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7 PLACEMENT CENTER Y " :?P! 38677 " I am a Southerner. I like the sound of these words. I could no more be otherwise than I could shed my outer skin or change the color of my eyes. I know, because I have thought about it. " Willie Morris This has been a year of challenged traditions at Ole Miss. Students and alumni have been forced to forfeit a part of their culture in the name of harmony, progress, and compromise. Some people ask why we have a change while others ask why it has taken so long. The fact is, whether we like it or not, Ole Miss has changed in 1983. A friend from " up north " asked me a question a few years ago that provoked me into a mental battle. Tinged with bitterness, yet genuine curiosity, he asked me, " What is it with you people down South? You ' re constantly saying, The South will rise again, ' and stuff like that. Why won ' t you people just let the past For the next year or so when I thought about his question, I wondered if he was right. But one day I read the words quoted above fellow Mississippian, Willie Morris. Until :hen, I thought I was alone in my inner struggle Between shame and pride. Finally, I realixed tnose of us who cling ur roots so desperately. The answer was not jmple, nor was it fast in coming, but an answer oes exist for those outsiders who question our Jeep love for the South. Pride is the main reason; for we embrace our raditions. This emotion separates us from the f the country and urges us to defend our Itural heritage. We struggle to hold on to vnat we have in the South, because it is good People at Ole Miss are some of the lendliest you will find anywhere. (continued on back flap) Newell Turner assistant editor Debbie Cobb business manager Bobby Towery financial advisor The University of Mississippi Oxford, Mississippi Volume 89 John L. Hall and Board of Student Publicatior The 1983 OLE MISS is proud to offer a literary exclusive from noted author and Ole Miss writer-in-residence Willie Morris. His sensitive style and objec- tive viewpoint have truly cap- tured the " Ole Miss mystique " . Willie ' s words are com- plimented with more color pages and wider coverage in this year sOLE MISS. 78 Take a look at the faces of the Lyceum. You hear their names almost every day . . . your Dean even " sign s " your registration form . . . but do you know what they look like? Steve Corso has put some life into this section with-candids and graphics. His assistants were Allison Owen and Pat Robertson. 30 1983 has been a year of change. Traditions have been challenged this year more than ever. For this reason, we have created an entirely new section for the OLE MISS. Remembering a crisis, losing a football coach and opening an athletic complex have all made this an interesting year. 94 While other college yearbooks across the nation have phased out their beauties section, we at Ole Miss continue ours. Our philosophy: if you ' ve got it, flaunt it. Becky Smitheal with the assistance of Lynn Evans and Gina Agostinelli give you the 1983 features section. Copy written by Nat Sampson. 44 Ole Miss offers its students everything from a sunny day at Shrimp and Beer to a cultural evening with the Prague Symphony. Liz Bowman and A. G. Harmon have creatively compiled all of this into one of the most popular sections of the book. 114 This was a good year for some, a bad year for most. The loss of two head coaches and the success of the Lady Rebels made for quite a bit of excitement. Pam Peden has put together an exciting new look for this year ' s section. Her assistants were Tal Hicks and Lorrie Woods. 2 Contents 156 Involvement . . . Involvement Involvement. Here are our politicos. They are hard workers at sometimes thankless jobs. These clubs provide profes- sional experience as well as a lot of resume building. Lisa Parker has done close to the impossible by arranging this huge section. Paul Maxwell. Claire Skaggs and Marie Harmon were her assistants. hut. 330 On the lighter side, the 1983 OLE MISS has a little fun with some organizations and events of this year. Joey Gunn and Laurel Adams have proven themselves as true naturals (natural what?) for this section. " I should have known . . . " 214 Some say this is the ruling class of Ole Miss. Greeks have created our " party " image. Ole Miss is regarded as somewhat of a phenomenon in the Greek world. With nearly 50% of the campus par- ticipating. these clubs capture more national awards than almost any other university. Randy Jackson edited this section with the help of Marilyn Hammons and Barbara Bowen. 342 This is your chance to see yourself. If you didn ' t have your picture made, this is your chance to curse yourself. Your children will laugh at this picture twenty years from now. Compiling more than 4.000 pictures is no easy task; just ask Bettina Neumaier and her assistant Dawn Bump. 288 Here we have the cream of the crop. Ole Miss presents its best scholastically. athletically and professionally. With thousands of names and titles to collect. Lil McKinnon and Harry Park have done an excellent job. even adding a trivia box for a little spice. Craig Miller gave them much needed assistance. 418 Here is a breath of fresh air in yearbook graphics. Pointing toward the future, Assistant Editor Newell Turner has put together a new look for this year ' s closing; a very suitable ending for our theme of change. Contents 3 loveliness of the Ole Miss campus, solitude, which means so much. lost beautiful campus in America, unique. Or small soutf and L, but sides it has spaces and its sens grows to love it ' and unexpectec and flowers in the . nBj H UXUV 0.1 , A y Jl woods behino Education Bu Oak are perfec My black campus dog if ev? and I have ourselves wht around, for as students go he have absorb B of suffering, resilience Now, in 198 the Deep Alphas in marry at a best and t into the ne sheltered of of Ole Miss whites, In challenging same time, at The Gir sometimes v others of the le sophistication of a after the most casual be in a terrain only obliquely the lobby of The Peabody, fraternities and sororities, trips to ' The Line ' , pep rallies for the unbeaten football teams. Many of the heirs of that communal tradition are now beautiful sorority girls w! in their Delta weddings. older South which has survived f the white students live the most proximity with the young blacks H B or The Abby, and ! many of them read books. Yet B symbols of the tradi- l l that the flag itself might H the Ok Miss their recruitment of What to do about the Twentieth Art- e James Meredith B H B H_ ires, the b B B in all part I B B imerhead agema, sd. anc st curious pat, the eternal softness anc the .- JtK Ct l (tUAOJi , ct . Ill I I I I 2 I I - , . u Cu J Ctk- Wb touL i4- - V XUU tlfiU pa U4l (tm. -foUL -ifawi jtf UA UftfVC M u w -ffa t 0WH, piUM . 4 . -ttie pettiiL ' - ib.fcbj W AA I J A Jt t A . A 5 J 1% 1 A rf f A A A ntp. AOitu -t (uciw tu. orffcaW iuwiu-. Sketch by William Faulkner in 1920 OLE MISS. jtki otfcc i rtcuJL JuuuUut 3AtL ljAUHAio ,j-thl fll b hue it Jb HUM. to ML tkUj (L m$tt tUMMA, pOUUJL Ot -fat tpp j falAJL to tfa(, jJ AjMJi IwudU i ' OJHjdL ItUsj UU OJ uit ADfiKUd- 04uL JLOWAU61 J 5D, C -t M iPjMj v MMlVtk Pf - 29 Hawkins elected flag controversy 20 years after admitting its first black student, Ole Miss elected its first black cheerleader, John Hawkins. The 1,241 votes he received demonstrated attitudes quite different from the attitudes during the 1960 ' s riots against intergration. Hawkins was not the only black up for election; his partner, Clara Bibbs, was defeated by just 100 votes. Students settled into the fall football weekend routine without giving much thought to Hawkins ' decision not to wave the Rebel flag. National news services, however, gave him tremendous coverage and Ole Miss found itself embroilled in angry controversy a controversy magnified by the WASHINGTON POST and NEW YORK TIMES places far removed from an otherwise calm campus. JACKSO MISSISSIP1 STAl Mississippi ' s leading newspaper for more than a century OLE MISS CHEERLEADER JOHN HAWKINS September 1, 1982 WEDNESDA Black Ole Miss cheerleader spurns Rebel f la M liV T DADDtC ' By JAY T KARRIS " OXFORD - When the University of football season Saturday. the Ote Mm cfacerkwfen will in- clude bUc for tbe flnt time in the idwol ' s hotory - and that ' j only part of what ' s new. When UK terlefan da onto the fieid at Hecuncwiy Stadium. only one of them mil carry a Confederate flj. The rest ml] carry nothing At that moment, an tnachrotuiOc tradiUoo linkuw Ole Mi lymbobcally to UK Confederacy and the iyan of white prcmacr that once ruled the South will hive been wbUy but irrevocably comproniaed - all became a lev mntim tmo a ywmg btact Jtudent uid " NoT Tbe itudeot, 20-year-old JcteHawkm of Water Valley WM ejected Lm pnng to lh rh Mfa HiM Bnnl FoUowu bte etocttoo Hawkin Mnomwl that, - " " ' all f. - w najw controversy ' developed, and " the idea (of letting Hi ,. . i carry astateflagj was killed in the smoke " of the eosu OmuctUy, tbe state flag carries tbe Stan and Ban of the fireatorm of protejt,Mee sajd , U Il WuefiddinitaUpperWt ' han )cOTOr Theprotatersfeartdtluttlwmtnxlucuonofthesutel jacent to that field are single blue and whit borijooUl was part of a plan of university administrators to replace strpes A boruontaJ red stripe runs tbe full length of the flag Confederate flag as tbe icbool s bantxr along to bottom.) Tbe new pUn, in whach only one c Hawlu- wtgeatiw was muUed over tbe summer and. for Confederate flag. - will cairr Miatiippi flag And I But the dtart are not ' accord- i ivx. , UK BMTTanij puuuc rTUUiTOS at i poured into anlvcntty admintstra tors ' offices. .-._.__ ...tuw negotiated with university o cials will further the integration of university life on i around the gndiron at Ole Mi Tbe football team a about 40 percent black, and bead xx Steve Sloan says he would like the words " University of Htm SM CteeriMaier, bact pce thai tectta 32 Issues Kinder wins decathlon, heads fOr NCAA s.. Sports 0 " , p ge 8 DAUTiMISSISSIPPIAN 70THYEAR NO 135 USPS 354-740 FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 1982 UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI 38677 UM elects black cheerleader By Nancy Ftnerty and Patti Patterson DM SMB " Hrrt Eight reluming cheer- leaders and the first black cheerleader ID Ole Miss history. John Hawkins, were elected Thursday mght to represent the university on the 1982-43 varsitv cheer leading squad Elected as women cheerleaders were Laesbe Andrews, 1.M9 votes Amy Finch, I.SM votes -Sherry Hales, 1,360 votes Perry Eaton. 1.161 voles. Laura Smith. Utt votes tiinnv Walker, 1.M6 votes Andrews. Finch. Eaton are returning TV male cheerleaders who Bodeen Denton. 1,510 votes Jody Bruscato. 1.4S3 votes Noel Reed. 1 JC votes Frank Parker. 1.336 votes David Rogers. J.323 votes. John Hawkins. 1.241 votes Denlon. Bruscato. Reed and Parker are returning These totals are unofficial results Hawkins, 19. a banking and finance major from Water Valley, ran as partner with Clara Bibbs, also black, in the received 52 votes The other was unopposed for pane! to chose candidates rtaiMali were Mark Gunn secretary treasurer The election of Hawkins votes and Scott Ftuhps 1 41 Earber this year, the sekc- comes J A four months short votes ' lion process for cheerleaders of the Mth anniversary of the Oby Rogers was unopposed changed to include two ii.ii.iiii.ii of James Heiedsth, for nee-president Ann Roy black nidges on the screen. the first black at CHe Miss , Ten male and 10 female can- didates were in the race The cheerieaduig squad was ei- panded from 10 to 12 this year The top si male and female candidates were elected Here are the other can- didates and their vote totals Female candidates LeahSigler. 1.075 votes. Und Walters. 1.056 voles Tammy Elliott. 1,03! votes Clara Bibb . 971 votes The Mike hbkeF. Bob Doug SUnford. MO votes ASB election officials said approiimately MM votes were cast Senior Class officer elec- nil finished as the top two candidates for president and will be in a runoff Tuesday Michd received S3 votes of the 212 bkUots cast and Merrdl ' A new age ' for Hawkins Bv Ann Ham son and Lynn Markley John Hawkins said he is happy to be the first black cheerleader at Oie Miss. but is sad that his partner, Clara Bibbs, didn ' t win. " I ' m surprised and glad, but Clara Bibbs has been im heart, my inspiration and my soul. " Hawkins, a 19-year-old sophomore banking and finance major from Water Valley, said He said he had no plans to try out until Bibbs asked him to be her partner We went out as a team. We practiced together and she got me fired up. " Hawkins sud We went all out. and we wer?- good- boy. we were real good. " he said. Hawkins said he doesn ' t think that being the first black cheerleader will cause many problems I ' m sure there mil be some sarcasm because some people won ' t be able to accept a black cheerleader. " Hawkins said, ' but this is a new age and the tune has passed for that has discouraged blacks from attendwg Ole Miss - This will be great for the university: it will help recruitment. " Hawkins said. ' This will also en- courage more blacks to try owl for cheerteadmg in the Mare. " He also said he thought it would be very en- couraging for black athletes to have a represea- tative who is a cheerleader Hawkins also sad he thought he probably got many white, as well as bUck. votes I probably got a lot of f I ' m " I am accepting the deo- sion of the election, unless something comes up. " Hawkins said. My primary interest is Clara and bow she is feeling right now. but I have not been couldn ' t ac- cept it " I love all the cheerleaders to death. " Hawkins said ' And only old-fashioned people wouldn ' t accept a black cheerleader, and I pity them. " Hawkins said that having a black cheerleader is go- ing to be very beneficial for the university He said that CHe Miss has been one of the few schools not to have black cheerleader and black cheerleaders this year and some may thmk that this is just a token position. " Hawkins said But its not-I feel that Clara and I were among the best. " The music from the Michael Johnson concert on the Union plaza was toad, spirits were high and loud cheers raised as the first black male Hawkins, walked into his fraternity party at the Phi Beta Sigma house. Hawkins, who placed sixth in the campus-wide elec- tion, was " surprised, ex- cited and speechless " as he accepted congratulations and fraternity handshakes Shortly before the results let her know that she had the were announced, Hawkins potential to be an Ole Miss said he " wouldn ' t fed right " cheerleader being a cheerleader without -The election wasn ' t as im- Bifab portant lo me as making the Clara Bibbs is the only per- top n. because mabng top It son that could convnce me to proved lo myself and a 1.4 of go though with A.- Hawkins people that I was cood said enough. " she sarf Bibbs said she was happy Bibbs said the election was about John Hawkins ' victory out of her hands and that she and that the election was a was satisfied with herself good learning espenence f or " Elections can go either her. way. " she said, ' making top " If I was here another m means the hard work and year. " she said. I ' d probably long hours of practice paid !--. i -. j.: off. " Bibbs said making the top 10 Hawkins, who had been watching the election returns at the Union, came to the party late to celebrate his victory Fraternity brothers gathered - - Blacks at the party were exoted for Hawkins and _ Ole . . s voted m a black from T.bfT! of his fraternity and other blacks at the party The racial balance is getbnc better at Ole Miss now that e have a black cheerleader. " Gracie Flowers, another coed, said. " Ole Miss needs to give us a chance. Voting John in as cheerleader is a definite breakthrough in the racial balance " Anti-nukes observe Ground Zero Week By Suzanne Bell ApproppMtdy 150 people signed to Jon a campus anti- nctear (-r B-xat Tfaunday, said tbrk Tew. assistant pro- fessor of efertncal engineering Ole lias T mtnn 4 Al at wmtta jmem a iHm the Ole Miss chapter of Untied to Prevent Nuclear War at an educational booth set op outside the Union Chapters are fonnwag sviultaneausly uo over 308 campuses m .Mna...elCnu 4fcnV. aXTiws..wlOvwuvswwfc Americans should thmk about the nuclear arms race and its effects on their lives, he said People feel strongly about this We had much more favorable response than critical Many people dont want to know about it, " Tew said Tew said the Oie M s chapter to Prevent Nuclear War rj] educational material and possibly sponser films and SJV 1 We will probably meet at least once a semester just to keep the idea in front of people ' s minds to prevent them from burying their heads in the sand too long. " he said. There is no doubt Oat conservatism played a part in CHe Miss response to Ground Zero Week, he said :away But overall. 1 think the turnout was a success. " Tew said WEATHER Partly cloudy through Saturday High Friday low 78. Low Fnday night low " Here are some reactions lo the election of John Hawkins as an Ole Miss cheerleader Jeff Hubbard, who has portrayed the character of Johnny Reb for two years, said. I think this will be one of the strongest squads in years It is a squad Ole Miss can be proud of. " ' By the vote total, it is easy to see that he dtdn ' t get just the black vote He got a iot of votes from everywhere else. " he said Hubbard said he believes the alumni will react favorably to a black cheerleader " You look at the alumni when Buf ' ord Magee scores a touchdown They don ' t pull any harder for Kinnev Hooper when be scores, and they won ' t pull any harder for. say Frank Parker, than they will for John Hawkins. Hubbard said BSU Preawfcwl-ekcl Lydia Snragm said. " It ' s a milestone lor the Umversrty of Mississippi I ' m very happy for John-he worked very hard and he deserves it " It proves that UM can work together accomplish a com- mon goaJ black , whiles everybody. " Spragm said BSl President Dexter Foster said Haw election wm something the BSU has been working OB for four years " This is a butane moment tar Ole Miss. " Foster said " Thas ts the farst tone students judged candidate awr tatent inrtcad of their color. " he said. He said that the presence of a black judge at the tryouts this year gave black nftHJCTU confidence and showed no one was being discriminated against. Arthur Ramsey, a member of Hawkins fraternity . Phi Beta REACTION " Sigma. Hawkins at tint talked about not accepting the posi- tion because Clara Bibbs, also a black candidate for cheerleader, was not ejected. ' A lot of people worked hard for him " Rjunsey said, " and we told him he ' d be letting us down if he didn ' t take it. " Guuty Walker, a returning cheerleader, said she was very eicned about Hawkans " victory He got o there and woe so shows the student body a bespwl MX. " sfce sfwa Sherry Hates, a Brandon sophomore who waa jaflt ejected cheerleader, said. I hope OW Miss students car, take It like " 1 hope the alumni and the students are able to see his i Hawkins ' I good qualities and not see that he is black and his partner is white. " Hales said " I wouldn ' t mind a bit if John Dr Gloria Robuaon-Lewtt. taauoi director of student ac- tivibes lor minority affairs, said. 1 tlnk u is a breakthrough and goad for Ole Mas. especially for recruitment W1.J blacks look OB the field it won ' t be just whites anymore-lhere 1) be some spur added to " Michael Harmon, junior wide receiver on the football team. said. " I ' m real happy Everyone was fussing about not having a black cheerleader It ' ll be like a step forward We the M dub) just want the most qualified people to cheer for us " ASB Director of Campus Affairs Larry Hainan said Hawks ! ' eieeUon will " do a lot to help relationraps between the dalteewl races oa casngwa I that it ' s a In i illw, mil It hane-g ' I dadnt get the impres- ts I thought they wowld hare P ople Jasd they were voting for John because be is food " Issues 33 Hawkins elected flag controversy at a glance... Clark, Williams endorsed JACKSON (API -Republican Ijles Williams ind Democrat Robert Clark have been endorsed by TV CUria Ledger JactoM Dally New in the tth and Ind In its Sunday editions, the newspaper said Williams has i OetWr grasp of the issues lhn his opponent, incumbent Democrat Wayne Dowdy " llw WHIaiiM li mnrr innniiltn thf rhallrnjTifiniit t end has the background to make ui excellent n ' the edHonal said In the kid Dutnct race. TW Ostftsw-Ledfer iatd Clark tad to ! over Repubbcan Webb Franklin because of to tar terms M the slate Legislature His political views are probably mm in tune with the Mississippi Dena than Mr Franklin 1 ! views. 1 the nempaper said The dutnct hM a history of sending moderate confreanxn to Washington " Board says funds needed JACKSON AP The lollene Board estimate) that M i million u needed above the established budgets of Miswuipc ' i eight public iinivfrsi ties to make professor 1 ) salanas competitive in the marketplace (or qualified E E. Thrash . director of the College Board, said [acuity salaries are exceptionally low in certain fields of study in- cluding, business, engineering, cvmpter science, law. meteorology and geology Another B 1 million u being requested to increaie the universities ' library holduigs Oie Mm Law School Dean Parnam Williams said Oie MM ' kfal library lagi bel schoass 11 Southeastern iut THK 1 ' MVFR.SITV OK MISSISSIPPI .18677- The Daily M i s s i s s i p p i TN VOL 74, NO42 MONDAY. OCTOBER IS. 1983 ' Dixie ' protest not just a DM problem By Danny Reynolds AlthoMfh playing the song " Dune " at Ok Miaa is now under i ;e b) James Meredith, the protests are not the first attempt 1 1 ban the tune at a southern university The University of Georgia slopped using " Duie " as a sc!.ool song in 1971 after several years of protests by the bU -k student bod . a group that comprised about three per- cent of the total student population The university ' s band director. Roger Dancx. made the decision to stop using the song because of Us political im- J ai ,- th Oa r C [flc f it did not belong in the b TV u uve nit ' issuunt director of public rrUlwn-v Tom i mi uin, uid. For the majority of people at the Univemtt of Georgia the KMH Dixie ' was used s a rtirnng song that represented spinted southern Coo- " -- mth iu(i racial attitudes " I jndnim snid that after every Georgia football game the band wouU have a concert in the stands During these con- cetti, the band would play number songs, inrlartm Dine During the height of the prote ihout and threaten the band director and about playing -Dixie " On some instances bottles were thiwn This behavior continued until Dainci ended the con- troversy by banning ' Dixie " M supported Danci ' sdeciuon the grouixb ot academic freedom Don Elam. who ms then the associate net president for development and university relations, said that band is a rlasi at the University of Georgia and making Danci reinstate " Dixie " mild nave been the same u telling an ui itrvctw what he could or could not teach The Atlaata CMitKMMi reported that there were a number of incidents concerning the song t the lint football game alter Danci ' i decision not to play " Dixie " The paper reported that fans sang chonu after chorus of Duue 11 and IhW a plane circled the stadium with a learner that read DumpDann ' A campus-wide referendum showed that a majority o( the student bod wanted the University of Georgia band to con- tinue to play Otut " it athletic events The vote showed a J-l martin n favor of playing ' Dixie ' The turnout was Ute se- cond highest the jrhooTi hutory Today the UnvcrsK)! at GeorgLa has not played " Duue " at Hoooefl ma rooeo memoes of the Ku KI U I Klan match down Rebel flag One soever s 0 . The RcOei nag is more ucred Jackson Avenue lo (he Square during SalurrJay s monstra- ihan anything dst in the South Oestfoy it and the American 1K n which was inienrjed lo support Oie Miss use ol Ihe flag win soon 90 Klan demonstration calm no connection By Patli Patterson A group of S Ku Klui Klan members rallied in Oxford ' s Square where their leader said the Rebel flag should be defended became it is more sacrnt than anything else in the South " ' Destroji it and the American flag mil soon go. " Grand Dragon Crordon Galle, ot Picayune, told a crowd of about people who gathered at the Square Saturday He said that the Rebel flag should be defended, not defac- The march, which began on Jackson Avenue and ended at the Square, was uneventful One person was arrested after speeches b Ualle and another state Klan leader " The Rebel (lag is more sacred than anything else in the South. " Galle said " Galle also told the crowd, who alternately booed and ap- plauded, that whites should unite, blacks should go back to Africa and forced school integration is not working After the speeches an Oxford resident. Frank D Williams, ANTdwri) Cwadoct fMH -e CTuef Billv White said " Witnesses said Williams yelled an obscenity at Klan sup- porters when they bumped him with their car Williams will be arraigned in city court on Nov 9. White said Galle. who has been Grand Dragon since 1978. said the tur- nout (or the demonstration was better than he had eipeiled. some with masks covering their faces, begkn marching at the commuting law school students ' parking lot on Jackson Avenue at 11:30 am Galle said he expected some local citixens to march, but all the marchers arrived in cars with out-of-town license plates All the participants, eicepl three ale Klan officer who A few spectators, both black and while, lined the street as See KJaa marc , page sever Ku Klux Klan attracts curiousity, protests As a man stood talking with two reporter) - turn for talking to the press By Glran Montgomery and Ler FrwUixt ' if the band wanted to add it to their repertoire next Satur day they could. " he said The local radio nation that cames (ieorgia football Hill plys One ' asan mtrototht game We don! play Dixie ' no because e ire Georgia BUdO(S not (he Ote Miu Rebels ' But leveril alumru and students say they miss not hearing " Disje " at Geaqpa games Oie lieorgia alumni asked after the Georgla-Ote MM football game. Why didn t y all bring ysrband We all wanted to hear ' Duie ' so bad The whole chided lily refused to talk with a reporter but Confederate flags lined the parking lot where the Ku Klux later explained why she jouted the Klan I joined because I Klan gathered Saturday in support of Ok Miss ' we of the believe in white unity Rebel flag " The new media won ' t tell the truth about us about us rom a distance onlooken watched as Klan members trying to get the school s) stem straightened out, about trying gathered at the off -campus Uw school parking lot prepared to get prayer back in school, about trying lo get the blacks out for the three-quarter mile march down Jackson Avenue to of our schools. " she said the Oxford Square A lew sleepy children climbed out of the can from Rankm Reporters and cameramen followed the Klaiumen as they Neshoba. Pear! River and Hinds counties complaining of the marched Some Klan members wore red satin jackets cold, at thor pi " decorated with the Klan emblem - a red blood drop on a began donning wl while cross- while others wore T-shirts wilh a Rebel flag and several men covered their fac ,-, , Ihr inscription, " The Soutti Shall Rise Again " Two (Word men watched from a yellow pickup One hood- Some of the B Klansnten were apprehensive about talking ed man approached them " 1 just can ' t see in this thine " " - with reporters, and one pointed lo their leader. Gordon Galle, said " Is or- - - " saying. We ' re not supposed to talk to ya ' U He ' s the guy ithers pulled out suitcases and id hoods Most of the women and 34 Issues Ray believes press unfair on flag issue raz UMVERsm- OF MISSISSIPPI 3 _The Daily MISSISSIPPI )TN THURSDAY SEPTEMBER : IfB USPSS4-7 Hawkins and Smith in media spotlight Ij wd Tta L Trw .Mra ?UrM) tatriM r rfBT ( " " " - ! " - Hawkins responds to press Mw ' | i|ii I O i to ie f - - -.TT.i i TT - -. - . fm. fv n c em MB w cs- KfMttM f e TV Rtbd !tae v fe MC " j--nrj tttchs -rii -11 mnipfiini n i in i rn c mcifc i MI 4 v fc MiM iBIiltk. " Ir sd SM( v M the rttfc " torn (wttal CIBC, Thntiii EXTRA Hoping for a compromise, Hawkins said he would wave a Rebel flag with a replica of Colonel Reb el placed on it. Members of the Ku Klux Klan responded with a rally through Oxford to protest changing the flag. " Destroy it, and the American flag will soon go, " Grand Dragon Gordon Galle of Picayune said. An Oxford man was arrested for disorderly conduct, but no other incidents occurred. Although Galle said he hoped to have additional marches in Oxford and one on campus, the hooded Klansmen did not stage any more demonstrations. _ Issues 35 Two coaches lost gained Games weren ' t the only losses the basketball and football teams had to deal with. The head coaches for both programs left the university. Bob Weltlich, whose six-year coaching stint took the basketball teams to SEC, NIT and NCAA playoffs, was named coach of the USA National Men ' s Basketball Team last year. He left at the end of the 1981-82 season to coach at the University of Texas at Austin. Weltlich ' s replace ment was Lee Hunt who spent the last 12 years coaching with Gene Bartow at Memphis State, Illinois, UCLA, and Alabama-Birmingham. This coaching team produced three NIT squads, two teams making the NCAA Final Four, and two Missouri Valley Conference championship teams. Weltlich left behind a winning record, but Steve Sloan took a five-season losing streak when he accepted the head football coaching position at Duke. Newspapers proclaimed his successor, former Rebel football player Billy Brewer, as a " repairman " and a doctor " paged to the emergency room at Ole Miss. " Brewer, whose college coaching record is 57-49-3 overall, promised in turn, a return of football glory to Ole Miss. 36 Issues Fears turn to smiles is Sloan meets Duke S4evf Sloan. Duke ' s nrw football coach, mtrts the press. Issues 37 Twenty years of integration In 1962, people wondered if the University would survive James Meredith, the first black student to enroll at Ole Miss. Twenty years later, the nation again looked to Ole Miss as plans were made to observe the anniversary of the event. The fact that the university announced a week of commemorative activities in itself indicated a great change from the University of the early 1960 ' s. The announcement did not go unnoticed. Southern newspapers compiled special editions of the historic integration, and camera crews from all three major networks combed the campus during the week to see how attitudes had changed. The " Today Show " broadcast of changes since desegragation was felt by students and faculty to be a fair and accurate representation of the school. Although most of Meredith ' s comments against the Rebel flag and " Dixie " came through interviews with newspapers, he did make one appearance here during the week. Meredith held a press conference after his speech while a panel of black students and alumni discussed the status of blacks today. Although not proud of the events 20 years ago, the University proudly showed the nation that it has survived integration. ' erspective Merediths breaking of AClanon-LtrdgiT Jackson Daily NVvvs Special Report September 26, 1 982 -Sunday Progress still comes slowly, but it comes By RAAD t ' ATHON lrp l- T. felt! BrUrr f Ok Misi in a bottle In the 20 yean unce the !9 year -old Meredith went to war ' to integrate Uw Cnivenity of Mississippi, the country has gone through a wrenching melamor phosis We have seen things we would have thought impossible in I9C1 pitched battles fought in the streets of Oiiragc and Walts, our countrymen fighting and dying in Vietnam while we watched at the dinner Uble on color TV ' i paranoid president bringing hi administration " An Analysis r thr Civ r But matt teml yuig and pitjul aspect of it a that it was a horror Mississippi brought Ml In 1961 Mississippi itonl as a fortreu of segregation citadel to the idea that used to whatever ends lhoe who control it wish Thr itate t white ruling class chose to use that power to dominate both politically and emotionally the llv of Ih blacks It was an aim at once bae and doomed Meredith thought that breaking (lit Mis meant breaking not only a schml but, ill Mis col- most n the state) to its very foundations and whipped Irom many of as citizens the billereal of gall Meredith i MI battle calculating!; (ought and ttrjtrpoalh won Mississip- pi. became of its reputation at Die most racist of stales, waia battlefield deliber alely choMn It is painful to recall tbt wFudi met MerediUi 1 actions munal memory is painful 11 that, behind (urn t black could force even ' the don policies of racial prejudice But Uiert w s no way the civil rights movement which adopted Meredith could lore the ideal! of those people who operated the I ' niveraty of Mints sippi or those students who attended it tu Even today Mn di th discounts the ef have regmrd Before 1%: thr system was separate bol equal Now h arpws it is integrated but unequal The " soldier " who earned the war to Ok M r bet:. ' dwell on n Hisi.n-v n a cruel tutor Today it a bard to took with anything other than re- vulsion on how the name of confronta- tion oil MI were Moked by the lierv rhe- FGov RoaBamrtt It is fngJitening to twall Uai the mas- uve power of the federal government had to be called in to nuke the su ted na- tional poll lical poticy of racial jua]Kv J reality in MmiMppi Thr images of tear gas rolling across chained to the trees ol the want to believe Not even when photo- graphs of the time tell us they art true tually took more than 25.000 oops, more than were then in Vietnam, to allow Meredith to enroll at Federal marshals were lorced the school lor months lo en- n i safety hard and I trans, claiming he would be tiperted tr praise profress where there hat been lit tie Yet. early last week he agreed to ack administrate at the and i U only tenurrt bb i-li prof coor U stsUnt Vice Chancellor Luoius L ii Uams. a one of the people promoting a ifMay program to commemorale the anniversary of the school s integration " People here treat mr with reaped be tayt " There is racism all over this coootr)-. bul Ole Miss and Mrawpp, are inclined to improve their image If there is any change lo take place, it will come from people like me coming back ioit happen (.He Mm has to be C ver, high marks and blood For ihose who find it hard to believe, the columns of the Lyceum itill hold the bullet scan Bloody Sunday was as clow ai the South has come to ar rtlly changed at Ole At 84, Ross Barnett is still practicing law and has no regrets for his ac- tions 20 years ago. James Meredith, 49, remains today the same enig- matic man he was in 1962 and also has no regrets. PAGES 2, 3 Mississippi was ripe for the Mer- edith crisis. The crisis began simply with ]ames Meredith writing a let- ter to Ole Miss officials in January 1961. It culminated on Oct. 1, 1962, following a bloody riot. PAGES 4, 5 Twenty years after the Meredith crisis, some things have become clear. Opinions differ on the crisis, but m ost believe that it brought Mississipptans to realize that they all must pull together. PAGES 10, 11. s Barnelt J MiutHippi v% the IJH iwMeredilh 3 The law v . Mtwi ipp, " ' " " ' " " 4.5 Opinion ipos life. Social 6 Aiulyiii npus lite Spom 7 The New Ole Mi 38 Issues Students and residents say UM Today ' segment fair By Lya Pctrtf t cttida- pobtoc rdttMos pranouon t IUk If mj nXnt opens. ' Eaa . they d port ttiinoiTl)toctu en. K tttr. ! IHlj id H r ei d ttl tie ctaol is ortt mpro ( ta km at Ok MB. " t aid. t rt to. bucks d kM wO UK tw nce do Wtat tker WOT trrf to do wn u w bow Ir Uicti - " T ' T-IUll lilliliiiiT bn con. Bid I keJ tl On wn dote lurl)-. " Out sud. wnii rdbnrM eiwm M.. lhMMd. TV Dj l i w Edor P WELCOME 3 rotesters try to " SAVE THE GROVE " While some worried about the reaction to Ole Miss ' s black cheerleader, before the football season ' s opening game, others worried about trees or where to park. Traditionally alumni have gathered in the Grove for tailgate parties before and after the game, but concerned students and faculty protested the custom because of the damage the cars do to the roots of the 100-year-old trees. Members of the " Save the Grove " organization strategically placed blankets around the trees and picnicked in sites traditionally occupied by alumni ' s cars. Assault charges were filed by protestors against the driver of one car, but the charges were dropped because the driver was never identified. Students protest parking in The Grove v m - s- s m x - ' Grove ' s center by 9.30 am., and they stayed until at least game time. The measure prevented some alumni and stu- dents from claiming their regular parking spots for pre-game socializing. Mark Tew, a protester and assistant professor of electrical engineering, said the weight of the cars compacts the soil, killing tree root hairs and keep- ing oxygen and nutrients from circulating through- out the trees. Three dying trees were cut down last week. A tree surgeon ruled on the cause of death - asphyx- By LOLO PENDERGRAST Outo-Ledgcr Staff Writer OXFORD - As traditionalists at Ole Miss boiled over the refusal of a black cheerleader to carry the Rebel flag here Saturday, some 25 protesters shielded 100-year-old trees from a custom which they say is killing the oaks, firs, dogwoods and elms. The traditional use of a section of The Grove - an 8-acre triangular stand of trees as a parking lot is killing some of the trees, proponents of a " Save the Grove " movement said before the Uni- versity of Mississippi-Memphis State football parking here " Saturday ' s game against the University of campus on football game days. Some alumni and students viewed the move- ment as another in a series of assaults on school tradition. The Grove, which is in the same configuration as it was in 1898, was off-limits for parking and pic- nicking last year during an extensive restoration and landscaping project The area was reopened Saturday. A new campus rule prohibits drivers of trucks, vans, jeeps and recreational vehicles from parking on the grounds. Drivers appeared perturbed as they were forced to drive around the protesters ' strategically laid blankets. " For every blanket, that ' s one more tree you save, " said Linda Lewis, executive committee member of the Choctaw Group of the Sierra Club, an organization that claims 75 members in north- era Mississippi. " It ' s great for people to get togeth- See Ote Mtes, back page ttts section 40 Issues Picnic To f he Grove .4. ' THE " erf I Po ? " AWOHA O JT (V (?! (Kjtf (S t-TAy AO rite ' f V K r Issues 41 Women ' s Centennial 24th UM Rhodes scholar New athletic complex new programming board IFC says no to summer rush The same year the University observed the 100th anniversary of the admittance of women students, Vice Chancellor Peter Wagner recommended department cuts eliminating home economics, among other things. Angry home ec majors protested vehemently but unsuccessfully. Other topics discussed included a compromise bill creating a new programming board, the IFC ' s decision to abolish summer rush, and yet another delay in the opening of the new HPER building. On a positive note, Ole Miss received scholastic recognition with the selection of Marshall Bouldin as a Rhodes Scholar, the 24th Ole Miss student to achieve the prestigious honor. FiqH+!U Complex opening delayed By JEFF BLALOCK DM Suff Writer The January opening date of the new Health, Physical Education and Recreation complei has been postponed until March 1 because of construction delays, said Dr. I .ton Gar- rett, chairman of the Health, Physical Education and Recreation department. The construction company working on the new gym has not turned the building over to the University yet, forcing the delayed opening, Garrett said. In addition, furniture for the new complei is still being delivered and will have to be assembled and installed, Gar- rett said. " The circumstances that are holding things up, are the kind of things that the building needs to have done correctly the first time, " Garrett said. " There is no sense in rushing to get the complex open if your going to turn nght back around and look into a whole tot of repairs, " he said. " It Just isn ' t worth it. " Garrett said parts of the complex will be open on a limited basis at first strictly for intramurals. Other function of the complex, like racquetball courts and the swimming pool, will be open to all students. Garrett said the complex will be open from mid-afternoon until midnight. Information on the new complex will be mail- ed to students by the HPER department The HPER staff plans to interview prospective employee to operate the equipment rooms and the reception area. ALLEN 0 KARA. INC I J. Fraternities may abolish summer rush Board compromise draft By Danny Reynolds DM sart Whirr Fraternities will discuss tonight at chapter meetings whether to support a proposed resolution that would eliminate summer rush. The resolution was recommended to the Interfraternity Council by a committee of fraternity presidents and the IFC advisers. II agreed upon by the fraternities, the proposal would then go before the IFC for a final vote Monday night. IFC President Steve Pilgnm read portions of the proposal to a general meeting of the IFC last Monday night. The pro- posal calls for the elimination of fraternity rush parties dur- ing the summer. No prospective rushees would be allowed in fraternity houses during the summer, and correspondence with rushees by fraterniiy members, alumni or little sisters would be prohibited. Ole Miss sororities have similar rules restricting summer rush, but they are allowed to correspond with rushees through letters. The violation of any of the rush rules would place the fraternity involved on social probation, and any rushees in- volved would not be allowed to pledge a fraternity for one year. Pilgrim urged fraternity representatives at the meeting to talk to their fraternities and discuss the proposal with them before Monday night ' s meeting. " We really have to do this Fraternity expenses are getting too high with rush assessments W e ' ve got to stop or we are going to kdl ourselves, " Pilgrim said- Alpha Tau Omega President Chris Cianciola said, " I feel the new summer rush rules will be the best for the fraternity- system. I am very supportive of the proposal, but it will be up to the fraternities to make sure the rules are enforced. " " The proposal is very good. " Kappa Alpha President Newell Turner said. " There is not any way we ithe frater- nities i can keep spending like we do. It can ' t solve itself and will only get worse. At our National leadership Conference we were way out of line in regards to rush spending than all the other KA chapters at the conference. I ' m sure the first year it will be hard to enforce, but year after year it will be easier, " Turner said. An IFC representative who asked not to be identified said he felt the proposal would be good, but the rules would never be enforced " If they would just make the penalties realistic, then I f eel the rules could be enforced. " Senate approves bill By LAUREL ADAMS and JIMMY HENDERSON DMSUHWrfttn The ASB Senate voted unananimously Tuesday night to ac- cept a select committee ' s compromise resolution to create an Ole Miss programming board. The resolution, combining the ASB student activities com- mittee with the Union Program Council, included parts of ASB President William Ray ' s original board plan and a bill introduced by Senators Jimmy Flanagin, Ben Logan and John Wagster. Ray ' s plan called for a board independent of the ASB, while Logan ' s bill required Senate approval of the board ' s budget. Senators Jan Wetzel and Will Travis co-authored the com- promise which gives control of the board ' s budget to the Senate and the ASB president. According to the compromise bill, the budget will pass only if it has the approval of % of the Senate and the ASB president. The new bill requires that Senators who oppose the board ' s budget go to the programming board ' s director, who would either elect to change the budget or leave it as is. See Board, page seven Issues 43 Foil Festival 46 Fall Festival Fall Festival was a big success this year due to the bands, picnics and various events that con- stituted the week. The festival provided a good time for students to welcome each other back to school and enjoy themselves at the same time. Fall Festival 47 48 Greek Week Greek Week Greek Week ' 82 October 4th through the 9th started off with a pledge swap on Monday and the band " Climax " at the Ab- bey. On Tuesday Greek workshops were held in the Union headed by Panhellenic president Becky Smitheal. " The Mixx " entertained at the all greek party at the Ab- bey on Wednesday. Thursday hosted the 2nd annual Tailgate Party and on Friday an all greek block party was held at the tennis courts. Saturday ended the week with the Ole Miss-Georgia football game. Greek Week 49 " We Are Ole Miss " - the theme of the 1982 Homecoming exemplified the spirit, loyalty, and dedica- tion so characteristic of the Ole Miss alum- ni. The traditions of picnicing. parties, and a beautiful homecom- ...j queen perfectly complimented the rebel victory over TCU. Homecoming Homecoming Homecoming 51 Dorm Life 52 Dorm Life 4fl Dorm Life 53 Dixie Week ' 82 got off to a great start with two new-wave bands on Monday and a bar-b-que on Tues- day. On Wednesday afternoon, the annual Ice Cream Social was held and on Thursday Gene Cotton and Michael Johnson entertained in the Grove. Friday closed out the week with the Shrimp Boil at Sardis. y f 54 Dixie Week WEEK 1982 I Dixie Week 55 The 1982 Dixie Week came to a dramatic end with the anni Shrimp and Beer blow-out at Sardis. The Mighty Majors ent tained thousands of shrimp eaters and beer drinkers at the e of a week-long celebration. Frisbees, suntan lotion and cool were on abound and added up to utter exhausti for everyone present. 56 Shrimp and Beer Shrimp and Beer 57 Twenty-one year old Daph- ne Park of Madison, Mississippi was crowned Miss University 1982 last February. A swimsuit preliminary win- ner, Daphne placed in the top ten at the Miss Mississippi pageant in Vicksburg. First runner-up was Jacque Toone; second runner-up, Vicki Throgmorton; third runner-up, Kathy Ferguson; and fourth runner-up, Judy Rhodes. Top ten finalists included Dee Sippel, Billye Jean Collum, Lisa Clark, Carla Bonds, and Felicia Manley. 58 - Miss University s University 7: Miss University Miss Ebony April Wortham, a freshman from Taylor, Mississippi, was crowned Miss Ebony on October 21, 1982. First- runner up was Linda Louise Malone of Batesville and Delphime Rice from Col- umbus was second runner-up. 60 Miss Ebony Best Dressed Leslie Lamar, a sophomore from Oxford and member of Chi Omega Sorority was selected Best Dressed for 1983. Finalists were Sallie Kate Anderson, Laurie Barnett, Julie Deddens, Mary Susan Gallien, Diana Moore, Wesla Sullivan, Kim Tidwell, Kolleen Weber, and Leslie Williams. Best Dressed 61 The ASB concert commission brought some of the best and most popular per- formers to the campus during the year including the one and only Jimmy Buffet the Neville Brothers - - the Big Twist and many more. w m 62 Concerts Annabelle Brady of Brookhaven was chosen Most Beautiful for 1983 in the annual Parade of Beauties Pageant sponsored by the ASB. First alternate was Kathy Johnson; Sec- ond alternate, Tammy Malone; Third alternate, Darlene Soldevila; Fourth alternate, Jacque Toone. Other finalists includ- ed Vicki Throgmorton, Lynn Sandlin, Susan Aklin, Lori Stockstill, Jennifer Williams, Kay Stanley, and Lisa Nelson. Parade of 64 Parade of Beauties Parade of Beauties 65 Leontyne Price World-renowned operatic superstar Leon- tyne Price came back to Mississippi during the spring semester of 1982 for two ap- pearances, one of which marked the centennial observance of the admission of women to the University of Mississippi. On Wednesday, April 21, Miss Price ap- peared at a convocation in Fulton Chapel on the Ole Miss campus and sang three arias, flawlessly delivered, and the fast-paced and invigorating spirituals " Witness " and " Every Time I Feel The Spirit. " Miss Price, perhaps the most celebrated soprano of this century, was born in Laurel, Mississippi and studied at the Julliard School of Music. Her climb to fame was meteoric and her subsequent awards and honors too numerous to mention. Ole Miss was proud to host this truly once-in-a- lifetime performance. V . 66 Leontyne Price Leontyne Price 67 Theatre The theatre department sponsored two fine produc- tions for the fall season, Jean Anouil ' s classic " Antigone " and the Homecoming musical " Chicago. " " Antigone " is the modern treatment of the ancient tragedy by Sophacles. Written during the Nazi occupation of Paris, the drama is a powerful presentation of a classical theme. The bawdy, action-packed " Chicago " was presented as the 1982 Homecom- ing musical. Depicting Chicago in the roaring twenties, the music and dancing were performed with a definite professional touch. 68 Theatre mm V y a r Theatre 69 The theatre department ' s summer showcase was a particular success this year and included such am- bitious undertakings as " Light Up The Sky, " Moss Hart ' s inside look at the world of theatre; " Pippin, " a joyous romp set in medieval times; and the award-winning " Pirates of Penzance, " the Gilbert- Sullivan comic operator depicting the glory and ex- citement of Victorian England. 70 Summer Showcase Summer Showcase 71 72 Artist Series Artist Series m The 1982 Artist Series provided a wide variety of programs geared toward interesting and entertaining students throughout the school year. Included were Woody Herman and the Young Thundering Herd; the interna- tionally famous Prague Sym- phony Orchestra; the Mummen- shanz troup of mimes; Andre Michel Schub, concert pianist: the Ballet Folklorico Nacional de Mexico, a folk dance extravagan- za; and the entertaining Jack Daniels Original Silver Concert Band. Artist Series 73 UNION 74 Union Concerts, picnics, speakers, seminars, and fashion shows were just some of the events and activities sponsored at the Ole Miss Union. Truly the Union is the focal point of the campus and the Union Program Coun- cil headed by Mark Mead pro- vided a wide variety of enter- tainment for everyone at the university. Union 75 Speakers Ole Miss hosted several well-known speakers in 1982-83. Top: Dr. Chester Swor speaks to the Committee of 100, Center: James Meredith waits backstage before speaking during the Meredith Crisis Observance, Bottom left: Dr. Margaret Walker Alexander, author of Jubilee, Bottom right: Actress Stella Stevens presented a film during the Women ' s Centennial. + 76 Speakers RUSH Rush is a week-long series of parties for both frater- nities and sororities in order to get to know the new freshmen. Intense competi- tion between clubs climaxes during this week to see who will get the best pledge class. RUSH 77 JL Governor F. Winter ated left to right: Denton Rogers Pontotoc; Travis E. Parker Drew; Dr. John R. Lovelace Batesville; Dr. Robert W. Harrison Yazoo City; Bobby L. na j n Hattiesburg; Mrs. Miriam Q. Simmons Columbia; Mrs. Betty A. Williams Columbus. Standing: Bryce Griffis Starksville; Thomas D. Bourdeaux - Meridian: George T. Watson Pass Christian; William E. Jones Jackson; James E. Woods Olive Branch: Charles C. Jacobs Cleveland; Dr. E. E. irash Raymond. OFFICERS President - Dr. Robert W. Harrison Vice President - Dr. John R. Lovelace Executive Secretary and Director - Dr. E. F. Thrash Mrd -_ -.stee; 9: h n rt ? 