguerite Barnes. Elizabeth Eve Barnes, Jeffrey Forrest Barnes. Kerry Arbin Barnes, Melissa Ann Barnes, Paul Eldridge Barnes, Ricahrd Lee Barnes, Robert Madison Barnes, Steven Edward Barnes, Wanda Penny Bornett, Celio Ann Grisham Bornett, Charlie Lamar Barnerf. Donald Wayne Bornett . Georgianna P. Barnerf, James Arden Jr. Barnetr, Jeffrey Alan Barnert, Judy Carol Barnett, Karen Opal Griffin Bornett, Laura Lee Barnett, Melissa Diane Barnett, Samantha Kay Bornett, William Joseph Barrack, William Benjamin Barrentine, Shelio Gail Barrett, Andrew Frank Barrett, Christopher Maurice Barrier, Hilary Toylor III Barringer, Jospehine Davenport Barron, John David Barry, David William Barry, Maurice Joseph Borshinger, Jeffrey Allen Borshooi. Mortezo Bartkiewicz, Veronika Maria Borrle, Brenda Bortlert, Beth Lorae Bortlett. Brerr Ronald Barton, Michael Loyd Bortram, Simon Christopher Basil, William Michael Basinger, David Ray Basmo, Adnan Adib Bass, Belinda Sue Bass, David Kelly Bass, Margaret Kent Bass, Mary Elizabeth Bat, David Thomas Batokji, Jommal Botemon, Blone Edward Bores, Alice Kathleen Bates, Charlotte Renoe Bates, Thomas Alon Bottle, David Woodson Bauch. James New Bauch. William Herbert Bouer, Ty K. Baumgortner, Timothy Kevin Boumhauer. Sallie Neville Baumhauer, William C. Baxter, Lisa Jan ine Baylis, Robert Ray Jr. Beach. Elizabeth Anne Beocham, Harry Felder Jr Beaird, Lora Lee Beals, Jackie Woyne Beam, Paul Ernest Beon, Joseph Scort Beon, Roscoe Benjamin Jr. Beane, Patricia Gail Beonland, William Spencer Beard, James Henry Beard, Jamie Ann Beard, John Bracy Beard. Miranda Annette Bearden, Susan Michelle Bearmon. Charles Lee Beasley, Ethel Stewart Beasley, Martin Wode Beosley, Stacy L Beasley. Trocey Lynn Beouregord, Judith Anne Beaver, Jill Aitken Beavers, Edna Delores Beavers, Melissa Cotton Beovers, Wilma Groce Beozley, Melonie Becherer. Thomas Luther Beck. Paul Joseph Beck. William Andrew Becker, Brian Kyle Beckett. David Russell Beckett, Wendy Lee Beckhom, Ronald Len Beckham, Susan Lenore Beckley, Dovid Lenard Beckner, Joseph Edward Beder, Scon Alon Bee. Elizabeth Moncrief Begley, Samuel Lee Belcher, Christina Kyle Belcher, Steven Forest Belcher, Suzanne Denise Belenchia. Patricia Laura Belenchia. Theresa Amelia Belk. Jennifer Susan Belk, Lessie Kay Goode Belk, Richard Longston Belk, Robin Bruce Bell, Archie Lane III Bell, Carolyn Bell, Dovid Michoel Bell, Douglas William Bell, Duval Leigh Bell, Gerold Timothy Bell, Jennifer Felecia Bell, Jerry Von Jr Bell, Julio Brooks Bell, Karon Louise Bell, Kimberly Ann Bell, Monica Leah Bell, Moreland Binford Bell, Rebecca Rainey Bell, Robert Henry Bell, Suson Virginia Bell, Suzanne Rogers Bell, Timothy Croig Bellar, Sharon Elizabeth Bellew, Colleen Siobhan Be I lido, Susona Benefield. Patricia Ann Benefield, Travis Eugene Benigni, Terrence Joseph Bennett, Anna Groce Bennett, Bobby Gene Jr. Bennett, Bruce Stanley Bennett, Dolton Lamar Bennett, David Neol Bennett, Dolly Chase Bennett, Douglas Daniel Bennett, Elizabeth Arledia Bush Bennett. Gory Glenn Bennett, James Michael Bennett, Jason Matthew Bennett. John William Bennett. Laurie Ann Bennett, Roy Michael Bennett, William Bensobot, Christopher Loeber Benson, Katherine Ann Stone Benson, Vicki Ann Bente, Lisa E. Benton, Cynthia Lornette Benton, Shyrell Denise Benz, Corl Richard Jr. Bercaw. Barbara Ellen Bergstrom, Matthew Walter Berke, Tammy Jo Beck Bernheim. Toni Lynn Berry, Amanda McNoiry Berry. Gene Dickerson Berry, Helen Elizabeth Berry, James Douglas Berry. James Hugh Berry, Robert Vernon Berry. Robert William Jr. Berry. Roslyn Kay Berryhill. Brenda Sue Bert. Paula M. Berthelot, Jean Valette Bertolet, Robert Todd Bertolet. Toni Jill Bess. Elizabeth M Berts, Mory Leslie Bevill, Elizabeth Claire Bhornogar. Priti 386 Student Register Bhoocho-Oom. Areepong Biosorri. Micheto Marie Bibbs Barbara Cheryl T Bfcbs. Bob Bibbs. Oaro Lynerre Bickers. Arteen PhBps Bickerstaff Margaret Quay BKfcerstoft. Robert EBon Bidde. Jeffrey Aton Biggers. Susan Adnenne WQjJt. Frank Borr Jt Bigas John Graham B lone Dono Micheto BKwisiKhamis Mohamad BBng . Michael Douglas Bikngstey Jerome lines BBngsteyMeBe Marie Bmahom Lesto Gayte Bngler James V BlrMey. Deborah Kng Brdsong. Eton dark Boone. Douglas Roy Boane Levil Boone. UsaLynee Booth. Amlry Blov Boom. Armo Mario Booth. David Glenn Booth. Jerome Poll Booth. Mark Daniel Borden. Sieve Ernest Boring, Daniel Lee Borne. Kathleen Mary I.OWy Bahop KlmbertyAnn Bishop. Lesto LeArm Brshop. LouwaneL Bohop Lyrm Stondal Bnhop Moggie Jeon Bishop Meme Lyrm Bishop. Micheto Meredth Bishop Ronald F Bishop Ted L Brvms Jeffrey Scon Block Andrew Bkxfc. Angeto Arm OtooK. Corotyn Btoax. Debro Lee Edwards BtodV Jerry Grody Btock. Korharine Presley Stack. Lesto Arm nock. Rjcftord Michael BtacKbum. Bobbie Jeon BkxMxim. Cortiy Jane BkxMxjm. Gregory Benjamin BtooWxjm. Mary EaWi BkxMxjm Viaoho Ann BtocHmarr. VAom Andrew Btodunon. Jerries EoWin BkxWnon. Rebecca Anne BkxtaroaX Lorry Keh Otochsfon. Jeonrfe Jone Btockwet Debro Koy OkjuXwood. James Momn Barries. Samuel Douglos Bosarge. Corral Anrhony Bos Edward Vlson Bosnck. Ruby Nan Roach Boswel. David R Bonl. James Luke Boswel. John Robert Boncnrv. Jomes Steven Boucek. Grant Meml BouchBon. Yvonne Armene Boutanger . Mlcriocl Thomas Bounds. B y Marvm Bounds. CmonCume Bounds. Cynrhio Fay Boundb. Janice Kelum Bounds. Leigh Cotherme Bourdeoux. LJsoEorle Bourgeois. Sreven Michael Bourne. VBom Timorhy Bourwel Confyn Dearm Bowdre. Jorm Ftzgerotd Bowe. Melon Leigh Bowen. AboVlaorio Bowen. Barbara Lyrm Bowen. Briajrro Pearl Bowen. Chartarre Lyrm Bowen Dorma Ceote Bowen. ReeceMaxwel Bowen Vendy Gal Bo rvecs. Jomes Robert Bowers. Me tag Ruth Bowefy Patrick Hfcon Dowers Rebecca Eboberh Bo Barswel. Lesrye Denise LRoyBaleyJr I. Samuel Veknan . ' . Peggy Sue i. Tracy Jeanne Browner. Annie G Browner. Peggy Joan Golaher Browner. Warn Cory Broy. Janet Lee Bray. VTBom Robert Breard. Cynrhio Gerard Brechinridge. PhBps Robertson Breeden, Peter Anthony Breedmg, Eboberh Lee Breeding. Jonet Koy Breedmg. Timorhy Alan Breetond. Durwood Jewel Breetand. Korhryn Grace Breetond. Peggy Janme Biee e. Harry MioNoel Bremsefh. Anfto Marie Brennon. David Scott Brennon. John Worn Jr. Brermarx Michael Joseph Brermon. Timorhy Bryon Brenner. Mary Beth Brent. AMn Eugene Bren. VBam Edward Jr. Brevord. Arm Daniel Brewer. Brett Beord Brewer dark Dew t - - ' f - - - - - - - - Off ' - ' - - y _ -- aw ' - . - -- a si - Ml - w Joeo- . - Bkw Mary Margoret Star ShetoyArm Btair. Thomas Brownlee Jr. Btor V amDwight Btoke Betrie Jeon Btafce Jacqueme Blake Kety Jeon Bklke. VAam Anrhony Btokely. Terry Joe Btokemore. Robert Edward Blakney Carol Jenoe DkHack MKhoel Fronktn Dlanchord ParriaoAlce Btond DelenaMorko Blond. LodaF Blond. Mortho Patrioo Btand Roben Micheoux Dtantif nrfnp Borrte Beory Blonkenshu. Norhon Roy BVankensfem. Karen Jean Blansen Barbara Tocken Btanron. Carol L. Btanton. Danny Ne4 DtorMon. Timothy B Btasmgome Hubert Roy . Btoytock. Dorrel Noton Jr. Btoytock John Douglas Btoykxk. Stanley Thomas Bklyiock. Tammy Sue Btedsoe James Oarence Bledsoe Jeanene Binder David Alan Bfesord. Mofcolm Dean Bkxnr Ooy Bryan Btount. Mary Arm Btowe. Mefaio Carol Blue Ernie E Blue VoJarie Lyrm Boatman. Sarah Joyce Boarrighr Beverly Shown Reid Boorwnght. Dororhy Arme Boarwrighr Renee A Boarwnghr. Steven Leroy BobMt KendolLeon Bobo. Charles Reynolds Boden KeirhAlan Boehms Samuel Henry Bogan. Christopher Perkms Bogdahn. Joseph Richard Boggon Sarah Jeon Ooggs David Roy Bohnstedl Armo Morio Bolond John Stanford Bolen Charles Mitchel Jr. Bolen. Edward Michael Boler. Steven Forrest Boles. MKhele Arm Botn. Kety Daniel Be Robert David Bo Robinson Carter Baton Leigh Arm Bond Carolyn Flowers Bond. Manho Eton Bonds. Carta Renee Bonds. Lorry Odom Bonds Michael Edward Bonhom. Afcson York Banner Eboberh Arm Bontempv Joseph Voor Bonrrager. Thomas Lamar BoocK David Alan Booker. Kaherme Carnal Boone OcryAnne Bowie. Chartone Lynn Bowie. Jacauelne Jeanice Bowie. Vonda Koy Bowles. Jomes VBam . Bowin. Scarten Lee Bowman. BBeSue Bowman. Eboberh Anne Bowman. Eboberh Brire Boyomon. Gregory Srertng Boyce. Dan Rouse Boyce. Margaret Ekxne Boyce. Robert Asa Jr Boyd. David Garland Boyd. James Hoflom I Boyd. Kimberty Micheto Boyd. Mary Eboberh Boyd. Sheridan Vendal Boyer. EmtyDefcl Boyet. Korhryn Elaine BoyMn. Margoret Kafrireo Boykm. rmothy Roy BoyWns. Darryl Rupert Boyd. Jomes Jones Boyte. Margaret Eboberh Bozcmon, Jeffrey Neal Brocey 5ocey LCKxse Brodbury. Barton J. Braddoch. Schuyter Jackson Broden. 5feven Chortes Brodey. John Robert Bradrord. B y Kellh BrooVord, Ovtnopher Scon Brodhxd. Chrysol Lee BrodKxd. Joseph Porrick Bradford. Leigh Anne BrocVord. Mononne Brodrord. Martha Vade Bradford Nathan FeiOTng Brodrord P p Mart BroOtey Anrhony Glenn BrooVy Bedford Coriwn Brodkty. Carlo Huyoo Bradey Eboberh Arme Bror ey, Jomes Brandon Bradey. Jerri Lamar Broatoy. Michael Edward Brodley Rebecca Jane Foster Brodey. Voyne Monroe Bradey. VBam Ross Jr Brodshow. Susan Lyrm Brady. Amanda Carter Brady. Becky Burderte Brody. Gus Borry Brady. ToddMirchel j ' yC- ' rC; -; " c--Ci - sc BromterT. Eugene Venabte Bromten. John Kenneth Cele . Jon e Lee Honcock Bromln. Mary Korhryn Brommel QlOilesllojiuon Brand. Mary Carole Brand. Vafeer James Brands. Tammy Lyrm Bronhom. Mary Arm Brormon. John VBam Branson. Jorm Richard Bronrtey . Karmalea Snuggs Branum. Jeon Lawrence Branum. John Bornerr Brawi Larry Eugene Brasel Teresa Carol Voters Bratfetd. Andrea Roth BraMHd. Craig Burrow Brasheor. Kerry Bryon BrasNer. John Rodgers BmNer. Ralph CatounJr. Btojoi-l. Bethanye Renee Brewer. Jerry Dean Jr. Brewer. Joe Brenner. VBam Hooper Brewemn. Lanel Lee Brick. Francis Marion BrioV Katherine Arm Porker Bridge. Leah Micheto Bridge. Shadric Michael Bndgers. Reginald Obrien Jr. Bridges. Charles Denman Bridges. David Michael Bridges. Gregory Douglos Bridges. James Paul Bridges. Undo Date Bridges VBred Eori Bndgman Angela Regmo Russet Bnggs AnnM iv lrf, Otories Borne Brignr. Loretro Brignac Denise Marie Bngrsen. Norman Crctg Bnnegar. LadyBren BrinMey. Amy Ebaberh BrtnMey. Hoynes Alexander BrtnMey. Robin Koy Vaughn Brmkley. Susan Lynn Brtwo. Marshal Adorns Briscoe. Roger Keith Brser. Frank Lurzl Briswr. Laurie Henderson BtHoi Shaun Lynerte Bris ow. Monica Ann Krk Brtre. Mary Odessa Bn. VfrgtMo Lyrme Bm. Michael Reese Brtn. l orren Keith Bnrtoin. EboArm fJnMngharn. Jon David Brtnon. Kane Evefyn Broodbenl. Peter Von Enen Broadwel. Monone Louise Brock Gory Lee Brock. Gtendo Coneriy Brock. Jonrmy Brock. MB-r Lee Brock. She ) Arm Brock. Tyler M. Brocttmon . Ertc James Brockway. Bonnie Marie Brofcck. DormoLyrm Brommef . Steven Thomas Brooks. Beverly Dawn Brooks. Brown Stuart Broods. Curtis CJr Brooks. Fronos Adams Brooks. Fronkie Etome Brooks. Jeffrey Harold Brooks. John Modbon I Brooks MorlynShrene BfoolA. Nofofce Jeon Brooks. Ronald Edward BIUUIII. Robert Paul I Broome. Darwto Broome. Eboberh Ateen Broome. Er Roy Broughron. Chnstopher R. Biuwei. John Dovid Brower. Rormy Joe Brown. Anita Ann Brown. Auriel Rosoto Mar e Brown. Berry Jo Taylor Brown. Charles Bruce Brown. Debro Goto Brown. Darma Grace Brown. Drew Carthel Jr Brown. Eboberh Diane Brown. Forns Voyne Brown. Hob Afcert Brown. Jocojueine Patrice Brown. James Oarence Btown. Jomie John Brown. Jennffer Lynne Brown. John Benjamine Brown, Karen Lynn Brown. Koihertne Marie Brown, Kirk Anmony Brown, Louco Mocheie Brown. Leigh Anne Brown. Undo Gay Brown. UsaMarrine Brown. Malcolm Eugene Drown, Margaret Lynn Brown. Mary Anthony Brown, Mark Dudley Brown. Mary Ann Brown. Mary Karen Brown. Maudme Lareno Brown. Michael Voyne Brown. MozefoL Brown NadmeEISe Brown. PuMtLk Kevin Brown. PuMluX Scon Brown. Pony Eton Brown. Paul Vendel Brown Raymond UoydJf Brown. Rebecca Cetes Brown. Richard Dean Brown. Richard VrMetd Brown. Robert Jeffrey Brown. Rosette Brown. Sandra Koy Mlom Brown. Sharon Phyte Brown. Susan Dame Brown. Susan Leigh Brown. Terry Lane Brown. Thomas Patrick Brown. Thomas Roy Brown. Thomas VBxjr Jr. Brown. Timorhy Voyne Brown. Tkua Brown. Vemon Ketor Brown. Vakon Etot Brown. VBe Brownmg, Anrhony Odel Browning. Jesse Robert Jr Browning. Mary Lto BfOwntee. Jimmy QrooKs Brownlee, Manna C Bruce. Jan Qorke Bruce. PatrtdaAnn Bruce. Robert Alan Bruchmon. Daniel Dovrf BnjeoX. Kjimberty Norene Bruening. PoulEaston Bnjmfield, Bruce Jones Brummen. TinoGoye Bruno. Uso Marie Brunson. Murl Lee Brunr. Thomos David Brunfon. Kurt Michoel Druscoro Poul Joseph Bryan. Dono Ebobeth Bryan. Otvta Leigh Bryonr. Borry Bryant, Efaabefh Herran Bryonr. Eric Charles Bryonr. Hetmcr Sytvcscr Bryant, Joseph Raymond Bryant. KortoJ. Bryant. Lenoro Roth Bryonr. Lesfte Ray Bryonr. Mark Stephen Bryoni. On Voyne Jr Bryont. Paulo Beth Peterson Bryan. Robert Michael Bryoni. Saiy Shaheen Vest Bryoni. Sefwyn John Bryonr. Steven Scon Bryont. Steven Speed Bryson. Mary Frances Bubrtg. Sandro Reynolds Buchanan. Ake Moore Buchanan. Brian Kefi Buchanan. Janele Marte Buchanan. John Mongum I Buchanan. Joseph Mkfteal Ouchonon. King Londbs Buchanan, Roben John Buchi. Ernest Rustef Jr. Buck Eboberh Seoy Buck. Kenneth Charles Buckler. OovtdAlen Buckles. Hugh Frederick BucMew. Rebecca Jo Buckley, Arbie Jo Buckley. Bethany Anderson Buckley. Robert Charles Buckner, Georg e Anderson Bucy. Mary Ann Buehfer. Ffciilieili Dote Bulnngron. Lone Kay Bunlngron. Terry J VBoms Buford Berry Arm Buford. Mmittu Jeon Buford. Robbie Lee BuBord. John VMoms Bufcrd. Judy Alrheo Butord. Nancy Atose Nelson Buton. Ann Mlcheto Bulock. Angela Dartene Bulock. Brendo Fay Bulock. Romano Alderman Bulock. Thomas Kekon Jr. Bubrerbaum. Afcon Aylene Bump. Dawn Eboberh Bumpas. Kennerh Del Bumpos. VBom Vatoce Bunch. Anrhony Scorr Bunch. Mary Korhenne Sutyo Bums. Valerte Denese Bunhn. Arm Bunrin. Metsso Dare Bunhn. Robert Roybum Buntin SatyBaskln Burbrxh. Frederick Joseph Burcham. Betty Joyce Burchom. Cynrhio Joan Burchom. Janice Leigh Burcham. Neido Rejono BurtMeU. Timorhy Myres Burden. Bradey Deaton Burduck. Michael Lawrence Burford. Ced Veaon Burford. Chrhropher Holmes Burtord. Domo Kay Burford. Robert Leon Surge. Cherie Jane Burgc Cyn Burke. Holy Sue Burke. Robert Darryl Burke. Susan Eteen Burke. Vrginio Eton Burkes. Undo Foye McAdory Burkett. Barbara Lynn Burkert. Hugh E Burken. Jerrtfer Anne BurMn. Lee Arme Burks Barry Aton Butts. Gregory V. Burks. Laura Lyrmeto Burks. Sharon Lee Bumam. John Anderson Burnett. Charles Robert Burnett. Eboberh Eddemon Bumeit. Jomes Forrest Burnett. John Robert Jr. Burnett . Mertnda Lee Bumefre. Freddo Loroln Bumene. Robert Doub Bumey. Cassandra Dole Bumey. Tommy Lyrme Bumey. Tracy Hunt Bumhom. James Donald Burns. Benjomai FronWn Bums. David Alan Bums. David Lamar Bums. Forish Victoria Bums. Howard Joseph Bums. Joe PhHp Bums John Brhrer Bruns. Johnny Hfron Jr. Bums. Jutarme Reynolds Bums. RonoW KeWi BumBde. Margaret Burrel. Jock Luse Burrel VarrenDoniel Burress. Gregory Alan Burns. Lewis Enos Burroughs. Use Lyrme Burrow. Jennfter Yvonne Burrow. John Chrtstophei Burrow. Patrldo Bu SIM i. Richard Otis Bun. Forrest Otlluii Burl. Jerome I Burl. Ruby Jeon Burton. Jerry Neal Burton. Pmiluu Janei Burton. Sreven Edward Burton. Tomoro Lynne Busby Eboberh Sue Busby. Mickey Lynn Butby. Ralph Arthur Buse. Lori Arm Buse. MKhel Leo ButKDkme Bush. Houston T Jr. Bush. Susan Simpson Bush. VBam Scon BusMrk. Janice Goyle Butcher. Daniel Lee Buner. Charles Mark Buner.Oyde Morns! Butter. Davis Srmth Burter. Mm Morrow Butler. Noel Scon Burter. Pouterro Butter. Room Renee Butter, voard Gearid Butter. VBam Vyto Bum. Beverly Jo Mtae Bum. Joyce Arm Duzhordt. lloicioe Emerson Jr. Byars. Catherine Aice Byora. George Rice Jr. Byan. KoJhryn Suzanne Byers, Abon Doty Byers, Castondro Foye Byers. Robbie Arm Byeseda Mortene Arm ByfwO. Shelo Marie Bynum. Jorrtes Robert Bynum. Suson Leigh Byrom. Roberr Keith Byrd Charles Hotowoy Byrd. Jomes Aton Byrd JoyShowndus Byrd. Klmberly Micheto Byrd. Parrie Oneldo Evans Byrd. Tonya Lynn Byrne. Bryan Edwin Byrnes. Percy Shields Byron. Metea Cory Byrum. Orion Arnold Byzewsfc. Mark T Cobotoro. Victor Louis Codden. John CortBe Cade. Terry Comer Codow. VBam Si Coney. Pamela Ruth Cogte. Jomes Oyde Jr. Canaan. Suson 0. Col.Hul Com Charles Henley Corns. Eugeno Louse Calcote. Robert T Colder. David Lomar Cotdwel. Dtano Leigh CokJwel. Dannie Lynn Cotdwel. Efaoberh Dyre Cotdwel. J Brtce Jr. Caldwel. Karhenne Crone CaWv. fr- (rryjoyc Burtei . Jomes HBron Jr. Buner. Jerry Dole Jr. Burter. John Onron Buner. JutoOoke Butter. Klmberly AKson Buner. Uso Goyle Butler. Lucreria McVhoner Coldwel. PrtscBo Arme Cotdwel. Ronald Alan Caldwel. Thurman Veozey oun. Jefferrey Vlton Cot oun. VBam LompMn Jr. Col. Asheton Bayard Cokhan. Lacey Oake Coiohon. Paul Edward Calahan. Thomas MKhael Cokjwoy James Oaynn Colowoy. Jeffrey Afcon CaBer. Ebaberh Aryson Colon. Anno Chase Oovert. Coron Lee Camp. John Eoson Camp. Marvin Edward Jr. Camp. Michael Pierce Company. Craig Young Campbet Angela Renee Student Register 387 Campbell, Angelyn Deneen Campbell. Anno Corissa Campbell. Deny Lu Campbell. Charles Glenn Campbell, Gray Mooring Campbell. Jeffery Campbell, Jeffrey Todd Campbell. Jerold Allen Campbell, Jerold Dennon Campbell. Lee Webb Campbell, Leslie Jean Campbell, Robert Gene Campbell. Robert Patrick Campbell, Shern Leigh Campbell, Stephen Dennon Campbell, Slyvia Jean Campbell, Thomas Leonard Campbell. William Kent Jr. Conale. Cornelia Scott Canale. Stuort Joy Cannon, Corole Jean Cannon, Cynthia Faye Cannon, Deanice Chennell Cannon, Dennis Rydell Cannon. Jennifer Anne Cannon. John A Cantrell. Clay Pitrman Contrell. Kimberlee Anne Canty, Ann Lochridge Canry. Christina Wells Caperton, Tracey Melinda Copwell. Jeff Ross III Caroway, Gregg Alan Caraway, Lauren Beth Coraway, Mark Priestly Cord, Morcal Douglas Cardin. Tommie Sullivan Corgill, Mary Terrell Carlisle. Charles Allen Carlisle, Robert N Carlisle, Shorlo Jean Dorroh Carlson, Barbara Jean Carman, Jonice Lynne Carmichoel, Gilbert Scon Carmody. Josephine Goughan Carnathon, Alice Kay Carnathan, Charles Oron Cornell, Karen Lee Carnes, Cindy Carol Carnes, Lady Juonita Carnes, Mark Wendel Carney, John Henry Carney, Robert Eugene Cornrick. Paul K. Carothers, Fondo Lee Carorhers, Laura Dyer Carothers, Virginia Lynn Carpenter, Carmon Rondoll Jr. Carpenter. Dayne Kyle Carpenter, Floyd Winston Carpenter, Glodwin Keith Carpenter, James Gerald Carpenter. James Herman Carpenter, James S Carpenter. Kothey Diane Carpenter. Kelley Denise Carpenter, Kimberly Ann Carpenter, Kimberly L. Carpenter. Martho Michele .Carpenter, Melissa Jane Carpenter, Money Renee Corr. James Quentin II Carr. Michael Richard Corr, Natalie Lynn Corr. Phillip Alon Corr, Robert Felix Carr, Suzanne M. Carr, Virginia Elise Corrosco. Morio Carreno. Lilliam Carrier, Robert Edward Carriker, Joel Wayne Carroll. Alice Lyle Carroll. Catherine Rivers Carroll, Chorles Loyd Corroll, Cheralyn Deonne Carroll. Clifton Livingston Carroll, Georgie Taylor Corroll, Judith Gorner Carroll, Kimberly Ann Carroll, Marion Barren Corroll. Mork Cloibrone Corrotl. Wilson Holmes Carson. Donelle Renee Corsten, Allison Beyer Carsten, Nancy Carolyn Carter, Ann Runyon Carter, Brenda Koye Carter, Cari Michelle Carter, Catherine Lynn Carter, Cynthio Corrine Carter. Dixie Lee Carter, Edna Sharon Carter. Ello Marlow Carter, Eunice Fay Davidson Carter. Harry Jefferson Carter, Jan Elizabeth Williams Carter, Jeanne Elaine Carter. Kothetine Ruth Carter, Kelley Ann Cotter, Kenneth Lomat Carter, Mary Virginia Carter, Onice Fay Carter, Patricia Inez Carter, Regina Baker Carter, Susan Ross Carter, Tami Reno Carter, Tomro Elizabeth Carter. Timothy James Carter, Tommy E. Carter, Victoria Leigh Carter, Virgil Phillip Carter, Virginia Leigh Carter. William Sanders Cartlidge. Perry Leneol Cortwright, Cecil John Cartwrlght, Marcio Dee Carusillo, John R. Carufhers, James Kyle Coruthers, Mary Eugenia Coruthers, Stephen Arnold Corver, Dennis Frank Carver. Jackie Wheeler Carver, James Henry Carver, Jonet Lynn Cososa, Barbara Ann Case, Bonnie Jeon Case, Christopher Linton Case, David Martin Case. David Wayne Casey, Shannon Lee Cosh, Gordon Wompler Cash, Hugh Anthony Cosh. Jennifer Joan Cash, Rebecca Elise Cashon, Betty Cook Casper, Charles Jacob Cassidy. Lois Tracy Cassreino, Terry Robert Castellaw, Mary Lynn Castle, George Alan Castle. Maranda Suzanne Castle, Ronold Keith Costleberry, Betsy Lynn Costleberry, Kimberely Anne Castleman. Stephen Paul Caston. Billy Jock II Cote, Collin Michael Cote, Sherry Ann Cotes, Dorothy Louise Buttson Cates. Nino Joyce Goolsby Cothey, Frances Gillon Cotledge. William Earl Cato. Hal Gillespie Catron, Julia Caroline Cart, Bradley John Cousey, Patricia Diane Abernothy Cousey, Wyndel Elizabeth Cavozos. Christopher Miles Coves, Tracy Lynn Covert. Fred Nelson Covett, John Cloyton Caviness, Michoel Erwln Cefolu. Corese Cervantes, Karen Virginia Cesore, Barbara Carol Chadick, Ira Alvin HI Chodwick. William Lyon Chaffe. Williom Bryan Chaffin, Julie Eileen Chaffin, Sherry Louise Choi, Min Hui Chain, BelaJ III Chain. Thomas Sidney Chalus. Genevleve Ann Chambers, Martha Burke Chambers, Samuel Keith Chambliss, Josephine Champ, Roger Deon Champeou. Nicholas Rowe Champion. Jennifer Williams Chompino, Jimmy Kemp Champion. Kimberly Deon Champion, Laura Ruth Champion. Thomas Wayne Chon, Chun-Cheng Chan, Poon Hoo Chan. Sin Mun Chancellor, John Murphy Jr Chancellor, John Winston Chancellor, Kim Denise Fletcher Chancellor. William Danny Chandler, George French Chandler, Mary Theresa Chaney. Carl Jesse Chaney. Joy Beth Holley Chaney. Keith Edwards Chaney, Marianne Lillian Chaney, Mark Stephen Chang, Lay Bao-Lan Chong, Ming Jr. Chong, Shih-Chieh Channel!. Cheryl Jane Chopo, Santiago Chopin, Ellen Marie Chopin, Frances Schmidtt Chapman, Caroline Hope Chopmno. Elizabeth Porter Chopman, Guy Duke Chapman, Louro Klingman Chapman, Margaret Annette Chappelle, Carole Paige Chappie, Kristin Lea Chapius, Patti Koy Charalombides. Savvas Heracles Charbonneau, Melissa Anne Chorlron, William Anderson Chose. Bobby Chase. Burce Edwin Chase, Julie Karen Rhodes Chorfield, Caroline Elizabeth Chorfield. Metoncthon Wode Chotterji, Gono Chavez, Jesus Cheah, Belinda Cheothom. Judy Wheeler Blonkenship Cheathom, Robert Allen Cheotham, Steve Fredrick Chen. Alfred Chen, Chen-Gi Chenerte, Stedmon Richard Cheney, John Eric Cheng, Han-Kuang Chesnutt. Kelly Gean Chesser, Anthony Scon M. Chien. Nancy Ying Child, Kay Fort Childers, Abby Ann Childers, Marvin Lynn Childers, Mary Beth Childers, Richard Hines Childress, David Aethur Childress, Doris Atha Sanders Chisholm. Stuorr H Chisolm, Terri Lynn Chiu. Herng-Chto Cholthichanun. Somporn Chou. Elaine l-Ming Chou, Yue-Kwong Chow, Belinda Kay Chrestman. Amy Lee Mirchell Chrestman, Richard Eart Chrestman, Susan Lynn Christ. George M. Christian, Anthony Dow Christian, Carey Modden Christian, Howard Lewis Christian. James Aubrey III Christian, John Calvin Jr. Christian. Kendall Cloy Christian, Kevin Adris Christian, Linda Gail Christian, Mork Kendall Christian, Robert Burris Christy. Jomes Thomas Chua, Keo Lock Chua, Keng Mul Chua, Lek Ai Chun. Mofthew M.H. Chunn, Margaret Gwin Ferrell Churchill. Koren Elizabeth Churchwell, Ricky Glenn Chyon, Huey Ru Cionciolo, Carol Lynn Cicorio, Denise Marie Cinquegrani, Robert Rubce Ciny, Jomes Lloyd Jr. Clabough, Chorles Gordon Clanton, Jondi Sue Clanton, Richard Gwin Glanton, Terry Glenn Clonton, Thomas Michoel Clopp, Dorothy Jeonene Clork, Angela Patrice Clark, Barry Kuykendall Clork, Bobby Lewis Clark. Forrest Kimbrough Jr. Clark, Jomes Littlefield Clork. Jeffery Todd Clark. Jennifer Elizabeth ClorK, John Emlle Clark. John Richord Clark, Lena Michele Clark, Lisa Gail Clark, Michoel Glen Clork, Nelson Lee