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j J 1982 OLE MISS r THE OLE MISS NINETEEN HUNDRED EIGHTY TWO YEARBOOK OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI VOLUME 88 The 1982 Ole Miss Yearbook 1 . . t U - - . L . . ' Friley Spruill Davidson Editor-in-Chief Dennis Paul " Bubba " Morgan Assistant Editor Terry Allen Robertson Business Manager Mr. Bobby A. Towery Financial Advisor OLE MISS IS ... Personality Beauty Hospitality Relaxation Excellence Tradition . . . EXCITEMENT Events Humor Features . . . INVOLVEMENT Sports Organizations Honors . . . FRIENDSHIP Administration Greeks Classes Ads and Index Editor ' s Closing 4 6 8 10 12 14 36 66 78 98 148 208 250 268 342 420 464 PERSONALITY 1. Kathy Adams, Cindy Mosley, and Cathy Vinzant relax during Dixie Week 2. Laura Hollis gets the Phi Mu ' s excited about rush 3. A smiling face is never hard to find at Ole Miss 4. Shrimp and beer always brings out the best in people 5. Laurie Douglas a part of the natural beauty of Ole Miss 6. Ole Miss allows you to do what you do best 7. String Burns gets strung out. 4 Personality When a person reflects upon his past experiences at his Alma Mater, he perceives the myriad of personalities that made his college years full of excitement, involvement, achievement, and friendship. The excitement of returning in the fall along with the anticipation and fascination of Rush, captivates campus life and represents the unique comaraderie among the Greek organizations. Picnics in the Grove, the Rebels playing Vandy, and the all day - all night partying can only mean one thing - Homecoming! And Homecoming is the perfect example of the loyal, die-hard partying reputation of Ole Miss. Banners hung at the Union, rallies at the dorms, nametags and flyers, smiling coeds holding signs, and the all-too-familiar " Have you voted yet? " exemplify the political personality of Ole Miss. Campus elections, from Homecoming Queen to ASB President, show the dedication and diligence of students and bring an inner conviction that whoever wins must represent Ole Miss to the best of his or her ability. All of these aspects of Ole Miss constitute a vivacious, friendly and spirited personality - a personality that conveys Ole Miss as a place for everyone. Personality 5 BEAUTY 6 Beauty The campus is picturesque, regardless of the season. Situated amidst the stately buildings are majestic oaks, magnolias, and dogwoods. Standing tall among the azalias and tulips, these trees lend beauty to the campus. Famous for beautiful coeds, Ole Miss seems to be the home of southern belles. Above all, the aesthetic beauty of the Lyceum stands as a landmark to all who becomes a part of the campus we call Ole Miss. Beauty 7 HOSPITALITY) 8 Hospitality Mississippi, renowned as the Hospitality State, has always taken pride in the University of Mississippi. When it comes to making new friends, there is no better surroundings than the warm, friendly atmosphere of Ole Miss. Freshmen quickly become a part of the friendly smiles and faces for which this school is famous. Whether it is walking to class, meeting friends at Happy Hour, or cheering for the Rebels, you ' ll always see a familiar face and the welcoming smile of an Ole Miss student. Ole Miss is the epitome of hospitality. Hospitality 9 10 Relaxation I 1 V When it ' s time to relax after a hard week of tests, meetings, and eight o ' clock classes, for most Ole Miss students there is only one solution cruisin ' to Pete ' s One Stop for a cold beer and then on to Sardis in a Jeep filled with friends. On those gorgeous sun-drenched afternoons when the temp erature is 79 and it ' s only Wednesday, you just have to take time off from that accounting book to play in the sun. Throwing the frisbee, playing tennis, biking down frat row to Baskin Robbins, jogging across campus, or just talking with an old friend makes that accounting problem a little less difficult. And, somehow, the weekend seems to come a little bit sooner! -. f EXCELLENCE . - . ft ' Academic excellence along with a qualified faculty have made Ole Miss a nationally acclaimed university. The faculty demands high academic standards thus allowing their students to excel in their perspective careers. The Ole Miss Cheerleaders have been nationally ranked for the past three years, our Center for the Study of Southern Culture is internationally recognized, the men ' s basketball team were 1981 SEC Tournament Champions, and John Fourcade, four years ago a heralded freshman, matured to be one of the greatest quarterbacks in Ole Miss history. Through the determined efforts of its students, Ole Miss maintains perfection in all areas of college life. 12 Excellence 1. The Ole Miss Cheerleaders lead a Hemingway crowd in a rousing Hotty Toddy. 2. Cecil Dowell scores two! 3. 1981-1982 campus leaders are sworn in. 4. Lab time AGAIN! 5. Colonel Reb, a true Southern gentleman. 6. Quarterback John Fourcade directs the Rebel offense. Excellence - 13 TRADITION Ole Miss was founded as a conservative, high standard university and today stands on the grounds of tradition. Pep rallies at the Peabody, Confederate flags at football games, Dixie Week, and " Hotty Toddy " are rich traditions in the Ole Miss heritage. Every year, beautiful coeds stroll through the campus, alumni reminisce over a tailgate picnic and students cut class for away ballgames. As in years past, Miss Mississippi is an Ole Miss student, the state governor is an alumnus, and a Rebel team won an SEC championship. The Lyceum still stands after facing everything from a civil war to a civil rights march. Tradition is the determining factor that brings generation after generation back to Ole Miss. 14 Tradition Through past experiences everyone who enrolls as a student of the University forms an opinion of what Ole Miss means to them as an individual. For some, generation after generation of family members have become a part of the tradition for which Ole Miss is famous, and the decision as to which university to attend was an easy one because there is really only one University. However, many students are the first of their families to enjoy the pride and heritage that so many have already benefitted from. For everyone the years at college are times of maturing, learn- ing and sharing. Students mature outwardly and inwardly with the personal experiences that each encounters. The learning pro- cess helps individuals to find themselves and to evaluate themselves in terms of the society as a whole. Shared experiences make friendships stronger and more dear. Without common bonds friendship would be a word not a feeling. Students enter the University as naive freshmen, but hopefully leave enriched by the Excitement, Involvement, and Friendships that made their years here special! It " . . . The University is respected, but Ole Miss is loved. For anyone without that love it does not exist. The University is geographical, but Ole Miss is universal. There are many univer- sities but there is only one Ole Miss. What then is Ole Miss?. . . " OLE MISS IS . . . EXCITEMENT INVOLVEMENT! FRIENDSHIP ' :. I Fl JLr " .. Oil Miss Becoming an Ole Miss Preppie l _ store Richie Reid and Mae Jewel Greene had time to fully recover from the high school graduation parties, they round themselves packing up for their entrance into the real world the world of Ole Miss. First on Richie ' s agenda was a visit to Duvall ' s to buy a new three-piece polyester disco suit. The shock was almost too much for him when the clerk told him polyester was definitely OUT, and had long since been replaced b heavy tweeds and corduroys. To make matters worse, the green and pinL plaid pants he tried on wouldn ' t fit over his favorite, well-scuffed cowboy boots. Meanwhile, Mae Jewel was equally horrified when the girl across the hall in the dorm told her that the natural look was as faded out as her favorite bell-bottom jeans. Skirts were in, and to wear those straight wool skirts, Mae Jewel had to shave her legs even in the fall. She tearfully told her mother that the mail order jewelry just wouldn ' t cut it any longer. 1fe 20 Ole Miss Preppie J Cfter spending their entire yearly allowance during their brief shopping spree, the two freshmen had to call Mummy and Daddy collect to ask for more cash to last them the rest of the week. Richie ' s friends wouldn ' t have known the new Richard Hunter Reid, III, or " Tripp, " as he was affectionately called by his nightly dates and fraternity brothers. Quickly he ac- quired the stylish image of the strutting Ole Miss male. The change in Mae Jewel seemed to happ en overnight, thanks to sleeping in curlers and smearing on coats of cold cream. Now her close friends would just have to call her " Mimi. " Confidently walking down the sidewalk in her new clothes and new image, Mimi concentrated on her next goal, getting the drop from that special guy Tripp Reid. A drop was just what she needed to wear with her add-a-bead, subtract-a-bead, twirl-a-bead, and dangle-a-bead necklaces to add the finishing touch to her new preppy image. Ole Miss Preppie 21 The Ole Miss Blind Date I The generosity of big brothers and big sisters has led to yet another Ole Miss tradition, the blind date. Although everyone vows never to fall into the trap again, they always give in to the temptation, thinking maybe this one time it will work out. First comes the phone call. Roommates and a few beers work together to give him the courage to call. After all, what can one phone call hurt? Although mildly interested, she hesitates to answer yes right away when he asks her out. She doesn ' t want to ap- pear too eager, plus she remembers her blind date to the football game two weeks ago. She vowed then to never go along with another blind date regardless of how good her friends made him sound. Friends ' promises that this time she really will like him sound vaguely like what she heard before, but she weakens and agrees. After all, it ' s only one date. The big weekend comes. He has it all planned. Borrow- ing a friend ' s sports car to impress her, he spins into the dorm parking lot just a few minutes late, but he ' s planned ahead and has brought flowers to make up for his tardiness. For exercise, they head to the bowling alley. Not only is it a novel idea, she agrees, but she doesn ' t have to worry about running into any friends. Dinner follows at a quaint little place he discovered on campus. The cafeteria not only offers great atmosphere and unique meals at a low price, but there are no long, noisy lines to wait in and there never is a fight to find a clean table. Fortunately, all blind dates do end. After awkward goodbyes, (his trying to kiss her ... if ... she ' d . . . just . . . hold still) the couple go their separate ways; he heads back to the dorm to change clothes and return the borrow- ed car, and she upstairs to vow once again never to agree to another BLIND DATE! 22 Blind Date WELCC - TO fij KIAMIE LANES ! PROPER DRESS REQUIRED SHIRT SHOES ETC i PLEASE DO NOT BRING FOOD OR DRINK INSIDE 1 4 rife m v U. jJJUt I9| H Blind Date 23 ISSUES THAT MADE HEADLINES BOTH LOCALLY and NATIONALLY A year has gone by but while the passing of a year is not newsworthy, this past year will be remembered by historians a long time from now. Perhaps the most significant thing is that despite the number of assassinations and assassination at- tempts, the United States remained at peace. The past year saw the assassination attempts directed at Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan. Anwar Sadat was assassinated as he watched a military review. Iranian president Bani Sadr was ousted, and Mohammed Ali Rajai, who had been president for 27 days was killed in a bomb explosion along with the new prime minister, Mohammad Jarad Bahonar. Celebrities who died during the year included ac- tress Natalie Wood, actor Jack Albertson and come- dian John Belushi. Former Beetle John Lennon was killed outside his apartment by a man who had got- ten his autograph just hours before. The news of the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Dianna Spencer captured the attention of millions of people world-wide. Ole Miss students celebrated another wedding as they cut afternoon classes to watch the wedding of their favorite soap opera characters, Luke and Laura on General Hospital. Television personality Walter Cronkite no longer anchored the evening news for CBS. An American scientific breakthrough was publicized when the first test-tube baby was born in America, and the spaceship Columbia made three flights. Americans and the world watched as our technology went into space again with the second launching of the space shuttle Columbia, and the first woman to be nominated as a Supreme Court Judge, Sandra Day O ' Connor was approved. Air traffic controllers remained on strike in the U.S., and Poland suffered its first strike as the Solidarity Labor Union gained support and key con- cessions from the communist government. Ole Miss boasted about former graduate Larry Speakes who became presidential press secretary after Jim Brady was shot during the attempt on Reagan ' s life. Ole Miss ' reputation for beauties gained national recognition as Ole Miss coed Karen Hopson com- peted as Miss Mississippi in the Miss America pageant, and the fall issue of PLAYBOY featured two Ole Miss coeds. One of the coeds was in fact a strip- per from Memphis who enrolled in the University but never attended classes. Many changes were implemented on the campus, beginning with Chancellor Porter Fortune ' s decision to create the positions of vice chancellors. Mean- while, the College Board of Trustees decided to cut out duplicate programs at state universities. Ole Miss will now concentrate on art, law, literature, foreign languages, mathematics, physical sciences, phar- macy, public affairs, community and regional plann- ing and social science programs. 1 I 24 Headlines Postal stamps were increased to 18 cents and then to 20 cents during the year, and for the first time in history, the U.S. government had to shut down and lay off non-essential employees because the govern- ment ran out of money. Ole Miss students enthusiastically welcomed Mr. Gattis and Dominoe ' s Pizza and looked forward to the completion of the athletic complex. The Kappa Alpha Theta sorority house was also completed this year. new leadership and with new goals. With the new image of Southern Sun Concerts, the committee of- fered numerous free concerts this fall, as well as Charlie Daniels. Ole Miss students and alumni alike expressed their opinions on the rule banning umbrellas from stadiums and the closing-off of the Circle to parking. But, one of the things students were most vocal about was the enforcement of parking regulations and early morning ticketing practices by the UPD. Coors came to the state, and the four-lane highway through Batesville was finally completed. The ASB offered Dial-a-vent services, proposed a merger with the Black Student Union, and a change in cheerleader election policy. The Union Program Council included in its fall movie schedule the first X-rated movie to be shown here, " The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat, " but after a preview, council members decided not to show it. Sportswise, Mohammed AH attempted another comeback, but was unanimously defeated. Despite all the changes around them, Ole Miss students maintained their traditional activities walks in the Grove, study break trips to Baskin- Robbins, waiting in line to zerox notes before exams, jogging, waiting to buy books in the bookstore, and complaining about the new policy of sending midterm grades to parents instead of students. AUENiOHARA., Headlines 25 THE NUMBERS GAME An Id number and the number of unpaid tickets issued by the friendly University Police Department are often the only two numbers an Ole Miss student remembers from semester to semester at Ole Miss, but believe it or not, there are other interesting numbers. For example, last year, the average ACT com- posite score for freshmen desiring four years of engineering school was 24.40. Incoming phar- macy majors had composite averages of 22.17, and accounting majors scores of 21.50. Liberal arts students averaged 19.85 while those enter- ing the B-School made 19.78 and education ma- jors 19.12. Ole Miss freshmen from North Mississippi numbered 531; the central counties of the state were represented by 323, and there were 137 freshmen from the Gulf Coast. However, freshman enrollment was on the decrease there were 1,077 in 1979 and 991 in 1980. Fifty-five percent of the incoming freshmen said they chose Ole Miss not for its " country club of the south " reputation, but rather because of the courses offered here. Fifteen percent said the location was the deciding fac- tor; ten percent said the tuition was most im- portant, nine percent because of the type of school the university is, while eight percent chose to come to Ole Miss because of its " other activities. " Four percent made their decision on the basis of the student body composition and one percent on the basis of the size of enrollment. 26 Numbers Twenty-four percent of the incoming freshmen entered the B-School with visions of careers in top managerial or accoun- ting positions. Twenty-one percent of the freshmen wanted a career in the health professions; ten percent a career in the social sciences, and eight percent were undecided. (This survey did not include the MRS. degree program, so the percentage of undecided students may not be accurate.) Five percent came to Ole Miss to seek a degree in fine or applied arts, four percent in communications; three percent in com- puter and information sciences, and only one percent were interested in forestry, agriculture, general studies, trade, in- dustrial and technology, community service, math, physical sciences, humanities and home economics. Total enrollment last year was 9,607. Liberal Arts enrolled 2,872 undergraduates last year; business and accounting ac- counted for 2,864 students; education kept 1,055 busy; there were 640 in engineering and 421 in pharmacy. The Law School enrolled the largest number of graduate students, however, which amounted to 559 prospective lawyers. Three hundred, seventy-six were enrolled in educa- tion; 373 in liberal arts, and 133 in business and accounting. In 1965, Ole Miss boasted of an enrollment of 5,488 students. The enrollment has grown since that time, reaching 9,635 in 1976, but is expected to fall off to 8,633 by 1985. Eighty-one percent of the Ole Miss faculty is on a nine- month contract, and 53 percent are tenured. The faculty is racially composed of 97 percent white, one percent black and one percent Asian-Pacific Islander. The average salary in 1970 for an associate professor was $14,100, but professors reported an average salary last year of $23,400. Full professors were paid $1 6,100 in 1970 compared to $29,250 for an annual average salary last year. Most Ole Miss students wonder what the University does with all the money students dish out yearly. 42 cents of each dollar went to instruction last year, 14 cents to academic sup- port, 11 cents to scholarships and fellowships, 10 cents to the physical plant, nine cents for institutional support, eight cents for research, five cents for student services and one cent for public services. Numbt , ; ? A Look at the Past The University of Mississippi has provided the people of its State, the South and the Nation a good educational facility for more than 130 years. The history of the University is quite a story. The Mississippi Legislature convened on January 26, 1841, and was faced with the decision of the site of the State ' s first institution of higher learning. Seven cities were in contention for the location of the University of Mississippi. One by one the city receiving the lowest vote was eliminated. In this manner, Oxford was selected. Chartered on February 24, 1844, the University began to take form as the cornerstone of the Lyceum was laid with appropriate ceremonies on July 14, 1846. This was the first building on any State campus in Mississippi. It still stands today as a majestic symbol of the University. The total cost of the structure was $220,798. The Lyceum and the next oldest building, the " Y " were used as hospitals by both the Confederate and Union Armies during the Civil War. The University opened its doors November 6, 1848, to receive its first student body of 80 ! young Mississippians. The faculty consisted of only four instructors. A general curriculum in Liberal Arts was the only instruction offered. A School of Law was opened in 1854, but all functions of the University were terminated because of the threat of the oncoming Civil War. After reopening in 1865, Ole Miss enrolled its first women students in 1882. In 1885 citizens of Mississippi saw the first female faculty member employed by the Universi- ty, and four women receive degrees from the University of Mississippi. The first annual was published in 1897. The name " OLE MISS " came about when Miss Elma Meek Coleman of Oxford, then a student of the University, won the contest to choose a suitable ti- tle for the publication. Gradually, the yearbook ti- tle became a synonym for the University itself and for educational quality. Due to the outbreaks following the traditional rivalry between Ole Miss and Mississippi State, the Egg Bowl was established in 1901. With a 21-17 vic- tory in Jackson this year the record now stands as 44 victories for the Rebels to a mere 28 wins for the Bulldogs. There have also been 6 ties. .IV -, i r 3 v I 28 A Look at (he Past The Schools of Education and Medicine were established in 1903. 1908 brought about the formation of the School of Pharmacy. The School of Commerce and Business Ad- ministration dates back to 1917, and the Graduate School came into existence ten years later. 1925 is an important year in the history of the University because The Pride of the South marching band began perfor- ming before Rebel fans at the halftimes of the exciting sports contests. Also, Mrs. A. W. Kahle composed the lyrics for the University of Mississippi Alma Mater later in the year. The ASB has governed student activities on campus for years, but only one female, Marilyn Ho well in 1944 has been chosen as president of the organization. The University Medical Center, established in Jackson in 1955, includes the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, Teaching Hospital, Division of Graduate Studies in the Medical Sciences and the School of Denistry which admitted its first class in 1975. The University of Mississippi takes pride in the fact that it has the only daily student published newspaper in the state. The Daily Mississippian is renowned for its professionalism. Graduates of Ole Miss have distinguished themselves in every profession, faculty members have authored hundreds of books and scholarly articles, and researchers at the Medical Center developed the first electrical current anesthesia and performed the first successful heart transplant. The ongoing marijuana research brings favorable publicity to the University. Ole Miss alumni have set a record with the highest percentage of dues-paying alumni of any public supported college or university in the nation. The tradition of outstanding accomplishements by faculty and graduates has given the University of Mississippi its universal reputation of quality. Thanks to these ac- complishments students can take advantage of the degree of excellence the University provides in educational and social aspects of college life. Faculty, alumni and present day students can be proud to be a part of the tradition of Ole Miss, but more importantly they can be proud that Ole Miss tradition has become a part of them. - A Look M the P . Ole Miss is . . . . People Alumni, faculty, and students are all a vital part of Ole Miss. When reflecting upon their stay at Ole Miss, many alumni simply say " Those were the good ole days. " Their Alma Mater is a place where memories were made and are now and forever cherished. The faculty of the University of Mississippi guide students to become the best they can be, and in many instances the student- teacher relationship is a friendship that is beneficial to both. The student can take pride in his accomplishments, and at the same time the professor can be proud to be a part of that learn- ing experience. At the heart of the Ole Miss socie- ty are the students. Away from the security of home, students must now seek their niche in the Ole Miss society. Manystudents find spare time to become in- volved in various organizations on campus. From the Greek organizations to intramural sports Ole Miss offers many opportunities for fun and ex- citement. The excitement of running for a posi- tion in campus politics is the path many students choose while attending the University. With the help of friends the hard work becomes fun, ex- citing, and rewarding. The friendships made dur- ing our tenure here are probably the most memorable aspect of college life. Without the alumni, faculty, and students Ole Miss would not exist. People are the Excitement, Involvement, and Friendships that make the University of Mississippi OLE MISS. l 32 Country-Club ftfc. 1 Country-Club - 3S Mi At Ole Miss there is always something fun to do. Whether it ' s participating as a contestant in the Parade of Beauties or going to a Charlie Daniels concert, students can be found having a good time. Each semester the University provides opportunities for students to get together and relax. Dixie Week, Fall Festival, and Greek Week are really just excuses for students to forget the books for a while and enjoy the Ole Miss atmosphere. On the lighter side of college are the humorous ex- periences that all of us have had. The times when we got together and " goobed out " will never be forgotten or replaced. Students have the opportunity to see their friends compete for the titles of the pageants held annually. The thrill of being crowned Most Beautiful or Miss University is a dream come true for some coeds. These unique happenings help to build and strengthen the memories of our Alma Mater. J V . . . Ole Miss is Mood, emotion, and personality _i- ' EXCITEMENT EVENTS HUMOR Excitement EVENTS JOHN HALL, editor Beth Parkin, assistant X - r ' - V -a IJ Fall Festival Speakers Dixie Week Artist Series Miss University Dorm Life Parade of Beauties Greek Week Concerts Union Activities Miss Ebony Theatre Evenr A 70 percent forcast of rain had members of the Union Program Council crossing their fingers in hopes of preventing rain. It must have worked because the barbeque became one of the most successful ever. Opening the year ' s activities with Fall Festival, the UPC entertained students with an exhibition by Dr. John ' s Champion Frisbee Disc Team, games in the grove, and the bluegrass music of the Jessey Higdon Band. " We had an excellent turnout despite the weather, " said Bill Garner, chairman of the event. More than 2,000 students participated in front of the Union with 1,200 buying tickets for the barbeque. 38 - Fall Festival Fall Festival Fill Festival 39 The entire family of Ole Miss comes home only once a year in October, renewing friendships, reliving memories and touring campus to view traditional crepe papered homecoming floats at dorms and fraternity and sorority houses. The hours of planning, designing and building that residents of Kincannon spent on their float did not go unnoticed, as the dorm ' s float was chosen best overall in the competition. After lunch, students, prospective students and alumni enthusiastically gathered at Hemmingway Stadium for homecoming. Vanderbilt had the upper hand on the football field, but after the crowning of Phi Mu Lib Wight as queen and the presentation of the court, the Ole Miss spirit soared, and the Rebels fought back in the second half, coming within four points of tying the game. The final score was sadly in favor of Vanderbilt, 27-23. After the humiliating loss, many students and ' alumni urged the Athletic Department to evaluate the coaching staff. But, by evening, lively homecoming parties reminded us that whether the football team won or lost, or whether we approved of the coaching staff, we all shared the common bond of belonging to the largest family in the state, the family of Ole Miss. - Homecoming Homecoming 41 Dixie Week has traditionally been a time for students to put down those books and live a life of fun and leisure for seven straight days. The spring of 1981 was no exception. The week was packed with activities geared to get students in the sun and rid of winter-white skin. The RHA ice cream social, a four-mile SAC run, tee-shirts with ten words for vomiting, and a concert in the Grove featuring " The Toons, " all led up to the annual climax of Shrimp and Beer. Rumors were spreading that Sardis Reservoir had banned the event from their premises because of its contagious, unruly atmosphere, but the ASB again came through with another successful party. The location was changed to the other side of the lake to include tons of shrimp and hundreds of kegs of beer. A ,- t 4: - Dixie Week Rj 1 . I i rk - 43 The 1981 Artist Series opened its program of entertainment with the dazzle of Scottish pipes, drums and British regalia of the Coldstream Guards and the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards that performed in the Coliseum. The Guards and Dragoons were followed by the November performance of the internationally known Westminister Choir, a choir commissioned by three presidents to represent America in world-wide tours. Continuing the series of entertaining musical events was a professional production of Dickens ' " A Christmas Carol, " the timeless story of Scrooge. Opening the 1982 season on a high note, was the performance of soprano June Anderson of the New York City Opera, and in February the New Orleans Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and cellist Leonard Rose appeared at Ole Miss on their nation-wide tour. m Becky Bush added " Miss University " to her impressive list of accomplishments this spring. Runners-up included Ann Phillips, first alternate; Billie Black, second alternate; Shavonne Rhodes, third alternate; and Lisa Clark, fourth alternate. Bill Wheeless served as emcee for the program, and also sang during the contest. Also entertaining the audience were Wendy Shumake, Miss University 1980, Donna Pope, Miss Mississippi 1981. Shumake sang, and Pope did a toe dance to " Oklahoma. " 46 Miss University Miss University Miss University 47 Every semester students arrive on campus in cars loaded with life ' s necessities that will be used to transform empty dorm rooms into students ' homes. Rooms fill with the thud of heavy suitcases hitting the floor, doors banging and friends hollering greetings. Nights bring studying, homework, floor meetings, discussions of intramural teams, parties, and attempts to ig- nore noisy neighbors. In a dorm, a friend to talk to is only a door away, and a list of dorm-sponsored activities as close as the nearest bulletin board. Dorm Life 40 Martha Moore of Tupelo was crowned Most Beautiful of 1982 in the annual Parade of Beauties pageant held in December. Tim Pruitt, brother of Miss America Cheryl Pruitt, emceed the pageant as well as entertained with singing and guitar playing. Other former title winners, Becky Bush (Most Beautiful 1980); and Debbie Tullos (Most Beautiful 1981), also entertained. Other winners were Daphne Park, first runner-up; Kathy Manning, second runner-up; Sherry Hales, third runner-up; and Anne Phillips, fourth runner-up. Parade of Bci ' _ The Greek spirit prevailed at Ole Miss the last week of March for the annual Greek Week celebration. Highlighting the week were games in the Grove in which members of Greek organizations competed in such things as three-legged races, tug-of-wars and skateboard competition. Also notable during the week was the prayer breakfast and leadership workshops. The crowning of the Greek God and Goddess ended the festivities. Selected as Greek God was ATO David Abraham, and Renee ' Dodd, a Pi Phi, was chosen 1981 Greek Goddess. I - Greek Week 53 The ASB Concert Commission finished its 1981 season with the rock sounds of Kansas complete with laser light show. The usual student apathy toward concerts was apparently absent because Tad Smith Coliseum was full of true rock fans. Changing its name to Southern Sun Concerts for a more professional image, the Commission opened the Fall season with a string of concerts; about two a month. None of these were in the coliseum, but were well attended in the Grove or Fulton Chapel. Classes had barely begun when Keith Sykes performed his folk-rock in Fulton and was soon followed by Michael Murphy, made famous by his hit " Wildfire. " The Neville Brothers of New Orleans manipulated their audience into a frenzy of excitement, entertaining with the soul and funk revived in the Eighties. The Tad Smith Coliseum was transformed into a western arena as Ole Miss ' cowboys and cowgirls brought out their boots and cowboy hats for the Charlie Daniels Band and Ozark Mountain Daredevils. The winner of more than a dozen music awards including a Grammy, Daniels received vocal support from concertgoers as the band played favorite foot stompin ' " Sweet Home Alabama, " " The egend of Wooley Swamp ' and " Mississippi. " Those who arrived early found that their front row seats were no longer an advantage as the crowd filled the empty space between the front row and the wooden stage barrier. The New Wave music of the Romantics, staged in Fulton Chapel, kept the capacity crowd dancing in the aisles and in front of the stage the entire evening. Many students dressed in New Wave and punk fashions for the concert, which was the first New Wave concert to be brought to Ole Miss. 56 Concerts Ole Miss students were exposed to many views and discussions through organizations with speakers programs, in particular, the ASB Concert Commission, ODK-Mortar Board, and the Union Program Council. Vincent Bugliosi, (below left) the prosecuting attorney in the Charles Manson murder trials in California, was the UPC ' s contribution to the speaker series. Speaking last spring in Fulton Chapel, Bugliosi explained the unusual case and said he still can ' t understand why the case holds such interest among co llege age students who weren ' t old enough to remember it when it happened. " Meet the Press " moderator Bill Monroe ' s (left) visit was sponsored by ODK-Mortar Board Speaker ' s Forum this fall, and he discussed aspects of President Ronald Reagan ' s foreign policy and the country ' s national defense. The ASB Concert Commission brought comedian Tom Parks (below right) to the Ole Miss campus. Parks, who performed in the Union Ballroom, travels the campus circuit adapting his jokes to the environment and history of each school. Speakers - 57 000 58 Union A whirl of Union Program Council sponsored activities welcomed Ole students back this fall. September saw a return of Dr. John ' s Championship Frisbee Disc Show, a front porch perfor- mance by singer Barry Drake, and several movies. William Faulkner returned to the Ole campus through John Maxwell ' s one-man play of the famous author ' s life. October was also the month for the UPC ' s Coronation of Miss Ebony, a performance by the acrobatic group Locomotion Vaud- ville, Halloween movies and the annual pump . ing contest. Poetry contests and game tournaments, a sneak preview of the Ole Miss basketball team, the craft fair and Christmas tree lighting were just a few of the other UPC sponsored programs for the fall semester. The UPC also brought General Louis H. Wilson, former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and recipient of the Con- -.onal Medal of Honor to Ole Miss as eaker for the semester. Connie Thompson, a junior from Oxford, was chosen Miss Ebony October 27 in the fifth annual ASB-sponsored pageant. Judged on the basis of poise, beauty and personality in the categories of swimsuit, talent and formal wear, the winner was chosen from a field of over ten contestants. Qualified as a contestant in the spring Miss University pageant, Miss Ebony ' s duties include serving as official hostess during Black History month at Ole Miss. Other runners-up included Betty Balfour (first alternate) and Delphime Rice (second alternate). Ml Miss ! honv Selected as " Best Dressed for 1982 was Sherron Smith, a twenty- year-old business major from Corinth. Contestants were judged by a panel of photographers, models and clothing merchants from the state. Top ten co-eds were (from left) Sherron Smith, Pamela Short, Kim Mosely, Lucy Lord, Sherry Hales, Susan Hutt, Mary Susan Gallien, Joan Gallbraith, Renee Dodd, and Paige Boyd. - d 61 The University Theatre department offered summer students horror, humor, and harmony in 1981. Opening the summer season with " Dracula, " a group of 10 actors and actresses were selected through auditions to form a nucleus company for Summer Showcase productions. Dracula, the gothic tale about a night-stalking vampire, was chosen " because it ' s entertaining, scary, and fun, " said Dr. Donald McBryde, professor of theatre arts and director of the production. " We used several special effects and played it very straight-forward not at all for laughs, so the audience felt plenty of chills. " " The Mikado, " a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta set in the exotic Orient, used authentic costuming, scenery, and the highly stylized make-up used in the ancient Kibuki theatre. The comedic plot featured a Japanese emperor who decrees that anyone caught flirting will be beheaded. " The Fantastiks, " the longest running musical in off- Broadway history, entertained students and Oxonians with a story about two fathers who try to get their children to marry one another by using reverse psychology. 62 Theatre Theatre 63 Opening the 1981-82 Theatre Series in Septem ber was Tennessee Williams ' " The Glass Menagerie, " a play about a southern family ' s faded, fragile illusions, which was followed by the Oct. 6 rollicking portrait of a lecherous rogue who masquerades as an example of religious piety in Moliere ' s " Tartuffe. " " A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, " was staged for Homecoming, and was a joint production of the Music and Theatre Arts Departments. Ole Miss students and alumni turned out for the production after the afternoon ' s football game for what play director, Dr. Larry Kadlec called, " ... a rousing evening of good belly-laughs. " The third production of the season was " Death of a Salesman, " Arthur Miller ' s portrait of an aging traveling salesman whose humor and problems strike a chord with audiences everywhere. 64 Theatre ThMtre 65 HUMOR MELINDA RAY, editor Randy Jackson, assistant) I I Karen Stevens, assistant People Dilemmas Trends Waiting Protection EATERS College Republican Chairman Mark Mead grins foolishly as he ' s caught demonstrating a sure fire way to avoid late night munchies. Mead said the object is to " . . . get as much food on you as possible so you can snack later. " Reportedly Mead ' s new form of eating has cut down tremendously on his food bill. When asked how he originated his new style of eating, Mead replied " it just seemed to come naturally for me. " The new style does have it ' s drawbacks however. While Mead ' s food bill has dwindled, his cleaning bills have sky-rocketed to a ridiculous level. M V ACHIEVERS The weekly event begins at Ole Miss as students race once again to be among the first hundred to sign up for an interview at the placement office in the Lyceum. When interviewing the placement officials as to the fairness of a first-come-first- serve basis rather than a qualification basis, the officials simply remarked " that ' s life in the fast lane. " i 1 " ' . . 68 Humor I 5 m v. a-: BEAUTIES Last year ' s Best Dressed coed Kathy Manning reveals her wellkept beauty secrets, the most important of which is the Manning mud pack. According to Manning, Delta mud is " desirable " but unfortunately scarce at Ole Miss. SWINGERS Senior Vfarfield Williams, determined to achieve the image of a " swinging " Ole Miss student one way or another before he graduates, finds that life is looking up for him. Always in a cheery mood, Williams said that he ' s learned to cope with the ups and downs of Ole Miss social life by remaining young at heart. DATING A classic example of a senior Ole Miss coed going to the dogs because she still hasn ' t found Mr. Right. CLASS Ole Miss students have always found getting up for 8 o ' clock classes is a difficult chore, and Fraternity Row is no exception. With the new Administrative policy of mandatory attendance of classes, the residents can be found making their 7:59 " MAD DASHES " to class every day. The campus has become concerned with the daily " MAD DASHES " ever since five Fraternity Row residents were found trampled to death. 70 Humor DILEMMAS I PRANKS For a while it looked as though the Ole Miss Men ' s basketball team would be on their own as head coach Bob Weltlich was the unwilling victim of an unfortunate prank. The mishap occured when Weltlich was offered a piece of bubble gum that had been sabotaged with Super Glue. Thinking quickly, Weltlich converted from vocal to hand signals. He had no comment on the incident. LIVING The housing shortage at Ole Miss has been a rumor to many, but these three coeds have found it to be a cruel reality. After finding no available university dorm rooms and being turned down by every apartment complex in Oxford because of a lack of space, the trio was forced to live in the street and bathe in a nearby fountain. " I ' ve really enjoyed the constant fresh air, " commented one, " but I just don ' t feel that my personal belongings are very safe. " Humor 71 TANNING Many Ole Miss coeds try to prolong their tans as long as possible and Murrey Malmo is no exception as she shrieks with delight at the oncoming rays of October sunlight. When asked whether the chilly weather was a tanning deterrent, Murrey quickly replied, " Oh, no, no, no! " Of course, we ' ll never know whether it was the light or " Light " that kept her warm. YOUTH Sai Ireland baptizes the eternal Phi Delt Pledge, Sparky Reardon, with water from the fountain of youth. 72 Humor " ' " M9 TRENDS psii E ADVERTISING Many married couples are finding it ' s cheaper to do without traditional rings, which makes it extremely difficult for Ole Miss males to spot eligible girls. There ' s no doubt about this coed ' s status, however, as she blatantly advertises " Un-Married And Available. " STRIKES Following in the footsteps made by the Air Traffic Controllers, the Ole Miss Cheerleaders have sat down on the job. The local Cheerleading Union has met with Chancellor Fortune to discuss a settlement. Reports show that many proposals have not gotten off the drawing board, but a few are being kicked around. i Humor 73 PUNKERS After all these years it was finally revealed that ASB president Steve Ray is (or rather was) a closet punk. The news which shocked not only the entire student body, but faculty members and the administration alike, surfaced when the popular punk rock group The Romantics had to cancel their Ole Miss concert two days before the event was to take place. Ray, who has been a fan of punk rock since it began in England several years ago, stated " ... I just couldn ' t bear to see this happen to my university. They (the students) wanted punk and I knew that I could give it to them. " Response to the concert was so overwhelming that there have been rumors about Ray forming his own group called THE RAYMANTICS, however he would not comment on the validity of the rumor. BUILDERS For years you ' ve all heard the rumor that the Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' s were going to build a new fraternity house. With doubt and caution you wondered whether to believe it or not. Well, you can now put your doubts away. As you can clearly see the SAE ' s are ready to move, starting first with all the paper in the house, including old tests, cheat sheets, paper towels, napkins, and toilet paper. Stated one member " This is our way of showing the entire campus that we ' re serious about building. " " - . - 74 Humor WAITING WAITERS Due to complications beyond the control of the 1981 annual staff, not every student who had his or her class picture made was featured in the 1981 Classes Section. Having since received all the 1981 Classes pictures and wanting to give equal recognition to all who deserve it, we feel that it is the least we can do to show and applaud all those who have waited so long to see how they looked a year ago. (If you still haven ' t received your 1981 class picture; you can call toll free 1-800-227-8944.) Humor 75 RETRIEVERS With the increased participation in panty raids this year, the female students of the University were forced to recover their missing undergarments by any available means. Many girls have employed retriever dogs to sniff out their panties. There have been complications though. For example, this retriever doesn ' t seem too eager to give back the missing underwear. PATROLLERS The Invasion of Killer Shrimp brought a new protective agency to the Oxford Campus this year. Under the auspicies of UPD. The Shrimp Patrol has the responsibility to extreminate the crustaceans of the sea. Reports show that the Killer Shrimp have been spotted everywhere from Chancellor Fortunes ' home all the way to Howry Dorm. The gallant men of the Shrimp Patrol risk their lives in order to protect the students of the University. When contacted about their jobs the patrolmen quickly commented, " The food ' s good and it beats writing parking tickets! " 76 Humor PROTECTION BAGGERS It is a known fact that Ole Miss girls spend literally thousands of dollars on their wardrobes. Usually their beautiful " pride and joy " garments end up ruined in one night at a fraternity swap thanks to spilled beers and cigarette burns. These ingenious Kappa ' s have vowed to fight back, buck the system, keep their closets stuffed, and keep their new clothes looking newer longer. Using a trash bag to cover themselves up. One commented on the new cover by saying, " I ' ve found that I have to spend more time with my hair and make-up . . . you know to draw attention away from my clothes. Also, if you time your arrival late enough, the party is so crowded that no one can see below your neck anyway. If the party gets too out of hand, I always carry an extra ' baggie ' to cover up my hair and make-up. " VIEWERS Ole Miss students enthusiastically endorsed the ASB Film Series-sponsored " Marty Feldman Movie Week. " A slight dilemma occured when it was discovered mid-way through the week that the Feldman movies were produced on a negatively- charged magnetic film that caused viewer ' s eyes to bulge and turn outward. Upon the discovery students were furnished with protective eye wear. Dilemma or not, the film week was so successful that the Film Series is planning a Telly Savalas Week next year. Protective head covers are already on order. 78 Features FRANCES CRENSHAW, co-editor LISA CUTLER, co-editor Colonel Rebel and Miss Ole Miss Favorites Homecoming Court Best Dressed Most Beautiful Beauties Miss University Miss Mississippi Featur I Colonel Rebel and Miss Ole Miss have a great deal in common. They are both avid sports lovers and dedicated physical education majors. John and Vickie have both been elected to the Hall of Fame and Who ' s Who in American Universities and Col- leges. John Fourcade, who now holds many Rebel Football records, represented Ole Miss in the Hula Bowl, Blue-Gray Bowl, and the Senior Bowl. John was an All-SEC choice last year after an outstan- ding season and was the Southeastern Conference ' s total offense leader for the second consecutive year. John is very interested in professional football and is waiting to see what the NFL draft holds for him. John ' s paretns are Mr. and Mrs. John Fourcade Sr. of Gretna, La. A native of Memphis, Vickie is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Wills. Vickie is a member of the Lady Rebel " M " Club, ODK, and a Phi Psi Little Sister. She has served as ASB Secretary, Vice- Commander of Angel Flight, and as President of her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi. Vickie plans to obtain a Master ' s degree in preparation to be a profes- sional athletic trainer. m 80 Colonel Rebel Miss Ole Miss John Pourcade fe Vickie Wills el Rebel and Mis Ole Miss Favorites Mar 7 Abbott Mary is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah E. Abbott of Mountain Brook, Alabama. She is a senior Public Relations ma- jor, and is planning to graduate in M ay. Mary has been very ac- tive on campus during her years at Ole Miss. She served as President of the Phi Kappa Tau little sisters and was Alpha Delta Pi ' s Panhellenic delegate. Mary has served Ole Miss as a Campus Senator, has been in- volved in campus political cam- paigns, and has served as co- chairman of College Republicans here on campus. She wants to continue her political involvement in Washington after her gradua- tion. Mary loves roadtrips, especially to Memphis or to the University of Alabama to visit friends there. Most of all, Mary says she likes meeting people, and the people of Ole Miss have certainly enjoyed getting to know Mary! Leslie Andrexvs A native of Greenville, Ms., Leslie is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Andrews. Leslie ' s ever-present smile and cheerful outlook help to make her a sure favorite here at Ole Miss. Now a junior, she has been leading the Rebels in cheers since her freshman year. She has also been an officer for Delta Delta Delta sorority, and the men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon are proud to claim her as a little sister. Leslie has been an ROTC spon- sor, a student leader at pre- college, and an Ole Miss Am- bassador. Some of her other ac- tivities and honors include AWS, Union Program Council, and Lambda Sigma. An elemen- tary education major, Leslie ' s favorite times are those spent with family and friends. She loves going out to eat, travel- ing, and getting all kinds of ex- ercise. Everyone who knows Leslie knows that she is always " on the go. " 82 Favorites Judith Brad]e The list of honors achieved by Judith seems almost endless. Having served as Vice pr- dent of AVVS, and as Vice Presi- dent of the Associated Student Body, Judith was also selected as a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, Phi Kap- pa Phi, Who ' s Who, and the Hall of Fame. Judith has ah been active in the Campus Senate and in her sorority, Delta Gamma. During the small amount of time left to her by her time-consuming activities, Judith likes to read, meet peo- ple, or play a little golf. This senior from Hattiesburg ' a girl who sets her goals high and yet achieves them. After her graduation in May as a Biology major, Judith p ' lans to be attending the University of ' -sissippi Medical Center in the fall. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Bradlev, Jr. Favorites Pinch .my Finch is a junior majoring in Special Education. She is the daughter of Sally S. Finch of Brandon, has an energetic quality that is really con- tagious. Perhaps th Ole Miss students have elected Amy cheerleader for the past two years. Amy also swims for the Ole Miss Aquatic Club, and - she enjoys all sports, in- cluding tennis and jogging. She is a member of Kappa Delta I was chosen by Phi Kappa Tau as sweetheart this year. When Amy has some free time from all of this activ she likes to attend College L and says she enjoys meeting people or doing a ;ch. She confesses, however, that eating ice cream is her real love. Favorites I Ivi Holly Holman Jackson, Ms. is the hometown of Holly Holman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Holman. She is an Ole Miss junior, with a double major in fashion mer- chandizing and business. She has been an Ambassador for Ole Miss for three years, was co-chairman of the ASB Welcoming Committee, and was co-hospitality chairman of the Committee of 100. Holly is a Kappa Alpha little sister, and was chosen model initiate for Chi Omega sorority. Holly en- joys going to Reformed Univer- sity Fellowship here on cam- pus. She also says she adores all sports, and likes to spend her free time swimming, water- skiing, or playing tennis. Holly ' s vivacious, outgoing personality makes her a joy to be around, and a perfect Ole Miss favorite. Carla Seal Carla claims Ruleville, Ms. as her home. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Neal, and is a junior majoring in Physical Education and Dance. Carla has been a Rebelette for all of her three years at Ole Miss, and has been Colonel of the group for the past two years. She has been active in Alpha Delta Pi sorority and as a fraternity little sister. Carla has been on the Dean ' s and Chancellor ' s Honor Roll and was an NROTC Spon- sor in 1979 and 1980. Some of Carla ' s favorite hobbies are playing the piano and doing needlework. Although the hours spent at Rebelette prac- tice are strenuous, Carla says she still enjoys the additional exercise of waterskiing or jogg- ing when she gets the chance. With all that Carla has done for Ole Miss, and with her bright smile, too, it is no wonder she is one of our favorites! : .-.vorites Hill Ann J$j]ey Ann, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Richard Riley, is from Meridian, Ms. A senior major- ing in General Business, she is a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. At Ole Miss, Ann has been an officer in Angel Flight, publicity chairman for her sorority, and a Panhellenic delegate. She was even chosen for membership in Rho Lamb- da, the Panhellenic honorary. She has also been involved in AWS, the ASB Spirit Commit- tee, and the Society for the Ad- vancement of Management. Among her favorite activities are playing tennis, riding bikes, doing needlework, and eating those famous Rebel Deli Sand- wiches. She also says she has a special fondness for Ole Miss Delivery Cokes. Ann ' s friendly, lovable ways win over all who meet this Ole Miss favorite. Favorites Mary Scott Rpsser This senior from Vicksburg, Ms. was a Foreign Exchange Student to Turkey before com- ing to Ole Miss. We are happy Mary Scott came home again! During her years here, she has served Ole Miss as Campus Senator, chairman of the 1980 Parade of Beauties, chairman of ASB Refrigerator Rentals, ASB Cabinet Member, and ASB Treasurer. Mary Scott has also been chosen for membership in some of Ole Miss ' most highly- esteemed honoraries, including Lambda Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Who ' s Who, and the Hall of Fame. Mary Scott is a Banking and Finance major and is a member of Phi Mu sorority. When she has some spare time, she enjoys threadcount, reading, tennis, and skiing. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rosser. ,,i . Favorites Lib Wight Lib comes to Ole Miss from Cairo, Ga. A senior in Advertis- ing, she is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Wight, Jr. Lib is a member of Phi Mu sorority, and has served them as Social Service Chairman. She has also been a staff writer for the Daily Mississippian and a member of College Republicans. Lib ' s beauty has not gone unnoticed at Ole Miss. She was chosen Pike Calendar Girl, and is the Pike Dream Girl for 1981-82. Lib has also been an Ole Miss Bat Girl, and a Pi Kappa Alpha little sister. This fall, Ole Miss students selected her as the 1981 Homecoming Queen. This active young lady enjoys sail- ing, water skiing, snow skiing, jogging and tennis. She says she has a real love for the beach. Wendy cDhumake Memphis, Tn. is home for Wendy, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Leslie B. Shumake. Wendy is a senior majoring in jour- nalism, with concentration in Public Relations. She has been involved at Ole Miss as a Rebel Recruiter, Pi Kappa Alpha little sister, and Navy ROTC sponsor. In Spring of 1981, she was vocalist for the Ole Miss Jazz Band and Staff Writer for the Daily Mississippian. During her free time, Wendy says she likes to do needlework, play racquetball, or go shopping. She loves music and is always on the lookout for old musicals to watch. A member of Delta Gamma sorority, Wendy has a special warmth that puts others at ease. 86 Favorites Homecoming Court kx f 1 1 y 1 _ 1981 Homecoming Queen, Lib Wight of Cairo, Ga. is pictured above with members of the homecoming court. Top row includes Senior maids Leigh Ann Eidt, Connie Green, Lehman, and Leigh Anne Roberts. Second Row pictures Junior maids Sperry Bell, and Yvonne Marie Lee. Sophomore maids ' ne King and Kathy Manning are shown on the third row. The fourth row includes Freshmen maids Jennifer Bur- row and Tammv Malone. x V ' Homecoming Coun Sherron Smith Sherron Smith, daughter of Judge and Mrs. Neal Biggers of Corinth, is our 1 982 Best-Dressed Coed. Sherron, a marketing and advertising major, is looking forward to the publication of a book she co- authored with her mother. Sherron is a Sigma Chi little sister and a member of Delta Gamma Sorority, Lambda Sigma, Modeling Board and Committee of 100. She enjoys traveling, ballet, music, and collecting limited edition art prints. Best ! Best Dressed Martha Moore Martha Moore, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Moore and our 1982 Most Beautiful, is featured at the majestic Governor ' s mansion. Tupelo, Martha ' s home town proudly claims her as their Miss Hospitality. Martha is a member of the Modeling board, Alpha Lambda Delta, and is a Kappa Alpha little sister. She enjoys needlework, swimming, sailing and all water sports. Martha ' s major is Economics and Accounting, and she is interested in an International Trade and Commerce or law career. II L % Most Beautiful Most Beautiful 89 Daphne Park Daphne Park, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Park, is pictured before the magical octogon- shaped palace Longwood. Daphne, a native of Madison, is Miss Rankin County and was in the top ten in Miss Mississippi. Daphne ' s major is Court Reporting, but she also enjoys skiing, swimming, and modeling. Daphne is the Delta Delta Delta Sorority Activities Chairman, Angel Flight Chaplain, Sigma Nu Little Sister President and is on the Modeling Board. tf ' ; it r " -..