2 Chancel or Porter For ice IJIi ancellor Dr. Harvey S. Lewis Executive Vice Chancellor Dr. Lucius Williams Vice Chancellor For Academic Affairs Dr. Thad Gordon Beasley Vice Chancellor For Student Affairs Doyle Russell Vice Chancellor For Administration Dr. Franklin E. Moak Dean of Students v ,Ut Dr. Wallace V. Mann Dean of the School of Dentistry Dr. Parham Williams Dean of the School of Law Dr. Norman Nelson Dean of the School of Medicine Dr. Edrie J. George Dean of the School of Nursing Dr. Sylvester Moorehead Dean of the School of Education Dr. Joseph Sam Dean of the Graduate School Dr. Steven Schoenley Acting Director of the Library School Dr. AllieM. Smith Dean of the School of Engineering 4 Dr. Lynn Spruill Dean of the School of Business Administration 84 A t Dr. Thomas E. Freeland Dean of the School of Health Related Professions Dr. Jim Shankel Director of Computer Center Robert G. Cole Director of Libraries Dr. Gerald W. Walton Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. Wallace L. Guess Dean of the School of Pharmacy 1 Dr. Edward E. Milam Director of the School of Accountancy Dr. James 0. Nichols Director of Institutional Research and Planning Roger K. Lyles Director of Purchasing Dr. Edwin E. Meek Director of Public Relations Dr. Joanne Hawks Director of the Sarah Isom Center for Women Jim Cleveland Director of Public Information Thomas J. " Sparky " Reardon Assistant Director of Student Activities Edward P. Moore, Jr. Director of University Publications Michael H. Stewart Chief of University Police A. Eugene Lee, M.D. Director of Student Health Services Maurice N. Inman Director of the Division of Continuing Education Mmtnn ration 8 Oren W. Dickins Bursar John W. White Director of the Physical Plant Dr. James V. Jones, Jr. Director of Student Acti vit iw Dr. Judith D. Trott Acting Director of Student Services Dr. William R. Ferris Director of the Study of Southern Culture Mary E. Gwin International Prof ram Advisor Robert W. Dowdy Director of Auditing Ardessa Minor Assistant Director of Minority Affairs Mamie Franks Registrar Leone D. King Assistant to the Chancellor Robert S. Shaw Assistant to the Chancellor Max L. Waldrop Director of the Ole Miss Bookstore Dr. James L. Henderson Director of Student Development Dr. Bela J. Chain Director of Personnel Bobby Arlen Towery, Sr. Director of Ole Miss Union James N. Butler Director of Alumni Activities Whitney D. Stuart Associate Dean of Students Rusfus T. Jones Director of Governmental Services Theron Eldrid Hodge Director of Student Housing Dr. Kenneth Wooten Director of Admissions and Records Nancy G. Ward Foreign Student Advisor UlmerT. Bullock, Jr. Director of Food Services Dr. Nolan E. Shepard Director of International Programs John Warner Alford, Jr. Director of Athletics Dr. Polly F. Williams Director of Religious Life SOM CENTER Valerie Braybrooke Director of Museums John M. McGregor Fire Chief Colonel Rebel and Miss Ole Miss 2E aT Gi j - r Leslie Andrews Ty Cobb Colonel Rebel and Miss Ole Miss for 1982-1983 are Ty Cobb and Leslie Andrews. Leslie is a senior from Greenville, Mississippi who is majoring in Elemenatry Education. Being very active on the Ole Miss campus, she is a Varsity Cheerleader and Assi stant Pledge Trainer for the Delta Delta Delta Sorority. Leslie ' s other activities included the Union Program Council. Student Alumni Council, Am- bassadors, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister. Membership in Omicron Delta Kappa. Mortar Board, Rho Lambda and the Chancellor ' s List are a few of her honors. When Leslie finds time to herself she en- joys painting and needlepoint. This year ' s Colonel Reb is a senior marketing major from Jackson, Mississippi. Ty is also a Varsity Cheerleader who has been Head Cheerleader for two years, involved in the Associated Student Body Senate and Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity. His honors include Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega. Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, and the CBS Major League Sports Player of the Year Award. Both Leslie and Ty are very active on the Ole Miss campus and represent it well. m r FAVORITE Sherry Hales Philedelphia. Mississippi is the hometown of this co-ed beauty. Sherry, a junior majoring in communicative disorders, is a member of Phi Mu sorority, Association of Women Students, Com- mittee of 100, and Campus Crusade for Christ. In her three years at Ole Miss, Sherry has received many honors. They include: Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister, Bat Girl for the Baseball Team, Homecom- ing Maid in 1982, and Top Ten Best Dressed. In addition she was chosen a Pike Calendar Girl for 1982, a campus beauty, and a varsity cheerleader that same year. Doing needlework and playing softball are Sherry ' s favorite pastimes. Susan, affectionately called " Bug " by her friends, is a sophomore from Jackson majoring in Nursing. With a bubbling personality that endears her to many, she was elected Rush Chairman of her sorority, Pi Beta Phi and is also a Sigma Chi Little Sister. Susan can be found attending Reformed University Fellowship on Wednesday nights and she also enjoys her involvement in the Associated Student Body Spirit Committee. Visiting her older sister here, Susan grew to love Ole Miss. Wanting to attend college in state, Ole Miss was a natural choice. A dinner at Mr. Gattis with a coke is an ideal date for her. She also en- joys traveling, water and snow skiing, camping and riding bikes. Susan Garrawa 7 FAVORITE FAVORITE Perry Eaton Perry is another favorite from Jackson. A junior with a double major in Managerial and Banking Finance, this energetic girl personifies Ole Miss spirit. She has been a varsity cheerleader for two years, and was a freshman cheerleader Perry is also a member of Chi Omega Sorority. Reformed University Fellowship. Welcoming Committee, and co-chairman of the Roundball Recruiters. She also finds time for involvement m the Stu- dent Alumni Council. Association for Women Students ' Scholarship Committee, and Commit- tee of 100 A few of Perry ' s honors include being in Pi Sigma Epsilon and a Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Little Sister. When Perry is not cheer- ing on the Rebels or being involved with Ole Miss in any way. she can be found horseback riding or practicing gymnastics. Even when first meeting Melanie. she seems like an old friend, her charm and wit put people at ease. A junior majoring in journalism and English. Melanie comes to us from Franklin. Tennesse Delta Delta Delta being one of Melanie ' s favorite activities, she was actively involved as model pledge, pledge trainer, and Derby Day Chairman. Campus involvement is another top priority for this favorite who is a member of Angel Flight, Welcoming Committee. Pre Law Society, and is an Associated Student Body Executive Secretary. Melanie has also earned a place in the University Scholars program and is honored with member- ship in Lambda Sigma She enjoys being a Sigma Chi Little Sister and her hobbies include photography, golf, and ballet The spirit of Ole Miss first attracted Melanie a spirit she is now a part of. . Melanie Ilixon FAVORITE EWORITE Allison Cole Allison, everyones ' favorite, comes to us from the Lone Star state and makes her home in Dallas. As a senior majoring in journalism, Allison ' s by-line can be found in the Daily Mibbibbi pian. She finds time for activities in her sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma as well as the Union Pro gram Council, the Student Welcoming Committee and Ambassadors. Allison enjoys Christian fellowship, attending Reformed University Fellowship and Campus Crusades. She is also honored with being selected for Lambda Sigma This girl ' s running list of activities even includes marathons. An accomplished runner, Allison was chosen to go to Brazil for the Run of the Century earlier this year where she represented America ' s youth. With a ready smile, Allison en joys making friends all over campus A blue-eyed beauty from Duck Hill, Mississippi, Beth is a senior majoring in special education A member of Delta Gamma sorority, Beth was honored by being elected Homecoming Queen for the 1982-83 year. Outgoing from the start, Beth made quite an impression her freshman year by being elected Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister, Pike calendar girl and Homecoming maid Well rounded, Beth enjoys her involvement in Com mittee of 100 and Reformed University Fellowship. Her hobbies include cross-stitching, swimming, and mainly spending time with her many friends. After graduating from Ole Miss Beth hopes to receive her master ' s in education for the deaf. Beth Powell FAVORITE FAVORITE Daphne Park Madison, Mississippi proudly claims Daphne Park, a senior majoring in court reporting. Daphne, a true achiever, was chosen as first alternate to Most Beautiful last year and is now the reigning Miss University. A graceful addition to the campus, she is a member of Tri-Delt sorori- ty of which she is a Panhellenic Representative. She is Sigma Nu Sweetheart and president of their little sisters, a Mortar Board and ODK member, and active on the Association of Women Students ' Publicity Committee. Daphne adds beauty to the Modeling Board, is a member of Angel Flight and the Rebel Recruiters. Snow ski- ing and playing the piano a talent which helped her capture the Miss University title are among this favorite ' s activities. An Alpha Omicron Pi from Yazoo City, Laura has been a varsity cheerleader as well as a freshman cheerleader. A junior majoring in ac- counting, Laura is not only a favorite on campus but she is also a favorite within her sorority. This popularity earned her the title of model pledge, chaplain, and recording secretary. During the weekly meetings of the Associated Student Body, Committee of 100 and Senate, one can find Laura contributing her ideas. Academically, she has excelled by being chosen for the Chancellor ' s Honor Roll and the Dean ' s List. She is also a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Sigma, and Phi Eta Sigma. Holidays are among Laura ' s favorite times because it is a time when the fami- ly can be together Gymnastics and drawing are also on her list of favorites. Laura Smith FAVORITE FAVORITE Susan Harper A senior majoring in banking and finance, Susan is from nearby Memphis. She enjoys involvement in many campus activities. These include AWS Projects Committee, Rebel Recruiter, Financier ' s Club, Business School Advisory Committee, of- ficer in Pi Sigma Epsilon and Sigma Nu little sister. Susan enjoys her sorority, Phi Mu, and was honored by being elected rush chairman last year and Panhellenic Officer. She was elected to the prestigous sorority honorary, Rho Lambda and holds an office in Mortar Board. Always seen with a smile, Susan loves the outdoors, especially when she can enjoy her favorite sport, water ski- ing. She also enjoys working with church youth. Listed among her favorite foods are ice cream and melba toast not necessarily together. Susan says Ole Miss has something special that no other campus has. We say Ole Miss has something special in Susan. Angela, a senior majoring in journalism, hails from Jackson, our capital city. Involved is the word that best describes Angela. Her list of im- pressive titles include President of the Associa- tion for Women Students, former AWS Women ' s Emphasis Director, Vice-President of her proud sorority, Delta Gamma, a campus senator and a member of Angel Flight. Angela has been be- stowed with many honors in her years at Ole Miss. They include being selected for the 1983 Hall of Fame, the Taylor Medal in Journalism, Outstanding Woman of the Junior Class, Mortar Board and Omicron Delta Kappa. When Angela is not running from one meeting to the next, she en- joys eating ice cream and listening to her favorite jazz music Angela ( " lark FAV( )R ITE BEST DRESSED Leslie La mar Leslie Lamar. daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Wayne T. Lamar of Oxford, is our 1983 Best-Dressed Coed. Leslie, an English major with an emphasis on pre-law. is a member of Chi Omega Sorority, the Modeling Board and Committee of 100. She is a Sigma Chi little sister and was featured on the 1983 Pike Calendar. During her free time Leslie likes to needlepoint, jog. enjoys water skiing and snow skiing. She loves music and is an avid theatre fan. iF " . CV:- ill Top Ten Best Dressed Sallie Kate Anderson Kolleen Webber i Leslie Williams Mary Susan Gallien , Kim Tidwell Wesla Sullivan Diana Moore Laurie Barnett Julie Deddens Madison. Miss., and Ole Miss are proud to claim Daphne Park, as their own. Among her many honors in addition to Miss University are Top Ten in the Miss Mississippi Pageant. Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Rho Lambda, and Beta Gamma Sigma. She has also served as Miss Rankin County 1981-1982. Ole Miss Bat Girl for the Baseball team and is on the Committee of 82. Daphne Park MISS UNIVERSITY HOMECOMING COURT Tanya Bell Sherry Hales Flinta Wing L , , Atoka Pannell Sherry Shumpert I MI Diane Jackson C " Vicki Throgmorton I Tamra Carter Kathy Toler Homecoming Queen Beth Powell was sponsored in a victorious campaign for the title by her sorority, Delta Gamma. Besides be- ing involved in many campus activities and honoraries, Beth is known for her beautiful blue eyes, charming personality, and her ability to make a new friend. Beth is no stranger to the homecoming activities at Ole Miss; serving as a maid her freshman year was only her beginning. We are all very proud to have Beth represent us as the 1982-83 Homecoming Queen. Beth Powell HOMECOMING QUEEN 107 MOST BEAUTIFUL Amnabelle Brady Chi Omega sorority is proud to claim Annabelle Brady as Most Beautiful. She is a senior from Brookhaven, Miss, majoring in elementary educa- tion. Annabelle is active with the Committee of 100. AWS. Committee of 82 and is an SAE little sister. As well as being involved with many educa- tion honoraries, she has been named to the Chancellor ' s Honor Roll. By naming her dog " Rebel, " Annabelle ' s dedication to Ole Miss and her true Rebel spirit have shown through. BEAUTY Kathy Johnson A senior majoring in communicative disorders, Kathy is a native Memphian. She has represented Memphis well by being chosen as Miss Memphis and as third alternate to Miss Tennessee. She will be in the Miss Mississippi pageant this summer repre- senting Ole Miss as 1983 Miss University. Kathy is involved with the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority, Alpha Tau Omega little sisters and as an Army Sponsor. Kathy spends any extra time cross stitching, sing- ing, and confesses to spending every afternoon in front of the television watching General Hospital. B " : " ' I This blonde-haired beauty comes to Ole Miss from Pensacola. Fla. Tammy is a sophomore majoring in recreational leadership. Her beauty has been shown to the campus before when she was selected as a freshman homecoming maid While on campus. Tammy spends her time with Delta Gamma sorority, working with the Spirit Committee, and as a Kappa Sigma little sister. Whenever she has a chance. Tammy loves to sneak away to the beach for an afternoon of sailing and swimming. Tammy Malonc BEAUT! BEAUTY Darlene Soldevila A junior from Clarksdale, Miss., Darlene is a true Ole Miss beauty. Along with this honor, Darlene is also Phi Delta Theta sweetheart, Top 10 Best Dressed, Pike Calendar girl and is presently serving as Miss Clarksdale. She will be in the Miss Mississippi pageant this summer. She is a member of Chi Omega sorority where she donates her time as an officer. Darlene is also a member of Phi Eta Sigma, AWS, Committee of 100, Ambassadors, and Reformed University Fellowship. Somehow, Darlene still finds time to study and has been named to the Chancellor ' s Honor Roll. With any spare time, she enjoys water skiing and drawing. Transferring to Ole Miss from the University of Missouri. Jacque Toone is a sophomore from Van. Texas majoring m music and marketing. In her short stay. Jacque has made herself known to the Ole Miss campus through activities such as Modeling Board. Kappa Sigma little sister. College Republicans and the University Chorus She also can be found kicking her heels up with the Rebel- ettes as a part of the Ole Miss Band. Jacque was named first runner up to Miss Missouri, and won the talent competition with her performance as a classical pianist. Jacque now serves as Miss East Texas and will be in the Miss Texas pageant this summer. Having served as a St Louis Cardinals Cheerleader. Jacque now pledges her spirit to the Rebels. Jacque Toone BEAUTY - REBEL FOOTBALL 116 Football Coach Steve Sloan leads the Rebels ;ent Austin controls the Rebs ' offense against Tennessee. " It seems that every week we are put in a character-testing situa- tion. We will just have to find what it will take to win among ourselves. " Quarterback Kent Austin iael Harmon dives for a catch. Football 117 Ole Miss Memphis State 27 10 Ole Miss Southern Mississippi 28 19 The Rebels kicked off their season with two wins in Oxford - the first, a 27-10 thrashing of the Memphis State Tigers and the second, a stunning 28-19 upset over the Eagles of Southern Mississippi. While the first win began the year on a positive note, the second game against USM was probably the biggest win of the 1982 season. This " little war, " fought by an emotional Rebel squad, resulted in such memorable plays as a 48 yard TD pass from sophomore quarterback Kent Austin to junior receiver Tim Moffett. With success like this and with visions of returning glory stirring the Ole Miss fans, the Rebs then prepared to take on an even more dangerous foe - the Crimson Tide of Alabama. In this SEC opener in Jackson, the Rebs found themselves victims of the unending depth of Bear Bryant ' s awesome team, and Ole Miss lost the game 42-14. Then the following week in Arkansas, Ole Miss had a chance for another win, but when Todd Gatlin missed a 48 yard field goal attempt, the Rebels suffered their second defeat of the season 14-12. Next the Rebels traveled to Georgia to meet Herschel Walker and company between the Hedges. In this game, the Rebs came out on top in every statistic except the final score, and they lost 33-10. Then at last, the Rebels came home to Oxford where they took on Texas Christian and came away with a refreshing 27-9 Homecoming win. Michael Harmon brings it down against I The Rebels celebrate a first down. 118 Football Kinny Hooper runs against Vanderbil Die Miss Klabama 14 42 Ole Miss Arkansas 12 14 Members of the 1982 football team include: (front row, from left) Kent Ott, David Wolf, Joe Hall, (ohnny Armstrong, Kent Austin, Kelly Powell, Skip Lane, Roger Clark, Mike McBride, Everett Flakes, Andre Thomas, Eric Truitt; (second row) Mario Perry, Dean Brown, Dwayne Nesmith, Michael Harmon, )ames Harbour, johnny Burrow, Andree Rodgers, Timmy Moffit, Freddie Jo Nunn, Nathan Wonsley, James Stewart, Jamie Holder; (third row) Jeff Price, Joe Ray, Kinny Hooper, Jonathan Shelley, Wlaly Knox, Quinnis Huddleston, Ricky Lindstrom, Jerry Stewart, Carl Lewis, Buster Quinn, Lee Cole; (fourth row) Mark Fredrickson, Bill Bragg, Nubbin Ross, Joe Brewer, Wayne Pierce, Eric Sheehan, Chris Harrell, Jud Alexander, Bryan Kennedy. Danny Robertson, Bobby Clark, Gerald Gallick; (fifth row) Jeff Cambell, Jeff Giles, Tony Dalton, Alan Partin, Andy Shaw, Andre Towsend, Greg Walker, Dan Boyce, Benton Reed, Greg Winford, Doug Whittle, David McMillan; (sixth row) Bob Blakemore, Dwight Bingham, Land Renfroe, Michael Smith, Kenneth Dotson, Robbie Robinson, Eric Denmark, Terry Williams, Curtis Rockwell , Sam Albritton. Football 119 t Austin sets the offense in motion. Ole Miss Georgia 10 33 Ole Miss Texas Christian 27 9 The Rebs roll toward the end zone. Kelly Powell passes against T.C.U. Barry Wilburn leads them through Ole Miss defensive line. Ole Miss Vanderbilt 10 19 Ole Miss LS.U. 8 45 The Ole Miss students love their Rebels. A Rebel receives medical attention. vays. injuries were a part of the Rebels ' season. Football 121 Bryan Kennedy leads the Rebel defe Ole Miss Tulane 45 14 The Rebels then lost two road games the first at Vanderbilt where nothing went right, and the second at LSU where even less went right. After these two disappointing losses 19-10 and 45-8, respectively, Ole Miss came home to Jackson to play the remaining three games in friendlier surroundings. Desperately needing to win and win big, the Rebs, led by Kent Austin, finally put together thier most convincing win and sent the Tulane Green Wave back to New Orleans with a 45-14 thrashing. Austin, in this contest, shattered previous SEC records by completing 18 of 19 passes for a total of 269 yards and two big touchdowns. Austin again put on a dazzling aerial display the next week gaining 381 yards against Tennessee, but this time the Rebels lost to the Volunteers 27-9. So finally, the Rebels went into the last game of the season with a disheartening 4-6 record that put away any hopes for a bowl bid or even a winning season. Then, as rumors concerning Coach Sloan ' s job rocked the program, Chancellor Porter Fortune announced before the Mississippi State game that Sloan would be back to coach the Rebels in ' 83 should Ole Miss " win, lose, or draw " against MSU. But in the end, Ole Miss lost the game 27-10 and ended the season at 4-7. 122 Football Buford McGee congratulates Michael Ham Rebel defense shuts down L.S.U. Hammerhead Thomas runs for extra yardage. y Powell pushes the Rebs down the field. Die Miss Fennessee 7 29 Ole Miss Mississippi State 10 27 Football 123 REBEL BASKETBALL Coach Lee Hunt directs team to another win. Dowell brings ball into play. 124 Basketball Stleg goes up for 2 points. nco " Partridge goes for ball as Carlos Clark stands ready. Basketball 125 First row, I. to r.: manager Blake Barnes, manager, Carroll Kirkpatrick, conditioning Coach Mickey Thames, Danny Zachary, James Green, Ken Coghlan, Cecil Dowell, Brad Pierce, Trainer Thomas Bontrager, Trainer Joe Joe Petrone; Second row: Athletic Director Warner Alford, Assistant Coach Ken Turner, George Buckner, Derek Home, Kevin Russell, Larry Brown, Head Coach Lee Hunt, Roger Stieg, Michael Partridge, Eric Lair, Carlos Clark, Graduate Assistant Chris Barrett, Assistant Coach Bill McCammon, Assistant Coach Steve Moeller. 126 Basketball III SIS! 22 A classic match-up: Carlos Clark and Tennessee ' s Dale Ellis. Ole Miss sets SEC fieldgoal record at Vandy 76.3%. Roger Stieg fights for position under the goal. The Rebel Basketball Band showed their spirit at every game. Basketball 127 co Partridge rebounds against LSU ' s Leonard Mitchell. arlos Clark became the fourth leading all-time scorer at Ole Miss. 128 Basketball Carlos Clark was AII-SEC and Honorable Mention Ail-American for Ole Miss. Eric Laird leads the Rebels ' tough defense. Point guard Cecil Dowell directs the Rebs at the offensive end o the floor. In his first year as Rebel mentor, Coach Lee Hui confronted a pressure situation, and he rose to th occasion by bringing out the best in the gutsy 198: 1983 Rebel basketball squad. For the past thre years, Ole Miss had played in either the NCAA or th NIT tournaments, and this season was to be no d ferent. Headed by senior Carlos Clark, this Reb lineup was an impressive one. Clark, who w; possibly the best small forward in the nation, pace the offense. Sophomore guard Eric Laird handk the toughest defensive assignments, while senii center Roger Stieg was the most consistent and ir proved player on the team. With such talent players as these, the Rebs stayed at the top of tl most balanced conference in the nation and th earned a bid to participate in post-season play. Laird tries to work the ball inside to Clark. M First row, I. to r.: Lucy Noble, Dana Fortenberry, Sherry King, Sandra Helms, Sandra Newborn, Sherry Winterstein, Maxine Tucker, Lindy Noble; Second row: Si Northcutt, Stacey Fortenberry, Coach Van Gillem, Frankie Brooks, Rochelle Thompson, Joe Corley, Tony Cruthirds, Gretchen Schlabech. LADY REBEL BASKETBALL The 1982-1983 version of Lady Rebel basketball brought even more success to the nationally prominent Ole Miss program. When Coach Van Chancellor ' s girls took to the court, opponents could expect aggressive play at both ends of the floor. The Lady Rebs boasted an explosive offensive attack that resulted in their scoring over 100 points on at least six occasions. While averaging 86 points per contest, Ole Miss held their opponents to an average of only 63 points per game. Also, the Lady Rebels were regulars in the AP top twenty as they mounted up the wins that assured them a post-season tournament bid. 130 Basketball Eugenia Conner drives to the j Lady Rebels climb as high as 11. Sandra Newborn begins the fast-break Maxine Tucker scores for the Lady Rebs Ole Miss matches up against Auburn Sandra Newborn hits a jumper. Baskelta:- ! Eugenia Conner gets the opening tip-off. Dana Fortenberry paces the fast-break. Maxine Tucker runs the offense against LSD. 132 Basketball The Lady Rebels scramble for the ball against Auburn. The Lady Rebels play aggressive defense. Eugenia Conner was an All-Americar candidate for the Rebels. [ l Conner goes to the basket. Vikki Craig snags a rebound. Basketball 13; 5SJSS1 134 Basketball Eugenia Conner was awesome on both ends of the court Lady Rebs - NCAA Tournament bound! Marilyn Brooks shoots a jumpshot from the lane. Dana Fortenberry handles the ball for Ole Miss. THE REBELS A win against LSD is always a special one. Basketball 1: First row, I. to r.: Pat Harrison, Chuck Sobers, Doug Weber, Jim Duckworth; Second row: Coach Billy Chadwick, Simon Bartram, David Aiken, William Chaffee, N Stapp, Coach Cathy Kolankiewicz. Rebel Tennis There were five new faces in the 1982-1983 Rebel tennis team line-up in addition to three returning players. This young team enjoyed a balanced team effort and a depth of talent, especially in the bottom team positions. Coach Billy Chadwick, in his first year as men ' s tennis coach, worked to upgrade the Rebel schedule and to move the Rebels up into the top half of the Southeastern Conference. William Chaffee stretches with his backhe 136 Tennis Chaflee between matches. " We will be comf etitive in the conference, and we hope to crack the top half of the SEC. " Coach Billy Chadwick Kirk Farquar prepares to serve. William Chaffee and Kirk Farquar discuss an upcoming match. Tennis 1 Lady Rebel Tennis First row, I. to r.: Barbara Smith, Fran Spencer, Erin Schultz, Pattie Harrison; Second row: Coach Cathy Kolankiewcz, Denise Barbiero, Sonya Sullivan, Lelic Wallender, Karen Barbiero, Coach Billy Chadwick. The 1983 Lady Rebel tennis team looked to the leadership of experienced players who had led the team to second place finishes in both the SEC and AIAW Region III tournaments during the 1982 season. MAI AW all-staters Fran Spencer and Barbara Smith, along with Pattie Harrison who was also on the all-AlAW Region III team, provided the stability for a team that had no one individual leader. Instead, this team, in Coach Billy Chadwick ' s summation, was one that worked together " just to keep the tennis ball going back to the opponent ' s side of the net. " Congratulations conclude an exciting match. 138 Tennis " The entire team is returning so we are again looking for a good season. " Coach Billy Chadwick Kathleen Murray returns a serve. Barbara Smith and Fran Spencer team up for doubles. Lady Rebels proudly display their SEC trophy. Tennis 1 i- i First row, I. to r.: Matt Long. Andrew Townes. Ladd Dilworth. Jeff Weston. Duane Lorio; Second row: Coach Ernest Ross. Neal Draper. Dave Peege. Gary Martin. Darre 1 Cole. Ham McGuire: Third row: Jim Wing. Mike Riley, Randy Watkms. Pat Palmer, Jeff Dandurand. REBEL GOLF Expectations were high tor the Rebel golf team that boasted a roster of talented and experienced goiters who had led the team to a second place finish in the Southeastern Conference during the previous season. Senior Randy Watkins, who won the 1982 SEC individual title, was also named to the All-SEC first team which was a first for Ole Miss. An Honorable Mention Ail-American, Watkins was also the first Ole Miss golfer invited to the NCAA Division I Championships since 1972. Watkins combined his ef- forts with those of All-SEC teamer junior Gary Martin and 1982 Freshman of the year Dave Pegee to make the Rebels one of the strongest teams in the conference. 140 Golf Randy VVjtkms tees oft ' last year ' s team finished second in the SEC. I feel that this team was the best ever at Ole Miss This year we have four out of five returning starters and look forward to an even better season. " - Coach Ernest Ross Mike Riley concentrates on his putting. Golf 141 Lady Rebel Volleyball First row, I. to r.: Angela Scott, Jennifer Maginnis, Laura Kassen, Leslie Shutz, Sue Sharp, Donna Fielder; Second row: Coach Jeanne Taylor Kelley Viner Bobbie No- ble, Cindy Huber, Beth Bellar, Jenny Rhoads, Karen Thorne, Gretchen Schlabach. Improvement was the goal for the 1982-83 Lady Rebel Volleyball team. With the addition of five top-flight newcomers and with improvements from the returning players, the team worked to better their 26-27 season record from the previous year. With five new girls in the program, the Lady Rebs faced both a tough schedule and a season of adjustment. Seniors Donna Fielder, Cindy Huber and Kelly Viner filled the leadership roles on the team with Viner assuming the role of vocal leader as the season progressed. The 1982-83 season also set the foundation for a bright future for Lady Rebel Volleyball. 142 Volleyball Leslie Shutz blocks a spiked shot. ie Lady Rebs take a time-out. Leslie Shutz reaches for the ball against MSU. " This is a transition year. We have a large number of new girls in the program . . . We are using this year as a time to build and mesh as a team. " Coach Jeanne Taylor anna Fielder goes up for a return. Volleyball 143 First row. I. to r.: Coach Bob Roberts. Ralph Spry. Earl Bridges. Cornelius Tate. Tony Dees. Clarence Daniel. Scott Taylor, Rick Barnes; Second row: Bryan Sears, John Skiles. Tim Magee. Ed Korschewitz. Baker Vinci. Reginald Hughes. Nicky Nelson. Coach Charlies Walker; Third row: Craig Gorden. Tim White. Vincent Aldridge. Victor Shine. Doug Smith, Frank Brister. Randy Dyess, Perry Cartlidge: Fourth row: Coach Bryan Morsett, Barry Kelly, Land Renfroe. Errol Bryant. Don Harrison, Troy McCoy. Wally Bumpus. II REBEL TRACK AII-SEC runner Wally Bumpus competes in a relay. Coach Joe Walker ' s 1982-83 track team experienced another year of improvement and made considerable progress in establishing a reputation for themselves both in the conference and nationally. Led by jumper Ralph Spry who was the Rebel ' s first Ail-American in track and field, the Ole Miss track team featured some outstanding athletes. AII- SEC runner Wally Bumpus was the 400-meter indoor champ while Tony Dees was the team ' s leading scorer. Spry, Bumpus, and Dees were also joined by Gary Kinder in qualifying for the NCAA Outdoor Meet in Provo, Utah. And finally, the cross-country team also had a banner year, finishing sixth in the Southeastern Conference. 144 Track Ail-American Ralph Spry is one of the nation ' s best jumper I Tony Dees leads the Rebs as top scorer. Frank Brister hurls the discus. Bob Roberts runs long distance for Ole Miss. JWi ' .ft .1- M P J Lm Kl I First row, I. to r.: Forrest Philips, Chuck Rouse, Mike Pickens, Laddie Renfroe, Scott Crutcher, Guy Summerlin, Skipper Wright, Travis Jenkins, David Clements, Al Darby, Mike Hawley; Second row: Coach Jake Gibbs, Kirk Hanson, Teddy Tidwell, Jimmy Watson, Andy Underwood, Mark Dennis, Bryan Farmer, David Bass, Ramie Ford, Mark Johnson, Coach Johnny Flynt, Coach Larry Williams; Third row: Gary Nicholson, Junior Rogers, Les Smith, Pat Pomeranz, Jimmy Colmer, Ed Bradley, Craig Brasfield, Ken Houser, Bill Blair. REBEL BASEBALL What a difference a year and a deep pitching staff made for the 1982 Ole Miss Rebel baseball squad. After a 24-24-1 season in 1981 and a third place finish in the Southeastern Conference ' s Western Division, the Rebels made the climb to the top and captured the divi- sion title and owned a 33-19-1 ledger. Coach Jake Gibbs, in his eleventh year at the Rebel helm, compiled an excellent pitching staff consisting of all underclassmen. Three juniors, five sophomores and a freshman gave Gibbs needed depth in the pitching corps to handle the rough SEC campaign. After posting a 5.14 Earned Run Average (ERA) in 1981, the youngsters almost chopped that figure in half, registering a team ERA of 3.80. Mike Pickens avoids the tag at first base. 146 Baseball " The contribution from our young pitching staff was one of the main factors in the team ' s success. " - Coach lake Gibbs 1982 SEC RECORD Alabame 6, Ole Miss 2 Alabama 11, Ole Miss 6 Ole Miss 4, Auburn 3 Oie Miss 5, Auburn 4 Ole Miss 4, Auburn 1 Ole Miss 8, Mississippi State 5 Mississippi State 3, Ole Miss Ole Miss 7, Mississippi State 2 Ole Miss 9, LSU 2 Ole Miss 6, LSU 2 Ole Miss 4, LSU 3 Alabama 6, Ole Miss 2 Ole Miss 4, Alabama 2 Ole Miss 6, Alabama 5 Ole Miss 1, Auburn Ole Miss 3, Auburn 3 Mississippi State 1, Ole Miss Ole Miss 9, Mississippi State 5 Ole Miss 11, Mississippi State 4 LSU 4, Ole Miss 3 Ole Miss 3, LSU Ole Miss 8, LSU Ole Miss 10, Tennessee 4 Florida 8, Ole Miss 7 Tennessee 12, Ole Miss 11 Coach Gibbs questions a game official. Leftfielder Mark Johnson dives for a fly ball. Baseball 147 Rebels Capture Division Crown Mark Johnson and David Clements congratulate each other. Scott Crutcher hurls his fast ball. Guy Summerlin lunges back to first base. 148 Baseball t Pomeranz bats for the Rebels. Freshman pitcher Bryan Farmer had the lowest ERA on the squad with .09. The 5-11, 155-pounder was 7-4 on the season, but lost artbreakers to fourth-ranked Oral Roberts 4-3, Mississippi State 1-0, d an extra-inning affair with Alabama which could have conceivably ve made him 10-1 on the year. Sophomore Laddie Renfroe, a ;hthander, owned the team ' s best record which was a 6-0 mark with ipressive wins over Alabama, Mississippi State, and Auburn. Lefty ark Dennis, a junior, and righty Gary Nicholson rounded out the irters for Ole Miss as they owned 5-4 and 4-3 records, respectively. Juniors )im Colmer and Darryl Graham, along with sophomore Ramie rd, were the stoppers out of the bullpen for Ole Miss, piling up ?ven wins and a pair of saves among the trio. At the plate, the Rebels were a team that rallied in the late innings to jll out victories, and that one fact is the reason Ole Miss was in every ntest to the end. A perfect example occurred on April 25 as the ?bels hosted eleventh-ranked Memphis State. Entering the bottom of e eighth frame, Ole Miss trailed 2-0. The Rebs notched a single run in e eighth on a sacrifice fly from centerfielder Guy Summerlin. Then ter holding the Tigers scoreless in their half of the ninth, the Rebels on the contest on RBI-singles by Scott Crutcher and Junior Rogers to ke a typical 1982 come-from-behind victory, 3-2. Highlighting the Ole Miss offensive attack was senior shortstop David Clements. The three-time Western Division pick set the all-time SEC career doubles mark with a total of 49. Clements also tied the career homerun mark at Ole Miss with 27, was five short of tying for the most hits in a career, fifteen short in the RBI category, and six shy in runs. Though Clements was in hot pursuit of several records, Ken Houser, Mark Johnson, and Summerlin carried the big bats for the Rebels. Houser led the team with a batting average of .319. Johnson was second at .312, and Summerlin was next batting at a .290 clip. Other regulars were firstbaseman Andy Underwood who owned a .284 average, Clements .263, Senior thirdbaseman Scott Crutcher at .262, secondbaseman Kirk Hanson .256 and catcher Bill Blair with a .248 percentage. The Rebels had a pair of winning streaks of five or more games during the season, and they did not lose more than two games in a row during the ' 82 campaign. Other interesting notes during the season were reserve shortstop Chuck Rouse ' s two doubles in the seventh inning against Southern Illinois on March 19, tying a SEC record, and a twelve-game hitting streak by Rogers which was the longest of any Rebel during the year. Finally, the Rebels ended the 1982 campaign first with a win over Tennessee and then with two close losses to Florida and Tennessee in the Sec Tournament in Gainesville, Florida. Baseball 149 Les Smith slides into third base. Ramie Ford listens to pregame activities with a " chaw. Both the winners and losers display sportsmanship. 150 Baseball " . . . we could have easily won it all. " Coach lake Cibbs Leftfielder violently tries to prevent a homerun. Bryan Farmer celebrates an emotional win. Baseball 151 V [41 1 tf From left: Sherry Hales. Jody Bruscato, Leslie Andrews, David Rogers, John White, Perry Eaton, Frank Parker, Laura Smith, John Hawkins, Amy Finch, Noel Reed, Gin ny Walker, and Bodeen Denton. REBEL CHEERLEADERS The Ole Miss Cheerleading squad holds the distinction of being recognized as one of the top squads in not one, but two separate cheerleading organizations, the National Cheerleading Association and the Universal Cheerleading Association. Selected as one of the best groups in the nation, the squad, led by captain Frank Parker also won several awards at their summer cheerleading camp at Memphis State University. 152 Cheerleaders Junior Varsity Cheerleaders were, first row: Brooke Richardson, Leah Sigler, Becky Hane, second row: Ellen Petrie. Judy Spear, Tammy Elliot, Deborah Crumpton; third row: Mik Fountain, Tony Jones, Ricky Fava, Steve Spratley; fourth row: Jeff Bivens, Mike Gorde: and Mike Muggins. Barry Kruger leads a " Hotty Toddy " as Colonel Reb Ginny Walker and Bodeen Denton give an enthusiastic cheer for the Rebels. Amy Finch and Noel Reed wait for the Rebels to come out on the field. Cheerleaders 153 REBEL M CLUB M Club members include David Bass, Bill Blair, Craig Brasfield, Jim Colmer, Mark Dennis, Bryan Farmer, Ramie Ford, Kirk Hanson, Ken Houser, Gary Nicholson, Laddie Renfro, Seth Rogers, Les Smith, Guy Summerlin, Andy Underwood, Jim Watson, George Buckner, Carlos Clark, Ken Coghlan, Cecil Dowell, James Green, Eric Laird, Brad Pierce, Roger Stieg, )eff Dandurand, Gary Martin, Mike Riley, Randy Watkins, Simon Bartram, William Chaffee, Pat Harrison, Earl Bridges, Frank Brister, Errol Bryant, Wally Bumpas, Clarence Daniel, Tony Dees, Randy Dyess, Don Harrison, Tim Magee, Nicky Nielson, K. C. Nielson, Ralph Spry, Cornelius Tate, Carroll Kirkpatrick, David Millender, Doug Miller, Keith Morgan, J. Lee Taylor, |ohn Allen, )oe Brewer, Bob Blakemore, Melvin Brown, Johnny Burrow, Roger Clark, Hoppy Cole, Lee Cole, Steve Cunningham, Tony Dalton, Lee Davis, Steve Dearie, Kenneth Dotson, Gino English, Keith Fourcade, Todd Gatlin, James Harbour, Michael Harmon, Tony Harper, Steve Herring, Kinny Hooper, Thomas Hubbard, Arthur Humphrey, Danny Jansen, Bryan Kennedy, Wally Knox, Skip Lane, Carl Lewis, Matthew Lovelady, Buford McGee, Russell Mitchell, Tim Moffett, Dwayne Nesmith, Freddie Jo Nunn, Alan Partin, Pat Phenix, Wayne Pierce, Kelly Powell, Danny Robertson, Robbie Robinson, Steve Searfoss, Andy Shaw, Andre Thomas, Andre Townsend, Greg Walker, Barry Wilburn, and Nakita Williams. Officers are at right Dwayne Nesmith, treasurer; Carlos Clark, vice president; Don Harrison, president; Michael Harmon, sergeant-at-arms; and Roger Clark, secretary. 154 M Club Lady M Club members include Denise Barbiero, Karen Barfcxero, Beth Beiiar Frankie Brooks. Mel Brooks. Eugenia Conner. Vidci Craig. Dana Fortenberry, Jennifer Gillom, Patti Harrison, Sandra Helms, Cindy Huber, Laura Kasser, Sherry King. Rebekah Little, Jennifer Maginnis, Sandra Newborn, and Bobbie Noble. Abo included were Lindy Nobte. Lucy Noble, Susan Northcutt. Jana Phillips. Jenny Rhoads, Erin Schulz, Lesfie Schutz, Angela Scott. Sue Sharpe. Barbara Smith, Fran Spencer, RocheBe Thompson, Karen Thome. Maxine Tucker, KeBy Viner, Lefia Wallender, Vickie Wills, and Sherry Winterstein. Officers were, at left. KeBy Vmer. vice president; Cindy Huber, historian; Jenny Rhoads, secretary; Leslie Schutz, president; and Sue Sharpe. treasurer. LADY M CLUB M-Chib 155 ASB Officials PRESIDENT William Ray VICE PRESIDENT Art Davis 158 Organization ASB Officials TREASURER Julianne Battaile SECRETARY Frances Crenshaw Organization 159 ASB Cabinet Each year the Associated Student Body Cabinet provides the vital function of linking the student government with the students. Cabinet officials coordinate such broad areas of campus life as school spirit, academic affairs, and university relations, and take responsibility for specific programs like Dixie Week, Legislative Day, Refrigerator Ren- tals, Traffic Appeals, and Film Series. Each ASB Cabinet officer, with the assistance of sub-cabinet committee chairmen, organizes and operates an important government department with the overall goal of achieving an effective service relationship with the student body. Their success in reaching this objective each year is dependent upon student interest, input, and participation, each of which aids the Cabinet ' s efforts to make the Ole Miss student ' s relationship to his student government a positive one. Attorney General: Helen Hall Executive-Legislative Liaison: Audrey Graham University Relations: Wesla Sullivar Student Activities: Ab Atkins Public Information: Mike Ragsdale Academic Affairs: Larry Pittman Student Housing: Keith Lawrence Refrigerator Rentals: Regan Mason Student Legal Services: Paul Edwards Executive Assistant: John Henson Administrative Assistant: Ann Roy Presidential Assistant: Bob Kirksey 160 Organizations ASB Secretaries Beca Rasco Cindy Martin Lisa Hodges De Ann Boutwell Donna Brown Susan Stewart J. J. Brown Mary Jo Alinder Paula Kay Crystal Clare Nelson Clyde Nelson Bethany Buckley LizWhitley Kay Stanley ACTIVITIES: Dixie Week: Daisy Wong, Richard Johnson Homecoming: Keith Canfield, Charles Pringle Parade of Beauties: Martha Moore Miss University: Van East Elections: Caroi Spencer Weekend Activities: Colleen Coffield School Spirit: Danny Reynolds UNIVERSITY RELATIONS: Ambassadors: Stacey Tyner Committee of 82: Lawson Hester, Holly Huggins Legislative Day: Brian Davis SERVICES: Loan Service: Toni Bertolet Book Exchange: Katherine Madden Student Health Advisory: John Kennedy CONCERT COMMITTEE: Katie Wood PRESS SECRETARY: Alan Schmidt ASB Sub-Cabinet Organization 161 ASB Senate Zainab Alshakarchi Doug Barfield Bill Barnett Bob Bennet John Branson Jo Buckley Chris Cavazos Laura Caveness Tim Climer Ty Cobb Joanna Corban Brian Davis Abby Dickerson Jimmy Flanagin Stacy Floyd Hueston Fortner Craig Gordon Jim Halford Beth Harbison Jeff Hubbard Allison Humphreys Kim Kaufman Kim Kimbrough Cliff Langenfeld Reggie Lea Ben Logan SENATORS FALL 1982 Jack Marnhout Stephen Marone Martha Moore George Neville Anna Norwood David Owen Ross Pepper Judd Peters Andy Phillips Kitty Pinkston Scott Ross Abbas Safieddine WaltShinault Kelly Sisco Chuck Smith Eddie Smith Leslie Staehle Valerie Thomas Will Travis Susan Vanzandt John Wagster Mary Wamble Jan Wetzel Kurt Wilson Tommy Womble Cammiel Woodbury 162 Organization ASB Senate UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI SENATE OFFICERS: Art Davis, president Frances Crenshaw. clerk Audrey Graham, executive legislative liaison Bob Bennett, president pro-tempore Organization 163 ASB Judicial ASB Judicial Council Chairman: Tim Weeks Village: Calvin Buchanan Off-Campus: David Childress Women ' s Dorms: Gail Crosthwait Sorority Row: Beth Watson Fraternity Row: Robert Coleman Men ' s Dorms: Joseph Harbin The ASB Judicial Council is composed of a chairman, who is elected by the student boyd, and associate members, who are appointed by the Associated Student Body President with the approval of the Campus Senate. The Council hears disciplinary cases and makes recommendations to the University administration concerning appropriate action. The Council ' s recommen dations are usually followed. Other duties of the Council include reviewing Campus Senate legislation and hearing appeals from the branch councils which are the Women ' s Judicial Council and the Men ' s Judicial Council. President: Gloria Dingeldein Vice-President: Susan Alpiner Secretary Treasurer: Leslie Street Representative to Graduate Faculty Council: Jim Mack The objective of the AGSB is to encourage and facilitate graduate interdepartmental communication, to serve as a liason between the departments of graduate study and the University administration, and to encourage a sense of professional pride, prestige and unity. Any person enrolled in the Graduate School of the University of Mississippi is automatically a member of the AGSB. Representatives from each department of graduate study attend executive council meetings every two weeks. During these meetings, problems, solutions, and policy-making decisions affecting graduate students are discussed. Graduate Students 164 Organization Ambassadors CHAIRMAN: STACEYTYNER CO-CHAIRMEN: MIKE EDMONDS KEN RAY DIRECTOR OF PREADMISSIONS: Beckett Howorth III 1 982-83 Returning Ambassadors Leslie Andrews Orlando Andy Brett Narttett Jimmy Blackwood Schuyler Braddock Sarah Branscome Chrts Cavazos Angela Clark Allison Cole Robert Coleman II Ken Cunningham Scott Daugherty Stuart Easterly Mark Ellington Anna Emmons Elizabeth Ferguson Chene Gallaspy Tncia Goolsby Anne-Murray Hales Donna Heern Ronald Henry Kimberly Hogan Lynn Holland Holly Holman Cindy Kelly Sam Kelly Caroline Michele Kndle Ben Landess Monica Langston Scott Leary Tammte Mann Kenneth McKay Craig ' . ' Greta Miller Guy Parker III Bridget Perkins Ronald Russell Paul Sabbatini Robert Smyiie Chen Sorrels Wesla Sullivan Leslie Sumners Melissa Thompson William Travis Brenda Vanderburg Bonnie Vaughan Carroll Watts Karolyn Wersebe 1982-83 Ambassadors Representatives Richard M. Adam Beth Adkms Mary Jo Alinder Michael Axton Melvin Banks Henry Barbour Julia Bell Moreland Bell Sharon Michele Bentz De Ann Boutweii Martha Wade Bradford Phillip Mart Bradotrd Amy Elizabeth Brinkley Donna Grace Brown Artue Jo Buckley Gma Burke Leigh Bynum Bradley M. Calhoun Dayna Kyle Carpenter Sherry Chaffin Randy Clark Timothy Thomas C [ Kelly Colingo Karen Leigh Corner Caryn Cram Ellen Grain Emily Renee Crawford Frances Crenshaw Jennifer Crews Katrma Dendy Allyson Denson Lisa Dick Dani Kay Dottley Richard B. Ellison Hope Williams Emmons Stephen Paul Epperson Sue Farrington Jack Carr Feigler Jr Elizabeth Ferguson Scott Alan Fields John Finktea Keith Fisher Tina Marie Foley Becky Fontaine Judy Freeman Tom Friou Lee Fuller Amelia Anne Gadd Neel Gammill Susan M. Gates Jerry Gentry II Meyer L Gilbert Kathryn Green Alicia Greenlee Tracy Greer James M Grimes Harriet Lane Hale Mary Nelle Hanson Beth Har bison Sean Wilson Harrison David Hemeter Henry WHitt Winter Hodges Wade Allen Holland Robert Jackson Hollingsworth William Henry Holman Lee Ann Hough Van Hutcherson Angela Jones Sam Kelly Lisa Gail Kilgore Sally K Helen! Kohn Henry Koon Linda N. Kndle Tamah Lame Scott F. Leary Paul John Liberty Maria Litchfield Ronda Little Seeley Lowery Linda Lusco Phoebe Phillips Manruno Naomi Martin Suzanne Maxcy Jennifer McBryde Lisa McCain Alison McClelland Leslie McCleskey Campbell McCool Lisa McGregor Henry R Michel Corinne Mtksa J Michelle Moore Lisa Moore Kim M: Alan Lee Nagle Rita B. Neitz Cartla Denise Nicholson Stuart A. Norns Anne O ' Neill Billy Perkms Donald Andrew Phillips Kitty Pinkston Carolyne Poole Barry Douglas Pope George Nelson Pope Ken Priest Charles K.Prmgle. Jr. BarnsdaleM Pullenlll Tyrone Richardson Mark A. Roberts Jennifer Leigh Rogers Debbie Lynne Rossell Doug Sanford Sidney W Seal Steve Slade Patricia E. Smith Vincent Waldo Spoltore Jennifer Spoonts Lauren Stewart Susan Lorraine Stewart Mark Herring Stowers Shan N. Sullivan Sonya Sullivan Angie Summers ManshaTate John Franks Taylor. Jr. Judity Ann Teevan Weesie Thames Donald Thomas Susan M. Thompson Alan Guy Tucker Laura Tuckier Lynda Tullos Beverly Turner Lou Tyson Richard W. Wackerfuss Paula Wages John Samuel Wagster Eva P. Walls Lori J. Ward Diane Wegener Sarah K Wellons Richard White David Williams Richard White David Williams Margaret Williams Mark D. Williams Organizations 165 Pride of the South Asst. Band Director: Dr. Dwayne Sagen Graduate Asst. Directors: Johnny Robertson Phyllis Mailman Lynn Sledge Announcer: Rex Baker Director of Bands: Dr. Luther Snavely 166 Organization Pride of the South Ole Miss Rebelettes Tracy Scheffing and Jeff Zahn Steve Moser and Jeff Roberson Organization 167 Pride of the South Rebel Lancer Color Guard 168 Organization Pride of the South Organization 169 Baptist Student Union BSU Director: Keith Gating President: Steve Hunt Vice-President: Nancy Clement Secretary: Tracy Beasley Internationals: Alan Tucker Local Missions: Susan Word Social: Chuck Waller Summer Missions: Jimmy Turner Worship: Lee Meadows Having served the Univer- sity of Mississippi of over fif- ty years, the Baptist Student Union continues to make available outstanding pro- grams of spiritual and religious emphasis. BSU is a campus organization involv- ing Christian university students. It is a fellowship of Christians with two general objectives: to help students grow and mature in their Christian faith, and then to share their faith through ministry, service and witness. BSU provides pro- grams which will give students the opportunity to live a vital, well-rounded Christian life while in college. 170 Organizations Rebel Recruiters Officers: Co-Chairmen: Kate Asbury Miranda Mcllwain Secretary: Chris Meznar Treasurer: Lyn Heard The Rebel Recruiters is a select group of girls chosen to represent the University in the recruiting of high school and junior college football players. They serve in a hostess capacity while prospects are visiting the Ole Miss campus. Working with the coaching staff, the Recruiters see that prospects enjoy the hospitality that Ole Miss is known for and that he gets a good picture of the fine athletic program the University has to offer. New Rebel Recruiters Meg Bickerstaff. Kelly Blake, Schyler Braddock. Lisa Browning, Jeannie Burrow, Chris Canty, Dayna Carpenter, Brenda Kay Carter, Sherry Gate. Kaphne Curtis. Kimberly Ford. Elaine Ginn, Nike Gunnels, Susan Harper, Montyne King. La ' Vonzell Penamon. Karen Tarbutton Returning Rebel Recruiters Kate Asbury, Kim Epting, Lyn Heard. Marie Lee Harmon, Linnette Lourido, Gay Loyacono, Kathy Manning, Diana Massie, Miranda Mcllwain, Chris Mezner, Greta Miller, Daphne Park, Pam Peden, Desiree Petetjean. Becca Rasco. Sherry Shumpert. Zan Tillman. Cindy Yates Organizations 171 Traffic Appeals Board President: Jay Cooke Secretary: Frank Hall Jerry Gentry III, Brian Smith, Elizabeth Cooke, Rob Coker, Bren- da Vanderborg The Traffic Appeals Board is a branch of the Lyceum designed to help students who feel that they should not have received a traffic citation. The Board uses the M-Book as a guide and hears each case seperately. President: Bonnie Vaughan Vice-President: Kathy Adams Corresponding Secretary: Connie Coakle Secretary: Gay Loyakano Treasurer: Sharon Stevens Historian: Anita Moore Reporter: D D Dowden The University of Mississippi Short- hand Reporters Association offers court reporting students an opportuni- ty to learn more about their field. Pro- grams presented by lawyers, profes- sional reporters, and court officials give valuable insight into the field of court reporting. This year ' s programs include topics of ethics, dress, and new technology. The court reporting pro- gram is unique to any university in the South and UMSRA strives to strengthen this program ' s respectability. Shorthand Reporters 172 Organizations Financiers The Financiers Club is an organization which seeks to acquaint interested students with outstanding businessmen and bankers from Mississippi and surrounding states. Sponsored by the Chair of Banking, the Financiers provide business majors an o pportunity to listen and speak to knowledgeable leaders in business community. By bringing well informed speakers to the University, the Financiers Club hopes to present students with interesting and relevant issues con- cerning business and banking. President: Phillip Strickland Advisor: Don Moak Members: Percy Byrnes Charles Ouebedeau James Bray Chuck Barry Nancy Simmons Bitty Marascaico Chuck Finch Randy Thomas Paul Long Diane Derrvaux Nora Bishop Lea Easterwood Frances Neal Curt Underwood Jack Webb John Collins Raymond Jordan Susan Filer Bret Thiel Jack Hinnendael Atlean Anderson Joyce Moody Elizabeth Busby Mark Garrett Kerry N Ricks Barry Cox Frank Miner Bill Russatti Bessie White Kenneth Anderson Greg Rogers John Adcox Bill Bexley Kendall Garaway Theresa Chandler Susan Harper Teri Haguewood Laura Telly Dewey Hembree Greg Etlston William Douglas Katie Wood Marilyn Mammons Carol Garner Celia Speed James Garden Kenneth Kemp Janet Roell Brad Huff Brian Williams Tony Coteman Terry Woods Phillip Strickland Organizations 1 73 Modeling Board Officers Kay Carnathan Camille Thomas Stephanie Smiley, Pres. Mary Susan Gallien The University of Mississippi Modeling Board was established in 1977 by the AWS. The Board is composed of Ole Miss coeds representing a variety of majors. Its purpose is to promote a bet- ter understanding and awareness of the University and its students; to bring about an awareness of the total aspect of fashion; and to promote good will. Modeling Board members are selected each fall by a panel of two judges and the director of the Modeling Board. Selection is based on poise, personality, model- ing potential and scholastic ability. Old Members: Ann Roy, Leslie Williams, Lyn Evans, Lyn Zubatuck, Montyne King, Martha Moore, Suzanne Davis, Daphne Parks, Stephanie Robinson, Kathy Black, Sherry Shumpert, Karen Rice. Laurie Barnett, Kim Tidwell. Nancy Alexander. Mary Adams, Warrine Trawick. Katherine Higgins, Paige Boyd, Lori Thompson, Nata Fisher, Susan Waitkus. 