Clork, Obie Earl Clork, Paul Daniel Clork. Rondoll Edwin Clark, Robert Eugene Jr. Clark, Roger Lomar Clark, Ross William Clark. Steve Kelly Clark, SurrerhaJeon Clark, Vicki Lee Clork, William Wayne Clork. Willie Rolond Clarke, Jomes Felton Jr Clarke, Jennifer Grace Clorke, Shellie Flowers Clowson, Lorry Allen Jr Clay, Bryon McRae Gayborn, Debbie Clayborn, Robert Lee Cloyton. Herman Wayne Clayton, Morsha Lynn Cloyton. Mary Suson Clayton, Rebecco Murray Cleaves, Cheryl Francs Clegg, Philip Claude Clement, Charlone Yvette Clement. Melonie Gene Glement. Noncy Irene Clement, Neol John Clement, Poulo Lynn Clement, Rhonda Ann Clement, Robert Lee Clements, Jerry Von Clements, Mollie Virginia Clements. Raye Anne Clements, Sarah Elizabeth Clements, Thomos Howard Clements, Wayne Franklin Clemens, Beverly Ann Clemons. Jackie 5 Hollowell Clemons, Tammy S. Cleveland, Conni Roe Cleveland, Jomes W. Cleveland, Tim Alexander Cliburn, Jerry Scon Clifton, Kitda Machelle Climer, Timothy Thomos Cline, Daniel Jonathan Clinkscales. Grody S III Clisby, Beverly Ann Porker Clower. Ruth Helen Clukey. Sidney Noel Coakley, Constance Suzzonne Coolter. Terri Teresa Coots, Doryl Robert Coots, Dwayne Ray Cobb. Frances Rhodes Cobb, Jimmy R. Cobb, Lyro McMichoel Cobb, Stephen Hoi Cobb. Sylvia Corrine Cobb, Teri Lynn Coblentz, Koren Paula Cochran, Lisa Koy Cochran, Robin Crone Cochrane, Alexander Lynde III Cocke, Margaret Elizabeth Coffey, Jomes Major Coffey, James Mortin Coffey. Suzanne Renee Cotf ield, Dallas Biggs HI Coffield, Patricia Colleen Coffin, Robert Anthony III Cofield, Adrienne Anne Coggins. Gary Wesley Coggins. Michoel Tutor Coghlan, Eunice Kathryn Coohlon. Julia Leigh Coghlan, Kenneth Harold Coker, Kimberly Jeonine Coker. Robert Eddins Colbert, Christy Lone Colbert, Emily Ann Colbert, Kevin Walter Colburn, Cynthia Lake Coldiron, Jimmy Garland Cole, Alfred Lee Cole. Allison Elaine Cole, Amanda Floyce Drown Cole, Brendolyn Joyce Cole. Candy Lynn Cole. Darren John Cole. David Keith Cole. Donald Ray Cole. Jomes Joseph III Cole, Lisa Lynn Cole, Mark Allen Cole, Milton Roy Jr. Cole, Nelson Owens Cole, Robert Grey Cole, Robert Jeffrey Cole. Stuort Rogers Coleman. Anthony Keith Colemon, Carol Denise Coleman, Edwin Allen Coleman, Elizabeth Anne Coleman. Gerold Patrick Colemon, Jacquelyn Kay Coleman, Jomes Michoel Coleman, John Rihcard Jr. Coleman, Linda Faye Coleman, Lisa Gayle Coleman, Lori Shannon Coleman, Robert Willie Colemon, Thomos Mathews Colemon, Wolton Todd Colgon, John Ralph Colingo, Kelly Ann Collier, Michoel Douglas Collier, Vanessa Leigh Collins, Amanda Collins, Carol Lynn Collins. Croig Steven Collins, David Neumen Collins. Janet W. Collins, Kathryn Rose Collins, Kevin Upton Collins, Lauro Lynne Collins, Letitia Shaw Collins, Madge Elizabeth Collins. Patrick Gregory Collins, Ronald David Collins, Thomas Nicholas Collins, Timothy Paul Collins, Williom Scon Collums, Betsy Ruth Aron Collums. Ronold Gene Colmer, James Henry Jr Colotta. Terry Andrew Colquett, Jason Gregory Colson. Angela Renee Combs, Bobbi Helms Combs, Robert Varner Comer, Koren Leigh Commander, Dora Leonne Commander, Kerry Wayne Compton, Reginald Scott Compton, William Joseph Conoway. Frank L. Condon, Williom Patrick III Condra. James Jeffrey Coney. Charles Von Coning, Jo Dell Coningsby, Gregg Oliver Con lee. Cheryl Denise Conley, Chorles Wesley Conley, Joner Elise Conn Jr.. Bobby J. Connell, Colemon B. Conner, Alma Colleen Edwards Conner, Carl Lee Conner, Charles Kenneth Jr. Conner. Eugenia Lodrich Conner. Roy Nixon Jr. Conniff, Stephen Edward Conoley, Rolon Molcom Conrad. Normo Jean Conroy, Johnathan C Conwoy, Lisa Carol Conwill. Daniel Ozo IV Conwill, Dixie Leigh Conwill, George Geoffrey Conwill, Mory Ashley Coode, Phillip Anthony Cook, Amy Ellen Cook, Angela Down Cook, Brian Carlton Cook, Carol Christine Cook, Cynthia Cook, Deborah Woltroud Cook, Donna Jean Cook, Eloine Jeanerte Cook, George Glenn Cook, Jayne Koy Cook, Kyle Patterson Cook, Mary Catherine Cook, Robert Clovin Cook, Roy Meeks III Cook, Suson Jeannette Cook, Thomas Wesson Cook, Todd Alon Cook, Troci Dawn Cooke, Charles Edward Cooke. Elizabeth Louise Cooke. Jock Wheet Jr. Cooke, Mark Camden Cooke, Victoria Ellen Coole, Jeffrey Allyn Cooley, Edwino Deno Taylor Coolidge, Sherri L. Coon, Clayton Collins Coon, Kimberly Ann Cooney, Jeanette Marie Cooper Charles Lynn Cooper, Elizabeth Lee Cooper, Felicia Carlo Dunn Cooper, James Alvin III Cooper, Karen Diane Sanders Cooper. Kristin Lee Cooper, Lisa Corol Cooper, Mary Byrd Cooper, Melanie Koy Cooper, Nancy Sondra Craft Cooper, Paul Berry III Cooper, Tammy Carol Cooper, Treves H. Cooper, Williom Mark Cooper, Williom Todd Coopwood, John Scott Coors, Sophie Mignon Cope, Nothon Jay Copley, Dawn Irene Copponex, Richord Joseph Corbon, John Quint Corbitt, Cynthia Ann Corbirt, Mory Lois Corley. Elinor Leigh Cornelius, Kathryn Ann Corr, Angela Corrigan, Erin Renee Corso, Michoel Cruse Corso, Thomas Steven Cory, Kevin Alon Cosby, Edward Xovier Coskery, Eugene Gibson Cosmich, John David Cossar, Bill Finney Jr Cossar, Connie Lee Cossar, Finney Elizabeth Cossar, George Payne III Cossar, Lee Pepper Cossar, Margaret Taylor Cossey, Nancy Carol Cotanidis, George Cotelo, Enrique Cotham, Keith Edward Corros, Margaret Ann Cortom. Glendo Lucille Couch, Condoce Marie Couch. Jerry Keff Couey. Sharon Crandoll Coulter, Raymond Craig Counce, Freddie Ford Jr. Counts. William Turner Courtney, Alma Todd Courtney, Sharon Pauletre Covington, Amonda Belle Covington, David Lee Covington. Jeffrey Gibson Covingron. John Nelson III Cowan. Harry Mitchell Cowort, Dana Corole Cowort, John Wallace Cowort, TomOfO Jo Cox. Andrea Paige Cox, Cosey Bernard Cox, Christopher Paul Cox, Cynthia Joy Cox, Diane Elizebeth Cox, Frank Willie Cox, Frederick Samuel Cox, George Butler Jr. Cox. Gregory Chorles Cox, Jackie Donald Jr Cox, Jill Brooks Cox, John Philip Cox. Kotherine Elizabeth Cox. Mark Edwin Cox, Mary Cameron Cox, Michoel Lee Cox. Robert Irvin Cox. Ronold Lester Cox, Sandra Kay Cox, Shorron O Jenkins Cox, Sracey Sue Cox, Suson Lowry Cox, Tamoro A. Cox, Teresa Ann Cox, Whitney Thomas Coyle, Rebecca Con Webb Crobrree, Sharon Marie Croft, Estella Croig, Corol Craig, Charlotte Lewis Craig, David Howard Craig. Mark Harris Croig. Michoel Robert Croig, Robert Scott Croig, Vikki Lynn Crain. Barry Lyn Crain, Bentley Dale Croin, Cheryl Lynn Croin, Ellen Harrell Croin, John Eric Crone, Gregory Eudell Crone. Roger Marson Cranfield, Deborah Marie Cranford, Margaret Rebecco Dolkeney Cronford, Williom Alden Cronton, Robin Gail Cranz, William Plunken III Craven, James Bryon Craven. Richord H. Craven, Robert L Cravens, Michoel John Crawford, Barbara Lean Crawford, David Craig Crawford. Emily Renee Crawford. Frances Ann Crawford. Glinnis Deonne Crawford, Gotdo Ello Crawford, Judith Kay Crawford. Kevin Travis Crawford. Martha Freeman Crawford, Peggy Denise Crawford, Robert Michael Crawford, Robin Anthony Crawford, Shown Shelloy Crawford, Vaughn Kurt Crawley, Timothy Dole Creekmore, Elizabeth Rodford Creekmore. Tommie Lea Crenshaw, Catherine Bess Crenshaw, Edwin Pron Crenshaw. Frances Gates Crews, James Mortimer III Crews, Jennifer Long Crick, Gene Ellis Jr. Criddle, Frank Jefferson III Crider. David Stephen Crist, Steven Lee Crites, Kenneth Keenan Crinenden, Bruce Wendell Crinle, Gus Lee Crnodak. Mihailo Crocker, Amanda Down Crocker, Dorothy Lee Crocker, Jimmy Dale Crocker. Ortis Brozel 111 Crocker, Patricia Ann Crocken, Jacqueline P. Crofford, James Leon Crogon, Michoel Patrick Cronan, Rusty Wayne Cronin, Gregory Eorl Crook, Michoel Lee Cropp. Koren Ann Crosby, Chanerl Carlo Crosby. Cynthio Diane Crosby, Grace Yuko Crosby, Levernis Faye Crosby, Mary Kathryn Crosby, Stacy Neil Cross, Denice Wynn Cross, Jomes M. Crossley, Merry Page Crosswhite, Mory Joyce Crosthwait, Elizabeth Goil Crosthwoit, Robert Tindall Crotchen, Lisa Beth Crouch. Jomes Matthew Crouch, Jomes R. Crouch, Williom Marshall II Crout, Joseph Monhew Crow. Donno Denise Crow, Rebecco Lee Miller Crowder, Corey Evon Crowe, Bonito Kathryn Crowe, Miller Mortin Crowe. Sondra Cross Crowell. Sara Camille Crozier, Moseziner Crull. Michelle Marie Crum. Charles Luke Crumbley, Joe Cook Jr. Crumbley, Joseph Gregory Crumley, David Lee 066 Student Register Dump. R Scon Oumpron. Deboroh Jeon Crumpron. Mark Baling Gunk. Ewen Webb HI Gunk. John I Jr Crunk. Melody Luonne Crusco April HorKins Cruse, Porri Laurindo Cruse. Susan Lynne Crurlwds. WiKom Anthony Crysrol. Poulo Kay Cuevos. Dorren AHen Cuevas. Pout Roy Cuff . Daniel Robert CuKChi Jennifer Alison Cuicchi. Susan Oone Cutoerrson. Kimberty Elen Culbrearh. Donna Michelle CuHison. David Cloy Culp. H Richmond Culpepper Shefco Carol Cumbenond, Lisa Gayk? Cumberland. Pamela Morgoref Cummings. Charles Mark Cummings. Dean Simpson Cummings. Leslie Clare Cummincjs. Susan Donerre Cummins. Alteon Lynn Cummins. Tooey Kimorough Cunavelis. Mtchoel Peter Cunninghom. Glen Toykx Cunningham. Jonice Natalie Cunninghom. Joel D Cunningham. Jon Ellis Cunninghom Ronnie Glenn Cunninghom. Stephanie Leo Cunninghom. Stephen Vincent Cunningham. Suzanne Theo Cunninghom. Williom Oofcer Cupit. Mary Lynn Curd. Mary Theresa Currey Charles Russell Currey. George Todd Jr Currie. Don Howard Curry. Oelindo Mae Curry. Susan GaH Curry. Thelma Lee Curtis. Daphne Dionne Curtis. Jeonna Kathleen Curtis. Lourie Lynn Curtis. Noro Christine Curtis. Sondro Lelia Curler. Juki Loucks Cum. Teresa Fay Cyr. Orion Phillip Cysensky. Mario J. Dobney. Elizabeth Greer Oacus. Charles Denjomin Dailey Melissa Myrte Dodey. Rita Sikes DohhtaUo. Audeh H Mousa Dotorri Richard E Dote. Jomes Craig Dak?. Mary Grace Daley. Mary Teresa DoUen. Russell Morris Jr Dolton Bethany Sue Dolton. Jeffrey Scott Dolton, Lynn Elise Dolton Mory O ' Neal Dondurand. Jeff Jomes Daniel. Bradford Roy Daniel. Clarence Earl Darnel. David Robin Daniel. Jennifer Grace Daniel. John Elmer Daniel. Louro Ann Reeves Daniel Robert Mitchell Daniel. Vicky Elaine Doniele. Thomas Boon Daniels. David Glen Daniels. Ralph Glen Donner. Koren Ann Dontln. JuCel WWns Dorby. Alen Lyn Dorby. Ronald Lee Darnell. Jerry A Darnell. Melissa Ruth Darsey. Alison Ann Dater. Suzanne Ondine Doter. Timothy Ferguson Doro, Horun SomsuoVi Bin Daubs. Cord Lee Dougherty, Dennis Jock Douler. Kristen Anne Dovanr Moroe Dewtrr Davenport. Charles Wallace Dovenport. Jesse Bryan Dovern. Colleen Beth Dovtdson, James Gregory Davidson, Jeffrey Hugh Davidson. Leton Oleyer Davidson. Pomelo Lynn Davidson. Robert Ferrel Davidson. Sara Ann Davidson. Timothy Scott Davis. Alan Ooude Davis. Alison Denise Davis. Ann Patricia Davis, Bettye Luby Davis, Brencta Jo Thompson Davis. Brendo Lynne Davis. Brian L Davis. Brian Lee Davis. Charles Johnson Davis. Cheryl Anne Davis. Cynthia Lynne Davis. D ' Ann Renee Davis, Dovid Bowman Davis. Donno Foye Davis. Donno M Davis. Ellen Susie Davis Emily Potrido Davis. Eric Lyn Davis. Gregg Nicholas Davis. Haywood Srephen HI Davis. Herbert Dorryl Davis. Jeffrey Dunn Davis. John Frank Davis. John Reinhorr Davis. John Steele Dovis. Jonathan Stuart Davis. Joseph Patrick Davis. Joseph Peden Dovis. Joseph Preston Dovis. Joseph S Davis. Kendall Eugene Davis. Lance H Davis. Lee Andrew Davis. Mori Louise Davis. Mononna Dovis. Morjorie Renee Dovis. Mark Howard Dovis, Mark Wcrden Dovis. Mary Dortene Davis. Melissa Joy Dovis. Michael Lee Dovis. Morris Williom Davis. Potrido Ann Davis. Rudell Brasel Davis. Samuel Rogtand Dovis. Suzanne Johnston Dovis. Tetry Jeon Wooten Davis. Vickey Jo Davis. Whitney Oloke Dovis. Williom Newton Dowkins. Andreo Lynn North Dowkins. Cora Lucille Dowkins. John Earl III Dowkins. Richard Wayne Cawson. Malindo Corherine Day. Byrom D. Day. Carol Ann Day, Charles Monroe Day. Daniel Triplet! Day. Gail Dodson Day. Glen Edward Day. Lou Anne Day, QunkxiL Day, William Robert Dayton Michete Sue De Groot Scon Henry Dean. Angela Cornelia Dean, doro Beth Dean. Edward Fox Dean. Eva Lilian Neil Dean. Jacqueline Kim Dean. Lee Hicks Dean. Metvin Gilleylen Deon. Michael Roy Deon. Robert Wesson Jr. Deon. Vanessa Deon. Wondo Jeon Dear. Deonno Susan Deormon. Raymond Morion Jr. Deormon. Rebecca Rhodes Deoron. Betty Regino Deoton. Doro Lone Deaton. Sharon Lynn Defiardeleben, Frederick Alexander rv Decell. Frances Shannon Deaevel. Robert Thomas Deddens. Leslie Elizabeth Dedeoux, Teresso Lynn Dees. Michael Anthony Dees, Robert W DeFronk. WenrJ Suzanne Defrees-Franks, Laura C. Dehmer. Joseph Theodore HI Detoshmer. Arthur Thompson Detashmer, Wilbur Pemble Delashmit. Sherrl Jo Delbove. Cofhryn Ann Delbridge. Sandy Foye Deleeuw, Deobroh Lynn Delimon. Timothy Howard Deiste. Stella Louise Del. Eric Drew Delooch. Berry Ann Delooch. Jerry Lynn Detong. Fred Cote HI Detozier, Christy Ann Demortini. John Dendy. Donald Dennis Dendy. Katrine Ann Deneko. David Alan Denis. David Michael Denley. Derek Matthews Denley. Jerry Lynn Denmark, Dennis Eric Denney. Ann HiHsmon Denney. Bruce Ainsworth Dennis. Kotherine Kennedy Dennis, Robert Todd Densing, Lance E Dent, John Hayes Dent. Richard H Denton. Fefcbo Kim Denton. Julie Michele Denton. Jufcjs A. IV Denton. Lynda Donne Denton. Vickie Poole Derbes. Erin Srephany Derrick. Soy Etta Derryberry. Martha Ingrom Desoi. Shirish Desontis. Robert Aton Desporte. Cynthia Lu Totoert Dessouer. Patrick Troykx Dersch. Richard Mark Devoughn. Benny Wayne Deveer. Philip John Devereoux. Cheryl Denise Devtne. Michael Stanley Devoe. John Garner Devoe. Richard Lee Devoe. Ton! Lynn Dew. Dana Gail Dewbre. Doyle Williom Dewees. Dixie Ann Dexter. Robert Jeffery Dexter Zetdo Frances McDonald Dial. Elizabeth Ann Diamond. Lester Kent Diaz. Oliver E Jr DCenederro. Anno Mario DCenedeno, Diane DiChiora. Rosalie Elizabeth Dick. Gary Owen Dick. Janet Louise Dick. Lisa Michele Dicken. Lynn Alison Dicken. Susan Margaret D-ckens kfe Breton Dickerson. Davis Lloyd Dickerson. Roye Anne Dickerson. Robin H Dickerson. Srocey Koy Dickerson. Wayne Lewis Dickey, Joseph Ross Dickey. Michael Denton Dickey. Regino Lynne Dickey. Shannon Gene Dickey. Sharon Ruthone Dickey, Travis Dewey II Dickey. Vttom Thomas Dickinson. Louro Ellen Dickinson. Rhuel Peyton Jr Dickinson. Ttocy Dickson. Amy Lynn Dickson. Robert L Dickson. Robin Lynn Diehl. Floyd Gryrm DiFroncesco Chtora Diggs. Stephen Tculey Dildine. Branch Aaon DKoni. Dimirri Nicolas DM. LaJuana Rose Dilard. Jock Worren Dord. Jeon Eteoberh DOord. Johnny Loyd DKehoy. Amy Scott DOey. Jeffrey Scon OOon. Elizabeth Anneal DHworrh. Danny Lodrun Dimossl. Fodel Mohmoud Dimeo. Rotoh Joseph Dimicco. Ronald Anthony Dingeldein. Gloria Jeanne Dingeldein. Matthew Randall Dingetdein, Nathan Edward Dinh. BinhVan Dinh. ToiNgoc Dinno. Foizo Honob Dixon. Bernkre Mignon Dixon, Bruce Wayne Dixon. Byron Lee Dixon. Deonne Dixon. Jeff Scon Dixon. Joseph Michael Dixon. Kathleen Furto Dixon. Mary Margaret Dixon. Melanie Anne Dixon. Vickie Sherese Dobbs, Jomes Hotold Jr. Dobbs. Kerry L Dobbs. Rachel Ann Dockery. Shirley Annene Dock). Bobbie GoJ Dadd. Dovid Tennyson H Dodd. Deborah Renee Dodd. Edward Franklin Dodd. John Palmer Dodd. Korhy LaJuan Dodd. Mory Alice Dodd. Sonyo Renoe Gannon Doddridge. Williom Kevin Dodge. Louro Anne Dogon. Sylvester Donohoe. Chories Mark Donohoo, Ronald Edward Donahoo. Tracey Denise Donahue. Kenneth Loren Donald. Renito E Donald. Virginia Anne Donaldson. Woke Henry Donaldson. Bradford Lawrence Donaldson. Cynthia Anne Donaldson. Jack Berkley Jr Donebon, Andrew Jackson Jr. Donebon. Theodosto Voughon Donlon. Jeffrey Ross Donnelly. David Lee Donnelly. Foirteigh Douglas Donoghue. Mary Korhfyn Donohoe. John Patrick Donosky. Nancy Ann Dootirrte. Barry Thomas Donzas Irene Angela Dorroh. Nancy Leigh Dorsey. Tem " Lyrm Doss. Margaret Wesrbrook Dotson. George Kenneth Dotttey. Doni Kay Doty, Margaret Gal Dory. Susan Ooire Douglas. Anna Ovysrine Douglas. Koren Denise Douglas. Lourie Sayles Douglas. Lydto Mottene Douglas. Richard Daniel Douglas. Scon Thomas Douglas. WMamChander Douglass. Michael Jomes Dove. Mork Lafayette Dowd. Arteen Belinda Dowd. Poly Moxine Dawdle, John Oliver Dowell. Cecil Walter Jr Downey. Stephanie Downing. Michael Bryan Downing. Tern Renee Downs. Carol L Downs. Jeffrey MG--IS Downs. Kenneth Earl Dowsing. Eileen Patrice Doyel. Vicki Lynne Drake. Angela Drake Jonice Louise Herber Drake. Lee Burgess Drake. Nancy Virginia Drone. Mary Corherine Drone. Sarah Anne Draper. Kenneth Deon Draper. Neol Edgar Draper, Thomas Sutherland Droughn, Mory Loch Droughon. Malory Janel Dreftng. Carol Jean Drewrey. David Royce Drewrey. Gory Lee Drewrey. Shirley Dorlene Drewry. Wiliam Boyd Driscol. Kerri Ruth Driscol. Thomas Micheol Driver. Elizabeth Rose Driver. Gregory EOT! Drummond. Alison Kimberiey Drummond, Anne Elizabeth Drummond, Chories Williom Drummond. Frances Pinson Drummond. Hope Elizabeth Drummond. Larry Keith Drummond. Lawerence Clark Dubord. Dovid Dubord. Diana Lynn Dubose. Anthony Woyne Dubrovec. Donald Julius Duchorme. Joy Robert Duck. NeKe Arm Ducker. Irene Gordon Ducksworrh. Adolf Duckworth. Edgar James Duckworth. Lesryn Dee Ducore. Karen Renee Dudley. Chormo Whortey Dudley. Shane Alan Duff. Martin Franklin Duffy. Keith Jomes Duffy. PoutoAdriene Duffy. SeonA Duggon. James Edgor Duke. Jeffery Myles Duke. John Jacob M Dukes. Richord Sears Dutoney. Chories Mortindale Dutoney. John D. Dukmey. Vivion Irene DuSon. Evelyn Jeanne Dumas. Kitty Dumas. Roy Alexander Dunogm, Chories Martin Jr. Dunowoy. Gregory Lee Dunowoy. Wiliam James Duncan. Dona Leigh Duncan. Donald Derek Duncan. Edna Foye Shelron Duncan. Mory Corherine Duncan. Mary Suzanne Duncan. Robert Efts Duncan. Robin Lemma Duncan. Samuel Jomes Duncan. SyW Amy Duncon. Thomas Cortyle Duncan. Tracy Dionne Dundas. Evy-An Duntop, Deonne Elaine Dunlap. Gary Thomas Duntap, John Keith Dunlap, Nancy Roy Dunlap. Richord Martin Duntop. WiKom Glynn Dunn. Barbara Arm Dunn. Karyleene Kendo! Dunn. Mory Selene Dunn. Sarah Kendo! Dunn. Tommy Denise Dunnam. Randy Alen Duptontis, Maurice Joseph Dupper. Michael A Dupuy. Denice Rebecca Duranf . Mary Jacqueline Durbin. Else Celeste Durbln. Wiffiom Andrew Durfey. Mary Melissa Durham. Jomes Kinmon Durham. Judy Patricia Duriry. Yvonne Louise Durren. David Preston Durrett, Martha Elizabeth Durren. Thomas Franklin (V DuvoK. Douglas Alan Duvol. Johnny Wider Duvol. Johnny Wilder Jr Duval. Michael Rovene Duvol. Ruth Elen Duval. Shannon Suzanne Potts Duvkr. Herben Francis III Dwyer. Joe Tim Dye. Brian Richord Dye. Thomas Mervile IV Dyer. Oayton Gray Dyer. Jane Anno Dyess. Raymond Randal Dyess. Rhonda Dykeman. Wiliom Daniel Dykes. Brendo Coral Dykes David Aton Dykes, Kenneth Earl Dykes. Timothy Mifron Dyson, Robert Lawrence Earhart. Martin Bruns Earnest. Cheryl Ann Earnest. Ton! Renee East. Lou Anne East. Melissa Lyrm East. Van Philip II Easteriing. Sharon Michele Easterly, Stuart McWiHiams Easrerwood, Edward Lee Eostridge. Lisa Michele Eaton. Alfred Lee Eaton Gregory Scon Eaton. Jen Perry Eaton. Joseph Benme Ebouchue. Edward Onyemoechi Echob. Teresa Down Eckman. Joe Edens, Alicia Gibson Edens. Frank Derossin Edmonds. Michael Leon Edmondson. Shirley Susan Edmondson. Tommy Elizabeth Edmonson. Richard Mock Jr Edwards. Andrew HoKs H Edwards. Angela Gay Edwards. Antonio Edwards. Barbara Preble Edwards. Clyde Beamon Edwards. David Calender Edwards. David Lyndel Edwards. Detso Carol Edwards. Dennis Earl Edwards. Dex Archer Edwards. Donald Coiemon Jr Edwards. Elzabeth Wlds Edwards. Herman Edwards. Jomes Printess Jr. Edwards John Max Jr. Edwards. John Miles Edwards, Korhryn Love Edwards, Korrino Mori Edwards. Kimberty Louise Edwards. Mervin Edwards. Nancy Carol Edwards. Pomelo Nan Edwards. Patsy Cooper Edwards. Paula Suzanne Edwards. SheSo Koy Edwards. Tafirho Carolyn Edwards. Valero Hope Edwards. W om Holts Edwardson. Jeffrey Craig Eeo. Meng Yang Efrink. Suson Elzoberh Eggers. Todd S Efchetoerger. Regino Fay Eickholz. Jeffrey Joseph Eidt. Lea Ann Eidt. Mory Margaret Ek. Charles Jomes Ekenseair. Franklin Keith Eklund, Dorryl Jason El Morokby. Soyed Ahmed El-Assad, Carol Arm Webb El- Assad. Hassan Nohmoud EKhoufoni. Nojfc Lobib EKGodbon. Mohammad A wad Emodod. Ahmed Awad EJ-KhoU, Abdotah Abdelrohmon EH hoH. Hkhom EI-Kholil Moamoun Er-Khoury. Goby El-Soqo, Nobil Tawfik El-Sorji. Mohmoud Abbas Elder, Sylvia Lee Ektridge, Sharon Kay Elesworopu. Venkato Eteutertus. AKson Elfekey. Mahmoud Elsyed Eton. Angela K Elen. Doyle Woyne EBott. Amanda LurJte EBon. Baxter Orr Elton. Corey Lynn EBon. David Anthony EKon. Frank Brumfleld EBon. Jomes Ferret EKon. Morgorer Moley Elton. Paul Andrew EKon. Robert Wiltom Jr. Elton. Stocey Lee Elton. Tomora Arm EBon. Wom Lawrence EBotte. Hundey Morgan ..John Wesley EMs. Bryan Kerrh EMs. Dovid Bradley Jr EMs. Edwin Harold Jr EKs. John Edward Jr EBs. John McKinstry EKs. Juliene EKs. Kennith Garland Jr EKs. Mory Else EBs. Seon Wesley EKson. David Milord Ellison. Martha M EKson. Porker Lee EKson. Richord Beirne EBson. WiBom Charles Efcton, Gregory Wesrcon Efcworrh. Jeffery Dale Elzey. Koren Geneva Elmore. Jomes Douglas Jr. Ely, Kimberty Fornhom Elzie Amy Lois Emory. Elen A. Emory. Roy Ftod Emory. Teresa Down Emerson. Wiliam Cordwel EmmonueK. Carmen Rosono Emmons. Anno Elizabeth Emmons. Hope WMtoms Emmons. Trent Barton England, Ann Elizabeth England. John F England. Tommy Jeon Block Engle Shirley Koy Russell Enochs. Scon EHs EnsNn. Tommy Marie Entriken, Viom Fronds Jr. Epperson. Stephen Paul Erbet. Suzon Crawford Erickson. Gregory Jomes Erickson. Philip Norman Ertoocher. Korhryn Frondne Ernst. Eugene Richard Erwin. Cynthia Anita Erwin. Jutton Thomas Jr. Erwin. Kate E Escotonte. Carlos Eduordo Eseln. Chester L Jr. Eselin. Stephanie Leigh Eskridge. Lori m Eskrigge. John VoKanr Estohi, Jonice Lynne Esres. Elzoberh AKson Estes. Jonice F. Esies. Joseph Howard Estes. Michael Webster Estock. Steven Anthony Estridge. Karen Juonira Erheridge, Cynthto Connie Elheridge, Somonta Lynn Erhridge. Thomas Campbel Erhridge. Thomas Romoge Evans, Alicia Lyrm Evans. Aurinthto Ann McABster Evans. Bobby Woyne Jr Evans. Carlo Dee Arm Evans. Chories Douglas Evans. Chories Whimey Evans. Cotey Lee Evons. Cynthto Gay Evans. Demerrio Lynne Evans. George Aton Evons. Greg Stolon Evons. Jeffrey Neol Evons. Jon Scon Evons. Lee Ann Evans. Lorno Denine Evans. Michael Glenn Evons. Nno Charlotte Evons. PhSp Jomes Evons. Terese Arm Evons. TerrelGlen Evons. VBom Wofcer Everen. Lori Ann Evers. Karen Alicia Evers. Melanie Ann Everson. Daphne Michele E wing Evelyn Thelmo Ewlng. Rose Virginto Ezel. Thermon Wesley Srudenr Register 369 Fohrboch, Juliana Grey Fain. John Dwayne Fair, Carol Anne Fair. Valerie Ellen Forr Fotrbonk, Jonarhan Byron Folkner, Charles Ramey Falls, Vicky Jean Fondel. Joy Edward Fontroy, Thomas Earl Forage. Donald Lee Jr Forgoe, Marilyn Alicia Enle Fores. Sameer Subhi Forese. Anrhony Luther Forese, Tammy Marjeon Foris. Rfchored J Farmer, Oryon Pierce Former, Delbert Wayne Jr. Former, Jennifer Ellen Farmer, Karen Roe Former, Stephen Poul Forr. Kimberly Ann Forrar, Scorr Ainsworth Forrell, Robert Fox Farrell, Thomos Stephen Forrington, Samuel Stickney III Forringron. SOe Thurmon Forrington, Wllltam Crablll Forris, Ellzaberh Off man Forrls, Henry Russell Farrts, Martha Catherine Forris. Richord Eort Forris. Timothy Hall Forris, Woddill Patrick Forris, Woods Fernond Farrow, Melvin Woyne Fossero. Jeffrey Forh. Perry Mark Fotherree, Bethany Alice Foucene, Rebecca Kellum Faulkner, Dino Loyne Foulkner. William Jorren Faust John David Fovo. Richard William II Favi. Steve Rondall Fay, Patrido Marie Feothersrone. Cathy Lynn Feotherstooe, Jane M. Fedric, Helen Ctoire Fellows. Wchord Edwin Fells, Caroline Denise Fefron, Darnell Felrs. Rex Kendall Felts. Wllltom Roddy Feltus, Srephonie Anne Fendley, Brenno Deneane Fenster, Mlchoel Scon