- " : : mm mmm ' Tiiy " S. 90 Beauty Kathy Manning Kathy Manning, standing before the elegant columns of Dunleith mansion, looks like the belle of an antebellum ball. Kathy is a member of Delta Gamma sorority and is a Sigma Chi little sister. She was the 1 98 1 Best Dressed Coed, a homecom ing maid, and a Pike Calendar girl . Her major is physical therapy, but she is also interested in a singing or modeling career. Kathy ' s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Reese Manning III from Drew, MS. Beauty 91 Sherry Hales Sherry Hales from Brandon, MS, is pictured on the historical grounds of Rosalie, where federal troops were stationed during the war. Sherry is a member of Campus Crusades, a Pike little sister, and she has been featured on the Pike calendar. She is a member of Phi Mu sorority, and she is looking forward to a career in physical therapy. Sherry ' s favorite pastime is watching football college and pro! Sherry ' s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Hales. m . I! ft " V ' 92 Beauty 6 s . tyrv. . _ L_ , i " . r. Ann Phillips Ann Phillips stands before the imposing and romantic entrance to Stanton Hall. Ann is both artistic and musical, and she can almost always be found singing or drawing. She enjoys being in The Connection, The Concert Singers, and playing the guitar. Ann is a member of the Committee of 100, an officer in Kappa Delta and a Kappa Sigma little sister. Ann ' s parents are Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Phillips from Pascagoula. W l i I - Beauty ;cky Bush is the lovely daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. T. Bush of Tupelo, js University is the latest of many honors Becky has received. Miss pelo, Pike playmate, Beta Theta Pi Sweetheart, and Miss Mississippi Photogenic are but a few of Becky ' s honors achieved while at Ole Miss. She is a member of Chi Omega Sorority. Vicksburg and Ole Miss are proud to claim Miss Mississippi, Karen son, as their very own. Karen, a Communicative Disorders major is not Iv hpanHfiil hn I M _: _u_ -i - J - - " - mif u. jlic ib d Recw Recruiter, Kappa Delta Rush Chai rman and is in Who ' s Who. Karen parents are Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hopson. Mississippi 95 From the Committee of 100 to the Black Student Union Ole Miss offers a kaleidescope of activities to become involved in. With par- ticipation in the various organizations a student soon finds himself involved and in a position to contribute to the University. The winning sports tradition that Ole Miss athletic programs have gained over the years makes it easy for fans to be enthusiastic and vocal in their support of the Rebels. Upon arrival to the University the studious students quickly hit the study grind and are often rewarded by membership in the various honor societies on campus. Phi Eta Sigma, DDK, and Mor- tar Board are all based on academic achievement and con- tribution to the University. With involvement in the organiza- tional aspects of collegiate life a student gains personal satisfac- tion and finds himself a place in the Ole Miss way of life. The various opportunities to become involved are what makes Ole Miss a place for everyone. " . . . Ole Miss is intimate and personal with aj special meaning to each one . . . Ole Miss is agony and ecstacy, with no middle ground. Anything less than glorious triumph brings sheer misery and ut- ter despair ... " INVOLVEMENT SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS HONORS V -, : - IV o M I 98 Sports SPORTS tmmn fmmmm STEVE CORSO, editor Bill Garner, assistant Sid Lambert, assistant . Football " We are Ole Miss " Men ' s Basketball Women ' s Basketball Golf Track Cheerleaders Volleyball Men ' s Tennis Women ' s Tennis M-Club Baseball Sports 99 . - K I of Dixie. From Peabody ' s Lobby to Pat O ' Brien ' s - - in Oxford, Jackson, or on the road, each week the Ole Miss Rebels with legions of followers take to the battlefield to stake their claim as the " Pride of the South. " Amidst a sea of Rebel flags waving to the strains of Dixie, these Confederate Soldiers fight for the Gallant Cause. They strive for victory to be the best. The Ole Miss Family accepts nothing less than a winner. They remember the glory years when battles were rarely lost. And they reflect upon the desolate battlefields of the recent past, but they dare not bow their heads. The Soldiers know that the Cause is not lost. Ole Miss is a unique institution. Its pride and traditions run deep. And on one fall afternoon in the very near future, Ole Miss People, dressed for the occasion, will gather in the Grove, march to Hem- ingway and witness the Conferate troops rise again. YES, THESE CONFEDERATE REBELS WILL BE BACK. THE OLE MISS REBELS BY DAMN! 100 Football I . 9 IT: J L W ' Kqu footbill 101 I OLE MISS September 5. 1981 After the trip to New Orleans, the Rebels were off to do battle with the South Carolina Gamecocks. Going into halftime with the score 13-10 Carolina, Ole Miss returned with an ex- plosive defense. Malvin Gipson broke the 29 yards that put Ole Miss ahead 17- 13, and the recovery of a Gamecock fum- ble boosted the score to 20-13 Ole Miss. One of the finest plays of the game oc- curred when Thomas- Hubbard stopped Gamecock running back Dominique Blassingame on a desperate Gamecock fourth down pass. " The difference bet- ween 2-0 and 0-2 is our defense, " said Coach Sloan. AROLINA JSSISSIPPI New Orleans ... the home of the Mardi Gras, the French Quarter, and not the least of all Tulane University. The Rebels opened their season in this ex- citing city when they collided head-on with the Green Wave in the Superdome John Fourcade played with pins in his broken hand, and remained in the game until he received a shoulder injury in the second half. Sophomore Kelly Powel made several passes to Buford McGee, Breck Tyler and Steve Dearie for a tota of 96 yards. A Todd Gatlin fieldgoal gave the Rebs a 19-18 victory over th Green Wave. OLE MISS VS. TULANE in New Orleans TUROAY SEPTEMBER 12. 1 .r With two wins to their credit, an excited Rebel team and fans headed to bat- tle with the Memphis State Tigers in the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium. r Because of Memphis State Tiger domination the first half ended 3-0 in favor [ 8 of the Tigers, but Ole Miss was ready for a comeback. Driving the ball to the 28-yard line, the Rebels were held by the Tiger defense, and a 46-yard attempt by Todd Gatlin failed. The game was not over, however. Rebel quarterback John Fourcade burst through the line of scrimmage for a 35 yard touchdown, and Gatlin ' s successful field goal put the Rebs on top, defeating the Tigers 7-3. OLE MISSES SOUTH CAROLINA Coming into their fourth game with a 3-0 record seemed like a great way for the Ole Miss Rebels to renew an old rivalry with the Arkansas Razorbacks, but the Hogs weren ' t willing to give Ole Miss an easy win. Early in the game Ole Miss had a substantial lead, but a TD and PAT by the Hogs narrowed the lead to 13-10 at the half. DespiK ! ' eas!! The Hogs dominated the second half. Controlling the ball twice in the third : quarter, the Hogs scored both times, making the score 20-13 in the Hogs ' favor;; " Hog junior cornerback Danny Walter then intercepted a pass Fourcade intends ieuDf ed for Gino English, and Walter ' s fatal 87 yard run for the touchdown ended the game Razorbacks 27 Ole Miss 13. 104 Football OLE MISS vs. ARKANSAS in Jackson OLE MISS vs. ARKANSAS in Jackson Despite the tragic loss to Arkansas, Ole Miss Rebels ' spirits were high with iticipation for the following battle with the Crimson Tide of Alabama. Ole [iss was looking for an upset victory, but they were looking in the wrong place as the Tide rolled over them 38-7. The Rebels ' passing, running, receiving, blocking and defense fell to pieces. Coach Steve Sloan summed up the game in the post game conference by saying, " They blocked better than we did; they tackled better than we did; they deserved to win. They are a lot better out there than what we saw on film. There are no excuses; we just got beat. " OLE MISS vs. ALABAMA in Btrmingha OLE MISS October 12, 1981. Legislative Day at Ole Miss. The first home game, and the Hershel Walker Show is ready to begin. Colliding head-on with the ninth- ranked Georgia Bulldogs, Ole Miss opened their SEC schedule. Rebel Quarter- back Fourcade gave the fans hope with a touchdown, but was then injured and replaced by Kelly Powell and Kent Austin. Although both Powell and Austin tried desperately to keep the Rebels in the game, Georgia ' s offense shattered ' the Rebel defense. The contest belonged to Hershel Walker, who carried the: ball 41 times for a total of 265 yards, handing Georgia a 37-7 victory over Olef Miss. Rebel linebacker Thomas Hubbard said, " He (Walker) is a tough player to bring down. Walker complimented the Reb defense after the game by saying, " They played real hard against us because they really got after us ball carriers. " Ole Mi -He: nrdtielc " OLE MISS vs. GEORGIA i _ Football Ole Miss found out the hard way that Gators aren ' t fun to play with. A Reb i fumble handed the Gators the ball and a victory. Fourcade and the Rebel of- fense did get the ball to the Gator ' s 22-yard line where Todd Gatlin booted a 40 yard field goal for Ole Miss ' only points. The final score was Ole Miss 3 to the Gator ' s 49 points. Football 107 27- It was a crisp, autumn day a great beginning for an Ole Miss homecoming, but a sad ending with a Rebel defeat. The game started off with the Rebs quick- ly racking up 10 points, but two costly fumbles allowed the Commodores to hit pay dirt twice and they led the Rebels 13-0 by the end of the first half. In the third period Andre Thomas, Rebel fullback, ran up the middle of the Vandy line nine times for a 56 yard scoring march. The Rebels led 17-13 after a suc- cessful PAT. This lead was shattered in the fourth quarter when Vandy tailback Van Heflin took the ball in for a TD with 11:12 left to play. Rebel Malvin Gib- son took the kickoff 57 yards, but fumbled and Vandy took over on their 45. Eight plays later the Commodores led 27-17. The Rebs rallied to come back and score but with only 13 seconds to play, Vandy had clinched the game with a 27-23 victory. Mississippi Memorial Stadium and the Ole Miss Rebels clash with the Bayou Bengals of LSU. With both teams entering the game with 3-5 record, the fans were full of excitement and hope for a Rebel victory. Despite high hopes the Tigers rallied and played excitingly close with the final score, a 27-27 tie. Fifteen out of 31 passes for 194 yards gave quarterback John Fourcade a total of 4929 yards on 403 completions, breaking Archie Manning ' s school career record. With LSU taking a slight lead in the second half 24-21, the Rebels did not allow the lead for long. They surged down the field to get within fieldgoal range and Gatlin booted one through to tie it up again, 24-24. With 29 seconds left Gatlin kicked a three pointer right after a great interception by defen- sive end Bryan Kennedy, giv- ing us a 29-24 lead. The Tigers weren ' t going to quit and after a drive downfield and one second on the clock LSU kicked a fieldgoal to tie it 27-27. ffl The Rebels fought hard in Neyland Stadium in Knoxville against the Ten- nessee Volunteers, and the game was a heart stopper. Tennessee had 28 points on the board at the half to Ole Miss ' 6, but the Rebels came back after halftime, with a strong defense and thundering offense. Recovering a fumble with less than three minutes left on the clock, Fourcade drove the Rebels toward the goal post. Buford McGee caught a quick pass for the TD, and Michael Harmon captured the toss for the two point conversion. The gap closed to 8 points, but the Rebs were unable to score against the running clock, and the final score was 28-20. " I ' ve been here four years, " Ole Miss quarterback John Fourcade said, " and I want to leave on a happy note. " The Ole Miss-State score revealed just how happy the note was. Ole Miss 21-Mississippi State Dawgs 17. The en- tire game was a battle of defenses and ball control. A Fourcade pass to Andre Thomas put the first points of the game on the Scoreboard. The Dawgs weren ' t trained well enough to know to roll over and play dead, and they challenged the Rebels ' lead, making the score read Dawgs 14-Rebels 7 at the half. Second half errors cost State the game. First the Dawgs missed a fieldgoal, then they fumbled and the Rebels in- tercepted a key pass which kept them in the game. The final minute of the game was the most exciting. State led 17-14; Ole Miss got the ball back, and with victory so ! close, the Rebel offense never thought of slowing down. " The last play in the game . . . there was a fake in the middle. I thought Hammerhead made a great fake, in fact ( such a great fake that I thought he had the ball, and 1 thought I had a heart attack, " said an astonished Coach, Steve ( Sloan. What happened in the final play was Fourcade kept the ball, and breezed in the endzone for the final touchdown, ending his last college football game victoriously. am DO-OS) OLE WSJ J QUARTER , BALLON TOG 110 Football OLE MISS vs. STATE in Jackson OLE MISS vs. STATE in Jackson Coal 1981 OLE MISS REBELS FOOTBALL John Fourcade, Scott Rushing, Johnny Arm- strong, Kent Austin, Kelly Powell, Skip Lane, Roger Clark, Lee Davis, Buford McGee, Andre Thomas, Darryl Graham, Tony Harper, Frank Porter. Eric Truitt, Dwayne Nesmith, Melvin Brown, Patrick Brown, Danny Jansen, Michael Harmon, James Harbour, Johnny Burrow, Barry Wilburn, Mike Smith, Malvin Gibson, Tim Moffett, Freddie Joe Nunn, Adolph Ducksworth, Thomas Hubbard, Kinny Hooper, Arthur Humphrey, Wally Knox, Nakita Williams, Steve Cunningham, Dale Erves, Carl Lewis, Lee Cole, Steve Hendrix, Joe Brewer, Hoppy Cole, Wayne Pierce, Keith Fourcade, Michael Stearns, Steve Searfoss, Quentin McDonald, Russell Mitchell, Bill Huff, Bryan Kennedy, Danny Robertson, Steve Herring, Daron Meade, Tony Dalton, Alan Partin, Andy Shaw, Pat Phenix, John Allen, Andre Townsend, Greg Walker, Steve Dearie, Benton Reed, James Otis, Gino English, David McMillin, Breck Tyler, Bob Blakemore, Todd Gatlin, Kenneth Dotson, Clay Erwin, Robert Robinson, Matthew Lovelady, Joe Camponova. FoolbaH 111 WE ARE OLE MISS Did you know? that the Rebel football team played in 15 con- secutive bow! games beginning in 1957 and end; : 2 and was coached by Johnny Vaught for all of the games but one e first touchdown in Ole Miss history was red by Garland Mordecai Jones of Newman, Ga. November 11, 1893 ... . . . the first bowl game Ole Miss played in was the Orange Bowl in 1936 against Catholic Universi- and the last was the Peach Bowl against Georgia Tech . . Ole Miss played in the Sugar Bowl eight times, winning five and losing thrtt . . Archie Manning was named outstanding player during the 1970-71 Sugar Bowl and Gator Bowl Spectacle . . . . . . Ray Brown, quarterback in 1958, was the only player in the history of the Sugar Bowl to be unanimously chosen outstanding playe: -om 1952-1969, Ole Miss made AP ' s Top Ten ten : . Ole Miss has played a total of 791 games, ; 442, losing 3; 14 games have been nationally televised, and the first Rebel game to be played in color was the 1960 Sugar Bowl in which Ole Miss won over . Ole Miss was the fir on to use aerial travel - on an accepted basis . 1981 was the first year the Rebels won the SEC bask etball championship . during the 1982 Ole Miss-VanderbUt basket- ball game Ole Miss Guard Sean Tuohy became the all-time Assist Leader in the SEC ' v. assists. The old re. -Tennessee player Johnny Dardc . The largest crowd in the Tad Smith Coliseum February 11, 1981, when 9,321 watched the Ole Miss-Kentucky basketball game : Stroud is the leading scorer and re- nder in Ole Miss Men ' s basketball histo- and former teammate Elston Turner is the se- cond leading scorer and rebounder :zy Giliom is the leading rebounder and -er for both men and women ' s basketball . Baseball coach Jake Gibbs is the only Mississip- pian to be named All-American in both football - athlete to :he NCAA indoor track meet in Pon- ich. Bumpas, who runs the 440, qu .onal meet with a time of . Stan Torgerson has announced during the Rebel games for 14 consecutive years . . . " We Are (Mr Miss " 1 13 f-H Basketball at Ole Miss has been around forguite a long 1908 and only played five games that season. In 1981, y tournament championshipl as won! T 5 , Q r. ' c K et- fi status. From the irst fe T 1909 a tebel bas ll team h, ketball M mj Miss h, ien ' basketballteam had its beginning in basketball began, the SE ias had a long road to march for its curre... md academic All-SEC ' s. So .can Tuohv, All-SEC, and Carlos Park, All- Sec. .iebel team could not have mk it as far as it has without great cc ho began the line or " cc n:hig succession to Bobjetli( |blfH nd leadership ability to bring men ' s basketball foOle MHfcnc acdfcim. With recruits likKric Lair LGeoMckner, and Chicol tional acdfcim. With recruits lik Kric Lair LGe _ i( Clark; Seai uohy, Roger Steig, anW " im Trrom ajjdjAaburn all were victims of the Rebel squa ' _ 1 1 __ _ : All of these coaches ha en ' s team. Haoticei ievoted time, 2 risen )o na- iepth. Carlos ennessee, is named th Kad coach ' WELTLICH ' S REBELS START A PROMISING YEAR ft . K ,k.-ltull 1 17 rw " - Miss- cm .E MIS ' v " . ' ' IT , ' --, ' . OME Men s Basketball 119 REBEL BASKETBALL 1981-82 This year ' s basketball season at Ole Miss has been one characterized by fast play and a great deal of ex- citement; a year of excellent teamwork giving both the men and women winning seasons. Talented young freshmen have proven themselves to the team, coaching staff and fans time and again. After only a few games, freshman standout Eric Laird was fondly referred to as " E. Jr. " as the well- sought replacement for former Ole Miss star Elston Turner. Maturity and court sense allowed Laird to start early, and he showed his abilities with the ball with the assistance of the other outstanding Rebel players such as Carlos Clark, Roger Stieg and Sean Tuohy. Sean Tuohy played hard for Ole Miss in his four years here, and skill was well known throughout the Southeastern Conference. Tuohy shattered the old record for assists, becoming the new all-time SEC assist leader. Under the direction of former Coach of the Year Bob Weltlich, the young Rebel squad electrified fans with victories over the Kentucky Wildcats, Auburn Tigers, Tennessee Vols, and the Mississippi State Bulldogs. With a 16-10 record, the Rebels finished 4th in the South Eastern Conference and traveled to Lexington KY, to defend their SEC championship of a year ago. H 1 } it REBEL BASKE r BALL 1981-82 Rebel Basketball Team: Front Row: Blake Barnes, Mickey Thames, Carroll Kirkpatrick, Troy Howell, Ken Coghlan, Carlos Clark, Sean Tuohy, James Green, Eric Laird, Brad Pierce, Stan Fisher, Tim Garl. Back Row: Warner Alford, John Prince, Kevin Strahm, George Buckner, Rob Drum, Kevin Russell, Tim Thomas, Bob Weltlich Head Coach, Lane Shoup, Roger Stieg, Mike Par- tridge, Cecil Dowell, Chris Barrett, Eddie Oran, Ron Reed. There weren ' t enough girls at the University of Mississippi in 1912 to join the first Lady Rebel basketball team, so the University turned to Oxford High School for three additional players needed. Sailor-style blouses topping below-the-knee bloomers and stockings were the Lady Reb ' s homemade uniforms. Girls coming out in shorts would have been disgraceful. e Laay J Bricked The Lad)Rebs used the same gym as the men, but the gym wasn ' t enclosed. Bncked halfway lip, then operlfor several feet before it was covered by a roof, the gym was unheated. Dodging frozen puddles of water on the gym floor was not uncommon for the Lady Rebels. Although none of ihe players received athleti cholarships,)le Miss fpaid travel expenles and varsity%layers ' received " M " letters. Considering the youthfulness and newness of the basketball team since 1974, the Lady Reb ' s record is indeed im- pressive. Bragging of the longest coliseum winning streak of 20 games, the Lady Rebek ' longest losing streak in the coliseum is onljptwo games. ' The overall all-time record for twento-thrjK seasons is 196 wins, 104 losses and two tie s. Definitely enjoying a homec|urt advaittage, the Lady Ribs havmtpen beaten hly sixteen times in the t lisum. Th r ar tMe Lady Rebels brought the University national acclaim JMte in the seJJon the squad gained national status with a top 20 tttte. Vic torips nvM abama. AubidBi. and LSU ga Rebel fans Amething to brag about. fl P at . 1 ' B LADY REBELS BREAK INTO TOP 20 tiTE I , - I ( f R 124 Women ' s Basketball . 3 3 .V E ; R Women ' s Baslclball - 12 -; $w : S - 4 ;l % 3 15 I 126 Women ' s Basketball IV ;31 i Sh? . T. Women ' s Basketball 127 does justic Basketball team All-American Peggi la Mater to help with AP ' s Top Twenty this H l_ I H ms provided depth at the guard positions Lady Rebel basketball first played 1914 after the team was forrneB 1 Revitalized in 1974, the ag of being former State chc irticipating in state tournamentH AIAW Region III tournament assic, AIAW Eastern Satellite, Ora Hic and the Lady Kat H ling their first game in 1914 to H lis season, the Lady Rebels have all-time record of 196 wins, 104 | enty-three seasons, were 10-1 before the Ch H loss at the hands of the overtime loss to the jved to be the only otl 73 loss to the lady Tigers ?els had beaten two tii )urnament. 128 Women ' s Basketball : V " m -- - 7 LADY REBEL BASKETBALL 1981-82 Lady Rebel Basketball Team: Front Row: Lucy Noble, Marilyn Brooks, Sandra Helms, Dana Fortenberry, Sherry King, Liz Marable, Michelle Carrington, Sandra Newborn, Lindy Noble. Back Row: Rita Dailey, Gretchen Schlabach, Justina Smith, Pam Vaughn, Van Chancellor Head Coach, Joe Corley, Peggie Gillom, Eugenia Conner, Frankie Brooks, Rochelle Thompson, Vickie Wills, and Paula Morgan. GOLF 1981-82 Rebel Golf Team: Front Row: Gregg Richey, Dan Angero, Lars Karlstrom, Mark Faulkner. Stan Hall. Dave Peege, Randy Watkins, Coleman Connell. Back Row: Earnest Ross Head Coach, Stew Kirkland, Mike Riley, Rick Kies, John Langhorme, Chris Polk, Jeff Dandurand. V " . ' , -s. ' ' . , WKMgl f . 9 :3 . ,. - TRA R.,,.. Nielson, Roberts, Pope, Dyess, Tate, Kinder Nelson Second Row: Spry, Dees, Magee, Turner, White, Daniei Hudgins Third Row: Paxton, Henderson, Bridges. Bum pas Powers, DeMartini, Gordon Fourth Row Black w ; -!i . nci, Brister, Harrison, Renfroe, Davis, Hartxiur Rooy. Top Row Cameron, Blackburn, Coach Webb Coach Walker Ha teerleaders The Ole Miss Cheerleading squad holds the distinction of being recognized as one of the top squads in not one, but two separate cheerleading organizations, the National Cheerleading Associa- tion and the Universal Cheerleading Association. Selected the third best group in the nation, the squad, led by captain Ty Cobb, captured the first place title this summer. The Ole Miss Cheerleaders were in competition with 99 other universities. Representing the University of Mississippi at NBA games and half time shows, Ty Cobb, John White and Jeff Hubbard appeared in several contests last year. The " Bushmen A as they are called will make approx- imately 15 appearances for NBA games this year. 1981-82 Varsity Cheerleaders: Ginny Walker, Leigh Anne Roberts, Amy Finch, Leslie Andrews, Perry Eaton. Second Row: Bodine Denton, David Rogers, Ty Cobb, Frank Parker, Noel Reed. Back Row: Jeff Hubbard and John White. i ii i i 1-1 ri II II till t I t I I II - - , CHEERLEADERS 1981-1982 Freshman Cheerleaders: Front: Kim Andrews, Mike Fountain Mike Muggins, Tammy Elliott, Bob Mahoney, Elizabeth Edwards, Angel Seely, Lisa McFall, Doug Bogaev, Doug Sanford, Becky Haney, Jimmy Klepper. .1 114 .. Hi i Kill VOLLEYBALL 1981 Volleyball Team: Front Row: Donna Stevens, Trisha Eastburn, Laura Shreve, Cindy Huber, Estelle Hyde, Cricket Fielder, Kelly Viner, Jenny Rhoads, and Rebekah Little. Back Row: Vivian Langley, Jeanne Taylor Head Coach, Kristal Johnson, Leslie Schutz, Betsy O ' Conner, Darlene Cooke, Sue Sharpe, Gret- chen Schlabach, Karen Thome, and Susan Northcutt. Ti ennis Ole Miss has a young tennis team for 1981-82. The I tennis coaching staff views this year ' s team op- I timistically because it will consist of last year ' s 18-4 I returners and some very talented freshman. Returning will be last year ' s 1 duo. Freshmen I will strengthen an already powerful club. Coach Russell Blair expects an even greater effort I from this year ' s Rebel Netters. " Youth, tougher scheduling, and year- round play will make Ole Miss a winner. " ___ Russell Bla m TENNIS 1981-82 Rebel Tennis Team: Joel Mulkin, Doug Maynard, Pat Harrison. Back Row: Russell Blair Head Coach, Simon Bartram, Kirk Farquar, William Chaffe, Bo Butler, Earl Hassler. LADY REBEL TENNIS 1981-82 Lady Rebel Tennis Team: Denise Barbiero, Kathleen Murray, Laura Haskins, Lelia Wallender, Barbara Smith, Fran Spencer, Pattie Harrison, and Head Coach Billy Chadwick. M-CLUB S. Arata W. Bell L. Bethay B. Black Well R. Blakemore R. Brandon D. Brewer M. Brown J. Burrow M. D. Cameron J. Campanova C. Clark H. Cole L. Cole R. Coleman T. Dalton J. Dandurand C. Daniel K. Dotson C. Dowell D. Erves J. Erves C. Erwin K. Farquar M. Fountain J. Fourcade K. Fourcade A. Franks P. Freightman J. Green K. Hanson M. Harmon D. Harrison S. Hendrix S. Herring K. Hooper B. Huff T. Huff D. Jansen M. Johnson S. Kendricks B. Kennedy R. Kies W. Knox S. Lane N. Miller R. Mitchell I. Mulkin C. McCrary Q. McDonald B. McGee K. Nielson T.Ott F. Phillips G. Richey M. Riely B. Roberts D. Robertson M. Russell S. Searfoss N. Seawright A. Shaw L. Shoup L. Simcox J. Sledge M. Smith M. Stearns R. Stieg G.Stuart G. Summerlin C. Tate A. Thomas B. Thomas S. Tuohy M. Turner E. Umstead A. Underwood R. Watkins B. White B. Woodbury P. Wyllie G. Williams N. Williams J. Well J. Colmer T. Gatlin J -T -T JLVyiL J J I Johnny Burrows President, Buford McGee Vice-President, Don Harrison Secretary, Tim Thomas Treasurer, Andy Shaw Sargeant-at-Arms r Leslie Schutz Treasurer, Kelley Viner Historian, Dana Fortenberry Chaplain, Paula Morgan President, Suzanee Ferrell Sergeant-at-Arms, Estelle Hyde Vice-President, Sherry Winterstein Historian. LADY-REBEL M-CLUB Denise Barbiero Michelle Carrington Trisha Eastburn Suzanne Ferrell Dana Fortenberry Sandra Helms Estelle Hyde Sherry King Rebekah Little Liz Marable Paula Morgan Kathleen Murray Susan Northcutt Betsy O ' Conner Jana Phillips Jenny Rhoads Leslie Schutz Sue Sharpe Justina Smith Donna Stevens Karen Thome Kelley Viner Lelia Wallender Vicki Wills Sherry Winterstein Fran Spencer Pattie Harrison Barbara Smith Meg Elliott Laura Haskins Julie Rish Kristal Johnson Cindy Huber Laira Shreve Donna Fielder Darlene Cooke Frankie Brooks Marilyn Brooks Eugenia Conner Lucy Noble Lindy Noble Rochelle Thompson Sandra Newborn From a meek beginning in 1923, Ole Miss Baseball has grown to the sizeable modern club of the present. During those ,55 years, the ball club has had, its ups and downs g from not having a team in 1944-45 to SEC Champs in 1977. Over this expanse of time, the Rebels have won 789 games, lost 574, and tied 10 for a grand total of 1,382 games. They ' ve also produced some of the finest coaches and players there could ever be. The first coach for Ole Miss was Pete Shields. Under his supervision the Rebels developed from a rag-tag team to a contender. Shields coached the Rebels for nine years before turning over the team to Tad Smith. Smith was at the helm from 1932-50, except for 1943 when Goat Hale guided the team. Tom Swayze was named the Rebel mentor following Smith ' s rule. By this time, the SEC games were being played and Coach Swayze topk the Rebels t(5 Overall SEC Champions four times. Also, over a span frojn 1956-70, Ole Miss claimed v five Ail-Americans; Bernie Schrieber, Jake Gibbs, Don Kessinger, Jimmy Yawn and Whitley Adams. After 21 years of guiding the Rebel squad Swayze gave the ball club to one of his former players, Jake Gibbs. Gibbs took the club in 1972 and has coached the team until the present. Coach Gibbs brought the Rebs to the SEC championships twice, and both, times the Rebels came out on top. Baseball is the All-American sport. It ranks near to " Mom " and homemade apple pie. Ole Miss Baseball has given many pleasurable hours to the fans. Yes, Ole Miss Baseball has come a long way from its meager beginning, and the future for the Rebels is limitless. I 142 Baseball 144 Baseball For the Record Ole Miss 2 Ole Miss 1 Ole Miss . 6 Ole Miss . . Ole Miss . . Ole Miss Ole Miss 1 Ole Miss 4 Ole Miss Ole Miss 3 Ole Miss 1 Ole Miss 6 Ole Miss 1 Ole Miss 3 Ole Miss 17 Ole Miss 4 Ole ' . . 6 Ole ' . 17 Ole Miss 8 Ole Miss Ole ' I Ole Miss 4 Ole Miss . 6 OleN Alabama . . Alabama . . Alabama . . Auburn . . . Auburn . . . Auburn . , . LSI LSI Miss. State . Miss. State . s. State . Alabama . . Alabama . . Alabama . . Auburn . . . Auburn . . . Auburn . . . LSU LSI LSU . . LSU . . Miss. State . Miss. State . Miss. State . . 6 16 2 12 .8 14 . 9 . 4 17 . 3 11 . 6 12 .4 Baseball 145 REBEL BASEBALL 1981 Pitching, offense, and defense are the keys to a successful baseball team, and the Ole Miss Rebels maintained a balance of the essential elements as they played 49 games, 23 of which were conference contests. Final statistics for the " 81 " season showed the Rebels with a record of 24-24-1. Getting underway with practice early in the spring gave the ballclub its ex- cellent start. Despite the fact that one of the better pitchers, Randy Coleman, developed arm trouble, the team ' s game was consistent. Freshman pitcher Laddie Renfro was a bright spot on the team as he ranked second in the number of innings pitched for the season. Larry Simcox, the gifted Rebel short stop, made the prestigious All- SEC team. Simcox and Rebel pitcher Johnny Adams went on to sign con- tracts with professional teams. The Houston Astros grabbed Simcox, and Adams was called up by the St. Louis Cardinals. The 1981 Rebel squad had a combin- ed batting average of .294, and they finished ahead of their opponents in the total number of doubles and triples. With a full schedule waiting this fall, the Ole Miss Rebels experimented with many different aspects of the game, as they prepared for the six game fall schedule. " Pitching is the key to a good strong ballclub, " commented the Rebel mentor, Jake Gibbs. Gibbs also added, " It looks good for ' 82. " ' ' Pitching is the key to a good strong ballclub. 9 Jake Gibbs V 14A Baseball - in BASEBALL 1981 Rebel Baseball Team: Front Row: Forrest Phillips, Jim Watson, Mike Pickens, Gary Nicholson, Scott Crutcher, Guy Summerlin, Mike Summerlin, David Clements, Darryl Graham, Tim Huff. Second Row: Johnny Flynt, Mark Johnson, Ken Houser, An- dy Underwood, Laddie Renfro, Ronnie Skinner, Gregg Goodman, Kirk Hanson, Julian Erwin, Gary Pickering, Jake Gibbs Head Coach, Larry Williams. Back Row: Bill Blair, Ed Bradley, Jay Steen, Pat Pomeranz, Jimmy Colmer, Randy Coleman, Larry Simcox, and Johnny Adams. - 148 Organizations ORGANIZATIONS ff j _ NEWELL TURNER, editor Kim Epting, assistant Lisa Parker, assistant OLE MISS Student Government Residence Halls Professionals Military Athletic Clubs Daily Mississippian Councils OLE MISS avidson, Crutcher, Morgan Editor-in-Chief Friley Davidson Assistant Editor Bubba Morgan Business Manager Terry Robertson Executive Secretary Sally Crutcher Section Editors Administration Eleanor Gill Features Greeks Frances Crenshaw Pam Peden Lisa Cutler Organizations Advertisements Newell Turner Debbie Cobb Greg Ellston OLE MISS rd Ed McCooI ' ong and Kilby Moore Beth Parkin Angela Drake and A G. Harmon V ' illiam ork and Becky Smitheal landy lackson and Karen Stevens Parker and Kim Epting mbert and Bill Gamer Admin Classes Events Greeks Honor; Organi Sports :tors Lexa - ' iarkely Gray Mounger Staff Photographers Blake Donaldson Ken Towler David Fanish Sybil Bledsoe Chris Stratton Professional Photographers Kim Jurgens Bili Ray Walt M Bill Connell Contributing Photographers Mike Stevens Joseph Millard Organizations 151 ASB Officials Steve Ray President t Judith Bradley Vice-President 152 Organizations ASB Officials Mary Scott Rosser Treasurer Karen Kahler Secretary Organizations 153 ASB Cabinet Academic Affairs Mark Anderson Student Activities Sai Ireland Exec. Legislative Liason Of ficer Julianne Battaile Dir. Refrigerator Rentals John Hickey Dir. Student Housing Lisa Anderson Administrative Assistant Marianne May Public Information John Hall University Relations Randy Adair Campus Affairs Lydia Spragin Attorney General Paul Edwards Student Services Oby Rogers Executive Assistant Fred Rand Each year the Associated Student Body Cabinet provides the vital function of linking the student government with the students. Cabinet officials coordinate such broad areas of campus life as school spirit, academic affairs, and university relations, and take responsibility for specific programs like Dixie Week, Legislative Day, Refrigerator Rentals, Traffic Appeals, and Film Series. Each ASB Cabinet officer, with the assistance of sub- cabinet committee chairmen, organizes and operates an important government department with the overall goal of achieving an effective service relationship with the student body. Their success in reaching this objective each year is dependent upon student interest, input, and participa- tion, each of which aids the Cabinet ' s efforts to make the Ole Miss student ' s relationship to his student govern- ment a positive one. 154 Organizations x ' A SB Sub -Cabinet Elections Commission Chairman Howell Jones Dir. of School Spirit Danny Reynolds Concerts Todd Threadgill Chair. Comm. of ' 82 Beth Hegwood Vice Chair. Comm. of ' 82 Jep Barbour Montyne King Ambassador Chairman Mark Gunn Ambassador Vice Chair. Tina Thomas Debbie Adams Welcoming Comm. Co-Chair. Holly Holman Eleanor Winter Chair. Black Affairs Comm. Bridgett Franklin Foreign Affairs Advisor Nancy Ward Dial An Event Chairman Fleet Abston Film Series Chairman Brad Robinson Co-Chairmen of Miss University Gwyn Thomas Elizabeth Bailey Book Exchange Chairman Bonnie Vaughn Sue Price Alicia Gatewood Mary Ann Womble Joni Diaz Scuyler Braddock Robin Jucan Angie Lovern Tina Fondren Lauri Curtis Cindy Ross Ann Roy Stacy Prow Rita K ' eitv Beth Murray Chantel Crosby Alsia Bowen Tracy Allgood Becky Haney Janet Dick Lil McKinnon Secretaries Anna Emmons Laura Tetley Beth Freeman Kim Marietta Shira Huddleston Kathy Thornburg Becky Steinriede Jill Beaver Trella Aurell Carolyn McKay J. J. Brown Kathy McLean Jo Prather Becca Rasco Nancy Alexander Eva Ann Shepherd Organizations 155 Campus Senate Officers: Senate President Judith Bradley Senate Clerk Karen Kahler President Pro-Tempo re Art Davis Executive Legislative Liaison Julianne Battaile Executive Monitor Tim Walsh Sergeant at Arms Mary Wamble Sergeant at Arms Rita Neitz Parliamentarian Walter Osborne 156 Organizations District I Post: 1. Walt Shinault. District 11 Post: 1. David McMillan. District 111 - Post: 1. Abbv Dickerson. District IV Post 1 William. 2. Disfrirf XIII Post: 1. Philip Merideth. 2. Nick Bragorgas. District XIII Post: 1. Mary Ab- bott. 2. Angela Clark. 3. Kitty Pinkston. District XIV Post: 1. Elizabeth Marable. District V Tommy- Scott. 2. Alexie Ander- Post: 1. Bob Bennett. 2. Jamie Bouldin. 3. Jeff Stewart. District VI Post 1. Brian Davis. 2 Art Davis. 3. Norbert Woods. District VII Post: 1. Chris Hu6bard. 2. Robert Hopson. 3. Ben Logan. District V1U - Post: 1. Bettina Neumier. 2. Susan VanZandt. District IX Bar- The ASB Campus Senate is the legislative branch of the ASB. Senators are elected in September for a term of one year from their district of residence. The Campus Senate is composed of fifty-two senators. The Senate meets regularly on tne first and third Tuesday of the month along with several special meeting ' s a semester. The Senate each semester passes bills and resolutions dealing with such campus matters as elections, students ser- vices, campus improvements, students activities and campus parking In addi- tion to this legislation the Senate controls the purse-strings of the ASB in that it must approve the ASB budget each semester. District XV Post: 1. Laurie Alexander. 2. David Childress. 3. Rick Mitchell. 4. Cynthia Russell. 5. Tim Weeks. 6. ' Mark Mead. 7, Marshall Bouldin. District SVI Post: 1. Ed Lawler. 2. David Slaughter. 3. Kim Kaufman. 4. Benjy Bailey. District XVII Post- 1 Andy nard, Isom Post 1. Karen Rushing. 2. Leslie Staehle. Phillips. 2. David Owen. 3. Carl District X - Post: 1. Meg Gad- dis. 2. Leah Sigler. District XI Post: 1. Frances Crenshaw. 2. Donna O ' Connell. 3. Wesla Sullivan. 4. Libba Love. Chaney. 4. James Holland. District XVIII Post: 1. Jeff Hubbard. 2. Lee Watt. 3. Joe Roberts. 4. Mark Hoover. 5. Ty Cobb. Organizations 157 Elections Helen Hall Asst. Vicki Hurley Projects Kim Epting Asst. Paige Henderson Publicity Rosie Adams Beth Parkin Scholar Bride McDade Asst. Christy Colbert Women Emphasis Angela Clark Asst. Bonnie Vaughn 158 Organizations The Association for Women Students provides a variety of services and programs oriented for the women of Ole Miss. While membership in AWS includes every female stu- dent at the Univer- sity of Mississippi, male participation is also encouraged. By providing a varied selection of programs and speakers, the women of AWS carry on a proud tradition of leader- ship in campus affairs. Publication Minority Women Ellen Sumner Lisa Anderson Tounia Swords Asst. Louise Amos I AW Contact Jill Lummus Asst. Melanie Morgan Liaison Council Margo Doss Asst. Renee Dodd Women Faculty Liaison Robin Rader Asst. Patricia Humphreys Executive Secretaries Michelle Frykholm Randi Ratcliff Donna Jennings Organizations 159 Committee of 82 The Committee of 82, composed of students representing the 82 counties of Mississippi, works with state legislators for the interests of the University of Mississippi. The Committee helped sponsor Legislative Day at the Ole Mis-Georgia football game when members of the Committee had the opportunity to meet and to talk with various legislators. The major objective of the Com- mittee was to have its members write the legislators from their voting districts concerning the needs of the University and problems of its students. r B. Schmeig H. Huggins M. Mitchell L. Hester S. Brantley T. Angle A. Newton D. Wheller M. Brent B. Hammond B. Crow B. Richardson J. Neill D. Foster S. Murry W. Pittman M.Ross T.Horn M. Ellington A. Davis D. Sanders H. Wright G. Gunter V. East J. Shirley H. Koon A. Terracina T. Rarese M. Ban-field J. England ). Corley B. Logan T.Abel C. Cannon R. Harris J. Terracina F. Crenshaw C. Polk J. Parker M. Taylor K. Morris V Roberts M. Burnett T. McMillin L. Stewart ]. Elliott C. McKay P. Peden T. Threadgill D. Deaton J. Yates D. Colbert E. Holliday P. Garner D. Wong A.Williams T. Neilson R. Falkner B. Brady D. Smith M. Lewis B. Bagley L. Mayo L. Amos-McKinney H. Hall H. Neilson M. Gwin J. Rudman D. Williams C. Adcock B. Smallwood S. White R Coleman, III F. Manley L. Stehle S. Pierce S. Diggs L. Millette A. Phillips B. Bailey R. Jessup D. Hill R. Reid G. Freeman W. Sullivan S. Sullivan L. Littlejohn S. Stogner K. Carroll F. Webb D. Ivy G. Agostinelli M Maffet J. Diaz M. Thompson K. Epting G. Cofield K. Morgan S. Tynor G. Martin P. Thomas B. Calhoun M Kelly B. Cole C. Chaney S. Braddock C. Barbour S. Clarke R. Lewis P. Thrash M. Halton, III T. Fryery C.Cox M. Lee P. McDaniels B. Boxley B. Warner S. Kelly O Rogers C. Pringle M Strader L.Gray E. Johnson M. Blanks W. Vincent L. Spivey J. Levy L. Geno T. Arnold K. Wong E. Parker K. Hopson B. Steinriede P. Hinton W. Michel R. Bates J. Pinson D. Bullock G. Bishop S. Branscomb M. Lavender D. Lowe B.Williams T. Wilks J. Blackwood u 160 Organizations Chairman Mark Gunn Vice Chairmen Tina Thomas Debbie Adams C Cavazos P. Peden B. Crow W Travis M. Langston K. Wersebe V Vickers P Wilson L Fave Webster E Winter K Ra ' v M Burnett E. Sea ' y D. Crumley B Smallwood C Flovd J Stewart S. Hales L. Sumners S. Russell W York W. Sullivan T Arnold A Emmons f- Crenshaw T Fryery B. Hammond B Smylie L. Holland W Vincent L. Lindsey J. Venrress T Mann E Flee Has T McMUlin S.Purvis K-Hogan A. Elliott C Smith L. Jenkins D Soldev.lla G.Malta M Taylor R. Robertson P. Wages T.WeUl D. Wheeler M. Gunn L. Ferguson E. Johnson S. Gibson S. Kelly J Moody B. Lott B Bartlett D. O-Connell T. Goolsby R Coffin B. Mayes J Corley C Meek K. Cunningham R Taylor A. Hales K Buck R, Henry J Gilbert J Phillips C. Kelly R. Brown B. Logan -ertv A Miller G Geddie M Ray M Maffett S. Thompson K. Marietta M Banks P Maxwell L. Brewerton C Miller M Hester L. Pierce . Parker M. Thompson R. Anne Reed D Adams I VVeathersly D. Gruenwald D Brown J. Hancock M. Ellinglon B . Landess C Gallaspy S. Lean- L. A. McKinney K. McKay R. Coleman S. Robinson C Cox D.Scott R. Little T. Thompson B. Perkins L Williams S. Tyner M. Edmonds L Ward N Hixon L. Andrews R. Johnson G. Cirilli C Sorrels J.Greco B. Vaughan B. Sabbatini C McCool O. Andv A Mortenson P Boyd ' T Robinson S. Branscome C Watts H. Dent A. Zehender S. Stovall V Blackburn T. Thomas A. Cole R.Adair S. Donosky B. Bond B Tarn E Freeman K.Asbury J )effcoat D.Barnard L. Ann Mayo R. Jackson J.McCauley D. Pruitt M Stokes D Heern B. Bexlev B. Vanderburg S Bradd ' ock G Wright C. Chaney R Coogler K Pinkston T, Friou L Becker K. Kahler J. Black wood C KridJe A Clark S. Daugherty R.Dodd S. Easterly H Holman T Frank G Mounger P. Goldthorpe G Parker M Headley Organizations 161 Graduate President David Heath Vice-President Judy Quattlebaum Secretary Leslie Street Treasurer Pessy Jolly Graduate Representative to Graduate Faculty Council Mike Wall The ACS promotes graduate in- terdepartmental communications, serves as liaison bet- ween the depart- ments of graduate study and the University ad- ministration and en- courages a sense of unity among the graduate students. 162 Organizations Greg Smith President Nancy Clement V. President Chuck Waller Secretary Michelle Monts Treasurer Rickey Herndon Internations Chairman Debbie Wall Retreats and Conferences Julie Nolen Social Chairman Alma Jo Henry Local Missions Leader Martha Shelton Summer Missions Leader Jim Armstrong Special Ministries Leader Mike Maclnnis Recreation Steve Hunt Worship Chairman Keith Gating Director Having served the University of Mississippi for over fifty years, the Baptist Student Union continues to make available outstanding programs of spiritual and religious emphasis. BSU is a fellowship of college students seeking to find and imple- ment God ' s purpose for them and their world. vst Organizations 163 JAY COOKE CHAIRMAN 1981-82 Committee Chairmen Bill Garner entertainment Elizabeth Cooke fine arts Chris Scott lectern Joe Maxwell publicity Mark Mead publicity Eleanor Gill secretary Mary Moore special events Lauren Lexa press secretary Donald Barnard social John Ragland films Janet Brown minority activities Elizabeth Bailey travel 164 Organizations UPC Committee Members Entertainment Publicity Fine Arts Robin Cochran John Hall Rita Neitz A. G. Harmon Leslie Andrews Donna O ' Connell Clay Morgan Ellen Sumner Jason Miller Elinor Corley Anna Emmons Adrienne Cofield Jim Ridgeway Dan Owens Holly Holman Sandy Sharman John Hawkins Barry McClendon Rosie Adams Norma Flora Dan Pruitt Nike Gunnels Steve White Newell Turner Yerger Lurate Schuyler Braddock Tommy Butler Tim McKay Tracy Allgood Tim Frvery Curt Grantham Lectern Special Events Social Travel Russ Pruitt Scott Lamb Norma Maynard Kathy Thompson Bubba Morgan Kim Epting Rochelle T. Curry Lynn Kierspe Mike Edmonds David Massey Michael Stuart Cindv Kelly Camille Henick Benji Bailey Wavne Clark Pam Garner Will McDonald Jimmy Blackwood William York Eleanor Winter Ward Toler Alida Moore Cal Christian John Nordan Bonnie Vaughn Minority Films Activities Gary Jefferson Russ Dallen Tracy Greer Emily Gilleylan Barbara Brooks Mary Varner Blake Donaldson Brigette McDade Yvonne Marie Lee Jeff Johnon Russell Williamson Richie Patterson Joe Klingon Courtnev Rogers Fleet Abstan Organizations 165 Modeling Board Captain: Stephanie Smiley Co-Captain: Mitch Wogamen Secretary Treasurer: Ann Roy Public Relations: Allison Brown 166 Organizations Modeling Board The University of Mississippi Modeling Board was established in 1977 by the AVVS. The Board is composed of Ole Miss coeds representing a variety of majors. Its pur- pose is to promote a better understanding and awareness of the Univer- sity and its students, to br- ing about an awareness of the total aspect of fashion; and to promote good will. Modeling Board members are selected each fall semester by a panel of two judges and the Director of the Modeling Board. Selection is based on poise, personality, model- ing potential , and scholastic ability. Old Members: Allison Balducci, Susan Barksdale, Monet Bourgeouis, Allison Brown, Kay Car- nathan, Mary Susan Galliex, Caroline Hill, Tracey Hoover, Montyne King, Sidney Mashburn, Daphne Parks, Delphine Rice, Ann Roy, Lynn Simmons, Stephanie Smiley, Sherron Smith, Camille Thomas, Warrine Trawick, Susan Waitkus, Mitch Wogamen, Rueban Martin, Sheery Shumpert. New Members: Mary Adams, Nancy Alexander, Renee Ball, Jack Bass, Laurie Barnett, Chris Bishop, Kathy Black, Paige Boyd, Tim Davidson, Suzanne Davis, Laurin Ellis, Lynn Evans, Natalie Fisher, Andrew Garrett, J. B. Goodsell, Catherine Higgins, Jeffery Jacobson, Don Kilbiax, Bob Mahaney, Martha Moore, Mary Moore, Patty Murray, Gerry Reikson, Karen Rice, Stephanie Robinson, Scott Sammons, Dee Sip- pel, John B. Thomas, Kim Tidwell, Tricia Snipes, Eunice Robinson, Kim Tindal, Lori Thompson, Rhonda Vanderford, J. D. Williams, Leslie Williams, Lynn Zubatuck. Representatives Caroline Kridle Glenda Gregory Mary Hanson Roslyn Filipi Rafael Valle Ronald Russell Jeri Neil Beth Hegwood Vicki Rowland Alan Melear Meg Szeluga Kathryn Sheaf John Bellay Anthony Grace Robert Hopson Steve Marone 168 Organizations HA RHA is a liaison bet- ween student housing and each individual hall. We are a coordinating body for harmonious residence living through various ac- tivities, programs, and a complete judicial system. RHA is in its third active year at Ole Miss and pro- ves to be an important organization for universi- ty residents. The representatives to the RHA council are elected by the residents of the respective halls. Executive Council Grover Hardin Jackie Libbett Leslie Ricketts Joe Kelly ' Organizations 169 Ginger Richardson Linda Merrill Janice Jacksaw Debra Tutor Carolyn Smith Vicki Doyle Paula Wages Cathy Dupree Paula Signa Lisa Stinson Mary Szeluga . Kathleen Magandy Vice Pres. Juli Cookson Sec. Treas. Daphne Everson Representatives ElizabethBaine DeLisa Griffen Jillene Stevens Mary Howltee Linda Coleman Angie Fiore Kaye Wren Kelly Trim Susan Vanderburg Gar-Hed -Mayes 170 Organizations Pres. Erin O ' Reilly V.P. Dana Williams Sec. Margaret Johnson Treas. Catherine Martin Reps. 1. Skye Henry Geanne Shackleford 2. Caroline VVersbe Martha Hester 3. Tracy McCollum 4. Esther Echols Brenda Suarez 5. Cynthia Box Susan Tullos 6. Vicki Rowland Beth Hegwood 7. Libby Woods 8. Gloria Lyons . Ronda Little 9. Joyce Lowe Lisa Shomberger 10. Man- Shelly Jack Skylar Braddock Judicial Chair. Kim Smith Pres. Laurie Senf V.P. Leslie Ricketts Judicial Chair. Chen Green Floor Reps. 1 . Laurie Prichard Kelly W ' illiamson 2. Ginger Lantz 3. Karen Anderson 4. Glenda Gregory Sec. Treas. Jana Hemphill RHA Rep. Beth Enoch 171 Organizations Stewart I Pres. Debbie Scardino V.P. Dorothy Seale Sec. Treas. Martha Looney Pres. Donna Conner V.P. Lidia Spragin Social Chair. Alice Lynch Sec. Berta Mayes Treas. Cynthia Reeves n mu f mi m m i f mm m mMm fmmm m mm mmami mmm m mmm mmmmmHmmm Barn-Isom-Somer 172 Organizations Miller Pam Walker Patty- Craig Julie Rish Teri Miller Joanna Hu Kim Forsythe Harriet Nailer Jeri Neil Pres. Pam Magee Floor Rep. Tammy Thompson Floor Rep. Jeannine Ray- Vice Pres. Melinda Jennings Sec. Linnette Lourido Organizations 173 Guess RA ' s Albert Bahhuth Robert Davis Sherman Hollis Tina Guillebean Lynn Sledge Wanda Peck FLOOR REPS. Jim McCormack Joey Bontemps Bob Carr Betsy Wilson Carol Weed Kate Booth Richard Martin Doug Potocksi Todd Starford Tommy Ballard Mathew Chunn Mark Boyd Larry Potman Charlie Bowman Mark Wood Bruce Newman Mike Malone Gary Allen James Faulks Peter Haupt Randy Peirce Frank Minor Steven Bradley Steve Treutal Jerry Reina Russ Rivers David McCullough Jack Warren Twin Towers 174 Organizations President Bruce McCall Vice-Pres. John Powell Sec. Treas. Mark Dove Judicial Chairman David Vaughan Floor Reps. Craig Jackson Jimmy Traylor Tommy Wilson Danny Sanders Brian Coole RHA Rep. Alan Melear President Eric Carter V. President Grover Hardin Sec. -Treas. William Massey RHA Reps. Scott Russell Hugh Scott Keith Lawrence John Murdaugh Bob Bennett Bruce Swain Steve Broadus Brad Wax Mike Cravens IHHHHHBHHBBMHMHHBHH MHBMBHi Kincannon Organizations 175 Joe Kelly Carl Schott Bill Powell Debbie Borne Teresa Garner Not Pictured Miranda Mcllwairt Patrick Reed Ken (Flash) Towler: Slumlord George Miller Mark Brock David (Hanging Judge) Graham Rusty (Roothog) Grant Steve Turner (Pa) Bob Wait, Abn. Missing: The Great Rhino Pa Ikner-Ho wry 176 Organizations Kappa Psi Kappa Psi Officers for 1981 Marty Michel Regent David Bullock Treasurer Kevin Lassen Vice-Regent Keith Guntharp Historian Kenny Gooch Secretary Jerry Megason Chaplain Danny Gibson Sgt. at Arms Founded in 1879, Kappa Psi is the nation ' s oldest and largest professional pharmacy fraternity. The Beta Rho chapter of Kappa Psi at Ole Miss was chartered in 1926 and is the state ' s oldest and largest professional pharmacy fraternity. Kappa Psi offers to all members the pleasure of good fellowship, the prestige of professional recognition, and the inner pride of acceptance on the basis of personal qualifica- tions. Membership is open to students enrolled in the School of Pharmacy who have maintained a 2.00 grade poinf average. Lambda Caren Cowart President David Linder Vice-President Membership Mary McKinney Vice President Programs Lee Ann Wilson Recording Secretary Karen Cooper Corresponding Secretary Art Davis Treasurer Betty Bat Historian Debbie Rossell Reporter Tom Welch Parliamentarian Mr. Charles Walker Advisor Phi Beta Lambda is a national organization comprised of college business students and representing Future Business Leaders of America. Established in 1958, Phi Beta Lambda ' s main goals are to develop competent, aggressive business leadership, to encourage scholarship, and to create a better understanding of America ' s free enterprise system. These objectives are ac- complished through guest speakers, community projects, committee involvement, and leadership conferences. Highlighting the 1981-82 year of the Gamma Tau Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda is the Southern Regional Conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; the State Conference in Biloxi, Mississippi; and the National Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. The state and national conferences allow students to participate in competitive events in such areas as accounting, economics, business law, business communications, data processing, office procedures, future business executives, and many more. In addition to conferences, Phi Beta Lambda members host annual skating parties, volleyball marathons, workshops, and faculty teas and arrange field trips and guest speakers from the business community. 178 Organizations eta Lam Alaine Anderson David Eagleson Vicki Hurley Sarah Miller Vicki Rogers Carole Taylor Jav Anthony Tim Eaton Pam James Joyce Moody Debbie Rossell Gayie Taylor Jim Barber Shirley Eichelburger Bonnie Jones Bruce Moore Tyrone Sanders Kim Taylor LJsaBasden Jeanniene Julich Charles Morris JobynaSansing Tarn i Tavlor Sondra Basden )ohnny Elliott Path Kennedy Craig Murray Steven M. Shaner Mike Terrell Betty L Bat Melinda Boothe Karen Ellzey Herb Fanning Sel Kennedy Lynn Kierspe Sandra Mvers John A Neill Sue Sharpe Pauii Signa Susan Thompson Curtis MThweatt Greg S Boyanton Melanie Fields G ' roverC. Kinnev Anne O ' Neill Parry Simmons Randv Bo vies Staev Fulton Danelle La go Walter Osborne Jon Sinopoli Jennifer Um stead Bill Brain e BilJ Geary Larry Landry Ed Parker David F Smith Lee Ann Vancil Dana Callender John Glenn Pam Lawrence lone Parshall Richard M. Smith Michael Varner Troy Carnes Rhonda Gober Janie Lee Rae Pitcoclc Terrv Smith John M. Vaughn Lisa Carver Patricia Ann Goolsbv Mike Lester Larry Pittmon Cherri Sorrels Jan Voss Mark Christian Alicen Goss David Linder Leisa Posey Vivian Spear Gale Walker Tern 1 Clayton Ronnie Grav Mike Lofhn Laura Pricnartt Ceiia Speed Melissa Walker Tammy Coker Judi Griffin Al Loomis Amy F. Prichett Lloyd Spivev Sharon Walker Karen S. Cooper Chris HalliweU Angela Lovom Stephan Quiriconi Story Stamm Sara Weeks Mike Counce Lisa Hampton Tracy McCollum R Steinried Suzanne Welch Caren Cowart Dana Dallosta Tracey Hanks Man- Nelle Hanson Marv McKinney Man- H. McMullen Leesa Ragland Barbara Rakestraw Lisa Stinson Tom Welch Juliet L Wetzel Art Davis Kyle Harris Murrey Mai mo Kristy Rankin Cindy Stone William J.WTieatt Julie Van Dercreek Richard Hastings Elizabeth B. Martin GaiR ' eed Shawn Sullivan Chri? Joni Diaz Clarie E. Hathcock Claire Robert Patricia Sutton Lee Ann W ilson JohnDodd Marilynn Dodd Mark Higdon Virgin iaHollabough Marianne Ma v Berta Mayes Vicki Roberts Rodney Robinson Marv Szeluga Lynn Tallev May Wong Catherine Yelverton Lynn Hoi land Karen Merhoff Diane E Rodgers David Tannehill Organizations 179 i Sigma Epsilon ] President Tate Parker Vice President Markeeting Jennie Whitt Vice President Personnel Emily Barnes Vice President Communications Suzanne Stewart Treasurer Virginia Baker Recording Secretary Susan Harper Corresponding Secretary Sally Fowler Pledge Trainer Andy Colbert Pi Sigma Epsilon was founded in 1951 as the first fraternity for the sales profession. After the support of sales and marketing, executive was added, Pi Sigma Epsilon grew and expanded nationwide. The purpose of Pi Sigma .Epsilon is to further its members knowledge and understanding of marketing and sales principles, and to bring together students who express a desire to enter the fields of marketing, sales, management and professional selling. The organization is open to quali fied business majors. 180 Organizations N ' lta Uatq ' it ' bf ' ph rmacy. to cooperate witl h facuitj of the cMleg -whjere -chapters- are established, to.- stiniulatf ih it$- merr ers -desjre toj high scholarship, to foster a profe - .Ifipnal conscierusQ gs, and to provide a bofl ' -of lasting Home Economics Organizations 181 Management The Society for Advancement of Management is a professional organization affiliated with the American Management Association. The campus chapter is designed to promote professionalism and practical education to students interested in management. S.A.M. activities, which include guest speaker programs and field trips, give insight into practical management problems and solutions and supplement the students academic pursuits. Ann Bronaugh President Paula Jones Vice-President of Activities Mary Szeluga Vice-President of Public Relations Ann Riley Vice-President of Membership Steve Shaner Treasurer A. Hammock, J. Peay, C. Murray, C. Gilbert, C. Stone, T. Enochs, K. Shull, C. Floyd, M. Myers, T. Benefield, J. Tharp, P. Huey, I Parshall, S. Myers, R. Nichols, E. Akers, R. Nichols, E. Akers, P. Vaughan, D. Shepard, R. Pegues, K. Cooper, M. Car- dosi, D. Rodgers, T. Taylor, M. Johnson, V. Lehman, E. Baine, S. Caygle, J. Anthony, D. Taylor, D. Miller, C. Montague, M. Malmo, R McElroy, H. Hardin, M. Hopkins, M. Fields, M. Casey, J. Elliotte, B. Bat, M. Varner, M. Christian, E. Wenczl, L. Hampton, J. Jackson, D. Smith, C. Patton, J. Young, J. White, E. Norman, D. Smith, C. Mcgee, A. Davis, H. White, D. Petit- jean, C. McDonald, C. Cook, C. Gilleylen, M. Henick, M. Lester, L. Sanford, L. Greer, W. Tynes, J. Dodd, P. Kennedy, P. Mason, S. Raney, T. Clayton, B. Harrison, J. Kimbrough, C. Hull, T. Eaton, S. Gordon, K. Hinman, T. Thomas, M. Cagle, J. Nordan, D. Simpson, M. Dodd, T. Carnes, L. Pittman, T. McCollum, P. Hendrix. 182 Organizations _ " 1_ Pre-Law society The Ole Miss Pre-Law Society is an organization of undergraduate students designed to provide members with in- formation on attending Law School. Each year the society brings speakers in from the Ole Miss Law School from areas ranging from admission re- quirements to graduate law programs. President Robert Lingle Vice-President Lori Thomas Secretary Connie Cox Treasurer Jay Cooke Committee Chairman Gerry Reihsen Organizations 183 Financiers President Gary Aldridge Advisor Dr. Don Moak The Financiers Club is an organization which seeks to ac- quaint interested students with outstanding businessmen and bankers from Mississippi and surrounding states. Sponsored by the Chair of Banking, the Financiers provide business majors an opportunity to listen and speak to knowledgeable leaders in the busines s community. By bringing well informed speakers to the University, the Financiers Club hopes to pre- sent students with interesting and relevant issues concerning business and banking. 