1 74 Organizations Modeling Board New Members: Lori Stockstilt. Kelly Truett. Leslie Lamar, Gracie Hicks, Merry Ann Nevins. Jesse Hadley. Kathy Span, Sara Hill, April Wortham, Angie Howell, Susie White. Sharon Gifford. Cathy Rowan. Dianne Jackson, Whitney Waltman. Mary Schneider, Beth Shaw. Jacque Toone. David Mann Louis Savoir Lowry Moore Trully Pittman Clifton Van Cleave Mike Muggins Amzie Thames J. D. Williams Bob Mahaney Andrew Garrett J. B. Goodsell Organizations 175 WCBH Radio WCBH is a student operated radio station where students can gain valuable experience on how to operate radio equipment and also get on-air experience. WCBH radio began in the mid-20 ' s and was one of the first col- lege stations in the country. Any student, regardless of major, can work at WCBH. The staff is selected by a panel based on previous work at WCBH, recommendations from the outgoing staff, and academic standing. During the 1982-83 school years, WCBH expanded its program- ming to include Ole Miss football and basketball, Mississippi State football, Dallas Cowboys football, the Sports Hotline shows which included Ole Miss coach Steve Sloan, and the Mississippi News Network. Music at WCBH is adult contemporary music. WCBH broadcasts over Cable FM 90 and for part of the year over tv channel 12. The station is in the process of applying for an FCC license and within a year should be broadcasting over the air without the aid of cable. WCBH STAFF Station Manager Joel Estes Program Director Britt Fitts Operations Manager Marshall Griffin News Director Deborah Moore Public Service Director Patricia Wilkerson Business Manager Mary Allbritton Advisor Dr. James Pratt DJs: Patricia Wilkerson, Nancy Donosky, Susana Bellido, Bob Craig, Joyce McNaughton, Keith Tucker, Brad Ramsey, Donna Jenkins, Clay Overton, John Thomas, Jennifer Cuic- chi, Jeff Altinbern, Jolly Cox, Sylvia Johnson, Stephanie Light, Dewayne Buckman, Dian Ferryman, Philip Myers, Bennie Agnew, Jeff Spencer, Sidney Rushing, Georgia Wood- son, Martin Sokolik, Jimmy Spears, Andrea Russell, Stacy Ruhl, Monty Montgomery, Dusky Harvey, Ida Jackson, Kay Stanley, Jeff Custo, Scott McCorkle, Bill Cranz, Cathy Rowan, Cole DeLong, Susan Brinkley, Kenny Hulshoff, Jewel Veasley, Renee Atwood, Drew Shoemaker, Tony Sancillo, Mark Stowers, Kip Carroll, Mary Allbritton, Carol Olender, Keith Kimmons, Marshall Griffin, Nzarin Rouzati, Gretchen Yeager, Richard Matsufuji Angel Flight is a service organiz; tion that is an affiliate of the A Force. It supports the campus i well as the Oxford community ar the United States Air Force. Commander: Pam Young Vice-President: Karolyn Wersebe Administration: Officer: Robin Cochran Comptroller: Melanie Hixon Operations: Bonnie Nevins Assistant Operations: Donna Sanders, Michelle Skinner Rush Chairman Pledge Trainer: Amy Metts Assistant: Beth Parkin Little Major: De Lisa Griffin National Little General: Angela Clar Chaplain: Susan Harper Informations: Susan Adkins Angel Flight 176 Organizations AROTC ARMY ROTC MS IV CADETS First Row (L to R): Tracy Know Marcy Billings LynnGoss Terry Leech Second Row: David Smith Bobby Towery James Russum Ernest Anaya Bradley Hopper Third Row: James Howell Arthur Sharpe Larry McNeal Robert Wait William Hopper Fourth Row: John Driftmier Keith Hawkins Ralph Spry Phillip Jolly Fifth Row: John Huey Greg Kennedy James Petrea ARMY ROTC MS III CADETS First Row (L to R): James M. Bailey Prentiss R. Jolly Alan K. Stone Hampton D. Thames Ben M Logan Second Row: Robert E. McDade Kurt M.Wilson Anthony D. Smith Paul J. Warden Erby H. Montgomery Third Row: Danny N. Blanton Don W. Jones John H. Hawkins Gary W. Coggins Vincent W. Aldridge Fourth Row: Brian D. Tennant Paul A. Tyrell Gerald P. Coleman Keith E. Chancy Randy A. Allred Fifth Row: Alvin L. Spencer Walter L. Davis Lawrence C. Wade Roy A. Labella Organization 177 AROTC Army ROTC Scholarship Winners First Row (L to R): Kurt Wilson, David Dykes, John Redmond, Bradley Hopper, Phillip Jolly Second Row: Steven Snipes, Anthony Smith, Jeffrey Warden, Robert Wait Third Row: Don Jones, John Hawkins, Jay Baird, Erby Montgomery Fourth Row: Paul Tyrrell, James Petrea 178 Organization AROTC ARMY R.O.T.C. SPONSOR CORPS Leslie Andrews Laurie Bennett Bettie Bonds Belinda Branch Lisa Carver Laura Commiskey Sandra Cox D ' ann Davis Rachel French Rachel Gex Leslie Greenberg Cindy Grisham Revonda Harris Cindy Harrison Rhonda Jackson Tammy Jackson Kathy Johnson Laurie Kern Rebecca Kremer Jennifer McBryde Elaine Morton Clair Mulkins Stephanie Narmour Anna Norwood Ginna Parsons Leisa Posey Susan Purvis Kristy Rankin Tracey Rogers Marjorie P. Shaddock Eva Ann Shepherd Sonja Sheppard Pamela Stanford Beverly Suit Lori Thompson Gaye Welch Suzanne Welch Linda White Jan Williamson Kelli Williamson Commander Suzanne Welch Executive Officer Revonda Harris Secretary Rhonda Jackson Treasurer . . Lisa Carver Organization 179 Olc Miss NROTC Senior Class First Row: J. Arbiter, B. Ramsey, M. Martin. M. Lee, B. Lipeld, J. McDaniels, R. tmpellizzeri, J. Hanson; Second Row: A. Jacobs, R. Rivers, J. Speights, L. Gotten, F. Minor, A. Null, D. Petty; Third Row: M. Cavano, D. Taylor, J. McKelvy, M. Williams, C. Croce. Future Leaders . 180 Organizations Ole Miss NROTC The Battalion of Midshipmen NROTC Band Drill Team Organizations 181 Olc Miss NROTC Taking it Easy Midshipmen on Parade Go Navy Forward March 182 Organizations Navy Sweethearts Beth Murray 1981-1982 Jana Schulle 1982-1983 NROTC Sponsors Sitting: Beverly DeVeer, Sheri Mclntire. Lisa Hicks; Standing: Beth Murray. Linda Cook, Martha Derryberry, Irish Fay. Lynn Miner, Carole Conroy. Teresa Jackson, Donna Banister. Kathy Willis. Suzanne Hendrickson. Jana Schulle, Pam James, Melanie Reeves. LaJuana Dill Organizations 183 OLE MISS Editor John Hall Assistant Editor Newell Turner Business Manager Debbie Cobb Executive Secretary Lauren Lexa Events Liz Bowman, A. G. Harmon Administration Steve Corso, Allison Owen. Pat Robertson Features Becky Smitheal, Lynn Evans. Gina Agostinelli Sports Pam Peden. Tal Hicks. Lorrie Woods Organizations Lisa Parker, Paul Maxwell, Marie Lee Harmon. Claire Skaggs Greeks Randay Jackson, Marilyn Hammons, Barbara Bowen Honors Lil McKinnon. ' Harry Park. Craig Miller Humor Joey Gunn, Laurel Adams Classes Bettina Neumaier, Dawn Bump Index Lawson Hester. Mark Gunn. Paul Edwards Photographers Ken Towler. Scott Speakes, Charles Griffin, John Henderson, Vickie Roberts. Rusty Frye, Debbie Haworth, Blake Donaldson. Bruce Presson. Art Huggins, Barney Hammond designates editor of section 184 Organization OLE MISS Scott Speaks Paul Maxwell engaged Newly Bellafontaine Worth Vicky Roberts Barbara Bowen Bump Pat Robertson Lawson Hester Gloria Vanderbilt Claire Skaggs Mom A.G. incognito Rusty Frye E.T. " Pop! " 1 censored Diamond Lit Marie Harmon Douglas Barnett Hammond III " Tastes like candy " Agostinelli Evans Eugenia Allison Owen 150-213-PGS Organizations 185 Daily Mississippian Paul Crutcher, Editor in Chief _________! !ir UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI 38677 ___-___. The Daily MISSISSIPPI TN VOL 71, NO 2S THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 30, 1982 USPS 354-740 FOUNDED IN 1912 MEMBER OF MISSISSIPPI PRESS ASSOCIATION EDITOR IN CHIEF: PAUL CRUTCHER MANAGING EDITOR: NANCY FINERTY NEWS EDITOR: DEBBIE ROSSELL, PATTIE PATTERSON ENTERTAINMENT ARTS EDITOR: SALLIE READ, SHERRY LUCUS SPORTS EDITOR: CHARLES BUSBY ASST SPORTS EDITOR: KATE MAGANDY EDITORIAL PAGE EDITOR: PAULA VAUGHAN CALENDAR EDITOR: LYNDA TULLOS PHOTOGRAPHERS: KARL FLOYD, BLAKE DONALDSON, CHARLES GRIFFIN, ROBERT JORDAN, JOHN J. HENDERSON PRODUCTION MANAGER: DAN TURNER PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: TODD PRILLHART, ANGIE SUMMERS BUSINESS MANAGER: SHERRI GIANINO ASST BUSINESS MANAGER: KAREN A. EVERS AD SALES: KAREN EVERS, MARIE MARTIN, RICHARD SINERVO AD COMPOSITION: DON CURRIE, RON BROOKS AD SECRETARY: JILL HARD WAY CIRCULATION MANAGER: DAVE GRISHAM CIRCULATION ASSISTANTS: RON BROOKS, ROBERT MULLER, DARRELL HYDE, DON CURRIE NEWS EDITORIAL CONSULTANT: TOMMY MILLER EXECUTIVE SECRETARY: BETTY YOUNG GENERAL MANAGER-STUDENT MEDIA CENTER: 8. GALE DENLEY Dan Turner, Susan Ferrelt, Angle Summers, Kate Magandy, and Peggy Hodges Lynda Tullos, Charles Busby, Sallie Read, Debbie Rossell, Nancy Finerty, and Paul Crutcr 186 Organization Daily Mississippian Paula Vaughn, Don Currie. and Ron Brooks Marie Martin. Sherry Gianino, Richard Sinervo. and Karen Evers Everyone else . . . plus Robert Jordan. Karl Floyd, John j. henderson and Charles Griffin Organization 187 UPC UNION PROGRAM COUNCIL Members (from left): Wendy Lynne Crawford, pulbic relations chairman Leslie Furman, executive secretary Elizabeth Cooke, entertainment co-chairman (back row) Bill Garner, social chairman Mike Edmonds, minority chairman Jeff Johnson, entertainment co-chairman Mark Mead, Union Program Council chairman Lawson Hester, film series co-chairman David Watson, recreation-travel chairman (not pictured) David Young, film series co-chairman Bill Lynch, RHA-UPC Liaison 188 Organization UPC The Union Program Council is the executive student committee of the Ole Miss Union. The Council is responsible for providing educational, social, cultural, and recreational opportunities for Ole Miss students and other members of the campus community. The Council is made up of seven committees that provide programming related to that committee. The ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE selects entertainment acts or pgorams of interest for the campus community. The Fall Festival, one of the biggest events of the fall each year, is coordinated by this committee. The UNION PROGRAM COUNCIL FILM SERIES shows films every Wednesday of the schoolyear and on special event days like Fall Festival. The FINE ARTS COMMITTEE sponsors art exhibits in the lobby, the campus poetry and photography contests and books bands for our " Jazz on Tuesday " program. Those participating in the LECTERN COMMITTEE are responsible for bringing speakers to the Ole Miss Campus. Lec- tures range from " Who Shot J.F.K.? " to the prosecuting attorney in theChales Manson case. The MINORITY ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE provides events of interest to the minority groups on campus. This committee also works with other areas of the university community whose objectives are similar. Shows and spontaneous programs such as coffeehouses, Rebel Week, and the Ole Miss College Bowl and Trivia Bowl are brought to you by the SPECIAL EVENTS COMMITTEE of the UPC. The TRAVEL RECREATION COMMITTEE of the Council sponsors Lectures and Travel Information of interest to the entire student body. UPC Chairman: Mark Mead Organization 189 SAPHA The Student American Pharmaceutical Association introduces its members to the practical world of pharmacy. Weekly drug fairs are held during the year to acquaint the students with different drug represen- tatives and companies. An annual Pharmacy Bowl is also sponsored to prepare members for questions that will be asked on the state board tests. Speakers from different pharmaceutical careers help in informing the students. Each year ends with the Pharmacy Olympics and Picnic where third, fourth and fifth year students compete against each other in sports. President: Karl Ott Vice-President: Jeff Yates Secretary Treasurer: Sharon Moore 190 Organizations Black Student Union The Black Student Union at Ole Miss has many objectives. Its pro- grams are designed to assist black students in all areas of campus life: political, academic and social. The group also advises black students of their legal rights. BSU ' s main objec- tive is to identify with the black students at Ole Miss as they par- ticipate in campus life. President: Lydia E. Spragin Vice-President: John Hawkins Secretary: Libby Wood Treasurer: Melvin Banks Jerry Deloach Micheal Gentry Gracie Flowers Jerry Gentry Betty Balfour Tina Thomas Thomas Fantroy Louise Amos Willie Spurlock Brenda Carter Anthony Grace ReneldaTownsend Debra Stowers Felix Amenkhienan Dr. David Hall Organizations 191 RHA Vice-President Ginger Johnson President Cheri Green Just What Is RHA? The Residence Hall Association has been designed to act as a liaison between individual halls and the University itself. RHA provides a legislative and Judicial system for each hall, as well as one unified system for all halls. Every fall, respec- tive halls choose their RHA representatives by petition. At the end of every spring semester the outgoing represen- tatives elect the executive council for the upcoming year. The primary function of RHA is to make residence hall living more enjoyable. This is achieved through programs such as room personalization, education and, of course, entertain- ment. Our main purpose at RHA is to make you, the resident enjoy the residence life here on the Ole Miss campus. Representatives Jeanne Bodron Woody Battle Mark Craig Carla Evans Quinn House Alice Elenburg Will Dunaway Mar Lindsey Tammy Sekul Denise Wallingford Mary Williams Virginia Thompson Linda Coleman 192 Organizations RHA Secretary Etta Mhoon Treasurer Jackie Moore Executive Council President: Cheri Green Vice-President: Ginger Johnson Secretary: Etta Mhoon Treasurer: Jackie Moore Programming: Pam Davidson Publicity: John Bellay Parliamentarian Judicial: Anthony Grace National Communication Coordinator: Leslie Ricketts Assistant Treasurer: Sara Struwe Organizations 193 RHA Judicial Council Chairman: Anthony Grace Members: J. R.Jones Brad Henry Charles McCain Howard White Kathy Ware Harriet Nailor Patricia Larkin, Pres. Pam Davidson Denise Wallingford Belinda Chow Leslie Ricketts Debra Favre Tracey Beasley Laurie Van Housen De Juan Adams Tammy Whitten Ginger Lantz Jeannine Ray Laurie Sent Deaton 194 Organizations Brown Standing: Lynsey Newman, Janice Jackson, Dee Ann Yandell, Helen Hitt, Mary McKinney, Quinn House: RHA Representative. Shaundus Byrd, Nancy Hester Seated: Lee French, Paula Wages: Secretary Treasurer, Pauli Signa: President, Debra Tutor: Vice-President, Lisa Sammons. President: Tina Meanning Vice-President: Sandra Jones Secretary: Debbie Garrity Treasurer: Laura Rose Social Chairman: Kathy Marshall Hall Representatives: Beth Reid Glenn Jones Etta Moon Verda Perry Pat Stewart Berta Mayes Katie Smithers Lisa McGregor Barn-Isom-Somer Organizations 195 Garland - Heddleston - Mays Garland President: Kate Magandy Vice President: Marianne Howlette Secretary: Daphne Everson Treasurer: UpeaTrimuea Judicial Chairman: Delis Griffin Gwen White Rosemary Hopcroft Tina Folley Kay Bell Amanda Herrin Karen Rose Mary Longstaff Debra Jones Cindi Corbitt President: Mike Biddle Vice-President: Steve Wineburg Secretary: Walter Locke Treasurer: Gregg Coningsby Judicial Chairman: Steve Clark Judicial Vice-Chairman: John Powell Hall Representatives: Jay McArthur John Selby Bill Lynch David Dykes David Sanders WaltShinault Charles Carnathan David Battle Jim Bray Bruce McCall Danny Reed Randal Walls Paul Stephenson 196 Organizations Howery - Faulkner Hefley President: Lynn Warren Vice President: Laura Smith Treasurer Secretary: Linnette Lurido Floor Representatives Jennifer Warner Denise Moore Jeannette Jones Judy Teevan President: Keith Lawrence Vice-President: MarkChaney Secretary Treasurer: Bob Smylie Hall Representatives: Tony Kareotes Chip Anderson Chris Dumas Alex Hunt Mike Metcalfe Michael Cravens Kificannon Organization 197 Miller President: Leslie Hinkle Vice-President: Suzi Rish Secretary: Joyce Wong Treasurer: Judy Wong Hall Representatives: Cindy Huber Sharon Carter Sandra Cox Nancy Stengel Pam Kisher Beth Brown President: Francesca Gothie Secretary: Debbi Gruenewald Treasurer: Laura Dickenson New 198 Organizations Stewart President: Donna Mayo Vice President: Jackie Moore Secretary Treasurer: Sharon Jones Hall Representatives: Kathryn Holden Mary Williams Missy Truetel PatWhitt Kappi Looney Robyn Fortner Carole Caesar Cricket Johnson Sophia Jones Tara Steepleton Dana Maynor Gena Lenzt Angela Jones Priscilla Snow Kim Champion Dorothy Seale Peggy Hodges Debbie Scardino President: Mike Malone Vice-President: Gary Allen Secretary: Barry Herron Judicial Council Chairman: Mike Patten Hall Representatives: Dex Edwards Keith Bodeen Billy Knight Larry Tedman Dale Simpson Scott Graham Bruce Newman Phillip King Carlos Leon Petter Haupt GregShadko Frank Minor J. D.Walker Daryl Flesher Dave Beckett Jimmy McClendon Phillip Thompson Tim Haynes Jack Warren Twin Towers Organization 199 Guess Guess Hassane Awada Terese Evans Corrine Fowler Revonda Harris Bill Petty Theopolis Vinson Albert Bahhuth Hildi Emmanuelli John Buchanan Sherman Hollis Robin Levine Lynn Sledge Gwen Rucker si ' ' RHA 200 Organization WRA The Women ' s Recreation Associa- tion, open to all women of the University of Mississippi, works joint- ly with the Intramural Recreation Services. Each member is elected or appointed by their organization, sorority or dorm to help publicize and promote intramural and recrea- tional events to their respective organizations. The ultimate goals of WRA are to have " an activity for everyone and everyone in an activi- ty " and to increase women ' s par- ticipation in activities that result in lifetime physical fitness. Officers: President Susan Brown Coordinator Lisa Windner Faculty Advisor John Bailey Members: Eve Ann Shepard, Robin Duncan, Sylvia Moffatt, Laura Champion. Gay Pitts. Mildred Harris, Jo Anna Thorton. Sandra Pierce, Susan Shelton, Teri Ruge. Sherry Roberts, Sandra Cox. Melinda Beaver, Laura Smith. Luethia Jones President: Bob Smylie Vice President: Diane Derivaux Secretary: Lee Ann Hayden Treasurer: Alan Greer Public Relations: Howell Jones Gamma lota Sigma is the only national in- surance fraternity in the United States. The purpose of Gamma lota Sigma is to pro- mote and sustain stu- dent interest in in- surance as a profes- sion, to encourage the high moral and scholastic attainments of its members, and to cooperate with educa- tional institutions and professional men and women of insurance, through fostering research activities and scholarship. Gamma Iota Sigma Organizations 201 Pi Sigma Epsilon Pi Sigma Epsilon, a marketing and sales management business fraternity, gives students the op- portunity for a head start in gain ing business skills. The develop- ment of interpersonal relation- ships and communication skills in Pi Sigma Epsilon will help the stu- dent prepare for the transition from college into the business world. OFFICERS President Chuck Doty Vice-President of Marketing Doug Wilson Vice-President of Personnel - Betty Bat Vice-President of Communications Bruce Looney Treasurer Pam Young Recording Secretary Tarn Taylor Corresponding Secretary Gale Walker Pledge Trainer Rick Kent The University of Mississippi Weightlifting Club, founded in the Spring of 1981, is an organization designed to en- courage campus participation at all levels in weight training. OFFICERS President Lee Atkins Vice-President Shawn Sullivan Treasurer Greg Shamoun Secretary Bobby Willis Faculty Advisor Jim Clements MEMBERS Glen Lodsek, Ginney Warren, Amy Mize, Lee Atkins. Shawn Sullivan, Jim Reidy. Jerry Butler, Mike Sullivan, Jim Blair. Tom Ramey. Steve Cox Weightlifting Club 20? Organisations Committee of 100 Co-Chairmen Cindy Purser, Ron Veazey, Holly Holman Secretary Judy Beauregard, Bob Smylie Projects and Programs Ginger Richardson, Kevin Phelps Convocations Bill Garner, Tricia Thomas Publicity Ben Landess, Leslie Summers Hospitality John Hickey. Melissa Thompson Social Mary Varner, Mary Stephens, Trey Pullen Music Buttons Gates, John Stanford Kappa Epsilon is a professional fraternity for women in phar- macy. Its purpose is to unite women students of pharmacy, to cooperate with the faculty of the college where chapters are established, to stimulate in its members a desire for high scholarship, to foster a professional consciousness, and to provide a bond of lasting loyalty, interest and friendship. President - Peggy Seid Vice-President Sherry Morgan Secretary Sharon Moore Treasurer Jeanine Ray Historian Connie Reynolds Chaplain Melmda Jennings Co-Pledge Trainers Pam Caffey. Melissa Gatlin Kappa Epsilon Organizations 203 Kappa Psi Regent: Simon Wilson Vice Regent: Karl Ott Secretary: Les Hull Treasurer: Greg Lee Chaplain: David Gregory Historian: Jeff Yates Sgt. at Arms: Lee Atkins Founded in 1879, Kappa Psi is the nation ' s oldest and largest professional pharmacy fraternity. The Beta Rho chapter of Kappa Psi at Ole Miss was chartered in 1926 and is the state ' s oldest and largest professional pharmacy fraterni- ty. Kappa Psi offers to all members the pleasure of goc fellowship, the prestige of professional recognition, and the ner pride of acceptance on the basis of personal qualificatior Membership is open to students enrolled in the School Pharmacy who have maintained a 2.00 grade point average. 204 Organizations Beta Lambda Epsilon Tracey Beasley John Bennett Mike Dulaney Mitch Gardner Scott Gbur Lynn Goss Ken Heimann Rusty Houston Tim Rutledge Tommy Scott Sidney Wall Walter Locke Glen Morgan Ricky Jones Ronnie White Vincent McAlister Larry Wilbanks Donna Williamson The Beta Lambda Epsilon Fraternity originated from the mother chapter, Memphis State Univer- sity, in 1966 and is held alive by the Ole Miss chapter. The objective of this fraternity is to associate persons who are in collegiate prepara- tion and professional police services to keep abreast of the advances in scientific research and to evaluate applicable standards. PRE-LAW SOCIETY The Ole Miss Pre-law Society is an undergraduate student organization which provides its members with information con- cerning law school. Each year the society brings students together for a tour of the law school, talks from various law pro- fessors and law students, and even a party. Members can gain courtroom experience by serving as jurors for Moot Court. The Pre- law Society includes prospective law students from freshmen to seniors and from all majors. President: Lori Thomas Vice President: Jeff Strouse Treasurer: Richard Johnson Secretary: Lee Sanders Committee Chairman: David Watson Pre-Law Society Organizations 205 Phi Beta Lambda President: Tom Welch Vice President Programs and Projects: Debbie Rossell Vice President Membership: Pauli Signa Recording Secretary: Kay Lawrence Corresponding Secretary: Sharron Harris Treasurer: Wesley Compton Historian: Phyllis Ray Reporter: Ken Priest Parliamentarian: Barry Pope Advisor: Charles H. Walker Phi Beta Lambda is a national organization comprised of college business students and representing Future Business Leaders of America. Established in 1958, Phi Beta Lambda ' s main goals are to develop competent, aggressive business leadership, to encourage scholarship, and to create a better understanding of America ' s free enterprise system. These objectives are accomplished through guest speakers, community projects, committee involvement, and leadership conferences. President: David Tannehill Senior Vice-President: Susan Partridge Vice-President for Pledge Education: Pamela Jean James Correspondent: Susan Dean Filer Treasurer: Susan Word Chancellor: Greg Davidson Historian: Mark Wilkinson Chapter Advisor: Murphy Smith Delta Sigma Pi, a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities, has grown to national prominence since its founding at New York University in 1927 and has been dedicated to the fraternity ' s goals of professionalism and service. Its membership, composed of students of business, take pride in the assistance it gives to the University and the community through various service projects. Educational experiences are enriched by an annual series of speakers from the business world which aid in the members ' professional development. Gina Taylor Julie Nolan Lisa Holiday Kim Edwards Sharon Walker Alan Evans Martha Shelton Joe Ramia Jim Knight Phyllis Ray Russell McDaniel Ray Ashmore David Bradshaw Melinda Waterloo Peter McDowell Delta Sigma Pi 206 Organizations PRSSA President: John Hall Vice President: Molly Martin Treasurer: Randy Jackson Secretary: Jackie Lomax Public Relations: Lauren Lexa Chapter Advisor: Rosie Eberle The Public Relations Student Society of America, a student- run, nationwide organization founded by PR practitioners, ac- quaints students with profes- sional people, methods, issues and ethics. Public relations has evolved from an information go- between to a vital, managerial policy-making function. PRSSA helps students cultivate writing, decision-making and other skills to meet the demands of this dynamic field and keeps us abreast of trends. Co-Chairman: Lawson Hester Co-Chairman: Holly Huggins Coordinator of Legislature Day: Brian Davis Secretary: Schuyler Braddock The Committee of 82. com- posed of students representing the 82 counties of Mississippi, works with state legislatures for the interests of the Univer- sity of Mississippi. The Committee helped spon- sor Legislative Day when members had the opportunity to meet and talk with various legislators. The major objective of the Committee was to have its members write the legislators from their voting districts concerning the needs of the University and problems of its students. Committee of 82 Organization 207 AWS From left: Robin Rader, Vice President; Angela Clark, President; Bonnie Vaughan, Secretary; and Rosie Adams, Treasurer. The Association of Women Students is a source of many services and programs to the students of Ole Miss. Although most of our programs are oriented for women and their concerns, this year ' s AWS has broadened the scope. With the addition of two male executive council members, AWS hopes to serve more students on the Ole Miss campus. 208 Organization AWS Directors: Joe Bogdahn Mary Wamble Laura Stewart Karolyn Wersebe Tricia Goolsby Schuyler Braddock Donna O ' Connell Helen Hall Kathryn Green Cammiel Woodbury Suzie Merrill Margo Doss Sally Kitlell Candy Reed Vice Directors: Margaret Williams. Liz Ferguson, Toni Bertolet, Robin Cochran. Mike Edmonds. Mary McKinney. Tracee Fortner. Organization 209 Jazz Band The Mississippians Jazz has been alive and well for 85 years at the University of Mississippi. Since the mid-1920 ' s, the " Mississippians " has been one of the University ' s most important musical representatives in putting Ole Miss 1 best foot forward in every regard. With the " Collegians " being the No. 2 Jazz Ensemble, its membership is a very important building block in the Ole Miss jazz program. The " Mississippians " perform on and off campus 15 to 25 times each year and have won every competitive regional jazz festival that they have entered during the past five years. 22 of its members have won " Outstanding Musician " awards and two members have been awarded " Most Outstanding Musician. " Each year, an alumni musicians reunion is held on or near the campus, which draws alumni musicians from all parts of the country. The Director of the University Jazz Ensemble and Co-founder of the Ole Miss Alumni Jazz Reunion is Dr. John McCauley. Associate Professor of Music. Mississippians (pictured above) Saxophones: Thomas Fantroy (alto), Dr. Sue Reuter (alto), Rich Torkington (tenor), Don Jones (tenor), Tom Stirzaker (baritone) Trombones: Thomas Peterson (lead), Alan Davis, Paul Barnes, Lin Joiner Trumpets: Kirk Lee (lead), Keith Sanders, Terri McGraw, Ron Cox, Johnny Robertson Rhythm Section: Patti Phillips (piano), Leslie Linton (bass), Eddie Keyser (drums), Enrique Cotelo (aux. perc.), Cass Patrick (guitar) Collegians Saxophones: Dr. Sue Reuter (alto), Lynn Sledge (alto), Becky Brown (tenor), Steve Moser (tenor) Trombones: Mark Garrett (lead), Rich Phillips, Mark Howie, Robbie Hill Trumpets: Johnny Robertson (lead), Glynnis Crawford, Micheal Woods, Andy Pierce, Deneise Kisner Rhythm Section: Lindy Mayfield and Kip Bartlett (piano), Kevin Sullivan and Norbert Woods (bass), Laura Champion (drums) 210 Organizations SAC Organized in the fall of 1980, the Student Alumni Council con- sists of a structured board of directors, subcommittees, and university students. The SAC assists the Alumni Association in the organization of alumni pro- grams, the coordination of alumni reunions, the hosting of facul- ty staff and football luncheons, and the welcoming of alumni to the university campus during football weekends with pre-game coffees and receptions. The Council is involved in several pro- jects including the Red Blue Run. sponsored during Dixie Week, a Christmas party, ABC. a student development program, and a monthly newsletter. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Walter Michel Jennie Brewer Brian Coole Tim Walsh Jimmy Flanagan Randy Middleton Mrs. Jane Parker Lawson Hester Robert P. Tettleton Sally Kittell Mildred Harris Kay Lawrence Robin Cochran Kristy Rankin Elizabeth Bowman Melody Crunk Rita Neitz Daisy Wong Gail Crothswait Mack Halton President: Walter Michel Vice-President: Tim Walsh Secretary Treasurer: Jennie Brewer Public Relations: Brian Coole Advisor: Mrs. Jane Parker Organizations 211 AASB President: Miller L. Brock Vice President: Jeff B. Strouse Secretary-Treasurer: Richard A. Johnson The Associated Accoun- ting Student Body (A.A.S.B.) was organized on April 22, 1982 at a general assembly meeting of the School of Accountancy Student Body. All full-time undergraduate and graduate accounting students are members with a president, vice president and secretary- treasurer elected each spring. The organization is designed to promote the School of Accountan- cy and all its programs, to familiarize students with the accounting profes- sion, to enhance understanding between faculty and students, and to work with the ad- ministration in all matters affecting the welfare of accounting students. The University of Mississippi Fraternity Intramural Council is the link between the fraternity and the amateur athletic program at Ole Miss. Composed of one member from each fraternity, the FIC is responsible for informing the fraternity of upcoming events, regulating the overall point system, financing officials and awards and promoting sportsmanship on the Ole Miss campus. President: Bobby Wall Vice-President: Kendall Garraway Treasurer: Walter Michel Secretary: John Driftmeir Members: Ross Henley. Jeffrey Dilley. Jimmy Boyd, Orlando Andy, Steve Swaitz, John Alexander, Jon Jernigan, Eddie Haynes, Robert Lampton, Jerre Richards, Kelly McGuire, Aruther Ramsey, Jody Bruscato FIC 212 Organizations Engineering The Engineering Student Body serves as the govern- ing body of all students enrolled in the School of Engineering. The executive board is composed of a president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer, OLE MISS ENGINEER editor, engineering day chairman, the president of each of the departmental technical societies, and a faculty ad- visor. Objectives of the board are to encourage the development of professional attitudes in students and to provide a friendly associa- tion of students with the faculty and with the engineering profession. The ESB continually works for the interests of all engineer- ing students. ESB Executive Board President: Tom Ronaldi Vice President: Fred Tull Acting Vice President: Tony Wilson Secretary-Treasurer: Patty Wall E-Day Chairman: Jamie Oliver Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jim Clemmer ASCE Civil President: John Webb Vice President: Ali Monsieur Treasurer: Mike Slaughter ASM E Mechanical President: Eric Brenkert Vice President: Ali Nehmi Secretary: James Barksdale Treasurer: Tony Wilson IEEE Electrical President: Steve Coleman Vice President: Chuck Smith Secretary-Treasurer: Tim Farris AICHE Chemical President: Jim Truax Vice President: Daisy Wong Secretary: Candy Reed Treasurer: Susan Wilson Assistant Secretary-Treasurer: Mike Crill ACM Computer President: Patty Wall Vice President: Mitch Wood Secretary-Treasurer: Revonda Harris Executive Board Rep.: Peter McDowell NSPE Professional President: Jim Truax Vice President: Mike Crill Organizations 213 DAY 216 Bid Day Officers, left to right: Carolyn Smith. Vice-President: Dr. Judy Trott. Advisor; Becky Smitheal, President; Nancy Finnerty, Secretary: not pictured Emily Barnes. Treasurer. p A N H E L L E N Council, le ft to right, first row: Carolyn Smith, Emily Barnes. Lisa Cutler, Bonnie Vaughn. Susan Thompson. Robin Reed. Rachel Gex. Nancy Finerty. Judy Thompson. Jenny Brite, Lisa Kilgore. Daphne Park; second row: Gabrielle Waggoner, Donna Sanders, Karen Tarbutton, Suzanne Welch, Leisa Posey, Suzanne Bell. Kim Gray. Brenda Wilson, Melanie Fields, Lanell Brewerton, Mar- tha Derryberry. Blythe Warner: third row: Becky Smitheal, Ginger Kitchens. Jenny Walker, Lori Thomas, D ' Anne Duclos, Laura Anderson. Elizabeth Merrell. Claire Roberts. Jane Pinson, Jane Patterson, Mary Susan Gallien. c 217 Black Greek Council 1983 First row. from left: Carolyn Evans, Ethel Turner, Sherry Franklin, Valerie Hibbler, Myra Ross. Barbara Brooks,. Middle row: Jimmy Williams, Tyrone Richardson. Albert Milliard, Jerry Deloach. Back row: Cecil Dowell, Derrick Neal. 218 Officers, left to right: Steve Pilgrim, President; Glen Cofield, Vice President: Gary Cirilli. Treasurer; Joe Bogdahn. Recording Secretary Robert Phillips. Corresponding Secretary. IFC 219 f ro II i) c 0) - ' Vo u ro tn O ' C 0) O CO _l o o u I .C IT co 0) 3 ' C D _ro H O 220 c c 221 w c s O 03 10 ' C 0) o - Ji -S c 12 KJ ( - Oi LL- Ql CO O CO QO E E 2! I- DO 222 o - je C n c - 0) -C T3 oo o. ' c .. 0) f CW S 3 5 00 O w u- - a . - je Pi ill 2 - ; 0 (0 0) C -o c O c t .. a 9) oo 0) in - Q C O c " 3 ra O 2 E o E = " 09 - K TO 0) m C 0) J O IN C O C o S TI ra i: o - - 223 o c o I J, E II (7 D T5 0) . " 5 c c i) II 0) 1) OJ 00 T3 TO Q. oj ro i_ i_ u U 0) CO Q D " 3 3 CO 224 225 226 01 1 o k- a 03 k- O c o o l- I 10 00 4 o a, O QL -i tf E .cc C " O j- a o c F ' .K-D I 5 CJ 2 k. o .y o o v I O .0; o S " | ill i ra it z 2 : o " H- (0 ( .C i: 00 CO.. 050. 3 O CO -Q: a. 227 EH , , 228 229 230 231 00 ro i_ O CL CO : : fe t; u ro c I - D CO D.S co c S|o H 232 Oc3 B 233 X D c o ? to OJ - CO c c OJ .c +- OJ GO 234 235 ( I? It o ' c ' c 5 .ro 0. S Q- c 8 CO a QJ o 5i m O O) CC o o L_ ' 5 y 0) ro Q. QJ (1) _ - I- c ) 236 237 m - 1) 3 I- 5 O CL - TT i fl o c co 5 o -p u E CO UJ u c " o O 238 v ? 239 I u 0) I a) _c QJ I 240 241 g ? s ro a - ? a) oJ ol 242 2 jf ra v - _ cr -r (J I! i- at V 0) ? .i C (0 a o 0) 0) si Q- if c 3 " i_ C 7 4) O jg E 243 244 245 M C o 0) m O D O o o !S . = .-e D . : : co _i 0) - - CO 246 r-i Wl 91 r, ' - --, -t- _- i- -5 . c i - o 247 0) m - $ (SI a. D n 248 lia 249 as m 250 o c o u .0 E CO 00 c 00 c i s o 5-b W 1) JD Q. 00 in j; o 50: m r !5 o m ' in la (1) ( WC3 251 w c o O) O O O .N UJ c 03 E ro O . O 0) C 5 g 0) 0- 252 253 O _ " o O 0) u 1 TO D 0) 0) T3 C -n 0 -= C TJ 1- C JS. . TO Jr TO 00 03 i_ O i 1) 254 255 I i 256 257 PP 03 0) 0} 1 o O o 258 i 0) I | 0) o tj c o 0) c O CT T3 i_ (O 5 c 00 ' c c o cc c o (1) ro 2 o t: . tt) II o c 2 oi 3 5 O " o ,- .h 2- _ r (rt t E S IE c . - a i- -fl) in 3 oo ' .c u.o - o fc o CO O n - . ' o i2 2 o o CD r 259 c o I c 1) " D !3 03 p -g V CD 00 .y o 0. CC DQ 5 ro : U (1) 0) O 00 -5 - c Q) k_ i- 03 260 , 261 M c 0) 2 I Q- I- i | 00 " o " to O i_ Q- CD -o .y c 3 m 2 CO 2 S 3 Q 18 " 00 00 I ) 262 I 263 w o I - Q. 2 C O 0) i_ D. 1 u -a .2 o o: c o Q. E o - CD u 0) co 2 01 TO O -C Q_ 264 , I Ij 265 w a) T3 o GO a) ol 266 267 eside 00 _O O 13 Q 0) c c: c: ,. a? . " 5 oo co O 0) C = TO Q- Q O C ) r 2? ro m 266 (9 ft e c IS 3 0 o c SG V rt 1 2ft Cfa w e e e (T ft ; Ai cr ft. . M L. . M . i to Bk C ft C S C a mPw ' -. fe r p %-- " " 1 269 03 c D 10 88 11 O) (U CO OJ 0) u 0) - M (S S -ro . o oic Si: CLO co oo i m 270 f J o 01 p " - C- J B P? j % C0 c rn sc rt CG IJf IQ I 4(5 P 271 B a) JC to GO O QJ 0) 00 en 272 273 President BobCurrie C W p O 1 8 odd 0 1 1 , TO t O) I- Secre E ro o: e John England 274 I, B i 275 X -- " 0 5i m i- ro 0. Q. CL w 4-S O TO ro o - D CO O 276 277 c: m L) 7= QJ - 1_ TO CL O si CL CO 2 o Q O co cr o 03 " O 278 279 280 281 s: President - Dave Cullison 1 o c -E 3 ( ) C 0) 3 ce , 3 00 282 283 ts: u il O) KS 2 oo oj = Q I c 1) O " O TO is - JD I ) i- h ro Li_ 00 I OJ 15 ro g " S c g I c ) O 0) 0) 284 c 10 LU C CD O T3 C (0 0) c u 0) o Q. 01 c u c o O O m re w ra J2 k. ra m h. o IS o 01 10 O in Ol c o op o 5 E 285 CSJ c o -41 L. I 1 I g - O) m !5 = 0) C - ro Q i D o DO ro (5 O) OJ 0) ZJ ) ,a a) ui c c _l CO UJ ( 286 1 r fr c 287 Hall of Fame The Highest Honor Leslie Andrews 1982 ' s Miss Ole Miss, Leslie Andrews, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Andrews of Green- ville, Miss. The Delta native is majoring in elemen- tary education, and is a familiar face on campus because of her involvement. Elected a cheerleader four years, and a campus favorite this year, Leslie is a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority, and has been an ROTC sponsor and Ole Miss Ambassador. Other activities include membership in the Association of Women Students, Union Program Council, and Lambda Sigma and Omicron Delta Kappa honoraries. L Associated Student Body Treasurer Julianne Battaile is a business major from Belden, Miss. A Kappa Delta sorority officer, she has served on the ASB Welcoming Committee and was editor of the Panhellenic Rush Book. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Battaile, Julianne has been in- ducted into Om icron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, Rho Lambda, and Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities. Julianne Battaile Selection to the University of Mississippi ' s Hall of Fame is the highest honor an Ole Miss student can achieve. A preliminary selection committee appoints two students, who in turn, nominate eight seniors for the honor. An ad- ministrative committee then selects from those students a minimum of four or maximum of eight for induction into the Hall of Fame. 290 Hall of Fame Brent Bond The president of Omicron Delta Kappa, Brent Bond is a Carrier Scholar and a member of Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities. Brent, the son of Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Bond of Car- thage. Miss., is a pre-med major and past vice president of Alpha Epsilon Delta. He has served as an Ole Miss Ambassador, as Rush Chairman for Sigma Nu fraternity, and is a member of Lambda Sigma and the Order of Omega. Angela Clark, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Watts Clark of Jackson, Miss., is a jour- nalism major currently serving as president of the Association for Women Students, and is also the national Little General for Air Force ROTC. She has held several offices in her sorority, Delta Gamma, and has been extremely involved on campus. Angela is a member of the College Republicans, the Committee of 100 and the Mor- tar Board. She also received the Taylor Medal in journalism, was selected to Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities, and is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Rho Lambda, Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Eta Sigma honoraries. Angela Clark Hall of Fame The Highest Honor Hall of Fame 291 Hall of Fame The Highest Honor Paul Crutcher Editor-in-chief of the 1983 DAILY MISSISSIP- PIAN, Paul Crutcher is the son of Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Crutcher of Holly Springs and a journalism ma- jor. A member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, he is a member of the Committee of 100 and numerous honoraries including Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, and is a member of Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities. I WS Associated Student Body Vice President Art Davis, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Davis Sr. of Southaven, Miss., is an accounting major. Presently serving on the Chancellor ' s Standing Committees which deal with University policy for- mulation, Art is a member of Omicron Delta Kap- pa, Mortar Board, Beta Alpha Psi and Beta Gam- ma Sigma. He has also been elected to Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities and the Register of Outstanding College Graduates. Art Davis r k_ 292 - Hall of Fame John Hall Editor of the 1983 OLE MISS yearbook, John Hall is majoring in journalism and public relations. The son of Nelson and Barbara Hall of Meridian, he was co-editor of the 1980 Interfraternity Council Rush Book, and a staff writer for both the DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN and the OLE MISS Magazine. John is president of the Public Rela- tions Student Society of America, was ASB Direc- tor of Public Information and on the Student Alumni Council Board of Directors. John is a member of Sigma Chi fraternity, Phi Eta Sigma, Order of Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities, and is a former member of " The Group. " Associated Student Body President, William Ray, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Ray of Jackson, and is an English major. Williams is a Na- tional Merit Scholar, Chancellor ' s Scholar and a member of Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities. An officer of Beta Theta Pi fraternity for two years, he has been involved with ASB committee projects including Homecoming and Public Officials Day commit- tees, and the selection committee for the Outstanding Teacher of the Year. William Ray Hall of Fame The Highest Honor Hall of Fame 293 Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities Randy Adair Virginia Baker Beta Alpha Psi Vice President Society For The Advancement Of Management Phi Eta Sigma Pi Gamma Nu Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Dean ' s Honor Roll Alpha Lambda Delta Chi Omega Treasurer ASB Director Of University Relations 1981 Most Outstanding Ole Miss Ambassador Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Committee Of 82 Kappa Alpha Corresponding Secretary Order of Omega Emily Barnes Pi Sigma Epsilon Secretary Beta Beta Beta Phi Eta Sigma Lambda Sigma Omicron Delta Epsilon National Dean ' s List SEPC Treasurer Julianne Battaile Betty Bat ASB Treasurer ASB Executive Secretary Mortar Board Rho Lambda Omicron Delta Epsilon Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Beta Lambda Historian Beta Beta Beta Alpha Lambda Delta Committee Of 100 National Dean ' s List Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Pi Sigma Epsilon Vice-President 294 Who ' s Who Brent Bond Omicron Delta Kappa President Alpha Epsilon Delta Vice-President Ole Miss Ambassador Committee Of 82 Carrier Scholar Order Of Omega Pi Nu Epsilon Phi Eta Sigma John Burrow M Club President All Academic SEC Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Dean ' s Honor Roll Pi Mu Epsilon Fellowship Of Christian Athletes National Football Hall Of Fame Scholar Athletes Carl Chaney Business School President Order Of Omega Ole Miss Ambassador Committee Of 82 Committee Of 100 Gamma lota Sigma A.S.B. Campus Senate Rho Epsilon Phi Eta Sigma Angela Clark AWS President Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Rho Lambda Daily Mississippian Staff Taylor Medal Chancellor ' s Scholar AFROTC Little General Paul Crutcher Daily Mississippian Editor Alpha Lambda Delta Editor 1981 Daily Mississippian Most Outstanding Reporter Committee Of 100 Phi Kappa Phi Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities Who s Who 295 Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities 1 i Paul Edwards Lambda Sigma President Vice Chairman Of Student Body Election Commission Student Body Attorney General Director Of Student Legal Services Sigma Chi Treasurer Traffic Appeals Board Order Of Omega Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Lisa Cutler Delta Gamma President Taylor Medal Phi Kappa Phi National Dean ' s List Committee Of 100 Lambda Sigma Beta Beta Beta Omicron Delta Kappa Carol Elliot Phi Kappa Phi Beta Alpha Psi Beta Gamma Sigma Lambda Sigma Taylor Medal Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Lambda Sigma Nancy Finerty Daily Mississippian Managing Editor Mortar Board Phi Kapa Phi Lambda Sigma Rho Lambda Chancellor ' s Scholar Chancellor ' s Honor Roll National Dean ' s List Panhellenic Secretary Jim Farris Tau Beta Pi-President Eta Kappa Nu-President Pi Mu Epsilon Vice-President Secretary Phi Kappa Phi Taylor Medal Citation Chi Epsilon National Dean ' s List Chancellor ' s Honor Roll University Concert Singers ?96 Who s Who Bob Fugate Taylor Medal and Citation Omicron Delta Kappa Treasurer Phi Delta Theta Treasurer Omicron Delta Epsilon President A.S.B. Student Loan Service Business School Student Advisory Council Order Of Omega Lambda Sigma Audrey Graham American Chemical Society A.S.B. Executive Legislative Cabinet Mortar Board Committee Of 100 College Republicans Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Dean ' s List Campus Senator Cheri Green Resident Hall Association President Hall President Student Alumni Council Phi Kappa Phi Lambda Sigma Beta Gamma Sigma Taylor Medal Hall Judicial Chairman Mark Gunn Ole Miss Ambassadors Chairman A.S.B. Book Exchange Chairman Sigma Chi Vice-President Committee Of 82 University Concert Singers Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Mortar Board John Hall Editor-in-Chief, 1983 OLE MISS Omicron Delta Kappa ASB Director of Public Information President. PRSSA Order of Omega Historian, Sigma Chi Fraterntiy Phi Eta Sigma Co-editor. 1980 IFC RUSH BOOK Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities Who 5 Who -297 Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities John Mickey Phi Delta Theta Officer Welcoming Committee Ole Miss Ambassadors Committee Of 100 Campus Senator Union Program Council Entertainment Committee Camille Henick Mortar Board Secretary Rho Lambda Ole Miss Ambassadors Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta College Republicans Taylor Medal Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Sigma Tau Delta Albert Milliard Phi Beta Sigma President Air Force Drill Team Society Of Black Engineers Chancellor ' s Minority Affairs Committee National Dean ' s List Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Dean ' s List Phi Beta Sigma Outstanding State Leadership Award Sai Ireland Order Of Omega President A.S.B. Director Of Student Activities Campus Senator Dixie Week Chairman Committee Of 100 Delta Psi Rush Chairman Outstanding Young Men Of America Gayle Hunt Gamma Phi Beta President Phi Delta Phi Panhellenic Council Mississippi Law Journal 298 Who ' s Who Jane Jeffcoat Ole Miss Ambassadors Phi Kappa Phi Kappa Delta Pi Chancellors Honor Roll National Dean ' s List Richard Johnson Richard Johnson President IFC Representative Mortar Board Treasurer Pre-Law Society Treasurer Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Dean ' s Honor Roll Lambda Sigma Treasurer Tom Lacey Editor-in-Chief of Mississippi Law Journal Omicron Delta Kappa Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Phi Delta Phi The American Inn of Court III Louise McKinney AWS Minority Committee Chairman Committee Of 82 Mortar Board Lambda Sigma University Scholar Chancellor ' s Honor Roll National Dean ' s List Sigma Tau Delta Ole Miss Ambassadors Susie Merrill Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Vice President Rebelette Lambda Sigma Kappa Delta Pi ASB Student Loan Service Director Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities Who ' s Who 299 Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities Daphne Park Rho Lambda Beta Gamma Sigma Committee Of 82 Mortar Board Miss University 82-83 Dean ' s List Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Sigma Nu Sweetheart Walter Michel Senior Class President Student Alumni Council President Rho Epsilon President A.S.B. Welcoming Committee Chairman Daily Mississippian Sports Columnist Omicron Delta Kappa Alan Partin Campus Senator Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Eta Sigma M-Club Alpha Epsilon Delta Lambda Sigma Mortar Board Pam Peden Mortar Board President OLE MISS Section Editor Rebel Recruiter Ole Miss Ambassador Alpha Lambda Delta Rho Lambda Sigma Tau Delta Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Jane Patterson Delta Gamma Treasurer Ole Miss Ambassadors Committee Of 100 University Scholars National Dean ' s List Rho Lambda Phi Kappa Phi 300 - Who s Who Jane Pinson Kappa Delta President Kappa Omicron Phi Vice President Student Alumni Council A.S.B. Executive Secretary Committee of 82 Phi Kappa Phi Mortar Board National Dean ' s List Chancellor ' s Honor Devra Porter Alpha Omicron Pi Secretary Ole Miss Ambassador Lambda Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Pi Mu Epsilon Sigma Pi Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Cindy Purser OLE MISS Section Editor Committee Of 100 Chairman DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN Staff Writer Omicron Delta Kappa Lambda Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma William Ray Associated Student Body President Beta Beta Beta Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Chancellor ' s Scholar University Scholar Beta Theta Pi Fratern ity Danny Reynolds Director Of School Spirit Mortar Board DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN Staff College Republicans Committee Of 100 Welcoming Committee Co-Chairman Student Advisory Board Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities Who s Who 301 Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities Robert Schmieg Alpha Lambda Delta Historian American Chemical Society Student Affiliate Treasurer Alpha Epsilon Delta Secretary Beta Beta Beta Historian Lambda Sigma Taylor Medal Order Of Omega Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Peggy Rider Kappa Epsilon Alpha Lambda Delta Rho Chi Secretary Phi Kappa Phi American Pharmaceutical Association Academic Achievement Award National Dean ' s List Peggy Seid Kappa Epsilon President American Chinese Association President Committee Of 100 Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Kappa Phi Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Patty Wall Engineering Student Body Secretary Treasurer Student Alumni Council Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Kappa Phi Chi Epsilon Outstanding Freshman Taylor Medal Taylor Citation Newell Turner Kappa Alpha President 1983 OLE MISS Assistant Editor IFC Rush Book Co-Editor A.S.B. Fall Festival Committee UPC Social Committee 1982 OLE MISS Section Editor Committee Of 100 Sigma Delta Chi Order Of Omega 302 Who ' s Who Beth Watson Tau Beta Pi Treasurer Alpha Lambda Delta Vice-President Omicron Delta Kappa Vice-President Kappa Delta Treasurer Lambda Sigma Mortar Board A.S.B. Executive Secretary National Dean ' s List Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Tim Weeks A.S.B. Judicial Council Chairman DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN Columnist A.S.B. Senator Omicron Delta Kappa Order Of Omega Tau Beta Pi Phi Eta Sigma National Dean ' s List Jan Wetzel A.S.B. Senator Circle K President Ole Miss Rebelette College Republicans Omicron Delta Kappa Lambda Sigma Alpha Lambda Sigma Phi Eta Sigma National Dean ' s List Susan Wilson Tau Beta Pi Secretary Alpha Lambda Delta Secretary American Institute Of Chemical Engineers Treasurer Omicron Delta Kappa A.S.B. Academic Affairs Committee Student Health Advisory Council Outstanding Chemical Engineer Junior Katie Wood Alpha Lambda Delta President Phi Eta Sigma Treasurer Chi Omega Vice-President Beta Gamma Sigma Mortar Board Rho Lambda University Scholar National Dean ' s List Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities " The primary consideration for this award is teaching; a professor ' s ability to motivate students and encourage learning. " Chancellor Porter Fortune Mr. William M. Champion Teacher of the Year 1983 William M. Champion, professor of law, is the 1982 recipient of the Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award at the University of Mississippi. Champion received the award and a $1,000 check from Ole Miss Chancellor Porter L. Fortune, Jr. during Honor ' s Day ceremonies Thursday, April 8, 1982. Cham- pion ' s name will be engraved on a plaque which is displayed in the Chancellor ' s office and lists previous recipients of the award. Nominations for Outstanding Teacher are made by alumni, students, and faculty, with final selection by a committee of former recipients. The 1981 award went to Dr. Kwang-Sik Yun, associate pro- fessor of chemistry. Champion, a native of Edwards, came to Ole Miss in 1965 as an assistant professor of law. A graduate of Hinds Junior College, he received the bachelor of science degree from Mississippi State University in 1953, the law degree from Ole Miss in 1961, and the master ' s degree in law from George Washington University in 1962. He attended the Harvard University School of Law, where he completed advanced graduate studies in law from 1967-68. Before taking his post at Ole Miss, he was an associate with the Watkins and Eager law firm in Jackson, and is now a member of Patterson and Patterson law firm in Aberdeen. Champion and his wife, Annette, have two children, John and Laura, who are both students at the University of Mississippi. 