Ferguson, Alan Joy Ferguson, Anrhony Todd Ferguson, Elizoberh Irene Ferguson. Felecia Marjorie Ferguson, Howard Ton HI Ferguson. Jomes Morlton Ferguson, Kennon Eugene Ferguson, Larry Wayne Ferguson. Linda Courtney Ferguson. Paula Beth Ferguson, Robert Eugene Ferguson, Terri L. Ferguson, Toyo Ettoyle Fernandez, Frank III Fernandez, Maritza Ferrell, Susan R. Ferrenboch. Suzanne Morie Ferri, Patricia Fessenoen, Ann Tula Fewell, John Harold Fewell, Varion Edmond Fiolo. Jirina Fielder. Robin Leigh Smith Fields, Jomes Floyd Jr. Fields. Maria Annette Fields. Scon Alan Fillpovic, Srdan Rodisav Flllichio, Carolyn Fllpi, Rosalyn Ann Flnon, Kimberly Maureen Finch, Doniel Wayne Finch, James Robert Finch. Robert Doniel Finch. William Colhoun Jr. Fincher, Pomelo Joyce Findtay. John Wesley Fine, dark Dale Finegan, Nell Christopher Finkleo, John Earl Fintey, Gina Ann Finn, Cheryl Denise Finney, Sharon Diane Finney, Vickie Lynne Ftoronefll, Borry Alan Fiore. Angela Michelle Fischer, Michelle Anne Fisher. Annie H Fisher, Benjamin Fisher. Bobby Frank Jr. Fisher, Catherine Hariow Martin Fisher, Charles Richord Fisher, Donald Cruse Fisher, Donald Paul Fisher, Fotlma Carol Fisher, Jomes Keirh Fisher, Jon Thomas Fisher. Naralie Hall Fisher, Pennle Sue Fisher, Robin Lynn Fisher, Steven Matthew Fisher. Trudy Dell Fish. Martha Michelle Fitch, Courtney A. Fitch, Lisa Joyce Firch. Patricia Juonita Fitch, Wondo Lynn Fins, Brfrr Alan Fins, John Mark Firzsimmons, Michael Flakes. Everett Earl Ftonogin, Toni Koy Floutt, Frank Henry Flechas, Enrique Jose Roberto Ftechos. Maria Cristino Fleming. Cheryl Anne Land Fleming. Doniel Thomas Fleming, Jomes Douglas Fleming, Nancy Jane Fleming. Noncy Stuart Fleming, Samuel Ernest Fleming, Sherry M. Fleming. Suson Dianne Flemmons, Somuel Edmon Flessos. James Dean Fletcher, Allison Anne Fletcher, James Fletcher. Leslie Reid Jr Fletcher, Mark King Fletcher. Robert LeGlonrier Jr. Fletcher, Sallie Evelyn Fletcher. William Scott Flowers, Donna Katheryne Flowers, Grocie Sharron Denise Flowers, John David Floyd, Billy G. Sr. Floyd, Carol Hocutt Floyd, Dennis Poul Floyd, Donno W. Floyd. Karl Pruirt Floyd. Ralph Nixon Jr. Floyd, Shoron Theresa Flynn, Bradford Whisenont Flynn, Shannon Charles Flynt, Roger Mayo III Fogorty, William Marshall Foley. Jo Berh Foley. Judith Bennett Foley, Michael Bernard Foley. Tlno Marie False. Rito Ann Fondren. Cindy Carol Fondren, Mock William Fondren, Tina Ann Fontaine, Rebecca Von Foo. Siong Ter Forbes, Joseph A. Jr. Ford, Amy Lou Ford. Dwighr Jay Ford, Gordon Dale Ford, Harrison Solomon III Ford, John Leon Ford, Kevin Gerord Ford, Kimberly Noel Ford, Luonne Elizabeth Travis Ford, Marjorie Elizabeth Ford. Romie Wayne Ford. Terri Lynne Foregger, Elizabeth Jon Tumasz Foregger, Herbert Von Forester, Elizabeth Anne Forester, Marcio Diane Forer, Jody Paul Forrest. Lowanna Michelle Forrest, Trudy Green Fortenberry. Cherie Elizabeth Fortenberry, Dana Sue Fortenberry, Dewitt Langsron Jr. Fortenberry, Jon Anthony Fortenberry, Stacy Leigh Fortenberry, Steven Ralph Former, Huesron Gilmore Former, Robyn Cleenese Former, Trocee Lee Foster, Amy Suson Foster, Beverly Jane Foster. Charles Williams Foster, Donna Kay Fosrer, Jill Alone Fosrer, Karen Ann Bonksron Fosrer, Richord Woyne Fosrer. Sallie Anne Fountain. Glenn Craig Fountain, Michael Keirh Fourcode, Keirh Joseph Fournie, John William Fours, Kim Elizabeth Fowler, Fowler. Deborah Ann Fowler. Dtane Morie Dolph Fowler, Donna Carol Fowler, Janice Corinne Fowler, Janice Victoria Fowler, Lisa Gail Fowler, Mark Timothy Fowler, Neal Irving Fowlkes. Albert Rankin Jr. Rowlkes, Jeffrey Brain Fowlkes, Mary Lotto Fox, Catharine Sauer Fox, Chris Nlcoloos Fox. Deborah Denise Fox. Edwin Earl Fox. Elizoberh Barton Fox, Leila Ellen Fox, William Martin Fokworth. David Allen Foy, Craig Morris Froncis, Judson Charles III Frank, Christopher George Frank, Edwin Abbort III Franklin. Clinton Lafayette III Franklin, Forresr Clay Franklin. LeshoAnn Fronklin, Rhonda C. Collins Fronklin, Rhonda Korhryn Fronklin, Richard Howard Franklin, Sherry Denise Franklin, Ure Mario Franks, Jomes Anthony Franks, Rhonda Sue Chystie Fratesi, Leslie Dee Fratesi. Liso Josephine Fraresi. Marcus Neol Fraresi, ReginoFoy Fraresi, Terre Jo Frozier, Jeffrey Tyson Frederick, David Allen Frederick, Edward Alton Frederick, Michael Wade Frederking. Jay Patrick Fredrickson, Lydio Anne Freelond, John Chester Freelond. John Hole Freeman, Adrione Renee Freeman, Arleen Freeman, Dino Anne Freeman, Elwood A. Jr Freeman, John Roeder Freeman, Judy Karel Freeman, Kathleen Miller Freeman. Richord West III Freemyer. Emily Ann Freeze, Notalie Darlene Freiberg. Marioemily Guilday Freiberg. Roy Edward Fremlin, Lars French, Stephen Franklin Frey, Liso Renee Fridge, Joanna Friedman, Robert Alan Friedrlchsen. Mark Wayne Frierson, Almelia Frierson, Harry Lee Jr Frierson, Tina Leigh Friou. Thomas Hamilton Fross, Jeffrey Dean Frost. Jean Marie Gothrighr, John Byron III Fruchrer, Elaine Goldberg Garlin. Melisso Louise Eody Fry, David Leroy Gorlin, Timothy Howard Frye. George Russell Gotor. Chorlorre. Marie Frykholm. Mlchele Leigh Garros, George Anthony Jr. Fugler, Brian Keith Gaudin, Clifford F. Jr. Fuhr, Porri Sue Goult, William Ismond Jr. Fulcher, Elizoberh Anno Gouse, Aquonorio Denise Fuller, James Arthur GoyaXen. Honne B Fuller. Lee G. Gbur, Scott William Fulllck, Christine Anne Geary, Cynthia Lynn Fullmer. Elizabeth Frances Gebhard. Russel Thomas Fulper, Lester David Geer, David Whitman Fulton, Carolyn Lesley Geeslin, Richord Anthony Fulton, Hal Edwin Geib. Randy Lee Fulton. Mary Melissa Gelenter. Christopher Michael Fulton. Stacy Ann Geno, Gory Thomas Fulrz, David James Geno. Joel Owen Funchess, Carolyn Ann Geno, Laura Mae Funk. Glenn Richord Genovese, Ross Furman, Leslie Hope Gensler, David Scon Furr. Allyson Rochelle Gentry. Jerry II Furr. David Mark Gentry, Karen Mechelte Furr, Roy Albert Jr. Gentry, Michael Furr, Susannah Louise Gentry, Porti Ann Furrh. Roy Hendee Gentry, Steven Oakley Fuss, Stephanie Catherine George, Soro Renu Fyfe, Henry McNaughron III Gerald, James Albert Geramion, Mohammad Germono. Lisa Marie Germany, Gregory Wilson G Germany, Karen Lynn Gex, Lucien Morion III Gex, Rachel Kathleen Gex. Walter Joseph IV Ghaloyini, Abdulhokfm Gobbert, William Glynn Godd. Amelia Anne Goddis, Margaret Ellen Goddy, Goyla Denise Goddy, Jody Thomos Gofford, Lisa Mechelle Gage, William Massie Goines. Brodley Stephen Gaines. Dovkj Wayne Gaines, James Benton Jr. Gholeh-Gol, Mosrofo Ghozoli. Abdullah Haji Gho, Chortes Alan Gho, Mary Elizoberh Gholson, John Archer IV Gianino. She ri Aleyce Gibbes. Elizabeth Moson Gfbbes III, Crawford Demon Gibbs. Cheryl Renee Gibbs. Jerry Monte Goines, Philip Walter Gaines, Williom Andrew Golberry, Scott Saucier Golbrairh. Howard Emery Galloher, Dorvis Quinn Glbbs. Michael Dean Gibbs. Pamela Joyce Phillips Gibson, Forrest Lee Gibson. Jeanna Lynn Gibson. Judith Corel Galtaher. Yvonne Tultos Gibson. Richord Dole Gallant, Henry Andrew Gallospy. Cherie Rebecca Gibson, Ricky Linn Gibson, Thomas Lee Gollik, Gerald Roy Gideon, Bonnie Jean Golloney. Thomas Rogers Galloway, Terri Lynn Galloway, William Scott Gifford, Sharon Oionne Gifford. Suzanne Gilbert, John Allen Jr Goltney, David Kinsman Gilbert, Lori Ann Goltney, Eleanor Virginia Golvin, Sean Jude Gilbert. Meyer Lamar Gilbert. Richard Winston Gomorro Juan Gitder, Angela Dawn Gambrell. Cozen Juoniro Gammoge. Mary Anne Gommill, Frank Kneeland Gilder. Roger Dean Gile, William Butler Giles, Jeffrey B. Gonaway, Brian Scorr Giles, Loren David Ganaway, Katie Dianne Gilkey, Sara Alice Gondy. Robert David Gitl. Brenda Loyce Johnson Gonn, Lorrie Carol Gill, Grayson Douglas Jr Goravelli. Ronald Joseph Gill. Michael William Gardner, Christopher Gill. Scon Robert Gardner, Dorothy Denise Gill, Thomas Joseph Gardner, Karen Suzerte Gillespie. Bevelin Denise Gardner, Mitch Jerome Gillespie, Lisa Renee Gardner. Phillip Scon Gillette, Duane Leonard Gardner. Warren Hoyle Goriboldi. RitaTherese Gilley. Deborrah Ellen Gilleylen. Carolyn Bonira Joiner Garland, Geoffrey Lewis Gilliom. Borney Ray Garland, Sheri Lynn Gillis, Shawn Bruce Gorman. Hubert Craig Garmon. Mary Anno Garner, Angela L Garner. Dewey Duane Jr Gillom, Jennifer Gilmore, Barry Ellis Gilmore. Elizabeth Ann Gilmore. Trocey Annette Garner, Jock Nelson Gilvary, Tora Angelene Garner. Jerry Edward Gin, Cynthia Sue Garner. Kathryn Elizoberh Garner. Kenneth Gay Ginn. Elaine Michelle Gipson, Deborah Joyce Henderson Garner, Pomelo Suzanne Gipson, Margaret Annette Garner, Rebecca Rutledge Garner. Stephen Reese Thompson Gipson. Michael Richard Garner, Teresa Ann Givans. Almetia L. Garner, William Edmond Givans, Alvin Gorrord, Deborah Louise Given, John Franklin Gorrowoy. Kotherine G. Givhon. Somuel Dexter Gorroway, Suson Clay Gorrert. Andrew Somuel Givhan, Shorie Marie Gladney, Michael Henry Gorren, Ephroim Spencer IV Glass, William Love Gorren. Glen Gerold Glenn, Anno Elizabeth Gorren. Gwen Elizoberh Glidwell, Sreve Lindsey Gorren, Joanna Beth Glover, Tinnie Marie Garr n, Mark Fronklin Go, Perer Chiu Gorren, Mary Holland Goddard. Helen Frances Tote Gorren, Melonie Re nee Goddard. Richard Culten Gorren, Sheila Koy Godwin, Charlene Ann Gorren, Stevie Wayne Goforth. Anne Marie Gorrick, Martha Tonos Goforth, Hugh Moxel Jr. Garriga, Mark Wynn Goforth, Manuel Ray II Garrison. Felicia Ann Goh. Kokhong Garrison, Jo Ellen GokJ, Jonathan Paul Garrison, Mary Elizabeth Taylor Golden. Kathleen Mary Garrison. Nancy Ellen Golden, Stephen Donald Garrison, Pamela Jeontne Goldman. Clyde Dennis Jr. Garrison. Sherry Lynn Goldman, Jennifer Lynn Garrison, Shirlyn Goldthorpe, Margaret Anne Gorrity, Debro Lynn Gotebiewski. Michael Walter Gorron. Lorena C. Golidoy, Jean Ann Gorron. Sandra Lynn Gollihue. RiraSue Gary, Jacqueline Olivia Gong, Keith Orion Gory, Mary Ann Gong. Sanyo Elaine Gotchell, Catherine Louise Gong. Zhengquan Gores, Deborah Dianne Gooch, Patsy Lynn Gores, Donna K Good, Kenneth Dole Gates, Minnie Ree Good, Ronald Woyne Gates, Susan Michelle Gooden. Rondo Mosherra Garewood. Alicia Vaughn Goodman. Karhryne Eve Cathrlght, J. Miles Goodman, Lori Lee Goodman. Montgomery Stephen Goodman, Rosolyn Morie Goodnight. Jennifer Lee Goodrick, Maura Ellen Goodwin. David Powell Goodwin, Doug Howell Goodwin. Jomes William Goodwin, Loci Love Goodwin, William Mork Googe, Suson M Goolsby. James Lynda Goolsby. Patricia Ann Goolsby. Poul Dwoin Goolsby. Penny Jawano Gordon, Kyle Ford Gordon, Leslie Thomos Gordon. Marcus Craig Gordon, Marcus Leroy Gordon, Robert Lee Gordon. Tina Aleigh Gore. Ernest Tucker Gore, Gregory Lane Gore. James Simms 11 Gore. Jennifer Claire Gore. Karen Elizabeth Gore, Suson Worth Gorham, John Lloyd Jr Gorman. Lee Roy Gorove. Stephen Jomes Goso, Michael Duone Goshien. Brod Edward Goss, Dororhy Murphy Gothie. Mary Francesco Gorrfried, Perer Knowles Gotuzzo. Bellido Ano Teresa Gould. Gaye Gwyn Gould, Kathryn Koy Gourley. Alfred Glen Jr Gower, Elaine Ann Grocey, Edward Craig Graf, Lelio Anne Graham, Bob Jr Grohom. Jone Kerr Grohom, John Keirh Grohom, Joseph Thomas Grohom. Julia Lone Graham. Karhryn Martin Grohom. M. Attso Graham, Margaret Grace Goawn Grohom, Mineriva D Grohom, Pomelo Ann Graham, Phyllis Andrews Graham, Randall Hansel Graham. Scon Riley Graham, Timorhy Joel Gramling, Robert Edsolle III Gromling. SandroE Granbery, Elizabeth Anne Granger. Kimberly Ann Gronr, Cynthia Marguerite Gronr. Gracie Mae Granthom, Curtis Carter Grantham, Empress Granthom, Jomes Larry II Granthom, Joel Corey Jr. Gronthom. Michael Allen Gronrham, Pepper Betty Granrham, Rebecca Booth Shumaker Branrham. Walrer Leon Jr. Gropes, Zock Thomas Graves, Gina Koye Graves. Kenneth Dean Graves, Paulo Annette Graves. Paulo Denise Graves. Virginia Porter Gray, Charles Henry Gray. Euphiazene Blanche Gray. Jacqueline Mary Gray. James Keirh Gray, Kevin Lee Gray. Kimberly Dodd Gray. Kimberly Yvonne Gray. Modelyn Eloise Gray. Martha Elizabeth Sworrzfoger Gray. Ricky Harold Gory. Robert Bourdeoux Gary. Ruble Elron Greco. John Gerord Green, Benton Blanks Green, Betty Jeon Green, Carson McLourin Green. Cheri Denise Green, Cynthia Jone Green, Dorriel Green, Gregory Green. Handsel Burrows Green, Jomes Edward Green, John Chorles Jr Green, Karhryn Elizabeth Green. Marcus Allen Green. Mary Teresa Green. Melisso Lynn Green. Robert Edward Green, Roy L Green, Shirley Yvonne Green. Stacy Ellen Green. Suson Shields Green. Thomos Kenan Greene, Channing S Greenlee. Alicio Goye Greenlee, Bradford Saxton Greenlee. Edye Jean Greenlee, Thomos Edwin Greer. Gaylon Edword Greer. Laura Lynn Greer, Trocy Jeanne Gregory, Ammo Karherine Gregory. Chrisropher Lee Greogry, David Ferretl Gregory, Dorothy Allison Gregory. Felicia Joy Gremillion. Holly Anne Gressett, Alicia Charlene Gresserr, Marcus Floyd Grier, Thomos Alexander Griffin. Cathy Jo 390 Student Register Griffin. ChortesE Grtffin. Donald Glenn Grtfin. Howord Keiy Griffin. Judi Lovers Grtffin. L on LoJune Grtffin. Lorodel Everte Jones Grtffin. Marshal Courtney Griffin. M e Kerwin Grtffing. Kimberly Ann Grimes, DonoDoniele Grishom. Dovid Herbert Gnshom. Guy Vhinen Grishom. Joseph Gregory Grishom. Tonyo Anne Gnssriger Florence Hobecker Grist. Joe Therrel Grtler, Tereso Lynn Grochou Mork Edword Gromodo Robert Louis . Gross Charles Edwin IV Cross John B Grossenbochet Cynrhio R Mb Grossenbocher Vom Henry Jr Grossmann Samuel Vakon Grove. Leomce Ann Growney. Thomas David Grubbs AlOoDown Grubbs JutoAnne Gruenewok) Deborah to Gryder Room Ann Gryder. Thomas Edward Guorr. Dono Kay Store Guerrero Jo Elen Guess Laurie Lee Guest Jerry GuaMmo Elzoberh Leo Guier. Valerie Suzanne Gum Bfen Alen Gutedge MorcheHe Efton Guy Dana Koy Gunn. Mark Neil Gunn Pricito Ann Gunn Wom Joseph Gunnels. Mke De Gunner. John Michael Gunrang Donna Gail Gunrone. Ahmed Mohamed Gunrer. Marilyn Anne Gunrer. Tereso Wynee Gurtey James Mark Gumer. Robert Benjamin Gurney. Charles FronWtn Gustin. Lisa Ann Gusto. Lorry John Guthrie Sharon Lee o " f? " : ' 9 - ' -C ' Gunery, Lynda Korhryn Guyrtes. Ginger Leigh Guyton Joseph Alen Guzman Cortos Gwin. Christopher Green Gwm Lawrence Presrtdge Jr Gwm Michael O Maro Gwyer. Myro Lynn Gwyrvn PhAp Haines H Hook Caroto Haas Michael Ourren Jr Hoose. Edgar Troy Habig Douglas Kendrick Hachen. At Hoddod Amy Elizabeth Haden Maria Frances Haoley. Jessie Carolyn Hodey. Robert Brian Hoffner. John Wiliom Hogoman Karen Ann Hogamon. Wayne Charles Hogl. James Robert Hoglund Sherry Lynn Hoick. Mary Arm Haines James Robert Haire. Martha Helen Hrarston Phyto Vernetous Horston Vicki CasontNo Hole Donna Lynn Hole Gregory John Hale. Harriet Lane Hole Lance Hamlton Hole. Ramono Louise Hole. Sue Elen Hale Trade Lynn Hales. Anne Murray Holes Roy Russel Holey Elizabeth Keese Holey. Richard Douglass Hoford James LJoyd HaHord Lao Margaret HaHord Michael Warren Hal Blake Dener Hal Colesryne Perry Hoi. Danny Porter Hoi Donna Joyce Hal. Frances Rebecca Hal. James FronMIn Hal. James Momn Hal. Joe Luther Hal. Mary Helena Hal. MeindoH Hal Pomelo Arme Hal. Pouto Suson Hal. Shah Koy Hal SonpoGoyte Hal. Steven Douglas Holoron Jocelyn Anne Holberg Pen Anne HoBcloy James Boiey HofeQon. Anne Tnerese Ho el. Christopher Todd Haloron. Maureen Regino Hokeman. Richard Wine Hamad. Beobok Abdul HorrxJ Hamblen. Sonya Jeanneon Hombfcv Ernestine Daniel Hornby. LydkJ Kolhryn Homdan. Tonq Wold Hami. Decora Jean Homlron. Annette Hamiran Carol Roy Homkon. Dorothy ArMto Homlron. Joan Hamiton. Laurie lone Hamkon. Rick Lone Homkon. Tod Stewart Hammock Amanda Jone Hammock. Curry Bab Hammock. Todd Wheeler Hammond Cobb Hoys Hammond Elizabeth Hommond. Inito Ann Hommons Chad Jeffrey Hammons Robert Taylor Homner John Goldman Hamner. Kelvin Maurice Hampton. WHorr. Anthony Hancock. James Charles Hancock. Jeffery John Hancock. John Christopher Hancock. Karen Ann Hand. Michael Robert Hondwerker. George Weise TV Honey. Chorte Kent Honey. Juto Ann Honey. Rebecca Lyn Hantans. Helen Paige Hankms. Morjorie Aaron Tubb Hankms. Richard Burton Hankins. Sidney Ross Honkins. Susan Lynne Sorterhefcl Hanks. Cassandra Denise Honks. Kenney Mock Hanks. Ramono Lynn Smith Honley. Jeffrey Wets Honnoford Gai Leorm Mer Honnoford. Leon Edward Jr Hormaford Robert B Hannah. Diane Eleanor Hannah. Howard Barry Jr Honnoo . John CorroD Harmon. Wom Kirk Hansen. Dovid James Hansen. Gory Michael Hansen. Mary Koy Hansen. VircSe Lynn Honsford. Jennifer Lynn Hanson. Hugh Kirkwood Honson MoryNefc? Harbin. Joseph Thomas Harbison. Eizaberh Louise Harbour, Barry Dean Harbour. James Edward Harbour, Kathleen Pigford Harbour. Slojk David Hardoway. Phyfc Denise Hordne Denise Arm Harden. Jeffrey GJen Harden, Leigh Anne Harden. Valerie Jean Hordm. Usobeth Lee Hordin, Tommie Denise Hording. Charles Durword Hordwick. Gene Keith Hardy. Alfred Wesley Hardy. Jeffrey wom Hardy. Lezte Hardy. Montie Jeanne Dowson Hardy. Yvonne Hare. Monte Jean Harges Bobby Morzme Hortess, John Kenneth Horfcn. MoryJo Harmon. Akxxzo George Horrnon, Vrffcom Dennis Harper. Anrhony Keirh (torpor, Jock Walter Horper . Jomes KirWond Harper. Robert Anrhony Harper. Ronald Lynn HarreW John Cowon Horrel, Chortes KeBy Harrel. Michael Prenriss Harrel. Php Eugene Horrebon. Susan Anito Harrington. Douglas Fletcher Jr . Harrington. Lee Walters Harrington Mary Elen Matheon Harris. Amethyst Harris. Arthur Randal Horns. Bruce Cednc Harris. David Morrhew Harris. Jeffery Dixon Harris, Kajovio Lynette Harris. Laurie Dee Harris. Mary Ann Harris. MJdred Murvoy Heston Harris Paul Lee Harris. Revonda Denise Harris Sheley Kaye Harris. Sronley Blake Harris. Tarasio Foye Harris. Terrrt Lee Hams. Thomas Kirr brel Harris. Victorio Athena HOIIK. WMam Neol Harris. YotarxJo Susan Harrison. Cynrhio Lynne Harrison. Frederick Donald Harrison Gregory Kirk Harrison Mark David Harrison Mary Charles Harrison Michael Alan Harrison Priscflo Koy Harrison. Scon Edwin Harrison. Sean Wfcon Harrison. Sherrod Sims Harrison. Wanda Ann Dean Harrison. Wom Weston Rodes Horrhcock. Michael Glenn Hortin. Dorma Elaine Smith Harriv John Sykes Hartley. Wom Thomas Harvel. Thomas Edward Harvey. Donald Alfred Harvey Dusky Marie Harvey. Ertene Harvey. James Wesley Harvey. Karherine Dumas Harvey. Lontz Emmen Harvey, Prenriss Alen Harvey. Rex D an Horvfc. Porriao Lee Harwel. James David Harwel. Michael Duane Harwel. Wom Paul k Haskms. Christopher Kirk Hassan. Carol Ruth Hotcher. Cynthia Karen Hatcher. TinoRenee Hatcher. Westey Moukten Harfield. Mark Edward Horhek). W om Arch Hothcock. Ctarie ESzobeth Hathcock Susan Marie Harhcock. WKom Lance Harhome. Daniel Ance Hotiob. Fans Fohmi Houg. Christopher James Hausmonn. Donna Sue Havens. Denise Kay Howi.Zeid Osama Hawk. Ward Thomas Howkins. John Henry Hawkins. Miched Lynn Howkins, Pomelo Ann Howks. Poul Gregory Howks. WBam Noble Howley. Uso Marie Howtey, Michael Troy Haworrh. Deboro Ann Haws. Penny Kay Swanson Hawthorne. Margaret Rush Haydor. SyMo Anne Hoydel. Wendy Lynn Hayes, Frances Dianne Hayes. Gregory Alan Hayes John Wigfol Hayes. Laura Lynne Hayes. Mary M Hayes. Mekndo D Hayes. Thomas Stanford Hoymon. Phihp Steven Hoymon. Tereso Coral Hoynes. KefceC Haynes. Louro Anita Hoynes MetonoTish Haynes. Sandra Ann Hoynes. Timothy Ronald Hoys. Dole Alen Hoys. Ebobeth Carton Hays. James day Jr. Hoys. Suson Font Hoyword. Nancy Koy Hoyward. Wom Keith Haywood. Mock W Jt Haztewood. Lee Bermen Hazlewood VonitoBeth Heaberg. Lisa Louise Head. Robert Edward Head. Votarie Patrice Heodey Matthew Uoyd Heory. Ftoyd AHord Heap. Laurie Jean Heard. Coroh n Cooper Hearin. John Ovenon Chies Heam. Hugh Michael Heotherty. Wode Johnson Heovey. Laurie Ann Hebert. Jamie Arm Hebron- Woloce. Beverory Ann Hector. Dorothy Dean Hector Louro Leigh Hector. Lorno Doone Heetn. Donno Ruth Heflin. Suzanne Marie Hegorty MKheleLynn Hegner Ruth Louise Hegwood. Emy Elizabeth Hegwood. Peggy Hempm Hegwood. Rhonda Sue Hegwood. Russel Kerry Heimboch. Ronald Eugene Jr Hem. Ann Louise Heiskel. Margaret W Hekrich. Robert Brooks Hetdorfer KothrynMory Heler. David Hughes Heiums. Gndy Diane Davis Holmes. Terry Sean Helms. Rlena Koy Hekns. Sondro Leo Helms. Sharon Denise Hemefer. Dovid D. Hemeier. Fronos VBiom HempM. Anne Hunter Hempnl. Jana Lonele Hemphl. Mekmie R HemphJi. (Xobbte DrooKs HemvocNrOvorakorn Nrwes Henderson. Cortron Keirh Henderson. Dovk) Deteon Henderson. Dereh Andrew Henderson, Dororhy Ann Henderson. Herben Eorl Jr Henderson. Jimmy Dole Henderson John Christopher Henderson. John W Henderson. Robert Brent Hendricks Oorence Randal Hendricks. Rita Jo Hendncks. Shene Mane Hendrickson Suzanne Pryot Hendnx Phifcp Doothe Hendrix, Sandra June Reynolds Hendrix Steve Alan Hendrix. Sleven MKhael Heng Chen Woo Henick.Aldo ComOe Henley. Charles Ponon Henley. Cynthia Lynn Henley. James Paul Jt Henley. Rebecca Joyce Mitchel Henley. Ross Eames Henley. Tracy Branson Henning. Stephanie Can Henry.AlmoJo Henry. Bradford Lee Henry. David Charles Henry. Delo Catherine Dee Henry. John BoJey Henry. John Robemon . Henry. Kemberty Kay Henry, Kristy Kay Henry. Lori Renee Henry. Morrhew Woyne Henry. Rachel Suzerre Henry. Rebecca Suson Henry. Ronald Anthony Henry. Sharon Lee Henry. Skye Chrisnone Hensley. Cynrhio Nanette Hendey. Susan Olair Heroon. Pomelo Leigh Henson. Rondol Roy Henrhome. Tony Leonard Henton HokmdJoy Henrz. John Richard Hentz. Karherine Rose Hepner. David Earl Herben. Gregory Gerard Herbert. Lori Gay Herben. Sherry Ann Herd. Edward Samuel Jr Herman. Cynrhio Janet Herndon. Jennifer Gal Hetndon, Mork Dorwel Herndon. Rickey Deon Herndon, Timothy Eorl Herndon, WtBom Scott Herod. James E Herald. Charles WiKom Herald Janet Lee Herrick, SopNo Mone Hemn. James DritT H Herring. Glenn Edward Herring. Korherine Louise HerrinQ. nicnord E. Herring. Robert Howard Herring. Srepnen Oaig Herring. Suzanne Marie Heningfoii. Darboro Lynn Hemngron, Deny Lou Herringron. Ekzobefti Herhngron. Leonard Hervey. Pameto Shormaine Hervey. Viaor Kermrt Herzog. Angeta Lois Oboont Herzog. James David Herzog. Richard James Hess. Bruce Richard Hess Merry Gay Evans Hess Sonyo Korhryne Hess. Timorhy Francis Hester. James Lowson Hester. Mark Edward Hester , Stephanie Suzanne Hetzet, Robert Thomas Hewes. Janet Jkou Hewes. Myro Michele Hewtt. Robert Glenn Heyer. Nancy Carol Hibbter. Voterie Fay Hckmon. James Andrew I h ckrnon. Jon Steven Hicks, Dewn Tolmodge Hicks. Groae Dane rtcks Jenny Ann Kicks. Joseph Burce Hicks Robert Derwood Hicks. Sue E Higdon, Lotto Lee Hjgginborhom. Derek Alen Hgginboltom OoroArme Haginbonom, Yvene Higgns. Karherine Brigid Higgins Kim Re Higas. Cyrus Henry Hgtuower, James Patrick Highrower. Lynwood Hi. Benny Ross H Costa Holy Rene Hi. Donna Gary HH. Dorothy Virginia Hi. JackDugan m. JocMeGcd Hi. Jane Ann Hi. Jessica Marie Hi. JudkhLyn ML Michael Kefy Hi. Paul Edward .Robbie James Hi. Robert Anthony Hi. Sara Elen Hi. Ted Roy Hi. Thomas Richard H. Timorhy David HE WBarn David Ml, WOkom Hardy IMkard. Anthony Bernard Mknon. Charles Horton Mron. Krisrine M Hindmon. Jeffrey Lawrence Hines. Dwight Kirkland Hkikle, Leske Hinrichs Fred Turner Himon. Brent Neol ttnron. Mary Rebecca Union. Robert Paul Hnton , Terry Lone Hinze. Vioorio Eboberh Hippe. Donno EKzoberh Hitchcock, Aleso Foye Hkchcock. James Walter Hn. Henry Waldo Hm, Mary Helen Hixon. Mary Melanie HJxon. NeolCampbel Ho. MunKhum Hoor. Ber amin Jere Hoard. Tmo Jeonerpe Hobos Brendo Carol Hobbs. Leslie Elizabeth Hobbs. Margie J Hobbs. PorriooLynn Hobbs. Ruby Lee Hobby. Connie Dionne Hodge. Paulo Sue Hodges. Elizabeth Frances Hodges. June Abigai Hodges. Kempe Terry Hodges. Kenneth Edwin Hodges Leslie Anne Hodges Peggy Joy Hodges. Robert Wftson H Hodges. Winter Wren Hodgkm Douglas Goff Hofer. Eric George Hoffman. Lawrence Foore Hoffman. Virginio Lynn Hogan. Jean