184 Organizations x x Shorthand Reporters The ' of Mississippi Shorthand Reper .don, established in 19 " - students the opportunity to learn more it court reporting and to pro- court judges and court official pus as speakers students wh 1 as . . .. StUd the court helps rstan- ding and personal s re- quired for a rewarding court reporting career. Pre- fillips -1 Treasurer Ga;. no Reporter Sharon Stevens Historian Karen Kinnett Corresponding S Brenda Das Recording Secretary Sandy Maharrev sident Sha .van Vice-President Lee Atkins Secretary Robert Greene Treasurer Steve Cox The of Mi Weight Lifting Club, found-, the spring of 1981, is an organiza- tion designed to encourage cam- pus participation at all ht training. Weight Lifting Organizations 185 Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi, a professional frater- nity organized to foster the study of business in universities, has grown to national prominence since its founding at New York University in 1927 and has been dedicated to the fraternity ' s goals of professionalism and service. Its membership, composed of students of business, takes pride in the assistance it gives to the University and the com- munity through various service pro- jects. Educational experiences are enriched by an annual series of speakers from the business world which aid in the members ' professional development. President Charles Morris Senior Vice-President Paul McLain Vice-President, Pledge Education Dana Dallosta Vice-President, Professional Activities Jerry Rudman Secretary Elizabeth Martin Treasurer Judy Dukes Chancellor Jax Cofield Advisors Murphy Smith, Dr. Frank Wiebe 186 Organizations Phi Delta Ch Greg Akers Billy Amacker Jimmy Baker Raymond Baeur Geoff Becker Butch Benson Mark Bowens Steve Bozeman Ed Brent Keith Cooley Greg Crumbly Britt Freeman Danniel Green Gary Griffin Don Haynes Willis Kilpatrick Micky King Ken Martin Sammy McNulty Tommy Shields Tim Smith Bill Stringer Barry Waites John Williamson Ricky Zeigler Clint Bane Larue Baker Sid Hammons Tommy Walker Harry Crosby David Webb Clayton Whitehead Phi Delta Chi is a professional frathernity for men who are outstanding students in the school of Pharmacy. Founded in 1883, Phi Delta Chi ' s purpose is to promote the science of Pharmacy. Through its various health and science-related projects. Phi Delta Chi seeks to enhance the pro- fessionalism of its members who are to become practitioners of Pharmacy. Sammy McNulty President Mark Bowers Vice Pres. Micky King Treasurer Gary Griffin Secretary Ricky Zeigler Correspondent Tommy Shields Chaplain John Williamson Sgt. at Arms Tim Smith Inner Guard Greg Akers Alumni Liaison Dr. Ron Bonne Faculty Advisor Dr. Tom Riley Faculty Advisor Organizations 187 OFFICERS p res . _ Cecilia Clifft Vice Pres. Clara Gwen Wilson Treas. Cindy Ladder Publicity Chair. Teresa Hawes Social Chair. Courtney Graham Special Projects Wendy Reynolds Graduate Asst. Kathy Goodyear Faculty Adv. Dr. David Hill Co-Chairmen John Mark Holliday Marta Martinez Secretaries G vyn Thomas Bubba Morgan Hospitality Holly Holman Ron Veazey Publications Eleanor Winter Rodney Richardson Publicity Cindy Purser Newell Turner Projects Ginger Richardson Bill Garner Music Susan Burke Bill Griffin Social Elizabeth Bailey John Hickey 188 Organizations Traffic Appeals Jay Cooke Chairman Tim Matthew Secretary- Beth Dalto ' n Elizabeth Cooke Frank Hall Rob Coker Patricia Bennefield members The Traffic Ap- peals Board is a branch of the Lyceum designed to help students who feel that they should not have received a traffic citation. The Board uses the M- Book as a guide and hears each case separately. 1981-1982 Officers President Bonnie Busby V. President Max Go forth Secretary-Treasurer Alissa Pope Kappa Pi, Epsilon Psi chapter, founded in 1911 was installed in Fall 1976 at Ole -5. To be eligible for membership you must have a 3.- G.P.A. in art, after 12 hours of art courses and a 2.5 G.P.A. combined overall average. Kap- pa Pi is to assist in training stu- dent artists and direct public opinion into a deeper apprecia- tion of the arts. The student ar- tists place their best efforts to enhance the future environ- ment for the aesthetic enrich- ment of their fellow human beings. Members: Steve Cooper, Janet Dodson, Laurin Ellis, Mary Goetz, Darla Kedgecock, Chris Kelly, Chris Lockard, Amy Lumpkin, Vicki Morris, Shelly Muirhead, Teresa Paluso, Robert Ring, Stphanie Smiley, Lisa Stewart, Gwyn Thomas, George Ward, Anne Winans. Engineer in J 190 - ORGANIZATIONS Engineering The Engineering Student Body serves as the governing body of all students enrolled in the School of Engineering. The executive board is composed of a president, vice-president, secretary- treasurer, OLE MISS ENGINEER editor, Engineering Day Chairman, the President of each of the departmental technical societies, and a Faculty advisor. Objectives of the board are to encourage the development of professional attitudes in students and to provide a friendly association of students with the faculty and with the engineering profession. The ESB continually works for the interests of all engineering students. President Frank G. Jeanson Vice-President Tom Ronaldi Secretary-Treasurer Mark McCormick OLE MISS ENGINEER editor June Winstead E-DAY Chairman Kirk Lee Faculty Advisor Dr. Jim Clemmer ASCE Civil President Chris Cianciola Vice-President Mike Barnett Secretary Jay Street Treasurer Kenny Weiland ASME Mechanical President - Kevin Fox Vice President - David Gray Secretary - Eric Brenkert Treasurer - Ron Imre E - Day Com. - Nehme Ali IEEE Electrical President - Rick Sabatello Vice President - Tom Ronaldi Secretary Treasurer - Mike Willingham President David Ott Vice-President Candy Reed Secretary Steve Turnipseed Treasurer Jim Truax Asst. Secretary-Treasurer Susan Wilson E-Day Com. Mike Gill ACM Computer President Deanna Davis Vice-President Eric Schott Secretary Cathy Philippart NSPE Professional President - Jim Alldridge Vice President - Steve Turnipseed Secretary Treasurer - Tom Ronaldi .VSBE Black Engineers President - Debra Miller Vice President - Anthony Grace Secretary Treasurer - Janet Luellen Mississippians From 1897 to the present, jazz continues to be an integral part of the music activities at the University of Mississippi. " The Mississippians " is a most active jazz ensem- ble, which is in constant demand, perform- ing concerts throughout the South. More recently, this organization has performed at several jazz festivals. They were chosen as the " most outstanding jazz band, " at both the 1979 Memphis State Jazz Festival and the 1980 Sam Houston State University Jazz Festival. The " Mississippians " continue to play an active role in recruiting and representing the University of Mississippi with successful results. 192 Organizations Connection Carla Bonds Alicia GatewCMxi Felicia Manley Ann Phillips Debbie Wall Bass Libba Love Tammy Scott Teresa ' Shumpert Julie Wetzel Janet Bray Mark Barton Tim Frverv Marl Mike Maclnnis Bill Riley Todd Ferguson Bobby Gandy Eddy Neilson Bruce Sanders Lynn Sledge Piano Michael Pierce Drums Jeff Acrid Linda Austin Director Organizations 193 Angel Flight Angel Flight is a national service organization open to women at the University of Mississippi. These girls are selected each spring by inter- views. Objectives of the Flight are to promote and serve the United States Air Force, the Air Force ROTC program, the Arnold Air Society, and the University of Mississippi and its surrounding community. Standing: Amee Fouche, Kathy Galvin, Bonnie Nevins, Lynn Taylor, Susan Harper, Kit Friedrichs, Karen Cooper, Amy Metts, Angela Clark, Beth Parkin, Cindy Martin, Pam Young, Laura Anderson, Eleanor Gill, Doris Burns, Ann Shafner. Kneeling: Jenny Moss, Ann Zehender, Anna diBenedetto, Deura Porter, Patricia Belen- chia, Emily Gilleylan, Susan Adkins, Vickie Wills. Not Pictured: Laura Alvey, Robin Cochran, Genela Curry, Terry Fortenberry, Sherry Gibson, Pat Goetz, Pam Gray, De Lisa Griffin, Terri Hagnewood, Melanie Hixon, Lisa Homan, Laurie Legendre, Ruth Martin, Gina Morrissey, Becca Rasco, Ann Riley, Tounia Swords, Trish Town- send, Daphne Park, Christy Parry, Kitty Pinkston. The Arnold Air Society is a national profes- sional honorary as well as a service organization composed of selected Air Force ROTC cadets. The AL Key Squadron of Arnold Air Society at Ole Miss is named in honor of Al Key who set the flight endurance record in 1935 in his plane, the " Ole Miss " . Members for this service-oriented society are chosen on the basis of grade point average, extra-curricular activities, and leader- ship ability. Members: Tyrone Bates, Willaim Beard, Charles Bowman, Tany Bradley, Bubba Browning, Ricky Burden, Beth Caisten, Chuck Clark, Jeanne Cole, Roman Dewan, Allen Erickson, Audrey Graham, Darlean Griffin, Albert Milliard, Dwight Harris, Marc Jones, Rick Kellogg, Julie Long, Darrell McDonald, Ernie Moody, Dennis Moore, Ted Reeves, Bill Reynolds, Bill Sartor, Mike Smith, Lauri Swan, Pat Torres, Pat Thompson, All Williams, Ray Young, Pam Young, Ralph Zapata, Franklin Poole, Willie Spurlock, Beverly Wolfe, Danny Whittington. Arnold Air 194 Organizations Air Force Air Force Reserve Officer Training selects and prepares qualified college students to serve as U.S. Air Force officers. This year Air Force cadets learned leadership by planning and conducting cadet officer staff and military corps training. A GOOD LEADER MUST BE A GOOD FOLLOWER! Organizations 195 MS IV ' s Andrew J. Donelson, Jr. Charles A. Harbour George E. Guerieri, Jr. Ronald E. Corkran, Jr. Robert W. Chatham, Jr. Jonathan M. Williams Mark R. Pedron Mark D. Wall Grover C. Hardin Louie W. Wooten Michael R. R. Coggins Missing Alvin V. Brown Gregory L. Burkes Michael L. Davis Jerry R. Gray Harold Henderson Joseph C. Hollowell William Hooper, III Gregory L. Kennedy Lawrencr C. Logue, III Kermit L. Rushing, III MS IV ' s Gato B. Jackson Jeptha F. Barbour, IV Christopher S. Sandefer William J. Travis Susan D. Filer William H. Tate Edward C. Waller Hunter L. Hunter Earlean Nicks David R. Quinn John B. Brown 1% Organizations MS IV s Richard E Cooper Phillip 5 Robert L Brown David O Smith Man L Billings Michael J Bounds Gorden M Ditto Paul D Frasier. 1! Sheila L White Missing Lester A. Barrios Kendall E Davis John Driftennier Gino D. English William M Fox Mike German Nellie L Goss James E- Green Bradley T Hopper James M HoweU Robert E Laney Leech ' range Edwin L. Pittman Rhonda R Parr James B. Perrea Kerry Prisock James E Ready James P. Russuro Arthur Sharpe Ralph Sprye Andre Thomas Roville Thomas Bobby A Towery Jr Robert T Wait Riclie D Webb MSIVs Ulander Moore Cecil Dowell Tracy Knox Larry D. McNeal Sherri N Hokey Jon H. Hawkins, III John Huey Richard Willis Jeffrey L. Kellum BARBOUR, Charles A. BARBOUR, Jeptha F., IV BROWN, Alvin V. BROWN, John B. BURKES, Gregory L. CHATHAM, Robert W., Jr. COGGINS, Michael R. CORKRAN, Ronald E., Jr. DONELSON, Andrew J., Jr. FILER, Susan D. FORDICE, Hunter L. GRAY, Jerry R. GUERIERI, George E., Jr. HARDIN, Grover C. Commissionees 1981-82 HENDERSON, Harold HOLLOWELL, Joseph C. HUEY, John M. JACKSON, Gato B. KENNEDY, Gregory L. LOGUE, Lawrence C., Ill NICK, Earlean PEDRON, Mark R. QUINN, David R. RUSHING, Kermit L., IO SANDEFER, Christopher TATE, William H. TRAVIS, William J. W ALL, Mark D. WALLER, Edward C. WILLIAMS, Jonathan M. BOOKER, Rosiland T. CONWAY, Jamie A. LO, Hon W. MCDONALD, Quentin Organizations 197 Ebony Elegance was founded on November 12, 1979, by a group of black women who modeled on campus and in the Oxford area. The group also en- couraged black students to become involved with other campus activities. Ebony Elegance now consists of black male and female students who are selected each fall. They travel around the State modeling at other univer- sities and continue to pro- mote black involvement. Officers President Tony Grace Vice-President and Acting Secretary Janet Brown Treasurer Greta Miller Members Bridget Perkins Emily Stokes Harriet Hearns Shirley Eichelberger Pat Taylor Cheryl Kimmons Tyrone Bates Joyce Moody Berta Mays Curleau Shelton Shauneille Jackson Tanya Bell Ca ' Vonzell Penamon Jerry Gentry Mary Love Chris Gardner Charlotte Bates Willie Spurlock Sandra Cox Kim Ford Keith Hawkins 198 - ORGANIZATIONS President Dexter Foster Vice-President Gary Jefferson Secretary Shirley Eichelberger Treasurer John Hawkins Programs Greta Miller Bridget Franklin Attorney General Andrew Stokes e Black Student Union with its colors of Red, Black and Green, was founded on the Ole Miss campus in 1969 by a group of Black students who were isolated from the mainstream of student government. They sought an organization to create unity with one another and to express issues of Minority Concerns to the University. The purposes of the BSU are the development of leadership and service to the campus and Black Community, unity among its members, participation on the Committee of Black Concerns and to the maintenance of its members ' civil and political rights. Organizations 199 guatics OLE MISS AQUATIC F. Manley Capt. B Bennett Capt. R. Rejifrow Pres. L. Hosse V.P. B. Taylor Sec. R Good M. Snuff ner ). McGough ]. B. Goodsell B. Schmieg O. Martin H. Wright ]. Freeman D. Tata S. Lambert B. Cromwell R. Carney }. Bel lay R. Lapeyre C. Bishop B.Moore S. Shiverick L. Zubatuk A. Runyan L. Tucker P. Shumake A. Anderson M Headley S. Blackwood }. Reidy M.Gill V. East B Brooks G. Beach T. Ruge }. Mitchell G. Codec S. Bryant D. Bogaev S. Belcher G. Prince O. Andy B Messer M. Read L. Fisher " F. " Greenlaw Lynn Hasse setting a breaststroke record Mike Gill was high point swimmer in the USM-LJM Fall swim iviiiat- " " 200 Organizations _ _ r - u __ Aquatics ., " UA4UA4. Xichie Renfrew and Freddie Manley placed first and second in the 50-yd. free at the USM and Ole Miss Fall meet. The Ole Miss Aquatic Club (OMAC) was founded in 1977 by four students, Jackie Gard- ner, Jack Caldwell, Jeff McKinney and H. " Flash " Greenlaw, who wished to continue their swimming while in college. OMAC and the Intramural Dept. of HPER co-sponsor the annual fall Water Festival and the Intramural Swimming, Diving and H 2 O Polo meets. The Aquatic Club sponsors the Extramural Swimming and Diving team which competes with other colleges in the Fall and Spring. For three of the past four years OMAC has won the Miss. Collegiate Swimming and Diving Championships. Six aquatic sports are currently provided for OMAC members in the 50-yd. outdoor pool and expan- sion is planned in the 1982-83 year with the new indoor aquatic center featuring 75 yards of indoor pools. OLE MISS AQUATIC CLUB Organizations 201 I Team Glen Beach Ronnie Bishop Brown Brooks Brian Cox Jeff Dowman Andy Eagleson Jim Holliday Joe Horton Ted Holmes Ed Mclendon Leonard McMullin George Miller Glen Murphy Lex Phillips Don Rafferty Ed Sadauskas Bill Sisco John Stockdale Mark Strong Frank Spencer Jon Swanson Mark Statham John Usher Steve Wineberg Reg Wallace Bill Wilson Harry Ward Mike Willingham William Wilson David McKenzie Don Robinson Gene Sherman Ed Houser 202 Organizations The Ole Miss Rugby Club has never had a losing season. The Ruggers have finished as high as second among SEC schools in the annual SEC Rugby Tournament held in the spring. In the fall the Ruggers posted a 6-5 season. Ole Miss, past state cham- pion, is branching out to play more diverse clubs, ranging from Memphis city teams to the best teams in the Bahamas. ally Mississippian Gary Parker Editor Marty KiM - BUM fss Manager y Kittrell Business Manager, Ann True ' - Ad Sales, Ja ' u; : McConnell Advertising CompdsitiopC, Joe V hjeat n, Felicia Rabito 204 Organizations Daily Mississippian Bobby Pepper Sports editor Jimmy Spears Sports writer Cathy O ' Donnel Asst. Sports editor Peggy Wald assignment Editor Kitty Dumas Composing Paula McConnell Staff writer Molly Martin Staff writer Carolyn Caddy Night Manager Lynda Tullous Campus Calendar Karen Rushing Entertainment editor Ben Herring Day Manager Linda Tart Art writer Franklin Williams Editorial Editor Karl Floyd Photographer Organizations 205 W, Abington HI, D, Adams, G. Anderson, M. Anderson, P. Arwood, B. Barbee, D. Barnard, J. Blackwood, E. Bowman, R. Boyles, S. Braddock, S. Branscome, J. Brewer, J. Bullock, M, Burnett, C. Canty, E. Carter, W. Causey, C. Cavazos, A, Clark, T. Cobb, J. Cole, R. Coleman II, M. Collins, E. Cook " , K. Cook, B. Coole, G. Corwin, C. Cox, C, Craig, G. Crosthwait, M. Crunk, J. Custer, V. Doyle, K. Dunn, A. Emmons, K. Epting, ). Eakrigge, K. Evers, L. Ferguson, C, Floyd, S. Fowler, K. Friedrichs, T. Fryerv, S. Gill, J. Glenn, K. Green, L. Guenther, D. Guessford, ], Hail, M- Haltom VI, J. Hancock, M. Harris, R. Harris, D. Hawkins, D. Hill, T. Holland, R. Hoflingsworth, G. Homer, P. Humphreys, H. Keck, J. Kemp, L. Kierspe, N. Kinball, T, Kiser, K. Lawrence, V. Lehman, ]. Levy, T. Lindsay, R. Lingle, J. Lummus, G, Magee, M. Malmo, S. McCoy, S. McCullar, K. McKay, C. McKibben, L. McKinney, K. McLean, W. Michel HI, G. Miller, S. Miller, J. Moore, M. Mullins, J. Murdaugh, B. Neal, R. Neitz, A. Newton, }. Page, E. Parker, P. Perkins, A. Phillips, A. Pinion, J. Prather, A. Pruett, F. Rabito, S, Raney, S. Ray, |. Rea,B. Richardson, K. Rose, N. Sampson, J. Shirlev, R. Smith, C. Sorrels, S. Sparfcman, K. Stevens, J, Stewart, D. Stone, W. Sullivan, S. Swailes, L. Taylor, T. Taylor, C. Terry, R. Tettleton, I- Tharp, P. Vaughan, J. Ventress, K. Walker, P. Wall, T. WaisK, S. Watts, T, Weill, K. Wersebe, L. Wicktor, D. Wiggins, D. Wong, A. Zehender, The Student Alumni Council was organized in the fall of 1980 and (his year has over 128 dues paying members. The Council has been structured with a board of directors, six active sub- committees and a constitution. Council members have been active assisting with the hosting of Alumni Association programs, in- cluding the Alumni Seminar, class reunions, faculty staff recep- tions and football luncheons, and activities of professional chapters on campus. The SAC is also involved in several of its own projects including the Red Blue Run, sponsored during Dixie Week, a Christmas party, the Senior Survival Seminar, ABC, a stu- dent development program, and a monthly newsletter. The SAC also hosted mor- ni ng coffees in the Alumni House on Home Football game weekends and plans to host four pre-game recep- tions during the coming year. The Council has been rep rese n t ed a t two National Stu- Alumni iation St- Founda- lonventions ieir advisor, Jane Parker board embers Mr. Steve Ray, Miss Felicia Rabito, and Mr. Walter Michel. 206 Organizations 1 The ASB Judicial Council is the Supreme Student Court at the University of Mississippi having appellate and original jurisdiction over all disciplinary proceedings. Jurisdiction includes appeals from Dorm Councils, RHA Judicial Council, Panhellenic Judicial, IFC Judicial, and the ASB Government. Members are appointed and confirmed by the Campus Senate with one member from Off- Campus, Village, Men ' s Dorms, Women ' s Dorms, Fraternity Row and Sorority Row. The chair- man is elected by the Student Body to a two-year term. Chairman Katherine Ferguson Off-Campus Andy Forte Men ' s Dorms Charles Bowman Women ' s Dorms Gail Grosswaithe Fraternity Row Bobby Leatherman Sorority Row Beth Watson Organizations 207 208 - Honors HONORS JULIANNE BATTAILE, editor Becky Smitheal, assistant William York, assistant m I . Hall of Fame 210 Who ' s Who 214 1 Teacher of the Year 224 Taylor Medals 225 Honoraries 226 ' Honors 209 HALL OF FAME The Highest Honor Judith Lynn Bradley Judith Bradley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Bradley Jr. of Hattiesburg, is a biology major who will enroll in the University of Mississipii Medical School next fall. An officer of Delta Gamma sorority, Judith was chosen a Favorite and is serving as the Associated Stu- dent Body ' s Vice-President. She has served the Association of Women Students as their Vice- President. Judith has acquired membership in Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Beta Beta Beta, and Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. Lynne Allison Brown A former president of Delta Gamma sorority, Allison Brown a journalism and public rela- tions major is serving as President of the Inter- collegiate Association of Women Students. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Brown of Pascagoula, Allison is an Ole Miss favorite, and was named Most Outstanding Woman of the Junior Class. She also has served as Co- Chairman of Ambassadors and as President of the Association of Women Students at Ole Miss. Prior to becoming president of AWS, Allison served as that organizations secretary and publicity chairman. 210- H.ill ,.t I -.urn- Friley Spruill Davidson Friley Davidson, son of Dr. and Mrs. L. Stacy Davidson Jr. of Cleveland served as the Editor- in-Chief of the 1982 OLE MISS, and was co- editor of the 1980 IFC Rushbook. The former historian and Corresponding Secretary of Kap- pa Alpha Order, Friley has been active in numerous committees including ASB Elections Supervisory Commission, pre-college orienta- tion, Union Program Council Fine Arts Com- mittee, Chancellor ' s Student Advisory Commit- tee, and the Student Publications Committee. He has also been involved with the Committee of 100, serving on the executive council and on the Committee of 100 Chancellor ' s Planning Committee. An Ole Miss Regional Represen- tative Friley is a member of Who ' s Who, the Order of Omega, and the Chancellor ' s Trust. He is a general business major and looks forward to a career in Law. John Charles Fourcade, Jr. Ole Miss Rebel quarterback, John Fourcade, a phys ical education major who was chosen C onel Rebel, is hoping for a career in profes- :iai football. An " M " Club member, he holds the total offense record at Ole Miss, was an All- SEC choice and led the Southeastern Con- ference for two years. John represented the versify in the Hula Bowl, Senior Bowl, and Blue-Gray Bowl. John is the son of Mr. and John Fourcade Sr. of Gretna, La. HALL OF FAME The Highest Honor Hill of font 211 HALL OF FAME The Highest Honor John Mark Holliday Omicron Delta Kappa President and Commit- tee of 100 Co-Chairman, John Mark Holliday is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Troy Holliday of Ripley, Ms. A chemical engineering major, John Mark is a member of the American In- stitute of Chemical Engineers. Tau Beta Phi, and was chosen Chi Epsilon ' s outstanding freshman in engineering. As ASB director of Academic Affairs, he was a member of the University Academic Council. John Mark is the student ticket manager, a member of Who ' s Who, Phi Kappa Phi, Lambda Sigma treasurer, IFC Model Pledge, and a Harry S. Truman Scholarship semi-finalist. John Mark is a member of the Order of Omega, and has served on the executive council of his fraternity, Sigma Nu. James Stevenson Ray Steve Ray, son of Mr. Mrs. James Hugh Ray of Tupelo, was elected Associate Stu- dent Body President his junior year. An English major Steve has achieved an im- pressive list of extra curricular activities and honors. He is a member of Sigma Tau Delta, Who ' s Who among Students in American University and Colleges, Lamb- da Sigma, and the Chancellor ' s Honor Roll. Actively involved in student government, Ray has served as a campus senator and as a Director of University Relations. He is a member of the Student Alumni Council, the Chancellor ' s Advisory Committee to the Board of Trustees, the outstanding teacher award committee and Sigma Chi fraternity. Upon graduating Ray plans to pursue a career in law. Mary Scott Rosser A Banking and Finance major from icksburg, Mary Scott Rosser is the daughter of and Mrs. Tom Rosser. A member of Phi Mu sorority and an ATO Little Sister Mary Scott is a member of LambdaJJigma and Phi Eta Sigma honoraries and was chosen as Chairman of the 1980 Parade of Beauties Pageant. This year -y Scott was voted as a campus favorite. Ac- tive in student government, she is the ociated Student Body Treasurer and has been a campus senator, cabinet member and chairman of the refrigerator rentals program. Vickie Lillian Wills The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Wills Memphis, Vickie was elected Miss Ole Miss because of her involvement on campus. Chosen a campus favorite last year, the physical educa- tion major is a member of the Lady Rebel Club and plans a career as a professional athletic trainer after graduation. Vickie is presi- dent of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority and served as its Panhellenic representative. A former ' dated Student Body Secretary, Vickie is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges, a Phi Psi Little Sister, and Vice- Commander of Angel Flight. HALL OF FAME The Highest Honor Hdll of fimr - 21 Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges Robin Alsobrooks Alpha Lambda Delta President Lambda Sigma ASB Campus Senate Mortar Board Phi Eta Sigma Phillipe Azordegan Omicron Delta Kappa Secretary Phi Kappa Phi Phi Eta Sigma President Delta Psi Mortar Board Alpha Lambda Delta Treasurer Andy Alexander Mississippi Law-Journal Editor Law School Honor Council Phi Delta Phi Vice-president Mark Anderson ASB Director of Academic Affairs Committee of 82 Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta Beta Beta Beta Suzie Baker Mortar Board President Kappa Delta Editor Sigma Delta Chi Kappa Tau Alpha Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Kappa Phi 214 -Who ' s Who Allison Brown AWS President Delta Gamma President Ole Miss Ambassador Chairman Lambda Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Marshall Bouldin Senior Class President Alpha Tau Omega Secretary ASB Campus Senate Alpha Epsilon Delta Secretary Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Lambda Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Walter Chambliss Rho Chi Secretary American Pharmaceutical Assn. Mississippi Pharmaceutical Assn. Judith Bradley ASB Vice President AWS Vice President Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Phi Kappa Phi Lambda Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Allison Bulsterbaum Lambda Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Mortar Board Committee of 100 Sigma Delta Tau Phi Kappa Phi Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges 1 Art Davis ASB Campus Senate Senate President Pro-Tempore Committee of 82 Ole Miss Ambassador Phi Beta Lambda Treasurer Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Ty Cobb Phi Kappa Tau Vice-president Varsity Cheerleader Order of Omega Spirit Committee Student Alumni Council Committee of 100 ASB Campus Senate Dexter Foster Black Student Union - President ASB Campus Senate Committee of 82 Ole Miss Ambassador Beta Beta Beta Arnold Air Society Traffic Appeals Board Friley Davidson 1982 OLE MISS Editor-in-Chief Kappa Alpha, Officer 2 Years 1980 IFC Rush Book Co-editor Committee of 82 Order of Omega Chancellor ' s Trust Fund Committee of 100 Kathy Ferguson 1980-81 Daily Mississippian Editor Women in Communications - Vice president Sigma Delta Chi Roy Furrh IFC Council Representative Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega Phi Eta Sigma Beta Gamma Sigma Susan Hall Kappa Kappa Gamma Asst. Treasurer Alpha Lambda Delta Lambda Sigma Mortar Board Rho Lambda Phi Kappa Phi Taylor Medal Recipient I i John Fourcade Colonel Rebel Varsity Football Team M-Club All-Sec Team Bill Holcomb IFC Vice-president Lambda Sigma Order of Omega Alpha Epsilon Delta Phi Eta Sigma Connie Green Alpha Kappa Alpha Treasurer Sigma Delta Chi Vice-president Rebel Recruiter Committee of 82 Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Alpha Lambda Delta Daily Mississippian Calendar Editor dWho s Who in American " Universities and Colleges Who ' s Who 217 Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges : Karen Hopson 1981 Miss Mississippi 1981 Miss University Producer Rebel Recruiter National Dean ' s List Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Charles Jackson Lambda Sigma Phi Eta Sigma Omicron Delta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi John M. Holliday Sigma Nu Secretary Omicron Delta Kappa President ASB Director of Academic Affairs Phi Eta Sigma Treasurer Larnbda Sigma Committee of 82 Student Alumni Council Lee Joyner Gamma Iota Sigma Order of Omega Phi Eta Sigma UPC Committees Director of ASB Loan Service Becky House Angel Flight Mortar Board Phi Kappa Phi Rho Lambda Alpha Lambda Delta - Vice-president ? 1 8 Who ' s Who Karen Kahler ASB Secretary Daily Mississippian Staff Writer Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Ole Miss Ambassador Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Kappa Phi Chancellor ' s Honor Roll - Andrew Lockett Lambda Sigma Secretary Daily Mississippian Co-News Editor Kincannon Dorm President Ole Miss Ambassador Sigma Delta Chi President Committee of 100 Ev McKay Chi Omega Treasurer Phi Kappa Phi Lambda Sigma Rituals Chrmn. Beta Alpha Psi President Rho Lambda Vice-President Committee of 82 Secretary Mortar Board Omicron Delta Kappa Alpha Lambda Delta Jane Millen AGSB Secretary Phi Lambda Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Rho Chi Phillip Meridith ASB Campus Senate Committee of 82 Chairman Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Sigma Tau Delta Ole Miss Ambassador Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges ..- Who ' s Who 219 Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges Charles Morris Delta Psi President Delta Sigma Pi President Phi Gamma Nu Order of Omega National Dean ' s List Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Beta Gamma Sigma Bubba Morgan 1982 OLE MISS Asst. Editor Mortar Board Vice-President Committee of 100 Executive Council Beta Beta Beta Alpha Epsilon Delta Sigma Tau Delta Union Program Council Omicron Delta Kappa Erin O ' Reilly New Dorm President New News Editor Beta Lambda Epsilon Rho Epsilon Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Ed Moore Beta Beta Beta Committee of 100 Alpha Epsilon Delta Eta Sigma Phi Vice-president Jennifer Moss Pi Beta Phi Treasurer Angel Flight Elections Commission Chrmn. Beta Alpha Psi Alpha Lambda Delta 220- Who ' s Wh.. Steve Ray ASB President ASB Campus Senate ASB Director of University Relations Lambda Sigma Sigma Tau Delta John Reeves ASB Campus Senate Daily Mississippian Editorial Board Committee of 82 Phi Delta Phi National Dean ' s Honor Roll Chancellor ' s Honor Roll Mississippi Trial Lawyers Assn. Mike Pruett Omicron Delta Kappa Vice-president Lambda Sigma President Phi Kappa Phi Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Taylor Medal 1981 Ole Miss Staff Leigh Anne Roberts Varsity Cheerleader Student Home Economics Assn. Committee of 100 Welcoming Committee All SEC Cheerleader College Republicans Gary Reihsen Chi Psi Secretary Powers Dorm Vice-president Sigma Tau Delta Beta Beta Beta Phi Kappa Phi Lambda Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges , . Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges Meredith Schmieg Lambda Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta Beta Beta Beta Secretary Mortar Board Calendar Chrmn. Omicron Delta Kappa Richard Torkington Engineering Student Body Vice-president Tau Beta Pi Pi Mu Epsilon Pride of the South Marching Band Mary Scott Rosser ASB Treasurer Lambda Sigma Phi Eta Sigma ASB Refrigerator Rentals Chrmn. Alpha Lambda Delta ASB Executive-Legislative Liaison Officer ASB Campus Senate Lisa Terracina Phi Mu President Mortar Board Rho Lambda Ambassador ASB Campus Senate Rebel Recruiter Alpha Lambda Delta Rusty Tucker ASB Director of Student Activities ASB Campus Senate Dixie Week Chrmn. Chrmn. of Moot Court Committee of 82 Ambassador Omicron Delta Kappa 222 - Who ' s Who Ben Williams Phi Kappa Psi Vice-president Mortar Board Order of Omega Gamma Iota Sigma Taylor Medal, Citation Phi Kappa Phi Committee of 82 Phi Eta Sigma Sean Tuohy Varsity Basketball Team Captain Fellowship of Christian Athletes MClub All SEC Academic All SEC Tournament Team Eleanor Winter Panhellenic President Rebel Recruiter Secretary Committee of 82 Rho Lambda Committee of 100 Breck Tyler Varsity Football Team Fellowship of Christian Athletes All-Academic SEC Vickie Wills Miss Ole Miss Alpha Omicron Pi President ASB Secretary Angel Flight Lady Rebel Softball Team Omicron Delta Kappa Mortar Board Rho Lambda Campus Favorite Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges Who ' s Who 223 1981 teacher of the year .. S. Yun, associate professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University, is the recipient of the Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award The award was established fifteen years ago to recogni e faculty members for achievements in teaching. Nominations for Outstanding Teachers are made by alumni, current students, and faculty, with final selection by a committee of former recipients. Dr. Yun received his B.S. Degree in Chemistry at Seoul National University of Cincinnati He has been teaching for sixteen years. The last fourteen of those years have been spent here When asked what he expects of his students, many things come to mind. However, two aspects stand out as being most important: sincerity of learning, be. Dr. Yun feels that a student can make great accomplishments while keeping that in mind. Always wanting to be a teacher, Dr. Yun finds the profession to be most rewarding, stating. " Teaching is a very unselfish thing understanding and learning new ideas, then conveying them to mv students. ' NB . " t. Beverly Brownlee Jean E. Ezell Eunice A. Harlow John C. Harrison Lisa Lynn Henick James L. Guy ton Charles M. Jenkins Nell Moseley King Jack B. Pearson Alan T. Williams Merril Binford Williams Jr. Music Physics School of Pharmacy PreMed Area Curriculum and Instruction Chemistry School of Engineering and Geology School of Accounting Economics and Finance Chemical Engineering School of Business Administration Philippe Azordegan Marshall J. Bouldin IV Roland Otto Burns Elizabeth Carsten Julie E. Chaffin Elizabeth Cutler Timothy H. Farris Alison A. Fessler John R. Fugate Susan R. Hall Becky A. House Zora Kajfez Marilyn McCluskey Malcolm S. Moore Micheal R. Pruett Jocelyn L. Russell Jamie Shackelford Deborah L. Tullos Patricia L. Wall Thomas Lowell West III PreMed Area Mathematics School of Accountancy Computer Science Political Science Curriculum and Instruction Electrical Engineering School of Pharmacy School of Business Administration Management and Marketing School of Business Administration English College of Liberal Arts Biology Chemistry Psychology School of Business Administration College of Liberal Arts School of Engineering French omicron delta kappa Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership honor society which maintains that represen- tatives in all phases of college life should cooperate in worthwhile endeavors, and that outstanding students, faculty, and administrators should meet on a basis of mutual interest, understanding and helpfulness. Members are chosen for their leadership con- tributions and scholastic achievement. Five areas offer the criteria for the evaluation of prospective members. There are: scholarship, athletics, social and student body activities, publications and the arts. t 5 officers President . . . John Mark Holliday Vice-President Mike Pruett Treasurer Pamela Prather Secretary Philip Azordegan Faculty Secretary Dr. James V. Jones Voting Faculty Member Dr. Donald L. Moak Voting Faculty Member . Mr. Harry Eugene Perry 1981-82 Members: P I J Randolph H. Adair Andrew N. Alexander Gary K. Aldridge Doug C. Altenbern, Jr. Mark D. Anderson Phillip A. Azordegan Barry D. Bertolet J. Brent Bond Marshall J. Bouldin, IV Judith L. Bradley L. Allison Brown Jack J. Carrel, Jr. Angela Clark Robert A. Cronp David M. Cummings Elizabeth A. Cutler Arthur G. Davis, Jr. John O. Dowdle J. Robert Fugate Roy H. Furrh Michael K. Graves John H. Grayson, Jr. Connie F. Green Doug Gunn John L. Hall Susan R. Hall Douglas L. Hill William E. Holcomb, HI John M. Holliday Jeffrey P. Hubbard Charles E. Jackson, III Bobby Johnson Karen A. Kahler Robertson M. Leatherman Andrew K. Lockett Evana S. McKay Douglas M. McDaniel Gloria L. Martin William S. Mendenhall Teresa A. Moore Charles L. Morris Dennis P. Morgan Blake D. Neal Ten S. Oakes Leisha Prather Pamela Prather Pamela Peden Michael R. Pruett Felicia A. Rabito Terry A. Robertson Meredith L. Schmieg Jessica L. Sibley Daniel E. Smith, Jr. G. Martin Street, Jr. Donny R. Taylor David W. Terreson J. Russell Tucker John E. Wade, Jr. W. Lee Watt P. Lynn Wall S. Elizabeth Watson Timothy G. Weeks Thomas L. West, III Vickie L. Wills Merrill B. Williams, Jr. James H. Wise mortar board II Established originally as a national women ' s honor society, Mortar Board is now one of the highest senior honor groups for both men and women. Tassels, the local chapter, has been an active part of the Ole Miss campus since its founding in 1939. Mortar Board has a limit of thirty-five members. Selections are based on leadership, scholarship, service and at least a 3.0 overall GPA. Mortar Board is a society that challenges the individual and the groups to provide thoughtful leadership to the campus and community, to create an environment of effective communication and to move toward a meaningful goal. The society continues to support the improvement of the status of men and women. officers President Suzie Baker Vice-President Bubba Morgan Secretary Elizabeth Bailey Treasurer Barry Bertolet Calendar Meredith Schmieg Editor Rick Coogler Elections Lisa Terracina Historian Lyn Heard ' " A 1 - 1981-82 Members: H. Randolph Adair Robin Kimberly Alsobrooks Philip Albert Azordegan Elizabeth Shelby Baily Kathryn Suzanne Baker Barry Dean Bertolet Judith Lynn Bradley Lynne Allison Brown Allison A. Bulsterbaum Richard Brian Coogler Elizabeth Jane Foote Eleanor Allen Gill Susan Rebecca Hall Carolyn Cooper Heard Rebecca Ann House Karen Ann Kahler Steven Williams Laird Andrew King Lockett Marta Rebeca Martinez Heather McCluskey Evana Shelby McKay Louise Amos McKinney Marion Sheldon Miles Dennis Paul Morgan Jamie Carolyn Penny Janet Kimberly Pruette Felicia Ann Rabito Meredith Lynn Schmieg Lisa Ann Terracina Shirley Alice Welch Merril Binford Williams Vickie Lillian Wills phi kappa phi Phi Kappa Phi is the highest scholastic honor a student may receive at the University of Mississippi. The primary objec- tive of the honor society is to recognize and encourage superior scholarship in all academic disciplines. To be elected to membership, an undergraduate student must be a senior or second semester junior exhibiting high stan- dards of scholarship and character. Graduate students must have distinguished records placing them among the most able in their classes. Election of faculty denotes a significant contribution to their field. members James Robert Alldridge Jo- Ann Marshall Allen Douglas Carlton Altenbern, Jr. Jamie Elizabeth Ambrose Mark David Anderson James Harry Armstrong Phillippe Albert Azordegan Mary Kimberly Baldwin Donna McGraw Ballard Julie Townes Barlow Donna Marguerite Barnes Johnny Marshall Belenchia Marcia Ann Belenchia Tammy Sue Blaylock Virginia List Boal Jeffrey Brent Bond Tony Keith Bond Marshall Jones Bouldin, IV Kathryn Ann Brabec Judith Lynn Bradley John Marcus Brewer Allison Aylene Bulsterbaum Ricky Dale Burden Roland Otto Burns, Jr. Houston T. Bush, Jr. Karen Landreth Camp Elizabeth Thomas Carsten Ellen Marie Chapin Caren Elizabeth Cowart Frank Willis Cox John Lowrey Cox Michell Marie Crull Elizabeth Ager Cutler Brian Lee Davis Deanna Helen Davis Sharon Patricia Douglas William Harvey Durham Carol Sue Elliott Tina Shelaine Evans Cindy Gale Ferrell Allison Ann Fessler Sheri Anne Foshee John Robert Fugate John Hall Grayson Susan Rebecca Hall Emily Hall Harmon Matthew Stephen Heiter Alda Camille Henick Douglas Lamar Hill William Edgar Holcomb, III Wendy Lynn Holdorf Ray Glynn Holt Stephen Gary Home Becky Ann House Jane Ellen Jeff coat William Blair Johnson Rebecca Hendrix Johnston Karen Anne Kahler Laura Carroll Karlak Donna Lee Keith Mark Keith Lee David Hugh Linder Christopher Lee Lockard Miriam Mars Long Tom Bruce Longest, Jr. Clarissa Ann Lukas Sonora Grace Maharrey Elizabeth Burley Martin Martha Ann McCaa Heather McCluskey Evana Shelby McKay Michael Jack Mellott Pamela Ann Moorhead Vicki Carol Morris ; Daniel Joseph Mulholland Teri Sue Oakes Alan Wayne Partin Clarice Kay Perkins Quang Quoc Phan Emily Bryant Phillips Michael Riddell Pruett Michael L. Psikogios Gerald John Reihsen Tina Mickelle Ross Margaret Ann Ruff Francine Ann Russell Meredith Lynn Schmieg Geoffrey Charles Sherwood Sarah Dillon Sneed Steven Warren Stogner Jamie Sue Threadgill Lee Ann Vancil Patricia Lynn Wall Judy Louise Waller David Pebbles Webb Thomas Lowell West, III Charles Royal White, Jr. John Paul White Shelby Lynn Wilbourn Merril Binford Williams, Jr. Mark Wilson officers President . . Dr. Christine B. Stokes President-Elect Dr. Ellis E. Tucker Honor Vice-President Philip Azordegan Honor Vice-President Susan Rebecca Hall Honor Vice-President Daniel J. Mulholland Honor Vice-President Quang Quoc Phan Honor Vice-President Michael Riddell Pruett Vice-President Mr. Otis R. Tims Secretary . Dr. Roscoe C. Boyce Treasurer Dr. Lyman A. Magee lambda sigma officers President Vice-President .... Secretary Treasurer Publicity Chairman Rituals Chairman Paul Milner Jamie Bouldin . . . Connie Cox Mike Morgan Joe Bogdahn Montyne King members Lambda Sigma is a na- tional sophomore honor society whose purpose is to foster leadership, scholar- ship, fellowship and the spirit of service among University students, to pro- mote leadership among freshmen and to serve and promote the interests of the University in every way possible. All freshmen with a minimum grade point average of 2.75 may apply for membership in Iota Chapter. Selection is made in the spring by a committee composed of active Lambda Sigma Society members and other student leaders. Deborah Adams Benji Bailey Bob Bennett Joe Bogdahn Ab Atkins Jamie Bouldin Robin Cochran Christy Colbert Connie Cox Van East Meg Gaddis Jerry Gentry Mary Hall Jeff Hare Tal Hicks Melanie Hixon Donna Heern Ricky Herndon Victor Hervey Lucy Jenkins Montyne King Paige Kosack Jill Lummus Yerger Lurate Joe Maxwell Paul Milner Mike Morgan Kathleen Murray Devra Porter Willie Prince Becca Rasco J. Norwood Redhead David Rogers Roy Anne Reed Bobby Schmieg Mike Schneider Karen Schutz Jay Shirley Laura Smith Sherron Smith Becky Smitheal Leslie Staehle Jeff Stewart Ron Taylor Mark VanDoren Paul Warden Daisy Wong officers President Barry Pope Vice-President Beverly Deveer Secretary Martha Hester Treasurer Benji Bailey Historian Bobby Schmieg Editor : Christy Colbert alpha lambda delta members Debbie Adams Kathy Adams Debra Allen Sharon Allen Ab Atkins Benji Bailey William Barrack Brett Bartlett Bob Bennett Toni Bertolet Jimmy Blackwood Patrick Booth Jamie Bouldin Paige Boyd Bebe Braswell Sue Carlton James Carpenter Sherry Chaffin Cal Christian Steve Clark Christy Colbert Connie Cox Allison Darsey Beverly Deveer Anna Maria diBenedetto Alicia Drake Marlin Duff Paula Duffy Ruth Duvall Van East Rhonda Echoff Debbie Edwards Max Edwards Richard Ellison Laurie Farrington Perry Path Clark Fine Vickie Fischer Mary Latta Fowlkes Meg Gaddis Andrea Gant Rita Gollihue Leo Gray Laura Gounthner Christopher Halliwell Chris Hancock Kenney Hanks Leigh Ann Harvey Donna Heern Martha Hester Lisa Hicks Tal Hicks Kirk Hines Jennifer Holmes Jean Horn Sam Howell Myra Humphries Patty Hyde Sandra Ingemanson Cynthia Jackson Lucy Jenkins Donna Jennings Terry Jones Catherine Jordan Monica Jordan Julia Karsten John Kennedy Jeri King Sally Kittel Renee Lamb Gwendolyn LaNasa Jesse Lared Lawrence Line Jill Lummus Yerger Lurate Beth McClellan Victoria Meaders Amy Metts Jason Miller Martha Moore Steven Moore Kathleen Murray Rita Neitz Bonnie Newman Al Newton Anna Norwood Ann Patterson Mary Pickens Brenda Pleasant Barry Pope Becca Rasco Donna Ray J. Norwood Redhead Susan Roach Rodney Robinson Sessions Roland Samuel Rosado Sarah Ryan Boby Schmieg Mike Schneider Karen Schutz Henry Skelton JoPelle Smith Karen Smith Laura Smith Becky Smitheal Leslie Staehle William Stanford Ellen Steele Shelly Stewart Sara Struwe Scott Taylor Patrick Thompson Susan Thompson Lee Ann Vancil Mark Van Doren Deborah Wall Ginny Walker Paul Warden Lee White Lisa Wilkerson Grace Wilson Julia Wilson Scott Wittchen Daisy Wong Elisa Wong Alpha Lambda Delta is a national freshman honor society whose purpose is to encourage superior scholastic achievement among students in their first year in institutions of higher education, to pro- mote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, and to assist women and men in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their roles in society. Membership at the University of Mississippi is open to freshmen who meet the minimum scholastic requirement. A student must attain a 3.5 GPA after his or her first semester or as a combined average of first and se- cond semester. officers phi eta sigma President Philip Azordegan Vice-President Yerger Lurate Secretary Donna Jennings Treasurer Rich Ellison Senior Advisor . Thomas L. West members Phi Eta Sigma was founded for the sole pur- pose of encouraging high scholastic achievement among freshman students in institutions of higher learning. The organiza- tion operates under the assumption that attain- ment of good grades early in one ' s college career serves as a strong incen- tive for a continued high level of academic perfor- mance in subsequent years and thus benefits the student as well as the University community. In seeking to encourage scholarship, the Ole Miss chapter of Phi Eta Sigma sponsors several activities designed to benefit the academic population on campus. New Members Deborah Lee Adams Kathy Ann Adams Aylmer Buford Atkins III Benjamin Thomas Bailey Brett Ronald Bartlett Bobby Gene Bennett Jr. James Martin Blackwood James Lloyd Stribling Bouldin Russelan Paige Boyd Sue Ellen Carelton Carl Jesse Chancy John Calvin Christian Jr. Steve Kelly Clark Laura Lynne Collins Connie L. Cox Susan Kay Crass Craig David Crawford Alison Ann Darsey Beverly Jane deVeer Marlin Franklin Duff Mike L. Edmonds Richard Beirne Ellison Perry M. Path Margaret Ellen Caddis Laura Elizabeth Guenthner Christopher T. Halliwell John Christopher Hancock Jeff V. Hare Thomas Kimbrell Harris Donna Ruth Heern Dewitt Talmadge Hicks III Derek Allen Higginbotham Lucy Benita Jenkins Donna Elizabeth Jennings Terry Anglo Jones Catherine Anne Jordan James A. Lesemann Jr. Lawrence LeRoy Line Jr. L. Yerger Lurate Victoria Alexis Meaders Carold Jason Miller Paul Bennett Milner Mary Kathleen Murray Michael Franklin Myers Bonnie Gail Newman George Al Newton Kevin Alan Phelps Brenda Carol Pleasant Barry Douglas Pope Devra Kay Porter Donna Lorene Ray Kristy Delaine Rankin Joseph Norwood Redhead Jr. Rodney Douglas Robinson James Sessions Roland Robert Eugene Schmieg Jr. Jeffrey Mark Scobey Garvin Saunders Sharp Henry Fox Skelton II Melanie Darlene Soldevila Gary Lamar Smith Karen June Smith Laura Kay Smith Katherine Lynn Stanley Ellen Lynnette Steele Shelly V. Stewart Boon Ping Tan William Scott Taylor Paul Jeffrey Warden Lisa Jane Wilkerson Julia Carole Wilson Scott L. Whittchen Daisy Kim Wong Elisa Faye Wong Jan K. Yong 234 - Honors officers President .... Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer .... Reporter Historian Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Tammie Mann Lynn Holland Wendy Floyd Timmie Morris Bridgette McDade Pat Sutton Harrison " Flash " Greenlaw Dr. Kenneth Wooten Dean Gerald Walton phi theta kappa members Randy Adair Nora Bishop Bill Carlysle Dana Carpenter Brian Coole Chris Cox Irene Ducker Johnny Elliott Jeff Evans Steve Hankins Leslie Hodge Ed Holliday Janice Jackson Elizabeth Jarnigan Elsie Johns Donna King Janie Lee Mark Lee Bruce Lott Sylvester Mayes Debbie Roy Beth Russell Royce Shields Melanie Smith Jimmy Stanford Steve Stogner Susan Whitten Phi Theta Kappa was founded in 1918 as a na- tional junior college honorary. In 1976, PTK introduced a new program giving alumni the opportunity to become members of a Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Chapter in the senior col- lege campus. In 1978 a local Alumni Chapter, Gamma of Mississippi, was founded on the Ole Miss campus. The purposes of PTK are the promotion of scholarship, the develop- ment of leadership and service, and the cultiva- tion of fellowship among students in colleges and universities in the United States. Membership provides various means by which to continue affiliation with the purpose, people and programs of the fraternity. scabbard and blade officers Captain First Lt Second Lt First Sgt Sponsor Captain Raymond Johnson ' . . ' . - ' " ' .- h Scabbard and Blade is a national Honor society the function of which is to raise the standard of military educa- tion in American universities; to en- courage and foster the essential qualities of officers; and to represent the armed forces within the academic community. Scabbard and Blade serves primarily on the Ole Miss campus as a forum in which its members discuss topics rele- vant to their military communities. To be eligible for membership one must be a member of the Reserve Of- ficer Training Corps on a college or university campus and have no less than a 2.75 GPA and a 3.0 GPA in the military sciences at the beginning of his junior year while displaying exemplary leadership qualities. members Charles T. Bowman AFROTC John B. Brown AROTC Joe Clement NROTC Andrew Donelson AROTC Hardy Farris NROTC Chris Gilbert NROTC Grover C. Hardin AROTC Michael Johnson AROTC Randle T. Middleton AROTC Michael R. Coggins AROTC Ronald E.Corkran AROTC Michael C. Smith AROTC William J. Travis AROTC Stephen B. Walker NROTC Jonathan M. Williams AROTC officers alpha epsilon delta President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Scalpel Reporter Historian Special Projects Chairman Activities Faculty Advisor Shelby Wilbourn Brent Bond Marshall Bouldin . . . . John Langlow .... Bill Cromwell Eddie Smith Mark Moore Teresa Moore Dr. Hugh Bateman Since AED ' s foundation in 1926, it has become the world ' s largest body devoted to premedical education. The object of the society is to encourage and recognize excellence in premedical education in the study of medicine; to promote cooperation and contacts between medical and premedical students and educators in developing an adequate program of premedical education; and to use its knowledge for the benefit of health, organization, charities, and the community. Blane Bateman Barry Bertolet Audrey Graham Vanessa Jackson Jeff Love Aubrey Lucas Ed Moore Teri Oakes Mike Murphy Robert Phillips David Terreson Meredith Walker Tip Wilks Randy Middleton Teresa Moore Mark Anderson Randy Asair Brett Bartlett Toni Bertolet Joe Bogdahn Harry Breeze Jeff Brookes Leslie Bryant Houston Bush Margaret Davenport Franklin Duff Richard Ellison Jerry Gentry Eleanor Gill Leon Gray Chris Hancock Kyle Harris Montyne King Marcus Laughlin Laura Lee Tammie Mann Joe Maxwell Brooks McRee Shelby Brantley Craig Cleveland Robert Korkern Gay Cox Robert Kirksey Bubba Morgan Blake Neal Mitchell Holland members David Simmons Carol Kendall Keith Lawrence Gary Cox Louise A. McKinney Dale Wing Jeanne Phillips Brad Secrest Steve Hankins Allan Partin Kathleen Murray Devra Porter Norty Redhead Ralph Riley Bobby Schmieg Mike Schneider Leslie Schutz Chuck Secrest J. C. Shirley Walter Taylor James Walters John Webb Paul Warden Debora Wheeler Catherine White John Hall White Lisa Wingo Lisa Wong Joyce Wong Paul Milner Robert Schappley Jamie Bouldin Ricky Herndon John Isaacs Tom Allen Doug Altenbern Mark Anderson Philip Azordegan Lisa Bates Joyn Belencia Brent Bond Marshall Bouldin Judith Bradley John Brewer Bill Carlyle Richard Caron Gary Cirilli Lynn Clark Bill Cromwell Andy Crone Emmett Crosland Bill Denney Angela Dickson David Dorrenbos Sharon Douglas Thomas Guyton James Graves Mark Haltom Peter Haupt John Hinson Doug Hill Bill Holcomb Greg Jenkins John Langlow Mark Lee Chris Liberto John Liberto Heather McCluskey Gary Mazanti Scott Morrow Harriett Nailor Phillip Perkins Quang Phan Beau Pittman Joseph Pratt Mike Pruett Michael Psikogios Rodney Richardson Brad Russell Meredith Schmieg John Shamoun Eddie Smith David Spencer Aubrey Sprayberry Steve Stogner Judy Thompson Toad Threadgill Wallace Weatherly Shelby Wilbourn Kenny Wong Evelyn Young Paul White 238 Honors officers President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor members James R. Alldridge Thomas D. Allen Olga D. Asal Nadim M. Aziz Adnan A. Basma Marshall J. Bouldin, IV James R. Bowers Chen Y. Chiang Donald R. Cole Michelle M. Crull Deanna H. Davis Dimitri N. Diliani Carol L. B. Eaton Gregory S. Eaton Adib L. El-Choufani Jean E. Ezell Timothy H. Farris Mary E. M. Harrington Ahmed M. Hashem Ray G. Holt Ronald L. Imre Frank G. Jeanson Sue B. Johnson Rebecca H. Johnston Susan L. Knister Amy L. P.Lauderdale Ray A. McClanahan Cheryl A. Mikell Phillip A. Mueller Sebastian Murry Kevin D. Seeger Charles W. Shull Joseph L. Slater Georgia A. Smith William J. Sumrall Richard S. Torkington Margaret M. Watson Cathy Ann Wills May K. Wong Mary E. M. Harrington Cathy A. Wills ... Timothy H. Farris Donald R. Cole Richard B. Tucker Founded at Syracuse University in 1914, Pi Mu Epsilon ' s purpose is the promotion of scholarly ac- tivity in mathematical and scholarly development of its members. To qualify for election to member- ship, an undergraduate must have a 3.0 average in two years of calculus and be in the top third of his class; or have as a sophomore a 4.0 average in three semesters of calculus and be in the top quarter of his class. officers au beta President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary ... Cataloguer . Frank Jeanson James Alldridge Michelle Crull Kirk Lee Kevin Fox members Tau Beta Pi, a national engineering honor socie- ty, was founded in 1885 to recognize students of superior scholarship and outstanding character in all fields of engineering. Since the establishment of the first chapter at Lehigh University in 1885, Tau Beta Pi has grown to 176 chapters located throughout the country. The Mississippi Beta chapter, founded on March 15, 1969 is one of two chapters located in the state of Mississippi. Membership is by in- vitation. A senior must be in the top fifth of his engineering class or a junior in the top eighth of his class. A candidate must show exemplory character, personal in- tegrity, breadth of interest both inside and outside engineering, adaptability and unselfish activity. James Alldridge Joseph Bontemps George Cotandis Frank Cox Michelle Crull Dimitri Dilani Kevin Fox John M. Holliday Ronald Imre Frank Jeanson Kirk Lee David Roudebush Carl Scholl Richard Torkington Robert Wroblewski officers President Susan Rebecca Hall Vice-President Roland O. Burns, Jr. Secretary-Treasurer E. Nolan Walker Faculty Advisor E. Nolan Walker members Marcia Ann Belenchia Tony Keith Bond Anne Reed Booth Barbara D. Breazeale Jon L. Browning Doris Ann Burns Roland O. Burns, Jr. Ellen Marie Chapin Renita Ann Crawford Donald Hopkins de Veer Charles Martin Dunagin, Jr. Orrin W. Edwards, Jr. James Lee Faulks Roy Hendee Furrh John Hall Grayson, Jr. David Arnold Gullick Richard Steven Hall Susan Rebecca Hall Betsy Diane Hood Rebecca Annette House W. Blair Johnson Joseph Allen Katool Joseph Leonard Klingen Ricky A. Knox Steven W. Laird Joe Kent Lockwood Michael Stephen Maclnnis Charles Raymond Marchbanks, Jr. Elizabeth B. Martin Evana S. McKay Charles Lavern Morris Eileen Morrissey Jennifer Linn Moss Joel W. Mulkin James Harvey Neeld, IV David Leonard Norwood Mark Q. Partin Catherine Anne Patterson Emily Bryant Phillips Betty L. Porter Janet Kimberly Pruette Felicia Ann Rabito Terry A. Robertson Karen Diane Roebuck Eric Matthew Saul Mary Ann Summers Ronald W. Tew, Jr. Virginia Ann Tohill Danny E. Turman David Peebles Webb Charles Royal White M. Binford Williams, Jr. beta gamma sigma Beta Gamma Sigma is a national scholastic honor society in the field of business and administra- tion. Beta Gamma Sigma chapters may be chartered only in those schools of business and accountancy accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business. The University of Mississippi chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma was chartered in 1944. To be eligible for Beta Gamma Sigma member- ship, students must rank in the top five percent of the junior class, the top ten percent of the senior class, or in the top twenty percent of those students receiving master ' s degrees. Students who have completed all re- quirements for the doc- toral degree conferred by a school of business or ac- countancy are also eligible for membership in Beta Gamma Sigma. The purpose of Beta Gamma Sigma is to en- courage and reward scholarship and ac- complishment among students of Business Ad- ministration, to promote the advancement of education in the art and science of business, and to foster integrity in the con- duct of business operations. officers ambda President .... Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer Patti Patterson Ev McKay Lynn Markley Dianne Williams members Rho Lambda, The Na- tional Panhellenic Recognition Society, honors those women within Panhellenic who have been outstanding in the display of demonstrated leadership ability and loyalty to Panhellenic and to their sorority. Only active members in their Junior or Senior years are eligi- ble. An overall average of 2.3 is required for membership. A maximum number of members to be elected in any year is 10% of the total Panhellenic membership. Mary Abbott Laura Alvey Kate Asbury Elizabeth Bailey Donna Ballard Adrienne Bass Margaret Bounds Debbie Bowers Allison Brown Deena Buehl Doris Burns Cynthia Cole Caroline Cook Quinn Cooper Mary Dawkins Dee Denton Lisa Foote Terry Fortenberry Sally Fowler Kathy Galvin Yvonne Gilbrech Leslie Glass Pam Gray Susan Hall Caroline Hill Virginia Hollabaugh Laura Hollis Pat Home Becky House Milleigh Hubbard Frances Jones Melissa Jones Lisa Lewis Helen Loftin Gay Loyacano Lynn Markley Marta Martinez Kathleen McCarthy Ev McKay Jerri Meeks Mary Moore Kim Moseley Patti Patterson Jeanne Phillips Kim Pruette Ann Riley Meredith Schmieg Lisa Sherman Debra Simpson Leslie Smith Lisa Terracina Louise Vaughan Melissa Walker Teri Watkins Diane Williams Eleanor Winter Vickie Wills officers President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman . Phillip Baker . . . . Mark Gunn Barry Bertolet Terry Robertson Bill Geary order omega members Randy Adair Doug Altenbern Phillip Baker Barry Bertolet Brent Bond Marshall Bouldin Pat Brown Carl Chaney Ralph Chapman Ty Cobb Glen Cofield Bill Crim Friley Davidson Charles Duffy Martin Dunagin Steve Earnest Paul Edwards Tony Farese Hardy Farris Bob Fugate Kendall Garroway Bill Geary Scott Gordon Mike Graves Chip Grayson Mark Gunn Steve Hall Mike Harlan Bill Holcomb Sai Ireland Blair Johnson Lee Joyner Joseph Katool Steve Laird Jeff Lamb Scott Lamb Larry Landry Chris Lockard Kel Long Gary Mazzanti Doug McDaniel Mike McGee Philip Meredith Charles Morris Rush Mosby Gray Mounger Blake Neal James Neeld Robert Phillips Scott Phillips Tim Phillips Steve Pilgrim Tommy Prewitt Mike Pruett Chuck Rainey Fred Rand Terry Robertson Bobby Schmieg John Seckman Steven Shaner Robert Shaw Martin Street David Terreson Brent Walker Tim Walsh David Webb Tommy West Charles White Neil White Ben Williams Order of Omega, na- tional honorary for outstanding Greeks, was founded at the University of Pittsburgh in 1957. The University of Mississippi ' s Omega Theta chapter of Order of Omega was founded in 1968 but was reactivated in the spring of 1976 under the direc- tion of David Halle. The organization exists to recognize those fraternity men who have attained a high standard of leader- ship in interfraternity ac- tivities, to encourage them to continue to strive toward excellence, and to inspire others to work for similar conspicuous at- tainment. Working closely with the Infraternity Council, the Order of Omega brings Greek Faculty, alumni, and stu- dent members together on a basis of mutual interest, understanding, and helpfulness. During any one year, the Order of Omega is limited by its constitution to pledging no more than 3% of the total number of regularly enrolled fulltime undergraduate fraternity men. Order of Omega rush is conducted during the fall and spring with each fraternity being allowed to nominate rushees from its active membership. phi gamma nu Phi Gamma Nu was founded February 17, 1924, to foster the study of business in colleges and universities, and to further a high standar of business ethics and culture in civic and professional enterprises. Membership requirements con- sist of having completed at least six semester hours of business and a 3.0 in business courses. Also a 2.5 overall grade point average is required. officers President Vicki Hurley Vice-President Shirley Eichelberger Secretary Beth Johnson Treasurer Kim Hearon Pledge Trainer Cindy Stone members Suzanne Avery Virginia Ann Baker Lilla Townsend Boyce Caroline Pace Cook Gabrielle Denise Corwin Joni Jane Diaz Terri Edith Ford Amee Jo Fouche Blair R. Frankenburg Sherry Lynn Gibson Sarah Nell Gill Laurie Gay Golden Virginia Hollabaugh Cynthia Lynn Jackson William Selby Kennedy Richard Manning Lingle Amy Lumsden Maraine McGrauw May Tracey Ann McCollum Sarah Lynn Miller Charles Lavern Morris Aven Patricia Pruett Donna Lorene Ray Ann Bonney Riley Audry Denell Smith Georgia Ann Smith Carol J. Stewart Lisa Lynn Taylor Michael Hunter Varner Mary Beth Weldy S. Leslie White Katie Winston Wood beta alpha psi The objective of Aloha Theta Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and give due recognition to Scholastic and professional excellence in the field of accountancy at the University of Mississippi. To be elected to membership a stu- dent must have a 3.0 overall grade point average and a 3.0 in accounting. officers President Ev McKay Vice-President Blair Johnson Treasurer Eric Saul Recording Secretary Melanie Morgan Corresponding Secretary David Webb Faculty Vice-President .... Dr. Grover Porter G. Bond T. Bond J. Browning R. Burns E. Chapin J. Cofield D. Conwell K. Cooper J.Cox W. Crimm R. Crawford M. Cummings J. Dean D. DeVeer M. Dunagin C. Elliott O. Edwards S. Fly B. Folk K. Goldman L. Greer M. Harlan members L. Holland C. Holley B. Johnson G. Jones J. Katool D. King J. Klinger S. Laird K. Lockwood K. Long C. Marchbanks E. Martin D. McDaniel E. McKay P. McNulty J. Mendenhall M. Morgan E. Morrissey J. Moss J. Mulkin J. Neeld M. Partin C. Patterson M. Pitman K. Pruette W. Riley K. Roebuck J. Sandetor E. Saul J. Sibley A. Smith B. Spencer C. Springer S. Stamm M. Summers A. Tahill D. Taylor D. Turman J. Walker P. Walker J. Woller D. Web M. White V. Wright F. York officers President Michelle Crull Vice-President Bo Elliott Secretary Kenneth Weiland Treasurer Trey Hayden Editor Michael Barnett Marshal . Chris Cianciola chi epsilon members Nadam Azia Mike Barnett Kenneth Bright Neale Bruchman Chris Cianciola Michael Crull Mohammed El-Bahadli Adib El-Choufani Bo Elliott Trey Hayden Ahmad Nemetti Jeff Rish Charles Slavens ZakiWafa Terry Walker Kenneth Weiland Fadi Yacoub Chi Epsilon, the national honor society of civil engineers, is an organization which recognizes those students who excel in the fun- damental qualities of the suc- cessful engineer. Membership is based on scholarship, character, practicality, and sociability and is restricted to students who are ranked in the upper third of their class. officers President Kate Booth Vice-President Patti Phillips Secretary Isabel Bartles Treasurer Teresa Shumpert Chaplain Kimberly Bell Sargeant-at-Arms Melissa Jones Editor Nancy Breuning Program Chairman Nancy Breuning members Isabel Bartles Kimberly Bell Kate Booth Nancy Breuning Susan Burke Lisa Clark Andrea Grant Allen Hart Jenifer Holmes Melissa Jones Patti Phillips Beth Handle Ginger Richardson Teresa Shumpert Lynn Sledge igma alpha mfw Sigma Alpha Iota is an inter- national music society founded in 1903. Composed of women majoring in music, SAI pro- motes social contact among per- sons sharing an interest in music. Membership is open to women with a 3.0 grade point average in music courses and a 2.5 average in their academic courses. officers app President Vice-President Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Historian Parliamentarian Michael Cravens Cowan Hunter . . Mack Huey . . Dan Yancy . . Mike Franklin . . . Joey Shorter Hal Fulton Kappa Kappa Psi is a national men ' s band fraternity dedicated to the service of university band programs. After being chartered in April 1948, Beta Beta Chapter of the University of Mississippi has since served the Ole Miss Band with services such as field preparations, musical functions, and social events. Membership in this organization is open to outstan- ding selected band students. Jimmy Allen Tim Bell Steve Clark Tim Corbett Ron Cox Michael Cravens Robin Crawford Kim Crenshaw Mark Davis Tony DuBose Tony Edwards Thomas Fantroy Mike Franklin Hal Fulton Ken Ciese members Bill Griffin Marshall Griffen Lee Harris Tony Hill Mack Huey Cowan Hunter Joe King Kevin Marsh Jay McArthur James Metcalf Steve Moser Patrick O ' Neill Ed Pegues Doug Potocki Jeff Roberson Roger Ross Keith Sanders Bill Sartor Joey Shorter Geof Sloan Pat Sloan Eddie Smith Tony Steele Scott Tilliman Jermone Trahan Marvin Vinning Mike Wells Norbert Woods Dan Yancy tau beta sigma officers Tau Beta Sigma is a national band sorority which was form- ed in 1947 to parallel Kappa Kappa Psi. The Ole Miss Chapter, Beta Beta, was rechartered in 1978 and has been a tremendous asset to the band program since. President ... Vice-President Secretary Treasurer PamBrockway Kate Booth Jennifer Holmes Lisa Heaberg Donna Barnes Toni Bernheim Kate Booth Pam Brockway Susan Byrum Kim Castleberry Kathy Chapman Cindy Davis Melanie Dixon Susan Durrance Estha Echols Teresa Garner Paula Graves Gayle Guyse Phyllis Hairston Ramona Hale members Phyllis Hallamn Tina Harris Lisa Heaberg Leighanne Holden Jennifer Holmes Gail Hutchinson Sylvia Johnson Travey Jolly Sophia Jones Deneise Kisner Robin Liedke Sandra Maher Kathy Marsh Nina Marshall Janine McMillian Vannessa Middleton Tracy Mitchell Carla Neal Briget Perkins Lisa Powell Laura Riggs Suzie Rish Lynn Sledge Wanda Stringer Cynthia Tice Sandra Thomas Paula Vaughan Cindy Vernon Donna White Jennifer Williams Michelle Yeager officers President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Public Relations Guard Pledge Trainer Tina Ross Jane Pinson Lisa Bell .... Teresa Bonds Kristine Anderson Kim Logan Debo rah Green members Kristine Anderson Lisa Bell Teresa Bonds Betsy Bos Deborah Green Sharon Kimberlin Kim Logan Karen Manning Alice Michel Jane Pinson Tina Ross kappa omicron phi The purpose of Kappa Omicron Phi is to further the best interests of home economics by recognizing and encouraging scholastic ex- cellence, developing leadership abilities, fostering professional activities and interests, and promoting fellowship among faculty and students of the profession. Membership is based on scholarship, leadership poten- tial, and personality. A 3.0 overall GPA in Home Economics courses and a second semester sophomore or above standing determines member- ship. Kappa Omicron Phi is a full member of the Association of College Honor Societies. officers Chief Iota Squaw Iota J.O. Dowdle Cornelia Scott Canale iota nu upsilon members Jewel Turner Amy " Chip " Howard The Morgan twins Melissa Murrey Lavender Index Turner Laura Dukes Cherry Red Hall Jon Gills Loosa Sammons Morris Sauls A. Bonney Riley Rico Crutcher James " Son " Thomas Labrador Brown Ma Rainey Speedo Davidson Annual Queen Richard Gonga Wanda K. Dowdle Wag Hinman Iota Nu Upsilon was chartered on Jan. 22, 1982 at the University of Mississippi. It was organized to give recogni- tion to those individuals whose scholastic and social perfor- mance are uniquely their own. Iota Nu U ' s are chosen accor- ding to academic achievement (2.0 maximum GPA), social ac- ceptance (recognized by all fine eating and drinking establishments), and personali- ty (grouchy, especially in the morning). Membership is open to all students with 15 or more hours, but is very selective only those willing to work hard and yet have a good time are chosen. Whether it ' s the guy from down the hall, a fraternity brother, a sorority sister, or just someone from class there ' s someone you can call a friend. Even though your backgrounds are worlds apart, his home is 600 miles from yours, and he ' s majoring in Business instead of Liberal Arts Somehow you were destined to become friends. It ' s that friendship and many others like it that got you through all those bad exam grades, the fight with your girlfriend, or that term paper you waited until the last minute to start. Those late night strolls through the grove and past the majestic columns of the Lyceum gave you both a chance to know each other better. Maybe she just wanted you to be the first to know that she was dropped, or he wanted to tell you about his date with a special girl, but your knowing was the important thing. That road trip to New Orleans for the weekend was great, but it was who you were with rather than the places you went that made the trip a lasting memory. The closeness that develops because of mutual experiences could never be put into words, but you both know it ' s there. " . . . Ole Miss is a smile of recognition, an excitedl embrace, a warm handshake, a friend in every town . FRIENDSHIP ADMINISTRATION GREEKS C LASSES 250 Administration ADMINISTRATION ELEANOR GILL, editor Melanie Fields, assistant Ed McCool, assistant - i g Board of Trustees Governor Chancellor Vice Chancellors Academic Deans Administrators Admir, BOARD OF TRUSTEES PRESIDENT Travis E. Parker VICE PRESIDENT Dr. Robert W. Harrison, fr. EXECUTIVE SECRETARY Dr. E. E. Thrash Seated Left to Right: Denton Rogers, Jr., Ponotoc, Dr. John R. Lovelace, Batesville; Bobby L. Chain, Hattiesburg; Travis E. Parker, Drew; Miriam Q. Simmons, Columbus; Dr. Robert W. Harrison, Jr., Yaxoo City; Charles C. Jacobs, Jr., Cleveland; William M. Jones, Jackson. Standing Left to Right: Dr. E. E. Thrash, Raymond; Bryce Griffis, Starkville; George T. Watson, Pass Christian; James E. Woods, Olive Branch; Thomas D. Bordeaux, Meridian, 252 Administration GOVERNOR William F. Winter Administratio CHANCELLOR Dr. Porter L. Fortune t Administration Dr. Harvey S. Lewis Executive Vice Chancellor VICE-CHANCELLORS Dr. Franklin E. Moak Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Doyle L. Russell Vice Chancellor for Administration Dr. Peter Wagner Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Administration - 255 ACADEMIC DEANS II II raid Walton 1 . Edrie J. George XURSIVG f Dr. Jimmy E. ShankLe PUTER CE.XTS Admiiustralion - 257 , jfi HN WARNEMLFORDJR Director of Interc egiate AthleTics M P B ,JR. Directo?of Food Services MRS. VALEKIBBRAYBROOKE Director 01 Museums JAIEN.BUJLER irectqr ofAlumni Activities r ECUNE TO PT TH EtIEVF. THAT MAN Wf L NOT ty E R E i DURE HE WfiL PREVAlIL 260 Administration " ' DR. THOMAS ETHR! University Attornel THERO Acting D : | HODGE, JR. ' s-% w .Att- kv DR. WILLIAM R. FERRIS " kector of the Study of Southern Culture Administration - 261 Jf DR. JAMES F. J( f-StuZ RUFUS T.JONES Director of Development : m ii ..-:, mas X II A. EUGENE LEE, M.D. Director of Student Health Services :. LYLES urchasing - iKLIN MARTIN ' laaemerit DR. EDWIN E. MEEK Ltector of Public DWARD P. MOORF.JR. kor of University Publications 264 - Administration G LORI A ROBI NSON fc Jirectorof Student Activities t h m DR. NOLAN S ei n Student V ' I DR.GEORG Director of Univ ' REET lations 1 EYD.STWART jf Student Pjjd H lent Pa - 1 DR. SIDNEYS. TATE Director of Financial Aid Director of Ole Miss Union DR. JUDITH D. TROTT 4 " Director of Student Activities , r PAM PEDEN, editor Angela Drake, assistant A. G. Harmon, assistant Panhellenic Black Panhellenic Intrafraternity Council Sororities and Fraternities Greeks 269 270 - Greeks Greek - 272 Greeks I a.r O. r- ' 2 u-S-aP c 2 .- ais .go J3 - - . . X o IS w 8 S2 J c M 5 5 C $5 a c 2 aD .-, tu S - o x ft- x d 41 . .2 .- " 8 S jl II _. g 60 " " 5 5 - c is J2 o e = c o - n K a : Cft U M W C M- ffl - " ss ;U-S S 01 ti V : 0? u - -i re C. , C ' ., i 1 c 5 T C -5 C ,-,- Jp 60 O O J c 5 D as C! a? o _= re Ol - y X (A S - k2 w .2 .= o .. (Q w . w 60 O e - 5 o 9 - o fc S S e .2 01 60 o - e (0 60 i O j- (Q ,_ U a- .2 5 60 o i i t i is S S 2 2 60 O v J 2 j 2 ' C N H ill u. - o P JB m ? i_ 1 I | " B 1- " u . v 3 -z _ X _ 01 Ol s z .- o o ' C - i (B v Ol !E ,; w si! . - - - a a w c c 3 a " h 60 g= c O S re O SC " 3 B. s V ( ) xr cc iS e- c O O 5 - ' " ' = Oi Oi " " m a V . . .2 c r O 60 u o 4 o = o e J= o c f c j ' 3 .2 3 - | n H 3 re = r - - O oi Q Z Gree - ; 274 Crc U nnulrc _ 77R Jk 5M o . " -: o w j . a . .2- w u B 2 5 m m flfl 4J - I 99 cjj C CI!D T 276 - Greeks Greeks 27 278 Greeks r r r - - ,j CJ jj 60 3 jkX " 5 .c ' ,5 js ac c cue 2r_ V C w ft CM Q. c r?3 | ' 3 ' S : 3 sl-! S O--c2 ge= ree.- j s l " lfilf " re - S S = M " at re g . 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D J_ Creeks 341 , CLASSES CINDY PURSER, editor Kilby Moore, assistant Lisa Wong, assistant Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors Pharmacy Graduates x - Classes 343 FRESHMEN Abraham, Susan Scott; Clarksdale, MS Acred, Jeffrey Tyson; Memphis, TN; 4 KT Akers, Lesli Diane; Austin, TX; HE Alford, Nancy; Houston, MS Allen, Andrew Perkins; Memphis, TN; ATD Allen, Jimmy Thomas; Sikeston, MO; ZBT Allen, Martha Sue; Laurel, MS; KA Allen, Susan Gale; Grenada, MS; M Allgood, Tracy Carol; Jackson, MS; AAA Allison, Peggy Lorene; Forrest City, AR; IIB Anderson, Stacy Denise; Franklin, TN; XQ Ansorge, Jennifer Lynne; Huntsville, AL Aquino, Amanda Irene; Portageville, MO Ard, Julie Lee; Pontotoc, MS Arwood, Peggy N.; Memphis, TN Atkinson, Robert Logan; Hernando, MS Aurell, Trella Shea; Ackennan, MS; A An Austin, Mark Anthony; Nashville, TN Avers, Mark Douglas; Germantown, TN; ATQ Avery, Stacey Lynn; Millington, TN Bailey, Mary Elizabeth; Bloomington, IL; KKT Baker, Charlotte Rene; Oxford, MS Baker, James Michael; Gautier, MS; B6II Baker, Nickie Lou; Clarksdale, MS, K A9 Bakhos, Serge John; Beirut Ball, Rebecca Ann; Memphis, TN; IIB Ballard, Sylvia Estelle; Germantown, TN; AOII Ballard, Talmadge Thomas; Gulfport, MS Banks, Melvin; Shaw, MS Bankston, Thomas Gary; Carrollton, MS Barbee, Thomas Bradley; Louisville, KY; IIKA Barkley, Holly; Jackson, MS; XQ Barnes, Susan Band; Greenville, MS; AAA Barnett, Laura Lee; Jackson, MS; M Barron, Kim Denice; Oxford, MS Bat, David Thomas; Jackson, MS; IIKA Baxter, Lisa Janine; Olive Branch, MS; ZTA Baxter, Mac; Hernando, MS Baxter, Michael Wayne; Hernando, MS Beasley, Robert Keith; Long Beach, MS Beasley, Tracey Lynn; Jac kson, TN Beauregard, Judith Anne; West Memphis, AR; KKT Beaver, Jill Aitken; Hogerstown, MD; AATl Becherer, Thomas Luther; Hope, AR, KZ Beck, Path Adair; Greenwood, MS Beckett, David Russell; Olive Branch, MS Beckett, James Burgess; Bruce, MS Belcher, Suzanne Denise; Baton Rouge, LA; XQ Bell, Charla Kathryn; Ethel, MS Bell, Donna Jean, Bruce, MS Bell, Gerald Timothy; Pontotoc, MS Bell, Robert Henry; Springfield, TN Bell, Suzanne Rogers; Jackson, MS; KKT Bell, Temple Page; Fort Monmouth, NJ; AAJ1 Bellay, John Lawrence; University, MS Benefield, Patricia Ann; Jackson, MS; AT Bennett, Dolly Chase, Corinth, MS, KA Bennett, Gary Glenn; Duck Hill, MS Benvenutti, Benjamin Shourds; Bay St. Louis, MS Berry, Helen Elizabeth; Robinsonville, MS; AAA 344 Freshmen Beny, Tainan Corinne; New Hebron, MS Bert. Paula M ; Memphis, TN; AATI Biddle, Delone; West Helena, AR Bmgham, Charles Austin; Greenville, MS Black. Leslie Ann; Memphis, TN Blackstone, Elizabeth Hartwell; Houston. TX; AAA Blackwood, Mark Edward; Drew, MS; A Blair. Shelley Ann; Laurel, MS; KA Blake. Kelly Jean; Shalimar. FL; AT Blattner, Julie Anne; Cape Girardeau, MO; KA Bledsoe, James Dell . Common, CA Blue, Rachel; Tulia, OK; KKT Blue, Valarie Lynn; Vardaman, MS; IIB Bock man, Jennifer Lyn; Columbus, MS Boh, Kathryn Marie; Bay St. Louis, MS Booker. Katherine Carnail; Charleston, MS Bouldin, Mahlon Cooper; darksdale, MS; ATD Bounds, Kimberly Jane; darksdale, MS Bowen. Barbara Lynn; Eupora, MS; Ml Bowers. Ernest David, Jackson, TN; 2AB Box. Donald Eugene; Madison. MS Boyer, Emily Delin, Indianola. MS; AT Boykm. David Joe; Seattle. WA Boy kin , Joyee Beth; Delta City , MS; AOD Bozorgi Jamshid. Charlottesville, VA Bnddock. Schuyler Jackson; Vicksburg, MS; AAA Bnden. Steven Charles; Memphis, TNjUt Bradford, Nathan Felding; Jackson, MS; ZX Bradley. Carla Huston; darksdale, MS; AAA Bradley, Claire Collier; Oxford. MS Bradley. Jerri Lamar; Pontotoc, MS; ADD Brady. Becky Burdette; Brookhaven, MS; XQ Branscome, Sarah Gainey; Canton, MS; KKr Braswell, Frances Elizabeth; Jackson. MS; XQ Bray. Janet Lee; Tupelo, MS Brent, Melanie R Greenville. MS; M Brignac. Aimee Marie; New Orleans, LA Blister, Frank Lutz; Brownwood. TX Broad us. Stephen Foster; Biloxi, MS Brogle. Darrvl Gerard; Waveland, MS Brooks, Brown Stuart; Memphis, TN; K Brooks. Marilyn Shrene; Shelby, MS Brooks. Ronald Edward; Columbus, MS; IKA Brown, Donna Grace; Kosciusko, MS; AOH Brown, Elizabeth Diane. Amory. MS; ZTA Brown, Jamie John; Gerrnantown, TN; An Brown, Raymond Lloyd; Pascagoula, MS; A6 Browning, Mary Lisa. Ecru, MS; AOII Buf ord. Betty Ann; Water Valley. MS Buf ord. Robbie Lee; Abbeville, MS Bullock. Donna Kav; Prentiss, MS Bump. Dawn Elizabeth; Ocean Springs, MS; AOQ Bunns, Valerie Denese; Clarksville, MS Burford, Cecil Weston; Greenville, MS Burgess. Cynthia Denise; Water Valley, MS Burk. David Nolan; Pontotoc, MS Burkett. Jennifer Anne; Oxford, MS; ZTA Burks, Laura Lvnnelle; Baron Rouge. LA; KA8 Burns, Howard Joseph; Nashville, TN Busch. Michael Nathan; North Brunswick, NJ FRESHMEN Freshmen 345 FRESHMEN Bush, Elizabeth Carter; Jackson, MS; AT Butler, Angela Marie; New Albany, MS Butler, Pauletta; Oxford, MS Butler, Robin Renee, Spring, TX; ZTA Butler, Thomas Lee; Axton, VA; A6 Byars, George Rice; Memphis, TN; A6 Byers, Cassandra Faye; Holly Springs, MS Caballero, Victor Louis; Soutnaven, MS Cain, George Leonard; Jackson, MS Cairns, Eugenia Louise; Jackson, MS Campbell, Angela Renee; Germantown, TN; ZTA Campbell, Charles Todd; Steele, MO Campbell, Thomas Leonard, Pontotoc, MS; X Canty, Christina Wells; Oxford, MS; AAH Carlson, Barbara Jean; Greenville, MS Carpenter, Gladwin Keith; Grenada, MS Carpenter, James Herman; Forest, MS Carsten, Nancy Carolyn; Tupelo, MS Carter, Brenda Kaye; Sardis, MS Carter, Cari Michelle; Pontotoc, MS Carter, Catherine Lynn; Forrest City, AR, FIB Carter, Tamra Elizabeth, Jackson, MS; KA Case, Robert Marion; Madison, MS Castellaw, Mary Lynn; Franklin, TN; ZTA Castleberry, Betsy Lynn; Byhalia, MS Castleberry, Kimberly Anne; Sikeston, MO Cavazos, Christopher Miles; Southaven, MS Chambers, Martha Burke; Montgomery, AL; AAA Champion, Laura Ruth; Oxford, MS; KA Chancellor, John Murphy; Macon, MS Chandler, Thaddeus Cortez; Monroeville, AL Chapman, Caroline Hope; Memphis, TN; XQ Chapman, Katherine Lee; Titusville, FL; AOn Chapuis, Patti Kay; Grenada, MS Chavez, Rickey Edward; El Paso, TX Che, Tao Quoc; Water Valley, MS Childers, Mary Beth; Cooler, MS Chow, Belinda Kay; Clarksdale, MS Cicero, Chaiiynn; Monroe, LA; KA Clark, Nelson Lee; Philadelphia, MS Clayborn, Robert Lee; Holly Springs, MS Clemens, George Scott; University, MS Clement, Melanie Gene; Pontotoc, MS Clements, Mollie Virginia; Memphis, TN; KA9 Clemes, Page Irene; Greenwood, MS; XQ Clinkscales, Grady S.; Atlanta, GA Coker, Robert Eddins; Yazoo City, MS; A8 Colbert, Emily Ann; Houston, MS; AOII Cole, Robert Jeffrey; Southaven, MS; EUCA Coleman, Jacquelyn Kay; Olive Branch, MS Coleman, John Richard; Southaven, MS Coleman, Robert Willie; Okolona, MS; ZN Colingo, Kelly Ann; Pascagoula, MS; KA Collins, Madge Elizabeth; Taylor, MS Coningsby, Gregg Oliver; Ft. Lauderdale, FL Conner, Eugenia Ladrich; Gulfport, MS Cook, Brian Carlton; Vestavia Hills, AL Cook, Cynthia; Greenwood, MS, M Cook, Elaine Jeanette; Oxford, MS Cook, Kyle Patterson; Carlisle, AR; A ; t 346 Freshmen Cope, Nathan Jay. Oxford, MS Cossar. Finney Elizabeth; Jackson, MS; AAA Cossar, Let Pepper; Charleston, MS, IN Costley, William Lewi ; El Dorado, AR, B6D Colros ' , Margaret Ann; Jackson, MS; Zfi Cox, Andrea Paige; Memphis. TN; ZTA Cox. Jollv Evelee; Kokomo, MS Cox, Katherine Elizabeth; Amory, MS; ZTA Cox. Mark Edwin. Jackson, MS; fl Craig, Carol; Houston. MS; AT Crawford. Shawn Shelloy; Oxford. MS Crawley, Crystal De nise; Jackson, MS; OB Creel. Trisha Jan, Dothan, AL, AAD Crenshaw, Janette, Newton, MS Crenshaw. Kim B , Newton, MS; KK+ Crews, James Mortimer; Memphis, TN; 4 A8 Crews, Katherine Boyce; Memphis, TN; KA Criddle. John Rogers; Houston, MS Crocker, Amanda Dawn; Calhoun City, MS; AOn Croom, Joni Malinda, Marion, AR, AAn Crosby, Chantel, Mendenhall. MS; AT Crouch, Lisa Diane; Oakbrook . IL, KA Crow, Brian David; Hemando, MS; KT Crowe, Bonita Kathryn; Oxford. MS Crumpton, Melanie Ann; New Albany, MS Cummings, Charles Mark; Yazoo City, MS; IN Cununings, Susan Danette; Water Valley, MS Cummins, Allison Lynn; Jackson, MS; ZTA Curry, Belinda Mae; Wateri ord, MS Curtis, Daphne Dianne; Utica. MS Curtis, Laurie Lynn; luka, MS; AAU Custer, lana Dene; Tulsa, OK Cutler, Julia Loucks; Grenada, MS; AT Dailey, Melissa Myrle Dale, Mary Grace; Monticello, MS; AT Dallen, Russell Morris; Gulfport, MS; A Dater, Suzanne Ondine, Brandon, MS; Ml Davidson, James Gregory; Corinth, MS Davis, Alan Claude, Bruce, MS Davis, Cynthia Lynne; University, MS; KA Davis, Suzanne Johnston; Como, MS; AAA Davis, Tijuana Yevette; Abbeville, MS Dawkins, Perry Lee; CoUierville, TN JIAX Dawson, Montie Jeanne; Lexa, AR Day, Ruth Cecelia; Madisonville, KY, KA8 Dean, Edward Fox. Sledge, MS Deannan, Rebecca Rhodes; Jackson. MS; M Deaton, Kelli Elizabeth; Huntsville, AL FRESHMEN Freshmen 347 FRESHMEN Dedeaux, Teressa Lynn; Lewisburg, WV; AMI Dees, Michael Anthony; Pascagoula, MS Delcioppo, Michael William; Greenville, SC; ZBT Demartini, John; River Ridge, LA; Xfl Denley, Jerry Lynn; Coffeeville, MS; ATfl Dexter, Robert Jef fery; Southaven, MS Dick, Janet Louise; German, TN; AMI Dickerson, Raye Anne; Southaven, MS Dickinson, Laura Ellen; Memphis, TN; Xfl Diebold, Bobbie Ann; Southaven, MS Dinsmore, Robert Wesley; Jackson, MS Dixon, Melanie Anne; Cordele, GA; KKT Dobbs, Rachel Ann; Mantee, MS Donaldson, Jack Berkley; Germantown, TN Doyle, Richard Alan; Hazlehurst, MS; K Drane, Sarah Anne; Orlando, FL; ZTA Ducote, Karen Renee; Jackson, MS Duke, Lacy Neal; Isola, MS; M Duncan, Donald Derek; Memphis, TN Dundas, Evy-An; Forrest City, AR; KAS Dupree, Catherine Lee; Delhi, LA; ZTA Durham, Martha Carlton; Nashville, TN; AOII Duvic, Herbert Francis; New Orleans, LA; XO Dykeman, William Daniel; Ripley, MS Easley, William Franklin; Meridian, MS Easterly, Stuart Me Williams; KA Echols, Teresa Dawn; Houston, MS; AOII Edlin, Joel Alexander; Clarksdale, MS Edwards, Cherry Faye Edwards, Cynthia Renee Edwards, Elizabeth Ann; AT Elliott, Amanda Lucille; Brookhaven, MS; AAA Elliott, Charles Patrick; Greenwood, MS Elliott, Joseph Ernest; West Point, MS Elliott, Robert William; Ripley, MS Elliott, Tamara Ann; Long Beach, MS; M Embry, Teresa Dawn; Winona, MS Emmons, Anna Elizabeth; Meridian, MS; AAA Enoch, Elizabeth Beasley; Gallatin, TN Epperson, Stephen Paul; Yazoo City, MS; A Evans, Alicia Lynn; Dyersburg, TN; Xfl Fairweather, Tommy Lee; Jackson, TN Fantroy, Thomas Earl; Moss Point, MS Fanner, Jennifer Ellen; Jackson, MS Fanner, Lowell Judson; Jackson, MS Farris, Martha Catherine; Clarksdale, MS; XO Fay, Patricia Marie; Madison, TN; ZTA Ferguson, Elizabeth Irene; Batesville, MS; AT Field, Paula Elizabeth; Baton Rouge, LA; KA Filpi, Rosalyn Ann; Arlington, VA; AAII Finerty, Laura Tourison; Bay St. Louis, MS; KKT Fiore, Angela Michelle; Cape Elizabeth, ME; AOII Fisher, Gayla Michelle; Steele, MO; AOH Fisk, Melanie Mei; Pontotoc, MS Fitzpatrick, Maureen Ellen; Madison, WI Flechas, Enrique Jose Roberto; Natchez, MS; K2 Fletcher, Allison Anne; Naples, FL; IIB Fletcher, James; Mequon, WI; Xfl Fletcher, Sallie Evelyn; Indianola, MS; AAA Floyd, John Michael; Sardis, MS; ATB Floyd, Karl Pruitt. Houston, MS Floyd, Stacy Lee; Southaven. MS Fondren, Tina Ann; Mathiston, MS; AAT1 Ford. John Leon; Greenwood, MS; IX Ford, Kevin Gerard; Mandeville, LA Ford. Kimberly Noel; Holly Springs. MS Forester, Elizabeth Anne; Montgomery, AL. AAA Foster, Saliie Anne. Jackson. MS; XQ Fountain, Michael Keith; Gautier. MS; K+ Frank, Thomas Francis; Cincinnati, OH; Ben Frederick. David Allen; Verona. MS; A Freeman, Adrione Renee; Como, MS Freeman. John Roeder; St. Louis. MO; A8 Freeman. Katherine Elizabeth. Southaven, MS; AT French, Kimberly Lynn; Jackson, MS French, Lee Ann; Water Valley. MS Friou, Thomas Hamilton; Charlotte. NC; A8 Fuller. James Arthur; Hernando, MS Fullmer, Elizabeth Frances; New Orleans, LA Fyfe, Charles Richard; Lula. MS; ATQ Gabbert. William Glynn; Water Valley, MS Gallaspy. Cherie Rebecca; University, MS Galloway. Terri Lynn; Yazoo City, MS; KKT Galtney, John Ford; New Orleans, LA; KZ Gammon, John Raymond, Birmingham, AL Candy . Robert David; Florence, MS; K2 Gandy, Theresa Fay; Columbus, GA Gann, Lori Ann; Gallahn. TN Gamer, Kenneth Clay; Nashville, TN; ATQ Gamer, Pamela Suzanne; Eupora, MS, KKT Garrard, Deborah Louise; Isola, MS; M Garrawav. Susan Clay; Jackson, MS; I1B Garrett. Melanie Renee; Etta, MS Gatewood, Alicia Vaughn; Forest, MS; AT Gathnght. Gary Wavne; University, MS Geeslin, Richard Anthony; Olive Branch, MS Gentry, Michael; Tunica. MS; A A Gex. Rachel Kathleen; Bay St. Louis, MS; K Gianino, Sherri Aleyce; Columbia, MS Gibson. Forrest Lee; New Orleans. LA, XQ Gilbert. John Allen; Tupelo, MS; Ben Gill. Michael Eric; Boca Raton. FL Gipson, James Dion; Pascagoula, MS Gladney. Michael Henry; Jackson. MS Glaser, Christian Laura; Nashville. TN, AAA Codec, Gregory James; Paducah. KY;+K Goforth, Anne Marie; Oxford, MS Goforth. Manuel Ray; Philadelphia. MS Gong, Sonya Elaine; Merigold, MS Gooch, Palsy Lynn; Marks, MS; 4 M Good, Ronald Wayne; Columbus, MS; Ben Goodman, Kathryne Eve; Oxford, MS; ZTA Goodwin, David Powell; Jackson, MS Goolsby, James Lynda, Abbeville, MS Graham, Bob; Greenwood, MS; ATQ Graham, Jane Ken. Sumner, MS; XQ Graham, Sherry Ketrena; Plantersville, MS Graham, Timothy Joel; Aberdeen, MS Granbery, Elizabeth Anne; Nashville, TN Granh am, Memne Love; University, MS; XQ FRESHMEN Freshmen 349 FRESHMEN Graves, Paula Denise; West Point, MS Green, Handsel Burrows; Atlanta, GA; Green, Kathryn Elizabeth; Jackson, MS; KKF Green, Melissa Lynn; University, MS Greene, Wendy Robin; Pascagoula, MS; AOI1 Greenlee, Christine Lowe; Jackson, MS; AOI1 Greer, Tracy Jeanne; Memphis, TN; KKF Gregory, Felicia Joy; New Albany, MS; AOH Gregory, Sheila Ann; Paris, MS Griffey, Bruce Irwin; Paris, TN; ATI) Griffey, Daniel Ray; Paris, TN; ATO Griffin, Jacqueline Leon; Spring, TX; AOI1 Grogan, Timothy N.; Batesville, MS Gryder, Robin Ann; Biloxi, MS; AP Gunnels, Nike D.; Clovis, NM; KKF Gunter, Teresa Wynee; Memphis, TN; AAI1 Guntharp, Thomas Keith; Fulton, MS; K Gurner, Robert Benjamin; Water Valley, MS; X Guthrie, Sharon Lee; Myrtle, MS Gwynn, Philip Haines; Atlanta, GA; SAE Haire, Martha Helen; Winona, MS Hairston, Vicki Casanthia; Oxford, MS; AKA Hales, Anne Murray; Hattiesburg, MS; XB Hall, Steven Douglas; Hattiesburg. MS; ZN Hamilton, Tad Stewart; Duck Hill, MS Hamner, Kelvin Maurice; Clarksdale, MS Haney, Becky; Pontotac, MS; AT Harbour, Barry Dean; West Memphis, AR; X Hardin, Clinton T.; Memphis, TN; K Hardin, Tammie Denise; New Albany, MS; AOI1 Hare, Dale Dewayne; Southaven, MS Harrington, Julie Carol; Houston, MS Harris, Amethyst; Eupora, MS Harris, Shelley Kaye; Byhalia, MS Harris, Victoria Athena; Jonesboro, AR Harrison, Patricia Jean; Shreveport, LA Harthcock, Michael Glenn; Pearl, MS Harvey, Dusky Marie; Como, MS Haskins, Laura Ann; Oklahoma City, OK; FIB Hatcher, Wesley Maldon; Virginia Beach, VA Hawkins, David Clayton; Jackson, MS; Ben Hawkins, Pamela Ann; Ackennan, MS. Hayes, Michael C; Brandon, MS Haynes, Richy Lee; Tupelo, MS Hays, Elizabeth Carlton, Sardis, MS; Xf) Hector, Dorothy Dean; Bay St. Louis, MS; AAA Hedgecock, Darla Rene; Barnesville, GA Hemphill, William Robert; Oxford, MS. 350 Freshmen Henderson. Man. Elizabeth; Jackson. MS, AA Henry. Bradford. Lee. Pontotoc, MS Henry. Skye Christiane. New Orleans, LA; ' J A8 Hensarling. Cheryl Patrice; Laurel . MS; AOI1 Herndon. Mark Daniel; Walerfoid. MS Herrin, James Britt, Vance, MS Hester, Susan Naef; Jackson. MS. XI! Hetzel. George Edward; Nashville, TN. SAE Hewitt, John Randolph; Bronxville, NY Higginbottom. Evette, Mathiston, MS HiiT Paul Edward, Pearl . MS Hill, Robert Anthonv: Brandon. MS; KK+ Hinton. Brent Neal; Corinth, MS Hinton, Robert Paul; Jackson. MS; JN Hoar. Benjamin Jere, Oxford, MS Hoffman, Andrew Scott; Rochester, NY; KA Hoffman, Virginia Lynn; New Orleans, LA, XQ Hogan. Kimberly Ann; Clarksdale, MS; KA Holder, Jerry Ray; Columbus, MS Holland, Franciiie; Jackson, MS Hollingsworth, Robert Jackson; Grenada, MS Holt, Gregory William; West Memphis. AR Honeycutt, Curtis Owen; University, MS Hoover. Debbie Anne; Olive Branch, MS Hoover. Susan Elizabeth. Franklin, TN; KA Hopcroft, Rosemary Lynne; Water Valley. MS Hopkins. Peter Ashley. Birmingham. AL Home. Sally Cole; Brandon. MS. M Hough. Lee Ann; Biloxi, MS; KKT House. Virginia Quinn; Mantee. MS; ZTA Howell. Troy Ellis; New Albany. MS Hubbard, John Christopher, Jackson, MS, KS Hudson, Elizabeth Diane, Sardis, MS Hudson. Robert Lester; Oxford, MS, KA Huggins. John Michael; Winona, MS; I1KA Hughes. Allen Holt; Memphis. TN; A8 Hull. Helen Pillow; Greenwood. MS; XQ Hull, Karen Lee; Rossville. CA Hume. Andrew Tucker; Jackson, MS; SX Hunt, Alex Trent; luka, MS Hunt, Kenneth Patrick;; Pass Christian. MS Hunter. Jennie Beth; Selmer. TN; M Hutches. Mary Jo, Tallevast. FK; AMI Hutchinson, Rhonda Gail; Jackson, MS Hull, Carolyn Ann, Dallas, TX Ivy, Randal Rav. Sheffield, AL; KA Jackson. Julia Elizabeth, Oxford, MS Jackson, Kevin Quinn; Jackson, MS Jackson, Teresa Ann; Fort Worth. TX Jefferson. James Randall; Campbellsville, KY Jernigan, Bryan Keith, Houston. MS Jernigan, Sh ' erri Lynn; Gennantown, TN Jessup. Ross Morehead; Columbus, MS; OKA Johnsey. Janice Kay; Pass Christian, MS ohnson, Janet Lynn; New Albany. MS ohnson. Jeffrey Darrell; Memphis ohnson. Jerry Duwayne; Sikeston, MO; KT ohnson, Lou Sylvia. Woodland, MS ohnson. Marianne Patton; Sardis, MS; A ohnson. Sylvia Joteese; Eupora. MS; TB: FRESHMEN Freshmen 351 FRESHMEN Johnson, William Cecil; Meridian, MS; KT Jones, Allison Hart; Anniston, AL; KA Jones, Don Wayne; Horn Lake, MS Jones, Gwendolyn Ann; Courtland, MS Jones, Maria Dubois; Corinth, MS Jones, Melissa Ann; Olive Branch, MS Jones, Sharon Angela; Memphis, TN; AOII Jordan, John Thomas; Collinsville, VA Jorgensen, Carole Louise; Memphis, TN; AOII Ju, Margaret Marc; Greenwood, MS Jumper, Kenneth Stephan; Mempyis, TN Kay, Katherine Ann; Tupelo, MS; KKT Kearney, Karon Elizabeth; Long Beach, MS Keck, Herbert Louis; Jackson, MS; Ben Kelly, Charles Hager; Gulfport, MS; K2 Kelly, Marianna; Taylorsville, MS; KA Kendricks, Angela Kristin; Clarksdale, MS Kern, Laurie Ann; Clinton, MS Kerstetter, Donald Lynn; Columbus, MS Keyes, Tammy Lynn; Laurel, MS; M Khdair, Khaled Muhammed; University, MS Kilgore, Lisa Gail; Pearl, MS; ZTA King, Elizabeth Wylie; Greenwood, MS; Xil King, Gordon Rodger; Abbeville, MS King, James Edward; Florence, MS; KK + King, Larry Joe; Oxford, MS; KK Kisner, Sharon Deneise; Oxford, MS; TB2 Kistler, Stephanie Ann; Gretna, LA; KKT Klepper, James Donald; Memphis, TN; ZN Klepzig, Peggy Louise; Abbeville, MS Koon, Henry B.; Hernando, MS; KT Kridle, Caroline Michele; Alexandria, VA; KKT Kruchten, Russell Lance; Germantown, TN; K2 Kruger, Stuart Glenn; Premiss, MS; ZX Laine, Tamah Elizabeth; Lubbock, TX; AT Lamar, Dana Michelle; Jonesboro, AR Lamar, Patricia Leslie; Oxford, MS; Xfl Lamb, Stacie Dianne; Memphis, TN; M Lampton, Theodore Dudley; Jackson, MS Landrum, Julie Ann; Brandon, MS; KA6 Laney, Michael Edward; Greenville, MS Lanier, Nancy Leigh; Sardis, MS Larson, Don Alan; Water Valley, MS; K2 Lawrence, Terri Leigh; Etta, MS Lawton, Julia Beckwith; Franklin, TN; KAO Leach, Carolyn Delores; Sardis, MS Lee, Kerry Todd; Lula, MS Lee, Larry Brian; Button, MS; K+ Lee, Peng Lemmons, Karen Renee; Oxford, MS Lesemann, Edward Petty; Nashville, TN Lever, David R.; Vicksburg, MS Levy, Jan; Canton, MS; X(l Lewis, Dana Scott; Crowder, MS Lewis, Joel Anthony; Bluefield, VA Lewis, John Arthur; Hattiesburg, MS Lewis, Melissa Jo; Morton, MS Liedke, Robin Marie; Southaven, MS Liles, Angelia Carol; Bruce, MS Little, Ronda Clinese; Smithville, MS Littlejohn, Lisa Michele; New Albany, MS; AT Livingston, Ashley Mell; Rockville, MD Locke, Lizabeth Pierson; Atlanta, GA; XQ Logan, Benjamin Mel; Tupelo, MS; KA Logan, Hoyt Wayne; Coffeeville, MS Lovelace, Robin Leigh; Ripley, TN; AOn Lovelady, Anita Jill; Oxford, MS; ZTA Lovorn, Angela Gay; Rolling Fork, MS; A AH Lowe, Joyce Kaye; Clarksdale, MS; AT Lowe, Richard Charles; McComb, MS Lowery, Russell Alan; Macon, MS Lowery, Seeley Anne; Memphis, TN; KA Lucas, Danny; N. Carrollton, MS MacDonald, William Charles; Grenada, MS Maddox, Mary Nell; Harlingen, TX; A All Maddux, James Howard; Forest, MS Maffet, Mark William; Biloxi, MS; K Magee, Esther Margaret; Oxford, MS; ZTA Magee, Tammi Jane; Shelby, MS; M Magee, Tommy Earl; Mt. Olive, MS Maker, James Earl; Clinton, MS Main, Lisa Marie; Portsmouth, RI; I1B+ Malone, Robert Michael; Jackson, MS Malone, Tammy Ann; Pensacola, FL Malone, Winfred Alan; Holly Grove, AR Manley, Felicia Ann; Ackerman, MS; AOII Mann, James William; Duck Hill, MS Marietta, Collette Kim; Long Beach, MS; M Marlowe, Lisa; Olive Branch, MS; ZTA Marshall, John Walker; Mason, TN Martin, Joseph Adam; New Albany, MS; ZX Martin, Neva Naomi; Brandon, MS; 6M Martin, Orlando Ricardo; Guaynabo, PR Martin, Rexford Bryan; Memphis, TN; A8 Martzell, Justin Caverlee; New Orleans, LA Massey, Angela Dawn; Vardaman, MS; AAFI Massey, Julia Anna; Clarksdale, MS Massey, Karen Lynn; Memphis, TN; A AH Maxwell, Richard Paul; Long Beach, MS; K2 Maynor, Dana Kay; Oceana, WV McAtee, Marketta Jo; Senath, MO; AAH McCaffery, Thomas Dalton; Kosciusko, MS; B6II McCain, Charles Felix; Batesville, MS McCain, Lisa Ann; Greenwood, MS; AT McCarter, Carey Elizabeth; West Point, MS McCarty, Jeffrey Craig; Memphis, TN; ATO McClaren, Melanie; Humboldt, TN; AT McClelland, Alison; Dallas, TX; XQ FRESHMEN Freshmen 353 FRESHMEN McClenahan, George Taylor; Montgomery, AL; A9 McClure, Jay Justin; Sardis, MS; A9 McCollum, Andrea Lee; West Helena, AR; Xfl McCool, Tammy Ann; Ackerman, MS; I1B McDaniel, Russell Payson; Brighton, TN McDonald, Tracey Lynn; Corinth, MS; XQ McDonald, Zelda Frances; Southaven, MS McDowell, Linda Jane; Oxford, MS, ZTA McElrath, Darryl Lee; Columbus, MS McFall, Lisa Jean; Corinth, MS; AAA McGahan, Bob Patrick; Hot Springs, AR; X McGee, Michael Lyle; Memphis, TN; K McGinley, Jeanne Marie; Germantown, TN; KKT McGraw, Terry Gene; Salem, VA McGregor, Anna Lisa; Memphis, TN McKay, Kenneth Ervin; Memphis, TN; ATX McKeever, Joe Neil; Columbus, MS; K2 McKibben, Charles Dennis; Jackson, MS McKinnon, Liliclaire Chaworth; Tampa, FL; AAE McKnight, Amy Margaret; Jackson, TN; M McLean, Anna Katherine; Columbus, MS McLendon, Claire Lyn; Clinton, MS; KKT McManus, Micki Maureen; Oxford, MS McMullen, Jennifer Kay; Ackerman, MS McNulty, Ann Allison; Pine Bluff, AR; AAA _ McNulty, Michael Edward; Homewood, AL; X McPhail, Robert Louis; Golden, CO; W Meadors, Dixie Jo; Greenwood, MS; $M Meadows, Patrick Lee; Oxford, MS Mende, Ina; Helmstedt, ZZ Merrell, Marie Lynnette; Brandon, MS; K AH Merrill, Linda Joy; Kalamazoo, MI; M Metcalfe, Michael G.; Tuscumbia, AL Methvin, Sarah Amelia; Coffeeville, MS Metts, Nina Elizabeth; Oxford, MS Mhoon, Etta Jean; Calhoun City, MS Middleton, Marion Jare; Yazoo City, MS; KS Mikell, Rita Diane; Kosciusko, MS Miles, Dewitt Clinton; Oxford, MS Miller, Craig Leon; Ocean Springs, MS; KA Miller, Nellie Jean; Meridian, MS Miner, Cora Lynn; North Olmsted, OH Mitchell, Betty Jo; Dekalb, MS Mitchell, Joe Rhett; Forest, MS Mitchell, Marsha Ally n; University, MS; XI) Mitchell, Rebecca Joyce; Jackson, MS; AOII Moffatt, Sylvia; Winchester, TN; AOII Montgomery, Mitzi Ruth; Pontotoc, MS Moody, Elizabeth Ann; Fort Smith, AR Moody, Joe Nathan; Holly Springs, MS Moody, Levern; Dundee, MS Moor, Charles Geren; Greenwood, MS; A6 Moore, Carolyn Inez, Clinton, MS Moore, Carolyn Kim; Laurel, MS; KA Moore, Clara Bell; Scott, MS Moore, Diana Leslie; Tuscaloosa, AL; XQ Moore, Elizabeth Lewis; Louisville, KY; KA6 Moore, Elizabeth Lynne; Memphis, TN; AOII Moore, Jacqueline Michelle; Long Beach, MS; KA Moore, Kimberly Louise; Sardis, MS 354 _ Freshmen Moore, Samuel Archie; Tupelo, MS; KA Moore, Seliru Joy, luka, MS Morris, Kelly Anne; Belden. MS; AMI Morris, Kim Michelle; Tupelo, MS Morris, Laura; Memphis, TN; KA6 Morrow, James Mann; Birmingham, AL Mosby, Julia Grace; Oxford. MS Mulle ' r, Robert John; Jackson. MS; A Mullis, Katherine Laura; Pine Muff, AR; ZTA Murray, Elizabeth Ann; Clinton. MS; Ml Murray, Timothy James; Jackson, TN Myen, Philip Nicholas; Baton Rouge, LA Myers, Tony Charles; Oxford, MS Myracle, Phyllis Loraine; Hemando, MS Myrick, Robin Leanne; Grenada, MS Nacke, Julie Lynn; Germantown, TN Nassai, Loretta Josephine; Jackson, MS Nertleton. Mary Treat; Shreveport, LA; AT Neumaier, Bettina, Oxford, MS, HB Newman, Nancy Amelia; Jackson, MS; M Noble, Carla Marlinda; Brookhaven, MS Noble, Celia Loucinda; Brookhaven. MS Norman, Donna Michelle; Paris, TN; KA6 Norwood, Andrea Dell; Jackson, MS; KA6 Odom. Herbert Brooks; Greenwood, MS; ZX Odom, Lisa Diane; Jackson, MS Ogilvie, Charles William; Memphis, TN; A6 Okeefe, June Renee; Clinton, MS, AT Olender, Carol Jean, Hollywood, FL Olivieri. John M ; Mansfield, OH Oneal, Marsha Annette; Eupora, MS O ' Neill, Helen Carroll; Mobile, AL; KA Oneill, Patrick Kevin; Gulfport, MS Osborn, Susan Shay; Carthage, MS Overton, Clayton Justus; Loomis, CA, Ben Owen, Loura Allison; Ackerman, MS; Ml Page, John Christopher; Oxford. MS Paramasewaran, Periasamy; Selangor, ZZ Park, Clifford Russell; University, MS Parker, Christopher Shannon; Jackson, MS Parker, Guy Milbum; Jackson. MS; ZZ Parrish, Corinne Craig; Nashville, TN; KA Parsons, Ginna Lee; Dothan, AL Partain, Wanda Sue; Caledonia. MS; AOII Paschall, Molly Lynn; Jackson, TN; ADD Pate, Robert Ray; Cof feeville, MS Pate, William Joey; West Point. MS Patrick. Raymond Castle; Walls, MS Pautler, Joan Ann; Chester, IL; KA8 Paxton, Benjamin Arthur; Jacksonville, FL Pearson, Bessie Jean; Moorhead, MS Pennington, Sharron Michele; Oxford, MS Penton, Maria Scott; Montgomery, AL; OB Pepper, Robert Edward; Houston, MS Pickett, Glenn Brady; Robinson ville, MS Pierce, Billy Joe; Tupelo, MS Piercy, Kimberiy Leigh; West Helena. AR; KKT Pinson, Adrian Antonio; Holly Springs, MS Pinson, Margaret Denise; Pontotoc, MS Pittman, William Brett; Gulfport, MS; IIKA FRESHMEN Freshmen 355 FRESHMEN Platt, Cindy Marie; Dunwoody, GA; ZTA Polk, Brenda Ruth; Gulfport, MS Polk, Chris Abner; Hattiesburg.MS; ZN Pollard, James Edwin; Mobile, AL Purter, Jon Paul; Oxford, MS Porter, William Conrad; Jackson, MS; A8 Powell, Thomas Price; Memphis, TN Powers, Thomas Aquinas; Birmingham, AL Poynor, Connie Arlene; Banner, MS Poynter, William W.; Ripley, TN; ZBT Prather, Valerie Jo; Columbus, MS Pratt, Gregory Allen; Batesville, MS Price, Paula Sophia; Louisville, MS Prince, George Lawrence; Monroe, LA; ATO Pringle, Charles Kistner, Biloxi, MS; 2N Pritchett, Amy Fowler; Greenville, MS Prow, Stacey Lynn; Chesterfield, MO; AAII Pullen, Barksdale McPhereon; Tokyo, ZZ; KT Quackenboss, Carrie Annette; New Orleans, LA Rainer, Richard Neil; Laurel, MS; X Ramsey, Suzanne Elizabeth; Vicksburg, MS Ramsey, Theresa Lynn; Oxford, MS Randle, Sale Donald; Oxford, MS Raney, Johnny Russell; Satsuma, AL Rash, Camille Wailes; Memphis, TN; HB Ray, Jackie Jo; Selmer, TN; KKF Ray, Kenneth Gayle; Pontotoc, MS Ray, Michael Loyd; Eupora, MS Ray, Phyllis Lynn; Henderson, TN Reaves, Terri G.; Newport, AR Reddoch, Michael Lyon; New Orleans, LA; d6 Redmond, Belinda Kay; Byhalia, MS Reed, Bruce Ellsworth; Holly Springs, MS Reed, Robin Haynes; Tupelo, MS; KA9 Reeves, Gena Georganne; South Bay, FL Reeves, Melanie Joy; Kosciusko, MS Regan, Viola Joseptha; Yazoo City, MS Reid, Jeanne; Memphis, TN; M Reid, Jennifer Carol; Oxford, MS Reid, Richard Clyde; Batesville, MS; FIKA Reidy, James Joseph; Oxford, MS I I 356 Freshmen Richards, Zachary Hovt. Biloxi, MS Richardson, Tyrone; Columbus, MS Richmond, John Chisholm; Oxford, MS Rieves, William Robert; Tupelo, MS Riggs. Laura Annette; Oxford, MS Riley, William Howard; Oxford, MS Roane, Emily Bethunia; Memphis, TN; OB Roberson, Michael Steven; Brandon, MS; X Roberts, Vernon Joseph; Jackson, MS; K Robertson, Barry Steven; Hemando, MS Robertson, Brian Keith; New Albany, MS Robertson. Marian Elizabeth (Betsy); Winder-mere, FU A8 Robertson, Randy Keith; Morton. MS Robinson, Sonya Kaye; Nesbit, MS Robinson, Stephanie Leigh; Memphis, TN; KKf Robinson, Tracey Lynn; Kingwood, TX Rogers, Jonathan Todd, Sallis, MS; X Rogers, Katherine Courtney; Ft. Worth, TX; KA6 Roland, Amanda Kathryne; Clarksdale. MS; FIB Roquet, John Anthony; Alice, TX Rosa, David Joseph, Delhi, NY Rose, Laura Lee; Kosciusko, MS Ross, Martha Lena; Oakland. MS Rossell, Debbie Lynne; Myrtle, MS Rowan, Beverly Lavette; Sardis, MS Roves, Richard Andrew; Brandon, MS, ZBT Ruby, Kevin Davis; Memphis, TN; ATQ Ruge, Robin Teresa; Lowell , IN " Rushing, Karen Rose; Natchez, MS; KA9 Russell. Kevin Alexander; Memphis, TN Russell, Ronald Scott; Brandon. MS Russo, Car la Anne; Union City, TN; AAU Rybak, Lucy Anne; Bethlehem, PA Rybum, Leslie Jean; Pine Bluff, AR : AAA Sabbatini, Paul Joseph. Leland, MS, Ben Salomon, John Bowman; Yazoo City, MS; A Sanders, Bruce Raymond; Tupelo, MS; KT Sanders, Celetta Lee, McLean, VA; AAH Sanders, Diana Lynne; Jackson. MS; M Sanders, Donna Use; Jackson, MS; M Sanders, Scott Andrew; Jonesboro, AR; X Sanders, William Bemhard; Vaiden, MS Sanders, Winifred Anne; Columbus, MS; XO Sandlin, Sharon Lynn, Ripley, TN; Xfl Sandroni, Jill Ashley; Shaw, MS; XO Sanford, Jerry Wayne, Courtland , MS Sanford, William Douglas; Jackson, MS; IN Schafer, William Mark; Collierville, TN; A6 Schef fine, Tracy Lynn; Florissant, MO Schnabet, Eleanor Willie Rose; Hingham, MA Scott, Debra Ann; Germantown, TN; KKT Scott, Leigh Ellen; Jackson, MS; AT Scruggs, Michael Eugene; West Point, MS Seamster, Kimberly Jo; Batesville, MS Seeley, Sarah Angelyn, Jackson. TN; RB+ Seymer, Thomas Russell; Aberdeen, MS Shannon, Alan James; Wheaton, IL Shell, Loren Adrian; Cape Girardeau, MO Shelton, Mary Frances; West Memphis, AR; ZTA Shepherd, Eva Ann, Aberdeen, MS; IIB FRESHMEN Freshmen 357 FRESHMEN Sherman, Craig Patrick; Shalimar, FL Sherman, John Michael; Clarksdale, MS; Ben Shields, Alexa Yvonne; Meridian, MS; AAA Shoemaker, Andrew; Okolona, MS; X Shoemaker, Phillip Scott; Okolona, MS; X Short, Vonda Lattice; Helena, AR; AOII Shorter, Jimmy Dalton; Oxford, MS Simmons, Mathanial; Oxford, MS Sims, Belinda Gale; Holly Springs, MS Sims, John Clark; Oxford, MS Sin, Kin Peng; Selangor, ZZ Sinervo, Richard Eugene; Vicksburg, MS; KT Sit, Jerold Brian; Greenville, MS Sizemore, Matissa June; Amory, MS; ZTA Skaggs, Claire Elizabeth; Harrisburg, IL; ZTA Skelly, Kathleen Lee; Oxford, MS; KKT Skinner, Marie Michelle; Henderson, TN Slade, Steven Douglas; Meridian, MS; K A Slaughter, Arthur Mike; Batesville, MS Slaughter, Mollie; Jackson, MS; AOII Sloan, Richard Geoffrey; University, MS; KK Smith, Beverly Carolyn; Southaven, MS Smith, Carolyn Leigh; Jackson, TN Smith, Chris; Quitman, MS; AT Smith, Cynthia Denean; Mobile, AL Smith, Daniel Glenn; Carrollton, MS Smith, Dennis Brian; Gautier, MS Smith, James Douglas; Leeds, AL; ATI) Smith, Karen Ann; Tylertown, MS Smith, Kathy Nell; Winona, MS Smith, Leslie Fisher; Madison, MS; AATI Smith, Patsy Ann; Hernando, MS Smith, Richard Mark, Carthage, MS Smith, Sydney Penn; Brookhaven, MS Smith, Vicki Lynn; Batesville, MS Snipes, Steven Grover; Tupelo, MS Snuffer, Michael Kirk, Burke, VA; X Spain, Charles Norman; Jackson, MS; A Sparkman, Steven Travis, Jackson, MS; Ben Sparks, William David; Tupelo, MS Spear, Vivian; Corinth, MS; AAA Spears, Mildred Pettis; Jackson, MS; AT Spencer, John Burton; University, MS; IN Spencer, Robert Clark; Yazoo City, MS; A8 St. Paul, Leslie Volaire; New Orleans, LA; I1B Stanton, Perry Anne, Greenwood, MS; AAA Stegall, Nancy Sue; Jackson, MS; AOII Stephens, Christie Lynn; Florence, MS Stephens, Mary Annabel; New Albany, MS; AAA Stephens, Michael Lane; Blowntstown, FL; ZBT Stephens, William Todd; Walls, MS Stewart, Giles Norsworthy; McComb, MS; Ben Stewart, Joe Gregory; Oxford, MS; SN Stewart, Lauren Claire; Eupora, MS Stewart, Tania Dawn; Clarksdale, MS Stewart, Van Luther; Natchez, MS; SN Stoddard Loire Lynn; Southaven, MS Stone, Diana Gaston Futrell; Columbus, MS; AT Stone, Robert Michael; Memphis, TN; ZBT Stovall, Linda Susan; Okolona, MS 358 Freshmen Strange, John Burke; Memphis, TN; IKA Street , John Franklin; Tupelo, MS Sullivan, Stephanie Lynn; Jackson, MS; K Sunn, Chhstia Leigh; Ackerman, MS Swails. Steven Allen; CanneL IN; B8D Swain. Stacy Melissa, Jackson, MS Swain, William Bruce; Memphis, TN Swartzfager. Helen Elizabeth; Laurel, MS; Swindoll, Elizabeth Ann; Olive Branch, MS Tadlock, John Webster; Morton, MS Tan, Kian Choon, Selangor, ZZ Tarrant. Joe Arnold; New Albany, MSJLN Tata. David K , Mansfield. OH Tate, Shirley Ann; Columbus, MS Tatum, Julia Grace, Taylor, MS Taylor, Clint Henderson; Clarksdale, MS Taylor, David Wayne; Vero Beach, FL Taylor, Donna Faye; Memphis, TN; KKT Taylor, Gay le; Corinth, MS; AA Taylor, James; Long Beach, MS Taylor, Lucy Bledsoe; Collierville. TN Taylor, Martha, Charleston, MS Taylor, Mary; Charleston. MS Taylor, Robert Downing; Johnson City, TN; SAE Taylor, Tina Jean; Memphis, TN; KKT Teevan, Judith Ann; Memphis, TN; +H Terry, Carol Stennis; Horn ewood , AL AT Thach, Beverlee Ann; Southaven, MS Thomas, Edison Westmoreland; Grenada. MS; X+ Thomas. John Buckingham; Glenview, IL; KZ Thompson, Melissa Sherill; Ocean Springs, MS; KA Thompson, Virginia Leigh; Germantown, TN Thomett. Paige Karyn; Germantown, TN; KA0 Thornton, Jo Anne; Courtland, MS; ZTA Thornton, Lee Kinsey; Meridian, MS; nKA Thrash, Patrick Dewayne; Gulfport, MS Thrasher, Timothy Dean; Oxford, MS Thrift, Jill Lone; University, MS Tice, Cynthia Ann; Memphis, TN; ZTA Tillman, Michael Rives; Gulfport, MS Tillman, Scott Webb; Louisville, MS Tomaiczyk, Michael Ross; Centreville, V A; Ben FRESHMEN Freshmen 359 FRESHMEN Topper, Sandra Kay; Clarksdale, MS Travis, James Nelson; Jackson, MS; XX Travis, William Barrett; Jackson, MS; KA Trudeau, Dawn Elizabeth; Long Beach, MS Tucker, Alan Guy; Greenville, MS Tucker, Keith Edward; Courtland, MS Tucker, Sally Anne; Dallas, TX; KKT Tullos, Janet Ellen; McGehee, AR Tullos, Lynda Dianne; Taylorsville, MS; AATI Turner, Sammy Lee; Banner, MS Turner, Steve Frank; Ft. Lauderdale, FL Turton, Paige Ann; Cordele, GA; AT Tutor, Kenneth Layne; Batesville, MS Turtle, Jerry Frank; Oxford, MS Tver, Jack Aaron; Clinton, MS Tyree, Karla Tinnon; Florence, AL; AOn Valle, Rafael Alberto; Orlando, FL Van Cleve, Paul Loren; Dayton, OH Van Rooy, Joseph John; Glen Burnie, MD Van Zandt, Susan Marie; Jackson, MS; M Vance, Barry Clay; Winona, MS Vance, Vicki Lynn; Clahoun City, MS Vanderburg, Brenda Leigh; West Memphis, AR; KA Varner, Joseph Edwin; Hattiesburg, MS; SN Varner, Mary Louise; Jackson, MS; XI! Vaughan, Billy Stephen; Batesville, MS; KT Veasey, Jennifer Anne; Grenada, MS Vega, Jose E.; Mayaquez, PR Vickers, Vicki Rene; Coldwater, MS; KKT Vincent, William Oliver; Meridian, MS; ZN Vinson, Veronica Ann; Holly Springs, MS Wages, Paula Richelle; Lambert, MS Wakefield, Donieta Gaye; Oxford, MS Wakham, Rebecca Lynn; Memphis, TN Waldrop, Arthur Jack; Columbus, MS Walker, Cecil Felton; Laurel, MS Walker, Edward Ripley; Jackson, MS Walker, Kimberly Kellon; Birmingham, AL; I1B4 Walker, Timothy Wayne; Southaven, MS Waller, Melinda Kay; Oxford, MS Wallingford, Denise Lynn; St. Joseph, MO Walls, Eva Patheria; Amory, MS Walsh, John Barry; Jackson, MS Walton, Keener Cassaundra; Holly Springs, MS Wamble, Mary Ann; Columbus, MS; AT Wang, Willie K.; Meridian, MS Ward, Debra Ann; Philadelphia, MS Ward, Elise Andres; Memphis, TN Ward, Lori June; Columbus, MS Warren, Gerald Martin; Gulfport, MS; K2 Warrington, Robert; Leland, MS; ZBT Watts, Carroll Collins; Shreveport, LA; AAA Watts, Catherine Collins; Shreveport, LA; AAA Weathersby, John McDonald; Indianola, MS; 2X Weeks, Paula Jean; Walls, MS Welch, Elizabeth Gaye; Clarksville, TN; AAH Wells, Cassi Jo; Natchez, MS; KA Wells, Michael Owen; Blytheville, AR Wells, Rhonda Sue; Mathiston, MS Werenskjold, Craig J.; Millington, TN 360 Freshmen Wersebe, Karolyn Trey; Clinton, MS; AT West. John Gardner, West Hartford, CT; IX West. Ramona Michele; Oxford, MS; nB West, Robin Leigh; Texarkana, AR; IIB Wethli, Kristine Marie; Hollywood, FL Whitaker, Virginia Anne; Germantown. TN; KKT White, Gwendolyn Ann; Columbus, MS White, Kathy Renee; Crowder, MS White, Linda Carol; Union City , TN; ZTA White, Robert Bryan; Tupelo, MS White, Stephanie Louanne; Clinton, MS; M White. Talbot Kyle; Aberdeen. MS Whitesdie, Suzanne Marie; Pontotoc, MS Whitfield, Pamela Ann; Southaven, MS Whitten, Tamara Annette; Gulf port, MS Wiggins, Daniel Ray; Columbia, MS Wiley, Phyllis Katrina; Collierville, TN Williams, David Thome; Greenwood, MS; A6 Williams, Glynn David; Winona, MS Williams, John Pierce; Isola, MS Williams, Margaret Mary; Dallas, TX Williams, Mary Herbert; Dunwoody, GA; AMI Williamson, Ernest C; Jackson, MS Willis, Kathleen Amy; Pascagoula, MS; AOH Wills, Joseph Whitley; Memphis. TN; BD Wilmans, Zayna; Newport, AR; ZTA Wilmoth, Wendy Dawn; Germantown, TN Wilson, Lori Elizabeth; Memphis, TN Wilson, Mark Edward; Pascagoula. MS Wilson, Pamela Steele, Jackson, MS; AAA Wilson. William Edwin; Gulf port, MS; A TO Wiltz, Suzanne Marie; Ocean Springs, MS; AT Wineburg, Stephen Edward; Ontario, ZZ Winford, Gregory Wayne; Jackson, MS Winkler, Julie Bliss; New Orleans, LA Winningham, John Bradford; Ft. Lauderdale, FL Winter, Laura Mae; Bruce, MS Witt, Anita Carol; New Albany, MS; AT Wolbrecht, William Frederick; Memphis. TN; KA Wolfe, Pamela Jennette; Hemando, MS Woodard, Robert James; Southaven, MS Woodley, Peggy Ann; Tiplersville, MS Woolen, Patricia Dawn; Pirtsboro, MS Wright, Gia Shelaine; Texarkana, AR Wright, Kimberly Ann; Calhoun City, MS Wright, Tracey Carol; Grenada, MS Yaeger, Michelle Marie, Slidell, LA Yerger, Virginia Palmer; Jackson. MS; M Young, Karen Lynn; Holly Springs, MS Young, Ronald Wayne; Memphis, TN; X Zuber. Linda Kay; Memphis, TN FRESHMEN Freshmen 361 SOPHOMORES Abernathy, Clifton Roger; Water Valley, MS Abington, William Kennedy; Oxford, MS; SAE Adams, Deborah Lee; Germantown, TN; AT Adams, Dejuan Patrice; Hickory Valley, TN Adams, Kathy Ann; Valparaiso, FL; ABII Adams, Peggy Keylon; Nashville, TN; AAA Adams, Sue Howell; Nashville, TN; AAA Adcock, Clay Douglas; Holly Bluff, MS; ZN Agnew, Ronnie; Saltillo, MS; BX Aills, Jackson Umberth; Dallas, TX; KA Akin, Thomas Dwayne; Lilburn, GA Alderman, William Nelson; Hillsville, VA Allen, Debra Lynn; Courtland, MS; M Ames, Kathryn Paige; Jackson, TN; M Anderson, Mary Alaine; Okolona, MS; AT Anderson, Scott Vallaly; Lake Forest, IL Anthony, Jonelle Gay Armstrong, Joy Catherine; Bruce, MS Arnold, Tracie Elizabeth; Baldwyn, MS Austin, Suzanne Lynn; Oxford, MS Avery, John Allen; Millington, TN Awada, Hassane, Belzoni, MS Babin, Thomas Michael; New Orleans, LA; ZX Bailey, Deatrice D.; University, MS Bailey, William Lawrence; Grenada, MS Baker, Michael Leo; Vicksburg, MS Balfour, Betty L.; Holly Springs, MS; Z B Ball, Tara Lafaye; Clarksdale, MS Ballard, Tommy; Gulfport, MS Barnes, Reginald Vance; Woodville, MS Barnett, Jeffrey Alan; Jackson, MS Ban-on, John David; University, MS Bartkiewicz, Veronika Maria; Chyo, IL Beach, Glen Thomas; Falls Church, VA Bell, Karon Louise; Camden, AL Bell, Susan Virginia; Vicksburg, MS Bell, Timothy Craig; Water Valley, MS Benge, Doug Edgar; Madison, MS; IIKA Bennett, Bobby Gene; Tupelo, MS; BOH Bennett, Boo Boo; Jackson, MS; M Bingham, Dwight Norris; Stamford, CT Blackburn, Victoria Ann; Dallas, TX; XQ Blackwell, James Allen; Memphis, TN Blackwood, James Martin; Jackson, MS Blakely, Terry Joe; Gore Springs, MS Blanton, Betty Marie; Ackerman, MS Boden, Keith Alan; Columbus, MS Boehms, Samuel Henry; Belden, MS Bogaev, Douglas Allison; Jonesboro, AR; X Bogdahn, Joseph Richard; Pascagoula, MS; ATO Bond, Edith Annette; Wiggins, MS Borne, Michael J.; Oxford, MS Boswell, Elizabeth Louise; Somerville, TN Bosweli, John Robert; Jackson, MS Bottarini, James Steven; Ottawa, IL; K6 Bouldin, James Lloyd; Clarksdale, MS; ATO Bowie, Jacqueline Jeanice; Ackerman, MS Bowman, Elizabeth Anne; Greenwood, MS; XII Boyd, Russellan, Paige; Holly Bluff, MS; IIB Bradford, Billy Keith; Vardaman, MS; ATO I 362 Sophomores Bradley, Anthony Glenn; Olive Branch, MS Bradley Bedford Carlton; Pensacola, FL. 2AE Brashear, Ronnie Deen , Jackson, MS Braswell, Bethanye Renee; Hemando, MS Breeding, Timotnv Alan; Mooreville, MS Breeze, Harry Michael; Stonewall, MS Bridges. David Michael; Belzom, MS Bridges. Linda Dale; Silvercreek, MS Brite, Jenny Lynne; Memphis, TN; ZTA Broocks, Patricia Shannon; Columbus, MS; ZTA Brooks, Barbara Ann; Ripley, MS; Z4 B Brooks, Beverly Dawn; Huntjville, AL Brooks, Jeffrey Harold; Magee, MS; X Brooks, Kathy Adele; Kennett MO; AMI Brewer, Ronny Joe; Coffeeville, MS; ATO Brown, Amanda Floyce, Pascagoula, MS Brown. Kirk Anthony; Biloxi, MS; K+ Brown. Mark Dudley; Corinth. MS Brown, Rebecca Celeste; Enterprise, MS Brunt. Thomas .Veal , Madison. MS Bryant, Barry; Huntsville, AL Bryant, Elizabeth Herron; Jackson, MS; KA Buck, Kevin Oneal; University, MS Buckley, Bethany Anderson; Newton. MS; XQ Buford, Dedra Marie; Oxford. MS Buns, Pamela Sue; Alton. IL Bullock. Julie Lynn; Moss Point. MS; B Bumpas, William Wallace; Brandon, MS Burch . Dianna Burgess, Cynthia Denise; Water Valley, MS Bums. David Lamar; Jackson, MS, BSD Burrell. Warren Daniel; Winona, MS; X Burson, Richard Otis; Columbus, MS; B6D Burton. Tamara Lynne; St. Petersburg, FL; AOO Busby , Ralph Arthur; Oxford, MS Butler, Heard; Oxford, MS, KA Butler. Julie Claire; Houston, TX, KKT Butler, Mitzi Morrow; Oxford. MS; AAA Cahoon, Susan D.. Jackson, MS Calhoun, Bradley Malone; McComb, MS; KT l. Lacey Claire; Stuart. FL [win Edward; Olive I Camp. Marvin I MS Canfield, Keith Michael; Memphis, TN; SOT Cannon, Craig Caldwell; Tupelo, MS; K Cannon. Michael; West Point, MS Cardosi, Mohe Leigh; Memphis, TN; ZTA Carleton, Sue Ellen; Union, MS Carothers, Fonda Lee; Lake Providence, LA Carpenter, Betsy Kay; Corinth, MS Can, Suzanne M ; New Albany, MS; ZTA Carroll, Cheralyn Deanne; University, MS Carter, Nora Joanne; Kennett, MO Carter. Timothy James; Springfield, MO; ATB Castleman. Stephen PauL Tupelo, MS; BSD Cate, Sherry Ann; KA Cates. Dorothy Louise; Jackson, MS; AT Chadick. Ira Alvin; Kosausko, MS; IIKA Chaffin. Sherry Louise; Caruthersville, MO; Chandler. Stephen Keith; Kosriusko, MS Childers. Marvin Lynn; Cooler. MO SOPHOMORES Sophomores 363 SOPHOMORES Chrestman, Richa rd Earl; Clarksdale, MS Christian, John Calvin; Jackson, MS; A8 Christian, Mark Kendall; West Point, MS; BH11 Clark, Randall Edwin; Memphis, TN Clark, Steve Kelly; McComb, MS; KK+ Clark, William Wayne; KA Clarke, Jennifer Grace; Jackson, MS; KA Cliburn, Jerry Scott; Pearl, MS Coffey, Suzanne Renee; Oxford, MS; ZTA Coffin, Robert Anthony; Laurel, MS; K2 Coggins, Gary Wesley; Pontotoc, MS Coghlan, Julia Leigh; Benoit, MS Colbert, Dana Michael; Forest, MS Cole, Brendolyn Joyce; Houston, MS Collum, Leslee Manon; Meridian, MS Cooke, Elizabeth Louise; Jackson, MS Cooney, Jeanette Marie Coopwood, John Scott; Shelby, MS; RA Corey, Brenda Ann; Meridian, MS; M Couch, Jerry Keff; Hernando, MS Cowart, John Wallace; Meridian, MS; A8 Cox, Constance Louise; Columbus, MS; AT Cox, Ronald Lester; Senatobia, MS Cox, Sandra Kay; Sardis, MS Craft, Catherine Elizabeth; West Point, MS Cranfield, Deborah Marie; New Orleans, LA Crick, Gene Ellis; Greenwood, MS; A9 Crosthwait, Elizabeth Gail; Indianola, MS; XI! Crouch, James Roy; Russellville, AR Crout, Joseph Matthew; Jackson, MS Crunk, Ewen Webb; Columbus, MS; N Crunk, Melody Luanne; Brentwood, TN; AT Cummins, Toney Kimbrough; Vicksburg, MS Cunningham, Joel B.; Long Beach, MS; HHII Cunningham, Kenneth Heard; Laurel, MS Curl, Julie Lee; Camden, AL Curry, Genela Altric; Bay St. Louis, MS Dance, George Frederick; Pensacola, FL; KA Daniel, John Elmer; Columbus, MS Daniel, John Richard; New Albany, MS; A Danner, Karen Ann; Clermont, FL Darsey, Alison Ann; Natchez, MS Davidson, Jeffrey Hugh; Jacksonville, FL Davidson, Timothy Scott; University, MS; 2X Davis, Brian L.; Southaven, MS Davis, Ellen Susie; Jackson, MS; XQ Davis, Lance H.; Amory, MS Davis, Marianna; Savannah, TN Davis, Michael Lee; Oxford, MS Dear, Deanna Susan; Memphis, TN; FIB Deaton, Dara Lane; Greenwood, MS; XQ Derryberry, Martha Ingram; Shelbyville, TN; AOI1 Deveer, Beverly Jane; Jackson, MS Di Benedetto, Anna Maria; Bay St. Louis, MS; KA6 Dichel Berger, Regina Fay; University, MS; AKA Dickinson, Rhuel Peyton; Braxton, MS Diggs, Stephen Talley; Oxford, MS Dodd, Deborah Renee; Jackson, MS; 1111+ Donahoo, Ronald Edward; Winona, MS Donaldson, Blake Henry; Jonesboro, AR; A 364 Sophomores Donosky, Nancy Ann, Dallas. TX; ZTA Doran. N ' ancy Roberson, Charleston, MS Doss, Margaret Westbrook; Littleton, CO; XQ Doty, Susan Claire, Memphis, TN; M Downing, Terri Renee; Humboldt, TN; AT Drake, Alicia Lowe; Germantown, TN Drum, Robert Hawthorne, Poplar Bluff, MO Duddleston, Grey Marshall; Jackson, MS; IX Duff. Martin Franklin; Ponrotoc, MS, B8H Duffy, Paula Adnene; Oxford, MS Dumas. Kitty; Eupora. MS Duncan, Mary Suzanne, Humboldt, TN Dunlap, John Keith; Oxford. MS; OKA Dunn, Sarah Kendall; Wetumpka. AL; AT Durham, James Kinman, Forest, MS; IN Dye, Michael Lynn; Union, MS East, Van Philip; Amory, MS; K2 Eaton. Jett Perry; Oxford, MS; XQ Edmonds, Michael Leon; Clarksville, TN Edwards, Barbara P reble; RuleviUe, MS; Mi Edwards, James Pn ntess Edwards, Pamela Nan; Bruce, MS FJ-Choufani, Najib