304 Teacher of the Year Taylor Medals Jamie E. Ambrose Karen L. Camp Angela Clark Brian L. Davis Sharon P. Douglas Carol C. Elliott Cheri D. Green Thomas S. Guyton Lantz E. Harvey AldaC. Henick Barbara J. Howell Donna L. Keith Clarissa A. Lukas Vicki C. Morris Daniel Mulholland Alan W. Partin QuangQ. Phan Meredith Schmieg Robert Schieg Geoffrey Sherwood Judy L. Waller Tammy Sue Blaylock German Pharmacy Journalism History Biology Accountancy Business Administration and Political Science Physics Business Administration English Curriculum and Instruction Education Education Art Liberal Arts Premedicine Chemistry Liberal Arts Mathematics Computer Science Accountancy Psychology Honor ' s Day each year is highlighted by the presenta- tion of the University ' s highest academic awards, Taylor Medals and Taylor Citations, to undergraduate students who have demonstrated exceptional scholarship and superior academic work in all subjects. In June of 1904, Dr. William T. Taylor of Booneville, Mississippi, founded the Marcus Elvis Taylor Memorial in memory of his son, the late Dr. Marcus Elvis Taylor, for the encouragement of meritorious scholarship and deportment. Each year a faculty committee selects those students deserving of the medal for " meritorious scholarship and deportment " from those nominated by the participating divisions of the University. Taylor Citations Philippe Azordegan Marshall Bouldin Roland 0. Burns Elizabeth Carsten Elizabeth Cutler Jean E. Ezell Timothy H. Farris Alison A. Fessler John R. Fugate Susan R. Hall Becky Ann House Michael R. Pruett Patricia Lynn Wall Thomas L. West Premedicine Liberal Arts Accountancy Computer Science Curriculum and Instruction Mathematics Electrical Engineering Pharmacy Economics and Finance Management and Marketing Business Administration and Journalism Chemistry Engineering French Taylor Medals 305 President Brent Bond Vice President Beth Watson Treasurer Robert Fugate Faculty Secretary Dr. James Jones Voting Faculty Member Dr. Donald Moak Voting Faculty Member Mr. H. E. Perry Omicron Delta Kappa Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership hone society which maintains that representatives in all phases of college life should cooperate in worthwhile endeavors, and that outstanding students, faculty, and administrators should meet on a basis of mutual interest, understanding and helpfulness. Members are chosen for their leadership contributions and scholastic achievement. Five areas offer the criteria for the evaluation of prospective members. There are scholarship, athletics, social and student body activities, publications and the arts. 306 Honors Members Carolyn Jean McKay Gloria Martin William Mendenhall Teresa Moore Blake Neal Teri Oakes Daphne Park Susan Partridge Pam Peden Larry Pittman Pamela Prather Devra Kay Porter Rodney Charles Richardson J. C. Shirley Jessica Sibley Daniel Smith Donny Taylor Judy Thompson Stephen Todd Threadgill Stacey Elizabeth Tyner Deborah Jane Wall Patty Wall Timothy Walsh Elizabeth Watson Merrill Williams James Wise Katie Winston Wood Randy Adair Andrew Alexander Doug Altenbern Leslie Andrews Brent Bond Jack Carrel Joseph Chris Cianciola Angela Clark Michael John Cravens Robert Crone PaulCrutcher David Cummings Elizabeth Cutler Art Davis Michael Edmonds Paul Frederick Tr app Edwards Nancy Jane Finerty Bob Fugate Jerry Gentry Michael Graves John Hall Susan Hall Joiner Mack Halton Camille Henick Charles Jackson Bobby Johnson Jill Elizabeth Lummas Honors 307 Mortar Board Pam Peden Susie Merrill Camille Henick . . . Richard Johnson . . Leslie Andrews . . . Frances Crenshaw Teresa Moore .... Susan Harper .... .... President Vice President . . . . Secretary .... Treasurer Elections Editor Calendar . Historian Established originally as a national women ' s honor society, Mortar Board is now one of the highest senior honor groups for both men and women. Tassels, the local chapter, has been an active part of the Ole Miss campus since its founding in 1939. Mortar Board has a limit of thirty-five members. Selections are based on leadership, scholarship, service and at least a 3.0 overall GPA. Mortar Board is a society that challenges the individual and the groups to provide thoughtful leadership to the campus and community, to create an environment of ef- fective communication and to move toward a meaningful goal. The society continues to support the improvement of the status of men and women. 308 Honors Members Vera Susan Merrill Teresa Ann Moore Daphne Park Alan Wayne Partin Susan Elaine Partridge Jane Givens Patterson Pamela Gay Peden Lisa Victoria Pierce Jane Pinson Teri Oakes Delphime Rice Rodney C. Richardson Judy Thompson Patricia Lynn Wall Timothy Louis Walsh Sarah Elizabeth Watson Katie Winston Wood Leslie Andrews Emily B. Barnes Julianne Battaile Joseph Chris Cianciola Angela Clark Frances Crenshaw Elizabeth A. Cutler Arthur Gerald Davis Nancy J. Finerty Mary Melanie Fisher Amee Jo Fouche Audrey Lynn Graham Susan Elizabeth Harper Deborah Bernice Green Camille Henick Richard A. Johnson Patricia Ellen Larkin Jill Lummus Honors 309 Alpha Epsilon Delta Since Alpha Epsilon Delta ' s formation in 1926, it has become the World ' s largest body devoted to premedical education. Its objective is to encourage and recognize ex- cellence in premedical scholarship; to stimulate an ap- preciation of the importance of a premedical education; to promote co-operation and contacts between students and educators in developing an adequate program of premedical education; and to use its knowledge for the benefit of health, organization, and the community. President Daniel Edward Smith, Jr. Vice-President Douglas Lamar Hill Secretary Robert Eugene Schmieg, Jr. Treasurer Peter Michael Haupt Scalpel Reporter-Historian David Isamu Doorenbos Activities Co-Chairpersons Dale Leslie Wing Evelyn Weatherford Young Faculty Advisor Dr. Hugh Bateman Members Thomas D. Allen John L. Henson William Ray Reed Lisa S. Bates Douglas L. Hill Rodney C. Richardson J. Brent Bond John L. Kennedy, Jr. James A. Rish Shelby K. Brantley, Jr. Christopher J. Liberto Eric Lane Rushing John M. Brewer Lawrence L. Line, Jr. John Schwab Jeffrey H. Brooks Gloria L. Martin Deborah Sharp Gary A. Cirilli Paul B. Milner JayC. Shirley Elizabeth Caldwell Marcus C. Moore D. Edward Smith, Jr. William C.Cromwell Teresa Ann Moore Gene D. Spencer, Jr. William D. Denney R. Timothy Morris A. Trevelin Sprabery David 1. Doorenbos Harriet T. Nailor Walter T. Taylor, Jr. Jerry Gentry 11 Blake D. Neal Judy L. Thompson Robert B. Gibson Phillip K. Perkins S.ToddThreadgill Thomas S. Guyton Beau B. Pittman Dale L. Wing J. MackHaltom III Devra K. Porter Evelyn W. Young Peter M. Haupt J. Leonard Pratt Associate Members Randy Adair Richard Ellison Scott Leary Michael Pullen Chris Akins Stephen Epperson Kerry Lee Timothy Quigley Adele Anderson Henry Flautt Laura Lee Kenneth Ray Maria Andy Ricky Flechas Mary E. Leeper J. Norwood William Baker Elizabeth Forester Jeffrey Lee Love Redhead, Jr. Lenora Balthis Catherine Friedrichs Richard Lowe Zachary Richards Jeffrey A. Barnett Russell Frye Robert Lucas Ralph Riley Brett Bartlett Audrey Lynn Graham Lisa Main J. Kent Roby Blane Bateman Leo Gray Virgil Massey Paul Sabbatini Bobby G. Bennett, Jr. T. Kimberly Harris Joseph Maxwell William Sanford Toni Bertolet Michael Harthcock Louise Amos McKinney Michael Schneider Joseph Bogdahn Rickey Dean Herndon Brooks McRee Hugh B. Scott Barbara Bowen Paul Hill P. Lee Meadows Bradley Secrest Nathan Bradford R.Anthony Hill Philip Merideth Elizabeth Sherman Leslie Bryant Joanna Hu Randle Middleton Royce Shiel I R. Conner Burnham Alex Hunt C. Jason Miller David Simmons I Joseph Burns John D. Isaacs, Jr. Paul Milner Kimberly Smith 1 H.T. Bush, Jr. Vanessa R. Jackson Joe Mitchell Robert Steinriede I Frank Butts Levie Johnson Charles Ed Moore Jeffrey Stokes I Charles Carroll Marion Johnson James Moore Suzanne Swords I Mark Chaney William Johnson Steve Moore Susan VanZandt I Ralph Chapman Robert Jordan Michael Morgan Randal K. Walls 1 Robert Cole Genevia Kendall Mary Kathleen Murray Peter West I Robert Corkern Montyne King Julia Nolen Joseph Wills 1 Margaret Davenport Robert Kirksey Alan Partin Lisa Wingo 1 Sandra Diebold Henry Koon Robert Phillips Joyce Wong 1 Marlin Duff Marcus Laughlin Mary Kay Pickens Hal Wright 1 Kenneth Dzubey Keith Lawrence Charles Pringle RalfZapata 1 310 Honors Officers President . Yerger Lurate Vice-President Nate Bradford Treasurer Steve Epperson Secretary Alaine Anderson Senior Advisor .... Barry Pope Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma was founded to encourage high scholastic achievement among freshmen. The organization assumes that the attainment of good grades early in college provides an incentive to maintain high grades. The Ole Miss chapter of Phi Eta Sigma sponsors several activities to benefit the campus. Members Chris William Akins Sharon Janique Alfred Mary Alaine Anderson Robert Logan Atkinson Thomas Michael Babin Nickie Lou Baker Barbera Hollowell Barkley Suzanne Rogers Bell Matthew Walter Bergstrom Tamera Corrine Berry Paula M. Bert Robert Todd Bertolet Ellen Clark Birdsong Kathy Presley Black Rachel Blue Mahlon Cooper Bouldin Barbara Lynn Bowen Schuyler Jackson Braddock Nathan Felding Bradford Jean Laurence Branum Frances Elizabeth Braswell Donna Grace Brown Mary Lisa Browning Laura Lynnelle Burks R. Conner Burnham George Rice Byars Gladwin Keith Carpenter Cheralyn Deanne Carroll Martha Burke Chambers Robert Jeffrey Cole Kyle Patterson Cook Nathan Jay Cope John David Cosmich Margaret Ann Cotros Andrea Paige Cox Katherine Elizabeth Cox Ewen Webb Crunk III Charles Mark Cummings Alan Claude Davis Stephen Paul Epperson Thomas Earl Fantroy Martha Catherine Farris Patricia Marie Fay Elizabeth Irene Ferguson Ricky Flechas Elizabeth Anne Forester Michael Keith Fountain David Allen Frederick Thomas Hamilton Friou George Russell Frye Tracy JeannieGreer Kelvin Maurice Hamner James Charles Hancock Victoria Athena Harris Lantz E. Harvey Elizabeth Carlton Hays Syke Christiane Henry Esta E. Herold Robert Anthony Hill Kimberly Ann Hogan Kate McCalley Hooper Mary Kathryn Hopson Virginia Quinn House Jeffrey Ray Howell Lydia Leigh Hudson Alex Trent Hunt John D. Isaacs, Jr. Ross M. Jessup Marian Wright Johnson William McDaniel Johnson Tracey Claire Jolly Kenneth Stephen Jumper Elizabeth Wylie King Henry B. Koon Stuart Glenn Kruger Paul Benjamin Landess John F. Laurenzo Scott Forrest Leary Kerry Todd Lee Robert Terrell Lewis William Listen Lisa Michele Littlejohn Benjamin Mel Logan Tracy Douglas Lott Angela Gay Lovorn Joyce Kaye Lowe Robert Hilliard Lucas Mark William Maffet Lisa Marie Main John Walker Marshall Virgil Rudolph Massey Leslie Ray Matthews Richard Paul Maxwell Jay Justin McClure Anna Lisa McGregor Carolyn Jean McKay Kenneth En in McKay Ina Maria Mende Dexter R. Merrith Michael G. Metcalfe Charles Geren Moor Garnett Andrew Murphy John Parham Murrill Mary Treat Nettleton Herbert Brooks Odom Loura Allison Owen John Christopher Page Raymond Castle Patrick II Donald Andrew Phillips Charles Kistner Pringle Lyn Pryor Timothy G. Quigley Phyllis Lynn Ray John P. Redmond III Gena Georganne Reeves Viola Josepha Regan Richard Clyde Reid Jam es J. Reidy Karen McCoy Rice Zachary Hoyt Richards William Howard Riley Ronald Scott Russell Kevin Alexander Russell Kaleel G. Salloum William Douglas Sanford, Jr. Tracy Lynn Scheffing Keri J. Scott Leigh Ellen Scott Thomas John Selva Alan James Shannon John Michael Sherman Jerold Brian Sit William Carter Smallwood III Phillip Karl Smith Vivian Spear John Burton Spencer Robert Clark Spencer Wendy Ann Staehle Harriet Lynn Stallworth Perry Anne Stanton Robert Caldwell Starnes Mary Annabel Stephens Joe Gregory Stewart Kathryn Ann Stott Linda Susan Stovall Gayle Taylor Joseph Ray Terracina John Buckingham Thomas Melissa S. Thompson James Louis Tisdale Eric Ulysses Truitt Stacey Elizabeth Tyner Joseph John Van Rooy Susan Marie Van Zandt Mary Louise Varner John Samuel Wagster Arthur JalkWaldrop Mary Ann Wamble Carroll Collins Watts Cassi Jo Wells John Gardner West David Williams Edward Hines Williford Joseph Whitley Wills Hal B. Wright Honors 311 Chi Epsilon President Charles Slavens Vice-President . Davidson Ozodigwe Treasurer Neale Bruchman Secretary Cindy Ross Marshall Chris Cianciola Editor.. . .John Richards v The Ole Miss chapter of Chi Epsilon was founded in 1937, the 14th chapter in the United States and the first in the South. Since then over 350 honor students have been initiated, including such people as George Kimmons, chief design and construction for TVA, who was elevated to honor membership in the fall of 1982. Current activities include sponsoring a review course for the Engineer-in-Training exam, tutoring, presenting an award to the outstanding freshman engineering student and participating in career day activities. Nadim Aziz Mike Barnett Adnan Basma Neale Bruchman Chris Cianciola Mohammed EI-Khalil Felix Molina Hermogenes Munoz Ahmad Nemati Davidson Ozodigwe John Richards Jeff Rish Cindy Ross Kooi Sim Charles Slavens Arthur Slaughter Fadi Yaacoub Mark Yelverton Gamma Iota Sigma President Bob Smylie Vice-President Diane Derivaux Treasurer Alan Greer Secretary Lee Ann Hyder Public Relations . . Howell Jones Gamma lota Sigma is the only collegiate insurance fraternity in the United States. Their purpose is to pro- mote and sustain student interest in insurance as a pro- fession, to encourage the high moral and scholastic at- tainment of its members, and to cooperate with educa- tional institutions and professional men and women of in- surance through fostering research, activities and scholarship. Bill Bexley Randal Boyle Michel Barrett Jimmy Bu Steve Donosky Herb Fanning Patti Kennedy Richard Liberto Dwight Morris Dickson Perry Andy Shaw Randal Thomas Martin Valgo Doug Wilson James Brown James Garden James Davis Lantz Forster Todd Miller Ronald Neal Emily Norman Monroe Pointer Tommy Taylor Andrew Underwood Tracy Whitt 312 Honors Sigma Alpha Iota President Isabel Bartles Vice-President Kimberly Bell Secretary Treasurer Jennifer Holmes Chaplain Ginger Richardson Sergeant-at-Arms. . Nancy Bruening Sigma Alpha lota is an international music fraternity composed of female music majors and minors who have a 3.0 average in their music courses and a 2.0 overall. Their activities on campus include music recitals, and money mak- ing activities for educational purposes. Isabel Bartles Kimberly Bell Paula Bert Terri Lamar Bradley Janet Bray Nancy Bruening Susan Burke Lisa Clark Brenda Cole Deanne Dear Mereile Flatt Allen Hart Jennifer Holmes Margaret Johnson Lisa McGregor Elizabeth Netterville Patti Phillips Beth Randle Viola Regan Ginger S. Richardson Lynn Sledge Lisa Simmons Debbie Wall The stained glass window in the old Geology Building, which was originally the library, was donated by the Delta Gamma social club of the Hays-Miller Boarding school and the Alum- ni Association of the University in 1889 in memory of the University Greys. The inscription on the win- dow reads, " In honor of those who, with ardent valor and patriotic devotion in the Civil War, sacrificed their lives in defense of principles inherited from their fathers and strengthened by the teachings of their Alma Mater, this memorial is lovingly dedicated. " Honors 313 Beta Gamma Sigma Carolyn McKay Pres. Susan Partridge V. Pres. Nolan Waller Sec. Treas. Beta Gamma Sigma is a national scholastic honor society in business and administration. The Ole Miss chapter was chartered in 1944. To be eligible for membership, students must rank in the top five percent of the junior class, the top ten percent of the senior class, and the top twenty percent of graduate students. Beta Gamma Sigma ' s purposes are to encourage scholar- ship among business students and to foster integrity in business. Lisa Renee Anderson Robert James Arnold III Sharom M. Austin Emily Belle Barnes Betty Lyn Bat MarciaAnn Belenchia Nancy Llewellyn Bledsoe James Sidney Dray Roland 0. Burns, Jr. Ellen Marie Chapin Karen S. Cooper Arthur G. Davis, Jr. Melissa Joy Davis Joni Jane Diaz Clay P. Dockery Carol Sue Elliott Tina Shelaine Evans John Robert Fugate Cheri Denise Green Lynn Morris Holland Holly Lynn Huggins Stephanie C. Hunt Karen K. Johnson Joseph Allen Katool Patti M. Kennedy Pamela S. Kitchens Joseph Leonard Klingen James Dennis Livingston Elizabeth B. Martin Regan Adonis Mason Carolyn Jean McKay Michael Hunter McGee Mark Stephen Millette Bonnie Elizabeth Nevins Elaine Bryan Oastler Daphne Gay Park Susan Elaine Partridge Dinah Petree Larry Pittman Claudia Marie Rouchon Robert W. Smylie James H. Stevens Virginia Ann Vancil Pamela Walker Judy L. Waller Connie E. Webb David P. Webb Charles Douglas Wilson Katie Winston Wood 314 Honors Mary Alaine Anderson Chris William Akins Sharon Janique Alfred Julie Ard Robert L. Atkinson Thomas M. Babin Nickie L. Baker Barbera Hollowell Barkley David T. Bat Suzanne Rogers Bell John Lawrence Bellay Matt Bergstrom Tamera C. Berry Robert Todd Bertolet Ellen C. Birdsong Katharine Presley Black Rachel Blue Keith Alan Boden Kimberly J. Bounds Barbara Lynn Bowen Schuyler J. Braddock Nathan F. Bradford Carla Bradley Jerri Lamar Bradley Becky Burdette Brady Jean Laurence Branum Beth Braswell Donna G. Brown Mary Lisa Browning Julie Lynn Bullock Leslie Ray Bryant III Laura Lynnelle Burks R. Conner Burnham George Rice Byars. Jr. Barbara J. Carlson Gladwin K. Carpenter Mary Catherine Carruthers Martha Burke Chambers R.Jeff Cole George Geoffrey Conwill Kyle Cook Jay Cope John David Cosmith Margaret A. Cotros Andrea P. Cox Katherine Cox James R. Crouch, Jr. Edwen Webb Crunk III C. MarkCummings Alan Davis Anthony Wayne Dubose Sharon M. Easterling John Frederick England Stephan Paul Epperson Elizabeth Allison Estes Leslie Estes Martha Catherine Farris Patricia Fay Elizabeth Ferguson Ricky Flechas Beth Forester Michael Keith Fountain David Allen Frederick Tom Friou Tracy Greer Kelvin Maurice Hamner James C. Hancock A. G. Harmon Thomas K. Harris Lantz Harvey David Clayton Hawkins Elizabeth Carlton Hays Esta Elizabeth Herold Robert A. Hill Brent N. Hinton Kimberly Ann Hogan Kate McCalley Hooper Kathy Hopson Virginia Quinn House Jeffrey Ray Howell Alex T. Hunt Elizabeth Jarnagin Sherri Lynn Jernigan Ross M. Jessup Marian Wright Johnson William McDaniel Johnson Joseph Joyce Elizabeth W. King Kenry Koon Stuart G. Kruger Joe Frank Lacy III Paul Benjamin Landess John Frederick Laurenzo Scott F. Leary Kerry Todd Lee William C. Lehr Lisa Michele Littlejohn Angela G. Lovorn Joyce Lowe Mark William Maffet Lisa Marie Main John W. Marshall Virgil Rudolph Massey, Jr. Ray Matthews Jay Justine McClure Jeanne McGinley Lisa McGregor Carolyn Jean McKay Kenneth E. McKay Joseph Melton Micheal G. Metcalfe James Love Moore. Jr. Ellen DeWitt Mosby Garnett A. Murphy John Parham Murrill Sherilyn Amye Nash Mary Treat Nettleton Allison Owen Donald Andrew Phillips Charles Kistner Pringle, Jr. Phyllis Lynn Ray John Redmond III Gena Georganne Reeves Richard Reid James J. Reidy William Edward Rhinehart Karen McCoy Rice William Howard Riley, Jr. Joseph J. Van Rooy Kevin Alexander Russell Ronald S. Russell Tracy L. Scheffing Leigh Ellen Scott Alan J. Shannon John Michael Sherman Jerold Brian Sit William C. Smallwood III Darlene Soldevila Vivian Spear John Burton Spencer III Robert Clark Spencer Wendy Ann Staehle Harriet Lynn Stallworth Robert Caldwell Starnes Doug Sanford Paul T. Stephenson Mary Annabel Stephens Karen A. Stevens Joe Gregory Stewart Kathryn A. Stott Linda Susan Stovall Donna L. Tartt Gayle Taylor John Buckingham Thomas Melissa Sherill Thompson Jo Anna Thornton Michael P. Tison Eric Ulysses Truitt Stacey Tyner Susan VanZandt Mary Louise Varner John S. Wagster Arhtur J. Waldrop Mary Ann Wamble Carroll Watts Cassi Jo Wells John Gardner West David Thorne Williams Joseph W. Wills Lowell O.Winston III Melissa J. Lewis Robert Lucas Jennifer Umsted EdH.Williford.Jr. Hal B. Wright KhengLengTan Alpha Lambda Delta President R. Conner Burnham Vice-President . . . Jay Justin McClure Secretary Joyce Lowe Treasurer . Ellen C. Birdsong Editor . . . Karen McCoy Rice Historian Mary Annabel Stephens Alpha Lambda Delta is a national freshman honor society whose pur- pose is to encourage superior scholastic achievement among students in their first year in institu- tions of higher education, to pro- mote intelligent living and a con- tinued high standard of learning, and to assist women and men in recognizing and developing mean- ingful goals for their roles in society. Membership at the University of Mississippi is open to freshmen who meet the minimum scholastic re- quirement. A student must attain a 3.5 GPA after his or her first semester or as a combined average of first and second semester. Honors 315 Michael Cravens President Jeff Roberson Vice President Mike Franklin Treasurer Mac Huey Secretary Norbert Woods . Parliamentarian Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Kappa Psi is a national men ' s band fraternity dedicated to service of the University ' s band programs. Chartered in 1948, Bete Beta Chapter has served the Ole Miss band with services like field preparations, musical functions, and social events. Membership is open to selected band students. Jimmy Allen Marshall Griffen Patrick O ' Neill Paul Barnes Brett Guin Andy Pierce Tim Bell Tony Hill Doug Potocki Johnny Burns Greg Horner Jeff Roberson Steve Clark Mac Huey Bill Sartor Don Cox Cowan Hunter Joey Shorter Michael Cravens Alan Johnson David Sloan Phillip Deveer Don Jones Geoff Sloan Tony Dubose Jeff Knott Scott Tillman Tony Edwards Bill Loden Wayland Webb ' Dean Flessas Jay McArthur Michael Woods Mike Franklin Edward McDaniel Norbert Woods Ken Giese Terry McGraw Dan Yancy Scott Gill Barry Morehead Tail Beta Sigma Tau Beta Sigma is a national band sorority for women, which was formed in 1947 to parallel Kappa Kappa Psi. The Ole Miss chapter, Beta, was rechartered in 1978 and has since been a tremendous asset to the band program. Lisa Heaberg . . . Toni Bernheim . . Paula Graves . . . Kathy Chapman Cynthia Tice. . . . President Vice President Corresponding Sec. Recording Sec. .Treasurer Mana Bagnardi Ramona Hale Suzanne Parker Shelli Bahm Frances Hall Bridget Perkins Donna Barnes Lynn Hanson Paula Phillips Denise Bragg Susan Hogendobler Laura Riggs Pam Brockway Gail Hutchinson Sylvia Ruby Donna Brolick Sylvia Johnson Lynne Russell Robbie Byers Tracey Jolly Sandi Schmutz : Susan Byrum Sophia Jones Lynn Sledge Ellen Grain Denise Kisner Colleen Stringer Glinnis Crawford Allison Limbrick Wanda Stringer Lisa Crawford Kathy Marsh Tracey Tolleson Melissa Daily Nina Marshall Beth Tracy Lynn Dedeaux Betsy Martin Melinda Tucker Angie Fiore Jennifer McMullen Paula Vaughan Teresa Garner Cindy Morton Ginny Yarbrough Cheryl Gibbs Carla Neal Linda Zuber 316 Honors President Lynn Holland Vice-President Wendy Floyd Recording Secretary Toni Flanagin Corresponding Secretary Pat Sutton Treasurer Anthony Sims Reporter Jay Stubbs Newsletter Editor Jimmy Henderson Sponsor Harrison " Flash " Greenlaw Sponsor Dr. Kenneth Wooten Sponsor Dr. Gerald Walton Sammy Allred Debbie Baggett Bill Brawner Don Caldwell Dana Carpenter Brian Coole Karen Comer Deborah Crumpton Vicky Falls Robin Fisher Lydia Fredrickson Diana Frith Wade Holland Ed Holliday Lisa Holliday Julie Hutchins Janice Jackson Glenn Joe Danny Jordan Bobby Koon David McCoy Presley Mallett Betty Martin Nita Maxcy Sylvester Mayes Tracey Moore Timmie Morris Donnie O ' Neal Sherri Paden Scott Richison Jill Rose Michael Ross Amanda Smith Melanie Smith Patsy Smith Theresa Thompson Mike Thornton Alfonzo Tuggle Steve Walters Martin Whitt Mary Lee Williams Kevin Winstead Phi Theta Kappa Phi Theta Kappa was founded in 1918 as a junior col- lege honorary. In 1976, they introduced a new program giving alumni the opportunity to become members of a Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Chapter on the senior college campus. In 1978, a local Alumni chapter. Gamma of Mississippi, was founded on the Ole Miss campus. The purposes of the organization are the promotion of scholarship, the development of leadership, and the cultivation of fellowship among students in colleges and universities in the United States. Membership provides various means by which to con- tinue affiliation with the purpose, people, and programs of the fraternity. Honors 317 The first volume of the annual, the " Ole Miss, " was dedicated to William B. Lowry, the former Cap- tain of the University Greys in 1897. The name " Ole Miss " was sug- gested by Elma Meek and chosen in an informal contest over such names as " Cotton Boll " and " Magnolia. " " Ole Miss " was a phrase used around the Meek home to distinguish Elma (Young Miss) from her mother (Ole Miss), and by 1910 had been adopted by the athletic teams as well. Since 1910 " Ole Miss " has become synonymous with the University. Beta Alpha Psi President Roland Burns Vice-President (1st) Steve Shaner Vice-President (2nd) Virginia Baker Treasurer Chris Springer Recording Secretary Ann Tohill Corresponding Secretary Judy Waller Faculty Vice-President Dr. Grover Porter The objective of Alpha Theta Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and give due recognition to Scholastic and Professional excellence in the field of accountancy at the University of Mississippi. To be elected to member- ship a student must have a 3.0 overall grade point average and a 3.0 in accounting. Gina Agostinelli Lisa Anderson Virginia Baker William H. Bauch Kate Bethany Nancy Bledsoe Miller L. Brock Roland Burns Ricky D. Burden David 0. Bryan, Jr. Ellen Chapin Glenn Cofield John William Coker Daniel 0. Conwill Karen Sanders Cooper Angela Marisa Cursi Arthur G. Davis, Jr. Carol S. Elliott John Eskridge Andrew S. Garrett Thomas K. Griffis, Jr. Steven Michael Hendrix Kirk Mines Jennifer Lee Holland Lynn Morris Holland Kathy L. Hudson Kathy 0. Hutchison Karen K. Johnson Richard A. Johnson Joseph Katool Pam Kitchens Joseph Klinger Donna Lillard James Dennis Livingston Amy Joan Lumsden Elizabeth Martin Laura Ann Mize Norman Moore David F. Myers Michael Hunter McGee Carolyn Jean McKay Frances Elizabeth McNair Robert Manning Naylor Susan Elaine Partridge Stephanie Quiriconi Randy Lyn Ratcliff Joyce A. Rescho Lee Rushing Steven M. Shaner Hugh A. Skinner Audrey Dennell Smith Christopher M. Springer Robert James Terry Ann Tohill Pam Walker Judy Waller David L. Watson Connie Webb Melody White Tommy Whitehead Robert Bailey Whitten II Mitchell Wogoman Jeffrey Lynn Young Edward Younkin 318 Honors Gamma Beta Phi Toni Bertolet Dawn E. Bump Jim Cady Raye Ann Dickerson Margo Doss Rita Folse Mark Gunn Terri Haguewood Kim Hearon Janet Dick Barney Hammond Pam Lawrence Angie Lovorn Susie Merrell Barry McClendon Kilby Moore Kristy Rankin Jill Simmons BillSmallwood President J. J. Brown Vice President Jon Fisher Secretary Dayna Carpenter Treasurer . , . Lisa Wilkerson Gamma Beta Phi is a scholastically oriented honor society for college and university students. The organiza- tion was founded on the Ole Miss campus this year, with the objectives of recognizing and encouraging excellence in education, promoting the development of leadership abilities, and developing outstanding character in its members. Captain Ernesto Anaya First Lieutenant John Driftmier Second Lieutenant Terry Leech First Sergeant Michail Bounds Advisor Captain Nowinsky, U.S. Army Scabbard and Blade Scabbard and Blade is a national military honor society. Our chapter was founded in 1940 as Company B of the 8th Regiment, nicknamed " The University Greys " in honor of those Ole Miss students who fought in the Civil War. The society ' s purpose is to raise the standard of military education in American universities; to encourage and foster the qualities essential to becoming both an officer and a gentleman; and to represent the armed forces within the academic community through scholastic, ser- vice, social, and athletic activities. On this campus, Scabbard and Blade serves primarily as a forum in which its members discuss topics relevant to their military communities. To be eligible for membership, one must be a member of the Army, Navy, or Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps and must have a 2.5 overall G.P.A. with a 3.0 in the field of military science. At the beginning of the 3rd year, a candidate must display exemplary leadership qualities to be recommended by a professor of military science. Honors 319 Tau Beta Pi President . . Timothy Farris Vice President James Truax Recording Secretary Charles Smith Corresponding Secretary . . Susan Wilson Treasurer Elizabeth Watson Cataloguer . . . Ralph Taylor Faculty Advisor .... Damon Wall TAU BETA PI ENGINEERING HONORARY Tau Beta Pi is the national engineering honorary founded in 1885, to recognize the outstanding leaders and scholars among students in all fields of engineering. There are 183 chapters of this honorary located in engineering schools in this hemisphere. A chapter is awarded to a school after the entire school, in- cluding the curriculum and faculty are given a very vigorous inspection by neighboring chapters and national headquarters. The Mississippi Beta Chapter at the University of Mississippi, established in 1969, is one of the only two chapters in the State of Mississippi. Over half of the faculty members in the Ole Miss School of Engineering are alumni members of Tau Beta Pi. They earned their member- ship as students in chapters from various schools in the United States. The Beta Chapter strives to promote professionalism and to encourage scholarship among engineering students. Its members initiate projects toward this end and support such work in other stu- dent organizations. Most of the members of Tau Beta Pi are officers in other profes- sional organizations of the school. Membership is by invitation and is restricted to juniors and seniors who are near the top of their class scholastically and have shown exemplary character. Tim Farris Patricia Walt Bobby Brown Mona Rosalind Floyd Roman Dewan Susan Leslie Wilson Howard White Charles Smith Sarah Watson Boon Tan Rory Sneed David Sanders John Holliday John Lawson Kirk Lee Michael Martin Robert Davis Burney McKinly Sebastion Murry Elizabeth Timmons James Truax Peter McDowell Paul Williams Joseph Cianciola Ralph Taylor Kelly Aune Neale Bruchman Kevin Fox Elizabeth Vmer Martin Williams Young Kaw Wu Charles Slavens Joe Lacy Bill Lehr Derek Higginbotham Jeftery Johnson Julia Wilson Daisy Wong Willie Prince William Lesley Gregory Sisk Michael Cunavelis John Broswell William Barrack Frank Parker Danny Whittington " They fell devoted, but undying, The very gale their names seem ' d sighing; The waters murmur ' d of their name; The woods were peopled with their fame; The silent pillar, lone and gray. Claim ' d kindred with their sacred clay; Their spirits wrapped the dusky mountain; The meanest rill, the mightiest river, Rolled mingling with their fame forever. " Byron The Confederate Soldier stands at the entrance of the campus, greeting prospective students and returning alumni alike. He reminds us of our Southern heritage both its turmoil and peaceful tranquillity. There are inscriptions along the four sides of the statue ' s base. One is Byron ' s eulogy to the Confederate soldier shown at left, another reads, " To the heroes of Lafayette County, whose devotion made glorious many a battlefield. " As we leave the Ole Miss campus by way of University Avenue, the Confederate Soldier reminds us of all we have left behind. 320 Honors Ed Becker Ellen Birdsong MahlonC. Bouldin Barbara Lynn Bowen Schuyler Braddock Nathan Bradford Jamie J. Brown Conner Burnham Joseph Burns Jeannie Burrow Laura Champion Emily Colbert Robert J. Cole Robert Coleman Katherine E. Cox Anna Elizabeth Emmons Kathryn E. Green Robert Benjamin Gurner Kelvin Maurice Hamner Sky Christiane Henry Robert Anthony Hill Kenneth E. Hodges Kimberly Ann Hogan Al ex Hunt Virginia Quinn House Ross Jessup William Johnson Stuart Kruger Ben Landess Jan Levy Lisa Micheie Littlejohn Benjamin Mel Logan Kenneth Ervin McKay Leslie Ray Matthews Garnett Andrew Murphy D. Andrew Phillips Bill Riley Ronald Scott Russell W. Douglas Sanford Martha Taylor Melissa Sherrill Thompson Eric Ulysses Truitt Stacey Tyner Susan Marie VanZandt Mary Ann Wamble Arthur J. Waldrop Karolyn Trey Wersebe Lambda Sigma is a national sophomore honor society whose purpose is to foster leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and the spirit of service among feshmen and to serve and promote the interests of the University in every possible manner. All freshmen with a minimum grade point of 2.75 may apply for membership in lota Chapter. Selection is made in the spring by a committee composed of active society members and other campus leaders. Lambda Sigma Robert Coleman President Stuart Kruger Vice President Barbara Lynn Bowen Secretary Ben Landess Treasurer Stacey Tyrner Rituals Chairman Melissa S. Thompson Public Relations Honors 321 Phi Kappa Phi President: Dr. Ellis E. Tucker Vice-President: Dr. Jean K. Jones Vice-President: Mrs. Modene D. Bolen Secretary: Dr. Roscoe A. Boyer Treasurer: Dr. Lyman A. Magee Executive Committee Members: Dr. Thomas M. Pullen Mr. Joseph F. Symons, Jr. Dr. Judith D. Trott Honor Vice-Presidents: John Robert Fugate Thomas Scott Guyton Alda Camille Henick Carolyn Jean McKay Alan Wayne Partin Joseph Leonard Pratt Robert Eugene Schmieg, Jr. John Mark Schwab Judy Louise Waller Phi Kappa Phi is the highest scholastic honor a stu- dent may receive at the University of Mississippi. The primary objective of the honor society is to recognize and encourage superior scholarship in all academic disciplines. To be elected to membership, an undergraduate stu- dent must be a senior or second semester junior ex- hibiting high standards of scholarship and character. Graduate students must have distinguished records placing them among the most able in their classes. Election of faculty denotes a significant contribution to their field. Undergraduate Students Allen, Jo-Ann Marshall Anderson, Ansel Glen Arrington, Jill Ann Atkins, Burgess Lee Bartlett, Brett Ronald Bat, Betty Lynn Bertolet, Toni Jill Bond, Jeffrey Brent Bray, James Sidney Brown, Bobby Darrell Burden, Ricky Dale Bush, Houston T. Jr. Caffey, Pamela Ruth Camp, Karen Landreth Carsten, Elizabeth Thomas Cirilli, Gary Anthony Clark, Angela Clement, Nancy Irene Crutcher, Paul Williams Currie, Robert Rodes Davis, Brian Lee Denney, William David Dewan, Raman Nath Dunlap, Sherul McMains Estes, Elizabeth Allison Evans, Tina Shelaine Ezell, Jean Elizabeth Farris, Timothy Hall Finerty, Nancy Jane Floyd, Mona Rosalind Fugate, John Robert Gillis, Elizabeth Bray Green, Cheri Denise Guyton, Thomas Scott Haltom, Joiner Mack Hampton, Diane Marie Hancock, John Christopher Harvey, Lantz Emmett Haupt, Peter Michael Henick, Alda Camille Henry, Alma Jo Hill, Douglas Lamar Holland, Jennifer Lee Home, Stephen Gary Howell, Barbara Jo Hughes, Peggy Jean Jeffcoat, Jane Ellen Johnson, Karen K. Juhan, Elizabeth Corona Karlak, Laura Carroll Keller, Jay Shannon Kelly, Samuel Clayton 322 Honors Graduate Students Kennedy, John Larry Knox, Bobby Ray Knox, Phillis Eileen Hendrix Larkin, Patricia Ellen Lehr, William Curtis Lummus, Jill Elizabeth Mason. Regan Adonis McKay, Carolyn Jean Milligan, Jason Michael Moore, Martha Lynn Moore, Teresa Ann Morris, Robert Timothy Morris. Vicki Carol Mulvihill, Michael Alan Naef. Robert William Nailor, Harriet T. Nevins, Bonnie Elizabeth Parker, Deborah Ann Partin. Alan Wayne Partridge. Susan Elaine Patterson, Jane Givens Peden, Pamela Gay Perkins, Phillip Kerry Pickens. Mary Kay Pierce, Evelyn Marie Pinson, Jane Pittman, Larry Jr. Poole, Bryant Lewis Porter, Devra Kay Pratt, Joseph Leonard Ratcliff, Randy Lyn Redhead. Joseph Norwood Rish. J ames Alfred Robertson. John Carlton Rushing, Eric Lane Schmieg. Robert Eugene Schwab. John Mark Seid, Peggy Lynn Smith, Daniel Edward Jr. Smith, Gregory Lane Smylie, Robert Warren Staehle, Leslie Ann Strickland, Stephanie Jean Taylor. Ronald Garrett Vaneil, Lee Ann Walker. Pamela Louise Walker, Virginia Lee Wall. Deborah Jane Wall, Patricia Lynn Waller, Judy Louise Wing, Dale Leslie Young. Evelyn Weatherford Barbre, Ann Marie Barnett. Celia Ann Grisham Blanton, Carol L. Bostick, Ruby Nan Roach Brown, Debra Kay McCreary Cheatham, Steve Fredrick Childers. Barbara Ann Clifton, Robbie Linville Crigler, Ann Smith-Vaniz Davis, Dreda Berylyn Stuckey Falkner, Patrick Russell Foshee, Sheri Anne Hatfield, Mark Edward Huddleston, Carmen Jane King, Martha Beth Franklin Lester, Glenda R. Levine, Robin Lois LoCoco, Karen Jayne Hyver Lomangino, Heide Rotraud Mason, Margaret Ruth Pinter, Michael Raymond Sagen, Patricia Floy Smith Suit, Susan Cherie THE HONOR SOCIETY OF PHI KAPPA PHI Honors 323 Rho Lambda Rho Lambda, The National Panhellenic Recognition Society, honors those women within Panhellenic who have been out- standing in the display of demonstrated leadership ability and loyalty to Panhellenic and to their sorority. Only active members in their Junior or Senior years are eligi- ble. An overall average of 2.3 is re- quired for membership. A maximum number of members to be elected in any year is 10% of the total Panhellenic membership. Melanie Fisher . . . President Pat Goetz . . . Vice President Jill Lorenz ....... Secretary Alicia Mitchell . . Treasurer Laura Anderson Jullianne Battaile Meg Bickerstaff Lanell Brewerton Lisa Carver Angela Clark Lisa Cutler D ' Anne Duclos Melanie Fields Nancy Finerty Melanie Fisher Pat Goetz Susan Harper Camille Henick Leah Lindsey Jill Lorenz Molly Martin Lee Ann Mayo Kerri McDanial Eileen McGinley Alicia Mitchell Daphne Park Susan Partridge Jane Patterson Pam Peden Laura Pindell Catherine Pinkston Stephanie Quiriconi Robin Rader Becky Yobo Smitheal Ellen Sumner Laura Tetley Lori Thomas Judy Thompson Susan Tullos Bonnie Vaughan Gabby Waggoner Sarah Elizabeth Watson Katie Wood 324 Honors The fraternal system of the south is steeped in a tradition that began long before Greeks were established on college campuses. That feeling of brotherhood and comradeship has been carried down through generations, especially here on the Ole Miss campus, and is well exemplified by the frater- nal organizations of the pre- sent. The Greek system at Ole Miss dates back to 1890 when the first fraternity house was built by the Delta Psi ' s, with the understanding that it would be turned over to the Universi- ty and leased to the brotherhood for 99 year periods. Pi Delta Phi George Cotanidis Peggy Chapman Priscilla Pruitt Nancy Stengel Gaby Waggoner Rosemary Adams Laura Laine Bell Jennifer 0. Brewer Leslyn Dee Duckwo Paula Duffy Aphrodite Kavyas Ratsamee Kunanu? Victoria Meaders Elizabeth L. Moore Susan Lynn Petrie Leslie Schutz Josette M. Turner Dr. Jack Brown Dr. William Strickland Dr. Joseph Cimon Ms. Mary Elizabeth Gwin Mrs. Kathryn Pinkston Mrs. Hanne Gaycken Dr. Ken McGraw Dr. James Cooke Mrs. Mary Butler Mrs. Doris Landon Mr. and Mrs. John Mailman Rebecca Moreton Miss Harriet Jackson Miss Davant Dodson-Rosenberg George Contanidis President Priscilla Pruitt Vice President Jack Brown . . Treasurer Pi Delta Phi is the National French Honor Society. Delta Omega Chapter was founded at the University of Mississippi May 2, 1966. To be eligible, students must have completed at least one advanced course in French and have a 3.00 G.P.A. in French. Pi Delta Phi promotes interest in the French language and culture. Honors 325 Order of Omega Officers President Sai Ireland Vice-President Neil White Secretary Tim Walsh Treasurer Mike McGee Social Chairman . . . Kendall Garroway Order of Omega, national honorary for outstanding Greeks, was founded at the University of Pittsburgh in 1957. The University of Mississippi ' s Omega Theta Chapter of Order of Omega was founded in 1968 but was reactivated in the spr- ing of 1976 under the direction of David Halle. The organization exists to recognize those fraternity men who have at- tained a high standard of leadership in interfraternity activities, to encourage them to continue to strive toward ex- cellence, and to inspire others to work for similar conspicious attainment. Working closely with the Interfraternity Coun- cil, the Order of Omega brings Greek-Faculty, alumni, and student members together on a basis of mutual interest, understanding, and helpfulness. During any one year the Order of Omega is limited by its constitution to pledging no more than 3% of the total number of regularly enrolled fulltime undergraduate fraternity men. Order of Omega rush is conducted during the fall and spring with each fraternity being allowed to nominate rushees from its active membership. Members Fleet Abston Tony Farese Scott Phillips Randy Adair Bobby Fisher Larry Pittman Marc Baker Bob Fugate Thomas Prewitt Benji Bailey Neil Gammill John Ragland William Bexley Kendall Garroway Charles Rainey Joe Bogdahn Jerry Gentry Mark Ray Brent Bond John Hall Nordy Redhead Michael Borne Lawson Hester Robert Schmieg Sam Bourne Tal Hicks Michael Schneider Patrick Brown Douglas Hill Steve Shaner Ricky Burson Albert Hilliard Art Shirley Carl Chaney Sai Ireland J.C.Shirley Ralph Chapman Gary Jefferson Bill Smallwood Mark Christian Richard Johnson Brent Southern Joseph Ciaciola David Jones Danny Spivey Wayne Clark Joseph Katool Jeffrey Strouse Ty Cobb Sam Kelly Ron Taylor Glen Cofield Scott Lamb Walter Taylor Richard Coogler Mark Levan Paul Thomas Bob Currie Reagan Mason Todd Threadgill Jerry De Loach Joe Maxwell Fred Tull John Dodd Mike McGee Newell Turner Blake Donaldson Larry McNeal Mark Van Doren Steve Earnest Walter Michel Tim Walsh Paul Edwards Paul Milner Neil White Jason Eklund Steve Pilgrim Al Williams Greg Ellston Tim Phillips Martin Womack John England Robert Phillips Jeff Yates Jeff Young 326 Honors Sigma Delta Chi Bill Hampton President Martha Looney Vice President Lara Odum Secretary Melody Crunk Treasurer Bill Hampton Martha Looney Lara Odum Melody Crunk Lynda Tullos Sue Shippy Kitty Dumas Brian Straw Carolyn Gaddy Sally Cruther Pat White Rex Baker Scott demons Jamie Grain Linda McDowell Maria Martino Laura Pindell Cynthia Reeves Steve Spires Katherine Weggener Jan Wetzel Wendy Shumake Nancy Finerty Joel Estes Andy Royce Robert Jordon Carl Floyd Charles Busby Susan Ferrill Stephanie Hall Kate Maganndy Greg Smith Randy Jackson Stacy Ruhl Paula Vaughn Mark Stowers Cammiel Woodbury Don Caldwell Carol Scott Sarah Read Mary Nettleton Dusky Harvy Jennie Hunter Emily Roane Cynthia Yates Thomas Campbell Leslie Summons Sherry Lucas Mitchell Diggs Jack Carrel Dan Turner Christy Colbert Cathy O ' Dannell Marcus Lindsey John Hall Sigma Delta Chi, a journalism honorary, supports the promotion and expansion of the pro- fession. To meet the requirements for membership, students must have at least a sophomore standing, a G.P.A. of 2.0 or above, and intend to pursue journalism as a career, though not necessarily to major in it. The object of the society is to encourage students to meet profes- sionals through the seminars and conventions held in Knoxville, Milwaukee, and San Fran- cisco. Each semester the group sponsors two speaker forums and one social function, this year they are also planning and sponsoring the Journalism Awards Banquet. Honors 327 Kappa Omicron Phi Deborah Green President Kerri McDaniel Vice President Betsy Bos Treasurer May Robinson Secretary Faculty Members Dr. Patsy Alexander-Elmore Dr. Jeanette Phillips Dr. Nan Wren Dr. Laverne Heliums Jane Collins Kathy Daly Mary Smith Betsy Bos Deborah Green Kerri McDanial Jane Pinson May Robinson Tina Ross Ann Underwood Kappa Omicron Phi is one of three national honor societies in the field of home economics, and a member of the Association of College Honor Societies. Its pur- pose is to further the best interests of home economics by recognizing and en- couraging scholastic excellence, developing leadership abilities, fostering profes- sional activities and interests, and promoting fellowship among faculty and students of the profession. Nationally Kappa Omicron Phi awards fellowships for graduate study at the master ' s or doctoral level, Grants for individual and chapter projects and leadership development workshops. Requirements for membership include: pursuing a major or minor in home economics; second semester sophomore academic standing; rank in top 35% of the class; minimum overall grade point average of 3.0 and completion of at least 9 hours in home economics subjects at a minimum overall grade point average of 3.0. Graduate students become eligible after the completion of one-half of the graduate program at a minimum overall GPA of 3.5. The National Service project is contribution to Crossnore School, Inc., which enrolls school-age children who for various reasons need institutional care. The school, located in the mountains of North Carolina, is entirely supported by various organizations. 328 Honors Anyone who has been enrolled at the University of Mississippi for at least one semester knows how difficult registration can actually be. But it ' s no wonder when ac- count is taken of the number of students who usually enroll in between 12 and 20 hours of class. The most popular educational fields for entering freshmen are Business and Commerce, the Social Sciences, and Health Professions. The College of Liberal Arts has the most students enrolled, though the School of Business Ad- ministration and the School of Accountancy have continued to grow. As times change and enroll- ment grows, the campus itself must change to meet the demands made upon it. The old Gym, built in 1929, was replaced this year by the new Health, Physical Education, and Recrea- tion Center. Though many classes were switched to the modern facility, the old Gym, in the tradi- tion of the school, remains as a functional part of the past. Honors 329 Hall of Fame ' 62 Harold Francis Overton III " Roach " 2 L 2 2,, a +b =c Pep club . . . Debate Club 4 years run- ning . . . " Hey y ' all, wait for me " . . . Anyone for a game of chess? " . . . Astronomy Major . . . Power ' s Dorm Pres. Joann Tamara Collins " Tammy Jo " " If you see someone without a smile give them yours. " Home EC festival Queen . . . cute as a but- ton . . . " Girl, let me tell you this. " . . . Head Cheerleader great " pom-poms " . . . " love it, love it, love it. " Dorothy Louise Doright " Buttons " ' ' Let your conscience be your guide. ' ' Nursing major . . . first floor RA for Hefly Dorm . . . Chancellor ' s Committee against Alcohol ... " I have to be in by ten " . . . Betty Crocker Merit Award . . . gold star perfect attendance . . . Ronco campus representative . . . " That ' s none of your beeswax. " 332 Hall of Fame ' 62 I Penelope Patrice Pinkston " Penny " " Love is a many splendored thing " Third alternate Miss Abbeville last four years . . . mile high bouffant . . . late date queen . . . education parking lot regular . . . " He ' s lying, we did not do that! " . .. sorority chaplain. Mickey Leonard Benvenutti " Fang " " Come on baby, light my fire ... " Secretly thinks of himself as " Lance Romance " . . . " Hey baby, wanna come up and see my water bed " . . . buys " Aquavelva " by the gallon . . . Wrestling Club . . . wrote his own phone number on the wall of the girls ' bathroom . . . " Whataya know toots, we ran out of gas! " Naomi Shaun Forrest " Naomi " " Whisper words of wisdom, let it be " Save the Grove founder . . . Ecology Club . . . " No man is an island " . . . macrame and herbal tea . . . Rapline director . . . " She ain ' t heavy, she ' s my sister " . . . Sierra Club member . . . peace. Agnes Hazel Putnam " Oxford Aggie " " If I hear it, I tell it " Born to be wild . . . " let ' s hit the line " . . . When people talk, Agnes listens . . . knows where to find the boys and the booze . . . voted Drive In ' s best customer . . . Rebel Recruiter. Hall of Fame ' 62 333 After Punk Rock Mississippi State 334 Paper Dolls Playing with paper dolls has been a favorite pastime of children everywhere for hundreds of years. Now, you can have the toy for the college student of the 80 ' s . . . the Ole Miss Paper Doll. The dolls are right here, simply cut out the dolls and outfits along perforated lines. In dressing your dolls, Kitty and Kenny, you can choose from the punk rock look, the Miss. State getup, and the " morning after the Gin " thrown together outfit. The female punk rock outfit consists of a sexy leopard skin dress, and new wave glasses. Her black heels finish off the outfit. The male punk rock outfit is highlighted with the GoGos t-shirt and high-tops. Our dolls will fit right in at the State game in their overalls, torn jeans and boots, eternally in style at MSU. To make it to his mandatory 8 a.m. Friday class, Kenny will be wearing the same crumpled shirt from the night before, and the sure sign of no shower, a hat. Kitty can be found the morning after in her sweats. Morning After Punk Rock Mississippi State 335 Upon arrival at Hemingway, Frances was horrified to discover she is not Ben ' s only companion for the game as Ben begins his pregame festivities. A stag party at the end of the first quarter when all the girls, somehow, have to go to the bathroom at exactly the same time! 336 Humor A misguided Ben enthusiastically roars his school spirit at the game ' s latest touchdown. (Unfor- tunately, and unknown to Ben. the score belonged to the opponent.) ances ' attention is diverted by Ole ss ' scoring. Ben takes advantage of e opportunity to finish off his tiskey in one big gulp, only to sink rther down into the depths of unkenness. Innocent Frances is appalled to find the bottle empty and finished, and Ben full and finished. Ben is " out " for the night. Bella Fontaine 337 Staying For years the UPD thought they were striking back at irresponsible students who failed to pay their parking fines by withholding semester grades. Well, this year our friends in blue caught on and opted for a more stringent plan. Now they lock in the unfortunate students at Swayze Field. Shown here are several of the captives depressingly watching their friends pull out for Christmas Break. ( I Giving i I i We ' ve all heard of the tooth fairy, fairy godmothers and the like. Here at Ole Miss we have a special friend; it ' s Leslie Andrews, the Booze Fairy. Doling out generous portions of Alka-Seltzer, extra-strength Tylenol and extra- spicy bloody marys, Leslie can be seen flitting down fraternity row in the wee hours of the morning from house to house. Here she works her magic on two desperate over-indulgers. Leslie reports, however, that hers is a thankless job for she must disappear before the morning ' s first light. 