Alee Hogan. Kimbetty Arm Hogendobter. Suson Eksne Hague. Mary Ebaberh Hokxtoy. Eric Lee Hokomb. Chorte Mctwari Holcomb. Cynthia Lou Hokomb, Sharon Elizabeth Holder. Holy Ebworrh Halden. Korhryn Haider. Cynthia Diane Holder. David Ekon Holder, Jomei Vol Hotmon. Frank AMen Habnan. Richard Ralph Holond. Cormon Richard Hotond. Francine Holond Holy Shaw Holond James Erwin Holond, Karen B Holond. Mary Minene Holond Raymond Lewis Hotond Sandra Kay Hotond. Taylor Griffith Hotond, Thomas Wesley Hotond Wade Alen Hotond. Wom Lewis Holenbeck Stanley Wade Holermeod. Jeffery Alen Holey afford Paul Haley. Deborah Marie Gunrhorp Hoiey. Kyle Wotson Holey. Mark Andrwe Ho doy. Lisa Carol HoKman. Ann Marie HoUmon. James Fronkhn HoBngsworrh. Barry Scott HoHngsworrh. Hez Lomor HoKngsworrh. Robert Jackson Hofc. Jerry Edward HoKs. Mory Korhryn HoKster. Caroline Kkme Halmon. EricWKam Hotomon. Edith Arm Hatoman Martha Ann Hotowoy. Angela Down Hotowoy. Barry Edward Hotowel, Holy Renee Hotowel Joseph Oorence Hoknon. John Kevin Hoknan. Noro Ann Hoknon. PhOpG Hoknon. WBom Henry Hoknes. Charles Thomas Hoknes. EHzobeth Mary Hoknes. George Thomas Hoknes. Jennifer Kay Hoknes. Jerry Hoknes. John Mark Holmes. Jute Aieen Hoknes Martha Ruth Hobein. John Beard Hobton. Harry Lloyd Jr Hototon Stephen Scott He . Demmy Russel He Penny Leigh Hok. Ray Gryrm HoKvodel. Blair fJen Holwodel Russel Douglas Hofyfield. WKorn Glberr Homon. James Herman Homtch Lauren Leigh Homro. WMiamAlen Honeycurr. Curtis Owen Hood. Dovid Russel Hood. James Matthew Hood. Kenneth Roy Hood. Pouto Covirvess Hood. Tidon Woyne Hood, Ton. Meksso Hooks. John Wom Hooks Joseph C Hooks. Pomelo Michele Hooper Albert Hole Hooper. Kate McCoHey Hooper. WKoml Hoorsel Fnley Wokon Haovet Christopher Norris Hoover. Debbie Anne Hoover, Eugene O Neol Hoober. Suson Joy Hoover. Wttom Barney Hopkins Berry Dobney Hopkins. Jeffrey Alen Hopkins. Lloyd Gerald Jr Hopper. Corinne Aleen Hopper. Debro Quay Cross Hopper. Donald Lamer Jr Hopper. Mitchel Eric Hapson. Mary Korhryn Hopson. Robert Joseph Hopson. WHom Driggs H Horon. Ben Brennon Horon. Dovid Oay Horon, James Robert B Hard. Korhryn Anne Kidwel Hord, Oliver Armsrrong Jr. Horn. Ointon Cougrvnon Horn. Darrel Lane Horn. Deboro Lynn Horn. Jean Tracy Home. Benrty Kevin Home. Derek James Home. Marie Ford Home. Sally Cole Home. Stephen Edwa rd Home. Stephen Gory Homer. Jerry Eugene Homer. Robert Gregory Horsburgh. Steven Dew Honon Dionno Koy Cross Honon. Eizoberh Ann Honon. Joey Keirh Horron. Joseph S Student Registef 391 Hotton, Nancy Sue Horton. Nathan Randall Hoskins. Doniel Hollidoy Jr. Hosoki. Takoo Hough, Lee Ann House, Allen Odell House. Mory Elizabeth House. Potricio Vorner House. Robert Brown House. Robert Lynn Jr. House, Roger Darren House. Stephen Eugene House, Virginia Quinn Houser, Betsy Borcroff Houser, Kenneth Wayne Houston, Annice Evelyn Hovas, Detoris Anne Howard. Amy Leigh Howard. Charlotte Ruth Howard. David Hector Howard. Eddie Joe Howard. Gail Howard. George Truman Howard. John Develling Jr. Howard, Jonathan Knight Howard, Louro Ellen Howard, Mary Lance Sisk Howard, Renee Michelle Howard, Robert Michoel Howard, Shoron Adele Howell, Angleo Ann Howell. Brodie Lavone Howell, Choree Melio Howell. Gory Brian Howell. Jamie Whitten Jr. Howell, Jonis Leigh Howell, Jeffrey Roy Howelt, Mary Katharyn Howell, Rebecca Jean Howell, Sam Leo Howell, Stephen Donelson Howell, Stephen Ottis Howie, Elizabeth Lynne Howington. Deborah Lynn Hewlett. Harold Andrwe Hewlett, Mory Anne Howorth. Andrew Kincannon Howorth, Lisa Claire Neumann Howorth. M. Beckett III Hoyme. Cathy Ann Wevley Hoyme, Chtisropher Eorl Hoyt, Lynette Marie Hrebenor, Loura Jean Hsieh. Chin-Yun Hsu, Chio-Hsuh Hsu, Chih-Hung Hsu. Ray-Yale Hu. Joanna Kwok-Yu Huong. Our Hubocek, Lawrence Jeffrey Hubbord. Benjamin Tyrone Jr. Hubbord, Mono Lisa Hubbord, Thomas Leon Huber. Cynrhia Ann Huber, James Williom Huddlesron, Paul Manuel II Huddleston, Quinnis Royder Huddleston, Shira Joyce Hudgins. Williom Oarkson Hudson, Elizabeth Diane Hudson, Lydio Leigh Hudson. Mork AHen Hudson, Robert Lester II Hudson, Timothy Cecil Hudson, Victoria Lou Hudsperh, Randy Joe Huff. F. Paige Huffman, Henry Thurmon Huffman. Thomas Lee Huffsratler. Danita Jo Huge. Chorner Elizabeth Muggins, Arthur Eugene Jr. Muggins, Christopher Keith Muggins, Holly Lynn Muggins, John Michoel Muggins. Joy Fronklin Huggins. Rhonda Yvonne Huggsin. Williom Barren Hughes, Allen Holt Jr. Hughes. Bethany Annene Hughes. Christine Owen Hughes. Edmund William Jr. Hughes. Harold Randsome Jr. Hughes. Kathleen Louise 392 Student Register Hughes, Kenneth Paul Jr. Hughes, Lisa Karen Hughes, Sondro Anne Hughes, Scorty Oneol Hughes. William Manly Hull, Helen Pillow Hull, Karen Lee Hull, Leslie Clayton Hulsey. Lisa Ann Hume. Andrew Tucker Hume, Ann Marie Humphrey. Arthur Wallace Jr. Humphreys, Allison Hope Humphreys. Donna Michelle Humphreys, Patricia Humphries, Arlena L. Humphries. John Stuart Jr. Hung. Chau-Kuang Hunger. James Frank Hunt, Alex Trent Hunt, data Smith Hunt, Felicia Anne Hunt, Kenneth Patrick Hunt, Paul Edward Hunt, Stephanie Coleen Hunt, Steven Howard Hunte Hunte Hunte Hunte Hunte B. Groni Beverly Adamson Frances Elizabeth Jennie Beth Raymond Cowan Hurdle, Dovid Troy Hurdle, Frank Moore Hurdle, James Michoel Hurdle, Joan Lynn Hurdle, Toni W. Hurley. Jill Kathleen Hurst, James Joseph Hursr. Julie Jene Horner Hurt. Kevin William Huskey, Sharon Alone Husnik. Gregory Patrick Hussey, Chrisri D. Hussey. Cynrhia Susan Hussey, Elizabeth Neal Hussey, James Leonard Jr. Hussey, Jolee Childs Hussung. Michael Lawrence Hutches, Mary Jo Hutchins, Julie Denise Hutchins, Lauren Janice Hutchinson, Richard Glenn Hutchison, Kimberly Jane Hutson, Donald Howard Hutson, Mary Elizabeth Hun, Corolyn Ann Hurt, Elizabeth Susanne Hun, Susan Elizabeth Hurro. Jill Madden Hwu, Shian-Uei Hyde. Dorrell Stephen Hyde, David Allen Hyde, Pani Louise . Hyde, Susan Elizabeth Hyde. William Thomas Jr. Hylonder. Lisa Leigh Hynes. Edmund Joy Hyver, Karen Jayne losonos. Loukio leloidnis. Wendy Denise Ikheloo, Ikhide Roland lies. Michael Geoffrey Imre. Noncy Margaret Infinger, Russell Thomas Ingle. Joey Lynn Ingram, Angelo Lynn Ingram, Charles Douglas Ingram, Charles Gerard Ingram, John Pelham Ingrom. Reed B Inksrer. Jennifer Layne Inmon, Martin Oneil Inmon, Cathie E. Inmon, Cathy R. Irby, Van Leonoard Jr. Irby, Virginia Fay Ireland, Selby Allen Irish, Jeon Dorlene Irvin, Joe Alan Irvin, Robert Todd Irving. Pomelo Payne Irving. Vera Parker Isaacs, John Duane Jr. Isbell, Steven Bryan Iskandor, Dodong Iskandarani, Issam Iskowitz, Sutort Theodore Iskowitz. Susan Isom, Victor A. Jr. lupe, Shoron Morlene Ivy, Mario Ivy, Quinon Ray Ivy. Randal Roy Ivy. Roseontonio Iwaskow. Michoel Izody, Abdollah Izquierdo, Grerchen Marie j Jobour, Lori Angelo Jock. Mory Shelley Jockson. Chodwick Russell Jockson. Craig Campbell Jockson, Cynrhia Lynn Jackson.. Delino Carol Jockson, Dororhy Ann Jockson, Ida Gertrude Jockson, James Paul Jockson, Judy Nell Jockson, Kermir Karl Jockson, Kevin Quinn Jackson. Linda Deloris Jackson. Lorie Diane Jackson. Malcolm Allen Jr. Jackson. Morie Brooks Jockson, Mark Alon Jockson. Marsha Danell Jockson. Mary Cleland Jockson, Polly Ann Jockson, Rondy Lewis Jockson, Regina Nell Jockson, Reginald Demurris Jockson, Rhonda Merle Jockson. Richord Leroi Jockson, Robert Baxter Jockson, Robert Thomas Jr. Jockson. Sondro Leigh Jockson, Serena Elizabeth Jockson. Shauneilte Cossandro Jockson. Shirley Ann M, Jockson, Susan Renee Jockson, Tammy Lynn Jockson. Tereso Ann Jackson. Victoria Jockson. Word Nelson Jr. Jockson, Wesley Carter Jr. Jockson. William Lawrence Jacobs, Dale Robert Jacobs, Jeffrey Wayne Jacobs, Lourin Carri Jacobs. Suzette Jocobson, John Robert Jodwin. Lynn Allison Jomes, Charlotte Sholars Jomes, Joseph James. Letitio Vance James. Mildred Jeanerre Welch James. Susan Lee James. Tracy Martin Jameson. David Leonard Janes. Leigh Ann ankowski, Thomas Mark arising, Lynn Christine arman. N. Casey armon, Raymond Lester arrell, Phillip Wayne orrert, Demerrica arrerr. Terry Randall orvis, Celia Francis Jaudon. Volorie Jean Jeon- Michel, Robert Jeans, Berry Janice Jefferson. Gory Lynn Jefferson. Jomes Randall Jefferson. Sarah Louise Jeffrey. Joseph McCockney Jehoima. Ramadan Jelks. Daniel Fred Jenkins, Detric Sherall Jenkins, Donna Jean Jenkins, Gregory Sherwood Jenkins, Gwendolyn Irene Jenkins. Jock Peose Jenkins. James L. Jenkins. John William Jenkins. Lucy Reniro Jenkins. Marks Whirtle Jr. Jenkins, Potricio O Jennings, Melinda Lynn Jennings. Srephene Robin Jernigon. Bryan Keith Jernigan, Jonathan Joseph Jernigon. Sherri Lynn Jessup. Ross Morehead Jimoh-Osi, Musibou Adebgoyeoo Jineerte. Sreven Word Joe, Evelyn Long Joe, Glenn Allen Joe, llene Lynn Joe. Janet Ann Jouhecheck, John Mork Johnson, Alon Heningron Johnson, Andrea Leigh Gonr Johnson. Angelo Renee Johnson, Barbara Geon Johnson, Bobby Mock Jr. Johnson, Charles Willie Johnson, Chris Kevin Johnson, Clifton Johnson. Connie Merl Johnson, Craig Ellior Johnson, Dovid Wayne Johnson, Dororhy Jeon Johnson, Dororhy Virginia Johnson, Dwighr Donnell Johnson, Elizabeth Ann Johnson. Elizabeth Korherine Johnson. Frances Pauline Johnson, Greg Trent Johnson, Helen Mory Johnson, Jay K. Johnson, Jeffery Mogee Johnson. Jeffrey Dorrell Johnson. Jeffrey Nelson Johnson. Jeffrey Roy Johnson, Jeffrey Scon Johnson. Jeffrey Thomas Johnson, Jere Ellen Johnson, Jerry Duwayne Johnson, Jill Day Johnson, loon Bouvier Johnson, Jody Scon Johnson, John Alon Johnson. Julie Lynn Johnson, Justin Roy Johnson, Kathleen Marie Johnson, Kenneth Wode Johnson, Kenton Mark Johnson, Lettie Ree Johnson. Linda Foye Johnson, Lisa Gutnn Johnson, Lisa Mecholte Johnson, Lori Ann Johnson. Lori Ann Johnson. Lou Sylvio Johnson, Margaret Lynn Johnson, Marian Wright Johnson. Marianne Patton Johnson. Mork Dwayne Johnson, M ark Vincent Johnson, Martha Anne Barber Johnson. Mory Kathy Johnson, Nelson Lynn Johnson, Nita Louise Johnson, Robert Edgar Johnson, Rochester Melville Johnson. Sondro Lee Johnson. Stephen Kent Johnson. Stephen Linus Johnson. Suzonne Stuart Johnson, Vicki Morie Johnson. William Cedl III Johnson, William McDoniel Johnston. Christian Harvey Johnston. John Edward Johnstone, Bruce McQeon Joiner, Jacqueline Jolly, Gilbert Jeffrey Jolly, qrentiss Rudolph Jolly, Trocey Claire Jolly. William Colton Jr. Jones. Alisho Lynn Jones, Allison Hart Jones, Amy Christina Jones, Amy Lou Jones. Andrew Mitchel Jones. Billy Roy Jr. Jones. Bonnie Jeon Jones, Bridget Brechell Jones, Croig H Jones, Curtis Dole Jones, Dovid Baxter Jones. David H Jones, Dovid Walter Jones. Deborah Carlene Jones, Doris Lynn Jones, Elsie Power Jones. Frank Whirfield III Jones, Guy Christopher Jones, Gwendolyn Ann Jones. Heather Lynn Jones, Jack Michael Jones, Janet Denice Jones, Jeffery David Jones, Jennifer Luncinda Jones. Jill Ann Jones, Joan Roberto Groce Jones, Joel Russell Jones, John Brian Jones, John Griffin Jones. Johnny Ralph Jones. Leigh Ann Jones, Lisa Renee Jones. Lorerha Jones, Lori Ann Jones, Luretho Jones, Mario Dubois Jones, Martha A. Jones, Mory Morgan Arringron Jones. Melissa Ann Jones, Merlin Kenr Jr. Jones, Mike Jones, Paulo Ann Jone Phillip Boyd Jones. Phillip Edward Jones. Rebecca Ann Jones, Robert Cholres Jones, Robert Doniel Jones. RufusT. Jones. Scott Sugg Jones. Sherri Lynn Jones. Sophia Lavern Jones, Stocio Esrelle Jones, Stephen Albright Jones. Susan Laubmeier Jones, Sylvio Jones, Terry Anglo Jones. Walter Robert III Jopling. John Carl Joronsen. Jomes Albert Jordan, Billy Vance Jordan, Clair Michoel Jordan, Doniel P. Ill Jordan. Daniel Winfred Jordan, James Jason Jordan. Jomes Natf Jordan, Kent Alan Jordan. Lisa Dionne Jordan, Lu Ann Jordan, Mark Brown Jordan. Robert Buford Jordan, Robert Keith Jordan, Steffanie Ann Jordan, Stephen Edward Jordan, Virgie Elizabeth Jorge. Lucio Josephic, Beth Eileen Joslin. Noncy Faye Jourdon, Barbara Ann Joyner. Doris Jeanne Joyner, Mildred Macrae Joyner. Sreven Ray Juchelm, Edgar Karl Judson. Mark McMahoon Jue, Jone Siu-Ching Juergens, John Philip Juohn, Elizabeth Corona Julian, Anne Cameron Jumper, Becky Jo Jumper, Jackie Leroy Jumper, Kenneth Stephen Jumper. Martha Melinda Bell Jurney, Ronnie Wayne K Kobbon. Emil B. Kobban. Rita Irene Kobbon, Tino Sophia Kadlec, Monhew Casey Kohl, Reuben Francis Kammerer, Karl Scon Kanoon, Una Kangethe, Anthony Maine Kangethe. Francis Thoo Kantack, Keith Curtis Karoganis, Irene Mario Kareotes. Anthony Korlstrom. Lars Olof Korr, David Everene Korsren, Ellen Lyn Karsten. Julie Ann Karunaratne. Moddumoge Kasim. Fouzioh Binti Kassen, Louro Jone Kossis, Newmr Kaufman. Mary Rhonette Koufmonn. Irene Kavyos, Aphrodite Trudy Kay, Katherine Ann Kazembo, Mork Edward Keody, Jeff Wayne Keck, Herbert Louis Jr. Keebler, Daniel Burt Jr. Keebler. Rosemary Lynn Hopcroft Keel, Elizabeth Junell Keen, Williom Garvin Keesee, Deborah Lanoe Keevers. Amy Suzonne Kegley. Lorry Richord Kehoe. George Gorvey Keith. Doniel Henry Jr. Keith. Donna Lee Keith, Elizabeth Snellings Keith. Kathleen Corolyn Keith. Patricia Elizabeth Keith, Raymond Leslie Kelder, James Rogers Keller, Jay Shannon Kelley. Barry Joe Kelley. Chris Anne Kelley, Elizabeth Lanphier Kelley. Leslie Adorn Kelley. Phillip Milom Kelley. Shirley Anne Kellum. Dovid Ward Kellum, Deborah Kay Kellum. Leonard Scon Kellum. Roger Lee Kellum. Thomas Neil Kelly. Amy Karen Kelly. Charles Richord Jr. Kelly. Cynthia Dawn Kelly. Marianne Kelly, Michoel Chrisroher Paine Kelly, Noncy Guy Kelly, Richard Lee Kelly, Samuel Clayton Kelman, Dale Victoria Kelsey. Dona Lynerte Kelso, Jennifer Lynn Kemerling. Julie Ann Kemp, Gregory Carroll- Kemp, Suzanne Kemp. Timothy Vann Kempinska. Karhryn Jone Kendall. Genevio Corel Kendrocki. Denise Annene Allen Kendricks, Angelo Kristin Kendricks. Scon Horhorn Kennedy. Bryan Glenn Kennedy, Corleton Eugene Kennedy, Gregory Layne Kennedy. Keith Michoel Kennedy. Kerry Mitchelle Kennedy, Modalyn Vitorio Lindsey Kennedy, Mork James Kenneson. John Gregory Kennington. Jacquelyn Leigh Keppen. Locey Michelle Kerce, Howard Michael Kern, Laurie Ann Kern, Zavier Kernon. Alison Suzanne Kerr. Jomes Edward Kerr. Jeffery Hayes Kerr, William Jack Kerrigan, Caroline O ' Kelley Kersh, Jone Evans KErstener, Donald Lynn Kesler. Phyllis A. Ketchlngs, Andrwe Monsker Kerchings, Krlsryn Evelyn Ketchum. Kyle Redford Ketchum. Mory Veronica Key. Merry Jeanne Keys, Audrey Lynerte Keys. Corlton Lewis Keys. Phyllis Yolando Keyser. Jomes Edward III Kholeghdor, Arab Masoumeh Khlil, Solaheddine Khorami, All Kibbe. Gerdo Poppel Kidd. Jeffrey Wayne Kiddy. Gwyndolyn Bennen Kieronski. Joseph Alan Jr. Kierspe. Lynn Elizabeth Kilburn, Sondro Kay Kilgore, Bradford Andrew Kilgore, Christine Renee Kilgore, Donald Martin Kilgore. Liso Gail Killen. Barry Thomas Klllen, Susan Annene Killion. Don Randall Jr. Killion. Reed John KilporricK. Janice Elise Kilpotrick. Laura Louise Kilpotrick, Mistie Rene Kim. Samuel C. Kimbrough, Brendan Lee Kimbrough, Fronklin Dumas III Kimbrough, Koren Ruth Kimmons. Cheryl Wy vene Kimmons, Keith Delynn Kimmons, Kirk Kendall Kimura, Yukiko Kin, Meng Yeok Kincheloe. William Scon Kincheon. Sylvester Theodore King, Anne Taylor King, Barbara Louise Stone King, Francis Marion Covington King. Gino Rnee King, Jockson Dewin King, James Brian King. James Edward King. Jomes Waverly Jr. King, Jeffrey Woyne Jing. Jeri Lynn King, John Morgan King. Kerry Gordon King, Lorry Joe King, Lea Anne King, Liso Anene King. Martha Beth Franklin King, Michoel Wayne King, Phillip Brandt King, Richord Alan King, Robert Bryan King, Rosie Marie King. Terry Plazene Valentine King. Walter Dennis Jr. Kinney, Laura Ann Mize Kinniburgh. KenrE. Kirby. Glenn Wilson Kirkland, Susan Lynn Kirkpotrick. Fronklin McKinley Kirkpotrick. James Frederick Jr Kirkpotrick, Tom F. Jr. Kirksey. William Mork Kirschten, Sam Gwin Kiser, Catherine Anne Kiser. Shelia Savell Kisner, Pomala Ann Kisner, Shoron Deneise Ksitler, Charles Aaron 111 Kistler, Michoel Scon Kistler, Stephanie Ann Kitchens. Lauren Toobr Kitchens. Mory Virginia Kitchings, Jerry Lamar Kinell. Solly Ann Kinrell. Haldon James Kivetz. Robert S. Kizan. Sherman Keith Kizer, Rhonda Lynn Klein, Jomes Arthur Jr. Klepper. Jomes Donald Klepzig. Peggy Louise Klepzig. Terry Glen Kloho. Deborah Marie Knapp. Amy Elizabeth Knight. Cecil W. Jr. Knight, Charles Luther Knight. Cynthio Kay Knight, Dorrel James Knighr, Freda Ann Smith Knight. Jomes Edward Jr Knighr. Julio Elizabeth Knight. Marcus Scon Knight, Mory Margaret McCouley Knighr, Michoel Glenn Knight. Susie Eileen Knight. Virginia Lucile Knighten, Paul Ransom Knighton. Ronnie Eugene Knon, Jeffery Lynn Knowlton. Miriom Wilson Knox. Tracy Lynn Knudson. Julie Ann Ko. Yee Peck Koestler. Kevin Martin Koestler. Stephanie Down Koguchi. Hiroyuki Kohler, Joan Butcher Kohlmeier, Thomas Edword Kolankiewicz, Korhryn Arlene Kon. Chee Min Kong, Kian Tong Koon. Henry B. Koon Michoel Lovougfm Koon Robert Hosting Koonce Leslie Lee Kcrnegpy. Mofcom Donold Korte Jermrer Anne Korte, Lao Joyce Kosock Dororhy Potge Ho !. Amoi Rudolph Kountz. Andrew Richard KowohU. Krzysztof Kramer. Deborah Ann Kromer Timothy Ooyton Krecker. Deidre Marie Kremer. Suson Celesre Kresioo. Susan S. Krtde Linda Noel Krivocko. Lisa Celeye Kroeze. John Owen Jr Krouse. Frank David Krudven. KeK Etoe Kruchren. Russel Lonce Krueger. Wttam Gerry Kruger. Barry Deon Kruger Stuart Gelnn Krum. Peter David Kuenn Henry KutcK Vam Michoel Kunonusorn. Anusom Kunanusorn. Rotsomee Kuo. HorngOiing Kuykendal. Foye Roberts Kuykendol. Orady Mike Kwon. M etoDowno Kyle, Terrene Goyle Kyser. Kimberty Lynn Lobos. Edward A Lobeta. Roy Anthony Laboone. Thomas CMton Jr Locks. Sandra Carol Lacy. Jock Brooks Jr Locy. Joe Frank Lodner. Mark Edmund Loonier. Deric Lance Logo DaneKe Mane Lohoye. Marie Drnise Loher. Udno Sneed Lord. Andre Alexander Lord. Eric Dwoyne Lard Jean SchoeH Lard. Kofhr yn Anrho Lard Steven woms Lake. UHan Lake. Mary Hamilton Lokin. Eileen Teresa Lomogna. Richard Michael Lomor. Potrioo Leslie Lamb. Christine Renee Lamb. Jomes Leon Lamb. Victoria Lynn Lombctn. Douglas Middeton Lomberr. Mary Matssa Lambert. MeHsso Michele Lambert. Normo Jeon Lambert. Potrioo Anne Lambert. Poul Alonzo Jr Lambert. Sidney Justin Lomts Alexander P Lompton. Brett CuMen Lompron Theodore Dudley Lon. Kenneth Yung Lonosa. Gwendolyn Marie Lancaster Eddie Mitchel Landers. James Wiftom Landers. MeMn Thomas Landers. Michoel Joseph Londess. Paul Benjomin London Carole Marie Prarher Landrum. Carol Ann Londrum. Julie Arm Lone, Cossondro Cheryl Lone. David Mernck Lone. Moury Spruiel Lane. Paul J Lane Raymond Darryl Loney. Elizabeth Kay Lang. Jomes Monty Long. Mark Frederick Long. Mary Alice Long. Scon Alan Longenfeld. afford Joseph Longford. Carhey Arm Longford. John Randal Longhorne John MBer Langtey. Suzanne Downing Longston Milton Horvey Langston. Monica Lynn Langston. Shoen Fredrick Lonrrip. Bryan Stacy Lonrrip Eric Michoel Lontrip. Jomes Keith Lonrrip. WMom Houston Lopeyre. Andrew Buckley Lopeyre. Robert Stephen Lonsh Kate Alison Laroche. Lino Morceou Lorson. Don Alan Lorson. Kimberty Kay Loser Dovid NkhcXsJr Lossener. Jute Arm Larrfi noiem. Abdotiomid Lori. Caver Achfle IV Larimer, Jason L Lorour Michoel Sophus Lou NgeeMui Lou Weng Orm Loudemon. Undo Keppler Louderdole. Donna Leo Louoerdoie Sandra Deon Loucjhln. Jerri Lynn Loughln Marcus Shetey Loure. Fobienne Lourenzo. Kathleen Thomos Lourtdsen. Timothy Peter Loutenschtoeger. AdetoxJe Modue Lovonwoy. Don Dovid Lowes. Rochie Vhittington Lowler Mary Kothryn Lawrence Alto Dortene Lawrence. Andrew Jackson TV Lawrence. Angela Done Lawrence. John Wayne Jr Lawrence. Kay Porker Lawrence. Lonce Mitchel Lawrence. Richard Lee Lawrence. Steven Craig Lawrence. VBam Kelrh Lowson. Moxine Durene Lowson. Stephanie Jane Laxton. Scott Matthew Loyton. Bruce Alien Lazarevski. Svetozor Leo. Oork Muntz Jr Leoch. Lorn Ruth Leok. Jomes Daniel Leake Janet Mario Leofce. Robin Lynn Leary. Scott Forrest Learhermon. Lesle Fortune Leboric. Jovon Eugen Ledbetter. Patnoo Diane Johnson Ledford. Richcrd Daniel Lee. Amanda Catherine Lee. Benjomin Youngbtood Lee. Dovid Ashley Lee. Dovid Byron Lee. EmiryArm Lee Ernest Wa-K Lee. Gregory Thomas Lee. Hu Lee. James M Lee. Jooh Lee. Karen Elizabeth Lee. Kotrino Renoe Lee. Kerry Todd Lee. Lorry Brion Lee. Undo Diane Lee. Ung-Kuo Lee. Marrho Spencer Lee. Martha VrgMo Lee, Peng Lee. Ralph Bryon Lee. Ruth Lamb Harris Lee. Sandra Louise Lee Sandra Renee Lee. Scon Fern! Lee. Thomos David Lee. Thomos Londris Lee William Michoel Lee. Wom Rory Leeton. Barbara Bruce Leeuw. Qrve Leggett. Carl Lee Leggen, Charles Parks Jr Lehr. Wam Curtis Leke. Carton Lee Leinicke. Undo Marie Leja. Gary E LeJeune, Herbert Paul Jr Lemos. Telmo Ledo Gomes Lenrz. Gena Ruth Leon. Y Leon Carlos Leonard Steven Curt Leong, Choon-Kiong Leow. Poh Yee Coryl Lesley Jomes Bruce Lesley. William Turner Leslie. Coral Leigh Lesle. Elizabeth Harvey Lester. Gtendo Lynn Rowson Lester. Lodye Ashley Lester. Martin Dean Lester. Rick Aton Lesueur. Anneno Turner Lesure. EloMoe LeteBer. Rudy A Levens, Donna Marie Leverson. Chris Ann Myers Levine. Robin Lois Levy. Jon Lewis. Annie Pearl Lewis. Bobbie Nel Lewis. Carl Lewis. Dana Scon Lewis. Darwin Howard Lewis. Dannie Richard Lewis. George Cooke Jr Lewis. J Brian Lews. Jomes M.Jt. Lewis. James Riddel Lewis. Jeffrey Charles Lewis. Jerry Lewis. John Arthur Lewis. John Connodo Lewis John Malory Jr Lewis. Judith Ann Lewis. Leigh Anne Lewis. Lori Anne Lewis. Mary Beth Lewis. Robert Terrel Lewis. Ronald Moore Jr Lewis. Scon Leonard Lewis Sheik Margaret Lewis. Stephen Lee Leko. Gerald George Lexo. Lauren EJizoberh Leydon. Lucy Joe U. ChngVen U. Hon Ung Undo U. Ven-Shyong Uoo. JenChyl Ubben. Jacqueline Marie Uberto. Christine k Uberto. Raymond Charles Liberty. Pout John Uddel. Roy Homlton Liddon WttomQark Liddy. Christopher Mann Liddy. Sarah Jeon Liddy. Timothy Logon Liebou. Kotherine R uth Liebkemcrm. Robert Dickmson Jr UedkeRobm Marie Lieu. Ky bgon, Metorve Alen Lies. Mary Doyd Utey. Vonn E Jr Ljm. ChoonKee Um. Kwon Emanuel Um. UonHee Um. SookUn Um. Teck-Sm Um. ThianUm Umbrick. Alison June Umberk . LauroKoy Un. Om-Ching Un. Ue-Sheue Un. ShooChyi Un. Wen-Chang Undamood. Kohryn Wynn Undberg. Jone Under. David Hugh Undey. John Taytor Undey. Karen Denise Undsoy. Tim Wayne Undsey. Eugene Jr. Undsey Lori Ann LJndsey. Scon Alan Undsey. Sheka Jone Undstrom. Eric Everen Jr Line. Lawrence Leroy Jr. Lineberry. Dorothy Jeon Ungje. Richord Manning Link. June Marie Union. Charles Gerald Lipomanis Glenn Lipscomb. John WJson Lipsey. Ely ndo Price Upski, Michoel Christopher Upsto. Thomos Anthony Listen. Wtom UKhfield. Motto Ann men. Curtis Everene Urrte. Cheryl Lynn Utrte. Ondy Jo Urrle. Cynrhio Frances Unte Cynthia Ruth Urrte. Deedro Eryce Utrte. Joel Campbel lifHe. John W cm Utrte. Michael Gray Utrte. Rebekoh Jeon Urrte. Robert Ashford Utrte. Rondo CMnese Urrte. Thomas Loye Jr Uftle. Timothy Spencer Urrtefield. Janice Lynn Urrtefield. Michele Alen LMejohn. Alison Jone Urrtejohn. Uso Michele Urnejohn. Timothy Corl Utrteton. Fetedo Jeon Littleton. Richard Kent Livingston. Ashley Mel Lovingston. James Dennis Uvingston Robert Lynn Locke. Lizoberh Pterson Locke, Walter Kane Locklor. ErtcJodon Lococo. Joseph Anthony Lodgek. Borbaro Anna Lodgek. Glenn Wom Lornn. James Arnold Jr Loftin. Michoel Hugh Loftin. Pomelo Foye Lofrts. Donald Griffin Lofns, Hugh Brent Lofton, Joel Robert Logon. Benjamin Mel Logon. Carolyn Annene Logon. Chortes Horper Logon. Chortone Annene Logon. Harold Gene Logon. Mary King Logwinuk. Poutene Atexondra Lolar. Marry Duanne Lominick. Anne Bores London. Lori Lee Long. Carrie Ekzoberh Long. Daphne Lynn Long. Gregory Long. JohnSrephen