Labib. Arabian Gulf, ZZ Elenburg, Alice Marie; Webb, MS Ellett, Doyle Wayne; Scobey, MS Elliott, Carey Lynn; Oxford, MS; KA Ellis, Juliette Ellzey. Karen Geneva; Yazoo City. MS; AOII Eskri ' gge, John Valliant; Greenville, MS; IAE EstesrElizabeth Allison; Oxford, MS Evans, Jeffrey N ' eal Evers, Karen Alicia; Jackson, MS Everson Daphne Michele, Columbus, MS Fanning, Thomas Holder; Jackson, MS, KT Farrington, Mary Lawrence, Jackson, MS; XQ Farrington, Wiluam CrabUl; Jackson. MS; IX Featherstone. Cathy Lvnn; Oxford. MS; KA Felts, Rex Kendall, Kosciusko. MS Ferguson. Michael Todd; Nashville. TN Ferrell, Susan R . BatesviUe, MS Finch, Daniel Wayne; Magee. MS; X Fischer, Vicki Lynn; McKinney, TX; KA Fitts, Britt Alan; Corinth, MS Flanagin, James Byron, Marietta. GA; OKA Forester, Marcia Diane; Jackson, MS Foster, Beverly Jane; Ecru, MS Fourcade, Eileen Jacqueline; Carencro, LA Fowler, Deborah Ann; Vicksburg, MS; AAD Fowler, Neal Irving; Jackson, MS Fowlkes, Mary Utta, Dyerebure, TN; Xfl Franklin, Richard Howard; Jackson, MS; KX Franklin, Sherry Denise; BatesviUe, MS; AKA Freeman, Alice Faye; Pontotoc, MS Freeman, Ellen Ann; Union, MS; AT Frey, Lisa Renee; Monroe, LA . KA Frey, Monique Louise; Greenville, MS Frye, George Russell; Meridian, MS; A Frykholm, Michele Leigh, Germantown, TN; AOD Fulton, Stacy Ann; Murray, ICY; AAII Furman, Leslie Hope. Bay St. Louis, MS; KKT SOP9IOMORES Sophomores 365 SOPHOMORES Caddis, Margaret Ellen; Laurel, MS; KKT Gallien, Mary Susan; Savannah, TN; AT Gammill, Frank Kneeland; Hazlehurst, MS; UK A Gardner, Dorothy Denise; Oxford, MS Garner, William Edmond; Mobile, AL; KA Gendusa, Anne O ' Neill; Poplarville, MS Geno, Laura Mae; Rienzi, MS; AOII Gentry, Jerry; Tunica, MS; A A Gentry, Patti Ann; Marietta, MS Gho, Chalres Alan; Tunica, MS; ZN Gillespie, Robert Gill; Jackson, MS Gillom, Thomas Chris; Abbeville, MS Gollihue, Rita Sue; Germantown, TN; A All Gore, Karen Elizabeth; Houston, MS; nB Goss, Alicen Genean; Cordova, TN; A All Gould, Gaye Gwyn; Memphis, TN; M Graf, Lelia Anne; Jackson, MS; AOn Graham, Scott Riley; Walls, MS Grant, Cynthia Marguerite; Vicksburg, MS; AMI Grantham, Curtis Carter; Jackson, MS; A6 Grantham, Walter Leon; Shalimar, FL; ATQ Gray, Leo Daniel; Mount Olive, MS Green, Thomas Kenan; Atlanta, GA; 11 Greene, Robert Irving; Marked Tree, AR Gregory, Glenda Carol; Pass Christian, MS Griffin, Donald Glenn; Kosciusko, MS Griffin, Marshall Courtney; Eupora, MS; KK+ Guenthner, Laura Elizabeth; Gulfport, MS Guess, Laurie Lee; Amory, MS Guider, Boise Kelly; Vicksburg, MS; Xii Gulley, Sara Louise; Brookhaven, MS Haguewood, Terri Lyn; Tupelo, MS; M Hall, Laura Leigh; Memphis, TN; lib Halligan, Anne Therese; Atlanta, GA; ZTA Hamad, Beabak Abdul Hamid, Arhil Hamilton, Dorothy Anita; Tunica, MS; KKT Hamner, John Goldman; Columbus, MS Hampton, William Anthony; Muncie, IN Hancock, Carolyn Mary; Montgomery, AL; KA6 Hancock, John Christopher; Greenville, MS Hanks, Kenney Mack; Tupelo, MS; B6H Hanson, Mary Nelle; Winchester, TN; AOH Hardy, Jeffrey William; Jackson, MS; K2 Harrell, Charles Kelly; Houston, MS Harrington, Douglas Fletcher; Brandon, MS; 211 Hams, Mildred Mulvoy; Greenwood, MS; XQ Harrison, Priscilla Kay; Batesville, MS Harrison, Wanda Ann; Little Rock, MS Harvey, Lantz Emmett; Collins, MS Hatcher, Tina Renee; Jackson, MS; KKT Hathcock, Claire Elizabeth, Jackson, MS; AAH Hawkins, John Henry; Water Valley, MS; BI Hayes, Frances Dianne; Canton, MS; XQ Hayes, Joseph Ray; Carthage, MS Heaberg, Lisa Louise; Jackson, TN Heavey, Laurie Ann; Collierville, TN; AMI Hector, Dede; Bay St. Louis, MS; AAA Heern, Donna Ruth; Jonesboro, AR; ZTA Hegwood, Emily Elizabeth; Jackson, MS Hein, Ann Louise; Oxford, MS; M 366 Sophomores Helldorfer. Kathryn Marv; Roswell. GA, ZTA Henderson. John Chnsto ' pher, New Albany, MS; Hcniy, David Charless. Memphis, TV BSD Hensley, Susan Blair, Hollv Springs, MS Henton. Holly Fay; Jackson, TN; M Herd, Edward Samuel; Oxford. MS Herrin. Amanda Leigh; Mavsville, GA Hervey. Victor Kermit; Water Valley, MS; B2 Hester, James Lawson; Laurel. MS; KA Hester, Martha Ellis. Shelby, MS; ADD Hester, Stephanie Suzanne " ; Belden, MS; MI Heyer, Nancy Carol; Corinth, MS Hiatt, Jennifer Ann; Apple Valley, CA; KKT Kibbler, Valerie Fay; Sledge. MS Higginbotham. Derek Allen; Oarksdale, MS Higginbottom. Brenda; Pontotoc, MS HilTCosta Rene (Holly); Tupelo, III Hill, Shannon Lynn; CoIUerville, TN; Ml Hinkle, Leslie; Culfport, MS Hixon , Mary Melanie; Franklin. TN; AA Hofer, Eric George; Legrange. IL Hokey. Shem Nicole, Blue Mt.. MS Holland, Thomas Wesley; Cantonment. FL; ZBT Holley, Joy Beth; Pontotoc. MS Hollowav, Barry Edward, Sardis, MS Holmes, Jennifer Kay; Henderaonville, TN Holyfield. William Gilbert; Jacksonville, FL Hood. James Matthe w; Houston, MS; IIKA Hood. Paul P.; Fulton. MS; B6D Hoover, Eugene O ' Neal; Olive Branch. MS; X Horn. Jean Tracy; Greenville, MS; AA Houston, Brockman Mason; Oxford, MS Howard, Amy Leigh; Memphis, TN Howell. Sam Leo, Pontotoc, MS Howland, Debbie Dee; Cantonment FL Hrebenar. Laura Jean; Ft. Lauderdale. FL Hubbard, Mona Lisa. Batesville. MS Hudspeth. Gem Lynn; Sarah. MS Huff, Clinton Jeffrey; Cleveland. TN Humphreys, Patricia; Columbus, MS; AT Hyde. Parti Louise; Jackson, MS; KA Ingemanson, Sandra Lee; Charlotte, NC; ZTA Isaacs. John Duane; Meridian. MS Jackson. Cynthia Lynn; Como, MS; AOQ Jackson, Katherine Denise; Greenville, MS Jackson, Rhonda Lynn; Fort Worth, TX Jackson. Rhonda Merle; Jackson, MS; AAH James, Tracy Martin; Southaven, MS SOPHOMORES Sophomores 367 SOPHOMORES Jarnagin, Elizabeth Ramsey; La Marque, TX Janett, Demetrica; Potts Camp, MS Jeanson, Michael Andrew; Brookhaven, MS Jefferson, Charlene Rosalind; Vicksburg, MS Jenkins, Lucy Benita; McComb, MS; IIB Jennings, Donna Elizabeth; Tippo, MS; AT Joe, Wally Chi; Cleveland, MS Johnson, Clifton; Dundee, MS; AA Johnson, John Alan; Gulfport, MS Johnson, Judy Deanne; Sardis MS Johnson, Kenton Mark; Lafayette, LA; A+ Johnson, Margaret Lynn; New Albany, MS; AOH Johnson, Marianne Fatten; Sardis, MS Johnson, Sylvia Joteese; Eupora, MS; TBZ Jolly, Prentiss Rudolph; Coldwater, MS Jones, Allison Ann; Jackson, MS; KA Jones, Bonnie Jean; Holly Springs, MS Jones, David Baxter; Water valley, MS; K2 Jones, Elsie Power; Jackson, MS Jones, Janet Denice; Meridian, MS; KA0 Jones, Loretha; Byhalia, MS; Z B Jones, Luretha; Byhalia, MS; Z B Jones, Michael Troy; Pearl, MS; ZBT Jones, Phillip Edward; Amory, MS; B6H Jordan, Lu Ann; Bells, TN; AOH Jordan, Mark Brown, Kosciusko, MS Ju, Herbert Mark; Greenwood, MS Julich, Jeanniene Marie; Clermont, FL; AAII Kabban, Tina Sophia; Tupelo, MS Kanaan, Lina; Amman, ZZ Kearny, Karon Elizabeth; Long Beach, MS Kendricks, Scott Hathorn; Clarksdale, MS Kennedy, Gregory Layne; McComb, MS; A Kennington, Jacquelyn Leigh; Grenada, MS Kern, Nancy Kaye; Clinton, MS Keyser, James Edward; Calhoun City, MS Kierspe, Lynn Elizabeth; Germantown, TN; AT Kiker, Dean Wayne; Belzoni, MS Kimbrough, Pitt Stone; Coffeeville, MS; SAE Kimmons, Keith Delynn; New Albany, MS Kimmons, Kirk Kendall; Madison, MS King, Monty ne Clearissia; Hattiesburg, MS; AKA King, Phillip Brandt Kinney, Patsy June; Forrest City, AR; IIB Kirk, Patty Dianne; Duck Hill, MS Kirksey, William Mark; Mantachie, MS; Ben Kiser, Catherine Anne; Monticello, MS Kitchens, Mary Virginia; Corinth, MS; IIB Knight, Jim E.; Gulfport, MS Knudson, Julie Ann, Memphis, TN; KA Kosack, Dorothy Paige; Florence, AL; AAII ki, Arnall Rudolph; Germantown, TN; X Ladner, Sabine Emilie; Gulfport, MS; ZTA Lago, Danelle Marie; Metairie, LA; IIB Laird, Janet Ruth; Pearl, MS; ZTA Lanasa, Gwendolyn Marie; New Orleans, LA; AOI1 Lancaster, Melissa Kay; Bruce, MS Land, Julia Clarie; Tupelo, MS Lane, Cassandra Cheryl; Saginaw, MI Lane, Raymond Danyl; Scobey, MS 368 Sophomores Langford, Cathey Ann; Vicksburg. MS Unglow, Faye Marie; Natchez, MS Langston, Monica Lynn; University, MS; ZTA Lavanway, Don David; Lasalle, IL Lawrence, Andrew Jackson; Ocean Springs, MS; ILKA Lawrence. Kay Parker; Greenwood, MS; iO Lea, Barbara Jean; Natchez, MS Lee, William; Vestavia Hills, AL Lehr. William Curtis; Cleveland. MS; A Lesley, William Turner; Holly Springs, MS Liddy. Timothy Logan; Holly Springs. MS Line, Lawrence Leroy; Cleveland, MS; K+ Little, John William; Blue Springs, MS Livingston, Danny Mitchell; Aberdeen. MS Loftin, James Arnold, Laurel. MS Long, Daphne Lynn; Oxford, MS Long, Julie Linn; Oxford, MS Looney, Martha Calhoun; Kingsport, TN Love, Danny Ray; Coldwater. MS; BI Love, Elizabeth Sidney; Jackson. MS; AA Love, Mary Ellen; Water Valley, MS Love, Teresa Kay; Jackson, MS Lum, Sharon Kay; Cleveland, MS Lydon, Hilary Louise; Greenwood. MS Lyne, Eugene Daniel; Memphis, TN Magandy, Kathleen Marie; Long Beach, MS Malone, Winfred Alan; Holly Grove, AK Mann, Lawrence Allen; Vicksburg, MS Mansfield. Susan Lynn; Jackson, MS Marek, Dawn Lee; Spring Hill, TN Marone, Stephen Joseph; Newton, NJ. X+ Marthaler. Frederick Terral; Leighton, AL; 2N Martin, Cynthia Ann; Oxford, MS; IIB Martin, Leigh; Jonesboro, AR Martin, Leslie Homer; Belzoni, MS; X + Martin, Sarah Louise; Jackson, MS Martino, Maria; Oxford, MS Masse v, David Martin, Potts Camp, MS Massie Diana Ruth, Lincolnshire, IL; AOn Maxwell, Joseph Lamar; Jackson. MS; A8 May, John Alvin; Germantown, TN Mayoza, William Thomas; Hemando, MS Mazzanti, Daryl Vincent; Lake Village. AR; IAE McBeath, Mike, Kosciusko. MS; OKA McCaffrey, Deborah Ann; Vicksburg, MS; KKT McCain, Tanya Marcelle, Sikeston, MO McClellan. Beth Ann; Jackson, MS; KA McCraw, FJe Warren; Pontotoc, MS McCullar, Shane Scott; Southhaven, MS; OKA McCullers, Mark Edward; Lexington. KY; KA McDonald. Amanda; Jacksonville. FL; AT McDonald. Dan-ell Wayne; Blue Springs. MS McGee, Charles Hamilton; Memphis, TN; K2 McGee. Lyle Vinson; Greensburg. IN; IX McGee, Ricki Vaughn; Starkville, MS McGuire, Michael Kelly; Memphis, TN; ATU McLaughhn. Vicki Layne; Pontotoc, MS McLemore. Pamela Marie; Kosiusko, MS McLendon, Jimmy Dale; Newton, MS McMillen, Mary Janine; Hemando, MS; TBI SOPHOMORES Sophomores 369 SOPHOMORES McMillin, David Lee; Chalybeate, MS McMinn, Cynthia Gayel; Oxford, MS McMullen, Kenneth Bernard; Ackerman, MS McMullen, Susan Shields; Meridian, MS; AAA Mead, David Richard; Pass Christian, MS Meena, Mary Martha; Clarksdale, MS; AAA Melear, Frank Alan; Gulfport, MS Melton, Chuck Pierce; Grenada, MS Melton, Freda Elaine; Tillatoba, MS Melton, Joseph Collins; Vaiden, MS Merrill, Teresa Annette; Escatawpa, MS Metts, Amy Cook; Oxford, MS Miles, William Trice; Fulton, MS Miller, Carol Anne; Tupelo, MS Miller, Gail Lean n; Calhoun City, MS Miller, George Seller; Indianapolis, IN, SFI Miller, Gregory Lynn, Marietta, GA; SN Millette, Lauren Ann; Pascagoula, MS; KA Mize, Laura Ann; Oxford, MS Moffett, Johnny Wayne; Aberdeen, MS Molina, Ivan; Lapaz Montgomery, David Lynn; Pontotoc, MS Montgomery, Erby Harold, Greenwood, MS; ATQ Moon, Rhonda Marie; Amory, MS Mooneyhan, Mark Clayton; Clarksdale, MS Moore, Dennis Dale; Kopperston, WV Moore, Edward Lowry; Meridian, MS; I1KA Moore, Julia Kilby ; Cleveland, MS Moore, Martha Lynn; Tupelo, MS Morgan, Fred Keith; Hattiesburg, MS Morgan, Mike Wallace; Jackson, MS Morgan, William Todd; Clarendon, AR Morris, Flora Jean; Terry, MS; Z B Morris, Robert Timothy; Corinth, MS Murphy, Glen Andrew; West Berlin, NJ Murphy, Jackie David; University, MS; 211 Murphy, James Clyde; Oxford, MS Murray, Deette Wilcox; Springfield, IL; AT Myers, Mickey Wayne; Harperville, MS Neely, Melinda Mae; Florence, MS; M Neill, John Alexander; Laurel, MS Neitz, Rita Barbara; Monroe, LA; KKF Nelson, Nicky Dennis; Memphis, TN Newman, Bonnie Gail; Water Valley, MS Newman, Dominic Bruce; Clarksdale, MS Newton, George Alexander; Brandon, MS Nick, Shelly Kay; Greenville, MS Njoku, Patricia Chibuzo; Holly Springs, MS Noblin, Tamara Dawn; Jackson, MS; XQ Noel, Sandra Marie; Charleston, MS; AKA Nolen, Julia Renee; Mantee, MS; AOn Norman, Lauren Beth; Houston, MS Norwood, Anna Marie; Tupelo, MS; AAII Olander, Joseph Tucker; Meridian, MS; A9 Oleis, Mark Edward; Utica, MS Oneill, Anne Stewart; Mobile, AL; KA Overton, Kendall Elizabeth; Memphis, TN; AOH Owens, Nancy Melanie; Jackson, MS; Xfl Paluso, Teresa Elaine; Memphis, TN Parish, Rebecca Scott; Richland, GA; ZTA 370 Sophomores Parkin. Elizabeth Ann; Jackson. MS; AT Parrish, Robert Holland; Russellville. KY; A Pany, Christy MitcheU; St. Louis, MO, ZTA Patterson, Alice Ann; Bruce, MS Patterson. Patricia Ellen, Greenville, MS; Ml Payne, Emily Ruth; Missouri City, TX; KA Payne, Vincent Edward; Coldwjter. MS Pearson, Samuel day; West Point, MS Peck. Kathleen Marie; Gallatin, TN Penamon, Lavonzell Darcel; Oxford, MS Perkins, Bridget Demetrius; Amory, MS; AKA Peterson. Susan Logan; Vicksburg, MS; XQ Petrie, Susan Lvnn, Eads, TN; KA6 Pevey . Howard Chris; Clinton, MS Peyton, Vanna Lynne; Memphis, TN Phillips. Cecelia Vene U . Winona. MS Phillips. Donna Annalise; Amory, MS Phillips, Melisa Rene; Koariusko, MS Phillips. William Henry; Hemando, MS; B2 Pickens, James Michael; Pine Bluff, AR Pickens, Mary Kay; Greenville, MS Pierce, Julian Harvard; Mt. Pleasant, MS Piercy. Cheryl Lynn; West Helena. AR, KKH Pierrbn , Melanie Marie; Monroe, LA, AT Pillmg , Evan Rhett , Isle of Palms, SC Pittman, Edwin Lloyd; Brandon, MS Pleasant. Brenda Carol; Brandon, MS; KA8 Plunkett. David Bruce; Jackson, MS Polk. Valerie Denise; Sarah, MS; Z+B Poole, Bryant Lewis; McKenzie, TN Pooler, David Michael; Carthage, MS Pope, Barry Douglas; Jackson, MS Porter. Devra Kay; Starkville, MS; AOO Posey, Gloria Leisa; Flora. MS; AATl Potocki, Douglas Edward; Livonia, MI Potts. Kathryn Lynn; Water Valley, MS Powell. Lisa Ann; Mount Olive, MS Powell. William Mayes; New Albany, MS; ZN Pratt, Larry Joe; Batesville, MS Price, William Newman; Forest. MS; ATQ Pritchartt. Laura Elizabeth; Natchez, MS Provenza. Karen Marie, Greenville, MS; KAO Pruett, Aven Patricia; Memphis, TN; AT Psenicka, Allison Ann; Madison , MS Pullen. Mitzie Dell; Kilmichael, MS; AGO Ragland, Leesa Ann; Memphis, TN; KA Ragsdile, Michael David; Oviedo, FL Rand, May Annette; Gulf port. MS; A Randolph, Gary Frances; Cleveland, TN; AOD Rankin, Kristv Delaine; Tupelo, MS Rasco. Becca fane; Dewitt, AR KET Ray, Donald Craig; Jackson, MS; IN Ray. Donna Lorene, New Albany, MS; +M Ray, Pennie Lejune; Philadelphia. MS Read. Sarah Correll. Vicksburg, MS; KKT Reed, Gina Karen; Greenwood. MS; KA6 Reese, Danny Mel; University. MS Reeves, Benjamin Theodore; South Bay, FL Rehm, Julie Lockhart . Dexter, MO Reid, James Timothy; Huntsville, AL SOPHOMORES Sophomores 371 SOPHOMORES Reilly, Lenda Gay, Lookout Mtn., TN Renfroe, Cohen Williams; Nashua, NH Rhea, Susan Blanche; Somerville, TN; KA Richardson, Ginger Sue; Dunwoody, GA; AOII Richmond, Lornadean; Byhalia, MS Riddle, Robert H. ; Amory, MS; K9 Riehl, Sharron Ann; McComb, MS; IIB Rikard, Wendall Wayne; Pope, MS Riley, Trina Hart; Water Valley, MS; AAH Rish, Julie Anne; Pontotoc, MS Rivas, Ercilia; Oxford, MS Roach, Susan Lorraine; Jackson, MS; XI) Robbert, Leslie Adan; New Orleans, LA, IIB Roberts, Sherry Lyn; Jackson, MS Robertson, Brenda Kay; Batesville, MS Robertson, Patricia Ann; Batesville, MS Robertson, Ricky; Hernando, MS; B2 Robertson, Robbin Carol; McComb, MS; AT Robinson, Terry Glen; Gulfport, MS; KJ Roby, Jeffrey Kent; Kosciusko, MS Roby, Mark Steven; Yazoo City, MS Rogers, David Mark; Gulfport, MS; ZN Rogers, Susan Lynn; Oxford, MS Root, Lindy Lafaye; Brandon, MS; M Rosado, Samuel Ramirez; Mayaguez, PR Rose, Karen June; Hazlehurst, MS; AAII Rose, Margaret Elise; Tupelo, MS Rowan, Cathryn Kingsley; Brentwood, TN; M Rowsey, Angelia Lucile; Courtland, MS Russell, Lawrence Alton; Clarksdale, MS; B8II Ryan, Cynthia Darlene; Hazlehurst, MS Salazar, Debra Anne; Grenada, MS Sampson, Nathan McMullen; Jackson, MS; I AE Samson, Brigham Gilbert; Northbrook, IL Sanders, Barry Clay; Batesville, MS Sasser, Jo Anne; Carthage, MS; AT Saunders, Kathryn Deaton; Newport News, VA Sawyer, Christopher Brian; Olive Branch, MS; B6I1 Schaub, Susan K.; Yazoo City, MS; KA Schmeisser, Elaine Falls; Memphis, TN Schneller, Lucy; Senatobia, MS; AT Schutz, Leslie Karen; Germantown, TN Scott, Suzette Claire; El Dorado, AR Seale, Robert Anderson; Holly Spring, MS Seay, Elizabeth; Holly Springs, MS Sekul, Tamye Lyn; Gulfport, MS Senf, Lauren Elizabeth; Tallahassee, FL Sexton, Margaret Evelyn; Como, MS Shadko, Gregory Andrew; Memphis, TN Sharman, Sandra Jeanne; Jackson, MS; KA6 Sharpe, Susan Elizabeth; Germantown, TN Sheppard, Sonja Pearl; Tchula, MS Sherman, Frances Marie; Greenville, MS Shields, Timothy Michael; Oxford, MS Shirley, J. C, Brandon, MS; ZN Shirley, James Arthur; West Point, MS; BWI Shoemaker, James Horace; Jackson, MS Shook, Alline Kelso; Birmingham, AL; AAA Shumpert, Sherry Lynn; Nettleton, MS Simmons, Heber Sherwood; Jackson, MS; XX Simmons, Lynne; Union City, TN; XQ Simmons, Winifred Anne; Jackson, MS; XQ Sims, William Scott; Brandon. MS Silk, Gregory Alan, New Albany. MS; N Smallwood. William Carter; New Albany, MS; IX Smith. Barbara Ann; Manchester, MO; Smith, Daniel Glenn, Sikeston, MO; B8D Smith, David Oren. Decatur, MS; ATQ Smith. Gary Dean; Sardis. MS Smith, Harry Humphry; Terry, MS; A A Smith, James Emanuel; Clinton, MS Smith, John Warren; Southaven. MS; XQ Smith, Karen June; Batesville, MS; AOD Smith, Kevin Joseph; Nashville, TN; KZ Smith. Laura Kay; University, MS; AOH Smith, Melanie Jean; Tylertown, MS Snyder. Jean Larue; Water Valley. MS Sparks, Larry Dwight; Oxford, MS Spears, James W.; Gulfport, MS Spencer. Carol Ann; Yuma, AR; OB St. Mary, Kevin Blaine; Vicksburg, MS Staehle ' , Leslie Ann; Bay St. Louis, MS Stanford, Pamela Maie; Carrollton, MS Stanford, William Todd, Amory. MS Stanley, Katherine Lynn; Jackson. MS; KA Stark, MIC! tale Franco; Oxford, MS Stephenson, Mark Robert; CaruthersviUe, MO. ZBT Stephenson. Paul Thomas; Olive Branch, MS Stevens, John Ashley; Grenada, MS; KZ Stewart, Jeffrey Weston; New Albany, MS; Ben Stewart, Laura Ann; Batesville, MS Stewart, Lynn Alice; Brentwood. TN; Ml Still. Sally Denise, Fayette, AL Stokes, Laurin Lee; Lighthouse Pt., FL; AOO Stokes, Marshall Errin; Philadelphia, MS Stotland, Carl Anthony; Hattiesburg. MS ,LA; i. MS .; Jackson. MS Stubbs, Wonda Carroll; Hon. MS Sullivan, Kevin Maurice; Jackson. MS Sullivan. Wesla Ann; MendenhalL MS; XQ Swaff ord, Detra Nann; Greenville. MS Swords, Suzanne Lynn; New Albany, MS Tan. Kheng Leng, Kulim Kedah, BE Taras, William Michael; Memphi aronji, Cru ' am, Blake; nphis, TN; K2 Tartt, Houston, TX, IX SOPHOMORES Sophomores 373 SOPHOMORES Tate, Cornelius Fitzgerald; Edmondson, AR Tale, William Hindman; Tupelo, MS Tate, William Murray; Memphis, TN Taylor, Gail Marie; Como, MS Taylor, Gwendolyn Lynette; Clarksdale, MS Taylor, Lisa Marie; Humboldt, TN; AT Taylor, Ronald Garrett; Oxford, MS; ZX Tedford, Gerald Paul; Clarksdale, MS; ATI! Tharpe, Gregory Myers; Sheridan, AR Thomas, Patricia Ann; Nashville, TN; XQ Thompson, Brett William; Lincolnshire, IL; KZ Thompson, Gilbert Hank; Philadelphia, MS Thompson, Gregory Allen; Oxford, MS Thompson, John Hunter; Tchula, MS Thompson, Leslie Susan; Florence, MS Thompson, Michael Raye; Oxford, MS; KT Thompson, Phillip Franklin; Columbus, MS Thompson, Susan Memory; Tupelo, MS; XQ Thorneberry, Thomas; University, MS Thorne, Karen Elizabeth; University, MS Thorpe, Arthur Benjamin; McComb, MS Thrasher, Audrey Kyle; Monroe, LA; ZTA Thweatt, Curtis Mark; Oxford, MS Todd, lames Barton; Pontotoc, MS Tolbert, Philip Mabry; Nashville, TN; ZN Toler, Ward Brown; Jackson, MS; ZX Toole, Robert Lee; Grenada, MS Travis, Susan Toler; Jackson, MS; AAA Traylor, James Robert; Clarksdale, MS; ATO Trim, Kelly Bryant; Port Gibson, MS Troyka, Lucinda Ann; Madison Hts. MI Tucker, Sandra Annette; Corinth Ml. Trimull, Upea: Columbia, Ms. Turner, Ann G.; Nashville, Tn. Turner, Beverly A.; Memphis Tn. Tutor, Debra E.; Batesville, Ms. Umstead, Jennifer; Hinsdale II. Vanderburg, Susan Oliver Branch, Ms. Van Doren, Mark; Fulton, Ms. Veazey, Ronald; Jackson, Ms. Ventress, Alex J.; Woodville, M. Vick, Dana Ann; Oxford, Ms. Vinci, Baker Klindworth; Francisville Vingochea, Ana; Water Valley, M. Vire, Kara Jean; Oxford, Ms. Vowell, William,; Rochester, NY Wadley, Van M. Bolivar, Tn. Wall Deborah J.; Oxford Mi. Waller, Charles R.; Oxford, Ms. Waller, Donna Ruth, Oxford, Mr Waltman, Whitney Lucille; Jackson, Ml. Warren, Deborah Jane; Greenwood, Mi. Wasson, Ricky Wayne; Inverness, Ms. Waters, Ann Ford; Memphis, Tn. Waters, Beverly Ann; Oxford, MS Watkins, Tony Randle; Houston, MS 374 Sophomores Watson, Donna Faye; Etta, MS Watson, James Patrick; Pittsburgh, PA Webb, Rickie Dwayne; Coldwater, MS Webster, Linda Faye; Coldwater; AKA Weeks, Sara Manker; Memphis, TN. AT Weir, Joyce Lee; Tillatoba. MS Wells, Allison Leigh; Oxford. MS Wells, John Albert; Jackson, MS West. Peter Lowly; Tupelo. MS; KA West, William Quinn, Sardis, MS Wheatley, Gerald Nelson; New Albany, MS Wheeler. Debra Jean; Charleston, MS; AKA White, Donna Ann; Collins, MS White, Shelia Louvette; Water Valley, MS; AS8 White. Virginia Jeanette; Water Valley, US Whitehead, Mellisa Ann; New Albany, US Whites, Dayton Stanton; Luccdale, MS [ av ,t : Whitkopf , Judith Denise, Greenville, MS; AT Whitley, Elizabeth Black; Covington, TN. 1C Whitt. Emily Dawn; Woodland. MS Whirtington, Danny Claude; Ocean Springs, MS Wilkenon, Lisa Jane; Jackson, MS; Ml Williams, Brett Keith; Pascagoula. MS; ZN Williams, Dana Jeannette; Southaven, MS Williams, Jennifer Anne; Huntingdon, TN; Williams, Kelly Renee; Humboldt, TN; KKF Williams, Leslie Susan; Jackson, MS; XQ Williams. Lynda Jean; Memphis, TN; KA Williams, Mike Roy; Ocean Springs. MS Wilson, Brenda Jean; Batesville, MS; AOD Wilson, Elizabeth Ann; Batesville. MS Wilson. Helen Gaye; Mobile. AL; KA Wilson, Marlin Perry; Mobile. AL, HI Wise, Julie Dolly; Long Beach. MS Wiseman, Keith Gore; Oxford, MS; X Withers. Richard Alan; Gulf port, MS Wittchen, Scott Lee; Weatogue. CT; A Wong, Daisy Kim; Bovle. MS Wong, Elisa Faye; Clarksdale, MS Wong, Joyce Lana; Moorhead, MS Wong, Richard Charles; Clarksdale, MS Wong, Ronald Glenn; Greenville, MS Woods, Libby Ann; Nesbitt. MS Woods, Norbert Lynn; Colt. AR Woods, Susanne Carrick, Meridian. MS; KAO Wooley, Laura Louise; Jackson. MS; XQ Word, Susan Elaine; CoUierville, TN Worsham. Andrea Suzette; Charleston, MS; M Wright, Derald Benel; Oarksdale. MS Wright, Erica Dariene; Tupelo, MS Wnght, Harvey Banks; Laurel MS; ATQ Wu, Yong Kaw; Kuantan Pahang, ZZ Wynne, Loretta Mary; Gulfport, MS Yancey, Daniel Campell; Webster Groves. MO; KK Young, Jaw Kae; Selama Perak Young, Gretchen Diane; Oxford, MS Young, Mary Elizabeth; Oxford, MS Zahn, Jody Renee; Sturgeon Bay, WI; ADD Zehender, Ann Marie; Mandeville, LA; IIB SOPHOMORES Sophomores 375 JUNIORS Abel, Tuddy Marimae; Duck Hill, MS; KKT Abouali, Issam; Oklahoma City, OK Abu-Hantash, Ghaleb Ahmad; Norman, OK Adair, H. Randolph; Union, MS, KA Adams, Marcia Lisa; Vicksburg, MS Adkins, Susan Elizabeth; Columbia, TN Agostinelli, Gina Marie; Clarksdale, MS; KA Ahlvin, Alder Frank; Vicksburg, MS Al-Ayyoub, Jamal Salem; University, MS Al-Rezoallah, Adnan; University, MS Alderman, Nancy Carol; Jackson, MS Alewine, Cynthia Ann; Batesville, MS Alexander, James Russell; Flowood, MS Allbritton, Mary Veronica; Ripley, MS Allen, Carl Davis; Carthage, MS Allen, Gary Lee; Franklin, KY Allen, Pamela Blanche; Corinth, MS Allen, Timothy Brian; Oxford, MS Alvis, Cynthia Dianne; Jackson, MS; AAII Amir, Jamal Basem Anderson, Atlean; Holly Springs, MS Anderson, Ida Alexis; Byhalia, MS; AKA Anderson, Kenneth Wayne; New Albany, MS Anderson, Laura Louise; Memphis, TN; KA8 Andy, Maria L.; Madison, MS; AMI Applewhite, Bryan Holt; Ellisville, MS Arbter, John Scott; Longview, TX Arnold, Carl William; Taylorsville, MS Aron, Jeffery Allen; Pontotoc, MS Arlington, Jill Ann; Coffeeville, MS; AMI Asseh, Richard; University, MS Aurell, Drenett Gay; Ackerman, MS; AMI Aurell, Mike R.; Ackerman, MS Austin, Sharon Marie; Houlka, MS Avery, Claude Hubert; Courtland, MS Ayoubi, Mohamd Jamal; Damascus, ZZ Ayyoub, Walid Salem; University, MS Backer, Warren; New Orleans, LA Baggett, George Thronon; Scobey, MS Baggett, Thomas Arthur; Poplar Bluff, MS Bahm, Harry Dewitt; Gulfport, MS Bailey, James Leo; Columbus, MS Bain, Kathy Lenese; Glen, MS Baker, Margaret Helen; Oxford, MS Baker, Rex William; Belden, MS Baker, Virginia Ann; Hattiesburg, MS; XQ Ballard, Fred Curry; Anniston, AL; ZX Ballard, Kathy Lynn; Oxford, MS Ballard, Retha Lynn; Kosciusko, MS Banks, Rebecca Joan; Ocean Springs, MS Barber, James Ivan; Batesville, MS Barber, Robert Lynn; Batesville, MS Barbiero, Denise Celeste; Scarborough, ZZ Barbour, Jeptha Fowlkes; Yazoo City, MS; SAE Barker, Robbie Jean; Southaven, MS Barkley, William Donald; Jackson, MS; IKA Barksdale, James Calvin; Canton, MS Barnes, Emily Belle; Summit, MS; M " Barnett, John Barry; Memphis, TN; BWI Barrett, John Todd; Tylertown, MS 376 Juniors Barrett, Rhonda Kay; Long Beach, MS Bartle, Brenda. Indianapolis, IN; I1B4 Barton, Mark Anthony; Pontotoc, MS Barton, Nikki Joy; Cafhoun City, MS Basden, Sondra Leigh, Sherman, MS Bat. Betty Lynn; Jackson, MS; AT Batakj, Jammal, University, MS Bates, Charlotte R ; Nesbit, MS; AKA Bates, Rickey Lee; Southaven, MS Battaile, Juli ' anne, Tupelo, MS; KA Bearden. Linda Diane; Booneville, MS Beaver, Melinda Jeanne; Hollywood, FL Beck ham, Susan Lenore, Woodland, MS Bell. Karen Rickman; Springfield, TN; AT Bell, Ronald Edward; Cuntown, MS Bell, Samuel Byron, Germantown, TN; ZN Berry, Joan Mercer; Oxford. MS; KAO Bethany, Kate Lawrence; Jackson, MS Bevill, Elizabeth Claire; Thaxton, MS Bianchi, John H . Canton, MS Bickerstaff, Margaret Quay; Jackson, MS; AOn Biddle, John Michael; West Helena, AR Bishop, Christopher Brian; Fulton, MS; ZN Bishop, Nora Ann; Duckhill, MS Black, Robert Wood; Shannon, MS Blaes Kristie M Little Rock, AR Blake. Bettie Jean; CLarksdale, MS Blakney, Carol Jenise; Counce, TN Blalock. Jeffrey Wilbom; Houston, MS; IX Blaylock, Tammy Sue; Mantachie, MS Bledsoe, Nancy Llewellyn; Greenville, MS; KKT Blue, Harry Clyde; Cray-son, AL Boling, Michell Renee; Como, MS Bond, Gene Coy; Meridian, MS; ZBT Bond, Tony Keith; Sarepta. MS Bonds, Bettie Ailene; Hughes, AR; AOI1 Bonds, Carla Renee; Booneville, MS; AOn Bonds, Robert Alexander; Natchez, MS; ILKA Borne, Kathleen Mary; Oxford, MS Bos, Elizabeth Duene ' l. Summit, MS; XQ Boswell, David R.; Noxupater, MS Bowen, Alisa Victoria; Greenwood. MS; M Box. Cynthia Lea; Belden, MS; AAA Boyanton, Gregory Sterling; Jackson, MS Boyd, James Marion; Vicksburg, MS; ZBF Boyles, Weldon Randal; Jackson. MS; Ben Bradford, Chrystal Lee; Pine Bluff, AR; KKT Bradley, Amy Beth; Myrtle, MS Bradley, Steven HoweU; Natchitoches, LA Bradshaw, David Duane; Clinton, MS Brady, Annabelle Smith; Brookhaven, MS; XQ Bramlitt, Janice Hancock; New Albany, MS Brantley. Shelby Karl; Madden, MS; ZN Bray, James Sidney; Southaven, MS Breeding, Janet Kay Breeland. Lee Alex; Jackson, MS Brenkert. Erci Randolph; University. MS; I " A Brewer, Jo Bob; Yoknapatawpha, MS Brewer, Jennifer O livia; TuIIahoma, TN; KKT Bridge. Shadrie Michael; Oxford, MS JU9IIORS Juniors 377 JUNIORS Bridgers, Reginald Obrien; Belzoni, MS; SAE Bright, Walca Joan; BAtesville, MS Britt, Amanda Joyce; Jackson, MS; AAA Britt, Keena Anne; Collierville, TN Brock, Miller Lee; Jackson, MS; A Brockway, Pamela Sue; Huntsville, AL; ZTA Brooks, Frankie Elaine; Shelby, MS Broom, Bryan Timothy; New Albany, MS Brown, Bobby Darrell; Forest, MS Brown, James Nickolas; McCool, MS Buchannon, Denny Nichols; Dyersburg, TN Burden, Kicky Dale; Kosciusko, MS Burke, Susan Eileen; Jackson, MS; KKF Burnett, Robert Hunter; Union City, TN Burns, David Micheel; New Orleans, LA; Ben Burns, Doris Ann; Pascagoula, MS; KAH Burns, Roy; Richland, GA Busby, Bonnie Frances; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; KOFI Busby, Charles Alan; Gulfport, MS Buswell, David R.; Oxford, MS Butler, John Grady; Laurel, MS Butler, Lucretia McWhorter; Oxford, MS Butler, Thomas Norman; Little Rock, AR; A8 Byrum, Clifton Arnold; Creve Coeur, MO Caballero, Bruno Louis; Southaven, MS Cabanero, Fernando Niceno; Parchman, MS Cain, Howard T.; Northport, AL Call, Asheton Bayard; Victoria, TX; X Calvert, Robert Armstrong; Houston, MS; B2 Camp, William Herman; Mawtachie, MS Campbell, Jerold Dennon; Oxford, MS; X Campbell, Riley Lee; Oxford, MS Capetanakis, George Michael; Virginia Beach, VA Capps, Kathy Jean; Brentwood, TN; M Cardosi, Mori Leigh; Memphis, TN; ZTA Carroll, Charles Loyd; Greenville, MS Carruthers, Mary Catharine; Collierville, TN Carver, Lisa Anne; Southaven, MS; AAI1 Causey, Wyndel Elizabeth; Pascagoula, MS; 4 M Caver, Guy Mitchel; Baldwyn, MS Caves, Tena Frances; Larel, MS Cefalu, Ghana, Leland, MS Cefalu, Corese; Leland, MS Chadwick, Kimberley Alison; Charleston, SC Chambers, Elizabeth Fair; Alexandria, VA; AAA Chandler, Mary Theresa; Calhoun City, MS Christian, Anthony Dow; Baldwyn, MS; Christopher, Gayle Kathleen; Peru, India Clarin, James William; Corinth, MS Clark, Angela; Jackson, MS; AT Clark, Barry Kuykendal; Batesville, MS Clark, Kelly Paul; Philadelphia, MS; Ben Clark, Lisa Gail; Louisville, MS; KKT Clark, Philip Anthony; Ripley, MS Clark, William Henry; Dallas, TX; KA Clifft, Cecilia Shawn; Bolivar, TN; KKT Cockrell, Jessie Michael; Philadelphia, MS Coggins, Linda Kathleen; Ft. Smith, AR Coker, Delia Meade; Yazoo City, MS; AT Coker, Tammy Lynn; Memphis, TN 378 Juniors ,1 % 1 Cole, Allison Elaine; Dallas. TX. KKT Cole. Milton Ray; Pascagoula, MS Coleman. Tony Jack; McLain. MS Collins, Letitia Shaw; Coffeeville, MS Comans, Charles Wendell; Newton, MS Cornell, Edna Sykes; Oarksdale, MS; AAA Conner, Frances; Senatobia, MS Coole, Brian Lee; Perkinston, MS Coolidge, Sherri U; Walls, MS; KA Cooper, Treres H , Anguilla. MS Cossar, George Payne; Charleston, MS Gotten, Lant Weeks; Hattiesburg, MS; KA Cox. Jeffry Mitchell; New Albany, MS Cram, Jamie Yvonne; Myrtle, MS; AOFI Crane, David Walton; Gulf port, MS; A Crausby . Linda Joy; Pontotoc, MS Cravens, Michael John; Louisville, MS; KK Creek more, Ann Ashley; Jackson, MS; XO Critchlow, Amy Carol; Union City, TN; XQ Crowder, Corey Evan; Oxford. MS, IIK8 Crawl, John Robert; Norridge, IL Crull, Frank Marshall; Houston. TX Cuicchi, Susan Diane; Gennantown, TN Cullison, David day; Guilford, CT; ZBT Culp. Bruce Warren; Brandon, MS Cumberland, Lisa Gayle; Meridian. MS Cumbest, Charles Bey; Pascagoula, MS Cummings, Belinda Deneise, Victoria, MS; . ' Cummmgs, Yvonne; Tupelo, MS; AKA Cutler, Elizabeth Ager; Grenada. MS; AT Dabbas, Ibrahim; University, MS Dacus, Charles Benjamin; Canton, MS Dahleh, Mohamad Jihad Hamdan; Norman, OK Dale, John Edward; Greenville, MS Dalton. Lynn Elise; Oxford, MS Davant , Rebecca Allison, Jackson, MS; ZTA Davis, Arthur Gerald; Southaven, MS Davis, Charles Johnson; Sherman, MS Davis, James Steven; Louisville, MS Davis, Joseph Preston; Man tee, MS; KA Davis, Melissa Joy; Water Valley, MS Dawson, Melinda; New Madrid. MO; ZTA Demosthenous, Demos; Nicosia, ZZ Derivaux, Diane; Vicksburg, MS Dewan, Raman Nath; Graham, W A : A Diaz Joni Jane, Biloxi, MS; ZTA Dixon, Deanne; Brownsville, TX; KKT Dockery, Clay Patrick; Ocean Springs, MS; K+ JUNIORS J union 379 JU9IIORS Donnelly, David Lee; Ponca City, OK Dove, Mark Lafayette; Vicksburg, MS Dowell, Cecil Walter; Arlington, TN; !! Doyle, Vicki Lynn; Hazlehurst, MS, M Drake, Angela; Madison, MS Drake, Lee Burgess; Batesville, MS; ATI) Dulaney, Michael Brian, Columbus, MS Duncan, Paula Lynne; Nettleton, MS Dunlap, Sheryl McMains; Hernando, MS Dunn, Rhonda Sparks; Baldwyn, MS Durrett, Gwen; Batesville, MS Duvall, Johnny Wilder; Baldwyn, MS Duvall, Ruth Ellen; Oxford, MS; AAA Dyess, Raymond Randall; Pearl, MS Eaton, Helen Grey; Jackson, MS; XO El-Hariri, Mohamed Ahmed Ellington, Mark Anthony; Kosciusko, MS; +KT Ellis, Laurin Lee; Jackson, MS; XO Ellison, William Charles; Sunshine, LA; K2 Elzie, John N.; Pontotoc, MS Enochs, Timothy Barry; Dyersburg, TN Epting, Kimberly Ann; Pascagoula, MS; AT Erickson, Allen Glenn; Ocean Springs, MS Eyelin, Chester L.; University, MS; BOH Estabrooke, Mark William; Laverne, CA; KT Evans, Carolyn Geniece; Houston, MS, Z B Evans, Tina Shelaine; Corinth, MS Evianmwonyi, Humphrey; Benin City Fahey, Susan Delaine; Greenville, MS; IIB Fanning, William Herbert; Jackson, MS Farese, Anthony Luther; Ashland, MS; A Farrar, Margaret Lynne; Nashville, TN; AAA Farris, Timothy Hall; Tupelo, MS Fassih, Massoud Farshi; Atlanta, GA Faulkner, Sherrie Lynn; Mantee, MS Ferguson, Paula Beth; Mantee, MS; A All Ferrell, Suzanne; Jasper, AL; AOII Filer, Susan Dean; Clinton, MS Finch, Amy; Brandon, MS; KA Finch, Robert Daniel; luka, MS Finerty, Nancy Jane; Bay St. Louis, MS; AOII Finnegan, Kathleen Ann; Dallas, TX; AAII Fisher, Anthony Daryl; Marks, MS Fisher, Stan Franklin; Ocala, FL Fitts, Coy Anthony; Myrtle, MS Fletcher, Robert L.; Sardis, MS Flora, Norma Caldwell; Macon, MS; Xfl Floyd, Mona Rosalind; Memphis, TN Floyd, Wynlen Alice; Corinth, MS Fly, Sarah Frances; Oxford, MS Fontaine, Douglass Latimer; Pascagoula, MS; $A6 Foote, Laura Ann; Hattiesburg, MS; XH Ford, Terri Lynne; Marks, MS Fortenberry, Dana Sue; Magnolia, MS Fortenberry, Theresa Anne; Garland, TX; IIB Fortune, Joan Yvette; Tremont, MS Foster, Lantz Powell; Natchez, MS; K+ Franklin, Bridget Renee, Batesville, MS; AKA Frederick, Edward Alton; Tupelo, MS Freeman, Arleen; Oxford, MS m Freeman. Daniel Joseph; Jackson. MS Freeman, Gregory Thomas; Beaumont, MS; KT Fueate. John Robert; Jackson, MS; 4 A6 Fuller, Jeanette; Hemando, MS; AKA Funkhouser, Jennifer Lynn; CollinsviUe, IL Fy f e. Thomas Wilsf old; Lula, MS; ATD Galvin, Kathleen Marie; Brownsville, TN; AOH Gamer, Jerry Edward; Franklin, TN Gamer, Teresa Ann; Nashville, TN; ZTA Garraway, Belynda Jean; Lumberton, MS Garrett, Andrew Samuel; Alexandria. VA Garrison, Felicia Ann; New Albany, MS Garrity, Debra Lynn; Nesbit MS Geho, Raze Anthony; Pensacola, FL German, Michael; G ' lendora, MS Germany, Gregory Wilson; Jackson, MS Gibson, Robert Randall; Winona. MS Gibson. Sherry Lynne; Water Valley, MS; ADD Gifford. Suzanne; Eupora, MS Gilliland, Mary John. Coldwater, MS; AAA GUvary, Elizabeth Louise; University-, MS Givhan, Jovernia Algernon; Greenville, MS Givhan, Shane Marie; University, MS Glaser, Leigh Ann; Nashville, TN; AAA Glidewell. Steve lindsey; Ripley, MS Glisson, Lisa Shelaine; Corinth, MS Gober, Rhonda Ellen; Tupelo, MS Goodin, Patricia Lynn; San Bernardino, CA Goodwin, William Kenneth; Batesville. MS Coolsby, Patricia Ann; Abbeville. MS Gordon, Marcus Craig; Union. MS Gore, Bruce Gordon; Houston, MS Gorman. Philip PowelL Germantown . TN Goss, Lynn; luka. MS Graham, Mary Alison: Crystal Springs, MS; Graham, Randall Hansel; Pearl, MS; KZ Graves, Robert Whitten; Batesville, MS Gray, Carla Irene; Coffeeville. MS Green, Chen Denise; APO New York. NY Green, Deborah Bemice; Natchez, MS; Ml Green, Robert Edward; Stuttgart, AR Green, Roy L . ; Oxford. MS Greene, Eoise; Pope, MS; AKA Greer, Anthony Alan; Oxford. MS; K+ Greer, Sandra tee; Nesbit, MS Griffin, Darlean; Batesville, MS; T A Griffin, Judi Laverne; Belden. MS Griffis, Thomas Kenneth. Meridian. MS; A6 Grisham, Cynthia Lynn; Oxford, MS; KKT Grisham, David Herbert; Senatobia, MS Grisham, Robert E . Senatobia, MS Growney . Thomas David; Albuquerque, N ' M X Guernsey, Julia Ellen; Pensacola, FL Gunn. Mark Neil; Ellisville, MS; IS Gunter, Gabrielle Gannon, Verona, MS; KKT Gurley, Sarah Frances; Hemando, MS Haden, Cheryl Jo; Booneville, MS Hagers, Charlie A.; University, MS Hairston, Debra Gayle; Oxford. MS; A28 Hall, Benitta Kay; Winona. MS JUNIORS Juniors 381 JUNIORS Hall, John Laurence; Merdian, MS; X Hall, Karen Suzanne; Southaven, MS; KA Hall, Mary Ann; Oxford, MS Hall, Rhonda Kay; Planteraville, MS Hall, Stephanie Annette; Columbus, MS Hallmark, Constance Lantz; Corinth, MS Haltom, Joiner Mack; Pascagoula, MS; IN Hamby, Lydia K.; Ewing, KY Hammock, Alicia Gay; Tupelo, MS Hammond, Harriett Douglas; Corinth, MS; X Hanson, Hugh Kirkwood; Bruce, MS Hanson, James Calvin; Memphis, TN Hardaway, Phyllis Denise; University, MS Harmon, John Michael; Vardaman, MS Harmon, Michael; Kosciusko, MS Harper, Susan Elizabeth; Memphis, TN; M Harrington, Danna Mary; Houston, MS Harris, David Matthew; Jackson, TN; KZ Harris, Donelson Cafery; Jackson, MS Harris, Kyle Unce; Flora, MS; KA Harris, Sharron Elaine; Clarksdale, MS Harris, Tarasia Faye; Oxford, MS; A28 Hart, Julie Lynn; Jackson, MS Hart, Mary Karen; Sikeston, MO; ZTA Harville, Patricia Lee; Pontotoc, MS Haupt, Peter Michael; Gulf port, MS Hawes, Teresa Carol; Sikeston, MO; KKT Hawkins, Keith Rayberth; Hernando, MS Hays, Lisa Diane; Memphis, TN Hearon, Kim Denise; Memphis, TN; M Helms, Sharon Denise; Enterprise, MS Hembree, George Dewey; Oxford, MS Hemphill, Jana LaneUe; Louisville, MS Hemphill, Timothy Robert; Louisville, MS Hemphill, Tina Michelle; Louisville, MS Henderson, Mark Reid; San Diego, CA; K+ Hendrix, Phyllis Eileen; Franklin, TN, KA Henick, Alda Camille; Yazoo City, MS; XQ Henry, Alma Jo; Tupelo, MS Henry, Jana Reina; Rienzi, MS Henson, John Leonard; Jackson, MS; B8I1 Hickey, John Clayton; Jackson, TN; AS 382 Juniors Hill, Douglas Lamar; Columbus, MS; A+ Hill, Jack Dugan; Natchez, MS; K+ Hill, John Parker, Grenada, MS Hilliard, Albert L , Hernando. MS; BI Hinhchs, Clark Benjamin; New Orleans, LA Hodge, Leslie Everett; Poplarville, MS Hoffman, James Tate; Brooksville, MS Hogan, Daphne; Falcon, MS Holland, Holly Shaw; Jackson, MS; AATI Holland, Jennifer Lee; Memphis, TN Hollenhead, Jeffrey Allen; Mathiston, MS Holley, Myres Haden; Corinth, MS Holliday , Edward Troy; Ripley , MS; ZN Hollowell. Wayne Douglas; Olive Branch, MS; B6H Holman, Holly Faye; Jackson, MS; Xfl Holmes, Elizabeth Mary; Bay St. Louis, MS Homan, Lisa Ann; Shannon, MS; $M Hood. Barry Craig; Mooreville, MS Hood, Carl Jude; Olive Branch, MS Hopkins, Marvem Fowlkes; Gulf port, MS; AAA Hopper, Bradley Thomas; Tippersville, MS Horton, Mary Ann; Madison, MS Hosse, Lynn Louise; Oxford. MS; M House, Mary Elizabeth; Glen Arm, MD; AOn Houser, Kenneth Wayne; Greenville, KY Howard, Eddie Joe; Poplarville, MS Howell, Shirley Jean; New Albany, MS Hu. Joanna Kwok-Yu; Hattiesburg. MS Hudgins, William Anthony; Jackson, MS Hudson, Kathy Lynn; Oxford, MS Huey, John McLemore; Belden, MS; KK+ Muggins, Holly Lynn; Southaven, MS; XQ Hunt, Patricia Louise, Sch later, MS Hunt, Steven Howard; Sch later, MS Hunter, Raymond Cowan; Tupelo, MS Hussein i , Ghanan; Midwest City, OK Hutson, Lori Ann; Dyersburg, TN; A All Irvin, Joe Alan Ivy, Dianne; West Point, MS Jackson, Janice Elizabeth, Senatobia, MS Jackson, Louis Alexander; Clarksdale, MS; Q Jackson, Robert Curtis; Bay St. Louis, MS Jackson, Wesley Carter James, Pamela Jean; Oxford, MS Jamieson, Douglas Carl; Brentwood, TN Jefferson, Danella; University, MS Jefferson, Gary Lynn; Water Valley, MS; B2 Jenkins, Glenda Michelle; Greenville, MS enkins, Linda Marie; Clarksdale, MS innette, Steven Ward, A8 ohnson, Elizabeth Katherine; Memphis, TN; AOFI ohnson, Jacquelne Ann; Friars Point, MS ohnson, Karen K. ohnson, Leah Monique; Greenville, MS Johnson, Martha Mims; Clarksdale, MS; AAA Johnson, Richard Allen; Dyersburg, TN; A8 Johnson, Rita Ann; Helena, AR, AOn Jolly, Phillip Shane; Blue Springs, MS Jones, Alison Diane; Meridian, MS Jones, Belinda Janet; Nesbitt, MS JUNIORS Juniors 383 JU9IIORS Jones, Curtis Dale; Gore Springs, MS Jones, Doroth Jean; Vardaman, MS Jones, Melissa Diane; Laurel, MS; 4 M Jones, Richard Tracy; Columbus, MS Jones, Sherry Kaye; Corinth, MS Jourdan, Raymond Eugene; luka, MS; IN Justice, Gordon Vance; Long Beach, MS Kadlec, Matthew Casey; Oxford, MS Kaiser, Theodore Stanton; Brockton, MA; 2M Kan ' Gethe, Francis Thio; Nairobi, ZZ Kapeghian, Jamie Renee; Philadelphia, PA Kaveparsit, Vichuda; University, MS Kavyas, Aphrodite Trudy; Oxford, MS Keebler, Daniel Burt; Ocean Springs, MS Keen, William Garvin; Southaven, MS Kelly, Samuel Clayton; Mount Olive, MS Kelly, Tara Marie, Jackson, MS Kennedy, Patrice Marlene; Houston, TX; KA8 Kent, Richard Atherton; Osyka, MS, KA Kidd, Barry Leon; New Albany, MS Killen, Barry Thomas; Oxford, MS Kimball, Nancy Ann; Memphis, TN Kimmons, Cheryl Wyvette; New Albany, MS King, Kimberly Anne; Jackson, MS; XQ King, Michael Don, Houlka, MS Kirksey, Robert Canon; Mantachie, MS; B6H Knight, Rebecca Sue; Corinth, MS Knight, William T.; Jackson, MS Knox, Tracy Lynn; New Albany, MS Kyle, Robert Talley; Memphis, TN, X Lamb, Angela Susan; Greenville, MS; M Lamb, Scott Grayson; Memphis, TN; EN Lancaster, Cynthia Ann; Coldwater, MS Laney, Robert Edward; N. Carrollton, MS Lantz, Gerald Brian; Long Beach, MS Lantz, Margaret Virginia; Memphis, TN Larkin, Patricia Ellen; Marlton, NJ Lauderdale, Frankie Eaton; Booneville, MS Lawrence, Pamela Ann; Brentwood, TN; $M Lee, Kirk Edwin; Jackson, MS Lee, Wayne Montgomery; Bossier City, LA Lee, Yvonne Marie; Pontotoc, MS Legendre, Laurie Marie; Covington, LA; IIB Lesemann, James Austin; White House, TN Lewis, Annie Pearl; Sardis, MS Lewis, Sonya Yvette; Jackson, MS; IIB Lewis, Stephen Wayne; Eldorado, AR; ATQ Lexa, Lauren Elizabeth; Oxford, MS Liepelt, Robert Rueben; Biloxi, MS Lindsey, George J.; Booneville, MS Lindsey, Leah Brown; Fulton, MS; M Lindsey, Marcus Gene; New Albany, MS Lipski, Michael Christopher; Long Beach, MS Little, Susan Ann; Southaven, MS Littleford, Rosemary Moss; Johnson City, TN, KA Livingston, Laura Ann; Lake Village, AR; AAA Locke, Walter Kane; Southaven, MS Loftin, Michael Hugh; Tupelo, MS Logwood, Tracy Marie; Batesville, MS; T A Lollar, Sandy Lynn; Mantachie, MS 384 Juniors Lomax, Jacqueline Marie; Oxford, MS Long, William Paul; Jackson. MS Lord, Sheryl Lynne; Dallas, TX; KA Lourido, Linnette Pilar; Vista Azui, PR Love, Jeffrey Lee; MadisonviUe, KY Love, Lisa Marie; Fulton, MS Love, Walter Andrew; Jackson. MS Lucas, Stacy Claire; Columbus, MS Lucius, Anna Lisa; Pontotoc, MS Lyle. David Leslie; Jackson, MS Lyons, Gloria Ann; Como, MS Madison, Ronald Dean; Lambert, MS Magee. Pamela Ann; BatesvUle, MS Magee, Rhonda Lynn; Biloxi, MS Magee. Steven Jay; Shelby. MS Maharrey, Lisa Elizabeth; Tupelo, MS Maharrey, Mark Shawn; Southaven, MS Maharrey, Richard Thomas; Tupelo, MS Mahiquez, Jose Alberto; Hatillo, PR Mahoney, Ann Kathryn; Huntsville, T AAA Mangum, Billy Todd; Jackson, MS Manning, Tina Renee; New Albany, MS Mapp, Bailey Howell; Pontotc, MS; ATQ Marshall, Vemeice Octavie; Mantachie, MS; TBI Martin, Gloria Lavonne; Columbus, MS; AKA Martin. Leigh Ellen; Corinth, MS Martin, Maureen; Baton Rouge, LA, KAB Martin, Michael Leo; Gulfport, MS Martin, Molly Dearman; Hartesburg, MS; M Mason, Elena Lucinda; Kilmichael, MS Mason, Lisa Marian; Huntsville, AL; KA Mason, Randall Kenton; Statesville. NC Mason, Ronald Kent; Brooksville, MS Mathis, Valerie Michele; Oxford, MS Matthews. Sheila Jean; Plantersville, MS Matzinger, Barbara Ann; Harmony, PA Maxwell, Karen Elaine; Woodland, MS May. Marianne McGraw; Vicksburg, MS; M Berta Mae; Abbeville. MS Mayes. Sylvester; Abbeville, MS Mayo. Donna Jean; Philadelphia, MS Mayo. Lee Ann; Louisville. MS; UB McBride, Nanc - Rebecca; Olive Branch. MS; AT McCain, Barry Reed; Oxford, MS McCall, Anthony Bruce; Natchez, MS McCarley, Connie; Magee, MS; AOn McCarver, Russell Todd; Olive Branch. MS McClendon, Barry Meek; Jackson. MS; ZX McConnell, Kris. Natchez, MS; AOn McCoy. Steven Wilson; Oxford, MS McCraine. Margaret Renee; Jackson, MS McDaniel. Kerri Shannon; Oxford, MS; ZTA McDanieb, James Robert; Holladay. TN McDonald, Jon Stacy, San Marcos, TX; ATQ McDowell. Peter Thomas; Oxford, MS McFadm. Karon Lanette; Walls. MS McGinley. Eileen Mary; Germantown, TN; KKP McGof f. Susan Elizabeth; Cincinnati, OH; nB McGraw, John Bradford; Tupelo, MS Mcllwain, Miranda Jane; Birmingham, AL JUNIORS Juniors 385 JU9IIORS Mclntire, Sheri Anne; Senatobia, MS; AAII Mclntyre, Steven Randall; Morton, MS McKay, Carolyn Jean; Grenada, MS; AT McKee, Anne Arnold; Washington, DC McKinney, John Alvin; Meridian, MS McKinney, Louise Ise; Coila, MS McKinney, Mary Katherine; Tupelo, MS McKnight, Joseph Eugene; Summit, MS McMillen, Carol Sue; New Albany, MS McMillin, Thomas Neal; Ripley, MS; K McNamara, Patrick J.; Vicksburg, MS McNeer, George Randall; Greenwood, MS McNeilly, Jean Woods; Nashville, TN; AMI McPhail, David Charles; Canton, MS Mead, Mark W.; Pass Christian, MS; X Meadows, Peyton Todd; Oxford, MS Merrill, Vera Susan; Kalamazoo, MI; M Messer, Wilbert Clawson; Niceville, FL Meznar, Christine; Atlanta, GA; ZTA Michel, Joseph Walter; Jackson, MS; 2AE Millender, Charles David; Amory, MS Miller, Lea Ashley; Quitman, MS; AT Miller, Teresa Marie; Millington, TN Millette, Mark Stephen; Pascagoula, MS; KA Miner, Frank Henry; North Olmsted, OH Mitchell, Alicia Dawn; Ackerman, MS; ZTA Mitchell, Bobby Charles; Jackson, MS Montague, Claudia W.; Hattiesburg, MS; XQ Montgomery, Alvin Delay; Weir, MS; ZBT Montgomery, Shane Kimberly; Pontotoc, MS Moody, Joyce Rena; Water Valley, MS; AKA Moore, Anita G.; Houston, MS Moore, Beverly Gail; Pearl, MS Moore, Charles Melvin; Elizabethtown, NC Moore, Denise J.; Pope, MS Moore, Kevin Phelps, Grenada, MS Moore, Mary Louise; Clarkdale, MS Moore, Michael Hugh; Calhoun City, MS Moore, Michael Lane; Kosciusko, MS Moore, Ulander; Okolona, MS Moore, William Mauldin; Pascagoula, MS Morales, Vicen Abdiel; Arecibo, PR Morgan, Deborah Lynn; Tupelo, MS Morgan, Dorothy Louise; Bruce, MS Morris, Cynthia Kay; Oxford, MS Morrissey, Gina Marie, Franklin, TN; AOI1 Moser, Steven Roger; Jasper, AL Muchow, Don Foster; Greenwood, MS Mullins, Wayne Bryon; Meridian, MS Mulvihill, Michael Alan; Cascilla, MS Murphy, Carol Emily; Walnut, MS Murray, Lee Anne; Jackson, MS; AAII Murry, Sebastian; Holly Springs, MS; A A Myers, Martha Elizabeth; Jackson, MS; XQ Nailor, Harriet T.; Greenville, MS Nance, John Reynolds; Nashville, TN; K2 Neal, Blake Davoren; Florence, AL; JN Neal, Carla Ann; Ruleville, MS; AAII Neal, Ronald Edward; Houston, MS Nehme, Ali 386 Juniors Neil. Jen Elizabeth: Oarksdale, MS Neilson, Edwin Tye; Lexington, MS; AE Netbitt, Brenda 1C; Hemando, MS Newborn. Sandra R.. Olive Branch. MS Newell, Debbie W , University. MS Noien. Rebecca Dawn; Louisville, MS; HB+ Norman, Steven Myers; Calhoun City, MS Norris, Dwight Miter; Charleston, MS Nsoedo, Emmanuel Chuckwudi; Kano State Nun. Toby Kyle; Louisville. KY Obert. Mark Christopher; Memphis, TN Obnanl, Athena Dawnn; Senatobia, MS Odum, Lara Dawn; Fiirfield, IL, AATI Oliver. Hylon; Hemando, MS; A A Osborn, Gregory Lee Pace, Mendy; Jackson, MS Palmer, James Brown; Jackson, MS; A8 Palmertree, Kerry Flynn; Batesville, MS Pannell, Atoka Dawn; Memphis. TN; tAf Parham. Jennifer; Oxford, MS; AI8 Parker, Edwin Lewis; Inverness, MS; K2 Parker, Penny Gail; Meridian, MS; AAA Parker, Raymond Edwin; Houston, MS Parr, Rhonda Rena; Memphis. TN Parhn. Alan Wayne; Grenada, MS Partridge. Susan Elaine; Oxford. MS; Afl Patterson, Jane Civens; Brookhaven, MS; AT Patterson. Judy Rene; Mendenhall. MS Patterson, Paula Jean; Oxford. MS Peden. Pamela Gay; Jackson, MS; EA Pedron. Jeffery Lewis; Vicksburg, MS Pepper, Elizabeth Annette; Moorhead, MS Peter., Leslie Carole; Jackson, MS; KKT Pettis, Nellie K.. Oxford, MS Phillips, Jana Scott; Jackson, MS; AOH Phillips. Jean Carol; Hartiesburg, MS; Xfl Phillips, Juli Ann; Gennantown, TN Phillips, Minerva Jane; Port Gibson, MS Phillips, Patrick Joseph; Clinton. MS Pierce, Thomas Reed; Aberdeen, MS; KA Pilgrim. James Stevan; Brandon, MS; K2 Pindell, Laura Jane; Indianopolis, IN; OB Pinson. Jane; Jackson, MS; KA Pitts. Gay Brandon; Indianola. MS; AT Pittman. Larry; Charleston, MS Pobst, Sally Lea. Sikeston, MO; KKT Poole. Franklin Parker; McKenzie, TN Porter, Don Lee; Oxford, MS JUSNIORS Juniors 387 JUNIORS Powell, John Franklin; Florence, MS Powell, Pamela Ann; New Albany, MS; AT Powers, Annette; Hernando, MS; Z B Poy, Lily Wan; Canton, MS Pratt, Joel Craig; Corinth, MS Pratt, Joseph Leonard; Corinth, MS Pressler, David Grant; McComb, MS Prestaee, Kathryn Dean; Fulton, MS Price, Charles William; Brandon, MS Prince, Margaret Lennette; Lumberton, MS Proffer, Stephanie Anne; Little Rock, AR; AMI Proffer, Susan Allison, Gulfport, MS Pruitt, Priscilla Jane; Amory, MS; KKT Pryor, Lesley Jan; Jonesboro, AR; KKT Purser, Cynthia Jean; Vicksburg, MS; AT Purvis, Alton E.; Crystal Springs, MS Qanbaz, Abdelwahhab; Safat, ZZ Quil len, Rita Margaret; Bruce, MS Quinn, Christine Diane; Memphis, TN Quinn, David Russell; Clinton, IL; B8II Quinn, Nina Gaynel; Jackson, TN; XQ Rader, Robin Rose; Memphis, TN; KKT Raines, Michael Carl; Dumas, MS Ramsey, Arthur R ; Oxford, MS; B2 Ramsey, Robert Ganes; Long Beach, MS Raputa, Ralf P.; University, MS Ratcliff, Randi Lyn; Madison, MS; KA Rautine, Philip Don; Grenada, MS Ray, James Otho; Pearl, MS Ray, Margaret Elizabeth; Tupelo, MS; Xfl Ray, Mark Andrew; Jackson, MS; ZX Ray, William Frederick; Jackson, MS Reed, Candace Elizabeth; Memphis, TN; AMI Reed, Danny Lamar; Tiplersville, MS Reed, Gai Louise; Silver City, MS; M Reed, Lome Gay; Columbus, MS Reid, Lee Edward; Clarksdale, MS Resta, Janet Hutchinson; Vicksburg, MS; KKT Rhea, Karl Byington; Somerville, TN; 2N Rhodes, William Paul; Corinth, MS Rice, Delphime; Columbus, MS; AKA Richards, John Grayson; Decatur, GA; X Richardson, Phyllis Stein; Senatobia, MS Richardson, Robert Coffman; Jackson, MS; B8II Richardson, Rodney Charles; Jackson, MS; A Ricketts, Leslie Arden; Birmingham, AL Riddel I, John Frazier; Canton, MS Riddick, Louis Simpson; Coffeville, MS; ATQ Riley, Darrell Scott; Water Valley, MS Riley, Ralph Patrick; San Sebastian, PR; K2 Rish, James Alfred; Pontotoc, MS; KK Rish, Melanie Suzette; Pontotoc, MS Rivas, Manuel; Oxford, MS Rivers, Russell Michael; Ocean Springs, MS; X Roberts, Billy Gene; Grenada, MS Roberts, Dorothy Claire; Long Beach, MS; KA Roberts, Keith; Grenada, MS Roberts, Lisa Diane; New Albany, MS Robichaux, Milton Joseph; Vicksburg, MS; ZX Robinson, Eunice; Batesville, MS f f fl w , 388 Juniors Robinson, Everett Edwin; Laurel, MS Robinson, Maltha May; Como, MS; KKT Robinson, Suzanne C . . Miami, FL; ZT A Rodgers, Diane Elizabeth; Memphis, TN; AT Rogers, Vickie Lynn; Okolona. MS Roman, Waleska; Arecibo, PR Romero, Jesus Perez; Mayaguez, PR Ronaldi, Thomas Carl; Upper Marlboro, MD Rooks, Carrie Sue; Brownsville, TN; KA Roper, Laurie Elizabeth; Jackson, MS Ross, Myra Denis . Coldwater, MS; AKA Ross, Myrtle Luanda; Clinton, MS; AOI1 Ross, Tina Michelle; Hernando, MS Rousseau, Elliot Alan Rowan, Steven Andrew; Cermantown, TN; ZN Rowland. Margaret Victoria; Memphis, TN; AOH Roy, Ann Caroline; University, MS; Ml Ruegger, Karen Lea; Hollandale, MS; AOn Rushing, Eric Lane; Brookhaven, MS Russell, Georgiana Susan; Clarksdale, MS; KA Russell, Sheila Gail; Thaxton, MS Sanders, Charles David; Natchez, MS Sanders, Dewey Tyrone; Saltillo, MS Sanders, James Roy; Memphis, TN Sanders, Ronald Keith; Carthage, MS Sanderson, Jay Williams; Amory, MS Sanford. Jimmie Holland; Morgan City, MS Sanguinetti, Charles; Natchez, MS, BSD Sansing, Jobyna; Greenville, MS; KA Sarringar, Karyl Deniece; Indianola. MS Sartor, William Smith; Oxford, MS; KK Sa vage, Maurin Dean; Grenada, MS Savery, Tracey Elizabeth; AAA Scarborough, Bruce Malcolm; Jackson, MS Scarbrough, Richard ArUn; Gulf port, MS Schafer, Jennifer Ann; Indianapolis, IN; XQ Schmidt, Alan David; Southaven, MS Schmieg, Robert Eugene; Natchez, MS; ATQ Schwab, John Mark; Boca Raton, FL Scott, Beverly Demeatris; Tupelo, MS Scott, Hugh Barrett; Memphis, TN; KZ Scott. MeUnie S.; Corinth, MS; KKT Scott, Tommy; Tupelo, MS Secrest, Bradley Neal, Houston, MS; KA Semmes, Mary Bryant; Grenada, MS; AT Serrato, Virginia Aline; Oxford, MS Shamburger. Lisa Anne; Vicksburg, MS Shappley, Robert Wade; Tupelo. MS Shelter, Martha Jean; Clarksdale, MS Shelton, Susan Lee; Orlando, FL; KA8 Shiel, Royce Edward; Brookhaven, MS Short, Trilby Joy; Biloxi, MS Shorter, Lyonell Joe; Oxford, MS Shull, Kathryn Ann; Ridgely, TN; ZTA Siena, Pauli , Greenville, MS Sikora, Jinx Jacqueline; MerrillvUle, IN; ZTA Simmons, Brian Ainsworth; Jackson, MS Simmons, Nancy Jean; Shreveport, LA Sinopoli, Jon Thomas; Biloxi, MS; KZ Skinner, Hugh Adams; Memphis, TN JUNIORS Juniors 389 JUNIORS Skinner, Jeffrey Eugene; Memphis, TN; K Skypeck, Jessie; Memphis, TN; IIB Slavens, Charles Frederick; Maltoon, IL; A Slay, Kerry Earl; Oxford, MS; IIB Smiley, Stephanie Patricia; Covington, LA; KA Smith, Daniel Edward; Pachuta, MS Smith, David Frank; Vicksburg, MS Smith, Gregory Charles; Corinth, MS Smith, Gregory Lane; West Point, MS Smith, Herman Shane; Brookhaven, MS Smith, John Michael; Houston, MS; KA Smith, Justina Marie; Cairo, IL Smith, Ken Dudley; Saltillo, MS Smith, Laura Jane; Corinth, MS Smith, Robert Bruce; Wesson, MS; K Smith, Robert Vanderhoof; Columbus, OH; A Smith, Sammy David; Marion, AR Smith, Stuart Murray; Clarksdale, MS; JN Smith, Terry Wayne; Grenada, MS Smylie, Robert Warren; Meridian, MS; KT Sneed, Billy Ray; Thaxton, MS Sneed, Paula Marie; Tupelo, MS Sneed, Rory Hudson; Thaxton, MS Snyder, Tony Randall; Crowder, MS; A Soper, Timothy Lee; Tupelo, MS; KA Sorrels, Cheryl Anne; Brentwood, TN, M Speed, Celia; Meridian, MS; XQ Speights, Jeffrey Shayne Spencer, Samuel Newlin, Jackson, MS Sprabery, Aubrey Trevelin; Tupelo, MS Spragin, Lydia Evelyn; Clarksdale, MS Spratlin, Allison Ann; Bruce, MS, ZTA Springer, Christopher Michael; Butler, NJ Spry, Ralph Benjamin; Severn, MD Spurlock, Willie Clarence; Indianola, MS; A A Stanford, Vickie Lynn; Fulton, MS Stark, William Cranville; Greenville, MS Starks, Crecia L; Grenada, MS Steele, James Carl; Tremont, MS Steinbom, Karl Anthony; Jackson, MS Stennett, Christy Anne; Ripley, MS; AAE Stepp, Joi Leigh; Florence, AL; KKT V) 7 390 Juniors Stevenson, Karen Leigh; Atlanta. GA; XQ Stewart. Alvia Earl; Kosciusko. MS Stewart, Hilda Hunter; Natchez. MS; AOH Stieg Roger Lee; Nashville, 1L Stmson. Lisa Dianne; Jackson. MS; Ml Stone. MeLame; Oxford, MS Storey. Chervl Lanca Stovall, Earl Hilton; 1 rille, MS i;YazooCity.MS Strahm, Kevin Ray; Sabetha. KS Street. Jay Shelton; Ripley, MS Strickland, Benv Jo; Tishomingo, MS Strickland, Phillip Kay; IKa Bena. MS; 2N Strickland. Starwyn Stelenek; Tutwiler, MS; KA8 Strickland, Stephanie Jean; Brandon, MS Stringer, Michele G., Waynesboro, MS; Ml Stringer. Wanda Gail. McComb. MS Strouse, Jeffrey Byron; Mt. Vemon, OH; X Stuart. Charlie Frank; Wesson, MS Stubbs, John Embrev; Ripley. MS Sumner. Ellen Kay; Prairie Village. KS; AOD Stunners, Leslie Elizabeth; New Albany, MS; KA Sunn. Dudley Shane; Ackerman, MS Button Patricia Kay; Tupelo, MS Swords, Kenneth Lee; New Albany. MS Swords. Tounia Dawn; New Albany, MS; Ml Szeluga, Margaret; Titusville. N ' J Tannehill. David Henderson. Tupelo, MS; A Tate. Deborah Grace; Sardis, MS Taylor, Ava Denise. Brandon. MS Taylor. Carole, Corinth, MS. Taylor. Lisa Lynn; Jackson. MS; Ml Taylor. Ralph Winstead; Waterloo. IL Telf er, George Curtiss; Hillsboro, IL; OKA Terry. Jeffrey Van; Canton. MS; KA Tetley, Laura Kay; Sikeston, MO; KKT Tettleton, Robert Pylant, Oxford, MS Thomas, Douglas Eugene; Noxapater, MS Thomas, Lori Lee; Bement, IL; An Thomas, Paul Aubrey; McComb, MS; KT Thompson, Brenda Jo; Amory, MS Thompson, Jeff en- Steven; Kosciusko, MS Thompson, Judy Loraine, Greenwood, MS; AOD Thompson, Linda Rochelle; Oxford, MS Thompson, Thomas Wayne; Memphis, TN Throgmorton, Vicki Jane; Sikeston, MO; AAA Thweet, Debra Lynn; Southaven, MS; ZTA TUL Cynthia Ann; University, MS; ZTA TiUma ' n . Kathryn Barry; Gulf port . MS Timmons, Elizabeth Ellen; Corinth, MS Tiiey. Virginia Olive; Isola. MS; +M Tomlinson, Martha Virginia; Marietta, GA. KKT Torbert. Nan Leigh; Nashville, TN Torres, Alba Patricia; Oxford, MS Trahan. Jerome Dennis; Biloxi, MS Trask, Shawn Daniel; Jackson, MS Treadway, William Alan; Nashville, TN; ATO Tucker, James Gregory; Meridian. MS Tuckier. Laura Dawn; Corinth, MS Tullos. David Nathaniel; Marks, MS; ATO Tullos. James Michael. Taylorsville, MS; ZBT JUNIORS Juniors 391 JUNIORS Tullos, Susan Alison; Hattiesburg, MS; AAA Tunnell, Mattie Jacovia; Vicksburg, MS Turner, Alex Montague; Grenada, MS Turner, Paul Bruce; Belzoni, MS; KA Turner, Teresa Lee; Belden, MS; AAH Turner, Thomas Newell; Belzoni, MS; KA Underwood, Curtis Gene; Greenwood, MS; K Upchurch, James Ray; Pearl, MS Vaughan, Bonnie Elizabeth; Union City, TN; Xfl Vaughn, John Mark; Nashville, TN Voss, Janet Elizabeth; Camden, AR Vowels, Lucinda Kay; Sikeston, MO; AOH Waddle, Carol Ann; Plantersville, MS Waddle, Regina Sue; Belmont, MS Waggoner, N. Gabrielle; Austin, TX; IIB Wait, Robert Thomas, Cedar Rapids, 1A Walker, Gale Lee; Memphis, TN Walker, Jay D.; Albany, GA Walker, Pamela Louise; Vicksburg, MS Walker, Yvette A.; Corinth, MS; AKA Wall, James Sidney; Belmont, MS Wall, Lucy Claire; Brookhaven, MS; KA Wall, Patricia Lynn; University, MS Wall, Robert Edward; Jackson, MS; ZN Wallace, Dana Lorane; Clarksville, TN; HB Waller, Cynthia Ann; Oxford, MS Waller, Edward Charles; Jackson, MS; Ben Waller, Judy Louise; Oxford, MS Walsh, Timothy Louis; Memphis, TN; K Wamble, Michael Anthony; Columbus, MS; Ben Ward, Gregory H.; Jackson, MS; KA Ward, Kimberly Ann; Meridian, MS; M Warner, Jennifer Cecile; Gaithersburg, MD Watson, David Leake, Monroe, LA; X Watson, Sarah Elizabeth; Dunwoody, GA; KA Watts, Lisa Lynne; Raymond, MS Watts, Scott Bradley; Hollywood, FL; B6H Webb, Connie Edith; Tupelo, MS Webb, John Harrison; Gulfport, MS; ZN Weber, Kolleen Kandelle; Vicksburg, MS Wedgeworth, William Sidney; Long Beach, MS Wegener, Nancy Kathryn; ClarksdaTe, MS; KA8 Welch, Cynthia Love; Jackson, MS, M Welch, Thomas Andrew; Brookhaven, MS West, Barry Allen; Memphis, TN; K Wetzel, Janette Leslie; Eupora, MS Wheat, William Joseph; Gulfport, MS; KZ White, Catherine Lucile; Laurel, MS; AAA White, Howard Grantham; Jackson, MS White, Neil Ware; Gulfport, MS; K2 Whitehead, Reginald Karl; Greenville, MS Whitt, Patricia Ann; Arcola, MS Whitten, Robert Bailey; Hernando, MS Whitten, Suzanne; Senatobia, MS Whitworth, Carralyn Jean; Brandon, MS Wicker, Kathryn Ann; Tupelo, MS; AAI1 Wicktor, Lisa C; Cape Coral, FL; KKT Wilder, Elizabeth Rae; Jackson, MS; KKT 392 Juniors Wilkinson, Mark Russell; Hernando, MS; ZBT Williams, Alfred Henry; Nashville, TN Williams, David Brian; Laurel, MS; ZN Williams, Jimmy Lee; Courtland, MS, A A Williams, Renate June; Thaxton, MS Williamson, Kelli Rene; Madison, MS; M Williamson, Regina; Mendenhall, MS Wilson, Anthony Blake, Clarksdale, MS Wilson, Katrina Lynn; Tupelo, MS Wing, Dale Leslie; Sledge, MS Winter, Eleanor Elliott, Jackson, MS Wolverton, Kim Kavanaugh , Carthage, MS; IX Wood, Katie Winston; Natchez, MS; X ' .i Wood, Robert Shelton; Ocean Springs, MS; K Wood, Wendy Lynn; Jackson. MS; XQ Woods, Bradley Eugene; West Memphis, AR Woods, Terry Lee; Duck Hill, MS Woolf , Reginald David; Fulton. KY; A TO Yates, Cathy Renee; Glen, MS Yelverton, Byron