338 Humor Tricking This set of twins decided to throw a little spice into their Halloween by doing a little tricking instead of treating. As they made their way down Sorority Row. none of th e girls suspected that this angelic looking pair harbored a vicious weapon. Yes. the twins had devilishly poisoned their holiday " treats " with Ex-Lax. They are seen here eagerly hatching their plot in front of the Delta Gamma House. - w While a careless head was turned, this gypsy woman from Bulgaria wandered into the University Daycare Center and wandered out with a string of unsuspecting children. UPD has dubbed her the " Playground Pied Piper. " Alarmed parents are keeping what children they have left at home. When last seen, this woman was leading her flock over the northern hills toward Tupelo. Humor 339 HOTBfsaiirs Lodging Not having a date to the U.M.-Vandy game didn ' t stop these coeds from roadtripping it up to Nashville for the weekend. Seeing this motel right outside town, the University students decided to stay here hoping to find a wide selection of young men from which to choose for a date for a perhaps wilder than usual weekend. t r J fci a m Ole Miss coeds are famous for going on fad diets but his country-bred lass took things a bit too far. After fasting for three straight days and fortified with one too many Dexatrim diet pills, the extra energy proved to be too much. On her way through the grove on the way to class, she burst into an uncontrollable Irish jig. Spectators who witnessed the strange occurrence claimed she danced for several hours until collapsing into an exhausted, but pleasingly thin heap. -V, 340 Humor YVM J7 Building All semester the XQ ' s have cleverly fooled the campus into believing the addition they have been constructing will be a kitchen. At the opening of the new wing alumnae were mor- tified to discover not a magnificent new dining hall as expected but a gambler ' s paradise. The campus ' s only casino is complete with a roulette wheel, black jack and poker tables, and slot machines. The social chairman is already planning a crap-shoot with the Pikes. Selling Betty the Brownie foolishly thought that she could sell her mints and peanut butter patties to the students of Ole Miss. After a long day of meager sales, Betty decided to inconspicuously strike back. Placing a small grenade in each box, she is seen awaiting for her first victim to bite into these " special " cookies. f .oowes Abel, Donald; Oxford, MS; Bus. Abney, Teresa; Bay Springs, MS; Lib. Arts; AAII Abraham, Suzanne; Vicksburg. MS; Lib. Arts; KKF Adair. Richard; Union, MS; Lib. Arts Adams, Mary; Dallas. TX; Educ.; Aja Adeleke. John; Ibadan, Nigeria: Bus. Adkins, Elizabeth; Memphis, TN; Lib. Arts; KKF Adkins, Sylvia; Holly Springs, MS; Bus. Akin, Susan; Meridian. MS; Lib. Arts; IIB Alexander. John; Union, MS; Bus. Alinder, Mary Jo; Columbus, MS; Lib. Arts Allen. Charles; Corinth. MS; Eng. Allgood, Pam; Duck Hill. MS: Eng. Allred. Gregory; Tupelo. MS; Bus. Altenbern. Jeffrey; Memphis. TN; Lib. Arts ' ATil Amos. Tonnial; Shelby. MS: Lib. Arts Anderson, David; Memphis. TN; Eng.; AKE Anderson. Nancy; Midland, TX; Bus.; M Anderson, Rickey; Pickens; MS; Lib. Arts Anderson, Sallie; Oxford, MS; Lib. Arts; XQ Andy. Patrick; Madison, MS; Lib. Arts; KT Apple. Julia. Memphis. TN; Bus.; XS1 Arnold. Daniel; Pearl. MS; Bus. Arnold. Laura; Cleveland. MS; Accy.; AOII Arnold, Susan; Long Beach. MS; Lib. Arts; KA Arrington. Susan; Merdidan, MS; Lib. Arts; AAA Artim. Stephen; Weatherly. PA; Eng. Atkeison. Ramona; New Alb any, MS; Lib. Arts; KA8 Atkins. Leigh; Bay St. Louis, MS; Accy.; KKI ' Atkinson. Howard; Indianota. MS; Lib. Arts; X Aust. Bruce; Lauderdale. MS; Bus.; t KT Austin. Alicia; Fort Worth. TX; Lib. Arts KKF Austin. Brian: Dunwoody. GA; Bus.; ATS! Austin. Meg; Atlanta, GA: Lib. Arts; ZTA Avant, Tammie; Greenwood, MS: Lib. Arts Avant, Toni; Como. MS; Lib. Arts Babb, Lisa; Paris. MS; Bus.; ZTA Bagnardi. Maria: Ithaca. NY; Bus. Bahm. Shelli; Gulfport. MS; Lib. Arts: AOII Bailey. Jeffrey; McCarley. MS; Lib. Arts Bailey. John; Oak Brook. IL; Lib. Arts Bain. Melissa; Hickory Flat. MS; Educ. Baird. Jerry; Southaven. MS; Lib. Arts Baker. Carolyn; Hattiesburg, MS; Educ.; XSI Baker. Ronald. University. MS; Eng. Baker. William; Oxford. MS; Eng. Bannister. Donna; Pascagoula. MS; Lib. Arts; ZTA Bardwell. Gina; Indianola. MS: Lib. Arts Barnes. Paul; Natchez. MS; Lib. Arts Barnes. Richard; Belleville. IL; Lib. Arts Barnes. Thomas: Woodville. MS: Lib. Arts Beacham. Felder; New Orleans, LA; Accy.; IBeckett. Wendy; Olive Branch. MS: Lib. Arts Beckham. Ronald: Oxford. MS: Lib. Arts Belcher. Christina; Shreveport LA Lib j Arts; IIH [Bell. David; Belzoni. MS: Lib. Arts . A to 344 Bell. Duval; Starkville. MS; Accy. Bell; Julia; Starkville. MS; Accy.; M Bellido. Susana; New York. NY; Lib Arts Bennett. Bruce; Clinton. MS; Accy.; X Benson. Susan; Memphis. TN. Educ. Bentz. Sharon; Biloxi, MS: Lib. Arts; KKT Berry. Robert; Freesburg. IL: Lib. Arts Berry, Robyn: Sardis. MS; Eng. Berry Roslyn: Grundy. VA; Lib. Arts Bickerstaff. Robert; Jackson. MS; Eng.; X Bickerstaff, Susan; Jackson. MS; Lib. Arts; AAA Bieber. Mark: Forrest City. AR: Bus : X Billingsley. Mellie; Batesville. MS; Lib. Arts Bivins. Jeffrey: Lexington. KY; Eng. Blackburn. Mary; Pope. MS: Bus. Blackwell. Angela: Anderson. IN: Bus Blasingame, Huber: Jackson. MS: Eng.; KT Blattner. Julie: Cape Girardeau. MO; Bus : KA Blinder. David: Oxford: Bus. Bodron. Jea nne; Vicksburg. MS Bolt. Robinson; Atlanta, GA Bolton. Leigh; Jackson. MS: Lib Arts; M Bond. Martha; Perkinston, MS: Ub. Arts Bonelli. John; Jackson. MS Boone Lisa: West Monroe, LA; Bus.; KKT Bougard. Emma; Byhalia. MS: Lab. Arts Bourne. Laura; Jackson. MS; Lib. Arts; FIB Boutwell. Carolyn: Laurel. MS: Lib. Arts: KA Boyce. Dan; Pelahatchie. MS: Bus. Boyd. David; Amory. MS: Lib. Arts; K2 Boyd. Sheridan: Sledge. MS; Lib. Arts Boyle. James; Vardaman. MS: Eng. Bradley. Rebecca: Myrtle. MS; Lib. Arts; AAII Brady. Amanda; Brookhaven. MS: Educ.: XQ Branch. Belinda; Coila. MS; Accy. Brangenberg. Christopher; Tupelo. MS: Bus. Brasfield. Mary; Jackson. MS; Lib. Arts; XO Braswell. Samuel; Hernando. MS; Eng. Breeding. Elizabeth: Oklahoma City. OK. Lib. ArtsIIB Brennan. Michael; Germantown. TN; Bus.: KA Brenner. Mary; Mobile. AU Lib. Arts; KA8 Brevard. Ann; Mobile. AL; Educ.: KA Bridge. Leah; Oxford. MS: Eng. Bridgers. Robert; Belzoni. MS; Lib. Arts: n Brittain, Eliza; Natchitoches. LA: Lib. Arts; KM Brock. Johnny: Kosciusko. MS; Lib. Arts Brockman. Eric; Winona. MS; Accy. Brown. Meliaa; Oxford. MS; Educ.; AAII Brown. Karen: Vicksburg, MS; Lib. Arts: AOn Brown. Laura: Jackson. MS: Bus.: KKT Brown. Lisa. Steens. MS; Accy.; AOH Brown, Mark: Corinth. MS: Lib. Arts Brown. Mozella: University. MS; Accy. Brown. Terri; Greenwood. MS: Bus.: fLl Brown. Walton: Birmingham. AL; Lib. Arts; 2X Browning. Anthony: New Albany. MS: Eng. FRESHMEN 345 Bryant. Errol; Brooksville, FL; Educ. Buckley. Arbie: Batesville. MS; Lib. Arts Buehler, Elizabeth; Durham, NC; Educ.; KA Buford. Martha; Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts Burdin, David; Kennet. MO; Bus ; HKA Burford. Donna; Hernando, MS; Lib. Arts; AOI1 Surge, Pamela; Ripley. MS; Accy. Burke. Virginia; Jackson. MS; Bus.; KKP Burks. Sharon; Nashville. TN; Accy. Burney, Tammy; Jackson, MS; Accy.; M Burns, Parish; Austin. TX; Educ. Burress. Gregroy; Watervalley. MS; Eng.; ATS! Burt. Ruby; Osford, MS; Bus Bush. William; Memphis, TN: Eng. Butcher. Daniel; Bioloxi. MS: Eng. Butler. Thomas: Axton. VA; Bus. Butler. Willard; Baltimore. MD; Lib. Arts Byrd. Janet; Ocean Srpings. MS; Lib. Arts Byrd. Tonya; Columbia. MS; Educ.; KA6 Byrum. Susan; White House. TN; Accy.; AT Caldwell. Kathenne; Tupelo. MS; Educ.; AAII Campbell. Angela; Germantown. TN; Lib. Arts; ZTA Campbell. Leslie; Laurel. MS; Lib. Arts Campbell. Stephen; Oxford. MS; Eng.; ATS! Carlisle. Charles; Water Valley, MS; Eng. Carman. Janice; Forrest City, AR; Bus.; AOH Carnaggio. Mary; Greenwood. MS; Lib. Arts: KA Carney. John; Crystal Springs. MS; Bus.; CaMf Natalie; Sylacauga. AL; Accy.; AT Carriker. Joel; Vardaman. MS: Eng. Carroll, Catherine; Jackson, MS; Lib. Arts; Carroll. Georgie; Yazoo City. MS; Educ.; XS! Carter. Dixie; Dallas. TX; Bus.; KKP Carter. Edna; Dekalb. MS; Accy.; ZTA Carter, John; Osceola. AR; Accy.; ZX Carter. Mary; Sardis, MS; Accy.; N Carter; Tami; Tupelo. MS; Lib. Arts Case. David; Jackson. MS; Lib. Arts Cash. Jennifer; Trumann. AR; Lib. Arts; KM Cassidy. Lois; Clarendon Hills. IL; Educ. Caston, Billy; Liberty. MS; Educ. Cesare. Barbara; Vicksburg. MS; Lib. Arts; 4 M Chain. Thomas; Oxford. MS; Bus.: ATS! Chambers. Samuel; Tunica. MS; Lib. Arts KT Chapman. Guy; Carrollton. MS; Lib. Arts Chapman, Margaret; Metairie. LA; Accy.; KAB Chow. Lawrence; Kowloon. ZZ; Bus. Chrestman, Benny; Houlka. MS; Bus. Christy. James; Saltillo, MS; Bus. Chua, Kea; Rantau. ZZ; Lib. Arts Chua, Keng; Singapore. ZZ: Eng Chua. Lek; Tantau Sembil. ZZ; Lib Arts Cianciola, Carol; Memphis. TN; Bus.; KKP Cimon. Eric; University. MS; Bus. Clawson, Larry; Kingsport. TN. Eng. 346 SS - V J s. I I x V 3fc X Clement. Charlotte; Water Valley. MS: Phar Clements Wayne; Bruce. MS; Lib Arts Cleveland. Conni; Atlanta. GA; Bus ; KKP Climer. Timothy; Southaven. MS; Accy.: KA Coffey. James; Etta. MS: Lib Arts Coffiek). Dallas: Ft Walton Beach. FL; Accy.; ATQ Coleman. Carol: New Albany. MS: Phar Collier. Vanessa; Horn Lake. MS; Lib. Arts Commiskey. Laura: Carthage. MS; Phar.; KA6 Compton. Reginald; Ocean Springs. MS: Accy Conlee. Cheryl; Nesbit. MS; Eng Conotey. Rolan; Murray. KY: Eng Conway. Lisa: Byhalia. MS: Phar. Conwtll. Mary; Gulfport. MS; Accy Cook Angela: Como. MS: Accy Cook. Susan: Rockford. IL: Lib. Arts Cooke. Victoria: Oxford. MS: Lib. Arts: AOO Corban. Joanna; Bioloxi. MS; Educ.: AK Courson. Dawn; Hickory Flat. MS: Lib Arts Cowart. Sheila: Summit. MS: Educ : KA8 Cowart. Dana: Summit, MS; Bus : KA6 Cox. Marceia; Mathiston. MS: Eng Cox, Michael: Lexington. KY; Lib Arts Cox. Susan: Jackson. MS; Lib Arts Cox Whitney; Hinsdale. IL; Lib Arts Craig. Michael; Cape Elizabeth. MA; Bus : KT Cram. Caryn; Franklinton. LA; Lib. Arts Cram Ellen; Riptey. TN; Bus : AOO Crawford. Emily; Flora. MS: Accy : AGO Creekmore. Beth; Jackson. MS; Lib Arts: XB Crocker Kathryn; Bruce. MS: Educ Crook. Michael; Hennmg. TN: Lib Arts; X Cropp. Karen; Oxford. MS; Lib Arts: AAA Crosby. Grace: Pensacola. FL: Eng Crow. Donna; Brookhaven, MS; Phar Cruse. Patti. Potts. Camp. MS; Phar Crutcher. Amia: Lamar. MS; Lib Arts Cumella. Michael: Longwood. FL: Accy : ATQ Cunningham. Janice; Florence. AL; Lib Arts Cupit. Mary: Jackson. MS: Lib Arts Cyr, Brian; Paporte. Texas: Eng Dale. Thomas: Columbus. MS: Bus : ATS! Daniele. Bryan. Clinton. MS; Accy : X+ Darnell. Mary; Senatobia. MS; Educ Davis. Alison; Lumberton. MS; Lib Arts Davis. Donna: Abbeville. MS: Lib. Arts Davis Jonathan; Tupelo. MS; Bus Davis Man: Dallas. TX; Lib Arts: KA8 Day. Lou; Columbia. TN; Lib Arts; OB Dean. Vanessa; Moorhead. MS: Lib Arts Dedeaux. Teressa: Lewisburg. WV; Lib. Arts Defrank. Wendi: Ocean Springs. MS; Lib Arts Deloach. George: Cleveland. MS: Lib Arts Demartmi. John: River Ridge. LA: Bus : X+ Denison. Randall. Walls. MS: Educ Denley. Jerry; Coffeeville. MS; Bus.: ATO FRESHMEN 347 Denton. Julie: Tupelo, MS; Accy.; KA Deveer. Philip; Jackson, MS: Eng.; KK Dial, Elizabeth: Memphis. TN; Bus.; ZTA Diaz. Susan; Bioloxi. MS: Bus. Dick. Lisa: Jackson. MS; Lib. Arts; KA Dickson, Amy; Memphis, TN; Lib. Arts Dickson. Robin; Great Falls, VA; Lib. Arts: ZTA Dixon. Byron; Pass Christian. MS; Eng. Dobbs, James; Baldwyn, MS; Lib. Arts Dodd, Kathy; Winona, MS; Eng. Dogan, Sylvester; Charleston, MS: Accy. Donald. Michael; Philadelphia. MS; Lib. Arts; ATSl Donaldson. James; Horn Lake. MS; Lib. Arts Dorsey. Terri; Carthage. MS; Bus. Dottley. Dani: Vicksburg. MS; Educ.; XO Douglas. Scott; Memphis, TN; Lib. Arts; Ben Draper. Neal; Jackson, MS; Bus.; 23 Draughn, Mary Loch; Jackson, MS; Lib. Arts; Xn Drummons, Allison; Oxford, MS; Lib. Arts Dulaney, Vivian; Tunica, MS; Lib. Arts; I1B Dumas. Charles; Prentiss. MS; Lib. Arts Dunaway. William; Hollandale, MS; Eng.; Mfl Duncan, Donald: Memphis, TN; Bus. Dupuy. Denice; Jackson, MS; Lib. Arts: AOn Durbin, Elise; Birmingham, AL; Bus.; IIB4 Durbin, William; Hopkinsville, KY; Eng. Durrett, Elizabeth; Plantation, FL; Educ.; AAA Duvic, Herbert; New Orleans. LA; Bus ; X Dykes, David; Tallahassee. FL; Eng. Eaton. William; Kosciusko. MS; Lib. Arts Edmonson, Robbie; Columbus, MS; Accy.; AK Edwards. David; Nashville. TN; Educ. Edwards, Jimmy; Crystal Spring, MS; Educ. Edwards. Katrina; Slidell. LA; Educ. Edwards, Paula; Greenwood, MS; Lib. Arts Eeo. Meng; Muar Johor; Eng. Elder. Sylvia; Dallas, TX; Lib. Arts; ZTA Ellis, John; Vicksburg, MS; Lib. Arts Emerson. William; Vicksburg. MS; Lib. Arts Emmons. Hope; Meridian. MS; Educ.; AAA Eskew. Glen; Monroe, LA; Eng.; K+ Evans, Bobby; Greenville, MS; Accy. Evans, Lee Ann; Vicksburg. MS; Eng. Evans. Lorna; Southaven. MS; Accy. Evans. Terrell; Peral. MS; Educ. Farrar, Scott; Memphis, TN; Bus. Farrington. Sue; Jackson. MS; Bus.; Xfl Farris. Elizabeth; Clarksdale. MS; Educ.; AAA Faulkner. Dina; Amory, MS; Lib. Arts Faulkner, William: Batesville, MS: Accy. Faust. John; Lambert, MS; Lib. Arts; Ben Felts. William; Kosciusko. MS; Bus. Ferguson. Robert; Aberdeen. MS: Bus.; ATil Fielder. Robin; Water Valley. MS; Lib. Arts Fields. Scott; Southaven, MS; Accy.; nK Finerty. Laura: Bay St. Louis. MS; Lib. Arts; KKF 348 L.AV m Fioranelli. Barry; Cleveland. MS; Lib Arts Fisher. Fatima; University. MS. Bus Fisher. Steven; University. MS: Lib Arts Fisk. Martha; Pontotoc. MS: Bus Fitch. Courtney: Oxford. MS: Bus Flemmons. Samuel; Tunica. MS: Eng . KT Fletcher. (Catherine: Indianola MS Lib Arts: AT Fotey. Tina; Long Beach. MS: Lib Arts: KAB Fontaine. Rebecca: Pascagoula MS Lib Arts Fortner Robyn; Gulfport. MS: Lib Arts Fountain. Glenn; Gautier. MS: Lib Arts Fox. Elizabeth: Houston. MS: Phar AT Fox. Geeorgia: Hammond. LA; Lib Arts; ZTA Franklin. Kimberly Birmingham AL Lib Arts Franklin. Ute: Oxford. MS; Lib Arts Frederkmg. Jay: Oxford. MS: Eng Freeman. Judy: Oxford. MS: Bus ; AK Frost. Jean. Memphis. TN: Bus Fulcher. Elizabeth; Jackson MS Lib Arts XO Fulton. Carolyn; Lyon. MS Educ Gadd. Amelia: Hickory Flat. MS: Eng Games. Bettma: Oxford. MS: Accy Galtney. John: New Orleans. LA: Bus : K Gamarra. Juan; New York. NY; Eng Gammage: Mary: Leland. MS: Lib Arts Gantt. Beth: Goodman. MS: Lib Arts Garland. Geoffrey; Oxford. MS: Lib Arts Garner. Angela: Corinth. MS: Lib Arts Garraway. Kathenne: Jackson. MS: Bus : ta Garrison, Jo: Bethel Springs. TN; Bus.: AOH Garrison. Laura: Bay St. Louis. MS: Eng Garrison. Pamela: Ruteville. MS. Bus Gary. Jacqueline: Eupora. MS: Lib Arts; M Gates Minnie. Maben. MS: Lib Arts Gates. Susan: New Albany. MS: Lib Arts AK Gentry. Karen: Shaw. MS: Phar Gerloff. Stephanie: Fort Worth. TX: Bus Gibbs. Cheryl; Yazoo City. MS: Lib Arts; AAT1 Gibbs. Jeffrey: Meridian. MS: Lib Arts Gibson. Gretchen; Metane. LA; Bus : ZTA Gilbert. Meyer: Farrell. MS; Lib Arts. X+ Gilder. Angela: Pittsboro. MS: Lib Arts Gill. Scott. Dumes. AR; Eng : KK+ Golden. Stephen; Southaven. MS: Phar Goldman. Jennifer; Webb. MS: Bus. Goode. Miles: Bolton: MS: Phar Gore. Jennifer; Woodland. MS: Phar ; AK Gorham. John; Nashville. TN; Bus ; i ' AE Graham. Kathryn, Memphis. TN; Bus.; KA Graham. Pamela: Walls. MS: Lib Arts. KAH Gray. Charles: Mobile. AL: Bus : A6 Greenberg. Leslie: Memphis TN: Eng : rTA Greenlee. Alicia. Mobile. AL. Educ Greenlee. Bradford: Batesville MS: Bus ; U Greenwood. Elizabeth: Houston. TX. Educ KKC Greer Laura; Shreveport. LA; Phar : % FRESHMEN 349 Grimes, James; Eng. Grissinger. Florence; Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts; KA Grogan. Timothy; Batesville, MS; Accy. Guin. Brett; West Memphis. AR; Bus. Gustin, Lisa; Birmingham. AL; Bus.; KA6 Gusto. Deborah; Miami, FL; Lib. Arts Haick, Mary; Jackson, MS; Accy.; M Hale. Harriet; Pontotoc. MS; Bus. Hale, Tracie; Vicksburg. MS; Lib. Arts; KKF Hall, Patricia; Hattiesburg, MS; Bus.; Xi! Hall. Paula; Clark. PA; Lib. Arts Hall. Richard; Memphis. TN; Lib. Arts; A Halteman. Richard; Laurel, MS; Ens.; A Hammond, Inita; Winona, MS; Lib. Arts Hanks, Cassandra; Crenshaw, MS; Lib. Arts Hannah. Howard; Oxford, MS; Lib. Arts Hansen, Virdie; Gulfport. MS; Eng. Hansford. Jennifer; Brownsville. TN; Bus. Harrison, Elizabeth; Memphis, TN; Lib. Arts; AAA Harden, Jeffrey; Mantee, MS; Lib. Arts Hardy. Yvonne; Tillatoba, MS; Bus. Harmon. James; Paris, MS; Eng. Harrington. Lee; Brandon, MS; Lib. Arts; IIKA Harris. Mary; Tupelo, MS; Accy.: M Hart, Judy; Batesville. MS; Lib. Arts Hartlage. Heidi; ETown. KY; Lib. Arts; AAI1 Harwell, Melissa; Memphis. TN; Lib. Arts; HI Harwell. Michael; Nashville, TN; Lib. Arts; X Hathcock. Lea; Corinth, MS; Lib. Arts; KA Hathcock, Susan; Jackson, MS; Bus.; AAFI Hawks. Bill; Eng.; X Hawi. Zeid; Abu-Dhabi; Eng. Hayes. Kelly; Pensacola, FL; Accy. Hayes. Laura; Brandon. MS; Bus. Haynes. Melana; Blytheville, AR; Educ.; KA8 Hays. David; Sardis, MS; Lib. Arts Head, Valarie; Belzoni, MS; Bus. Hearn, Thomas; Pearl. MS; Lib. Arts Hegwood. Peggy. Jackson. MS; Phar.; AAII Hemeter, Francis; Hattiesburg, MS; Bus.; ZN Heng. Chen Woo; Singapore; Eng. Hennessey. Kelley; Vicksburg, MS; Lib. Arts; AAA Henry. Beverly; Sturgis. MS; Eng. Henry, Jeffrey; Oxford, MS; Lib. Arts Herring, Charles; Bruce. MS; Bus. Hess. Timothy; Wynne, AR; Bus. Hewes, Myra; Gulfport, MS; Lib. Arts Hill. Donna; West Point, MS; Accy.; AK Hill, Sara; Atlanta. GA; Educ.; M Milliard Barbara; Oxford. MS; Bus. Hitchcock, James; Houston. TX; Lib. Arts Hodges. Elizabeth; Greenville, MS; Eng.; AK Hodges, Winter; Trenton, TN; Bus.; X Hogenndobler. Susan; Villa Ridge, IL; Lib. Arts Houder. Cynthia; Corinth. MS; Lib. Arts; AOI1 Holloway. John; Fulton. MS; Lib. Arts 350 Hotman. John; Jackson. MS: Lib. Arts; OKA Holman William: Jackson. MS: Bus.: IX Holmes. Charles: Duck Hill. MS: Lib. Arts Homra. William: Fulton. KY: Bus.; KZ Honeycutt. Curtis; University. MS: Educ. Hootsell. Finely: Natchez. MS: Lib. Arts Hoover. Debbie; Olive Branch. MS: Lib. Arts Hopcroft. Rosearmy: Lib Arts Hopkins. Peter; Birmingham. AL: Lib. Arts: A Horton. Joey: Pontotoc. MS: Eng Howard. Robert; Jackson. MS: Bus.: ATQ Howard. Sharon; Oxford. MS: Lib. Arts Howell Anglea. Jackson. MS: Bus : +M Howell Mary; Starkville. MS: Lib Arts; HB Howie. Martin; Dyersburg. TN: Lib. Arts; A Huffman. Henry: West. MS: Lib. Arts Huggms. Arthur; Southaven. MS; Lib. Arts Hughes. Kenneth; Oxford. MS: Bus.: X Huskey. Sharon; Amory. MS: Lib. Arts; AAH Husmk. Gregory; Long Beach. MS; Accy. Hussey. Elizabeth; Corinth. MS: Lib. Arts: W Hussey. James: Aberdeen. MS: Lib. Arts: A Hutcherson. Walter; Gulfport. MS: Bus. Hutchins. Alice: Memphis. IN; Lib. Arts; CTA Hutchins. Peter; Clinton. MS; Lib. Arts: K+ Hylander. Lisa: Brandon. MS; Lib. Arts: KA8 Imel, Sally: Tulsa. OK: Bus.: AAA Imre. Nancy: Milan. TN; Accy.: AGO Jackson. Ida: Cruger. MS: Lib. Arts Jackson. Lorie; Como. MS; Lib Arts: AOH Jackson. Marsha: Louisville. MS: Lib. Arts Jackson. Patricia; Grenada. MS: Lib. Arts Jackson. Victoria; Cruger. MS: Lib. Arts Jacobs. Jeffrey; Memphis. TN; Bus.: ATQ Jacobs. Suzette; Drew. MS: Educ. Jadwm. Lynn: Winona. MS: Lib. Arts James. Susan; Southavn. MS; Lib. Arts Jaudon. Valorie: Grenada. MS: Phar. Jenkins Gwendolyn; Oxford. MS: Educ. Joe Don; Cleveland. MS: Lib. Arts Johnson. Alan; Hattiesburg. MS: Lib. Arts Johnson. Angela. Nesbitt. MS: Lib. Arts: KKT Johnson. Jill; Oxford. MS: Bus ; KA Johnson. Justin. Philadelphia. MS; Lib. Arts: ATQ Johnson. Lori: Lafayette. LA; Accy. Johnson Sandra: Bellefontaine. MS; Accy. Jones. Alisah: Preston. MS: Bus.: KA6 Jones. Billy; Laurel. MS: Lib. Arts; ZX Jones. Frank; Bus. Jones. Heather: Munster. IN: Bus. Jones. Jennifer: Water Valley. MS; Bus. Jones. Johnny: Ruleville. MS: Lib. Arts Jones. Lisa K : Southaven. MS; Educ. Jones. Lisa L.; Brandon. MS: Bus. Jones. Stephen; Franklin. TN: Eng. Joransen. James: Jackson. MS: Lib. Arts FRESHMEN 351 Kallqvist, Johan; Sundsvall; Bus. Karaganis, Irene; Grand Rapids, Ml; Accy. Kavyas. Elaine; Oxford, MS; Lib. Arts Keck. Herbert; Jackson, MS; Bus.: Ben Kelley, Elizabeth; Springfield. IL; Lib. Arts; KKP Kellum. Leonard; Water Valley, MS; Lib. Arts Kelsey, Dana; San Jose, CA; Lib. Arts Kennedy, Blanche; England, AR; Accy.; FIB Kennedy, Steven; Nettleton. MS; Bus. Kernan. Alison; Fenton, Ml; Lib. Arts; AK Keys, Audrey; Tupelo, MS: Eng. King, Lea; Water Valley. MS; Lib. Arts; AAH King, Lisa; Abbeville, MS; Lib. Arts Kinniburgh, Brent; Oxford, MS; Bus. Kinniburgh, Kent; Oxford, MS; Bus. Kirby, Ray; Bus. Kirkland. Susan; West Helena, AR; Lib. Arts; ZTA Kirksey, Robert; Mantachie, MS; Lib. Arts: Ben Kisner, Sharon; Oxford. MS; Accy. Klepper, James; Memphis. TN; Bus.; 2N Kloha. Deborah; Holly Springs, MS; Lib. Arts; AK Knight, Michael; Meridian. MS; Bus. Knott, Jeffery; Dyer. TN: Eng. Koestler, Stephanie; Greenville. MS; Lib. Arts; AOn Kohn. Helen; Cherokee. AL; Lib. Arts Koonce, Leslie; Joiner, AK; Accy. Korschewitz. Edwin; Kitchener, Ont.; Accy. Kridle, Linda; Alexandria, VA; Bus.; KKT Krueger, William; Birmingham, AL; Bus.; A6 Laboone, Thomas; Quitman, MS; Lib. Arts; KA Lacey. Terri; Kosciusko, MS; Educ. Lakebrink, Cynthia. Huntsville, AL; Eng. Lambert. Paul Winona, MS; Lib. Arts Lantrip, James; Ocean Springs, MS; Eng. Larson, Kimberly; Oxford, MS; Phar.; AGO Lauderdale, Sandra; Marks, MS; Lib. Arts Laughlin, Jerri; Memphis. TN; Lib. Arts; AK Lautenschlaeger, Adelaide; New Orleans. LA; Lib. Arts; KA Lawrence. Kymble; Bioloxi, MS; Lib. Arts; AAA Lawrence. Steven; Kosciusko, MS; Bus. Leake. Janet; Southaven, MS; Accy. Lee. Emily; Camden, AR; Phar.; AAA Lee. Sandra; Clarksdale, MS; Bus.; RB Leong, Choon-Kiong; Sabah; Bus. Leslie, Carol; Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts; KA Lewis. John; Water Valley, MS; Accy.; ATO Lewis, Stephen; Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts Liberto, Christine; Grenada, MS; Lib. Arts Lipski. Thomas; Long Beach, MS; Eng. Litchfield, Maria; Baton Rouge, LA; Bus.; KAO Little. Cheryl; Southaven. MS; Bus. Little. Danielle: Nashville, TN; Lib. Arts: IIB Little. David; Vardaman, MS; Eng. Logan, Harold; Water Valley. MS; Eng. Lominick, Anne; Vicksburg, MS; Educ.; AAA Long, Gregory: Tupelo, MS; Lib. Arts 352 Long. Stephen; Oxford. MS: Eng.; B9TI Longstaff. Mary: Evanswlle. IN: Accy.: KAB Loughry. Philip; Rockford. IL Lib. Arts Love. Wilbum: Tchula. MS: Bus.: SAE Lovejoy. Craig: Oxford. MS: Eng. Lovom. Hayward: Rolling Fork. MS; Bus.: Lowe. May: Gtendora. MS; Lib. Arts; KKT Lowe. Shelley. V.cksburg. MS; Lib Arts Lowry. Mary: Crossett. AR: Lib. Arts: M Mabry. Jane: Nashville. TN: Lib. Arts: AAA Mace. Betty: Edwards. MS; Lib. Arts MacNaughton. Lynda: Harrisonburg. VA: Eng.: SO Magee. Gary: Jackson. MS: Bus.; Ben Magee Tammi; Shelby. MS: Educ.: M Mah Dolly: Lake Village. AR: Phar. Mature. Paula: Meridian. MS: Educ.; AAA Mattett. Lucy: Natchez. MS: Lib. Arts; AMI Malone. Linda: Batesville. MS: Bus. Mantey. Felicia: Ackerman. MS: Educ.; AOn Mannino. Phoebe: Gulfport. MS; Lib. Arts: U Mansoor. Helen: Tchula. MS: Bus. Marshal. Susan; Oxford. MS: Accy. Martin. Betsy: Double Springs. AL; Bus.: ZTA Martin. Cindy: Indianola. MS: Eng.: AK Martin. David; New Albany. MS: Bus.: ZX Martin. Thomas: Centralia. IL: Lib. Arts: K+ Martin. Walter; Senatobia. MS: Accy. Massey. Angela: Vardaman. MS: Educ.: um Massey. Susan; Bruce. MS: Lib. Arts Matthews. Helen: Robinsonvilte. MS: Bus. Maxcy. Metanie: Amory. MS: Bus.: AK May. Andrea; Jackson. MS; Educ McAden. Bryan; Memphis. TN: Bus.: UKA McAutey. James; Tupelo. MS; Lib. Arts: KA McCart hy. James: Jackson. MS: Bus.: KT McCaughan. Karen: Pearl. MS: Lib. Arts McCauley. John; Oxford. MS: Lib. Arts: KA McCay. John: Oxford. MS; Bus.: SAE McCleskey Leslie: Ardmore. OK; Bus. McComel. Joseph: Natchez. MS: Lib. Arts: K McCool Davis: New Orleans. LA; Lib. Arts McDade: Robert; Shannon. MS: Lib. Arts; A McDonald. Bryan; Jackson. MS: Bus.: Ben McDonald. Michael: Meridian. MS: Eng. McOoniel. Edward: Vermilion. OH: Lib. Arts McDowell. James; Batesville. MS; Bus McFadden. Mary: Shreveport. LA: Lib. Arts McGana. Arme: Forrest City. AR; Bus.: SB Mean. John; M ngton. TN: Lib. Arts McGtowan. Carolyn: Oxford. MS: Lib. Arts McGowan. Felicia; Holly Springs. MS: Lib. McGraw. Guy; Gulf Breeze. FL; Bus.: X McGuire. Melton: Alexandria. VA; Lib. Arts Mdntosh. Cooper: Parish. TN: Lib. Arts Mclntosh. Harold: Memphis. TN; Lib. Arts McKay. FI Anroston AL: Bus.: KA FRESHMEN 353 McKell, William; Jackson. MS; Lib. Arts McKie. Peggy; University, MS; Lib. Arts McKinstry. Jeffrey, Lilburn, GA; Bus.; A McLellan, William; Lexington, MS; Eng. McMillan, Marilyn; Franklinton, LA; Phar.; KA6 McNeer. Cheryl; Greenwood, MS; Lib. Arts McNulty. Erin; Pine Bluff. AR; Educ.; AAA McKoy. Troy; Plainfield. NJ; Bus. McWhirter. Doug; Corinth. MS; Bus.; KZ Meeks, Julia; Lib. Arts; AAA Mehra. Anil; Abu Dhabi; Eng. Melosky. John; Moorestown, NJ; Lib. Arts Melton. Cathlee; Madisonville, KY; Lib. Arts; Aon Meredith, Tiomthy; Cadix, KY; Eng. Merrell. Kathryn; Brandon. MS; Bus.; KAS Michel. Henry: Jackson, MS; Bus.; ZAE Middlebrook. Angela; Silver Creek. MS; Eng. Miksa. Cortnee; Jackson, MS; Bus.; KA Mileski. Catherine; Greenville, SC: Lib. Arts; ZTA Misch. Mary; Cedar Lake. IN; Lib. Arts; ZTA Mistilis. Erin; Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts; FIB Mitchell. Michael; Memphis, TN; Eng. Moak, Andrew; Oxford, MS; Bus.; KA Moon. Elliott; Atlanta, GA; Bus.; K Moore, Damon; Coldwater, MS; Lib. Arts Moore. David; Hattiesburg, MS; Bus.; IN Moore. Deborah; Carthage, MS; Eng. Moore. Heather; Meridian. MS; Bus.; AAA Moore. Kimberly; Long Beach. MS; Lib. Arts; KA Moore. Miriam; Senatobia. MS; Eng.; AAA Moore, September; Jackson, MS; Lib. Arts; KAe Morehead. Barry; Greenville. MS; Lib. Arts: an Morehouse. Anne; Nashville. TN; Bus. Morelli. Susan; Jackson, MS; Bus. Morgan, Barry; Winona, MS; Lib. Arts Morgan. Gary; Pensacola, FL; Lib. Arts; ZN Morgan, Helen; Oxford, MS; Lib. Arts; XS! Morgan, Juanita: Hernando. MS; Bus.; P.B Morris, Gwendolyn; Terry. MS; Educ. Morrison, Melinda; Houma, LA; Lib. Arts Mortenson. Anne; Covington, LA; Bus.; I1B Morton, Evelyn; Memphis, TN; Lib. Arts; ZTA Mullins. Patricia; Starkville, MS; Bus.; NM Murphree, Thomas; Waveland. MS; Eng Murphy. Endi; New Orleans. LA; Lib. Arts Murphy. Kimberly; Indianapolis. IN; Eng. Murray. William; Clinton, MS; Lib. Arts- Kl Myers. Martha; Mobile. AL: Bus.; XQ Nabors. Leah Clarksdale, MS; Accy.; AAA Narmour, Stephanie; Charlotte, NC; Lib. Arts; AOn Neely. William; Jackson. MS; Lib. Arts Nelson. Clare; Port Gibson, MS; Lib. Arts; AK Nelson. Clyde; Port Gibson, MS; Bus.; AK Nelson, Joanne; Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts Nelson. Letitia; Oxford. MS; Bus. Nesmith. James; Wesson. MS; Lib. Arts L 354 m t News. Merry; Florence. AU L . Arts: KA Newman. John; Water Valtey. MS; Bus. Hewsome. David: University. MS: Ub. Arts Nichols. Patricia: Oxford. MS: Accy.: AOH Nick. Anita: Greenville. MS: Ub. Arts Nix. Jay: Sardis. MS: Lib. Arts: ATQ Notestone. Lisa: Oxford. MS: Bus. O ' Brien. Karen; Walls. MS; Lib. Arts Oberkrom. Kim: Union. MS: Lib. Arts Ocasio. Michael: Raddiff. KY: Accy. Odom. Margaret: Horn Lake. MS; Phar Oesterlmg. David: University. MS: Lib. Arts Ogtetree. James: Union. MS: Bus. Olander. Thomas: Meridian. MS: Bus.: MM Oliver. Agnela: Hemando. MS: Bus Olson. John; Columbia. TN; Bus : +K Ott. Helen; Morton. MS: Lib. Arts; AK Ott. Kent: Osyka. MS: Educ Owen Barbara: Nashville. TN: Educ.; KA Pace Jenmfer: Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts Page. Richard; Hattiesburg. MS: Phar Parker. Christopher. Jackson. MS: Lib Arts Parker Suzanne: Milan. TN; Phar. Parker. Whitney: Moreland Hills. OH: Bus.: KA Parrish. Yvonne: Conway. AR: Bus.: I1B+ Partlow. Cassandra: Shannon. MS; Accy Paul. Louise: Connth. MS: Lib. Arts Payne. Andrea: Coldwater. MS; Lib. Arts Payne. Christopher: Vicksburg. MS: Lib. Arts Pearson Angelina: Oxford. MS. Lib. Arts Pearson. Michael: Amory. MS. Bus Pee. Randy: Kosausko. MS: Lib. Arts Pegues Amber: Abbeville. MS; Bus. Pegues. Mary: Tupelo. MS: Accy.: AOH Pegues. Rickey: Pontotoc, MS: Lib. Arts Pender Frances: Kosciusko. MS: Accy. Pendteton. Robert: Jackson. MS: Bus ; IX Perkins. John: Germantown. TN; Accy.: SN Perkins. Julia: Greenwood Village. CO: Lib. Arts Perkms. William: Pascagoula. MS: English: ATQ Perry. Angela: Tupelo. MS: Lib. Arts Peters. Valerie: Bertrand. Ml: Lib Arts Phillips. Paula: Lexington. MS: Lib Arts Phillips. Richard: Canton. MS: Lib. Arts: MO Pierce. Andrew; Collierville. TN: Lib. Arts Pierce Jeffrey: Indcanola. MS: Eng ; X Pierce. Kendall; Mt. Pleasant. MS: Lib. Arts Pierce. Randall: Mt. Pleasant. MS: Lib@rts Pierce Ronald: Pearl. MS: Accy. Pigott Kelli: Vicksburg. MS: bb. Arts: KA Pitalo. Patti; Gulfport. MS; Lib. Arts Prtcock. Frances: Batesville. MS: Lib. Arts Pitner. John; Winona. MS; Lib. Arts: A Pitts. Jerry: Pontotoc. MS: Accy. Pittmon. Willie: Charleston. MS: Eng. Poole. George: Tupelo. MS: Phar FRESHMEN 355 3 Polk, Norman; England, AR; Bus.; K2 Pope, Angela. Atlanta. GA; Bus. Porter. Kirk; Nashville, TN; Eng.; X Portis, Deborah; Grenada. MS; Lib. Arts Poynor, Jeffery; Banner, MS; Bus. Pratt. Gregory. Batesville. MS; Lib. Arts Prestage. Melanie; Fulton. MS; Educ. Presley, Holly; Greenfield, IN; Lib. Arts Prewitt. Wiley; Winona, MS; Lib. Arts Price, Jeffrey; Chattanooga. TN; Bus. Price. Lynda; Tupelo, MS; Lib. Arts Pride, Portia; Aberdeen, MS; Lib. Arts; AK Priest. Kenneth; Blue Springs, MS; Accy. Pritchett. John; San Diego. CA; Bus. Pruett, Christopher; Oxford. MS; Eng. Pryor. Elizabeth; Tueplo. MS; Lib. Arts; M Quan, Ronnie; Moorehead, MS; Lib. Arts Quarles, Leann; Germantown, TN; Lib. Arts Rabideau, Timothy; Decatur, IL; Lib. Arts Rainer. Sandra; Brandon, MS; Bus.; FIB Ramsey, Theresa; Oxford. MS; Bus. Ratliff, Michelle; Toccopola. MS; Lib. Arts Redditt, Anthony; Grenanda, MS; Lib. Arts Reed. Angela; Memphis, TN; Eng.; KA Jimmy Reed; Ackerman. MS; Bus.; KA Regan. Jeremiah; Liberty, MS; Eng. Regan, Patricia; Yazoo City. MS; Lib. Arts; KKF Reid. Cherry; Nesbit. MS; Phar. Repsold. Patrick. Glenview, IL; Bus. Retchless, Deborah; Clifton, NY; Lib. Arts; ZTA Reynolds. David; Memphis, TN; Lib. Arts Reynolds. Jeffery; Jackson, MS; Bus.; X Richards, Zachary; Ft. Leavenworth, KS; Lib. Arts; B n Richardson, Brooke; Birmingham. AL; Eng.; M Richardson. Tyrone; Columbus, MS; Bus.; KA Rick etts, Charles; Germantown, TN; Bus.; 2N Riley. Glen; Warren, NJ; Bus. Rinck. Donna; Dunlap, IL; Lib. Arts; KA6 Rives, Mary; Louisville. MS; Accy.; M Roberts. Andrea; Murfreesboro, TN; Bus. Roberts, Mary; Jackson, MS; Eng. Roberts, Richard; Pascagoula, MS; Lib. Arts Robertson. Kimberly; Huntsville, AL; Accy. Robinson. Sonya; Nesbitt. MS; Eng.; AOn Robison, Eleanor; Holly Springs. MS; Educ.: X! Rogers, Jennifer; Memphis, TN; Educ.; AK Rogers, Sherry; Jackson. MS; Bus.; P.B Rogers, Tracey; Crystal Springs. MS; Lib. Arts; AAH Rosen, Robert; New Orleans, LA; Eng. Ross, David; Olive Branch, MS; Accy. Ross, Martha; Oakland, MS; Educ. Ruby, Sylvia; Memphis. TN; Lib. Arts; FIB Rucker. Angela; Greenwood, MS; Lib. Arts Rudkin. Jimmey; Memphis. TN; Eng. Russell. Carol; Booneville. MS; Lib. Arts; ZTA Russell. Jennifer; Pontotoc. MS; Lib. Arts Russell. Judy: Huntingdon. TN: Lib Arts Russell. Rhonda: Thaxton. MS: Lib Arts Rutherford. Lynda: Tiplersville. MS; Educ : AAD Sage. Deidre. Memphis. TN: Lib. Arts Saia. Stephanie: Wmona. MS: Lib. Arts Sate. Victor: West Memphis. AR: Bus.: X Salmon. Caroline: Clarksdale. MS: Bus : XSJ Sanders. Jin: Amory. MS: Bus : M Sanders. Stephanie: Colubmus. MS: XU Sanders. Anne. Columbus. MS: Bus : XQ Sang. Alan: Rosedate. MS; Eng Sauder. Sandra: Roswell. GA; Bus Scallions. Angela: Walls. MS: Lib Arts Schmidt. Elizabeth: Pass Christian. MS: Lib. Arts: K AH Schmutz. Sandra: Nashville. TN: Lib. Arts Schneider. Gregory: Decatur. IL: Lib Arts Scott. Angela: Birmmgham. AL: Lib. Arts Scott. Steven; Moorestown. NJ; Eng Sealy. Mary: Senatotxa MS; Eng Sears. Patti: Ft. Worth. TX: Lib. Arts Sease. Denise: Greenville. MS: Lib Arts Sexton. W : Indianapolis. IN: Lib. Arts: A Shaffer. Mrihado: Schriever. LA; Lib Arts: A Shannon. Jacqueline: Enid. MS: Accy Shaw. Mary: Kosciusko. MS: Lib. Arts: AAA Shine. Victor; Jacksonville. FL; Lib Arts Shiver. Lela: Washington. DC; Lib Arts: A n Shook. Jamie: Charleston. MS: Accy Short Susan: Nashville. TN: Lib Arts: M Siedell. Robert: Kathey. TX: Lib Arts Stef. Anita: HuntsvMte. TX: Lib Arts: KKF SJkensen. James: Russellvilte. AR: Lib. Arts Simonetti. Robert: Manon. AR: Bus Sinclair. Michele: Ackerman. MS: Lib Arts Singtetary. Wanda: Jackson. MS: Accy. Singley. Roy. Oceanside. CA; Eng Sistrunk. WiHiam: Jackson. MS: Lib Arts: ZX Skiles. Jon: CMrve Branch. MS: Lab Arts Skinner. Harriet: Memphis. TN: Lib Arts Slaughter. Arnold: HopkinsviHe. KY: Lib. Arts Smith. Amy: Jackson. MS: Bus : AAA Smith. Clinton: Jackson. MS: Bus.: B8H Smith. David: Holy Spring. MS: Lib Arts: IN Smith. Doug: Georgetown. MS: Eng Smith. Edna; Oxford. MS: Lib. Arts Smith. Galen: Hernando. MS: Lib Arts Smith John: Tupelo. MS: Lib. Arts Smith. Kathy: BateswHe. MS: Bus : AMI 5- - Smith. B+n Smith. Smith. B n Smith. Smith. Smith. Smith. KKI Lee: Clarksdale. MS: Bus : AAA Michael: Brandon. MS: Lib Arts; Michael: Florence. MS: Lib Arts: A Perrin; Columbus. MS: Lib Arts: Sally: Oxford. MS: Bus Steven; Oxford. MS; Eng Susan; Greenville. MS: Phar ; KA Susannah: Houston. TX: Lib Arts: FRESHMEN 357 Smith. Teresa; Calhoun City, MS; Lib Arts Snow. Gladys; St. Louis. MS; Eng.; AOII Sones. Debra; Brandon, MS; Lib. Arts Soper. Todd; Natchez. MS; Accy. Sparkman, Steven; Jackson. MS; Bus. Spear. Judith; Corinth, MS; Bus.; AAA Spivey. Katherine; Canton. MS; Educ.; X!l Spivey, Vickie; Canton, MS; Bus.; XS1 Spoonts, Jennifer; Dallas. TX; Bus.; AK Spurrier, Katherine; Lexington, KY; Lib. Arts; KKF St John. Lisa; Atlanta. GA; Lib. Arts; KAH St. Mary. Todd; Vicksburg, MS; Bus. Steepleton. Tara; Memphis MS Lib Arts M Stent, Suzanne, Stone Mountain. GA; Lib. Arts; AAA Stevens. Mary; Jackson. MS; Bus.; 4 M Stevens. Patrick; Brandon. MS; Bus. Stewart, Susan; Meridian. MS; Bus.; M Stewart, W.; Natchez. MS; Eng. Stme, Rebecca: Corinth. MS; Lib. Arts Stock. Ed; Wichita Falls. TX; Bus.; ATS! Stockstill. Lori; Nashville. TN; Eng.; KA Stoddard. Lorre; Southaven. MS; Lib. Arts Stokes. Patricia; Cofteeville. MS; Accy. Striblmg. John; Jackson. MS; Bus. Strickland. Andrew; Corinth, MS; Lib. Arts Strong. Deborah; Mt. Pleasant, SC: Educ.; KA Stubbs, Steven; Memphis, TN; Lib. Arts; lieu Sullivan. James; Clinton, MS; Eng.; A+ Sullivan. Michael; Mendenhall. MS; Bus.; KA Sullivan. Ricky; Dundee, MS; Bus.; SAE Suthon, Walter; New Orleans. LA; Lib. Arts Button. Richard; Topeka. KS; Bus. Tapp, Hogan; Lamar, MS: Lib. Arts Tate. Marisa; Tupelo, MS; Lib. Arts; XH Tate. Sherra, New Albany; Lib. Arts; AK Tatum. Phyllis: Oxford, MS; Educ. Taylor. Jacqueline; Southaven, MS; Lib. Arts Taylor. James; Bus. Taylor, John; Brentwood, TN; Bus. Taylor, Patricia; New Orleans. LA; Lib. Arts Taylor, Scott; Merritt Island, FL; Eng. Taylor. Sherri; Clarksdale. MS: Bus. Tedford, Tom; Clarksdale. MS; Educ.; KKF Terry, Barbara; Birmingham, AL; Bus. Thames. Mary; Vicksburg, MS; Lib. Arts; X!l Tharpe. Robert: Atlanta, GA; Lib. Arts; Ae Thomas. Bernice; Clarksdale. MS; Lib. Arts Thomas. Donna; Walnut Grove. MS: Lib. Arts; IIB Thomas. Valerie: Greenville. MS; Lib. Arts; AK Thomasson, Patricia; Philadelphia. MS; Accy. Thompson. Donna; Bruce, MS: Lib. Arts Thompson, Patrick; Bay St. Louis, MS: Accy.; ATS! Thompson. Rose; Shannon. MS; Lib. Arts Thompson, Tern; Pegram, TN; Phar. Threkeld. Steve; Oxford, MS; Accy. Timmie, Ernest; University, MS; Lib. Arts Toler. Katherine; Jackson, MS; Lib. Arts; AAA Tolleson, Tracey; Cosciusko, MS; Bus.; AK Toma. Raymond; Phoenix, A2; Lib. Arts Townsel. Linda; Maben, MS; Lib. Arts Tracy, Beth; Columbus. MS Tranchin. Winifred: Metairie. LA; Lib. Arts- ZTA Treloar. Julie; Pontotoc. MS; Lib. Arts Troyka. Evan; Baton Rouge. LA; Lib. Arts; KT Troyka, Jonathan; Laurel MS ' Lib Arts ' +KT True. Robert; Nashville. TN: Eng.; K Trusty. Mark; Water Valley, MS; Lib. Arts Tucker, Frank; Meridian, MS: Lib. Arts; Ae luckier. Laura; Corinth, MS; Educ. Turner. Alemeda; Senatobia. MS; Eng. Turner, James; Belzoni, MS: Accy.; KA Tutor, Kenneth; Batesville, MS; Eng. Veazey. Patrum; Senatobia, MS: Bus.; SAE Vela. Luis; New York, NY; Eng. Vincent. Virginia: Oxford. MS; Educ.; AAA Wackerfuss, Richard; Tupelo. MS; Bus.; DX Wade. Lawerence; Memphis. TN; Bus. Wade, Thomas; Memphis, TN; Lib Arts Walker. Phyllis; Yazoo City, MS; Accy Waller. Ronald; Oxford. MS; Phar. 358 J:A Walsh. Douglas: MadisonvMe. KY; Lib. Arts: ZN Walthour. Ann: Jacksonville. FL: Lib. Arts Ward. Cynthia: Yazoo City: MS: Educ KKT Warner. Ashley: Centralia. IL: Lib. Arts: AK Warren. Angela. Pontotoc. MS: Lib. Arts Warren. Hugh: Greenwood. MS: Bus.: A8 Warren. Scott: Lynchburg. VA: Eng. Watkins. II. John: Sikeston. MO: Bus Watson. Beth: Dunwoody. GA: Eng. Wanerson. James: Atlanta. GA: Lib. Arts Watts. Sarah: Frankhnton. LA; Lib. Arts: KA Webb. Michael: Cape Girardeau. MO: Lib. Arts Webb. Wayland: Forest. MS: Bus Weeks. Margie: Pittsboro. MS: Educ. Weir. Anna: Newton. MS: Educ.: AOQ Weiss. Lou: Clarksdate. MS: Lib. Arts Wes. Anne: Jackson. MS: Bus.: XQ Werckte. Susan: Lebanon. TN: Bus : AAII n. Eunice: Taylor. MS: Lib. Arts n. Wimberly: Pine Bluff. AR: Bus.: OB West. Ramona: Oxford. MS: Educ. Whalen. Agnes: Lake Park. FL: Bus. White. Charles: Bus White. Eric; Franklin Lakes. NJ; Eng.: X White. Keith: StarkvMte. MS: Lib. Arts White. Margaret Clarksdate. MS: Bus.: XQ White. Paul; Pascagoula. MS: Lib. Arts: ATQ White. Richard: StarkvMe. MS: Bus. Whitehorst. Debra: Bolivar. TN: Lib. Arts Whitten. Tamara: Oxford. MS: Lib. Arts Wilken. Rose: Jackson. MS: Lib. Arts Wilkes. Graham; Oxford. MS: Eng. s. Mary: Charlotte. NC; Lib. Arts Wilunson. Paula: Memphis. TN: Lib. Arts: M Wilkinson, Sandra: Texarkana. TX; Lib. Arts: TO WMkinson. Thomas: Asheville. NC: Bus.: IN Wiiinin.. Audrey; Natchitoches. LA; Accy WWams. Janice: Drew. MS: Educ. Williams. Jeffrey: Ulbourn. MO; Eng.; IIKT WWams. Lee: Fairhope. AL; Bus.. ATQ Williams. Mark; Quitman. MS: Lib. Arts: KT Win.. Renrta; HoHandate. MS; Eng. Williams. Tip: Madison. MS: Phar.: KA WMfcamson. Kurt: Olive. Branch. MS: Accy. WHkamson. Lisa: Greenville MS: Accy.: AWI WHson. Mary Virginia: Clarksdate. MS: Accy;IlB Wilson. Matthew: Memphis. TN: Phar. Wilson. Piper: Jackson. MS: Bus.; AAA Wilson. Timothy: Nashville. TN: Bus. Wiltsire. Debbie; Carrollton. MS: Lib. Arts Wing. James; Rochester. NY: Bus. Wise. Elizabeth: Jackson. MS: Lib. Arts: XQ Wood. Lisa: Natchez. MS: Eng.; XQ Woodruff. Judith: Hattiesburg. MS: Bus.: AAA Woods. Michael: Grenada. MS: Lib. Arts; ATQ Woodson. Marita: Richton. MS: Accy. Wootten. Leigh: Water Valley. MS: Bus.; KA Wong. David: Kowloon: Eng. Worn. Jo; Moorehead. MS: Accy. Wong. Wayne: Catnon. MS: Phar. Wnght Mmdy: Laurel. MS: Lib. Arts: XQ Wnght. Moses; Grenada. MS: Bus. Yates. Elizabeth: Madisonv e. KY: Lib. Arts; H Yerger. Kimberty: Jackson. MS: Lib. Arts: XQ Young. Alexander: Wynne. AR: Lib. Arts: ZX Young. Angela: BekJen. MS: Bus.: M Young. James: Memphis. TN; Bus.; X Young. Robyn: Ourant. MS: Accy. AAn Young. Jim: Memphis. TN: Bus.; K Zemann. Moira; Chesterfield. MO: Accy. ZeriRa. Portia: Memphis. Eng.; 441 FRESHMEN 359 Abraham, Talal; Port-Au-Prince; Eng. Acred, Jeffrey; Memphis. TN; Eng.; KT Alexander, Clyde; Nashville. TN; Lib. Arts; K AI-Hamdi, Shihab; Eng. Allen, Jimmy; Sikeston, MO; Eng.; ZBT Allen, Susan; Grenada, MS: Lib. Arts; M Allen. Valerie; Southaven. MS; Educ. Allgood. James; Duck Hill, MS; Eng. Allison. Peggy; Forrest City. AR; Phar.; MB An. Pak; Eng. Anderson, Erens; Fairfax Station, VA; Bus. Andrews, Laura; Ecru, MS; Eng. Aquino, Amanda; Portageville. MO; Educ. Ard, Julie; Pontotoc. MS; Bus. Arnett; Lisa; Lexington, TN; Phar. Ashmore. Mary; Southaven, MS; Lib. Arts Atkinson, Robert; Hernando, MS; Eng. Aurell, Trella; Ackerman, MS; Lib. Arts; AAII Austin. Mark; Nashville, TN; Accy. Avery. Stacey; Millington. TN; Educ. Bailey. Deatrice; Charleston, MS; Eng. Bailey, Warren; Shelby; Bus. Baker. Nickie; Clarksdale. MS; Lib. Arts; KAe Ball. Rebecca; Memphis, TN; Bus. I1B Banks, Melvin; Shaw. MS; Lib. Arts; A A Barbee. Thomas; Louisville, KY; Bus. Barbour, Charles; Yazoo City, MS; Lib. Arts Barkley, Barbera; Jacksion, MS; Bus.; X!i Barnett. Laura; Jacksion, MS; Educ.; M Bartkiewicz; Veronika; Jackson, MS; Lib. Arts Bates, Alice; Mendenhall. MS; Phar. Baxter, Lisa; Olive Branch; Eng.; ZTA Bearman, Charles; Corinth. MS; Lib. Arts Beasley, Tracey; Jackson, TN; Lib. Arts Beauregard, Judith; West Memphis, AR; Accy.;KKP Beaver, Jill; Hagerstown. MD; Lib. Arts Becker, Edward; Jackson. Lib. Arts; 2X Beckett, David; Olive Branch. MS; Eng. Bell. Donna; Bruce, MS; Bus. Bell, Douglas; Lib. Arts Bell, Gerald; Pontotoc, MS: Phar. Bell. Suzanne; Jackson, MS; Lib. Arts; KKP Bell, Temple; Ft. Monmouth, NJ; Lib. Arts Bennett. Gary; Duck Hill, MS; Bus. Benton, Cynthia; Kosciusko, MS; Lib. Arts Benvenutti. Benjamin; Bay St. Louis. MS; Lib. Arts; X Berry. Hel en; Robinsonville, MS; Educ.; AAA Berry Tamera; New Hebron. MS; Lib. Arts Bert, Paula; Memphis, TN; Lib. Arts AAII Betts. Sherri; West Point, MS; Lib. Arts Biddle, Delone; W. Helena, AR; Bus. Black, Julius; University, MS; Lib. Arts Blake. Kelly; Shalimar. FL; Accy.; AK Bledsoe, James; Compton, CA; Eng. Booker, Katherine; Charleston. MS; Accy. Boustany, Nadim; Beirut: Bus. Bowen. Barbara: Eupora. MS: Lib. Arts: M Boyer. Emily: Indianola. MS: Lib. Arts: AK Braden. Steven: Ft Myers. FL; Bus.: ZX Bradford. Phillip: Hernando. MS: Lib. Arts Bradley. Jerri: Pontotoc. MS: Lib. Arts: AMI Brady. Becky: Brookhaven. MS: Educ.; XQ Branum. Jean: Jackson. MS: Educ.: XQ Brasel. Larry: Batesville. MS: Bus. Brashier. John: Indianola. MS: Bus.: KA Braswell. Lselye: Hernando. MS: Educ. Bray. Janet: Tupelo. MS: Lib. Arts Brent. Melanie. Greenville. MS: Bus.: Mi Bridges. James: Forest. MS: Lib. Arts Briscoe. Roger; Southaven. MS: Accy. Brister. Frank: Brownwood TX Bus Brogle. Darryl; Waveland. MX: Accy. Brooks. Brown: Memphis. TN: Eng. Brower. Ronny; Coffeeville. MS: Accy.: ATQ Brown. Elizabeth; Amory. MS; Phar.; ZTA Brown. Jamie: Germantown. TN: Lib. Arts- AAI1 Browning. Lisa: Ecru. MS: Lib. Arts: AOU Brunt. Thomas; Madison. MS: Bus. Buford. Betty; Water Valley. MS; Bus Buford. Robbie: Abbeville. MS: Lib. Arts Bullard. Judy: Nesbrt. MS: Lib. Arts Bump. Dawn: Ocean Springs. AL; Lib Arts: Aon Bunns. Valerie: Clarksdale. MS; Accy. Burford. Cecil: Greenville. MS; Accy. Burgess. Cynthia; Water Valley. MS; Accy. Burks. Laura: Baton Rouge. LA; Lib. Arts: KM Burkett. Jennifer; Oxford. MS: Lib Arts ZTA Burnett. Elizabeth: Oxford. MS: Eng.: AAA Burnett. John: Bay Springs. MS: Eng. Burney. Tracy: Coffeeville. MS: Educ Burns. Howard; Nashville. TN: Eng. Burrow. Jennifer: Amory. MS: Eng.; AK Bush. Elizabeth; Jackson. MS: Educ.: AK Butler. Pauletta: Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts Butler. Robin; Spring. TX; Accy.: ZTA Byford. Shdia: Coffeeville. MS: Educ. Caballero. Victor; Southaven. MS; Eng. Cadden. John; Selmer. TN: Lib. Arts Cairns. Eugenia: Senatobia. MS: Lib. Arts Caldwell. Pnscilla: Nashville. IL: Lib Arts Camps. John: Southaven. MS: Bus. Campbell. Cassandra: Starkvilte. MS: Lib Arts Campbell. Charles: Steele. MO: LJb Arts; K+ Campbell. Thomas; Pontotoc. MS: L . Arts;X Canty. Christina: Oxford. MS: Bus. Carlson. Barbara: Greenville. MS: Lib. Arts Carpenter. Gladwin; Grenada. MS: Bus Carr. Virginia: Clarksdale. MS: Lib. Arts; A A Carter. Brenda: Sardis. MS: Lib. Arts Carter. Cari; Pontotoc. MS; Lib. Arts Carter. Catherine; Forrest City. AR; Educ BM Cartlidge. Perry; Greenville. MS: Educ. SOPHOMORES 361 Case. Robert; Madison. MS; Bus.; I1KA Castellaw. Mary; Franklin. TN; Accy.; ZTA Castleberry, Betsy; Byhalia, MS; Eng. Castleberry. Kimberely; Sikeston. MO ' Lib Arts Cavazos, Christopher; Southaven. MS; Lib Arts; IIK Chambers. Martha; Montgomery. AL; Lib. Arts; AAA Champion, Laura; Oxford. MS; Bus.; KA Chaney, Mark; Tupelo, MS; Lib. Arts; KT Channell, Cheryl; Hazlehurst. MS; Lib. Arts; K Ae Chapman, Caroline; Memphis. TN; Educ.; XQ Chapman, Katherine; Titusville, FL;Accy. ' Aon Chesteen. Elizabeth; Kilmichael; MS; Lib. Arts Childers. Mary; Cooter, MO; Educ.; M Clark. Bobby; Meridian. MS; Lib. Arts Clark. Nelson; Philadelphia. MS- Lib Arts- Ben Clarke. Jennifer; Jackson, MS; Educ.; KA Clayborn, Robert; Holly Springs, MS; Lib. Arts Clements. George; Lib. Arts Clement. Melanie; Pontotoc. MS; Bus. Clements. Mollie; Tupelo, MS; KA6 Clinkscales. Grady; Atlanta. GA; Lib. Arts; K Cobb. Sylvia; Hernando, MS; Bus. Colbert. Emily; Houston. MS; Accy.; AOn Coleman, John; Southaven, MS; Bus. Comer, Karen; Fulton, MS; Eng.; AK Coningsby. Gregg; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Bus.; eK Conroy. Carole; New Orleans. LA; Lib. Arts Conwill. George; Gulfport. MS; Lib. Arts Cook, Brian; Vestavia Hills, AL; Bus.; AT!) Cook. Elaine; Oxford. MS; Phar.; AK Cook, Kyle; Carlisle, AR; Eng.; A Cook, Linda; Carlisle. MS; Educ. Cossar. Finney; Jackson, MS; Bus.; AAA Cossar, Lee; Charleston. MS; Bus.; IN Costley. William; El Dorado, AR; Accy.; Ben Cox, Andrea; Memphis, TN; Accy.; ZTA Cox, Brian; Memphis. TN; Accy. Cox, Jackie; Memphis, TN; Eng. Cox. Jolly; Kokomo. MS; Lib. Arts Cox. Katherine; Amory. MS; Accy.; ZTA Cox. Mark; Jacksion. MS; Lib. Arts; Ae Crafton, Suzanne; Coffeeville, MS; Accy. Craig. Carol; Houston, MS; Accy.; AK Crocker, Amanda; Calhoun City MS- Educ Aon Crosby, Cynthia; Kosciusko, MS; Lib. Arts Crouch, Lou; Russellville, AR; Eng. Crowe, Bonita; Oxford, MS; Educ. Cruthirds, William; Gulfport. MS; Educ. Cummings. Charles; Yazoo City, MS; Accy.; ZN Cummings, Susan; Water Valley, MS- Bus Curtis, Daphne; Utica. MS; Phar. Cutler, Julia; Grenada, MS; Bus.; AK Dallen. Russell; Gulfport. MS; Lib. Arts; A Danciu. Mark; Lincolnshire. IL; Bus K2 Daniel. John; Columbus. MS; HK Davidson. Pamela; Belleville, IL; Lib. Arts Davis. Alan; Bruce. MS: Eng Davis. Christopher: luka. MS: Educ. Davis. D ' Ann; Jena. LA: Lib. Arts; ZTA Davis. Herber: Hazlehurst. MS: BUS.: A Davis. Suzanne: Como. MS: Educ.: AAA Day. William: Vicksburg. MS; Accy.. ZX Dean. Angela: Tupelo. MS: Lib Arts Dean. Edward; Sledge. MS: Eng. Dearman, Rebecca: Jackson, MS; Educ.; +M Dees. Michael: Pascagoula. MS: Lib Arts Delashmet. Arthur; Clinton. MS; Lib. Arts; ZX Dexter. Robert; Southaven. MS; Accy. Dickerson. Raye; Southaven. MS; Eng. Dickey, Joseph; Potts Camp. MS; Lib. Arts Dickinson. Laura: Memphis. TN; Accy.: XQ Dill. Lajuana: New Orleans. LA: Lib. Arts Dilley. Jeffrey: Indianola. MS: Lib. Arts; nK Dixon. Melanie; Cordele. GA; Lib. Arts: KKT Dobbs, Rachel: Mantee. MS; Bus. Drake; Nancy; Jackson. MS: Lib. Arts; AAA Drane, Sarah; Orlando. FL; Educ.: ZTA Dubard. David: Carrollton. MS; Eng. Dubose. Anthony: Sheridan. AR: Eng. Dykeman. William; Ripely. MS: Eng. Easterly. Stuart: Danville. KY: Bus.; KA Echols. Teresa; Houston. MS; Educ.: AAH Elliott. Amanda: Brookhaven. MS: Bus.: AAA Elliott. Charles: Greenwood. MS: Bus. Elliott. Robert: Ripley. MS: Bus. Ellis. Kennith: Kosciusko. MS: Lib. Arts: fflCA Emory, Teresa; Winona. MS; Educ. Emmons. Anna; Meridian. MS: Educ.; AAA Emmons, Trent; Corinth. MS; Educ. Epperson. Stephen; Yazoo City. MS: Lib. Arts Evans. Alicia: Dyersburg. TN: Bus.: XQ Fantroy. Thomas; Moss Point. MS: Eng. Farese. Tammy: Ashland. MS; Bus. Farmer, Jennifer: Jackson. MS: Bus. Farmer. Stephen; Calhoun City. MS: Bus.; ZN Farrell, Robert: Germantown, TN; Bus. Farris. Martha: Clarksdale. MS; Bus.: XQ Fay. Patricia; Madison. TN; Lib. Arts; ZTA Fee. Laurie: Memphis. TN: Bus. Ferguson. Elizabeth; Batesville: Lib. Arts: AK Filpi. Rosalyn; Arlington. VA; Lib. Arts; AAD Fiore. Angela: Cape Elizabeth. ME: Eng.; AGO Flatt. Mareile: Helmstedt: Lib. Arts Fletcher. James: Mequon. Wl; Bus.: X Fletcher. Sallie: Indianola. MS; Lib. Arts: AAA Floyd. John; Sardis. MS: Lib. Arts; ATQ Floyd. Stacy: Southaven. MS; Accy. Foles. John; Maben. MS: Lib. Arts Folse. Rita: Marrero. LA: Lib. Arts Fondren, Tina; Mathiston. MS; Bus.; AAI1 Ford, John; Greenwood. MS: Bus.; ZX Ford. Kevin; Mandeville. LA; Lib. Arts SOPHOMORES 363 Ford, Kimberly; Holly Springs, MS; Accy. Ford. Tommy; Utica. MS; Lib. Arts Fortner, Tracee; Memphis, TN; Accy.; X!) Foster. Sallie; Jackson. MS: Bus.; XQ Frederick, David; Verona, MS; Accy. Freeman, Adrione; Como, MS; Lib. Arts French, Kimberly; Jackson, MS; Bus. French. Lee; Kingwood, TX; Phar. Fritts. Kimberley; Indianola. MS; Bus.; AT Fuller, James; Hernando, MS; Bus. Fyfe. Charles; Lula, MS; Bus.; ATQ Gabbert. William; Water Valley, MS: Bus. Galberry. Scott; Philadelphia, MS; Bus.; ATO Gallaspy, Cherie; Kosciusko, MS; Bus. Galloway, Terri; Yazoo City, MS; Accy.; KKF Gandy. Robert; Florence. MS; Lib. Arts; KZ Garner, Margaret; Memphis, TN; Accy.; ZTA Garrett. Melanie; Etta, MS; Lib. Arts Gathright, Gary; University, MS; Lib. Arts Gator, Charlotte; Tillatoba, MS; Eng. Gentry, Michael: Tunica. MS; Lib. Arts; A A Gifford, Sharon; Rienzi, MS; Lib. Arts; AT Gladney, Michael; Jackson. MS; Accy. Glenn, Anna; Meridian. MS; Phar.; AT Goddard. Richard; Booneville, MS; Educ. Codec, Gregory; Paducah, KY; Bus.; K+ Goforth. Manuel; Philadelphia, MS; Lib. Arts Gong, Sonya; Merigold. MS; Accy. Goodman, Kathryne; University, MS; Bus.; ZTA Goodwin, David; Jackson, MS; Bus.; ZAE Goolsby, Lynda: Abbevile. MS; Lib. Arts Graham, Bob; Greenwood, MS; Lib. Arts; ATZ Graham, Timothy; Aberdeen. MS: Eng. Granger, Kimberly; Atlanta, GA; Lib. Arts; ZTA Graves. Kenneth; Colt. AR; Lib. Arts; X Green. Kathryn; Jackson, MS; Lib. Arts; KKP Greer. Tracy; Miami, FL; Accy.; KKF Griffin. Jackson; Jackson, MS; Lib. Arts Griffin, Jacqueline: Spring, TX; Lib. Arts; Aon Griffin. Marshall; Eupora, MS; Lib. Arts Griskey. David; Milwaukee, Wl; Eng. Grist, William; Vardman, MS; Accy. Gruenewald, Deborah; Memphis, TN; Bus. Gryder. Robin; Bioloxi, MS; Educ. Gunnels. Nike; Clovis. NM; Bus.; KKI Guthrie. Sharon; Myrtle, MS; Lib. Arts Haire. Martha; Winona, MS; Lib. Arts Hairston. Vicki; Oxford, MS; Accy. Hale. Ramona; Collierville, TN; Lib. Arts Hales, Anne; Hattiesburg, MS; Lib. Arts; Xfl Haley. Elizabeth; Germantown, TN; Lib. Arts Hamad. Beabak: Arbil; Eng. Hamilton, Dorothy; Tunica, MS; Educ.; KKF Hamilton, Robert; Water Valley, MS; Lib. Arts Hamilton. Tad; Duck Hill. MS; Lib. Arts Hamner, John; Columbus, MS; Lib. Arts 364 Hamner. Kelvin: Clarksdale. MS: Lib Arts: MM Harbour. Dean: West Memphis. AR: Accy : Hardaway. Doris: Oxford. MS: Accy. Harden. Denise: Batesville. MS: Accy. Hardm. Tammie: New Albany. MS: Educ. Aon Hare. Dale: Southaven. MS. Eng Harper. James: Columbis. MS: Accy. Harrell. Charles. Houston. MS: Lib Arts Harris. Amethyst: Eupora. MS: Lib Arts