Long, Joseph Kenneth Long. Marianne Long, Robert Worn Long. So Esther Ervin Long, Scon Frankfln Long, Stephen Powel Long. Thomos Rowland Long, VicW Cheryl Long. VAam Matthew Looney. Clarence Evans Jr. Looney. Morrha Coffxxjn Loper. Jerry Keenan Loper. Joseph Harotd Jr. Lopez. Antta Louise Rondte Lord. Marsha Kay Lord. Mono Lisa Lorendo. Leah Compbei Lorio. Ouone Joseph Lon. Brodley Voyne Lon. Carotyn Ann Oennerr Lon. Kathleen Leonard Lon. Robert Bruce Lon Trocy Douglas Loughry, Phttp A Loughry. Robert Lonce Louis. Mary Catherine Louis. Thomas Michael Louricto. Lmnerte P4or Lovan. Mark Lewis Love. Elizabeth Sidney Love. Frank Anderson Love. Mary EHen Love. VWom Rossel Lovejoy. Craig Aion Lovetoce. Echrvard Ooy Jr. Lovetody. Betsy Cormel Lovelody. LOB Lee LovekxJy. Morrhew Loven. Ijonel Fitzgerald Lovorn. Angela Gay Lowe. Joseph Davenport Jr. Lowe. Joyce Koye Lowe. Martha Louise Lowe. May White Lowe. Richard Charles Lowe ry. Seeley Anne Lowery. Tommte Lee Lowrey. Gregory Ton Lowry Leigh Anne Lowry. Mary Corhenne Lowrher . John Warren Jr. Lu. GiravFo Lucas. Dana Raye Lucas. Jeonnene Lucas. Keey EKzobeth Lucas. Lowri Corofyn Lucas. Robert HWard Lucos. Sean Devon Luckey. AKvyn Hal LueHen. Janet Shorron Lum. Asntey Del Lum. Sharon Koy Luoceford. Wimon DonoW Lundohl. Daniel Scon LundaN. Linda Carol Keen Londie Leon Lester Jr Lung. SuiLun Lurote. Leigh Yerger Lusco. Linda Margaret Luy Perry Dennis Luther. Carta Renee Luther. DonoW Leigh Luther. Jeanne Hurley Luther. Kenny Lane Luther. Milord Ston Luts. Hetno Aired Jr Lydon. Harris Robert Lowe! Lyte, David Leslie Lyle. Frank Garland Lyie. Kimberty Lynn French Lytes. Trocy Lynn Lynch. Alice Louise Lynch, Charlie Cleveland Lynch. Hugh Christopher Jr. Lynch. Joseph Barren Orand Lyne. Eugene Daniel Jr. Lyons. Beverly Jeon Lyons. Gloria Ann Lyons. Martin Andrew Lysoght. Brendan Monoghon M Moassaroni. Moher Mobry. Jone Chapman Mac ' Me. John Greene Mac ' kte. Pamela Diane MocDonold. Vom Charles Mace. Betty Jean MocGreger. Revil Sanders Moch. Gregory Alexander Modnrosh. Stephen Norcross Mooone, Kimberty Karol Modone. Kyle Pritchen Mock. Jomes Edward MocKenzie. Joseph Erik MacKenzie. Sonio Kay MocNaughron. Joyce Holoda MocNoughron. Lynda Lamb Modoni. Mohammed T.H. Madden. Caroline Belle Madden. Kotherine Moddox, Lourie Monley Moddox. Mory Nel Maddux. Margaret King MorJson. Rhonda Lynn MorJson. Ronald Deon Modsen Christine Alono Maffet. Mark Wom Mogandy. Kathleen Marie Mogee. Gory Edward Magee. Johnny Lynn Mogee. Pomelo Arm Mogee. Timothy Ananias Mogee. Tommy Earl Mogers. Charlie Austin Mogers. Sandra Fay Moggto. Michoel Anthony Mogrmb. Jenrtfer Mogruder. Somuel Bemon Jr Moh Dory Mohoffey. James Timothy Mahoney. Robert John Jr. Mahorrey. Lisa Ekzoberh Mohorrey. Mark Shown Moher. James Eortjr Mohle. Jomes amton Mohmood, Nasser Mahoney. George Menrz Moto. Francisco Erivando Abrooo Mom. Uso Marie Momous, Lori A-me Major. Nancy Sissel Mojure. Pouto Arm Makomson. Lee Downs Makowski. Etzoberh Mokhow. Kenneth Edward I Me . Donold VBom Malery. Mark Nokm Molen. Lucy Margaret Molen Presley D Molette. Jomes Thomas Malory. Lee Hale Motone Brendo Carol Motone Bridget Elizabeth Motone Cheryl Dano Motone Johnnie Lee Motone. Undo Louise Motone. Wiliam Randy Motone WinftedAJon Matoney. Morion Fay Malta. Frank Gregory Moncuso. Charles Domonic Jr. Monderson. Suson O Drien Mongrum, Patsy Ann Mangrum. Peggy Jane Monley. FefcSo Arm Monley, Jennifer Leigh Marm, Dovid Qmstton Mann. James Wiliam I Marm. Lawrence Alen Marm. Vom Jefferies Jr Manning, Alexander Voher Manning, Barren Karl Manning. Edward Lawrence Manning. Janet Stephanie Utrte Manning, Jonnie Sue Torum Manning. Katharine Gore Manning, Marcus Edward Manning, Michoel McCool Monsoor Helen Marie Maples. Anthony Deon Morcek) Karherine Bray Marcus. Mies Lee Morek. Dawn Lee Morioni. rimorhy Deon Morkley. Christopher Dovid Marlowe. Lisa Goye Mornhout. Jock W Marone. Stephen Joseph Marque. Dana Karen Love! Marquis. Lorry Lanier Marquis. Lisa Ann Marquis. Michoel Alen Morr. Leigh Ann Morriom. Robert R Jr Marsh. Charles Wayne Marsh. Kathleen Ann Marshal. Carl John Marshal. John Walter Marshal. Mark Lynn Marshal Potrioo Brothers Marshal. Suson G. Mortens. Stevenson Reed Morrensrein. Austin Dumont Monhder. Frederick TerroJ Morhn Betsy Bobberte Martin. Betty Sue Martin. Beverly Arm Martin. Bruce Leon Martin. Corral Lynn Martin. Chories Henry Jr Morrin. Chrisrino Ann Martin. Ondy Coral Martin. Deborah Marie Morrin. Douglas Richard Morrin. Gary J Morrin. rvm L Morrin. James Austin Martm. Janet Mario Morrin. Jon Charles Martin. Joseph Adam Jr Martin. Joyce Arm Martin. Leigh Martin, Lucy Kathryn Martin. Mocel Ann Martin. Marina Desiree Martin. Melissa Ann Martin. Moly Deorman Martin. Neva Naomi Martin. Philip Scorr Martin. Rachel Marie Martin. Renee Beo Marnn. Re ford On an Morrin Sarah Louise McDougal Morrin. Victoria Down Morhn. Wesrbrook IV Martini. Julto Annette Martinson. Thomas Mashburn. Sidney Ccdemon Mask. Kothryn Lorerro Mask. Marry Edward Mastonko. Patrick Deon Mason. Andrew Thomos Mason Dona Denise Mason. Debro Stewart Mason. Dennis Edword Mason. Elena Lutindo Mason. Eric Todd Mason. Fatten Orionder Mason. Uso Morion Mason. Margaret Ruth Mason. Michoel Andrew Mason. Regan Adonis Masoner. Robert Wayne Massenga. Pameto Dartene Mossey. Angeto Down Mossey Angeto Marie Mossey. Dovid Martin Mossey, Jarvts Darnel Massey, Julto Anna Mossey. Raymond Byron Mossey. Susan Mone Massey Vug Rudolph Massie Diana Ruth Massie. Pameto Arm Motheney Michoel Charles Marhews. Cynrhio Joan Marhews. Uso Morhis. Kenny Joe Mart . Lori Hughes Morhis. Valerie Michele Markins, Vemon Dovid Mattock. Paul Russel Morson. Arthur Francis Marsufuji. Cynrhio Foy Matthews. Alon Edmond Matthews, Angeto Ann Matthews, Cherie Srofford Stoflord Monhews. Helen Lake Matthews. John Eric Monhews. Leslie Roy Monhews Nancy Lynn Bennerr Martina. Rodney Anthony Jr Mottingry Dovid Fields Martson. Bie Jeon MouWn. Scon Cart Mouney. Berry Brace Mouney. Danny Roy Moung. TmCto Mover Oare Goyle Mover, Geoffrey Poul Movar. Mary Maureen Moxcy. Metorwe Suzanne Maxcy. r ra Joye Maxwel, Joseph Lomor Moxwel. Richcrd Paul May. Alen Ondair May. Andreo Coral May. Barry Deon Moy. David Oifron May. James Robert Jr. Moy John AMnJr Moy. Uso Gal Moy. Theresa God Moyberry. Thomos Jomes Mayes Berto Mae Mayheld. Jufco Flour Moyfield. Undy Kone MoyfielrJ Loren Morgan Moyfield. Noel Herming Moyfield. Wom Owen Moyhal. John WMom Moyhal. Sundra Jonene Moyhon. Porncio Jonene Sims Maynard. Berry Whimngton Moynard. Lorroine Brown Moynor. Dano Koy Mayo. Donna Jeon Moyo. Jomes C Moyson. Jomes Michoel Mazzonn. Bort A McAdams. John Harrison McAfee. Arm Kim McAJexonder Farrah Lois Swoney McAtster. Lorry Wayne McASster, Vincent McArthur. John Erwin McArrhur. Worter Christopher McAskl. John Woker McAuley. Jomes Rieves McAutey. Mafcokn Deoton McAvoy. Rodney Adon Mcflearh Mike McBride. Michoel Dale MdJride. M o McBride, Wiliom Alen McDumen. Deboro Louise Srudenr Regtyer 393 McCohey. William Gerord McCain, Dorry Reed McCain. Cecelia Rosa McCain. Charles Felix McCain, Cornelia Ann McCain, Lisa Ann McCain, Lynn Patterson McCain, Robert Under Jr McCain, Tanya Marcetle McColl, Dana Darlene McConce, Karhleen McConn. Karen Sue McConn, Susan Kay Eods McCardle. Sharron Jean McCarthy, Erin Marie McCarthy, James Timothy McCorry. Tyrus Alphonse McCoskill. Jane Romoine McCaughon, Karen Lynn McCaufey. Janice Li cille McCouley. John Michael McCoy, John Stanley McCharen, Silos Wood McChesney, Georgann Jenkins McChesney, Thomas Michael McCloin, Michael Sean McClain. Robert Scort McClain. William Asbury IV McClanahon. Michael Keith McClellon. Berh Ann McClellan, Michael Lorry McClelland, Alison McClenahon, George Taylor McClendon. Dorry Meek McCleskey, Leslie Joe McClinron, Eloise Phillips McClung. Roy Eugene McClure, Jay Justin McClure, Jeffrey C McClure, John Thompson McClure, Klye H McClusky. Michoel Gene McColgan, Jomes Talleyrand Jr McCollum. John Michoel McCollum, Nancy Melinda McComos, Donno Lynn McConnell. Joseph Andrew IV McConnell, Kathleen McConnell. Kris McConnell. Paulo Kay McCoot. Davis Campbell McCool. Edward DeLooch McCool. Johnny Brooks McCord. Jock Ooyd McCord. Martha Joyce Groy McCorkle, Lorena McCorkle, Marilyn Evan McCorkle. Scort Allan McCormock. Jomes Patrick McCown, Steele Hunrer McCown. William Russell McCoy, David Woymond McCoy. Sreven Wilson McCoy, Wiley Roy McCranie, Weyman Williams Jr. McCrary. Rebecca Erin McCrow. Elese Warren McCullor, Shane Scorr McCulloch. Mondel Curtis McCulloch. Rhonda Carol McCullough. Annie M McCullough, Eorl K. Jr. McCulty. Gregory Scort McDode. Robert Eugene Jr. McDaniel. John Max McDaniel. Keith Wode McDaniel. Pamela Ann McDaniel. Patricia Ann McDaniel, Paula Ann McDaniel. Russell Payson McDaniel. Terry Wayne McDaniel. Victoria Renee McDavid. John Sanford McDill. Sheryl Corinne McDonald, Bryan Campbell McDonald, Caroline Amanda McDonald, Christie Marie McDonald, Darrell Wayne McDonald, Donno Dare McDonald, cllzabeth Ann McDonald, Jomes Stephen McDonald, Michoel Keith McDonald, Prentls Mark McDonald, Susan Olivia McDonald, Thomas Robert II McDonald, Tracey Lynn McDoniel. Edward Gene McDonough. Ann Reed McDowell. Linda Jone McDowell. Peter Thomas McEocharn, Allyson Lee McElligott. Sean Patrick McElroy, Drion Wayne McEntire, Leslie Ann McEwen, Vivian Anne McFodden. Ella Mae Isom McGoho. Anne Leigh McGahan. Roberr Patrick McGohey. Georgia Griffin McGough, William Perry Jr. McGee, Drenda Jo McGe e. Duford Lamar McGee. Charles Hamilton McGee, Danny Lynn McGee, Lyle Vinson McGee, Melissa Lynn McGee, Michoel Hunrer McGee. Michoel Lyle McGee. Michoel Wade McGee, Suson Pennington McGee, Tora Gay McGehee, Jomes Michoel McGehee. Suson Collins McGhee. Kenneth Marvin McGhee. Robert Merrill Jr McGhie, Richard Martin McGill. John Terry McGinley. Jeanne Marie McGinley. Thomas Raymond McGinnis. Jomes Stuarr McGivern, Orion Joseph McGlaun. Sally Cochron McGlowon Carolyn Janette McGlown. Stewart Bernard McGough. John Lenox Jr McGowan, Calvin Eorl McGowan Felicia McGowon William Robert McGroth, Lynn Therese McGroth. Melonie Leigh McGrow. Gregory Wallace McGrow, Terry Gene McGreoer. Janet Hurst McGregor Anna Lisa McGregor. Ginger Kay McGregor Jeffrey Harper McGregor. Kenneth McGregor, Mary Beth McGrew, Jomes Martin McGuire Charles Hamilton McGuire, Melton Cloy McGuire. Michael Kelly McGuire, Roberta Anne McHugh. Roberr Joseph III Mclllwain Andrew Scott Mclnnis. Irby Neil) III Mclntire. Sheri Anne Mclntosh. Barbara Annette Mclntosh. Cooper A Mclnrosh. David Benard Mclntosh. Gregory Strong III Mclntosh. Roberr Craig Mclnryre. Mark Andrew McKay Carolyn Jeon McKay Elise Winter McKay, Henry Earl III McKay, Kenneth Ervin McKay, Susan French McKee ChorlesJ Jr McKee. Julies Brian McKenzie. David Anthony McKibben, Charles Dennis McKie, Peggy Ross McKinney. David Brewster McKinney. Jomes Arthur McKinney, John Alvin McKinney. Lester McKinnon. Lilicloire Chaworth McKinstry. Jeffrey Hunter McKnight. Elizabeth Dawn McKnight. Michael Emmitt McKnight. Ronald Glenn McKay, Troy Deandre McLoin, Melissa Dionne McLaughlin, Vicki Layne McLounn Angela Felice McLourin. David Brian McLean, Anna Karherine McLellan. Marian Smith McLellan. Tommy Leigh McLellon, William Rodgers Jr. McLemore, John Scott McLemore. Theodore Jackson III McLendon. Cloire Lyn McLendon Jimmy Dale McLeod, Robert Henry McLeod. Robert Longley McLeod, Robert Steele McLeod. Sara Nelson McLure, Andrea McMahon. Carolynn Anne McManus. John Michael McManus, Micki Maureen McManus. Nelson John McMellon, Paul Amon McMillan. Karen Ann McMillan. Margaret Suzanne McMillan, Marilyn Marie McMillen, Carol Sue McMillin, Barbara Ann C McMillin, David Lee McMilhn. Terry Yoncey McMinn, Rufus Don McMullan, Angela Lynn McMullan. William Eugene McMullen. Charles William Jr, McMullen. Jone Elizabeth McMullen, Jeffery Keith McMullen, Jennrfer Kay McMullen. Kenneth Bernard McMullen. Nathan James Jr McMullen, Susan Shields McMurtroy. Jonet Lynn Dixon McMurrroy, Patrick Dean McNoir, Barry Joe McNair. Frances Elizabeth McNamee. William Scarf Jr. McNeece. Kimberly Morris McNeely, Jomes Gregory McNeer, Cheryl Renee McNeese. Jusrino Carroll McLellan McNeese, Kofhrvn E McNeese. William Felton McNeil. Eric Wilder McNulty, Michoel Edward McNutt, Cynthio Levet McPhail, Jennifer A McPhoil. Michoel Gwin McPhail, Robert Louts Jr. McPhail, Suson Schwam McQueen, Barbara Lynn McQuilliams. Angela Sue McQuinn. Ronald Duane McRee, Brooks Wesley McReynolds. Kothryn Charmoine McRoberrs. Claude Eugene Md, Solleh Nasiruddin Bin Meachom. Mortho Carolyn Mead, Mark W Meaders. Victoria Alexis P Meadors, George Gram Meadows, Charlotte Rene Baker Meadows, Joseph Robert Jr, Meadows. Kothryn Lynn Meodows, Patrick Lee Meadows, Peyton Todd Means. Richard Branham Meaut. Michi Ann Mechler. Barbara Medders, Jomes Derwood III Medford, Mark Anthony Medina Moiguolido Meegan, Robert Thomas Meek. Cynthia Kormen Meek. Janice Show Meek. John Wallace Meek. Phillip Gregory Meeks, Julio Nicole Meeks. Karen Ivy Meeks, Timmy Keith Meeno. Mary Morrha Mehra. Anil Mellor Ernest Herbert III Melosky, John Eric Melton Chuck Pierce Melton, Freda Elaine Melton, Joseph Collins Jr Melvin. Leonard Brown III Melvin, Mark Steven Menard. Suzanne Mane Mende, Ina Mendenhall. William Shannon Mercer James Eugene Meredith. Frances Bernice Meredith, Timothy Dean Merollo. Kothy Eileen Merrell. Elizabeth Anne Merrell. Kothryn Ann Merrill, Teresa Annette Merritt Dexrer Raphael Mersch. Thomas Francis Jr Merson Howard Calvm Merson Michelle Lynn Meso-Sonchez, Oscar Jose Messer. Pamela Annette Mesroyer. Mignon Ann Metcolfe Albert Williams Jr Mercarfe Duane Ingram MetcaHe Michoel Gower Metcalfe Susan Coskery Metts, Amy Cook Metts. Brent Karl Metis. Nina Elizabeth Gooch Metz, Enorn. Marie Meyer Reynold David Meyer. Robert William Meyers. Julie Katherine Mhoon. Etta Jeon Michoel. Kothy Nodora Michel, Henry Robards Middlebrook. Angela Denise Middleton. Marion Jore Middleton William David Mifflin, Edward Raymond Mikell. RiroDinoe Miksa. Corinne Ruth Milam, Glendo Joan Milam. Thomas Mcllwaine Miles. Kenneth Eugene Miles. Mittie Woods Miles. Royce Vandiver Mileski. Catherine Diane Millar. David Longhorne Millar. Mondy Millender Charles David Miller, Alyson Louise Miller, Bradley Ecford Miller. Bret William Miller. Carold Jason Miller Craig Arthur Miller. Craig Leon Miller. Cynthio Mane Miller. Dorta Ferri Miller. David Clair Miller, Dorothy Ellen Miller. Elizabeth Leary Miller, George Seller II Miller, Glenn holey Miller. Gregory Lynn Miller. Harold Dewey III Mitler. Hugh William Miller Jomes Thomas Jr Miller, Jill Evons Miller, Johnnie Eugene Miller. Joseph Anrhony Miller, Leo Ashley Miller, Lester Lofotte Miller Lunelle Young Miller Marion Lee Miller, Marshall Miller Patricia Moore Miller. Sheilo Ann Miller. Stanley John Miller. Stefanie Adoir Miller. Stephanie Foye Miller, Thomas Alan Miller. Youlanda Jo-Ann Millette. Lauren Ann Millette, Mark Stephen Millicon Aliso Koye Millis, Lisa Korherine Mills, Gregory Lee Mills. Hugh David Mills. Jacqueline Magness Mills. James Ronald Mills. John Kelly IV Mills. Kelly Sreven Mills. Leslie Scott Mills. Lisa Annette Mills. Mory LaJune Mills. Warren Edwin Mills. William Thomas Millsops Margaret Rose Milne, Elizabeth Adele Milner. Mary Bess Milner, Olivio Emeline Milner, Paul Bennett Milron, Elizabeth Yvonne Milward. Elizabeth Shelby Mims, Mory Suson Mims. Potricoi Louise Minga, Rebo Lovonia Lonrnp Minner. Clark Allen Minor, Deborah Kay Minton. Ann P. Minton. Jennifer Anne Minron. Patsy Owens Mirza. Yusuf Mahmood Misch Mory Suson Misita. Anthony Joy Miskelly, William Holl Mistilis. Erin Morio Misrilis. Joseph Angela Mistilis. Steven Thomas Mitchell, Ben Lorkin Mitchell. Bobby Charles Jr Mitchell. Bobby Joe Mitchell. Brian Keith Mitchell. Charles Dennis Mitchell. Charles Lodell Mitchell. Dednc Brooks Mitchell Ellis John III Mitchell Howell Gregg 111 Mitchell James Hunrer Mitchell. Jomes Tucker Mitchell. Joe Rhett Mitchell, Joseph Blake Mitchell Marsha Allyn Mitchell, Mary Margaret Mitchell, Michoel Steven Mitchell. Patrick Collins Mitchell. Paul Downs Mitchell, Roleen Mitchell. Ronald Gawyn Mitchell. Roy Stewort Mitchell Russell Bryan Mitchell. Stephanie Rowena Mitchell Timothy Joseph Mitchell. Traci Leigh Mixon Rhonda Kay Dayton Mixon, Walter Avery Mize, Amy Carol Mize. Condoce Lynn Brown Mize, Garry Lamar Mize, Martha Alice Moak. Andrew David Mook, Carl Horold Moak. Clarence William Mobley. Andrea Renee Mobley. Elizabeth Moeller, KorenGoyle Moffot. Keith Stuart Moffot, Sandra D Moffatt, Sylvia Moffert Johnny Woyne Moffett. Timothy Moffirt, Edward Lamar Jr Mofokeng Boraki Thomas Mohamad, Mofeed Mohamed Joseph Asim Molina, Avila Ivan Felix Molina, Carmen Eliano Molpus. Mary Margaret Molpus, Steve Parish Monday Lee M Monger. Ralph Horace III Montague Brion Atkins Montague Claudia Williams Montolvo, Julian Dean Monralvo. Ralph Darrel Monies. Stephen Louis Montgomery, Alvin Delay Jr Montgomery. Anthony Conrad Montgomery , Corole Ann Montgomery Elizabeth Luckett Montgomery. Erby Horold Jr Montgomery Francis Holt Jr Montgomery, Mitzi Ruth Montgomery Stephen O Connor Montgomery. William Glenn Moody, Denice Carolyn Moody, Gerald Wayne Moody, Joe Nathon Moody, John C Moody, Levern Moody, Lisa Dionne Moody Shoron Sue Mothis Mooneyhan. Mark Clayton Moor. Charles Geren Moore Anita G Moore. Beth Bridges Moore. Carolyn Inez Moore. Carolyn Kim Moore, CloroBell Moore, Damon Miguel Moore. David Scott Moore Deborah Lone Moore, Dennis Dole Moore, Elwin Earle Moore. Enn Elizabeth Moore, Evelyn Olivia Moore. George William Moore. Gerald Woyne Moore Jockie Lynne Moore, Jacqueline Michelle Moore. Jomes Love Jr Moore. Jomes Stephen Moore. Janet Loyne Moore. Jeffrey Lee Moore, John Hebron Jr Moore John Jerold Moore. John Stuart Moore. Judy Katharine Moore, Julia Kilby Moore. Kimberly Louise Moore. Kimberly Renee Moore, Lee Herring Moore, Lisa Carolyn Moore. Lucile Ellen Moore, Mondy Liwore Moore. Margaret Mary Moore Margaret Nell Moore Martha Lynn Moore Martha Martin Moore. Mory Lou Moore. Matthew McDavid Moore. Melody Jeon Moore, Miriom H Moore, Nancy Leigh Moore. Rachel Pauline Hughes Moore. Rebecca Ann Moore. Richard Montgomery Moore. Robert Lewis Moore. Ruth Ann Moore. Samuel Archie Moore. September Ayn Moore, Shoron Goyle Moore, Sheree Down Moore. Sonjo Carol Moore. Sreven Daniel Moore. Steven Mickol Moore, Timothy Lowayne Moore. Todd Randolph Moore Tracey Leeann Mooreheod Sharon Teresa Moorman. Donna Gale Moote. Gerald Taylor Jr Morales, Vicen Abdiel Moron Darcy Jean Moron, Scott C Moras Hector Leandro Moreheod, Borry Lee Moreheod Dorothy 5 Morehouse. Anne Marie Moreland. Cynrhia Jo-Ann Pittmon Moreron Bethany Rebecca Larche Morgan Alfred Leslie Jr Morgan, Anrhony Wayne Morgan. Barry Dewayne Morgan, Betsy Jone Morgan. David Yonley Morgan. Edith Atkinson Morgan Fred Keith Morgan, Gary Edward Morgan Glenn Arnold Morgan. Gregory Stewart Morgan. Grerta Jean Morgan Helen Elliott Morgan. Jano Jenkins Morgan. John Franklin Morgan, Juanito Lasonyo Morgan. Julian Poson Morgan Karen Williams Morgan. Kenneth Glen Morgan. Kenneth Glenn Morgan. Mary Burton Morgan Michael Mornll Morgan Michael Pittmon Morgan Richard Joe Morgan Robert Bruce Morgan. Shern Ann Morgan. Sherry Renoe Morgan William Todd Morgonfield. Robbie Rone Morris. Anthony Lee Morris. Benjamin Morris. Chnsropher Todd Morris. Flora Jeon Morns. Gwendolyn Lynett Morris. Gwendolyn Marie Morris, Janet Kay Morns. Joey Wilson Morns Joseph Lynn Morris. Kim Michelle Morns. Mory Virginia Morris. Melissa Ralph Morris. Michoel Morns. Michelle Dawn Morris, Phillip Hugh Morris, Stephen Holoce Morns. Tommy Rhea Jr Morris, Vicki Carol Mornserte John Brion Morrison, Joan Theresa Morrison Mark Lester Morrison. Saro Lane Morrow, Jomes Mann Morrow. Kimberly Jo Seomsrer Morrow Mark Douglas Morse Cynthia Ann Monenson. Anne Mane Morton. Cynrhia Carol Morion, David Woyne Mosby. Ellen DeWm Mosby. Julia Grace Moser, Steven Roger Moss, Charles A Moss. Donald Fincher Moss, Jomes Ethridge Jr Moss Joann Motes. Amy Lou Morhershed, Belinda Jane Movitz. Edward Michael Muchow. Don Foster Muirheod. Jonathan Lucas Mulder. Michelle Mulhollond. Daniel Joseph Mulkins Clairann Muller. Lawrence Joseph III Muller. Robert John Mullins. Karherine Himel Mullins. Michael Randolph Mullins. Stephen Wrighr Mullins. Timothy Duone Mullis Katherine Laura Mulvihill. Jomes Arnold Mund. Tim Anthony Murff. Barbara Goil Newman Murff, Domel Thomas Murff. James Talioferro 111 Murphey William Smith II Murphre Pamela McCluskey Murphree. Gregory Todd Murphree. Thomas Beany Murphy. Catherine Jo Murphy. Cindy Pickle Murphy, Dovid Manly Murphy. Garnerr Andrew Murphy. Glen Andrew Murphy. Jockie Dovid II Murphy Jomes Clyde Jr Murphy. Jody Brooks Murphy. Katherine Cecile King Murphy. Kimberly Ann Murphy, Lorry Corlton Murphy Lisa Carol Murphy. Martha Elaine Murphy. Mike Lee Murphy. Patrick Jude Murphy, Shannon OResto Murrah, John Forgason Murray. Cecilia Sue Murray, Christopher Lohey Murray, Deerre Wilcox Murray, Kathy Morris Murray, Mary Kathleen Murray, Richard Walsh Jr. Murray, Samuel Lynn Murray. Timothy James Murray, William Charles Murray. Joe H Jr Murrill. John Parham Muruako. Dovid Uzoma Muse. Georgonne Musgrove, Lawrence Alan Musselwhire. James Allen Muths. Sherman Lewis III Muzzi. Sarah Jo Mwai, Joel Mwoniki Myott, Robert John Myers, Leigh Charbonner Myers. Margaret Leslie Myers. Martha Jackson Myers. Michoerf ranklin Myers. Mickey Wayne Myers, Phillip Alexander Myrocle Phyllis Loraine Myres, John Burton Myres. Meode Slater Myrick . Robin Leonne N 394 Student Register Nobers. Rhonda Koy Nobori Lorry Joe Nobors Leoh Holey Nobors Penny Alexander Nocke Jute Lynn NaoJe DovidCofcer Nohhos Wai Raffor Noi Gregory Lamptan Nad MaryLano Naien Robert Edward Naehodhom. Rodhokrishno Nafe Home Johnson Nomororo. Karen Ann Nance John Reynolds Jr Nonney. Darnel Lee Napier Robert Scon Normour Stephanie Jane Normour. Thomas Gregory Novoe Chhsne Dense Nave Timothy Wayne Naykx Chorles Thomas Jr Noytor Robert Manning Neol Cheveta Renita Neol Derrick D Voyne Neol Robert Christopher Neal SheleyLynne Neal Stephen Murray Neoi Wom Gtyrm Necotse Tracy Ekzoberh Tngg Necorse Walter Roy Jr Nedrow RonoldTocId Neeld Edward Seward Neeld JamesHarveylV Neely Tern Elizabeth Nefcon Joseph Edwm NeJson Mary Ekzoberh Nenz Rno Dorbaro Nelson Corolyn Grace Qu e Nelson Oare Frances Nelson Clyde Josephine Nelson Joanne Nelson Lenria Hanwel Nelson Loo Coral Nelson NckyOenms Netoon Roto ft Doncroft Neman. Robin Antoinene Brooley Neman Seyed Ahmad Nem Deborah Ann Nero Rondol Scon Nesbm DrendoKoy Nesmstv JomesDorrel Nesmith Malcolm Dwoyne Netcher Jubet Anfto Nerrteton MoryTreor Neuhous. Scon Vaughn Neuhous. Troy Dona Nevets Sharon Ben Nevins Merry Ann New, Jeffrey Goff Newberry. Kimbefty Ann Newborn Sandra Rurh New comb. David Modnryre Newel. Michael David Newman Dominic Bruce Newman James Wotrer IV Newman. Mary Karherine Newman Nancy Amefca Newman. Rondo Acey Newsome David Warren Newsome. Virginia Loy Furr Newton. Darton Modoff Newton Carhenne FJizoberh Newion Jeffrey Scon Neymon Gregory Lynn Ng Cheng Seng Ngonga, John PomoX Nicholas Micnoe) Nicholas Robert Carter NKhob Karen Lynn Nichols Potncio Lorroine NKhols Richard Ken NKhobon Carte Denise Nicholson Chester Alen Nichobon Ellen Roderick Nicholson Gory Voyne Nicholson James Walter Jr NKhobon JubaPaulene Nicholson. Tom Jonele l ck Anno Hunter tickets VJtamMark N ks. Eorleon Nicola Lawrence Enc r etsen Kenneth Chorles Mmonondh Sukanya Nmper KorhyArm Nix James Elmer Nix. Susan Lorraine Roach Njoku Dernodene Parribo Noble Carlo Morhndo Noble