Edwin; Taylorsville, MS York, William Hisha; Holly Springs. MS; AS Young, Charlie Ray; Oxford, MS Young, David Eugene; Memphis, TN Young, Denise Ann; Fairfield, IL; AOn Young, Evelyn Weatherford; Wynne, AR; AT Young, James Robert; Oxford, MS Young, Pamela Lee; Oxford, MS Young, Roy Bvin; Ackerman, MS; KT Zahn, Jeff Richard; Sturgeon Bay, WI; X Zollar, Herbert John; Oxford, MS JUNIORS Juniors 393 SENIORS Abbott, Mary Coyle; Birmingham, AL; AAII Adams, Robert Earl; Baldwyn, MS Ahram, Bassam A.; University, MS Aills, Jonathan Sewell; Dallas, MS, KA Akers, Elaine; Brandon, MS Al-Azzawi, Abdulrahman Kahm; University, MS Al-Fakhouri, Mohamed Mueen; Hawally Al-Moghrabi, Mustapha Mohamad Aldridge, Gary Kendall; Jackson, MS; ZN Alexander, David Glynne; Houston, MS Alexander, Richard DeWayne; Flowood, MS Alldridge, James Robert; Grenada, MS Allen, Lori Lynn; Augusta, GA Alsobrooks, Robin Kimberly; Florence, MS; AAA Altenbem, Douglas Carlton; Brentwood, TN; KA Alvey, Laura Raye; Franklin, KY; ZTA Amick, William Rhett; Wichita, KS Anaya, Rebecca Karen, Jackson, MS Anderson, Mark David; Okolona; MS; KT Anthony, Jay Alan; Ocean Springs, MS; A Armstrong, James Harry; Tupelo, MS Arnold, Roy L.; Taylorsville, MS Aron, Jeff; Pontotoc, MS Arva Rakesh; Brockville, Canada Asbury, Kate Cowart; Opelika, AL; AOI1 Ashley, Sheryle Delarie; Parma, MO; ZTA Austin, Wanda Jean; Randolph, MS Aven, Anson Abbe; Oxford, MS Avery, Margaret Suzanne; Cleveland, MS; AAII Aziz, Susan Teresa; University, MS Azordegan, Philippe Albert; Jackson, MS; A Bailey, Elizabeth Shelby; New Orleans, LA; KKT Baine, Elizabeth Lea; Jackson, MS Baker, Kathryn Suzanne; Long Beach, MS; KA Baker, Tracy Brian; Booneville, MS Balthis, Lenora Gaile; Columbus, MS Baldwin, Kimberly, Pontotoc, MS Baldwin, Mary Kimberly; Pontotoc, MS Bannon, Christina Jane; Grenada, MS; AOI1 Barber, David George; Oxford, MS Barcomb, John Randall; Barre, VT Barfield, Emily Ann; Vicksburg, MS Barkely, Jay Harry; Jackson, MS Barlow, Debbie Ray; Rich, MS Barlow, Julie Rownes; Jackson, MS Barnes, Donna Marguerite; Natchez, MS Barnes, Margaret Elise; Memphis, TN; KA Barnett, Charles Ellis; Harvey, LA Harriett, Kenneth Joe; Holly Springs, MS Barnett, Christopher Maurice; Memphis, TN Ban-on, Debra Joy; New Site, MS Barry, Robert Louis; Quitman, MS; A8 Bartles, Esabel; Stuttgart Basden, Lisa Kay; Sherman, MS Bass, Mary Elizabeth; Crystal Springs, MS; A28 Batakji, Hassan Abdel Rahman; University, MS Bateman, Blane Edward; Oxford, MS; A Bates, Tyrone C; Nesbirt, MS; A A Battle, James Arthur; Batesville, MS Beal, Wesley Martin; Medford, NJ 394 Seniors Beard, Gregory Eugene; Booneville, MS Beckett, Sherry Ann; Bruce, MS Belenchu, Johnny Manhall; Shelby. MS Belenchia. Marcia Ann; Shelby, MS Bell. Mary Lisa; Raymond. MS Bell, Tanya Chariase. Holly Springs, MS Benson, Janyth Gail; Courtland, MS Bettolet, Barry Dean; Jackson, MS; ATQ Beet, Eliza Ann; Mountain Brook, AL Bethay, Kenneth Lee; Booneville, MS, B6I1 Billingsley, Rodney Eugene; Carthage, MS Birdwell, Ann Walton; Carthage. TN; ZQ Bishop, George Doyle; New Hebron, MS Bishop, Ronnie Dale; Waynesboro, MS; ATQ BUckledge, Knsta Dawn; University. MS BUckweU. George Basil; Jackson. MS BUkely, Lisa Dawn, Grenada, MS; AOO Blanks, Marti Lavine, Meridian. MS Blassingame, Jimmv Guy, Booneville, MS; B8C Blatt, Rita Sue; Tupelo. MS Boal, Virginia List; Atlanta, GA Bonds, Teresa Ann; Houston. MS; AT Booker, Rosiland Theair; Oxford. MS Boolos. Timothy Lee; Vicksburg, MS Boone. Levi, Pickens, MS; AA Booth, Anne Reed; Eupora, MS Borne, Debra Ann; Oxford, MS Boschert, Curtis Dickins; Duncan, MS Bouldin, Marshall Jones, Oarksdale. MS; ATQ Bowers. Deborah Anne; Jackson. MS; M Boxx. Ronald Ray; Coffeville. MS Boyce, Townsend; Clarksdale, MS; Zfi Boyd, Paul Marcus; Southaven, MS Boyd. Sheila Gave; Moss Point. MS Bradley, Judith Lynn; Hattiesburg, MS; AT Brame, William Hoover; Jackson, MS; KZ Brasfield. Earl Harvey; Vicksburg, MS Breazeale. Barbara D . Greenwood, MS Brewer. Michael Dean, Bruce, MS Bridges, Marlon Keith; University, MS; X Bright, Kenneth Moore; Batesville, MS Bright, Ora Lee; Tunica, MS Brown, Janet Benita; Chicago, IL Brown, John Steve; Oxford. MS Brown, Lynne Allison; Pascagoula, MS; AT Brown, Patrick Scott; Stewart MS; ZZ Brown, Tammy Susan; McCool, MS Brown, Thomas Kevin; Tupelo, MS SENIORS Seniors 395 SENIORS Browning, John George; Memphis, TN Browning, Jon Lacy; Ecru, MS Brownlee, Pamela V.; Hernando, MS Bruce, John Elbert; Blue Springs, MS Bruce, Robert Alan; Magnolia, AR Bryant, Julia Ann; Lake Providence, LA; XO Buck, Kenneth Charles; Columbus, MS Bucy, Laura Nell; Satillo, MS; AMI Buehl, Deena Louise; Memphis, TN; KKT Buehler, Bo; Durham, NC; KA Bulsterbaum, Allison Aylene; Pascagoula, MS Burch, Gayle Anne; New Orleans, LA; AAII Burch, Richard; Mize, MS Burnett, Casandra; Oxford, MS Burns, Barbara Jean; Corinth, MS Burns, Roland Otto; Jackson, MS Burrage, Jimmy Boud; Noxapater, MS Burton, Robert Eugene; Jackson, MS Bush, Houston R.; New Hebron, MS Butler, William Wylie, Oxford, MS Cagle, Carmen Virginia; Maben, MS; XU Caldwell, Martha Gail; Grenada, MS Callender, Dana Jean, Jackson Campbell, William Lee; Natchez, MS Camponova, Michael Joseph; Clarksdale, MS; EOT Cannom, Cynthia Dake; University, MS Capwell, Mary Elizabeth; Selmer, TN; KKT Garden, James; University, MS Carlisle, Kimberly Kay; Germantown, TN; AT Carlyle, William Lee; Gulfport, MS Caron, Richard Amedee; Meridian, MS; X Carr, Phillip Alan; Water Valley, MS Carrell, Jack James; Bogalusa, LA Carroll, John Hardin; Tupelo, MS Carruthers, Tracy; Memphis, TN; XQ Carter, Eric Warren; Biloxi, MS Cecerre, Teresa Lynn; Batesville, MS; KKT Chamseddine, Mohamad H.; University, MS Chang, Hsun-Jen; Chungo Chapman, Ralph K.; Pinckneyville, IL; ATO Chase, Amos; Hazlehurst, MS; X Chatham, Robert Wiley; AT8 Cheney, Bennet Wilkins; Tupelo, MS Chesteen, Michael; Kilmichael, MS Ch ism. Lisa Rose; New Albany Chun, Matthew M.; Tupelo, MS Cianciola, Joseph C; Memphis, TN; ATO Clark, Angela Gail; Maben, MS Clarke, Mary Robertson; Riverside, IL Clayton, Terry Lynne; Meridian, MS; M Clement, Joseph Allen; Tifton, GA; 2N Clinton, Jean; Oxford, MS Cobb, Michael Derrell; Baldwyn, MS Cobb, Ty Charles; Brandon, MS; KT Coffey, Zita Raymond; Jackson, MS Cofield, Jerry Lloyd; Clinton, MS Coggins, Michael K.; Pontotoc, MS Coggins, Terry Lynn; Wheeler, MS Colbert, Anthony Neal; Houston, MS Cole, Charles Scott; Booneville, MS 396 Seniors Cole, Cynthia Ann; Birmingham, AL, AOQ Cole, Jeanne Marie; Vicksburg, MS Coleman, Robert Lawton; Pearl, MS Collar, Brian Edward; University, MS Collins, Arlissa Nash; Mobile, AL; AAA Collins, Augustus Leon; Booneville, MS Collins, John Jerome; Biloxi, MS Collum. Billye Jean; Fulton, MS; KA Colson, Angela Renee; Batesville, MS Conaway, Kimberly Maria; Aberdeen, MS Conner, Donna Faye; Greenville, MS Conway, Jamie Ann; Fort Lauderdale, FL Coogler, Richard Brian; Stamford, CT Cook, Caroline Pace; Hattiesburg, MS Cooke, Charles Earl; Brookhaven, MS Cooke, Jack Wheet. Jr.; Jackson. MS; A6 Cookson, Julianna Lea; Ponca City, OK Cooper, Karen Diane; Ri pley, TN Corban, Eleanor Lee; Biloxi, MS; AT Cockran, Ronald Edward; Helena, AR Corr. Angela; Sardis. MS; AAA Cosnahan, Henderson Watt; Summit, MS Cotter, Judith Lynn, Savannah, TN; AOn Counts, Waidene; Fayetteville, TN Courtney. Regina Lynn; Bassfield, MS Cowart. Caren Elizabeth; Atlanta. CA Cox, Dudley Oovis; Hickory Flat, MS Cox. Frank Willis; Wiggins. MS Cox, John Lowrey; Jackson. MS; +A6 Cox, Steven Lawrence; Amory, MS Craft, Larry Durwood. Pearl. MS Craig, Patricia Susan; Weir, MS Crawford. Beverly Jo; McComb, MS Crenshaw. Kimberly; Humboldt, TN; AT Crone, Robert Andrew; Memphis, TN; ZN Crotland, Emmet Craig, Jackson, MS; Ben Crull, Michelle Mar ie; Bay Saint Louis. MS Crutcher, James Todd; Greenwood, MS Crutcher, Sally Eiland; Cleveland, MS; XQ Cumberland, Bobby G , Jackson, MS Cummins, James Byron; Jackson, MS Cunningham, Scott Lewis; Shreveport, LA: KZ Curry, Nancy Jean; Waterford, MS Curry, Rochelle Teresita; Chicago, IL Dailey . Rita Sikes; Charleston, MS Dandridge, Clifton Bernard; Coldwater, MS Davenport. Donald Ray; Cedar Bluff, MS; BJ Davenport. David; Biloxi. MS Davenport, Margaret Katherine; Vicksburg lS Davidsn, Friley Spruill; Cleveland, MS; KA Davidson, John Stacy; Cleveland, MS; KA Davie, Joseph Todd, Birmingham, AL Davis, Brenda Dale, Hattiesbunr MS Davis, Cynthia Jan; Bruce, MS; TB2 Davis. Cynthia Lee; Jackson, MS David, James Stephen; Brookhaven, MS Davis, Jennifer Rose; Senatobia, MS Davis. Lisa Ann; Jackson, MS Davis. Maxjohe Renee; Birmingham, AL Davis. Mark Howard; Ocean Springs, MS SENIORS Seniors 397 SENIORS Davis, Mark Stephen; Bruce, MS Dawkins, Andrea Lynn; Orlando, FL Dawkins, Mark; Collierville, TN Day, Timothy Parker; Vicksburg, MS; ZX Deal, Debra Lynn; Forrest City, AR Debord, Gigi Renee; Oxford, MS; KA9 Dennis, Denise Lavone; Kosciusko, MS Deveer, Donald Hopkins; Jackson, MS Dickson, Angela Denise; Memphis, TN Dietrich, Cindy M.; Hamlet, NC Dietrich, Ross Carter; Clemson, SC Diggs, Charles Mitchell; University, MS Dobbins, Lashurn Renee; Nesbit, MS Dockery, John Scott; Ocean Springs, MS; K Dodd, Marilyn La Shell; Tutwiler, MS Dolan, Kathy Lyn; University, MS Dolloff , Mildred Lisa; Canton, MS Donley, Beatrice Deveaux; Jackson, MS, XQ Donosky, David Stephen; Dallas, TX; KA Doty, Charles Ray; Oxford, MS; 2AE Douglas, Sharon Patricia; Brandon, MS Downs, Kenneth Earl; Carrollton, MS Driver, Robert Gilbert; Olive Branch, MS Duffey, Charles Peter; Nashville, TN Dukes, Judy Ann; Jackson, MS Dupuy, Jamie Cooper; Vicksburg, MS; AT Dupuy, Yvonne Patrice; Natchitoches, LA Durham, William Harvey; Tylertown, MS Dzubey, Cudhoe Kenneth; Mamprobi Eagan, Richard Carl; Fredericksburg, VA Eagleson, David Alexander; Madison, MS Eaton, Timothy Gerald; Baldwyn, MS Ebochue, Edward Onyemaechi Echols, Esthw Marie; Coldwater, MS; TBZ Edell, Michael Edward; New Orleans, LA; ZX Edwards, John Miles; Port Gibson, MS Edwards, Orrin Wendell; Kosciusko, MS; 2X Edwards, Quinton Thomas; Grenada, MS Eichelberger, Shirley Diann; West Point, MS; AKA El-Khoury, Gaby; Tartej-Jbeil, Lebanon El-Sayed, Samir Saf i; Beirut Elam, Candy Darlene; Corinth, MS; AT 398 Seniors Elledge, Darryl Lee; Alice, TX Elliot. James Wendell; Milhngton, TN El Us, David Bradley; University, MS Elmers. Bess L , Oxford, MS Emekwue, Vicktor Azubike; Anambra State Emmanuelli, Diaz Carmen R ; Ponce, PR Erves, James Calvin; Vicksburg, MS Erwin. Kate E; Littlerock, AR; TIB Esmaeili-Bidhendj All; Tehran, Iran Estes, Daniel Lee; New Albany, MS Exes, Joel Anthony; Long Beach. MS Ettes, Rebecca Lynn; Oxford. MS Etoch, Adele Patricia; Helene, AR Evans, Deborah Gay; Marian na . AR Evans, Jane Marie; Dyersburg, TN; XQ Farage. Doanld Lee; university, MS Farnsworth, Stephen Hartford; Memphis, TN; A TO Harris. Samuel Hardy; Oarksdale. MS; A TO Faulkner, Mark Wayne; Vienna. IL Faulks, James Lee; University, MS Fetzik, Stephen Patrick; Cautier, MS Fichter, Heather Adelle; Houston, TX Fisher, Lea Murray; Memphis, TN; KKT Fitts, James Nathan; Tupelo, MS Fleishhacker, Barbara D.; Tupelo, MS Flood, Melissa Louise; Meridian, MS; AAA Flora, Mary Frances; Riverdale, GA Floyd, Cynthia Leeann; Magee, MS Floyd. Paul Leslie; Vicksburg, MS Foote, Elizabeth Jane; Hattiesburg, MS Ford. Dwight Jay; Ripley. MS Ford, Jane Robbins; New Albany, MS Forsythe. Kimberly Lynne; Vicksburg, MS Fosh ' ee. Sheri Anne; Batesville, MS Foster. Dexter L.; Shannon. MS; AA Fouche, Amee Joy; Greenville, MS; XQ Fourcade, John Charles; Gretna. LA Fowler, Sally Ross; Hattiesburg, MS Fowler, Thomas Howard; University, MS Fox, Brian Bevill; Oxford. MS Fox, Patricia Gail; Vaiden, MS Fox, Susan Linnea, Raleigh. NIC, AAU Franklin. Gregory Albert; Batesville, MS Freedman, David; Michael; Staten Island, NY Freeman, Anne Elizabeth; St. Louis, MO; KKT Freightman, John Phillip; Gulfport, MS Fridrich, Lisa Boise, Nashville, TN Fryery, Timothy Mark; Meridian, MS Frost, Melanie Irene; Baldwyn, MS Fulton. Hal Edwin; Lena. MS; KK Fulton, Lyman Avard Mountain Home, TN Furrh. Roy Hendee; Jackson. MS; A8 Gardner. Anita Louise; Chickasaw, Ai Gardner, Diwayne Irvin; Philadelphia, MS Garret, Mark Logan; Jackson, MS Gear, Steven Kenneth; Millstadt, IL; X Gentry, Angelia Paulette; Marietta, MS Ghamlouch, Sami Hassan; Norman, OK Gibson, Sheila Lynn; Winona, MS Giddy, Candace Denise; Flora, MS SENIORS Seniors 399 SENIORS Gilbert, Christopher Gerard Ocean Springs, MS Gill, Eleanor Allen; Greenwood, MS; M Gill, Sarah Nell; Frenchmans Bayo, AR Gill, Thomas Joseph; Raymond, MS Gilleylen, Carolyn Bonita; University, MS; AKA Gilleylen, Emily Delorse; Amory, MS; AKA Gillis, Alan Anthony; McComb, MS Gillis, Heather Joanne; Jackson, MS; AMI Glasgow, Mary Frances; Memphis, TN; A All Glass, Leslie Alexandra; Houston, TX; KA Gleaton, Kenneth; Pope, MS Glenn, John William; Jackson, MS; HUM Goforth, Hugh Maxel; Oxford, MS Goldman, Karlen Lorene; Meridian, MS; M Goldner, Beth; Meridian, MS; AAA Goliday, Jean Ann; Oxford, MS Gong, Jody Chuck; Greenwood, MS Goodwin, Dora Elizabeth; Booneville, MS Gould, David Moore; Memphis, TN; KZ Graham, Courtney; Crystal Springs, MS; XQ Grant, Donald Powell: Nashville, MS Grantham, Sarah Kathryn; Jackson, MS Graves, James Gregory; Brandon, MS Graves, Julie Ann; Lexa, AR Gray, David Leon; Gulfport, MS Gray, Pamela Ann; Franklin, TN; KKT Gray, Ronnie Edmond; Natchez, MS; 4 KT Grayson, John Hall; Memphis, TN; ZAE Greene, Carol Rebecca; Crosby, MS Griffin, Calvin; Batesville, MS Griffin, Donna Lee; Booneville, MS Griffin, Gary Miller; Sturgis, MS Griffin, John Shuler; Greenville, MS Griffin, William Arlis; Spring, TX; X Guhn, Paula Ann; Corinth, MS Guthrie, Shannon Dee; Memphis, TN; AT Haden, Maria Frances; Booneville, MS Hairston, Phyllis Vernelious; Oxford, MS; AKA Halawani, Walid Abdalla; Beirut, Lebanon Hall, Ronnie Dean; New Albany, MS Hall, Susan Rebecca; Yazoo City, MS; KKT Hall, Yolanda; Water Valley, MS 400 Seniors Hallberg, Charles ).; Memphis, TN; ZBT Hammock, Elizabeth Anne; Tupelo, MS Hampton, Lisa Rose, University, MS Hankins, Jimmy Steven, Raleigh, MS Hankins, Manorie Aaron, Booneville, MS Hardin, Carole daudette; Senatobia, MS Hardin. Crover Charles; Tupelo, MS Martin. Mary Jo, Mandeville. LA; AOI1 Harmon, Emilv Hall; Columbia. TN; XQ Harper, Jack Walter; Jackson, MS; ATQ Harper. Kelly Marie; New Orleans, LA; OB Harris. Dwight L; Corinth, MS; B2 Harris. James Edward. New Albany, MS Harris, Mary Elizabeth, Jackson. MS; Ml Harris. Philip Eugene; Marietta, GA Harrison, Brenda Claire; Derma, MS Harrison, Brian Kipling; Brandon, MS, B4 D Hart. Anne Allen; Inverness, MS; Xfl Hassell. Robyn Jane; Jackson, TN; ZTA Hawkins. Ricardo L; Indianola, MS; A A Hawks. Barbara Elizabeth; Oxford. MS Haves, Laura Lvnne; Brandon, MS; An Heard, Carolyn Cooper; Baton Rouge, LA, AAA Heirer. Matthew Stephen; Pascagoula, MS; K9 Hendrix. Phillip Boothe; Helena. AR, ZX Hendrix, Terrica Diane; New Albany, MS Henick. Melanie Carrie; Yazoo Cm-, MS; XQ Henry. Harriet Sue; Oxford, MS Henry, Jennifer Grace, Meridian, MS Henton. John Mitchell; Jackson, TN; KS Herd, Robert James, Maben. MS Herrin, Jane Elizabeth; Hartiesburg. MS; AAA Herrin. Tad Edward; Maysville, GA Hicks. Alfreida; Chicago. IL Hill. Charles Lannie, Riplev, MS Hoffman. George Wilden; New Orleans, LA. IX Holcomb. William Edgar; Jackson, MS; 48 Holden, Leighanne Grace; Memphis, TN; TBZ Holder, Bennie Don; Corinth, MS Holdorf. Pamela Meb, Jackson. MS Holdorg, Wendy Lynn; Jackson. MS Holiday. Tracy Diane; Clinton, MS; AAD Holland. Lynn Morris; Hickory Flat, MS Holland. Robert Morris; Fayetteville, TN Holley, Clifford Paul; Long Beach. MS Holley. James Christopher; Ripley, MS Holliday. John Mark; Ripley. MS; SN Hollis. Arthur Sherman. Enid, MS Hollis, Laura Lynn; Upland, CA; M Holly. David Eugene; Corinth. MS Holmes, Edward William; Bay St. Louis, MS Holt, Ray Glynn; Greenwood, MS Hood. Betsy Dianne; Calhoun Cry. MS; KKT House, Becky Ann; Hazen. AR House. James Robert; Hattiesburg, MS Howard. Mary Leslie; Memphis. TN Hubbard. Mil ' leigh Randle. Cordova. TN; AOD Huff. Bradley Ray; Meridian. MS; A6 Muggins, Stephanie Spaulding, Southaven, MS Hughes. Martha Mae; Sardis. MS SE9IIORS Seniors 401 SENIORS Hughes, Michael Warren; Bogalusa, LA Hunt, Connie Bailey; Senatobia, MS Hurley, Vicki Joyce; Memphis, TN; AOI1 Hyde, Darrell Stephen; Gautier, MS; KA Hyde, David Lake; Oxford, MS; ATO Ikerd, Helanne Elise; Friers Point, MS; AOH Imre, Ronald Leo; Milan, TN Ingersoll, Cheryl Ann; Aberdeen Ingram, Marian Ruth; Pine Bluff, AR; AOFI Irvin, Samuel Stafford; Jackson, MS Ivy, Elizabeth Ann; Bruce, MS Ivy, Susan Ruth; Oxford, MS Jackson, Shauneille Cassandra; Holly Springs, MS; AS6 Jacobs, Robert Alan; Bridgeport, WV Jacobson, Jeffrey Glenn; Oxford, MS Jaeger, Keith Barry; Laurenceville, NJ Jarjoura, Jody Griffin; Senatobia, MS Jeanson, Frank Gerard; Brookhaven, MS Jeanson, Lisa Bea;tlniversity, MS Jeffcoat, Jane Ellen; Lena, MS Jenkins, Gregory Keith; Bruce, MS Jenkins, Keitha Jane; Sumner, MS Johnson, Craig Elliot; Indianola, MS; X Johnson, Elizabeth Ann; New Orleans, LA; AAII Johnson, Michael Lane; Memphis TN Johnson, Terry Oneal; Saltillo, MS Johnston, Paul Brady; Short Hills, N; Jolly, Thomas Elwyn; Monticello, MS; X Jones, Deborah Gale; Metairie, LA Jones, Doris Lynn; Oxford, MS Jones, Dorothy Jean; Vardaman, MS Jones, John Ester; Vardaman, MS Jones, Marcus Wayne; Belzoni, MS Jones, Marian Frances; Columbus, MS; AT Jones, Melissa Irene; Amo ry, MS; ZTA Jones, Thadius Milford; Clinton, MS Jordan, Burnice Elliott; University, MS Joyner, Thomas Lee; Jackson, MS; A6 Kathler, Karen Anne; Lindenhurst, NY; KKT Kayali, Imad; University, MS Keene, John Leroy; University, MS Kelley, Cynthia Wayne; Booneville, MS Kennedy, William Selby; Columbia, MS; K2 Kern, Steven Lawrence; Clinton, MS Keys, Teresa Lynn; Pontotoc, MS Killegrew, Angela Marie; Long Beach, MS Kimbrough, David Scott; Jackson, MS; X Kimbraugh, Shannon P.; Jackson, MS; IIB King, Donna Marie; Corinth, MS Kinney, Grover Cleveland; Oxford, MS Kirk, James Mitchell; Tupelo, MS Kiser, Theresa Gail; Monticello, MS Kittrell, Martin Carter; Grenada, MS Klingen, Joseph Leonard; Oxford, MS; A6 Knight, Robert Terrell; Greenwood, MS; W Knight, Victor Eugene; Stroughton, WI; A Knox, Tracy Leigh; Memphis, TN Kontar, Ghassan Bachier; Beirut, Lebanon; Korte, Stephen W.; Metropolis, IL; 9KT Kreager, William Fischer; Memphis, TN 402 Seniors Kuehn, Katherine Chesley; Richardson, TX; KKT Lamb, Samuel Michael; Tupelo, MS; KA Landrv, Larry Joseph; Arabi, LA; ZBT Lane, Sandra Fave; Mow Point, MS Langlow, John Robins; Natchez, MS; KT Lauderdale, Donna Lea; Marks, MS Lavanway, Don David. Lasalle, FL Law. James Fletcher; Gainesville, GA; ATO Leach, Cecilia May; Senatobia, MS Leatherman, Robertson Morrow; Columbia, MS; Lee. )anie Ruth; Tupelo, MS Lee, Mark Keith; New Hebron, MS Lee, Thomas Hugh; Mendelhall, MS; BSD Lehman, Vicki Ann; Naples, FL; [IB Lehr. Frances Elizabeth; Water Valley, MS Lester. Michael Dale, Booneville, MS ' Lewis, Lisa Ruth; Columbus. MS; ZTA Under. David Hugh; Batesville, MS Linn, Antoinette Henley; Jackson. MS; AT Little, Melvin : Senatobia. MS Lo, Hon Wai; Memphis, TN Lockard. Christopher Lee; Orange Park, FL; ATQ Locke. Jane Marie; Mt. Pleasant. TN, KA8 Lockett. Andrew King; Culfport, MS Lockwood. Joe Kent; Corning, AR Logan, Julia Kim; Stuttgart, AR; AOI1 Logue, Lawrence Cox; Pope, MS; ZBT Long, Agrippa Kellum . Jackson, MS; ATQ Long, Pene Carol: Holly Springs, MS Loomis, Allen Robert; Fort Dodge, IA Love, John W.; Fulton. MS Lowe, David Jones, Glendora. MS; ZAE Loyocono, Gay Marcel; University, MS Lukas, Clarissa Ann; Gulf port, MS Lumpkin, Amy Louise; Vemon, AL; M Lumsden, Amy Joan; Saratoga Spring, NY; ZTA Luther, Garland Lee; Abbeville, MS Lyons, Pamela Dixie; Grenada, MS; AOn Maclnnis, Michael Stephen; Pascagoula, MS Madam. Mohammed T . Sidon, Lebanon Madiebo, Emmanuel Okelue; Uwani-Enugu Magee, Timothy Ananias; New Orleans, LA Maharrey, Sonora Grace; Tupelo, MS Maher, Sandra Davis; Clinton, MS Maiden, Sheridan; University, MS Makdah, Darwich M.; University, MS; Malli.Ali; Norman, OK Mann. Catherine Mary; University, MS Mann, Hope Hester; Birmingham, AL. AOFI Mann, Tammie Lynn; luka, MS Mapp, Debra Sue; Bogue Chitto, MS; AT Marchant. J. David; Byhaha. MS Marklev. Ann Lynn; De Beausefo. Paris, France; An Mars, Virginia Nell; Philadelphia, MS Marsh, Kevin Robert; N. Little Rock, AR Marshall, Cathy Renee; Mantachie, MS; AI Marshall, Lydia Pierce; Louisville, ICY; ZTA Martin, Billy George; Booneville, MS Martin, Elizabeth Burley , Natchez, MS; AOH Martin, Leslie Jean; Petal, MS SENIORS Seniors - 403 SENIORS Martin, Reuben Darius; Pascagoula, MS Martin, Sheila Ruth; Brandon, MS; M Martinez, Mart.) Rebeca; Arecibo, PR; KA Massey, William David; Purvis, MS Matthews, Timothy Allen; Holly Springs, MS; A A Maulden, Roslyn Gail; New Orleans, LA Mays, Pattie Vernail; Coldwater, MS McAddinich, Mary; University, MS McAlister, Sidney Stinson; Brentwood, TN; KI McCaa, Martha Ann; Lucedale, MS McCalmon, Thomas Lee; Baldwyn, MS McCarthy, Kathleen; New Orleans, LA; HB McCluskey, Heather; Amory, MS McCluskey, Pamela Jean; Tupelo, MS McConnell, Paula Kay; Memphis, TN McCool, Edward Deloach; Grenada, MS McCord, Mary Claudette; Memphis, TN; XQ McCormack, lames Patrick; East Falmouth, MA McCullough, John David; West Memphis, AR McDade, Bridget! Brenetta; Meridian, MS; OK McDaniel, Douglas Max; Jackson, MS McDonald, William Irvin; Tylertown, MS McGehee, Leo Scott; Jackson, MS Mclntosh, Barbara Annette; Holly Springs, MS McKee, Mary Carol; Jackson, MS; AMI McKin ley , Kathleen Marie; Jackson, MS; KA McLain, Paul King; Monticello, MS McLemore, Mary Ellen; Fayetteville, AR; KKT McManus, Sidney Hugh; Oxford, MS McMillon, Ronald Kevin; Greenville, MS McNatt, Jimmie Keith; Holly Springs, MS; K McNeal, Larry Dwayne; Water Valley, MS; B2 McNeece, Jeff C.; Fulton, MS McNevy, Bonnie; Murfreesboro, TN McNulty, Patrick William; Homewood, AL; X McNutt, Melanie Dawn; Greenwood, MS; 2AK Meeks, Jerri Lew; Yazoo City, MS; KKT Meeks, Sherri Lee; Yazoo City, MS; KKT Menhal, George Anthony; Greenville, MS Merideth, Philip Taylor; University, MS; A9 Merkerson, Craig Eugene; Tupelo, MS; KKT Messer, John Oneil; New Albany, MS Michel, Frances Alice; Jackson, MS Middleton, Randle Thomas; Yazoo City, MS; KI Mikell, Cheryl Ann; Statesboro, GA; ZTA Miles, Marion Sheldon; Birmingham, AL; M Miles, Pattie Gay; Fulton, MS Miley, John Gregory; Bay Springs, MS; I1KA Miller, Anna Lisa; Alexandria, VA Miller, Cheryl Leigh; Natchez, MS; AATI Miller, Debra Ruth; Grenada, MS Miller, Douglas Henry; Tupelo, MS Miller, Greta Denice; Plantersville, MS Mitchell, Christopher O.; Dallas, TX; IIKA Millican, Conni Frances; Greenwood, MS Mitchell, Brenda Fay; Indianola, MS Mitchell, Jo Beth; Meridian, MS; KA Mohamed, Abdul Mehdi; Nairobi, Kenya Monteith, Kathryn Lynette; Lambert, MS Monts, Michelle Dawn; Olive Branch, MS ( 404 Seniors Moody, Ernest Michael; Walls, MS Moore, Charles Ed; Tupelo, MS; KA Moore, Dale William; University, MS Moore, Marcus Claude; Tupelo, MS; KA Moore, Mary Lou; Friars Point, MS Moore, Mary Melissa; Columbus, MS; AT Moore, Mary Tucker; Clarksdale, MS; XQ Moore, Tamara; Meridian, MS; Xfi Moorhead, Pamela Ann; Oxford, MS Morgan, Dennis Paul; Grenada, MS Morgan, Melanie Inez; University, MS Morgan, Robert Bruce; Greenville, MS Morris, Bruce; Gallman, MS Morrissey, Eileen Hen; Oxford, MS; B A Morrow, James Scott; Columbus, MS Mose ley , Kimberly Ann; Owensboro, KY; KA Moss, Jennifer Linn; Independence, VA; IIB4 Moss, Sherry Lorraine; Jackson, MS; AAII Mort, David Marlon; Gulport, MS Mounger, Desmond Graham; Jackson, MS; A6 Mueller, Phillip Allan, Dallas, TX A9 Mulholland, Daniel Joseph; Jackson, MS Murdaugh, John Arthur; Indianola, MS Murray, Craig Hamilton; Dunwoody, GA Murphy, Gregory Alan; West Berlin, NJ Myers, Sandra Marie; Jackson, MS; AOri Nations, James Kerry; Jackson, MS Nordan, John S. , Hattiesburg, MS; AS Norwood, David Leonard; Hattiesburg, MS O ' Connor, Elizabeth; South Orange, NJ Odle, Kathy Yvonne; New Site, MS Okeke, Cyril Chukwuemeka; Abakaliki O ' Neal, Deborah Ann; Southaven, MS; ZTA Oneal, Laurie Lynn; Houma, LA Osborne, Walter William; Vicksburg, MS Otis, William Cavett; Tupelo. MS Otto, David Anthony; Gulfport, MS Otts, Jennie Deleigh; University, MS; M Owens, Charles Daniel; Warren, AR Page, Anne Jeaneen; Vicksburg, MS Page, Susan Annette; Tishomingo, MS Palmer, Brian Marc; Baton Rouge, LA; HI SENIORS Seniors 405 SENIORS Pang, Randy Alan; Greenville, MS; K8 Paris, Lisa Patricia; Oxford, MS; AT Parker, Donna Lynn; Biloxi, MS Parker, Edd Tate; Chagrin Falls, OH; A8 Parker, Gary; Oxford, MS Parker, Johnny; Jackson, MS; BZ Parker, Pamela Jean; Charleston, MS Parks, Linda Gale; Oxford, MS Parshall, lone Irene; Alamogordo, NM Peay, James Gray; Clarksdale, MS Pedron, Mark Richard Peeler, Warren Christopher, Ashland, MS Pennington, Nancy Margaret; Fayerteville, AR; ZTA Perry, Verda Mae, Como, MS Pettigrew, Rebecca Jane; Oxford, MS Pettis, Barbara A.; Oxford, MS Phan, Quang Quoc; Jackson, MS Philippart, Catherine Mary; Oxford, MS; ZTA Phillips, Debra Susan; Winnetka, IL; I1B Phillips, Emily Bryant; Jackson, MS; XQ Phillips, Forrest Charles; Hattiesburg, MS Phillips, Jeanne Belle, Jackson, MS; AT Phillips, Patricia Ann; Lexington, MS Phillips, Robert Russell; Pearl, MS Pigg, Parti; Pulaski, TN; ZTA Pigott, Michael Eugene, Jackson, MS Pinson, James Andrew; Oxford, MS Pitcock, Rae Marie, Grenada, MS Pittman, Donna Katherine; Greenville, MS Pi I ima n, Peggy Diane; Clarksdale, MS; A KA Pocklington, Brian Terence; Tupelo, MS Polk, James Michael; Algoma, MS Ponder, Paula Lunell; Water Valley, MS Pope, Alissa Kathleen; Jackson, MS; AMI Powell, Donna Lynne; Natchez, MS Powers, Deborah Kay; Hemando, MS; Z+B Powers, Jeffery Carl; Carthage, MS Prather, Leisha Jane; Memphis, TN Prisock, Kerry Lee; Jackson, MS; KT Provence, Bradley Keith; New Albany, MS; ZN Provenza, Margaret Rose; Greenville, MS; +M Pruett, Michael Riddell; Memphis, TN 406 Seniors Pruette. Janet Kimberlv. Gennantown, TN; XQ Prust, Robert McDonald, Decatur, IL Psikogios, Michael L.; Long Beach, MS Quick. Nancy Dean; Statesboro, GA Rabideau, Mark Steven; Oxford, MS Rakestraw, Barbara Ann; Blue Springs, MS Ramsev. Larry Lavon; Pontotoc, MS Rand. Fred Turner; Yazoo City, MS; OKT Raw Is, Maurice Leveil; Columbia, MS Ray, Dalisa Gene; Nenleton, MS Ray, James Stevenson; Tupelo, MS Ray, Mitchell Terry; Wheeler, MS Reed, Patrick Daniel; Brownsville, TN Reese, Jimmy Malcolm Reese. Michael R , Saltillo, MS Reeves, Cynthia Lynette; Memphis, TN Rrihsen. Gerald John; Madison, WI, X Reina, Jerry J.; Toms River, NJ Renfrew, Richie Hardin; Oxford, MS Reynolds, Wendy Lee; Gennantown, TN; ITB+ Rice. Robert Kirk; Webb. MS; ZAE Riggins. Pamela Sue; Fayetteville, TN Riiey, Ann Bcnney , Meridian, MS; AAA Risher, Paula Dale; Morton. MS; AOD Roberson, Jeff; Baldwyn, MS Roberts, Leigh Anne; Gennantown, TN; KA Roberts, Rebecca Fran; Kosciusko, MS Robertson, Alvin; Hemando, MS; BI Robertson, Terry Allen; Gennantown, TN; KA Robinson, Fielding Bradford; Jac kson, MS; A Robinson. Vera Jean; Batesville, MS Robinson, Vira Jean; Batesville, MS Rodgers. James Griffis; Ml. Pleasant. LA; K Rodriguez. Mayra Gisselle; Rio Piedras, PR Rogers, Gayther Dale; Water Valley, MS Rohan, Leslie Alice; Cincinnati, OH; IIB Ross, Julia Carol; Oakland. MS Roudebush. David Steven; Springfield, OH Roush, Mark Allen, Waterloo, IL Rowan, Elizabeth Lynn; Jackson, MS; AAA Rowe, Donald Edgar; Boynton Beach, FL Roy, Deborah Gayle; Lambert, MS Ruder, Stephen K.; University, MS; KT Rudman, Jerry Edward; Brookhaven, MS Ruff, Margaret Ann; Tupelo, MS; AAA Runyon, Alex Ann; Vicksburg, MS; XQ Russell. Donald Bradford; Aberdeen. MS Rutherford. Denice Wynn, Falkner, MS Ryland, Julie; Gulf port, MS Sabatello, Rick Anthony; Arlington Hts , IL Safieddine, Ali Mohammed; Aramoun L Salemi. Philip Mark; Memphis, TN Salimi, Abbas, Tehran, Inn Salter, (Catherine Kaigler; Jackson. MS; KKT Sanford, Lisa Karen; Clinton, MS Saucier. Cindy Ann; McComb. MS; KKT Schiebe, Jean Jenette; Oxford, MS Schott, Eric Robert; University, MS Schulze, William Charles; Gary. IL Scott. Jonathan Dortch; Lamar. MS SENIORS Seniors 407 SENIORS Seago, Andrea De; McComb, MS Seals, Carol Ann; Plantersville, MS; A28 Seawright, Norman Houston; Moss Point, MS Secrest, Charles Lloyd; Houston, MS; KA Sergi, Brian Phillip; Sardis, MS Seto, Bik Chun; Jackson, MS Shakir, Subhi Saed Shaw, David Charles; Oxford, MS Shepard, David Moore; Jackson, MS; X+ Sherman, Lisa Margaret; Clarksdale, MS; UK Shohadgee, Ahmad Ali; University, MS Shumake, Wendy; Memphis, TN Shumpert, Teresa Ruth; Mantachie, MS Simmons, Harold David; Southaven, MS Simmons, Lynette King Simpson, Al; University, MS Simpson, Debra Lynne; Pine Bluff, AR; XI) Simpson, Lidell Mann; Winona, MS Singley, Patrick Shannon; Pascagoula, MS Sisco, Billy Lynn; Fulton, MS Slate, Kathy Jean; Oxford, MS Smith, Barbara Jane; Nettleton, MS Smith, Brian Hamilton; Oxford, MS Smith, Bruce A.; Eupora, MS Smith, Charles Myron; Hernando, MS Smith, David Franklin; Jackson, MS; BOH Smith, Emily Gay; Oxford, MS Smith, Georgia Ann; Louisville, MS Smith, Janet Adele; Jackson, MS Smith, Kenneth Bryant; KT Smith, Kimberly Annette Smith, Lynn Alan; Oxford, MS Smith, Michael Connor; Dickson, TN Smith, Monica Marie; Cordova, TN Smith, Robert Len; Corinth, MS Smith, Willie Guice; Pascagoula, MS Snipes, Mary Shannon; Greenville, MS; AAA Snipes, Sarah Jeanette; Olive Branch, MS Southern, Brent Eugene; Monroe, LA; K Spann, Pamlett Lafaye, Clarksdale, MS Speir, Ann Elizabeth; Grenada, MS Spencer, Gene David; Walnut, MS Spires, Joseph Steven; Slidell, LA Stanley, Deborah Ann; Clarksdale, MS Stauffer, Arthur Reed; Memphis, TN Steele, Anthony; Water Valley, MS; KK Steinriede, Nancy R.; Vicksburg, MS; AAII Stephenson, Richard Larry; Grenada, MS f IT O Irf Y 408 - Seniors mwm ' Stevens, Donna Lisa; Nettleton, MS Stevens, Terry Lee; Aitguilla, MS Stewart, B. Suzanne; Natchez, MS; KKT Stewart, Elizabeth Anne; Oxford, MS; KA Stewart, Sarah Elizabeth; McComb, MS; ZTA Stogner, Steven Warren, Tylertown, MS Stokse, Andrew Dewitt; Durant, MS Stokes, Dana Lynn; Clinton, MS Stokes, Karah Lane; Columbus, MS Stone, Cynthia Knight; Gulfport, MS Story, Sharon V.; AT Strange, Elizabeth Ann; Tupelo, MS Stratton, Kristin W , Indianola, MS; ZQ Streete, Bonnie Beth; Caruthenville, MO; M Sturdivant, Esther Mae; University, MS Swan, Glen Howard; Thaxton, MS Swan, Lauri Erlette; Brookhaven, MS Swan, Richard Keen; Malvern, PA Sykes, Harriet; Senatobia, MS Szeluga, Mary Therese; Tirusville, N); ZTA Tan, Kok Thye; Mertajam, May Taylor, Eugene Rea; McComb, MS Taylor, Frank David; Gulf port, MS Taylor, Julie Ann; Kosciusko, MS Taylor, Kim; Corinth, MS Taylor, Pamela Jo; Coldwater, MS Tenhet, Joe Terrell; Yazoo City, MS Terrell, Michael Roye; Memphis, TN Terreson, David Whitten; MOM Point, MS; ATO Tharp, Joni Lynn; St. Louis, MO Thomas, Gwyn Elizabeth; Nashville.TN XC Thomas, James Clifton; Crystal Springs, MS; K+ Thomas, Lorraine; Waterford, MS Thomas, Randal Devon; Noxapater, MS Thomas, Timothy Astor; Trinity, AL Thomason, Susan; Sunnyvale, TX; KKT Thompson, Diana Lee; Biloxi. MS Thompson, Gail Patrice; Meridian, MS Tidwell, Deborah Ann, Batesville, MS Tollison, Kermie Faust, Oxford, MS Torkington, Richard Scott; University, MS Towery, Bobby Arlen; Oxford. MS; KA Treutel, Stephen Brian; Bay St. Louis, MS; A Truax, James Robert; Oxford, MS Tucker, Lisa Jane; Miami, FL Tullos. Kimberly Rebecca; Florence, MS Turbeville, David Milton; Jackson, MS Turner, Michael Gerald; Forest, MS Tumipseed, Stephen Phillip; ElhsviUe, MS Tumley, Melissa Ann; Grenada, MS Tynes, William Edward; Oxford, MS Tyson, Margaret Ann; Southaven, MS Un nerstall. Julia Lynn; Cape Girardeau, MO; An Vance, Michael Christopher; Long Beach, MS Vancill, Lee Ann; Holcomb, MO Varnell, Johnny Renon; Adamsvilie, TN; AOII Varner, Michael Hunter; Cleveland. MS; K2 Vaughan, David Lewis; New London, 1A Vaughan , Pamela Suzanne; Oxford, MS; AT Vaughan, Sylvia Louise; Columbus, MS; AT SENIORS Seniors 409 SENIORS Vaught, Lee Ann; River Ridge, LA Veil, Jody Lee; Wilmette, IL; AAA Vernon, Cynthia Jude; Greenwood, MS; AAA Viner, Terryl Lee; Water Valley, MS Vines, Shellye Murray; Oxford, MS; FIB Wafa, Zaki H ; Kuwait, AR Waggener, Mary Elizabeth; Canton, MS Waits, Cynthia Ellen; Oxford, MS Wald, Margaret Ellen; Batesville, MS; KKT Waldrop, Randy Joe; Thaxton, MS Walker, Melissa Kay; Jackson, MS; FIB Walker, Pamela Gail; Biloxi, MS Wallace, Barton Blinker; Dallas, TX; BOH Ward, Harry Beyer; Bay St. Louis, MS; AKB Wardlow, Kirk Michael; Tupelo, MS Warren, Terry Dale; Hendersonville, TN Watkins, Ten Ann; Madison, MS; A All Watson, Edward Lee; Oxford, MS Watts, Dwayne Truhett; Meridian, MS; KA Weatherly, Wallace Watson; Gulfport, MS; A Webb, David Peebles, Philadelphia, MS; I1KA Weddington, Carol Denise; University, MS Weeks, Craig Franklin; Marks, MS; A A Weiland, Kenneth Lee; Clarksdale, MS; KA Welch, Cynthia Ann, Tupelo, MS Wells, Jennifer Mary; Memphis, TN Werner, Tanya Mane; Bald wy n, MS West, Vicki Veazey; Sardis, MS Westmoreland, Charles L.; Natchez, MS; B6H Westmoreland, Kristen Ann; Martin, TN; ZTA Wetzel, Juliet Leigh; Eupora, MS Wheat, David Simpson; Guntown, MS White, Carolyn Sue; Bruce, MS White, David Scott; Crystal Springs, MS White, Deborah Gwin; Eupora, MS White, John Robert; Baldwyn, MS White, Larry Keith; Oxford, MS; A White, Mary Joanne; Memphis, TN White, Shirley Leslie; Gulfport, MS, AAA Whitfield, Lisa Juan; Oxford, MS Whitt, Tracy Hugh; Woodland, MS Whitt, Virginia Reed; Owensboro, KY; IIB+ Whitten, Martha Susan; Tupelo, MS Wiggers, John Charles; Kosciusko, MS Wilbourn, Shelby Lynn; Bossier City, LA Wiley, Christopher Denman; Johnson City, TN Wilks, Truitt Palmer; Jackson, MS; 2N Williams, Gregory; Booneville, MS Williams, Martin Lee; Como, MS Williams, Robert C; Greenville, MS; KT Williams, William Albert; Springfield, MA Williamson, Lisa Ann; Greenville, MS Williamson, Russell Haire; Greenwood, MS; A8 Willingham, Michael David; Bellevue, WA Willis, Gregg Allen; Tupelo, MS Wills, Vickie Lillian; Memphis, TN 410 Seniors Wilson. Charles Douglas; Jackson, MS; OKA Wilson, Cynthia Ann; Natchez. MS Wilson, Jackie Glenn; Carthage, MS Wilson, Lee Ann; Courtland, MS Wilson. Nancy Lee; Grenada, MS Wilson, William Morgan; Mathiston, MS Winstead. June Marie; Philadelphia, MS Wiseman. Lauren; Oxford, MS; A Wiygul. Timothy Lee; Batesville. MS Wolfe, Beverly Ann; Herrando, Mfrftlt Wogoman. Mitchell J , Brandon. MS Womble, Thomas Alan; Marks. MS Wong, Joseph Kenneth. Moorhead, MS Wong. Judith Lynn. Moorhead. MS Woo, Natalie Leigh; Savannah. GA Wood. Charla Frances; University, MS Wood. Steve Alton, Fulton. MS Woods, Susan Mechelle, Mt. Olive. MS Woodworth, Suzanne Darlene; Millinrton, TN Woodyard. Steven Alan; Helena. AR; JX Wooten. William J .; Jackson. MS Word. Larry Darnell; Okotona, MS Wren. Angela Kaye; OA II-, MS Wroblewili, Robert Vincent; Ocean Springs. MS Wyllie, Phillip Bethea; Fairhope, AL Yacoub. Khatib Daoud Mah ' d, Amman Yandell. Dee Ann; Steele. MO Yarbro, Rona Diane; Unirersity, MS; Yarbro, York Yeager, Tena Louise; Hattiesburg. MS; KA8 Yelverton, Joseph Ernest, Taylorsville, MS York, Frank Snyder; Jackson, MS; ZX Young, Barbara Joyce; Horn Lake, MS Young. Dolores Karen; Water Valley. MS Zwayyed. Ibrahim; University, MS Zysk, Jeffrey Thomas; Brandon, MS SENIORS Seniors 411 PHARMACY Anderson, Mary Jennifer; Ellisvilie, MS Andrew, Glen Ross; West Point, MS Andrews, Joseph Scott; West Point, MS Archer, Susan Annette; Kennett, MO Atkins, Burgess Lee; Memphis, TN Atkinson, Pamela; Canton, MS Ayers, George Phillip; Oxford, MS Bagwell, Hale Wayne; Akerman, MS Balducci, Allison Judith; Shelby, MS Earner, Roosevelt N.; Tutwiler, MS Barnett, Judy Carol; Vardaman, MS Bauer, Raymond Mark; Jackson, MS Becker, Geoffrey Mark; Brandon, MS Benson, Ned Jr.; Tupelo, MS Boatwright, Emily Ann; Millington, TN Bostick, Bennie Keith; Philadelphia, MS Boston, Rebecca; Columbia, MS Bowen, Minerva Brown; Oxford, MS Bowers, John Mark; Dyersberg, TN Brewerton, Lanell Lee; Greenwood, MS Brooks, Dennis Wayne; Belden, MS Bucklew, Rebecca; Collins, MS Bunch, Melinda Faye; Columbia, MS Burke, Sue Holly; Biloxi, MS Burns, Beverly; Jackson, MS Byrd, James Alan; Corinth, MS Caffey, Pamela Ruth, Lambert, MS Camp, Karen Landreth; Olive Branch, MS Champ, Roger Dean; Holcomb, MO Chesnutt, Joanie Sue; Golden, MS Clement, Paula Lynn; Lexington, TN Cleveland, David Arnold; Belmont, MS Collins, Kenneth P.; Greenwood, MS Cooley, James Keith; Buckarunna, MS Cooper, James Alvin; Grenada, MS Craft, Vicki Linton; Jackson, MS Crawford, Gail; Carthage, MS Crenshaw, Howard Thomas; Newton, MS Crosby, Harry Floyd; Collins, MS Crumbley, J. Greggory; Enterprise, MS Currer, George T.; Magnolia, MS Davis, Nancy Mae; Tupelo, MS Denson, Donna; Booneville, MS Devaughn, Maria Sue; Marietta, MS Dillard, Patricia Ilene; Meadville, MS Duncan, John David; Ripley, MS Eady, Melissa Louise; Brookhaven, MS Edmiston, Billy Jack; Greenville, MS Edwards, Angela Gay; University, MS Edwards, Cathy Lynne; Oxford, MS Elliott, Rosweitha; Holly Springs, MS Elmore, Kathy Diane; Richton, MS El-Sarji, Mahmoud Abbas; University, MS Evans, Carla Dee; Greenville, MS Everett, Lisa Mary; Decatur, MS Ewing, Karen Blanche; Brooksville, MS Fancher, Mary Jo, Canton, MS Ferracci, Kathleen Mari; Shaw, MS Ferri, Patricia; Cleveland, MS 412 Pharmacy Fessler, Alison Ann; Corpus Christi, TX Ford, Terry Douglas; Laurel, MS Fowler, Lisa Gail; Memphis, TN Franzen, Michael Anthony; Hattiesburg, MS Gamer, Nita Joy; Mendenkall, MS Geno, Joel Owen; Brooksville, MS Gerrard. Louie Hicks; Marks. MS Gray, Warren Calmes Jr., Corinth, MS Greenlee, Edye lean; Batesville, MS Gregory, David Ferren; Nashville, TN Griffin, Gary Miller; Sturgis. MS Guion. Angela Jewell; Yazoo City, MS Gonn, Michiel Lee; Corinth. MS Guntharp, Thomas Keith; Fulton, MS Hamil, Debora Jean, Carthage, MS Handley, John Davis; Picayune, MS Harris, Marilynne; Okolona, MS Harrison, Emily Jane; Tupelo, MS Hathcock, Cathy Lynn; Corinth. MS Hollingsworth, Kevin D.; Hattiesburg, MS Holston. Harry; Pascagoula, MS Hong, John Joe; Indianola, MS Home, Stephen Gary; Lucedale, MS Hughes, Bethaby Annette; Crystal Springs. MS Hull, Leslie Clayton; Chunky, MS Hunt, Julie Jene; Oxford, MS Irby, Bettie Ann, Coldwater, MS Jackson, Polly Ann; McComb, MS Jenkins, Robbie Faye; Yazoo City, MS Jennings, Melinda Lynn; Louisville, MS Johnson, Eural Levorn; Prentiss, MS Ju, Hiron Mark; Greenwood, MS Keith, Raymond Leslie; Purvis, MS Kemp, Jonnie Faye; Greenville, MS Kilpatrick, Willis Howard; Philadelphia. MS King, Robert Michael; luka. MS Lane, Allen Elliott; Moss Point, MS Laseen, Kevin Derrick; Greenville, SC Lee, Gregory Thomas; New Hebron, MS Leggett, Helen Renee; Greenwood, MS Lence, Kenneth Wayne; Ripley, MS LeSure, Kennan Bernard; Coldwater, MS PHARMACY Pharmacy 413 PHARMACY Liddy, Christopher M.; Holly Springs, MS Long, Scott Franklin; Philadelphia, MS Luk, Benjamin Kin; Hong Kong McCann, Arthur James; Oxford, MS McCatee, Marketta Jo; Senath, MO McCoy, Sheila, Brookhaven, MS McGill, Deborah Ruth; Tupelo, MS McKee, Susan Rebecca; Bogue Chitto, MS McKinley, Deborah S.; Jackson, MS McMillan, Margaret S.; Mendenhall, MS McNulty, Sanuel Thurman; Holly Springs, MS Medders, James Derwood; University, MS Megason, Gerald Eugene; Gulfport, MS Meteer, Barbara Gayle; Corinth, MS Michel, Martin Hobart; Poplar Bluff, MO Ming, Edward Duane; Macon, MS Mitchell, Connie Dean; Indianola, MS Mitchell, Jana Elizabeth; Corinth, MS Mitchell, Sandra Lynn; Stark ville, MS Mohamed, Joseph Asim; Inverness, MS Moore, Sharon Gayle; Brooksville, MS Morgan, Sherry Renae; Inverness, MS Morris, Anthony Lee; Batesville, MS Morris, Lisa Kaye; Louisville, MS Murphy, Jennifer Lynne; Sarah, MS Murphy, Lisa Carol; University, MS Newbaker, David Allen; Natchez, MS Noble, John Charles; Canton, MS Nyman, Michael Alfred; Lucedale, MS Ogduwu, Stella; Lagos, Nigeria Oswalt, David Ransom; Pascagoula, MS Ouille, Carolyn Grace; Biloxi, MS Pee, Pamela Cochran; Kosciusko, MS Perrigo, Alfre Ray Jr.; Booneville, MS Poole, Glenda Ellen; Ellisville, MS Powell, Patricia Lynn; Franklin, TN Prather, Lydia Sue; Natchez, MS Fridge, Robert Artis; Collins, MS Rains, Francis Tod; Pascagoula, MS Rassouli, Javad Haii; University, MS Ray, Lila Jeannine; Muscle Shoals, At Reed, Faith Rochelle; Louisville, MS Reed, Walter Bryant; Hendersonville, TN Reeves, Mary Lou; Oxford, MS Reves, Dennis Ray; Clinton, MS Rew, Jimmie Edward; Jackson, MS Reynolds, Constance M.; Florence, AL Risher, Lester La mar; Enterprise, MS Roberts, Renee Michelle; University, MS Rone, Memory Lee; Booneville, MS Rose, Teresa Lyn; Greenville, MS Russell, Elizabeth Anne, Tunica, MS Scardino, Debra Francis; Pass Christian, MS Schmidt, Charles T.; Pass Christian, MS Scott, Tamara Lynn; Memphis, TN Seale, Dorothy Olivia; Holly Springs, MS Seid, Peggy Lynn; Vicfcsburg, MS Shields, Tommy Ray; Carthage, MS Shoaf, Kathryn; Jackson, MS Showers, Thomas H. Jr.; Drew, MS 414 Pharmacy Sit, Ronnie Carson; Vicksburg, MS Skinner, Mary Kathenne, Natchez, MS Smith, Bryan Keith; Cherokee Village, AR Smith, Jana Stacie; Greenwood, MS Smith, Timothy Robert; Corinth, MS Sparks, Teresa Ann; Oxford, MS Sprayberry, Mark Senter; Fulton, MS Stewart, Harry Paul; Lexington, MS Stringer, William Franklin; Poplarville, MS Sturgeon, Joseph Clinton; Como, MS Sullivan, George Darree; New Hebron, MS Sullivan, Valerie Faye; Fulton, MS Testa, Clara; Grenada, MS Thomas, John Richard; Vicksburg, MS Threadgill, James Timothy; Natchez, MS Tindall, Leslie Letitia; Tupelo, MS Titdale, Elizabeth Ann; FJlUville, MS Tong, Kwok-Chu Teresa; Pearl, MS Trible, Brenda Joy; Grenada, MS Tullar, David Lewis; Brandon, MS Wakham, Mancel Wayne; Drew, MS Walker, William Thomas; Jackson, MS Watson, Sylvia Rebecca; Hattiesburg, MS Webber, David Lee; Greenville, MS Weed, Carol; Batesville, MS Whitehead Clayton K.; Newton. MS Whitten, Desiree Dianne; Oxford, MS Wilbanks, Robert Paul; Batesville, MS Williamson, John S. ; Jackson, MS Wilson, Cynthia Dale; Ruleville, MS Wilson, Simon Peter; Wiggins, MS Wise, James Hunter; Maben. MS Witt, Curtis Wiles; Corinth, MS Wong, John Patrick; Moorhead. MS Yates, Jeffrey Kenneth; Philadelphia, MS PHA5RMAOY Pharmacy 415 GRADUATES Agulanna, Godwin Obioma; Apapa Lagos, Nigeria Akeel, Ebtissan F.; University, MS Akeel, Saleh Alawi; University, MS Alexander, Oliver D.; Blue Mountain, MS Amenkhienan, Charlotte; University, MS Amenkhienan, Felix E.; University, MS Anderson, Andrew Coy; Anguilla, MS Andrews, Stanley Cooper; Moss Point, MS Assadollahi, Ali M.; University, MS Baghaipour, Mohammad; University, MS Baker, Kenneth Neil; Tupelo, MS Bankston, Karen Ann; Roseland, LA Basma, Adnan Adib; Tyre, Lebanon Beasley, Martin Wade, Oxford, MS Belenchia, Theresa A.; Shelby, MS Benefield, Travis Eugene; Fort Payne, AL Bhandhubanyong, Nawapah; New York, NY Bhoocha-oom, Areepong; Bangkok, Thailand Bond, Marion Guton; Carthage, MS Bontemps, Joseph; Bay St. Louis, MS Bost, Edward Wilson; Oxford, MS Bostick, Ruby Nan; Brookhaven, MS Boustang, Nabil Camille; Beirut, Lebanon Brown, Farris Wayne; Thomastown, MS Byers, Brenda Jean; Holly Springs, MS Gates, Patricia Wynelle; Atlanta, GA Caulfield, William H.; Centreville, MS Chambers, John William; Red House, VA Chambliss, Walter G.; University, MS Champion, Linda Diane; Charleston, MS Charuchinda, Sarawut; Bangkok, Thailand Chen, Pel Ching; University, MS Cheng, Gong Horng; St. Taipei, Republic of China Cheung, Shu Kan; University, MS Clerget, Julie Lynne; University, MS Collins, Patrick Shamus; Coffeeville, MS Crim, William Lee; Jackson, MS Cults, Teresa Fay; Cleveland, MS Dailey, Kathryn Glenda; New Albany, MS Davis, Robert Alvis; Davis Wharf, VA Difrancesco, Chiara; Purcellville, VA Dobbs, Robert; Vardaman, MS Donovan, Joseph Thomas; St. Louis, MO Edwards, George Walter; University, MS Edwards, Shannon Terry; Batesville, MS Eisenbeis, Patricia Lynn; Nesbit, MS El-Choufani, Adib Labib; University, MS El-Kawam, Kahled Ibrahim; University, MS Emmanuel!!, Hilda; Ponce, Puerto Rico Hrtle, Marlyn Alicia; Bentonia, MS Evans, Trese Ann; Greenwood, MS Farrell, Rick John; Oxford, MS Faust, Jill Ann; Helena, AR Fisk, Martha; Pontoc, MS Fletcher, William Kent; University, MS Fortune, Linda Gay; Memphis, TN Fowler, Janice Corinne; Greenwood, MS Freeman, Beryl Denise; Holly Springs, MS Garzon, Eugenia Helena; University, MS Gerlach, Amelia Bustill; Grenada, MS 416 Graduates Chattas, Adis Fares; University, MS Gibson, Monica Leah; Coffeeville, MS Gilliland, Holice Odell; Oxford. MS Givens, William Jefferson; Staten Island, NY Goodsell, Marjone F., Florence, MS Guizehx, Armand Paul; Picayune, MS Gullick, David Arnold; Myrtle, MS Gunartt, Naomi; Clarksdale, MS Mailman, Phyllis Suzette; Huntsville, AL Hamblin, Ernestine D ; Calhoun City, MS Hamidizadeh, Mohammed R ; Jackson , MS Hardy, John David; Water Valley, MS Henley, James Paul, Jr.; Jackson, MS Herring, Morris Lynn; Tupelo, MS Holmes, Susan Laurie; Wiggins, MS Hopper, Sheila Phyllis; Flakner, MS Hord, Oliver Armstrong, JR.; Hattiesburg, MS Hough, Tracy Lafaye; Atlanta, GA Huber. James W.; Huntsville, AL Husain, Shakir; University, MS Jackson, Charles E., Ill; McComb, MS Jarjoura, Touf ic Tanios; University, MS Jenkins, Tanya; McComb, MS Jinn, Den Ro ' ng; University, MS Jones, Paula Dent; Macon, MS; Keller, Ronald Herman; University, MS Koh, See Peng; University, MS Kota, Sridhar; Shivaji Nagar Andhra, India; Kunanusorn, Anusom; Chiang Mai, Thailand Kunanusorn, Ratsamee; University, MS Lamb, James Eric; Florence, AL Lament, Thomas, Jr.; Wilmington, NC Leung, Piuskin; Hong Kong Lii, Snub-Yang; St. Taipei, Republic of China Lipscomb, Luci Ann; Monroe, LA Lococo, Karen Jayne H.; New Orleans, LA GRADUATES Graduates 417 GRADUATES Logan, Charles Harper; University, MS Lokey, Karla Faye; Oxford, MS Longest, Tom Bruce, Jr.; Florence, MS Lowe, Rhonda Evelyn; Callahan, FL Maher, Anna Louise; Clinton, MS Matthews, Alfreda; Indianola, MS McAllister, Carl F.; Oxford, MS McGee, Calvin Jeffrey; Greenville, MS McMullen, Mary Helen; University, MS Mehrhoff, Karen Theresa; Metairie, LA Middleton, Chuck; Yazoo City, MS Middleton, Vanessa Lain; Germantown, TN Mofokeng, Borake Thomas; University, MS Moore, Cynthia Helene; St. Moulton, AL Moore, Stanley Layman; University, MS Morris, Vicki Carol; Casper, WY Moss Lee Joy; Reynoldsburg, OH Mueller, Monika; Germany Muruako, David U oma; University, MS Ndefo, Louis Atuanya; University, MS Neely, Vernon Dell, Jr.; Florence, MS Nemanti, Seyed Ahamd; University, MS Neilson, Melany Cheryl; Oxford, MS Nganga, John P.; Nairobi, Kenya Nicholas, Michael; University, MS Nicholas, William L.; Raymond, MS Njoku, Josephine I.; Holly Springs, MS Noble, Stephen Gary; Red Banks, MS Norman, Emily June; Houston, MS Osuji, Reginald Eze; Holly Springs, MS Parker, Linda Carol B.; Water Valley, MS Partin, Mark Quentin; Grenada, MS Paul, Sabul; University, MS Peck, Wanda Gail; Tuscumbia, AL Pegues, William Edward, III; Tupelo, MS Phipps, Rita Lorraine; Ocean Springs, MS Pinter, Michael Raymond, Morrilton, AR Prasertsri, Rangson; University, MS Ramsey, John Andrew; Clinton, MS Rescho, Joyce Anne; Williamsville, AL Rhodes, Judy Maurine; Pelahatchie, MS Rick, Rhonda; University, MS Romano, Joseph James; Birmingham, AL Ross, Virginia Lynn; Jackson, MS Russell, Stephen Blaine; Greenwood, MS Sadaka, Tarek Shehadeh; University, MS Salter, Thomas Eugene; Mobile, AL Sareewiwatthana, Paiboon; Bangkok, Thailand Sareewiwatthana, Salya C; Bangkok, Thailand Scarborough, Ruth L.; Pearl, MS Singh, Ritu, University, MS Singh, Surenora; University, MS Sisakun, Siphan; Bangkok, Thailand Sledge, Rebecca Lynn; Senatobia, MS Spratlin, Hilda Jeanne; Mathiston, MS Staten, Andy Frank; Carrollton, MS 418 Graduates Stirzaker, Thomas D.; Spartanburg, SC Sturdivant. Sharon Jane; Norphlet, AR Summers. Mary Ann; Olive Branch. MS Sylianco, Lorraine, Quezon City, Phihpp Tantikam, Siripom; Bangkok, Thailand Tale, Crystal Yvonna, Columbus, MS Terrell, Jill Maureen; Woodstock, GA Towler, Kenneth C.; Lynchburg, VA Truchot, Isabelle, University, MS Tseng, Chi ng-Liang; Republic of China Tyler, Deire Ann; Vicksburg, MS Vanzandt, Deborah Jean; University, MS Vickrey, John Wayde; University, MS Vinson, Theopohs Pride; Courtland, AL Wall, George Michael; Madison. AL Wallace, Julia Wynette; Fulton, MS Wang, Cnurtg-Cnih; Republic of China Ward, Pamela; Oxford, MS White, Gerald Malcom; University, MS White, Stacey Jonette, Indianola, MS Wiley. Ronnie; Oxford, MS Wilson, Elizabeth Lee; Alamo, CA Woodail, Charles Jackson; Memphis, TN Woodward, Wade Marshall; Louisville, MS Wright, Vickie Carolyn; Jackson, MS Wu, Wu-Chung; Sweetwater. FL Xu, Xiao- Bang; Peking, China Ying, Esther; Republic of China Yu, David Kwang; Sarawak, Malaysia Zackery, Ricky K.; Central City, KY GRADUATES Graduates 419 - Ads and Inde; ADS and INDEX DEBBIE COBB, ads co-editor GREG ELLSTON, ads co-editor BILL MOORE, index editor Liz Bowman, index assistant Advertisements Index Ole Miss is ... Yearbook specifications Editor ' s Closing 422 436 446 463 464 1 Ads and Index 1, " " " H OXFORDBANK ASSOCIATION HOWARD WILSON Chrysler 2 131 High way SOW Jackson, MS City Hall 107 South Lamar 236-1310 ' METTS HARDWARE South Side of the Square Oxford, MS 234-5441 CARL COEITS The Clothing Store for Students Located in Johnson Commons 234-1543 Growing With Ole Miss .North East MJffittPP Electric Power Association 424 Ads MISSISSIPPI ' S MOST COMPLETE VOLUME CHEVROLET DEALER . . . rXtjii HERRIN-GEAR 1-55 at High St. OXFORD MEDICAL CENTER 2209 South Lamar Oxford, MS 2S4-7 66 CHEVROLET Telephone 354-3882 Jackson KREMER MARINE INC. 1408 Cowan Road Gulf port, MS i 2 AVENT ' S DAIRY SMITTY ' S RESTAURANT 208 South Lamar Oxford, MS Lunch and Ala Carte Orders Homemade Biscuits and Cornbread Breakfast 6 AM-9 PM Compliments of THE 1982 ANNUAL STAFF COMPLIMENTS OF: THE BEACON Highway 7 North Oxford, MS 234-5041 Alfreds g) COTTON BOLL Button down Oxford Cloth Shirt " All Cotton is the Best " - , " " " I Elliott Lumber Company Compliments of UNIVERSITY ILAUNDERETTE 1310 East University Avenue Oxford, Mississippi Owners: John and Francis Davis FABRIC TER WEST SIDE OF SQUARE Rebel Press Office Supply Co., Inc 1005 Van Buren Ave. CHANEY ' S PHARMACY Eastgate Shopping Center Standard Life makes life easier. A i tandardlife Insurance Company Jackson, Mississippi 428 Ads Bi Coca-flola Bottling Com P.O.Box 5187 Holly Springs, MS 386 R Phone:252-2711 vNr BLACKWELL CHEVROLET CO. Compliments of Gulf Coast Alumni I Mtt WX . ASSET M A V , I M I V 1 CORP. 5395 Interstate 55 N. Jackson, MS 39206 982-2222 JACKSONIAN INN 4800 1-55 North East Frontage Road North of Northside Drive KIAMIE ' S Restaurant and Bowling Lanes Highway 6 West 234-1441 1839- 1853- 1867- 1881- 1895- 1909- 1923- 1937- 1951- 1965- 1979- 1840- 1854- 1868- 1882- 1896- 1910- 1924- 1938- 1952- 1966- 1980- 1841- 1855- 1869- 1883- 1897- 1911- 1925- 1939- 1953- 1967- 1981- 1842 1856 1870- 1884- 1898- 1912 1926- 1940- 1954- 1968- 1982- 1843 1857 1871 1885 1899- 1913- 1927- 1941- 1955- 1969- 1844- 1858- 1872- 1886- 1900- 1914- 1928- 1942- 1956- 1970- 1845 1859- 1873- 1887- 1901- 1915- 1929 1943- 1957- 1971- 1846-1847- 1860-1861- 1874-1875- 1888-1889- 1902-1903- 1916-1917- 1930-1931- 1944-1945- 1958-1959- 1972-1973- 1848-1849 1862-1863- 1876-1877- 1890-1891- 1904-1905- 1918-1919- 1932-1933- 1946-1947- 1960-1961- 1974-1975- 1850-1851- 1864- 1865- 1878- 1979 1892- 1893- 1906- 1907- 1920- 1921- 1934-1935- 1948-1949- 1962-1963- 1976-1977- 1852- 1866- 1880- 1894- 1908- 1922- 1936- 1950- 1964- 1978- and more to come, NEILSON ' S ON THE OXFORD SQUARE SINCE 18 THE QUALITY ALWAYS COMES THROUGH. IF YOU ' VE GOT THE TIME; WE ' VE GOT THE BEER! Utf EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED IN A BEER AND LESS. FROM THE COUNTRY OF 1 100 SPRINGS TONIGHT, LET IT BE LOWENBRXU BETTER BRANDS DISTRIBUTING CO. Old Station House Rd. Bob Wilson, Manager " Serving Oxford with the best brands " DAY SECURITY SERVICES DAY DETECTIVES, Inc. JACKSON ALARM PATROL SERVICES, Inc. Jackson, 948-5424 Gulf port, 863-2610 Tupelo, 844-2393 Mississippi ' s Largest Full Service Security Company 5056 1-55 North, DeVille Plaza JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI 3921 1 TELEPHONE (601)946-6442 GREEK ' S INC Compliments of: RIO ' S GRILL Compliments of: NU-WAY CASH CARRY Compliments of: CENTENNIAL OIL AND MINERALS 00 GULF GUARANTY INSURANCE COMPANY BONSNZR OXFORD FLORAL COMPANY 11 03 Jefferson phone: 234-2515 Gifts, Flowers, and Guardian Angels Ben Franklin 709 N. Lamar Oxford, MS 234-3343 SHIPLEY ' S DO-NUTS Serving Home Style Plate Lunches Homemade Chili Breakfast Served All Day Short Order Cakes for Any Occasion 113 N. Lamar 234-7200 Call TOLL FREE 800-448-9305 THE ULTIMATE IN DISTINCTIVE COMPOSITES FRATERNAL COMPOSITE SERVICE, INC. NATIONWIDE COLLEGE PHOTOGRAPHERS " Customized Composites at Reasonable Prices " - 169 Campbell Avenue Utica, N.Y. 13502 Coast to Coast THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI One of The South ' s Finest Learning Institutions of Higher Education Aaron Aaron, Betty Kate 292-293 Aaron, James Victor 326, 327 Aaron, Thomas Keith 326, 327 Abbott, Mary Coyle 82, 276, 277 Abel, Tuddy Marimae 160, 306, 307 Abington, William Kennedy III 328, 329 Abston, Frank Norfleet 155, 165, 314, 315 Adair, H. Randolph III 154, 300-301 Adams, Deborah Lee 155, 161, 294, 295 Adams, Mary Virginia 167, 292-293 Adams, Paul III 328, 329 Adams, Peggy Keylon 292-293 Adams, Rosemary 158, 165, 292-293 Adams, Sue Howell 292-293 Adcock, Clay Douglas 160, 332-333 Adcox, John Edward 300-301 Adcox, Norman Farrell 300-301 Adkins, Susan Elizabeth 195, 282-283 Agnew, Alexander Hanton 286, 287 Agostinelli, Gina Marie 160 A i 1 Is, Jackson Lamberth 300-301 Aills, Jonathan Sewell 300-301 Aker, Shannon Edward 326, 327 Akers, Gregory Hulsey 176 Akers, Lesli Diane 324, 325 Albert, Paul Howard 286, 287 Aldridge, Gary Kendall 184, 332-333 Alexander, Andrew Nourse 214 Alexander, Clyde Wayne III 316, 317 Alexander, Jane Cummins 204, 324, 325 Alexander, Jon Phillip 308, 309 Alexander, Lisa Lanair 292-293 Alexander, Nancy Anne 155, 167, 322, 323 Alexander, Stacy Lynn 340, 341 Alford, Tom Swayze 300-301 Allan, Patricia Ann 292-293 Allen, Andrew Perkins 284 Allen, Cynthia Frances 282-283 Allen, Jan Elizabeth 306, 307 Allen, Susan Gale 322, 323 Allgood, Tracy Carol 155, 165, 292-293 Allison, Peggy Lorene 324, 325 Alsobrooks, Robin Kimberly 292-293, 214 Altenbern, Douglas Carlton Jr. 275, 300-301 Alvarado, Frances Lynn 282-283 Alvey, Laura Raye 340, 341 Alvis, Cynthia Dianne 276, 277 Amacker, William Robert 176 Ambort, Steven Neal 330-331 Ames, Kathryn Paige 322, 323 Anderson, Amanda R. B. 292-293 Anderson, Fritz William II 300 Anderson, Ida Alexis 278, 279 Anderson, Karen Arlene 171 Anderson, Kristine Jane 304, 305 Anderson, Laura Louise 302 Anderson, Lisa Renee 154, 159 Anderson, Mark David 154, 214 Anderson, Marty Todd 286, 287 Anderson, Mary Alaine 294, 295 Anderson, Stacey Denise 288, 289 Andrews, Leslie Annette 82, 164, 292-293 Andrews, Mary Kimberly 292-293 Andy, Maria L. 276, Andy, Orlando Joseph 200 Angero, James Daniel 130 Angle, Timothy Ramsay 160 Anthony, Jonelle Gay 276, 277 Armstrong, James Harry 163 Arnold, Tracie Elizabeth 160 Arrington, Jill Ann 276, 277 Arrington, Nancy Page 292-293 Arthur, Andrew Wilson Jr. 300-301 Asbury, Kate Cowart 276, 277 Ashley, Sheryle Delarie 340, 341 Atkins, Aylmer Buford 330-331 Atkins, Burgess Lee 185, 314, 315 Atkinson, Pamela Cheyenne 288, 289 Aurell, Drenett Gay 276, 277 Aurell, Trella Shea 155, 276, 277 Austin, Mary Katherine 304, 305 Austin, Richard Kent 106 Austin, William H. Ill 326, 327 Avery, Margaret Suzanne 276, 277 Azar, Vicki Anne 322, 323 Azordegan, Philippe Albert 214, 275 Babi n, Thomas Michael 330-331 Backer, Warren Howard Jr. 286, 287 Bacon, Susan Gail 340, 341 Bagley, Elizabeth Dabney 160, 324, 325 Bailey, Benjamin Thomas 160, 165, 300-301 Bailey, Elizabeth Shelby 155 Bailey, Mary Elizabeth 164, 306, 307 Baine, William Joseph 328, 329 Baker, Brandt Larue Jr. 187 Baker, Edwin B. II 300-301 Baker, James Esco Jr. 186 Baker, Kathryn Suzanne 214 Baker, Marc Reed 326, 327 Baker, Margaret Helen 292-293 Baker, Michael Leo 286, 287 Baker, Nickie Lou 302 Baker, Phillip Martin 308, 309 Baker, Steven Lee 284-285 Baker, Suzanne Brandon Snipes 304, 305 Baker, Virginia Ann 180, 288, 289 Balducci, Allison Judith 167, 282-283 Ball, Katherine Ann 292-293 Ball, Laura Lovelace 288, 289 Ball, Margaret Rene 167, 292-293 Ball, Rebecca Ann 324, 325 Ballard, Donna McGraw 288, 289 Ballard, Fred Curry Jr. 330-331 Ballard, Sylvia Estelle 282-283 Bane, Allen Allred 328, 329 Bane, Clint Eugene III 187 Bannon, Christina Jane 276, 277 Barbee, Thomas Bradley 326, 327 Barber, James Ivan 155 Barbiero, Denise Celeste 139 Barbour, Charles Allen 160, 328, 329 Barbour, Jeptha Fowlkes IV 160, 328, 329 Barefield, Michael Clayton 160 Barkley, Barbera Hollowell 288, 289 Barksdale, Susan Cannon 167, 322, 323 Barnes, Elizabeth Drennan 294-295 Barnes, Emily Belle 180 Barnes, Susan Baird 292-293 Barnes, Susan Elizabeth 292-293 Barnett, Laura Lee 167, 322, 323 Barnett, Michael Lee 284-285 Barrett, Christopher Maurice 121 Barrett, Elizabeth Elaine 292-293 Barrier, Hilary Taylor III 328, 329 Barry, Charles Stewart IV 274, 275, 284-285 Bartle, Brenda 324, 325 Bartlett, Julie Kathleen 324, 325 Bartram, Simon Christopher 137 Bass, Adrienne Alexandra 292-293 Bass, Dennis Ray 326, 327 Bass, Jack Edward Jr. 167 Bass, Mary Elizabeth 298, 299 Bat, Betty Lynn 178 Bat, David Thomas 326, 327 Bates, Lisa Susan 324, 325 Bates, Rickey Lee 160 Bates, Tyrone C. 280, 281 Battaile, Julianne 154, 156, 209, 304, 305 Bauch, William H. 330-331 Bauer, Raymond Mark 187 Baumhauer, William C. 308, 309 Baxter, Lisa Janine 340, 341 Beach, Ralph Gleason Jr. 314, 315 Beauregard, Judith Anne 306, 307 Beaver, Jill Aitken 155, 276, 277 Becherer, Thomas Luther 308, 309 Becker, Edward Williamson 330-331 Becker, Geoffrey Mark 187 Beckner, Joseph Edward 275 Belcher, Suzanne Denise 200, 288, 281 Belenchia, Marcia Ann 241 Belenchia, Patricia Laura 195, 282-283 Bell, Karen Ellen 294, 295 Bell, Laura Laine 302 Bell, Samuel Byron 332-333 Bell, Susan Virginia 306, 307, 322, 323 Bell, Temple Page 276, 277 Bellay, John Lawrence 174, 200 Benefield, Patricia Ann 189 Bennett, Allison Carol 304, 305 Bennett, Bobby Gene Jr. 175 Bennett, Desha Lee 276, 277 Bennett, Dolly Chase 304, 305 Bennett, Douglas Daniel 332-333 Bennett, Laurie Ann 322, 323 Bennett, Margaret Jean 322, 323 Benson, Ned Jr. 187 Benson, Vicki Ann 306, 307 Benz, Carl Richard Jr. 314, 315 Bernet, Nan Wright 306, 307 Berry, Amanda McNairy 306, 307 Berry, Helen Elizabeth 292-293 Berry, James Douglas 330-331 Berry, Joan Mercer 302 Berry, Robert Vernon 284-285 Bert, Paula M. 276, 277 Bertolet, Robert Todd 284-285 Bertolet, Toni Jill 322, 323 Besselievre, Scott Sylvan 326, 327 Best, Delina Doty 292-293 Bethany, Kate Lawrence 282-283 Bickerstaff, Margaret Quay 276, 277 Biedenharn, Francis Marion 328, 329 Billings, Mary Lynne 276, 277 Bingham, Leslie Gayle 340, 341 Birdsong, Ellen Clark 292-293 Birdwell, Ann Walton 288, 289 Bishop, Christopher Brian 167, 200, 332-333 Bishop, Lori Taylor 306, 307 Bishop, Maggie Jean 160 Bishop, Ronnie Dale 284-285 Black, Katharine Presley 167, 322, 323 Black, Lisa Bea 294, 295 Blackburn, Victoria Ann 288, 289 Blackstone, Elizabeth Hartwell 292-293 Blackwood, James Martin 160, 165 Blackwood, Stephen Finis 200, 308, 309 Blailock, Paul Edward III 284 Blair, Shelley Ann 304, 305 Blakely, Lisa Dawn 282-283 Blakley, Lurlene 278, 279 Blalock, Jeffrey Wilborn 330-331 Bland, Robert Micheaux 330-331 Blanks, Mauri Lavine 160 Blassingame, Jimmy Guy 286, 287 Blattner, Julie Anne 304, 305 Bledsoe, Nancy Llewellyn 306, 307 Bledsoe, Sybil Andersen 288, 289 Blue, Rachel 306, 307 Blue, Sally Ann 292-293 Blue. Valarie Lynn 324, 325 Boatwright, Emily Ann 294, 295 Boehm, Brenda Ann 324, 325 Bogaev, Douglas Allison 290, 291 Bogdahn, Joseph Richard 284-285 Bolin, Prentiss Wayne 274, 275, 332-333 Bolin, Tammy Ranae 181 Boltin, Temple Anne 304, 305 Bond, Jeffrey Brent 332-333 Bond, Tony Keith 241 Bonds, Bettie Ailene 282-283 Bonds, Carla Renee 282-283 Bonds, Robert Alexander III 326, 327 Bonds, Teresa Ann 181, 294, 295 Book, Laura Lee 276, 277 Boone, Douglas Roy 330-331 Boone, Judy Ann 294, 295 Boone, Levi III 280, 281 Booth, Anne Reed 241 Booth, Patrick Kenneth 284-285 Boothe, Melinda Kay 292-293 Borne, Debra Ann 176, 322, 323 Bos, Elizabeth Duenel 288, 289 Bottarini, James Steven 320, 321 Bouldin, James Lloyd Stribling 284-285 Bouldin, Mahlon Cooper 284 Bouldin, Marshall Jones IV 215, 284-285 Bounds, Jef fery Ross 332-333 Bounds, Margaret Jean 302 Bourgeois, Monet Trace 167, 288, 289 Bourne, Sam Lloyd Jr. 314, 315 Bowen, Alisa Victoria 155, 322, 323 Bowen, Barbara Lynn 322, 323 Bowers, Deborah Anne 308, 309, 322, 323 Bowers, Ernest David 328, 329 Bowers, Michael Lee 326, 327 Bowles, Steven Lynn 300-301 Bowman, Charles Thomas 314, 315 Bowman, Elizabeth Anne 288, 289, 421 Box, Cynthia Lea 171, 292-293 Box, Donald Eugene 316, 317 Boyce, Lilla Townsend 288, 289 Boyce, Robert Asa Jr. 328, 329 Boyd, Russellan Paige 167 Boykin, Joyce Beth 282-283 Boyles, Weldon Randal 274, 275, 286, 287 Bozeman, Steven Ray 187 Brabec, Kathryn Ann 324, 325 Braddock, Schuyler Jackson 155, 160, 165, 171, 292-293 Braden, Steven Charles 330-331 Bradford, Billy Keith 284-285 Bradford, Chrystal Lee 306, 307 Bradford, Nathan Felding 330-331 Bradley, Bedford Carlton 328, 329 Bradley, Carla Huston 292-293 Bradley, Jerri I amai 282-283 Bradley, Judith Lynn 83, 152, 156, 210, 215, 294, 295 Bradley, Mark Cohr 314, 315 Bradley, Walter A. Ill 308, 309 Bradley, William Ross Jr. 330-331 Brady, Annabelle Smith 288, 289 Brady, Becky Burdette 160, 288, 289 Bragorgos, Nicholas Elias 316, 317 Brame, William Hoover 308, 309 Brand, Walter Jamei tan 330-331 Brandon, William Raymond 314, 31! Branham, Memrie Love 288, 289 Branscome, Sarah Gainey 160, 306, 307 Brantley, Shelby Karl Jr. 160, 332-333 Branum, Jean Lawrence 288, 28? Branum, John Barnett 330-331 Brasher, Laura Lee 304, 305, 340, 341 Braswell, Bethanye Renee 288, 289 Breazeale, Barbara D. 241 Breland, Allen Mclnnis 294, 295 Brent, Melanie RoseA i, 160, 322, 323 Brent, William Edward Jr. 187 Brewer, Jennifer Olivia 306, 307 Brewerton, Lanell Lee 340, 341 Bridges, Talmadge I Jr. 284-285 Brignac, Aimee Marie 324, 325 Briscoe, Paul Stacy 300-301 Brite, Jenny Lynne 340, 341 Britt, Amanda Jo 292-293 Broadus, Stephen Foster 308, 309 Brock, Mark Wayne i 176, 336-337 Brockway, Pamela Sue 340, 341 Bronaugh, Ann Williams 182 Broocks, Patricia Shannon 340, 341 ! Brooks, Barbara An Allix ton fee Jtt! o :, K, tor low tor:. ' ai row:: lis: r!; Vi;to: v.J XI Mpl 11-: ! KTTOl t,J Js: hut i V: kit;, users 5 [Anders kLD, 436 Index ga ass B taJtJM . " :,, v;:: ;: Eau ' rnt MM! ' . " : ! " : r Brooks 165 Brooks, Barry Lee 316, 317 Brooks, Frankie Elaine 129 Brooks, Jeffrey Harold 290, 291 Brooks, Kathy Adele 276, 277 Brooks, Marilyn Shrene 129 Brooks, Pamela Jean 288, 289 Brooks, Ronald Edward 326, 327 Broome, Danielle 314,315 Broome, Gary Jason 284 Brower, Ronny Joe 284 Brown, Alvin Van 336-337 Brown, Amanda Floyce 158 Brown, Donna Grace r.