Harris. Victoria: Jonesboro. AR: Bus : AOn Harrison. Kathryn: Tupelo. MS: Accy. Harvey. Dusky: Como. MS: Lib Arts: AAII Hasson. Carol: Clinton. MS; Phar Hatcher. Wesley: Virginia Beach. VA: Bus Hawkins. Micheal: Tupelo. MS; Educ. Hayes. John; Jackson. MS: Bus. Haynes. Kellie: Biotoia. MS: Lib Arts Haynie. Jeffrey: Walls. MS: Educ Hays. Elizabeth; Sardis. MS: XB Headley. Matthew. Greencastle. IN; Lib Arts; IX Henderson. Herbert: Yazoo City. MS: Lib. Arts Henry. Bradford: Pontotoc. MS: Accy Henry. Skye; New Orleans. Lib Arts: KA6 Herd. Uward. Oxford. MS: Lib Arts Herrington. Elizabeth: Ackerman. MS. Educ. Hess. Sonya: University. MS: Accy Higg.nsbottom. Yvette; Mathiston. MS: Bus Hill. Paul: Pearl. MS: Lib. Arts Hill. Robert: Brandon. MS; Lib Arts; KK+ Hmton. Brent: Corinth. MS Accy Hitt. Mary: Aberdeen. MS: Bus.: AK Hoffman. Virginia: New Orleans. LA; Accy : XQ Holley. Thomas: Tupelo. MS: Eng. Hoover. Susan; Franklin. TN; Lib. Arts: KA Horn. Debora: Clinton. MS: Educ.: ' " Horne. Sally; Brandon. MS: Bus.: M Hough. Lee Ann; Biloxi. MS: Accy : KKF House. Virginia; Mantee. MS; Lib Arts: ZTA Howell. Jeffrey: Jackson. MS: Bus.; SX Hudson. Elizabeth: Sardis. MS: Lib Arts Hudson. Lydia: Calhoun City. MS: Educ : AAH Hume. Andrew; Jackson. MS: Lib. Arts; IX Hunts. Alex: luka. MS: Lib Arts Hunt. Kenneth; Pass Christian. MS: Eng Hunter. Jennie: Selmer. TN; Lib Arts: M Hutches. Mary Jo: Tallevast. FL: Educ.: AOI1 Hutchison. Buttons. Noblesville. IN: Educ. Jackson. Chris: Ripley. MS. Eng Jackson. Kevin: Jackson. MS: Accy : IN Jackson. Teresa; Fort Worth. TX; Educ. Jernigan. Sherri; Germantown. TN; Accy.: KA6 Johnson. Jeffrey; Memphis. TN: Eng ; B6n Johnson. Marian: Jackson. MS: Lib. Arts: A " Johnson. William: Meridian. MS Lib Arts +KT Jolly. Tracey: Louisville. MS: Lib- Arts Jones. Don; Horn Lake. MS: Lib Arts SOPHOMORES 365 Jones, Guy; Monroe. LA; Lib. Arts; KT Jones. Maria; Corinth, MS; Lib. Arts Jones. Sharon; Memphis, TN; Bus.; AOI1 Jordan. Robert; Clarkdale. MS: Lib. Arts; AH Jumper. Kenneth; Memphis. TN; Bus. Kabban, Rita; Tupelo. MS; Accy. Keesee. Deborah; Vicksburg. MS; Lib. Arts Keith. Gina: Arlington. TN; Bus.; ZTA Kennedy. Kerry; St. Joseph. TN; Lib. Arts Kilgore. Lisa; Pearl, MS; Bus.: ZTA King. Larry; Oxford. MS; Bus.: KK Knight. Michael; Oxford. MS; Bus. Knighton. Ronnie; University, MS; Bus ; A SJ Koon. Henry; Hernando. MS; Lib. Arts; KT Kridle. Caroline; Alexandria. VA; Bus ; KKI ' Kruger. Barry; Metropolis, IL; Bus.; KT Kruger, Staurt; Prentiss. MS; Lib. Arts; SS! Lame, Tamah; Lubbock. TX; Educ.; AI ' Lamar. Chad: Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts; IX Lamar. Patricia; Oxford. MS: Bus. XS! Landess. Ben; Memphis. TN; Accy.; KA Lane. Cassandra: Saginaw, Ml; Lib. Arts Langston, Milton; Rena Lara, MS; Eng. Laser, David; Jonesboro. AR; Bus.: K Lewis. John; Hattiesburg. MS; Lib. Arts; 2X Lewis. Leigh; Tupelo, MS; Educ. Lewis. Melissa; Morton, MS: Lib. Arts; KA Liedke. Robin; Southaven. MS: Phar. Lim. Teck-Sm; Panang; Eng. Little. Ronda; Smithville. MS; Bus. Littlejohn. Lisa; New Albany. MS; Lib. Arts Littleton, Felecia; Carrollton. MS; Accy.; KAB Latil, Oliver; Ocean Springs, MS; Accy Lee. Larry; Benton. MS: Accy.; KT Lee. Peng; Eng. Lee. William; Jackson, MS; Bus.; J K Leeuw, Clive: University. MS; Lib. Arts Lesemann, Edward; Nashville, TN; Bus, Levy. Jan; Canton. MS; Bus.; XSi Lewis. Dana; Crowder. MS; Lib. Arts Lodgek. Barbara; Collmgsbwood, NJ; Bus. Lollar. Marty; Kilmichael. MS; Lib. Arts; UK Long. Daphne; Oxford. MS; Bus. Lovorn. Angela; Rolling Fork. MS; Accy.; AAM Joyce. Lowe; Clarksdale. MS; Lib. Arts Lowe. Richard; McComb. MS; Lib. Arts Lowery, Seeley; Memphis. TN; Educ.; KA Lyle. Albert: Jackson. MS; Bus.; KA MacDonald. William; Oxford. MS: Bus. Madlock. Jerome; Sardis, MS; Lib. Arts Magee. Esther; Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts Magee. Tommy; Mount Olive. MS; Eng. Maher. James; Clinton. MS; Eng. Main. Lisa; Portsmouth. Rl; Lib. Arts Malchow. Kenneth; Batesville. MS; Bus. Malone, Robert; Jackson. MS: Lib. Arts 366 Mann. James: Duck Hill. MS: Bus Marlowe. Lisa: Olive Branch. MS: Lib. Arts Marsh. Kathleen: Hollywood. FL: Lib Arts Marshall. John: Mason. TN: Lib. Arts: K! Marshall. Verneice: K Martin. Adam: New Albany. MS: Bus.: IX Martin. Philip: Houston. MS: Lib Arts Martin. Rexford; Memphis. TN: Bus : +.16 Massey. David: Potts Camp. MS: Bus. Mathis. Kenny: Corinth. MS: Educ. Matzinger . Rosanne: Ballwin. MO: Bus. Maxwell. Richard: Long Beach. MS: Lib. Arts:KI May. David: Vicksburg. MS: Bus.: OKA Maynor. Dana: Oceana. WV: Phar. McArthru. John: Long Beach. MS: Lib. Arts McBryde. Donna: Ripley. MS: Eng McCain. Charles: Batesville. MS: Lib. Arts McCall. Dana: Natchez. MS: Accy McCarty. Jeffrey; Memphis. TN; Lib Arts; ATQ McClaren. Melnie: Humboldt. TN: Educ.: AK McClellan. Michael: Jackson. MS; Lib. Arts; K McClure. Jay: Sardis. MS; Accy. McDaniel. Paula: Batesville. MS: Educ. McDaniel. Russell; Brighton. TN: Bus McDonald. Zelda: Southaven. MS; Bus. McDowell. Linda: Oxford. MS: Bus.; ZTA McGahan. Robert: Hot Springs. AR; Accy.; McGee. Michael; Memphis. TN: Lib. Arts; Wt McGraw. Terry; Salem. VA: Eng. McGregor. Anna: Memphis. TN; Lib Arts McGregor. Kenneth: Batesville. MS; Bus. McGuire. Michael; Memphis. TN; Bus.: A TO McKay. Kenneth; Memphis. TN; Accy.; ATQ McKell. Lee: Jackson. MS: Lib. Arts; KA McKmno. Liliclaire: Tampa. FL: Lib. Arts: AAII McLellan. Sally; Coila. MS; Lib. Arts McMMlen. Brady: New Albany. MS; Eng. McMullen. Jeffery: Ackerman. MS; Lib. Arts McMullen. Jennifer; Ackerman. MS: Lib. Arts McPhail. Robert: Golden. CO; Bus.: IN Meadows. Patrick; Oxford. MS: Lib. Arts Mellor. Ernest; Germantown, TN; Bus.; KA Merrell. Marie; Brandon. MS; Lib. Arts: KA6 Metcalfe. Michael; Tuscumbia. AL; Eng. Mhoon. Etta; Calhoun City. MS; Lib. Arts Middleton. Marion; Yazoo City. MS: Eng.: EX Middleton. William; Gulfport. MS: Lib. Arts Mikell. Rita: Kosciusko. MS: Educ. Miner. Cora; North Olmsted. OH: Educ.: AAH Mistilis. Steven: Oxford. MS: Bus. Mitchell. Joe: Forest. MS: Lib. Arts: X Moffatt. Sylvia: Winchester. TN: Educ.; ADD Molina. Ivan: Lapaz. MS; Eng. Molpus. Mary; Philadelphia. PA: Lib. Arts Montgomery. Mitzi; Pontotoc. MS: Lib. Arts Moody. Joe: Holly Springs. MS: Eng.: BZ SOPHOMORES 367 Moody. Levern; Dundee, MS; Eng. Moore. Carolyn; Clinton. MS; Lib. Arts; KA6 Moore, Kim; Laurel, MS; Educ.; KA Moore, Clara; Scott, MS; Lib. Arts Moore, Diana: Tuscaloosa, AL; Educ. Moore. Elizabeth; Memphis. TN: Lib. Arts; Aon Moore. Kimberly; Sardis. MS; Accy. Moore. Selina: luka. MS; Lib. Arts Morgan, Thomas; Calhoun, MS; Educ. Morris, Kelly; Belden. MS; Lib. Arts; AOH Morris. Kim; Tupelo. MS; Lib. Arts; AMI Morrow, James; Birmingham, AL; Lib. Arts; 48 Morrow, Kimberly: Batesville, MS; Educ. Mosby. Julia; Oxford. MS; Bus. Muller. Robert; Jackson. MS: Eng.: A Murphree. Alan; Bruce. MS: Lib. Arts Murphy, Garnett; Memphis, TN: Lib. Arts; ATO Murray. Elizabeth; Clinton, MS; Lib. Arts; Ml Murray. Timothy; Greenwood, MS; Bus. Murrill. John; Baton Rouge. LA; Eng.; AE Muse. Georganne: Southaven. MS; Lib. Arts Myers. Mickey; Harperville. MS; Lib. Arts Myers, Philip; Baton Rouge, LA; Lib. Arts Myrick. Robin; Grenada. MS; Lib. Arts Nacke, Julie; Annandale, VA; Bus. Nagle, Alan; Colubmus. MS; Bus. Nash. Shenlyn; Grenada, MS; Educ. Naylor. Charles; Meridian, MS; Accy.; 2N Neilson. Mary; Lexington, MS; Bus.; AK Nettleton, Mary; Shreveport. LA: Lib. Arts: AK Neumaier, Bettina; Oxford, MS; Lib. Arts; IIB Noble, Carla; Brookhaven, MS: Lib. Arts Noble. Ceila: Brookhaven, MS; Educ.; JAB O ' Neill, Patrick; Gulfport. MS; Lib. Arts; KK Odom, Lisa; Jackson, MS; Accy. Okebie. Patrice; Bendel; Accy. Olender, Carol; Hollywood, FL; Lib. Arts Osborn, Susan: Carthage, MS; Phar. Overton. Clayton: Loomis, CA; Lib. Arts; sen Owen, Allison; Ackerman, MS; Lib. Arts; M Page, John; Oxford, MS; Bus. Parker, Guy; Jackson, MS; Lib. Arts; X Parsons, Ginna; Dothan. AL; Lib. Arts Paschall. Molly; Jackson. TN; Educ.; AOII Pate, William: West Point, MS; Bus. Patrick. Raymond; Walls. MS; Bus. Pautler. Joan; Chester, IL; Educ.; KAH Payne, Charles; Dekalb, MS; Eng. Pearce. Samuel; Forest, MS; Lib. Arts Pegues. Cynthia; Holly Springs. MS; Eng. Perry, Sandra; Lexington, MS; Lib. Arts Ferryman, Dean; Hermitage, TN: Lib. Arts Phillips. William; Hernando. MS; Lib. Arts: MB Pickett, Glenn; Robinsonville. MS; Lib. Arts Piper. Virginia; St. Louis. MO; Bus.; KKT 368 Polk. Brena; Gulfport. MS: Lib. Arts Polk. Chris: Hattiesburg. MS: Bus.: 2N Pollard. James: Mobile. AL; Accy.: K2 Porter. Jon: Oxford. MS: Lib. Arts Porter. William: Jackson. MS; Bus ; A9 Poynor. Connie: Banner. MS; Bus. Poynter. William; Ripley, TN; Bus.: ZBT Prather. Valerie: Columbus. MS; Bus.: A Prince. George; Monroe. LA; Bus.; ATD Rains. Lisa: Pascagoula. MS: Lib Arts; STA Rakestraw. Anita: New Albany. MS: Lib. Arts Raulston. John: Knoxville. TN: Lib. Arts; KT Ray. Kenneth; Pontotoc. MS; Lib. Arts Ray. Phyllis; Henderson. TN: Bus. Redmond. John; Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts Reed. Belinda; Charleston. MS: Accy. Reed. Bruce: Holly Springs. MS; Lib. Arts Reed. Susan; Terry. MS: Lib. Arts Reeves. Melanie; Kosciusko. MS: Educ.; Aon Regan. Viola; Yazoo City. MS: Lib. Arts; KKT Rhinehart. William; Ocean Springs. MS; Lib. Arts Rhodes. MaryJane: Brentwood. TN: Educ. Rice. Karen: Webb. MS; Lib. Arts: Ritey. William; Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts Risher. Steven: Meridian. MS; Bus. Roane. Emily; Memphis. TN; Lib. Arts; OB Roberts. Mark; Ocean Springs. MS: Lib Arts; K+ Robertson. Barry: Hernando. MS: Lib Arts- H Roberson. Brian; New Albany. MS; Eng. Robertson. Randy: Morton. MS: Educ. Robinson. Frederick: Picayune. MS; Phar; A A Rollison. Stacia: Memphis. TN; Bus. Rossell. Debbie: Myrtle. MS: Bus. Russell. Kevin; Memphis. TN; Bus.; IX Russell. Ronald; Brandon, MS: Eng. Rybak. Lucy: Bethlehem. PA: Bus Sabbatmi. Paul: Leland. MS: Lib. Arts: Ben Salomon, John; Yazoo City. MS; Eng.; A Sampson. Nathan; Jackson. MS; Wealth ZAE Sanders. Cetetta: McLean. VA; Ub. Arts; AAH Sandlin. Sharon; Ripley. TN. Educ.: XO Sandroni, Jill: Shaw. MS: Accy.: XB Sanford. Jerry: Courtland. MS: Eng.: AA Sanford. William; Jackson. MS: Lib. Arts; ZN Sanguinetti. Charles: Natchez. MS: Accy.: Scheffing. Tracy: Florissant. MO: Eng. Scott. Brett; Caldwell. ID: Lib. Arts Scon. Joseph; Lamar. MS: Lib. Arts Scott. Ken; Bus. Selae. Robert: Holly Spring. MS: Lib. Arts Sekul. Tamye; Gulfport. MS: Accy. Sheehan, James; Cleveland. TN; Bus. Sheffield. Melanie: Fulton. MS; Lib. Arts Shepherd, Eva; Aberdeen. MS: Lib. Arts; FIB Sherman, John; Clarksdale. MS; Accy.: aen Shields. Alexa: Meridian. MS; Bus.; AAA SOPHOMORES 369 Shumate, William; Meridian. MS; Lib. Arts Sim, Kooi; Essex; Eng. Simmons. Mathanial; Oxford, MS; Lib. Arts Sims, Zoe: Liberal Richton, MS; Lib. Arts Sit, Jerold; Greenville. MS; Eng. Sizemore. Matissa; Amory, MS; Bus.; ZTA Skaggs. Claire; Harrisburg. IL; Lib. Arts; ZTA Skinner, Marie; Henderson, TN; Educ. Slade, Steven; Meridian, MS; Lib. Arts; KA Sloan, David; University, MS; Bus. Sloan, Richard; University. MS; Bus.; KK+ Slowey. Elizabeth; Alexandria, VA; Lib. Arts; A AM Smith, Barbara; Angleton, TX; Bus. Smith. Beverly; Southaven. MS; Bus. Smith. Carolyn; Jackson, TN; Bus.; M Smith, Kurt; Owosso, Ml; Bus. Smith, Leslie; Madison, MS; Lib. Arts; AAII Smith. Mattie; Michigan City, MS; Lib. Arts Smith. Patsy; Hernando, MS; Lib. Arts Smith, Sarah; Norman, OK; Bus.; KAS Smith, Steven; Dickson, TN; Eng. Smith. Sydney, Brookhaven, MS; Bus.; AAA Smith, Vicki; Batesville, MS; Phar.; AOI1 Snipes, Steven; Tupelo, MS; Bus. Snuffer. Michael; Burke. VA; Lib. Arts Soon. Chong; Kuala Lumpur; Eng. Souter, Cynthia; Pontotoc. MS; Lib. Arts Spears, James; Gulfport, MS; Lib. Arts Spear, Vivian; Corinth, MS; Accy.; AAA Spears. Mildred; Jackson. MS; Lib. Arts; AP Spencer, Jeffrey; Tupelo. MS; Lib. Arts Spencer, John; Charleston, MS; Accy. Spencer. Robert; Yazoo City. MS; Lib. Arts Stacy, James; Lib. Arts; ZBT Starks, Patrice; Como, MS; Bus. Staten, Andy; Carrollton, MS; Bus. Staten, David; Pontotoc. MS; Lib. Arts Stengel. Nancy; Oxford, MS; Bus.; ADD Stephens. Christie; Florence, MS; Lib. Arts Stephens. Mary; New Albany. MS; Accy.; AAA Stephens, Michael; Blowntstown, FL; Bus.; ZBT Stephens. William; Walls. MS; Lib. Arts Stewart. Lauren; Eupora. MS; Lib. Arts Stewart. Tania; Clarksdale. MS; Lib. Arts Stoll. Adam; Arlington. VA; Bus.; KS Stone. Diana; Columbus, MS; Bus.; Ar Stone. Robert; Memphis. TN; Lib. Arts Stott, Kathryn; Nesbit. MS; Eng.; ZTA Stout. David; Monroe. LA; Lib. Arts; t K Stovall, Linda; Okolona, MS; Educ.; KA6 Stowers, Mark; Inverness, MS; Lib. Arts; X Strong, Mark; Succasunna, NJ; Lib. Arts Su. Pang; University. MS; Eng. Sullivan. Stephanie; Jackson, MS; Bus.; KA Tan, Kian; Selangor; Eng. Tate, William; Tupelo, MS; Bus. f I f) Tatum. Julia; Taylor, MS; Educ. Taylor, David; Vero Beach, FL; Lib. Arts Taylor, Martha; Charleston. MS; Eng. Taylor, Mary; Charlston. MS; Lib. Arts Taylor, Robert; Johnson City. TN; Bus.; ZAE Taylor. Sheree; Grenada, MS; Bus. Taylor, Tina; Memphis, TN; Bus.; KKP Teevan, Judith; Memphis. TN; Educ.; M Thomas, Edison; Grenada. MS; Accy.; X Thomas, John; Glenview, IL; Lib. Arts; KZ Thomspon, Brett; Lincolnshire, IL; Bus.; K2 Thompson. Melissa; Ocean Springs. MS; Bus ;KA Thompson. Virginia; Germantown, TN; Bus. Thornton, Jo; Courtland, MS; Bus. ZTA Thrift, Jill; Eng. Tice. Cynthia; Memphis. TN; Bus.; ZTA Tison, Michael; Harrisburg. IL; Bus. Topper. Sandra; Clarksdale. MS; L ib. Arts Tucker, Alan; Greenville, MS; Lib. Arts; ZBT i Townsend, Renelda; Oxford, MS; Lib. Arts Travis, James; Jackson. MS; Accy.; EX , Travis, William; Jackson, MS; Lib. Arts; KA Traylor. James; Clarksdale. MS; Bus.; ATO | Tubb, Bethany; Amory, MS; Educ. 370 Tucker. Keith; Courtland. MS; Lib Arts Tucker. Melinda; Aberdeen. MS; Bus. Tullos. Lynda; Taylorsville. MS; Lib Arts; AAH Tyer. Jack; Clinton. MS; Lib Arts Umeh. Helen; Nenwe; Lib. Arts Vance. Barry; Winona. MS; Bus Vance. Vicki; Calhoun City. MS; Educ. Vandevender. Jenny; Dekalb. MS; Phar Vandiver. Alexandria; Greenwood. MS; Lib. Arts Varner. Joseph; Hattiesburg. MS; Bus.: ZN Varner. Mary; Jackson. MS; Lib. Arts; XQ Vaughan. Billy: Batesville. MS; Phar.: KT Veasley. Jeweline; Kosciusko. MS; Lib. Arts Vincent. William. Meridian. MS; Bus.; ZN Wages. Paula. Lambert. MS; Lib. Arts Walker. Cecil: Laurel. MS. Lib Arts: IX Walker. Edward; Jackson. MS; Bus Walker. Kimberly; Birmingham. AL; Bus.; DM Walker. Sharon; Fort Worth. TX; Accy : AAI1 Walker. Teresa; Oxford. MS; Accy. Wallace. Gregg: Canton. MS; Lib. Arts Waller. Donald: Jacksion. MS: Bus.: ZX Waller. Melinda: Oxford. MS: Phar Walls. Eva: Amory. MS; Lib Arts Walsh. John: Jacksion. MS: Lib. Arts Wamble. Mary: Columbus. MS: Bus : AF Wang. Willie; Meridian. MS: Lib. Arts David. Ward; Smyrna. GA: Lib. Arts Ware. Kathi: Tupelo. MS; Phar. Wecener. Diane: Atlanta. GA; Bus ; ZTA Weir. Joyce; Tillatoba. MS; Lib. Arts Welch. Elizabeth: Clarksville. TN: Bus : AAH Wells. Cassi; Natchez. MS: Bus.; KA Wells. Rhonda: Mathiston. MS: Accy.: AMI Werenskjold. Craig: Millington. TN: Eng. Wersebe. Karolyn: Clinton. MS: Bus.: AT West. John; West Hartford. CT; Lib Arts; ZX West. Kerry; Maiden. MO; Accy White. Donna: Collins. MS; Educ. White. Gwendolyn; Columbus. MS: Lib. Arts:Z B White. Kathy; Crowder. MS: Phar White. Robert. Tupelo. MS: Bus.: ZX White. Stephanie: Union, MS: Lib Arts: M White. Talbot; Aberdeen. MS: Accy. White. Virginia: Water Valley. MS: Bus Whiteside. Suzanne; Pontotoc. MS: Accy. Whitfield. Pamela; Southaven. MS; Lib. Arts Wiley. Phyllis; Byhalia. MS: Eng Wilkms. Monica: Nesbit. MS; Lib Arts Williams. David: Fort Lauderdale. FL; Accy. Williams. John; Hattiesburg. MS: Bus.: ZN Williams. Margaret: Dallas. TX; Accy : XQ Williamson. Marion: Hernando. MS; Eng. Wills. Joseph: Memphis. TN: Lib Arts: B II Wilson. Bryan; Duck Hill. MS: Lib Arts SOPHOMORES Wilson. Elisa: Florence. MS: Lib Arts; KAO Wilson. Elizabeth; Batesville. MS; Bus Wilson. Mark: Pascagoula. MS: Bus Wilson. Pamela. Jacksion. MS: Bus : AAA Wiltz. Suzanne: Ocean Springs. MS; Bus. Wineberg. Stephen: Ontario; Bus ; K+ Winford. Gregory; Jacksion. MS; Accy. Winston. Lowell; Osceola. AR; Bus ; ZX Witt. Anita: New Albany. MS: Bus.; AT Wolbrecht. William: Memphis. TN: Bus . KA Wolfe. Pamela; Hernando. MS: Bus Wolfe. Tammy; Fulton. MS; Educ.: AF Wong. Yic-Wah; Eng Woodbury. Cammiel; Dyersburg. TN: Lib. Arts; XH Woods. Terry; Nesbit. MS; Bus Wright. William; Coldwater. MS: Educ. Yates. Leah: Walls. MS; Educ.; AF Young. Karen: Holly Springs. MS; Accy. Zuber. Linda; Memphis. TN; Bus. 371 Abbey. Herman; Jackson, MS; Bus. Adams; Charles; Oxford, MS; Educ. Adams, Deborah; Germantown. TN; Lib. Arts; AT Adams, Kathy; Valparaiso, FL; Bus.; AAI1 Adams, Laurel; Jacksion. MS; Bus.; Xfl Agnew, Ronnie; Saltillo. MS; Lib. Arts Akin, Thomas; Lilburn. GA; Accy. Alexander, Jon; Amory, MS; Lib. Arts; K2 Alexander. Rayann; New Albany, MS; Educ. Alexander. Robert; Greenville, MS; Bus. Alghresi, Jamil; Ft. Smith, AR; Eng. Allen, Debra: Courtland, MS; Bus. Allen, Sharon; Indianola, MS; Lib. Arts Allen, Timothy; Oxford, MS: Bus. Allred, Sammy; New Albany. MS; Accy. Ames, Kathryn; Jackson, TN; Bus.; 4 M Anderson. Alaine; Okolona. MS; Bus.: AT Andrews. Patricia; Monticello. MS; Lib. Arts Andy. Orlando; Madison, MS; Lib. Arts; KT Anthony. Jonelle; Oxford, MS; Bus. Arnold, Angela; Booneville, MS; Lib. Arts Aron, Betsy; Houlka, MS; Educ. Ashmore. Raymond; Southaven. MS; Businss Aurell, Mike; Ackerman. MS; Educ. Austin. Suzanne; Oxford. MS; Bus. Avent, Phillip; Corinth, MS; Bus. Avent, Rhonda; Corinth, MS; Accy. Avery, John; Millington. TN; Bus. Axton. Michael; Laruel, MS; Bus.; K2 Babin. Thomas; New Orleans. LA; Lib. Arts; !2X Baddeley, William: Bronxville, NY; Bus. Badon. Thomas; Liberty. MS: Lib. Arts Baggett, Deborah; Rienzi. MS; Lib. Arts Bagley. Elizabeth; Tunica, MS; Educ. Bahm. Harry; Gulfport, MS; Lib. Arts Bailey. Beverly; New Albany. MS; Educ. Baker, Michael: Vicksburg, MS; Lib. Arts Bakhos, Serge; Eng. Ball. Tara; Clarksdale. MS; Eng. Barbiero, Denise; Scarborough; Lib. Arts Barefield, Toy; Batesville, MS; Lib. Arts Barnes, Reginald; Woodville, MS; Lib. Arts Baumhauer, William: Pascagoula, MS; Eng.; KS Bell. Karon; Camden, AL; Lib. Arts Bell. Timothy; Water Valley, MS; Bus. Bennett. Bobby; Tupelo. MS; Lib. Arts; Ben Bennett. John; Abendeen. MS; Lib. Arts; in Berry, Amanda; Franklin, TN; Educ. Black, Andrew; Sardis, MS; Lib. Arts Blackwood. James: Jackson, MS; Bus. Blakely, Terry; Gore Springs, MS; Bus. Blaylock. John; Greenville, MS; Accy. Boden, Keith; Columbus. MS; Lib. Arts Bogaev. Douglas; Jonesboro, AR; Bus. Bogdahn, Joseph; Pascagoula. MS; Bus.; ATO Bonner, Elizabeth; Ethridge. TN; Bus.; M 372 JUNIORS Boock. David: Amory. MS. Lib Arts Boswell Elizabeth: Somennlle. TN; Bus Boswell John. Jackson. MS: Eng Bottarmi. James: Ottawa. IL: Lib Arts Bounds. Billy: Lawrence. MS: Bus Bourne. Sam; Jackson. MS: Bus-. Afl Bowie. Jacqueline: Ackerman. MS: Lib. Arts Boyette. Mark; Tupelo. MS: Bus Boykm. Margaret: Madison. MS: Accy. Bradford. Billy: Vardaman. MS; Accy : ATS) Bradley. Anthony: Olive Branch. MS: Accy Bradley. Bedtord. Pensacola. FL. Bus : JAE Bradley. Staton: Brentwood. TN: Bus Bradshaw. Susan: Charleston. MS: Bus Brasweli. Betahnye: Hemando. MS; Accy. i . William. Rienzi. MS: Lib Arts: HHII Breeding. Timothy: Moorevilte. MS: Eng Breeze. Harry; Stonewall. MS: Lib Arts Bridge. Shadnc; Oxford MS: Eng Bridges. Linda: Stlvercreek. MS: Lib. Arts Bridges Rebecca: Rahway. NJ: Lib Arts Bnggs. Ann; Lib. Arts Brinkley. Amy; luka. MS; Lib Arts; AP Bnte. Virginia: Memphis. TN: Bus : 1TA Brolick Donna: Meridian. MS: Bus Brooks Barbara: Ripley. MS: Eng ; Z B Brooks. Jeffrey: Magee MS; Lib Arts: X+ Brown Kirk Biloxi MS; Bus : K+ Brown. Mark: Water Valley. MS; Bus Brown. Patsy. Pontotoc. MS: Educ Brown. Rebecca; Enterprise. MS: Lib Arts Bryant. Elizabeth: Jackson. MS: Lib Arts; U Buckley. Bethany; Newton. MS; Educ : XJ1 Burcham. Betty: Corinth. MS: Bus Burcham: Nelda: luka. MS: Lib Arts Burkes Gregory; Ridgeland. MS: Lib Arts Burns. Teresa. Oakland. MS: Phar Burroughs. Lisa: Vicksburg. MS: Educ Burton. Tamara: St Petersburg, FL: Lib Arts Busby. Raoph: Oxford. MS: Bus Butler Julie Houston. TX; Educ . KKP Butler. Mito: Oxford. MS; Bus . AAA Byers. Robbie; Batesville. MS: Accy Caldwetl. Kimberly: Fulton. MS: Accy : M Calhoun. Bradley; McComb. MS; Lib Arts. MR Callahan. Lacey; Stuart; FL; L Arts Camp. Marvin; Olive Branch. MS: Eng Campbell. Jerold; Oxford. MS: Lib Arts Canfietd. Keith; Memphis. TN; Bus ; B8II Cannon. Cynthia: Tupelo. MS; Bus Cannon. Deamce: Hickory Flat. MS: Educ Cannon. Dennis: Hickory Flat. MS. Educ Carothers. Laura. Greenwood. MS: Bus . KKI- Carpenter. Dayna: Ocala. FL; Bus ; I1B Carr Suzanne: New Albany. MS; Educ Carro. Cheralyn; Newton. MS: Lib Arts 373 Carroll, Kimberly; Duck Hill. MS; Bus. Carroll. Mark; Jackson, MS; Bus.; t K Carter. Nora; Kennett. MO; Educ. Carter; Virgil; Corinth, MS; Eng. Cassreino. Terry; New Orleans. LA; Lib. Arts; ZHT Castleman. Stephen; Tupelo, MS; Lib. Arts; mil Cates. Dorothy; Jackson. MS; Lib. Arts Chadick. Ira; Kosciusko. MS; Bus.; IIKA Chaffm. Sherry; Caruthersville. MD; Lib. Arts; A.MI Cham. Bela; Oxford. MS; Bus.; ATS! Chapman. Laura; Houston. TX; Lib. Arts; AAA Chris, George; Sardis, MS; Educ. Christian. Mark; West Point. MS; Accy.; Bull Clark. Steve; McComb, MS. Bus.; IIKT Clements, Jerry; Vardaman. MS; Accy. Cliburn. Jerry; Pearl, MS; Eng. Coggins, Gary; Pontotoc, MS; Bus. Coghlan. Julia; Benoit, MS; Lib. Arts Coldiron. Cathy: Union Church. MS; Lib. Arts; KAB Cole. Brendolyn; Houston. MS; Lib. Arts Collins. Laura; New Albany. MS; Bus.: XS! Collins. Rhonda; Bruce. MS; Accy. Collins. Thomas Eugene; Biloxi. MS; Bus.; SN Compton, John; Ocean Springs. MS; Accy. Conn. Jr.. Bobby: Fulton. MS; Lib. Arts Cooke. Elizabeth; Jackson, MS; Bus.; KA8 Cooper Charles; New Albany. MS; Lib. Arts; SN Cooper. William; Fulton. MS; Bus. Coopwood. John; Shelby. MS; Lib. Arts; KA Cowart. John; Meridian, MS; Accy.; A9 Cox, Diane; Jackson. MS; Bus.; KK1 ' Cox. Gregory; Quitman. MS; Bus. Cox. Sandra; Sardis. MS; Lib. Arts Cox, Teresa; Killen, AL; Accy.; I M Craft. Catherine; West Point. MS; Lib. Arts Cranfield, Deborah; New Orelans. LA; Lib. Arts Cranford. William; Seminary. MS; Eng. Crawford. Robert; Brookhaven. MS; Bus. Crosthwait. Elizabeth; Indianaola. MS; Educ.; XU Crout. Joseph. Jackson. MS; Lib. Arts Crowder. Corey; Oxfrod. MS; Lib. Arts; I IK Crumpton. Deborah; New Albany. MS; Eng. Crunk. Melody; Brentwood, TN; Lib. Arts Cunningham. Joel; Long Beach, MS; Accy.; Ben Cunningham. Ronnie; Booneville. MS; Educ. Curl. Julie; Camden, AL; Lib. Arts Curtis. Gregory; Batesville. MS: Bus. Dabbs. Tracey; Indianola, MS: Bus. Danner. Karen; Clermont. FL; Bus.; KKP Darsey. Alison; Natchez. MS; Lib. Arts Davidson, James; Corinth. MS; Bus. Davidson. Jeffrey; Jacksonville. FL; Bus. Davis. Brian; Southaven. MS; Bus. Davis. Charles: Sherman. MS; Educ. Davis. Ellen; Jackson. MS: Educ.; a Davis. Kendall; Oxford. MS; Bus. 374 JUNIORS Davis. Lance: Amory. MS; Accy. Davis. Michael; Oxford. MS: Bus. Davis. Terry. Water Valley. MS; Edoc. Dawson. Montie: Coahoma, MS: Bus. Dear Deanna: Memphis. TN; Lib. Arts: HB Deaton. Dara: Greenwood. MS; Bus.: M Ddashmit. Sherri; Waterford. MS; Educ. Detoach. Jerry: Columbus. MS: Lib. Arts; A Dendy. Donald; West. MS: Lib. Arts Deveer. Beverly: Jackson. MS: Lib. Arts Dicken. Susan; Senatobia. MS: Lib. Arts Dickinson. Rhuel: Braxton. MS: Accy. Dockery. Shirley; Hemando. MS: Educ. Donahoo. Ronald: Winona. MS: Eng. Donaldson. Blake: Jonesboro. AR: Lib. Arts Donosky. Nancy: Dallas. TX; Lib Arts: ZTA Dorri. Mehdi; Midwest City. OK; Eng. Doss Margaret; Littleton. CO: I . Arts: Xfl Doty. Susan: Memphis. TN: Educ.; M Douglas Laurie; Jackson. MS: Educ.: AAA Downing. Terri: HumbokJt. TN; Lib. Arts; il Duff. Martin; Pontotoc. MS: Lib. Arts: Ben Duhon Evelyn: Pensacola. FL; Bus. Dumas. Kitty: Eupora. MS: Lib. Arts Duncan. Mary: Lyon. MS: Educ. Duncan. Mary: HumboWt. TN; Lib. Arts Duncan. Sybil: Pickens. MS: Bus. Dunn. Mary; Indianola. MS: Bus. East. Van: Amory. MS; Lib. Arts. KZ Easterwood. Edward: Eupora. MS: Bus. Eaton. Perry: Jackson. MS: Bus.; XB Edmonds. Michael: Clarksville. TN; Lib. An Edwards. Kim: Pelahatchie. MS: Accy.; ZT Edwards. Mevin; Rulevilte. MS; Accy. Eichelberger. Regina: West Pomt. MS; Educ.: AKA Ellett. Doyle: Scobey. MS; Educ. Embry. Joe: Eupora. MS: Eng. Eskridge. Lori: Winona. MS: Educ.: KA Evans. George; Meridian. MS; Accy. Everett Lori; Picayune. MS; Educ.: KA9 Evers. Metanie: Loretto. TN: Lib. Arts Everson. Daphne: Columbus. MS: Accy- Falls. Vicky: Tremont. MS; Bus. Farr. Kimberty: New Albany. MS: Eng. Famngton. Mary; Jackson. MS; Accy.: Xfl Felts. Rex: Kosciusko. MS; Bus. Ferguson. Michael: Nashville. TN; Bus. Fernandez. Frank; Corfeevilte. MS; Educ. FerreH. Susan; Batesvilte. MS: Bus. Finch. Daniel: Magee. MS: Eng.: X Finney Sharon; Belden. MS: Lib. Arts Fisher. Jon; Taytorsville. MS: Bus.: ZX Fisher Robin; Selmer; Lib. Arts Frtts. Coy: Myrtle. MS; Bus. Flanagin. James: Marietta. GA; Lib. Arts: OKA Ranagin. Toni: Fulton. MS; Lib. Arts 375 Flessas, James; Eads. TN; Eng.; ZBT Foley. Judith; New Albany, MS; Educ. Forester, Marcia; Jackson, MS; Bus.; AAA Foster, Beverly; Ecru, MS; Bus. Fourcade. Eileen; Carencro, LA; Lib. Arts Fowler, Deborah; Vicksburg, MS; Accy.; AAII Fowler. Donna; Booneville, MS; Educ. Fowler. Neal; Jackson. MS; Bus. Fowlkes, Mary; Dyersburg, TN; Educ.; X!! Frage. Ernst; Sanford. FL; Bus.; B2 Franklin, Sherry; Batesville. MS; Bus. Fratesi, Leslie; Marion, AR; Bus. Freeman, Arleen; Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts Freeman. Ellen; Union. MS; Bus.; AF Frierson, Harry; Picayune, MS; Bus. Frith, Diana; Orange Park, FL; Lib. Arts Frye. George; Meridian, MS; Lib. Arts; A Frykholm. Michele; Germantown. TN; Educ.; AOI1 Fulton. Stacy; Murray. KY; Bus.; AAII Furman, Leslie; Bay St. Louis, MS; Lib. Arts; KKP Gaines. William; New Albany, MS: Bus. Gallien, Mary; Savannah TN; Educ.; AT Gambrell. Cozett; Blue Springs, MS; Accy. Gammill. Neel; Hazlehurst. MS; Accy.; I1KA Gardner, Dorothy; Oxford, MS; Educ. Gardner, Mitch; Philadelphia. MS; Lib. Arts Garner, Jerry; Franklin. TN; Bus. Garner, William; Mobile, AL; Lib. Arts; KA u Geno. Joel; Brooksville, MS; Eng.; A iGeno, Laura: Rienzi, MS; Lib. Arts; AOH II Gentry. Jerry; Tunica, MS; Lib. Arts; A A (Gentry, Patti; Marietta. MS; Accy. Gilmore, Laurie; Roodhouse. IL; Bus.; AAII Go. Peter; Memphis, TN; Phar. Gollihue. Rita; Summerville, SC; Accy.; AAII Gong, Keith; Merigold. MS; Lib. Arts Goss. Alicen; Cordova, TN; Bus.; AAII Graham. Scott; Walls. MS; Lib. Arts Grant. Cynthia; Vicksburg, MS; Bus.; AAII Greenlee. Thomas; Batesville. MS; Bus.; I1KA Sreer, Sandra; Nesbit, MS; Bus. Sriffin, Donald; Kosciusko, MS; Bus. Srisham. David; Senatobia, MS; Lib. Arts 3risham. Robert; Senatobia, MS; Bus. 3rowney, Thomas; Albuquerque. NM; Bus.; X 3uess, Laurie; Amory; Lib. Arts; FIB 3unn, William; Vicksburg, MS; Lib. Arts; 2X 3unner, John; Tupelo. MS; Accy.; ATfl 3usto, Larry; Miami. FL; Bus. 5uyton. Joseph; Kosciusko. MS; Lib. Arts; KT Hagaman. Wayne; University, MS; Eng. Haguewood, Terri; Tupelo, MS; Bus.; t M Hale, Dianna; Juniata. NE; Lib. Arts Hall, Ginger; Ripley. MS; Accy. i Hall, Frank; Memphis, TN; Bus.; A I Hall, Mary; Grenada. MS; Bus.; AF 376 JUNIORS ._ _i, Anne: Atlanta. GA; Educ.; ZTA Hamby. Lydia: Ewing, KY; Lib. Arts Hamdan. Tariq; Oxford. MS: Eng. Hampton. WilHam; Muncie. IN: Lib. Arts HancocK. John: Greenville. MS: Lib. Arts Hanks. Kenney: Tupelo. MS; Bus.: B6I1 Hanson. Mary: Winchester. TN; Bus.: AMI Harris. Mildred; Greenwood. MS; Lib. Arts; Harrison. Priscilla; Batesvilte. MS: Lib. Arts Harrison. Wanda: Little Rock. MS: Bus. Harvey. Lantr. Collins. MS; Bus. Hagu. Christopher; Ft. Walton Beach. FU Bus.; ARE Hayes. Frances; Canton. MS: Bus.; SB Hayes. Joseph; Carthage. MS: Eng. Heaberg. Lisa: Jackson. TN; Accy. Heavey. Laurie: Collierville. TN; Lib. Arts; urn ZTA Hegwood. Beth: Jackson. MS: Bus. Helldorfer, Kathryn; Roswell. GA; Bus.; : Hemeter. David: Seminary. MS: Bus. Henderson. Jimmy; Ackerman. MS: Lib. Arts Henderson, John; New Albany. MS: Eng. Hendricks. Clarence: Blue Mt., MS; Lib. Arts Hendricks. Sherie; Blue Mt.. MS: Educ. Henry. David; Memphis. TN: Bus.; BSD Henstey. Susan: Holly Springs. MS; Lib. Arts:AOn Herndon. Rickey; Randolph. MS: Lib. Arts Herron. Barry; Batavia. OH: Bus.; KA Hervey. Victor; Water Valtey. MS; Accy.; B Hess. Bruce; Sikeston. MO; Bus. Hester. Martha; Shelby. MS: Lib. Arts Hester! Stephanas: Belden. MS: Educ.; M Hiatt. Jennifer; Apple Valtey. CA: Educ. Hibbter. Valerie: Sledge. MS; Bus. Hickman. Jon: Tupelo. MS; Bus.; A Higgmbotham. Derek; Ctarksdate. MS: Eng. Higginbottom. Clara: Marhiston. MS: Lib. Arts Hills. Holly; Tupelo. MS; Ub. Arts; M Hill. Jack; Natchez. MS; Bus.: K Hill Shannon: Collierville. TN; Lib. Arts: M Hi . William: TiHatoba. MS: Lib. Arts Hinkte. Leslie: Gutfport. MS: Bus. Hitchcock. Atesa; Pontotoc. MS; Lib. Arts Hixon. Mary: Franklin. TN; Lib. Arts: AAA Hoard. Tina: BooneviHe. Eng. Holland. Francine; Etta. MS; Accy. Holland. Thomas: Cantonment. FL; Ub. Arts;ZBT Holland. Wade; Hickory Rat. MS: Bus. Holtey. Joy; Pontotoc. MS; Eng. HoDiday. Lisa; Ripley. MS: Bus. HoUoway. Barry; Sardis. MS; Bus. Holmes, Jennifer: Hendersonville. TN: Bus Horn. Jean; Greenville. MS: Bus : AAA Horner. Robert; Connth. MS: Accy. House. Robert: Holly Springs. MS: Accy. Howard. Eddie: Popularville. MS: Bus Howell. Sam; Pontotoc. MS: Lib. Arts 377 Howland, Debbie; Cantonment, FL; Lib. Ms Hrebenar, Laura; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Eng. Hubbard. Mona; Batesville. MS; Bus. Hudson, Mark; Sardis, MS; Lib. Arts Hudson, Victoria; Oxford, MS; Bus., KKP Hutchins. Julie; Corinth, MS; Educ. Hyde, Kathryn; Grenada, MS; Lib. Arts; KKF Hyde, Patti; Jackson, MS; Educ.; KA lies, Michael; Natchez, MS; Bus.; 6 Irby, Virginia; Coldwater. MS; Educ. Jackson, Cynthia; Como, MS; Accy.; AOH Jackson. Mary; Sardis, MS; Lib. Arts Jackson, Ward; Greenwood, MS; Eng.; zn Jackson, Wesley; Bioloxi, MS; Eng. Jacobs, Laurin; St. Petersburg, FL; Educ. James, Tracy; Southaven. MS; Eng. Jarrett, Demetrica; Potts Camps, MS; Accy. Jeans. Betty; Nesbit, MS; Lib. Arts Jenkins, James; Sallis, MS; Accy. Jernigan. Bryan; Houston, MS; Educ. Joe. Glenn; Greenwood, MS; Lib. Arts Joe, llene; Greenwood. MS; Accy. Johnson. John; Gautier, MS; Eng. Johnson, Kenton; Lafayette, LA; Lib. Arts; A Johnson, Lori; Tupelo, MS; Lib. Arts Johnson, Sylvia; Eupora, MS; Lib. Arts Jolly, William; Carthage, MS; Bus. Jones, Allison; Jackson, MS; Lib. Arts; KA Jones, Bonnie; Holly Springs, MS; Bus. Jones, Crutis; Gore Springs, MS; Educ. Jones, David; Water Valley, MS; Bus.; KZ Jones, Elsie; Jackson, MS; Bus. Jones. Freddie; Jackson. MS; Lib. Arts; S!+ Jones, Loretha; Byhalia, MS; Educ. Jones, Lurteha; Byhalia. MS; Lib. Arts; Z B Jones, Phillip; Amory, MS; Lib. Arts; B8I1 Jordan. Billy; Franklinton, LA; Lib. Arts Jordan, Daniel; Wiggins, MS; Bus. Jordan, Lu; Bells, TN; Lib. Arts; AOn Jordan, Mark; Kosciusko, MS; Bus. Jourdan, Barbara; luka, MS; Bus.; KA6 Jumper, Jackie; Falkner, MS; Educ. Kanaan, Lina; Amman; Lib. Arts Kelley, Jessie; Brentwood, TN; Lib. Arts; KM Kennedy, Chris; Oxford, MS; Lib. Arts Kennedy, Gregory; McComb, MS; Lib. Arts; A Kennedy, Madalyn; Oxford, MS; Lib. Arts Kidd, Jeff; New Albany, MS: Educ. Kimbrough, Pitt; Coffeeville, MS; Bus.; ZAE King. Montyne; Hattiesburg, MS; Lib. Arts; AKA King, Phillip, Oxvord. MS; Lib. Arts Kirby, Glenn; Bay Springs. MS; Accy. Kisner, Pamala; West Point, MS; Educ. Kitchens. Mary; Corinth, MS; Educ. FIB Knight. Cynthia; Bellefontaine. MS; Accy. Knight. James; Gulfport, MS; Bus. 1 ' 378 NHLSONS .LOVES; v: s JN JUNIORS Knight. William; Jackson. MS: Bus. Knudson. Julie; Memphis. TN; Educ. Koenig, Gregory; Belleville. IL; Bus.: K6 Koon. Robert; Ocean Springs. MS; Bus.; I1K Kosack. Dorothy; Florence. AL; Eng.: AMI Labella. Roy; Indianola. MS: Lib. Arts; 11 Ladner. Sabine: University. MS; Bus.: ZTA Lago. Danelle: Metairie. LA: Accy.: OB Lambert. Sidney: Batesville. MS; Ub. Arts; ATQ Lanasa. Gwendolyn; New Orleans. LA: Lib. Arts; ADD Landers Michael: Booneville. MS; Educ. Langford. Cathey; Vicksburg. MS: Bus.; AAII Langford. John; Lexington. MS; Accy. Langston. Monica: University. MS: Bus.; ZTA Lantrip. Anne: University. MS; Lib. Arts Lauridsen. Timothy; Arlington. VA; Lib. Arts Lawrence. Alta; Hickory Flat. MS: Eng. Lawrence. Kay; Greenwood. MS: Bus.; XB Lee Hu; Oxford. MS; Eng. Leeper. Mary: Southaven. MS; Lib. Arts Legate. Carl; Jackson. MS: Bus. Lesley. William; Holly Springs. MS: Eng. Lindsey. Marcus: New Albany. MS; Lib. Arts Line. Lawrecne: Cleveland. MS: Lib. Arts; K Lineberry. Dorothy; Booneville. MS: Bus. Lingo. Mark; South Daytona; Eng. Uttle. John; Blue Springs. MS; Educ.: 11 Little Timothy: New Albany. MS; Accy. Loftin. Michael: Tupelo. MS: Bus. London. Lori; Tupelo. MS; Bus. Love Danny; Coldwater. MS: Bus.; B Lowther. John: Mize. MSfLib. Arts Lum. Sharon: Cleveland. MS: Eng. Lyne. Eugene: Memphis. TN; Bus. MacNaughton. Joyce; Harrisonburg. VA; Lib. Arts; +M Magandy. Kathleen; Long Beach. MS: Lib. Mallett. Presley. Biloxi. MS: Lib. Arts: IIK Mann. Lawrence. Vicksburg. MS: Eng. Manning. Michael: Jackson. MS: Bus. Marthaler. Frederick: Leighton. AL; Lib. Arts: N Martin. Betty: Wesson. MS; Lib. Arts Martin. Catherine; Natchez. MS; Educ.; AOD Martin. Leigh; Jonesboro. AR: Lib. Arts Martin. Sarah; Jackson. MS: Eng Martindale. Phyllis; Walnut. MS: Bus. Massey. Julia; Clarksdale. MS; Educ. Mathis. Ginger; Memphis. TN; Lib. Arts Matkins. Vernon: Pontotoc. MS: Educ. Mavar. Geoffrey; Biloxi. MS: Bus.: I1KA Maxcy. Nita; Fulton. MS: Bus. May. John; Germantown. TN; Accy.: KT Mayhall. Sundra; Golden. MS: Educ. McAhster . Vincent: Aberdeen. MS; Lib. Arts McBride. Mika: Prince George. VA; Lib. Arts:nB McCaffrey. Deborah. Vicksburg. MS: Educ.; KKT McCain. Cecelia; Batesville. MS: Educ. 379 McCain, Cornelia; Batesville, MS; Lib. Arts McCain, Tanya; Sikeston, MO; Educ. McClellan, Beth; Jackson, MS; Lib. Arts; KA McClure. Klye: Belzoni. MS; Eng. McCraw, Elese; Pontotoc. MS; Educ. McCullers. Mark; Lexington, KY; Eng.; KA McDonald, Darrell; Blue Springs, MS; Eng. McGlaun, Sally; Louisville, MS; Lib. Arts Mclntosh, David; Educ. McKnight, Ronald; Ecru. MS; Educ. McLaughlin, Vicki; Pontotoc, MS; Educ. McLemore. Bradley; Kosciusko, MS; Lib. Arts; KT McMillan, Karen; Water Valley. MS; Lib. Arts McMillin. David; Chalybeate. MS; Bus. McMullen, Kenneth; Ackerman, MS; Lib. Arts McMullen, Susan; Oxford, MS; Educ.; AAA Meadors, George; Homer, LA; Accy.; KAO Meadows, Todd; Oxford, MS; Bus. Meeks, Timmy; Ripley, MS; Lib. Arts Melton, Freda; Tillatoba, MS; Educ. Melton. Joseph; Vaiden, MS; Accy. Mende, Ina; Helmstedt; Lib. Arts Merrell, Elizabeth; Brandon, MS; Bus.; KA6 Metis, Amy; Oxford, MS; Accy. Miller Bradley; Tupelo, MS; Lib. Arts Mitchell, Roleen; Lepanto, AR; Lib. Arts Moak, Carl; Summit. MS; Bus.; 2AE Moffett, Johnny; Aberdeen. MS; Bus. Moody, Lisa; Montgomery, AL; Lib. Arts; KA Moon, Rhonda; Amory, MS; Lib. Arts Mooneyhan, Mark; Clarksdale. MS; Bus. Moore, Dennis; Countryside, IL; Lib. Arts Moore, Janet; Corinth, MS; Bus.; I1B Moore, Jeffrey; Wheeler, MS; Bus. Moore, John; Charleston, IL; Eng. Moore, Julia; Cleveland, MS; Lib. Arts Moore, Martha; Tupelo, MS; Accy. Moran, Alfred; Ocean Springs. MS; Bus.; 2X Morgan, William; Clarendon, AR; Bus. Morris. Flora; Terry, MS; Lib. Arts Morris, Janet; Corinth, MS; Educ. Morrison, Joan; Southaven, MS; Accy. Mulkins, Clairann; Nashville, TN; Educ.; ZTA Mullins, Curtis; Coldwater. MS; Bus.; FIK Murphy. Glen; West Berlin. NJ; Lib. Arts Murphy. James; Oxford, MS; Bus. Murray. Deette; Springfield, IL; Bus.; AT Myles, Raymond; Friars, Point, MS; Lib. Arts Nabers, Rhonda; Booneville. MS; Lib. Arts Naylor, Robert; West Memphis, AR; Accy. Neal, Shelley; Batesville, MS; Educ. Netiz, Rita; Monroe, LA; Bus.; KKF Nelson, Lisa; Oxford, MS; Educ. Nelson. Nicky; Memphis, TN; Lib. Arts Nelson, Robert; Vicksburg. MS; Lib. Arts Newman, Dominic; Clarksdale. MS; Eng. 380 JUNIORS Ng. Cheng. Johore: Eng. Nickle. Suan: Batesville. MS: Educ. Noble. Roberta: Princeton. IL: Bus. Nolen Julia: Mantee. MS: Accy.: AOn Nordan. Judy: Hattiesburg. MS: Bus.: AAA Norman. Lauren. Houston. MS: Bus. Nuntey. Arthur: Memphis. TN: Bus. O ' Neill. Anne: Mobiel. AL; Bus.: KA CHander. Joseph: Meridian. MS: Bus.: A8 Owens. Nancy: Jackson. MS: Lib. Arts: XQ Ozodigwe. Anizoba; Enugu Anambra S: Eng. Pace. Lanny: Kossuth. MS: Bus. Parham. Robert Greenwood. MS: Accy.: ATX Parish. Rebecca: Richland. GA: Ub. Arts Park. Thomas: luka. MS: Bus. Parker. Frank: Inverness. MS: Eng.; KZ Parker Lisa: Moretand Hills. OH: Educ.: KA Parkins. Elizabeth: Jackson. MS: Lib. Arts: AT Parrish. Robert: RusseHviHe. KY: Eng ; A Parry. Christy: St. Louis. MO: Bus.: ZTA Patterson. Patricia: Greenville. MS: Lib. Arts: Ml Patterson. Rickie: Corinth. MS; Bus. Pavolko. Michael: Celina. OH: Bus. Payne. Bitty: Nettleton. MS: Bus. Peaden. Michael; Cantonment. FL: Lib. Arts Pearson. Samuel: West Point. MS: Eng. Peck. Kathleen: Huntsville. AL: Educ. Remington. Sharron: Oxford. MS: Bus. Phillips. Angelina: Pascagoula. MS; Lib. Arts;KA Picfccns. Mary; Greenville. MS: Ub Arts Pikey. Thomas: Waterlool. IL: Lib. Arts PMk. Barry: Winona. MS: Eng. Poote. Bryant; McKenzie. TN: Lib. Arts Pooler. David: Carthage. MS: Lib. Arts Pope. Barry: Jackson. MS: Bus. Porter. Devra: StarkvWe. MS: Lib. Arts; AGO Posey. Gloria: Flora. MS; Bus.: AAn Potts. Kathryn; Water Vaiey. MS; Bus. Powell. William; New Albnay. MS: Bus.: IN Powers. Joel; Brandon. MS: Eng. Pratt. Cheryl; Batesville. MS: Lib. Arts Pratt. Joel: Corinth. MS: Accy. Price. WMiam: Forest. MS: Accy.: ATQ Provenza. Patricia: Greenviie. MS: Bus.: KA Pruett. Aven: Memphis. TN: Bus.: AT Prurtt. Daniel: Birmingham. AL: Bus.; HAS Quinn. WWam; Water Vatey . MS; Bus. Ragland. Leesa: Memphis. TN; Lob. Arts; KA Ragon. Donna; Oxford. MS: Educ. Rama. Joseph: Meridian. MS: Bus. Rankin. Iristy; Tupelo. MS: Accy.: AAU Rasco. Becca: Dewrtt. AR; Lib. Arts: KKT Read. Sarah; Vlcksburg. MS: Bus.: KKT Reed. Don; Hickory Flat. MS: Educ. Reed. Gina; Greenwood. MS: Educ.: KA6 Reed. Roy: Silver. City. MS: Accy : AT 381 Reeves, Benjamin; South Bay, FL; Eng. Reid, James; Huntsville. AL; Bus. Reid. Leroy; Lambert, MS; Accy. Reid. Renee; Jackson, MS; Lib. Arts Rizainejad, Parviz; University. MS; Eng. Richardson. Kathi; Jonesboro. AR; Educ. Richison, Scott; Chickasha. OK; Accy. Ridings. Janice; Tupelo, MS; Lib. Arts Riehl, Sharron; McComb. MS; Lib. Arts Rikard. Wendall; Pope, MS; Lib. Arts Riley. Trina; Water Valley, MS; Accy.; AAI1 Rish. Julie; Pontotoc, MS; Lib. Arts Robbins, Richard; New Albany, MS; Accy. Roberts, Billy; Grenada. MS; Bus. Roberts. David; Pascagoula. MS; Accy.; Ben Roberts. Keith; Grenada, MS; Bus. Roberts, Larry; Ripley, MS; Bus. Roberts. Mavis; Winona, MS; Bus.; AKA Robertson. Brenda; Batesville, MS; Lib. Arts Robertson, Gloria; Batesville, MS; Educ. Robertson, Patricia; Batesville, MS; Lib. Arts Robertson, Ricky: Hernando, MS; Eng. Rocibhaux, Denise; Vicksburg. MS; Educ. Robi nson. Tommie; Friars Point, MS; Lib. Arts Roby. Jeffrey; Kosciusko, MS; Lib. Arts Rodriguez, Neysa; Ponce, PR; Lib. Arts Roell. Janet; Jackson. MS; Bus. Rogers. David; Gulfport, MS; Accy.; SN Rollins, George; Natchez, MS; Lib. Arts; A Rolwing, Lawrence; Charleston. MO; Bus. Root, Lindy; Brandon, MS; Bus. Rose. Jill; Greenwood, MS; Bus. Rowan, Cathryn; Brentwood, TN; Lib. Arts; 4 M Royk, Karen; Lambert, MS; Lib. Arts Russell, Lawrence; Clarksdale, MS; Accy.; sen Ryan, Cynthia; Hazlehurst, MS; Accy. Sancillo. Tony; Nettleton, MS; Lib. Arts Sanders. Barry; Batesville, MS; Accy. Sanders, Diane; Sardis. MS; Bus. Sanford. Mary; Courtland, MS; Lib. Arts Sarringar. Karyl; Greenville. MS; Lib. Arts Savell. Nancy; Pascagoula, MS; Lib. Arts Sawyer, Christopher; Olive Branch. MS; Bus ; Bell Scates, Julia; Como. MS; Educ. Schneider, Michael; Tupelo. MS; Lib. Arts; HKA Schutz, Leslie; Germantown, TN; Lib. Arts Scruggs, Natalie; Sardis. MS; Educ. Seay. Elizabeth; Holly Springs, MS; Lib. Arts Settlemires, Sandra; Corinth, MS; Educ. Shadko. Gregory; Memphis. TN; Lib. Arts Sharman, Sandra;-Jackson, MS; Educ.; KAe Sharp. Sarah; Duck Hill. MS; Bus.; KAe Shibley. Joseph; W. Springfield, MA; Bus. Shirley. J.; Brandon, MS: Lib. Arts; SN Shirley, James; West Point, MS; Lib. Arts; BUM Shoemaker. James; Jackson, MS 382 JUNIORS Shumpert. Sherry; Nettteton. MS: Accy. Shute. Sammy. Jackson. MS; Bus. Simmons. Lisa: Tupek). MS: Educ. Simmons. Tommy: Newton. MS; Bus. Sims. William; Brandon. MS; Eng.: Xfl Sin. Kin: Selangor: Eng. Slaughter. Arthur: University. MS; Eng. Smalley. Sandra: Courtland. MS: Lib. Arts Smallwood. William; New Albany. MS: Bus.: ZX Smith. Alva; Baltimore. MD: Bus.; AZ8 Smith. Amanda; Chatham. MS; Lib. Arts Smith. Barbara: Manchester. MO; Bus.; AT Smith. Daniel; Sikeston. MO; Accy.: Ben Smith. David: Decatur. MS; Lib. Arts: ATQ Smith. Harry; Terry. MS: Lib. Arts: A A Smith. James; Clinton. MS: Bus. Smith. Karen; Batesville. MS; Phar. Smith. Kevin; Nashville. TN; Bus.; K2 Smith. Laura: Yazoo City. MS; Accy. Smith. Melanie; Tytertown. MS; Lib. Arts Smith. Michael: Valparaiso. FL: Bus. Smith. Patricia; Pontotoc. MS: Educ. Smith. Phillip; Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts: A Smith, Sammy; Marion. AR; Educ.: B2 Snyder. Jean: Water Valley. MS; Educ. Soper. Timothy; Tupelo. MS; Lib. Arts: KA Sparks. Larry; Oxford. MS; Accy. Spencer. Ahnn; Rolling Fork. MS: Lib. Arts Spencer. Carol; Yuma. AZ; Educ.; IDS Spencer. James: New Site. MS; Educ. Spivey. Daniel; Canton. MS: Lib. Arts; KA St Mary. Kevin; Vicksburg. MS: Lib. Arts Pamela Stanford; Carrollton. MS: Educ. Stanford. William; Amory. MS; Eng. Stames. Robert; Jacksonville. FL: Accy.: SS Stegall. Sarah; Pontotoc. MS; Accy. Stephens. Teresa; Marietta. MS: Lib. Arts Stephenson. Jeffrey: Ocean Springs. MS; Lib. Arts Stephenson. Paul; Olive Branch; Eng. Stevens. Jillene: University. MS; Bus. Stevens. John; Grenada. MS: Bus.; Kl Stevens. Sharon: Amory. MS; Bus.; AT Stevenson. Karen: Atlanta. GA; Educ.: XQ Stewart. Beau: Picayune. MS; Lib. Arts: X+ Stewart. Jeffrey: New Albany. MS: Accy.; een Stewart. Lynn: Brentwood. TN; Accy.; M Stokes. Laurin; Lighthouse Pt.. FL: Educ.; Aon Stone. Alan: Philadelphia. MS: Lib. Arts Stovall. Laura: Okolona. MS: Educ.; KA6 Strickland. Margaret: Pontotoc. MS: Accy. Stringer. Kathryn; McComb. MS; Educ. Struwe. Sara; Marion. AR; Lib. Arts StubWefield. Lecia: Ecru. MS; Educ. Stubbs. James; Greenwood. MS: Accy. Stubbs. Wonda: Flora. MS; Educ. Sullivan. Kevin: Jackson. MS: Eng. 383 Sullivan. Wesla; Mendenhall, MS; Lib. Arts; Xfl Summers. Angela. Kosciusko. MS; Lib. Arts; Aon Swafford, Detra; Greenville. MS; Educ. Tadlock, Barry; Clinton. MS; Lib. Arts; ZX Tarbutton, Karen; Jackson. MS; Bus.; 4 M Tale, Cornelius; Edmondson. AR; Eng. Tate. Martha; Memphis. TN; Educ. Tatum. Mariwood; Greenville, MS; Bus.; AAA Taylor, Gail; Como. MS; Lib. Arts Taylor, Gwendolyn; Clarksdale, MS; Lib. Arts Taylor. Lisa; Humboldt, TN; Educ.; AT Taylor. Susan; Olive Branch. MS; Educ. Ta ylor. Teri; Bolton. MS; Bus.; I1B Taylor. Verlean; Como. MS; Educ. Tedford, Gerald; Clarksdale. MS; Bus.; ATO Thomas, Bales, Carrollton, MS; Lib. Arts Thomas. Patricia; Nashville. TN; Educ.; X!i Thomas, Ronnie; Oxford, MS; Educ. Thomas. Sandra; Coldwater. MS; Educ. Thomason. Charles; Tupelo, MS; Bus. Thompson. Brenda; Amory, MS; Educ. Thompson. Gilbert; Philadelphia. MS; Bus. Thompson. Janet; Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts Thompson. Patrick; Ocean Springs. MS; Lib. Arts Thompson, Phillip; Columbus, MS; Lib. Arts Thompson, Susan; Tupelo, MS; Bus.; Xfl Thompson. Teresa; Senatobia. MS; Accy. Thorne, Karen; University; MS; Educ. Thornton. James; Fulton, MS; Bus. Thornton, Michael; Laurel, MS; Bus. Thweatt, Curtis; Oxford. MS; Bus. Tillman. Sanjosa; Jackson, MS; Lib. Arts Toler. Ward; Jackson, MS; Bus.; ZX Toole. Robert; Grenada. MS; Eng. Treadwell, Rory; Jackson, MS; Bus. Truetel. Melissa; Bay St. Louis. MS; Lib. Arts; KA Triumuel, Upea; Columbus. MS; Accy. Troyka. Lucinda: Madison Heights, Ml; Lib. Arts Tuggle. Alfonzo; Hernando, MS; Lib. Arts Turnage, Phyllis; Waterford, MS; Accy.; A26 Turner. Beverly; Memphis. TN; Lib. Arts; ZTA Tutor. Debra; Batesville. MS; Educ. Tyner. Stacey; Columbus, MS; Bus.; KA Tyrrell. Paul; Arcadia. CA; Lib. Arts; Xfi Umfress. Samuel: Burnsville, MS; Lib. Arts Vails. Teresa; Tupelo. MS; Educ. 