CetoLouando Nob Cheryl Christina Noble DormoRobyn Noble Emiy Louise Noble Roberto Lynn Nobles Zeldo Comfort Nobfcn Jeffrey Dean Nobbv John Thomas Jr Nobhn. Tamoro Down Nokmd Michael Alen Nolen OarkElbon Nolen John Everen Nolen JuboRenee Nolen Leslie Anne Nordon Judy Elizabeth Norman Ann Holmes Norman. Brooks Lee Norman. Cynrhio Arm Norman. James Doss Mormon. Louren Deth Norphlet John FmoaeroJd Noms. Paula Anel Norrts Stuort Andrew Norrhort. Debra Lynne Patterson Nonhem. Robert Earl Norton Amanda Jane Norvel JudirhF Norwood Andrea Del Norwood Anno Marie Norwood Daniel Eric Notestone Lisa Michele Nuckofc Rebecco Nunley Arthur Gale Nunn. GredoV Joe Nwochukwu Oso Chjoke Ny men Michoel Alfred Nysrrom. Gene Pout O Bonon. Elmore Engbh Jr O Brien Harry Deforest Jr O Bnen Karen Elizabeth O Byrne Susan O Casey Sean Patrick O Del Lori Ann O Donnel. Carhenne Irene O Oonnel. David Daniel O Hoire. Michael Bruce O Leory Patrick Martin ONeal. DonokJDwnt ONe Anne Stewart ONe Patrick Kevin O Rourke. Peter Oakley Chartone Lynn Decker Oakley Mark Edward Oberkrom. Herman Fredric Oberkrom. Kim Marie Obetrtwe. Sondro Jean Obrien. Mark A Ocasto Michael oh Oconnor . E kzobefh Seton Odom. Herbert EVooKs Odom Jennifer Lynn Odom Lorraine FaUti Odom. Margaret Ann Odom Sandra Dortene Odonnel. Dougkx VCarn Odonnel Sister Maty Phiomeno Oglettee. James Irby Okebie Porric Okeke Uchechukwu Alex-Synrhe OkxxJet. Joseph Tucker Otonder Thomas Sidney Ofowole. Jibory Akm dels. John Votes Otphont Susan Soksbury Scon Otve. Roy Searcy OSvet. Angela Marie Ofcver. Lewoyne Dorryl Oiver. Roben Bruce Oivier JonMoiae Otmsteod. John Steele Obon dance E Olson. GoyVxd Conrad Olson John Enc Omar. Aioo Shekh Omeaiie Karen Palmer Oneal Raymond Gartield Onwugbenu. Paul Igweamaka Opelo OtvioTeter Orange. Ernestine Orr. Teresa Lynn Osbom. Gregory Lee Osborn Susan Shay Osbome. RocBe L Osobrne Water W om Jr Osoh Joseph Eleanyo Om James C On Helen Eboberh On KarlBb On Kern Sanders On. Victoria Leigh Overal JixtrhAnne Overbey Leo Harrison Oversrreet. James A Overton. John Hampton Owen. Barbara Davis Owen. James Alston Owen. James Homnc Owen. Jennie Lynn Owen. Juton Lee Owen. Kenneth Whiteside Owen. Louro Alison Owen Suson Ehzoberh Owens Bobby Dan Owens Carolyn HI Tedford Owens Diane Combs Owens. Lorerro Owens. Nancy Melonie Ozment. r norhy Mart Ozockgwe. Anizoba Davidson Poce James Ralph Jr. Poce. Lonny Ray Poce. Morouene Poce Patsy Edwino Pad. Lawrence Jefferson Podgei Chris Ph p Page Adrian Keirh Poge John Chriaopher PogeKely Michele Poge Tony Keith Pane Klmberty Jean Patozolo. Tonya Renea Palm Christopher Srertng Palmer David VKam Palmer. Leslee Manon Colum Pairr er. Pat David Palmer Robert Raymond Palmer Todd Russel Palmer Todd Starr Palmer V am Mark Palmenree. Michael Wayne Pong. Danny Alan Panrer. Steven Craig Parada. Daniel L Parorrxisewaran Periosomy Parcher. Carol Sue Parham. Constance Jean FJiassen Porham. Jennifer Porhom. Robert Marhew Parish. Rebecco Scon Pork. Harry Dlonton Park Thomas Wesley Parke. Mary Susan Parker Angela Marie Porker. Chrisropher Shannon Porker. Dona Lynn Porker Edwin Lewis Porker. Frank Brurvtfioid Parker. Frank Dupree Porker. Gary Wayne Parker. George Kirk Porker. Hubert Wayne Parker. Jane Elen Parker Johnny Clyde Porker. Judy done Parker. Undo Carol Burgess Porker UoPoune Parker. Penny Lynn Parker. Rita Rasberry Parker. Roy Ocfovus Jr Parker. Sheri Lee Parker. Suzanne Porker. Whitney Jean Parkin. Elizabeth Ann Parks. Cory Lee Parks Jordan Daley Parks. Leon Luaen Porks Michael Scon Parks WKam Alen Pormley. David Edwards Parmley Robert Eogar Pomei. Hugh Alen Porrish. Ashley Ty Porrish. Corinne Craig Pomsh. Robert Holond Porrish. WHarn David Porrish. Yvonne CunaW Parry. Christy Mirchel Parry WfconMcNei Parsons. Gory Kent Parsons. Ginno Lee Parsons. Melanie Rita Parian. Vonda Sue Parrtow. Cassandra Denrse Partridge. Mory Ernest Parrridge. Michael Jerome Partridge. Rhonda Lynn Wood Paschal. Moly Lynn Pastoy Harry Moore Pate. Monroomery dark Pare. Wiliom Joey Patelskj Stephen Robert Patrick, dare rverson Patrick. Judy Gal Patrick Raymond Castle I Porro. Abani Ponen. Michael Edwin Peterson. Dona Hal Patterson. George Garland Ponerson. Glenn Carl Jr Patterson Kenneth Alan Patterson. Lindsay Coares Patterson Potritio Elen Ponerson. RicKie Alphonso Ponerson Sammy Gerald Jr. Panerson. Scon Derek Panon. Catherine Lude Poukune. John Marfchom Paul, darence Edward Paul. Louise Vaughn Poufc. Pomelo Suson PouHer. Joan Arm Povoho. Michael Thomas Payne. Andrea Renee Pay ne. Christopher NewtX Payne. ESzobeth Hope Payne. Emily Rurh Payne. Jeffrey C Jr Poyne. John Waioce Payne WiBom Hoyt Poyton. Le ' Hermon Peococke. Lee Morgan Peoden. Michael Wayne Peal. Lori Diane Pearson. Angelina Pearson. Beverly Taylor Pearson Michael Voyne Pearson. Paulo Leigh Pearson. Samuel day Peasrer. James Rhorer IV Peoy. Sieve Gray Pechnfc. Lonme Poyne Pederson. Shety Lynn Pee. Randy Dewoyne Pee Wayne Benord Peege Richard Davis Jr Peensrro. Todd Egon Peeples. Bradley Sruan Peeples. Durren Barnes Peeples Pomcio Joyce Pccplei. Tomoio Koye Peery. Adair Ann Peeroom. Greg Alan Peers Randolph DOon Pegues Arnold Braze Pegues Cynrhio Annese Pegues Debro Ann Pegues. Mary Suzanne Pegues. Myra Joan Humphries Peiegrin Sandra Lynn Pelekanos. Evogoros Andreas Pelxsm. Michael Trenron Penomon. Lovonzel Darcel Pender . Frances Leigh Pendefon. Robert Hftard Jr. Penmngfon. Jeno Down Penningron. Shorron Michele Pepper Joseph Rosson . Pepper Robert Edward Perkins Bridget Demetrius Perkins. John Chriaopher Perkins. Mvhnte Dovis Perkhs. Norman Anthony Jr Perkins. Stanley Sknmans Perkins. Wliam Daniel Perkins VBam Roy Perret. Robert John Jr Perry, Anoeto Leigh Perry. Dickson Donsby Perry. Donald Boton Perry. Pouto Susan Perry. Phytts Donne Perry. Roben Moore Perry. RomouroRon Perry Verdo Mae Perryman. Dean Alen Person. Greer Pnman Jr. Person. Natate Koy Pesson. Dejeame Marie Petety Jeffrey Bruce Peters. Jeffrey Lawrence Peters. JudsonLee Peters. Rosonne Peters. Teresa Fay Peters. Wesley Wihekn Peterson Bruce Werner Peterson. John Paul Peterson. Suson Logon Pefrie. EJen Annetzie Petrie. Suson Lynn Perns. Barbara A Penis. Elzoberh Louise Penit. Suson Lee Perry. Sanyo Carole Srouddy Pevey Howard Chris Phogan. Karhy Erin Phorksuwan. Pirchoyokom Phebus. Joy Ph p Phelps. James Andrew Phelps. Kevm Atan Phe ps. Leigh EBen Phifcopon. Catherine Mary Ph ps. Robert OKver Phflips. AHsonLou PnCps. Angela Marie PhBps. Angekno Denrse PhBps. Beverly Rose PhCps.CyrahiaGal PhBps. Donald Andrew Phffps. Fronkfcn Roben PhBps. Gene Bridges Phps Harry Shannon Jt. PNBps. Jano Scon PhiKps. Jeffrey John PhAps. Jerry Lyn Phttps. Jimmy Russel PNKps. John day PtiAps. Joseph Preston PhOips. Maurice Norwood Phps. MinervoJone PhBps. Pornoo Ann Phps. Paul Scott Phps. Pouto Down Phttps. Peter Barton Phps. Richard Hylond PMkps. Sheto Denrse Phttps. ToroDeth PhCps. Trad Gentry PhBps. Wfcom Scull Piazzo Margaret Ehzoberh PfcuWyom. Supachake Pickens. James Michael Pickens Kety Ann Pickering Charles Wfc Pickering, Robert Mirchel Picket! Glenn Brody Picken. Russel Derek Pickle. Larry Scon Pickton Thomas Erni Pierce. Andrew Jackson Pierce BJry Joe Jr Pierce. BrooVy Keith Pierce. Evelyn Marie Pierce. Kendol Lee Pierce Randal Lone Pierce Richard Wayne Pierce Ronald Henry Pierce. Sandra Elena Pierce. Steto Parricio Pierce. Thomas Reed Jr Pierce. WHam Fronkkn Pierron Melonie Marie Pfcey. Thomas Edward Plgrim. James Stevon PBierton Let EKson P ng. EvanRhen Pineda. Mario Federico Piner. Gregory Holy Pmer . Kely EKzoberh Pinksron. John Murray Pinnix Barry Me Prison. Adrian Antonio Pmson Margaret Dense Pinson. Valerie Celeste Pinter. Michael Raymond Piper Virginia Bemo PVcock. Frances Anno Pner. John Mark Pin. Pomelo Jane Plttmon. Bryan Steve Pirrmon. David Engefcdorff Pmmon, Harrison Viaor Pirrmon. M Johnson Pirrmon. Juke Johnson Pirtmon. Lorry Jr. Plrrmon. Suson Marie Pill i ion. WAom Truiender Pitts. Gay Brandon Pirrs. Jerry Wayne Pins. QmnnnD Pits. WWam Mirchel Jr Plonk. Gave Lynn Plan. Cindy Marie Ptauche. Jennirer Anne Pleasant. Brendo Carol Plunk. Michele Rene RoWf Plunket. Jane Marie Podhn. Mctxjel Frank PoUord James Edwin I Polord. Jule Afcon Polord Otvio Paige Poggen Glen George Poh. Soon Teuong Poindexter. Pomelo WoJker PoK Chris Abner Poh. Dorma Joy PoK Gwendolyn Joyce Pofc. Norman Scott Pofc. Verniro Potock Mary Carhenne Ponds. Jimmy Del Pongerti, Stephanie Elizoberh Ponton. Carolyn Ann Ponton. PhBp Lee Poole. Bryant Lewis Pooie George M. Poole. Helen Frances Poote JukoESzoberh Pooler. David Michael Pope. Dorry Douglas Pope. Drian Sean Pope. Cc4efca Ann Pope. Deborah Lee Pope George Nebon Pope. Johnny Voyne Popernik, Richard Michael Poplar. Debra Jean Sanders Poppenheimef. Laurie Ann Porch. David Michael Porch, Robert L I POTTOS. Johnny Mo Porter, Cynthia Gale Porter. DevraKay Porter. Frankin Detano Porter. JomesS Porref. Jon Paul Poaef Kelvin Voyne Porter. Monhew Rudd Poaef Susan Roe Porter Vttam Conrad Porter a. Joseph Chris Portera. Stephen Greg Poms. Debomo Denbe Poms. Michoe) Louis Posey. Cynthia Le Posey. Cynthia Lee Posey. Gloria Leisa Post. Samuel Chopin Jr Porocki Douglas Edward Ponef , Lyndo Foye Pom Edwin Gimer Pom. Korhryn Lynn Pans. MorrhaRuth Poutos. Andria Pounden Michael Carrol Pounders. Yano Goyiee Powell. Barbara Carol Powel. Drendo Joyce Powel. Caren Marie Powel. Caroline Powei. DovidG Powefl. Lisa Arm Powei Martee June Pcnrtl. MichoH Otonmng Powel. PhyttsGayle Powel. Sondro Lou Powel. Thomas Warren Powel. Timothy Edward Powel w om Moyes Jr Power. Peggy Joan Cook Powers. Bly Joe Powers. Georgia Jean Davis Powers. Jocqueine Ma Powers Joel Russel Prorher. Bruce Harper Prorher. Valerie Jo Pratt. Beth Arm Pron Cheryl Kay Pron. Joel OoJg Pron. Larry Joe Jr Presley Curtis Edward Presley. Holy Korherine Pay. Lty Van Poynor. Connie Artene Poyntet. VBom Waioce Prasad Chandra No Prater Mekto Jane Presson. Bruce Alan Prestoge John Arthur Prestoge Kattiryn Dean Prestoge Metany Ann Preun. Wesley Randal Prewin. Angela Carol Prewirr. Steven Poge Prewin. Terri Lynn Prewin. WJey Charles Jr Pnce Jomes Alfred Price. Jomes Emory Price. Robert McForland Price. Tonya Rene Price. Vom Newman Jr. Pride. Mary Arm Pride. Portia Duke Pries. Edwin Hughes Priest. Kenneth Howard Primart. Joseph Todd Prince. Martha Eboberh Prince. Suzanne Prince. V e Gene Pringje. Charles Khmer Jr. Prisock. Donald Lee Jr Prisock. Kerry Lee PriKhard, Roger Lee Prirchom. Laura Efaoberh Prirchen. John Spencer Probst. Suson Goie Praoor. Terry Vreelond Proter. Stephanie Anne Proffer. Suson Aftson Provenza. Karen Marie Provenza. Parndo Elen Provias. Tony Christopher Prow. Stocey Lynn Prudhomme. Jimmy Gerotd Pruet. Brent Lane Prueft. Aven Pornoo Pruen. Chnaophef Douglas Pruen. Debra Ann Pruett, VKom Joseph Prum. Carlos Eugene Jr. PruirT Daniel Sioton Prurtt. Russel Tanner Pryor. Aden Com e Pryor. Carol Ann Pryor. Carol Elizabeth Pryor. Gwendolyn Pryor. Lesley Jan Pryor. Lyn PucXen. DonoCkxe Pucken. Michael Edmond Puen, Ronnie Douglas Pugh. Jomes Edgar Puien. Barksdoie McPheraon I Puten. Michael Thomas PuteaSoroF Pun. Mrinol Pumel. Thomas Chris Purser. Christopher Seole Purser. Todd Dewey Purser. VoAace Sutton Purvis. James Baxter Purvis. Joe Paul Purvis. Jutef Ebabeth Purvis. Suson Letah Smderw Register 395 Puryeor, Lorre Anne Purmon. Gregory Stephen Putnom, Horvey Dole Jr. Putnom, Johnny Word Jr Putz, Joseph E. Puyou. Stephen Fronds Pylote, Poige Lynne Pyron. Mork Allen Pyron. Vonesso Marie Q Quon. Ronnie Quorles, Charles Lelond Quarles, Korhy Ann Quotileboum, Henrierta Ann Quozi, Rummon Queyjo, Michoel Thomas Quigiey, Timothy Glenarvon Quinn, Michoel Edward Quinn. William Charnell Quintona, Benjamin Alexander Jr Quiriconi. Robert Alan Quiriconi, Stephan Frank Roones. Rkhord Duane Rackley, Gail Brenkert Rafferty, DonokJ John Rogan, Cheryl Ann Ragon, Richard Fenstermocher Rogan. Tommy Dewoyne Raglond, Joe Mac Ragon, Diana Joyce Rogon. Donno Kay Rogsdole, David Robert Roiner. Lewis Reid Roiner. Sandra Ann Raines. Georgia Susonne Raines, Gregory Alan Rainey. Anthony Dale Rains. Francis Tod III Rains, Lisa Karhlyn Rokestraw. Anita Carol Rakesrrow. Eddie Druce Rakha. Muhamed Fothi Ahmed Roley. Barry Dean Ramey, Thomas Henry Romio, Joseph Michoel Ramoo, Regu Ramphrey, George Wode III Ramsey, Bradley Swanson Ramsey, James Thomas Ramsey. Lorry Lovon Ramsey. Mark Hoywood Ramsey. Roy Clay Ramsey, Theresa Lynn Ramsey, Virginia Porhom Romzy. Evelyn Meal Romzy, Theron Geuord Jr. Rand. May Annette Randall. Thomas Herbert III Randle. Frances Elizabeth Rondle. Mark Bailey Randle, Sole Donald Jr Randle, Teresa Kaye Raney, Johnny Russell Rankin, Anne Denise RanKin, Elizabeth Aileen Rankin. Kristy Delaine Ronna. Carol Louise Rossouli. Ali Haji Rassouli. Jovod Haji Rotclrff Rondi Lyn Rotciiffe. Cabell Richardson Rother, Allison Leigh Wells Rother. Holly Mane Rother. John Edword Rather. Mary Alice Roulston, John Christopher Routine, Philip Don Rowlings. Jeffrey Dole Ray. Amelia Leigh Dyer Roy. Beverly Ann Ray, Donald Craig Ray, Donna Lorene Roy. Gary Toit Roy, Jackie Jo Ray, James Orho Roy. James Stevenson Roy. James William Roy, Joseph Eugene Ray. Kenneth Goyle Ray. LiloJeonnine Ray. Mork Dannel Roy, Mary Ann Peters Roy, Phyllis Lynn Roy. Rodney Alton Roy. Van Kyle Roy, William Frederick Rayburn. Abi Down Rayburn, Anthony Kent Rayburn, Stephen Eugene Reod. David M. Read, George Edward Read, Mark Thomas Reod, Soroh Correll Ready. James Edword Jr. Reasoner, Gregory Lewis Reaves. David Word Reckling, James Sterling Redding, Edwin Linfield III Reddin, Anthony Carl Reddoch. Michoel Lyon Redhead, Joseph Norwood Jr Redmond, Belinda Kay Redmond. Gloria Jean Redmond, John Pearson III Redmond, Lee Ester Redmont. Richard L III Reece. Charles Holder jr Reece. Michoel Dean Reed, Angela Davis Reed, Belinda Joyce Reed. Bruce Ellsworth Reed, Danny Lamar Reed, Don R. Reed, Faith Rochelle Reed, Horry Benron Jr. Reed, Jamie Lynn Reed. Jean Leigh Reed, Jimmy Keith Reed, Kenneth Noel Reed. Kimberly Gene Reed, Patrick Daniel Reed, Rondoll Jomes Reed. Randall Scort Reed. Robin Hoynes Reed, Roy Anne Reed. Susan Marie Reed. Wotler Bryant Reed. Witey William Jr. Reese, Douglas Payne Reese. Edie Elizabeth Reese. Jimmy Malcolm Jr. Reese, Phillip Corl Reese, Sarah H. Reese. Thomas Franklin Benjamin Theodore Geno Georgonne John Allan Melonie Joy Robert Simmons Jr Tammy Brite Reeve Reeve Reeve Reeve Reeve Reeve Regan, Jeremiah Lee Regon, Patricia Mono Regan, Viola Josepho Rego. James Wyman Reich, Potti Ann Reid. Cherry Beth Reid, Cynthio Carole Reid. James Paschal Reid. James Timothy Reid. Jon Reid. Lee Edword Reid, Leroy Jr. Reid, Richard Clyde Reid. Robin Reidy, Dorothy Elaine Haas Reidy. James Joseph Reinhort. Paul Darren Reisenmon, Mark Daniel Reisenwitz. Timothy Harold Rejebian. Myron Bradford Rencher, Daniel Mirchell Renfroe, Cohen Williams Jr Replogle. Williom Horry Rescho. Joyce Anne Resta. Elizabeth Retchtess. Deboroh Oerh Reuter. Sue Ann Reynders, Scott Raymond Reynolds. Constance Marie Reynolds, Danny Eugene Reynolds. Donald Clifton Reynolds. Jeffery Poul Reynolds, Jeffrey John Reynolds. Susan Marie Rezoee, Zobiholkih Rholy, Henry Corwford Jr Rhea. Robert Howard Matthew Rhert. Laura Leigh Rhinehort. William Edword IV Rhoods. Marcio Jenelle Rhodes. Arthur Delono Rhodes, James Thomas Rhodes, Jeffrey Miles Rhodes, Lee Anne Rhodes. Marvione Riazinejod. Porviz Riccomini. Basil Loneclot Rice, Delphine Rice. George Eorl Rice, George Johnson Rice. Karen McCoy Rice. Rander Rich, Charles Timothy Rich, Laurie Ann Rich, Wallace Edward Richard, Keith Edword Richards. John Grayson Richrds, Manell Richards, Mormon Jerre Jr. Richards. Zochory Hoyt Richardson, Allison Bardsley Richardson. Amy Turpin Richardson, Barbara Richardson. Eileen Hemphill Richardson, Elton Henry Richardson, Ginger Sue Richardson, Jonet Brooke Richardson. Jeffrey Brian Richardson. Kan Wynn Richardson, Kothi Joy Richardson. Kenneth Charles Richardson. Tracy Lee Rcihardson. William Scott Richey, Judy Kathleen Richey, Samuel Clark Richison, Scort Harris Richmond.BasilW.III Richmond. John Chisholm Richrer, Todd Christian Rick. Rhonda Ann Leslie Rickerts, Charles William Jr. Ricketts, Darby E P. Rickey, Robert Charles Rickman, Samuel Keith Riddell, John Frazier Riddick, Louis Simpson Riddle, Robert Harold II Rider. James Neil Rider. Peggy Jean Hester Ridgway, Carolyn Benrley Ridgwoy, Judson Longston Ridings. Janice Michele Rielond, Thomas Michael Riesenecker, Bradley Allen Rieves, Jimmy Allen Rigby. Micky Gwynn Riggs. Loura Annette Rigsbey. Anne Elizabeth Rikord. Gary Lee Riley, Charles Nelson Jr. Riley, Glen Mills Riley, Jean Morgan Riley. John Roger Riley, Michoel Dovid Riley, Neil Frank Riley. Patricia Angelia Swain Riley, Thomas Farrell Riley. Trino Hart Riley, Williom Howard Riley. Winnie Ann Duhon Rimmer. Jerry Normon Ring. Robert R Riser, Paul Gregory Rish, Jeff Windham III Rish. Julie Anne Rish. Melanie Suzerte Risher, Carol Ann Goodrich Ritter, George Howard Ritter, Susan Page Rivers, Mary Donno Rizzo, Steven Dovid Rizzo. Thomas C Roach. Brian Prince Roach. Nancy Caroline Roach. Terry D Roane. Emily Bethunia Roaron. Elizabeth Thornton Robbins. Anne McGowin Robbins, Janet Lorraine Robbins, John Wayne Robbins. Judy Wood Floyd Robbins, Karen Marie Robbins. Lynda Lee Robbins, Mavis Robbins, Reod Gregory Robbins, Richard Vaughn Robbins. Steven Gregory Robbins, Williom Lowndes Roberds, Darryel Lee Roberson, Andy D. Roberson. Jomes Willtom Roberson. Nancy Carol Roberts. Andrea Louise Roberts, Ben Tucker Roberts. Billy Gene Roberts. Cullie Taylor Roberts, Dorryl John Roberts. David Ambrose Roberts. Dennis Christopher Roberts. Forrest Dovid Roberts. Geroldine Dukes Roberts. Jomes Dixon Roberts. Jeffrey Mork Roberts, Keith Roberts. Kenneth J Roberts, Lorry Kurt Roberts, Mork Alon Roberts. Mary Denise Roberts. Mary Elizabeth Roberts. Mary Louise Carlisle Roberts. Mary Ruth Roberts. Mavis Vickie Jo Roberts, Neal Daniel Roberts, Neldo Jo Roberts, Rebecca Fron Roberts, Richard Cooper Roberts. Richard Todd Roberts. Sheila Jennene Roberts. Sherry Lyn Roberts. Stanford Thomas Robertson, Anita Ruth Robertson, Bobby Joe Robertson. Brenda Kay Robertson. Charles Keirh Robertson. Daniel Durward Robertson. Daniel Gray Robertson. Daniel Lee Robertson, Gloria Ann Robertson, James Michoel Robertson. Jeffery Wayne Robertson, John Corlron Robertson, John Lee Robertson, Lesslie Kay Robertson. Morion Elizabeth Robertson. Patricia Ann Robertson. Randy Keith Robertson. Ricky Robertson, Williom Wilson Robilio, Catherine Victoria Robinson, Charles Eric Robinson, Dovid Glenn Robinson, Ellen Hill Robinson, John Allen Robinson. John Stuort Robinson. Karherine Carlile Robinson, Kenneth Roy Robinson, Leslie Gaye Robinson, Lynett Elise Robinson, Martha Burney Robinson, McWillie Mirchell III Robinson, Melvin Donald Robinson, Peggy Ann Robinson, Rebecca Lynn Robinson, Regina Leo Robinson, Rodney Douglas Robinson, Sonya Kaye Robinson. Terry Glen Robinson, Tommie L. Jr. Robinson. Trocey Lynn Robinson, Williom Robert II Robison. Eleonor Huntington Roby, Jeffrey Kent Roby. Mork Steven Rocho, Veranisia Damascene Rockett. Mottie Rene Rodgers. Duke Kimbrell Rodgers. Lee Andree Rodriguez, Neysa Roell. Jonet Karen Rogers, David Mark Rogers, Jone Comille Rogers, Jennifer Leigh Rogers, Joe Wesley Rogers. John David Rogers, Jonathan Todd Rogers. Karherine Courtney Rogers. Kimm Rogers. Mory Lorena Rogers, Oby Thomas Rogers. Roy Gregg Rogers, Seth Doyle Jr Rogers, Susan Goyle Rogers, Terri Lynn Rogers. Trocey Zettie Rogers, William Bryan Jr Rogers, Williom Kent Rogers, Williom Levi Roland, Amanda Karhryne Roland, James Sessions Rolfe, John McKoin Rollins. George Marvin Rollison, Stocio Lynn Romano, Joseph Jomes Romine. Morcio Lynne Romo. Mark Gregory Ronaldi. Jeffrey Jon Rone. William Scott Rook. Eleanor Jefcoot Rooks, Eleanor Anne Root, Lindy Lafaye Roper, Laurie Elizabeth Roquemore. Catherine Ann Roquemore, Sam Kendall Roquet. John Anthony Ros. Joseph Henry Rosamond. Stephen Glenn Rose. Dovid Michoel Rose, Frank Vincent Rose. Karen June Rose. Michoel Dovid Rose, Rixie Harris Rose, Roberto Jill Rosen, Robert Loury Rosenbaum. Ruth Laurie Rosenrhal, Williom Bruce Ross. Cecil Hilliord Ross, David Horvey Ross, David Lewis Jr. Ross. Elizabeth Ross, Horry Scott Ross. Joel Craig Ross. Lee Anne Ross, Lori Kim Ross. Michoel Lee Ross, Myra Denise Ross, Myrtle Lucinda Ross, Ruth Oruns Ross, Warner Ausrln Ross, Williom Jeffrey Rossell. Debbie Lynne Rossell, Mory Alke Rossie, Robert Ellis Rosson, Sara Lucille Rorh. Sherry Lee Rotimi. Charles Rouchon, Claudia Marie Rountree. Jeffrey Cole Rouzoti. Nosrin Rover. Rochelle Ann Rowan, Beverly Lavette Rowan. Cathryn Kingsley Rowell. Cory Ken Rowland. Francis Herron III Rowland, Marilyn D. Rowland. Sidney Sue Tucker Rowland. William Lewis Rowsey, Angelio Lucile Rowsey, Dan Todd Rowsey. John Wayne Rowsey, Sherry Leonne Rowzee. Dorothy Jane Roy, Ann Caroline Roy. Christine Elizabeth Roy. Deborah Gayle Roy, Gregory Poul Roysrer, Don Jerome Rozino. Stephanie Lynn Rucker, Angela Denise Rucker. Gwendolyn Foye Rucker, Holley P. Rudd, Ann Barrett Rudmon, Suzonne Valerie Ruff, Gory Alan Ruffin. Vicki Lynn Ruge. Robin Teresa Ruhl, Stacy Ann Rule Wilham Sibley II Rummage. Jomes Mork Ruppert. Jacqueline Ruschewski. Dorryl Bruce Rush. Otto Steen Rushing. Jerry Lynn Rushing. Pamela Ann Rushing. Sidney Lonier Risk. Cheryl Crosby Russell, Andrea Annette Russell, Barry Reid Russell, Billy Michoel Russell, Cynthia Jone Russell. Gregory Lovelle Russell, Jennifer Elizabeth Russell. Jennifer Leah Russell, Kimberly H. Russell. Lawrence Alton Jr. Russell, Lisa Annette Russell. Margaret Hayword Russell. Rhonda Diane Russell. Rhonda Lynn Hole Russell, Ronald Scort Russell Sheila Gail Russell, Stephanie Anne Russell. Thomas Logon Jr. Russo. Carlo Anne Russum, James Patrick Ruth, Kevin Scort Rutherford. Lynda Carol Ryols. Somoro Ann Rybok, Lucy Anne Rybok, Suson Jane Rye. Gregory Lynn Sobatier. James M. Sobbotini. Paul Joseph Sobine. Dovid Corl Sabuncu. Ahmet Murot Sodako. TareK Shehodeh Sadler. Earl Harlin III Sadler. Lelieso Michelle Safieddine Abbas Mohamad Sogen. Patricia Floy Smith Sahu, Krushna Chondro Sohu, ProbhatiShow Saig. Victor Samuel Sole, Owen Kelly Solehpour. Mohammad Salem. Azizo Sallis. Holly Carol Sollis, Stephen Michael Salmon. Caroline Connell Salomon. John Bowmon Solters, Gwendolyn Solyachivin, Poomchai Samaan. Sarnie Bohjot Sommons, Leigh Ann Sommons. Lisa Gaye Sampson, Nathon McMullen Samson. Brighom Gilbert Sanchez, Poul William Soncillo. Tony Andrew Sandefer, Cynthio Michelle Lodner Sondefer, Sharon Ann Spearman Sandefur. Mark Vanness Sondefur. Robert Dovid Sanders, Aaron Joy Sanders, Alicia Corinne Sanders, Barry Clay Sanders. Carol Marie Beaver Sanders, Cathy June Sanders. Celetta Lee Sanders. Corinne Alexander Sanders. David Anthony Sanders. Dovid Lee Sanders. Diono Lynne Sanders. Donna Lise Sanders, Jomes Roy Sanders, Jim Lone Sanders. John Fredrick Sanders. John Richard Sanders. Kimberly Jill Sanders, Ronald Keith Sanders. Sara Myrtice Sanders, Sherald Dale Sanders, Stephanie Carr Sanders. Thomas Andrew Sanders, Timothy Loyd Sanders. Wendy Lee Sanders. Willis Gerald Jr Sanders, Winifred Anne Sanderson. Gina Michele Sondlin. Sharon Lynn Sondroni, Jill Ashley Sanford. Jefferson Franklin Sonfored. Jerry Woyne Sonford, Jimmie Holland Sonford. Mary E Sonford, Williom Douglas Jr. Sang. Alan Jerome Song. Anthony C Sanguinerti, Charles Patrick Santo Cruz. John Randall Santino, Ahmad M. Sanrina. Sherry C. Sappington, Chris T. Soreewiwatthono. Paiboon Soreewiwarthono. Solya Charuchindo Sorji. Mustopha Sarringar. Koryl Deniece Sortain. Kothy Lorraine Sartor, Elizabeth