-ri 282-283 ' ; Brown, Elizabeth Diane 340, 341 Brown, Emily Madden 324, 325 Brown, James Stephen 332-333 Brown, Jamie John 155 Brown, Janet Benita 164 Brown, John Benjamine 328, 329 Brown, Kimberly Ann 282-283 .: Brown, Kirk Anthony 316, 317 Brown, Lynne Allison 166, 167, 210, 215, 294, 295 Brown, Patrick Scott 330-331 Brown, Raymond Lloyd Jr. 310, 311, 314,315 Brown, Rex Stanley 284-285 Brown, Susan Leigh ! 276,277 Browning, Jesse Robert Jr. 284-285 Browning, Jon Lacy 241 Browning, Mary Lisa 282-283 ' Brownlee, Pamela ' Victoria 298, 299 Bruce, Beth A. 340, 341 Sruscato, Paul Joseph 316, 317 Bryant. Elizabeth Herron 304, 305 Bryant, Julia Ann 288, 289 Bryant, Larry . Patrick 330-331 3ryant, Sandra Lynn 304, 305, 308, 309 Bryant, Steven Scott j 200 Buchanan, Joseph f Micheal 300-301 fuchanan, Marion | Kay 292-293 iuckley, Bethany Anderson 288, 289 iuckley, Timothy Andrew 284 uckman, Winford Dewayne 308, 309 iuckner, George Anderson 121 ucy, Laura Nell 276, 277 ucy, Marv Ann 276, 277 uehl. Deena Louise 306,307 Buehler, Albert William 300-301 Bullock, Donna Kay 160 Bullock, John David 177 Bullock, Julie Lynn 324, 325 Bulsterbaum, Allison Aylene 215,282-283 Bump, Dawn Elizabeth 282-283 Burch, Gayle Anne 276, 277 Burge, Louis Hawkins 314, 315 Burke, Susan Eileen 306,307 Burkett, Jennifer Anne 294, 295, 340, 341 Burnett, Michael Wayne 286, 287 Burnham, Robert Conner 314, 315 Burns, David Alan 286, 287 Burns, David Lamar 286, 287 Burns, David Micheel 286, 287 Burns, Doris Ann 195, 241, 302 Burns, Howard Joseph 316, 317 Burns, Julianne Reynolds 324, 325 Burns, Roland Otto Jr. 241 Burrell, Warren Daniel 290, 291 Burrow, John Daniel 140 Burson, Richard Otis 286, 287 Burton, Tamara Lynne 282-283 Busby, Bonnie Frances 189, 276, 277 Busby, Mary Laura 340,341 Busching, William Wright 330-331 Bush, Rebecah Gail 94 Buskirk, Janice Gayle 322, 323 Butler, Hal Bradley 300-301 Butler, Heard 304, 305 Butler, James William 330-331 Butler, Julie Claire 306, 307 Butler, Mitzi Morrow 292-293 Butler, Thomas Lee Jr. 314, 315 Butler, Thomas Norman Jr. 165 Byars, George Rice Jr. 314, 315 Bynum, James ' Robert 314, 315 Byrd, James Alan 284 Byrd, Joe Henry Jr. 308,309 Byrum, Susan 304, 305 Cady, James Donald Jr. 330-331 Cagle, Carmen Virginia 288, 289 Caldwell, Diana Leigh 294, 295 Caldweli, J. Brice Jr. 326, 327 Calhoun, Bradley Malone 160 Call, Asheton Bayard 290, 291 Calmes, Zanthia Elaine 298, 299 Campbell, Angela Renee 340, 541 Campbell, Gray Mooring 330-331 Campbell, Jerold Allen 290, 291 Campbell, Paul Samuel 326, 327 Campbell, Thomas Leonard 290, 291 Campbell, Todd Allen 332-333 Camponova, Joseph Fred 286, 287 Camponova, Michael Joseph 286, 287 Candler, Agnes Elizabeth 306, 307 Canfield, Keith Michael 286, 287 Cannon, Carole Jean 160 Cantrell, David Wayne 328, 329 Canty, Christina Wells 276, 277 Capps, Kathy Jean 322,323 Capwell, Mary Elizabeth 306, 307 Caraway, Lauren Beth 288, 289 Cardosi, Morie Leigh 340, 341 Carleton, Sue Ellen 294, 295 Carlisle, Kimberly Kay 294, 295 Carnathan, Alice Kay 167, 304, 305 Carnes, Troy Matthew 314, 315 Carney, Robert Eugene 200, 274, 275, 336-337 Caron, Richard Amedee 290, 291 Carr, Virginia Elise 292-293 Carrington, Michelle 129 Carroll, Alice Lyle 324, 325 Carroll, Kimberly Ann 160 Carroll, Marian Barrett 288, 289 Carroll, Mark Claibrone 316, 317 Carruthers, Tracy 288, 289 Carter, Catherine Leigh 324, 325 Carter, Eric Warren 175 Carter, Jeanne Elaine 282-283 Carter, Tamra Elizabeth 304, 305 Carter, Timothy James 284-285 Cartwright, Cecil John 328, 329 Carver, Lisa Anne 276, 277 Cassidy, John Tompkins 314, 315 Castleman, Stephen Paul 286, 287 Cate, Sherry Ann 304, 305 Gates, Dorothy Louise Buttons 294, 295 Causey, Wyndel Elizabeth 322, 323 Cauthen, Earl Rodrick 330-331 Caves, Terry Leonard 332-333 Chadick, Ira Alvin III 326, 327 Chaff e, William Bryan 137, 314, 315 Chaff i n, Sherry Louise 276, 277 Chain, Bela J. Ill 284-285 Chamberlain, Eric Eugene 286, 287 Chamberlain, Kirk Taylor 286, 287 Chambers, Elizabeth Fair 292-293 Chambers, Martha Burke 292-293 Chambliss, Walter Galloway Jr. 215 Champion, Jimmy Kemp 286, 287 Champion, John William 300-301 Champion, Laura Ruth 304, 305 Chancy, Carl Jesse 160, 328, 329 Chan nell , Cheryl Jane 302-303 Chapin, Ellen Marie 241 Chapman, Caroline Hope 288, 289 Chapman, Kathryn Adkins 282-283 Chapman, Laura Klingman 292-293 Chapman, Ralph K. 284-285 Chatham, Robert Wiley Jr. 284-285 Cheek, Howard Rogers 330-331 Cherry, Camiella Anne 304, 305 Christian, John Calvin Jr. 165, 314, 315 Christian, Mark Kendall 286, 287 Cianciola, Joseph C. 284-285 Cicero, Charlynn 304,305 Cirilli, Gary Anthony 275, 328, 329 Clanton, Thomas Michael 322, 323 Clark, Angela 278, 279 Clark, Angela Gail 158 Clark, Angela Patrice 195 Clark, Bobby Harriel Jr. 284-285 Clark, Bobby Lewis 328, 329 Clark, Carlos Dewayne 121 Clark, James Littlef ield 165, 300-301 Clark, Jennifer Elizabeth 340, 341 Clark, Kelly Paul 286,287 Clark, Lisa Gail 306, 307 Clark, William Henry IV 300-301 Clark, William Wayne 280-281, 300-301 Clarke, Jennifer Grace 304, 305 Clarke, Shellie Flowers 160 Clayton, Marsha Lynn 276, 277 Clement, Melanie Gene 163 Clement, Robert Lee 326, 327 Clements, Mollie Virginia 302-303 Clemes, Page Irene 288,289 Cleveland, Conni Rae 306, 307 Cleveland, Peter Watkins 308, 309 Clifft, Cecilia Shawn 306, 307 Coakley, Constance Suzzanne 302 Cobb, Brian Keith 290, 291 Cobb, Deborah Carol 159, 292, 293, 421 Cobb, Ty Charles 132, 216 Cochran, Robin Crane 165, 292-293 Coffey, Suzanne Renee 340, 341 Coffield, Patricia Colleen 324-325 Coffin, Robert Anthony III 308, 309 Coff man, Kristin Elizabeth 288, 289 Cofield, Glenn Walton 160, 275, 300-301 Cofield, Jerry Lloyd 186 Coggins, Michael tutor 290, 291 Coghlan, Kenneth Harold 121, 330-331 Coker, Robert Eddins 189, 314, 315 Colbert, Anthony Neal 180 Colbert, Christy Lane 158, 294, 295 Colbert, Dana Michael 326, 327 Colbert, Emily Ann 282-283 Coldi ron, Cathy Marlene 302-303 Cole, Allison Elaine 306,307 Cole, Cynthia Ann 282-283 Cole, Eddie Lee 160 Cole, James Albert 332-333 Cole, Robert Jeffrey 326, 327 Coleman, David Christopher 326, 327 Coleman, Robert Law-ton 160 Coleman, Robert Willie 160, 332-333 Colingo, Johnette Suzanne 304, 305 Colingo, Kelly Ann 304,305 Collins, Curtis Lynn 288, 289, 314, 315 Collins, Linda Susan 292-293 Collins, Sophronia Katherine 292-293 Collins, Thomas Nicholas 332-333 Collum, Billye Jean 304,305 Colmer, James Henry Jr. 300-301 Connell, Coleman B. 130, 328, 329 Connell, Edna Sykes 292-293 Conner, Donna Faye 172 Conner, Eugenia Ladrich 129 Conroy, Carole Elizabeth 324, 325 Conway, Jamie Ann 340,341 Conzelman, Virginia Lupton 292-293 Coogler, Richard Brian 316, 317 Cook, Caroline Pace 292-293 Cook, Cynthia 322, 323 Cook, Karen Marline 304, 305 Cook, Robert Calvin 284-285 Cook, Susan Jeannette 340, 341 Cooke, Darlene Elizabeth 135, 303 Cooke, Elizabeth Louise 164, 189, 292 Cooke, Jack Wheel Jr. 183, 314, 315 Coole, Brian Lee 175 Coole v, James Keith 187 Coolidge, Sherri L. 304,305 Cooper, Karen Diane Sanders 178, 195 Cooper, Martha Quinn 306, 307 Copley, Dawn Irene 282-283 Copponex, Richard Joseph 314, 315 Corban, Eleanor Lee 294, 295 Corey, Brenda Ann 322,323 Corley, Joanna 160, 304,305 Corley, Samuel Aubrey IV 314, 315 Corr, Angela 292-293 Corry , Suzanne Patricia 304, 305 Corso, Thomas Steven 99, 314, 315 Corwin, Gabrielle Denise 322, 323 Cosnahan, Henderson Watt 328, 329 Cossar, Finney Elizabeth 292-293 Cossar, George Payne III 332-333 Cossar, Lee Pepper 332-333 Costley, William Lewis III 286, 287 Cotros, Margaret Ann 288, 289 Gotten, Lant Weeks 300-301 Cotter, Judith Lynn 282-283 Counce, Michael Nolen 332-333 Covington, John Nelson HI 328, 329 Cowart, Caren Elizabeth 178 Cowart, John Wallace 314, 315 Cowart, Sheila Beth 303 Cox, Andrea Paige 340,341 Cox, Christopher Paul 160 Cox, Constance Louise 183, 294, 295 Cox, Gary Wayne 332-333 Cox, James B. 290, 291 Cox, John Lo wrey 314, 315 Cox, John Philip 314, 315 Cox, Katherine Elizabeth 340, 341 Cox, Mark Edwin 314, 315 Cox, Richard Barry 328, 329 Cox, Steven Lawrence 185 Craig, Patricia Susan 173 Crain, Barry Lyn 330-331 Crain, Jamie Yvonne 282-283 Crain, Tomi Gray 303 Crain, William Bruce 330-331 Cravens, Michael John 175 Crawford, David Craig 284-285 Crawford, Renita Ann 241 Crawford, Wendy Lynne 306, 307 Crawley, Crystal Denise 324, 325 Creekmore, Ann Ashley 288, 289 Crenshaw, Edwin Pratt 328, 329 Crenshaw, Frances Gates 160, 288, 289 Crenshaw, Kim B. 294, 295 Crewsjames Mortimer III 314, 315 Crews, Katherine Boy ce 304, 305 Crick, Gene Ellis Jr. 314, 315 Cri tchlo w, Amy Carol 288, 289 Crites, Kenneth Keenan 330-331 Crittle, Gus Lee 280, 281 Crocker, Amanda Dawn 282-283 Cromwell, William Campbell 200 Crone, Robert Andrew 332-333 Cronin, Gregory Earl 284 Crosby, Chantel Carla 155 Crosby, Harry Floyd Jr. 187 Crosland, Emmet Craig 286-286 Crosthwait, Elizabeth Gail 288-289 Crotchet!, Lisa Beth 306,307 Crouch, Lisa Diane 304,305 Crow, Brian David 160 Crowder, Corey Evan 275 Crowe, Lauren 340, 341 Crowe, Miller Martin 300-301 Crowe, Sandra Cross 292-293 Crumbley, J. Greggory 187 Crumley, David Lee 330-331 Crumpton , Mark Boiling 314, 315 Crunk, Ewen Webb III 332-333 Crunk, Melody Luanne 294, 295 Index-437 Cumberland Crutcher, Sally Eiland 150, 288, 289 Cullison, David Clay 336-337 Cullum, Chris 290-291 Cullum, Craig Lamar 332-333 Cumberland, Pamela Margaret 276, 277 Cummings, Belinda Deneise 278, 279 Cummings, David Merril 332-333 Cummings, Yvonne 278, 279 Cummins, Allison Lynn 340, 341 Cunningham, Howard Putnam 330-331 Cunningham, Joel B. 286, 287 Cunningham, Jon Ellis 330-331 Cunningham, Scott Lewis 308, 309 Curci, Angela Marisa 306, 307 Currie, Don Howard 286, 287 Currie, Robert Rodes 328, 329 Curry, Rochelle Teresita 165 Curtis, Laurie Lynn 155, 276, 277 Dailey, Rita Sikes 129 Dale, James Craig 326, 327 Dallosta, Dana Ann 186, 282-283 Dalton, Anthony Douglas 165 Dalton, Bethany Sue 189, 304, 305 Dance, George Frederick 300-301 Dandurand, Jeff James 130, 326, 327 Danks, Lori Ann 322, 323 Dater, Suzanne Ondine 322, 323 Davant, Rebecca Allison 340, 341 Davenport, Lynn Gail 302-303 Davenport, Margaret Katherine 306, 307 Davidson, Friley Spruill 150, 211, 216, 300-301, 464 Davidson, John Stacy 300-301 Davidson, Timothy Scott 167, 330-331 Davis, Arthur Gerald Jr. 156, 178, 216 Davis, Brenda Dale 185, 304, 305 Davis, Ellen Susie 288, 289 Davis, Herbert Darryl 314, 315 Davis, Joseph Preston 332-333 Davis, Leslie Chandler 306, 307 Davis, Nancy Mae 160 Davis, Polly Knowlton 288, 289 Davis, Suzanne 167 Davis, Suzanne Johnston 292-293 438 Index Davis, Walter Leon III 328, 329 Davis, William Rainey 300-301 Dawkins, John Earl III 332-333 Dawkins, Mary Conelia 322, 323 Dawson, Malinda Catherine 340, 341 Day, John Lovewell 326-327 Day, Ruth Cecelia 302-303 Day, Timothy Parker 330-331 Day, William Robert 330-331 Dean, Robert Wesson Jr. 284-285 Dear, Deanna Susan 324, 325 Dearie, Steven Patrick 102 Dearman, Rebecca Rhodes 322, 323 Deaton, Dara Lane 160 Debord, Gigi Renee 303 Deddens, Julianna 292-293 Dedd ens, Leslie Elizabeth 292-293 Dedeaux, Teressa Lynn 282-283 Delashmet, Arthur Thompson 330-331 Delashmet, Wilbur Pemble 326, 327 Delasho, Thomas James 336-337 Dell, Eric Drew 286, 287 Delong, Fred Cole III 330-331 Demartini, John 290-291 Dendy, Katrina Ann 340, 341 Denley, Jerry Lynn 284 Dennard, Lesley Christine 306, 307 Denney, Ann Hillsman 294, 295 Denney, William David 300-301 Dennis, Tracey Michelle 302-303 Dent, John Hayes 328, 329 Denton, William Boyette 332-333 Derbes, Erin Stephany 324, 325 Derivaux, Diane 288, 289 Derryberry, Deanna 304, 305 Derryberry, Martha Ingram 282-283 Deveer, Donald Hopkins 241 Devening, Charles Catchings 316, 317 Di Benedetto, Anna Maria 303 Di Benedetto, Lisa Maria 195 Di Santi, Mary Anne 340, 341 Diaz, Joni Jane 155, 160, 340, 341 Dick, Janet Louise 155, 276, 277 Dickerson, Abby Marie 324, 325 Dickerson, Kathleen 324, 325 Dickerson, Stacey Kay 304, 305 Dickinson, Laura Ellen 288, 289 Dickinson, William Barton 286, 287, 310, 311 Diggs, Stephen Talley 160, 326, 327 Dillard, Jean Elizabeth 306, 307 Divine, Jacqueline Marie 288, 289 Dixon, Barry Darr 284-285 Dixon, Deanne 306, 307 Dixon, Melanie Anne 306, 307 Dobbins, Lashurn Renee 278, 279 Dockery, Clay Patrick 316, 317 Dockery, John Scott 316, 317 Dodd, Deborah Renee 52, 159, 324, 325 Dodson, Janet Lynn 189 Donaldson, Blake Henry 165 Donaldson, Jack Berkley Jr. 308, 309 Donelson, Theodosia Vaughan 292-293 Donley, Beatrice Deveaux 288, 289 Donosky, David Stephen 300-301 Donosky, Nancy Ann 340, 341 Doss, Margaret Westbrook 159, 288, 289 Doster, Gary Lee 286, 287 Doty, Charles Ray 328, 329 Doty, Susan Claire 322, 323 Douglas, Laurie Sayles 292-293 Douglas, William Chandler 300-301 Dove, Mark Lafayette 175 Dowdle, John Oliver 300-301 Dowell, Cecil Walter Jr. 121 Downi ng, Terri Renee 294, 295 Doxey, Helene Elizabeth 294, 295 Doyle, Richard Alan 316, 317 Doyle, Vicki Lynn 322, 323 Drake, Angela 269 Drake, Lee Burgess 284-285 Drake, Mark Woodward 326, 327 Drake, Nancy Virginia 292-293 Drum, Robert Hawthorne 121 Duckworth, Leslyn Dee 303 Duclos, D ' Anne Marie 322, 323 Duddleston, Grey Marshall 330-331 Duff, Marlin Franklin 286, 287 Duke, Lacy Neal 322, 323 Duke, Marion Elizabeth 322, 323 Dukes, Judy Ann 186 Dumas, Kitty 205 Dunagin, Charles Martin Jr. 241, 316, 317 Duncan, Deborah Kaye 282-283 Duncan, Robin Lemma 155, 322, 323 Dunlap, John Keith 326, 327 Dunn, Sarah Kendall 294, 295 Duperier, Alfred Wortham III 326, 327 Dupree, Catherine Lee 340, 341 Dupuy, Jamie Cooper 294, 295 Durant, Lawrence Herbert 286, 287 Durant, Mary Jacqueline 322, 323 Durant, William Crandall 286, 287 Durham, James Kinman 332-333 Durham, Martha Carlton 282-283 Duvall, Ruth Ellen 292-293 Duvic, Herbert Francis III 290, 291 Earnest, Stephen Lee 300-301 East, Van Philip III 160, 200 Eastburn, Patricia Merren 135 Eaton, Helen Grey 288, 289 Eaton, Jett Perry 288, 289 Echols, Esthw Marie 171 Echols, Kenneth Edward 332-333 Echols, Teresa Dawn 282-283 Edell, Michael Edward 330, 331 Edlin, Joel Alexander 326, 327 Edmonds, Michael Leon 165 Edmonson, Richard Mack Jr. 308, 309 Edrington, David Clay 330, 331 Edwards, Barbara Preble 322-323 Edwards, Kathryn Love 304, 305 Edwards, Orrin Wendell 241, 330, 331 Edwards, Paul Frederick 154, 330, 331 Edwards, William Hollis 328-329 Eichelberger, Regina Fay 278, 279 Eichelberger, Shirley Diann 278, 279 Eidt, David Lawrence Jr. 286, 287 Eklund, Darryl Jason 308, 309 Elam, Candy Darlene 294, 295 Eley, Katrena 288, 289 Ellington, Mark Anthony 160 Elliott, Amanda Lucille 292-293 Elliott, Carey Lynn 304,305 Elliott, Frank Brumfield 314, 315 Elliott, James Wendell 160 Elliott, Margaret Maley 292-293 Elliott, Tamara Ann 322-323 Elliotte, Hundley Morgan 308, 309 Elliotte, John Wesley 308, 309 Ellis, Edwin Harold Jr. 326, 327 Ellis, Kennith Garland Jr. 326, 327 Ellis, Laurin Lee 167, 189 Ellis, Robert Gabriel 330-331 Ellison, Richard Beirne 314, 315 Ellison, William Charles 308, 309 Elision, Gregory Westcott 316, 317, 421 Ellzey, Karen Geneva 282-283 Elmore, James Douglas Jr. 326, 327 Ely, Kimberly Farnham 306, 307 Emmons, Anna Elizabeth 155, 165, 292-293 England, James Everette 160, 328, 329 England, John F. 328, 329 Enoch, Elizabeth Beasley 171 Epting, Kimberly Ann 149, 158, 160, 165, 294, 295 Erwin, Julian Thomas Jr. 300-301 Erwin, Kate E. 324, 325 Eselin, Chester L. 286, 287, 280, 281 Eskridge, Lori Jill 302, 303 Eskrigge, John Vafliant 328, 329 Estes, Michael Webster 314, 315 Estes, Rebecca Lynn 341, 340 Evans, Alicia Lynn 167, 288, 289 Evans, Glen Pickering 308, 309 Evans, Gregory Wayne 328, 329 Evans, Jane Marie 288, 289 Evans, Jon Scott 326, 327 Everett, Anne Bray 302, 303 Ewing, Sallie Cunningham 322, 323 Fahey, Susan Delaine 324, 325 Falkner, Charles Ramey 160, 328, 329 Farkas, Scott Rand 336-337 Fa nsworth, Stephen Hartford 284-285 Farquhar, Winston Kirkland 137, 308, 309 Farrar, Margaret Lynne 292-293 Farrington, Mary Lawrence 288, 289 Farrington, William Crabill 330-331 Farris, Martha Catherine 288, 289 Farris, Robert Barrow 314, 315 Farris, Samuel Hardy III 284, 285 Farris, Waddill Patrick 286, 287 Farris, Woods Fernand 286, 287 Faulkner, Mark Wayne 130 Faulks, James Lee 241 Fay, Patricia Marie 340, 341 Featherstone, Cathy Lynn 304, 305 Feigler, Stephanie McKay 308, 309 Fennell, McCoy Thomas 286, 287 Ferguson, Kathleen 216 Ferguson, Paula Beth 276, 277 Ferguson, Toya Ettoyle 306, 307 Ferracci, Kathleen Marie 181 Ferrell, Suzanne 141, 282, 283 Ferri, Patricia 292-293 Fewell, John Harold 286, 287 Field, Paula Elizabeth 304, 305 Fielder, Donna Mae Smith 155 Fields, Melanie Frances 159, 251 Filpi, Rosalyn Ann 174, 276, 277 Finch, Amy Jo 83, 304, 305 Finch, Daniel Wayne 290, 291 Fine, Clark Dale 286, 287 Finerty, Laura Tourison 306, 307 Finerty, Nancy Jane 282, 283 Finley, Jon Kavin 284-285 Finnegan, Kathleen Ann 276, 277 Fiore, Angela Michelle 282, 283 Fischer, Vicki Lynn 304, 305 Fisher, Gayla Michelle 282, 283 Fisher, Jon Thomas 330-331 Fisher, Lea Murray 200, 306, 307 Fisher, Natalie Hall 167, 304, 305 Fisher, Stan Franklin 121 Fisk, Melanie Mei 302, 303 Fitch, Wanda Lynn 294, 295 Flanagin, James Byron 326, 327 Flechas, Enrique Jose Roberto 308, 309 Flessas, James Dean 336-337 Fletcher, Allison Anne 324, 325 Fletcher, James 290, 291 Fletcher, Sallie Evelyn 292-293 Flood, Melissa Louise 292-293 Flora, Norma Caldwell 165, 288, 289 Flowers, Mary Graydon 292-293 Floyd, Cynthia Leeann 306, 307 Floyd, John Michael olt 284-285 Floyd, John Peter 326-327 Floyd, Karl Pruitt 205 Fondren, Tina Ann 155, 276, 277 Fontaine, Douglass Latimer II 314, 315 Foote, Elizabeth Jane 288, 289 Foote, Laura Ann 288, 289 Ford, John Leon 3304kovt, 331 Fordice, Hunter Lloyd 330, 331 Forester, Marcia Diane 292-293 Forshee, Julie Ann 292-293 Forsythe, Kimberly Lynne 173 Fortenberry, Dana Sue 129, 141 Fortenberry, Theres; Anne 324, 325 Fortner, Tracee Lee 288, 289 Foster, Dexter L. 160 216, 280, 281 Foster, Lantz Powell 316,317 Foster, Sallie Anne 288, 2 89 Fouche, Amee Jo 195, 288, 289 Fountain, Michael Keith 316, 317 Fourcade, John Charles Jr. 211, 21t Fowler, Charles Thomas II 308, 309 Fowler, Deborah Ann 276, 277 Fowler, Lisa Gail 340, 341 Fowler, Sally Ross 180, 292-293 Fowlkes, Mary Latta 288, 289 Fox, Susan Linnea 276, 277 Francis, Judson Charles III 328, 329 Frank, Thomas Francis 286, 287 Franklin, Bridget Renee 155, 278, 279 Franklin, Richard Howard 308, 309 Franklin, Sherry Denise 278, 279 Franks, Scarlett Anne 324, 325 Freeman, Anne Elizabeth 306, 307 Freeman, Britton Lavon 187 Freeman, Ellen Ann 294, 295 Freeman, Gregory Thomas 160 Freeman, John Roeder 200, 314, 315 Freeman, Katherine Elizabeth 155, 306, 307 Frey, Lisa Renee 304, 305 Fridrich, Lisa Eloise 292-293 FrieHrichs, ' -:. 3 $? .-. ;,; Catherine Slattery , 324, 325 riou, Thomas Hamilton 314, 315 : ryery, Timothy Mark 160, 165 " rykholm, Michele Leigh 282, 283 igate, John Robert 314,315 uller, Jeanette 278, 279 ulton, Stacy Ann 276,277 irman, Leslie Hope 306,307 irr, Allyson Rachelle 292-293 " urr, David Mark 326, 327 urrh, Roy Hendee 217, 241, 314, 315 itvoye, Alan William 330-331 yfe, Charles Richard 284-285 yfe, Thomas Wilsford Jr. 284-285 Q Gaddis, Margaret Ellen 306, 307 Gaddv, Carolyn Joyce 205 Galbraith, Joan 304, 305 Gallagher, Paul Scott 326, 327 llien, Mary Susan 167, 294, 295 lloway, Cynthia Lucille 288, 289, 338, 339 lloway, Terri Lynn 306, 307 " tney, David Kinsman 308, 309 iltney, John Ford 308,309 Galvin, Kathleen Marie 195, 282, 283 Gammill, Frank Kneeland 274, 275, 326, 327 Gammill, Stewart 330, 331 Gandy, Robert David 308, 309 Garbo, Tina Marie 302,303 Gardner, Phillip Scott 330, 331 Garl, Tim C. 121 Garner, Juanita Joy 181 Garner, Kenneth Clay 284-285 Garner, Lisa Carol 292-293 irner, Margaret Ann 340, 341 tint Earner, Pamela im Suzanne 160, 165 Garner, Teresa Ann 176, 340, 341 rner, William Edmond 99, 164, 300-301 Garrard, Deborah Louise 322, 323 Garraway, Kendall Greaves 326, 327 Garraway, Susan Clay 324, 325 Garrett, Andrew Samuel 167 ary, Mary Ann 306, 307 Gatewood, Alicia Vaughn 155 Earn I An Gatlin, Todd Evans 102, 103, 107 Gear, Steven Kenneth 290, 291 Geno, Laura Mae 282, 283 Gentry, Jerry II 280, 281 Gex, Rachel Kathleen 304, 305 Gho, William Curtis 332-333 Gibbes, Elizabeth Mason 288, 289 Gibson, Danny Paul 177 Gibson, Forrest Lee 290, 291 Gibson, Sherry Lynne 282, 283 Gibson, Thomas Lee 330, 331 Gidden, Fonda Love 288, 289 Gilbert, John Allen Jr. 286, 287 Gilbert, Patricia Gail 322, 323 Gilbert, Richard Winston 326, 327 Gilbrech, Karen Yvonne 324, 325 Gill, Eleanor Allen 164, 195, 251, 322, 323 Gill, Michael Eric 200 Gilleylen, Carolyn Bonita joiner 278, 279 Gilleylen, Emily Delorse 165, 195, 278, 279 Gilliland, Mary John 292-293 Gillis, Heather Joanne 276, 277 Ginn, Elaine Michelle 304, 305 Glaser, Christian Laura 292-293 Glasgow, Mary Frances 276, 277 Glass, Carolyn Louise 278, 279 Glass, Leslie Alexandra 304, 305 Glass, William Love 328, 329 Glenn, Jean Candler 306, 307 Glenn, John William 286, 287 Codec, Gregory James 200, 316, 317 Godwin, Kathy Ann 322, 323 Goetz, Mary Louise 189 Goetz, Patricia Ann 306,307 Goforth, Hugh Maxel Jr. 189 Goforth, Janet Lynn 302, 303 Golden, Laurie Gay 282, 283 Goldman, Karlen Lorene 322, 323 Goldman, Rhodonna Ann 322, 323 Goldner, Beth Elyse 292-293 Goldthorpe, Margaret Anne 306,307 Gollihue, Rita Sue 276, 277 Gooch, Kenneth Lyle 177 Gooch, Patsy Lynn 322,323 Good, Ronald Wayne 200, 286, 287 Goodman, Kathryne Eve 340, 341 Goodrick, Maura Ellen 302, 303 Goodsell, Jesse Burge 167, 200 Gore, James Simms II 286, 287 Gore, Karen Elizabeth 324, 325 Gorove, Stephen James 290, 291 Goss, Alicen Genean 276, 277 Goss, Terry Van 330, 331 Gothie, Mary Francesca 304, 305 Gould, David Moore 308, 309 Gould, Gaye Gwyn 322,323 Grace, Anthony 174, 280,281 Gradolf, David Brian 320, 321 Graf, Lelia Anne 282, 283 Graham, Anne Courtney 288, 289, 338-339 Graham, Audrey Lynn 282, 283 Graham, Bob Jr. 284-285 Graham, Dudley Collier Jr. 284-285 Graham, Jane Kerr 288, 289 Graham, Joseph Thomas 326, 327 Graham, Mark Daniel 176 Graham, Mary Alison 288, 289 Graham, Randall Hansel 308, 309 Granbery, Elizabeth Anne 288, 289 Grant, Cynthia Marguerite 276, 277 Grant, Donald Powell Jr. 176 Grantham, Curtis Carter 165, 314, 315 Graves, Michael Kevin 290, 291 Gray, Kimberly Yvonne 306, 307 Gray, Leo Daniel 160 Gray, Pamela Ann 306,307 Grayson, John Hall Jr. 241, 328, 329 Greaney, Anthony James 320, 321 Greco, John Gerard 300-301 Green, Chen Denise 171 Green, Connie Francis 217, 278, 279 Green, Deborah Bernice 322, 323 Green, James Edward 121 Green, Kathryn Elizabeth 306, 307 Green, Martin J. 332-333 Greene, Wendy Robin 282, 283 Greenlee, Christine Lowe 282, 283 Greenlee, Edye Jean 294, 295 Greer, Michael Clayton 328, 329 Greer, Tracy Jeanne 165, 306, 307 Gregory, Christopher Lee 284-285 Gregory, Dorothy Allison 306, 307 Gregory, Felicia Joy 282, 283 Gregory, Glenda Carol 171, 174 Gregory, Steven Hugh 284-285 Gresham, Laurie Ann 292-293 Griffey, Daniel Ray 284-285 Griffin, Cathy Dawn 302, 303 Griffin, Gary Mi ller 187 Griffin, Jacqueline Leon 282, 283 Griffin, John Shuler 284-285 Griffin, Laura Anne 276,277 Griffin, William Arlis 290, 291 Griff is, Thomas Kenneth Jr. 314, 315 Grisebaum, John David 326, 327 Grisham, Cynthia Lynn 306, 307 Grist, William Monte 284-285 Growney, Thomas David 290, 291 Guess, Laurie Lee 324, 325 Guglielmo, Elizabeth Lea 306, 307 Guider, Eloise Kelly 288, 289 Gullick, David Arnold 241 Gully, Ella Veazey 292-293 Gunn, Mark Neil 155, 161, 330, 331 Gunn, William Joseph 330, 331 Gunnels, Nike De 165, 306, 307 Gunner, Linda Graves 288, 289 Gunter, Gabrielle Gannon 160, 306, 307 Gunter, Marilyn Anne 276, 277 Gunter, Teresa Wynee 276, 277 Guntharp, Thomas Keith 177 Gurner, Robert Benjamin 290, 291 Guthrie, Laura Suzanne 294, 295 Guthrie, Shannon Dee 294, 295 Guyton, Thomas Scott 330, 331 Gwin, Michael Omara 314, 315 Gwynn, Philip Haines 328, 329 Haguewood, Terri Lyn 322, 323 Hairston, Debra Gayle 298, 299 Hairston, Phyllis Vernelious 278, 279 Hales, Anne Murray 288, 289 Hales, Sherry Lynn 92, 322, 323 Haley, Anna Lynne 304,305 Haley, Elizabeth Keese 276, 277 Haley, Michael Scott 320, 321 Hall, Donna Joyce 304,305 Hall, James Franklin 275 Hall, John Laurence 154, 165, 330, 331 Hall, Karen Suzanne 304,305 Hall, Laura Leigh 325, 324 Hall, Mary Helena 158,160 Hall, Michael Stephen 284-285 Hall, Richard Steven 241, 308, 309 Hall, Stanton Allen 130, 332-333 Hall, Steven Douglas 274, 275 Hall, Susan Rebecca 217, 241, 306, 307 Hallberg, Charles J. Ill 274, 275, 336-337 Hallberg, Peri Anne 276, 277 Halliday, James Bailey 308, 309 Haltom, Joiner Mack III 160, 298, 299 Hamilton, David Harrison 316, 317 Hamilton, Dorothy Anita 306, 307 Hamilton, Mollie 306,307 Hammond, Barnett Douglas Jr. 160, 330, 331 Hammons, Marilyn Meriwether 292-293 Hancock, Carolyn Mary 302, 303 Hancock, James Charles 316, 317 Hand, Michael Robert 326, 327 Haney, Julia Ann 294,295 Haney, Rebecca Lyn 155 Hanks, Helen Tracey 292-293 Hanks, Kenney Mack 286-287 Hannon, Susan Grace 324, 325 Hanson, Mary Nelle 174, 282, 283 Harbin, Patricia Elise 181, 294, 295 Harbour, Barry Dean 290, 291 Hardage, Regina Lynn 288, 289 Hardin, Clinton T. Ill 316, 317 Hardin, Grover Charles 169, 175 Hardin, Tammie Denise 282, 283 Hardy, Jeffrey William 308, 309 Hardy, John Cazort 328, 329 Harlan, Michael Wesley 308, 309 Harlin, Mary Jo 282, 283 Harmon, Alonzo George 165, 269, 330, 331 Harmon, Emily Hall 288, 289 Harmon, John Michael 109 Harper, Jack Walter 284-285 Harper, Kelly Marie 324, 325 Harper, Susan Elizabeth 195, 322, 323 Harris, Kyle Lance 300-301 Harris, Lucy Robinson 292-293 Harris, Marilynne 324, 325 Harris, Mary Elizabeth 322, 323 Harris, Mildred Mulvoy Heston 288, 289, 340-341 Harris, Revonda Denise 160, 324, 325 Harris, Tarasia Faye 298, 299 Harris, Thomas Kimbrell 330, 331 Harrison, Ann Stan wood 292-293 Harrison, Emily Jane 294, 295 Harrison, Frederick Donald 140 Harrison, Kenneth Wayne 300-301 Harrison, Patricia Jean 139 Harrison, Patrick Dean 137 Harrison, Robert Lee Jr. 300-301 Harrison, Sarah- Frances King 302, 303 Harrison, William Weston Rodes 330, 331 Hart, Mary Karen 340,341 Harvey, Leigh Ann 302,303 Harvey, Rex Dillon 300-301 Harwell, William Paul Jr. 328-329 Harwood -Katharine Butler 288, 289 Haskins, Christopher Kirk 300-301 Haskins, Laura Ann 139, 324, 325 Hassell, Roby n Jane 340,341 Hassler, Earl Glenn 137 Hatcher, Jody Keith 316, 317 Hatcher, Thomas Moore 286, 287 Hatcher, Tina Renee 306,307 Hathcock, Clarie Elizabeth 276, 277 Hawes, Teresa Carol 306,307 Hawkins, David Clayton 286, 287 Hawkins, John David 165 Hawkins, Pamela Ann 324, 325 Hawkins, Ricardo L. 280, 281 Hawley, Michael Troy 286, 287 Ha worth, Debora Ann 324, 325 Hayes, Frances Dianne 288, 289 Hayes, John Wigfall 328, 329 Haynes, Donald Hubert 187 Haynes, Sandra Ann 324, 325 Hays, Elizabeth Carlton 288, 289 Hays, William Louis Jr. 332-333 Fugate Hazle wood, Lee Bennett 330-331 Headley, Matthew Ljoyd 200, 330, 331 Heard, Carolyn Cooper 292-293 Hearon, Kim Denise 322,323 Heath, David Gerald 162 Heaton, Timothy Harrison 326, 327 Heavey, Laurie Ann 276,277 Hebler, Karen Renee 304,305 Hector, David Holcomb 314, 315 Hegwood, Emily Elizabeth 155, 160, 171, 174, 181 Hegwood, Russell Kerry 316, 317 Heiter, Matthew Stephen 320,321 Helms, Sandra Lea 129 Hemphill, Jana Lanelle 171 Henderson, Derek Andrew 300-301 Henderson, James Wendell Jr. 290, 291 Henderson, Mary Elizabeth 292-293 Henderson, Patricia 158 Hendrix, Phyllis Eileen 304, 305 Henick, Alda Camille 288, 289 Henry, Alma Jo 163 Henry, David Charles 286, 287 Henry, Kristy Kay 304,305 Henry, Ronald Anthony 280, 281 Henry, Skye Christiane 171, 302,303 Hensarling, Cheryl Patrice 282, 283 Hensley, Susan Blair 282,283 Henson, John Leonard 286, 287 Henton, Holland Jay 308,309 Henton, Holly Fay 322,323 Henton, John Mitchell 308, 309 Hen tz, John Richard 300-301 Hepner, David Earl 328,329 Herbert, Megan Jean 288,289 Herndon, Rickey Dean 163 Herold, Esta Elizabeth 304, 305 Herrin, Jane Elizabeth 292-293 Herring, Benjamin Lee 205 Herrington, Jackson Allen Jr. 330, 331 Hester, James Lawson 160 Hester, Martha Ellis 171, 282, 283 Hester, Nena Lexene 288,289 Hester, Stephanie Suzanne 322, 323 Hester, Susan Naef 288, 289 Hetzel, George Edward 328, 329 Hewitt, John Randolph 290, 291 Hewitt, Robert Index -439 Hicks Glenn 328, 329 Hiatt, Jennifer Ann 306, 307 Mickey, John Clayton 154, 314, 315 Hickman, Stephanie Jean 278, 279 Hicks, Alfreida 278, 279 Hicks, Dewitt Talmadge III 330, 331 Higdon, Mark Byron 300-301 Higginbottom, Ann Leigh 302, 303 Higgins, Katherine Brigid 167, 304, 305 Higgs, Cyrus Henry 290, 291 Hill, Caroline Josette 167, 322, 323 Hill, Costa Holly Rene 322, 323 Hill, Douglas Lamar 160 Hill, Jack Dugan 316, 317 Hill, Shannon Lynn 322, 323 Hill, Ted Ray 314, 315 Hillyer, Bruce Lewis 300-301 Hindman, Walter Todd 284-285 Hines, Dwight Kirkland 326, 327 Hinkel, Peter Lee 284-285 I linman, Kenneth Fulghum 328, 329 Hinton, David Hugh 332-333 Hinton, Robert Paul 160 Hitt, Henry Waldo III 314, 315 Hixon, Leila Kathleen 292-293 Hixon, Mary Melanie 292-293 Hixon, Neal Campbell 314, 315 Hobbs, Leslie Elizabeth 324, 325 Hodge, Leslie Everett 322, 323 Hodges, Barney Lee 284-285 Hodges, Kenneth Edwin 316, 317 Hoffman, Cynthia Lynne Slade 288, 289 Hoffman, Elizabeth Carol 324, 325 Hoffman, George Wilden Jr. 330, 331 Hogan, Jean Alice 304, 305 Hogan, Kimberly Ann 304, 305 Holcomb, Jean McCleskey 292-293 Holcomb, William Edgar III 217, 275 Holden, Kathryn 282, 283 Holder, David Elton 284-285 Holder, Jerry Ray 290, 291 Holiman, Frank Allen 314, 315 Hollabaugh, Virginia Neville 282, 283 Holland, Holly Shaw 276, 277 Holland, Taylor Griffith III 286, 287 Holland, Thomas Wesley 336-337 Hollaway, Cynthia 302, 303 Holleman, Leslie Dean 308, 309 Holliday, Edward Troy 332-333 Holliday, John Mark 211, 218, 332-333 Hollingsworth, Hez Lamar 326, 327 Hollingsworth, Robert Jackson 284-285 Hollis, Laura Lynn 322, 323 Hollowell, Elizabeth Rose 324, 325 Hollowell, Wayne Douglas Jr. 286, 287 Holman, Holly Faye 84, 155, 165, 288, 289 Holt, Carol Ann 324, 325 Homan, Lisa Ann 322, 323 Hood, Betsy Dianne 241, 306, 307 Hood, James Matthew III 326, 327 Hood, Paul Ray 286, 287 Hood, Perry Vandorn 326, 327 Hooper, Kate McCalley 302, 303 Hooper, Peyton Spottswood 284-285 Hooper, William Kins Jr. 284-285 Hoover, Eugene O ' Neal 290, 291 Hoover, Mark Dabney 290, 291 Hoover, Susan Elizabeth 304, 305 Hoover, Tracey Jane 167, 324, 325 Hopkins, Gene Steven 284-285 Hopkins, Maryem Fowlkes 292-293 Hopson, Karen Renee 95, 160, 218, 304, 305 Hopson, Mary Kathryn 304, 305 Hopson, Robert Joseph 174, 290, 291 Horn, Jean Tracy 160, 292-293 Home, Elizabeth James 292-293 Home, Patricia Burns 322, 323 Home, Sally Cole 322, 323 Horner, Jerry Eugene Jr. 326,327 Horner, Leeann 324, 325 Hough, Lee Ann 306, 307 House, Becky Ann 241, 282-283 House, Jeffery Lewis 286, 287 House, Mary Elizabeth 218, 282, 283 House, Virginia Quinn 340, 341 Houser, Mary Elizabeth 340, 341 Houston, Allison Kelley 302, 303 Houston, John Wascom 330, 331 Howard, Amy Leigh 22, 23, 288, 289, 300-301 Howard, Marsha Elizabeth 288, 289 Howell, Charee Melia 288, 289 Howell, Donna Louise 282, 283 Howell, Gary Brian 330, 331 Howell, James Mark 284-285 Howell, Jeffrey Ray 326, 327 Howell, Troy Ellis 121 Howie, Elizabeth Lynne 288, 289 Hu, Joanna Kwok- Yul73 Hubbard, Jeffrey Paul 308, 309 Hubbard, John Christopher 308, 309 Hubbard, Milleigh Randle 282, 283 Hubbard, Thomas Leon 106 Huber, Cynthia Ann 135 Huddleston, Shira Joyce 155, 340, 341 Hudgins, William Clarkson 330, 331 Hudson, Lydia Leigh 276, 277 Hudson, Victoria Lou 306, 307 Huff, Bradley Ray 314, 315 Huggins, Holly Lynn 160, 288, 289 Huggins, John Michael 326, 327 Hughes, Allen Holt Jr. 314, 315 Hughes, Bethany Annette 304, 305 Hughes, Jefferson Lee 326, 327 Hughes, William Manly 330, 331 Hull, Helen Pillow 288, 289 Hume, Andrew Tucker 330, 331 Humphreys, Patricia 159, 294, 295 Humphries, Elizabeth Ann 322, 323 Hunt, Steven Howard 163 Hunter, Jennie Beth 322, 323 Hurley, Vicki Joyce 158,282,283 Hutches, Mary Jo 282, 283 Hutson, Lori Ann 276, 277 Hutt, Carolyn Ann 288-289 Hutt, Susan Elizabeth 288-289 Hyde, Darrell Stephen 300-301 Hyde, Estelle Marie 135, 141 Hyde, Patti Louise 304, 305 Ruth 282, 283 Inman, Charles Eugene 336-337 Ireland, Selby Allen 154 Irving, Pamela Payne 276, 277 Isaacs, John Duane Jr. 326, 327 Ivy, Dianne 160 Ivy, Randal Ray 300-301 Ikerd, Helanne Elise 282, 283 lies, Michael Geoffrey 316, 317 Ingemanson, Sandra Lee 340, 341 Ingram, Marian Jackson, Craig Campbell 175, 296-297 Jackson, Cynthia Lynn 282-283 Jackson, Dewell Lamar Jr. 336-337 Jackson, Randy Lewis 330-331 Jackson, Rhonda Merle 340-341 Jackson, Shauneille Cassandra 298, 299 Jacobson, Jeffrey Glenn 167 James, Janis Camille 324, 325 James, Lorraine Benedict 324, 325 Jameson, Stuart Curtis 330-331 Jefferson, Gary Lynn 165, 273 Jelliffe, Melanie Hudson 294-295 Jenkins, Lucy Benita 324, 325 Jenkins, Mary Bentley 292-293 Jennings, Donna Elizabeth 294-295 Jennings, Melinda .Lynn 173 Jernigan, Kelly Lee 294-295 Jernigan, Sherri Lynn 302, 303 Jessup, Ross Morehead 160 Jetton, Letitia Leigh 322-323 Jinnette, Steven Ward 314-315 Johnson, Craig Elliot 314-315 Johnson, Elizabeth Ann 276, 277 Johnson, Eural Levorn Jr. 160 Johnson, Gregory Allen 320-321 Johnson, Jeffrey Darrell 290 Johnson, Jeffrey Nelson 284, 314-315 Johnson, Jeffrey Roy 291 Johnson, Kenton Mark 296-297 Johnson, Kristal Kay 135, 306, 307 Johnson, Margaret Lynn 171, 282-283 Johnson, Marian Wright 292-293 Johnson, Mark Dwayne 308, 309 Johnson, Martha Mims 292-293 Johnson, Michael Wayne 308, 309 Johnson, Richard Allen 274, 275, 314-315 Johnson, Rita Ann 282-283 Johnson, Rochester Melville 314-315 Johnson, William Blair 241 Johnston, Paul Brady 336-337 Johnston, Rebecca Hendrick 288-289 Johnstone, Tonya Lynn 340, 341 Jolly, Prentiss Rudolph 162 Jolly, Thomas Elwyn Jr. 290-291 Jones, Alison Diane 304, 305 Jones, Allison Ann 304, 305 Jones, Allison Hart 304, 305 Jones, Andrew Mitchel 284-285 Jones, David Baxter 308, 309 Jones, Guy Christopher 316, 317 Jones, Howell Robinson 155 Jones, James Kizer 303 Jones, Marian Frances 294-295 Jones, Melissa Diane 322-323 Jones, Melissa Irene 340-341 Jones, Michael Troy 336-337 Jones, Paula Dent 182 Jones, Phillip Edward 286-287 Jones, Sharon Angela 282-283 Jones, Terry Anglo 274, 275 Jones, Virginia Ann 306, 307 Jordan, Bernard Chandler 316, 317 Jordan, Catherine Anne 294-295 Jordan, Janet Elizabeth 322-323 Jordan, Lu Ann 282-283 Jordan, Robert Buford 314-315 Jordan, Virgie Elizabeth 3 Jorgensen, Carole Louise 282-283 Jourdan, Raymond Eugene Jr. 332-333 Joyner, Thomas Lee III 218 Judd, Margaret Susan 276, 277 Juhan, Elizabeth Corona 340-341 Kahler, Karen Anne 153, 156, 219, 306, 307 Kaiser, Theodore Stanton III 332-333 Karlstrom, Lars Olaf 130 Katool, Joseph Allen 241, 286-287 Kay, Katherine Ann 306, 307 Keck, Herbert Louis Jr. 286-287 Keller, Jay Shannon 296-297 Kelley, Chris Anne 189 Kelley, Cynthia Wayne 294-295 Kelley, Jessie Palmer 302 Kelley, Joseph William 169, 176 Kelly, Charles Hager 308, 309 Kelly, Cynthia Dawn 165 Kelly, Marianna 160, 304, 305 Kelly, Samuel Clayton 160 Kelsey, Martha Courtney 322-323 Kendricks, Scott Hathorn 286-287 Kennedy, Gregory Layne 296-297 Kennedy, Jimmy Derrick 300-301 Kennedy, John Larry Jr. 330-331 Kennedy, Patrice Marlene 302-303 Kennedy, William Selby Jr. 308, 309 Kenney, Melissa Anne 276, 277 Kent, Richard Atherton III 300-301 Kerce, Howard Michael 300-301 Ketchings, Andrew Mansker 274, 275 Key, Merry Jeanne 302-303 Keyes, Peter Franklin 330-331 Keyes, Tammy Lynn 322-323 Kierspe, Lynn Elizabeth 165, 294-295 Kies, Richard William Jr. 130 Kilgore, Donald Martin 280, 281, 310, 311, 340, 341 Kilgore, Lisa Gail 340-341 Kilpatrick, Laura Louise 292-293 Kilpatrick, Willis Howard 187 Kimberlin, Sharon Kay 288-289 Kimbrough, David Scott 290-291 Kimbrough, Graham Butler 308, 309 Kimbrough, John Cooper Jr. 328-329 Kimbrough, Shannon Patricia 324, 325 King, Elizabeth Wylie 288-289, 338-339 King, Michael Don 187 King, Montyne Clearissia 155, 160, 167, 278, 279 King, Sherry Louise 129 King, Sue Tucker 288-289 Kinnett, Karen Sue 185 Kinney, Patsy June 324, 325 Kirkland, James Scott 284-285 Kirkland, Stewart Jay 130 Kirkpatrick, Carroll Saxon 121 Kirksey, Robert Carson 286-287 Kirksey, William Mark 286-287 Kistler, Stephanie Ann 306, 307 Kitchens, Mary Virginia 324, 32! Kittell, Sally Ann 288-289 Kittrell, Martin Carter 204 Klein, James Arthur Jr. 330-331 Klepper, James Donald 332-333 Klingen, Joseph Leonard 165, 241, 314-315 Klingler, Julie Barrett 306, 307 Knight, Robert Terrell Jr. 330-331 Knight, Victor Eugene 296-297 Knight, Virginia Lucile 288-289 Knighten, Paul Ransom 284 Knox, Ricky Allen 241 Knox, Tracy Lynn 340-341 Knudson, Julie Ann i 304, 305 Koenig, Gregory Mark 320, 321 Koon, Henry B. 160 Kosack, Dorothy Paige 276, 277 Koski, Arnall Rudolph 290-291 Krausnick, Edward Carl Jr. 328-329 Kremer, M. Rebecca 304, 305 Kremer, Susan Celeste 304, 305 Kridle, Caroline Michele 174, 306, 307 Kruchten, Russell Lance 308, 309 Kruger, Stuart Glenn 330-331 Kucker, Robert George Jr. 316, 317 Kuehn, Katherine Chesley 306, 307 Kyle, Robert Talley III 290-291 Lacy, Joe Frank III 296-297 Ladner, Sabine Emilie 340-341 Lago, Dandle Marie 324, 325 Laird, Eric Dwayne 121 Laird, Janet Ruth 340-341 Laird, Steven Williams 241 Lamar, Patricia Leslie 288-289 Lamar, William Chadwick 330-331 Lamb, Angela Susan 322-323 Lamb, Christine Renee 322-323 Lamb, Samuel Michael 300-301 Lamb, Scott Grayson 165, 332-333 Lamb, Stacie Dianne 322-323 Lambert, Sidney Justin 99, 200, 284-285 Lampton, Robert Howard 314-315 { Lanasa, Gwendolyn Marie 282-283 440 Index Langenfelder : IB : ' -:. a - : ' . mm ,,.,, drum, Julie Ann 302-303 La ndry, Larry Joseph Jr. 336-337 Lane, David Merrick 314-315 Langenfelder, Henry Stephen 332-333 Langford, Cathey Ann 276-277 Langhorne, John Miller 130 Langston, Milton Harvey 284 Langston, Monica Lynn 340-341 Lannom, Cynthia Dake 276, 277 Lantz, Margaret Virginia 171 Lapevre, Robert r - " -. . - : ::: far : -.i . :::: Hd : ' : Ud I M ;;:::. , ' . : - .,; ;. : -.--: .1 :- : Ste ' phan 200, 314-315 Larson, Don Alan 308, 309 Laser, David Nichols Jr. 316, 317 Lassiter, Deanna Lynn 302-303 Lauderdale, Lisa - ' Ann 292-293 Laughlin, Marcus Sheley 314-315 Lavender, Mary Melissa 160, 288-289 Law, James Fletcher 284-285 Lawnin, Barbara Elizabeth 288-289 Lawrence, Kay Parker 288-289, - ; 298-299 Lawrence, Pamela . ' ..: Ann 322-323 Lawrence, William Keith 175 Lawton, Julia Beckwith 302-303 Leary, Scott Forrest 332-333 : ' Leatherman, Leslie -.;:: Fortune 314, 315 Lebo, Hamilton Clint 284 Lee, Larry Brian 316, i 317 pm Lee, William I Michael 316, 317 I , Lee, William David 160 Lee, Yvonne Marie 165 Legendre, Laurie .. ... : Marie 324, 325 Leggett, Helen . : Renee 282-283 Lehman, Vicki Ann : 324, 325 Lehr, Frances : - Elizabeth 296-297 Lester, Ladye Ashley 340-341 Levan, Mark Steven :! ' -: 328-329 Levy, Jan 160, 288-289 Lewis, John Arthur ....- 330-331 Lewis, Lisa Ruth i ' aaw ' 340 " 341 . ' :; " Lewis, Mary Margaret 160 . lewis, Robert ; .-; Terrell 296-297 Lewis, Sonya Yvette .-.vt 324,325 Lewis, Stephen Wayne 160, 284-285 Lexa, Lauren Elizabeth 164 Libbett, Jacqueline Marie 169 Lillard, Donna Kaye 292-293 Linder, David Hugh 178 Lindsey, Leah Brown 322-323 Lindsey, Lori Ann 322-323 Line, Lawrence Leroy Jr. 316, 317 Lingle, Richard Manning 183 Linn, Antoinette Henley 294-295 Little, Linda Carol 181 Little, Philip Jerome 308, 309 Little, Rebekah Jean 135 Little, Ronda Clinese 171 Littleford, Rosemary Moss 304, 305 Littlejohn, Lisa Michele 160 Littman, Cathy Lynne 282-283 Livingston, Ashley Mell 328-329 Livingston, Laura Ann 292-293 Lockard, Christopher Lee 189, 284-285 Locke, David Ramsey 328-329 Locke, Jane Marie 302-303 Locke, Lizabeth Pierson 288-289 Lockridge, Anna Maria 306, 307 Lockwood, Joe Kent 241 Lof tin, Helen Louise 302-303 Logan, Benjamin Mel 160, 300-301 Logan, Julia Kim 282-283 Lohrmann, Jera Leanne 302-303 Long, Agrippa Kellum 284-285 Longest, Tom Bruce Jr. 290-291 Looney, Martha Calhoun 172 Lord, Jana Kaye 304, 305 Lord, Lucy Leigh 288-289 Lord, Sheryl Lynne 304,305 Lorenz, Jill Tracie 324, 325 Lott, Tracy Douglas 314, 315 ' Louis, Thomas Michael 328-329 Lourido, Linnette Pilar 173 Love, Elizabeth Sidney 292-293 Love, Frank Anderson III 332-333 Lovelace, Robin Leigh 282-283 Lovelady, Anita Jill 340-341 Lovell, Craig Alan 284-285 Lovell, William Terry 284-285 Lovett, Carol Leigh 306,307 Lovorn, Angela Gay 155, 276-277 Lowe, David Jones 160, 328-329 Lowery, Louann 292-293 Lowery, Seeley Anne 304. 305 Loyacono, Gay Marcel 185 Luby, Debra Ann 302-303 Lucas, Aubrey Bell 314-315 Lucas, Robert Milliard 314-315 Lucas, Stacy Claire 292-293 Luckett, Lauren Leigh 288-289 Luckey, Alwyn Hall 300-301 Lummus, Jill Elisabeth 159, 322-323 Lumpkin, Amy Louise 189, 322-323 Lumsden, Amy Joan 340-341 Lurate, Leigh Yerger 165, 332-333 Lusco, Linda Margaret 294, 306, 307 Lutz, Richard Warren 275, 220, 221 Lynch, Alice Louise 172 Lyons, Gloria Ann 171, 282-283 MacDonald, William Charles 165 Maclnnis, Michael Stephen 163, 241 Macione, Kimberly Karol 294-295 Madden, Katherine 288-289, 338-389 Maddox, Mary Nell 276-277 laffet. Mark William 160, 316, 317 Magee, Esther Margaret 340-341 Magee, Pamela Ann 173 Magee, Rhonda Lynn 298, 299 Magee, Tammi Jane 322-323 Mahaney, Kelly Veronica 306, 307 Mahaney, Robert John Jr. 167, 308, 309 Maharrey, Sonora Grace Tedford 185 Mahoney, Ann Kathryn 292-293 Main, Lisa Marie 324, 325 Mainous, Lori Anne 306,307 Malatesta, Donald Louis 314-315 Malchow, Kenneth Edward II 284 Malmo, Murrey Kirkpatrick 298-299 Malone, Cheryl Dana 322-323 Malone, Melanie Beth 322-323 Malone, Robert Crowe III 316, 317 Malta, Frank Gregory 330-331 Manley, Felicia Ann 160, 282-283 Manley, Frederick Harrison 201 Mann. Hope Hester 282-283 Mann, William Albert 316, 317 Manning, Katharine Clare 91, 294-295 Mapp, Bailey Howell 284-285 Marable, Elizabeth Ann 129 March banks, Charles Raymond Jr. 241 Marchbanks, Jeri Anne 294-295 Marietta, Collette Kim 155, 322-323 Markley, Ann Lynn 276, 277 Marlowe, Lisa Gaye 340-341 Marnhout, Jack W. 280, 281, 308, 309 Marone, Stephen Joseph 174, 290-291 Marrs, Helen Kathryn 302-303 Marsh, Charles Wayne 308, 309 Marsh, Kevin Robert 336-337 Marshall, Cathy Renee 298, 299 Marshall, John Walker 308, 309 Marshall, Linda Gail 294-295 Marshall, Lydia Pierce 340-341 Marshall, Robert Chesley 328-329 Marthaler, Frederick Terral Jr. 332-333 Martin, Catherine Harlow 171, 282-283 Martin, Cynthia Ann 195, 324, 325 Martin, Elizabeth Burley 186, 241, 282-283 Martin, Gary J. 160 Martin, Gloria Lavonne 278, 279 Martin, Joseph Adam Jr. 330-331 Martin, Kenneth A. 187 Martin, Leslie Homer III 290-291 Martin, Maureen Elise 302-303 Martin, Molly Dearman 205 Martin, Neva Naomi 322-323 Martin, Orlando Ricardo 200 Martin, Rachel Marie 324, 325 Martin, Reuben Darius 167 Martin, Sheila Ruth 322-323 Martin, Westbrook IV 328-329 Martinez, Marta Rebeca 304, 305 Mashburn, Sidney Coleman 167, 275, 330-331 Mason, Regan Adonis 308, 309 Massey, Angela Dawn 276-277 Massey, David Martin 165, 175, 314-315 Massey, Julia Anna 322-323 Massey, Karen Lynn 276-277 Massie, Diana Ruth 282-283 Mathis. Karen 292-293 Matthews, Nancy Kate 304, 305 Matthews, Timothy Allen 280, 281 Mattingly, Thomas Mitchell 316, 317 Maulden, Roslyn Gail 282-283 Maxwell, Joseph Lamar III 164, 314-315 Maxwell, Richard Paul 308, 309 May, David Clifton 308,309 May, Marianne McGraw 154, 322-323 Mayes, Berta Mae 172 Maynard, Douglas Gene 137 Maynard, Norma Whittington 165 Mayo, Kristi Lynn 160 Mayo, Lee Ann 324, 325 Mazzanti, Daryl Vincent 328-329 Mazzanti, Gary Bernard 275, 328-329 Me Alister, Sidney Stinson Jr. 308, 309 McAfee, Marketta Jo 276, 277 McBride, Nancy Rebecca 294-295 McAffrey, Deborah Ann 306, 307 McCall, Anthony Bruce 175 McCarley . Connie 282-283 McCarthy, Kathleen 324, 325 McCarty, Jeffrey Craig 284 McCaughan, George Ford 284-285 McCauley, Mary Margaret 304, 305 McCauIl, Jennifer Anne 288-289 McClellan, Beth Ann 304, 305, 316, 317 McClellan, Michael Larry 314-315, 316, 317 McClelland, Alison 288-289 McClendon, Barry Meek 330-331 McClure, Jay Justin 314-315 McCluskey, Heather 294-295 McCluskey, Pamela Darlene 294-295 McClusky, Michael Gene 308, 309 McCollum, Andrea Lee 288-289 McCollum, Tracy Ann 171, 288-289 McComas, Cynthia Gretchen 302-303 McConnell, George Claiborne 328-329 McConnell, Kris 282-283 McConnell, Paula Kay 204, 205, 304, 305 McCool, Davis Campbell 314, 315 McCool, Edward Deloach 251 McCool, Tammy Ann 324, 325 McCord, Marv Claudette 288-289 McCormick, Mark Lovitt 308, 309 McCown, William Russell 332-333 McCullough, Leslie Elaine 324, 325 McDade, Bridgett Brenetta 158, 165 McDaniel, Douglas Max 330-331 McDaniel, Keith Wade 308, 309 McDaniel, Kerri Shannon 340-341 McDaniel, Patricia Ann 160, 324, 325 McDavid, Stephan Land 330-331 McDill, Sheryl Corinne 302-303 McDonald, Carolyn L. 302-303 McDonald, Jon Stacy 284-285 McDonald, Tracey Lynn 288-289 McDonough, John Joseph III 328-329 McDowell, Linda Jane 340-341 McEachin, John Dubard 284-285 McElroy . Ransom Mercer 294-295 McFall, Lisa Jean 292-293 McGahan, Robert Patrick 290-291 McGee, Buford Lamar 102, 109, 140 McGee, Michael Hunter 300-301 McGee, Michael Lyle 316, 317, 330-331 McGinley, Eileen Mary 306, 307 McGinley, Jeanne Marie 306, 307 McGoff, Susan Elizabeth 324, 325 McGough, John Lenox Jr. 200 McGuire, Michael Kelly 284-285 Mcll wain, Miranda Jane 176 Mclntire, Sheri Anne 276, 277 McKay, Carolyn Jean 155, 160, 294-295 McKay, Elizabeth Laurie 181, 288-289 McKay, Evana Shelby 219, 241, 288-289 McKay, Kenneth Ervi ' n 284 McKay, Mary 294-295 McKeever, Joe Neil 308,309 McKel 1, Lee Ann 304,305 McKinley, Kathleen Marie 304, 305 McKinney, Kenneth Michael 290-291 McKinney, Mary Katherine 178 McKinnon, Liliclaire Chaworth 155, 276, 277 McKnight, Amy Margaret 322-323 McLain, Paul King 186 McLean, Anna Katherine 155 Mcl more, Mary Ellen 306, 307 McLendon, Claire Lyn 306, 307 McLeod, Robert Steele 332-333 McManus, John Michael 308, 309 McManus, Micki Maureen 320-321 McMillin, Thomas Neal 160, 316, 317 McMullen, Charles William Jr. 284 McMullen, Susan Shields 292-293 McNamee, Marion Wynn 288, 289 McNamee, Wendy Dee 324, 325 McNeilly,Jean Woods 276, 277 McNew, Bonnie Banks 324, 325 McNulty, Ann Allison 292-293 McNulty, Michael Edward 290-291 McNulty, Patrick William 290-291 McNulty, Samuel Tunnan 187 McPhail, Robert Louis Jr. 332-333 McRae, Kathryn Lee 302-303 McRee, Brooks Wesley 300-301 McRoberts, Sara Martin 288-289 McWhorter, John Terry Jr. 332-333 Mead, David Richard 290-291 Mead, Mark W. 164, 290-291 Meadors, Dixie Jo 322-323 Medford, Mark Anthony 332-333 Meeks, Jerri Lew 306,307 Meeks, Sherri Lee 306,307 Meena, Mary Martha 292-293 Meena, Richard Thomas 314-315 Megason, Gerald Eugene 177 Megehee, Jane Adele 294-295 Melear, Frank Alan 174, 175 Merideth, Philip Taylor 314-315 Merrell, Elizabeth Anne 302-303 Merrell, Marie Lynnette 302-303 Merrill, Vera Susan 322-323 Mertz, Laurie Jan 302-303 Messer, Wilbert Clawson 200 Metcalfe, Susan Coskery 304, 305 Metis. Amy Cook 195 Meznar, Christine 340-341 Michel, Frances Alice 294-295, 306, 307 Michel, Joseph Walter I II 160, 328-329 Michel, Martin Hobart 177 Middleton, Charles Edward III 308, 309 Middleton, Randle Thomas 308, 309 Middleton, William Index -441 Miles David 284 Mikell, Cheryl Ann 340-341 Miles, Marion Sheldon 322-323 Miles, Mittie Woods 324, 325 Millen, Jane 219 Miller, Anna Lisa 294-295 Miller, Carold Jason 300-301 Miller, Cheryl Leigh 276-277 Miller, Craig Leon 300-301 Miller, Danny Lester 316, 317 Miller, Harold Dewey III 328-329 Miller, Jon Michael 314-315 Miller, Joseph Anthony 165 Miller, Marion Lee 324, 325 Miller, Mamie Patricia 302-303 Miller, Sarah Lynne 292-293 Miller, Stephanie Faye 306, 307 Miller, Teresa Marie 294-295 Miller, Todd Darin 300-301 Millette, Lauren Ann 160, 304, 305 Millette, Mark Stephen 300-301 Millis, Lisa Katherine 292-293 Mills, Catherine Lotterhos 294-295 Mills, Gregory Lee 332-333 Milne, Elizabeth Adele 306, 307 Milner, Mary Bess 304, 305 Milner, Paul Bennett 332-333 Mitchell, Alicia Dawn 288-289, 340, 341 Mitchell, James Steven 200 Mitchell, Jay Bryan 286,287 Mitchell, Jo Beth 304, 305 Mitchell, Marian McGertha 160 Mitchell, Rebecca Joyce 282-283 Mitchener, Timothy Allen 296-297 Moak, Andrew David 300-301 Moak, Carl Harold 328-329 Moffatt, Sylvia 282-283 Molpus, Mary Margaret 304, 305 Montague, Claudia Williams 288-289 Montgomery, Erby Harold Jr. 284-285 Monts, Michelle Dawn 163 Moody, Joyce Rena 278, 279 Moody, Lisa Louise 304, 305 Moody, Shea Fields 278, 279 Moore, Alida Marie 165, 294-295 Moore, Arnold Bruce Jr. 330-331 Moore, Beverly Gail 302-303 Moore, Charles Ed Jr. 220 442 - Index Moore, Diana Leslie 288-289 Moore, Edward Lowry Jr. 300-301 Moore, Elizabeth Lewis 302-303 Moore, Evelyn Olivia 288-289 Moore, Jacqueline Michelle 304, 305 Moore, Janet Layne 324, 325 Moore, Kimberly Louise 304, 305 Moore, Marcus Claude 300-301 Moore, Martha Lynn 89, 167 Moore, Mary Melissa 294-295 Moore, Mary Tucker 162, 167, 288-289 Moore, Robert Lewis 284 Moore, Samuel Archie 300-301 Moore, Steven Daniel 330-331 Moore, Tamara 288-289 Moore, Teresa Ann 306, 307 Moore, William Mauldin 200, 300- 301, 421 Moran, Alfred Russell Jr. 330-331 Morehouse, K atherine 288-289 Morgan, Brian Keith 330-331 Morgan, Dennis Paul (Bubba) 150, 165, 188, 220, 228-229 Morgan, Edith Atkinson 306, 307 Morgan, Edward Atkinson Jr. 160 Morgan, Melanie Inez 159 Morgan, Michael Morrill 332-333 Morgan, Paula Leigh 129, 141 Morgan, William Todd 165 Morris, Charles Lavern 186, 220, 241, 296-297 Morris, Christopher Todd 290-291 Morris, Kelly Anne 282-283 Morris, Kim Michelle 276, 277 Morris, Laura Kay 160, 302-303 Morris, Stephen Van 189 Morrissey, Eileen Herr 241 Morrissey, Gina Marie 282-283 Morrow, James Scott 314-315 Morse, Cynthia Ann 322-323 Morse, Nancy Neville 294-295 Mortenson, Anne Marie 324, 325 Morton, Courtney Elizabeth 324, 325 Morton, Shelia Annette 276-277 Mosby, Bill Rush III 274, 275, 316, 317 Mosby, Ellen Dewitt 304, 305 Moseley, Kimberly Ann 304, 305 Moss, James Ethridge Jr. 314-315 Moss, Jennifer Linn 195, 220, 241, 324, 325 Mounger, Desmond Graham 314-315 Mountford, Gordon John 308, 309 Moyes, Michael Steven 300-301 Moynihan, John Christopher 332-333 Mueller, Joseph Paul Jr. 314-315 Mulkin, Joel White 137, 241, 330-331 Muller, Robert John 296-297 Mullis, Katherine Laura 340-341 Murdaugh, John Arthur 175 Murff, James Taliaferro III 314-315 Murphy, Dawn Erin 284 Murray, Christopher Lahey 332-333 Murray, Deette Wilcox 294-295 Murray, Elizabeth Ann 155, 322-323 Murray, Lee Anne 276, 277 Murray, Mary Kathleen 139, 160, 292-293 Murray, Patricia Anne 167, 292-293 Murrill, John Parham 328-329 Murry, Sebastian 280, 281 Muse, Georganne 324, 325 Muths, Sherman Lewis III 332-333 Myers, Cynthia Campbell 302-303 Myers, Martha Elizabeth 288-289 Myers, Mickey Wayne 328-329 Myers, Patricia Meredith 322-323 Myers, Philip Nicholas Jr. 328-329 Myers, Sandra Marie 282-283 Nagle, Alan Lee 332-333 Nailor, Harriet T. 173 Nance, John Reynolds Jr. 308, 309 Neal, Blake Davoren 332-333 Neal, Carla Ann 84, 276, 277 Neeld, Edward Seward 328-329 Neeld, James Harvey IV 241, 328-329 Neely, Melinda Mae 322-323 Neil, Jeri Elizabeth 173, 174 Neill, John Alexander Jr. 160 Neilson, Edwin Tye III 160, 328-329 Neilson, Philip Halbert 328-329 Neitz, Rita Barbara 155, 156, 165 Neuhaus, Scott Orange, Ernestine Vaughn 330-331 298, 299 Neuhaus, Troy Dana O ' Reilly, Erin Jaye 330-331 171, 220 Neumaier, Bettina Osborne, Walter 324, 325 William Jr. 156 Nevins, Bonnie Overton, Clayton Elizabeth 195, 304, Justus III 286, 287 305 Overton, Kendall Newberry, Kimberly Ann 324, 325 Elizabeth 282-283 Owen, David Newborn, Sandra Collins 200 Ruth 129 Owen, Loura Allison Newman, Nancy 322-323 Amelia 322-323 Owens, Charles Newton, George Daniel 165 Alexander 160 Owens, Diane Nichols, Milton Combs 304, 305 Keith 284, 285 Owens, Gaylon Nicola, Lawrence Vaughn 330-331 Eric 316, 317 Owens, Nancy Nix, Robert Leroy Melanie 288-289 314, 315 Noble, Carla m f Marlinda 129 fff Noble, Ceila m Loucinda 129 M Noblin, Tamara Dawn 288-289 Palmer, Susan Noel, Ann Nancy Clementine 324, 306, 307 325 Noel, Sondra Marie Paluso, Teresa 278-279 Elaine 189 Noffel, Edwina Ann Pannell, Atoka 304, 305 Dawn 276, 277 Noland, Michael Parham, Jennifer Allen 163, 326, 327 288, 289 Nolen, Julia Renee Park, Daphne Gay 282-283 90 Nolen, Rebecca Park, Harry Blanton Dawn 324, 325 308, 309 Nordan, John S. II Parker, Deborah 165, 314-315 Ann 294-295 Norman, Donna Parker, Edd Tate Jr. Michelle 302, 303 180, 314, 315 Norwood, Andrea Parker, Edwin Lewis Dell 302, 303 160, 308, 309 Norwood, David Parker, Frank Leonard 241 Brumfield 308, 309 Nowell, Mildred Parker, Frank Elizabeth 304, 305 Dupree 330-331 Nuckolls, Julie Kristin 322-323 Nutt, Toby Kyle 326, 327 Parker, Gary Wayne 204, 290-291 Parker, Guy Milburn III 330-331 o Parker, Lisa Pauline 149, 304, 305 Parker, Pamela Jean 160 Parker, Penny Gail Oakes, Teri S. 294-295 292-293 Parker, Rebecca Lill Oastler, Elaine Bryan 302, 303 302, 303 Parkin, Elizabeth O ' Connell, Donna Ann 158, 195, Elizabeth 165, 294-295 292-293 Parks, Kathleen O ' Connor, Elizabeth Meagher 167, Seton 135 294-295 Odom, Herbert Farmer, Jake Louis Brooks 330-331 II 332-333 O ' Donnell, Parrish, Corinne Catherine Irene Craig 304, 305 205 Parrish, Robert Ogilvie, Charles William III 314 Holland 296-297 Parry, Christy O ' Hara, Jane Erin 322-323 Mitchell 340, 341 Parsons, Edward Olander, Joseph Tucker 314, 315 Ronald 332-333 Partain, Wanda Sue Oliphant, Rhonda 282-283 Carol 306, 307 Partin, Mark Oliver, Hylon 280, 281 Quentin 241 Partridge, Michael Oman, Bond Jerome 121 Emerson 328-329 Partridge, Susan O ' Meallie, Karen Elaine 282-283 Palmer 324, 325 Paschall, Molly O ' Neal, Deborah Lynn 282-283 Ann 340, 341 Patterson, Catherine O ' Neal, Raymond Garfield 316, 317 Anne 241 Patterson, Cathy O ' Neill, Anne Leigh 304, 305 Stewart 340, 341 Patterson, Jane Givens 294-295 Patterson, Patricia Ellen 322-323 Patterson, Rickie Alphonso 165 Patton, Catherine Lucile 324, 325 Patton, Mary J. 324, 325 Pautler, Joan Ann 302, 303 Payne, Emily Ruth 304,305 Peal, Lori Diane 306, 307 Peaster, Laura Faye 288-289 Peden, Pamela Gay 160, 269, 304, 305 Peege, Richard Davis Jr. 130 Peele, Jeptha Franklin 328-329 Peeples, David Winston 308, 309 Pender, Leslie Lynne 282-283 Pennington, Nancy Margaret 340, 341 Penny, Jamie Carolyn 282-283 Penton, Maria Scott 324, 325 Pepper, Robert Edward 205 Perkins, Bridget Demetrius 278-279 Perkins, Clarice Kay 276, 277 Perkins, Phillip Kerry 328-329 Perrone, Nancy June 304, 305 Perry, Dickson Dansby 328-329 Perry, Quinton Boudreaux 314-315 Peters, Judson Lee 328-329 Peters, Leslie Carole 306, 307 Peterson, Susan Logan 288-289 Petitjean, Desiree S. 302, 303 Petree, Dinah Weatherford 306, 307 Petrie, Susan Lynn 302, 303 Phelps, Leigh Ellen 292-293 Philippart, Catherine Mary 340, 341 Phillips, Angelina Denise 93, 160, 304, 305 Phillips, David Timothy 300-301 Phillips, Debra Susan 324, 325 Phillips, Emily Bryant 185, 241, 288-289 Phillips, Jana Scott 282-283 Phillips, Jeanne Belle 288-289 Phillips, Juli Ann 288-289 Phillips, Paul Scott 328-329 Phillips, Robert Russell 274, 275, 332-333 Phillips, Sheila Denise 324, 325 Phillips, William Scott 332-333 Pickens, Kelly Ann 322-323 Pickle, Bruce Farr 316, 317 Pierce, Bradley Keith 121, 330-331 Pierce, Lisa Victoria 292-293 Pierce, Sandra Elena 160 Piercy, Cheryl Lynn 306, 307 Piercy, Kimberly Leigh 306, 307 Pierron, Melanie Marie 294-295 Pigg, Patti 340, 341 Pilgrim, James Stevan 274, 275, 308, 309 Pilgrim, Susan Alicia 292-293 Pilie, Mark Edward 308, 309 Pindell, Laura Jane 324, 325 Pinion, Angela Bliss 324, 325 Pinkston, Catherine Claire 304, 305 Pinson, Jane 160, 304, 305 Piper, Virginia Bemis 306, 307 Pittman, Beau Bryan 330-331 Pittman, Donna Katherine 294-295 Pittman, Peggy Diane 278-279 Pittman, Thomas Andrew 330-331 Pittman, Thomas Lathan 328-329 Pittman, William Brett 160, 326, 321 Pitts, Gay Brandon 294-295 Platt, Cindy Marie 340, 341 Pleasant, Brenda Carol 302, 303 Plunkett, David Bruce 330-331 Pobst, Sally Lea 306, 307 Pointer, Monroe Jr. 330-331 Polk, Catherine Lockwood 306, 30: Polk, Chris Abner 130, 160, 330-331 Pope, Alissa Kathleen 276-277 Pope, George Nelson 310-311 Porter, Betty Lou 24: Porter, Devra Kay 195, 282-283 Porter, William Conrad 314, 315 Portera, Joseph Chris 314, 315 Potts, Edwin Gilmer Jr. 300-301 Potts, Jennie Deleigh 322-323 Powell, Barbara Jeai 294-295 Powell, Frances Elizabeth 292-293 Powell, John Franklin 175 Powell, Kelly Newton 102, 106 Powell, Pamela Anr 294-295 Powell, Thomas Price 286, 287, 314-315 Powell, William Mayes Jr. 332-333 Prather, Valerie Jo 155 Prewitt, Steven Pag 326, 327 Prewitt, Thomas Wendall 274, 275 Price, Sue Ellen 159 Price, Tonya Rene in S! S 1 " ' :. ' ' - ' K 4 B va -::: W 2Ml L- DM tab 85 ;... v .. ,50 ' ; " ' ' . ' i " .i Pritchartt 302, 303 Price, William Newman Jr. 284, 285 Primos, Katherine Gwynn 288-289 Prince, George Lawrence 200, 284, 285 Pringle, Caroline Slayden 160, 292-293 Pringle, Charles Kistner Jr. 332-333 Pritchard, Roger Lee 330-331 Pritchartt, Laura Elizabeth 171 Probst, Michele Lyn 304, 305 Proffer, Stephanie Anne 276, 277 Provence, Bradley Keith 332-333 Provenza, Karen Marie 302, 303 Provenza, Margaret Rose 322-323 Prow, Stacey Lynn 155 Pniett, Aven Patricia 294-295 ifflKStJPruett, Michael Riddell 221, 314-315 Pruette, Janet Kimberly 241, 288-289 Pruitt, Daniel Staton , ffii 165, 314-315 II W. 53 3 Pruitt, Priscilla Jane 306,307 Pruitt, Russell Tanner 314-315 Prust, Robert McDonald 320-321 Pryor, Lesley Jan 306, 307 Puckett, Jennifer Camille 288-289 Pullen, MitzieDell 282-283 Purser, Cynthia Jean 294-295, 343 Purvis, Susan Leigh 304, 305 9 Quattlebaum, Judith Ann 162 Quick, Nancy Dean 340, 341 Quinn, David Russell 316, 317 Quinn, Nina Gaynel 288-289 Quiriconi, Stephanie Ann 286, 287, 292-293 R V. ; ' ' - ' . labito, Felicia Ann (I ! 