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Arts West. William: Sardis. MS: Accy. Wheatley. Gerald: New Albany. MS: Bus. Wheeler. Debra; Charleston. MS: Lib. Arts: AKA White. Ronnie: Eupora. MS: Lib. Arts Whitehead. Melissa: New Albany. MS: Accy. Whitehead. Sara: Oxford. MS: Lib. Arts: KM Wtntley. Elizabeth: Covington. TN: Bus.: Xfl Whitley. Melisa: BooneviHe. MS: Educ. Whitt. Thomas: Hernando. MS: Accy. Whittington. Danny: Ocean Springs. MS: Eng. Wilbanks. Lesa; Saltillo. MS: Bus. Wilder. Elizabeth: Jackson. MS: Educ. Wilkinson. Prebbte: Tremont. MS: Educ. Williams. Jimmy: CourtJand. MS: Bus. Williams. Mary: Senatobia. MS: Educ. Williams. Mike: Ocean Springs. MS: Lib. Arts Williamson. Ernest: Jackson. MS: Eng. Wilson. Brenda: Batesvtlle. MS: Bus.: AOH Wilson. Kathryn: Oxford. MS: Educ.: +M Wilson. Kurt: Huntsville. AL: Lib. Arts: IN Wimbish. Mary: luka. MS: Eng. Wmstead. Kevin: Union. MS: Lib. Arts: A TO Wiseman. Keith; Oxford. MS: Lib. Arts Withers. Richard: Gulfport. MS: Lib. Arts Womble. Suzanne: Batesville. MS: Phar.: AT Wong. Daisy; Boyle. MS: Eng Wong. Joyce: Moorhead. MS: Eng. Wong. Ronald: Greenville. MS: Lib. Arts Woodard. Cynthia: Senatobia. MS: Bus Woods. Jerry; Hemmando. MS: Educ. Woods. Libby: Nesbit. MS: Ub. Arts Woods. Lome: Columbua. MS: Educ.; AT Woods. Norbert: Colt. AR; Lib. Arts: A A Woods. Susanne: Meridian. MS: Bus.: KA9 Woodson. Georgia: Holly Springs. MS: Lib. Arts Wooley. Laura: Jackson. MS: Bus.: XQ Word. Susan; CoHierville. TN: Bus. Wright. Derald: Clarksdale. MS: Lib. Arts Wright. Enca: Tupelo. MS; Educ. Yager. Claude: Corinth. MS: Bus. Yancey. Daniel: Webster Gnve. MO: Lib. Arts Yarbrough. Keith: Trumann. AR: Bus. Yeager. Gretchen: Charleston. WV: Lib. Arts Young. Gretchen; Oxford. MS: Lib. Arts Young. Mary: Oxford. MS: Bus. Zahn. Jody: Sturgeon Bay. Wl: Educ : AOn Zollar. Herbert: Oxford. MS: Eng. 385 Abdullah. Sameer; Logan, UT; Eng. Abel. Tuddy; Duck Hill, MS; Accy.; KKF Abu-Hantash, Ghaleb; Eng. Adams, Marica; Lib. Arts Adams, Robert; Baldwyn, MS; Educ. Ahlvin, Alder; Vicksburg, MS; Bus. Aker. Shannon, Germantown, TN; Lib. Arts; OKA AI-Ayyoub. Jamal; Oxford, MS; Eng. AI-Rezqallah, Adnan; University, MS; Eng. Alewine. Cynthia; Batesville, MS; Educ. Alexander, James; Flowood, MS; Eng. Allbritton, Mary; Ripley, MS; Bus. Allen, Kathryn; Indianola, MS; Lib. Arts Allen. Mark; Vicksburg, MS; Lib. Arts Amir, Jamal; Midwest City, OK; Eng. Anderson, Atlean; Holly Springs. MS; Bus. Anderson, Clara; Brandon, MS; Lib. Arts Anderson, Ida; Byhalia. MS; Lib. Arts; AKA Anderson. Kenneth; New Albany. MS; Bus. Anderson, Laura; Memphis, MS; Eng.; KA6 Andy, Maria; Madison, MS; Lib. Arts; AMI Anthony, Jay; Oxford. MS; Bus.; A Applewhite. Bryan: Ellisville, MS; Lib. Arts Ard. William; Oxford, MS; Lib. Arts; UK Arnold, Carol; Taylorsville. MS; Eng. Arnold, Robert; Oxford, MS; Accy. Arnold, Tracie; Baldwyn, MS; Educ. Aune. Kelly; Water Valley, MS; Eng. Aurell, Harold; Ackerman; MS; Educ. Austin, Sharon; Houlka, MS; Bus. Aven, Anson; Oxford, MS; Eng. Avery , Claude; Courtiand, MS; Lib. Arts Avery, Margaret; Cleveland, MS; Bus.; AMI Ayoubi, Mohamad; Oxford, MS: Eng. Ayyoub, Walid; Amman, UT; Eng. Baggett, Thomas; Poplar Bluff, MO; Accy. Bailey, Harold; Jackson, MS; Bus. Bain, Kathy; Glen. MS; Lib. Arts Baker, Rex; Belden, MS; Lib. Arts Baker. Virginia; Hattiesburg, MS; Accy.; X!! Bakhtiari, Naser; University, MS; Eng. Ballard, Retha; Kosciusko, MS; Bus. Barber. James; Batesville, MS; Bus. Barber, Robert; Batesville. MS; Lib. Arts Bard. Linda; Pontotoc, MS; Bus. Barksdale, James: Canton, MS; Eng. Barlow, Debbie; Rich. MS; Eng. Barnes, Emily; University, MS; Bus.; AT Barnett. Charles; Harvey, LA; Bus. Barrett, John; Tylertown, MS; Lib. Arts Barrett, Rhonda; Long Beach, MS; Bus. Barshooi, Morteza; Tehran; Eng. Barton, Mark; Pontotoc, MS: Bus. Bat. Betty; Jackson. MS; Bus.; AT Bateman, Blane; Oxford, MS; Lib. Arts; A Bates, Charlotte; Nesbit, MS; Lib. Arts x f TQadl ' ifci 386 SENIORS Battaile. Julianne: Belden. MS: Bus : KA Beard. Howard: University. MS: Bus. Bearden. Linda: Booneville. MS: Accy Beaver. Melinda: Hollywood. FL: Educ Bell. Karen: Springfield. TN: Educ.: AT Bell. Kimberly: Holcomb. MS: Lib Arts Bell. Lisa: Pope. MS: Bus Bennett. James: Duck Hill. MS: Accy. Bevill. Elizabeth: Thaxton. MS: Lib. Arts Bickerstaff. Margaret: Jackson. MS: Educ : AAH Biddle. John: West Helena. AR: Bus Billings. Mary: New Albany. MS: Lib. Arts Bishop. Ronnie: Waynesboro. MS; Bus : ATQ Black. Robert: Shannon. MS: Bus. Blaes. Knstie: Little Rock. AR; Ub. Arts Blake. Jacqueline: Abbeville. MS: Lib Arts Blakney. Carol; Counce, TN: Educ. Blanton. Betty; Ackerman. MS; Lib Arts Blassmgame. Jimmy: Booneville. MS: Eng.: sen Blue. Jerry: Grenanda. MS: Educ. Bohn. Prentiss: Brooksville. MS: Lib. Arts: ZN Bolin. Tammy: Brooksville. MS: Educ.: AT Bolmg. Mechell; Como. MS: Lib. Arts Bonds. Robert: Natchez. MS; Bus.; IttA Book. Laura; Yazoo City. MS; Educ.; AAII Boolos. Sharon: Oxford. MS: Bus Boolos. Timothy: Vicksburg. MS; Eng. Boothe. Melinda: Jackson. MS: Bus.; AAA Bos. Elizabeth: Summit. MS: Educ. XQ Bowen. Alisa: Greenwood. MS: Lib Arts: M Boyd. James: Vicksburg. MS: Accy.: ZBT Boyles. Weldon. Jackson. MS: Bus : B6H Bradford. Chrystal: Pine Bluff. AR; Educ.: KKT Bradley. Amy; Myrlte. MS: Bus. Bradshaw. David: Clinton. MS: Accy. Brasfield. Buster: Vicksburg. MS: Lib. Arts Bray. James: Southaven. MS: Bus Breazeale. Barbara: Oxford. MS: Bus. Breeland. Lee: Jackson. MS: Bus Brenkert. Eric; University. MS: Eng ; PA Brewer. Jennifer; Tullahoma. TN; Lib. Arts: at Brock. Miller; Jackson. MS: Accy.; A Br ockway. Pamela: Huntsville. AL; Lib Arts: ZTA Broom. Bryan; New Albany. MS: Lib. Arts Brown. Amanda: Pascagoula. MS: Lib Arts Brown. Bobby: Forest. MS: Eng. Brown. James: Memphis. TN: Bus.: ZN Brown. Janet: Chicago. IL: Educ Brown. John: Oxford. MS: Bus. Brown. Kimberty: Vicksburg. MS: Lib. Arts: Aon Bryson. Tinny; Michigan City. MS; Accy. Buchanan. Charles; Okolona. MS; Bus Buchannon. Denny; University. MS: Eng. Burcham. Cynthia; Baldwyn. MS; Educ Burden. Ricky: Kosciusko. MS: Accy. Burdine. Rudolph: Amory. MS; Educ. 387 Burke, Susan; Jackson. MS; Lib. Arts; KKf Burns, David; Sardis. MO; Lib. Arts Busey, Bonnie; Ft. Lauderdale. FL; Lib. Arts; AMI Busby, Elizabeth; Thaxton, MS; Bus. Butler, Lucretia; Oxford, MS; Bus. Byrum, Clifton; Creve Coeur, MO; Eng. Byrum, Susan; Whitehouse, TN; Bus.; KA Cabanero, Fernando; Parchman. MS; Lib. Arts Cady. James; Jackson, MS; Lib. Arts; 2X Cain. Charles; Nettleton, MS; Accy.; KT Calvert, Robert; Houston, MS; Eng.; B2 Capps, Kathy; Brentwood. TN; Lib. Arts; M Cardosi, Morie; Memphis, TN; Accy.; ZTA Carmichael, Randall; Meridian, MS; Educ. Carroll, Charles; Greenville. MS; Lib. Arts Carsten, Elizabeth; Tupelo, MS; Eng. Carter, Carl; Drew, MS; Accy. Carver, Lisa; Southaven, MS; Accy.; AMI Carwile, George; Winona, MS; Educ. Causey, Wendy; Pascagoula, MS; Bus.; M Caver; Guy; Baldwyn, MS; Bus. Caves, Tena; Laurel, MS; Educ. Chandler, Elizabeth; Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts Chandler, Mary; Calhoun City, MS; Bus. Chapuis, Evelyn; Senatobia, MS; Educ. Childers, Marvin; Cooler, MO; Accy. Childers, Ricky; Ripley, MS; Bus. Christopher, Gayle; Peru, IN; Lib. Arts Christopher, Tony; Columbus, MS; Bus.; sen Chun, Matthew; Tupelo, MS; Eng. Cianciola, Joseph; Memphis. TN; Eng.; ATQ Clarin, James; Corinth, MS; Bus. Clark. Angela; Jackson, MS; Lib. Arts; M " Clark. Kelly; Philadelphia, MS; Bus.; Ben Clark. Lisa; Louisville, MS; Lib. Arts; KKF Clark, Randall; Memphis. TN; Bus. Cockrell. Jessie; Philadelphia, MS; Lib. Arts Coffield, Patricia; Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Lib. Arts; IIB+ Coker, Delia; Yazoo City, MS; Bus.; Coker, Tammy; Memphis, TN; Bus. Colbert. Kevin; Natchez. MS; Lib. Arts; Ben Cole, Allison; Dallas, TX; Lib. Arts; KKT Cole, Jeanne; Vicksburg, MS; Eng. Cole, Milton; Pascagoula, MS; Bus. Coleman, Catherine; Okolona, MS; Lib. Arts; M Coleman, Kent; Oxford, MS; Bus. Coleman, Tony; McLain, MS; Bus. Connell, Edna; Clarksdale, MS; Educ.; AAA Coogler, Richard; Stamford, CT; Lib. Arts; K Cook, Charles; Brookhaven, MS; Eng. Coole, Brian; Perkinston, MS; Bus.; IIK Cooper, Karen; Ripley, TN; Accy. Cooper, Treves, Anguiila, MS; Educ. Copley, Dawn; Oxford, MS; Educ.; AOIT Corey, Brenda; Meridian, MS; Bus.; M Cornwall, Cedric; Greenwood, MS; Lib. Arts SENIORS Corwin. Gaboelle: Franklin. TN: Bus.: Ml Contanidis. George: Eng. Cram. Jaime: Myrtle. MS: Lib. Arts; AMI Crane. David: Gulfport. MS: Lib. Arts Crausby. Linda: Pontotoc. MS: Accy. Cravens. Michael: Louisville. MS: Lib Arts; n Crawford. Wendy; Lexington. KY; Lib. Arts Creekmore. Ashley; Jackson. MS: Lib. Arts Crell. Donald: Peeks . NY: Lib. Arts Croce. Christopher: Jackson. MS; Eng Crosby. Harry: Cofcns. MS: Lib. Arts Crowl. John: Norndge. IL: Bus. Coin. Frank; Houston. TX: Lib. Arts CrumWey. Joe: Enterprise. MS Bus Crunk. Ewen: Columbus. MS: Accy.: ZN Cmccru. Susan: Germantown. TN: Eng. Culp. Bruce: Brandon. MS: Bus Cummings. Belinda: Victoria. MS: Lib. Arts Cummings. Yvonne: Tupelo. MS: Lib. Arts: AKA Curry. Rochelle: Chicago. IL: Lib. Arts Dabbas. Ibrahim: Eng. Dacus. Charles: Canton. MS: Lib. Arts Daghestani. Mhd: Prove. UT: Eng Oalton. Lynn; Oxford. MS: Bus Davant. Rebecca: Jackson. MS: Educ.: ZTJ Davie. Joseph: Birmingham. AL: Bus. Davis. Arthur: Southaven. MS: Accy. Davis. Brenda: Ocean Springs. MS Bus U Davis. Brian; Oxford. MS: Lib. Arts Davis. James: Louisville. MS: Lib. Arts Davis. Melissa; Water Valley. MS: Bus. Davis. Robert: Clinton. MS: Eng. Dearie. Steven: River Ridge. LA: Educ. Dehghani. Jafar: Eng. Dehkordi. Mohamad: Independence. MO: Eng Dennis. Mark: Chattanooga. TN; Bus Derivaux. Diane: VTcksburg. MS: Bus.: Xfl Dettor. Julia: Batesville. MS: Educ Dewan. Raman; Payallup. WA: Eng.: A Diaz. Jon: Biloxi. MS: Bus.: ZTA Diebotd. Sandra: Southaven. MS: Lib. Arts Dulaney. Michael: Columbus. MS: Lib Arts Duntap. Sheryl: Hemando. MS: Educ. Dunn. Rhonda: Baldwyn. MS: Lib. Arts Duval. Ruth: Oxford. MS: Lib. Arts: AAA Dyess. Raymond: Pearl. MS: Lib. Arts Echots. Kenneth: Memphis. TN: Bus. Edwards. Debbie: Oxford. MS: Educ. Edwards. John: Port Gibson. MS: Lib. Arts Eidt, David: Natchez. MS: Lib. Arts B8D EI-Gadban. Mohammad: Eng. EI-KhaM. Mohammed: Sidon: Eng. EI-Khoury. Gaby: Tartei-Jbeil: Eng. Ellington. Mark; Kosciusko. MS: Lib. Arts: Ellzey. Karen: Yazoo City. MS: Bus.: ADD Enochs. Timothy; Dyersburg. TN; Bus. 389 Estes. Joel; Long Beach. MS: Lib. Arts Evans, Tina; Corinth, MS; Bus. Evianmwonyi. Humprhey; Benincity; Lib. Arts Ezazi, Orang; Norman, OK; Eng. Ezell, Thermon; Buckatunna, MS; Lib. Arts Farese, Anthony; Ashland, MS; Lib. Arts; A Farrar. Margaret; Nashville. TN; Lib. Arts; AAA Farris. Timothy; Tupello, MS; Eng. Ferguson, Paula; Mantee, MS; Educ.; AAI1 Ferguson, Rubye; Hernando. MS; Educ. Filer, Susan; Clinton. MS; Bus. Finch. Amy; Brandon. MS; Educ.; KA Finch. Robert; luka. MS; Lib. Arts Fisher, Bobby; Drew, MS; Bus.; A Fletcher. Robert; Sardis. MS; Eng. Flora, Norma; Macon. MS; Educ.; Xfl Floyd. Mona; Memphis. TN; Eng. Force. D ; Nesbit. MS; Educ. Ford, Gordon; Memphis, TN; Bus. Forester, John; Holly Springs, MS; Bus. Fortenberry, Theresa; Garland, TX; Lib. Arts Fortune. Joan; Tremont. MS; Educ. Foster. Lantz; Natchez. MS; Bus.; K Franklin, Bridget; Batesville. MS; Bus.; AKA Franks, Judy; Mantachie, MS; Educ. Frederick. Edward; Tupelo. MS; Bus. Fugate. John; Jackson, MS; Bus.; A9 Fuller, Jeannette; Hernando. MS; Bus.; AKA Fulton, Hal; Lena, MS; Eng. Funkhouser, Jennifer; Collinsville. IL; Lib. Arts Gardner, Cassie; Aberdeen. MS; Bus. Garner. Teresa; Nashville. TN; Educ.; ZTA Garrett. Andrew; Alexandria. VA; Accy. Garrett. Mark; Jackson. MS; Bus. Garrison, Felicia; New Albany, MS; Educ. Garrity. Debra; Nesbit. MS; Lib. Arts Gatewood, Darrell; University. MS; Bus. Geho. Raze; Youngstown, FL; Eng. George. Melody; Natchez. MS; Bus. Germany. Gregory; Jackson, MS; Bus. X Ghalayini. Abdulhakim; Beirut, ZZ; Eng. Ghamlouch. Sami; University, MS; Eng. Gibson. Robert; Winona, MS; Lib. Arts Gibson. Sherry; Water Valley, MS; Bus.; Aon Gill. Michael; Houston, MS; Eng. Gill, Thomas; Raymond, Raymond. MS; Lib. Arts Gillespie. James; Jackson. MS; Lib. Arts Gilliland. Mary; Coldwater. MS; Bus.; AAA Gilvary. Elizabeth; University, MS; Bus. Giorgim Luke; University, MS; Lib. Arts Givhan, Jovernia; Greenville, MS; Lib. Arts Glasgow. Mary; Memphis. TN; Educ.; AAI1 Glidewell, Steve; Ripley, MS; Eng. Glisson, Lisa; Corinth. MS; Educ. Gober, Rhonda, Tupelo, MS; Bus. Goetz. Patricia; Jackson. MS; Bus.; KKF 390 SENIORS Hassan. Ali; University. MS: Eng. Haupt. Peter: Gulfport. MS: Lib. Arts Hawes. Teresa: Sikeston. MO; Educ.: KKT Hawkins. Keitti; Hernando. MS; Bus.: BZ Hays. Lisa; Memphis. TN: Lib. Arts Hearn. Harriet: Holly Springs. MS: Bus. Hearon. Kim; Memphis. TN: Accy.: Ml KBMB Heimann. Wayne: Evergreen Park. IL: Lib. Arts Goforth. Max: Oxford. MS: Lib. Arts Golden. Laurie: Memphis. TN: Accy.: AOn Goodwin. William: BatesviNe. MS: Lib. Arts Gordon. James: Bus.; K+ Gordon. Marcus; Union. MS: Lib. Arts Gorman. Philip: Germantown. TN; Bus. Goss. Nellie: luka. MS: U). Arts Grace. Anthony; Louisville. MS: Eng.: A A Graham. Mary; Crystal Springs. MS; Educ.: Gray. Kimberty; Memphis. TN: Educ.: KKT Green. Cheri; Dept. of State. DC; Bus. Green. Deborah: Natchez. MS: Educ.: Ml Green. Robert: Bus. Griffin. Darlean; Batesville. MS: Lib. Arts: T+A Griffin. Judi; Betden. MS: Accy. Griffis. Thomas: Meridian. MS: Accy.; A8 Gullick. Nancy: Holly Springs, MS: Educ. Gunn. Mark; EKsvMe. MS; Lib. Arts: ZX Gunter, Cabriefc; Verona. MS: Lib. Arts: KKT Haden. Cheryl: Booneville; Educ. Hadtey. Sara: Kilmrehael. MS: Educ. Hairston. Debra: Oxford. MS: Bus.: AZ8 Hall. Benitta: Winona. MS: Bus. Hal. John: Meridian. MS: Lib. Arts; ZZ Ha . Mary; Oxford. MS: Accy. Had. Rhonda; Plantersville. MS: Lib. Arts Hall. Stephanie; Columbus. MS: Lib. Arts Hallmark. Constance: Corinth. MS: Bus. Haltom. Joiner: Pascagoula. MS: Lib. Arts: Haltom. Mary: Pascagoula. MS: Educ.: AAI HamMn. James: Oxford. MS: Lib. Arts Hampton. Diane: Pontotoc. MS; Lib. Arts Hannaford. Gail; Calhoun City. MS: Educ. Hanson. Hugh: Bruce. MS: Bus. Hanson. James: Memphis. TN; Eng. Hardage. Regina: Carthage. MS: U). Arts; Harmon. Michael: Kosciusko. MS; Lib. Arts Harmon. Yvonne: Pontotoc. MS: Lib. Arts Harper. Jack; Jackson. MS: Accy.: ATB Harper. Susan: Memphis. TN: Bus.: Ml Harris. Revonda: Coldwater. MS: Eng ; OB4 Harris. Sharron: Clarksdale. MS: Bus. Harris. Tarasia: Oxford. MS: Bus.: A28 Harris. Wendy: Oxford. MS: Lib. Arts Hart. Julie: Jackson. MS: Educ. Hart. Mary: Sikeston. MO: Educ.; ZTA Me. Patricia: Pontotoc. MS; Educ. Harwell. James: Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts 391 Joe, Raymond; Marks, MS; Eng. Johnson, Craig: Indianola, MS; Bus. Hembree. George; Oxford, MS; Bus. Hemphill, Jana; Louisville, MS; Bus, Henick, Alda; Yazoo, City, MS; Lib, Arts Henry, Alma; Tupelo, MS; Educ. Henson. John; Jackson. MS; Lib. Arts; BSI1 Herring, Glenn; Walls, MS Hickey. John; Jackson. TN; Lib. Arts Hicks, Lisa; Nashville, TN; Bus. Hill, Douglas; Columbus. MS; Lib. Arts; A Milliard, Albert; Hernando, MS; Eng.; BS Hinrichs. Clark; New Orleans, LA; Lib. Arts Hinton, David; Jackson. MS; Bus.; ZN Hodges, Kempe; West, MS; Educ. Hoffman, James; Brooksville, MS; Lib. Arts Hogan. Daphne; Falcon, MS; Lib. Arts Holland. Holly; Jackson. MS; Educ.; AAI1 Holland. Jennifer; Memphis, TN; Accy. Holley, Myres; Corinth, MS; Bus. Holliday, Edward; Ripley. MS; Lib. Arts; ZN Hollowell, Wayne; Olive Branch, MS; Eng.; een Holman. Holly; Jackson, MS; Educ.; XS! Holmes. Elizabeth; Bay St. Louis, MS; Lib. Arts Homan, Lisa; Shannon, MS; Educ.; M Hood. Barry; Mooreville, MS; Bus. Hopper, Bradley; Tipersville. MS; Eng. Horsham. Gail; Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts House. Mary; Glen Arm, MD; Lib. Arts Houser, Mary; Marietta, GA; Educ.; ZTA Howard. Marsha; Florence. AL; Educ.; XQ Howell, James; Water Valley. MS; Bus.; ATO Howell. Shirley; New Albany, MS; Bus. Hu. Joanna; Hattiesburg, MS; Lib. Arts Hudgins. William; Jackson. MS; Bus. Hudson. Kathy; Oxford, MS; Accy. Huey. John; Belden. MS; Lib. Arts Huggins. Holly; Southaven, MS; Accy.; XS! Hughes. Harold; Oakland, MS; Lib. Arts Hughes, Peggy; Southaven. MS; Educ. Hunter. Raymond; Tupelo, MS; Lib. Arts Husseini. Ghassan; Eng. Ingalls. Lyle; Abbeville, MS; Eng. Ivy. Dianne; West Point, MS; Accy. Izadyar. Bahman; Eng. Jackson, Janice; Senatobia, MS; Bus. Jackson. Judy; Booneville. MS; Educ. Jackson. Shauneille; Holly Springs. MS; Educ. Jacobs, Robert; Bridgeport. WV; Lib. Arts James, Pamela; Oxford. MS; Bus. Jamieson. Douglas; Brentwood, TN; Eng. Jeffcoat, Jane; Lena, MS; Educ.; KKF Jefferson, Gary; Water Valley. MS; Lib. Arts: BZ Jenkins, Glenda; Greenville, MS; Lib. Arts Jenkins, Linda; Clarksdale, MS; Lib. Arts; AKA Jinnette. Steven; Nashville, TN; Lib. Arts; 392 SENIORS I W i Johnson. Kathy; Memphis. TN: Lib. Arts: AAn Johnson. Jacqueline: Friars Point. MS: Lib Arts Johnson. Karen: Oxford. MS: Accy Johnson. Leah: Greenville. MS: Lib. Arts Johnson. Linda: Booneville. MS: Lib. Arts Johnson. Martha: Clarksdale. MS: Educ.: AAA Johnson. Richard: Dyersburg. TN: Accy.: Jolly. PhiUip: Blue Springs. MS: Lib. Arts Jones. Alison: Meridan, MS: Lib. Arts Jones. Belinda: Nesbrtt. MS: Lib. Arts Jones. Brenda: Batesville. MS: Lib. Arts Jones. Dorsi; Oxford. MS: Bus. Jones, Melissa: Laurel. MS: Lib. Arts Jones. Richard: Columbus. MS: Lib. Arts Jones. Sherry; Corinth. MS; Educ. Jourdan. Raymond; luka. MS: Bus.: ZN Justice. Gordon; Long Beach. MS; Lib. Arts Kabban. Tina: Tupelo. MS: Eng. Kan ' gethe. Francis: Nairobi. ZZ: Lib. Arts Kanaan. Asern; Amman. Jordan: Eng Karlak. Laura: Jackson. MS: Lib. Arts Kavyas. Aphrodite: Oxford. MS: Lib. Arts Keebler. Daniel; Ocean Springs, MS: Lib. Arts Keen. William; Southaven. MS: Lib. Arts Kelly. Samuel: Mount Olive. MS: Accy : KT Kendricks. Scott: Clarksdale. MS: Lib. Arts: Ben Kennedy. Patrice; Houston. TX: Bus. Kent. Richard: Oxyka. MS; Bus.; KA Khdair. Khated; University. MS: Eng. KidweH, Kathryn; Memphis. TN; Educ. MM. Nancy; Oxford. MS: Bus. Kitchens. Pamela; Oxford. MS: Accy. Krtchens. Ronald; Oxford. MS: Eng. Knight. Victor; Stoughton. Wl; Lib. Arts: A Knight. Virginia: Greenwood. MS: Educ.: XQ Knowiton. Miriam; Oxford. MS; Lib Arts Knox. Tracy; New Albany. MS: Bus. Kremer. M : Gulfport. MS: Lib. Arts; KA Kyle. Robert; Memphis. TN; Bus.: X Kyzar. Jake: Ellisville. MS: Educ.: KZ Ladner. Cynthia: Oxford. MS; Educ. Lamb. Angela: Greenville. MS: Educ.: Ml Lantz. Gerald: Long Beach. MS; Eng. Lantz. Margaret: Memphis. TN: Educ. Larkin. Patricia: Martton. NJ; Lib. Arts Laubmeier. Susan; Long Beach. MS; Accy. Lauderdale. Frankie; Booneville. MS: Bus. Lawrence. Pamela: Brentwood. TN: Accy.: Lee. Wayne: Bossier City. LA; Eng. Legendre. Laurie: Covington. LA Ub. Arts; IIB Lence. Kenneth: Ripley. MS: Educ. Lesemann. James; White House. TN: Accy. Lewis. Annie: Sardis. MS: Educ. Liberto. 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MS; Eng. Tankersley. Gail: Jackson. MS: Educ.; MI Tamer . David: Tupelo. MS: Bus.; A Tate. Deborah: Sard . MS; Lib. Arts Tate. Michael; Vicksburg. MS: Lib. Arts Taylor, Ava: Brandon. MS; Bus. Taylor. Carole; Corinth. MS: Accy.: AAA Taylor. Donna: Corinth. MS; Educ. Taylor. Irma; Holy Springs. MS: Lib. Arts Taylor. Jacqueline: Southaven. MS: Educ. 399 Taylor. Junius; Olive Branch, MS; Educ. Taylor, Lisa; Jackson, MS Taylor, Rourger; Charleston, MS; Lib. Arts Terney. Kathy; Jackson, MS; Educ.; I1B Terry, Jeffrey; Canton, MS; Lib. Arts KA Tetley. Laura; Sikeston, MO; Bus.; KKF Tettleton, Robert; Oxford, MS; Lib. Arts; X Thiel. Theodore; Madison, MS; Bus. Thomas. Lori; Bement. IL; Lib. Arts; AAI1 Thomas, Paul; McComb, MS; Bus.; HKT Thomas, Tina; Yazoo City, MS; Accy. Thompson. Judy; Brandon, MS; Lib. Arts; AOH Thompson, Thomas; Memphis. TN; Bus.; ZN Throgmorton, Vicki; Sikeston. MO; Bus.; AAA Thurber. Margaret; Canton, MS; Lib. Arts Tindall. Angela; Salitllo. MS; Bus. Todd. 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Dana; Clarksville, TN; Bus.; I1B Waller. Cynthia; Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts Waller, Edward; Jackson, MS; Bus.; B8I1 Waller, Judy; Oxford. MS; Accy. Walsh, Timothy; Memphis, TN, Lib. Arts; K Wamble, Michael; Columbus, MS; Bus.; sen Wareham. Barbara Warner, Jennifer; Gaithersburg, MD; Educ. Warner, William; Nashville, TN; Bus.; X Warren. Mitzi; Jackson. MS; Lib. Arts; AAA Watson, David; Monroe. LA; Accy.; X Watts, Lisa; Raymond. MS; Bus. Wax, Bradley; New Orleans, LA; Bus. Webb. Connie; Tupelo, MS; Accy. 400 SENIORS Webb. Eugnee: Itta Bena. MS: Bus.: ZN Webb. Rickie: Cotdwater. MS: Bus. Wedgeworth. William: Long Beach. MS: " KT . Nancy: Clarksdale. MS: Lib. Arts: Welch. Suzanne: Clarfcsv e. TN; Accy.: AMI Welch. Thomas: Brookhaven. MS: Bus. West. Barry: Memphis. TN: Eng.; K+ Wheeler. Earl: Demon. TX: Eng. White. Catherine: Laurel. MS: Lib Arts: AAA White. Howard: Jackson. MS: Eng. White. Larry: Oxford. MS: Lib. Arts: A White. Sheha; Water Valley. MS: Lib. Arts: ASS Whitehead. Reginald: Greenville. MS; Lib. Arts Whitehead. Samuel; Collins. MS: Bus. Whitehead. Tommy; University. MS: Accy. Whin. Patricia; Arcola. MS: Bus. Whitten. Robert; Hemando. MS; Accy. Whctworth. Carraryn: Brandon. MS; Ub. Arts Wicker. Kathryn; Tupelo. MS: Lib. Arts: AAH WMkmson. Mark; Hemando. MS: Bus.; BT WHfcams. Alfred; Nashville. TN: Eng. Wamni. Carole: NashvMte. TN; Educ.; AT WWams. Claude; Senatobia. MS: Ub. Arts WNSams, David: Laruel. MS; Bus.: IN WMiams. James: Grenada. MS: Bus.; KZ waiams. James: Eng. , Margie: Ub. Arts ,. Paul; Nesbrt. MS; Eng. W ams. Renate: Thaxton. MS: Bus. Wamson. Donna: Coklwater. MS: Lib. Arts WMiamson. KeM: Madison. MS: Educ.: M WMkamson. Regina: Mendtnhai. MS: Lib. Arts Wilson. Anthony: Clarksdale. MS; Eng. Wing. Dale: Sledge. MS: Lib. Arts Wise. Donna: Pontotoc. MS: Educ. Wiseman. Lauren; Oxford. MS: Bus. Wotverton. Kim: Carthage. MS: Lib. Arts: IN Womack, Henry; Greenville. MS; Accy.; X Wong. Judith: Moorhead. MS: Accy. Wood. Katie: Natchez. MS; Bus.: Xfl Wood. Rosemary; Tupelo. MS: Lib. Arts Woods. Terry: Duck H . MS; Bus. Wooten. Louie; Tupelo. MS: Bus. Worthy. Wanda: GreenvMe. MS: Lib. Arts Wright. Jacqueline: Nesbitt. MS: Lib. Arts Wu. Young: Kuantan. Pahang: Eng. Yandel. Deel: Steete. MO: Educ. Yerrtrton. Byron: TaykxsvMe. MS: Eng. Yerverton. Sarah: Jackson. MS; Accy.: SB Young. Dense: Fairfiek). IL; Educ.; AMI Young. Evelyn; Wynne. AR: Lib. Arts: AT Young. James: Oxford. MS; Lib. Arts Young. Reta; Mantachie. MS; Educ. Zahn. Jeff; Sturgeon Bay. Wl; Lib. Arts Zapata. Ralf: Oxford. MS: Lib. Arts 2nf. Mahmoud: Eng. Zollar. Brian; Oxford. MS: Lib. Arts 401 Amacker, William R.: Poplarville, MS Amelung. Edwin; Greenwood, MS; Ki Atchinson, Jerre; Chester, IL Atkinson, Cheyenne P.; Canton, MS Austin, William; Oxford, MS Awada. Hassane; Belzoni, MS Ayers, George; Oxford, MS Baker, James E.; Grenada, MS Baker, LaRue, Brookhaven, MS Balducci. Allison; Shelby, MS Bane, Clint E. Ill; Brookhaven. MS Barnett, Judy; Vardaman, MS Beard, Memory Rone; Booneville, MS Benefield, Linda Little; Walls, MS Blackstock, Larry; Kosciusko, MS Blowe, Melissa; Yazoo City Boatwright, Emily A.; Millington, TN Bostick, Bennie K.; Philadelphia, MS Bounds, Leigh; Lawrence, MS Bowers, John Mark; Dyersburg, TN Bozeman, Steven R.; Union. MS Brewerton, Lanell; Greenwood, MS; ZTA Brooks, Dennis W ; Belden, MS Brooks. Kathy; Kennett, MD; AMI Brooks, Susan Stanford; Sputhaven, MS Brown, Susan; Crystal Springs, MS Bryant, Barry; Huntsville. AL Bucklew, Rebecca; Collins, MS Bullock, David; Bassfield, MS Burke, Holly; Biloxi. MS Byrd, James; University, MS Caffey, Pamela; Lambert, MS Camp, Karen L.; Olive Branch, MS Carter. Julie A.; Van Fleet, MS Cash, Rebecca; Columbus, MS Champ, Roger; Holcomb, MO Cheatham, Brad; Scooba, MS Chrestman, Richard: Clarksdale, MS Clement. Paula; Lexington, TN Conley. Charles Cowart, Tamara; Terrell, TX Cox, Cynthia; Gulfport, MS Cranford, Margaret; Mize, MS Cullum, Chris: Louisville. MS Cummins, Kelly R.; Vicksbury. MS Davis, George; Drew. MS Devaughn, Maria; Marietta, MS Dickey, Shannon; Columbus, MS PHARMACY Dickey. Sharon; Columbus. MS Oubravec. Donald: Christopher. IL Dykes. Brenda; McComb. MS Duncan. John David: Ripley. MS Edwards. Angela: Clarksdale. MS Edwards. Barbara: Ruleville. MS: M Edwards. Cathy: Richton. MS Edwards. James: Slidell. LA Edwards. Talitha: Grenada. MS Evans. Carla: Greenville. MS Ewing. Karen: Brooksvtlle. MS Ferracci. Kathleen: Shaw. MS Fern. Patricia: Cleveland. MS Royd. Robert: Booneville. MS Franklin. Gina: Brandon. MS Freeman, Britton: Richton. MS Fredrickson. Lydia; Sardis. MS Gatlin. Melissa: Brookhaven. MS Gerrard. Louie: Marks. MS Gibson. Jody: Vardaman. MS Gibson. Danny: Maiden. MO Gooey. Kenneth: Moselle. MS Gregory. David: Nashville. TN Guion. Angela: Yazoo City. MS Gunn. Michiel; Corinth. MS Guntharp. Keith: Fulton. MS Haines. James: luka. MS Hale. Gregory; Corinth. MS Hammond. A. Sidney. Jr.; Cleveland. MS Hardy. Rachael: Vicksburg. MS Hathcock. Cathy: Corinth. MS Haynes. Don H.: Lambert. MS Hem. Ann: Oxford. MS Heyer. Nancy; Corinth. MS Hoffman. John; Gulfport. MS Holhngsworth. Kevin; Hattiesburg. MS Holston. Harry; Pascagoula. MS Hoover. Eugene: Olive Branch. MS: X+ Home. Stephen; Lucedale MS Hughes. Bethany: Crystal Springs. MS Hull. Leslie: Chunky. MS Hurst. Julie: Oxford. MS lelaidms. Wendy: Selmer. TN Ingram. Vicki: Greenville. MS Jackson. Polly; McComb. MS; ZTA Jenkins. Robbi. Yazoo City. MS Jennings. Melinda: Louisville. MS Ju. Hiron; Greenwood. MS 403 Keith, Raymond; Purvis, MS; K King, James; Ripley, MS; AX Klepzig, Terry; Abbeville. MS Lane, Allen; Moss Point. MS Lassen. Kevin; Travelers Rest. SC Lavanway. Don: Lasalle, IL Lee. Gregory; New Hebron. MS Leggett. Helen; Greenwood, MS Lewis. Bobbie; Rosedale, MS Lewis, A. 0., Ill; Ros edale. MS Long, Scott; Philadelphia. MS Martin. Donna; Oxford, MS McAtee, Marketta; Senath. MO McCarty. Charlene; Media. PA McCoy. David; Indianola. MS McCoy. Sheila; Brookhaven. MS McLendon, Jimmy; Newton, MS McMellon, Paul: Escatawpa, MS McMillan. Margaret; Mendenhall, MS McNulty, Samuel; Holly Springs. MS Megason, Gerald; Gulfport. MS Metier, Barbara; Corinth, MS Michel. Martin; Poplar Bluff. MO Millard, Carolyn; Tullahoma, TN Mitchell, Sandra; Starkville. MS Mobley. Elizabeth; Holly Springs. MS Moore, Rebecca; Charleston, IL Moore, Sharon; Brooksville. MS Morgan, Sherry; Inverness, MS Morgan, Susan; Magee, MS Mullins, Timothy; Wesson, MS Murphy. Lisa; Byhalia, MS Murtagh, Cheryl; Tchula, MS Nanney. Daniel; Saltillo, MS Neal. William; Houston, MS Nemes, Joseph; Oxford, MS Noble, John; Canton. MS O ' Neal, Donald; Perkinston, MS Osborn, Gregory Ott. Karl; Doraville, GA Palmer, Raymond; Waynesboro, MS; KT Parker. Dona; Biloxi, MS Pleasant, Brenda: Brandon, MS Plovanich, Ede; Gautier, MS Poy, Lily; Canton, MS Proffer, Stephanie; Little Rock, AR Rains, Francis; Pascagoula, MS; KT Ramsey, Larry; Pontotoc. MS PHARMACY Reed. Faith; Louisville. MS Reed. Walter: HendersorniHe. TN Rego. James: Gautwr. MS Rew. Jimmie: Jackson. MS Reynolds. Constance: Florence. AL Risher . Lester: Enterprise. MS Robbins. Janet: CHimbia. MS Rowsey. Angelia: Courtland. MS Rutherford. Lawrence: Kosciusko. MS Savell. Wayne: Pascagoula. MS Scardino. Debbie: Pass Christian. MS Schmidt. Ted: Pass Christian. MS Schoenoff. Kurt: Batesville. MS Scon. Tamara. Memphis. TN Seal. Sidney; Philadelphia. MS; ATQ Scale. Dorothy: Holly Springs. MS Scale. Kirk; Tupelo. MS Shoaf. Kathryn: Jackson. MS; AOfI Sit. Ronnie: Vicksburg. MS Smith. Gary: Meridian. MS Srnitti. Herman; Bf ooW " 3vcn, MS Smith. Keith: Mendenhal. MS Smith. Staoe: Greenwood. MS Smith. Tim: Corinth. MS: JN Soldevila. Dale: Clarkesdale. MS Sparks. Teresa: Oxford. MS SMI. Sally: Fayette. AL ThreadgMI. Misti: Bioloxi. MS Tisdate. Elizabeth: Ellisv e. MS long. Teresa: Pearl. MS Tremmel, Jacob: Bitoxi. MS Turner. Juanrta: Mendenhal. MS Vinson. Robert: Jackson. MS Waits. Barry: Sumrall. MS Wakham. Mancel; Drew. MS Waldnp. Harold: Sardis. MS Walker. William: Jackson. MS Watson. Sylvia; Hattiesburg. MS Weed. Carol; Batesville. MS Whitehead. Clayton; Newton. MS Whitten. Desiree: Oxford. MS Wigmgton. Teresa: Blue Springs. MS Wilson. Cynthia: Rutevfle. MS Wilson. Simon: Wiggins. AL Winter. Danrta: Jackson. MS Wong. John: Moorehead. MS Wong. Richard: Ctarksdate. MS Woolf. Reginald: Fulton. MS Wright. Brenda: Boonevide. MS Wyatt. Sherry: Wavetend. MS York. W am; Holly Springs. MS Zepponi. Diame: Leland. MS Ziegter. Ricky: Lexington. MS 405 Adamovich. Daniel; Oxford, MS; Grad. Akbar, Rehman; Karachi, Pakistan; Grad. Akeel, Saleti; Houston, TX; Grad. All. Manaf; Baghdad. Iraz; Grad. Baker, Kenneth; Tupelo, MS; Grad. Basden, Sharia; Oxford. MS; Grad. Basma, Adnan; Tyre. Lebannon; Grad. Bass. Mary; Crystal Springs, MS; Grad. Beasley, Martin; Oxford, MS; Grad. Bell. Monica; Coffeville, MS; Grad. Benefield, Travis; Fort Payne; Grad. Bente, Lisa; Bethesda. MD; Grad. Blakely. Kathy; Senatobia, MS; Grad. Blanchard, Patricia; Magnolia, AR; Grad. Bontemps, Joseph; Bay St. Louis. MS; Grad. Bost, Edward; Oxford. MS: Grad. Bronaugh, Ann; Waynesboro, MS; Grad. Brown. Debra; Little Rock. AR; Grad. Bulsterbaum, Allison; University, MS; Grad. Calhoun, Mark; University. MS; Grad.; KA L Caraway. Mark; Jackson, MS; Grad. Garden, James; Oxford. MS; Grad. Garden, Linda; University, MS; Grad. Carrion. Israel; Arecibo, PR; Grad. Cates, Patricia; Atlanta, GA; Grad.; ZTA Chou, Elaine; Taipei, ZZ; Grad. Coats, Daryl; Taylorsville, MS; Grad. Collins, Patrick; University, MS; Grad. Conwill. Daniel; Gulfport. MS; Grad. Corbrtt, Mary; Calhoun City. MS; Grad. Cults, Teresa; Cleveland, MS; AMI Dowd, Arleen; University, MS; Grad. Eisenbeis, Patricia. Nesbit. MS; Grad. EI-Hadad, Ahmed; El-Shiekh, ZZ; Grad. Emmanuelli. Carmen; Guess 207; Grad. Emmanuelli, Hilda; Ponce, PR; Grad. Enslin. Tammy; Bartlett, TN; Grad. Ertle. Marilyn; Bentonia, MS; Grad. Evans, Trese; Greenwood. MS; Grad. Ferguson. Kennon; Bruce, MS; Grad. Filipovic. Srdan; Oxford, MS; Grad. Fortune, Linda; Memphis, TN; Grad. Fowler, Janice: Greenwood. MS; Grad. Furniss, Vernon; Rena Lara, MS; Grad. Gilliland. Holice; University. MS; Grad. Gray, Ronnie; Natchez, MS; Grad. Hallberg, Charles; Memphis. TN; Grad. Hamblin, Ernestine; Calhoun City. MS; Grad. Hammond, Mike; Beebe. AR; Grad. Hardin. Henry; Lexington, KY; Grad. Harlan, William; Oxford, MS: Grad. KS Haynes, James; Batesville. MS; Grad. Heard, Carolyn; Baton Rouge, LA; Grad. Hemvachiravarakorn. Niwes; Bangkok, Thailand; Grad. Hendrix. Phillip; Oxford, MS; Grad.; IX Hendrix, Steve; Lexington, KY; Grad. Hoffman, Cynthia. Angie; LA; Grad. Holland, Lynn; Hickory Flat. MS; Grad. I Hord, Oliver; Hattiesburg. MS; Grad. I Houston, Annice; Brandon, MS; Grad. Khaleghdar, Masoumeh; Antioch, TN; Grad. , Kim, Chang; Seoul, Korea; Grad. Knox, Tracy; Memphis, TN; Grad. Koh, See; Singapore. China; Grad. Kuo. Horng-Ching; Taipei. China; Grad. Kwok. Wai-Sing; Wong Tai Sin. Hong Kong; Grad. - ' . Ming; Mitchelville. MD: Grad. -ukas, Clarissa; Gulfport, MS; Grad. l.adiebo. Emmanuel: University. MS; Grad vlazzanti. Karen; Lake Village. AR; Grad UcBride, Tanya; University. MS; Lib. Arts rtcGrath, Melanie; Pascagoula. MS dcMullen. Mary; Ackerman, MS Morgan, Robert; University, MS kelson, Timothy; Caledonia. MS; Educ. tematbakhsh, Mehdy; University, MS; Eng. Jemati, Seyed; University, MS; Grad. Uganda, John; Nairobi, Kenya; Grad. Nicholas, Michael; Cardiff. CF41NL; Grad. Nicholas. William; Oxford, MS; Accy. 406 GRADUATES Norwood. Malcolm: Cleveland. MS: Grad. Okeke. Cyril: University. MS; Grad. Parke. Mary: Picayune. MS: Grad. Perry. Dwane: Dermott AR; Grad. PhMppart. Catherine: Oxford. MS: Grad. Pinter. Michael: Mornlton. AR: Grad. Pyatt. Jacqudn. Oxford. MS: Grad. Pyatt. Kevin: Oxford. MS: Eng. Rescho. Joyce: Wfliamsville. IL: Grad. Bobbins. Karen: Oxford. MS: Lib. Arts Ross. Tina: Hemando. MS: Grad. Salem. Anza: Grad. Seto-Ojeme. Patricia: Benin City. Nigeria: Grad. Shakir. Husain: Badaun. India: Grad. ShaKer. Saed: Grad. Shohadaee. Ahmad: University. MS: Grad. Simpson, tide : Winona. MS: Lib. Arts 01 !!! j; University. MS: Grad Sww. Kuan: Singapore: Grad. Sisakun. Siphan; Bangkok. Thailand: Eng. Smith. Charles: Hemando. MS: Lib. Arts; OK Smith. Elizabeth: Jackson. MS: Grad.: KA Strzaker. Thomas: Spartanburg.SC: Grad. Swanson. Jon: Henderson yille. MS: Grad. Sylianco. Lorraine: Quezon City: Grad. Terry. Robert: Huntsv e. AU Grad. Torres. Epifanio: Ponce. PR: Grad. Towter. Kenneth: Lynchburg. VA: Grad. Umeh. Joseph: Anambra State. 22: Grad. Vardaman. Jams: luka. MS: Grad. Wallace. Bettie: Indianapolis. IN: Grad Wanker. Tris: Jackson. MS: Grad Weaver. Ronald: Atlanta. GA: Grad. Webb. Thomas: Forest. MS: Grad. Weir. Kenneth: Grenada. MS: Eng. White. Stacy: Itxtonola. MS: Eng. Widoer. Lisa: Alpena. AR: Grad WMey. Ronnie: Oxford. MS: Grad.: A A Wilkinson. Steven: Lambert. MS: Grad. Yacoub. Fadi: Beirut LE: Grad. I 407 A Aaron, James Victor 272-273 Aaron. Thomas Keith 272-273 Abel, Tuddy Manmae 248-49 Abington William Kennedy III 274-75 Abney, Teresa Ann 220-21 Abraham, Suzanne Louise 248-49 Abston Frank Norfleet 260-61 Acker, Leigh Elizabeth 248-49 Acred, Jeffrey Tyson 266-67 Adams. Deborah Lee 238-39 Adams, DeJuan Patrice 194 Adams, Laurel 184-185 Adams, Mary Virginia 236-7 Adams, Paul III 274-75 Adams, Peggy Keylon 236-7 Adams, Rosemary 236-7 Adams, Sue Howell 236-7 Adcock. Clay Douglas 278-9 Adcox. John Edward 244-45 Adcox, Norman Farrell 244-45 Adkins. Elizabeth Lynne 248-49 Adkins. Susan Elizabeth 176 Agnew. Alexander Hanton 230-31 Agostinelli, Gma Marie 246- 47. 184-185 Aikm, David Campbell 274- 75. 136 Aikins. John William Davis 244-45 Aills. Jackson Lamberth 244-45 Aker. Shannon Edward 272-73 Akins, Chris William 260-61 Aldridge. Vincent Wallace 144 Alexander. Jon Phillip 254-55 Alexander. Nancy Anne 268-9 Alford, John Warner 244-45 Alford, Kare 224-25 Alford. Tom Swayze 244-45 Allan. Patricia Ann 236-7 Allen. Andrew Perkins 228-29 Allen. Anne 224-225 Allen, Jimmy Thomas 282-83 Allen, Martha Whitney 238-39 Allen, Susan Gale 268-9 Allgood, Tracy Carol 236-7 Allison, Peggy Lorene 270-71 Alston. Angela 254-55 Altenbern, Jeffrey Marsh 228-29 Alvarado, Frances Lynn 224-25 Ambort. Steven Neal 276-7 Amenkhienan. Felix Ehichoya 191 Ames. Kathryn Paige 268-9 Anderson, Amanda R.B. 236-7 Anderson. Deborah Lyn 246-47 Anderson. Erns Moses Jr. 266-67 Anderson. Fritz William II 244-45 Anderson, Lisa Renee 314 Anderson. Marty Todd 230-31 Anderson. Nancy Gail 268-9 Anderson. Sallie Kate 232-33 Anderson. Stacey Denise 232-33 Andrews, Leslie Annette 236- 7.96,97,290 Andrews, Mary Kimberly 236-7 Andy. Maria L. 220-21 Andy. Patrick Murphy 266-67 Angle. Timothy Ramsay 244-45 Ansorge. Jennifer Lynne 246-47 Apple. Julia Graham 232-33 Arnold. Laura Michelle 224-25 Arnold. Robert James III 314 Arnold. Susan Elizabeth 246-47 Arrington. Nancy Page 236-7 Arnngton, Smiley Eugene 228-29 Arrington, Susan Ann 236-7 Arthur. Andrew Wilson Jr. 244-45 Ashley. Don Duane Jr. 230-31 Atkins, Burgess Lee 202 Atkins. Leigh Madden 248-49 Atkinson, Eric Wayne 254-55 Aurell, Trella Shea 220-21 Aust, Alan Brian 272-73 Aust, Bruce Edward 266-67 Austin, Alicia Michelle 248-49 Austin. Brian Miles 228-29 Austin, Richard Kent 117, 119 Austin, Sharon Marie 314 Austin, William Howard 272-73 Axton. Michael James 254-55 B Babin. Thomas Michael 276-7 Bahm. Shelli Elizabeth 224-25 Bailey. Benjamin Thomas 244-45 Bailey, Dayne Elizabeth 248-49 Baine. William Joseph 274-75 Baker. Carolyn 232-33 Baker. Donna Danielle 232-33 Baker. James Logan 260-61 Baker. Malcolm Ray 282-83 Baker. Marc Reed 272-73 Baker. Margaret Helen 236-7 Baker. Virginia Ann 232-33, 294 Baker, William Clair 244-45 Baladi, Zena Anna 224-25 Balch, Victor Denton 240-41 Balducci. Allison Judith 224-25 Balfour. Betty L. 191 Ballard, Fred Curry Jr. 276-7 Ballard, Sylvia Estelle 224-25 Banks, Cynthia Ann 268-9 Banks, Melvin 191 Banks. Susan Lynn 220-21 Barbee. Thomas Bradley 272-73 Barbiero. Denise Celeste 138 Barbiero, Karen 138 Barbour, Charles Allen 274-75 Barbour, Henry LeFlore 274-75 Barkley, Barbera Hollowell 232-33 Barnes. David Lee 260-61 Barnes. Emily Belle 238-39. 294.314.217 Barnes, Kerry Arbin 230-3 1 Barnes. Richard Lee 144 Barnes, Susan Baird 236-7 Barnett. Laura Lee 268-9 Barrier, Hilary Taylor III 274-75 Barren, John David 278-9 Barry, Charles Stewart IV 228-29 Bartle, Brenda 270-71 Bartram, Simon Christopher 136 Basinger, David Ray 244-45 Bass. David Kelly 146 Bat. Betty Lynn 202. 238-9. 294. 314 Bates. Lisa Susan 270-71 Battaile, Julianne 246-47, 159,290.294 Battle, David Woodson 192 Baumhauer, William C. 254-55 Beacham. Harry Felder Jr. 276-7 Bean. Richard Louis Jr. 274-75 Bean, Robert Tendall 266-67 Beard. John L. 254-55 Beasley. Tracey Lynn 194 Beauregard. Judith Anne 248-49, 203 Beaver, Melmda Jeanne 201 Becherer, Thomas Luther 254-55 Beck, William Andrew 244-45 Becker. Edward Williamson 276-7 Beckner, Joseph Edward 280-81 Bee, Elizabeth Moncrief 232-33 Belcher, Christina Kyle 270-71 Belcher, Suzanne Denise 232-33 Belenchia, Marcia Ann 314 Bell, Jerry Van Jr. 272-73 Bell. Julia Brooks 268-9 Bell. Moreland Bmford 274-75 Bell, Samuel Byron 278-79 Bell, Susan Virginia 268-9 Bellar. Sharon Elizabeth 142 Benefield. Patricia Ann 238-39 Bennett. Bobby Gene Jr. 230-31 Bennett. Dolly Chase 246-47 Bennett. Douglas Daniel 278-9 Bennett. John William 280-81 Bennett, Laurie Ann 268-9 Benson. Vicki Ann 248-49 Bert, Paula M. 220-21 Bertolet. Robert Todd 228-29 Bertolet.Toni Jill 268-9 Bethany, Kate Lawrence 224-25 Betts, Mary Leslie 248-49 Bexley, William Earl 274-75 Biasatti. Michelle Marie 270-71 Bickerstaff. Margaret Quay 220-21. 171 Bickerstaff. Susan Lucille 236-7 Biedenharn. Eva Marie 246-47 Biggers. Susan Adrienne 236-7 Billings, Mary Lynne 220-21 Birdsong, Ellen Clark 236-7 Bishop, Christopher Brian 278-9 Bishop, Lori Taylor 248-49 Bishop, Lynn Standal 268-9 Bivins, Jeffrey Scott 152 Black, Katharine Presley 268-9 Blackmarr, David Hamlin Jr 276-7 Blackmon, Rebecca Anne 232-33 Blair, James William 202 Blair, Shelley Ann 246-47 Blair. Thomas Brownlee Jr. 260-61 Blake. Kelly Jean 238-39. 171 Blake, William Anthony 280-81 Blalock, Jeffrey Wilborn 276-7 Bland. Robert Micheaux 276-7 Blasingame, Hubert Ray Jr. 266-67 Blassingame. Jimmy Guy 230-31 Blue, Valarie Lynn 270-71 Boa, Molly Rodman 268-9 Boehm, Brenda Ann 270-7 1 Bogdahn, Joseph Richard 228-29 Boggs, David Ray 254-55 Bolin, Kelly Daniel 272-73 Bolin, Tammy Ranae 238-9 Bolt. Robinson Carter 228-29 Bolton, Leigh Ann 268-9 Bond. Jeffrey Brent 278-9 291.295 Bonds. Bettie Ailene 224-25 Bonds. Carla Renee 224-25 Bonds, Larry Odom Jr. 244-45 Bonds. Robert Alexander III 272-73 Bonner. Elizabeth Ann 268-9 Book. Laura Lee 220-21 Boone, Douglas Roy 276-7 Boone, Lisa Lynee 248-49 Booth, Patrick Kenneth 228-29 Boothe. Melinda Kay 236-7 Borne. Michael J. 240-41 Bottarini. James Steven 266-67 Bouldm, Mahlon Cooper 228-29 Bourne, Sam Lloyd Jr. 260-61 Bowen, Barbara Lynn 268-9, 184-185 Bowers, Ernest David 274-75 Bowles, Steven Lynn 244-45 Bowman, Elizabeth Anne 232-33, 184-185 Boyd, David Garland 254-55 Boyd. James Marion II 282-83 Boyd. Russellan Paige 270-71 Boyer, Emily Delm 238-39 Boyers. Tracey Elizabeth 224-25 Braddock. Schuyler, Jackson 236-7. 171 Braden, Steven Charles 276-7 Bradford. Billy Keith 228-29 Bradford, chrystal Lee 248-49 Bradford, Marianne 246-47 Bradford. Martha Wade 236-7 Bradley, Bedford Carlton 274-75 Bradley, Carla Huston 236-7 Bradley. Jerri Lamar 224-25 Brady, Amanda Carter 232-33 Brady. Annabelle Smith 232- 33. 109 Brady. Becky Burdette 232-33 Brady. Joseph Armon Jr. 254-55 Bramlitt, Mary Kathryn 238-39 Brand. Walter James 276-77 Brankstone, Ruth Currie 270-71 Brantley, Shelby Karl Jr. 278-79 Branum. Jean Lawrence 232-33 Branum. John Barnett 276-7 Brasfield. Craig Burrow 146 Brasfield. Mary Catherine 232-33 Brasher, Laura Lee 246-47 Brashier, John Rodgers 244-45 Braswell, Frances Elizabeth 232-33 Brawner. William Cary 230-31 Breckmridge. Phillips Robertson 274-75 Breeding. Elizabeth Lee 270-71 Brennan, Michael Joseph 244-45 Brent. Alvin Eugene III 260-61 Brent. Melanie Rose 268-9 Brevard, Ann Daniel 246-47 Brewer, Jennifer Olivia 248-49 Bridgers, Robert Dewitt 266-67 Bridges, Billy Gene Jr. 254-55 Brmkley. Amy Elizabeth 238-39 Brister, Frank Lutz III 144, 145 Brock, Miller Lee 240-41 Brock, Tyler M. 240-41 Brockman, Eric James 240-41 Brooks, Beverly Dawn 248-49 Brooks, Frankie Elaine 130 Brooks, Marilyn Shrene 130, 135 Brooks, Ronald Edward 187 Brower, Ronny Joe 228-29 Brown, Donna Grace 224-25 Brown, Frances Melissa 220-21 Brown. James Stephen 278-79 408 Brown. Jamie John 220-21 Brown. John Benjamine 274-75 Brown. Karen Lynn 224-25 Brown. Larry Eugene 126 Brown. Laura Michelle 248-49 Brown. Lisa Martine 224-25 Brown. Marsha Lynn 282-83 Brown. Raymond Lloyd Jr. 260-61 Brown. Rex Stanley 228-29 Brown. Susan Leigh 220-21. 201 Brown. Terri Jo 246-47 Brown. Thomas Patrick 276-7 Brown. Walton Eliot 276-7 Browning. Jesse Robert Jr. 228-29 Browning. Mary Lisa 224-25 171 Bryant. Elizabeth Herron 246-47 Bryant, Errol Joseph 144 Bryant. Steven Speed 260-61 Buchanan. Joseph Micheal 244-45 Buckley. Bethany Anderson 232-33. 228-29 Buckner. George Anderson 126 Bucy. Mary Ann 220-21 Buehler. Elizabeth Dale 246-47 Buffmgton. Lorie Kay 246-47 Bump. Dawn Elizabeth 224- 25. 184-185 Bumpas. William Wallace 144 Burdm. David Elvm 272-73 Burford. Donna Kay 224-25 Burge. Louis Hawkins 260-61 Burke. Susan Eileen 248-49 Burke. Virginia Ellen 248-49 Burkitt. Lee Anne 238-39 Burks. Gregory W. 272-73 Burleson. Ben Patrick 230-31 Burnett. Charles Robert 260-61 Burnett. Elizabeth Eddleman 236-7 Burney. Tammy Lynne 268-9 Burnham. Robert Conner 260-61 Burrell. Jack Luse Jr. 230-31 Burress. Gregory Alan 228-29 Burrow. Jennifer Yvonne 238-39. 171 Burrow. John Daniel 295 Burrow. Patricia 236-7 Burson. Richard Otis 230-31 Burton. Steven Edward 260-61 Burton. Tamara Lynne 224-25 Busby. Charles Alan 186 Busby. Elizabeth Sue 238-39 Buskirk. Janice Gayle 268-9 Butler. Heard 246-47 Butler. James Hilton Jr. 276-7 Butler. Jeffrey Scott 244-45 Butler. Julie Claire 248-49 Butler, Mitzi Morrow 236-7 Buzhardt, Horace Emerson Jr. 244-45 Bynum. James Robert 260-61 Bynum. Susan Leigh 238-39 Byrd. Charles Holloway 254-55 Byrd. Joy Shawndus 238-39 Byrum, Susan 246-47 c Cady, James Donald Jr. 276-7 Caffey. Pamela Ruth 203 Cain. Charles Henley 266-67 Caldwell. J. Bnce 272-73 Caldwell. Katherine Crane 220-21 Caldwell. Kimberly Joyce 268-9 Caldwell. Thurman Veazey 274-75 Callier. Elizabeth Alyson 232-33 Campbell. Charles Glenn 272-73 Campbell. Gray Mooring 276-7 Campbell. Paul Christopher 272-73 Campbell. Stephen Dennon 228-29 Canfield. Keith Michael 230-31 Canty. Christina Wells 1 7 1 . 201.202 Capps. Kathy Jean 268-9 Caraway. Gregg Alan 260-61 Caraway. Lauren Beth 232-33 Carman. Janice Lynne 224-25 Carmichael. Gilbert Scott 272-73 Carnathan, Alice Kay 246-47 Carnes. Troy Matthew 260-61 Case. Robert Marion Jr. 272-73 Cassreino. Terry Robert 282-83 Castleman. Stephen Paul 230-31 Cate. Sherry Ann 246-47. 171 Gates. Dorothy Louise Buttons 238-39. 203 Causey. Wyndel Elizabeth 268-9 Cervantes. Karen Virginia 236-7 Cesare. Barbara Carol 268-9 Chadick. Ira Alvin III 272-73 Chaffe. William Bryan 260-61 , 136. 137 Charfin. Sherry Louise 220-21 Chain. BelaJ. 111228-29 Chain. Thomas Sidney 228-29 Chambers, Samuel Keith 266-67 Champion. Jimmy Kemp 230-31 Champion. John William 244-45 Champion. Kimberly Dean 268-9 Champion. Laura Ruth 246- 47. 201 Chaney. Carl Jesse 295 Chaney. Mark Stephen 266-67 Chapin. Ellen Marie 314 Chapman, Caroline Hope 232-33 Chapman. Laura Klingman 236-7 Childers. Mary Beth 268-9 Childress. David Arthur 228-29 Christian. John Calvin Jr. 260-61 Christian. Mark Kendall 230-31 Carney. John Henry 240-41 Cianciola. Carol Lynn 248-49 Carney. Robert Eugene 282-83 Carothers. Laura Dyer 248-49 Carothers, Virginia Lynn 248-49 Carpenter, Dayne Kyle 270- 71. 171 Carr. Natalie Lynn 238-39 Carr. Virginia Elise 236-7 Carroll. Catherine Rivers 232-33 Carroll. Georgie Taylor 232-33 Carroll. Marian Barrett 232-33 Carson. Danelle Renee 246-47 Carter. Brenda Kaye 171. 191 Carter. Catherine Lynn 270-71 Carter. Cynthia Cornne 268-9 Carter. Dixie Lee 248-49 Carter. Jeanne Elaine 224-25 Carter. John Todd 276-7 Carter. Mary Virginia 268-9 Carter. Timothy James 228-29 Carter. Virginia Leigh 232-33 Cartlidge Perry Leneal 144 Carver. Lisa Anne 220-21 Clark. Angela 102. 238-9. 291.295 Clark. Carlos Dewayne 126. 129 Clark. James Littlefield 274-74 Clark. James Thomas III 244-45 Clark. Kelly Paul 230-31 Clark. Lisa Gail 248-49 Clark. Nelson Lee 230-31 Clark. Steve Kelly 266-67 Clark. William Wayne 244-45 Clarke. Jennifer Grace 246-47 Clegg. Philip Claude 272-73 Clement. Robert Lee 272-73 Cleveland. Count Rae 248-49 Climer, Timothy Thomas 244-45 Cobb. Deborah Carol 236-7 Cobb. Guy Franke 254-55 Cochran, Robin Crane 236-7 176 Coffield. Dallas Biggs III 228-29 Coffield. Patricia Colleen 270-71 Coffin. Robert Anthony III 254-55 Cofield. Glenn Walton 244-45 Coghlan, Kenneth Harold 126 Coker. Delia Meade 238-39 Coker. Robert Eddins 260-61 Colbert. Christy Lane 238-39 Colbert. Emily Ann 224-25 Cole. Allison Elaine 248-49 100 Cole. Darren John 140 Cole. James Albert 278-79 Cole. Robert Jeffrey 272-73 Coleman. Carol Denise 224-25 Coleman, David Christopher 272-73 Coleman, Linda Faye 192 Coleman. Robert Willie 278-79 Colingo. Johnette Suzanne 246-47 Colingo. Kelly Ann 246-47 Collins. Laura Lynne 232-33 Collins. Patrick Shamus 278-79 Collins, Thomas Nicholas 278-9 Colmer. James Henry Jr. 146 Comer. Karen Leigh 238-39 Commander, Dara Leanne 270-71 Condra. James Jeffrey 230-31 Coney, Charles Van 240-41 Connell. Coleman B. 274-75 Connell. Edna Sykes 236-7 Conner, Eugenia Ladrich 130. 132. 133. 134 Conwill. Mary Ashley 248-49 Cook. Brian Carlton 228-29 Cook. Carol Christine 246-47 Cook. Elaine Jeanette 238-39 Cook. Kyle P atterson 240-41 Cook. Robert Calvin 228-29 Cooke. Charles Edward 274-75 Cooke. Elizabeth Louise 236-7 Cooke, Victoria Ellen 224-25 Coolidge. Sherri L. 246-47 Cooper. Charles Lynn 278-79 Cooper. Karen Diane Sanders 314 Coopwood, John Scott 244-45 Copley. Dawn Irene 224-25 Copponex. Richard Joseph 260-61 Corban. Joanna Boyd 238-39 Corbin, John R. 254-55 Copey. Brenda Ann 268-9 Corley. Elinor Leigh 246-47 Corr. Angela 236-7 Corso. Thomas Steven 260- 61. 184. 185 Corwin. Gabrielle Denise 268-69 Cossar. Connie Lee 236-7 Cossar. Finney Elizabeth 236-7 Cossar. George Payne III 278-9 Cossar. Lee Pepper 278-9 Costley, William Lewis III 230-31 Cotros. Margaret Ann 232-33 Gotten, Lant Weeks 244-45 Couch. Jerry Keff 280-81 Coward. John Wallace 260-61 Cox. Diane Elizabeth 248-49 Cox. John Philip 282-83 Cox. Justin Lamar 272-73 Cox. Keith A. 254-55 Cox. Mark Edwin 260-61 Cox. Richard Barry 274-75 Cox, Robert Irvin 272-73 Cox. Sandra Kay 201 Cox, Susan Lowry 248- 49 Cox, Teresa Ann 268-9 Craig. Carol 238-39 Craig. Charles William 274-75 Craig. Charlotte Lewis 248-49 Craig. Mark Harris 276-7. 192 Craig, Michael Robert 266-67 Craig. Vikki Lynn 130. 133 Grain, Barry Lyn 276-7 Grain. Ellen Harrell 224-25 Cranz. William Plunkett III 254-55 Crawford. Edward Kipley 244-45 Crawford. Emily Renee 224-25 Crawford, Wendy Lynne 248-49 Creekmore. Ann Ashley 232-33 Creekmore. Elizabeth Radford 232-33 Crenshaw. Catherine Bess 246-47 Crenshaw. Frances Gates 232-33, 159 Crews. James Mortimer III 260-61 Crews. Jennifer Long 248-49 Crick, Gene Ellis Jr. 260-61 Crihfield. Lisa Renee 224-25 Critchlow. Amy Carol 232-33 Crocker, Amanda Dawn 224-25 Cronin. Gregory Earl 228-29 Cropp, Karen Ann 236-7 Crosby, Chantel Carla 238-39 Crosthwait, Elizabeth Gail 232-33 Crotchett. Lisa Beth 248-49 Crowe. Miller Martin 244-45 Crumpton. Deborah Jean 152 Crumpton, Mark Boiling 260-61 Crunk. Ewen Webb III 278-9 Crunk, Melody Luanne 238-39 Crutcher. Paul Williams 186. 292. 295. 274-275 Crystal. Paula Kay 248-49 Cuicchi, Susan Diane 238-39 Culbertson, Kimberly Elen 270-71 Cullison, David Clay 282-83 Cullum, Craig Lamar 278-9 Cumberland. Pamela Margaret 220-21 Cummings. Belinda Deneise 222-3 Cummings. Charles Mark 278-79 Cunningham. Joel B. 230-31 Cunningham. Jon Ellis 276-7 Curci, Angela Marisa 248-49 Curci. Mary Theresa 248-49 Currie. Don Howard 187 Currie. Robert Rodes 274-75 Curtis. Daphne Dianne 171 Curtis. Sandra Lelia 268-9 Curtler. Elizabeth Ager 296. 217.238-239 Curtler. Julia Loucks 238-9 4O9 D Dale. Thomas D. 228-29 Danciu, Mark Leonard 254-55 Dandurand, Jeff James 140, 272-73 Daniel, Clarence Earl 144 Danner. Karen Ann 248-49 Darby, Allen Lyn 146 Darnell, Melissa Ruth 236-7 Dater, Suzanne Ondine 268-9 Davant, Rebecca Allison 286-87 Davidson, Jeffrey Hugh 282-283 Davidson, Pamela Lynn 194 Davis, Arthur Gerald Jr. 158, 292,314 Davis, Brenda Lynne 246-47 Davis, Brian L. 207 Davis, Cynthia Lynne 246-47 Davis D ' Ann Renee 286-87 Davis. Ellen Susie 232-33 Davis. Herbert Darryl 260-61 Davis, James Steven 230-31 Davis, Jonathan Stuart 230-31 Davis, Joseph Preston 244-45 Davis, Melissa Joy 314 Davis, Robert Rothe 240-41 Davis, Suzanne Johnston 236-7 Dawkins, John Earl III 278-9 Dawson, Malinda Catherine 286-87 Day, Daniel Triplett 274-75 Day. Lou Anne 270-71 Day, William Robert 276-7 Dean, Jacqueline Kim 220-21 Dean, Robert Wesson Jr. 228-29 Dear, Deanna Susan 270-71 Dearman, Raymond Marion Jr. 244-45 Dearman, Rebecca Rhodes 268-9 Deaton, Dara Lane 232-33 Dees, Michael Anthony 144-145 Delashmet, Wilbur Pemble 272-73 Dell, Eric Drew 230-31 Deloach. Jerry Lynn 191 Delong, Fred Cole III 276-7 Delozier, Christy Ann 270-71 Dendy, Katrina Ann 286-87 Denney, Bruce Ainsworth 244-45 Dennis, Mark Edward 146 Dent, John Hayes 274-75 Denton, Julie Michele 246-47 Denton, Margarette 246-47 Denton, William Boyette 153 Derbes, Erin Stephany 270-71 Derivaux, Diane 232-33. 201 Derryberry, Deanna 246-47 Derryberry, Martha Ingram 224-25 Devoe, Richard Lee 274-75 Dewan. Raman Nath 240-41 Diaz, Joni Jane 286-287, 314 Dick, Janet Louise 220-21 Dick. Lisa Michelle 246-47 Dickerson. Heather L. 246-47 Dickerson, Kathleen 270-271 Dickerson, Muriel Stacey Kay 246-47 Dickerson, Wayne Lewis 244-45 Dickinson, Laura Ellen 232-33 Dickson, Robin Lynn 286-87 Dillard. Jean Elizabeth 248-49 Dilworth, Danny Ladrun 140 230-31 Dixon. Deanne 248-49 Dixon, Mary Margaret 248-49 Dixon, Melanie Anne 248-49 Dockery, Clay Patrick 314 Dodd, Deborah Renee 270-71 Dodd, John Palmer 262-263 Dodge, Laura Anne 270-7 1 Donaldson. Blake Henry 184, 185, 240-241 Donaldson, Jack Berkley Jr. 254-55 Donelson, Andrew Jackson Jr. 272-73 Donelson, Theodosta Vaughan 236-7 Donosky, Nancy Ann 286-87 Dorroh, Nancy Leigh 268-9 Doss, Margaret Westbrook 232-33 Dottley, Dani Kay 232-33 Doty, Charles Ray 202 Doty. Susan Claire 268-9 Douglas, Laurie Sayles 236-7 Douglas, Scott Thomas 230-31 Douglas, William Chandler 244-45 Douglass, Michael James 240-41 Dowell. Cecil Walter Jr. 126 128, 129 Downing, Terri Renee 238-39 Drake. Lee Burgess 228-29 Drake, Mark Woodward 272-73 Drake, Nancy Virginia 236-7 Drane, Sarah Anne 286-87 Draper, Neal Edgar 278-9, 140 Draughn, Mary Loch 232-33 Driftmier, John Frederick 244-45.212 Duckworth, Edgar James 136 Duclos D ' Anne Marie 268-9 Ducote, Karen Renee 286-87 Duff, Marlin Franklin 230-31 Duke, Lacy Neal 268-9 Duke, Marion Elizabeth 268-9 Dulaney, John D. 264-65 Dulaney, Vivian Irene 270-71 Dunagin, Charles Martin Jr. Durham, James Kmman 278-9 Durrett, Thomas Franklin IV 276-7 Dye, Brian Richard 274-75 Dyer. Jane Anna 232-33 Dyess, Raymond. Randall 144 iagi 62- 262-263 Dunaway, William James 260-61, 192 Duncan, Deborah Kaye 224-225 Duncan, Robin Lemma 268-9 201 Dunlap, John Keith 272-73 Dunn, Sarah Kendall 238-9 Duperier, Alfred Wortham III 272-73 Dupuy. Denice Rebecca 224-25 Durbin, Elise Celeste 270-71 E East. Van Philip Ml 254-55 Easterling. Stuart McWilliams 244-45 Eaton, Jett Perry 232-33. 99 Echols, Kenneth Edward 278-79 Echols, Teresa Dawn 278-79 225-26 Edmonson, Richard Mack Jr 254-55 Edwards, Andrew Hollis III 264-65 Edward, Barbara Preble 268-9 Edwards, David Callender 244-45 Edwards, Elizabeth Wilds 246-47 Edwards, Kim Marie 286-87 Edwards, Nancy Carol 246-47 Edwards, Paul Frederick 276-7. 296 Edwards, William Hollis 274-75 Eickholz, Jeffrey Joseph 264-65 Eidt, David Lawrence Jr 230-31 Ek, Charles James 230-31 Eklund, Darryl Jason 254-55 Elder, Sylvia Lee 286-87 Eldridge, Sharon Kay 268-9 Ellington, Mark Anthony 264-65 Elliott. Amanda Lucille 236-7 Elliott, Carol Sue 296, 314 Elliott. Frank Brumfield 260-61 Elliott, Robert William Jr 278-9 Elliott, Stacey Lee 246-47 Elliott, Tamara Ann 268-9 152 Elliotte. Hundley Morgan 254-55 Elliotte. John Wesley 254-55 Ellis, Edwin Harold Jr. 272-73 Ellis, Kennith Garland Jr 272-73 Ellison. Parker Lee 260-61 Ellison, Richard Beirne 260-61 Ellston. Gregory Westcott 262-263 Elmore, James Douglas Jr. 272-73 Ely, Kimberly Farnham 248-49 Emmons. Anna Elizabeth 236-7 Emmons, Hope Williams 236-7 England. John F. 274-75 Epperson, Stephen Paul 240-41 Epting, Kimberly Ann 171 Erwin, Julian Thomas Jr 244-45 Eselin, Chester L. Jr. 230-31 Eskew, Glen Alan 262-63 Eskrigge, John Valliant 274-75 Estabrooke, Mary William 264-65 Estes, Leslie C. 268-9 Estes, Michael Webster 260-61 Evans. Alicia Lynn 184, 185 Evans. Carla Dee Ann 192 Evans, Cynthia Gay 248-49 Evans. Ill Coley Lee 274-75 Evans, Jennifer Mareen 224-25 Evans. Lee Ann 268-9 Evers. Karen Alicia 187 Ewmg. Rose Virginia 238-9 F Falkner. Charles Ramey 274-75 Falls. Garner Sharp 260-61 Fantroy, Thomas Earl 191 Farese, Anthony Luther 240-41 Farmer. Bryan Pierce 146 230-31 Farmer. Buy Robert 278-79 Farrar. Margaret Lynne 236-7 Farrington, Samuel Stickney III 276-7 Farrington, Sue Thurman 232-33 Farrington. William Crabill 276-7 Farris, Elizabeth Offman 236-7 Farris, Martha Catherine 232-33 Farris, Timothy Hall 296 Farris. Waddill Patrick 230-31 Farris, Woods Fernand 230-31 Fath, Perry Mark 240-41 Faust, John Davis 230-3 1 Fava, Richard William II 152 Favi, Steve Randall 254-55 Featherstone, Cathy Lynn 246-47 Featherstone, Jane M. 246-47 Felder, Joey Girling II 264-65 Ferguson, Elizabeth Irene 238-9 Ferguson. Paula Beth 220-21 Ferguson. Robert Eugene 228-29 Ferguson. Toya Ettoyle 248-49 Ferrell, Susan R. 186 Ferrell. Suzanne 224-25 Fewell, John Harold 230-31 Fielder, Donna Mae Smith 142, 143 Filpi, Rosalyn Ann 220-21 Finan, Kimberly Maureen 246-47 Finch, Amy Jo 246-47. 153 Fine. Clark Dale 230-31 Finerty, Laura Tourison 248-49 Finerty. Nancy Jane 224 186.217.296 Finklea. John Earl 274-7 Finley. Jon Kavin 228-29 Fisher. Bobby Frank Jr 240-41 Fisher, James Keith 276 Fisher, Natalie Hall 246- Flanagin. James Byron 272-73 Flautt, Frank Henry 260- Flechas. Enrique Jose Roberto 254-55 Flemmons. Samuel Edm 264-65 Flessas, James Dean 28; Fletcher, Allison Anne 27 Fletcher, Katherine Cliet 238-9 Fletcher, Sallie Evelyn 2; Flora, Norma Caldwell 2; Flowers, Gracie Sharron Denise 191 Floyd, John Michael 228 Floyd, Karl Pruitt 187 Fogg, Laura Elizabeth 28 Fontaine, Douglass Latirr 260-61 Foote. Laura Ann 232-33 Ford, Kimberly Noel 171 Ford, Ramie Wayne 146. Forester, Marcia Diane 2 Fortenberry. Dana Sue l: 132, 135 Fortenberry, Stacy Leigh 270-71. 130 Foster. Donna Kay 232-3 Foster, Sallie Anne 232-3 Fouts, Kim Elizabeth 248- Fowler, Deborah Ann 220 Fowler. Lisa Gail 286-87 Fowlkes, Mary Latta 232- Fox, Elizabeth Barton 23 Fox. Georgia Lorraine 28f Frank. Edwin Abbott III 228-29 Franklin, Sherry Denise 2: Freeman. John Roeder 260-61 Freeman, Judy Karel 238- Freeman, Kathleen Miller 248-49 Friou, Thomas Hamilton 260-61 Fritts, Kimberley Dale 23{ Frye, George Russell 240- 184. 185 Frykholm. Michele Leigh 224-25 Fugate, John Robert 260- 314.297 Fulcher, Elizabeth Anna 232-33 Fuller, Lee G. 254-55 Fullick. Christine Anne 224-25 Fulton. Carolyn Lesley 23f Fulton, Stacy Ann 220-21 Furman. Leslie Hope 248- Furr, David Mark 272-73 Fyfe, Charles Richard 228 o 410 Gaddis. Margaret Ellen 248-49 Games. Bradley Stephen 278-79 Galberry. Scott Saucier 228-29 Galbraith. Joan 246-47 Gallagher. Paul Scott 272-73 Galhen. Mary Susan 238-9 Falloney. Thomas Rogers 254-55 Galloway. Tern Lynn 248-49 Galtney. David Kinsman 254-55 Gammage. Mary Anne 236-7 Gammill. Frank Kneeland 27273 Gammill. Stewart 276-7 Gandy. Robert David 254-55 Garner. Kenneth Clay 228-29 Garner. Lisa Carol 236-7 Garner. Margaret Ann 286-87 Garner. Pamela Suzanne 248-49 Garner. Teresa Ann 286-87 Garner. William Edmond 244-45. 264-65. 203 Garrard. Deborah Louise 268-9 Garraway. Katherme G 232-33 Garraway. Kendall Greaves 212.272-73 Garraway. Susan Clay 98 Garrison. Jo Ellen 224-25 Gary. Jacqueline Olivia 268-9 Gary. Mary Ann 248-49 Gaston. Amanda Bain 270-71 Gates. Susan Michelle 238-9 Gatlm. Melissa Louise Eady 203 Gatlm. Timothy Howard 272-73 Geno. Laura Mae 224-25 Gentry. Jerry II 191 Gentry. Michael 191 Germane. Lisa Marie 220-21 Gex. Rachel Kathleen 246- 47.217 Gho. Charles Alan 278-9 Gho. Mary Elizabeth 238-9 Gianmo. Sherri Aleyce 187 Gibbes. Elizabeth Mason 23233 Gibbs. Cheryl Renee 220-21 Gibson. Gretchen 286-87 Gifford. Sharon Dianne 238-9 Gilbert. John Allen Jr. 230-31 Gilbert. Lori Ann 220-21 Gilbert. Richard Winston 272-73 Gill. Grayson. Douglas Jr. 244-45 Gill. William David 264-65 Gilhland. Mary John 236-7 Gillom. Jennifer 130 Gilmore. Laurie Helen 220-21 Gmn. Elaine Michelle 246-47. 171 Given. John Franklin 272-73 Glaser. Leigh Ann 236-7 Glass. William Love 274-75 Glenn. Anna Elizabeth 238-9 Glover. Ronna Sue 248-49 Godsey. Brent Wesley 272-73 Goetz. Patricia Ann 248-49 Golden. Laune Gay 224-25 Goldman. Lesa Carole 268-9 Gollihue. Rita Sue 220-21 Gooch. Patsy Lynn 268-9 Good. Ronald Wayne 230-31 Goodman. Lori Lee 270-71 Goodwin. Doug Howell 244-45 Gordon. James Michael 152 Gordon. Kyle Ford 276-7. 286-7 Gordon. Marcus Craig 144 Gore. James Simms II 230-31 Gore. Jennifer Claire 238-9 Gore. Karen Elizabeth 270-71 Gorham. John Lloyd Jr. 274-75 Goss. Alicen Genean 220-21 Gothic. Mary Francesca 246-47 Gould. Gaye Gwyn 268-9 Grace. Anthony 191. 194 Gradolf. Mark J. 266-7 Graf. Lelia Anne 224-25 Graham. Audrey Lynn 224- 25.297 Graham. Bob Jr 228-29 Graham. Jane Kerr 232-33 Graham. Joseph Thomas 272-73 Graham. Kathryn Martin 246-47 Graham. Mary Alison 232-33 Graham. Randall Hansel 254-55 Granbery. Elizabeth Anne 232-33 Granger. Kimberly Ann 286-87 Grant. Cynthia Marguerite 220-21 Grantham. Curtis Carter 260-61 Grantham. James Larry II 240-41 Grantham. Pepper Betty 236-7 Graves. Gina Kaye 224-25 Gray. Charles Henry 260-61 Gray. Kimberly Dodd 248-49 Gray Kimberly Yvonne 246-47 Gray. Nathan Caleb 266-67 Gray. Ronnie Edmond 264-65 Greco. John Gerard 280-81. 244-45 Green. Chen Denise 297. 192.314 Green. Deborah Bernice 268-9 Green. James Edward 126 Green. Kathryn Elizabeth 248-49 Green. Stacy Ellen 236-7 Green. Thomas Kenan 280-81 Greenberg. Leslie Anne 286-87 Greenlee. Bradford Saxton 272-73 Greenlee. Thomas Edwin 27273 Greenwood. Elizabeth Bernice 248-49 Greer. Anthony Alan 262-63. 201 Greer. Laura Lynn 236-7 Greer. Tracy Jeanne 248-49 Gregory. Felicia Joy 224-25 Gresham. Jerry 280-81 Gresham. Laurie Ann 236-7 Griffin. Charles E 187. 194. 185 Griffin. Delisa Durelte 176 Griffin. Laura Anne 220-21 Griffis. Thomas Kenneth Jr. 260-61 Gnsebaum. John David 272-73 Grisham. Cynthia Lynn 248-49 Gnssinger. Florence Habecker 246-47 Gntter. Teresa Lynn 246-47 Grosvenor. Charles Niles IV 274-75 Grubbs. Julia Anne 270-71 Guess. Laune Lee 270-71 Guglielmo. Elizabeth Lea 248-49 Gunn. Mark Neil 276-7. 184- 185. 297 Gunn. William Joseph 276-7. 184-185 Gunner. John Michael 228-29 Gunner. Linda Graves 232-33 Gunter. Marilyn Anne 220-21 Gunter. Teresa Wynee 220-21 Guyton. Joseph Allen 264-65 Guyton. Thomas Scott 276-7 Gwynn. Philip Hames 274-75 H Haffner. John William 264-65 Hairston. Debra Gayle 242-43 Hale. Gregory John 264-65 Hale. Tracie Lynn 248-49 Hales. Anne Murray 232-33 Hales. Sherry Lynn 97. 106 Halfacre. Jeffrey Clark 278-9 Hall. James Franklin 240-41 Hall John Laurence 276-77. 184-5. 207. 293. 297. 