Sanders Sartor, Martha Roy Sartor, Williom Smith Jr. Sosser. Jo Anne Souder, Sandra Lee Sauer. Suzonne Elizabeth Sounders, Harold Turner Jr Sounders, Kothryn Deaton Sounders. Lisa Vorley Savage. Colleen Mary Savage. James Savage, Maurin Dean Savell, Nancy Jan Savell, Wayne Stokes Sawyer, Christopher Brian Sawyer. John Robert W. Saxton, Ernest Lamar Jr. Soyegh, Jeffrey Joseph Scafidi, Shori A. Scollions, Angela Lee Scallorn, Roylynn Sconlon, Margaret Ann Scarborough, Bruce Malcolm Scorbrough, Elizabeth Ann Scorbrough. RichordArlon Scotes. Julia Marie Schaefer. Williom Mark Schaeffer. Rex Lorin Schoffenburg, Poul Carlos Scheer, Jerald Stuort Scheffing, Tracy Lynn Scheffler, Towner Bennett Schlosser. Michael John Schlosser, Valerie Lynn Ashman Schmeisser. Eloine Falls Schmidt. Charles Theodore Schmidt. Debro Karherine Schmidt, Elizabeth Jone Schmidt. Jeffrey Alon Schmieg. Robert Eugene Jr Schmutz. Sandra Goil Schneider. Gregory James Schneider. Mory Coserte Schneider, Michoel Anthony Schneiter, Ronald C Schneller. Lucy Webb Schneller. Williom Frederick Jr. Schoen. Julia Chastine Schoenly, Victoria Arnold Arnold Schoenoff. Kurt Scholes. Loura Lynn Schoonover, Eric Herbert Schove, Clinton August Schove. Janet Ann Schulle. Jona Lynne Schulre. Emily Irene Schulte. Laura Ann Schulrz, John Thomas Schulz. Erin Mory Schulz, Karen Beth Hooker Schuster, Howard Leslie III Schurz, Leslie Karen Schwolb. John D Schwartz. Mark James Scobey, Jeffrey Mark Scoggins. Poul Martin Scott. Alisa Melody Scon. Angela Renee Scan, Anrhony Gene Scott, Brerr Preston Scott, David Len Scort. Gwin Chalmers Scott, Joseph R Scott. Keri Jill Scott. Leigh Ellen Scott. Linda Anne Scott. Mortha Josephine Scon. Patrick Owen Scon. Rhonda Mochelle Scon. Sidney Tomos Scorr, Stephen Hanna Scon. Tina Jone Scoville. Trocey Ann Scruggs. Kimberly Ann Scruggs. Natalie Palmertree Scruggs. Sophie Ellen Scurlock. Anne Elizabeth Seal, Sidney Woyne Seale, Kirk Ward Seals, Keith Gerald 5ealy, James WJr Seoly. Mary Elizabeth Seorfoss, Stephen A Sears. Cheryl Seors, Cynthia Narcissa Sears. James Wheeler Seors. Potti Lynne Seose. Denise Dionne Seddon. Kevin John Selley, Melisso Jone Seeley, Sherry Lynn Segars. Neila Foye Bennett Segono, Amy Margor Seid. Peggy Lynn Seitz, Sabine 396 Student Register : i :, Sekttwo. Artuctw SeKul. Tomye Lyn Selby John Lourin Set y SoroOen Set John Dough Jr Seierv Jamie Lyn SeHey PhyteAnn Selmon. Mary Vlder Sekrxvv Gwendolyn Lorraine Setva. Thomas John Semmes. Mary Bryant Senter AmyG. Sertxji Mozen-Louron Servant. Denis Stock? mcse. Sandra Ann Sevorwe M hoet Andrew Sexton. Margaret Evetyn Sexton. V. Lawrence Seymer. Thomas Rosse Seymour. Arnold Larry Seymour. Gat Renee - Jflt a ItTK - Ot ShockeBord. OMfiiOptiei Kekli ShocMefard Jeanne Marie Shacldock MorjorieKaie Shodko. Gregory Andrew Shaffer vUhodoLeeH Shoheen Robert VSbom Shokir Hosan ShaXt SubiSaed Shommout LuotAmin Shonohan. Dovid Peter Shanks Jocovefyn Anene Shanks James Dovid Shorter Po ulSytveer Shannon. Jocquefene Elone Sharman Charles Moss Shormon. Sandro Jeanne Sharp Garvin Sounders Sharp Soroh Joon Shorpe Susan Elizabeth SNxioMect Theresa Anne Show ESzaberh Leigh Show Lai Hamkonl Show Margaret Jane Saww Mary Elizabeth Show Susan Lvrm Show Teresa Rose Keslet Show Vam Frederick Sheon DanHVakers Sheorin Mary Lee Sheedy Micheie Annette Sheegog Cordeta Sheehon. JomesEric Sheehon Thomas Joseph Sheers Daniel Thomas Sheffield Atari Jerome Sheffield Metope Rose Shelby James Keith She! James Randal Shetey Jooarhan Sheley Pomelo Jon Sheiman James Edwin Shekon Anthony Jorn Shekon Bity Randal Sheltoo Elzobeth Ashley Shekon. John Joseph IV Shelron. Susan Lee ShemwelJuio Louise Shepord Earnesr Dud Shepherd. Eva Am Sherman Craig Pom Sherman. Frances Marie Shermno. James John Sherman. James N. Jr. Sherman. John Michael Sherri Ahmad Rashod Sherrod Tommy James Shibley Joseph Paul Shiel. Royce Edward Shields. Alexo Yvonne Shields Coro Deal Shields Meknie Down Shields rimorhy Michael Shx Voker Eugene Shine Victor Lono SNnsto Christopher Joseph Shipp Pr " Bp Palmer rv SNppy Robin Dee Shirley J C Shirley. James Arthur Shiver Leto Elizabeth Shrverick Susan Moseley Shoof KothrynLesie Shoemaker Andrew Shoemaker James Horace Shoemaker Mary Carolyn Shoemaker Ph pScon Shoffner Cindy Rene Shohadoee Ahmad At Shoty Besharo Ibrahim Shook. Henry UndsTram Shook. Jamie Loveme Shope Abb Lynn Shores Jennifer Oare Short Amy Esete Short Bobby Joe Shorter. Jimmy Dokon Shorter, Lyonel Joe Shorwel AdoChnsteno Shoup Everen Dryant Shows Marshal Truen Shuford Scon Emerson Shot Korhryn Ann Shukz. Broatey Aten Shumate. Vom Dovid Shumperr, Antron Shumpert. Sherry Lynn Shun. Terri Meshe no Sibley Mark Alan Siedel Robert Alan Siegel Gloria Beryl Shubow Siegmonn. Oaucfto Sigier Anko Grace Sigler. Leah Carol Signo Pout Elizabeth Sfces SigndEStoberh Sfcarski Raymond Michael Sahensen James Bryan SAmon Benjamin Rue 5 Jon Mark S Milord Joel S Steven Craig Stveira Edfcerro Rocho Sim. Kooi Chang Simmons Craig Michel Stnmons. Dano Denise Sknmons Donald OydeJt Simmons Heber Sherwood Simmons. JM Simmons. John Vode Simmons. JuSus Toytoe Jr. Simmons Katrina June Simmons. Kenneth Roy Simmons. Leo Suzanne Simmons. Margaret EBen Simmons Tommy Nelson Simmons V am Detrnar Simonetri Robert Bryan Simons Ross Parkci Sknpson. Carolyn Klees Simpson. John Stewart Simpson LidM Mann Sims DeSndo Gate Sims Earnest Lee Sims. Gregory Helmet Sims. Gwendolyn Gal Sims Jean Bel Sims Kathleen Marie Stns. Larry Anthony Sims. Lisa Gay Smis PhyBsAnko Sims. Stephonio Ann Sims. Wifcom Scott S. Km Peng Sinervo. Richard Eugene Sncjh Surendro Smghapakct. Anusorn Singletary Jean Elizabeth Smatetory. Vanda Goy Singleton. Ateen D Smatey Roy Augustus Smkter. Sara Catherine Smouefietd. Robert Steven Stow, Kuan Hsian Stera. Dovid PoU Sisokun Siphon Ui SisK Gregory Alan SKSOO Miriam Jean Sisson Penny Roy SenunK Sophie Hutson Stsrrunk. VBam Veston 7- ' 1 ' C J " D " Sit. Ronnie Canon Sizemore. Mahsso June Skey Kathleen Lee Skety Margaret Lemley Shekon. Henry Fox I Skekon. Lori Anne Skekon. Mary Rose Skekon. Terri Elaine Skekon. Thomas Michael Jr Skekon. VicW Lynn Skinner. Homer Meode Shirmer. Hugh Adams Skinner. Jeffrey Eugene Skinner Richard David Jr Skinner. Tamoro Joy Skrien Michael Alan Stode Steven Douglas Stare Kothy Jean Applewhiie Slater. Atoert James Staughrer. Arnold Dewoyne Slaughter. Arthur Miek Salughrer. Kimberry Arm SkxigMer. MoKe Stovens Charles Frederick Jr Sory Ester F Stay. Missie Martdo Sledge Jimmy Reid Jr Sledge Rebecca Lynn Stoan LynnMOer Sloan. Richard Geoffrey Slone Larry Alen Stone Morifyn Sue Stowev. Theresa Louise Smal. Komryn Detons Smoiey. Sandro Renee Smolwood. James Ofion Smotwood. Vom Carter Smiey. John Alexander Smink. Jeffrey Robert Smith Atva Marie Smh Amfcor Smh AmyEmty Smith Amy Vfcne Smith. Angle Vemise Smith Anno Catherine Smth. Anrhnoy Dwayne Smith. Barbara Arm Smith. Darboro Grace Smith. Beverly Carolyn Smkh. DJry Maxwel Smith. Can Edward Smith. Carolyn Leigh Sm h Charles David Jr SnKh Onion Lamar Jt Smith Darv Cheryl A ed Smth. Daniel Glenn Smith, Domel Glenn Smith. David Frank Smim. David Oren Srnirti . David Shepord Smith. Deborah Mathis Smkh. Doug Edward Smkh. Edward C Smith. Edward Heel in i : it Smkh, Emly Goy Smkh. Ernest Marcus Smith. Foye B Smkh. GaWn Anthony Smkh. Gary Dean Smith. Gary Laram Smkh. Gkxo Dee Franks Smkh. Gregory Harold Smkh. Harry Humphry Smkh. Helen Koto Smkh Herman Shane Smkh. Jackie Vamel Smth. James Carkan Smth. James Earl Smkh. James Emonuel Smith. James L Jr Smth JoneVotWns Smkh Jeffie Mae Smkh. John David Smth John Varren Smkh. Karen Ann Smkh. Karen June Smkh. Karen Korhleo Smth, Karhy Dinese Smkh. Katie Lois Smkh. Kekh Edward Smkh. Keth Lamar Smkh. Ken Dudtey Smth. Kendol Ann Smkh. Kevin Joseph Smkh. Kimberfy Kety Smth. Kurt Denver Smkh Laura Arm Smth. Laura Jane Smth. Laura Kay Smkh Lee Lorane Smkh. Les e Fisher Smth. Lisa Armene Smkh. Lisa V Smkh Louie Joy Smkh. Mae VBye Smth. Mark Kety Smth Mortn Roy Smth. Martha Lyrme Smkh. Mary Ovs Smkh. Mary Kathleen Smth. MatneBurnen Smth. Metore Ann Smkh. Mekmie Jean Smth Melody Arm Smkh. Michael Carl Smiitv Michael Onton Smkh. Michael John Smkh. Michael Kekh Smth. Michole Kevin Smkh. Micheie Hope Smkh. Mickey Charles Smth. Miriam One Stone Smkh. Pamoo Arm Smkh. Pmtiuu EBen Smkh. Patrick Oten Smth. Patsy Arm Smkh. Paul Anthony Smth. Paul Kenneth Smkh. Perrin Nelson Smkh Perry Michael Smkh. PhBpBowen Smkh. PhBp Karl Smth Rebecca Smkh. Rebecca bene! Smkh. Rebecca Ruth Smth. Richard Akon Smth, Richard McCoCser Smkh. Robert Bruce Smkh. Robert Vanderhoof Smith, Ronald Brian Smkh. Ruby Dorrh Keiey Smkh. Saty Elzoberh Smth. Sommy Dovid Smkh. Sarah Hodyn Smkh. Scon Fan- Smth. Shety Lynn Smth. Sherron Lyrm Smkh. Stephany Votkms Si i liili. Stephen Paul Smkh. Steven Akm Smkh. Steven Randal Smkh. Steven Varren Smkh. Susan Carol Smkh. Susan Cheryl Smkh. Susan Lyrm Mdde Smkh. Susan Stacy Smkh. Susannah Marie Smkh. Sydney Perm Smkh. Tammy Marie Smth. Terry AJen Smkh. Terry Harold Smth. TnoGuBebeau Smkh. Vardaman Kimbal I Smkh. Vicki Lyrm Smkh, Vhkney Thompson Srrvrh . Vjfeom Oork Smtheal. Rebecca Lee Sneed Charte Clarence Sneed. Joseph Norman Sneed Juke Lyrm Sneed. Kay Arm Sneed. Rory Hudson Snelgrove. Dovid Aen Snider. Deborah Lyrm Yoncy Snipes. Carl Randal Snipes. Jane M Snipes. Potrido Neat Snipes. Steven Grovet Snowden. Mora Gay Snuffer, MiChoH KirK Snyder. Jane Vaker Snyder. Jean Larue Snyder. Tony Randal Sobers Charles Bernard Sobocko. Oement John Jr. Sodipe MoraJanyoOlakunle SoetXer Darby lane Soehn. Erwood Ralph Jr. SokoW MarrinEarl SoWevto. Dote Francis Soktevto. Mekmie Dartene SoWevilo Monico Sones. Debro Arm Soo. Gndy Ann Soon Chang Yew Soper. Timothy Lee Soper ToddChories Sour Margaret Stacy Sourhenond Michael Voyne Sowei. John Mark Sowel. Porriaa Micheie Spain. Charles Norman Sparkman. Steven Travis Sparks. Jean Mane Sparks. John Thomas Sparks. Larry Dwight Sparks. Monroe Jesse- James Jr Sparks. Vam Dovid Spear JudkhFJen Spear. Vivian Spearman. Teresa Lee Turner Spears. Johnny Lyrm Spears Jonathan T Spears Sheto Ann Spedale. Madeleine Dowson-Abe Speed Lisa Ann Speed. Richard Lewis It. Spel. Jane Ebabeth Spel. Jkn Kervin Spel Laurie Elizabeth Spel. Roben Gene Spel. Susan Elaine Spence. Linda Lou Davis Spencer Ahm Leon Spencer. Carol Arm Spencer. Frances Harrison Spencer. James Ross Spencer. James VBam Spencer. John Burton Spencer Uso Done Spencer. MeCsso FJen Spencer. Robert dark Spiers. Charles Vley Spiers. Evelyn Smkh Salmon, KatherineLee Spnks. Lyrme Rebecca Hester Spmks. Michael Roy Spinner Brendo Holmes Spisak. Valerie Lisbefh Sptzer. Richard D Spivey. Daniel Starr Spivey Koiherine M Spivey. Vickie Louise Spokore. Vincent Voldo Spooner. Shannon OeesK Spoonrs. Jermier Spans. Janet Alne Sprogns. Hal Sect Sprogins John Richard Sprortey. Stephen Patrick Sprorfcn Chose Dean Sproyberry. Mark Server Sprng. Marjorie Louie Springer. Christopher Michael Sprouse. Robert Voyne Spry. Ralph Benj amin Spurrier Koiherine Stewart SnvosTova Krishna Kishore Srivnok. Anongnart Srivtiok. Paowptos Srivnok. Vtvos St John. Lisa Anne St Mary KevmDtome St. Mary. Todd Edward Stacy. James Harold Stockher. Michoel Staehle. Leslie Arm Stafford Jeff Howard Stafford John Mervti Statworrh Harriet Lyrm SroBworTh. Martha Komryn Srampley Dovid Q Stance) Mark Robert Stonek. FronKhn James SranM. Tero Arm Stonford. John Dovid Stanford. Kely Jan Srorrford. Pomelo Mow Stanford Susan Brown Stanford. V am Todd Stanley. Frank Gerard Stanley. Katherine Lyrm Staples. Sherry Yvonne Stopp Laurien O ' Neal Storks OeooLoven Storks. Dale AKin Storks. Patrice Uxe Stames. Rooert CodK el Srask . Raymond Richard Stolen. Dovid Chris Stofhom. James Mark Statham. John Scon Sraton. Vam Atred Stead. GanGespie Stead. Room Alexandra Steed. Roy Thomos Steele Amanda Kaye Steete. Barbara Jean Steete. Samuel Dovid Steepleton TaroLee Stefani. Arme MKa Sregal. Karhy Micheie Sregol Nancy Sue SfegoB Soroh Joe Stehr. Gnd Carol Reynolds Stehr. Richard VKam Stohr, Vifcom Peter Sremriede. Robert Oyde Stemmter, Jennifer Louise Stengel. Nancy Lou Stennen. VAam C. Srent. Suzanne Yvonne Stephens Elizabeth Ja Stevens. Patrick John Stevens. Sharon Lyrm Stevens Stanley Mark Stevens. Tereso Marie Stevenson. James Stevenson. Karen Leigh Steward Beano Steward. Lisa Branon Steward Warn Noel Stewart. Akm Ktk Stewart Beau A. Stewait. EmoKate Stewart. Gies Norswonhy Stewart Hkta Hunter Stewart James Carl Stewart. James Earl Stewart James Steven Stewart. Jeffrey Veston Stewart. Jerry Stewart Joe Gregory Stewart Joyce Lyrm Stewart. Laura Arm Stewart Lauren date Stewart. Lucius Jockson Jr. Stewart Lyrm Alice Stewart. Melon Howard Stewart. Mono Kay Stewart. PatricioDione Stewart. Sheiy V. Stewart Susan Lorraine Stewart. Tamo Down Stewart. Terri Lyn Haguewood Stewart. Thomos Hunter Stewart Van Luther Stewart Victor D Stewart Voor L Sneo. Roger Lee Srieneker. Andrea Koy Sril Dennis Letond Sri SolyDenoe Sm Vam Steven Srflmon. Cynthia Joan StBiiicii. Michael Trent Srine. Rebecca Lyrm Stingiy James Roy I Stinnett. Russel Glenn Srinson Looftanne Srrtng Vyy Robb Stives. Richard Leonard . Stock. Edwin Vine SiucKsiA. Lon Elizabeth Stoddard. Loire Lyrm Stodgrdl. Steven Paul Stoker. Ted Ocb Stokes Jeffery Neol Stokes. Jerry Kermeth Stokes Lourin Lee Stokes. Martin ML Stokes. Patrioa Armene Stokes Stephen Baxter Stokes. Warn Desmond Stot. Adam Andrew Sroirz Jonothan Patnck Stone. Akm Kekh Stone. Diana Gaston Furrel Stone. Regino Louise Stone Robert Michoel Stone Sharon Marie Stoop. Lone Arm Storey Mary Diarme Stork. Rhonda dark Story. Andrea Renee Stort Kothryn Arm Stout. David Coins Stout. GuyCorkon Stout. James Michel Stoval. Joe Herwy Stove Laura Leigh Stoval Undo Susan Stowers. Debro BoJey Stowers. Math IfenkHj Srroder. Mark Benson Strange. John Burke Strange. Joseph Atoert Stronon. David Parran Straw. Brien Andrew Straw. Peter Thomas Street. John Thomas Jr Srrebeck, Sarah Lois Sneet Jay Shelron Srribing, Barbaro Sloan StribSng. John Hardoge Strickland. Andrew kwm StncMond. Betty Jo StricMond. Beverly Carol Stricktond. Margaret Afcon StricMond. Terry Voyne Smckfcn Jay Scott Strider. Stocey Yvene Stringer Joseph Daniel Stringer Kathryn Coleen Srrmger. Micheie G Stringer. Vando Gal Smngtelow Mary Lee Strong. Deborah Leo Strong. Mark Arthur Stroud. BlyeJean Srroud. John Busby Stroupe. Ricky Guy Srroupe Stephanie Grace Srruwe. Sara Arm Stuart. Tmo Etaobeth Stubbteheld Beverly Ann Stubbteheld PoiyArm Srubblefield Sophronio K CoKns Stubbs James Otver Srubbs. John Embrey Jr Stubbs. Ste- nT. Srukz. ModeenoMoy Stumpfl. Scon Alen Stundtner. Matthew Robert Srurdrvant. Dovid Akm SruraWart. Esther Mae Steele Sturdrvont Karon Ann Srurdrvant. Max Ovid Jr Srurdrvant. Sharon Jane Sryers. Carole Jean Sryers. Carolyn Jeanerte Sryers. Sherry Arm Su. Pang Tek Johnny Subten. Robert Langhome Suk. Beverly Arm SuKvon Arme Scon SuBvan. Brian Smkh SuMvon. Eugene Leo SUtvon. George Darreck Sutrvan. James Sterren Suiivon John Thomas SuBvon. Koirie Bel SuBvan. Kevin Maurice SuBvon. Leverio Denise SuCvon. Michael Brent SuBvan. Michael Patrick SuBvon. Rondel Gterm Jr SuBvan. Rebecca Cheryl SuBvon. Ricky CJyrm SuBvan Robin Reno SuBvan. Ruse Eugene SuBvan. Shown Ne SuBvan. SheritoD. SuBvon. Sanyo Leigh SuBvon Stephanie Lyrm Sufivon Susan Dense SuBvan. Vesta Ann Summerin. Guy Shannon Summers. Angela Joye Summers. Carole Arm Summers. Trade Arm Sumner. John Morel Jr Sumnetv Caraly Moorheod Sumrol. Tracy Lirm Sun. Chiang Ono Sunderraj. Vrvek Roy Daniel SungHorTao Sunn Chrisna Leigh Surm. DurJey Shane Surmon Cynthia Jean Surhon Vaker Fane Sunon Jeffrey Lewis Swafford DetroNorm Swafc Steven Alen Sworn. BBy Charles SwOitn. VBiom Dnxe )t . Swales Edward Brooks Jr. Sown. Dana J Swarm Charles Travis Swarm. Kermeth Michael Swarm. Marrho BoKng Swarrzfoger. Helen FJzabeth Sworrzfager. Raymond Oarence Sweat. Andrew Donaldson Sweertond. Jeffrey Prentice Swtzer. PoutoGoy Swords. Kermeth Lee Swords. Suzanne Lyrm Sykes. Gregory Leven Sytanco. Lorraine Szuwabki. Andre Michoel Stephens, John Voyne Stephens. Kety Rene Srephens. Mary Annabel Stephens, Mjcttoet Lone Stephens. VCam Todd Stephensofi, Jeffrey Lynn Stephenson. Paul Thomas Stopp, Donno Karen Stevens. Hurchel Perry Jr. Stevens. John Ashley Jr Stevens. Mary Katherine Oemmer Stevens. Mary Meissa yn Toosoobshirozi. Abdoutoh Tober. Terry Lynn Tobesh, Mohommod Tobor. Liso Koy Tocken, Robert Ewing Todemy. Anrhony Duone Todlock, John Webster III Toggorr. Robert Corlton Tokossi. Mohommod Tolofous. Cynthia Dawn Tallie, Micheal Fitzgerald Tally, William Kevin Tan. Godfrey Jee Shing Ton. Kian Choon Ton. Leong Hin Ton, Lui Choo Ton. Yew Seng Tong, Hoo Tong, Young Tongeman, Daniel Allen Tangeman, Margaret Tonkersley, Goil Ann Tonksley. Mork M. Tonnehill, David Henderson Tannehill, Dione Moe Evans Tanner, Hugh Eorl Tanner, Pometa Parrish Tantikarn, Rosrin Tapp. John Mork Topp, Julian Hogon Toros, William Michoel Tarawolly. Sorie Soidu Tarbutton. Koren Frances Torkington, Debro Ann Bennert Torkington. Terri Lynn Torner. Elisabeth Ainsworth Torpley, Jennifer E. Tarront. Joe Arnold Torsi, Lori Lynn Tarn. Dloke III Tom, Tammie L. Torvin. Suson Eileen Tare. Corherine Michelle Tore, Cornelius Fitzgerald Tore. Cynthio Jo Lindsey Tote. Deborah Grace Tote. Dtone Stroud Tore. John Charles Tote. Jonathan Stuart Tote, Mariso Oneil Tote, Martha Leigh Tote, Michelle Suzanne Tore, Milton Loverne Tore, Sarah R. Doxey Tare, Srephen Sheoly Tote. Williom McLoin Tatum. Borry Feothersun latum. David Graham Tatum, Julia Grace Tovoleti, Korhryn Ann Toylor, Anna Elizabeth Greene Taylor, Brenda Mochell Taylor, Bruce Toylor, Darby Ann O ' Neil Toytor, David Wayne Toylor. Debro Carol Toylor, Debro Jeon Toytor. Dionna Leo Toytor. Donno Foye Toylor. Eric Toytor. Frank J. Toytor. Goil Marie Toytor, Goyle Taylor, Herbert Atonzo IV Toytor, Jock Howard Jr. Toylor. Jomes Nathaniel Moctin III Taylor. Jomes Timorhy Taylor, Jomes Winfield III Taylor, Janet Lee Toylor, Jeffery Young Taylor. Jeffrey Ward Toylor, John Alien Jr. Toylor, Joyce Toylor, Lorry Louis Toylor, Undo Sue Taylor, Liso Marie Taylor, Lucy Bledsoe Taylor, Martha Taylor. Martin A, Toytor, Mary Toytor, Michael Madison Taytor. Nancy Beosley Toylor, Patricia Daniel Taylor. Robert Downing IV Taylor, Robin Lynerte Toylor, Ronald Gorrett Taylor, Rourger Lynn Toylor. Scort Alan Toytor, Shelby Allyn Taytor, Sheree Gwen Taytor. Sherri Deniece Taylor. Suson Gascoigne Taylor, Suson Renee Toylor, Suson Renee Taytor. Teri Ann Toytor, Tina Jean Toytor. Verleon Taylor, William F. Taylor, Williom McLorty Jorran Teogue, Drent Allyn Teogue. Kotherine Anne Teasley, Susan Weldon Tedford, Gerald Paul Tedford, Helen D. Tedford. Toni Gall Teevon, Judith Ann Teevon. Neil Bernard Tetfer, George Curtiss Temple. Alan Moore Temple. Cynthia Goil Temple, Hubert Dewone Jr. Temple, Karen Elizabeth Templeton. Jonno Deonne Tennont, Brian Dole Tennonr. Juonira Down Terrocina, Anrhony Dominic Terrocina. Joseph Roy Terrell. Drendo Goyle Terrell. Ronald R Terrell, Tiffany Ann Terry, Allison Lee Terry. BonitoG. Tester, Donald Eorl Tettleton. Philip Odom Tew, Michael David Thames, Amzi Godden Thames. Hampton Delooch Thames, Mary Louise Temple Thorpe, Gregory Myers Theodore, Sondro Lee Therrell. Amy Suzanne Therrell. John Murray Thies, Suson Skelton Thies, Thomas R. Thigpen, Kelvin Ambrose Thigpen, Laverne Thimmes, Christopher Dovid Thimmes, Stephen Scort Thomas, Andre Thomas, Botos Wilson Jr. Thomas, Bernice Yvene Thomas, Berh Hailey Thomas, Bertino Doniece Gaines Thomas, Corolee Thomas, Corherine T. Thomas, Donno Carolyn Thomas. Edison Westmoreland Thomas, Frances Anne Thomas, George Rondle Thomas, James Lewis Jr. Thomas. Janice Elaine Thomas, John Buckingham Thomas, John Timothy Thomas, Lori Lee Thomas, Nancy Gorman Mumford Thomas, Patricia Ann Thomas, Paul Andrew Thomas. Paul Aubrey Thomas. Ronnie Lone Thomas, Rosie M. Thomas, Sam Sfornes Thomas. Sandra Kay Thomas. Sheila Alvonell Thomas, Sherrye Lee Thomas. Tambria Sobreno Thomas, Terri Lynn Thomas. Toni Lynn Thomas. Toni Lynn Thomas, Valerie Diane Thomas, Vickie Lynn Thomas. Williom Akins Jr. Thomas. Williom Darryl Thomas-Clark. Jill Thomoson, Patsy Ann Thomasson, Patricia Ann Thompson. Alvin Richardson Thompson, Brett Williom Thompson. Carolyn Ann Thompson. Cynthio Oarice Thompson, Donno Annette Thompson, Eormo Jean Thompson, Edgor Eorl Thompson, Evon Leon Thompson. Goil Patrice Thompson, Gilbert Hank Thompson, Gregory Harold Thompson. James Howard Thompson, Jonet lyn Oversrreer Thompson. Julius Carter Jr. Thompson, Kenneth Bradford Thompson, Kenneth Lee Thompson, Leslie Suson Thompson, Linda Rochelle Thompson, Morion Anthony Thompson, Martha Tetfoir Thompson, Melanie Evette Thompson, Melissa Sherill Thompson, Michael Roye Thompson. Pomelo Reed Thompson. Patrick Francis Thompson, Patrick Weston Thompson, Phillip Franklin Thompson, Rose Marie Thompson, Steven Corl Thompson, Suson Memory Thompson, Suzanne Marie Thompson, Tereso Goyle Thorne, Dianne B. Thorne. Koren Elizabeth Thornhill. Franklin Thomas Thornhill. Williom No IV Thornton. Amy Kay Thornton, Carolyn Gonette Owens Thornton, Charlotte Denise Thornton, Cynthia Renee Thornton, James Dixon Thornron, Jo Anno Thornron. Leah Elizabeth Thronton, Michael Dovid Thornron. RebeccsJeon Thornron. Suson Alita Thorp, James Kevin Thrash, Patrick Dewoyne Thrasher, Timothy Dean Threadgill. Amy Ooir Threodgill. Misti Kim Threadgill, Peggy Jeon Aven Threkeld, Steve Wayne Thrift. Jtll Lorie Throckmorton, Raymond Trosk Jr. Throneberry, Thomas Ross Thurlow, Richard B. Thweott, Curtis Mark Tice, Cynthio Ann Tidwell, Belinda Jo Tidwell, Carol Lynn Tidwell, John Mercer Jr. Tidwell. Teddy Delane Tilghmon, Melindo Till, Jeffry Trent Tillman, Howard Samuel Tillmon, Michael Rives Tlllmon, Scort Webb Tillmon, Vicky Anne Tilton, Christopher Alan Timmie, Ernest James Tims, Otis Roy Tims, Tammy Lane Tindoil, Nellie Rurh Tisdole. James Louis Tisdole, Margaret Ann Tisdole. Steven Berkley Tisdelle, Debro Joan Anderson Tison. Anmarie Tison, Michael Patrick Tizzano, Joseph P. Tobin, Scott Raymond Todd, Linda Todd, Terrell Ann Todd, Thomas Kemper Tohill, Virginia Ann Tolbert. Patricia Morris Dooley Tolbert, Philip Mobry Tolbert. Tommy Koy Toler. Katherine Walne Toler, Patricia Lynn Toler, Word Brown Totleson. James Edward Tolleson. Timothy Bruce Tolleson, Trocey Lynn Tollison. Barbara Jeon Donald Tamo, Raymond Daniel Tomaszewski, Jennifer Susan Tomlin. Don Otis III Tomlin, Tora Ann Tomlinson, Dinetia Dale Tomlinson, Kothryn Lea Tomlinson. Tracy Leonn Tompkins. Deobroh Elise Toney, George Adrian Toney, Thomas Ellwood Toon, James Bertram Toon. Nai Fong Topper. Sandra Kay Torbush, Janet Faye Torkingron, Linda Weisling Torkington, Richard Scon Tornoris. Georgios Toro. Botero Froncisco Mouricio Torres. Alba Patricia Torres. Epifanio Torrey, Ella King Townes. Andrew Roane Townley, Christy Lee Towns. Alfredio Denise Towns, Terri Lynn Townsel, Linda An Townsend, Andre Townsend, Joseph Edword Townsend, Phyllis Ann Townsend, Reneldo Joyce Townsend, Tricio Ann Townsend. Walter Corley Tracy. Beth Eileen Troeger, Annette Trohan, Jerome Dennis Troinum, Julia Koy Tranborger. Robert Druce II Tronchin. Winifred Boyel Trantham, Patricia Lee Trask. Stephen L. Travis, James Nelson Travis, Judith Toler Travis, Susan Toler Travis, Williom Barren Tro ler, Thomas Gregory Traylor. Terry Frank Treodwoy, Williom Alan Jr. Treas, Susan Bell Treloor, Patricia Annene Crafton Trenthem. Steven Terry Treutel. Catherine Barbara Trevillion, Sidney Randall Trice, Shorron Koye Walker Trimble, John Thomas Jr Trimuel, Upeo Jeon Triplett. Diane Dempsey Tripletr, Patricia Koye Triplett. Suzan Lee Tron, John Michael