1 L 241,324,325 ader, Robin Rose 4.95 .:. " : -- -; :.,,: :- : - 159, 306, 307 Rafizadleh, Abbas 164 lagland, Leesa Ann 304, 305 Ragland, William John 300-301 Raiford, Cary Hartwell 326, 327 Rainer, Richard Neil 330-331 Ramsay, Granville Parker 330-331 Ramsey, Bradley Swanson 326, 327 Rand, Fred Turner IV 154 Rand, May Annette 292-293 Randle, Frances Elizabeth 306, 307 Randolph, Cary Frances 282-283 Raney, Sheri Lynne 324, 325 Rasco, Becca Jane 155, 306, 307 Rash, Camille Wailes 324, 325 Ratcliff, Nathan Wade 316, 317 Ratcliff, Randi Lyn 304, 305 Ray, Donna Lorene 322-323 Ray, James Stevenson 152, 212, 221, 330-331 Ray, Jerri Lynn 306, 307 Ray, Joseph Eugene 290-291 Ray, Lila Jeannine 173 Ray, Margaret Elizabeth 288-289 Ray, Mark Andrew 3 ' 30-331 Ray, Mary Melinda 322-323 Ray, William Frederick 316, 317 Rea, James Derril Jr. 316, 317 Read, Mark Thomas 200 Read, Sarah Cornell 306, 307 Reasons, Sandra Gayle 302, 303 Redditt, Ralph Bardin 200 Redhead, Joseph Norwood Jr. 308, 309 Reece, Charles Haider Jr. 326,327 Reed, Candace Elizabeth 276, 277 Reed, Gai Louise 294-295 Reed, Kenneth Noel 330-331 Reed, Patrick Daniel 176, 332-333 Reed, Regina Karen 302, 303 Reed, Robin Haynes 302, 303 Reed, Roy Anne 294-295 Reed, William Ray 330-331 Reese, Jimmy Malcolm Jr. 320, 321 Reeves, Cynthia Lynette 172, 278-279 Reeves, Johnny Raymond 221, 320-321 Regan, Viola Joseptha 306, 307 Reid, Bonnie Manning 326, 327 Reid, Jeanne 322-323 Reid, Richard Clyde 160 Reidy, James Joseph 200 Reihsen, Gerald John 183, 221, 290-291 Rejebian, Michael Vahram 300-301 Rejebian, Myron Bradford 300-301 Renfrew, Richie Hardin 201 Resta, Janet Hutchinson 306, 307 Reynolds, Danny Eugene 155 Reynolds, Tanya Faye 298, 299 Reynolds, Wendy Lee 324, 325 Rhea, Karl Byington Jr. 332-333 Rhoads, Marcia Jenelle 135, 282-283 Rhodes, Mary jane 322-323 Rice, Delphime 167, 278-279 Rice, Karen McCoy 167 Rice, Robert Kirk 328-329 Richards, John Grayson 290-291 Richards, Norman Jerre Jr. 330-331 Richards, Zachary Hoyt 286-287 Richardson, Ginger Sue 282-283 Richardson, Robert Cof f man 160, 286, 287 Richardson, Rodney Charles 296-297 Richey, Gregg L. 130 Ricketts, Leslie Arden 169, 171 Ricks, Kerry Neal 328-329 Riddick, Louis Simpson 284, 285 Riddle, Robert Harold II 320-321 Riehl, Sharron Ann 324, 325 Riley, Ann Bonney 85, 182 Riley, Elizabeth Anne 292-293, 340, 341 Riley, Michael David 130 Riley, Ralph Patrick Jr. 308, 309 Ring, Robert R. 189 Rish, Julie Anne 173 Risher, Paula Dale 282, 283 Rivers, Russell Michael 290, 291 Roach, Susan Lorraine 288-289 Roane, Emily Bethunia 324, 325 Robbert, Leslie Adan 324, 325 Roberson, Michael Steven 290, 291 Roberts, Dorothy Claire 304, 305 Roberts, Forrest David 332, 333 Roberts, Leigh Anne 221, 304, 305 Roberts, Mary Elizabeth 292, 293 Roberts, Mavis Vickie Jo 160, 278-279 Roberts, Susan Diane 320, 321 Roberts, Vernon Joseph 316-317 Robertson, Brian Keith 314-315 Robertson, John Carlton 300, 301 Robertson, Robbin Carol 294-295 Robertson, Terry Allen 241, 300-301 Robichaux, Milton Joseph Jr. 330-331 Robinson, Eunice 167 Robinson, Fielding Bradford Jr. 155, 296,297 Robinson, Freda Margaret 294-295, 304, 305 Robinson, John Stuart 330-331 Robinson, Lynett Elise 288-289 Robinson, Martha May 294-295, 306, 307 Robinson, Mitchell Huntley 332, 333 Robinson, Stephanie Leigh 167, 306, 307 Robinson, Suzanne Carroll 340-341 Robinson, Terry Glen 308, 309 Robinson, Timothy Markham 330-331 Robst, Paul Kenneth Jr. 290, 291 Rodgers, Diane Elizabeth 294-295 Rodgers, James Griffis 286-287 Roebuck, Karen Diane 241 Rogers, David Mark 332, 333 Rogers, Hampton Walker 330-331 Rogers, Jonathan Todd 290, 291 Rogers, Katherine Courtney 165, 302, 303 Rogers, Kimm 292, 293 Rogers, Oby Thomas 154,160 Rohan, Leslie Alice 324, 325 Roland, Amanda Kathryne 324, 325 Roland, James Sessions 308, 309 Rolwing, Patricia Joan 306, 307 Rooks, Carrie Sue 304,305 Root, Lindy Laf aye 322-323 Rosa, David Joseph 160 Ross, Anna Buntin 292, 293 Ross, David Lewis Jr. 326-327 Ross, Lori Kim 324, 325 Ross, Myra Denise 278-279 Ross, Myrtle Lucinda 155, 282, 283 Ross, Tina Michelle 181 Ross, William Jeffrey 328-329 Rossell, Debbie Lynne 178 Rosser, Mary Scott 85, 153, 213, 222, 322-323 Rowan, Cathryn Kingsley 322-323 Rowan, Elizabeth Lynn 292, 293 Rowan, Sherry Mills 292, 293 Rowan, Steven Andrew 332, 333 Rowland, Margaret Victoria 174, 282, 283 Rowles, James Spurgeon 286-287 Roy, Ann Caroline 155, 166, 167, 322-323 Roy, Jeanne Marie 294-295 Ruby, Kevin Davis 284, 285 Rudd, Ann Barrett 304, 305 Rudman, Jerry Edward 160, 186 Ruegger, Karen Lea 282,283 Ruff, Margaret Ann 292, 293 Ruge, Robin Teresa 200 Runyan, Amy Claire 200, 288-289, 304, 305 Rushing, Karen Rose 302,303 Rushing, Kennit Lee III 330-331 Russell, Francine Ann 306, 307 Russell, Georgiana Susan 304, 305 Russell, Kevin Alexander 121 Russell, Ronald Scott 174 Russell, Scott Durham 175 Rutland, William Jeffrey 286-287 Ry burn, Leslie Jean 292, 293 S Sabbatini, Paul Joseph 166, 195, 286, 287 Salemi, Philip Mark 308,309 Salloum, Kaleel George Jr. 332, 333 Salomon, John Bowman 296, 297 Salter, Katherine Kaigler 306, 307 Sammons, Lisa Gaye 306,307 Sammons, Steven Scott 167, 330-331 Sampson, Nathan McMuIlen 328, 329 Samson, Brigham Gilbert 2%, 297 Samuelson, Mary Stafford 288-289 Sanders, Celetta Lee 276, 277 Sanders, Dewey Tyrone 175 Sanders, Diana Lynne 322-323 Sanders, Donna Lise 160, 322-323 Sanders, Robert Hal 290, 291 Sanders, Scott Andrew 290, 291 Sanders, Winifred Anne 288-289 Sandlin, Sharon Lynn 288-289 Sandroni, Jill Ashley 288-289 Sanford, William Douglas Jr. 332, 333 Sanguinetti, Charles Patrick 286, 287 Sansing, Elizabeth Grace 294, 295 Sansing, Jobyna 304-305 Sasser, Jo Anne 294, 295 Sauer, Katharine Ann 302-303 Saul, Eric Matthew 241 Sauls, David John 330-331 Savery, Tracey Elizabeth 292, 293 Sawyer, Andrew Bennett 284, 285 Sawyer, Christopher Brian 286, 287 Sawyer, John Robert W. 314, 315 Scarborough, Rebecca Lee 306, 307 Scarborough, Ruth Lynette 294, 295 Scardino, Debra Francis 172, 181 Schaefer, William Mark 314, 315 Schafer, Jennifer Ann 288-289 Schaub, Susan K. 304,305 Schmeisser, Elaine Falls 292, 293 Schmeisser, Harry Christian III 314, 315 Schmidt, Charles Theodore 274, 275, 290, 291 Schmieg, Meredith Lynn 222, 304, 305 Schmieg, Robert Eugene Jr. 160, 200 Schneider, Michael Anthony 326, 327 Schneider, Scott Allmond 314, 315 Schneiter, Ronald C. 332, 333 Schneller, Lucy Webb 280, 281, 294, 295 Schneller, William Federick Jr. 316, 317 Schoen tag, Lisa Ann 304,305 Schott, Carl Gerard 176 Schutz, Leslie Karen 135, 141 Scott, Brett Preston 320, 321 Scott, Carol Grace 306,307 Scott, Charles Christopher 164, 314, 315 Scott, Debra Ann 306,307 Scott, Hugh Barrett 308,309 Scott, Melanie S. 306,307 Scott, Tamara Lynn 304,305 Seabrook, James Hunter HI 332-333 Seale, Dorothy Olivia 172, 181 Seals, Carrol Ann 298, 299 Sea wright, Norman Houston 280, 281 Secrest, Bradley Neal 300, 301 Secrest, Charles Lloyd 300, 301 Seeley, Sarah Angelyn 324, 325 Selley, Phyllis Ann 340-341 Semmes, Mary Bryant 294, 295 Senf, Lauren Elizabeth 171 Sepaugh, Wilfred Stuart 332, 333 Serrato, Benjamin Porter 314, 315 Shackleford, Jeanne Marie 171, 276, 277 Shaddock, Marjorie Kate 304, 305 Shamoun, Lisa Ann 324-325 Shaner, Steven Mark 182, 286, 287 Shannan, Sandra Jeanne 165 Sharp, Garvin Saunders 314-315 Sharp, Sarah Joan 302-303 Sharpe, Susan Elizabeth 135 Shaw, Guy Andrew 140 Shearin, Mary Lee 302-303 Shell, James Randal 326, 327 Shelton, Cindy Carole 302-303 Shelton, Lurlean 278, 279 Shelton, Martha Jean 163, 185 Shelton, Mary Frances 340, 341 Shelton, Susan Lee 302-303 Shelton, Willie Ann 340,341 Shepard, Earnest Bud 286, 287 Shepherd, Eva Ann 155, 324, 325 Sherman, James N. Jr. 286, 287 Sherman, John Michael 286, 287 Sherman, Lisa Margaret 322-323, 324-325 Shields, Alexa Yvonne 292, 293 Shields, Tommy Ray 187 Shipley, Samuel M. 332, 333 Shirley, J.C. 160, 332, 333 Shirley, James Arthur Jr. 286, 287 Shivelbine, Laurie Beth 306, 307 Shi verick, Susan Moseley 200, 340-341 Shoaf, Kathry n Leslie 282, 283 Shoemaker, Andrew 290, 291 Shoemaker, Phillip Scott 290, 291 Shof ner, Ruth Ann 282,283 Shook, Alline Kelso 292, 293 Short, Pamela Ruth 322-323 Short, Trilby Joy 340-341 Short, Vonda Lattice 282, 283 Shoup, Lane D. 121 Shull, Kathry n Ann 340-341 Shultz, Bradley Allen 308, 309 Shumake, Perrin 200, 294, 295 Shumake, Wendy 86, 294, 295 Shumpert, Sherry Lynn 167 Shute, Sammy Gregory 286, 287 Sibley, Jessica Leigh 294 Sigler, Leah Carol 306,307 Sikora, Jinx Jacqueline 340-341 Index 443 Simmons, Craig Mitchell 284, 285 Simmons, Heber Sherwood III 330-331 Simmons, Lynne 167, 288-289 Simmons, William Delmar 326, 327 Simmons, Winifred Anne 288-289 Simpson, Andrea Jean 340-341 Simpson, Debra Lynne 288-289 Sims, William Scott 290, 291 Singletary, Jean Elizabeth 322-323 Singley, Patrick Shannon 314, 315 Sinopoli, Jon Thomas 308, 309 Sippel, D ' Anne 167, 288-289 Sisk, Gregory Alan 332, 333 Sisson, Miriam Jean 304, 305 Sizemore, Matissa June 340, 341 Skaggs, Claire Efizabeth 340, 341 Skelly, Kathleen Lee 306, 307 Skelton, Henry Fox 11284,285 Skinner, Jeffrey Eugene 316, 317 Skinner, Mary Katherine 340, 341 Skypeck, Carol Jessie 324-325 Slaughter, Mollie 282, 283 Slay, Kerry Earl 324-325 Small wood, James Clifton III 314, 315 Small wood, William Carter III 330-331 Smiley, John Alexander III 330-331 Smiley, Stephanie Patricia 166, 167, 189, 304, 305 Smith, Alfreda 298, 299 Smith, Alva Marie 298, 299 Smith, Audry Denell 340-341 Smith, Barbara Ann 139 Smith, Brian Hamilton 328, 329 Smith, Carolyn Leigh 322-323 Smith, Cynthia Denean 294, 295 Smith, Daniel Burnham 160 Smith, Daniel Glenn 286, 287 Smith, David Franklin 286, 287 Smith, David Oren 284, 285 Smith, Donna Elaine 282, 283 Smith, Gary Lamar 332, 333 Smith, Gregory Charles 163 Smith, Iris Merle 288-289 Smith, James Douglas 284-285 Smith, JanaStacie 181 Smith, Justina Marie 129 Smith, Karen Ann 282, 283 444 Index Smith, Kendall Ann 292, 293 Smith, Kevin Joseph 308, 309 Smith, Laura Jane 282, 283 Smith, Leslie Fisher .276, 277 Smith, Leszlie Annelle 304, 305 Smith, Michael Carl 300, 301 Smith, Phillip Arlen 296, 297 Smith, Richard McCallister 328, 329 Smith, Robert Bruce 296, 297 Smith, Robert Len 316, 317 Smith, Sherron Lynn 88, 167, 294, 295 Smith, Sydney Penn 292, 293 Smith, Timothy Robert 187 Smith, Vardaman Kimball III 171 Smith, Vicki Lynn 282, 283 Smitheal, Rebecca Lee 209, 288-289 Snipes, Gerald Patrick Jr. 328, 329 Snipes, Mary Shannon 292, 293 Snipes, Patricia Neal 167, 292, 293 Snipes, Steven Grover 284, 285 Snuffer, Michael Kirk 200, 290, 291 Snyder, Tony Randall 296, 297 Soldevila, Melanie Darlene 288-289 Sorrels, Cheryl Anne 158, 322-323 Sorrels, J. Lynne 340, 341 Southern, Brent Eugene 316, 317 Spain, Charles Norman 296, 297 Sparkman, Steven Travis 286, 287 Sparks, Teresa Ann 181, 306, 307 Spear, Vivian 292, 293 Spears, James Willard Jr. 205 Speed, Celia 288-289 Speir, Ann Elizabeth 340, 341 Spell, Robert Gene 314, 315 Spence, Lucinda Buck 306, 307 Spencer, Carol Ann 324-325 Spencer, Frances Harrison 139 Spencer, John Burton III 332, 333 Spencer, Robert Clark 314, 315 Spencer, Robert Wade 332, 333 Sperry, Allison Louise 288-289 Spivey, Daniel Starr 300, 301 Spivey, Lloyd Gilmer III 160, 300, 301 Spooner, Shannon Celeste 304, 305 Spragin, Lydia Evelyn 154, 172 Spragins, John Richard 328, 329 Spratley, John Timothy 308, 309 Spratlin, Allison Ann 340, 341 Sprayberry, Mark Senter 286, 287 Springer, Christopher Michael 320, 321 Spurlock, Willie Clarence 280, 281 Staehle, Leslie Ann 160 Stafford, Jeff Howard 286, 287 Stallworth, Harriet Lynn 302-303 Stamm, Mary Story 292, 293 StanfilLTera Ann 288-289 Stanford, John David 332, 333 Stanley, Katherine Lynn 286, 287, 304, 305 Stanton, Perry Anne 292, 293 Staples, Sherry Yvonne 322-323 Starnes, Robert Caldwell 332, 333 Stegall, Nancy Sue 282, 283 Steinriede, Nancy Rebecca 155, 276, 277 Stennett, Christy Anne 276, 277 Stephens, Mary Annabel 292, 293 Stepp, Joi Leigh 306, 307 Stevens, Darryl Scott 316, 317 Stevens, Donna Lisa 135 Stevens, John Ashley Jr. 308, 309 Stevens, Sharon Lynn 185, 294, 295 Stevenson, Karen Leigh 288-289 Steward, William Noel 330-331 Stewart, B. Suzanne 180, 306, 307 Stewart, Carol Jean 282, 283 Stewart, Giles Norsworthy 286, 287 Stewart, Hilda Hunter 282, 283 Stewart, James Earl 284, 285 Stewart, James Steven 326, 327 Stewart, Jeffrey Weston 286, 287 Stewart, Joe Gregory 332, 333 Stewart, Laura Ann 160, 288-289 Stewart, Lisa Pamela 189, 322-323 Stewart, Lynn Alice 322-323 Stewart, Myra S. 340-341 Stewart, Shelly V. 304, 305 Stieg, Roger Lee 121 Stinson, Lisa Dianne 322-323 Stogner, Steven Warren 160 Stokes, Constance Adalia 292, 293 Stokes, Laurin Lee 282, 283 Stokes, Walt Elisha IV 328, 329 Stone, Regina Louise 340, 341 Story, Jane Christy 322-323 Story, Sharon Virginia 294, 295 Stott, Kathryn Ann 340, 341 Stout, David Collins 316,317 Stout, Guy Carlton 316,317 Stovall, Laura Leigh 294, 295 Stowers, Kurtz Bishop 316, 317 Strader, Mark Benson 160, 290, 291 Strahm, Kevin Ray 121 Strange, John Burke 326, 327 Stratton, Kristin Wesley 288-289 Straw, Brien Andrew 286, 287 Street, George Martin Jr. 284-285 Street, Leslie Allison 162 Streete, Bonnie Beth 322-323 Strickland, Phillip Kay 332, 333 Strickland, Starwyn Stelene 302-303 Stringer, Jan Sefing 322-323 Stringer, Joseph Daniel III 330-331 Stringer, Michele G. 322-323 Stringer, William Franklin 187 Strode, Robert Garrard Jr. 328, 329 Strouse, Jeffrey Byron 290, 291 Stuart, John Michael 165,314,315 Stuart, Tina Elizabeth 292, 293 Stumpff, Scott Allen 326, 327 Suarez, Brenda Marina 171, 340, 341 Suddarth, William Darin 316, 317 Suit, Beverly Ann 340-341 Sullivan, Ann Eileen 302-303 Sullivan, Anne Scott 276, 277 Sullivan, Michael Brent 326, 327 Sullivan, Shawn Neill 160, 185, 300, 301 Sullivan, Stephanie Lynn 304, 305 Sullivan, Wesla Ann 160, 288-289 Summers, Mary Ann 241 Sumner, Ellen Kay 159, 165, 282, 283 Sumners, Leslie Elizabeth 304, 3 05 Sutton, Ann Carol 306, 307 Swails, Steven Allen 286, 287 Swain, William Bruce Jr. 179, 328, 329 Swartzfager, Helen Elizabeth 292, 293 Sweeney, Robert Murol II 320, 321 Swords, Tounia Dawn 159, 322, 323 Szeluga, Margaret 174 Szeluga, Mary Therese 182, 340, 341 T Tadlock, Barry Austin 330-331 Taggart, William Stevenson III 328, 329 Talley, Sonja Lynn 276, 277 Tankersley, Gail Ann 322, 323 Taras, William Michael 308, 309 Tarbutton, Karen Frances 322-323 Tarrant, Joe Arnold 332, 333 Tartt, Blake III 330-331 Tartt, Donna Louise 306, 307 Tata, David K. 200 Tatum, Robert Cranberry 332, 333 Taylor, Bruce 200, 286, 287 Taylor, Carole 292, 293 Taylor, Daniel Mabrey 328, 329 Taylor, Donny Ray 306, 307 Taylor, Gayle 292, 293 Taylor, Larry Louis 330-331 Taylor, Lisa Lynn 195, 322, 323 Taylor, Margaret Aineta 160 Taylor, Michael Madison 284, 285 Taylor, Robert Downing IV 314, 315 Taylor, Robert Marion 328, 329 Taylor, Ronald Garrett 330-331 Taylor, Ronnie Lewis 275 Taylor, Susan Renee 322, 323 Taylor, Susan Renee 322 Taylor, Teri Ann 324-325 Taylor, Tommy Farrell 332, 333 Taylor, William Douglas 284-285 Tedder, John Robert 316, 317 Tedford, Gerald Paul 284, 285 Teevan, Judith Ann 322, 323 Terney, Mary Kathryne 324-325 Terracina, Anthony Dominic 160, 310, 311, 314, 315 Terracina, Joseph Roy 160, 310, 311, 314, 315 Terracina, Lisa Ann 222, 322, 323 Terreson, David Whitten 275, 284, 285 Terry, Jeffrey Van 300, 301 Tetley, Laura Kay 155, 306, 307 Tettleton, Robert Pylant 290, 291 Tew, Ronald Wayne Jr. 241 Thames, Hampton Deloach 121, 330-331 Tharp, Joni Lynn 306, 307 Thimmes, Stephen Scott 308, 309 Thomas, Andre 108 Thomas, Eva Camille 167, 322, 323 Thomas, Gwyn Elizabeth 155, 188, 189, 288-289 Thomas, James Lewis Jr. 316, 317 Thomas, John Buckingham 167, 316,317 Thomas, John Richard 308, 309 Thomas, Lori Lee 183, 276, 277 Thomas, Patricia Ann 160, 288-289 Thomas, Timothy Astorl21,140 Thomas, Tina Louise 155, 161, 278, 279 Thomason, Susan 306, 307 Thompson, Brett William 308, 309 Thompson, Jamie Sue 306, 307 Thompson, Judy Loraine 282-283 Thompson, Kathleen Marie 294, 295 Thompson, Lori Michelle 167, 304-305 Thompson, Melissa Sherill 160, 304- 305, 340, 341 Thompson, Susan Memory 288-289 Thompson, Thomas Wayne 332, 333 Thornburg, Katherine Marlene 155, 165 Thornett, Paige Karyn 302-3033 Thornton, Lee Kinsey 326, 327 Thrash, Patrick Dewayne 160 Thrasher, Audrey Kyle 340, 341 Threadgill, Stephen Todd 155, 160, 328, 329 Threadgill, Terry Gene Jr. 328, 329 Threldkeld, Sara Alice 292, 293 Throgmorton, Vicki Jane 292, 293 Thweatt, Debra Lynn 340, 341 Tice, Cynthia Ann 340, 341 Tidwell, Kimberly Lynn 167, 306, 307 Till, Cynthia Ann 340, 341 Tillery, Leisa Jo 292, 293 Tilley, Gary Paul 332, 333 Tindall, Kimberly Faye 167 Tirey, Virginia Olive 322, 323 Tisdale, Elizabeth Ann 181 Tisdale, James Louis 332, 333 Todd, Allison Darby 292, 293 Todd, Darby Clair 292, 293 Tohill, Virginia Ann 241 Tolbert, Philip Mabry 332, 333 Tolbert, Tammy Kt 322-323 Toler, Ward Brown 165, 330-331 Tomajczyk, Michaa Ross 286, 287 Tomlinson, Martha Virginia 306, 307 Tompkins, Deborai Elise 292, 293 Torkington, Richa Scott 222 Towery, Bobby Arlen Jr. 198, 300 301 Townsend, Tricia Ann 292, 293 Travis, James Nelson 330-331 Travis, Susan Toler 292, 293 Travis, William Barrett 338, 339 Travis, William Jeffrey 296, 297 Trawick, Lisa Warnne 167 Traylor, James Robert 284, 285 Treadway, William Alan Jr. 284, 285 Treadwell, Walter Keith 320, 321 Trevillion, Sidney Randall 296, 297 True, Ann Elizabet 204, 302-303 True, Trudy Lee 302-303 Tubb, Charles W. J 330-331 Tubb, Phillip Grayden 286, Tucker, James Russell 222 Tucker, Lisa Jane 200 Tucker, Sally Anne I ' 306, 307 Tucker, Sandra Annette 324, 325 Tull, Fred Lee 308, 309 Tullar, David Lewi 284, 285 Tullos, James Michael 336, 337 Tullos, Lynda Dianne 205, 276, 277 Tullos, Susan Aliso 292, 293 Tuohy, Sean Albro 121, 223 Turbeville, Homer Benjamin 326, 32 Turman, Danny Ea 241, 332, 333 Turnage, Phyllis Dorrine 282, 283 Turnage, Teresa In, 306, 307 Turner, Beverly An 340, 341 Turner, Dan McMillan 290, 29 Turner, Paul Bruce 300, 301 Turner, Steve Fran! 176 Turner, Teresa Lee 276, 277 Turner, Thomas Newell III 149, 300, 301 Tyler, Breck White 102, 223 Tyner, Stacey Elizabeth 304, Tyree, Karla Tinnc 282, 283 nsted }i: Robert)t [jderwoi KJ; if- ' ' iderww BetJ. ' -- nnersti!: F Alberto 1 aim Mir 320,3!! akTto Marie 32: aice.lrar Spenter! ante, Mir Edmonds T anderbun Leigh iW andereree lay 276,: anderford Rtnon 18 287 amerio- lamer, Mi to Mi Hunter 3 314,31: fhai Bizabe:: toghiii,! lewis r BH] ToddlW ' ghan,! Sianne . Wun,S Ionise J pey.Rt Marion; oey.Ro IU ' 32,3: fclody ' 83 ' Wers,Vi Oliver l( 333 Valle U Jmsted, Jennifer 304, 305 Jnderwood, Curtis Gene Jr. 316,317 .Jnderwood, Dean Robert Jr. 332-333 Jnderwood, Kevin Wayne 316, 317 Jnderwood, Mary Beth 322-323 Jnnerstall, Julia Lynn 276, 277 V alle, Rafael Alberto 174 ah o, Martin Paul 320, 321 alyo, Thomas James 320, 321 an Zandt, Susan Marie 322-323 ance, Brandon Spencer 330-331 ance, Mary Edmonds 288-289 ance, Yoby Jo 306, 307 anderburg, Brenda Leigh 304, 305 andercreek, Julie Kay 276, 277 nderford, Rhonda Lynn 167, 322-323 rnell, Johnny Renon 282, 283 arner, Joseph Edwin 332, 333 arner, Mary Louise 165, 288-289 arner, Michael Hunter 308, 309 arney, Douglas Lee 314,315 aughan, Bonnie Elizabeth 155, 158, 165, 288-289 aughan, David Lewis 175 aughan, Jeffrey Todd 284, 285 aughan, Pamela Suzanne 129, 288- 289, 294, 295 aughan, Paula Lee 204, 282, 283 ' aughan, Sylvia Louise 294, 295, 298, 299 " aughn, John Mark 314,315 r eazey, Robert Marion 296, 297 eazey, Ronald Day Jr. 332, 333 eit,Jody Lee 292, 293 ickers, Vicki Rene 306, 307 r incent, William Oliver 160, 332, 333 r MkfiU i.F:wL5l B i m - : :- ' " ' jjgi -Teisi 1 ' .- - ' ---- rfflll ,: :: Vinci, Baker Klindworth 330-331 Vines, Shellye Murray 324-325 Vinzant, Catherine Anne 322, 323 Vowels, Lucinda Kay 282, 283 w Waggener, Mary Elizabeth 304, 305 Waggoner, N. E. Gabrielle 324-325 Wait, Robert Thomas 176 Waitkus, Susan Marita 167, 302-303 Waits, Barry Lewis 187 Wald, Margaret Ellen 205, 306, 307 Waldrop, Arthur Jack 314, 315 Walker, Clinton William III 330-331 Walker, Jeff Brent 332, 333 Walker, Kimberly Kellon 324, 325 Walker, Melissa Kay 324-325 Walker, Robert Harland 332, 333 Walker, Sharon Jeannine 276, 277 Walker, Virginia Lee 304, 305 Walker, William Thomas 187 Walker, Yvette Antoinette 278, 279 Wall, Deborah Jane 163 Wall, Lucy Claire 304, 305 Wall, Patricia Lynn 340, 341 Wall, Robert Edward 332, 333 Wallace, Barton Brinker HI 286, 287 Wallace, Dana Lorane 324-325 Wallace, Mary Katherine 306, 307 Wallender, Lelia Lynn 139, 302-303 Wal ' ler, Donald Eugene 330-331 Waller, Edward Charles 286, 287 Walls, Lesli Kyle 306, 307 Walsh, Timothy Louis 156, 316, 317 Walters, Lynn Garner 292, 293 Waltman, Whitney Lucille 294, 295 Wamble, Mary Ann 155, 156 Ward, Anne Catherine 302-303 Ward, Denson Alexander 332, 333 Ward, George Martin 189 Ward, Kimberly Ann 322, 323 Ward, Lori June 340, 341 Ward, Nancy Geanne 155 Ward, Steven Bernard 326, 327 Ward, William Thomas III 316, 317 Warden, Paul Jeffrey 284, 285 Warlick, Hulon Otis IV 314, 315 Warner, James Read 308, 309 Warner, Tamlyn Blythe 160, 292, 293 Warner, William Austin 290, 291 Warren, Deborah Jane 304, 305 Warren, Gerald Martin Jr. 308, 309 Warren, Margaret Ann 340, 341 Warren, Mitzi Ann 292, 293 Warrington, Mary Anne 322, 323 Washington, Lacy Ann 306, 307 Waterloo, Melinda Karen 294, 295 Waters, Ann Ford 322,323 Waters, Jimmy Allen Jr. 296, 297 Watkins, Teri Ann 276, 277 Watkins, Tony Randle 130 Watson, David Leake 290, 291 Watson, Joseph Tate 314, 315 Watson, Sarah Elizabeth 304, 305 Watts, Carroll Collins 292, 293 Watts, Catherine Collins 292, 293 Watts, Scott Bradley 286, 287 Wax, Bradley Mark 175 Weatherly, Wallace Watson 314, 315 Weatherly, William Barrow 314, 315 Weathersby, John McDonald Jr. 330-331 Webb, David Edward 187 Webb, David Peebles 241 Webb, Frank Wilson 160, 328, 329 Webb, John Frank 332, 333 Webb, John Harrison 326, 327 Webb, Robin Elizabeth 292, 293 Weber, Karen Elizabeth 324, 325 Weber, Kolleen Kandelle 340, 341 Webster, George Stanley 308, 309 Webster, Linda Faye 278, 279 Webster, Ruston Rials 332, 333 Weeks, Craig Franklin 280, 281 Wegener, Diane Therese 340, 341 Wegener, Nancy Kathryn 302-303 Weiland, Kenneth Lee 290, 291 Weill, Terry Paul 328, 329 Welch, Ceres Dawn 322,323 Welch, Cynthia Ann Burleson 322, 323 Welch, Elizabeth Gave 276, 277 Welch, Mary Suzanne 276, 277 Welch, Thomas Andrew 178 Weldy, Mary Beth 292, 293 Weller, Ann Laurie 302 Wells, Cassi Jo 304, 305 Wells, Jaden Mullin 328, 329 Wells, Jeff Paul 332, 333 Wells, Jennifer Mary 304, 305 Wells, John Albert 332, 333 Wells, Michael Thomas 286, 287 Welsch, Blanche Ann 276, 277 Wenczl, Esther Elizabeth 324-325 Wersebe, Karolyn Trey 171 Wesson, Karen Elizabeth 288-289 West, Barry Allen 316, 317 West, John Gardner 330-331 West, Peter Lowry 300, 301 West, Ramona Michele 324, 325 West, Robin Leigh 324, 325 West, Thomas Lowell HI 330-331 West, Vicki Veazey 292, 293 Westmoreland, Charles L. 286, 287 Westmoreland, Kristen Ann 340, 341 Wheat, William Joseph 204, 308, 309 Wheeler, Debra Jean 160, 278, 279 Whitaker, Virginia Anne 306, 307 White, Catherine Lucile 292, 293 White, Charles Royal Jr. 214, 314, 315 White, Guy Hyde 328, 329 White, Harold Charles 326, 327 White, John Warner Jr. 132, 308, 309 White, Linda Carol 340,341 White, Melody J. 288-289 White, Neil Ware III 308,309 White, Shelia Louvette 160, 298, 299 White, Shirley Leslie 292, 293 White, Stephanie Louanne 322, 323 White, Steven Lee 165, 300, 301 White, Susan Ellen 292, 293 White, Virginia Jeanette 276, 277 Whitehead, Clayton Keller 187 Whitehead, Sara Ann 302 Whitkopf, Judith Denise 294, 295 Whitley, Elizabeth Black 288-289 Whitt, Virginia Reed 324-325 Whitten, Steven Robert 290, 291 Wicker, Kathryn Ann 276, 277 Wicktor, Lisa C 306, 307 Wight, Elizabeth Van Landingham 86, 322, 323 Wilbanks, Lydia Cullens 294, 295 Wilder, Elizabeth Rae 306, 307 Wiley, Jane Catlin 292, 293 Wilkerson, Lisa Jane 322,323 Wilkinson, Robert Wayne 308, 309 Wilks,Truitt Palmer Jr. 160 Williams, Barry Patrick 316, 317 Williams, Brett Keith 160, 322, 333 Williams, Dana Jeannette 171 Williams, David Brian 160, 332, 333 Williams, David Thome 314, 315 Williams, George Edward Jr. 308, 309 Williams, Gregory Gerald 332, 333 Williams, James Alison 308, 309 Williams, Jennifer Anne 160, 336, 337 Williams, Jimmy Lee 280, 281 Williams, John David 167 Williams, John Pierce 332, 333 Williams, Kelly Renee 306, 307 Williams, Leslie Susan 167, 288-289 Williams, Lynda Diane 292, 293 Williams, Lynda Jean 304, 305, 340, 341 Williams, Margaret Mary 288-289 Williams, Mary Herbert 282, 283 Williams, Merril Binford Jr. 241 Williams, Richard Howard 296, 297 Williams, Warfield Rodgers 330-331 Williamson, Jan Louise 322, 323 Williamson, John S. 187 Williamson, Kelli Rene 322, 323 Williamson, Russell Haire 165, 314, 315 Williford, Edward Hines 314, 315 Willis, Kathleen Amy 282, 283 Wills, Joseph Whitley 286, 287 Wills, Vickie Lillian 129, 195, 213, 223, 282-283 Wilmans, Zayna 340, 341 Wilson, Brenda Jean 282, 283 Wilson, Charles Douglas 326, 327 Wilson, Clara Gwen 288-289 Wilson, Elisa Robbin 302-303 Wilson, Helen Gaye 304, 305 Wilson, Julia Carole 302 Wilson, Lee Ann 178 Wilson, Lori Elizabeth 302-303 Wilson, Marlin Perry 275 Wilson, Pamela Steele 292, 293 Wilson, Stephen Lynn 300, 301 Wilson, Susan Leslie 294, 295 Wilson, Thomas Franklin 175 Wilson, William Morgan 284, 285 Wing, Caroline Flinta 340, 341 Winston, Timothy Bryan 330-331 Winter, Eleanor Elliott 155, 164, 223, 292, 293 Winterstein, Cheryl Faye 141 Wise, James Hunter 326, 327 Wiseman, Keith Gore 290, 291 Wiseman, Mark Carlisle 308, 309 Wiseman, Paul Laurens 274, 275, 290, 291 Wittchen, Scott Lee 296, 297 Wogoman, Mitchell J. 166, 167 Wolfe, Beverly Ann 298, 299 Wolverton, Kim Kavanaugh 332, 333 Womble, Suzanne Curtis 294, 295 Wong, Daisy Kim 160 Wong, Elisa Faye 343 Wong, May Kathryn 160 Wood, Katie Winston 288-289 Wood, Robert Shelton 316, 317 Wood, Wendy Lynn 288-289 Woodbury, Cammiel George 288-289 Woods, Susan Mechelle 302 Woodyard, Steven Alan 330-331 Wooley, Laura Louise 288-289 Woolf, Reginald David 284-285 Worsham, Andrea Suzette 322, 323 Wright, Gia Shelaine 324, 325 Wright, Harvey Banks Jr. 160 Wright, Hendon O. 111200,308,309 Wright, Michael Eugene 316, 317 Wynne, Virginia Fleet 306, 307 Y Yandell, Susan Sturdivant 292, 293 arb rough, Robert Allen 326, 327 Yarbrough, Sara Dabnev 324, 325 Yates, Jeffrey Kenneth 160, 284, 285 Yates, Raymond Andrew 314, 315 tndex 445 Ole Miss is its own world, keeping its ties firm with the rest of the world while maintaining its pride, tradition, and character. Here, in the gentle hills of Northeast Mississippi, the South regained her pride, preserved her character and tradition, and worked for her future. Although perhaps never gaining nationwide or international acknowledgement our university continued to attract outstanding faculty members, who, in turn, shared their learning, their common sense and their advice with students. Seeking not to disillusion us, our teachers rather tried to prove to us that our dreams were possible if we wanted them badly enough and were willing to work for them. Work meant either more studying, more practice or more experience, all of which we needed. Grades became more important as some of us hoped for scholarships or entrances into post-graduate programs. For the boy in the Old Gym shooting baskets each afternoon while he dreamed of a pro career; for the saxophone player in the Jazz Band thinking of striking off on his own after graduation, or the clothing design major sewing in the Home EC building, practice rivaled classes in importance for the future. Our professors and advisors often became more than mere figureheads as we saw them as someone to look up to, someone who would always give us a straight answer, someone to listen to and someone to listen to us. Although some people questioned the appropriateness of " Dixie " , Rebel flags and the nickname " Rebels " for our growing Southern university, those symbols were an integral part of our culture. The haunting strains of " Dixie " , played either slowly or quickly, were, in a sense, a call to action, but the call to action was not one involving arms as during the Civil War, but rather a call to show our support for our beloved Ole Miss. The red, white, and blue Rebel flags rippled through the air proudly when Carlos Clark scored yet another basket; Sean Tuohy aided in another assist, or when John Fourcade ' s strong arm set off a perfect pass to Buford McGee. With each addition to the University ' s winning record in sports and academics, we, the students and strength of Ole Miss, showed anyone who cared to look that the South would not stay the brunt of jokes forever. Not only would we compete, but we would succeed. STOP 446 - The Ole Miss World Thr Ole Mi World - 447 Despite the tranquility of the Grove, the friendliness of students and faculty, and the ease of getting around campus, Ole Miss had its flaws as we did. In an ever- increasingly computerized society, Ole Miss students felt the impact computers had on them each time they tried to run a Fortran program through the computer only to have the computer reject it. Computers were used constantly in registration and drop-add, and the lines of students with tired, sore feet were evidence that the computers were not always running smoothly. We alternated from feelings of total disbelief, utter confusion, anger and absolute amazement at many of the University ' s policies and practices. On topics ranging from the UPD ' s issuance of parking tickets at 4:30 a.m. on Fraternity Row in the summer to paperwork required by the financial aid office, to the confusion and red tape involved with campaigns and elections, and the decision this year to send midtern grades to parents only, student expressed their view. Many other topics caused similiar reactions. Discussions of the Athletic Department, the coaching staff, ticket policy, the cost of textbooks, the re-sale value of textbooks, the pre-registration process and refrigerator rentals were something we all had had experience with some time during our years here, and we all had our share of opinions on the matters. Our world here was a world of many contrasts; a world whose population came from almost every state and corner of the globe. A world in which students with arms full of books and minds full of technical problems and solutions reminiscent of bygone eras. Ours was a world where beauty queens dressed in sweat suits and visors for early morning classes, and debutantes donned outlandish costumes for swaps. At Ole Miss, the chatter of teeth was drowned out by blaring radios as coeds began work on their ever darkening tans as early as February. 01 ' 448 Ole Miss Ole Miss is more than just a nickname for a great Southern university, it is us! In addition to being known throughout the Southeastern Conference for its athletics and scholarship, Ole Miss is known as the party school. Not as just any party school, but " the " party school. Reasons were easy to come by if a student felt a need to justify his busy social life. A passing grade, a date, a check from home, or just a desire to do something out of the ordinary were all causes for celebrations. Dorm and floor popcorn and ice cream parties not only broke into an evening ' s plan for studying and homework, but were also the break needed from studying and homework. Ole Miss - 449 Our friendships grow strong . . . x - Perhaps parties at Ole Miss are different from those elsewhere because the key ingredient to the uniqueness here is us. Whether we congregate with friends at the Warehouse, Gin or Abbe , have a picnic at Sardis, or make a contest out of seeing how many Ole Miss cars we can pass between here and Memphis or New Orleans before the highway patrol catches up with us, our true, fun-loving nature always showed through. Bartenders on Bourbon Street, waitresses in Swensons, and gas station attendents along 1-55 all recogni ed us as old friends. fl Interwoven among classic old buildings on campus were new, and the result was a successful example of best of both worlds. Although the new buildings, which were columnless and virtually windowless, seemed a bit out of place with buildings dating back to the Civil War, new additions such as the chemistry building and the new athletic complex blended well with magnolia leaves and an atmosphere of tradition. Tradition played a major role in molding our characters as we followed our brothers ' and sisters ' , our parents ' and often our grandparents ' history of attending Ole Miss. Located in a small traditional town, the university offered students li ving off campus their choices of modern townhouse-style apartments or often an apartment in one of Oxford ' s historical old homes close to the Square. The Square was the center of tradition in Oxford. Although farmers no longer pull their produce trucks on the courthouse lawn, tailgates sticking out into traffic, old weathered men chewing tobacco still meet on the courthouse benches for a day of tale-swapping. Many of the buildings looking out at the Square are much the same as they were when the were built, such as hardware stores where clerks ring up purchases on ancient cash registers, a shoe shop furnished with the old shoe polishing benches, and a drug store owned by the ma or of Oxford where politicians and old timers gather in a coffee shop-style nook in the back of the store to catch up on news. And in spring, Oxford takes a trip to the past during the annual pilgrimage held in April. Gracious antebellum homes, sparkling with fresh coats of paint and recently waxed heart pine floors are opened for tours guided by girls costumed in bell-shaped ruffled hoop skirts. Coors beer came to Mississippi this year, but the traditional regulations enforced in Oxford prohibit selling chilled beer. The regulation was a good excuse for students to take a road trip to the countv line for cold beer. but even if we lose track of each other, we ' ll never lose our memories of our first day of classes, our first roommate, and the many other friendships we collected during our years here. Somehow we managed to fit it all in the car. High school mementos, snapshots of friends, family and pets, favorite record albums and other necessities were stacked, shuffled and shifted around to make room for our bulging suitcases and racks of clothes. We thought a lot about the next four years of our lives as we drove to what would become our new home, Ole Miss, The University of Mississippi. We wondered how we ' d be able to share one of those tiny dorm rooms with someone else. If we didn ' t know our roommate, we wondered what the person (whom we would confide in, share our clothes, books, friendship and loneliness with) would be like. We wondered about classes and grades; would we make good grades, or simply grades that were good enough. Would we fit in? Would we find friends? Friends were the thing we worried most about. How would we be able to find others with simi liar personalities, hobbies, likes, and dislikes; others who we would confide in, laugh with, pull pranks on, and go places with when there were 9,600 students at Ole Miss. The first bonds of friendship began to take form as we put our questions aside to devote our attention to unpacking the car. We laughed as others struggled as hard as we did to keep from dropping hangers of clothes, suitcases, boxes and pillows. Together we laughed and grumbled about how heavy everything seemed to be, ana with each bit of laughter, some of our worries slipped away. Maybe we wouldn ' t meet everybody on campus, but we ' d already made several new friends just by laughing at the struggles to move in. If we would have admitted it, each of us was a bit apprehensive about the first day of classes. Many of the classes on our schedule were different from that of any of our friends, and we nostalgically wished only for a minute that we were walking down the well- known halls of our high school. But, once in the classroom, we struck up conversations with those around us, asking the basics, " Where are you from? What are you majoring in? What year are you? and What else are vou taking? " Those four questions opened up friendships that lasted throughout our first semester, and often through our college years. Making friends, we discovered, was not really that much to worry about, but by the time we realized this, it was time for midterm exams and studying. Late night trips to Baskin-Robbins, Mr. Quik, the Hoka, local bars and the arcades with friends had to be delayed or shortened so we could attempt to study despite the distractions of the dorm, library, telephone and knocks at the door. Over Ch ristmas vacation we looked back over our first semester at Ole Miss, confident that the next semester would bring us together with many more new friends. But, friendship held sadness occasionally as we remembered people we had lost touch with, those who were moving into a different dorm, those transferring to another university, dropping out of school, graduating, getting married or changing majors. And, although we promised each we would keep in touch, we weren ' t able to. It wasn ' t that we didn ' t try as juniors and seniors to find our first semester roommate, and the friend whose history notes and grades were always better than ours. We even had come to miss the pesky neighbor who was always borrowing things and coming by at the wrong time, but we ' d even lost track of where the neighbor now lived. In the end, friendships were the things we remembered long after we sold all our books back to the bookstore and threw out old notebooks. After graduation, we ' d scan faces in the crowd on return trips for football games, searching for a familiar dimpled smile or wink, and then we ' d laugh again, as we did when we met, trading bad jokes with college memories, reliving events from our college years to the present in a matter of minutes. Regardless of the number of years it had been since we saw each other. Mnon 453 Everything we do, learn, become, and dream shows our involvement with our university. New Ole Miss students soon found that the word " time " took on a new meaning No longer did " time " simply refer to the hour of the day. but rather to how many things could be fitted into each hour of th dav With Ole Miss ' wide selection of things to fill the hours, students often found themselves having to make the difficult deci- sion between a degree in an academic field or a degree in extracurricular activities For politically-minded students, Ole Miss offered both introductory and advanced courses in elections each fall and spring. The fall semester opened up with campaigns for ASB Senate positions, and almost immediately afterward campaigns for Homecoming Queen, Favorites, Miss Ole Miss and Colonel Reb got under way Through these campaigns, either as a campaigner or campaign worker, Ole Miss students learned how many doors there were in each dorm as they tried to meet as many voters as possible, learned firsthand how sign- ing groups were organized, how to budget ex- penses, how to hand out flyers and have the flyers stay up, and how long they could wear trie same nametag before it became hopelessly bent Spring elections offered advanced courses in political campaigns with ASB of- ficer elections, AWS elections, cheerleader elections and ' elections for the editorship of both the DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN, and the OLE MISS. Instead of being judged on a pass- fail basis, students were judged on the suc- cessfulness of their campaigns Students managing to stay out of the political scene were not at a loss for things to do however. Those interested in committee work soon found their niche through AWS, ASB and UPC appointments. Committees aim- ed at meeting all of the students needs, from the AWS ' s women-oriented programming committees to ASB refrigerator rentals and concert commission and the UPC ' s fine arts and films committees, to name just a tew But, if committee work was not what a stu- dent was interested in, Ole Miss also offered membership in numerous honorary societies Ole Miss promoted the armed forces through such organi .ations as Arnold Air Socu ' t Angel Flight, ROTC and ROTC sponsors International students gained recogn through the International Coffee HOUM other cultural programs sponsored by the dil ferent organi .ations including the Intern.) tional Studetns Association Sports enthusiasts found outlets thr the intramural program which consisted tramural baseball, basketball, football and water polo. Rugby fans formed a UM Rugbv team, and karate experts joined the Isshinrvu Karate Club. Ole Miss swimmers made quite i splash as the Ole Miss Aquatic Club par- ticipated in swimming and diving meets. The university seemd to offer as man tivities as it did classes. Performing art-. students demonstrated their skills and talent-- not only through the Pride of the South Mar ching Band, the Ja x Band, and the Mis-. pians, but also through numerous groups. Drama students staged production varying from comedies to tragedies, mi; and one-act studio plays. Broadcasting |ournalism advertising and ,irt students were welcomed bv the campus television station. radio station. spaper and several Ole Mis-, maga ines among (he manv ither organisations Ole idents had (heir choice ol were recruil- lenl org.ini alions aimed at prospective idents and prospective athletes. ,i c.impus ' inp or ani ation and an mterdenomina- I faith organi ation students ,ilsi had the chance to ipate in or coordinate numerous beauty ih js the Miss Lniversitx. Parade ' I Beauties and Miss Kbonv pageants Those ; ; ng tor careers m fashion and modeling became involved in the I ' M Modeling I Ifg.ince and the Best Pressed .ini alions and groups open to idents is from complete I rater- lesand sororities each had their own gover- g councils and honoranes. in addition to k organisations, schedule of pro- ms and commit!. nnmg from classes to dorm meetings. meetings pledge meetings, honorary . ampaign meetings and still more nittee meetings. Ole Miss students , ' mehow managed to find a wav to eat. sleep. nd occasionally studv and do homework was something evervone wanted more ut even with the extra time. Ole Miss ily found themselves with more !ved with Jll V - ur involvement, friendships and excitement form Ole Miss ' atmosphere. I 45 Lifestyle . ilii Regardless of the tough facade Ole Miss students projected, subtle clues always gave them away through a wink or slowly spreading smile. There was just no way to get around it; Ole Miss, its students, its sports events, parties and activities each contributed to make our vears at Ole Miss full of excitement. From the first time students unpacked suitcases in dark dorm rooms to the time when all the junk accumulated over four years was stuffed into boxes and suit cases and the student paused for one final look at his dorm room, each student was caught up in the snare of fun and interesting things that were all an intricate part of Ole Miss. Football weekends became series of three-day weekends. Regardless of the location of the game, at home, Jackson, New Orleans, or Memphis, whether it rained or was dreadfully hot, football weekedns were the reason behind Friday ' s high absenteeism and Monday ' s sleepy faces. Home football games caused Fraternitv Row to be transformed into a gigantic set for the largest " Battle of the Bands " as each fraternity ' s favorite band played in the front yard. In addition to providing many students with quick ulcers, elections at Ole Miss contributed greatly to feelings of excitem ent. A zealous campaign worker or campaigner ' s energy flowed out to others until the entire campus buzzed about the upcoming elections. The only thing that could match the candidate ' s awe at being greeted by throngs of students at dorm rallies was the nervousness during the final minutes of vote tallying before the announcement of the winner. The Greek sv stem, with its fall and open Rush, contributed to a student ' s excitement through its many social functions and pledge programs. For the sorority pledge leading an entire fraternity in chants of Hotty Toddy or singing Dixie in front of athletes at aught Hall, the feeling was anything but boredom. Social chairman of each Greek organization did their best to play a year full of fraternity-sorority swaps guaranteed to be enjoyable. , K V at One thing guaranteed for excitement every time was a blind date. No one ever is able to figure out the trick to blind dates, but the an- ticipation of the date itself is always exciting. Not all exciting things are enjoyable, however, unfortunate as it seems. Midterm grades, final exams, and research papers all were a part of Ole Miss, and caused quite a reaction among students, but none of these excitement caus- ing things were fun. Students tried to figure out ingenious ways to keep parents from getting midterm grades, or conning friends or room- mates into typing the papers due the following day. Pounding hearts told students that thinking up and telling unique reasons to professors as ex- planations for missing class, exams or not turn- ing in homework was indeed an " exciting " event, but not one students looked forward to. Greetings from the UPD officers in the form of green ticket slips stuck under car windshields for parking violations were definitely unwanted by the average Ole Miss student, but, a $300 bill for a semester ' s parking violations sure was the cause for parents ' amazed reactions. For the stu- dent stranded at Ole Miss without a car for the first time, survival was indeed challenging, but not fun. Excitement came in many disguises to the Ole Miss students. Whether the excitement was due to an " A " or a passing grade, to a friend ' s success in elections, to dates, swaps, formals, concerts or traditional Dixie Week festivities Ole Miss students had no defense against the contagious atmosphere of excitement. -- and, regardless of our moods and memories, we I will always come back to Ole Miss because 1 we are Ole Miss and we can never leave that part of ourselves behind. As starry-eyed high school seniors, we thought about college and decided that Ole Miss was the place for us. The thought of four years of classes was secondary to the anticipation and excitement of the fun and friendships we would experience during our college days. As freshmen we realized the vast opportunities available to us and were eager to make our mark on the world. Our goals and dreams seemed only a stepping stone away. However, we saw our youthful confidence dwindle as we realized that our goals and dreams would be more difficult to attain than we had ever before believed. No longer were we the center of everyone ' s attention. Our parents called periodically, but they weren ' t around to tell us we should buckle down and study, that we were staying out entirely too late or we had been cutting too many classes. Now, we were on our own and would have to work for the recognition we sought. Having a year or two of college experience behind us, we found ourselves torn between clinging to our youthf ulness and focusing on our futures. Regardless of which direction we chose, graduation seemed an eternity away. Finally, our senior year was upon us, and we found ourselves reflecting on our college experiences. We spent hours simply reliving memories that snapshots, letters, and other odds and ends brought back. Ole Miss developed into more than just one big party or one dull learning experience. The friendships, involvement, and excitement helped us to find our own niche in the world. When we sit in the car, taking one last look at our dorm, the Union, the Grove, or the Lyceum, we know that our memories of Ole Miss will not fade. We will always have those special moments to cling to. We know that Ole Miss has become a part of us and we can not leave a part of ourselves behind, because WE ARE OLE MISS! We An- 1 !,. Miss 4 1 Yearbook Specifications The 1982 OLE MISS was produced by the University of Mississip- pi Yearbook Staff and printed offset on Meads 80 pound high- gloss double-coated paper by Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas, Texas, in co-operation with Taylor representatives Jimmy Underwood, George Copeland, Nicky Drake, and Nancy Jones. Press run was 6,700 copies. Cover: The cover was designed by Friley Davidson and Bubba Morgan. A full scale mock-up was produced by Jim Alexander of Taylor Publishing Company. The cover material is a rough and smooth Angora grain with a stipple grain used for the copy block all printed in a base material color of Brown 655. The cover material is turned over a 150-point binder ' s board, with a metali- que artwork and a heavy black overtone. Both the cover and the spine are blind embossed. Trim size is 9 x 12. Endsheets: The endsheets are of 65 pound V.C. Parchment Cover Weight Stock printed with Dark Brown Ink 43. The endsheets were inspired by a poster produced by the University of Mississip- pi Public Relations Department. The quote is taken from a speech given by Ole Miss alumnus Frank E. Everett, Jr. of Vicksburg. Print: All text copy is set in Palatine Bold, using various point sizes. Headlines are printed in several styles as listed here: Ole Miss is ... Handlettering, Times Roman Bold Italic; Events Raleigh Outline; Features Chic; Sports Grotesque; Organiza- tions American Typewriter Bold; Greeks Commercial Script; Classes Embrionic; Major Division Pages Goudy Extra Bold. Original artwork appearing throughout the opening section is by Lisa Stewart; artwork throughout Sports section is by Chris Lockard. Photography: A 150-line screen was used for 4-color photography with color separations done by laser. A 133- line screen was used for black and white photography. The color pictures in the Features section were taken as follows: Most Beautiful and Beauties Bill Ray of Jackson; Colonel Rebel and Miss Ole Miss, and Favorites Kim Jurgens of Candid Campus Photography, Oxford; Best Dressed, Miss University, a nd Homecoming Walt Mixon. Karen Hopson ' s Miss Mississippi photographs were pro- vided by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hopson. The picture of Most Beautiful was taken outside the Governor ' s Mansion. The pictures of the beauties were taken before the entrances of several antebellum homes in Natchez, Ms. The homes in order of ap- pearance are Longwood, Dunleith, Rosalie, and Stanton Hall. The beauty insets were also taken at the various homes. Color photography in opening section by Mike Stevens of Jackson and Ken Towler of the University. Hall of Fame pictures in Honors section by Bill Connell of Oxford. Budget: The estimated cost of the 1982 OLE MISS was $80,400, with the estimated cost per book being $12.00. Through student activity fees each student paid $7 for the 1982 OLE MISS. Acknowledgements: Special thanks are given to Mr. and Mrs. Bob Schmieg and Mr. Marion Smith of Natchez for their assistance in organizing the beauty pictures. Appreciation is expressed to Dr. and Mrs. Hector Howard of Memphis for cooperation with various pictures in the annual; to the Natchez Pilgrimage Society and the Natchez Garden Club; and to Mr. Jimmy Underwood, Taylor Representative, for his assistance in the publication of the 1982 OLE MISS. 462 Yearbook Specifications 1 SB - i Yearbook Specifications 463 I Editor ' s Closing After reading what seems to be hundreds of Editor ' s Closings I am now faced with having to write my own. There is no adequate way to describe my term to serve as Editor-in-Chief of the OLE MISS. When I ran for the position, I realized the great challenge that lay before me. The OLE MISS has an outstanding and unparalled reputation as being one of the finest yearbooks published. To uphold that reputation, I knew that my senior year would be primarily devoted to the task of producing the OLE MISS. It was a challenge that I gladly accepted since the University of Mississippi has been an institution that I have admired, loved, and cheered for since I was big enough to wave a Rebel flag. For me, it has been a rewarding year. One that has taxed not only my editorial, administrative, and creative skills but my patience and tolerance as well. However, the 1982 OLE MISS was not produced by a one-man team. It was the result of the combined efforts of staff members, photographers, and copy editors who drew and redrew layouts, printed and reprinted pictures, and wrote and rewrote copy. I thank them all for their diligent work and their profes- sional attitudes. Undoubtedly though, the most thanks should be given to Bubba Morgan, my assistant editor. Through every phase of the ' 82 OLE MISS he was by my side to give me support, direction, and criticism. I must also convey my appreciation to my executive secretary and good friend Sally Crutcher for a job well done. Her office skills, good natured personality, and uncanny ability to find anything under the hopeless rubble known as the editor ' s desk proved to be in- valuable. Let me also commend my copy editor Lauren Lexa whose writing ability was surpassed only by her enthusiasm. Recognition must also be given to Mrs. Frances Smith. Mrs. Smith proved not only to manage the administrative and financial aspects of the yearbook with ease, but was also a vital source of advice during times of crisis. Her sincere interest in the ' 82 OLE MISS is much appreciated. Appreciation must also be expressed to Mr. Frank E. Everett, Jr. for his permission to reprint parts of a speech he delivered entitled " Ole Miss " ; to the follow- ing for their contributions to the 1982 OLE MISS: Kay Wiles, John Dowdle, Mary Elizabeth Partin, Amy Howard, Buster Turner and Mr. B. A. Towery; to Newell Turner for making a special effort to photo graph my closing shots on Honey Island Plantation, home of Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Spruill, my Grand- parents, Patsy Minton, home outside of Belzoni.and to my parents for all of their guidance and support. My time to serve as Editor-in-Chief is now growing short. 1 can ' t help but to feel a sigh of relief now that my job is complete. As I begin to visualize how my picture will look hanging with forty past editors, I wish John Hall much success with the 1983 OLE MISS. 464 Mditor ' sC losine e i$ a M ditfinctw Octwn llnmfty md MtMy even i iouy i ifotfifa m ctwfy interwoven . OkMtf it mood, cnwtm and ytrtmftty. One ityfymfMidlfic other it tyirituaf Om jfiiwfw itit tfkr infanqwlc. k Umrfttt timptM, fafi QkMti t (ovd.J ' fie University yivet a diploma and nyrtffutty trmmtti ' tenm, fatir m mryrwwtitfrm

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