438 Hall. Mary Helena 238-9 Hall. Patricia Anne 232-33 Hall. Richard Alan 240-41 Hall. Steven Douglas 278-9 Hallaron. Jocelyn Anne 224-25 Hallbert. Pen Anne 220-21 Halliwell. Christopher Todd 264-65 Halteman. Richard Witte III 240-41 Haltom. Joiner Mack III 278-9 Hamilton. Dorothy Anita 248-49 Hammond. Barnett Douglas Jr 276-77. 184-185 Hammons. Marilyn Menwether 184-185. 236-237 Hancock. Jeffery John 262-263 Hand. Michael Robert 272-73 Haney. Rebecca Lyn 238- 239. 152 Hanks. Kenney Mack 230-31 Hantey. Jeffrey Wells 274-75 Hannah. Diane Eleanor 270-71 Hansford. Jennifer Lynn 234-235 Hanson. Hugh Kirkwood 146 Hanson. Mary Nelle 234. 235 Hardage. Regma Lynn 232-33 Hardm. Tammie Denise 234. 235 Hardy. Alfred Wesley 244-45 Hardy. Jeffrey William 254-55 Harmon. Alonzo George 276- 77. 184-185 Harmon. Michael 117. 118 Harmon. Yvonne Mane Lee 171. 184-185 Harper. Jack Walter 228-29 Harper. Susan Elizabeth 268- 9. 102. 171. 176 Harrell. Holly Marland 270-71 Harrell. Michael Prentiss 278-79 Harrington. Douglas Fletcher Jr. 280-81 Harrington. Lee Walters 272-73 Harris. David Matthews 254-55 Harris. Manlynne 200. 64. 93 Harris. Mary Ann 268-69 Harris. Mildred Mulvoy Heston 232-33. 201 Harris. Paul Lee 274-75 Harris. Tarasia Faye 242-43 Harrison. Cynthia Lynne 220-21 Harrison. Frederick Donald 144 Harrison. Kenneth Wayne 244-45 Harrison. Patricia Jean 138 Harrison. Patrick Dean 136 Harrison. Sean Wilson 254-55 Harrison. William Weston Rodes 276-77 Hartlage. Heidi Ann 220-21 Harvey. Dusky Mane 220-21 Harwell. William Paul Jr. 27475 Hatcher. Jody Keith 262-263 Hatcher. Tina Renee 248-49 Hathcock. Claire Elizabeth 220-21 Hathcock. Lea Ann 246-47 Hawkins. Keith Rayberth 258-259 Hawkins. Pamela Ann 270-71 Hawley. Michael Troy 146. 230-231 Haworth. Debora Ann 270- 71.184-185 Hayden. Lee Ann 201 Hayes. Frances Dianne 232-233 Haynes. Dalton Edward 266-67 Hays. Elizabeth Carlton 232-33 Hays. William Louis Jr. 278-79 Hazlewood. Lee Bennett 276-77 Headley. Matthew Lloyd 276-77 Hearon. Kim Denise 268-69 Heavey. Laurie Ann 22O-21 Hebert. Jamie Ann 246-47 Hector. David Holcomb 260-261 Hector. Dorothy Dean 236-237 Hedgecock. Darla Rene 220-221 Hegwood. Peggy Hemphill 220-21 Hegwood. Russell Kerry 262-263 Hem. Ann Louise 268-69 Helldorfer. Kathryn Mary 286287 Heller. David Hughes 230-31 Helms. James Samuel Jr. 230-31 Helms. Sandra Lea 130 Hemeter. David B 278-79 Henderson. John James 184-185. 187 Hendnckson. Gail Louise 224-225 Hendnckson. Suzanne Pryor 286287 Henick. Ida Love 232-33 Henley. Charles Patton 240-41 Henley. Ross Eames 240-41 Hennessey. Kelley Ann 236-37 Henry. Bradford Lee 194 Henry. David Charles 230-31 Hensley. Susan Blair 224-225 Henson. John Leonard 230-31 Henson. Pamela Leigh 220-21 Henton. Holland Jay 254-55 Henton. Holly Fay 268-69 Hentz. John Richard 244-45 Hepner. David Earl 274-75 Heppel. Virginia Ann 270-71 Herold. Esta Elizabeth 246-247 Hernngton. Jackson Allen Jr 276-77 Hester. James Lawson 244- 45. 207. 184. 185 Hester. Stephanie Suzanne 232-33 Hewitt. Robert Glenn 274-75 Hibbter. Valerie Fay 242-43 Hickey. John Clayton 260- 261.203.298 Hickman. Jon Steven 240-41 Hicks. Dewitt Talmadge III 276-77. 184. 185 Hicks. Gracie Diane 232-33 Higdon. Mark Byron 244-45 Higgins. Katherme Brigid 246-247 Hightower. James Patrick 280-81 Hill. Costa Holly Rene 268-69 Hill. Donna Gary 238-239 Hill. Douglas Lamar 240-41 Hill. Jessica Mane 232-33 Hill. Shannon Lynn 268-69 Hilhard. Albert L. 259. 298 Hmes. Deborah Gale 268-69 Hmes. Dwight Kirkland 272-73 Hinton. David Hugh 278-9 Hinton. Robert Paul 278-9 Hitt. Mary Helen 238-239 Hixon. Leila Kathleen 236-237 Hixon. Mary Melanie 236- 237.99.176 Hobbs. Leslie Elizabeth 270-71 Hodges. Kenneth Edwin 262-263 Hodges. Leslie Anne 268-69 Hodges. Peggy Joy 186 Hoff. Carolyn Elizabeth 236-237 411 Hoffman, Cynthia Lynne Slade 232-33 Hogan, Kimberly Ann 246-247 Hogue, Mary Elizabeth 236-237 Holder, Cynthia Diane 224, 225 Holder, David Elton 228-29 Holiman, Frank Allen 260-26 1 Holland. Holly Shaw 220-21 Holland, Lynn Morris 314 Holland. Taylor Griffith III 230-31 Holland. Thomas Wesley 282-283 Holliday, Edward Troy 278-9 Hollingsworth, Barry Scott 254-55 Hollingsworth, Hez Lamar 272-73 Hollingsworth, Robert Jackson 228-29 Holloman, Edith Ann 238-239 Holloway, Angela Dawn 268-69 Hollowell, Wayne Douglas Jr. 230-31 Holman. Holly Faye 232-33, 202 Holman, John Kevin 272-73 Holman, William Henry III 276-77 Homan, James Herman III 244-45 Homan, Lisa Ann 268-69 Homra, William Allen 254-55 Hood, David Russell 264-65 Hooper, Albert Hale 274-75 Hooper. William Kins Jr. 118 Hoover, Debbie Anne 286-287 Hopkins, Gene Steven 228-29 Hopson, Mary Kathryn 246-247 Horan, James Robert III 274-75 Horn. Jean Tracy 236-237 Home. Derek James 126 Home. Sally Cole 268-69 Horner, Jerry Eugene Jr. 272-73 Horner. Leeann 270-71 Horton. Joseph S. 264-65 Horton, Thomas Homer 264-65 Hough. Lee Ann 248-49 House, Mary Elizabeth 224-225 House, Virginia Quinn 286- 287, 192 Houser. Kenneth Wayne 146 Howard, Amy Leigh 232-33 Howard, David Hector 244-45 Howard, Marsha Elizabeth 232-33 Howard, Robert Michael 278-79 Howard, Robert Price 228-29 Howell. Gary Brian 276-77 Howell, James Mark 272-73 Howell, Jamie Whitten Jr. 228-29 Howell, Jeffrey Ray 276-77 Howell, Mary Katharyn 270-71 Howell, Stephen Donelson 272-73 Howell, Stephen Ottis 274-75 Howie, Elizabeth Lynne 232-33 Howie, MicheleT. Lane 240-41 Huber, Cynthia Ann 142 Huddleston, Shira Joyce 286-287 Hudgins, William Anthony 276-77 Hudson. Lydia Leigh 220-21 Hudson, Robert Lester II 244-45 Hudson, Victoria Lou 248-49 Huge, Charner Elizabeth 248-49 Huggins, Arthur Eugene Jr. 244-45, 184-185 Huggins, Holly Lynn 232-33. 207,314 Huggins, John Michael 152, 272-73 Hughes, Allen Holt Jr. 260-261 Hughes, William Manly 276-77 Hull, Helen Pillow 232-33 Hume, Andrew Tucker 276-77 Humphreys Allison Hope 238-239 Hunt, Gayle 298 Hunt, Stephanie Coleen 314 Hunter, B. Grant 272-73 Hunter, Jennie Beth 268-69 Huskey, Sharon Alane 220-21 Hussey, Elizabeth Neal 268-69 Hussey. James Leonard Jr. 240-41 Hutches, Mary Jo 224-225 Hutchins, Alice Victoria 286-287 Hutchinson, Richard Glenn 276-77 Hutt. Carolyn Ann 232-33 Hutt, Susan Elizabeth 232-33 Hutto. Jill Madden 232-33 Hyde. Darrell Stephen 244-45 Hyde. Patti Louise 246-47 I Imel. Sally Louise 236-237 Imre, Nancy Margaret 224-225 Ireland, Selby Allen 298 Irving, Pamela Payne 220-21 Isaacs, John Duane Jr. 272-73 Ivy, Randall Ray 244-45 J Jack, Mary Shelley 246-247 Jackson, Craig Campbell 240-41 Jackson, Cynthia Lynn 224-225 Jackson, James Paul 240-41 Jackson, Kevin Quinn 278-79 Jackson, Lorie Diane 224- 225, 106 Jackson, Polly Ann 286-287 Jackson, Randy Lewis 276-77 Jackson, Rhonda Merle 220-21 Jackson. Robert Baxter 274-75 Jackson, Sandra Leigh 224-225 Jackson. Shauneille Cassandra 242-43 Jackson. Tammy Lynn 268-69 Jackson, Ward Nelson Jr. 280-81 Jacobs, Jeffrey Wayne 228-29 Jansing. Lynn Chrstine 246-247 Jefferson, Gary Lynn 258-259 Jenkins, James Travis 146 Jenkins, Lucy Benita 270-71 Jennings, Melinda Lynn 203 Jernigan, Jonathan Joseph 280-81 Jessup, Ross Morehead 272-73 Jetton, Letitia Leigh 268-69 Jinnette Steven Ward 260-261 Joe, Raymond Hing 238-239 Johnson, Angela Renee 248-49 Johnson, Dorothy Virginia 192 Johnson, Elizabeth Katherine 268-69, 110 Johnson, Jeffrey Thomas 272-73 Johnson. Justin Ray 228-29 Johnson, Karen K. 314 Johnson, Kenton, Mark 240-41 Johnson, Margaret Lynn 224-225 Johnson. Marian Wright 236-237 Johnson. Mark Wayne 254-55 Johnson, Martha Mims 236-237 Johnson, Richard Allen 260- 261,299 Johnson, Rita Ann 224-225 Johnstone, Tonya Lynn 286-287 Jones, Allison Ann 246-247 Jones, Allison Hart 246-247 Jones, Andrew Mitchel 228-29 Jones. Angela Jane 270-7 1 Jones, David Baxter 254-55 Jones, Howell Robinson 274- 75, 201 Jones, Johnny Ralph 194 Jones, Loretha 284-285 Jones, Luretha 284-285 Jones, Phillip Edward 230-31 Jones, Rodney Derrell 258-259 Jones, Sharon Angela 224-225 Jones, Terry Anglo 264-65 Jordan, Lu Ann 224-225 Jordan, Virgia Elizabeth 268-69 Josephic, Beth Eileen 248-49 Jourdan. Raymond Eugene Jr. 278-9 Juhan, Robert James 264-65 Juniker. Cynthia Louise 270-71 K Kapeghian. Jamie Renee 266-67 Karlstrom, Lars Olaf 266-267 Kassen. Laura Jane 142 Katool, Joseph Allen 314. 230-31 Kay Katherine Ann 248-49 Keck. Herbert Louis Jr. 230-31 Keith, Gina Louise 286-287 Keller, Jay Shannon 240-41 Kelley. Elizabeth Lanphier 248-49 Kelly, Marianna 246-247 Kelly, Samuel Clayton 264-65 Kendricks, Scott Hathorn 230-31 Kennedy, Blanche Allison 270-71 Kennedy. Bryan Glenn 122 Kennedy, Gregory Layne 240-41 Kennedy, John Larry Jr. Kennedy. Patrice Marlene 314 Kennedy, Sherron Loraine 238-239 Kent, Richard Atherton III 244-45. 202 Kerce, Howard Michael 244-45 Kernan, Alison Suzanne 238-239 Kerstetter. Donald Lynn 272-73 Ketchings, Andrew Mansker 262-263 Kidd, Dean William 228-29 Kidd, Margaret Inez 238-239 Kilgore. Bradford Andrew 244-45 Kilgore. Donald Martin 244-45 Kilgore. Lisa Gail 286-287 Kilpatrick, Laura Louise 236-237 Kimbrough. Graham Butler 254-55 King. Anne Taylor 232-33 King, Kimberly Anne 232-33 King. Lea Anne 220-21 King, Montyne Clearissia 171 King, Sherry Louise 130 Kirkland, Susan Lynn 286-287 Kirksey, Robert Carson 230-31 Kirksey. William Mark 230-31 Kistler. Charles Aaron III 264-65 Kistler, Stephanie Ann 248-49 Kitchens, Ginger 270-71 Klein, James Arthur Jr. 276-77 Klepper, James Donald 278-9 Klingen, Joseph Leonard 314 Klingler, Julie 248-49 Kloha, Deborah Marie 238-239 Knight, Marcu Scott 228-29 Knight, Virginia Lucile 232-33 Knighton, Ronnie Eugene 228-29 Knudson, Julie Ann 246-247 Koch, Robin Sumner 230-31 Koenig, Gregory Mark 266-267 Koestler. Stephanie Dawn 224-225 Koon, Henry B. 264-65 Kornegay, Malcom Donald 272-73 Korschewitz, Edwin 144 Kosack, Dorothy Paige 220-21 Krausnick. Edward Carl Jr. 274-75 Kremer, M. Rebecca 246-247 Kremer, Susan Celeste 246-247 Kridle, Caroline Michele 248-49 Kridle, Linda Noel 248-49 Kroeze, John Owen Jr. 244-45 Krouse, Frank David 244-45 Kruchten. Russell Lance 254055 Krueger. William Gerry 260-261 Kruger. Barry Dean 264-65. 153 Kruger, Stuart Glenn 276-77 L Labella. Roy Anthony 280-81 Labone, Thomas Clifton Jr. 244-45 Lacy. Joe Frank III 240-41 Lago. Danelle Marie 270-71 Laine, Tamah Elizabeth 238-239 Laird, Eric Dwayne 126. 129 Laird, Jean Schoell 232-33 Lamar, Patricia Leslie 232- 33, 103 Lamar, William Chadwick 276-77 Lamb, Angela Susan 268-69 Lamb, Christine Renee 268-69 Lamb, Scott Grayson 278-9 Lambert. Sidney Justin 228-29 Lampton. Robert Howard 260-261 Lampton. Theodore Dudley III 240-41 Lanasa Gwendolyn Marie 224-225 Landess. Paul Benjamin 244- 45. 203 Lane, David Merrick 260-261 Lane, Maury Spruiell 274-75 Lang, James Monty 272-73 Lang, Mark Frederick 272-73 Langford, Cathey Ann 220-21 Langston. Milton Harvey 228-29 Langston, Monica Lynn 286-287 Lantz. Margaret Virginia 194 Lapeyre. Andrew Buckley 260-261 Lapeyre. Robert Stephan 412 260-261 Larkin. Patricia Ellen 194 Larson. Don Alan 254-55 Larson. Kimberly Kay 224-225 Latil Oliver Achille IV 282-283 Laughlin, Jerri Lynn 238-239 Lawler. Mary Kathryn 268-69 Lawnin. Barbara Elizabeth 232-33 Lawrence Andrew Jackson IV 272-73 Lawrence. Kay Parker 232-33 Lawrence. Kymble Lee 236-237 Lawrence. Pamela Ann 268-69 Laxton. Scott Matthew 244-45 Leary. Scott Forrest 278-9 Leatherman. Leslie Fortune 260-261 Lee. Emily Ann 236-237 Lee. Larry Brian 262-263 Lee. Martha Virginia 232-33 Lee, Ralph Bryan 262-263 Lee. Sandra Renee 270-71 Lee. William Michael 262-263 Legendre. Laurie Mane 270-71 Lehr. William Curtis 240-41 Leslie. Carol Leigh 246-247 Lester. Martin Dean 230-31 Levan, Mark Steven 274-75 Levy. Jan 232-33 Lewis. James Riddell 244-45 Lewis. Jeffrey Charles 264-65 Lewis, John Cannada 244-45 Lewis, John Mallory Jr. 276-77 Lewis, Melissa Jo 246-247 Lewis. Robert Terrell 240-41 Lewis. Sonya Yvette 270-71 Lexa Lauren Elizabeth 184- 185. 207 Light. Stephanie L. 286-287 Lillard. Donna Kaye 236-237 Lindsey. Leah Brown 268-69 Lindsey. Lori Ann 268-69 Lindsey. Marcus Gene 192 Lindsey. Scott Allan 262-263 Line Lawrence Leroy Jr. 262-263 Listen, William III 272-73 Little. John William 280-81 Little Robert Ashford 260-261 Littlejohn. Lisa Michele 238-239 Livingston. Ashley Mell 274-75 Livingston. Laura Ann 314 Livingston. Laura Ann 236-237 Locke Lizabeth Pierson 232-33 Lodgek. Glenn William 202 Logan. Benjamin Mel 244-45 Logan, Mary King 248-49 Lominick, Anne Bates 236-237 Long. Stephen Powell 230-31 Long. William Matthew 140 Looney. Clarence Evans Jr. 274-75 I Looney. Robert Bruce 202 I Lord. Jana Kaye 246-247 Lorenz. Jill Trade 270-71 Lorio, Duane Joseph 140 Louis. Mary Catherine 246-247 Love. Danny Ray 258-259 Love. Elizabeth Sidney 236-237 Love Frank Anderson III 278-9 Love. Jonathan Dennis 264-65 Lovelace. Robin Leigh 224-225 Lovorn. Angela Gay 220-21 Lowe. Joyce Kaye 238-239 Lowe. May White 248-49 Lowery. Seeley Anne 246-246 Lowry, Mary Catherine 268-69 Loyacono, Gay Marcel 171 Lucas. Robert Milliard 260-261 Lucas. Stacy Claire 236-237 Lum. Ashley Del 220-21 Lummus. Jill Elisabeth 268-69 Lusco, Linda Margaret 248-49 Lyle. Albert Wilson 244-45 M Mabry, Jane Chapman 236-237 Macione. Kyle Pritchett 254-55 MacNaughton. Joyce Hollada 268-69 MacNaughton, Lynda Lamb 232-33 Madden, Kathenne 232-33 Maffet, Mark William 262-263 Magandy. Kathleen Marie 186 Magee, Esther Margaret 286-287 Magee. Gary Edward 230-31 Magee. Tammi Jane 268-69 Magee. Timothy Ananias 144 Magmnis. Jennifer 142 Mahaney. Robert John Jr. 254-55 Mahoney. Ann Kathryn 236-237 Main. Lisa Marie 270-71 Mainous. Lori Anne 248-49 Majure. Paula Ann 236-237 Malatesta, Donald Louis 260-261 Mallett. Lucy Margaret 224-225 Malone. Cheryl Dana 268-69 Malone. Melanie Beth 268-69 Malone. Parry Adam 254-55 Malone. Tammy Ann 238- 239.110 Malta. Frank Gregory 276-77 Manley. Felicia Ann 224-225 Mann. William Albert 262-263 Mann William Jefferies Jr. 260-261 Manning, Katharine Clare 171 Manning, Michael McCool 244-45 Marcus. Miles Lee 272-73 Mariani. Timothy Dean 274-75 Marlowe. Lisa Gaye 286-287 Marnhout. Jack W. 254-55 Marshall. John Walker 254-55 Marthaler, Frederick Terral Jr. 278-9 Martin. Betsy Bobbette 286-287 Martin, Carroll Lynn 268-69 Martin. Catherine Harlow 224-225 Martin. Christina Ann 270-71 Martin. Cindy Carol 238-239 Martin. David Simon 276-77 Martin. Edward Meek 228-29 Martin. Elizabeth Burley 314 Martin, Gary J. 140 Martin, Gloria Lavonne 222-223 Martin. Irvin L. 272-73 Martin. Joseph Adam Jr. 276-77 Martin, Leigh 224-225 Martin. Neva Naomi 268-69 Martin, Rachel Marie 270-71. 186 Martin, Thomas Dean 262-263 Martin, Westbrook IV 274-75 Mason. Daniel Kevin 264-65 Mason. Lisa Marian 246-247 Mason. Regan Adonis 254-55, 314 Mason. Tara Suzanne 268-69 Massey, Angela Marie 220-21 Massey. Michael Peyton 274-75 Massey. Virgil Rudolph 260-261 Massie. Diana Ruth 224-225. 171 Matheney. Michael Charles 278-79 Matthews. Angela Ann 238-239 Mattingly. David Fields 262-263 Mavar. Geoffrey Paul 272-73 Mavar, Mary Maureen 232-33 Maxcy. Melanie Suzanne 238-239 Maxwell, Joseph Lamar III 260-261 Maxwell. Richard Paul 254- 55, 184-185 May. Allen Cinclair 272-73 May. David Clifton 272-73 May. David Johnston 254-55 May. John Alvin Jr. 264-65 May. Marianne McGraw 268-69 Mayo. James Cal 244-45 Mayo. Lee Ann 270-71 McAdams. John Harrison III 272-73 McAskill. John Walter 254-55 McAuley. James Rieves 244-45 McBeath, Mike 272-73 McCaffrey. Debbie 248-49 McCahey. William Gerard 272-73 McCain. Charles Felix 194 McCain, Lisa Ann 238-239 McCarthy. Erin Marie 270-71 McCarthy. James Timothy 264-65 McCarty. Jeffrey Craig 228,29 McCaughan. George Ford 228-29 McCauley. John Michael 244-45 McCay. John Stanley 274-75 McClain, William Asbury IV 276-77 McClaren. Melanie 238-239 McClellan, Beth Ann 246-247 McClelland. Alison 232-33 McClenahan. George Taylor 260-261 McClendon. Barry Meek 276-77 McClintock. Charles Allen 260-261 McClure. Jay Justin 260-261 McCollum. Tracy Ann 232-33 McConnell, George Claiborne 262-263 McConnell. Kris 224-225 McCool. Davis Campbell 260-261 McCown. Steele Hunter 276-77 McCown. William Russell 278-9 McCullar. Shane S. 272-73 McCullers. Mark Edward 244-4 5 McDade. Robert Eugene Jr. 240-41 McDaniel, Kerri Shannon 286-287 McDaniel. Patricia Ann 270-71 McDonald. Bryan Campbell 230-31 McDonald. Tracey Lynn 232-33 McDonough, Jack 274-75 McDowell. Linda Jane 286-287 McEacharn. Allyson Lee 246-247 McGaha. Anne Leigh 232-33 McGee. Buford Lamar 122 McGee. Lyle Vinson 276-77 McGee, Melissa Lynn 238-239 McGee. Michael Hunter 244- 45,314 McGee. Michael Lyle 262-263 McGhie. Richard Martin 228-29 McGinley, Jeanne Marie 248-9 McGlaun. Sally Cochran 236-237 McGoff, Susan Elizabeth 270-71 McGough. John Lenox Jr. 264-65 McGregor, Jeffrey Harper 278-79 McGuire. Charles Hamilton 140 McGuire. Michael Kelly 228-29 Mclntire, Sheri Anne 220-21 McKay. Carolyn Jean 314 McKay. Elizabeth Laurie 232-33 McKay. Henry Earl III 276-77 McKay. Kenneth Ervin 228-29 McKinney. John Alvin 266-67 McKinney, Louise Ise Amos 299 McKinnon. I ilirlaire Chaworth 220-21. 184. 185 McKinstry, Jeffrey Hunter 240-41 McLean Anna Katherine 238-239 McLeod. Robert Langley 278-9 McLeroy. David Wayne 260-261 McManus. Clara Olivia 224-225 McManus. John Michael 266-67 McManus. Nelson John 254-55 McMillin. Thomas Neal 262-263 McMullen. Charles William Jr. 228-29 McMullen. Nathan James Jr. 274-75 McMullen. Susan Shields 236-237 McNeal. Larry Dwayne 258-259 McNeese. Kathryn E. 232-33 McNulty, Samuel Turman 264-65 McNutt. Cynthia Level 266-67 McPhail, Robert Louis Jr. 278-9 McRee. Brooks Wesley 244-45 McRoberts. Claude Eugene 260-261 McWhirter. Doug Jack 254-55 Meadors. George Gram 260-261 Meadows. Joseph Robert Jr. 272-73 Medford, Mark Anthony 278-9 Meeks. Julia Nicole 236-237 Meena. Mary Martha 236-237 Mellor. Ernest Herbert III 244-45 Melosky. John Eric 266-67 Merrill. Vera Susan 268-69. 217.299 Metcalfe. Susan Coskery 246-247 Metis. Amy Cook 176 Meyer. Robert William 264-65 Meznar. Christine 286-287. 171 Mhoon. Etta Jean 193 Michel. Henry Robards 274-75 Michel. Joseph Walt er III 274-75.212.300 Mifflin, Edward Raymond 254-55 Miles. Mittie Woods 270-71 Mileski. Catherine Diane 286-287 Miller. Carold Jason 244-45 Miller. Craig Leon 244-45, 184-185 Miller. George Seller II 280-81 Miller. Gregory Lynn 280-81 Miller. Stephanie Faye 248-49 Miller. Thomas Alan 254-55 Miller. Valerie Lynn 270-71 Millette. Lauren Ann 246-247 Millette. Mark Stephen 314 Millis. Lisa Katherine 236-237 Mills. William Thomas 278-79 Milne. Elizabeth Adele 248-9 413 Milner, Mary Bess 246-247 Milner, Paul Bennett 278-9 Milward, Elizabeth Shelby 248-49 Miner, Cora Lynn 220-21 Misch, Mary Susan 286-287 Mistilis. Erin Maria 270-71 Mitchell, Alicia Dawn 286-287 Mitchell, Dedric Brooks 274-75 Mitchell, James Hunter 276-77 Mitchell, James Tucker 230-31 Mitchell, Joseph Blake 254-55 Mitchell, Rebecca Joyce 224-225 Mize, Amy Carol 202 Moak, Carl Harold 274-75 Motfatt, Sylvia 224-225, 201 Monger, Ralph Horace III 260-261 Montague. Claudia Williams 232-33 Montgomery, Erby Harold Jr. 228-29 Moody. Joe Nathan 258-259 Moody, Joyce Rena 222-223 Moody, Shea Fields 244-45 Moon, Elliott. Clark 262-263 Moor, Charles Geren 260-26 1 Moore, David Scott 278-79 Moore, Diana Leslie 232-33 Moore, Edward Lowry Jr. 272-73 Moore, Elizabeth Lynne 224-225 Moore, Evelyn Olivia 232-33 Moore, Heather Lorraine 236-237 Moore, Jacqueline Michelle 193 Moore, James Love Jr. 272-73 Moore. Jeffrey Lee 276-77 Moore, Kimberly Louise 246-247 Moore, Lisa Marie 248-49 Moore, Louis Conn Jr. 228-29 Moore, Miriam H. 236-237 Moore, Samuel Archie 244-45 Moore, Sharon Gayle 203 Moore, Teresa Ann 248-49 Moore, William Mauldin 244-45 Moran, Alfred Russell Jr. 276-77 Morgan, David Yonley 272-73 Morgan, Edith Atkinson 248-49 Morgan, Fred Keith 276-77 Morgan, Glenn Arold 278-79 Morgan, Helen Elliott 232-33 Morgan, Juanita Lasonya 270-71 Morgan, Michael Pittman 278-9 Morgan, Sherry Renae 203 Morris, Kelly Anne 224-225 Morris, Kim Michelle 220-21 Morris, Michelle Dawn 238-239 Morrissey, Gina Marie 224-225 Morrow, James Mann 260-261 Morse. Cynthia Ann 268-69 Mortenson, Anne Marie 270-71 Morton, Courtney Elizabeth 270-71 Morton, Evelyn Elaine 286-287 Morton, George William 272-73 Morton, Shelia Annette 220-21 Moss. James Ethndge Jr. 260-261 Mountford, Gordon John 254-55 Mulkins, Clairann 286-287 Muller, Robert John 240-41 Mullins, Michael Randolph 264-65 Mullis, Katherine Laura 286-287 Murff, James Taliaferro III 260-261 Murphy, David Manly 264-65 Murphy. Glen Andrew 228-29 Murray. Christopher Lahey 278-79 Murray. Elizabeth Ann 268- 69, 183 Murray, Mary Kathleen 236- 237, 139 Murray. William Charles 254-55 Murrill. John Parham 274-75 Muse. Georganne 220-21 Muths, Sherman Lewis III 278-9 Myers. Martha Jackson 232-33 Myers. Patricia Meredith 268-69 Myres. John Burton 274-75 Myres, Meade Slater 274-75 236-37 Norman, Cynthia Ann 224-25 Norris, Stuart Andrew 254-5 Northcutt, Susan Kaye 130 Norwood, Anna Marie 220-21 Nuckolls, Julie Kristin 268-69 Nance, John Reynold s Jr. 254-255 Nelson, Lisa Carol 220-21 Nelson, Nicky Dennis 144 Neuhaus, Scott Vaughn 276-77 Neuhaus, Troy Dana 276-77 Neumaier, Bettina 184, 185 Nevins. Bonnie Elizabeth 176, 246-47.314 Nevins, Merry Ann 246-47 Newborn, Sandra Ruth 130, 131 Newman, Lynsey Ann 248-49 Newman, Nancy Amelia 268-69 Nichols, Milton Keith 228-9 Nichols, Patricia Lorraine 224-25 Nicholson, Carlla Denise 270-71 Nicola, Lawrence Eric 262-63 Nix, Jay Scott 228-9 Noble, Carla Marlinda 130 Noble. Ceila Loucinda 130 Noble, Roberta Lynn 142 Noblin, Tamara Dawn 232-3 Noland, Michael Allen 272-73 Nolen, Julia Renee 224-25 Nolen. Rebecca Dawn 270-71 Nordan. Judy Elizabeth o Oastler, Elaine Bryan 314 Odom, Herbert Brooks 276-77 Odum, Lara Dawn 220-21 Ogletree, James Irby 240-41 Olander, Joseph Tucker 260-61 Olander, Thomas Sidney 260-61 Oliver, Robert Bruce 264-65 Olson, John Eric 262-63 Oman, Bond Emerson 274-5 Omeallie, Karen Palmer 270-71 Orange. Ernestine 242-43 Orr, Teresa Lynn 268-69 Overton Clayton Justus III 230-31 Overton, Kendall Elizabeth 224-25 Owen, James Alston 244-45 Owen, Loura Allison 184, 185. 268-69 Owens, Diane Combs 246-47 Owens, Nancy Melanie 232-3 Palmer, James Brown 260-61 Palmer, Pat David 140 Palmer, Robert Raymond 264-65 Palmer, Todd Russel 274-5 Palmertree, Michael Wayne 262-63 Pannell, Atoka Dawn 220-21. 106 Parham, Jennifer 242-43 Parham, Robert Mathew 228-9 Park, Daphne Gay 278-279, 101,300.314,217, 105, 236-37 Park, Harry Blanton 184-185, 254-255 Parker, Edwin Lewis 254-5 Parker, Frank Brumfield 276-77 Parker, Frank Dupree 254-5 Parker, Guy Milburn III 276-77 Parker, Lisa Pauline 184, 185. 246-47 Parker, Penny Gail 236-37 Parker, Sheri Lee 270-71 Parker, Suzanne 224-25 Parker, Whitney Jean 246-47 Parkin, Elizabeth Ann 176, 238-39 Parks, Jordan Bailey 236-37 Parks, Kathleen Meagher 268-69 Parmer, Jake Louis II 278-9 Parrish. Corinne Craig 246-47 Parrish, Robert Holland 240-41 Parry Christy Mitchell 286-87 Partin, Alan Wayne 300 Partridge, Michael Jerome 126-127 Paschall. Molly Lynn 224-25 Patterson, Cathy Leigh 246-47 Patterson. Dana Hall 236-37 Patterson, Jane Givens 217, 238-39, 300 Patterson, Patricia Ellen 268-69 Patton, Catherine Lucile 270-71 Payne, Christopher Newbill III 276-77 Peaster, James Rhorer IV 260-61 Peden, Pamela Gay 184-185, 246-47, 300 Pee, Randy Dewayne 264-65 Pee, Wayne Benard 244-45 Peege, Richard Davis Jr. 244-45, 140 Peenstra, Todd Egan 25405 Pegues. Mary Suzanne 224-25 Penamon. Lavonzell Darcel 171 Pendleton, Robert Milliard Jr. 276-77 Pepper, Joseph Rosson Jr. 274-5 Perkins, John Christopher 278-9 Perkins, William Ray 228-9 Perrone, Nancy June 246-47 Perry, Dickson Dansby 274-5 Perry, Quinton Boudreaux 260-61 Person, Greer Pittman Jr. 244-45 Peters, Judson Lee 274-5 Peters, Leslie Carole 248-9 Peterson, Susan Logan 232-3 Petree, Dinah Weatherford 314, 171 Petrie, Ellen Annetzie 152 Pettit, Susan Lee 236-37 Phelps, Kevin Alan 240-41 , 203 Phelps, Leigh Ellen 236-37 Philips, Robert Oliver 278-9 Phillips, Angelina Denise 246-47 Phillips, Donald Andrew 244-45 Phillips, Gene Bridges 272-73 Phillips, Jana Scott 224-25 Phillips, Jean Carol 232-3 Phillips. Jimmy Russell 272-73 Phillips, Juli Ann 232-3 Phillips, Paul Scott 278-9, 274-5 Phillips, Richard Hyland 230-31 Phillips, William Henry 258-9 Pickens. James Michael 146 Pierce, Bradley Keith 126 Pierce, Sandra Elena 201, 236-37 Pierce, William Franklin 260-61 Piercy, Kimberly Leigh 248-49 Pierron, Melanie Marie 238-39 Pilgrim, James Stevan 254-5 Pilkerton, Leif Ellison 224-25 Pindell. Laura Jane 270-71 Piner, Gregory Holly 228-9 Piner, Katherine Louise 246-47 Pinson, Adrian Antonio 258-9 Pmson, Jane 217. 246-47. 301 Piper, Virginia Bemis 248-49 Pitner, John Mark 240-41 Pittman, Beau Bryan 276-77 Pittman, Julie Johnson 236-37 Pittman, Larry Jr. 314. 258-9 Pittman. William Trullender 272-73 Pitts, Gay Brandon 201, 238-39 Pobst, Sally Lea 248-49 Poindexter, Pamela Walker 232-3 Pointer, Monroe Jr. 276-77 Polk, Chris Abner 278-9 Polk, James Michael 276-77 Polk, Norman Scott 254-5 Pollard. James Edwin II 254-5 Pollard. Olivia Paige 246-47 Pollock, Mary Catherine 236-37 Pomeranz, Patrick B. 146. 149 Poole. Carolyne Markwell 268-69 Pope, Alissa Kathleen 220-21 Pope. George Nelson 276-77 Porter, Devra Kay 224-25, 301 Porter, Susan Rae 224-25 Porter, William Conrad 260-61 Portera. Joseph Chris 260-61 Posey. Gloria Leisa 217, 220-21 Potter, Lynda Faye 268-69 Potts, Edwin Gilmer Jr. 244-45 Poulos. Andria 270-71 Powell, Caroline 248-49 Powell, Frances Elizabeth 236-37 Powell, Kelly Newton 120, 123 Powell, Sarah Beth 100, 107, 238-39 Powell, William Mayes Jr. 278-9 Poynter, William Wallace 282-83 Prather, Bruce Haper 262-63 Prather, Valerie Jo 238-39 Presley. Grace Elizabeth 232-3 Presson, Bruce Alan 184-85 Prewitt, Thomas Wendall 272-73 Price. Robert McFarland 254-5 Price, William Newman Jr. 228-9 Prichard, Christopher Glenn 274-5 Pride, Portia Duke 238-39 Prillhart, Joseph Todd 230-31 Primos. Katherine Gwynn 414 232-3 Pringle. Caroline Slayden 236-37 Pringle. Charles Kistner Jr. 278-79 Pritchard. Roger Lee 276-77 Probst, Susan Gale 220-21 Proffer. Stephanie Anne 220-21 Provenza. Patricia Ellen 246-47 Pruett. Aven Patricia 238-39 Pruitt. Daniel Staton 260-61 Pruitt. Russell Tanner 260-61 Pryor. Carol Elizabeth 268-69 Pryor. Lesley Jan 248-49 Pryor. Lyn 248-49 Puckett. Jennifer Camille 232-33 Pullen. Barksdale McPherson III 264-65. 203 Pullen. Michael Thomas 264-65 Purser. Cynthia Jean 301 . 203. 238-39 Purvis. Susan Leigh 246-47 Puryear. Lorre Anne 236-37 Ouigley. Timothy Glenarvon 254-5 Quinn. Michael Edward 244-45 Quinn. Nina Gaynel 232-3 Quiriconi, Stephan Frank 230-31 Quiriconi. Stephanie Ann 236-37 R Rader. Robin Rose 248-49 Ragan. Richard Fenstermacher 260-61 Ragan. Robert Taylor Jr. 272-73 Ragland, John 244-45 Ragland. Leesa Ann 246-47 Rainer. Lewis Reid 274-5 Rainer. Sandra Ann 270-71 Rams. Francis Tod III 264-65 Rains. Lisa Kathlyn 286-87 Ramey. John Randolph III 264-65 Ramey. Thomas Henry 202 Ramsey. Arthur R. 258-9 Rand. May Annette 236-37 Randle, Frances Elizabeth 248-49 Rankin. Kristy Delaine 220-21 Rasco. Becca Jane 248-49. 171 Raulston. John Christopher 264-65 Ray. Donna Lorene 268-69 Ray. Jackie Jo 248-49 Ray. Lila Jeannine 194. 203 Ray. Margaret Elizabeth 232-3 Ray. Mark Andrew 276-77 Ray. Rodney Alton 272-73 Ray. William Frederick 158. 230-231.293.301 Read. Sallie 186 Reaves. David Ward 272-73 Reddoch. Michael Lyon 260-61 Redhead. Joseph Norwood. Jr. 254-55 Reece. Charles Haider Jr. 272-73 Reece. Michael Dean 272-73 Reed. Candace Elizabeth 220-21 Reed. JimmyKeith 244-45 Reed. Kenneth Noel 153 Reed. Lome Gay 238-39 Reed. Robin Haynes 217 Reed. Roy Anne 238-39 Reese. Jimmy Malcolm Jr. 282-83 Reese. Phillip Carl 254-5 Reeves, Melanie Joy 224-25 Regan, Patricia Maria 248-49 Regan. Viola Jo septha 248-49 Reid, Jan 270-71 Reid. Richard Clyde 272-73 Reidy. James Joseph 202 Renfroe. Doyle Land 146 Resta. Janet Hutchinson 248-49 Retchless, Deborah Beth 286-87 Reynolds. Constance Marie 203 Reynolds, Danny Eugene 301 . 228-9 Reynolds. Donald Clifton 228-9 Rhea. Robert Howard Matthew 278-9 Rhoads. Marcia Jenelle 142. 224-225 Rhodes, MaryJane 268-69 Rice, Karen McCoy 236-37 Richards. Norman Jerre Jr. 276-77 Richards. Zachary Hoyt 230-31 Richardson, Ginger Sue 203. 224-25 Richardson, Janet Brooke 152,268-69 Richardson. Kathi Joy 224-25 Richardson. Robert Coffman 230-31 Richardson. Rodney Charles 240-41 Richardson, William Scott 260-61 Ricketts, Charles William 278-9 Ricketts, Leslie Arden 194 Ricks, Kerry Neal 274-5 Riddick. Louis Simpson 228-9 Riddle. Robert Harold II 282- 83. 266-67 Rider, Peggy Jean Hester 302 Riehl. Sharron Ann 270-71 Riggs, Laura Annette 270-71 Riley. Michael David 244-45, 140-141 Riley, Ralph Patrick Jr. 254-5 Riley. Rickey Scott 230-31 Riley. Trina Hart 220-21 Rives. Mary Donna 268-69 Roane. Emily Bethunia 270-71 Robbert. Leslie Aidan 270-71 Robbins, William Lowndes 244-45 Roberts. Andrea Louise 286-87 Roberts. David Franklin 230-31 Roberts. Dorothy Claire 217. 246-47 Roberts. Forrest David 278-9 Roberts. Mark Alan 262-63 Roberts. Mavis Vickie Jo 184-185. 222, 223 Roberts. Richard Cooper 240-41 Roberts, Sherry Lyn 301 Roberts. Stanford Thomas 260-61 Roberts. Susan Richelle 282-83 Roberts. Thomas Peyton II 274-5 Robertson, Alvin 258-9 Robertson. Barry Steven 258-9 Robertson, Daniel Lee 244-245 Robertson. John Carlton 244-45 Robertson. Patricia Ann 184-185 Robertson, Ricky 258-9 Robilio. Catherine Victoria 268-69 Robinson. Katherine Carlile 232-3 Robinson, Lynett Elise 232-3 Robinson, Martha May 248-49 Robinson. McWillie Mitchell III 278-9. 276-77 Robinson, Mike Ray 230-31 Robinson. Rodney Douglas 264-65 Robinson. Sonya Kaye 224-25 Robinson. Stephanie Leigh 248-49 Robinson, Suzanne Carroll 286-87 Robinson, Terry Glen 254-5 Robinson. Tracey Lynn 246-47 Robison, Eleanor Huntington 232-3 Roby, Mark Steven 240-41 Rodgers, Diane Elizabeth 238-39 Rogers, David Mark 278-9 Rogers, Guy Northcross Jr. 272-73 Rogers. Jennifer Leigh 238-39 Rogers, Oby Thomas 260-61 Rogers. Roy Gregg 264-65 Rogers, Tracey Zettie 224-25 Rollins, George Marvin 240-41 Rollison, Stacia Lynn 248-49 Root. Linday Lafaye 268-69 Rosatti, William Charles 274-5 Rose. Karen June 220-21 Ross. Michael Lee 276-77 Ross. Myrtle Lucinda 224-25 Ross. William Jeffrey 274-5 Rossell, Debbie Lynne 186 Rouchon. Claudia Marie 314 Rowan. Cathryn Kingsley 268-69 Rowan. Steven Andrew 278-9 Rowland, Francis Herron III 274-5 Roy. Ann Caroline 268-69 Ruby. Sylvia Lynne 270-71 Rudkin. Jimmey Dale 280-81 Ruge. Robin Teresa 201 Russell, Carol Lynne 286-87 Russell, Georgiana Susan 246047 Russell. Kimberly H. 248-49 Russo. Carla Anne 220-21 Rutherford, Lawrence Denson 220-21 s Sabbatini, Paul Joseph 230-31 Salmon. Caroline Connell 232-33 Salomon. John Bowman 240-41 Sammons. Leigh Ann 248-49 Sammons. Lisa Gaye 248-49 Sampson, Nathan McMullen 274-75. 332 Samson, Brigham Gilbert 240-41 Samuelson, Mary Stafford 232-33 Sanders, Diane Lee 220-21 Sanders, Donna Lise 217, 176,268-69 Sanders, Kimberly Jill 268-69 Sanders. Stephanie Carr 232-3 Sandlin, Sharon Lynn 232-3 Sandroni. Jill Ashley 232-3 Sanguinetti. Charles Patrick 230-31 Sansing, Jobyna 246-47 Sasser, Jo Anne 238-39 Sawyer, Christopher Brian 230-31 Schaefer. William Mark 260-61 Schafer, Jennifer Ann 232-3 Schmeisser, Elaine Falls 236-37 Schmieg. Robert Eugene Jr. 302, 228-9 Schneider, Michael Anthony 272-73 Schneider, Scott Allmond 260-61 Schneller, Lucy Webb 238-39 Schneller, William Frederick Jr. 262-63 Scholes, Laura Lynn 248-49 Schulle, Jana Lynne 183 Schulz, Erin Mary 138 Scott, Angela Renee 142 Scott, Brett Preston 282-83 Scott, Carol Grace 248-49 Scott, Charles Christopher 260-61 Scott, Leigh Ellen 238-39 Scott, Melanie S. 248-49 Seabrook, James Hunter III 278-9 Seal, Sidney Wayne 228-9 Secrest, Bradley Neal 244-45 Seid. Peggy Lynn 302. 203 Sekul. Tamye Lyn 192 Self. John Douglas Jr. 262-63 Selley. Phyllis Ann 286-87 Semmes, Mary Bryant 238-39 Seymour. Gail Renee 236-37 Shackleford, Jeanne Marie 220-21 Shaddock, Marjorie Kate 246-47 Shaffer. Milhado Lee III 240-41 Shamoun. Charles Gregory 202 Shaner, Steven Mark 230-31 Shaw. Elizabeth Leigh 236-37 Shell. James Randal 272-73 Shelton, Susan Lee 201 Shepard. Earnest Bud 230-31 Shepherd, Eva Ann 270-71, 201 Sherman. James N. Jr. 230-31 Sherman. John Michael 230-31 Shields, Alexa Yvonne 236-37 Shields. Melanie Dawn 238-39 Shine, Victor Lana 144 Shipley. Samuel M. 278-9 Shirley, J.C. 278-9 Shirley, James Arthur Jr. 230-31 Shiver, Lela Elizabeth 224-25 Shiverick, Susan Moseley 286-87 Shoaf, Kathryn Leslie 224-25 Shoffner. Cindy Rene 246-47 Shook. Henry Lindstrom 260-61 Shows. Steven Dale 254-5 Shull, Kathryn Ann 286-87 Shumake, Perrin 238-39 Shumpert. Sherry Lynn 106, 171 Shute, Sammy Gregory 230-31 Sigler, Anita Grace 248-49 Sigler, Leah Carol 248-49, 152 Sikorski, Raymond Michael 230-31 Silkensen, James Bryan 238-9 Simmons. Craig Mitchell 228-9 Simmons, William Delmar 272-73 Simpson, John Stewart 278-79 Sinervo, Richard Eugene 264-65. 187 Singletary. Jean Elizabeth 268-69 Sisk. Gregory Alan 278-79 Sistrunk, William Weston 276-77 Sizemore. Matissa June 286-87 Ska, II s, Claire Elizabeth 184- . 286-287 Skelly. Kathleen Lee 248-49 Skelton, Henry Fox II 228-29 Skiles, Jon Edward 144 Skinner, Jeffrey Eugene 262-63 Skinner, Marie Michelle 176 Skypeck, Carol Jessie 270-71 Slade. Steven Douglas 244-45 415 Slaughter, Mollie 224-25 Slavens, Charles Frederick Jr 240-41 Slay, Kerry Earl 270-71 Slowey, Elizabeth Tracy 220-21 Smallwood, James Clifton III 260-61 Smallwood, William Carter III 276-77 Smiley, John Alexander III 276-77 Smiley, Stephanie Patricia 246-47 Smith, Alva Marie 242- 43 Smith, Amy Willette 236-37 Smith, Anna Catherine 236-37 Smith, Bruce A. 262-63 Smith. Carolyn Leigh 217 268-69 Smith, Charles Edward Jr. 230-31 Smith, Daniel Edward Jr. 230-31 Smith, David Oren 228-9 Smith, David Shepard 278-9 Smith, Donna Lynn 224-25 Smith, Doug Edward 228-9 144 Smith, Elizabeth 270-71 Smith, Galen Anthony 280-81 Smith, Gary Lamar 278-9 Smith, Karen Ann 238-39 Smith, Kathy Dinese 224-25 Smith, Katie Lois 238-39 Smith, Ken Dudley 264-65 Smith, Kendall Ann 236-37 Smith, Kevin Joseph 240-41 Smith, Laura Kay 101,201, 224-225 Smith, Lee Loraine 236-37 Smith, Leslie Carroll 220-21 Smith, Michael Kevin 244-45 Smith, Paul Kenneth 254-5 Smith, Perrin Nelson 230-31 Smith, Phillip Bowen 240-41 Smith, Rachel Letitia 268-69 Smith. Robert Bruce 240-41 Smith, Sammy David 258-9 Smith, Scott Farr 254-5 Smith, Susannah Marie 248-49 Smith, Sydney Penn 236-37 Smith, Vicki Lynn 224-25 Smith, Vivian Cynthia 238-39 Smith, William Brian 274-5 Smitheal, Rebecca Lee 217. 232-3, 184-185 Smithers, Katheryn Marie 286- 87 Smylie, Robert Warren 264- 65,314,201,203 Snipes, Patricia Neal 236-37 Snipes, Steven Grover 228-9 Snyder, Jane Walter 236-37 Snyder, Tony Randall 240-41 Sobers, Charles Bernard 136 Soldevila, Melanie Darlene 232-3,112 Soldevila, Monica 232-3 Sour, Margaret Stacy 236-37 Southern, Brent Eugene 262-63 Spain, Charles Norman 240-41 Speakes, Barry Scott 254-5, 184-185 Spear, Judith Ellen 152, 236-37 Spear, Vivian 236-37 Spears, Mildred Pettis 238-39 Speck, Kimberly Beth 270-71 Speed, Celia 232-3 Spencer, Carol Ann 270-7 1 Spencer, Frances Harrison 138, 139 Spencer, John Burton III 278-9 Spencer, Robert Clark 260-61 Sperry, Allison Louise 232-3 Spitzer, Richard D. 272-73 Spivey, Daniel Starr 244-45 Spivey, Katherine M. 232-3 Spivey. Lloyd Gilmer III 244-45 Spivey, Vicky Louise 232-3 Spoltore, Vincent Waldo 262-63 Spooner, Shannon Celeste 246-47 Spoonts, Jennifer 238-39 Spragin, Lydia Evelyn 191 Spratley, Stephen Patrick 238-9, 152 Spratlin, Allison Ann 286-87 Sprayberry, Mark Senter 230-31 Springer, Christopher Michael 282-83, 266-67 Spry, Ralph Benjamin 144 Spurlock, Willie Clarence 191 Spurrier, Katherine Stewart 248-49 Stanfill, Tera Ann 232-33 Stanford. John David 278-79 Stanford, Kelly Jan 286-87 Staples, Sherry Yvonne 268-69 Steepleton, Tara Lee 268-69 Stegall, Nancy Sue 224-25 Steinriede, Robert Clyde 274-75 Stennett, Christy Anne 220-21 Stent, Suzanne Yvonne 236-37 Stephens. Mary Annabel 236-37. 203 Stephens, Michael Lane 282-83 Stepp, Joi Leigh 248-9 Stevens, James Henry 314 Stevens, John Ashley Jr. 254-55 Stevens, Karen Ann 238-39 Stevens, Mary Melissa 268-69 Stevenson, Karen Leigh 232-33 Stewart, Hilda Hunter 224-25 Stewart. James Earl 228-29 Stewart, Jeffrey Weston 230-31 Stewart, Joe Gregory 278-79 Stewart, Laura Ann 232-33 Stewart, Lisa Pamela 268-69 Stewart, Lynn Alice 268-69 Stewart Melanie Howard 224-25 Stewart, Scott Edwin 272-73 Stewart, Susan Lorraine 268-69 Stieg, Roger Lee 126, 127 Stine, Rebecca Lynn 220-21 Stinson, Lisa Dianne 268-69 Lori Stock, Edwin Witte 228-29 Stokes, Laurin Lee 224 -25 Stokes, Stephen Baxter 254-55 Stoll, Adam Andrew 266-67 Stone, Diana Gaston Futrell 238-39 Stone, Regina Louise 286-87 Stott, Kathryn Ann 286-87 Stout, David Collins 262-63 Stout, Guy Carlton 262-63 Stowers, Debra Bailey 191 Strader. Susan Lynn 220-21 Strange, Joseph Albert 272-73 Straw, Brien Andrew 230-31 Stribling, Barbara Sloan 232-33 Strickland, Phillip Kay 278- 79, 173 Stringer, Michele G. 268-69 Strode, Elizabeth Straton 270-71 Strode, Robert Garrard Jr. 274-75 Strong, Charles David 264-65 Stuart, Tina Elizabeth 236-37 Stubbs. Steven T. 230-31 Stumpff, Scott Allen 272-73 Suit, Beverly Ann 286-87 Sullivan, Anne Scott 220-21 Sullivan, James Sterrett 240-41 Sullivan, Michael Brent 272-73 Sullivan, Michael Patrick 244-45, 202 Sullivan, Ricky Glynn 274-75 Sullivan, Shawn Neill 244-45, 202 Sullivan, Sonya Leigh 232-33, 138 Sullivan, Wesla Ann 232-33 Summerlin, Guy Shannon 146. 148 Summers. Angela Joye 224- 25, 186 Sumner, Ellen Kay 224-25 Sumners, Leslie Elizabeth 203 Sutton, Jeffery Lewis 272-73 Swails, Steven Allen 230-31 Swain, William Bruce Jr. 274-75 Swords, Tounia Dawn 268-69 T Tadlock. John Webster III 276-77 Taggart, William Stevenson III 274-75 Talley, Cheryl Lynn 220-21 Talley, Sonja Lynn 220-21 Tankersley, Gail Ann 268-69 Tannehill, David Henderson 240-41 Taras. William Michael 254-55 Tarbutton, Karen Frances 217,268-69 Tarrant, Joe Arnold 278-79 Tate, Cornelius Fitzgerald 144 Tate, Marisa O ' Neil 232-33 Tatum, Barry Feathersun 266-67 Taylor, Bruce 230-31 Taylor, Carole 236-37 Taylor. Daniel Mabrey 274-75 Taylor. Dianna Lea 224-25 Taylor, Donna Faye 248-49 Taylor, Gayle 236-37 Taylor, John Franks Jr 264-65 Taylor. Lisa Marie 238-39 Taylor, Lucy Bledsoe 224-25 Taylor, Michael Madison 228-29 Taylor, Robert Downing IV 260-61 Taylor, Robert Marion 274-75 Taylor, Ronald Garrett 276-77 Taylor, Scott Alan 144 Taylor, Teri Ann 270-71 Taylor, Tina Jean 248-49 Taylor, Virginia Lynn Ross 268-9 Taylor, Walter Travis Jr. 240-41 Taylor, William McLarty Jarratt 228-29 Tedford, Gerald Paul 228-29 Tedford, Toni Gail 248-49 Teevan. Judith Ann 268-69 Temple, Karen Elizabeth 248-49 Terracina, Anthony Dominic 260-61 Terracina, Joseph Roy 260-61 Terrell, Ronald R. 228-29 Tetley, Laura Kay 248-9 Thanes, Amzi Godden 276-77 Thames, Hampton Deloach 276-77 Thames, Mary Louise Temple 232-33 Tharpe, Robert Hollis 260-61 Thigpen, Morris Lee Jr. 260-61 Thomas, Andre 123 Thomas, Beth Hailey 270-71 Thomas, Donna Carolyn 270-271 Thomas, E. Michelle 268-69 Thomas, John Buckingham 254-55 Thomas, Lori Lee 220-21 Thomas, Patricia Ann 232-33, 203 Thomas, Paul Aubrey 264-65 Thomas, Tina Louise 191 Thomas, Valerie Diane 238-39 Thompson, Judy Loraine 217 Thompson, Linda Rochelle 130 Thompson, Melissa Sherill 203 Thompson, Michael Raye 264-65 Thompson, Susan Memory 217,232-33 Thompson, Thomas Wayne 278-79 Thompson, Virginia Leigh 192 Thompson, William Walter 240-41 Thorn, John Kevin 262-63 Thorne, Karen Elizabeth 142 Thornton, Jo Anna 286-87, 201 Threadgill, Stephen Todd 274-75 Threldkeld, Sara Alice 236-37 Throughmorton, Vicki Jane 254-55,236-37, 106 Tice, Cynthia Ann 286-87 Tidwell, Teddy Delane 146 Tillery, Leisa Jo 236-37 Tilley, Gary Paul 278-79 Tisdale, James Louis 278-79 Tolbert. Philip Mabry 278-79 Tolbert, Tammy Kay 268-69 Toler, Katherine Walne 236- 37, 106 Toler, Patricia Lynn 236-37 Toler, Ward Brown 276-77 Tolleson, Tracey Lynn 238-39 Tomajczyk, Michael Ross 230-31 Tomlin, Tara Ann 270-71 Tomlinson, Martha Virginia 248-49 Tomlinson, Tracy Leann 236-37 Toone, Jacquelyn 113 Towler. Ken 184, 185 Townes, Andrew Roane 140 Townsend, Renelda Joyce 191 Townsend, Tricia Ann 236-37 Townsend, Walter Corley 260-61 Tranchin, Winifred Boyle 286-87 Travis, James Nelson 276-77 Travis, Susan Toler 236-37 Travis. William Barrett 244-45 Traylor, James Robert 228-29 Treadway, William Alan Jr 228-29 Threadwell, Walter Keigh 266-67 Treutel, Melissa Anne 246-247 Trevillion, Sidney Randall 240-41 Troyka, Evan Blake 264-65 Troyka, Jonathan Lindsey 264-65 True, Robert Patrick 262-63 Truett, Kelly Anne 268-69 Tubb, Bethany Leigh 238-39 Tubbs, Phillip Grayden 230-31 Tucker, Frank Howard III 260-61 Tucker, Maxine 130-32 Tucker, Richard Edward 272-73 Tucker, Sally Anne 248-49 Tull, Fred Lee 254-55 Tullos, David Nathaniel 228-229 Tullos, James Michael 282-83 Tullos, Lynda Dianne 220-21. 186 Tullos, Susan Alison 236-37 Turner, Beverly Ann 286-87 Turner, Dan McMillan 186 Turner, James Bryan II 244-45 Turner, Paul Bruce 244-45 Turner, Thomas Newell III 244-45,302, 184-185 416 u Uhlhorn, Ann Porter 236-37 Underwood, Andrew Patrick 146 Underwood, Curtis Gene Jr. 262-63 Underwood, Mary Beth 268-69 Valyo, Martin Paul 266-67 Van Doren, Mark Warren 228-29 Van Housen, Laurie Ann 194 Van Zandt. Susan Marie 268-69 Vancil, Lee Ann 314 Varner. Joseph Edwin 278-79 Varner, Mary Louise 232-33. 203 Varney. Douglas Lee 260-61 Vaughan. Paula Lee 224-25, 187 Veazey, Robert Marion 240-41 Veazey. Ronald Day Jr. 278- 79, 203 Vickers, Vicki Rene 248-49 Vincent, Virginia Ellen 236-37 Vincent. William Oliver 278-79 Vinci, Baker Klindworth 144 Vollmer, Richarf Fisher Jr. 260-61 Vowels, Lucinda Kay 224-25 Wackerfuss, Richard Wallace 276-77 Wadsworth, Richard Carson 262-63 Waggoner, N.E. Gabrielle 217, 270-271 Wagster. John Samuel 244-45 Waldrop, Arthur Jack 260-61 Walker, Gale Lee 202 Walker, Jenny Lou 217, 270-71 Walker, Pamela Louise 314 Walker. Sharon Jeannine 220-21 Wall. Jacqueline Lancaster 270-71 Wall, Patricia Lynn 286-87, 302 Wall, Robert Edward 278-79 Wallace, Dana Lorane 270-71 Wallender, Lelia Lynn 138 Waller, Donald Eugene 276-77 Waller. Edward Charles 230-31 Waller, Judy Louise 314 Wallingford, Denise Lynn 192 Walls, Lesli Kyle 248-49 Walsh. Douglas Bradley 278-79 Walsh, Timothy Louis 262-63 Walters, Lynn Garner 236-37 Waltman. Whitney Lucille 238-39 Wamble. Mary Ann 238-39 Wamble. Michael Anthony 230-31 Ward, Benjamin Franklin . 274-75 Ward. Cynthia Yvonne 248-49 Ward, Gregory Harold 244-45 Ward, Lori June 224-25 Warden, Paul Jeffrey 228-29 Ware, Kathi Dianne 220-221, 194 Warlick. Frank Hall 260-61 Warlick, Hulon Otis IV 260-61 Warner, Ashley Knowles 238-39 Warner, James Read 254-55 Warner, Tamlyn Blythe 217, 236-37 Warren, Gerald Martin Jr. 254-55 Warren, Hugh Wood 260-61 Warren. Margaret Ann 286-87 Warren, Mitzi Ann 236-37 Warrington, Robert 282-83 Washington, Lacy Ann 248-49 Waterer, Robert Scott 260-61 Waterloo, Melinda Karen 238-39 Waters, Ann Ford 268-69 Watkins, Thomas Randolph 140, 141 Watson, James Patrick 146 Watson, Sarah Elizabeth 303 Watson, Wells Talbot 260-61 Watson, William Marvin III 230-31 Watts, Carl Dunn 244-45 Watts, Carroll Collins 236-37 Watts, Catherine Collins 236-37 Watts, John Wiley 254-55 Watts, Scott Bradley 230-31 Wayne, James William III 276-77 Weathersby, John McDonald Jr. 276-27 7 Webb, Connie Edith 314 Webb, David Edward 314 Webb, John Harrison 272-273 Weber, Douglas Adam 278- 79, 136 Weber, Kolleen Kandelle 286-87 Webster, Charles Lon III 274-75 Webster, Ruston Rials 278-79 Weeks, Sara Manker 238-39 Weeks, Timothy Galen 303 Wegener, Diane Therese 286-87 Wehby. Timothy Joseph 280-81 Welch. Ceres Dawn 268-69 Welch, Delthea Renea 286-87 Welch, Elizabeth Gaye 220-21 Welch, Julia Browning 268-69 Welch, Mary Suzanne 217. 220-221 Wellons. Sarah Kennard 232-33 Wells, Anne Richards 232-33 Wells, Jaden Mullin 274-75 Wells. Rhonda Sue 220-21 Wersebe. Karolyn Trey 238- 39, 176 Wesson, Karen Elizabeth 232-33 Wesson, Wimberly Shan 270-71 West, Barry Allen 262-63 West, John Gardner 276-77 West, Peter Lowry 244-45 Weston, Jeff 244-45, 140 Wetzel, Janette Leslie 303 Wheat, William Joseph 254-55 White, Catherine Lucile 236-37 White, Harold Charles 272-73 White. Howard Grantham 194 White, Linda Cirol 286-87 White. Margaret Sims 232-33 Shite, Nathan 244-45 White, Neil Ware III 254-55 White, Robert Bryan 276-77 White, Shelia 242-43 White, S-ephanie Louanne 268-69 White, Steven Lee 244-45 White, Susan Ellen 236-37 Whitkopf , Judith Denise 238-39 Whitley, Elizabeth Black 232-33 Whitten, Tamara Annette 194 Whittington, Kenneth Lee 274-75 Wicker, Kathryn Ann 220-21 Widner, Lisa Carla 201 Wilburn, Barry Todd 120 Wilkerson, Lisa Jane 268-69 Wilkerson, Robert Hart 274-75 Wilkinson, Mark Russell 282-83 Wilkinson, Paula Moise 268-69 Wilkinson. Sandra Gail 270-71 Williams, Barry Patrick 262-63 Williams, Brett Keith 278-79 Williams, David Thomas 262-63 Williams, David Thorne 260-61 Williams, James Alison 254-55 Williams, Jeffrey Lynn 264-65 Williams, Jennifer Anne 220-21 Williams, Jonathan Mark 278-79 Williams. Lee Gibson 228-29 Williams, Leslie Susan 238-39 Williams, Lorri Lee 238-39 Williams. Lynda Jean 238-39 Williams, Mamie Dunn 232-33 Williams, Margaret Mary 232-33 Williams. Mark David 264-65 Williams, Mary Herbert 224- 25. 192 Williams, Richard Howard 240-41 Williams. Robert Clark 264-65 Williams, Tip Allen 244-45 Williams, Wendi Helums 236-37 Williamson. Jan Louise 268-69 Williamson, Kelli Rene 268-69 Williamson, Lisa Marie 224-25 Willis, Bobby Lee 202 Willis. Kathleen Amy 224-25 Wills, Joseph Whitley 230-31 Wills, Vickie 224-25 Wilson. Brenda Jean 217, 224-25 Wilson, Clara Gwen 232-33 Wilson, Kathryn Denise 268-69 Wilson, Kurt Michael 278-79 Wilson, Mary Virginia 270-7 1 Wilson, Pamela Steele 236-37 Wilson, Piper Laneave 236-37 Wilson, Susan Leslie 303, 238-39 Wiltshire. Debbie Gail 238-39 Wineburg, Stephen Edward 262-63 Wing. Caroline Flinta 286-87, 106 Wing, Denise Lynn 220-21 Winstead, Kevin Donovan 228-29 Winston, Lowell Oneal III 276-77 Winterstein, Cheryl Faye 130 Wise, Elizabeth Mary 232-33 Witt. Anita Carol 238-39 Wittchen, Scott Lee 240-41 Wolbrecht, William Frederick IV 244-45 Wolverton, David Clayton 244-45 Wolverton, Kim Kavanaugh 278-79 Womack, Henry Marlin Jr. 264-65 Womble, Suzanne Curtis 238-39 Wood, Katie Winston 303, 232-33. 314 Wood, Lisa Montgomery 232-33 Wood, Wendy Lynn 232-33 Woodbury, Cammiel George 232-33 Woodruff. Judith Ryan 236-37 Woods, Christopher H. 230-31 Woods, Libby Ann 191 Woods, Lorrie Christeen 238-39, 184-85 Woodley, Laura Louise 232-33 Woolf. Reginald David 228-29 Wright, Michael William 262-63 Wright, Mindy Joy 232-33 Y Yandell, Susan Sturdivant 236-37 Yarbrough, Phyllis Ann 248-49 Yarbrough, Priscila Laurens 248-49 Yarbrough, Robert Scott 272-73 Yarbrough, Sara Dabney 270-71 Yates, Cynthia Ann 238-39. 171 ' Yates, Jeffrey Kenneth 228-29 Yates, Leah Ann 220-21 Yates. Lynda Darden 270-71 Yerger, John Buford 272-73 Yerger, Kimberly Ann 232-33 Yerger, Michael Graeme 272-73 York. William Elisha 260-61 Young, Alexander Hinton 276-77 Young. Angela Dawn 268-69 Young, Denise Ann 224-25 Young, Evelyn Weatherford 238-39 Young, Mary Ann 232-33 Young, Mary Elizabeth 232-33 Young, Pamela Lee New 176, 202 Y oung, Robyn Mia 220-21 Young, Roy Elvin Jr. 264-65 z Zemann, Moira Kristen 286-87 Zerilla, Portia Lynn 268-69 , Ole Miss is an image ever illusive ever intangible. If you do find it and hold it bless you. Sherry Lucas I 421 Ole Miss simply becomes a part of you. It gets its start with that first football weekend and your love for this place grows. The feel of the school its people and traditions is something which stays with you always. Lawson Hester 422 Ole Miss is a chance to find yourself. It is keeping Mom and Dad happy at midterm. Ole Miss is a breeding ground of controversy. Brett Bartlett 3! The University of Mississippi is the Titanic of universities. It is an en- dangered species. Eric Jefferies 424 " Woof, Woof. Pete Morris 425 Ole Miss is a place conducive to growth; where academic challenge combines with warmth, beauty, and friendship to enrich and fulfill the total person. 426 Studying in the afternoon and making it to the Gin by nine. Nat Sampson The Grove is the hub of Ole Miss - - we play there and we study there. It becomes a part of our college experience. Debbie Adams Ole Miss is a great place to live nine months of the year. Students here are unique in that some are able to generate spurts and sparks of energy, so everyone can enjoy the party life as well as receive the rewards of an education. Yvonne Cummings 31 If one theme could be chosen for the passing events of this year, I believe that theme would be " change. " Good or bad, 1983 has been a year of dramatic changes at Ole Miss. Traditions have been challenged with an explo- sion of pent-up emotions like never before. For me, this seems sad. But I realize that to move ahead, rather than stagnate, Ole Miss must change too. I never thought writing the editor ' s closing would be sad. For the past several months, all I have thought about is how happy I would be when I mail- ed in these last pages. Now, as I sit and remember all of the people and places that the OLE MISS has introduced to me, a certain sorrow engulfs me. Graduation is becoming a realization rather than a destination. I have heard it said that a person ' s character is made up of all those people he is surrounded by. If this is true, then I have been blessed with the very best. There are several people, though, that deserve a special mention. As efficient as she is reliable, Lauren Lexa has not only been a tireless worker but a very good friend. " My secretary " has had to put up with more than her share of " all-nighters " as well as endless prac- tical jokes. Thank you for putting up with my many and ever-changing moods. The Dallas trip just wouldn ' t have been the same without my assistant editor, Newell Turner. " Newly ' s " innovative and creative ideas have helped shape a whole new look for the OLE MISS. Without the support and " coaching " of Friley Davidson, John Dowdle and Bubba Morgan, I pro- bably would never have touched a single quad-pak of the OLE MISS. Friley, who could ever forget those late night trips to " the Line " with Sally when we should have been working on the Rush Book? Two others who cannot receive enough thanks are Bobby Towery and Frances Smith. Their cons- tant support has been essential to the success of this book. Of all people, I owe my most special thanks to my Meridian " buddies. " Ann, Jan and Stacy, y ' all have been the greatest. You can ' t know how much I have appreciated your friendship. Now, with the end in sight, I must admit I feel a lit- tle excitement at the thought of lightened duties. A lot of memories have been made here in Odom A, but I hope we have captured all of this year ' s memories in the 1983 OLE MISS. Good luck on the ' 84 Liz. 432 (continued from front flap) We do not need to " search for ourselves " 01 a quest full of self-indulgence, because our fee are planted firmly on the ground. Our grounc A ground rich with history - we know th stories this sets us apart. The narcisti philosophy of " looking out for 1 " is siffipl not a Southern one. We always reach for th best, but never lose sight of the past and it mistakes. Changes come slower here than other plact but changes do come. Several generations c habits and traditions cannot be change overnight. Patience is needed. Criticism com( easy from outsiders who are not involved i these changes. They do not realize 01 traditions give us an element of stability that lacking in other parts of the country. In this year of cries for change at Ole Mis old wounds were reopened. Only this time tl pain hurts worse, because we vividly rememb the effects of a never forgotten wrong, r matter what has been done to change it, r matter what has been done to correct it. Bla and white we live together here a cruci difference that separates us from other plact All racial problems have not been worked 01 but when they are, I believe the South will I the place where it happens. jacket design by John Hall, Newell Turner, Michael cover photo by Charles Busby Willie Morris quote reprinted with permission of Oxmoor House fi A Southern Album, copyright ' 197V

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