Troun, Kathleen Gobbert Trowbirdge, Adam Short III Troyka, Evan Blake Troyko, Jonorhon Lindsey Troyka, Lucindo Ann Trudeou, Down Elizabeth True. Robert Winford Truen, Kelly Anne Truin. Eric Ulysses Trusty. Mork Toytor Tsolikis. John Tsin, Jessica M. Tubb. Alieta Kay Tubb, Oethony Leigh Tubb. Charles W. Jr. Tubb, Phillip Groyden Tubbs, Donno Sue Tubbs. Karen Regena King Tubbs. Peggy B. Tubbs. Roger McKay Tubertini. Richard Bruno Tucei, Deneen Patricia Tucker. Alan Guy Tucker, Celestine Jones Tucker, Charles Eugene Tucker, Daniel Keith Tucker, Doniel Vincent Tucker, Frank Howard III Tucker, Gregory Keith Tucker, Janice E. Tucker. Keith Edward Tucker. Maxine Tucker, Patrick Edwin Tucker, Richard Edward Tucker, Solly Anne Tucker, Sheila Gail Tudor, Soroh Catherine Tuggle. Atfonzo lull. Fred Lee Tullos, Cosper Lee Jr. Tullos, Dovid Nathaniel Tullos. James Michael Tullos. Lynda Dianne Turnoge, Dorothy Suzanne Turnoge, Phyllis Lynn Turnoge, Williom Cleveland III Turner, Alemedo Turner, Alex M. Turner, Anne Elizabeth Turner, Barbara Hobbs Turner. Beverly Ann Turner, Catherine Benron Turner, Don McMillan Turner, Dovid Arthur Turner. Ethel L. Turner. Gloria Jean Turner, Jock Spencer Jr. Turner, James Allen Turner, James Bryon II Turner, Lisa Carol Turner, Martha Leslie Turner, Pomelo L Turner, Thomas Rolan Turner. Timorhy Mobus Turner. Wondo Jeonnerre Tutor, Barbara Miller Tutor, Debra Elaine Tutor. Jomes Michoel Tutor, Jonathan Craig Tutor, Joy Lonelle Tutor. Linda Gail Tutor. Rebecco Annette Turtle. Jeffrey Alan Tweddle. David Christopher Tyer. Jack Aaron Tyler, Emily Jo Tyler, Kay 5. Tyler. W. Faye Tyner. Lorry Leroy Jr Tyner, Stacey Elizoberh Tyrrell. Paul Andrew Tyson, Carolyn Louise Tyson, Robert Emmon Jr. u Uhlhorn, Ann Porter Umeh, Joseph Chukwuemeka Umfress, Samuel Roy Underwood, Chorlone Lone Underwood. Curtis Gene Jr. Underwood. Kevin Woyne Underwood. Mary Beth Upshaw, Jessica Sibley Upshaw. Melinda Jeon Upshaw. Richard Scon Upshaw, Robert Stephen Voil. Bruce Ronald Vails, Tereso Lynn Valentine, John Mork Van Brimmer, Barbara Ann Van Cleave, Walter Clrfton Van Cleve. Paul Loren Van Doren, Mark Worren Von Housen. Laurie Ann Von Loon. Gilbert Charles Von Luvender. Wesley Alon Van Normon. Roytond Oork Von Rooy. Joseph John Von Winkle. Mory Tyler Van Zandt, Susan Marie Vance. Borry Cloy Vonce, Gregory Alan Vonce, Vicki Lynn Vance. Yoby Jo Vandercreek, Julie Kay Vondevender. Jomes Woldo Vondevender, Jenny Lynn Vondiver. Alexandria Vondiver, Patricia Nell Vanlondinghom. Wayne A. Vanzonr, George Huddleston Jr Vorner, Angela Foye Vorner, Joseph Edwin Varner, Mory Louise Vaughan. Billy Stephen Voughon. Douglas Kelly Vaughan, Francis Marion IV Voughon, Jeffrey Todd Vaughan, Jerry Wells Jr Vaughan, Paula Lee Vaughn. Alice Sue Shonkle Vaughn, Helen Ann Voughr. Susan Renee Veazey. John Garrett III Veazey. Potrum Booth Veazey. Robert Morion Veazey, Ronald Day Jr. Vedros. Philip John III Vela, Luis Enrique Velasquez, Carlos Humberto Venable, Jomes Edward III Venoski, John M. Venrress, Jomes Alexander IV Vernon. Kristo Ann Henry Vick, Dana Ann Viegas. Tocey Xovier Villager, Tiffany Ann Villoroso. Gregory Arthur Viltoroso, Phyllis Kay Villela, Morisa Vincent. Virginia Ellen Vincent. Williom Oliver Vinci. Baker Ktindworth Viner, Elizoberh Louise Vines, Hoyden Lane Vines. Shellye Murray Vingochea, Ano Vining. Claire Lee Vinson. Robert M Vire. Karo Jean Vogel. Barbara Helen VolKart, Paulo Jeon Vollmer, Richard Fisher Jr. Von Liebermonn. Jeffrey Powers Vonderhoor, Gregory Allen W WacKerf uss, Richord Wallace Woddell, Pottie Willean Wode, Adrienne Paige Wade. Lawrence Clark Wodkins, Rondy Mack Wodley. Donno Koy Wodley. Von Michoel Wogner. Doryl Eugene Wagner, Leslie Eugene Wagster. John Samuel Wohli, Catherine Wohlman. Jomes Philip Waild. Paul Dennis Waits, Sara Moloy Wakelond, John Thomas Jr Wokhom. Cynrhio Dole Wilson Wokhom. Deborah Dole Wakham. Moncel Wayne Woldo. Stoci V. Woldrip, Harold Keith Woldron, Kothryn Ann Waidrop, Arrhur Jock Woldrop, Gerald Woyne Woldrop. Russell Mark Wolker. Andrea Lillian Wolker, Corah Lynn Wolker. Cecil felron III Wolker. Dovid Lynn Wolker, Dovid Michoel Wolker. Edword Ripley Walker. Emioly Joel Wolker. Gory Wayne Walker. Gregory Scon Wolker, Jocoquelyn Hope Wolker, Jomes Frank Walker. James Rondy Wolker, Jenny Lou Wolker. Jerrel Dwoyne Wolker. Kelly Cassandra Wolker, Kimberly Kellon Wolker. Mary Deirdre Dawn Walker. Phyllis Lynn Wolker. Robin Belinda Street Wolker. Sharon Elizabeth Wolker. Sharon Jeonnine Walker, Suzanne Rene Walker. Tereso Wolker, Timothy Wayne Wolker. Virginia Lee Wall. Deborah Jane Wall. George Michoel Wall. Laura Ann Wall, Mary Lisa Bell Woll. Michoel Rosser Wallace, Amy Clarice Wallace. Brenda Rose Wallace, Michoel Roy Wallace, Thomas D. Wallender. Lelia Lynn Waller. Charles Richord Waller. Cynthia Ann Waller. Donald Eugene Waller. Donno Ruth Waller. Edward Charles Waller. Judy Louise Waller, Mory Ann Waller, Melindo Koy Waller, Ronold Edword Walley, Carman Glynn Wotlingford, Denise Lynn Wollis, Terry Michoel Walls. Calvin Hollis Walls. Evo Potheria Walls. Lesli Kyle Walsh. Dovid Eric Wolsh. Douglas Bradley Walsh, John Barry Walters, Anne Marie Walters. Lynn Garner Walters. Sharon Sue Walters. Steven Lee Walthour. Ann Shelron Waltman, Whitney Lucille Walton, Keener Cassaundra Walton, Mary Louise Walton, Rubye Grace Ferguson Walz, Cynthia Leo Wamble. Mary Ann Wang. Ah Jee Wong. Eng Chin Wong. Willie K. Wong. Yuh-Huo Wonker, Tris Marcus Wonn. Steven Mork Wansley. Caroline Wright Wantling. Jill Suzanne Ward, Ann Marie Word, Anne Corherine Ward, Annie Ruth Word. Cynthia Yvonne Word. Dovid Benjamin Word. David Lawrence Word, Edmund Haynes Word, Emmo Sue Gillom Ward. George Martin Word, Gregory Harold Ward. Harry Beyer Word. John Andy Word. Kevin Francis Word, Loura Elizoberh Word. Lydia Christine Ward. Mark Austin Word. Noncy Geonne Word. Robert Todd Word. Rurh Claire Ward. Sharon Louise Word, Wilmer Keith Warden, Paul Jeffrey Warden, Richord Allen Jr. Wordlow, Mary Corherine Wore, Dorothy Lee Ware. Karen Lenee Ware. Korhi Dionne Warehom, Barbara Joonn Worehom, Elizoberh Alene Worlick, Frank Hall Worlick, Hulon Otis IV Warner, Tamlyn Blythe Worren, Angela Down Warren, Beverly Suzanne Worren. Bradford Taylor Worren. Brenda Jone Worren. Deobroh Jone Worren, Edith Alexandria Warren. George Anrhony Worren, Gerald Martin Jr. Worren. Hugh Wood Worren, Jeffery Glenn Worren, Kelli Sue Worren, Mork Alon Warren. Nogueyolti Wornngton, Robert Woshburn, Susan Karherine Washington. Charlone Washington, Cynthia Marie Washington, Locy Ann Washington, Wilson James Jr 396 Student Register - - - - Voters Arm Ford Voters Robrn Vttom Vortans Jessica Yotonda Votkms. Karhy Lyrm VatUns. Parry Jane Votfcins Sarah Vortuns Stacy Arno V arson Amy Vrgrwo Votson David Leofce Votson Donna Foye Votson James Pamck V arson JoormoMary Vonon Kiso Etame Worsen We Totoor Von. V am Lee Voners Omslopher Ftemmg Vans Carl Durm Vans Corral CoBns Warn John Vley Vom Mchoel Noel Vans Sarah Elzoberh Vans. Scon Bradey Woycasier Timorhy Lomar Voymock Mory Therese VeodooX DonoJd Ashley Jr Veothertord Cheryl Lyrm Veanerford Morrho Luriene Wearherfy. Linda Karman Vearherty Scon Watson Veatherty Vkom Barrow Veothers John Ira Wearhersby John McDonald V Veorhersby. Stephen Scon Weaver Michael Andrew Weaver V am Edward Jr Vebb DovO Edward Vebb. David Peebles Vebb Diorme Huckaby Vebb Dorothea Don Vebb Edward Jennmgs Vebb Frank Vfcon Vebb James Moyford Vebb John Hardoge Vebb MxhoelAlan Webb Richie Dewoyne Webb Thomas Michael Webber Jomes Oron Veber Douglas Adam Vebet Koieen Kondele Webster Adorn Read Webster Aterher Towona Webster Charles Lon Webster Undo Foye Webster RusronRofc Weed Carol Veeden Can Leske Weeden Ooudo Densie Porker Weeden. Narshol Roy Weeks Eric Benord Veeks Janice Mane Weeks John Bnon Veeks. Kevm Gene Veeks Louise Jaquelyn Veeks Paulo Jeon Veeks Sara Manker Veeks Timothy Galen Weems Michael Harrington Vegener. Diane Therese Wegener Nancy Alen Wegert FJzobefti Lyrm Vehby. Timomy Joseph Vexhsel Nancy Ebaberh Weohrman Kermerh Marsh Welch Brendo Carol Veth DortoJone Welch DelrheoReneo Welcfi Eizaberri Goye Welch JutoBrowrwig Vefch.Kik Crawford VekhKik Hunter Vetch Linda Sue Vetch Thomas Andrew We er ArmLoune Weler Joseph Thompson Velons Sarah Kermard Wefc Arme Richards Wes Cass. Jo Vels Daniel Graham Vefe David Kent We Joden Mufci Wets John Edward IV Vets John Joseph Vets Suson Dense Vebch Jasper Joseph Welsh Carl Victor Wendond Donald Water Jr Venrworth. Manon Legh Venzel. Louro Lee Werenskjold Oo J Vesson EurMce Mae Wesson Karen Elizabeth Wesson VmTberfyShon Vest Adam Davidson Vest Charles Cooper Vest CynrhoSteele Vest John Gardner Vest Joseph Voter Vest Kerry J Vest Loo Jo West Peter Lowry Vest Romona Michele Vest Raymond Tucker Vest Thomas Ooylcm Vest Thomas Lee Vest Tnmy Vode Vest vaamFronUn Vest. V am Qumn Vestbrook. Jerry Lee Wester Barry Trent Vetzet JoneneLesie Vhalen. Agnes Momco Vharley Pouto Jo Wheat Tnorhy Shock Wheortey Gerald Nelson Vheoney James Lee Vheeler. Earl Ernest Wheeler Stephen Harry Vheles. Carolyn Lee WUeiess VKom Perry VMe Borry Cole Vhte, B y Voyne Jr VMe Charles Lev, VMe Donna Ann VMe. Dormo Mane VMe. Eric Evil VMe Gerald Malcolm vine Guy Hyde Vhite. HoroW Charles VMe. Harold Thomas VMe. Jomes Timothy VMe JanerLee Vrwe Joe Aubrey WMe JoeL VMe. John Robert Jr VMe John Russet VMe KorhyReoee VMe KeirhAlan VMe. Kimberly Arm Douglas VMe. Undo Carol VMe. LisoCompbel VMe. Margaret Smis Vhe. Michael Edward VMe Michael James VMe. Michdrt Kevin VMe. Nancy Sue VMe. Hei Vare VMe. Paul Von VMe. Penny Joyce VMe. Rayburn Leon VMe. Richord Edward VMe. Robert Bryan VMe. Robert Efc VMe. Ronnie Lowe! Jr VMe. 5heioAnn VMe.StocyJonene VMe. Steven Lee VMe. Suson Efcn VMe Tafcor Kvte VMe. Vance Alen VMe. Virgno Jeanene VMeheod MefcoArm VMehead Richard Bruun VMeheod. Sara Arm VMehurst. Weak? Lee VMfiek) Dote Poul Jr V amv Harris Bel VComs. Henry F. voms James Alison VBams Jefferson Edngton Vftams. Jeffrey Lynn VBams. Jimmy lee VBoms John Carl Voms John David vams John Pierce Voms Johnny Roy VKoms Karhy Done VComs. Kenneth On Jt. V oms. Laurie Ann Voms. Lee Gibson V oms Leske Suson VAams. Lisa Don VAams. LuausDaryl Vttoms. Lynda Jeon V ams. Mame Durwi Vftoms. Margaret Mary Vttoms. Margie Morgan Vams Mark David VKams. Martin Lee Vikorns Mary Herbert V ams Mory Lee Vit. Anto Carol Vinchen. Bruce DovO Vitchen Scon Lee Vnenberg, Diane Marie VrygJ Robert Baxter VrygU Robert Scon Voerner. Jomes Robert Vogoman. Scon Charles Vogomon. Juke Marie Vabrecht. Duae Dee Vabrechr. VCom Frederick rv Vole Ann Jessica Voe Mark Raymond VoBe. Pameta Jennene Votverron. David Ooyton VomorX Henry MonVi Jr VBoms. Mkhoel Andrew Voms MKhoel Ouswr VBoms Michael Roy V oms MikeRoy Voms Mosie Spencer VMHed Pomelo Arm VMmg, Kara Lyrm VMtopf JurJrhDenise Vhliey. Christine CamOe VMleyEkzoberh Block WMIeyMekso Carol VMt. Emiy Down VMt HoBeLyrm VMt. Samuel Lafoyene Jr. VMten. Frances Ann Vhinen. James Gordon Jr VMten. Janet Koy Ivy VMten Robert BoJey I VMlen. Robin Actor VMten. Tomoro Annerre VMtinglon Danny Oaude , V am$ Myro Denbe V ijfcorns . NoK o Jom s VBomv Narhon Avety VfliQfns. l cw Murray V ams Php Cocks VBams. Richard Howard Vttoms. Richard Peter Voms. Robert dark VBams. Robert Gregory VKoms. Roskn Ethel Voms. Steven Loyd VKams. Suson Vmdhom VAams. Thomas Alan v oms TipAien V oms. Venessor OzeJ VoUon Voms. Vctor Scon VBomson. Bobby Leon V omson Carolyn Jeanne VBomson. David Gies Vftamson. DonnoKoy VComson. Erie Ke h VComson. Ernest Ooyton VAomson. Jan Louise Vkamson. KeC Rene Vttamson. Kenneth Gene Vftomson. Kurt Alan Vttamson. Lisa Arm Vfcmson LsoMone VAamson. Mark Gregory VAomson. Terry Lee Vflomson. Todd David Vfc. Bobby Lee Vhirworttv DorvxjElen Whofton. Roto n Long Vhyle. Edward Gordon Viggms. PouiU ' liNj Elaine Vigginfon. Kirk Eugene Vigington. Teresa Ann VfcanKs Charles K Wfconfcs Larry Jr Vlbanky Pouta Dense Vxxn. Richord Eugene Vfcoum Rossel Lee VjRxjra BorryTodd Vkox James Arthur Jr Vlcox fimothy Eugene VfcJer. Ebaberh Roe Vldmon Angela Tig en Vlemon. Debro Lynene Vlemon Michael Todd Viey James Alen Viey PhyfcKomna w en Rose Anne w erson Andrea Roe Vierson DonCury V erson LisoJone V erson. Malory Vfc V erson Robert Hart v es AksonMone V es Jason Ve vge Borry Stephen VBans. Morrho Arm Huddestan Vftins. Monica Chorisse VKnson. Kevin Michael VCunson Margaret Eizaberh V mson MarkRussel Vflansan. Pouto Mocse Vfcnson Prebble Evone Cody Vftgrtson Sandra Goi VMnson Steven Crawford Vfts LouArm V ions Alfred Henry Voms. Anne Sounders Voms Anrhorry Denard Vams AprtArm VBoms. Barry PatncK VBams. Ben Rxhord Vams. Betty Goi VBams Beverty Ann Hoywood Vftoms. Brendo Annette VBams. Bren Keirh Voms Bnan James Vorns Christine Adete Oevoer vams QoudeAlen VBoms OoudeC Vttorra. David M VBams. David Thomas Vftams. David Thome Voms. Ebabeth Arme Vams Elen Bonne V oms ElenD VAams GoJ Marie RohkoN Voms Gtendel Mane Brummen Vttarm. Gfyrm David Vs James Michael Vfc Jan Lynn Vfc Rebecca Anne VBs. Robbie Lane Plrrs Vfc. Joseph VMtey Vfcon. Afce Bonnie VJson. Amy Lyles Vfcon. Andrew Moore Vfcon Ben P Vfcon. Charles P Jr Vfcon. Derme Voyne Vfcoo. Derrick Detane Vfcon. Dorothy Annette Vfcon EfeoRobbm Vfcon. Emma Jean Vfcon. Helen Goye Vteon. James Anrhnoy Vfcon James C Vfcon. Jomes Larry Vfcon Joseph Earl Vfcon. Juia Carole Vfcon. Lyrmene Carol Vfcon. Mark Edward Vfcon. Mark Stewart Vfcon. Mory Vgjno Vfcon Odessa Foye Houston Vfcon. Pamela Steete Vfcon. Piper Loneove Vfcon. Sarah Jane Vfcon. Simon Peter! Vfcon. TimF tter Vfcon. WJye Detorse Vfcon Wgno Kirk Vfcon Von Roy Jr Vfcon V om Tony Vkshire. Gregory Anthony Virsfwe. JennifeT Conwoy Vltz. Suzanne Mane Vinberiy VBam Jam s Vimbish. Mory Nrt Vmdhom. Louro l !ddte Vindhom. Thomas Lynn Jr. Vmeberg, Stephen Edward Vinford. Gregory Voyne Vng Demse Lynn Vnger. Connie Lynn Vingo Lisa Diane Vmkel. Stephen John Vmn. Josie Parrison Vmsteod Kevin Donovan Vnson Lowei Oneol Vmter. Donto Foy Vinterhoier. Deonno Lee Vwers. Gregory Ftoyd Vinters. Leigh Ann Vinrers. Pornoo Arm Messer Vmterstem . Cheryl Faye Vse Donna Huno Vise Eboberh Mory Vise Inez Marie Vise John Eric Vise Pomoo Diane Vise VenoV Lynn Visemon. KechGore Vomock. Jerry Bob Jr Vomack Mary Ebaberh Vomock. Pouto Diorme Vomble. Frances Foye Vombte. Rosemary Byors Vomble. Suzanne Cums Vomble. Thomas Alan Vong. Chong-Mmg Vang. Daisy Kim Vong. David Nook Kwan Vong, Jo Valencia Vong. Joyce Ann Vong, Joyce Lono Vong. Richord Vong, Richard Charles Vong, Ronald Glenn Vong, Voyne Vong. Yiu Van Vonsley. Nathaniel Jr Vood. Dense Lovone Dennis Vood EboberhAnn Vood. Katie VinsKm Vood. Lisa Montgomery Vood. Peter Garland Jr Vood Php Raymond Vood. Robert Shekon Vood. Rosemary Lee Vood. Ruby Joverta Vood v am Alen V Voodard. Cynrhio Lou Voodbury. Commicl George Voodcock. Brodey Dean VooaVigron. Cynthia Jane Coleman Voodtey Peggy Ann Voodruff James Lee VoodruH. Judrh Ryan Woods Ceo) Gerald Jr Voods. ChodA Voods. Christopher H Voods Dovid Michael Voods Ekzobeth Catowoy Voods Fetoo Joyce Voods. Jerry Glenn Voods Ubby Arm Voods. Lome Chnsteen Woods Monryn Louise Voods. Narbertlyrm Voods. Robert Thomas Woods-de. John Grand Voodsan. Georgio Jeon Voodson. Marito Frazorme Voodword. Gwynne Afcson Voodyard Steven Alan Vooley. Dolores Arm Vooley. Louro Louise Vaol. RegmoJd David Voofvertan David Mchoel Vooten. Mary Ann Vooten. Nancy Leigh Voonen. Nancy Hardy Vord Susan Etame Vorkmon Thomas Edward Varkman. VBom Michael Vorshom. Andrea Suzene Vorrham. Apri Vorthom. Donna Koy Vontry. VBam Corben Vren. Tommy Voyne Vright Barbara Denoe Vrighr Brendo Leigh Vright. Compbel Leorme . Vright. DeroldBenel Vright. Erica Darlene Vright. Harvey Banks Jr Vright. Kimberty Arm Vright. Lndo Cheryl Vright MehcefcY Vright. Michael Don Vright. Michael V am Vright. Mindy Joy Vright. Men June Vrighl. Moses Vright Rebecca Mourine Vright. Richard Lee Vrighl. Susan Diane Vright. Tommy Ewel Vright. Tracey Carol Vright. V am Donald I Vrighton Donald Duff Vroblewski. Edward Joseph Vu. CHoOxm Vu. Yang Kow Vunh Charles Frederick Vyan. Jomes DovJ Vyan. Sherry Lynn Vyrme.Vrgmio Fleet Xy. Xao-Bong Yaeger Michele Marie Yager Oaude EKsfon Yokubu. Fonmo Emirsela Yoncey Done! Compel Yancy Debro Koy Yondel. Suson Srurcfvont Yonez. Arnold Beniro Yong,bYin Yarber Bobby Grant Jr Yarbrough. Donna Lequoy Daniels Yarbrough. Janet Anne Yarbrough Keith Aton Yorbrough. Kely Arm Yorbrough. Michael Jomes Yarbrough Pnsoto Laurens Yorbrough. Robert Scon Yarbrough. Sara Dabney Yorbrough. Sheto Phyfc Hopper Yorbrough. Vrgmto Rurh Yorio. Francis Charles Jr. Yores. James Foster Yates. Jeffrey Kenneth Yores Leah Arm Y auger Charles Cory Yeoger Grerchen Asfrid Yeoger. Krisnn Arm Yeoger. Suzanne Hey Heng-You Yetvenon. Byron Edwin Yelverton. Gene Avery Verger Frank Montague Yerger JohnBuford Yerger Kimberly Arm Yerger Michael Graeme Ym Chang Huyng Yoden Nooyuto Yong, JowKoe Yong, Slew Khyun York Bermen V Jr York. Jomes Freeman York Judy Corotyn York. Laura Holmes York. Vfcm EJbna Young. Alexander Hnron Young, Amy Room Young, Angela Down Young Betty Foy Young. Cindy Young. Danny Andrew Young. David Eugene Young, DiannoGate Young Gregory Young. Gretchen Drane Young. Jacqueline Renoe Young. James Grody Young, James VBom Young, Jane Margaret Easter Young, Jeanne Marie Young. Jeffrey Lynn Young. Karen Lynn Young. Lawrence Edward Young, Moriyn Oarice Young. Mary Arm Young, Meisso Roxarme Young. Michael Bryant Young, Michael Frederick Young, Pomelo FJome Young, PoJ Edward Young, RobynMia Young. Ronald Dwoyne Young, Ronald Voyne Young Steven Durwood Young Teresa Holcomb Young, Thomas Vttam I Young Troy Dean Young, Vando Suzanne Young V am DovO Young, Vom Donnel Young. VAom Troy YO KwokTung Zacharia. Thomas Zohn. Jody Renee Zakono. Sofume Zorif Mohmoud Ahoubareh Zemorm. Moira Kristen Zeppom. Chnstopher Lee Zepponi. Dkmne Lynne Zeppom Liso Louise Zenlo Portia Lyrm Zrm Theresa M Zobnst Kermerh Zofcr Brian Edward Zoar Herbert John Zouboukos Anthony Demetrius Zufcj. Michael Anthony Student Regater 309 400 Closing Oaang 1 1 33j Ik " " il , , lONE 402 Closing H JOFFREY II DANCERS (7 1984 800 PN FULTON AMKI TWO PANEL DISCUSSION MUM WO WITY 10DAY " THE SOURCES OF CHRISTIAN UNITY ' " SEPARATION AND RECONCILIATION AHOHO THE S Although many people have tried to pinpoint the single most important characteristic that distinguishes OLE MISS from other schools, few have been able to limit their selection to on- ly one. For some, it is the age-old tradi- tion of it all. A school that can be claimed just as pro- udly by fathers and grandfathers as by their descendants. A school that com- mands loyalty from everyone that has ever been a part of it. Closing 400 I = Many people find in Ole Miss the means to equip themselves for the future, not only academically, but socially and profes- sionally as well. Ole Miss provides each individual with the tools for making whatever kind of life he chooses. Clcjvnq 4Oi i .. v -.. , 4O6 Closing Because it is almost impossible to leave Ole Miss friendless, the long-term benefits of atten- ding the university cannot be ignored. An atmosphere of good will, though not unusual at a small school, seems particularly distinct at this school which is so proud of its hospitality, even in a time when hospitality is seldom exhibited. 408 Closing The various types of people at Ole Miss assure everyone of a place. Whatever the inclination, an in- dividual can be cer- tain that there is something here that caters to his taste. Because of this diversity, Ole Miss life is all the more exciting. 410 Closing Perhaps most of all, the pervading " spirit " of Ole Miss is what people are most familiar with. The feeling at Homecoming, a pep rally at the Peabody, a walk through the Grove, and many, many, others are better ex- perienced than described. They best define what it is like to be at Ole Miss definitions whose meanings never fade. 00 19 4tl In short, you can say what makes the University of Mississippi special. It is the People who make it OLE MISS. Closing 413 Scott, ?ettct ,, , tytec , , Stect ,, , astd, tutet 4M Closing Yearbook Specifications The 1984 Ole Miss was produced by rhe University of Mississippi Yearbook staff and printed offset on Meads 80 pound high-gloss double-coated paper by Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas, Texas in cooperation with Taylor Publishing Company representatives Jimmy Underwood, Nicky Drake and Nancy Jones. Press run was 6500 copies. COVER: The cover was designed by Elizabeth Bowman. A full-scale mock-up was produced by Jim Alexander of Taylor Publishing Company. Composed of 15 point binder board, rhe cover material is white durolith embossed. Colors used were red 030, white 911 and blue 017. Doth the cover and rhe spine are blind embossed. Trim size is 9x12. On the cover are six four-color pictures token by Walt Mixon and Elizabeth Bowman. ENDSHEETS: The endsheets are of 65 pound V.C. Parchment weight Stock printed in several styles as listed here: Division pages Helvetica Medium outline,- Closing Palatine Bold; Humor Palatino Bold. PHOTOGRAPHY: A 150-line screen was used for 4-color photography with color separation done by laser. A 133-line screen was used for block and white photography. Walt Mixon, head photographer rook the majority of the photographs. Other photographers were Art Huggins, Jimmy Blackwood, Robert Jordan, and Charles Griffin. Jock Coefield photographed rhe Hall of Fame recipients for the Honors section. BUDGET: The estimated cost of the 1984 Ole Miss was $82,000.00 with the estimated cost per book being $12.42. Through student activity fee, each student paid that price for rhe Ole Miss. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Special thanks are given to Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Muths of Gulfport for their assistance in organizing rhe beauty pictures,- to Bob Towery and Frances Vanlandingham for their time and interest in the 1984 Old Miss; and to Jimmy Underwood, Taylor representative, for his assistance in the publication of the 1984 Ole Miss. Closing 415 w " 1 , It is my turn moment beco tinn = ; thnt I low to write my E jse it is sort of like s d Imt , litors closing. I hovg put this off until th lost possible Dying good-bye. G bye to so mort marvelous l. This year ho produced the this yearbook been a lovely on 984 Ole Miss to tr las brought back o , and I would not trade it for anything! So I have to savor as many) of these memoriei as I could. I hope few for everyone lo recall. It k nt thk tir e thot I wnnt fn th ank the people who have made the 1984 Ole Miss possible m If it were no were there wl mg noinn I thr friends. for my friends, thi en I needed a bre nk them all for bei Jody, David, B know who yo My staff su work Wnlt Mi ?njy, Bill, Katherine are my deepe ablied annual would never have been completed! They ik. Their encouragement and parties were what kept ig there Jon Martin, Miles, Craig, AG, Laurel, Shaun,, Becky, Budson, Kep, Joey, Sonya, Denise, etc. You st and sheerest thcjnks goes to you. putting up wirt My marvelc a push when I Mow if k iea me with evei thing I asked of them; I will remember their diligent ;on came through with his perfect pictures, and I appreciate his skills and his me and my friends who inhabited Odom A. us parents cannot e forgotten. Their Understanding and Jime have been | eached for the im| ossible. IF i be time for me to say " goob-bye. " I do not believe I could ever say good-bye to Ole Miss, fo I am a part of Ole Miss and Ole Miss will always be a part of me. T D Hlf 416 Editor ' s Closing =-:.: ve Ihey r-er cYou :r I

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